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(Contains: sexual themes, violence/gore and strong language)
((WARNING: smut, lemon, yaoi {boy x boy}, minor 'pedo'Izaya, Teacher x Student relations~! Don't like. Don't read, please~! I apologize in advance for any OOC! I hate getting OOC... But... Read on if ya dare~))

The blond teen leant back lazily, grunting in annoyance. One thrown chair and the principal gave him detention? It flew across the room and hit ONE kid. One of those wannabe gang members that got dared to come at HIM. Shizuo Heiwajima.

The teen had done much more severe damage than that.

To make matter's worse... he just had to get assigned detention with THIS teacher. If anyone even called him that... The guy had dark, raven hair, off-setting eyes that somehow "naturally" were red in color, and that sick ass smirk he always wore. Shizuo hated it. He hated him. And he hated school.

Orihara Izaya was his name, or "Izaya-sensei" as he instructed people to call him. Most students complied or didn't bother talking to him in class if it wasn't necessary. The girls definitely loved him though. The guy was said to be 23 or 24... or something. The fact didn't keep him from looking years younger than he was.

"Che..." Shizuo scoffed, crossing his arms. Crimson tinted eyes inspected the artificial blond, said man smirking as he saw the annoyance in the other's eyes. How boring... he was the only student in detention today...~

"Sit properly, Heiwajima-kun,"

...Not. For the teacher this situation couldn't be any more entertaining; he was well aware the student hated him in a way no one could describe. Shifting his dark brown eyes to the teacher at the front of the room, Shizuo glared slightly.

"Don't use the -kun with my name..."

Not bothering to sit up, the boy merely moved in his chair to get more comfortable. Izaya's sharp eyes continued to inspect the insubordinate teen. The teacher put down the papers he had at hand and proceeded to give the other his full attention. He leaned in, chin rested on the back of his hand, elbow propped on the desk.

"Rebellious are we..? They didn't have the right blond in stock for ya~?"

The man smirked, teasing the already agitated teen. Brow twitching, Shizuo's hands formed into tight fists. "Shut it, old man!" He spat back, resisting the urge to throw his own desk right then and there, directly at the prime- lone- target. The raven smirked again, standing from his seat. "I've had enough of your mouth, Heiwajima-kun," Making his way over to his student, he lifted a leg to kick the chair under him. "Sit up."

The mere action threw the younger male off. Blinking in surprise, he raised a brow up at his superior. "Eh..?" It wasn't like a guy like the Orihara would stand a chance against a monster like him, was that some sort if challenge? The expression faded away, a frown setting upon his face.

"-What if I don't...?"

Pushing his luck, Shizuo felt no need to even hold eye contact, stubbornly gazing up at the ceiling. What he didn't expect, though, was the next. Without hesitation, the raven instructor delivered the back of his hand to the blond's face; a cruel smirk arising as he struck him.

The same hand grabbed the other's collar, yanking him in. "This lesson will be one even the likes of you won't forget.~" He purred, free hand reaching for his own pocket. In one swift movement, he revealed a shiny blade, pressing it down against the other's shirt collar.

Eyes widened, Shizuo's hand shot up to hold his cheek. Nobody ever dared hit the brown eyed teenager like that before... "W.. what the hell!-" Just as he sat up to glare, Shizuo was pulled forward roughly. Breath hitching, he gaped at the tone of voice the other was emitting, flinching at the feel of cold metal.

"Hey... what are... you doing!?"

Eyes shifting downward, stubborn one growled softly. Smirk only widening, he, pressed his blade across the broad chest, slicing through the clothes easily. The raven leaned in, lips barely brushing against the blond's.

"I'm giving you a private lesson. You'll learn to shut your mouth."

He licked the other's cheek before sucking on the boy's bottom lip. His free hand snaked lower to undo the other's pants. Shizuo tensed immediately, cheeks flushing as he felt his clothes tear apart. "Oi! Stop tha..-" He cut himself off, twitching as the set of lips grazed his. Shizuo let out a strangled noise in protest, scooting back in his chair with his free hand trying to hold Izaya's back by the sleeve.

Nevertheless, Izaya's stubborn hand forced its way inside the teen's boxers, stroking the sleeping length teasingly. Izaya soon turned the sucking into a forced kiss. The teen moaned raggedly, his nerves screaming in protest as the cold hand rubbed his length at a slow, firm pace.

"G-GH... I..zaya stop!"

Cutting the other off with his lips, Izaya's tongue quickly invaded Shizuo's open mouth, ignoring the silky appendage that was sloppily trying to push his out. The blade at hand slid south, tearing more of the uniform to expose the teen's lightly tanned chest. The blond shuddered, kicking his feet to try and hit the man off of him. Izaya simply moved forward, propping his knee on the edge of the desk chair, giving the hardened length a jerk.

"I..Izaya- you bastard...Uhng-"

Digging the metal in more, Izaya made a thin cut to the taught abdomen. Meshing his lips back to the defiant teen's for a few more moments, he pulled back, eyeing the sight of the small steam of blood that was running down.

"It's sensei, Heiwajima-kun,"

Dragging the blade downward, he scratched in a shallow arrow, pointing to the hardened cock. "Or would you like to learn that the hard way...?" Izaya smiled in a candy-coated fashion, a strong aura of sinister intent glowing behind his deep red eyes.

Shizuo hissed, barely feeling the pain yet angry at being hurt so casually. "'Sensei' my ass! Like hell I'll call you t-that!-" Pumping the blond's member abruptly, Izaya grinned, content that the other stuttered as his thumb ran over the slit. "-Just keep moaning like that..."

Savouring the heated flesh, the raven haired teacher lapped at the exposed neck, smearing the growing precum over the throbbing shaft of Shizuo's cock. Each time the younger male tried to push him off, the other would give a harsh tug, dig his thumb into the tip, and make him groan. He knew he could get him off if he tried hard enough, but his body was crazed and shaking too much to control himself.

"A-Ahhg... n-nh.. it.. NH~!"

Body jolting, the teenager's back pressed uncomfortably back against the steel rod that connected the desktop to the chair, "Mhn... You're being to loud, Shizu-chan~" Snickering, Izaya carelessly flipped his blade shut, sliding it onto the desk.


Squeezing an eye open, Shizuo's lips parted, a string of saliva dripping down. "I like it better...~" Izaya unconsciously ran his tongue over his own lips, taking in the mess of a blond making all of those delectable noises. He finally had a tangible amount of control over the ornery 'monster' of Raira.

"Go.. to hell..!"

The instructor did admit... this was driving him a small bit insane. The setting, the sin, and the boy... it was too much. Only he had the guts and power to do this, after all. Swallowing thickly, he gripped onto Shizuo's shoulder, sliding his hand down to remove what was left of the kid's trousers and linked lips, pursing his own to create an entrance into the wet cavern.

"-Ah... But there's no way you're cumming before me. You're such a bad student~!"

Sticking out his tongue, his eyelids lowered. A disturbing look that bothered Shizuo to no end... Using his leverage, Izaya easily threw the other to another desk, face first with his ass up. A clear, white coating stuck to the slick skin of Shizuo's thighs.

The blond's head spun, eyebrows furrowed as he slowly turned his head back half way, his peripheral vision blurred. All the while, Izaya undid his belt in record time, pulling down his pants and boxers. "H-hhn... Iza--?!" Pressing the deprived head of his cock to Shizuo's entrance, the raven sneered once he felt the boy's body tense, pushing into the unprepared hole without warning.

"-HN.. G-GAhh! N-Nhh.. no..! Take.. it out...!"

Clenching his jaw, Shizuo's bangs washed over his eyes, pain flooding his ass. His breath increased, nails digging into the wood of the desk and raking against it. Izaya shook softly, waves of ecstasy shooting straight to his hard on as the burning walls squeezed him, pulling him deeper inside while also wanting to rid itself of the foreign invader. Pulling the other's hips closer, Izaya pushed himself in all the way, grinding his hips against the soft flesh with a low purr.

"Ah, ah... You're not one for giving orders, now...~ Mhg.."

Clenching down on the large length stretching him without consent, Shizuo panted heavily, fingers trembling as he weakly punched the desk- leaving a small crack. It hurt. Starting to move, Izaya pulled out until only the throbbing, red head was inside, before thrusting in roughly.

Shizuo let out a pained yelp, eyes shut. His head throbbed, back arching as his breath created condensation on the surface of the table top. "F..uck.." "-Tch, tch... Watch that mouth, Shizu-chan..~!"

Keeping his voice even, Izaya continued pace, plunging into the tight hole relentlessly... Rather pleased with the reactions and results he was getting. It felt unbelievably good, and the constant protests were music to ones ears~!

"Don't call ... Me.. Shizu-cha- AHN~! U-U-Ughhh..~!"

Ah... So there it was.

Pressing his heaving chest down to the desk firmly, Shizuo nearly made another dent as he screamed out, his voice not sounding as childish as it should- ringing out in a deep, velvety tone as his once un-touched prostate was rammed into. Izaya tingled, nearly climaxing while he rubbed up and down against the sweet spot. Shizuo's new voice was an eargasm for anyone... Whether you were a male or female it didn't matter. But... only the more reason for Izaya to keep it to himself, and himself alone.

Drooling heatedly, Izaya pulled Shizuo's head up by his hair with a sharp tug, gazing predatorily at the flushed, uncomprehending, sweat coated, blond's face. He was almost... 'cute' now.~ Izaya hummed, a pleasured, smug little smile stretching across his face. He closed his eyes only for a moment to coo,

"You like that... Don't you~?"

Shizuo managed to catch a small ounce of his senses to choke out a slur of an insult, "Yhn... F...fuu... CK..! A-Ah... Sh..ut... It, you sick... AHh~ bastard...!" Izaya chewed the corner of his own lip softly, angling himself to thrust into that spot again; the teacher laughed shamelessly, devouring the unceasing moans evoking the empty room. "Louder,~"

Creating a rhythm, he began alternating between short thrusts and slow, deep ones, in which, he stopped to press and bounce against the other's prostate. Each time he did so the other groaned shrilly, a wide range of pitches ringing in Izaya's ears. "AaAAHhh... Unf..! T-there... Hard.. ER..."

Izaya grinned sharply, obliging while letting out a loud groan of his own, their voices melting together. "Good boy... Now, lets hope nobody hears you and comes in, neh~? Or... Maybe lets hope they do...~" Shizuo snapped back for a second, jerking backward on impulse. No. Nobody could see him like this! It was too demeaning..! Raising a brow, Izaya took his sudden movement positively instead, moving his hips forward just as Shizuo jerked his body back, both bodies meeting in unison. The intense impact made Shizuo's entire frame rock, tightening round Izaya, "MM-Mh~! Ahh~ god... You're too tight, Shizu-cha-ah-n..."

The blond's head dropped, cheek pressing against the desk again. Short, choppy breaths came from him, condition becoming even worse when Izaya's hand wrapped his cock hanging from his hips, pumping it in time of the thrusts.

His movements were becoming more frantic as the tightness increased, the sticky liquid squished in his fingers as he enticed Shizuo's member aroused him to an even greater extent. Letting out high noises from deep inside of his throat, Izaya released his hot seed, filling up the hot, wet space.

Even after his climax, he continued to ride out his orgasm even when he was dry, squelching his cum around and coating his cock with his own substance. "Uwah~! Ahh... Hh..! Iza.. Ya..!~" Shizuo whined, knitting his brows together at the feeling of hot liquid shooting out inside of him. Strings of white slid from his ass and onto the floor as he moaned louder. "Say... My name..~" Izaya grunted.

Giving Shizuo's length a harsh squeeze and tug, the student finally came, his ass lurching backward to press his back against Izaya's chest as the teacher leant in. "I..Iza.. yaa.. AHH~!" Spilling over the floor, his cum smeared over the raven's hand. Both males caught their breath, and Izaya leaned off of him to pull out with a small 'pop', a small stream of seed dripping from the drenched appendage.

Without waiting for the other, he kicked out the desk from under the teen, watching the weakened body topple over and stumble into the marble. A small portion of Shizuo's leg hit the pool of cum staining the ground. The blond's eyes rounded, barely catching himself in the trembling palms of his hands. "What.. Did you do that for?!"

Ignoring the question, Izaya stood straight, tilting his head innocently. "Ehh? What a mess you've made! What ever happened~?" Lips hitching up, he admired the other's darkening glare as he quickly pulled himself together well enough to turn. "I... Was... Raped... By an old bastard."

Cocking a brow, he shrugged at the insult, keeping his face blank. "Old? Oh... But I'm really only 23~" Stalking forward, he lowered himself, climbing onto his student's lap, rubbing his clothed bottom over the softened length slightly.

"-And... You moaned too loud for it to be rape...~"

Toying with the strands of blond connected to the boy's head, he licked the shell of Shizuo's ear, blowing over it cooly. "Gh- that was because you were doing all of those weird things to me-"

Silencing the room with a kiss, Izaya smirked slyly, snaking his tongue back into the unmoving mouth. The hot headed teen naively found himself letting the other in with consent, massaging his amateur appendage against the superior's. Wait, no. That's not right! Growling, Shizuo moaned falsely, biting down hard on Izaya's prodding tongue, a coppery taste invading his mouth.

Retreating, Izaya mumbled something, the thin line of saliva mixed with blood hanging between their swollen lips. "Brute..." He hissed, eyes opening to reveal a dangerous scarlet glint. 'Insubordinate teen' held a hardened gaze, mouth clamped shut. "-Bastard."

Smirking coldly, Izaya wiped his chin with his sleeve, snatching his blade from the table in one movement before pouncing. Holding the sharp tip to the side of Shizuo's throat, he made a small prick. "Funny... You couldn't keep my name off your pretty lips just moments ago.. ~" Snorting, the blond turned his head to the side, eyes locking on the blade.

"-Izaya-sensei. What's goin' on here?"

Dim light entered the room, the switchblade suddenly disappearing from Shizuo's sights. Izaya closed it with a flick and slipped the article into his sleeve to sit up properly- yet still on the other male's waist. "Masaomi-sama~! "

Dull yellow eyes ran over the scene, dead panning. "What are you doin' with Heiwajima-kun there~?" Shizuo was frozen, breath stopped as soon a he's seen the interruption. Principal Masaomi-

"-Sex Ed."

There was silence.

"...All straight then~! Kufufufufu~ Do have fun~!" Stepping out casually, the blond snickered, a perverted ring in his tone. Stopping in the doorway, he swung the door half closed- peeking in. "-But do make sure to clean up, Izaya-sensei. Or you're fired." His white teeth flashed before the door shut. Shizuo flinched, face pale at the small encounter... That.. That was the true face of that sonovabitch Principal?!

Shifting his brown eyes up at the teacher still perched on his blood stained abs, he saw an off-setting smile upon his lips, curled up like a porcelain face.

"Call me sensei~?"

Punching the elder in the eye, Izaya fell backwards, holding his face with one hand. Shizuo snorted, sliding onto his elbows and getting up. The only perk of being a monster... Was being able to hit enemies... Or...


Scowling down at the instructor as he sat up, the teen buttoned up the shreds of his blazer, putting his hand to the doorknob. Izaya rubbed his sore eye, his other narrowed. But he smiled.

"See you tomorrow, Shizuo...~"

Smashing the knob in his hands, the teen's blood boiled. "IT'S SHIZU-CHAN! Wai- I mean- FUCK Y-YOU!" Swinging the door open he stormed out, huffing as he cheeks turned red. He vaguely heard the teacher's teasing voice echoing the halls. "Uuuu~ Fuck me, hm~?" Damnit.

I hate him.
IZUO fanfiction in dedication to all Shizuo x Izaya pairings!! Yes it's yaoi... If your account doesn't have the appropriate age and ya wanna read this, for your a fan of yaoi, just lemme know! Eehehhehh, anyway... Hope it was at least semi-enjoyable~! Also I know the ending sucks TTwTT I've done roleplay but this is my first actual fanfiction! I appreciate reviews or constructive criticism~! So feel free~! I'm also probably not gonna continue this unless I suddenly get an urge or idea to write another chapter...

Love, Cry-Kun.
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Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes)
Era una tarde como cualquier otra. Eso fue lo que pensé hacía un momento cuando el timbre del instituto sonó para anunciar la finalización de las clases.  El profesor nos deseó un buen fin de semana y nos advirtió de que hiciésemos la tarea que él mismo nos había mandado. Poco después de que nuestro profesor saliera de clase,me dediqué a recoger mis cosas del pupitre,mientras esperaba a que mi mejor amigo, Mikado, acabase con las suyas. Luego de eso,me levanté de mi asiento y me dirigí hacía a él:

-Hola Kida,no te he visto muy entusiasmado en las clases de hoy. ¿Te ocurre algo?.-Me preguntó algo preocupado ya que él empleó todas las clases de hoy en observarme fijamente.

-Tranquilo estoy bien,sólo estaba pensando en mis cosas,así que no le des mucha importancia. -Le respondí sonriendole como siempre lo hacía.

Después de que Mikado se levantase de su pupitre,los dos salimos de nuestra clase para buscar a Anri que estaba en la clase de al lado. Juntos nos dirigíamos hacía allí,pero para nuestra sorpresa ella nos estaba esperando, imagino que desde hace un buen rato.

-Hola Anri-chan!- Grité alegremente al verla mientras levantaba mi brazo,moviéndolo de un lado a otro.

-Hola chicos,no pensaba que tardaríais en salir de vuestra clase.- Nos saludó con su tono de voz tranquilo,mirándonos con ojos serios. A veces me preguntaba si realmente se podia descubrir su estado de ánimo con esa mirada tan misteriosa. Es más,me preguntaba como sería su rostro alegre,seguro que estaría aún más "pornosa" de lo que es,en mi opinión.

-Siento haberte hecho esperar tanto Sonohara-san...- Dijo Mikado un tanto triste,pensando que Anri estaría molesta por nuestra tardanza.

-No importa...Mejor tarde que nunca,eso es lo que dicen. ¿Vamos a casa?.- Mientras Sonohara empezó a caminar hacia las escaleras que daban dirección a la salida,lo que no teniamos mucho tema de conversación en ese entonces.

Pocos instantes después llegamos a la salida del instituto,mientras el cielo se volvía de un color un tanto anaranjado por el efecto del atardecer. Como estábamos en horario de invierno,era muy normal que ya a las seis de la tarde empezase a oscurecer. Fuimos caminando en nuestro recorrido para ir cada uno a sus casas,por lo que Mikado y yo decidimos acompañar un poco a Sonohara ya que sería peligroso que ella fuese sola por estas zonas,era normal,estabámos plagados de bandas,y bandas con cara de tener pocas migas. En verdad,a mi me la sudaba ya que ese tipo de vida fue como pasar página. Unas pocas horas después,seguimos el mismo recorrido,esta vez llegando a casa de Mikado.

-Gracias por acompañarme Kida,pero no hacía falta que lo hicieras en verdad.- Me agradeció mientras se dirigía a su apartamento. A simple vista era pequeño,perfecto para una sola persona,y se veia algo viejo.Me preguntaba porque ha escogido un sitio así,pensé que viviría con algun pariente.

-De nada,sabes que me gusta acompañarte,es más,por esta zona corren muchas bandas y sería peligroso que fueras solo,por mí no te preocupes...Yo estaré bien,sé apañarmelas solo,nos vemos mañana! Ja ne! ~~- Me despedí moviendo el brazo de un lado a otro,mientras me alejaba de aquel apartamento.

Pocos minutos seguí caminando,tampoco es que tuviera prisa para llegar a mi casa,total,no tengo a nadie que esté esperándome.Poco a poco ví como ese cielo anaranjado que iluminaba mi rostro daba paso a una noche oscura y fría, tan solo iluminaban las calles,los carteles y las tiendas del centro de la ciudad de Ikebukuro. Me preguntaba si mi vida sólo consistiría en ser un estudiante normal que tiene que asistir a clases cada día para ver a sus únicos amigos...

Mientras seguía "torturándome" con esos pensamientos,pasé cerca del restaurante de sushi ruso,esta vez no ví a Simon repartiendo folletos haciendo publicidad a su restaurante,seguramente estaría atendiendo clientes lo más lógico. Seguí avanzando un poco,al mirar a un lado,ví como una máquina de refrescos salía volando por los aires y de fondo sonaba una voz muy familiar,no cabía duda que esa voz era de Shizuo Heiwajima. Cómo no tenia otra cosa que hacer,me dediqué a cotillear un poco con quién estaría enfadado:

-¡Izaya hijo de puta,cuando te pille pienso romperte la cara!- Gritó Shizuo como un eufórico,en verdad a este tipo si le ponias al lado de un yakuza nosé quién daría más miedo,hasta me resultaba gracioso imaginármelo. Al ver que Shizuo estaba buscando desesperadamente a Izaya,yo dedicí volver a mi ruta de "volver a casa lo más rápido posible". Cuando tomé paso a esa "ruta" noté una presencia que me agarró por detrás,tápandome la boca para que no hiciera ruido.

-Shhh! No hagas ruido o Shizu-chan va a matarme...Te llevaré a mi casa,allí estaremos seguros.- Me susurró en el oído una voz muy familiar,extrañamente mis ojos empezaron a cerrarse,lo más seguro es que me habría tapado la boca con un trapo lleno de cloroformo.

Unas horas después,empezé a despertarme,cuando abrí mis ojos vi un techo que no era el de mi casa,también estaba tumbado en un sofá que ni siquiera era mío,esto ya empezaba a ser una broma,no sabia que hacía en ese sitio desconocido. Cuando desperté completamente,la voz que me resultaba familiar habló:

-¿Ya te has despertado Kida-kun?.- Dijo mientras se dió la vuelta sentado en aquella silla de empresario de color negro situada en un escritorio junto con un ordenador y muchos papeles.

-Así que eras tu Izaya...Ya decía yo que esa voz era muy conocida...- Le miré con el ceño fruncido,preguntándome como no pude notar su presencia sabiendo que era él. -¿Qué hago en tu casa?.- Pregunté enfadado y curioso al mismo tiempo,Izaya debía de tener un motivo para haberme traído hasta aquí.

-Me alegra de qué aún te acuerdes de mí Kida-kun...Ha pasado mucho tiempo desde ese entonces. ¿Y qué haces en mi casa? Pues,como he visto que estabas paseando por el supuesto territorio de Shizu-chan según él,he decidido llevarte.- Me respondió acercándose a dónde yo estaba,por lo que yo vigile y me senté manteniendo las distancias.

-Eso no es un motivo evidente,algo quieres de mí...No me sirve esa respuesta con poco sentido viniendo de tí...- Murmuré mientras seguía estando alerta, e Izaya tomó asiento al lado mío sin estar muy cerca.

-¿De verdad quieres saberlo Kida-kun? No sabía que la curiosidad pudiera llegar a apoderarse de tí.- Me preguntó mirándome fijamente.

-Sólo quiero comprobar si lo que estás haciendo ahora conmigo no es una pérdida de tiempo...Porque si es así me voy a mi casa.- Respondí molesto,si se trataba de una broma de las suyas no tenía gracia.

-Pues en verdad,te he traido hasta aquí para que seas "mi juguete personal".- Admitió mientras seguía mirándome,pero esta vez era otro tipo de mirada,no la que solía hacer siempre.

-............- Al oír la palabra "juguete personal"estaba en blanco. Esto es una broma de muy mal gusto,y más con lo que le odio a este tío sólo falta que me venga con esas,me levanté todo enfadado. -¡Esta broma no me hace ni una pizca de gracia,si sólo me has traido aquí para decirme esa chorrada,he sido un idiota al querer saber tus intenciones,búscate a otro para que sea tu juguete,no soy un objeto,soy un chico con sentimientos! ¡Me largo,gracias por ayudarme a perder el tiempo contigo tontamente!.- Al gritarle fuí en dirección a la puerta de la salida,pero Izaya lo único que me soltó fué una pequeña risa:

-No me hagas reír Kida-kun...Te conozco de hace muchísimo tiempo y no has cambiado en absoluto.- Me respondió un tanto orgulloso.

-¿Porqué dices eso?.- Me giré sorprendido al oír esas palabras salidas de la boca de Izaya.

-Muy sencillo...- Izaya se levantó rodeando sus brazos a mi cintura y me tiró contra el sofá,se colocó encima de mi sujetándome fuertemente las muñecas para que no pudiera oponer resistencia. -¿Dónde se ha visto un chico con sentimientos que no fué capaz ni de ir a socorrer a la persona que amaba cuando le habian secuestrado? Sólo porque tenías miedo a que ellos te hicieran daño a ti...¿No crees que eso es ser muy egoísta por tu parte? Por mucho que ella siga amándote,el daño ya está hecho...¿Eso lo hace un chico con sentimientos?.- Me preguntó arrogante mientras me miraba.

Aquellas palabras hicieron que yo intentase salirme de encima suyo. No queria volver a recordar aquel suceso,para nada,era demasiado doloroso para mí.

-Y otra cosa más,¿no querrás que tu amigo Mikado sepa que formabas parte de la banda amarilla y que a él le pase algo no?.- Añadió mientras él se reía de mí. No sabía que hacer,intenté liberarme de Izaya como podía. -¿Entonces harás lo que yo te diga o prefieres que la vida de Mikado corra peligro?.- Me preguntó mientras empezó a acercarse a mí.

No quería que le pasase nada a Mikado por mi culpa,por lo que desvié mi mirada haciendo entender que me rendía,de todas formas Izaya saldría ganando y se saldría con la suya.

Poco a poco noté como Izaya se acercó a mi y empezó a besarme sensualmente mientras lamía mis labios,por lo que yo no sabía cómo reaccionar ante esa situación,en pocas palabras Izaya estaba "violándome",no me quedaba otro remedio si queria salvar la vida de Mikado,no quería que mi mejor amigo sufriera por mi culpa...Luego de eso,empezó a desabrocharme los botones de mi uniforme,empezé a ponerme nervioso cada vez más,por lo que sólo me dediqué a sonrojarme y desviaba mi mirada,estaba asustado.

-¿Qué te pasa Kida-kun,acaso estás excitándote con sólo que te roze?.- Me preguntó susurrándome al oído.

-No digas tonterías...¿Porqué debería excitarme por algo así?.- Dije molesto ante esa pregunta pervertida. Con sólo haberle contestado de esa forma Izaya volvió a reirse, prosiguió en levantarme la sudadera y metió su mano debajo de ello,por lo que empezó a juguetear con uno de mis pezones acariciándolo suavemente, mientras que con su otra mano fué a parar a mi entrepierna,por lo que yo me sobresalté más nervioso de lo que estaba,haciendo que yo soltase un pequeño jadeo mientras que atacó mordiéndome la oreja y lamiéndola.

-Pues tu cuerpo no responde igual que tus palabras Kida-kun...- Murmuró de nuevo en mi oído,por lo que Izaya decidió desatarme el pantalón,mi cuerpo temblava al notar esta sensación extraña. Luego de eso me miró fijamente,cogió mi cinturón tirándolo con fuerza y me ató las muñecas para que yo no pudiera moverme. Eso ya era pasarse,todo lo que estaba sintiendo y viendo, tenía que ser un sueño,si,si realmente lo es,quiero despertarme y ver que esto nunca ha sucedido,que nunca me he encontrado con él y que nunca he sido secuestrado por este tío,y que justamente ahora me esté acosando sexualmente.

Después de haberme atado fuertemente mis manos y hasta llegar al punto de que mis muñecas empezaran a enrojecerse,me bajó los bóxers haciendo que mi miembro fuera muy visible a su propio gozo,al tener mis manos atadas no podía tapar mi entrepierna,mi cuerpo aún seguía temblando de lo avergonzado que estaba,mientras que Izaya con su dedo índice empezó a juguetear con mi miembro erecto,haciendo que su dedo rozase la punta.

-Je..¿Qué calladito te lo tenías eh, Kida-kun? No sabía que te excitabas tan rápido,con sólo hacerte poca cosa ya se te ha puesto dura...¡Qué pervertido!.- Murmuró riéndose mientras seguía jugando con mi miembro.

-¡Maldito...! Cúando me libere de tí pienso machacarte...¡Aquí el pervertido lo eres tú!.- Dije con voz entrecortada,lo decía muy en serio,cuando acabase de jugar conmigo,pienso darle la mayor paliza de su vida.

Sin escuchar a lo que le dije,tomó la iniciativa de subir su rostro hasta mi pecho y empezó a lamerme un pezón sensualmente y no sólo eso,también lo succionaba varias veces,y con su mano empezó a masturbarme,no evité empezar a gemir ante aquella sensación,pensé que iba a derretirme o algo peor,por lo que cerraba mis ojos muy excitado.

-Gimes muy bien Kida-kun,te hace ver más adorable de lo que eres ~~.- Me "halagó" sonriente. -Bueno,creo mientras te masturbo debería jugar en otro sitio para hacer más divertida la situación.- Propuso muy picarón,por lo que empezó a lamer dos dedos suyos,no sabía muy bien a que otro lugar se refería,por lo que lo miré dudoso,noté sus dedos fríos en mi culo,algo estaba buscando.

-¿¡E-espera que vas a hacer!?.- Pregunté todo nervioso y sobresaltado,ya esto me daba muy mal rollo,nosé que pretendía hacer Izaya,sin darme una respuesta alguna,metió sus dedos en mi entrada bruscamente,por lo que yo fruncí el ceño y me saltaron unas pocas lágrimas. -¡P-para! ¡E-eso duele!.- Supliqué alterado mientras él movía sus dedos dentro de mí.

-Te irás acostumbrando poco a poco,pero esto no es nada con lo que vendrá mucho después de lo que voy a proponerte.- Esta vez me miró con un rostro muy diferente al que yo conocía,en mi opinión,Izaya me estaba dando mucho miedo.Dejó de masturbarme y sacó sus dedos muy rápido. Pocos instantes me siguió mirando,esta vez me tiró de la ropa haciendo que yo estubiera muy cerca de él. -Esta ropa es incómoda por lo que te la voy a quitar.- Renegó serio mientras me quitó tanto el uniforme como la sudadera y a continuación el pantalón que me había quedado por la altura de los pies junto con mis bóxers,dejándome completamente desnudo.

Noté como su mano cogió mi cabeza haciendo que yo me agachase a la altura de su entrepierna,¿en qué estará pensando este tío? sin saber que otra intención pervertida tenía en mente,ví como se fué desabrochando la bragueta y haciendo que su miembro erecto saliera bajando sus bóxers,en eso lo señaló mientras me miraba y me murmuró serio: -Chúpalo.-

Me quedé más blanco que el propio papel,esa petición era demasiado extrema,no espera,no iba a hacerlo de ningún modo,por lo que desvié mi mirada haciendo un gesto de asco.

-¿Sabes en qué situación te encuentras ahora mismo? Yo soy el que pone las fichas en este juego y tu eres mi peón,lo que significa que yo soy tu rey y deberás someterte a mis reglas. Sinó ya sabes Kida-kun.- Me replicó seriamente. No tenía otra elección,me daba pena yo mismo haciendo esto sólo por toparme con este desgraciado,por lo que empezé a lamer su miembro aún teniendo mis manos atadas poco podía hacer,notaba cómo Izaya se quedaba mirándome fijamente,y puso su mano en mi pelo acariciandome como si yo fuera un perro,es más,lo parecía.

-Para ser la primera vez no lo haces tan mal Kida...- Me volvió a halagar pero esta vez su voz era entrecortada,por lo que Izaya al estar excitado me agarró de la cabeza haciendo que su miembro estuviera dentro de mi boca,haciendole una felación forzada,Izaya empezaba a gemir un poco mientras me movió aún más rápido,casi no me ahogaba ya que poco podia respirar. -Ya está lo suficientemente lubricada,creo que ya es hora de dar el toque final a esto.- Murmuró excitado,haciendo que su miembro saliese de mi boca formando un pequeño hilillo de saliva.

Nada más hacer ese gesto,me volvió a tirar al sofá, pero esta vez cogiendo mis piernas,levantándolas un poco. Cogió su miembro erecto y lo situó en mi entrada,yo empezaba a asustarme,ya que no estaba preparado para ello.

-¡Izaya espera, aún no estoy preparado para esto!.- Grité todo asustado mientras me seguía poniendo nervioso. Izaya ignoró mi comentario y empezó a meterme su miembro en mi entrada,mi cuerpo temblava e intentaba aguantar el dolor que me provocaba,su miembro era demasiado ancho. Me mordía el labio todo lo que pude,sin poder soportarlo gritaba de dolor. -¡Izaya!¡Esto duele muchisimo,quítala! ¡Tengo ganas de ir al baño!.- Volví a gritar,pero éste volvió a ignorarme,llegando a introducirme su miembro completamente,haciendo que yo soltase un gran gemido y que me cayeran unas pocas lágrimas.

-¿Qué sientes al haber perdido tu virginidad anal conmigo Kida-kun?.- Me preguntó mientras el muy bastardo se reía de mi pervertidamente,por lo que empezó a embestirme profundamente,gemía aún más fuerte y jadeaba al mismo tiempo. Era demasiado tarde como para poder gritarle y decirle muchas otras cosas,el placer me podía llegando a que un hilillo de saliva resbaló por mi mejilla al notar las fuertes embestidas de Izaya.

-¡Izaya..! ~~ ¡Vas a partirme en dos si sigues penetrándome de esa manera!.- Gemía muy excitado,mientras miraba a Izaya con los ojos entreabiertos. Izaya también me miraba,sus mejillas estaban sonrojadas a causa de estar excitado igual que yo.

-Dí que me amas Kida-kun...- Suplicó mientras seguia embistiendo acelerado. Estaba tan excitado que ya no era consciente de lo que podría hacer,sin pensármelo dos veces le murmuré:

-T-te amo Izaya...- Mientras murmuré estas palabras,ya estaba llegando al clímax de la situación. -No voy a poder aguantar mucho más...~~.- Insistí muy excitado,era mi primera vez,por lo que diría que es algo "normal". Izaya al oír ese gemido mío siguió embistiendome y esta vez masturbándome al mismo ritmo. Ya se le notaba que ya no podía aguantar mucho tiempo más.

-K-kida me vengo! ----!.- Gimió entrecortado,mientras noté su semen dentro de mí,por lo que no evité correrme también,haciendo que me llegase a ensuciar un poco mi cara y mi vientre.

Después de que haberme corrido,sacó su miembro de dentro mío,haciendo respiraciones entrecortadas y exhaustas. Estaba tan agotado que no podía moverme de aquel sofá blanco,mientras tenia mis manos atadas,esa fue mi única pesadilla que seguiría repitiendóse una y otra vez,todo por proteger la vida de una gran amistad.

Fanfic yaoi lemon escrito por mi de Orihara Izaya x Kida Masaomi del anime Durarara!

Agradezco a: :iconaerissetsuna: Por corregirme las faltas y en editar un poco el texto para mejorarlo un poco ^^
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Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes)
Title: Candy Canes
Pairing: ShizuoxIzaya, Shizaya
Rating: M
Summary: Shizuo didn't like mint…well, until now.
Warnings: Explicit sex, Yaoi, Gay, BoyxBoy, Kink, You know, all the usual stuff
Disclaimer: If I owned Durarara!! …I wouldn't have to write fanfiction. This would be happening.
Merry Christmas everyone! I wanted to get this done before the ACTUAL holiday, because I'll obviously be super busy with family and stuff. Anyway, ENJOY THE SHIZAYA HOLIDAY SPECIAL!
Warning for those who don't like it, this is obviously YAOI and VERY, VERY EXPLICIT, like…SEX AND STUFF.

=-= (Shizuo POV) =-=

My feet dragged. Oh dear god, I had just finished my 14 hour shift at the bar, and wasn't really looking forward to getting home. The flea would most likely be waiting for me, probably half-naked, on the couch. And I know, as soon as I see him, all the pent up stress and anger in me would explode into a fiery white mess of male hormones and we would end up having angry sex.

I'm not saying that isn't THE BEST KIND OF SEX, EVER, especially with the flea, but lately I think I've been pushing him too much, only really thinking of myself. I never took into consideration that Izaya doesn't have as much stamina as I do, well, not before now. I don't know why, but at some point tonight when I was using Izaya (mainly, Izaya's body) as a distraction from all the drunken idiots at the bar, I thought to myself 'maybe fucking him senseless every night isn't a good idea'.

Why must I have the libido of a teenage boy?

I guess I was so obsessed with the flea in high school, I never got around to the 'horny all the time' phase, and now it was back to haunt me. Or maybe, the flea is the cause of this. Yeah, it's always the flea. Now that we're kind of dating, I can't rage at him as much, so all that hate is building up into a swollen sex drive.

In the midst of my thoughts I arrived at our shared residence. Still half in thought, I turned the handle on the door, and it clicked and swung open.

'Did he not lock it…?' I thought as I stepped inside, cautiously taking off my shoes and flicking on the lights. After dating for as long as we have, I knew Izaya's job was a dangerous one, and he had many enemies. Enemies that would like to see him killed.
I was pulled from my thoughts by a loud thump and a curse, in a voice much too deep to be Izaya's.

My heart beat raced in my ears and I panicked. Grabbing whatever was closest, in this case; a lamp, I headed upstairs towards our shared bedroom. I picked up another muffled voice, this time a more high-pitched voice than the first, but still too low to be Izaya's.

Deciding on my course of action, I kicked open the door, held the lamp high above my head, and charged into the room.

At first everything was kind of blurry, maybe it was just the adrenaline or the fear, or maybe even the light that poured out the door. At any rate, what snapped me out off whatever adrenaline induced state I was in was high-pitched shriek and familiar voice shouting,

"SHIZUO PUT THE LAMP DOWN!" Shinra cried, covering his head with his arms, stethoscope dangling from his ears. He sat on the right side of the double bed in the center of the room. Kadota quickly stood and made a move for the lamp. He stopped short when he saw me lower my hand, the whole situation finally becoming clearer. I placed the lamp on the table closest to me, looking at Shinra.

"What are you doing here?" I asked. The doctor looked at me a moment before turning his gaze to the lump of the double bed. He pulled the sheets back to reveal a pale face and a mop of messy black hair.

"He called me earlier today, said his back hurt and he felt dizzy, so I called Shinra." Kadota said, sitting back down on the left side of Izaya.

"Is he sick?" I asked, pulling a spare chair from the other side of the room, all anger once in me diminished.

Shinra nodded, "He's delirious…he just kept calling for you…we didn't know what to do." He glanced at Izaya's flushed face and sighed. "He'll be fine with the medicine we already gave him, and now that you're here we can leave…call me if it gets worse."

Both Shinra and Kadota got up and left me with the flea. Even after all the time I spent thinking about my libido and uncontrollable hormones, all that left my mind as I sat silently next to the flea. He was curled up in a large comforter, hair sticking to his forehead. Not wanting him to overheat, I wretched the comforter from his grasps and pulled the covers back. He flinched and curled up further.

"Idiot…" I whispered. I could feel the heat radiate off him even at this distance. My hand found his shoulder and I shook him lightly. As tired as I was, I needed the flea to NOT die while sleeping next to me.

"Izaya, wake up." I grumbled. He moaned and grabbed my wrist, pulling my hand to touch his forehead. 'What the hell is this?!' His skin was like a heated skillet, thawing my cold fingers with its touch.

"Cold…" He sighed happily.

"Izaya…" 'Shinra said he was delusional…' I thought as I tried in vain to escape from the flea's grasp. He whined and moaned at the discomfort of his warmth, so eventually I gave in and lowered myself onto the bed, pressing myself in next to Izaya.

He almost immediately started practically molesting my hands and rubbing them against his head. He began to drift further into sleep and his hands fell once again onto the bed. I kept my hands on his feverish skin, rubbing his cheeks and occasionally grazing over his lips with my thump.

I don't really know how long we both lay there, but slowly, Izaya fully opened his fever-glazed eyes. He stared, dazed and confused, until he leaned towards me, planting a soft kiss on my lips. I kissed him back, letting him control force. He pulled away, looking at me with eyes filled with the haze of sickness, and something else I couldn't place.

I was taken aback when he quickly, although sloppily, flipped himself over on top of me. His hips straddled mine, Izaya's small hips resting on my larger ones. I tried to lift my upper body off the bed, but the flea placed his weak hand on my left shoulder and leaned down, taking my lips with a teasing pressure. If that wasn't enough, piled on top of my already high sex drive, his hips would rock against mine every time either he or I moved.
Oh for fucks sake.

With one swift movement, I pushed him on his back, comforter thrown to the side, forgotten. He looked a little surprised, but as I leaned down to kiss him again, he lifted his head up to mine. Our lips met and this time I wasted not a second before caressing his mouth with my tongue. He mewled and squirmed under me, trying to get closer than we were. I complied with his wished and lowered myself onto his body, feeling the heat radiate off him.

My hands had begun to roam to the waist band of his shorts when he stopped me. I looked at his face; still the emotions in his eyes remained nameless.

"Let me…" He moaned. I thought a moment, before lying back down. He crawled on top of me in the previous position. Looking up at him now, I could see that the look in his eyes was one of lust. I lay still and let him undo my bartender's vest and shirt, sliding off my tie and removing my belt.

His hands and tongue roamed over my chest and down to my belt line, where he was quickly unbuttoning my pants. He tugged the cloth of my pants and underwear down, freeing my hard member from its confines. I groaned at the mixture of cold air and Izaya's hot hands massaging the shaft. He looked up at me and smiled, lowering his head to lick the tip before taking the whole length in his hot mouth. Though he only got about two fourths of it in, he sucked vigorously on the heated flesh, forcing moans from my throat.

"Dammit…Izaya…" I groaned, grabbing a handful of his hair and forcing him further down. He gagged, but continued to suck. I stared at his face, watching as small tears budded at the corners of his eyes. I stroked his hair softly, lifting his head away from my pelvis.
Izaya continues to stroke and fiddle with my dick and I reach to my left and open the night stand draw. Rummaging through the drawer, my hand brushes against something hard and smooth, right next to the lube I always kept there. I grab the lube and, overcome by curiosity, grab the smooth object. I bring it into sight and inspect it, is it a-?

"Candy cane?" I mumble. Izaya looks up and eyes fix on the candy stick. It was fairly large, rounded at one end, and lacked a hook. I looked at the flea as his hand reached for the treat. Sitting up on my hips, he takes the treat between his lips, licking and sucking diligently.

I felt all the heat in my body rush up to my face, then right to my crotch. I gulp, many dirty thoughts and acts rushing to my head. I stare at the candy stick, switching my gaze from Izaya to his tongue to the stick until my gaze rested on Izaya. He looked straight at me, a flash of mischief in his eyes.

He's doing this on purpose.

Without a second thought I sit up, holding Izaya's hips to mine. We both moaned, our cocks rubbing together.  I grabbed the candy from Izaya's soft lips, a string of salvia connecting the tip with the flea's mouth.

Quickly, I latched onto the flea's ear, biting down hard. He mewled, wrapping his arms around my shoulders and neck.

"Hold on." I ordered in a harsh whisper. He obeyed and tightened his grip on my shoulders. I shifted us, making sure to not knock against each other too much, and position the candy stick behind Izaya.

"Remember to breath." I whisper, lowering Izaya's hips to that the rocked back and onto the candy. He yelped and moaned as the candy cane was pushed into his entrance, tightening and wincing. I rock out hips together, trying my best to distract from the odd pain. The candy wasn't as big as I was, in fact I would say I'm fairly larger, but I hadn't prepared the flea at all.

He continued to whimper as I used my free right hand to slip the stick in and out. I grabbed his chin with my left hand and captured his lips in my own. They tasted strongly of mint and a hint of something uniquely Izaya.

The candy fell deeper, and the flea cried out in ecstasy.

"That feels nice?" I asked, biting his earlobe and growling. He nodded and moaned again, rocking against me. I continued faster and faster, the flea moaning and rocking up against me and back against the stick.

"I want Shizu-chan!" He cried. I smirked and took in his face, his lustful gaze, his flushed complexion, and the tears in his eyes. He bucked down to emphasize his point. "Please…Shizu-chan…I want it!"

I swiftly pulled the candy cane out, Izaya writhed and mewled as I did so, and replaced it with my cock. Izaya moaned louder and louder, begging to move. Smirking in mischief, I lay back onto my back. Izaya looked at me, confused.

"Move." I called, smiling. He blushed, placing his hands on my stomach; he pushed further down, still only able to make it half way before squirming. He moaned and slid up and down on my cock, groaning and flinching. My smirk grew wider as Izaya lowered himself again and I bucked up at the same time. Izaya cried out in a mix of pain and ecstasy as my cock was shoved twice as far in his ass.

My hand roamed around to his hips, guiding him down as I thrust up into him. My other hand grabbed his milky white ass, massaging it and giving it the occasional pinch.

"No-... Ah, if you do that…I'll-AH!" Izaya's voice was hoarse and high pitched as he screamed. I ignored his pleas and flipped us over. "Shizu-cha-AAAHHN!" I thrust in all the way, burying all my cock inside him. His breath hitched and he moaned even louder as I continued to thrust in and out.

"Izaya…I'm gonna-" I moaned, finally pressing myself as close to Izaya as I could, wrapping my arms around his waist and pounding into him mercilessly. I moaned, biting into his shoulder as he came, clamping down on me, forcing me over the edge.

We both cried out in pleasure as I filled Izaya with my cum.  He moaned as I pulled out and collapsed next to him.

"Merry Christmas…"
so yeah, I'm gonna go dye my hair now~!
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(Contains: nudity, sexual themes and strong language)
The soft mewls leaving Aya's lips was the only thing heard throughout the entire penthouse. Izaya had her pushed up against the wall, begging for more as his own lips attacked her now bruised neck. His dark brown eyes grazed over her still clothed body; not liking the fact that they covered her up.

So, he slid his hands up her shirt, tantalizingly slow before finally his hands reached the back of the girls bra. "I-Izaya.." Aya breathed, her cheeks a faint pink as she starred down at him. "Y-You know Shizuo won't like this.."

"Oh, trust me, Aya-chan, I'm well aware that he won't like this." Izaya murmured in her ear before he nipped it gently. This caused the girl to jump slightly, though she quickly regained herself. Well, not fully of course, she was practically melting to his touch.

"Why don't we take this to the bedroom, hmm?~" Izaya purred before scooping the blonde off of her feet, causing her to cling to his neck. Of course, her shirt was still risen slightly as Izaya threw her down onto the mattress. He then leaned down, pressing his lips against her own in a rough manner.

Before Aya realized what he was doing, Izaya had her bra unclasped and across the room. He pulled her shirt up over her head and watching as her plump breasts bounced free. He leaned down, taking her nipple in his mouth before sucking on it. A soft, breathless moan left her lips as she tangled her fingers in Izaya's hair. The only thing he could do was smirk and kneed her other breast with his hand. Finally, whenever he thought that he had gotten her excited enough, the man pulled away.

He reached up to himself, pulling off the black shirt and tossing it to the ground. The bright red on Aya's cheeks only grew as he revealed his large length. Pinning her arms above her head, Izaya spread her legs wide, her skirt riding up as he did so.

Izaya picked up his switchblade before leaning back down, slicing off her panties and watching as they flew across the room as well. He then tossed the blade away and leaned down, kissing down her collarbone while the man inserted a finger into her; wanting to make sure she was wet enough.

A moan left Aya's mouth once again at the sudden feeling, though she felt a bit uncomfortable. After all, she was still a virgin. Izaya pressed himself against her entrance, slowly pushing his length into her. This caused a small squeak to leave the girl's lips as she squeezed her eyes shut from the pain.

"Shhh.." Izaya purred, pressing his lips against her own. Finally, whenever her body stopped trembling, he started to rock his hips back and forth; going slow, but deep. A sudden look of pleasure came to Aya's face as she arched her back a bit.

"Mmmm..~ Izaya, please..faster." she begged, reaching up and gripping his shoulders. He chuckled quietly. "You're so impatient, Aya-chan." he purred before complying to her request.

Placing his hands on the girls hips, he quickened his pace and moved even deeper inside of her. These swift movements kept one moan after another leaving Aya's mouth. She clawed at hi back while he swiftly moved himself inside of her. It felt amazing; she was so tight.

After minutes passing, he could feel her walls tighten against him, which told him that she was reaching her limit. Harshly, he gripped Aya's blonde hair and tugged on it. "Say my name.." Izaya muttered in her ear while his pace quickened even more.

Her back arched even more and she cried out his name, "Izaya!"

Though, the black haired male wasn't satisfied. He gripped her hair even tighter, "Louder!" Izaya growled as he used his other hand to reach down and rub her clit.

Unable to keep herself quiet, Aya cried out loud again. "Izaya!!" though this time, it was much louder and seemed to echo off the walls. Shortly after that, she released, her body letting out another quiver as she did so.

After he thrusted into her a few more times, Izaya released into the girl as well, panting quietly. The smirk never left his lips though as a small line of sweat lined his face. Damn, that was probably the hardest he had ever 'worked'.

Pulling out of the girl, Izaya collapsed next to her. "Make sure you tell Shizu-chan that you belong to me.." he muttered while wrapping his arms around her waist. Gulping quietly, Aya nodded and cuddled up into his warm body, "Y-Yes..Iza-kun."
This is for; [link]
Hope you enjoy it. ;3
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    Rose's POV

    I was falling through the air, screaming for someone or something to come and rescue me.  The wind wisped past my ears and my long red hair blocked my vision as I fell for what seemed like stories off of a building.  I didn't know what was going on or where I wound up.  All I knew was that a moment ago, my father had entered the lab to study the slug he had found, leaving me in the back of a truck he drove to the swamp where he found the specimen.  Another moment later, a massive earthquake had taken place and I slipped through a crack falling down.  The truck fell with me, but crashed onto a ledge while I continued to fall.

    I fell for what seemed like hours until I finally felt something catch me.  It felt soft and sticky from behind me.  I quickly looked around me to find that I landed in a giant spider web.  I experienced another panic attack and shouted for rescue.  I was not in the mood to be a spider's meal.

    I hardly noticed the tiny purple-and-white slugs that started to gather all around me.  Again, I was too busy screaming my head off to take note that I was just rescued by a bunch of slugs and their net.

    The slugs thought it would be funny to try and get my attention and bounce up and down the net to make it move a little and shake me up.  What they didn't count on was that a boulder had slipped from the hole above our heads and slammed into the net with such force that I bounced off the net and back into the air.

    Before I knew it, I was flying through the air, bouncing against the heads of giant mushrooms as tall as skyscrapers, having no idea where I was going or where I would end up.  I was screaming the whole way through, praying someone would hear me.  What I didn't know was that I was about to meet a very interesting young man no older than I was.  He was just slug-slinging with one of his boss's lackeys when I literally jumped into the fray.

    Twist's POV

    I never would've thought my life was about to change forever.  I was just busy beating the crap out of the lackeys with my partner, Loki, my Illusiolett slug.

    I slung Loki right toward the soldier and, together, he and I won another match.  My mentor/employer, Dr. Thaddius Blakk had sent us onto practice in order to get stronger and beat Eli Shane, the son of the infamous Will Shane who took my father from me.  I swore vengeance for what Will Shane did to my father and I wasn't going to stop until I got my revenge on Eli.  So far, he's gotten in the way of most of Dr. Blakk's plans and, as his apprentice, it was my job to stop Eli from ruining anymore.

    Loki had just gotten back to me when I noticed another lackey had taken place where the other one was.

    "Aren't you guys getting tired of me and Loki beating you and all your ghouls?" I asked.

    "Dr. Blakk wants us to help you with practice as much as we can, Twist," he said, "You need all the help you can get."

    "So much for help!  You guys can't even defend yourselves against us!  Isn't that right, Loki!"

    Loki nodded his head and chirped in agreement to my comment.

    "See!  Even Loki knows you guys don't stand a chance against us."

    "That is not the point, Twist," I turned to find a scarred man wearing Black approach, "The Shane boy is still better at slinging than you are.  You need the practice."

    "Dr. Blakk," I addressed him, "What do you think is going to happen?  (laughs) An angel is going to come and stop me from kicking his butt."

    At that moment, I heard screaming and turned to have a flying girl crash into me broad side.

    Loki was knocked off of my shoulder and hissed at the foolish girl that landed right on top of me.

    My head was throbbing from impact and I didn't notice the position we were in until I finally opened my eyes to see our lips were so close I could practically taste her breath against my lips.  I felt my face get warm from how close she was and thought my heart skipped a beat.

    Before I could enjoy the moment, the girl quickly backed away with a blush on her face next to a scared look.  I had never seen a girl like her before.  She was a red-head with long, straight hair and fair facial features and the strangest fashions I've ever seen surrounding her slim figure.  It was pretty messy, but it was still clear.  She was wearing a torso of bright yellow with a picture of a flower on her chest and a dark-blue jacket.  The legs of her blue jeans was covered with a strange pair of yellow boots and I noticed she was wearing a silver bracelet around her left wrist.  I was about to say something when she screamed at Loki.

    Rose's POV

    I was busy flying when I crashed into an attractive young man with tan skin, bright-blond hair and beautiful teal eyes.  My head hurt from the impact and I hardly noticed how close he and I was to one another.  I quickly backed away and felt my face get warm.  I saw that the boy was blushing too from our close encounter.

    He was wearing the strangest form of clothing I had ever seen.  He was wearing an orange vest and a white-and-brown shirt with black armor of some sort strapped onto the right of him, a pair of black pants with matching boots and finger gloves.  With a belt filled with empty capsules, he looked as if he was prepared for a battle.

    I was about to address him when I saw the most horrid thing; it looked like a slug of some kind but in the form of a black-and-red abomination.  I screamed at the sight of the little monster with big fangs and long horns.  It looked more like a demon than a slug and it sure didn't look like it liked me.

    Twist's POV

    I had no idea ANYONE could scream so loud and at such a high pitch like this girl could.  My ears were splitting at her screams.  She might as well have been a banshee than a person.

    A lackey tried to calm her, but apparently she was stronger than she looked.  One minute, the lackey was going to comfort her, the next he was lying on his back moaning in pain.

    That's when I noticed she had the lackey's loaded blaster pointed right at me.

    Loki went to protect me as I put my hands up in defense.

    She didn't seem to know what she was doing, but I didn't think she could care less.  That's when she finally said something.  What a fair voice she had.

    "WHO ARE YOU?!!!" she demanded, "WHAT IS THAT THING?!!!  AND...Where on Earth am I?"

    Rose's POV

    Aiming this strange weapon at the boy, I cautiously looked around to find that I was not in ANY place I was familiar with.  All around me there were giant blades of grass and giant mushrooms with boulders all around.  Oh, my gosh, I thought to myself, Did I shrink or something?  I knew I couldn't have shrunken.  That was only in movies.  Besides that, it looked like I was underground according to the giant cavern walls and the ceiling above me.  Was this a dream?

    The boy tried to move, but I quickly pointed the weapon back at him.  He saw me and he slowly got back to his feet as his "pet demon" continued to growl and snarl at me viciously.  What a fine voice he had when he spoke.

    "Okay, My name is Twist," the boy said calmly, "This thing is my partner, Loki.  You actually have one of his friends inside that blaster."

    I looked into the barrel of the weapon and saw that the boy was right.  I yelped as I dropped the weapon with the demon inside.  The demon managed to get out and growl at me same as his friend.

    Having found myself now unarmed, I quickly got into a defense stance I learned from my Kung-Fu classes.  My parents thought in case I ever got in trouble, I should learn to defend myself.  I never thought I would actually have to use those lessons on a cute blond boy.  I shook out the thought of him being cute and refocused on defending myself.

    "Stay back," I warned him, "I know 10 types of Kung-Fu and I AM NOT afraid to use all of them on you."

    "Easy, easy," he put up his hands to defend himself as his "partner" began to growl louder at me, "I'm not going to hurt you."

    "Than answer me this, Twist:  WHERE, ON-or in-GOD'S BLESSED EARTH, AM I?"

    "OKAY, okay.  Not really sure what an "Earth" is or who your "God" is, but your in a place called Slug Terra.  It's a giant cavern where we live."

    I looked around at this "Slug Terra" until a much older man approached me from behind the boy, Twist.  He looked scarred and terrifying with his pale skin and black attire.  I put my defenses the moment he walked past where Twist was.

    "No need to fear me, my dear," the scary gentleman said, "I am Dr. Thaddius Blakk.  Twist here is my apprentice.  I apologize if he startled or offended you.  Tell me, what is your name?"

    I hesitated, but I did answer him, "Rose.  My name is Rose Greenwood."

    "Well, Rose, I assure you you are in safe hands now.  Tell me, if your not from Slug Terra, than where did you come from?"

    I looked around and pointed towards my entrance up on the ceiling, "I fell through there."

    "You fell from a hole?" Twist asked me.

    "There was an earthquake and I fell through that hole.  I'm from a land high above ground.  THAT'S the Earth I'm talking about."

    I didn't know what was so funny, but I thought I heard some of the men and even Twist snickering at my statement.  I looked angrily at Twist and he quickly shut himself up.

    "I'm sorry," he said, "It's just that the place you're talking about sounds a lot like the story of the "Burning World."  And that's just a fairytale."

    "A fairytale?" I asked, "A FAIRYTALE?!!  Than you must think I'M a fairytale."

    "No, no.  Nothing like that!  It's just that the place you're talking about doesn't exist."


    "Knock it off, both of you!" Dr. Blakk demanded than cleared his throat to address me, "My dear, the place you speak of is one of legend.  There is no world above Slug Terra..."

    "But there IS," I said desperately, "That's where I'm from and where my father..."  My father.  How could have I forgotten about him.  I panicked and ran in the direction the hole was on the ceiling, "I have to get back to my father.  He's probably worried about me."

    "Rose, wait!" Twist shouted from behind me as I ran, but I didn't hear him.

    I ran towards the hole, unaware of my new surroundings.  I didn't look at where I was going or what was around me.  I just focused on the hole I fell from.  I ran as fast as I could, almost running into other people and beings riding on mechanical animals.  Some I could recognize as present day animals.  Others looked more of the primitive species of mammoths and saber-toothed tigers.  There were three on mechanical hyenas that I didn't pay attention to and ran past as the boy who must've been their leader told me to watch it.  I didn't care about ANYTHING the people had to say.  I just wanted to go home.

    Twist's POV

    Thank goodness the Shane gang wasn't around to see Rose run through a whole slug hunting party.  They might've stopped her and with her speaking nonsense about the Burning World, they would probably deem her insane and take her away.  I just met the girl myself, so I didn't care where she would end up, but if she said the first people she saw was me and Dr. Blakk, The Shane gang might question her as to where she found us; causing a lot more trouble than needed.

    She ran fast for a girl, so I had to go back and use my Mecha Beast to catch her.  A lot of people were shouting at me for having "my girlfriend" running around like that.  Some even presumed I had broken her heart somehow.  Billy of the Hooligang was shouting about almost running her over because she was too stupid to watch where she was going, but that she was cute.  I admit she is cute, but she's more of a pain than a pleasure.

    Finally, I could see her running towards the hole she said she came from.  But what she didn't realize was that she was about to run into another one that was on the ground.  If she fell through, Dr. Blakk would never forgive me.  I sped up my Mecha Beast to try and catch her before she got any closer to that hole.  I managed to grab her by her jacket just in the nick of time and haul her up before she fell under.

    "What are you doing?" she demanded to know.

    "Trying to save your life," I said and she looked down to notice the hole she nearly fell into.  She didn't look to happy that I stopped her from reaching an impossible destination.  So much for gratitude.

    "But, I need to get home," she said.

    "Your home doesn't exist!" someone had to break it down to her, "I don't know why you believe you're from the Burning World, but that world is just a fairytale."

    "Oh, the Burning World is anything but a fairytale, my boy," I was too preoccupied with setting Rose straight to realize that some creepy dude had snuck up on us and heard everything.  He was super skinny and looked sickly, with bags under his eyes and greying skin. "Pardon the interruption.  My name is Gar Revell.  I couldn't help but overhear your conversation.  Tell me, where are you from, my dear?"

    "Up there," Rose said pointing up to the hole.

    "Rose!" I silently scolded.

    Mr. Revell looked up at the hole and suddenly gasped, surprising the both of us.

    "Pardon me, my dear," he said while gittering like crazy, "But are you saying you're from the Burning World?"

    "Uh, yes," Rose said hesitantly.

    At this, the creepy dude, whom I'm going to call Gargamel from here on, practically wanted to hop up-and-down in his skin. 

    "I DON'T BELIEVE MY LUCK!" he said excitedly as Dr. Blakk was approaching us with his men, "You, my dear, are the key to ALL my hard work.  Hah!  You just might prove me RIGHT about the existence of the Burning World..."

    "And what is this all about?" Dr. Blakk demanded of Gargamel, "Who are you?"

    "Forgive me, sir," Gargamel said, "I am Professor Gar Revell.  I have studied the legend of the Burning World for YEARS, and now I believe this fine young woman may be the answer to all of my prayers."

    "Do you seriously believe that Rose is from the Burning World?" Dr. Blakk asked.

    "Oh, if she is, than I can finally prove-once and for all-that there is a world above Slug Terra, and put a Mr. Eli Shane in his place."

    The last thing Gargamel was what got everyone's attention.  He had a streak against Eli too?

    "What does the legend of the Burning World have to do with the Shane boy?" Dr. Blakk asked intrigued.  Did he have an idea?

    "I-I found a journal from Jimmo, the Shane before Will Shane," Gargamel answered him, "I was positive it spoke of the Burning World and of a way to get there, but Eli Shane stole it and destroyed it before I had the chance to read it."

    "Why would a Shane destroy such knowledge?"

    "I don't know, Dr. Blakk.  But I do have ONE clue.  The journal was written in Shane code.  The word 'Shane' itself is an insignia.  Whatever it was that was written in that journal must've been very important for a Shane to destroy it."

    "Hmmm!  Than it seems that little Eli Shane is keeping a BIG secret from us..."

    "Excuse me, Dr. Blakk?" a lackey called and we all looked to see people glancing our way.

    "Of course," Dr. Blakk said before turning back to Gargamel, "We will discuss this back at my headquarters and we will see to helping Rose return home to her father."

    "Thank you, Dr. Blakk," Rose said gratefully.  What?  I don't get a "Thanks" for saving her life?

    Sure enough, we took the train back to Dr. Blakk's headquarters in the Deep Caverns and we made a room for Rose.  Dr. Blakk insured me the task of keeping an eye on her until we could get more information from Gargamel.  Oh joy.

This is the point where Rose meets Twist, Dr. Blakk, and Gar Revell, and where she's from a world above Slug Terra (Twist calling her an angel).

I watched the episode, "Distant Shore", and the way Gar's name was pronounced reminded me of the Smurf's villain, Gargamel, hence the name Twist gave him. Rose is going to be more polite and just call Gar by his name.

Rose might appear to be a really sunny, fancy-type of person with loads of confidence and heart later in the story. Right now, she's panicking about where she is and how she's getting back home.

When Gar reveals what Eli did to him, THAT'S when things get interesting. Now Blakk knows Eli is hiding something, and he's planning on using Rose to gain an advantage. And since she got WELL acquainted with Twist, Twist is responsible for her and her actions.

Twist, Loki, Dr. Blakk, Gar Revell, the lackeys, Billy and the Hooligang, Eli and the Shane Gang (C) SlugTerra
Rose Greenwood (C) Me
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Every serpent king needs a queen

Piper looked admiringly at the picture of the snake in her book. It was amazing, with golden scales and dark blue eyes, almost black. The dark-skinned girl always had a strange fascination with snakes. Piper never knew why. Maybe it was their slender bodies, or maybe the way they moved so fluently on land. There was some charm in the way they wove side to side. Either way, Piper thought snakes were fascinating creatures. She closed the book and stood up from the bench. The girl took one last look around the jungle clearing and started heading back to the city. Piper was the adopted niece of a millionaire, and was taking a vacation in Africa to explore the wilderness. So far, the trip had been a blast, despite the fact she knew the only reason her uncle had accepted to let her go on this trip was the fact that she would be away from the mansion for a few weeks. Piper wasn’t very fond of her uncle, but he was the only family she had left.

As she headed through the jungle back to the 5-star hotel, Piper was surprised to come across another snake in the middle of the road. The poor thing was trying to escape a large mongoose that was trying to eat the helpless reptile. Piper shooed away the mammal. When it ran off, Piper tiptoed to the frightened snake.
“Shh…” she cooed softly. “It’s okay, I’m not gonna hurt you…”
She held out a hand and the little reptile slithered onto it. It looked quite relaxed and comfortable in the middle of her palm. Piper brought the snake up to her eyes to get a closer look. If the snake in the book was handsome, it looked dull next to this one. The snake had dark blue scales, a red underbelly, tiny green flecks the length of its slender body, and deep emerald eyes. Piper liked this snake already. Apparently, the snake liked her too, for it slithered up her arm and loosely wrapped itself around her neck, almost like a necklace. The creature nuzzled her cheek and tickled her neck with its forked tongue. Piper giggled and let the snake tag along with her as she returned to the hotel just as the sun began to set.

Minutes later, Piper was back in her penthouse, looking out over the city and the night sky one last time. She let out a long breath and closed the windows. Then, she changed from her blue and orange outfit to a white nightgown. Her snake friend, who was settled on a tiny pillow on Piper’s bedside table, covered his eyes with his tail as she changed. Piper noticed this, but shrugged. She then climbed into bed. Because it was a warm night, she didn’t bother getting under the covers. Piper placed a light kiss on the snake’s head.
“Goodnight little friend.” she said.
Her eyelids closed and she drifted off to sleep.

When Piper was sound asleep, the snake opened one eye. Satisfied that she was asleep, he slithered noiselessly out of his little bed and onto the floor. But when it landed, the snake seemed to transform. It grew larger and larger. What appeared now…wasn’t quite the same snake. The creature that emerged appeared to be a young man of Piper’s age. He had bright red hair and deep green eyes. But as instead of legs, he had a long blue snake tail speckled with green and with a red underbelly. Piper wouldn’t have believed it, but this was the same snake she rescued, or should I say, the same naga she rescued. And this wasn’t this wasn’t just any naga either. This was the king of serpents, a prince among what little nagas there were left.

The naga approached the bed, looking at Piper with tenderness in his green eyes.
“Sweet girl…” he whispered, with only a tiny snake-like hiss to his voice. “I knew you were a kind soul the moment I saw you…a fine trait in a queen.”
He stroked her face gently, running his fingers in her midnight-blue hair. He lowered himself and placed a gentle kiss on her lips. When he pulled away, Piper stirred. The naga grinned: his queen-to-be was waking up. Her orange eyes blinked open, and she found herself staring into his green ones. At first, she gasped in fear, but then she recognized his eyes.
“It’s alright.” he said. "Just calm down."
“Y-You’re a naga.” she breathed.
Said naga chuckled.
“Yes that I am. But I will not hurt you.”
“W-Why not?”
“You saved my life. I am in your dept. Also…” at this, he began to slowly wrap the end of his tail around Piper’s waist. “You’re too beautiful for me to harm.”

Piper blushed. No one had ever called her beautiful before. She felt her fear for the naga dissipate. After all, he said himself that he wasn't gonna hurt her, and he sounded pretty honest. Also, he was really cute. As in, REALLY cute. Thg naga, seeing that she had become more relaxed, let his grin widen as his beautiful tail curled around her legs. In barely a minute, she was wrapped from the waist down.
“Does that feel good?” he asked.
“Yeah, it does.” she said, cuddling close to his chest. “Whoever you are…”
“My name’s Aerrow.”
Piper smiled blissfully and let out a small yawn. After all, it was almost midnight.
“Are you tired?” Aerrow asked.
“Just a little bit.”
“Just stay awake a little more.”
“Okay, but I have a question: Why are so nice to me?”
Aerrow grinned.
“Well, every serpent king needs a queen, right?”
Piper was shocked.
“You want me to be your queen?”
Aerrow’s hand feathered through her blue hair.
“Yes I do.” he said before kissing her softly on the lips.
Piper could hardly believe this. She was kissing a royal naga, but she didn’t mind. She just closed her eyes and kissed him back. When they separated, she let out another yawn.
“I think I’m going to fall asleep.”
“Sleep well then.” Aerrow said, rubbing her body with his coils.
The massage felt like heaven to Piper. In barely a minute, she was asleep.

Minutes later, a golden snake entered the room. It was the same snake in Piper’s book. Aerrow glowered at it.
“Finn, what are doing? Do you know what could’ve happened if you’d been seen?” he said.
The snake bowed its head.
“Sorry Aerrow. But the others are ready and in position.”
Aerrow nodded. If he was going to take Piper back to his den, he would need a distraction. Thankfully, his faithful subjects, the other snakes in the jungle, were ready to cause enough havoc and mayhem for him to escape.
“Good.” he said. “Now go.”
Finn nodded vigorously and bolted out of the room. When he reached the lobby, he darted to the front desk, behind which were 2 other snakes: a brown boa constrictor and a pale green cobra with dark green stripes.
“We’re a go.” he said to the 2.
Both snakes nodded. The boa, named Junko, thwacked his tail against the wall while the cobra, whose name was Stork, let out a high-pitched hiss. When they heard both signals, an army of snakes burst from their hiding spots and began swarming the hotel. Everyone was screaming their heads off and running all over the place. So, no one noticed an impressive naga slithering out of the building with a girl wrapped in his tail.

Piper yawned and stretched like a cat as she woke up. The first thing she became aware of was that she was in some sort of cave.
“Is this a dream?” she asked, though she already knew the answer.
A scaly tail wrapped itself tenderly around her ankles.
“This is no dream Piper.” a voice said softly.
Here is the first in a series of one-shots featuring (as usual) Aerrow and Piper. But this series takes place on Earth, not Atmos. And yes, I'm adding a fantasy twist. Aerrow's a naga in this one and Finn, Junko and Stork are snakes. I'm hope you like this.
P.S. Now that I've updated it, it's much better. Don't you think?

This one-shot is in honor of :iconfaeths: and their one-shot:…

Storm Hawks (c) NerdCorps
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Finally, better reference pictures of everybody and I can draw them without so many major mistakes! Finally got the right colors, better in-different-view pics, and Moordryd's jacket! I FINALLY found a freakin' decent and awesome reference pic of Moordryd with that racing jacket of his!

Anyway, we DB fans all know how much Artha sometimes likes to be admired more than anybody else. Even if he has to brag about how better he is than Moordryd...and then he realizes he didn't win this one. :XD:

Somehow I kinda hated myself for bringing up the "You have no mother!" thing from Artha's mouth; that seemed mean. (The popular assumption is that Moordryd's mother died and Artha's mom divorced Connor.) And Artha's dad Connor still lives. Sheesh, and ya wondered why Gary Chalk was voicing Connor and Mortis! ;)

The annoying unibrow wasn't that bad to draw this time, and I have no idea why. Maybe it's easier since these aren't really detailed little people.

Artha Penn a.k.a. the Dragon Booster and Moordryd Paynn (c) Alliance Atlantis/The Story Hat/their rightful owners. :P
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Actually, Saw 4.....I think. Its the one with the Hair trap in it. That, to me, was the one that made me wince the most.

Saw isn't really scary...its just almost physically painful to watch. xD The hair trap is my least favorite part in that movie because of how painful it looked, my head hurts whenever I see it. o__o

My head was hurting when I was drawing it to.

And yes. Stork is smiling. I view Stork as the one who would be interesting in all the machines in the, writing down notes and stuff.

And yes, I noticed that I always seem to pick on Finn. xD

So yeah.....I was bored. xD Not as funny as the other ones...but eh, at least its something.

Don't know if this should be on mature for blood....because of panel 2 ( Which is the hair part btw)
Saw(c)Respected Owner
Storm Hawks (c)Nerd Corps
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A secret summon in Kingdom Hearts: ghost-boy Danny
Phantom! He lends his ghost powers to Sora, dealing out
ectoplasmic annihilation to the Heartless. [I wish.]

Two of my favorite characters from two of my favorite series
together in one illustration! Believe me when I say, this was a
fun piece to work on. After a horrible weekend, being able to
focus and work on art is a welcome relief.

Want to see the initial sketch for this piece?
Visit my Tumblr: sketches of the mind

Photoshop CS5 | Wacom Intuos3 tablet | ~13 hours
Art İ Rosie Sinner aka *Junryou-na-Kokoro
Sora & Heartless İ Square Enix
Halloween Town İ Tim Burton/Disney
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I liked how this speedpaint turned out.:D
I do have plans for Dan BRAWL version later on.

Wouldn't THIS look awesome on a t-shirt?

CharacterİDanny Phantom/Nickelodeon
ARTİKrossan R., 2013 - =Krossan
Made with The GIMP 2.6.11
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CharacterİDanny Phantom
DP:LD & ConceptİKrossan R., 2013 - =Krossan
Made with The GIMP 2.6.11
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... all I can say is:

All the greatest heroes keep growing.

CharacterİDanny Phantom/Nickelodeon
DP: LD & ARTİKrossan R., 2013 - =Krossan
Made with The GIMP 2.6.11
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A secret summon in Kingdom Hearts: ghost-boy Danny
Phantom! He lends his ghost powers to Sora, dealing out
ectoplasmic annihilation to the Heartless. [I wish.]

Two of my favorite characters from two of my favorite series
together in one illustration! Believe me when I say, this was a
fun piece to work on. After a horrible weekend, being able to
focus and work on art is a welcome relief.

Want to see the initial sketch for this piece?
Visit my Tumblr: sketches of the mind

Photoshop CS5 | Wacom Intuos3 tablet | ~13 hours
Art İ Rosie Sinner aka *Junryou-na-Kokoro
Sora & Heartless İ Square Enix
Halloween Town İ Tim Burton/Disney
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  1. Tell him that you know about his crush on Percy.
  2. Tell him that you told Percy about his crush on Percy.
  3. Tell him he looks like Ted from The Lorax movie.
  4. Tell him that Percy died.
  5. Tell him that Annabeth and Percy are getting married.
  6. Call him Zombie Boy.
  7. Ask him if Hades had The Birds and The Bees talk with him.
  8. Make kissy faces at him and Percy when they are talking. (percy doesn't know)
  9. Make him watch Warm Bodies.
  10. Tell him that he got into the same college as Percy and Annabeth and that you're all in the same classes.
  11. Follow him on Twitter and send him a bunch of direct messages calling him 'zombie hottie'.
  12. Dye all his clothes pink.
  13. Put Mrs. O'Leary in his bed with the covers on him.
  14. Push him into Tartarus.
  15.  Tell him that he's related to Edward Cullen
  16. Tell him that Bella Swan is waiting for him outside.
  17. Make him watch Disney Junior.
  18. Give him a dead cat for his birthday and make him bring it back to life.
  19. Make him eat a happy meal.
  20. Take him back in time to meet his younger self.
  21. Take a video of him twerking.
  22. Show the video to Percy.
  23. Show the video to the whole camp.
  24. Sing I CAME IN LIKE A WRECKING BALL!!! very loudly in his ear.
  25. Play Mythomagic with Percy.

                All I could think of. Plus my lucky number for some weird reason. :)
I had a bit of trouble posting this one also, but now you can enjoy!
L<3ve always,
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Me:Let's watch a movie?
Tyra:What for a movie?
Me:What do you think?
Me: Better.
Elina:Maybe...Evil Dead.
Me:Nope.Last chance.
Eli:Wrong turn!
Me:It would be fun
Trixie:Tell us!
Me:I thought about paranormal activity.
Tyra: Don't blame us if get a nightmare.
Elina:Why did I know that?
Tyra:Calm down.
I had to do it!Not so long...I know.Tomorrow I will go to school again.
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Tyra packed her bag:"I don't this right?"Suddenly,someone knocked on the door.Tyra turned around:"Yes?"Trixie and Elina came in.Tyra sighed:"Do you think it is right?"Elina looked to the ground:"Maybe...But I think it will help us..."Tyra loooked through the window:"I mean...What about the gang?"Trixie closed her eyes:"They already know and they're OK with it."Elina looked at Trixie:"Do like the school uniform?"Trixie shrugged:"Not really...the skirt is too short."Tyra closed the bag:"You're right.Okay,I think we have to go..."

The three girls went to the living room.Eli,Pronto,Kord,Veronica and Danna looked at them.Eli tried to look Trixie in the eyes but the red head looked away and went to the door.Elina walked over to him and hugged him:"I miss you."Eli hugged her too:"I miss you too."Tyra went to Trixie:"You'll get him."Elina walked over to the two:"We can go..."Trixie conitued the sentence:" the magical boarding school..."Tyra opened the door:"C'mon girls..."

Eli pressed his lips together.Trixie didn't look him in the eyes.But why?For asking her,it was too late.Veronica sighed:"Maybe they'll come back tommorow."Eli looked down:"They'll back in 4 years."Danna was shocked:"Are you kidding?!"Eli started crying:"No!"Veronica went to him:"What is it?"Eli looked down:"I have a crush on Trixie!Not on Elina!Now it's too late to tell her..."Danna shook her head:" the vacations they'll able to visit it.And WE can visit them on the weekends!"Eli smiled:"okay."

3 weeks passed and the three girls perfected their skills.The head teacher was impressed:"You were good.I'll thank you for going to school at our school."Tyra,Trixie and Elina ran away from the school grounds.

Eli was sitting next to a window.Then he saw,how three girls walked towards the hideout.He stood up and ran out to proof his supposition.And he was right.He ran to Trixie and hugged her:"I missed you so much!"Trixie kissed his cheek:"I missed you too."Tyra smiled at Elina:"I think,they should have a relationship."Elina nodded:"Me too."
Okaaaay...I'm reading house of night.So I thought of this.Hope u like it. :)
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Hey u guys. I just wanted to tell you that I am still alive and not dead like you proably think I am. I seriousely need to get stuff done. I wanna redo requests and all that stuff, so if u wanna gimme a request, feel free. I also have a request from JackieWinters, JazLiy75, nicoleblakk? But iff I missed you guys... ANY of you, tell me in da comments. ALSO!!!! I have an art trade with JazLiy75 an Uncle/ Niece moment between Blakk and Angelina. So yeah.
 Missed any of you then tell me and feel free for requests.
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A week later at N-TEK…

Max's Pov: Well Elementor was taken down and the advanced Makino ship is toast, but Steel has been taking the truth pretty hard. The only time I see him the least bit happy is when Syd and Gold are around. Now that I think about it, I haven't seen Syd and Gold in about a week. They wanted to help when the Makino invaded, but I didn't want to risk Syd getting hurt. I almost lost uncle Ferris and even Steel in that battle. I didn't want Sydney getting hurt and maybe even…no don't think like that. Sydney has helped me in many battles without even knowing it was me…

"Hey Max" I heard interrupting my thoughts. I turned around and saw Sydney walking towards us with gold trailing behind her

"H-hey Steel" Gold said

"Hi" Steel said flying up to Gold, "you know Gold…last week you were telling me something, and you never finished, you said that I should know…"

"Huh? O-oh, y-yeah…look Steel, what you should know is…is…
you have to read this:… to understand it and It might be a while until i upload the next chapter because i have a LOT of stuff i really want to put in the next few chapters including a new turbo mode! but i won't say what it is...
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Collection by
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Have you seen the Sonic Lost World Zelda dlc? If not you can check it out:…

In it, Sonic wears a large Link hat. Why not borrow a hat for each individual spike?

I'm not sure if videogame OoT Link has a little ponytail. I added it in anyway 'cause manga Oot has one.
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Another collab with :icongabasonian:

I drew the three left panels (Super Link panels), Gabasonian drew the three right panels (LoP Panels).

Their series may have changed, but the guys still grunt alot while the girls still talk alot!
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Link and Zelda just changed roles (not genders btw)!

In this art's case, a general misunderstanding:
"Cool, but what if Link was a boy?"
"Uhhh...Link IS the boy."

Yep, Prince Link's outfit is basically the Magic Armor sans hat.

The two most common comments seem to be:
"I would play the [insert exclamation here] out of this game!"
"OMG, Prince Link!" *nosebleeds*
Ahahahaaa, you guys make me laugh! Dignity laugh 
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This is an image of a dragon i did using a deviantart tutorial (roughly) to help outline the image a few months ago. Unfortunatly i lost the users name of the lovely guide so if anyone thinks they've found the one i used i would be so inclined to put credit to the guide when i find it. ^^

(c) Sanguaze 2007. All rights reserved.
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from Yu-gi-oh
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Collection by

My oc
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Yayz for tribal style!
I did this quite some time ago on paper. 
Looks way better on the comp after redrawing. >w<

Infurnus (C) Slugterra
Art(C) Me.
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lace hates deep water.... she cant actually swim..... just paddle in it
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    Name :  Elyssa Moon
     Age :  18 years old
     Gender :  Female
    Personality :  A sneaky and mysterious person. She is also friendly to her closes friends but not to strangers. Loves to uncover mysteries, also likes to ride her DC VIII with her slugs.Always hangs out with her slugs. She sometimes likes to get into a fight, because she always wins. However when she loses, she has a way to get out of it. Plus loves to do request for people (secretly). 
      Loves : Her aunt and uncle, her slug (Shira) and her red scarf (which was the last thing that her parents gave to her).
      Hates : Liars, either someone takes her beloved one away and slug smugglers.
      Mechabeast :  Mutant wolf  [DarkClaw Version III (DC VIII)] 
     Number Of Slugs :  7 Slugs
      Appearance :  Bright turqoiuse eyes. Has long dark brown hair that fades to a brighter brown colour till the end. Always wears a red scarf around her            neck.
      Lives :  Somewhere in a city, with her beloved uncle and aunt.
      Family :  Eric "Jefferron" Moon (father) and Miranda Moon (mother)
  No Star   Elyssa's  parents dissapered in a deep abyss while they were chasing slug smugglers on their mechabeast. They went to fast, their mechabeast went out of control, they both fell into the abyss. At that time Elyssa was 10, staying with her uncle and aunt house. She did not knew until she was 13. When she was 15 all she found was her mom's red scarf. But Elyssa is not giving up on finding her parents.  No Star         
      Works for :  Neither. But she used to be Dr. Blakk's favorite Bounty Hunter, because of her professional hunting (:D (Big Grin)), she quits Dr. Blakk's and does request for people (secretly). But she won't do it  until that person   gives her a reward. It depends if its a big request must be a big reward. (she quits Dr. Blakk's because he forces to give (Shira) to him, so that he can turn her into a ghoul because it  was ULTRA RARE. So she refuses     and quits.)
              Elyssa's Slugs :
               Triple Ignite slug  Arrow Bullet (Bright Purple) - F2U! Shira
               Frightgeist  Arrow Bullet (Bright Purple) - F2U! Shallow (half ghoul,half slug)
               Armashelt  Arrow Bullet (Bright Purple) - F2U! Sheldex
               Tazerling  Arrow Bullet (Bright Purple) - F2U! Voulteer
               Frostcrawler  Arrow Bullet (Bright Purple) - F2U! Cyril
               Tormato  Arrow Bullet (Bright Purple) - F2U! Rex
               Sand Angler  Arrow Bullet (Bright Purple) - F2U! QS (quicksand)
               Geoshard  Arrow Bullet (Bright Purple) - F2U! Crystals

Not much to say about my OC's Bio but I like to thank mekeila13 for helping me to do my OC Thank You Hearts Sign . Really appreciated it. This Bio took me about 2 hours to do it :o (Eek) . Almost forgot, mekeila13 reminded me about my blaster. It is a yeah thanks hope you like it.
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Collection by
Sorry, but I just had to.

Why must Nerd Corps recycle so many aspects of Storm Hawks into Slug Terra? It makes my head hurt.

Why Nerd Corps- Why!?!?!?
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jeff the killer
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i drawing not nose slendy now.
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This is tmntultimutefangirl's oc's walkin in the rain, holding hands :love: if you can't see the rain tiz those line falling in the background
I own nothing, all belongs to tmntultimutefangirl.
Comment! :D
This tiz for tmntultimutefangirl.
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Ok so Christine has gotten sick for some mysterious reason, :o, and Max (tmntultimutefangirl's oc) is being sweet and giving her a card and bouquet of flowers, how cute!
Tmntultimutefangirl owns: Max
I own: Christine
Comment! :D
This was for tmntultimutefangirl.
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So Avril Lavigne's song 'Rock N Roll' came up on my Pandora the other day and immediately thought of Mona playing some killer guitar music!
Thus this baby was born. :D

Please note at this is my like my third, maybe fifth, time drawing a guitar so the proportions are gonna be off by a bit.
Okay a lot. :B

Whateves. I just loved doing this! :D

Mona Lisa (c) rightful owners
Art (c) mikiangel1000
Brushes (c) fellow deviants here on dA
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Ahhhh! Mini ninjas! Ninja Kitty 

Made with PhotoFunia
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(Y/N) means your name, (e/c) means eye color, (h/c) means hair color :3 -


The world outside of the Bounty was nice, but had a freezing temperature to it. All of you were stuck inside watching movies, marathons of 'The Big Brick Theory' and "Doctor Brick". After awhile, it seemed boring to you, especially since you'd been sitting there since 6:00 am till 3:00 in the afternoon. You sighed and leaned back onto your pillow.


"Guys, lets do something different," You groaned, your voice filled of boredom. Lloyd turns around to face you with a confused look upon his features.


"(Y/N), wanna watch the new My Little Pony movie with me? It'll be awesome!" Kai busts out laughing at Lloyd's response.


"Dude, we're not five!"


"So?" Zane puts his two cents in, "its quite educational." Kai rolls his eyes and mutters a small 'whatever, I still think its stupid'.


"GUYS." You yell out. "I mean something different than movies and TV shows and arguing! Lets actually do something productive!"


"Video games?" You all turn to the direction of Jay, he looks around at all of you and then shrugs. "we haven't been using any of the gaming consoles lately."


"Jay, I think she/he means go outside." Cole says.


"Well, we have the Wii, XBOX  and PlayStation 3 and 4, those have movement filled games." Jay answered.

You perked up at his words, your (e/c) eyes gleaming with excitement as you jumped up and raced to the cabinet that held all the games, quickly pulling the doors off and scrambling to look for that one game that you've been dying to play ever since you joined the Ninja's crew. Your hand finally skimmed onto it and you dragged it out as fast as you could. Racing back out of the room and in front of your friends, you raised it up, letting everyone see your marvelous idea.


"Everyone, lets have a dance off!"

your (e/c) eyes gleaming with excitement as you jumped up and raced to the cabinet that held all the games, quickly pulling the doors off and scrambling to look for that one game that you've been dying to play ever since you joined the Ninja's crew. Your hand finally skimmed onto it and you dragged it out as fast as you could. Racing back out of the room and in front of your friends, you raised it up, letting everyone see your marvelous idea.
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Yayz for tribal style!
I did this quite some time ago on paper. 
Looks way better on the comp after redrawing. >w<

Infurnus (C) Slugterra
Art(C) Me.
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My half of an art-trade with :iconmekeila13: 
Here we have Aqua Neon, her OC, riding her mecha beast Nightlight

This was her half, Kaiya riding a bad-ass Skies!…

She wanted something similar so i whipped this up in Clip Studio and Gimp.
With ma new tablet!

Might edit it a bit later... maybe
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My oc
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Kaiya Skye - :iconhills-to-sky:

Elina Shae, Jazmine Caylee "JC" Angelo, Imara and Cade Storm - :iconjackiewinters:

Angelina and Daniel Montez, Rosella Garcia, Remy Dillon - :iconjazliy75:

Eve Shane - :iconcheetahreta96:

Harper Pine - :iconmistresstuki:

Lace Blakk, Jade, Blake - :iconjadeykinns:

Erin Pulse - :icontattertotminion:

Gabe Benjamin Maker, Francine Bennet, Samuel Johnson Maker, Davey Cobalt Foffner - :iconskydreamer12:

Elyssa Moon - :iconstarlightwolf1810:

Nicole Blakk - :iconnicoleblakk:

Chad "Enderson" Neons, Violet Neons, Aqua and Ruby Neons - Me!

As you can see, there are a few OCs that are not included in the photo because my notebook's pretty small. But you can always refer to the list to see who's missing.

Mekeila out! :P
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