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How Bad Can Your Day Get?

Even superheroes can have bad days.

Only theirs end up being REALLY bad ones!

Galatea Powers is about to find out just how bad her day can get when several of her previous enemies come out of the woodwork looking for some payback. But they end up being the least of her worries, as she encounters someone that she will never expect!

Special appearances by in-game characters Doctor Vahzilok and the City Representative!

Please use the DOWNLOAD option to download and properly view the PDF file.

For more information about The Guardian Powers, please visit the official website: [link]

[Game: City of Heroes Freedom]
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Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
First Meeting

(The following is based on the wonderful fantasy world of ~ExGemini.  Any comparisons to certain characters in other publications should be considered mere coincidences.  This story takes place prior to the creation of Nathan's Island.)

Diana landed her special plane in the bright blue waters off the coast of Themyscira and used the momentum of the landing to bring it coasting into the cove on its landing pontoons.  Once docked, she quickly took off her star-spangled clothes, aside from her tiara and bracelets, and put on a white-and-gold toga wrapped in cord from her lasso, and tied up the golden sandals on her feet.  

Here, she was no longer Man's Champion, dressed up in patriotic colors.  Here she was a princess, the heir to the throne, and a loving daughter of Queen Hippolyta.

Using the powers that the gods bestowed, Diana flew to the palace, passing over the villages full of Amazon warriors.  She landed at the ledge of the palace where her mother would normally greet her.  But the ledge was empty.

"Mother?" she said loudly. "I'm home!"

There was no response.

"Mother?" she said again.

"Welcome home, Princess," said one of the female guards.  "Unfortunately the queen has not been here for quite some time."

"WHAT?" Diana said in shock.  "Where did she go?  Did she go back to Man's World?"

"No," said another voice coming from over the balcony.

Diana's sister Donna also arrived by air, although she did not change out of the clothes she normally wears in "Man's World".  She was still dressed in her black-and-silver outfit that sparkled like the cosmos.

"I checked with Ted," Donna said as she landed.  "Our mother hasn't paid the Society any visits recently.  In fact Ted seemed a little concerned about that."

"No doubt," Diana said snidely.  It was only recently that she found out that their mother had engaged in an intimate relationship with the aged boxer when she worked with the Society.  That news, combined with the news of her former beloved Steve and her best friend getting married, almost made Diana swear off men completely.

Eme, the queen's aide, came rushing up.

"I'm sorry Princess Diana, Princess Donna," she said as paused to take a breath.  "I had just heard that you had returned.  Queen Hippolyta is not here."

"Yes," Donna said with a smile, "we know that.  Where IS she?"

"She… oh my… I really shouldn't…"

Diana was losing patience.  "Eme, WHERE is our mother?"

Eme gulped.  "Hera, forgive me…" she said under her breath.

The Isle of Aphrodite was considered to be a private place, separate from Themyscira itself.  It was here that stranded sailors would be taken so they would not "contaminate" the feminine purity of the island.  There they would be enchanted, seduced, and then quickly killed and disposed of when the Amazons were tired of them.

Only a handful of mortal men even knew the main island existed, and of that number only a smaller percentage were ever welcomed.  The rest would be taken to the Isle for the explicit pleasure of the Amazons.

Diana and Donna, now both dressed in appropriate attire, flew to the Isle.  There they walked past the various structures that were used to house and seduce the men, making their way to the largest of the structures at the top of the hill.

There, in front of the ionic structure, stood Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons, dressed in a simple toga.

"MOTHER!" Diana said as they landed.

Hippolyta gave an uneasy smile as she watched her daughters land.

"Diana, Donna… daughters," she said calmly.  "What brings you here?"

"You do!" Donna exclaimed.  "Mother, Diana and I heard you've been spending a lot of time here, without any kind of explanation to your sister Amazons.  The others are getting worried…"

"WE were getting worried," Diana interjected.  "You don't normally spend any time here unless…"

A strange voice could be heard in the distance.

"Polly?  Are you here?"

It was a MAN'S voice.

"MOTHER!" Diana said in shock.  "You… you… you brought a MAN here?"

Hippolyta smiled.  "And what is wrong with that?  That is WHY this isle was created, wasn't it?  BOTH of you brought men to this isle in the past."  She pointed at Diana.  "YOU with your pilot, and then later with your League friends."  Then she pointed at Donna.  "And YOU with your teammates, and then with the man that you once married.  Why can't I enjoy a little fun now and then?"

"Polly?"  The strange male's voice got louder.  "I hear you talking with someone out there."

"Besides," Hippolyta said in a softer tone, "you HAVE to meet him!  Once you do, I think you'll understand what…"

"Oh, there you are," said the male voice.

Diana and Donna were both in shock as a man wearing nothing but a loincloth made his way around the corner.  He was of medium height and build with short but bright ruby red hair and blue eyes that were brighter and deeper than any cobalt blue crystal.

Both princesses felt their hearts skip a beat when they saw him.  It was though they were transported to the Elysian Fields.

"I'm sorry," he said demurely, "I didn't know you had company.  Your daughters, I presume?"

"Yes," Hippolyta said proudly.  "My twin daughters, Diana and Donna.  This is Nathan.  He is a guest of this Isle and of the Island."

Nathan extended his hand to Donna first, "My pleasure… are you Diana or Donna?"

"Donna," she replied as she took his hand.

He kissed the top of Donna's hand.  Then extended his hand to Diana.  "So you must be Diana," he said.

Diana could feel herself blush deeply.  She felt uneasiness underneath her toga.  She reached out and took his hand.  She felt a shiver go down her spine and up between her thighs as he kissed the top of her hand.  "Has it truly been THAT long?" she asked herself.

"Polly, I would swear I was on Olympus itself if I didn't know any better!" he said with a smile.  He couldn't pull his gaze away from Diana, nor could she from him.
Diana gave a deep blush.  She wanted to take him for herself, right then and there, in front of her mother and her mirror-twin sister.  She felt a longing that she had not felt before.  There was something about him that was just… RIGHT.

Both Hippolyta and Donna could see the look the two had for each other.  Both felt a tinge of jealousy, but Donna also knew that Nathan was her mother's guest.  It wouldn't be right for them to take him away from her.  Donna could see the feelings grow.  She felt the same with her ex-husband once.

"Diana, I think we need to get back to the main island," Donna said cautiously.  "We know that our mother is in good hands, right?"

Diana turned her head and smiled.  "Yes… yes I suppose you're right.  We'll… we'll be at the palace for a while."  She knew she had to leave quickly; else her emotions cause her to say or do something that would be considered rude.  She gave her mother a quick kiss on the cheek, then rushed skyward as fast as she could.
Donna gave a quick smile at the guest, kissed her mother on the cheek, and then flew off after Diana.

Hippolyta watched as her two daughters flew back to the main island.  As the two princesses left her view, she turned back to Nathan, who was sitting on a stone bench, marveling at the sight before him.  Somehow she wasn't surprised that his simple loincloth had somehow vanished.

"You have beautiful daughters indeed," he said.  "They are every bit as beautiful as you have described them."

"They should be," she said with pride.  "They were blessed from the gods."

"You know," he said wistfully, "I would love to stay here.  Or at least some place like this.  Maybe set up my own island.  Someplace where you don't have to worry about being queen.  Someplace where you can just be my sweet Polly."

He reminded her of Apollo, or perhaps Hermes, or maybe even of a redheaded Achilles, sitting there with nothing but a smile.  But she knew that her time with him would be for their mutual satisfaction, nothing more.  She had taken several lovers in her time, and she would take many more afterwards.  She saw the bond that was just starting to forge between Diana and Nathan, and she knew that she could not deprive her daughter of that kind of happiness.

But that day would not be today.  Today he was hers, and as he got up from the bench to remove her simple toga, she was reminded that she was, in fact, in the presence of a god.  Maybe not a god of Olympus, but certainly a god in his own right.

This is a story done with the blessings of :iconexgemini: telling how Nathan Furian first encountered she would be his fiancee.

This story takes place before the creation of the Island.
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The sixth issue of the "Guardians of the Dawn Spotlight" series focuses on Arktic Chill, an Alaskan with an unusual problem... one that is highlighted with his own unique experience in the 2009 Winter Event.

To get his mind off recent events, he looks into the series of arson attacks in Steel Canyon, teaming up with a certain ex-firefighter with a problem similar to his own. Can the two of them stop the rash of arson attacks that plague Paragon City? And who is really behind them?

Select the Download link to read the PDF file.

For more on the Guardians, visit the official blog site: [link]

[game: City of Heroes/City of Villains]
[characters: Arktic Chill, Jimmy Hellfighter, Libertarian Avenger]
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Mature Content Filter is On. The Artist has chosen to restrict viewing to deviants 18 and older.
(Contains: nudity, sexual themes, violence/gore and strong language)
Unwelcomed Visitor

(Note: The following story takes place in the world of ~ExGemini.  Characters are inspired by but are not a part of any current cannon.  Some material is not intended for little minds, either age-wise or intelligence.)


Donna Troy came into the hotel room that DJ was staying in.

"Hey guys, I don't mean to interrupt you lovebirds but…"

But rather than catching Starfire and Ronin Omega in bed, only Kory was laying down fast asleep, still wearing the robe that had she put on earlier.  DJ, meanwhile, had just finished buttoning up his dark tropical shirt.

"Sorry Donna," he said softly, "but Kory just went to sleep.  She was up half the night watching over me."

"For… what?" she asked, still not understanding.

"Something's happened on the Island," he said.  "I still don't know what, but there's something here that doesn't belong."

"Well unless you mean the blowout that Nathan had with my sister," Donna suggested, "I really think your cosmic radar is a little off.  There's nothing bad that happens on this island.  Even the hard-core criminals behave here!  Besides, this Island's restricted to invitation-only, and Sage makes sure of that."

"Hold that thought," DJ said as his cellphone rang.  "Hello?  Yes Sage.  Yeah, Donna just got here.  Okay, we're on our way."  Then he flipped the cellphone receiver back.  "Okay, let's go."

Donna stood there incredulously.  "Go… where?  And what about Kory?"

"Kory can rest," he replied.  "I need you to fly me to the airport so we can meet with Sage."


Leanna Shanks, the blue-skinned She-Hulk, looked on wistfully at Nathan Furian's residence.  Ever since she inadvertently blurted out the whole "Snoo-Snoo" incident in front of Princess Diana, she and her sister "Shulks" were barred from being in the residence as long as Diana was on the Island.

The blue-skinned beauty had no idea that the unofficial "queen" of the Island was so jealous of other women.  Nathan certainly expressed no such problem in the past.  But now that more-and-more women have been arriving at the Island, Diana has become more-and-more touchy of his interactions with them.

Just then she saw movement from the side terrace.  Nathan appeared, with Diana soon afterwards.  Diana overtook Nathan to look out over the terrace.  Just then she saw the Amazon princess point right AT HER!  Before Nathan could take a look, she quickly retreated into the grove of tropical trees and berry bushes.

From her new hiding place, she could see Nathan walk over to the balcony of the terrace.  Then, apparently seeing nothing, he turned back to Diana, who seemed to insist that she did see Leanna stalking the residence.

Of course Leanna felt guilty.  She spent most of her life pursuing intellectual curiosities.  She certainly didn't INTEND to find herself attracted to a formerly Ascended being like Nathan Furian!  But his cosmic presence awakened something inside her that made her skin even more blue, her hair every more white, and her body every more muscular and sensitive and she…

"Excuse me…"

The voice came from behind her.  She turned to see an average-looking woman with long red hair wearing what appeared to be a bikini comprised of three giant leaves and a series of vines.

"OH!" Leanna said.  "I'm sorry!  I didn't know anyone else was here."

"Who lives there?" the stranger asked with a curious tilt of her head.

Leanna felt herself blush slightly.  "There?  Well, that's Nathan Furian… the great man who owns this Island."

She saw the strange skinny redheaded girl gently caress the skin between the giant leaves covering her puny front.  Leanna felt herself get slightly aroused by the sight of it.  But that wasn't possible, she told herself.  She likes MEN!

"It sounds like you know this… Nathan Furian," the stranger said seductively.  "Maybe… yes… most certainly… you know him quite intimately.  I can almost smell it in you."

Leanna felt really uneasy about this.  "Excuse me, but I don't think that I…"

"Oh my name isn't important," the stranger said as she edged closer and closer to Leanna.  "What IS important is that you're going to tell me all about Nathan."

Leanna wanted to run… to escape… but she couldn't.  She felt afraid, but also… somewhat aroused.  She felt compelled to follow the stranger deeper into the foliage.


Donna Troy didn't know what they were doing at the airport, never mind seeing Sage actually dressed in her "X-suit", complete with the advanced devices all around her.  It was one thing for DJ to get involved in an investigation in Paragon City, but not on an island that was supposedly built for love and leisure!

"And the attendants had no idea who the package was for?" DJ asked.

"None whatsoever," Sage replied.  "All shipping requests go through my cyber-desk first, and I certainly would not have authorized a banyan tree seedling anywhere near this Island!  I saw what one of these things did in Hawaii."

"And yet, someone managed to bring one here, and then leave with it," DJ said.  "Unless…"
He reached out and touched the dead husks that were all that remained amidst the destroyed boards.

"I'm going to give out a few names," he said.  "See if any of them either came here or had permission to be here."

Sage nodded.

"Alex Olsen?"


"Alec Holland?"


"Tefe Holland?"


"Abigail Arcane?"


"Jason Woodrue?"

"Absolutely not!"

"Flora Black?"


"Pamela… Isley?"

"Nope," she said.  "But… hold on…."  Her fingers danced across the digital displays in front of her.  "I got some SERIOUS hits from Pamela's last Internet use from Arkham.  Seems she was asking a LOT of questions about the Island when she ran off to New York."

"Poison Ivy?" Donna asked.  "She normally stays in Gotham.  Why would…?"

"Wrong bus, maybe," DJ said.  "I almost made that mistake myself once upon a time."  He began to trace a line from the asphalt towards the grove of trees.  "Poison Ivy is on the Island.  She used the foliage to hide herself, and now she's out there, among the flora and fauna."

"I'll alert security," the cyber-smart X-girl said.  "Shouldn't be that hard to find… pale redheaded eco-terrorist with lots of plants around her and a thing for misandry."

"I think you'll find some of that has changed," DJ said.  "I wouldn't have sensed it if it was just about her being here.  Something's happened to her since she came here."  Then he turned to Donna.  
"Where's your sister?"

"At Nathan's residence, of course," she replied.  "Why?"

He walked back to her.  "Sage, get security to Nathan's place.  Donna, you need to fly me to the hotel really quick and then we need to find Diana."

Donna crossed her arms.  "Not until you tell me what this is all about."

"I'll explain on the way," he said.


Katia, the red-skinned Shulk, was perplexed.

The three Shulks were supposed to meet outside of Nathan's place.  They were going to sit Princess Diana down and explain to her the situation with them and Nathan.  Of course it wouldn't really BE the truth.  Of the three, only Katia really knew the reason why the three of them were working Nathan over so frequently.

It sounded presumptuous, especially taking Diana's Pantheon-given abilities into account, but her power was no match for THREE women of her strength-class.  And that was before Katia was given a little "something extra" from her benefactor.

They were supposed to meet in the grove by the side of the mansion.  Leanna said that she was going to be there already, but Katia couldn't find any trace of her.

"Excuse me," came a voice from behind her.

Katia turned around in surprise.  How could anyone sneak up on her?  Never mind how some skinny red-headed frail wearing leaves for clothes could do it!

"You startled me!" she exclaimed.  "Nobody does that!"

"Sorry," the stranger said sheepishly.  "But I'm guessing you're looking for someone?"

"Yeah… about a seven-food Smurfette with boobs the size of your head.  You see her around here?"  Katia relished in being crude when necessary, especially to this anorexic girl.

The stranger smiled.  "Why, yes, I have seen someone matching that description," she replied.  "In fact, she wanted me to tell you that the little rendezvous got moved a little further back."

Katia threw her arms up in frustration.  "Well that's just GREAT!  Boob-berry Shulk thinks that just because she has a brain she should be doing all the thinking for us!  Well apparently Princess PMS isn't the only one who will be getting an education today.  Lead on, little girl.  Lead on…"


"I don't get it!" Donna said as she peeled off her tee-shirt in the hotel bathroom.

"What don't you get?" DJ asked in the other room.

She unsnapped and removed her bra.  "How a second-rate member of Batman's Rogues Gallery can come here and all of a sudden become Public Enemy Number One."  She undid her shorts and let them fall to the floor.

"She wouldn't," he explained.  "Something happened to her while she came here.  Something has forced a fundamental change in her biology."

Donna stepped into her basic black suit, the star-field magically appearing as it made contact with her skin.  "What could do that?"

"Nathan can," she heard Kory answer from the other room.

Donna stepped out of the bathroom as she finished putting on her belt.  She could see DJ, already in his Ronin Omega outfit, helping Kory into her Starfire armor.

"Or Circe," DJ added.  "With Nathan it would be inadvertent, but with Circe…"

"It's deliberate," Donna finished as she slipped on her silver boots.  "You know, I never really fully understood this 'heightened intuitive sense' of yours.  You're not a telepath, you're not Ascended… what are you?"

Just then the phone rang.  DJ answered it.

"Yes?  No, we're on our way now.  Yes, I see… okay.  I'll let them know."  He flipped the phone closed.  "Sage's security force said that Diana is missing.  Nathan is getting worried.  Apparently there's something in the grove just outside the mansion."

"Poison Ivy?" Kory asked as she finished fastening her boots.

"Sounds like it," DJ replied.

"Come on," Donna said, standing up from the bed.  "Air-Titan time."

"More like Air-League," Kory giggled.

"Either way," DJ said as he took both their arms, "it's time for us to get there."


The area adjacent to Nathan's residence was blocked off by robotic sentries that were no different than the ones in the Watchtower.  This was mostly for procedure.  There was something of an honor system in place on the Island, especially given the fact that some residents of the Island could not be stopped no matter what.

Sage stood in front of the cordon, trying to explain the situation to a young girl with short black hair.  DJ had never seen her before but from her appearance it looked like Power Girl's new protégé, Terra.  Nathan was there as well.

"What happened?" DJ asked as they landed.

"We got here a little too late," Sage said.  "According to the staff, Diana saw She-Hulk… the green one… in the grove.  She grabbed her sword and charged in."  She gestured to the young girl with the short brunette hair.  "According to Atlee, Kara saw Diana charged in and flew in to help.  Neither of them have come back out."

"I still don't understand what is going on," Nathan said.  "With the Shulks or with this… Poison Ivy."

"Do you remember encountering a waifish woman last night with red hair, somewhat greenish-skinned, wearing nothing but plants on her?" DJ asked.

"No," he said.  "I certainly would have remembered someone like that.  I was just by myself last night.  Although…"

"Although what?" Donna asked.

"Although there was that weird thing with the plant."  Nathan gestured to an area just further down from where they were.  "I was… I was over there, and I stepped on a vine.  I could swear I heard a noise, like it… like it was alive."

"Ivy," Starfire said.

"You know her?" Nathan asked.

"She normally stays in Gotham City," Starfire explained.  "I have encountered her once or twice in my visits."

"What is she doing here?  I certainly don't remember inviting her here."  He turned to Sage.  "Was she ever invited?"

"No sir," Sage said.

"Excuse me," the young girl said.  "Hi… I know I'm still new to the Island, but maybe I can use my power to, like, force them out?  I mean, I am called 'Terra' for a reason."

Both Donna and Kory looked skeptically at the young girl.  They both had a friend with that same name once that could do the same things that Atlee could.  She even looked like their one-time friend, only with black hair instead of blonde.  But their "Terra", their friend, was long-since dead.

"I, uh, think that…" Donna hesitated to say what she really wanted to say.  She remembered Kara explaining how Atlee was made in her friend's likeness, but that it was done out of respect.  Still, it didn't little to settle the discomfort.

DJ could pick up on the uneasiness of the two women concerning the new visitor.  "I think Troia and Starfire would like to say is that it could be too risky to force Ivy and the others out.  But let's keep that idea in mind as a last resort, okay?"

Donna made sure she was turned away from Atlee before she mouthed the words "Thank you" to DJ.

Just then they saw someone stagger up the vine-covered path.

Jennifer Walters, no longer the green-skinned She-Hulk, clutched the oversized bikini around her body in a vain attempt to cover her normal-self up.  Nathan started to rush up to her when DJ stopped him.

"Let me go!" Nathan said.  "I have to…"

"Wait!" DJ said as he pointed down at the ground by her feet.  "Look!"

Beneath Jennifer's feet, the vines started twitching, as though they were preparing to do something.
"I've… I've been asked by Poison Ivy to relay a message," Jennifer said when she was close enough to them.

"Jennifer, what happened to you?" Nathan asked.

Jennifer tried to keep a brave face on, despite being powerless and struggling to keep some semblance of modesty given what had happened to her.  "She said… she said that she wants you, Nathan.  She wants you to give her all of your power."

"All of my… ?"  Nathan was shocked by this.

"Please…" she said.  "She already took the other Shulks, and Kara, and Diana… and Selene… because we all were with you."

DJ gestured to Donna and Kory, who then took opposite sides of the path and waited for his signal.
Just then Zatanna approached.  "Hey guys, what's going on?  Someone said you wanted me here."

"Right on time, Zatanna," DJ said.  "I'll need your help to…"


From around the corner, Hippolyta came charging towards the path, wearing nothing more than a white toga and hefting her sword.  Black Widow was close behind; carrying what appeared to be a scythe in her hands.

With very little time to waste, DJ gestured to Donna and Kory to make their move.  Then he grabbed Zatanna's hand and raised his other hand up to the sky.

"lacitsyM emoD fo noitcetorP!" he shouted.

Magic flowed from Zatanna through DJ and up into the air, covering the whole area in a dome of mystical energy.  Hippolyta and Black Widow and anyone else not in the immediate area were shut out.

Meanwhile, Donna and Kory flew over to Jennifer and grabbed the half-naked girl to carry her away from the reach of the vines.

Zatanna jerked her hand out of DJ's and then slapped him.  "Don't you EVER do that again!" she said.

"Sorry," DJ said.  "We didn't have a moment to lose, and I knew what spell to cast.  Besides, the fibers of my robes contain anti-metal, so they magnified your magic.  Not even Hippolyta's sword from Hephaestus couldn't break through the dome."

Jennifer screamed.  One of the vines had reached out and grabbed Donna's legs while she and Kory were flying Jennifer to safety.  Jennifer's bikini had already fallen off her normal, skinny frame, and she felt like she was being torn apart in a naked tug-of-war between the vines and Starfire.

Nathan had enough.  He walked up to the pathway.  "That's ENOUGH!" he shouted.

Streams of light shot out from his outstretched hand, bathing the pathway in cosmic energy, incinerating the vines along the path.  A scream could be heard from further up the path.  All three women collapsed to the dirt path, slightly scorched but otherwise fine.

Once they were safe, Zatanna waived her hand at Jennifer and said "enO-eceiP", clothing the naked girl in a purple-and-white one-piece outfit similar to the one she wears as She-Hulk.  Jennifer quickly raced over to Nathan and hugged him.  Donna, meanwhile, knelt there on the ground, still shaken.

"Why did it go for you and not try to get back She-Hulk?" Kory asked her.

"Um…" Donna didn't want to answer.  "There was that one night…" she said softly, "before he was engaged to my sister.  Don't tell DJ!  Please!"

"Okay," Kory said softly.  "Your secret is safe with me.  Come on, let us rejoin the others."

"What does she want?" Nathan asked Jennifer as the two Titans rejoined the group.

"She wants you," Jennifer replied.  "All of your power and abilities.  She wants to be like you.  That's why she reached out to all of the people you've been with.  She's stealing the portions of your power you left behind when you… you know…  Anyway, when her vines drained me, I reverted back to my weak form.  She deemed me useless and sent me out as bait."

"Naaaaaathaaaaannnnnnn..." Ivy's voice was heard.  "Nathan, please come see me.  I've heard so much about you."

Nathan stepped forward.  "Let the others go and you can have me."

"Nathan, NO!" exclaimed Jennifer, clutching his arm tight.

"For once, my friend, she's right," DJ said.

"You know I've had some experience dealing with Ivy," Zatanna said.  "Maybe it would be best if I…?"

"No," DJ said calmly.  "I understand what she wants.  I just have to make sure that she knows it as well."


This is part 2 of the special "Island" story, for the world created by :iconexgemini:

Remember - not for kiddies - you were warned!
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Mature Content Filter is On. The Artist has chosen to restrict viewing to deviants 18 and older.
(Contains: nudity, sexual themes and violence/gore)
Unwelcomed Visitor

(Note: The following story takes place in the world of ~ExGemini.  Characters are inspired by but are not a part of any current cannon.  Some material is not intended for little minds, either age-wise or intelligence.)

The Watchtower was an impressive orbital station, rivaling even Avenger Tower and Xavier Institute in New York.  But then again, it was the home of the "World's Greatest Superhero Team".

DJ stood out the observation window overlooking the planet.  From his vantage point he could see Rhode Island as the sun began to set and as darkness started to close in.  

He was dressed in his outfit as the registered superhero Ronin Omega.  He felt it was only right since he was amongst other heroes.  Watchtower operational drones silently worked through the station monitoring devices.  The drones were a joint effort of Victor Stone and Karen Starr, incorporating the best in human and alien technology, with triple-safeguards in place so that no one techno-skilled being could completely usurp their programming.  He was told they had human volunteers at one point, but security and confidentiality became an issue so they switched to robots.

"Excuse me?"

Power Girl walked up to DJ, dressed in her body-hugging white bodysuit, red belt, blue gloves and boots, and flowing red cape.  She blushed slightly when he turned around.

"OH!" she said with a shock.  "I'm sorry, I didn't…"

She looked at him in his black-and-grey outfit, which resembled more of a monk's robes than the traditional "tights" that heroes wear.

"Wow," she said in amazement.

"Hello Power Girl," he said with a smile.  "Sorry, Starfire and Troia asked me to join them as they brought another person over to the Island.  I'd be with them but apparently they didn't get clearance, so I'm sort of confined to this floor only."

"Yeah, security is a little tight around here," she said.  "But… still… to see you as…"  She blushed.  
"Ah… I'm sorry, what's your hero codename anyway?"

"Ronin Omega," he replied.

"The last of the master-less samurai?" she said, scratching her head.  "That IS what the name implies.  And I thought a ronin was considered dishonorable, or at the very least inept."

"That was the reputation," he said.  "But that is not the definition."

"Oh…" she said.  "Still, you look great.  Very… very regal."

"Thanks.  It's more functional than flashy.  However…" He gave her the once-over.  "You know, this is the first time I've seen you in person in your outfit.  I'm surprised anyone can put up a fight seeing you like this."

She laughed.  "You'd be surprised!  One time I was flying in New York and this AIM group was trying to blow up a building.  I dropped in and cleared my throat.  The guy in front of me turned around; took one look at me…" She held her hand up at the cleavage-exposed hole in her bodysuit. "And stayed right here for about thirty seconds before he realized he should be trying to get his gun out of his holster.  Of course I had disassembled his gun by then, so when he pulled it out, it just fell apart in his hands."

DJ laughed.  It felt good to be conversing with Kara as one hero to another.

Just then the lift doors opened and three women came out.

Kory Anders, dressed out in her dark purple body-hugging armor as Starfire, and Donna Troy, dressed in her star-patterned black outfit with a silver sash and boots, flanked by another visitor who was a little more demurely dressed but still just a beautiful.  The third person wore a blue-white-and-black bodysuit similar to Power Girl's, although minus the cleavage-bearing hole.  It was topped by a white cape with thigh-high boots and a strange red dragon-shaped hairpiece over the top of her scalp.
Donna made the introductions.  "Ronin Omega, this is Zatanna Zatara, the League's resident expert on all things magic.  Z, this is DJ, a.k.a. Ronin Omega."

DJ assumed a formal stance, extending his hand with a slight bow.  "I have heard so much about you," he said with a grin.  "My parents saw one of your father's shows many years ago."

She took his hand and returned his smile with one of her own.  "My, you ARE a charmer!  Donna warned me about you, but… in person… oh my!"

The other ladies giggled.  They knew what Zatanna was feeling when they had each first met DJ in person.  There was just something about him… his poise, how he carried himself, how he looked at them… something that made them feel strangely attracted to him.

"We'd better get downside," Kory said finally.

"Don't worry," Power Girl said as she started to hover, "I'll be back down there shortly.  I'm waiting to hear back from Terra, and then we'll both be down."


On the ever-popular Furian Island, a supply plane taxied into the airport hanger.  As the airport crew unloaded the supplies, a certain crate could not be accounted for.

"What's this?" asked one of the hangar workers.

The pilot checked his manifest.  "Banyan Tree seedling," he said.

"Seedling?" said the worker skeptically.  "This thing is almost six feet long!  I've never heard of a seedling being that big!  Who requested this?"

The pilot checked the paperwork.  "You know what?  I have no idea.  Does it say anything on the crate?"

The worker checked all facing sides for anything that resembled an invoice.  "Nothing here."  Then he signed.  "Okay, I'll put this aside and have my supervisor check in on it.  This isn't the first time we've had strange shipments come in anyway."

The pallet with the crate was taken to a back corner of the storage area along with all of the other containers that could not be accounted.


Several hours later, green shoots began forcing their way through the cracks in the wooden crate.  
They quickly grew in size, getting thicker and longer, until finally the crate simply came apart at the seams.

A huge plant-like cocoon could be seen protruding from the wooden slats that used to make up the container.  The cocoon then unraveled to reveal a humanoid figure.

Her body was average in form, maybe even fragile, but with an extremely pale skin with a hint of green.  Her long red hair was adorned with flowers and leaves, with leaves as well as vines covered her breasts and waist areas.  More vines covered her feet, and small vines decorated themselves around her wrists and hands.

Once upon a time she had a name.  She was once Pamela Isley; a lover of the environment and ardent supporter of women's rights.  But that was before a colleague forced her to undergo a radical transformation that made her connection to Mother Earth more literal than figurative.

Now she is more plant than animal.  She is the wrath of Mother Nature; she is its avenging angel.  Every ounce of her blood has been replaced with chlorophyll.  Her body secretes nature's chemicals both toxic and intoxicating.

Now she is Poison Ivy.

She had heard about the Island only recently.  After escaping Arkham, she made her way to New York instead of staying in Gotham.  Hiding in Central Park, she heard several of the Avengers talk about an exclusive place where heroes and even a few criminals could live hedonistic lives without repercussions.

She just HAD to see this place for herself!

The asphalt concrete was an obscenity to her feet.  Oils and toxins dumped callously on cement, the air choking with remnants of jet exhaust, and the nearby crates containing plastics and toxins.  She had to get away as fast as possible.  The call of the island's flora and fauna demanded it!


Zatanna had never seen a place like the Glow nightclub, and certainly never had an experience like the kind she felt when "The Glow Vibe" was turned on.

DJ had fine-tuned the experience since its initial debut.  Where once the women would be feeling the reflected vibrations all the time, he began varying the pulsations.  The women loved it even more, being able to enjoy the night longer and longer.

"Z" had followed the advice of her friends and wore a simple outfit to the club, although she still had no idea of the effect the anti-metal wax had on her magic-based powers.  A simple request for a "dloc knird" resulted with everyone on the dance floor getting a cold drink in their hands.  A simple exclamation of "arb dna seitnap" gave everyone, even the guys, bras and panties.  Thankfully she shouted "esreveR" to return everyone's attire to normal.  The people in the club, however, took it all in stride.

And then there was the effect of the "Vibe" itself.  She had travelled the world and known all sorts of stimulation, but this was the first time just being in a club and being out on the dance floor could get her to sheer bliss.  Pretty soon she was hanging out with her sister heroines and even a few questionable players, sweaty but still glowing in sheer delight.


"Why do I even BOTHER?"

Nathan Furian asked that out loud as he paced around the cove near his house.

It was about his fiancée, of course.

He loved Diana with all of his heart, and he had every intention of marrying her, but lately he began to ponder why he even tries to follow through with the plans.

Furian, the formerly Ascended being, was a creature of love.  Diana knew this when she was getting to know him.  She claimed to have "understood" the nature of their relationship, especially when Nathan began to invite certain women into their circle.  She didn't complain when the green-skinned Shulk joined them.  She was actually open to the idea of Kara joining them.  And she said nothing when Selene and Natasha became involved.

But apparently she drew the line when Jen Walters wasn't the only color-tinted muscular woman in his circle of intimacy.  Even worse was when they started using the nonsensical phrase "Snoo-Snoo" to describe their trysts in public.  If there was one phrase that he truly wished he could excise from the human language, it would be "Snoo-Snoo".

"One stupid cartoon episode," he muttered, "and I'm stomping outside."

The "secret" was out when Leanna, the blue-skinned Shulk, was gloating out in the open about her recent "Snoo-Snoo Time" with Nathan.  Leanna Shanks had intelligence to match her strength, but apparently subtleness was not one of her strong suits, especially since Diana was right there in the room when it was brought up.

Just then he felt something crack under his feet.  It gave a wet feeling, as though he almost stepped on something.  And for a half-a-second, he could swear he almost heard a woman yelp in pain.

A wayward vine was behind him.  He had come down hard on the vine when he was stomping about, cracking it and spilling out sap.  He felt somewhat sorry for doing that.  He cradled the small vine in his hands and gently blew on it.  Particles of cosmic matter reached the vine, repairing the damage, and brining it to life.  The vine was stronger, somewhat thicker, and leaves began to sprout where the break once was.  He gently put the vine back down on the grass and carefully made his way back to his terrace.


Several yards away, Poison Ivy began to wildly convulse around on the ground.  It was HER vine that Nathan stepped on, something that came from HER body.  It was her way of "stretching out" and getting a "feel" of the island.  So when the formerly-Ascended being stepped on her vine she REALLY felt it.  And then when Nathan blew some of his star-born essence onto it, that cosmic essence came into her.

Every cell in her body felt like it was on fire.  Her eyes went wild, afraid of making any kind of noise to attract attention.  After all, she wasn't even supposed to be there!  The wrong word could send her right back to Arkham!

But soon she wasn't afraid of going back to Arkham, but rather it was of dying!  She felt sick.  Tremendously sick!  She felt bile build inside her stomach.  She hadn't felt this way since the initial transformation that made her who she was all those years ago.  She felt the bile move upward and she instinctively rolled onto her stomach to expel it all instead of drowning in it.  Green fluids expelled from her mouth.  She felt her stomach churn and she again expelled it.  And again.  And again.  And again.


DJ watched with admiration as Kory began brushing her long red hair.  It was something that she loved to do after a rigorous time together in bed.  He could sense there was something on her mind that she wanted to get out, but so far she hadn't found the best way to express it.

He walked up behind her naked form and kissed the nape of her neck.  "Penny for your thoughts?" he said.

"Excuse me?" she said curiously.  "Why would you make such an offer?"

"It's a figure of speech," he explained.  "Something's on your mind, Kory… what is it?"

She set down the brush.  "Will you be having sex with Zatanna any time soon?"

"What?" he said.

"I know we talked about our relationship and how I have no problem with you wanting to… 'get it on'… with Kara if you so wish… so I was wondering if you would be also having sex with Zatanna while she is here."

"I don't know," he replied truthfully.  "I'm still getting used to our time together."  He put his hand over her left breast.  She leaned back and gave a soft moan.  He could feel her long hair get hotter from the excitement as her follicles started expelling energy, much like when she uses that energy to fly.  "Why do you ask?"

"If… if you do…" she found it hard to complete her train of thought being stimulated as she was.  "I would ask… that you not… at least not right now."

"Can I ask why?" he asked.

"It's Donna.  I feel… concern… about my friend."

"I feel concern about her as well," he said.  "Ever since we caught her mother in the grotto with that stranger, she really hadn't been the same."

"I still do not understand all the nuances of relationships," she said, turning around to face him.  "My relationship with Nightwing was special, and yet he chose Oracle over me.  Donna and I both agreed to share you, and yet so far you and I have been the only ones together in the hotel room.  I love Donna as I would my sister… more so even… and yet she seems so distant from me… from US."

"Maybe we should talk with her," he suggested.

"Maybe YOU should talk with her," she counter-proposed.  "She was your friend first before you became mine, and I think she fears that I took you away from her."

"You could be right about that," he said.  "Okay, I'll have a talk with her and…"

Just then he backed away from her.

"DJ?" she said curiously.  "What's wrong?"

He walked back out of the bathroom, his mind obviously distracted by something.

"There's… there's something going on," he said.  "I can't put my finger on it, but…"

"I do not know what you mean," Kory said curiously.  "Is it between us?"

"No," he replied.  "It's something here… it's on the Island."

"Should we tell Nathan?" she said.

"I don't know yet," he said.  "My intuitive sense is not that precise.  I just know that something is… wrong."

"Wrong?" she said as her green eyes glowed brighter.  "We have not had that kind of problem since I've been to the Island.  This is the most peaceful island in the world."

"I know, Kory, that's what startled me.  Something doesn't feel right."  He reached for his boxer briefs, which were at the foot of the bed.  "Kory, I've got to meditate, try to see what specifically is happening.  If you want to go back to your suite with Donna…"

"No" she said as she put on a robe.  "I am an Okaaran-trained warrior.  I will… watch over you while you meditate.  If there is evil on this Island, we will make sure they regret coming here."

He leaned in to kiss here.  "Thanks Kory," he said and then sat in lotus position and opened his mind to the world.


When Pamela Isley came to, she realized that something was fundamentally different about her.  She saw it when she looked at her outstretched arm in the rising sunlight.

Years of having her blood replaced with chlorophyll made it pale-green, almost completely jaundiced.  While she loved being in the sun, she hated the fact that she couldn't develop a tan like she used to enjoy in her prior life.

And yet before her was a pale but otherwise normal-looking bare arm!  An outstretched arm with very HUMAN fingernails.  Not hardened thorns, but actual fingernails!

She propped herself up off the ground, and as she did, she felt something slide off her.  

It was the vines.  The very vines that generously grew from her own pores to retain some minimal aspect of modesty when going anywhere in public.  She felt them detach from her breasts and from her rear, sliding off to the ground below.

"Oh no, no, no, no…." she cried as she scooped up the dead vines that used to cover her breasts and groin and cradled them in her hands.  "Please babies, please don't die on me!"

As she cried and held on to the vines, her hands gave off a faint glow.  The vines twitched and started to come back to life.

"Yes!" she exclaimed.  "Come to mamma!  Come to me, my babies!"

But rather than reach back up to her exposed body, the vines started to grow down, taking root into the ground itself.

"Oh no, no, no, babies, what are you doing?" she said.  "You… you can't move when you're like that!  Come back to me and you'll be free!"

But the vines stayed in the ground, growing stronger.

"I can't hear you," she said in almost a panic.  "Why can't I hear my babies anymore?"

Then she stared down at the rest of her exposed body.

It looked… revoltingly HUMAN!  

Her breasts were never really large to begin with.  She was thin, but not "toned" as the heroines are when they show off their bellies.  Even the "bush" that was between her legs was gone and that area was smooth and hairless.  She let her nearly-nude "Eden" attire and her pheromones distract the men and aggravate the women.  But now that was gone.  She literally had NOTHING on her.  She was stripped bare by the experience.

"It's not FAIR!" she exclaimed.

Suddenly the vines grew larger and larger, sprouting leaves.  The leaves gestured up towards her, urging her to pluck them from the vines.  More vines grew towards her… stringy vines, like the kind used to hold things together.

She couldn't "hear" the plants anymore, but they were still responsive to her desires!
This is Part 1 of a special "Island" story for :iconexgemini: and my other fellow Island residents/visitors.

This is not for kiddies.
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City Comics
Collection by
Please reblog from my Tumblr accountHERE.
Art Print Available HERE.
Buy the necklace pendant HERE.

Snow White.

Part of my Alphonse Mucha/art nouveau obsession.
Flowers are: Freesia for innocence, lilies for purity and monkshood (which are poisonous) for caution.


:bulletyellow:Snow White
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Icon Powers and deviantART's own ExGemini join forces with the fallen angel Tainted Eve to confront the mysterious force known as Libra. Will they find their missing associates?

You may be surprised at what they find!

Plus, Alex Wentworth meets with his uncle about "General Income", and Lyon Powers tries to cheer up a depressed Pyrogurl.
Special thanks to dA's own :iconexgemini:.

Special guest appearances by in-game characters War Witch and Ghost Falcon.

Please select the DOWNLOAD option to properly view the PDF file as GoogleDocs cannot give a PDF file justice!

For more information about the comic series, as well as to take part in the ongoing polls, please visit the official website of the Guardians of the Dawn: [link]

[Game: City of Heroes Freedom]
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NF-The Island
Collection by
I hope everyone is enjoying the "return" of the Guardians in "Guardians of the Dawn GRADUATION"...

Guardians of the Dawn GRADUATION 01 by djmatt2

But you may have also noticed that it's not the same "T for Teens" comic.  It's a little more mature.  And the distinction will be even more noticeable when Issue #2 comes out in August.

If you didn't catch the announcement, Battlerock Comics is the first online comic to adopt the new MMO Comic Index Content Ratings System (or MCICRS).  Which means that we're no longer bound to the presumed "T for Teens" content standard.  We don't have to censor some (but not all) swear words or blur out some (non-full-frontal) nudity.

But that also means that - being the responsible artist/creator that I am - I have to tag these new comics here for the mature content it has.  For non-registered visitors, they won't be able to view these comics until they register (hey, it's free - I've been here for six years).  I know it sucks, but that's the downside to being a responsible artist/creator. 

Still, for those of you who have been enjoying my works, I hope you continue to do so with the new content, and I hope you are looking forward to "Guardians of the Dawn GRADUATION" #2 when it goes online on August 1st.
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If you've been reading the pages of "Future's Guardian", then you'd know that Galatea Future has had her hands full of late.

Her best friend has suddenly become a super-villain, and has somehow found a way to neutralize her.  Agent Sidestep is missing.  Ronin Omega is unable to help.  There's an FBI agent to worry about.  Oh, and she may not know it, but one of her longtime enemies is looking to get his greedy hands into some of the fortune being made by her alternate identity!

For more, check out Issue #11 of "Future's Guardian".
Future's Guardian 11 by djmatt2
Well, maybe Galatea can take a break.  There's a new convention going on in Millennium City and...

Galatea Future At Foxbatcon by djmatt2

Oh, wait... it's a FOXBAT convention?

Apparently so.

But at least she still manages to get in a quick interview for WCOC along with fellow hero Kinetik.  Check out the whole red carpet interview here...

And keep checking in for more news.
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Yes she is.
Finally I had the time to sit down and create Lady Loki for The Island :w00t:
I had a great deal of fun in creating her and don't worry: sooner or later the rest of her killer body will be shown in all her glory :drool:

All I can tell you, for now, is that Loki is part of the ongoing roleplay story that involves Maia/Walkiria. She is part of a very tight group of friends, including Amora(The Enchantress) and Athena(yes the greek goddess). What on earth three goddeses and a Walkiria are doing together? :evillaugh: At this point I should say "You don't want to know" ... but I know you want and all I can say here on this prudish portal is ... alot and alot of things :rofl:

Anyway! Thanks for watching, stay tune for more pictures of Lady Loki and ofcourse, leave a comment if your like the new pretty lady :begone:

Bullet; Red Loki/Lady Loki @ Marvel Comics
Bullet; Black Made with Poser Pro 2014, PhotoShop CS6 & Wacom Intuos5
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Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity)
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity)
Collection by
sherbert magnet on gaia ^^
OSB is my gaia username in short o:
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Started this a while ago, and finished shading and colouring it today because i can't do much else atm because of this stupid artblock i have.
I made it into my new character, Twisted.
i lav him so much-o...until i get bored and sell him.

UM. MSpaint, like, all the way. nearly killed my soul.
and i GIMP'd the transparent background and the little flex of light brown cas they looked weird as solid pixels.

(c) me. if you steal i will eat your eyes and hands and otehr things
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Part 1 of "Galatea Dawning"!

Following from the multi-part "Time and Changes" storyline, the Guardians are trying to recover from the physical and moral injuries sustained from their battle with Alor, but something is still amiss with one of their members.

Galatea Powers, the busty blond beauty that has become the source of inspiration and admiration, returned from her mysterious time in Ouroboros clearly changed, and slowly but surely the people in Paragon City are starting to realize that this is not the same heroine they remember.

What is she happening to her? What is she becoming? Find out here.

Special guest appearances include the Celtic Brawler from the Dawn Patrol and in-game character Lauren.

Please click the DOWNLOAD button to download and read the PDF file.

For more information about the comic series, as well as taking part in the online poll to help pick the next District Attorney for Paragon City, please visit the official website of the Guardians of the Dawn: [link]

[Game:City of Heroes/City of Villains]
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*We are not the cosplayers in the picture. If you are, feel free to use the photo!*

:iconcortana2552: as Chi Chi
Trevor as Goku
from Dragonball Z

Photo taken by Cosplay Cousin Tranquility at Megacon 2011!
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Just a better shot of the makeup/wound from the "Scars." photo.

I don't think this one needs a warning, because you can't see anything.

Though it IS bloody, so...view at your own discretion.
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Collection by
Mature Content Filter is On. The Artist has chosen to restrict viewing to deviants 18 and older.
(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
Mature Content Filter is On. The Artist has chosen to restrict viewing to deviants 18 and older.
(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
The Vault is an unique shop that has open just a couple of months ago on The Island. It is located inside the small city/village where Nathan and his friends lives.
If you are a collector or you are simply looking for something rare or unique, The Vault is you destination.

:bulletred:Disclamer :bulletred:
The Vault is proud to present a new collection of high-end, special limited edition, polystone statues of your favorite, most loved, wanted or hated super heroes and villains of all times.
Each piece is carefully master crafted in a very limited quantity (varies from 500 to 1000 units) that you can pre-order from our website when the manifest is published. (Limit 2 per person)
Subscribing to our newsletter you'll know in advance when the Pre-Order will go live so that you won't miss your chance to secure your order.
Every Statue comes in two different versions: Normal and Exclusive.
The Normal version contains your numbered statue.
The Exclusive one (10% of the whole stock) contains the statue with signed base and the original print/photo for the concept, with autograph.
We ship your order everywhere you want but, if you live on the Island, come to visit us, you might be lucky and meet your hero in person!

:bulletyellow:The Details:bulletyellow:
Raven might be new on The Island but none the less she already have a discreet crowd of followers and friends.Here at the studio we have tons of fun working both with her and with Kory that actually introduced her to us.
The hard part wasnít much to come up with a basic idea for her Comiquette, it was rather trying to contain the exploding enthusiasm of Kory and all her ideas, who couldnít be made into a polystone statue even with a 30+ age limitation.

:bulletblue:Raven Comiquette:bulletblue:
Even If we value a lot Koryís ideas and import, we diced to follow the basic and yet effective idea of Rave.
She decided for a smooth and simple that could transmit both proudness, strength and an hit of sexiness.
With that in mind we did some sketch and after just a couple of tries, baam! We nailed it.
Due the fact that she is new around The Island, we couldnít provide much of an alternate idea for a very Exclusive version, but Raven was so nice to propose to meet every single person who buy the Exclusive version, to sign both the picture and the statue with a personalized inscription.

:bulletblack:Assembly Notes :bulletblack:
The statues doesn't require any kind of glue to be assembled. Columns can be installed and removed at will and so does both the hood and cape to enjoy the lovely shapes of Ravenís back.

:bulletred: Raven @DC Comics
:bulletred: Background, ideas and story @ExGemini
:bulletred: Made with Poser Pro 2010 & PhotoShop CS5

:bulletred:Resources Used:bulletred:
Raven body and facial morphs are all originals created by me.
Lights are Custom Made
Skin Texture is Custom Made
The Costume Comes from here [link] but the textures are completely re-made to suit my taste.
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Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity)

Part 2 of "Galatea Dawning"

With special appearance by deviantART's own ExGemini!

Galatea Powers is no more! In her place is someone who detests everything that the buxom hero once represented, going so far as to destroy Galatea's likeness and her name.

How can the Guardians defeat someone who was once their most powerful member? And CAN they stop her from carrying out her campaign against all that Galatea was?

Special guest appearances by Ms. Liberty, Lady Jane, the Dawn Patrol, and dA's own ExGemini!

Click on the DOWNLOAD button to download the PDF file.

For more about this series, please visit the official website of the Guardians of the Dawn: [link]

[Game: City of Heroes/City of Villains]
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Collection by
Mature Content Filter is On. The Artist has chosen to restrict viewing to deviants 18 and older.
(Contains: nudity, sexual themes, strong language and ideologically sensitive material)
The sexy UltraViolet, a piece done for the sweet :iconeludajae: make sure to stop by her page to show your support... after all you don't want a villainess showing up at your door ;)
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Here is the latest Glam Bunny cover for those wondering who would be on it. And I would have to say that UltraViolet has been getting a lot of coverage here in dA, although given her choice of outfits it's not hard to see WHY.

First and foremost I have to give thanks to :iconsharby: and :iconeludajae: because this is just as much their work as mine. All I did was put it all together... with both of their permission of course.

:iconeludajae: owns UltraViolet, and if you're lucky and in the right Paraverse server you MIGHT encounter her.

:iconsharby: did the initial 3D image, and you should let him know what a GREAT job he did with the original!

[Game: City of Heroes/City of Villains]
[Character: UltraViolet]
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This might be what it looks like when Ultraviolet is about to take over your mind...

Ultraviolet is property of :iconeludajae:

Thanks again Eludajae!

Pricing details are here: [link]
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A fun piece I did of some of my favorite DC girls. It's done with markers and colored pencils.
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Commission artwork for StrongBob. This was done as part of my 120$ commissions offer.
Warden is an original C.O.H. character.

if you wish to see the full resolution please visit my clients page here:
Down the Barrel of a Gun. by StrongBob

hope you like it :)
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Screenshot from Champions Online
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UPDATE - Goal reached! Give anyway!!

Just because the goal is achieved doesn't mean more support won't help, give til it hurts! :) Seriously, you can still grab cool benefits and swag and the like and also help them achieve their stretch goals...

Ok, I doubt anyone watching me who loved City of Heroes doesn't also watch the :iconcityofheroes: group so you should have already seen this... But just in case:

The Phoenix Project - City of Titans… is a kickstarter project aimed at creating a successor to City of Heroes. Check it out! :D

Now I know nothing other than what I can read on their page so I can't vouch for those involved or say how likely it is to actually come to pass or even how closely it'll capture the magic of the game I loved... But hot damn, people do seem to be putting their money and their hopes into this thing...
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Hi people!
Long time no see,
I've spent the whole weekend cleanning this baby out.
A group commission of characters from City of Heroes.
The commissionner wanted a Hush homage

I hope you like it!
PS: Follow me on Twitter! : @nemafronspain
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Mature Content Filter is On. The Artist has chosen to restrict viewing to deviants 18 and older.
(Contains: nudity)
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity)
No, your eyes are not deceiving you; that really is dA's own ExGemini talking with Midnight Arachnia of the Guardians of the Dawn!

ExGemini was last heard from in Issue #12 in flashback from 2007, kindly turning down an offer to join the Guardians and instead retiring from active service. But recent events brought Ex back to Paragon City, and now he'll be lending a hand in the three-part "Galatea Dawning" storyline starting with Issue #24!

Stay tuned for more news about this series both here and at the official website for the Guardians of the Dawn [link]

[Game: City of Heroes/City of Villains]
[Characters: ExGemini, Midnight Arachnia]

NOTE: ExGemini appears with permission of the character's creator. The image above is watermarked because it is part of an ongoing project.
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Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity)
Didn't really have a direction I wanted to go with GraveHawk. I decided since in the last few pics of her that I gave her boots. This is my...fourth render of this pic, still having issues with that computer.

Angel Uriel
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It all comes to a head!

This is it folks!  The conclusion of the multi-part "Psilence of Conscience" storyline!

It's all hands on deck as all the heroes and members of Project Mycroft find out who is responsible for the sudden rash of new telepaths.  But will they be able to find that person in time?  Or will the people behind the scenes decide to cut their losses before then?

Plus, Galatea Future will get some unexpected help in her quest to find Malizia before she can carry out her plans for Millennium City.  Will she be able to stop Malizia and save her best friend, as well as save her own identity?

Find out what happens in this hyper-sized FIFTY page issue!

Please use the DOWNLOAD feature as dA's PDF viewer is not reliable.

For more information about the comic series and to get the latest news and updates, please visit the official website of Battlerock Comics:

And be sure to visit and "like" Battlerock Comics on Facebook:…

[Game: Champions Online]
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Eh, random koi pond. What more can I say?

Drawn in ballpoint pen, colored with colored pencils.
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Here's a Clark wallpaper for you guys to enjoy!

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Uhm....let's just say that this is what happens when I am sitting in band camp and I get really REALLY bored....I started sketching out a face with a pencil that I had on some sheet music that our band director decided that we're not playing after he gave it to us....
I finished it when I got home. It's done in regular washable markers that my sisters got from Wal-Mart. ^^;

The sheet music is "Our Heritage" by K.L. King...whoever that is. ^^; It's flute music.....yesh, I play flute. xD
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By request, a higher resolution of this [link] graphic.
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Wanted to make some emotes during the holidays but I got a nasty cold :doh: I'm uploading the rest of the emotes from my pack instead:

Also used by #Share-your-love :iconshare-your-love:

Other emotes:
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This is a commission to :iconzamman84: They are his characters Atomic Girl and Atomic Lass. Apparently AG is whooping some AL ass. Hope you like it my friend!
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Miss Martian Quick Bio: M'gann M'orzz is an anomoly among her conquering White Martian race. The shape-shifting teen alien rejected her people and became Miss Martian, modeling herself after the heroic Martian Manhunter. Adopting the earth name "Megan Morse," the sensitive heroine strives to use her powers for good.


I really REALLY like the M'gann....She's just ginchy. What happened to thge idea that they were going to start colouring her white? when they were teasing the now current version of the team the promos had her coloured white? Eh.
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Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity)
A pre con commission for my friend, Axebone :)
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