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I wanted to try something different, and to practice painting a gem before I painted one that will be featured in a Spyro necklace I'm making.

I'm happy with the result, I think it's classy! ( and a not bad option for people who want a 1" tall diamond but can't afford what I assume is at least millions for it? XD )

It's for sale here if you want to see more pictures of it or buy it! ->…
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God Tier Aradia from Homestuck.
Also not for sale
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I got an order for an owl buddy recently and I can see that my painting skills have improved quite a bit! I feel that this one is more refined than my previous work.

[ sculpted from super sculpy, painted with acrylics ]
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Approx. 5"
Made from Sculpey Original Clay

I love Gam so much. Look at that cutie pie with that sopor pie (。’▽’。)♡
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CUTICUTI SKETCHBOOK ON AUCTION (ends at feb.26) on ebay


40 pgs of nice paper

free commission/second commission for only $15 more

free stickers

free shipping for US ($10 for worldwide)
***the sketchbook cover is now protected in a transparent paper (I recommend the buyer to keep it on for longer duration, the buyer can still open the book to sketch inside and use the inside pocket, only the book cover is protected)

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I'm reuploading all the pictures from the photoshoot of our cosplays of Detective Conan this time with edition :D 

Another fulfilled childhood dream : cosplaying Ran Mouri from Detective Conan with a Shinichi Kudo!! We've never seen any cosplayer of them in real life , only some cosplayers on deviantart, so we decided to make them : D
We really enjoy during the photoshoot, and we probably will do more photos in the future, so I hope you enjoy all of them! : D

These cosplays were made for a convention called "Saló del Còmic" in Barcelona, Spain.

Shinichi Kudo : :icontearofvelnias:
Ran Mouri:  (me) :iconrinoa00rose:
Photographer: :Dmolero

I really thank the photographers!
And my Shinichi for being so awesome ;D

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Father John Joseph Reid and Father Lawrence Turner are Catholic priest that fell in love with each other and married in Massachusetts. They now preside over the New Devine Mercy Catholic Communities. The opening statement of their website is listed below.

In imitation of Jesus Christ, we welcome all people to worship and celebrate God's all-inclusive love with us. Whoever you are, where ever you are in your life, we thank you for choosing to be here with us today. Our Mission: To Extend God's Kingdom of Justice, Truth, Love and Peace. [link]

More than 1,000 people attended a rally at Fort Lauderdale City Hall protesting the passage of Amendment 2 in Florida and Proposition 8 in California, which discriminates against LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender/transsexual ) people in The United States of America.

The protests were part of the “Join the Impact” [link] campaign to have a synchronized reaction of outrage across the country because of the passage of laws in Arizona, California and Florida defining marriage as an institution between a man and a woman only.

Proposition 8 in California and Amendment 2 in Florida have become a symbol of the struggle for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender rights. It is also argued the laws will restrict rights to heterosexuals who are domestic partners and not married.
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I thinking about fate :D
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Stupid Webcam Selfie Of My Default Rin Holy Cow I'm Lame
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Collection by

I surveyed the darkening sky as dusk settled in, the warmth of the (coffee/tea/hot chocolate) heating my fingertips. Karkat’s first two classes were canceled and I had free time on my hands so when he pestered me I didn’t think twice. Carefully balancing the two drinks, I slipped inside Karkat’s unlocked apartment.


I couldn’t help but beam as I thought about how I had managed to coerce Karkat into agreeing to spend our time watching movies, a horror movie at that. At first he had fought to see a comedy, romance movies had been out of the question the last few weeks, but offering to make (drink) had sealed the deal. He didn’t need to know I had already made it before he called.


With a bounce in my step, I sauntered down the hallway intent on waiting for him on his couch like normal but I stopped halfway. Karkat’s door was open for once, normally he was pretty particular about his privacy. Shuffling from inside drew me in. A mischievous smirk found its way onto my face.


I gripped the cups tightly before nudging the door open a bit more so I could poke my head in, no doubt startling the poor troll. After becoming closer to Karkat, I made it my mission to keep him on his toes. The stream of profanity was welcome, it seemed more like his normal self than the morose one he had been acting like lately.


Clothes were strewn throughout the room on his bed, floor, and chair. I couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow at the varying outfits. I normally only saw him in the same clothes, something about trolls not caring about fashion. Quickly I shook my head, trying to focus on the task at hand. I opened my mouth to alert Karkat of my presence but once I caught sight of him I couldn’t think.


He was facing me but his face was covered by the red shirt he was pulling off. Normally (males/males and females) taking their shirt off around me would have been welcomed but I couldn’t help but gape at the sight. My mouth moved faster than my confused brain could process anything.


“What the hell happened to your sides? Where are your nipples!”


Karkat let out startled ear piercing screech before yanking his shirt back down. Blindly he took a step back, only to trip on something littering the floor. He collapsed in a heap, eyes wider than I had ever seen. The shock wore off and indignant rage quickly set in. He glared hatefully at my still dumbfounded form.


“What the fuck (Name)! Why are you here already? You said you were going to make (drink).”


I could see the wheels turning as realization set in. I had tricked him, exaggerating how it would be a pain to make in order to get my way. He opened his mouth to snap an insult, but froze. A candy red blush engulfed his face.


“What are you talking about? Don’t you know anything about troll anatomy? They’re grub scars and what the hell are nipples?”


My jaw dropped at the last question. I didn’t know much of about trolls in general, the most contact I had was with Karkat and the one working at the coffee shop by my college. I wanted to retort but I couldn’t help but wonder how different our species were. I tried to stop that train of thought, recalling the confusing terms generally filling Karkat’s insults. The blood rushing to my face made me feel like I was going to explode.


“I… J-just google it alright. Not when I’m around. Just… No. Can we watch the movie? Please.


I stuttered before I ducked out of his bedroom, making a beeline for the couch. Haphazardly I dropped onto the couch and set the glasses onto the table. Even though my hands were warm from holding the drinks, my knuckles managed to cool my face a bit.


There was some rustling coming from his bedroom as he finished getting ready. There was a creak and footsteps but I couldn’t bring myself to meet his eyes. He leaned over me and picked up a cup. By accident I did end up locking eyes with him as he grabbed the drink.


His face was still red and he seemed to grow even redder when our eyes met. I didn’t have a doubt that my own face was probably just as red. His eyes darted away from me to stare at the blank screen as he sat beside me.


Normally as soon as he would sit down I would scoot a bit closer, so we were shoulder to shoulder, but this time I remained in my original place. The embarrassment was justified karma for trying to sneak up on Karkat. It could have been even worse, at least he had pants on. I tried to calm my nerves as he started the movie. As the title screen appeared, I relaxed and let my face cool down. It could have been a lot worse.


In my peripheral vision I could see Karkat glancing towards me, a blank look on his face. The movie started and the speakers began to pulse with ominous music, setting the scene. My lips twitched ever so slightly up. Ordinarily I would complain about the volume, but on this side it didn’t seem obnoxious.


I tensed in surprise as Karkat’s shoulder brushed against mine. Questioningly I looked over at him, this was the first time he’d ever initiated contact. I liked physical contact and my personal space was generally smaller than some, especially Karkat’s. He generally seemed to just put up with my antics with a bland scowl on his face.


My eyes narrowed as I surveyed him curiously, but he merely continued to watch the film. His face was tinged a bit redder than normal but nowhere near as bright as before and he was biting the inside of his cheek. He must have noticed my staring because he started to fidget ever so slightly.


I had to try and bite back a smile as I reciprocated and shifted closer myself. If I had looked away I would have missed the subtle upward twitch of his lips as he relaxed in his seat. The residual embarrassment disappeared. If I had to think about it, it was kind of a bit funny and he didn’t seem angry.


My head fell onto his shoulder and his arm slowly wound around my shoulders. Despite my original interest, I couldn’t quite focus on the movie. I was more and xmore distracted by the warmth emanating off of him and his fingers inching closer and closer towards mine.


My heart began to pound and I bit my cheek to quiet down my giddy nerves. The tips of his fingers brushed against mine, as if trying to determine whether it would be okay. The smile I had tried to hold back, hit me full force and my face became red once more. I went to move my hand towards his, to silently tell him I wanted him to but a loud noise made me freeze.




Surprised I went to move away but Karkat tensed and tightened his grip on my shoulder, holding me in place. I waited for his vice grip to relax, but after a second my shoulder throbbed in pain when he increased the pressure. With a hiss of pain I looked over and cocked my head to the side questioningly.


Karkat wasn’t looking at me or even at the horrific scenes filling the television. He was focused on the cellphone in his hand. His knuckles turned white as they clenched around the device. I stretched upwards slightly and caught sight of purple text filling the screen.


I could practically hear his teeth grinding together as he blindly tossed the phone onto the table. As it hit the tabletop with a crack I flinched slightly. Karkat took several deep breaths and it was like magic. He relaxed and loosened the anchoring grip on my arm. I nudged his side with my arm to catch his attention.


“You okay?”


I watched carefully as he opened his mouth to reply, but stopped. It was quiet for a few minutes as he seemed to honestly think about it.


“Yeah, yeah… I’m alright.”


Without the hesitation from before his fingers entwined with my own. Instantly happiness welled up inside me and I felt a surge of courage. Purple meant Gamzee had messaged him about something or other. From what Karkat had told me, it seemed like he hadn’t talked to Gamzee or Terezi in a long time. The wounds were too fresh and the mention of their name seemed to leave a bitter taste in his mouth.


He may not have replied to Gamzee, but he didn’t seem upset like he would have weeks ago. Instead he was leaning against me, holding my hand. I prayed I wasn’t rushing or misinterpreting as I let my impulsive nature take hold.


I leaned upwards so I was sitting straight and not resting against his shoulder. I tried to calm my pounding heart before I leaned over towards him, inching closer slowly. He sat completely still, anticipating my actions. I pressed my lips lightly against his cheek, watching for his reaction as he had before holding my hand. I braced my hand against his chest as I pulled away slowly, trying to see if I had made a mistake.


Both our faces were flushed and I could feel his heart pounding underneath my hand. There was a brief pause and I tried to fight back the fitful anxiety to give him time to respond, to lean forward or away. I gasped as his arm pulled me in closer until I ended up straddling his waist.


His other hand tangled in my (length) (color) hair as he leaned forward, closing the space too slowly for my tastes. Rather than waiting I wrapped my arms around his neck and closed the gap. Before I closed my eyes, I saw his widen before beginning to close as he deepened the kiss.


I could feel him smiling against my lips before his tongue brushed carefully over my lower lip, quietly asking permission. My breath caught in my throat. Just before I could give a response a loud banging jolted us apart.


I scrambled backwards and if Karkat hadn’t yanked me back towards him I would have fallen onto the floor. The pounding didn’t stop, instead the landlord’s voice filled the air.


“I have already warned you once Karkat! Turn your movie down. Your feud with (Name) has to stop. You’re disrupting the other residents!”


The look on Karkat’s face was priceless. His face was flushed and he was staring dumbfounded at the door. I couldn’t help but start to laugh, utilizing Karkat’s arms around my waist so I wouldn’t have to worry about falling. He kept one locked around my waist and searched for the remote with the other.


Once he found it he turned down the volume, grumbling something under his breath the entire time. I couldn’t stop giggling as I pecked his lips quickly, leaning away teasingly before he could kiss back. He glared but the smile ruined the reprimanding look. 

I had to rewrite this several times since my original plot kinda fell through. Sorry that it took a bit longer than anticipated! And that it kinda turned out a tiny bit cliche and shorter than my normal length. Thank you chibi-tsubasa for helping me out with this! 
If there are any mistakes please feel free to tell me so I can fix it!

Part 1

Extended Ending: LEMON (Only available on my Tumblr, the link to the account is in on my page.)

:iconkarkatplz: :icongamzeeplz: & :iconhomestuckplz:  :iconhussieplz:
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A faux wail broke through the silence of my apartment. I felt like screaming as loud sobbing kept me from sleeping for the third night in a row. The paper thin wall of my apartment did little to stop the noise from filtering into my bedroom. Slowly, I pried my eyes open to look at the clock.

2:45 A.M.

My fingers twitched as some crappy popular love song from two years ago started blaring. Rather than screaming and waking up my own neighbors, I tossed onto my side and tried to block out the racket with a pillow. I couldn’t make out the words, but the droning sounds were still identifiable enough to be a nuisance. Despite the noise from my neighbor’s room, I gradually felt myself succumbing to sleep. My muscles relaxed slowly and I focused on my own breathing, rather than the voices.


 It worked, until the noise became even louder than before.


It felt like something snapped in that instant. Sleep deprivation mixed with rage, coaxing me out of bed and to the adjacent wall. I slammed my fist on the wall as hard as I could repeatedly, mildly satisfied by the startled noise from my neighbor. There was a loud crash but it wasn’t enough to stop me. I took a deep breath before screeching at the top of my lungs.


“God fucking dammit! It is three in the morning and I have school you fucking bastard. Turn your shitty chick flick down already! Maybe I could tolerate it if it was actually a good one instead of this crap-“


“Why don’t you shut up, you ignorant piece of trash. Your obviously too much of an ignoramus to understand this romance movie is a cinematic masterpiece! You can go fuck yourself, I’m not turning it down!”


The hoarse, guttural voice shouting at me completely caught me off guard. A guy was sitting up loudly bawling about some stupid cliché characters. The shock wore off and my temper flared as I recalled the insults. We threw back and forth insults for nearly half an hour before I had a hard time struggling to stay coherent enough to win.


My voice strained as I tried to keep awake enough to fire back some type of response. I hardly had a moment before he had some new clever insult to retort with. The witty bastard won when I collapsed on my bed. I woke up groggily the next morning only to realize there were obnoxious voices still bellowing from his apartment.


I glared but didn’t say anything, my throat was killing me from the shouting match we had last night. Sluggishly, I dragged myself out of bed to get ready for my classes today. My eyes burned and I nearly tripped over my backpack as I stumbled out the door, trying to catch my bus before it left.


When I came home it was completely silent. For a moment I felt accomplished, but then I realized he only turned the damn thing off because he was sleeping. Pursing my lips, I thought about my options. I could be the bigger person and pretend last night’s argument didn’t happen or I could get a bit of revenge.


I bit down on my lip as I glared pointlessly at the wall separating us, as if my hatred would somehow disturb his peaceful sleep. I tossed my books onto my bed and walked over to my collection of movies. I skimmed title after title looking for the perfect one. One caught my eye and I couldn’t stop the quiet, albeit maniacal, laughter.


The Texas Chainsaw Massacre


I pressed play and turned the volume up before sauntering towards the kitchen to make myself something to eat. After making myself a sandwich I settled myself onto my bed, calmly devouring my food as the screams from the screen came to a crescendo. It wasn’t long before the “senseless, profane abomination of a film” woke my enraged neighbor.


The next month was like routine, blaring our chosen genre and having a subsequent verbal sparring match. It wasn’t until after a visit from the landlord did things seem to tame down. We limited ourselves to focusing in on the time before I went to school and when he was getting up for his night classes.


My neighbor, who I had found out was named Karkat, seemed to jump at every chance to argue or even just to rant about the superiority of his romcoms. Movies were a common argument and because our apartment wall really was too thin, the other was subjected to suffering through the other’s movie of choice. We weren’t limited to movies though sometimes we would delve into other topics, challenging each other’s views.


Karkat’s voice was apparently naturally fairly loud, and with our walls being thin it wasn’t very hard for us to keep a conversation going. He had an easier time than I did, but after a while it became like second nature to raise my voice a decibel or two. Our bedrooms were side by side and we could get ready while we talked.


Despite our initial introduction, I couldn’t say I hated him anymore. We had become somewhat friends. I say somewhat merely because I never actually met Karkat in person. Our schedules were too conflicting for more than brief conversations before we started our day. Homework, studying, and work filled the majority of our weekends.


Today, I had taken three midterms. Someone higher up must have had a vendetta to manage that. Rather than my normal habit of attempting to at least start some of my homework, I crawled into bed. I was too mentally drained to think. Yesterday I had spent hours pouring into textbook after textbook, page after page filled with sloppily written notes.


I crawled under the covers and closed my eyes, yet despite my tiredness I couldn’t sleep. After several moments I realized there was muffled noises in the background. Furrowing my eyebrows, I focused a bit more on the sound. It sounded like it was coming from Karkat’s apartment. Despite finding the source, I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what it was. It was familiar but not.




There wasn’t a response but the noise seemed to be a bit louder. Climbing onto my knees, I edged closer to the wall before giving into curiosity and pressed my ear to the wall. It almost sounded like crying, but it was too quiet. There wasn’t a movie playing and Karkat never put in headphones. Worry started to tug at me before I called out once more, louder than the first time.


“Karkat? You okay?”


There was distinctive choked sob.


“Karkat, come on. Please answer me?”


There wasn’t a doubt that he was actually crying now. If I had to guess Karkat was lying in bed too. He sounded closer than normal, even if he was being abnormally quiet. I strained to hear him a bit better. I could just barely make out Karkat taking a few shaky breaths. It was completely silent for a moment before he finally replied.


“What do you want (Name)?”


It was weaker and quieter than I was accustomed to ever hearing from him. Towards the middle his voice cracked, the end was shaky and broken. My heart clenched at the sound. It wasn’t the same as the normal crying as he watched a tearjerker. His replies were never like this either, they were normally a rant about the movie. This pulled at me and made my own eyes water.


“I’m coming over.”




I didn’t hear the rest, I was already darting out of my apartment and stumbling in front of his door. I tried the handle but it was locked. Stubbornly, I stood there and pounded on the door. My knuckles protested but I continued as persistently as ever. There was shuffling from inside but the door remained shut.


“(Name) just go away!”


“Open the door and I’ll go away.”


It was dead silent for several minutes but there wasn’t any sound of footsteps moving away from the door. There was a loud exasperated sigh and the door slowly creaked open. My eyes widened momentarily as I took in the fact that Karkat was a troll. A lot of things made sense now, especially the foreign terminology.  


I surveyed him as subtly and quickly as I could manage. He was hunched over a bit but he was still an inch or two taller than I was. He was short for a guy, even shorter for a troll.  His skin was grey and he had short colorful horns on his head. His clothes looked rumpled and he looked completely drained. Messy black hair fell onto his face, almost shielding his eyes from view.


Nervously, I locked my (color) eyes with his. Bright red tinged irises stared back at me, pulling at me even more. Semitransparent red tears stained his cheeks. His jaw was set and he looked withdrawn and wary as he eyed my own appearance.


His fingers flexed around the door and I knew he was planning on slamming the door shut. I took a step forward, forcing my way into his apartment. It was invasive, but I needed to know he was okay. Nothing about him right now seemed like it was and it didn’t sound like anyone else was there to comfort him.


I knew what it was like to cry alone. It always made it that much worse. The pain always multiplied and I would want to reach out, but there wasn’t anyone there. I was going to be pushing my boundaries but if it meant he wouldn’t be alone than I’d deal with the consequences later. If he truly wants me to leave so he can be left alone, I will.


Karkat’s sharp teeth dug into his lower lip, but still I could see his jaw tremble slightly. More red tinted tears steadily began to fall. He took a step backwards, completely letting go of the door. I didn’t know if it was an invitation or an attempt to get away from me but I forced myself to believe the former.


I launched myself forward and wrapped my arms around his torso. Karkat staggered back a bit but steadied us quickly. He tensed and made an unintelligible noise of disproval, but he didn’t push me away. I wanted to do something, make everything better somehow but I didn’t know how. My fists clenched the back of his shirt when his breathing became shakier.

Slowly, his arms wrapped around my shoulders and his trembling fingers held onto my shirt. Karkat leaned against the wall for support but after a few minutes he collapsed onto the ground, dragging me down with him. A surge of pain hit me as I fell wrong, but I quickly stifled myself so he wouldn’t notice.  


His arms tightened around me, pulling me closer. It actually kind of hurt how tight he was holding onto me so I shifted to try and alleviate a bit of the pressure. I awkwardly settled onto his lap, but it didn’t seem like he noticed or cared. I hummed and rubbed my thumbs in soothing circles, trying to calm him down a bit.


He didn’t calm like I had thought he would, instead it was like a dam broke. He started sobbing uncontrollably before burying his face into my shoulder, trying to muffle the sound. We sat there until he either felt better or couldn’t cry anymore. His shoulders sagged from exhaustion and he loosened his hold until his arms merely laid limply in place.


I didn’t move until he pulled back first, leaning away to rest against the wall behind him. I lean a bit away from him to give him a bit of space, but I didn’t move away completely. I mulled over ideas before I finally settled on what to do next.


“Do you want to talk about what upset you? You don’t have to, but I am here to listen if you need something.”


I kept my voice quiet and even while I tried to gauge his reaction. His body momentarily tensed but he relaxed after a second. He sighed and ran a hand through his hair. Tears welled up but they didn’t fall this time, instead he took a moment to calm himself before speaking.


I catch the words Terezi, Gamzee, and matesprit because they were repeated enough. I wasn’t positive on the meaning, but if I didn’t want to ask his to explain. I could guess from the description what had happened. I was speechless, unable to find proper words to comfort him. Instead I sat still and let him talk, quietly giving reassurances that I was paying attention. Eventually he stopped talking and silence set in.


Slowly I let my eyes wander, surveying what I could see from my seated position. My eyes locked onto the clock on the opposite wall. It was late for Karkat, I had been here for three hours.   If I didn’t leave and let him get dressed, he wouldn’t have time to get for his classes.


I leaned forward once more, resting my hand on his forearm to get his attention. I braced myself with his arm before standing. As the blood rushed back to my legs, it felt as if they were covered in pins and needles. My stiff muscles protested the sudden change.


“Hey… I should go. You need to get ready if you plan on making it to your computer programming class in time-‘


“I’m not going.”


I opened my mouth to protest, but I quickly bit my tongue. He was obviously still too hurt to be able to focus anyway. I merely nodded, now not knowing whether he would want me to stay or go. A clawed hand gripped my sleeve urgently, but when I looked back at him he wouldn’t meet my eyes.


“Can you stay?”


A small smile worked its way onto my face as I nodded. Carefully, I tugged him to his feet and guided him to his couch not wanting to spend the next hour or so uncomfortably. If I was this stiff, he must be even worse. We settled onto the couch and surprisingly he leaned closer into me.

Karkat is a lot harder to write for than I had anticipated, so if there are any personality problems or grammar issues please feel free to point them out! As usual I really want to thank chibi-tsubasa for being my beta and helping me out with this. I remembered the prompt wrong when I wrote this, but this is what it was supposed to be if anyone wants to use it! 
Part 2
Extended Ending: LEMON (Only available on my Tumblr, the link to the account is in on my page)

:iconkarkatplz: :icontereziplz: :icongamzeeplz: & :iconhomestuckplz:  :iconhussieplz:
I don't own The Texas Chainsaw Massacre either haha
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You clean yourself up and tend to your wounds in your hive. Your body still feels sore, but at least you don't look it. The tiny marks from Cronus should all heal pretty quickly too.

You feel exhausted, but your mind sits in unrest. When did everything become so complicated with your flush crush? All you wanted was to become closer to Kankri. Then pink turned red, and you wanted the talkative troll to yourself. Cronus somehow filled one of his quadrants for the first time, and Kankri told you to shut up.

Instead of going to sleep, like you should, you venture out of your hive. This particular dream bubble is quite large. Maybe a stroll around the terrain could help you figure out what to do. You're living dead, you'll be around for a while, and spending that time in a distressed mess sounds really cruddy.

You huff angrily and drop your face into your palms. As you stare into your hands, you fail to notice a presence come up behind you. Clawed fingers brush over your throat and pull you back into a firm chest. This is not the time for this. You need to set Cronus straight.

"Cronus, go away." You command him with a growl.

"Why so harsh, kitten? You must have been missing me already." Cronus purrs into your ear. You swat his hand away and turn to face him. Pity is not a feeling for a kismesis. You can't continue this with him.

Cronus' eyes narrow dangerously. His mood drops from sadistically flirtatious, to serious anger. He straightens up to tower over you.

"Make me, kitten." Cronus growls lowly.

"Cronus! Please just stop."

You move to step away from Cronus, but he blocks you. Before you can say anything more to him, he knocks you back. You're shocked by his attitude as you land on your butt.

"Like I said, make me." He snarls.

Cronus gets to his knees, grabs your chin roughly and starts leaning towards your lips. You lift a hand to smack him, but he suddenly falls back from you. There's a flash of red in your sight and you hear a snarl.

Strong hands pull you to your feet in a rush. Before you can even find your footing, the same hands lift you into their arms. You're being hugged against a familiar candy red sweater. Lifting your gaze, you look up to Kankri's enraged face.

"Cronus Ampora, it can be very triggering to others when you ignore their boundaries. Might I suggest you check your privileges." Kankri broadly states.

Cronus stares, disoriented by Kankri's conduct. Once he comes back to himself, the seadweller scrambles to his feet. Fixing daggers on the two of you, he reaches out to grab you back. Kankri swiftly side-steps the attempt with a grimace.

"Hands off, WVantas. She's my kismesis."

"Not anymore, Ampora." Kankri grumbles.

"You don't just hawve the ability to decide that!"

Kankri gives an exasperated sigh before finally meeting your wide eyes. This is very strange behavior for the red-blooded troll. He'd lecture a troll to deaf if they acted the way he is now. Even more is that he helped you.

Kankri raises a brow at you. He looks impatient. You quickly realize he's waiting for you to justify him. You dazedly nod your head.

"Y-yes. It's over Cronus." You state.

"B-but, (y/n)! I-"

"Ampora! I ask that you cease your talking. Perhaps you should instead find your moirail and allow them to comfort you in this time of need." Kankri declares in a civilized manner. "But I suppose your quadrants are all empty now." Kankri smugly states to himself.

With a hint of a smirk of his face, Kankri turns and walks away with you still in his arms.


You wriggle slightly, and glance around nervously. Kankri's arms are tight around you, and his eyes are focused straight ahead. He just willingly helped you out, but he still looks so bitter.

"I-It's okay t-to put me d-down now." You timidly mumble.

Kankri remains silent and unstopped as he moves forward. You recognize his hive up ahead, and it is only then that his grip loosens. At the door he finally returns you to the ground, but keeps a strong hand on your wrist.

Pulling you after him, there is still silence. You stumble to keep up with his fast strides as he pulls you up the staircase, and into what appears to be his respiteblock. He kicks the door shut and slams you against it.

Yelping in surprise, you tense up. Kankri faces you and leans over you. His forehead rests on your shoulder, and his hands hold onto your upper arms. Your blood pumper starts to go crazy.


"I'm sorry for my triggering behavior. I'm so sorry (y/n)." Kankri whimpers.

"Kankri, thank you, for helping me. I'm sorry for triggering you too! It's all my fault, I should have kept my feelings in check. I'm so red for you, but I shouldn't have said it. Oh shit, I said it again. I'm sorry, and just-"

Kankri straightens up and places a hand up to halt you.

"You really are red for me?"

You nod.

"Rufioh said you were going to go red with Cronus." Kankri growls.

"No!" You exclaim. "Rufioh told me to try black rom with Cronus so I could forget about..."

"Forget about what?"

Silence passes over the two of you again. You shift under Kankri's intense gaze. His eyes widen shortly and he moves to back away. You grab onto his sweater front to keep him close. He gives you a confused look and you nervously shift your weight from side to side.

One an impulse, you bounce to your toes and kiss him on the cheek. Your face blazes with heat. Kankri gapes, and a spark of realization comes to his milky eyes.

Kankri leans down to place his lips against yours. The touch is light to start, but then his clawed hands clamp onto your waist. He deepens the kiss, and nips at your lip. You gasp and he delves further with his tongue.

Your body works on its own to react for your befuddled mind. Kankri's hot tongue tangles with yours, and a deep moan slithers from your throat. Kankri's hands slip up the insides of your shirt and his nails lightly trace the skin.

Sadly, dead or not, you still require air. You both pull away panting deeply. Your faces are flushed, and heat races through your veins.

"I am flushed for you as well, (y/n). I'm sorry for my rude behavior previously. Seeing you with Cronus was triggering for me."

You smile softly and hug Kankri. You breathe in the scent from his sweater and sigh. Kankri is actually red for you, but he's still all over your mind.


"Yes, Kankri?"

One of Kankri's hands slides up your spine, and you shiver. The touch stops shortly, and then you feel his fingers glide through your hair. He rubs his palm up the length of your horn slowly.

Your knees wobble at the touch. You feel overly hot, and you worry for Kankri's vow.

"W-wait, ah, Kankri. Your vow."

He kisses your forehead and trails his finger back down to the base of your horn. You start to tremble as you hold yourself up.

"You're worth it to me. Will you be my matesprite?" Kankri whispers in your ear.

You moan into the red sweater as you melt against him. Heat pulses in your groin at his touches.

"Y-yes!" You gasp heatedly.

"Then I apologize now for how much I plan to trigger you."

When you wake up on the floor next, you're not alone. Kankri cuddles you, holding your body closely against his.
THIS IS THE END!!!!! NO MORE!!!! Please do not ask for more.

I hope you guys all enjoy this! I have a few short stories I'm going to be working on next for you all. I have another Cronus story and I have an idea for Kurloz that I plan to do. May also do something with some of the ancestors? I don't know. You'll see when they're posted.

Cronus/Kankri/Rufioh/Homestuck belong to Andrew Hussie

Part 1:…
Part 2:…
Part 3:…
Part 4: The End.
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Pewdiepie Fandom: Oh hai Kingdom Hearts :D! Why is your hair like that! Is that even possible?! Where’s your Gay Stick!

Kingdom Hearts Fandom: My gay what-?

Pewdiepie Fandom: And- and! why is your feet freakishly huge!! like whaaatt! is your dic-blahblahblah….!!

Kingdom Hearts Fandom: o_o

Am Sorry xDDD
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When you first entered Alternia High, it scared the crap out of you. Being blind was pretty hard, to be honest, and the fact that you could accidentally smack someone in the face with your white cane didn't help either. 

Why not go to a differently abled school?, some may ask. 

Fuck no! You worked so hard to get into this school, this school was for people who were geniuses. They all had a special things they were geniuses in, some being sports, music, computers, basically anything that would put them above the norm of people who did it as hobbies. And they had dorms so you didn't have to deal with the bitches called parents. (To be honest, you really didn't like them. At all. Total assholes. Never even looked at you twice.)

You, my dear, were a genius in math and reading people. A math whizz. Cliche, and a little bit overused, yes, but you were like a fucking human calculator.

On top of that, you could read peoples emotions just based 

Awaiting the principal in the office, you sort of put your hands out to touch the desk, (which you assumed would be in front of you) and you found that you didn't have to reach far before hitting it and feeling it out. It was metal, and smooth, the kind that would be used in an interrogation. 

"Are you done feeling my desk up?" A voice rang clear through your ear drums, and you sat up rigid, arms at your side, adjusting your sunglasses softly. The person seemed to scoff a little before grabbing one of your hands and shaking it. "Principal Hussie. You can call me Principal Hussie, and I see you are [Full Name], correct?" You hear him ease down into a spinny chair, and roll up to the desk.

It's like he's trying to piss you off. 'See you'? Really?

"Yeah, that's me," is all you can say though, because respect for your superiors yo. You feel so helpless in front of him, and he continues, and you can hear the smile in his voice.

"Well welcome to Alternia High, where only the best out of the bestest go. And I believe you need your schedule, your books, your lock, your locker combo, your dorm key, and your luggage is already loaded up in your room. I hope you have fun here. You filled out all the paperwork, right? Good, good."

He talked so fast he didn't even let you get a word in as a huge bag was shoved into your arms. "W-What? O-Okay..." You mumbled off, as he pushed you out of the office, and slammed the door, as you held the heavy bag in one hand, and your white cane in the other. Shit. How would you even get around the school if you don't have anyone to help you around this damn place?

As you walked around, you realized that no other kids were here, which figured considering the fact that you had come in the middle of 5th period. 

You walk into something. 

Someone, and you fall on your ass, and curse. FUCK NOW YOUR SHADES FELL OFF TOO.

"Yo, what the fuck? Can't you watch where you're going?" It was a dude. You seemed to growl slightly as you, excuse me if this is triggering, blindly searched for your sunglasses. "And why are you stumbling around like you're blind? Are you looking for something?" He had a slight Texas twang, you noticed, and you rolled your bland eyes at him, as you then tried to find where he was.

"Because I am blind, douchenuggets." Your hands clasp around something smooth, and you pop your shades back into place onto your face as you stand up, grabbing your cane which was next to you. Someone tapped you on the head, and in a gruff voice said,

"Give me your hand." 

And so you did. You could feel his pulse quicken as he pulled you up, and you sighed. People were always scared of you for some reason, but it made sense considering that you sounded pretty pissed off.

"Thanks," you say, "My name is [Full Name], and yes, I am blind you insensitive fuck." You shake his hand, and hold your bag, trying to figure out where the hell you were. Like were you in front of the lunch room, or what? 

"The name's Dave Strider, and it's pretty good that you can't see me or else your ovaries will explode. Do you need any help?"

"Are you offering to be my tour guide?" You hold out your hand to him, and you can hear him smiling in between his Texan accent.

Although you can't see it, he shakes his head to make his hair move away from his face, and takes you by the hand. "Only for ironic purposes."

"It'll be ironic when I kick you in your dick."

"Anything to be near it?"

"It'll come off."

"You can't even see!"

"I can still kick."

"How will you aim??"

"Do you want to try me?"


It had been a few months since you had enrolled into Alternia High, and needless to say, Dave had become one of your best friends. Along with John, Jade, Rose, and Karkat, (who was always angry but he was really good at writing) you guys were unstoppable.

Sure there were always a few assholes who always pushed you around for being blind, but there was really no way around that, and then after that Dave punches them in the face for you. (It always made you blush when he said he did that.) You always thanked him and he always helped you around, and often he would stay in the other bed of your dorm room, which had an extra bed, but you had specifically requested for no room mates, which you were glad about, although getting dressed in the morning was a pain, so Rose would often come over to help choose out an outfit for you.

Although one thing bothered you. You didn't know what your best friends even fucking looked like. And that pissed you off to no end. 

You sat on your bed, and you ran your hands through your [h/c] hair blinking slightly before grabbing your stick and getting ready to be ready when Dave came to pick you up from your dorm. Pacing around, being careful not to hit the other bed, you bit your nail before you heard someone enter. Straightening your outfit, you tried to feel out until you felt the familiar cloth of Dave's shirt. 

"Dave?" You asked softly.

Said Strider gave a trademark smirk that you couldn't see, as he took your hand. "Sup?"

You were silent, staring blankly ahead before shaking your head. "I'ts nothing... Just... Nevermind. Let's just get to breakfast than [world language]."

Making your way through the halls with the others, you guys ate in the normal, as you groaned tiredly for Dave to go get you food. 

The moment he came back you started shoveling the food into your mouth, not even bothering to push your sleeves up so no grease would get onto it. I guess you were really hungry. Or you were shoving food in your mouth to avoid asking awkward questions along the lines of, "Hey, you guys are my best friends, but what do you look like?"

World Language was the worse.

"I want you to find someone in this classroom to describe them in [language], and write something about them that makes them unique," the teacher explained, passing out papers, and giving you a braille copy, as you lightly touched it with your fingers, and sighed, knowing that this would be particularly difficult. As the other students stood up to find someone, you could hear the teacher walk over, and with a touch of pity in her voice, said, "You know, [Name], you don't have to participate in this. I could just give you a worksheet or two."

"N-No, I want to."

You grab over to Dave, but you realize he isn't there. Shit. He probably met up with someone else, didn't he? 

"Dave?" The voice that comes out of your mouth is not yours. It is small, meek, weak, and quiet, but you realize he's not there, and you're not going to be able to ask anyone else here. "D-Dave?" Your voice rings a little louder, and he sees you, and looks back from you, to Terezi, to you, then back to Terezi.

You almost wretch and throw up right there even though you can't see the exchange happening, but you stand up, defeated, and run out of the classroom, your stick still in hand, and only the paper map to guide you.


There's a knock on your door. Do you really want to go get it? You're lying on your bed, only a book in hand as you're curled up against the corner of your wall and bed, a blanket to cover yourself. There's sad music playing in the background as you read the romance novel, and wondered why oh why you couldn't read Dave as well as you thought you could. 

Maybe you should get the door, I mean, it could be someone other than Dave.

You groan and get up, straightening your pajamas. Who could it be at this hour?

The knocking became more rapid and hard, as you snapped to the person behind the door, "I'm coming! Let me just get some pants on..." You reach for your pajama pants that have [Cartoon/Anime Character] print on them and pulled them on, and smoothed out your black shirt with [F/c] [symbol] on it. As you reached out for the doorknob, you realized that you didn't have your shades on.  "Shit!"

But it was too late. The person in front of you had already seen your colorless eyes that were now red from crying. 


Oh god it was Dave. Like he was the last person you wanted to see. Your body trembling, and in a surprisingly calm voice, you replied with, 

"What do you want, Strider? I thought you were working with Terezi, you know, the girl who used to be blind but can actually see your hot face?!?" You snapped, before covering your mouth, hearing what you had just said. "Shit."

And then he hugged you. 

"I am so, so, so so so sorry, [Name]," Dave murmured into your [h/c] hair. He stroked your hair softly while whispering apologies into your ear, your whole body shaking in your embrace. But you never returned it, you just let him  "I just didn't think you wanted to do the project with me."

This blew you over the edge as you shoved him away, and you crossed your arms over your chest, tears streaming down your already flushed cheek. "Yeah, well, for a school of geniuses, its kind of rare to find someone that doesn't think. Nobody ever thinks of the little blind girl's feelings. No! Go ahead! Please! I fucking beg that you do it!" You shouted at him. 

If you were able to see, you would be able to see the pain in his eyes when you said that to him. "I didn't fucking mean it like that!" He growled, and pushed past you and into your dorm. "And here I was, tryin' to ask you to be my partne-"


"Well I was going to ask you to be my partner for the project, but since you're so seemingly against it," he muttered, and you heard the creaks of the other bed as he set his bookbag down on it.

"I-I..." You were at a loss for words, before you grabbed his wrists, and smirked. "Aw, how cute, you're nervous!" You say, and he gulps audibly, making you smile, as your hands wander up to his face, touching it lightly, and you can feel him shiver beneath your own contact. "I wanted to ask you to be my partner for the project," you said, smiling feebly, your voice wavering, "but when I heard you talking to Terezi, my heart sunk to my stomach. Of course you would want someone who could actually see your face," you say, squeezing your eyes shut tightly, as if to prevent the tears from falling down your face. "I don't even know what my own face looks like at this point, let alone my best friend's."

"Well you have the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen, and you are so beautiful that I want to cry, unironically. That's how beautiful you are," Dave whispered into your ear, and you wiped your tears away. 

Oh god your body is trembling, how pathetic. "Really?" Omigod now you're giggling. It's like right out of a shojo manga now. Congratulations.



The night ends with you curled up against Dave as you two watch a movie in each other's arms. You weren't quite sure how it happened, it just did, but you were happy with the result.

That and Dave was the only one who was watching the movie, you were just playing with his hands the whole time, tracing circles into it. 



"Why do you wear shades?" You held onto his hand tightly, and you can hear him clear his throat, his pulse picking up rapidly, as you reach up to touch the said glasses, and he smacks your hand away.

"Its because of my eyes," he says softly, and you can hear him adjust them onto his face; they were probably sitting askew before. "They're... weird."

"You're talking to the girl who's blind, and can't see jack for shit. You can tell me," you say, and kiss his cheek, and you can feel his heart beat even faster. "Although you don't have to, if you don't want to. I would understand."

"It's because they're red. And ugly and horrible and re-"

"Radical. Not retarded, radical." You couldn't stand to hear the person you love just degrade himself word after word, hearing his voice crack every third word. "I wish I could see them."

"Now you have to tell me how you became blind." He was so blunt and straight to the point you sucked in a breath of air, but said nothing. "You can tell me, you know that." 

"I have Retinitis Pigmentosa [Link], and it really really sucks. I literally saw my blindness coming. Now I wish I didn't go blind as soon because then at least I could see my best friend, and tell him how beautiful his eyes are because they're so much more than what my eyes could ever be," you say, leaning into his chest. "Pretty Eyes are what you have. More beautiful than mine will ever be."

Then you had an idea. "Dave, I'm really sorry, but can you sleep on the other bed tonight? I still have to do my [world language] homework." 

Strider reluctantly gets up and hops onto the bed adjacent to yours. You pull out your laptop, (and yes, contrary to asshole's belief, you can type) and begin your project.

My partner is Dave Strider and he has the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen. Or ever will see...

And so you wrote your project, glancing up into the darkness that your eyes could perceive, considering thats all you could perceive. 


As you sat next to your best friend in [world language], you could hear the teacher passing back the papers and projects to the people it was written about.

You heard Dave mutter a "thanks," to the teacher and hear his lips part into a grin as he squeezed your hand under the table.

Pretty Eyes indeed.

i wrote the rest in computers
dont judge me
you all are beautiful
i hate myself
kthanksbai c:

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there aint enough of these two on here
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still not sure if i regret or not.
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never regret.
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that rose sword was so huge XD
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Spin pics of:

This thing was so much fun to build. I've deffinatly got to do more DJ-Horse
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Queen Chrysalis vs Twilight Sparkle OOAK Sculpt made for :iconmanbearpig343:

Tumblr photo spread with details:…
Youtube video turn:

art source:…

See journal for commission status and FAQ.
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I learned some new techniques while studying to become a jewellery instructor. Among them was working with thin cords and crimp beads to create a 'floating' look. This is my first time working with crimping tools and I gotta say, they're awesome. I like how my stars came out and it's great for the whoever buys it since the stars won't move around on the cord.

[ the pendant was sculpted from super sculpy, painted with acrylic paint ]

If you want to see more pictures of this kitty on a broom or even buy him, check out my Etsy listing! - >…
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Which ones are your favorite? :)

Tim Burton inspired Necklace Collection

One of a kind, hand crafted polymer clay necklaces. Some are replica's of my favorite things, and other original designs. I hope you check them out!


Facebook Like Page:…

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Please note, this piece was a commission and is not for sale. While I do take commissions (see below), I do not remake pieces that I have already made. Thank you for your understanding.

Materials : 90% Super Sculpey & Sculpey Firm, 10% Apoxie Sculpt, Wire and Foil Armature, Wire Mesh, Acrylic Paints, Pearl Ex, Wood base

Dimensions : 9.5” long by 6.5" tall (at top of cardinal) with 12.5" wingspan on a 9x7” base

Time Taken : 21.5 hours


Want to learn how to sculpt like I do?

My new book Creature Sculpt is now available!
Check out all the information here!


Interested in a commission? Please check my journal for current commission status.


Check me out on : Facebook | Twitter | Tumblr | Etsy |
Comments disabled by owner.
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Last night's drawing.

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Voilà Toothless! :excited: Finalement terminé après au moins un ans X) Je le laissais souvent de côté pour travailler sur d'autres projets ou commandes. Maintenant une partie de ce projet est terminé! Il me reste plus qu'à finir la base pour lui et Hiccup! Il est trop l'fun à faire! Attendez vous à voir d'autres sculpture de lui :XD:

Cette sculpture est 100% faite à la main avec de la pâte polymère super sculpey et méticuleusement peint avec de l'acrylique. Il mesure environ 5 pouces 1/2 de haut. Parce qu'il est un projet personnel, il n'est pas à vendre.


Here's Toothless, finally done! :excited:  After a year in the making X) I was always putting him aside for working on other sculptures and commissions. Now part of this project is done! I just have to finish the base for him and Hiccup!  He was so much fun to make!!! =3 Expect to see more Nightfuries sculptures from me for sure! :XD:

This sculpture was 100% handmade with polymer clay over a wire armature and meticulously painted with acrylics. He stands around 5 1/2 inches tall. Since this is a personal project of mine, he's not for sale.

*More photos on my Tumblr and Facebook! :meow:

Here's the whole piece!:
:.Forbidden Friendship.: by XPantherArtX

*Free Icon/Emote* Toothless (Love it!) 

Handmade with Love stamp by foxyboxysolutions

:bulletgreen: Website:
:bulletred: Etsy:…
:bulletpink: Tumblr:
:bulletblue: Facebook:…
:bulletorange: Instagram:…
:bulletpurple: Pinterest:…

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This piece was a collaboration between littlegoose and me. This wearable artwork is an embodiment of Gustav Klimt’s iconic pieces, Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I, and The Tree of Life.

(check out the original pieces here… and…)

Constructive criticism is highly appreciated! :heart:

Materials: assorted metallic paints, cardboard, found objects, gold foil, and lots and lots of tears
Artwork by: autumnicity and littlegoose

Also, reblog on tumblr here -->…
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Commission work for  :icondarkoverlord13:  She asked me to make a poseable doll of her beautiful character Kozmotis.

These are some of the pictures I used for reference:
Vone Kozmotis   Outline Sketch for an Armored Imperial

This guy is one of the most challenging dolls I've ever made and he took forever to complete, specially because it's the first time I make a doll mostly of faux leather , but I'm rather proud of how he came out ^^ 

The body is fully hand-sewn, made of faux leather and faux fur and filled with pollyfill so it's soft. The faux leather fabric gives a more suitable texture for a scally dragon skin, and also allowed me to paint the different colour gradients and even the small details on the wings. All the scales along the underbody were cut and sewn individually and I also cut and attached a lot of tiny scales to hide some of the seams to make it look more natural.
The body is almost fully poseable thanks to a ball and socket plastic armature, and the wings have a wire armature inside but the material don't allow them to be folded, only gentle bent.
The head is sculpted out of polymer clay and epoxy clay for the most delicate parts like the horns, and the owner decided to go with my pre-made dragon resin legs to lower a bit the price and have an extra durability. Everything is painted with quality acrylic paint and sealed.
We decided to make the horns shorter and go without the whiskers.

Aaand... I forgot to measure him xD but I think he was around 90-100cm in full length and about 30cm tall at the head. 
Here's a photo of him on my mother's hand for size comparison Kozmotis the Imperial Dragon

Hope you like it! ^-^

( More pictures coming soon! )

- Dragon breed belongs to (c) Flight Rising
- Colour design belongs to DarkOverlord13
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"Fire fox".
7.8 inch long, velvet clay, acrylic. 
Evgeny Hontor & "Velvet Clay Studio", collab with Nina Spivak.

For sale:…
All foxes in my shop:…
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Dave, why do you have to be such a party pooper.

aka this is why nick should not draw at 4am: the movie

Homestuck (c) Andrew Hussie
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in celebration of 60+ followers on tumblr!!

...yeah i wanted to make this quality but then i just got lazy

Homestuck (c) Andrew Hussie

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Had a request for Roxy and Dirk's glasses as an OTP.
It was too perfect and derpy not to :U
She is wonking sooo herd ong whht a nadndsum strangir

Homestuck is Hussie's
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wow i love the beta kids
wow i love all the characters
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i just can't doodle one of them, i need to draw them all
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