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Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes)
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes)
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity)
Mature Content Filter is On. The Artist has chosen to restrict viewing to deviants 18 and older.
(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity)
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commission for burrelol
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Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity and ideologically sensitive material)
Commission for Harmonic42

A variation of the old stripper animation. This one contains the growth of body parts, so be warned.
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Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
Mature Content Filter is On. The Artist has chosen to restrict viewing to deviants 18 and older.
(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
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Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes)
Mature Content Filter is On. The Artist has chosen to restrict viewing to deviants 18 and older.
(Contains: sexual themes and ideologically sensitive material)
Mature Content Filter is On. The Artist has chosen to restrict viewing to deviants 18 and older.
(Contains: nudity, sexual themes, violence/gore and ideologically sensitive material)
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity, sexual themes and ideologically sensitive material)
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(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
An animated Commission for :icondreadblueviper:
I've been had a crazy couple weeks, but I finally got some time to get this out the door.  Sorry for all those who have been waiting, my schedule has not been cooperative for a while.  All that aside, for all the notes I went thru with this I am happy to see it come together.  The inspiration for the loop is follow up to my original Bear hug motor boating pinup with these two.
The movement for the animation was based "loosely" on Zangief's be a hug from SF EX. I have another animated loop I am in the midst of putting together so I should have that up tonight or early tomorrow for those who are interested. 
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Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity)
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A commission

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part 1 - Clover Force Fed - 1 by BedBendersInc part 2 - Clover Force Fed - 2 by BedBendersInc part 3 - Clover Force Fed - 3 by BedBendersInc part 4 - Clover Force Fed - 4 by BedBendersInc  part 6: Clover Force Fed - 6 final by BedBendersInc

Deciding to increase the spy's intake, they switched her from the cookie feeder, to a machine that directly feeds the ingredients via a tube. Clover has found this has made her situation rather explosive as she feels her disguise barely concealing her last shreds of dignity.

As her flesh begin to flow in every direction, Clover thought "At least they gave me a comfy chair to support my back...right?"
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Commission for :iconfrozen-water:

Character by :iconfrozen-water:
Story by :iconfrozen-water: & :iconrandomnintendogeek:

Part 2: [link]

Elarae leaned back in her chair, breathing a sigh of content while rubbing her slightly swollen stomach, which was pushing its way out of her bed robes. She just had finished polishing off the last of the muffins her husband had left for her before he went off for his morning sparring. Mountains of wrappers were crumpled up on the table, sitting there as a testament to the act of gluttony the young woman had just performed. These acts of binge eating have become all but second nature to the young druid, due to years of stress and the trauma of having to save the world multiple times. She found comfort in food, something warm and soothing that her icy body simply seemed to crave. With her husband Saar, going out and sparring with his friends atop the Athon skyline, the food he prepares for her is something she loves to have, because at least it reminds her of him.

All that aside however, at the current moment all she could do is lean back in her chair, taking shallow breaths as her stomach was just overfull with muffins, pastries, and other breakfast items; her body didn’t allow her to do much more than to sit and admire the grove of trees that their dining room rested inside of. As she sat there, letting her overfull stomach do its job, she thought about what she would do today, since the Realm had not needed her help in years, and her adventuring days with her childhood friends had been long over. Minutes passed before her lethargic overstuffed body was comfortable enough to get herself up off the chair in the kitchen of her place. She let out another heavy sigh, almost to tell herself that it is time to get up, and turned to the massive dire wolf that was resting it’s head on its paws next to her.
“What do you say, Lucid? Want to go out to out and play in the forest while I paint something? Should be a nice day outside,” Elarae asked the rather intimidating wolf-beast as if it were nothing more than a simple lapdog. Its response was a deep resonating bark that shook leaves off of the trees in their dining room grove, as its tail thrashed back and forth in a destructive wag. “Ok, ok Lucid. No need to get too excited,” she giggled, “let me go get dressed and we’ll head out.”

Elarae removed herself from the chair, much to her stomach’s protest, and headed through the stone archway portal that would bring her back from the grove to the main living room in their demi-plane domicile. She walked through her place, seeing all of Saar’s old adventuring equipment on the walls of the living room and smiled at all the paintings of hers that adorned their living quarters. She walked slowly up the stairs to the bedrooms, as she always would, as the empty bedrooms for her two children were always the first thing she always saw. She sighed audibly, “I’ll have to go visit those two soon… I really can’t believe my two babies are out there slaying dragons, saving the town, and all that.” she frowned at the thought of her son and daughter in danger’s way, “but it’s good for them… they’ll learn a lot… right?” she asks herself like she always does when passing by their rooms. She finally emerges through the doorway to her bedroom, where she begins to strip off the robe she was wearing, fabric sliding down her smooth pale skin, wisps of frost following it on its way down as her exposed frozen flesh began to suck the heat out of the room. The woman stood there for a minute, looking over her wardrobe as she decided to wear, moisture condensing onto her body, and dripping down her pale skin, freezing onto her flesh, before flaking off every time she moved. Eventually, upon deciding she grabbed some undergarments and her favorite pink dress from the closet and began dressing. “nnnnrg, close damn it,” she grunted to herself as she attempted to fasten the strap on her bra, which looked like it was currently a size or so too small for Elarae. After a good amount of fighting, she was able to latch the black straps together, the flesh of her breasts oozing above and below the cups on the bra as they overflowed it, the strap cutting into her back slightly. “What the Hells? Did this thing shrink on me?” the girl quizzically asked herself as she looked at the feeble bra trying to hold the mammary flesh contained within. “Oh well, no biggie,” she mutters in a matter of fact sort of way, as she uses her Druid nature and magical control over her body to shrink away the extra girth she seemed to have picked up from her daily binges. This was not the first time the girl absentmindedly disguised away the effects of her gluttony, as this was something she did many years ago when she was adventuring. It was a process she did in the same way someone might adjust their glasses or yawn, an automatic habit. She hadn't even taken the time to realize that the extra poundage might have come from all the ice cream she spent gorging on late last night. Thanks to her ‘little trick’ her clothes now fit and she was able to slide into the rest of her undergarments and dress with ease. She picked up an easel and supplies, and waved for her wolf Lucid to accompany her. Lucid bounded her way, panting happily as she rushed to her owner's side, ready to venture out into the forest for some hunting while Elarae would record the lovely surroundings in paint.

“Let's go!” Fully dressed and equipped with all of the necessary tools of the trade, she exited her house with a quick jog and crossing her way into the forest, with her wolf at her side holding the pace. Together with her canine companion they explored the woods with high energy, dew still dotting the leaves, trudging atop the leaves flattened by travelers before them. They ultimately stumbled upon a clearing open enough for Elarae to prepare her easel, with a lovely view of a forest brook coupled with beams of light that peaked in through breaks in the foliage.

“How about we settle down here?” she cheerfully asked her canine companion. Lucid stood still, his ears twitching from the sound of breaking twigs too quiet for Elarae to hear, before bounding off in the direction of the crackling noise. “Where are you going?” She asked, yet by time the words could escape her mouth Lucid had gone, searching for whatever small mammal or bird had displaced those twigs.

“I guess I'll be doing this on my own,” she laughed, completely used to this sort of behavior from her companion. She began leaning her easel against a nearby tree so that she wouldn't need to hold it while she rummaged through her bag to prepare her supplies. While she was unpacking her tools the easel slid down the tree slightly as the legs ran across the slick, wet grass. The stand knocked aside a smaller rock, which supported a precarious pyramid pile. The rocks all rolled aside, revealing under them a patch of dirt with a pattern etched into it, a dispelling seal which had been hidden and deactivated by a group of travelers not so long ago. For such a small seal it had powerful nullifying capabilities, able to render any spell useless, including the one Elarae used to hide the weight she accumulated through her ceaseless stuffing.

“All right, I have all of the colors I need! Excellent!” She sat down her bag of supplies gleefully as she walked over to pick up and relocate her easel, too caught up in the art she was moments away from making to notice how her clothes were more constricting and clingy on her skin. Within seconds the sleeves of her purple jacket pinched lightly into her flabby arms while the front of the fabric of her dress began to hug her growing stomach, the end of the flowing garment creeping up from its low-lying position near her ankles to her shins. Her body continued swelling outward in every direction as she looked around for a place to set up her easel. Elarae was a cheerful young lady who could wrap herself up single-mindedly in an activity, and normally she wouldn't notice such a gain from a meal until well after, so it was not too far off for her to not understand that she was quickly closing in on 200 pounds. She was never one to notice, for example, extra bouncy and deep cleavage or display or that increasing amounts of blubbery thighs were being displayed each passing second, barely even noticing that her pacing around the forest was becoming more and more cumbersome as her usual perky step began to transform into an awkward waddle.

“Here, this place is perfect! It’s right across from the stream where I need it!” She wedged the tripod legs of the canvas into the dirt and surveyed the water one last time before drawing it, when the canvas quietly fell down backwards, landing in the grass quietly. “Huh?” Her growing belly, now pushing out far and beginning to hang down in her lap, had knocked down the easel in its journey to hang down to the ground, and it wasn't stopping there. Elarae gasped, quickly muttering the usual incantation to halt and reverse her body's growth as her hips grew ever wider and her skirt was now riding high up her thunder thighs, ready to slide right up her plump rump in a couple more pounds.

“It's not working, it's not working!” she panicked as every calorie and pound accumulated over the years surged onto her body as she blimped outwards in an explosion of tan flesh. Her belly bulged straight outwards while hanging down in front of her, weighing down upon her legs while at the same time giving her breasts a place to rest. As each became more and more heavy such a luxury for her mammoth mammaries was necessary. A quick sudden expansion in her rear caused her skirt to zip all the way up, the poor young woman's panties having difficulty covering the growing cheeks, which over the course of the gain had slipped out from their confines and now bulged out free and exposed.

“I really hope these forests are as empty as I think they are,” she lamented, wobbling around clumsily as she approached unfamiliar levels of roundness with her belly hanging far from the front of her dress. She held out her chunky arms straight to give herself balance, attempting to turn herself around so she could return home and find some way to regain her normal size. She led with one food in front of the other, wobbling and bouncing around with all of the grace of a hippo as her growing body continued to reduce her dress to simply comical proportions.

Artist's Note: I love this character! :D
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Commission for :iconfrozen-water:

Part 1: [link]

Snow Balling Out of Control - part 2

“No no no no no no!” she huffed as she clumsily turned around to retrace her steps, her entirety quivering as her hips rocked more with each additional pound, the poor girl closer to toppling with each second. Her panicked ponderous movements continued to cause her body to wobble like a chilled water balloon as she feebly attempted any sort of locomotion. The further the poor druid went forward, it seemed the larger her body would expand, her ponderous waddle even starting to show signs of being nothing more than a pathetic shuffle. Each foot she planted into the snowy wonderland was harder to lift back up, as she could feel her legs, thighs, and everything below and above the waist for that matter becoming stuffier. Each time she lifted a leg it jiggled a little more than the last time she did.

“Why is this happening now?” she moaned as her body became increasingly larger and more cumbersome, causing her to teeter backwards as the weight of her immense backside began to cause her to rock back and forth, but at this particular moment, mostly back. “Why am I getting so enormous this time?!” she almost cried as she wobbled a few inches forward before the force of gravity enacted its foul cruelty upon the growing snowball of a girl. She groaned loudly as her enormous butt seemed to take control, the girl tipping over like a fallen tree as she fell onto her rear with a loud slap. A cloud of snowflakes blew off her soft pudgy skin and scattered around her upon impact, and she could feel the softly packed white powder under her become even more packed.

The wave wobbling through all of her flab caused her legs to bounce upwards and land back on the ground, her feet suspended helplessly and useless on the heavy rolls of her legs. She now sat on her bottom, stuck by her own mammoth size, forced to take in just how immense she was becoming, and how much her gluttonous comfort benging actually was taking a toll on her body.

As she sat among the frost covered trees and grey sky, she whimpered a bit, thinking of what her husband would say if he saw her in her current state. ‘I don’t even know if he could even pick me up anymore…’ she thought sadly, an over exaggeration stated out of embarrassment, as her husband still currently holds the record for the longest hammer throw of a fully grown Dragon. She felt her swollen love handles and expanding stomach, thinking about her husband’s reaction over and over again in her head.

She rocked forward with all her might, causing several flakes of snow to fall from her chubby shoulders spilling down her ever-growing cleavage, to try and right herself to the massive tree trunk legs of hers. But no matter how hard she tried, she was just getting too big to be able to get more than enough movement to simple cause her blobbulant belly to jiggle violently. As she tried this, her body continued to grow at an even more rapid pace, her enormous rear end lifting her higher and higher up off the ground, shoveling up snow around her cheeks with each inch it grew. In her current sitting state, she was already taller than she was when standing at her much thinner size. She flailed her arms slowly as their weight was becoming a definite burden and hindrance. Her feet flailed up and down in panic as if she were trying to run, her large fat filled legs jiggling around to the point where she could actually feel the cold air they were whipping up.

In her struggle, her dress continued to rip and tear as her expanding flesh strained the fabric. It kept creeping up her body as her belly grew bigger and bigger, until it was simply reduced to a scandalous bra type top, barely managing to cover the massive udders that her breasts had swollen into. Her feet continued wriggling around as the flesh spilled out from the tops of her boots, as their leathery fabric finally burst wide open, as her feet even began to grow fat enough to fill the entirety of the boot. Her belly continued to grow and sprawl across the ground while her arms had grown so chunky she could no longer reach the top of her enormous breasts. With a little straining she could possibly rest her hands on the sides of her chest, but with such pathetic she found that her hands got farther and farther away from their goal. Wiggling her feet achieved no locomotion what so ever, but only sent ripples through her thighs, each of which kicked up another storm of snow between her legs. The only mobility the immense woman could muster at this point of her growth was to wiggle her meaty toes, and flex her sausage-like fingers. To any passerby they might have mistaken the white haired pale woman for the world’s largest snowman that some skilled artist had sculpted.

The pounds slowly began to cease piling up on Elarae, as she sat there utterly helpless and confused, trying to channel any magic she could to try and slim down to even a semblance of a more manageable size. However, this proved to be utterly useless as the stone pile she had unintentionally knocked over was still sapping all magical power from the area. Even if this pyramid could have been repaired, it would be impossible to reach it, as it currently is stuck underneath the blubbery snowball’s expansive rear, along with a good portion of the forest around her.

“Lucid?” she called out for her pet, straining her eyes to look around for the giant wolf, unfortunately unable to see anything as her fat cheeks had forced her eyes to squint. Even if she could see well enough, her field of vision would have been unable to see anything past her own, utterly gigantic form. She continued calling out for him, hoping he had finished his hunt long enough to hear her pleas for assistance. “Are you there? I could use a little help!” She panted heavily as even talking was becoming difficult with the layers of fat piled up upon her body. Each pant sent up a cloud in the frozen air around her, a testament to her sheer strength of will, for if she weren’t so hardy from her days adventuring the world, even breathing would be quite difficult at her current size.

She attempted to flail one more time, causing the ocean of her belly to wobble violently around, so much so that if it had been any more uncontrollable she might have rolled onto her side and been sent down the mountain like a human snowball. After a minute or so, her body calmed down its rippling from the force of her cry for help. Shortly after, a demanding rumble erupted from her mountainous belly, as if to add insult to injury. The rumbling was so strong, she could have sworn she saw a large collection of snow stuck up in a tree fall out as a result. Elarae pouted at her body’s protest, and tried to ignore it as she tried calling for help again. Her stomach growled again to try and drown out her cries for help. She sat there immense and embarrassed, caught her breath once again, and shouted, looking rather embarrassed, “Lucid, please help!” she cried out, then sighed, “And bring some sandwiches!”
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An overdue and over stuffed picture for my friend :iconkawaiidebu:

This is his Gutz n' Glory character Famish.
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Meet Tippy. She is one of Cerrah's friends. This cow of a girl, used to be stick thin until she got with her first girlfriend. She hasn't been the same since, but has also felt very good about herself. She has had to fight the urge to let go completely, seeing how fat the women of the Bed Bending world can become.

She is a nerd, but loves the outdoors. She is very active despite her bulk, and most are surprised at how much energy she has. In fact, she tends to have more energy left at the end of the day than her slimmer friends. She, like Cerrah are working under the same teacher in order to try and find out the truth to a phenomena that is happening around the world.

Sexy art trade of Tippy! done by :iconshoji-ikari:

Dr. Maggie Kim
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Collection by
Now, I don't play Resident Evil, so I had no idea who this girl was and I hate drawing already humanized characters because essentially all I'm doing is adding a butt or boobs, but I had a little contest on my three PPGHigh pics last week I think and this was the request of the winner. A man of my word, I drew this for him, though I can't remember who it was. Well, you'll likely be commenting so you're welcome!
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My interpretation of a 'heavenly creature'. Done for day 23 of Drawtober over at %autodesk-sketchbook.

Probably my most detailed colouring job on SBP so far. I decided to take some time this weekend to really add a level of finish to this that I've rarely had time to apply to my other entries. Hope y'all like. ;)

SBP on Cintiq 12wx.
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Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes)
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes)
A Long overdue pinup for :icontisinrei:

Been wanted to sneak an arcade cabinet into one of my pinups for a while now.
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Collection by
Mature Content Filter is On. The Artist has chosen to restrict viewing to deviants 18 and older.
(Contains: nudity and strong language)
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
Mature Content Filter is On. The Artist has chosen to restrict viewing to deviants 18 and older.
(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
Mature Content Filter is On. The Artist has chosen to restrict viewing to deviants 18 and older.
(Contains: nudity)
Collection by

    "Ladies and Gentlemen! Children of all ages! (Even though you are only allowed to be here if you're eighteen or older.) Sponsored by the New International People's Panel of Lactation Enthusiasts, I am glad to present to you…the first annual Breast Vore Olympian Duel!"
    The crowd roared in delight, plus impatience since the event was supposed to start an hour ago. But with contestants like these, people were willing to sit in their seats and wait. That is, except for one loud drunkard, who had gone up to a female security detail and was escorted somewhere. No one had seen that guy since…
    "Before we introduce our two contestants, let me state a couple rules the audience has to follow. First off, no nudity is allowed from the spectators themselves. Second, no consuming other spectators, no matter what. And third, do not enter the arena unless directed. Don't worry, some of you will be directed.
    "And now, let's introduce our contestants. Entering from the blue corner, she has roamed the galaxy, killing any monsters or pirates or aliens that would net her a paycheck for doing so. She may have the tough, dutiful attitude of a man, but she is in fact a voluptuous woman and has used that fact to her advantage, picking up some tricks that not all women know how to do. SAMUS ARAN!!!"
    As if on cue (scratch that, it was on cue) a woman clad in a two-piece jumpsuit with a large midriff. It covered her neck, her breasts, the part of her back behind her chest, her waist, and her butt, but it didn't cover anything else. Plus, it was very tight to her curves. Pretty much what everyone wanted to see her wearing, at least when she was wearing anything. That'd be determined in a few minutes or so.
    "And her opponent, entering from the red corner, she does anything for a price, especially when gems are involved. But there are certain people and jobs that she'll just drop everything and fly right over for. And that includes whatever's still covering her gorgeous body. ROUGE THE BAT!!!"
    Opposite of Samus, a winged figure walked in. She was dressed in her usual combination of tights that highlighted her butt and tail, boots with a heart shape on the toes, and a bustier made of a sturdy enough material to contain her breasts but still show off an incredible amount of cleavage.
    The two competitors greeted each other the way all women of their particular forte should greet one another: bust to bust. Not too much pressure was exerted between one bosom and the other, but there was just enough to create a sensation that almost linked the two together. It was a symbol of feminine camaraderie…as well as sexual pleasure. Go figure.
    "Before we start the contest, we must make sure that these two have an even starting point. You in the audience know what that means, don't you?" There was a roar from the crowd. "Ladies? Remove…your…tops!"
    On the count of three, Samus and Rouge both removed their tops, letting their breasts bounce out and expand to their actual size from their binding. Though they had looked even before, at around a D-cup size, they certainly weren't. That is, they were neither D-cup nor evenly sized. Rouge's breasts were at the usual G-cup size she liked to keep them at, but Samus' were at a whopping M-cup size. (And for good reason, she had spent some time practicing for this contest beforehand.) They were almost identical otherwise, save for skin color and little details here or there. (Samus was softer and bouncier, Rouge was perkier and firmer. Minor differences.)
    "As you can see, these two are not at a remotely even starting point." Two female referees came out and gave each contender a glass of what looked and tasted like pineapple juice, but it was actually a serum. Both Rouge and Samus had a displeased expression before they drank it, but they looked at each other and shrugged.
    They gulped down the drink together, and after a few seconds their breasts began to shrink down. They kept their form and shape, but now they were both sized equally. It was almost saddening to see both these proud women reduced to a mere C-cup, but both they and the crowd knew that they'd be growing out of that size within a few seconds.
    "All right, for your first test, your job will be to take care of...these!" A platform began to raise from a panel in the ground, revealing two pair of large office-size water bottles. They were uncovered and empty, perhaps for a reason, and had good grips for people who want to move them around. Samus and Rouge advanced towards their bottles, and massaged their breasts in preparation. They gave each other a sexy smirk, and gave the thumbs up signal that they were ready. "You two have sixty seconds to take care of these bottles. The contest will end if one of you is finished, or the time limit is met. On your mark...get set...GO!!!"
The two huntresses did not hesitate. Within a second, their nipples on top of the covers and closing around them to serve as caps. The crowd went wild as they started swallowing the funnel-end. Rouge was going a little faster than Samus, but Samus had a little bonus for the crowd inadvertently catch their attention. In her bottles, some white fluid was forming and dripping into the bottle as she was consuming it. "It looks like Samus' breasts have displayed some milk action! If she's ever hired to nurse a child the size of a truck, she's definitely got some practice filling the bottles!" The crowd went wild again, and Samus lost her focus for a second. By the time she put the bottles all the way inside her breasts and closed her nipples, Rouge had already done so AND digested the plastic containers into milk and fat. They barely grew whatsoever since the bottles were empty, but they were at a D-cup size again. And to think that only thirty-eight seconds have past.
    "And the winner is...Rouge!" Rouge bowed, her breasts bouncing on the way up. Some time was given for Samus to catch up before the next round started. Rouge stuck her tongue out, and Samus put on a fiercer game face.
    "And now for the second round! Let's see you handle...these!" As before, their next item appeared from a panel in the ground. This time, it was a pile of treasure like one would find in a treasure fact it was inside a treasure chest. A rather large one, at that. The two chests were equal, and their contents were displayed on a label on the lid. "You must first put all the contents into your bosoms before you take care of the chest. You may choose the contents as you will and use any sorting method you please."
Samus was ready to do this and formulated a plan, but Rouge's eyes lusted for the treasure. Unlike Samus, Rouge had an obsession with valuables themselves rather than the value they were worth. Still, she snapped out of it before the contest started. "You have two minutes to take care of the treasure, then the chest, then digest the bunch. Whoever is farther along after two minutes will win! On your mark...get set...GO!!!"
Samus immediately stuck her breasts into the chest, stirring them around and letting all the coins just fall into her nipples when she did. Her breasts started to fill up, grow larger, and make the task more difficult, but she stuck at it until all the small stuff was gone. Rouge, on the other hand, was stuffing handful after handful of whatever stuff came her way into her breasts, taking care of the coins much more slowly but the medium-sized objects more quickly.
    A minute passed and the two were about even. Samus had gone through the statuettes and was moving onto the larger jewelry piece by piece. Rouge had finished some of the jewelry and all but a handful of the coins and statuettes, when she saw the largest gem in there...and her focus was thrown out the window. Her eyes practically had mini-gems on them, she was that entranced by it.
    "Whoa! It looks like this treasure was either too much for the bat to handle, or it's just too beautiful for her to get rid of!" Samus saw this as her chance to take the lead. She immediately picked up the near-empty chest with one hand and held her nipple open with the other.  Since her breasts had been storing plenty of things in them already, it wasn't too difficult to finish the contents off. Moving onto the chest, though, might prove a challenge.
    By the time Rouge finally came back to her senses, Samus had the entirety of the chest inside her right breast. Rouge barely fit the large gem in her nipple when Samus' breasts finished turning all that expensive treasure into more breast for the audience to enjoy. At a whopping W-cup, what more could breast fans ask for? Though it did make her wonder who or what could possibly to afford so much money being turned into breast flesh, and STILL give whoever wins a significant cashier's check for a prize. One look at her gigantic breasts (plus a peek at Rouge's catching up after the finishing buzzer) made her forget all that, she was just too busty and sexy.
    "And the winner is...Samus!" The crowd roared more loudly than they had for Rouge...mainly because Samus was flaunting her breasts with a perfect jiggle while Rouge was still finishing with digestion. "And what a victory at that! Keep your eyes on the right prize, or at least your own breasts, or you'll fall behind!" Rouge scowled at this, but Samus just laughed. The score was tied now, even. And now that their breasts were also even, it was time to move onto the final round...the true test of skill.
    "For your final round, your breasts will not be consuming mere items! Instead...get ready for this, breast fans and vore fans everywhere...we're going to have these two very busty girls put people inside their assets!"
It took a long time (plus some armed officials) to calm the crowd down after this. Even the two contestants were giddy and pumped up, or at least their bouncing breasts made it seem that way. One could never tell if their cheering was genuine or if they were just playing the crowd with their massive mammaries.
   Two guards each brought in what people could only assume were twin female convicts. Privately, the guards told Rouge and Samus that the twins had been sentenced to the death penalty, and the people running the tournament had paid a great deal to procure them. True to form, the two didn't care. They just wanted to put the two restrained women into their breasts, and see who's got the better bust.
    "The rules for this competition are best kept private, and have been explained to the competitors by our staff. But as for what you need to know, ladies and gentlemen, is that this competition has an extra piece to it. All that milk these two lovely ladies have been storing up will begin to fill these two pools." On cue, the ground revealed a large rectangular pit with measuring marks, split down the middle. "The way to win this round is by filling the pool all the way first. If you can't fill it all the way, then the other person has a chance to fill it higher. On your mark...get set...go!!!"
    Before the two convicts even woke up all the way (did you really think this competition would leave two dangerous criminals both alive and able to resist?) the two contestants were all over them. Rouge put her convict in the left nipple, Samus put hers in the right. Both women looked like they were in a state of ecstasy while doing this, and for good reason. The second the criminals' heads went inside, they began to struggle.
    The best part of putting an unwilling victim into one's breasts was definitely the struggling...then again there were so many "best parts" to choose from. Samus hadn't worked with a struggling victim in a long time, but Rouge evidently had. While Samus was squirming almost as much as her victim was, Rouge knew she had to deal with it quickly. Rouge had the convict's hips in her nipple, while Samus was still wrapping around the other convict's breasts.
    Eventually Samus got her bearings and put the convict in more quickly, struggles or not. But by that time, Rouge was hurrying to start digesting, the body inside visibly kicking and leaving temporary imprints on Rouge's breasts, driving the crowd even more nuts than they were before. (Was that still even possible?) To seal her victory, Rouge digested her convict as quickly as she could manage, but in her rush she didn't focus of how much of the body became milk, and how much became fat.
    This eventually became her biggest mistake in this competition. When Rouge finished digesting the convict, she squeezed her breasts for an arc of milk to gush out of her nipples. Problem was, even though the amount of milk that came out was far greater than one would visibly guess was possibly in there, (not to mention her breasts not even shrinking one bit from their size at about a yoga ball each,) it didn't fill the large tank all the way. "It looks like Rouge has already run dry, the tank isn't full so the game still could go to either side!" This meant that Samus, who was taking her time and hadn't even started digesting, could steal the win from the buxom bat.
    Seeing her opportunity to win, Samus closed her nipples and concentrated on turning the body inside into milk. It was still difficult, considering that the criminal was resilient to the end, but after a few minutes she managed. (Thank goodness there was no time limit on this one.) All Rouge could do was sit and watch while Samus, face extremely tight to contain her pleasure, began churning her breasts and turning all of the criminal into sweet, creamy, white, delicious milk.
    "It seems Samus is ready to fill her own tank! Let's see how far she fills it!" With that, Samus let an arc of milk flow out of her breasts like no tomorrow, filling her tank to the brim in mere seconds. But that's not where it stopped, far from it. She then filled the rest of Rouge's tank to the top, overflowing it, and only then did her breasts begin to shrink from yoga-ball shape to something slightly smaller, and the milk flow was halted for the time being. However, the sloshing sounds her breasts made indicated that she still had some left in storage and was willing to share.
    "That's it! Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages who are even here, the winner of the first annual Breast Vore Olympian Duel is...SAMUS ARAN!!!" The crowd's reaction to seeing Samus win was absolutely spectacular. Some fans were falling out of their seats, some were practically flying in the air above them, and a few even jumped out of their seats to rush towards Samus before being dragged off by security. "Okay, everyone. Calm down. As the winner of the competition, Samus will receive a cash prize. That will be taken care of separately, we do not want to disclose exactly how much money she's getting until we give it to her. But we are giving her an additional prize..."
The crowd went silent in anticipation. What could this prize possibly be? Samus had a feeling she knew what it was, as did Rouge, but there was no way to tell. "The special prize for you, Rouge! If you would like to, you can make Rouge a part of your wondrous breasts!" The crowd went wild again, and a smirk appeared on Samus' face. It seemed like a wonderful idea, and the result would be...she couldn't even imagine how wonderful the result would be. On the other hand, maybe it'd be better to keep her around as a playmate and partner.
    Between the roaring cheers from the crowd, the peppy voice of the announcer, and the approach of the woman who beat her at her own game, Rouge resigned to Samus' decision with open arms, her breasts bouncing out to meet Samus'. They touched, and Samus knew what she wanted to do...

I've considered this one in my head for a looooooong time. Samus and Rouge have been, in my mind, the two mainstream videogame characters with the greatest potential for breast vore of any kind. So I figured, why not put them in that kind of contest? They're both bounty huntresses, so they'd both do it for the prize money. And maybe a special surprise will go the loser as well...

Rouge the Bat belongs to SEGA
Samus Aran belongs to Nintendo

Contains: breast vore (nipple), digestion, f/f, lactation, breast expansion
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    ChiChi was a noblewoman. By definition, that meant she was the bustiest woman in her home town. This was indeed true, and it led hear to wear a smile in addition to the cleavage-revealing kimonos that showed of her wonderful, perfect I-cups. Each was bigger than her head, and of all the noblewomen she was definitely one of the more prominent due to her outgoing nature in getting her chest worshipped by the local men and causing humiliation amongst all flat-chested women within her sight. It was a daily routine she wouldn't have any other way.
    She never bothered wondering why her breasts were so big, she just accepted it. Or so she let the public fact there was a very important reason why they were large. But due to the nature of said reason, she kept it a secret only to herself and the Manyuu Clan. (One does not keep secrets about breast size from the Manyuu Clan, it simply can't be done.)
    When the Clan found out what it was, they bitterly told ChiChi to go about her business as a noblewoman, only because her breasts were large and she kept them in good condition. Otherwise, she would have had her chest shrunken down and been cursed to live a life on the streets, pushed aside much like she pushes flat-chested commoners and their families aside regularly. They said the method of enlarging her breasts were far too dark, even for the Clan, and that if she ever used it again.
    This fact, embedded in her mind as she haughtily went about tormenting the flat chested commoners, made the message she got from the Manyuu Clan extremely surprising. It read as follows:
    "To the esteemed noblewoman ChiChi...
    "We are in need of your assistance and services in a matter of the most utter of importances. Please drop whatever matters you are currently tasked with or resolve them as soon as possible should dropping them not be ideal. Once you are able, head to the Manyuu temple at the top of the East Dome Hill. An escort will lead you to where you are required to be.
    "Sincerely, Manyuu Kagefusa, secondary heir to Clan leadership.
    "In addition, for the duration of your stay, the ban on your breast-enlarging method will be lifted."
When ChiChi read this, she was eager since her ban was lifted but concerned as well about whatever could have possibly forced someone disgusted with her to summon her for assistance. She put on her flowered magenta kimono, the one that revealed everything from her cleavage to where her areolas would be, and ordered two of her male servants to take her to the Twin Dome Hills. (Her female servants were relatively flat, and even though they were servants of an extremely busty woman they were not worthy of being in the presence of the Manyuu Clan.)
    While packing her many things, ChiChi did something she hadn't done often: thinking about those less busty than her. Manyuu Kagefusa, for example, was recently disgraced somehow, having her breasts reduced to a size rather pathetic. (She kept it private that she was padding her breasts to make them look as large as they were.) So why would someone like her even be able to send a letter on behalf of the Manyuu Clan? It was a disgrace! She boarded immediately, hurrying her servants and even knocking them down with her breasts so they'd get a move on.
    A day or so later, she arrived by wagon at the East Dome Hill. The Twin Dome Hills....the Manyuu made a secondary base here due to the land naturally looking like a pair of large breasts, and it definitely did. On the top of each mountain, there were even nests large enough to qualify as the mountains' "nipples". To ChiChi, they only lacked geysers at the top, that would make them perfect. But that did not quite matter, as close to the exact top as manageable there was the temple the letter spoke of. Decadent, beautiful, but sturdy most of all.
    True to form, there was an escort waiting outside the temple. It was Kagefusa herself, not even using pads over her absent chest. ChiChi commanded her servants to take her wagon cart to a safe place so they would not see her walking among a disgraced Clan member remotely like an equal.
    When the servants were out of sight, ChiChi demanded to know why the Clan had summoned her, the nature of the lifted ban, and everything else that had been going on to lead to this event. Kagefusa turned away and said that all would be explained inside the Clan's special chamber. Her expression didn't even waver, despite being in the presences of ChiChi's glorious bosom...she had either lost her mind, or encountered a situation dire enough for her not to care.
    The tension only built on the way to the Clan's chamber, as it was deep underground. There were torches and lanterns set up along the way for them to see, and luckily it didn't drain the oxygen from the area. It was lucky for Kagefusa that the path was made of ramps and verticle declines rather than steps, otherwise she would take quite a beating from ChiChi's breasts right behind her.
    Kagefusa stopped after a while, once the incline had stayed level for a while and there was no way for anyone to visually gauge the size of the room. (The lanterns had stopped appearing yards ago.) ChiChi noticed this a bit late, nearly knocking Kagefusa over with her bust, but noticed it nonetheless. As the smaller woman got up, a voice was heard.
    "Noblewoman ChiChi...welcome to the emergency council chamber of the Manyuu Clan."
    At once, many torches and lanterns were lit to reveal a large, tall, and circular chamber. Aside from the central circle, where ChiChi was standing, with three leveled rings of areas for people to sit in. At the ground level were the guards and those of similar importance, behind them there were many servants be they willing or not, and at the top level there were the council members themselves.
    The council itself consisted of nine individuals, all connected by blood to the Manyuu Clan by direct ancestry or marriage. There were five men, all with beards of moderate length and looking very old and wise whether or not they really were...though questioning them would be unwise. The other four were women all with busts whom rivaled ChiChi's in size...but in other aspects some were inferior. This made ChiChi proud...or at least would have if this didn't freak her out of her wits.
    "I demand to know why I have been brought h--" ChiChi started saying before a harsh yell interrupted her.
    "SILENCE! Noblewoman ChiChi, you have been summoned, do not make us regret this." The man who said this stood up, short and broad but not pudgy. He could have very well been the olderst and youngest council member at the same time. "You are here because we have need of your assistance in delivering justice to one of the most dire threats to our society and all it stands for."
    ChiChi could definitely agree that dealing with a threat to their perfect society was important, but why her? "What is this...threat exactly?"
    Kagefusa snapped her fingers and a couple servants brought in a figure covered in a potato sack from head to toe, likely tied in restraints underneath it. The figure was obviously female, due to the breasts sticking out in the front as a dead giveaway. Rather large breasts at that...who would dare betray society with a bust like that?
    The answer became evident as the potato sack was lifted, revealing the criminal at hand. ChiChi's doubts evaporated into nothing and she let the councilman take it from there. The woman in question was young, wearing a red mercenary's outfit revealing a fair amount of cleavage and hugging to her figure. Her hair was gathered in a ponytail and her body was restrained in as many places as possible.
    "Manyuu Chifusa, traitor to the Manyuu Clan, you have disrupted the well-being of many different women with large breasts, breasts which they no longer have thanks to your use of the forbidden technique Chichi-Nagare." Come to think of it, ChiChi had met this Chifusa in person once, defending a brat who dared to insult her perfect breasts. Chifusa had made a mockery out of her, and if she was this criminal she would bring to justice it wouldn't be too bad. "Before we announce and hence perform your punishment, do you have any last words?"
    Chifusa, bruised and bound that she was, clamored to her feet and began at a low tone, getting louder and angrier as she progressed. "I do..." She looked the councilman in the eye...and many eyes traveled to the trapped girl's chest. "...Why are breasts so important? What makes a bustier woman more important than a flatter one? Communal wars have been fought over them, and for what purpose!?
    "The ability to rule and all that has nothing to due with the size of any part of the body! Not even the size of the brain is that important, so long as they have the ability to lead!
    "Your society is flawed, and I am ashamed to be a part of it!"
    Silence filled the room after she completed her statement. ChiChi wondered why this little twit would have such audacity to say that. It went without saying why, didn't it?
    Breasts are a sign of things that are right in the world. Breasts stand out on a woman to make her noticed and respected. Breasts require care much like a leader requires a following, and in return both a woman's breasts and a good leader will nurture those who need it the most. Breasts please, breasts comfort, breasts are there for when people need them. Having breasts means one is able to comfort, nurture, appease, satisfy, and care for the breasts so that they may do the same for others. And the larger the breasts are, the more of this blessing can be given and received.
    Chifusa's crime had been depriving many women of the ability to do exactly that with their own breasts, as the only shame a woman has that is greater than being cursed with a flat chest is having a full one unjustly taken from her. And she had done exactly that to many.
    The councilman stood taller, addressing the entire room. ChiChi stood at attention, starting to get a grasp on what she was there to do.
    "We have all witnessed the defiance of Manyuu Chifusa, and her last words. So has she stated she is shamed of being part of us, so shall her punishment be in kind! Noblewoman ChiChi, step forward!"
    ChiChi finally realized the true meaning of the gathering, and what she had been summoned to do. She smiled, a very wide grin sitting sinisterly on her face, and stood between Chifusa and the councilman, facing the latter.
    "Manyuu Chifusa, this council has declared you guilty of treason and many other crimes. The treason would be enough to sentence you to execution, but we are adressing the other crimes as well. You performed ChiChi-Nagare (Breast Flow) on many large-breasted women. As a result, I am divulging the secret of another woman's forbidden technique, one we are only allowing to be performed right here, right now."
    ChiChi turned to face Chifusa, her breasts standing high on her chest and bouncing with every step. She looked down at the convict much like a serpent would look down at an egg that fell from a nest. The assembly focused their attention towards the two, especially the breasts the larger woman, as the councilman said the last words Chifusa would ever hear from the Clan.
    "Noblewoman ChiChi, perform the ChiChi-Kyuuin (Breast Absorption) at once!"
    ChiChi took off her kimono slowly, revealing the full extent of her bosom in its unconcealed glory. They were larger than any other pair ever revealed to the public, save one of the councilwomen. However, that was soon to change...
    ChiChi showed off her bust a bit, bouncing each breast individually for a few seconds to get the audience's attention and excitement to swell. Though everyone was staying silent as per the preference of the council, she could visibly see their anticipation on their faces. Even the women in the room, ladies and maidservants alike, set aside any jealously they might have for her size out of pure curiosity. When she felt the crowd was ready to witness the technique, she began.
    Performing ChiChi-Kyuuin starts with focusing one's breathing and the energy in one's bosom. ChiChi kept her breathing steady, and kept the energy flowing inward, as if her breasts were a sponge. Once this breathing pattern could be maintained, she stepped closer to Chifusa and reached her hands out behind the smaller woman's head. Chifusa's restraints kept her from escaping the grip as ChiChi brought the head to her bosom, placing it right at her cleavage.
    Chifusa had felt discomfort with this kind of thing before, what with her resistance to the breast-centered society and all. But this time seemed different. Instead of being smothered in discomfort, she felt as if she was...attracted to them? Not in the psychological sense, that was definitely not the case, but...she was physically stuck to them! She couldn't even jerk her head backwards, even after ChiChi had let go! Out of reflex, she began to struggle.
    ChiChi pressed Chifusa farther into her cleavage as she began to struggle. For some reason, it felt very enjoyable when she did so. However, she could see she no longer had the time to enjoy this. Business would have to come before pleasure. She once again pressed Chifusa's head into her cleavage, fitting the entirety of it in between...and at once the true power of the ChiChi-Kyuuin began.
    Chifusa's mass began to melt off of her head and onto the skin of ChiChi's breasts. It did not hurt, but Chifusa could feel herself fading away as her head practically transformed into flesh...ChiChi's flesh. Immediately, her neck and shoulders followed. From the outside, ChiChi could see Chifusa's body leaning into her own, clothing and all, and slowly falling forward into her cleavage.
    Somehow, despite not having a head anymore, Chifusa could still feel what was happening to her. Her legs, tied together, kicked back as hard as they could manage on the ground, knocking ChiChi back an inch, making her flinch. Unfortunately for Chifusa, this also managed to force her body deeper into ChiChi's cleavage, getting more of her absorbed at once the next instance. ChiChi would have rather done this herself, but she certainly didn't mind anymore.
    As Chifusa's waist and rear entered ChiChi's bosom, the council members began chanting something in a long-forgotten language quietly and in unison. ChiChi payed it no mind and began wrapping up the technique. Chifusa's essence, the only part of her that could still feel what was going on, faded into nothingness as her ankles entered the consuming bosom, and with the feet entering and being absorbed there was nothing more of her left.
    The chant in the background grew as ChiChi looked at her breasts. They were perfect before, but now they were somehow even more perfect. Their size and shape was slightly larger and rounder than before. Their firmness and bounce was more suited for their size proportionately than they had ever been. And what's more, she was feeling...something new. A sensation that she had never felt before in her breasts, yet at the same time was all to familiar in a...maternal way.
    The feeling only became stronger as the chanting of the council continued. She felt pressure, pressure like she had never felt before, focused in her breasts and aiming to escape. Her breasts even began to pulsate a bit, and she leaned her head back in pleasure with a slight moan escaping her lips. At once a male servant ran out from the crowd holding two ancient chalices with the shield of the Manyuu Clan on them, and held one in front of each breast.
    The chanting reached its peak, and so did the pressure. Then, all at once, it was released.
    The next thing ChiChi knew, the servant was on his knees, holding the chalices out for ChiChi to take from him. They were filled to the brim with a creamy white liquid. ChiChi could only guess that the liquid was milk, milk that she had produced from her own breasts. Even when she had performed ChiChi-Kyuuin in the past, this had never happened. But it was all the better for her.
    ChiChi took the chalices from the servant, and raised them towards the air. Her breasts bounced with the motion of her arms, a few drops of milk leaking from her nipples as they bounced. The entire assembly rose, councilmembers and servants alike. Even the bustiest among them stood up to respect the woman in the center of the chamber.
    She kept her posture, smiled, and made her proclamation.
    "Justice has been served. Long live the Manyuu Clan!"

A request by :iconsup182: concerning characters from the anime Manyuu Hikenchou. This is a darker ending, and an earlier one at that. This is supposed to take place when Chifusa's breasts were at their biggest, and their size at that time was not exactly clarified. The main difference is that Chifusa has been captured, and the one giving her the punishment she deserves is ChiChi-sama...

Contains: Breast vore (cleavage/absorption), lactation, breast expansion, f/f

I do not own Manyuu Hikenchou or its characters.

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Mature Content Filter is On. The Artist has chosen to restrict viewing to deviants 18 and older.
(Contains: sexual themes and ideologically sensitive material)

Everyone has a talent. Some people are really good at math, or science. Some people can stretch and position their bodies into all kinds of weird ways. Me? I can play video games for ten hours without needing to get up. But this isn't about me. This is about a special lady in my life and her special talent.

Her name is Abigail Byrnes. Of course on the internet she usually goes by the name "Gluttonous Gabby." She never was all that good at names, honestly. Of course it doesn't really matter. When you're doing niche fetish webcam shows, people tend to not care about that sort of thing.

Anyway, her talent is what sets her apart from most other women who do what she does. Her doctor called it "Gastrointestinal Ophidianism" or something long and complicated like that. Basically, she can swallow large objects whole with no stress to her body. Her fans eat it right up of course. (I can't believe I just wrote that...) She makes quite a bit through commissions as well. She made about five grand in one night just by swallowing an entire watermelon. Add that to our day jobs, and we live quite well.

Now then, I'm not really into the whole food stuffing fetish myself, although I have to admit she wears the belly quite well. It's almost too bad she has the metabolism she does. Apparently it's some side effect of her condition. She can eat a lot, but her body can process a lot as well. She ate two entire cooked turkeys one night, and she was back to normal by the weekend. Of course considering how active she is, I guess it's only fair. Jogging, biking, and she even plays tennis on the weekend. I do my best to keep up, but I've never been all that athletic myself. I mean, what am I going to do? I'm an IT guy. I spend my entire day on my ass.

Now then... while I'm not into that particular fetish, I do have one that is much more niche. It's called voraphilia. If you don't know what that is, then I have no idea why you're reading this. But yeah, it's basically what she does, but instead of normal food it's, erm... well, people. I'm sure some of you are snickering over this, but it's a hard thing to admit to people who have never heard of it!

Hell, Abby didn't even know I was into it for the longest time. Even with her hobby, I just couldn't tell her. I mean, how could you go up to someone you love and be like "Hey, babe, just thought you'd like to know that I get off when pretty women eat other women." But yeah, you probably noticed how I said "didn't know" back there. Well, she found out eventually. She caught me in fact.

See, there's this club near where I live. Madame Rawe's. From the outside it's just a boxy black place downtown. Probably some kind of club or high class strip joint from the outside. Well, it's kind of both, but it caters specifically to voraphiles. Back before I met Abby, I was kind of a regular. Used to go catch a show once or twice a week. Once we started dating though, I mostly stopped out of fear of getting caught. So of course the first time I tried going since was when I got caught. She was out with some of her friends and caught me going in. Due to the nature of the shows, it's members only, so she waited to confront me when I got home.

For a girl who just caught her boyfriend going to a strip, well, technically burlesque, club (It's much classier than a strip joint) she took it really well. She was all set to give me the business over going to a strip club without her (god I love her), when I told her what it was for. She didn't yell, or anything like that. In fact she was intrigued. I took her with me the following week, and she's been going with me ever since. Think I may have converted her. And that's when it happened.

We arrived at Madam Rawe's rather early as usual, she likes to get a good table near the stage. She was turning heads as she headed for our usual table. She was a regular by now, but it was the start of a new season, so there were a handful of people who had never seen her before. Some guys might have been jealous over this, but I don't blame them. Abby is just drop-dead gorgeous. Fiery red hair, bright green eyes, tall (and I do mean tall, she's about half a foot taller than I am, and I'm like 5'10), with the most wonderful heart-shaped butt. She doesn't have that much up top due to being an athlete, but in my mind that just makes her more perfect. I never cared for large chests anyway. Always a great boost to the ego when someone comes up to me and says that I'm too much of a gangly dork and that Abby's out of my league.

Abby and I were sipping at our drinks as we watched what had to be the smallest girl we'd ever seen gulp down someone almost as tall as my girlfriend was. As the girl took her bow and we applauded, Abby leaned over to me and whispered, "Do you think I should try that on the show sometime?"

It took me a moment to register what she had just said, but when it did, I was just stunned. Had she just asked me what I thought she did? "Wait, what?" I asked.

"Do you think I should give that a shot? I mean, they're obviously enjoying it, and I bet it'd feel good to have something squirming around in there."

I was right. My girl just asked me if I thought she should eat other people. I couldn't even form the words. I just nodded at her, completely slack-jawed. She giggled at my response, leaning in on one of her hands and rubbing one of her feet against my leg. "Does my little man want to see me with a nice squirming belly? To swallow down an entire person like the food that they are?"

Apparently something had happened on stage judging by the cheers and applause, but something far more important was happening. "Uh... y-yeah." I stammered out, a bit more high pitched than I had wanted. She's always had this effect on me when she acted like this. I love it.

She just licks her lips at me and winks, before turning back to the stage. Let's just say that after that, we got a few complaints from the neighbors the next morning.


We spent some time working out the details. She's a tall girl, and we know she has some decent capacity after the turkey video, but we weren't certain that she could handle an entire person. She suggested, jokingly thankfully, that she could practice on me, but I turned her down. (Maybe once she's more experienced and can control herself. Just because I'm into that sort of thing doesn't mean I'm in any kind of hurry to be food.)

We tossed ideas back and forth for about a week. I suggested she put out a request on her forum, but she wanted to keep this whole thing a secret until the show. We were actually considering Craigslist (while asking for medical records of course. She reckons her stomach could handle most of what people can catch, but I didn't think it was worth the chance that she could catch something serious). And then it happened.

"Mind if I join you?" A rather plain looking girl had popped up at our table. Looked like she was probably a college student of some sort, although she couldn't have been much more than a Freshman. She looked like she was barely more than 5' tall "I'm sorry if I'm disturbing you, but I was supposed to meet someone here, and all the tables are already taken."

Abby looked to me, and I just shrugged. "Sure, go ahead," she replied with a smile.

The girl took the seat opposite me with a quiet "Thanks." A few moments passed with her scanning the entrance looking for her friend. "Oh, right. My name's Cassie," she said suddenly, looking a bit embarrassed for forgetting to introduce herself. "Sorry."

"Don't worry about it," I replied. "I'm Jake, and this is Abby."

"Hey," Abby answered with a smile and took a drink of her beer. "Bit of an odd place for you to meet someone, don't you think?"

"Depends on what they were meeting for," I replied.

"Ah... yeah, well... There's a reason why I wanted the meeting to be here, you know," Cassie said, glancing at the floor. I nudged Abby's leg with my foot and raised my eyebrow. This could be good. "I actually tried out for the show you know. They um... they said I was too uncoordinated."

"Really? You couldn't have been that bad. Last season they had a girl that looked like she had two left feet," I said.

"Yes well... Miss Rawe was willing to give me a shot at least. Even after I kind of... fell off the stage," she flushed slightly, glancing away. "Although I suppose falling into the orchestra pit was the last straw. I kind of broke a few instruments..."

"Yeah... that'll do it," Abby replied. "What were you trying out for?"

"I... I wanted to be one of the prey dancers. I always loved the thought of a pretty girl swallowing me. Ever since I was younger, and my parents caught my babysitter with me halfway down her throat."

I have to admit, I laughed a little at that. It was like some of the stories I read online. I know for a fact one of the girls I follow on PredPlace has a babysitter gimmick, and she has more than a few notches on her belt from it. Both literally and figuratively. That tends to happen with this fetish. "So the person you're waiting for...?"

"Met them online. They said they'd eat me," A barely audible buzz sounded out from her purse as she finished, and she dug out her phone. Her expression fell a little as she checked the message. "She had to cancel. Apparently her girlfriend ate her and won't let her out for tonight."

"Man, that sucks," I said, glancing over at Abby, trying to gauge her reaction. I was about to say something when,

"You know, I do a little webcam show now and then, and I've been looking for someone to eat for awhile. How'd you like to be the meal?" She asked, almost casually as she sipped at her drink. Ice wouldn't melt on her tongue, but I could tell she was at least as excited as I was.

"What? You will?" Cassie's face lit up. "I don't have to do any dancing, do I?" She asked warily, blushing.

Abby laughed, "No, of course not. We could fool around a little though if you're cool with that?" She gave me a little wink. Not really into girl on girl stuff myself, but I'm sure her fans would love it.

Cassie giggles nervously. "On camera? With you? I'll... I'll have to think about it." She glanced down at her water, practically glowing red in the dark of the club.

"Oh yeah. This'll be fun," Abby says finishing off her beer as the dancer on stage finishes off her partner.

"You're a pervert," I said with a grin as I watched the rest of the show.


A few days later, I'm setting up the camera and the lights, making sure everything's in working order as Abby emerges in her underwear, but sans-makeup. She seems oddly apprehensive about the whole thing. "You feeling alright?" I asked.

"Oh yeah. I'm fine... kind of. I mean... she's kind of small, but she's still an entire person. Do you think this is going to work?"

"Don't worry about it!" I replied, trying to be reassuring. "You were saying the same thing about the turkey show. You didn't even pause."

"Yeah, I know, but... what if I get stuck on camera or choke or something? I don't want to ruin the video."

A consummate performer to the end. As if her choking was just something that could mess up the video. "You'll be ok. It's your first time with a person. I'm sure your viewers won't mind. And if anything bad happens, I'll be right over here with the first aid kit. Don't worry about it."

"Yeah... yeah, you're right. I can do this," She smiles brightly, brushing her bright red hair out of her face. "You're the best, hun." She leans in and gives me a quick kiss. "I'm gonna go finish getting ready. Could you check on Cassie for me real fast?"

I nodded, and after a final check, I approached the door to our living room. "You ok in there Cass?"

"Um... I guess so. Do I really have to wear something like this though?"

"Abby wants you to look nice for the camera. Don't worry, you won't be wearing it for long."

"Well, I suppose that's... wait what?!" she replied in shock.

"Yeah, didn't you read the script? Abby's going to strip you before she eats you. It'll lessen the risk of her choking on you." We figured the clothes would absorb too much saliva, drying out her mouth and making it harder to swallow.

"Ah, yeah... I guess that makes sense." I could practically feel her embarrassment from the other side of the door. "I um... I'm ready!" she says, steeling herself.

"Alright. Just sit there, and I'll come get you when it's time, then." I said, closing the door behind me and taking my spot at the computer. As I started to set up the stream, the chat became rather excitable, yammering back and forth about what their beloved Gabby's "Mystery Stream" could possibly be. One person was even convinced she was going to eat an entire motorcycle piece by piece.

The chat became completely unreadable as I began the pre-video intro and advertisements for some of Abby's friends. Money's already flowing in from donations before the intro even ended. Abby reemerged shortly before I was to begin the feed, and sat down on the edge of our bed, crossing her legs and doing her best to affect her usual persona. She cleared her throat as I gave her the signal.

"Hello there, my lovelies," Abby began in a seductive tone. "and welcome to Gluttonous Gabby's special mystery show!" She mugged for the camera for a moment as usual, before she cleared her throat. "I'm sure many of you are wondering what could be in store for tonight, but I assure you that you will absolutely love it. Tonight, I will be breaking expectations, taking far, far more than anyone, even myself, thought was possible!"

The chat was eating it up. Everything from an entire Luau style buffet to the motorcycle guy again. Just as we passed the $1000 mark, Abby gave me the signal. "And now, without further ado, will my lovely assistant please bring out my meal for tonight?"

I stood up and, doing my best to remain out of shot (they're here to see her, not some guy in his street clothes), I went to the living room and wheeled out her usual table, with a large domed platter on top. It took us forever to find one this large, honestly. We were beginning to worry that we'd have to go without the usual theatrics.

Setting it in front of her, I went back to my chair. Surprisingly, a lot of the chat seemed disappointed. I suppose when you build yourself up so much, you'll only let yourself down. "And now, we begin tonight's meal with what has to be one of the rarest delicacies on Earth!" And with a flourish, she removed the lid, revealing a rather uncomfortable looking Cassie, who immediately sat up on the plate, looking relieved that she can finally stretch out.

I thought earlier that the chat could not get more unreadable. I was wrong. We had to set the thing into moderated mode just to make it legible. Many of the people who were upset, quickly changed their tune at this new, and to many of them, exotic display. Although I have to admit, more than a few became disgusted and left, enough left to make it still rather packed in there.

"That's right my sweeties. Tonight, I will be swallowing my lovely friend here. Why don't you come sit up here with me and introduce yourself?"

Cassie, hopped up off of the table and sat down next to Abby. The shy girl was clad only in a skimpy, green bikini that would have left little to the imagination if she actually had anything to show off. She was a rather slender girl, and had even less to show off up top than even Abby did. Regardless, I still thought it was one of the hottest things I've ever seen.

"Um... my name is Cassie. H-hello everyone!" She practically shouted her lines at the camera out of nervousness. The viewers seemed to eat it up at least.

"Come on now, sweetie, don't be nervous. This is what you wanted isn't it?" Abby asked, as she rubbed Cassie's back, trying to calm her down.

"Er, y-yes. Yes. I want this," she replied. Steeling herself. "I hope everyone out there enjoys the show!" Somehow it seems like her nerves are vanishing, even if her blush has spread to her entire body.

"That's what I like to hear." Abby said, gently pulling Cassie's chin up to hers and kissing her. Cassie went rigid for a moment before finally leaning into it, wrapping her thin arms around the larger girl's neck. It was a lot more gentle than I expected to be honest, but I suppose it was mostly to get Cass to calm down. Either way it worked wonders. She stopped shaking and was even reciprocating more of the kiss.

Abby used this opportunity to reach up and undo her bra, tossing it over onto the bed. She usually leaves it on for these shows, but I suppose with the amount of meat she'll shortly be consuming, she doesn't want to risk ruining her nice underwear. Her followers are loving it though. It's not long before we reach another thousand.

Once she has Cassie sufficiently calm, she reached up and undoes the knot holding the girl's bikini top up. There was less of a reaction to this, as Cassie couldn't have been much more than an A cup. There were even a few accusations of her being underaged despite my and the mod's assurances that we vetted her age long before we began the shoot.

Breaking the kiss, Abby rubs her hands up and down Cassie's spine, and turns to the camera licking her lips. "Delicious~" she says, turning back to her partner, playing with her hair somewhat. She leaned in to whisper to her. I assumed that she was asking whether or not she was ready for this, and Cassie responded only with a rapid nod.

Placing her hands on the girl's shoulders, she wiggled her jaw around for a moment before she opened it wider than I've ever seen her do before and slowly begin to engulf Cassie's head. I almost gasped audibly as I watched it happen. She makes it down to about the girl's nose, her saliva flowing down all over the small girl's face and down her chest, before she seems to get stuck for a moment. She grunted, trying to work her mouth further down before there's a loud "pop!" and her mouth suddenly closed down around Cassie's shoulders.

"Oh my god..." I muttered to myself. Hopefully the camera didn't pick it up. I was about to get up to make sure the girls were ok, but after a few deep breaths Abby swallowed. Cassie's face was rather clearly imprinted against the flesh of my girlfriend's neck. I have to admit, that was one of the hottest things I'd ever seen.

Wiggling her head from side to side, Abby began to work in Cassie's slender shoulders. She bunched herself up to make it a bit easier on her devourer, which she apparently appreciated judging by a loud moan. Of course, that could have just been the girl's flavor, which Abby later told me was easily the tastiest thing she had ever had. 

Reaching down, she cupped her partner's petite rear and lifted up, trying to get her to reposition herself for easier swallowing. Cassie got the hint and lifted up on her legs a little as Abby swallowed. As this was happening, I re-adjusted the camera a little to get a better view of her quickly expanding stomach. With only Cassie's head inside, she looks nearly six months pregnant already. And there's already more being pushed inside every moment.

As her flat stomach is sucked inside, Cassie suddenly begins to kick and jerk, with a muffled sound coming from Abby's middle. Apparently the girl was ticklish as my girlfriend had decided to tickle her belly button with her tongue. Either for a laugh, or just to get more of her flavor. Maybe even both? She lingers on this spot for a few minutes before taking another deep, wet gulp.

Readjusting herself with a grunt, she turns around so that she's facing the camera, giving everyone a clear look at Cassie's green bikini covered rump, before she suddenly yanks down the girl's bottoms. If anyone still needed proof that the girl wasn't underage, it was now staring them in their face. She made a move to try and cover her trimmed muff up with her legs, but Abby stops her by holding her thighs apart. They already saw it. Covering up wouldn't be much help.

With another swallow, she slowly wrapped her lips around Cassie's rump and exposed mound, apparently sucking on them as the girl's legs began violently jerking around. I guess Abby's tongue found somewhere it possibly shouldn't have gone. Abby's eyes fluttered shut as she begins to suck and lick at her partner's exposed area for several minutes, and making sure the camera got every last frame of it.

Winking at the camera, she tilted her head back, lifting Cassie's tired legs up into the air, which she slowly began to slurp inside, forcing her meal to curl up into a tightly packed ball in her middle. With only her feet left outside, she looked back at the camera, and with a mischevious look, pushed them inside with one hand, gulping one last time, and following the bulge down with her hand.

With a sigh, Abby leaned back and showed off her simply enormous middle, bulging quite clearly with the form of the smaller girl, as she shifts and moves around inside trying to get comfortable. "Well. She was simply delicious~" Abby comments happily, barely able to stifle back a moan as Cassie squirms around inside of her. "It'd almost be a shame to let her back out..." she says, pondering the girl's fate, before she lets out an enormous, rumbling belch.

"Oh my! Excuse me!" Abby says, covering her mouth and turning red. Apparently that was unscripted. I know her fans are going to love it though. I know I did for sure. "Well then, my lovelies, what did you think? I think this stream might be heading into a new direction, personally." she adds with a throaty chuckle as she attempts to cross her legs in front of her bulging middle. "As usual, pictures and the entire video will be available for purchase. Including a special follow up in case you were curious about the eventual fate of my wonderful dinner here~" She caresses her middle, eliciting another series of squirms and jerks, causing her to moan out loud. "Until then, I'm afraid that's all from me for now, my lovelies. I'll see you all next time~" She says, giving a wink as I cut off the stream and saved the video.

"That... that was the hottest thing I've ever seen," I admitted, slack jawed.

"Mmm... I really think I'm beginning to understand why people like this sort of thing," she says, playing with her lightly squirming middle. "What do you think I should do with her~?"

"Well I think that's up to you." I say, patting her on the stomach as I join her on the bed. "After all, if she was willing to dance for Madame Rawe, she'd be ok with digestion."

"That's true," she says, scooting up and lying down on her pillow. "How about you join me over here and we find out what fate has in store for her in the morning, hmm?"

"You know, you're really twisted sometimes," I replied, practically tackling her. "I love it."


The next morning I was awakened to some rather loud noises coming from the bathroom. Apparently, Abby was having a little trouble getting Cassie back out of her. "AUGH! WHY DID I AGREE TO DO THIS?!" she practically screams followed by some loud grunting. I suppose even if your mouth and stomach were made to handle large loads, it doesn't mean your other end would be.

A loud splash followed an especially loud grunt, which was itself followed by a sigh of relief. "Oh, thank god." I got up and knocked on the door.

"You alright in there?"

"Yeah. I'm fine, now. Just give me a minute."

Assured that she was fine, I headed over to the computer to get all the images and video ready for purchase and download. As I finished about 20 minutes later, I finally heard a flush and then the sink running before she emerged from the bathroom. I was kind of surprised that she spent so long in there considering most of Cassie decided to stick around with her. She looks like she gained nearly fifty pounds.  "Jesus..." she mutters, flopping down onto her bed and squeezing her stomach between two fingers. "This is gonna take forever to get rid of."

"Well..." I replied, sitting down next to her, and squeezing her lightly around the middle, squishing my arms into her new flab. "Maybe you shouldn't? Cassie does look pretty good on you."

She scoffed and pushes me off. "Don't. You know how I feel about my health."

"Yeah, I suppose so. But maybe we could at least enjoy her while she's still with us, hmm?" I asked, sinking my fingers into her flab and squishing it around, causing her to moan out.

"Well... I suppose we can. Just for now" she replies with a grin, dragging me down to the bed with her, apparently already intent on burning some of Cassie off. "You always know what to do~"

I suppose I just have a talent~.

A voraphile guy finds out that his girlfriend is willing to act out his fantasies on her webcam show. Contains willing F/F vore, digestion and implied disposal

Digestion version.
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"Think we can get her?" Kaaz asked her sister, Aggel.
"Not a problem! We've taken worse than her." Aggel replied, licking her lips. The Kaita Sisters, Aggel and Kaaz, were up to their old tricks on Earth and searching for a new victim to keep them young and powerful. Right now they were spying a pink, insectile female resting atop an old abandoned building. All 3 females were in a small city that had long been deserted, the buildings partially crumbling and gray. The vampiric sisters had no reason to believe they couldn't get the unsuspecting alien creature nearby. Both girls were amazingly powerful and cunning, not to mention stealthy. They watched their victim from a neighboring building, peeking out through a shattered office window. They had nothing to fear.

"Why can't humans produce more energy? This entire city hardly even put a dent in my power growth." Syrra groaned impatiently. She had drained this town's population many months ago, making it a ghost town, but they had hardly given her a good energy boost. She wished nothing more than to achieve her perfect form, but that wasn't going so well. She needed to absorb 3 more powerful beings to become perfect, but strong warriors were quite scarce. So right now she was relaxing atop her now personal building where she occasionally relaxed. She poked an empty shirt with her sharp tail, reminicing in the memory of the person she had absorbed that had once worn the shirt. Boring still...

"Now!" Aggel whispered, jumping off of the building's roof and at Syrra, her canine teeth extended eagerly.
"Hrrraaaagh!" Kaaz growled, her own teeth extended as she leapt at Syrra. However, the Kaita Sisters had absolutely no idea they were attacking one of the most vicious and tricky beings ever to live...
"Company!" Syrra said to herself, surprised but relieved. Now she could have some fun at least! She jumped to her booted feet and whirled around to face her attackers.
"You're all ours!" Kaaz hissed, her purple hair whipping behind her head as she tried to sink her fangs into Syrra. Syrra however sidestepped and propelled Kaaz away with a swift blow to the back of her head.
"Uck!" Taken completely by surprise Kaaz was knocked cold, her body thumping to the ground on the other side of the building's roof.
"You witch! You'll pay dearly for that!" Aggel growled, ramming her fist into Syrra's cheek. Syrra was taken aback by the force of the blow, her cheek taking some of her attacker's fist shape. Not wanting to lose her aggressive momentum, Aggel continued to pummel Syrra's face and body. After landing roughly 50 brutal punches Aggel sent Syrra reeling backwards with a roundhouse kick.

Syrra rolled into a heap 20 feet away, dazed.
"Wowee... What a smacker!" she sighed, her eyes rolling lazily from the beating. After a moment they came back to their normal positions just in time to feel her face get burned by Aggel's eye beams. Syrra fell back, thinking it better to play dead for a bit. This Aggel girl was vicious!
Aggel sighed, taking deep breaths.
"That oughta teach ya." she said, thinking Syrra to be dead. Since when were other creatures that powerful? The only other being they had met that could fight so quickly was Darak the saiyan. Well, at least this time they had won. Aggel calmed herself and went to her sister's aid.
"Kaaz, are you okay?" she asked worriedly.
"Ohhhhh my head..." Kaaz mumbled, still very dazed.
"Don't worry Kaaz. In a second we'll drain that near-dead wench of every bit of energy she has!" Aggel told her soothingly.
Syrra smiled, seeing Aggel's back turned. So, they were on a similar mission to her own! If they had stolen energy and powers from other warriors, then they would both make extremely good... additions. Syrra smiled evilly. Dinner time!

"You sure? She's tough." Kaaz mumbled.
"Uh huh. I roasted the bug. She's all ours!" Aggel cackled. But then she fell silent as she heard a triumphant voice behind her speak.
"Correction... You're all mine!" Syrra hissed in glee. Aggel turned around and her eyes widened in horror. The last thing she saw was a muscled pink and tan tail interior rushing towards her face.
"Yessss! You'll make a marvelous addition to perfection!" Syrra laughed sadistically as her hungry tail tip clamped down tightly onto Aggel's shoulders and head. Aggel shouted threats and other nonsense, but of course it was all muffled from inside Syrra's greedy tail. A puff of Aggel's fiery red head was still poking out from Syrra's tail mouth, along with her slender muscled legs and her hands. Just like always, Syrra's tail began sucking and slurping up her meal, reaching forward and wetly pulling in more of the hapless victim. Aggel felt humiliated and horrified. She was being the victim of something she believed far worse than her own draining ability. She felt like a lollypop being sucked on by a sugar hungry child. She cringed as she felt her legs being slurped up like spagetti and deeper into Syrra's ravenous tail.
"How does it feel to be on the recieving end alien?" Syrra cackled, folding her arms and looking smugly at the steadily growing bulge in her tail.

"A-Aggel...?" Kaaz moaned, her vision blurring and her head spinning. She heard a brief cry of surprise then some muffled moaning, but didn't know what it was. Her eyes faintly started to focus above her, although she wished they hadn't. She saw her helpless sister's feet dissapear into Syrra's tail morbidly. Aggel was being consumed!
"Aggel! N-no!" Kaaz cried out, trying to stand but wobbled and stumbled to her feet. She looked up again and saw her sister's bulge move into Syrra's back and then her body. Aggel was gone.
"No..." Kaaz whispered.
"Yes..." Syrra hissed pleasurably. What lovely power! Aggel was the culmination of hundreds of normal and extraordinary beings in energy, and now that all belonged to her! It was only logical to assume Kaaz was similar or the same. Syrra looked at the hapless Kaaz with hungry narrowed eyes. She seemed very upset, and thus vulnerable. But if Syrra damaged Kaaz further, she might not be as powerful or helpful. Syrra felt it necessary to try another trick...

"I'm sorry Aggel..." Kaaz whimpered, close to tears.
"Don't be Kaaz. I'm doing better than ever before!" Aggel's voice said joyously. Kaaz looked up in surprise towards Syrra and saw what looked like a faint hologram of Aggel above Syrra's head.
"Aggel...? Is that you?" Kaaz asked, standing slowly and staring at the apparition.
"It sure is sis! And guess what? I'm better than ever! Being absorbed by Syrra is the best thing that ever happened!" Aggel said enthusiastically.
"But... You were eaten... I don't understand..." Kaaz said, confused.
"Syrra is the perfect being, and by being absorbed by her, allowed me to contribute to her perfection. We had no idea! But she's letting me speak to you to help you understand. It feels wonderful in hear! Its like being in a jicuzzi of euphoria. You have to join me sis!" Aggel said eagerly. Of course, it wasn't Aggel at all. Like Cell had done to 18, Syrra was projecting a hologram of someone her victim trusted and used their voice to try and trick her intended meal into being absorbed willingly. Since Aggel was melded into her own being, Syrra had access to all of her memories and knowledge, allowing her to better persuade the intended victim. Syrra smiled. It would be quite fun to trick the poor girl into being a volounteer!

"I don't know Aggel... Are you sure? I don't think I want to be eaten like that..." Kaaz said uncertainly.
"Of course I'm sure Kaaz! Would I lie to you? Trust me, its the greatest thing ever!" Aggel said qutie convincingly.
"Its true Kaaz. Your sister is quite comfortable inside me and in constant pleasure. It would be wise and fun for you to join her." Syrra said with false kindness. She opened her tail tip and lowered it towards Kaaz invitingly.
"Come on in." Syrra almost commanded, smiling wickedly.
"Hop on in Kaaz, I'm waiting for you!" Aggel said tauntingly.
"Well... I guess I could..." Sighing in submission, Kaaz reluctantly put her head and upper torso into Syrra's awaiting tail. Syrra smiled and quickly closed her powerful tail's wall around Kaaz, trapping her inside tightly. Then Syrra began hungrilly lapping up Kaaz's curvy body as if she were candy.
"Fool, this is your end." Syrra giggled to herself quietly. Kaaz wasn't putting up resistance, although she squirmed inside the wet inside of her tail. Inevitably and quickly though, Kaaz was slurped up wetly inside and soon joined her sister deep inside of Syrra's body.
"How lovely! That stupid dame made it too easy! And mercy, what delicious power! I can hardly believe it. Only one more meal like them and I'll reach my perfect form!" Syrra said delightfully, almost in a dilerious zeal.
A gift I made for [link] with her awesomeness character Syrra. I really hope you like it Firequeen!

Syrra belongs to [link]
Aggel and Kaaz are mine and can be found in my gallery and other places. :3
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Syrra clung to the side of a cliff, insectile and predatory. Her eyes searched the forrest and tried to sense prey. She had felt occasional high power levels out here, although she didn't know why. But she didn't care. It was her sole goal to absorb enough energy to reach her final form. Nothing else mattered and she would do anything to reach her final state and achieve perfection. She smiled. Her creator had made major improvements on her over Cell, who was at best a prototype compared to her. She was well equipped to handle anyone or anything.
A faint ping of energy caught her attention. She looked out over the trees and caught a glimpse of someone walking along. With amazing stealth and speed Syrra jumped from the cliff face and jumped from tree to tree towards her target. Despite her quick movements she didn't stir a single leaf or make a single sound. She was completely quiet. Before long she found her target. She smiled, finding that it was one of her sisters.

The 'sister', was in fact Natasya. Some of her cells were used in the making of Syrra, therefore making them related. Right now Natasya was merely exploring. Darak had told her that the forrest out here was gorgeous and peaceful. Well, with the exception of the dinosaurs that had a habit of trying to eat people. But being a powerful saiyan, Natasya really didn't have to worry about that.
To her surprise she was actually enjoying the beauty of the place. She could almost smell the- A sudden surge of energy caught her attention and she instinctively dodged to the side. It was good that she had. Half a milisecond later Syrra's foot split the ground where Natasya had been a moment before.
"Syrra! You witch, what are you doing here?" Natasy asked, glaring at Syrra and striking a fighting stance.
"Enjoying the scenergy and looking for a meal is all." Syrra said, pulling her foot out of the ground.
"Well, look elsewhere. This monkey isn't on the menu!" Natasya growled.
"Oh, I beg to differ." Syrra said casually, smiling widely. Syrra fired a bright pink blast at Natasya, who was able to dodge and return fire. Syrra in turn dodged.
"I can see where some of my impressive skills come from. It'll be good to have all of you sister!" Syrra cackled, her tail poised.
"We are NOT sisters!" Natasya shouted angrilly.
"But of course we are! I have some of your DNA in me. That makes us related. And as they say, family has to stick together, right? So why don't we stop this foolish fighting and just settle this the easy way." Syrra said, smiling and opening her tail tip widely, almost invitingly.

Natasya's eyes widened.
"You're joking. There's no way I'm just going to bend over and let you absorb me!" Natasya cried.
"Says you. Either way, you're going to be a part of me. We can either do this the easy way, or the hard way. The easy way will benefit us both. Think about it, you can contribute further to perfection! Instead of donating just a few cells, you can donate your entire being to me! Doesn't that sound great?" Syrra said, sounding almost fantastical.
"No, it doesn't! I can't believe that some of my genes are in a freak like you!" Natasya growled, hating Syrra more and more.
"So be it." Syrra said, as if Natasya's words didn't make any difference. Syrra then jumped, her widened tail raised high. Natasya was already moving, determined not to become that freaks meal.

Syrra smiled. There was no way she was going to let Natasya get away. She would use every dirty trick in the book to get her! Syrra launched her arm out, stretching quickly and far, hoping to catch Natasya in the gut. Natasya however sidestepped and grabbed Syrra's arm. With a grin Natasya yanked, pulling Syrra towards her unexpectedly.
"Whoa!" Syrra cried, not expeting such a move. As she was pulled forward Natasya kicked out her foot, catching Syrra in the chin and sending her backwards. However, Natasya still had ahold of her arm...
A moment later Syrra came zooming forward, retracting her arm to normal size and pulling herself forward at the same time. Natasya gasped in surprise and felt Syrra's strong forhead smack against her own, stunning her.
"Urrrr!" Natasya groaned, dropping Syrra's arm and grabbing her head in pain.
"Haha HA!!" Syrra laughed, knowing this was the perfect moment. Her tail tip opened widely once more but this time added an extra saftey measure. From the mouth of her tail came a dozen pink tendrils that darted out and began wrapping around Natasya's limb's and body.

"Huh?" Natasya yelped, feeling her arms, legs and body being bound. The tendrils wrapped around her with surprising speed, grasping and pulling her arms to her sides.
"Ugh! What are these?" Natasya wailed in disgust.
"An extra addition to my design. Meals can be fiesty sometimes and hard to get ahold of!" Syrra laughed. Within a few seconds Natasya's body was mummified tightly beneath the tendrils, restricting all of her movement.
"Oh NO!" Natasya gasped, fear in her voice. She wiggled like a fly wrapped in a spider's web. But like a fly, there was no chance of escape.
"Ahhhh... Much better, don't you agree? Things go so much smoother without those pesky arms and legs being used. Now hold still while we finish the process..." Syrra purred, smiling wickedly. The tendrils began pulling Natasya's bound body up towards Syrra's mouth-like tail. Natasya looked up towards the gaping tail in horror.
"Syrra, wait, please! Don't!" she begged. But Syrra wasn't having any of that. A few tendrils wrapped over Natasya's mouth, gagging her.
"Sorry, but you've talked enough. Time to eat!"

Syrra then had Natasya's head yanked up and into her tail, which greedily began sucking at her. Natasya shivered as she felt slime begin to coat her head. Her brown hair was quickly soaked and plastered to her. She reviled the feeling of Syrra's tail tip slurping and sucking at her body like she was food.
Already, Natasya's head and shoulders formed a distinct bulge in Syrra's tail. Syrra smiled, knowing the bulge would soon grow. Soon her tail lapped up Natasya's chest, now slurping at her stomach. Natasya wiggled her wrapped legs as best she could, but hardly did a thing.
"Ah, ah, ah! No misbehaving during lunch." Syrra laughed, her tail'l lip trying to scoop up Natasya's rear. More slime coated Natasya inside Syrra's tail, making her more easy to absorb. She felt the warm goo adhering to her skin, almost as if it were alive.
The tendrils around Natasya now let go. They were no longer necessary. Natasya couldn't do anything at this point. Natasya still kicked her legs however, but that too was soon restricted as Syrra's ravenous tail slurped up to her knees.
"Almost done deary!" Syrra cackled, almost able to feel the power increase she was about to get.
Now at her ankle's, Syrra's tail lip was sucked at what little was left of Natasya. With one final pull Natasya's feet dissappeared into Syrra's tail. At the same time though, Natasya's shoes were slipped off, the last slurp of the tail tip pushing them off.
Syrra laughed hysterically now, the Natasya bulge being pulled straight into her body. She felt Natasya's head, shoulders, waist, and finally legs dissapear into her body. Syrra grunted with the sudden energy surge, feeling invigorated. She seemed to swell in muscle mass for a moment, her eyes widening.
"Oh... YES!!! What a rush! Dr. Gero was wise to have taken cells from Natasya. But I was smarter to have taken all of her!" Syrra cackled. She had consumed yet another warrior.
Another piece with the wicked Syrra! This time she chose Natasya as her meal. Poor gal! She was hawt! Oh wells.
Hope everyone likes it! You can find Syrra's bio here! [link]

Syrra and Natasya belong to [link]
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There is a factory somewhere in the country where the employees kidnap girls (sometimes they just throw in a random female employee) and put them in a special machine that slowly turns them into bimbo's. But before they put them in they drug them so they won't move nor notice the changes.

This was the first test they did and it turned out to be a succes.
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