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I uploading them ALL of these deviantART so the deviantART users can enjoy every single one on ONE account instead of trying to find this buttery smooth animation for your very favorite pokemon with much struggle! Like I said, i am uploading ALL of them, so if you want to see some of your favorite pokemon just wait and soon I will have them all uploaded, and if they are all already uploaded just search in my gallery for the pokemon of your specification and BAM its there. :) (Smile)

You can use them on your profile, Journals, Groups, whatever you want! They are here and ready for using. Just use the thumb or URL. No credit to me needed AT ALL. 

If you want me to make an icon sized one (50pxby50px) of your favorite pokemon put in a request in the gallery comments section.

Comments disabled by owner.
Pokemon battles are funny to draw them. This picture I promised to a fellow who had a green Gastly in his [imaginary xD] team.
Other pokemon and trainer pictures:
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Haven't done any pokemon fanart lately.

Also, I believe deviantart lacks electrivire fanart. So yeah, here ya go. <3
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My second artwork for Electivire and a comission for :icondemonisaoh:

I'm not sure if the original pose belongs to anyone other than nintendo, it's from an image I found on Google... so if I have accidentaly used your pose, I'm very sorry, please send me a note telling me so though! :la::la::la:

Electivire can learn Fire Punch, a move not of its type, in three different ways: as a starting move, by tutoring, and as an Egg move. It shares this trait with its counterpart, Magmortar, who learns ThunderPunch in this manner.

The original is of course by nintendo, but this is my own artwork of its character

Artwork made by Tails19950
Pokemon (C)Nintendo
Please, do not use this artwork!

And please, please just don't steal this, please remember I took my time creating it.
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who needs magical friendship when you have three heads full of flesh rending teeth
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So, uh, I guess I doodled a kinda realistic blastoise a while ago? I

I must have done it while I was supposed to be painting something, since I painted in the white parts. With paint.
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tools:ps5 intuos
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Big ol’ Blastoise. Too bad he can’t point those cannons backwards and use them as water-jet pack. He’d get around a lot faster I bet.

Finally done with the Gen1 Starters! Only….142 left….

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` w ´)
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"It's a long way to the top, if you wanna rock n' roll!"

i've been doing productive things lately like drawing myself as a pokemon trainer
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If I can even vaguely picture an ambiguous Pokemon as a bird I always mentally make it a bird

Pokemon belong to Nintendo.
Art by me.
Drawn on SAI.
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Neptune gives little to zero sh-ts about safety. Wearing Deadpool's hoodie has its perks, y'know? It's like a nemean lion pelt, except it's Deadpool's.

Welll, I actually got to make a lot of drawings this week besides this one, that pic of Rei and her crocs, and Anti-Venom. I'll probably be posting them later~
*sniff* This week was a good one just 'cause I got to draw so much. Plus I'm just so happy with how this drawing turned out. To my ever-loyal friends and supporters: you guys rock.happy cry XD 
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Last week was midterms week, and I had this one lying around my sketchbook for a short while. I finally got around to finishing it coz two teachers didn't show up for class two days ago and I only had two classes for that day. I was darn lucky. :la:
Anyway, here's my own rendition for a realistically-proportioned Sceptile. I based it right off raptors since the Sceptile's appearance reminded me more of birdlike dinosaurs than actual reptiles; especially since their pointy snouts could easily be saurian beaks and their leaf blades could just be forelimb feathers. If you have any thoughts about this, please leave me a comment! I'd appreciate it. :D

are bipedal, reptilian Pokemon native to the Hoenn region. They, along with their juvenile forms Grovyle and Treecko, are known for their incredible agility and dexterity.

They exhibit an omnivorous diet, ranging from various fruits to smaller Pokemon. They often eat berries during the Treecko stage, only starting to hunt for living prey during their early stages as a Grovyle.

As early as the Treecko stage, they often gather the seeds of the fruits that they eat into a special pouch located right next to their throats, which they plant in various places around their inhabited forests. If threatened, they can launch these seeds at an aggressor at incredibly high speeds by pressurizing their seed pouch with air. The aptly-named "bullet seeds" are capable of penetrating solid rock. They also serve another purpose, since the decomposing corpse of anything killed by these seeds would provide a great amount of nutrition for a growing plant.

Starting from the Grovyle stage, their forelimbs develop a set of feathers that have evolved to be used as a means of self-defense, and to an extent, for combat as well. Unlike any other species, their forelimb feathers are built to vibrate at an alarmingly high frequency, giving it the ability to cut through most surfaces with relative ease.

Their species are among several plant-type Pokemon that have evolved a special symbiotic relationship with an internal plant growing along the spine. Despite being a separate organism, the plant is connected to the pokemon's neural system and can be consciously controlled. It is particularly inactive during the Treecko stage, but soon takes form as a long cranial leaf during the Grovyle stage. As it matures into Sceptile, the leaf falls out, and a set of yellow bulbs start growing along its back and long, piercing, quill-like leaves grow along its powerful tail.

This plant photosynthesizes oxygen and sends it directly into the Pokemon's bloodstream; it is for this reason that they never easily tire, giving credence to the incredible stamina the species is known for. During the Sceptile stage, the bulbs growing along their backs release pheromones that directly influence the growth of surrounding plants, causing them to be much healthier. Forests that are home to Sceptile teem with strong and beautiful plant life. These pheromones can also be used by the Sceptile to attract mates during breeding season, and for marking their territory within their forests.

These Pokemon tend to stay away from humans, and have territories located far from civilization. It is because of this that sightings are exceedingly rare, and any specimens kept in captivity are highly valued.
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I forgot to upload this for several months, but here they are now. There was a challenge on tumblr back in december called POKEDDEX where you would draw a Pokémon of a different type each day, and I got about halfway through before I got distracted and never finished.

So here are the Pokémon from the first twelve days. I never even got to draw my favourite: Arcanine. Sob. But Ninetales made it in.

If you want to see each of them with their types and my artist's comments, you can go here: [link]
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Eeveelutions print for BronyCon and Nightmare Nights 2015
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I used to wonder how people did these because I am absolutely wretched at drawing things from memory. I'm still wondering how people do it.
If I didn't design it I need refs until I've drawn it at least half a dozen times. Plus I tend to take some artistic liberties even when I do draw pokemon with refs. I had to flat out give up on drapion without even starting. All I could was remember was that it was purple and some sort of bug.
Most of these are so bad and exactly how I thought this would go. It was pretty funny.
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*braces self for the influx of "praise helix" comments*

But for the record, "Project Helix" is NOT a reference to Twitch Plays Pokemon, as coincidental as it may seem. Although, during the production of this page, I did consult the almighty online helix about whether or not I'd ever complete my comic. It told me "without a doubt", so things are looking optimistic! *thumbs up*

I sure hope you guys like monologues, because we still got another whole page of this to go~ :dummy:

- - - - -

Btw, the Design A Kick@$$ Gijinka Contest is still going on. Prizes include: premium memberships, dA points, and a chance to have your gijinka design featured in an extended, fully colored Kick@$$ bonus comic, so be sure to check it out!

Click here to read my comic on the official Nuzlocke forums.
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Words words wordy-word words~

Not my absolute favorite page, but I'm glad it's finally done. At least we have juicy plot to look forward to. :icondummydanceplz:

- - - - -





If you said "YES" to both, then you'll be happy to hear that I'm hosting a "Design A Kick@$$ Gijinka" contest! Prizes include: premium memberships, dA points, and a chance to have your gijinka design featured in an extended, fully colored Kick@$$ bonus comic! WWIAFTM by wwiaftmplz

>>> Click here for more info! <<<

/end shameless self-advertisement

Click here to read my comic on the official Nuzlocke forums.
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As you can see a lot of effort went into this so you better like it :iconshadeofshinon:

It's Shinon's birthday and I totally realised earlier today and didn't leave this to the last minute at all.
Anywho there's a decent chance that people who watch me for my run have probably also seen or watched Shinon, but if not, go check out her stuff, she's got a really cool and distinctive style I'm sure you'll like.
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Some of you might recognize the legendary bird picture as the same one I uploaded a couple days ago~

Birds of Legend by YinDragon

Well, well! We haven't seen Shade McNinja in a long time! He's had a slight wardrobe change since his last appearance, but it's not super obvious unless I can somehow squeeze in a detailed full-body shot later.

This chapter is basically subbing in for the whole Rocket Hideout portion of the game, so brace yourselves for the incoming info dump. It's a big one. ;x

Click here to read my comic on the official Nuzlocke forums.
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:O Looky what I finished! :heart:

Good lord the details on this bitch, I swear. (_ = 3=)_

She belongs to Nintendo or whatever. o wob
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The console has a metallic finish. To see the full effect of the paint job please take a look at this video:…
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The console has a metallic finish. To see the full effect of the paint job please take a look at this video:…
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=>  inks / white paint / color pencils
Mass Effect (c) Bioware>/i>


...ok, years after everybody, I know, but guess what ? better now than never XD

Quick portrait of my character Scarlett Shepard ! So glad I had make up when I created her XD haha, love my so red lipstick XD also, I've played her the Paragon way during the whole trilogy (exception of some sequences when some assholes seriously needed to have their butts kicked with renegade actions XD)
Holy shit, I'm so crazy with those games, I've played the 3 games at once, that was amazing XD I've shared the experience with friends who were also playing the trilogy in the same time, we had great and crazy discussions about our storylines :)

I have the project to draw a fanart with my character and with my 3 other fav characters, Garrus :heart: (my romance /^o^/ Turians in general make me soooo crazy), Mordin and Wrex (lol, no humans, what can I say, aliens just totally rocks in those games). Yeah, it will be a challenge but I will be so proud of myself if I am able to draw something nice :3 already making some studies to learn how to portrait them all ~

Also I know the Mass Effect games are so popular, did you play them ? Did you draw your Shepard ? Let me see >v< post a link if you comment ^_^

Mass Effect :
GarrusxShepard by Scarlett-AimpyhSamara by Scarlett-AimpyhNihlus by Scarlett-AimpyhThane by Scarlett-AimpyhGarrus by Scarlett-Aimpyh
All Rights Reserved Notice by Kezzi-Rose
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=> watercolors / inks / white paint / color pencils
Mass Effect (c) Bioware

First for all the people here who do not follow me for my Mass effect pictures  : I'm sorry I have a HUGE need to draw fanarts about those games :XD: I feel like an addict right now, so please excuse me lol, but it needs to get out of my soul/heart/brain and go directly on the paper ! I'm going to come back to my other artworks after that but it's really amazing how I'm currently drawing different things than what I usually do... and I feel GOOD INSIDE by doing that ! fresh air for my head ! Also it's a challenge to portrait aliens and... I love this *_*

GarrusxShepard :heart: :heart: can't stop loving turians, they are just incredible and amazing ... Llama Emoji-03 (Sparkles) [V1] 

Mass Effect :
Scarlett Shepard by Scarlett-AimpyhSamara by Scarlett-AimpyhThane by Scarlett-AimpyhGarrus by Scarlett-AimpyhSaren by Scarlett-Aimpyh
All Rights Reserved Notice by Kezzi-Rose
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I don't have anything to say about this. LOL
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I'll be a little slower (not that I already was) in uploading artwork now since school starts, but I'll still try to put stuff up!

Decided to draw Haruto using his psychic powers!  I imagine his eyes to glow blue when he uses them.
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For :iconchaosarina:! I hope you like it! Thank you so much for commissioning!
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Gyarados~~ one of my member in Blazeblack
wish i've shiny one ;3;

Gyarados, Brave nature
ability, Moxie
current lvl : ..............i forgot D:
current moveset
-Ice fang
-Aqua Tail
-Dragon Dance
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Felt like drawing one of my favourite Pokemon today, Gyarados :D
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Whee, it's Ivysaur xD VINEWHIP! :0

Ivysaur (C) Pokemon/nintendo

Venusaur next :( -fails at venusaur-
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beware to sea monsters!
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Prisma color pencils :)

Next: Raichu
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Wabi-sabi represents a comprehensive Japanese world view or aesthetic centered on the acceptance of transience and imperfection. The aesthetic is sometimes described as one of beauty that is "imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete".


okay hear me out
1st named the comic something japanese bc I'm a fuckin' weaboo 
2nd This is a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon comic, no, it is not a Nuzlocke. I am doing this for enjoyment and because There needs to be some more pmd comics out there because it is my absolute favorite pokemon spin off game. + I need to practice people because the majority of art in Fiasco is going to be pokemon. and they are lumpy and shapey and what...?
3rd Gijinkas are right down cool af ok
 4th fuck yes I will cameo your pokemon gijinkas from when you were 9 and playing this game. Or any gijinka you make anyway.
5Tth Don't worry, I'm still doing Fiasco, the chapters for Wabi Sabi will be significantly smaller, and I'm planning on putting them in between Fiasco updates. Because sometimes you get tired of drawing Dewey's hair sometimes y'know, like what even is that? Is her hair jUSt a bun? or is her hair curly? does her hair go the same way? Does it flow in the wind like saint seiya?

so yeah
have fun.
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The adventure hasn't even started and everyone's already getting rekt. 

Here's a pretty rushed page I did overnight because fuck sleep amirite, hahahai'msofuckin'tired

Sorry for the quality drop, I mostly wanted to get through this asap since getting your started can be pretty boring.

I hope you enjoy it regardless!
I surely enjoyed drawing it!

Pokemon (c) Nintendo


Next: (Takin' a small break so maybe in a week or two)

Previous: Char's Nuzlocke Page 02 by Charpener
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Regardless if you were born to fight
Or bred with darkness as your brand
I'll care for you as I normally would
And reach to you a healing hand.

Then one day when all is well
When hearts are swapped and conflict ends
Upon that joyous ferris wheel
We'll ride and show the world we're friends.

Poem by :iconmist-flower:
Thank you so much for this lovely poem... truly capture how I feel about this piece...

It was an honor to able to capture this moment...
Hope you will enjoy it too

Other wild pokemon series
Wild Pokemon living in the City by Ninja-JamalWild Pokemon chilling at LIttle Tokyo by Ninja-JamalWild Persian w/Meowth encounter Zigzagoon in Vegas by Ninja-JamalWild pokemon at the campsite by Ninja-JamalRun!!! WIld Fire Pokemon in LA RUN!!!! by Ninja-JamalWild Flygon Families in Grand Canyon by Ninja-Jamal
you can find the other wild pokemon here…
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doodles of the protagonist~
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Collection by
...and crossover time!

Could you believe I made it right after middle evo of Kalos starters got revealed?!
YES, 'cause of Quilladin I felt in love with while I saw it got hated and portaited in fanarts as sad creature.

I never got it. Chespin is portaited as cheerful, Quilladin looks pretty fun(ny) and all in glorious knight theme.
My mind got crazy for ideas no one ever got.

I wanted to reorganize again all those uncountable files especially after I've done some works for studies and I found this:
Almost full flat color comic which I just nailed for the sake of time (and maybe laziness, maybe it was just me being
surprisly lazy out of being sick)

I still cannot get enough Chespin line doesn't learn leaf blade, but seed bomb.

(look: helmet and grass type for camouflaging, bomb move instead of leaf blade and Pokedex says it can withstand a bomb

and nobody has thought 'bout that yet...?! I don't believe.

P.S.: I am so sorry for the missing dots and so such quite lame quality. It was old work, before I overcame troubles with my scratched screen by working with more studious method.
(I can't afford new one yet, dta's why I have scratched screen)
art belongs to me, Marta Kłeczek
Quilladin as Pokemon belongs to Game Freak
Rico character from Penguins of Madagascar series belongs to  Dreamworks, Nickelodeon
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---herp derp internet time nerd---

How do you composition? How do you fish scales? How do you water?
How do you draw without reference?

You don't know how to draw?
JUST DRAW IT. NO CHEATING BRUSHES. I wasted too much time lookin' for example for splash brushes while I think I can learn
how to draw them.

GENIUS :icongenius-plz:

- - -
One of MANY I had among my computer files...I just got it finished. 'cause I samurai AND Pokemon eeveryythiing...!

Now you know why I say again and again I have too much works I would submitt, but...
CRAP. I just CAN'T work on all of them!
Believe me!
HOW MANY drawings got left because I started to correct ONE single line or shading process for hundreds times.
How many? Probably the same as the amount of stars you can see on clear night sky. :iconcannotevenplz:
just because at the sketch level or turning sketch into clear drawing is sometimes IMPOSSIBLE for my self-critic level :iconorzplz:
yes, my self-critique level IS OVER 9000

THIS drawing came after I lost "fresh" focus on human drawing in one-shot comic with Aaron and Lucian, then I didn't knew
how to shade Rapidash in one battle scene of Shindou's past and then...this.
I decided to end this drawing as I wanted to experiment with water AND Darkrai concept. It was good decision to "waste time".

EHHH I am not the greatest example of artist's work.
Don't worry, things get better and better, thanks to training and learning about myself I draw waaaay faster than just year ago
and I don't correct as often as I used to. I just change focus and then jump back again. That's how truthfully some works
will get soon finished when I'll get mood for lineart or drawing humans. Now I'm stuck at messy drawing/sketching references.

Sketch of a scene and some time spend over drawing/sketch are great for me to write down an idea instead of writing it only
as text, because through the time a picture that appeared in my head just gets forgotten, I need to sketch soon as I can.
Some ideas too, I can't keep .psd files with dialogues spammed on sketches, so here I'll just use DA as kind of sketchbook.

Hope you don't mind...
- - -
Artist note: my OC stories and especially everything around Weirda Mirrart have almost always metaphors. That's why, LOOK OUT, there are some Pokemon included because of the theme that they represent...I feel like 10 years old amatheur who wants to start a story
with words "long, long time ago..." and put poke-Gods 'cause it feels so awesome, especially when they're fighting just for Bam-Bam-
blast-rooooar. :roll: Why I feel bad? Because Marshall OC is dedicated to be hero that fights againist evil on Weirda's side as she
seeks her dreams, even if it's hard to "be just yourself". Oh yeah, dreams...evil...nightmares. Have Darkrai, hooray...!

I know many Pokemon fans enjoy and love Darkrai from the movie that shows dark type, originally called as evil type, is shown
as misunderstood. I also adore this, because I keep dark types as usualy misunderstood in my Pokemon world, but some of them...
ARE indeed evil. The Darkrai is NOT a single one in the World, but this one which appears in my stories is the bad one.

I also have him in my last Paleoshipping dump, so...showing it to the public was just matter of time. I need to nail its design,
so I NEED to draw/sketch it. I'm not a genius, things come with the time :shrug:

If you think I share too much, then...PLEASE DON'T MAKE ME LAUGH :iconpsyduckeheplz: pfffft

I just show at most 50% of everything I have. As for this Darkrai, he has a name, he has minions, he chases Weirda because of his
Lord...and he has a reason to follow her even leaving Sinnoh region. AND WHY WEIRDA? TOP SECRET, part of Darkrai's Lord plan.

The mysterious, without name revealed yet Darkrai OC theme is THIS...…

He'll make your dreams bleed out, hope death and feed on your sorrow...which makes him want to keep you alive more and more.
He's like black hole, will take everything from others and create emptiness in everyone's heart, the great giving up for life.
Once you're death, you're like ghost to him- a dark type takes full advantage over that...

okay okay maybe I went to carried away with saying such big words. OOOOPS IT'S JUST ME~

I think I just LOVE describing this Dakrai and his lord with thought "the are insane, but they send insanity to others and feed on
it... the darkness is everywhere, you just turn to light to ignore it...but it's just right behind you. You can't fight with your
shadow. I am the greatest shadow, because I can beat everyone's."

I'm still not sure how to illustrate/draw dark matter which Darkrai controlls and compacts into strongest dark type power, but if fighting type moves(so aura power too) are super effective againist it AND Marshall here using(explained later in description)Swif Swim ability just created strong blast of water which is seen through weakened, transparent fragment of failed Dark void move.

What you see IS NOT DARK LIQUID, I am happy how it came out from the experiment I used kater to draw splashes(and so I left it to feel proud heehee)


Future Hoenn story, right after Marshall have returned to Weirda's team, before professor Tipsy will notice and recognize
one of Weirda's items...which cause her "curse" that followed her in Sinnoh. It's still present, even if nothing bad has happened since she worked in Sunyshore City and then moved to Kalos. It was just a moment of putting awarness to sleep...but the nightmare will be brought to reality again.
Why right after Marshall will return with his family and Shindou by side?

Because this time Darkrai will not aim for Weirda, but for HIM. It wants to eliminate the biggest trouble on its way.
In this fight, Darkrai is truly pissed off because Weirda is protected better, EVEN BETTER thanks to Grenouille, female Greninja
which is Marshall's mate. Weirda's Swampert is also enraged, because he has enough of this evil Pokemon that causes a lot
of trouble. Everything went into good way, now Darkrai's going to ruin all the effort again?!


-Swif swim ability idea/theory:
Pokemon have ability to multiply atoms from their life energy coming from the aura, they can also
turn atoms into kinetic energy. Some of them have ability that works independly without Pokemon's consciousness.

When there's rain, some Pokemon can use water drops that fall onto their bodies(and nearbly around) to force liquids and create kinetic power that boosts their speed. It works like passive aqua jet move, but without creating water cloak, but making blasts of water
behind them everytime they move, so concentrate the power to rush. It also works on smaller scale, boosting up movement of their limbs, not only the whole body mass like Aqua jet attack.

-ghost type Pokemon have hard time when it comes to use fighting type move, because they're not living creatures, but spirits.
Those which have strong spiritual energy and high special attack, can perform Focus Blast, but with a lot of energy cost.

However, many fighting type moves are not based on the aura power, but technique and spirit's focus to use full blow
at minimal fighting spirit cost.

Rock climb and strenght are examples of Pokemon's attack used to just use their strenght or powerful strike, but it's generous
and not trained in certain way and tactics. That's why fighing type moves are not just a punch that amateur can use:
it's mastered attack when the mind also takes the role. There is a small percent of people who inherited in their DNA gene code
same as Pokemon, so they can use even Aura Sphere.

-No guard ability theory

Honedge is known from draining life energy of people, but the reason remains unknown. Even Yamask, being ghost pokemon
which before was a human don't do this. Honedge's and Doublade's ability called No guard is truly interesting, because levitating sword
which as steel type should have ability to protect itself from ground types. Their ability probably would be explained
when looking at other Pokemon with same ability- for example Machoke, a fighting type.

My theory is, this ability is existing, because of turning life force, the aura into power area surrounding a Pokemon. It enables the user to always hit thanks to compressed power of an aura which is merged with the area. These Pokemon are sword possesed by a spirit, so it uses the spiritual power to move, not electromagnetism. Ghosts needs a lot of energy to create enough kinetic power to even move an object.

Ghost Pokemon use their Pokemon abilites to perform moves, but still they cannot touch living creatures like human with their
spiritual energy. old reports talking about ectoplasma were just documented cases of Gastly line being able to touch and move objects because they contain liquids and densed gases in their "bodies".

That's why Honedge is unique, because even pseudo-science around Gastly line wouldn't explain how ghost type would be able
to lift and move steel object. The sword is heavy, so needs a lot of spiritual energy. Before it will evolve and gain support
from electromagnetism coming from the transformed sheath, it needs to suck life force from human which transforms into powerful
force used to lift and move.

I should mention aura sphere, a move which takes power from the user's aura, never misses. That's why I think no guard ability
is passive ability of using aura to never miss, but because it's always present and creates force shield area, other Pokemon's
moves also never miss. It works in similar way like magnetic field, but made from an aura as for Honedge line.
A single eye also fails with judging distance right like a pair of eyes can thanks to steroscopic sight.
No guard giving sucess in hitting the target has additional use for that Pokemon.

Thanks to such unique ability, Honedge line can learn naturally fighting-type move known as sacred sword.
Using aura force sucked from living beings, also in their aura shield area, it strikes with both kinetic and spiritual energy
present only in Pokemon which are fighting types and are said to represent justice: Cobalion, Terrakion and Virizon.
These three compact the power in their horns, while honedge does so in its blade.
However, both objects of performing an attack don't even hit the target: it's only the area to be covered by an aura force
that needs an object to concentrate the power.

(okay I'm not proud of this theory AND grammar, but I tried to wrote down my concept)

- Shindou is celestial sword. HOLY Crap! :iconimhappyplz:

sacred sword, justice...againist the evil type- the scene concept it symbolic, not just GOOD VS. BAD or even super-effective
move to hit Darkrai.
Darkrai is an embody and master of nightmares and it even EAT DREAMS.
Not only our mind/brain projection when we sleep, but GUYS, GET IT: DREAMS.

Marshall's dream is to protect Weirda from the evil and to be real respected samurai to glorify his father's and foster father's
name(the first is Nidoking which took role in the wars, second is human who took care at him and was modern samurai)
Look at the drawing and hear that Swampert saying "I am Marshall and my name will be YOUR nightmare! You'll never eliminate our dreams,
because I'll make them come for real!"

He is not asleep, so he believes that nightmare can't be real as it's only bad dream, not reality. Eeerrm...I hope I explained
right my concept from the last sentence ^^;

- Dark void has 80% accuracy, but in my poke-universe there are no fair, stiffen turn battles. If there's Pokemon two times
faster than another, it will attack or move more likely twice(?). Furthermore, many Pokemon with over 100 base speed stat can often
avoid attack. If Darkrai misses his dark void, it moves away quickly and tries again, which means
in practise his Dark void accuray is nearbly 100%...Weirda's Pokemon fighted before that dude and only female Scrafty and Houndoom
would do anything...well, truthfully only Zuzy, because Demonica is timid and runned away after bad dream...and Zuzy was too slow
or not focused because she lost temper. (Zuzy's ability is Shed Skin, Demonica's Early Bird just to mention)

Marshall is the leader of Weirda's team and it's NOT how people show a Pokemon which is such kind. Weirda sometimes didn't felt
she could train or keep an eye on her Pokemon, because she was had to think over plans in Sinnoh...or get up after some bad feels
that made her pessimistic or in apathy. Wei always wanted her Pokemon to be A TEAM, not only as "hey, we're team!Remember that."
or say to another trainer "Yes, that's my whole team!". No. She even rarely says the word "team". She wants her Pokemon
to be able to fight by side or at last cooperate right.

Marshall dedicated himself to be Weirda's deputy when she's not present OR she's unable to do things right...'cause "bla bla bla".
He fighted Dakrai for the first time when he was Marshtomp and since then he knows that there need to be teamwork.
Even Razor the Gliscor, flying down to Darkrai wouldn't do a lot. Being Pokemon, they didn't knew how to fight it right,
but through the time they learned more and they also learned about theirselves.
Once Amaterasu, shiny Ninetales joined Weirda's team and Marshall gained opportunity of thinking about more advanced strategy
and tactics-thanks to Shindou who's spirit of human, so has a brain even if doesn't has it practically(LOOL PARDON, I COULDN'T
RESIST XD), so Marshall even planned how to deal with Darkrai, hopefully for the last time.

Amaterasu used safeguard, so Marshall was able to Mega evolve and thanks to shindou's rain dance gain opportunity to attack Darkrai
MIND YOU, everyone's thinking Darkrai is ghost type...but luckily, Shindou has over 100 years of experience as ghost Pokemon
AND he is advanced luckily, he couldn't use Night slash, but sacred sword thanks to Marshall's aura knowing Darkrai
is not ghost type.
This Swampert inherited fighting-type counter move AND trains martial arts,so he could be surely aura source for sacred sword attack.

bla bla just want message "Shindou used sacred sword"?
Sorry, it's my super-uber-unecessary thinking over details X'D

- note about Shindou and Marshall fighting together as the swampert "uses" the sword:

Let's not talk about Honedge's Pokedex entry about grabbing its hilt now, ok?
I'll spam my theory when submitt my Fi OC reference sheet.

I'll just mention in my Pokemon universe Honedge CAN ALLOW someone to touch its hilt gently or keep hand close to the hilt
-the sword Pokemon feeds on aura, but not too much to not disturb someone's life energy flow or mentality AND itself too.
Albeit it happens ONLY with Honedge's will and if its spiritual energy is low or gettin' down.
Shindou definitely refuses to allow anyone touch his hilt, because he has strong spiritual energy that he wants to keep
at balance and high self-control. Why he even wants to be "used"?

Well, tradition he wants to keep, match perfectly with Marshall and obviously, if the Swampert has hands close to the hilt,
Shindou can take small amount of life energy from him to recompensate energy usage for movements.

That's my concept about it at all.

Shindou wants Marshall to move freely and naturally, so his arms, palms cannot be in tension.
Furthermore, the Honedge wants to have possibility to be free at any moment if needed, also to let Swampert use moves
naturally. That's why he don't even simulates grabbing the hilt, but has relaxed fingers.
Darkrai is NOT the main protagonist in my stories, his lord is.
That's why even if his theme is "dark blade" I...I find it fitting: this Darkrai is just a weapon, a blade to hurt and weaken,
if not even kill, but it is used by someone else...
He only represents and symbolizes nightmares, anxiety etc... Weirda's "curse" that haunts her since she started her adventure
in the Sinnoh region.

That's why even after such epic battle, even if they could win...THIS IS NOT OVER YET: YOU CANNOT ELIMINATE THE EVIL,

Shindou: even if over 200 years have passed, I'll still be fighing for the justice!

OH ARCEUS, I LOVE HONEDGE :iconexcitedplz:
My samurai Swampert has even better than water sword move like Greninja from SSB4. He has awesome celestial sword
with real samurai's soul from over 200 years ago which is ronin, literally "wave man" AND SO HE'S SWORD OF WATER TYPE THAT CAN CREATE
Btw, Swampert has an "expert" in its name. Pardon my fangirling over that Pokemon, but you know I can see its awesomess
of prehistoric amphibian (which I see in evolutionary tree like Acanthostega, so special place for starter with highest base stats)
As internet nerd would say, SO. MUCH. YESS :iconbarryomgplz:

---input too much battle theme soundtracks to listen, this time "special unit"---…

THRIVIA: I have my own metaphors together with great quotes said by famous is comparing life to rose,
the other is comparing the way of life to a swamp.
That's why I am all for Pokemon dedicated to a swamp.

The life and swamp quote will be put in Sinnoh's backstory when she'll come to that annoying area near Pastoria City.
P.S Nananana, I draw realistic Mega Swampert with Dunkleosteus mouth now, WOOOOOHOOO~
I know Mega Swampert orange things on cheeks bend and shall be fabulous and tempting to touch gills, but here is son of Nidoking,
so Marshall as Mega has spikes and spiky fin gong through his spine.
Other Swampert OCs, Pirate or my friend's OC Fabu would have gills as mega and soft middle fin OR higher spine outgrowths.
(like acrocanthosaurs if you're prehistory nerd like me X3 )
Personal differences are common in my poke-universe.
art, Marshall and Shindou OCs belongs to me, Marta Kłeczek
Darkrai, honedge and Mega Swampert belongs to Game Freak
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Female Torkoal leaded her head closer to Weirda's Excadrill's paws as she saw woman is doing something, but she couldn't see this in detail.

- what are you doing?

- sharpening my pencil on Furry's claws while he performs metal claw for sharp edge of his spikes that I can use as sharpener
Answered Wei with soft as usual voice.

- I thought you use brushes and paint for your...exercises? Do I remember right what you said about what you do?
Shelly was a bit confused about Weirda's passion she got to know lately

- yes I do, when I want to get certain effect in my painting. I use pencil most of time, mainly for making studies of Pokemon I can see closely.

- You paint landscapes and draw Pokemon too? You sure have talent to do so!

- Yes, I do, I still train a lot to improve.

Wei smiled, but rather out of habit. She always feels a bit embarassed when someone describes her talent as something pretty big,
because she's modest perfectionist that knows well other artists are more confident and draw better than her.

Furry as usual told his two cents knowing Wei needs to know she really HAS talent...!

- Yes she is talented! She draws everything so beautiful and alive, I couldn't do same even if all my claws could be pencils,
while Wei can draw amazing sketches with only one pencil!

Shelly got interested having in mind Weirda's some landscape watercolor paintings she did in Lavaridge Town.

- Can I see how you draw with pencil?

- Sure, takes me a while before I start the right drawing, eheheh.
Just to say, don't expect I do magic with pencil like a wand, results are visible after longer time.

While she blown away leftovers from sharpening pencil, Furry again spoke with smile:

- I think your pencil is a magic wand. Everything you draw is so real!

- Maybe it is...!

Shelly giggled, Wei too, focused already on Torkoal's shell and scutes she's about to study.

Nah, maybe nothing very amusing here, but what I can tell interesting here?

I can see Shelly would even ask Wei how it could be if she could be in water or even swim. THAT is something intriguing to her.
Weirda for sure would answer it's pretty funny that her ancestors came from water and she even knows turtle that can live in water
- Jay's Archie the Squirtortle! Shelly for sure will find it as totally new fact, because...there are no other turtle Pokemn species in whole Hoenn
and almost no one walks into hot spring with Blastoise as it can't swim in such small pond and water is too hot.
Mind you, we can sweat, reptiles cannot. Torterra wouldn't also feel well, because of its plants getting into too extremal for them temperature :shrug:

Do you believe I drew this exaclty 3 months ago from now?!

*Wei has her Hoenn's hairstyle here.
- - -
There's a lot about Shelly OC, because unlike others I don't feel a need to draw her reference that would only need a text.
I don't need reference drawings for her, because Shelly is based straightly on some tortoise species, so I can get easy acess to ref pics.
If you have in mind I love to give some fanart and appreciation to Pokemon that isn't seen a lot especially how I could see can understand me. AND POKE-SCIENCE. AND POKEMON WORLD BUILDING. I COULDN'T RESIST.

Let me start with funny thing and lame pun. I caught Torkoal in Fiery path not only for Pokedex, but to breed shiny one someday.
Yes really! I wonder if there are more than 10 people among all Pokemon players who got shiny Torkoal. Especially breeded one.

It's fun to think it's eastern Torkoal with narrow eyes(because it's yellow) and shell sparkling under magnolia or blooming cherry tree XD
with eastern stylized smoke outline MMMMMHHMMMM :iconhurrplz:

It's poke-science based on wildlife thrivia time! :dummy:

Since irl tortoise species that are in hot climate are less melanic than those which needs to be darker for better sunlight
absorbtion, I consider shiny Torkoal to be species living in the most hot and exposed to sunlight islands of Hoenn region.
Nice idea, isn't it? :iconshaplz:

I caught female luckily on first try...with sassy nature. Nicknamed her "Hot granny" :iconpsyduckeheplz:
Some elders are kind and quiet, but some...can be grumpy and sassy. Yup.

That's how I see her, I even made background NPC-kinda OC in Lavaridge Town. You know, hot springs, hot grannies there...and oh,
maybe something less cheeky, PMD 2 Torkoal that happened to stay in my memory. Maybe because I was had an Aerodactyl there and
it was funny to think "we two relax, while he looks with grumpy face when Torkoal will finish and we all get out of there,
because he's the only one who doesn't enjoy this place at all LOL"

Do you want to know how lame I can be with puns and ideas at all?
Trying to hatch Shelly, I hatched 6IVs MALE Torkoal and nicknamed him...HOT ROD. Having in mind Snot Rod from Cars, suprisly
described as the fastest from his gang, bulky muscle car, but he's the fastest all thanks to his boost.

boom, phoom and then zoom!
...yes I'm so silly.

- - -
 I see her Gijinka to be inspired on one of my friends who's chubby from disfunction of thyroid, but I'm sorry I don't remember it exactly.
I know there are fat or chubby people from overweight and not healthy lifestyle or diet, but some are just from genes like she is.
We both experience patology with parents, we both are calm introverts and can't get our moms complaining all the time with arrogant attitue,
but she definitely have always more and cooler things to say.
I'm glad to have her as my friend, especially that she's forgettable. I might be lazy with making amusing Pokemon OCs,
but it's just all for my fun. At last Shelly breaks the stereotype of Torkoal looking as old tortoise.(I guess...)

Ohh, one more thing: my friend have to wear glasses when have to read a lot and I consider Torkoal happens to be short-sighted,
because of where they live. If inside Fiery path, they get short-sighted: human nowadays are often short-sighted because of starring at screens
and books most of time, so I made an analogy to it if Torkoal spends most of time starring at rocks or rocky walls when in tunnel-like
cave. See, human ancestors lived in opened areas such as savannah, their eyes are adapted to such environment and still moving
sight around, but modern life, which is an INSTANT change in matter of evolution gives bad results towards many sight disfunction.
I see turtle/tortoise Pokemon having similar situation as they lived in ocean and when on land, it was usually a beach or other
opened area. Torkoal adapted to live in mountains, but after they moved inside to spend time in caves, they get the same situation
as human. Maybe not all, but most of them. Their eyes are still adapted to being exposed to strong sunlight having them well
protected and hard to open wide which strenghtens their poor sight(not enough of light goes into eye pupil).
They also don't truly need them, so evolution isn't moving fast with improvements, let's say.

Ready or not, or rather: curious or not, here it goes!

Shelly, female Torkoal

Calm nature, often lost in thought, takes plenty of siestas, strong willed, capable of taking hits, likes to fight
(not from liking adrenaline or domination or even to get rid off some emotions like some Pokemon do, but like my friend
she's inspired on, Shelly just likes to test herself, enjoy competition and most likely out of curious how things will go on)

Ability: Shell armor

Note: Torkoal with Shell armor release less smoke than these with standard, common ability. They have harder time to camouflage
in Fiery path, because they don't merge with surroundings, they also get affected by stat changes in battle and this obviously
affects their behaviour too. Torkoal with White smoke ability are commonly more bold and less hideous as they can release more
of smoke to blurry among steams in Fiery Path or at hot springs.

Hybrid with Numel

Note: a "clear" hybrid; there are no strong visible feathures from father's species in apperance, but it's her eruption move,
being social and smarter more like mammal.
Delicate circle around the eyes is definitely trait from Numel in apperance among some of her siblings, but Shelly haven't
inherited this. Later, when she will get into older age, I see her wearing such "glasses" x3
Shelly got easily noticeable orange markings on her shell's edge. Torkoal commonly have markings on their shell in red colors,
but Shelly have them mainly yellow and red, giving it a look of lava.

Artsist's note: They're inspired on Eastern box turtle's shell which is SIMPLY ONE OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL THINGS NATURE HAVE PAINTED.
I CAN'T STOP LOOKING AT THEM NOW :iconloveloveplz:

Human age equivalent: over 22 years old; to be more precise, her human age equivalent would be the same as Weirda Mirrart's age.

Shelly was born like all wild Torkoal, in higher lands of Fiery path at the edge of Jagged pass. Same as Skarmory, those Pokemon use
geothermic heat to lay their eggs in nests that are natural incubators. They lay a lot of eggs, because mentioned birds can take
their nests or eat Torkoal's eggs. Such source of proteins is also seeked by fighting types that sometimes happen to go that far
for such worthy meal. Torkoal have good memory, so once they notice their nest from previous time got robbed or destroyed,
they change location. Rarely, some of them defend their nest if learn fire spin, but it's happening among young and bold ones
that doesn't know staying nearbly nest simply reveals location of their eggs. Skarmory quickly digs eggs up and flies away
with dinner and Machop line works in groups to trick Torkoal while they can steal eggs. Another risk is the smoke those
tortoises release. Even if under sand, the embryon in the egg breaths and Torkoal's smoke can simply poison them, because even small
portion of dioxygen is deadly for such small living.

Shelly's mother was a bit more social and not such conservative like her parents. Having even worse sight than most
of Torkoal, she noticed one male that she considered to be of her kind...while it was a Numel! She was also kind of scatterbrain,
too...Later, when she got to know that, she found it very funny and till today they both still can chuckle at this fact Shelly's mom
haven't knew at first her mate isn't a tortoise.

I should describe shortly the background around him as in modern times such situation is getting less popular.

People and Pokemon native to Hoenn living nearbly Jagged Pass often use unevolved Numel over Camerupt to transport food and other goods
in shortcut between Lavaridge and for example Fallarbor Town. Camerupts can be too big and too heavy at some narrow and dangerous
patchs, they also need more food to keep their energy. Additionaly, people can have bigger trouble with proper ---przywiązywać--- goods to transoprt
on such big bodies Camerupt have. It's tradition that starts to dissapear slowly, but families from Lavaridge still hang on
with their tradition thanks to need of everstones, minerals and evolutionary stones they still excavate from highlands of Jagged Pass
and some endemic herbs they add to well-known Lava cookies.

Shelly's dad is one of such Numel. Fully grown adult holding an everstone to prevent evolution, but he can work with great strenght
at places that Camerupt is too big and too heavy for. He even knows eruption move and can even blast away incoming rock slide!

An artist's note important to mention if you don't know: I have headcanon that Pokemon's evolution stages are separate
species, so there can be an adult first does explain they can breed, right?
Numel is based on camel, but because of Camerupt looking like Yak I consider them to have role to donkey irl.

Shelly's grandmother is bold and unfortunately an arrogant Torkoal that since over 40 years stays now in Lavaridge Town's hot springs.
Seeing how all modern lifestyle and fashion worked badly for Lavaridge Town's life and because of staying everyday there
rather than visiting this place seasonally at tourist's belowed months, short tempered old female is well-known by visitors
and those who live there as "hot granny" who is often grumpy and can complain a lot. Shelly's parents aren't happy to hear her
complaning AND criticism send to even her own daughter,
which even made few times Shelly's dad have an argue with the elder Torkoal. They prefer to stay away from parts of Lavaridge Town
that "Hot granny" is most likely to be met. They can stay at the edge of this town or even in nearbly caves, but they want their
youngs to be safe untill they will grow up and gain enough of experience. Shelly sees her parents pretty often, but sometimes she has
to wait even a week or so if they transport goods, so do their job. Albeit it doesn't mean this family isn't doing well, parents are just busy.
but still caring at their kids and always take attention to educate them or play together. Somehow, Shelly always felt uncomfortable
nearbly her grandma and dislikes her attitude and way of thinking. Even if she knows way more intimidating eruption move than
"hot granny", Shelly isn't eager to scare away wild Pokemon when they get too nearbly the Town or hot springs. She's definitely
more tolerant in matter of personal space and first thinks, then goes with any action. Unlike her grandma, this female Torkoal
is more level-headed. "Hot granny" also keeps remembering her about the danger outside the town, because she heard once from people
in Lavaridge who got interested in this tortoise's smoke production that makes Shelly more visible among other Torkoals in hot springs
background. Because of her personality and nature as well as smaller size from young age, Shelly often got attention and petting
from young visitors.

Once a pretty impish, rascal Houndoom visited hot springs and thought it will be funny to play with little Torkoal to amuse others.
Through the memorable situation where Shelly was had to defend herself using rapid spin to hit Houndoom's nose, she also smacked
its Houndoomite away moment earlier. Even if trainer looked for Mega stone later, without Houndoom that would knew where it might be, it got lost.
Because Shelly felt bad for hitting painfully dog that even made it nosebleed, she mistaked Wei's Demonica with it and wanted to
give a Houndoomite back. Monica felt confused because she indeed has a chain, but with Amulet coin, not for Mega stone!
Timid Houndoom's behave made Shelly think it still remembers painfull hit into the nose, so Torkoal was pretty conviced to give
Houndoomite to her. Soon as Wei saw Mega stone, she even asked if there was lately another Houndoom as migh someone lost it
and is looking for it, but one of people from Lavaridge told it was long time ago and if no one came back for it, Wei can take it without
such worry.

(artist's note: oh myyy....! :iconkiligplz: I can't believe I've made finding Houndoomite so well-done! I feel secretly so proud of it :icondivaplz: )

Weirda Mirrart will come to hot springs in Lavaride town twice, inviting her Pokemon that stayed in Kalos to go there and visit
their trainer after long time of no-see: Zuzy the Scrafty and Demonica the Houndoom. Since Wei knew a bit this town and landscape
around already, she decided to walk a bit more further from the town, now with her sketchbook or special paper for watercolor
paint, because the view of rocks, mountains with the mystery steams or fog truly inspired her for some studies. She also wanted
to observe Slugma especially at night. Thanks to Zuzy and Monica which always made her feel safe at night, Wei spended more
free time to observe wild Pokemon as usual. Through few days of visit, Weirda obviously bought again a bunch
of Lava cookies shaped like Torkoal as they're must-have when she has her "coffee time" XD

she took her eyes on Torkoal there. That's how Shelly observed her a bit and decided to ask Weirda if can go with her.

Wei spended again the whole evening using her laptop to read about turtle Pokemon and to contact prof. Rowan again to gain information
that would help her understand and know Torkoal species. Luckily, prof. Rowan studied closely Turtwig line,
so Wei got reply the next day.

Suprisly, Shelly isn't sluggish and clumsy Pokemon, she's pretty energetic and lively!
She also has distance to herself, so won't mind jokes about her species.

There's stereotype Torkoal hear like elder people or they don't listen, but Wei will read and see in her interaction with Shelly
that they just don't hear sounds in the air same as human or more advanced in evolution land Pokemon. Albeit suprisly she got
stunning sense of noticing vibrations in the ground, so she can even tell Weirda if Furry is nearbly or even, if he is digging
around or taking short rest in small maze!

There's also another interesting thing: like woman tends to remember feelings and thoughts, while man how a woman looks,
Shelly like all turtle Pokemon remembers...the smell. It's also coming from experience living among human that even if they
change clothes and they tend to do that often, their characteric and individual smell remains the same, even after deodorant.
Maybe not with precision of a dog, she sees the World around her similar to Weirda's Houndoom.

Even Weirda haven't knew one important fact about turtle Pokemon untill she met Shelly: those Pokemon DO FEEL TOUCHING THEIR SHELL!
Maybe it wasn't that mind-blowing to Weirda as she found it as an adaptation in evolution to feel if the pressure on shell
isn't too dangerous, but sure it suprised her. Especially shallow hollows with vivid colors are sensitive to even gentle touch.

Weirda Mirrart use little help from Shelly when painting with watercolor: Torkoal's heat makes the water evaporate quicker
and Wei challenges herself to be more confident with painting and try to put more contrast. She can also dry her brushes faster
and so pack into backpack more quickly than she did in the past!

Furry, Wei's Excadrill also found Shelly can be helpful; in colder evenings when Weirda starts to shiver from cold and Amaterasu,
shiny Ninetales isn't around or is sleeping, he puts his claws on Shelly's back for while to warm them and then give very warm hug
his trainer. Also Rose the Drapion and Frank the Barbaracle will like to stay nearbly Shelly because of the heat she releases.
However, because of water evaporating and toxins Frank rather warms up and goes somewhere rather than stay at Shelly's side like
Rose does.

One night Wei was had to wake up in middle of night from too high amount of breathed harmful gases, because Shelly wanted to keep
her warm at cold night, but haven't knew her smoke and gases released from the shell will give such effect. Even Furry felt
something wrong and had an urge feel of eating clay the next day, but only Weirda experienced headache and sour taste in mouth
staying for long time even at the breakfast the next day. After that, Weirda have read that learning Pokemon poison type move
affects  their level of toxins or dioxygen that circulance through the blood. Luckily she had TM sludge bomb, so soon learned
her Torkoal this move. Even if Shelly remembers to not be close to her trainer when Wei's sleeping or taking a nap, it's sure her
smoke isn't as harmful as it used to be.
remembers I wasn't had electricity at home for a month or so...
We heated house with movable heater that works on gas.
It was winter and from too much cold I couldn't even sleep well. My dad decided to move heater to my room, I went to sleep with our cat.
I'll never forget that night when I was had not fully concious open door and ventilate- my room AND move that heavy heater.

It's life and work time, no complaining I'll lost the night and sleep!
I'll never forget how cat behaved then, how she also vommited nothing but almost saliva and coughed often, I knew it was from being
poisoned by gas. It's smaller living, same amount of harmul gases worked on her worse than on me. And that horrible sour taste
staying for DAYS.

Yes my poor life is reflected in my Pokemon stories concepts :roll: I AM SO UNCREATIVE, AM I?
Ahh, how much I wish to make one-shot comic with the concept of Furry giving a warm hug X3
...however, I have life and too many ideas to do :X
Not to mention one more idea of Weirda's Swampert almost mistaking Shelly with campfire...Torkoal wouldn't enjoy a suprise bath in the mud '^'

Some artwork/scene commentary:

Even with perfectionism mode off to draw Weirda's Excadrill, I am still not saissfied with final result :roll:
Maybe it's just I can't find enough of references to understand how their velvet and dense fur shine, especially that they
usually have black fur. Also Furry's longer fur is on purpose: I have headcanon there are subspecies of this Pokemon
that can live in colder climate and Furry's mom was one of this kind.
I hope one day I'll get the result I want.

You might imagine Torkoal having holes in shell and visible heat from inside of shell because of the neat concept of turtle's shell
being a heater furnace. But think about it for a second: WHERE IT HAS VITALS? You saw turtle's skeleton? It has curved spine, so...
I don't buy it for reaistic Pokemon, sorry.

I adooore how many things in nature makes mesmerazing play in our eyes. For example, some butterfly's wings, the ones that gains
vivid colors thans to their scales structure, not pigments! Or some beetles chitin shell sparkling with rainbow colors :iconloveloveplz:
That's why, my realistic Torkoal does have shallow holes, but it's still a shell. It have ornaments and colors inspired by
Eastern Box Turtle that like mentioned miracles of nature that are breathtaking, change a bit color depending on the view angle.
That's why people and Pokemon especially consider these to be real lava or fire right under the shell while it's just illusion
to intimidate. Same as "eyes" on butterfly wing, ha!

Talking about tortoise AND butterflies, I found lately interesting thrivia: one of common in Poland butterflies, Rusałka admirał which shall be
translated as nixie admiral literally is called in english...tortoise shell butterfly!
- - -
I see similarities between Weirda's Furry and Shelly. Both are even smaller Pokemon,
because they're a bit shorter than Pokedex's size, both gets underestimated at first in battles, many wild Pokemon just gets
SHOCKED to see what they can!

Furry is seen as an easy target and more of plushy toy boy that got raised to be Weirda's pet, while he still is
an Excadrill and well experienced to face even tough opponents! Torkoal is said in Bulbapedia to be based on giant tortoise,
many ppl consider that, but look at Pokedex size: LESS THAN ONE METER IN HEIGHT. Shelly's a bit more than 70 cm in height...
but after shell smash, she reacts rapidly, slides on plastron like a racket and if you won't watch out, she can release
FEARSOME eruption. BLAH, even lava plume after shell smash can knock out even big scary Pokemon away!

You might shake your head how small Pokemon can beat opponent times bigger than it...imaginate it: it's a trouble to hit
small moving target.

Ohh and little thrivia: both Pokemon can hold on breath for very long time as both mole and tortoise can stand better higher amount of dioxygen
in the blood. That explains how Torkoal lives with Koffings in Fiery path and Excadrill not getting poisoned even if it doesn't
look as stereotypical steel type.

Thrivia: and even more wall of text, no mercy!
Shelly...when I see this english word, it reminds me of words such as "kitty", "doggy", "baby" and some lil' forms to describe
something in more adorable way.
That's why in polish equivalent it would be small shell in short one-word form, "skorupka" that just sounds adorable for an insane
sweeper XD and reminds me of an egg, because egg's shell is also described with word "skorupka".

You know egg can stand a strong grisp if you try to smash it from up and down side, not by sides? erm, I'm bad with describing
with words, but why I mention this? It's because Shelly can be easily defeated with special suppper-effective attack such as power gem from Carbink
that don't have rather stunning special attack...,
but not with STAB EQ even after single shell smash or higher leveled Mega Metagross Giga impact...
Excadrill and Torkoal as Pokemon belongs to Game Freak and Satoshi Tajiri,
Art, Furry, Shelly and Weirda Mirrart OCs belongs to me, Marta Kłeczek
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So yeah, Zygarde has new forms, and I'm kind of disappointed of the result. But at least the 100% is not too bad, otherwise I wouldn't make an art of it ~ Just, help me to forget the 10% form...
I use the original colors from Xerneas and Yveltal for the wings, seems logical that Sugimori used it for the official artwork, I hope so ^^
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