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Vertex GTK theme contains three variants: Vertex (dark header-bars and toolbars), Vertex-Light (completely light) and Vertex-Dark (completely dark).

This theme supports Gnome 3.10, 3.12, 3.14, Ubuntu 14.04, Ubuntu 14.10 and Elementary OS Freya. Also the tabs you are seeing in nautilus, gedit, etc. are only included in the Gnome 3.12 and above versions due to the reworked tab system.

For Elementary OS Freya, please use the 3.14 version.

Chrome/Chromium and Frefox themes are included.


gnome-themes-standard package for the GTK3 theme. Murrine and pixbuf engines for the GTK2 theme.

For installation instructions please read the included README, especially the troubleshooting section if you have any issues. If this doesn't fix your problem file a bug report.

If you have problems with sublime text download this link and make sure to read the included instructions first.

If Gnome-Shell crashes with this theme, have a look at READMEs troubleshooting section.

Get the latest version and the source at Github. But beware this contains untested changes and may break.

Other Info

Wallpaper: Alone by memovaslg
Folder icons: selfmade, not finished and not released
Launcher icons: White Pixel Icons by darkdawg

Licence: GPLv3


Initial release

Changelog has been purged because it was too long, complete changelog here

Port the theme to Sass and fix a lot of bugs in the process
Normal toolbars are no longer dark in the default variant
Much better elementary Os Freya support
Unity support for the Gtk 3.14 version
Add fix for Ubuntu-Software-Center with dark theme
Support options for top,right,bottom dash in the dash-to-dock extension
better panel styling for Gtk 2 panels (xfce, mate, ...)

All Gtk 3 theme changes are for 3.14 only

Fixed a typo which prevented loading some images
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I present Harmattan the weather conky :)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

This conky comes with 22 themes:
  • Cards
  • Elementary
  • Elune
  • Flatts
  • Brown-Card
  • Metro
  • New-Minty
  • Nord
  • Numix
  • Transparent
  • Ubuntu-Touch
  • Zukitwo
  • Glass
  • Ciliora-Prima
  • Ciliora-Prima-v2
  • Ciliora-Secunda
  • Ciliora-Secunda-v2
  • Ciliora-Tertia
  • Ciliora-Tertia-v2
  • Button
  • Texture
  • OMG-Ubuntu!

4 form factors:
  • Mini
  • Compact
  • Comfortable
  • God-Mode

2 weather display modes:
  • normal-mode
  • photo-mode

It is divided between Celsius and Fahrenheit.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Reporting issues

You can report issues on github:…

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Update 24.02.2015

Updated the Ciliora-Secunda theme.
Tweaked the preview a little.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

License: GPL

Salute :)
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nightmare theme for openbox. Inspired by "Nightmare" for pekwm  :iconuc-zip:

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Elegance Colors is a highly customizable chameleon theme for Gnome Shell. It can change colors according to the current GTK theme, current wallpaper (uses imagemagick to get color) or use a user defined color.

Currently Elegance Colors supports Gnome Shell 3.6 to 3.14.



Ubuntu users can install Elegance Colors from our themes PPA using the following commands,

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:satyajit-happy/themes
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install gnome-shell-theme-elegance-colors

Fedora and OpenSUSE users can add the appropriate repo from opensuse build service -… and install the package gnome-shell-theme-elegance-colors via the distro's package manager.

Arch Linux users can install Elegance Colors from aur -…

If you use another distro, you need to compile from source. This is needed for the GUI.

Don't worry, it is easy and straight forward.

You need to install the build-dependencies first (package names may vary depending on your distro),

glib2-devel gtk3-devel vala

Extract the archive, navigate to the directory and type the following commands in a terminal,

sudo make install

To derive color from wallpaper, you need to install ImageMagick.

Also install the User Theme Extension for Gnome Shell…


A process runs in background which detects changes, generates the theme and reloads the theme accordingly. After installation, you must run the following command to start the background process,


To set the theme, run the following commands,

gsettings set name 'elegance-colors'

You can launch the GUI from the menu which lets you customise various aspects of the the theme. You can also export your customized theme, import/export settings from the GMenu. Click on the title in the Gnome Shell top bar to get the GMenu.



It is recommended to stop any previous instances of elegance-colors when updating to a new version. You can kill running processes of elegance-colors with the command,

killall elegance-colors

To view any error messages produced, run the process in Terminal,

elegance-colors start

To manually apply changes, run,

elegance-colors apply

If your theme fails to apply after an upgrade, it is likely that the config file doesn't include new options. To update the config file, run,

elegance-colors update

To export the theme, run,

elegance-colors export /path/to/



Code and documentation:…

Bugs and feature requests:…


Credits: Thanks to Alin Andrei and Brian Bentsen for their valuable suggestions and testing.


License: GPL-3.0+
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If you are able, we ask that you help us maintain and expand our project resources 
through your donations. As an independent project, we need your help now more than 
ever. We truly appreciate the support you can give via PayPal to "".

Flattr is an icon theme for Linux desktops, the set is inspired by the latest flat design trend. 
The set is a work in progress and it's largely incomplete, you can help by contributing icons yourself at the GitHub repository.


Icons are Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 License.
Please read the README file included!

Don't forget to Like us on Facebook! 

And to follow me on Twitter

Also follow Nitrux 

By the way I'm also on Google+!

And so is Nitrux !


Please report any icons missing!…

- Changelog-

version 1.1:
  • FeaturedAdded icons for 22px and 24px sizes (it should cover GTK and KDE toolbars, GTK apps that use symbolic icons aren't covered yet). Added icons for XFCE and Unity panels (for light themes a.k.a the icons are dark)
  • Revised Icons:
  • Fixes: Removed broken symlinks
  • New Icons: Geary, Java and KDESVN.
Notes: If the icons don't show up in your menus make sure the .desktop file points to the icon, e.g: Inside Python2.7 .desktop file locate the line Icon= and replace the value with "python" or "python2.7" (without the quotes). 
So it looks like this: 
  • Icon= python - This looks for the SVG file and uses it.
  • Icon=/usr/share/pixmaps/python3.3.xpm - This forces the ugly pixelated python icon.
This is true for those menu entries/applications that don't display the correct icon even though the icon is indeed available in the Flattr theme. If it still doesn't display the icon please report it as missingthanks!.
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Collection by

  • UPDATE - 2012/11/25

    added 16 new Icons...

  • Barcode, Deposit, Factory, Flipchart, Maps - Runner, Phone, Schoolboard, Shredder, Student, Students Class, Tablet, Tag, Temperature, Ticket, User - Private Mode, Water Glass

  • The packet includes 311 minimalistic icons usable for information systems, user interfaces, navigation, in computer, web or mobile device related applications. Available in following formats:

    >> PNG version in 256, 48, 32, 24, and 16 pixel

    >> ICO version in 256, 48, 32, 24, and 16 pixel

    All icons have been retouched in each size in order to ensure crispyness, no batch down- or upscaling!

  • Check out the >> Adobe CS << supplement files.

If you're a Linux user you can see the icons in action by giving naf1971's Gnome theme >> Web0 << a try!
Made with Inkscape ! :D
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Here's yet another set of minimal icons that work against dark backgrounds well. There are 20 standard icons, 1 folder icon, and 5 'group' icons (like the adobe one in the preview) for themes, like Adobe Creative Suite or MS Office.

All are 128*128 transparent-background PNGs.

Included Icons:
Adobe Stack
Generic Stack
Desktop/Window Stack
Office Stack
Favorites Stack
Start Menu
Google Chrome
Show Desktop (down arrow)
Internet Explorer
Illustrator (CS2 flower)
InDesign (CS2 butterfly)
Itunes/Music (music note)
Photoshop (CS2 feather)
Shut Down
Recycle bin/Trash
Screenshot (dashed square)
Task Manager (graph)
Word Processing

Dec. 21 Update:
Maps (compass)
Windows Media Player

(Font is Diavlo from exljbris)
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9 White System Tray icons

Designed by my friend ~ncrow (originally in black).

Converted to white by me with his permission and also his permission to upload & share.

:bulletblack: 9 icons
:bulletblack: 16x16 px
:bulletblack: ico / png

Outlook Mail
Daemon Tools

If you like and use these please go and :+fav: the originals found below in 3 sets of 3

Set 1
Set 2
Set 3
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Based on the first release works but with several new icons, and icons updates.
Also I've included Vector and PSD Files, for your higher resolution needs.

Package includes: Over 70 new icons, over 20 previous icons updated, PNG, PSD and Vector files.

Feel free to use them wherever you want.
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Collection by

Bullet; Black If you have made iPacks using older iPack Builder ( current version is 2.0.4 ) then you can use the Upgrade button which will easily upgrade your iPacks!

All of the windows 8/8.1 iPack's are perfectly working on Windows 10 but why you have to upgrade? ( see this image )

Version 2.0.4
Final compilation date: 10/29/2014
[+]added Windows 10 GUID  <supportedOS Id=”{8e0f7a12-bfb3-4fe8-b9a5-48fd50a15a9a}”/> in application manifest
[+]Better iPack Installer performance than previous build
[+]ALL OS supports windows 10 also
[+]Reload Icons Cache.exe is replaced with Reload Icons GUI.exe [Best Reload Icons app ever made.]

Version 2.0.3
Final compilation date: 09/27/2014
[+]You can make silent installers also( Read Help document for more info )
[+]Additional Dialog in installer which asks if you want to patch all files or selected
[-]Fixed Upgrade bug.
[+]New improved Uninstaller
[+]Improved performance.
[+]Now you can make a singe installer for win 7,8,8.1( All OS )

Version 2.0.2
Final compilation date: 09/09/2014
[-]Fixed some program codes.
[+]Additional Restore Point popup.
[+]URL’s can opened from License Window of the installer.
[+]Reload Icon’s Cache.exe is also updated.
[+]New Uninstaller ( Uninstall iPack.exe )
[+]Improved performance.

Version 2.0.1
Final compilation date: 08/15/2014
[-]Fixed the issue that some people were unable to install the iPacks.
[+]Added an upgrade button.
[+]Improved configuration file layout.
[+]Improved advertisement dialogue inside iPack_Installer.exe
[+]Reload Icon’s Cache.exe is also updated.
[-]Fixed some language codes.

Version 2.0.0
Final Compilation date: 08/03/2014
[+]Initial Release

After months of testing and coding finally it's done!

What it is?

With this tool you can make icon packs installers in exe format.
The installer will work perfectly on Windows 7,8,8.1 both x86 and x64.

The idea was simple enough that we wanted to patch windows dll's exe and other things without messing around.
There is a software available 7tsp which does the same thing, it is pretty cool but why one should prefer iPack builder over 7tsp is:

-More reliable scripting
-Faster method.
-Advance installer
-You don't need any other software to install the pack.
-Simple interface, just click on buttons and install the pack.
-Packs built with iPack Builder and for 7tsp are nearly of same size.
-7tsp cannot patch in Program files folders (only wmplayer I guess) but with iPacks you can patch in program files folder also
-iPacks are smart enough to check if x64 windows, if found x64 windows then it will patch both x86 and x64 dll files.
-You don't need to reboot every time. Installer is smart enough to detect if system requires a reboot.

A big thanks to LamiaDC :iconlamiadc:
for helping me out in testing the iPack Builder ;)

Bullet; BlackDownload Link

Youtube Video Tutorial

Official iPack's:
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Please consider a small donation (1$ goes a long way) via PayPal to ""

Report Bugs Here: [link]

I don't provide icons for apps that aren't installed default in elementary OS, sorry.

+ Tons of new -symbolic icons
+ Emoticons
+ Brand new folders
+ Updated apps
+ Less symlinks
+ Revamped Mimetypes

+ Major re-design and revision of entire icon set.
+ Increased standards compliance
+ Increased icon rendering performance by (in some cases) up to 400x
+ Dramatically Reduced file size
+ Improved visual consistency
+ new monochrome icons including new monos for dark panels
+ Major enhancements to Apps
+ New Emblems
+ More Devices
+ Complete Visual refresh of folders
+ New notification icons
+ Complete refresh of mimes.
+ Better horizontal spacing for panel icons
+ Tons of new 32x32, 24x24 and 16x16 icons
+ Symlink fixes
+ Merged in a lot of changes from Humanity.

+ complete revision of actions, mimes, and places
+ major revisions to apps and devices
+ minor revision to status
+ removed icons already inherited from GNOME and Tango
+ removed many 256x256 icons
+ linking fixes
+ updated wireless icons and fixed a bug with network manager
+ greater adhesion to naming specs
+ greater compliance with GNOME HIG
+ replaced PNG's with SVG's
+ revised log out icon
+ new pidgin icon
+ revised small folder icons.
+ new media player icons.
+ new refresh button
+ alternate folder colors
+ 7zip icons
+ MS Word mimes
+ additions to apps and actions
+ fixed some issues with mint menu
+ fixed some consistency issues
+ done away with size hacks
+ more Human
+ fixed some consistency issues
+ added elementary extras

2007-2008 (v0.x)
+ fixed evolution bug
+ major revision of all folders
+ fixed rhythmbox bug
+ fixed resolution issue with menu entries
+ added standard size theme
+ No more warning messages when starting GTK apps from Terminal.
+ fixed inconsistency with trash icon.

***This work is licensed under the GPL***
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Light version of my BluMarble folders :)

Includes .icns .ico and Candybar versions.

Hope you like!
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Our second social media icons pack.
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Something in between My Blu and Silver Marble folders :)

Includes .icns .ico and candybar versions

Hope you like !
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Collection by
:icondeskmodder-de:* presents you a publication from our user dmone (dmone9)

Original from dmone

included is:
explorer.exe (top and bottom) x32
explorerframe.dll x32

Systemfiles for x64 find your here [link]

Copy the beak7.theme and beak7 folder in your x:\Windows\Resources\Themes folder.

For the StartButton you have to replace Explorer.exe in your Windows directory. for the navigation buttons you have to replace your explorerframe.dll ind youre Windows\system32 directory

wall: [link]

*deskmodder has any permissions to present this work.

visit us
join us
submit your own work
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There is two themes in archive. To install, first extract it from zip file, then drag crx theme file and drop in open
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I created this theme because I was dissatisfied with other dark themes that were either over-saturated and/or included unappealing images/obnoxious signatures.

This theme is based on the 'Pro Theme' GUI found in Apple's professional applications such as Aperture, Final Cut Studio and QuickTime X. The theme makes use of glossy tabs and windows using gradients with no additional patterns or images to give it a slick minimalist look.

To install the theme open a Chrome window then drag the .crx file of choice into Chrome and select Continue.

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Feel free to show your support and appreciation by donating through Paypal.


If you have been using other skins there might be a conflict with components if the previous skin did not use the "user-components" folder. In this case foobar will use the plugins inside the components folder  which might be outdated and cause errors with this skin. Remove the components folder and then reinstall foobar in portable mode. This will only perform an update and you will not lose playback stats

IF you are updating it's a good idea, but not essential, to remove any previous versions of this skin (the Zetro folder) to avoid orphaned files.

Upon first load foobar will take a few seconds to create an image cache for your library. This will only happen the first time

Make sure to look in the provided Help folder for more instructions.

* Bug fix
+ New feature

+ All new and improved buttons and tabs
+ (Songs) Added easy to navigate grouping buttons (right click to sort)
+ (Songs) New Genre grouping
+ (Songs) Now playing button to focus on current track in playlist
+ (Songs) Open folder of playing song button
+ (Songs) Add files button
+ (Songs) Refresh playlist button
* Changes to the folder structure of cached files
* Increased background images from 20 to 25
* (Album info and Artist info) Updated scripts
* (Library) Now displays more rows when maximized
* (Library) Various other improvements
* Updated foo_ui_hacks.dll
* Other minor fixes
* and more...
- Removed foo_uie_graphical_browser
- Memory improvements

Thanks to:
hanulbi who's skin inspired and helped to understand some of the coding.
thanhdat1710 for the wsh library panel
mark2k3 for the allmusic and scripts
MarkKoenig for the GTA Radio stations which helped to group the playlists by genre

If you want credit for your image just say so
If you want an image removed you can say that too
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Heres my second skin for the J.River Media Center or Jukebox
- The FusionX2 + ecqlipse2 icons. (Version 2.6 - 25.07.2012)

- Extract the .rar File (you will find two Folders)
- Copy the "Data" and "Skins" folder to the main directory of the Media Center (J RiverMedia Center...)
- Windows will ask you to overwrite the files - click Yes (the original files will not be affected)
Thats it.

- Works also with the J River Jukebox
- to show/hide the tree you have to double click the splitter
- If you don't like the custom icons you have to delete the "Custom Art" and "Custom Resources" folder (J River/Media Center.../Data)
- Every skin has an "extra" folder that contains some elements - so if you don't like the default icons you can replace them by overwriting

Have fun with the skin.
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Collection by
An Icon for AppCleaner (or AppDelete) that goes well with Ve's Black System set of icons.

Includes ICNS, iContainer, and PNGs

(permission granted from Ve to use the trashcan icon to make this)
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Full view is massive! :D

This is a spin-off of my Front Row Realistic Skin for mac [link] and I basically made .ICO files out of the mac skin for vista users.

.png and .ico

Iiro Jä;ppinen [] icon inspiration
Lokheed [] icon inspiration

my other icons: [link]
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This first pack contains 52 icons in 144 x 144 px


-clock x2
-contacts x2
-files x2
-google search
-play store
-phone x2
-settings x2
-sms x2
-the verge
-you tube

More to come...
No PSD for now ( its too big and too messy)

- Entypo icons ( )
- tokems for inspiration ( )
- bensow for wall (…
- da community

I hope you like them.Critics are welcome.
Please credit me if you use any of these

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Awesome set of 15 Hooligans icons.
Download and enjoy!
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Icons VARIATIONS 2 , for dock (.png) and windows system (.ico)

55 .ico and 55 .png

Original image 'fox', logos 1970's,(Lódz Kusnierz) [link]

address / backup / browser crhome,explorer,firefox and opera / default icon /
desktop / deviantart / download / energy / favourites / flickr / floppy /
fonts / games / group / guitar / help / image / link / mail / messenger /
microsoft security / monitor / mouse / music / network / personalization /
player / rainmeter / rede / script / search / shield / system / transmission /
text / user / vlc / windows defender / windows explorer / windows firewall /
windows update / wordpress / zip.

The ' VARIATIONS 2' , was created by Guillen Design. It is a package of icons free, only for your private use. Commercial use is not allowed. Thanks.

This work was 'aesthetically' developed by Guillen Design, based on icons 'Faenza.'
Faenza icons [link]

Download it and enjoy
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Collection by
Over 57 png and icns file type for your dock.

PSD file inc. to for make your own works.

Share and permissions free

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For XWindows Dock 5.6 only! ;) Higher version runs buggy on my computer, sorry :(

Thanks to the original author of this Mac skin ~plonko for giving me permission to submit this port here! :)

Get the original dock here: [link]

CAD skin in preview is by =nardoxic get it here: [link]
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Vista for XWindows Dock 5.6
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PSD Tamplete inside.


see it action [link]
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:new: now available for mac users, download here: [link]

Inside the .zip you will find skins for the following softwares:

:bulletred:XWindows Dock5.6

:bulletblue:XWindows Dock 2.0

:bulletgreen:Rocket Dock

The previews are taken using XWD 5.6 so maybe the final result of the others doesnīt look exactly the same.

Also, a consideration about XWindows Dock 2.0: at this stage of development, in XWD 2.0 skins with rounded corners doesnīt look good enough (the borders look very blurried), so I prefer to donīt port versions with rounded corners of the skins for now.

Installation instructions included
inside and also, the instruction to use the indicator on Rocket Dock.

Where to get the software to use this? You could use one of the following, check this links:

[link] (Rocket dock)
[link] (XWindows Dock 5.6)
[link] (XWindows Dock 2.0)

Of course, people will ask about the icons so these are the icons:

1st [link] (Umuligt) by Rasmus Nielsen.
2nd [link] (Pre desktop) by Sebastiaan de With.
3rd [link] (iTunes) by infiniseDesign.
4rd [link] (mail plane) by cj1224.
5th from [link] (puft system) by David Lanham

Feel free to ask if you have any doubt or find any trouble.

Check some of my other docks:

Do not redistribute.



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Collection by
See a preview of all the icons in the pack.

A pack of 218 32px icons I've used in or created for my projects. Available in png, ico, icns, pasted icons and iContainer.

This packs also has 26 bonus 48px icons and 6 badges. The badges are available in png only. The 48px icons are not be included in the icontainer.

These icons are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license. For more info and suggested attribution format, read the included license document.

For a list of changes in the latest updates, read the changelog document.

Created by Mihaiciuc Bogdan
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Headphone icons for iTunes or any other music application. Throw out the old node/cd combo and personalize your music listening with 11 different styles to choose from! Mac, PC & PNG files included, heck i even threw in a candybar iContainer this time.

Happy listening.

Much more on my site
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Something I started to work on and thought people might like it. Other icons will be posted.
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Flurry Download Icons
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Collection by
"I recomend you to donīt use these icons on your desktop, they are a crap."

F.A.Q. How to change your windows 7 superbar icons?

-Create a shortcut of the app you want on desktop, right click, properties, change the icon, then drag it to the superbar to pin it to it.

(18/11/2010) -- There are a lot of request for new icons (yes, seems that somehow there is people that like this) however, I donīt have enough time to work on them right now, sorry for this, but I will try to update this as soon as posible. Thanks for understanding.

Example of use: [link] SS by ~Edercoree
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This icon theme for Gnome provides monochromatic icons for panels, toolbars and buttons and colourful squared icons for devices, applications, folder, files and Gnome menu items. Four themes are included to fit with light or dark themes/panels.

This work is released under the GNU/GPL license. Sources can be downloaded here : [link]

You like my work (or to encourage me to draw an icon for your favorite application), please consider a small Paypal donation at :)

Download the tar.gz file and extract it. In the new folder created, run the ./INSTALL script to choose the distribution logo (Ubuntu, by default) and the Gnome menu icon. If run as root, the script will copy the iconsets to /usr/share/icons to made them available to all users. Some default icons used by Rhythmbox and Dockmanager may be also replaced.
Run ./UNINSTALL as root to restore defaults icons.

Faenza icon theme is available to install for Ubuntu users via a PPA repository. View the README file for instructions and a list of known issues.

As the file is the too big for DA submission policy, you can download the archive form the dedicated Google Code page: [link]

  • Ubuntu 11.10: the Unity panel has a strange behavior with some icons compared with the previous version (and Gnome 2 panels of course), especially with user menu and battery state icons. You might use one of the to new themes instead of the classic ones: Faenza-Ambiance is suitable with dark panel and toolbars (inherits Faenza-Darkest theme), Faenza-Radiance with light panel and controls (inherits Faenza theme).

  • Some applications are configured to always use the same icon regardless of the selected theme. To display the Faenza icon, edit as root the /usr/share/applications/application_name.desktop file and locate the line beginning with 'Icon='. Replace the fullpath icon name by the one of the Faenza icon (usually, it's the name of the application itself) without the extension.
    Don't forget to make a backup before changing one of those files.
    E.g. Vim desktop file is /usr/share/applications/gvim.desktop
    Some desktop files can be located in /usr/local/share/applications or in your ~/.local/share/applications folder (e.g. Steam desktop file is somewhere in ~/.local/share/applications/wine).
    Here is a partial list: emacs23, gcolor2, bluefish, hardinfo, setroubleshoot, gufw, pithos, vim, rssowl, netbeans, gazpacho, guake, all commercial games, etc

  • If you want to use the new Gnome contact application, edit its desktop file (/usr/share/applications/gnome-contacts.desktop) to use the specific (and beautiful) icon named gnome-contacts ;)

== 1.3.1 ==
* New weather symbolic icons
== 1.3 ==
* New apps: UbuntuOne Music and Ubuntu Online Accounts
* New designs for Twitter, Spotify and adressbook
* Icons for system settings categories on Ubuntu
* Fix some missing links
== 1.2 ==
* New apps: Desura, Gajim, Google Music Frame, Mail notification
* New icons sizes: 64x64 and 96x96
* Fixes the specific folders icons replaced by the standard one
* Fixes some missing links
== 1.1 ==
* New apps: Gnome documents, Gnome contacts, Gnome online accounts, Gnome freecell, Clementine, Onboard, preferences-color, Screenruler, Scribes, Steam, Tracker, Wunderlist, Xterm
* New devices: tablet, network wired, network wireless, VPN, system harddisk
* Some reworked icons (Baobab, Gparted, Time-admin, Gconf editor, all folders)
* Emblems are more homogeneous
* Some new status icons and two new themes (Faenza-Ambiance and Feanza-Radiance) for a better integration with Unity in Ubuntu 11.10
== 1.0 ==
* New apps: preferences-desktop-wallpaper, SEtroubleshoot, system-switch-java, Fedora autoplus, Fedora-release-notes
* New status icons: nm-device-wired-secure
* Some reworked icons
* A wide bunch of new symbolic icons for Gnome Shell
* Better support for XFCE
* All applications in 16x16
* Fix some missing links
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its seems the original artist is account was yeah..

:new: RE-UPLOAD:

PreBlack Folder

- Folder back & front
- Live folder
- Blank folder

made for windows Vista & 7 including XP

TWA - 2010
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Part 2. Available for download!

These icons are free for commercial use. A link to is required.

My free icons (32x32 px)
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32x32 px in PNG, ICO, ICNS.


These icons are free for commercial use. A link to is required!

My works:
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Collection by
This is a set of icons in the Faenza style for various Linux games.

Faenza Icons by tiheum


Extract the zip and drop the tar.gz file into the Appearance Preferences theme window or extract to ~/.icons, for all users, /usr/share/icons. The icons will show up as "Game-Icons".


Some icons my not have the right names, since I don't have the games to know. You can just rename them accordingly or change the icons manually. 128x128 PNG and SVG provided.

If you want to use this icon theme with Faenza-Dark, you'll have to open the index.theme in the icon directory and change the line to Inherits=Faenza-Dark

Make sure you have the Faenza icons installed, since this pack relies on them.

Icon Naming

Icon naming is a pain, since icons use various directories and different naming styles(especially for third party games). Places to look for the correct icon names are, /usr/share/pixmaps, /usr/share/icons/hicolor or your game install directory.

Icons designed in Inkscape.

Update - 31 May 2011

- Added Trine
- Added DOSBox
- Added Wormux

Update 1.6 - 16th September 2011

- Added Unreal Tournament
- Added Vice Commodore emulator icons(better ones)
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A kind of minimal folders icons, 4 stripe colors and 21 icons (all in the preview). 128px and 256px
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Please consider a small donation (1$ goes a long way) via PayPal to ""


Before asking, if you have any problem, run at least once the customization script, and TAKE A LOOK AT THE README FILE!!!


This iconset is only for GNOME/XFCE/LXDE. The kde version is available here ->…


  • PPA modality:

    1. Type in a terminal window:

      1. sudo add-apt-repository ppa:alecive/antigone

      2. sudo apt-get update

      3. sudo apt-get install awoken-icon-theme

      4. awoken-icon-theme-customization

    2. Follow Instructions

  • WARNING: with ppa subscription you can always get the newest version on your machine. But to see the improvements, you have to configure (or re-configure) at least once the iconset either for clear version, or dark version, or even a colored one.

  • Download the iconset:

    1. EDIT: for now, deviantArt doesn't let me upload the iconset due to its restrictions. So, from now on, the icon set will be available from this link (on my dropbox account) ->…
      MIRROR ->!mEkXET4T!Y8htlSzg…

    2. Extract the archive, enter in the newly-created directory called AwOken-2.5, and extract these archives as well

    3. Move the folders called AwOken, AwOkenDark, and AwOkenWhite in your .icons folder

    4. Type in a terminal window:

      1. cd .icons

      2. sudo cp -p AwOken/awoken-icon-theme-customization /usr/bin

      3. sudo cp -p AwOken/awoken-icon-theme-customization-clear /usr/bin

      4. sudo cp -p AwOkenDark/awoken-icon-theme-customization-dark /usr/bin

      5. sudo cp -p AwOkenWhite/awoken-icon-theme-customization-white /usr/bin

      6. awoken-icon-theme-customization

    5. Follow Instructions


To exploit full power of customization script, you have to install zenity (recommended, used to see the GUI) and imagemagick (mandatory, used to color icons). If you use Ubuntu, they're in repositories, so you have only to install them from Software Center.



If you have follow instructions above, you have only to type in a terminal window:


And follow instructions provided!



  • Added a full-featured colored version! More than 500 icons were re-drawed in colored mode.

  • Changed licensing: from cc-by-nc-sa to cc-by-sa! Now the iconset is completely free :)

  • Iconset updated to Ubuntu 13.04 Raring Ringtail!

  • Added ppa for Ubuntu 12.10 Quantal Quetzal and Ubuntu 13.04 Raring Ringtail

  • Solved a bug in coloration script (many thanks to

  • Secure icons are now available in networkmanager

  • New ubuntuone icons, as well as new emoticons for chat

  • Added more than 50 xfce4 icons

  • Added icons for gnome 3.8 applications: gnome-games, gnome-documents, gnometris, quadrapassel, gnome-boxes, gnome-disks, and more

  • Added or redrawed more than 400 icons

  • Added more than 200 symbolic icons

  • Dropped ppa for Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx, Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat, Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal

Complete changelog (especially for previous versions) is stored in README PDF file.


:iconyouareplz::iconallowedplz: :iconpleaseask1::iconpleaseask2:
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i hope u like it, Enjoy. ;)

Note: Edit tilesize in comappledockplist. Set tilesize 33.41px, for best view in your dock.
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Version 1.2

Minor Update: few icons added, some bug fixing

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Collection by
Calligraphy pen and watercolor. One of my favorites to date :)
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colorful textures

lion stock :iconnefarostock:

Jah Rastafari!, ever living, ever faithful, ever sure, conquering lion of Judah.
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More or less a complement to the rainmeter suite. :)

Thanks again to ~novoo for permission.


:magnify:*How to Install & Use Custom 3rd Party Themes

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FOUR12 | amanaē - VS

amana2 photowalls - neiio by neiioamana2 photowalls - j3concepts by neiioamana2 photowalls - ether by neiio

amana2 Litestep by mangosangoamana2 CD Art Display by mangosangoamana2 TrueTransparency by mangosango
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Hi deviants! :wave:


:heart: wallpaper pack
A lovely selection of colors for your tired desk!

:+fav: +:+favlove: + :deviation:

->made in mbr studios with PS CS4 + GIMP<-

-12 colors
-5 resolutions
-include sizes for your phone and tablet


{16x10} 12 x 2560x1600
{16x9} 4 x 2560x1440

{Devices} 4 x iPad 1024x1024
4 x iPhone 4 640x960
4 x Android 960x900


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