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Hahaha!!! I made a sketch for these two since America's Birthday is coming!


(I just realized that America declared Independence from England on his birthday...) -not sure if I'm right
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:iconheplz: It had to be done....
:iconcreepyfranceplz::iconsaysplz: If his eyes were closer and he wasn't such a d**k, I'd make him French territory in a heartbeat.
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England and his faerie friend.
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I did this using a website give by :iconxxelichanxx: here:[link].
I will eventually draw this out but for now please tell me what you think of the concept and things!Also help me link to any hetalia related group please!Thanks!

Also will be uploaded here-:iconask-native-america:
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Other Gerita scene that we did yesterday ( 3 March) *ww*

Monika Beilschmidt ( femGermany ) : me :iconsara-sakurahime:
Feliciano Veneziano Vargas : Floriana ( my friend)

Don't steal , don't edit please. Thanks <3
femGermany , Feliciano Vargas© Hetalia
cosplayer femGermany : me :iconsara-sakurahime:
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Collection by
Description!!! Y U no work first time?!

Harf, I didn't wanna write it twice, the second one wont be as natural... Stop moaning, you pleb.

So yes, this is a selfie that I took with my phone... I'm sorry for my lack of effort ^^; I will be uploading some proper photos soon, bear with me x3

This is how far I've got on my Comicon costume of Chibi Romano (Not very far, it's a wig and a bit of cloth <.<) where I'll be going with Chibitalia (neonPuppets) and others who I'm not sure what they'll be x3

I hope you like, I love ya my watchers! :heart:

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England, as wished by :iconxlilslayerx:
All the data is coming from her. It is a subjective opinion about the most important years of England and - no matter, if you agree or disagree - thus a pretty interesting insight into the thoughts of a british citizen about his/her own country.

What now follows are the thoughts of :iconxlilslayerx:

To be honest, English history goes extremely far back; I think the best time to start with would probably be Richard the Third/William the Conqueror which was the Battle of Hastings in 1066.

1) 1066 - The Battle of Hastings
After King Edward the Confessor died without an heir to the throne, his brother Harold was next in line. However, England was invaded by William, his brother Tostig and the Norwegian King Harald Hardrada. Haradrada and Tostig were defeated by Harold at the Battle of Stamford Bridge, but the recovering forces gave him the disadvantage against his third opponent. When William invaded in the South, the estimated forces were 10 000 to 7000. The English were defeated and William the Conqueror was crowned, changing the English language and culture.

I believe England would be sad/angry at the loss of a long line of monarchs and English culture (As we became under Norwegian influence), perhaps he is kneeling with battle wounds to represent the loss?

2) 1348 - The Black Death
The plague arrived in England from flees in clothing imported from foreign countries and lived on rats. They contaminated the water as the rats entered the main water supplies and spread across England, mainly infecting cities and well-populated areas. It was more rare in the country side. The plague was discovered to be caused by the water supply at the time (rather than the flees we know today) and the plague was exterminated by the Great Fire of London.

I mentioned before that England was close to ruins in this part. He would be extremely weak and would still no longer be able to stand. If you look at the symptoms of the plague, there would be large black boils in the groin and armpits, as well as blood-shot eyes and a lot of vomiting. I doubt you would draw England like this, but something to represent his downfall instead?

3) 1588 - The Spanish Armada
Spain tried to invade England using it's/his Armada, roughly 120 strong. This was to de-throne Queen Elizabeth I, but failed. Queen Elizabeth I had used a military tactic of sending boats on fire, the flaming boats, towards the Armada, causing them to burst into flame. After they couldn't avoid the boats, they were left to abandon the rendevous and regrouped in the North. The commander wanted to return to Spain and sailed around Scotland and Ireland, but was then destroyed by storms. Only 50 returned to Spain.

Queen Elizabeth I had a very positive impact on society. She was a female monarch without a king, but she managed to pull through the minds of millions of Englishman; England would be proud with his head up high. Unfortunately, due to her father, Henry VIII, England was split between Catholic and Protestant (Hence drunk England's "Am I Catholic... Or Protestant" moment :XD: ) So although he should begin to feel proud, maybe he wouldn't be standing straight since his country was still at a confusing time.

4) 1605 - Guy Fawkes Gunpowder Plot
The gunpowder plot was a mission to destroy the Parliament of England. It was a failed assassination attempt against King James I by a group of English Catholics. Guy Fawkes was in charge of the explosives, placed by the leader, Robert Catesby. Fawkes was caught with 36 barrels of gunpowder and quickly arrested. On the 26th January, 1606, he was sentenced to death by hang, draw and quarter; to be hung until close to death, brought down and allowed to breathe again, then cut both horizontally and vertically over the upper body, and lastly have the limbs tied to four horses which were sent in different directions, 'quartering' the sentenced.

(Additional) November 5th, the day of the gunpowder plot, is still celebrated in England, commonly known as bonfire night. It celebrated the failure of destroying Parliament with fireworks and a bonfire. On the bonfire will usually be a wooden man to represent Guy Fawkes.

This arrest is one of the most famous in history. There was a large celebration after the Parliament was saved and King James I was safe; so England would again be proud and loyal to his monarch. Maybe he's also celebrating in a certain way?

5) 1880 - Elementary Education Act
This act was extended, allowing girls to enter school and learn the ways of a housewife, such as sewing, cleaning and cooking. They also allowed females to take part in English, Math and Science. This improved the education of working class citizens and allowed better jobs, thus improving the tradesman-ship of England and increasing the country's wealth.

Since this was improving culture, England became richer and so he should be in more extravagant clothing (But, not over-doing it since it was the beginning). It was a neutral time and some agreed with the act, others didn't.

6) 2013 - Today
England today is a little corrupt. There is a lot of negative news about murder, kidnaps, terrorism and the war, politics. Honestly, it's mad! Also, our gold got sold a few years back, so England is pretty poor despite popular belief. So, I feel that Arthur would be holding his head in frustration and stress. The clothing he had from the Education would be stripped due to the loss of money.


So England is on his way

Other countries on their way

Want to see your own country on his/her way?
Make a application here!
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Something silly I drew for the usxuk LJ community sometime ago, America's attempt to get a heroic kiss. He thinks this is very romantic, England begs to differ.

As I said in the original post, I think it's pretty obvious what happens next: America learns in the worst way possible that you're not supposed to give heart attacks to old men with short temper that enjoy strangling you.

...or you can also imagine a fluffy happy ending, idk.
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....and that's all I have to say about that.

PS: France...I'm sorry. >.>

Characters(c)Hidekaz Himaruya
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*______* I always wanted to try to draw them in a HarryPotter AU~~ this may not be the last one!!

I didn't make the background xDUuu it was supposed to be with trees and all that stuff buuuuut~~ I was too lazy so fuuuuuu I borrowed it from here [link]
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"Seriously you guys, aren't there a lot of things that you have to do before you start fighting? Like doing something about those uncool uniforms of yours."

-- Francis Bonnefoy, Axis Powers Hetalia


:iconkitsunefaerie: Erin as America
:icontoe-jam: Lindy as England

:camera: photography by =LiquidCocaine-Photos
:damphyr: edited by Lindy~Toe-Jam and Nicole ~nikichi

Axis Powers Hetalia © Hidekaz Himaruya
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Arthur Kirkland/UK from Axis Powers Hetalia
Dash Point State Park
Federal Way, WA
March 3, 2010

Photo by :iconsilenceral:

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Pirate UK/Arthur Kirkland from Axis Powers Hetalia
Gasukan 27
Lincoln Park
West Seattle, WA
May 22, 2010

Photo by :iconsilenceral:

Other photos from this shoot:

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Axis Powers Hetalia Cosplay - Napoleonic Wars
Aki-Con 2010
Hilton, Bellevue, WA
November 6, 2010

Photos by Molly McIsaac

:iconmusic-blossom: as France/Francis Bonnefoy

:iconpackofchessycats: as England/UK/Arthur Kirkland

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Edit 3/3/11: Updating the file with a higher quality copy.

England/Arthur Kirkland from Axis Powers Hetalia - Children's Day armor
Volunteer Park
Seattle, WA
October 17, 2010

Photo by Dea Thea

I have spent the past couple months working on this. It is made from craft foam, which was coated with school glue to give it a smooth texture. It was then entirely hand-painted, which took countless hours. Painting the chest piece alone easily took 18 hours or more. I had considered making a set of stencils to paint it, but the pattern is different sizes on each piece of the armor, making it more practical to just hand paint the design.

The armor is primarily based on Himuruya's illustration of England in this armor, though before constructing it I chose to look up some references of actual armor. I found the suit of armor that it appears that the illustration was actually based on, a suit belonging to Sir George Clifford, a member of the court of Queen Elizabeth I. The patterns on the armor are based on his suit, since it shows more detail than Himuruya's illustration.

The shoot I did for this armor served as a test run for actually wearing it, and helped me figure out which parts should be adjusted before actually wearing it to any events. I am likely to completely re-do the lower leg pieces. Other than the awkwardness of wearing this costume (I can barely bend my arms, for instance), it is extremely satisfying to complete one of my two dream costumes.

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I feel so fail x'D

First time painting ; u ; I honestly think I have a lot to learn in this area. It was really fun though! I feel kind of satisfied when I'm done with this *O* ( really struggled to paint water xDD )

It's 2nd SEPT!! My country's independence day v 7 v <333

Also HPBD to Sealand, although I haven't drawn him yet v 3 v;;

This was also shown in yesterday's JM :)
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I made a new Ask Blog:
And I thought it was time to post something here...

America, England and Hetalia belong to Himaruya Hidekaz

• Paint Tool SAI
• Artwork by ~IchigoMimin
If you want to, ask me.
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I know perfectly that this flag is not the correct for the period time that i'm cosplaying. I say sorry for that.

Finally we did it!!! the Bad Touch Trio photoshoot.
This photos has a really fun story. At the beginning, we had planning go to the "El Campo del Moro" that is a very famous park in Madrid where you can see the palace behind it, but police kicked us out xD. Later we decided go to the "Madrid Río" and found a really good place to do the photos. Walking from one side to another, we found a lake in the moment of the sunset. We couldn't waste that oportunity xD

The most funny thing that happend that day was when :iconvoldiesama: and i went behind a cabin to change clothes and we didn't know that in that place there were stairs and suddenly a man was watching us and :iconvoldiesama: started scream and run out because the man saw her in bra xD. It was reaaaally fun.

Prussia: :iconvoldiesama:
France: :iconblanelle29:
Spain: Me

Photographer: Rodrigo García…
Assistant&post-production: Cou Cou Lee
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Hetalia (c) Funimation

Update: Holy Flying Mint Bunny! 46 :+fav:s?! Thank you guys! :D :D :D :D :D :D
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View the rest of the photos here…

Liechtenstein - =zeleftenant
Photographer - ~rhoaias111

Liechtenstein by zeleftenant
Everlasting Wonderland by zeleftenant
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Collection by
My first deviantID for 2014, yay! :XD:
I wanted to try and cosplay Kiku... but meh, I never did have clothes like him haha
I decided to draw some traditionally drawn Italy, instead :la:

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Capitalia x SSAF

Collab with :iconwhite-bears:
With her Capitalia main 4 characters…
and PM/SSAF terrestrial planets characters.

To :icon:iconwhite-bears:
Sorry if it took a while, I was rather busy, hehe ^^
((and the drawing was so frickin' huge, I died ;w; ))

See more PM/SSAF drawings and comics here…
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A bit late for my timezone, but hey, HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone~! :la:

Hetalia belongs to Himaruya-san :la:
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Good day, sorry for the inactivity =)
I was not on dA for a while since I was having some PM/SSAF event on tumblr, so sorry for late replies on notes and questions! I hope you don't mind, I'll be compiling all strips after to submit here :XD:

Have some Roderich, Elizabeta and Gilbert on a sofa~ :iconlachoirplz:

Hetalia belongs to Himaruya-san :la:
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Collection by
OOC: I laugh when I look at Prussia. I don't know why, his pose is just funny to me.

Video Link:…

Italy model was made by Nachi Akira
Prussia model was made by UniDX
Just Kidding Stage was made by Yakisoba-n
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Ssssooooo, it's March the 17th, Feli and Romano's birthdaaay! > v <

/throws confetti everywhere

happy birthday to them woohooooo yeah
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Buon Compleanno Italy
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Happy birthday you precious babies--
u v u
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there's nothing like a peaceful new year holidays where you can spend days in your comfy place~ :love:
hope you have a happy new year, everyone :dance::heart:
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Photo: Benbenben
Model: Shizuku
Game: Final Fantasy X
Location: Bookfair Leipzig, Saxonia, Germany

Costumedesign by Drachea Rannak

Sailor Yuna by Teriyaki-EmeraldSailor Yuna by Shizuku-Seijaku
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UPDATE: I put up some pictures of my progress while building. :iconhappymau5:

So, I made my own mau5head following the famous Robert Darwin tutorial (here: [link])... given the fact it's my first real craft of anything at all, I'm quite happy with the result.

I might add that the eyes light up with 6x LEDs for each eye. :)

And yes, I did suit up for the occasion, with the same 8-bit tie Joel has. :)

In France, we have "Mardi Gras", and in schools, we usually put on a costume that day... I went with my mau5head (Thursday, March 15th 2011), and people loved it. Very nice of them, people I didn't know wanted to take pics with me, haha.

Thanks to my family for their help and support thoughout this project! :D

PS: Yes, you can slightly see my creepy look through the mouth. :nod:
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Here's the result:
:iconeabr: helped me to do this mask,we took tons of photos cause was for a school project....
I hope this one day help someone. xD


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So lately I've received a lot of questions (on various other pages) regarding the measurements I used on my Deadmau5 Cheese Head. While Joel Zimmerman (Deadmau5) did post the measurements of his original cloth heads on his own Facebook page some years back, the measurements are slightly different on his newer hard heads. While I can't be certain of the actual measurements, these measurements represent those on my Cheese Head replica, which was made after studying various references for several weeks. So while it may not be accurate millimeter by millimeter, it's as close as available reference material allows for.

And while these measurements are what I used on the Cheese Head, they can be used for other hard heads (such as the all-white head, the carbon fiber head, the video game head, etc.).

These measurements were released freely on my Facebook fan page for 2StoryProps. You may redistribute them if you wish, but please do so freely and without copyright or license.
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Collection by
This is a gift for :iconnightmarelunafan: . I really liked the design of her OC Fleur De Magic, thus I took her permission to vectorize her OC. I hope that she would like this vector.

I've used these deviations of her as references:………

I used two separate screenshots from the show to draw this vector.

Fleur De Magic belongs to 
:iconnightmarelunafan: , and MLP: FiM is a copyright of Hasbro. I don't own them.
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Note: Contains bloodshed and swearing. If you do not like, please do not blame me and just do not read.

“We’ve arrived, miss.” A butler said, opening the door.
“Ohmyflubblinggod, we’re finally here!” a voice replied. The girl then stepped out of the car, a heel coming out first. She then adjusted her sunglasses, her hair bunched in a messy bun.
“Thanks yo.” She said grinning at the butler. He nodded and gave a formal thanks.
“No problem at all, miss.”
“Nuh-uh! No ‘miss’, it makes me feel damn old!” she scolded him, using a mama tone. “Just call me Chelsea!”

“You cannot go to sleep?” you inquired, looking at the boys who were looking at the bed awkwardly. Maybe save for Francis and Antonio but that was pretty much it.

“Erm…..” Ludwig said flushing, turning his head to the side. You did understand the situation.
“I suppose I shall sleep on the floor then, if it makes you feel uncomfortable.” You said simply.

Several disagreements roared back to you. You smiled on the inside. They felt truly concerned for you, and it made you feel happy. Then you blinked rapidly.

Most of the teachers had been concerned for you. Especially [FEMALE TEACHER’S NAME].
Your guards and peers who knew your business were concerned.
The only one who managed to make you smile was Chelsea. The only one to make you truly happy with her genuine concern.
Then why…?

“Uh, [NAME]?” Mattie said timidly. “Are you okay?”

After shouting out a lot of ‘no’s, the boys began to notice that you suddenly froze, blinking. Had they offended you? Had Alfred shouted to loud and deafened you?

They couldn’t tell, because all you had was a blank expression. However, you shook your head vigorously, surprising them.

“I’m perfectly fine,” she replied to Mattie. “I’m quite sure we’re all tired, so why don’t we just go to sleep?”
“Veee~ Okay bella, can you sleep next to me?” Feli said excitedly grabbing your hand and cuddling you at the waist. “Veee~”

“LET GO OF HER!” Arthur and Antonio yelled, along with a few others. Feli sobbed. “Ah, [NAME], HELP! THEY’RE SCARY!”
“Feli-san, you should let go of her!”
“Yeah dude, let go of her!”
“Uh….please let go of [NAME]….”
“All of you, shut up!” you said in a direct, loud tone. You weren’t shouting or yelling, you just raised your voice.

All the boys looked at you in awe, as Feli was being half-dragged by Ludwig. They shuffled awkwardly and mumbled apologies. You sighed.

“I’ll just go grab a few more blankets, you should all be in bed when I get back.” You stated. The boys nodded hastily, like you were their mom.

You walked to the door, opening it and closing it gently as you went out.

“How are you, my dear?” cooed a female voice.
“GTFO, biatch.”  The girl merely replied.
“That’s not very nice,” the woman said pouting. How fake, the girl thought to herself.
“If you want to live, I suggest you leave the fucking house, golddigger.” The girl said, with a straight face. The woman widened her eyes and then slapped her.
“Ha! Look at you talk! I’m going to be your mother, you little bitch, and he definitely loves me more than you!” The girl looked up and smiled sadistically at the woman.
“Oh I’m not sure about that. I’ve been his daughter for quite a while-yet all the sluts and whores like you die the moment you enter this house. I must admit you’ve survived longer than they have.”

The woman flinched back at the girl’s reply. She’d expect her to be down on her knees and begging! The woman shook her head. She would not lose to this girl!

“Look at you talk. I’ve visited this house millions of times. I’ve been to all his gangs and companies. The moment we wed, I shall ship you off to Vietnam!”
“Good luck on that. Enjoy the moments were you wear jewellery and designer clothing, boasting to random bitches on the street. Because all of it will end.”

The girl was slapped again. “Why—you!”
“I’ve seen women like you before. Oh and, your dear husband is right behind you.” She then tilted her head to the side. The woman turned wide-eyed to see her ‘hubby’ behind her, holding a gun.
“Hello my dear,” the male voice said. “You’ve been quite the little bitch lately.”


The girl felt her guts twist as she saw the woman slip to the ground. Sure she hated all woman like her, but she could never stand the bloodshed. It made her cringe, but she used all her willpower not to show it. This was how she survived.

“Aww, how’s my little Chel-chel?” the man cooed, embracing his daughter with a hug, merely kicking away the body. “I’m sorry that I hooked up with somebody like her. Like I haven’t heard that crap over a billion times. the girl thought to herself.
“Dadddddd! It’s Chelsea!” she merely whined back. Holding back all her disgusted emotions. The father pulled away from her smiling.
“D’awww, fine. Who’s daddy’s little princess?” he said smiling.
“I am, dad.” She said, rolling her eyes as her dad picked her up. She tried not to look scared or terrified and his footing landed on the woman with a sickening ‘crunch.’ He must have cracked her neck. There was no way this woman would raise from the dead.
“Oh, and [NAME] will be visiting! How exciting!” Chelsea widened her eyes.
“[N-NAME]…?” she repeated softly, taking her mind off the woman.
“Yes my dear!” he said, chuckling with the gun in his hand. He dropped his daughter gently. “You’ll see her soon.”

Chelsea watched as her father walked away. She looked at the woman on the ground. She carefully dragged her over to the butler.

“Hey, can you please give her a proper funeral?” she said quietly. The butler nodded, with no expression.
“Pardon Chelsea, but why are you feeling sorry for her?”

Chelsea stopped, her cocoa curls hanging over her.
“Because every woman who goes to my father, needs my feeling of sadness. This is all I can give.”

“You move over, bastard!”
“Hey! I’m too awesome to move, right West?”
“Ludwig-san, not so loud.”
“Maybe we should all just go to sleep….”
“Bloody hell! All of you shut up!”
“AAAAAAAAAWWWWW I’m too tired to sleep!”
“We’re doing this for [NAME], idiot!”

All the boys stopped their whining as they heard the delicate footsteps of [NAME]. They immediately dropped into the blankets and pushed themselves not to get irritated with each other.

You quietly entered the room and glanced at the boys. You immediately sweatdropped. They looked like they were asleep, but due to your sudden appearance, they had held their breath in the moment.

They had gone past the stage of sleeping. They looked like dead beings.

“Breath, otherwise you’ll die.” You said flatly. The boys all let out gasps of breaths. You then sighed and plopped some blankets as they flushed.

“Sorry, [NAME].”Gilbert said sheepishly. You looked at him, and something felt different- the muscles starting moving, forming a smile.

“Don’t apologize for not breathing.” You said simply, but your smile seemed to ease the atmosphere.

The boys were in awe of your smile. It was gorgeous- so small and gentle, expressing so many different emotions- but they couldn’t tell what. They watched as you plopped into the middle of the bed, next to Feli.

“It’s about time to sleep, isn’t it?” she said. Feli giggled and cuddled you. Ludwig screamed his insides out mentally to try and keep himself from detaching Feli –in probably the harshest way possible- from you. You didn’t seem to mind, as you fell asleep. Kiku was next to you and he flushed and faced the other way.

Yes, Kiku was in an enviable position. All the boys were aiming for it. Of course, if they touched Feli, he’d probably scream and wail.

“Pshftt. Kiku.” Whispered a voice.
“…eh?” Kiku managed to say. Antonio was hovering over him.
“Swap.” He said.
“But Antonio-san…”


“Ow-ow-ow….” Antonio hissed, rubbing his head.
“Bloody wanker, get to sleep so [NAME] can get a bloody decent sleep!” Arthur said in a very angry but surprisingly quiet tone.
“Well tea bastard, you’re aiming for the spot as well?” Francis said, popping his head up.
“Shut up!” Antonio said, glaring at Francis. "You'll wake up [NAME]!"
“Go get some sleep.” Ludwig said, lifting his body up. Kiku started to panic.
“Everybody should get down--”
Suddenly, a movement started on the bed. They saw as you rolled slightly to the side. They all sighed in relief.

“Shouldn’t everybody be sleeping?” Kiku said, gesturing his hands in a peaceful way. “Otherwise we will wake [NAME]-san up.”

He’s right, Mattie said. He had heard everything, and Kiku luckily managed to say the words Mattie probably would say—but of course not be heard.

The boys mumbled and muttered as they slinked back onto the bed. Kiku sighed in relief as he went back to sleep.

But those mutterings led to something else.

You put your hand to your mouth as you woke up. A quiet yawn escaped your lips. However, when you looked at your surroundings, it wasn’t as you expected.

The blankets were messed up, the boys were rolled onto the floor or in a strange position on the bed—pillows sprawled everywhere with your office in a complete mess.

You blinked several times. What the hell happened?
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You hung up with Peter then went to check your closet. You moved all the clothes that you wanted (ragazza) to try on to the front of the closet where you could get them easily. She always thought your closet was so big and never wanted to cause you the trouble of looking through it. She was so nice. 

You held up an all pink dress with a white bow around the waist and flower like frills at the bottom. You thought she would love this one. "She's going to look at this and say 'Oh thank you big cousin! I love it so much! I can't wait to wear it out!'," You hug the dress before you hear your goddaddy knocking at the door. 

You hung the dress back up then scurried off. When you open it, you hug Flavio first then give a big hug to your cousin. "Oh hello, my dear cousin!"

"Hey (poppet)."

"You two have fun~!" Flavio left the scene, back to his car. You waved excitedly to him as he drove off.

"Bye godaddy!" You take (ragazza's) hand then lead her inside.

"So. What do you wanna do?"

"Oh, I have a day of surprises for you!" you squealed as you thought of the many things you had planned for the day.

"I don't know if I like this or not."

You cover your mouth as you laugh. "Oh don't worry, cousin! You'll love it! First, I have all the dresses out that I want you to try on! That way, I don't have to search my closet!"


You clap, "Yay!!! Lets go!" You skip off towards your room, expecting her to just follow you.

"W-why don't we bake together first!" she suggested.


"I've been practicing~! I-I'm getting better."

"That's good. Last time, you kind of burned the rice."

"T-that rice was difficult to make!"

"You just had to put it in the microw-"

"S-stop bringing up old stuff!!"

"It was last we-"

"What did I say?!! Lets just bake!!" she stormed off to the kitchen.

"...It's nice to see you all enthusiastic like this~!" When you got to the kitchen, she was getting out ingredients. She had out eggs, butter, vanilla, and sugar so far. "What are we baking?"


"Alright then!"

Thirty minutes later, she was sitting at the dining room table with her head down, pouting. "I don't wanna bake anymore!"

"We're almost done though. Do you want me to finish them?"

She shifted her head. "Yes"


"Cookies are stupid!"

"Aww. No there's not. Look. Let me show you."

"No! I don't wanna anymore! It mocks me!"

You pat her back. "...When was the last time you had a nap, cousin?"

"Naps are stupid! I sleep when I die!"

"See. There's your problem. You're cranky (ragazza)," Before she could retort to you, a knock cut her off. You smiled widely. "Could you get the door for me, while I put the cookies in the oven?"

"Sure," she agreed.

You went off to the oven and opened it. You got the pan with all the cookie dough placed on it. As soon as the tin of the pan touched the metal rack in the oven, you heard (ragazza), "Aaaahhhh!! Save me!" She ran to the kitchen and got behind you. "T-there's a terrible...thing at your door!"

"W-what?! Oh goodness! What is it?!"

"Aww. What happened to my hug?", you heard Ravis' voice.

"Why are you here, trash?!!"

"(ragazza). Don't be mean. That's my friend, Ravis," you explained.

You noticed her stiffen and a grip develop on your shirt. "...Friend?"

You close the oven up then nod. "Yes. Come on." You take her wrist and walk her out of the kitchen. Peter waves subtly to you and Ravis grins. "(ragazza). This is Ravis. Ravis, this is my cousin, (ragazza)."

"I know who he is," she hissed. "I would have told you but I just don't want to cuss while I'm over your house. Whenever he's mentioned, cuss words follow."

"That's my girlfriend," Ravis told you.

"I am not nor will I ever!" He kissed at her. "Dog!!" She shook her head around and let out a deep breath. "Hi Peter," her voice sounded sweeter as she talked to him. 


"Oh yeah. You know Peter! I'm his wifey."

She rubbed her ear. "What?"

"Uh-huh! Me and Peter are married~!"

She blinked a few times then cleared her throat. "Oh...T-that's nice."

"Thank you! I think it's nice that you and Ravis a-"

"We are nothing!" she quickly corrected you.

"Baby! I'm gonna get hurt here in a second."

"Die!" He walked closer to her and she squeaked before moving you directly in front of her. "Go away!" He tried moving you to the side but she moved you the other way to help protect herself.

"(r-ragazza)!" you complained.

"Make him leave me alone!"

He tried to move you one more time but she pushed you forward then ran to the table and hid behind a chair. "...I think she likes you, Ravis!" you loudly announced.

"Don't give him false hope!!" she yelled to you.

"All great relationships start with one person who just doesn't get it yet. You know, Peter used to get shy when I mentioned our marriage."

"(p-poppet)!" Peter blushed.

"Ha! Pete's a bitch!" Ravis teased him.

"Fuck you! You're just mad cause all girls hate you."

"I have a girlfriend. She's just shy."

"Fuck you!! Get closer to me and I'll knee you again!" your cousin proclaimed.

"Oh, you two are so cute together!" you cheered.

"(poppet)!! Why?!" she whimpered.

You went over to her and pet her head. "Oh little cousin. You're just confused about you feelings."

"No I am not!!" You help her from behind the chair. 

"It's ok. I'll go check on our cookies, (ragazza)~! Petey. Help me get them out."

"Whatever," he went off behind you.

You put on your light blue oven mitts then had Peter open the oven. "(ragazza) and Ravis would be so much cuter if they didn't argue so much, don't you think?" you questioned him and slipped the pan out of the oven.

"I don't get it. Ravis never liked girls like her. He didn't like ones that fought back...cause he's a pervert."

"I don't think he is."

"You also think sex is just to have babies."

"What else?" 

"This is why you don't think he's a pervert, when he is."

"Oh...Well (ragazza) must like it or something."

"Probably. She's only eleven too."

"We were married since I was seven."

"We weren't married!"

"But we are married now," you smile slyly and rub against his arm.

"You're really fucking weird."

You plated the cookies on a fancy pink and blue tray. Peter reached for one and you hit his hand. "Not until (ragazza) sees how pretty they came out! She was sad that hers didn't taste like mine when we were tasting the dough." 

You bring the cookies to the dining room table where (ragazza) and Ravis were sitting. They were both quiet and you could tell (ragazza) was glaring at him. "(ragazza). Look at our cookies. Don't they look pretty?"

"Hm?...Yeah, I guess so"

"I bet they taste just as good!" You hold the plate towards her, encouraging her to try one. She looked around the plate, as if she was trying to find a specific one. "What is it?"

"Which one's mine?"

"Does it matter? I bet they taste just as good as mine!"

She narrowed her eyes at you. "...Which one's mine?"

You lowered your head. "T-they're at the bottom."



She pushed over some of the cookies to get to hers. After she took a bite, she started sulking at the table. "T-they suck again."

"(r-ragazza)! I-I'm sure they taste just fine!"

"T-they're horrible! You're way better at baking than I am!"

"They're fine! Really!" You take one of hers off the tray and bite into it. After chewing it a bit, you slow down as the taste starts to set in.

"D-do you like them?" Her hopeful voice reached your ears.

You awkwardly nod your head and force yourself to continue to chew and look normal. "Y-yep! J-just fine, like I said."

"Really? I didn't think they were that good b-but if you say they are, then they must be! Maybe I wasn't tasting them hard enough...," You swallow and cough a good amount. "You ok?"

"F-fine," you cleared your throat. "U-uhm. Ravis. Can you help me get something to drink?"


You hit your chest with your hand a few times before walking over and grabbing his wrist and dragging him there. "I-I'm so sorry I lied to my cousin. H-her cookies were awful."


"But anyway. That's not why we're here." you cleared up and opened the fridge. "Now you want to be with my cousin like me and Peter, right?"

"Something like that."

"Be serious or I won't help you! I won't let you have my cousin unless you really really like her."


"No. No. I want to hear how much you like her." You pull out a juice pack and as you're getting the straw out, you hear him smack his teeth. "Do you like her or not?"

"I like her."

"How much?"

"...I don't fucking know!"

You shrug, "Then I guess I don't know how to help you."

"Alright. Alright. I like her a lot..."

"Go on."

"I think she's real awesome and kick ass. I like how she can beat anybody who she thinks just looked at her wrong. I like how much she cusses. That's pretty hot. She doesn't give a shit what your opinion is, if it doesn't agree with hers."

You smile and sip your juice as he goes down the list. You swat your hand in the air. "Ok! I believe you! I'll tell you what to do!"

"Awesome! What?"

"Listen closely...Do...nothing..."


"Do nothing."

"Are you just fucking with me?"

"No. Don't do anything. Don't talk to her, don't touch her, don't look at her. I promise, she'll realize how much she loves you too real fast. Leave it to me cause I have a plan."

"...I'm gonna listen to you, even though I have no idea what the hell you're talking about."

You pat his shoulder before walking off to the dining room where you left Peter and (ragazza). "(ragazza)! Lets get you in some of these clothes~! I'm sure Ravis would think you look absolutely adorable in pink!" You couldn't make out what she said, but you heard her mumble something. "What?"

"I said, are you sure? Why not next time, I buy you some clothes too then we could switch. That way it won't just be me."

You thought on it. It was a good idea but then again, she did always have good ideas. You still wanted her to try on at least one of the dresses. "Oh...but I would really like to see you in this really cute pink dress I had. I can't quite fit it anymore. It has white frills at the bottom and a silky white bow around the waist. I know how much you like silk, cousin."

"You know me so well..."

"What do you think Ravie?"

"Oh. (poppet). You got his name wrong."

"I did?"

"Yeah. You called him 'Ravie'. I'm sure you di-"

"Oh! I meant to call him that. I nicknamed him cause I like him. Like Petey"




"Doesn't that dress sound pretty?!"

She stood from her chair. "Well. You were asking Ravis, weren't you? What do you think?" She looked to him but he didn't answer, just like you told him. 

What you were planning to do was to use the loving power of pink to help (ragazza) realize her feelings. So all you had to do was get (ragazza) in that dress and then she and Ravis would be in love and together forever, just like you planned.

"Ravis?" she called to him a second time. She crooked her head as she stood in front of him. "Ravis! Say something to me!...Ravis!" 

Oh no. She was starting to get rowdy with his quietness. You had to get her attention before she did something violent, like punch him or something. While you were thinking of something to do, she grabbed the collar of his shirt and kissed him, right before slapping the crap out of his face and yelling, "You jerk! I hate you!"

You were so confused. Did she like him or hate him? Why did she kiss him if she hates him? "I-I! I-I don't understand!" you made known but then Ravis kissed (ragazza) which threw you off even more. She hated him, why would he kiss her? These two confused you to the utmost.

They soon parted then whispered to one another. Though you guessed you were happy for them but you also decided to be sad that they weren't or are together? You didn't know anymore. You just decided not to put that much thought into it and be glad that you and Peter's relationship wasn't as complicated as those two's. You mean, Peter might have denied your marriage but he ever said he hated you or anything.

"Thanks (poppet)." Ravis thanked you.

"U-uhm. You're welcome?" you gave him and awkward thumbs up. Yeah, you just didn't know anymore.

A week later, you and Peter were over your house watching tv on the couch in the living room. As you lean your head against his shoulder, you sighed deeply. Peter rubbed your arm. "What's the matter, my little baker?"

"...Do you think I'm pretty?"

"Of course I do."

You scoot to the side, away from him a little then look down. "...Nu-uh."


"You think I wear too much pink, huh?"

"Pink looks really good on you."

"Liar!" you shouted. You move your feet onto the couch and bring your knees into your chest.

"(name). What's the matter?"

"You don't think I'm pretty!" He moved closer to you but you pushed him away and turned your head. "No!"

"(name). You can't be serious." You sniffed and wiped at your eyes. "What's wrong? Really."

"I-I don't know." You hug him tightly as a few tears slip. "A-auntie Dyah would tell me what was wrong with me if I felt like this...b-but she can't do that anymore."

"It's alright."

"N-no it isn't! W-what am I gonna do without my female guidance?" All of your tears finally tumbled down as you moved your eyes against his shirt. "...I-I remember auntie told me, if I have any girl problems to tell daddy, 'Get my auntie right this second. I'm PMSing'" you cracked a smile at the memory. "S-she said she'd be here before I finish my pint of ice cream...I-I get it now...I-if I eat some ice cream, d-do you think she'll come?"

"(name)..." Peter pets your head.

"T-that was stupid..."

"It's alright. I miss her too."

You sit up and sniffle. You look to his eyes. "What do you miss about her? You've never talked about her with me a-and I can't talk to anyone else about her. Daddy wasn't very close to her and I'd hate to say something about her to goddaddy...He tries so hard to put on that smile now...So tell me, how did you meet her?"

You get move comfortable on the couch and rest the side of your head against the back of the couch as you waited for his answer. You were actually quite curious to know how they met and when. "My dad hired her to babysit me when I was younger. Then, she was basically living on the streets but for some reason my parents said 'Fuck it. Let the weird half Russian chick watch our seven year old son while we leave for hours at a time"
You show a light smile and roll your eyes at his sarcasm. "The first time, I think I was five but she really showed up a lot when I was around seven. She was like my mom pretty much. Everything I know about girls, she taught me."


He nods, "When I met you that day in the park, I told her about it. She told me if I liked you, to push you on the swings" Your cheeks tinted. "I-I wasn't gonna do it but you actually didn't know how to."

Your smile grew brighter as a giggle slipped from your lips. "Oh, that's my auntie~!"

"D-don't tell...her."

You put both of your arms around his neck and lay your head on his shoulder. You take in a deep breath as his arms wrap around your waist. As you exhale, you nod your head against his neck. "We can miss her together. You know why? Cause auntie loved us."

"I-I didn't know I missed her so much...I didn't know she did so much for me, now that I think about it. She'd always stop Tino whenever I did something stupid and would take me with her when he was too mad to deal with me."

"Auntie cared about you a lot...E-even when s-she...was on drugs, s-she cared enough about your safety to get me to help. S-she didn't want to send you in alone."

"I argued with her so much about that. I told her over and over that I could do it myself. She actually never sent me out by myself. When I did go out, it was because she didn't want to leave me at the house...She never liked taking me with her. She always told me to never do anything she would do and lecture me first whenever I did some stupid shit and explained to me why it was stupid...Then she'd beat my ass but still."

You rocked side to side in the hug then heard a sniff come from him and tightened your hug. "We won't forget you, auntie."
Because everyone was so sad that she/ I died...I give you more sadness~!:dummy: And it doesn't stop here cause I'm terrible ewe

season one/ part one:…
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You sighed mentally. All this stupid hassle for some name calling. Great, now you were responsible for nearly all the group’s faults and problems.

Dang it.

The Principal had called you to the office. He found out whose food had gotten at you, and he sent the apparently ‘duo’ to the Cafeteria as well. You decided to check on them. You could say it was a good excuse to not go home.

Anywhere but home for you.

You closed your eyes. A woman with beautiful long hair was playing with you in a field of flowers. It was so serene and pure bliss, like playing in Heaven’s playground. You saw yourself—a small girl with a crown of flowers—playing with a huge smile on your face.

That smile disappeared in a matter of seconds.

A pure, small silver capsule burst through the woman—blood spilling out. She fell slowly to the ground, all the laughter and happiness going with her.

You didn’t know what happened. The world seemed to die around you, as if an apocalypse had happened. The flowers started to wilt and grass dried up. The sky because dark shades of grey as blood split from the woman, and a strange figure started--

“[NAME]!” A voice said, shaking your shoulders. “Wake up!”

It was [FEMALE TEACHER’S NAME]. You opened your eyes. The woman looked very concerned.

“Are you okay, [NAME]? You were crying in your sleep.” She said in a worried tone.

You then glanced at your surroundings. You were in your office. You the realized you had fallen asleep in your chair. A puff of annoyance came out of your mouth. Memories again for you. You rolled up your sleeves and paid no attention to the teacher. She kept looking at you though.

“You do realize we can help--” she started.
“You are an employee. I do not need your help.” You replied coolly. The dream seemed to have stiffened you up again, the woman thought. It wasn’t the first time she saw the Student President like this.

You looked at the clock on the wall. It was 7: 15 PM.

“I assume the boys cleaning the cafeteria have gone home,” you asked the teacher. The teacher smirked.
“No they haven’t. Shouldn’t you help them?” she said, raising her eyebrows.
You literally threw a mental hammer at her head. Too bad it was mental. You then silently picked yourself up from the chair and made your way to the cafeteria, curses in your head.

“You’ll make it someday [NAME].” The teacher said to herself as she watched you open the door and walk away.

You watched quietly as you saw the boys struggle with cleaning.

‘God, if Chelsea saw this, she’d definitely beat the hell out of them,’ you thought to yourself. Then you popped up at the thought of Chelsea.

‘Come on idiot! We’re going to be late!’
‘I’m coming, shush!’

You smiled at the happy memory of your friend.

Too bad she was in Italy right now. You were luckier than her, you got to stay in your country and attend school. She had sent at least one email to you every few months—but it was rare since…

…since you both had conditions in life. You remembered the sounds of gunshots and the screams.

“[NAME]! ” she sobbed. “DON’T WORRY ABOUT ME! WORRY ABOUT YOURSELF!” she then screamed as she was roughly shoved into the car.
“CHELSEA!” you screamed, tears streaming down your face. You raced up to the car and started pounding at the windows. “NO!”


You turned around, your face still in distress. A tall figure fired at the bullet-proof window, aiming next to your head. You gave a small whimper.

“Come now, [NAME]. We’re having dinner at Chinatown.” The person said grinning, almost sadistically. You shook your head, objecting it. His tone suddenly changed.

“Move. From. The. Car.” Chelsea gave you a pleading look for you to go.

You swallowed a sob as you walked slowly from the car to the figure. The car then drove away, with Chelsea pushing her face to the back window, waving goodbye. You were too stunned and sad to respond.

You were jolted back to the present on hearing Arthur’s voice.

“We-we can’t do this.” He huffed. You moved your head a bit closer to the scene. They were still doing a shitty job, in your opinion.

Antonio was sighing as well. “We should have asked the chica for help-”
“NO!” they all said loudly. Your shoulders tensed a little bit at the loudness of their voices combined.

“We shall do this by ourselves!” and with that, an urge triggered by the statement made you step out onto the scene.

“Really, why? You seem to be having trouble.” You commented.

“Pr-pr-ez?” Gilbert stuttered, surprised at your sudden arrival.
“WHOO-HOO! A CHICK HAS ARRIVED!” America said, only to be shut up by the rest.
“It’s 7:30 PM,” you said softly. “Shouldn’t you be at home now?”

The boys looked in surprise at your comment. They hadn’t expected you to come, and they certainly had not expected you to be concerned about them.

“Uh--” Ludwig started, rubbing the back of his head awkwardly, “We haven’t been able to clean the place up…”
“I can see that.” You replied flatly. Feli popped his head up.
“Awww, [NAME]! Why aren’t you at home?”

The boys peered over excitedly at you. They were excited on the inside, filled with thoughts that you were concerned and stayed behind for them.

You literally froze.

What were you supposed to tell them? You were supposed to be at home, and you certainly didn’t want to tell them you used them as an excuse to not go home.

After all, you hated home.

You sighed mentally. Might as well say you were concerned. “You’re my responsibility, aren’t you?”

The boys cringed at your answer—it was rather cold, but eh, it was good enough for them.

“Ohonhonhon~ Prez, you really do care for us, don’t you?” A puff of annoyance escaped your lips.
“Let’s just get this place cleaned up.” You said, ignoring Francis’s statement. Francis then chuckled at your reply. He took a liking to you.

You tossed your blazer onto a chair. “You guys at least know how to dust and wash right?” you said, turning around to look at them.


“Forget I asked.” You said coolly. You picked up the broom from Gilbert’s hand. “Just pick up all the plates and trays and bring them to the kitchens.”

“AHHAHAAHAHAHA!” Alfred laughed as he raced around the cafeteria with plates.
“Alfred-san, that’s dangerous!” Kiku called out worriedly.
“Ah, what’s going to happen?” Matthew said quietly.
“Veee~ I want to do it too!”
“NO!” Ludwig and Arthur screamed at the same time.

As Alfred and Feli ran across, laughing like retards, they crashed into Gilbert.

“What the--” Gilbert said in surprise, as Alfred and Feli collided with him, the plates jumping out of their hands. Kiku and Matthew watched wide eyes as they flew across, aiming at the floor--

-to be caught by an elegant pair of hands. Of course, yours.

You neatly caught all the plates, using your awesome skills. You stacked them as they came, and when they were all done, you carefully placed them on the table.

You puffed, as the trio lay on the ground, Gilbert twitching at the bottom of the pile.

“Come on.” You said, taking Feli’s hand in yours and pulling him up. Feli smiled happily, glad to have gotten your hand.
“Ah, [NAME]! Your hand is so soft!” he commented, as he rubbed his face on your hand-which disturbed you, a lot.

The boys rushed over, even Alfred jumping from the pile.

“Wow! They really are!” Antonio commented, stroking your hand. You mind went in confusion. Why the hell were they stroking your hand? Seriously!

“Hey! The awesome me is still here!” Gilbert called out, breaking your thoughts of confusion.

“Can you please stop stroking my hand, Antonio?” you asked politely in a clear tone. Antonio only responded with a flirty smile. “And why would I do that chica?”

You made no reply as you slipped your hand out of his grasp, heading your way towards Gilbert, picking him up with your hand. He widened his eyes.

“WHOA! Prez, you have awesomely soft hands!” he said, also fascinated by your hands. You sweatdropped as he clutched onto your hand. Francis, Antonio and Arthur gave glares, while Gilbert’s brother gave a very dark glare. Extremely dark.

You sighed as you once again had to tug your hand away from another person. “Could you please bring the plates to the kitchen?”

“Of course Prez~” Francis said in a cheerful tone. You sighed as you went to the kitchen.

“Dudes! Was her hand that soft?” Alfred said in a questioning tone.
“Of course! You should have felt it~”
“You sound bloody perverted! Now she’ll probably think we’re weird!”
“Arthur-san is right…”
“Veeee~ Big brother is right!”
“Uh-umm…I don’t think [NAME] liked that…”
“KESESESESESESE!” Gilbert said, making a badass pose on the chair. The boys turned to see him. He jumped down and made them form a circle.

“Gil, what are you doing?” Antonio said confused.
“SHUSH!” Gilbert said, putting a finger to his lips. “We must keep our voice down.”
“DUDE, WHAI?” Alfred said loudly. He was replied by a smack on the head by Arthur.
“Shut up!” he hissed. Gilbert then continued on his speech.

“Don’t you see? This is the perfect way to get close to [NAME], and melt her icy cold heart!” he said. The boys ‘Ahhed’ at his statement. They had all taken an interest to you, not just because of your looks. You had something that had an appeal-an interest for any boy.

And so, they tried in vain to attract your attention.

It was 10 PM when you actually finished. All the boys sighed as they all slumped to the ground, exhausted with all the work they did. Not just the labour, but the work in order to get to you. They had not succeeded in attracting you.

France had used up most of his best pick-up lines, as well as Feli and Antonio. They had all given interesting offers- even Kiku, who had approached you quietly, asking you for tutoring.

“Are you not the top in the class, Kiku?” you had merely replied. “I find it hard to believe you need a tutor.”

Kiku immediately froze by your reply. You even knew his academic life?! And he was one amongst many in the school!

Matthew had actually gotten as far as them with you. He had approached you shyly with the dishes, washing them.

“Ah, [NAME], I h-h-aven’t seen y-you before,” he commented.
“I am in my office most of the time.” You had replied-but you turned your head to him.
“I do not see a lot of you either, Matthew.” You said.

Matthew widened his eyes at your reply—you actually notice him! And not only that, she even counted for when you didn’t see him. He knew he didn’t appear a lot, so it was rather expected. He gave a bright smile.

“Ah, well [NAME]--”

But you had already left.

Their clothes were dirty with stains, as well as yours. Some red sauce had flecked across your face. You sighed as you looked at them groan in tiredness on the ground.

You walked over with some warm towels and approached Alfred first. “You have a lot of mustard on your face,” you commented, as you rubbed his face. “EH-Mphfh!” he said, muffled by the warm towel.

All the boys looked surprised as you cleaned them up quietly. “Ah, Prez-” Arthur started.
“I thought my name was [NAME],” you replied-but your tone wasn’t as cold.
“[N-NAME],” Arthur said flushing. “We’re sorry we had--”
“It’s okay.” You said, softly. You then pulled out a few blankets. They all widened their eyes.
“Eh--” Ludwig said confused.
“It is rather late. I don’t expect you to go home at this hour, so we can stay at school.” You said.
“B-b-but-” Feli started, “We can’t sleep in the cafeteria, [NA-”

All the boys grabbed Feli, rushing over to the corner. You looked at them confused, but not too much expression.

“Feli!” Antonio hissed. “What are you saying?”
“B-but, I’m too tired to go home!” Feli whined.
“Idiot!” Arthur said. “We can’t do this to [NAME]!”

“It is okay, we’re sleeping in my office.” You stated behind them. They all jolted up in fright.
“Ah-are you okay with that, [NAME]-san?” Kiku asked worriedly. You held the blankets.

“It’s perfectly fine.” You replied simply.

“WOW!” Alfred said, looking at awe at your office. “I CAN’T BELIEVE--”
“Keep your voice down, wanker!” Arthur said. “We’re still in school!”
“So? Nobody is here,” Antonio commented, taking a blanket from you.
“But--” Arthur protested.
“It’s okay, Arthur.” You said, setting up pillows on the floor, not looking at him while you set up.

Arthur stopped at your statement and muttered while Alfred looked at him in glee. You set up the blankets with Antonio. You patted the pillows, fluffing them out. Feli managed to get a lot pillows from the drama hall- which you had no idea why they were there-and bring them here. You successfully made mattresses with them-but there was one problem..

It was one big bed. Meaning you would all have to sleep together, because making separate mattresses was just not possible.

“It’s time to sleep,” you commented, as all the boys flushed at the giant bed, which they were all going to share...

also including you.
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Vell, zhat vas a blunt qvestion.

((Tis now my goal to include Gilbird more~))

Asked by :iconmariampura:
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Giiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiilbeeeeeert ~ <3

I saw the image, and I really want to do a stamp from this *¬*

[sorry, I have problems with SAI, and cause this the drawings finished have bad quality... for this, the request will wait a little bit, I'm so sorry TT.TT]
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Well I took this picture from another. But it was just to train how I was painting on the computer, so I guess it's okay. The original image was much better, but I think it is good for the fourth thing I do on the computer.
Shit, I did it to small, there are a lot of pixels.
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From J-FEST festival in Moskow, Russia
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From the J-FEST festival in Moskow, Russia
Me as Prussia
Photographer ShredGuard
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How about a bit of Connor in his natural environment?
Is a natural born killer!

PH: Riccardo Petteruti…
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I never imagined to jump so high in my life!
Especially with all those things on!!! Also this is the cosplay power!

PH: Riccardo Petteruti
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Here is that higher quality, slightly full-body picture I promised :)
I think I've improved! Lemme know what you think ^^
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Cosplayer: Jpegg (…
Character: Frosted Ezreal
Series: League of Legends
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I’m working on another video….this time snk related . This is just one of the many female titan tries we need to make  (because idk if i like this one)  :P  

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