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     It was a long day at the United Nations Meeting and it seemed to be killing Austria. He played with his thumbs, taking some information in but not all. He was never really work-oriented.

     His curious, violet eyes wandered around the room and soon meet two gorgeous, emerald orbs. Switzerland. Austria frowned. He remembered when the two were small children. They were good friends then and he missed that immensely. His former friend even denied their past relationship. What a pity. What really irritated Austria was that he started to like the stubborn boy though he couldn't do a thing about it.

     He sighed and looked over at the clock which rested on the UN meeting room's wall. There was no point in bringing back old and sad memories. The clock read twelve in the afternoon. Suddenly America exclaimed something, which Austria didn't catch, and everyone started to rush out of the room. Lunch, he presumed. He stayed in his seat though, his fingers entangled and holding his head up as he dove into a deep thought.

     The room was completely empty except for Austria, or so he thought. A blond boy peeked through the door. Switzerland had returned but Austria didn't notice nor did he attempt to become aware of his surroundings. Switzerland wandered back into the room and stood behind Austria, just looming over him as he pretended the table was a piano. The blond boy smiled, which was rare for him. Austria used to have a fascination for the piano when he was young and later on he began to learn how to play it. Whenever the blond heard a melodious tune flow from a piano he smiled, immediately being reminded of his old friend. He subconsciously placed his hand on the brunette's shoulder, causing him to jump and swiftly turn his head. His look was, at first, neutral but then his eyes widened. Vash? Why would Vash be anywhere near him? He decided to lose contact with Austria some years ago. "Vash?" He asked. Switzerland's smile dispersed quickly and so did his hand from his shoulder. "Roderich." He responded, cleverly. Austria's look became neutral again.

"What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be off getting lunch?" He asked.

"I could ask the same thing. I noticed you weren't with the other nations so I started getting worried-"

     Switzerland stopped himself. Worried? Is that what the Swiss boy muttered? Austria heart skipped a beat. He hadn't said that he cared in the longest time.

     "I mean, I...! I forgot something here and decided to get it, but I have it now so I'll be on my way!" Switzerland explained with a read face before starting to march out of the room. Austria got up and placed a hand on his shoulder, making the boy stop. "Why don't we... Have lunch together?" Austria suggested, and this time Switzerland's head turned in shock. "And give me one good reason why I should give you the time of day?" He asked and the room fell silent. "Exactly!" He said and then began to march again. Austria's face soon looked rather angered, this anger being directed towards the Swiss. He turned him around once more and quickly pulled him into the most beautiful kiss. The two could fell a tiny spark unlike no other. Switzerland's heart skipped a beat this time and his eyes widened. Austria soon broke the kiss and fled the room. Switzerland was left wide-eyes, speechless, and, sadly... Alone.

     Switzerland rushed out of the room as well to search for the Austrian. How dare he kiss and then leave me! He thought furiously as he ran down the stairs to find his former friend. Why did he care anyways? Switzerland had grown rather fond of Austria as a young boy and once he began to developed, he realized that what he felt for Austria was actually love. He would never in his life admit that though. For God's sake, he loved Austria while he only had a crush on the Swiss. His heart could get broken if he admitted such a thing!

     Switzerland entered, what looked like, a ballroom. There was that melodious sound again and he smiled slightly until he saw Austria. He was the one filling the atmosphere with such an amazing sound. Switzerland walked over to the piano and sat on it. "I don't understand you..." He said but Austrian continued to play the piece with a carefree look on his face. "I mean... Why did you kiss me?" Switzerland asked. "Simple. I like you quite a bit." He said, his eyes occupied by the piano. Switzerland's face turned a bright red but then he frowned. "S-So then why did you run off like that?!" He asked, folding his arms. "Simple. Because you don't..." He said and Switzerland's eyes grew sad.

     If only Austria knew how the Swiss felt about him. Switzerland decided that if he couldn't speak for himself, might as well let his actions do so instead. He gripped onto Austria's shirt and looked into his bleak, purple eyes. His own were screaming those three words. 'I love you.' Austria had no time to reply to the gaze for Switzerland pulled him into a unbelievably fiery kiss. Austria was, zt first, shocked at the Swiss boy's response but his eyes slowly shut. Switzerland's tongue managed to sneak into the brunette's mouth. His lips must have parted out of shock from the sudden kiss but he was now joining in on the kiss. Once their tongues united and they felt that intense spark again. Their tongues wrapped around one another, dancing every dance known to man.

     "You're right, you idiot, I don't like you..." Switzerland said after breaking the kiss, a thin string of saliva keeping the two connected. Austria's eyes averted after hearing the words, turning his head to the side. Switzerland pouted and placed his hands on Austria's face, turning his head so that he was looking him dead in the eyes. "... I fucking love you! And I have for so many years..." He admitted. Austria stared into his usually cold and piercing eyes. "Vash..." He said softly, his heart beating unbearably fast. Austria got up off the chair and crawled on top Switzerland. The boy's face beneath him was red-hot. Austria caressed the warm cheeks as he kissed Switzerland all over. His cheeks, forehead, nose, neck, and lips. Anything in sight was claimed Austria's with the power of his lips.

     Suddenly Switzerland's crotch seemed to have been invaded. Austria was grinding his erection into the blonde's, causing a slur of soft moans to leave his lips. "You… You're horny?" Switzerland gulped. I say 'I love you' and he gets horny? He asked himself. He took a mental note. "Extremely. I cannot tell you how much I want you right now…" Austria replied, licking and nipping at the ear he spoke into.  "Ngh…" The Swiss boy moaned, his fingers entangled in the chocolate-brown hair. "Really?" He asked, becoming harder each second himself. "Oh, of course." Austria paused. "I… I want to fuck you… Right here on this piano were we can make our own music…" He said, not exactly knowing if anything was going to happen at all just yet. They just admitted their feelings for each other! But their hearts have been harboring those feelings for the longest time… Maybe something just might happen.

     "… So what's stopping you?" Switzerland asked. "Maybe I want you to fuck me… Right here, right now…" He continued. "Suck." Austria ordered immediately after hearing the words, his fingers grazing the blonde's delectable lips. Switzerland smirked and kissed each finger before bringing them into his mouth. He sucked each and every one of them individually, his tongue peeking out from the comfort of his rosy lips to tease them as well. He wondered why Austria was making him suck on his fingers. Was that necessary for sex or something? Man, he was such an oblivious virgin. He didn't dare ask the Austrian man who hovered over him. How embarrassing would that be? He'd just keep his mouth shut and go with it.

     Austria shivered at the hot tongue coated his fingers with saliva, his cock growing harder as the seconds seemed to just fly by. His free hand began unbuttoning Switzerland's shirt and pulling his pants down, leaving his chest exposed and his pants and underwear around his ankles. Switzerland returned the tiny favor by undressing the brunette, his body left in the same state. He secretly awed at the Austrian's slim and lean yet toned body. Just the sight caused him to unintentionally moan, and he scolded himself for doing so. Austria's fingers slipped out of Switzerland's mouth slowly, all of the heat escaping them.

     Austria brought the Swiss boy into a series of passionate kisses as his hand migrated south. His hand brushed up against Switzerland's behind, causing him to gasp in surprise. Austria wanted more of a reaction to he grabbed hold of the luscious butt and gave it a squeeze. He turned a deep read as a soft moan left his lips. "Angh~" Austria smiled. He never smiled but he just couldn't help himself. The sight was far too amusing for his eyes. His hand traveled just a bit lower and his long, wet fingers began grazing Switzerland's back entrance dreadfully slow. "N-No games, dammit!~" The Swiss scolded, trying not to moan during but he failed horribly. Austria didn't torture him any longer. One of his fingers slipped into Switzerland and he gasped as the back entrance tightened around his finger immediately. "Ah!" Switzerland yelled, his hands finding their place on Austria's strong shoulders.

     Austria gave Switzerland a reassuring and sweet kiss on the lips. "Does it hurt?" He asked in caring tone. Switzerland nodded his head hesitantly. It wasn't a terrible pain but it was definitely there. "I'll just have to fix that then…" He said, his free hand sliding down the blonde's body. His fingers brushed up against every tender spot the slim body owned, making the boy beneath him mewl in pleasure, until they wrapped around his cock. Switzerland's eyes widened at the contact. "This is how you plan on making me feel better?!" He asked, irrationally. Austria nodded, his fingers grazing the organ before beginning to pump it. "The pleasure will cloud the pain…" He whispered into his ear, giving it a soothing kiss afterwards. Switzerland felt the need to scold the Austrian again but only moans left his lips. "R… Roderich…~"

     Switzerland seemed to have calmed down and so a second finger followed the first, stretching the tight back entrance out as they thrust. The boy then arched his back, gasping before letting out a satisfied scream. "Ah!~" Austria's fingers had crashed into his prostate. The Swiss boy's grip tightened and he pulled Austria closer to him. "T-That's enough!" He screamed, his lips brushing up against the brunette's hot neck. "… Get inside me." He ordered, the tsundere's face red from his own words.

     Austria did not object, his fingers slipping out of Switzerland slowly. He then wrapped his arm around the blonde's slim body, the other pumping away at his throbbing member. No wonder he was so eager to have the Austrian inside of him. Austria position himself, giving Switzerland a look that asked him if he was ready. The boy beneath him looked away, embarrassed, and nodded. The Austrian tried to calm himself before swinging his hips forward, his pulsating length being consumed by the tight, hot, narrow hole. His face turned a dark red and he let out a long groan, Switzerland screaming in return. "My God, Vash! So tight!" He moaned out, the Swiss boy tight even after all that preparation. Switzerland was too busy swimming in a pool of pleasure to be embarrassed by the comment.

     Austria began thrusting in and out at a slow, decent pace, his hands moving up and down Switzerland's shaft at the same pace until the boy began barking at him. "Don't be so gentle! I'm not a baby you know! … Ngh!~" He yelled in a furious tone, yet it managed to sound rather erotic. Austria didn't reply but his body sure did, suddenly picking it's pace up. His body began moving rapidly and violently, tears starting to form in Switzerland's eyes for he didn't expect the thrusting to become so brutal so fast. "Roderich!~" He moaned and Austria shook. He loved hearing the sound of his name being called out by Switzerland. He kissed the boy's tears away and his pace picked up again, pulling Switzerland forward as he thrust in and out in a crazed manner. The Swiss got the hint and began bucking into the length, his eyes closing every once and a while in pleasure.

     Switzerland's eyes flew open and he arched his back again, into the member. "Oh God! Roderich!!~" He screamed louder, right into Austria's ear. The brunette finally decided to show emotion by letting moans and screams flow out from his mouth. "Vash!~" Austria had hit that spot once again, his length ramming into that one spot over and over again with the help of both his and Switzerland's vigorous hips. The blonde's grip tightened even more, pulling Austria forward to kiss, lick, suck on, and nip on his searing-hot neck.  "Mmm!" He moaned against the neck as Austria crashed into the spot viciously, brutally, violently, everything. It was starting to become unbearable. Switzerland could have sworn the piano they were making love on was spinning.

     Switzerland's lips parted, releasing moans each tome Austria threw his hips forward, which was every second. His face was red-hot, sweat building up all over his pale skin. "Ah! I… I'm going to…-" He panted into Austria's ear. "… RODERICH!~" He screamed from the top of his lungs, the gorgeous, melodious sound filling the ballroom. He trembled as he climaxed, his face being that of pure ecstasy as the creamy white substance shot onto his stomach. Austria didn't last too long afterward, being thrown off the edge and into his own climax. "God! VASH!~" He yelled, Switzerland's previous scream echoing with his as he released. Austria's seed poured into his back entrance, filling the Swiss up to the brim. A soft moan followed.

     Pants filled the room now rather than screams. Austria slowly pulled himself out of Switzerland and wrapped his arms around him. "Vash…?" He asked, breathing heavily. "Yes?" The Swiss asked, his response muffled slightly by Austria's sweaty skin. "… I love you too…" He said. The blond then smiled, wrapping his arms around the brunette before snuggling into his chest. The two friends had finally reunited as lovers.

Austria @ Switzerland: Creators of Hetalia
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(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
You were walking around on the college campus. Many College student's either going home, to class, lunch. It was great for you to be in college. Furthering your education to become a detective. You also worked there to help support your twin brother.

In the years of studying you've met a lot of outstanding detectives as a trainee.

Smirking you felt a sudden vibe. I familiar one lurking around you. You glance to the supposedly undercover L. It was funny how you knew when he was around. It was cute of him to try to be undercover. He was very serious about his work. You learned the hard way as you once trained under him. He was a utter mess with all his sweet, logical ramblings. You were surprised how you ever managed to work so well under him. You even developed a small crush on the weird man.

You only casually walk by him and BAM. Everything went black.

Your vision blurred as you awoken from the sudden blackout. Your head pounded in distress. The feeling wasn't so quaint. The room was dark, but only one light shined bright as it hung over you. 'Where the hell am I?' you thought sitting up from the from your chair.
"Sorry for the inconvenience Ms. ____________. I just wanted to ask you a few questions." A familiar semi blunt tone spoke.

You huffed "Well isn't this peachy. Is this how you treat women on a daily basis." He chuckled softly putting a few papers down. He brought himself fully into the light. Your assumption was right. "Why should I answer questions to you L?" you spoke rolling your eyes. He frowned. "This has something to do with the Kira case-"  you scoffed as he mentioned that case. "Not this again. This is a waste of time" You began as you pull yourself at of the chair.

A quick hand grabbed you pulling you down on the table. L's empty eyes gazing into your (Eye color) ones. You blush and attempt of looking away. "Well, you don't want me to force you. Right?" He smirked.

You blush harder. What has gone over him. This was out of character. You look up at him and put on a equally mischievous smirk. "Go ahead, force me then. I answer you anything." you teased. Next thing you knew he was fully on top of you. His long black messy hair hanging over his face staring at you with a evil grin.

"Are you sure you want me too?" He asked.

His sexy smirk making you squirm in delight. "Oh yeah~" You cooed.

He went kissing up your neck tenderly. You sigh lovingly feeling your fingertip into his hair. Your small dream was going to be realized. He started suckling at your neck. A light moan escaped you. A smirk was felt against your  delicate (color) skin. He was enjoying this just was much as you did. His hands traveling up your shirt pulling it fully up. His fingers quickly snapping the bra away. You blush with surprised. He was certainly skilled in this department.

His hand massaged one of the breasts as his took the other breast to his lip. Sucking the nipple. His tongue swirled hungrily on it.

You moan out making you get more damp in the panties.

He pulled away pulling his shirt off. You observed his well toned chest. For such a skinny guy. He was sure well built.

He smirked wondering his hands down to your skirt pulling it completely off. Along with your panties revealing you wet women hood. He smiled and rubbed your clit. You breathed out a loud moan. He was moving so fast. Your mind couldn't process it. Without realizing his pants and boxers were off too. His member fully erected.

He then moved his face to yours and kissed you hard on the lips. You playfully moved your knee against his manhood. Grinding him as his made the most sexiest noise possible. It drove you mad of how sexy he was being.

You wrapped your arms around his neck lightly as you pressed your entire body against his in an attempt to be closer . Then he started to kiss down your neck, in between your breast he kept going down until his face was right above your more private area. "May I ___________?" He asked as his hands massaged your thighs . You blush with a slight nod and He smiled. He then grabbed one of you legs and started to kiss it from the toes down until he was back at your entrance.

Lightly he blew cold air into it causing you to squirm slightly "please don't tease"you pouted and he chuckled

He put his tongue into you causing you to squeal in delight as you grasped at the edges of the table. He smirk swirling his tongue inside you tasting every bit of juices you had. You moan out his name and as you did this you pulled away moving your legs, so they were draped over his shoulders, in which allowed him more entrance for his fully erect cock. Then swiftly entering himself into you.

You moaned loudly in slightly pain as your vagina got used to his size. He then to pull back and forth. He grunted a bit and you moaned delightfully.

The pressure started to build up, little by little, as you moaned L over and over again. You felt that your orgasm was going to come soon enough. So you decided to switch positions with L. Quickly you flipped him onto his back and started to ride him. His groaned out in surprise. He would stare up at you as you went crazy on him. His hand took hold of you hips helping you pump faster. His moan steadily grew more. "Ahhh! ___________~" He moan. You smirk going harder against him. "L~" you cooed back.

After a few minutes of you riding him. He stiffened releasing his seed into you. You moan loudly coming just when he did. Your back arched letting you head swing back as he fill you up.

He panted gazing at you with a smile. His arm bringing you close to his chest. You breathed looking at him with full content. "Okay you convinced me. I'll answer your questions." You grinned.

He chuckled petting your hair. "Good because this can be pretty hard work sometimes.."
A re-write of my first lemon I ever written a few years ago. -flails and face desks- I tried fixing it as best as I could. It still sucks! It would of helped if I remembered Death Note more. Please excuse me because I really don't remember Death Note much. It's been years. -sigh-

Not really much of a L fangirl anymore. He's kind of overrated... -ducks and hides from rabid fangirls- SORRY >_<

Anyways! I hope you all enjoy this!

Comment's and Criticism will be appreciated!

Death Note (c) Takeshi Obata

Story (c) :iconmslela92:

You (c) :iconsexylplz:
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Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes and strong language)
“Hn… Mmph…! Ah, goddammit!”

Gilbert Beilschmidt’s frustrated outburst echoed from the captain’s cabin, causing fellow seafarer Francis Bonnefoy to abruptly pause his leisurely stroll around the ship’s upper decks. The Frenchman grew curious, and made his way to the bejeweled door.

“Gilbert? Are you well?” he called out to his friend.

“Che…! It’s none of your damn business! Go the hell away!”

Francis pouted. “But mon ami, if you are troubled, I would like to help.”

“This isn’t something I want help with! Least of all from you!”

The audible thud of something—a boot, perhaps—hitting the door made Francis jump backwards.

“What’s going on, huh?”

Francis turned to see his friend Antonio Fernandez Carriedo steadily approaching, a wide and friendly grin on the Spaniard’s olive-skinned visage.

“Oh, nothing, just Gilbert going through his monthly cycle again,” Francis chuckled.

“Frog-legged bastard!” Another THUD.

“Gil, you ok, amigo?” Antonio inquired in a more genuine tone.

Gilbert was silent, though the outside pair could scarcely hear the soft, subtle sounds of labored breathing.

Francis covered the smirk inching towards each of his ears as he shared a meaningful glance with Antonio. They knew exactly what the German was up to. With the utmost stealth, Antonio whipped a skeleton key from his coat pocket and silently slipped it into the keyhole. A slow, gentle turn coaxed the lock free, and on Francis’ three-count, the pair burst through the door.

“Aha! Caught you, you twisted scamp!” Francis bellowed over Gilbert’s rather feminine scream.

Gilbert scrambled furiously to try to hide his half-bare lower regions, his face as red as the tomatoes Antonio was so fond of.

“You sick bastards! I’ll kill you both, I swear!”

“Relax, Gil, you’ve nothing to be embarrassed about,” Antonio chuckled, holding up his hands in peace. “What you’re doing is perfectly natural, ?”

“Yes, but last I checked, the term ‘masturbation’ meant doing it alone.”

Francis laughed. “Well, last I checked, doing it with an audience is actually quite exhilarating. Wouldn’t you agree, Antonio?”

Antonio’s cheeks flushed. “It does have its merits, yes…”

Gilbert scoffed. “It doesn’t matter anyway… I…” He cast his gaze aside in shame. “I can’t get hard…”

Francis stifled a giggle, while Antonio expressed an honest disquiet.

Qué triste. Have you tried picturing Lady Hungary in the nude?”

“Why the hell would I do that?! Hungary’s a dude, isn’t he?”

No longer able to contain himself, Francis fell into a fit of guffaws.

“Laugh one more time, and my sword goes through your neck, snail!” Gilbert threatened as he gripped the hilt of the blade lying beside him.

“Hoh hoh hoh! Will you at least hear a friendly suggestion before you send me to my maker then?”

Gilbert glared at Francis suspiciously. “What?”

“You recall what I said about the exhilaration of having an audience, do you not?”

“What’s your point?”

Francis sauntered across the room towards Antonio. He reached out his hands, gently cupping the Spaniard’s face within them.

“Francis? What are you—?”

Antonio’s lips were stolen before he could complete his question.

“What the scheiße?!” Gilbert gasped in the background.
Francis ignored both his friends’ shock and continued to administer soft but demanding kisses against Antonio’s lips. At first, Antonio resisted—mostly due to the sheer suddenness—but after a moment, he gave in, permitting the suave blonde’s tongue a dance with his own. Neither Antonio nor Francis were ones to discriminate genders when it came to sexual pleasure.

Gilbert, however, was flabbergasted.

“What… Why would you…”

Francis just barely pulled back from Antonio’s face, casting a seductive glance in Gilbert’s direction.

“We have all been at sea a long… long time… So many lonely nights, with only our dirty little secrets to slake our lust… I propose…” Francis glided the tip of his tongue along Antonio’s jugular, and the Spaniard shuddered pleasurably. “We set aside our so-called ‘shame’ and… work together.”

Antonio swallowed back a few breathless gasps.

“I… am with Francis… on this… Ay Dios mío…”

Gilbert’s heart thundered. His mouth hung open, empty words frozen in his throat. He didn’t know whether to protest or play along. Francis had always been so open about sexual matters—Gilbert just didn’t think he would be this open.

“This is insane…” Gilbert finally managed to mutter.

A deep chuckle resonated from Francis.

“Just watch us for a few moments… and maybe your condition can be remedied, très bien?”

Gilbert stared in awed silence as Francis resumed his and Antonio’s passionate liplock. Within seconds, the Spaniard’s tunic was on the floor, his bronze skin exposed to the glow of the evening sunset fountaining through the window. Francis kissed along the golden sunspots flecking Antonio’s arms and chest, paying careful attention to the budding brown nipples.

“Ah…! Fran… cis… Not… just there…”

Without a word, Francis answered his friend’s desire, trailing the fingers of his right hand down to the growing bulge beneath Antonio’s tight pantaloons. He cradled the protrusion in his palm, rubbing in slow, feather-light circles until the shaft was visibly outlined beneath the dark cloth. Antonio’s breathing ran ragged with blissful moans as he desperately clung to the Frenchman’s sturdy back to keep from slipping to the floor. Francis held him tightly, comforting him with deep, wet kisses on his lips and neck. The more Francis toyed with Antonio’s manhood, the more the Spaniard cried and squirmed in delight.

Gilbert was utterly fascinated. He never knew two men could pleasure each other so… so perfectly. His crimson eyes watched unblinkingly at the erotic spectacle before him. His hand began to move automatically, lightly touching the stiffening extension between his legs. He almost couldn’t believe it—this madness was actually working.

He circled his finger over his tip, coaxing out a bubble of pre-cum as his eyes traveled back to Antonio’s now-exposed erection. A blush crept across Gilbert’s nose; Antonio was flawless from root to tip. Soft tufts of dark brown hair curled lovingly around the proud extension, which stood at full attention as Francis’ mouth closed in to seize it. The Frenchman kissed along the quivering length and expertly swirled the dripping mass of moisture around it with his tongue.
“Ah! …Ay sí! Suck me more… AAH!” Antonio mewled, his hands swinging back to grab hold of the desk behind him.

Gilbert’s loins roiled with an electric heat. His fully aroused manhood was drenched with his wetness. He vigorously moved his fingers up and down, never taking his eyes away from his friends.

Finally, Antonio threw his head back and released a savage cry as his orgasm exploded into Francis’ orifice. The sight nearly sent Gilbert over the edge; he wanted so desperately to find release!

“Mmm…! Huff huff… Wait… Keep going… I’m almost… Uhn!”

“Gil…” Antonio panted.

Francis motioned for Antonio to follow him, and the two made their way to their writhing friend’s side.

“Here, Gil, let me help you,” Antonio purred, getting on all-fours and moving Gilbert’s hands aside.

“Y-you don’t have to… Mmph!”

Gilbert’s nervous words were severed by Francis’ lips kissing him softly. Having never before been kissed by a man, Gilbert bristled against the moist maws. Francis did not allow him to pull back; he tenderly grasped the back of Gilbert’s head with his right hand, and gracefully started stripping the German of his upper garments.

Gilbert squirmed terribly. His body was much quicker than his mind to succumb to the double-edged pleasure. He groaned into Francis’ mouth as Antonio lapped and sucked upon his length. He didn’t know what to do, where his hands should go, why his legs were twitching against his will.

“Wait… Wait, I…! Oh Gott!”

“Shhh…” Francis cooed. “Don’t think. Just enjoy.”

Gilbert swallowed heavily before he was once again silenced. He closed his eyes, slowly allowing himself to be swept away. Soon, all that filled his mind was the unbelievable pleasure building in his core. A great wave of delectation rose within him like the crest of a wave, climbing higher and stronger until Gilbert could no longer contain it.

“Dammit, I can’t… I’m com… coming… AAAHHHH!!!”

Sweet relief shot forth from his tip, spraying Antonio’s cheeks and chin with the product of his pleasure. Gilbert crunched forward, riding out the last pulses of his orgasm until his body gave out. He fell back into Francis’ outstretched arms, panting desperately for air.

“Do not rest quite yet, mon ami,” Francis chuckled seductively. “There is still one among us who has yet to be satisfied.”

As Francis spoke, he lay Gilbert flat on the floor and erotically spread his legs on either side of the German’s head. He slowly slipped off his pants, at last bringing to light his gloriously engorged manhood. The saturated tip lightly brushed against Gilbert’s parted lips; the feeling sent paralyzing chills down Gilbert’s spine.

“Use your mouth, Gilbert. I want to feel your heat…”

Gilbert gulped timidly. The usually over-confident young man was now reduced to a trembling sack of nerves, all because of a French sex god. Still, Gilbert resolved to endure, and awkwardly wrapped his lips around the twitching tip.

“Mmm… Oui… Oh, that’s excellent… More…” Francis growled.

Gilbert pinched his eyes shut, using his hands to hold Francis’ extension downward so his mouth could get a better grip. He couldn’t believe he was giving another man a blow job—and especially could not believe that he was actually enjoying it.

He soon heard a low sigh come from Antonio.

“Gil… You look so cute sucking him off… Your face is like a tomato, so red and shiny…”

Gilbert would have spat at him to shut the hell up, had he not had a throbbing member shoved into his mouth.

Antonio started kissing the insides of Gilbert’s thighs, making the German sigh blissfully. Both he and Antonio were well-hardened once again, and Antonio was not about to let their rebuilt erections go to waste.

“Francis, let him roll over,” Antonio requested.

Francis complied, crawling backwards while helping Gilbert roll onto his hands and knees.

Gilbert continued to suck away at Francis, but momentarily choked as a strange stiffness slid into the partition between his buttocks.

“What the hell are you…?” he coughed.

“It’s okay. I won’t put it in just yet. I just want to grind against you.”

Gilbert gagged once again on Francis, who grunted his annoyance.

“P-p-p-put it in!?!?! Put it in where!?” Gilbert stammered.

“Don’t worry about it; just put your mouth back on me!” Francis bellowed in frustration.

Gilbert’s cry of surprise was muffled by the hardness invading his oral cavity. He tried to concentrate on satisfying Francis, but doing so was made much more difficult by Antonio’s throbbing shaft sliding between his cheeks. Wetness dribbled down his chin and sizzled on the small of his back; Antonio’s fingers stroking Gilbert’s twitching length further deepened the pools of moisture on the floor. It was all any of them could do to keep their minds anchored somewhat in reality.

After what seemed to Gilbert like an eternity, Francis began to grow and swell between Gilbert’s teeth.

Oui! Très bien, mon Gilbert… OH! I cannot hold back any longer!”

Gilbert flinched as Francis shot a barrage of cum into the back of his throat. The crimson-eyed man spat and hacked the salty emulsion burning lungs. Francis then lifted Gilbert’s face in his hands and soothed him with a sweet kiss.

“Gilbert… I do believe I underestimated you. You are quite skilled at this…” Francis whispered in his ear, making him shiver. “I think it’s about time we… up the ante…”

Gilbert’s lower half roiled, though he couldn’t tell whether it was due to Francis’ words or Antonio’s careful stroking, both in front and behind. He could tell the Spaniard was getting ready to ejaculate once more.

“Gil…” Antonio grunted, “I want to come inside you… It may hurt a bit when I put it in, but…” He stretched himself over Gilbert’s back, planting a kiss on Gilbert’s ear. “Por favor… ¿Puedo?

The young German did not know how to answer. He was afraid, but a nagging curiosity clawed at the back of his mind. If all this foreplay could make him this excited, would being taken by a man really be so bad?

“Just… be easy…” Gilbert relented, looking longingly into his friend’s emerald eyes.

“Oh, Gil…!” Antonio sighed, pulling the gorgeous German’s lips to his. “You’re so…” Another hungry kiss. “…beautiful!”

“I couldn’t agree more, but…” Francis moved to Antonio’s side. “You are also incredibly beautiful, Antonio…” He ran his finger along Antonio’s side and down to his rear, where he traced careless circles over the round buttocks. “What say you, eh? While you take Gilbert, may I take you?”

Antonio blushed, looking from Gilbert to Francis.

“H-how… can we do that?”

“But of course! Here, Gilbert, roll onto your back.”

Gilbert obeyed; he was far beyond the point of protest now.

“Now, Antonio, align yourself with him. And go in… slowly…”

Antonio smiled, giving Gilbert a reassuring peck on the forehead, and pushed his tip against Gilbert’s pursed entrance.

Gilbert shouted as his walls were painfully stretched. Antonio comforted Gilbert with gentle kisses, taking his time so Gilbert could accommodate his width without injuring the mewling German.

Francis breathed heavily, using his hand to revive his erection. “Such sinful noises you two make… I could come just from listening to you…”

“Shut… up… Aaah!” Gilbert hissed through grit teeth.

Francis smiled devilishly at the harsh remark.

Gilbert held fast onto Antonio’s rocking back as the Spaniard inched further and further inside him. His back jerked into an arch as Antonio’s tip scraped against his inner mound. Fresh, raw pleasure singed his every nerve ending, making his toes curl and his eyes loll to the back of his head. With one final push, Antonio was fully lodged within Gilbert’s clenching insides.

“You’re warm… Gil…”

Gilbert bit his lower lip in embarrassment.

“Ah… W-what happens… now?”

Francis answered, “Just be still for a few moments. Antonio, lean over a bit more. Yes, that’s good… Now…” He positioned himself behind the sweating Spaniard, placed a kiss on each perfect cheek, and passed a quick lap of his tongue up the damp crease.

“F-Francis!” Antonio gasped, his sudden spasm causing Gilbert to tighten upon him.

“Warn a guy, would ya!?” Gilbert snarled.

“S-sorry…” Antonio apologized, glaring at Francis over his shoulder.

Francis merely laughed. “Forgive me. Antonio’s backside seems to have been chiseled by the hands of God Himself.” He kissed the base of Antonio’s spine. “I could not resist.”

Antonio’s face turned so red, it was nearly purple.


“I’m not the only one.”


Francis moistened Antonio’s experienced entrance with his tongue, and finally inserted his erection. It did not take long before Francis was completely enshrined. The trio was finally connected as one.

“Now, Antonio,” Francis whispered, “Move with me. And Gilbert,” He smirked as his azure eyes locked with Gilbert’s garnet ones. “Prepare for one hell of a ride.”

With that said, Francis began to grind himself into Antonio’s opening. Antonio moaned, momentarily losing himself as Francis’ enormity pumped across his most sensitive spot. After a short while, he collected what he could of himself and fell into rhythm with Francis, moving himself in and out of Gilbert’s squelching walls.

Gilbert’s hands flew to his forehead and gripped his bangs. The pleasure was infuriating and intoxicating all at once. He could no longer breathe without sounding like an animal. He was frightened of himself, but at the same time he had never before felt so aware of himself. He could feel both Antonio’s and Francis’ weight upon him, driving into him and giving him life. They not only cured his temporary impotence—they were giving him the most incredible intercourse he had ever had in his life!

As for Antonio, he had given and received several times, but never felt the bliss of both simultaneously. As he pumped, he was pumped into, and it was awe-inspiring! All of his favorite places were alight with desire; nowhere was left forgotten or ignored by his two partners, who touched and held him with furious vigor. The sounds filling the room echoed in his ears, only serving to drive him further over the edge.

And then there was Francis, who inwardly beamed with pride as he rapidly thrust himself as deep as possible into Antonio. He had only suggested this little ménage à trois as a joke, never thinking the two would actually go along with it. Now, in the midst of all this hellish passion, he thanked the higher powers that they did. His shaft burned blissfully within Antonio’s hot walls. His hands greedily groped the thrashing Gilbert’s perfectly-formed extension. Francis had not felt this turned on in such a long time; he just couldn’t get enough!

The pumping and stroking continued for several moments, mounting into a mighty fury that flashed across all three men’s most intimate regions.

Antonio was the first to feel the fever of an orgasm growing in his loins.

Ay, Dios…! This is it for me… AaaAAAaaaHHH!!! Francis!! Gilbert!!”

Then Francis:

“Me too…! C-coming…!! HNNN!!”

Finally, Gilbert:

“Oh, Gott, I can’t take anymore!! Too… good…! AAAAAHH!!!”

All three orgasms pounded together like thunder rolling through storm clouds. White liquid spouted and sloshed about to-and-fro, falling where it may upon the trio’s weakening bodies. They held each other in the final moments of their ecstasy, feeling the pulsations ebb away into a sweet numbness.

Francis finally pulled out of Antonio and leaned back against the nearby desk, catching his breath.

“Gilbert… Do you… feel any better?” He smirked.

Gilbert started to snap back, but a soft moan escaped his throat as Antonio slipped out of him. The caring brunette helped Gilbert into a sitting position, keeping his arms lovingly draped around the German.

“You seemed to have enjoyed yourself, no?” Antonio stated with a smile.

Gilbert blushed, resting his weary head on Antonio’s shoulder.

“Looks like you were right for once, Frenchie,” Gilbert muttered bashfully.

Francis scoffed haughtily to himself. He made a silent resolution—these little trysts would most certainly have to become a regular activity on these eternal voyages… and perhaps even on land.

~*El Fin / La Fin / Das Ende</i>*~
This is my first attempt at a threesome, so it was a little embarrassing to write. Still, I was determined to get it done! XD I hope you like!

:iconfrancemuahplz: X :iconspain-nosebleed: X :iconukeprussiagasmplz:

Hetalia and its characters belong to :iconhimaruyaplz:
Lemon idea belongs to me XD
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Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
(Ugh, another late day at school. I have got to stop getting detention!) You thought to yourself as you walked through the dark streets of Death City.

(I just hope no one sees me... My reputation is bad enough. If someone catches me out here, its all over!)

You walked past a small area; with a large fountain, park benches and a few street lamps.

(This place is always nice at night...)

A smile snuck to your lips at the beautiful sight. Your smile soon faded when you noticed a figure behind you, a bit of a distance from you.

(What the...? That guy has been following me for a while... What do they want!?)

You stepped into the light of one of the street lamps, and sat down on a bench.

(God, I hope they leave...)

The figure walks into the light, revealing himself to you. You sighed in relief.

(Thank god. It was just Kid.)

You blushed, remembering the huge crush you had on him. You liked him since you came to the DWMA.

“Hey, _____. Why are you out this late at night? Something bad could happen to you, ya’ know...” He asked you, now sitting next to you.

“Hmm? Oh, I know. I just like how pretty this place looks at night.” You looked over at the illuminated fountain. Technically, you weren't fully lying; just leaving out some facts.

“It is kinda pretty, isn't it?”

“Yeah.” You smiled.

“Just like you.”

Those words caught you off guard.


“N-nothing...” Kid looked to the side, not making eye contact with you.

“No, I heard you say something. What was it?”

Kid turned to you, his face a deep shade of crimson.

“J-just, l-like you...” He stuttered under his breath.

“What? I can’t hear you when you mumble!”

“Just like you!!” He yelled, looking away from your face.

(W-what just happened!? Did Kid just call me pretty??)

“Uuuuhh, thanks...” You said, blushing madly, looking at the ground.

~~~~~~~~Kids POV~~~~~~~~

(What are you doing!? The mood is perfect! Shes right next to you! Quit with the beating around the bush, and tell her how you feel! You’ve liked her for too long! Just tell her!!)

I looked at the ground. I could feel my face, painted with a bright red blush. I took a second to feel her soul wavelength; she was almost a nervous as I was.

(You idiot! Tell her, before she leaves! You might never get a chance like this again!)

I looked over to _____, and brushed some of her (h/c) hair out of her face.

~~~~~~~~Normal POV~~~~~~~

(W-what's he doing!? O////O)

“_____...” Kid said, looking into your eyes, still blushing.


“I, well, I... I, kinda, sorta, like you...” He looked down at the ground.

(I-is this really happening?)

“Kid... What are you trying to say?”

Kid looked at you, his expression serious.

“I like you, _____. More than just a friend. I have for a while now... And- Ugh! What am I doing? No way would someone as fantastic as you, want to go out with some asymmetrical scum like me!”

(Is he for real!?)

“I should just go-” You grabbed Kids arm before he could leave.

“_____, what are you doing?” You could see the tears in his eyes.

You stood up, still holding onto his arm. You looked him in his yellow eyes. His heartbroken expression almost made you cry. He kept looking at you, confused and depressed. Before he could say anything else, you leaned over and kissed him. At first, he was shocked; but then he melted into the kiss.

He broke out of the kiss and looked at you.

“_____... I don’t understand...”

“Kid... I’ve liked you for so long now... I would have told you sooner, but-”

“You were afraid of being rejected?”


Kid smirked, and kissed you again, with more passion.

You kissed back, putting your arms around his neck to deepen it.

You and Kid broke the kiss to breath.

“Hey, _____, Its getting kinda cold out here...”

“I guess it is...”

“Lets go back to my place, yeah?”

(O/////O Did he just say, what I think he just said?)

“Uuuh, yeah... Sure.”

Kid grabbed you by the hand, and the two of you started walking to his house.

Once you arrive, Kid let go of your hand to unlock the gate.

(Woah. His house is huge! This is the first time I’ve seen it... I know hes Lord Death’s son, but still!)

“Liz and Patty are out tonight, so we have the place to ourselves.” Kid smirked.

You blushed at the statement.

“Come on, its freezing out here!” Kid exclaimed when he noticed your blush.

You nodded and followed him inside.

The inside was just as big as the outside promised.

Kid put his black jacket on the coat rack next to the door.

You and Kid walked into the living room.

“So, you wanna stay in here, o-or go up to my r-room?” He asked you, nervously.

“Y-your room is fine, I guess...”

(Is what's happening what I think is happening?)

Kid blushed and turned to the staircase that lead to the second floor.

“O-okay. Its this way...” He told you, as he started walking up the stairs.

~~~~~~~~Kids POV~~~~~~~~

(Her soul is acting kinda strange... Is she thinking what I think shes thinking? Oh, god. I hope she can’t tell what I’m thinking...!)

I awkwardly walked over to my bedroom and pushed the double doors open.

I motioned for _____ to go in first.
“Ladies first.” I told her while blushing.

“T-thanks...” She replied.

~~~~~~~~Normal POV~~~~~~~~

(Ugh! This is so weird! Maybe I should have just gone home...)

Kid sat down on his bed and motioned for you to sit next to him.

You blushed as you awkwardly walked towards him, and sat next to him.

“S-so... How long did you say you liked m-me?” He asked you.

You looked down at the floor to hide your deep red blush, failing miserably.

“Almost as long as I’ve been going to the DWMA...” You admitted sheepishly.

“_____...” Kid said under his breath, grabbing hold of your chin, pulling your face close to his.

Your face went into the deepest shade of crimson it could. It felt like your cheeks were going to melt off, they were so hot.

“Y-yeah?” Your eyes darted away from his gaze.

“I-I love you...” He whispered.

You looked him in the eyes, shocked, and still blushing. He leaned in, and mashed his lips against yours, kissing you patiently.

You started kissing back with equal passion.

He pushed you down on the bed, not breaking the kiss.

(Are we doing what I think we’re doing? Oh god... Am I ready for this!?)

Kid started licking you lips, begging for an entrance.

You got lost in the moment. Instead of letting him in, you just smirked into the kiss.

Kid growled, then smirked. You could feel his hand slowly move down your side, and down to your butt. You could feel him squeeze it hard.

You let out a yelp. He wasted no time in entering your mouth, and starting to explore.

You weren't going down without a fight. You started pushing his tongue around your mouth. Kid smirked. Before you knew it, it was a fight for dominance. You and Kid both fought for the right to the others mouth, but he ended up with dominance.

You frowned slightly; you hated losing.

Before long, Kid ran his hand up the hem of your shirt. It snaked its way up your stomach, and to your breasts. He started massaging your breast, bra still on.

You let out a slight moan into the kiss.

Kid smirked and reached both his hands behind your back. In one quick move, he undid your bra.

You reached into your shirt, and took the unhinged bra off, and flung it across the room.

“A-are we really ganna do this?” Kid asked you, looking down at your fragile body.

“I guess so... Unless you wanna sto-”

“No. Unless, you want to...”

“Kid, if I wanted to stop, why would I have taken off my bra!?”

Kid smirked.

“Fair point.”

He started kissing you again.

“If at any point, you want me to stop, you tell me; okay?” He said into the kiss.

You nodded.

Kid smirked as he started kissing your neck, his hand on the other side.

He started kissing up and down your neck, looking for your sensitive spot.

When he found it, you let out a moan. He smirked and started nibbling at it.

“K-Kid! Ahh! Kid!”

Kid smirked as he started licking the spot.

His warm saliva sent shivers down your spine.

Kid re-reached his hand up the hem of your shirt. Now that your bra was off, he could have some real fun.

He snaked his hand up your stomach once more, and reached your naked breasts. He started massaging it again, and started playing with your nipple.

You moaned loudly.

Kid smirked, and pulled off your shirt.

“Wow, you look pretty!” He told you as he stared at your half naked body.

You blushed madly.

“D-don’t look at me like that!” You yelled, covering your chest with your arms.

“Heh, why not?” Kid leaned in to whisper into your ear.

“Your so cute.” He smiled and started kissing your neck again.

You moaned loudly again; you could feel yourself getting wet.

Kid gave a low chuckle.

“Maybe a little too cute.”

He sat up and started unbuttoning his shirt. You smirked and reached up. In one swift move, you ripped his shirt strate open, buttons scattering.

“Hmh, a little eager, are we?” Kid chuckled, looking down at you.

“Oh, shut up and take your shirt off!” You yelled at him.

He obeyed, and threw it in a random direction.

“Better?” He asked you, highly amused with your actions.

You squirmed underneath him.

“Much.” You smirked, rubbing the back of your hands against his warm skin.

“This is so much nicer the the freezing cold outside!” You smiled, wrapping your arms around his neck, pulling him in for another kiss.

“Its about to get even better.” He said into the kiss, slowly moving his hand down your back, and into your pants.

“Heh, if you wait a second, I can get these things out of the way...” You told him jokingly.

He smirked at you and moved his head down the your zipper. He bit down on it and unzipped your pants with his teeth.

You blushed as he scooted off of your legs, and ripped off your jeans.

He grazed your smooth legs.

“Heh, who's eager now?” You smirked and gave him a chuckle.

“Yup, you're too cute.”  He laughed as he took off his own pants.

He sat back on your waist.

“Are you sure you want to keep going?” Kid asked you, his eyes filled with lust.

“I’m sure as hell.” You told him, grinding your hips against his.

“Hah, good.” He said, getting off of you to take off your underwear.

“Man, are you wet!” He yelled, grazing his fingers around your walls.

“S-shut up! Its n-not my fau- AHH!!” You yelled as he inserted one of his fingers.

“Heh, your tight, too.”

He started thrusting his finger in and out of you as you moaned in a mix of pleasure and pain.

As you started getting used to the one finger, he inserted another one, adding in a scissoring motion.

You screamed as a few tears dripped down the side of your face.

“You okay? I can stop if you wa-”

“I’m f-fine. You just c-caught me off guard...” You stuttered as you tried to catch your breath.

Kid continued to thrust his fingers in and out of you. After a few minutes, he added a third one.

You moaned loudly as he thrusted in and out.

Before you knew it, your juices released all over his fingers. He smirked and pulled them out. He licked them as you panted.

Before you could catch your breath, he dove down and started eating you out.

You yelled as his tongue wiggled around inside you.

Your hips squirmed around at the strange feeling.

You could feel him smirk as he started to quicken in speed.

You started to moan louder as he got faster.

Before you knew it, you here dry.

“You taste really good, _____~!” He exclaimed as he climbed up you.

He rested his chin on your stomach, sliding his hand up and down your side.

You panted as you relaxed.

He got up off of you and went to the door.

“I’ll be right back.” He smirked as he slipped out of the room.

He left you there, naked and panting, thinking over what all just happened.

Just remembering the actions made you wet again.

(Uuugh! Where did he go? The suspense is killing me!)

Kid soon walked back into the room; fully naked, wearing a condom.

“Did you miss me?” He asked you, smirked as he walked back over to the bed.

“You shouldn’t keep people waiting like that! I was nearly turned off!” You joked.

“Heh, anyone could see that your already wet again.” He chuckled and he crawled back on top of you.

You blushed.

"Are you ready?" He asked you.

"As ready as I'll ever be."

Kid spread your legs apart.

You could feel the tip of his shaft at the edge of your walls.

He slowly started to insert.

(What a tease!)

You moaned and squirmed as he seemed to go slower.

"Kid! Hurry up already!!" You yelled out.

"Heh, if you insist."

With that, he rammed himself into you.

You let out a shriek of pain, followed by moans of pleasure.

Kid waited until it stopped hurting until he started thrusting.

He started off slow and gentle, as you moaned. Soon enough, you wanted more.

"Ahh~! Kid! Faster! Harder!" You yelled

He smirked and started going faster and harder. Soon enough, he hit your g-spot.

"Kid, h-hit there again! Please!!" You pleaded.

He hit it several times, each time you let out a loud moan.

Soon, you were reaching your climax.

Kid could see it in your eyes.

He started going faster and faster, as you moaned and squirmed.

Soon, you came, releasing you juice all over him.

Kid took himself out.

You collapsed, but Kid was still standing.

"If you want, I-I can still go... You wouldn't have to do anything..." He told you.

You nodded at him. He blushed and turned you over.

He re-inserted himself into you as you continued to moan in pleasure.

He thrusted in and out for much longer that you thought possible, as you supported yourself with your forearms.

(Guess being a grim reaper gives him more energy? I would never be able to last this long, doing all the work... But, damn it feels good!)

After a few hours, it was getting really late. Kid took himself out of you, and laid next to you on the bed, both of you panting.

"I-it's l-l-late... I-I should g-get back h-home..." You told Kid.

"No, i-it's too d-dark outside. Y-your staying here tonight. Besides, i-it's the weekend! No one will even notice!" He told you, wrapping his arms around you.

His warm body was so hard to resist.

"F-fine. I'll stay for the night."

"Good." He slightly tightened the hug.

"Oh, and _____..."

Yeah, Kid?"

He kissed your forehead.

"I love you." He whispered just before falling asleep.

"I love you, too...

I love you, too." You smiled and drifted off asleep, as well.
I do not own Death the Kid, Death City, or Soul Eater.
I only own "You". Also shown as "_____".

Okay, I wrote one. My first lemon. I have a feeling it sucked...
I was going to wait and upload it until I hit 400+ pageviews in about a week to celebrate, but, I love you guys too much!

Readers Adventure at the DWMA: lifeisablackhole9.deviantart.c…

OC adventure: lifeisablackhole9.deviantart.c…

Death the Kid x Reader -Revenge- (part one): lifeisablackhole9.deviantart.c…

Fuck the filter. Enjoy, ya sickos. :P
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Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
Word somehow got around the school quick. You and Kid were official, and were even dating as well. Although you were happy with Kid, you also were kind of starting to get a bit impatient with him. Since that time that happened in his house with you and him literally dry humping each other under the kotasu, you couldn’t help but want more of that blissful feeling. You tried many times to seduce him during school, sometimes shoving him in an empty closet and try to seduce him. Yet they always back-fired and you couldn’t help but feel dejected. Why was he avoiding your sexual desire? Why is he always saying “No” when you’re clearly asking for it? Were you not good enough? Was that time just a dream? Soon after a while, you gave up in trying to seduce him and just stayed as an innocent girlfriend. But deep down, you wanted Kid to ravish you with his hands and to pump inside you like there was no tomorrow. You longed for him to whisper “I love you” and give you as much pleasure as he could, and yet, it wasn’t going to be happening anytime soon.

One rainy day stormed by and you and Kid were walking back home, Kid holding an umbrella above you and him as you walked through the rain. You didn’t say a word, and neither did Kid as you walked in silence. Finally, you had enough courage to speak to him. “So…Kid…would you like to stay at my house for today?” You asked shyly, earning a sigh from him. “No thanks…sorry..But I got some studying to do.” As fate would have it, a car suddenly passed by and ended splashing Kid as he growled in slight annoyance now that he was wet. “Let me ask you that question again.” You said smugly, earning a glare from your boyfriend as he sighed once more and nodded. “Alright…fine…” He answered with slight annoyance. You just now began to notice how stressed he seemed, maybe some relaxing might help him. As you arrived at your house you led him to a dressing room and gave him a change of clothes and then led him to your room. He stared at your room that was completely clean. Not a single thing was on the floor and to him, everything was symmetrical. “Oh my god ______! Everything is so symmetrical!! I should come over more often!!” He said with his starry eyes as you couldn’t help but giggle softly at his reaction towards your room. “Thanks…you can have a seat on my chair, I’m going to get some snacks and drinks.” He nodded and did so as you left, little did you realize that he was staring at your mini skirt and your (f/c) panties were showing slightly. He blushed at the sight and quickly shook his head. ’No…I need to keep my self control…’ He thought as he tried not to think about it more. However, the thought soon turned more dirty as his thoughts slowly trailed to when you would be stark naked in front of him, wearing nothing but your lacy (f/c) panties and lying on your bed with your legs spread apart. You were looking up at him with lust filled eyes as you were panting and moaning softly, a dark blush coating your cheeks. “Oh Kid…~ Stop teasing me you naughty boy you~”

His eyes widen and he quickly covered himself, the pants he was borrowing was growing ever so tighter as he blushed red. Although he may not want to admit it, ever since that time at his house, he’s been thinking the same thing about touching your bare skin and making you scream his name while he pounded into you. But he never cared about his thoughts toward it, he only cared about yours and he was scared of being rejected for even trying to have sex with you. He sighed once more and looked down at himself. “I guess since she’s gone, I may as well try and take care of it myself before she gets back, but I have to do it quickly.” He slowly lowered his hand inside his pants and began to gently stroke himself, the thoughts of you sprawled on the bed and your soft skin covered in his semen was driving him crazy as his pace slowly grew more animalistic until… “Kid…what the hell are you doing…?” His thoughts and his hand stopped as he looked up at you, his face blushing red in embarrassment. “____-_____! I-It’s not what you think!” His flustered voice stopped once you started giggling and laughing. “Oh Kid…I’d never thought I’d see the day when you actually wanted me!” You said excitedly as you set down the snack and water and slowly walked towards him with a seductive smirk slowly crawling on your lips. “Wh-what are you doing _____?” He asked nervously as he watched you get on your knees and lower down his pants with your teeth, releasing his erection as it stood proudly. “I’d just thought I’d help you…~” Before he could resist, you slowly licked his shaft towards his tip and licked in a circle before giving it a light kiss as he groaned in pleasure. Hearing his moans only encouraged you to continue as you slowly lowered your wet cavern for him to enter inside, bobbing your head up and down and going a little lower each time. He panted and groaned more and he lightly gripped your hair, moaning softly as he felt your tongue rub against his shaft in a slow and sensual manner. “_______....I….I’m…gonna…” Before he could cum, you quickly pulled your mouth back, allowing his sticky substance to blow against your cheeks as he came. “S-Sorry…” He said softly, only earning a small smile from you and a chuckle. “It’s alright…but now it’s your turn…” He looked at you confused as he watched you lay on your bed and slowly spreading your legs, revealing your lacy (f/c) panties, who would’ve thought that you’re wearing perfect underwear for the perfect occasion.

His erection bounced back up as he watched you slowly reveal your panties by lifting your skirt a little with a small smirk on your lips, deciding to tease him. “Kid…~ Your missing out big time…~” You said softly before slowly entering your middle finger against your tongue and rubbing it up and down while using your other finger to press and rub against your clothed clit, moaning softly in the process. “Kid…~ Oh Kid~…” You moaned, watching him stand and walk towards you with an impatient look, pinning you down and kissing you roughly. He broke the kiss and snatched your hand away from your clit and replaced it with his, using his middle finger to rub and press your button making you moan loudly in pleasure. “ don’t know how many times you make me go crazy…ever since that time under the table…I couldn’t help but want to go further…but I was scared that I would hurt you since I’ve always cared about how you felt before I made a decision….I never thought that you felt the same…” He whispered in a husky voice, making you shiver as his breath lightly tickled your ear down to your neck. “Kid….” You said softly, looking up at him and ripping his shirt off of his torso. “Take me….now…~” You whispered before bringing him down for a rough kiss, landing him on top of you and his erection roughly pushing against your button making you a moaning mess in the kiss. He quickly took off his pants and boxers while you quickly slipped off your black dress and tossed away your lacy underwear, revealing each other’s bodies. Kid pinned you once more as your head was slightly hanging from the edge of the bed, but you didn’t care, you just wanted to make love to him. Kid kissed your neck down to your breasts, giving them attention by licking and sucking them, making them erect and pink and covered in his spit. He went lower until he reached your opening and slowly licking up your clit just like how you licked up his shaft earlier and sucked on it gently, loving the sound of your moans encouraging him to not stop his actions.

Before you came however, he slowly came back up and positioned himself in front of your opening. “Are you ready ______...?”  You nodded eagerly and wrapped your arms around his neck. “Go for it Kid…” You said with an encouraging yet seductive voice, earning a smirk from his handsome features as he slowly and gently entered inside your body, making sure to wait for you to adjust before he began moving. His thrusts started out as slow paces before turning into a normal pace; you moaning in time with his thrusts as you hung your head over the edge of the bed in ecstasy.

“Kid…ah~…harder~” You moaned, feeling him go a bit harder and faster as the bed started to rock in time, creaking rather loudly. You and Kid didn’t care if you both got caught though; all that mattered was you two and the immense pleasure you both were experiencing. He slowly went deeper and hit your g-spot, making you moan and squirm like crazy, begging him to go harder and faster as he obeyed your commands. He grunted on every thrust he gave you, loving your tight walls surrounding his shaft. “My god ______...I love how tight you are…~!” He moaned loudly, holding your body close and sitting up, making you sit on his lap as he thrusted once more, making your body bounce up and down against him. He held your hips and laid on his back. “Ride me ______...I’ve dreamed of you riding me…it turns me on more just thinking about it~” He said with a sly smirk as you obeyed and began to bounce up and down, moaning louder and louder. “Kid…~ KID~! Oh my god yes~!!” You moaned loudly, suddenly releasing your liquid as Kid followed your actions, both of your love juices mixed together.

You collapsed beside him and cuddled close to his chest, feeling his warm arms wrap around your frail figure. “Are you alright…?” He asked, worried that he might have hurt you. You smiled softly and nodded. “Yea…I’m just happy…” He chuckled lightly and kissed your forehead, watching you slowly fall asleep before falling asleep himself.

Stays in the bedroom...


Seriously though...this sequel took forever to write! Sorry if it's rushed, also I give credit to the artist for this art work.


Anyways hope you enjoy, if you want the first part go to here:…

Edit 12/27/2013: I decided to continue the series and not leave it hanging so here:…

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Collection by
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes)

You went up to your room, where Julchen locked the door and started unbuttoning her coat at a teasingly slow pace, while you sat on the bed. You were blushing like crazy. "I'm really going to do this aren't I?! I'm going to lose my virginity, to another girl!" your thoughts screamed. "You look so cute right now, really turns me on." she moaned in your ear.  You scanned her shirtless form and pretty much got a nosebleed when you saw her bra that barely even contained her large bust was decorated with her country's colors, black and white. She stood up straight and pointed to her jeans. "You can take these off, can't you sweetheart?" You gulped and nodded at the same time. Your hands shook as you unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans. You looked away when you quickly pulled them off but when you looked back you couldn't help but stifle a laugh.

Her panties were covered with little yellow birds. It was her turn to blush. "C-crap, I forgot I was wearing those." she stuttered. You kept on laughing and she just kept on getting annoyed. "You know what, (Name)? I've got something special for you..." she trailed off. Something about her tone made you stop laughing instantly. She picked up one of your pillows and ripped off some of the fabric. Before you can complain, she threw the fabric over your face and tied it to cover your mouth. "Kesese, there! Now, for laughing you have to be punished." She proceeded to unclothe you, which made your whole body heat up, especially when she was basically drooling over your nearly nude form when she was done. "Now, time to try out a few tricks that my sister's books taught me." She crawls on top of you on the bed and rips some more fabric from the pillows. She ties your wrists to the bedpost then continues to attack your neck with rough kisses. She travels down your collarbone and stops at your breasts. "In my way..." she mumbled to herself as she reached around your body and skillfully unclipped your bra. She tossed it away carelessly and stared at them awe-struck.

"Wow, uh... (Name) just...damn." You wanted to just scream an uncountable amount of profanities at her, but your mouth was still covered. You just looked away from her, too embarrassed to even make eye-contact. "(Name), look at me. There's nothing to be embarrassed about, you're beautiful." You open your eyes and see Julchen's ruby ones locked with your own. Maybe she wasn't just a perverted weirdo after all. Maybe she really did...ugh, were you really going to come to this conclusion? Perhaps she really you? Your thoughts were cut short when her mouth attached to the firm bud on the peak of your right tit. Your muffled moans were like music to her ears. Your left one was not left untouched, Julchen assured that while she sucked hard on your right tit, she kneaded and rolled the other bud between her fingers and vice-versa. She then headed south and she stopped after a gentle kiss on the hem of your panties which made you shiver. You felt her pull them down all the way past your ankles. You were so freaked out that you were now fully exposed to her that you wiggled and squirmed. "Now, frau, that was pretty naughty. I think we need a little more bondage." she purred. While she ripped more fabric, you thought you heard her mumble: "Thank you, Monica and you're fetishes!" but you weren't sure if she really said it or not.

She tied down your legs so you were now making an 'X' on the bed. You were now completely vulnerable to whatever she wanted to do with you. You squirmed somewhat when you felt her trace your womanly lips with her finger. "Ohh, (Name), your cunt is already dripping." she smugly remarked.  "Shut the hell up." you wanted to say but all that came out were muffled grunts. You threw your head back when she inserted one, two, no, three digits into you! She stretched out your tight, hot walls as she roughly pumped in and out. She was very pleased with herself as she watched your pleasured expressions pass over your face, but she quickly became jealous of your ecstasy. She slipped her fingers out of you and licked your juices off her fingers one at a time. You panted and were almost afraid of what she was thinking of doing next. "I don't think this is very fair, now is it, (Name)? You need to make me cum, too." Julchen cooed. She reached for your gag and pulled it down so it would hang around your neck. "W-what now?" you asked trying to keep the fear out of your voice. "Aww, liebe, no need to be frightened..." she started as she caressed your cheek. "I only want to make you feel good, ja?" You looked away from her and blushed once more. "Like I said, I'm only doing this because I lost that game." you replied sternly. She chuckled. "Still going with that excuse, ja? Whatever you say, liebe." Julchen answered. She stood up and dropped her panties faster than you can blink. You fought the urge to look away and continued to look at her bare lady parts. "H-hey, Julchen, c-can you take your bra off also?" you asked, the warmth in between your legs now aching for being delayed a climax for so long. "Kesese, okay, but only because you asked nicely." She quickly did what you asked.

"Kesese, well here they are! My awesome German boobies!" she exclaimed while she gave them a rough squeeze. At this point you weren't exactly sure how you were able to keep blood from gushing out of your nose. Her hands drifted down her stomach and to her clit where you watched her play with herself. Her other hand was around her left nipple, squeezing and twisting it  between her fingers. You rubbed your thighs together hoping to ease the lust in your pussy. Finally, you couldn't stand it anymore. "Fuck me, Julchen! Please! Fuck me!" She looked at you with a crazy rape-face,  but at this point you weren't too scared, you just cared about your need of an orgasm. "With pleasure." she cooed. She crawled on top of you in a way so that her wet, sex was in front of your face and she was staring at your own. "This is called the 69 position, (Name), this way I can eat you out while you eat me out." she told you right before her moist tongue entered your own moist entrance. You immediately returned the favor and entered her own heat with your pink muscle.

This went on for some time, but Julchen spiced it up a little when she started to flick your clit in addition to eating you out. You moaned into her and followed her lead except you were much more rougher. Her moans were much more louder and you soon felt  her walls flex around your tongue and a splash of her juices flooded your mouth. You swallowed it all and pulled out of her, satisfied with yourself that you made her cum first. Not long after you felt the coil in your stomach begin to tighten more and more until you finally saw white and released into Julchen's mouth. She lapped up all of juices and crawled up to lay next to you on the bed. You were both panting, sweaty messes by now, not that it mattered. You were surprised when she cuddled up to you and rested her head on your chest. "Ich liebe dich." she whispered, pink slightly shading her face. You smirked. "I know." you replied. She frowned and looked away. You lifted her chin and kissed her for as long as you could. She closed her eyes and the both of you savored the moment. You finally broke apart at the same time each of you touching foreheads. "I love you, too. Thanks for helping me realize that." A crooked grin appeared on her face. "Kesese, I knew it!" she exclaimed. "Just shut up and go to sleep, Julchen."
What. The. Fuck. Did. I. Just. Write?


Anyways.....first please be gentle....

Did i make the reader a little tsundere? I feel like a did.....

Just another note here....this was me while i was writing this.....:iconovariesplz:

Hope everyone enjoys!

Hetalia: :iconhimaruyaplz:

Story: :icongamermel7:

You: :iconyayjulchenplz:

Previous: [link]
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Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity, sexual themes and strong language)
********THIS IS A LEMON********

You all know what yuri is, so if you don't wanna see it...why are you here? ^.^

Here we go!!

You let out a small sigh, and suddenly let out a long, loud, moan. Katyusha started to softly lick and pinch your pink nipples. "Ah...Katyusha, t-that feels so fucking good!" You moaned, gasping loudly as she took your breast into her hot, moist, mouth. She started to lick and suck tenderly, while rubbing herself through her underwear. You closed your eyes, gripping the sheets, "Oh God, stop teasing me!" You begged. She stopped and rubbed your sides. "You know you like it _____." Katyusha said while flicking your hardend nub. She noticed your soaken panties, and started to rub your entrance through your panties, making your insides hot and your hips going up and down. "K-Katyusha!!" you moaned ;oudly, throwing your head back. She got lower, slipping off your panties, reviling your sweet flower, dripping wet. "Ah..." Katyusha breathed on your sensitive vital region. The light blonde kissed your clit, while rubbing your wet folds. You started to shake. "AH! S-Stop teasing please Katya!!" You gripped her hair. Her tongue flickered on your clit. starting off slowly, then doing it so fast that you saw stars. You felt your walls tighten and you were feeling your orgasm sneak up on you. Katyusha took this as a warning. She slipped 3 fingers in very slowly, painfully slowly, into your vagina. She went in circles, almost tickling you. "Oh fuck me please God dammit!" you said thrashing your hips up and down against her arm. About a second later, she stopped abruptedly and smiled. "Okay _____, I'll fuck you."

Katyusha slipped off her silk underwear and spread your legs very far. Your legs protested but you dealt with it. She made her and your legs cross, like a sissoring position. "_____, a-are you ready?" Katyusha asked, moaning as she felt your heat radiat off of your pussy. "Y-yeah...lets start baby." You both started to grind each other, you gripped her legs as you thrusted forward. "Oh!____! Yeah right there! Right there! Ahh~" Katyusha gasped out, her large boobies bouncing up and down. Both of your moans filled the room. You felt your stomach curl and with one last rub, you were sent over the edge and cried out in pleasure. "Ah shit! K-Katyusha! Fuck!" You were shaking as you felt Katyusha grab you and spill all of her sweet juices on your sore, throbbing pussy. You and her seperated, you laid down and felt Katyusha hug you and nuzzle you . "_____...that was nice...oh so good." She said in a calm voice. "Yeah, it was." You responded, holding her more tightly.

"I love you _____." She said looking up at you. You smiled and kissed her passinetaly. She moaned in the kiss, as your tongues wrapped around each other for a second..then, going apart, both of your foreheads touching.

"I love you too beautiful...."
Okay my original one got removed because I forgot to put a mature content notice on...err...something >.<

Now it has a everyone happy? Okay? Okay. :iconmoesmileplz:

Part 1: [link]
Part 2: [link]
Part 3: You're here!
Part 4: In process! :iconfriendlymushroomplz:

Ukraine/Hetalia does not belong to me.
The story does belong to me
You belong to :iconyayukraineplz:
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Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes)
Belarus fidgeted in her seat, a glass of half-drunk vodka in her hand, as she watched you slowly eat your food. You knew damn well what she wanted, and was slowing down your pace in an attempt to tease her.

The worst part was that it was working; Belarus crossed her legs as you tantalizingly licked your fork. She squeezed her thighs together in a vain attempt to relieve the painful ache between her legs as you sucked on the fork.

She let out a low growl as you threw her a smirk, damn you and your fucking sexual restraint. If she had her way, you would be pinned to the wall and she would ravage you until your body gave out. She was straight forward in her ‘advances’ you tended to be a bit more seductive with your teasing actions and coy looks.

As of such, you tended to charismatically manipulate yourself into the dominant role with her only realizing after.

Finally deciding that she had enough torture, you placed your fork on the plate, signally you were done. Belarus downed the rest of her vodka before getting out of the chair, to angrily place the dishes in the sink.

She gasped as she dropped the dishes, thankful they didn’t shatter, turning around as your hand slid underneath the fabric.  Belarus let out a whine as you started to knead the flesh on her hip, Belarus quickly let out a moan as you leaned forward to drag your tongue across her earlobe.

“Fuck,” Belarus breathed as you dragged your hand up to cup a lacey breast.

“What was that?” you breathed against her ear, pinching the rose bud in the middle of her breast, “You want me to fuck you?”

Her whimpers got louder as you abandoned her breast to play with the band of her pants.

The hand on her hip started to unbutton the blouse that Belarus had decided to wear today. She had stopped obsessively wearing the blue dress that was a gift from her brother, wearing it once in a while, and started wearing more modern clothes.

With every slow pop of the button and teasing at her pants band, Belarus got more and more desperate. They hadn’t been intimate in a while due to the World Meetings being held by Belarus, and her being busy with both the setup and the actual meetings. Today was the first time in a while that the two of you had time together and that she wasn’t completely exhausted.

“Please…” she finally pleaded, swallowing her pride.

“What was that? Hmm?” you purred into her ear, “I couldn’t hear that.”

“Please, fuck me.” She muttered before raising her voice.

“Please fuck me!”

With only a smirk in response, you ripped off the blouse and reached around to unclip her bra. After sliding the straps off of her arms you immediately latched onto her breasts. Her knees gave out and she slid onto the floor with you following.

You licked and nipped at her one of her rosy buds as your hand pinched and rubbed the other one. She wove her hands into your hair, desperate whimpers shamelessly coming from her mouth.

Bored with toying with her you pulled away from her breast to finally release her from the prison that is her dress pants. Leaning slightly back to examine your handwork, with Belarus naked except for a heavily drenched pair of panties, and her panting, blushing expression you couldn’t help but sense a surge of pride.

You were the one to make her feel such pleasure. And you were going to make her feel a lot more before this night was through.

You slipped your fingers around her panties, sliding the sodden fabric off of her.

Watching her hips bucking up as you slid a finger between her folds, you decided to take pity on her. Sliding two fingers into her soaked entrance you reveled in the feeling of her smooth walls wrapped around your fingers.

Pressing harsh kisses against her collarbone, you started to move your fingers in and out.

Her hips moving up to thrust herself upon your fingers and with her near scream moans, you knew that she was getting close to the end. So when you curled your fingers upwards you weren’t really surprised that her walls strangled your fingers with repetitive squeezes.

As she recovered from her orgasm, her breasts heaving as she panted, you slid out of your too warm outfit. Ripped off would be a more apt word but you weren’t going to get into a linguistics debate. Not with that desperate ache from your now bare vital regions.

You pressed your lips against her in a desperate kiss, licking her bottom lip to ask for her to open her mouth. She complied and you slid your tongue to desperately tangle with hers.

After you had beaten her tongue into submission you started to explore her mouth, an area that you knew well by now. As you were prodding at her mouth, you slid one leg over her hip. With a few inches between your two cores, you felt heat radiating onto yours.

The two of you gasped as your hips finally joined together. Syrupy pleasure oozed from your flowers as both of you started grounding together. That familiar coiling began to wrap itself around your stomach more and more with every desperate snap of your hips.

Belarus seemed no better, head thrown back in wanton pleasure. Gasps and your huskily moaned name seemed to be all that she could vocalize. The rope wrapped tighter and tighter and tighter until you simply could not take the tension any more. White flashing behind your eyes as it snapped, letting out a strangled moan as pleasure dripped down your legs, Belarus quickly following.

With limbs made of lead, both of you panted until the two of you recovered enough to pry yourselves off the kitchen floor and. Completely exhausted you collapsed on the bed, completely naked. Belarus went to the bathroom first, before she joined you, draping the blanket over both of you.

With an arm slung around your waist, she pressed a lazy kiss to the back of your shoulder, which you tiredly murmured a response to.

She chuckled and slowly drifted off to sleep, your warm body slumbering in her arms.

Extended Ending.

"Holy motherfucker," she exclaimed loudly, shocking you out of sleep.

"What? What's going on? What's wrong?" You inquired, your eyes still aching with sleep.

"You got to be dominant again!"
The greatly demanded sequel to…. I also really like when cartoon or anime characters wear something different than their usual outfit, I know why they don’t do it a lot, it takes extra time and money to design it. But I think it adds a part of reality to a show, so that’s why Belarus deviates from the usual costume. Also the fact that she only wore it obsessively as it was a gift from her brother I thought she might lighten up on wearing it when she was dating someone else.

This also took a lot longer than I thought it would be to write as I’ve just felt plain awful lately. So I apologize for that. Mostly because this is actually shorter than most of my stories, most of mine are typically 1500-2000 words and this one only being around 1000.

This is my first lemon so please keep that in mind when you comment.

ALSO CREEPY FACT, my dog has really sensitive ears and he must have started scratching himself as I was writing this so he was moaning on the bed during the dirty bits.

EDIT 12/10/2013
Also I made a Yuri Hetalia group, so please do join and submit art.…
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Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes)
Notice the Mature Content Filter.
If the term "sexual themes" gives you a ucky feeling, go ahead and read something that is not marked mature. I am not forcing you to read this. You can stop right now and not read another word.

A/N: Ideally, the reader in this installment is bisexual. But I mean you'll likely still enjoy it if you're not bisexual. Um. Idk just felt like that should be mentioned.


Of course the sound of a female voice beside you in bed would startle you, seeing as your current partner was male. You froze up, but curiosity held at bay your urge to spring out of possible danger. “Who--?”

“Et’s me…I…what the fack?” You heard this confused Scottish woman sit up in bed and you turned, slowly, to behold a gorgeous and full feminine figure with pale, freckled skin covered by thick red tresses. She regarded her fragile digits with wonder, next looking down at her bare breasts. She took a start, covering up and blushing darkly. “Whit the hell is this!”


She turned her head to you and nodded, thick brownish eyebrows drawn over her green eyes. Slowly, she uncovered her freckled breasts and cupped them in her hands to survey them. “Och, my god. Look at these. They’re huge! They’re bigger’n yers, sure!”

“Yes, thank you,” you sneered. This was still so strange. The warm morning sun through the windows felt far too real for this to be a dream…as did the heat beginning to stir between your thighs at the sight of Alistair’s very large breasts. “How the hell are you a girl?”

“Excuse ye, girls dinnae come this large.” She winked and lifted her breasts up and down for emphasis. “Ah’m a woman.”

“S-s--cut that out.” You were staring. How indecent.

“Et’s no’ like ye’ve no’ got a pair yerself!” she exclaimed, still clearly excited and confused by this mysterious happening. She continued to mess with her chest, quickly crossing her legs under the sheets with eyes wide open. “Oh god, is tha’ what et’s like?”

“What what’s like?” you asked, crossing your own legs.

“Gettin’ aroused when yoo’re…a lass…how th’ fuck did this happen?”

You sat up, rigid, and watched as your newfound girlfriend began to explore her body. She cupped her breasts again, running both hands down her smooth white stomach with awe. She dipped a careful finger into her naval cavity, chuckling softly. Then her hands disappeared under the blankets. You watched the shape of her knee rise, your eyes following the bulge of her hand feeling her leg from thigh to ankle. Then the hand disappeared, and after a few seconds’ wait, Alistair(e?) drew a sharp gasp, freckled cheeks going a shade more red.

“God, yes…”

That was quick.

“A-Alis…Allie? Yeah that’s good…wh-what are you doing?”

“Gohd. Whit’s it look like. Nnh…” She bit her lip, long black eyelashes fluttering closed over her eyes as the motion of her arm under the sheets became noticeable. A slick, wet rhythm quickly caught your ear and your face flushed, eyes fixated on your partner. Her breasts moved with the rhythm and you very much began to feel the need to mimic her. “Ach…god! It’s so d-iffer’nt…still so-oh good…” She looked over at you with lust-lazed eyes, the tip of a pink tongue slipping through her lips as she surveyed your body language. “Ah can see yoo’re enjoyin’ this as well. Woul’ ye like te come o’er here an’ help me ou’?”

For one second, the thought did not stick in your mind. As soon as it did, your head went instantly fuzzy, and your entire body heated up. You shook your head to clear it and tried to process what was going on. As the pieces matched up in your head, everything just felt so implausible, but it all ended up in this fact: you were about to have sex with a well-endowed female version of your already incredibly hot Scottish boyfriend.

Her eyes lingered on you, hand slowing, but she quickly refocused her attention on the act at hand. Propped up by one elbow, Allie leaned back, tilted toward as though on display. With the gentle help of her lower arm, the soft folds of the bedsheets slipped lower, allowing you audience to her smooth hipbones and the flexing knuckles of her right hand as she pleasured herself. A high gasp inflated her chest and as her head tipped back, the carnelian curls of her hair spilled out against the white pillows. Instinctually, you sat up more, angling your body toward this magnificent display, practically hovering over her to watch. Your eyes and ears craved to watch her come at her own hand, and to see her pink lips open in orgasmic satisfaction, to see her green eyes flutter wide and her white, curvaceous body arch into the invisible pleasure enveloping and surrounding her. The cracked cry that stroked your ear stirred heat in the bottom of your stomach, and only now did you realize you were leaning right over her face, your thighs straddling her waist. Tongue flexing in her open mouth, she chuckled through the curved edges of a smile, eyelids dropping halfway. One eyebrow arched, and her hands rested at the tops of your thighs.

“This as excitin’ fer you as it is fer me?”

“Allie, I don’t know what happened…”

“Nor do I.”

“I don’t really care right now.”

“That’s a good lass.” One freckled arm bent around your neck and pulled you down and when you kissed, it was with all of Alistair’s passion but with the womanly seduction of this new and wonderful form.

“Mmh, nnn…”

“Sweetheart, touch me,” she whispered, desperation and curiosity shining in her eyes. You obeyed eagerly, hands reaching out to brush the stray red hairs away from her smooth white face and then down her speckled shoulders. Her face quickly grew bored and annoyed so your hands rushed to the dappled hills of her chest and squeezed, slowly, gently, but very firmly. She began with an approving “Mmm” and as your grip increased, the sound took on a tone of surprise. Between your thumb and the knuckle of your forefinger on each hand, you pinched her two hardened pink nubs, watching her mewl beneath you.

Her hips rocked upward, lower belly meeting the junction of your clothed hips. You gasped, letting out a shaking breath as Allie’s hands gripped you more tightly. You kissed her chuckling lips, grinding your hips against hers while continuing your attention to her breasts. Your hands could not handle the entirety of each at once, and the thought of their immensity added to the heat in your lower stomach. A needy whine left you as you kissed down her jaw and buried your blushing face in her neck, biting at the skin.

“Nnnh,” she purred. One of her hands slid down to your knee and lifted it, her leg passing under to the other side. You pushed your knee up between her thighs, applying a teasing nudge before pulling back. She growled, just as roughly as she would in her natural form, and slammed her thigh up into your angle. You jolted forward, wincing a bit. “Dinnae tease me t’day. It won’ end well.”

You nodded, not about to challenge that tone. “Yes, ma’am.” You bit and sucked at her neck until a satisfying love bite appeared. Leaning back, you slowly drew your hands away from Allie’s breasts and brushed them down her sides. One hand stayed on her waist while you took one finger over her left hipbone.

“Ah, mmm…”

She squirmed, thighs closing around your knee. You chuckled, burying your fingertips in the curly red hair between her legs. She gasped loudly when your middle finger touched her aroused clitoris.

“Yes, yes! Ah!”

Now you were the simpering one, as you rubbed and pressed and pinched her clit in all the best ways. If you slid your finger this way, she would tense up, and if you pinched the very tip with the pads of your fingers she would loose a wavering moan. All of her noises began to get you very, very worked up and very, very wet, and even through her pleasured haze Allie did not miss your needy squirm. Her leg rose and pressed into your arousal. You fought the urge to rut against her knee, and as you struggled to keep your attention on pleasuring her, she grabbed your breasts through your night shirt.

“Aye, there’s my good, submissive lassie.” She handled your breasts so skillfully, with a type of finesse that was lost to Alistair. As with everything else, it was new and immensely exciting, and very distracting. You found yourself rubbing against her knee for pleasure and she pushed right back, while one of her hands pushed on yours to remind you to keep going. Yet when your fingers began their dance again, Allie held her moans. Her face grew deeper and darker red with the effort, but she kept her control, pleasuring you right back with her knee and her hands. In one move she straightened her leg, took an arm around your shoulder and flipped you onto your back, tabled over you with a smirk. She drove her knee against your clothed crotch while your fingers faltered to finish her. Both of her hands had now left your breasts, each one wrapped around one of your wrists as she pulled your hands up over your head, stretching her body out over you in the process and leaving her mottled boobs in your direct line of sight. That got you throbbing.

“Allie! Al-Allie st-o-op…oh, fuck…” This curse had been brought on by her domineering chuckle as her milky hips dipped down toward yours, and one of her hands left both of yours in the grip of one as she reached down to pull away your shorts and panties. The smooth skin of her knee pressed into your hot, wet heat and you gasped, craning your neck to take a bite at one of her breasts.

She gasped now, shuddering and jerking. “God! Ach, yes, dae tha’ again…”

And so you did, dipping your head up again and again to bite, to lick, and to suck at her large breasts, leaving red bitemarks all over them. You managed to get one of your arms free when her grip slackened, and pushed down on her upper back until your face was right within her breasts, the skin smooth against each of your red and hot cheeks.
You kissed and nuzzled her valley, earning very soft and appreciative moans and sighs while she pleasured you still. Her free hand joined in, slipping between your folds with electrifying deftness. With your hand, you caressed the side of her right breast and brushed your thumb over the quickly hardening nipple before taking the bud into your mouth and sucking.

“Mm-hmmm!” she gasped, pausing at the suckling sensation while your hand went back between her legs, fingers disappearing once more into her fiery curls. This time you penetrated her, first with one finger but then very soon with a second, scissoring the digits slowly. The pleasure she inflicted upon you came to a slow-down as she adjusted to the new sensation, face screwed up in a spot of discomfort. Twisting your wrist, you hooked your fingers inside her, brushing up toward her belly. “Aa-ah! Wh-why does tha’ feel so good?” she breathed.

You didn’t answer, continuing to abuse her g-spot and slyly adding a third finger. Your mouth and face still lavished care on her beautiful breasts, all the combined stimulation enough to make Allie release your wrist. Instead she used this hand for support, trying to win over your sexual hunger once again with her other hand, knee still rubbing idly against your vulva.

Her hips pushed down on your hand, and you helped out, pushing your fingers in to the knuckles. She gasped brokenly, and your mouth traveled upward to the little section of her collarbone that was Alistair’s weak spot. From the tight clenching around your fingers, you concluded that this spot was still effective. Your thumb ran over her clit again and again, a quick sweep over the front and then a slow draw back over. Allie’s moans grew deeper, and her fiddling fingers grew less determined. It wasn’t long before you had her on her back, begging you for a fourth finger.

You worked your pinky finger into her, lifting one of her beautifully toned legs over your thighs. As you thrust your fingers in and out of her tight heat, you pressed your pelvis against your knuckles for more force, sighing at the inadvertent pleasure it gave you.

The redhead began to quiver, abandoning every previously suppressed moan into the heated air. She was very, very close. You removed your fingers. “Wh--! No, no, no let me come!”

“H-hang on, I’m going to,” you promised, slipping one leg over the one of hers still on the bed. The heat of your burning sex mingled with that of hers as you controlled your advance with a racing heart. The instant your hips met, you both cried in relief and pleasure, and you started up a rhythm while leaning down into a greedy kiss. Your clothed breasts brushed and pushed against hers in the course of your rutting and rubbing together, and before she could warn you, she came for the second time.
Her moans built on each other, the bucking of her hips spurring you on to your open-mouthed, throbbing orgasm, the two of you keeping the quick rhythm as long as the pleasure would stay.

You let yourself relax on top of her, kissing her neck and ear with one hand brushing through her hair. “Alistair. Who knew you would be this hot as a woman?”

“Well ah would’a known, ef ah’d thought of et,” she panted, chest heaving with a chuckle. “As much as ah hope this won’ be permanent…ah’ll admit to enjoyin’ this very much.”

“Man! Me too.” Already, you were recovering.

Allie wrapped her arms around your waist, kissing your lips and tightening the press of her body against yours. “Well, assumin’ this is a temporary thing,” she purred seductively, “why don’ we make the most of it, aye?”
Yes, you can blame Arthur and his magic for this. He thought he'd be screwing up his brother's life but really he just gave him the gift of hot lesbian sex.

Previous "chapters" even though this isn't really a continuous story (well it kind of is but you get to choose which bits are canon?) : [link] [link] [link] [link]

So yes! Back from Mexico for a week now. Gonna write the next Jareth x Reader chapter soon, I swear.
Also, marathoned HIMYM with my bro yesterday and omdvahdhgnevado Sandcastles in the Sand + the next several episodes
I never thought a hetero pairing would come so close to being my OTP #latetotheparty
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Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity, sexual themes and ideologically sensitive material)
Female!South Italy x Female!Reader-I Wouldn't Mind Tapping That
Warning-This piece is a PWP(porn without a plot) and a yuri. Don't like, don't read.

Your (eye color) eyes gleamed with love and lust as you gently pressed Lovina down onto the bed. You admired the sight of a slightly flushed Lovina laying underneath you before capturing her soft lips in a slow, passionate kiss. As the kiss became more heated you forced your way into Lovina's mouth and coaxed her tongue into dancing with yours. You could feel the heat radiating off of her blush as she moaned lightly into the kiss.

"Lovi, you're so cute~" You teased as you smiled happily down upon her. She blushed a deeper shade of red and looked away.

"Whatever..." She mumbled. You seemed to radiate happiness as you placed a sweet, chaste kiss on her forehead before moving down to her neck and covering it in quick, passionate butterfly kisses. Lovina let out a mixed moan of pleasure and pain as you bit down roughly on her sweet spot. It never ceased to amaze her how one second you could act as sweet and innocent as her idiot fratello and the next act like you were trained by that damned wine bastard. Then again, (Your name) was full of contradictions.

"Let's take this off, shall we?~" You sang as you effortlessly removed your partner's shirt and threw it to the side somewhere. A soft blush quickly dusted your cheeks once the object was removed? "Where's your bra?" Lovina blushed darker.

"Where do you-a think you damned idiot!?" Lovi lashed out, obviously embarrassed. She didn't feel like wearing one of those wired death traps today and now you were making fun of her for it! Bastard.

"Eh, beats me." You grinned. Lovina glared half-heartedly at you, but found she couldn't even pretend to be upset with you for long. You wasted no time in grasping one of Lovina's breasts in one hand and latching your mouth to the hardened bud of the other. You licked, sucked, and nibbled; groped, pinched, and pulled at Lovi's breasts until she was a hot, bothered mess beneath you.

"(Your name)." Lovina whimpered, looking up at you with pleading eyes.

"Yes darling?" You smirked as you buried your head in the crook of her neck and lightly ran your fingers up and down her beautiful body. Lovina shivered at your touch and arched her body into yours, desperately wanting you. Though you could not deny how much you loved to tease your cute little Lovi, you also could not deny her want. You nipped playfully on her sweet spot before trailing your tongue down her neck, between her breasts, and down her stomach. Once you reached her pants your tongue returned to its rightful place inside your mouth and you quickly unbuttoned, unzipped, and disposed of the annoying fabric. An arrogant smirk overtook your features. "No panties either, eh?" You laughed perversely.

"S-Shut up!" Lovina flushed with indignation. So what if she wasn't wearing underwear either? YOU NEED TO EMBRACE YOUR NATURAL NUDITY BY GOING COMMANDO! Her heart nearly skipped a beat when you winked at her and knelt down to her soaking wet entrance. (Your name) was too attractive for her own good! You decided to skip the rest of the foreplay, seeing as your cute little Lovi was already so wet and would likely start to get impatient. Instead, you traced your wet tongue tantalizingly slowly up her clit, then down and back up again in the same slow manner. You listened as Lovi's breath became more shallow and decided to apply more pressure and pick up the space. Your licks steadily increased in speed, and you shifted between the aforementioned licks, kissing her clit, and licking and thrusting your tongue into her labia. It seemed like in no time at all that Lovina was a pleasured moaning mess as she finally came. You l lapped up all of her love juices, then kissed her on the mouth so she could taste herself.

It was at this point Lovina flipped you over and took her position on top of you. She made haste with discarding all of your clothing and throwing them about the room. She toyed with your body for a while, biting gently on your plush lips, lightly pinching your nipples, teasingly rubbing against your vital regions, and so on and so forth before opening the drawer to the night stand and pulling out a hipster pink colored double sided dildo. She gently placed it inside your dripping core, moving it around experimentally before mounting the other side herself. At first the movements were slow and steady, dragging out the occasional moan from the two of you. Though things quickly heated up and became much more passionate as Lovina moved the dildo in such a way that it hit both of your G-spots with every movement. She made you feel much better than even the most experienced of men could. She knew exactly where to touch and when to do it, and she did not disappoint; neither did you to her. "Ugh...(Your name)."

"Ahh! Lovi~" You moaned from deep within your throat. You were getting ready to warn your partner of your upcoming release, but it beat you to it. "LOVINA!" You exclaimed as your grasp around the dildo tightened. The dildo continued to move inside of you, allowing you to ride out your orgasm to its fullest potential. It only took a few more thrusts for Lovina, imitating you in the sense that she called out your name as well, to meet her end also and collapse on top of you. Neither of you said anything, not even when Lovina removed the dildo and put it back into its rightful place and laid back down next to you. You were both too tired to talk, plus, there was really nothing to say anyways. What you two just did together was just another more passionate way to say 'I love you', and with that being done you two just cuddled together and drifted off to sleep.

[[Extra Ending.]]

"Veh, veh! Ludwig, guess what!" Feliciano exclaimed as he happily ran up to his best friend.

"Vhat is it now?"

"Sorella and (Your name) had-a sex and now I'm going to be a zio!" Ludwig nearly choked on the sausage he was eating.

"V-Vhat?" Feliciano repeated his statement proudly to his German friend.

"Veh!~ I have to go tell brother Antonio of the great news! He'll be so happy!~" Feli exclaimed with zeal. Ludwig didn't even have time to explain to poor little Feliciano that a girl can't get another girl pregnant as he had already disappeared into the distance mere seconds later.

"Mein Gott..."

The real title wouldn't fit so I had to come up with an alternate one.

I've been wanting to write a female!South Italy x female!reader lemon for a long time, but could never come up with a good plot. I eventually just decided "Fuck the plot, I'll just write the lemon part." Thus this piece was created.

Feel free to consider this my contribution to Spirit Day.
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Collection by
Your words are pretty but I already know who you are.
I knew you before you met me long before we would part...

The room was dark, dank, and small. There were no windows, one door closed firmly with at least a dozen locks fastening it shut, and no noises drifted in from outside. Pipes lined the walls, and rusty valves littered them, untouched for many years. A faint hissing noise could be heard coming from them. The room was sound-proofed, and the smell of sweat and piss lingered in the air, along with the faint, rusty scent of blood.
In one corner, there lay a pile consisting of knives, crowbars, and other potentially harmful metal objects, each stained a deep, red-brown.

Two people were in that room.

The first stood in front of the other. His hair, once a rich-brown, now hung over his eyes, matted and greasy. The face that it framed was no better - and his eyes, his eyes once filled with a love of life, of his fans, of the man in front of him, were unseeing. The eyes of a mad man.
His 'DROP DEAD' t-shirt was stained with the same substance as the weapons a mere metre or so away. His skinny jeans hung off of him, and were ripped, to the point where they would soon be no longer identifiable as 'clothing'.
The second man, not much more than a boy, was a beauty.
Or had been.
His hair, which you could tell had once been admired by many, was no longer silky. Instead, clumps were missing, and the rest matted with sweat and blood. He was far too thin, wearing only a tattered pair of black boxer-briefs. His rib-cage was so visible you could count how many bones it was made up of, and his skin was grey and unhealthy. Not to mention the amount of cuts, bruises and incisions that littered his body. Some faded to scars, some still bleeding. One frail wrist, so thin that it looked like it would snap if the wind changed direction, was fastened to the pipe beside the man, rubbed raw by the tight handcuff. It didn't matter, though; he had long since stopped feeling pain. It was clear in his eyes, once bright blue and so full of hope, now faded to a dark grey.



Before you tricked me and laid on my bones.
Before you kissed me and buried my hope.
Before you stole my spirit and rode the show into the wall.

Brown eyes latched onto baby blues, and the older man spoke. "I love you, Andy."
His voice was raspy from lack of use, yet held something un-recognisable in it. It wasn't love, though. More like obsession.
'Andy' responded, "I love you too." His voice was almost robotic. Emotionless. As though he'd been trained to say it, knew what would happen if he didn't. His eyes flickered over to the pile of torture weapons. Escape as much pain as possible. Make life easier.
In the beginning, he'd tried to fight against it. Had tried to escape so many times. All in vain. There was no way out, unless Oli wanted him out. And Oli never wanted him out.
Dry, cracked lips with teeth that hadn't been brushed in far too long pressed against his own, and Andy didn't kiss back, but didn't pull away. Andy had once loved those lips, but not anymore. He just sat there and took it, because there was nothing else he could do but let the older man ravage his lips, hands roaming over his abused body.

He was Oli's, but Oli wasn't his.

They shore you up. They lay all their dreams on you.
They let you in and you start to believe you're soft as a miracle.
Unfurled, I was new and unfurled.
Innocent and open as any lamb and hoping for paradise.

It hadn't always been this way. Once, Andy had been an aspiring musician, taking a university course on teaching. He was loved by everyone, hated by none, envied by many. He had the perfect life.

Andy looked up and smiled as his boyfriend of five years, Ashley Purdy, walked into his work at the Starbuck's on campus. "Hey baby," he said with a smile, already holding out a cup of steaming liquid. "Your usual?"
Ashley smiled back, displaying pearly white teeth. "Yes, you know me too well babe!"
He took the cup and paid, then snuck a quick kiss from Andy over the counter, earning 'awes' from most of the other customers. Andy and Ashley were well liked, and most people found them 'cute' together. They genuinely loved each other, and wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. "We still on for tonight?" He grinned.
Andy nodded. "Yeah, wouldn't miss it."
"Ok, good. Gotta dash!" Ashley said, already at the door. "I'll pick you up around five for dinner! I love you!"
Andy barely had time to respond before he left. His boss turned to him and they both shared a laugh.
"He's such a sweetheart," she said, and Andy nodded in agreement.
"Yeah, I'm lucky to have him..."

Little did he know, that in the corner of the shop, another man was glaring at the door Ashley had just left through, his coffee cup gripped so tightly in his hand that the cup had burst, coating his hand in the hot liquid. Andy, oblivious and too love-struck to notice his expression, came over with a cloth and giggled.
"Watch what you're doing, those cups aren't the strongest!"
As soon as Andy spoke, the man's expression melted.
"Oh yeah...oops," he replied, laughing. "Sorry 'bout that." He stood up to leave, and knew what he had to do. His angel deserved far more than that dirty slut Ashley Purdy, who'd slept with half the population of LA before Andy. No. He wouldn't stand for it.

His angel needed him...

He knew what he had to do.

That winter's night, it was already dark out as Ashley made his way over to Andy's dorm, holding a bouquet of flowers in his hand. He was humming under his breath, smiling to himself. Life was good, life was great.
Little did he know that someone was waiting in the shadows for him.
As he walked past the abandoned dorm that had been charred and made uninhabitable the month previously, he heard a soft cry for help.
Frowning, Ashley immediately pushed the door open, wincing as it fell backwards, its hinges breaking apart. He stepped inside, cautiously, squinting in the dark. "Hello? Is anyone in h-"
Those were the last words he ever spoke, before a wrench collided with the back of his skull.

He couldn't even cry for help...

And  he was never seen again.


Meanwhile, Andy prepared for his date. Fluffing up his hair and rubbing his lips together, a perfect shade of rose red. He looked up as a knock on his door sounded, and grinned, flinging the door open. "As-" he paused. "Um...hello."
At the door stood Oli Sykes, the same boy from Starbucks who had broken his cup. Andy smiled. "Can I help you?"
"Um, yeah... your boyfriend-" he said the word oddly "- he asked me to give you this." He held out a piece of crumpled paper. "Seemed in a rush."
Andy blinked in confusion, but nodded.
"Oh, OK, thanks man," he said, opening the piece of paper. A second later, he screamed, dropping the note to the ground. He fell to his knees, tears streaming down his cheeks.
The students in the dorms surrounding burst out of their doors, all saying "Andy, what's wrong?" They all had looks of concern on their faces.
"H-he..." Andy looked up, eyes red and puffy. "Ashley left me."

Yeah I hate love
Yeah I hate love.
So I hate love.
Yeah I hate love.

Andy woke up the next morning in an unfamiliar place. His mind was hazy, and he felt heavy and as if he'd just been drugged. He groaned as pain shot up his stiff back and tried to sit up, frowning whem he noticed his hand was cuffed to a pipe. Tugging on it experimentally, he cried out when the cold metal cut into his wrist. "A-ah..." Shivering as draughts blew at him he noticed that he was only clad in a pair of skimpy, silk boxer-briefs. He blushed.
"You're awake..."
Andy's head shot up and he met Oli's eyes. " this some sort of sick game?" Fear settled in his stomach as he noticed the wrench clutched in Oli's hand. "Man...don't do anything stupid..."

Love leaves you desperate and feeling a fool.

"'Man'?" Oli laughed. The sound wasn't friendly, as Andy's laughs that day in Starbucks had been. They were creepy and manic, and sent a chill up Andy's spine.
"You never noticed me. Not once. I've been in love with you for years, but you've never acknowledged me. Instead, you betrayed me with that slut."

Love makes you ruthless and love makes you cruel.

"Ashley wasn't a slut!" Andy defended his ex-boyfriend, then paused, remembering the betrayal he felt. His eyes pricked with tears, and he gasped as Oli grabbed his chin, forcing him to meet the older man's brown eyes.
"He didn't deserve you. He was a filthy, horrible slut. He wasn't good for you."

And love makes you crazy with nothing but lies.

Andy felt sick to his stomach and flinched away, gasping when Oli's hands roughly grabbed his thighs and forced them apart, pulling his boxers down. "N-no...please..."

Love promises nothing and then your love dies.

Andy lay on the floor, Oli having unlocked the cuffs. Andy wasn't going anywhere. His will to live was completely gone. He was broken, just lay there and took whatever Oli did to him. Just the way he liked it.
Oli was lying over him, propping himself up on his elbows, peppering kisses over Andy's bruised body, whispering sweet nothing's against his skin. Andy's mouth was open slightly, and white semen dripped from his lips, eyes closed tightly. He was choking, trying to allow himself to die.
"Shh..."Oli whispered, standing up. "Sleep." Andy felt something warm draped over him and through his dehydrated, starving mind, thought confusedly as to why Oli had done that. Feeling the thick fabric with his fingers, he froze.
The jumper Ashley had been wearing that day in Starbucks.
He forced his mouth to open, forcing out the semen in it, and spoke, his voice raspy from lack of use. "A-Ashley...he...he didn't leave me...did he?"

Unfurled, I was new and unfurled.
Innocent and open as any lamb and hoping for paradise.

Oli laughed and leant back over him, pausing when his mouth was right next to Andy's ear. "I took care of him so that we could be together." With that, he stood up and started to unlock the door.
Andy looked down and realised that he hadn't yet re-attached the handcuffs. A simple slip of the mind on Oli's part, brought on by getting cocky. Thinking that if he left Andy un-attended, he'd be fine. But what he hadn't counted on was the love Andy felt for his boyfriend. Shakily, he stood up as quietly as he could, his legs almost buckling as they tried to support him.
Picking up a wrench from the corner of the room –coincidentally the same wrench that had ended his love's life- he brought it down forcefully on Oli's back.
Oli screamed. "What are you do-!?" But he was cut off as Andy brought the metal down again and again, strike after strike. Blood poured, bruises formed, Oli had never known such pain.
"That," Andy said as he collapsed, feeling his own life slip away...
"Was for Ashley."

Yeah I hate love.
Yeah I hate love.
So I hate love.
Yeah I hate love.

Then your love dies.
Then your love dies.
Then your love dies.
SHIT haven't wrote in months. Kill me.
Ok this is the song-fic as promised for :iconshakratothearson: for winning my contest!! Thanks for your patience, and thanks Ellen for proof-reading for me :)

Song is: [link] I Hate Love by Garbage. While listening to it, I found it kinda I obviously HAD to go with obsession ;D

Pairing is Oli Sykes x Andy Biersack (Ali SykeSack o.o?)...kinda. And Andy Biersack x Ashley Purdy.
Hints of noncon, torture, shit like that.
Enjoy my lovelies ;D
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This morning you woke up more tired than the days before, you knew that if titan struck today you would be the one of the first to get eaten, you sat up in bed pondering what would happen today. Getting out of bed wasn't difficult for you but this morning it was a mission. You stood up, stretched a bit, you room was small enough to fit only a bed and a few areas for a cupboard and belongings, yes it was very confined but you got used to it. As you stood up you felt sort of dizzy and hot-headed. When you looked in the mirror of your body you thought ‘I have lost a large amount of weight from fighting titans'.


Your face looked paler than before, 'must have been because I didn't get enough sleep' you thought to yourself as you yawned. As you put on your clothes you realized that you were late for breakfast. You knew that Erwin wouldn't be happy if you were late for anything more or less Levi. Worst case scenario would be for you to run into Levi and get told off. After getting changed you rushed to the dining area and sat alone on the corner of the room. You felt cold sweat running down the side of your forehead as you saw the Erwin towering over you as he stared at you in anger.


'Where have you been?!’ he shouted 'We've been waiting for you',

'Then why don't you just go without me!' you answered back calmly but sleepy,


'What?’ you said looking at him with your sparkling eyes

'Never mind' he said as he blushed at the site of your face. He left some soup on your table and walked away with a weird sense of direction going in a few different ways before you asked him if he was okay and he was on his way.


You looked around and spotted Levi, he was cleaning the room as always. He looked back quickly and you turned the other way quickly, Levi looked at you with suspicion, you looked back and saw his eyebrows furrow a bit and his grey eyes stare back. You continued to the food that Erwin had left for you. You ate as quickly as you could, once you finished you looked back to where Levi was a few minutes before.


‘Why are you still here?’ Levi spoke into your ear in a deep and serious voice.

‘Sorry’ you said shyly

You were about to get up when Levi turned your face with his hand to face him.

‘Why are you so pal...’


You got up and ran to the where everyone else was. You blushed at the thought that Levi touched your face for the first time. You started to think of what would happen if you didn’t walk away. You started to feel light headed and dreamy. Erwin told everybody that today we would be going outside the walls for an expedition, this time we were going to try to capture a few titans that might be in the forest of giant trees.


After a few minutes you got changed into your scout legion cape and 3D maneuver gear. You got onto your horse and rode outside the walls in you formation. Levi was in a different group to yours. As your group rode out towards the forest of giant trees you didn’t come across any titans, everybody was doing okay for now. Once you arrived the to the forest of giant trees you saw Levi on one of the trees’ branches looking down at you.


As the group tried to lure the 3 meter class you saw the titan with its large eyes and abnormal body running faster towards your horse. You tried to outrun it, you knew that you weren’t feeling well, ‘Why did I come to the expedition today?’ ‘Why did I have to feel unwell today?’ you asked yourself in regret. The titan swiped its hand at your horse; you fell off hitting the ground with a thump as you rolled towards the titan. Levi spotted you and quickly grabbed you and put you onto his horse as you back hugged Levi. You didn’t know who it was until you smelt the fabric of the clothing and you realised it was Levi, your hands ran over his sculpted abs and you fell asleep immediately.


When you woke up you were in the infirmary. You were lying down with a wet cloth on your forehead. You heard footsteps and the saw the back of Levi at the counter cleaning. The last thing you remembered was feeling his abs from behind on the horse and that was all. You started to blush at the thought and getting hot in temperature, you couldn’t believe that you felt his abs so your temperature rose higher and higher in the blankets until you started to sweat. Levi turned around and saw your face turning red. He walked towards the bed that you were on; he took the blanket off and carried you to your room. Once he placed you onto your bed and covered you with the blanket. He sat near your bed and watched you doze off again.


The next morning you woke up covered in cold sweat. You felt better than yesterday but still a bit injured, you ankle and shoulder was bruised a bit and that was all. You turned in bed and saw Levi in bed with you; you pushed him away a bit which woke him up. You froze as he opened his eyes. The stillness broke when Levi put his arm around your waist and pulled towards him. You could feel his crotch getting erect as your belly could feel it rising a bit through is pants.

‘Are you okay?’ Levi asked

You started blush as you heard his deep and serious voice that was full of lust and. He stared into your eyes, you tried to get out of your bed but he pulled you closer to his crotch as you felt it harden up.

‘I haven’t seen such beautiful [eye colour] eyes before’ Levi complimented

As you smiled and blushed a bit he snatched a kiss from you as your tongue and his interlocked. You embraced the moment and as Levi rolled your shirt up, with one hand he grabbed your breast and you moaned when he had got hold of it. The other hand was exploring your body for weak areas; he blew into your ear as you moaned when he started to circle your nipple with his finger. He was you blushing and getting hotter in temperature so he took the blanket off and pushed you onto the bed as he looked down to you from above. You saw his abs peeking from under his shirt. Levi took his shirt off and in a snap he unbuttoned your shirt and threw it across the room. As Levi licked your nipples you started to take off your shorts and you saw Levi slip his pants off. You started to get excited as you saw his crotch shape from the bend in his underwear.

‘I want to get lost with you’ Levi whispered in your ear

You looked at him with shock. Why would Levi ever think of me? Then you remembered what happened back then at the expedition, that day you were feeling ill and once you went outside the walls you got attacked by the titan and fell off your horse and Levi was there to save you. That’s was why Levi was with you in the infirmary. ‘He must have been taking care of me!’ you thought to yourself.


You looked back at Levi and his grey eyes that were normally full of seriousness were now dark grey with lust and pleasure. He put his hands on your hips and saw your pure and innocent white coloured panties which were now soaked. The corner of his mouth started to smile and he saw the lips that would lead him to pleasure. Levi started to lick your clit with his warm tongue he started off slowly which made you feel at pleasure. He started to lick your clit and then use his other hand to place his index finger into your hole and make you arch your back backwards in pleasure. Levi stared at your vagina with lust and added another finger and you moaned no too loudly in case someone from outside the room would hear. All this time Levi hadn’t said anything but you just went with the flow since you loved it. He noticed that you were going to get a climax soon so he went faster and fasted adding a third finger to make wet. Your hips started to buck and that let him know that you were close to peaking.  Your clit was throbbing and was redder as Levi pulled out his fingered and rubbed his wet fingers covered with your juicy cum on your clit it was ecstasy as you climaxed with a quiet moan which Levi thought was cute and innocent of you. You sat up hugging Levi sitting on his crotch by accident. You felt that and moved back and saw that you’re cum had stained the tip of his underpants where your vagina was just on. Levi looked at the fingers covered with your cum and licked them slowly and with lust as moaned.

‘Let’s get ready for breakfast’ you said quickly

‘Aren’t you going ask why I didn’t fuck you?’ Levi said with a smirk

‘Okay? Why?’ you said in a sky and innocent way

‘Cos I think you need to be a bit older then I will’ he said seductively

You blushed and started to put your clothes on and had a change of panties. Levi had already finished changing and he lied in your bed smelling your pillow and looking at you getting change.

‘I will remember this smell, it’s so innocent and pure’ Levi said looking into your eyes.

‘Why did you do that just then?’ you asked

‘Why didn’t you resist?’ Levi replied as soon as you asked

‘I love you’ he said

‘Well... I love you too...’ you answered back

He smiled and stole another kiss on your lips, this time it was a peck. As soon as he got up from the bed he started organising the room and cleaning it up so that it was the same as it was before.


That night at dinner he brought your food and sat with you and all the following days Levi started to look after you and made sure that you didn’t get hurt by anything. Erwin was devastated that Levi had taken interest in you but a few months after he became interested in someone else.

‘Must have been because of your looks’ Levi whispered into your ear

‘Oh I don’t know’ you replied






  • Mood: Love
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"Say [First]," Hanji's chin settled in her palm. "What is your relationship with Cor-"

"Commander and I are just friends," you bellowed turning away to hide your blushing face.

"Oh?" A sinister smile appeared on her face. Sensing the eerie atmosphere you slowing turned to face your comrade.

"Ha-Hanji-san..?" You were actually a little...scared.

"Hohoho," she grinned grabbing your face. "I was actually saying Corporal yet you answered about Commander..hmm..." She battered her eyelashes cunningly. "You have them...both?"

"EHHHH?! NONSENSE! We- we are JUST FRIENDS!" You yelled standing to your feet. Oh gosh, really no sense in denying it your face was beet red. Hanji smirked. It was too much fun teasing you - you were just an easy prey.

"Ah you're right," Hanji poked out her bottom lip in defeat. Though it was only part of her game. "I guess I am babbling nonsense. I'm sure the trainees are just delusional. They're always whining about hearing screams and moans down the corridor. Perhaps it is a ghost." Those words took you by surprise.

"Perhaps it is," you left the mess hall with your face burning crimson. Am I really that loud?? You ruffled your [h/c] hair a little distraught. At this rate, many more would find out. You ruffled your hair more. Tch. It was their fault anyway. Recently the two have been more possessive. Just what the actual hell happened. Your relationship with Commander Erwin and Lance Corporal Levi had always been something odd. Maybe it was a game to them? They never pushed you to go all the way but last night it was blissful. Your own thoughts caused you to blush.

But how did this all happen anyway?
The better question might be why..

You hesitated at the Commander's door. You let out a heavy sigh. There was a pause.

Oh I can't do this. Stupid Commander. Stupid Corporal. UGH I just wish they would control their hormones and and...

Oi? You heard a stern voice inside. Corporal? You immediately opened the door without knocking.

"You cheated," Levi hissed at Erwin crossing his arms. Was he throwing a tantrum? It was rather cute though. Erwin ignored Levi's question and focused his attention to you.

"[First]," Erwin smiled and patted his leg motioning you to sit on his lap. "Please join us." You looked at Levi - that cold focused stare - then back at Erwin. His eyes were welcoming you in. Both internally drove you insane.

"S-Sir," you slowing walked forward - why were you being so polite now? "There are...there are rumors about a ghost in the corridor." You looked down blushing too embarrassed to continue. Levi and Erwin exchanged glances and smirked.

"Oh?" they pipped out in unison. In your flushed stated you were completely oblivious to the two males approaching you. Levi from behind and Erwin from the front.

"Y-yes," you stammered still looked down at your boots. "Trainees say they hear screams and moans, sir." Your face burned a crimson red. It's so embarrassing. Those were your screams and moans. Why must Levi and Erwin toy with you so much?

"Well then [First] let the rumors stand but as for you," You looked up upon hearing your name only too meet Erwin's face and a strong embrace of Levi from behind. Just what were they planning this time? You closed your eyes anticipating their next move. Large hands began unbuttoning your top and Levi's trailed down your waist. You felt a nibble at your ear and warm lips on your forehead. Tch. Those two. But you couldn't stay angry for long - Those two knew exactly what you liked. Levi whispered in your ear finishing Erwin's sentence.

"As for you, whose name will you scream louder?"

"[First]," Hanji sang your voice. "Oh [FIRSTTTTTT]"

"Neh?" You began to stir...what was going on? Why did your head feel so heavy? Your eyes blinked lazily as you tried to take in your surroundings. Your hands felt soft warm blakets...a bed? "Hanji-san?"

"Oi you are just so cute," Hanji smiled pinching your nose.

"Ow Ow, Hanjiiiii," You wailed your arms trying to push her away. "What happened? Why are you here?" Your voice was almost a whine.

"You fell off your horse and hit your head when we were in town," she answered. "I'm glad to see that you're finally coming through. Just what were you dreaming out. You kept stirring, and your were drooling..must have been a nice dream."

"Eh??" You touched your cheeks in disbelief as your face flushed red.

A dream? Oh gosh when did I become so perverted?
Contains mature content? I wasn't entirely sure but  Llama Emoji-10 (Shy) [V1]

MAYBE in Part 2. I can't guarantee there will even be a part 2 haha. I'm no lemon writer its all about the fluff. I'm just obsessed with SNK. That's all these Levi and Erwin feels and I can't handle them.
Llama Emoji-55 (Happy New Year) [V3] 

Sorry if there are grammatical errors! Just let me know and I'll fix them. Happy reading.
I do not know Attack on Titan (SNK) or any of it's characters.
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An irritated sigh slipped past your lips as you shook your head, (h/c) tresses flying past your face.

"Bard... You burnt the food again, didn't you," you stated more than asked, left eyebrow twitching in annoyance. You folded your arms over your chest. Bardroy rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly while he carried one of those big-fire-gun-things of his on his shoulder. You let out a sigh.

"Whatever, I'll take care of it," you said, picking up the butcher knife.

Again. The knife gave off a glint.

In the middle of cooking, Sebastian came into the kitchen. He walked towards you.

"______," the ravenette said, catching your attention, "would you please prepare some tea? Lady Elizabeth is coming to visit the young master today." You nodded.

"Alright," you said, making him smile.

"Thank you." He left kitchen.

You went to prepare a tray of tea with some of Ciel's favourite snacks, just like Sebastian had asked. You put the tray on a free counter for him to pick up later before going back to work.

A few minutes later, you heard the front door slam open and the sound of feet tapping against the polished marble floor. You and Bardroy poked your heads out of the kitchen.

"CIEL!" Elizabeth squealed, tackling the male Phantomhive into a hug.

"Geh! Elizabeth!" Ciel gasped, trying to get out of the blonde's death hug. She pulled away and pouted.

"How many times do I have to tell you, Ciel? It's Lizzy!"

You giggled at the amusing scene in front of you. You and Bardroy immediately rushed back inside the kitchen when Ciel turned his head in your direction. He narrowed his eye before facing his butler.

"Sebastian," he said.

Sebastian responded, "Yes, my lord?"

"Get ______ to bring the tea into my study," Ciel ordered. The ravenette was surprised.

"But my lord-" Ciel cut him off.

"I do not want any objections. It's an order, Sebastian," he said in a demanding tone. Sebastian bowed.

"Yes, my lord." He walked towards the kitchen and entered to find you peeling a potato.

"______," he called. You turned around.

"Yes?" you asked, putting the potato peeler down.

"The young master wishes for you to bring the tea to his study," he replied. You nodded.

"Yes, right away," you said. You took the tray into your hands and went past Sebastian. You walked upstairs, being careful not to trip on your maid dress, and went towards Ciel's study. You rapped your knuckles against the door while balancing the tray of tea on one hand. A soft 'come in' emitted from the room and you opened the door, stepping inside. You saw Ciel teaching his fiancee how to play chess. You placed the tray on his desk and poured two cups of Earl Grey. You laid the tea and snacks across the table before taking the tray. You turned to the two and bowed.

"I've prepared your tea and snacks, just like you requested, my lord." The young Earl nodded.

"Thank you." Ciel stood up and led Elizabeth to his desk. As you walked away, a pair of arms wrapped around waist, stopping you in your tracks. You craned your neck to look behind and found Elizabeth latched onto your body. You raised an eyebrow.

"What can I help you with, m'lady?" you asked, twisting your body so that you're fully facing her. She smiled up at you.

"You're cute!" she exclaimed. Heat rushed to your cheeks. You blinked.

"E-eh... T-thank you, m'lady," you awkwardly said. Elizabeth began to tug on your arm.

"Hey, wanna play dress up with me? I brought some cute dresses along!"

"But m'lady, I have my duties to do-"

"Just go." You looked at Ciel, shocked.

"You're free of your work. I'll have Sebastian to fill in for you. Go play with Elizabeth and make her happy," he said, sending you a miniscule smile. You looked back the perky blonde.

You sighed quietly before saying, "Alright." Elizabeth squealed in joy and pulled you out of the room.

"M-m'lady, please slow down!" you cried.

"Just call me Lizzy!" she said, her laughs echoing in the hallway.

Ciel let out a sigh and stared out the window, his mind clouded with thoughts about you.

"______..." he whispered.

Elizabeth fitted you in a frilly, peach and yellow dress. She tied your hair into a low, side ponytail starting with a little braid on one side of your head with a matching red ribbon. Your bangs were swept to the side, pinned back with a pink sakura hairpin with dangling golden ornaments. She made you wear a pair of orange flats with knee-high white socks. You looked at yourself in the mirror with a dreadful expression.

'Her dresses are so frilly!' you thought, tugging on the skirt. The blonde danced around you while prattling on about how cute you looked.

"Hey ______," she suddenly called.


"Don't you ever smile?" Elizabeth questioned. She pulled you down to her level and pushed the corners on your lips upward.

"There! All better!" The green-eyed female grinned at you. You felt your eyes soften.

"Are we done now, Lizzy?" you asked, "Because I believe it's time I get back to work-"

"No!" she yelled, stopping you mid-sentence, "We're not done, we still have to show you to Ciel! Come on!" She grabbed your hand.

"L-Lizzy-" She ran out of the room you shared with Mey-rin, dragging you behind her excitedly.

"Slow down! We're going to crash into a vase!"

Elizabeth burst into Ciel's study, causing Ciel to jump. He whipped his head towards the door and his eye widened. Sebastian stood beside the male Phantomhive, a small smirk apparent on his face. Your left eye twitched at the demonic butler's smirk.

"Ciel, look! I dressed ______ up! Doesn't she look cute?" Elizabeth asked, screeching into a stop in front of his desk. Ciel nearly dropped the cup of tea in his hand. A light blush covered his cheeks as he stared at you. He had to admit, you looked simply adorable for anyone to resist.

The raven-haired boy coughed into his fist. He set his cup of tea on his desk.

"Yes, I have to agree with you there, Elizabeth," he said, a miniscule smile crossing his stoic features. Something warm crawled up your neck. Ciel's words made your heart flutter. As you stared at him, Ciel locked gazes with you. The two of you looked into each other's eyes (in Ciel's case, it's eye) until...

"AAHHHH! PLU-PLU!" You heard a scream come from the garden. You recognised it as Finny's.

The male Phantomhive let an exasperated sigh escape his lips.

"Sebastian-" You snapped back to your senses.

"I-I'll go help Finny!" you blurted, cutting him off. Ciel was startled from your sudden outburst. He blinked at you.


"I'll go help Finny, so... I-uh, will be going now, my lord!" You quickly bowed and ran out of the room as fast as you can in Elizabeth's frilly dress. Ciel sighed again, clearly unhappy with your absence. He averted his gaze to the window and watched as you tried to stop Pluto from destroying the garden with Finny. You were knocked over, but Finny immediately helped you up. The gardener said something to you afterwards, causing you to laugh. The raven-haired male frowned at this, jealous that Finny was able to get along well with you.

'Why can't we be alone for once? And if we are, someone always has to interrupt,' he thought frustratingly, 'It's like the world hates us being together.'

The truth is, ever since the first day Ciel recruited you, he had already developed romantic feelings for you. He didn't know if it was because of your caring nature or bubbly personality, something about you just seems so... mesmerising. Whenever he stares into your vivid (e/c) hues, he is always drawn into them. Your (h/l), silky (h/c) hair glistens in the sunlight whenever you work outside helping Finny tend the garden.

"Ciel!" the cheerful blonde said, catching the young Earl's attention, "Are we going to continue our game?" Elizabeth pointed at the chess board.


~~~The next day~~~

"SEBASTIAN!" Ciel called from his study. The black-haired butler knocked on the door before entering. Sebastian saw Ciel sitting with his chin resting against his intertwined fingers. Today, Ciel had decided to tell you no matter what. Nothing will get in his way this time, and he'll use force if necessary. He's had enough of watching you from the distance. He wanted you to be his, and only his (possessive much?). Ciel doesn't want anyone to get to you first, especially that stupid gardener of his.

"Tell ______ to come to my study," the male Phantomhive ordered, "Now." The demonic butler bowed.

"Yes, my lord." Sebastian left Ciel's study room and went off to fetch you. A few minutes later, you appeared. You stepped into the room, closing the door behind you.

"My lord?" you said, walking closer to his desk, "May I know why I'm called?"

"______, come here," Ciel said, gesturing you to come around his desk. You blinked, for he ignored your question, but did as you were told. He got off his chair, and suddenly gathered you in his arms. Your eyes widened.


"You're more than a maid to me," Ciel said. You gasped softly. He broke the hug and grabbed you collar, not too roughly, and pulled you down to his level. He smiled at you, which was rare, making your cheeks heat up. That simple gesture was enough to tell how much affection Ciel held for you.

"I love you." The way he said it sounded desperate, as if he needed your love back. You gazed deep into his single, azure eye. They held love, care, and sincerity. You returned his smile.

"I... I love you too," you whispered, smiling shyly. The ravenette slowly leaned in and captured your lips in a kiss. Your eyes fluttered shut and you kissed back, cherishing this moment.
EDIT: Okay I'm sick and fucking tired of you all commenting about your damn heights. I'll be honest here, and you wanna know something? I. DON'T. GIVE. A. DAMN. SHIT. ABOUT. YOUR. HEIGHT. So keep it to your fucking selves because I'm getting really annoyed here. School's been stressing me out, and the fact that you guys aren't giving me your OPINIONS on this story is pointless. I'm disabling the comments and yes, it's going to be disabled FOREVER.

Have a good fucking day.

This is another literature trade with :iconamenomessage: Ahahaha, this was fun to write :meow: Cheesy ending is cheesy. :iconawkwardturtleplz:

I tried my best :iconsobbplz: I'm so sorry if I didn't get Ciel's personality right... :iconsadcraiplz: The ending is a bit rushed because I want to get this finished and I've been leaving this story for way too long haha :iconrussiavodkaplz:

Picture found on google

Kuroshitsuji (c) Yana Toboso

You (c) :iconphantomhiveplz:
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It’s been months since you were a maid of the Phantomhive Manor and you were fully used on the ‘crimes’ (more like the three servants’ disaster) that were committed inside the Manor. As you look into your reflection, your (h/l) (h/c) hair was tied up into a loose bun with strands of hair framing around your face and matches your (e/c) eyes making you beautiful.

You remembered the first day that you came into the manor:

“Young master, we have a guest.” The demonic butler said. Ciel motioned him to let their guest in. Then, a young woman with (h/c) hair and (h/c) eyes entered his study. Ciel stared at the unfamiliar woman and he tugged a small smile at his lips.

“What’s your name, miss?” Ciel placed his quill down as he stared at her shy face. He knew that this girl was too innocent.

“(name) (last name), my lord.” She curtsied. Ciel gave a small nod.

“And what brings you here to my mansion?” Ciel laced his fingers resting his chin above it.

“I was hoping that I would find and be gladly accepted to be a maid here in your manor, my lord. I’m afraid that I’m left with no one. My parents are gone. Even my other relatives, I don’t know where they are. I just ended up here in front of your manor, until your butler had found me.”

Ciel gave a small nod. “Very well then. You may attend as a new maid. Sebastian!”

Sebastian entered. “Yes, my lord?”

“Show (name) to her room and give her some uniform.” Ciel ordered and he began to continue his paper work. Sebastian bowed before leaving and motion (name) to follow him.


As you were dusting the hallways, you heard a sound of cracks right around the corner. You guessed that it was Mey-rin. You followed the sound of cracking plates until you’ve reached the room full of shattered glass. You sighed and managed to smile at Mey-rin whom was now lying on the floor blushing in shame.

“You okay, Mey-rin? What happened here? Let me help you.” As you said, you helped the other maid and started cleaning the floor full of broken glass.

“Ohh my!! Sebastian and Young master will kill me! These are his favorite silver wares.” Mey-rin cried. You stared at her and touched her shoulder.

“Don’t worry about it. I’ll handle this one for you.”

Mey-rin looked up at you with her mouth slightly parted.

“R-really?” You nodded with a smile.

“Thank you, (name)-chan!” Mey-rin forcefully hugged you and you patted her back.

“What were you thinking that had made you broke the silver wares?” You curiously asked. Mey-rin blushed and pushed her big rounded glasses to her nose.

“Uhm, I was thinking about Sebastian.. in my imagination.. he was k-kissing me..” You held a blank expression on your face. To tell you the fact that you don’t even know what kissing means. So, you thought kissing Sebastian was hurting Mey-rin that made you want to kick the butler’s ass. You gritted your teeth and clenched your fists in anger.

“Kissing!? What kind of word is that? It’s not even in my vocabulary! Don’t tell me that that means Sebastian is hurting you?!” You gave Mey-rin an angry expression that caused her to laugh. You raised a confused yet mad eyebrow at her.

“What’s so funny?” you asked.

“(name), I didn’t know that you had no idea what kissing means?” Mey-rin snorted. You furrowed your eyebrows together and crossed your arms.

“Hn. I don’t even care what that means… Well, okay fine. What is kissing, anyway?” You asked while staring directly at Mey-rin’s face. She chuckled and scratched her head in embarrassment.

“There are many types of kisses, (name). Kissing is uh.. when two people from the opposite sex touches their lips together. Oh, and some people say that if you can tie a cherry stem using your own tongue would make you a good kisser.” You nodded your head in amazement then your face went sour. Mey-rin giggled.

“In my opinion.. that’s sounds so disgusting! Come on! who can tie a cherry stem using their own tongue? I hardly believe that that would be ever possible. It’s so unpleasant to my ears! I don’t even wan to try that!” You clasped your hands together and playfully shook your head in disagreement.

“Hahaha! If that’s what you think (name). But I warn you, once you’ve started kissing someone, you will fell the urge of not to stop.” Mey-rin grinned. You nodded in response. Both of you stood up when you were done cleaning the broken glass. Mey-rin told you that she will be leaving and you were up to your own duty.

5 hours later:

You were finally done with your daily chores. You stretched your hands up in the air, hearing your spine crack that made you sigh heavily and yawning from tiredness. While you were walking to the dark hallways of the manor, you shivered from the cold wind coming from the open window. You closed the window and focused on returning to your room. But you never got a chance to return to your room because someone had gripped your wrist tightly and pinned you against the cold wall. You gasped when you heard his voice.

“I didn’t mean to eavesdrop earlier but, is it really true that you don’t exactly know what kissing means?” His cool and smooth voice lingered to your ears. You can feel that your cheeks were slightly burning at the sudden closeness of Sebastian. You tried to push him away off of you but you couldn’t because he was holding your wrist to tight.

“Yes and that’s none of your concern. And why were you eavesdropping?” Sebastian let out a chuckle that was more like of a cat’s purr.

“I was just passing through when I heard your conversation with Mey-rin. And to tell you the fact that there are some person who can tie a cherry stem using their tongues.” Sebastian murmured. Yep, it was totally obvious that he was eavesdropping your conversation with the other maid.

“Oh really? Name that ‘someone’ then.” You snorted and rolled your eyes in the dark. You felt Sebastian’s face close to yours. His crimson eyes glowed pink in the dark making him even more handsome. When you first came here in the manor, you were slightly attracted to him but you held those feelings to your self and focused more on your duties.

Sebastian smirked. “Me.” He mumbled. Your eyes slightly widened and your eyebrow twitched. But you immediately rolled your eyes on him.

“Hah! As if I believe you! I don’t care whether you can do that. It doesn’t mean anyway that you’re a—“ You couldn’t finish your sentence because before you knew it, Sebastian’s soft and cold lips were gently placed on yours making you gasp. He slowly pulled his face away from yours, letting you breathe for a while.

“Wh-what was that?!” You asked a bit scared. Sebastian smirked.

“My, that was a kiss, (name).” Sebastian rested his forehead against yours and stared deeply into your (e/c) eyes. It made you melt.

“I thought kissing people would hurt.” You muttered. He chuckled and shook his head. What Mey-rin said was true. Once you have started kissing someone, you were feeling the urge of wanting more. Unexpectedly, closing your eyes as you snaked your arms in his neck making him smirk even wider. Sebastian leaned in and kissed you ever so passionately. You felt his tongue licking your bottom lip as you gasped. Sebastian’s tongue entered your mouth as he expertly explored every inch inside of it. His hot and wet tongue dancing and licking yours. Your world went blank as you were enjoying your first kiss with Sebastian. You tangled your fingers into his soft raven hair, pushing him closer against you. You felt him smirk in your lips. Sebastian started on nibbling and sucking your tongue as you unexpectedly escaped a soft moan against your lips. Sebastian’s kiss was driving you crazy. He slowly pulled away giving you some air and he saw hot saliva trailing down your chin. He licked it and he started trailing kisses against your jaw line down to your neck. You moaned when he had found your weak spot. Sebastian nipped, sucked and licked your delicate weak spot. You tightly gripped his hair because of this pleasure he was giving you.

“S-sebastian.. what’s with the kiss?” You asked while blushing. You were a bit dumbstruck on what was going on. Sebastian pulled away and stared directly into your eyes, smirking. Crimson clashed (e/c).

“It’s called French Kissing, (name).” Your lips slightly parted as he nibbled your earlobe.

“How do you know all of this? I-i can’t believe that I’m saying this but.. you really are one hell of a good kisser.” You said while avoiding his gaze. Sebastian raised an elegant eyebrow before smirking. He lifted your chin up and gave you a light peck on the lips and forehead while wrapping his strong arms around your petite waist.

“Oh my, what can I say? I am just one hell of a butler.”
You might want to know what kissing means. Well, Sebastian can teach you. *winks*
Kuroshitsuji belongs to Yana Toboso-sama.

While *you* belong to Sebastian Michaelis.
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Collection by
FrUK - Sleepless Protector

Francis was used to late nights, nights when Gilbert, Antonio and himself would go out in the early, beautifully crimson tinged, sky; and refused to leave unless they stumbled over their own feet, stone drunk, giggling like a group of school girls by the late hours of the glistening night.
Or those warmly filled days when he'd be caressing his newest love under the summer blossoms. Whilst velvet petals, beautifully twirling with the sweet wind, he'd be placing kisses upon his love with cherry lips. Velvet petals would glide and land gracefully upon the grassy ground, letting pinks and purples pattern the park's greenery.

However, he was not used to staying awake, when glorious sleep was an option.
France's eyes flicker up to the kitchen oven, orbs casting upon his creation: A newly born carrot cake, snuggling into the scorching heat inside. His concentration fixed on his magnificent creation, his sapphires keeping a watchful eye as the top of the honey brown top begins to rise, peeking over the side of its tin.

His blue jewels spotting a glimmer of colour in the oven, a reflection on the aluminium sides: a deformed reflection of himself staring straight back at himself, as a prominent crinkle in his crisp new shirt reflects back. An ugly thing that only causes the shirt to appear old and cheap, an awkward contrast to his well kept locks of hair, tied up by a single blue ribbon.

He smiles lightly, pulling the towel that had been draping on his shoulder to scrub out the clouded stain from the handle of the oven.
It was something that had at first frightened the poor Frenchman. Finding that he no longer gave the same, intensive care towards his flawless looks, a huge contrast to how he used to be. A habit that has begun to wither, since the day he managed to ask England to be his.

However, this did not explain why the Frenchman was now strolling around his kitchen floor, wide awake. Tapping his foot in a steady rhythm, waiting for his perfect perfection to come steaming out of the oven. Why? You might ask, well Francis didn't know either.

Perhaps it was the fact that this was his sanctuary, his place of rest when he felt like he needed to get away from it all…. Or… just to run away to embrace the one he loved, letting his fingertips brush with their sandy spikes of hair letting a passionate jolt pass through his body, straight to his heart which would swell in size, warming his chest and letting his cold harsh vigorous soul slowly being nursed to rest at a warming glow of endearing flickers.

His fingers lacing through his hair, pulling through the honey locks as a fatigued sigh came rolling off his pinkish lips. His body, groaned and ached, causing him to lean onto his prized oven, whimpers coming from his muscles as they questioned the reason for this early morning, through, it was Francis's racing mind that was distracting him from his body's cries, focusing on the cake baking on the shimmering rack as the scent of cinnamon and nutmeg smothered the air.

Thoughts of his sweet little rabbit came flooding into his mind, of when he would be sat down at the Englishman's flawlessly covered oak table, a shadow covering the two nations by the shade that the sweet cider apple tree provided, a cup of the finest tea Earl Grey would always be in Arthur's left, never his right Francis had curiously noticed over the past few weeks. His fingers curling around the cup, as if protecting its relaxing properties before he would bring the brim of the cup to kiss those succulent lips, a red tinge of jealous colouring his cheeks at the thought, as he thought of his own lips on the Englishman's. How his tanned hand would slide down and hold his precious Englishman close to him, before slapping his arse. A chuckle filling the silent kitchen, a aching thought of how Arthur would blush a deep red that would trickle down, flushing his cool pale skin with a heated rosy pink, green emerald eyes that would flicker far away from his eyes, always dodging his own in a childish game of tag. Another lecture on behaviour that should be kept for the bedroom would be painfully shouted at him.

In return the Frenchman, always played his cards right, a soft smile brightening his features would follow a small sorry that would playfully come from a widened grin, before reaching to place a small peck to England's heated cheeks. A gasp coming from the Englishman's throat, be mumbling a few angry curses, only making the Frenchman love him all over again.

A sharp shrill of a timer ran in his ears, pulling him out of his loving memories and back to his tired reality, his eyes locating the sound of annoyance. His little Pierre clock, a gift, was chirping manically as the little dial had reached its end of zero. A pale hand covering the little chirping bird, stopping it before the poor thing would run out of battery, before tapping the reset on the bottom, his gloves hands pulling out his creation and setting it to a wooden surface, before twirling back and shutting the metal door, letting pure blissful silence embrace the kitchen once again.

The silence of the kitchen letting Francis's thoughts slow to a halt, as he thought about his favourite little island nation, about when he had first found out about his love for his carrot cake. It hadn't been meant, nor had France, at the time, even intended it to be for the Englishman. However, what had mattered to the French nation, was when England, Arthur had complimented his cooking, no sarcasm, no mumbled curse or hidden meaning in his words.

That was when France saw it, something that had made his heart beat just a little faster, an unexpected rush filling him full of happiness as he saw those sorrow filled eyes glisten into a silently joy, those devoid greens slowly transformed into sparkling jades. A sight that made Francis's heart feel truly complimented for his work, a silent confession that the Englishman actual enjoyed something that the Frenchman had made.
A small thankful comment was exchanged, before the Englishman quickly walked away a small blush on his cheeks at even thought of praising Francis.

And that's how it had occurred, well, not in the same fashion of course but it seemed every time France had come over to feed the little island nation in the winter months. He would walk through the Englishman's rooms, before finding him curled up on his sofa, a frown to his face as he was evidently glaring at the television screen, perhaps at the latest episode of Eastenders, unhappy that Bob married Sarah instead of Mary, something ridiculous that Francis had always had trouble keeping up. Even when he'd been sat down by the fairly excited English nation, explaining out every detail complex character, plot line and history of the show. At least, this glare at the program would stop when his forest eyes would flicker to the Frenchman, a brightening at the sight of his favourite cakes. That's what Francis had begun to adore about the Englishman in those days, that it was him and him alone who could transform that frown into a glimmering smile, making England's appearance, simply, breath-taking.

It was a sight that even Monet would struggle to find the perfect shades of paint for it, a scene that would leave Shakespeare speechless to its beauty.

And that, was perhaps why the Frenchman found himself up at this early hour, wide awake, a newly baked present in his clutches, a melting grin to his lips as his sapphires flicker to the growing piles of paperwork assigned to him by his president, often sitting the nation down and frequently lecturing him on the lack of work the blond nation had been filing through. Picking up one heavily inked page between his ivory fingertips, his eyes scan the document as it tediously dragged on and on about a topic that even Francis, was having trouble understanding. With a flick of the wrist, the paper glides into the nearest waste paper bin, after all, it would have a much better use in there.

His eyes flicker to the golden grandfather clock, standing proud in all its English differences, as it ticked efficiently always freezing abruptly if something had gone wrong, its wooden frame shading red on late evenings with embarrassment of being one tick slow. Francis softly smiled at the position of the shimmering brass hands, which irritably told him it was quarter to three, his smile growing, as the clock smiled back at him, as if encouraging him in his idea. "Les Anglais still let guests in at zree dans le matin… Non?"

A grin replacing the smile to his lips, he strides over to his golden hooks in the hallway, grabbing his keys to his little rabbit before tucking them snugly into his denim cut trousers, one arm wrapped protectively over the egg white box. One leg out of the door, he chuckles lightly as his fingers start to frantically tap on his phone screen. The door of his home, closing in a joyous glow, watching as the Frenchman swiftly drove off towards his English lover.
So this is sort of another PoV from ~Keiimiko's short story FrUK - Sleepless Dreamer... Which I would suggest for everyone to read it before you try to read my appauling work ^_^;; <3

I'm wondering where you are and what you are doing now~
are you at the other side of this blue sky...

- 'You' from Higurashi no naku koroni - English version

So here's my first written piece of work to dA... and to be honest ~Keiimiko probably knows how much I was scared to put this up.. but it is <3 I want to thank =CrimsonGaara for helping me go through my work and sort it out.. ^w^ Massive help there

And then my biggest thanks goes to *DreamlessxPassion for allowing me to use her image for this fic.... of course all the rights of the image go straight to her
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cause i know i was this was just some nice FrUK moment for me ^_^

EDIT 2/14/12 8:52 PM ::: ok i fix the typo now

EDIT 4/30/12 7:40 PM: the picture is from ep 57 or ep 5 in season 3
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Wikipedia is on the FrUk side!

Let the fan-war continue >:3
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"ALL RIGHT!!! LET'S GET THIS PARTY STARTED!!!" the american yelled, shoving a hat full of items towards a unhappy Brit "america, what is this?" he yelled over the noise of the party the american was holding. "well 7 minutes in heaven of course!!!" at that remark, the whole party went silent. "7 what?" England asked "you don't know  what 7 minutes in heaven is?" america asked. England stayed silent then answered a simple 'no' "WELL THEN!!! PULL SOMETHING OUT OF THIS HAT!!!" america practically  screamed "why do i want t-" the Brit was cut off by america "just do it Iggy!!!" he encouraged "ugh, fine" England said while pulling a rose out of the hat. america stayed silent, then got a huge smile on his face "Francy-pants, you got England" "ohonhonhonhon ok mon ami" France said as he made his way to the closet. England groaned "why do i have to get stuck with you? what do we even do?" England complained "France will explain it, every time he comes to my party's, this is his  favorite game!" England turned around when he got in the closet "his favorite game???" and with that the american closed the door and locked it in England's face England was still facing the door, he was scared to turn around and face France "oh no" was all he managed to mutter before France grabbed him, and turned him around. "FRANCE!!!! QUIT IT!!!" England yelled at the french man, who was, of course, trying to kiss the Brit, France just laughed at this "but mon ami, i want a kiss from you!" he cooed, only managing to lick England's cheek "EW FRANCE STOP!!!" he yelled again, trying to push France off, but that was  unsuccessful "mon ami, I'm going to get that kiss" he said in a voice that sounded, smooth and sexy, that could make anyone fall for him, as he pined England to a wall "F-France...s-stop" England said weakly, not sure if he wanted to get kissed by France or not France just laughed before his lips met England's. England was feeling  enchanted by this kiss, it felt as if nothing else mattered to him now, so he wrapped him arms that were now loose around France's wast. France held England close,  filling the kiss properly, but it didn't stay a kiss for long, soon France's tong was exploring every inch of his mouth, and England was enjoying every second of it, France was enjoying it just as much, and just as he was started to slip his hand down England's pants, they had to break for air. "o-o-oh m-my" England said breathlessly smiling at France "well we can do more then that" he said starting to slowly take England's pants off, but didn't even managed to slip them below his waste when america slammed open the door. "times up love birds" america said, England pushed France off and screamed "ITS NOT WHAT YOU THINK!!!". america just chuckled and exited the closet. "we can continue at home if you want" France said softly, England stayed silent for a bit then replied "sure...why not" as he exited the closet, while holding France's hand.
this is for :iconzimandchowder4evr:, i know its really short but hey, i got homework to do and stuff tell me if i got spelling mistakes please. :3
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Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: ideologically sensitive material)
We were young and drinking in the park
There was nowhere else to go
And you said you always had my back
Oh but how were we to know?


    It was a warm summer evening, around nine o’clock. The sun had set a few hours ago, and the night sky was now filled with more stars than there had been in a long while. Two friends sat together on a bench, each with a bottle of beer in their hands, and a large box of more bottles sitting on the ground underneath them. Both of them were drunk and crying. One of the men, a man by the name of Francis Bonnefoy, was resting his head on the other man’s shoulder. The other man was named Arthur Kirkland.

    Times were hard for both of the men. More so for Francis than for Arthur, but Arthur had his share of troubles, as well. They didn’t know where to go, or what to do. They were completely alone except for each other, and so Francis had called Arthur up and they agreed to meet in the park, and Arthur had agreed to bring some beer.

    “I don’t understand it, Arthur…” Francis whispered, his voice cracking. “I don’t understand why everyone has to leave… Everyone always leaves and it’s not fair… I loved her so much, but she left me and she took Matthew with her and I don’t have anyone anymore…” he wailed. When Francis began crying harder, so did Arthur, and the Brit pulled the Frenchman into a tight hug as they sobbed together.

    “I know it’s not fair, Francis… I know it’s not… But you’ve just got to get over it because there’s nothing you can do about it, and if she left you after all you’d done for her and she took your son with you, then she’s not worth crying over. She’s a despicable human being and you deserve so much better than her!” Arthur shouted, running his fingers through Francis’ hair.

    “But it hurts so much… I can’t stand it, Arthur, I can’t! I can’t bear to be alone like this… I just can’t…” Francis whispered. Arthur grabbed him by the shoulders and started shaking him.

    “Hey, you look at me!” Arthur shouted. Hesitantly, Francis looked up, locking his watery cerulean eyes with Arthur’s equally watery emerald green ones. “Francis, listen to me right now. No matter what happens, you will never be alone, do you understand me?”

    “How can you say that…?” Francis asked incredulously.

    “Because you’ll always have me,” Arthur answered, smiling softly. Francis smiled as well before bursting into tears once again.

That these are the days that bind you
And these little things define you



    “Black sheep!”


    “Cold-hearted jerk!”


    “Shut up!”

    “Oh, I’m sorry Francis, did I hurt your feelings?” Arthur asked sarcastically, smirking triumphantly.

    “Shut up, shut up, shut up!!” Francis shouted, his eyes watering.

    “Well, I’m only telling the truth!” Arthur declared.

    “You don’t know anything about me!” Francis spat.

    “Please, I know you better than you know yourself,” Arthur countered, rolling his eyes.

    “You. Don’t. Know. Anything,” Francis repeated, venom dripping from his voice like water from a leaky faucet.

    “Believe what you want, Frog. It won’t change the fact that I know the truth. You may believe you’re this perfect man and that you’re so much better than me, but the truth is, you are nothing! You can’t do anything on your own, but you’re selfish and conceited and arrogant and you think you own the world! No wonder your wife and son left you,” Arthur hissed. Francis’ jaw dropped.

    “Take it back,” he whispered, almost too shocked for words.

    “No,” Arthur declared firmly.

    “Take it back!” Francis shrieked.

    “I stand by everything I said,” Arthur stated, crossing his arms defiantly. Francis balled his hands into fists, his whole body shaking with anger. He wanted so bad to just tackle Arthur, beat the crap out of him and strangle him to death, but despite how angry he was with Arthur, he couldn’t bring himself to do it. Despite how Arthur seemed to hate him, Francis still loved Arthur, and he always would. Instead of lashing out, Francis simply burst into a flood of tears and ran away.

All this bad blood here
Won’t you let it dry?
It’s been cold for years
Won’t you let it lie?


    It had been three years since Francis had last spoken to Arthur. In the time since their fallout, Francis’ life had taken a turn for the absolute worst. Without Arthur there to keep him in line, Francis had fallen into a deep depression. He had no other friends, and so, without Arthur by his side, there was no one to stop him from letting himself go.

    He had started smoking again, even though Arthur had stopped him from doing so a while ago. But Arthur wasn’t there anymore, so he couldn’t tell Francis to stop. Every night, he took a boxful of bottles of wine to the park, in the very same spot where Francis and Arthur had gotten drunk together all those years ago, and he drank the wine until he was so sick and drunk he passed out and slept in the park. He did this every single night without fail, no matter the consequences.

    He’d tried his best to keep going, despite how hard his life had become since he and Arthur had stopped speaking, but without Arthur, Francis realized for the first time in his life that he was really, truly alone. And because he had let himself go, he’d been fired from his job two weeks ago. He was running out of money. Soon he wouldn’t be able to pay the bills for his apartment anymore or even feed himself. He’d have to live on the streets, but there would be no way he could survive on his own for long.

    In addition to the fact that his present life was falling apart, he had found out yesterday that his past life was falling apart, as well. He’d received a call from a soft-spoken teenage boy yesterday, only to find out that it was his son Matthew. Francis had been overjoyed to the point where he had started sobbing uncontrollably as soon as Matthew had confessed his identity, but his happiness was, unfortunately, very short lived.

    Matthew had told Francis that he was in the hospital when he was making the call. He was sick and there was no way he could be cured. He only had a few hours left to live, and his final wish had been to speak with his father one more time before he fell asleep for good.

    Francis had immediately asked where Matthew was staying and declared that he was coming right over to see his precious Lily one more time, but of course, Matthew’s mother wouldn’t allow it. Francis was not allowed to know Matthew’s location. Still, Francis tried to make the best of the situation, and he talked with Matthew on the phone for three hours until finally, Matthew had fallen asleep. He had died while talking on the phone to his father.

    Now, sitting in the park once again, sipping his third bottle of wine slowly, Francis realized that he had nothing left to live for. The love of his life had stopped loving him years ago, and she would never come back. His son, who had always loved him and missed him all the years that he had lived with his mother, had died yesterday. His best friend hated him and hadn’t spoken to him in three years. He had lost his job and was about to lose his home. There was nothing worth staying alive for anymore. And so, taking the last few sips of his third bottle, Francis decided that tonight was going to be his last.

If we’re only ever looking back
We will drive ourselves insane
As the friendship goes resentment grows
We will walk our different ways


    It was a sunny afternoon at about one o’clock. There was not a cloud in the sky and the sun was beating down heavily on the city beneath it. The mail truck had just come through the neighborhood, and like always, Arthur went out to check his mailbox five minutes after the truck had left. He opened the box and took the stack of mail out of it. He flipped through them as he walked back towards his house.

    Bills… Bills… Bills… Some stupid scam… Bills… What…? Arthur stopped flipping through the mail as he came to a pink envelope that smelled strongly or roses and lilies. The handwriting on the front of the envelope looked so familiar, but Arthur couldn’t quite put his finger on who it belonged to. There was no return address.

    Arthur walked quickly back inside his house and tossed the rest of the mail on the kitchen counter. However, he kept the pink envelope and quickly sat down at the table to open it. As soon as he began reading it, a pit began to form in his stomach. Something bad was going to come from this letter. He just knew it.

    Dear Arthur,

    I know that this is sudden, since it’s been a while since we’ve last spoken to each other. Three years, two months and fourteen days, to be exact, and yes, I’ve been counting. But that’s beside the point. I’m taking a bold step here by finally gathering up all the courage to speak to you after all this time. I would’ve come to you in person, but I knew you’d never listen to me if I tried to do that, so I decided to send you a letter instead. I just needed to tell you goodbye. Today is my last day on Earth. I’m taking my own life tonight. Life is too unbearable for me anymore and I can’t stand it. I’m completely and totally alone, I’ve lost everything that I need and everything that I love, and I’ll never be able to get it back. So this is goodbye. I hope that you won’t forget me. I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me for everything wrong I’ve done to you, and I wanted you to know that no matter how much you despise me, I’ve always loved you, and I always will.

Au revoir,


But those are the days that bind us
And those little things define us


    Arthur stared at the letter in his hands, too shocked to do anything else. He almost couldn’t believe his eyes. After three long years, his ex-best friend had sent him a letter, and yet, there was nothing but bad news inside. This couldn’t be real. He was having a dream or something. Francis would never send him a letter after all this time, and he certainly wouldn’t send him a letter just to tell him that he was going to kill himself.

    Francis had always been so optimistic. He had always been the one who saw the glass as half-full. He could always turn something bad into something good. There was almost always a smile on his face, he could almost always laugh. Arthur had always been jealous of Francis’ optimism, since it was in Arthur’s nature to be sarcastic and pessimistic. Why was Francis suddenly giving up now?

    Arthur re-read the letter, trying to find a clue that would give him the answer.

    I would’ve come to you in person, but I knew you’d never listen to me if I tried to do that.

    I’m completely and totally alone, I’ve lost everything that I need and everything that I love.

    Arthur’s eyes began to water as he realized with horror that this was all his fault. He'd promised Francis all those years ago that he would never be alone, because he would always have Arthur. And yet, Arthur had let their friendship go sour, and hadn't spoken to his best friend, his older brother, even, for three years. Now, Francis felt that he was alone, because Arthur had broken his promise, and they were both about to pay the ultimate price.

    As quickly as was humanly possible, Arthur ran out of his house and to his car. He jammed the keys into the ignition and started the car up. He drove as quickly as he could in the direction of Francis' apartment, hoping that the Frenchman still lived there, and that he hadn't killed himself yet. Arthur wouldn't lose his best friend without another fight.

All this bad blood here
Won't you let it dry?
It's been cold for years
Won't you let it lie?


    Francis pulled a wooden chair into the center of his living room. He'd already attached a large hook to the ceiling when he had come home from drinking last night. In his right hand, he carried a medium length rope. He stepped onto the chair and threw one end of the rope over the hook. He made a noose out of the end that was hanging over the chair. Then, he jumped down from the chair and tied the other end of the rope to the leg of his coffee table, which he had pushed to the corner of the room.

    After he had finished tying the rope, Francis walked back to the chair. He stepped on top of it again and fastened the noose around his neck. He swallowed hard. So this was really it. His final moment. And he was glad.

    And Francis' last sight before he kicked the chair down and began suffocating was his front door being kicked in. The man on the other side was none other than Arthur Kirkland. The last thing Francis heard before he blacked out was the sound of Arthur's horrified scream.

And I don't wanna hear about
The bad blood anymore
I don't wanna hear you
Talk about it anymore
I don't wanna hear about
The bad blood anymore
I don't wanna hear you
Talk about it anymore


    "Francis, no!!" Arthur shrieked.

    As Francis' body hung from the ceiling, Arthur dove towards the leg of the coffee table and untied the rope. Immediately, Francis' body fell to the floor with a loud thud! Arthur ran over to him, pulled him into his lap, and removed the noose from his neck.

    "Idiot!! What did you think you were doing?? Wake up!! Wake up you stupid Frog!! You bloody maniac!! Idiot!! Get up!!" Arthur screamed, now beginning to sob, and shaking Francis violently, but to no avail. Francis wasn't breathing, and if Arthur didn't do something quickly, Francis would never breathe again.

    "Oh bloody heck..." he muttered under his breath. Then, he tilted Francis' neck up and plugged his nose. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes before pressing his lips softly against Francis' and blowing into his mouth, hoping to get some air into the Frenchman's lungs and get him breathing again. After a few tries, it finally worked.

    Francis began coughing, and finally, he was awake and breathing again. Arthur pulled away from Francis quickly and stared intently at the Frenchman as his eyes opened slowly. "Oh... Thank God... Oh thank God..." Arthur whispered, his voice shaking as tears streamed down his face and onto Francis'.

    "A-Arthur...? Wh-what... Are you doing here...?" Francis asked incredulously, still not even fully awake yet.

    "I came here to stop you from killing yourself, idiot!" Arthur shrieked. Francis looked at him incredulously.

    "Why...?" Francis asked.

    "Because you're my best friend, idiot, that's why!!" Arthur shouted.

    "But we haven't spoken... I-in three years... I thought... You hated me...?" Francis stuttered, still trying to comprehend exactly what was going on.

    "I know!! I know... A-and I'm sorry... Francis, I am so, so sorry... I'm so sorry that I broke my promise, Francis. I never should've let our friendship go, and when I got that letter you sent me, my heart shattered in two. I've missed you so much these years, but I've never been able to swallow my pride and admit it until now... But I'm here now!! Please Francis, please... Please forgive me... Please don't give up..." Arthur pleaded desperately. Francis smiled.

    "I forgive you, Arthur..." he whispered softly.

    "Thank you..." Arthur whispered back. Then, he pulled Francis into a tight hug and buried his face in Francis' neck, sobbing into it as Francis hugged him back and began to cry as well. After three long years, all the bad blood had finally dried away...

All this bad blood here
Won't you let it dry?
It's been cold for years
Won't you let it lie?
Rose: Well then o.o Bonjour, mes amis~ I have extreme feels for you today o.o Okay so like, I've been obsessed with FrIggy for like the past week. More like the past five days actually. I swear I've never been more obsessed with a BrOTP like I have been with FrIggy these days. That's all I wanna do all day XD I just wanna look at FrIggy, RP FrIggy, make FrIggy MMD pics and write FrIggy fanfics. I have like five or six FrIggy RPs going and whatnot. I was so sad when I didn't have any ideas for a fanfic ;w; but then my amazing friend flowerpower71 suggested doing a songifc for Bad Blood and immediately I was just like "ASDF IDEA OMD THIS IS TOO PERFECT OMD OMFD YESYESYESYESYESYESYESYES" so I got working on it almost right away. I was working on this almost non-stop all day yesterday. Stayed up until 1:00 AM finishing it, and then I showed it to FrostOS and Blue2Yellow and killed their feels. I was legit crying while writing this I'm not even kidding. Crying waterfalls, people. FRICKEN WATERFALLS. I RUINED THIS SONG FOR MYSELF UGGGGGGH but Imma listen to it anyways because I love it so much~ Bastille = :heart: I am obsessed with Bastille now lol. I kinda think the ending is a bit shippy... And I don't ship them. I mean, I don't like yaoi (But it's okay if you do, it's just not my preference) and this was supposed to be a bromance fic... But eh. People are gonna see it how they see it so whatever :shrug: Okay so yeah. I love you guys. I'm not sorry at all for the crapstorm of feels and tears that I have sent upon thee. I am very proud of this work. Hope you enjoyed reading just as much as I enjoyed writing~ Bye~

Hetalia (c) Hidekaz Himaruya
Bad Blood (c) Bastille
Fanfic (c) :iconhalostormhybrids: 
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Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes)
Because (Y/N) was the student council president, he had to stay late after school most days. Not that it bothered him much.

Today was one of those days, quiet and lonely in the room once he had finished half of the stack of paper in front of him. Looking out the window, (Y/n) sighed. " It's gotten so dark.." He said. Leaning back in his chair, he yawned. "I'm so tired and sleepy.." 
Dozing off for a moment (Y/n)'s mind wandered to the previous week, thinking about him and his lover Alfred and what they had done.

Alfred thrusted deep inside (Y/n), his blonde hair stuck to his sweat covered forehead.  His glasses we're fogged up slightly giving a hazy view of his sapphire orbs. 
(Y/N)'s eyes we're closed, he gripped onto the bed sheets as Alfred thrusted into him once more making him let out a soft moan as he felt Alfred hit up against his spot.
" Here?" Alfred asked,hitting the spot again and making (Y/N) cry out. "(Y/N)? Does it feel good..?"
(Y/N) didn't answer, he only moaned, looking up at Alfred with lust filled hazy (E/C) hues that filled with pleasurable tears.
Alfred leaned down and kissed them away,moving down a bit and sharing a passionate kiss with his lover that was shaking under him.

(Y/N)'s eyes snapped open. A blush spreading on his face. Shaking his head he buried his head in his arms.

"I Don't want to work anymore!" He sighed in an almost frustrated fashion. "I wanna see Alfred..But he probably has club activities.."
Glancing at his (f/c) phone, (Y/N) picked it up and dialed Alfred's number. "I wonder if he's done with work yet..?"

----With Alfred---

Alfred had a bag over his shoulder his bomber jacket on. After he finished with his club, he went to his job for a bit and worked for a short while, grabbing some ice cream on the way home. "Ice cream after work is the best.." He grinned to himself.
Feeling his phone ring, he picked it up and looked at the caller ID. Answering it, he grinned.

" Hello? (Y/N)? What's up?"

"Alfred...I want to have sex."

Alfred paused for a moment before sighing. "That's what you called me for? Can't you just say you want to see me like normal people?"

On the other end, (Y/N)'s head was still on the desk. His face was red.  

Shit...Just hearing is voice is...

"I wanna see you too, (Y/N)." Alfred said into the phone.

---Back to (Y/N)----

(Y/N) gripped his member gently as he took it out of his jeans. "Idiot.." He said into the phone breathlessly. Caressing his member with his hand. Sitting back in his chair, he kept touching his member. 

"I want to see you.." He moaned lightly.

Alfred paused on the other line, listening to the moan before regaining composure. "...It's been a while sense we've talked like this over the phone huh?"

"Y-Yeah.." Ah..My hands won't stop... "It's been a long time sense I touched you.."

"Long time? It's only been a week."

(Y/N)'s hands kept moving. "Hm..~.."

"Hey, Where are you now?"

"I-I'm at school.."

"What?! Your still at school?!"

"Yes..."  (Y/n) licked his lips, moaning as he kept touching himself. "Ha.....Ha...~.."

After a bit of quiet (Y/n) piped up. "W-What's wrong Alfred..?"

"..Do even wanna ask what your doing right now?"

"W..What I'm doing? I'm finishing work for school.."

"(Y/N) that is not what I meant and you know it!" He yelled. "...Your not masturbating are you..?"

(Y/N) didn't stop touching his member, beginning to pump his hands slowly but hard. "E-Eh?! How'd you know..?"

"It's not exactly hard to figure out.." Alfred sighed,his cheeks rosy. "And you called me in the middle of it?! Is that even normal?!"

"N-No I--Of course not! I started after I called you!" He yelled back, "I heard your voice..and now I can't stop.." He moaned.

"What if somebody comes?"

"T-This late? No way..."

"....What do you look like right now..?"

"D-don't make me say it idiot!"

"Just say it!"

"F-fine...I-I'm sitting on a chair..My pants are down and my knees are up.." 

"...And your ass..?"

"N-Not yet..But I'm putting them in now.." He answered, licking his fingers. He then slid them down to his entrance, slipping a finger inside. "Ah!!" He closed his eyes and began to thrust them in. "Nn..Ah!!" Thrusting his fingers deep inside him, he moaned loudly "Mm..ah..nngh..."

Alfred was listening on the other end. Frozen in his place with red cheeks.

If I can remember right..He does it right here... "H-Hahh!! A-Alfred..! Don't stop talking! I wanna hear your voice..."

"Wait!!" He began to run in the direction of school. "The hero is running full speed to you! I'm hanging up now!"

"N-No wai--"

Alfred shut his phone. "Think about me a little more! Stupid (Y/N)!" Feeling his phone ring he answered it again. "I hung up for a reason!"

"S-stupid Alfred! Hanging up on me while I'm so close!"

'I Told you I'd be there in a sec!"

"J-Just a little more... and I-I'll..."

" I'm right outside!"


"Would you just listen to me?! I don't wanna do this over the phone! I wanna touch you!"

(Y/N) stopped for a moment in his own pleasure. "B-ut I-i'm so close..~"

"Hold on! I'm almost there!"

Alfred barged through the door. Panting and face red.

(Y/N) stared up at him,tears of pleasure pricking at his eyes. "J-Just alittle more and I would have..."

He tackled Alfred to the ground.

"Your late! Now hurry up and get naked!"

My first lemon (Kinda) On this account. I was on yaoihavenrebon and found a USUK doujinshi on this so I decided to use it as inspiration I hope you like~

You belong to you
America belongs to Hima-Papa
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The Spaniard stretched his arms , yawning loudly. Rubbing his eyes Antonio got off the bed still sleepy. He didn't really get enough sleep after last night. Someone has been partying hard with a certain obnoxious... Prussian and a pervy Frenchman. He yawned again , even more loudly this time. This caused (Name) to wake up as well. The girl slowly fluttered her eyes , revealing her bright (e/c) orbs. Antonio heard her yawning softly. He turned around and walked towards her side of the bed. "Buenas dias (Name).. looks like you slept well last night huh?" he says groggily , taking the girl in his arms. (Name) nodded , nuzzling against his chest. "Good for you tomate. Let's go get breakfast si?" he yawned. He went downstairs with his curly brown hair all messed up. His eyes , a bit red from lack of sleep. "Buenas dias Lovi.." he greeted , although it sounded like he's mumbling. Lovino huffed as he took a tomato and literally ate it whole. "Tmmphto bsshhtrd!" he grumbled , the tomato still in his mouth. (Name) smiled at him , causing him to blush a bit. Antonio placed (Name) on a high-chair , close to the counter so she could see him. She is pretty clingy so he had to place her near him. "Does eggs sound good to you (Name)?" Her stomach made a loud growl. (Name) awkwardly smiled at him. Antonio face lit up a bit "I'll take that as a yes". He went to the cupboards and picked up some pepper. As he cooked the eggs he sprinkled some. Suddenly he felt something ticklish in his nose. He continuously  scrunched his nostrils. (Name) tilted her head , wondering why her father is acting strange. "ACHOOO!" He sneezed. Silence. "Teehee..!" (Name) giggled softly. Antonio looked at her smiling at him. Then she started laughing. "HA HA HA HA HA!!" (Name) bawled in laughter. The Spaniard's lips slowly curved into a smile. Then fully smiling. "Achiw!" (Name) rubbed her nose. She looked at Antonio. He had a small blush on his cheeks. Then she starts laughing again. The Spanish man couldnt help it anymore. He too started laughing. The two both shared a hearty laugh and it filled the kitchen. Lovino walked in , very very confused. "OI! What the hell is going on here?!". They both stopped laughing. Antonio patted (Name)'s head. "You just made my day tomate~!" he sang , kissing her nose. (Name) giggled. Lovino's stare softened a bit. He walked away , his lips slowly curving into a smile.

---Time Skip----

After eating breakfast , Antonio got dressed for another world meeting , luckily its held in Spain so he isn't going far. "Now (Name) , be good while papa's gone! Don't eat too much sugar alright tomate?" he instructed the girl. (Name) simply nodded. "Your babysitter should be here soon. Don't cause too much trouble ok?". he instructed again. All (Name) could do is nod. Antonio smiled and took her in his arms "And don't worry! Papa will be back.." he says kissing her cheek. (Name) tilted her head. Then looked at the floor , then her papa's eyes. "". she says. His eyes widened "Say that again tomate?". (Name) furrowed her eyebrows a bit , then opens her mouth again. "Papa". she cheerfully said. Antonio grinned "She called me papa..." he said to himself. He then starts twirling (Name) around his arms "SHE CALLED ME PAPA~!" he danced. (Name) giggled , she likes being twirled around. Antonio stops , some tears fell from his eyes. He embraced you lovingly. "Te amo (Name)". he whispers. He kissed her cheek again. "Papa!" she cooed. Antonio chuckled , slowly putting her down on the floor. Lovino cleared his throat. "So'a.. can we go now?! WE'RE GONNA BE LATE TOMATO BASTARD!". he says hiding his pink-tainted cheek. Antonio grabbed his bag "Si I'm coming Lovi~! Bye (Name)!" he says , rushing out the door. (Name) waved at him , smiling a bit. "Lovi! Go say goodbye to (Name)!". Lovino's face flushed , he awkwardly waved at (Name). "Yeah..uh..goodbye (Name)" he says. "Lovi~". He quickly looked at her. (Name) giggled "Lovi~! Lovi~!". The Italian smiled at her a bit. "AWWW~! That's so cute! She called you Lovi!!" Antonio "fangirled". The Italian huffed , his face redder than a tomato. "Sh-shut up dammit! Let's just go!!". he scowled. (Name) and Antonio just laughed. She always makes his day brighter. And she is the many reasons why he is always happy.

"Te amo , mi tiny tomate~"
*le me trying to find a preview pic*
:iconhazelnaughty::iconsaysplz: GAHHH!! Romano!! I love you and all and you and Spain look adorabubble together but MAN! Can you like GTFO?! I need a shot of him and only him! Sure you're in this story but he's the star of the show! DUUUDE COME ON!! GET OUT!! GET OUUUT!!

after 10 minutes of getting distracted from all those Spamano pictures...I fell asleep. -.-

I hope you liked this short Spamano- *gets hit by Germany* I MEAN Spain x Reader fic. ^^ (Jesus Christ! Doitsu you haad to hit me don't ya! >:/ :icondoitsuplz: :iconsaysplz: It because you alvays mess up frau! Keep it togezher!)

Translations~! (courtesy of Dora The Explorer)
Buenas Dias - Good Morning

:iconsexyspainplz: :iconcuteromanoplz: (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:
You (c) :iconhappyspainplz:
Story (c) :iconhazelnaughty:
Picture (c) Owner.
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        You and your best friend, and crush, Antonio( A.K.A. the personification of Spain, don't 'cha know!)  sat in his living room... bored out of your minds. You were lying on his couch, with your head on his leg, and he sat down staring at the T.V. flipping through the channels.

"Toooniiiiiiiiiii~ Im bored...."

"Me too chica.. Me too..."

"Is there anything on T.V.?"

"Im afraid not _________..."

"Then wha-" As if on cue, you two heard a knock on the door. You got up and went over, and opened it... to see two little boys there, one of them seemed close to crying and the other just looked plain old grumpy. You sweatdropped. "Um.... hi?"
The grumpy one with chocolate brown hair, and a curl sticking out on the right side of his head, looked up at you. "Where's that Spanish tomato loving bastard! We need a place to stay, Austria kicked us out!"

"Ve~ All I wanted was some pasta...." The red headed one, this time with a curl on the left side of his head, walked up to you and hugged your leg, and he seemed close to crying. " I only tried to make myself some, and he got mad at me!"

The one with brown hair glared at his, you guessed, brother, " YOU DESTROYED HIS KITCHEN!"

You just stood there for a while, dumbfounded....but you quickly came back to reality, and picked up the red headed one. "Aw.. It's okay sweetie....", The little one giggled and started hugging you," um... ANTONIO!" you called.

The Spaniard immediately showed up by your side. "What is it _______!?"

You turned and showed him the little ones. "Do you know these little guys?"

Antonio just looked down and gasped a little."Y-Yes...but...uh... I thought Austria owned these kids...." He leaned down and faced the darker haired one. "Romano... what are you doing here?"

" We need a place to live dammit-" You gasped and shook your finger in his face, while still holding the other in your other arm.

"Romano! We don't speak like that!"

"You're not the boss of me!"

"You wanna bet?"

"Yes! Now put my fratello down!" Romano reached up towards his brother and started to jump up and down. Antonio grabbed Romano and held him in place, and looked at you with a slight smile.

"Well well _________. I think we gotta let them live here for a while..." Antonio turned towards you and you smiled and hugged the red-head in your arms getting a small, "Ve~" in response.

" I'm okay with that Toni! We can be like their parents!" Antonio laughed, not completely processing what you said. A few seconds later, he stopped laughing and shot a, "What the hell did you say?!", look while blushing. You only smiled sweetly and retreated to the couch, and sat down with the little Italian on your lap. "What's your name little guuuuuuy~?"

"Feliciano! But since your my new Mama, can you give me a nickname and some pasta?"

"A nickname?... How about Feli? It's short and simple."

"Ve~! I love it Madre!"

You smiled and looked over at the other two males, and started laughing. Romano apparently didn't like being held by Spain. Romano was kicking and flailing and pushing on Toni's cheek in a failed attempt to get free. "Bastard! Let me go! Mamma help me!"

You only shot him a smug grin. "What? NOW I'm your mother Romano?

"Y-Yes! Anything to get this stupid Spaniard to LET. GO!" You giggled and walked over to Toni, and traded the brothers. Romano clung to your jacket while Italy hung on to Antonio's usual tan outfit with a smile on his face. You looked down, and started stroking Romano's hair.

Romano blushed.

" Idiota! Leave my hair alone! I don't like it!"

"But your hair is so soft Roma!"

"Don't call me thaaaat!"

You grinned and looked over to Antonio, who you noticed, was staring a you. He immediately looked to the side while holding Feli up to shade his face. "Uh..______, so.... What do you want to do?" He smiled sheepishly and his blush seemed to fade a little.

You smiled and stroked Romano's hair a little more, ignoring his rants about not wanting to be held and such. "Well, first we can make these guys some food, then... it's getting late, so we can do something like going to the park or something with these guys!" You snuggled Romano, and he let out a yelp as he blushed. With that you went over and took Italy in your other arm, and led them to the kitchen.

~~~~~~~~~never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down~~~~~~~~~

Spain's POV

I watched as ________ lead little Romano and Feli to the kitchen, with that beautiful smile on her face.

She was my best friend, and the love of my life. I don't know when I started to like her... but it just... happened.

I followed her to the kitchen, and leaned on the door frame and watched as she had Romano and Feliciano sitting on the counter while she already had the pasta cooking and she handed a tomato, and Romano just grabbed it and started eating it in the way of his.

I smiled as my gaze landed on ________. She was so beautiful, even if she didn't think so.

She'd be a wonderful mother...

"Antonio? What are you looking at?" I snapped out of my daydream, and felt my face heat up, when I noticed _______ standing in front of my, wearing an apron and held a giant plastic spoon to my chest. She was smiling.

"U-uh... nothing chica!" I smiled my best... but it's hard when you can't have the girl you love.

" Antonio? Do you lik-"


We both jumped, and rushed over to the stove, I turned it off and got the pot off the burner as _________ picked up Italy, set him by the sink, and ran his hand under cold water. Feliciano was crying and Romano was just finishing his tomato. Romano looked at me.

" Bastard....."

" Not now Romano!" I shoved another tomato in his face, and he accepted it, and went back to eating silently. I sighed as I turned to _________. My face fell.

She looked so sad...

"Mamma.... it's okay... it wasn't your fault.... Ve..." Felicano's hand was being dried off, and _______ just smiled weakly back at him.

"But I let you get hurt... I'm sorry Feli.... Here, lets go get your hand bandaged up, okay?"


She picked him up and walked out of the room. And I was left with Romano.


I looked over to the kid. He had finished his tomato a while ago, and he was staring at me.

"What?" I asked.

" You idiot. If you love her, just kiss her and say so." My face flushed.


"You heard me right you Spanish bastard! I know you love ________! You always have! Don't you see this is the perfect time to actually let her know! You two are basically being our parents now! Do you really think I dragged my fratello all the way here for nothing?!"

"W-Wait! You mean Austria didn't kick you out?! "

" Of course not you bastard! Austria's not that much of a dumb jerk to kick two kids out on the street!"

I was about to say something back but _________ came into the room holding a sleepy Feli, who's hand was now bandaged. She smiled at me and Romano.

" It's okay now, but its your guy's bedtime~!"

"No way! I'm not tired!" Romano crossed his arms, and quickly glared at me, then yawned. "Not tired...."

"Oh yes you are!," ________ came over and took Romano in her other arm, and looked at me. " Their going to sleep in the guest bed, okay? I'll stay over tonight, and be on the couch."

"O-Okay..." I smiled quickly and followed her upstairs.


Your POV>

Antonio was acting weirder than usual. You couldn't understand why, but he was. You noticed he wasn't a cheery or as talkative as he usually is when he followed you upstairs.

You'll ask him about it later, but you opened the door to the guest bedroom, and walked in, and placed the little Italians on the large fluffy queen sized bed.

Italy gladly smiled, leaned up, and kissed your cheek. " Buona notte mamma..." And he fell asleep right there. Romano, however, pushed the covers off and crossed his arms.

" I'm not tired!" You huffed. You heard Toni quietly chuckle and you turned to see his face inches from yours, but he was looking at Romano.

" Now come now Romano. Your mother says it's bed time. If you don't, no tomatoes for you." Romano's eyes widened, and you just blushed, still trying to process a solution for how close he was to you. You turned your attention back to Romano, and you giggled. Romano was flailing around trying to get under the covers. You grabbed the blanket, and easily placed it over him, tucked it in, and gave him a little kiss on the forehead.

" Good night Roma~"

Romano just turned over and covered his face in the blanket. "Shut up Idiota..."

You got up, and grabbed Spain by the collar of his shirt, and quietly walked out of the room.
You closed the door behind you, and faced the Spaniard, who didn't look your way, with his shoulders slumped and he was trying not to look at you. This was the last straw
" Antonio Fernandez Carriedo! What the hell is wrong with you  tonight! I want the old Toni back who was all smiley and cheerful and-"

Antonio shot forward, and cupped your face and pulled it towards him, and placed his lips on yours. You melted immediately, and you pulled back, and saw Antonino's old smiling face at you.

"Shhhhhh _________... You'll wake up the kids if you yell like that!" He grinned stupidly, and you grinned back.

"You little sneak!"

" Well... you know." He just pulled you close and kissed you again, and you replied to him without question... however, you two were being watched.


"Ve~ Romano! I didn't think one of your plans would actually work!" Italy whispered as he and Romano looked through the keyhole of the door.

" Shut up! My plans don't suck like yours! But.... ________ needed someone... and Spain liked her obviously so I thought... why the hell not?"

" Ve~ Wow they've been kissing for a while now..." Romano grabbed Feliciano's arm and pulled him towards the bed.

" Come on you idiot... it's time we actually did go to sleep... Austria's going to be pissed when he finds out we ran away. Heh Heh... Spain's gonna get one hell of a phone call in the morning."

Both of the Italians crawled under the sheets and closed their eyes, but soon followed in Feli poking Romano. Romano opened one of his eyes.

        "What do you want Feliciano?"

        "Romano... I never got my pasta...."
REQUEST FROM :iconthemysteriouspoet:

Hope you liked!
I apologize for the ending! It's late and I wanted to get this done because it was getting long... :iconamericawhyplz:

But I hope you all enjoyed this sucky long fiction! XD Especially :iconthemysteriouspoet:, For she requested it. XD


ITS SO LOOOOOOOOOOOONG!!!!!That's what she said:iconamericawhyplz:


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[ Hetalia - Himaruya Hidekaz
You - You ]


"It's time for bed mi tomate..~"

"No! You go to bed!"

Sighing happily, as if his son wasn't complaining or raging at him, Antonio picked up Lovino like someone would a football. Lovino basically radiated waves of irritation until Antonio dropped him off into his bedroom and on his bed and walked off, leaving him alone in his room with his arms crossed.

Antonio had left since the 'bed-time department' belonged to you. Lovino didn't like when his father read him stories, it just wasn't the same as how you did it.

You stepped inside of the doorway holding Lovino's favorite storybook. You would always read him the same one before he went to bed, sometimes you even wondered if he was becoming bored of it. Sitting next to him on the edge of his bed, you tucked him under the blankets and opened the book. Right before you began reading from it, Lovino stopped you with a sudden question, "How did you meet him?" His expression softened during asking.

You thought for a moment, "Well.. I suppose it was during my visit to Spain-"

-El Senor Flashback-

You were walking around the streets of Spain, you came here seeking adventure- or whatever you wanted to call it. You weren't exactly sure, but you always wanted to visit this country- even though you had no plans of what to do when you actually got there, which was why you were wandering around.

On your way out of a corner store, drinking your _____, you heard wonderful music. You just couldn't describe it, it was just so.. amazing. You, wanting to hear more of it, chased down the music to a music lounge. Slipping inside of the building, you found the man creating the music from his acoustic guitar. Just looking at him made your heart skip a beat, especially when he winked at you from the stage. You couldn't help but sit down close to the front, trying to learn more about him from the words he created using his instrument.

-El Senor Flashback end-

"After that.. we started a conversation and got along very well. He even offered to show me around the country! And that, is the story of how we met, Lovi~"

"That's all?"

"Yup, I suppose so. So is there any other things you'd like to ask me before you go to bed?"

"No.. Not really."

You ruffled his fluffy brown hair before giving him a short kiss on the cheek, "Well then, Buenas Noches." You lifted yourself off of his bed, clicked off his lamp, and gently closed his bedroom door on your way out.

".. Night."
Father!Spain x Mother!Reader x Child!South Italy requested by :iconthemysteriouspoet:

I really like this one, even if similar things happen in movies.
It's also one of the ways how I'd like to meet a guy. xDDD
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Sierra = Fem!Spain
Francine = Fem!France (I'm guessing)
Julchen = Fem!Prussia
Daniel = Male!Hungary
Madeline = Fem!Canada
A/N: you're about 4 years older than the BTT :-) (also, you're a freshman, and they are 7th graders)

You walked into the bathroom, tired as hell. You stood in front of the toilet, unzipped your pants, pulled them down, and began to pee. You tilted your head back, falling asleep, when someone banged on the door, making you jump.

"________! Hurry up! I gotta pee!" Sierra, your sister yelled.

You pulled up your pants and flushed the toilet. You opened the door and saw Sierra with an angry face.

"Did you even wash your hands?" she asked. You slammed your hand in her face and answered,

"Nope." as you walked away. She quickly wiped her face.

She went downstairs and sat across from you on the table.

"Hey, where's mom and dad?"  You asked her.

"They left for work. Oh yeah! Mom said I could have my friends over, so they'll be here in a while." She replied.

"You mean Francine and Julchen? I think they like me..." You told her.

"They do. They told me." She responded.

"Huh. You know what I'm gonna do? I'm gonna tease them today, just for the hell of it." You said as you smirked.  Sierra just rolled her eyes and left to the Living room, and you followed.

You and Sierra were playing video games when there was a knock on the door.

"Come in!" Sierra yelled.

Julchen and Francine entered your home and saw Sierra with her legs on your lap and lying down. They walked over to where you two sat. You tossed the controller on the floor and pushed Sierra's legs off you. You stood up.

"Hey, you guys wanna go outside and throw the football around with me?" you asked them.

"Why not?" Sierra said as she jumped off the couch.

"a-alright..."  Francine and Julchen nervously said.

You grabbed your football and went outside, with the girls following close behind.

"Okay, Francine, you're on my team. Sierra, you and Julchen are on a team." You instructed. They nodded and spread across your backyard.

You threw the ball and the game began. You were all having so much fun. You were about to throw the ball to Francine when Julchen tackled you to the floor.  As you were falling, you wrapped your arm around her waist. When you both hit the floor, you were laughing. You let go of Julchen and sat up, causing her to slide down onto your lap. She was blushing a dark red and you just smiled.

"You're good at tackling, Julchen!" You happily told her.

"" She thanked. She got off you and you stood up.

You walked inside, and so did the girls. You threw your shirt off. Sierra rolled her eyes and face palmed. The other two stood there, gawking at you.

"I'm gonna go shower, ok?" You told them. You went upstairs.

"He is so hot." Julchen stated.

"I know right?" Francine agreed.

"That's just gross," Sierra said "Hey, I bet you can't balance a cup of water on your heads"
You came down stairs. You were shirtless (again) with a small towel hanging on your shoulders.

"Hey." Sierra said as she entered the Kitchen.

"What's going on?" you asked. You could see Francine and Julchen balancing water on the heads, with their turned from you both.

"I bet them five dollars they couldn't balance water on their heads. I have a feeling I have to give up my five dollars though..." She replied, looking at them from the kitchen.

"Want me to help you out?" You asked.

"Sure, why not?" She answered.

You took the towel off your shoulders and twisted it. You slowly and quietly approached them. Then you wacked both of their butts, making them scream and the cups of water falling with the water pouring down their shirts. They turned around to see you.

"Do I make you wet?" You asked then, smirking.

The blushed and started to shake. Sierra then pushed you out of the way a bit. She grabbed their hands and pulled them out of the room.

"Come on, you need new shirts. And you owe me five bucks."

"Oh, that reminds me, I need a shirt too."

~~~~~ Le Time skip (years later) ~~~~~~~~

Julchen, Francine, and Sierra were sitting at a table, waiting for you. You were all about to go to a wedding, so the three were in fancy dresses, eating at a Taco shop.

"I can't believe we used to like your brother."  Julchen said.

"I know. He must be butt ugly and old now." Francine replied.

"Guys, you haven't seen him in years. Plus, he's only four years older than us." Sierra told them, with a hint of anger in her voice.

"Whatever." they said in unison.

Then a vehicle skidded to a stop, getting their attention. You came out of the car in a Tuxedo, running towards them. You got to them, panting.

"C-come on, we're gonna be late for Daniel's wedding," you told them "And I don't like being late. Remember Madeline's wedding?" You said.

"Yeah...," Sierra answered "It was after another wedding, and before a Funeral...we came at the funeral..."

"Yeah, so hurry up," You said, then looked to the other two, who were gawking at you "You guys look nice" You smiled.

Sierra stood up and walked to the car, with you following.

"Come on!" You yelled to them.

Julchen and Francine stood up. Julchen was fixing her hair and Francine brushed off her dress. At the same time, both of the pushed their boobs up and walked towards you.

"We're coming!" They said at the same time.
Hi! I've haven't timed in a long ass time, so here ya go! I'm sorry if Spain is ooc though...anyway! I hope you like it! ^.^
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Collection by
External COMMISSION for Ciel-the-Master.
Thanks for commissioning me ^^ :heart:

Sebastian Michaelis belong to Yana Toboso.
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My first fanart of Kuroshitsuji!! șAș I love so much Sebastian, I admit that is my favourite character and he was the reason that I have seen the series ^^;

Btw, practicing a bit of anatomy U_U I know, is a little shitty, but is the better that I can do right now.

Pic dedicated to my little sister that she love him! >_< ♥

Sebastian Michaelis© Yana Toboso.

If you want commission like this for 35$USD note me

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i felt like drawin some sexy anime boys, what could b better than the guys from black butler. ;P i may make one of these using the girls next.

done with copic markers and neopiko markers
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       I know I’m not the slimmest person that there is, but I love my body regardless. I’m a curvy girl that loves her men muscular. That’s why I have such a massive crush on my best friend, Ludwig. He’s like, the perfect guy for me! He’s German, has amazing abs, his hair is so blonde and smooth, and his eyes make me feel like I’m staring into the ocean. He’s just perfect in every way to me. Sure, he has an obsession with staying fit and drinking beer, but I don’t mind it. To me, that just makes him even more adorable. It’s too bad he would never go for someone like me.

       From what I’ve seen, he only dates girls that are stick thin. That completely leaves me out. Every girl I’ve seen him with has been a size zero, wore caked on makeup, and always broke his heart in the end. Again, that completely leaves me out. I’m not even close to a size zero, I rarely wear makeup, and I would NEVER break his little German heart. For someone who has such a manly and rough demeanor, he’s actually extremely sensitive. Only certain people get to see that side of him, and most of the time, it’s me. I just wish he could see that the perfect girl for him has been in front of him this entire time.

“(Name)!” A voice called as there was a knock at my door.

I turned and opened the door as fast as I possibly could. Standing on my doorstep was Ludwig. I could see the pain in his eyes. My face saddened immediately. That stupid whore must have broken his heart again.

“Luddy…” I whispered as I hugged his waist tightly. “Did she break your heart?”

       He nodded as he wrapped his strong arms around my plump waist. I shivered lightly at the touch and only held him tighter. I felt his face press against my neck. He began to shake and heave. A few wet droplets hit my neck. He was crying on my shoulder. I let out a sigh and drug him inside of my house. I sat him on the couch, never letting go. I simply sat on his lap and snuggled into his chest. He practically sobbed, his nails digging into my lower back as he did so. I wish I could help him. I thought to myself.

“My poor Luddy…” I whispered as I rubbed circles on his back. “She was never good enough for you, anyway. You deserve someone much better.”

“She said she loved me.” Ludwig whispered into my neck. “Unt zen she vent and cheated on me.”

“If she really loved you, she wouldn’t have cheated.” I said in an angry tone. “She was a fucking whore that only wanted you for sex.”

       He nodded in agreement, his grip on me weakening. He lifted his head up and looked into my (eye color) eyes. I stared into his now puffy and bloodshot eyes. They were dull and filled with sadness, rather than the bright and shiny anger filled eyes that I had come to love. I ran my hands through his hair, trying my hardest to cheer him up a bit. He laid his head on my chest, squeezing my lovehandles a bit. I squeaked, a red blush dusting my cheeks.

“You’re so soft, (Name)...” Ludwig whispered into me.

“U-um...danke…” I said, the blush never leaving my face.

“Vhy can’t I find somevone like you?” He said in a loving tone. “You’re so perfect…”

“Ludwig...what are you trying to say?”

He looked up at me, holding my hips tighter in his hands. “Ich liebe dich.”

My eyes went wide at the statement. He loved me? But how? I’m not even his type!

“I-I love you too, Luddy. I always have.” I whispered. “But how could you ever love someone as big as I am?”

With that, he gasped. A soft glare was dawned upon me.

“You are not big, (Name).” He said in an irritated tone. “You are just...fluffy.”

I giggled softly and looked away. “I-I’m pretty sure I’m big.”

Ludwig shrugged and rubbed my lower back. “I have alvays had a zing for bigger girls. I just vas embarrassed to tell you.”

I looked back at him, my eyes wide. I always thought that he liked the skinny, fake girls. But I was wrong...

       I began to lean into him, whispering things about how much I had always wanted him. He leaned in as well, taking in every word. At that moment, we kissed. My eyes fluttered shut and I rested my hands on his muscular chest. I felt his heartbeat underneath my hands. He moved me closer to him, scooching my body across his lap. I smirked lightly and began to nibble at his lip. Ludwig opened immediately, allowing me access to his mouth. I slid my tongue in as slow as I could, however, I had to use some inner strength to prevent me from going all out.

       He let out a gentle moan, earning me squeeze. I squealed lightly and let out a giggle. I could feel him smiling. I gripped his black tank top tight in my hands, pulling him even closer to me as we kissed. Soon, though, air became an issue. The two of us pulled away, but stayed close to the other. I was breathing heavily, not used to the lack of oxygen. I laid my head on his chest, listening close to the beating of his heart.

“Ich liebe dich, Luddy…” I whispered as I closed my eyes.

He pet my (hair color) hair with a gentle touch. “Ich liebe dich auch.”

I smiled a bit and soon fell asleep in his arms.
Chubby girls need love too~! Trust me...we do...anyway, here ya go :3
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"There." Vincent tied the bow on his freshman's suit. "Come now, Ciel. Smile. You know, uniforms aren't required."

Ciel shrugged. "No reason to smile, father. We live in a mansion, so it's only appropriate to dress like this." He shrugged his father's hand away, backing up. "I have to go." He backed up towards the door, his eyes shining with false enthusiasm.

"Goodbye son," Vincent called as Ciel backed out the door, closing it.

He blew out a deep breath, shaking with cold. There was a low fog overhanging the area as he walked down the front steps. He clutched his binder close to him, feeling insecure in the worst way. He was rich, but he was still a freshman, before anything. He was supposed to be a Sophomore, but due to a transfer, he had to repeat a grade in middle school. He hadn't wanted summer to be over so quickly, admittedly. 

"Hello!" A high pitched voice startled him, and he turned. Directly beside him was a pretty blonde girl with sap green eyes and a pretty red dress.

"Hey," he replied flatly.

The girl giggled. "My name is Lady Elizabeth Ethel Cordelia Midford. But you can call me Lizzy!"

Ciel's eye twitched. "That is a very long name," he pointed out.

Lizzy giggled, shrugging. "Yes, well, I do come from a family of royals."

Ciel nodded, still not pulling a smile. "Elizabeth, isn't it?" I think--" 

"Lizzy." Her voice interrupted Ciel, and he gasped.


Lizzy smiled, looking at him, quickening her steps to keep pace with him. "Just Lizzy is fine, OK?"

Ciel nodded. "Right. So as I was--" again he was cut off.

"You are?"

His eye twitched. "My name is Ciel Phantomhive."

Lizzy smiled at him, her cheeks a rosy red. "Why hello there, Ciel Phantomhive! You are simply adorable!" She giggled, and Ciel rolled his eyes.

"Yes. Where do you live?" 

Lizzy pointed down the road. "I live a few roads back. I'm lucky I don't have to take the bus."

She never stops smiling,
Ciel thought irritably. "Great," he replied. "So we're practically neighbors."

Lizzy laughed in her high pitched voice that made Ciel cringe. "I guess we are, aren't we? Oh, we're going to be the best of friends, you and I!"

Ciel ignored her. "Do you always dress so fancy?"

Lizzy nodded, looking down at her dress while she walked. "I do. I love dressing up. Don't you?" She eyed him. "You certainly look stunning in that outfit of yours!"

Ciel scoffed. "Thanks," he said dryly.

Lizzy laughed awkwardly. "We're almost there," she said after a moment. "I think you're going to like it here, Ciel! Do you need an escort around the building? I can show you around!" She didn't wait for his reply, only grabbed his arm and pulled him on as Ciel made several noises of protest. They had almost reached the school building, and Ciel felt a sense of unease. He didn't exactly like this girl yet, but she was alright. Someone to talk to, someone to walk with, so that he wasn't entirely alone.

When they reached school campus, she let go of him. "I changed my mind," she stuttered. "I have to go!" She turned and hurried away, and Ciel looked on after her, a confused look in his eyes. He then looked around. Seniors were filing into the courtyard to enter the building, followed by the Juniors, the Sophomores, and lastly, the Freshman. 

"Better go get in line, sir," said a small blonde boy who was walking past. He was wearing hair clips. That was the only thing Ciel could note at the clips.

"Right," he replied. "Could you show me the way?"

The boy smiled, rubbing behind his head. "Of course! Come on, then." The boy lead him away from the entrance, but Ciel looked over his shoulder.

"A girl ran that way," he informed the boy. "Lady Elizabeth...something..something something."

"Lizzy," the boy exclaimed. "I wonder why she went that way? My name is Finnian, by the way. You can call me Finny!" He turned when they reached their line. "And you are..?"

Ciel sighed. "Ciel Phantomhive."

Finny chuckled. "No need for formal introduction there, Ciel." He punched Ciel's arm, and Ciel jumped back, his entire body tense in case he was trying to start a fight.

When they entered the building, it was cold, and Ciel couldn't help but shiver. Finny stayed by his side, but Ciel didn't mind. "Where did Elizabeth go?"

Finny looked around before replying, "to class, I suppose."

Ciel nodded, turning away, from the main hall to look at the staircase. "My first class is up there," he muttered to Finny. "Math. Room 307. Can you help me find it?"

Finny nodded. "But first, we have to find Mey-Rin," he told him.

Ciel's eye twitched. "Who in the bloody hell is Mey-Rin? I will not be late on my first day!"

Finny laughed, despite his tone. "Don't worry, you have plenty of time. There she is now." He points at a redheaded girl who is walking down the hallway, her short red hair spiking up and her glasses shielding her eyes. "Mey-Rin!" Finny waves his hand excitedly. "I was hoping you'd end up going to this high school!" Mey-Rin nodded when she approached the two.

Ciel turned. "I'm going to class." Finny looked at him, and there was a high ringing noise that echoed around the school. Ciel gasped. "The bell!" He took off.

Finny called out, "that's the three minute warning bell!" But Ciel was already up the stairs.

He walked quickly down the hallway, scanning the door numbers for 307. Suddenly he heard a loud squeal, that could only belong to Lizzy. "Elizabeth?" He looked around, but didn't see the young girl anywhere. I haven't got time for this! Ciel hurried on, ignoring the squeal, which he immediately recognized as a squeal of pain.

Suddenly he saw her; she was pinned against the locker by a tall boy with spiky black hair. He was looking down at her in a cruel sort of way. Though Ciel didn't see her directly, he thought he saw a bruise on her cheek. "Hey! What the hell are you doing?!" He raced over, standing in front of Elizabeth and looking up at her assailant. 

He was white; not too pale white, but white. He was tall. He wore a jet black jacket with a black shirt, black pants with a keychain hanging from them, and black shoes that seemed as normal as a regular pair of shoes. "Hey Shorty," he greeted, cracking a sideways smile.

Ciel was shaking from fear; this man was tall. "Were you hurting Elizabeth?"

He shrugged, still smiling. "Depends."

Ciel gasped, clenching his teeth. "Well, stop it!"

"My name is Sebastian." Ignoring Ciel's plead, he held his hand out, and Ciel stared at it warily.

"Ciel," he replied after a moment. "Ciel Phantomhive."

He shook Sebastian's hand, and Sebastian chuckled.


Ciel didn't have time to question what he had said "oh" to as the bell rang, signaling one minute. "Elizabeth, we're gonna be late--"

Lizzy had already run off, and was nowhere in sight. Sebastian leaned against a locker, still smiling in a creepy sort of way. "Freshman, right?"

Ciel nodded, but his attention was fixed on classroom 307, which was right behind Sebastian, to the left. Sebastian saw him looking elsewhere, and stepped in front of him so he couldn't see his classroom anymore. "Hey, that's rude," he pointed out.

Ciel made a few irritated noises before looking back at Sebastian.

"Can I see your schedule?" He held out his hand, and Ciel shrugged.


Sebastian pulled out his own, then looked at Ciel's. After a moment, he smiled. "This is awesome; we have every class together except...English and Physics. Hey, kid, why didn't you take any electives?"

Ciel shrugged. "I'm more worried about how well I'll be able to handle myself in the real world," he replied.

Sebastian nodded. "Well, we should get to class."

Ciel looked at the floor, gritting his teeth. What an obnoxious senior! "I suppose we should," Ciel replied. 


"You really shouldn't be talking to him," Elizabeth began on the walk back home. "He's a bad influence. He's a bully. He's homosexual."

Ciel looked at her, adjusting the books he was carrying. "Shut up," he snapped at her. "I saved your sorry butt today. He just suddenly took an interest in me."

Lizzy shook her head. "Don't let him hurt you, OK? He's a player, he's rude, he's just a bad person."

Ciel eyed her. "How long have you known him to be standing judgement like this?"

Elizabeth shrugged, looking at the ground. "A long time," she replied. "We used to be friends. Or acquaintances, at the least. Then, when he got to sixth grade, he started hanging out with the cooler crowd. The older crowd. Maybe it would have helped if I went to school with him. But I was only in fourth grade...what could I have done?"

Ciel nodded, understanding. "I'll be careful," he replied.

Lizzy nodded. "Great. Because I care about you, you know?"

Ciel rolled his eyes. "We've known each other for like, one day."

Elizabeth shrugged, still smiling. "I care for all of my new friends!"

Ciel chuckled awkwardly, looking away. "Goodbye, Elizabeth."

Lizzy crossed her arms. "Just Lizzy, Ciel."

The rest of the day passed uneventfully. As he crawled into bed that night, he couldn't help but think about Sebastian. Odd, he thought. He didn't bother trying to stop thinking about him, though, and eventually fell asleep, imagining what school tomorrow would be like.

When he awoke, neither parent was at his house, so he wandered around for a half an hour before he could leave the house and go to school. He saw the same fog as yesterday and laughed a little. "Another day shrouded in mist," he mumbled. "Perfect." 

Elizabeth was not there to accompany him on his walk to school, and frankly, he missed the company. Even if she was a bit of a nuisance. When he approached the schoolyard, nobody was outside waiting to get in. He walked to the front doors, looking in. There were students in the hall, and he realized he must be a bit late. He tugged at the doors, but to his dismay, they didn't open. His breath was a cloud of air in front of him as he walked around the back, hoping to find another way into the building.

"You're a little late." A new voice startled Ciel, and he turned to see four upperclassmen, all of them lounged out somewhere in the area. An Indian man with purple hair was laying on a tree branch. There was a man with short red hair sitting on the ledge of a cement wall. There was another man; he had white hair and a mark on his forehead, who sat in the grass, and seemed to be praying. The final one -- the one who had spoken -- was a clean cut man with glasses and blazing eyes. "My name is William T. Spears. Call me Will. The whole name is a mouthful."

Ciel nodded. The red man on the cement wall chimed in, "Grell." He winked and smiled.

Ciel looked at the Indian in the tree. "I'm Soma," he said after a moment, his eyes shining brighter than Will's were. "You are really adorable." He propped himself up, looking down at Ciel with a large smile. The man in the grass said nothing, and Soma rolled his eyes. "That's my brother, Agni." Agni made no reply, but Ciel heard a breath or two sharpen.

"I'm Ciel," Ciel said after a moment. "What are you all doing back here?"

Soma leaped down from the tree, and Ciel gasped as he got closer. "We have no first period," he explained.

William cut in. "So, we all agreed to hang out back here until second period starts."

Grell, from his ledge, leaned forward. "Why are you here?"

Ciel sighed. "I seem to have missed everyone going in," he explained. "I can't open the doors."

William stepped forward, chuckling. "I can help you with that."

Suddenly Soma rushed forward, scooping up Ciel and spinning him around. "You are so cute."

Ciel flailed his arms. "Put me down! Put me down!"

Soma laughed, setting him down. "Sorry."

William flung out a small, sharp item in front of Soma and stated, "are you done?"

Soma nodded, chuckling and backing away. Will lead him around front and, with amazingly fast work, had picked the lock to the front door and it creaked open. Ciel's eyes were wide, but William stepped back, looking just like he had before. "There now," he said. The three minute warning bell rang. "Go on, or you'll be late."

Ciel nodded. "Tell the others I want to visit them again sometime," he told William. 

William shrugged. "You'll see us around the halls," he replied.

Ciel nodded, hurrying in and up the stairs. He stopped dead in his tracks as he heard a low moan from somewhere behind the lockers. He gasped, turning back. He headed around the corner and looked behind a row of lockers. There was Sebastian, but he was not alone. He had someone pushed up against the wall, and was deeply kissing them. 

Ciel dared not make the sound any louder than a whisper, but he got closer to get a better look. It was a male that he was kissing, and he looked like a senior as well. He had spiked black hair, just like Sebastian, but he was wearing glasses. Sebastian was kissing him hard, and he was kissing back. Ciel even thought he saw tongue glide between their lips. He took a few steps back, shaking slightly. 

He hurried down the hall to first period, practically throwing himself into his seat and clenching the edge of the desk with a death grip. "Hey, are you OK?"

Ciel turned his head to see a blond boy giving him an intriguing look.

Ciel nodded. "Yeah," he replied.

"Shaky, aren't we?" He laughed at his joke, but Ciel swallowed hard and sighed.

"My name is Alois. Alois Trancy!"

Ciel shook his hand. "Ciel," he stuttered back. "Ciel Phantomhive."

Alois chuckled, wiping his nose once and then rocking back and forth in his chair as the teacher spoke.

"Sebastian Michaelis? He isn't here...again." He checked off a mark on his clipboard. "Alois Trancy?" The teacher looked up, smirking and licking his lips. "You're here. You came. Of course you came."

Alois bit his lip, clenching his fists and looking at the floor. The teacher added, "did you tell your mother you're staying after for extra help?"

He nodded, squeezing his eyes shut. "Yes, sir," he replied, his voice shaking. The teacher nodded, the smile on his face widening as he walked behind his desk, digging through the drawers for something.

"Why didn't I see you here yesterday?" Ciel was sure that Alois hadn't been here before.

"I was sick," Alois replied immediately, his eyes dilating frantically.

Ciel blinked. "Okay," he replied, suspicion tinging his voice.

Suddenly the door swung open and Sebastian walked in, running his hand through his hair and chuckling coolly. A few girls in the front seemed to catch their breath, and one was fanning herself.

"Sebastian," the teacher greeted flatly, without even looking up. "You're late again." Sebastian shrugged, taking a seat behind Ciel.

"My apologies. I got caught up in something." Ciel noticed Alois look back at him with a dirty look. A glare, almost.

"You don't like him, I take it," Ciel whispered to Alois.

"No," Alois replied. "I have a huge crush on the guy he's dating." He folded his arms, pouting.

Ciel's eyes widened. "What's his name?"

Alois blew a strand of hair from his face. "Claude," he replied flatly. "Claude Faustus. The sexiest man alive!" He held his arms to his chest, giggling madly. Ciel couldn't help but laugh.

Suddenly, Sebastian leaned forward. "What about Claude Faustus?" 

Alois looked away, reddening. "Nothing, Sebastian."

Sebastian nodded, then looked at Ciel. "Hey Shorty," he greeted, smiling.

Ciel nodded at him, but he felt sick to his stomach. "Hey." Sebastian suddenly put his hand under Ciel's chin, lifting his head. He whispered so the teacher couldn't hear.

"Don't be sad. I don't like it when cute boys are sad."

Ciel blushed hard, pushing his hand away. "Stop it!"

Sebastian raised a brow, that devilish smirk on his face hot enough to melt a Popsicle. "I see you, I see you." He tipped his head in a gangster way, putting his feet up on Ciel's chair.

Alois nudged him. "You like him."

Ciel's jaw gaped. "I don't even know him!"

"Ciel Phantomhive." He cringed as the teacher called his name from the front of the class. "Go sit in the hallway, please. I'll have Alois come get you when you need to pack up your stuff."

Ciel felt the eyes of twenty students gazing at him, and reddened, leaving the room and sitting at the table down the hall.


A female voice made him turn. A pretty girl with long, light purple hair was sitting there, twiddling her thumbs. "What did you do?"

Ciel didn't even bother asking who she was, or what business of hers any of this was. "I talked."

The girl nodded. "Yeah. I called this guy a dick, the teacher heard...didn't go well." 

"Who'd you call a dick? What's your name?"

The girl smiled. "My name is Hannah. I called this guy Claude a dick."

Ciel's eyes widened. "You know Claude?"

Hannah scoffed, her hair falling in front of her eyes. "Do I know Claude? That douche is my ex-boyfriend."
Ok. (note that I'm writing this at exactly 10:00 pm on January 15th.) I'm going to do this after I finish my Sebby x Reader thing (sooo....that Sebby x reader thing should be done by the time this is up.) It's like, hey...I have an idea

Let's put these two in a completely different setting. In a totally different perspective. Let's put them in HIGH SCHOOL! Yes, Ciel, Sebastian, sink to my level...of course, Sebastian, the fantastically hot senior, and Ciel, the new kid...the new freshman...yes..yay for temporary OOC! 

I am so excited for this. You guys have no idea. 
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Finished version ofcommission for viralremix

This commission is a promotional print for the new m/m YA paranormal romance VENOMOID. If you like YA paranormal romance and m/m, this book may be right up your alley! It's about a vampire and a zombie that fall in love despite difficult circumstances.

If you read the book and like it, drop the author a message at for a FREE copy of this print.

You can find the WIP version here:
Yaoi Commission:VENOMOID - promotional print (wip) by Yaoi-World
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Halloween Raffle OPEN

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 18, 2014, 9:58 AM

I decided do a raffle for Halloween<33

RAFFLE ENDS IN 31/10/2014


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4. Is not necesrary watch me, but if u like my art, it's free<33


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Thigh Up
Gift The0d0r by Tsuuky


Ahh, thanks u so much if u join :'3

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WIP of commission for viralremix

The final, colored version of this commission is a promotional print for the new m/m YA paranormal romance VENOMOID. If you like YA paranormal romance and m/m, this book may be right up your alley! It's about a vampire and a zombie that fall in love despite difficult circumstances.

If you read the book and like it, drop the author a message at for a FREE copy of the colored print!

You can find the final version here:
Yaoi Commission: VENOMOID - FREE promotional print by Yaoi-World
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of Hetalia style
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Something I drew in my tuition class because I couldn't concentrate on writing essays and shit
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Since I couldn't find an already made stamp format for all my favorite Hetalia pairings I made my own. 
This is for the Hetalia pairing of these two characters;

US of America x ANY OC!Panama  

This is originally for me to use however you may use this as you wish and you may request a pairing in this stamp format from me. 

Hetalia © Himaruya
Stamp Template © ~Timarena 
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Since I couldn't find an already made stamp format for all my favorite Hetalia pairings I made my own. 
This is for the Hetalia pairing of these two characters;

Austria x Hungary

This is originally for me to use however you may use this as you wish and you may request a pairing in this stamp format from me. 

Hetalia © Himaruya
Stamp Template © ~Timarena 
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Since I couldn't find an already made stamp format for all my favorite Hetalia pairings I made my own. 
This is for the Hetalia pairing of these two characters;

Germany x ANY OC!Israel 

(Blame my friend for making me love them lolololol)

This is originally for me to use however you may use this as you wish and you may request a pairing in this stamp format from me. 

Hetalia © Himaruya
Stamp Template © ~Timarena 
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Since I couldn't find an already made stamp format for all my favorite Hetalia pairings I made my own. 
This is for the Hetalia pairing of these two characters;

South Korea x ANY OC!Philippines  

This is originally for me to use however you may use this as you wish and you may request a pairing in this stamp format from me. 

Hetalia © Himaruya
Stamp Template © ~Timarena 
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Since I couldn't find an already made stamp format for all my favorite Hetalia pairings I made my own. 
This is for the Hetalia pairing of these two characters;

SOUTH Italy (Romano) x ANY OC!Portugual  

(This is my friends fault lol)

This is originally for me to use however you may use this as you wish and you may request a pairing in this stamp format from me. 

Hetalia © Himaruya
Stamp Template © ~Timarena 
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Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
The knock echoes in the large, luxurious room. Infront of the high window sits a man, golden blonde hair and steely blue eyes accenting his sharp features. A glass of wine and it's bottle stand on a small table next to the elegant, black leather armchair.

"Come in." The man calls.

The tall, wooden door opens.

It begins.

"You called, my lord?" Another man steps in, his hair wild and a dirty blonde shade, while his eyes are a mesmerising, cerulean blue. He bows deeply.

"Ja." The Swede in the armchair grumbles, setting down his delicate glass. "My boots seem a bit dirty…" he began, raising an eyebrow at his servant.

"I understand, my lord." The other man replies, walking over to him and getting on his knees. "If I have permission…"

The man leans down to kiss the black leather, then his small, pink toungue darts out to lick it clean and smoothen it out. He understands. It is his duty, after all.
He repeats the procedure on the other boot, making sure to leave it flawless.

"Anything else in need of…cleaning, my lord?" He says, putting as much emphasis on his innuendo as possible, and releasing a slightly sexual moan when his master tightly grasps his hair.

"The usual."

"Yes, my lord."

His hands shakily grasp his master's belt. It was, as every other leather thing on his body, black, with silver details and ornaments. Berwald can only watch him as he licks his lips, opening the Swede's pants and pulling them down slightly.

The other smirked. "No underwear, my lord? Were you so…impatient?" He chuckles as Sweden's erection stands proudly before him.

Berwald kicks his side, and none-too-hard. "Get on with it." He hisses.
"Forgive my insolence, my lord. I will continue immediately."

The Swede moans loudly when he feels himself being incased in a hot, wet cavern. "G'd damn it, Matthias…" he grunts, grasping the Dane's blonde locks tighter. His head falls back, and Matthias pauses only to remove Sweden's glasses.

Berwald understands. They'd just get in the way.

Matthias took his cock in until he could feel it touching the backside of the Dane's throat. He really was skilled in doing this…

The silence in the room was haunting, only mingling slightly with Sweden's muffled pants and groans. "God, D'nmark…I'm going t'-"
"Do it, Berwald." Matthias purrs. "Come all over my face."

Berwald happily obeys, and squirts his hot seed onto Denmark's milky, pale skin.

"Hmm…thank you, Ber…"

Denmark takes off his white, silk glove to wipe up the substance and lick his fingers clean.

"Tak…for the treat…"

He stands up and unbuttons his blazer, his white dress shirt and black tie soon following.
Berwald kisses him roughly, as Matthias' hands work on the Swede's clothing.

Matthias grunts as Berwald shoves him against the wall harshly. He loves it, he knows.

Berwald's hands touch all the right places, they tweak his nipples, they tease his skin, they bruise his flesh. Matthias knew he was his.

It was like an apologetic act.

Berwald was the king in this game, he was the one making the rules, he was the one commanding. Matthias had to be the servant for once, he had to obey, and he would obey.
Because the outcome was just too damn delicious.

He moans loudly when Sweden's fingers probe his entrance.

"Y're…awfully loose…D'nmark…" He comments, feeling how easily the usually tight muscle accepts the intrusion.

"Ahh…I, uh…Mmm, I…fuck, s-stretched myself…before I came here…" Denmark tells him, his toes curling when Sweden brushes his sweet spot.

"G'od. B'cause I would'nt h've wa'ted anyw'y." Berwald grumbles huskily, sheathing himself inside his lover in one thrust, hitting his prostate dead-on.

"Oh, damnit Ber!" Matthias yells. He doesn't care if he loses control, the two were alone in this gigantic manison, and Berwald, only Berwald was ever allowed to see him like this. He was his toy, his plaything, his little Danish puppet.
And he loved it.

Berwald's thrust were hard and erratic. The sensation was incredible, and this definitely wasn't their first time together.
The Swede simply couldn't resist the feeling of Denmark's tight heat.

A stifled yell escaped his lips as he emptied himself into the body beneath him, filling the Dane to the brim.

The bliss shut everything out for a moment. That is, until he noticed Matthias squirming.

"B-Ber, me t-too, I need t-to come too, I-I need, c'mon…" he begged. He wanted Berwald to finish him.

God thank the lord, Denmark thought, when Berwald's large hands wrapped around his weeping erection to work him to his climax. He came, and released into his hand.

Berwald pulled out of him and sighed.

"Jag älskar dig…"

Matthias chuckled. "You know what? Jeg elsker også dig…"
Yaaaay! Yet another kind of 'plotless' story! In other words, free Pr0n! :iconjapanpastaplz: loves this pairing... :iconnosebleedingplz:

:iconswedengasmplz: :icondenmarkgasmplz: (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:
Story (c) me
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Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
Mature Content Filter is On. The Artist has chosen to restrict viewing to deviants 18 and older.
(Contains: sexual themes)
OK...So this was supposed to be posted yesterday, but my internet was being a jerk. :angered: remake  So I'm sorry about the lateness of this page. Sweating a little... 

Art by: :iconholderoftruth:

Color by: Me!

Story by: Me!…
Next:Project: ItaGer 25
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The night they were released from the hospital, Matthew and Tristan were driven home by Gilbert while Ivan and Alfred accompanied them. The entire ride, Gilbert was going uncomfortably slow but he was really anxious about the baby in the back. Matthew assured him they'd get home safe and eventually they arrived.
While Gilbert got the carrier out of the back seat, Matthew went to the door to unlock it. Oddly, he found it unlocked. Francis was at work and Arthur was out shopping for cat and rabbit food so no one should've been home.
"Gil, did you forget to lock the door this morning?" Matthew asked.
"Huh?" Gilbert blinked but then he chuckled looking away. "Uh, yeah, well actually... I have a little surprise for you."
"Surprise? What surprise?"
"Just go in!" Gilbert said excitedly.
"Okay..." Matthew opened the door and went in.
The lights flew on and standing in the living room were Antonio, Lovino, Feliciano, Marina and Ludwig.
"Surprise!" Marina said waving her arms.
Matthew blinked a few times then smiled. "Aw, you guys! When did you get here?"
"Only about an hour ago," Antonio said beaming. "Welcome home, Mateo! And where's little Tristan?"
"He's here," Gilbert said bringing the carrier in and taking Tristan to the coffee table.
"Aw, così dolce!" Feliciano said sitting down and looking at the baby. "He's so tiny! Can I hold him?"
"Yes, just be careful," Matthew said.
Feliciano unbuckled the carrier and lifted Tristan out into his arms. Tristan stared at him silently and just wiggled his feet a little.
"Qué lindo," Antonio said getting closer. "He has such little hands..."
"Tonio, don't crowd the baby," Lovino said, placing a restrictive hand on his shoulder.
"Aw, but Lovi, he's so cute!" Antonio turned and grinned at him. "When can we have our own?"
Lovino grimaced. "Remember what we discussed?"
Antonio pouted. "I know but..."
"No 'but's!"
Marina waved her arms up at her papà. "Wanna see! Wanna see!"
Feliciano lowered his arms so that Marina could take a look.
"Marina, this is your little cousin, Tristan," he said softly. "Tristan this is Marina."
"Can I touch him?" Marina asked looking at Matthew.
"You can let him squeeze your finger," Matthew said. "Just be gentle. He's still small."
She nodded and held her finger out to Tristan. He grasped it and squeezed a little, looking at her carefully. She giggled and wiggled her finger a little.
Matthew smiled and sat down beside Feliciano.
"Matteo, he's gorgeous!" Feliciano said. "Really, congratulations!"
"Thank you," Matthew said. "I love him so much..."
Alfred and Ivan came in just then, the latter bringing in Matthew's overnight bag and the former carrying a fifty pound bag of cat food. "Sorry we didn't come in sooner. Arthur just got back."
The Brit walked in with a package of rabbit food. "Oh, h-hello everyone. I'll just..." He briskly walked up the stairs to take the food to his rabbit.
"Since when's he here?" Antonio asked.
Gilbert blinked. "No one told you?"
Matthew leaned into his ear. "It was kind of on the down low... He's a little embarrassed about coming all the way out just to be with Francis..."
"He's with Francis now?!" Lovino asked. "Didn't he fucking hate him?"
"Lovi..." Feliciano said covering his daughter's ears.
"Mi dispiace, Feli, but seriously!"
Matthew scratched his head. "I know it's a little shocking but he and Francis... How would you say this? Um, reconciled their differences."
"...Right, whatever..." Lovino huffed.
Arthur came back down, rubbing his arm.
"Arthur, come sit," Matthew said smiling. "Don't worry, everything was explained."
"That's what I was worried about..." he muttered but he came over and sat by Matthew.
"I think it's cute you two got together," Feliciano chimed. "I know Francesco really really likes you."
"Well, thank you, Feliciano..." Arthur said blushing.
Alfred heaved the cat food and pointed to the overnight bag. "Matt, where do you want this?"
"Just put it down. I can take it up later," Matthew said. "Come sit down."
Alfred put it down and dragged Ivan over and sat on the carpet. "Can I hold Tristan again?"
"If Feli doesn't mind," Matthew said.
"No, not at all." Feliciano handed Tristan over to his uncle.
Alfred got all excited as he held the baby to his chest. Tristan looked at him then gripped Alfred's T-shirt and closed his eyes. Alfred grinned. "He fell asleep!" he whispered. "He's so cute!"
Matthew smiled. "He likes you, Uncle Al."
Alfred bit his lip. "Should I put him down to sleep?"
"No, as soon as you do, he'll just wake up," Matthew said. "Just give him to me. I'll hold him."
"Okay." Carefully, Alfred handed him to Matthew and leaned back against Ivan.
"He reminds me so much of when Alfred was a baby..." Arthur sighed.
"Stop it, Artie. You sound like my mom..." Alfred huffed.
"He is dating your father..." Ivan whispered.
"Ivan, do you hate sex?" Alfred asked.
Matthew would've punched his brother's arm if his hands weren't full. "Not in front of Marina..."
"Okay, okay..."
A few of the kittens came into the living room curiously and scoped out the new people. Gilbert's chosen kitten, Fünf, purred and rubbed against Lovino's leg.
He wrinkled his nose a little and directed it away.
Alfred picked up his cat and nuzzled it. "Aw man, you're so cute Hero! I can't wait to take him home!"
"She's a girl Al..." Matthew said. "I told you..."
The kitten mewed happily and licked Alfred's nose. He blushed and grinned ridiculously. "Ivan, take him before I explode!"
"Shush, Matt!"
Ivan gladly took the kitten and held her gently. "Da, you are very cute."
"I love how your brother freaks out more about a baby cat than his newborn nephew," Gilbert said.
"Oh, yesterday he did enough freaking out for Tristan to cover all of us," Matthew said. "Alfred, I'm putting a cap on your freaking out. Save some for the first time the ice cream truck goes by this summer or something."
"I do not freak out for the ice cream truck..." Alfred muttered.
"Sure you don't."
There was a slightly heavy knock on the front door and everybody turned.
"Francis doesn't get back this early," Gilbert said.
"No, um, actually..." Matthew said standing up. "Coincidentally, I have a surprise for you Gil."
"What? A surprise for me?" Gilbert said frowning. "What for?"
"For becoming a father. Just answer the door," Matthew said.
"Alright, alright..." Gilbert got up and went to the door. He opened it and froze.
Folkert Beilschmidt stood tall and strong before his son. He glanced downward at his son. "Guten tag, Gilbert, I—"
"Vati!" Gilbert jumped up and pretty much threw himself at his father, dangling from him like a koala bear. Folkert sighed and held him, patting his son's head. "It's okay..."
Marina jumped up as well and ran over. "Opa! Opa!"
Ludwig rose from his seat and stared. "Vater? What are you..."
"I was told there was a new addition to our family. I wanted to make sure I could welcome him personally."
Gilbert was sobbing like a child now. "Vati!" he sniffled. "Vati, I'm a Vati!"
"Ja, I'm proud."
Gilbert stopped crying for a second to take it in. Then he was right back to balling. He reached for Matthew. "M-Mattie! Vati's proud of me!!!"
Matthew chuckled and came over carrying the baby with him. "Mr. Beilschmidt, this is Tristan."
Folkert attempted to see past his grown child's head. "He looks like a strong one, Matthew. Congratulations."
Matthew beamed. "Thank you. Do you want to hold him?"
Folkert nodded although unsurely as he had to figure out how to put one baby down before he could pick up another. Gilbert however was easily removed by his brother and Folkert was able to carry his grandson. Tristan was still asleep so he just held him carefully. Gilbert gripped his father's arm while looking down at the baby.
"Tristan Pierre-Jean Beilschmidt-Williams," Gilbert said.
"And I thought Tonio's name was long..." Lovino remarked.
Matthew blushed. "Well, um..."
"He was just too awesome to have one little name," Gilbert said.
Folkert rolled his eyes and handed the infant back to Matthew. "He's a handsome one Matthew. He will grow strong."
Matthew smiled. "Thank you. Please come sit."
Folkert nodded and walked over, almost unimpaired by his granddaughter wrapped around his leg. When he sat down, he lifted her onto his knee. "Hallo, Marina. How old are you now?"
"I turned three in March!" she said proudly holding up four fingers.
Folkert gently put down one of her fingers. "You're such a big girl."
She giggled. "I want hair like yours!"
He nodded and began braiding her hair.
Matthew suddenly blinked. "Wait, we don't have enough rooms! Where will everyone stay, Gil?"
"We've got a hotel room," Ludwig said. "So don't worry about us."
"Same here," Antonio said. "Gilbert already told us all the rooms were taken so don't worry."
"Okay, but Mr. Beilschmidt?" Matthew frowned. "I'm sorry, I forgot to mention the rooms are full..."
"It's alright, I can't stay," Folkert said. "I need to be home for a meeting by tomorrow morning."
"You're leaving so soon?" Ludwig asked.
"You just got here..." Gilbert said looking hurt.
Matthew frowned but rubbed Gilbert's arm. "You know your father's a busy man."
Marina looked up at her grandfather with puppy dog eyes, her braid dangling in her face. "You can't go, Opa! I wanna learn how to braid like you!"
Ja!" Gilbert said. "And I want a braid too!"
"Your hair's too short!" Folkert growled.
"Please, Opa?" Marina begged.
Folkert stiffened his lip trying to look away. But he couldn't help it. "Fine! One day!"
"Yay!" Gilbert said, jumping into his father's lap. "Now my hair!"
"Nein! Dein Haar ist zu kurz!"
"Dann... flechte Mattie die Haare!"
"Eh?! I heard my name..." Matthew said.
Folkert huffed and turned to Matthew. "Do you want a braid?"
"Um, no thank you."
Gilbert turned back to his father. "Braid my hair!"
They bickered over it for a bit until Gilbert ended up with a single tiny braid sticking out the side of his head like an antennae. He looked rather proud of himself. Tristan had woken up and cried so Matthew took him away to feed him. When he got back, Francis had just stridden in.
"Oh? Did I miss the party?" he asked. Then he saw Folkert and he went straight to him to shake his hand. "Monsieur Beilschmidt! It's been a while."
"Herr Bonnefoy, this is where you've been hiding?" Folkert said, his grip a little tight.
"I've been here as long as your sons have, you know that well."
"I am referring to your nearly permanent unavailability your associates have made me aware of."
"I trust them to their job while I do mine," Francis said finally managing to yank his hand away.
"A business man should not abandon his company."
"No he shouldn't but I am a doctor."
"Then why keep the company?"
"It's part of the family."
"Then it's not too much trouble to sell it."
"Unfortunately, it's not for sale. It was my parents' last gift to me."
"You loathed them."
"So I can easily take such a burden of your hands."
"You yourself are already rather burdened, aren't you? I wouldn't do that to you..."
They also bickered on and Matthew leaned over to Gilbert's ear. "I see why you didn't want to become the head of the family..."
"Wanna order pizza?"

Later that night, after all the hotel dwellers had left, Alfred was just getting himself a glass of water before bed when he came upon Matthew in the kitchen. When he saw him, his brother put a finger to his lips since he was cradling Tristan gently. The infant was awake but had heavy eyes and would soon drift off. Alfred stood in the doorway and waited until the tyke finally nodded off. Matthew waved him over.
"...What are you up for?" Matthew asked quietly.
"Just some water," Alfred answered. "Is he keeping you up?"
"Just a little but it's okay. More time to bond."
"Ah." Alfred took a glass out of the cupboards and then went to get the Brita from the fridge. He poured his drink but just as he went to take a sip, Matthew grabbed his arm and he nearly spilled it.
"You..." He went closer. "No way!"
Alfred blushed and fidgeted. "What are you talking about?"
Matthew tapped the gold diamond ring on Alfred's finger. "You took the rock?"
"So what if I did?" Alfred asked looking away.
"Does this mean 'yes'? Did you finally say 'yes'?"
Alfred nodded. "Yeah, so?"
Matthew nearly squealed but he stayed quiet for Tristan. "Alfred!" he whispered. "This is amazing! Congratulations!"
Alfred grinned a little. "Yeah, I guess so... Thanks, man."
"No problem ever! Alfred, you're going to get married!"
He nodded again. "Mmhm... But not soon... I mean, we need to finish school."
"Yes, of course."
"..." Alfred began to shake. "Mattie, I'm really excited."
"Good." Matthew backed up. "You need to get back to your boy—fiancé and give him a hug for me. I'm going to go put Tristan down."
"Will do. Good night, bro."
"Good night, Mr. Marriage."
"Was that supposed to be funny?"
"No, I think I failed on that one."
"Yeah... Don't worry about it. Night."
WARNING: This fanfic includes the topics of mpreg, rape, abortion, homosexuality, cross-dressing, homophobia, and other possibly controversial stuff. The opinions expressed by the characters do not reflect the opinion of the author. Read at your own discretion and don't be a douche if you disapprove.

Second last chapter.

Here I Am: Matthew and Child by LupoartisticoHere I Am: Folkert and his Baby by Lupoartistico
Fanart by colacube23:
Prussia by colacube23

All Hetalia Characters (c) Hetalia (c) Hidekaz Himaruya
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Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
   A man by the name of Francis had just been summoned over to his friend Arthur's house. They weren't exactly friends, but mere acquaintances that had enough sexual tension pent up between them to last centuries.

   Arthur was a somewhat mild mannered gentleman with short scruffy hair. He was currently pacing back and forth across the foyer of his home. He had thoughts racing through his mind a mile a minute, 'what if the plan didn't work? What if Francis noticed what was going on. What if-' Arthur's next thought was cut off by the soft rapping of knuckles against his front door. This sound signaled that Francis had arrived and that Arthur's somewhat devious plan could begin.

   As Arthur opened the front door and ushered Francis inside, the blonde Frenchman cocked an eyebrow in his friends direction as if to ask him 'o.k. I'm here, now what?' A small grin slowly began to take form on Arthur's face, "Thank you for taking time to come over Francis, would you care for a spot of tea?" The blonde man had a look of mock horror on his face, chuckling Arthur replied, "Oh not to worry, Im not going to feed you anything~" At this statement the Frenchman knew that something was up. Arthur was never this cheery and whenever he reacted badly to his food in someway he would always retaliate back.

   The grand scheme that Arthur was putting forward was to butter Francis up, after all he required his aid for an experiment, and he needed him to agree to participate.

   Once tea was finished Arthur began to bring up the experiment, "So Francis, I was curious as to whether or not you would like to help me with an experiment?" Francis' hand froze with his cup halfway to his mouth, his eyes hesitantly moved up to look Arthur straight in the eyes, "If this is some of that black magic crap that you're always on about then you can count me out." At this statement Arthur's face screwed up into a devious smirk. Chuckling Arthur stated, "oh not to worry,I'm sure that even you will enjoy this type of magic." Once finished with that statement Arthur hurriedly reached into his pocket. Right before Francis was about to ask what Arthur was doing he let out a low guttural moan.

   Francis had suddenly felt something press roughly against his crotch, but as he looked down he found that there was nothing there. Looking up to give Arthur a questioning glance he felt the same pressure yet again, but this time it was against his butt. Letting out an annoyed growl Francis quickly questioned Arthur, "ok, what the hell is going on here? There are some fucking strange forces rubbing against my body and I have a high suspicion that this is in fact your doing!" Francis' suspicions were deemed correct as yet another grin made its home upon Arthur's face.

   The hand that was previously in Arthur's pocket was quickly removed to reveal a doll, one that was ever so slightly larger than his palm. This doll had short blonde hair made of yarn, blue painted eyes, and even miniature cloths that were delicately sewn together. With this much detail one wouldn't be surprised if under the cloths there was more than meets the eye.

   Arthur held up the doll so that Francis could see it, "now it's time for our little experiment to begin you bloody frog." With this statement Arthur prodded at the dolls crotch, eliciting a small groan from Francis. Chuckling Arthur looked at his friend, "are you ready for the real fun to start?" Francis was unable to answer due to his shortness of breath, "oh, are you not able to speak you horny bastard?" Francis only looked up at Arthur's face with a sort of annoyance. Aggravated by the lack of reply Arthur suddenly ripped off the dolls cloths and as if by some magic Francis' cloths tore themselves off of his body and flew away.  Now completely bare, except for his underwear Francis felt a bit disarmed. 'Why was Arthur doing this? Was it perhaps because he hasn't had a partner to sleep with in the last few years? Perhaps all of that sexual tension had gone unchecked for too long.'

   Now bare, the doll lay pathetically in Arthur's palm. His large hand reached down to hover over one of the two beads that represented the dolls nipples. Prodding at one of them caused a gasp to be emitted from Francis' panting mouth. Glancing up toward the real Francis Arthur could not help but blush. After all the man the lay before him  was softly panting and had quite a noticeable bulge coming from his remaining article of clothing. Quickly returning to the doll, Arthur timidly stuck out his tongue and touched the right bead. Francis let out another soft moan, "A-Arthur please...please come to the real me..." The blush from before became more prominent on his face. Maybe he should abandon this magic doll and go for the real thing instead.

   Softly setting the doll down Arthur slowly made his way over to Francis, who lay on the floor, attempting to control his breathing. Leaning forward he planted a soft kiss on Francis' parted lips. Timidly Arthur stated, "w-well I guess I'll start frog." Arthur hurriedly added the last part as if it was an afterthought. The British gentleman slowly began to trace the outlines of the Frenchman's muscles. The hot skin gleamed with beads of sweat as Francis tried to control himself. As much as he wanted to pounce on Arthur and get this over with, he still wanted to enjoy this one time that Arthur was trying to take the lead.

   After tracing every bit of Francis' body that he could Arthur had finally made it down to the thin piece of fabric. His fingers slowly wrapped themselves around the elastic band and pulled them down. Once the drawers were discarded Arthur sat face to face with the Frenchman's  throbbing member. Nervously Arthur reached forward and grasped the long shaft, causing yet another moan to come from Francis. Moving his head slowly forward he trailed his tongue up the side of the dick. It seemed to stand at attention as soon as his tongue made contact. Tracing a line around the tip he licked up the pre-cum that had leaked out. Arthur quickly went from licking the tip to sliding his entire mouth around it, Francis suddenly thrusted his hips forward causing his dick to slip further into Arthur's mouth. Arthur let a soft moan escape. This suddenly caused the Frenchman to pick up the pace. Reaching forward he placed his hands on the back of his friends head. After this action Francis began pushing Arthur's head back and forth so that he could feel the ultimate pleasure. The wet confines of Arthur's mouth caused a wet squelching sound for every thrust that was made. Francis had suddenly began to pick up the pace and Arthur had began to moan louder, sending shivers up Francis' spine. With one last thrust Francis let out a loud moan. The white cum slowly leaked out of Arthur's mouth. After swallowing what he could and licking his lips Arthur began to chuckle, "alright frog, you've had your fun. Now let me have mine."

   Slightly confused Francis sat there, still recovering from the previous bout. Arthur had slowly begun to remove his clothing and Francis suddenly understood. Arthur wanted to fuck him this time! Slight excitement began to fill Francis' eyes. Once all of his clothing was removed it was obvious to see how much he was affected by what had just happened. His member was at full attention and was quivering slightly, as if it would explode at any moment. Francis couldn't help himself, "oh~ excited are we?" For a split second somewhat of a glare crossed Arthur's face, but almost instantly it was gone. Arthur quietly replied with, "shut up you frog..."

   Arthur currently was on his knees directly behind Francis, who had his legs up and around his partners neck. As Arthur positioned himself in front of Francis's opening he questioned if he was ready, after a quick affirmation he began to press his tip against the tight hole, as it began to slowly open Arthur slid inside. Francis arched his back upward as he let out a loud moan. Arthur stayed in that position as long as he could so Francis could adjust. Once he new he was ready Arthur began to move. The movements began small and quick but slowly turned into tantalizingly slow pull-outs that ended with the hot member being thrusted back in. With each passionate thrust Francis would let out a somewhat high pitched noise.

   Arthur could feel himself getting close to the edge, he began to quicken his thrusts, causing a sensual squelching to occur. The sound of skin slapping against skin resonated throughout the room, and the high pitched moans from Francis became louder. Francis started to moan louder, "A-Arthur I..I'm a-about to c-cu-!" Francis' eyes widened ever so slightly as he let out a moan louder than all the others. Arthur could feel the Frenchmen's ass tighten around his hot member. Arthur felt himself go over the edge. With one final thrust he released all of his cum into Francis' ass. The white seed slowly dripped from the hole. Arthur pulled out and leaned forward to lick up all of the remaining cum. The Frenchmen twitched slightly every time the wet muscle touched his dripping ass. Francis looked at Arthur, "Y'know, I-I think that we should do this again.. It kind of just gets me horny...the thought of you dominating me like that." As Arthur removed his face from his lovers nether regions he let out a sly smirk, he took two of his fingers and roughly pushed them into the others ass, "this was a one time thing you frog, better not get used to it."

                                             ~The End~
Hello Chibi_Sutcliff here and I just wanted everyone to know that I have been very busy lately (school -.-) So, regarding the requested fanfictions, they are slowly but surely getting done. Some may not even be done by this year but I'll try....that fan-fic request was an awful idea..... Anywho this special story is an acceptation for writing off the request list. It's for a school friends birthday. I hope you're happy Sierra -.- You dragged this lemon out of me. Happy Birthday! England (Hawt Bodeh) [V2] APH France: Neko!France  
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“Aw! I wanna join in too guys!”

America whined as followed closely behind England and France, England looking quite annoyed, while France seemed to truly consider the idea.

“Pleeeeeease Iggy?” America asked, grabbing his arm and staring up at him with puppy dog eyes. England’s face turned red as he pushed the American off.

“No!” He yelled. “What I and France do is not for three people! Besides, I don’t want to keep showing you how it’s done. It took me almost a week to teach France!”

France blushed. “You promised not to tell people that!” He yelled. England rolled his eyes.
“Well if it took that long for YOU, how long would it take for me to show America?” He said in an annoyed tone.  America crossed his arms and pouted.

“I’m not a child, old man. I can probably do it as well as you. BETTER. In fact!” He said, with a cockiness in his voice. France chuckled.

England’s face turned redder. “Well it doesn’t matter! You can’t do it three ways! It is impossible!” He said. France laughed harder.

“Quit laughing frog! Or I WILL take America instead!”

“Keep laughing!” America yelled, hoping maybe he would get to join in. France rolled his eyes, but the smirk stayed on his face.

“Maybe ‘e can watch?” He asked England. England rubbed his chin in thought.

“Well, it would teach him. Plus I could always throw out some good guide lines. I guess letting him watch wouldn’t be so bad…”

“No! I want to join! I don’t want to watch! That makes it creepy!” America whined, leaning on England’s arm. “Pleeeease.” He begged. France chuckled again.

“He really wants to join mon cher.”

England blushed, but didn’t push America off this time. “I don’t like it…” He said. He looked back at America, his eyes full of tears. England rolled his eyes.

“Where would we put him?” England asked.

“In between us of course!” France said. America nodded.

“I can do that!”

“What about us?” England asked, looking at France with concern. “You have to be able to concentrate. This is going to be very difficult.” He said. France waved his hand as if to shoo the thought away.

“I can ‘andle it. I am moe worried about you two.” He said, covering his face so England wouldn’t see him laugh, but it was pretty obvious.

“I know how to do this! I’ve done it before!” America said.

“You have? With who?” England asked, a bit shocked. Who in their right mind would ever do such a thing? Except of course him and France. But they couldn’t help it. America was annoying.

“Me, Russia, and Lithuania!” He said. “Lithuania had to show us a few things he learned from Estonia, but once we were in it kind of just worked out.” He said with a shrug. France and England nodded.

“So maybe I will have to show you guys a few things!” America said with a smirk. “Doing it three ways is tricky, but we are all smart, capable, men. We can do it!” He said throwing his arms around France and England. France smiled, England huffed.

“So, whose house?” France asked.

“My house of course. I’m the only one with the proper materials.” England said in a matter of fact tone of voice.

France scoffed. “I ‘ave them too.” He said. England rolled his eyes.

“And yet you had no idea how to use them until I taught you.” France blushed and looked away.

“Man Iggy. You sure do get aggressive.” America said.

“Yes well, you should see me in action.” England said with a smirk.

“I will!” America said, before laughing and hitting England on the back. England chuckled. Even if America did have some practice, England was sure he would be better. He had plenty more years’ experience…He hoped.

{~Time skip~}

It was an hour since they had jumped on in. Canada stood outside the front door, knocking on it slightly.

“England? I’m here for my lessons, eh?” Canada blushed at the thought. France had said England was the best teacher, but he was still a bit nervous. This was his first time.

After standing outside for about ten minutes though, Canada had assumed he hadn’t heard him knock, and decided to invite himself in. He opened the door and peered inside.

“Hello?” He called out. Still no answer. He walked in, and started to look around.

“England? Are you here?” He called out in his soft voice. He started to head upstairs, where the bedrooms were. Maybe England had forgot he was coming over, and he was in his bedroom, playing with himself? England said he did it for practice, to get better, but Canada was convinced no one had wanted to join him before.

“England?” He called out. He heard noises from his bedroom door.

“He must get real involved when playing with himself.” Canada whispered, but when he got close to the door, he could hear other voices.

“Do I put it here?”


“Why not?!”

“Because it goes here! I knew you weren’t ready!”

“Mon cher calm down!”

“You calm down! You aren’t the one who has to endure this agony!”

“Why don’t you just do it for me then?

“I wouldn’t do that. He might break it~”

“I would do no such thing! But if you are concerned so much why don’t you just show him where it goes?

“Honhonhon I will!”

“Wait France I think I got it!”


Canada’s face was bright red. He knew what was going on in there. How could England allow this? Canada opened the door and let it slam against the wall. All three of the boy’s eyes turned to Mathew, and then they screamed.

“C-Canada I can explain!” England said, trying to hide the evidence.

“Don’t try that mosses shit with me eh. I know what is going on here.” Canada said, crossing his arms in disappointment. Today may have been his first time, but he knew three ways were not a part of it.

“Mon petite, try to be a little open minded.” France said, walking over to Canada and wrapping an arm around him, but Canada pushed him off.

“You disgust me.” He said.

America looked up at Canada his first face of shock turned into one of excitement. “Dude! Wanna get in on round two?” He asked. “We can do this four way, right?” He asked, looking at England, whose face was deep red.

Canada shook his head. “I am…So shocked. I can’t believe this. “

All three of them looked ashamed.

“Especially you, England. You know better. I don’t even understand, but I know this…this is wrong.” Canada said.

“You three…You three animals. Had a three way. YOU CAN’T PLAY CHESS THREE WAYS!” Canada cried out, tears in his eyes. England looked away, and stepped out of in front of the chess board.

“Yes Canada.” England said. “You’ve caught us. We were playing chess…three ways….” He said, shame in his voice. France nodded and walked over to England, putting a hand on his shoulder.

“At first it was just us. But then America came and…” France trailed off. America stood up and walked over to Canada, his eyes towards the ground, before he looked up Canada with a confused look.

“Why the hell are you so upset? It’s just chess. It isn’t like we were fucking each other.”
America said, rolling his eyes. Canada thought a moment, before shrugging.

“I don’t know. I mean it IS just chess, isn’t it?”

England and France nodded in agreement, though England was still a bit embarrassed by the fact he was caught. Chess was probably close to fucking in his book.

America smiled and wrapped an arm around Canada. “Besides, now, we can teach you how to play! All of us! We could invent four way chess!”

“Or we could just play two on two.” England said.
“Or, four way chess!” America exclaimed again! Canada and France chuckled, England just rolled his eyes.

As they all sat down at the chess table, England looked at Canada.

“Now, don’t be spreading rumors about our little ‘three way’ I don’t want people getting the idea I just play willy nilly.” England said. Canada nodded.

“Of course not.” Canada told him.

And from that day on, France, America, England, and Canada all played chess together. Sometimes they played three way. Sometimes four way. Sometimes the old fashion way. They never invited anyone else to join though. It was their little secret. Which didn’t mean much to England and Canada, but to France and America it took a whole new turn.

{~World Meeting~}

“Aww man dude, that three way with England was so much fun!” America exclaimed loudly.

“Mm yes. But I prefer it with Canada, he is a bit more unexperienced, no?”

And it was just never the same again.
Have fun ;D
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    My name is Madeline Williams. Today... I'd like to talk to you about my father. My father is the most amazing man you could ever meet. His name is Francis Bonnefoy. He is so wonderful in so many ways that I couldn't count them if I tried. But, what I love most about him is... His eyes.

    His gorgeous, spectacular, amazing cerulean eyes. They shine and sparkle like the brightest stars in the night sky. They cast a spell on you. One look into them makes you want to stop and stare at them forever and ever and ever. They're so beautiful.

    His eyes have seen so many things. Some of them are wonderful things that he tells stories about time and time again. Other things are so horrible that he can't bear to relive them, and tell them to me. But his eyes are wise, and they have given him more knowledge than anyone I have ever known.

    When he sees something with his eyes, he never forgets it. It could be days, months, years before he sees it again, if he ever sees it again at all, but he can still remember every little detail. His eyes take photographs for him, and save them in his memories. Sometimes, he'll take the photographs out of his memories, and he'll paint them. His eyes can match every color and remember every detail so perfectly that when he lets people see the end result, they always think it's an actual photograph instead of a painting.

    If you look closely into his eyes, you can see everything that he is feeling. His eyes are the most direct way to his heart. My father often hides his emotions from the rest of the world. Not many people ever know how he is truly feeling, but those who do always know because they have learned to read his eyes.

    The thing that I love most about his eyes is that they can always see the beauty in everything. A woman or man who has been labeled as "ugly" by the rest of society is more beautiful than life itself to my father. An old house that is falling apart and nobody wants to live in is the perfect home for my father. My father makes me believe that I can make it through anything, because he can make even the most terrible situation seem so wonderful. He never sees the glass as anything less than half-full.

    My father only has one flaw, and that is... He can see the beauty in everything and therefore love everything, except himself. I've seen his eyes when he looks at his reflection in the mirror. That's the only time his eyes look dull and lifeless. I never see them so sad as when he is using them to look at himself.

    He doesn't believe me when I tell him that he is the most amazing man in the world. He no longer believes that he is beautiful, like he used to. He hates himself and he hates his body. He can only think of himself the same way that the rest of society does. He believes himself to be a monster. That's what everyone calls him. Monster.

    My father is a religious man, but he is afraid. He's afraid because the church has called him a sinner, and told him that he will rot in Hell because he loves both men and women, and because he has been through a divorce. It's not fair... My mother left him! And why would God, who is supposed to be so loving and forgiving, punish someone for loving everyone?

    Everyone he has ever shown affection to has pushed him away, or used him, or ridiculed him, even if they don't all mean to. I have. His friends have. We never mean to hurt him. We never mean to make him hate himself... It just happens. We say something that we don't realize is offensive, or we do something that makes him question whether we really care for him or not. He always forgives us in the end, but only because he always thinks it's his fault... He always thinks he deserves it.

    The other people... They call him a "player" because if he's not in a serious relationship, he never says no to a date. They don't know that the only reason he never says no is because he doesn't want to make someone feel like they are unloved. Now, everyone stays away from him, and they tell him that he has no idea what real love is. They spread horrible, horrible rumors about him. They call him names that I could never say. They accuse him of some of the worst crimes you can commit against someone. My father would never do something like that... Never...!

    And he stays strong in public. He waves the words off like they're no big deal. Like he doesn't care what other people say about them, or what they think about him. But when he comes home, and he knows there's no one there to see him but me, he cries. He sinks to his knees and holds his face in his hands and cries. Some nights, I can't even get him to calm down, and he cries himself to sleep in my arms. He promised me a long time ago that he would never drink, or smoke, or hurt himself or leave me, but I know that some nights, he really wants to.

    He used to be able to see how beautiful he is. He used to love his body. He used to take every opportunity he had to show himself off. He'd walk around the house shirtless. He'd go to the gym and work out in shorts and a tank-top, or shorts and no shirt. We'd go to the beach and the pool all the time and he'd just wear his swimming trunks. He never let the many, many scars that littered his body bother him.

    But the last time he had a lover, she left him because she said his scars disgusted her. Since then, he's believed himself to be ugly, and he covers his body as much as possible. He wears long pants and long-sleeved shirts, even in the summer, and even when I am the only one who can see him. He doesn't even take his clothes off when he sleeps like he used to. He doesn't go to the gym anymore. He rarely comes with me to the beach and the pool anymore, and when he does, he wears a water shirt, and his swimming trunks are longer. He stays away from the crowds. He hides his face with his hair whenever he can.

    I love my father more than anyone or anything in the world. I love his eyes more than any other part of him. His only flaw is that he can see the beauty in everything and everyone except himself. When he looks at himself, his eyes show only self-hate. I will continue to tell him and try to show him how amazing and beautiful he is, in hopes that he will once again see it for himself. If I can't do it, my only wish is that he will meet someone who can. My father doesn't deserve the life he has to live. He doesn't deserve all this hate, from others, or from himself. He deserves so much more than this.
Rose: wOW WTF
ahahaha idk anymore
I wrote this while I was in Panama City and never uploaded it ;; 
I just randomly got the idea for no reason and decided to take it and write it
I have a feeling I might make a series about Eyes. Like I'll write a story about the eyes of my favorite character from all (well, most) of the fandoms that I am in. So I'll write a story about Eren's eyes sometime in the future and probably Steve's (Captain America ya know)
But I started with Francis. And I wanted it to be told from the point of view of someone who was close to Francis, but I wanted to make this a reader-insert at first ;; but I changed it to Madeline and yeah. I feel like this sounds like an essay she would have read to her school or something. I really love how this turned out.
And you know what I realized
I always fuss over whether or not I'm writing someone in character, but the thing is, it's almost impossible to write a character completely correctly because you have headcanons and there's just a certain way that you think they should be portrayed even if it isn't canon.
And for me it's Francis because ever since I joined the fandom I have known how the fandom treats him and I like to think that that's how the people around him treat him and I like to think that when he's around other people he acts cocky and arrogant and he boasts about his beauty and all that
But I bet when he goes home and there's no one around he's just really sad and depressed because no, he doesn't think he's beautiful even though he says he does and yeah he agrees with Arthur and all the names Arthur calls him and yeah he just
It's also not canon that Francis has any visible scars. I mean we've all seen him naked in canon so. But Francis with scars is a beautiful idea to me so. I always portray him as having a lot of scars
I've kinda ruined Francis a lot. When I write with him he's usually far from what he is in canon. But I don't care, I love him this way <3

Hetalia (c) Hidekaz Himaruya
Story (c) :iconhalostormhybrids:
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