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full view plz~ >w<
TwT I want to do more example but.... a.... I have not word to explainTwT very supid on englishTwT
and then sorry for my bad english againTwT *cries* I hope you understand na~
and if my english make you annoy for give me plz~>__<"

and sorry for messy pencil line na~TwT

hope you enjoy


my other Tutorial
manga bg from real photo [link]
How I cg -w- SD v [link]
how to screentone for beginer [link]
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:iconeaving: got this commission from ~Rahhc [link] So she got these free from me and *felisdeityus [link]

She wanted L having a tea party in princess dresses with near's robots and someone being sad about it, and I wanted them playing with hair :love:

check my journal for more we've done: [link]
We're doing these till the 21st Jan :)

This dev scares me a bit with it's mentalness XD Yes those are pink straighteners XD
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Oh, that Raito... :giggle:

Drawing the expressions in this was especially fun. Especially Misa. She's all :D! :D! :D? :(.

Random idea by Dexter~ To which I was all, "OMGGONNADRAWNOWOKAY!?" and so I did.
Great story. :nod:

Note: Girls are not supposed to represent anyone; they are random anonymous-people.
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Iíve moved accounts very recently, this account is no longer active and I might delete itís content. My new account is ~DrHitpoint feel free to check it out. Doesnít have much content yet because itís new but itís a replacement for this account.
:icondrhitpoint: :icondrhitpoint: :icondrhitpoint:
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I was tagged, but I don't usually do these I let Mello-face do it for me.

I'm starting to regret it. What a bitch. XD

here's the original: [link]
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Collection by
Haha xDD Sorry for spamming with memes ~~ But it's the last one.

I have been tagged by Maeko-chan xD and I had a lot of fun doing this meme xDD

I tag whoever wants to do it ~ xD

Edit: There is some blood in it o.O Should I put a warning? ..

Edit²: Here is the original: [link] It's by :iconyumechi:
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tee-hee i'm a perv >w<
this was very very fun to draw ^___^
thank you again for all the questions you ask me in my previous journal entry (around 278)
i'm sorry for not picking more >w<

OMG the club is open now , it's called ~Soul-Slayers
i manage it with ~ctJemm


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i enjoy drawing this so muuuchhh :rofl:
it's so crappy LOL

yeah Kyo and Ichigo really look alike lol
even if they don't admit it ^^

While i admit that i look like orichimaru (haircut haircuuuutt)

from :iconnyu: [link]
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it was fun XD

link [link]
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Collection by
Since i will be doing new art, i decide to get the feel of drawing again. So this is the new and edited version of Death note fanart. The only obvious change should be L. Edit his hair, eyes and some minor parts. Dedicate to my sis, she is the one to give me the point to edit.

Enjoy lo!
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L and Light from the anime/manga Death Note.
(DOWNLOAD for the full size)


Cop: "Was this some sort of... sick sex thing?"

Barton Fink: "SEX!? He's a MAN! We WRESTLED!"

Cop: "You're a sick fuck, Fink."

-from the movie Barton Fink, by the Coen Brothers.

and how the hell did THIS inspire THIS? ... iunno.


This is my thanks for all the love I got for my LxLight meme ( [link] )

I'm not so good at awkward positions so I require uber pose reference... but hours of frustration make this possible.

Thank you all from the DN fan clubs for making my meme break 1,000 views in just 2 days.

Click [link] for my Death Note Gallery.


>> :iconpunkgrl5: has permission to use in a this collage [link] <<
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Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes)

Raito's Thinking :hmm:
Why am i Naked...???
Why am i on L's Bed... ??? Why am i HandCuffed...???
What the Hell is the meaning of this...
What is that Weirdo Ryuzaki up to ....
and F*** my A** hurts

Finally Finished :meow: I hope you'll like it:heart:


Curtain Brushes by :iconfarmerstochter:
Texture-Pack by :iconmiss-etikate:

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[Summary] Lately, Ryuzaki has noticed that Light can't seem to relax. So he decides to help him wind down in a slightly different way to the usual. This one-shot takes place in the painfully short time where Light was completely unaware that he was ever Kira.
This is my first Death Note fic, so I hope you enjoy it. ^_^

~Fine Tuning~

Recently, Light couldn't help but notice that a large amount of boxes had been accumulating in his and Ryuzaki's room. The non-descript cardboard boxes had been piling up in their room for almost a week now, and Light's curiosity had peaked. Even though they were chained together from one sunrise to the next, Light had not yet asked Ryuzaki why the boxes were collecting in their previously spacious room; nor had he enquired about the contents. The two of them had done quite an excellent job of ignoring their existence almost completely - focusing their attention on the fruitless Kira investigation. But now, as Light gazed at yet another information packed computer screen, he felt far too distracted to concentrate on the task in hand. What harm could come of asking him anyway? One should always let their curiosity free once in a while.
Turning to Ryuzaki, who was crouching in his usual seemingly uncomfortable position - perching on a plastic spinning chair.   
"Ryuzaki?" he began. L's sun neglected face turned to face Light with a slightly bored expression, his thumb poised on his lower lip. "Are the boxes in our room related to the investigation?"
The corners of L's mouth suppressed a twitch. The boy was curious - but of course Light would never ask him outright about anything. Nothing was ever simple with him.
"No." he answered mildly "They are some of my personal affects that I've had sent to me from England."
"From your home?" Light asked quickly. Too quickly - almost certainly without thinking. He instantly regretted it. He knew he could never ask Ryuzaki anything about his past. Knowing that every time he did so, the probability that he was Kira whent up the slightest of percentages.   
L smiled at the conflicted look of interest and regret on Light's face before replying coyly: "Something like that."
The two of them sat chained together, in the main room of the Taskforce Headquarters for what seemed like many wasted hours. The silence between them was broken only by the monotonous hum of the computers, that seemed to lull and lead them closer to tiredness. Soon, Light's brain felt as if it were drowning in the thick computer noise, as the numbers swam on the harshly bright screen. Closing his dry overexposed eyes, Light felt a full buzzing beneath his forehead.  He was getting weary. However L was still wide awake. Every night he displayed an inhuman relentlessness to sleep, as Light began to wilt quietly beside him. It made him feel like a child; to so diligently try to stay awake, and kid himself that he could manage a few more hours of work - maybe even stay awake longer than Ryuzaki. But he never could, which made him feel smaller still.
"Light?" L's low mundane voice cleanly cut the silence. "Light, you're falling asleep."
Light's eyes snapped open as his mind slurped his last dregs of adrenalin to wake him up. When he looked round he saw that L was already standing at his side, his open ebony eyes looking down on him almost warmly.
"I think it's time we retired to bed, don't you?" he asked tilting is head lazily to one side.
"Yeah, it's getting late." replied Light; his voice wasn't nearly as drowsy as he felt, as he smoothed his furrowed brow even with cool fingertips.
"Alright then," said Ryuzaki absentmindedly, his voice in tune with computer hum as he walked towards the glass stairs, pulling a reluctant and half dead Light behind him. "Come along sleepy head."
Light sneered silently at L's hunched back as it made it's way up the stairs. Sleepy head indeed. How childish. Did he really think of him as a child?
No, of course he didn't.
L was constantly testing him to see if he was Kira. Always looking out for the slightest of clues or indications in his behaviour that would show a different and darker side to him. But maybe that had changed now. Would he really call the man  -  the boy  -  he suspected of being Kira sleepy head?
He must still suspect him. Ryuzaki would never unshackle him until he was completely confident that he was not Kira. Every time their chain made the slightest of jangling sounds, Light was reminded of L's distrust in him. And for a reason unbeknownst to him, that hurt deeper than anything else before it. Ryuzaki truly believed that Light was guilty of mass murder, and yet at the same time, he called him a friend. The man was an utter complex. Most of the time this frustrated Light. But other times - other quiet peaceful and empty moments - it saddened him.
Ryuzaki opened the door to his and Light's room to reveal that yet more boxes had been dumped in the large room. A small fort of boxes lined the glass window wall, through which the two of them could see a deep blue cloudless night's sky.
"Ah, that should be the last of them." remarked L, as if talking to himself.
Light said nothing. True, there was a squirming inquisitiveness in his stomach that would not settle, whilst the closed mysterious boxes nagged at him from the other side of the room. But he could restrain himself. With ease he could restrain himself, and not give L the satisfaction of playing into his hands once again. These boxes had to be another test set by Ryuzaki. He could almost smell his guile in the air.
Without bothering to switching the lights on, Ryuzaki walked over to the boxes and crouched down low next to them. Silhouetted against the glare of the city lights several floors beneath them, Ryuzaki looked demon-like; spiky haired and hunched over. With his uneven fingernails, he dug grooves into the masking tape that sealed the cardboard lids, as he ran his fingers up and down the potential opening.
"Aren't you the slightest bit curious as to what's inside?"  L asked persuasively, looking up towards Light with such an expression that made his heart coo and quiver.
Light sighed. It was getting far too late for another one of Ryuzaki's mind games. Although… he really was curious. And the wide and cold double bed in the corner, was looking less and less alluring with every breath he took.
The structure of this whole scenario seemed to be yet another plan to test Light and gather more information about Kira. To prove him to be Kira.
"If you want to show me - then show me. If you don't, then don't, and just let me go to sleep." he replied shortly, with the tone of a child who does not wish to play a game.
L looked up at Light to see his arms crossed and his face untrusting. The dimmed lights of the city beneath them lit up his hazel-amber eyes, that seemed to be withholding so much. L thought for a moment, examining his friend's posture, before talking to Light again:
"You look awfully tense." he posed simply. Light inhaled perhaps too quickly and relaxed his arms. "Far too tense to be considering slumber anyway…" continued L before tailing off.
He pinched the corner of the masking tape before ripping it clean from the box and parting the cardboard flaps. Within the box where some plainly ordinary things; a dark wood jewellery box, some worn books, shapeless bails of material cloths or blankets, photo frames. But among these mismatched objects, Light saw something far more interesting; a violin case. He himself had played the violin when he was younger, along with the piano, up until the end of junior high. But he had never thought Ryuzaki to be the musical type.
L swiftly removed the instrument carrier from the box, before closing the lid on his past once more. He unclipped the catches of the case with slick procession, as a renewed fondness played on his lips.   
"What are you doing?" asked Light before L could reveal the instrument.
"Sit down." murmured L politely, as he flipped the lid open.
"What are you doing Ryuzaki?" reiterated Light, less patiently than before, as his suspicion fought to eclipse his interest. Withdrawing the violin and it's bow from the case L looked up at Light innocently, as if his intentions where crystal clear.
"I'm going to help you relax." he said smoothly as he rose from the floor and stood up straighter than Light had ever seen him stand. "It's clear to me that you're stressed or wound up about something - whether that something is me, or the Kira case or something else, I don't know. But you've been tense these past few days, anyone can see it. But I'm sure I can sooth you." his voice seemed to trickle and run over Light's  bones, coating him inside out with frightening ease. He could always slip under his skin far to easily; it made Light feel weak. Ryuzaki poised the chinrest on his shoulder and held his bow at the ready. The moonlight seeped through the window and around his form, lending him a luminous glow: "It can't hurt to try, can it?"
Ryuzaki held his gaze tightly, with eyes of dark chocolate. Light's arms had already fallen to his sides as his wide eyes sparkled with desire. There was no point denying it. Ryuzaki had just effortlessly dismantled every remaining defence and barrier Light had left. How could he be opened up - made bare - so easily? There was the temptation to blame his weakness on the late hour, but that seemed like a foolish thing to do. It would do him no good to lie, especially to himself. But at the very least, he should try and hide it from Ryuzaki; who was patiently awaiting his response.
"Fine," he groaned, dropping heavily but gracefully onto the bed. "Just… do what you want."
L blinked at the boy for the briefest of moments, slightly surprised at his early submission. He had expected a much longer protest. Light sat slumped forward, his head bowed, as if he refused to look at Ryuzaki or get comfortable. But still there was an air of failure and disappointment to him. (L didn't know what had caused it, but it was there. He had a certain skill for sensing these things.) It seemed, the night held Light a less resilient prisoner after all.
"Alright then." he said softly, a new respect lingering in his voice.
L began to play. The long and whimsical notes filled the room and took over the quiet stillness of the night. Sitting  ridged and unmoving in obstinate hostility, Light refused to look up. Refused to look up on Ryuzaki. Refused to fall under his spell.
But he couldn't help but listen. No matter how diligently he tried to close his mind and ears to the sweet music, his soul couldn't help but quiver with delight when he heard it. The sound seemed to surround him and ensnare his senses like incense smoke. Seeking him out and targeting him head on. Slowly but surely he could feel his body and defences winding down as the music seemed to tune him into submission. As easy breath after easy breath circulated Light's lungs, he could feel his muscles relaxing; and indeed - as Ryuzaki had promised - his mind felt soothed.
Light was on the verge of purring when he finally looked up through his disorderly fringe. For once, Ryuzaki's spine was something resembling straight. . His long pale fingers danced over the fingerboard, stepping into numerous complex chords. He drew the bow across the strings smoothly, gently applying pressure as he eked out the beautiful notes.
A full and yellow moon shone its rays down into the room and pressed close to Ryuzaki's form; illuminating him with an almost angelic light, and highlighting the greyness of his skin. Beneath his thoughtful gaze, the redwood violin's varnish was set ablaze, as its fine colouring shone in the meagre glow of the city lights several floors below.  Ryuzaki dipped his head forwards and let his thick dark hair obscure his face as the notes became more quick and complicated. Though the pace had quickened, the notes had become heavier with emotion . They were mournful, sorrowful, almost apologetic.
Light sat in hypnotized silence, soaking the music up into his psyche. Why was he doing this? It was so out of the blue it almost felt like a premeditated attack. But, if this was an attack, it had to be the softest, and most pleasant, attack Light had ever been subjected to. He felt no desire to fight it. The fight and aggression had been drained from his veins - and yet he yearned to feel it pulsing through him again. This lack of resilience and conflict, filled instead with calm and trusting submission, felt disgusting. Light didn't know why - but the thought of being at peace with Ryuzaki felt vile. More so, it felt like losing or surrendering. And yet, at the same time, the thought was wonderful, and filled with blissful warmth.
Looking at Ryuzaki confused him too much. It was so frustrating to be so easily perplexed - the thought of sorting and resolving his misplaced emotions was almost daunting. True, he was captivated by the man. He was beautiful. As he gazed upon him, Light was on the verge of gawping. Ryuzaki's posture was perfect, almost formal, as he shaped and commanded the music. His casual clothes hung loose from his skinny deprived-looking body. His arms moving mechanically, as behind his deep racoon-like eyes his mind relayed the hours of practise he had spent with his instrument. There was no denying it, he could feel it deep inside. Deep within the neglected cell of his heart, Light could feel Ryuzaki's beauty unlocking a weaker side to him. Ryuzaki was neither a help nor an ally, for he made him weak. Whilst he was with Ryuzaki, he was weakness; and yet, without him, he felt he would be weaker still.
Light wouldn't allow himself to think like that. This late hour always brought with it such thoughts. Such exaggerations. Such lies. They never failed to creep through his mind, just as he was drifting off to sleep. In the dark, comfortable and empty late hours, his repressed thoughts enjoyed vexing him. They'd convince him that he was Kira. That he was truly evil. And also, more worryingly, that he loved L.  
Light's torso toppled backward and onto the bed, as if his head were so heavy with thought he could no longer keep it upright. Flattening his cold palms and fingers to his overly warm face, Light attempted to clear his mind of the ever perplexing Ryuzaki - but it was impossible. The air was dense with his music as every thought screamed Light's name. Silence. Why could Light never have silence? Always the thoughts in his brain overlapped, wobbled, distorted, spoke in his own voice. His own voice that would not be quiet for one moment; constantly speaking of the rotting world around him, and how powerless he was, as he was now, to fix it. How could he think of fixing the world now, when he couldn't even fix himself? He could never confide in anyone. Never empty his head of exes guilt and paranoia. Why was his head so, so loud?
Suddenly, silence. The music evaporated clean from the air, leaving it pure and hollow.
Beneath him, Light felt the mattress give way as extra weight was placed on the bed. Light swiftly withdrew his hands from his face to see that Ryuzaki had climbed onto the bed with him. Placing his hand next to Light's head, L leaned forward so that his was face was directly above Light's. He wore an expression of true and honest concern as he asked:
"Light?" L's voice drizzled down Light's spine, as he attempted to stop himself from drowning in the depths of Ryuzaki's eyes. "What's wrong? Why do you look so, strained?"
L's voice was careful and wary, as his form cast a shadow over Light, who lay in stammer-less silence. Only his breathing filled the stagnant air as he gathered his thoughts. His amber-hazel eyes were wide. Too wide; as if he felt scared or threatened.
L leaned in closer, causing Light to shiver; concern deepened in the centre of his brow as he asked again, quiet and low: "Light?"
Light instantly backed up the bed and away from Ryuzaki; the chain following him across the even sheets in a snakelike fashion. He had rapidly become all too aware of every bone and muscle in his bony, and the little control he had over them.
"Why did you do that?" he asked L sceptically.
"What?" retorted L, looking vexed.
"Why did you play the violin just now? Why did you have all this stuff brought here from the UK? Why are you doing all of this?" asked Light defensively, almost angrily, as if he felt he'd been tricked.
"I'm afraid I don't know what you mean." replied L, keeping calm. "I was only trying to help."
"No." insisted Light, the lights of his eyes shook with stress "This is another one of you tests. You're trying to see if I'm Kira. That's all you ever do."
When Light made these kinds of assumptions about L's behaviour, they were usually correct, but not this time. A small drop of guilt ran down L's insides, leafing a cold and uncomfortable sensation behind it. Had his continual tests and unbending distrust really affected the boy this much? The one person he had ever considered to be a friend, was constantly wary, constantly on edge, because of him. That was no way to treat a friend. No way to make a friend feel.
Ryuzaki dropped his gaze: "I'm sorry. I assure you, I only wanted to help you." At the remorse in L's voice, Light's guard dropped again. "I wish that you could understand…"
He leaned slightly closer to his raven haired friend and attempted to study his expression.
"Understand what?" he asked pressingly.
L lifted his face into the moonlight one more. The bags under his eyes looked heavier than before. "That I don't want to see you as Kira."
Light's breath caught in his throat. The honesty in his voice was unmistakeable. Silence shrouded the two of them.
"If this situation plays out badly, and it turns out that you are in fact Kira," L paused as he carefully searched for the right and sincere words in his mind. "It would be truly soul-destroying. I don't think I could bear it."
L's words pierced and burnt spreading holes in Light's coveted silence. He wasn't lying; the shadows of hurt playing on his face proved this. At that precise moment, Light felt compelled to rush out into the night, to stop and catch Kira, as soon as possible. Not only to bring him to justice, but to lift the copious amount of sorrow from upon Ryuzaki's shoulders. To ease his friend as he had done him. But he couldn't. Not Now. Not even that soon. All he could do was give L his words. Yet more useless words.
"Ryuzaki, I swear to you, I am not Kira." Light's voice sounded desperate, almost pleading. He leaned in closer still; trying to penetrate the low gaze of his friend, he pressed his stomach close to the mattress. "He's just not me.  I could never - I would never - kill anyone. You sound as if, you're convinced I'm him. I could never…" Light paused, realising that his words were falling faster than he had intended them to. He swallowed, pacing himself:
"I could never hurt you."
Light hadn't realised it. He couldn't have realised it - but he had successfully stunned L. The air within his lungs grew stiff, as his mind whirled round, chasing its own tail, as he tried to formulate a response. The boy really did care. He was never this open.   
Light stared up at him, his heart frozen, waiting for Ryuzaki to say something. L smiled warmly down on him. Tenderly, he moved a hand to Light's face and stroked a few stray hairs from his eyes.  
"You're very kind, Light Yagami." shame weighed on his features as he said this, not allowing him to look completely happy. "I'm sorry, I've caused you so much stress."
Light sat up again, a truly pleasant feeling blooming within his chest. He shut his eyes for a moment and said: "It's alright. I understand now." Acceptance and sincere forgiveness ran through his words.
"Good." said Ryuzaki casually, as he moved over to his side of the bed and slid beneath the covers. "Tonight, let's forget about Kira; that way you might get some rest."
"Sounds good." agreed Light amiably. Slowly, he made his way into bed, with the grace of a drowsy domesticated animal.  Ryuzaki lay with his back to him, for hours. The stars and clouds moved across the sky as the moon slid lower towards the horizon, before the sky began to blush pink with the impending day. For these many somnolent hours Light's repressed thoughts ran riot in his newly relaxed mind. He paid them little, if not no attention. He concentrated on one thought, and on one thought only: Should he hold L as he slept?
Could he?
Of course he could.
Would he mind?
Probably not.
But, still, something resonated deep within him. Something old. And that something told him that holding Ryuzaki was the wrong thing to do.
Light turned over, and away from L. He could restrain himself. With ease, he could restrain himself.

A/N Any feed back, bad or good, will be gobbled up so quickly I'll get hiccups. Thanks so much for reading ^_^
This took me a while. Itís my first Death Note fan fiction and my first One-Shot. Iíve only ever done multi chapter stories before, so this is kind of new to me. For the first time ever I wasn't sure what vibe I was going for when I started this, but I like the end result.
^-^ Please, please tell me what you think. ^-^
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Death Note
Collection by
I'm quite happy of the flying ee itself, and the 'motion blur' but I'm not sure about the clouds... I already edited this once, straight after uploading it. :XD:

Views, actions, and opinions expressed in this stamp do not necessarily reflect those of the creator. Most stamps are inspired by other people or events and does not reflect the creator's character, habits etc unless otherwise stated
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It's been forever since I used the little devil character, so I more or less just made this comic to stick him in again. XD
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It was a dull day at headquarters, so Watari agreed to accompany the three to get a little snack. It was only for this store that L would risk staying outside. Light had no interest in the petite confections, but after much persuasion by Misa, he gave in and had a little devil's food cake.

The store is called Cupcakes by Sonja. The store people were so nice. Didn't apprehend us for taking so many pictures even though we're really not allowed to without a permit. Although the fact that our team bought over a dozen cupcakes must have helped. Haha.

:iconbehindinfinity: myself as Light Yagami
:iconmerkymerx: Miguel as L
:iconsnowpeachdrop: China as Misa Amane
:camera: photography by Sandra Dans ~littlesailboat

Death Note © 大場つぐみ (Ōba Tsugumi)

some other Death Note submissions:

On the topic of this being one of the "Most Popular Deviations of All Time"
You guys, chill out. I don't know why it's up there either, okay? For that reason, it's obviously no use asking me. It's not like I can control the number of views or favorites I receive.

I know this is is far from our best work, but it's been years since we shot this and we've learned a lot more since then.

My friends and I did this because it's something we enjoy, and as a tribute to a series that we love. We shared it here, just like anyone else who has ever submitted a deviation. That's all.

That aside, nobody has the right to deny the worth of someone's work just because they can't see it. I know everyone is free to come up with their own opinions. That's all well and good, but there is no need to pointlessly bring down people who have opinions different from your own. I'm not just defending myself here - I'm speaking for everyone who has had this happen to them.

To those of you who feel the need to insult me, or others like me - Really, posting spiteful comments isn't going to do anyone any good. Whining isn't going to take way the supposed "popularity" you feel I don't deserve - which, keep in mind, I did not ask for or bring upon myself.

Before you use freedom of speech as an excuse, take note that something of equal importance is the sense of common decency. You're certainly not going to change people's minds by making yourself look like a rude, bitter, popularity-crazed prick. You're much better off using your time doing something that's actually productive if you truly care about the community.

TL;DR - deviantART is NOT serious effin' business. It would do you good not to get caught up in pointless negativity.
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PART 2 [link]

Theres a popular saying going around about friends and best friends, and whats better than referring them to Death note?! 8D

Gee I wish I have best friends who's as wacky like Matt. O wait, I DO

And some of you might know where the joke in the last panel came from ;) Just sayin'~


Someone in the comments asked if this was a meme, so... sure why not? You can make your own Friends and best friends comic with your own/other characters. Just be sure to link back to this one!
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Commission for :iconemoru: who wanted something with MMN~ :D
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Death Note
Collection by
deathnote? who needs a deathnote?

:bulletred:1 Smile Gaara Smile: [link]
:bulletred:2 Smile L Smile: [link]
:bulletred:3 Smile Raito Smile:

raito, L, gaara
Series: deathnote, naruto
Medium: digital, wacom tablet, photoshop

PS: please don't edit or post things I've drawn on other sites, thanks.
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See, it worked, he made a friend...

:bulletred:1 Smile Gaara Smile: [link]
:bulletred:2 Smile L Smile:
:bulletred:3 Smile Raito Smile: [link]

Character: L, gaara
Series: deathnote, naruto
Medium: digital, wacom tablet, photoshop

PS: please don't edit or post things I've drawn on other sites, thanks.
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Done with acrylic paints and some color pencils. Part of my set of works to be for sale at EXP Con!

Others include:
Jin Kisaragi from BlazBlue~ [link]
Bayonetta~ [link]
C.C. from Code Geass~ [link]
Hatsune Miku from Vocaloid~ [link]
Vi's Escape~ [link]
Cammy & Vega~ [link]
Link & Dark Link - Almost~ [link]
Lust Girl (Customizable)~ [link]
Juri Let Your Hair Down v.2~ [link]
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B from Death Note: Another Note (The Los Angeles BB Murder Cases) as a Wolf (what else is new?)

i was bored in my free study period and this came about. then my teacher left me with the school counsellor. (no shiz he actually did.)

Art (c) ME!
Death Note and B (c) talented People
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I give :iconlifenoteclub: and :iconcrack-note: permission to upload this and whatnot. ;P

Basically...I personally love apples. I pretty much eat an apple every day. I'm a little odd like that. Naturally, I was amused by the fact that I had this in common with the shinigami Ryuk when I started watching Death Note. I also started thinking....well wow, I like apples...but what if it was ALL i could eat EVER? Not cool...

List of all my comics:
Lost in Translation (Naruto)
NaruSa...? (Naruto)
Angsty Confession (Naruto)
Malfoy VS Naruto (Harry Potter, Naruto)
Filler Much? (Naruto)
Harry Potter Bubble People
HAIR THEFT (Death Note, Naruto)
How Bout Them Apples (Death Note)
Didn't See THAT Coming (Death Note)
Oh The Irony (Death Note)
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Death Note
Collection by, I figured that I should probably do a compainion pic for the Light drawing I here ya go...L.

I do so hope that the "oh so subtle" wings in his shadow don't get lost in the background...cuz I'm sure no one would ever notice them XP.

Anywho, Pencil and Painter 9.

Check out my website at [link]

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I'm really happy with how this picture turned out. ^.^ I know where all my mistakes are, so if you see them I already know ;P I don't have the time to work on this any longer. I need to study, and I get obsessive... will keep working on a picture until I'm satisfied that it looks reasonably finished. I'm also the type that gets sick of pictures after too much time. lol.

Anyway, I am in love with Death Note. I love L, Light and Ryuk equally.. but as always the silly L and his food cravings rings right at home with me :D

Edit: Wow, thankyou so much for all the favorites, I hadn't expected it to be this popular. :) I suppose I should have made a proper write-up for this piece, but I suppose my original words are true enough XD *goes to play DDR to burn off the cinammon buns, pizza, cookies, and tarts she ate*

Edit: Now I really need a proper explanation. :) My comments are always lacking. This was done using my DN manga. Theres a picture of L from (Ch 2?) that I used to draw the lineart for the head/shoulders and legs. The arms, background, colours, etc. are all done by me. It's just that by the time I finished this picture, it felt like it was completely mine. It's been months since I did this piece. To avoid any future confusion I'll make my comments more specific. It didn't seem important at the time, but that is something we must learn as we grow.
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:damphyr:Hiya all!!!!^o^:icondamphyr2:

Well like the other Icon-Stamp: KakaGai Fanlover

I'm bring to you all this!!! LightxL!!!! yup!!! for all the ppl that loves this couple (like me *w*), you can show you love for them with this cute icon-stamp XDD

Hope that you like it :3

These icons look cool in journals with DA subscription (Sorry, normal DA suck u-u) actually and they're animated png not gif (grrrr hate gifs now¬¬***), so maybe they'll look horrible in my preview but here and in the journal don't look bad :3

Soon more!!!! see ya' by now!!! ;3

Pic used for this icon-stamp: [link]


:bulletred: Credit me if you use outside of DA.
:bulletred::+fav: 's are welcome as comments :3
:bulletred: Don't steal or redistribute my work as your own!
:bulletred: Free for use in DA (if you want)


Stamps&Icons related



Kakashi and Gai (Naruto)@Masashi Kishimoto
The raze style is mine!!!!!
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LightxL oekaki, I share with thee. I'll post more of my Death Note fanart if there's an interest.
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This was made with 2 purposes.For fun,the fact that L is one of my favorite characters and I need a devID.Wait...that's 3 purposes... ^^; Oh well...


Inspired by a fanfiction on where L doesn't die,and he is the one who shoots Light in the end.Furthermore,L saves Light,for unknown reasons,by sacrificing his remaining lifespan to Ryuk,who agrees to let Light live.But L still won't die...


If any one wants to post this anywhere,leave a comment below.
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Death Note
Collection by
Read FAQ 1 and 3 before asking questions!: [link]

This Flash features:
- L from Death Note manga
- Ichigo and Ishida from Bleach manga/anime
- Harry and Sirius from Harry Potter book series
- Jin from Samurai Champloo
And... err... Watari's voice.. XD

:love:Note: :iconmonkeyjay: did the voices even tho he had a cold. He has sexy Bleach colouring skillz, go see!! --> [link] :love:

IT IS RANDOM!!! Because I did it inbetween my assignments when I was stressed and crazy, ALSO!! I couldn't be bothered with sound effects.. but turn it up for the dialogue! I promise there aren't loud bits... and MATURE WARNING! For barely censored language. HAHAHA! Enjoy, :P
And Harry sez "f*cking Sirius!" XD Cos.. if you say "serious" with an accent.. uh, o never mind,

And if you want that jin screencap, 8-> [link]

List of tuts and other animations: [link]

For :iconmurzuki: Cos she had an avatar of my fav Ishida moment (which is here [link]), XD And to everyone who helped me with my walk cycle!:love:
AND to :icongem2niki: for her bday on the 20th! (cos I'm crap and missed it.. but I will draw you a real pic!)
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Just a quick comic done for fun. I'm not particularly a Light fan (L FTW!) but the oh-so-dramatic guestures in the anime were just begging to be made fun of.

Done in Painter and Photoshop. Death Note characters belong to the creator.

LOL OMG HE LOOKS LIKE MANTA FROM SHAMAN KING LOLOLOLOL!!1 Yes. I get it. Thank you. Please don't comment with that anymore.
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NOTE [Update December 27, 2010]: OPEN BY CLICKING "Download Image" on top right!

FINALLY !!! :faint:
Aghh this took a while with schoolwork and everything else that;s in my way. Mainly because compared to the last one, I had to draw more in this one. For example, the perspective scene thingy took me like... an hour itself because I couldn't make it look right ><.
Note that the "people" are grey and don't have any distinct features because they're anonymous. It's also just another way of saying that i'm lazy :D
This idea was my friend Dexter's. Also the person who got me the DEATH BOX for my birthday which is on Christmas; a MONTH EARLY. AHAHAHAHAHA!!! ....Yeah so he got the idea because I was forcing him to read Death Note and at a certain chapter, this is discussed. And then he said that he would like to get a paper shredder, throw the Death Note pages in it, and confetti it. Or something. My memory is horrible.
...Anyway you're probably not reading this anymore but I'll keep ranting because I want to.
:omg: RAITO'S ABORTION :omg: Hahaha! That got your attention didn't it?! You want to know what that's all about don't you!?!? WELL MAYBE IT WILL BE IN MY NEXT COMIC. HAHAAHAHA. (Maybe. :3) For sure though, I'll get to drawing the other characters and blah blah blah....

...Oh, and yes I know in the comic it was supposed to be Remu, but Ryuk fills in because of the Apple Addiction. It just makes it easier on me. ...Because I'm lazy.
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OMG! Nyu posts another comic in less than a week!!! @__@

Everyone must read the mind bending, thought provoking, very exciting comic Death Note! @__@

This comic can be only understood by regular Death Note readers...but I had to draw it once I saw that scene from Chapter 11...L-kun kawaii!!! ; -- ;

Of course, L-kun looks so much better than what I drew... ~__~
Not used to drawing old dudes and trying not to be chibi-ish... ; -- ;

For anyone who wants to read it, click the link! :3

Oh, and I changed my icon too...the previous one was too hard to see and messy...does this one look fine? o.o
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the only true DN pairing
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...I mean...Merry Christmas...yeah...:santa:
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I sort of feel like dedicating this one to :iconsilentreaper: and :icongo-devil-dante: because they both recently announced their gradual/temporary/something RETIREMENT. Oh jesus, It's a shame, I love their stuff. And basically, they're the ones who inspired me to start the comics in the first place. SO IT'S 4 U, Reapy and Dante. Have fun doing...whatever you'll be doing from now on off of DA, you crazy lil mofo's! Hahaha
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charas © Tsugumi Ohmba, Takeshi Obata
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hey guys...
haven't drawn any yaoi in forever...or death note for that matter

this is the most awesome pairing in the world! it actually makes real evidential sense....weird huh?

I give :iconlxlight: to use it!!! ehehe

I give permission to :iconpunkgrl5: to use in her collage!

EDIT: heres sort of like the second kinda part to this:[link]
this is like the third part: [link]


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Death note
Collection by
"I'm a corpse.I cannot answer.I am dead."

that's pretty like my situation atm.:XD:

This is the first "good" pic I draw in a month,I feel so sad .__. it's simple,but I hope it came out nice,though.And bloody stuff is really funny to do. xD

much love for you.:hug:

L: [link]
Raito: [link]
Misa: [link]
Mello: [link]
Near: [link]

Beyond Birthday from Another Note © NisiOisin/Tsugumi Ohba/Takeshi Obata
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STARTED: 2:30pm, March 16th
FINISHED: 7:30pm, March 16th


Imagine waking up to THAT in the middle of the night. Haha.

Oh! This is intended to be "Beyond Birthday" From "Death Note: Another Note" Ever since I read "Another Note" I've had a fascination with B...

I tried to do you justice B, but I don't think I could ever draw to match your excellence. I tried to make the this symbolic, and it has something to do with the end-ish of the book.

This is not perfect, but what the heck. My main goal was to express lighting in an interesting manner. That and show B's utter freakishness and red eyes.

~Media: Copic pens, Copic multiliners, White gel pen, Photoshop touch-ups (tape)

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A old fanart comission. :)
Death Note is awesome show, full of cliffhangers and WTF moments. Iīwas a bit (a lot to say the truth XD) tired of "combat" series, so was a very fresh anime.

L is so freaking funny! coolest detective ever.

Photoshop CS/Bamboo/7hours/Music: Itīs the end - LīArc en ciel (mi favorite song from the band :D)

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Okay, okay....

BLAME *carbonatedwater!!

We were having an informal conversation about god-knows-what (god may not know, but I do, and you're better off not knowing) and I recall referring to certain aspects of the male anatomy as one's "doodleydoo" instead of one's "penis". >.> Then, somehow, we got on the subject of what a "funny word" penis is....

I have NO IDEA.

...If this doesn't make me drop half my watchers, then NOTHING will.

--Update 1/6/07--

I fail to grasp why the deviants, as they frollic in the green grasses of this website, feel the need to press the fav button like it's a nice shot of morphine to their pathetic (I say that lovingly), over-stimulated e-lives.

Maybe it's the subject matter? Let's explore that, shall we?

Perhaps it's the mention of a PENIS? From said PENIS is born every one of you and us. Some could beg to differ by mentioning artifical insemination, but AI is merely the adaption of a natural conception, and, hence the name, involves semen, which comes from the wing-dang-doodle.

Perhaps our natural biology and knowledge of this is somehow wired to dA's code and causes us to spontaneously erupt into a hormonal fit that inevitably leads to us pressing the fav button? Also, PENIS.

...This seems like the most probable answer. After all, I originally saved the stamp as a .jpeg (a format that supports PENISES). Which, as some of you know, gives the good ol' boot to any transparency in an image (but not PENISES). A CORRUPT stamp. Every time I open my inbox, there is a fav for a CORRUPT STAMP with an unoriginal appearance that dares to mention the PENIS. As I type this, 202.

Is it the taboo? The knowledge that you've faved something DIRTY? That has mention of a PENIS?

...Or do THAT MANY people think that a :+fav: on something that required less effort than blowing my nose (I have no PENIS, so no wank joke for you), with a similar end-product, would confirm their agreement that, yes, "PENIS" is a funny word.

202 favorites. The next faved non-stamp thing in my gallery is COPIED KH fanart with 20-ish. And no PENISES. ...Which is a step above, but I digress.

Do I care what people fav in my gallery? Even PENISES? Nah. Do I care that THAT is the most faved thing in my gallery? ...Not really, but the logic, or lack thereof, is a bit beyond me. Nonetheless, I really appreciate it. So do the PENISES all over the world.

I thank all of you for pushing this stamp up. I've seen it all over dA, and even met a couple new friends because of it and its PENIS content. So I have updated the stamp so that it is no longer corrupt, and you can laugh, cry, and crack up at one of the world's most wonderous things - A PENIS - in true style. Thank you.

And :iconjamesthedragon72:, you got PWNED.

*JamesTheDragon72 Jan 23, 2007, 10:26:23 PM:

I dont think anyone is going to use this except maybe you and *carbonatedwater

It's worth mentioning that he has a PENIS.

...Now how many times did you crack up reading this description?

For all the other crazies/immature people out there, feel free to use.
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Quick drawing of :iconmisaamaneplz:

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Something of a response and/or continuation of this.

Starring *witegots and myself.
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No, you CAN'T unsee it.

Uncensored version of panel 1 can be seen here.


This was a request from that infamous talent scout, :iconsmilyimp:

How about... some of the wammy kids (LMMN) in skirts for weird reasons? :XD: :giggle: :O_o:

I couldn't get around to doing this comic because I thought it would be stupid just to have them in skirts for no reasons. So...those are the best excuses I could come up with, Impy.
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I have a contest up, check my journal, win a copy of my doujin, a SEME mastercard, a pencil board, and other prizes! 1 other prize XD) This is page 1 of 14. :)
And thank you to all of you who enjoyed my last doujin! :heart:

next page: [link]
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Anime series done in Groening style, numbah two. Now I want to see the opening to The Simpsons done with Death Note characters.

Why does Light look like Beck?

July 28, 2011 UPDATE: This showed up in the background an anime. "Mayochiki!" Episode 3.

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Part 3: For the purpose of... ... the study of DN Yaoi Doujins? o_O; ...

I don't know anymore. Anyway, that finishes the Three-part Matsuda Rant. Because Matsuda is awesome. Of course. You know it. Admit it. :heart:

Part 1:…
Part 2:…
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