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a kiss
It was just a kiss
an innocent slip
a passionate touch
It was just a kiss
a cushion of lust
a glossed grace
it was just a kiss
don't look too deeply
for depth and meaning
It was just a kiss
let it be...
An act that could change
a single life
An act that could spiral
out of control
a gateway drug
to love
It was just a kiss
:iconsteffiexcore:steffiexcore 1,365 185 More Like This
Sad Dragon by Scellanis Sad Dragon :iconscellanis:Scellanis 20 14 More Like This
Stomp it Out
“Stomp it out”
We’re getting’ news of the worst
It seems like this land of freedom is cursed
I’m diggin’ deeper
To find the darkest reaper
I’m gonna ask him
How to find the gold
How to unwind this cold
He’ll say, this is the December
Are ya ready?
You’re gonna die inna ember
So hitch on, get tough, get rough
Brace yourself for the dawn
Stomp it out,
Watch out for the mist
They’re out there, they’ll persist
Stomp it out
On set, you’re regret
You hellions, only the rebellions will last
Stomp it out
New York’s a flood
Its streets consist of blood
San Francisco’s a deathtrap
Chicago’s taking a dirt nap
The monsters are loose
Buy your own noose
It won’t be long
Sing the death song
Stomp it out
Cease the disease
Stomp it out
Kill the plague
Stomp it out
Guard your dead
Stomp it out
Reaper’s on a holiday
He’ll say, this is the December
Are ya ready?
You’re gonna die inna ember
So hitch on, get tough
:iconthettamore:Thettamore 3 14 More Like This
Divisions Among Us Part Two
                                                       Part two
Eager to get the discus, Vèspat had spewed information on it but mostly on what the inscriptions were supposed to say. It was all menial information that Jocelyn needed to know but not necessarily so quickly. At the building Vèspat remembered being the one she came out that morning, he stopped to stare at the gaping mouth of the elevator she stepped in, his head cautiously poking in.
“Well, come on before it takes your head off!”Jocelyn said as she pulled him by the front of his robes into the cabin. The inertia lifted them up, Vèspat holding onto the railings unsure about how to take this new feeling of being lifted up b
:iconlian-ikariyang:Lian-Ikariyang 2 0 More Like This
Shatter, Break, Bend
Every heart is affected-
pulsing throbbing beating..
Torn to shreds by a callus word.
Tears shed in the quiet dark, hidden from the world.
I mirror yours, tears spilling down ivory cheeks the pain rips through us both.
No one understands.
No one understands at all
Giving in is tearing us apart.
Dear one, sweet you - those tears hurt more than a thousand piercing arrows.
Pain's tearing at my soul.
If I could soothe that pain, I'd die a thousand deaths for you.
:iconimmortalis-desade:Immortalis-DeSade 1 0 More Like This
wordspill:deja vu
I’m sick of the you’s and the me’s. I’m really tired of having to keep up with all of your new words. They spill out of your mouth and try to make pictures… but they just can’t.. I don’t understand, everyone else’s words turn into pictures and yours don’t. I think it quite sad. Well, the other day, wow you’re going to love this story. The other day, I was walking down the street and I saw this little fluffy white cloud and it was in the shape of heart and it actually have me the strangest feeling of déjà vu… like i
Ve had that image in my head before, but the curios thing is that I have never known that image to be one that is frequently imprinted into my mind. Im not a love-themed girl. I’m simple, and I survive with the simple things. The hearts and star-crossed  lovers have never really been my thing. Of course, you instill those very thoughts, the ones like déjà vu, wh
:iconfree-my-mind:free-my-mind 2 10 More Like This
Iced Tears
We were in love,
You said forever.
Dreams of the future,
And spoken love.
You said you were mine,
But it was all a lie.
A broken heart
Turned stone cold.
I try not to fear
these iced tears.
You said forever,
But forever wasnot what you meant.
No together you and me,
Together you and her.
You left me here,
On the street side
On a cold winter night.
A broken heart,
Turned stone cold.
I try not to fear
These iced tears.
You are with her
Like a bright sunny day.
While I sit here in the snow
All alone,
Fighting off iced tears.
You left me here,
On the street side
On a cold winter night.
You live with her,
I live with our memories.
Forever alone
On this street side,
Fighting off iced tears.
:icondarkwolffire:DarkWolfFire 5 7 More Like This
I tell you of my life,
You tell me nothing but lies.
I says 'I love you'.
You say 'I do too.'
I tell you my dreams,
You tell others fantasies.
I said 'I do'
You said 'We're through.'
You broke my heart,
I broke your car.
:icondarkwolffire:DarkWolfFire 8 24 More Like This
A Moment Of... Silence by onixa A Moment Of... Silence :icononixa:onixa 1,619 218 More Like This
A Kiss Of Memories
whenever i'm doing this.
I'm thinking of her.
how she was the first to make you smile -
  made your heart stop -
   & want to beat for her.
But it wasn't love
not what we think we have.
Some of us can't fall in love,
we can only dream that the future remains
  like this forever.
But - - - - i will never be her, will i?
:iconatlantic-lungs:atlantic-lungs 15 11 More Like This
don't you stop 'til you know you're gone
the bone-flutes are flooding out my lucidity.
nothing makes sense, but everything belongs.
the sheets are oily and hot on my skin.
exhausted, i try to escape,
only to drop out of reality and through the floors.
:iconmismatched-misfits:mismatched-misfits 21 9 More Like This
Realize there's a better way. by vanish-me Realize there's a better way. :iconvanish-me:vanish-me 3 0 More Like This
Has it come?
Has it come to its end?
As we are, are we falling apart?
Darkest times it fails to the greatest
A river that washes it away
All the work is now all a waste?
It's nature's logic of order to disorder
To begin anew without remembering what has been done
Hard to do but to move on
Nothing is left
Lost but can't be found
Betrayed and with a goal in sight
Left here to decay
Everything happening today
You don't know if you are coming or going
The truth never lies
The scars that remain
You can't understand what I have gone through
The only friend I have, my best friend gone
Leaves me with a hole in my heart
A hole that can never be gone
Now I am look in this broken mirror, with blood on my hands
You told me to be the best, the best I can be
The guilt, the shame is left, why can anything happened like this
I wish I can see your smile again
I put you into this grave and now I want to bring you out
But it's too late
A misunderstanding...
How could I be so reckless?
Please save me from myself
I don
:iconjjwkv:jjwkv 9 3 More Like This
Who Knew
It is crazy how just five years ago you hated me.
My name always coming out of your "best friends" mouth,
Annoying you and filling you with jealousy.
And I'll admit,
I wasn't too fond of you either.
The next school year,
I still thought you were really weird.
But we had a couple classes together,
And both our personalities became more clear.
We learned we really wern't that different,
That we shared several of the same interests.
Then we soon became friends,
Bringing that hatred to an end.
Now we are inseparable,
Brightening eachothers days.
Always here for eachother,
Helping out in any way.
Who knew back then,
That we'd become the best of friends.
Sticking together,
Until the very end.
:icontristencoy:TristenCoy 5 18 More Like This
Mature content
To a Boy, From a Boy... :icondeus-suetonius:Deus-Suetonius 33 29 More Like This
Boyfriend Prohibition
Until we're older and in the right position
to be okay to hug through prohibition
cause by then it'll be okay to accept the transition
and not be in the eyes of inquisition..
:iconseni-askim:Seni-Askim 2 0 More Like This
The Bright Side of Dyslexia
I was born with auditory dyslexia.
I once heard of someone who wrote, directed, and coastguard in their own movie.
I knew what the right word was, but it still got me thinking:
About the invigorating music of waves crashing against my vessel,
The challenge of serving to the best of my skills,  
The pride of keeping the shores of my homeland safe.
That was how I found my career,
And it's been just as rewarding as I had hoped.
An episode of CSI mentioned literature marks on the vic's neck,
Which inspired a fulfilling side project of poetry.
In a later CSI, taunts were exchanged:
"I'm the king of the jingle here!  You don't stand a chants!"
"That's what you think!  This isn't my first radio!"
(It wasn't a very well-written episode.)
Anyway, with that I tried adding tunes to my rhymes.
The result was better than I expected;
A local morning show even played one of my works on the radio!
My girlfriend told me she needed a shoulder to crayon.
This inspired me to
:iconbatmanwithbunnyears:BatmanWithBunnyEars 795 164 More Like This
When We Separate
I refuse to close my eyes.
I'm too afraid that I will die,
Without your memory in my mind
To guide me home.
If you leave, I will remain
And you can return to me.
But if you don't, I'll let you be
Forever in my heart.
:icon4everlight:4everlight 4 0 More Like This
Silent love song by CindysArt Silent love song :iconcindysart:CindysArt 690 350 More Like This henshin heartache by pyawakit henshin heartache :iconpyawakit:pyawakit 1,203 91 More Like This Elements by gilad Elements :icongilad:gilad 4,092 403 More Like This Anima: Knight swords set 1 by Wen-M Anima: Knight swords set 1 :iconwen-m:Wen-M 5,849 383 More Like This Spring Heart by laverinne Spring Heart :iconlaverinne:laverinne 13,409 788 More Like This by the light of the moon by julkusiowa by the light of the moon :iconjulkusiowa:julkusiowa 4,039 310 More Like This Catwoman by hanime87 Catwoman :iconhanime87:hanime87 3,628 303 More Like This Phoenix by rantz Phoenix :iconrantz:rantz 1,265 233 More Like This Comfortable With Silence by jazzylemonade Comfortable With Silence :iconjazzylemonade:jazzylemonade 314 76 More Like This insanity by MalvaAlcea insanity :iconmalvaalcea:MalvaAlcea 2,140 923 More Like This
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deviantART's 11th BirthdAy: Let's Celebrate!

August 7th, 2011 marks deviantART's 11th birthdAy, but in true devious style, we're taking a whole week to celebrate! Our original plans for Deviants Appreciation Day were so huge that there was no possible way to express our love for the community in a mere 24 hours. Instead, we've created Deviants Appreciation Week, and what better time to host a week's worth of community-oriented events than in the days leading up to our birthdAy?

Each day this week, we have something special organized for you to participate in! Check out the schedule of events below to come party with us!

In Skribble, our latest community contest, we challenge
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The Devil and the New Guy
"Will you walk into my forum?" said the Devil to the new guy,
'Tis the nicest little Complaints forum you would ever hope to spy.
The way into my forum is to write whiny threads to share,
And I've a many curious things to show when you are there."
"Oh no, no, no" said the new guy, "to ask me is in vain,
For who goes to write a whiny thread doesn't come back again."
“I’m sure you must be weary, sir, with your ego soaring  high;
Will you simply make a little thread?” said the Devil to the new guy.
“There are lovely regulars all around, they will make you laugh and grin,
If you'd complain about a fandom, we'll welcome you within.”
“O no, no, no” said the new guy, “for I’ve often heard it said,
They never ever live it down, those who write anti-fandom threads.”
Said the cunning Devil to the new guy, “Dear friend, what shall I do,
To prove the kindly intentions I’ve always meant for you?
I have within my forums fun
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The air was crisp, scented of pine and ice, and animalistic purity - untouched by human hands.
Trees rose from crystalline snow, majestic towers that held the sky at bay. Each tree was an ancient fortress, no young and foolish saplings daring to gain territory between their elders gnarled roots.
Wind bled whispers through their branches, knocking clumps of snow free in soft piles.
Silence rules the forest like an orchestra.
Trees and snow and winds and animals alike all kept this peace undisturbed. The Earth was old enough here to command that respect.
In places grown by some ancient power or by Earth herself, the great trees grew in perfect circles. They stood by in respect for some greater, unseen royalty.
At the centre of one such circle there was a great cracked stone - still proud and powerful even in dishonour. Straight up framed by deep green, the sky was ink-black and studded with diamonds.
Here, the air and land were thin.
Here, one place and another were tacked together by th
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But Our Lovers
No one in the world is perfect
But our lovers
To us they have no flaws
They only have small differences that make them even so much cuter
When they say "Oh I hate this," it makes you want to kiss that away
Make them feel as special as they make you
Take all their doubt away
And hug them close
Make them feel as protected as you do around them everyday
Make them laugh and smile and let them know they can truly be themselves around you
Give them the gift of truth so they can do all the same to you
But most of all, just give them the gift of love, for that is the biggest mutual understanding
:iconbaluka44:baluka44 10 17 More Like This
I promise
Would you wait for me?
Would you miss me?
If only for a while?
If you waited,
Id come find you.
Id travel near and far,
I'll always hold a place for you in my heart,
a place that's warm and safe,
waiting for the day,
when you come home to me.
Do you, think of me?
Do you miss me?
Like I miss you!
If you do,
I'll come back to you,
I'll fill that hole in your heart.
I remember everything,
your touch,
your kiss,
the way you held me close,
if you're waiting,
I'll find you,
I'll come back to you.
Do you dream?
Like I dream of you?
A place that's ours to have,
a place to hold in our hearts.
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PE: Chapter 6
Meanwhile, back with Tria and her friends, we could see the three of them walking on the dusty road of Route 117, walking towards the Pokemon Day Care center that they could see come into the distance. While the three of them were walking, Trevor continued on blabbering on how he would be picked to get the baby Pokemon egg from the Day Care couple as Rita kept on trying to tell him that it was not 'set in stone' for him to get it.
As for Tria, she was thinking about something to herself; something that's been bothering her. For the past couple of nights, she has not been able to go to sleep at her usual time… without having a horrific nightmare. The dream started off with a boy, standing there in the middle of a hazy surrounding; smiling and calling out her name… but then…
"… Tria!"
"Ack!" Tria gasped in shock at the sudden call of her name as she glanced back towards who called her, "W-What…?!"
"I was asking you what you thought the Pokemon inside the egg at t
:iconyukimizuno:YukiMizuno 1 7 More Like This
Mature content
Sushi :iconpullingcandy:pullingcandy 21 43 More Like This
Handful of Dirt
Can you hear it crying, like I do?
Can you hear it screaming, like I do?
Can you hear its heartbeat slowly fading, like I do?
Can you hear the foot steps beating on it as they run, like I do?
Can you see the blood soaked in it, like I do?
Can you see the death on it, like I do?
Can you see the confusion in it, like I do?
Can you see the things it has seen, like I do?
Can you feel the roots growing in it, like I do?
Can you feel those things torturing it, like I do?
Can you feel the water running in it, like I do?
Can you feel the loneliness and rejection it feels, like I do?
Do you understand what it's in my hands, like I do?
:iconpeanut-sama:Peanut-Sama 3 9 More Like This
Miss Elliot and the Eldritch 6
Chapter 6
I lost consciousness at Thornfield and awoke in Millcote. My muscles burned, my bones felt as though they had been splintered, and when my eyes opened, they were scalded by the light. A groan was pulled from me as I returned to the waking world. That I was alive seemed incomprehensible, especially in light of the terrible pain I felt.
Yet my own pain and moans confirmed the fact of my existence to me. Had I felt nothing, and had the sound come from any other pair of lips but my own, I would have thought it merely a dream, or a ghostly remnant from my life gone past.
"Wake up girl, that's right," I heard a gentle young voice say.
A hand touched my head and began to inventory my vitals and other such basic information concerning my state. I could make out the outline of a female shape, and judging from the tone of the voice I assumed it belonged to a young woman. But my vision was blurred by exhaustion, and I could determine little else.
"Where am I?" I croaked.
"Someplace safe
:iconrosengeist:Rosengeist 3 4 More Like This
“It's a real pleasure to meet you in person, master Elmar, after all those years of pursuing you…” the man murmured, circling around the table and scrutinizing his opponent with a slight smile. The most curious thing and the one that made him smile was that he spoke the truth. It really was a pleasure for once to see the face before him, not the caped and hooded back in the distance.
Perhaps he hoped to see some answers in that face… perhaps he just wanted to compare the image he had built in his mind with the reality. But the face provided no answers except the most obvious – it was a face of a politician as cautious and reserved as Gimilcar himself. The dark-gray eyes reflected nothing but an equal mixture of curiosity and respect, the same feelings as those Gimilcar felt reflected in his own face.
The pause after his words was becoming too long and uncomfortable when the elf nodded politely and replied:
“Just as much as it is a pleasure for me to
:iconlirulin-yirth:Lirulin-yirth 19 60 More Like This
You're Daydreaming, Too
The end of your driveway is home to a lady made of twigs. She comes out at midnight and sits, stagnant, peering through her branches at your bedroom window. In August she is made of bones.
Your mother had a stillborn, boy, blue as the sky. She named him 'William' and buried him in the garden. The ceremony was legitimate, but you still hear him cry at night. So does your mother. After she carried him for nine grueling months just to have him die, she decided there would be no more ice cream in the house. If she was suffering, nobody was exempt. Still, you steal it from the basement, where your father keeps it in the ice box, and you don't tell your mother. She would just carry on, carry on, carry on.
Poor bird with a broken wing, desolate beside the waters edge, its beak just shy of the ebb and wane of the river. You did not find him before the cat did. Somehow, you feel you have failed somebody very important.
A locket of hair, saved from your first love, hidden underne
:iconpullingcandy:pullingcandy 34 24 More Like This
The skyway maker
The skyway maker
across the pale blue dome,
a path of wispy white clouds
for angel's feet to tread
:iconchristina-taylor:Christina-Taylor 3 4 More Like This
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I will help this artist.
Hello everyone,
I stumbled upon an artist today. Kind heart, generous and full of ambition. From the moment when she was able to hold a pencil and draw, she started drawing her dream, one dot,line and illustration at a time, and that dream was to become an artist.
Started with little childish drawings:

But years and years she tried to master her skills:

Yet after she studied, practiced and most importantly, experimented:
  Mermaid by painted-leafFriendship :: merMAY day12 by painted-leaf Love you more... by painted-leaf
:iconnestharon:Nestharon 4 7 More Like This
Community Week: We Need YOU!
Community Week
Dear members,
projecteducate is hosting another Community Week from June 26th - July 2nd! We are seeking members like yourself to write/contribute articles to this week! Community Weeks are almost completely open when it comes to content/topics, so that means almost anything would fit into our agenda! Wondering what type of articles we're looking for?
There are so many options and possibilities! Here is a list of ideas the community indicated were things they wanted to see during Project Educate weeks:
Art Features
Featured ChatsInformative articles on Art Mediums
Guidelines to the Galleries
Workshops for Beginners - inc chats/live stream guides/video tutorials e.t.c
Constructive Critique - Comments and Favs Art Discussion
Critique NightsArt History related articles
Discussion of GroupsArt-related debate topics
If possible, host a chat event! Be it trivia, critique, or just a general meet-and
:iconjenfruzz:JenFruzz 9 5 More Like This
A quick and simple guide to Project Educate!
Hello all!
Based on our recent poll, a large number of you feel confused about how projecteducate works and how you can become involved. Therefore, this quick guide is being posted in the hopes to help clarify things! Please let us know if you have any remaining questions, and let us know if this helped at all!
This has nothing to do with anything I just wanted some Jon Snow up in here.
What exactly is Project Educate?

Let's make it real simple: Project Educate is a group focused on YOU, the DA community. It is an opportunity for Community Volunteers and deviants to work together on producing content on an education or awareness level to the DA community on topics such as art mediums, art techniques, art history, DA related topics, and so much more! It's a group that will hopefully allow for you to learn and discover new things but also gives you a chance to share your expertise and knowledge with a large audience. Beyond that, we also host contests and challe
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