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People here on dA seem to be pretty sensitive to every small thing, so to all people who might find it offensive in any way: it is a joke, not an opinion, relax.

I saw a stamp saying "Tim Burton isn't GOD' and it inspired me for this one.

I like Tim Burton and I like Vasquez. I also like calling Vasquez GOD because he is fucking cool and yes, I think it is normal. It's not like I built a church in his honour or pray to him every night.

Please, let people like what they like the way they want to, as long as they do not harm anyone.
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I can not stress the enough

Brony haters epically piss me off and not for the fact i am one...
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Oh-oh. JV wouldn't be pleased if he knew what I'm doing here xD

I couldn't help that, sorry.

This is another joke stamp. It's okay as long as you do not take it seriously, guys =)
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Tohaku Region
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Just cause PI closed up and i need to rehome her 

 Everlynn Amelia Flynn

Nicknames: Any Shortening of her first name will do, but Prefers “Evy” remain in use only for close persons in her day to day life

Species: Shiny Slyveon

Age: 21

Birthday: November 17th 


Nature: Quiet

Characteristic: Likes to Run


Height: 5 foot 4

Weight: 140lbs


Gender: Female

Sex:  Female


Relationship Status: Dating (being discussed with InfernoNick)

Sexuality: Heteroromantic + Sexual

Job: Still a Student not sure what she wants to do (Either being a Cop, Psych Nurse or Addictions Counsellor)


Level: 25

Ability: Cute Charm


Move set:

Psyshock (Technical Machine)

Bite (Prior Evo)

Draining Kiss (Level 20)

Swift (Level 15)


Personality: Disciplined| Calm| Quiet| Caring| Social| Tendency to Worry | Insecure| Cautious| Intelligent| Private| Moody| Self-indulgent

 Everlynn is quiet and calm under most situations, and it shows with her somewhat cool demeanor. Ever hates to show herself cracking under pressure, which is somewhat hard for her to crack over years of purposely putting herself in stressful situations.

Everlynn is a much disciplined as a person, not bending to her wills or temptation when she has things to do, she however is not very disciplined when it comes to food and is often very self-indulgent

She is open-minded and caring to those she meets and just simply desires to get along with them, although she knows full well you can’t get along everyone, Ever loves to be around people making her very social but also likes her alone time.

Ever tends to over worry however, this has diminished over the years as her life has stabilized as has learnt to loosen up about things that happen

Everlynn is very insecure about her abilities, intelligence and looks which leads her to be over cautious with people and can appear shy.

Ever is very intelligent, as both her parents were but takes more of her father’s book smarts than her mother street smarts, and is always looking to gain more with the help of books and school.

Ever isn’t one to tell you if anything is bothering her or anything of her past unless you are close to her, she feels like being private with her emotions and feelings protect her and those really wanting to get to know her will take the effort to “break” her.

Ever tends to have mood swings while mild and infrequent, are noticeable and are a by-product of her keeping so much of herself locked up, and it’s seeping from her.


Born into poverty of an escort mother who was addicted to the lifestyle after a brief struggle with alcohol addiction.  (See other) and a young businessman, Carrie kept her pregnancy a secret for the most part and the child was healthy at 8 pounds and 20 inches, Carrie tried her best to care for the child while addled with her vices

Her parents would step in and help her out unable to see their child struggle so much, they offered help on the condition that Carrie tried to get help for her addiction. 

Although not going into rehabilitation for her addiction of sex work until Everlynn was 3 years old, she did try many of times to stop on her own.

Everlynn was raised by her mother's family not just by her grandparents, creating a sense of family morale in the young girl. Yes, her mother wasn't a saint, but that wasn't a reason to turn her back because a family sticks by each other.

Everlynn would grow into a social, intelligent, and bubbly little girl, who loved to read and play with her friends, and which she had quite a few she played with often.

 One day when Ever was  6 a lone drifloon would keep close to the girl and befriend her to the point where Ever took her home and asked her grandfather to keep it which he did allow and she was called "Luna" after being  a ghost type. Everlynn would spend most of her time reading with Luna afterwards the Pokémon absolutely became Ever's best friend.

Ever was seven years old when her mother moved to Unova with her brother Aaron and Sister Flora to give the two some place of their own to establish themselves, just before the summer break.

She would meet Drakko Ronegard a native to Unova and a year older than her, and befriended him and became very quick friends.

Soon the Eevee would begin school and she took it well, often spending her time learning all she can about certain things, she had a hard time socializing but she didn't let it get her down.

Shortly before her eighth birthday, Everlynn had expressed interest in learning to dance, Ballet and Tap in particular,  so Flora enrolled her in a school for dance as a birthday present 

When Everlynn was ten she started to face some bullying over being a bit bigger than other girls, being shiny and the like, and Everlynn learnt to keep to herself when teachers blew her off, she grew a distrust of teachers and school and it began to show

When Everlynn was 12 her mother met a man named Cole Marshall, who she immediately loved and clung to and he stuck around despite Carrie's fears.

She would graduate the dance school shortly after her 14th birthday. 

The bullying  worsened for her as she entered middle school, girls relentlessly picked on her for not being as developed or as feminine as they thought she should be, plunging her into a depression that made her very bitter and cruel, she continued to let the verbal beatings happen until 10th grade when she physically got into a fight with one of the biggest girls that bullied her, she got a suspension that day (For a few days) and was forced to tell her parents what was really going on and to her mother's shock and guilt for not noticing her daughters pain, She fought tooth and nail for justice for her daughters torment  and her tormentors got punished.

Also, during Ever's Sophomore year, She and Drakko would begin dating. 

At 16 she decided she needed to evolve into something, but had no idea which evolution she should choose until she heard of the Fairy Evolution Sylveon and jumped on it as soon as possible, soon evolving into the Fairy Type.

She would graduate with high grades and get into the university she had chosen, to which her grandfather gave her the TM Psyshock for her efforts, also around this time Kaden her baby brother was born.

She moved to Tohaku to attend the college she applied for, she settled in the city of Daigakkou.

Now completing her Third year at Uni, she is due to graduate sometime next year in Psych and a few related minors





Psyshock was a gift from her grandfather when she got into the college.

The ribbon around her neck is painful to remove and often makes Everlynn weak afterwards, this ribbon is the link to her use of both ribbons.

Everlynn's soft spot is her mother, she is still sensitive over her past and being an accident.… (you can indeed get addiction to sex work)

While she can sing and act, these are taught art forms and aren’t as strong as someone with the innate ability to do those things, these were taught on the principle of allowing her to be hired for plays and such much easier

Medical Notes:

Everlynn is Nearsighted, has a hard time seeing without corrective wear and has two pairs of glasses and a pair of contacts.

Everlynn is considered a touch overweight, it’s not a concern

Everlynn's Ribbons are connected to her nervous system, and take a lot of energy to control

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5th Character, last of my free slots. My hot babe~
Amazing shading by :iconking-deer:

Name: Asura Aberanon
Nicknames: Hot stuff (Hadyn), --
Species: Charmeleon
Age: 24
Birthday: July 9th

Nature: Brave
Characteristic: Mischievous

Height: 5ft 9” (
Weight: 10st 2lbs (142.8lbs)

Gender: Female
Sex: Female

Relationship Status: Single
Sexuality: Bisexual
Job: Drummer. Model for a small time Steampunk Fashion designer.

Level: 32
Ability: Solar Power --
During sunshine, the Pokémon’s Special Attack raises to 1.5 times but HP decreases by 1/8th the maximum HP every turn.

:icondragontypeplz: Dragon Rush (Egg)
:icondarktypeplz: Crunch (Egg)
:iconfiretypeplz: Flamethrower (TM)
:iconelectrictypeplz: Thunder Punch (Tutor)

[Confident] [Loves attention] [Easy going] [Flirty] [Fiesty] [Damn sexy]

Asura is very confident in herself, she knows what she wants and won’t let anything get in her way. More often than not however, Asura is very carefree… With her father funding her with his wealth, Asura has never really known anything other than financial stability.
This has caused her to not really understand the value of money, but her father dotes on her so much and does not seem to care about that.

Fun is something Asura is always looking for, fun and being admired. Drumming for the band she is in gets her a lot of attention and this pleases her, but she didn’t think it was enough, which led her to get another job working as a Model for a Steampunk Fashion designer. She always loved Steampunk fashion but never had access to it before.

She can also get very feisty and flirty, mostly when she’s had a drink. However she openly flirts with Hadyn, one of her best friends, because she loves the fox to bits.

As a young girl Asura was very energetic, bouncing off the walls like she was high on E numbers all the time. As a toddler she usually ran around the back garden chasing after the families Houndour pet.
In her pre-teen years she was first to jump at the chance to try something new. She was loud, feisty....often coming across as just plain bitchy..but she didn't care, Asura just wanted to have fun.

In the start of her Early years she looked for an outlet to her over-energetic behavior, trying several things; sparring with her father, martial arts classes, running, rock climbing..hell she even tried Rhyhorn racing. In the end however, when she was 21, she found 2 ways that best relieved her energy; fighting and playing Drums. Both of which she fell in love with equally.
She taught herself how to play drums in her spare time, though she only ever played recreationally...never for money or fame.
As she grew older, she started mellowing out…
While in school she joined a band, which is where she met Hadyn, Riza and Vy…the bands other members. It was this that drove Asura to pursue Music as a career rather than just as a hobby.
She finished school with a degree,
Bachelor of Arts in Music with concentration in Performance. When the girls decided to actually try and make a thing of the band properly, she moved to Tohaku with them, on her father’s money of course…he was more than happy to help her chase after her dream.
He even purchased her an apartment and still pays the rent and bills for her so she can spend her money on other things she requires.

However, not having a job meant a lot of free time…time that her band mates didn’t have as they had to get jobs to pay for their places of residence.
She started to get kind of lonely and bored, which…when you have started liking the attention you’re getting…is not fun.
But just as she started to feel like that, somebody approached her and offered her a job modelling Steampunk fashion.

This person was just starting out, but Asura loved their stuff immediately!
They both agreed that Asura wearing the clothes would likely bring in more attention to the designer, which would bring more customers and more revenue to make more clothes.
Plus, as a model…Asura would get even more attention!~

Now she’s settled nicely, 2 jobs she loves with her father funding her every wants?
She knows she’s spoiled rotten, she does feel bad that she has this and her friends don’t…but they don’t seem to want her help.
Asura feels like she has but one thing left to do….find a guy, or woman, worthy of HER attention.

:pointr: Inherited her eyes, Dragon Rush and Crunch from her Hydreigon father.
:pointr: Flamethrower was a 21st birthday gift from her parents.
:pointr: Her natural hair colour is blond, but she added orange and charcoal grey streaks to it later.
:pointr: Her family is rather well off, as her father works the stock market and made a large income from one very good buy, he used that money wisely and built an even bigger fortune
:pointr: Aside from her apartment, she also has a flashy car tha her father brought her.… 
:pointr: Wears booty booty shorts under the skirt. (Her panties would be on show when drumming otherwise)

Medical Notes:
:pointr: Has a very high metabolism, gaining weight is something she struggles to do. While this can cause her medical issues, she sees it as 'I can eat whatever I want!'

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//whips up a second app// IDK if any of you remember but she's my spiritomb from back in my pokeinstitute days and i just miss her alot >v<

"...Hehe~ How can I help you?..<3"

- - - 

name:: Saethe Verdinn
nickname:: she isn't cool enough for those a h a
species:: #442 - Spiritomb - The Forbidden Pokemon (Shiny)
age:: 22 years
birthday:: October 31st

nature:: Jolly
characteristic:: Impetuous and silly

height:: 5'6" Feet
weight:: 120lbs

gender:: Cis female
sex:: Female

relationship status:: Single but not sure if shed ready for one
sexuality:: Bisexual 
job:: Runs her own little home daycare //if its allowed of course//

level:: 45
ability:: Pressure

:iconghosttypeplz: Shadow sneak | :iconghosttypeplz: Destiny bond | :iconnormaltypeplz: Hyper beam | :icondarktypeplz: Darkpulse 

Motherly | Generous | Optimistic | Polite | Quirky | Super friendly

    •• Saethe is a very jolly and upbeat young girl who loves just about everyone she meets. She is always smiling towards other, whether she knows them or not never matters. She strives to make others happy and smile just like herself. She is also very generous. Very selfless if anything. She is always caring more about the needs and likes of others than her own, and in almost every situation puts others before herself. She's constantly giving and giving but never expects anything in return for what she does. Next off she's slightly quirky, but in a fun and good way. She's definitely the odd ball around the place. Saethe is strange in her own special way, just something that makes her, her. Now, with being a spiritomb comes the slightly unstable part to this girl. She does have 107 different souls residing inside of her after all. When Saethe is put under big amounts of stress, like mentally or physically, then she can succumb to the control of the more, sadistic and rude souls living within her. Besides that, Saethe is very polite. She always respects her elders and goes about treating everyone, younger, older, doesn't matter, with the out most respect. She's a super friendly spiritomb who's always going out of her way to make new friends. Wanting to make everyone feel good about themselves.

    •• At first, Saethe was alone. Amnesiac and left alone in a forest. She was alone and unsure of her surroundings, but being a simple child, she didn't really make much of it. Pokemon had gathered around her, and with that, the little spiritomb followed them. She began her life in the forest, living there for few years until she was found, 9 year old, by a gengar man. A rich business man by the name Laurence. He had offered Saethe his hand, and she took it. From there on, she was living with this new man, her new father.

    She grew up after that, learning from him. He had her home schooled for the most part, sheltering her a little because he wasn't sure that he was just yet ready to face the bustling world that is the city. In this now new life, Saethe managed to make two amazing close friends, a drifblim and his little brother by 2 years, a drifloon. Those 3 were joined at the hips. They did everything, and went everywhere together. When Saethe was 14, the drifloon boy had asked her to be his valentine and she had agreed. That day, he officially became her first boy friend. Two years passed and they were still together, but once she was around 16, the boys father got a job promotion, and the family had to move. 

    She went into a little depression after that, it was ruff for the girl. They'd been the only friends she'd ever known. Her father noticing this, frowned upon it. Not wanting to see his daughter like this, he enrolled her in a well known institute, where she then spent 4 years of her life. She was surrounded by friends, cheering her up instantly, but also she had a new love in her life. An amazing gliscor who she enjoyed spending her time with greatly. He wasn't just her bf, but her best friend as well. Now after 4 years flew by at this school, one day she up and disappeared. She had received a call, and a little visit. It was her father, but this time, her real father. The family that she couldn't even remember, and never even looked for, had found her after all these years. So without a word, she had left the school to live with them.

    She spent 3 years with her birth family. She had an older brother, a spiritomb named Octavian. She adored him, and he was very kind to her. She had always wanted a sibling, and it turned out that she already had him. For those 3 years, she lived a pretty pampered life where her parents just spoiled her. They were filthy rich, just like her adopted father, and they just wanted to make up for all the years they missed spending with their daughter. As 3 years flew by quickly, she ended up moving out, into her own little home that was bought for her by her parents. She wanted to get out there and really do something. Start meeting new people again. With that, she ended up opening her own little home daycare. She's always loved kids, and figured that atm, it was the best job option and most suited for her.

    •• Has a pet audino
    •• Over the years, she's been able to make friends with some of the spirits residing in her body
    •• Has a keystone attached to her bracelet that she wears everywhere
    •• Loves her brother with all her heart, but sometimes he can be a real princess
    •• Audino was given to her by her adopted father
    •• She used to be a strong battler, but since meeting her real family, has given that all up
    •• Has no sight in her left eye
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Name: Jasmine Luther
Nicknames: Ivy
Species: Serperior :iconserperiorplz:
Age: Twenty Six
Birthday: November 23rd

Nature: Calm
Characteristic: Good Endurance

Height: 5'8"
Weight: 175.2 lbs.

Gender: Trans Female
Sex: Intersex XXY

Relationship Status: Single
Sexuality: Pansexual
Job: Bar Tender in Hikoko

Level: 37
Ability: Overgrow

:icongrasstypeplz: Leech Seed
:iconpoisontypeplz: Coil
:iconsteeltypeplz: Iron Tail
:icongrasstypeplz: Leaf Blade

Ivy is a rather calm and collected individual. When she's at her job, Ivy is talkative enough to hold conversations and be able to make people feel more comfortable. When she's with repeat customers, she'll often times ask them questions about their days, what they have planned, what brings them back, and so on. When rude customers enter the bar and start demanding orders, this calm girl will politely ask them to leave. If the don't, then expect a nice escort, holding your ass after it gets thoroughly kicked. She does not take demands kindly, especially from jerks who think that they own the place.

Outside of work though, she is a bit of a different person. She tends to be a bit more flirty, and has a particular taste for the ladies. She's one not too afraid to walk up and talk to you, regardless of who you are, what your social standing is, or how holy you are. Those people who treat her like trash, will get the great look of her back as she walks away, not caring they exist anymore. But if someone bites on her flirts, she'll roll with the punches and see how far things can go.

Born in the Unova region, in a small area called Accumula Town, Jasmine was born... as Jason Luther. Born to a Servine mother and a Seviper father, Jason was born with Klinefelter syndrome, resulting in him having one extra X chromosome. At a young age, it wasn't that noticable for him. He looked, to the normal eye, like a normal young boy. But as he grew up, things began to be noticed. His lack of body and facial hair concerned his father, and the face that his body was more feminine concerned even him. He tried to train up some muscle, but that didn't help much, as he still maintained his feminine physique. But what happened next really cause alarms to go off. One morning, after waking up, he noticed that his chest had buldged up some, producing some rather small breasts. He panicked some, and called his parents to come look, hoping they would know. But they did not know the cause of this either and took him to the hospital, asking the doctors to help figure out the cause of all this. It was revealed to them that Jason had Klinefelter syndrome, and explained to them all about the effects of the syndrome. His father nearly demanded the doctors to fix his son, but his mother held him back, letting the boy decide his own life.

Time past, and with all he had to carry, it really didn't stop him from living his life. While having small breasts wasn't exactly the best for a boy, he didn't really let that hold him back from being himself. As he grew up, he noticed that the normal puberty that the other guys were experiencing didn't hit him, and thus kept him looking rather feminine. He recalled the doctor explaining that his testosterone levels were lower than normal males and thus he was unable to have what most other guys had. By the age of 18, he told his parents that due to the condition they all knew, he would live out his life with the image of a woman. His father, distraught with the thought, began to think his son was gay. Jason had began to explain that he wasn't gay, but would feel more comfortable looking more like a woman than a man with breasts. His mother, who had always supported him, agreed with what her son suggested. The father, still not thrilled with the idea, simply told him that he would still call him his son, and call him by his real name, but would support anything he needed.

So, after some surgery and hormonal treatments, Jason soon changed all his records and became Jasmine Luther. As Jasmine, she began to feel more like her true self, and didn't mind at all that this was her new life. She did though, still have her male genitals, since she wanted to look like a girl, not be a girl. But she was told that due to the syndrome, she would be infertile and could never have kids. That didn't but a damper on her one bit as she lived out her new life. While in her home town, she'd talk around with some of the locals who now didn't recognize her as Jason anymore and just assumed she was a new face in their town. Through her talks, the nickname of Ivy started to be used, and after time, she adopted it as a sort of new name for herself, as Jasmine was her more professional name, Ivy was her social name.

Once she had enough money to move out, she packed up her things and headed out into the wide new world, eventually finding her way to the Tohaku region and more specifically Hikoko. There, she settled down in a nice home and soon found a job as a bar tender at one of the local bars. This started her new life, and hopefully would open the doors to more adventures.

~ Has a lucario tattoo on her neck similar to
~ Her tail reaches a total length of about 4.5 feet long and can be used as a third hand, though not as well as a real hand.
~ The tattoo on her right side of the face is nothing important, just a green slash mark like on the head of a Serperior
~ Her chest size is about a C cup

Medical Notes:
~ Klinefelter Syndrome
~ Low Testosterone
~ Small Male Genitals
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Criminal Minds
Collection by
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I made this with Photoshop CS5! :D

Ask me if you want to use it! :la:
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I made this with Photoshop CS5! :P

The cap come frome 6x19 of Criminal Minds! :la:

Ask me if you want to use it!
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SSA dr. Spencer Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) from the Criminal Minds Serie, pictures from 6x17 - "Valhalla" and 6x18 - "Lauren".
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Collection by
i wish they just die
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sfhbanner 5 derp
Comments disabled by owner.
Name: Soulsong
Gender: Mare
Age: Young Adult
Species: alicorn
Coat: White
Mane/Tail: dull red and blue mane,black and blue tail
Cutie Mark: an eighth note wrapped around a tear drop
Occupation: Singer/Actor
Residence: A nice little place near sugar-cube corner
Strongest Element: Kindness
Personality Strengths:Sweet, Kind, Loving, Logical
Personality Weaknesses: Emotional,Agressive and overly focused
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Why Blank_Point_5?
:rofl: Looong story...well not really. It's actually quite short but I don't want to go through it :#1:

I like it. I will use it.
I hope you like it and use it too :B
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Original Stare Emote by: Link3Kokiri
Original Fire Emote by: melonhead-emotion

- Just a great match up xD
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Collection by
add info later..
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I'm sorry for all the group stuff spam guys xD Haha, I'll post some animal art soon.


App for :iconpokemontribal:

:bulletpurple:Name: Vos Kelfire
:bulletpurple:Tribal name: Silent Breath (Or just Silence)

:bulletpurple:Age: 19
:bulletpurple:Season of Birth: Spring
:bulletpurple:Gender: Male
:bulletpurple:Weight: 145 pounds
:bulletpurple:Height: 5'7
:bulletpurple:Pokemon: Venomoth
:bulletpurple:Ability: Tinted Lens
Vos is a very quiet person, hence his nickname. His expression is usually either blank or has a slightly sad tint. Vos is polite, restrained and prefers to express himself in few words. He prefers to fly places instead of walking around.
As a young Venonat, Vos was pushed around a lot. No one cared who he was nor believed he was capable of anything. An average day, whilst Vos was still just a child, he was being bullied by a teenage charmeleon. That boy said all the wrong things that day…and Vos- instead of taking it submissively- reacted. Vos thew one punch at the Charmeleon. He wasn’t expecting it- and thus fell backwards into the river. As soon as the lizard’s flame tail extinguished, his eyes rolled back and he fell unconscious. Limp in the water as the current pushes him away- the charmeleon drowns silently. Vos just stands at the bank of the river, trembling, eyes wide with fear.
Back at the tribe, the young Venonat stays far away from the Charmeleon’s parents. No one ever found out about what he did- the teenager’s death was determined an accident. Vos never said anything about it to anyone, his mind and heart still carry the burden and the guilt though. It tortures him, but he never shows any of the pain.

Vos is now a distant person, who’s almost emotionless appearance is quite the opposite to the emotional war that rages in his mind.

:bulletpurple:Weapon: His staff (pictured above) which is made out of very hard wood and is a lot heavier than it looks. He can inflict impressive damage with it if necessary.
:iconbugtypeplz: Silver Wind
:iconpoisontypeplz: Poison Powder
:iconpsychictypeplz: Psybeam
:icongrasstypeplz: Sleep Powder
His moves are tailored to his tribal job. Silver wind and Psybeam for attack/defense, Poison powder for slow, silent assassinations and Sleep powder for knocking troublesome enemies unconscious.

:bulletpurple:Job: Spy. His ability to remain completely silent even when moving/flying and breathing earned him his job.
:bulletpurple: Extras:
-He is bisexual. He needs someone he can trust with his secrets and pains. Someone he can finally let his guard down around.
-Doesn’t like to be dirty. (linked to the ‘blood on his hands that won’t wash off’ ideal)
-His three point crest is very sensitive.
-His actual birthday is March 12th
-He has no known siblings.
-He is taken by this sexy mofo

Art and Vos Kelfire (c) *TrelDaWolf 2013
Pokemon (c) Nintendo

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:bulletblue:Name: Kato Inzabuko

:bulletwhite:Age: Twenty Five

:bulletblue:Season Born: Winter

:bulletwhite:Job: Hunter

:bulletblue:Gender: Male and Female (will describe later in app)

:bulletwhite:Weight: 231.2 lbs

:bulletblue:Height: 6' 9"

:bulletwhite:Pokemon: Kyurem

:bulletblue:Ability: Pressure

:bulletwhite:Personality:Kato is a very reserved and quiet guy. He tends to be bit of a loner, but that's because of the voices in his head. No, he is not skitzo, he just has three people in one body. It's him, his Black form, a much more hard headed and stubborn guy, and his white form, an elegant polite young lady. You heard right, lady~

:bulletblue:History: Kato is the product of a horrific accident. In a time long ago, a Reshiram and Zekrom passed away at the same time, only clues leading to a battle amongst them. Their remaining energy fused together and burried itself into the ground near the Gyrados Lake. This energy laid hidden for decades, growing stronger and stronger as time passed. One day, the energy formed an infant, a young Kyurem boy. The baby fell into the water of the lake, and was taken in by a Magikarp mother and Gyrados father, hoping to keep this boy protected from the dangers of the forrest. But, one day, a member of the Origin tribe, hearing about this child, took the baby away from the Magikarp mother and Gyrados father, and taking him to the safety of the Origin Tribe. This was a direct order after hearing that there was a Zekrom child in the Tao tribe. Hoping to avoid a conflict amongst them, they kept him away from the Tao tribe. As he grew up in the tribe, he found nothing special about him, even though everyone made him out to be in a way. He was actually the first Kyurem to exist, since at no time did both Reshiram and Zekrom die at the same time at the same place.

As he grew, the new power he was unaware of grew in him. One day, after failing to catch a Sawsbuck in the forest, he stumbled upon a lake. Thirsty, he took a drink, only to be greeted by three faces looking at him. Shocked, he stumbled back a bit, but curious, kept looking. The faces talked to him, but in reality, it was the other forms he possessed talking to him. They explained that he had in him the DNA of the Reshiram and Zekrom whom has passed on, which allowed him to go between the forms of Black and White. This had gotten him upset, since he saw how Reshiram and Zekrom act with each other and was a bit weary of fusing with them. The forms, a bit more forceful, subconsciously made him transform, allowing them time to come out.

Years past and as he grew up there, he was taught better hunting techniques, and upon his naming ceremony, he chose to become a hunter. He still uses the other forms to help him out in the tribe and in his hunts, but tried to keep them under control.

:bulletwhite:Weapon: Bone Claws on his hands.
:icondragontypeplz: Dragon Pulse
:iconicetypeplz: Glaciate
:iconnormaltypeplz: Scary Face
:iconsteeltypeplz: Iron Head

White Form:
:icondragontypeplz: Dragon Pulse
:iconicetypeplz: Ice Burn
:iconfiretypeplz: Fusion Flare
:iconsteeltypeplz: Iron Head

Black Form:
:icondragontypeplz: Dragon Pulse
:iconicetypeplz: Freeze Shock
:iconelectrictypeplz: Fusion Bolt
:iconsteeltypeplz: Iron Head

:bulletwhite::bulletblue:Extra Info:
~ He has control over changing forms, but if he sleeps, the other forms will take the moment and come out
~ His Black Form is a muscular male who's personality is opposite of his normal self, a trait from his father the Zekrom
~ His White Form is a very elegant lady who is similar to him, minus the talkativeness, a trait from his mother the Reshiram
~ He can unfold his ice wings, but often chooses not to.
~ He is always cold, regardless of what form he is in.
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Name: Spark Pixevee
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Height: 5'1
Dorm: Ho-oh
Hometown: Lavender Town
D.O.B: August 15 1999
Characteristic: Strong Willed
Ability: Volt Absorb
Species: Jolteon
Level: 15 (Was leveled up by thunder stone)
Character Description: Spark Is the youngest and shortest of the eeveeloutions who are her brothers. She usually wears a yellow dress with tattered hems and white tattered leggings her jacket is also yellow and tattered at the hem and sleave cuffs, it has white fluff around her neck. She wears knee high brown lase up boots that have lightning marks in yellow half way up from the bottom. She has a scar from her forhead down to her collarbone on her left eye and 3 on her arms and legs(Not shown) Her hair spikes up like quills when angry same with her normal cloths the edges become spikes. she wears a dark yellow choker with a lightning bolt tag hanging off of it and a white sash around her waist. She has black snakebites with yellow cracks(Not shown)
Possessions: Zap plate
Moveset: Thunder bolt
              Quick Attack
              Shadow Ball
              Heal bell
Personality: Spark is naturally quiet, she doesn't say much but usually its some advice when she does. She likes to spend most of her time with books or electronics. She can be anti-social at times and it's hard for her to make new friends. She is very good at fixing electrical things, singing(but doesn't show it) and Inventing random things. She is very fast do to doing track while training and possibly a lot of pranking. She speaks in a quiet tone with a somewhat dull voice. When she gets frusterated or mad she will spark. She is kind and doesn't give up easily, when you become her friend if need be she will protect you. She will spend time keeping in touch with her brothers as well.
History (1-3 paragraphs): Spark is the youngest of the family her brothers being all the other eeveeloutions she is also the only girl, she was forced into evolving by the thunderstone thus why she is a jolteon at such a young age. She learned alot from her brothers after her parents Dissapeared, After Year or two of looking for them with no avail they continued working hard to keep there house. She learned that her skills in fixing and building were very helpful as Syv the sylveon was the only one that could actually somewhat fix things and cook. She has never seen her parents. Even though her brothers do most of the fighting she got jumped by a wild Pokemon and had to fight but being the weakest she won with a few scars. Now after working hard and gaining a scholarship and goes out to find a school.
Other Information:Hates large crowds, usually messing with an electronic or her electricity
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Another MellanyxSteven ship drawing >w< can you tell that i love these two? xD 

Mellany kissing Stevens cheek after some things happened and they confessed their feelings to eachother :swoon: 

Lousy shading, i know -.-;

Steven - :icondovepaw619:
Mellany - Me
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I just had to make clear to myself what kind of clothes she should be wearing. Ande she's just cute >w< 

More to come when I think of something owo
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Mellany and Steven have something on their minds~eachother:tehe3d: Tehe 3D 50x50 derp 
A moment from the rp.

Kawai ship, just love them :dummy:

Steven Coldstone - :icondovepaw619:
Mellany Cottins - me
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Im just gonna upload a few ship sketches because i like them :3
and to get some pokedollars >w<

btw this didnt happen, just my fantasy x3

Steven - :icondovepaw619:
Mellany - me
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Collection by
Use how ever you like! Don't forget to credit <3

Female base by itself
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Very rough draft of something me and a friend did.
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This is for the group :iconjohto-journey: 
referred to by :iconnyannchi: and she also did the app for me... credits for her~~



Name: Violet Moore

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Height: 5'2

Hometown: Lilycove City

Currently living: Olivine City

Job: Breeder in training

Sexual orientation: Hetro

Relationship status: Single

Personality: Kind | Shy | Brave | Clear-headed | Hopeless Romantic

History: Grown up in a overly protective moderate household but one day a 11 year old Violet snuck out and rescued a few wild pokemon from team magma and eventually got saved by a passingby Alena and Sei and from Alena she got her 1st pokemon Noir (Noivern) since Violet displayed that she cared very deeply for Pokémon and although Noir was much to high level for Violet of train she grew very close to it and in the next 5 years she obtained 4 more pokemon those being Skitty, Azurill, Phanpy, and Ponyta who she barely trained but grew very close too. Her time with her pokemon made her realize her dream of becoming a pokemon Breeder and moved to Jhoto soon after where her journey now begins 

Extra information: She's a beginner trainer/breeder | Noir almost never listens to Violet's commands | Shy at first but is very outgoing once you get to know her 


Name: Fanny
Pokemon: Phanpy

Type: :icongroundtypeplz:
Level: 12
Gender: Female
Move set: 
Natural Gift

Name: Noir
Pokemon: Noivern

Type: :iconflyingtypeplz: :icondragontypeplz:
Level: 80
Gender: Female
Ability: Telapathy
Move set: 
Dragon Pulse
Super Fang

Name: Azuki
Pokemon: Azurill

Type: :iconfairytypeplz: :iconnormaltypeplz:
Level: 17
Gender: Male
Move set: 
Ice Beam
Rain Dance

Name: Skittles
Pokemon: Skitty

Type: :iconnormaltypeplz:
Level: 13
Gender: Female
Move set: 
Heal Bell
Disarming Voice

Name: Natsu
Pokemon: Ponyta

Type: :iconfiretypeplz:
Level: 20
Gender: Male
Ability: Flash Fire
Move set: 
Flame Wheel
Sunny Day
Solar Beam

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well here it goes! I hope I get in! XD and sorry for Adan looking like crap :( my paint tool sai messed up when I went to shade him :(

:iconjohto-journey:  :iconjohto-journey: :iconjohto-journey:  :iconjohto-journey:

Name: Chloë
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Height: 5'6"
Hometown: Azalea Town
Currently living: Traveling around
Job: None
Sexual orientation: Straight
Relationship status: Single

+ Caring- She is always loving to pokemon everywhere, dosen't matter if their her own ,someone elses or a wild one. She will help anyone in anyway she can.

+friendly- She's never met a stranger! She loves making friends and is a very easy person to talk to.

+strong willed- No matter what people say if she has an idea she goes through with it, weather it be pushing through a storm to get her pokemon to the center or climbing up a rock formation to reach a hurt pokemon.

+Graceful- She is always showing good manners and respect to other trainers

+Reliable- She's a very trustworthy person to other trainers and pokemon

- Hasty: she will sometimes rush into things without thinking

-Stubborn: It takes a while to talk her out of something


History: She was born and raised in Azalea town with her older brother Daithi.At the age of five she to be a great pokemon trainer just like him she went off into Ilex forest to try and catch a pokemon. Lucky for her this was where by rare chance she met her first pokemon Eevee. After the encounter she rushed home to show her family her new friend. A few years later she met two new kids Daniel and Danica,that moved to Azalea town and soon became best friends with the twins. When she was 15 the three of them took a small trip to Goldenrod city where she caught her second pokemon, a rambunchious Growlithe who kept following her through town. Later that day she met a boy around the same age as her called Matt and instantly hit it off. The two stayin in a touch with eachother and eventually started going out. At the age of 18 she said goodbye to her home town and her two bestfriends to move in with her boyfriend. Everything when alright for the first part of the year and a half, but towards the end he changed. He was abusive and mean to her when she tried to go out with friends or so much as do anything without her. One day while he went for a walk she decided to go out for a few things and found with him another girl breaking her heart and causing her to run out into the streets. As she walked around with tears in her eyes a loud thunderstorm causing her to duck into an alleyway to try and keep out of the storm. While taking shelter she hurt small wimpers coming from a box nearby and looked to see a wounded and abandoned cyndaquil. She felt the need to help the little guy and imediatly rushed him to the pokemoncenter. After a few days the Cyndaquil woke up to a very happy Cholë. The little guy formed a bond with her shortly after and became her last pokemon. Now she has decided to get away and take an adventure with her pokemon hoping to meet her old friends and possibly make new ones
Extra information:

-She loves rain but hates Thunderstorms.

-Hates going to Goldenrod city, its the city her ex lives in.

-When she is around friends her little Adan will cling to her because he's afraid of other humans

-She wants to have a relationship but is very nervous about it since her last heartbreak.
-Both Rai and Arcane are cautious of men being around her since her ex abused her

-When she has company she usually puts Arcane away because he is overly protective of her
         :iconjolteonplz: :iconarcanineplz: :iconcyndaquilplz:


Name: Rai
Pokemon: Jolteon
Type: Electric
Level: 68
Gender: Male
Move set: Thunder, Discharge,Wild charge,Shadowball

Name: Arcane
Type: Fire
Level: 59
Gender: Male
Move set: Flamethrower,Fireblast,Extreme speed, Crunch

Name: Adan
Pokemon: Cyndaquil
Type: Fire
Level: 10
Gender: Male
Move set: Leer,Smokescreen, Ember


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Name: Daniel (Danny) Gin Kurosawa

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Height: 5’7”

Hometown: Born in Eterna City but grew up mostly in Azalea Town.

Currently living: Technically Azalea Town, but traveling mostly.

Job: The fuck is work when you can be a pokemon masta! None

Sexual orientation: Pansexual

Relationship status
: Single-

+Charming- He can be very suave and charismatic; he is easy and fun to talk to.

+Independent- He is very capable of doing everything alone and even though he is a twin he is fine with going off and doing his own thing.

+Witty – He is smart and witty, not always in a snarky ass hole like way, just a fun cute way.

+Loyal – He is extremely loyal to his sister most of all and Sahara, his friends and family.

-Moody – He can have small mood swings at times or if his mood starts in a direction it won’t stop until it either reached a super low or a high peak.

-Over critical – He is very over critical to his own training methods and battle skills.

-Unpredictable – Tying into his moodiness, his mood and emotions can change randomly without much of a tell.

-Secretive – He likes to bottle himself up though and not talk about much of anything.

When Danny and his twin sister Dani were young, around five years of age they were out playing in forest next to Eterna City where they lived with their mom and dad. Before long they had wandered too far and got lost then a flash thunderstorm hit, they ran; ending up deeper into the forest. They both tried to find shelter but instead found the Old Chateau, dashing inside to hide from the storm without a second thought. Inside looked abandoned and for the two children it was rather frightening. Both wanted to run right back out but heard a whimpering not too far away. Danny was the first to go towards the sound, with his sister clinging behind him. As they ventured further towards the sounds they found two abandoned vuplix, the twins grabbed them up and try to warm and comfort the poor wet shivering babies. As the storm finally stopped they ran back into the forest to try to make it home when their parents found them, they begged to keep the vuplix and their parents agreed to let them. Shortly after the family moved to Azalea town for their father’s new job. There they made best friends with a girl named Chloe; they were very close for many years until she eventually moved away.

In Danny’s teen years he dated a guy named Jake from their new home town that his sister had a crush on, he had not meant to steal Jake from her but Jake was gay and just liked him more. He was a friend they had known for years as well before too. After a few years Jake told him that he was moving away and at first tried to make Danny mad to force him to break up first to try to make him hate him instead of tell him the truth, he had an illness and was dying. But Jake’s plan backfired and he finally fessed up about his illness. As Jake got sicker he gave Danny his vaporeon to take care of because he couldn’t, during one of his visits, what he didn’t tell him is that he other eevee was pregnant, his mom was watching the eevee, the egg would eventually be for Danny, but it was a surprise.

A few months later Jake passed away before Danny could visit him again, he was absolutely crushed. He spent many nights alone in his room crying over his loss; half a month later he took another blow and Jake’s vaporeon passed, Danny couldn’t understand, but it was most likely from grief over the loss of his original trainer. He was having dark thoughts and had a really hard time coping with this even with his sister support, but his savior came in the form of a small egg that Jake’s parents delivered to him.

It was at this time that he decided to leave his home behind, branch out, maybe find himself and go on a journey with his vulpix and mystery egg, he didn’t know what it was since Jake’s parents kept it from him, simply telling him that Jake wanted him to have it.

Extra information:
-(Twin sister coming soon. )

-Danny and Dani’s Mom is British and their Dad is Japanese. (That is why their names are a mix of both.)

-The twins both were basically considered trouble makers in their youth. Danny got his piercings inn his teen years to try to look cooler.

-His sister was also given an egg from Jake’s parents.

-He dyes his hair dark red; his real hair color is black.

-Though he doesn’t show it he is still at times an emotional mess and depressed.

-He can be stubborn at times, but it isn’t a dominant personality trait.

-He wants to be a great trainer, but he also is afraid of Sahara getting hurt.

-His relationship with Sahara is unbreakable; he spent a lot of time with her and bonding to her.

-Sahara is a tad shy and timid around other trainers and gets severe separation anxiety when she can’t see Danny unless she is with his sister or her brother, Dani’s vulpix Wahiba.
Daniel by Zero8426

Name: Sahara

Pokemon: Vulpix

Type: Fire

Level:  43

Gender: Female

Move set:
-Confuse Ray

-Feint Attack


-Flame Blast


Name: ???

Pokemon: Egg??? (Will be an Eevee)

Type: ???

Level:  -

Gender: ???

Move set:

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"Don't try the wrath of a Dragon... "


  • Name:
  • Age: 
        18 years old
  • Gender:
  • Height:
        1.86M (which is about 6'1")
  • Hometown: 
        Cianwood City
  • Currently living:
  • Job: 
  • Sexual orientation:
  • Relationship status: 
  • Personality: 
         Focused | Generous | Honest | Kind | Loyal || Arrogant | Hostile | Irritable | Haughty/pridefull | Fiery
  • History: (Optional)
  • Extra information: 
        - Aims to become a Dragon tamer and or Dragon type master. 
        - Travels accomponied by his Little Sister Julie Mikiko (for who i will draw a ref sometime which will be linked here)
        - Dye's parts of his hair green (sometimes seen doing the full thing though).
        - Wears bodywarmers almost all the time. Unless the tempratures are like tropical. (Since he's very used to living in warm weather)


Name: Sting
Pokemon: Vibrava
Type: :icongroundtypeplz: :icondragontypeplz:
Level: 86
Gender: Male
Move set
  1. Steel Wing
  2. Draco Meteor
  3. Rock tomb
  4. Roost
  • Is equiped with an everstone, Dask is not aware of this fact.
  • Has the Levitate abillity

Name: Erza
Pokemon: Mawile *
Type: :iconsteeltypeplz::iconfairytypeplz:
Level: 58
Gender: female
Move set
  1. Iron head
  2. Fire Fang
  3. Protect
  4. Play Rough
  • Has the Sheer Force abillity
  • Is his secretly his go to pokemon against fairy types and dragon types. 

Name: Natsu
Pokemon: Salamance
Type: :icondragontypeplz::iconflyingtypeplz:
Level: 65
Gender: Male
Move set
  1. Fly
  2. Fire Fang
  3. Dragon Rush
  4. Fireblast
  • Has the moxie abillity 
  • Hostile against people and pokemon he doesn't know, or doesn't know very well. 

Name: Cobra
Pokemon: Sliggoo
Type: :icondragontypeplz:
Level: 44
Gender: Female
Move set
  1. Thunderbolt
  2. Sludge Bomb
  3. Ice Beam
  4. Protect
  • Has the Sap Sipper abillity
  • Has barely any respect for personal space and will slime on people she likes.

Name: Laxus
Pokemon: Dragonite
Level: 70
Gender: male
Move set
  1. Hurricane
  2. Rain Dance
  3. Thunder
  4. Water Pulse
  • Has the Inner Focus abillity

Name: Wendy
Pokemon: Altaria
Level: 76
Gender: Female
Move set
  1. Hyper Voice
  2. Roost
  3. Heal Bell
  4. Dragon Pulse
  • Has the cloud nine abillity
  • Little shy around big groups.

Note or message me if you're interested in rping with this grump ^^
goes for group members and friends. 
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Name: Daithi ( Pronounced Dah-hee, irish for "swiftness, and nibleness)
Age: 26
Gender: male
Height: 6'1
Hometown: Azalea Town
Currently living: Traveling around
Sexual orientation: Straight
Relationship status: Single

+ Kind

+ funny

+ intellegent

- Stubborn

- over protective


History: At the age of 12 he set off on his journey to be a pokemon master with his houndour blaze leaving his family, friends, and his darling little sister in Azalea town. While on his journy he would keep in contact with his family exspecially his little sister, she was his whole world. After two years he managed to collect all of the badges for johto but couldn't defeat the chamipon, so he went off to different regions to train. At the age of 24 he had stopped hearing from his little sister in Johto causing him to worry, but his mother told her not to worry saying she had just moved in with her boyfriend so he calmed himself. Another two years passed and still he didn't hear anything from her and finally caused him to return back to his region to look for her.
Extra information:
- Chloe is his little sister Johto Journey Chloe application by Myo-Senpai

-He actually live in the unova region for the longest portion of his training

- NEVER bad mouth his sister infront of him, he will go off in a major way

- He found a small teddiursa while on his journy and named it after his sister because she was so cute.

-Him and his sister have matching earrings that he got them while on his travels.

-he likes keeping his hair long, if you talk about cutting it her will freak out, run and cry XD


Name: Blaze
Pokemon: Houndoom
Type: Dark/fire
Level: 87
Gender: Male
Move set: Inferno, Crunch, Feint attack, Flamethrower

Name: Sonic
Pokemon: Noivern
Type: Flying/ Dragon
Level: 81
Gender: Male
Move set: Dragon pulse,Boomburst,Super fang, Hurricane

Name: Chloe
Pokemon: Teddiursa
Type: Normal
Level: 78
Gender: Female
Move set: Fling, Thrash,charm, rest


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Well shit, that did not work.
Another six word story. These are quite fun.
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"I'm not gay," said his boyfriend.
A six word story
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My hands shake, but I cannot pause in my task.

I trace my fingers over the tears; I knit the parted flesh as a weaver does delicate silk.
I try to be as gentle as I can.  I try to be respectful. It's the least I can offer to the girl.

But it makes no difference. Whatever physical wounds I repair are nothing in comparison to the torture she has endured.

And every touch, everything I am doing now, is further violation.

The bleeding ceases; I've done all that's required, and all that I really can. I shift her prone body, letting her lie as comfortably as bound wrists will allow. I drape the bloodied blanket, sporting stains both fresh and aged, back over her naked form… it's the only shred of warmth and security I can offer her, and the fact sickens me.

I smear red on the ground as I brace myself to stand, fighting vertigo and nausea as I hurry up the stairs that lead out of the room, taking the lantern with me. As I shut and lock the cellar door, I imagine her with nothing but the pitch dark to accompany her as she awakes from dream to nightmare once more.

"There you are."

I flinch upon hearing the words. I keep my gaze averted as I turn away from the door and toward him.

"It's about time. I was about ready to come check on you two."

I keep my head bowed and inspect the claws on my free hand, displaying the blood that still marred them. His voice is so calm, so nonchalant. It is all so… normal to him.

"Come on now, girl. Don't be like that. Show me your pretty smile."

My face contorts without my own will, the corners of my mouth twisting upwards. My lips part slightly in what couldn't look like much more than a grimace. I look up, cringing as my eyes met his. His expression was so soft and content. Loving.

I can feel my skin crawl. I would give anything not to be the focus of his attention, to be able to flee out the door which was left open and mocking, revealing clear starlight and a warm summer breeze.

But I am pinned by his gaze, his words.

He inhales slowly from his pipe, and breathes out a long trail of smoke in my direction, still watching with half-lidded eyes.

"She patched up?" he asks softly.

I nod, blinking away tears from the smoke.

"Think she'll be up again soon?"

I shake my head, exhaling sharply.


I begin to tremble. I can't hold it back. I can be forced to do so much, but I can't hide this. This overwhelming fear mixed with such hatred.

He leans back against his chair, calm amusement on his face.
"Oh, sweetheart, what's wrong?" he asks with such concern and affection, his head rested in his hand.

"You can tell me," he continues plaintively, before adding in a clear command, "Tell me."

And I respond, but no words pass my lips. The closest I come to speaking is a few rasps, the rest lost, as they are fated to be for the rest of my existence. He had seen to that.

I touch my throat, feeling the deep scarring that mars it.

He lets out a soft laugh, and I, a shuddering sob.

"Oh, don't start crying now, girl. It's alright! Come over here," he raises a hand, languidly beckoning.

And, against my own desperate will, I walk past the door outside and toward him.

"Kneel," his voice is near playful.

My mind still screaming, I drop to my knees before him. I bow my head. I can't bear to look at him.

"Good." He places a hand on my head; running it through my hair and stroking it as if petting some form of animal. He takes a fistful of it and tugs it back, forcing me to look upwards at him.

"I am…?" he prompts softly, his eyes burning into mine.

I know this game, and what it means. It wasn't an order, but there's no sense in trying to avoid it. I just want it to be over.
I shut my eyes, feeling his hand slip down my cheek and under my chin.
Shaking, I mouth the word;
So I'm just gonna bite the bullet and submit this.
Something from the writing get-togethers me and my former English teacher have every week. She gave me a prompt, and it made me want to finally write with Nil.

So, something else from Atma.

This is for theme 1 of the #100ThemesChallenge variation 4.
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Dear Stars,

I have a bone to pick with you. You see, when I was six, I called myself the nowhere girl... and I coloured myself a soulmate. I made him on crumpled sheets, with broken pieces of crayon, on a playground that was too busy wondering whether growing up entailed stealing their mother's cigarettes and their father's dirty magazines (I suppose I was already wise enough to know that growing up meant choosing one of the many ways of breaking yourself in two.)

I hope you remember him, stars...he was important to me (My best friend threw that drawing away on my seventh birthday and told me that someone like me was not supposed to have such dreams.).

He had hair as ebony as deep onyx and a smile that never grew up (Peter Pan would have been proud).  He was magic in soul form, and smelled like cinnamon and the earth after it has rained. His eyes rivaled a lions on the best of his youth, his words were story shaped. His skin was an ink coloured canvas of wonder and even in crayon he was a sight of awe.

I wished upon YOU, stars, when I was six years old but I suppose nowhere girls have no business wishing upon stars that have had homes for a million years. Because almost twenty years later I am still the same old annoying nowhere girl. And I suppose I hide it better now but even crayon made soulmates can see that.
I got a response actually.

It went something like this:

I aim to make the nowhere girl a somewhere girl.. so that your wish may become true, for if stars aren't there to be wished upon then why do we look up when we feel down.. Why do we feel the need to wish upon the stars for all our biggest hopes and dreams, Believe and so shall you receive..dare to dream and never give in because the things in life that are really worth while never come easy..but you will always have my love and care..always. Liebe dich.


So the stars did their job after all. :)

Facebook Page: [link]
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  Jade twitched slightly as she looked down at her feet, unable to look at the dark haired male in front of her. Her hair cascaded down around her face, making it impossible to see her expression. She couldn't help but close her eyes tightly as she balled her hands into fists. "I loved you..." she muttered, glancing up at Jamie, revealing tearful and pain filled eyes. She gritted her teeth for a moment before bursting out in anger. "I loved you!!" she shouted. She felt tears stream down her face, her body trembling. "I loved you so much but no, I wasn't good enough! Did you ever plan on staying with me, or did you know from the beginning that we wouldn't be?!" She held her head with her hands as a throbbing headache quickly formed. "I tried everything… Everything to make you fall for me…" she whimpered, the pain from her head starting to spread to the rest of her body. "I was a fool… A fool to think someone like you would ever be with me…" She looked at the ground, holding her head in terrible pain.

 Unable to find words, Jamie just looked away.

 Then it suddenly stopped. The shaking, the tears, and the pain she felt. It was silent for a moment before a soft chuckle filled the air between the two. The soft chuckle quickly grew in volume. Jade looked up at Jamie, her appearance changing right before him. The blue swirl in Jade's eyes turned black as the teal turned a bloody red. Her teeth turned to fangs and her normally rusty red hair changed to a dark red, almost black. She chuckled, her voice bitter. So bitter it could send chills down anyone's spine. A dark and twisted smirk plastered itself on the girl's face. "You played me… Now it's my turn…" she cackled.
So this is a small part of a story I am currently writing. I wrote it in like 3-5 minutes so excuse any spelling/grammar mistakes that it may have.
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Some sketching practice done. Used a random number generator and got 216, Teddiursa. Ahh tho I love it ;w;
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A secret santa art I did for someone on Bulbagarden oekaki :) I LOVE how it came out! It was inspired by the episode "Ash Catches a Pokemon" when caterpie is telling pikachu that it can't wait to become butterfree.
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Blank meme:…
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I took this from Alygator711's page because it looked fun.

1. Who are you?

I am Brookreed.


2. How old are you? You don't have to tell me... :3 



3. Siblings? Do you have any?

No.  I kind of wish I did though.


4. What do you want to be when you grow up? If you have a job, did you imagine you would have this job?

I wanna be an artist :D  I would love love LOVE to do concept art for characters, settings, and items.  Basically anything which will allow me to use my imagination to draw.


5. Do you have a lover? Married or single? Who are they?

No.  Well maybe in the fanfictions.


6. How much older are they from you?



7. If you don't have a lover, do you believe you're going to be an old cat lady…or man? 

I will probably be a crazy parakeet lady.


8. OH YEA! So are you a guy or a chick?


9. What's your favorite color?

BLUE.  Specifically HTML code #0000FF.  Pure hue blue.


10. What's your favorite candy?

DON'T MAKE ME THINK ABOUT CANDY I HAVE BRACES.  I love lemon drops, Skittles, and hard candy.  I LOVE rock candy and certain types of jelly beans.  Also taffy.  I will basically eat anything in a tiny tourist gift shop yup.


11. Do you have any pets?

Two parakeets.  Last week a had three but one of them escaped and got outside ;;-;;


12. Are you in school?

Not at the current moment, because it is summer.  Next year I will be in tenth grade starting my first year at the town's high school.


13. Do you like math? Haha random Q.

No.  Keep that word away from me please.  It has been the cause of many a frustrated day.

But math is the answer to life.  Figure that one out.


14. Who's your favorite musician?

Omnivore.  Dubstep yay :3


15. Do you play an instrument yourself?

 No :c  My mom tried to get me to take piano lessons, but I just don't learn by having someone teach it to me one-on-one.  I prefer to learn things for myself.  But I can work out melodies by ear with a little time.


16. What color eyes do you have? (Just Wondering)



17. What color hair do you have? (^^^^^^ Just Wondering) 

Brown.  Sometimes has natural golden streaks when hit with bright sunlight.


18. What's your favorite food? Or did I already ask you this? I'm making this up as I go.

Aaaah well.  Woah.  Food.  Wow.  I haven't thought about food for ages.  I've been too busy crying over Sherlock and my bird and working on projects and roleplaying to eat.  But I like…sandwiches.


19. What's your favorite show? Or did I ask you that too? XD



20. I think I'm gonna stop now. So any last words about this meme?

There were many capitalization and punctuation errors.  I fixed them for you.






......The formatting on this is bugging me for some reason.  One of the lines isn't spaced the same as the others.  afhkjdfhakjndfakjhoiaihdfwnef.

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Devious Journal Entry

Fri Jul 19, 2013, 8:47 AM
1. Who are you? 

2. How old are you? You don't have to tell me... :3 
Nope aint telling

3. Siblings? Do you have any?

3 blood siblings and two half
4. What do you want to be when you grow up? If you have a job, did you imagine you would have this job?
A criminal psychlogist

5. Do you have a lover? Married or Single? Who are they?
Yes,I can say we can to get married,he know who he is 

6. How much older are they from you?
2 years

7. If you dont have a lover, do you believe you're going to be an old cat lady..or man? 
I'm not so no

8. OH YEA! So are you a guy or a chick?

i'm a chick

9. What's your favorite color?
Dark blues and reds

10. What's your favorite candy?
anything sour 

11. Do you have any pets?
A cat and dog

12. Are you in school?

13. Do you like math? Haha random Q.

14. Who's your favorite musician?
To many

15. Do you play an instrument yourself? 
my voice 

16. What color eyes do you have? (Just Wondering) 

17. What color hair do you have? (^^^^^^ Just Wondering) 

18. What's your favorite food? Or did i already ask you this? I'm making this up as I go. 

19. What's your favorite show? or did i ask you that too? XD

Criminal Minds or MLP:FiM
20. I think i'm gonna stop now. So any last words about this meme? 

Thanks ^^


Uhm, West Side story

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