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not that much into female foot tickling but i have to admit....i like this pic lol
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Kim displaying her soles.
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A request.

Hayley Williams tickled on her feet fake.

Any feedback is welcome!

Thank you and enjoy!
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Disclaimer: I do not own this image in any way!
Author: ©Gargalesis

Megan Fox Tied & Tickled on her feet.
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WWE Feet
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keep in mind i'm not the best at this
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(Contains: sexual themes and ideologically sensitive material)
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Hey guys!!

Finally back, uploading 3 fakes i've had for a while, but i was never satisfied with them.
I edited them a bit and think it's time to show em.
Fake 1 of 3, Miley Cyrus, before she turned into an idiot.

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Another fake I made several years ago!
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selena gomez feet tickled fake she is in stocks
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Disclaimer: I do not own this image in any way!
Author: ©Gargalesis

Kim Kardashian tickled
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Disclaimer: I do not own this image in any way!
Author: ©Gargalesis

Julianne Hough tickled
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Vickie Guerrero Feet
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(Contains: sexual themes)
sexy long toes
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Eve Torres Feet
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(Contains: sexual themes)
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In a manor house, in a large city in the North, five girls sat, having a sleep over. There was laughter, and joking, and pillow fights, and gossip. There they sat, helping each other with a school paper. They're names were and still are, Katara, Toph, Ty Lee, Yue, and Jin. </P>

     Two of the girls were quiet skilled in bending the elements. Water and earth, Katara and Toph Bei Fong.

    "So what do you think of Aang, today? Ty Lee teased Katara with an elbow. "He was pretty cute in dancing class." The other girl blushed and turned away.

    "I suppose," she muttered.

    "Aww, don't go claming up on us," Yue said. She smiled, besides the Bei Fong, her's was the largest and most powerful family in the town. Her house was nearly three stories tall, and all around it, grew white pines. The white haired girl sat on her bed, her legs swaying back and forth. "I knew you got into an argument with him, the day before last. But you really like him."

    "So, what's your favorite thing about him?" Jin asked.

    "None of your business," Katara snapped. She crossed her arms, her light blue school girl uniform ruffling a bit.

    "Hey, I have an idea," Ty Lee giggled. She cart wheeled at the idea, her golden eyes ablaze with fun. "Let's play another game. It's a sort of truth or dare game. I'll use what I learned in school last week," she said with a laugh.

    "You mean that thing where you can paralyze someone with a few touches?" Jin asked. She wiggled a bit, her eyes flickering to the floor. "I'm not so sure. Besides how is that a game?"

    "You didn't let me finish, silly," Ty Lee scolded. "Anyway… what the four of us who aren't paralyzed will do will tickle the other girl, and try and make her tell us something she likes about her boyfriend."

    "Tickling? Are you serious?" Katara asked, raising and eyebrow. "Aren't we a little to old for that kind of thing?"

    "You scared?" Yue asked with a smile.

    "Who knew the Sugar Queen would be a 'fraidy cat?" Toph teased.

    "I'm not scared. Its just juvenile, that's all."

    "I thought we were juveniles," Ty Lee giggled.

    "Listen to Perky over there," Toph laughed. "She's the expert."

     Ty Lee narrowed her eyes, but giggled anyway. "Good thing you're blind, Toph. You wouldn't have liked all the tongues pointed at you."

     The milky eyed girl turned her head, and smirked. "Don't try to lie at me, girl."

    "So, what happens in this game, Ty Lee?" Jin asked.

    "Weren't you listening? The one girl gets tickled silly unless she says something nice about her boyfriend. I'll use my skills so she can't fight back or hurt one of us or herself. And I'll turn on my timer. If she doesn't break before thirty minutes, she wins."

     Katara's bright blue eyes widened. "Wait, you want to tickle us for thirty minutes?"

    "Well not nonstop silly," the pink wearing girl sighed. "You get a few seconds break to catch your breath of course."

    "Sounds kind of fun," Jin asked.

    "I don't mind. I'd like to see how long Sugar Queen could last," Toph laughed.

    "I'd like to see how long you'd last, Toph," Yue giggled.

    "That's way too easy, Princess," the younger girl said, blowing her off with a wave of the hand. "I won't break at all."

    "Oh, is that so?" Katara asked, eying the other girl's bare feet. Toph never liked wearing shoes unless she had too. Her being an earth bender, she liked to feel the earth beneath her soles.


     Katara buckled up and looked at Ty Lee. "Okay, we'll play your game. But you have to go first."

     Ty Lee stared with blank eyes, and then giggled. "Okay, I don't have a problem with it. I love getting tickled, and my six sisters and I have a blast!" She walked over to a clock, and fixed the time. Then walking to Yue's bed, she plopped down, removing her shoes and socks. Finally she pulled up her shirt a bit, showing off her cute lil tummy. She was already sleeveless, so no problem there. With a few quick touches of her hands and fingers, she flopped backwards.

    "So go ahead, and do your worst," she said with a wink.

     The other four girls turned waited for a few seconds, and with bright smiles surrounded her. "So, what's your favorite thing about Haru?" Jin asked, standing above the other girl's head."

    "Nuh huh you can't get me to tell just by asking like that, silly!" she said with a smile.

    "Just trying to be fair, girl," Yue said. "Get her!"

     The four's hands went all over. Like tiny missles all over Ty Lee. Jin tickled her neck, and shoulders, Katara worked on her knees. Toph attacked her feet, and Yue attacked her ribs.

    "AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA," Ty Lee shrieked. She'd wiggled had she not paralyzed herself. The girl was insanely ticklish, there wasn't a spot that couldn't make her laugh. "HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE HAHAHAHAH, OHOH YOYU GUYS ARE GOOD, BUT NO HOHHOHOHHO DICE!"

     Jin tickled a few more minutes, and then darted her hands to Ty lee's armpits, spider dancing them in the center. "AHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA, KKKK AHAHAHA, HEHEHEHEHEHE," the other girl giggled.

    "You aren't doing a very good job holding it in," Toph said as she stroked the other girl's soles. She bent the toes back and scribbled between her toes.


     She was laughing so loud, the girls quickly stopped when they heard a servant approach and asked them what was going on. They told him no, and away he went.

    "Well there's one break for you Ty Lee," Katara winked. "Feel like telling us?"

    "No!" she panted.

    "You sure?" Jin asked.

    "Yes!" came another panted answer.

     Katara helped Toph with the girl's feet. Jin switched tactics and began twirling her fingers around and around Ty Lee's hallows. Yue rasberried her ribs and belly. Once she discovered how hard the other girl laughed, she tried that again, and an evil spark filled her eyes.

    "Pretty sensitive here, huh?" she asked, tracing a finger across the perky girl's belly.

     Ty Lee squealed and giggled, "Yehehehehehehehes," she laughed. She closed her eyes and laughed, her face growing red. She longed to see the clock, but she couldn't even turn her head. Katara occasionally would announce the time.

     For eight minutes, and two more breaks, the girls eventually huddled up and with sly smiles approached and gave her one last ultimatum. Her body dripped with sweat, and she panted more and more. But it was too much fun. She shook her head, even though she knew deep down they'd break her. Oh well, I don't really mind saying so much kind things about Haru. But they still have to break me!

     </I>The four approached, and with speed lightning, their eight hands shout out, and began tickling her stomach at one. Ty Lee exploded in hysterical laughter. She begged them to stop, especially when a finger or two twirled in her navel. But they only kept up.

    "You know what you have to say to make it stop," Yue said.

    "What's your favorite thing about Haru?" Toph asked, using her thumb in her navel.

    "Tell us, or we will make you sorry," Katara giggled.

    "You know you want to tell us," Jin teased. Her hands darted from belly to ribs to side and back again, occasionally stopping at her pits.

     Seven minutes passed, before the beat red faced girl managed to screech out numerous times in rapid succession, "HAHAHAHAHAHAHARU IS A GOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOOD SIHIHIHIHIHIHIHINGER! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAA STAHAHAHAHAHAHAHOP ALREADY HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

     The other girls pulled away, as the perky girl caught her breath. It took her nearly ten minutes before she had calmed down. Looking at the clock, she saw se had held out for not quiet twenty minutes. She told Katara step by step how to undo the paralysis, and sat up.

    "I didn't know that Haru could sing," Yue said.

    "Yeah, and he is an awesome writer too. He writes such nice songs for me!" she said, still panting a bit, her face a wide grin. Her hair had come undone, flowing over her shoulders like a chocolate cascade.

    "We didn't go overboard, did we?" Jin asked.

    "Nah, one of my sisters does much worse," Ty Lee giggled. "Once she made me pee myself. And she held me down for an hour!" She flexed her muscles and stretched getting off the bed. "We may have to find some way to get the sound blocked so we don't get into trouble though."

     Yue thought for a moment, and took some stuffed pillows and a few stuffed animals, and placed them by the door. "That should block the sound from coming out a bit more," she said.

    "I think it might be a good idea for the servant to come up and see what's going on, so we can take a break," Jin suggested.

    "Busty," Ty Lee said with a smirk, "you worry too much."

    "Don't clam me that," Jin whimpered, covering her chest with her arms.

    "Don't be such a worry wart then," the other girl said with a shrug.

    "So who should go next?" Katara asked.

This is a request from :iconleviarex: He wanted me to write a remake of my story of the same name, but make it modern.

He had hoped for this all in one setting, but i think that be too long for me, and he's been patient enough for me to keep him waiting longer. Plus I think it would be fun to see who you the reader would like to see goes next. So who do you think should be next?
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Star Wars TK: Smuggler's Rumble

(This story takes place between Episode IV: A New Hope and Episode V The Empire Strikes Back).


“Ahhh, Nar Shaddaa, it’s been too long,” Han Solo chuckled, as he disembarked from the Millennium Falcon and took a step on the rusted landing pad. They had landed the ship at one of Han’s hidey holes on the planet. Chewbacca, Luke Skywalker, and Princess Leia at his heels. “The smuggler’s moon – there’s no better place to lay low.”

Chewie grunted in agreement, slamming a fist into an open palm. Han laughed.

“And we have a few friends here, so even if we run into a bit of trouble, we should be fine.”

“But why do I get the sense that this is place where going down one back-alley means you disappear forever?”  Leia said, looking sceptical as she stepped of the Millennium Falcon. She walked across the rusted and corroded metal of the gateway, her high heeled boots clacking loudly.

Han shrugged. “I’d be lying if I said it was the safest place around. But you’ll be fine, Princess. He gestured down to the buildings that stretched down as far as the eye could go. “Just watch your step, or you’ll fall for hours.”

“Your friend is reliable, right? I hope we didn’t come all the way here for nothing,” Leia said, referring to the fact that they had come to Nar Shaddaa to meet an old smuggling contact of Han’s to purchase supplies for the Alliance.

“Don’t worry about it. Riley and I go way back. And Nar Shaddaa is the perfect place to keep a low profile.”

Leia looked down from their makeshift landing pad and was taken aback by the sheer scale of the sprawling city. It was as far from the gleaming pristine cleanliness of Alderaan or Coruscant as she could imagine. Miles and miles of buildings clumped together and built over and on top of each other till this gross collage of architecture was created. The planet was an Ecumenopolis – there was not enough space to build on the ground, so the whole city just grew higher and higher, with the older, lower buildings falling into disarray. It was a rather apt symbol of the smuggler moon’s ethos – you aimed for the top or you would fall through the cracks and plummet to the moon. Leia sniffed disapprovingly.

“What’s that smell?”

“The smell of hard-living, liquor, and opportunity,” Han smirked.

“Funny, I thought it smelled like excrement,” Leia said drily.

“Anyway, how about we head out,” Luke said, sliding in between Han and Leia who were shooting daggers at each other. “Where did you say your contact was meeting us?”

“A shady bar near the Swoop tracks called The Umo’s Jar,” Han answered.

“Are there non-shady bars here? I’d be surprised if there were a dozen honest establishments on this entire planet,” Leia said, crossing her arms.

“Well, they’re honestly dishonest, for what it’s worth,” Han said, rolling his eyes. “Come on, let’s go, it’s a long walk from here.”

As the group trekked through the crowded streets of Nar Shaddaa, Leia could not shake the feeling that she was being followed, and she had a mini-heart attack whenever she felt eyes staring at her. Had the Empire somehow followed them here? Her doubts grew with every creature she caught leering or staring at her, as her heart pounded harder and harder in her chest. 

“I think we’ve been recognized,” Leia whispered urgently, after a tattooed human male gave her an especially long look. Han gave a little laugh.

“I don’t know. I think we’re fine,” Luke said casually, shrugging.

“Even the kid knows!” Han guffawed. “You’re in Nar Shaddaa, female, humanoid, and you’re easy on the eyes. They’re wondering if you’re a working girl.”

“They’re wondering if I am a what?” Leia said hotly. She suddenly became significantly more self-conscious of how her lustrous brown ponytail, body-hugging white jumpsuit, white nylons, and high-heeled boots combo might send someone the wrong message.

“Oh, don’t be like that. Treat it like a compliment,” Han said dismissively, waving a hand. “Chewie will scare ‘em off if they get too eager.”

Chewie growled and nodded in agreement, but all Leia could do was shake her head.

“What have I got myself into?”


“You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy,” Luke repeated. “Those were Ben Kenobi’s exact words. He was such a liar,” Luke said, shaking his head as they entered The Umo’s Jar. The bar looked like standard fare for the most part, booths, a bar counter, and some free-standing tables, filled with uncouth-looking patrons of all species, most of which bore arms or spice openly.

 A shriek of laughter caught the group’s attention. At the end of the bar, where one might expect to see a group of Bith musicians playing jazz instruments, there was instead of a large metal stockade, with holes enough for three people and their feet. All three of those holes were currently filled by a trio of women, two of which were giggling and cursing up a storm. The sign in front of them, written in the languages of Basic, Huttese, and Durese said: “These three thieves decided not to pay for their drinks – help them pay off their debt.” There was a price listing and a box of ‘tools’ in front of the stockade. A Gammorean bodyguard hovered over the stockade imposingly to ensure everyone who wanted a taste would have to pay. 

“Well, it was true from a certain point of view. The old man probably never went to Nar Shaddaa,” Han shrugged. “I’ll talk to the bartender to see if my contact has showed up”, he said, as he strolled over to the bartender, who was a tall, dark-skinned human.

“What do you want?” the bartender said, looking over his glass.

“I’m looking for Riley,” Han said. “I’m expected.”

“This Riley fellow better be trustworthy,” Leia whispered to Luke as they watched with distaste the ‘entertainment’ in the corner of room. “How do we know those girls weren’t just forced into it? What’s to say that sign isn’t just some lie? I hope we aren’t stuck in one of those things by the end of the night. Or worse.”  Just the sight of another woman in ticklish distress was bringing up all manner of uncomfortable memories. The senate debate on Czerka. The after-party on Yavin 4. She tried to push it from her mind.

Luke shrugged. “I don’t know. I just don’t get those kind of vibes from them. They look kinda like the type to try to leave without paying, don’t they?” Luke said, gesturing at the three stocked females.

One was a tanned human, with black hair, black-eyeliner, black nails, and black thigh-high nylons who wore fairly skin-revealing attire. Her squirming nylon-clad soles were being scratched eagerly by an armoured man donning a blue Mandalorian helmet.  Her painted-black toes twisted and turned in a desperate dance, to avoid the Mandalorian’s deft, gloved hands. Her protests were drowned out by giggles when he began digging two fingers deep into her quivering arches, and her eyeliner was running down her face from the tears of laughter.

The second girl was an orange-skinned Togruta who wore worn battle armour. She was cursing up a storm as a pair of green-skinned Twileks played with a bare foot each. The Twileks appeared to be on a date, and they seemed to be much more focused on each than the cussing Togruta, but nonetheless their hands made constant contact with the Togruta’s orange soles. It was clear that the Togruta was frustrated with being ignored in such a way, as the two Twileks seemed to be completely disregarding her, not even looking at her much of the time, yet they still effortlessly teased the clearly-ticklish feet in their grasp.

The third girl was a Zabrak, her pale skin, horns and facial tattoos making it easy to determine her race at a glance. She looked defiant, and clearly seemed to be acting as if she was oblivious to the ticklish torment that was happening to her friends. There was something about her defiance and her prominent racial traits that gave her a type of exotic beauty.

“Uh, maybe one of us should go over there,” Luke stuttered, a blush creeping on his cheeks. Leia glanced over and saw that his eyes kept going to the Zabrak’s bare feet. She appeared to have some elegant foot tattoos on her ankles and the tops of her feet. “You know, to help us blend in,” Luke added, tugging at his collar.

Leia mentally rolled her eyes. Boys. “And that someone would be you, I take it?” Leia asked.

Luke did not deny it, he only scratched the back of his head shyly. “Well, it’s just an idea,” he mumbled.

“Go knock yourself out, Luke,” Leia chuckled, patting him brotherly on the shoulder. “We’ll come get you later. Thanks for helping us…” Leia coughed meaningfully. “Keep a low profile.” 

Luke fixed her with a bright smile, nodded, and strolled his way towards the stocked Zabrak. He paid the Gammorean bouncer a small amount of credits, pulled himself a stool, and sat in front of the Zabrak’s bare, wiggling feet. The Zabrak female glowered at him and scrunched up her toes immediately, the very act of which only emphasized her foot tattoos and made them a more intriguing target. For a brief, ludicrous moment, Leia realized why there might be those who had such great fun tickling her own exquisitely sensitive feet – it was just so cute the way they looked all scrunched up! The way the feet flinched when Luke dragged a fingernail down her arch and the Zabrak squeaked. Leia was possessed by a psychotic urge to join Luke in tormenting the tattooed Zabrak soles, before dismissing the whim.

I’ve been tickled too much… I guess I want to know what it’s like to be on the other end of the feather. Leia’s brown eyes watched Luke in action for a few moments. He dug into the Zabrak’s pale soles quickly, smirking at the way her tattooed feet would flap and wiggle, one crossing over the other to protect its ally. This only had the amusing effect of leaving the protector vulnerable, forcing the roles to reverse in desperation, repeating an endless cycle of ticklish agony, as Luke tickled right and left. The Zabrak bit her lip at first and refused to give in, but as Luke quickly discovered more and more of her ticklish spots, such as the spot between her toes right where her foot tattoos began, boyish laughter quickly came burbling out of her.

Leia was mulling over joining Luke when she spotted her companions sitting at a nearby booth. She walked right up to a laughing Han and Chewie who were now sitting at a table with a long-haired stranger.

“Luke’s having fun, what do you think of-” Leia began, stopping mid-sentence as she realized that the long-haired stranger was talking quite animatedly to Han. They stopped to look at her.

“Ahhh, so you’re Princess Leia!” the long-haired stranger said. “Han’s been telling me all about you!” she giggled coquettishly. Leia did not fail to notice the way she said Han’s name with such ardour.

“You must be Riley, I presume,” Leia said icily.

“Rifle Riley, they call me here,” Riley said pompously. She mimed shooting a pistol at Han. “Because if there’s something I want, I don’t miss,” she said, winking at him outrageously.

There was an awkward silence as no one seemed to know what to say. Leia felt her cheeks burn as she remembered hearing how Han and this woman had all been till she had come. She used to be a senator, she could handle a casual conversation and a brat like her, Leia told herself. She searched desperately for something to say.

“That’s a nice outfit,” she eventually managed lamely, commenting on Riley’s Corellian casual clothes. Casual was definitely the word for them. Too casual, perhaps. Riley wore brown high-heels boots, a pair of tight green trousers with a blaster slung across her hip, a white button-up shirt that exposed more than a bit of cleavage and a dark green vest that cut off high and exposed several inches of bare midriff. The entire look went rather well with her narrow face and long honey-blonde hair. She definitely looked the part of an immoral, conscienceless, black-hearted smuggler, Leia decided.

“Thanks,” Riley said, without gratitude. “I could never imagine myself wearing some stuffy jumpsuit,” she said. “You have to let yourself breathe, you know?” she giggled, as she tugged at the collar of her shirt, flashing Han her bra and cleavage again.

Leia grit her teeth and tried to ignore the thinly-veiled insult Riley had just sent her way and tried to steer the conversation back into more productive waters.

“So how goes the negotiations? Are you willing to sell the Alliance supplies?” Leia asked.

“Well…” Riley paused, fluttering her long eyelashes at Han. “Han’s been trying to sweet-talk me into a lower price.”

“If the Alliance defeats the Empire, we can put a lot more contacts your way. You might even be able to go legit,” Han said, trying to persuade her. “Think about it.”

“You would be helping destroy an evil empire too!” Leia added.

“A pretty big if. And don’t get me wrong, Han, you’re a sweetie, and we go way back, but I’m not running a friggin’ charity here,” Riley said, shaking her head. “The Hutts have a better offer for my services… but maybe if we could work out other arrangements…” Riley said teasingly, licking her lips. “I could consider it.”

As Leia watched Riley throw Han a fiery look that spoke of passionate nights and Han give her his cheeky smirk in response, Leia turned away and her eyes went back to watching the stockade. Luke seemed to be really enjoying himself, a grin on his face that mirrored the forced-grin on the Zabrak whose feet he was tickling. Luke appeared to have discovered a secret ticklish spot the pretty Zabrak had been hiding around the ball of the foot on her left foot, and was eagerly searching the right foot to see if a similarly-sensitive spot could be found there as the Zabrak threw her head back and roared with rumbling laughter. Leia saw Luke pout cutely as he was disappointed to determine that the exotic Zabrak’s right sole did not also harbour an intense ticklish weak point as did her left.

 An idea popped into Leia’s head as she realized a way to help the Alliance secure a better price as well as teach the amorous Riley some manners.

She walked over to the dark-skinned bartender, who was fixing a drink for another customer.

“Do you have another set of those?” Leia asked him, thumbing towards the stockade where the three females were howling with laughter. The Twileks had departed in the place of a grim looking Trandoshan who immediately picked up a hairbrush and began scrubbing it over the Togruta’s soles with gusto.

“I keep an extra set in the back.” The bartender flashed Leia a smile, showing his golden teeth. “You intendin’ to rent it?”

The bartended then asked for a ridiculous price for the ‘privilege’ of using his storeroom and stockade for an hour, Leia considered bartering with him, but decided she wanted to put her plans into motion as quickly as possible. She paid him, and he gave her a keycard and directed her to the storeroom besides the bathroom.

Leia opened the door with the keycard and took a quick peek instead. It was a dusty storeroom, with boxes of liquor and chairs piled high, with a similar metal stockade inside. Leia saw a box beside the stocks and was delighted to find all manner of devices designed to wreak havoc on ticklish flesh inside. Perfect, just perfect, Leia grinned.

She walked back outside to her table just in time to see Riley run a hand down Han’s muscular bicep. Leia cleared her throat and Riley quickly retracted her hand.

“May I have a word, Riley?” Leia asked, crossing her arms.

Riley smirked at her. “Sounds like someone’s a little jealous,” she chuckled. “I’ll be right back. Think about that offer I just made you… I promise you won’t regret it,” she said, looking at Han suggestively.

“Yeah, I, uh, got it,” Han said, scratching the back of his head,

“We might be a while,” Leia said, as the two of them worked towards the storeroom.

Han watched the two females walk off together, Leia in her white outfit and Riley in her green and brown smuggler’s clothes; they looked like two polar ends of the spectrum. “This will not end well,” Han sighed, as Chewie grunted his agreement.

“Oh, well, let the ladies have their girl talk,” Han shrugged. “Bartender! Another round!”


“So what do you want?” Riley asked, arms crossed, after the two of them were alone in the dusty storeroom.

“Well, a lot of things,” Leia began cryptically. ‘One of them is-”

“Han Solo,” Riley interrupted, with a cocky laugh. “It was funny watching the steam come out of your ears when you saw me talking to Han.”

As Leia trembled with rage, Riley continued, utterly unafraid of the Princess’s wrath. “What’s wrong? Cat got your tongue?”

“Stay away from Han,” Leia said sternly.

“Or what? What are you gonna do about it?” Riley said, her hands at her hip, right next to where her blaster was holstered. She put her hand on her blaster and laughed. “But I guess a spoilt princess like you is used to always getting her way. Well, guess what? Not today. This is Nar Shaddaa, not whatever fancy-pants planet you came from.”

As Leia continued to fume, clenching her fists furiously, Riley continued again, unabashed by Leia’s outrage.

“Besides, why would Han want a stuffy, snooty bore like you, anyway? Especially when he can have this instead…” Riley sniggered, pointing to her well-endowed figure. “I feel sorry for you, Princess, I do. Maybe if Han is up for it you can be our third for a few nights. Just don’t forget your place,” Riley chuckled, flicking her honey-blonde hair over her shoulder.

“Speaking of place, I think I know where yours is,” Leia said, reaching into her pocket and pulling out a metal handle. She pointed it at Riley and pressed a button. A beam of light as blue as the seas of Manaan burst from the hilt to form a sharp blade. Riley flinched as Leia brought the lightsaber against the smuggler’s neck.

“No quick movements, now,” Leia whispered, enjoying the sudden look of fear on the arrogant smuggler’s face as she stared at the brilliant blue blade. “Now as I was saying,” Leia continued. “I think I know your place. It’s in those stocks. Now get in there and strap yourself in. Don’t make me cut you in half.”

“You need me alive to sell you supplies,” Riley hissed, not moving a step towards the metal stocks which were open invitingly.

“Who says we don’t have other options?” Leia bluffed, lightly prodding her with the lightsaber, lightly sizzling the shoulder of Riley’s outfit. “But in any case, you reach for that blaster and you lose a hand.”

Riley glared at Leia, and for a moment she looked like she might reach for her holstered blaster and call Leia's bluff but after a tense moment where the two women stared each other hard in the eye, Riley reluctantly seated herself in the stocks. Upon Leia’s command, Riley shut the stocks around her own ankles so now her ankles were trapped in the stockade.

The stockade was the same as the one outside, for it had holes for the volunteer’s wrists and head to go through as well. Pressing the lightsaber near Riley’s shoulder was enough to coax her to cooperate and put her wrists through the armholes in the stocks as well, so her body was contorted uncomfortably. Leia clicked off Luke’s lightsaber and put it aside, as she quickly leaned down to unzip Riley’s high-heeled boots and slip them off, though it took a while due to Riley’s ankles already being bound in the stocks.

Leia stepped back to admire her prize. Riley was grunting and trying to slip her ankles and wrists free, but they fit too snugly in the stocks to allow her to escape. Leia grinned as she knew the headstrong smuggler was now entirely at her mercy, as she appraised Riley with an eye for tickle torment. Riley wore nylons under her dark-green smuggler’s trousers, and Leia was eager to get at her feet, knowing how unbearably ticklish her own royal tootsies were. Riley’s stomach was another tempting target, as the smuggler had a toned and taut torso with muscular abs that were visible due to her immodest attire. The way the smuggler’s arms were forced forward also meant her underarms were easily accessible. 

“I’m going to make you pay for this,” Riley spat, as she thrashed in her bonds. “And give me back my boots!”

Leia smiled. The fool still didn’t realize what was going to happen to her. Leia decided it was time to begin her… negotiations.

“You’ll get your boots back later… maybe,” Leia said, as she pulled a chair in front of Riley’s wiggling nylon-clad feet. Riley’s feet were longer than hers, but they looked dryer and had more calluses especially around the heels. Nylons didn’t seem to match Riley’s look, and Leia wondered if she wore them to retain a sense of femininity in the male dominated smuggler’s world, or if perhaps maybe a past incident with Han had revealed that he liked them and wearing them was all part of her plan to entice him back. Leia was quick to push the thought from her head. Riley’s nylons were black and looked to be on their last legs, as there was a small hole along the arch of her left foot. Leia went for the hole immediately, circling around the hole teasingly. Leia was delighted to see Riley flinch and begin struggling again with a renewed vigour.

“What… are you… doing?” Riley asked through clenched teeth.

“Well, this is a little thing I call negotiations,” Leia said in her best stern senator voice, though she spoiled the effect by grinning. “Aggressive, ticklish negotiations,” she added, with a giggle.

“You think you can convince me with a little tickling?” Riley scoffed, with exaggerated disdain towards Leia’s modus operandi. “You must be on spice.”

“I find your lack of faith in tickle torture disturbing, but I look forward to showing you how potent it can be,” Leia said, chuckling to herself. It was clear Riley was trying to hide the effect Leia’s fingers were having on her nylon-clad soles. It was so adorable!  Leia wondered for a moment if this is what her own tormentors had thought when they were tickling her, and she suddenly felt a stab of empathy. There was a certain thrill to be had being able to dominant another person like this, to make them laugh or giggle or squeal with a flick of your fingers, a fact Leia demonstrated by running her nails down both Riley’s nyloned soles at once, making the loud-mouthed smuggler giggle lightly.

“So here are my terms,” Leia said, as she focused her ticklish attention to the arches of Riley’s feet and moved her hands a bit to get at the sides as well. “You’ll offer us a better price, and you’ll stay away from Han.”

Riley laughed, though this one wasn’t the tickle-induced variety. “You are on spice. Guhhhh,” Riley bit her lip and refused to laugh as Leia tried to tickle her feet even harder. “You can’t break me,” Riley said, scrunching her toes defiantly, grinning confidently as Leia stepped up her scratching.

Leia had to admit, Riley was putting up a surprisingly good fight. Aside from a few minor giggles she had yet to laugh outrageously the way Leia knew she would if her own feet were teased in such a manner. Perhaps she wasn’t as proficient at tickling as she hoped, having always been on the receiving end of things, Leia considered, pouting.

“Giving up already? Well, you had a good go at it,” Riley said mockingly, with a derisive bark of laughter. “You let me out of here and I’ll consider letting this go.”

It was at this point, Leia had a brainwave. She had always been so ticklish on her own feet, especially in nylons, that she had jumped to the conclusion that Riley’s feet would be extraordinarily ticklish as well. Riley was probably every bit as ticklish as Leia was, but merely in different locations, and Leia just had to seek them out. With any luck, stimulation in those other areas would lead to increased sensitivity elsewhere, so when Leia returned to Riley’s feet she would have more success. Leia had a good feeling that once Leia she had eroded Riley’s resistance, those obviously-sensitive feet (based on the way they would scrunch and wiggle in response to every touch) would be a lot more receptive. Riley was just holding it in, Leia realized. It made sense that a smuggler would know how to keep a dignified front even when things were getting hairy. They were rather like senators in that regard, Leia thought, the idea putting a smile on her lips.

“I’ll let you go after we’re done talking,” Leia said, with venomous sweetness as she picked up a feather. “Don’t worry, I’ll keep things civilized. I was a senator once, you know. We follow a strict code of debate,” Leia said, as she picked up a stiff feather from the box.

This one always drives me mad, so let’s see how the tough smuggler likes it, Leia thought gleefully as she made her way to Riley’s torso, twirling the feather between her fingers.

“What are you on about?” Riley asked, before suddenly shuddering and flinching as Leia lightly danced the feather against her neck and collarbones, both fully exposed by her risqué outfit.

“Well, in our debates we always start from the top,” Leia said, dusting the feather happily along the nape of Riley’s neck and along her prominent collarbones. The princess was delighted to see how the smuggler was tossing her head from side to side to try to avoid the soft touch of the feather, biting her lip and snickering as she did so.

“You’re hehehehe out of your mind!” Riley said, as giggles continued to burble out of her as her sensitive neck was teased.

“Usually, we would then delve into one of the big matters that are screaming for attention,” Leia said calmly, as she continued to teasing all the skin she could see with her feather – she continue to dust around the neck, down towards the base of it, and finally, down around and in her top, right when she was emphasizing the words “screaming for attention.” Riley burst into indignant laughter, as Leia twirled the feather in Riley's ample cleavage, not failing to notice how Riley’s nipples were visible through the fabric as the sensitive area was titillated. Leia certainly didn’t intend for Riley to enjoy herself too much, so she stopped just when a few moans were becoming audible in Riley’s frantic laughter, to keep her in ticklish frustration.

“You’re… mad…" Riley panted, gasping as if she had been running for hours as sweat began trickling down her face.

“You must remember not to show too much emotion, for it can get the better of you,” Leia said calmly, utterly ignoring Riley’s comments. She was speaking as if she were addressing a class of eager would-be diplomats in the art of negotiation. While she was monologuing, her feather dipped down to tease Riley’s taut stomach. “If you let your passion take over, it can expose weaknesses  in your argument.”

On that note, Leia leaned down to begin probing the feather along Riley’s muscular torso. She struck gold when she twirled the feather into Riley’s belly button, and the tough-as-nails smuggler let loose a squeal that made Leia snort with laughter. Leia marvelled at how the ticklish sensations in Riley’s sensitive stomach were rapidly heightening the pitch of her giggles, as she began to reach pitches she would not have expected the muscular smuggler to be capable of mustering.

As Riley desperate tried to thrust her body from side to side, in an attempt to escape the feather, Leia continued her monologue. “The last thing you want to know is to reveal a hole in your argument, I assure you,” Leia tittered, as she spun the feather in Riley’s belly button one last time before setting it aside.

“Remember, there is always more than one avenue one can approach. There are always multiple angles you can take, often simultaneously,” Leia said, as she gave Riley’s toned stomach one last parting tickle and reached up to settle her manicured nails on Riley’s underarms. Leia wiggled her fingers lightly as first, delighting in how distressed these light touches were flustering the smuggler who had been so cool only minutes before. Giggles were pouring freely from her now, and Leia wasn’t even scratching that hard! Leia marvelled at how her teasing comments about relating the tickling to the senate were making Riley respond. And the fact it made her feel like she was teaching the basics of oratory to an uninitiated disciple made her feel all the more powerful.

“The beauty of attacking from two different perspectives is that, as your debating opponent may struggle to… rebuff both arguments at once,” Leia said, as she began scratching more insistently with her nails. She alternated her strokes, sometimes scratching the left armpit, then the right, then the left, and then the left again to keep Riley guessing. It was such fun!

“Gehehehehehet out of therehehehehe!” Riley said, howling and trying to swing her arms free but the way her wrists were bound in the stockade she had no chance.

“Of course, sometimes it is prudent on focus on one point of attack at once,” Leia said, delighted in the way Riley’s pretty hazel eyes grew wide when she realized what Leia’s words entailed. Leia waited for this moment of realization before she sent all ten fingers burrowing into the hollow of one armpit. She spent time using all ten of her sharp fingers to spider-tickle each one, sometimes teasing the edges before burying back into the centre, only swapping to dive into the other armpit when Riley’s frantic laughter diminished somewhat.

“Sometimes when a foe is willing to give concessions, bartering becomes a key skill,” Leia said, as she stepped back from Riley’s underarms and pulled a pair of electric toothbrushes from the box. The toothbrush was one of the latest models that were perfect for preventing plaque build-up. It was also perfect for wreaking havoc on ticklish flesh. “I’ll give you a choice… I’ll ever put stick this in your armpits, or use it on your feet. What’ll it be?”

Riley glared at her for a moment, only reacting when Leia feinted with the brush towards her. “Damn you, woman. Fine! Underarms then. I don’t want brushes near my feet,” Riley spat.

Leia gave Riley a smile that showed more teeth than warmth. “Another important part of negotiations is to never concede to your opposition exactly what they want. Thanks for letting me know you don’t like the brush on your feet though. I’ll be sure to bear that in mind.”

Riley was practically foaming at the mouth with pure rage till Leia started to scrub the bottoms of her nyloned feet with the two toothbrushes, in which case the rage was quickly dissipated and converted into roaring laughter. Leia was delighted by the smuggler’s receptiveness to the brush, as she swept up and down the soles, giggling at the way the soles scrunched and wiggled as if they were doing a frenetic dance. It seemed Riley had not been lying about the brushes, as she howled with laughter as the brushes invaded every inch of her sensitive soles.

“Now where was I?” Leia said, casually continuing to brush up and down Riley’s soles as she spoke. “Now I remember! Another thing to bear in mind is the usefulness of a precise rebuttal,” Leia said, clicking off one toothbrush as she pulled back the toes of Riley’s right foot, leaving the sole taut and immobile.

“It is important to cover all available ground. You must be all encompassing in your points,” Leia said, as Riley’s foot waggled and jerked about trying to shake Leia’s fingers free as she began to scrub enthusiastically at the base of the toes.   With the sole held firmly in place,  Leia delved around and along the toes eagerly with the toothbrush, discovering a depository of sensitive spots as she meticulously teased in every little sensitive fold and niche of flesh on Riley’s right foot.

Leia was delighted to hear defeat in Riley’s voice for the first time, right when Leia was teasing the pads of her toes.

“Plehehehease nohohoho more! Stahap! Stahahahap!”

“You know how to make this stop, Riley. You’ve known from the beginning. 30% off your original price, a neural implant in your neck in case you decide to betray us, and your word you’ll stay away from Han.”

“A neural implant in my neck! Not even the Hutts would do that,” Riley snarled.

“Only because its expensive. A neural implant just gives you a bit more incentive not to change your mind the second we’re off the planet,” Leia said. “Though I like to think the prospect of being here again,” Leia said, tapping the stockade with her finger. “Is incentive enough.”

Riley looked away, clearly mulling her choices.

“I can see you need some time to think. Don’t worry, I’ll entertain myself,” Leia said, as she reached for Riley’s left foot and pulled the toes back.

“Wait, wait, no, no, nohohohohoho!” Riley begged, but soon her protests were drowned out by a torrent of frantic laughter Leia brushed and brushed all over the smuggler’s soles. Curiously, the toes of Riley’s left foot weren’t nearly as sensitive, though the ticklishness of the arch more than made up for it. Leia was so curious about this peculiar discrepancy that she spent some time alternating soles for a moment, though all the while Riley was screeching about something or another. Leia would tickle the toes on Riley’s left foot, and then the toes of the right for reference, noting the difference between a squeak and a slight giggle. Leia would then stroke the arch of Riley’s left foot, and then the arch of the right for reference, also noting the difference between a harsh belly-laugh and a brief snort.

“Apologies, but it is important to test different approaches when one can,” Leia said, clicking off the toothbrush as the smuggler huffed and puffed, her outfit now stained with sweat from her struggles. “Anyway, at this point in the debate they begin to see things from your point of view, and they consider that your suggestion may have merit” Leia said, crossing her arms and waiting for Riley’s answer.

“You drive a hard bargain, Princess,” Riley said, still panting. ”You have my word. I just hope you’ll show the Empire the same determination you showed me.”

Leia was wary about letting her out so quickly, but Riley gave her the information on the next ship for supplies, which she immediately sent on to Han and the others.

“Can I trust you, Riley?” Leia asked, as she began to open the stocks.

“You can ask Han about this, I’m many things, but I’ve never broken my word.” Riley said with a sort of grim conviction that Leia had to respect.

Leia opened the stocks and Riley climbed out, rubbing her ankles and wrists. “Nothing personal, right?” Leia said.

“Nothing personal,” Riley nodded, as she pulled out her blaster and fired at tranquilizer shot at her, stunning the Princess and dropping her to the ground immediately

When Leia came to, she was in the stockade, exactly where Riley had been moments ago. The first thing she saw when she opened her eyes was the sight of her white stocking clad feet sticking out of the stocks. She realized she was still in the store room of the Umo's Jar, only now with her ankles and wrists were bound in the stockade, her nylon-clad soles wiggling in the stocks helplessly. Leia saw Riley hovering over her, a grin on her face.

“Now it is my turn for a bit of aggressive negotiations,” Riley purred, turning the electric toothbrush around in her slender smuggler’s hands. “I’m still going to give your the Alliance the supplies at your price. I’ll stick to my word on that one, but I think we can discuss some personal favours you can do for me… ”

The third of several commissions for :iconmorfe22: Really had fun with this story as it was nice to let Leia be a ler for once. 

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Jasmine was one of those beautiful girls with a breath taking body that was made to be tickled.  She had dark blonde, shoulder length hair and sparkling blue eyes.  She was only about 5' 3” and her whole body had a light honey colored tan.  She had the toned soft curves of a semi serious athlete and full round, gravity defying breasts with a firm rounded rear end.   Jasmine herself was a sweet, unassuming girl.  There was an air of innocence and naivety about her, a sweetness that shone in her ever present smile and desire to please those around her.  She also seemed unaware that she was a ticklish play land.  

Jasmine had a smooth sensuous stomach with firm sides that curved deliciously from her slim waist to the flare of her perfect hips.  Set in that firm, tender stomach was a wide, oval bellybutton of astonishing beauty.  Her bellybutton was so deep that the soft, creamy bottom was usually lost in shadow and it was bordered by a smooth, gleaming rim.  Now Jasmine was extremely ticklish on her stomach, but she was insanely ticklish in her bellybutton.  However, through some bizarre cosmic twist of fate she had never been tickled by anyone intentionally.  Jasmine's senior year at Central High School two weeks after her eighteenth birthday that all changed.

Ms. Binder was the girl's gym teacher.  She was a large solid woman at 6' 0” and tipping the scales at 200 pounds.  Ms. Binder was in her late forties and that fact shone in the gray streaks of her crew cut hair and the wrinkles beginning to etch her square, homely face.  Ms. Binder had been fantasizing about tickling Jasmine since the blonde beauty was a junior.  And now that it was her senior year the unpleasant giantess decided this was the time.  

Ms. Binder arranged things so she could ogle Jasmine while she was in her gym class.  The girl's uniform consisted of a white T-shirt and snug cotton shorts.  But somehow Jasmine's shirts were all too small so the bottom came down to just above the top of her delicious, oval bellybutton and show cased her smooth tummy as well.  Since Jasmine had never been tickled by anyone she was blissfully unaware of how tempting she looked.  One day Ms. Binder sent the other girls on a long run but held Jasmine back for a talk in her office.  Ms. Binder had Jasmine stand in front of her as she sat in her office chair so she could gaze at her sleek stomach and relish what was coming.  

Jasmine stood in front of the large, imposing gym teacher in her skimpy gym shorts with her hands clasped behind her back with a look of innocent curiosity.  “Am I in trouble Ms. Binder?”  Jasmine asked in her light, musical voice.  Ms. Binder leered grotesquely at her prey and said “You might say that Jasmine.  You see, I am going to tickle you.  Your tummy and that fantastic bellybutton.  And I'll probably do it several times.”  Jasmine looked at her quizzically, sure that she must have somehow misunderstood.  “Excuse me?” she asked politely.  The gym teacher nodded with a smile.  “You heard me.  The only way you're going to get away is to fight, but I'll still win.  This is going to happen.”  

Jasmine's beautiful face was confused and she stammered “Tickle me?...b-but, that's wrong.  You're a teacher, you can't tickle me.”  Ms. Binder nodded her head with a wolfish grin and scooted her chair forward.  Jasmine instinctively went to back up but came up against a cabinet.  “I can tickle you and will.  And you won't say a word, out of embarrassment for starters and because I'll prove you're a liar and flunk you anyway.  No graduation for Jasmine.”  The burly woman gazed hungrily at Jasmine's smooth stomach and said “Now tell me.  Is your tummy ticklish?”  Ms. Binder reached up her large hands and lightly trailed her fingertips over the firm, sensitive surface of Jasmine's trembling tummy from the bottom of her shirt to the waist band of her skimpy shorts several inches below her deep bellybutton.  

Jasmine stiffened against the cabinet with a gasp, her blue eyes going wide as she reflexively sucked in her belly.  Her mouth was open with the corners of her soft lips turned up in a dismayed smile.  Then as Ms. Binder's fingertips made another slow glide down her stomach Jasmine broke into sweet, musical laughter.  “Haaaaahahahahahahaaaa.  Noooooohhahaheeeee!!”  Jasmine desperately grabbed at Ms. Binder's tormenting fingers but the excited titan grabbed the firm sides of Jasmine's stomach and began rapidly squeezing.  Jasmine straightened back against the cabinet and lifted onto her toes as her laughter ratcheted up in intensity.  “Naaahahahahahhahahah!!  Pleahahahhahahahah!!  Stahahhahahahahahahhah!!

The mammoth gym teacher moved her wriggling fingers up and down Jasmine's curvy sides, from just below her bottom rib to just above her twisting hips.  Jasmine squirmed against the cabinet, desperately trying to pry the shovel like hands off of her heaving sides as she sang out high pitched laughter.  Ms. Binder was delighted.  Even with all the day dreaming and fantasizing she was still amazed at how sleek and sensitive Jasmine's belly was.  She was also surprised by how ticklish the blonde angel really was.  

But overriding Jasmine's rolling laughter was a note of surprise as well.  Jasmine didn't really know she was that ticklish either.  Having never been subjected to tickling she was unprepared for the searing tingles that arced through her nervous system.  The tickling seemed to rule out everything else and rational thought was swept away with her laughter.  But on an instinctual level she felt a keen dread of what might happen if these tickles proceeded to her deep, oval bellybutton.

With a laughing cry of effort Jasmine finally succeeded in twisting out of Ms. Binder's grasp and backed quickly away from her large tormentor.  Jasmine was breathing heavily and her cheeks were full of color as a forced ticklish grin still lingered on her full lips.  The burly woman got up with a look of feverish excitement and came around the desk after her prey.  Jasmine let out a little scream, her dark blonde hair whipping out as she ran for the door.  Ms. Binder caught up with her just outside her office door and grabbed both of Jasmine's arms from behind, bringing them together behind her back effortlessly.  Jasmine screamed thinly in terror “Help me!!  Somebody please....Help me!!!”  Ms. Binder got both of Jasmine's slim hands pinned with one of her own beefy paws.  Panting excitedly into the struggling beauty's ear she began lightly walking the fingers of her other hand across Jasmine's heaving, trembling tummy heading for her bellybutton.  

Jasmine struggled frantically, twisting and wriggling trying to get away but this only made her little T-shirt ride up higher, exposing more of her smooth stomach.  “Nooo! Please Ms. Bindahaha...Don't!....Nooohoho!  Help me! Please somebody he-”  Jasmine broke off with a shocked gasp as Ms. Binder lightly ran a blunt fingertip around the firm, silky rim of Jasmine's defenseless, irresistible bellybutton.  The blonde senior sucked in her belly and looked down at the slow moving finger in wide eyed distress as the terrible truth of how much it tickled flashed over her brain like the rising sun.  Jasmine took a hitching breath and let out a thin despairing scream that flowered into helpless squealing laughter.  “Eeeeeeeheeeeeehahahhahaaaaaaa!! Hahahahahaaaanaahahahahah!!  Stop!  Staahahahahahahahah!!”  

Jasmine began struggling wildly as she squirmed against the bovine bulk of her gym teacher.  This new burst of energy and defiance made it difficult for Ms. Binder to maintain the light touch and precision needed to effectively tickle the squealing beauty's glossy rim.  And Ms. Binder quickly decided she wasn't done tickling Jasmine's rim yet.  The thick boned behemoth wrapped her arm around Jasmine's waist and easily picked her up, carrying her to a towel hamper.  The hamper was about thigh high on Jasmine as Binder hoisted her struggling tickle toy into it and set her down on her feet.  Then with one hand the devious brute took a full bag of dirty towels and dumped them into the hamper.  One more bag of towels later and Jasmine's legs were mired in a mass of damp, heavy towels to just above her knees.  Having minimized her victims ability to kick and stomp Ms. Binder then pulled on Jasmine's trapped arms, bending her backward a little over the side of the hamper to reduce the range of her squirming and wriggling.  This also had the added bonus of causing Jasmine's firm smooth belly to arch out as though presenting itself for tickling.  

Ms. Binder reached back around and ignoring Jasmine's frantic protests began lightly gliding a fingertip around her gleaming rim.  Jasmine sucked in her belly futilely and burst into squealing laughter as she struggled mindlessly to free her arms or kick her legs free and escape her tormentor.  After a couple of minutes of thorough rim tickling Jasmine's blue eyes were swimming with tears of laughter as she kept reflexively trying to suck her belly in to avoid that tickling finger.  Ms. Binder then nuzzled her mouth to Jasmine's ear and in a low confidential voice told her “You know, I have to be honest, I really did all this so I could tickle your beautiful bellybutton.  So get ready.”  

Jasmine's eyes went wide in panic even through her peals of laughter as the gym teacher's finger spiraled into the sweet, oval opening of her bellybutton.  “Noooo! Doohohohon't! Oh my g-AAAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAAAAA!!  NAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!”  Jasmine threw her head back and wailed laughter as Ms. Binder's fingertip slipped into her deep bellybutton and stroked the soft folds and ridges on the warm bottom.  Thrashing her head and crying out frantic laughter Jasmine kicked her legs free of the towels and began wriggling insanely.  Ms. Binder was amazed in spite of herself at the intensity of the blonde beauty's reaction.  She was also amazed that the eighteen year old's unbelievable bellybutton was embracing her probing finger almost up to the second knuckle.  

Binder set herself to keep her restraining grip on her victim's arms and continued exploring the soft, hyper ticklish depths of Jasmine's oval bellybutton.  “WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAAAA!!  STAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!  NEEEEEHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!  Jasmine couldn't even begin to form words as she twisted left then right, tossing her head and rolling her hips as she howled unrestrained ticklish laughter.  The troll like gym teacher kept tickling for 12 tortuous minutes.  Jasmine's heaving tummy was gleaming with a sheen of sweat and her hair clung to her face and neck as tears rolled down her face with it's wide open beautiful smile of torment.  Even then she had plenty of energy as illustrated by Ms. Binder curling her finger up and lightly stroking the silky roof of Jasmine's bellybutton.  Jasmine arched back into the solid mass of her gym teacher as she sucked in her tummy and cried out plaintive laughter.  “HEEEEEEEAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!  AAAAAAHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!”  

This riotous response continued as Jasmine thrashed her head from side to side and stomped her feet in a frenzy.  Ms. Binder was completely caught up in the moment and had just decided to take the sweet young high school senior into her office, lay her down across her desk and see how her amazing bellybutton tasted when she saw the first of the girls from her gym class run by a window.  

Binder knew she only had minutes so she trailed off her tickling and removed her finger.  Jasmine was still in a ticklish daze as she panted and whimpered giggles like after shocks.  “Okay precious, we're done for now.  But remember what I said, not a word or no graduation.”  and then Ms. Binder walked away to let Jasmine compose herself.  A couple of days later Ms. Binder was in the teachers lounge bragging about her accomplishment in tickling Jasmine because unknown to most everyone was the fact that the teaching staff at Central High School contained quite a few enthusiastic ticklers.  Most of them found the idea of tickling the sweet, blond angel to be very interesting.  Unfortunately in the months to come Jasmine would find out that Ms. Binder was the crudest and least imaginative tickler of the group.
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(Contains: nudity, sexual themes, violence/gore and strong language)
Chapter 3 – The Laboratory

“Thank you for taking over responsibilities, sis,” Tamara said to her sister Kenya as she collapsed on the couch with a beer in hand, “After what happened today at cheerleading practice I don’t think Christy and I and I could have handled running the party.”

“No problem, Tam, Just relax and enjoy the party.”  Christy and Tamara’s Friday night parties were becoming a monthly ritual that had started when they moved off campus with Tamara’s sister.  Although Tamara and Christy were both twenty one now, they were serving alcohol at their parties long before then, when they first got their fake ids.  This made them particularly popular with the rest of the student body, but not with Niesa, who had often threatened to kick them off the cheerleading team.  Niesa never made good on her threats though, and Tamara and Christy knew it, so they continued throwing their parties.

“Was I the only not able to get my pantyhose off?” Luvia asked as he nervously rubbed her thighs clad in jeans.  She, Amanda and Vanessa were invited to the party after the incident at cheerleading practice.  All of the cheerleaders sitting in the living room were wearing long pants to cover their pantyhose.

“Not me,” Amanda said pointing to her feet.  Beneath her black trousers she was wearing black mary janes that looked too large for her feet.  Her ultra sheer black pantyhose feet were partially visible in her loose shoes.  Whenever she moved her feet her heels slipped out a bit, so she kept her feet firmly on the floor.  “I should have worn sneakers like you guys, my shoes just won’t stay on my feet with these pantyhose even with them strapped on.”

“My sneakers don’t feel tight at all.  In fact they feel even looser than they did before,” Vanessa said looking down at her shoes.  “I really don’t like these pantyhose.”

“I don’t know I’m starting to really like them,” Christy said entering the room from her bedroom.  She had just changed into a sexy black dress that showed off her large beautiful breasts and her long sexy legs.  Her sexy black high heels were quite loose and large for her slippery stocking feet.  “They’re really quite slimming.  I was never able to fit into this dress comfortably before.”

Christy’s appearance was immediately drawing looks from all of the guys in the room.  She immediately approached a few good looking football players that had just entered from the backyard and began flirting.

“So I heard about the moves you guys were ‘practicing’ today, Christy, I hope you do that at one of our games,” Fred, one of the football players joked.

“Who told you?” Christy said a little irritated to be talking about the incident.  She had a feeling this was going to be coming up a lot for a long time.

“Jon was just filling me in,” Fred said.

“That creep is here?  I didn’t invite him.  Where is he?”

“In the backyard, I think.  Why, what did he do?  Did he do more than tickle you today?” Fred said making a fist angrily.

“No, but I just don’t like his hands on me.  Can you help me get rid of him?  I really don’t like him and I don’t want him around here anymore.”

“Alright, but you have to do something for me,” Fred said winking.

“Anything for you Fred,” Christy said smiling.

Christy patted Tamara on the shoulder and signaled her to follow out back.  All five cheerleaders followed Fred to the backyard where they saw Eddie, Dean and Jon laughing and joking about the events that took place earlier in the day.

“I didn’t realize how ticklish Niesa’s toes were,” Dean said laughing.  “What a hottie.  I hope she doesn’t get expelled.”  The group Dean was talking with all were laughing when Jon suddenly noticed Fred, Christy and the girls walking towards them angrily.  He nudged Dean alerting him and the rest of the group to their approach.  The group immediately quieted down guiltily.

“Jon and Dean,” Christy said accusingly, “I don’t remember inviting the two biggest pervs in school to this party.”

“Come on Christy,” Jon said defensively.  “Most of the people here weren’t invited.  We always come.”

“Well consider this the last time then,” Fred said grabbing their skate boards and throwing them onto the other side of the fence in the front yard.

“You’re a dick, Fred,” Jon said pointing a finger in his face.  “You were all buddy-buddy with us a few minutes ago, now you’re suddenly a white knight.  More like a white douche bag.”

Fred grabbed Jon’s finger and snapped it back.  Jon screamed in pain and got down on his knees.  “You can point that finger up your ass,” Fred said, “Now get the fuck out of here and don’t come back.”  Eddie and Dean were ready to back him up in a fight when several of Fred’s football friends came to his aid.  The skater’s were clearly outmatched and outnumbered.

Eddie knew they were in the wrong since they were not invited, and Jon and Dean’s behavior was inexcusable.  “Let him go,” he said to Fred.  “We’ll leave.”  Fred complied and allowed the three skaters to walk out while Jon cradled his hand angrily.

“They won’t be back,” Fred said smiling at Christy.  Christy hugged him and kissed him on the cheeks.  “Now about that favor you owe me …,” Fred said.

Sarah woke up to the feeling of metallic hands caressing her legs.  “Where am I,” she mumbled.  She was frightened but was too groggy to panic.  Thankfully she still had all of her clothes on.  As her eyes cleared she saw a … robot?

Sarah suddenly drew away in fear and huddled in the corner of the bed she was lying on.  “Okay what the FUCK is going on!?” She shouted.  She looked nervously around the room and saw that she was in a large laboratory of some sort.  The room was metallic and shiny and had all sorts of strange computers and monitors.  She was in some sort of glass enclosure with a bed and monitor.  She could see Lisa on the other end of the room still asleep in her own glass enclosure, still fully clothed as well.

The robot spoke “Welcome to our lab, female.  We mean you no harm.  We have brought you here for your own protection.”

“Somehow I don’t believe you,” Sarah said nervously as the robot’s many hands approached her.  She drew away from it as far as she could like a cornered bunny.  The robot was quite large and imposing.  It had a head shaped like a hammerhead shark that spun around like a radar dish.  Its body was narrow and cylindrical and rolled around on wheels.  It had six arms that were long and tentacle like and had thousands of joints that could bend in many ways.  The hands were four fingered and strong, but could be soft and gentle as well.  It eventually touched her legs and started to caress again.  The sensation was not unpleasant but she was very creeped out by it.  “Stop it!” She demanded.

“I am sorry but I cannot.  I must complete my task.”  The hand moved slowly to her shoes, which were now looser and more vulnerable than ever.  Sarah new they would slip off if he caressed them with the same pressure he was putting on her legs and then she would become a ticklish mess once he started on her feet.  The thought of being tickle tortured by this robot horrified her.

“No!  Please don’t take off my shoes!” She begged as the hands slowly moved down to the backs of her shoes.  She could feel her stocking heels slipping out.  “Oh god!  Please stop.  Don’t take my shoes off.  You can touch my legs.”

“I am sorry but I cannot stop.  I must complete my task,” the robot replied again.  With the shoes off of her heels the robots hands gripped the tops of her shoes and lifted them away from her cute panicking toes encased in the sheer black polyphylon.  She giggled and wiggled her toes as she felt her shoes slide against her soles as they were pulled away.  She watched in disbelief as a receptacle in the robots base opened up and her shoes were dropped into it.

Sarah looked on in appalled amazement as the robot’s fingers changed to feather-like tendrils.  “You’re not going to tickle me with those are you?” Sarah asked nervously already knowing the answer.

“I’m afraid I am.  It’s necessary to prepare you for the next stage.”

“What next stage?” Sarah asked nervously as the tendrils drew in, she drew her feet back and sat on them trying to protect them.

“I’m afraid I’m not at liberty to tell you that yet.  You will find out soon enough.”  Two strong arms came out of the robots back and lifted Sarah’s tiny body off the bed.  Another two arms grabbed her legs and positioned her feet in the most vulnerable position possible.  Sarah screamed as this sudden change in position against her will happened so fast.  Her scream immediately changed to laughter when the tendrils started tickling her pantyhose foot bottoms.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHEEHEHEHAHAHAHHAAAHTEHAHAHA!SSSSTOOOPPPPPPPPP!HAHAHETHEHAHAHAHAH!”  It was the worst tickling she had ever received.  She was completely helpless and her feet were more ticklish than ever.  The tendrils were so thorough that they got between her toes, they got her soles, and the bottom of her heels.  She eventually screamed and laughed so much that she lost her voice and passed out.

“So what make’s you think that interrogating your stepmom will get us anywhere?” Niesa asked, still a little confused by the plan.

“Because she’s wearing one of the original body stockings.  It has to be one of the one’s from the box that my mom brought home … the one that I couldn’t find when I needed proof to show to the police seven years ago.  Somehow, she found it.  Who knows maybe she started selling them and is behind the whole thing.”

“Hmm, kind of hard to believe,” replied Niesa sensibly.

“Well, we have to start somewhere.

“Do you think we should just ask her?”

“I was thinking of that, it’s kind of risky.  What if she is behind it all, if we ask her about it she might put a hit out on us or something.”

“Your own stepmom?” Niesa was beginning to doubt Beth’s intentions.

“I don’t trust her.  I never did.  She’s a gold digger.  No we have to interrogate her.”

“How, tickle her feet?” Joked Niesa.

“Of course.  Wouldn’t you admit to anything if your feet were tickled?”

“Yeah, I would,” Niesa had to admit that as stupid as it sounded, it was the best idea.  And since tickling isn’t a crime or anything, it’s not like they would get in too much trouble.  Lord knows Niesa was in enough trouble already.  “So what’s the plan?”

“Well, she’s wearing those stupid uggs, should be easy to get off.  The hard part is getting her away from dad and Kevin.  Hmmm.  I’ll tell her I’m taking her to a college party.  She’s such a bimbo, she’d love to go to one of those.  But instead I’ll just take her to the basement of the dorm and tickle her.”

“But what are your brother and father going to do?”

“You can take them around campus or something.  Just show them the night life.”

“I’d rather not.  I feel so vulnerable with these tights on.”

“Come on, Niesa, I’m doing this for you after all,” Beth said forcefully.

“I’m not so sure about that,” Niesa said, “But you have a point, I need to get this thing off, and your stepmom is the only lead we have.”

“Right, so just show them the fountain, and the activity center, and the library, oh and Kevin would love the science fiction club.”

Cat was loving the looks she was getting from the boys as she walked back to the dorm room.  “I’ve still got it,” she thought to herself.  The truth was she probably was in better shape now than she was in her whole life.  Marrying Patrick had given her enough money to buy the clothes she wanted, afford a personal trainer, and get herself into peak physical condition.  She was truly a knockout with her cute face, perfect skin, braded black hair and killer petite body.  She still got carded every time she tries to order a drink, an inconvenience she no longer minds.

The walk to the dorm was starting to annoy her though, as her boots were sliding around quite a bit on her feet.  “Pat, you need to buy me new uggs, these are starting to get a little too loose.”

“But I just bought you that pair two weeks ago,” Pat said.

“I know, but their starting to get worn out.  They feel like they’re about to fall off.”

“Alright sweetie,” he said bending down a little lower than normal to kiss her on the forehead.

Beth and Niesa was waiting for them outside when they arrived.  “Glad to see you’re okay now Niesa,” Pat said, “Would you like a slice of pizza?” he said offering the box to them.

“Sure,” said Niesa, “If you don’t mind eating on the way, I’d like to show you around campus before it gets completely dark.”

“That sounds like a great idea, Niesa,” said Cat.  “Where are you taking us?”

“Well, I thought I’d take you to a campus party, Mom,” said Beth as nicely as possible.

“Mom?  I think that’s the first time you called me Mom.  Not sure if I’m used to that, but I like the respect.  I’d love that.  But I don’t know if Kevin should go to –,”

“I don’t mean Kevin or Dad, just you.  Niesa will show them the fountain, the Science fiction club, the activity center; I’ll show you the party.  I know that’s what you’re into.”

“What a splendid idea,” Pat said.  “That should satisfy everyone.  Lead the way, Niesa.”

Right away Niesa wished she was wearing something more appropriate.  She was still wearing her cheerleader uniform, which was now hanging off of her.  Her flats were very loose now, and she knew she would step out of them accidently during the tour.  The only thing that fitted her right was her sheer black pantyhose, and that only served to make everything else more slippery and her body more ticklish.  This wasn’t going to be easy.

Sarah woke up again this time to the screams of Lisa.  “Please don’t strip me!” she heard her scream.  Sarah was still missing her shoes, but thankfully still had the rest of her clothes.  Unfortunately Lisa was in a worse state.

The robot that had previously stripped Sarah of her shoes and tickled her until she passed out was now stripping Lisa of her shoes and her shirt.  “I’m sorry, but I cannot stop.  I must complete my task,” was all it said in response to Lisa’s pleas.  Lisa was lifted by two of its arms and her shoes were tugged at by the heels.  “Don’t pull my shoes off, please!” but the shoes slipped off easily and her ticklish stocking toes wiggled as they slid passed her sheer soles.  Suddenly, the two arms on top started tugging on her shirt.  “No, please don’t take off my clothes!  Don’t strip me naked!”

“I’m sorry, but I cannot stop.  I must complete my task,” was all it said as the shirt tore off her body exposing her small perky breasts.  “Nooooo!” she shouted.  Her shirt and shoes were dropped into the same receptacle that Sarah’s shoes were dropped into.  Sarah wondered if she would ever see her shoes again, or if poor Lisa would get her shoes and shirt back again.

Then the horrible happened.  Lisa was stretched spread eagle and the fingers changed into feather like tendrils.  Slowly one tendril approached each armpit, one for each breast, two for each foot (one for the sole, and one for the toes) and three tendrils for her flat little stomach.  Pretty little Lisa was tickled horribly and her shrieks of laughter were deafening.


Poor Lisa couldn’t take it.  Sarah could actually see her shrinking before her eyes.  It was as if the intense tickling was making the already tiny Lisa smaller.  Lisa’s long straight auburn hair shook violently as she tried to break free.  Soon her pants began to slide down her sheer pantyhose covered legs, revealing her young womanhood through the ultra sheer fabric as she was not wearing panties underneath.  Lisa soon lost her voice and laughed in a gasp, and after only a few minutes, passed out.  The robot gently set her down and started to role back towards Sarah.

Sara quivered in fear looking around helplessly for an escape.  She refused to let the robot strip her of another article of clothing and tickle her to unconscious again.  There was only one entrance into her little her little glass bubble and the robot was rolling towards it.  She tried desperately to find a way of opening in the glass, but all her hands felt was the smooth glass all around her.  It was as if there was no door to this prison.  She couldn’t understand how the robot got in or out.

Time eventually ran out for Sarah and the robot reached the glass.  Sarah jumped onto her bed and scurried off into the far corner like a cornered rabbit.  Her tiny body stood helplessly as the robot phased effortlessly through the glass and approached her.

“Get a way from me!” she screamed wishing she too could phase through glass, or anything for that matter.  “Don’t you dare strip me!”

“I’m sorry but I cannot stop.  I must complete my task,” was all the robot seemed to say.  Sarah was surprised when it continued to speak “must confirm whether or not subject is wearing additional undergarments.”  His terrible arms reached out to her belt.  Sarah’s jeans were already sagging quite a bit off of her tiny waste line, and her belt was tightened as far as it could go to keep it on.

“No!  Not my pants!  Don’t strip me of my pants!” she begged as she covered up her belt with her little hands, “oh god, when will this nightmare end.”  The robot used its spare arms to pull her hands away from her belt and lift her off of the bed.  Sarah’s belt was quickly undone and pulled off.  Her jeans soon slipped down exposing her pantyhose clad pussy.  Sarah immediately bent her knees to prevent her pants from slipping off completely.

“Absence of additional undergarments confirmed,” the robot stated.  Sarah, herself couldn’t believe that she wasn’t wearing panties underneath.  She soon remembered that she enjoyed the feeling of her pantyhose so much when she changed, that she decided not to wear any.  She regretted it greatly now.

The robot’s strong arms effortlessly straightened out her legs and pulled her pants off the rest of the way.  Sarah kicked and screamed helplessly as her pants were dropped into the receptacle.  But the worst was yet to come.  The robots fingers changed back into tendrils, this time tickling her pussy and the back of her knees in addition to her toes and soles.  Sarah convulsed and squeaked, unable to laugh because the tickling sensation was too strong and her voice was already too strained.

As the tickling became more intense, Sarah could feel herself getting smaller.  Her right shoulder soon found its way out of its shirt as the neckline was now way too big for her.  Another pair of hands lifted the shirt off of her and dropped that too into the receptacle.  Now completely naked except for her pantyhose, she was now positioned spread eagle in mid air by four of the robot’s arms.  It seemed as if this robot had an endless amount of arms, because eight more tendrils sprouted from its body and started tickling her toes, soles, legs, breasts, stomach, armpits and neck all at the same time.  Sarah only lasted a few seconds before fainting.
Chapter 3 of Polyphylon Girls - The Laboratory.

I thought I would take this opporutunity to tell you how I was inspired to write stories. I've been writing stories since I was a kid. Contrary to what you might think, I don't just write erotic fiction, but I try to keep this sort of stuff seperate from my regular stuff. As a kid I used to draw comics, most of which were horribly drawn and horribly written, but did get me started on the path.

As for my erotic fiction, it started when I first discovered internet tickling erotic fiction in 1998. I was always into girls wearing nylons for as long as I could remember, and having access to the internet opened up a new world of discovery for me and inspired me to write some of my own.

I started posting on in 1998 where I wrote my first stories, most of them not more than one paragraph long. You could still find some of my posts in the archives there. Username was Mandrake. The stories weren't that great though, so you might not want to waste too much time finding them.

I discovered Nomdreserv's stories soon after. You can still find a lot of his stories in the web archive. He really is a fantastic writer, and it's a shame he doesn't write anymore. He focused mainly on shrinking stories. I was initially attracted because of the nylon/loose shoe content of some of his stories, but also liked how well the stories were written.

His writing inspired me to write the first chapter of my shrinking story, Lucy Loose Shoes. I posted it serially on and on some shrinking forums including the sw portal, and vulcan's websites.
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Chapter 2 – The Past Comes Back to Haunt

“School’s going well,” Beth Turam said trying to sound interested in the line of questioning.  It was only her second weekend at college, and already her parents were visiting her.  It’s not like she was a freshman anymore.  She twirled her wavy red hair with her finger trying to look interested.  Dressed in a t-shirt jeans, and sneakers, she looked like a typical college girl.  She was smart, pretty, and confident.  But boys usually found her somewhat intimidating.  Standing at 6 foot even, she was a rather strong presence.

“That’s good hun,” her stepmother, Catharina, said.  Beth hated it when she called her hun.  She never really warmed up to her stepmother, and secretly resented her father for remarrying.  Her real mother and sister disappeared mysteriously seven years earlier.  Their bodies were never found.  Beth still believed that they were still alive, and always felt her father remarrying was his way of giving up on finding out what happened to them.

“So how are you doing Kev?” Beth asked her step brother Kevin who was sitting in the corner of the dorm room.  Kevin was 13, and was a hopeless nerd of the worst kind.  Beth tried to be nice to him, but he barely spoke to anyone about anything but video games and anime.  He just grunted back at her and continued fiddling with some strange gadget.  Beth always wondered if he had Asperger’s syndrome or something.  His mother must have had him when she was in high school as she is currently only 30.

“Ever since he found that thing he’s done nothing but fiddle with it,” Cat said.  “It’s so much fun visiting you up here.  I missed out on college life.  It’s nice to get the chance to enjoy it.”

Beth rolled her eyes.  Cat, as her father liked to call her, was so immature.  She was young, yes, but she was also a mom.  It was embarrassing having a stepmom that dressed and acted like a teenager.  Today she was wearing her typical tight fitting tang top shirt with low cut tight jeans that showed off her ass.  On her feet were her brown expensive Uggs boots of which she had several pairs.  Beth always felt her father pampered his high maintenance wife a little too much.  One thing Beth noticed as Cat removed her fur coat was that underneath her tang top Beth was wearing a somewhat familiar looking ultra sheer hot pink body stocking that covered her flat stomach and arms.  She was about to ask her about it when Beth’s roommate, Niesa, entered.

“Hi Niesa,” Her father, Patrick Turam, said as she entered.  “How’s it go—,” his thought process was interrupted when they saw she was crying softly.  The Japanese beauty looked severely unkempt.  She was still wearing her cheerleader outfit but her shirt looked a little baggy and loose.  Her skirt was hanging off her body and she was holding onto it with both hands.  One of her sneakers looked like it was falling apart and was barely staying on her stocking foot.  The other one also looked quite loose and was slipping off her heel with each step despite how tightly it was tied.  And on her legs were a pair of ultra sheer black nylons that looked strangely familiar to Beth, just like the ones her stepmom were wearing.

“What happened?” they all asked her at once.  Niesa just looked at them, burst into tears, and ran out of the room slamming the door behind her.  It was clear she didn’t want to talk about it.  Beth noticed that she had left her damaged sneaker behind.  She picked it up.

“Wow,” Beth says.  “It looks like a car ran over it.  Something terrible must have happened at practice today.  I better talk to her in private.”

“Why don’t we go pick up a pizza,” Patrick said getting up, “come on Kev, let’s give these girls some privacy.”  Kevin, still engrossed in figuring out the workings of his gadget, got up and followed Cat and Patrick out of the room.

Lisa was very careful not to step out of her sneakers as she stepped onto the train.  She had managed to change out of her shirt and skirt, but could not change out of her pantyhose.  She almost spent thirty minutes in the locker room pleasuring herself trying to find an opening in her pantyhose to get them off.  But she eventually gave up and decided to just wear her jeans and sneakers over them.  For some reason she decided not to put socks on, but she regretted that now, because her sneakers were so very loose with just the pantyhose, even when tied tightly.

As she entered the train she saw her friend Sarah sitting in the corner of the train tapping her feet nervously.  “Hi Sarah, didn’t expect to see you taking a train home this late,” Sarah said as she carefully walked over to the seat next to her.

“Yeah, I stayed after with Eddie and the boys,” Sarah said smiling nervously, and tugging uncomfortably at her piercings.

Lisa also gulped nervously after hearing this.  “Do you mean Jon and Dean?”  Lisa said staring at Sarah’s feet which were shaking loosely in her shoes.  They were barely touching the floor.

“Yeah, I saw what happened.  Guess it’s a good thing I quit when I did.  Damn, these piercings hurt,” Sarah said as she took out her nose ring and lip ring.

Lisa took out her own earrings as she too noticed they were bothering her a bit.  They sat there for several minutes quietly.  A very pretty brunette woman in her thirties seemed to be sneaking peaks at them from behind her newspaper.  Lisa didn’t pay her any mind, but she could tell Sarah was eyeing her nervously.  She was dressed conservatively in a black business suit and leather boots.  Her hair was done up in a bun.  Lisa could tell that she was sneaking glances at Sarah’s nervous feet, and also was shifting attention to Lisa’s.

Lisa nervously looked down at her feet.  Like Sarah’s they were also barely touching the floor.  Sarah and Lisa were always short, but she never felt this short on the train before, her feet always touched the floor.  She felt her sneakers slide off her heals a bit.  She hated this vulnerable feeling, especially with the woman watching her so she started tapping her feet like Sarah.  It helped a little bit.

“I hate these pantyhose.  I can’t keep my shoes on, even more than normal,” Lisa finally said quietly hoping the woman couldn’t hear over the sounds of the train.  “And you know I couldn’t even take it off after practice.  They feel way too smooth.  Some pervert probably invented them.  I can’t believe we made such fools of ourselves on the football field.  We’ll probably get expelled,” Lisa said angrily.

“So what happened at the end?  I didn’t see it all.  Did Jon and Dean go too far?  Did you get caught?”

“Jon and Dean were just being idiots.  They tickled Christy and Niesa until they passed out.  They made so much noise laughing though that the coaches heard and came out.  I guess it was inevitable though.  I don’t think we were ever going to compose ourselves.  They had security escort us off the field and gather up our clothes.  It was so embarrassing.  We all got written up.  Niesa got the worst of it, since she was in charge.  She’s probably in big trouble.  I think Jon and Dean ran off before security got there.  Bastards probably got away scot free.”

Sarah’s heavy shoe eventually succumbed to gravity and slipped off her heel.  Lisa caught a glimpse of the sheer material on Sarah’s foot before she leaned forward and slid her foot back into her shoe in a frustrated manner.  “You’re still wearing the pantyhose too,” Lisa said.  “Why?”

“I couldn’t get it off either,” Sarah said seriously.  “There’s seriously something weird about these tights … something supernatural.  I feel so vulnerable wearing them, yet so indestructible at the same time.  I think we should get a scientist to look at them or something.  I’m being serious about that.”

“Normally I would think you’re crazy,” Lisa said, “but I’m going to have to agree with you.  I don’t think any of us would have done what we did on that football field if we weren’t wearing these tights.  I haven’t felt right since I put it on.  Maybe we should see a doctor.”


And with those last words, the two girls arrived at their stop and carefully stepped towards the exit.  But they never made it off the train.  The last thing they remembered was a strange smelling rag smothering their noses and then fading to black.

“So what’s going to happen to you now?” Beth asked Niesa who had calmed quite a bit after retelling the day’s events.

“I don’t know,” she said sadly.  “They’re probably going to call me into the Dean’s office on Monday to expel me.  Hopefully they won’t get the police involved for public indecency.  I’ll have to get a lawyer I guess.  But it wasn’t my fault.  I don’t know what came over us.  It must have had something to do with the pantyhose they had ordered for us.”

“Who ordered those pantyhose, Niesa?” Beth asked very seriously, it was clear she knew something about them.

“Who knows, someone in the phys ed. Department.  All I know is that there were two boxes with our uniforms and a separate box with the pantyhose.  There were instructions not to wear socks with the uniform, or any other undergarments besides the pantyhose.  I thought it was rather strange and kind of perverse.  But after I put the pantyhose on and noticed how good they felt I didn’t even want to wear them with panties or socks.  There was a shipping label on the box with a name and address.  I wish I could remember it.  They’ll never let me back into the locker room now though.”

“It’s very important that we find out where they came from, those aren’t ordinary pantyhose.  In fact, I think my stepmom is wearing a similar pair.  But she’s wearing a body stocking, which is what my sister and mother were wearing before they disappeared.”

“What?!” Niesa was clearly very surprised and nervous by what Beth was getting at.

“Seven years ago, my mother was working with some mysterious scientists on a new type of material called polyphylon.  It’s like nylon but much stronger and smoother.  I remember her coming home one day wearing it.  It was so soft and smooth, really beautiful.  It made her more ticklish and sensitive, just like you.  It was the same color and texture as the pantyhose you’re wearing now actually, except it covered her upper body too, like a body stocking.”

“She invented it?”

“I guess she was one of the inventors, but I never met or knew anything about the other scientists she was working.  My mother was never a scientist, she was a model turned fashion designer.  But to invent a new material?  That just never seemed like something she was capable of.  But, you see, the polyphylon did change her, for the worse I think.  She never took it off which I found very strange.  Her personality changed too.  It must have been the stress.  She used to be very nice and patient with us, but after she started working with the polyphylon she became very short with us, and often yelled at us.  I would often see her crying, and screaming at no one begging them to take it off.  It was like she was going crazy.”

“Damn, that’s scary, because I tried taking it off today and I couldn’t do it either.  I couldn’t find an opening.  I just wound up playing with myself.”

“I’m telling you, we have to find out where it came from, that’s your only chance of getting it off.”

“But how are we going to find out?”  Niesa asked as she nervously wiggled her toes in her loose gold flats.  She had changed into her flats since her sneaker was torn apart by the car that had run over it.

“I don’t know yet.  We’ll have to figure out something.  We’ll start by interrogating my stepmom.  You see, once my real mother started mass producing the body stockings she brought a box of it home to run some tests.  She told us never to wear it or to touch it.  Unfortunately my older sister lost her pantyhose for cheerleader practice and stole one from the box.  It was probably the biggest mistake of her life.  Later that day, she came home from school several inches shorter.  She was shrinking!  The body stocking was actually making her shrink!”

“Oh my God!”

“And it turns out, she wasn’t the only one shrinking, there were several other women who had bought the body stocking from Frederick’s, the department store my mom worked for, and they were also shrinking.  So my sister decided to meet them because one of them knew of a way to get the body stocking off.  But I guess it was a trap because I never saw my sister or my mother again.”

“Jesus Christ!  What happened to them?”

“I don’t know.  To this day I don’t know what happened to them.  I told the police my story.  Of course they didn’t believe me.  A body stocking that shrinks people?  And I was only 12 at the time so of course they thought I was crazy.  The only way I could prove it to them was to find a body stocking and show it to them.  But the box with all the body stockings was gone.  I searched all over the house and couldn’t find it.  Eventually the police gave up the search.  Everyone assumed they were dead.  I still think they’re alive, but I think I’m the only one.”

“That’s terrible,” Niesa gulped nervously.  “Do you think I’m shrinking?”

“I wouldn’t be surprised.  Your shoes are really loose.  That’s usually the first sign.  Then your skirt starts to hang, check.  And look your shirt is really baggy too.”

“Oh god!” Niesa said in despair.

“Well it could just be that your clothes are too big.  My mom wore the body stocking for weeks and didn’t seem to shrink.  But there’s one way to know for sure.  Stand up against the wall and step out of your shoes,” Beth ordered as she grabbed a pencil and tape measure from her closet.  As an engineering major she always had tools like this handy.  Niesa did as she was told, but Beth looked down and noticed she was still wearing her shoes.  “Niesa, we need this to be accurate, take off your shoes.”

“My feet are too ticklish,” Niesa said blushing.  “It’s the nylons!”

“Polyphylon,” Beth said correcting her.  “And you’re going to have to get used it,” she said bending down to take off Niesa’s shoes.

“No please don’t take off my shoes!” Niesa begged as Beth made a grab for the heel of her left shoe.  Niesa put all her weight on that shoe to prevent Beth from pulling it off.  This prompted Beth to go for the more vulnerable right shoe, which Niesa promptly put all her weight on.  Niesa couldn’t help but giggle at the anticipation of having her extremely tickling stocking feet touched and exposed.

Niesa’s shoes were clearly too large for her, and there were gaps on all sides around the heel and arch.  Beth decided to very lightly tickle around the edge of her left foot to give herself the advantage.  “pfhahahahahahah!  Not fair!  Okay, you win, I’ll take them off myself!”  Niesa said.

“Too late,” teased Beth as she continued to tease around both arches.  “You’re going to have to get used to getting tickled and having your shoes removed by force.  It’s going to happen to you a lot in the days to come.”

“Oh god, hahahaa, this is the worst day of my life ahahahahah!”

“Consider this training,” Niesa’s feet shifted from side to side sliding in and out of her shoes.  Beth finally flicked them off her feet and left her friend stocking footed on the carpeted floor.  Niesa continued to giggle uncontrollably as the carpet tickled the soles of her feet horribly.  “Come on Niesa, hold still.  You have to get used to the feeling, or you’ll never be strong enough to solve this mystery and get this thing off.”

But it was just too difficult.  Niesa’s laughter was so weakening that her knees began to buckle and she started to descend to the floor in a fetal position.  “I can’t do it.  It’s just too much …  Too ticklish … Oh God, I’m getting wet!”  Her hand started to move towards her crotch, just like it did when she was out on the football field.

“Stop it Niesa!  Compose yourself!”  Beth tried to lift her up from under her armpits.  This only served to tickle her more.  

“Hahahah! Armpits!  Ticklish! Hahahaha!

“Damn, maybe these pantyhose are more potent than the body stockings that my mom and sister wore.  I don’t remember them being THIS sensitive.”

“Just Hahahahaha! Put my shoes back on! Hahahahaha!”

“Okay, okay,” Beth said, lifting up her foot and slipping her shoe underneath and then doing the same with the other shoe.  After a few minutes Beth calmed down.  “That was ridiculous.  It’s just a carpeted floor.  It’s like it’s made of feathers.”

“I know,” Niesa said catching her breath.  “It’s worse than the grass though.  It’s softer.”

“Alright stand up.  I’ll measure you with your shoes on.”

“Thank you,” Niesa said standing up straight against the wall.

“But just remember what I said is true.  You are going to have to get used to going shoeless, because if you are shrinking you’re going to be losing your shoes quite a bit.”

Niesa just gulped nervously at the thought, unfortunately Beth was right.  Even if she got new, smaller shoes, she would continue to shrink until those were too loose as well.  Same could be said for the rest of her clothes.  This was indeed the worst day of her life.

“Five foot and one inch,” Beth said as she measured at the line on the wall she had drawn at Niesa’s head, “definitely shorter, what are you normally?”

“Are you sure?” Niesa asked shocked.  She gazed at the tape measure in disbelief.


“I’m normally Five foot six.

“That’s five inches you lost.  How long ago did you put on your tights?”

“A little over four hours ago.”

“That’s more than one inch an hour.  And I want to show you something,” Beth pointed to a crack in the wall above the line she drew.  “Before I took your shoes off, I noticed your head made it to this crack in the wall.  But after you giggled like a schoolgirl and nearly wet yourself, you dropped about a centimeter below the crack.”

“So what does that mean?”

“Maybe that the more you lose yourself in ticklish ecstasy, the more inches you lose.  I don’t have proof of course, but be very careful.  Try to control your urges as best you can.”

“Well don’t take my shoes off then,” Niesa said angrily.

Here is Chapter 2 of Polyphylon Girls.

I'll be adding chapter updates pretty frequently over the next few weeks as I have several chapters more or less already written. There are some additions/revisions that need to be made though, so I will need to take my time before I post them. I can't say how long it will be before it's all done though because I'm not exactly how long the story is going to be yet. All I can say is that it's going to be my longest story yet ... probably the length of a short novel.
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A great thank you to awesome Mathilde :iconpsychogingirl: (Denmark) for her great pics for SnS! Love Hug
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Many thanks to beautiful Erica (Italy) for this awesome picture!!! :love: :hug:
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Mature Content Filter is On. The Artist has chosen to restrict viewing to deviants 18 and older.
(Contains: nudity, sexual themes and strong language)
WWE Eva Marie Feet
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So, I am crushing hardcore on Sasha Banks right now, and I realized I'd never drawn her for my main gallery. Here she is in full hypnoed glory. Enjoy! I know I had a blast drawing it.
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Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes)
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes)
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes)
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Mature Content Filter is On. The Artist has chosen to restrict viewing to deviants 18 and older.
(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
Mature Content Filter is On. The Artist has chosen to restrict viewing to deviants 18 and older.
(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
Mature Content Filter is On. The Artist has chosen to restrict viewing to deviants 18 and older.
(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity)
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
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Tickle fake :)
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Emma Watson - Tickle Fake =)
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Olivia Wilde - Tickle Fake =)
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I did a couple quick fakes of Emma Stone. I hope they are received well. Enjoy :)
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I did a couple quick fakes of Emma Stone. I hope they are received well. Enjoy :)
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I may be the only one to find this funny but I've wanted to make a fake of Hayley for some time now but every time I would try and think of someone to make a fake of, I would forget about her. I finally got around to remembering haha. I hope you all enjoy this.
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Not as good as the last, but I am working on my technique.
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