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Introducing the DeviantArt Stylus IRL

Tue Mar 31, 2015, 8:47 PM

Stylus-thumb by estevancarlos
For nearly 15 years, DeviantArt has been at the forefront of digital art creation, a cutting-edge icon in the high-tech art world. As part of our continuous goal to combine the best in art and technology, DeviantArt has created an innovative tool—the DeviantArt Stylus IRL—that brings the sophistication of digital art into the real world.

For nearly 15 years, DeviantArt has been at the forefront of digital art creation, a cutting-edge icon in the high-tech art world. As part of our continuous goal to combine the best in art and technology, DeviantArt has created an innovative tool that brings the sophistication of digital art into the real world.

Using the innovative, patent pending binary technology in pressure sensitivity and pigment suspension, the Stylus IRL takes digital mechanics and puts them into physical space. DeviantArt's patented DeviousInk™ hardware works seamlessly with an innovative ballpoint tip, allowing you to create stylus-based art whenever and wherever you're inspired. Leave your drawing tablet at home, and never worry about battery life again.

With the power of DeviousInk™ Stylus IRL in the palm of your hand, you get these one-of-a-kind features, and more:

Change out ink cartridges for a diverse range of color choices!

artist credit


Use the built-in blending options to create smooth, professional gradients.

The Stylus IRL works on all surfaces, even paper!

Are you an early adopter? If you already own a Stylus IRL, put it to use and show us your IRL creations with the #StylusIRL tag. Share your daily doodle with DeviousInk™, showcase your on-the-go artistry, and let the world know what you’re capable of, all with the help of your Stylus IRL.

Want to know more about the Stylus IRL? Browse the #StylusIRL tag to see the creative power behind this primitive yet revolutionary art tool.

Take the future of art into your hands with the DeviantArt Stylus IRL.

For nearly 15 years, DeviantArt has been at the forefront of digital art creation, a cutting-edge icon in the high-tech art world. As part of our continuous goal to combine the best in art and technology, DeviantArt has created an innovative tool—the DeviantArt Stylus IRL—that brings the sophistication of digital art into the real world.

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Light in the Dark by The13thBlackCatAsia Mural by LenqiPriestess by Phantom-NatalSnow and Frost by Sammiyaddaily hero 21 - rabbit mage by shozecharacter speed paint by schultzeePost-apocalyptic Road by Milkduster

Someday by lostinthenightnatureAt summers end. by thephotogrumblerJumping Spider - Habronattus coecatus by ColinHuttonPhotoCanopy Jumping Spider - Phidippus otiosus by ColinHuttonPhoto<da:thumb id="303925180"/>Detroit Zoo 21 by JessicaDobbsSpiny Flower adult by JollyPiikFuzziness by lundylengHello i am cute! by DarkTaraAiko. by thephotogrumblerMother and Child by ceciliay
Final feature of this year. It's been an interesting year, if nothing else, and I hope you all enjoy this little (double!) feature here. Have a great holiday season!

Also, there will be no New Year feature because that's in, like, a little over a week and it wouldn't be fair to these fine artists to feature their artwork for such a short time.
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Still on holiday The Beach free avi  :D but wanted to share:D  Thank you all for the beautiful art :heart: :hug:

Ninth rebirth by DeeDeezz

Resurrection by ducvyt

Paint Horse by AntLikeFlower

Piano by JiaJenn31

Memories by BrennsArtAttic

Dreams GBSwm by RhageGhardian1

I Ching 28 - Da Guo (Great Preponderance) by annewipf

The Pi-Rat who invaded by ScorpNic

Aztecawipq4 by Death-On-Two-Legs

Evergreen by BiLyBao

Coraline by BiLyBao

The angel of sadness by tryskell

UP TO THE SKY by apelaths

And It Snowed by SitwatHashmi


A kind of Trust wm by Sophia-Christina

twin by erool

gnome by erool

Castle on a stump by Ylkaznan

Virgo by CaoChiNhan

Road towards... by svenschreurs

Tear from a Mermaid by NebelelfeNaemy

Fisherman in a Lake by Naevon

White beach by RazielMB

Grace, Rose, and That Guy by Rachgraceh

Seraphina by Wild-Rose-Equine

girl in the mist by i-sheem

Seeker by ceciliay

The Magic Broom by maiarcita

Throne by IgnisSouls

Beauty and the Beast by Amurath-Equine

Beauty and the Beast 2 by Amurath-Equine

New Haven by CenturyPride

The onset of night by RazielMB

End-Of-Summer Festival Entry by Equinera

Summer Sirens : Picnic at the Rock by Kibblywibbly

Freedom II by tr3ndyAndy

Book Laura Cuenca by Marazul45

Nana by Marazul45

Puppy Love v2 by theartofdarrenvannoy

Puppy Love by theartofdarrenvannoy

Edda Price by Kit-Farwell

white sands by RazielMB


Losing My Religion by hollkat46

peaceful day by erool

medusa by erool

A Faraway Place by theartofdarrenvannoy

Trap by DeniseWorisch

Rouge Sensation by fatal-kitty

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Thought of love by DarkRone
Winter is coming by Elsouille Kostucha by Anivi Eighteen by Mheely Sketchbook glimpse by Sandora-desu
Gwen Stefani 2 by danUK86 Connections by georgiakarkaletsos Cat 3 by KurokoNoBasket123 blooming geranium by kosharik69 Ice Cream Cake by puddingnila
Untitled by oskarsmednis 
Tsuki by Tao-Shess redhead devil by Roxiee-chan { SUGARY * PARADE } by idouko Risa's School Uniform by SugArisaCookies 
Happy Easter! by bonxy o_O 2 by phoenixleo spring by moussee
Realm of a Forest God by phoenixleo
Alone in the Waterfall by phoenixleo Fishy Fishy by SirCassie Romantic by Tiny-KAI
<da:thumb id="450442322"/> Melancolia by JoseArdid53 Bottle Meme: Fin-kin Castiel by Snii8D 
 Pieces by mmc1uk kate by Artilin AdM: The Whole Moralite Family by chocoanillaberry
Cat Speed Paint by Pieces-Of-Her-Head
Alartyr In Wonder Land by linnil Spring! by Spektra13 Daybreak by Wolf-Smith <da:thumb id="453213148"/>
Free by igreeny
Warrior Cats: I know your secret by ForestGirl Lamentia by wyldraven Barnabas Collins by Shinobinaku
I dreamed a dream by evenliu Sponsa mortuus locis by LadyProvidence Crabby day by passion-aesthete
Red and her Wolves by TaniaART The reason to hold on by passion-aesthete

Mature Content

helium by ezorenier

Haunted House by tothzoli001 Beyond a Dream by tothzoli001 Water Giraffe by abvott 
Vain waves by Julie-de-Waroquier 
Queen of Mystedia by sannamy Timeless by Bonniemarie A Skull and the Rainbow by Skull-sanrebirth by RAPJ Vex by Zynthex 
Burning Heart by peroni68 
Those voices by stichesBodyBagTtags memorial by Wolves-PSD <da:thumb id="430130174"/>
The Entwives by Celtica-Harmony Secrets by Celtica-Harmony Nevermore by Beholdentolove 
Fairy Tale by Kurtzan 
Strawberry girl by IgnisFatuusII Vaporeon by SunlessRise Flying Through Cherry Petals by AikasCupcake
Sea Dragon by Selenada Waiting for Revenge by EnysGuerrero Thick Skin and Elastic Heart. by Geko-Fetish The Veil by alifann
Lucifer by RhynWilliams
Path by MistiqueStudio The Wren and the Rose by MistiqueStudio <da:thumb id="449535097"/> Not a second time by Sieskja
Into The Woods by rodmendez Game of Thrones Jon Snow  2014 by scotty309 Bellatrix portrait by IrenHorrors Melancolia by JoseArdid53 
Victorian Goth Cuff Bracelet by vilindery Crystal Steam by Ronigirl

Lonely hunter by Emkun Bears by Greykitty 
Sunlight Secret v2 by Elsouille Look at the sky by LMorse
Unwelcome by waltervermeij
The Lure of a Book by FictionChick The Dragonslayer's Annual Tea Party by ChristopherPollari Beware Of Shadows by LadyEvilArts
Sundown by Caepos Gaia by AKOrganicAbstracts Be Strong, Little Flower...oil on canvas 28x36 by ChristopherPollari 
Easter Wishes by Minifanaticus
fairy i have a dream hogwarts by AngeniaC Picnic Time by PetitPlat Toad House Christmas Figure by kodykoala 
Welcome... by GabeehSilva 
fairy hope by AngeniaC Queen of Fae brooch by SuvetarsWell Little Rainbow Flower by MeadowDelights Tiger Lily Clay Flower by MeadowDelights HeartSong Flower by MeadowDelights 
Cookie Garfield by CaroNanami Ryukin by BlueUndine 
Cakes by Minifanaticus 
Hello there by JulijanaM The Forgotten by AKOrganicAbstracts
Cyan Roots by Saraais sTorm by carlosgarijo
l'arbre de vie by PlacidAnemia
Remolinos purpuras de luces by ceciliay Spring Awakening by ThelemaDreamsArt En una noche de invierno by Marazul45 <da:thumb id="449911367"/> 
waterfall by ProtagonistSe7en 
Tea Fairy by EnysGuerrero Concept Art 1 by Illustrum Good Night by Lhianne ..:Wish you were here:.. by SummerDreams89
Steamdress by Farbtropfen Royal Suite by Farbtropfen Silk Maiden by Farbtropfen Misstitched by Farbtropfen
Icon - For Winner of Wannyans Adopt Auction by Sheepieh Tardis by Mercuriii Vulcanis by giantdragon Icon - Adoptable by Sheepieh A majestic butt by StupidRainbowFox  Art Trade: Evhia by Curulin <da:thumb id="453057776"/> Intense Feesh by corndogbutts
 <da:thumb id="453008260"/> <da:thumb id="453006548"/> # Chicken Dog by Sorbaie Commission-Alexamoro by 768dragon :comm: 2 of 2 for sounds-like-balloons by acidreamingss Trickster Lilly by lillydachic
<da:thumb id="452983312"/><da:thumb id="440821398"/> <da:thumb id="451480294"/> Tiny Clover by clover-teapot Aune-Lyra Icon - DO NOT USE! by r0se-designs Pixel Icon Request by creamiique-Mika by KawaiiNegi 
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BEST OF: dA-Supporters group - 107

Sun May 4, 2014, 11:16 AM

:iconarrheartplz:BEST OF: dA-Supporters group - 107:iconarrheartplz:


Hello everyone! :aww:
Here's the feature of deviantARTSupporters group. :la:
You will see here BEST works created by the members.

:iconlittleheartsplz: If you love it fave it by Ravenswd :iconlittleheartsplz:


:iconlovesplz: FEATURES :iconlovesplz:

Lonely Snail by PiecesOfAnsleyBloody Zodiac. Sagittarius by VasylinaTommy 6 months 2 by FrancescaDelfino
kebelek by PaLiAnCHoMother of the Year by clippercarrilloCarpenter Bee by Blueeyes0001
Raven Quothing by CaloxortWant you a hazelnut ? by ratinrageTarras - II by JetteReitsma
Give Me Strength by ceciliayContented by Theanimalparade

Mature Content

Zombie meal by sKodOne
Julia by EmilySoto
Apple magic by L1993I can't drown my demons by dzika-koalaCandle by GeorgeAmies
Queen Of Ravens 4 by EclipxPhotographyUp a tree by GeorgeAmiesPandora Hearts Lacie Cosplay by ann-emerald
tree of light by fcw77Sweet is thy Embrace by KaltenbrunnerSunrise amongst the Palms by gigi50The Summoner  by LuXame
Odd feather by LuciaConstantinAutumn's contrast by ReiepThe Magic of Spring by NovaHeroi
Hanging by SheilaBrinsonApricot flowers by Andrei-AzanfireiPins and needles by Isyala
Flying over the Alps by Harvy355Fashion Design1: Steampunk by izka-197<da:thumb id="432314641"/>
Magic works by TheSingingAnimeFanmagical girl by KagamishiroSteam Dragon Express: Grasslands by Jowa
the heart grows by JigokuNekoART TRADE - Zoro and Dovelee by NarikohAnastasia Romanov by JessieO17
Le Createur - Cover Commission by YoulDesignTogepi Gummi Tower ::GIFT:: by Itachi-RoxasXanthosis Serenata by Jruva
Child of the Unicorn. by Zaellrin:: Valentine Girl :: by SangrdeCalvin by Chewsome
Shooting orders to your houses by Rorita-SakuraValentine Meido by Yamazaki-ShynHawthorn - Mirage noir by AwesomeShippuu
~I love You!~ by candykikiAlter Ego by mimikascraftroomEat Your Heart Out- Vday 2014 by Twilightzonegirl13Fear by YunonaD
The Book Thief - Liesel Meminger by EdaHerz
The Search (Comission) by Nikulina-HelenaPurple Thoughts by KlaraKayYou see me! I'm still here! by IllyDragonfly
Black breasted buzzard by DanielleMinerMama will teach you by Morgan-LouOn the trail of gray wolf by KlaraDrielle
Problem in the Attic by MichelLalondePelican competition by leglaunecmichelGreen Bug by WillTC
The Baby by PeacefulSmurfSand crab-4 by gigi50Donkey by Microsmos
Angel by tolgagonullulerogluThe Imaginarium - Underwater Series by BethMitchellNeanderthal sportsman by Rikitza