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People say I shoud do one like my family so let's go!

You lied on your bed looking on your phone searching for new videos on your favorite youtubers, Searching you found a video on the one and only Bajancanadian, It was titled,'Just watch this. ' You decided to watch it and he was continuing to say that there was a prize to come and see him for making the greatest animation of one of his videos, You thought,"I should do that!" Thinking out loud was probably a bad idea because then your neighbor screamed,"BE QUITE YOU STUPID!!!" You answer,"Sorry!" You decided to start and You finished, about 2 in the morning.
You answer,"Crap it's already 2!?" You decide to go asleep, Then woke up at 10...Because your friend texted, You checked and saw it was Samantha(That's me.), You saw that she actually texting about the contest, She was asking if you wanted to judge also, You texted back,'You sure?' She texted back 5 minutes later, It said,'I am guessing you want to come over to L.A.....I'll pay for your ticket,  Just pack your bags! And don't worry about being a bother, You seriously need to come, I have enough money to buy the ticket so don't worry!' You answer,'Are you okay with that?' She replies,'-.- Just Be quiet you Don't you dare tell mitch!' You laugh and respond,'Okay you little Cheese nugget.'
You pack your bags and call samantha, she answers,"Hey yah What is it?" You ask,"When is the flight retard." She answers yawning,"Tomorrow you banana."
You answer,"Okay what flight? And when like time." She answers playfully,"L.A., 10:30 a.m. and You really want to see him don't you???♡♥♡♥" You answered annoyed, "Shut up Samantha." She said,"Okay got to go, Gonna go annoy mitch."
You answer,"You really like to annoy him." She answered childishly, "Shut up <Your name>!" You both hang up and you decided to go and eat breakfast.  You eat Ceral and You  finish. You go brush your teeth, go in the shower, etc. You then remembered that you made the decision to make the animation and you go and say,"I made this for nothing."  You layed your head on your desk and sighed. You heard a buzz and checked your phone, It was Mitch, You checked and it said,'Samantha said you wanted to judge, Did she say that I actually like if you would judge?' You answer,'No......' he replies,'Gosh now I have to go and punish her, I'll let you come and judge okay? I'll make her come and get you when you come okay?' You answer,'Okay.' He replies,'What no thank you?! So rude!' You answer,'Thank you, there!' He replied, 'Okay XD.'
You put your phone in it's charger and looked at the clock, It was about 1, You sighed and said,"I'll make a youtube video for that time to pass." You got your computer and Made the video, It was about 7.....You groaned and just went on your bed and slept.
You wake up and saw it was about 7. You get up and did all of that clean stuff,  You got your bags, Got your phone, and went to the airport.
×Put your bags on the plane, getting your ticket,  and on the plane.×
You waited till it went and when samantha said a plane ticket, She got you a private ticket, She went over the top!(You are on a plane by yourself.) You decide to listen to Your favorite song.  You looked at your phone and saw it was about 1:05 p.m. You asked the pilot, "When will we get to L.A.?" He answered,"About 4 miss, So 3 more hours." You answer,"Thank you." You walk back to your seat and looked at the window and thought,'This is gonna be so long.'
It actually passed really fast, you got off, Got your bags, and waited for samantha, She came in a limo.....She is going to far.....You answer,"Samantha....You didn't really have too." She answers,"Dude I have so much money left so just get in da limo." You roll your eyes and aay,"Where do I put my bags bro?" She points to the back and says,"I'll do it."She grabs your bags and you answer,"I can do it!" She smiles and says,"You're fine Darling just get in da limo."  You get in the limo and waited patiently for samantha, She came in and asked,"You okay?" You answer,"I'm sorry for putting you in this kind of trouble,  Samantha." She answers,"You silly you're not going to be a problem with this 'judging'." She smiles and hugs you, She answers,"Just you wait! I think you totally deserve this, Even if I took a beating! I think you should have this!" You chuckle and say,"I'm guessing mitch did it did he?" She answers suprised,"Yeah, How did you know???" She smiled and said,"Dis mitch tell you first?" You nod and she answers,"That's why he was on his phone when I told him!"
~When you get there.~
You get your bags and you walk to the house, Samantha was telling the man something and you knocked on the door and said,"It's <Your name>!" Then you waited for 2 minutes and Tyler(munching brotato) opened the door and said,"Hey! Go in Mitch is waiting." He ran over to samantha and they startedto talk, You walked in and said,"Wow..."  You looked aeound and found mitch and you guessed it was his room, You answer,"Hi!" He jumps and says,'Yes?!" You laugh and say,"I'm here?"
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Beth and Plum from the Bravest Warriors
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You rush to safer ground after tornado you look at the rumble of a city Ty walks behind you and starts o kiss your neck Ty no u plead but he doesn't stop he has his hands in your pants looking into your magenta eyes

Sooooooooooooo srry about this being short again so 3days of school and till my dog gets neutered yay
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      You have 1 new message.

      First voice message:

      “Hey, it’s me, Sky. Just calling to see how you’re holding up. I’m sorry. Just call back when you get this.”


      You have 2 new messages

      First voice message:

      “This is Quentin. Enough is enough. Go outside, get some sunlight. And that’s coming from a Water Type. We’re worried, call one of us back, already.

      Second voice message:

      “It’s Ty. We don’t even know if you’re alive right now. We haven’t seen you, or heard from you since the accident. We’re all coping, too. It’s quieter, yeah, but I would prefer it be quiet with all of my living friends. Call somebody back, for once.”


      You have 7 new messages:

      First voice message:

      “You haven’t been around much, and everybody’s too scared to go check and see if you’re dead. So, we’re pretending you aren’t, until somebody can verify. Just come back. This is Jason, by the way.”

      Second voice message:

      “It’s Sky again. Just answer our calls, or even come over. There’s something I need to tell you.”

      Third voice message:

      “Dude, Ian here. Honestly, you’re scaring me. If you’re still alive, you haven’t left your house or answered our calls. You think you have it tough? I LOST MY FREAKIN’ EYE!!! SUCK IT UP AND COME OUTSIDE!!!”

      Fourth voice message:

      “It’s me, Ty. I don’t want to say it, but I have to. I’m so sorry, they’re forcing me into this, but… he’s gone. Has been for several months, now. Just… give it up. Sink out of the depression, and come outside. We’re worried…”

      Fifth voice message:


      Sixth voice message:

      “I’m serious. Come the frick outside before somebody comes in there and forces you to. Sky, out.”

      Seventh voice message:

      “Hey, it’s Ian. Sorry I exploded, a couple weeks back. But you’re being a baby. Just get out of your damn house, before we do something.”


      You have 1 new message.

      First voice message:

      “It’s Ty. We’ve made a decision. We’re coming to your house, later, and talking. Just a warning. This is for the best.”

      He laid in the bed. Maybe they wouldn’t see him. They would think he wasn’t home, and leave. And never come back. It was stupid, but he wasn’t going to think of anything else.
      The door opened and and slammed shut. “Mitch!!!” Ian’s voice came, “You here?!!!”
      “Guys, I don’t think he’s around,” Sky said.
      Come on, Sky, convince them.
      “No, he has to be around,” Ty said, “Nobody has left.”
      Damn it, Ty.
      Now the bedroom door was open.
      “Guys, he’s in here,” Quentin said.
      He pulled the covers over his head, as he heard everybody else come in.
      “Hey, Mitch, get up,” Jason said, poking him.
      “No!!!” Mitch exclaimed, “Go away!!! I don’t wanna see you guys!!!”
      “Mitch, you’re not making this easy. Just get up,” when Sky realized he wasn’t going to listen, he grabbed his legs and pulled him out of the bed.
      “OW!!!” he yelled, “Alright you got what you wanted!!! I’m alive, alright?!! Just leave. Me. ALONE!!!!!!”  
      In all honesty, he didn’t look alive. His skin was pale, like he was sick. He hadn’t brushed his hair in forever, and there were dark circles under his eyes. His voice was hoarse, from lack of use. And he smelled. Bad.
      “He wouldn’t want you to-” Quentin started.
      “HE’S DEAD!!!” Sky said, “HE DIED THAT DAY, ACCEPT IT!!!!”
      “No!!!!!” Mitch said, “YOU ALL BARELY KNEW HIM COMPARED TO ME!!!!! I HATE YOU!!!!”
      “Sky, we didn’t come here to fight!!!” Ian said, “We came here to talk.”
      “W-we found something…” Jason said, “We know it wasn’t anything too important to him, but I’ve never seen him without it, and we think he’d want you to have it…”
      Mitch’s eyes widened when he realized what was in Jason’s hand.
      A long, red, tie.
      The waterworks started.
Crazy Depressed yet?


Well, my life is ruined.
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I got lazy right after colouring |D

so I did lazy shading
which I kinda like

but anyway

I wanted to draw merome


anyway I hope you like it :'D
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Old merome doodle because people wanted me to upload it sooooooo yeah :3

If you're not a fan of the shipping sorry ^^;
But i am a fan and this is my dA account so I can post what I want to hehe :dummy:

Anyway I hope you like it! :D
Especially :iconlordmorgaphus: i hope you'll like this xD
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art and coloring belong to me..but the textures..GOOGLE image own it all!!:icontakehomeplz: ...this is for my folder cover ..geez this is a big-ish file O_O
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i gave up on shading/coloring uvu (AKA mitch's jacket lol fuck that shit)
You know there's something wrong when you learn a few of the sayings from a couple people that you don't even watch
screw you mitch/jerome
also everything glows because yolo
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Im sorry Im sorry Im sorry! I know that I said I would upload this chapter a LONG time ago but i was very very busy and had no time to go on deviantART let alone go on the computer. But its finally here! The final chapter of this Merome fanfiction. I hope you guys enjoy!

(Mitch's POV)

It's been 5 months, 5 MONTHS. I feel a alone. Everyone here practically knows me. I have been by his side and never left, waiting, just waiting for the day that Jerome will wake up. I dug my hands into my pockets, it's gets really cold in the hospital rooms. Expecting to find nothing, I felt and old napkin or something, I grabbed it pulling it out if my pocket. I unfolded the mysterious piece of paper and was shocked to find the phone number of the person who started all this- Sahvanna. "Maybe I should call her and tell her what she has done?" I thought. "Or should I just leave her out of this? She has done enough to start with." I sat in silence, waiting, praying, wishing. Ding! I jump a little then grab my phone. I had 6 new messages.

1. From Ian
Hey man, were all kinda worried, you haven't been home in 5 months. I know you sad but sitting there isn't gonna help!

2. From Ty
Mitch! Come back!! Sitting on your ass being depressed isn't going to help at all! You know what? We're coming to get you today.

3. From Adam
I know your depressed in all but you know you haven't posted anything in 5 months right? Dude just come back home.

4. From Jason
I know your sad but being alone won't help. Come back so we can all get through this together. Your not the only one hurting.....

5. From Quinten
Dude please come back, it's just not the same. I know you two were close in all but we all need to get through this together. Remember when Ty was depressed......

The sixth was from someone I never thought would talk to me again, Sahvanna.

6. From Sahvanna
Hey Mitch. Remember me? I just wanted to see how everything is going. I herd what happened and I want you to know that I am sososososososo sorry and if you need someone to talk to I'm here. :)

I racked my fingers through my hair.
I couldn't believe that after 5 months she remembered, she really did care. I sat in silence for another minute, until I herd shifting and a soft moan.
I looked over at Jerome, he was waking up! At that moment all the guys came in the room. "Mitch get up we're going, NOW", Adam said in a strict tone. "No, wait he's waking up!" I said happily, tears forming in the corners of my eyes. "I'll go get a nurse", Ty said running out of the room. Jerome's eyes fluttered open, oh those beautiful chocolate brown eyes I couldn't wait to see again. His eyes fell on me. "Mitch?" He said. "Yes Jerome", I said. I'm pretty sure I was smiling like a maniac. "What what are you doing here? Shouldn't you be with that slut?" He hissed. My heart probably just died, ringgit here right now. "Jerome, I-I"
"Just go Mitch", he said pointing to the door weakly. Tears streamed down my face. I ran out of the room hearing the guys saying that 'I was the one to stay with him for the 5 months he was in a coma' and 'what did you do that for'. I didn't stop, I just kept running, not stopping till I got home.
I ran into the house and ran into my bedroom, slamming the door behind me. I broke down crying on my bed.
"You ruined EVERYTHING!" I screamed in my pillow. The pain I was feeling was unbearable. It feels like someone had just stabbed me in the heart and just twisted and dug deeper into the stab, not stopping, no mercy. I ran into my washroom and took out the pair of scissors. I have never cut before, but it's never to late to start. I rolled up my sleeve to revel untouched skin, perfect. I brought the blade down to my wrist, cutting a small, sharp line. Pain jolted throughout my arm, but it felt so good, I knew I deserved it. I cut another one and another one and before I knew it I had 10 cuts on my left arm. I let the blood flow a little, it wasn't too much. After I felt like I had enough I stripped down and hopped in the shower.

-after le shower-

I walked into my room with a towel around my waist. I looked up from the ground and froze seeing Jerome in the door way. "J-Jerome what are you doing here?" I said. "The doctors let me out early. They did some test and said that I was doing fine", he said closing my door and leaned on it. "Oh, that's great", I said. He didn't respond. He looked at the towel around my waist and back up at me, a smirk growing on his lips. "Oh sorry, one sec", I said and grabbed a pair of boxers and jeans, ran into the bathroom, changed, and walked back out. Jerome pushed himself off the door and walked over to me. I was afraid of what would happen next. Does he hate me? We stood in a short silence until Jerome spoke up. "You know Mitch, I've missed you. What happened back at the hospital was my fault. Will you ever forgive me?" He wrapped his arms around my waist, pulling me closer to him. "Jerome what happened at the café it, it wasn't me it was that girl." I wrapped my arms around his neck. He just smiled before crashing his lips on mine. It was one of those moments to remember, I could almost see the sparks going off. We shared our passionate kiss until he pulled away for air. "You don't know how long I have missed doing that with you", he smiled, looking into my eyes. I just wanted to stop time and stand here with him forever. "Jerome I love you so much", I said. "I love you too, Mitch", he said as he pulled me in for another kiss. I herd the door open and I quickly pulled away and looked over to the door. Ian stood in the door way looking like he wanted to explode. "I just came looking for Jerome but is #Merome real?" He said with a big grin and hopeful eyes. Me and Jerome looked at each other, shrugged and looked back at Ian, nodding our heads. "GUYS MEROME IS REAL!!!!" He shouted running out of the room. "I KNEW IT! JASON YOU OWE ME 15 BUCKS!" Quinten screamed. "NEXT IS SKYLOX!" Jerome shouted. "FUCK OFF JEROME", Ty replied. "YA JUST ENJOY MITCH WELL YOU CAN BECAUSE BEFORE YOU KNOW IT HE'LL BE ALL OVER ME! #SKYENJA!" Adam shouted back. Jerome looked at me and his jaw dropped. "I would never", I said shaking my head. He relaxed and smiled and I gave him a quick kiss on the lips before walking over to my closet. He grabbed my arm stopping me. "Ya babe?" I asked. "Well I had a question but first, what happened?" He asked running his fingers over the cuts on my wrist. "Ummm oh t-that.... I-it's nothing", I hesitated not knowing what to say. "It doesn't look or sound like anything, please don't say I made you do this!" He had a worried look on his face. I pressed my lips together and looked down. "Oh my god, Benja, what did I do?" He asked putting his hand on my shoulder, lifting my face up to meet his. We both started tearing up. "I'm sorry Jerome but after you yelled at the hospital I just felt worthless. I didn't know what to do...", I cried in his shoulder. He wrapped his arms around me. "Mitch I am so sorry I did this to you. Promise me you won't do it again. I love you" , he said. "I promise. I love you too Jerome, I love you too."

               The End :3
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sparkant, merome, skylox
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Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
.:Drunken Fun:.
(A Drunk!SkyloxUniverse Fanfic)
((After I got much feedback on The Photobooth and The Text Messages, many of you requested a fic like that, with Sky, Deadlox and Jason. So after a long wait, Here you guys go! I hope you guys enjoy! I had school so I had an excuse for this coming out late! Hasta la Pasta! :3))
"*hic*I'm sooooo *hic* bored!!!" Sky complained, laying lazily (or drunkly) on the couch. They had just gotten back from the bar, super drunk. They all decided to crash at Jason's house for the night since none of them were up to driving again. Deadlox nodded, his head on the armrest of the sofa-chair and his body was curled up beneath him. His hair was a bit messed up and his headphones were crooked. "I know right?" He started to giggle for some unknown reason, probably from the alcohol kicking in. TrueMU lays on the carpet, "What should...." He pauses to catch up on what he was thinking of, "we do...?" He finishes, groaning of boredom. Sky looks at Ty, and reaches over. "Don't f*cking touch me..." Ty mutters, his words a bit slurred. Sky pulls his hand back, "Geez, I'm sorry 'Princess'!" He retorts mockingly. Ty growls, but Jason interrupts them, "Shut the f*ck up, both of you..." Sky looks at him, "Aw come on Jason, I was just messing with him..." Sky suddenly smirks and asks, "Jason where's your bedroom?" He looks up at Sky, "It's over there, W-why?" He grabs Ty's hand and Jason's also. "I wanted to try something like this for a while, and I'm sure you two do too!" Ty and Jason look at each other confused, until Sky throws them on the bed. 
"Oh, F*** me!" (No pun intended C:) Jason exclaims, realizing what's happening and is worried. Ty smirks and tackles Jason. He realizes the bulge in his suit, and smirks. "You know you want this you kinky bastard!" He whispers in his ear and takes off his helmet. His face is flushed, and his light brown hair slightly matted. Ty kisses him, to get him into the mood. He pulls away and looks at Sky. He gets off of Jason and lets Sky take over. Sky smirks and nips at Jason's neck, gaining a few moans. Ty takes off his headphones and throws them on the dresser. Jason slips off his boots and pulls Sky in for a kiss. Ty crawls over to Sky and pulls at his shirt after him and Jason pull apart. Sky looks at Ty and kisses him, taking off his glasses, amulet and shirt. Jason takes off his armor chestplate, but leaves the armor below his waist on. Sky smirks and takes everything off, sitting infront of Jason, who takes off his things too. He licks Sky's member gently and then begins to suck him. Ty smirks and takes Jason's into his mouth and licks it. He gasps and moans while bobbing his head up and down on Sky. Sky moans in pleasure and pushes Jason's head down on him. Ty moves faster on Jason, causing him, to in return, suck Sky faster. "J-J-Jason..." Sky moans loudly, about to reach his limit. Jason whimpers, about to release also. Sky tosses his head back and groans loudly, his seed painting Jason's mouth white. He swallows it and moans loudly as he releases into Ty's mouth. Ty pulls back and swallows it.
Sky smirks and whispers something into Jason's ear. He blushes and nods. Jason whispers what Sky told him to Ty and he smirks. Ty bends down, exposing himself to Jason. He blushes and positions himself at Ty's entrance. They scream in unison, when Sky thrusts himself into Jason, causing him push himself into Ty roughly. "S-SKY!!!" Jason cries aloud, thrusting himself into Ty. "Haaa, Jason... Nngghh..." Ty moans out, gripping the sheets and panting. Jason on the other hand, was overwhelmed at feeling two pleasures at once, and groans loudly. "I'm c-close, aaaahhh!" Jason exclaims as Sky hits his sweat spot. "M-Me too..." Sky groans, "L-Let's *ahh* come together, you sexy *haaa* f*ckers!" Jason exclaims loudly as he releases, causing Ty and Sky to release also. They collapse on the bed tiredly and cuddle. "'Love you, you sons of b*tchess!" They fall asleep in each others arms.
~Alternate Ending~
Jason groans in pain and wakes up, keeping his eyes closed and holding his head. "What happened last night? And why is my *ss sore?" He opens his eyes and sees clothes thrown on the floor lazily, and hungover Sky and Deadlox, barely waking up. "Oh sh*t!" Jason exclaims worriedly, scrambling to one side of the bed, "WHAT DID WE DO?!" Sky rubs his eyes and cringes, "Calm down, dude, my f*cking head hurts... You became one of my b*tches..." Ty nods and yawns, recalling what happened. Jason blushes deeply, "O-Oh..." Sky looks at him, "Since we did that last night, you are mine now!" Jason looks at him surprised, "W-What?!" Sky tackles him under the sheets and Ty laughs.
~End :heart:~
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Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
Sky moaned and wiggled below me and Jerome. Our tongues explored all over his body. He was so used to being on top, but this time, it was our turn. All the times he’s teased us into wanting it, all the times he’s fucked me to where I couldn't walk. It was time to get sweet revenge on him.

I licked all the way from Sky’s neck down to the hairs that grew up to his belly button. He moaned, seeing as his waist line was a very turn on spot for him. Anytime you would lightly lick across his waist line, or lightly drag a finger across it, he would seize up as if in orgasm. I smirked and licked from one hip over to the other. He twitched and pulled his hands down, but the cuffs that attached him to the head board prevented him from stopping us. Jerome was in between his legs, licking at his balls and around the inside of his thighs, which were slightly ticklish as well.

He twitched and yanked around, trying to get us to stop teasing him. His length had grown to it’s full size a little while ago, but we kept going. His moans and pants had made both me and Jerome pretty needy ourselves but we could finish each other off later.

I looked up at Jerome and we both smirked. I nodded and he reached over to grab the lube. He squirted some onto the tip of Sky’s length and on his own hand, before setting it back onto the table. I put one finger on Sky’s tip, right where the lube was, and rubbed my finger all around his tip. He moaned and bucked his hips up. I wrapped my whole hand around him and Jerome stuck one finger into him. He whimpered slightly and moaned too. I pumped my hand up and down, squeezing it tight around him to make it seem like the tight hole he’s used too, well, like my hole.

The whole goal of this was to make him cum and to tease him. Maybe see how long he could last like this. Jerome already had 3 fingers inside of him, pumping them in and out and hitting his prostate repeatedly. I had my mouth wrapped tightly around him, dragging my teeth across him every now and then. He was twitching and clawing at the bed posts he was attached too. He was close to going over. Jerome was hitting his prostate as many times as he could and as fast as he could. I was sucking and blowing on him as quickly as I could. It has been 30 minutes on the dot. He finally screamed out a moan. I pulled my mouth off of him just as he came, making it go all over my face. I moaned slightly and backed off. Jerome pulled his fingers out of Sky and crawled over to me. He licked my face all over, swallowing all of Sky’s seed.

I pouted. “I wanted to taste Sky too!” I whined.

Jerome smirked and slammed our lips together, forcing his tongue into my mouth. I licked all over his tongue and tasted all of Sky’s liquid. I pulled away and smiled.

“Poor baby Mitch, always getting his way.” Jerome said to me. I blushed a little and smiled.

I looked and Adam and saw that he was already passed out. I crawled up to his side and uncuffed him before snuggling up to him, forcing him to the side of the bed so Jerome could crawl over and cuddle with me. This was the best experiment ever.
"On the third day of Christmas, Ducky gave to me, Mitch and Jerome on top"

Here it is! The 3rd fic of the 12 fics of Christmas! Enjoy!

Tomorrow's: Huskylox fluff :3
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Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
I walked out to the brick fireplace that was located on the patio of the team crafted house. Me, Mitch, and Jerome were the only ones here for the time being. Mitch had lit a fire a little bit earlier with Jerome. The pair had been together for sometime now. To be honest, I liked the both of them. Though, I know they love each other too much, and I would never have a chance with them.

I saw the flare of the fire and walked to one side of it, sitting down on the warm stone seat. I looked for Mitch and Jerome but didn’t see them. I scooted to the edge of the seat and looked in between the other two, where a corner was made of stone. I saw Mitch leaning against the corner. Jerome was in front of Mitch on his hands and knees, crawling toward Mitch. Neither of them knew I was out here. I crouched low and watched them.

Jerome growled like a cat at Mitch. They were both shirtless. Mitch bit his lip and looked Jerome up and down. Jerome reared up on his knees and brought his hands down onto Mitch’s chest. Mitch whimpered slightly as he tried to move his hands around to touch his lover, but they seemed to be bound behind him. Jerome smirked and began to lick all over Mitch’s chest.

It was interesting to watch the twos’ mating ritual. It was full of love and passion and some kink. It kinda turned me on. I felt my pants start to get slightly tight and cursed under my breath. I stood up and walked back around the fireplace and looked at them from behind. Jerome had sat up on his knees and was rubbing Mitch’s thighs teasingly. It was now or never.

I walked over and loomed behind and over Jerome. The fire cast a shadow of me over Jerome. Mitch’s eyes widened and he tried to get Jerome to look. I crouched down to Jerome’s ear.

“You know, it’s not nice to leave out the only other person in the house~” My breath ghosted over his neck and he shuddered.

“A-Adam?! What are you doing out here?!” Mitch yelled, scrambling to get his pants zipped back up. I grabbed his hand to stop him. His eyes widened more.

“Don’t stop on my account, please~” I said seductively and smirked.

Jerome finally turned his head to look at me. “Are you gonna join us or not?” He growled.

I stood him up and pulled him into a rough kiss, forcing my tongue into his mouth. Him whimpered slightly and I smirked, tugging at his hair a little. I could hear Mitch breathing below us. I quickly overpowered Jerome, using my force to make him sit beside Mitch. I got down on my knees and grabbed the collar of Mitch’s shirt, pulling him into a rough kiss as well. He moaned slightly and I let him go, pushing down onto his back and tugging off pants. I got Jerome on his hands and knees, right over Mitch.

I grinded against his ass and rubbed my hands up his thighs, feeling his pockets. He moaned a little as I grinded against him.I felt a small bottle and smirked. I pulled the bottle of lube out and tugged his pants down as well. Jerome was already rubbing on Mitch’s crotch. Mitch and Jerome were both moaning. I stood up briefly and stripped off all my clothes. I then got back on my knees and pulled down Jerome’s boxers, and Jerome pulled off Mitch’s. I popped open the cap of the lube and put some on my hand, then spreading it over my length. I then reached forward and put some over Jerome’s length, in response, he moaned a little. I handed the bottle to Jerome and he spread some on Mitch’s entrance, me doing the same to Jerome’s entrance.

When we were done preparing, Jerome lifted Mitch ass up to his length and I readied at his. I shoved into Jerome and Jerome pushed into Mitch. We all moaned. I began to thrust in and out of Jerome quickly and he moaned. Jerome began to thrust in and out of Mitch, timing it with my thrusts. Mitch moaned loudly, as did Jerome.

“Uhh, Jerome, you’re so tight~” I moaned.

“Mitch is too, ahh~” He moaned back.

Mitch was writhing and wriggling below the two of us, moaning loudly. I could tell he was already close. I angled my hips and hit Jerome’s prostate, and Jerome did the same to Mitch. They both moaned loudly and Mitch arched his back off the floor. I could feel heat pulsing from the two of them like the fire that still burned on beside us. All the sudden, without warning, Mitch screamed out Jerome’s name and came on their stomachs. Jerome moaned and came inside of him. The tightening of his walls around me made me moan out and cum inside of Jerome.

Me and Jerome pulled out of our partners. We all three laid next to each other, the fire’s heat keeping us warm.

“Well, that was fun.” Jerome said, breathing heavily.

Me and Mitch nodded and panted. This was the best night at the house so far. Maybe we can do it again some other time.
Here is the second day! Sorry it's a little late, went shopping with my mom, my grandma, and 4 of my aunts. But, here it is anyway :3 Enjoy!
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It was after the team crafted meeting. Some of the guys went home while others stayed in tc house. Those were Ian,Adam,Jason,Mitch and Jerome. They celebrated the great day in Jason's room. Mitch and Jerome brought all sorts of food with them,from chips to chocolate,different drinks and even a cake. Ian went to bed earlier because his head ached while the others ate the food and kept on laughing and talking. Mitch and Jerome were the ones who mostly ate,Jason and Adam took a bite from time to time.

Once all the food was eaten Jason realized what a mess his bed was.Crumbs,chocolate,drinks everywhere. "You pigs!" Jason nearly shouted "look at what you did to my bed!Where am I supposed to sleep now?!" Both,Mitch and Jerome only laughed,Jerome so hard he almost cried.Adam remained silent and watched his friends. "Not in my bed," Mitch said. "Not in mine neither," Jerome laughed once he finally got enough air to talk. Jason only frowned. "You can sleep in mine," Adam said d after a while. "SkyMU,SkyMU,la,la,la!" Mitch and Jerome started singing. Adam narrowed his eyes while Jason looked on the ground,hoping nobody saw him blush.

It was late night. They were all in beds now. "Jason?" Adam asked. "Mhm?" Jason asked back. "Are you still asleep?" Adam talked quietly,not wanting to wake anyone up. "No,I'm talking in my sleep," Jason sarcasticly said back and Adam chuckled. "What is it?" Jason asked and turned around so that he was looking in Adam's eyes. "Do you know why I said you can sleep in my bed?" Adam asked smiling. "Why?" Jason asked,having no clue what the answer is. "So I can take a picture of you while you're sleeping," Adam asked and a wide smile spread across Jason's face and he chuckled. "And you know why I would do that?" Adam asked again. Jason was quiet for a while,thinking what the answer could be. "To post it on instagram so fanboys could mastrubate to something?" Adam had to cover his mouth with his hand so he wouldn't laugh to loud. "I'm sorry but you're wrong," Adam said once he was able to talk. "I would do it so I could have the picture of you on my phone, forever and ever," Adam smiled. "To mastrubate?" Jason asked,raising his eyebrow. "Dude do you really wanna wake the others up?" Adam said,laughing as quietly as he could."No silly,I like you,not just as a friend,"Adam said smiling. Jason didn't say anything,he just kissed Adam.

At first it was a slow,sweet kiss but before anyone knew,they were kissing each other fiercely,moving their lips quickly (did I forget to tell you this is a smut?oops my bad.But I have a good reason,my sis and bashey should not know about this.If u 2 r reading this then screw u the world needs more sexy skymu). Once they broke the kiss they were both breathing quickly,almost panting. Jason,who was below Adam,took Adam's shirt off. After Adam took Jason's shirt of he carelessly threw it somewhere and traced his hand from Jason's shoulder, down his side to his waist. Then he removed both, jason's pants and underwear. He took his whole length in and started bobbing his head up and down. Jason rolled his head back as he moaned. With time, more moans escaped his mouth. Adam swirled his tounge around Jason's cock. Soon,Jason couldn't stand it anymore. With one last loud moan he came inside Adam's mouth. Adam moaned softly and swallowed Jason's sperrrrrrrrrrrrrm (notsurehowtomakethissoundgood). "You taste good," Adam said,slightly smirking. "God damn it Adam,stop being so sexy and just fuck me," Jason said,acting annoyed. Adam chuckled and reached towards the little cupboard next to his bed. He opened one of the drawers and searched in it for a bit until he found a bottle of lubricant. After he spreaded it across his fully erected cock.He positioned himself and Jason and lined the tip of his cock with Jason's entrance. "It's going to hurt in the beginning but the pain will go away," Adam said softly.  "Okay," Jason quietly said.

Soon, Jason nodded Adam to move. Adam pushed his tip into Jason's ass and Jason shivered. For a while they stayed in the same position. "Is it okay to move now?" Adam asked softly and quietly. "Yes," Jason whispered. Adam then moved his hips again so that his cock went deeper. Jason grabbed the sheets and rolled his head back,shutting his eyes closed but he didn't say anything. Adam knew that Jason would tell him when to move so he patiently waited for any signs Jason would give him. Once the pain was mostly gone Jason let go of the sheets again and looked directly in Adam's eyes. Adam moved his hips away and then slammed them back into Jason's body. He countunied the process slowly.

Each time Adam slammed in him,Jason let out a quiet moan of pain. But after a minute or so the pain turned into pleasure and Jason began moaning louder, this time in pleasure.
"F-faster,"  he said. Adam started slamming in him faster. Jason let out a loud moan of pleasure. He placed his hands on Adam's neck. Adam started going deeper with each thrust until the point where he brushed Jason's prostate with almost every thrust. No matter how hard Jason tried, he couldn't hold his louder and louder moans in anymore. Adam was now moaning quietly too. "Oh god Adam...It feels so g-good," Jason managed to get out between moans. "Jason,you're so fucking tight," Adam said to him. Jason suddenly felt himself closing around Adam's cock. He couldn't hold it back anymore."ADAM!" he nearly shouted as he came on their stomachs and the sheets. With a few more deep thrusts,Adam came in him too with a loud moan.

For some time they were both just panting and staring at each other. Then Adam pulled out of him and laid next to him,putting his arms around him."That was amazing," he said and Jason smiled."We should thank Mitch," he said. "Why?" Adam asked, slightly confused. "It's his fault this happened," Jason answered and Adam chuckled. "Alright,we'll do it tommorow," Adam said and placed his chin on top of Jason's head,pulling him closer to himself.Jason rested his head on Adam's chest and closed his eyes. "Deal," he said quietly and sleep slowly took over him.
ey I did cuz I was bored XD
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Collection by
There was defiantly something wrong with Andy, I could tell. When I was cooking yesterday I heard him crying, he was way too quiet at dinner, and he didn't even eat it all. I was putting away leftovers when I heard more of his crying. I don't understand what's happening, but when it came to Andy, the best thing to do is to just leave him alone for a while.
I stayed awake until I was 100% sure that the kitchen was clean. When I was done, I walked to the room and changed into my pajamas. Andy was already asleep, so I crawled into the bed next to him. I slowly wrapped my arms around him and pulled him into me, only to have him push me away.
"Don't touch me. Please." he mumbled.
"As you wish, my queen." He was upset about something. Maybe it was because he was finally leaving his old apartment that he'd lived in for a long time. I understood how he felt to have to just uproot and start in a new neighborhood. He would get over it eventually; I just have to give him some time.
I woke up the next morning lying in our bed alone. Andy wasn't in his spot next to me. I slowly reached my hand over to here he lay. It was still slightly warm. "Andy! Where are you?" I called out. Nothing. "Andy!"
"What!" He yelled walking into the room. He wasn't wearing any makeup again; his eyes were puffy and red. I sat up and pulled up the covers.
"Come here. I'm cold." He let out a small groan and slowly crawled into my lap. I wrapped my arms around his waist. He let out another groan when I pulled him into me, like he was in pain. "Baby, are you ok?" I asked kissing his cheek.
"Don't kiss me." He said in a dull voice.
"What's wrong?" I whispered in his ear.
"Nothing." He huffed.
"No Andy, there's obviously something wrong. Please talk to me." I hugged him, but he let out another groan that he was in pain.
"L-let me go." He said pulling my arms off of him.
"Andy, what the hell is wrong with you?" I asked in a worried tone. He didn't even look at me. He hid his face away from me. There was something wrong with him, I knew it. "Why won't you talk to me?" I could barely speak because there was a lump in my throat. Andy tried to get up from my lap, but I held him down.
"Ashley, let me go."
"Not until you talk to me."
"I'm talking now, now let me go." I didn't want to let him go. I never wanted to let him go.
"Seriously Andy; what's wrong?" I pulled him tighter into me, forcing his face into my chest. He fought me for a while, but eventually gave in and started crying, soaking my shirt. "Andy, please tell me what's wrong." I said softly, stroking his hair. He didn't talk to me, just cried hysterically. There was obviously something wrong with him, but why didn't he want to tell me?
Andy and I sat like that for a good hour until he stopped crying. He fell asleep on top of me. I pulled up the blankets and rolled over, laying him down on the bed gently. What was wrong with him? What got him so upset?
I looked him over. His face, as well as my shirt, was still wet from him crying. I took off my shirt and used it to gently dry off his tears. There was a dark red spot in his shirt that was the same color as blood. That was weird. I slowly lifted his shirt and I was saddened and horrified by what I found. Red cuts running from his stomach to his hips. Some still red and bleeding, others scabbed up. A tear started to form in my eye. He was cutting himself.
I got up from the bed, putting Andy's shirt back down and covering him with the blanket. It had to be around here somewhere. I opened up both drawers on the side tables; nothing. I walked into the living room. Where could he keep it in here? I checked in between the couch cushions, inside vases, behind the TV, in the table drawers, in and around the desk in the corner. I couldn't find anything. I made my way into the kitchen, searching every nook and cranny of that room, counting all of my knives, making sure that none of them had gone missing. I had used almost all of them when I was cooking last night, and they were still in the same place I put them.
I couldn't find it in the front of the house, so I made my way to the bathroom. I checked the medicine cabinet, all the drawers, the linen closet and the cabinet where I keep all the toilet paper, but there was still nothing. He had to have hidden it in here somewhere. I walked into our closet. Our cloths were separated, my cloths on the left, Andy's on the right. I checked each pocket in all of his jeans, clean and dirty, and still couldn't find anything.
What did he use to cut himself? I'm afraid to know, but I have to find it. If I find it, then I can get rid of it, or at least confront him about it. I gave up my search for now and climbed back into the bed with Andy, wrapping my arms around his torso and pulling him into me. I wonder what made him feel so bad that he needed to do this to himself.
Andy turned around in his sleep and wrapped his arms around my neck. He wasn't the type to talk in his sleep, so I sat there wondering what he was dreaming about. I pulled him into me tighter, resting my head in the small of his neck and burying my face into his shoulder.
It was probably my fault. It's my fault that he's so upset and broken. I rushed our relationship too much and now he hates me. He's probably bored with me. I kissed his neck softly. It's probably him staying in the house all day. We should go somewhere soon.

"Ashley, I really don't want to leave the house." Andy groaned when I was in the kitchen, packing a lunch.
"Too bad. I'm gonna go put this stuff in the car, you go take a shower and get ready to go." I placed the food into a cooler.
"Fine." He groaned walking into the room. Andy and I hadn't spoken much since this morning's break down. I walked slowly to the car. I was still upset about finding Andy's scars. I seriously hope this day out helps him get over whatever problems he might be having.
When I finally go to my truck, I slid all of the things into the bed and got behind the wheel. I pulled out my phone and sent Andy a text message to meet me in the car when he was ready to go. I waited for a good ten minutes. My phone vibrated once. I picked it up and saw the little twitter logo had a red 1 over it. I clicked the button and saw a new tweet from Andy.

AndyBvb ashleypurdy is dragging me to the park today. I hate the sun. x(

ashleypurdy andy Biersack stop tweeting and get your ass to the car.

I waited another ten minutes before he finally opened the door and climbed in the truck. Andy was, yet again, refusing to look at me.
"Andy, what's wrong with you today?" I asked starting up the truck. He wouldn't answer me. I let out a sigh and ran a hand through my hair. "Fine. Don't answer my question then." I pulled out of the narrow parking space and drove down each level of the parking garage. Andy was playing with a loose thread on the end of his jacket. Why wouldn't he talk to me?
"Andy, I…" I stopped. Now isn't a good time Ashley. Just keep quiet.
"You what?" he asked without looking up at me. Oh, so now he wants to talk to me.
"Nothing." I sighed.
This Fan Fiction is jut that. A work of fiction (meaning that Andy and Ashley aren't in a relation ship with each other, despite our wishing for it.) I do not own BVB in any way. The title for this fan fiction was inspired by their song 'We Stitch These Wounds'. I don't own that either.

Comments and critiques make me a happy writer. It also makes me write more So please leave comments and critiques.

Previous Chapter: [link]
Next Chapter: [link]

I finally reached 20 chapters! x) I didn't think this fan fic would run this long. I've still got a lot more planned for this one. I'm glad you guys have supported me so far. I love you guys. <3
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  Down in the dim bar, it was hard for his brothers to see the bruises he had scattered on his body. Most of them were love marks from the night before, but a few were from the metal clip on the belt.

  He had managed to drown out the noise until he felt a sharp slap on his back. It was only Christian trying to bring him back to reality, and he couldn’t blame the drummer for causing him momentary pain. After all, none of the brothers knew except the one who caused it.


  “Come on,” Christian said. “You never space out!”

  “Yeah, Andy. What’s eatin’ ya?” Ashley said with a smirk, knowing full well what was eating him.

  Andy swallowed hard and faked a smile. “Nothing’s got me. I’m just tired.”

  The boys shrugged it off. All except Ashley, who grabbed Andy and dragged him outside.

  “Andy, how are those marks doing?”

  “Not disappearing any time soon, I’ll tell you that.”

  Ashley chuckled. “Just don’t take your shirt off when they can see.”

  Andy and Ashley waited outside for their brothers to join them.


  He stared at himself in the fogged-up mirror. Towel-drying his hair, he skimmed his eyes down along his chest. The marks looked darker now that he’d showered, and he sighed at how many there were. He turned his back to the mirror and twisted his head in an attempt to see himself. He could only see a few of the lash marks, but he knew there were much more he couldn’t.

  A knock came on the bathroom door, and Andy went to open it. It’s only Ash, he thought as he wrapped the towel around his waist.

  He opened the door and saw Jinxx standing there.

  “A-Andy?” Jinxx said as his eyes scanned Andy’s marked body. “What are all those from?”

  Andy tried to keep his cool, but he couldn’t hide his blush. He pushed past Jinxx and went to grab a shirt.

  “It’s from Jewels,” he said calmly.

  “Andy, don’t lie to me.”

  “I’m not.”

  “We haven’t even been in the same state as Juliet for two months.”

  Andy stopped with the shirt only over his head and one arm. He sighed and finished putting on the shirt.

  “Fine, you got me,” he said as he grabbed pants and put those on, as well.

  “Then who? Is it anything serious? You’re not cheating on Juliet, are you?”

  “Jinxx…shut up.”


  “Shut!” Andy snapped. He dropped himself on the couch.

  Jinxx sighed sadly and sat on the floor right where he was. He leaned back against the wall and folded his hands in his lap, waiting for an explanation from Andy.

  “You don’t want to know,” Andy said.

  “If you say so.” Jinxx played like he wasn’t interested. He knew that was the easiest way to get Andy to talk, besides threatening to take his cigarettes.

  Andy sighed. “It was Ashley.”

  Jinxx’s eyes went wide. He leaned forward. “Ashley? As in-?”

  “Ashley Motherfuckin’ Purdy, yes.”

  “By God, Andy, I didn’t know you were like that.”

  “Shut up; it was an accident.”

  “Tell me?” Jinxx got up and sat beside Andy on the couch.

  “Some other time, Jinxx.”

  Jinxx pouted playfully. They agreed to pretend the conversation never happened unless they were absolutely alone.


  Ashley and Andy shared the hotel room – as usual – between concerts. Their room was sandwiched between Jinxx and Jake’s, and Christian’s. Making noise and interruptions were constant fears of the bassist and singer; however, they always seemed to manage some privacy.

  And Ashley planned on taking full advantage of that.


  “Oh no,” he whispered to himself. Then louder, “What is it?”

  “We haven’t christened the room, yet.” Ashley walked over to be right in front of Andy. Though he was a few inches shorter than his partner, the bassist managed to take an almost menacing form when he was in this kind of mood.

  “Fine, but, Ash? Can you not be too rough this time? I’m still waiting for last time’s marks to fade, and that was a week ago.”

  “Four days and thirteen hours, actually.”

  “Do you really keep track of that?”

  “Only with you. Who knows when I’ll be getting my next meal~?” Ashley smirked, showing a bit of his teeth that only Andy knew were capable of so much torture and pleasure.

  A hard blush began to creep along Andy’s face. No matter how annoyed with the marks he was, that smirk had always managed to melt him completely into nothing more than a puddle.

  “Wh-what do you suggest we do, then?” Andy muttered, swallowing the lump in his throat.

  “Let’s start here and see where it goes.” Ashley pushed him back against the wall. Taking his lover’s face in his hands, the bassist leaned up to match Andy’s height and kissed him hard on the lips. Immediately, Andy’s tongue pushed at his lips, begging for more, and Ashley wasn’t afraid to oblige.

  As their tongues fought for control of the other’s, Andy was wavering in and out of conscious and unconscious bliss. One moment, he was clothed and against the hotel room’s wall. The next, he and Ashley were shirtless, and he was being straddled on the bed. This happened every time they were together, and he could never quite recall how it happened, nor did he really care. Not yet, anyway.

  Ashley’s lips pulled away and began their normal routine. They would move down to one side of Andy’s neck (intent on leaving a mark until Andy breathily begged him not to), then slowly made their way to the other side (where no begging was needed, since Ashley gave up). They would move to Andy’s collarbone, tongue flicking across the skin every so often, and Andy would shudder every time he felt it. Then, his lips would slowly work their way down the center of Andy’s chest, more tongue-flicking from Ashley and breathy moans from Andy. As his lips reached his lover’s pants line, Ashley’s hands would begin their work: Undoing Andy’s pants, and removing those and his boxers. He never had to ask Andy to help, since they both had – almost – too much practice.

  This time, Andy misjudged.

  Ashley hadn’t taken off his lover’s pants, nor his boxers. He did have his belt in his hand, leaving Andy to wonder when the Hell that had happened. The belt was folded in on itself, end to end, and Andy knew what that meant.

  “A-Ashes…” he breathed. Ashley’s eyes shot up to look at Andy, yet his mouth never moved. “N-no beating, please…I can’t-”

  Now his lips moved. “Can’t take it, huh?” Ashley barked. “You’re Andy fucking Biersack and you can’t take a bit of pain?”

  “I’ve taken enough, and you know I can.”

  “Then do it!” Ashley smacked the belt hard on Andy’s chest.

  “Ashes, stop it!” Andy forced himself up, and Ashley moved back out of his lap.

  “Come on, Andy, take it like always! What’s so different this time?” Ashley took the loop of the belt in his hand, exposing the hard metal buckle that Andy knew meant no good.

  As the thought crossed his mind, it came to life, and metal hit skin before he could move away. Tears welled in his eyes; Ashley was hitting him in rage, not in the normal kinky-pleasure-way.

  This isn’t Ashley, he told himself. This isn’t my Ashes.

  The belt was coming towards him again, and Andy made a split-second decision: He grabbed it, ripped it from Ashley’s grip, and smacked Ashley with it right across the chest.

  It seemed to have worked.

  “What the Hell, Andrew?!” the bassist yelled as he rubbed where the leather hit skin.

  “That’s what you’ve been doing to me! Get ahold of yourself, Ashes! I refuse to be with you until you do!” He grabbed his shirt and walked out.

  Left sitting half-naked and confused in the hotel bed, Ashley ran a hand through his hair.

  Get ahold of yourself! I refuse to be with you until you do!

  “D-does that mean there’s no more Andley?” Ashley looked solemnly towards the hotel room’s door. He slumped slightly and folded his hands in his lap.

  What have I done…?


  Andy pulled his shirt on and went next door into Christian’s room, hushing the drummer before he could greet him loudly. He would have preferred Jinxx’s company, but he shared a room with Jake, and the singer didn’t feel like explaining himself twice.

  Once Andy pushed himself into CC’s room, the drummer noticed his brother’s eyes were red.

  “Andy, have you been…crying?” he asked.

  Andy sniffed. “Not yet, but…” He stopped himself as tears filled his eyes.

  Christian sat Andy on his bed, then sat beside him, wrapping his arm around his brother.

  “You look horrible. What happened?”

  “Ash and I fought…” He couldn’t tell CC everything. He was afraid how his brother would react to the full truth. It’s bad enough Jinxx knows…

  “Is there anything I can do?” Christian asked sincerely.

  A knock came on the door. Ashley’s frantic voice – begging to be let in – seeped through the door.

  Wide-eyed, Andy whispered, “Hide me!”

  Christian scrambled to fit Andy under the short hotel bed. Andy could on barely fit lying flat with his head turned to face the door. CC folded the bed sheet down so Andy couldn’t be seen, but his brother could still see about an inch above the floor.

  Ashley’s voice and knocking got more frantic.

  “Christian, please! I can’t find Andy!” he called.

  “Hold on!” CC ran over and opened the door. Andy could see Ashley and Christian’s shoes, and heard tears in Ashley’s voice as he spoke.

  “I pissed him off. Bad,” Ashley said. “And he up and left! Please tell me you’ve seen him?!”

  “No, man, I haven’t…”

  Christian was a bad liar, and Andy could tell the bassist wasn’t buying it. Come on, CC, do this for me…

  “Maybe he’s with Jinxx?” CC suggested.

  Ashley’s feet shifted. “I already checked. He and Jake heard the door slam, but they didn’t look to see who it was…” Andy heard Ash’s voice trail off. He felt bad. Wanted to just fling himself out from under the bed and hold his lover close and kiss him and-

  No! Dammit, no! He stifled a growl at himself. He deserves to suffer like I did.

  “I think you and I should go check the bar, Ash,” Christian said. Andy watched their feet walk out and heard the door click shut. He breathed deep, finally able to relax.

  Crawling out from under the bed, he stood and rubbed his shoulders. After rubbing out a few knots, he raided Christian’s dresser. He took only one pair of pants and one shirt, then traded his for those.

  Working quickly, he headed into the bathroom. He parted his hair in the middle and frantically teased the back in messy chunks. He found the drummer’s warpaint and painted CC’s teardrops on the outer corners of his eyes and on his cheeks.

  He looked almost exactly like CC, save his bright blue eyes. He sighed heavy, then walked out of the room. He gently shut the door, and then headed to the elevator and pushed the ‘down’ button.

  When it greeted him with a ding, open doors, and a – thankfully – empty room, he stepped in. The doors closed behind him and he headed down to the lobby.

  The doors opened again, and e peeked out to look around. There was no sign of any of his brothers. Quickly, he walked out of the hotel. And, then, he walked away.

  Away from the hotel.

  Away from his friends.

  Away from Ashley.

  Away from himself.
I didn't put a filter on because hardly anything really happened, and we're all mature here. If I get complaints, I'll change it.
Anywho, this is the first of 5 BVB one-shot fanfics I'm posting. I always make them ridiculously long, and so that's why this is a two-part one-shot.
Because I'm horrible.
This IS an Andley, for those of you who read this first. Though I'm sure many of you will read this last, if at all.
Note: The time-frame for this is about Set The World On Fire album release time. Basically, Andy has long black hair, but CC's in the band. So...yeah.
Part 2:…
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Jake sighed.

"Goddamned make-up" he cursed in a whisper as he admired the towel he was holding in hand, covered in white and black make-up from his face after the concert. He had nothing else to use to get it all gone. At least all the sweat had helped him.

However, that didn't mean he still could get his face clean. It was all a mess with all the make-up they used. Especially Andy; he was always the one with more problems after concerts.

And it didn't help Jake to focus on his face when he had another one to admire. He was getting way too distracted with Christian in the same room doing the same. The only exception is that Jake liked Christian more than himself.

The adorable way his nose looked like shrinking when he sneezed, the way the drummer closed his eyes when cleaning his face, the awkward moment when he asked if he was clean already when he still had half of his face under make-up…everything was driving Jake crazy.

Seriously, how could a man be so….cute? Men were supposed to be all manly and stuff, but Christian was more like the awkward, adorable kind of man, even being in such a rude-looking band.

Jake had pressed the tip of the towel with another quiet sigh but he was interrupted by another voice coming from the other side of the room.
"Hey, Jake" Christian called, making the other turn with a light blush invading his cheeks. "Do I still have make-up?"

Jake giggled lightly; the drummer had half of his face white and black yet, almost like he had done nothing to get rid of it.
"Dude, you're not clean yet" Jake pointed out, making the other try to look at his own forehead, just getting another giggle from Jake at how awkward the younger man was.

"Aw, man, damn it" Christian said as he pressed the handkerchief he was holding to his forehead. Jake just smiled warmly as the other giggled at himself just by remembering that, in the concert of that day, Andy was almost drooling over his own picture.

Some minutes passed, and it could have been in silence if it weren't because, outside the room in backstage, Ashley's voice screamed for Andy to give him back his eyeliner. Oh, guys. However, Jake couldn't finish cleaning his own face since Christian's voice appeared again.

"Am I clean now?" Jake smiled, almost saying 'Aaw' loudly as if he had seen the most adorable thing ever; and he somehow had. Not many people, and by people Jake meant the rest of the band members, understood why he thought of Christian as the most adorable person in the universe. He couldn't explain; he just knew he loved everything Christian did, said or even touched.

"No" Jake said with the same tender smile before he got closer, dragging his feet from one side of the room to the other, where Christian cursed under his breath for not being clean yet.
"Where?" the drummer pouted while looking with puppy eyes at the slightly taller man.

"Here" Jake placed his hands on each of Christian's cheeks, still holding the towel while smiling to the other, seeing Christian's cheek getting painted in red under some stains of make-up he still had on his skin. "And here" his thumbs, under the cloth, caressed the drummer's face gently, making him stare at his boots with a harder blush.

"Umm…what are you doing?" Christian asked innocently while the other kept on cleaning his face. Jake noticed some more white make-up on the other's chin, so he softly cleaned it away.
"You never clean it all by yourself" Jake explained. "I thought you needed some help"

"Oh" Christian's blush hardened as he stared back to the floor, not able to see his feet by Jake making him look up by holding his chin softly.
"I like your face" Jake whispered, making the other's now clean face burn in mad crimson.

"I don't" Christian replied, looking away and to the floor.
"I do" Jake replied, making their gazes meet once again before he brought the younger man's face closer. "Like…your  nose" he, tenderly, pressed his lips against Christian's nose, making a quiet groan sound in his throat at the surprise he caused. "And your ears" he said as his teeth caught softly Christian's ear, something which always made the drummer giggle.

"Hey, let go" he said while giggling like a small kid, before Jake got closer once again.
"And of course your forehead" the gutiarist let the towl fall to the floor just to place his still gloved hands on Christian's cheek, the drummer staring to the floor while the other kissed softly his forehead. "And your…lips"

Christian's eyes widened slightly when he found a soft pair of lips against his own, an unexpected kiss from Jake making a thousand butterflies tickle the inside of his stomach, his heart beating as fast as a scared bunny before he decided to let the moment be, closing his eyes while feeling Jake's arms slipping around his waist, pulling him closer, making the drummer place a hand on the older man's upper arm while the other got lost in his raven black hair.

The kiss didn't last long, but it was not so short. Their lips just moved in synchrony, catching one another's lips softly, not caring at all if they should be doing it or not. Once they were done, they broke apart softly, their arms still around each other while staring into their eyes with a smile draw on their faces, Christian's being shier.

"That was…unexpected" the drummer said while the other got closer once again, pressing his lips softly against Christian's cheek, making him blush once again.
"But awesome"

Christian giggled while the other kissed softly his neck.

"Indeed it was"  
Umm...hi :3
I'm not, uh, ~VivianneBiersack06, I'm her friend :iconidunno09: because....we're in school, bored, and we wanted to write something xD

So...I thought of this...and....uh....yeah .___.

This is not in my account because I dun really write 'bout BVB :blush:

But anyway, enjoy? Yeah. enjoy :giggle:
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"Why are you acting this way?" Andy's voice fussed. Jinxx and CC were sitting on the small beat up couch in our shity RV watching this all go down, as they do or rather have to every week. Anything is a crises with him.

Right now he's being a little bitch, accusing me of flirting with to many girls and some dudes at are shows.

"I'm just having fun with are fan, besides like I'm ever going to see any of them again"
"That's not an excuse"


I've told this boy so many times how much I love him. I've never told that to any other soul besides my parents that I love anyone. Except him. But he's to caught up in himself to see that.

"Andy just shut your fucking mouth, all you do is yell and fuss, I've had it with you WE ARE OVER!"


"Please, you wouldn't leave me" he spat back angerly.

"Oh really?"
"Yeah" he smirked.

"I try to make you happy I really do, but you never are"


Have you ever felt so in love with someone, that you couldn't stand the thought of being away from them. Yet slowly, and I've seen it so many times that love slowly transforms to a deep hatred. To where you can't even stand the sight of them anymore.


Andy no longer had a face of anger but rather of disbelief. His jaw was wide open. Jinxx and CC were both looking worriedly at each other. Jake had come in and was now standing in the door way watching the drama that was our life.


Tears began to run down his pale cheeks.

"It's not going to work this time Andy"
"I thought you loved me"
"I did too, but you don't seem to be happy with that so why should I even give a damn?"


"No buts Andy we are done end of story" I said before retreating to the bunks. I could hear him calling my name, but I rendered no respond. I simply tuned him out with my head phones. The heavy base line filled my thoughts.


I should have known better to then to fall in love. It always ends with pain. I had always lived by that rule, until I meet him. For some reason I made myself believe he was different from the rest. That he had the power to change that rule, but I was wrong.


I'm sorry I ever loved you.


Maybe I'd seen to many movies, that were filled with lies and dreams. Love isn't real. Or at least not for me. The bunks were completely dark and quite except for the hum of the song coming threw my ear phones.


The door opened and Andy walked in, oblivious to my presents. He sat down on his bunk and put his head in his hands.

"What have I done?" he muttered to himself.


He lite a cigarette. The smoke danced in the air as it came out of his perfect pink lips. His sky blue eyes were tear filled, and black trails streamed down his face as his make up ran.


He's going to be the death of me, if I keep letting his tears push me around.


I couldn't help the fact that I still loved him. Yet at the same time I hated him with a passion. The two were at war in my brain.


I cleared my throat, which startled him. Those beautiful eyes were set on me. I climbed down from my sanctuary into the battle.

"Ashley, please I'm sorry"
"I know"


He really was beautiful.


"Please don't leave me, I can't live without you"
"Then why do you treat me like shit?"
"I don't mean to, I love you so much"


Don't let him get to you Ash, I reminded myself. He held so much power over me. It was for this reason that I hated him, no one in my entire life had so much power over me. Not even my parents. Yet he did.

He returned to his sobbing. He's going to be the death of me.


"I'm not going to leave you" I said getting down on his level, and lifting his chin up.

"I love you"
"I know"


I'd lost the war. He had won, and as our lips touched he sealed it. He had plunged the knife into my heart, and owned me.


"Do you love me?" His shaky voice said.

"Do you hate me?" I paused.




Our lips meet again. I'm going down.
So this is another one shot for the band BVB. It's Ashley x Andy. I'm transferring all my BVB stories over to this account from Mibba so that people here can view them. I am still writing Dead Wrong btw.
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A few seconds after, a diamond axe flew through the air, grazing Mitch's hair.
It ended up in one of the surrounding buildings's wall.
The bacca then ran towards the startled guy, and punched him in the face, which made Bajan fall to the ground.
Mitch got back in fighting stance, caught up to the bacca, and kicked him in the guts.
Jerome groaned in pain, and jumped on Mitch, who punched him in one of his eyes right after that.
As he was doing that, Jerome kicked him in the knees, and made him fall down again. He didn't waste any time and ran to get his axe back, giving a short truce to his adversary.
Mitch immediatly got up. He was shivering with tension and anxiety, but the fact he knew his opponent really well was still making him confident.
He looked up at his inventory, and in an instant a diamond sword appeared in his right hand. He held it firmly, even if he was reticent to use it.
In the meantime, Jerome was doing quick moves in front of his friend, waiting for the right time to strike.
Mitch then noticed the bacca's unusual red eyes. Normally, when he was in his bacca-rage state, his eyes were still the same color, which was black, but here ….
Since Bajan diverted his attention on this thought, Jerome sprang at the chance, and pounced on Mitch as an arrow and struck him the axe in his left arm.
His victim cried in pain, as his arm started to bleed. Though, his right arm with the sword wasn't wounded. He decided to take this chance, and swung his sword towards Jerome.
The bacca yelped of pain as the blade pierced his own left arm.
He then closed his eyes, and quickly removed the sharp item off his now wounded limb. He let his axe fall to the ground, and decided to use the sword against Mitch, using the same method.
He aimed for Bajan's chest, and threw it towards the other Minecraftian.
It rammed into a stomach.
But Mitch, didn't get hurt.
Because the stomach Jerome's sword went in ….
Was Jason's one.

Everyone gasped, as the space-loving boy stood there, calmly, the cutting object piercing through his body.
But soon, his legs started to tremble, and he fell down on his knees, with a blank look on his face.

«WhAt ArE yOu DoInG ?!! » Yelled the bacca.

Everyone looked at him, scared.
Because this voice they just heard, wasn't Jerome's.
It was like, they were two in his body. Like if, someone or something was possessing him.

«I'm … just … helping my …. friends …. Stammered Jason between coughs.
-And we're going to do it, too ! Shouted Husky.
-Yeah, all of us ! Continued everyone in the crowd.
-YoU fOoLiSh MoRtAlS ! » Roared the fluffy humanoid.

Jerome ot his diamond axe back, but when he lifted his head, most of the crowd was between him, and his targets. They were all there, in fighting stance, ready to give their lives to defend Mitch and Jason.
Jerome smirked, and dissapeared like an enderman.

« Tha-that 's not normal …. at all …. Anxiously whispered Dealox.
-I know , right ? Said Miamore on the same tone. »

Jerome appeared again, right in front of Mitch.

«Je-Jerome … snap out of it …. you're my friend, remember ? Desperately said Bajan
-Oh, but I so know that …. , sneered the bacca. »

He lifted his arm up, ready to give the fatal blow to his victim.
But he got hit by a water jet.
Not too far away from him, a humanoid mudkip, with a satisfied look on his face,  was opening his mouth, were the water was coming from.
As Jerome got knocked out on the ground, everyone rushed to him, and started to hurt him everytime he tried to get up.
They only stopped once they saw a dark smoke go out his body , and  heard him groan in pain, with his normal voice.
He had wounds everywhere, and one of his eyes was besieged by a huge bruise, because of one of Mitch's move.
This latter dashed towards him, worried, as some people went to take care of Jason, giving him health potions, ignoring the orders that had been given to only use them in desperate situations.

«Jerome ….. , whispered Bajan at his fluffy friend , …. are you ok, dood ? …
-Do … I seem … like a  … healthy ... person … to you ? Stammered the bacca.
-Of course not …. ,  muttered Mitch, And that's why I'm worried 'bout you …
-I'll be ... fine, Mitch …. I'll be f- »

Jerome gasped of pain, and his eyes widened, as he suddenly started to cough blood.
He put his hand on his chest, and with the other he gripped his own neck, trying to make the coughs stop.
Mitch started panicking, and some tears started to roll down his face.

« Jerome ! What's happening ?!!! He yelled.
-H-Help ….Mitch … ! ... , managed to say the bacca.
-Quick ! Everyone ! Jerome needs help ! Said Blade.
-If you have some, throw health potions at him ! Continued Creepella.»

Most of the crowd rushed to the agonizing one, and did what Creepella said.
And, in a few minutes, Jerome had recovered, though some wounds were still there.
Mitch then hugged Jerome tightly, since he got healed by the potions too, his arm wasn't hurting him anymore.
But his friend repulsed him, and sat a little away from him , crying softly.

«Why are you crying ? …. everything's right, now …
-No, it's not … I mean, I've just tried to kill you ….
-You weren't in your normal state …. so, that's okay, whispered Mitch as he hugged Jerome again.
-You're maybe right …. but …. there is still one thing bothering me …., said his fluffy friend.
-What is it ? Asked Bajan.
-Are you really going somewhere far away from here … without me ?
-… I … , sighed Mitch.
-It's true, isn't it ? Guessed the bacca. »

Mitch made a pause. He then looked in his friend's eyes. He sighed, and finally decided to answer.

« Yes ….
-Mitch …. We made a promise we would always do everything together …. , started to whine Jerome
-You made that promise … I didn't promise anything ….
-So … you're just leaving me behind … like that … without even telling me …
-Jerome, I'm sorry … I … I just didn't wanted to tell you … I don't even know why I did this … I think I thought you would be okay with me going on a journey …. without your company ....
-I don't want your apologies ! … You know I hate it when you simply go without me to buy things ! How could you imagine I would be okay to be separated from you for weeks ?!!! Or even … more …., Yelled Jerome as tears both anger and sadness were forming in his eyes.
-Come on now, I know it will maybe be a dangerous travel, but it wont be that deadly ….
-How can you know that ?! You're not a soothsayer as long as I know ! ….
-Jerome … calm down, I'm sure it will be okay … we're just going to find some necromancers ….
-And what if these necromancers are evil ? Huh ?!
-Dood … why are you acting like this ?
-Think, damn it ! It's obvious !
-I … I don't know …
-Ugh …. It's because I don't want to lose you, idiot ! You know that I care about you … a lot …. and … you know why …. , said Jerome as he whispered the last few words. »

Part 1 :…

Part 2 :…

Part 3 :…

Part 4 :…

Bloopers :…

Part 5 :…

Part 6 :…

Part 7 : I finally had some inspiration

Part 8 :…


Soooo ... after almost a month ... here it is ! ^^"

Merome, guys ... or ASFCanadian ... whatever ...

I think I only keep calling this fanfiction Skylox because I can't find another title ...


Dealox is :icondealox: 's

Blade is :iconmkdynablade: 's

Miamore is :iconlindsa-supreme-9117: 's

Creepella is :iconakire123: 's
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So proud of dis X3
heres little Veronica from my new story

time taken: 2 hours
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Here we go, welcome to my funeral
Without you I don't even have a pulse
All alone it's dark and cold
With every move I die

Here I go, this is my confessional
A lost cause, nobody can save my soul
I am so delusional
With every move I die

I have destroyed our love, it's gone
Payback is sick, it's all my fault

I'm dancing with tears in my eyes
Just fighting to get through the night
I'm losing it
With every move I die

I'm fading, I'm broken inside
I've wasted the love of my life
I'm losing it
With every move I die

When did I become such a hypocrite?
Double life, lies that you caught me in
Trust me I'm paying for it
With every move I die

On the floor I'm just a zombie
Who I am is not who I wanna be
I'm such a tragedy
With every move I die

I have destroyed our love, it's gone
Payback is sick, it's all my fault

I'm dancing with tears in my eyes
Just fighting to get through the night
I'm losing it
With every move I die

I'm fading, I'm broken inside
I've wasted the love of my life
I'm losing it
With every move I die

This is it and now you're really gone this time
Never once thought I'd be in pieces left behind

I'm dancing with tears in my eyes
Just fighting to get through the night
I'm losing it
With every move I die

I'm fading, I'm broken inside
I've wasted the love of my life
I'm losing it
With every move I die
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Just venting...
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I sketched Jake to get my mind off of things

it somewhat worked XD
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((Yay XD))
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Yay fights over football xD
Yes, That is a hair pin on Ty c:
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I’m stood here, peering over his shoulder, looking over him maybe in more ways than one. We were once one, together, partners and we still are even if he thinks otherwise…
It was a beautiful summer’s day like told in those romantic films the hot sun’s rays beating down on us both, cool breeze flowing through our hair occasionally and our hands intertwined as new lovers do and that we were. We wandered aimlessly through our local park until something caught my eye, I coughed catching his attention as he turned his head to look at me, I nodded my head in the direction of a bench just behind a lake he smiled and silently agreed with me. We sat down on the bench and he placed his arm around my shoulder as I placed my arm around his waist under his jacket. We watched as the sun slowly started to set turning from sky blue to yellow and orange till it turned deep blue almost black as the stars sparkled in the sky and watched as it mirrored in the lake. No words were spoken they weren’t needed it was our actions that spoke for us. Though it was night it was still warm, as I remember, I placed my head on his shoulder and quietly yawned clearly indicating I was tired.

I slowly closed my eyes and took a deep breath in, taking in his sent along with fresh, cool air. I felt strong arms wrap around me and picked me up bridal style. My eyes shoot open as I tightly wrapped my arms around his neck to keep myself from falling. He giggled lightly as I practically hung on for dear life. I soon settled and snuggled into his chest, no one was around at that time of night so we could be ourselves with each other and not have to hide our relationship. I felt content around him and so was he but now… now is different for both of us.

We later arrived at his house, it was small but not cramped it was cosy and well just right, a bit like him. He opened the door and closed it with his foot, he walked into the living room still carrying me but he didn’t stop there he walked up the stairs and into his bedroom only then he set me down on his bed, yet, he still didn’t let go of me. We fell asleep in each other’s arms, little did we know it would be one of the last times. One of the last times I could hold him in my arm. One of the last times I could feel his breath against me. One of the last times he would tell me he loved me. One of the last times I would be there, with him.
He still loves me, I know that for a fact, even if he cries over me almost every day. It seems he never stops thinking about me, talking about me, crying over me. It pains me to think about this and to see it. He’s broken but he can be fixed… unlike me… I’m broken for good.
I strolled through the streets happily, I was going to see him again the love of my life again. He had changed my world for the better there was no denying that but that one moment changed it all forever. I was stupid well in love madly so it’s the same thing, right? I stepped out into the road little did I know it would all end soon, for good. A car came speeding down the road, it must have been way past the limit, but it hit me full on. I went straight onto the front of the car, smashing a lot of the glass. I lay there, on the front of the car half way through the front window, I felt numb. Nothing in me felt anything apart from a small tingling sensation in my fingers telling me they were still there, I could still feel something. I heard screaming of my name repeated over and over until I realised who it was… it was him, my love.

I was pulled from the car gently and placed onto a hospital bed, he never stopped screaming my name. He grabbed my hand, the only thing I could still feel. “Listen I’m sorry I didn’t tell you I loved you sooner but I’m here now for you, we’ll make it through this together like we always did” I remember he sighed loudly then deeply inhaled and exhaled before continuing “we’ve helped each other through thick and thin, we’ve help each other even when we hardly knew each other… but right now” tears started running down his face at this point “… right now I need you to stay with me, to make it through this… for me… for both of us, for our future” he bent down to kiss me straight on my lips and I returned it before I lost all energy within me. My eyelids became heavy and I became very weak, I stopped kissing him back and fell back onto the bed. I heard screaming and yelling, they needed to go faster to get to the hospital they said he just needed me to be alive for both our sakes.

They were too late to save me but he’s not too late to save himself for my sake, for his sake, for both our sakes. “He’s in a good place now” I heard, which was true I was but he’s not, he’s not happy with where he is. “But he’s not here, he was too young, too happy” my love said as he let out a frustrated groan “why couldn’t it have been me?” he practically yells “why” his voice turns into whisper. He blames himself for what happened to me, it was nobody’s, but the stupid drivers, fault.
“I still love you biggums, more than you can imagine” I whisper even though I know he still can hear me, I’ve learnt that nobody notices me no matter what I do or say, but that seemed to have changed for this one time. He turned to look directly at me but not just at me straight into my eyes “biggums” I try again, his eyes widen as if he couldn’t believe what he saw. His frown on his face changed to a small smile, he cleared his face of tear tracks and rose to his feet.

It was a cold, harsh winter’s day and snow was heavily on the ground but also falling. It was cold even though I couldn’t feel it as people were dressed in big winters coats, hats, scarves and gloves, anything to keep them warm. You could see people’s breath in front of them as the snow gathered on their heads and eyelashes. I was like a winter wonderland, winter it was, a wonderland not so much.

“Let’s go home Adam” my lover breathed out “but--- I ah--- ok” Adam stuttered out at seeing the smile on my loves face “why are you so…” Adam continued using hand gestures to finish his sentence. “I have to move on Adam he’s gone and I have to accept it, your right he’s in a better place now… we’ll go just let me say goodbye” Adam nodded and headed towards the exit. My love walked back over to where he was before and to where I currently was, he knelt down in front of me and my eyes followed him. “I’ll never forget you biggums” he whispered as his took is his hand to his lips and kissed two fingers then gently placed them against my tomb stone “thanks for everything” he finally said. He got back up again to leave and walked towards the exit but before he left he turned to look at me, AT ME again “I love you Mitch” he said and winked at me. “I love you too Jerome” I whispered but he was already gone. I watched him leave down the road as Adam put his arm around Jerome in a comforting manner. I was happy because he was happy and that’s all that mattered, he was moving on with his life.
I tried, at least this one took less time than most my work because I was feeling inspired (but also had the whole day off school!)
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I'm in a shipping mood, so have some asfcanadian I drew during the summer holidays.
(sorry for poor picture quality)
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"That's not fair!I should've won!I only had,like,three hearts!"Jerome was ranting on about how he should've one the PvP match.Mitch was only grinning and giggling at his friend's anger.True,he had low health,but he should've paid more attention when he was coming.
"It's not my fault you suck at PvP."Mitch said,the smirk on his face could be heard through his voice."Shut up Mitch,I don't suck,Preston does."Jerome folded his arms and huffed.
His actions made Mitch giggle even more.Jerome could be so childish at times.But,he's interesting that way."Whatever,Preston (Perston :L) does suck a PvP,but you do too."Mitch swirled in his chair and grinned wider."I was low on hearts!I already told you that!"Jerome's attitude was what interested him the most.All his emotions made him fall for his best friend.He never noticed this,though.It didn't make Jerome dense,Mitch just hid it well is all."It's not my fault that I have swag and you don't."Mitch's smile widened even more,if that was even possible."Mitch,you know what swag means,yea?"Jerome questioned,his anger suddenly faded.

This question confused Mitch.What did he mean,'What swag means?'. Surely he knew what swag meant.But,did it have more than one meaning?"Of course I know what it means."Mitch furrowed his brows and folded his arms,trying to figure out what Jerome exactly meant.
"Well,if you knew,then you wouldn't have said it."Now,Jerome was smirking and Mitch was confuzzled."What do you mean,Jerome?"Mitch asked,really wanting to know this new meaning of swag."It means,secretly we are gay,are you implying that you're gay,Mitch?"This surprised him."W-what!N-n-no!I'm not g-gay!"Mitch blushed a dark crimson,but he was glad Jerome couldn't see how flushed he was."Meh,you sure are stuttering a lot,Mitch."This was to much pressure for the young man,"OK!FINE!I-I LIKE-NO SCRATCH THAT,I LOVE YOU JEROME!I AM GAY!I WAS THIS WHOLE TIME,I'M SORRY FOR NOT TELLING YOU A-AND...and...."Mitch just let it all out.Jerome was flabbergasted (Yes,flabbergasted XD)  by Mitch's sudden outburst."H-hey,it's alright,buddy."Jerome tried to sooth his embarrassed friend."I-I love you too."A faint smile was on Jerome's face when he found out Mitch shared his feelings."R-really?"
Mitch asked,a smile making it's way on his lips as well."Yea,you wouldn't fall for your adorable looks and great personality?"This cheered Mitch up and made his heart flutter.
One of the happiest days of his life was today,the day he knew his love loved him back.
So,turns out,they both really DID have swag.The best kind of swag there is.
'Cause I fucking said so :L
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Hunted SupernaturalxWolf shifter!Reader

You knew the rules.

Be discreet.

Don’t let anyone see you.

And, above all, do not kill a human.

You had always abided by those rules. Until tonight, anyway.

In your defense, you were sure that what you killed wasn’t human. It sure didn’t smell like one. Humans always smelled warm; even if more subtle scents were often intermixed. That thing smelled… empty. Like it wasn’t sure what it was.

And you deeply regretted killing it.

Not because you had taken a life, that was something you would have to get over in order to survive, it was what followed after.

People now knew you existed.

Or, at least, three people knew.

Your grandmother always warned you and your little brother about them. They were the reason why the rules even existed.


~Three days earlier~

Your life was relatively normal. Well, normal for a wolf shifter anyway.

You lived with your grandmother and younger brother. Naturally, you had to move around a lot for your own protection but you and your brother adjusted quickly enough.

Your life was predictable and safe… until people started disappearing.


You were sitting on your grandmother’s living room couch doing your homework while the television was set on a news channel, providing background noise.

When you were almost finished with your history assignment, the doorbell rang.

“(Name), can you get that please?” Your grandmother called from the kitchen.

“Okay!” You shouted back as you made your way to the front door. As soon as you open the door, the shortest of the three men in the doorway shot you a charming smile which froze when he caught sight of your mismatched eyes. He recovered swiftly, however, and then the smile seemed even warmer.

“Hello, I’m Agent Booth and this is my partner, Agent Brennan, and our trainee, Sweets. We’d like to ask your parents a couple of questions.” The shortest of the three men said.

“Um, Gran, some people are here to talk to you!” You yelled.


As soon as the three F.B.I. agents left, your grandmother called you and your brother together for a family meeting.

“We’re leaving.” She stated.

“What?” You asked, startled.

“When?” Your brother asked at the same time.

“It’s not safe here any longer.”

“But won’t it look suspicious to those agents if we just leave?” You asked.

“Those men are not federal agents.” Your grandmother spat. “They’re hunters.”

“Why are they here?” You asked.

“There’s something here and it’s killing humans.”

“Do we know what it is?” You brother asked.

“Not for sure. But from the details the hunters let slip, it’s lupine.”

“How come we haven’t heard about it already?” You asked.

“Either the police wanted to keep a lid on things or they thought that the deaths were unrelated animal attacks.”

“We need to take care of this.” You decided.

“What?” Your grandmother looked at you with astonishment.

“I’m all for skipping town but don’t we have some sort of obligation to this place?”

“We are better equipped to handle this situation.” Your brother agreed. “And it will probably take us less time than those hunters to piece things together.”

Your grandmother sighed, knowing full well that you and your brother were right.

“Fine. But as soon as this mess is taken care of, we leave.”


The next few days were spent doing rigorous research. However, neither you nor your brother or grandmother could find anything conclusive.

You shut the fat leather book before you and huffed out a breath.

“Okay, the words in this book are beginning to swim together. I’m going for a run.” You said. In your family going for a run meant shifting.

Your grandmother glanced up from her own ancient book.

“Be careful dear, it’s a full moon tonight.”

Your breed of shifters would easily be confused with werewolves or other such creatures, but while you felt more powerful when the moon was at it’s peak, it held no power over you. Still, with the hunters in town, you would have to be extra careful to remain unseen.

“I will, Gran.” You promised as you slipped out the back door and into the woods that backed your house.

Once inside the protection of the forest, you rested your back against a tree and focused on your breathing. You had only been a fully matured shifter for three years and you were still very focused on doing your transformation right.

You felt the wind ghost over your skin and rustle the leaves of the overhead trees. You heard the skittering of the small animals and reached for the hidden, more animal side of your soul.

The transformation only lasted a moment and then you were on four legs and running through the forest. The rush of freedom through your 5’8 deer-sized wolf frame was almost intoxicating. You almost pitied humans because they could never know such freedom.

You raced off down an invisible path and just enjoyed the sensation of running. Your enjoyment was quickly cut short when an unusual scent slammed into you. You lifted your nose and sniffed the air in an attempt to pinpoint what exactly the new smell was.

It wasn’t human, but it didn’t smell quite like an animal either.

After a moment of hesitation, you cautiously took off after the scent.

The trail led you closer to town than you usually ventured. So much so that when you reached the end of the scent trail, you found yourself very near a residential area.

You surveyed the surrounding area and was just about to slink back into the woods when a shadow caught your eye. Whatever it was appeared your size and it was quickly moving towards the houses.

You sniffed the air once more to confirm what your instincts already knew. That creature was the one giving off the strange scent. The more animal side of your brain kicked in and you pulled back your lips in a snarl.

You launched yourself forward and attempted to sink your fangs in the back of the creature’s neck. Your mouth was open wide, prepared to bite when the creature turned and swiped you out of the air with a massive paw.

You hit the ground hard and felt the air momentarily leave your lungs. Instantly, the thing was atop of you. You kicked your back legs and flung it off. Pushing your advantage, you pounced and pinned the creature beneath you. You paused only a moment before ripping the creature’s throat out. The body stilled beneath you.

You panted heavily and got off the body. You nudged it with your nose and huffed.

“Well, that takes care of that then.” You growled.

You were about to lope off into the shelter of the trees when a shot rang out and a searing pain infused your shoulder with a burning fire. You yelped in surprise and started to skitter back toward the trees.

You heard the shouting of three men behind you.

The hunters had found you.


You swore you never ran so fast as when you ran home from the hunters.

You quickly burst through the back door.

“(Name), glad you’re back! Listen, we think we figured out what’s killing people.” Your brother rounded the corner into the kitchen and cursed under his breath when he saw you.

“Yeah,” you panted, “I took care of it.”

“What happened to your shoulder?”

“Hunters. We need to leave now.” Your brother once again cursed to voice his displeasure.

“(Brother’s name), I know I didn’t just hear profanity out of that sweet mouth of yours.” Your grandmother shouted from the living room.

“’Course not, Gran, but we have more important things to tend to now. (Name)’s back.”

The instant your name was mentioned, your grandmother bustled in on the scene. She took in your shoulder with a practiced eye.

“(Brother’s name), take your sister upstairs and tend to her shoulder. (Name), you might want to change back.” Your grandmother advised.

“There’s no time now for any of that!” You protested. “The hunters are going to be here any second! If we’re still here, they’ll kill us!”

“What there’s no time for is to dig a bullet out of your shoulder when it heals itself. If the hunters come before we leave, we’ll deal with them.”

“Not if, more like when.” You grumbled as you limped up the stairs. When you and your brother got into the upstairs bathroom, all you remaining energy went to shifting back. You had gone through the Halfling form (an in between creature with wolf ears, small fangs, and a tail) when your heard the front door burst open.

“They’re here.” Your brother whispered. Now fully human and clothed (a handy little trick all of your kind learned after the first year of shifting because being naked was inconvenient), you stumbled out of the bathroom.

“Where’s Gran?” You hissed at your brother.

“In one of the bedrooms probably.”

“Let’s go.” You and your brother scampered over to the bedrooms, keeping a wary eye on the stairs.

The closest bedroom was yours, and there, on the floor, shoving as many clothes as could fit into a backpack, was your grandmother. Two other backpacks were on the floor beside her, nearly bursting at the seams.


“They’re here. I know.” After the words were out of your grandmother’s mouth, heavy soled feet stormed up the stairs and the two not-F.B.I.-agents and their protégé burst into the room.

“If there has ever been a time for ‘I told you so’, it is now ‘cause I totally called it.” You commented drily.

The shortest of the three men cocked his gun.

“Oh, would you look at this, Sammy. We found the pack.”

“If it’s any consolation, we’re innocent.” Your grandmother said coolly, getting to her feet.

“Well, “innocent” might not be the best word to use.” Your brother interjected.

“We aren’t the ones who killed in this town.” Your grandmother said.

“Then who is?” The tallest hunter asked.

“All we know is that it was a werewolf.” The short hunter snorted.

“Fat chance. Only half the killings happened during the full moon.” Now it your grandmother’s turn to snort.

“It’s disheartening to see how easily the knowledge of your ancestors is forgotten. Only new wolves need to transform on the full moon. Once werewolves mature a bit, they can change at will. Only the strong and subtle survive.”

“Um, Dean, can we talk?” The tallest hunter, Sammy, asked. The two hunters and their shadow of a trainee huddled together and whispered in hushed tones. They turned back and Dean glared at all three of you in turn.

“Here’s the deal, for some reason, my brother thinks you three are telling the truth-”

“They are Dean. No lies have been spoken in this room.” The trainee, a man with startling blue eyes, said. Dean glared at the third man.

“As I was saying, we’re going to leave you to your lives. But, if the killings continue, we will be back and next time I won’t just shoot you in the shoulder.” Dean’s last words were directed at you. And with that, they left.

Your grandmother went back to packing.

“Wait, isn’t everything okay now? Do we still have to leave?” Your brother asked.

“I’m afraid so, dear. The werewolf might be dead but those hunters know where we are now. Grab a bag; we’re leaving in fifteen minutes.”


Sam, Dean, and Castiel sat in the Impala and just watched your house.

“Will they still be here if we return?” Castiel asked. Dean started up the car.

“Not likely. Even if they are innocent, if they’re smart, they’ll leave as soon as they can.”

The light of the Impala’s taillights was the last you ever saw of the hunters.

You hoped.

Do you know how long this took to write?! Do you!? If you said way too long, you would be correct. hotshot432 has been waiting for this since June 13th. The lesson here, dear readers, is that it will take me a freaking long time but I will finish the project I have taken on.

These were the details of the fic prompt: The reader can turn in to a deer size wolf (all fours 5"8', on hind legs 6"7'), half breed ( tail, ears, small fangs ), and human. Even in wolf form she can talk when she shifts her clothes change with her so when she shifts back into a human she's dressed. The reader also was heterochromia (meaning her eyes are different colors). She also lives with her little brother and grandma when she meet Sam, Dean, and Cas when they heard that there is a large wolf live in town and wanted to check it out.

I think I stayed pretty true to the prompt, I will let you guys be the judges of that though.

I have been trying to make my fics longer. Notice, if you will, that this fic weighs in at five pages on Microsoft Word which is about the length of one of my song fics.

I have a commission I need to hurry up and work on, but for the sake of the sanity of my loyal readers, I will try to finish and post the next part of Fallen (which is mostly written out) before my parents kidnap me to Cape Disappointment. I'm not kidding, that is a real place off the Oregon coast. Despite it's name, it's a really beautiful and my family love camping there. (Also Seaside isn't too far from there and Zingers has like the best licorice ice cream!) Pierce doesn't start until the 22nd (I still have my freedom, ha-ha!) so you might yet seem more writing from me.


Ahem, now that I've got that out of my system, I do not own Supernatural or any of the trademarked characters (Sam, Dead, Castiel, ect.), they belong to CW. I also do not own you. I do, however, own the plot of this story.
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Kaoru x Reader: By Your Side

Based on the otome game.

Kaoru's view

I was confused and angry. What did Syo mean by “You will understand one day when you find a partner like Haruka,” Wasn't I enough? I was his twin in the end. We had looked after each other all these years thinking about the other's best interest. It didn't make sense at all. I am the only who can make him happy!

"Kaoru!" someone shouted. I turned to see _________ running towards me. She was one of the few things that still made sense. She was always a good reliable friend and I've needed her desperately lately. She was always by my side.

Reader's POV

You chased after Kaoru calling his name. He looked deep in thought and in pain. He finally turned around and waited for you.

"I've been so worried about you!"


"You were gone yesterday!"

"I had stuff to take care of," Kaoru's sudden distancing from you stung.

"Is everything okay?" you asked.

"Not now ________-chan,"

"Do you want to be... alone?" He looked up at you conflicted.

"No," he mumbled. You grabbed his hand and sat under a cherry blossom tree motioning for him to join you. The two of you sat there in silence for awhile. The fact that Kaoru was hurting and all you seemed to be able to do was sit beside him was driving you insane. You grabbed your notebook and started doodling to help calm yourself. Since he was upset you figured it was about Haruka and Syo. In November Kaoru had skipped school for over a week to watch over Syo. He came back surprised by Syo's determination. Then in January he got angry at the fact Haruka was dating Syo which endangered Syo’s health. Then she refused to break up with Syo and tell him to quit being an idol. A month later Kaoru discovered the surgery to fix Syo’s heart only had a 50% chance of success which worried him since Syo was considering it.

"Guess I have homework to catch up on," Kaoru stated in a monotone voice.

"Yeah, but ... If you don't feel up to it you don't have to do it yet Kaoru,"

"It's alright _______-chan. Don't worry,"

"Kaoru! We've been friends for awhile I know something is up,"

"Not now. Later, okay?" He looked up at you with a weak smile. You sighed and started reviewing what he had missed in class. It caused a little pain in your heart that he wouldn't tell you, but trusted he would later. He was surprisingly calm despite being a bit distraught before. You liked that about him though. Kaoru had introduced you to Syo, he was a good person and you could see why Kaoru cared about him so much. However he had an abundance of energy that you felt became a bit too much too handle for extended periods of time. Kaoru looked at his watch.

"It's late. I better get going back to my dorm,"

"Mmm-kay let me know if you need anything," he got up and dusted his knees then turned looking you in the eyes.

"I will," he smiled appearing sincere this time. You guessed time had allowed him to sort his thoughts.

-----Time skip-----

You were tempted to call Haruka to find out what had happened. You had been neighbors until this year and were close friends. While you didn't quite understand or love music the way Haruka did, you had a deep appreciation for it. You even knew how to play the piano. However Kaoru had promised to tell you and you wanted to hear from him first.
The week went by and Kaoru went back to his usual behavior. Students had a test the end of this week so everyone was studying in a crazed way. You wanted to help Kaoru with his issues with Syo , but reminding him now could cause him to screw up on the test. You decided while walking to your dorm to leave it be for now.

"Wanna study together _____________-chan?" You turned around to see Kaoru and couldn't help but smile.

"Sure Kaoru but the library and campus have so many people,"

"Hmm you're right,"

"Why don't we study in my room?"

"Y-you're room?" he asked wide-eyed.

"It's just to study!" you blurted out a blush was starting to form.

"Right. Let's go then," You lead him to your room. The campus was filled with people cramming for the test. There were people passionately arguing or quietly murmuring to each other.

"We're here!" you announced opening the door theatrically.
You went to your bed and propped 2 pillows against the wall. Then you sat with your back against one of them. You patted the spot beside you signaling for him to come and sit.

"Come on Kaoru! It's just like a chair but comfier," he looked at you slightly skeptical but sat down anyway.


"It is, but we need to focus in studying," The two of you compared notes and asked countless questions.

"____________-chan could you help me out with this one?" he asked. You moved closer. Time passed and suddenly your door opened.

"Just grabbing my text book then I'll be gone _________!" announced your roommate as she headed towards your desk. She looked at you and barely suppressed her look of surprise.

"Oh, hi Kaoru-kun! Sorry to interrupt. I'll be going now," You realized you were leaning against Kaoru with your head on his shoulder. Did she think you were together? You probably should correct her, but... What if it was true? What would happen if the two of you were dating? You started blushing. You'd be ecstatic; it seemed you had fallen for your best friend. You looked up at him and knew he hadn't fallen for you. That stung. So you took the chance and snuggled closer. You were pretty sure his cheeks became slightly pink, but he quickly turned away so you couldn't tell.
Got my information from the wiki summary.…

Sorry if Kaoru seems OC. I hope you like the story so far! Comments are appreciated and feel free to give your honest opinion.

I promise the next chapter will be a long one.

Part one:
Part two:
Part three:
Part four:

Kaoru, Haruka and Syo belongs to Broccoli
Story belongs to me
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(Hair c) = Hair Colour
(Hair L) = Hair Length
(Eye) = Eye colour
(Name) =Name :]
(F name) = Full name

Writers note: Hello! I just really wanted to thank everyone who supported the last chapter, it's great! Please keep it up!!! :) )
You had finished putting your things into your desk, and had sat yourself down. Not long had passed before you accidentally fell asleep on your desk, your hair covering the top half of your face, blocking out the light like portable curtains.
You awoke to a tickling sensation on your nose, you opened your eyes and shoved whatever it was away. "Five more minutes," You complained, still half asleep.
"Why? That's no fun!" You hear, more than one person saying it.
"Sleeping is not meant to be fun!" You growl crankily, still half asleep.
"WELL YOUR NOT MEANT TO BE SLEEPING!" The voices shout, jolting you awake. With a start, you turn to see the two boys who awoke you. They both look like a mirror image of the other, twins, with orange hair, and amber eyes burning with amusement. And strangely unnerving gins. The only difference was that one held a long, white feather in his hand.
"S-sorry about that, I must have dozed off..." You say, wiping your tired eyes. The two stare at you, as if you'd just said the weirdest thing. "What?"
"What are you doing sleeping anyway?" The one on the right asked, placing a hand on his hip.
"I got up early, but, only went to bed last night at three in the morning, anyone would be tired." You paused, sitting up in your seat. "I didn't catch your names."
"I'm Hikaru,"
"And I'm Kaoru."
"And you are?" The two spoke in unison.
"(name)" You extended your hands for the both of them to shake, which they took as an opportunity to drag you out of your seat. The didn't let go once you were up and standing, as they vigorously shook your hands, along with most of your body.
"Wait, how'd you know which desk is yours?" Hikaru said releasing you, (at least you thought it was Hikaru).
"Yeah, you don't just sleep on anyone's desk!" Kaoru (maybe) exclaimed.
"That's beyond rude!" They both concluded.
You felt your cheeks heat up; these two were really making you nervous. They seemed not to know the meaning of personal space. Even so you tried to be polite, despite their poking, and grabbing. "I know that would be rude, but another student told me this was mine. Haruhi Fukioka." You explain smiling sweetly, although you were slightly irritated.
"You met Haruhi?" They ask as you nod.
"Yeah, she's nice."
The twins shared a shocked look, then turned back. "What was that? It's hard to hear you when your always mumbling." Hikaru said.
You faceplamed, mentally. "I just said she's nice."
Once again they exchanged a look. "I guess he knows." Hikaru sighed.
"Only one thing to do," Kaoru sent you a menacing stare.
'Oh crap! I said she!' You thought to yourself. You'd broken your promise already. Wait-did they call you he?
But you didn't have time to think about it. Before you knew it, the twins had linked arms with you, and were dragging you down the corridors. "Let go of me! Where are you taking me!" You shouted, not used to people touching you. Squirming in vain effort of escape, your kidnappers replied with a devious smirk.
"You know confidential information, we're taking you to the boss."
The boss? You felt yourself freeze up; he sounded scary. You struggled to get out of their grip, but you had to hand it to them, they were strong. When you came up to a set of double doors, and with their free arms swing them open.
And inside...Was the Host club.
Once again, the support on the last one was amazing! I'm so happy!
Tamaki: I'm so proud of us!
Me: You didn't do anything, be proud of me all you like, but jeez! Stop complimenting yourself for things you didn't do!
Tamaki: But, I-I, (Emo corner)
Hikaru: Now you've done it!
Kaoru: We need him for the next chapter!
Me: Then get out of my description area and take him with you!
Hikaru & Kaoru: Time to go (Grabs Tamaki and leaves)

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( with some other rivalries ;) )
(Hair c) = Hair Colour
(Hair L) = Hair Length
(Eye) = Eye colour
(Name) =Name :]
(F name) = Full name
Here it was; Ouran Academy. You didn't think too much of the outside, sure it was big, huge to be more accurate. And a pastel pink, that you weren't too fond of. But besides that, it was the same as any other school.
Or at least on the outside...
The inside however, was a different matter. The salmon pink walls stretched up way above your head (and way above any necessary height). Complementing the walls was a beautiful grey tile floor, much nicer than the wooden planks in your old school. To think someone like you had actually gotten into the Ouran Academy.
Not that you had heard much of it before receiving the offer to attend for free, after your talent had been discovered in a school visit. Since then, you had moved from (old country) to Japan for this opportunity, everything had been payed for by the Otori family.
Right now, the school was a ghost town, silent, empty, besides the ornaments placed on podiums, which looked far too expensive to be in any school. But you liked it that way. Infact, you had come in early just to avoid corridors mass with quirky students, all wanting to meet the new girl.
Shy didn't begin to describe you. You had an anxiety disorder, it wasn't extreme, and you could handle new people in tiny groups, two at a time maybe, but when it came to large crowds, you panicked, even fainted once or twice. And it was for that reason you received a pass so you could be excused five minutes before lesson, so you could get to where you need to be before the corridors flood.
Either way you knew it was going to be hard to make new friends.
You had been given a map, and told that you were in class A-1. After wandering around many, many hallways, you finally found it, class A-1.
When you walked inside, it was devoid of any life, and you breathed a sigh of relief. You had no idea which desk was yours, and it was over the line to check the desks to find an empty one. Pushing your (hair c) fringe out of your face.
Suddenly, the door swung open, making you jump. "Ah!"
Stood there was a short brown haired boy, or maybe a girl. You couldn't tell, handsome as he was, he had lots of feminine features, such as his large eyes. Short as 'he' was, he was still a bit taller than you.
"Oh, sorry if I scared you!"
No, she must be a girl, but in the boys uniform? Actually, you couldn't really talk, you were wearing it too. The Otori family had payed for that too. If 'she' was a girl, you wouldn't blame her for not wanting to wear that sickly yellow frock.
"Hey, I don't think I've seen you around here before," They said.
You felt yourself getting nervous, face going red, but you brought up your courage and shyly turned. "Um, yeah I'm new here."
"Right, you the student who got in for a talent of sorts." They realised, with a small smile spreading onto their face. "Welcome, I'm Haruhi Fujioka."
Swallowing your hesitation, you brought up your courage, with a sweet, although forced, grin. "My names (name), nice to meet you Miss Fujioka."
She looked just as surprised as she looked concerned.
Taking a discouraged step back, you frowned. "Oh, sorry! I didn't mean to offend you! I'm cool with cross dressers, if you would prefer me call you he!"
Her face fell further, and she seemed mortified, "Cross dresser?"
You felt your the pit of your stomach drop as a thought crossed your racing mind, 'Crap! what is she is actually a he?' "Oh my god, I'm so sorry sir!"
Much to your confusion, he-she began to laugh. "Don't worry so much! Most people mistake me for a guy, but you are right, I'm a girl. But I will ask you keep my little secret!"
She explained to me a debt she owed a club for breaking an expensive vase, and, being an honour student, she could only repay that debt by working for them.
"Oh, so that's why your wearing the boys uniform!" You concluded, despite wearing it yourself. Besides, who could blame you for not wanting to wear some puffy yellow dress? "Okay, my lips are sealed." You promised, in hopes of having made a friend.
"So, I was wondering which desk was mine?" Haruhi answered your question by pointing to a desk right next to the window, in the back corner. "Thanks," you mumble, then clear your throat, now realising you had absent-mindedly been whispering through this whole conversation.
You turn to say something, but she seemingly had left the room. Shrugging to yourself, you took this chance to put your things into your desk.

~Over in The Host Club~

"Haruhi, your later than usual." Hikaru commented as the newest host walked through the double doors.
"Yeah, we have to get ready for our morning sessions." Kaoru came up beside his older twin brother.
Haruhi began to scratch the back of her head, "Well, I was on my way when I got sidetracked by the new student in our class."
"They're here now?" The twins grinned at eachother like satan.
Hikaru made his way past Haruhi and towards the door, "Well, I think we got time to check it out."
"After all, it would be rude not to." Kaoru chuckled, as the two darted out.
"Go easy on him, he seemed really shy!" Haruhi shouted after them but they were already gone. She was thinking of how he was so nervous he kept his voice low, she struggled to hear him at times. And the twins were overwhelming for anyone who doesn't know what they're like, shy or not.

Writers note: I'm sorry there was no interaction between you and the twins yet, but I plan on packing the next chapter with just that. I plan on making this a really long project, so it isn't rushed, there can be many cute, romantic scenes, and so the relationships between characters are stronger built. Also, despite characters recognising you as a boy thus far in the prologue, you do not have to look or sound like one, you look and sound the way you want to, the story will explain why they thought you were a boy, don't worry! Sorry for a long writers note, next one when I typed it up, it's written already.
So, this happened. I'm not surprised after watching the anime, I fell in love with the mischievous type, but I refuse to lower myself to the level of their fangirls. Although I tend to lean towards Kaoru more, I felt it would be runner for the reader to have the two of them fawning over you, hehe. They own you after all.
Renge: Ah, a love rival between brothers! it's perfect for adding to their dark side!!!
Me: Renge, I swear to f**king god, if you don't leave right now...
Renge: Your the biggest meany ever!!!! Miuna Crying Icon *exits*
Me: Anyway...I  also thought! just to switch things up now and then, the character reader may have their cutesy moments with others hosts, although without a doubt the main love interests are the twins.
Anyways, please show support, and have mercy on me in the comments, :p.

~They Say Nutella Is The Cat Of All Cats~ 

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Ending – The Truth

Unlock Condition: Clear the game and see every hidden Truth

Twilight pulled her head back, rubbing her forehead as she groaned. The spell was taxing, not to mention she had held it for minutes already. She shook her head before looking at her pink friend. Pinkie still had her eyes closed.

"Pinkie? You alright?" Twilight asked, not sure if she had been released from the effects of the spell yet.

It took a moment, but soon Pinkie's eyes slowly opened.

"You okay? It wasn't too much was it?" Twilight asked a little worried about her friend.

Pinkie simply blinked, before smiling and lowering her head closing her eyes. Twilight blinked a little confused at this behavior.

"Thank you Twilight." Were the first words to leave Pinkie's mouth.

"Oh, did it work?" Twilight asked, softly smiling.

"It did. And I thank you so much for helping me." Pinkie said lifting her head, letting Twilight see the smile on Pinkie's face. "If you hadn't helped me…who knows what would have happened. I mean, I probably would've been driven insane." She twirled her eyes in example, then chuckling at herself. "But I won't now and it's all thanks to you."

"Oh well I, you know, I was doing it to help a friend in need." Twilight said smiling, accepting the compliments in her usual manner.

"This has been a pretty crazy experience." Pinkie chuckled.

"So…I hope I'm not prying, but you know what was causing those nightmares now?" Twilight asked curiously.

"I do." Pinkie said, but shifted her head a little, "But I'll tell you about it later, I promise. Right now," she stood up, "I have a few things I need to take care. I hope you don't mind."

"Oh, but of course. I'm just happy I was able to help." Twilight smiled. Pinkie smiled back as she headed towards Twilight's door. A thought struck her and she stopped.

"Oh hey, Twilight, before I go I need two favors." Pinkie said happily.

"Sure, what do you need?" Twilight asked curiously.

"Well, first I'll need you to cast the cloud walking spell for me. And second, do you have any red ribbon on you?" Pinkie asked curiously

Rainbow Dash was getting in a good afternoon nap in her home when she was awoken by several knocks on her door.

"Mmm…wha…" She said as she stirred from her sleep. Her ears wiggled as she heard the door being knocked on. "Yea yea, hold your horse shoes, I'm coming." She yawned, stretching as she woke up. She walked over to the door, opening it up.

Almost instantly she was assaulted by a pink blur that proceeded to hug her, knocking her over onto her back.

"G-Guh! What the-" She said in surprise, before realizing her assaulter was Pinkie Pie. "Oh, Pinkie Pie?" Rainbow Dash said sitting up slowly, "What's the idea? You know it's my nap time." Rainbow shook her head as Pinkie slowly let go.

"I know and I'm sorry for waking you," Pinkie smiled, "A lots happened to me and I really just had to see you."

"Well, that's alright then. I certainly can't abandon a friend in need." Rainbow Dash said brushing her hair with her hoof, "What's on your mind Pinks?"

"It's…a really long story Dash. A long and…well a rather sad one." Pinkie said with a hint of melancholy in her voice, "And I'm more than willing to tell you, but I hope you don't mind if I keep you waiting a little while to hear the story." Pinkie ran a hoof through her hair, "I still have some things to deal with before I'm really ready to tell other ponies about it."

"…A sad story? That's not like you Pinkie Pie, you're always about being upbeat, fun and having a good time. What could be so sad about something recently happening to you?" Rainbow asked a little curiously about her friend.

Pinkie giggled a little, smiling at Dash, "You'll know when you hear it. Just trust me for the moment. After all, I came here to hang out with you for a little while, if you don't mind."

"Of course not, a visit from my gal-pal is always welcome." Rainbow smiled as she flew over to another part of her house, "Would you like a snack? I got some fresh apples from Applejack, they're really good."

"That sounds delightful." Pinkie said walking further into Rainbow's house.

Rainbow returned with the apples, the two ponies sharing the snack together. They talked, they laughed, they reminisced about some of the adventures they'd been on since Twilight had arrived in town. Rainbow thought it a little weird that Pinkie was being so sentimental, but figured she must have a good reason. They spent a few good hours just hanging out in her home.

"So Pinkie," Rainbow said after they had just finished a conversation about possible pranks they could pull in the future, "what's with the red ribbon in your hair?" Rainbow asked curiously.

Pinkie turned her head to look at the red ribbon she had tied into a bow on her mane. She smiled softly, before looking at Rainbow Dash, "Well…let's just say it's helping me remember what dear friends I really have." She chuckled.

"I didn't know you needed a ribbon for that, after all we're all right here." Rainbow Dash smiled, putting a hoof to her chest.

"I know," Pinkie laughed, "But I did need the reminder." She gently nuzzled her hair with the ribbon attached to it. She then smiled softly, before looking up at Rainbow Dash.

"Dash…I'm going away for a while." Pinkie announced to her.

"Huh?" Rainbow said almost spitting out the apple juice she had been sipping on.  "Going away? But why?"

"I've got something I need to take care." Pinkie said, looking away from Rainbow Dash, though still smiling, "I'm going out to go see my sister Octavia."

"Well…we could go with you, you know. You don't have to go alone." Rainbow explained.

"I know, but this is really something I have to do myself," she chuckled as she gently batted her straight hair with her hoof, "Especially if I want this to be poofy again."

"…So you're sure this is what you need?" Rainbow Dash asked once again.

"It is." Pinkie smiled, looking at Rainbow Dash.

Dash looked conflicted, she certainly didn't want Pinkie to go away, but she also had to support her friend.

"…Hey, you gotta do what you gotta do right?" Rainbow said putting on a strong face and gently hitting Pinkie's shoulder, "Besides, you'll be coming back right?"

"Oh of course I will. I could never abandon you and the other girls here in Ponyville! You're my bestest friends ever! I can't think of what life would be like without you all!" Pinkie explained happily.

"Then go ahead. We'll see you off, of course. Though things will be mighty quiet without you around." Rainbow said smiling.

"I know, I bring so many smiles here, which is why I could never stay away for long." Pinkie chuckled again.

Classical music filled the halls, the small group of ponies played on the stage to a large crowd. Their instruments were finely tuned, they never missed a beat or a cord as they all played in perfect harmony. The very soul of their music resonated through the hall and the hearts of all the ponies attending.

The final chords were played and the auditorium was filled with applause as they took their bows. The curtains came to a close on the stage as the band members began to pack up their instruments.

"That was probably our best performance yet." Beauty Brass said as she put her sousaphone away in its case.

"I don't know, I still feel like we could do better." Frederic said as his piano was pushed off to the side.

"I still say we should add in some of Beethooven's earlier work, his later work is magnificent but it doesn't compare to the wonderment his early work provided." Harpo said as his harp was also carted off.

"We sounded fantastic guys; don't worry about it too much." Octavia chuckled at her fellow band mates. "It was a great performance, so we've got a well-deserved night of rest." Octavia smiled as she placed her contrabass into its container. She pulled the strap over her shoulders, placing the instrument on her back. She always refused help with putting her beloved instrument away.

"Hey, you're not supposed to be back here!" The band heard a security guard say loudly. They turned their heads to see who he was yelling at.

"I know, but my sister is in the band and I really need to talk to her." Pinkie's begged at the security guard.

"We didn't hear anything about any of the band members getting a family visit today." The security guard said grabbing Pinkie by the leg.

"H-Hey! I'm not lying!" Pinkie said trying to get the security guard to let go.

"It's okay sir." Octavia said walking up to the guard, "She's my sister. Though she did come by rather unannounced." Octavia said looking at Pinkie curiously, before noticing that her hair was straight, something she hadn't seen in a long time now.

"Well, alright, if the band says you're okay, then you are. Just don't come in unannounced next time." The security guard huffed before walking off.

"Hey, do you need some time to yourself?" Beauty asked as she walked up to Octavia.

"Yea, sorry guys, go ahead and do your own things, I'll see you back at the hotel later." Octavia smiled. Beauty Brass understood and walked off to the rest of the band.

"Sorry sis, I probably should've given you more warning. Then again even I didn't really know I was going to be setting off till I basically did. Still, I could've written." Pinkie chuckled.

"Yea, would've been nice." Octavia chuckled back, "At least you didn't interrupt my performance this time." Pinkie blushed while smiling, still remembering the Gala. "Come on, let's go have some dinner and we can talk."

Pinkie dined on a fresh daisy salad, while Octavia enjoyed a French Daffodil Soup.

"So, Pinkie," Octavia started as she finished taking a sip of her soup, "Why the sudden visit? I assume it has to do with something that's bugging you."

"Heh…I can't hide anything from you, can I sis?" Pinkie smiled as she took another bite of her salad.

"Not really. You're hair doesn't go down unless your upset about something." Octavia said as her eyes wandered down to the red ribbon in Pinkie's hair, "The ribbon is new though."

"Heh…well the two topics are related." Pinkie said, before giving a soft sigh as she smiled. "I know I'm about to ask a lot from you Octavia…what with you on tour and all…and it's been a long time since either of us brought this up…"

Octavia ate another spoonful of soup as she watched her sister curiously, not really sure what to expect.

"But…I'd like the two of us to go visit Bellamina's grave."

Octavia nearly dropped the spoon from her mouth. She quickly swallowed the contents of her mouth.

"This is…rather sudden Pinkie." Octavia said surprised her sister would bring it up, "If that's what you really want…our next concert isn't till next week in Hoofington, so if we left now we could make it to the farm with enough time for me to get back."

"Oh, thank you sis!" Pinkie said happily, "You really are the best sister in the world." She chuckled happily.

"Sure, I'll do this so long as you tell me what's going on." Octavia smiled.

"Deal." Pinkie smiled back.

The wind blew san across the rocky field, as the two sister's stood before their younger sister's grave. It was a hand-carved rock marker, carefully crafted to look like their younger sister sitting with a smile. She sat on top of a slab that read 'Here lays Bellamina Marie Pie, a beloved daughter, a wonderful sister, and an angel in filly form.'

"That's…really quite a story Pinkie." Octavia said looking at Pinkie, then back to her sister's grave, "But…it's good to hear that you've forgiven yourself for what happened." Octavia smiled.

"Yea, I'm glad I did too. But I couldn't say it was official till I at least came here again." Pinkie said as she gently placed the roses she had picked up on her sister's grave. "I'd forgotten about her because I didn't want to remember. And that's a terrible thing for an older sister to do. So from now on, I promise to visit her once a year." Pinkie smiled happily.

"You know what…if you're going to do that, then I'll join you." Octavia smiled, "I've been too focused on my work lately. I haven't given our sister the proper time of day either."

"Thank you." Pinkie said, nuzzling against Octavia.

"You're my sister; I've always been here for you if you need me sis." Octavia nuzzled her sister back, smiling happily. The sister's shared their happy embrace.

"Octavia, Pinkamena, dinner's ready." Their mother called from the farm house.

"Coming!" Octavia called out, "Come on, let's go get some dinner sis."

"I'll be right there." Pinkie smiled to Octavia. Octavia nodded and headed towards the farm.

"Hey…Bellamina…" Pinkie said softly, getting closer to her sister, "You were a wonderful sister. Thank you so much for being my sister. I love you." She kissed the forehead of her sister's statue. She then turned around and began to walk back to the farm.

Her hair poofed out and curled, returning to her usual, bubbly self.

-The End-
Silent Ponyville Ending - The Truth

If anyone was going to ask which ending was cannon, it's this ending. If I did anything to continue this story, I would follow after where this ending takes place. It wraps up everything nicely and in a way that is certainly pleasant to all who read the story.

Thank you so much for reading! It was a blast making this story and I had so much fun. It was truly wonderful to see all the amazing reactions I got and honestly never thought any of my works would ever be praised as much as it has been with this story.

I suppose that shows what a little bit of advertising can do huh? Hahah!

Keep watching my new friends, I promise I will not dry up just because this story has ended ^^

Awesome cover art maybe by :iconlonewolfkait: [link]
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Most effort I ever put in a comic and I still don't know what it's about.

Just like think Adventure Time when Finn got those mini people from Magic Man.

This is all made in SAI by the way. I'm gonna go eat.
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Now I know what's wrong with this. He's not supposed to have blue eyes. I always wanted a uniform with a ribbon. Now that I think about it, I might have hated it. I would have loved a uniform in high school tbh.

Oh I almost forgot. The coloring is with mouse since I was too lazy to reach down for my tablet.
Hika is mine.
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Happy Birthday :iconangelstar7: I drew your baby! <333

Gosh only using one color made this soooo quick. Took me maybe ten minutes?

Enjoy! :blowkiss:
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Happy Birthday :iconicy-snowflakes: Hope it's a good one!

I drew Coral...hopefully she's not being too ooc here ugh sorry :'D

Enjoy! :blowkiss:
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WARNING: The following contains gore and character death. Reader discretion advised.


Adam ran through the building, his footsteps echoing across the dark corridor His best friend Ty followed close behind. They were the only ones left, The rest were long gone and falling victim to this sick attraction. 

"Come on, the exit is this way!" He panted, grabbing a wall corner to make a sharp turn, Ty following in pursuit. 

They were college kids on the night of halloween, searching for a bit of fun. A new attraction had opened up, and the whole town was in on it. He had urged his friend to go. How did he know it would come to this, trapped and running through building after building away from horrors that awaited them? 

They rounded another corner. A loud bang echoed through the room. Someone was trying to get through another wall. Ty jumped with a yelp, causing him to speed up.

They never saw it coming. 

Adam made it to the door. The last of the power was on. They could go home, tell the police everything and destroy this place for good. Ty smiled along with his friend and ran out. 

"We did it...but, the rest are-" Ty started, tears springing from his eyes.

"Gone...I know. But they would've wanted us to go on. Live our lives. Escape." Adam said, hugging him quickly. He walked off the steps and Ty began to follow.

He didn't even have a foot off the steps when the door opened. A hand grabbed him and jerked him bak in before either could react. The door slammed shut with Ty inside.

Adam ran to the door. It was locked, and Ty was screaming. This went on for two stressful and agonizing minutes before Ty went dead silent, red splattered across the window, and blood seeped from under the door. Adam backed away fearfully. This couldn't be happening. Ty couldn't have died...he was too young. Too youthful and innocent.

It was a nightmare. It had to be! And when Adam woke up, they would all be in their dorms alive and well. Adam laughed, but no humor was in it. He was laughing because really, nothing else would do. This was all too wasn't a fiction novel, it was cold-hard reality.

He left the building and began his sprint to the door, tears cascading down his face as he thought about his friends and all their deaths. 

Jason: death by battle axe.
Seto: death by burning.
Jerome and Mitch: infected by zombie.
Husky: death by trap.
Ian: Infected by zombie
Ty: He was too slow...

Adam had to ignore it all. He had to press on. He ran to the main entrance. This was it...he walked to the door and pressed the button. The gates opened with alarms and even confetti. He walked to the wooden gates with a grin. He would see his sister and parents! He could avenge his friends! He could escape this hell! He reached for the handle, and his smile faded into horror.

The door wasn't real. It was painted.

"no..." He whispered. "No, no no no no.." He began to beat on the wall screaming for the ability to wake up, escape, or even die. Monsters surrounded him. His friends grusome monsters...innocents turned guilty. He slid down the solid brick wall, accepting defeat. A monster grabbed him by the shoulders and cackled.

"Happy Halloween." It laughed before everything went dark.
First holiday special!
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 “Tyler Ellis, Number 12”
 A voice boomed through the modern, wireless speakers that dangled on the wall with little effort.

 Ty got up and gracefully paced towards the automatic door.  Its silver frame slid opened and vanished into the left side.  A large, plain room was revealed to Ty and a steel chair rested in the center of the massive area.  The chair reminded Ty of the ones he used to see when he went anywhere to visit a dentist.  But it had some modifications to it, like the metal clamps for keeping people and anything that would sit in the chair from escaping.  Or the wires that had suction cups at the end to attach to someone’s body to do whatever the operator wanted to use them for.  

 Ty was nervous and gulped it down hoping to somewhat swallow all the stress and anxiety that swirled within him.  He approached the seat and laid down waiting for anymore instructions or hints on anything next.  A puff of purple mist blurred Ty’s vision as Enderlox appeared right before his eyes. “Hello, Ty,” he spoke softly with a bit of venom in his words.  Ty looked down a bit of sweat already dripping from his forehead from all the anxiety that was building within him.  Enderlox raised his hand to Ty’s cheek and lightly stroked it.  Ty never did understand Enderlox, especially how his mind worked.  His fingers grasped Ty’s chin and jerked it upwards delicately as if the male in the chair was as fragile like glass.  Their eyes locked with each other’s, having a small staring contest.  But it was obvious that the innocent human could not when to his own insane self.  

 The demon continued to stare at Ty searching him for something but Ty didn’t know what for… was he searching for Fear?  Or was there something more to the kindness that Enderlox was showing…?  “W-why are you b-being kind…?” Tyler’s voice cracked from the stress.  He lifted a brow, “Why? Because, why would I treat myself so critically…?”  His gaze softened and he smiled.  The younger male’s eyes widened, something was seriously wrong… This wasn’t normal for Enderlox to act like this.  Ty whimpered and slid down in my seat further.  “Shh…” He cooed gently in Tyler’s ear, Tyler could feel his hands trail down Ty covered chest.  
 The boy shivered.

 Ty sealed his eyes shut and turned his head the other way.  The boy’s body was shaking in fear as he felt something warm, and soft graze his cheek lightly.  

 Ty opened one eye.

 He didn’t have much time to react before Enderlox’s lips met with his.  Ty blushed from the sudden action, his fingers wrapped around Ty’s head and pulled Ty closer into the kiss.  Luckily it was just Ty and him, no one else.  He pulled away from the kiss, blood rushing to the younger male’s cheeks.  Enderlox blinked, his wings flapped along. His void, black tail crawled up the seat and rested on Ty’s waist.  “H-huh…?” The younger male blurted out.  “I… Love you so much, Ty” he smiled sheepishly. “I, eh, you’re your grace, to remind me to find my own. I really do need you, Ty,” Ty blushed even more if it was even possible.  “I don’t quite know how to say… how I feel,” he paused.  “Ty. I-I love y-you,” even the dragon hybrid blushed insanely to an unnatural flush.  “Enderlox.” “I…”

“Love You Too”

“It’s impossible to leave you alone.” Enderlox muttered but Ty heard it. “Because after all… We Are the Same”
I didn't have enuff room but the title was supposed to be "Because After All... We Are The Same"
Yaoi and Stuff
Hope You Like?
I rushed a lot at the end ;^;
I tried to fix it... I du gud mom?
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(First time writing something like this, I'm a bit scared. Tell me how bad it is.)

Jason's POV

    I watched my door creak open and I didn't hesitate to throw my space helmet at the door having it slam in Sky's face. I buried my face in the pillow yelling at the top of my lungs, "I don't want to talk to you!"

Sky's POV(Can I switch that early? (>-3->)

    Having the door slam in my face I leaned up against the wall and sat down, I pulled off my sunglasses and sat them on the carpet. I sat there for a good 5 minutes before speaking up. "Jason...listen. I didn't mean any of what I said. It was childish and stupid."

    I searched for more words to say, Jason wouldn't just take some speech off the internet, "Are you ever gonna forgive me? I mean I know I wouldn't."

    I heard the door creak open and turned my head seeing Jason sitting next to me. I flashed him a quick smile, but I could tell he didn't buy it. I looked back down to the ground, "I really am sorry."

    My voice cracked as I apologized again and I shifted my eyes looking at my feet.

Jason's POV

    "I really am sorry." Sky's voice cracked and he looked back toward the ground.

    I hesitated a bit then pulled myself into Sky's lap laying my head on his chest. We both sat there for a good 10 minutes. I suddenly felt Sky kiss the top of my head and I smiled a bit. He wrapped his arms around me and there was still silence. I loved the silence. I shifted my head on Sky's chest so I could hear his heartbeat, I loved the sound of it. It always stayed constant, it seemed it never changed in any situation. It was Sky who broke the silence, "Jason, I love you."

    I let out a quick smile and replied in a barely audible whisper, "I love you too." The words we exchanged would have killed me to say them out loud only a month ago, but I was glad that Sky loved me like I loved him.

    I reached for Sky's sunglasses that were on the floor and slid them back over his eyes. "There better."

    He smiled and nudged me then asked in his usual childish tone, "What is something wrong with my eyes?"

    I giggled and shook my head, "No, you just look more like Sky, my Sky."



Yeah, so. I thought I would try it! Does it sound good or is it absolutely terrible? Tell meh! I need guidance!!! X3
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Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)


After a long day of having fun making videos, Sky was calling it a day. He got back home and thought about either taking a nap or taking a shower. Jason usually would be lying back in the bed after,  slightly tired and relieved. Sky noticed Jason on his way to the shower. "Heeeeey~" "Hm?" Jason turned to Sky, slightly blushing under the helmet. "Hey, Sky!" He tried to act normally, but is clearly just happy he's there.

Sky tried to seduce Jason, sitting by him on the bed. "I was about to get in the shower, but I really don't want to... It's mighty lonely in there, and I would love for someone to join me in there..." The spaceman thought about it, his face flushing a deep rose red, and smirked under his helmet. "Sounds like a good idea." He responded, with a slight seductive tone in his voice. Sky blushed, obviously happy over Jason's approval. "Oh boy, you're going to love this." Sky smirked, and grabbed Jason's hand. "Follow me~"

Once they got to the bathroom, Jason already started to undress with Sky, taking off the helmet and taking off the space armor. Sky looked at Jason as he started to strip himself of his shirt and pants, a millions thoughts racing through his head. After they both undressed, Jason turned on the faucet. Sky leaned himself up against Jason. "I can't wait to get in there." His blush got darker. He smirked slightly and stepped in the shower with him.

Sky immediately pinned Jason to the shower's wall, beginning to kiss him. He rubbed his hands through Jason's hair. Jason didn't expect it, but he went along with it anyways and wrapped his arms around his waist, moaning. Sky managed to wrap his arms around Jason's shoulder, still kissing with passion.

After a few minutes of kissing, they pulled back with a deep blush and lust in their eyes. "S-Sky..." Sky could clearly tell Jason wanted him to be inside him. "With pleasure, my sexy spaceman." Sky leaned into Jason's ear and whispered, "This is going to result in one of us squealing." Jason bit his bottom lip, ready for the sexual action. "Just turn around and I will let that magic happen," Sky whispered into Jason's ear, sounding seductive. He nodded and turned around, blushing deeply and holding onto the shower wall, prepared.

Sky wrapped his arms around Jason's chest, thrusting himself into Jason. He let out a gasp of arousal and dug his claws into the shower wall, moaning loudly with slight panting. Sky started to thrust harder, kissing the back of Jason's neck. After 2 minutes of thrusting, Jason felt like something inside him was about to burst. "S-Sky...I'm g-gonna..." He panted, unable to finish his sentences since they were blocked out with moans. Sky knew what Jason was going to say, and chuckled. "Sorry if you feel like you're going to burst. I just can't help myself when I'm near you."

Sky started to feel something odd oozing from him. He realized what was going on, he was unleashing his semen into Jason. "I... I think... Oh..." Jason had also released and let go of the shower wall he nearly dug a hole in, panting. " felt good..." He managed to say inbetween the panting. "It did, didn't it?" Sky kissed Jason's neck, feeling sticky from releasing. He let out a relieved sigh from pleasure, and the water luckily washed the white liquid down. Sky smiled, snuggling up to Jason. He was still clinging his arms around Jason's chest.

All of a sudden, Jason pinned Sky to the shower wall, smirking. Sky did not see that coming. He was blushing when he was pinned. "What is going on in your mind, sexy?" "Oh, you'll see..." And without another word, he kneeled down, sucking and wrapping his tongue around his partner's area. Sky's blush got darker and darker. He started to moan. "J... Jason... I f... Feel someth..." Sky stopped, his moans overtaking him. Jason kept sucking, licking and blowing until his lover released in his mouth. He pulled back, and swallowed the white liquid. Sky was breathing hard, smiling from ear to ear. "You did a great job..." He smirked. "I know I did..." He kissed Sky's chest. Sky hugged Jason, kissing him on his ear.
"I love you."

"Love you too."

EDIT 2: Okie, since I'm getting some negative responses already (Not really a surprise but still) I'm putting a thingiemabob over here, but people are STILL gonna be dead-blind and ignore it, then NEGATIVE RESPONSES LOLW00T!!!!!!11!!! Like I said, READ THE FREAKING DESCRIPTION AND PLEASE STOP WITH THE HATE COMMENTS! You have no idea how hard this was to do! If it's a dare about this story, then don't do it unless you want to see sexual acts of SkyDoesMinecraft and MinecraftUniverse! I'm not gonna show any sympathy for you, there's like WARNINGS EVERYWHERE HERE!!! -_-


If you ignore this warning, then I'm not going to feel the least bit sorry for you if your angry and disgusted that I wrote this...You read it, not my problem, its yours since you decided to do it. Dont say it was a dare unless you have proof, I already got 2 comments about it! Once again, you're not going to get any stuff like "Sorry!" "I didn't mean to!" or anything like that. Because there's sooo many warnings everywhere!

Learn to use your damn brains, people! -_-

>inb4 everyone hates me :iconhuehuehueplz:

Lol, I wrote this with my boyfriend Michael (:iconthenameiscommander: :heart:), I was playing as Jason and he was playing as Sky

This has a loooot more action now


So dont expect sympathy if your eyes are bleeding, because I put a huge @$$ warnin' up in there >:I


I am sooo moving this to scraps soon

I moved this to scraps because the hate's spreadin' like wildfire -_- Told you I was gonna move it to scraps
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"So he appeared to you as a child?" The woman asked.

"Yes. He looked innocent and scared. I felt obliged to help him!!" Ty said, his voice cracking from fear and pressure. 

"Ty, calm down son. We're here to help, not interrogate. What did he ask you to do?" 

"Well...nothing at first. But then he started doing things that were getting to be harmful to my friends. He became to get more and more threatening, and I got scared. Then he started appearing to be about my age or so, and he didn't look as innocent. I finally told my friends about it and they said to just ignore him. Act like he wasn't there. I tried, but I just couldn't. I was too scared! But I didn't do what he wanted, and he got really mad. Every day we'd come home to a wrecked house, and a threat written on the wall.  It wasn't until Jason was up in the middle of the night that got us the courage to call you."


Jason was up doing a project for college. With all the ghost crap going on, he hadn't been able to get his work done. He had to say, he was getting sick and tired of Sky being around in the house. He wrecked their home every day, shattered his friends mind, and was really getting on his nerves. He wasn't really scared of Sky, just annoyed. 

He heard some crashing downstairs and growled. he grabbed his phone and stood up. "I swear to god if I had the power to kill a ghost a second time I'd-"

"Do what?" A certain voice said from behind. Suddenly the windows in his room shattered and chaos erupted in his room. The bed flipped across the room, the computer went flying of the desk, and his phone was taken out of his hand and thrown at the wall, shattering to pieces. 

"I'm, I'm not s-scared of you!!" Jason yelled, mustering up as much courage as he could. An invisible force pushed him up against the wall   to where his feet werea foot off the ground. There was a long pause before Sky spoke.

"You should be." Jason went flying through the closed wooden door and down the stairs. Paintings and pictures fell down with him, their frames shattering as they hit the floor. Jason scrambled back as lightning flashed and the shadow of a silhouette appeared on the wall on the wall beside him. Ty stepped out of his room and his eyes widened as Jason was pulled into the basement, the door slamming shut behind him. Jason's muffled screams emitted from behind the door.

"Sky stop!!" Ty yelled in horror. He didn't stop. At this point, everyone was out trying to open the door. "Sky please!! Stop!!" His pleads were ignored by the angry ghost.

"I WILL BREAK YOUR AMULET IF YOU DON'T OPEN THE DOOR AND STOP!!!" Jason's screams stopped and the door creaked open. The teen came flying out and into Ian's arms, him being the closest to the door. They wrapped their arms around the teen and tried their best to calm him. Sky leaned close to Ty's ear.

"Do not disobey me Ty..." He said angrily before his presence disappeared from the room. Ty sighed in relief as he watched his sobbing friend tremble. Quintin walked towards him.

"This ends now. We call for help tomorrow." He said before turning back to Jason.


"Was there any physical damage to Jason?"

"No. Not a single scratch. Sky did something to him emotionally, but we don't know what." Answered Ian.

"He hasn't said a word since the encounter...Can you please help us?" Ty said placing his hand on Jason's back.

The woman leaned forward. "Yes we can. First off, Sky isn't a ghost."

"What do mean he's not a-" Quintin yelled before she raised a hand to silence him.

"No, he's not a ghost. He's a demon." She said.

Mitch looked confused. "I thought demon's possessed people. Not amulets." 

Her husband leaned forward. "He never possessed the amulet. He showed weakness to it as an illusion. If anything, the amulet is just a mark. A signature. To show the house is his, anyone who steps into is trespassing, in a way."

"Then why hasn't he hurt us physically?" Ty asked.

He looked at Ty with deep concern. "Mr. Deadlox, this demon isn't trying to harm you or your friends in any way. He's trying to possess them."

We see the true side to 'Sky.'
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