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~~mystic colorful lion~~Rawr 
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of course more beloved batman doing a cape swish!Na-na-na-na... 
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just a pretty awesome drawing I think if I must say! Batman La! 
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So my Bf has been asking me to draw us in anime and i finally got around to it! Heart :love: 
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I wanted to draw bee for alittle, so I did, this was my first time using a Wacom tablet! id say its not bad for a first go! anyways, I hope you like! Heart bum :emotebumblebeebottle: 
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Amazing how fast these guys really can move when a Tern angers him and he blisters by right in front of you chasing after it.
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Meow :3 
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I'm slipping on the guts i've split trying to tell you all these things in my fucking mind. I'm grasping my head and pulling at my hair in the corner of my room. I'm breaking apart on the floor because rather than carpet, hardwood is just easier to clean. You have no fucking idea how hard i've tried to hold my composure, to not let this get the best of me. But i'm splitting you into parts separating it all in my mind and this part i am going to ridicule until i am okay.

So there i was sitting against my door after trying for the fourth goddamn night in a row to drown you along with all my other ghosts. Your letters were across the room unsent and probably staying that way, it felt like the complete opposite of salvation. It was four am and with the amber burn of the tips of my repetitive cigarettes, i watched as the ashes fell into my lap and burn the hell out of my thighs. And with my cloudy eyes red with smoke, i realized i was alone. I was utterly alone in the saddest way possible.
Numb the pain.
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“What if my internal organs had faces?”
“What if my lungs had tongues?”

These are questions we’ve all asked ourselves, so let’s find out... Organ Story is a dark musical tale following the lives of the internal organs of an average bloke named Lloyd. Enjoy!

You can also watch on YouTube here:
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all i could draw today was blurr and i'm like???????
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bumble bee
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My Creepy but cute pony! Pysco, named after my username, is also one of my new and improved multiple personalities. She has a tendency of getting pissed of very easily, and will stand up for her beliefs no matter the cost. She loves the taste of blood, and seeing others in pain makes her feel better.
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4 Little Kittens...sleeping in a little pile of cute-ness..=p
I dont know if Im satisfied with this pic or not...but here it is :D
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colored pencils
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I drew it and then colored it in photoshop.
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^^; I’ve just been zapped by the geek ray and now I have a new obsession...

About a month ago I watched the new Transformers movie by Michael Bay and I just fell in love with it. I asked for the two-disk DVD of it for x-mas and I got it. I watched it like a billion times with :iconthyisa: and for new year’s we watched it and said every name of the robots that popped up. We totally spazed about it and even put a few parts on A-B repeat! (We cooed to death over Bumblebee’s little ear/antenna thingys x3)

Now, I’m reading up on the internet about the original 80’s Transformers and I’m all geeked up about watching some of the animated episodes x3. My sis is gonna record an episode on TV for me tonight!

Transformers © to Hasbro
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i drew bee as a human, anime style! never done anime before!e-transformer :3 
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...or the best medicine can BE Knockout. :icontfpknockoutplz:

Whichever works better. :shrug:

Poor Bee is so delirious that he doesn't even realize he's talking about himself. :ohnoes:

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This is pretty much me right now; sick with a head cold and not wanting to take medicine...and crying because drinking Grape Juice burns the fuck out of my throat...

Ugh...I'm gonna go sleep now...
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Aurgh at long last :iconpoisontransformer:'s request who wanted a pic of Blades from Rescue Bots. :iconawwehplz: Hehe I hope you don't mind me adding Bumblebee too because my goodness his RB design was too adorable for words. :iconmindblownplz:

I'm not too great with Rescue Bots style I'm sorry but I hope this is good enough! :D Hope you like! :dummy:

Request ~PoisonTransformer
Blades & Bumblebee Hasbro
Scribbleart ~Veloceryx
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By request of :iconstitchxtoothless:, I made Steven into an adorable fluffy pony. :3 Cuz he's that much cute. :aww:

Enjoy! :D
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This movie will be released on February 7 in JapanReally looking forward to it!!

My pic be on display in Shinjuku 
Piccadilly (Tokyo) Turtles movie exhibition. Yes! I did it!
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steven universe is a gift to the world
it made me draw stuff again, and I REALLY NEEDED THAT.

you can reblog it on my blog:…
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Steven Universe fanart XD !! !
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Raph just cares for his bae a lot ok xDD
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Part 5

The Human Factor

'Where am I?!' The bright red-hided Cybertronian's optics flash open and he struggles for a few moments out of bewilderment and fear before he realizes where he's at. How did he end up all the way from the command bridge into the med. bay? There are cables connected to him to get badly-needed energon back into his systems, and both legs are held in thick braces that refuse to bend even the slightest. There's no one else in the room, which is pretty strange considering there should always be a medic when there's an injured 'Con in the bay. Dammit! Knock Out IS the medic! But then who and how..?

The doors slide open and two Vehicons walk in: T-521 and his flier friend. The two mechs exchange a few words with each other before the ground-based trooper with one optic approaches the berth to check cable integrity on the medic's chassis and arms. The red Transformer tries to say something, but the Eradicon closes his mouth with a shake of his helm and checks the medic's neck. Where was this simple footsoldier learning medical procedures so quickly? T-521 moves to the computer and his three-digit servos move slowly to type on it. The medic's crimson optics widen when he realizes what's being done and fights against the thick cables before recharge crashes down on him. Crap... A Vehicon was going to work on his injuries and he wouldn't even be conscious to guide it to do the procedures correctly...

The medic slowly stirs and a servo instinctively reaches up to his neck. Repaired? There's stiff mesh wrapped around it to keep the wounds from reopening, but it also prevents him from turning his head it's so stiff. The energon-giving cables are no longer connected to him, but there's a single cable connected to the back of his helm that leads to the computer. His vitals were stable by what he could see just looking from the corner of his crimson optics. It wouldn't be very wise to attempt standing or even disconnecting the cable himself- that could cause SERIOUS damage to his processor- so he waits for the one-optic Vehicon to enter the medical bay again. Why did he keep leaving? Ugh, duh: he was a footsoldier, so he was probably being forced to multitask.

Finally, the door slides open and Knock Out hears ped-steps over the ground that approach him. Took long enough! Primus... And his audios were repaired, too? Damn, he really had to teach that Eradicon some other procedures! The cable is carefully disconnected from his helm, and he's aided to his pedes. Apparently the mech had forgotten that the medic couldn't use either leg, because he lets go of the red Transformer's shoulder, and he quickly falls back onto the berth with a grimace. "Slaggit!" Wait...that wasn't the stuttered vocalizer of T-521: It was Dreadwing, dammit!

The first lieutenant returns with two long pieces of metal shaped kind of oddly in his servos. Crutches? How on Cybertron did those end up in the medical bay? Knock Out KNEW he didn't have any of those and only knows what they are because he'd seen human-sized versions of them being used. The medic narrows his optics, but can't really look to the other mech, as the stiff mesh on his neck doesn't allow him to. As the crutches are given to him, the medic notes that there are burns covering Dreadwing's digits and servos. He'd made them? That didn't really seem like a "Dreadwing thing" to do. It just didn't seem like a Decepticon thing in general. The massive flier again helps the small medic off of the berth and helps him position the strange crutches beneath his arms. Their optics never meet even once as the bright red Cybertronian limps out of the medical bay without a word. He actually wasn't sure if he even could talk, but didn't care to find out right now as he goes to his room. His audio receptors twitch just slightly as he hears that he's being followed. Now what did he want?

The medic stops and allows for the flier to catch up before continuing down the corridor. If he wanted to say something, he'd better make it quick since the medic's berth-room was just a few yards off, now. But Dreadwing doesn't say a word, and just continues on down the hall even after Knock Out stopped walking. What had he been thinking? Dreadwing wouldn't have anything to say to him.

Then why did he hope the other mech would? Knock Out quickly shakes it off and opens the door to his room. Strange... Everything was cleaned off of the floor and put in its correct place on the counters or drawer. Everything except the datapad, at least: it rests on his berth, which is strange as he'd never put it there after leaving the room. Without another thought, he places the datapad in its hidden drawer and proceeds to look around for anything was out of place. Nothing... EVERYTHING is where it's supposed to go. But how would anyone know the placements? Only Breakdown had, since he was the only other mech besides Knock Out to ever be in this room, but he was deactivated. The floor panel is even fixed... What the eff? The medic takes to leaving the room and limps through the corridors slowly, going nowhere in particular.

After a lot of wandering, he ends up in front of the first lieutenant's room and stands there for the longest time. Why didn't he hate this mech? It was his fault Breakdown had been offlined! But he was so similar to the deactivated mech, wasn't he? No, he wasn't! Yes, he was! The medic was torn between denying it and accepting it. But he was beginning to lean more and more toward the acceptance instead. He wasn't really sure how long he stood there, but on the sound of approaching ped-steps, he quickly makes his leave. Slowly does he make his way to the command bridge: Maybe some surveillance would help him out? That is...if Soundwave would even allow the medic to have his spot at the computers for even a short time.

The door slides open when he reaches the bridge and he limps inside. He adverts his gaze from Megatron, but does take to bowing as far as possible with his poorly-crafted crutches before going up behind the silent spy. After explaining his intentions to the surveillance chief, he does, surprisingly, move away from the computer. As soon as Knock Out takes his place, he figures why. NOTHING is going on; absolutely NOTHING! But he stands in front of it for quite some time until something flashes on the screen and it begins beeping. The medic can feel the spy's faceless gaze boring into him, but he doesn't move in the slightest. Breakdown? "Strange... Lord Megatron, it appears that Breakdown's signal has popped back online; albeit, corrupted..."

As he takes a few steps away from the computer, the navy spy steps aside and looks to the leader as well. "Investigate with caution: It may well be an Autobot trick."

Thoughts begin to flood through Knock Out's processor. Could he really be online? His remains had never been found, so just maybe... "I certainly hope not." Hurriedly, he adds: "Breakdown may act the brute, but he's a maestro behind a rotary buffer!"

Without another word by anyone, Soundwave opens a ground-bridge, and the medic limps through- followed by four Vehicons: two on either side. As they exit the bridge, the red-hided mech glances about the destruction around them. Helicopters lay useless and blown up on the ground and there's an enormous hole in the side of a fairly large building that's smoking from the inside. What the hell had happened here? And then he hears it: Ped-steps, heavy ones at that, come crashing out of the building slowly. Whoever it is, it's hidden in the smoke until he finally enters view. Impossible! "Breakdown! Where" The medics voice trails off as the mech turned to look in his direction. couldn't be... What happened to him? "Breakdown..? What happened to you?"

The voice that speaks isn't the mech he used to know... "Therein lies a table which won't be nearly as interesting to Megatron as THIS." The bulky mech holds up a metal case, but the medic's crimson optics only look to that for a moment before he looks back to his former partner. His armor was rusted, welds run all over his hide, and his optic-patch had been ripped off. "So: Take me to your leader." WHO is this?

Knock Out stands in the command bridge with "Breakdown" standing in front of him and the warlord as Lord Megatron towers over them both with his red optics narrowed. "What is this ABOMINATION? Why have you brought it here?!"

The impostor bows slightly to the leader as he speaks. "I am Cylas- as in Cybernetic Life Augmented by Symbiosis. I come with a proposition-"

Cylas? Silas... Rage floods the medic's processor. The effing human from M.E.C.H. that had taken one of his partner's optics! "THIS is the human who dissected Breakdown!" His servo instantly turns into a saw as he leans forward on his crutches with a snarl upon his lips, but it quickly transforms into a smirk. "Please, my liege: Allow me to return the favor!" With the saw revving, he looks up to Megatron with optics narrowed.

Cylas doesn't look the least bit threatened... "I propose that you not overlook the one asset that provides Optimus Prime an advantage." An advantage? What's he talking about..? "At least, on THIS world." Wait...on THIS world?

"And that would be..?" Megatron speaks the medic's mind as he continues to stare down the former M.E.C.H. agent.

"The human factor." Crap...he had a point...

Didn't he? "Look around you, CYLAS." A very slight smirk passes over Knock Out's face-plates as the poison in his leader's words when he says the name. "I command an army from a mighty warship. What could a human POSSIBLY offer?!"

"I am no ordinary human." The human-Cybertronian experiment turns away from Megatron to gesture to the metal case. "And THIS is no ordinary weapon."

The human rambles on, but the medic tunes him out as he thinks. His servo remains a saw for some time until it transforms back into his small hand so that he can lean on his crutches. Out of all Cybertronians stationed on Earth, BREAKDOWN had to be the one used as the filthy human's vessel? He'd rip Cylas apart if he was given the chance... And maybe it would have been better if this was an Autobot trick: ANYTHING could beat a Frankenstein version of his deceased partner. Even deactivation itself...

"And what is it that you wish in return?" As Knock Out looks back to them, they're still in the middle of their conversation, but about to tie it up by the sounds of Megatron's question.

The "Cybertronian" bows while his yellow optics look up. "Merely a place at the table." No! Megatron couldn't allow him to be part of their ranks!

Project Domecles? What in the hell-bound PIT? It had been an utter FAILURE! Even with Soundwave being the one to control the satellite! Knock Out stands in the command bridge, glaring down Cylas as he speaks with Lord Megatron. But he had to admit that he couldn't wait for what was coming. The warlord had already spoken to him, and he would FINALLY get what he wanted! "Cylas, you have earned your place at the table."

The "mech" does look surprised by this, probably thinking of something else entirely. Priceless! "Lord Megatron, I am honored." He bows his head and Knock Out stands at the door to the bridge with an Eradicon on either side of him and his energon prod's tip flowing with electricity. Here it comes!

"Knock Out's DISSECTION TABLE!" As soon as the words leave Megatron's mouth, Cylas' single optic widens, and the medic would have given anything to see the actual human's face from within his former partner's chassis.

A smirk passes over the bright red mech's mouth and he shakes his head once. "Breakdown would be tickled." And then he advances on the identity thief.

"No! Lord Megatron, WHY?!" The Frankenstein of a Transformer backs away from the leader with his single optic wide, seeming to forget about the approaching medic behind him. Oh well, that just made it easier for the medic as he limps forward on his crutches somehow quietly with the energon prod outstretched. 

"Because Domecles was the best you had to offer- and it is no more." The warlord tilts his head to one side oddly to look down on the shorter yet bulky mech. "The human factor did indeed tip the scales... In favor of my ENEMIES!" he turns to the surveillance chief, who allows an image of the Autobots' human partners to appear on his visor. It seemed that Cylas was about to say something, but instead groans as electricity courses through his systems AND human body. Ouch. "He will be a FASCINATING case for study." That he would, and the medic would be sure to make every part of it as painful as possible. Maybe he'd even remove the other optic?

Knock Out tilts his head to look down at the former agent-turned-cyborg with his head tilted and his prod in one servo. He balances fairly well over the "mech" despite not being able to use his legs, too. "I will leave no fiber or FIBER OPTIC unexamined." He stoops down on his undamaged knee to tap what's left of the missing optic before the two Vehicon each grab "Breakdown" by one arm and drag him out of the bridge as he struggles and yells "No" numerous times. The Transformer stands up again awkwardly by using his energon prod and repositions the crutches as he watches with a smirk Cylas being dragged away.

"Megatron! I'm here to serve you!" Cylas continues his pleas as he's brought to the lab neighboring the medical bay, Knock Out following close behind. If THIS was how he screamed when simply terrified, the Cybertronian couldn't wait until Cylas was on the dissection table. The screams would be the best part!

But as he enters the lab, he hears the sound of large pedes over the ground. Had whoever this is been following the entire time? Wouldn't surprise him if the other had been even if Knock Out hadn't heard because Cylas' cries would have drowned out anything quieter than a yell. Though his neck is still sore, he had long since removed the irritating mesh, though expected for T-521 to attempt replacing it if he caught the medic. Knock Out turns slightly to glance at who had followed the four mechs into the lab. Dreadwing? Of all Cybertronians... "What do YOU want? Can't you see I have something important to do?" The medic's snippy remark doesn't phase the first lieutenant and he instead shoos the Vehicons out of the lab before looking at the now-strapped down Cylas as he struggles against his bonds. "Well?"

"I don't get how you had so little trouble in your processor with what you're going to do to your former...partner's body, Doctor."

"This...IDENTITY THIEF is NOT Breakdown." He points an accusing digit at the Frankenstein's creation with a glare and a growl as he moves about the room slowly to look over his tools. "Now, what to start with..."

"Doctor." The sternness of the lieutenant's voice causes Knock Out to freeze in his tracks abruptly. "It doesn't bother you?"

The medic hangs his head just very slightly before rolling his crimson optics. "It's Breakdown's body, but not his processor. He's one with the AllSpark, and will never return, but this...this human can endure the pain the wretch left me." He looks to an utterly confused Cylas who had stopped his yelling as he tried making out what the two mechs were talking about, but dares not to say a word since he can't move in the slightest besides his head and pedes, let alone defend himself. "Now, if you'd please lea..."

"No." Dreadwing crosses his arms before moving to stand behind the medic and look over his shoulder. He picks up a random tool and examines it before offering it to the other mech. "I'll aid you if you want, but I will not leave. Now, what about this one?"

"That's for RECONNECTING wires, and impossible to use on armor or protoforms besides useless cuts that don't even draw energon." He rudely plucks to tool from the other's servo and places it back in its respective place before stumbling to the other side of the room and picking up a rotary buffer. But that was no normal buffer. Knock Out had gotten this one specially for things like this and removed the usually soft part to be replaced with a sharp-toothed, saw-like head. "But THIS, on the other hand..."

Part 4

Part 6
Falling Inside The Black- Part 6This Song/Music Video Is Perfect For The Story!
~kaleidostar132 on YouTube
Part 6
A Lesson In Torture
Knock Out holds the "buffer" up to show it to the first lieutenant before his crimson gaze flicks toward Cylas. He turns it on and off a few times, bringing it closer to the former agent's robotic face-plates each time, just to watch him squirm. He can't help but chuckle, then brings the torture-device right to the face so that it can cut into the protoform as the human screams and the medic's audios just simply twitch  in seeming carelessness. Dreadwing stands on the opposite side of the berth with one servo over his chin as he watched the medic's work with a raised optic-brow. The tall mech doesn't seem to notice the bright red-hided Transformer's slight hesitation with this action, though, because he's only watching Knock Out's servos and how he uses the torture device instead of how quickly he moves.
But it was KI

Order Of Appearance/Mention: :icontfpknockoutplz:, T-521 & Vehicon flier, Dreadwing, Soundwave, Megatron, Breakdown/Cylas, random Vehicons
Yikes! Get ready for some torture next chapter!
And remember that there's still a possibility for this to change from a "DreadKnock" slash to a "Shock Out" one!

Transformers: Prime and all mentioned characters belong to Hasbro!
I only own the story and {somewhat} T-521 and the flier he talks to!

Title from Skillet's "Falling Inside The Black"! I just really think the song fits KO with what he's going through.

Alert Tiny Icon/Emote Please vote whether you like "Shock Out" or "DreadKnock" more- it helps me a ton!Alert Tiny Icon/Emote 
FITB Chapters Journal
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Knockout and his shattered glass equal. :3
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It's starting...

First: [link]

Previous: [link]

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A young Soundwave before caring for his symbiotes put him in so much debt he was forced into slavery in the gladiatorial arena. I actually love how this turned out, though the colours gave me some grief as well as Soundwave's back. You don't see his back much so it's hard to have a reference, I made much of it up and tweaked aspects of Soundwave's design to make him look younger and more 'hip' for his DJ days with Blaster.


This was before he was fitted with battle armour that bulked up his frame.  


Transformers (C) Hasbro

Art by Silverdart99

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One bot, two bot, blue bot!

Anyways, if you're familiar with Tranformers Animated, you'll see how closely I was inspired by blurr's design, courtesy of a Mr. Derrick J. Wyatt! I really fell in love with that design, so I just had to pay homage. ^^ XD if they could do it with TFP Bulkhead, then I can certainly do it to TFP blurr. His vehicle mode is the same as in TFA.

Mirage should be coming up within the next couple of days or so. I gotta stop rendering so many blue bots, I've been staring at that color for so long, I'm surprised my eyes haven't turned blue. The TFA combaticons should be up within the next two or three weeks.

I hope you enjoy! I know I haven't really recently delved into any other fandom besides Thundercats or Tranformers, but hopefully I'll get back onto the DC/Young Justice bandwagon. I'm going to try to do another sketch blitz. ^^

Cheers guys! You guys are the best!

The series so far:
:thumb268728078: :thumb265675980: :thumb265006851: :thumb264477327: :thumb200823024:


My Portfolio!
My Blog
My Tumblr
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As you can see, Blitzwing has been harassing the city of Detroit, again!
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Never tell a writer he’s good enough
Because he knows this isn’t the case
And he’ll become conscious at the lie
That he can stop improving
And will be unable to show his true feelings.


Tell her she can change
And what you liked
About her displays of affection
Written in words of wonder
At the bright beautiful world ahead



Never tell a writer’s she’s perfect
For she’ll twist your words into decadent deceit
She knows that this is impossible
And will realize you never looked into her heart
As she wore it on her sleeve


Tell him that there’s work to be done
Before he can truly be an artist
But say that he’s on the right track
And guide him with words of encouragement
In his eyes, affirmation is excellence.



Never scoff when a writer bursts out
Bubbling with his interests
For this is what he holds to himself
Wanting to express what dwells inside his mind
But you couldn't care less.

Tell her that you appreciate
The beauty of effervescent brokenness
For this is what separates the mundane from the magical
Spontaneity springs eternal
The imagination of the scribe is unending.



Never tell a writer she has too much time
Because in her eyes, she has lived a thousand lives
To conquer the depths of the unknown
And send the message of her love
To anyone who gives an iota of attention.


Tell him he can use you
As inspiration for the times he’s in solitude
Mementos of the past are sufficient
For a lifetime of present work
And the future will wait for him.

A poem about how writers feel about their work.
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I'm sure a lot of you are, by now, familiar with :iconelephantwendigo:'s Summary of Art meme... well, THIS one takes it to a whole new level.

Earlier in the year when I filled out a 2012 Summary of Art meme, :iconmunkfeavor76: commented how it would be nice if there were also memes that covered two year, and five year periods, to really showcase how much an artist's art had changed, improved, and evolved over those periods of time; I realized that my own five-year mark was coming up, so I looked into seeing if there were any memes available for a five year summary, but there weren't any. So, with :iconelephantwendigo:'s permission (and I also give credit to :iconmunkfeavor76: for coming up with the idea), I created my own blank meme for a 5 Year Summary of Art.

This is perfect for anyone who is also celebrating their fifth anniversary on deviantART, or, if you simply want to show off your work from the past five years, or any five-year period, for that matter; each year has ten blocks, so you can basically show us your top 50 best deviations over a five-year period. All you have to do, is click the download button, and save as PNG (it is also recommended that you use either Fireworks, or Photoshop, to edit); the font used on this is called Comix Regular, you can either download it here, or use any font you want... and you're even encouraged to customize this however you'd like to! Be sure to check mine out!

I also would appreciate it if and when you submit your meme, that you would link back to me in your description... you don't HAVE to, but I would still appreciate it nonetheless.
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OC of my friend TeiOuja
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     - Book, Chapter

     General Characteristics

Name Origin:
Name Meaning:
Other Names:
Alternate Forms:
Social Security Number:
ID Number:
Theme Song:

     Personal Characteristics

Birth Date:
Birth Name:
Birth Place:
Birth Weight:
Birth Length:
Manner of Birth:
First Word(s):

Death Date:
Age at Death:
Death Place:
Resting Place:
Manner of Death:
Last Words:

Primary Objective:
Secondary Objectives:
Greatest Achievement:
Biggest Failure:

Earliest Memory:
Fondest Memory:
Worst Memory:
Favorite Dream:
Worst Nightmare:

Soft Spots:
Cruel Streaks:

Musical Instrument:
Dominant Hand:

     Mental Characteristics

Known Languages:
Pet Peeves:

     Intellectual Characteristics


     Philosophical Characteristics

Outlook on Life:
Political Party:

     Spiritual Characteristics


     Supernatural Characteristics


     Highs and Lows


Favorite Actor:
Favorite Animal:
Favorite Arts:
Favorite Band:
Favorite Book:
Favorite Color:
Favorite Country:
Favorite Drink:
Favorite Excuse:
Favorite Food:
Favorite Flavor:
Favorite Movie:
Favorite Musical Genre:
Favorite Mythical Creature:
Favorite Number:
Favorite Pastime:
Favorite People:
Favorite Place:
Favorite Quote:
Favorite Restaurant:
Favorite Season:
Favorite Song:
Favorite Store:
Favorite Story Genre:
Favorite Subject:
Favorite TV Show:
Favorite Words:

Least Favorite Actor:
Least Favorite Animal:
Least Favorite Arts:
Least Favorite Band:
Least Favorite Book:
Least Favorite Color:
Least Favorite Country:
Least Favorite Drink:
Least Favorite Excuse:
Least Favorite Food:
Least Favorite Flavor:
Least Favorite Movie:
Least Favorite Musical Genre:
Least Favorite Mythical Creature:
Least Favorite Number:
Least Favorite Pastime:
Least Favorite People:
Least Favorite Place:
Least Favorite Quote:
Least Favorite Restaurant:
Least Favorite Season:
Least Favorite Song:
Least Favorite Store:
Least Favorite Story Genre:
Least Favorite Subject:
Least Favorite TV Show:
Least Favorite Words:


Dress Style/Wardrobe:
Most Prized Possession:
Most Valuable Possession:

     Social Characteristics

Criminal Record:
Emotional Stability:


Emotional Status:
State of Mind:

     School and Work

Average Grade:
Graduating Year:
Special Education:
Study Habits:

Learning Type:
Work Ethic:



     Intrapersonal Connections

Immediate Family:
Close Relatives:
Distant Relatives:

Role Models:




Signature Move:
Special Attack:
Summon Level:
Threat Level:

     Physical Characteristics

Skin Color:
Height: in ( cm)
Weight: lbs ( kg)

Hat Size:
Shirt Size:
Waist Size:
Shoe Size:
Face Shape:
Hair Color:
Hair Length:
Hair Type:
Hair Style:
Widow's Peak:
Facial Hair:
Ear Type:
Ear Shape:
Eye Type:
Eye Color:
Nose Shape:
Nose Color:
Chin Shape:

Fur Type:
Fur Length:
Fur Color:
Fur Designs:
Tail Type:
Tail Length:
Tail Color:
Tail Design:
Tail Girth:

     Health and Fitness

Broken Bones:
Extra Anatomy:
Reason for Health:

Blood Type:
Martial Arts:
Maximum Load:

     Perceptive Characteristics


     Sexual Characteristics

Gender Role:

Sex Life:
First Love:
Love Interests:
Marital Status:
Significant Other:

     Residential Characteristics

Sleep Patterns:

     Vocal Characteristics


     Story Information

First Appearance:
Earliest Appearance:


     Extrauniversal Information

Desired Voice Actor:


MBIT Personality Type:




First Impressions:

Strangers' Impressions:

Friends' Impressions:

Family's Impressions:

Self Impression:

Authority's Impressions:

Associates' Impressions:

Lover's Impression:

Creator's Impression:

Post Mortem Impression:







     Defining Moment


Infancy: (Age 0-3)

Childhood: (Age 4-12)

Adolescence: (Age 13-19)

Adulthood: (Age 20-54

Seniority: (Age 55+)

     Other Information

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This is a fairly comprehensive little dossier and should help anyone get to know their characters a little more. As far as my research has indicated, I believe this is the most detailed character sheet around and it will proceed to grow over time. It's kinda of so big, in fact, that many people will have difficulties filling out the entire thing. Indeed even I have no characters for which every question can be answered, so first I recommend filling it out to describe your own self before moving on to your actual characters. You're just definitely gonna want not post that online. That's how identity thieves steal you.

If you do fill out this sheet, please link back to this deviation in your artist's comments. Not only will it give your friends an easy way to fill it out themselves, but it will also notify me so I can give it a look myself. I love seeing what you guys are up to with your own stories! :3

If you'd like to see an example, you can go ahead and check out my yet-incomplete character sheet for my pony OC, Cloud Control. Alternatively, the old version with all the short descriptions of what should be in each attribute is still available on my other account [here]. Please check those if you have any questions. If those still don't give you the answers you're looking for, don't be afraid to ask me!

Go ahead and let me know if you think of anything you think should be added. This is kinda of permanently a work-in-progress, so any and all growth is welcomed! :)

Also, this sheet will be going the major overhaul as soon as I finished slowly going through and updating everything. The placement of each question and their descriptions will both actually make sense and overall the sheet will be much easier to understand and use. Keep an eye out, but don't hold your breath. It will be a while.

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A time lapse of how I drew Hiccup.…

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Stitch and Toothless having a jammy jam :D

My favorite characters by the amazing alohalilo 

Created with Adobe Photoshop.

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See my other art with Toothless, HTTYD, and Stitch!:
A Very HTTYD Halloween by TsaoShinHiccup's Treasure Map by TsaoShinForbidden Friendship by TsaoShinHTTYD: Dragon's Dinner Party by TsaoShinToothless Sculpture 2 by TsaoShinHe Mele NO Lilo by TsaoShin
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Took a SS of a frame in the trailer of 'How to Train your Dragon' and played around with it a bit.
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" Best Friend "

I really love this movie :heart::love:
I love everything in this movie especially Hiccup and Toothless
Hope you love them :heart:

Hiccup and Toothless from How To Train Your Dragon
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Here is a painting/drawing of Toothless, from the Dreamworks animated film "How To Train Your Dragon"

It is created using several materials, such as; Watercolour, ink, pencil, chalk and many others.
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Anime Central 2013
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I wish I was a powerpuff girl <3
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Yey .o. Le cambie el Look por decima vez xD lel 
hasta el nombre .o. 
y ya no es una tiger c: Si no una wolf .o. 
yey .o.
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Wow!! Thank you so much for the daily deviation!!!! :) :) :) <3 <3 it is much appreciated. <3 xo



instagram: michellisphoto


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Entry Piece for the :iconwerewolvesatheart:'s First Contest

Everywhere have we been shown, from cave paintings to grand murals, written of in folklore and holy writs, displayed in roles of evil and of good. Our howls have echoed through time, since man first saw the moon and to the day he stood upon her surface.

Gifted with the transformation or not, our hearts beat as one, race side by side with the thrill of the clan and the hunt, from tundra to dessert, snow or sand, we stand together.

Werewolves at Heart and Brothers by Soul.

Here is one of the Moon's Children, standing before the wall of ancestry, listening to those who've passed through time, their existence felt and also seen by their marks upon the wall.
Directly behind him is the story of the beginning, when a man made his pact with the wolf and, under Luna's loving eyes, the pack embraced him and he became one of their own.

I must say that I really hate when a scan cannot do a piece of work justice. I wish so badly that to everyone who looks at this, I could have it be as nice as the original, but sadly that isn't possible. Doomed by the limits of technology.

Media: Prismacolor Pencils, Sakura Pens, and Watercolors
Time Worked On: 10 hours
Inspiration: [link]

Artwork © :iconredwolfmoon:
Do Not Trace, Alter, or redistribute.
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Christmas gift for :iconsbmccoy13: 
More gifts will be coming up and I tried a different style of shading. :P 
Stained texture was by me. :O
Art :iconlushain: or DB
Character   :iconsbmccoy13: 
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