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Journal #322: Show Your Art! #5 (SHOWING)Hello everypony! Heart 
Here we go :la:
... ... ...

I WANNA SLEEP!! by Estela97 The Spade Spy System Page 1 by Spade-Sisters
Hello Rabbit by durringwepon389 Majora by TP-Night Friends. by MargaretLovez Dragon-Unicorn Hybrid Kip by Villarrai
Think Fast! by Legate47 Elements of insanity by Dunkle-Katze Vinyl drawing :L by ema10050 Prince of the Sea (Colored) by SecondQuill
Cuddling by Peternators Pony Twins by The-Sheamus-MLP Showstopper takes the stage by lawleyj77 If I were a Gypsy......Pinkie Pie by StaredEclipse
Coco Pommel by Sonnatora Under the moonlight by CurlyMane The Warrior Cover art by NCbrony RAINY SKETCH! by FlooFluffle
Smile! by ArtyPaints Not so sunny now by Gamerpen Brindoll by AmaliaPond Keep Calm -Twilight- by SierraSparx
Twilight Sparkle by Dancing-Angel-221B Teary Choir by banifi In this misery, you can join our FAMILY....Request by ClariceTheGothPuppet Shy Cuddles by WhiteBlade-the-Zero
Random Octavia poster [SFM] by Thespahthatspies Fluttershy Vanishing Point by wrenkl Too late, Miss Do by brownPegasy Only Pinkie Carnage by Gamerpen
Flower Dashie (vector) by LittleFlowerDash Sombra Portrait by Fred7162 Warmth by Airtower Keeping those Ankles in check (Gift Silverwolfeye) by Tw1st3dSoul
Rainbow Dash (HQ) by Timmsey Shimmer Starr Vector 11 by jeremeymcdude Fluttershy by MythsFlight EqG - Rarity by WildSoulWS
Gravity Moon and Stargazer by RememberOswin Twilight Sparkle by jackbish22 Everyone deserves hugs by hunterhunter40
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