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The chill in the breeze,
The frost on the ground,
Crisp on a moonlit night.

A young boy's figure
Glides through the streets,
His breath a clouded fog.

Eyes like crystals,
Hair like snow,
He walks with staff in hand.

Alone in the world,
Unseen by all,
He strides like a ghost through the town.

Young children seen
Through a window pane,
Bask in the glow of the hearth.

Unseen goes the boy
Who stares unnoticed and lost
At the joy before his eyes.

A tentative move,
A soft hand to the glass,
Which freezes beneath his touch.

He turns away,
To the dark of the night
And raises his head to the sky.

A tear flows unseen,
Silent and soft,
To be dashed on the frozen earth.

Calling winds forth,
Around him to swirl,
His feet lift off from the ground.

Invisible and alone,
He flies higher until
He melds with the sky and the stars.

"I want to be seen
And I want to be heard."
Only one hears this desperate boy's cry.

The Man in the Moon
Stares down on the scene,
At the lost and forgotten child.

"Don't fret dear Jack,
It will not be forever,
One day you will be seen and heard.

The great mighty Four
Will be turned then to five,
As the Guardians all stand as one."

The boy does not hear,
The boy does not know
What the Man in the Moon has in store.

So he does his job well,
He flies over the Earth,
Bringing chilled winds and snow in his wake.

He knows who he is,
He knows who he should be.
He's the spirit of winter,
Jack Frost.
This is just a random poem I thought up whilst bored shitless one night. :bored:
I'm not sure if it's any good, you-the lovely people of DeviantART-are the first to read this! Please review and tell me what you think!
For those who don't get what this is about and/or don't know me; this is about Jack Frost from the yet-to-be-realeased-in-my-country movie "Rise of the Guardians". It sort of touches on the emotional strain that Jack must go through every day because he can't be seen.
I hope you-the reader-like this poem. I do try.
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    Chapter 1- Slow Transformation

    It had been a week since the bite from that "Dracule" ghoul slug, as Eli wanted to call it, and Eli was acting stranger than he normally would.  He would normally be strange by not knowing some of the regular stuff of Slug Terra, though it was already confirmed that he wasn't from Slug Terra, but from a different world above that he called the Surface.  Now, he was acting even stranger.

    For starters, he started to sleep in much later in the day than regular.  Instead of getting up when the alarm went off at 6 a.m. or going back to bed until 6:30, he would ignore it and go right back to sleep until noon.  And even when he was up and about, he wouldn't go outside to train with the others in the light of the Lumino Ore crystals.  The only time he would come out would be when the Lumino Ore crystals were beginning to dim, signaling the time for night.

    Then, he said he started to experience an intense thirst for...something.  He would drink water, but it wasn't satisfactory to him.  In fact, he would say it tasted sour to him, like salt water.  He tried soda, but it didn't work either.  He started to shy away from herbs like garlic and wheat grass and went into a trance whenever Pronto was cooking an insect dish.

    What surprised everyone was that he actually started to enjoy the food Pronto cooked, asking for seconds or even thirds sometimes.  Even the proud Pronto couldn't believe Eli could get a handle on his cooking so suddenly.  It was starting to scare him.

    The strangest part of all was that Eli would AVOID going on slug hunts or missions to stop Dr. Blakk, saying he still felt weak from the incident with the Dracule ghoul.

    The longer periods of sleep and the appetite could go by the Shane gang, but the Eli Shane known to his friends would NEVER try to come up with excuses to miss out on a mission.  His friends just couldn't believe his sudden change in behavior.

    And if his new attitude wasn't enough, the gang began to notice a strange change in Eli's physical appearance.  For instance, Eli's skin was looking paler each day, almost turning to white as a ghost compared to his normal and healthier complexion.  Plus, he was looking weak, even with all the meals he ate from Pronto's cooking.  He looked frail and tired every day, like he had been zapped of his strength.  It was sad to see him

    Whatever that ghoul did to Eli, it was getting worse with each passing day.


    "Are you sure you don't want us to stay, Bro?" Kord asked his leader in worry.

    "I'm sure, Kord," Eli told him with Burpy on his right soldier, "Someone has to be out there to stop Dr. Blakk."

    "Yeah," Trixie implemented, "And that SOMEONE should be you.  YOU'RE the Shane!"

    Eli dropped his head in shame, knowing Trixie to be right.  He WAS the Shane of Slug Terra now.  In his father's absence, it was HIS job to protect Slug Terra with his friends.  But he had been feeling so bad lately, he just didn't have the strength to go.  He would feel better about going out at night when the Lumino Ore crystals were dim and all was dark, but Blakk hardly attacked at night.  He hated to send his friends into danger without him, but he felt like he was vulnerable during the daytime.  And Dr. Blakk HAD to be stopped somehow, so the Shane gang has been going mostly without him.

    "Look, Eli," Trixie admitted, "I'm sorry that you're feeling bad since the incident with that Dracule, but you have to come out to face Dr. Blakk and his men some time.  People are starting to talk about you.  They're calling you a coward; a wimp.  We both know that's not true, but you have to prove that to them yourself.  You can't stay in the hideout forever."

    "I know, Trixie," Eli told her, "Believe me, if I could get better, I would go with you to give Dr. Blakk a run for his ghouls.  But I just haven't been feeling like myself.  I'm sorry."

    Trixie and the others looked at Eli worriedly as they went to head out the door.

    "Well, I guess we're leaving now.  Again."  Trixie said disappointingly.

    "Okay," Eli shared in her disappointment, "Be careful!"

    "Pronto made sure to give you some protection in case someone were to come in and hurt you," Pronto said in pride, pointing to the sharp knife on the table.  Eli knew it wouldn't be needed, but he kept his quiet to give Pronto the comfort of knowing that Eli appreciated his devotion to his safety while he was stuck inside the hideout.

    As Eli watched his friends ride off on their mecha beasts, Burpy and the slugs who had to stay and keep him company looked at him in sadness.  Eli didn't like being sick.  He didn't really seem very ill to his slugs.  He seemed fit as a fiddle despite his newly pale skin and darkening skin under his eyes.  Though there was still a negative aura looming around him that the slugs didn't like.  Burpy felt this aura for the past week Eli was sick.  It almost felt the same compared to one of Dr. Blakk's ghoul slugs, but that couldn't be, could it?  A ghoul couldn't corrupt the essence of a human as pure and good as Eli Shane.  Right?

    Eli sighed and took to lay on the couch next to his slugs.  His frown was the biggest Burpy had ever seen it.  He was so depressed about the whole situation.  It was clear he wanted to be out there with his friends, but something inside of him was telling him he couldn't and that frustrated him.

    Eli felt his thoughts change and morph around him as he laid on that couch.  It was like two very different people were fighting inside his brain, telling him what to do.  His heart wanted to follow his friends into the glory of battle against the evil and vile Dr. Blakk, but something in his brain told him it was too dangerous to go outside in crystalline daylight.  What was wrong with him?  Daylight never bothered him before.  As a matter of fact, he used to love being outside in the daylight.  Back on the Surface, he would spend time in the city's park with his neighbor's dog and play fetch with him every time his owner was busy with something from work.  He used to love the warmth and radiance from the Sun wrapping around him like a blanket.  Since he'd been in Slug Terra, the Lumino Crystals that glowed with light proved just as well to be the form of Sunlight for Slug Terra.  How was it that now it was threatening to destroy him the moment he stepped outside?

    Eli closed his eyes for a moment and thought he heard a rustle of leaves outside.  He quickly got up and grabbed his blaster.

    The slugs heard the rustle too.  Fearing it to be a robber, Joules jumped up and flipped the lights off to hide Eli for a better chance of catching whoever it was before they had a chance to strike his friend down.

    Eli and the slugs hid in the darkness of the room, behind the very couch they were laying on in peace a few minutes earlier as the door to the garage opened up slightly to reveal a skinny white man with a black shirt, yellow vest, and black pairs of jeans, gloves, and boots.


    He couldn't believe he was doing this.  It was just a stupid dare; a ridiculous joke to get him to do something crazy for a laugh.  How could he have accepted it?  He was dared to steal something from the Shane Gang!  He was dared to steal something from inside their house (garage not included).  The Shane Gang were sure to have him pounded with their powerful slugs and arrested for trespassing.  Even with the leader being sick lately, it was sure to be a fool's errand.

    Word of Eli Shane failing to battle with Dr. Blakk spread fast around all of Slug Terra.  After all, who ever heard of a Shane getting sick?  Sure it sounded like it would be slightly easier, but the Shane gang were all supposed to be tough, even without Eli to lead them.  Hearing of the conditions to the boy's illness made the man feel sorry for him.  To not be able to fight evil must've been hard for the boy.  He could only imagine how Eli must've felt.

    Getting up early to get the dare over with, the man went straight for the Shane hideout and hid himself and his mecha beast in the bushes near the clubhouse of a hideout.  Once he knew the majority of the Shane gang were away, he snuck out of the bushes and into the garage.  He got his blaster out and ready for Eli Shane.  Even if he was sick, he was still a Shane.

    The man slowly opened to door to the living room and walked in as quietly as he could.  The room was dark all around.  The Shane leader must've been asleep on the couch.  The man had to be as quiet as possible, or else either he or the Shane slugs would awaken Eli to duel.  And if this kid was as good as they said he was, the man was in trouble.

    The man slinked as quietly through the room, blaster loaded and at the ready.  It was so dark in the room, so the man had to squint his eyes to find anything that would satisfy his friends.  He didn't even know what to grab.

    'It has to be something of value,' they said, 'Something that everyone would know you could only get from the Shane hideout.'

    What would that have to be? the man wondered.  The Shane gang hardly had anything that was bound to be unique that they wouldn't need.  Just because the man had to take something from their hideout didn't mean he wanted to take anything they might've needed in the future.  He wanted the Shane gang to take down Dr. Blakk.  So he agreed with himself to take something valuable that they weren't going to miss.  Easier said than done.

    The man looked around the room for anything to grab.  He looked to the computer in the room to find a bunch of memory cards.  Perfect.  He could take those and it would be more than enough.  The memory cards all had to have been worth 20 gold together.  Plus, having bound to be footage on it of the Shane gang, it had sheer proof it belonged to them.  The man grabbed his bag and poured in the memory cards when the room was suddenly lit and he turned to find Eli Shane pointing his blaster straight at him with his slugs growling and glaring.

    Eli looked at the skinny robber who was stealing Trixie's new memory cards.  Why would he steal those?  They haven't had anything recorded on them yet.  Trixie bought them from the mall earlier that week to record more Slugisodes.  How she managed to get so many was because they were on sale.  What would this robber ever want with them?

    "Who are you?!" Eli demanded with Burpy in his blaster, "What are you doing here?!"

    The robber stared at Eli.  The boy seemed completely fine, besides the sickly look on him.  The robber then figured that maybe he felt sicker than he looked, but even so, how was he able to stand up like he was against him like he was.  Was it some sort of plan to trick Dr. Blakk into a false sense of security?

    "I just asked you..." Eli repeated, losing his patience, "WHO.  ARE.  YOU?!!!"

    The robber, slugs, and even Eli nearly jumped out in shock.  Eli was usually patient and calm.  He was never so easy to lose his temper like he did with this robber.  And Eli was hardly the one to yell at just anyone.  Both he and the robber thought it to be the illness inflicted upon the Shane.

    Despite the sudden shout that escaped his own mouth, Eli continued to point his blaster at the intruder.

    "L-Listen, Mr. Shane, sir," the robber said as he backed onto the table, "I-I don't want any trouble."

    As the robber tried to back away and make a quick exit, he explained everything, revealing all that his friends dared him to do:  "M-My friends at the bar dared me to steal something from your hideout.  I was just going for something that wouldn't be missed.  I-I..."

    While trying to get away, the robber accidently cut his hand on the knife Pronto left behind for Eli to use.  The robber winced in pain and pulled his hand away from the knife.  When he looked at it, he saw that the blade made a small cut along the tip of fingers.  Damn it! the robber thought to himself as he kissed the cuts.

    Eli and his slugs were taken back in alarmed when they saw what happened.

    "Burpy," Eli commanded, "Help the man to the couch!  I'll get the first aid kit!"

    As Burpy did what he was told, the robber's slugs helped their master to the couch for a seat.  Together, both the robber's and Eli's slugs comforted the robber as he kept kissing his small wound.

    Eli came later to bring a small, white box with a red cross on the front.  He opened the box to bring out some medicine and bandages, when he started catching a whiff of something that sent him into a trance.  The smell was from something sweet, something...intoxicating to him.  He thought of the sweet thing he'd been craving and wondered if whatever this smell was coming from, that maybe THIS was it.  Something inside him told him to search for the source and he obeyed.

    Burpy and the slugs noticed a strong, dark energy nearby and looked upon the Shane as he suddenly stood and sniffed around the couch.  The robber didn't notice the boy while he kept holding onto his bleeding hand, but Eli was sniffing around the whole of the couch, searching for the source of this attractive and dark craving that never caught him so off guard before.  He became like a hungry animal, hunting for his prey endlessly in vain, for he knew the source was right in front of him and he wanted to deny it.

    The strength of the smell was strongest around the robber's hand.  Eli could feel it.  But how could he crave for flesh unless he was a zombie...or perhaps something much worse.  Eli kept searching for anything else that the smell could be coming from.  He searched below the couch, he searched above and around the man's head, but nowhere did this tempting aroma come than from the blood on the robber's hand.  When he finally admitted to himself that he was craving for the robber's life essence, Eli felt something dark and sinister rise up from his throat and he bent against himself in pain.

    He felt something happening; his lustful craving sparked the awakening of something that Eli didn't like, not in the least.  It was something that Eli wanted to betray; something he wanted to keep inside and protect the robber from, but the beastly essence fought with a strength that was greater than his.  It wanted to hurt the man sitting in front of him; it wanted his blood for its meal, but Eli was denying it of that.

    Eli noticed his front teeth had started to hurt.  He checked what it was and withdrew his hand from his mouth in shock.  He tried to look in a nearby mirror and gasped as his reflection was fading from him in front of his eyes.  But that wasn't what scared him.  What scared him was the sudden growth and sharpness of his two front canines and the red irises that replaced his beautiful blue ones.  With the pale skin, Eli looked like a monster that he knew was the most dangerous and profoundly the most deadly:  The dreaded Vampire.

    Eli backed up against the couch in shock, finally earning the attention of the robber as he looked upon the back of the panicking boy.

    "W-What's wrong?!" the robber asked him.

    "You need to get out!" Eli said without turning to face the man, "You need to get out of here RIGHT NOW!!  And get as far away from this place as possible."



    As the robber and his slugs went to do as Eli demanded, the darkness inside of him fought like a raving animal, wanting to be fed.  Eli fought back as best as he could, but he knew it was useless.  This entity was far stronger than he was.  He was no match for it.

    As if on cue, Spinner spun a web net around his slinger, trying to keep him contained.

    It was no use.  No matter what anyone did, Eli could only feel the monster inside of him take complete control and then everything turned red.


    The robber screamed as the beast known as Eli tackled and pinned him to the ground before he could reach the door.  Flaring his white fangs and his red eyes, Eli looked at his prize with a starving look.  The robber groveled underneath the boy's weight.

    All the slugs wanted to stop Eli before he did anything he'd regret, but the evil in Eli's eyes was enough to keep them at bay.  Even Banger and Burpy shriveled back in fear of him.

    Eli looked at his meal one more time as the man begged for his life.

    "P-Please!  L-Let me go!"

    The monster gave his victim a gloating smile and bent his face towards the robber's.

    "But then you'll miss dinner," the boy monster spoke in a smooth tone, "And I'd HATE it if you didn't come."

    Then with one sharp bite to the neck, it was all over.  The robber fainted as Eli drank the sweet fluids from his bite.  It WAS the thing he'd been craving for days since the incident, and Eli instantly became addicted.  He loved every drop that slid down his throat.  And while he was drinking, he's noticed a bit of his strength had returned to him.  He was suddenly feeling like his old self again...well, almost.  His old self didn't need to drink the blood of innocent robbers in order to feel the way he did.  In fact, he felt even stronger than before.  He felt like he could take Kord on in an arm wrestle match even.  He didn't care, he just wanted to taste the sweetness of the blood as it ran passed his lips.

    When he had finally had his fill, Eli stood and smiled a dark smile.  He laughed maniacally and enough to be heard for miles.  The beast had won.  It had gotten what it wanted and now it was free within the hero.  But now what?  The beast knew it's grip on Eli wouldn't last unless he got to feed on more souls like the robber's.  That's when it dawned on him.  The beast could USE the hero's skin to freely feed upon all those the hero would capture.  Any minion of Blakk could instantly become his meal with one bite.  Plus, it would weaken Blakk's grip on Slug Terra, killing two birds with one stone.  But then what?  If he were ever discovered, he would be sentenced to death for acts of murder.  Oh well, Eli thought to himself as he figured he would cross that bridge upon when it came upon him.  Right now, he had to clean up the leftovers before his friends returned with news on their battle with Dr. Blakk.

    Eli looked at the slugs as he got rid of the body and wiped up the blood that slipped from his lips and onto the floor.  They seemed scared; terrified even.  Good, Eli thought, I need them to keep quiet about this until further notice.

    As Eli approached them, Burpy glared at the monster that was his friend and cowered with his fellow slugs.  Slug Terra was in for a HORRID turn of events.

Sorry that this is late, but I've been lazy and busy.

Here's the part where Eli becomes a vampire. Hope you like it.

All Characters (C) SlugTerra.
Robber (C) me
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    Chapter 3- Attack of the Drac

    An old man of middle 40's woke up with a start at the sounds of screaming from outside his bedroom window.  He quickly rushed to his window sill to see what the fuss was about, but when he opened the window, the barren wasteland that was his backyard was as creepingly quiet as ever; nothing seemed out of place.  So the man of pale skin and greedy green eyes closed his window back up and went to return to the covers of his bed for the rest of the night.

    This man was thought of as a brute and a villain throughout all of Slug Terra.  What was wrong with him?  Was trying to conquer all of Slug Terra and turn everyone of it's worthless and weak slugs into more ideal little monsters called ghouls really too much for anyone to understand?  He was glad that there were some people that actually agreed with him, even if it was only because he was as rich and powerful as he was.  They were loyal to him to a fault.  He didn't really care.  As long as they knew their place, he would show them mercy on his part.  And to anyone who dared to get in the way of his goals were sure to perish for it, like a little hero named Eli Shane.

    Goodness, was he such a pain!  So sweet and innocent and good and kind!  Ugh, it made him sick to his stomach.  Eli was everything his father, Will Shane, ever was.  A goody two-shoes who just loved to pester in the man's plans.  Thankfully, the father had already been taken care of, so the man didn't have to worry about a Father-and-son tag team against him.  Will Shane was enough a rival as he used to be, but with Eli at his side, the two would be an unstoppable force of good.  Again, good thing the father was gone and far out of the man's troubles.  If only his son could follow, but his annoying friends, the Shane gang, have protected him like guard hounds.  It was sickening!  To see a gang so devoted to each other; a gang so at-home with one another; so close that NOTHING could ever hope to come between them!  Bleech!

    Dr. Blakk was in the middle of his second attempt of sleep when another scream came from outside, this one more blood-curdling!

    "CAN NO ONE TAKE CARE OF THAT?!!" Dr. Blakk got impatient as he grabbed his blaster and a couple of his ghouls and headed to where the screams were coming from.  Along the way, he ran into his apprentice, Twist, and the Hooligang.

    The Hooligang had offered to make up for their past failure time-and-again, not ever leaving him alone about it.  Dr. Blakk accepted their offer and gave them ghouls.  Not because they wouldn't stop bugging him, but because he was running short on men for some reason.  Shortly after one battle with the Shane gang, the number of his men began to dwindle, starting from the Western to the Eastern parts of Blakk Industries that were spanned across Slug Terra.  It was a small number at first; two to three men each night.  Then, the number grew to about 7 men missing per night and ever more.  Dr. Blakk didn't know what was going on, but he knew that he didn't like it in the least.

    "Dr. Blakk," Billy started his question, "What's going on?"

    "We heard screaming from outside our windows," the girl punk named Shorty reported.

    "Is there something outside?" the boy named Glasses asked in fear.  What a wimp!

    All while the Hooligang were so busy trying to find out what was going on, Twist couldn't help but look at his master in sheer worry.  He, too, had been hearing of the disappearances in Blakk's army of ghoul-slingers and had tried to find out the cause.  Everywhere there was a reported disappearance, Twist and Loki have investigated the scenes where the men had disappeared during the night.  So far, whoever took the men made a clean getaway with them.  Not a single trace was found in any of the investigations.  It was as if whoever did the crime didn't want to be discovered just yet.

    But now, the criminal was making his mark.  Finally, they were going to find out just who would make all of Blakk's men disappear.

    Everyone was just on their way out the door when Diablos Nacho and Maurice soon joined them with disturbing news.

    "Almost all of our outside guards are gone, Dr. Blakk," Maurice said aloud, alarming the youngest of the group of seven.

    "How many are left?" Blakk asked them, unfazed.

    "A little more than 30," Diablos answered him until five more screams were heard off outside, "Make that a little less."

    At the sign of the sudden number drop, Blakk couldn't take anymore of this.  He simply barged the door wide open as everyone got their blasters out and ready.

    The outside became quiet upon the 'BOOM' of the doors as they hit the walls outside.  Blakk looked towards every corner as he armed his blaster with his first ghoul.  Slowly walking down the steps towards the hard cavern floor, Dr. Blakk surveyed the scene with hawk-like eyes, searching for the intruder who dared attack him in his home.  He just KNEW that the perpetrator was out there somewhere.

    "WHO ARE YOU?!!!" Blakk demanded in a high voice, "SHOW YOURSELF!!!"

    Twist looked all around in the shadows for the jerk when he noticed a dark figure coming closer but only enough to keep his body shrouded in darkness.  They only thing that Twist and the others could see of the man was the pair of burning-red eyes that struck even the cold-hearted Dr. Blakk in fear.

    The weird thing was that the figure didn't look like a man, more like a boy of Twist and the member's of the Hooligang's age.  He was too tall to be a molenoid and too small and scrawny to be any cave troll.  Another thing about the boy was that there was something sparkling in his mouth:  A pair of extra-long canine teeth, almost fangs like a ghoul's.

    As Twist shivered a bit from the signs of the fangs, Dr. Blakk continued to interrogate the boy with his blaster armed and ready to shoot with a Grimmstone ghoul.

    "WHO ARE YOU?!" Dr. Blakk demanded again, "Why have you come here?"

    "What do you think I'm here for, Blakk?" a familiar voice sounded, "To rid Slug Terra of you!"

    As the figure revealed himself from the comfort of his shadows, all jaws dropped in shock.

    "Eli?!!!" Twist asked, amazed.

    "Shane??!"  Billy continued for him, "What are YOU doing here?!"

    "What other reason, Billy?" Eli answered him, "I didn't spend the last two weeks making Blakk's men vanish to just stop and NOT take care of the corruption of Slug Terra's good magic at it's source."

    Everyone stared at Eli in full disbelief upon his confession.  How could Eli Shane make those men disappear without a trace?  And why would he EVER do such a thing to begin with.

    "YOU?!" Billy shared his amazement, "YOU'VE been making Dr. Blakk's men disappear?!"

    "Who did you expect, Billy?" Eli said tauntingly, "The Ice Ogres?!!"

    As Eli laughed menacingly, the normal villains began to notice more about the boy.  He seemed different somehow...darker...scarier...and even colder than Dr. Blakk himself.  But that's not the Eli Shane they remember; that's not the hero they grew to despise with all their greedy and hateful souls.  No, THIS Eli Shane was beyond different from that noble hero.  Almost his exact opposite.  For one thing, he didn't have any slugs with him.

    "Where's Burpy?" Twist dared to ask, "Where are your slugs?"

    "At home, Twist," the boy answered him, "I didn't want them to slow me down."

    The slugs?  Slow him DOWN?!  Who was this guy?!  And what in slug's name did he do with the REAL Eli Shane?

    "It's just that you take your slugs everywhere with you," Twist continued, "I've never seen you without them before."

    "Yeah, well, I realized that Dr. Blakk was right about slugs after all," Eli actually said out loud, "They would only hinder me of my true abilities.  It's best if I just leave them for someone else to use."

    If the fact that Eli was the one who was making Blakk's men disappear wasn't shocking enough, this confession totally stumped the villains of Blakk Industries.  Even Nacho couldn't contain his shock any longer as he let his jaw drop down to the floor underneath his feet.  No Shane, especially NOT Eli Shane, would EVER say such a thing about their slugs, nor would they ever agree with their enemies unless it was something both could agree upon.  He was saying that his slugs were just mere toys to him now, and meant to be thrown away like such.  Twist didn't know if whether to be angry with him now or to remain shocked.

    All of a sudden, a soldier in torn clothes and covered in blood came out from behind a corner east of Blakk and colleges.  Everyone turned their heads to see the man holding a blaster at Eli shakingly, mumbling repeatedly, "M-M-Monster!  MONSTER!!!"

    Eli tsked and shook his head slightly, "Children!  Always wanting to leave a mess for the parent to clean up."

    The man heard the words and ran to attack the boy.

    Blakk pulled out his hand to stop the soldier before he got close to Eli, feeling that something horrible was about to happen.

    "Oh well," Eli said, licking his white fangs, "I guess I'll just have to take care of it.  I mean what else can I do?  Leave the mess just lying around?"

    The man stopped at a distance and fired a Grimmstone ghoul at the new Eli.  What happened next made everyone SEE what kind of a monster Eli Shane had become.

    The Grimmstone aimed to punch the boy in the face, but it was blocked strongly by Eli as he held out his right arm upon embrace.  He managed to stop a Grimmstone punch dead-on upon impact and retain the same position as before the ghoul was fired at 100 miles per hour.  As soon as the ghoul transformed back it's tiny self, Eli dropped it and let the slug land on its foot.  When it was on the ground, the Grimmstone hopped away in haste to get away from the new beast.

    At the sign of Eli's new strength, the soldier quickly turned coward and tried to run away.  Too bad for him, he wasn't fast enough.

    As fast as anything, Eli managed to catch his victim in his hands and bite deep into the man's neck, taking in his juices like a spider with a fly.

    From the sight of it, everyone reacted:  Shorty screamed and held her hand over her mouth to not sound too loud and attract Eli's attention.  Maurice and Glasses took the liberty to vomit over the side of the stairs from the sickening of the scene.  The trio of Diabos Nacho, Dr. Blakk, and Twist were just all staring at Eli as he drank the life out of the poor soldier that got too close.

    When Eli was done draining the blood from the man's body, he let the body drop to the floor and tried to wipe the blood from his lips, licking up any remaining on his fingers.

    "MY GOD!" Dr. Blakk finally said after such a disturbing event.

    From the scene of Eli drinking blood, Billy soon became lightheaded and fainted in Twist's arms.

    "BILLY!!!" Twist called him to wake him up to no avail.

    Eli just laughed at the pathetic boy as his friends surrounded him.  Blakk looked from Billy to Eli as this happened, stooped as he looked upon a brand new Eli that he never thought he'd fear.

    When Eli stopped laughing at the villains, he glared his red eyes in their directions, flashed his bloody fangs, and prepped himself to pounce.  "Now," he said darkly, "IT'S TIME TO END THIS!!!  FOR SLUG TERRA!!!!"

    "ELI!!!!" Everyone froze as they looked towards the direction of the shout; towards the Shane gang, Eli's gang, as they were coming fast from the North.

    Eli quickly hid the fangs and red eyes as his beautiful Trixie Sting came into his sights.  He smiled innocently as his team approached him.

    "Trixie!" Eli called her, "My flower!  What are you doing here?"

    As Trixie and the Shane gang went to stop and look upon the scene in front of them, their eyes stopped towards the body of a man drained of blood.  Shocked of what they saw, they drew their blasters out, armed with their slugs of choice, and aimed roughly at their own leader.

    "Whoa, whoa, whoa!" Eli pretended to not know what was going on, "What are you doing?!  I'm one of YOU, remember?!  Stop being silly and put those blasters down!"

    "SAVE IT, YOU!" Kord commanded, "We already know the story!  You're NOT Eli!"

    The band of villains looked from the Shane gang to Eli in confusional shock as to what was going on.

    Trixie slowly approached the Shane with Burpy growling on her shoulder and her blaster at the ready, "Eli-the REAL Eli-told me WHAT you are and what you're going to do.  And WE'RE here to stop you!"

    Eli looked at them surprisingly, then turned to a little snicker, "So my WEAKLING side told you about little me, did he?!  Well, then I guess I'll just have to take care of him when I see him next time."

    As Eli bore his white fangs and red eyes at his old friends, the Shane gang backed away slightly to avoid his powerful glance.

    As it pained them to look, the Shane gang kept aiming their blasters straight at their leader and best friend.  They couldn't believe that this was happening, of all of them, no one would ever expect a Shane like Eli to betray his Shane gang by becoming a monster.

    "So, tell me," Eli said to them, "What reason do you have that I shouldn't rid Slug Terra of these people?"

    "Eli told me in my dream," Trixie tried to say aloud, but almost couldn't bare to say in front of the vampire for who's skin he wore, "That you were going to feed on more than just Blakk.  He said that after you were done with him, you'd just feed on more people..."

    The monster laughed at the girl who couldn't get two words out without shaking.  "Obviously, he was just lying to you!" the boy monster said to the girl as she grew into a fury from his choice of words.

    "ELI WOULD NEVER LIE TO ME!!!" Trixie shouted in full rage, "He told me to stop you himself!"

    Before she could blink, the monster known as Eli wrapped his arms around her body affectionately, holding her like a serpent as he circled to behind her with arms holding her with passion.

    "Don't you LIKE me more this way, Trixie?" the monster asked as he held her face in his hand to face him, "I can be MUCH more romantic and loving in ways my old self wasn't.  I can hold you in these arms of his forever, not letting ANYONE dare take you away or harm you."

    The monster turned the girl around to face him as he finished, "These lips of mine can be so much sweeter on yours...once I make you mine.  Isn't that what you want Trixie?  Your beloved Eli holding you close and kissing you like you deserve?  I can give you all that...and more!"

    Not wanting the vampire Eli to hurt his friend, Burpy lit himself in flames and leapt into the air, threatening Eli to stay away from the girl.

    Eli backed away from the Infurnus as soon as it had the nerve to attack him.  "I would have thought you'd be the least bit grateful for having me fed you and your brothers, you little-" he growled at his ex-buddy, who just growled back at him and then turned to see to Trixie.

    Trixie was trying to come with a response to the shock of that experience when Burpy looked at her and her blushing cheeks.  Trixie never felt so aroused in all her life.  Seeing the charm in his eyes stopped Trixie's train of thought full-throttle, silencing her words in her mind and making her lose sight of everything around her.  Feeling the grip of Eli's strong body made her heart flutter in her chest like no other could before.  For once in her life, Trixie thought of herself as silent.  The beast inside her friend was right; she DID want Eli's heart to be hers.  For the longest time, she has been feeling strong emotions for him that she couldn't describe until that moment.  She wanted to know the feeling of being in his warm arms, being accepted in his embrace and knowing the sweet taste of his lips.  But at the same time of the arousement, Trixie felt disgusted with him.  She may have wanted to be in Eli's arms in a loving manner, but this creature was NOT the Eli Shane she wanted to be with.  She wanted THAT Eli; the boy in front of her was just a creep in his skin.

    Coming back from the shock, she aimed her blaster right between Eli's eyes, leading the others to do the same.

    The Shane Vampire to laugh at their fruitless efforts.

    The slugs growled within their capsules as did the team that held them.

    When the laughing stopped, Eli said to them all, "Fine!  If you are willing to betray me and protect these people, then I guess I'll have no other choice but to make my weaker self's words true.  I WILL feed upon the people of Slug Terra-upon you, my friends-if it means that I can rid Slug Terra of THAT monster!"

    Eli said this as he pointed to Dr. Blakk, just in time for Billy to wake up from his fainting spell.

    "Yeah, right!" Kord said to him, "You and what army, Eli?!  There's three of us, with an army of slugs, and only one of you!"

    Eli smiled grimily at the Cave Troll, "I'm SO glad you asked, Kord."

    Eli, then, let out an ear-piercing whistle that sounded throughout the whole cavern, causing everyone to cover their ears-human, Cave Troll, Molenoid, Dark Bain, and slug.

    When the whistle was sound and all was silent again, Eli pointed up to the ceiling and around the citadel, "I'd count the numbers again if I were you, Kord."

    As they looked on with horror, the Shane gang and Blakk industries crew saw large numbers of former Blakk soldiers now vampires all snaring their fangs at them.  The man Eli had bitten and drain of his blood prior to the Shane gang's arrival, even began to stand and show his sharp white teeth at his former boss.

    Sooner than the servant of Eli could stand, he was knocked out by Trixie's Rammstone slug.  Kord and Pronto fired Stinky and Bludgeon to help keep the vampires at bay on both sides of the Blakk crew.

    "RUN!!!" Trixie ordered.

    "Quickly!" Pronto added, "This way!!!"

    Despite all reasons not to do as they were told, the Blakk crew ran towards the Shane gang in hopes of escaping from the Shane and his army of vampires.  But before they could all get to safety, Eli seemed to move like mist, seeping speedily through the crew and snatching up one of their own:  Glasses.

    "GLASSES!!" Shorty shouted after him.

    Everyone turned to see Eli holding Glasses by the arm in an extra-tight grip to keep him in place as the newest vampire in the army stepped forward.

    "I hope you don't mind, Billy, if I barrow one of your gang members," Eli said with a sliver in his voice, "But my newest recruit just woke up and I know he's just bound to be starving for a fresh meal."

    "Why not take one of us then?" Maurice asked, pointing to the stronger, much more healthier-looking of the bunch, "Or Dr. Blakk?  Didn't you say you wanted him?"

    "I'll excuse you for that interesting choice of words for now, Maurice," Dr. Blakk scolded him and then turned back to Eli, "But why DID you not take me?  You said so yourself, Shane, you wanted to rid Slug Terra of me."

    "True, but I'm saving you for me," Eli said, then gave Glasses over to the new vampire, "I want to be the one who drains you dry of all your blood, Blakk."

    As the vampire drank away Glasses's life force, Shorty was left to look away in the comfort of Twist's arms while Billy looked upon the new Shane in rage.

    "You'll NEVER get away with this, Eli Shane," Billy shouted out at him.

    "Don't call me Eli anymore, Billy," the monster instructed him, "I'm a higher form from that name now.  Call me...Drac!  And I'm going to be kind to you all and give you a 10 second head start in running away."

    "10 seconds?!" Pronto screamed out loud in shock.

    As both the Shane gang and the Blakk crew looked upon the monster calling himself "Drac", they noticed his army gathering behind him with a vampirized Glasses joining their ranks.  Getting ready to run, the Shane gang quickly hopped onto their mecha beasts with the Blakk crew riding in the back of each:  Twist and Maurice riding behind Kord on Wyatt, Shorty and Billy riding behind Pronto on Fernando, and Dr. Blakk riding behind Trixie on Boomer.  As Drac began his slow countdown, deep inside of him Eli saw and heard what was going on, and prayed that his friends and enemies could only get away from him and Drac and into safety.

    "10...9...8...7," Drac was counting down the seconds as the Shane gang sped away as fast as they could, all the while Drac keeping an eye on the panther mecha and her riders, "6...5...4...3...2...1!  GO!"

    And with the signal from their master, the vampire army advanced, beating the speed record of those mechas by a minute.

    And so the hunt begins, Drac thought to himself as he saw the Shane gang and Blakk crew escape into the shadows with the army following close behind them.

Blakk and his crew now know what's been making their men disappear...and they couldn't be anymore shocked. How is Eli Shane turned from all-time hero of the day to a bad-ass villain of the century? And just as the Shane gang arrive to save Dr. Blakk and his employees, what will Eli-or should I say, Drac-do to get his team to be on his side of the argument and let him and his army feed upon the villains' blood? Is the real Eli Shane still in there somewhere? And if he is, can he gather up the strength to fight his darker half known as Drac? Or are the members of the Shane gang going to have to handle this one without the guidance of their leader?

All characters (C) SlugTerra
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    Chapter 2- Strange Behavior

    When the Shane gang got back from their latest mission, they were greeted by a healthier-looking Eli Shane.  It seemed like the illness that he was inflicted with had just vanished into thin air and the Eli they knew was going to be just fine.

    It was until later when they began to realize that Eli was not alright in the least.

    It started when they noticed that Eli's slugs were no where to be found once they got back that same day.  Kord had asked where they had gone and Eli had told his team that his slugs started playing hide-and-seek before they got back, but Eli had given up on it and decided to wait on his team's return and said that the slugs were most likely in his room.

    Then Pronto noticed a smell of blood and that the knife was gone.  When he asked what had happened to the knife he had left for his leader, Eli stated that he put it away after one of the slugs accidently knocked it off the table.  When Pronto asked about the smell of blood in the air, Eli said that it was because one of the slugs cut themselves.  Then when Trixie asked if the slug was alright, Eli said he had taken care of it before the team arrived.  He seemed alright with his answer until Kord brought up the game of hide-and-seek, then Eli suddenly burst into a rage that shocked his team and their slugs.  Seeing as how he scared his friends, Eli quickly excused himself and went to his room until dinner.

    Eli ate Pronto's cooking like always, listening to his team's tale of valor against Blakk's men.

    Trixie put fresh bowls of slug food and took to note that Eli's slugs still hadn't come out of Eli's room for supper.  When she asked about it, Eli brushed it off and said that he would take the food to them when he himself was done with his food.  Strange of him, but Eli did bring the food to his slugs as promised after he was finished eating.

    Later in the week, Kord started to notice a lack of activity in Blakk Industries.  Apparently, some of the Blakk lackeys had gone missing over the passed few days, mostly disappearing at night.  Strange.

    Though happy about not having to leave the house right in the middle of his favored reading or snack times, Pronto began to feel that something weird was happening with his friend, Eli.  For one, the air felt heavier around him and the slugs seemed to be afraid of him.  The slugs AFRAID of Eli Shane?!  The most friendly-with-slugs person in all of Slug Terra.  Impossible!!!  Eli was like a slug whisperer.  He could get any slug to trust him.  Every slug in the Shane hideout behaved around and respected Eli.  And now the slugs of the Shane gang were afraid of him.  'What was with that?' he wondered.

    Trixie definitely noticed a new attitude in Eli; he was more flirty and often bugged her for attention.  Even when she worked on her slugisodes, he never left her alone.  Being adorned with affection by a cute guy wouldn't usually sound like a bad thing, especially not one like Eli Shane, who was normally selfless, heroic, and brave.  This new Eli, however, seemed entirely vain, private, and proud.  He would now keep to himself in his room, not speaking to anyone, and whenever he was asked to help with a slugisode outside in the day, he would blow them off, saying the 'It's too bright, it gives me a headache,' a lame excuse to avoid your friends.  The worst part of it was that he didn't even TRY to look sorry, he just kept looking at the TV or reading a book.  When did the Eli Shane she knew turn into a big jerk?

    She got so suspicious of his behavior, she even thought that maybe he was Twist in disguise.  But when she tried to find out with her camera during a night-time slugisode she had planned to reveal the trickster, what she saw wasn't Twist, but some sort of darker version of Eli.  His reflection in the lens seemed transparent and in place of his blue eyes were glowing red orbs that reminded her too much of Dr. Blakk's ghouls.  When she saw the beast in her camera, she quickly stopped the slugisode and told the others that her camera was acting weird.  When everyone got back to the hideout, Trixie got to work to find out what caused her camera to reveal Eli like that.  When nothing seemed to be wrong with her camera, she wondered if maybe the monster she saw through the lens was really the Eli that she saw as handsome as ever.  Strange, but then again so was his suddenly selfish attitude.


    On the night of the three week anniversary of the incident with the Dracule ghoul, Trixie suffered a nightmare she would never forget:


    She heard a familiar voice:  Eli's.

    "Trixie," he called, "Help me!"

    Trixie twisted and turned in a dark room, looking for her friend, who sounded scared and alone.

    "Eli?" she called to him, "Where are you?"

    Trixie walked in a direction south of where she was when she started having the dream.  The path she took lead her to a large pool of redness.  It looked like Dr. Blakk's Dark Water, but it seemed to thick to be so when she ran her finger through it.  When she felt the thickness and smelled it's stench, her heart hung in her chest as fear threatened to choke her.  It was not Dark Water, but blood.  Gallons upon gallons of blood, all swirling around something in the middle like a pond of water.

    When Trixie squinted her eyes to see what that something was, she thought she would stay frozen in place forever:  It was Eli.

    "Eli?!" Trixie called him, "What are you doing in a pool of blood?!  Get out of there!!"

    "I-I-I can't," Eli said as he shivered.

    "What do you mean you can't?!  It's just blood, you can walk out!  Hold on, I'll get you!!"

    "NO, DON'T!!!" Eli yelled, stopping Trixie from taking another step.

    Trixie then noticed that her friend wasn't wearing any clothes, though the blood covered him from only the hips down.  She blushed and quickly went to look away.

    "Trixie," Eli called again, leading to Trixie trying to focus mainly on the upper half of the body instead of the lower.  When she looked at him a second time, she noticed that there was blood dripping from his mouth over his chest and abs that he covered with his arms as he shivered in what must've been cold blood.  At the sign of blood, she became distraught with worry.

    "Oh my, Eli!!!" wept Trixie, "What happened to you?!  Who did this to you?!"

    "He did," was all Eli said.

    Trixie became intrigued with who 'He' was, but her attention remained on Eli.

    "Trixie," he called to her, "You have to stop him!  He's going to destroy Slug Terra and turn everyone into one of him.  One of us!"

    When Trixie finally noticed the fangs and the red eyes Eli had on his face, she backed away slightly.

    "He thinks he's trying to protect Slug Terra by making Blakk's men vanish," Eli continued, "But he's only going to feed on more and more people."

    "W-What do you mean by 'feed'?"

    "He's drinking blood, Trixie.  The blood you see surround me is the blood of the people he's turned; of the men of Blakk's he's made disappear overnight for the passed two weeks.  He's a Vampire, Trixie!"

    "W-What's a Vampire?"

    "A monster that drinks blood," was all that Eli could tell her before she felt herself slipping away from him.

    "What's happening?" Trixie asked as she tried to run back to him.

    "He's on the hunt!  He's trying to claim more victims!  Stop him, quickly!  You and the others are the only ones who can!  Burpy and my slugs are in my room!  Get them!!  The poor little guys have been abused for two weeks."


    "He's fed them, but he's never let them out or have fun.  He's kept them cowering in my room all this time!  When you find them, tell them how sorry I am for all their torment!"

    The blood levels began to rise over Eli's body, sailing passed his hips to over his chest and arms.  Trixie reached out to him, trying to help him, but it was no use; she was too far away at that point.

    "Trixie," Eli said with a tear in his red eye, "I'm so sorry for the way I treated you and the others.  Please!  Stop him!!!!!"

    And with that, Eli was completely under the surface of the blood.  Trixie tried to swim for him, but the air picked her up and carried her up above the pond of blood that began to look like a puddle until it was consumed by the darkness.


    When Pronto and Kord heard a girl screaming, they rushed over to Trixie's room as fast as lightning.

    "Trixie?!" Kord asked as he burst into the room with Pronto covering his eyes incase Trixie was indecent, "What happened?!"

    Trixie woke up in a cold sweat from her nightmare.  Remembering what Eli said, she got up from under her sheets and bound herself passed the two boys towards Eli's room.  Lately, with Eli's strange behavior, he had forbidden anyone to enter, but Trixie figured, I DID get special permission, I guess.

    Upon her entry, Trixie looked over to find that Eli's bed was empty and that his window was open:  Eli snuck out in the middle of the night.

    As soon as the others joined her, they too became dismayed at the scene that their leader was gone.

    Trixie instantly began searching for Burpy and the other slugs, Kord and Pronto wondering if she had suddenly became insane.

    "Burpy?!" she called to him, "Banger?!  Spinner?!  Joules?!"

    Hearing a chirp, Trixie, Kord, and Pronto all looked in the direction of the open window to find Burpy in a slug shell with books covering the top.  The poor little thing looked frail and weak.

    When Trixie lifted the heavy books off of the shell, Burpy jumped up to her in gratitude.  Trixie returned the hug she was given when Burpy jumped up to her shoulder and chirped for the other slugs to come out.

    One by one, every one of Eli's slugs slowly came out of their hiding places and embraced the Shane gang.

    "H-Hey!" Pronto yelled, "No touching the Molenoid, slugs!!!"

    "Pronto," Kord told him, "Look at them!!!  They look terrible!  You'd figured Eli would take a lot better care of them than this!"

    "Not with the way he's been acting lately!" Pronto reminded him.

    Burpy dropped his head in sadness after Pronto said that, earning Trixie's sympathies.

    Trixie took the little Infurnus in her hands and said to him what Eli told her to in her dream, "Eli says that he's sorry for what he did to you, Burpy.  To all of you!"

    Burpy, the slugs, and the boys of the Shane gang all looked at the only girl with confusion as to how she would know that.

    "I'll explain on the way," she answered their looks, "Right now, we have to find Eli!"

    "Why, Trix?" Kord asked her.

    "He's in trouble!" she answered him as she exited the room with Burpy on her shoulder, "He's been acting weird for a reason.  We need to save him."

    As Trixie grabbed her blaster and slugs, she led everyone to the mecha beasts.  Together, they all rode with each member of the Shane gang carrying their own slugs plus a third of Eli's whole arsenal.  Somehow, Trixie knew exactly where Eli was and that only filled her with more fear and anxiety than ever.  The Eli in her dream spoke of how he was 'on the hunt' for Blakk's minions.  Now after two weeks, it seemed that Eli was aiming for the center of the evil in Slug Terra; The home of the number one slug-hating, ghoul-making, most despicable man in all of Slug Terra:  Blakk Citadel.

Eli's been acting strange lately, and it's up to the Shane Gang to find out what's going on.

When Trixie finds the answers in a dream, can she light the way for the rest of the Shane gang to find and save their leader before he commits the biggest mistake of his life?

Sorry if the whole story is later than it should be. I'm trying to make up for lost time while doing stuff for school and multitasking between, Facebook, and It's really my fault for being so lazy in my work, so if I finish this story after Halloween, I hope no one will be too mad.

All Characters (C) SlugTerra.
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    It was just a regular mission of stopping Blakk from conquering another cavern.  Another battle between the Shane gang and a bunch of Blakk's soldiers.  And with the end of the battle was another victory for the Shane gang.

    Of course, this time the soldiers just went and left their ghouls behind to form a pack somewhere.  Something the Shane gang couldn't afford, according to Eli.

    Ever since the recent events with the Shadow Clan, Eli was worried that if the ghouls were given a chance to grow in numbers, it might weaken the magic of Slug Terra even farther than before.

    So even if they didn't have Doc anymore, Eli had the gang set to round up and capture any ghouls they found to bring to the Shadow Clan.  Maybe then, Doc could cure them.

    The Boon Doc slug named Doc surely had come a long way from where he was before with a boy named Billy of the Hooligang.  Once thought to be useless because he couldn't "explode" or "blow things up", Doc now served a purpose even greater than Billy could even imagine:  He was a Guardian Slug, serving to protect Slug Terra from the evil forces of the Dark Bane.

    Having to be with the Shadow Clan most of the time now, Eli missed him.  He often wished Doc could come by the headquarters to visit or to just say a simple "Hi".  The Shane gang sure needed him right now.  These ghouls were giving them trouble; they hissed, tried to bite, and growled every time one of the gang got near them.

    The slugs made it easier to round them up since they were about the same size as they were, but the little demons just wouldn't stop to cooperate.

    One ghoul seemed to be smart enough to get away without anyone noticing.  But Eli saw it before it got too far and chased after it.

    It looked like it was really trying to get away, but Eli managed to catch up to it before it slipped into a hole.

    Luckily, the hole proved to be a dead-end and Eli had it cornered.

    "Alright, little guy," Eli called to the ghoul, "Come on out!"

    Eli got a good look at the little monster as it threatened to hurt him with a low growl.  It looked to be a black-and-red Fandango slug with eyes as red as Dark Water and long, sharp fangs.  It kinda looked like a tiny slug vampire to Eli.  It was almost cute.  Too bad he didn't have a camera or something to remember this moment before he took it to be cured.

    "It's okay," Eli reassured it as he carefully reached his left hand out to grab it, "I'm not going to hurt you."

    Just as Eli thought he was going to get it, the ghoul jumped on him and bit him on the forearm.

    "OUCH!!!!" Eli yelped and held his arm against his body while the ghoul hopped away happily.

    "ELI!!!" Eli heard Trixie calling him from behind and turned to face her and the others, "What happened?  We heard a shout."

    "I was trying to catch a ghoul that tried to get away," Eli explained, "But it jumped on me and bit my arm."

    "That bite looks pretty nasty, Bro," Kord pointed out, "Are you alright?"

    "Yeah, I'm fine!" Eli reassured him.

    "You shouldn't do something like that, Eli!" Trixie scolded him as she pulled out a bandage to wrap around the bite wound, "It could've turned out much worse than this."

    "Yeah," Eli agreed, "I know.  Sorry, Trix."

    "Well," Pronto put in, "How about we just forget about all of this and just deliver these little beasts to the Shadow Clan, shall we?"

    "Actually, Pronto," Eli said holding his head, "You guys go ahead and do that.  I suddenly don't feel so good.  I think I'm going home for the day."

    "You sure you don't need someone to go with you, Eli?" Kord asked him, worried.

    "If one of you wants to come with me, it's fine," Eli told his gang.  Everyone looked at each other and back at Eli before they went to get on the Mecha beasts.

    After that, the gang split up; Pronto and Eli heading home, Trixie and Kord set to make the delivery of ghouls to Shadow Clan territory.

    On the slow ride home, Burpy began to sense that something wasn't right with his slinger.  Something began to about him.  Something inside of him was...changing, becoming...dark and scary...almost terrifying.  Burpy didn't like this feeling he was getting off of the slinger he trusted the most.  He began to look at Eli worriedly as Eli began to show signs of having a headache.


    Shortly after the bite was made, Eli began to feel light-headed and strange.  He felt something-a second nature, perhaps-begin to stir within his being.  It was almost as if a darker side of him was beginning to awaken.  A darker side Slug Terra would not soon forget.

Sorry for the wait.

Here's the prologue to the Halloween Fanfic of SlugTerra. Hope you like it.

If there something you think is wrong with the prologue, just tell me what it is and I'll fix it in a jiff.

Here's the plot description:

When Eli is bitten by a ghouled Fandango slug, he begins to feel and act strangely. And when a Robber tries to steal from the Shane Hideout, Eli switches from a beloved hero to a blood-sucking monster. When their leader threatens to turn Slug Terra into his own kingdom of Vampires, can the Shane gang find a way to save him and their home? More importantly, with having to make unusual alliances with Dr. Blakk and his men, can they survive Eli's Vampire Plague?

All the Characters(C) SlugTerra.

Happy October, everybody!
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Collection by
Well Finally page 5, sorry if i was late guys but ok this is the thing i was lazy to make the comic in color so hehe i changed it to black n white but still enjoy it nwn ((i need help for the translation cause i am not so good))

Page 4:…
Page 6:......
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I DO NOT OWN FAIRY TAIL! The owner of Fairy Tail is Hiro Mashima. This is also a calender of what constellation you are. I'm a Leo. :3 (I'm an amzing Fairy Tail fan) and there's a typo for Libra. Libra's months are sept-oct

I got the pictures from:
Thanks for the permission BakaXero! :D
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Finally, i finished this image, i love the way as i did!
I hope You love this work.



Gray Fullbuster // グレ子.フルバスター (Gureko Fullbuster)…
Natsu Dragneel// ナツ子.ドラグニル (Natsuko Dragneel)…
Lucy Heartfilia//ルキ.ハートフィリア (Ruki Heartfilia)…
Elfman Strauss///エルフィー.シュトラウス (Elfie Strauss)…


Fairy Tail-Natsu dragneel-Gray Fullbuster-Lucy Heartfilia
Fairy Tail(c) Hiro Mashima-sensei
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—Fairy Tail—

FT no me pertenecen, así como sus personajes, sin embargo, la historia si se asemeja a cualquier otra o acto cotidiano de la vida real, es pura coincidencia.

¿Ooc? Mil perdones.

                                                                Cuando estos son muy alocados.

Makarov bebió tranquilamente del té, mirando a su alrededor. El ruido que siempre caracterizaba a su gremio había menguado con la partida de todos a sus respectivos hogares. Aunque era algo que se agradecía, echaba de menos aquella escandalera. Eran sus hijos. Sus adorados hijos. Por los que no dudaba en dar su vida.

Todos y cada uno, con sus respectivas buenas y malas características. Habían sido semillas que germinaron y aunque todavía alguna necesitaba un buen corte, era divertido verles crecer dando pataletas en la vida. Además, el que más o el que menos, tenía un gran corazón de oro que era lo más importante. En Fairy Tail nunca sabías cómo iba a terminar un día ni qué cartas tendría que escribir al consejo para disculparse. Pero no importaba. Era algo que un padre siempre tenía que pasar.

Esa noche precisamente, Mirajane le había hecho una petición muy seria, demandándole que el gremio, una vez cerrara las puertas, permitiera una reunión de gran importancia entre algunos integrantes. El anciano mago había dudado al principio, conociendo la mente retorcida que solía tener la chica, pero al final, accedió con curiosidad, especialmente, cuando le dijo el nombre de los integrantes.

Y ahora los tenía formados frente a él y la barra del bar. Natsu junto a Happy que intercambiaban alguna conversación divertida que les hacía reírse. Gray desnudándose a partes sin darse cuenta. Laxus bostezando distraído. Gajeel cruzado de brazos y gruñendo. Elfman cruzado de brazos, intercambiado palabras con su hermana. Y por último, aunque no formara realmente parte de Fairy Tail, Jellal.

Las puertas del gremio se abrieron bruscamente y las chicas, capitaneadas por Erza, entraron. Los chicos cesaron sus tareas para mirarlas un instante. Natsu fue el primero en recibir por parte de Erza cuando se lanzó hacia ellas saludando feliz de la vida. Con un chichón en la cabeza y la nariz enrojecida, volvió a la fila tal y como Mira le demandó, no sin gruñir y echar fuego enfadado. Cuando Erza chirrió los dientes se formó correctamente, cual soldado en medio de una guerra.

Makarov bebió tranquilamente de su té. Era ya una costumbre que Gray y Natsu recibieran o fingieran llevarse de maravilla delante de la pelirroja.  Pero hoy Erza parecía más seria que de costumbre. Aquello le intrigó. Si se ponía a mirarlo bien, enfrente de él estaban todos sus cachorros más fuertes. ¿Acaso pasaba algo nuevo de lo que no era consciente?
Mira se colocó junto a él en la barra, apoyando las palmas sobre la madera y mirando divertida hacia los demás, aunque cuando su mirada se posó sobre su nieto frunció el ceño. Ella sabía algo. Desde luego.

Lucy, Erza, Lluvia, Lissana, Evergreen y Levi se situaron frente a los jóvenes. Makarov guiñó los ojos. Lissana estaba frente a su nieto. Lucy frente a Natsu, como costumbre. Erza frente a Jellal. Lluvia frente a Gray. Levi frente a Gajeel y Evergreen frente a Elfman.

Cada uno de los chicos actuó de forma diferente. Natsu guiñó los ojos, mirando a Lucy en busca de una explicación. Gray dejó de vestirse para arquear las cejas y dudar si escapar o simplemente quedarse. Jellal continuó cruzado de brazos, sosteniéndole la mirada a Erza. Gajeel posó una mano sobre la pequeña pelo azul, llamándola pequeñaja. Laxus miró a Lissana con indiferencia, cruzando de brazos y esperando. Elfman se cuadró.

Makarov volvió a beber con tranquilidad, sin perder detalle. Las jóvenes magas miraron a Erza, quien asintió por ambas partes y después, sus labios se movieron a la par. Makarov escupió el té y les miró totalmente incrédulo. ¿Habían dicho que lo creía que había dicho? Se limpió la boca al mismo tiempo que todos los hombres caían contra el suelo de culo y retrocedían hasta la barra. El único que se mantuvo más firme fue Jellal, quien se había bajado la máscara, mirando a Erza con incredulidad. La pelirroja le hizo frente, arqueando las cejas en busca de una estúpida pregunta.

El muchacho habló pausadamente, casi sin que él pudiera escuchar.

—¿Es cierto?

Erza asintió.

—Qué tino tuvo— bromeó Mira limpiando un vaso mientras sonreía misteriosamente.

—Es el hijo de un…

—Lo sé— interrumpió Titania sonriendo torcidamente—. Pero también es mío. Eso lo compensa.

Makarov continuaba con la boca abierta cuando Jellal se adelantó hasta Erza, tieso como un resorte y miraba hacia su vientre con curiosidad, cierta felicidad acumulándose en su sonrisa y temor en sus manos. Erza tiró de su mano hasta posarla sobre la armadura, justo donde debía de estar su vientre. Jellal deseó que ninguno de sus dedos se hubieran roto. Erza podía ser pasional, pero a veces, olvidaba que la armadura era un gran impedimento para estas cosas.

Pero el sexto maestro tenía su ceño fruncido y mientras se limpiaba los restos, clavó la mirada en el que portaba su sangre. Laxus se había llevado una mano al rostro y, apoyado en uno de los banquillos, sacudía la cabeza incrédulo. Dudaba mucho que Laxus fuera virgen cuando tuvo relaciones con la menor de los albinos, pero de ahí a cometer el error de dejarla embarazada…

Un vaso crujió a su lado en ese instante. Cuando miró de reojo, con el escalofrío recorriendo cada parte de su pequeño cuerpo, vio la sonrisa estremecedora de Mira. La portadora del Satán Soul no miraba hacia el lugar, pero la pequeña venita que aparecía en su sien, confirmaba que sabía de todo el asunto y, por ende, Makarov sospechaba que esperaba que Laxus se hiciera cargo.

Laxus había cambiado mucho desde los comienzos. Ahora era más… ¿Tratable? No sabía si podía decir eso, pero tampoco admitiría que tenía que darle las gracias a Gildarts por devolverlo al gremio. Era su nieto al fin y al cabo. Pero… de ahí a que tomara la responsabilidad por dejar embarazada a Lisanna…

—Laxus…— comenzó  la muchacha—… yo, ehm…

—¿Vas a tenerlo? — interrumpió el rubio mirándola fijamente. Lisanna tragó antes de asentir. Laxus suspiró—. Es mío— musitó, como si necesitara una correcta afirmación.

—Claro que lo es— espetó Lisanna colocando las manos sobre sus propias caderas—. ¿Con quién me estaba acostando hace un mes en su casa tras… buijhaf?

Laxus cubrió la boca de la pequeña, emitiendo un siseo en demanda de que guardara silencio.

—Vale, vale, lo pillo, maldita sea.

Makarov pudo ver como su nieto tenía un leve lapsus. Como si recordara todo. El por qué, los motivos y hasta lo que ocurrió. ¿Estaría pensando en cómo había metido la pata con ese descuido? Pero Laxus simplemente se levantó, pasó el brazo por el cuello de la maga y tiró de ella hacia el exterior. Makarov no pudo saber si afirmó el tenerlo o no. El caso es que días más tarde, la maga visitaría el gremio con un vientre bastante voluminoso y Laxus, no perdería detalle de ella.

¿Debería de sentirse orgulloso de su nieto? Estaba seguro de que sí.

Por otro lado, Natsu estaba gritando hacia Happy, totalmente emocionado, con los puños cerrados y echando llamas por la boca.

—¡Voy a ser padre! ¿Has oído, Happy? ¡Padre! — Continuó gritando hasta que una samaritana Lucy le golpeó tan fuerte que chocó contra la barra del bar y lo noqueó.

—Bueno, al menos él se lo ha tomado bien— puntualizó Mira sin dejar de limpiar vasos—, sin embargo otros…

Y desvió la mirada hacia Gajeel. Este estaba tieso como un tubo de hierro y por más que Levy pasara la mano por delante de su rostro no parecía reaccionar. La peli azul empezaba a ponerse nerviosa, mordisqueándose los labios y buscando unas gafas que no llevaba puestas. No encontraba qué hacer con él y parecía que el resto tampoco, hasta que Natsu, recobrando el sentido, lanzó su puño contra el Dragon Slayer de hierro.

Gajeel despertó automáticamente y optó por devolvérsela, pero Natsu lo aferró del cuello de la ropa y pegó su frente a la de él.

—¡Reacciona, demonios! ¡Has dejado embarazada a Levy y lo primero que haces es quedarte como un idiota!

—Bueno, hace un momento tú  también actuabas como un idiota— puntualizó Lucy apoyando una mano en sus caderas—, pero parece que ambos olvidáis lo importante.

Levy estaba todavía en su sitio. Ni siquiera se había podido mover para retenerlos. La realidad era que estaba muerta de miedo. ¿Qué pasaría si Gajeel la acusaba de fresca? ¿O si negaba su paternidad acusándola de mujeriega? ¿Y si creía que era una molestia? Y lo peor de todo: ¿Y si empezaba a odiarla? La maga de cabellos azules se habían enganchado a Gajeel de una forma increíble. Tanto que Makarov había temido que tuviera un trauma postraumático. ¿Enamorarse del tipo que tiempo atrás deseó matarla? Ey, ¿por qué no? Él había visto peores parejas a lo largo del tiempo.

Gajeel miró a su alrededor, como si quiera entender qué estaba sucediendo. Cuando posó la mirada sobre la maga, frunciendo el ceño y al recordar, palideció. Sin embargo, hizo algo que nadie esperaba, ignorando incluso el intento de Natsu de proteger a Levy, por si acaso.

Alargó su mano hasta el vientre femenino y frunció el ceño. Luego volvió a mirarla a los ojos y abrió la boca para luego cerrarla. Levy se aferró a su brazo y con lágrimas cayendo por sus mejillas, sonrió.

—¡Sí, está dentro de mí! — exclamó ante la atónita mirada de preocupación del Caza dragones. La mano tembló sobre el vientre de la chica—, y no, no duele. Es… hermoso.

Luego, con Levy aferrada de su brazo y él dando pasos agigantados, tieso como un resorte, abandonaron el gremio. Makarov sonrió. Esperaba más barullo por parte del hombre del metal. Pero Levy parecía ser el punto clave para calmar o enfadar al Dragón Slayer fuera de las misiones.

Sea como fuere, había terminado bien.

Sin embargo… Miró de reojo hacia Juvia y Gray. El moreno intentaba quitársela de encima, abochornado y con claras dudas en su rostro. Quizás terminara siendo el más peligroso, especialmente cuando el mago de hielo perdió los estribos y se soltó con tanta brusquedad que Juvia casi termina de culo contra el suelo. Sin embargo, Gray tuvo la  rápida oportunidad de sostenerla antes de que eso sucediera, pasarse una mano por el rostro y soltarla. Caminó unos pasos hasta la barra y le demandó a Mira una buena cerveza fría. Mira se lo negó.

—Es mejor que estés cuerdo para esto, Gray. A cambio, te daré un buen vaso de agua fresquita con trocitos de hielo para que piques.

Si las miradas matasen, mira estaría calcinada. Gray necesitaba refrescarse la mente, liberarse de la tensión que sentía por todo su cuerpo. Al principio había pensado que era una broma. Demonios, ¡Todas las chicas estaban embarazadas a la vez! Y por más que pensara que debía de ser un error, era imposible.

Primeramente: Juvia era la chica más sincera del mundo. Segundo: Tan sincera como fiel, así que estaba seguro de que sí, ella únicamente mantendría relaciones sexuales con él, porque estaba enamorada hasta las trancas. Y tercero: Porque fue él y no otro, quien se dejó llevar hasta la situación de encontrarse de fábula entre las piernas de la chica del agua. Y no. No había utilizado ninguna protección.

Era consciente de su culpabilidad. Pero, ¿Cargar con el peso de ser padre? ¿Qué clase de padre podría ser? ¿Cómo podría educar a su hijo? ¿Si ocurriera algo, moriría por salvarlo? ¿Era tan fuerte lo que sentía por esa chica como para aceptar ser padre? Porque Juvia llevaba dibujado en su rostro que pensaba tenerlo. Era el hijo de la persona que amaba y con ello, no necesitaba más preguntas que hacerle. La chica era de ese tipo de mujer.

Miró de reojo a Natsu, que continuaba echando pestes del comportamiento de Gajeel y se preguntó qué le haría a él si se dignara a fijarse en cómo se encontraba. Seguramente le daría una buena paliza, remarcando su responsabilidad. Hasta el alocado hijo de Ignell era responsable, lo que menos se esperaba de él, porque siendo sinceros, Gray habría esperado que se echara el petate en la espalda y saliera echando leches. Pero no, él estaba ahí. Y Lucy parecía tranquila de eso.

Así pues, él era el capullo que provocaba que una embarazada casi se cayera y que estuviera a punto de llorar y salir corriendo. ¿Qué clase de tipo despreciable era?
—Gray- sama siempre será Gray- sama. Nadie le cambiará. Ni nada.

Levantó los ojos hacia Juvia. Esta se había sentado junto a él en el banquito, ignorando los problemas de los demás, solo concentrada en él.

—Yo no voy a perder este niño. He decidido tenerlo porque amo a Gray- sama. Porque no creo que estuviéramos haciendo nada malo en ese entonces. Y fue muy bonito— declaró. Gray pensó que se había ido a las nubes imaginando un tórrido amor como solía hacer, pero no. La mirada de juvia era firme y fija en él, ninguna muestra de sus imaginaciones, a veces, algo retorcidas—, porque Juvia ama a Gray- sama.

Gray tragó. Demonios, hasta ahora había ido perdiendo a muchas de las mujeres por las que sentía algo. Y él podía ser un bocón, pero hasta ahora no había mantenido relaciones con una mujer que no le aportase nada. Por ese mismo motivo, había terminado cediendo a los encantos de Juvia, además, por supuesto, de que era hombre.

Y como tal, podía no solo aceptar el amor de esa mujer y el hijo que llevaba dentro, si no aceptarlo con gusto y con respuesta. Alargó una mano hasta el vientre de la peli azul y esta empezó a destilar corazoncitos imaginándose a saber qué diantres. Pero así era Juvia. Tan solo… Sí, tan solo esperaba que su hijo o hija no terminara saliendo con tantos pajaritos en la cabeza.

Makarov había esperado algún desmayo por parte de los más fuertes, sin embargo, fue Elfman el que estaba tirado en el suelo, con Ever sobre su vientre y las piernas cruzadas sensualmente. Igual le había agradado la visión de tanta chicha si no fuera porque el albino estaba que parecía de piedra.

—Ey, Ever, no uses tu poder sobre el pobre Elfman— defendió Erza arqueando una ceja mientras cesaba de hacer que la cara de Jellal se pusiera hinchada en su mejilla de tanto querer que el pobre viera que estaba embarazada a base de mejillazos contra su armadura—, ya sabes lo que pasa luego.

Ever se sacudió elegantemente el cabello.

—No he hecho nada. Está así desde que he dicho que estaba embarazada y como tal, o tendría que hacerse cargo o tener un duelo a muerte con Laxus como castigo si huía. Pensé que se pondría a gritar que él era un hombre y aceptaba la culpa, pero ha caído como un peso pesado hacia atrás y ahora parece más de piedra que las estatuas tan hermosas que hago yo.

—Sí, ya, bueno, todos sabemos cómo son tus estatuas por experiencia— murmuró Lucy entre dientes.

Ever le lanzó una mirada maliciosa y Lucy se escondió tras Erza. Natsu se inclinó sobre Elfman y empezó a darle golpetazos con el dorso de la mano para despertarlo. Pero el Alvino no reaccionó. Mira suspiró y ante la atenta mirada de Makarov, salió del mostrador y se acercó hasta su hermano. Con sumo cuidado se arrodilló junto a este y le susurró algo en el oído. Natsu fue el único que retrocedió a tiempo. Ever terminó aferrada por gray justo a tiempo mientas que Elfman se levantaba con un resorte, los ojos en blanco, completamente enfadado mientras buscaba a su alrededor. Mira sonrió y con las manos apretadas sobre su falda, musitó:

—Era broma, Elfman— su hermano se volvió a ella y la miró incrédulo—, ahora ya sabes lo que sentirá Ever si no te comportas.

Lucy se acercó hasta Natsu con cuidado y, tirándole de la bufanda, le miró interrogante. Éste tragó y se inclinó para susurrárselo. Lucy sonrió emocionada.

—No le veo la gracia— protestó Natsu.

—Yo sí— rió Lucy.

Gray se acercó a ellos, con Juvia en otro mundo aferrada de su brazo.

—¿Qué es lo que le ha dicho?

Natsu tragó.

—Si no te haces responsable de tus actos seguramente alguien te cortará lo que has usado para hacerlo, además, ¿no quieres antes matar a Laxus por dejar embarazada a Lissana? — Mira sonrió detrás de ellos, con dos jarras de cerveza en una mano y otras de zumo en la otra— ¿Queréis?

Natsu y Gray estaban pálidos cuando lo aceptaron.

Makarov vio como detrás de estos Elfman finalmente inclinaba la cabeza para escuchar a Ever y asentía, rascándose la nuca y preguntándose si habría hecho bien el trabajo como para que un crio tan grande como él acabara dentro del vientre de la maga y lo peor de todo, seguramente, estaría intentando averiguar cómo sería capaz de fortalecer lo suficiente su cuerpo para el día de parto. Especialmente, como el hijo decidiera sacar las dimensiones de su padre en cuanto a cabeza, especialmente.

El anciano miró a los que consideraba como sus hijos e hijas. ¿Qué demonios iba a hacer con ellos? Así como eran capaces de destruir una ciudad entera, también eran capaces de abrirse camino.

—Plaft…— Makarov levantó la mirada hacia la pared a su derecha. Antes que tuvieran tiempo de preguntar esta estalló en mil pedazos, destruyéndose con mucha facilidad. En medio de todo el caos, una figura apareció entre los escombros.

Gildarts dejó caer su petate junto a su pie. Los ojos le echaban fuego y con los puños apretados, miró amenazadoramente al grupo.

—¿Quién ha sido el huevudo capaz de dejar preñada a mi hija? … ¿¡QUIÉN!?

Makarov se golpeó la frente incrédulo.

—Lo que faltaba…

Tras toda una noche evitando roturas, que Natsu decidiera terminar una batalla sin lógica con él y que Cana demostrara que no estaba embarazada de nadie y que nadie tenía que morir, Fairy Tail volvió a demostrar que era el gremio más ruidoso del mundo… Pero todos querían estar ahí.

Makarov sonrió ampliamente, levantó su copa hacia la puerta y no hicieron falta más palabras.

El futuro estaba llegando. Y con una buena dosis de pañales.

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¡Hola! Tenía éste oneshot como pendiente desde hace mucho tiempo, desde que hice el primero, para ser exactos. No ha salido como quería ni mucho menos. Pero bueno, aquí quedó. Igual monto el tercero algún día,  ¿Quién sabe?

Aviso que aunque relata un poco el punto de cada uno, está visto desde la parte de Makarov, así que…

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Danville, Estados Unidos

Era de noche, las ciudades estaban vacias y en la punta de la alcaldia de la ciudad se encontraba un arlequin de cuerpo negro y usando ropas amarillas y purpuras, tambien usando una mascara que de un lado era blanco con un ojo negro y el otro negro con el ojo amarillo. El levanto una mano y la luna que tenia una sombra parecida a su mascara, luego lanza una serie de relampagos a la ciudad.

Pero entonces se vio la figura de dos niños: el primero tenia cabeza triangular, pelirrojo y de ojos azules, el llevaba un chaleco naranja sobre una camisa amarilla con una bufanda roja, pantalones azules y botas negras, tambien usando guantes cafes; el otro tenia cabeza cilindrica de pelo verde y ojos azules, el llevaba una camisa purpura con hombreras verdes, pantalones grises y botas verdes, tambien llevaba una bufanda azul claro. Detras de ellos, habia siluetas de varias formas y tamaños pero solamente se veian rodeados de estatica, el arlequin luego convoco a un ejercito de sombras y ambos ejercitos se lanzaron a la batalla.

Mientras las sombras enmascaradas y los heroes en estatica peleaban, los dos niños se acercaban al arlequin, y el habia creado una esfera de materia negra, el pelirrojo saco un par de espadas y el peliverde una pistola para poder pelear con el arlequin, y la ciudad se envolvio en una luz cegadora...

2:00 AM

Phineas Flynn desperto, sintiendo su respiracion agitada y miro su habitacion oscura, el respiro tratando de calmarse, tomo a su ornitorrinco mascota Perry que seguia dormido y se movio a la cama de su hermano: Ferb Fletcher, que para su sorpresa, seguia despierto

"Ferb, sigues despierto?" el solo asento, el se sento en la cama del peliverde

"Tuve el mismo sueño de nuevo: en el que tu y yo estabamos enfrentandonos a ese arlequin enmascarado que queria destruir la ciudad, me entiendes?"

Pero el no respondio


"Tuve el mismo sueño, y las mismas veces que tu" el respondio

"Enserio? huh" dijo algo desanimado y se acerco a lado de su hermano "No se Ferb, tengo el presentimiento de que ese sueño trata de decirnos algo, como esos sueños que pueden ser premoniciones que me contaste, a mi me gustaria saber que puede significar" pero antes de que pudiera decir algo mas, Ferb agarro el hombro de su hermano calmandolo y con la mirada Phineas supo lo que su hermano trata de decirle.

"Cierto, creo que cuando descanse un poco, podre checar lo que puede significar en la mañana, gracias Ferb" el mayor sonrio en gratitud, y despues de una pequeña pausa incomoda, Phineas rompio el hielo

"No hay problema si duermo contigo?"

"Porque no"
Por favor escuche esta cancion junto con esta lectura: [link]

Este es un adelanto de "Phineas y Ferb: Dimension Infinita" en donde explico un pequeño punto de trama recurrente, espero que lo disfruten.

Phineas y Ferb (C) Disney
Dimentio (C) Nintendo
KR Decade (C) Toei
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Collection by
 Luckily for Eli and Trixie, Anora had stopped four hops in the doorway of the music store. She was staring round in awe at all the instruments for sale.

“We have to grab her now! Before someone sees her!” Trixie whispered urgently to Eli. He heard her, but his thoughts went back to before they left the Club House.

 Anora wanted to come along with them. She had jumped into a vacant slug tube on Kord’s belt. They almost missed her if it wasn't for Pronto’s outburst.

“Ugh, We left YOU behind for a reason. It’s not like you’d be useful anyways.”
At that, Anora glared at him with a curled lip. She’d show this arrogant mole one day…

Kord picked up her slug tube and brought it in front of him. “It’s not that we don’t want to take you with us, but you haven’t fully healed yet.” He poked the tub gently. She nodded with a frown, she understood why. But she still wanted out. Kord then passed her to Eli, and she gave him a pleading look.

“You heard Kord said. It’s for your safety.” He tipped the tube gently onto a table in the garage, and she slipped out onto the table. He patted her head. “We’ll be back before you know it.”

 Eli crept forward, placing each foot down as quietly as he could. Once he was close enough, he leaned down, his hands hovered just above the slug, and grabbed her. He returned to Trixie and revealed the elusive slug in his hands. She didn't she look very pleased, but mostly because she knew she was in trouble.

 “I don’t know how or when you snuck out with us, but you were supposed to stay home.” Eli gave her a hard look, and Anora shrunk back sheepishly. Though there was a grin forming at the corners of her mouth. He wouldn’t admit it, but he found her stubbornness in this situation amusing. But that was out weighed by his concern for the slug. What ever happened to her before hand was in the past, and he didn’t want her-or any slugs- to go through that.

 Anora did feel bad for sneaking out, but she had been getting restless. She wanted out of the ClubHouse-not just out around it in the home cavern. She knew sneaking out would risk her moving more than what she needed, which wasn’t good for her bruised state. But she knew it would be worth it.
 Anora had picked up on Eli’s amusement easily. It was only a flicker, but still noticeable. It helped her with her conflict.

 Eli placed her on his shoulder without another word. She then returned to the pack, with one glance at the wooden sign on the ground. His mind ran in circles, he didn't know if he should be mad at Anora or to just shrug it off. In fact, this had happened before-he just took notice of it. Eli would struggle between two different thoughts or emotions, and he would go quiet afterwards. And this heavy feeling would creep upon him, as if something was holding him firm so he couldn't move. As if he should focus on something that was out of his reach. He was aware that the focal point was there but he could never grasp it or gain an understanding of it. He shook his head, clearing his thoughts.

 “Alright, lets get going. We still have to meet up with the others” Eli said as the two began to walk away. But they hadn't noticed a figure had appeared behind them. Two large hands grabbed them by the shoulders, and pulled them inside the store.

Once Anora returned to the pack, the other slugs began chittering excitedly. They were curious as to why she didn't stay out any longer than she had. For when she first jumped in back at the ClubHouse, with the Gang’s backs turned, she was determined to explore the Mall. She quieted them down, she wasn't about to give up. Anora looked around at the slugs around her, going over every one of them. Their element, their abilities in their Velocimorph and Protoforms. Along with slug’s she asked before… Her eyes landed on the Hoverbug, Bugsy.

She inched over to to him, with the other slugs around them sharing anxious glances with one another. They weren't sure what she was doing, but it was something rarely seen by other slugs.
Anora squeaked the question to Bugsy, causing him and the others to gasp in shock. The rest of the slugs began chittering loudly in excitement, and looking expectantly at Anora., whom smiled shyly at their fuss. This wasn't normally a big deal, but she hadn't been around any other ‘normal’ slugs for some time before meeting the Shane Gang. Bugsy nodded and squeaked happily with all his enthusiasm. Answering no was out of the question, and he was honored. Anora thanked him with a bow of her head, and a determined grin graced her lips.

“Let us go!” Eli struggled against the grip of the man, but to no avail to getting free. The man shoved the two back further into the store. Trixie’s foot got caught on a mess of wires taped together with duck tape, and she fell on the ground. Eli whipped around to face the man who grabbed them, but he backed up onto another mess of cords and fell into a pile of small drums.

The man was pulling down the security door and locked it shut. Followed by the glass windows on either side and shut off the open sign. It was almost pitch black if it wasn’t for the light of the gold register.

“You guy’s have no idea what you’re getting into, do ya?” A thick voice spoke as he struggled towards a light switch. “Be glad it was me a not someone else.”
The light revealed a large man. Old looking goggles strapped to his brow above stern but kind eyes.
FINALLY, getting to the part that starts THE GOOD THING that I have had planned for ages. So excited to write it! ....but I have to get there first.

Here's another chapter for you guys! Please comment and share your thoughts!
((some questions I can't answer due to plot and possible spoilers))

Anora/Lightsingers/Story (C) to Eondragonwolf
Slugterra/All Related Characters (C) to Nerd Corps
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Convertamall Cavern was bustling with activity. Groups of mechabeasts were parked outside around the entrance, with most of the good spots taken. You wouldn't get out without some dents and dings. But, luckily for the Shane Gang, they were only stopping by for a short while.

“This place is going to be packed.” Kord spoke as they all dismounted their mechas. “This may turn into a ‘one day trip’ instead of an hour trip.”

Kord,Trixie,Pronto and Eli stood in a circle, thinking if today was even worth the trip. Although, it was somewhat of an emergency stop. They needed to restock on slug food, and purchase some long needed upgrades. They had stayed close to home with the new slug that the ShadowClan burdened them with.

At the same time, they all needed out of the home cavern. For one, Pronto’s mood somewhat lightened with Anora. Though he still grumbled and sassed her at times, which then the others strictly kept the injured slug out of his reach. Most of the time she would just sass him right back. Kord and Trixie had begun bonding with Anora on the second day. Trixie had shown her around the ClubHouse, and Kord had shown her a few things on their mechas. Of course she didn't understand it; being a slug and all, but she showed a fond and keen focus.

“We might as well get it done and over with.” Eli said as he turned towards the mall. The others followed, and Pronto had a grin growing on his face.

“Now Pronto can continue his search, for a new and beautiful handbag!” He laughed, his excitement at the thought of many handbags growing.

“We aren't here for handbags, Pronto.” Trixie responded, somewhat annoyed by his sudden presentation. “Besides, you’ve done enough damage the past week as it is!”

Pronto gasped dramatically and stopped in his tracks.

“Pronto has done nothing wrong!” He countered, but Eli interrupted.

“You did traumatize Anora on the first day.” He mentioned calmly. “And later on then went on a rant about how all slugs are useless, which ended up with you-”

“I know, I know...stuck to the wall in Jellyish goop..” Pronto said in defeat.

Now entering the mall, they spoke no more of the week past. The place was indeed, packed. They slumped in discouragement.

“This place is chaos! And it’s not even Saturday..” Kord said.

“If we split up, we might get out of here faster.” Trixie suggested.

“We’ll meet back here,” Eli responded quickly, wasting no time. “Kord take Pronto with you and get the upgrades.”

Nothing more than curt nods were exchanged as the four split up and headed in opposite directions of the mall. They needed to finish their errands and get out as fast as they could.

As Trixie and Eli headed towards a slug supply shop, they were cut off by two young boys. They ran in front of them, one smashing two cymbals together, the other banging a small drum. Their mother jogged over, calling their names.

In Eli’s pack, Anora popped her head out of the top. The sound of cymbals and drums caught her intense curiosity. She quickly ducked back for cover when she heard Eli and Trixie’s voices. Talking about...well she wasn’t paying attention, Her eyes caught a wooden sign down a hall, on the sign was multiple instruments. Her eyes widened and a smile grew on her face. Anything about instruments always grabbed her attention.

She hopped out and landed on the ground just behind Eli’s ankles. She moved over behind Trixie, looking at both of them cautiously, waiting when to move. They were waving goodbye to a women and two children. Then she quietly began hopping towards the wooden sign.

“With all due respect, that kid did have a point.” Trixie looked at Eli. “Until we figure out what kind of slug Anora is, she’s basically a Flopper.

“And we won’t be able to figure that out until she’s ready to be blasted.” Eli added ruefully.

The children, noticing that they were Slugslingers, had asked if they had any super rare slugs on them. When they had mentioned that Anora wasn’t identified, and back at the ClubHouse, the children said she was a flopper. Eli was just as curious as the others as to what slug Anora was, and he was itching to try her out in a duel. But her injuries hadn't fully healed yet.
“Well, she’s away from Pronto at least.” Trixie said and turned from Eli.

And she froze.

Anora was looking up and down a wooden sign, advertising ‘Collin and Carceon’s Symphony” . And before she could open her mouth, Eli noticed her too.

“What is she-?! Anora!” He called, but she had bounced away from the sign and into the store.
oh my goodness it's been 10 fucking months sinice I've updated this T^T i feel so bad
ALSO, listening to video game music really does help

FINALLY! I'm working on Anora's story again, and finally update with a new chapter. Hopefully the next few days I'll get more written
Anora you little shit

Anora/Lightsinger's (C) to Eondragonwolf
Slugterra and All other characters (C) to: Nerd Corps
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A group of tazerlings cowered as Dr.Blakk walked past the red slug tubes that contained them. The tubes were placed on a table which was pushed against a wall in Blakk's office. The slugs were too terrified to escape, even then they wouldn't dare move. Blakk was becoming impatient. Diablos was sent with a group of grunts to ShadowClan territory to search and obtain the slug which had a powerful energy level. But the ShadowClan would be difficult to confront.

The two doors of Blakk's office opened, the hinges lightly squeaking as the doors moved along them. Blakk turned his head, and saw Morice walk in through the doors. Blakk turned to face him. As he did, Morice pulled out his phone and held it out to Blakk. El Diablos Nacho was on the screen.

Blakk took it from Morice's hand and frowned at Diablos. "You better have good news."

"We infiltrated the ShadowClan's territory, but we were pushed back." Diablos said with a curl of his lip. Blakk growled. With this information, the slug was either in hiding or the ShadowClan were keeping it hidden.
"There is one other thing, Dr.Blakk." Diablos paused when Blakk shot a glance at him.

"To the far east of our position, you'll recall that a group of our men were confronting carriers of Fandango slugs." Blakk nodded, confirming Diablos's words. Yet Blakk was still unimpressed.
"The slingers put up a fight and fled into the edge of the ShadowClan's territory. There was...a mishap with an unidentified slug."

Blakk instantly became interested.

"One of the slingers shot the slug, but something happened with the energy from the blaster." Diablos brought up a shattered power chamber of a blaster. Barely any resembling features were left of the electromagnets.

"Where is the slug now?" Blakk asked while still eyeing the broken camber. "There was an explosion of energy once the slug was shot. It rebounded the slug deeper into ShadowClan territory." Diablos responded as he tossed the broken pieces on the ground.

Blakk began thinking over the information. No slug today was that powerful to destroy a blaster completely. There was on though...but it was only rumored.
"Come back to the citadel. We need to keep this information from spreading. And, before you return, bring me Stalker..." Blakk hung up the phone and gave it back to Morice.

:It;s not possible." Morice spoke up. "They haven't been seen for hundreds of years." Blakk glanced at Morice.
"The Lightsinger...if the Enigmo exists so does this slug." Blakk turned away and walked towards the table. The tazerlings winced as he came close. "It's a myth really...but it is said when they reach a certain age they can manipulate slug energy. To ghoul a Lightsinger..." Blakk trailed off with a malicious chuckle. Morice was still skeptical.

"Send my apprentice to me." Blakk demanded. Morice turned around and walked out the doors to bring Twist to him. Blakk grabbed one of the tazerlings and shoved it into a machine. The slug cried in alarm as Blakk pressed a button. The thing tube containing dark water began to empty. The vapours floated heavily in the container, fusing itself to the trembling slug. The slug let out a terrified scream, which turned into a furious growl.
Uh-oh Dr.Blakk knows about a mysterious slug species called Lightsingers. What is he planning to do?
Stay tuned~

Lightsinger species (C) to Eondragonwolf
Slugterra and Cannon Characters (C) to Nerd Corps
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Eli, Pronto and Kord were surprised when Trixie placed the slug onto the table. The injuries had healed slightly since the ShadowClan gave her to them. The slug looked around at the other members of the gang. She cowered slightly and backed up as the members eyes gazed upon her. Her light turquoise eyes shifted around the room. Some of the gang’s slugs hopped over to greet their new friend and to help her become more comfortable. The slug’s excitement was apparent, but they stayed composed.

“She was hiding behind one of the shelves when Bluster coaxed her out.” Trixie said as she watched the mingling slugs. “She was nervous at first but she warmed up quickly.”
As the slugs introduced themselves to their new friend, Pronto watched with growing disgust. This slug was nothing important, it was just a slug! They didn’t know what specie it was, they didn’t even know what abilities it had!

After a few moments of glum thinking, Pronto began serving food for himself. He had made a casserole, one of his favourites actually. (And a dish the rest of the gang could stomach) The rest of the group served themselves afterwards. All but Pronto watched the new member. The she-slug was polite to the others, but she was very wary of the humans around her. She kept looking over her shoulder from time to time, like the Gang might scare her when she wasn’t paying attention.

When everyone had had their fill of casserole there was ¾ left in the pot. The drifting scent was picked up by the she-slug. She sniffed the air a few times and then turned her attention to the food. She hopped carefully over to the pot, ignoring the Gang’s curious gaze, and sniffed again. The slug poked the pot to check if it was still hot, but now it was only warm now. She then placed her paws on the top of the pot and looked over into the dish. As the scent overwhelmed her a smile grew across her lips. Kord snuffled a chuckle while Eli and Trixie smiled at the she-slug’s curiosity.

But Pronto snapped.

“That’s it!” Pronto cried, causing Eli to jump beside him. Pronto snatched up the she-slug in his hands and brought it close to his face. The slug seemed confused for a short moment but then cowered. “No slug goes anywhere near Pronto’s cooking!” He yelled. The slug began to squirm and wriggle as it tried to free itself from his grasp. “Woah Pronto! Remember what I said about treating the slug with-” Eli began but Pronto cut him off. “It’s just a slug!” He cried as he tightned his grip around the slug and drew his arm back over his head.
“Pronto No!” Eli gasped.
At the last moment the slug bit down hard on Pronto’s index finger. He let out a loud holler and dropped the slug. Eli quickly jumped onto the seat of the couch, reached up and caught the airborn slug. Once he did, he gently cradled her in his hands and stepped away from the group.

“What were you thinking Pronto?!” Trixie demanded. Pronto, whom was holding his wounded finger, spat “It’s just a slug and probably nothing important!!” Trixie glared at him. Kord stood up from his spot on the couch and strode over to Pronto. Pronto cowered instantly as Kord stared him down with a glare and a curl of his lip.

“Hey...Hey, It’s ok now.” Eli spoke softly to the quivering, curled up slug in his hands. Pronto’s outrage had really given her a scare. He began gently stroking it’s head and speaking softly to help her calm down. After a few moments the slug looked up at him with big eyes and a quivering lip. “Kord’s going to take care of my rude friend.” Eli guestered over to Kord. The she-slug got up on it’s feet and peered over Eli’s fingers at the massive cave troll. Kord waved at the slug whom tried to hide behind Eli’s fingers. Kord chuckled.

“We’re thinking about what to name you.” Eli still spoke softly even after the slug had calmed down and Pronto was removed from the room. Kord made sure Pronto stayed away. Eli was standing beside Trixie whom was on the computer searching names. The she-slug had taken a liking to the two, and had yet to meet Kord up close in person. The slug thought for a moment. Eli watched it ponder, and a small smile spread across his lips. He noticed this slug had a very odd way of...attracting his attention. It reminded him of the bond he had with Burpy, yet it was different. Eli opened his mouth to ask, but closed it again when the slug hopped and pointed to the lamp on the desk.
“Something to do..with light?” Trixie asked and glanced at the she-slug. The slug nodded happily now that she was able to communicate with them. Trixie began typing in letters into the search engine and moments later results popped up from the Slugnet. Trixie began listing some names from multiple sites.
On a few names, the slug shook it’s head instantly. On others, she pondered on them name, but after a few moments she shook her head. After ten minutes or so of looking up names, Eli spoke up. “What about..Anora?”
The slug looked up at him and something flashed in her eyes. Eli noticed it and blinked at her, suddenly feeling a little embarrassed. After a moment (with both of them staring at each other) the slug smiled up at him.

"That’s a different name, Eli." Trixie said to him. "I heard someone say it once, although I don’t remember where I was at the time." He responded. Anora let out a yawn followed by a small but cute sneeze. Eli and Trixie giggled at the sneeze. He walked over to the slug home and placed her on the top level where Banger and Spinner were getting ready to sleep. "You guys can sleep in tomorrow if you like. We got nothing planned." Eli said to the slugs. Banger and Spinner smiled and then got into comfortable sleeping positions. Anora found a comfortable spot by Banger and curled up. Eli stood and turned away from the slug home and followed Trixie. It was still early for the slingers but their slugs always went to bed early. Before leaving the room, Eli reached his hand over the light switch to turn it off. He stopped and looked back over at the slug home. The new slug was already fast asleep
Finally Anora is introduced!

I would really appreciate some feedback from you guys. And please leave any questions is you have them ^^

Anora (C) to Eondragonwolf
Slugterra/Cannon Characters (C) to Nerd Corps
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After a short time of searching, the gang decided to keep the slug in the storage room. It was the warmest room in the hideout. It was neat, most of the time, until Kord went looking for parts. They set out a pillow and a small piece of fabric for the slug. They placed it in the right furthest corner behind one of the shelves. It would be missed by those unaware. In the meantime, the gang discussed what the ShadowClan said.

"The Chief said that we needed to treat this slug with respect. To give it what it wants and we’ll receive the same in return." Eli said to his friends. There were confused looks on their faces. After a moment, Kord spoke up. "I’m not entirely sure what the Chief’s words mean, but I think if we know what kind of slug it is, we could figure out the meaning." Eli thought about the Chief’s words. It didn’t make sense. What the chief said about the slug was that it was of great importance. Yet, they had wrapped it up in a crude leaf. Pronto, whom was sitting beside him, cleared his throat and distracted Eli from his thoughts.

"If this slug is ‘so important’ why did the ShadowClan give it to us?" Pronto’s distaste was apparent.

"Pronto’s got a point." Trixie added. "There’s only a few rare slugs in Slugterra. There’s the Enigmo," she gestured to Mo who smiled and waved. "And the healer slugs." Doc chirped up as he was mentioned. "If this gets out…" Kord paused. "This could put a big target on our backs."

The gang went quiet as the pondered the information. Eli scratched the back of his head. It would be nice to know what specie of slug it was. As he thought about the possibilities, he looked over his shoulder at the storage room. His mind swarmed with possible ideas, and then his thoughts shifted. If Dr.Blakk got a hold of the slug and if it was powerful, the damage could be devastating. In his head he saw Dr.Blakk shoot an unidentified ghoul which totally annihilated a populated cavern. Eli shivered as a chill went down his spine and he shook the thought from his head.

* * * * * * * *

A week had past since the ShadowClan gave the unidentified slug to the Shane Gang. During this time, the gang rotated shifts on watching the slug. The slugs also made rotation teams to help out.

Pronto was making lunch while the others changed the food and water for their slugs. Trixie grabbed an empty water bowl and filled it. Once it was full, she headed across the room to the storage room. She carefully turned the handle and stuck her head past the door.

"Heads up, I’m coming in." She said quietly but loud enough for the slugs to hear. After she stepped in, she closed the door behind her.

The sound of excited squeaks caught her attention. When she walked in and turned to the right hand corner, she say her tormato slug Bluster talking to Stinky, Pronto’s flatulorhinkus. She knelt down and placed the water dish off to the side where it wouldn’t get knocked over. “What are you two so-?” Trixie stopped mid-sentence when she saw the two slugs put their arm to their lips. Trixie then shrugged at the slugs, she didn’t understand what they were doing.

Bluster then turned and began gesturing for something to come out from under the shelf. Trixie waited a moment as Bluster coaxed what was hiding out from the shadows.

* * * * * * * *

The table was set and Pronto brought lunch out to the table. The slugs were gathered at the other end, eating their own food and chatting with each other.

Kord and Eli were finishing up a round on the video game they were playing. Their eyes glued to the screen and they were shoving each other around, trying to mess the other up. Eli suddenly lept from his seat and wooped in triumph. Kord stared at the screen in disbelief but then began to laugh. The two of them then headed to the table and sat down on the couches.

The door to the storage room opened and the slugs that were on shift bounced out. Some chittered excitedly to each other. Trixie walked out after the slugs and closed the door. Bluster sat on her left shoulder. The guys were laughing about their game while the slugs, who were on shift, spoke to the rest of the slugs on the table

"How’s the slug doing?" Eli asked as Trixie sat down across from him. She had her hands cupped together, and the slugs on the table began to move towards her. "She’s fine actually…" Trixie trailed off.

“She??” Kord, Pronto and Eli said in unison.

Trixie then moved her hands onto the table and placed the slug gently on the surface.
Once again, originally posted on my Tumblr.

Anora's finally awake yay!

Shane Gang and cannon characters (C) to Nerd Corps
Lightsinger (C) to Eondragonwolf
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dedicated to ~FryxLeela4eva because she drew a picture of me todaaaay [link]
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have some boring Miguel and Tulio (flat colours because I already had to colour this twice because photoshop sucks and I'm sick of it)

t'was supposed to be my art trade for Tii but then I remembered he said kissing so I guess it isn't anymore...oh well.
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"Oh, no, no, no. The High Priest! What's he gonna think if he finds the gods like this?"

"Uhm...lucky Gods?"


dedicated to ~woodtigergemini, who has fantastic ideas
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I like textures waaaaaaay better than backgrounds ;A;

and I'm pretty sure I like the sketch of this one better [link]
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Heeeeee I love these two so much. I'm going to shade this eventually, but my tablet does not want to cooperate. D8
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Collection by
Benny's granny is hilarious, and i just love the love potion episode!!! <3
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a line from my Babysitters a vampire
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    It was just a regular mission of stopping Blakk from conquering another cavern.  Another battle between the Shane gang and a bunch of Blakk's soldiers.  And with the end of the battle was another victory for the Shane gang.

    Of course, this time the soldiers just went and left their ghouls behind to form a pack somewhere.  Something the Shane gang couldn't afford, according to Eli.

    Ever since the recent events with the Shadow Clan, Eli was worried that if the ghouls were given a chance to grow in numbers, it might weaken the magic of Slug Terra even farther than before.

    So even if they didn't have Doc anymore, Eli had the gang set to round up and capture any ghouls they found to bring to the Shadow Clan.  Maybe then, Doc could cure them.

    The Boon Doc slug named Doc surely had come a long way from where he was before with a boy named Billy of the Hooligang.  Once thought to be useless because he couldn't "explode" or "blow things up", Doc now served a purpose even greater than Billy could even imagine:  He was a Guardian Slug, serving to protect Slug Terra from the evil forces of the Dark Bane.

    Having to be with the Shadow Clan most of the time now, Eli missed him.  He often wished Doc could come by the headquarters to visit or to just say a simple "Hi".  The Shane gang sure needed him right now.  These ghouls were giving them trouble; they hissed, tried to bite, and growled every time one of the gang got near them.

    The slugs made it easier to round them up since they were about the same size as they were, but the little demons just wouldn't stop to cooperate.

    One ghoul seemed to be smart enough to get away without anyone noticing.  But Eli saw it before it got too far and chased after it.

    It looked like it was really trying to get away, but Eli managed to catch up to it before it slipped into a hole.

    Luckily, the hole proved to be a dead-end and Eli had it cornered.

    "Alright, little guy," Eli called to the ghoul, "Come on out!"

    Eli got a good look at the little monster as it threatened to hurt him with a low growl.  It looked to be a black-and-red Fandango slug with eyes as red as Dark Water and long, sharp fangs.  It kinda looked like a tiny slug vampire to Eli.  It was almost cute.  Too bad he didn't have a camera or something to remember this moment before he took it to be cured.

    "It's okay," Eli reassured it as he carefully reached his left hand out to grab it, "I'm not going to hurt you."

    Just as Eli thought he was going to get it, the ghoul jumped on him and bit him on the forearm.

    "OUCH!!!!" Eli yelped and held his arm against his body while the ghoul hopped away happily.

    "ELI!!!" Eli heard Trixie calling him from behind and turned to face her and the others, "What happened?  We heard a shout."

    "I was trying to catch a ghoul that tried to get away," Eli explained, "But it jumped on me and bit my arm."

    "That bite looks pretty nasty, Bro," Kord pointed out, "Are you alright?"

    "Yeah, I'm fine!" Eli reassured him.

    "You shouldn't do something like that, Eli!" Trixie scolded him as she pulled out a bandage to wrap around the bite wound, "It could've turned out much worse than this."

    "Yeah," Eli agreed, "I know.  Sorry, Trix."

    "Well," Pronto put in, "How about we just forget about all of this and just deliver these little beasts to the Shadow Clan, shall we?"

    "Actually, Pronto," Eli said holding his head, "You guys go ahead and do that.  I suddenly don't feel so good.  I think I'm going home for the day."

    "You sure you don't need someone to go with you, Eli?" Kord asked him, worried.

    "If one of you wants to come with me, it's fine," Eli told his gang.  Everyone looked at each other and back at Eli before they went to get on the Mecha beasts.

    After that, the gang split up; Pronto and Eli heading home, Trixie and Kord set to make the delivery of ghouls to Shadow Clan territory.

    On the slow ride home, Burpy began to sense that something wasn't right with his slinger.  Something began to about him.  Something inside of him was...changing, becoming...dark and scary...almost terrifying.  Burpy didn't like this feeling he was getting off of the slinger he trusted the most.  He began to look at Eli worriedly as Eli began to show signs of having a headache.


    Shortly after the bite was made, Eli began to feel light-headed and strange.  He felt something-a second nature, perhaps-begin to stir within his being.  It was almost as if a darker side of him was beginning to awaken.  A darker side Slug Terra would not soon forget.

Sorry for the wait.

Here's the prologue to the Halloween Fanfic of SlugTerra. Hope you like it.

If there something you think is wrong with the prologue, just tell me what it is and I'll fix it in a jiff.

Here's the plot description:

When Eli is bitten by a ghouled Fandango slug, he begins to feel and act strangely. And when a Robber tries to steal from the Shane Hideout, Eli switches from a beloved hero to a blood-sucking monster. When their leader threatens to turn Slug Terra into his own kingdom of Vampires, can the Shane gang find a way to save him and their home? More importantly, with having to make unusual alliances with Dr. Blakk and his men, can they survive Eli's Vampire Plague?

All the Characters(C) SlugTerra.

Happy October, everybody!
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For Details Full View Please~

Green is so her color ::XD: I'm happy the way this came out, I've never done a back view or whatever. I think It's cute~ Plus, I needed to actually draw Gretta :XD:

:star: You are not to copy trace or reuse in any way without given permission. :star:
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enough said lol
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Part 6

I chased after the mysterious person that was spying on me in the infirmary. I ran as fast as I could to catch up to him, but his seems to be too far ahead of me. By the time I got up the stairs to the second floor, he was almost gone. When I heard a slam of a door and saw the tip of his shoe, I followed him like a fly being lured to honey. When I got up to the door, there was a sign on it that says Keep Out. I thought to myself This leads to the roof. Why is he going up here? I heard rumors that someone committed suicide by jumping of the school roof, so that’s why the roof is now off limits to students. Where’d he get the key to unlock this door? I put my thoughts aside and raced up the rest of the stairway leading to the roof.
A bright, sunny light was shining from the open door at the end of the stairs. I went through it and it felt like I was going through a portal to a different world. The wind was strong, but yet relaxing at the same time. A loud squeaking sounded came from behind me and a slam came after it. I twisted around to see if the wind caused the door to close. But, instead of wind it was someone with a very familiar face.
“Colin?!” I screamed in shock to see that he is back. “Why are you here?!”
“What do you mean by that?” he said looking at me with his cold eyes.
“I thought you were suspended.” I said backing away from him.
“I did get suspended, but I didn’t want you to be lonely. So, I came back early. You’re the only one that knows I’m still at school.” He replied and took a huge step forward.
I was near the edge of the bricked school building, but I wasn’t close enough to fall off. He took another step closer to me. “Stay away!” I ordered.
“Come on, come back to me.” He smiled and opened his arms as if he were waiting for a puppy to leap into them.
“I was never with you to begin with.” I said in a very firm voice that shook him a little.
He put his arms down. “Why don’t you want to be with me?” he asked. “Do you even remember me?”
“From where?” I questioned him.
“Form Jr. high, of course.” He answered simply.
I thought for a bit and said, “No.”
His eyes were suddenly as big as golf balls. “Are you kidding me?!” he shouted. He started a light giggle then to a heavy laugh. I was frightened by his reaction. He put his hand to his face and a tear fell from his cheek. “You don’t remember me!” Colin said loudly. “Do you remember that day when you were walking across the street, daydreaming? You didn’t pay any attention to the road and a car was about to run over you! I was the one that pushed you out of the way and got my leg badly injured. When you realized what had happen, you started crying like a baby. Because of you, I was hospitalized for a month! So now you’re telling me that you don’t remember that day?!” He was furious. “You came to the hospital for the first week and I started to like you. Then you stopped coming after the second week. When I got back to school you never looked my way, but I always kept a close eye on you. Until we were out of Jr. high I never saw you again, until now.”
“I…” I started saying, trying to remember what happened that day and realized the reason I didn’t remember it much, “I wanted to forget about it.”
“Forget? Forget?!” he yelled, “I saved your life. I got hurt for you! Now you want to forget what I risked my life for?!”
“Yes… I mean, no. I just didn’t want to remember that I made you hurt yourself because of… me.”
“Now that you know and remembered,” he looked into my eyes, “can you still fall in love with me?” he asked softly, giving me his hand.
I backed away from him even though he was about ten feet away from me already. “No, I can’t and I don’t think I ever will fall for you, either.”
“Why?” He lowered his hand, “Why?! Why?! Why?!” He started to walk slowly towards me. I backed up until I was only a foot away from the edge of the building. His walking pace gained speed and momentum. Before I knew it, he was 8 feet away, and then 4 feet away, soon he was only 2 feet away from me and still speeding up as fast as he could. I panicked and tried dodging him. As I jumped out of the way, I tripped over my shoelaces and fell. Colin stumbled over my legs and fell off the corner of the school roof. “Ahhh!” he yelled.
I looked over to him and shouted, “Colin!!!”

Part 7 at a Deviant near you.
Sorry it took long... But here it is!!! :D Tell me what you think about it, pleaseeee!!! :heart:

Here is Part 1: [link]
Part 2 is out: [link]
Tada! Part 3: [link]
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Part 5 is out: [link]
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Part 8

I was still in shock after I saw Colin fall from the roof of the school and rushed to the hospital.  Mr. Min was there to me comfort me. I looked up at him and asked with confusion, “You’re… Colin’s brother?”
He looked down and nodded, “Yes, he is.” He took my arms and pulled me up, “You’re bleeding.  You should go to the infirmary.”
“But, what about Colin? He’s in the hospital because of me. I didn’t want to do anything to hurt him. It’s all my fault.” I said looking down. Tears were still running down my face and I couldn’t stop them.
Mr. Alvin walked up to me and said, “It’s not your fault, so don’t blame yourself.” He looked down at the trail of Colin’s blood on my shoe and the ground then turned away. “I know you’re worried about Colin, but think about yourself first.”
I glared at him and said with a frustrated look on my face, “That’s what I’ve been doing the whole time. I only thought of myself and no one else. It’s like I don’t care about anyone.  Now you’re telling me that I should care for myself?  If I had told Colin how I felt about him in the first place this might not have happened!”
They both looked down on me with a questionable look. “That may be true,” stated Mr. Alvin, “But, what if this happened anyways? Would you have made another excuse? Is that really all you’re good for?” He put his hand on my shoulder.
“No.” I whispered. I didn’t dare to look up at him, but he lifted my chin up with his hand and asked me again.
“Is that all you’re really good for?”
“I-I don’t know.” I said, about to cry again. “Maybe that’s all I can really do.”
Mr. Min pushed his hand off my shoulders and said with a worried face, “That’s enough. Don’t you think he had enough for one day?” He turned to me and said, “Come on, Pet. Let’s go to the infirmary.” Then put his hand to my back and pushed me to go. I went along with him; I couldn’t just stay there all day.

I spent most of the week in my room.  I couldn’t go to class because my arms were bandaged. From time to time of variety of students would leave threat notes under doorway. I didn’t care about them and put them aside without showing them to any teachers. I did feel like going to classes anyways. The rumors had spread around quickly about me and Colin. Now everyone hates me for it.
Just about everyday after class or after school Mr. Alvin or Mr. Min would bring the day’s notes and class work to me in my dorm room.On the day I was able to take my bandages off, Mr. Min said, “I have good news.  The hospital said that Colin was in stable condition.” It looked like he had half a smile on his face. Part of him was relieved that his brother was okay, but the other part didn’t want him to come back. “I think I’ll go visit him tomorrow.”
I was surprised and excited that same time. It made me happy to know that he was alright. “Oh! Can I come with you tomorrow?”
“Um…” he paused for a long while, thinking if it was right to bring me or not. “I’m sorry, Pet. I can’t take you off campus. It’s against the rules.” he said as if he didn’t want me to come along.  “Plus, you haven’t gotten out of this room in a week.”
“But,” I said trying to protest, “I’ll be fine, I promise. I only want to see him for just a little bit… Please.”
He stood up and walked to the door then stopped and said, “I’m sorry, I can’t.” He walked out closing the door behind him.
I couldn’t believe he’d refuse to take me along. I was there thinking of a way to get to Colin. After about 15 minutes of thinking, planning, and plotting, I only had one answer in my mind at the time and I didn’t like it very much. I have to cross-dress!

Part 9 coming out when the time is right… aka. Not sure…
So sorry it took even longer this time!!! I was thinking of if Colin should be gone or not... I didn't know, so I let the readers think! I'm hoping to make Part 9 better than part 8...

Here is Part 1: [link]
Part 2 is out: [link]
Tada! Part 3: [link]
Look, Part 4: [link]
Part 5 is done: [link]
Part 6 is release: [link]
Now showing Part 7: [link]
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Yah! Part 9: [link]
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Part 9

The next day I waited and waited until it was 11:00am for lunch. I had exactly an hour to get ready and escape from school grounds before the lunch period was over. Of course, I, myself, didn’t have any feminine clothing of my own.
When the bell rang for lunch, I waited for about five more minutes before I rushed to the theater room, where the drama classes were held. The place was emptied. I snuck backstage to where most of the things had been put away. The most important thing I was looking for were the costumes. As I passed the wall of hanging curtains I saw boxes upon boxes of old and dusted costumes stacked on one another.  The newer ones were hung on the racks and the older ones were thrown in the boxes. I opened a few of the boxes and the smell of mixed odor rushed into my face. It wasn’t very pleasant.
Suddenly, I heard the tapping noise of footsteps. The footsteps got closer and louder. There were two of them. I heard talking and laughter. I panicked to find a way to get out of this mess. As the curtains rustled to welcome some unwanted guest, I hopped into the horrible stench clothing and covered myself with it. It was dark and smelly, but there was a small hole in the box that I could use for breathing and spying out of.
“Did you hear that?” asked one of the boys coming in. I rustled as little as I could to get situated.
“Hmm?” answered the other. “It’s probably just nothing. Maybe it was the air vent.”
“Yeah, you’re maybe right.” said the smaller of the two. He turned to face the other boy and questioned, “Now then, where were we?” He smirked and came closer to the other boy.
“Heh.” He grinned, “Around here…” They started kissing deeply and the taller one snuck his hand under the little one’s shirt.
What?! They’re making out?! NO! What am I suppose to do now? Of all places, they choose the theater to make out… I’m running out of time! I have to get out of here! My nose started to itch from the smell and dust. I tried to hold it back, but I had inhaled deeply. My hand raced to my face to cover up the sneezing. I was able to cover up the sound, but my leg twitched and kicked the corner of the box I was in. It made a slight Thump sound.
The smaller boy paused for a moment and asked, “You heard that, didn’t you?”
“Hmm?” was all the other could say.
They had stop making out. The shorter one pushed the other boy away, leaving him a bit confused. “I thought I heard that sound from over here.” He slowly got closer to the box that I was hidden in. “This one,” he said, sticking his hand into the box of outfits next to me. He searched around and pulled things out, then stopped.
“Try the next one,” the boy behind him said.
He looked over to the box I was in and started to feel the top of the clothing. “It’s warm,” he said. I was in trouble now. He grabbed what he could under the outfits. “I got you now!” he said happily. But, what he grabbed wasn’t me. In turn, it made a loud squealing sound. The two boys shouted from the shock. Then, out of the blue, a huge rat jumped out of the same box I was in and scampered off. I wanted to scream too, but I held my breath as long as I could. “Ah! Let’s get out of here! There may be more!” he shouted. They both set off running to the exit.
As soon as I heard the door close, I popped my head out of the box to get some fresh air. “That was too close,” I muttered to myself. Something suddenly slipped off my head and smacked me in the face. It was a strap that read ‘Size: 34B.’I was still wondering what was on my head. So, I touch whatever it was and felt two lumps. Then, it came to me, it was a bra! “Ewww!” I was stunned. Of all things on my head, a bra! I whacked it off my head and wondered why a bra would be in an all-boys school. I guess acting doesn’t have anything to do with gender.
I got out of the box hoping that there weren’t anymore rats in it. It was a lucky break that a rat lived in that box. I was glad that it didn’t jump out when I jumped in.
I looked in the boxes for another five minutes until I spotted the best thing that can and will make me look like a girl as much as possible. I found a dress that was a bit above my knees. It was a light reddish color but, wasn’t light enough to be called pink. I noticed that next to the boxes were shoes that were lined up in rows. I picked up a pair with heel about an inch and a half off the ground. As I was ready to leave the theater, a small cat-face backpack caught my eyes and I took it with a hair clip on the table and the bra on the ground.
I left and ran back to my dorm room with all the things in my arms making sure no one saw me. When I got in my room I striped myself, with the exception of my boxers. I first put on the bra which was uncomfortable then awkward. So, I decided to stuff tissue paper in the bra. Next was the dress, I’ve never worn a dress before but, I’ll do just about anything right now. It fitted perfectly over the bra and made my body more feminine. I plopped the hair clip in my hair and put some of my extra clothing in the little cat-face backpack. I skipped shaving my legs. My legs weren’t as hairy as most of the boys in school. It looked liked the hair on the back of my hand. I walked in circles trying to walk in the high heel that I choose to wear. Sadly, I kind of already regretted the shoes I picked out. I wobbled back and forth, tripped a few times, and finally when I was able to balance myself I realized I was walking funny. As soon as I got everything in place I was ready to leave the campus.
I have about 15 minutes left before the lunch break was over. I checked about three times to make sure that no one was out roaming the hallways. When it was clear I snuck out of my room hoping that there wouldn’t be anyone at every corner I turned. When I got to the door I knew that I had to walk about half a football field to get to the entrance gate. As soon as I open the door to get out of the building a bright light struck my face. I wasn’t use to the lighting yet since I was in my room for a week.
My eyes adjusted to the sunlight. I was surprised when I saw four boys sitting under the shade of an old oak tree just a few feet away. Two of them caught sight of me and told the others. They all looked my way confused as to why a girl is on campus. I was frozen in place thinking of what to do next. When they stood up and walked my way I started to rush myself straight to the gate. I looked back to see if they were still there. Unfortunately, they were following me. I was about to turn around until I bumped into a tall boy that came out of nowhere. I almost fell over but, I tried to keep walking even after I had bumped into him. Aw, crap! I thought to myself.
The group formed a semicircle around me and one asked, “What’s the hurry?”

Part 10 coming when time stop freezing…
Hey, sorry the story was late again... Lots of things have been going on but, it doesn't mean that I have to keep you awesome people waiting!

Want to see Pet in a dress?
Okay then, go clicky here-----> [link]

Here is Part 1: [link]
Part 2 is out: [link]
Tada! Part 3: [link]
Look, Part 4: [link]
Part 5 is done: [link]
Part 6 is release: [link]
Now showing Part 7: [link]
Part 8 is alive: [link]
You are reading Part 9
Part 10 End: [link]
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This could be the start, of a beautiful friendship. :3 Emoticon 
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The brothers are playing video games again and it looks like Mephisto is just not having a good time LOL..this was just a quick scribble, nothing serious.
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Contest prize for :iconkuroshinji: who wanted a drawing of Rin from the anime Ao no Exorcist. This is for winning first place with her entry in the wordless comic strip category of the 2nd Knite contest :D

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Fanart of Ao no Exorcist(in a semi abstract way), one of the current manga/anime I love<3 also preparing to read it more for the summer(why so near, yet far?). Thus, I love their uniforms, once I get to know the others more- I may make a group picture.

Third leg xD : the dark leg is the original , the brown leg is the shadow- I erased the knee cap area-without intention, wrong layer OTL- then, for some looked rather interesting. Results turned into an abstract throughout the entire piece.(once something strange catch my eye, I go with it *thumbs* )

Fanart: Ao no Exorcist.
Character: Rin Okumura
Program: Sai, Photoshop cs5
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Rin's tail is so awesome that it needed a comic on it's own! xD

And I couldn't get the idea out of my head about Rin being a cute walking lamp...

anime/manga: Ao no Exorcist (Blue Exorcist)
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The next three days passed in such a blur, Elina couldn't tell which way was up or down. She'd been on auto-pilot; the stress of the amount she had to plan was still a millstone around her neck, despite the decrease.
    Raven had offered a great idea that any other fund raising plans were to be post-poned until the derby was over, giving them time to focus only on the Derby. Some of the Prodigy students had sympathized with Elina and managed to convince teachers to 'take it easy' with the homework allocation. Most had agreed but a select few were adamant about fixed homework schedules. Even so, Elinas friends were more than happy to come over and help.
    Even so, things were still hard. Despite the huge contribution of acts towards the Derby. Elina had to ultimately view, judge and choose those who were to perform and pass the bad news on to those who didn't.
    It was lonely at home too.  
Elinas father spent more time at the hospital with his sickly wife than at home, leaving Elina to cook meals and clean the house, which seemed to become more degraded the longer she stayed alone. Blaze was still there though; a bright glow in any room. She never left Elinas side and was more than happy to fetch sponges and pots for Elina.
    There was also something comforting about just being able to run your fingers through warm silky fur.
Eli also seemed to be becoming distant. He was unable to make it round to her place, claiming he had an important dance audition coming up and was often too busy to practice. Elina was getting slightly annoyed at the repetitive apologies he left at each denied request she made.  

    The next school day was gloomy, the sky overcast with grey clouds as Elina made her way to the gate of her parents villa. The blue paint seemed almost grey as she waited with her bag at the gate for Electra to pick her up on her mini-scooter. Each day her friends gave her a lift to and from school since she hadn't had her bike checked over yet.
    Elina had asked Kord but he didn't trust his abilities.
    "I can check it for you but it'd be better if a real pro tried. Besides, I'm more of a four-wheel guy. Two wheels get me confused."

Raven, Imara and Alissa were waiting at school for Elina with a little surprise. They'd run the audition for the Shae Concert over the weekend and drafted up a final list for Elina to check. Trixie had footage of the performances but Elina just nodded and thanked them over and over.
    "Are you sure you don't want to check our choices?" Raven asked, glancing at the small list.
    "Our criteria may have been too high! We had to drop a lot of people and all the acts are singing or music."
Elina just gave a weary smile, "I trust you guys. It is a concert for a crowd, not just me. Mixed opinions have better results in this scenario."

    The end result required Elina to perform four times. Once in a solo and thrice in a group. Elina shoved the fear down and continued. Gazelle had chosen to perform twice. Twist was doing a rock performance with some of his drop-out buddies. Elina was surprised he'd even auditioned but Trixie showed her part of the footage.
He was actually pretty good on the bass guitar.
Raven and Imara were lead singers and Electra and Trixie played DJ and Stage Lighting.

    Electra was bouncing for joy, "Yay! Now all we is plan and choreograph multiple dances! Elina can do that right? Of course she can!"
    "Gazelle might help if you ask him." Alissa mentioned and winked at her
    "I'm sure he will!" Raven grinned and clasped her hands together.
Electra laughed, "Or maybe he's too busy designing his own two acts! That must keep him really busy with all the costumes and lighting and music and sparkles!."
Electra continued to bounce around, oblivious to the looks of concern Elina received as her face paled and she swayed slightly.

School was over in a blur, Elinas mind far from her schoolwork. The weight around her neck had lessened then increased. She needed Eli.
    She needed to see him again; not just a brief glimpse between classes but a proper standing-stare short of thing. The opportunity to burn his image in her brain.
Sub-consciously slipping aside behind on of the columns in the bustling hallway as the school emptied out, she hugged her books close to her chest and squeezed her headphones closer to her ears.
    She needed a hug.
    She needed to be told she was doing great and that everything was going perfectly.
Tears pricked her squeezed shut eyes and she had to take several deep breaths to stop her lip from quivering.
    It wasn't fair. Everyone else was so happy. So relaxed. So calm.
They all had it easy. They didn't have all the pressure piled up on their shoulders like she did. No-one did. No-one understood her.
    Elina was still trying to recollect herself by the time the last dregs of students slipped out of the school doors. She still had her music playing from her earphones and completely missed the person walk up from behind her and pull her into a hug.
    Elina gave a small squeak and immediately tried to pull herself away but to no use. She found her face pressed against a white shirt that smelt like a mix between nicotine, mint and citrus. A large warm hand softly stroked the back of her head, the long fingers weaving through her hair.
Elina stayed like that until her headphones slipped off her ears and landed around her neck. Taking a step back and out of the embrace, she looked up at the boy comforting her while she fixed her headphones.

The blonde-haired culprit looked at her in a dull surprise, his hands resting on his hips. A checkered red-and-black tie hung loosely around his neck and his hair had been slicked back like a casino card-dealer.
    Elina couldn't form any words as she tried to process what had just happened. She stood there in shock; mind not sure whether she should be disgusted because it was someone like Twist who had hugged her or the fact that she'd wanted a hug and received one. An admittedly nice one.
    "T-that was you?" She managed out, her voice cracking and high.
Twist looked around calmly, "I think so. Can't see anyone else."
    "You looked like you needed one. I've been hearing you're pretty stressed and since your BF ain't around." Seeing the furtive expression Elina was beginning to make he raised his hands in a show of peace, "Relax. Kaiya's like that too. She needs a hug every now and then when she's busy. After all, we are still human."

    Elina straightened up and clutched her headphones, not sure whether she should thank Twist or not. Instead, she ended up staring at him until he turned away.
    "I'll take your silence as thanks. Later." He waved over his shoulder as he walked down the hall and out the double doors leaving Elina standing silently, trying to ignore the increasing temperature on her face.

It still exists! Don't worry! It's still here!
    Short and sweet. Something for you guys to suck on while I go on Extreme Outdoors Pursuits Camp this week.

Characters belong to owners.
Don't make me put everything down. You're all smart enough for this.

Man I'm up way too late......

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:star:On the following days, draw/write your OTP:

:bulletgreen:01 - Holding hands
:bulletgreen:02 - Cuddling somewhere
:bulletgreen:03 - Gaming/watching a movie
:bulletgreen:04 - On a date
:bulletgreen:05 - Kissing
:bulletgreen:06 - Wearing eachothers’ clothes
:bulletgreen:07 - Cosplaying
:bulletgreen:08 - Shopping
:bulletgreen:09 - Hanging out with friends
:bulletgreen:10 - With animal ears
:bulletgreen:11 - Wearing kigurumis     Kigurumi
:bulletgreen:12 - Making out
:bulletgreen:13 - Eating icecream
:bulletgreen:14 - Genderswapped
:bulletgreen:15 - In a different clothing style (Visual Kei, gyaru, lolita, ect. )
:bulletgreen:16 - During their morning ritual(s)
:bulletgreen:17 - Spooning
:bulletgreen:18 - Doing something together (this can be anything from watching tv to having sex.  Just remember to tag appropriately.)
:bulletgreen:19 - In formal wear
:bulletgreen:20 - Dancing
:bulletgreen:21 - Cooking/baking
:bulletgreen:22 - In battle, side-by-side
:bulletgreen:23 - Arguing
:bulletgreen:24 - Making up afterwards
:bulletgreen:25 - Gazing into eachothers’ eyes
:bulletgreen:26 - Getting married
:bulletgreen:27 - On one of their birthdays
:bulletgreen:28 - Doing something ridiculous
:bulletgreen:29 - Doing something sweet
:bulletgreen:30 - Doing something hot (once again, be sure to tag if you make it extremely NSFW!)
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" AND WE GUNNA LET IT BURN, BURN, BURN, BUR- Regs!? Are you filming me?! " Eli Shane yelled as Reagan and Elina poked fun at him while they watched him sing karaoke. " No! Just sing Shane! " Reagan lied as she got up and made some popcorn. Elina stifled a laugh and kissed her boyfriend on the cheek before following behind Regs. " We'll go away so you can pull yourself back together. " The Enchantress told him. Eli blushed a shade of pink before smiling to himself.

Reagan gagged but resumed her popcorn making. Seconds passed and Junjie and Quora showed up. Reagan was baking a cake during the time and Eli was messing with the microphone cord while Elina helped frost the cake. " So, Regs, what's with all of this? " Elina asked as she put her hair up into a ponytail. " Well since it's your birthday, I decided to host a party for you. " Elina hugged Reagan and smiled. " Really?! Oh, thanks Regs! " Reagan flinched a little but hugged her back.

Quora walked up to the hugging girls and joined in. " Hey! Did I miss anything? " She asked. Regs shook her head. " No, well, at least nothing interesting. " Making reference to Eli's messing with the microphone. Quora laughed at the Shane and watched as Junjie help Eli get unwrapped by the cords. " How'd you do this? " Junjie asked him. " I dunno, I guess cords like me! " Junjie laughed at Eli's joke as did the girls. Reagan stuck some blue and white candles in the cake and called everyone to the living room.

" Burpy, Blaze, Juju, Alicia. The cake please! " All for Infunesses laughed and took each of the candles. When they had finished, Kord flipped off the lights and Trixie began to sing.

" Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear, Ellie, happy birthday to you!  " Reagan tapped Elina on the shoulder. " Make a wish! " She said. Elina smiled then thought of her wish then, blew out the candles. " What did you wish for!? " Pronto asked. Kord shook his head. " Ah, ah Pronto. It's against the rules to tell someone what 'ya wished for. " Elina cut him short. " Actually, I didn't wish for anything, I have all I need right here! " And with that, everyone joined in for a group hug. Reagan got up and turned on the microphone. " Oh, I almost forgot! "

Music filled the room as Eli and Reagan grabbed the mics. and started singing. Eli started first:

" Yeah, yeah, yeah
oh oh oh oh, yeah. "

" All my attention baby
My extra time
There's nothin' I won't give you
Girl if you were mine
Six million times I'm thinkin'
About your face
You know I'm crazy for you
Let me count the ways
Too many girls I'm chasin'
I've had my fun
But all the time was wasted
Girl you know that you're the one. "

Eli stopped as Reagan took the chorus.

" It's a countdown to your love oh whoa oh
You're my number one girl
It's a countdown fallin' fast oh whoa oh
Don't think I'm gon' last now
Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh Wait a minute
I said wait a minute, wait a minute Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh. "

Reagan smiled at Elina as Eli continued.

" There's only one in your life
I want it to be me
Gon' set your heart on fire
Burnin' in the fourth degree
Serenade you, call your name
For you to come around
9, 10 back again
Count the ways I love you now. "

And, once more, Regs took the chorus.

" It's a countdown to your love oh whoa oh
You're my number one girl
It's a countdown fallin' fast oh whoa oh
Don't think I'm gon' last now
It's a countdown to your love oh whoa oh
You're my number one girl
It's a countdown fallin' fast oh whoa oh
Don't think I'm gon' last now
Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh Wait a minute
I said wait a minute, wait a minute Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh. "

Elina laughed and started dancing while Eli and Regs sang together.

" Ooooohh Oooooohh
10, you're beautiful
9, you're amazing
8, you're contagious
Everytime I look at you
6, you're a star
5, who you are
4,3 who you wanna be
Don't you know that I want you 2
You're the one Yeah! "

" It's a countdown to your love oh whoa oh
You're my number one girl
I'ts a countdown fallin' fast oh whoa oh
Don't think I'm gon' last now
It's a countdown to your love oh whoa oh
You're my number one girl
I'ts a countdown fallin' fast oh whoa oh
Don't think I'm gon' last now
Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Wait a minute
I said wait a minute, wait a minute Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh. "

" It's a countdown to your love oh whoa oh
You're my number one girl
I'ts a countdown fallin' faster oh whoa oh
Don't think I'm gon' last now
Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Wait a minute
I said wait a minute, wait a minute Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh
It's a Countdown. "

Eli and Regs ended and the Shane Gang all clapped. Elina hugged Regs and kissed Eli. " Best gift ever, E. " She said to him. Eli blushed. " Y-You are very welcome m'lady! " And with that, Elina laughed.
Hope you like it Elina and Jackie! 

Reagan Mast and Alicia belongs to: :iconxxpixelatedkittyxx: ( C )
Elina Shae, Quora, & Blaze belong to: :iconjackiewinters: ( C )
Eli Shane, Junjie, Burpy,  Juju, Trixie, Kord, & Pronto belong to: Nerd Corps. ( C )
CountDown belongs to: Victorious ( C )
Burn belongs to: Ellie Goulding ( C )
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Elina's pov: "My you look pretty Elina" my mother announced as she placed her hands on my shoulders. Today was the day. Today many people were going to take the test. The test that told us where we belonged in society. I couldn't be more nervous. It felt like a million tiny butterflies were flying around in my stomach. I can't help but wonder what my result will be. I quickly tried to calm myself down as my mother pulled out a key. She put it into a keyhole that was embedded into some wood that was mounted on the wall. She twisted the key twice and removed a panel to reveal our mirror. She then walked behind me and got to work on my long navy blue-black hair.
Eli's pov: As I walked out of my room my hair is still a mess, well at least I think it is. As a part of Abnegation I can't look at my own reflection for long. We're supposed to think more about others than to think about ourselves. That includes our looks. I personally don't mind. I kind of enjoy helping others. But it can be kind of boring. I straitened out my grey outfit and fixed the collar of the grey sweater I wore. I walked into the small living room where my dad was. As soon as he saw me a smile spread across his face. Today is the day. Today I take the test. The test that tells me my future. I am a little nervous but I know I'll get Abnegation. I have to.
"Well Eliot, big day" my dad, Will, says to me "you nervous?"
No, I'm petrified  "not one bit" I lie through my teeth. Well at least I know I won't get Candor. My dad stands behind me as he unlocks a wooden panel in the wall that reveals our mirror. He stands behind me and starts combing back my hair. I try my hardest not to look directly at my reflection but I can't help it. I shift my gaze to my reflection and before I can look away, my dad catches me staring. Instead of scolding me, my dad just grins.
"look how grown up you are Eliot, today you take the test and remember" My dad says. I already know what he's going to say next but it's rude to interrupt "Faction before blood"
"I know" I say as my dad closes the panel.
"Now you better leave before you're late" he says. I nod my head and grab a beige messenger bag that I sling over my shoulder. I say one last goodbye to my dad as I run out the door.
Elina's pov: When my mom finished working on my hair, I said goodbye to her and grabbed my beige messenger bag that I carried around everywhere and ran out the door. When I stepped outside I saw several other people headed to go take the test including my neighbor, Eliot Shane. His father is high up on the council. I completely forgot he was taking the test today. I really hope he doesn't notice me. I turn away from him and just focus on the path ahead of me. After a few minutes of walking I feel something. I look around me and I see Eliot staring directly at me. As soon as I catch him staring he gives me a small smile and turns away. I felt my face begin to blush at the thought of him staring at me. I don't know why i'm blushing, I barely know Eliot. I've seen him around helping people a lot but I never talk to him. I keep looking down at the road as I walk. I don't even notice Eliot slow down until he's right next to me with a smile on his face. I look away as I blush even more. Eliot just keeps smiling as we walk.
"Hey, Elina right?" He asks when he gets closer
"Um yeah, uh hey Eliot" I stutter out. I don't even know why I'm stuttering! I really should stop.
"So, big day huh?" He says as we approach the city.
"Yeah, the test, you worried?" I asked as I tried really hard not to stutter and it worked.
"Not really, most people get their origin faction so I think I'll be fine" Eli said, but I could tell he was lying a little.
"But we still have to remember" I said before taking a small breath
"Faction before blood" we said at the same time. It was like the number one rule. The whole point of the faction system is to make sure "everyone is where they belong in society" so the rule is faction before blood. Even if it means leaving your family. We can't prepare for it in any way and we just have to trust it. Trust the test. I just hope the test is right.
it's not much but it's a start and i hope you guys like it! I do NOT own Slugterra or Divergent they belong to their rightful owners and Elina belongs to JackieWinters 
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Elina's Pov: hundreds of years ago, Slugterra was formed. I heard that it used to be peaceful. Slugs roamed about, friendly tournaments occurred every now and then, and every person, molenoid, and cave troll got along. But then that peace was interrupted. We don't know much except that 100 years ago. There was a war. We never discuss what it was about. During that war, many caverns were destroyed except for a few. There was no hope of them rebuilding so our ancestors came up with a system. They surrounded the caverns with a large fence and to maintain peace, they split up the people into five groups, or factions, as we call them. Those that are extremely intelligent are Erudite. They value intelligence and come up with new inventions and ideas for us. They are the impressive scientists, mathematicians, and engineers of our society. Then those that are honest, are Candor. They value honesty and make the best lawyers, judges, and always tell the truth, whether people want to hear it or not. Then there's Amity. They value peace and tranquility. They work in the fields, harvest crops, and make food. They're the farmers of our society. Then there's Dauntless. I've always wanted to be a part of them, ever since I was a little girl. They seem so fearless. So full of life and excitement.They value bravery and make up the police. Then there's my Faction. Abnegation. Or as many people call us, stiffs. We are selfless, kind, and always think about others. We help and feed the factionless. We never look in the mirror for long and sacrifice for others. We help by giving our food to the factionless, helping those who struggle, and ask for nothing in return. I'm kind of good at my faction, but I also want to be a part of another faction. To break off and be my own person. And today's my chance.
It's still kind of a wip but it's coming along. I do NOT own Slugterra, Divergent, or even Elina
Slugterra belongs to Nerd Corps
Divergent belongs to it's rightful owners
and Elina belongs to JackieWinters 
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2 cosas subidas ;p
Hey! me he actualizado: las babosas mecamorficas y Junjie :flirty: Si sé, si sé, no salió tan TAN bien, pero es la primera vez que lo dibujo :saddummy:
Tengo muchas cosas que decir....
Pero comencemos por lo primero ¿Qué? ¿No? Miren es una loca idea que rondó por mi cabeza hace mucho tiempo (el año pasado para ser específicos) Representa como algo que pasaría fuera de la idea principal de la serie, algo mas personal y divertido (por así decirlo)
La babosa que "vuela" sobre la cabeza de Trix es una fosforo :meow: Hay momento Elixie.
Y pienso hacer un comic (sé que iba a hacer uno de un sketch que subí, pero creo que no vale la pena) y éste si lo cumpliré, sin embargo (ay que formal) tendré que desarrollar la idea ^^; , así que tardaré en subirlo.
Calculen esto 24 por 3 menos 32 mas 40 y si les da lo que yo espero significa que tienen el resultado de TODAS las ideas que tengo en mente (no bromeo) terminare el 2018 de subirlas! :shakefist:
Por último... Me voy de vacaciones por 1 semana :wave: (dato interesante para los que quieran saber)
En fin espero que les guste tanto como a mi hermanito (y sí, le pido su opinión)
Eli Shane, Trixie, Junjie, Kord, Pronto y "Slugterra" (c) Nerd Corps Entertainment.
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Soy tan dramática!!! :la:
No sé de donde salió esto pero bueno.....
Espero que les guste  :squee:
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:hooray: I have finally finished my new fan art, dedicated to the new third Slugterra movie "Slug-Fu Showdown". :D 
I haven't seen the entire movie yet, but I've been inspired by the short clip  from it. :)…
I had to use four screenshots from that clip to create this unique scene, and I am SO HAPPY with how it has come out! :iconinloveplz: :love: :dance: :boogie:
This is my FIRST attempt to restore Junjie, the Eastern Champion, and surpriingly he was easy enough to make, but Eli Shane has caused me  much more trouble. ^^; Despite the fact that this is probably my 11-th or 12-th art with him,, this is the FIRST one, where I dared to depict him in full height.  ^^; I've been so scared to do it before, but  this time I decided to try. :) 
I was very nervous, but I think, he has turned out WONDERFULLY! :iconinloveplz: I think, this is probably my best art with him. :D :D:D I personally love it very much, and I ope, you'll enjoy it too.  :) 
I am looking forward to your feedback. :)

Junjie, Eli Shane, Slicksilver slug and Slugterra (c) Nerd Corps Entertainment Company.
Art (c) me
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Holis ¿Cómo están? :squee:
Creerán que estoy loca por que subo y subo cosas sobre este tema... ^^;
Pero no me juzguen... además me resulto muy divertida le idea de que Pronto sacará a bailar a Trixie ¿Y a ustedes? :dance:
Se preguntarán quien es esa señora, la verdad ni yo sé, pero será un personaje importante... :-?
Espero que les guste como a mi y... pregunto esto de nuevo ¿Les gustaría que hiciera un comic sobre esto? :stinkeye:
Eli Shane, Trixie, Pronto y "Slugterra" (c) Nerd Corps Entertainment.

Hi How are you? :squee:
They'll think I'm crazy because I climb and climb things on this subject ... ^^;
But do not judge me ... well I turned out very funny idea that Pronto will bring to dance Trixie And you? :dance:
You may wonder who that lady, and I don't know the truth, but will be an important character ... : -?
I hope you like  ... I ask this again Would you like to make a comic about it? :stinkeye:
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During one of my multiple talks with my dear friend, :iconalyxander12:, who becomes sort of nervous, when I use my "Eli Shane Wink" icon (Eli Shane Wink ), I sort of threatened her with making a Slugterra version for ":hug:" emoticon. :giggle: But I knew, it HAD to be animated. The static version just wouldn't be that effective. :giggle:  But, to my shame, I didn't know, how to do an animated icon. ^^; I had to do some research, download TWO programs and in a day I've managed to do this one. :giggle: :love: Not bad for the first try EVER, huh? :giggle:

Beware, everyone! I am so going to use it from now on! :evillaugh:  Eli Shane Wink 
If you like it , you may certainly use it too. Eli Shane Wink  (I hope, you will be able to find it in "Add Media - Emoticons" section. :pray:)

 Eli Shane, Trixie Sting and Slugterra (c) Nerd Corps Entertainment company
Emoticon (c) me
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Locked to the enemy

Chapter 10


Rules is made to break

Jim took a deep breath while he looked at all the ships. All the school-ships, from the Interstellar academy, was now overall at the same place, to choose the solar surfer team for the competition. There was all in all seven teams, who wanted to compete. Thirty-four competitors. Fife winners. Jim took another deep breath when he felt his heart start to beat faster. If he was nervous now, how should it be if he came with in the real competition then?

"You're nervous?" Flint asked and rested his elbows on the railing. Jim chuckled quietly.

"Is it that clear?" He asked with a smirk. Flint shook his shoulders.

"Eh, come on... We better submit our registration bill," he said and bumped his elbow into Jim's shoulder. Jim rubbed his arm, but followed behind Flint up to the line of students, who wanted to compete.

"This is so exiting!" Vanessa giggled as she stood in the line in front of Flint. She quickly turned around to face him.

"And you're sure daddy isn't watching the tryout?" She asked.

"Oh, yeah... You can relax" Flint answered with a smirk as he thought of his plan.


(In the galley)

"For the umpteenth time: how in the world did this happened?!" Sir. Lewis asked frustrated, while he tried in vain to pull Roland's head out of a hole, through the door. Roland sighted and hung his head.

"You don't want to know"


(Back on the deck)

"He should be employed in some time" Flint said assertively and laid his hands in his pockets. Vanessa sighted and slightly shook her head. She didn't wanted to know more.

"Next!" The woman behind the disk said, making Danielle step forward.

"Oh! Yeah!" Danielle smiled as she handed the woman her registration bill. The woman with the orange skin and the tentacles looking arms looked over the paper through her small glasses.

"Danielle Diaz Roseanne" She read aloud and stamped her papers. Danielle took her papers before she walked out of the line.

"Next!" The woman said. Vanessa handed her the papers and placed her hands on her back.

"Vanessa Gonzalez Lewis" the woman read aloud and gave her papers a stample. Silas handed her his papers as well.

"Zacharias Smith" The woman said and sampled his papers. Jim held back a laugh, but Flint couldn't help it.

"Pfffth! Seriously? Is that your name?" He laughed with a teasing smirk. Silas lifted his shoulders and frowned annoyed as he took his papers.

"It's not that funny," he groaned through his teeth. Jim chuckled quietly as he placed his papers on the table.

"James Pleiades Hawkins" The woman read aloud and sampled his papers as well. Flint held his stomach as he laughed.

"I didn't know your name where James!" He laughed and slapped his forehead. Jim sighted annoyed and hung his head.

"You're so immature," He groaned as he stepped out of line. Flint chuckled quietly and placed his papers on the table.

"Sorry, it's just... Your names are really funny!" He chuckled with a teasing smirk.

"Flinnigan Gonzales Lewis" Flint's eyes widen when the woman read his name aloud. Jim and Silas looked shocked at him for a bit before they burst into a laugh.

"Hahahaha! That's the best thing I've heard today!" Silas laughed while he held his stomach. Flint blushed slightly and quickly took back his papers when he had his staple.

"Ha! Ha! Ha! Really funny!" He groaned sarcastic. Jim chuckled and wiped away a tear, while he held his elbow on Silas' shoulder.

"Sorry, it's just... Your name is pretty funny!" He said teasingly, making Silas laugh again. Flint rolled his eyes at them.

"Okay, that's enough guys" Danielle said and placed her hands on her hips, but she couldn't keep herself from laughing a bit as well.

"ALL COMPETITORS ON THEIR POSTS!" a voice yelled through the air.

"Finally!" Vanessa giggled and handed up in her board.

"Let’s get to it!" Jim said with a smirk when the other students ran up to their posts. All thirty-five students placed their boards in a line and stepped onto them.

"READY?" The students kneeled down on their boards, holding their hands on the ground. Danielle felt a shock shoot through her stomach when she looked down at the line. Her chance was so small. It almost took away her strength.

"Hay" She turned her head when she heard Jim's voice talk to her. He smiled softly at her as he placed his hand over hers, on the ground.

"Forget all about the others... Forget all about the voices... Just get out there and have fun," He said as he looked into her blue eyes. Danielle felt the warm feeling spread in her chest when he smiled at her. It maked her heard beat faster and her energy turn back. She smiled slightly as she closed her hand around his.

"May the best scalawag compete" She said assertively.

"GO!" The start horn yelled and all the students quickly hit the gas, when the Blitz-flies where released.

"Come on!" Jim yelled with a smirk as he flipped his board into the air, with Flint close behind. There was fife Blitz-flies. The first students to catch one came onto the team. Vanessa was right behind one of the flies, but she where followed by one of the other students. The Blitz-fly dragged them around like a long tail while they fought to get in front of each other. Suddenly the Blitz-fly shifted direction.

"Woah!" The guy was close to lose his balance, but Vanessa thought quickly. She hit the gas in the front, making the board fly backwards. She got up in front of the fly before she turned off the engine, making the little monster fly directly into her hands. She shot her eyes closed and closed her hands around it. Slowly she opened her eyes and lifted her hand a bit to look inside it. Her eyes widen when she saw the little fluffy creature in her hands. She haven’t expected to see anything.

"Yeah! That’s a Thunder-Storm!" Aradelle yelled with a huge smile as she threw her hands in the air. Vanessa smiled slightly as she giggled.

"Woohoo!" She laughed and threw her hands in the air, still with the fly between them. She quickly turned her board; flying passed the cage in the top of the mast, and closed it behind the Blitz-fly.

"WE GOT OUR FIRST COMPETITOR! VANESSA GONZALEZ LEWIS!" The voice echoed through the air.


Sir. Lewis raised an eyebrow when he heard the speaker.

"What?" He frowned suspicious while he looked up at the ceiling. Why in the world where his daughter's name said in the speaker, for a competition for solar surfing? His eyes widen slightly when the thought hit him. Could it be? Had she actually? No! It couldn't be true. However, the chance was there. Sir. Lewis frowned purposeful as he let go of Roland, who still was stuck in the door.

"Excuse me, Mr. Pérez, I have to investigate this," He said as he walked straight towards the door.

"What?! No, no, no, wait!" Roland said as he tried to pull his head through the hole in the door.

"Woak!" His eyes widen when his head suddenly slipped out, coursing him to fall backwards. He quickly got up and ran up in front of Sir. Lewis, to stop him.

"You can't go out there!" He said and held his arms to the side to block the way.

"And why is that so, Mr. Pérez?" Sir. Lewis asked stern. Roland didn't knew what to say.

"Uhh... B-because the... Door is... Locked!" He said as he smiled strained.

"And I forget the key, so" Roland cringed when the door was opened behind him.

"What do you mean? The door works fine?" Theo said confused as he stood in the doorframe. Roland glared back at him.

"Yes, but he didn't needed to know!" He hissed through his teeth.

"Oh... Heh... Ups..." Theo smiled strained up at Sir. Lewis who just glared down at him.

"If we survive this... I'm gonna kill you!" Roland hissed at Theo.


"AND WE GOT OUR SECOND COMPETITOR!" The speakers yelled when Silas closed the door to the cage in the mast.

"ZACHARIAS SMITH!" Silas smirked all over his face as he threw his hands into the air.

"Yeah! I told you, didn't I?!" He laughed as he flew passed Vanessa, making her blond hair float around her.

"That's it Silas!" Vanessa laughed from the deck.

"ONLY THREE PLACES LEFT LADYS AND GENTLEMEN!" The speakers said, making a shock shoot through Danielle's stomach. She had tried many times to catch one of the flies, but they kept shifting direction. Every time she got close to one of them, it will turn around as fast as a blitz. No mystery why they got their name.

"There you are your little monster," She said when she spotted one of the fluffy flies. She quickly turned her board around to follow it.

"Come on, come on" She said through her teeth while she followed close behind the fly. She fought like crazy to keep her eyes on the fly when it turned. She didn't lost concentration a single second. Suddenly one of the other students had the same idea to follow the fly. He flew directly towards Danielle with a smirk as he stretched out his hand for the Blitz-fly. Danielle frowned purposeful.

"Not this time" She said. Quickly she flipped down the sail, hit the gas and twisted her board around as she hang with her head upside down. She quickly caught the fly between her hands, as she flew directly over the guy's head. She turned her board back around as she flew towards the cage in the mast.

"Yeah!" She yelled as she threw the Blitz-fly into the cage and closed the door.

"She did it!" Vanessa laughed and threw her fists in the air.

"That's it Danny! Show them who the boss is!" Silas yelled with a smirk.

"DANIELLE DIAZ ROSEANNE TAKES THE THIRT PLACE ON THE TEAM!" The speaker yelled, making the other students clap and scream in joy, of watching the competitors.

"Wooohooo!" Danielle laughed as she span around herself in the air. She couldn't believe it. She actually got onto the team! The warms feeling just wouldn't stop burning in her chest. She didn't wanted it to stop either. Not now! Not any time! She smiled all over her face when she landed her board on the deck. Vanessa threw herself into her arms as soon as she stood on the ground.

"You did it! We maked it!" She laughed as she held her tight. Danielle chuckled while she hugged Vanessa back.

"Yes! We made it!" She said and smiled bright at Vanessa.

"We're not done yet" Silas said as he turned around towards Flint and Jim, who still flew around with the others. Danielle bit her lower lip. He was right. They wasn't done yet.


Sir. Lewis held his fingers on his nose, right between his eyes, as he sighted. Roland had tried to explain tons of reasons, to why he shouldn't walk up the stairs and none of them really maked since.

"I mean if you fall down the stairs while the aliens attach, we won't have a rector!" Roland said.

"Mr. Pérez, I don't have time for this" Sir. Lewis said stern as he stepped forward, but Roland walk in front of him.

"No! Wait! Heh... I-I haven’t told you how my head got stuck in the door yet" He smiled strained while he held his hands on each side of the doorframe. Sir. Lewis sighted and held his hand over his face.


Jim and Flint followed close behind one of the blitz-flies. There where only two of them left. This was there last chance to get onto the team. Flint turned his board from side to side, trying to make the fluffy fly keep flying straight.

"Come here your little monster!" Flint said as he reached out for the fly, but the creature speeded up as soon as he touched it.

"Blast it!" Flint groaned as he followed the fly. Suddenly the fluffy creature flew directly into one of the other guys' solar sail, coursing it to fall into his hands. The guy blinked a few times when he saw the blitz-fly.

"I got it?" He chuckled.

"I got it! I-Ahh!" His eyes widen when Flint and Jim came right towards him.

"Woah!" Flint quickly turned to one side and Jim another, as the chain where stretched. The guy quickly ducked and covered his head when the chain almost hit him, coursing him to let go of the fly by an accident. Jim shot his eyes closed when they flew towards the guy. He slightly opened his eyes when he didn't fell anyone hit the chain. His eyes weighted slightly when he felt something move around in his hands. He slowly opened his hand a bit, as he could see the Blitz-fly inside it.

"I got it..." He whispered and slightly smiled.

"I got it!" He chuckled and quickly turned his board towards the cage. Flint's eyes widen as he smiled surprised and followed close behind him. Jim quickly threw the fly into the cage and closed the door.


"Yeah!" Danielle yelled from the top of her lungs as she threw her fists into the air.

"That's my guy!" She laughed. Jim flipped down the sail, making a quick spin, before he flipped it back up while he laughed.

"Woooh!" He threw his head back while he held the sail with one hand.

"That's it. Last round!" Flint said and smirked to Jim. Jim smirked back at him.

"Let’s do this!" They quickly turned around their boards to follow the last Blitz-fly. It dragged them around between the other students but the two guys where fast and turned quickly. Suddenly the Blitz-fly shifted direction, flying in between the sails and masts.

"To the left!" Jim yelled as they both turned to the left to fly around the beam.

"The right!" Jim yelled again as they both turned their boards.

"Beam!" Flint yelled as he quickly ducked his head. Jim ducked his head as well before they turned around the solar sails. Mr. Clarkson's eyes weighted slightly when he saw the two guys. They listened closely, to each other, and watch every move they made. It impressed him.

"Interesting" He said as he smirked slightly.

"That's it Flint, you got it!" Jim yelled when they had caught up to the fly. Suddenly it flew under the sail against the hole between the sail and the beam.

"Woah!" Flint's eyes widen when he flew directly towards the sail.

"Slide!" Jim yelled and quickly turned off the engine on his board, making him fall behind and drag Flint down as he flew horizontally. Flint bit his teeth together and shot his eyes closed when he slide right under the sail. Jim leaned back as he slide under as well. The sail was only an inch away from his eye when he slid under. Danielle held her breath when they came back out. No one dared to move a muscle. Not even Charlie. Flint slightly opened his eyes as he looked down at his hands. The Blitz-fly moved around inside his hands, which made him smile slightly.

"I did it," He whispered shocked.

"He did it," Vanessa said surprised. Flint smiled all over his face as he held his hands in the air and shouted from the top of his lungs.

"I did it!"

"Yeah!" Vanessa screamed in joy as she threw herself into Silas' arms. Silas smiled all over his face while he span her around.

"Look, that's a Black lightning!" Aradelle yelled with a huge smile. Flint threw the fly into the cage with a bright smirk.

"Wooohooo!" Jim laughed as he span around himself in the air.

"THAT'S IT LADYS AND GENTLEMEN! FLINNYGAN GONZALES LEWIS TAKES THE LAST PLACE AT THE SOLAR SURFER TEAM!" The speaker yelled, making all the students clap and yell in joy.


"Mr. Pérez, is there an end on this story?" Sir. Lewis sighted and moved his hand away from his face.

"Yeah!" Roland said and pointed at him with both his hands.

"I get to it... Just wait!" He assured. Sir. Lewis rolled his eyes and sighted, but he stiffened when he heard the speakers. He blinked a few times as he slightly frowned still with wide eyes. Theo's jaw dropped slightly.

"Oh no..." He said. Suddenly Sir. Lewis started to walk with his hands in fists.

"No, no, no, wait!" Roland and Theo tried in vain to hold the big man back, but he was too strong. He stormed purposeful up the stairs with a furious frown on his face.


"We did it!" Jim laughed and gave Flint a high fife. Flint smiled bright at him as they turned their boards towards the ship.

"We made it!" Danielle chuckled as she threw herself into Jim's arms as soon as he stood off his board.

"Woah!" Jim's eyes widen when she hugged him but he smiled bright and hugged her back.

"Flint!" Vanessa hugged her brother tightly as he almost lost his balance.

"That was so awesome!" She chuckled. Flint smiled down at her as he hugged her back.

"We're going to be with in the games!" Silas chuckled with a bright smile. Flint laughed quietly, but turned his head when he felt a hand on his shoulder.

"Good job, Mr. Lewis" Mr. Clarkson said and smiled down at him. Flint blinked a few times when he realized it was Mr. Clarkson.

"You... You think?" He asked. Charlie nodded as he smiled.

"Definitely" he said.

"You too Mr. Hawkins" he said as he laid his other hand on Jim's shoulder and shook him slightly. Jim smiled up at Mr. Clarkson.

"That, my gentlemen, was a perfect example on two friends working together," Charlie said as he smiled at Flint and Jim. Jim felt his heart skip a beat when he said that. He was right. The two of them had actually worked together. Like a team. Charlie smiled down at the two.

"I'm convinced" Danielle's eyes widen slightly when the cyborg pulled a key out of his pocket. Without saying anything, he turned the key around in the handcuffs, around each of the guys' wrists. Jim's eyes widen when the handcuffs opened and fell off his wrist. Flint blinked a few times when the chain fell to the ground. He turned his hand slightly; as if he didn't believed the chain was gone.

"We're free?" Jim whispered in disbelieve. Vanessa couldn't help but giggle a little. Flint smiled slightly up at Jim.

"We're free!" He laughed.

"We're free!" Jim replayed with a huge smile. Danielle laughed in joy of seeing the two guys smile.

"yeah!" Jim yelled and threw his arms into the air.

"Wooohooo!" Flint laughed as the two of them started to run around on the deck. They span around themselves and jumped around like idiots, doing all the things they couldn't when they where locked together. Vanessa giggled with a huge smile while she held Silas arm. She couldn't help but laugh at her crazy brother. Jim held his arms to the sides, like an airplane, while he ran.

"Wooohooo!" He laughed as he ran up to Danielle.

"Woah!" Danielle's eyes widen when he grabbed her wrists and span her around, before pulling her into him and kissed her lips.

"Hm?!" Danielle blinked a few times but soon let her shoulders fall back down as she wrapped her arms around his neck.

"Hmm..." She smiled while she kissed him, like she had wanted to the past three weeks. Jim held her close to him as he let go of her lips and smiled down at her. Danielle bit her lower lip in a smile while she looked into his beautiful blue eyes.

"Woah!" Jim quickly ducked when Flint, Vanessa and Silas flew over their heads on their solar surfers. Danielle giggled as she held herself close to Jim. She held her hair back as she smiled up at them.

"Wooohooo!" Flint laughed while span around himself in the air. Jim couldn't keep herself from laughing a little while he held his arm around Danielle.

"Come on slowpokes!" Vanessa yelled.

"What are you waiting for?" Danielle smiled up at her before she quickly grabbed her board.

"Come on!" She laughed as she jumped at her board and flipped it into the air. Jim laughed and quickly grabbed his board as well.

"Wooohooo!" He laughed as him and Flint started to race against each other.

"I'm free! Eat my dust, Hawkins!" Flint laughed teasingly as he flew directly over Jim's head.

"Watch out for Rockfalls, ladies and gentlemen, cause here I come!" Silas chuckled and span around himself.

"Oh, yeah? Wait and see what The Silver Rain can do!" Danielle laughed and hit the gas on her board. Aradelle couldn't keep herself from laughing at the exited students.

"You did that well" Charlie said and laid a hand on her shoulder. Aradelle smirked up at him.

"Yeah... We did" she said and gave him an elbow in the side. Charlie smiled down at her before he turned his head towards the students once again.


Sir. Lewis walked straight towards the deck with Roland and Theo right behind him.

"Wait! Stop!" Roland yelled as he grabbed the bottom of Sir. Lewis red jacked, trying to pull him back. Roland's feed slid over the floor, but Sir. Lewis just kept walking straight. His eyes widen as he quickly stopped, making Theo and Roland bumped into him.


"Yeah! That's it! Take that Hawkins!" Flint laughed while he flew around on his solar surfer. Sir. Lewis gasped as his heart skipped a beat, when he saw his son.

"FLINNIGAN!!!" He shouted from the top of his lungs, coursing Roland and Theo to cover their ears. Flint cringed when he heard his father’s voice. It where like it shoot right through him and made him shake.

"Oh, no..." He sighted as he hung his head. Vanessa's eyes widen as her heart skipped a beat.

"Dad?!" She gasped and quickly turned her board when she was close to fly into Silas.

"Woah!" Silas' eyes widen and she quickly turned his board as well, as he almost crashed into her.

"Get down here! NOW! And now has passed so you're not fast enough!" Sir. Lewis shouted furiously, as he pointed at the spot right in front of him. Flint cringed again, but turned his board towards his father, landing on the ground. He quickly got off it and hide behind Charlie. The cyborg raised an eyebrow as he glanced back at Flint, but even his eyes widen when Sir. Lewis raised his voice.

"Vanessa!" He yelled stern. Vanessa jumped a little.

"Get! Down!"

"Y-yes, dad" She said and quickly got off her board, walking up to her dad while she rubbed her arm.

"Flinnigan!" Flint cringed when Sir. Lewis yelled.

"H-hay, dad" Flint said and waved his hand with a strained smile, from behind the cyborg.

"Come here! NOW!" Sir. Lewis yelled furiously, making both Flint and the cyborg jump a little. Flint bit his teeth together, but slowly stepped up to his father. It wasn't really often that Flint looked small, but beside his father, he did. Danielle, Jim and Silas landed their boards as well. Danielle stepped up close to Jim with a worried look in her eyes. Silas bit his lower lip. It was like he already knew what would happen.

"Flinnigan Gonzalez Lewis, what the hell are you thinking?!" Sir. Lewis shouted furiously, making Flint cring and lift his shoulders up to his ears.

"Solar surfing?! The exact same thing whom took your mother's life! Not alone are you doing it yourself, but you actually dragged your sister with you! Are you star-raving totally blinking daft?!" He shouted from the top of his lungs. Vanessa shut her eyes closed while she held her arms tight around her. This couldn't be happening. It haven’t bin Flint's decision to take her with, ir was her own. Why couldn't she make herself say it? Flint kept his head turned away. He didn't wanted to look into his father’s eyes. It was too painful for him to see him disappointed.

"Dad, it's not as bad as it seems, I-"

"Not that bad?!" Sir Lewis shouted again, making Flint cring once more.

Charlie frowned slightly.

"Sir. Won’t you please calm down? The boy is just-"

"Calm down?! Tell me to calm down once more and you're fired, Mr. Clarkson!" Sir. Lewis hissed. Charlie quickly backed up and threw his head down.

"Yes, Sir!" Sir. Lewis glared up at the cyborg before he turned his head back towards his son.

"What is it with you?! Ever since you where locked to that lad you've been acting uncontrollable and unacceptable, more than usually!"

"Keep him out of this!" Flint yelled, glaring into his father's eyes.

"He haven’t anything to do with this! It was me! Only me! Vanessa haven’t done anything wrong either!" That was enough. His father could yell at him, be disappointed or ignore him if he wanted, but he should keep his friends out of this. This was between those two and those two only. Jim felt his heart skip a beat. Flint actually fought for him. Protected him even thought it could make it worse for himself. It surprised him.

"That's enough!" Sir. Lewis yelled, making Flint shut up.

"I prohibits you to solar surf!"

"What?!" Flint's eyes widen. Jim's eyes widen as well. He had never seen Flint this surprised.

"No!.. No, you can't do that!" Flint said almost praying.

"Daddy, won’t you please?" Vanessa prayed, but Sir. Lewis cut her off.

"You don't have anything to say young lady, you're grounded!" He said stern.

"Dad! You can't do this to me!" Flint said praying.

"Ground me! Yell at me! Say you're disappointed but please don't do this! Solar surfing is my life!"

"Solar surfing have ruined your life!" Sir. Lewis yelled, glaring down at Flint.

"How can you say that?! You don't know me as mom did!" Flint shouted.

Sir. Lewis stared down at him unable to speak. Flint glared up at him, panting softly. Danielle held her breath, holding Jim's arm tightly. Sir. Lewis frowned slightly as he stood up straight.

"That might be true... But I know what's best for my son!" He said stern.

"None of my children are ever going to solar surf! You're not ready and you'll never be!"

"How do you know?!" Flint shouted with a shaking voice, which made Vanessa shut her eyes to hold back her tears.

"You've never given me a chance! You don't know who I am! You don't know me at all! For twenty years, I've tried to be the son you wanted me to be, but I'll never be! You've always directed me! Always pushed me in the direction YOU wanted me to go! All those years I've let you decide, but not this time! I'm sick and tired of trying! Trying to be something, I'm not! Trying to be you! But I'm not you! I can't be that son you wished for, but i know mom would have been proud of me anyway! Proud of us all! Solar surfing or not!" His eyes softened when the tears poke inside them. He tried his best to hold them back, but he couldn't keep his voice under control.

"This is the only thing I have left of her... If you take that away... You take her away..." Flint looked into his father's yellow eyes, with tears in his own, praying  him from deep inside his hidden heart. Sir. Lewis looked stern down at his son. His eyes glanced down for a second, as if he actually thought about it for a bit, before he frowned again.

"This is a fight you aren't strong enough to win, my son... I'm only doing this to protect you!" He said stern. Vanessa held her breath. She didn't dared to move a muscle.

"You've done a lot of things I'm not proud of, Flinnigan... I've choose to let you go every time you broke a rule... Every time you've been asking for a second chance I've let you go... But not this time... This time you've gone way too far..." Flint's frown slightly disappeared while his father talked. He seemed even more confused for every word. Sir. Lewis looked stern down at his son while he spoke calmly, but clear.

"If you place your feed on a solar surfer again... You're expelled from the academy..." Flint's eyes widen as he felt his heart skip a beat.

"What?" He whispered, unable to make any louder sounds. Vanessa's eyes widen as well, as she covered her mouth with her hands.

"N-no... You can't do that..." she said with a shaking voice. Jim gasped quietly as he felt a shock shoot through his stomach. None of them dared to move a muscle. Sir. Lewis glared down at Flint before he slightly turned around. Flint panted softly, totally shocked. He didn't know what to do with himself. He just stood there, like frozen to the ground. Vanessa looked shocked at him. The tears poked in her eyes and her heart raced like crazy. She should have done something. She should have said something but she had been too scared. To scared to go against her father's orders.

"Vanessa!" Sir. Lewis said stern. Vanessa glanced back at him, then back to Flint and the others. Danielle looked shocked at her, shaking her head slightly.

"Vanessa..." She whispered. Vanessa shut her eyes closed when the tears ran over her cheeks.

"I... I can't..." She whispered and quickly turned her head, following behind her father. Danielle's eyes widen slightly when Vanessa followed behind her father. Flint glanced up at the two then back at the others. He panted softly, with a shocked expression.

"Flint..." Jim said softly, looking just as shocked as he did. Flint slightly shook his head, backing up slowly before he ran down the stairs, away from everything. Jim sighted as he hung his head. He hated himself for not doing anything. He hated himself for behind that useless. Danielle wrapped her arms around his, holding his hand tightly. Jim glanced down at her before he laid his head on top of hers. Danielle closed her eyes, burring her face in his shoulder. Silas slightly hung his head. It was over. It all fell apart.


Flint leaned his back against the wall, curling his knees up to his chest. He sneaked into the room, with all the pictures and newspapers, about his mother, and he now sat at the floor, letting his eyes run through them all. Katelin smiled at most of them. She looked just like he remembered her. A beautiful, tall woman with blue eyes and long dark hair, always braided over her shoulder. Soft fingers, whom could wipe away every tear. Kisses, whom could heal even the deepest wound. And a voice. A voice, which could take away any fears, he might have. A voice he couldn't get out of his head. Flint sighted as he leaned his head back against the wall.

"What am I supposed to do?" He asked softly. He wasn't even sure if he talked to himself or his mother. Maybe he just needed to say something, to fill the empty space in his chest.

"I-I mean if I go for the competition, I'll get expelled and probably loss my friends and family, but if I stay away, I'll fail my team and never get to solar surf" He said and held his head in his hand.

"On the other hand. Dad will be disappointed no matter what I do... He just don't understand it!" He groaned as he pushed himself off the floor, walking up to the table with all the champion cups and medals.

"I mean, look at this! This is amazing!" He said, trailing his fingers over the golden medals.

"Why can't he see it? See the things the way I do?.. The way you used to do..." He sighted quietly, letting his hands fall down on the table.

"I just want the things to be as they where once..." He said as he gently pulled out the picture of them all, trailing his thump over it.

"I want him to look at me... Look at me, with that smile and those eyes he used to have... He don't even need to say it... As long as I know, he means it... As you used to do..." He fought to hold back his tears while he looked at the picture.

"Won’t you please help me?.. I can't do this alone I..." He took a shaking breath, looking up at the wall with the many pictures.

"I need you..." He whispered with tears in his eyes. He held the picture tight in his hands as he felt his breath become faster. He didn't wanted to cry. He wanted to stand tall even though he couldn't. In frustration, he slammed his fist into the table, making the things on it move a bit. He slightly glanced up when a box fell down from a shelf. The old box was half-open on the floor and Flint frowned slightly at it. He kneeled down in front of it, lifting up the lid to look into it. He blinked a few times when he saw the things. In the box was a black jacket with a few red stripes and white letters on the front and the back. Flint couldn't read the letters but he guessed they spelled: The black lightning. In the box was also a pair of gloves, goggles, a few medals (definitely the first ones she had won) but also a few old recordings. Flint raised an eyebrow, picking up one of the recordings.

"Hmm..." He looked over it while he thought. He gently pushed the recording into the machine before he turned on the old TV, in the corner of the room. He blinked a few times to get used to the light from the screen. An old, black and white recording of a young woman in a solar surfer suit appeared at the screen. Katelin had only been seventeen at that time. It might have been before she meat his father. Flint stared curiously at the screen. Katelin stood in the middle of a circle of people with microphones and cameras, with her team. All team members where having a medal around their necks and the blitz from the cameras shined all around them.

"Ms. Lewis! Over here!" A man with a microphone pushed through the crowd. Katelin smiled at him, holding the black lightning in her arms.

"Ms. Lewis, you are only seventeen, what does it feels like to win the champion cup this young?" The man asked. Katelin giggled quietly at the question. Her laugh coursed Flint's heart to skip a beat.

"It's a wonderful feeling, Sir," Katelin answered.

"I can't describe it! None of us had thought we would stand here today, but here we are... I couldn't have done this without my team, they are my second family!" She smiled back at the others. Flint felt a small smile spread across his lips when he spotted Ms. Aradelle beside his mother.

"Ms. Lewis!" A woman said while the light from the blitz made the medals light up.

"Ms. Lewis, you've been really lucky to get into a team like this, that young. Do you have any good advice for those who dreams about a life as yours?" She asked.

"A life as mine?" Katelin asked smiling and placed the bottom of her board on the ground.

"Well, that's a good question" she thought for a bit.

"I will say that... Being a champion solar surfer is hard... It takes time and you have to be willing to keep going... You have to be strong... Not just physically, but also mentally... Nothing will come to you easy... The ball won’t jump into your arms by itself... You need to work for it... Find your place at the team and be proud of it!.. You can't do this alone, but it's okay... You have your team to lift you up and support you... Don't look at it as a weakness, look at it as a strength instead... Sometimes you will fall... You'll lose, you'll feel small and weak, but that is life... It’s okay to be afraid… It’s okay to break down sometimes… Just don’t give up on it… Get through it! Get back up! Forget what happened in the past! Forget about the future and focus at the time right now!.. Hold on in that dream! Don’t let fear control your life… If you wanna fly, then do it! Forget about the world around you... Have fun and enjoy it out there!.. You never know when you'll get the chance again..."

Flint listened closely to every word his mother said, while he looked over the pictures at the wall. His eyes fell on the last one his father had sat onto the wall. Katelin laid on the ground in the dust. The lightning laid beside her, totally crashed and the smoke made it hard to see the silhouette clearly. Flint gently pulled the picture out of his pocket once again. He looked over it, rubbing it gently with his thump. He remembered the day the picture where taken. It was the day before his mother where going on turné. Seven-year-old Flint sat on his mother's hip with his arms around her neck. He smiled bright at the camera as the space between his front teeth where shown clearly. Vanessa held her small hands in her father's red hair, while she sat on his shoulder. Her light blue eyes shined just as her mother's. Their father held Vanessa on his shoulders, with his other arm around Katelin's waist. He smiled with one eye closed, to not get Vanessa's hand into his eye. Flint remembered he where laughing. He remembered himself, making funny faces at the camera and his mother shaking her head at him. He remembered his father laugh. He remembered him ruffle his hair, saying: that's my boy, coursing Katelin to chuckle. Flint smiled at the memory, but frowned slightly when he turned his head. His eyes fell on the black lightning, hanging like a devil on the wall. Flint walked up in front of it as he could see his own reflection in the smooth metal. He frowned purposeful to the reflection. He didn't even glance back when he left the room, closing the door behind him, leaving an empty space where the board used to hang.

To be continued

When Jim come into a fight with his 20-year-old classmate, Flint, his life at the Interstellar academy school-ship, Violet, change drastically. To learn to agree with each other, Jim and Flint are locked together with handcuffs. Now the two enemies have to work together, before they can be released from each other. However, it isn't the only problem. Many secrets are kept in this little crew of students, and when Danielle suddenly bump into the handsome, astronomic teacher, Nathaniel, her relationship with Jim is tested. Keeping up with school, mysteries, and training for the upcoming solar surfer competition, turns out to be a bigger challenge than Jim had thought, and it doesn’t really help that Flint, is the rector of the academy's, Stubborn son. However, underneath the tough surface, Flint suddenly seem to be just as uncertain and vulnerable, as everyone else is. Maybe the two weren't as different as they thought

(All characters (exept Jim Hawkins, Sarah Hawkins, B.E.N and Morph) Belongs to (C) DanielleDrawings)
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Locked to the enemy

Chapter 9



Danielle ran over the deck with a huge smile on her face.

"Come on Vanessa! Hurry up!" She giggled. Vanessa was right behind her but she soon caught up to her.

"You're falling behind, slowpoke!" She laughed as she overtook her. Danielle smirked while she ran close to Vanessa. She breathed in the cold morning air while the fresh wind made her eyes water up. The light mist surrounded the ship, like a thin blanket and small drops of water trailed along the red solar sails. The clock said 5am. The two girls where probably the only ones to be awake at this time a day. Most of the students still lay in their hammocks and even the teachers won't get up, until the breakfast would be ready. However, the two girls where fresh and ready as never before. Today should be the first day of solar surfer training. Vanessa haven’t barely slept the night through, because of excitement. She had whispered loudly, trying to awake Danielle, but at last, she had been forced to throw a pillow at her face, which had coursed her to fall out of her hammock. With all their studying and the two boys' work as cabin boys, this might be the only time a day; they would have time to practice.

"Woah!" Danielle almost stumbled down the stairs as she bumped into Vanessa.

"Shh!" Vanessa hushed, but neither of the girls could keep themselves from laughing quietly. They stood at the button of the stairs to the guys' hammocks. There where all in all fifty students onboard on Violet and thirty-three of them where boys. Danielle laid her hands on Vanessa's shoulders as she stood on the last step on the stairs, behind her. She bit her lower lip in a smirk as she looked through the snoring guys. Cloth, boots and other knick-knacks, where thrown all around the entire room. Some of the guys slept with their jackets over their heads, others had stolen a towel from the bathroom. Some of the guys had even been down to the galley to sneak a purp, or anything like, back to their hammock. The room was literally a mess.

"Uh! There! I can see them!" Vanessa whispered as she pointed at the three guys, they where searching for. Danielle giggled quietly when she spotted them.

"Yes! Come on!" She whispered as she started to walk through the room, in between the hammocks. The two girls sneaked in between the hammocks as silently as possible. Vanessa jumped a little when she accidently stepped on a plate, with a half ate bones, as they crashed under her boots.

"Ikh!" She stuck out her tongue and jumped off the plate.

"Shh!" Danielle hushed, making Vanessa cover her mouth quickly.

"Be quite," Danielle whispered as she continued to walk through the room. Vanessa nodded and quickly followed close behind her. Normally she would never had done anything like this. Sneaking around in the other students' hammocks at this time a day, where clearly an unwritten rule, her father had made. However, she didn't felt scared about it. She didn't even felt bad at all. The only thing she felt, was the constantly growing excitement in her stomach. Her eyes shifted from guy to guy, while they sneaked through the hammock's and she would blush every occasionally, when they passed a guy without his shirt. Danielle glanced back at her and giggled quietly.

"You're falling behind, Vanessa. You can look out for guys later," She teased, making Vanessa blush even more.

"Who? Me? Tsh! Looking out for guys?" She chuckled with a strained smile, as she tangled a piece of her hair around her finger. Danielle giggled at her.

"The only guys you should be looking out for, right now, is our guys... Come on, we better hurry up" She whispered, making Vanessa follow her up to the three boys. Jim, Flint and Silas was all in deep sleep. Silas hung his arm out of the hammock while Jim mumbled in his sleep. Flint had pulled his knees up to his face as he looked like a little puppy, in a basket. Vanessa giggled when Danielle and her sneaked up to them.

"Aww... Look at that... They're so sweet when they're asleep" She giggled and folded her hands, holding them against the side of her head. Danielle laughed quietly when Flint started to soak on his thump. Silas lay on his stomach, in the hammock over Jim's head. He snored quietly, which only made Vanessa smile more at him.

"I don't have the heart to awake them" She sighted.

"Well, at least they don't ague, when they sleep" Danielle smirked and crossed her arms while she looked at the boys. She had missed sleeping beside Jim, but she haven’t told him.

"So what's your plan? How are we supposed to awake them without waking the other guys?" Vanessa asked and held her arms around each other. Danielle rubbed her chin while she thought. Jim turned around in his sleep and hugged Silas' hand, which hang over the edge of his hammock.

"Yeah, I know... You're a princess and I'm just a cabin boy" He mumbled and kissed Silas hand. His eyes widen when he felt the scales on his lips.

"Irk!" He quickly pushed Silas' hand away, coursing him to fall backwards as he kicked the button of Silas' hammock.

"Woah!" Silas quickly awaked when he where kicked out of his hammock, coursing him to fall onto the floor.

"Ugh! Ahah!" He groaned when all the air where pressed out of his lungs.

"Woak!" Flint's eyes widen when he where pulled forward, by the chain, and rolled out of his hammock.

"No! No! Wait!" Silas held his arms in front of him but let them fall back down when Flint landed on top of him and pressed him back against the floor.

"Ahau... That was unnecessarily" Silas groaned when the air where pressed out of his lungs once again. Flint rolled over on his back and coughed a little.

"Well, that was easy" Danielle chuckled quietly and crossed her arms.

"What... What just happened?" Jim asked and sat up while he rubbed his head.

"Tell me: did you just kiss my hand?" Silas asked as he sat up and shook his hand slightly, with a confused look.

"What? No!" Jim said slightly embarrassed.

"Oh, yes you did!" Silas said.

"And you're snoring!" Flint hissed and sat up while he rubbed his neck.

"Oh yeah? And what about you as you always leaves fur, everywhere!" Jim groaned annoyed.

"I don't lose fur!" Flint assured. Jim raised an eyebrow.

"Is that so?" He asked as he grabbed Flint's pillow and swung it against the beam, as all the fur floated into the air like a cloud of hair. Flint coughed a little and waved his hand in front of his face.

"Alright, alright, I get it!" He coughed before he stood up.

"What is the meaning with this?" Silas groaned.

"What is so important, that you have to awake people that early?" He asked. Danielle chuckled quietly.

"Alright, at first: We didn't awake you, in fact, Mr. Cabin boy did and second: It's time for training" She said before she turned around.

"Training?" Jim asked and rubbed his neck.

"What time is it?" Flint yawned.

"It's fife in the morning and you guys are already late, so you better hurry up!" Vanessa giggled before she followed Danielle. Flint hung his head, while Jim let himself fall backwards onto the floor.

"Who's gonna train us by the way? I mean, Jim can't do it all alone," Silas asked while he took on the white academy t-shirt. Vanessa blushed slightly when she caught herself, looking at him.

"There's no need to worry Mr. Smith," Ms. Aradelle said as she walked down the stairs and stopped beside Danielle.

"Your friend got it all under control," she said smiling and placed a hand on Danielle's shoulder.

"Ms. Aradelle?" Jim raised an eyebrow as he sat up.

"What is she doing down here?" Flint asked a little suspicious.

"Thank you for the lovely welcome, Mr. Lewis, I'm glad to see you too" Ms. Aradelle said sarcastic, making Flint look down slightly.

"Sorry Ma'am"

"If you wanna know I actually used to solar surf in my teenage years," Ms. Aradelle explained.

"I was one of the Air-players at the Thunder-Storm team" She handed Flint an old picture of fife young teenagers, all in the same solar surfer suit. There was three guys and two girls. One of the girls sat on her knees beside a guy, holding a board with blue letters spelling: Snowball. Flint couldn't read the letters, but he definitely recognized the girl. She had blue skin, short hair and dark blue eyes, shining in her smiling face.

"You where a Thunder-Storm?" Flint asked slightly shocked as he looked up at Ms. Aradelle. Ms. Aradelle nodded.

"Oh, yes I where! And a good one of the kind!" She giggled quietly as she remembered.

"I was known as The Snowball, in my time, because of my good right hand throw! Along with Earthquakes Gold-dust and Hurricane, we where unstoppable!" She smiled at the memories. Danielle bit her lower lip in a smile while she listened closely to the story.

"But no matter how hard we tried to practice, we never even became as far as good as The black lightning" she said softly as she pointed at the dark haired girl, in the middle of the two tall guys. Katelin held her arms around each of the guys' shoulders and she had on a black suit with a few red stripes, just like the board she used to ride.

"You... You knew my mother?" Flint asked as he felt the tears poke in his eyes, but he held them back this time. Aradelle kneeled down in front of him, since he still sat on the floor.

"She was my best friend," Aradelle said with a soft smile. Flint felt a small shock shoot through his stomach, when he saw the sorrow in Aradelle's dark eyes.

"She was the best on our team," Ms. Aradelle explained with a small smile.

"None of us could compete with her. Thought we tried hard!" She giggled quietly, then sighted softly.

"She was our inspiration... The day she went away... We lost the joy of riding a board... We didn't just loss a team mate... We lost a family member..." She looked up at Flint with soft, yet stern, eyes.

"That accident took away our strength and will, to continue as a team... We left the field that day to leave it forever... All this time I've thought Katelin was gone..." She laid her hand on Flint's shoulder, making him lift his eyes from the picture.

"But she isn't..." Aradelle smiled slightly when she looked into Flint's yellow eyes.

"She lives in you, Flint... She lives in Vanessa... Your dad... And she lives in me..." She laid a hand on her chest but kept her other hand on Flint's shoulder.

"You got solar surfing in your blood! I can feel it! I can see the glow in your eyes, you two! With the right training, you can take this team to stage!" Ms. Aradelle said, as her smile grew bigger.

"And I'm gonna train you"

"Wait? You're serious?" Jim asked as his eyes widen slightly.

"Hell yeah, I'm serious!" Aradelle smiled assertively as she pulled Flint up from the floor.

"If Katelin can't train you, I'll be the one to do it for her!" She said with a smirk, making the others smile slightly.

"But be prepared, cause I'm gonna push your limits to the edge! I'm gonna train you guys so hard, that you'll sweat places you didn't knew you got!" The fife students couldn't keep themselves from laughing a bit as they looked at each other.

"We have never been more ready trainer!" Jim said assertively. He had a good feeling about this. Aradelle smirked.

"I hope you've braced yourself scalawags, cause you just got hit by the Thunder-Storm"


"The field is 240x180 meters!" Aradelle said as she pointed at the blackboard with her pointer. Flint, Jim, Silas, Vanessa and Danielle, stood in a line beside each other, in front of her. They all had on their knee, elbow and wrist protectors and they listened closely to every word Aradelle said, as they stood on the middle of the deck with their solar surfers.

"The field is divided into three sections on the ground and two in the air" Ms. Aradelle explained.

"At the ground we got the outer section, the narrow ring around the field, the inner section, the large middle part, and the goal rings, in each end of the field. In the air we got the ground section and the air section. The players in the ground section, is called the Grounders and the players in the air sections, is called the Air-players" Aradelle turned around to face the fife students.

"There is fife members on each team: Two Grounders, two Air-players and one Goalkeeper. All players may fly in all sections, but it's up to each player to cover up their own part of the field." She said as she folded her pointer and laid it in the pocked of her jacket. It was an old team jacket with white letters, on the back, spelling Thunder-Storm Snowball.

"Mr. Smith, I want you to be the Goalkeeper. Make the ball wish it could get through!"

"Yes, Ma'am!" Silas saluted.

"Ms. Roseanne and Ms. Lewis, you two are Grounders. Watch out for the obstacles at the field" Vanessa and Danielle nodded assertively.

"Mr. Lewis and Mr. Hawkins, you two will be Air-players. Make the competitors taste the grass!" She said with a smirk. Jim nodded with an assertively smirk, but Flint gulped nervously. An air-player whom where afraid of heights? Not a good idea.

"We'll get to the rules later. Ms. Roseanne, Mr. Hawkins, I guess you two already own the basic solar surfing skills, I want you to practice in throwing and catching this ball" She ordered as she threw a brown leather ball (on the size of a small football) to Danielle. Danielle's eyes widen when the ball came towards her.

"Woak!" She quickly wrapped her arms around it when it hit her stomach, coursing her to fall backwards onto the deck. Jim couldn't keep herself from laughing a bit. Danielle had never been good at catching. Aradelle just simply looked down at her, with her hands on her back, as she shook her head slightly.

"Mr. Hawkins" She said and turned her head towards Jim. Jim quickly stood up straight as he stopped to laugh.

"Yes Ma'am?!"

"Since you and Mr. Lewis are locked together, you two can work with balance and trust as well, while you're flying" Flint raised an eyebrow a little confused.

"Mr. Lewis rides the board," Ms. Aradelle ordered, making the two guys' eyes widen.

"Woah, what?!" Jim asked as Flint's jaw dropped.

"But he don't know how to fly a board!"

"Then you better teach him" Aradelle answered as she turned around.

"Teach him? How can I teach him how to ride a board while I have to concentrate about a ball? In the air!" Jim asked.

"It's called: multitasking, Mr. Hawkins, stop blabbering and get that board into the air" Ms. Aradelle said with a small smirk on her lips.

"Mr. Smith and Ms. Lewis, you two are coming with me. We have to work with your balance before you get to fly," she said, making Silas and Vanessa follow her.


"More to the right! The right!" Jim yelled when Flint almost turned the board into the mast. He quickly leaned to the side to make it turn, but the side hit the mast as it maked a creaking sound.

"I told you to turn earlier!" Jim hissed as he glared up at Flint.

"Hay, calm down! I'm trying my best!" Flint yelled while he tried to keep his balance on the board.

"Ball..." Jim said. Flint rolled his eyes.

"I'm sorry! Okay?!" He groaned as he glanced back at Jim.

"No! Ball!" Jim replayed as he pointed at the leather ball coming towards them.

"Woah!" Flint quickly ducked when the ball almost hot his head. Jim caught the ball with both his hands before he threw it back towards Danielle.

"Got it!" Danielle yelled as she quickly flipped up her board to catch the ball.

"Beam" Flint said when they flew under one of the solar sails, but Jim didn't reached to duck his head.

"Ah!" He groaned when he hit the beam. Flint couldn't keep herself from laughing a bit. Jim rubbed his forehead a little annoyed.

"This would be a lot easier if you actually wanted to fly just a little higher!" He hissed. Flint rolled his eyes, but said nothing. If he flew any higher, he would get dizzy or even pass out.

"Turn slightly to the left" Jim said with a hand on his forehead.

"Slightly?" Flint asked as he raised an eyebrow.

"What do you mean with slightly?"

"I mean what I said: turn slightly!" Jim replayed.

"Is that even a word?" Flint asked.

"Of cause it is!"

"It doesn’t make any sense!"

"Yes it dose! Just turn slightly!"

"You can't say that! It's turn or not turn!"

"Just turn!" Jim yelled. Flint quickly leaned to the side, making the board twist around quickly as he almost lost his balance.

"Woah!" Jim held the sail tightly when they flew directly over Vanessa's head.

"Ikh!" Vanessa fought to keep her balance on the board, which stood on top of a small box, on the deck.

"Flint!" She yelled annoyed, but the two boys where already in the other end of the ship.

"No, no, no! Ngh!" Flint yelled when they kept spinning around in the air. Aradelle thought for a bit while she looked at them, then got an idea.


"Here you go" Aradelle said and handed Flint a purple and blue board.

"What is this for?" He asked a little confused as he looked up at her. Jim frowned thoughtfully while he rested his hand on top of his own board.

"This, my friend, is The Snowball: the board I used to ride when I was a Thunder-Storm" Aradelle explained and let her hand trail over the old board. Flint blinked a few times.

"Oh, no I can't-"

"Just take it" Aradelle cut him off with a smile.

"It's a gift" She said, making him hold the board in his arms. Flint looked at her a little surprised, but then smiled slightly.


"Wooohooo!" Flint laughed with a smirk as he flew almost horizontally. The sun hit the glowing, purple solar sails, making the smooth board accelerate quickly. Jim laughed as well, while he flew close to him, but this time at his own board. He closed his eyes, feeling the cold wind on his skin while he held the sail with one hand.

"Hmm..." He breathed in the fresh air as he chuckled quietly.

"Here! Catch!" Danielle said as she threw the leather ball through the air.

"I got it!" Silas said and held his arms over his head to catch the ball. Flint's eyes widen when he realized he flew straight towards Silas.

"Woah!" Flint quickly hit the brake, but he was too high up in speed to stop it in time.

"Look out!" Jim gasped and quickly tried to stop his board.

"Ahh!" Silas eyes widen when Flint flew to one side and Jim another as the chain between them where stretched.

"Ugh!" Silas grabbed the chain when it hit his stomach, pulling him directly off his board, coursing him to land on his back on the deck. Vanessa covered her mouth with her hands when Silas was pulled off his board, but she couldn't keep herself from laughing a bit. Silas coughed a little while he laid on his back. He still held the ball, between his hands, on his chest.

"That was unnecessarily," He groaned with a strained voice.


"The Blitz-flies will be released at the last round. Each team member, have to catch their own Blitz-fly and take it with, through the ring. The first team through the ring win the game" Ms. Aradelle explained as she span the leather ball around on her finger. She threw the ball over her shoulder as she walked up to the cage with fife fluffy monsters, on the size of a tennis ball. The small monsters where covered in white fur and the only thing that where shown on their body was their eyes and their transparent wings.

"Ready?" Aradelle asked and placed her hand on the cage. The fife students stood on a line, on their boards, as they got ready to hit the gas.

"Go!" Ms. Aradelle quickly opened the cage, making the small monsters fly into the air. Danielle quickly hit the gas on her board as she flew after one of the incredible fast blitz-flies. Vanessa flipped up the yellow sail, as she followed one of the others, as well as Flint, Silas and Jim.

"I got it!" Silas said and stretched out his arms, but suddenly the Blitz-fly shifted direction.

"Woah!" Silas quickly turned his board to follow it.

"Come back here!" Danielle yelled as she tried to catch the fluffy beast. It dragged her around the mast, the whole way to the top, before it shifted direction.

"Ugh!" Danielle groaned annoyed as she quickly followed it.

"Come on, come on" Vanessa said through her teeth and reached out her hand for the Blitz-fly. She where only a few inches away, from the creature, when it suddenly turned around and flew right passed her.

"Ikh!" Vanessa quickly pulled her hands back as she accidently hit the gas to the engine in the front, coursing her to fly backwards.

"Ahh!" She lost her balance when the board suddenly shifted direction. She fell forward, holding onto the board with her arms and legs. 

"I got it!" Silas said and reached out for the Blitz-fly.

"No, I got it!" Danielle said and reached out her hand as well.

"Ugh!" Silas gasped for air when he flew directly into Danielle.

"Ngh!" Danielle's eyes widen when all the air where pressed out of her lungs when Silas hit her, coursing them both to fall back into Vanessa, before they fell onto the deck.

"Ikh!" Vanessa screamed when she where thrown into the ground as they all lay on top of each other.

"No... I don't" Silas groaned while he lay on top of the two girls.

"I got it!" Flint said as he followed close behind the Blitz-fly. Jim was right behind them.

"Come here your little beast!" He said and reached out for the monster. The Blitz-fly was quick. It dragged the two guys further and further up in the air. Suddenly Jim quickly flew in front of the Blitz-fly, as it couldn't get any further.

"Ahah!" He smirked. The Blitz-fly quickly turned around, coursing it to fly directly into Flint's hands.

"Got ya’!" Flint said as he closed his hands around the fluffy beast.

"That's it! Good job Flint!" Jim said and flew up on Flint's side to pat his shoulder. Flint chuckled quietly, but his eyes widen when he got to see how far he was up in the air. He gasped as he felt his heard skip a beat. His sight became blurry as he slowly lost his strength and he started to breathe faster.

"Blast it" Flint said when the world around him slowly turned darker as he slipped off his board.

"Woak!" Jim's eyes widen when Flint suddenly passed out, coursing him to lose his grab around the Blitz-fly and fall to the side. Jim lost his balance when the chain was stretched as he where pulled off his board.

"Ngh!" His eyes widen when he where dragged directly into Flint's board, as all the air where pressed out of his lungs. He quickly grabbed Flint's board as he hang with his legs over the edge, but the weight of the two of them maked the board tilt forward slowly.

"Oh, no! No, no, no!" Jim shook his head while he tried to pull himself back up on the board, but the chain kept dragging him down.

"Ahh!" His eyes widen when his arms slipped off the board, coursing both guys to fall towards the ground.

"Aaahh!" Flint screamed as they fell through the air. They shot their eyes closed when they suddenly was caught and dragged to the side, right before they hit the ground. Flint slightly opened an eye but quickly closed it again when he realized he still was in the air.

"Ahh!" He held onto the chain tightly with his eyes shot. Jim held the chain as he sighted in relief.

"That was close," He said, but smiled up at Danielle, who had caught the chain on her board, as the two guys hang over the edge on each side of it.

"Good timing Danny!" Jim yelled with a smile. Danielle rolled her eyes as she slightly shook her head.

"Yeah, yeah! You owe me one for this!" She said with a small smirk, while she held the blue sail with one hand.

"Deal!" Jim chuckled quietly. Danielle carefully put the guys down before she landed her board on the deck.

"Well, that was more fun than I ever wanted to have again" Jim said and moved his hair away from his face. Flint still held the chain tightly while his eyes where shot.

"Is it over? Am I dead?" He asked. Jim chuckled quietly while he directed at his elbow protectors.

"No, you're not dead. Open your eyes" Flint slightly opened his eyes and sighted in relief when he realized he was back on the deck.

"What in the world was that?!" Aradelle asked slightly shocked.

"What where you two scalawags thinking?!" She hissed and slapped the two guys in the back of their heads.

"Au!" They both cringed when she slapped them.

"Hay! It wasn't my fault!" Jim said with a frown, but his eyes and voice quickly softened again.

"Flint is... Afraid of heights" He said and nodded towards Flint. Flint rubbed his neck but slightly turned his head down when Aradelle looked at him. Aradelle sighted with a soft look in her eyes.

"Well... At least none of you got hurt," She said.

"We might change the places at the team a bit. Mr. Lewis, you and your sister are shifting place. You're grounder from now on." Flint nodded slightly but hung his head a bit. He wished he could keep his place, but he just couldn't control his fear. Every time he'll get to high up in the air, he'll get dizzy and pass out. It was a risk they couldn't take in the games.

"You think you can make that Vanessa?" Jim asked. Vanessa nodded.

"Well, I will do my best" she said, standing straight with an optimistic smile across her face. Ms. Aradelle smiled.

"That's all I'm asking for... Now, hit the showers! I can see the smell off you!" She teased with a small smirk. Flint chuckled quietly with the others, before they picked up their boards and walked towards the showers.

"Man! I'm hurt places I didn't knew I got" Jim groaned while he rubbed his neck.

"Yeah me too" Silas said.

"I'm sore in all my muscles"

"Do you have muscles?" Vanessa chuckled teasingly.

"Hay!" Silas chuckled and bumped his shoulder into Vanessa, coursing her to step into Danielle, as she giggled.

"I don't care how tired you are twerp; I'm the first one in the shower!" Flint said and swung the board up on his shoulder.

"Ew!" Silas covered his nose when he could smell the sweat.

"That you are for sure! You smell like a bowl of jelly worms in the sun!" He said with his hand over his nose. The other chuckled quietly. Flint rolled his eyes, but couldn't keep himself from laughing a bit. His eyes widen and he quickly stopped when he spotted Sir. Lewis on his way towards them. Danielle gasped quietly when she saw their father.

"Oh, no!"

"Dad!" Vanessa gasped as her eyes weighted. Both her and Flint, where still in their training suits. Who knows what their father would do if he saw them.

"Quickly! He may not see us like this!" Vanessa hissed.

"Blast it!" Flint quickly grabbed Vanessa's wrist and pulled her around a corner, coursing Jim to follow.

"Woak!" Jim stumbled a little when his shoulder was twisted.

"Shh!" Flint hissed as he pulled in the chain to make Jim get in behind the corner.

"What's going on?!" Jim asked confused.

"Be quite!" Flint whispered and covered his hand over Jim's mouth and nose, making him gasp and struggle for air. Danielle and Silas quickly threw the boards behind some boxes, before they placed themselves in front of the corner, to hide Flint, Jim and Vanessa, as good as well.

"Sir. Lewis! H-hay how are you doing? Good to see you!" Danielle said with a strained smile as she leaning up against the corner.

"Good morning Ms. Roseanne" Sir. Lewis said as he walked up to her with his hands on his back.

"Are you feeling well?" He asked a little suspicious.

"What? Me? Yeah, of cause! I've never felt better!" Danielle answered as she leaned up against the wall with an over reacting smile.

"I-I'm feeling good as well Sir." Silas said with a smile as he saluted.

"Did I asked you, Mr. Smith?" Sir. Lewis said stern as he glanced down at Silas. Silas' smile quickly disappeared as he turned his head down.

"No Sir." he answered as he kept his hands on his back. Sir. Lewis had never really liked Silas that much. Vanessa bit her lower lip while she stayed close to Flint and the wall. Flint listened closely with his hand copped over Jim's mouth and nose, keeping him pressed against the wall.

"Hm!" Jim struggled while he tried to move Flint's hand.

"What was that?" Sir. Lewis asked a little suspicious. Danielle's eyes weighted as she quickly started to caught into her arm.

"Sorry Sir. *fake coughing* I just have a little cold... It's no big deal" She assured as she smiled up at him again. Sir. Lewis raised an eyebrow, but he didn't seem to think further about it.

"Well, you should get some rest then Ms. Roseanne" He said.

"I will Sir!" Danielle assured.

"And you should stop walking around in that suit out of training, Mr. Smith" Sir. Lewis said stern as he looked down at Silas.

"I won't let you course my daughter to get any good ideas"

"Yes Sir-I mean: no!.. Sir" Silas said a little strained. Sir Lewis rolled his eyes as he slightly shook his head, before he passed by the two of them. Danielle sighted in relief when he left.

"That was close," she said. Flint finally moved his hand away from Jim's mouth and nose as he could breathe. He gasped loudly, filling his lungs entirely, while he held his hand on his chest.

"Don't you ever!.. Do that again!" He panted while he tried to catch his breath. Vanessa and Flint pushed themselves off the wall as they stood back up. Vanessa glanced back at the way her father had walked.

"I hate to lie to him" She sighted and rubbed her arm.

"I know" Flint said with a soft voice.

"But right now there isn't any other ways" Vanessa looked back at him as she nodded slightly.

"We better get this off, before he comes back," Silas said as he took off his gloves. Danielle nodded and handed Vanessa her board, before they started to walk back towards their hammocks.

"Irk!" Jim shook his head with his tongue sticking out between his teeth.

"When was the last time you washed your hands?" He asked and looked up at Flint. Flint picked up his board as he slightly smirked down at Jim.

"It's best you don't know," he said teasingly as he passed by him. Jim's eyes weighted slightly and he quickly wiped his tongue with his hands.


 To be continued

When Jim come into a fight with his 20-year-old classmate, Flint, his life at the Interstellar academy school-ship, Violet, change drastically. To learn to agree with each other, Jim and Flint are locked together with handcuffs. Now the two enemies have to work together, before they can be released from each other. However, it isn't the only problem. Many secrets are kept in this little crew of students, and when Danielle suddenly bump into the handsome, astronomic teacher, Nathaniel, her relationship with Jim is tested. Keeping up with school, mysteries, and training for the upcoming solar surfer competition, turns out to be a bigger challenge than Jim had thought, and it doesn’t really help that Flint, is the rector of the academy's, Stubborn son. However, underneath the tough surface, Flint suddenly seem to be just as uncertain and vulnerable, as everyone else is. Maybe the two weren't as different as they thought

(All characters (exept Jim Hawkins, Sarah Hawkins, B.E.N and Morph) Belongs to (C) DanielleDrawings)
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Chibi doggies and kitty (I was going to put LovePup, Basil, and Stargazer but there wasn't enough room.. :c)!! :meow: From top to bottom, left to right: Rayo (the dog of Beach-Cakes), Camille (CammieChu), Luna (the dog of DaisyShaneningham), Harmony Random, Hope (CARTOONFANATIC3), and Ruby (XXQueenPsychoXX)!! :dummy: Oh don't worry! I love you guys too! ;P

Well, hope you like it! Now I need some rest.. x3 :heart:
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Locked to the enemy 
chapter 8 

The pieces is put on place 
"It looks good Vanessa" Jim said and let his fingers run over the smooth board, as he could feel the cold metal under his fingers.

"Thank you" Vanessa said smiling, while she tied the yellow solar sail to the rest of the machine.

"I was a little skeptical at first, about the engine in the front, but it actually seem to work," She said. Jim kneeled down as he could look at the engine in the front.

"Mhmm... I see... Really good job" He said with a smile and patted the board as he stood up. The three of them had been working on their solar surfers the entire day. Well, four: Cause Flint was there too. He sat on a little chair, as the table reached up to his chest, while he rested his chin on top of his arms. He yawned wide as the canines, in each side of his upper mouth, where shown before he laid his head back on top of his arms.

"How's it going over there Silas?" Jim asked and turned his head towards the thin boy. Silas stopped welding as he rolled out from under his board. He lifted the goggles away from his eyes as he could look at Jim.

"Uuh... Well I still miss the balance wing and the sail, but else I think it’ll be able to fly soon," He said while he wiped some oil off his hands in a cloth. Jim nodded slightly.

"Very good... You're sure we shouldn't make a board for you Flint?" He asked and turned around to look at him. Flint sighted and turned his head back towards the wall.

"No thank you, I'm not dying to try killing myself," he groaned while he rested his chin on his arms, at the worktable. Jim shook his shoulders.

"That's your choice," He said with his arms crossed.

"Here you go!" Danielle said as she walked down the stairs with the solar sails in her arms.

"A 2.00 red solar sail with 134 solar crystals, as promised" She said smiling and laid the sail at the worktable. Jim's eyes weighted when he saw her.

"No way! You got the sail?" He asked surprised and opened the leather bag as he could look at the sail. Danielle giggled quietly.

"I told you I would find it, didn't I?" Jim smiled impressed as he let his fingers trail over the sail. The one he had home where made out of many different sails, he had sewed together. Most of them was from old ships. It was literally a mess. But this. This was impressing. An amazing, smooth sail in clear red colors. Just like, he had always dreamed about.

"Do you like it?" Danielle asked and bit her lower lip in a smile.

"Like it?" Jim asked without moving his eyes from the sail.

"I love it!" He chuckled smiling as he turned around towards her. Danielle's eyes weighted as she smiled bright, when he quickly grabbed her shoulders and kissed her forehead and cheeks, for every word he said.

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You're amazing!" He said and quickly grabbed the sail, running up to his board. Danielle couldn't keep herself from laughing at his excitement. Flint glanced back at Jim when he started to mess around with his board.

"You're insane, do you know that?" He sighted and held his head in his hand. Jim was too busy, tying the sail to the machine, to care for Flint's comment. He bit his lower lip in a smirk as he pulled the sail over the rod, before he pressed the button as the sail flipped up with a quick motion.

"Woah!" Vanessa's eyes weighted when she saw the sail. Danielle smiled impressed at the clear colors. Jim smirked as he laid a hand on the board, trailing his fingers over the metal. The cold feeling of the metal maked his heart skip a beat. Never had he thought this would happen, but he actually missed Montressor. He missed flying through the canyons, feel the cold air tickle his skin and trail his fingers through the clouds. He missed feeling the rain run over his face, the sound of the flying stingrays, but most of all. He missed the freedom. God, he missed the freedom.

"I need to try this," He said and quickly pressed the button, making the sail disappear before he took his board under his arm.

"Wait, what?!" Flint's eyes weighted when he where pulled down from his chair. Jim didn't even glance back at him. He quickly grabbed his elbow and knee protectors and took them on while he jumped up the stairs.

"I need to see this!" Danielle gigged and ran after them outside.

"Wait for me!" Vanessa laughed and grabbed Silas' ankles, pulling him out from under his board.

"Woah!" Silas' eyes weighted when she pulled him out.

"Get up with you! Quickly!" Vanessa giggled and pulled him up from the floor.

"Wait, wait, wait! What is happening?!" Silas asked confused and moved the goggles from his eyes.

"Come on slowpoke! It's now or never!" Vanessa quickly grabbed his wrist and dragged him with her out as he almost stumbled up the stairs. Jim laid the board at the ground, on the middle of the deck.

"This is going to be like the old days!" He whispered and bit his lower lip in a smirk, while he directed at the board on the ground. Flint looked at the board a little confused. He didn't know why but he had a really bad feeling about it.

"What are you going to do?" He asked a little nervous.

"I'm going to try it!" Jim said, as if it was the most normal thing ever.

"What?! No way!" Flint said as his eyes weighted.

"Are you sure it's a good idea?" Danielle asked a little skeptical.

"Of cause I'm sure!" Jim said and jumped up on the board. Flint stepped back slightly when Jim moved his foot into the string on the board. Vanessa held Silas' arm while she bit her lower lip in a curious smile. Jim tightened his gloves before he flipped up the sail.

"Well, this is going to be interesting" Danielle said as she crossed her arms. Flint shook his head as he started to walk backwards.

"No! Forget it! You're not getting me up on that thing!" He said.

"Oh come on your twerp!" Jim smirked and quickly pulled Flint up on the board behind him. Flint's eyes weighted when he suddenly stood on the board.

"No, no! Wait! I-I'm afraid of hi-IGHTS!" Jim quickly hit the gas and flew into the air, before he could say anything else.

"Aaahh!" Flint lost his balance when the board where thrown into the air. He quickly grabbed the board with his arms and legs, holding it tightly as he shut his eyes closed.

"Woah!" Vanessa gasped as she looked up at the two while she held Silas' hand, making him blush slightly.

"Yeah!" Jim laughed as he let the board float further into the air. Vanessa jumped while she laughed.

"That's it Flint, you're solar surfing!" She yelled with a huge smile.

"Put! Me! Down!!!" Flint shouted in fear as Jim span the board around.

"Wooohooo!" Jim laughed and quickly turned the board back towards the sky, right before they hit the ground.

"No, no, no! Aah!" Flint screamed when they turned towards the ground, but quickly laid his cheek back on the board when the board where twisted back towards the sky. Danielle shut her eyes closed and held her arms over her head when they passed by, making her brown hair float around her. She chuckled as she quickly turned around to follow them with her eyes.

"Come on Flint! Open your eyes!" She yelled. Flint quickly shook his head as he kept his eyes closed tightly.

"YOU'RE IN SANE!!!" He shouted dread. Jim glanced back at him with a smirk as he flew around the mast. Flint screamed while they flew around the mast, but soon his scream slightly turned into a laugh. A laugh no one had ever heard before. An amazing sound which maked Vanessa's heart skip a beat. It had been years since he had laughed like that. When Jim reached the top, he flipped down the solar sail and let himself fall backwards, starting to spin around, which maked Flint's laugh turn back into a scream.

"Oh no! Ngh! Aaaaaahh!" Jim smirked even more when he heard Flint scream in fear as he kept spinning like he used to do it at home.

"Okay! Okay! I'm sorry! You hear me?! I'm sorry for everything!" Flint shouted while he held the board tightly.

"Please stop spinning! I'm sorry! Just... Let me... D-down!" He screamed with his eyes closed tightly. Jim smirked slightly.

"It was just what I wanted to hear," He said to himself as he stopped spinning around himself. He let the solar surfer float straight through the air, slowly and safe, to calm Flint down. Flint slightly opened an eye, but quickly closed it again when he saw how high he still was up in the air.


"You're hanging on there, Flint?" Jim chuckled as he glanced back at him. Flint glared at him.

"Shut... Up!" He hissed. Jim chuckled and slightly shook his head.

"I've thought much about you Flint, but I had never imagined you to be afraid of heights!" Jim said teasingly. Flint glared annoyed up at him.

"Stop l-laughing your twerp and g-get me down before I-" Jim shook the board a little which maked Flint cringe again. "Stop it your idiot!" He shouted and held onto the board tightly. Jim chuckled teasingly but stopped shaking the board. Flint was a man with fewer fears than everyone else was he knew but this one. This one really seemed to scare him. Jim moved his hair away from his eyes before he let his arms to the side, feeling the cold air tickling his face. For a second he was home. He was free to fly were ever he wanted. Free to be him alone, without been tied to anyone

"Man... I've missed this..." He sighted smiling.

"Ugh! And I'll never forget it!" Flint groaned. Jim sighted and let his arms fall back along his sides.

'Well, that was a wonderful second in freedom' he thought to himself as he opened his eyes, only to snap back to reality. The "locked to his worst enemy" reality.

"W-won't you PLEASE let me down now?!" Flint asked with a shaking, yet stern voice. Jim glanced back at him, but couldn't keep himself from laughing a bit when he saw the green color spread in Flint's face.

"Okay, okay... Hold on..." He said and flipped up the sail before he turned the board, which maked Flint gasp a little. Jim landed his board, making it slide a few meters across the deck before it stopped. Flint held onto it tightly the whole way, until it stopped. Vanessa quickly let go of Silas' wrist and ran up to them.

"How cool was that?!" She laughed.

"Awsome!" Silas smirked and gave Jim a high five. Jim chuckled and jumped off the board.

"You have to teach me those skills!" Silas said exited.

"That was wonderful! It works perfectly!" Danielle said smiling bright as she let her hands trail over the sail.

"Wonderful isn't the word" Flint groaned as he sat up a little dizzy. He slightly shook his head while he tried to find himself again, but quickly covered his mouth when he felt nausea.


"Flint!" Vanessa said and quickly grabbed his wrist to pull him up, making him grab his stomach and swallow what he gad in his mouth.

"That was amazing! You where solar surfing! Like a real surfer!" She laughed and shook him slightly.

"No!.. I wasn't..." Flint said stern and moved her hands away from him.

"Why denial it, Flint? Wasn't it fun?" Jim asked teasingly, even though he knew Flint thought of solar surfing as everything else than fun.

"No! Definitely not!" Flint groaned with a serious frown.

"Look, I know you don't look at it as something funny right now... But you have an amazing strength!" Danielle said slightly impressed.

"It's less solar surfers who can hold onto a board like that... We just need to find out how you can use your strength the best way... With the right training you can be an amazing solar surfer," she said. Vanessa smiled bright as she slightly shook Flint's arm.

"We're so much gonna win this game!" She giggled exited.

"What are you talking about?" Flint asked with a frown and pulled back his arm.

"Don't you see it?! We're meant to be at the solar surfer team! All of us! We’re five right?" She giggled and smiled around at the others.

"I mean, with Silas' machines, Jim's skills, Danielle's speed, my board and Flint's strength, we're unstoppable!" She chuckled.

"It's actually not a bad idea," Jim said as he smiled slightly.

"We're going to be the first team to win the champion cup, for the Interstellar academy, in three years! We'll change the history!" Vanessa said exited as she laid her arms around Silas and Danielle's shoulders and held them tight. Danielle chuckled as she where pressed into Vanessa.

"Well, at first we have to get onto the team..." Silas said with a small smile as he where held close to Vanessa.

"That's going to be easy!" Jim assured with a smile.

"Danielle and I can learn you to solar surf... That champion cup is almost already won!" He chuckled.

"And if you two get onto the team, Mr. Clarkson will see that you can agree and relies you from the chain!" Danielle said, as her smile grew bigger.

"You're right!" Jim said with a smile as he realized.

"If we can learn to solar surf while we're locked together, we'll show we can agree!" He chuckled as he felt all the bricks fell on place. This was his chance. He was finally going to be free. Finally going to run, fly, and feel the air on his skin. He was finally going to be released!

"No! No! No! Forget all about it!" Flint said stern as he turned around, starting to walk back towards the workshop. Jim blinked a few times as he snapped back to reality.

"What?" He asked, frowning slightly as he turned around.

"You heard me... I'm not going" Flint said stern without glancing back at Jim.

"What do you mean with you're not going? I need you to go! I can literally not do this without you!" Jim said and pulled back the chain as Flint stopped. This may not broke. This may not fell apart. This might be his only chance to ever be released. This was his only chance to get onto the team and finally show people he was more than he where allowed to show. Why couldn't Flint do this for him? Couldn't he see how much it meant to him? Didn't he wanted to be released as well?

"I mean what I said! I'm not coming with!" Flint said stern and pulled in the chain as Jim almost fell forward.

"But you have to!" Jim said and pulled back the chain.

"Flint, if this is about your fear of heights, we can help you get over it" Danielle said with a soft voice.

"It's not about that" Flint said stern and pulled the chain back to him.

"What is it then?!" Jim yelled and pulled in the chain.

"I can't tell you!"


"I just... Can't okay?!" Flint said frustrated as he turned his head away.

"You're just so!.. Ugh!" Jim sighted frustrated as he tangled his fingers in his hair and started to walk back and forth. Everything was falling apart. His chances was running out like sand between his fingers and there where nothing he could do about it.

"Stop it you're making me dizzy!" Flint said as Jim started to walk back and forth.

"Jim, calm down..." Danielle said softly.

"How can I-" Jim stopped himself when his eyes fell on the chain, around his wrist. He turned his hand slightly as if he was looking for a button to open it. He thought for a bit as he frowned slightly. This was all about the chain. Nothing of all this would ever had happened if it weren’t for that chain.

"Jim?" Danielle looked confused at him as he suddenly stood still.

"I need to get this thing off," Jim said purposeful, with a serious frown as he quickly pulled Flint down towards the workshop.

"Woah! What?!" Flint quickly turned around himself when his shoulder where twisted backwards. Danielle blinked a few times before she quickly followed behind the two guys. This could only be bad.

"Hay, hay, hay! Wait! Stop!" Flint yelled when Jim pulled him down to the worktable. Jim ignored him as he grabbed a tang, trying to cut the chain in half. He used all his strength to press the tang together around the links but the chain didn't broke.

"Jim!" Danielle ran down the stairs with Silas and Vanessa right behind them.

"Ngh!" Jim's eyes weighted when the tang suddenly broke from the pleasure.

"Ugh! Blast it!" He groaned and threw the pieces on the table.

"Jim, stop it, it's not gonna work" Danielle tried, but he just ignored her. He tied the chain to the wrench on the table before he grabbed a bigger tang, trying to cut the links.

"Come on, come on..." he groaned as he used all his strength to press the tang together.

"He's crazy" Silas said and slightly shook his head.

"It's not gonna work" Flint said and crossed his arms. Jim let go of the tang when it broke as he started to pull like crazy in the chain.

"Stop it Hawkins, you can't break it" Flint said and shook his head.

"Kid. Stop!" He said stern but Jim just ignored him.

"I said: stop!" Flint yelled.

"Ahh!" Jim shouted and slammed his hand into the table, which maked the others jump a little.

"What is your problem?! Ever since I walked on this ship, you had been treating me bad! Why can't you just do this ONE thing for somebody else than yourself?!" Jim shouted furiously as he glared up at Flint. Flint looked stern down at him as he frowned slightly.

"You think I do this for myself?" He asked almost whispering. Jim panted slightly from yelling that much, while he held his hands in fists. Vanessa's eyes shifted from Jim to Flint while she held her hands over her mouth to silence her breath. None of them dared to move a muscle. Flint glared stern down at Jim for a second, before he spoke.

"Come with me... There's something I want you to see..." He said stern as he turned around towards the stairs. Danielle blinked a few times as she looked back at Vanessa and Silas, then back at Jim. Jim wiped his nose in his sleeve, still panting a little, before he released the chain from the wrench and followed Flint. Flint glanced back at the others while he walked.

"I meant all of you" He said with a serious look in his eyes before he turned his head again and walked up to the deck. Vanessa, Silas and Danielle looked at each other before they followed behind the two boys. Danielle frowned a little suspicious as she walked behind Flint. There was something wrong about all this, but she didn't knew what.


Flint walked down to the teachers' hammocks and passed their rooms. Jim followed close behind him with his hand in his pockets. Vanessa bit her lower lip as they passed by the teachers' rooms.

"We may not be down here... It's against the rules" She said a little nervous and looked up at her brother.

"Rules is made to be broken," Flint, said with a stern voice, without glancing back at her. When he reached the end of the hallway, he stopped in front of a door. He held his hands in his pockets while he looked at the letters on the door. He couldn't read them but he knew what they said.

"Lewis..." Vanessa whispered as her eyes weighted slightly. It was their father's room. Danielle looked over the golden letters on the door as she raised an eyebrow. Before she could ask about anything, Flint pulled out a little piece of metal from his pocket. Jim raised an eyebrow when Flint moved the piece into the keyhole on the door and moved it around with a concentrated expression.

"Wait what are you?.."

"Shh!" Flint hushed as he moved the piece around in the keyhole. Vanessa tangled a piece of her hair around her finger as she glanced behind them. She was terrified of enyone to find out what they where doing. Flint stuck his tongue out between his teeth as he quickly opened the door.

"Yes..." He whispered and stood up straight as he laid the metal piece back in his pocket.

"Get in" He ordered while he held the door open. Jim frowned a little suspicious while he looked into the room. There was nothing to see but darkness.

"In this light-year please" Flint said stern and rolled his eyes. Jim glanced up at him with a suspicious frown but then stepped into the room. Danielle, Vanessa and Silas followed close behind him. When they all had walked in, Flint stepped inside, closing and locked the door behind him.

"This is wrong... Why are we here?" Vanessa asked a little nervous. Of all the stupid things her brother could make her do, this simple thing was one of those, she feared the most: Going against her father’s orders. Jim blinked a few times, trying to get used to the darkness.

"What was it you wanted to show us?" He asked, trying to listen like he didn't cared at all, even thought he was about to explode in confusedness and curiosity.

"I wanted to show you this" Flint said and backed up to turn on the light, keeping his look stern. They all blinked a few times when the light where turned on. They slowly turned around towards the lamp, which hang against a wall, but their eyes weighted when they saw the wall. Vanessa gasped a little when a wall filled with pictures, newspapers and championship medals where shown. In front of the wall was a table filled with golden cups, all with number 1 on them. Jim slightly stepped closer, but Flint stood his ground. He crossed his arms, leaning up against the wall, while he looked at the many pictures and medals with a serious frown.

"You gotta be kidding me..." Jim whispered as his eyes weighted when he realized who it was on the pictures. A lion looking woman in a solar surfer suit, held a smooth black and red board under her arm, on one of the pictures. Her black hair where braided over her shoulder and her blue eyes shined bright in the light of the blitz.

"Katelin G. Lewis... The best solar surfer in the North galaxy!" Jim whispered surprised when he saw the title on the newspaper. Vanessa slightly stepped closer as she looked over the pictures with weight eyes. The woman on the pictures looked a lot like her. They had the same blue eyes.

"It's... It's my mother..." She said surprised as she looked at the newspapers. Danielle's eyes weighted slightly when she realized. Jim couldn’t believe what he just heard. Flint and Vanessa where descendants of no one else than the queen of solar surfing. He kept looking through the pictures with weight eyes, as he read the titles aloud.

"Katelin Lewis... Youngest winner of the galaxy cup..." He whispered.

"17-year-old, traveling with solar surfer champion team..." He turned his head again.

"Famous teenager wins the galaxy cup for the third time..." Jim slightly shook his head a little confused.

"But... What has this to do with-" He stopped himself when Danielle gently grabbed his jaw and turned his head with a depressed look in her eyes. Jim's eyes weighted slightly when he spotted a newspaper in the mettle of the wall.

"Katelin Lewis killed in solar surfer accident... Oh, yeah..." He whispered as he remembered.

"It was the worst accident in thirty years..." Silas said surprised. Vanessa stood like frozen in front of the wall. She slowly lifted her hand, letting her fingers trail over one of the pictures as tears came up in her eyes. She had never known her mother for real. She could barely remember her voice. For all those years, she had thought her mother died because she went sick but this. This was the reason?! She where killed in a solar surfer accident and no one had ever thought of telling her daughter how it happened. Her own father had kept this secret for her, her entire life!

"Why haven’t you shown me this?" Vanessa asked as she turned to look at Flint.

"Dad doesn’t even know, I know this place..." He answered with a serious expression. Silas turned his head to the other wall.

"Guys... You really need to see this..." He whispered as his eyes weighted slightly. The others turned around to look at the wall. A beautiful, smooth, black board with a few red stripes hang on the wall in front of them. Danielle glanced back at the newspapers. It looked exactly like the board on the pictures. Silas tilted his head slightly to read the text, wrote with red letters, on the board.

"The black lightning..." He whispered before he stood up straight. Vanessa's eyes widened when Silas said the name. She pushed through the others to get closer to it.

"That's the board...." She whispered.

"This is the board that she rode when she was..." She couldn't make herself finish the sentence. She didn't even dared touching the board.

"But... Shouldn't it be completely destroyed?" Danielle asked as she walked up to the board. She carefully placed her hands on it, feeling the smooth metal under her fingers.

"Why does it look good as new?" She asked confused and turned her head towards Flint, who still stood up against the wall.

"My father fixed it" Flint said as he pushed himself off the wall, slowly walking up to the board with crossed arms.

"...To remind him of what happen..." He turned his head towards Vanessa, looking stern down at her.

"And to keep his children away from everything like..." Vanessa felt the guilt grow in her chest when Flint looked at her. It was like his eyes shoot right through her. She wiped a tear away from her cheek as she leaned up against Silas' shoulder. She finally understood why her father had been that protective to her about everything. Why he never let her solar surf, or even watch a champion. He had been terrified of losing her; the same way he lost her mother. Terrified of reminding himself of that terrible accident and terrified for his kids ever found out. Vanessa buried her face in Silas' shoulder as she started to cry quietly. Flint stood in the front, facing the black board with crossed arms. Slowly he turned around to look at the others.

"Do you understand it now?" He asked stern, trying to keep his voice under control. Jim nodded slightly before he hung his head. He denial everything he had said. He denial he had yelled at Flint. He denial he had blamed him for being selfish when all he had done was to follow his fathers' orders. Flint had actually listened to his father.

"I've done a lot of things I'm not proud of... But solar surfing is not gonna be one of them..." Flint said stern as his voice shook slightly.

"I'm not anything of what my father want me to be... I'm not anything I wished I was... But there's one thing I know I am for sure... I'm smart enough to stay away from that thing that took my mother away..." Flint said stern as he fought to hold back his tears. He hated himself for being that weak. He hated himself from showing such a deep feeling as love and he hated himself for hating it. He wiped his nose with his finger before he directed on his jacket.

"If that was everything I would like to get out of this hole," he said, trying to keep his voice under control. Jim kept his head down when Flint passed by him. He felt too much guilt to look up at him. Danielle kept her hands on the board while she listened to Flint's voice. She hung her head as she sighted softly, when the others started to walk back towards the deck. She backed up slightly as she let her hands leave the cold metal and turned around towards the stairs. She was just about to leave the room, but she stopped in the doorframe when she heard something fall down. She frowned a little as she turned around, glancing back at the board. She raised an eyebrow when she spotted a piece of paper on the floor.

"Hm?" She walked up to the board, kneeling down as she gently picked up the paper. She stood up as she let her fingers trail over the sentences while she read the handwrote letters. Her eyes weighted slightly as she turned her head towards the door then back to the paper.


"Flint! Vanessa! Wait!" Danielle quickly ran up to them when she reached the deck. Jim turned his head towards her as he raised an eyebrow.

"Danielle?" Vanessa asked and wiped a tear away from her cheek while she stood close to Silas.

"I've found something... Something that might change your mind!" Danielle said, panting slightly as she ran up to them.

"What? What is it?" Vanessa asked curiously.

"It a letter" Danielle said and slightly smiled.

"A letter from a very special person"

"I thought I was clear when I told you I wasn't going?" Flint groaned without glancing back at her as he continued to walk. Jim frowned slightly when Flint continued to walk.

"Flint... Flint come on, you could at least just listen to what she have to say" He tried, but Flint just kept walking.

"No! Forget it! No matter who that person is, I'm NOT gonna change my mind!" He said stern. Danielle frowned slightly as she quickly unfurled the paper.

"Sunday 17th November... Today was Flint's eight-year-old birthday..." She read aloud from the letter, wrote by his mother fourteen years ago. Flint stiffened when he heard her read his name. He frowned thoughtfully but kept his back against her. Vanessa stayed close to Silas, and Jim held the chain tightly, when Danielle continued to read.

"...I promised him I would be home in time to say happy birthday, when he woke up... But now I'm afraid... I'll never get the chance..." Flint slightly turned around towards her while he listened closely to every word.

"I miss them all so much back home... It feels like this turné have last forever... Luckily, I'll be home soon... Only one champion left... I can't wait to see them all again... I think of Finley, Flint and Vanessa every day... Vanessa learn so fast... Only two years old and she's already driving her father insane... She look like him a lot... They got the same smart mind and carrying heart..." Danielle couldn't keep herself from smiling while she read. Vanessa giggled softly as she felt the tears poke in her eyes, when she heard what her mother had wrote about her.

"Flint grow so fast... He's a tall boy... He's going to be higher than me for sure... He looks like his father... Even though Finley keeps telling me his more my boy than his, I can see a lot of him in Flint... They got the same clever eyes... My little boy... I'm so sorry I can't be there with you on your birthday... I know it was your biggest wish to have your family around you... You're a good boy... You protects your family... Even though you make bad choices sometimes or let your bad temper take over, you're a good boy... You're MY boy... And you'll always be... I'm proud of you Flint... You're meant to do great things... Both you and your sister, are meant to do great things... I promised you I'll learn you to solar surf when I come home... One day you'll take over the lightning and be the new champion team master... I believe in you Flint and Vanessa... You can be just who you want to be... Don't you ever let anyone tell you anything else... I'm so proud of your both... And even thought I can't be there with you I'm always near... I love you... Mom... ~ Katelin G. Lewis" Danielle gently handed Flint a picture she had found together with the letter, when she was done reading. Flint took the picture and held it tightly as he looked over it. He felt his heart skip a beat when he saw his family as it used to be. His father stood with his arm around his mother while he held two-year-old Vanessa on his shoulders. Flint sat on his mother's hip while he held his arms around her neck. They were all smiling. Flint fought like crazy to hold back his tears while he looked over the picture.

"You're mother was a person with an amazing strength..." Danielle said softly.

"She never gave up... She wouldn't want either of you to give up.... If she where still here, she would tell you to go on.... Do what you love... Do what makes you feel free..." she turned her head to smile at Vanessa, Silas and Jim.

"Be the one you want to be... Not the one others want you to be..." she said softly before she turned her head back to Flint. Flint stayed silent as the tears started falling down over his cheeks. No one had ever seen him like that. No one had ever seen him cry. The boy who seemed unbreakable, tough, stubborn, strong and even fearless, broke down in tears, like a little boy who had lost his mother.

"Ngh!" He kneeled down when his legs couldn't hold him anymore and slammed his fists into the floor, crying for the first time in fourteen years. His black hair fell over his eyes and he hid his face in one hand while the tears streamed over his face. Vanessa kneeled down behind him to wrap her arms around his stomach, hugging him from behind while she cried into his back. Silas kneeled down beside them and took Vanessa's hand as he moved his fingers in between hers. Jim kneeled down on the other side, laying a hand on Flint's shoulder. If he had been all right, he would have moved Jim's hand without a thought, but he didn't. Jim looked back up at Danielle and reached his hand out for her. Danielle smiled depressed as she took Jim's hand, kneeling down beside him and laid her head on his shoulder. Jim wrapped his arm around her while he held his other hand on Flint's shoulder. Danielle laid her hand on Flint's, rubbing it gently while he cried silently. He slightly moved his hand from his face and placed it over his sister's hands on his stomach.

"I've been a bad guy for too long... " He said and sniffed a little, as he wiped away a tear.

"I've bin a bad son... A bad friend... But most of all... I've been a bad big brother..." He said, trying to keep his voice under control. Vanessa shook her head while she held her cheek on his back.

"No... No you haven’t... You're the best brother I could ever wish for!" She said as she cried onto his back. Flint took a deep shaking breath but kept his hand over hers. He wiped his nose in his sleeve as he slightly looked up at Jim. He felt very bad about how he had acted in front of him. He had treated him bad ever since he met him. He wouldn't admit it but he really denial it.

"Look, if anyone asks I will denial everything but... You're not that bad... Jim..." He said and smiled slightly with red eyes from crying. Jim's eyes weighted a bid when he said his name. He had never called him by his name before.

"Wauw... You said my name?" Jim smiled slightly.

"And you're not that bad either... Flint..." He said softly and gently patted Flint's shoulder. Flint chuckled quietly as he sat up straight, laying his arm around Vanessa before he kissed her head. Vanessa smiled softly when she felt her brother’s warm breath on top of her head. It had bin years since he had hugged her. Years since he had let her bin that close to him. She had missed it. She had missed so much. She held him tight while she buried her face in his shoulder. She never wanted to let go of him again. Flint rubbed her shoulder gently before he smirked up at Silas.

"Thank you, twerp!" He said and patted Silas' shoulder, making his eyes weighted a bit.

"...For taking care of my sister" Flint smiled softly down at him.

"No problem... Scalawag" Silas smirked slightly while he rubbed his shoulder.

"So... Does this mean we're a team now?" Vanessa asked with a smile and looked at the others as she sat up. Danielle looked up at Jim with a smile before they both turned their head towards Flint. Flint smirked slightly as he looked around at the others.

"Well... I guess we can find out something," He said with a smile. Jim's eyes weighted slightly as he smiled bright.

"Wait, you're serious?!" He asked surprised. Flint smirked.

"Well, somebody have to take care of you troublemakers!" He chuckled and rubbed Vanessa's shoulder. Danielle giggled and reached her fist forward.

"Solar surfer team?" She asked and looked at the others with a smile. Silas reached his fists out, making it touch hers. Jim and Vanessa reached their hands out as well, looking up at Flint, waiting for him to answer. Flint smirked slightly as he looked around at the others. He reached his hand out, making it touch the others' as he smirked assertively.

"Solar surfer team..."

To be continued

(This was origonaly meant to be in chapter 7 but it was too long, so here's chapter 8 :D (Big Grin) )
When Jim come into a fight with his 20-year-old classmate, Flint, his life at the Interstellar academy school-ship, Violet, change drastically. To learn to agree with each other, Jim and Flint are locked together with handcuffs. Now the two enemies have to work together, before they can be released from each other. However, it isn't the only problem. Many secrets are kept in this little crew of students, and when Danielle suddenly bump into the handsome, astronomic teacher, Nathaniel, her relationship with Jim is tested. Keeping up with school, mysteries, and training for the upcoming solar surfer competition, turns out to be a bigger challenge than Jim had thought, and it doesn’t really help that Flint, is the rector of the academy's, Stubborn son. However, underneath the tough surface, Flint suddenly seem to be just as uncertain and vulnerable, as everyone else is. Maybe the two weren't as different as they thought

(All characters (exept Jim Hawkins, Sarah Hawkins, B.E.N and Morph) Belongs to (C) DanielleDrawings)
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Locked to the enemy

Chapter 7


Break down the walls 

"Get up with ya' lad!" The octopus hissed and pushed Jim's arm away from under his chin, coursing him to slam his head into the table.

"Woah?!" Jim quickly sat up when he was awaked, making the little blob leave from the top of his head. He blinked a few times but cringed slightly when he felt the pain spread in his forehead.

"Aau..." He whispered and laid his hand on his forehead, rubbing it slightly.

"No sleepin' ma' galley" The octopus groaned as he took the plates and glasses, Jim had cleaned.

"Now get lost with ya'... You're done for today" He ordered before he turned around, walking back to the kitchen with the clean dishes. Jim glanced back at the cook while he rubbed his forehead.

"Great... I just maked the bruise disappear around my eye and now I look like one of those creepy monsters, with three eyes" Jim groaned and slightly moved his fingers over the bruise on his forehead.

"They're so scary with that third eye, always looking in your direction... Irk!" Jim stuck out his tongue between his teeth while he shook his head quickly.

"In your direction!" Morph replayed as he morphed into a big eye, staring at him. Jim chuckled quietly and slightly shook his head at the little blob.

"Hay, Flint... Flint wake up we gotta... *yawn* ...We gotta get out of here before that octopus-head comes back..." He said and slightly shook Flint's shoulder. Flint groaned in his sleep but kept his face buried in his arms, on the table.

"Flint! Hay!" Jim said as he held Flint's upper ear, by his earrings.

"The galleon Violet calling Flint Lewis! We gotta get back to our hammock!" Jim yelled directly into his ear, but he didn't reacted. The only thing he did was to take a deep breath and continued sleeping. Jim let go of his ear as he sighted.

"He's hard to awake, huh?" He said and glanced back at the little blob. Morph tilted his head a little before he morphed into an air horn and blew as loud as he could. Jim quickly covered his ears tightly, but Flint didn't reacted at all. He just turned his head in his arms and snored loudly. Jim let his hands fall back on the table as his jaw dropped slightly.

"Seriously? Nothing?" He sighted while Flint snored. Morph morphed back into himself, as he looked confused at Jim.

"You tried your best little guy" Jim sighted and petted the blob with two fingers.

"But I don't think there's anything we can do to awake him" Flint took a deep breath while he rested his head in his arms. Of cause, he was tired. Neither of them had slept well, ever since they where locked together. They were simply exhausted.


"Come on, come... On..." Jim mumbled through his teeth while he tried to pull Flint towards the stairs. The brown-haired boy held the tall guy by under his arms, as his heals was dragged over the floor. Morph tried his best to help carrying the big guy up the stairs, but he couldn't change that much.

"Woah!" Jim's eyes weighted when he slide backwards on the stairs as Flint landed on top of him.

"Ugh!" Jim gasped for air when he was pressed between the big guy and the stairs.

"Get... Off!" Jim groaned through his teeth as he pushed Flint off him, coursing him to roll down the stairs.

"No, no, wait! Woak!" Jim's eyes weighted when the chain stretched as he where pulled down as well. He rolled down the stairs until he landed on top of Flint on the floor.

"Ugh!" Jim slightly shook his head and coughed a little when he felt the pain spread in his stomach. Flint laid on his back on the floor, with Jim on his stomach, but he didn't seem to be hurt. He just kept snoring.

"You're definitely not dead," Jim groaned when he heard him snore, as he carefully got back on his legs.


"Why do I always end up taking care of things like this?" Jim groaned through his teeth while he dragged Flint over the floor in his ankles.

"I'm always getting trapped in those situations... Ngh!" When he reached the bottom of the stairs, he let go of Flint's ankles, walking up behind him to lift his shoulders as he sat up. Jim pressed his back against his, trying to make Flint stand up.

"What have I ever, ngh! Done to deserve this?" He bit his teeth together as he tried to push Flint back on his legs, but his feed slid over the floor, every time he tried to carry the tall guy's weight.

"It's always me who need to set things right!" Jim groaned while he held his back against Flint's, to keep him from falling.

"He makes the mess and then I have to clean it up... It's typical!" Jim groaned as he leaned forward, making Flint's head fall back against his. He reached his arms backwards to tangle them around Flint's as he could lift him up on his back.

"I should have let it pass in the first place, but no, no! I had to replay on your comment! And what happened then? I'm going to drag the most stubborn and lazy idiot behind me for the rest of my li-IFE!" Jim's eyes weighted when he stumped over the last step on the stairs, coursing him to fall forward, onto the deck.

"Ugh! Ah-haaay Mr. Clarkson?.. I didn't see you there..." Jim said embarrassed as he looked up at the cyborg, with Flint sleeping on top of him. Charlie crossed his arms as he raised an eyebrow at the two boys on the floor.

"I can't wait to hear the explanation on this" He sighted, waiting for Jim to explain.

"Heh... Well, you see I uh..." Jim smiled strained as he tried to pull himself up.

"I was just... Go-going for a walk" he answered and held his hand under his chin, smiling embarrassed up at the cyborg.

"At this time of the day?" Charlie asked and pulled the sleeping Flint off him.

"Yeah, I was uh... L-looking at the stars you know" Jim chuckled strained as he stood up, while the cyborg held Flint's arm around his neck, to keep him up.

"We're at a ship Mr. Hawkins... You can see the stars the entire day" Charlie said with an eyebrow raised. Jim smiled strained while he rubbed his neck.

"Heh... Good point..." He said a little embarrassed.

"Well, it doesn’t matter what you two were doing out here because it stops right now..." Charlie said and laid Flint's arm over Jim's shoulder, as he could hold him up by himself.

"Get back to bed" The cyborg ordered before he turned around.

"Woah, wait, I can't... Eh..." Jim fought to hold Flint up but he quickly let go of him when Charlie started to walk.

"Sir! Sir I, ugh!" Jim started to walk behind the cyborg, but he quickly stopped when the chain pulled him back. He pulled in the chain a few times but gave up as he turned his head back towards Charlie.

"I want to talk with you... A-about all this "locked together" thing, I don't think it's a good ide-"

"Mr. Hawkins I'm not going to release you" Charlie said stern while he shook his head and turned around towards Jim.

"But I-you don't understand" Jim said.

"I need to be released! I'm going to compete in the solar surfer competition!"

"Well then I will wish you good luck Mr. Hawkins, cause I'm not going to release you now, or for the competition, if you and Mr. Lewis aren't going to agree" Charlie said stern with his arms crossed. Jim's yaw dropped slightly.

"But he's impossible to agree with! Have you seen him! He's the most stubborn and annoying idiot in the entire galaxy!" He yelled as he slightly began to freak out. Why couldn't he understand how important this was to him? Charlie sighted while he slightly shook his head.

"You should really learn to-"

"To pick my fights a little more carefully, yes, I know, I've heard that before!" Jim groaned.

"No..." The cyborg said stern, making Jim blink a few times.

"You should learn to look through the surface instead of at the surface... Just like you want people to do it with you," The cyborg said with a calm voice as he slightly nodded towards Jim. There was something the cyborg had said, that maked Jim think of Silver. He felt the tight feeling grow in his stomach when he has to think of his dear friend. He missed him. He missed him more than he could explain with words. He looked surprised at the cyborg for a while before he turned his head towards the ground. He didn't dared to look into his eyes any longer. He knew he was the one who was wrong. Even if he had been right, the cyborg would never have released him.

"Now..." Jim glanced up at Mr. Clarkson when he spoke.

"Get back to your hammock... You need to rest..." He said and patted Jim's back as he passed by him. Jim nodded slightly, but kept his head turned away from the cyborg. He only dared to glance back at him when he had passed by. There had been something in what he said which Jim couldn't get out of his head. Look through the surface. Haven’t he tried to do that to begin with. Maybe he had judged Flint too early. He haven’t even got a chance. Jim sighted quietly and turned his head back towards Flint on the floor. He was still asleep for sure. He laid on his stomach with his nose pressed against the floor while he snored like crazy.

"Shouldn't we just leave him here?" Jim asked teasing and glanced back at the little blob. Morph frowned and placed his paws in the sides of his body, while he let out a few reproachful noises. Jim chuckled quietly.

"Okay, okay, I won't leave him" he assured. "Cause that means I would need to sleep out here as well," He said teasingly while he helped Flint back up, making the little blob rolled his eyes.


"Get up with you! Come on! Ngh!" Jim groaned as he tried to pull Flint up in his hammock. His feet slid over the floor, coursing him to land on Flint when he finally got him into his hammock.

"That should do it" Jim sighted and wiped some sweat off his forehead as he stood back up. Flint where randomly thrown into his hammock as he lay on his stomach, with his legs curled up to his chest, one arm over his head and another hanging over the edge of the hammock. Jim directed on his cloth with a smirk as he turned around, but quickly stopped when the chain pulled him back.

"Woak?!" He stepped a few steps back when his shoulder where twisted backwards. He raised an eyebrow as he looked back at Flint.

"Ngh!" Jim pulled in the chain, but it was trapped under Flint, as he couldn’t heave it free. Jim tried in vain to pull out the chain but nothing happened. He sighted annoyed and slammed his head into the beam, were the hammocks was tied to.


Jim stretched his arm, trying to reach his hammock but the chain was too short. At first, he slept against the mast, but soon his back began to hurt. Then on top of Flint, but the big guy pushed him down every time he turned his head, coursing Jim to land on the floor. At last, he just gave up. He laid on the floor beside Flint's hammock, curling his knees up to his chest as he tried to sleep, but it where easier told than done. Every time he closed his eyes he was awaked by Flint snoring. He covered his ears and shut his eyes closed, trying to forget the sounds. When he finally felt like he could go to sleep he where awaked quickly by an alarm clock, ringing loudly.

"Aik!" His eyes weighted as he jumped surprised.

"What?!" Flint quickly sat up when he heard the alarm. Jim quickly grabbed the alarm clock, threw it across the room, as it crashed against the wall, and stopped to ring. Flint sat up for a while before he started to feel the pain in his neck.

"Au..." He groaned and slightly rubbed his neck.

"Why do I feel like I've been dropped down the stairs?" He asked and looked confused down at Jim, who still lay at the floor.

"And why are you laying at the floor?" Jim groaned annoyed as he covered his eyes with his arms.


Jim looked at himself in the mirror while he brushed his teeth. He literally looked like a mess. His eyes where red from having no sleep at all, his hair stuck out to every possible way and he had flumes under his eyes. He almost couldn't keep his eyes open. He didn't even reacted when Flint laid his elbow on top of his head while he brushed his own teeth. Even thought he had slept more than Jim had, he didn't look way better than he did. He almost fell asleep, leaned up against Jim while he brushed his teeth.


"I need this!" Jim said and reached out for his jacket.

"Move your legs!" Flint groaned as he pulled his suitcase out from under his hammock, making it hit Jim's legs.

"Au! Watch out, I gotta grab this"

"Hay, hay, no, wait!" Flint said, as his arm where twisted backwards, when Jim reached out for his things on a shelf.

"Stop heaving!" Flint hissed and pulled in the chain, making Jim step back, as he could get through to the shelf.

"Hay! I need this!" Jim hissed as he tried to push through.

"But I need this!" Flint hissed back while he held Jim back with his hand on his chest.

"I was here first!" Jim yelled and pushed Flint back; trying to jump up to his books on the shelf, but Flint quickly grabbed his shirt by his neck and pulled him back.

"Well, I was born first!" Flint said.

"Born? Don't you mean: hatched?" Jim hissed while he tried to crawl up on Flint to reach the things on his shelf.

"Get off of me!" Flint groaned and pushed Jim down from his shoulders.

"Stop pushing me!" Jim yelled and pushed Flint's chest.

"Stop pushing yourself!" Flint hissed and pushed Jim back as well, coursing them to keep pushing each other until they where completely tangled to each other by the chain.

"Move your legs; you're stepping on my toe!" Flint groaned while he tried to break free.

"Stop moving, you're making it worse!" Jim hissed with his stomach pressed against Flint's.

"Then get off of me!" Flint hissed as he tried to push Jim away.

"I said stop! If you keep struggling you end up coursing us to-Woak!" Both guys' eyes weighted when they lost their balance and fell into the door, coursing it to open as they rolled out on the floor.

"-fall..." Jim groaned while he stared up at the celling, still tangled close to Flint's side. Flint glared at him but turned his head back, to look up at the cyborg, when he heard him chuckle.

"Good morning gentlemen... Feeling closer than ever I see?" The cyborg couldn't keep herself from laughing at the two guys on the floor. Jim’s eyes weighted when he saw the cyborg.

"Mr. Clarkson?!" He said surprised as he tried to untangle himself from the chain.

"What brings you down here?" Jim asked with a strained smile, trying to get to talk about something else.

"Actually, I came down here to tell you two not to go to class this morning" Charlie said with a small smirk across his lips. Flint sat up and moved the chain from his shoulders while he glared at Jim. Jim ignored his glare and rubbed his head.

"But... What should we do then?" He asked a little confused. The cyborg crossed his arms as he smirked down at the two guys.


"You had to ask!" Flint groaned annoyed and broke off one of the mussels, from the shipside, with the tang.

"Ngh!" Jim almost fell backwards down from the beam when he broke off one of the mussels as well.

"Yeah, I'm sorry that I wanted to know why we shouldn't go to class, like the others!" He hissed and threw the mussel into the bucket with and aggressive motion. They sat on a beam, on the side of the ship, while they tried to break the mussels of the hull. The solid shells was almost impossible to break off, and there where hundreds of hundreds of the small beasts.

"Couldn't you just don't care?!" Flint asked and threw a mussel into the bucket as well.

"No, cause unlike you, I actually care about my future!" Jim answered while he tried to break another mussel off the ship.

"What do you mean with that?! I care about my future!" Flint groaned annoyed.

"Yeah, right! Flint, I've only been locked to you for a while now, but even I know you're not that determined!" Jim said, glancing back at Flint before he continued to break off the mussels.

"Not that-I can be determined! I can be just as determined as Vanessa!" Flint hissed annoyed while he glared at Jim.

"You can't even take care of your sister, how should you ever could take care of yourself then?!" Jim asked with a frown and threw the mussel into the bucket, without looking up at Flint. Flint's eyes weighted slightly as he blinked a few times. He didn't even threw a comment back. He just sat there as if he where frozen to the beam, they sat on. Jim couldn't keep himself from glancing back at Flint when he slowly turned his side against him and let his legs hang over the edge of the beam. Jim raised an eyebrow as he sat back down on his knees. Flint stayed silent and folded his hands around the tang, holding it in his lap. Jim slightly tilted his head a little confused. He had expected Flint to throw a comment back, just like he always did, but this time he did nothing. It really seemed like this comment had hit him for real. Like it had broken something inside him.

"Flint?.. Are you-"

"Don't even think of it, Hawkins, I'm perfectly fine!" Flint groaned without glancing back at Jim. Jim thought for a bit before he let his legs hang over the edge as well.

"I was just gonna ask if you and Vanessa where close to each other?" He said, trying to break through the wall Flint clearly tried to raise between them.

"What?" Flint asked with a suspicious frown as he slightly glanced up at Jim. Jim shook his shoulders while he rested back on his hands.

"Yeah, you know... Do you feel like you're close to each other?" Jim asked with a soft look in his eyes. Flint thought for a bit while he looked at Jim. He seemed a little confused about the question, but he didn't directly shoot it down.

"No... " He answered and turned his head with a serious frown.

"We're not that close..." He sighted quietly while he looked down at his hands.

"...Not anymore..." Jim felt a little shock shoot through his stomach when he heard Flint's answer. Not anymore. That meant they had been close once. Why did that changed?

"But you where close once?.. Maybe you could be that again?" He asked with a soft voice.

"No, it's not a possibility..." Flint groaned.

"What happened, happened and I can't change it," He said stern.

"But if you-"

"It's just how it is!" Flint raised his voice and looked stern at Jim to make him understand.

"Vanessa and I can never get that close again... I've done way to many things... I've said things I can't take back! Things she would never forgive me for!"

"Do you know that, or do you expect that?" Jim asked stern.

"Maybe if you actually talked to her, you would see it isn't as difficult as you think!" 

"Why should she want to talk with me?!" Flint asked with a frown.

"I've yelled at her when she talked to me, I've pushed her away when she needed me, I've freezed her out for fourteen years because I was too afraid of losing her, to let her in!" He said stern. Jim blinked a few times while he looked into Flint's yellow eyes. Even though Flint was hiding it pretty well he could still hear his voice and breathe where shaking. He had broken through the surface. The wall Flint had built broke down, as if it where made of glass. For the first time, Jim got to see a glimpse of what Flint was hiding behind the surface. Actually. It shocked him a bit. The tough guy with the bad temper was in reality a sensitive and uncertain child. Just like himself. Flint panted slightly while he looked at Jim with a serious frown. It where as if it stole his energy to talk about the things that held him down. He quickly turned his head away from Jim, when he kept looking at him. He didn't wanted to talk. He didn't wanted to show any feelings. Not anything at all. No one should know anything. No one should ask the questions he didn't wanted to answer and no one should find out what laid behind the surface. Haven’t he maked that clear for himself? Letting people in only leads to hurt. However, he had let the lad inside for a second. A risky and foolish second. He couldn't denial it. He began to care about the lad. He wasn't proud of it. Not at all. However, he did. He cared about him. It was a small feeling, but it was big enough for him to know that he couldn't pull it back. He couldn't throw it away and forget it like so many other things. It would stick to him as long as he lived.

"She miss you..." Flint turned his head when Jim spoke softly.

"She loves you but she forget to say it to you... Just like you forget to say it to her..." Flint looked at him for a while before he turned his head again.

"Why is it so hard for you to let her in?" Jim asked and frowned slightly, but kept his look soft.

"Because love hurts, lad" Flint said stern without looking up at him. His voice shook slightly as he continued talking. It was like he was on the edge of crying but he didn't show any tears.

"People disappear... And it hurts..." His voice shifted tone for a second, but quickly got back to normal.

"You can't lose if you don't have anything to loose," He explained. This time he could control his voice a little more.

"If you keep people at a distance they can't touch you... If they don't touch you they can't hurt you... And if they don't hurt you, you will survive..." Flint pulled his knees up to his chest and rested his arms on top of them. Jim had never seen him sit in this position. He knew him as the strong, dashing guy who didn't cared about what he said and did. He filled it all if he wanted, he yelled if he wanted and he did exactly what he wanted whenever he wanted, but now. He didn't even dare to move a muscle. Jim had always thought of Flint as a rebel who just acted as if he did because he could, but now when he got to explain the reason to his choices, Jim could see the sense in it. Flint was terrified of losing people he loved. His solution on this where basically not to let people in at all. If he didn't get anyone to loose, he wouldn't get hurt. All he did, he did to protect himself. Jim sighted quietly as he lifted one leg and rested his elbow on his knee.

"You know... I used to be like you once..." Jim said as a small smile spread across his lips.

"I kept people at a distance to protect myself... However, in reality... There was nothing I’d rather wanted than letting them in" Flint kept his head turned away while Jim talked. Even though he wanted to show that he didn't cared, he actually listened closely.

"The point is that, you don't have to cover up like that," Jim said and turned his head towards Flint.

"Sometimes you just need someone to trust"

"I'm not a girl, Hawkins; I can take care of myself!" Flint assured and hung his leg over the edge of the beam. Jim chuckled quietly as he felt Flint began to come back to himself.

"No you're not a girl... You're way too ugly for that," Jim teased with a smirk.

"Hay! Talk for yourself your scurvy scum!" Flint teased and moved Jim's head to the side with his hand.

"I look better than you for sure!" Jim chuckled and pushed Flint's arms away, making the beam they sat on, sway a bit.

"Well, that's a lie!" Flint assured and laid his elbows on his knees with a smirk. Jim chuckled quietly as he turned his head towards the stars. The sky was light blue and most of the stars where covered in white clouds.

"Uuh... Flint? How are we supposed to get back on the ship?" Jim asked. Flint blinked a few times before he hung his head and covered his face in his hands.

"Blast it..."

To be continued

When Jim come into a fight with his 20-year-old classmate, Flint, his life at the Interstellar academy school-ship, Violet, change drastically. To learn to agree with each other, Jim and Flint are locked together with handcuffs. Now the two enemies have to work together, before they can be released from each other. However, it isn't the only problem. Many secrets are kept in this little crew of students, and when Danielle suddenly bump into the handsome, astronomic teacher, Nathaniel, her relationship with Jim is tested. Keeping up with school, mysteries, and training for the upcoming solar surfer competition, turns out to be a bigger challenge than Jim had thought, and it doesn’t really help that Flint, is the rector of the academy's, Stubborn son. However, underneath the tough surface, Flint suddenly seem to be just as uncertain and vulnerable, as everyone else is. Maybe the two weren't as different as they thought

(All characters (exept Jim Hawkins, Sarah Hawkins, B.E.N and Morph) Belongs to (C) DanielleDrawings)
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