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Inuyasha is losing his popularity due Sesshomaru's sexy and appeal ...

This demonstrates it clearely how does he feel about it
in other words , and from the mouth of inuyasha himself

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a chibi of Cinderella!
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My roommate told me that her favorite Disney character (while we were playing KH2) is Belle from Beauty and the Beast. So, I sat down and made this. Even if it's not fanart of an anime character, the style I used was anime, so I think it should be okay here. o.o
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"You really think that I could be the Grand Duchess?!" -Anastasia

I :heart: Anastasia!!! It's like.. one of my favorite movies EVER! AH!! Especially the songs and everything! *whee*

Anyways, I finally uploaded my Anastasia fanart! This is from the scene where Dimitri tells her that she could be the princess and she's like, YOU'RE CRAZY! Hahaha! I love this movie!! :excited: I have to find it on DVD!!! XD My VHS is dying on me >__<;

I really like how this came out though.. This is the first time I tried drawing hair this way.. Hehe, and if you look a little closely, you can see that I actually drew the hems of her jacket o_o; hahaha. ^^; Yea. I want to do more Anastasia fanart.. But I dunno how that's gonna work the way things are going nowadays...

.5 mech pencil, around 2.5 hours

Anastasia © 20th Century Fox <-- Thanks ~SamBlob xD
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It's October, and you know what that means. Well, yes, you could answer "Halloween", or you could answer, "pictures of Mickey and Minnie in spiffy costumes". Either one is equally valid at this point.

Let me explain right away that these costumes are not of my own design. Disney Store Japan's Halloween theme this year is called 'Wicked Goo', and involves mildly monstrous versions of the Sensational Six (really eight, since Chip and Dale get included, but shh).

I'm fairly certain that Mickey and Minnie are actually meant to just be a cute-looking demon and witch, respectively, but as far as I'm concerned, they are a Goblin King and Queen. To that end, I added a pair of Girly Horns to Minnie's design. That's my only contribution though; the rest of the ensemble was just that awesome to start with. :heart:

Happy Halloweeeeeen! :pumpkin:
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Drawing of my favorite Cartoon hero
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Here is a picture that did of Mickey Mouse and Oswald The Lucky Rabbit in my original cartoon style. I was definitely in the mood for drawing a picture of these two characters together after playing "Disney Epic Mickey" on the Nintendo Wii, and this picture happens to be my first attempt at drawing them on my own. As everyone would probably know by now, Oswald was Walt Disney's first cartoon character that he created when he did a series of cartoon shorts for Universal Studios. Disney ended up losing the rights to his character after working on his own, but he was then able to create Mickey Mouse, who would become one of the greatest cartoon stars of all time. In the events of the game "Disney Epic Mickey", Mickey would end up in the Wasteland, which is a world that is inhabited by forgotten cartoon characters, and Oswald happens to be the ruler of it, since he was one of the first characters to be forgotten. Oswald has actually become bitterly jealous of Mickey's success, but he was then able to warm up towards Mickey as they worked together to save the Wasteland from The Shadow Blot and The Mad Doctor. As I was drawing this picture, I tried to make both characters look just right while using my cartoon style, and I was able to use a colorful texture for the background while coloring it in. The picture turned out very nice after being completed, and I hope that everyone else will like it as well.

Mickey Mouse (c) Disney
Oswald The Lucky Rabbit (c) Disney / Universal
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    Hong Kong Minnie Mouse

      I take a Chinese class and I just love the Chinese language. It is just so interesting! I'm one of the best in my class, not to brag, and I love that class! Has got to be one of my favourite classes all day!

      Anyway, I took a swing at the characters (I'm not the best writer for characters) so if I'm wrong, let me know. My teacher didn't correct me, so I think I'm good.

      She says:
      "Ah, China is very beautiful."

      "A, zhongguo shi hen piaoliang."

      =| Dull, I know. JUST tried to write SOMETHING!

      Anyway, here's her outfit's reference: [link]

      And here are some other pictures, with the same dress:

      Thanks for viewing, & Enjoy!

      Minnie & Mickey Mouse ©Walt Disney Co.

      Media Used:
        -Prismacolored pencils
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Here are the two famous cartoon characters Mickey Mouse and Felix the Cat in a boxing match. This is a follow up of my Donald Vs Daffy picture.

Mickey Mouse (C) Disney
Felix the Cat (C) Pat Sullivan
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You need to see this Full-View!

Taken somewhere at sometime this was a beautiful specimen.

All comments/critiques are greatly appreciated --- first time working with this type of subject, really.
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You ever wonder what would happen if Walt Disney created Sonic the Hedgehog instead of Micky Mouse?

Of course you haven't... You probably weren't thinking of Disney and Sonic the Hedgehog being put together... I was... Well, actually I drew this by mistake- I was trying to draw Mickey, but messed up and he ended up looking like Sonic... Since both Sonic and Micky have a few things in common with their apperances (Big white gloves, Round heads, That same Felix-the-cat-faceline). Once I drew Sonic, I ended up drawing Tails and Knuckles (Yeah, I know bow ties are more of a Hanna Barbara thing then Disney, but I thought half a sailor suit would look corny on Knux)...
Be thankful you're not me...

Yes, this pic is labled Part 1. Thats because if anyone out there actually likes it, I might draw more of the Sonic the Hedgehog characters in this style... Who know, maybe your favorite character will be black and white later...

Edit: You know, I'm getting a little sick and tired of people just faving this willy nilly... I mean, I did other things- even did a Part 2 for this that I personally like better for the poses and reactions, and even THAT gets ignored...

And to be honest, I'm not even that big a Sonic fan. I liked him back when he was just starting out and had a compact classic cartoon character appearance to him. I sucked at his games, but I still liked his design, but now it seems like they're trying to make his plots and stories deeper then they should be...

I guess I wouldn't be mad at my own work if some of my other things got noticed here and there... or even if people didn't just shove this into their "Sonic for the sake of Sonic" favs folders automatically on a daily basis... Sometimes I look under my messages, and I got 20 or 30 people in a ROW who faved it, didn't comment jack, and deleating through it all just to get to something ELSE someone might have liked kind of hurts me on a personal note.

Anyway... Just a little note...
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Since the first part was drawn in comic format I made this in a kind of story format, this time we focus on Miss Muffet and Mr. spider.
It tells a tale of revenge just like the previous one, if you have a grudge against someone then never ignore the fact that there are those who have a grudge against you. I sorta based this story idea out of my subconscious fear, know what I'm saying...let me give you hint....i'm left handed.
But it will also tell a tale of hope and tragedy , Mr. Spider is going to learn that the hard way. That revenge doesn't make everything better, that revenge will only take away everything you hold dear, especially the people close to you.
I can trully understand how Mr. Spider feels and so should the rest of you, be thankful for what you have. Your hands are not tools....
they are gifts, use them well.

Little Red, Miss Muffet © Endling/2006
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other cartoons
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I've secretly always wanted to draw MLP fanart >u> ...I could recite the movie word for word when I was little. he he

I wanted to draw something really different where I could use my imagination though, so I went for the 'somewhat more realistic magical fawn-like sparkly horsey look'.

I've watched a few of the recent episodes, I like the characters, how it's animated and the modern feel to it. But it kind of bugs be how with every generation they become less and less pony like. :S ...and then I go and draw them looking like deer. THE IRONY. D:

I hope you enjoy! If you don't though, keep it to yourself :P I don't really care.

MLP copyright Hasbro(?)
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Really fun show Nickelodeon's new TMNT! I'm looking forward to seeing other popular characters!:dance:
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Happy belated 20th birthday CN! I drew characters from original series except Adult swim and hero shows.

I don't wanna hear like oh there isn't that character thing...however I didn't draw a couple of shows...:P
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The boys are at it again. I always liked how Finn and Jake lived in a tree house, its a very boyish and child like act. I wish I had a tree house when I was little.... but never had one..... Never..

I want a tree house...

Give me a tree house... <3


If you are interested in buying this as a print, please click here for more info [link]
You can follow me even closer on facebook [link]

And the newly made website! [link]
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inspired by this music: [link]
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Commissioned piece from :iconaras-vengeance: as a presend for :iconseveredsmile: featuring demon form Angelina and her dear servant Grell. She waited too long to harvest some serving from him ;)
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From my Ask Jack blog over at tumblr.

You can check it out here, if you're interested!
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voilà, finally finished the darned drawing. I was getting sick of working on it, definitively I'm not the kind to spend more that 24 hours on the same picture. -_-

So I have no clue whatsoever what color should be Freckles' stage costume and hair. So I though pink would suit her well and for the hair; since she's got freckles I opted for red/orange and since in the manga the color is dark gray, I opted for a dark orange. Makes sense to me.

Doll/Freckles and Smile/Ciel from Kuroshitsuji
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Calhoun in Felix's clothes.
from Disney's Wreck-it Ralph
faq, tumblr
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It was pouring rain at my house, and usually when it rains, I get extremely bored, so I drew this out of sheer boredom. As you guys know, I recently got back into watching Disney's Hercules. Well today since it was raining, I watched Beetlejuice, then it hit me, Hades and Beetlejuice kind of have a lot of things in common:
1. They both deal with the dead somehow (Hades is the Lord of the dead, Beetlejuice is dead)
2. They are both negotiators, manipulators, etc.
3. They both eat bugs.
4. They can be crude at times.
5. They have a way with the ladies (Beetlejuice being a womanizer, Hades always kissing up to the Fates to reveal his future, and in some of the Hercules episodes, he tries to swoon Aphrodite)
6. They hate the places that they are in (Hades is tired of being in the gloomy Underworld, Beetlejuice hates to be imprisoned)
7. They easily lose their temper when things don't go their way.
I know there is more, but I can't think of them at the moment.
So for fun and out of boredom, I did this Hercules Beetlejuice crossover, in the pic I have Hades as Beetlejuice, (drawing him in that suit was not easy!) and Hercules and Meg as Adam and Barbara. I can so totally picture Herc and Meg as Adam and Barbara, I mean they were both dead at one point, well, Meg was dead at one point, when Hercules became a god, Hades said something like "This is impossible! You can't be alive," yeah that was what influenced me to think of Hercules and Meg as the two characters. Oh if you guys are wondering why Meg and Herc are dressed up as a bride and groom, it's because of the climax in Beetlejuice, when Otho summoned Adam and Barbara to appear, and they appeared in their wedding clothes, that's where the idea came from, plus it was when Beetlejuice was at his best, hence the text in the picture, "It's showtime!".
This may look corny, like I said I did this out of sheer boredom, but let me know what you guys think, maybe I'll draw another one like this, Hint hint when Beetlejuice tries to marry Lydia against her will, yeah who does that remind you of? hint hint!
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Another quickie, this time a Pocahontas wallpaper! Drawn and painted in Adobe Photoshop with a Wacom tablet in two or so hours.

Hit Download Image on the right for a large wallpaper size! (1525x900px)

EDIT: Um holy shit 12K+ faves in one day? I'm pretty baffled by the response (but I'm also grateful!) Thank you all for your faves and comments.

Rapunzel by alicexz Daughter of Triton by alicexz Airplanes by alicexz

Artwork by Alice X. Zhang
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Since it's December 31st and that means New Year's Eve, so in honor for the New Year I desided to draw another new member for the Loonatics (from Loonatics Unleashed) and this character here happens to be baby.

Here is a profile about this little penguin.

Name: Frosty
Race/ Speices: Macadeli penguin (a hybrid of a macaroni penguin and adeli penguin)
Eye color: Dark blue
Feather color: Black and white (duh!)
Sex/ Gender: Male
Age: Been hatched
Powers: Ice breathe and blizzard
Loonatic Suit color: Sky (ice) blue
Personalty traits: Timit, innocent, shy, sensitive, and can be whiny (Hey, he's only a baby)
Voice actress to play him (if he was on LU): Janice Karman (the voice of Theodore, Britteny, Jeanette, and Elenor from Alvin and the Chipmunks)
Ancestor: The sad-eyed penguin the two Bugs Bunny shorts "Esako Bunny" and "8 Ball Bunny"

Facts/ Story: When the Loonatics were traveling and space through wormholes to search for other planets, they stumbled upon a planet where it was very cold and it always snowed (not knowing it was the home planet of the ice galdiators they fought in the first episode and Season One)!
Each Loonatics scaddered to find any life on this planet before they get all frozen, then Danger Duck found an abanded penguin egg that just hatched as soon Duck picked it up. The baby penguin had started to think that Duck was his father (since baby penguins get to see their fathers first when they hatch) and fallows him to the Loonatics and their ship.
When the Loonatics saw the little penguin with Duck, they have desided to name him Frosty. Duck was annoyed to to have Fristy fallowing him around, he had driven the penguin away. The other Loonatics were mad about the way Duck had yelled at Frosty when Frosty is only a baby.

Later, the Loonatics soon ran into to the Ice Galdiators and an army of visious polar bears. When Frosty had found that his "dada" was in trouble, he had to go save him and the Loonatics. Soon Frosty had unleashed the power within him (ice powers) and had a uniform just like the Loonatics, as a result, Frosty is one of the missing Loonatics (along with Rip Runner, Sylth Vester, and Pinkster)!

In the end after Frosty helped the Loonatics save the day, Frosty's real parents had come to take him back home. Everyone (especially Duck) had to say good bye to Frosty and promise they come visit him again soon.


Happy New Year!

Loonatics belong to Warner Bros.
Frosty Penguin belongs to me :iconsony-mae:
Drawing and coloring by me.
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I just watched Beauty and the Beast again... this would be right before the Beast is all GEEEETTTT.... THE... FUCK... OUTTTTT!!!!!!!

Please be sure to listen to this incredible piece from the soundtrack: [link]

Drawn and painted in Photoshop CS3, for funsies. Reference from this screenshot: [link]


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I'm just saying that there are some MLP fans who prefer older generations (G1 and/or G3) to G4/FiM or simply don't like it. Don't force them to like it, you can't change people's tastes and preferences.

I better get started on the art-trades I owe... ^^;

Stamp template by AHMED-ART
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It is said, among those who are unfortunate enough to know such things, that one can no more escape the machinations of the Great Old Ones than can one escape entropy itself.

It is further said that no man can match the truest Old Ones in combat.  Those that try are swept aside like motes of dust, or simply unwoven from the ether, their lives and identities erased at the behest of powers beyond the capacity of any man to resist.

There are rumors, though.  Rumors that a woman--a girl, really--had faced the King in Yellow in his own court, caught in the web of his own cruel devices and destinies, and somehow escaped.

There is a rumor that, before she escaped, she beaned the King in Shreds and Tatters in the head with a teapot.

This is her story.

* * *

They called themselves the Brotherhood of the Yellow Sign.  They were vaguely aware there was a greater Brotherhood, but theirs was private.  They had much to their name: a blade once owned, ever so briefly, by a sorcerer in the Dreamlands; a copy of the first-print English run of The King in Yellow; three spells to find and defend their treasure; and the means to find the Lost Door.

It was the first spell they left to bait the text, to find their Cassilda.  With the morning sky bleeding behind them and Hali's light soon to fade from the sky, the three cast the second spell.

Makoto did not wince as he cut through his palm, the twice-cursed blade of the dagger of Eihnth-le-Homn lapping up his blood even as it spilled.  He let the wound bleed a moment, then pressed his hand against the sigil he'd traced in the dirt, and uttered the steady meter of the spell.  He passed the dagger to Izumi, who cut her left hand the same way, and gave it to Jin, who drew his cut especially quick.  Izumi took her turn pressing her bloody palm to the sign; Jin finished the sign.  Makoto gazed at the bloody smear and said, "Tell us if we are near Cassilda.  Tell us where she is.  Tell us her name."

The smeared blood drew together, traced in wormlike lines through the dirt.  They formed a simple pattern--words.  Kanji.

Cassilda is here.

The worms took themselves apart.  They spelled the name of a school--the circle's own.  They came apart again, crawled their little paths as though wandering in thought.

"Cassilda," Makoto hissed.  "What name has she chosen?"

The worms squirmed... froze.  They formed a meaningless jumble,

"Damnation."  Makoto took the blade from Jin and stabbed it in the sigul.  Cold wind burst from the ground where the dagger impaled it; their blood boiled and evaporated and the wind cast away the sign.  He stood, tearing the dagger from the earth.  "We know she's here.  We know she's at the high school.  But what is her name?"

Jin looked nervous.  "Excuse me, but... how?  Exactly how could she throw off our spell?  It's never failed on us before."

Izumi spat.  "It could only be another sorcerer.  Who else could scratch a name from the Akashic memory?"

They set their way to the school.  Dawn was breaking.

* * *


Yukari bolted up from her seat, leaned over her desk, and waved a test paper at the startled class.

"Do we have a, uh, Kasuga in here?  Ayumu Kasuga?"

A small, shakey hand rose.  A slow, careful voice said, "That's ... my name, Miss Yukari."

Yukari sprawled over her desk, dismounted it like a gymnast off a pommel horse (sans any measure of grace or training such a comparison implies), and marched over to the raised hand.  The girl who owned the hand was a familiar sight: tiny, slender, with droopy brown hair and eyes that, no matter what the lighting, seemed to be drifting slightly down.

"Osaka?"  Yukari leered at her student for a good minute, then said, "...oh.  Yeah, Ayumu's your name.  Anyhow, you got a 53."  She placed the test on Osaka's desk.  Osaka shot Tomo as powerful a glare as she could, which wasn't much, because if she glared too hard she got sleepy, and getting sleepy means she'd have to get out a book to hide behind, although that would be too much work because she was sleepy, and so on.  Osaka did not have a train of thought as much an avalanche.  Tomo, who gave Osaka her nickname before she even met the girl, returned with a little shrug, then jumped up from the seat not unlike Yukari did a minute ago.

"Yukari-baby!  I find it highly unfair that you called out Osaka's grade even though you promised you wouldn't call anybody else's out!"  Tomo could make the most banal of observations sound like the hero's monologue before the final battle with some villian's true demonic form.

Yukari answered with a simple "33."

Tomo blanched.  "You... cruelest of fiends!"

Yukari cackled, "Oh ho ho!   Never should a student meddle in the affairs of the teacher!"  She got that look on her face, the one that wouldn't be out of place on a super-evolved praying mantis looming over its prey.  "For it is most assuredly the path to death and ruin!"

Osaka glanced at Chiyo from behind her book.  Chiyo, not knowing what else to do, shrugged a little and said, barely audible under Yukari's ominous cackle, "It's just one of those days."  Osaka nodded, then resumed her nap.

* * *

Makoto, Jin, and Izumi slipped in at lunchtime, the third spell thrumming between them.

"Split up and follow the waves," Makoto said.  "If you find Cassilda, tell her to meet us at the Lost Door."

They each took a floor; Izumi the first, Jin the second, Makoto the third.

Jin was the lucky one, so to speak, passing by Class 2-3 just as the name was spoken by the reawakened Cassilda.

* * *

Osaka woke back up a little before lunchtime.  She picked at a small box lunch while reading her book.  The rest of the crew hung out around the class, amidst the rest of their classmates: Kagura and Tomo discussed the newest Square/Enix game (Tomo: "I wan' borrow it."  Kagura: "I just got it yesterday!  I'm not even two hours in!"  Tomo: "I still wan' borrow it!"), Yomi and Sakaki discussed the reading assignment while Kaorin sat close to Sakaki and tried to both be noticed by Sakaki and blended in with the background, and Chiyo flitted from one conversation to the next, fleeing when it seemed pertinent.

She came around to Osaka, who was busy chewing on chopsticks long stripped of rice.  "What're you reading today, Osaka?" Chiyo asked, peeking around Osaka's shoulder.  Osaka jolted, the chopsticks clattering out of her mouth, off her desk, and onto the floor.

"Oh... Chiyo-chan, you scared me!"  She shook her head, rubbed an eye.  "I thought you were a boogin."

"Nah, it's just..."  Chiyo paused.  "A 'boogin'?"

"You know, a spooky-bean.  A..."  She tilted her head.  "A..."

"Monster?" Chiyo offered.

"Yeah!  A one-of-them.  This part of the book is pretty scary."

Chiyo looked at the cover and saw Osaka had taped paper taken from a paper bag over it.  The spine read, in English, The King in Yellow.  "That sounds pretty neat, Osaka.  What's it about?  Is it a fantasy story?"

Osaka said, "Not... really.  It's kind of weird.  There's this girl named Cassilda--"

* * *

Jin twitched at the mention of her name.  He turned down the hall and inched towards the gentle harpstring twinge that came from Class 2-3.

* * *

"--and there's these other guys.  They're in a town called Carcosa--"

* * *

The Divine Land.  It sounded like home.

* * *

"--and they're waiting on this guy.  There's a ... a prom or somethin'.  And that's how the first act is, and it sounds kinda boring but it isn't, sort of like how rice crackers don't sound all that great.  But then you put some seaweed on them.  I had seaweed on my--"

"Tell me more about the book, please," Chiyo said.  "Why do you have the cover taped up?"

Osaka peeked at the front cover.  "Oh.  There was a somethin' there the librarian said made her feel nervous.  I haven't looked under it.  She said I could borrow it 'til somebody came looking for it, and nobody has for about a month or so.  Anyway, it's a play, see, and it gets real neat in part two.  It's all spooky and it's got monsters."

"Like?"  Chiyo scooted closer.  She frightened easy as a mouse, but couldn't resist a cool monster.

"Well, there's this one thing, and they say it just appears when you do this thing in the middle of part 2, but I bet there's a costume, but I bet it's hard.  Cuz it looks like, uh..."  She pulled it to the middle.  "Kind of like a, uh... They call it the... 'Dim Gu-ray Mo... Mount.'"

"What's it do?"

"It kills this guy, see, and it cuts him all up and then the characters go and spread 'em to the people watchin' the play.  They don't say what to use for his guts 'n stuff, though."

Chiyo blanched.  "Really, it says that?"

Osaka nodded.  "Right now they're calling ... I think his name is ..."  She flipped back to her place and squinted at it.  "It's in English, so I have to go a little slow, but I get it pretty good.  But that name is kinna hard."

The door to the classroom opened up a bit.  A man peeked through.  Yukari looked up from her coffee--her second cup--and said, "Hoi, kid!  You lookin' for someone?"  The kid on the other side, a flimsy slip of a teenaged boy, nodded.  "Just need to come in a second."

"Alright, but keep it quiet.  Class picks up in 40 minutes, so be out by then."  She turned back to the newspaper, or rather the romance comic magazine she was reading behind the newspaper in an inept attempt to conceal it.  The kid came in, stayed near the doorway, and locked his eyes on Osaka.

Osaka shrugged and went back to the book.  "They're calling this guy.  And it's all bloody and cool and stuff.  It'd make a great movie, and I bet it really should be, cuz I don't think a play would do that good.  It's reall bloody and stuff and there's all these big monsters that don't sound like they'd fit on an auditorium.  But the first act, sure."

Chiyo read some of the play.  Being stripped entirely of color looked cute on her, but lots of things did.  Shaking like a pager, she said, "Let's go to the first act.  You said it didn't have the, uh..."

"Oh!  There's a pretty song in the first act, and I think I can sing it, too."

The kid in the corner watched, slack-jawed, as Osaka found the song and sang a quavery, quiet rendition, hidden under Tomo trying to steal Kagura's strategy guide (Tomo: "It's not sporting!"  Kagura: "But I'll be done quicker if I have it!"  Tomo: "Oh, the indecision!").

"Along the shore the cloud waves break,
  The twin suns sink beneath the lake,
  The shadows lengthen
   In Carcosa."

* * *

Jin let the poem wash over him.  Its notes were pitch-perfect.  He'd never seen a more perfect Cassilda--the dreamy eyes, the gentle face, the soft and wavering voice...

* * *

"Strange is the night where black stars rise,
  And strange moons circle through the skies
  But stranger still is
  Lost Carcosa."

* * *

Makoto sensed it, strong, and below his feet.  It figures that Jin's the one that finds her, stupid bastard...  He ran, chasing the feeling.

* * *

"Songs that the Hyades shall sing,
  Where flap the tatters of the King,
  Must die unheard in
  Dim Carcosa."

* * *

Izumi stood beneath the ceiling where the song of Cassilda crept through, letting it fill her, charge through her like knives.  She wished for the sweet notes to ruin her, for the song of the King to destroy her.

* * *

"Song of my soul, my voice is dead;
  Die thou, unsung, as tears unshed
  Shall dry and die in
  Lost Carcosa."

The din of chases and conversations were lost as Osaka's song drew to a close.  Yukari's coffee mug hovered near her lips, almost tilted enough to spill.  Kaorin took a long sip from her milk.  All the students' eyes were on her.

After a moment, Osaka went back to her place and kept reading.  Chiyo, nearest to her and second-most-floored (besides the kid lurking near the back), shook her head 'til she was sensate again, vigorously clapped, and said, "Osaka, that was great!  How--"

Yukari interrupted, "How the balls are you singing English like that and making a D?"

Osaka gazed at the text, then suddenly perked.  "Oh!  I guess you say his name as--"

Jin snapped, started to run, tried to yell "No!"--


There was a moment of dead silence.  There was a crushing weight, as though some vast, unseen demon constricted their chests.

Then Kaorin spit out her milk, gagged, and screamed.

She'd spat out a mouthful of blood.  Coughed up more.  Dropped her milk carton and sent bright red blood everywhere.  Sakaki screamed, the most high-pitched and childish scream in the class, matching Chiyo's own.  Yukari spat out her coffee, now thick and coagulated.  Cries of horror, dry heaves, and vomiting were loud in the hallway.

Osaka blinked, tried to catch up with the sudden flurry of motion.  "Was it something I did?" she asked no one in particular, the others scrambling to get out of the classroom.

Yukari was the first to escape.

When the flurry was done, it was just her and the kid that walked in.

"Uh... you're not running?" Osaka asked.  She stood up and got her supplies together.  "Cuz I guess it'd be smart, cuz of the blood."  She paused.  "Why'd you come in here?"

"I'm looking for you.  You found the book, you see."

"Oh... it's yours?  Do you want it back?"  She looked at the cover, then hugged it close.  "I'm not done yet, an' I wanna see how it ends."

"We need you to finish that book.  You're very precious to us...  Tell me, what is your name?"

"My name?  It's Ayumu.  But everybody calls me Osaka."

He nodded.  "Why's that."

"'Cause I moved here from Osaka."

"I... see."

"My friend Tomo gave it to me.  She's not good at names."

"Does your friend read any ... strange books?"  The new kid wandered closer to her.

"Uh... I once saw her read an American magazine for some reason.  Is that weird?  I think it's weird.  It's not like she could read it.'

"I meant, like, old books, books on forbid..."

She raised her hand and thought her words over carefully.  "I... don't think she likes to read books that are..."  She gestured.  "Big."


"Or medium sized."

"Uh... huh."

"Or about yea big."

"Is that..."

"I could go on, but I think I'd be getting rude."

"No offense, but you kind of crossed the line a little ways back."

"Oh.  Sorry."

"...Anyhow.  We need you, Osaka."

"If you could... could you call me--"

"Cassilda?  But, of course."  He kneeled before her.  "We've been hunting for you.  Waiting for you to find the text.  You can find it much easier to read than others, correct?  Even though it's in a language you're not familiar with?"

Osaka nodded.

"It's not just because the subject interests you...  But because you feel a connection to it.  To the character of Cassilda."

Osaka looked at the book.  "She is kind of cool."  She smiled her strange, open-mouthed smile.  "She gets to use the big scythe.  I bet it's fun, like finally gettin' able to get back at people."  She mimicked a scythe in slow, careful pretend-swings.  "Snicker-snack!  Take that, Yuki.  Kaboom!  You so copied my homework, Tsukiko!  I'll give you good for that... kapow!"

Jin pushed himself up, and realized he had his knee planted in a growing pool of milk-blood.  "Meet us behind the 24-hour ice house next to the 333rd lot.  At midnight.  Tonight."

Osaka nodded.  "That's a good time for me.  I'm a bit of a night owl.  But one that likes chocolate, not mice.  Also... I don't vomit too much."

A janitor kicked in the door.  There was a sound in the halls like some kind of improvised janitor-shanty about cleaning up biological waste, although a good shade catchier and livelier than such a description would imply.

"Come on, lets' go... name's Jin, by the way."

Osaka picked up her bag, book, and box lunch, and--

"Uuaagh!" she gibbered.

"What?  What's hap--"

"My chopsticks..."  She pointed at them, lying on the dusty floor.  "I dropped them.  Now I need to get more..."

"We can get some outside.  Come on."

"I liked those, though... they were a great vintage.  For wood, you know."

* * *

When Chiyo was coming down from near-catatonia--as the case was here, as she was still shaking and huddled up next to her--it fell on Yomi's shoulders to be the sane and reasonable backbone for their team, as Sakaki was too aloof to bear the burden effectively.

Tomo quietly waited under the wall, tapping her toes and watching the students flood out.  Apparently all the milk in the school had, for reasons inscrutable, transmuted into blood.  Conspiracy theories abounded.  News groups showed up.  Kagura sat next to Tomo, counting off people she knew from the crowd.  "Man, I thought she gave up milk," Kagura said, pointing at a crying girl spattered in coughed-up blood.  "Too fattening.  Heh, bet she wished she'd kept it up."

"Hey, Kagura," Tomo said, "check out those guys.  Gaijin.  So totally.  And they're goin' around just asking anybody.  Wonder who they are?  Hey, Yomi!"

Yomi gave Tomo a sidelong glance.  "What kind of bizarre scheme do you have in mind?"

Tomo shrugged and said, "Nothin'.  Just, you know, goin' to check things out.  I bet there's all kinds of fun things happening.  Hell... one sec."  Tomo popped up and ran towards the gaijin.

* * *

Ed Rich buzzed the nearest students.  He didn't know a lot of Japanese--but enough to get that this was going to be a huge freakin' story for the Red Hound.  Biggest tabloid/fortean news since the Chupacabra-on-Batboy duel of '03, biggest scoop ever for the Red Hound, easy.  And all he needed was the right angle--

A schoolgirl with shoulder-length hair in a sweeping style came up to him.  She said, "You English?"

He nodded.  "Yes, me english."

She pointed at the crowds of panicking, horrified, or stunned students, then made a dismissive gesture.  "No good."

"Not very," Ed agreed.

She pointed at herself.  "Me drink you blood."

A burst of inspiration.  "Drink you blood?"

She nodded.

"Pic?" he asked.

She nodded vigorously.

"Cool.  Pose like..."

* * *

Chiyo was coming down just as Tomo darted around, striking poses and getting her picture taken by the gaijin.  Sakaki came around with a nervous Kaorin grappling onto her arm.  She was still in her bloodied school uniform, although it was lightened considerably.  "I'm walking Kaorin home," Sakaki said, as casually in-command as usual.  "If you want me to take Chiyo..."

Chiyo looked up and nodded, mutely.  Sakaki gave her a warm, motherly smile and picked the little spirte up.  The cameraman came by and snapped a few pictures of the startled trio, along with some of Kagura and Tomo.  Sakaki left in a huff, more irritated than offended.

Yomi hiked herself up.  "Why, thanks for pimping us out to some--"

Tomo lept on her, grappled her, and gave her a gentle bite on the side of the neck.  Click.  "Thanks, an' bye," the cameraman said, and disappeared into the crowd, looking for more photo oppertunities.

Yomi blinked and stammered.  "Wha... what the hell was that about?"

"That was a guy named Rich Ed or something like that.  He's gonna do a news article on us in an English newspaper!  In' that cool?"

"Did he ask you anything about yourself?"

"Huh?  Just my name."

"Didn't it occur to you that he's really just a pervert who likes horrified Japanese girls?  Or that he's using this for a vaguely sinister reason?"

"Oh, come on!  He had a camera and spoke very good English.  I just told 'em we wer freaked out cuz of the blood drinkin' thing, but that we rebounded right quick 'cause we're Japanese and we do stuff like that.  Come back from stuff.  And that Osaka made all this happen with magic, cuz, mighty hell, did you SEE her?"

"I'm sure it'll be a resepctful article," Yomi said, rolling her eyes.

"Don't be like that!" Tomo said, mock-punching her bespectacled companion.  "Just watch, it'll get us famous stateside."

* * *

Ed knew the title of the article already.

Japanese Schools Gripped by Plague of Lesbian Vampires!

* * *


"Hey, it's Osaka!" Yomi said, trying to throw off the line of thought ASAP.

Osaka stumbled at them, dizzy from a camera flash.  "Heyyyyy," she said.  "That new guy's name is Jin and he wants to see me somewhere tonight."

"What guy?  That one that came in right before things went straight to bloodsville?" Tomo asked.

"Yeah.  That one.  There are stars everywhere, but it's afternoon!"

"What was his deal?  Stalker?" Yomi asked.

"No.. just this guy, you know?  He thinks I'm some girl named... Cassilda.  Like in the book I'm reading, have I told you about it?  It's pretty good--"

"The guy, Osaka, the guy."

"He's this guy.  He's got some friends, and he wants to see me tonight, outside that little ice shop near lot 333, you know?"

"That's two hours on the bus from your house, Osaka!  You really wanna risk it?"

"Well... sure."

Yomi said, "Can't we at least come with you?"

* * *

Five minutes ago, Jin stared her straight in the eye and whispered, "Come alone."

* * *

Osaka considered.

Come alone.

The finality of those words.


The deathly finality, the grave seriousness.


"Sure!  Call everybody, ask who wants to come."

Yomi nodded.  "Thanks.  Makes me feel better about you.  Oh, and, uh, school is pretty damn cancelled, so head out."

"Sure," Osaka said, and set out.

* * *

Behind the school, Jin clustered with Izumi and Makoto.

"She knows?" Makoto asked.

Jin nodded.  "I've told her about His name, of course.  No need for a repeat incident."

Izumi smirked.  "The time is coming to fruition."

The three whispered in natural synchronicity, "The world will know the embrace of madness."

* * *

If they had known what was to come, they would have cut the middle man and banged their head against a large brick wall for several minutes, then thrown themselves off a building while on fire.

To be continued...

Bonus 4-Koma:

She's Got Standards

Panel 1: Yukari and Nyamo stare at the off-panel madness.  Yukari nurses a cup of coffee.
Nyamo: "My God.  It's horrible.  It's like something out of..."

Panel 2: Nyamo gawks at Yukari, who's drinking the coffee.
Nyamo: "Are you drinking coffee with milk?  Are you STILL drinking your blood coffee?!!"

Panel 3: Yukari looks huffy, Nyamo looks mildly frightened.
Yukari: "Yeah."
Nyamo: "What is wrong with you?  That coffee has BLOOD in it!"
Yukari: "Yes.  But it also has caffiene."

Panel 4: Yukari chugs, Nyamo blanches.
When Osaka is singled out by the Brotherhood of the Yellow Sign, can she somehow survive their twisted machinations? Can her friends help her? Can they survive, in body and sanity, the rigors of other worlds and blackest magicks?

Hijinx ensue!

Also, holy crap, this is, like, my first true fanfic ever published on this site. This is the first one I've done in four years. Or so.

Kind of weird. Feels... oddly right.

Part 1 of 2.

Copyright info: Azumanga Daioh copyright Kiyohiko Azuma; H_st_r the Unspeakable is just this guy, you know? A guy by Robert Ashton Smith.
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the variant cover for My Little Pony - Friendship is magic #3! Always fun to go back to working on this brand, growing up playing with them myself, but I cant yet back their new design.
Oh well!

bronetastic lines by :iconj-scott-campbell:

colors by me
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oh how i do love throwing you guys for a loop by posting this stuff.

this is a box design i drew and painted for Hasbro for their remote control pony on a scooter. maybe the heardest one i've had to do, they are SO speciffic on what they want.

of course it's always fun to completely ignore persepctive and make floppy roundish pony houses.
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EDIT: people keep going oh i'm so sorry, and it's getting annoying. just saying

if it is as horrible as everybody says i wouldn't have taken the job.

done for some european DVD packages for hasbro's my little pony.

work done through kunoichi!

pencils AND paints by me.

after doing each one of these i felt like puking a rad pink rainbow vomit, it was rather irritating to be restricted to such a palette :)
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I had a lot of fun playing Shantae and The Pirate's Curse,with all the delightfully bright colors and quirky dialogue .Felt this piece was just right for this very hot summer we re having.
The Squid Baron was my favorite boss fight,so i felt like adding him.


Facebook page:…


Twitter: Heavymetalhanzo
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Hi there guys! I been playing Splatoon a lot recently (not too much before because my WiiU was kidnaped by my kid and my niece T_T)
I hope you like it.

Maybe opening a Patreon soon.

Oh! also next splatfest is Autobots vs Decepticons O_o…
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Exadyne Fuel Systems had selected the most inhospitable patch of desert available for its test facility.  This served two purposes.  First, they had to be sure that the new automobiles would be able to operate under extreme conditions.  Second, someone would have to be both highly motivated and certifiably insane to try to spy on the test runs.

Most days the track sat idle.  But on this day, a small team had been sent out to perform high speed road tests on several of the new vehicles.  Larry was just returning from a one hundred mile run in the Zelectra, a battery-powered electric.  The car was eerily quiet as it rolled up to the facility's huge garage, emitting only a soft hum.

"Nice run," Carol called out to Larry as he exited the vehicle.

"Yeah, but I really did some damage on those last few miles.  The number three motor is shot.  The heat's just killing her."  Larry was their best test driver, and looked the part.  Tall, lean and chiseled, he was handsome enough to make it into Exadyne's marketing materials.  He was a bit too brash for Carol's liking, personally.  But professionally he was the best, and he worked well with the team.  Most of the team, that is.

"I'm sure you'll get blamed for it."  Carol tossed him a bottle of water from the cooler, taking one for herself and pressing it against her forehead.  It was a hundred and ten degrees in the shade, and they had to spend most of the day simmering in it.  "Just a word of warning, Princess Lauren's in a mood today."  If it had been anyone else, Carol would have blamed it on the heat.  There was no air conditioning at the test facility, just some fans.  They had several large coolers full of ice and drinks, enough to last them all day.  But a few hours on the sun-baked desert floor was usually enough to frazzle everyone's nerves.  But that wasn't the case with Lauren.  They all knew full well that she wouldn't become any more agreeable once they got back to the office.

"Speak of the devil and she appears," Larry muttered.

Lauren descended from the observation deck.  While Carol had gone with "desert casual" shorts and t-shirt for the day's testing, Lauren's attire was a bit less modest.  Her snugly fitting skirt was far too short to be considered business-like, though it probably helped her keep cool.  But apparently it wasn't helping enough; she'd been progressively opening more buttons on her short-sleeved blouse as the day went on.  Lauren had a slender figure overall, but she possessed a bosom that was slightly too large for her frame, and tended to wear bras slightly too small for her bosom.  Said bosom and brassiere were on prominent display and jiggling quite impressively as Lauren made long, determined strides towards Carol and Larry.

"You broke my car," she snapped.  Strictly speaking, it wasn't her car.  However, she was overseeing the day's testing.

Larry held up his hands.  "Those motors still aren't cut out for desert driving.  Take it up with engineering."

"Ease up on damn the accelerator, and maybe you won't burn out the coils."  She folded her arms across her chest.  The accentuating effect this had on her cleavage wasn't lost on Larry.

"Maybe, but do you really think Joe Driver's gonna be light on the pedal when he's out on the road in the middle of nowhere on a hot day?  You pay me to find these problems on the test track so Joe doesn't find 'em on the road."

Noticing his wandering gaze, Lauren snapped her fingers in front of his nose.  "Hey asshole, I'm up here.  Jimmy's already got Helios prepped and ready for the next run.  Try not to fuck this one up, it's even more expensive than Zelectra."

Larry gritted his teeth, but held his tongue.  He took a long drink and set off toward the solar-powered test vehicle.

Lauren pulled up a chair next to the Zelectra.  "Damn, could it be any hotter out here?"

Carol was focused on Larry and the shimmering, beetle-shaped form of the Helios as it left the garage.  "Actually, yes, it could.  We're nowhere near the record temperature for this spot.  If you think this is bad, next month it'll be--"  Her words were abruptly halted by the sight of Lauren undoing her few remaining buttons and tossing her blouse over the back of her chair.

"What?" she said in response to Carol's glare of disapproval.  She donned her sunglasses, opened a soda, and made herself comfortable.

"Do you really think that's appropriate?" Carol asked.  "I know we're in the middle of nowhere, but there are still people around."

"Whatever," Lauren replied dismissively, stretching out her legs and kicking off her high heels.  "Helios isn't the fastest of cars, it'll be over an hour before Larry gets back.  Those solar panels are crap.  And Jimmy's still fiddling with the GZ2 around back.  It'll be just us girls here for a while.  It's too freakin' hot out here, and I'm gonna stay cool."  Lauren seemed to hold a privileged position in Exadyne's management.  Carol didn't know what her connections were, but she got away with just about anything.  And today that included lounging about clad only in her lacy black bra and overly brief skirt.

Carol let out an annoyed grunt and turned her attention to the numbers from Zelectra's run.  After a few minutes had passed, she heard the low rumble of a vehicle pulling into the garage.  Jimmy had arrived with the GZ2, a rather conventional looking hatchback with an entirely unconventional engine.  "Uh, Lauren," she said, but quickly realized her boss wasn't paying attention.

Jimmy was a quiet, stocky mechanic with a timid manner and brilliant mind for cars.  He stepped out of the GZ2 with clipboard in hand, adjusting his thick-framed glasses as he focused on his maintenance report.  "Hey Lauren, I've run the diagnostics and given the GZ2 a clean bill of health.  All she needs is a fill up and she'll be ready to oh my goodness!" he exclaimed, finally noticing Lauren's semi-nude state.

"Yes?"  Lauren sipped her soda, acting as though nothing were amiss.

"Um, yes, I've re-tuned the transmission to compensate for the, uh, the decreased transfer efficiency" he stammered.

"Jimmy?" Lauren said, holding a hand at chest level and pointing a finger upward.  "I'm up here.  My breasts don't have an opinion on your maintenance report, so there's no point in talking to them."

Jimmy's face flushed beet red.  "Um, oh God, I'm sorry Lauren, I didn't mean to--"

Lauren sniffed and turned away.  "I swear, you'd think you'd never seen a pair of boobs before.  Of course, knowing you, that could very well be the case."

Jimmy's lips moved, but no sound came out.  After several fruitless attempts at forming words, he turned and ran away.  Lauren smiled, satisfied.

Carol scowled.  "That was really mean, Lauren.  Jimmy's a nice guy.  You know how shy he is, and I'm sure he wasn't expecting to run across a half naked woman in the garage."

"If he really was a nice guy, then he wouldn't stare.  He's not a gentleman, he's just another perv.  Besides, he's probably off wanking in some dark corner right now.  I bet I made his day.  But since he's not here, you're gonna have to make sure the GZ2's gassed up and ready to go by the time Larry gets back."

"You're unbelievable!" Carol shouted.  "You're prancing around shirtless, practically falling out of your bra, and bitching out anyone who happens to look!  It's rude, inconsiderate, and unprofessional.  For Pete's sake, we're on the job here.  Cover up!"  She turned away and fetched the filling hose for the GZ2, Exadyne's first hydrogen-powered vehicle.  The name had never made any sense to her.  It was the first model in its line.  There was no GZ1.  But she wasn't in charge of naming the cars, and that was probably for the best.

Lauren seemed to have ignored her rant for the most part.  She looked down at her nearly bare torso.  "I've been thinking about getting implants.  I think I'm a decent size now, but men seem to like them big these days."

Do you honestly expect me to care?  "Great," Carol said, "you can have even bigger excuses to abuse guys who stare at you."  Carol was fuming.  Did this woman even know the meaning of shame?

"Is that why you're so much nicer to Larry than I am?  Because you don't have any excuses?"

Carol suppressed the urge to scream.  She was desperately trying to keep her simmering rage from boiling over.  She took a long drink from her water bottle, draining it.  "Just keep your cool, Carol," she whispered to herself.  "You can't afford to lose it while handling flammable, high pressure gas."  She made a mental note to get more water as soon as she finished gassing up the GZ2.  She had to stay hydrated if she was to have any chance of keeping her wits about her, and she hadn't been drinking enough.  "If you don't respond, maybe she'll just shut up."

"I keep hearing you should always go a size or two bigger than you think you want.  Lots of women regret not going big enough,"  Lauren continued.  She squeezed her breasts together, experimenting with what it might be like to have a bit more bulge in her bust.  "What do you think, should I get them enlarged?"

Carol's jaw clenched, but she managed a relaxed tone.  "Yes."

Lauren did a double take.  "You were actually listening?  You really think I should go bigger?" she asked incredulously.

"Yes," Carol snapped, yanking the hose from the GZ2.  "I think you should go bigger.  I think you should go much, much bigger and I think you should do it right now."

Lauren was about to ask Carol what the hell she was talking about, but she only got as far as "Wha" before Carol stuffed the hose into her throat, pushing her back in her seat.  Lauren froze in disbelief as her flat stomach instantly billowed out like a giant bubble as it filled with compressed hydrogen.

"Nnnnnngh!"  She struggled to push Carol away, but her whole body swelled up too quickly for her to fight effectively.  In mere moments, her breasts overflowed her brassiere and spilled out of it, while her arms inflated to the point of uselessness.  Even in her rage, Carol was fascinated by the sight of Lauren's buttocks filling out to the point where the chair began to break.  The swelling continued down the length of her legs, splitting her skirt open like it was paper.

"I didn't think you could show much more skin, but I guess I was wrong," Carol said.  Lauren grew bigger and rounder, her limbs sticking straight out from the ever-expanding balloon that her torso had become.  Carol could just barely make out Lauren's terrified eyes through the dark tint of her sunglasses.  She was silently pleading for Carol to stop, but all she could do was struggle weakly and make a few soft, plaintive squeaks of distress.

When Lauren had inflated to the point of complete immobility, Carol let go of the hose and stepped back to admire her work in progress.  Lauren grew almost completely round, her tanned skin stretched like rubber, taut and shiny under the desert sun.  It wasn't until that point that Carol even considered the possibility that Lauren might burst.  As the expanding, quivering globe that was Lauren's body towered over her, Carol contemplated whether she'd be inconvenienced by that outcome.  The gas reached out to overwhelm Lauren's furthest extremities and the last indications that she was anything but a giant balloon were the tiny hands and feet protruding from her massive orb of a body.  And even these were plumping up to comical proportions.

"Maybe you've had enough," Carol mused.  Lauren nodded stiffly but vigorously as her sunglasses were pushed up by her increasingly puffy cheeks.

Carol noticed that Lauren's shape was barely pressed in at all at the point where her belly touched the ground.  "Or maybe you should go a little bit bigger."

Lauren shook her head.  The motion was even more stiff this time as each passing moment robbed her of a little bit of her remaining mobility.  Her face had filled out so much that she was unrecognizable.

"Just a little bit more," Carol taunted.  The combination buoyancy and pressure inside Lauren made her body almost perfectly spherical.  She was just barely touching the ground.  Lauren was only able to muster up a soft whimper as her lips started to swell up around the hose.  The gas was quickly running out of places to fill, and Lauren could guess what the ultimate result of that would be.

"Alright, I guess you've had enough."  Carol shut off the gas and pulled the hose from Lauren's mouth.

"You crazy bitch!" Lauren shrieked in a high-pitched voice.  "What have you done to me?"

"That should be pretty obvious," Carol said. 

"I'm floating!"  And indeed she was.  She had become so light that the slight added weight of the hose had been the only thing holding her down.  Lauren was ever so slowly lifting up from the ground.  Her ascent stopped as she hit the edge of garage door.  She teetered precariously at the entrance, halfway between floating up to the garage's high ceiling and being lost to the wild blue yonder.

"You were right," Carol said as she reached out and plucked Lauren's sunglasses from her face.  "I'm so glad I went a size or two bigger than I originally intended."

"Don't just stand there, you useless bimbo!  Help me!"

"Oh, I'm more than happy to help you out."  Lauren's eyes grew wide with shock as Carol shoved her out of the garage and she rose up into the sky.

"No!  Don't!  I'll fucking kill you if you don't get me down from here!  I'll have your head for this!"  Lauren's curses and threats continued unabated, but faded in volume as she steadily rose higher and the desert winds carried her away.

"Aaah," She sighed blissfully, feeling relaxed on the job for the first time in a very long time.  She put on Lauren's shades and grabbed another bottle of water from the cooler.  The chair was ruined, so she reclined on the hood of the Zelectra.  Far off in the distance, she saw a glint of sunlight reflecting off of the Helios' solar panels.

Jimmy returned, shuffling out from behind the garage with his eyes downcast.

"Hi Jimmy," Carol said, waving cheerfully.  "Have a drink."

"Sure," Jimmy said, though it was clear that he was still quite flustered.  He looked around, and his gaze fell warily on the shattered chair and the shredded clothing around it.  "Where'd she go?"

"Oh, Lauren?" Carol quipped, imitating Lauren's imperious tone and pointing a finger skyward.  "She's up there."

He just nodded, assumed she was talking about the observation deck, and set about refueling the GZ2.  "I'm sure she has a good view of the action."

"I'm sure she does."

Jimmy found Carol's grin to be slightly disconcerting, but he didn't ask what was so amusing.  He was adjusting the tank pressure when he was startled by a distant bang followed by its rumbling echoes.

"What the hell was that?"

Carol hadn't even sat up.  "Don't worry.  It was probably just the car backfiring."

Jimmy wasn't at all reassured.  "Um, Carol, the Helios is solar-powered.  It can't backfire."

"Oh well," she said with a shrug.  "It must have been something else then."

This is one of those stories that was inspired by a gag and just went from there. I hope you enjoy.
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Collab with ~crunchynougat. One of the prints we'll be selling at SMASH!

Smash Bros. is a great game and I can't wait for the new one :O
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And so we now come to understand where he got the cloak from... Meh! Just steal it from the dead! lol

Continued from the exercise of Ten Questions To Ask Your Characters To Make Them More Dynamic & Believable, I must say I'm very pleased with the outcome!

I love the visual contrast of my character Ashworth from an adolescent to an adult. Those scenes you see on the illustration answer two key questions yet they share something in common that is core to who he is. I happen to have developed his trademark quote on the fly: "This will suit me just fine.", it's great how these things develop when you're working on this kind of exercise where you question your character.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on Ashworth, your curiosity does help me develop him into something more substantial in the process. 

Right then, no time to rest, I still got 6 more questions to answer! Let's do this!

[Continue to Part 3] >> TBA
<< [Move Back to Part 1]
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Hi-- I've got something a little different for you today! This is my poster for my animation/illustration program's student club (the Shrunkenheadmen) charity poster sale, Print a Palooza. We're selling Cartoon Network-themed posters that us students made ourselves, and all proceeds are going to San Jose charity, Angels on Stage. Like what you see? Pick up a poster and the shop here:


I chose Steven Universe as my theme, since it's one of my favorite shows!
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So one day I finally watched the Leeroy Jenkins meme video ... (origin: World of Warcraft)

...and then the next night, I had a dream where I was playing Team Fortress 2 with a friend (not specified in the dream, but I know it's a TF2 playmate) - his Steam name was "LEEROY" and mine was "JENKINS". And we were performing the medic-chain, where one medic activates the uber to make both of them invincible, while the other builds up his/her Ubercharge before the first uber runs out by trying to get 4 sucessful hits with the Ubersaw, each hit filling up 25% of the meter. When the first medic's uber runs out, the other medic activates the second one while the first medic switches to the melee weapon (Ubersaw). Rinse and repeat - a never-ending cycle of hilarity. XD

In the dream, we were getting this in the killfeed at the top-right corner of my eye (screen):
" LEEROY + JENKINS [Ubersaw kill icon] [player who just got killed by us] "

It was so funny that I had to try it out. I did it with a couple of dA/Steam friends, but the most noticable "Leeroy" was :iconaxolotlet:, mainly because we had voicechat on and the laughter was contagious. XD

It was really a dream come true, getting "LEEROY + JENKINS [Ubersaw kill icon] [player who just got killed by us]" in the killfeed. And we topped the scoreboards with almost the same scores. :rofl: Love watching the enemy team retreat into their base like turtles pulling their heads into their shell, wahahahaahaaaaa

Leeroy Jenkins by Axolotlet
and I drew this sketch LEEROY JENKINS (Axolotlet and JemiDove) 100515 by JemiDove (to be completed when I have more free time) :D

Anyway that's all, I know this doesn't warrant a full-blown journal entry but I really miss hanging out with my dA buds and drawing fan art. :XD:

EDIT - here's an example of medic-chain:
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Some nonsense Q&A about drawing expressive characters, originally from my tumblr.

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idk i wanted to draw my pyro loadout again hueahuhe
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