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Softness-art: Weekly feature LV

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 28, 2015, 2:57 PM

ghost by DdeniseeAmber Eyes by MarinaCoric
Queen of Narnia by bwaworga
Celebration Cupcakes by spondiiUntitled by jbfort
White cat by Kelshray-photo
152 by Guineazillaswan in the mist by ViktorMora
and i will wrap my self in.. by mo-tenGoldfish by zingruby
Wave of words by Marloeshi
Hidden in the flowers by TerkaLotyMoomin /02 by irremedios
10/52 - In rank and file by IndigoSummerr11/52 - First buds by IndigoSummerr
Daria by rchrupek
sunlight by masyaka-kusyakaLittle Big Love by LyraWhite
Countess by LienSkullova
towards the sun by vulariamessage by lindahabiba
CLXXV. Yellow by arianeka
Ray in autumn by Ksuksa-RaykovaNa zakrecie. by Fiedka
Give me a title...? by Betuwefotograaf
Horse with no name by Chris-Lamprianidispuppy dreams 2 by vularia
Darling by tayaiv
November is always nostalgic by Rona-KellerRealm of Dreams by MarsiaMS
Redhead by SofiaLupul
Forest in sunset by Julie-GunstensenThere Will Be A Brighter Day by Unkopierbar
Havasu Falls by porbitalOnce by RiseUndead
Cerasinus by MeganLeeRetouchingRed fashion by thefirebomb
FOR YOU by wiwionartunreal by all17
snow whisper by Avine
Scarlet Slumber by parvanaphotographyRed fashion I by thefirebomb
Saved you a seat by Raining-Insanity
Lettie's teatime by SarqqTwilight Beckons by TEMPERATE-SAGE
fragility by Cochalita
northern lights by markotapioPainting the roses red by EliseEnchanted
make life colourful by IreneHorvath
... is my life by ST-STPurple Paradise by SamanthaElisa
Chione: Goddess of Snow by DarkVenusPersephonae
:::Ice Queen::: by SATYRJAIntermediate World by Sturmideenkind
She's like the ice by Liancary-art
We're all connected by anna-earwenThe Coldest Dawn by MarsiaMS
Paludosum daisy by Mars-Hill
Behind the Silk Veil by Draken413oWonderland of Stars by Vint26
Poppy Nightplay by kayaksailor
Wonderland V by shadddowbring me joy by Cochalita
These Moments by JustinDeRosa
something blue by bebefromtheblock341 by Schnitzelyne
Greenhouse by Dapicture
Eva by DavidSchermannDesi by corsuse
DSC4615 by Cochalita
Rainbow and the Horseshoe by XLVIII... by roblfc1892
Conservatism by zipfileART
Curves! by 13thringUntitled by eulalievarenne
The Shire by polomski
Vaals-Frosty meadow by WillemJmoss is the boss... by clochartist-photo
She's so lovely by Huskana
On the watch by luka567Tiny Treasure! by 13thring
Evergreen bushtit by DeeOtterbaharla gelen by lisans
Tawny Owl by linneaphoto
Tawny Owl by linneaphotoNo Cage Can Contain Me by Nikki-vdp
With Anguish Looking Out The Window by NataliaDrepina
Christina by livingloudphotocrystalised by suchykaszel
Woods of Torments by RaphaelleM
Connected with nature by eemotionalcrepe by TheAutumnLeaves
Polecats by linneaphoto
Good morning by FiorOfUmbre by AntoniaHera
Wistful Soul by NataliaDrepina
Jessy by sollenafotografieLydia by livingloudphoto
urang rumah edo doang by styvop
o.o by marrgitnever flight again by baspunk
Relativity by dkokdemir
G and M by GrauenAndMWeissArt002 3 by Placi1
Deer by Zhivago86
Dexter by ClaraLGJust Be by JustinDeRosa
Retro Cat by MarinaCoric
-=*=- by livingloudphotoThe disease of my sorrow by Zewarr
Close-up by Maquenda
A Shadow of Herself by Queen-KittyThe power of an eye #2 by corsuse
cry by DenisGoncharov
the oval portrait by ero-nel*** by intelkuritsa
Sensual Ravishment by olgieshmolgie
warrior by EnastonMisha by paweladamiec
Manhattan by Durdenyr
nostalgia by MWeiss-Art. by MWeiss-Art
Nature's Nurture by Delton36712Malifut II by Chaerul-Umam
From-Edinburgh-with-love-4 by Kaarmen

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the psychoanalysis of occult phenomena by PsycheAnamnesis The disease of my sorrow by Zewarr Abendstimmung by Mar-jus Untitled by Menoevil Bathory by theArtOfsoma
Tantibus Proiectio by Object---Collector Ceremonials - CREEM MAGAZINE 04 by corvus-crux 96 by mute-nOface quand le chaos devient ethere. by mute-nOface Die Frau in Schwarz by theArtOfsoma
  Black god by AraNaja La Santa Muerte by Babylonia666 Sacred by ShawnCoss The Seedline by Babylonia666 Santa Muerte by MarcusJones
BAPTIZE.. by chryssalis Machine 2 by KasiaKonieczka 'O' by virginval  Isolate by SandraHultsved ...295... by MozolewskiMichal

DUST by Gesell RETURN TO THE RIVER - VI by kevissimo waiting for a miracle by severed-heads [PLAGUE] by Technochrist Off-the-s(h)elf by Nahuask Man Bites God by nihil-nihil-nihil

    Protection II by DariaEndresen  Avialae by J-u-d-a-s  pope by absumaniac  THEY WERE, THEY ARE, THEY WILL BE HERE by mistertrece  Murdered Dreams... by katiousa15

Some kind of monster by CountessBloody  Sans fin III by Feebrile  Tryptyk by absumaniac  Louise by Flobelebelebobele  Eternal by MarcoHerrera  poison girl by Bohemiart

Tattoo Mary by MarcusJones  She would die for love by ultradialectics  Tree of Life by Human-Hydra  The Trick Of Disaster by nihil-nihil-nihil  Grimm. by EmmalouDark
 Brains Before Beauty by Jay-Allen-Hansen    Ghost: Women #2 by BenjeBurdine   death's despair by severed-heads  Cancer by PriestofTerror  Tattles narcism. by Sirxlem

  Angel of Death by AraNaja  Experiment I by erlendmork  Unholy Bride by FurorArt  Initiation by IMAGENES-IMPERFECTASThe progeny... by GrandeOmbre  Father and Son by nightmarejan  burden by Enaston  Dark Cult by Ephynephryn  [il declino della bellezza] by mathiasrat  Portrait of a Lady with cat by AnjaMillen  SHAMAN by TAOTYAM

cosmic gate by sparkbearer Third Eye IV. by Ephynephryn SpaceMoth by Ephynephryn Passed Over and Forgotten by nihil-nihil-nihil
No Sense For Sanity by Jay-Allen-Hansen Zombies do it well! (2) by ChimaeraUniverse XIII by monkeydeathcult Where Did You Sleep Last Night by punkins A PIECE OF MIND by punkins  silence is rotten by medusainfurs Victorian Zombie by MarcusJones 
The Nest by SweediesArt Ravenna 2 by megan7 A Women Scorned by Anathema-Photography 13 inches by NekroXIII  Lost Soul by NebelelfeNaemy Marceline the Vampire Queen by Tyson-McAdoo Meridiana of Pope Sylvester II by menton3
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Journal Entry: Fri Mar 20, 2015, 10:21 AM
Come Ruin And Rapture by Grauenart win by Grauenart i miss you by Grauenart Noiseffect by Grauenart

FEAR IS THE LIAR - MY MOTHER IS A SHADOW ALBUM by mistertrece I see real by katiousa15 Devoid front cover. by AraNaja Vengeance V2. by A7md3mad VADE RETRO SATANA by mistertrece

the psychoanalysis of occult phenomena by PsycheAnamnesis The disease of my sorrow by Zewarr Abendstimmung by Mar-jus Untitled by Menoevil Bathory by theArtOfsoma

Tantibus Proiectio by Object---Collector Ceremonials - CREEM MAGAZINE 04 by corvus-crux 96 by mute-nOface quand le chaos devient ethere. by mute-nOface Die Frau in Schwarz by theArtOfsoma

Erase by AnaMarijaPortraits T I M E by SheWalksInSilence Protege Moi II by MarinaCoric Dark Night by NataliaDrepina In Flames by TiaDanko

  Ouverture by TimeL0rd I wish --- by G-Moel Na Mojoj Zemlji II by Mar-jus You know by EtoileSU
Frozen Eyes by 09alex Final Call by lostknightkg Ave Satanas by Babylonia666 Untitled by Volk404 Aeterna by by medusainfurs

Sundae by jacintojc Midnight, A Thursday by jacintojc Portrait 1 by jacintojc jan15 by moldyb Red Queen by NebelelfeNaemy

  l e t h a r g y by bitterev c o n s  c i o u s n e s s by bitterev coarse calico by bitterev

WOMB.. by chryssalis One Man's Dream by Menoevil MAGNOPERE by MenervaTau APATHY by DrWinter

The recent collaboration with :icongrauenart: from our profile :icongrauenandmweissart:

Grauen MWeiss by GrauenAndMWeissArt G and M by GrauenAndMWeissArt Quiet Desperation by GrauenAndMWeissArt Freedom by GrauenAndMWeissArt

the dream by GrauenAndMWeissArt blackness by GrauenAndMWeissArt nostalgia by GrauenAndMWeissArt Waves Become Wings by GrauenAndMWeissArt

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People+Arts, Issue #1

Stunning and  Uncommon Photography


The Collector by Mrs-White Living Airmail Not Allowed by Mrs-White Hesitation by Mrs-White Pioneers In Aviation by Mrs-White
Heresy by Mrs-White Next! by Mrs-White Just Milk by Mrs-White Soulhunter by Mrs-White

Divider3 by dreadfuldark


The process of disintegration by Zewarr The delivery of a desolate soul. by Zewarr My funeral wedding... by Zewarr We cried, we suffered, we died by Zewarr
I stand alone in the company of none by Zewarr Dead City Dreaming by Zewarr Death, With No Redemption by Zewarr The Way The Light Hits The Road by Zewarr

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~therapy~ by wiwionart CALL by wiwionart consensus by wiwionart What if I`m already close to you..... by wiwionart
WATCHTOWER by wiwionart OFF by wiwionart amoral by wiwionart GRASS WAS GREENER by wiwionart

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*** by apalkin Without a name II by apalkin Hopelessness portrait by apalkin Disappear by apalkin
Terpsichore by apalkin Without a name by apalkin Galaxy I am by apalkin To blossom by apalkin

Divider3 by dreadfuldark


D by dasTOK Ahoi by dasTOK Toktok by dasTOK .punkt. by dasTOK
Hirzel by dasTOK .ir. by dasTOK .rsch. by dasTOK .aar. by dasTOK

Divider3 by dreadfuldark


Storm Warning by Ragnar949 By The Sea by Ragnar949 Scarred by Ragnar949 Always Getting Her Own Way by Ragnar949
Shell Game III by Ragnar949 Industrial Camo by Ragnar949 Depth by Ragnar949 The Surprise by Ragnar949

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Selected Favorites

035 by tawunap159 Fruehling 2015 10 by Martina-WW Macro of Mushrooms 1 by CorpyDragon Golden skies by Cora-Tiana
Amandine by DameTenebra D627 by miobi natalian by thon94rt DIfferent View by Luin-Tinuviel
Lisp by Disse86 Fog by Eemeling Birthday Greetings by LewiARTs Birthday - a sad holiday by Daykiney

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Self-Promotion - Recent Artworks

One Last Beautiful Sunset before My Death by dreadfuldark Melancholia by dreadfuldark
Lovely Delusion by dreadfuldark Dreadful Dark by dreadfuldark Ansarina by dreadfuldark

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My Stock Account


Dreadfuldark-stock 137 by dreadfuldark-stock Dreadfuldark-stock 185 by dreadfuldark-stock Dreadfuldark-stock 184 by dreadfuldark-stock Dreadfuldark-stock 182 by dreadfuldark-stock
Dreadfuldark-stock 181 by dreadfuldark-stock Dreadfuldark-stock 012 by dreadfuldark-stock Dreadfuldark-stock 014 by dreadfuldark-stock Dreadfuldark-stock 105 by dreadfuldark-stock

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Just a few days ago, shortly after receiving my 2nd Daily Deviation I noticed I had made it to my 800th watch!! :dance:
I wanted to just say thank you and I thought I'd do that my sharing some awesome artwork from others!
Once Upon a Time by JesCallie My funeral wedding... by ZewarrBOTANICA (ivy) by M0THartDeath To Life by shatter-the-silenceMusic Take Me Away by shatter-the-silenceLace by MarinaCoric
Lace II by MarinaCoricEnlightenment by antoniakuhnCrouching by rhyshaugMother Earth No3 by MissMalerieD? by MaryaSSleeping flowers by AnnaO-PhotographyOphelia in bathtub - IV by jusdorangephoto

The Curious Fawn by VelvetRedBulletTo a Place Where Your Mind Can Escape by VelvetRedBullet*** by KittieGravepeaceful waters by melanncInformation Overload by CrazyGirL44

Thanks everyone for sharing your lovely art! :heart:
  • Mood: Wow!
  • Drinking: coffee
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Collection by
*** by aleksesss
melancholia by jenansul
just breathe by MartaSyrko
Sandy 9 by corvus-crux
A. by datenshi-nagasava
Wera by beata-bieniak
05580011 by BudhaBar
Winter sleeper by Trepka
Shadowtricks by ElifKarakoc
madonna by quadratiges

please visit my gallery:…   thank you :)
soul by esztervaly
Portrait of Niki V by esztervaly
Portrait of Niki by esztervaly
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Rolf -the christmas dog.

Copyright Alexander Jansson 2013. All rights reserved. My images may not be reproduced, copied, edited and published in any form without my permission.
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Perhaps nothing in the art evokes strong feelings and expectations as the word surreal, at the same time perhaps this word encompasses many meanings that in other ways can not be described. Surreal is anything that goes beyond the sensible and observable reality, everything that is outside of reality. But in other terms also describes what remains outside the box in which our mind is accustomed to perceive and categorize the reality. Surreal therefore are other dimensions of reality, deeply touching aspects of the spirit and arcane, of the imagination and the unconscious, of the dream and what is not perceptible with normal senses.
The Surrealism in the art is the style that gives voice to all this, to the very intimate part of the human soul. Artistic movement born in the early 1900s, predominantly in the painting, then moved in other arts such as photography, with incredible results. Even today the works of René Magritte, Salvador Dalí, Max Ernst, Paul Delvaux, Juan Miró, André Masson, Giorgio De chirico, Max Ernst, Man Ray, Gilbert GarcinLe, hitting our eyes and our minds, free and disturbing a deep part of our being and are an ephemeral mirror to frame what you can not grab it with the normal feelings of everyday life. A my tribute to the many new artists
and works that have caught my attention on DeviantArt. Fabulous!

The Giant by js4853Heavy Metal Serenade With Strings work in progress by bordacommon unconscious joke... by muffaelucciole
The Rising by DriPointChallenge 4 by San-TFREEDOM by chryssalis
Star by MASYONThe Nests by KleemassHard Decision by Kiriya
Moved on to the peace land by AntoshinesAgnus Dei ...maybe. by CouchyCreature<da:thumb id="370566963"/>
<da:thumb id="396512892"/>Masquerade by CaryAndFrankArtsTristesse by DariaEndresen
The autumn of life by DeniseWorischShepherd by AbbeyMarie<da:thumb id="389255957"/>
Persephone UPDATE by FurorArt<da:thumb id="388677884"/>Music can change your world by Redanshy
Sulfur V by MarcelaBolivarBeneath the Ocean's Surface by FairieGoodMotherOdin and The Crows by MarcoHerrera
we were soldiers once . . . by MililaniMakpre+lude by MililaniMakViolence by kkundzicz
Journey To Paradise by Dani-OwergoorThe Huntress by KingaBritschgi<da:thumb id="337913541"/>
How Winds Blows by JiaJenn31Measure the world by playart-PSD
Rain by megan7I Was Made For Loving You by FrankAndCarySTOCKVictim by MiraNox
Lonely Night by Musicman30141Paradise Lost.. by 22zddr333 by anapt
When herbs are dying... by shvaybaAutumn Winds by Dasha444The Puppet Master by nina-Y
Carousel by KnockOut36Must Hurry, I'm Late For Work by Deorsao by beata-bieniak

fishy love 2 by monika-esviolinist by monika-esSummer Day by Ralu77

Lonely by beyzayildirim77Lamaisonabandonnee by roserikaResolution by thefantasim

Fallin' by vikky1991Orbit by astridleIn the Mannequins world... by EVAVESTER

Of Fish and Men by shtirlizThe Musician by mariegartNaked Ambition by DeepBlueDesign
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Facebook : [link]
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first blood by i-m-light
Drying Laundry by MarinaCoric urf by kieubaska
Dasha by Fatale-Trinity
Adrian by beata-bieniak xbc by Santina
Untitled by aleksandra88
With cold words by Emily-White eight line poem II by micmojo
114 by AntoniaHera
Evelin Medium Format I by AlexanderB 110.365 by ByLaauraa
s by marinakochetyga
3 by eroltasko dima by stefa-zozokovich
Tata III by datenshi-nagasava
daisy chains by haikman Nikaa 4 by aprelka
wind by eugene-kukulka
puppet by andreapun Dasha by CreameCaramele

please visit my gallery :…  :hug:
Sophie II by esztervaly
Laura XI by esztervaly Laura IX by esztervaly

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I am featured here
Collection by


Journal Entry: Sat Feb 7, 2015, 1:36 AM
w9 by Grauenart Last Song by Grauenart End Of Journey by Grauenart ... by absumaniac

 mourning star by deadendsoul Haru by aerendial Postcard by Poromaa *** by karamelo-serenity

 Help me Disappear II by disies Ahoi by dasTOK No one by anaPhenix    by deadendsoul Losing Herself Again by doodler89

Ghost Bride by lostknightkg  DP2 by Grauenart Cold by Weissglut Midnight by MarcusJones

sweet melancholy by Cochalita  u n d e r h e r s k i n by ra-gro m i n d t r a v e l by ra-gro  No exit by elyssa-obscura

 <da:thumb id="512075871"/>  Pactum by Babylonia666  In blood we trust VII by AraNaja In blood we trust VI by AraNaja Crayons by Poromaa

--Zwiespalt-- by virginval --splash-- by virginval ...... by virginval -bird- by virginval Smaug (mixed drawing techniques) by KaradjinovicMarko Symbiose by OYouthna

Clownville: Solitude by eoloperfido  The banshee by OYouthna All this pain is an illusion by AlWiAl

 The Kingdom up There in the Air by dreadfuldark Of Which We Are Made II by AKOrganicAbstracts Oneiros by theArtOfsoma Mater by theArtOfsoma

CYRAX // Pictures by 3mmI  Secrets of the Wind by Gloom82 Sidereal by Marie-Esther I planted one which scents reminding me of... by AnnaO-Photography

...387... by MozolewskiMichal My longings by tuminka Dancing Spirit by Gyossaith 2015-02-06 by Saarl Ice Cold and Rose Red III. by shadeley

Rotten in the Corner [#] by VelioJosto The Fairy Shaman by MarcoHerrera The Lamia by J-u-d-a-s Cover Shining new album by multigrade Aenigma Mistica ....IV by absumaniac

collaboration work with the amazing :icongrauenart:

.  .  . by MWeiss-Art .. by MWeiss-Art Black Moon by MWeiss-Art  . by MWeiss-Art

my recent work

Danse Macabre by MWeiss-Art lady death by MWeiss-Art winter rust by MWeiss-Art solitude by MWeiss-Art

noir by MWeiss-Art noir by MWeiss-Art lights by MWeiss-Art journey by MWeiss-Art

distance by MWeiss-Art disappearing by MWeiss-Art

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Tue Jan 27, 2015, 9:54 AM
Yesteday I was really bored and I started watching my old favorites, and I thought you should see them, because they are really good and maybe you don't know some of this amazing artist! 

By the way, I know some of these deviations and deviants are already very popular, but there are some hidden artists as well. I am sure they would really appreciate some support! :hug:

In any case, here you have more and more inspiration :heart:

hair by MartaSyrko the city lights by vanerich Birds of the Same Feather [81/365] by DaphneNg Restaurant in Pula by Leon13th 426 by Nigrita the hissing. by Senju-HiMe A Colorful Day by MarcoHeisler Lagoon Memories by Miguel-Santos Nature to Nurture by sophiaazhou raining by sakiryildirim Before the night comes.. by tuminka You seems to be a pretty good meal! by Seb-Photos Le Pacte by Al-Baum Icy Branches by incolor16 aiwdimlty by tibiii Jack Frost by naked-in-the-rain Nestling by MariannaInsomnia 11.365 by catchingfyre A Winter's Day in the City by Pajunen My secret romance 7. by louro When the Sun goes down by fairyladyphotography Lollipop by bwaworga morning fog rail track by Tommy8250 She fell for a cloud. by ellylucas spring about love by milkshakePowerrr Garden Dweller IV by uglybug Fallen Beauty by flunkerlicht Closer to Home by OcularFracture daisy kisses by kittysyellowjacket lovestruck by vampire-zombie Air by ksushiks Loner by RollingFishays A Sad Story by Nelleke the heavens by Tommy8250 A gate to the ocean by flyingtothesun Russian hard ballet by Mishkina heavy in your arms by meyrembulucek Hollyzburg by tibiii My dreams fly over black water by olivier-ramonteu On the turning by Miguel-Santos violin by Sssssergiu That's not the shape of my heart by iNeedChemicalX Remembering the Fall by MelinaDesantiago -Morning road to village- by Janek-Sedlar Otter love... by Seb-Photos The Sacred Oath by iNeedChemicalX i don't. by sophiaazhou wrzosy2 by BaxiaArt wildflowers by BaxiaArt In her memory. by incredi will you journey back with me? by sophiaazhou Lady of the lake by juliadavis Modern Romance by vampire-zombie Snow Queen by naked-in-the-rain The Weeping Willow by iNeedChemicalX Silent Autumn by Dyxtreme forest fire on the ocean floor by vampire-zombie Magic light by EliseEnchanted Dreaming of Venice by IsacGoulart


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I am your shadow

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 23, 2015, 4:57 AM

:: The March of Shadows :: by nexion Ophelia by pauline-greefhorst Les eaux troubles... by GrandeOmbre
Cracked But Not Broken by ParallelDeviant Sometimes silence is the best gift.. by mirpiphotography sounds of the deep by ankazhuravleva
Deplacer des montagnes by as2pik Delilah by TotoRino July.. by veronica-p
Untitled by AndreaMelendez Waiting by PHaarhus Fade into darkness by lostknightkg
stalker - follow yourself into the darkness by ra-gro .ung. by dasTOK undo you II by disies
the polluter by andreapun omen by panibe Sad by fabriziotedde
The dark side... by mheuf reflection.of.solitude by amsterdam-jazz about colourless loneliness by xHIMSOULSx
December VIII by y5y6 A Night Stroll by intao ___\ ii /___ by y5y6
One Last Goodbye by mehrmeer cinq by ambrosia3 This is where it ends... by mehrmeer
self by keithpellig ... by deadendsoul A236255 by crossfading
Bitterness by hearthy Urbanism by lostknightkg Sold My Heart For Stones by anaPhenix
Missing by mehrmeer 16 by Negatic |=| i by y5y6
little mermaid by AlmAArietis Dorciaa by axegor wods for two I I by Dabadus
48 by y5y6 7852  the giantess by massalo by massalo Unshine by Pinkerbell2
Nightmares by manuelestheim disfigure by illdispose 3645 by jarrod343
to what do trees point barren fingers? by NuSunt Green Fish by Christine-Muraton clear my mind. by AlmAArietis
Now I'm Nothing by Flubberwurm Melancholia 2 by intao The Passion by AlexanderB
*** by apalkin It's Nothing by CrazyGirL44 Title? by virginval
Untitled by AndreaMelendez Fall Of The Lost Souls by Kostassoid :thumb196996366:
Where We Used To Meet by CrazyGirL44 I could be... by RAWRimapirate same way by esmahanozkan
My Jail by Climx Waiting Room by CrazyGirL44 Disappearing by CrazyGirL44
asylum zero by TiaDanko Suffocate by KayleighJune Cold Breath by kemal-kamil-akca
123 - broken by SlevinAaron wild birds rend her branches overhead by Inextremiss Left and forgotten by Phoenixstamatis
a black swan by incolorwetrust stasis by Inextremiss Jane in stripes by PHaarhus
Hopeless lullaby by AndreaMelendez Conspire. by Flubberwurm ... by deadendsoul
When The Sky Fell Down by GrauenAndMWeissArt running away... by tuminka Lost In The Fog by intao
de l'amour a la tristesse by PsycheAnamnesis #| i |# by y5y6 Polykam w myslach swe mysli. by narva
Erase Me! by JonhyBlaze Above the abyss by Menoevil Sonambula by ParallelDeviant
Alabarda Siderea by Blekotakra Thank God for Mental Illness_ by SebastienTabuteaud Hanging on a Curtain by anaPhenix
Stranger in the Night by makowina :thumb487396124: the one you are looking for is not here by LostOneself
Point of no Return by lostknightkg Escape by Lissuin lock-out by AlmAArietis
Purgatory by LuciaConstantin ImPaired by LuciaConstantin exit by adamlack
The Way by Lissuin if there is a place... by InoaLa .silence. by life-number-9

thank you for your wonderful works

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  • Playing: violin
Fairy Tale by AnnaFromTheTrain Wolf-dragon Copy by JennOkami Void by LiLaiRa

    Specimen Four by justanothersomeone   ,.,.,,,,,, by unaya

 Plante dans son dos by Feebrile zzc by fabrizio-infrared jonsi by mainlyspoons
Snow Queen by Stardust-Splendor  end of november by AnnWeaver Doorways of The Moment by magic-spelldust
Yesterday's Beauty by Forestina-Fotos  ON THE ROAD 14 by M0THart

Gift for Father's Day by blacknolife Acryic Mountains by PapaG-art

    Claymore : Alicia Wallpaper by RogueVincent souls.. by tuminka

and don't forget my canada folder that is in scraps!

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First Featuring - 2015

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 14, 2015, 4:10 PM
The Kid by wwwcine

Hi All

We've crossed a whole
About Freedom

Things have changed

I am a
who wants and wills to deliver
to my


are the settlements
writing a path
he can follow and
walk on.

A little first story
for 2015
since due to all of you
I have felt all these feelings
through your artworks, and

Thank you...

spread by kannagara
The march of the century - Paris Charlie by SUDOR
Time Drifts - 2 by Milanogreg
Iraq - Smoking by alialnasser
201403 by y5y6
The boy in the subway by leingad
I was a cloud by mldzz
Milky Way by hyperblade416
Midnight Blues by Val-Faustino
October moon and springtime shower by Sheeyo
Fall by mary-jeanne
Reflejos de Mayari by iconofcoil
Ben by noorvan
Tunnel vision by musicismylife10027
2015002 by y5y6
Splash by almiller
Csc 0268 by 60india
Capoeira by P-a-i-k-e-a
- by photoheaven
Silence for ever by BlurEdits
FAME by dukeofspade
Alone by LucienWittwer
201413 by y5y6
Sunflower by ZiaulKareem
Afternoon by Stardust-Splendor
Jail by panic-pr0ne
closed for happiness by doyo
Wha choo lookn at foo? by Amanda-Diaz
Lion study by SchneeKatze09
ksa-portrait 2012 by alialnasser
Searching for Love.. by tuminka
Cooking A Degh by InayatShah
Moth Flyer by Sheeyo
Refuse to kill by LeelooPoulain
Bullfight by ubik92
Il corso by OliverJules
Olympian 2013 by experiment-iv
You and I by xBassxHarmingx
All Things In Time by Trippy4U
BOXES by ernestog2
Split by Canankk
Formula Z -- The Convincer by xBassxHarmingx
Love U by DougNZ
Les gens du soir II by leingad

Je t'attends by duytter

Charging by GuitarWars

Go Ahead Son, our World needs Artists by hosagu

Requiem of a Dream by adriano10

My thoughts, so sincere and sweet feelings, and hugs

to all of



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  • Reading: the sand
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  • Playing: and Drawing :)
  • Eating: for living
  • Drinking: Rhum. What else?
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Journal Entry: Thu Oct 31, 2013, 12:42 PM

Girdered Moon. by lomaticBelieve by LoucosGirdered Moon. by lomatic
Believe by LoucosUnd weil die Liebe ist by AnjaMillenBelieve by Loucos
Girdered Moon. by lomaticBelieve by LoucosGirdered Moon. by lomatic

Head by kakaoconad<da:thumb id="406211439"/> Head by kakaoconad
<da:thumb id="406211439"/>Osvicen by milieere<da:thumb id="406211439"/>
Head by kakaoconad<da:thumb id="406211439"/>Head by kakaoconad

The Chair by Menoevil2 o ' c l o c k by nool2iThe Chair by Menoevil
2 o ' c l o c k by nool2i<da:thumb id="409272498"/>2 o ' c l o c k by nool2i

The Chair by Menoevil2 o ' c l o c k by nool2iThe Chair by Menoevil

<da:thumb id="400666729"/>Rose by MarinaCoric<da:thumb id="400666729"/>
Rose by MarinaCoricAt The Edge Of Night by Philomena-FamulokRose by MarinaCoric
<da:thumb id="400666729"/>Rose by MarinaCoric<da:thumb id="400666729"/>

Together III by MatsHolmbergEau de Parfum by mirabiliaimagesTogether III by MatsHolmberg
Eau de Parfum by mirabiliaimagesStraj oseni by AnhenEau de Parfum by mirabiliaimages
Together III by MatsHolmbergEau de Parfum by mirabiliaimagesTogether III by MatsHolmberg

Howl by seickeSearching for the light by mary-jeanneHowl by seicke
Searching for the light by mary-jeanneuntitled 6. by JordanRobinSearching for the light by mary-jeanne

Howl by seickeSearching for the light by mary-jeanneHowl by seicke

Sometime confuse by arayoMy Guardian Angel II by MenoevilSometime confuse by arayo
My Guardian Angel II by MenoevilOctober storm by lostknightkgMy Guardian Angel II by Menoevil
Sometime confuse by arayoMy Guardian Angel II by MenoevilSometime confuse by arayo

Size variation by cameraflouEX - What by EintoeRnSize variation by cameraflou
EX - What by EintoeRn<da:thumb id="396703682"/>EX - What by EintoeRn
Size variation by cameraflouEX - What by EintoeRnSize variation by cameraflou

28. Juli 2013 by Filterkaffee<da:thumb id="371393524"/>28. Juli 2013 by Filterkaffee
<da:thumb id="371393524"/>If you die today by Menoevil<da:thumb id="371393524"/>
28. Juli 2013 by Filterkaffee<da:thumb id="371393524"/>28. Juli 2013 by Filterkaffee


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Friday Feature: Issue 050

Fri Nov 8, 2013, 11:51 AM
Friday Feature #050
A Collection of Recent Discoveries in Abstract and Surreal Art

To see work similar to what which is featured here, feel free to browse through my Favourites.
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Hi guys!

today, I bought a new lens *yay* it's the Canon ef 50mm 1.8 II - nothing special but I think it's perfect for my plans. So the first time in my life I own 2 lenses. It hopefully arrives on saturday. I'm also taking pictures like crazy! When I took my dog for a walk this morning I saw so many amazing objects and things that I ran back home to grab my camera and some amazing pictures came out. I'm gonna upload them later :)
Oh and I need your help! Do you know how to put a bigger thumbnail in a journal? I've seen this several times... some are bigger, some smaller - I want that too :D like this one: Intimate, touching, emotive XThis feature is for all the happy couples in the world, the love shared in families, and for the good friends.
I am already 5 months together with the most awesome man in the world. He makes me feel like a little princess from day to day, and the great excitement before seeing him never stops. 
We are planning to move together, after such a short time, we know, but the feeling is just right!
Listen to this song while viewing this feature: 
This is us:


 First, here's a little features. Well... I'm a little bit obsessed with square-images :D
every.tear by JeanFan I have seen... (1) by pauline-greefhorst honey and milk by matze-end ... by liutawras Flagpoles by EmilStojek . . . by sandrawiklander Deja Vu landscape XXXVII by ForrestBump The Cliff Of Cabo Girao by AntonioGouveia Wege by ohlin84 silentium by Enaston frozen memories by BaxiaArt <da:thumb id="411543395"/> Lonely. by dragonfly-oli He shines in you. by dragonfly-oli Target by EmilStojek sorrow by cloduy The Portal by nigel-h Office by milan-massa The Heartbreaker II by felixheru Drowning v.1 by bwaworga <da:thumb id="404712351"/> ~ by Sblourg ONE WAY by Torsten-Hufsky <da:thumb id="405982967"/> 3. April 2011 II by Filterkaffee In transit by JakezDaniel bokeh factory by TanjaMaria From Light into Darkness by KrzysztofJedrzejak Triangle by Sblourg

xo Lulu
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Hi everyone,

so it's still 4 weeks till new year BUT I already got my resolutions!
I'm going to upload a new journalfeature every sunday AND I'll also upload a new deviation every weekend - so, 52 new deviations next year! Actually I wanted to do a 365-project but I just don't have the time to take a good photo everyday but 52 photos will work too, right? :D
I can hopefully buy my third lens in january and I'm really excited for everything.

Can't wait till my birthday, my dogs birthdays aaaaand christmaaaaaaaaaas :heart:

this will be the last feature for this year. I hope you and your family will all have great holidays :hug:

cherry blossoms 2 by kiritani-akira Unloved Heart by Samantha-meglioli
Fusion by FilterkaffeeSMSY 10 by NSolanki The wind is golden. by dragonfly-oli IMG 0375 by elysabet
Enchanted by nhuthanh Autumn glow by George---Kirk
The zoo by astridle Burning tulips by JunJun510 Street by xavierrey Heather Bath by Justine1985
Sail Away by bwaworga blueberry nights by sarah-marley
Lament by AlexandruCrisan Violet Bokeh by BlueColoursOfNature Autumn Leaves by tvurk ... smile because it happened by BlauBeerKuchen
Bokeh Stock 2 by visionphotography18 seichte by lichtfaengerin
OBLIVION by sandrawiklander Reverberate by sophiaazhou Some days are Diamonds by lieveheersbeestje flower of the seasons by JeanFan
The wind is golden. by dragonfly-oli
<da:thumb id="413008250"/> Serenity II by xavierrey Fly away by Undergr0und--x8 Clash by solefield
Forgotten hopes by lieveheersbeestje heather by efeline
Fire by nairafee Closer by DorotejaC Boscombe Pier by AntonioGouveia *** by Tarasov
Lines by DreamingSpires Chicken and aspargus with mustard creamy sauce by MirageGourmand
Das alte Lied des Windes by MarsiaMS Sweet donut rainbow by lieveheersbeestje Blossom by nnivrim Afternoon delight by nhuthanh