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LimboHe stumbled between life and death.
Dream of Flying by martaraff And the weeping of the ground by ZewarPhotography Dream of Flying by martaraff 
We Face The Night by HippieVan57 the quiet after. by Hamish-Frost We Face The Night by HippieVan57
crosspaints by Une-Vache And the weeping of the ground by ZewarPhotography crosspaints by Une-Vache
Gir1 by Campo-Diaz
Whisper by EvaPolly
Magma by KizukiTamura Two old robins sitting on a snowy fence by AiniTolonen  Magma by KizukiTamura
laceration by Greyguardian Little Runner by CarlosBecerra laceration by Greyguardian
Limbs by lillylillith Two old robins sitting on a snowy fence by AiniTolonen Limbs by lillylillith 
Two Epispiral Mutations.2. by CopperColour
Migraine by DouglasHumphries
embrace by partiallyHere glass eye moth ::: by katworks embrace by partiallyHere
130112 - Helsinki by JakezDaniel  chaos mandala by davespertine  130112 - Helsinki by JakezDaniel
decay by ra-gro glass eye moth ::: by katworks decay by ra-gro 
The Moon And  the Sea by JamesSkeltonSmith
Coffee time by Helenas-sweetheart
Mirage by lomatic Eye Candy by readyo Mirage by lomatic
welcome to my world by Writto Internal Space by tholang welcome to my world by Writto
BOUTILLIER a. 7 by m-lucia Eye Candy by readyo BOUTILLIER a. 7 by m-lucia
Sparse by rdalpes
Solitude by ChiFeng-dA
Vineyards 2 by aopan Infinity by CristianoTeofili Vineyards 2 by aopan
cenin by selfregion Distracted by Bellisente cenin by selfregion
The Death of Art by DasGhul Infinity by CristianoTeofili The Death of Art by DasGhul 
Hurt by Amatheva
Black-n-White Dream_05 by caddman
Abstract Series 4 by PassTheFlizask Ice Moon by joeyv7 Abstract Series 4 by PassTheFlizask
The Spirit Descending by vonsac Scary Self Portrait by delightfulartisan The Spirit Descending by vonsac
Swathe by RaVeNuS9 Ice Moon by joeyv7 Swathe by RaVeNuS9 
Ps158 by Campo-Diaz
of flesh and bones by Izaaaaa
kitty crystalline ::: by katworks Gradac River 3 by vodj kitty crystalline ::: by katworks
All the bold women and the childless priest by anaPhenix Invite me in... by Grimjest All the bold women and the childless priest by anaPhenix
Riddler by aupre Gradac River 3 by vodj Riddler by aupre 
Out of line(s) by ImaginariumOfDead
Eternal Winter by Metal-Bender
self ID by miclart green abstractos.. by santosam81 self ID by miclart
Edict of the Eclipse by Versatis and_our_lips_lit_up_our_eyes by moscaliovam Edict of the Eclipse by Versatis
blue encounters by partiallyHere green abstractos.. by santosam81 blue encounters by partiallyHere 
I can see by LiepoSeis
Trier by SchlafundAtemlos
coolish by korrox last of it's kind by WeissChristian coolish by korrox
13.10.26 by keinziel the_door by moscaliovam 13.10.26 by keinziel
Memento Mori I by Epytafe last of it's kind by WeissChristian Memento Mori I by Epytafe 
*** by kapriize-klusee
Leviathan. by Hamish-Frost Riot by Andaelentari Leviathan. by Hamish-Frost
relative) that, which by RichardLeach Industrial Awakening by DemonMathiel relative) that, which by RichardLeach
Looking for contrast... by ansdesign Riot by Andaelentari Looking for contrast... by ansdesign 
and yet the earth moves by rioMenor
Giants Footprints by Kaz-D
Buchaenuessli by bindii Like Sardines by Ragnar949 Buchaenuessli by bindii
singularity by davespertine Dawn at Gizeh by el-karamelo singularity by davespertine
Zebra by da-phil Like Sardines by Ragnar949 Zebra by da-phil
Scary Dream_01 by caddman
Strip by Poromaa
vortex by davespertine FridayImInLove by rioMenor vortex by davespertine
Metallic Rays by Une-Vache Alley wall by RichardLeach Metallic Rays by Une-Vache
Four Dots by Une-Vache FridayImInLove by rioMenor Four Dots by Une-Vache 
Dimensions Flash by AbstractMatter
Raven 2 by DVanDyk
panache by VisitingFahrrad Boxticles by azieser panache by VisitingFahrrad
White Noise by Einsilbig Disappear by Mrs-White White Noise by Einsilbig
My Hesitation by bliXX-a Boxticles by azieser My Hesitation by bliXX-a 
Ps157) by Campo-Diaz
EX by awjay
Silent Watcher by Lucidin Distance by JPtHart Silent Watcher by Lucidin
Silver rain consecrate my heart by ZewarPhotography A100 7009 by Imanuell Silver rain consecrate my heart by ZewarPhotography
earing by aerendial  Distance by JPtHart earing by aerendial
Peaceful but Sad. by CopperColour
At the beginning by JakezDaniel COPPERcanvas by mando-damon At the beginning by JakezDaniel
Essentials (Part 2) by Einsilbig balance paper cut.01 original drawing by jonesblachowicz Essentials (Part 2) by Einsilbig
Skolkovo-Saint Petersburg by inObrAS COPPERcanvas by mando-damon Skolkovo-Saint Petersburg by inObrAS 
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Moscow by inObrAS
Under the Bed by delightfulartisan
overflow by BlauBeerKuchen Forgotten Ideas by tholang overflow by BlauBeerKuchen
Photographers ghost by freMDartet Lush by vonsac Photographers ghost by freMDartet
the swirl by MK-NI Forgotten Ideas by tholang the swirl by MK-NI 
Frostrated by Contemplexitus
la Nuit de Druillet by rioMenor
Snow covers the memories by AiniTolonen blind times by esmahanozkan Snow covers the memories by AiniTolonen
A lonely way by invisigoth88 Run of the mill by freMDartet A lonely way by invisigoth88
why does it always rain on me? by BlauBeerKuchen blind times by esmahanozkan why does it always rain on me? by BlauBeerKuchen 
Starting Over by visionart
reflection by Phototubby
fish-tailed city by eternaltwist halde I by pyros fish-tailed city by eternaltwist
angel's head by FabioKeiner darkInMetroStation by rioMenor angel's head by FabioKeiner
the remains of a day by sandpiper764 halde I by pyros the remains of a day by sandpiper764 
Burning Bush Diptych by sycamores-and-cedars
Stay by Linlith
softspots by davespertine Lovely Tristesse (Part 5) by Einsilbig softspots by davespertine
This is Mr. Nesbitt of Harlow New Town by DpressedSoul Semi Abstract Eye (Painting Version Two) by Matt34564 This is Mr. Nesbitt of Harlow New Town by DpressedSoul
a boundless moment by VisitingFahrrad Lovely Tristesse (Part 5) by Einsilbig a boundless moment by VisitingFahrrad 
H 8 by ra-gro
Die Rinde by feigenfrucht
squaRed by davespertine please be here for me by tuminka squaRed by davespertine
Singing a Colourful Morning by WhiteBook UF14 Abstract World 100B by Xantipa2-2D3DPhotoM Singing a Colourful Morning by WhiteBook
jeune fille en fleurs by veroklotz please be here for me by tuminka jeune fille en fleurs by veroklotz 
Crazy January by tomsumartin
Der Samstagabend by feigenfrucht
le chef d'orchestre by veroklotz stuck on repeat by veroklotz le chef d'orchestre by veroklotz
Religious hook by invisigoth88 BODY AND SOUL by anjusha Religious hook by invisigoth88
MB2014 ... 3 by Xantipa2 stuck on repeat by veroklotz MB2014 ... 3 by Xantipa2
the nights are bright and filled with pain by partiallyHere
2014 by feigenfrucht I feel fantastic by katworks-paints 2014 by feigenfrucht
 It Sees by JillAuville i need the sound of rain by Flubberwurm It Sees by JillAuville
Out Of Body Experience by CristianoTeofili I feel fantastic by katworks-paints Out Of Body Experience by CristianoTeofili
secret sound by aerendial
decay by partiallyHere
Hooked by daYavuz

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People and Portraits Spotlight Vol. 88

Tue Jan 14, 2014, 9:25 AM by yvART:iconyvart:
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here in the black

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 15, 2014, 3:18 AM

here in the black by ra-gro

Stranger 7 Revisited by dannyst Whispers by by-vertebrae Catch Without Arms by ElifKarakoc
lonely evening by BelcyrPiotr same way by esmahanozkan Cairo-2 by lostknightkg
Post mortem by invisiblemartyr dream by MusukoTyan shelter by rapidograf

Help Me Disappear by Flubberwurm

Lost in the Tyrrhenian Sea by LisaDenise 1978 by donmezerm self by moonhasmotels
sadness 8 by metindemiralay gotta leave by LostOneself bisey soleme by cllozdemir
Run! by lomaticgaze by windridesFluchten by Philomena-Famulok

embracing mistakes by Lee-llaby

. by jarofcherryjam And the weeping of the ground by ZewarPhotography Riddles in the dark by PawelMatys
Loner by invisigoth88 Surfacing by intao Run III. by kgeri
In the garden of leaflessness by until-i-bleed Show Me The Way by KizukiTamura O by dchon

Only you by Menoevil

As embers dress the sky by ZewarPhotography a strange nostalgia [iv] by BlauBeerKuchen I stand alone in the company of none by ZewarPhotography
My Hesitation by bliXX-a morn VI by Mar-jus I Keep On Living In This My Only Wish by DpressedSoul
shiva by KseniaMaytama In transit by Phoenixstamatis Photos of Ghosts by AngelaNorthen

Light Emerges by ifsantag

World Of Water 02 by CPINARBASI tracks unfollowed by partiallyHere V by Nahuask
the end of the night comes every day by partiallyHere Oblivion by anaPhenix Between us by YourForgiveness
Time Trance by lostknightkg all the things you gave me have died by Inextremiss blue hour by lerui

Augur by Nahuask

Traces by o-BlueMoon-o Different Direction by tholang Dark night. by lomatic
In the limelight by tuminka Die Antwort by seicke 0003-30 by laflaneuse
Cocoon. by Tooga :thumb421915294: don't worry before the next step by scheinbar

I by WWinchester1986

Now my heart is out of your hands by AngelaNorthen The Illusion of Confusion by Fassod c'est la nuit by partiallyHere
- by dreamisdestiny1 tumbling by ra-gro are you there? by ra-gro
--- by Bolshevixen y z.jpg by keinziel almost white by partiallyHere

Another journey. by lomatic

you are stronger than my story. by popoks Untitled by JPtHart Dublin - Black and White XI. by Valdoo
communion* by AlicjaRodzik ofelia by JordanRobin deja vu by i-m-light
That House by lostknightkg leaf by uzengia - - - - - - -- by Migrena

Diversidade by A2Matos

desperation by deadendsoul ::strip the soul:: by 0Gutter-Glitter emotion yes! by MartaSyrko
wind by MartaSyrko Sensual Alexandra 1 by qczman noname 5 by belovaan
What we are and what we'll be by SilvieTepes Le bel ange... by Herculanum Monument - Pere Lachaise by Derek-Castro

Turmoil by Philomena-Famulok

i'll protect you by Gabriel-theArchangel Crush by CarolineMadison Sadness by LeneArizona
sad girl by dariagro Antonioni style I by blooding A look into your soul by airsteve
Tout Passe II by -rainman Oblivion by iNeedChemicalX Tranquility by noukka

Josie SW by Hart-Worx

spilled with light by maticgolob | d a r k | by Nachtblau gloria by azoic-age
Highlands-11 by Kaarmen Highlands-12 by Kaarmen secret path by arayo
...Cold Silence... by FelixInden The Ancient world by alexandre-deschaumes Inevitable submergence by lomatic

decomposition by partiallyHere

Finding The Path by lomatic Dawn at Etretat by Eukendei Estes Park #65 by cuaz8993
Cradle Lake Black and White by Questavia Tell me again #2 by etchepare The Giant's Causeway by transkendium
Taranaki tonight under half a moon. by lomatic The Road by sabbbriCA 0490 by TomWasilewski

Lion, Salzburg III by GW-Photography

thank you for all your wonderful works

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Spotlight Vol. 45

Abstract and Surreal

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Die donker see by lomatic

do not forget, watering the flower by M-Art-ArtistJoey by Hengki24do not forget, watering the flower by M-Art-Artist
Joey by Hengki24<da:thumb id="425646261"/>Joey by Hengki24
do not forget, watering the flower by M-Art-ArtistJoey by Hengki24do not forget, watering the flower by M-Art-Artist

lost without leaders. by Hamish-Frost

- yes by zosiaqTime Trance by lostknightkg- yes by zosiaq
Time Trance by lostknightkg222 by okilokTime Trance by lostknightkg
- yes by zosiaqTime Trance by lostknightkg- yes by zosiaq

Oneness by lomatic

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I am featured here
Collection by

When You Know Why You're Happy

Mon Apr 7, 2014, 5:12 PM
  • Listening to: Mary Margaret O'hara
play of the lights by rioMenor

Missing by SplitEnsds

Day by Day by tuminka

BVL by Direct2Brain

mic n 3 by rioMenorl'incision by VisitingFahrrad

October is yellow 15 by martaraffHorizon 6988 by MissUmlaut

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Bests of March

Mon Mar 31, 2014, 3:00 AM
Best submissions from each Gallery Folder for March at Abstract-and-Surreal
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noruwei no mori

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 29, 2014, 12:33 PM
partially I by Enigmapsyche
breathe it in and let it go by Flubberwurm
1 by slumberbreeze
...what your soul sings by AntekPyra
La ou je suis by Dylou-Lee
00387 by NunoFigueira
Sound of Silence by Art2mys
Train to the past by JoanLlado
i shake a little by NuSunt
Teatr cieni by Dororo4
why did you leave by wyrazobcy
Radiograph Of My Sorrows by NataliaDrepina
All my hope... by tuminka
M o d e by M-0-N-0
c'est la nuit by partiallyHere
killing me softly by PsycheAnamnesis
Cobwebs In My Head by Trippy4U
.Oceans. by Azenoire
Leave it all behind by invisigoth88
T by JabLab
'By living our lives, we nurture death. True as this might be, it was only one of the truths we had to learn. What I learned from Naoko’s death was this: no truth can cure the sorrow we feel from losing a loved one. No truth, no sincerity, no strength, no kindness can cure that sorrow. All we can do is see it through to the end and learn something from it, but what we learn will be no help in facing the next sorrow that comes to us without warning.'
h. murakami, norwegian wood

CSS Journal Coded by FleX177

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Journal Entry: Sun Mar 30, 2014, 5:01 AM
Welcome to April
As always i continue to be amazed and stunned by your work no matter what type its been and i remain amazed by you all because without you all nothing is possible, your art brings so much joy into my world you are all fantastic and you all inspire me totally .... now please share with these artists and enjoy their art as i have

............... and always be inspired

"There are those who so dislike the nude that they find
something indecent in the naked truth - Daniel J Boorstin"

Eriger des murs (color) by Feebrile   Origin of the flesh by Nahuask   The warmest colour by until-i-bleed

"When we respect the nude, we will no longer have any shame about it - Robert Henri"

  Untitled by VikiKollerova   Untitled by Innadril  Untitled by alecdawsonphoto 

"In order to take pleasure in these does not seem to be necessary
to have known the persons they represent - Sadakichi Hartmann

portrait de l'heroine en garcon by partiallyHere  Fracture by KizukiTamura  Reflection... by peterle28
"A portrait! What could be more simple and more complex,
more obvious and more profound - Charles Baudelaire

devID 7 by sth22art  Butterfly: Dance! by forgotten-tale  Broken by tuminka

"Abstraction forces you to reach the highest level of the basics – Alan Soffer"

Traces by Dylou-Lee  Macula Lutea by MarinaCoric  Blitz by alisinwonder

"Abstract art has helped us to experience the emotional power
inherent in pure form – Anton Ehrenzweig"

First Sunrise by ABSTRACTSbySabina  tainted dusk by LittleMine  untitled... by beans6677

"The goal of abstract art is to communicate the intangible,
that which eludes the photograph and normal seeing – Curtis Verdun"

Keep your head up, keep your heart strong... by ansdesign  007-001 by Anticherry  Puzzled by SplitEnsds
"Stop thinking about art works as objects, and start thinking about them
as triggers for experiences – Brian Eno"

The Doors by Kleemass  Victimized by Andaelentari  Traveller no.3 by readyo

"The object of art is not to reproduce reality, but to create a reality of the same intensity – Alberto Giacometti"

  Simple Pleasures by VicEberly  Mirror Mirror by myrnajacobs  Talisman by veroklotz

"Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens – Jimi Hendrix”

Texas Tavern 2 by TheDevlyn  Museum by PhoenixBai  Urbanawak (nawak 34) by OlivierAccart
   you enrich lives without even knowing it ...

Between the essence and the descent by AiniTolonen  The Anticipation of Pain by Cloud-Factory  White Nights by AngelaNorthen

and new friends to share ...
Waiting for the victim by NanaTOP  Un verre sinon rien by Loucos  Waiting patiently by vbagiatis

  Somewhere in Montreal 8 by 8millionwaystodie  La dame et l'angelot by Herculanum  Green Forest by nnanotek

Out there be monsters by dermamred  facade : contemporary by LordKaniche  The Bathroom Sink by ririrabbit

and my thoughts are with you always ...      

we_love_you_Ukraine by moscaliovam  waiting_for_WW3 by moscaliovam

    .... always be inspired

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  • Listening to: Isis
  • Reading: i can't see to read
  • Watching: i can't see clearly enough yet
  • Playing: I never play anything
  • Eating: green stuff
  • Drinking: black stuff
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Collection by
*** by aleksesss
melancholia by jenansul
just breathe by MartaSyrko
Sandy 9 by corvus-crux
A. by datenshi-nagasava
Wera by beata-bieniak
05580011 by BudhaBar
Winter sleeper by Trepka
Shadowtricks by ElifKarakoc
madonna by quadratiges

please visit my gallery:…   thank you :)
soul by esztervaly
Portrait of Niki V by esztervaly
Portrait of Niki by esztervaly
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Rolf -the christmas dog.

Copyright Alexander Jansson 2013. All rights reserved. My images may not be reproduced, copied, edited and published in any form without my permission.
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Perhaps nothing in the art evokes strong feelings and expectations as the word surreal, at the same time perhaps this word encompasses many meanings that in other ways can not be described. Surreal is anything that goes beyond the sensible and observable reality, everything that is outside of reality. But in other terms also describes what remains outside the box in which our mind is accustomed to perceive and categorize the reality. Surreal therefore are other dimensions of reality, deeply touching aspects of the spirit and arcane, of the imagination and the unconscious, of the dream and what is not perceptible with normal senses.
The Surrealism in the art is the style that gives voice to all this, to the very intimate part of the human soul. Artistic movement born in the early 1900s, predominantly in the painting, then moved in other arts such as photography, with incredible results. Even today the works of René Magritte, Salvador Dalí, Max Ernst, Paul Delvaux, Juan Miró, André Masson, Giorgio De chirico, Max Ernst, Man Ray, Gilbert GarcinLe, hitting our eyes and our minds, free and disturbing a deep part of our being and are an ephemeral mirror to frame what you can not grab it with the normal feelings of everyday life. A my tribute to the many new artists
and works that have caught my attention on DeviantArt. Fabulous!

The Giant by js4853Heavy Metal Serenade With Strings work in progress by bordacommon unconscious joke... by muffaelucciole
The Rising by DriPointChallenge 4 by San-TFREEDOM by chryssalis
Star by MASYONThe Nests by KleemassHard Decision by Kiriya
Moved on to the peace land by AntoshinesAgnus Dei ...maybe. by CouchyCreatureBicycle by buggs38
Coquilles by buggs38Masquerade by CaryAndFrankArtsTristesse by DariaEndresen
The autumn of life by DeniseWorischShepherd by AbbeyMarie<da:thumb id="389255957"/>
Persephone UPDATE by ComtesseDionaeaPapillon by buggs38Music can change your world by Redanshy
Sulfur V by MarcelaBolivarBeneath the Ocean's Surface by FairieGoodMotherOdin and The Crows by MarcoHerrera
we were soldiers once . . . by MililaniMakpre+lude by MililaniMakViolence by kkundzicz
Journey To Paradise by Dani-OwergoorThe Huntress by KingaBritschgiEden by buggs38
How Winds Blows by JiaJenn31Time To Leave (Apocalypse, Now) by KingaBritschgiMeasure the world by playart-PSD
Rain by megan7I Was Made For Loving You by FrankAndCarySTOCKVictim by MiraNox
Lonely Night by Musicman30141Paradise Lost.. by 22zddr333 by anapt
When herbs are dying... by shvaybaAutumn Winds by Dasha444The Puppet Master by nina-Y
Carousel by KnockOut36Must Hurry, I'm Late For Work by Deorsao by beata-bieniak

fishy love 2 by monika-esviolinist by monika-esSummer Day by Ralu77

Lonely by beyzayildirim77Lamaisonabandonnee by roserikaResolution by thefantasim

Fallin' by vikky1991Orbit by astridleIn the Mannequins world... by EVAVESTER

Of Fish and Men by shtirlizThe Musician by mariegartNaked Ambition by DeepBlueDesign
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Facebook : [link]
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first blood by i-m-light
Drying Laundry by MarinaCoric urf by kieubaska
Dasha by Fatale-Trinity
Adrian by beata-bieniak xbc by Santina
Untitled by aleksandra88
With cold words by Emily-White eight line poem II by micmojo
114 by AntoniaHera
Evelin Medium Format I by AlexanderB 110.365 by ByLaauraa
s by marinakochetyga
3 by eroltasko dima by stefa-zozokovich
Tata III by datenshi-nagasava
daisy chains by haikman Nikaa 4 by aprelka
wind by eugene-kukulka
puppet by andreapun Dasha by CreameCaramele

please visit my gallery :…  :hug:
Sophie II by esztervaly
l02 by esztervaly muse by esztervaly

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Collection by


Journal Entry: Thu Oct 31, 2013, 12:42 PM

Girdered Moon. by lomaticBelieve by LoucosGirdered Moon. by lomatic
Believe by LoucosUnd weil die Liebe ist by AnjaMillenBelieve by Loucos
Girdered Moon. by lomaticBelieve by LoucosGirdered Moon. by lomatic

Head by kakaoconad<da:thumb id="406211439"/> Head by kakaoconad
<da:thumb id="406211439"/>Osvicen by milieere<da:thumb id="406211439"/>
Head by kakaoconad<da:thumb id="406211439"/>Head by kakaoconad

The Chair by Menoevil2 o ' c l o c k by nool2iThe Chair by Menoevil
2 o ' c l o c k by nool2i<da:thumb id="409272498"/>2 o ' c l o c k by nool2i

The Chair by Menoevil2 o ' c l o c k by nool2iThe Chair by Menoevil

Ulv. by Coldwave-EnigmaRose by MarinaCoricUlv. by Coldwave-Enigma
Rose by MarinaCoricAt The Edge Of Night by Philomena-FamulokRose by MarinaCoric
Ulv. by Coldwave-EnigmaRose by MarinaCoricUlv. by Coldwave-Enigma

Together III by MatsHolmbergEau de Parfum by mirabiliaimagesTogether III by MatsHolmberg
Eau de Parfum by mirabiliaimagesStraj oseni by AnhenEau de Parfum by mirabiliaimages
Together III by MatsHolmbergEau de Parfum by mirabiliaimagesTogether III by MatsHolmberg

Howl by seickeSearching for the light by mary-jeanneHowl by seicke
Searching for the light by mary-jeanneuntitled 6. by JordanRobinSearching for the light by mary-jeanne

Howl by seickeSearching for the light by mary-jeanneHowl by seicke

Sometime confuse by arayoMy Guardian Angel II by MenoevilSometime confuse by arayo
My Guardian Angel II by MenoevilOctober storm by lostknightkgMy Guardian Angel II by Menoevil
Sometime confuse by arayoMy Guardian Angel II by MenoevilSometime confuse by arayo

Size variation by cameraflouEX - What by EintoeRnSize variation by cameraflou
EX - What by EintoeRn<da:thumb id="396703682"/>EX - What by EintoeRn
Size variation by cameraflouEX - What by EintoeRnSize variation by cameraflou

28. Juli 2013 by Filterkaffee.Dead End?. by Azenoire28. Juli 2013 by Filterkaffee
.Dead End?. by AzenoireIf you die today by Menoevil.Dead End?. by Azenoire
28. Juli 2013 by Filterkaffee.Dead End?. by Azenoire28. Juli 2013 by Filterkaffee


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Friday Feature: Issue 050

Fri Nov 8, 2013, 11:51 AM
Friday Feature #050
A Collection of Recent Discoveries in Abstract and Surreal Art

To see work similar to what which is featured here, feel free to browse through my Favourites.
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Hi guys!

today, I bought a new lens *yay* it's the Canon ef 50mm 1.8 II - nothing special but I think it's perfect for my plans. So the first time in my life I own 2 lenses. It hopefully arrives on saturday. I'm also taking pictures like crazy! When I took my dog for a walk this morning I saw so many amazing objects and things that I ran back home to grab my camera and some amazing pictures came out. I'm gonna upload them later :)
Oh and I need your help! Do you know how to put a bigger thumbnail in a journal? I've seen this several times... some are bigger, some smaller - I want that too :D like this one: Intimate, touching, emotive XThis feature is for all the happy couples in the world, the love shared in families, and for the good friends.
I am already 5 months together with the most awesome man in the world. He makes me feel like a little princess from day to day, and the great excitement before seeing him never stops. 
We are planning to move together, after such a short time, we know, but the feeling is just right!
Listen to this song while viewing this feature: 
This is us:


 First, here's a little features. Well... I'm a little bit obsessed with square-images :D
every.tear by JeanFan I have seen... (1) by pauline-greefhorst honey and milk by matze-end ... by liutawras Flagpoles by EmilStojek . . . by sandrawiklander Deja Vu landscape XXXVII by ForrestBump The Cliff Of Cabo Girao by AntonioGouveia Wege by ohlin84 silentium by Enaston frozen memories by BaxiaArt MIEL ET CENDRES by NVENTFISCHER Lonely. by dragonfly-oli He shines in you. by dragonfly-oli Target by EmilStojek sorrow by cloduy The Portal by nigel-h Office by milan-massa The Heartbreaker II by felixheru Drowning v.1 by bwaworga <da:thumb id="404712351"/> ~ by Sblourg ONE WAY by Torsten-Hufsky Obtuse by AntonioGouveia 3. April 2011 II by Filterkaffee In transit by JakezDaniel bokeh factory by TanjaMaria From Light into Darkness by KrzysztofJedrzejak Triangle by Sblourg

xo Lulu
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Hi everyone,

so it's still 4 weeks till new year BUT I already got my resolutions!
I'm going to upload a new journalfeature every sunday AND I'll also upload a new deviation every weekend - so, 52 new deviations next year! Actually I wanted to do a 365-project but I just don't have the time to take a good photo everyday but 52 photos will work too, right? :D
I can hopefully buy my third lens in january and I'm really excited for everything.

Can't wait till my birthday, my dogs birthdays aaaaand christmaaaaaaaaaas :heart:

this will be the last feature for this year. I hope you and your family will all have great holidays :hug:

cherry blossoms 2 by kiritani-akira Unloved Heart by Samantha-meglioli
Fusion by FilterkaffeeSMSY 10 by NSolanki The wind is golden. by dragonfly-oli IMG 0375 by elysabet
Enchanted by nhuthanh Autumn glow by George---Kirk
The zoo by astridle Burning tulips by JunJun510 Street by xavierrey Heather Bath by Justine1985
Sail Away by bwaworga blueberry nights by sarah-marley
Lament by AlexandruCrisan Violet Bokeh by BlueColoursOfNature Autumn Leaves by tvurk ... smile because it happened by BlauBeerKuchen
Bokeh Stock 2 by Fallenphotography707 seichte by lichtfaengerin
OBLIVION by sandrawiklander Reverberate by sophiaazhou Some days are Diamonds by lieveheersbeestje flower of the seasons by JeanFan
The wind is golden. by dragonfly-oli
As The Colors Change... by UniqueLikeEveryone Serenity II by xavierrey Fly away by Undergr0und--x8 Clash by solefield
Forgotten hopes by lieveheersbeestje heather by efeline
Fire by nairafee Closer by DorotejaC Boscombe Pier by AntonioGouveia *** by Tarasov
Lines by DreamingSpires Chicken and aspargus with mustard creamy sauce by MirageGourmand
Das alte Lied des Windes by MarsiaMS Sweet donut rainbow by lieveheersbeestje Blossom by nnivrim Afternoon delight by nhuthanh
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K DANCE by KizukiTamura

Squaring the circle of pictures
In multiplying mirrors
Leads to the inescapable core of things

Long before this group, there was kscope ; an experimental association between davespertine and I.

Early beginning, an interview with Dave by ideoda


:bulletpurple: (K)aleidoscope? 3,4,6,9 or more pictures in a square creating a kaleidoscopic effect or showing a different point of view.

:bulletpurple: You have to be a member of the group to take part to the project.

:bulletpurple: All media are accepted: photography, manipulation, traditionnal etc …

:bulletpurple: Different galleries to submit your art work. Please choose the good one.

:bulletpurple: Welcome to the group and happy creation :aww:


Mandala by crazyovce

submarine by alisinwonderlike yesterday by davespertinesubmarine by alisinwonder
like yesterday by davespertineLabyrinth by amiejolike yesterday by davespertine
submarine by alisinwonderlike yesterday by davespertinesubmarine by alisinwonder

frenzy by incolorwetrust

.FlatStar. by Azenoireisolation 4.0 by ra-gro.FlatStar. by Azenoire
isolation 4.0 by ra-grothey've got your number by davespertineisolation 4.0 by ra-gro
.FlatStar. by Azenoireisolation 4.0 by ra-gro.FlatStar. by Azenoire

meddle scanning ::: by katworks

Derby K 8 by thefusato square by BlindEyeTwistDerby K 8 by thefusa
to square by BlindEyeTwistPicnic Crashers by Tibodoto square by BlindEyeTwist
Derby K 8 by thefusato square by BlindEyeTwistDerby K 8 by thefusa

the working progress by Cr2O3

living in a box by davespertineUn relato de Invierno by alonsioliving in a box by davespertine
Un relato de Invierno by alonsio18 by aobaobUn relato de Invierno by alonsio
living in a box by davespertineUn relato de Invierno by alonsioliving in a box by davespertine

Kitamuenp by Une-Vache

inhale by aerendialUsine à gaz by amiejoinhale by aerendial
Usine à gaz by amiejostrange fruit by davespertineUsine à gaz by amiejo
inhale by aerendialUsine à gaz by amiejoinhale by aerendial


an empty space by scheinbar