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Having some... friend drama.

So why not post something?

Do you have real friends?

FRIENDS: Wipes your tears when your rejected
BEST FRIENDS: Goes up to him and says, "It's because your gay isn't it?"

FRIENDS: Gives you their umbrella in the rain
BEST FRIENDS: Takes yours and says, "RUN!"

FRIENDS: Helps you up when you fall
BEST FRIENDS: Continues walking while saying, "Walk much smartness?"

FRIENDS: Never ask for anything to eat or drink.
BEST FRIENDS: Helps themselves and are the reason why you have no food.

FRIENDS: Call your parents by Mr. and Mrs. and Grandpa, by Grandpa.
BEST FRIENDS: Call your parents DAD and MOM and Grandpa, GRAMPS!

FRIENDS: Have never seen you cry.
BEST FRIENDS: Wont tell anyone else you cried...just laugh about it with you in private when your not down anymore.

FRIENDS: Asks you to write down your number.
BEST FRIENDS: Has you on speed dial.

FRIENDS: Only know a few things about you.
BEST FRIENDS: Could write a very embarrassing biography on your life story...

FRIENDS: Would knock on your front door.
BEST FRIENDS: Walk right in and say "I'M HOME."

FRIENDS: You have to tell them not to tell anyone.
BEST FRIENDS: Already know not to tell.

FRIENDS: Bail you out of jail and tell you what you did was wrong.
REAL FRIENDS: Will sit next to you saying "Dang … we screwed up … but that crap was fun!"

FRIENDS: Never seen you cry.
REAL FRIENDS: Cry with you.

FRIENDS: Borrow your stuff for a few days then give it back.
REAL FRIENDS: Keep your crap so long they forget its yours.

FRIENDS: Know a few things about you.
REAL FRIENDS: Can tell a billion stories with direct quotes from you.

FRIENDS: Will leave you behind if that is what the crowd is doing.
REAL FRIENDS: Will kick the whole crowds butt that left you.

FRIENDS: Are for awhile.
REAL FRIENDS: Are for life.

FRIENDS: Will take your drink away when they think you've had enough.
REAL FRIENDS: Will look at you stumbling all over the place and say "Drink the rest of that, you know we don't waste."

FRIENDS: Say they are too busy to listen to your problems, but when it comes to them they expect you to have all the time in the world.
REAL FRIENDS: Not only kick everything out of their schedule to listen to whats wrong, but help come up with vindictive plans to make you feel a whole lot better!

FRIENDS: Will ignore this
REAL FRIENDS: Will repost it
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Something that happend in SunnyForest about 2 months ago! XD Look at chestnutkit with her fish! XD "MY fish!"
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Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson
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Goddamnit BEN.
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God Teir PJs.
Took about three hours, including the time trying to figure out how to do the hands. HOLY FUDGE I SUCK AT HANDS.
[My clipboard is ladybug patterned.]
John Egbert (c) :iconhussielipsplz:
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Random piece of fluorite (You know, the stuff they put in toothpaste) that I felt like taking a picture of.
Photo(c) NakuraXchann
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Sterling: *yelling into a headset* Is the thing working? What? It is? Okay?
Sterling: Fucking hell. Anyways.
Sterling: This is Chapter... Thirty-four? Thirty-five? Who knows?

AN: hahaha u fuckers srsly thugt that the old chaptr 35 was REEL u dumb shits! It was may fools like april fools only more secret! Stupid shits.

Sterling: "More secret"? That's... Even for you, that's a whole new level of stupid.

Chapter 35 – Saving Bella

Today I woke up from my bed furiously. I used spellcheck on my paper so that when people like my teechors tried to make fun of it they would b wrong. And they are. Otherwise I wuldnt have straight a's on all of my report cards you dumb shits!

Sterling: Did you write this on Notepad or Wordpad, too? 'Cause that'd explain your maaaad grammar skillz.

"good morning Rebecca" doll bella [AN: not human bella] said to me nicely. She is so nice ever sins she lost her boody bdecause she knows that I am trying hard to get it back! Thenshe made me EGGS! Eggs are my fucking favorite breakfast fud. But then she burned them so you know what? Fuck that whore.

Sterling: Ungrateful little shit. You practically have your own free personal cook.
Sterling: 'Sides, they're still edible.

"work harder you bitch" I say to her and she do. She is like the wicked stepmother. Com to think of it yes that is exactly what she is aftr what she did to me. But that is another story. It was soething too terribul to write down or say out loud. I didn't want to think abut how she sent chardly to kill me. Charly was my friend until became my fiend due to bells's influx. [AN: see!? It is really bella who is the problem, not Rebecca! Rebecca is so nice to even consider helping that ritzy biotch!]

Sterling: Why is it that every time someone says "biotch", you can almost be absolutely certain that the fic is, well, shit?
Sterling: C'mon people, a little more originality could be useful!

Then I realized I was so silly! We didn't have school today I laughed and sighed. It was Saturday which is a weekend day! Tomorrow would be Sunday! Then would come Monday the day we went back to school to graduate and enter the worl das adults. I am ready to be an adult.

Sterling: HA
Sterling: HA HA
Sterling: HA HA
Sterling: No, no, no, no, no... Still no, hell no!

Because it was not the weekstart I went to dairy queen to get siome ice creem because fuck u mainstream shits if you think ice cream is only eating at night. But no! I culdnt eat as much I wanted because bel;la's body was fucking fatass. Oh wait it was fat ass. Boys like fat ass so my ass aint gonna not stay fat you fuckers! Anyways I brought the doll bella with me because if she druve a car it wuld be some fucing weird ass chucky shit

Sterling: Dude, small cars are kind of cool...
Sterling: ...But nothing beats a '67 black Chevy Impala.

"Rebecca you look sexy" sed jacub as he came over to me. Jacub was looking even hotter than normal he was weering a soot. Soots are so fucing hot on men aren't they. I just wantd to fuck him on the table in the dairy queen but im in public so wtf I wouldn't ever do that! Fuck u if you don't think girls get hornly too!

Sterling: Everyone is horny, end of story.

"thanks stud I think you are smexy" I say and curdled with him lovinglee. We went to the park to go and find a bench to make the fuck out on when I saw something! It was Alicia selling her new drug. It was ten time better than pot so good that it stopped being pot, it became bowl.

Sterling: And the award for Worst Joke Of 2013 goes to you!

"Yo girl u wanna buy some bowl" Alicia offered. She is a function economy is this regard.

Sterling: ...Come again?

"No Alicia. You are wrong to pick this path in life" I say praying to my god Judah. She was so misled mayb I culd convert her back to normal one day.

Sterling: Don't do the thing!

"I need to afrod rent" she say because ever sins esme tried to kill every fuckign person at prom I burned the cullins hose down to kill esme but it didn't wrok. Even since the house was burned down we have all been living in an apartment. Tht was what we wer in last chapter you shit.

Sterling: You really think I listen?

Suddenly an earthquick haped and Rossey climed up out of the crack in the ground! FUCK!

Sterling: You've obviously watched far too many apocalypse movies. Stop while you're ahead.

"you goddamn motherfucing cunt Imma fucing kill Rebecca" she say! Her hare was longer and her boobs bunced wildly because she had to eat her bra to not strave to deth in hell!

Sterling: And apparently she also had to eat your Autocorrect, too.

"wate she does not know that I am not bells!" jacub quiced silently to me! He was right!

"she is in Armenia" I say quckly and then rosalee come to me.

Sterling: Eh?

"I will protect you from that sitch, do no worry" she villanously say and then started to summon something! "because esme is too fucing week I WILL KILL REBECCA MYSELF!" then a satantic pentagram appeared on her fourhead and she glowed all evil and red and shit and summoned shit! It was 2 guys and French fucker!

Sterling: This is TalysAlankil and AnarchyWriter, am I right?

"this is talsy, Hawko, and troy" she exposed wildly. Her hare went from blonde to beautiful fire red and her guns culd shoot fire I culd tell! "they will kill people Rebecca knows until she is ded!" then fuck rose because she flew off with satan's powers to Armena!

Sterling whispers, "Mary Suuuuuuuuuueeeeeeeeee".

"sest un farse" the frenchy one sed! He had fucking nasty ass gross green skin he wasn't fucking hot at all. His skin was that way becuz he fuckign vomits all over himself the frunken shit. "por hitler nous allons twoer tous les dos" and then jacub stabed that mothafucker in the face and talsy took out a baguette and fucked with it and hacub stopped that frenchy.

Sterling: If this is all it takes to stop her nightmares, then c'mon, that was booooooooring.

"REBECCA GET DOWN" Alicia said and shot troy one two three for five six seven ayt nine tims and it was fucing gory. Then a tree fell on him! BUT HE GOT UP!

Sterling: Troy is secretly an immortal Squiddle. It's the truth.

"we are imbucked with satan's blood you cannot defeat us!" they say except the freech one!

Sterling: Where's the autocorrect?

"NOOOO" I screamed! I was horrored by this situation! Then Edowerd appeared! And Tanishashqnua! And Angela too!

Sterling: *cough cough Deus Ex Machina*

"I prithee protect thou life" EDowerd say! "BECAUSE I STILL LOVE THEE" and then edowerd went all claws and clawed the fucing shit out of Talsys bagette and destroyed her beray [AN: it's a Fench hat].

Sterling: Sounds like a breakfast dish.

But troy stepped forward from his tree and it used vine whip to grab angela sort of like in hentai with the tentacles [AN: porn is wrong]. She yelled like a cat in heat! A female one!

Sterling: No, you're wrong, because tentacle pr0nz is totally awesome.
Sterling: And what does a tom in heat sounds like?

"HELP ME!" she say!

"this is satan's wood it will fill you with his evil" Hawked say. "feel the evil overtake your daddy's blood girl". He was so evil! What a fucker you shuld go to his profile and spam hate messages. He is worse thana fucer he is a diseased excuse for an abortion!

Sterling: In other words, don't.

"EVIL" angela say and then she was once again!

"fuck this shit" I waddled and then I took my new katana and slit troy's neck. His blood got all over my catholic schoolgirl miniskirt so I took off the miniskirt part and ran to my audi and got in it. Jacub and Alicia and tasnishashanqua did to. But not edowerd. He wuld have to fucing dye right here if he ever wanted judahs forgiveness or salvashing.

Sterling: In other words...
Sterling: The fuck?
Sterling: Ah, well. Over and out.
I felt that a refrence was needed for my OC Candy :)
This is only part one because I didn't draw her wings or sycthe. But just incase you need to know what they look like here is a link to another sketch I did of Candy :)


Candy (c) me
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No comments have been added yet. finally happens. The character that gave me my deviantart username (and other sites I won't mention). There is a long story behind this character. It's longer than the story of how Mayra came about. I've had this character for as long as I have been drawing (which is over 10 years...I still can't believe I've been drawing that long). Anyway, I won't say much about this picture since it explains it's self pretty much.

Meka (c) me
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Yeah, this has been put aside for quite a while XD I've been having a very un-productive time lately, a lack of drive to draw or distractions of unforeseen events! But hopefully February will be where I pick up the pace, I only have until March after all! The only additions are Timer and Mallow, who will become quite close in Darker Wanderings, but that's a story for another day :P
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why did i have to get overboard on the effects sigh

i once owned a VHS with one episode of a cartoon from the 80s called Teddy Ruxpin and while thinking about it i drew gwender and another character who's been a mental concept for a while

you guys remember gwendel, that one character i drew and then left on hold indefinitely
eh well i revised him a little bit so now he's an actual teddy bear and more child-friendly than the previous concepts i had of him (i wanted to have him smoking but nah)

the other one is rita the plush rabbit
they're buds and they go on slightly-surreal whimsical adventures

and now excuse me i must attempt to draw literally all my female characters in ribbon bows
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Finished YCH for :icondarklordivy::icont3chnltlum: and :iconhawkfurze:

I hope you like it! :'D
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not really sure what direction this was going in but all right!

so amelia got joel a flower. he likes it.
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How I perceive the world..... :-)
Synesthesia is when the brain confuses on sense with another... Sounds, colors, shapes, numbers, and almost anything you can imagine can get mixed up.
I have letter-color synesthesia, which means letters have a particular color for me! ^^
This makes poems extra interesting... :P

EDIT: AliaBierwag has featured this in her awesome blog… You should check out both the blog and her own gallery on deviantart, as she makes amazing miniatures from clay!!

EDIT 2: Some people have commented on the spirals, swirls and smears that surround the letters like a weird aura... Well, I have to admit that I have taken some artistic licence: I don't actually see any kind of aura, of any shape. However, letters DO have colors for me, and the imaginary 'after-image' of each letter sorta extends further than the boundaries of each specific letter... (Like an, uh, aura. An imaginary aura that I don't see. It's not there, but the effects (like the blending colors) of the non-existing-aura ARE there. I'm not, uh, making any sense. It's still true XD) Hence green and red blending in 'ea'. And as for the spirals: some letters, like the 'e' in particular, have a very strong impression on me, that sort of clouds the rest of the word and impales my brain (in a good way). I was not satisfied with simply painting 'e' in a more intense green, I tried to show its vividness in another way as well, hense the spirals.
Which are, like the auras, also non-existing. XD
I gave myself a headache.
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Sound→colour synesthesia art.

I've been listening to Portishead a lot lately, so here's a new piece of St. Beth.

This was named after a song on their second (self-titled) album.

Please enjoy.

Here's the song if you want to hear it:…

Here's some lyrics:
Your softly spoken words
Release my whole desire

And so bare is my heart, I can't hide
And so where does my heart, belong

Beneath your tender touch
My senses can't divide
Ohh so strong
My desire

For so bare is my heart, I can't hide
And so where does my heart, belong

Now that I've found you
And seen behind those eyes
How can I carry on

For so bare is my heart, I can't hide
And so where does my heart, belong

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I have Synesthesia, which is a neurological condition in which senses are experienced through other senses: I associate special colours and shapes with letters, numbers, entire words, feelings, sounds, pain, tastes and people. I can also feel many of these things in my body and sometimes I can taste colours and sounds, especially human voices and music.
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I'm on break until Tuesday. Since I celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday I had today off, so I'm celebrating the start of my break with a nice drawing. I worked pretty hard on this and I like alot of what I drew, I think this really helped me improve, even if I'm still not satisfied with the face. uwu

EDIT: I fixed something on the face. c:

Esmeralda  (c) Disney
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I want to see Frozen so badly. Even though I haven't seen it yet, Elsa has to be my favorite character. Plus, the soundtrack is amazing!

Elsa (c) Disney
Art (c) Me
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A flash adaptation of Andrew Hussie's Homestuck, in the style of a linear point-and-click game.

Thread on the MSPA forums: [link].

Tumblr post (It'd be pretty cool if you could like/reblog this!): [link]
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still might mess around with this some more
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hehehe 2 hours of my time :XD:
Homestuck(C):Andrew Hussie
art by me~Kamik91
TT:I want you..
TT:i want kiss you
uu:gett off me
TT:i joked
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:bulletyellow:Hey, F-orgettable. Look. Look at this little shit. He remembered your muse.

Hetalia belongs to the Dark Lord Himaruya.
I found this while goofing off and reading the Christmas 2011 comic of Hetalia, here's a link to the page I found that on.…
Sorry, just felt like sharing that.
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a new frame from tros, it's actually an inbetween but it looked funny :3

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just a little bit something while being super busy! could be a game concept of 3 person co-op where you have to hunt bubbles to progress while dangerous things lurk in shadows (game does not exist, it's just for fun being inspired by The Art Of Monsters University ;D ).  used photoshop and paint tool sai ( for more questions / answers go to F.A.Q )


Featured art:

nature walk by Apofiss
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Maybe I am Crazy. No? I want to keep this tradition where I can just take random requests in the end of the stream or at the beginning. Anyway this happened yesterday and I had awesome time streaming with XKoday, Velkss, Riskikoi, Therbis and LuisEC
Thanks guys for giving audiences everyday dose of art with me. ; D
Now I want to emphasize that I won't be taking ANY requests outside streams. The Iron rule.

art (c) Grypwolf 2015
Characters (c) Their owners.
If people want to have single character images of their own characters, I can send it in email or with stash! Just note me!
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((Asked by: :iconkittykinkin: ))
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This is Rio the Animatronic Macaw and he's my new Five Nights at Freddy's OC :D He'll appear in my FNAF Comic when he alongside the the counterparts of the original animatronics, come for a test week at the pizzeria so the manager can see how they will perform. Builders construct a bird cage for him to reside in, it is located near the show stage so after Toy Freddy, Toy Chica and Toy Bonnie finish singing, he can fly down from his cage and interact with the children. He and a Rottweiler animatronic named Rover target me, teasing, mocking and throwing scalding insults at me. Foxy always attempts to ward them off by intimidating them or threatening them, and on the occasion, it works, but for the majority, they are unfazed. As the week comes to an end, Rover and Rio finally muster up the courage to actually HURT me, the action involving sending me flying off the show stage. Foxy and the others quickly rush to my aid, Foxy preventing them from getting any closer and Freddy, Bonny and Chica check on me to ensure I'm okay.

EDIT: Added extra joints on Rio's wings so he can fold them against his body like a normal bird would otherwise he would look really weird XD

Enjoy ^^

~Chazzeh ;)
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Holy crap. Largest meme I've ever done. It was almost pure torture. Thanks goes to ~duckerly28, who tagged me to do this meme.

:D I tag all HTTYD fans!
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I did a pretty thing. =w= 

Radi (C) snowpelt119
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holy cow this is like my 1# favorite halloweeny couple of the year
they're so adorable ghturighut if you haven't watched the video yet, i advise you do so now


Lewis & Vivi (C) Mystery Ben. 
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This one is simple; chose a character - design it as one of the tarot cards - draw it here.

Now there is a catch!
Try to be as loyal to the card you chose as possible, both the design and the meaning of the card itself.

And have fun!

More memes here:
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I just felt like making a gift for Oro xP she is allways so nice to everyone, and i figured its been a while since i made anything to her =3

Oh, and i drew this on school, so i kinda forgot some props and stuff... anyway^^

Hope you like it :iconoro-vaderdragon: ^^
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sorry it took so long. ^^;

and after someone RUSHING ME 24/7 i finished.

and is dat a rock hes sitting on?


Vader (c) :iconoro-vaderdragon:
Art (c) :iconbluejayrainbow101:

Only *Oro-VaderDragon may use this!
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Uploading this a few days early. Because I can.

PIUWRGNIWRG. IT'S FINALLY DONE. Seriously. I've been working on this all freakin month.

I was gonna make a video with this song... but I got lazy so I made a huge picture out of it.

Basically, the song kinda follows a story so that's the main reason I only gave 5 charries costumes.
Basically, Arakaari, Icicle, Laura, Ollie and Azul screw about with a Ouiji Board and accidentally cause Doomsday. Then a ton of stuff happens and random characters get their own little sections of the song about what's happening to them.

Now for the costume explanations.
Arakaari is supposed to be a Weeping Angel from Doctor Who, Icicle is Akefia from Yu-Gi-Oh!, Laura is Yami no Marik (also from Yu-Gi-Oh!), Ollie is Slenderman (C:<).

Azul however. I didn't know what to do for her so I asked her.

She said she would be a box.

I asked her what kind of box.

Her reply was 'a sexy box'.

So she is a sexy box.

Deal with it. :icondatassplz:


Arakaari belongs to *AnonymousBlazeh.
Icicle belongs to ~icicaltheicedragon.
Laura/Boltstrike belong to me.
Oliver belongs to ~dragonOllie15.
Dimstar belongs to *Urnam7.
Nobody belongs to *DarkTornado.
Thanatos belongs to ~TheBlackAngel07.
Ezzie belongs to *iEzzie.
Elfin belongs to ~3lfin.
Oro belongs to *Oro-VaderDragon.
Mixa belongs to ~Gamegirl98.
Stalkerheart belongs to ~Nicey1015.
Snowy belongs to *SnowyForest

If I didn't put you in there it's likely because I ran out of room. -_-


Every thirty-first night of October you would meet
little children dressed as monsters all demanding, "Trick or Treat".
Ever since the night it happened people see through different eyes.
Never take for granted whom you might antagonize.

On the night the world was changed, mankind knew not what lie ahead.
Laughingly, they made a game of trying to command the dead.
Asking questions, seeking answers, thinking that they would prevail.
Careless words they uttered were enough to tear the veil.

One by one, the evil spirits, freed at last from fettered years,
found their way into our world and saw that children had no fears.
Taking great offense at all the joy on such an evil night, they
vowed to put the fear back in our hearts and took to flight.

Hurry, hurry! Run! They're coming! Lock the doors and hide away!
What on Earth is happening? My eyes behold such disarray!
What could have the power to bring such a city to a halt?
Someone phone the SIS and find out who's at fault!

Saints protect me! This must be the End that I've been told about.
Everywhere I look, I'm seeing panic, tragedy, and doubt.
What have I done to deserve this? I've remained a selfless nun. I
fear that we won't live for old Beelzebub has won.

(Aah! Aah!~)
Halloween will never be the same.

Do you hear the big commotion hap'ning in the street?
Probably some children looking for a house to trick-or-treat.
I don't think so. Look outside. The neighbors are all on the floor.
Look there's someone all dressed up, he's pounding on the door!

Sorry sir; I can not help. This Hospital is over-flowing.
I don't know when we'll have room, but free-space here is growing.
Have a seat. Don't go outside; there's things out there you won't believe. I'm
sorry, but you're safer here, it's best if you don't leave.

All I've heard for hours now are sirens drowning out the screams,
making such an awful noise that pales the terrors in my dreams.
Lying in an ambulance, my vision blurs; I cannot see.
I can feel I'm slipping now. The bell; it tolls for me.

(Aah! Aah!~)

For one night all order left, and chaos caused a hellish strife.
No one could have stopped the madness. Breaking people; ending life.
If it weren't for rules unspoken forcing them to end the war,
Halloween would have gone on until we were no more!

All the spirits left our world as dawn broke on the wasted masses.
Everyone who lives now celebrates when the tenth month passes.
Now that you have heard the story, please remember this advice:
"If you choose to laugh at evil, make sure you think twice!"

- Halloween Requiem
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my part of a promised art trade with *Oro-VaderDragon XDDD
hope you like it since i almost only have time to draw on paper -3-
lol i made oro a little epic while she looks like a very sweet dragon X333 but well now you also can see the dark side of her >3
i made her with my pro markers and pencils ;)
for you frendie :hug: hope you like it ;)
btw the quality isnt that great i am sorry for that D;

made by :iconlembuk:
(c) :iconoro-vaderdragon:
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Collection by
Featherdale Wildlife Park Sydney Australia
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I was bored and made 5 Synesthesia sheets fro people and im like "heeey theres a synesthesia meme out there somewhere" so i did it.
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I refuse to believe other people don't have this--don't feel this.
Maybe they aren't aware of it, don't consciously think about it; but it has to be there. How else could you walk into a room and think,
"This room makes me feel blank."
How else could you have warm and cold colors, how else could smells be tied so tightly to memories that the scent of sunscreen takes you to the beach regardless of the season,
and don't tell me you don't feel it.
You have to.

We live and we breathe and we solve math problems and we create art and we solve mysteries and all the while our minds are making connections, ones we may not be aware of, ones we may not understand.
We are in turmoil, our bodies, our minds, beyond a speed you can track, beyond any formula we could comprehend, all in order to live and breathe in the crisp smell of autumn leaves, and this we understand. We don't know where the air filling our lungs melds into the feeling we get in our hearts, we don't know why we do, when it is our minds that breathe and our hearts are mere organs, beating blood powering our every movement, our lungs expanding our minds reading the world and processing every moment---
We are in turmoil.
We are vessels for our thought and we are machines that function beyond explanation, constant and unquestioned and- and we have more going on inside us than we could ever express and yet--
We have these sounds
that come out of our mouths.
And they matter.
And we're able to communicate all these intricate ideas, these emotions we can't quite fathom and yet there they are,
and it's more than that. We can turn them into little symbols, like the word symbol, which is golden bronze and I'm telling you that. And it's more still,
because we can read more than just words.
We nod, or raise our voices or eyebrows, we wave our arms around madly and it's like a complicated system that shouldn't make sense but it's a language we understand nonetheless.
And there's more than that still! There's no way to overexplain, no way to obfuscate,
It's art and it's everywhere.
This isn't new- none of it. We've heard that a picture is worth a thousand words, we've listened to music and noticed the mood it gives us. We know that red can be an angry color, that when you paint in blues and grays and the fall of rain, the picture is usually quiet. The language of art is something we don't quite realize, but one that we are all familiar with,
and maybe I'm not a synesthesiac;
maybe I'm just an artist
but I can't be the only one who finds this amazing--

I refuse to exist in a world that is manufactured so that only I can taste smarties when I think of the sweet, dry smell of sawdust, a world where I alone can see light glinting off antique bronze and feel the shuffling of parchment when I hear a chord on a grand piano.
I refuse to accept that you don't feel this too--
And yet the looks I get when people find
That I read math problems like picture books,
That the name Julia is violet and that it's disharmonious because the cyclops "i" is off-center,
That the word zephyr is red,
But a zephyr itself is pale blue.
It's all around and it's as real as your smell of sunscreen,
As tangible.

I'm not sharing this to convince-
To humanize myself as if 2*3 being purple is a crime
or to paint some grandiose vision
of some superb connection with the world I can't pretend to have-
I don't need "I understand."
I need to understand.
This language of humans, of art, of the vapor of somewhere inside us
That condenses into the ropes that tie
our hearts to our minds
our lungs to our hearts-
The magnificence of eyebrows and the subtleties of the word eloquence;
The color yellow at its most sophisticated.
The world is rich and it's ours to share
And I can't believe we're truly apart
When we know you don't need to understand something
To know it's there.
My world--it isn't really that different from yours. 
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A VERY rough sketch of what I see when I hear Knight Moves by Chilly Gonzalez.. I have sound>shape synesthesia
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*EDIT: scrapped.

Cluttered my gallery too much.


Welp, this is one of the most interesting color studies I've ever done.

Since a few months but possibly longer, I seem to associate some songs with certain colors. I first noticed when I saw that the colors I associated with a certain song were reflected in the artwork I made while listening to it. Mostly it's one color which predominates all the others, and that one is always the easiest to pinpoint right away. Such as "Russian blue" for the song "I'm Jim Morrison, I'm dead" by Mogwai, or "hot pink" for the song Red by Angelspit, or "purple" for the piano piece by Schubert.
I picked a few varying songs so the difference is very clear.

On a side note, I'm aware of the existense of synesthesia, however, I'm pretty certain this isn't the case. I assume I'm just imagining things mostly on purpose somehow, though I can't explain why giving a certain song a different color than the one I think it has makes my hair stand on end because it would be "wrong". I haven't even had this color association thing for very long anyhow, or at least I didn't particularly notice it before.
Anyway, I'll try to explain how it works for me at the risk of sounding like I completely lost it, and I can't guarantee it'll make much sense.:p

Each song has its own color pattern, and when I try to "imagine" a color which I didn't initially "see" while listening to it, I feel physically nauseous because it doesn't "belong" there. They also all behave in different patterns depending on the song, and the patterns never change. I also don't "see" them in my direct field of vision or floating in front of me, but rather clear as day in my head.
If it gets overwhelming, I get headaches too. Like yesterday. And right now, since I'm still listening to one of the songs I listed below which makes it really difficult to focus.
The shapes are also not complex. I don't see a blue unicorn run around for example, unless I'm actually daydreaming which is something else. They're mostly swirls, dots, angular shapes and lines.

I also don't have it with all sounds and/or songs, just a particular few up until here. With some songs I don't really associate anything at all, or not as clearly as with others. Songs with piano and "lower/heavier" sounds tend to be the easiest to see. A lot of industrial songs with high-pitched sounds have some weird "white hot" colors going which is painful.
Some patterns are also the same, such as piano keys which I imagine as colorful dots. They tend to vary in size and color depending on how high/low the tones are.

I'm not always bothered by imagining these colors either, which is why I'm convinced it's more a result of stress/anxiety combined with an overactive imagination rather than something like synesthesia. It mostly happens when I'm under tremendous pressure and when I have more trouble with "blocking out" certain thoughts, which is also when I first noticed a song "sounded" like a particular color.

I take it everyone can imagine things like these and associate sounds with colors/patterns, and I'm no different. I was just wondering whether the colors/patterns also remain the same at all times with other people, and whether they're always clear or whether you need some time to imagine them, which in the songs I mentioned for example I do not. That song by Mogwai has always instantly been Russian blue, and it will remain that way.
And if so, what songs do others associate with which colors/patterns?

The four songs pictured are these:

Low Roar - Tonight, tonight, tonight
Mogwai - I'm Jim Morrison, I'm dead
Angelspit - Red
Schubert - Drei klavierstücke (D946)

The colors aren't entirely right in the pictures though. the song "Red" had more hot pink, but I don't have that color and had to use regular pink which isn't as bright. The white was also far brighter. The lime green and yellow in the song by Mogwai was also easier to see, and the orange and blue are both darker. The song by Low roar also has more waves and ultramarine blue closer to the end, but it generally looks layered like in the picture. The black of Drei klavierstücke was also pitch black for the most part, and the dark green was more prominent.

For another example, the picture "Lost" in my gallery was made while listening to "Yankee bayonet" by The decemberists. I associate that song with a flurry of colors for some reason where no one color in particular stands out.

regular markers, a few copic markers, Derwent colorsoft pencils, watercolor and some white acrylic on paper.

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Collection by
How to train your dragon skrill is my favorite dragon ever so I did a quick sketch right after the 2 episode parts went off but will do another better one later on.
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I don't know, snow day (but if I got out side the news says i'll die) and im a little tired (woke up at 3 and couldn't fall back asleep) so I didn't want to work on a comic.

heres the first non-comic upload of 2014~


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okay, here we go! round two! sure, we failed last year he saw this coming.... by mom1995577 but im going to do this man!

a comic for every week! a comic a week 2014 starts now!


sorry if this comic seems a little....odd.

I mostly did it late at night cause that's the only time I can just sit and draw without any interuptions....buuuut my drawing skills seem to be morning skills and not night owls...

ANY WAY! been far too long since I've drawn mismose. I felt like I forgot how to draw her.

but a comic a week should fix that!~

.........wait is speedy checking twitter?

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YES! its officaly 2014 and my spelling hasn't gotten any better! :dummy:

so, what do I have planed for the new year? nothing! BUT I do have an idea of what I want to happen.

1. comic a week part two! or just comic a week II.

yes, I know I failed you all last year he saw this coming.... by mom1995577 but this year will be different! I promise! and if not, well you'll get a funny little thing with speedy being ticked off again with another meme. win/win?


im not actally offline those of you who have me on Skype! I legit have Skype open every other day just loading it! IT WONT LOAD! it says you all are offline, and I know that's not true! and I've gotten messages and notes and GAH! my Skype is just jacked up! and I WILL get it to work EVEN IF IT GIVES ME A HEAD ACE!

3. draw all the things indeed!

speedy and dogo in minecraft, jugi's adventures (which will no longer JUST be AC3 if you smell what im selling), AWTS, the doctor who chronicle (which will be longer than my normal chronicle) gamer sisters, and MAYBE EVEN MY ORRIGNAL SUPER HEROS! deffently not TARGET: D.D.....that's beyond help at this point...

but yes! I will get these comics rolling and they wont stop unless I have real life issues and we all know how that is...

well, heres hopeing for a good year! happy 2014 everyone!

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