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The Blood Gem
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Chapter 1: A busy afternoon

C.Montgomery Burns: Matt Groening
Waylon Smithers: Matt Groening
Krusty: Matt Groening
Ryan Smithers: Gav - Imp
Raven Burns: Lisbeth Simpson
Alice Burns: Alicetiger
Spyro Burns: Alicetiger
Taranis Oblivion: Alicetiger

~ 16 h 30: Mr.Burns Mansion: Library

Mr.Burns: Phew...All these files have exhausted me.What shall I do now? Mmmhh...Waylon and Ryan went shopping. Alice is also absent, it must surely bring good chickens of Rabanastre, as she had said this morning. Coqua...Croqua...Ah, and then damn, I ask my big girl what name you are chickens of Ivalice. I love the smell and the taste of poultry, especially the crunchy...Oh, do not pack you Monty, is that sixteen and a half hours, find you an occupation!

~ 16 h 35: Mr.Burns Mansion: Living room

Krusty: Children, I have a very sad news, the show draws to a close...
Public: Ooooooohhhhhh...
Krusty: But we will come back next week, from Monday to Friday at the same time with exclusive new jokes hilarious Krusty, as well as new episodes of your favorite, Itchy and Scratchy heroes! Stay faithful of our fanclub and soon friends, HO HO HO HA HA!
Raven: Aaah, strongly Monday. Just Spyro, we'll take a snack. Oh, Dad Monty!
Mr.Burns: Cuckoo Raven, you go out leaving the TV on? You should turn it off, see.
Raven: I still want to watch TV but, I also have a little snack...
Mr.Burns: I go to the kitchen to your place, you want what as a snack?
Raven: Ben, cookies...
Mr.Burns: Mmmhh...I think you're an overdose of cookies my treasure, Hey Hey... I'll be bringing other cakes.
Raven: Okay Dad Monty! Your Spyro opinion, this will be what as a snack?

~ 16 h 35: Springfield: Shopping Centre

Waylon: My son, you'd pass me the shopping list, please?
Ryan: Yes Dad, would like. You're exhausted air, it made a break if you want to. Look, there are benches.
Waylon: I if proud to have a son like you, you're nice Ryan. Wow, the shopping cart is already full and yet we are at the beginning of our races!
Ryan: Not surprising, since we are five at home.
Waylon: You forgot to mention Monty animals and those of Alice.
Ryan: Oh, about animals, should not look for chicken?
Waylon: No, it is your big sister who takes care of it.
Ryan: It is where?
Waylon: Do you remember the gate placed in the garden behind the mansion?
Ryan: Yes.
Waylon: Alice crossed this portal to access the world of Ivalice. This world of chickens are huge, and turkeys. In my opinion, it hunts the Coquatrice outside the city of Rabanastre, desert east of Dalmasca.
Ryan: Coquatrice?
Waylon: That is how called the chickens of Ivalice.
Ryan: And it hunts alone?
Waylon: Mmmhh... I do not think, it always hunting team. Probably with the viera, Taranis Oblivion.
Ryan: You think that Alice takes me a day in these strange worlds?
Waylon: I and my son, but to do this, it will talk about it with her, okay?
Ryan: Okay Dad. Something tells me that it must start in this desert.

~ 16 h 35: Ivalice: Desert East of Dalmasca

Alice: Taranis! Don't run, you're going to escape the game! And the Dracosaure, it is still there?
Taranis: Don't worry, this T - Rex has changed course, it is in the desert West! It is a stroke of luck for us, in addition to the absence of the Dracosaure, the Coquatrices are more and more! We're going to be a bunch of Gils!
Alice: Do you think that screaming, the Coquatrices will come?
Taranis: Why this question?
Alice: Do not you realize not you drawn wolves with your screams?
Taranis: Wolves? I don't see any wolves, me.
Taranis: Oh, oh...
Alice: Would like, when we speak of the devil.
Taranis: that is what we will do?
Alice: There is only one thing to do. AT THE ATTACK!

~ 18 h 30: Mr.Burns Mansion: Dining room

Raven: Cookies English coated in milk chocolate were super good.
Mr.Burns: Above all, do not say to your sister that we ate a whole bunch of its Mc Vities, it's still between us, okay?
Raven: Ha ha ha, agreed!
Mr.Burns: Ah, this is your brother bringing the plates.
Ryan: Watch out Princess, you're on my way.
Raven: It is where Dad Waylon?
Ryan: It is in the kitchen.
Alice: I'm back!
Raven: Alice? Oh Alice, you're back! Ha ha ha ha!
Alice: Wow, Raven be careful, you'll particularly your dress! You will do me a kiss just now!
Mr.Burns: Then my beautiful, the hunting was good?
Alice: Excellent.
Mr.Burns: Ah, I love hearing my word preferred coming out of your mouth, this gives a very sweet, very feminine.
Alice: Oh, stop Montgomery, you make me blush!
Mr.Burns: Yet it is not seen with this stain on the face. At I think you do are not returned, empty handed. These are chickens of Ivalice?
Alice: Yes, two wild chickens in the desert east of Dalmasca. They are featherless and emptied by the poultry of Rabanastre, it has even cut the heads and feet.
Mr.Burns: Excellent. Waylon goes in the kitchen and brings him chickens, if you please, it is preparing the meal.
Alice: Ok Montgomery, I will not.
Mr.Burns: Oh, and as I think about it, there must be a lovely Valkyrie in this land and in all this dust, when thou shalt bring forth from the kitchen, you take a shower, and do not break you the head, when you have finished, you will put a pair of pyjamas and your robe, agree?
Alice: No problemo!
Raven: Dad Monty, I want to take a shower also.
Mr.Burns: But Raven, you are not dirty, see.
Ryan: Be careful, this is the stemware!
Mr.Burns: Well Raven, we'll take care of the table.
For Lisbeth Simpson and Gav-Imp,this is a story that will please you.Your own characters are present in this story:Raven Burns and Ryan Smithers.

Mr.Burns Mansion ; Library: [link]
Mr.Burns Mansion ; Living room: [link] ; [link]
Springfield ; Shopping Centre: [link]
Ivalice ; Desert East of Dalmasca: [link]
Mr.Burns Mansion; Dining room: [link]
Desert East of Dalmasca: [link]
Desert East of Dalmasca: [link]
Rabanastre: [link]
Coquatrice: [link]
Dracosaure: [link]
Wolf: [link]
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Chapter 2: Family night.

C.Montgomery Burns: Matt Groening
Waylon Smithers: Matt Groening
Ryan Smithers: Gav - Imp
Raven Burns: Lisbeth Simpson
Alice Burns: Alicetiger

~ 19 h 25: Mr.Burns Mansion: Dining room

Ryan: Mmmhh...I've never tasted as good as the chicken.
Raven: I, too, big brother. Yum!
Waylon: You must say thank you to your sister, thanks to Alice, we have a meal of Ivalice hunters on our plates.
Ryan, Raven: Thank you sister!
Alice: Nothing. Eh? Why me? I have not done much!
Mr.Burns: Yet if my Valkyrie. You brought us two Corqua... Caquo...
Alice: Coquatrices.
Mr.Burns: That is, Co-qua-trices.
Alice: Yeah, but for chips and sauce with mushrooms, it is rather on the part of Ryan and Waylon. Thank you very much for the sauce, the boys.
Ryan: Nothing, big sister.
Waylon: I always have on me, your meals, your sauces and your favorite desserts list, you know.
Ryan: Oh, I have eaten... I have the bide that will explode!
Waylon: Wolverine, will.
Raven: Uh...Why you put a pillow on your chair?
Alice: A Wolf bit my butt.
Mr.Burns, Waylon, Alice, Ryan, Raven: HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!

~ 20 h 15: Mr.Burns Mansion: Living room

Raven: It's crazy dark so early!
Ryan: We are in January, Raven. It is normal that the sun goes down to eighteen hours.
Raven: I wonder what time the sun at the Peru goes down.
Ryan: I do not know, my doll. You are interested much to your nation, eh.
Alice: Me either, I do not know, Raven. For me, the time is different between North America and Europa.
Ryan: Oh yes?
Raven: Alice, you who are French, what time goes down the sun in France?
Alice: So, we are in January...Mmmhh...In seventeen hours, approximately.
Raven: Whoa, it's very early!
Ryan: You learn things all three, I love it. And what makes me really happy is to have two great sisters.
Raven: Me, is to have a family that loves me. Two nice Daddies, a brother and a sister.
Alice: Me is to have survived a disaster and have a new family. A family consisting of two gay fathers, an American brother and sister Peruvian, and animals.
Mr.Burns: Then, discussed in a good wood fire?
Alice: Oh, Montgomery!
Ryan: Snif...Snif...Say, do you feel?
Alice: Snif...It smells like...Snif, snif...As a Frou-Frou cake!
Raven: It feels...Snif, snif...The chocolate!
Waylon: Who wants a share of marbled chocolate cake?
Raven: Me, me, me!
Waylon: Hula gently small gourmet, it's still hot!
Ryan: What is the program, Monty?
Mr.Burns: A theatrical evening.We will look at family, a cassette VHS and a DVD of Alice.
Alice: Don't tell me that you have searched in my business!
Mr.Burns: well if my daughter. You know, we have never seen in French films. It would be nice and new for us to watch, huh?
Alice: ...
Mr.Burns: You angry with me not?
Alice: Mmmhh...No, I don't to want you not, Montgomery. And then, it's not a bad idea to make you discover my shelf French films.
Mr.Burns: Excellent.
Waylon: Are you properly installed?
Raven: Yes, Dad Waylon!
Waylon: Well, let's start with the cassette: theatrical 1997 meetings. Recorded at the salle des fêtes of Blangy sur Bresle, on 30 May and 6 June 1997 public session. A film by Marc Lemal and Michel Parré. There are eight plays, including a piece that Alice had performed at the age of eight.
Ryan: You had played in a play?
Alice: Yes, but not only once (the shame...).
Waylon: at the end of the tape, we can then put the DVD.
Raven: It is also a play?
Waylon: Yes, it is the hit of the Splendid play: Le Père Noël est une ordure. One Christmas night, Pierre Mortez and Thérèse take the permanence of SOS distress friendships. They have to do with the many calls from desperate and a parade of colourful characters: Katia, a transvestite in full depression, Radhan Presko, a Yugoslav neighbor, Zézette a brave girl a little stupid, and Felix, a hysterical Father Christmas...
Ryan: Ca me funny looks, I've always heard that the French are the champions of the comedy.
Alice: And you Americans, you are the champions of science fiction. Next to the British, of course.
Raven: Look, it's starting!
My second chapter, good reading.

The Blood Gem: Alicetiger
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Chapter 3: Breakfast and respiratory pain

C.Montgomery Burns: Matt Groening
Waylon Smithers: Matt Groening
Ryan Smithers: Gav - Imp
Raven Burns: Lisbeth Simpson
Alice Burns: Alicetiger
Spyro Burns: Alicetiger

~ 01 h 35: Mr.Burns Mansion: Living room

Waylon: Oh, I'm tired...Ryan, Alice, I'll leave the TV, I go to bed...
Ryan: OK Dad, good night.
Alice: Good night, Waylon.
Waylon: Ah, I forgot. Ryan wants to talk about something with you.
Alice: Oh yes?
Waylon: I leave you between brother and sister. Good night. (Clac)
Alice: So, you want to talk about anything, Ryan?
Ryan: Uh...I would like to know what look like the worlds through this portal.
Alice: Well...If you want to know the worlds all have a difference, even the people. For example, the inhabitants of our world have all four fingers in each hand and each foot, and the inhabitants of the world of Ivalice have five fingers instead of four.
Ryan: Five fingers?
Alice: Yes, and you can perfectly see the color of their eyes, but everyone of these worlds have our physics.
Ryan: Does the same thing for the animals, and the landscape?
Alice: It's the same, you have never noticed in my business?
Ryan: Oh but yes, I'm stupid! Excuse me, I did not watch out.
Alice: This is nothing, you don't have to apologize.
Ryan: Are all these worlds dangerous?
Alice: Yes and no.
Ryan: Arriving in a world, you change appearance?
Alice: No, I can no longer change its shape...It's over...
Ryan: It should have a link to your past...
Alice: ...
Ryan: Finally, I would like to know also if one day, you could make me visit all these mysterious worlds.
Alice: It is planned.
Ryan: Is it true?
Alice: Yes, but before, it is necessary that I wait for my package. Still me have another one or two weeks to get.
Ryan: Oh yes? What is the subject of this command?
Alice: You shall know. Well, there's what's good on TV? I hope that there are clips.
Ryan: See the program...Pff, it's not just, there only erotic movies!
Alice: There is not something else?
Ryan: No, extinguished?
Alice: Yes, in any case, it is late.
Ryan: Oh...I have a bar, I will go to sleep...I wish you a good night Alice, and thanks much.
Alice: Good night, Ryan, sleeps well.

~ 10 h 30: Mr.Burns Mansion: Chamber of Montgomery and Waylon

Mr.Burns: Zzzzz...
Waylon: Monty...My baby...
Mr.Burns: Hhhhmmm...Hello...Waylon...
Waylon: Hello, it is ten and a half hours, we'll have breakfast?
Mr.Burns: Hhhhmmm...No...Steps immediately...I'm still tired...
Waylon: I see.
Mr.Burns: Hhhhmmm...Why did you remove the duvet? And the sheets? I am very cold...But what do you do? You stages me the buttocks?
Waylon: Shhh, relax. I'm a little massage. I gently tapped the buttocks clenched fists...I began my fists to the back. I went back down to the bottom...And so on.
Mr.Burns: Hhhhmmm...
Waylon: Are you alright, Monty?
Mr.Burns: It makes me much good...It's nice...And it is also naughty...Hi, hi, hi...
Waylon: Glad it please, darling.
Mr.Burns: My love...
Waylon: Yes?
Mr.Burns: This massage makes me want to be a spoiled big...If you see what I mean...
Waylon: You want it to do a big hug? It's not denial. Come on, come here that I kiss you anywhere on the body!
Mr.Burns: At dada! HI, HI, HA, HA, HA!

~ 10 h 55: Mr.Burns Mansion: Corridor of the 1st floor

Alice: Well, let's see: Hot chocolate. Fruit juices; Pastries of today; Plain yogurt; Spoons; Paper towels...Impeccable, there is no forgetting! You come, Spyro?

~ 10 h 56: Mr.Burns Mansion: Bedroom of Raven

Alice: (Toc toc toc).
Raven: Hhhhmmm...Yes?
Alice: Hello, Raven.
Raven: Oh, Hello Alice.What time is it?
Alice: Ten hours fifty-six. Nothing like a good lie-in, eh?
Raven: Yes...Snif, snif...It smells like chocolate and fruit juices.
Alice: Installs you, breakfast is ready.
Raven: Yeah! Breads and croissants!
Alice: Above all, drink your hot chocolate, because it's very cold today. And don't forget to take your juice and your yoghurt. You want what as pastry?
Raven: Uh...A chocolate bread, please.
Alice: That is, bon appétit, Raven.
Raven: Bon appétit.

~ 10 h 58: Mr.Burns Mansion: Bedroom of Ryan

Alice: (Toc toc toc).
Ryan: Yes?
Alice: Hi, Ryan, although stayed?
Ryan: Hi, Alice, and yes I slept well.Could this be a breakfast in bed? Excuse me, I'm trying to dress me up.
Alice: This is not serious, I put your tray on your desktop.
Ryan: thanks. Uh...It is what day?
Alice: The Saturday 5 January 2013, bon appétit.
Ryan: Thanks again, bon appetit to you also.
Alice: Thank you.

~ 11.00: Mr.Burns Mansion: Corridor of the 1st floor

Alice: Be careful, Spyro, is going to. I do not want to crush the legs anyway. Don't forget that you are a little old dog, you are all younger and need you to do less effort so that you may live a long time.
Spyro: Snif, snif, snif...
Alice: Oh no, the pastries are not for you and you have already taken your medicine for your heart! You'll get a cookie as soon as...What is this noise?
Mr.Burns: Ah...W...W...Waylon...Ah...Ah...Waylon...
Waylon: Aaaahhh Monty!
Alice: Oh, there is something pink in this room. Hi, hi, hi...

~ 11 h 02: Mr.Burns Mansion: Chamber of Montgomery and Waylon

Mr.Burns: Ah...Waylon...You're my demon to me...Ah...My Waylon...
Waylon: You're my angel, Monty...Ah...Ah...Monty...
Alice: (Toc toc toc).
Mr.Burns:HIIIIIIIIII! Who is this?!
Alice: Alice, I bring the breakfast!
Waylon: HIIIIIIIIII! Wait a second! Uh...It is not serious if...Uh...You see us...
Alice: No worries, you can hide in your bed. And then, it shocks me to see guys or girls nude! HA, HA, HA, HA!
Mr.Burns: Hi, hi...Go between, Hello, my Valkyrie.
Waylon: Hello, Alice.
Alice: Hello boys, you are good fun under the duvet?
Mr.Burns: Oops...
Waylon: My God, I do not believe! Do you have thin ears?
Alice: Oh, what good blush? There is not what be ashamed, it is the small things in life, that's all. Okay, that's a breakfast for my beloved father.
Waylon: Oh, you're too kind, thank you. Should not, see.
Mr.Burns: Waylon is right. You are not committed to be good to do everything in this manor house, this will do more than two weeks that you are our French adoptive daughter, and you wear my family name. Of course, you have known a horrible past, you have lost your genetic family a part of your friends and same tone illuminating smile. If you're here with us, it is that you do not be sad, so you find yourself your old smile, and so you have a new life. You are here home, Alice, keep this sentence in your mind.
Alice: It is very nice that you tell me, Montgomery, it makes me hot to the heart you know, but if I made breakfast, it is only to please.
Mr.Burns: You are adorable.
Spyro: woof...Grrr...Woof, woof...
Mr.Burns: You too you are adorable, Spyro, am not jealous. Hi, hi, hi...
Waylon: Mmmmhhh...What delicious chocolate, you put something in it?
Alice: Four tablespoons of cocoa powder and a tablespoon of ground coffee.
Waylon: I see (cough cough)...
Mr.Burns: Are you alright, darling?
Waylon: Oh, there, there...(Cough)...I feel no good...I have trouble breathing...(Cough)...(Cough cough)...
Alice: Wait see, but your forehead is all hot! Montgomery, Waylon has a horse fever!
Mr.Burns: Quiet, quiet. Mmmmhhh...That is what we will do. Alice, you are going to help Waylon to polar pajamas and a scarf so it does not catch cold. After that, you go to the bathroom, look for a wet washcloth to cool his brow. As for me, I'll call Dr. Hibbert.
Alice: Okay.Want good, Waylon...
My third chapter,good read.

The Blood Gem: Alicetiger
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Chapter 4: Pneumonia of Waylon Smithers

C.Montgomery Burns: Matt Groening
Waylon Smithers: Matt Groening
Dr.Julius Hibbert: Matt Groening
Ryan Smithers: Gav-Imp
Raven Burns: Lisbeth Simpson
Alice Burns: Alicetiger

~ 13h30: Mr.Burns Mansion: Living room

Alice: Snif...Snif...I am a monster...Snif...My chocolate is poison...
Mr.Burns: No, your chocolate is not the cause, and it is not your fault, it is sick long before.
Raven: Why Dad Waylon said us anything?
Mr.Burns: I think that he does not want that you're worried...
Ryan: Oh, Dad...Snif...
Raven: Snif...Poor Dad Waylon...Snif...
Alice: Snif...Snif, snif...Snif...
Mr.Burns: Come, come. Dry your tears, it is surely a small disease, thats all.
Dr.Hibbert: Mr.Burns?
Mr.Burns: Yes? How will my husband?
Dr.Hibbert: I have never seen such a record, the temperature of your husband has probably exceeded your fireplace fire. HO, HO, HO, HO, HO!
Mr.Burns: (That is what he has to laugh like that?)
Ryan: (Huh?)
Alice: (I do not find it funny!)
Raven: (This is a joke?)
Dr.Hibbert: Um, forgive me...Your husband has a very high fever, a temperature higher than 40 degrees. His cough is slightly dry and he suffers when he breathes. I fear that this is a severe pneumonia.
Mr.Burns: Oh, Lord...
Raven: What is a pmeunomia?
Dr.Hibbert: It is said 'pneumonia', girl. Pneumonia is an acute inflammation of the lung caused by pneumococcus.
Ryan: Pneumococcus?
Dr.Hibbert: This is a grouped in pairs or short chains, pneumococcus is the agent of pneumonia and some other infections, such as meningitis or peritonitis.
Mr.Burns: Are you sure your diagnosis, doctor? Is Waylon really ill of pneumonia?
Dr.Hibbert: One hundred per hundred sure, Mr.Burns. Its burning fever and suffering breathing are evidence, but its small cough is not counted.
Mr.Burns: Fucking disease!
Alice: Montgomery...
Ryan: What medications to take my father?
Dr.Hibbert: It must take these pills to bring down his fever, and this syrup to calm his cough, but I did nothing for his pneumonia. Well, I want to make an order for drugs, but it is unfortunately not possible...
Mr.Burns: What?
Dr.Hibbert: Because of the snowstorm of last night, all Springfield pharmacies are closed, I am there for nothing, Sir. I'm just a doctor.
Mr.Burns: Fucking storm!
Raven: Dad Monty...
Dr.Hibbert: Pending the arrival of snow ploughs and delivery of drugs, your husband should not leave the bed, except for the bath, boiling water is recommended and it takes at least a person to help enter and out of the bathtub.
Mr.Burns: Agree. Waylon can eat normally?
Dr.Hibbert: Unfortunately no, Mr.Burns, it will be doomed to the soup. Tea drinks?
Mr.Burns: Yes...It was my Butler and...Friend, that he had tasted Waylon, a Japanese tea...The first time...
Dr.Hibbert: It's a good thing, it can drink.
Raven: Doctor, Dad Waylon will cure?
Dr.Hibbert: Allow the medicine to make his work, you'll see.
Raven: Ah...
Alice: Don't be sad, Vivi.
Ryan: Dad will pull through.
Mr.Burns: Thank you very much for my husband, I need you how much?
Dr.Hibbert: As usual, Sir.
Mr.Burns: Hold.
Dr.Hibbert: With twenty bucks, please. I have come a long way, you know? HO, HO, HO, HO, HO!
Mr.Burns: Grrr...This is your twenty dollars and disappear from my view!
Dr.Hibbert: HO, HO, HO! Precisely, I was going to go, Sir.
Alice: May I help you to find the way out?
Dr.Hibbert: No thanks,Miss Burns, I know the way. Nice day.
Alice Ryan, Raven: You too, Dr.Hibbert!
Dr.Hibbert: Goodbye. (Clac)
Mr.Burns: Fucking doctor!
Alice, Ryan, Raven: ...
Mr.Burns: Oh, why your beautiful faces have this look so sad, young people? What need you is a good breath of fresh air, this will make you good.
Alice: Why not...What do you say?
Ryan: If this is to change the ideas, I agree to go for a walk on foot.
Raven: Me too, you come with us, Dad Monty?
Mr.Burns: I would like to, but I have to stay at home to watch over Waylon, I'm sorry...
Ryan: Come on, will put your boots, little sister.
Raven: Yes.
Mr.Burns: Oh, wait a minute, Alice. I want that you bring this to one of my employees, please.
Alice: What is it?
Mr.Burns: His Christmas bonus, this brainless of Homer Simpson does not stop to forget it. There is also a word, I close the nuclear power plant for two weeks due to the snow on the road.
Alice: I see. Okay, I'll do it for you, Montgomery.
Mr.Burns: Excellent, thank you, my Valkyrie. Most importantly, take your time. To just now, young people.
Alice Ryan, Raven: At just now! (Clac)
Mr.Burns: Okay, I'll see Waylon.

~ 13 h 40: Mr.Burns Mansion: Chamber of Montgomery and Waylon

Mr.Burns: (Toc toc toc).
Waylon: ...
Mr.Burns: Waylon? It's me, Monty.
Waylon: Mo...(Cough)Monty...I have...(Cough cough)I have trouble breathing, Monty...
Waylon: It's nothing, darling. Well, it will happen.
Waylon: Monty...I (cough) I do not want to make a sentence...I...
Mr.Burns: Don't talk, Waylon. Do you want a good cup of tea to relieve your throat?
Waylon: Yes, Monty...I'd...
Mr.Burns: Well, I come for a...
Bell: (Ding dong).
Mr.Burns: Huh?
Waylon: There are...Someone behind (cough) the grid?
Mr.Burns: See the radar screen...Oh no, it's not true!
My fourth chapter^^.
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Chapter 5: Unexpected visits

C.Montgomery Burns: Matt Groening
Ryan Smithers: Gav-Imp
Raven Burns: Lisbeth Simpson
Alice Burns: Alicetiger
April Spring: April-Springs
Mariella Vinta Burns: April-Springs
Hector Burns: April-Springs
Charles Burns Jr.: April-Springs
Marge Simpson: Matt Groening
Homer Simpson: Matt Groening

~ 13 h 42: Mr.Burns Mansion: Ground floor

April: Hi, Monty!
Mr.Burns: Hello, April...
April: But... Why are you doing this head? You are not happy to see me?
Mr.Burns: I do not like the surprise visits. What do you want?
April: Your kids want to see you, that's all.
Mr.Burns: And you so...
Mariella: Hi, my little Daddy, Darling!
Hector: Hello, Dad.
Charles Jr.: Hi, Daddy!
Mr.Burns: Ah, Hello, my little three Musketeers. Be careful, you'll bring me down! AAAAAAAAAAH!!!
Mariella: Battle of kisses on Daddy!
Charles Jr.: Yeah!
Mr.Burns: Help me! HI, HI, HI!!! You tickle me! HI, HI, HI, HA, HA!!!
April: Children! Stop your nonsense!
Charles Jr.: But, Mom...
April: There is not but, Charly!
Hector: Pff... There is no way to have fun...
Mr.Burns: Is not the punishment of scolding, April.
April: Tss... That took me to have children with you! I would never forgive you!
Mr.Burns: Eh! It is you who wanted kids my flesh and my blood!
April: And also for the time where you left your own betrothed to this... This snake with glasses!
Mr.Burns: This snake with glasses is called Waylon, I'm married to him, he loves me, and I love it. He is gentle and considerate with me, it is not the same with you.
April: But I, I love you, Monty!
Mr.Burns: You?! You think that my money to my ass and to rant, I do not call it love!
April: Grrr... (Kind of bastard!)
Mariella: Dad, where are Raven and Ryan?
Mr.Burns: Oh, they left, five minutes ago. Don't worry, Raven, Ryan, and Alice are going back in a couple hours.
April: Alice? Who is this fool that first name, Alice? The nurse of Raven?
Mr.Burns: No, April. This is my...
April: Your range? Your gardener? Your new employee of the nuclear power plant?
Mr.Burns: No, this is my...
April: Oh, I see. Say no more! In addition to be married to Waylon, you have the pellet hired a mistress, in your place, I would shame, my poor Monty!
Mr.Burns: Shut up, April!!! Alice is not my mistress, she is my adoptive daughter!
April: Your...Your...Your adoptive daughter?
Charles Jr.: This means that it has a sister, Daddy?
Mr.Burns: Yes, Charles. A big sister.
Charles Jr.: Yippee! Thou hast heard, Sin-Sin? We have a big sister! We have a big sister!
Hector: How old is she?
Mr.Burns: It has twenty-three years old and a half, this is a young woman.
Hector: Wow, she is older than Ryan!
April: It's hard to believe that you have adopted a woman...
Mr.Burns: Yet it is the truth. You don't have that to take a look in the archives room, Alice has its own place!
Mariella: And we? We will do what, Dad?
Mr.Burns: Hhhmmm... I know. Go to the living room, there is a package of white sheets and coloured pencils in the desk drawers. You are free to make drawings.
Mal: Okay.
Hector: The last, is a wimp!
Mr.Burns: And I do not want to see brothel in the room! Included?
Mariella, Hector, Charles Jr.: Yes, Dad!

~ 14 h 00: Evergreen Terrace: the Simpsons House

Bell: (Ding dong)
Marge: I get, I get! Oh, Hello, Mr. Smithers, and Misses. Burns.
Alice Ryan, Raven: Hello, Mrs. Simpson.
Marge: Do not stay in this cold, enter.
Ryan: Thank you, Mrs. Simpson.
Marge: You want something to drink? I have coffee, hot chocolate, orange juice, coke, and hot tea.
Raven: the juice of orange, please.
Ryan: A coffee, please.
Alice: For me, this will be a coke, please.
Marge: I go back in a minute.
(1 minute after)
Marge: So, what brings you?
Alice: We are here to deliver this to your husband. It's from our father.
Marge: Which?
Alice: Montgomery.
Marge: Okay, I'll call Homer. Homer! Burns and Smithers are here!
Marge: Hhhrrrmmm... He believes that your dads are in the House.
Raven: Hi, hi, hi...
Homer: Lisa, do you not laugh at me... Oh, this is not Lisa!
Marge: Homer, Burns and Smithers children came to visit us. It's not worth shouting.
Homer: I know, Marge. But I thought it was my boss and her husband, me!
Alice, Ryan, Raven: HA, HA, HA, HA, HA!!!

~ 15 h 00: Mr.Burns Mansion: Living room

Mr.Burns: So?
April: That's right, you tell the truth. I have never seen a person who had a suffering passed... Tell me, the nude woman in fire red in the framework, it was...
Mr.Burns: Yes, it was Alice, in the form of chimera of fire... She was eighteen years old in this photo... When Alice will be there, speaking ever of its past with her...
April: Ah, okay. Monty? What have you got? Are you sad?
Mr.Burns: I do not want to talk about...
April: Come on, fool! I'm your ex, I would like to know what is happening!
Mr.Burns: My... My Waylon is very sick... He has pneumonia... You can die from this disease... Snif...
April: My God!
Ryan: We're back!
April: Hello, Ryan and Raven.
Ryan: Hello, Mrs. Spring. Hello, children.
Raven: Hello, everyone!
Mariella, Hector, Charles Jr.: Cuckoo, Raven, and Ryan!
Alice: Raven, your Strip has fallen. I'm going to you the... Uh... Hello...
Mariella, Hector, Charles Jr.: Hello!
April: Hello. You have to be the ex-chimera of fire. Monty told me about you in the archives room.
Alice: Oh!
April: Don't worry, I won't kill you. I do not like these...
Mr.Burns: Hum...
April: Short...I'm April Spring, I am the ex's of your dad, Monty.. And here is Mariella, Hector, and Charles Jr. Burns.
Alice: Enchanted. My name is Alice Burns.
My fifth chapter,good read.
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Collection by
Visitez le blog des Simpson,crée par Thomas(Simpson-blog). [link]
Sur son blog,vous trouverez des images,des infos et des vidéos sur les Simpson.
13 000 articles et 1300 pages sont placés.
Si vous voulez féliciter Thomas pour ses archives,ou si vous souhaitez le watcher,voici sa page d'acceuil DeviantArt. [link]

Visit the blog of the Simpsons,created by Thomas(Simpson-blog). [link]
On his blog,you will find images,info and videos on the Simpsons.
13000 items and 1300 pages are placed.
If you want to congratulate Thomas on his archives,or if you prefer the watcher,here is his DeviantArt homepage. [link]

C.Montgomery Burns: Matt Groening
Alice Burns: Alicetiger
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Raven est tellement heureuse d'avoir trouvé tous les oeufs de Pâques,en compagnie de son grand frère adoptif et de sa grande soeur adoptive,Ryan et Alice,à l'exterieur du manoir de Mr.Burns.Spyro,le petit chien d'Alice fixa le panier de Raven,rempli de délicieux oeufs au chocolat au lait,ainsi que le grand oeuf au chocolat que Raven porte à son bras gauche.
Raven:Euh...Spyro,mais...Pourquoi tu regardes mes oeufs?Alice,que veut-il ton chien?
Alice:A mon avis,il veut manger tes oeufs.(Rire)
Raven:Hein?!Que vais-je faire alors?
Alice et Ryan:T'as qu'a courir! (Rire)
Joyeuses Pâques!

Raven is so pleased to have found eggs Easter,in the company of his older adoptive brother and his adoptive sister,Ryan and Alice,outside of the Manor of Mr.Burns.Spyro,the little dog in Alice set the Raven basket,full of delicious milk chocolate eggs,and the large egg chocolate that Raven to his left arm.
Raven: Uh...Spyro,but...Why you watch my eggs?Alice,what does your dog?
Alice: In my opinion,he wants to eat your eggs.(Laughter)
Raven: Huh?What will I do then?
Alice and Ryan: You that a run! (Laughter)
Happy Easter!

Alice Burns: Alicetiger
Spyro Burns: Alicetiger
Ryan Smithers: Gav-Imp
Raven Burns: Lisbeth Simpson
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Est-ce que vous vous souvenez d'Axelle?

Do you remember of Axelle?

Axelle: Youyou Belh
Fishmen's Adventures: :iconbaboupiccolo: / :iconalicetiger: / Sarah Midjek
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Soleil Violet en plein entrainement.

Purple Sunny in full training.

Purple Sunny (Aurore Pagnier): :iconbaboupiccolo:
Fishmen's Adventures Bonus ; Special Feudal Era: :iconbaboupiccolo: / :iconalicetiger:
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Un moment de tendresse.

A moment of tenderness.

Aladdin: One Piece
Aurore Pagnier: :iconbaboupiccolo:
Fishmen's Adventures 2 Mission Crocodile: :iconbaboupiccolo: / :iconalicetiger:
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Alice: Luffy!
Luffy: Oh?
Alice: Bonne chance pour la suite! C'est toi qui sera le roi des pirates!

Alice: Luffy!
Luffy: Oh?
Alice: Good luck for the future! It is you who will be the King of the pirates!

Monkey D. Luffy: One Piece
Fishmen's Adventures 4 Families: :iconbaboupiccolo: / :iconalicetiger:
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Aurore: Je me demande comment vous faites pour supporter une température pareille...

Aurore: I wonder how you made to withstand such temperatures...

Aurore Pagnier: :iconbaboupiccolo:
Ronin: :iconalicetiger:
Fishmen's Adventures 3 Purple: :iconbaboupiccolo: / :iconalicetiger:
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Collection by
Avez-vous remarqué que Foxy(Tronche de cake)ressemble beaucoup au comte Chocula?Ont-ils un lien de parenté???
Je suis désolée,si c'est un peu flou...

Have you noticed that Foxy(Cake face)looks much like Count Chocula?Do they have a relationship???
I am sorry,if this is a bit of a blur...

Foxy the silver fox: One Piece
Count Chocula: Matt Groening
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Nami from One Piece, requested by :iconmysexyboobs: Oh, poor, poor Tetre. What should she be next?

Tetre belongs to me
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Collection by
Right here's some gods and things from Aztec mythology. It's mainly for my portfolio assignment at university but I've been wanting to do something that would top that stupid tiki thing as my 'big piece'

the big crocodillian thing is called Cipactli. In a lot of creation myths it is the Earth God that lurks in the universal sea, and it is constantly hungry. Even its joints have mouths
Although it is mainly represented as a crocodile, it also has elements of toads and fish.

The gigantic toad in the sky is called Tlaltecuhtli. It's a very similar God (or Goddess) to Cipactli in that it represents the Earth (and additionally, fertility). The Aztec creation myth usually involves two brothers breaking either this fat toad or the Cipactli into seperate parts (they still survive though, and demand to be fed hearts on a regular basis).

The coolest thing about this God is that it was said to devour the Sun once a day, causing night to fall. When morning came, it would simply spit it back out.

The fact that the Aztec people ACTUALLY BELIEVED THIS still blows my fucking mind.

The animal spirit thing made out of the girl's shadow is a 'nagual' or 'nahual' - there are two uses of this name. The first is to describe some sort of spaceshifting witch or whatever, and the second term (which the pic is based on) describes a 'guardian spirit' which all humans and Gods were thought to have had from birth till death.

If anyone's familiar with the Dark Materials books, it's an extremely similar concept to the daemons in that. Or, uh, Digimon.

Nahuals were usually represented by plants or animals, and would reflect the spirit and intentions of the user. In this pic, it's a jaguar. They were often said to hide in a person's shadow.

Cihuateteo, the mourning ghost thing, is a spirit of a woman who died in childbirth. To the Aztecs, childbirth was seen as a sort of struggle or battle, and those whom died during it were seen as fallen warriors.

These are kinda related to Tlaltecuhtli, who was said to supervise difficult births. The kid is playing with toy versions of two rival brother Gods - Quetzalcoatl (who could turn into a feathered, flying serpent/dragon) and Tezcatlipoca (who could turn into a giant jaguar)

Chantico, the mean looking woman in red, is both a domestic goddess and a fire goddess. She is extremely protective - if you want to get on her bad side, steal her jewelry. Her animal representive is a red serpent, although in one myth she gets turned into a dog as punishment for breaking a fast by eating paprika (i dunno if she stays as one though)

Perhaps as a safeguard, her head-dress comes complete with poisonous cactus spikes.

Ahuitzotl the human-eating monkey-dog makes a return from an earlier pic. I changed up its design a bit to make it more frightening. Here, it's about to lunch on one of its victims after pulling it underwater with its tail-hand.

done in photoshop cs3 in 10-14 hours overall, hope you all enjoy because I now have a huge blister on my thumb from drawing this
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Sacré Mr.Burns,y a pas meilleur vampire que lui!
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The Simpsons
Collection by
Cela fait depuis longtemps que je n'ai pas dessinée Ryan Smithers:).

This makes for a long time that I've not drawn Ryan Smithers :).

Ryan Smithers: :icongabrielcic:
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After the death of Smithers Sr., Monty Burns is looking for a belonging that he once shared with his former partner. After finding out that he does not have it, he breaks into the Smithers household to see if he can locate it. However, he is faced with a young Waylon Jr., seeing the child for the first time since the accident in 1953.

The two share a solemn moment in front of the television.

Created in SAI. Inked.
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I promised myself that I wouldn't do any Simpsons fanart but I am pretty bad at upholding self oaths especially when that little boisterous voice called fandom obsession is constantly clanging the pots and pans of attention in my subconsciousness like a petulant toddler.

So this nerd and his nerd assistant has been driving me to rack and ruin for the past three days. I decided to try my hand again at drawing Simpsons characters - in actuality, along with Mario (and later Sonic) they were the first franchises that influenced me to draw back when I was a wee lass and curbed my art technique into the sarcastic scribbles you see today flow from my pencil.

So to curbstomp my laziness, I decided to create a portrait as practice of the most despicable tyrant whom has sunk their talons into the infrastructure of Springfield; C. Montgomery Burns. And following in his footsteps is his lovely assistant, the Inanimate Carbon Rod (which if you click on zoom you can get CLOSE UP SHOTS OF THE ROD like you have always dreamed. Hallelujah!)

Oh, and Smithers Sr. hanging around there too.

Speaking of which, Waylon Smithers Sr. needs more fanart from people - the guy is a seriously brave and interesting character whose complex relationship with Burns leaves a lot open to personal interpretation.

Personally I believe that they were more than just close friends, seeing how Burns really doesn't have any friends, just organ donors and rivals/enemies.

As for the affluent objects on his desk, most tell some sort of story in an ambiguous manner.  The crop for whipping those workhorses in shape ( or is it?) A picture of Monty's cat (yes he did have one,) a photo of Burns and Smithers as physicists cum scientists taken in 1942 (before Burns was booted onto the Hellfish - if you remember the reason why you earn a toffee,) A quill pen (because it is refined and reliable,) and various books of certain things (now that I think of it, they seem kind of small.)

I wanted to make Burns' office like in the early Simpsons episodes before it became a behemoth in luxury, which included the damn blinds on the window (that gave me great pain to shade. Me and the blinds still have a restraining order to this day.) Burns' office was still elaborate, but more humble - perhaps a relic left by the wake of Smithers Sr. Burns seemed a little more at ease and less irritable when he had Sr. around, perhaps the assistant was more like a placater and an outlet for the skinflint's bottled emotions. Whatever the case, Sr. must have done something to appease Monty that his son is still trying to obtain. Perhaps impression was the key.
Drawn and inked, and then scanned and completed with Photoshop but mainly SAI. Thank the Batman for SAI.
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finally doing some Simpsons fanart again :D

these are younger Monty Burns and his ever faithful assistant Waylon Smithers Senior, Springfield's most awesome powercouple, umm, I mean partners in crime with absolutely no other feelings than friendship for each other :love:
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Kind of a gift for :icongabrielcic:

She drew some wonderful pictures for me lately, and I really wanted to do something to thank her. This is her Simpsons OC, Ryan Smithers (Waylon Smithers Jr.'s son he had with his ex-wife we quickly saw in season 5 final episode).

I know it's really not as amazing as what you did Gaby, but I never drew Ryan before and I swear I did my best :P

I hope you'll like it! ;)

Ryan Smithers © :icongabrielcic:
The Simpsons © Matt Groening
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Collection by
Marry New years : )

Its been long since I did any BL pictures xD ,It was fun drawing this enjoy my yaoi fans xD

used: photoshop +sai .
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Music: [link] ; [link] ; [link] ; [link] ; [link] ; [link] ; [link]

Waylon Smithers Jr. : Monty chéri,ferme tes beaux yeux pour que je puisse encore t'aimer.

C.Montgomery Burns : Hi,hi,hi,d'accord,mais sache mon Waylon que mon coeur n'a pas de paupières.

Alice Burns: C.Montgomery Burns et Waylon Smithers Jr. se sont enfin mariés,pour le meilleur et pour le pire.Au moment du repas,Monty se sentit épuisé,Waylon emmène son mari dans la chambre pour se reposer,mais cette fatigue n'étais qu'un stratagème pour passer trois bonnes heures à accorder leur amour en toute sérénité,et quant à moi,je met de l'ambiance en mettant mes musiques préférées pour faire danser et amuser les invités du mariage.

Waylon Smithers Jr. : Monty Darling,closes your beautiful eyes so that I can still love you.

C.Montgomery Burns : Hi,hi,hi,okay,but know my Waylon that my heart has no eyelids.

Alice Burns: C.Montgomery Burns and Waylon Smithers Jr. finally married,for better and for worse.At the meal,Monty felt exhausted,Waylon takes her husband in the bedroom to rest,but this tiredness wasn't a ploy to pass three good hours to give their love calmly,and me,I met the mood with my favorite music to dance and entertain the guests of marriage.
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Okay, whether you like slash or not, I still think this is a funny scene. :D

- - - - - - - - - -

Burns felt someone stirring next to him, it was Smithers. How long had they been asleep anyway? He blinked his eyes a couple of times, the dim sunlight quickly alerting him that it was early morning already. It was then, that he spotted the policeman that stared into the window. He squinted as the man's flashlight glared into his eyes uncomfortably.

"Well good morning starshine." The fat officer spoke in his nasally voice. It was Chief Wiggum.

- o -

Excerpt from fanfic, "Bloodlust and Synergy." [link] Rated M for language, adult content and occasional fluff. :D

Simpsons (c) Matt Groening and whoever else owns it. Non-profit fanart.
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Collection by
Music: [link]

Alice Burns: Zoro,ma tête de cactus préférée!
Zoro: Alice,mon amie!Euh...dis-moi,c'est ce satané cuistot du dimanche de Sanji qui t'as dit de m'appeler tête de cactus???

Alice Burns: Zoro,my favorite cactus head!
Zoro: Alice,my friend!Uh...tell me,is this damn Cook of Sunday Sanji who told you to call me head of cactus???

Roronoa Zoro: One Piece
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"So many souls to play little time... wouldn't you agree?"

THIS can never be the real Sonic! That's for sure! But... who is it then? Some know this Sonic, others don't. But this Sonic... is truly that, what you wouldn't even see in your worst nightmare ever... And yes, Blood drips from his hands and his eyes...
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Len-kun is a magical neko nya~
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chained fanart
Collection by
Name: Dr. Freak/ Mani "FR3AK VANKUCHEN (Pan-cake xD makes only sense if you say it loud)
Nickname(s): FR3AK ; Trulla ; Hoschi ; Flakii ; Uschi ; Chris ; Mongo ; Maniac ; Doktor ; Rarepancakesauce ; Mario ; Michael/Mike , Vincent/Vinny
Age: 15
Gender: -- (nobody cares; i go with she pronouns i guess..)
Sexuality: Flakeromantik Pianosexuall (insider joke XD)

Friends: Riley , Lightning Brush , Gwyndor Autumn Drawing, Leyley55 , Meshion , Lizzara , BlacknWhiteArtist , PR0XYFR34K ,the-cheeries , Alec , Scholle , Josha
Family: Dr.Hazel,  D4DD13

Nationality: GDR - East German
Occupation: Wannabe pianist , Hobbyartist , Pupil , Pokemon Trainer(XD); Shitty Photograph ; Minecraft mining turtle

- Playing Piano
- Writing stories
- Making ocs
- Eating (mostly garbage)
- Reading books
- Making pictures of her dumbass face to never show anyone
- Averange actor in theadre (also usualy tens for melodramatic things xD)
- Psychology and medicine
- Music
- Cooking
- Writing character sheets , writing in general
- making own canon settings of things she like


Appeares rather outgoing , noisy and jumpy in public. Also confused almost all the time over several things and tends to lose anything she had in her hooves/toes.Usualy she has her mind always somewhere else causing injuries or losing and forgetting things (usualy she forgets names and dates)
She can read other deers/ponies behavior if she wants to , if she does she keeps it for herself to appear less like a weirdo.
If she is new in a situation she is rather anexious and fearful and unusaly shy. When she panics in a situation she literaly looses controll over her actions and she cant even stand on all for legs since she stards shiffering.
Private she is a whole different person. She likes reading and fucking with her piano keys. She usualy makes her own music which is just bad but she tries anyways. If she doesnt have to be incredibly entertaining she is a very quiet and boring person.
sometimes her opinion and the way she sais things can be somewhat offending and somedeers/ponies feel stepped on their feet for it but she rarely cares which brings her in much trouble and she usualy doesnt even understand why.  She has issues understanding other peoples opinions though she tries best. 

Traits: Eccentric , a little crazy (peeps who know me in person know what i mean) , jumpy , grumpy , sarcastic , cynic , a little big unsensitive , judging(gets her in trouble quite often) , a little paranoid torwards strangers and other people , loud , easly addicted , King of Assholes in some cases , Mad as a hatter,  rarely caring , a little revengefully ,confused,unvorgiving (rarely forgets if someone did something bad to her)

Usualy she is always a bit off track , she easly looses attention and pays it to something else. She manages it to loose almost anything and forgetting something , not important (according to her) from one minute to another. Besides of that she is rather clingy to the persons she likes and knows and she tends to annoy them almost every single minute of existance. Also she can get incredible angry over the smallest things , such as if she fucks up the eggyolk of an fried egg or specific stories/ Tv shows for examble.
She is also not very organized and makes a mess wherever she goes (usualy issing off alec with it). Also she freaks out about things she likes rather easly even if its the smallest thing like a special offer for her fave energy drink.
Usualy struggles some balance issues and crashes into things on daily basis. Its unknown what causes it but she looks like an idiot. She oftenly jokes about it.
If she is sick , which happenes a lot she doesnt really care , even if sometimes she expects the worst. If a friend or family member gets ill , it really upsets her.
She cant eat or drink then without hoping for the best. Since she wants to study medicine she does a lot of research , but mostly on bad diseases , causing her to freak out when the smallest symtomes are similar. She is much of a wannabe doctor and usualy knows the smallest shit about first aid , meds , diseases etc.
Also since she is in hospital more then she wants to be she developed an awfully dark humor , using her knowlegde to freak others out. But mostly if someone is sick she gets a little overcaring which can be the most annoying thing ever. 

Likes: Reading , Watching Tv (only if something is interessting) , Food , Cooking , writing things , Flake , Her friends , Hats , Energy drink , Skittles , Making funny noises , Stupid as fuck contests , Several tv shows , Laughting at things , Making other deers/ponies laugh , thinking about cannibalism , talking about science , reading about science , having a very long and good talk , playing piano , beeing creative , if someone likes her work (who doesnt xD)
More flake , Writing stories about her character , GDR History , Erich Honecker , Shitty jokes , Drawing with coal , Playing minecraft , Reading old books , Talking about books ( i am an idiot i know) , Glasses , Death head's hawk moth , latin , creepy toys , parasidical animals , awensering questions , shitty movies , Mario games , Kirby games , SNES , Vines , gore, goresides , medical websides , 

Dislikes :
Dirty glasses , Bavaria (Yes i do. life with it!) , the smell of alcehol ,Her Nemesis , Dirt overall , dead insects , Helene Fischer and all of her fans ,
Justin bieber , Everything realated to the Oktoberfest (another insider ovo) , if someone calls her stupid , Forgetting or losing things , Bad german grammar (i hate it! i just no! only in german because my english sucks but bleh >:I) , Bad radio shows , TV Commercials (newer ones) , People who think they are smart but arent , whiny stories , Pain caused by diseases , hospitals in any form , Expensive hats , Whiny tv stories , If her computer is lagging , Socializing , Social life , People , depression , People who fake diseases/Mental disabilities etc,

~R+ Bag~
She always carries an saddlebag with her.
Its a Links 2 3 4 bag-->…
It offeres enough room to store her stuff in it.
[Lots of crap...not literaly]
-Her inhalor for emergency (her lungs are incredibly bad)
-Medi-kit (for emergencies ovo...dont ask)
-milion tons of other shit.
-Books (usualy the book she is reading right in the moment
-Food (tons of)
-Pills (see anything you fancy?)
-Trash (thats literaly)

~Flake Plushi~
The plushi was a gift from her friend Lightningbrush for christmas <3
she todaly loves it and she takes it almost everywhere (not to schoolobviously!)
Hes always with her at home. she still rememberes the epic words 'Here is your boyfriend' (XD insider insider insider hurrdurrurr)
Ignore the unhealthy obsession with the skinny assed keyboardist

She is mentaly born in GDR and she has her very own opinion about it.
She loves political discussions but usualy people bash on her for liking the GDR
and beeing east german such as her so called 'nemesis'
Its just wrong when people do that.

After one of her classmates accidently stepped on them they are broken on one side.
she tried fixing them with dugtape causing them to look even shittier than before.
Long as they'll work she will keep them.

(the most of them were given by friends...and i blame her--> :icond0omy: ..and amaii >.< xDD)

Christian 'Flake' Lorenz , Dr.Walter Bishop(fringe) ,Dr.Alec Earnhardt(Farcry3), John Kramer (Saw) , Joel from Vinesauce , Hardi and Peter smitts from Pietsmiet , Hannibal Lecter (silence of the lambs;Ask for the story behind that one xD) , 

>>Nothing makes sense in the world , my personality included , so whatever.<<
>>I know exactly what i am doing!<<
>>NOT SO HAAARD with your spinkles mama!!!<<
>>Yeaaa..Shure shut the fuck up man...<<
>>Know whats good? Some LSD!<<
>>Why didnt alice stay in wonderland? The real world sucks ass!"

Remade and rewritten
fresh like a daisy <3
The design was made from :iconneutron-quasar: <3 im so happy because this deer is just perfection!
it looks just like me...°A° (YOU DONT SAY FR3AK!)

Base(c) me/:iconneutron-quasar:
colorpalette thingy (c) :iconsoftybases:
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Doomy est une femme-poisson,cichlidé.Elle travaille au Mermaid Café et elle a une grande admiration pour Smack.

Doomy is a fishwoman,cichlid.She works at the Mermaid Café and it has great admiration for Smack.

Doomy: :icond0omy:
Fishmen's Adventures: :iconbaboupiccolo: / :iconalicetiger: / Sarah Midjek
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Voici un personnage pour mon amie D0omy. J'espère qu'elle te plaira
Here is a character for my friend D0omy . I hope that you'll like
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Golf suddenly became more interesting for Waylon when Mr. Burns decides to help him... improve his swing.

non-profit fanart.
Check my account [link] to read the fanfic that goes with this if you want. It's titled, "Bloodlust and Synergy" (slash/yaoi warning :eyes: so don't complain if it isn't your cup o' tea since I have numerous warnings placed strategically everywhere.)
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That's what happens when you stay up too late watching scary movies.

No infringement intended, non-profit fanart, because we love the Simpsons!
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It's been a while since I've drawn fanart so here you go. I have no idea how I came up with this, but I just started drawing until it turned into art. Dedicated to my good friend *Rose-de-Noire for giving me premium membership once.
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C.Montgomery Burns: Matt Groening
Waylon Smithers: Matt Groening
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