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The son of Hakudoshi and Rin. He has a bit of Rin's looks and a bit of Hakudoshi's. This is him right after he is born, just a few minutes old. Yes, some babies are actually born with hair.

Original image: Clip from the anime.
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A HakuRin picture. Hakudoshi and Rin from the anime Inuyasha when they are both grown up. Hakudoshi changed his clothes, Rin did not. I just love this couple. Too bad no one else does.


Original Background: [link]
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A picture of Rin and Hakudoshi I drew by hand. Now That I have a scanner I plan to freedraw a lot of things now. This picture isn't finished yet. Right now it's just a sketch. I'll lineart, and color later on. I know, it looks like crap right now, but it's only the sketch of it, and I'm not really an artist you know, so my work won't be that good anyway, but hey, pratice makes perfect right.

Edit: I'm finally done now. I know it still looks somewhat like crap. But it does look better then what it did.
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Commissioned by :iconpikachu464:

Note to commissioner: If anything needs to be changed or edited please tell me

Edit: forgot to Watermark it to prevent Art-Theft
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Requested by :iconpikachu464:

She made request as well as a commission, this one is a request only item
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Spongebob's younger sister Lily comes by to visit for a whole week, and Spongebob is showing his sister around, his house. Gary seems happy to see her as well. From a story I will be writing soon, that's a SquidwardxOC fic.
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Work from my character's class. We had to choose a cartoon show and make an oc and mimic as close as possible the serie's style. I took Spongebob and made a turtle character. I'm super happy with the result and I really love her!!!:love: I'm drawing her all the time now!!!:XD:

Please tell me if you think it looks like a Spongebob character or not!!!
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I'm over two weeks late but Happy Birthday Lord Sesshomaru. I love you so much. His Birthday was October 10th.

Birthday gift for Lord Sesshomaru: :iconsesshomaruplz:
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The 2 most AWESOME (sexy) anime characters EVER!!! <3
I love you Sesshomaru and Byakuya :3 *squee!*

Anyways, I drew and colored this but the original drawing belongs to [link]
make sure to check out her gallery as well! :)

Sesshomaru belongs to Rumiko Takahashi
Byakuya belongs to Tite Kubo
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Hi, I am mrssun , and I enjoy my first image uploading because I am new here

This is an old picture from the year 2006

I was a big fan of sesshomaru^^
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Sesshomaru from Inuyasha (Rumiko Takahashi)
Pic-Idea from:…

°Ink/Liquid Longliner

Hope, you like~


:iconreadcplz1::iconreadcplz2::iconreadcplz3: :iconbeauroseplz: :iconreadcplz1::iconreadcplz2::iconreadcplz3:


Other Inuyasha-Pic's from me:

:rose: Kirara

:rose: Kikyo

:rose: Her name is Kagome - Ka-Go-Me!
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My X-Men Evolution OC, Kristine Anderson was having nightmares about when she was experimented on and went crying to Logan and seeing how frighten she was he let her sleep with him that night.


Kristine was laying in her room that night, sleeping. But not for too long. Her body shook as she started having nightmares about her past. She'd been having these dreams ever since Logan had rescued her. But tonight was the worse they've ever been. She woke up screaming loudly in a huge sweat and suddenly felt very ill. She jumped up, slipped on her housecoat and ran out of her room straight to the bathroom, barely making it to the toilet in time before she puked her guts out.

"Hey, are you okay? I heard you screaming," said a voice.

Kristine wiped her mouth and looked up to see Logan at the door in nothing but his boxers. She leaned back and started crying. "I can't stand it any longer Logan. I just can't! I have these nightmares every night."

"Hey, it's okay." He grabbed a few wipes and got her a glass of water, helping her clean herself up. "I understand how you feel. When my memories started coming back I had nightmares as well." He helped her to her feet and actually pulled the woman into a hug where she sobbed into his bare chest.

"I... I don't wish to be alone tonight," she sobbed. "I'm scared."

"Then come back with me to my room," he told her.

"Are you sure about this? Sleeping in the same bed I mean?" She questioned.

"Sure, everything will be fine. You're safe as long as you're with me. Don't you trust me?"

She looked up at him and nodded. After everything was cleaned up in the bathroom he led her to his room which was just right in front of her's. He opened the door and led her over to the bed. She removed her housecoat and slipped under the covers next to Logan. She was still trembling a bit so he pulled her into his arms cuddling her closely, "Hey, it's okay, you're safe. And I plan to keep you that way." She then fell asleep in his arms.

Base: |Base: 03| (Wolverine X OC) by Mind-Wolf
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the original pic belongs to Mind-WolfClap
seems like some one's playing "stick your toung out"
well, Shadowclaw what d'you say to that?*shows pic
Shadowclaw: *twistes eye* dafuk I TOLD YOU 'BOUT DRAWING PICS?!?!?!??!Rage 
wolverine:*comes inn* sup kiddos?*sees pic* who draw that?Stare
both:*point at each other* HE WAS IT!!!!!!
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super random oc that created last moment
(c) unnameed oc
(c) base belongs to :iconmind-wolf:
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Collection by
Summary (read by annoying announcer guy): one year after Atemu’s defeat at Yugi’s hands. Yugi and Tea are both still deeply mourning him. Perhaps two people can make Yugi & Tea’s heartfelt wish come true.

Tea sat in the park, her head in her hands. There were kids dueling each other all around her.
“I summon my Inaba White Rabbit. Take that! Your monster dies!” one duelist cried, taking out his opponent’s monster.
Tea shook her head, tears in her eyes. This is too much. She thought, running from the scene.

Down the streets she ran, not really caring where.
She thought she saw her beloved Pharaoh step out into the street.
“ATEMU!” she cried glomping him and kissing his lips with a fiery passion...

Goku was surprised. He and his son Gohan were clueless about where they were, and all of a sudden, this girl collides into him and kisses him. Not that he minded the kiss, she was a good kisser, but Chichi wouldn’t be happy with this.

“I think you have me confused with someone else, my name’s Goku.” Goku said when Tea stopped kissing him.

She sweatdropped, “Gomenesai, I thought you were Atemu, the Pharaoh that had stolen my heart.” She whispered. Tears came unbidden to her eyes.

“Hey, don’t cry. What’s wrong?” Gohan asked. The little boy touched her hand. Goku drew her into an embrace, “Miss, go ahead, let it out, you’ll feel better once you get it off your chest.” He said.

The Saiyan was right, through her tears she told them her sad tale...

…. And then the door to the afterlife was sealed and we never saw him again. She finished.
“Well, that’s easy to fix.” Gohan piped up.
“It is?” Tea asked, her eyes puffy from crying.
“Yeah, we’ll just wish him back to life with the Dragonballs.”
Tea was confused; The Pharaoh was in the afterlife there was no way he could come back.    

“Tea, when you get all seven balls together a dragon can be summoned to grant your wish.” Yugi said, coming up behind the two saiyans. “At least that’s how it is in Dragonball Z.” he added.

“Yeah, Shen-ron is summoned and he can grant your wish.” Chi chi said, she had been following Yugi.
Goku, what are you doing with that girl? Chi Chi thought. Goku gave Tea back to Yugi.

“Chi Chi, I was just comforting her. She lost the man she loves.” Goku said,
“Apparently her boyfriend and I have the same hairstyle. Spiky. It’s not bad at all.” He chuckled.

“I’m sorry ma’am, I just miss Pharaoh Atemu and from a distance Goku looks like him. I thought he was him.” Tea replied, hoping that the woman wouldn’t kill her in a jealous rage.

Chi Chi had to trust both of their words.
“Ok, just don’t do it again. Actually I understand how you feel” she said after strangling Goku.
“How, once the one you love is dead, there’s no way you’ll see him again.”

“Hey, maybe we’ll feel better after we get something to eat,” Yugi said, holding Tea close.
“Yeah, good idea. Know of any good restaurants around here?” Goku asked, always ready for food.   
“There’s burgerpalooza! It’s got the best burgers in the world.” Yugi replied.

Tea chuckled half-heartedly. That was the place where the Pharaoh first saved her. His voice had been music to her ears; the deepness seduced her from the first time he said ‘Let’s play a game’.  She would never forget him.

That night she lie awake in bed listening to music.

The sounds of the music lulled her into a deep sleep.

“Tea,” a deep voice called out to her. It was the voice of an angel. Her ears drank in the sound. Tears streaked her face as she ran to him. He took her up in a strong embrace. She kissed him with a kiss that passion couldn’t stop fueling. “Atemu! I love you! I’ve wanted to tell you this for along time. I’ve loved you since you saved me from the escaped convict at Burgerpalooza.” She poured her heart out to him willing to risk it all. All for the hope that he would have the same feelings. Her hopes were not in vain.

The Pharaoh held her close putting enough pressure to prevent her from escaping. She didn’t want to escape. She was a willing prisoner in his embrace. They kissed again.

For many hours they lay together in each other’s arms.

“Tea, if your new friends are successful, I will be back sooner than you think.” Atemu whispered in her ear. “We can be together like this in your dreams at night.”

She woke up, tears clouded her eyes at the realization that it was only a dream…

“Mou Hitori No Boku! I really miss you, and if there was a way for you to come back to us, Tea and I would gladly take the chance.” Yugi cried hugging his darker half. Atemu held him close “Aibou, trust your new friends Goku, Chi chi, and Gohan they can help bring me back. I really miss you too. I don’t want to cause you more harm, but I love Tea. My only regret is not telling her before I left this world. Please do not be jealous.” He whispered.
“I’m not, I was hoping the two of you would have gotten together.” Yugi replied.

Yugi hoped that he had spoken with Yami. Tears were in his eyes, “I hope you’re right Mou Hitori no Boku.” He whispered into the morning air.

Later that day…

“So your sayin that the Dragonballs are real?” Joey Wheeler asked.
“Yep! And maybe we can bring Atemu back.” Yugi replied.
“How are we going to find them?” Tristan asked.
“That’s where we come in.” Goku, Gohan, Chi Chi, Bulma, and Krillin said.
“We’ll help you find them.”

“This sounds like it could be dangerous, if the Dragonballs are real then so are the dangers in searching for them.” Sugoroku Mutoh said.
“Gramps,” Joey said, “we’ve been through some rough spots before.”
“Yeah, grandpa, with all this weird stuff that’s happened to us, this’ll be a piece of cake. Besides we have our Duel Monsters to protect us.” Yugi stated.

“Tea, Bulma Chi Chi, and I’ll take you to Master Roshi’s island where you’ll be safe.” Mai said.
Bulma sweatdropped “Mai, Master Roshi has this little perverse habit.” She started to say
“Well, we’ll stay with Tea. If he tries anything, my Harpies’ll tear him alive!” Mai replied. “Tea’s like my little sister.” She added softly…    
Meanwhile in Kaibaland.

“Vegeta, I don’t understand you. You, the vice president of Capsule Corp, claim to be one of the best fighters in the universe, yet you haven’t summoned a monster to defend yourself. Why?” Kaiba sneered.
“Because, why let the monsters have all of the fun!” Vegeta said jumping into the arena to take on the Blue-Eyes White Dragon.
“Very well,” Kaiba said playing Mystical moon. He soon realized he was lucky that they were outside.

What’s this power? He saw the moon, full and bright. Deep within him something stirred. His power level skyrocketed. Kaiba gasped in horror as Vegeta changed into a huge ape like creature.
“Bring it on, Summon your strongest monsters, I’ll rip them to shreds.” Vegeta said.

Blue Eyes White Dragon and Dark Magician warped Kaiba and Vegeta to a place very far from civilization.

If only I had Obelisk the Tormentor. Damn Yugi for winning my Battle City Tournament.

Kaiba summoned all of his strongest monsters. Vegeta laughed.
“What is this?” he crowed, “Is this all you got?”

Kaiba sweatdropped. This guy was completely insane.
“Go to industrial illusions and take out Maxamillion Pegasus!” He found himself saying. Kaiba really couldn’t stand the one-eyed platinum haired president of his company’s rival.

Vegeta laughed, and without a second thought placed Seto Kaiba on his shoulder, flew off to duelist kingdom. …

Meanwhile in Domino City…

Goku felt something.
“This is bad.” He whispered. Chi-chi placed her hands on his shoulders.
“What’s wrong Goku?” she asked.
“Vegeta has turned Oozaru.”
“What?” Joey asked “Giant ape?”
“There must have been a full moon.” Gohan said. “It’s the blotzwaves, the moon produces them and they affect Saiyans with tails.”

“Yeah, we turn into giant monkeys, and not recognize anyone, friend of foe.” Goku said, crushing his fist into his palm.
“Monkeys?!” Joey screamed.
“Yeah,” Gohan said,

Annoying Announcer guy: Will Vegeta succeed in killing Pegasus? Or will Goku stop his rival from doing this terrible deed.
Find out Next Time in:
Crossover between Yugioh & DragonballZ

Next [link]
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Yu-Gi-Oh DREAM-My Fanfiction Cover Art by Tennosei-No-Hime

It had been a year after the pharaoh returned to the underground. Day brought the night so many times after that happening. Mutou Yuugi had started to get used to, but he could never accept the deep loneliness inside his heart. He tried to do everything, he even stopped duelling, but he could never forget Atem.

After a year, the king of the duelists changed because Yugi left the duel. It was a girl who was called "Hikarino Umi(光の海)". Her name's meaning was "Sea of the Light". She had created her cards herself and she believed in her cards, she loved them. Umi was really eligible to be the king(or queen) of the duelists. No one could defeat her so far, even Kaiba Seto or Pegasus couldn't do.


... by Tennosei-No-Hime
It was the end of the week. Yuugi was getting ready to go home, but he stopped when he heard Anzu's voice. She ran next to Yuugi, then she started to talk:

-We are planning to do something at the weekend. Would you come too?

Anzu frowned sadly:

-Hey Yuugi! I know you're suffering, but at least share with us. We're friends, right?
-We don't want to see you sad anymore, so you're coming with us too!

Yuugi tried to decline, but Anzu started to run towards the corridor with a smile in her face. So he sighed and walked out of the school. After a while, Anzu stopped running, because she saw Jounouchi and Honda.

-How did it go, Honda asked.
-He's coming with us, Anzu answered happily.

Jounouchi was unhappy. "I hope our plan works, I can't stand seeing him like that!"

"Neither can I!" Honda agreed with a nod. Anzu closed her eyes. She thought about the happenings.

-Atem... Please return, if you don't want to see you partner in a bad mood, she murmured. Then she started to walk across the street with Honda and Jounouchi.

But they didn't realise that someone was watching them.



... by Tennosei-No-Hime
As spoken, all of the group was at the Domino Station. Yuugi came after the others. He strecthed and looked at his friends.

-Now what are we going to do?
-We'll take you somewhere you really like, Anzu answered.

But even Jounouchi didn't open his mouth. Yuugi was suprised, where was he going to go? Anyway, Yuugi started to follow his friends. At the end, they were in front of a duel stadium. Anzu and Honda started to run inside, Jounouchi turned back and looked at Yuugi. Yuugi sighed:

-Was it your plan?
-Yes, Jounouchi answered.
-Why did you do something like that? You already know that...
-Yes, we know but we can't stand! You have to take your "King Of The Duelists" name back!

Yuugi looked at Jounouchi. They smiled each other then entered. "The other me..." Yuugi thought. "I'll be strong!"

How strange, everything was ready. As Yuugi entered, the referee announced the next duel: "Next Duel: Hikarino Umi VS Mutou Yuugi!"

Yuugi was shocked. He didn't duel for a long time, how could he defeat Umi? But he wasn't hopeless at all. He believed in his monsters. Just like Umi, the both of the duelists believed in their cards.

Before the duel, they shaked hands. Umi looked at Yuugi, and smiled:

-Pleased to meet you, I'm Hikarino Umi!
-Me, too! I'm Mutou Yuugi!

With Yuugi's answer, Umi's eyes widened. "Are you the person who contains The Nameless Pharaoh inside his body?" Yuugi was puzzled. "How do you know that?"

"Yuugi-san," Umi said. "Are you depressed because of being without your partner?"

Yuugi frowned. They went back to their places for the duel.

Umi VS Yugi by Tennosei-No-Hime
So far, their movements were perfect. The spectators were shouting with excitement. Jounouchi, Honda and Anzu were cheering their friends.

Yuugi's life points were 2700 out of 4000. In his side there were two trap cards and Black Magician Girl in ATK. Black Magician was in the graveyard, so her ATK was 2300.

Black Magician Girl by Tennosei-No-HimeYu Gi Oh    Duel Monsters Back Card By Biohazard20 by Tennosei-No-HimeYu Gi Oh    Duel Monsters Back Card By Biohazard20 by Tennosei-No-Hime


Umi's life points were 2500 out of 4000. In her side there was one card and two monsters: "Lucifer" and "Belphegor". They were created by herself, so they were ultimate rare cards. Both of the monster were in ATK and their ATK were 1500, DEF were 1000.

Lucifer by Tennosei-No-HimeBelphegor by Tennosei-No-HimeYu Gi Oh    Duel Monsters Back Card By Biohazard20 by Tennosei-No-Hime


It was Yuugi's turn, he drew a card. Then he activated it:

"I'm playing 'The Revival Of The Dead'! With this card, I can special summon a monster from either player's graveyard! I'm going to revive Black Magician!"

Revival Of The Dead by Tennosei-No-HimeDark Magician by Tennosei-No-HimeCeltic Guardian by Tennosei-No-Hime

The Black Magician Girl's ATK was down to 2000, but at the end there were two strong monsters. Plus, Yuugi summoned The Celtic Guardian with 1400 ATK, so there were three monsters. Yuugi was going to attack with all of them, but Umi didn't let him.

She activated her closed card: "Trap card activation! Threatening Roar! You can't attack me in this turn." She understood that Yuugi finished his turn. She drew one card. Then started to play:

-First of all, I'm going to sacrifice Belphegor to summon Gaap The Demon!

Gaap The Demon by Tennosei-No-Hime

Her ATK is 2000 and DEF is 1400. Now, by sending all of the cards in my hand to Graveyard, I can activate her special effect! This effect lets me to copy one spell card from my enemy's graveyard, hand or deck! The card, I'm going to copy is: "Revival Of The Dead!!!!"

All of the stadium was filled with excitement again. Umi started to activate her new card, and she revived her the most powerful monster in her deck:

Untitled5 by Tennosei-No-Hime
At the same time, a monster which looks like a young servant appeared in Umi's side. Kanon's ATK was 1500, DEF was 0. Umi looked at the shocked Yuugi. "I think it's your first time seeing him. So I'll explain all of his special effects: He gains 300 ATK for each card in our graveyards. You have 6, I have 14 cards so it's 20 at total. Kanon will gain 6000 ATK, his new ATK is 7500!!!"

Yuugi was stunned! Kanon attacked Celtic Guardian, and Yuugi lost.

The spectators were cheering Umi. The referee took the microphone and announced the result:


Yuugi sighed and went out. Anzu and the others ran after him. He was staring at the road. Honda came near him and put his hand on Yuugi's shoulder:

-Oi, don't be depressed so easily! Even after so long time you did great!
-I'm not sad because of my defeat. I still couldn't get used to fight without him. I know, everyone has a right place to be. The other me should be undeground. But...I...


Yuugi and the other were suprised as they heard that voice. It was Umi. Yuugi walked towards Umi.

Yugi31 by Tennosei-No-Hime
-Hello, Umi-san.

Umi looked carefully at Yuugi. "I was right. You miss 'the other you', right?

-How do you know that, Yugi was surprised.

-Because I was watching you after Pharaoh's extinction. I can understand it by looking at your dueling style. You didn't fight alone before so you feel coward. You only expect to lose, because of that you lose!


-Tell me if I'm wrong. Your actions against me weren't clear. More than attacking me and struggling to win, you defenced yourself and prepared to lose. Do you remember my last attack? You had two closed cards, are you sure they both didn't work?

Yuugi thought carefully. One of the closed cards was "Mirror Force". If he had played that, he wouldn't lose so easily. Umi was right, he lost because of feeling alone and coward. He turned his back.

-Do you want to see him again, Umi asked.
-Yes, Yuugi answered. I want to see him again.
-If I said that I could revive his soul inside your body, what would you do?

Yugi turned to Umi as he heard Umi's question. His eyes widened. "Would you do it really?"

Umi was suprised by this beg. She smiled and closed her eyes. "Sure." she said. At the same time, The Eye of Anubis appeared on her forehead. She created a white magic circle in front of the suprised Yuugi and his friends. Then she started to say these lines:

God, hear my voice,
Give me the right to call a soul,
Open the Gates of Heaven,

Umi-chan by Tennosei-No-Hime

As she finished these lines, a sacred thunder appeared and striked Yuugi. In his chest, The Millenium Puzzle appeared. Then everything glared, it turned to white.

Umi and the others had closed their eyes. Anzu opened her eyes slowly, and she couldn't believe her eyes. The Legendary Pharaoh, "The Other Yuugi" was standing in front of her.



I hope you like^^

Hikarino Umi (c)=Tennosei-No-Hime
The other characters etc. (c)Yugioh Duel Monsters Animation Series, Kazuki Takahashi

The Next Episode:
Chapter 2-New…
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Yami sat behind the counter in the Game Shop, looking healthier than he had been a year ago. His skin no longer had that pale tinge, the circles under his eyes were gone. No longer could people see the bones beneath, he had also put on a more bit of weight that fit his size.

The once pharaoh had accepted his pacemaker; acknowledging that it was a part of him now, things were better. And with that the many check up’s that came with it every few months.

However he looked forward to those days. He didn’t before…the doctors always treated him like he was an animal that would bite if they got too close. But then he met Dr. Brooks.

She was a woman who lit up the room when she entered. Her kindness and soft voice as well as her understanding helped Yami come out from the shell he had curled himself up in. She helped him when many would have labeled him a lost cause.

But not her.

She never gave up on him.

Nor the others in her care.

He cracked a grin when he thought that, if this was another time, she would’ve been the most amazing queen. She’d have ruled not only the land but the whole palace. Of course, her Irish heritage stated that all women ruled the house. The men took orders from them…not the other way around.

Oh Angela looked like a delicate flower or fairy…but she had thorns. Yet they only showed when she was protecting those under her watch. Like a bear with its cubs.

A ‘Fairy Queen’ indeed.

Yami saw a lot of that when stayed at the ‘Emerald Isle’ Clinic. Angela never let anything out of her sight; she and her Godfather ran that place like a tight ship. Somehow they always knew when someone needed help before it even happened.

No matter what, Yami always found himself missing the place; the hiking trails, the library, the game room, even the horses…he felt like it was his second home. He was always welcomed there. And from time to time he would make a mark on the calendar to go there for a few weeks to relax and visit the children who had captured his heart. Not only did they love Dueling him…but they saw him like a big brother. Never an idol to fawn over.

Yes, he couldn’t be happier.

However, he could tell that something was going on today. Many people would pop into the store to buy a card or pass by the window with flowers, chocolates, or wrapped gifts in their arms. Also he saw children chatting and bring crafts home; drawn pictures, or clay figures.

This only increased his curiosity the more he thought about it. Halloween wasn’t for a few more months, Christmas, Valentines and Easter had what could it be? Yugi had told him of all the big Holidays, right?

“Maybe I should ask, just in case.” Yami thought, before turning back to the book he had been reading. His Japanese was getting better, and could read now. Through some of the words still stumped him at times.

Grandpa came in from the house, with a plate of apple slices and peanut butter. He chuckled at Yami before setting the plate down. “You look like you’re enjoying the book, my boy.”

The tri-haired young man looked up with a smile. “Yes, I am.”

“I can take over now, Yami. Go inside and sit on the sofa, and make sure you take your meds.”

Yami looked at the clock with a frown. “That time already?”

“ ‘Fraid so.”

He got off the chair and nodded ‘thanks’ before going into the house and removing his shoes inside.

Time seemed to fly faster these days.

He made his way to the kitchen where he found his pet cat, Ahmose, fast asleep on the table. He smiled and scratched her behind the ear, causing her to blink her eyes at him sleepily. Stretched out and leaned her head into Yami’s hand, like she had done as a kitten, before licking his thumb.

“Had a good nap, Ahmose?” He asked her. She purred as he scratched her under the chin.

“I’ll take that as a ‘yes’.” The once pharaoh chuckled, before going to the counter and filling up a glass of water. He had a few sips then took out his pill box, before opening the lid marked for Thursday. Yami had to admit this was ingenious…a place to put pills for every day and remind him if he had or hadn't taken them.

He remembered going shopping for this with Yugi and Grandpa, at a store Dr. John O’ Riley had recommended. Run by a friend of his.

The store owner actually customized the pill boxes to make them fun for kids and teens…he also did the same for Trakes, crutches, and bio limbs.

Yami had picked out a black box with flames on the four sides and white metal letters for the days of the week.

And now he could take them without thinking they were poison.

He shook the pills into his hand, before putting them in his mouth and swallowing with the water. Yami coughed a couple times as they went down his throat…which was normal. Few times they never wanted to go down.

Yami had to wait to take his insulin, so the meds could dissolve in his stomach.  Course he also needed to have eaten food before injecting that.  He set the cook timer to go off so he would remember to take it.

He grabbed a sandwich and then went into the living room and laid across the sofa to finish his book. Ahmose left the table and jumped into Yami’s lap before curling up and purring.

The once powerful pharaoh smiled and opened the book to where he had left off. Having a bite here and there.

Twenty minutes later, he read chapters six through thirteen. He was starting on the fourteenth when the timer went off.

“Seriously?!” Yami groaned. “Just when it was getting interesting…”

Ahmose got off his lap and rubbed against his legs affectionately. Before following him to the kitchen again.

Yami gave a grunt of pain when he injected himself. “How does Yugi DO this every day?” He muttered.

“Yami? I’m home!”

“Speak of the devil…” He amusingly thought. Yami tossed away the needle and syringe before going to the hallway to welcome Yugi home.

“How was your day, Yugi?” He asked while picking up Ahmose, who melted in his arms.

His look-a-like smiled while removing his shoes, “Went well. Through I think the language class would be better if the teacher didn’t have a voice that made everyone want to sleep. Luckily, he had to go to a meeting so class was cut short.”

Yami felt somewhat envious…but then he remembered the boring lessons he had to sit through. Although the magic lessons were fun.

“I have a lot of Homework to do.” Yugi continued. “But right now, I could use a snack.” He looked at Yami. “Wanna share a bowl of ice cream?”

Yami chuckled, while he stroked Ahmose’s back. Ever since they found out there was a type of sugar which diabetics could have…Yugi had gone to the store and bought every type of sweet or snacks that was made with it. Then he came home and ate a whole carton of Vanilla ice cream made with that sugar.

But he ended up getting a stomach ache from eating it all.

Which ended up resulting in a house call from Angela who, very sternly, told Yugi that this was the price from eating all of it in one day. Yugi just smiled and told that it was worth it. But he wouldn’t do it again.

And Yami swore to her ‘highness’ that he would make sure Yugi didn’t do it again. A promise form one royal to another.

“I’d like too, Yugi. But I’ve just taken my insulin…however I’ll get some for you.”

The pharaoh carried Ahmose to the kitchen where she was placed on the counter.  He took out a bowl and spoon before opening the freezer and asked, “Pecan or Mint chip, Yugi?”

“Pecan, today.” Came Yugi’s answer.

Yami took out the container and put two scoops in the bowl, then placed the ice cream back in the freezer. He carried it back to Yugi who gobbled it up.

“Take it easy! Remember what An-Dr. Brooks said.” Yami told him as Ahmose jumped into his lap again.

“I can’t help it!” Yugi stated. “I’ve always dreamed about ice cream…now that I can have it I’m gonna indulge.”

“Then shouldn’t you savor it, instead of eating like Joey does when he sees chocolate?”

Yugi paused with the spoon in his mouth, before a blush painted his face.

“You know I’m right.” Yami added.

His partner glared before replying, “So what? And why’d you almost call Dr. Brooks by her first name? You’re not in love with her are you?”

“What?! No! She said I could call her that-.”

“Why?” Yugi asked, in a jealous tone.

“When I was at Emerald Isle; she said that if I was uncomfortable calling her doctor…I could call her by her name. In the end it helped me trust her. That’s all ok?”

Yugi was silent a minute, then nodded to accept the answer. Once the ice cream was gone, he put his feet on the table and sighed. It was good to be home.

Yami thought this was the perfect time to ask Yugi, so he cleared his throat. “Yugi?”


“I’ve been seeing people walk by with flowers or gifts by the armful…is something going on? I mean…isn’t all the days of celebration finished?”

Yugi sat straighter. “There’s one more holiday. To be honest I forgot…it’s going to be Mother’s Day soon.”

“Mother’s Day?”

“Yeah, a day dedicated to Mothers…to celebrate them and show them how much we love them.”

Yami became quiet…a little too quiet. This Yugi noticed right away.

“Yami? Is something wrong?” No answer. So he tried again. “Yami?”

The once-pharaoh looked at him with sad eyes. “I won’t be celebrating it, Yugi.”


"I never knew my mother. I can't even... I can't even picture her! It's so wrong of me, to not even see the mother who risked everything giving birth to me." Yami even went to hold his head, as if touching upon his skull could miraculously stir some lost memory.

Yugi looked on sympathetically. "It's okay, Yami. There are lots of people who don't have mothers, or very rarely spend time with them."

"Like whom?"

"Well, take Kaiba for instance. He barely knew his mother before she died. At least, I'm sure she must've, or else he wouldn't have been adopted. Then there's Joey. His mom moved out when he was still very young."

Yami looked hardly convinced.

“It’ll be fine. I promise, Yami.”

“Then what about you Yugi? Where’s your mother?”

Now suddenly Yugi became obtrusively uncomfortable. Yami knew his light too well, and saw the indicated signs. He felt bad for having stepped on a tender spot, for Yugi usually hid nothing, and was very open about most things. Yami at once fumbled to apologize.

“Yugi… I… I didn’t know… I…”

Yugi looked at him, his shadowed countenance slowly easing into a light smile. “I know you’re trying to apologize Yami, and I don’t want you to. It’s okay. I’ll tell you. It’s something I’ve been meaning to do anyway.”

“But Yugi…” He clearly did not want to cause him any distress.

Yugi merely took his hand. “I don’t really remember her, you know? When I try to think of her, I see a face that’s so full of light I can barely see her features. My Grampa has pictures of her, but the real pictures seem to be from my heart.” He gave a pause, and Yami looked on, tense as if he was waiting for his opponent to draw a card. “She died when I was five years old.”


“Cancer. They didn’t have the technology back then to catch it early.” Yugi sighed and he seemed to expel the sadness with it. “Grampa looked after me. And he was real good at it. He couldn’t replace a mother’s affections, and I was bullied a lot. I often think the loneliness might have killed me. But Grampa gave me puzzles to put together, and then one day when I was seven years old he gave me the millennium puzzle.”

“Oh, well, yes…”

“Anyway,” Yugi added on a still brighter note, “I think you should celebrate Mother’s Day!”

Yami blanched. “W-Why?”

Yugi nudged him playfully. “Dr. Brooks! I know you inside and out! You respect her, and if you don’t love her like couples do, I think I understand that your affections are well, from that of a son.”

Yami gave him a look and nudged back.

“Be serious, Yugi…”

“I am. Listen, Angela’s like a mother to everyone already. You remember when I had that stomach ache? She was practically scolding me like I was her relative. But when she talks to you-”

“What about me?”

Yugi held up his hands. “Hear me out, okay? She speaks to you as if you’re her son. And the way you act around her-”


“It’s alright. I won’t tell…but you’ll have to tell Dr. Brooks one of these days.”

Yami was staring to panic…he could feel his pacemaker trying to keep his heart calm. “No…no…it can’t be…I can’t feel that way…right?”

Ahmose her head rubbed against Yami’s chest, as if sensing her master’s distressful  emotion.

Yami petted the cat, feeling himself relax. But his mind was still whirling. Was his emotions towards Dr. Brooks…as if she was his mother?


“I’ll get it!” Yami said, jumping up and going to the door with Ahmose in his arms. “Saved by the bell.” He mentally noted.

He took a few breaths to calm down before opening the door, and getting a surprise.

“Dr. Brooks?”

The young raven haired woman smiled, “Hello, Yami. How are you?”

Yes, it was. The Irish doctor was dressed in a beige thank top, indigo sweat shirt, jeans and ballet flats. Around her neck was her mother’s necklace and she had a small black purse.

“I’m…I’m fine.” Yami said, a little too fast. "Out of the frying pan...and into the fire."

She frowned and felt his forehead. “You’re flushed, Yami. You ok?”

“He ran to get the door.” Yugi yelled, from the other room. Earning a glare from the other.

“Oh, I see.” Angela noted. She smiled again at seeing Ahmose and scratched the cat under the chin. “Hello, Ahmose. My, you’ve gotten big!”

The once pharaoh felt fidgety; the conversation he and Yugi had replaying over and over in his mind. “To what do we owe this visit, Angela?”

“My Godfather and your Grandpa are having their little game of checkers. They do every time around this day of the week.” She replied. “I was in town to place an order for some new flowers for the garden.”

“You gonna invite her in, Yami?” Yugi called again.

Yami face palmed, “Oh, right! Please, come in.”

Angela laughed and came inside. She removed her shoes and placed her purse by the door.

“Good to see you too, Yugi. How’s your stomach?”

“Much better.” Yugi said, getting up with the bowl in hands.

The Irish woman frowned and crossed her arms. “Yugi…”

“I only had one bowl, I swear!”

“He did. I gave him the bowl myself.” Yami confessed.

“I believe you both.” She said, before taking off her sweat shirt. “But no more until tonight.”

“Got it.” Yugi groaned before going into the kitchen.

Yami put Ahmose down and gestured for Angela to sit. “Would you like a drink?”

“Yes, please. Water would be fine.” She answered, while sitting on the sofa.

Yami brought her a glass of water and sat beside her. “Why do I get the feeling you’re here for something else?”

“You mean besides checking your pacemaker?”

He smirked. “Yes.”

Angela laughed. “You got me. I actually wanted to ask you and Yugi something.”

“Ask us what?”

“I’ll tell you both. But first…how are things?”

Yami chuckled, there was no way to detour this woman’s mind. “I’ve been well. Through taking the insulin isn’t fun.”

“Never is.”

“I just don’t understand how Yugi does it every day.”

“Because I’ve been doing it longer than you.” Yugi stated, as he came back into the room. “You get used to it, after a while. So what did you want to ask us?”

Angela took a sip of water, “Well, we’re going to have a Mother’s Day picnic and dance at the clinic. All the patients and their moms are going to be there, we’re also going to have games and an art table for the kids. However…we’re sort on hands. So I was wondering if you both could help out?”

Yugi grinned. “I’m free on that day! I think some of my friends are too…I could get them to help as well.”

“Wonderful! The more the merrier.” Angela replied.

“I’ll have to think about it.”

Both turned to Yami; both in surprise.

Yami shrugged. “I think I promised Grandpa I’d mind the store that day.”

He saw surprise in Yugi’s eyes, and he knew he’d get the twenty questions.

“Yami-” Yugi began.

“I’ll see if Grandpa will let me go.”

Angela nodded, then looked at Yugi. “Yugi? Can you go ask my Godpa if he’ll be home for dinner? They should be in the shop.”

“Sure but-”

“Please Yugi?”

Realizing he couldn’t win, Yugi went to the shop leaving the two alone. Once the door closed, Yami looked at Angela. “I’ll try and come. I will try.”

“I understand. It’s alright…don’t stress out.” Angela told him. “Many are busy on this day. Now, before I forget…I might as well check your heartbeats.”

“You don’t have to do that.”

“Trust me if I don’t do this now…it’ll be eating at me later.” Angela replied while walking to her purse. She pulled out a zipped case and brought it back over to the couch. She unzipped it to reveal it contained a stethoscope, thermometer with protected slips, syringes, and rubber gloves.

Yami raised a brow. “You always carry that in your purse?”

She gave him a smirk that rivaled his own. “When you’re a doctor you never know what’s going to happen. Best to come prepared.”

He laughed, there was no denying that.

Angela placed the thermometer in a slip, then had Yami put it under his tongue while she took his pulse.

While she was doing that, Yami kept thinking back to when he got his first real check up. Oh there had been others…but those had been done in the hospital without his permission. And the doctors had been treating him as if he was nothing more than an infant. Then when Angela gave him one…it was different. She would ask him if he was comfortable or would like to stop. She would ‘ask’…ask! None of the other doctors had ever done that.

Angela removed the thermometer and read the results. “Temperature’s normal. That’s good.” She took off the slip and tossed it away.  She paused when removing the stethoscope. “Remember when you used to be scared of this?”

“Yeah. I didn’t know what to expect back then. Plus…it looked like a snake at the time.”

The raven haired woman laughed at that. “To tell you the truth…most of the kids think so too at first.” She then had Yami lift his shirt up so she could listen to his heart.

Once the end was on his chest, Yami had another memory flashing back. He remembered when Angela let him hear his own for the first time…how surprised he was. Of course he had never heard the sound of heart before then. The fact that it proved he was alive; alive and not a spirit. He remembered how Angela held him in her arms as he sobbed…stroking his hair and rubbing his back.

Like a mother would.

He would never forget that moment.

Angela put her stethoscope away and removed her gloves. “You heart sounds good, Yami. The pacemaker’s doing a good job.”

“Thanks. I’m happy to hear that.”

He watched the Fairy Queen put her tools back in the case, then returned the case to her purse. Yugi came back inside and saw Angela by her purse.

“Leaving already?” He asked.

“In a few minutes, I am. I just finished checking Yami’s heart and pacemaker.” She explained. “Everything sounds good.”

“That’s great. I asked Dr. John for you, Angela. He said he’ll be home for dinner.”

“Thanks Yugi.” Angela said, smiling. “I best be off then to make dinner since I know Godpa will be home tonight.” She petted Ahmose who had been rubbing against her legs, before putting on her shoes. “I’ll see you at the picnic/dance Yugi. And I hope to see you there too Yami.”

“Ok Angela. Take care.”

When the door closed, Yugi turned to his other half. “You are going, right?”

Yami sighed. “I told you: I need to think about it.” He went over to the closet and pulled out a light jacket. “I’m going out for a while.”

“You have your phone?”




“Emergency Insulin?”

“Yugi…” Yami warned, feeling his anger start to rise.

His light backed off. “Ok, ok…just checking.”

The pharaoh petted Ahmose one more time, then left the house.

Outside was a warm and sunny day. The sun was out, trees were green or had pink blossoms and the sky was blue. People were laughing and chatting with each other, either in person or on the phone.

Yet Yami barely noticed. He was thinking about what Yugi said and the flashbacks he had when Angela was there. And the more he thought about it…the more it made sense. He did think of her as his mother.

She had been there for him when he needed her the most…like when he had that nightmare and when he almost broke down after he had gotten his results from the MRI back. She had been there with soothing words and a warm embrace.

That allowed him to slowly gain her trust, and keep him from drifting into his fears.

“Yugi was right,” Yami thought. “I do see her as my mother. But what do I give her?”

The pharaoh thought painting her a picture…but he wasn’t much of a painter. Or sculptor either so working with clay was also out. She had lots of flowers already and wasn’t big on receiving clothes since she had what she needed. Also, she wasn’t a spa person either.

Yami crossed his arms and continued to ponder his thoughts. He remembered Angela would sometimes play Duel Monsters with the kids…through her deck was small. She didn’t mind of course; and he did help her create a new one last time he was there. However, the little shop in the clinic sold the Card Packs…so that wasn’t what he should give her.

“It has to mean something.” He whispered to himself. “To show her how much I care for her and what she’s done.”

Something in the store window caught his eye, he went closer and saw a pendent in the shape of Dark Magician Girl on a sliver chain. Her hair and top of her staff was gold, eyes were aquamarine, and her outfit was made of pink diamonds and sapphires.  There were a matching set of earrings and bracelet too. 

Next that; there was a Kurriboh necklace with topaz for the fur, emeralds for the paws, and amethysts for the eyes.  It was also a set that came with a ring and earrings.

In front of these creations was a sign: DUEL MONSTER JEWELRY DEBUT-More inside.

“Interesting…” Was the pharaoh’s thought. “Worth  a look.”

Later that night,

Yami sat at his desk which was in his room; wrapping paper, tape and scissors surrounded the small parcel that sat in front of him.

He was proud of himself…he had found the perfect gift for Angela.

At dinner he told Yugi and Grandpa that he’d be going to the party/dance on the weekend. Needless to say Yugi was thrilled.

“You’re going?! Great! We could really use your help.” Yugi had said.

“You need to get more fresh air, my boy.” Grandpa added. “And I’m sure the children would love to see you again.”

Yami picked up the parcel in his hand, he really hoped Angela would like this. He cleaned up his desk before turning in for the night. Slipping under his covers, Yami put the gift on his nightstand before curling up and closing his eyes. 

His nights were usually dreamless…but every so often he dreamed. Sometimes the dreams were memories of his adventures while being a spirit. Other times he would dream of being a child with his head in someone’s lap…being embraced by not only arms but also wings. Both producing warmth and making him feel safe.

And it was that tonight; allowing the pharaoh to rest peacefully. 

The weekend came fast,

Yami was in the front seat of Yugi’s car, with the small gift in his lap. He found himself wishing they were already there; like a child excited to open his presents before Christmas or Birthday. And he had to keep himself from running out when they pulled up to the Emerald Isle.

Yugi and Yami got out of the car and followed the arrows and people to the back where the horses and garden were. The middle of the green field had a dance floor and chairs were stationed around it. A DJ played music that was family friendly. Flower Garlands were wrapped around the Lalinai’s that offered shade with a few table underneath.

There were a few booths for games such as Ring-Toss, Knock Down the Milk Bottles, and Fishing for prizes. An Art’s and Crafts table was covered with crayons, paints, colored pencils, glue sticks, colored paper, and glitter.

Picnic tables were croved with pink and white paper table cloths, while others were set up with food of all kinds.

Lastly, an Ice Cream man pushed a cart around selling the frozen treats that were both normal and sugar-free.

The whole place looked beautiful. And there were so many people!

“Wow.” Yugi breathed. “Angela wasn’t kidding when she said they were going to be short on hands.”

“So it seems.” Yami noted.

“Yami! Yugi!”

Both boys turned to see Anzu running towards them. She wore a yellow sundress and white sneaker-like sandals. “You guys came! We were getting worried you wouldn’t show.”

“We wouldn’t miss it, Anzu.” Yugi confirmed.

“Angela said that she’d like you to help me at the Arts and crafts table, Yugi.” She told them. “You as well, Yami. Or you can-.”


The three turned to see a group of children run up and crowd around the pharaoh. One was in a wheel chair, two were on crutches and one had crutches that were attached to the arms. The rest of the kids seemed normal…but at the Emerald Isle, everyone was normal. Even if you were ill on the inside…you were no different than anyone else.

Eyes shining with joy the kids hugged him if they were able, or nodded in ‘hello’.

“…duel with the kids.” Anzu finished, with surprise. She had heard of the children’s fondness for the King Of Games; she just didn’t know how fond they were.

A little girl, with serious burns, hugged him while clutching a Dark Magician Girl plushie. “Why did you stay away for so long?”

“We’ve missed you!” Chimed in a ten year old boy, whose arm was in a cast.

“Yeah!” A twelve year old boy, his friend, confirmed.

Yami laughed. “I was planning to come in a few weeks. You guys know my schedule better than I do.”

A deep hearty laugh made him look up to see Dr. John walking towards them, leaning on his crudgel-walking stick like always. He wore a pair of tan capris, old sneakers, a striped blue t-shirt, and a grey jean vest. His misty green eyes gleamed over his half-moon spectacles. He was also pushing a wheel chair which a girl, with lavender hair and pink eyes, sat in.

“You make the kids giddy as elves drinking moon wine, lad.” He said, before shaking Yami’s hand in greeting. “Good to see ya, laddie.”

“Same here, Dr. John.” Yami replied.

“Yugi? You and Anzu head to the Art table, I need to talk with Yami for a minute.”

Yugi blinked. “Oh…ok.”

As he and Anzu went over to the station, Yami turned to army veteran. “Am I in trouble?” He joked.

The old field medic chuckled. “No, Lad. But I wanted to introduce you to Lilly.” He gestured to the girl in the wheelchair, he had been pushing, beside him.

Lilly had a pale complexion, her lavender hair was tied in two pigtails, and she wore a rose colored top with jeans and white sandals. The wheels of her chair had ribbons threaded through the metal lines. She blushed and gave Yami a small wave.

Yami kneeled down and took her hand. “Nice to meet you, Lilly.” He said, before kissing her hand.

Lilly covered her mouth and silently giggled. Then made a motion with her hand.

“She’s deaf.” Dr. John explained. “But she can read lips very well. She’s been wanting to meet you for a long time, now. Ever since KC Tournament.”

Lilly shook her head at Dr. John and signed something that made the elder pretend to be sheepish. “Oh forgive me, I mean since Battle City.”

“Really?” Yami asked her. “That long?”

She nodded, then took out a pad and pencil before writing on it and handing it to Yami.

“I really like your duels. Can you help me make my first deck the next time you’re here?” It read.

He smiled at the young girl. “Of course Lilly, I’d be happy to. Maybe you can teach me some sign language too?”

Lilly clapped her hands in joy and nodded. She took the pad back and wrote something else.

“Can I have your autograph, please?”

“Of course.” Yami said, smiling. He turned to a blank page and used her pen to sign his name there. Lilly’s grin when she held the pad to her chest warmed Yami’s heart.

Dr. John smiled and turned to Yami. “Lilly’s a new resident here. Her mother’s here but she usually works at a shoe store in the mall. Double shift to pay the ridiculous fees the other hospitals had for keeping Lilly 24/7.” He patted the girl’s shoulder. “However, thanks to Kaiba Corp, this wee lassie is here for better treatment and housing.”

“Huh? What do you mean ‘thanks to Kaiba Corp’?” Yami asked.

“Why they’re our sponsor now.” Dr. John answered. “I thought Seto told you and Yugi?”

Yami rubbed his temple, “He hardly tells us anything, unless it benefits him.”

The old field medic shook his head. “Sins of the father…well you know now. Angela can tell ya more…I’m going to make that announcement later after she-oops! Almost let that pixie out of the bag.”

“What are you-?”

“Can’t tell ya. Ruin the surprise.” Dr. John said with a wink. “Well, I best get Lilly back to her mother.”

Yami blinked, but cracked a grin. “Alright.” He kissed Lilly’s hand again. “See you later, milady.”

Lilly silently giggled again, and waved as Dr. John wheeled her off.

The King Of Games waved back before walking around the grounds, and looking at everything. He saw Joey managing the ring toss and ducked behind the counter every few minutes if there weren’t any customers.

Curious, Yami headed over with Angela’s gift in his inner coat pocket. He leaned against the counter causally, before saying loudly, “You here, Joey?”

There was a yelp as Joey hit his head, before coming out.

“Ow…man, Yami. You know how ta scare a guy.”

“What were you doing down there?”

Joey got a nervous look in his eyes. “Nothing…just getting out of the sun.”

“But the sun doesn’t hit right here,” Yami thought. “It’s too early in the day.”

“And I was checking the prizes…you know to see if I’m running low.” Joey continued.

“He’s hiding something.” Came Yami’s next thought, before saying, “Alright. Is Tristan here?”

“Naw, he’s out of town…family reunion.”

“Did Kaiba come?”

Joey growled. “What do you think?! Of course he is! He came with five of his goons…got four of ‘em stationed at key points. The last is with him and Mokuba.”

Yami nodded, accepting the answer. The CEO never went anywhere without his body guards. “You seen Angela, anywhere?”

The blonde chuckled, “She moves around a lot. Doesn’t stay in one place through; last I saw her she was by the food table. Speaking of which, can you get me a drink and snack Yami? I’m dying here and I can’t leave my post ‘til noon.”

“Sure. Be right back.”

“Thanks, man.”

Yami walked over to the Food Tables, where there was a lot of choices; from hot dogs, sweet potato fries, and burgers, to chips, cookies, and cakes. For drinks there was lemonade, diet soda with and without Splenda, and punch. The cakes and cookies were the same.

There was food for vegetarians too:  burgers that weren’t made with meat…but carved from a root and seasoned to taste like meat. Also there were chicken patties and fish and chips, plus pasta’s like veggie lasagna.  

His mouth watered and he got Joey a tray of sweet potato fries, and a cup of punch.  For himself he got chicken and chips plus a Splenda Diet Coke.

Yami carried the can of coke in his left jacket pocket, while balancing the two plates on each other in one hand and carrying the cup of punch with the other hand.

Once he got back he didn’t see Joey, so he figured he was under the counter again. Yami put the plates down and the cup before knocking on the counter. “Joey?”

The blonde hit his head again, while getting up. “Back already?”

“Maybe you should get a helmet?” Yami joked.

“Yeah, yeah…laugh it up. Which one’s mine?”

Yami handed him the plate of fries and he began to munch on his. As Joey leaned over the table, Yami saw something sticking out of his pokect.

“What’s that?”

“What’s what?”

“In your pocket.”

Joey moved as if poked if a hot iron. “Nothing!”

Yami raised an eyebrow. “Joey?”

“It’s nothing Yami, really.”

“Alright, Joey. If you say so.” Yami pretended to leave and watched his friend duck down again. Moving quietly, he went over and peered over the edge to see Joey reading something. And from the way he was giggling…was either funny or…

“Oh Ra…” Yami thought. “Don’t let it be…”


Yami fell backwards and Joey scrambled out from under the counter. He groaned as he got up to see Angela at the side of the booth, holding the enter/exit curtain open, and eyes blazing like golden fire.

“What in the name of Oberon’s Court are you doing?!” She angrily asked.

“I-I um…” Joey stammered.

Angela moved so fast that it didn’t seem possible. She grabbed the object in Joey’s hands, and made a face of disgust. She rolled it up and bonked Joey hard on the head with one hand. “You foolish boy!” She hissed. “You don’t read this filth when there are children present!”

The blonde duelist moaned in pain while he rubbed his head. And Yami had to cringe, pitying his friend but at the same time angry that he brought something that vile to a family friendly place.

“I didn’t mean anything by it.” Joey tried to explain.

“I don’t care!” Angela argued. “I find you reading something like this here on this property again, I’m going to give you over to my Godpa for the harshest punishment he can think of. Do I make myself clear?!”

“Yes, mam.” Joey whimpered.  

Angela breathed to regain her composure, and left the booth to the front where Yami was rubbing his back. He saw that she was wearing a purple t-shirt with white butterfly print, cropped jeans, and tan sandals. A green bandana kept her hair back and her mother’s necklace gleamed in the sunlight.

“You ok, Yami?”

“Yeah, I’m fine. I didn’t know you could be that scary.”

She blushed. “Only when I have to be. Sorry you had to see that.”

Angela tossed the magazine into a trash can as the janitor came to change the trash bags.

“It’s fine.” Yami assured her, while taking his food to where Angela had been sitting.

Angela hugged him when they sat down. “I’m so happy you came. I saw you with Lilly while I was making my rounds; you were great with her.”

He blushed. “Thanks.”

“Yugi and Anzu are doing well at the Art table.” She told him. “They’re quite capable with kids. Especially with the planting the flowers in the pots they decorated.”

“So that’s what the flowers were for?” Yami asked.

“Yep. The kids decorate a flower pot and then place a flower inside it before taking it home. The main thing for them to remember is to write their name on popsicle stick so we know which belongs to who.”

“I think it’s a great idea.” He commented before taking a bite of his food.

“Are you enjoying yourself?”

“Yes. I’ve never seen this place so busy.”

Angela laughed, “You should see the Halloween dance…I think’s even busier. Not as much as Christmas.” She paused to take a sip of lemonade. “I hope you’ll come to one. I think you’d have fun.”

Yami shrugged. “We’ll see. But I would like to.”

“Well, if you can make it…I’d be very happy. The kids too.”

He smiled; the kids seemed to bring out something in him. “Speaking of the kids…I heard from Dr. John that Kaiba Corp’s your sponsor now?”

“Yes. I was surprised myself when Mokuba came and purposed to join forces. Kaiba was reluctant at first…and wouldn’t get back to me for a week.” Angela explained.

“What’d you do?”

“What makes you think I did anything?”

Yami smirked, while taking a sip of his coke. “I know you did.”

Angela chuckled. “Ok, ok…I did. I marched into his office and demanded to know his answer. The look on his face when I kicked the door open…priceless.”

“You kicked the door open?!” Yami asked, jaw dropped.

“He wouldn’t get off the phone.” She explained. “Anyway, I stormed up to him and told him that I had waited long enough to hear back from him. He said he’d do it and would call me when the papers were drawn up.”

Yami bit his lip to keep himself from laughing. “I wish I could’ve been there.”

Angela lightly punched his arm. “I think you’ve bruised that ego of his more than I have.”

“I wouldn’t be so quick to say that, Doctor.”

Both turned to see the blue-eyed CEO behind them. Seto wore his white trench coat, black shirt and pants, as well as boots. As always, he carried his sliver brief case.

Beside him was Mokuba, who waved at Angela. And a bodyguard on the other side of Seto.

“My ego is perfectly fine.” Seto finished.

Yami finished his sandwich. “So, Angela didn’t scare you senseless when she kicked down that door?”

“Please…it’ll take more than that to frighten me.”

“Really? Now do I find that hard to believe?” Yami asked, smirking.

Seto glared at the King Of Games, “I never get scared!” He then smirked. “You on the other hand…do get scared.”

“And there’s nothing wrong with that.”

“But when you played that so-called ‘Seal’; you were scared of losing-”

“At least I don’t resort to suicide like you did at Duelist Kingdom!”

Mokuba stood back as Yami and Seto got in each other’s face…sparks flying from both their eyes.

“Stop it, both of you!” Angela scolded, pushing the two apart. She glared at Seto. “Mr. Kaiba, you maybe our sponsor…but I won’t allow you to anger or frustrate the patients here. Rich or not, I’ll be more than happy to knock you down a feet off your high horse.”

Seto scoffed and looked away. “Very well.”

“Thank you, Seto.”

Mokuba looked at Angela. “Sorry about my brother, Dr. Brooks.”

“Its fine, sweetie.” She said, ruffling his hair. Turning to Seto, “Aren’t you hot in that coat?”

“No, I’m fine. Besides I’ve got to get back to the office soon.”

A nurse with pink hair came up to the group, “Angela? We need you to look over a file for a new patient…not sure what treatment plan we should use.”

“Alright, I’ll be right there.” Angela said, before turning to the boys. “No more fighting…got it?”

Yami nodded, and kissed her hand. “You have my word, majesty.”

“Thank you, pharaoh.”

As Angela walked off, Seto turned to Yami in disbelief. “She knows?”

“Oh yes…she does.” Yami replied.


“I’d tell you…” The former pharaoh smirked. “But then I’d have to kill you.”

Seto returned that smirk. “Touché.”

“Now, tell me why you decided to sponsor the ‘Emerald Isle’?”

The CEO leaned against the table. “I thought it’d be a sort-of ‘thank you’…for saving your life, when no one else would.” He chuckled. “Also Angela helped me as well.”

“How so?”

“Big Brother passed out from stress.” Mokuba chimed in. “His blood pressure was, ‘higher than a kite’ according to Angela. He almost went into a coma from it. She had Seto sent here and her Godfather treated him…with herbal medicines and a special aroma therapy oil.”

“I told you to not mention that.” Seto said through his teeth.

“He was bound to find out sooner or later.” Mokuba said.

Yami’s smirk widened. “So that’s why you did it? Very noble of you, Kaiba.”


The once pharaoh turned to see Yugi and Anzu coming up to him.

“Dr. O’ Riley is going to make announcement, come on.” Yugi said, lightly pulling on Yami’s arm.

Yami let him pull him towards the dance floor. Dr. John O’ Riley stood in the center, leaning on his walking stick.

“Alright, settle down.” He told everyone. “Well, it so nice to see so many faces…both new and old. Thank you for coming to our little get-together; our first here in Japan. Many things have happened this year…good and bad. I’m happy to announce that Kaiba Corp. has become our sponsor, this is a grand thing to happen to our family. And to add to this special occasion, a dance from my homeland by my the one dearest to my heart.”

Dr. John left the stage and on walked a woman in a traditional Irish dance costume of green, gold, and red. Hair held back with a woven headband.

“Angela?!” Chimed Yugi and Yami in unison.

Yes it was her. The Celtic music started and Angela began to dance; the hard heel of her shoe making a hard knock on the floor. As the music picked up pace, Angela did too.

“Enjoying the dance, lads?”

Yami coughed on his drink, and Yugi jumped before turning to see Dr. John behind them. The Irish doctor was chuckling and watching his Goddaughter dance.

“Y-Yes sir.” Yami said, after getting his breath back. “I’ve never seen a dance like this before. What’s it called?”

“This kind of Irish dance is called a ‘Step Dance’. The oldest of all the dances in Ireland; not an easy dance to master unless you’re dedicated.”  

“She’s good.” Yugi mused.

“Thank you, lad.”

The music ended and Angela bowed as the crowd clapped. She left the stage and headed for the clinic to change. People started to crowd the dance floor again; dancing with their moms or loved ones.

Yami moved over to the side, and finished his drink. He was impressed with the dance he had seen, the style and graceful moves…he was slightly jealous. Because of his pacemaker, he couldn’t do those kind of dances. And he kinda wanted to know how.

After tossing his empty soda can away, Angela came out in the street clothes she had been wearing before. He jogged up to her.

“Angela! Wait a minute.”

She turned and smiled at the young man. “Yami, did you enjoy the show?”

“Yes. I…I have something to tell you.”


“In private.”

Angela nodded and led him to a bench, where they sat down. “Is something wrong? Are you feeling alright?”

“Nothing like that, Angela.” Yami told her. “I just wanted to thank you.”

“Thank me?”

Yami rubbed the back of his neck. “If I hadn’t met you…I’d probably be either on Life Support or dead. I owe you my life, Angela.”

Angela put a hand on his shoulder. “You owe me nothing, Yami.”

“Yes, I do.” He said, while pulling out the gift from his inner jacket pocket. “I wanted to let you know…even though you’re not my mother by blood, you are one to me. And that won’t change.”

“Yami…” Angela was stunned. She took the gift and removed the wrapping to find a velvet box. Opening it to find a pendent styled after the Duel Monster Fairy’s Gift. The skin was green metal, the dress was emeralds, and the wings were peridot and amethysts. The hair was black onyx which shone purple in the light.

“Sweet Midsummer…it’s beautiful.” Angela breathed, then looked at Yami. “This is for me? I-I don’t-”

“You’re a mother to me Angela…I’ve never knew my real mother, but I-I love you that way. I understand if you don’t feel the same but-”

“I do.”


“I feel the same Yami, I see you as my son.” She confessed. “I told you I see everyone as family…but I feel as if you’re my own flesh and blood.”

Yami smiled, eyes bright before asking in a shy tone, “Then can I call you ‘mom’? When we’re alone?”

“Like in your day? When those closest to you couldn’t say your name in public?”

He nodded.

“Then yes.”

Angela hugged him, and he hugged her. Both stayed like that for a minute then parted.

“Help me put it on?” She asked.


Yami clasped the necklace around her neck, the pendent fell just below her mother’s necklace. For a brief moment, Yami thought he saw the two glow with magic.

Angela cupped his face, “You have such a sweet and kind heart Yami. I’m happy to know that about you.”

Yami chuckled. “I’m glad you think that…‘mother’.”

That made them both laugh.

Both walked around a bit, saying ‘hello’ to those they passed. It seemed as if the two had known each other for years.

By the time the dance was ending…Yami and Angela were at a table having a piece of cake.

“I wish I could dance like how you did.” He told her.

“You could.”

“No…not with this Tin Man heart in me.”

Angela shook her head. “There are many people who have a pacemaker, and they can dance as well as anyone.”

Yami raised a brow.

“I know one. In fact he’s going to start a dance class here next week…the same dance I do.” She explained. “Just try it ok? I can even help if need be.”

The young man sighed, before smiling. “Alright, alright…I’ll try it.”

Yugi came up at that moment, “We got to go, Yami. Grandpa will wonder where we are, if we’re not back soon.”

Yami sighed and got up, then hugged Angela. “See you next week, Mom.” He whispered.

“I’ll see you soon.” She replied. “I’ll have your room ready, next week.”

Yami then left with Yugi; knowing that Yugi would give him the twenty questions about the necklace. But he would answer anyway.  Nothing could keep him from smiling that day…for now…he had something he never had.

A mother.

This was a little something I came up with while helping :iconyami72: with her story. And since 'Mother's Day' is around the corner I thought I'd put this up.
This story is a mother and son fic. The shipping of these two characters is 'Fairyshipping'; which I and :iconyami72: came up with. (My fic's containing Angela and Yami will have this. She will get credit on the shipping name.)
Please note that I have permission to use her universe(Damaged Goods & Choices We Make) for this story. This tale takes place after Choices We Make.

Angela, Dr. John, Lilly and the Emerald Isle: belong to me.

The Damaged Goods/Choices we make universe belong to :iconyami72:

Use any of these without our permission and we'll make your life a LIVING nightmare. NOT KIDDING AROUND HERE PEOPLE!
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Chapter 1: The Unknown

“Grampa, I need to talk to you. It’s ... uh.... important.”

Yugi was holding the millennium puzzle in his hands as he stood beside the sofa where his old grandfather sat. He was watching the television. His grandfather liked watching the game shows they put on after eight o’clock every weekday night, and after the shop was closed and cleaned for the next day, and after dinner was cleared away, Solomon would sit down and watch TV until he inevitably fell asleep on the sofa. These nights Yugi usually busied himself by playing card games with Yami, or reading a good book or two. But ever since Yami’s discussion, a new revelation had opened in his mind and he was lost and confused by indecision, excitement and worry.

“Hmm?” Solomon turned to look round. It was dim in the lounge. Most of the light came from the flashing images on screen. “What is it, Yugi?”

“Well, I am not sure, but it’s kinda... complicated.”

It was good to see his grampa take him seriously for once. Even in the darkness of the room he obviously saw the worry and graveness etched in his grandson’s shadowy face. Solomon picked up the remote that lay on the arm of the sofa and clicked the TV off. Then he reached over to the lamp on the little table by the chair and the room was filled with overly bright light.

“What is this about?” Solomon asked patiently. “Are you having trouble at college?”

“Oh no, it’s nothing like that. It’s Yami.”


“Yes. The spirit of the pharaoh in my millennium puzzle.”

“What about him?” Solomon asked, not quite sure how to play along. He had heard about this Yami before, only he wasn’t really sure what he was hearing. Yugi discussed this pharaoh from time to time when he was in the right mood, and it seemed that this imaginary friend remained with Yugi with every college year that passed, even when Yugi had real friends like Joey and Triston.

However, sometimes, when he was folding away laundry or making the bed, he would hear two people talking in Yugi’s room. Of course, Yugi always closed the door, but Solomon would perch just outside it, listening in. On occasion his curiosity would grow too much, and he could restrain himself no longer. He would open the door with a plate of cookies or folded clothes, convinced he would see Joey on the floor playing with cards – kids climbed through bedroom windows all the time to avoid being noticed. But there was no one there. Yugi was playing by himself. There was no one else in the room. Solomon would pretend to clean the place up a bit by rearranging Yugi’s jumper on the rack to discreetly look behind the door, or he would peer under the bed. But there was never anyone to find. The only thing that gave Solomon a clue was the cards. There would be Yugi’s set on his side, and another set of cards on the other side of the playing mat: almost as though someone had been there. Now, Solomon didn’t like to believe in ghosts. They haunted buildings, and they caused more harm than good whether they existed or not. But Yugi showed strange signs of being ‘haunted’ ever since he solved that rare Egyptian puzzle.

“Well, it’s just that, instead of letting him go to be free in the afterlife, we came to an agreement instead. It’s partly my fault. I don’t want to lose him.” At this, Yugi wrapped his little fingers firmly around the puzzle as if to caress it. The gold of the upside down pyramid was easily warmed by his touch. “If I lost him, I’d... I’d...” He shook his head and his purple eyes, once clouded with melancholy, looked up into his grampa’s eyes and they turned clear and cold with an unearthly passion. “Yami’s found a way to materialize.”

“Pardon?” Now this was... surprising. Yugi looked perfectly sane. He spoke and acted as he normally did. And now this ‘being’ – this ‘yami’ had somehow become a greater importance in Yugi’s little world. Solomon had rather hoped he would grow out of this phase and find a girl or something like normal boys. It looked like that reality was still a far off fantasy.

“I know it sounds strange, but Yami has very potent powers. He’s been planning this for a while now, and he thinks he’s gathered enough energy – dark – energy – to materialize himself. He explained it all to me once, and I have to confess that it all went over my head a little. But he can only do it once, and if it works, it’s kind of unknown what will happen. But he’s been over and over the facts and he thinks it can’t go wrong.”

“What’s this got to do with me?”

“I want to know if you’ll love him and accommodate him here as you have provided for me. Treat him as another grandson. He can even sleep in my room.”


“He won’t need to go to college. I won’t know how old he’ll be when he gets his own body, so you’ll have to look after him while I’m out.”


“And we’ll have to buy more food. Also I won’t know what kind of taste he’ll have. He might be vegetarian for all I know. And I think it’s perfect! He won’t have to leave me! He’ll stay in his own form!”

“Yugi!” Solomon jumped out from his chair and grabbed Yugi’s little shoulders gently, but firmly. “I’ve put up with this for a long time, Yugi, but it’s got to stop. You’ve gone too far!”


“Don’t you understand? This ‘yami’ doesn’t exist! It’s all part of your imagination! Your mother always said you were very bright and imaginative. You were always dreaming of things. Well it’s got to stop! How will you ever start a family if you keep talking about this imaginary friend you have?”

“He’s real!” Yugi blurted, gripping the puzzle tighter. “Disbelieve me all you want, but very soon he’ll be up and walking around like you or me! I just asked for your help! And it seems that I won’t have it!” He wrenched himself out of Solomon’s steely grip and stalked out the room.

“Yugi!” Solomon cried after him. But was there any use in pursuing him? After all, this ‘insanity’ over an invisible pharaoh wasn’t exactly going to go away overnight. Defeated and all but a little rueful (his grandson needed help – perhaps a good therapist he could talk to, however they charged a lot of money these days), Solomon sat back down and switched on the television.

‘I think I am ready, little one.’ Spoke the voice of the Pharaoh. Yugi screamed to a halt on the bedroom floor. He had spent much of the evening sweeping and clearing it all in preparation for tonight. The bed was all made. The floor was spruce and tidy. Every single toy and board game had been packed away or sent up to the attic. Though Yugi had next to no idea what to expect, he had to be ready.

“What shall I do?” Yugi asked. He looked down at the puzzle. It had begun to glow faintly through the all-too-tight grip of his fingers.

‘I suggest you stand back when I begin. Do not be afraid, and have no regrets. For this choice is mine alone.’

Yugi felt himself frowning. “What do you mean, Yami? Are you saying this could be dangerous?”

‘Not for you.’

There was a moment of tranquil silence, and though nothing had yet happened, Yugi felt very demoralized and discouraged. Through their spiritual connection he could feel Yami’s own fervour, but it was deeply and profoundly mixed with nervousness and anxiety. It seemed to pulse outward like the unwonted rhythm of a strange song.
“Don’t do this if it is risky, Yami.”

‘Ah, Aibou. I have waited a long time for this one chance.’ Though Yugi could not see him, he could feel him, and his mottling ebb and flow of emotions. Yugi wanted to cry with sadness, and whimper with joy all at once, such was the vast flummox of Yami’s tide of emotion. ‘What I would give to hold you in my own arms. To do the things you do. To eat. To play. To feel the breeze on my cheek. I can do these things with your body, Yugi, but it is truly my own I want, my own to look after. And my own to travel and have adventures with. And though you do not want me to return to the afterlife, I am growing terribly weary and sick of the tomb enclosed all around me. The darkness is full of power and it is all I have known for three thousand years, but I am also frightened of it. I want to be free, either in death, or in life. The time is now, Aibou. Please allow me to try.’

Doubt clouded Yugi’s insight, and as much as he tried to block it off before it had time to grow, Yami still sensed it. “I’m sorry, Yami. I fear for you.”

‘Don’t. Each of us must take our chance when the challenge calls. My dark powers shall help and guide me. Shall I begin, Aibou?’

It took a monumental effort for Yugi to acquiesce. He was opening a door of new and potentially deadly possibilities. Did Yami really know what he was doing? Of course he didn’t. He had never tried this before. Anything could happen. And Yugi was now more afraid than ever. At first he had been very excited. Yami would be as real as anybody else! He would be able to touch and to smell him! Hold his hand and go shopping with him! It was his ultimate dream come true! But now... with all these complications, Yugi wasn’t sure anymore what to think. All he could do, was hope.

Hope for the best.

‘Well, here goes.’

There was a pull of pressure, and a final jab of unsettled emotions from the pharaoh as the millennium puzzle glowed into white-hot brilliance. Yugi had to release his grip on it to save himself from getting scorched hands. Then the puzzle began to rock from side to side like a demented pendulum. As it thrashed, it left streaks of white light. Even the light bulbs in Yugi’s room began to ebb in and out. One moment the room was in darkness, the next it was smothered by a heavy cadence of ethereal light. Downstairs, Yugi could hear his grandfather screaming as the TV screen blew. Then the alarm clock on the windowsill began to rattle up and down, and a few books fell off their shelves in a flutter of pages and bookmarks. A form of light began to draw from the puzzle and the surrounding environment – even from Yugi himself.

The body of light started off small – looking a lot like a ball of lightning. Then it began to take shape, and it grew taller before Yugi’s every eyes. He became dazzled by the light as it throbbed and pulsed outward like some kind of aura. But then the light died – most spontaneously – and became blacker than midnight. All the darkness poured back into the puzzle that grew cold and dull again. Yugi closed his eyes at that point. The earth-shattering fiasco and throbbing of lights gave him momentary blindness. But when all went suddenly quiet and still, he timidly opened his eyes again. The lights were all on as normal, and despite his grandfather’s cursing downstairs, everything seemed to be normal. Even the millennium puzzle had grown as cool as the metal it was made from. But as his vision cleared a little more, he focused his vision on his spiritual counterpart.

Only, he was a spirit no longer. What sat on the carpet of his bedroom floor wasn’t a ghost or some kind of strange apparition but a human being. A living, breathing human being! And it was Yami! He sat on the carpet completely stark naked. But he was whole, and there was nothing deformed or abhorrent. He looked like he would have done three thousand years ago in a thirty year old body. Without really thinking, Yugi ran over and was about to give the newly reborn pharaoh a longing embrace, but he stopped short at the last moment. Yami, though he was whole and solid, with lank red and magnetic hair complete with gold bangs and with those lustrous amethyst eyes, didn’t look all that delighted. He wasn’t even looking at his small protégé. His beautiful large eyes were fixed on his pale white hand that rested on the carpet. And he was breathing a little too harshly.

Yugi’s wave of emphatic exhilaration came crashing down. Something was wrong.
His mind offered a practical alternative, and he went over to his bed. He tugged off the top bed sheet and wrapped it around Yami’s pale body. At once the pharaoh’s new body began to quiver with uncontrollable bouts of fierce shivering. Yugi knelt before the pharaoh, but again Yami did not look up at him, and showed no signs of even acknowledging him.

“Yami? Yami you... you did it! Look at me, Yami! What’s wrong? Please tell me or I’ll go mad with grief. Oh please tell me!” He was growing more desperate. He tenderly leaned forwards and gripped the shivering pharaoh in a gentle embrace. This wasn’t how he pictured their first real contact. He expected tears of joy, laughter shared between them, and absolute comfort. He did not imagine this. Yami’s purest amethyst eyes were moist with unshed tears that didn’t blink, and his mouth tipped open as he seemed to struggle to breathe. It was almost as if his chest couldn’t expand enough to draw in necessary oxygen. And his mind seemed lost, staggered perhaps – for he did not seem to be aware of anything – not even his own desperate respiration or the arms that held him.

“Yugi, what the...?”

So consumed was he with Yami’s pain that Yugi did not hear his grandfather march up the stairs to see him until it was too late. When Solomon parted his lips to sound his irritation, for not only had the TV blown up, for they seemed to have suffered a small earthquake, but now Yugi had also been not just talking to himself like before – but shouting! He had had just about enough of this. And that was when he saw some other creature in the room with his grandson.  Eerily enough this stranger looked remarkably like his grandson. Same hair with added gold streaks to it, and a familiar face too. Solomon shook his head and rubbed furiously at his eyes. Only, when he opened them again the stranger was still there, huddled in a blanket and being coddled by Yugi.

“Grampa!” Yugi’s voice was urgent and nearly hysterical. “He needs help! I don’t know what’s wrong with him!”

Great holy cards! Solomon stood there stupidly; and suddenly, everything Yugi had said in the past about some mysterious imaginary friend was now finally falling into place. Had he... had he been telling the truth this entire time? What did it matter right now? There was a sick man on the floor, and he needed help.

Solomon knelt down beside them and barely felt the pain in his knee joints this time like he usually did when he sat down too quickly. “How did this happen, Yugi? Who is this man?”
“His name is Yami for the hundredth time!” His grandson replied with venom. “And he just... just appeared like this!” By now Yami – clearly exhausted – and having lost all strength, could no longer sit up. He slumped against Yugi until finally his head lay on his lap and the rest of him went limp and inert on the carpet.

Solomon came forward and put a hand on Yami’s forehead. Then he brought his hand lower down to feel the temperature of his chest and stomach inside the blanket. It was no secret that he was completely naked under there. “This is most unorthodox.” Solomon was muttering. He was quite shaken himself.

“Will you just tell me what’s wrong? Yami isn’t answering me! And I can’t... I can’t feel him!”

“Feel him? What on earth do you mean?”

Yugi’s cheeks flushed a little. He hadn’t meant it to sound like that at all. What he really meant was that he could not feel Yami’s spiritual connection. Where once he could feel his closely knitted feelings and very presence, there was now a void in his place. Yami had always been at the back of his mind, and now there was only emptiness. As he watched his grampa feel for anything wrong on Yami’s behalf, Yugi forced himself to calm down. Ever since Yami had presumably collapsed, he had fallen into absolute panic. While he slowed his breathing he began to stroke Yami’s chilled face as Solomon went to inspect his hands and feet. Once some of the panic cleared, Yugi realized why he could not feel the pharaoh’s presence. It was so damn simple! Of course he wouldn’t be able to feel him! Yami’s spirit was no longer beside his, and his own spirit was no longer trapped in the puzzle! Yami’s new body had the spirit now! The puzzle was but an empty vessel now – a block of well crafted metal covered in ancient hieroglyphs!

“Okay, I can see the problem.”

Yugi leaned forward in his dismay. “What? What is it?”

“Your friend is very hypothermic. He’s exhausted, and he’s in shock. We need to warm him up, and quickly. We might need to call for an ambulance.” His words were low and grave. Yugi’s heart twisted in agony and despair. How and why was Yami like this? And an ambulance wouldn’t work – would it? Yami had no identification – no licence, no record and no birth certificate! Once they did a blood test they would only see him as an immigrant from Egypt!

“No ambulance yet, grampa!” Yugi implored. “He’s not on their database!”

He rolled his eyes in evident disbelief. “Yes, well, we need to bring his temperature up. I want you to massage his body and rub his hands and feet.” He rose from the floor and heard his knees pop.

“Where are you going?” He bawled.

“Easy there, Yugi. I’m just going to bring the kettle to a boil and pour some hot water in a bowl. Then he can breathe in the warm fumes from it. It works, trust me. Now do as I asked. I’ll be back with lots of warm blankets too.”

“What about a hot water bottle?”

“No, too risky. A hot water bottle will draw all the heat to his skin. It’s his organs that need the urgent warmth.” He left the room and ran downstairs – which was quite a feat for an old man. Yugi was left in charge, and he would do his utmost to help his friend.

Since he was close enough to the bed, he reached up, snaked his hand through the iron rails and snatched down a cushion. Quickly he traded his warm lap for the cushion so that Yami could rest his head on that instead. Now that he had both hands free, Yugi quickly and thoroughly began to pat and massage all along Yami’s thin body.
“Come on, Pharaoh. Talk to me! Say something! Are you in any pain?”
Yami gave no indication that he had heard him. His eyes were now closed, his breathing still slow and terribly awkward. His thin body continued to tremble with violent shivers. Yugi forced himself to hold back the tears, but before he knew it a lump of grief had formed in his throat and his eyes were waterlogged. Tears tumbled down his ashen cheeks. This was not what he had dreamed at all.

And he was very scared.
Damaged Goods - the very first chapter
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Info: This is a one shot gift for my good friend, LadyKeren. It's a Sailor Moon, one shot about Nephlite and Molly. I haven't writen Sailor Moon in ages. Hopefully I can get it written good. May have a lime in it. I heard she doesn't like lemons, so I wrote a lime. So where you see a line at is where they did it.

Molly was sitting in her room that morning bored as hell. She wore a short blue skirt and yellow long sleeved shirt and was sitting in front of her vanity mirror, deep in thought. The other day Nephlite had told her about the people he was working for, and told her the full truth. But then the other night he saved her from the negaverse. If Nephlite was truly a bad person why had he saved her life for? Molly just didn't get it.

"No," she said shaking her head,"Nephlite is a great guy. There's no way he can be evil. I must not believe that." She started brushing her hair and fixed it up in its usual half ponytail with blue bow tie. Molly's hair was always such a pain to brush. Her hair got tangled in knots very badly whenever she tried brushing her hair. Sometimes she had to run hot water though her hair just to get it un-tangled. She had very thick curly brown hair that was to the length of her shoulders.

Just as Molly was getting ready to exit her room though, her phone rang. It was on her private line, that was in her bedroom. Molly picked up her bright pink phone in her hand,"Hello?" She said.

"Molly, we need to talk. Could you meet me at my house?" Nephlite asked.

"Nephlite, how did you get my number?" Molly questioned him.

"I looked it up in the phone book," Nephlite told her,"Now, will you meet me or not?"

"A..At your house?" Molly blushed somewhat, looking kind of nervous. She'd never been to a guy's home by herself before. Plus, Nephlite was so much older then Molly. But she didn't care. She was still in love with the man anyway. She didn't care that he worked for the evil Negaverse,"O..ok."

"Then I'll see you in a bit, Molly," said Nephlite. They both hung up the phone after saying there good byes to each other. Molly went and ran downstairs real quickly in a hurry to leave. Nephlite's home wasn't that far away. Even though she'd never been in his house before, she'd seen it tons of times before and knew it was his cause she'd seen him out in the yard. She grabbed her shoes at the door, then suddenly put them back down. She remembered her mother wasn't home right now, and thought she should leave her a note so she wouldn't worry about her.

Molly grabbed a pen and a piece of paper and wrote down,"Gone out for a few hours. Be back soon. Love, Molly." She put the note by the door so her mother would see the note when she got home. She then grabbed her shoes, at the door, that were black and slipped them onto her feet. She then left the house, locking the door on her way out, making sure also to flip the jewely shop sign to,'Closed', as she went out.

It only took Molly about 30 minutes to get to Nephlite's huge manor. She gulped, gripping her pocket book at her side as she walked up the steps and up to the door. She rung the doorbell very nervously. She then stood back and waited a few moments, until Nephlite answered the door. He had his hair in its usual long, and down style. He wore his lavender colored t-shirt, and white colored jeans,"Molly, come on in," said Nephlite. He took her by the hand and led her inside.

Molly looked around Nephlite's living room. There was a couch in the corner, with a wide screen TV in front of the couch, setting on an enteraiment center. There were speakers on each side of the TV. Up above the TV was a VCR/DVD combo and a Blu-Ray player. Next to the TV was a big radio player. It was one of those huge music players that played CDs, cassates and records on the top. For being a huge manor, the living room wasn't really that big.

Molly took off her shoes at the door and walked across the soft carpetted floor towards the couch and sit down,"Ok, what did you call me for, Nephlite?" She asked him.

" see. I must applogize to you Molly," said Nephlite.

"Applogize?" Molly looked confused as she blinked up at Nephlite as he sit down next to her on the couch,"For what?"

"For getting you involved with the Negaverse. And for lying to you about who I was, and that I was involved with them," Nephlite explained.

"Oh! That's ok," Molly told him.

Nephlite shook his head. He took Molly's hands in his staring deeply into her eyes,"No, it's not ok, Molly. I could of gotten you killed. I want you to know, I have quit. I will not be working for them anymore."

"Really?" Molly asked.

"Really. Molly I..." Nephlite took a gulp full of air, as he started moving towards her lips. Molly blushed 50 shades of reds as Nephlite moved closer and closer towards her. Molly knew what he was about to do and she was going to let him. She started leaning in towards him as well. Seeing as she wanted this as much as he did and she wasn't backing out, Nephlite pushed the rest of the way, forwards and captured Molly's lips in his own, for a sweet passionate kiss.

Molly felt her heart rate speed up as the man of her dreams kissed her. She wrapped her arms around Nephlite's neck, as he grabbed her and pulled her into his lap, holding Molly close as the two of them kissed. The kiss got more heated as Nephlite rubbed his tongue against her bottom lip begging for enterence into her mouth, which she accepted.

As for Nephlite, he felt like he had died and gone to heaven, as he kissed the girl, like no tomorrow. The two hated to pull apart, but the need to breath was there. They both pulled out of the kiss but not the embrace. Nephlite rubbed his hand along Molly's cheek as she closed her eyes and moaned somewhat,"I love you, Molly," he told her. He cuddled her into his chest holding her tightly to him.

"I love you, as well," Molly answered back.

"Hey, would you like to go down town? The other day you were saying something about treating me to a parfait, right?" Nephlite grinned.

"Oh! Oh, that's right. I forgot about that," said Molly. Nephlite took Molly by the hand and pulled her to her feet as he got up.

"So, you want to go?" He asked her, with a smile.

"I'd love to!" Said Molly. The two of them then left Nephlite's home hand in hand. Where they were going wasn't far away, so they decided to walk there. Molly linked onto Nephlite's arm as they walked down the sidewalk. It was spring time and all the flowers were in full bloom. Molly stared up at the pink sakura blossom trees as they walked,"Aren't the cherry blossom trees so pretty Nephlite?"

"Not as pretty as you," he told her.

"Oh, Nephlite," Molly started giggling, as Nephlite smiled down at her.

"It's true," said Nephlite, as he joined in on the laughter. Seemed Nephlite was a changed person since falling in love with Molly. Before he wouldn't of showed any emotions like this. But now thanks to Molly, he was a changed person.

Molly and Nephlite made it to the ice cream parlor. The couple had a seat outside at one of those tables with a shadded umbralla overtop of it. The waitress came over to take there order,"What'll it be?" She asked.

"One chocolate parfait please," said Nephlite.

The woman nodded,"Coming right up." She jodded down the order on a sheet of paper on a clipboard and walked away.

As they were waiting Melvin just happened to be walking by. He was in all black clothes and wore his huge glasses like always,"What's that jerk doing with Molly?" He wondered. He walked over and demanded,"Hey, you! What are you doing with my girl?"

"Uh...EXSCUE ME! YOUR girl! Get a life Melvin," Molly sighed with her eyes shut.

"Molly, this guy will just take advantage of you. He's way too old for you," said Melvin.

"Mind your own business!" Molly cried out. Melvin tried to pull Molly away from Nephlite but she pulled her arm out of his and slapped Melvin.

Melvin looked like he was going to cry as he demanded to Nephlite,"I'm not going to let you get away with this buster! I'll get you next time!" He then ran off crying.

The waitress then came back with there order,"Enjoy," she told them, sitting the parfait down in front of them. She put two straws in the glass. Molly got a little closer to Nephlite and the two of them shared the treat together.

"So, how is it? Good?" Molly asked Nephlite.

"I love it," said Nephlite. Molly grinned at Nephlite as she got another sip.

"So, what are you going to do now? Now that your not working with the Negaverse I mean," Molly questioned him.

"I don't know. I was thinking about getting in the music carrer," said Nephlite,"I have written a few songs. But I don't know if there any good."

"I'd love to hear them," said Molly.

"Then after we finish up here, I'll take you back to my manor and you can," he smiled at her. The two finished the parfait, Nephlite leaving the cherry on top for Molly, which she thought was the sweetest thing for him to do. The two of them spooned the part out at the bottom and Nephlite left a tip for the waitress and paid for the parfait. He then took Molly by the hand and the two of them headed back to Nephlite's place, hand in hand.

They went inside and Nephlite took out a few CDs, he had written, and stuck one into the CD player and started up the music,"Would you like to dance?" He asked Molly. She took his hand, blushing. And the two of them started slow dancing to the music.

"It's beautiful," Molly told him, as the two danced.

"I'm glad you think so. I wrote it for you," said Nephlite.

"F..For me?" Molly had tears in her eyes. That was just the sweetest thing. Nephlite leaned in and kissed Molly softly on the lips. She pressed herself up against him very tightly. Nephlite ran his hands up and down her sides, gently.

"I love you Molly." Nephlite moved from her lips to her neck, searching for her weak spot. When he found it, he begin sucking and nibbling that one spot. Molly moaned as he did that. She then started tugging on his shirt. Nephlite, understood and helped her remove it. He reached over and turned the music off. Molly then stood back staring at his muscles.

Nephlite picked her up and carried Molly to his bedroom, where he laid her on the bed. He then started removing Molly's shirt. She felt herself get hot and sweaty as he did that, getting turned on. The two of them started there love making.


The two of them woke up naked in each other's arms hours later,"I love you Molly. Will you marry me when you come of age?" He asked her.

"Yes, Nephlite," said Molly, cuddling him. Nephlite produced a gold ring with a cherry blossom stone on it, and slipped it onto Molly's finger. The two of them then kissed again. And before Molly knew it, Nephlite was all over her a second time.
Gift for: :iconladykeren:

Anyone know the code for centering text, and changing text size?
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(If you like this picture you can COMMISSION ME at this [link] .)

Full Color commission for Reblmebl [link] with her and her Pokemon team, consisting of an Oddish, Vaporeon, Arcanine (Tai), Aipom, Charmeleon, and a Raichu.

Drawing this commission was really interesting for me, since I knew exactly what I wanted in an image in terms of theme and lighting. As the commissioner matched my idea of traveling, then this was a very natural commission for me to draw. With the exception of the Arcanine, either none of these Pokemon I have drawn (Aipom, Charmeleon), drawn for some 10 years (Raichu, Oddish), or drawn properly (Vaporeon), so a lot of referencing was required. Am I ever pleased with the Arcanine especially, since they use to look like Growlithes when I drew them, and now I have managed to draw them as such noble dogs. Add a bit of backlighting and that adds a good level of drama to the characters as well.

Photoshop CS4
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this is the first complete pokemon fan art i make.

i wasn't a big fan of pokemon.......well i still don't like the serie at all. but the game is adictive and i like the way you theach your pets to kill others pets..
anyway this are my favorites pokemons and i'm the karate ninja trainer AJ. this should be my party if i have a role in the pokemon world, serching for the MEWTWO.

PAL PAN # 2492 1206 0636

it will be pretty dificcult but if you want a match i'll try to connet. TIP my party could not be any of the pkms show here.
P.S. sorry for the big head sqirtle
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One fo the pokemon lol
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Name: Lux
Spices: Shadow Zorua
Gender: Female
Nature: Adament
Level: 50
Attacks: Fury Swipes, Embargo, Shadow Ball, Dig
OT: RedDragon72
Adopted from: [link]
Background base credit to: [link]
Date Adopted: 06/26/12
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Rest in peace Demon. You will be surely missed deeply. I love you. A tribute to my grandma's cat that died today.
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every dog likes to claim something this one claims pillows.
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My cats bundled up sleeping together on a small chair. They're actually touching up against each other and neither one seems to mind. So cute!
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Luna sleeping in a box. Awwwww, just SO cute!
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Chula and the newest member of our family Cheeto, in my life I have had 3 chihuahuas, Chi-Chi, Pee-Wee and Tito, we are taking 2 letters from each dog to honor each one we have had, Cheeto is also a decendent of our last Chihuahua Chi-Chi AKA. Akamaru and is actually her brothers puppy so the bloodline continues in Cheeto from Chi-Chi.

Cheeto is only 6 weeks old now and weighs only 18 ounces not expected to be more then 3.5 pounds she is so tiny but so very precious.

She has tape on her ears to strenghthen her ear muscles so they stay up.
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My first animated support stamp. And it's for my number one favorite anime cannon couple Ichigo and Rukia. Please use it. I know, it looks like crap but I couldn't figure out how to get a stamp border onto it without stopping the animation.
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my first ichiruki art.i hope you guys like it
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After I read chapter 459 I had to make this as cover for my sketchbook :D
I couldn't add all the great scenes of Ichigo and Rukia, but some of the best- especially the farewell and the reunion :heart:
It's copied, but netherless I couldn't draw this as beautiful as in the manga/anime...

I just love the two of them :3

Ichigo Kurosaki, Rukia Kuchiki @Bleach by Tite Kubo
Don't forget to comment!
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IT IS OFFICIALLY SUMMER from where I am, and quite frankly, I don't feel it at all. :iconimdeadplz: :iconsaysplz: stoopppiiddd worrkkkk!!

I can't leave and have fun so I might as well throw my 'spirit of summer' to you guys and to my fave/otp forever ichiruki :iconyeahplz:

Hope you like it guys...

Yes, Ichigo and Rukia sharing a 'small' pool. :iconhurrhurrplz: kinkeh!

:iconrukiaplz: OH! what is this mini water contraption? :iconeagerplz: ICHIGO! quick! how do you use this?
:iconichigoplz: you put water in it and swim midget.. but that's for ki---HEY THAT HURT!
:iconrukiaplz: quit standing there and get in!
:iconichigoplz: no fucking way am i getting in there!

*after a few minutes*

:iconrukiaplz: move berryhead!
:iconichigoplz: like we'd fit! This is fucking embarassing!
:iconrukiaplz: oh shush! Just enjoy the water! *gets in*
:iconichigoplz: :iconshockplz: wha--what are you doing?!
:iconrukiaplz: What does it look like? You can't have all the fun! *sits on ichigo's lap*

:iconichigoplz: : :iconnosebleedplz:

whew.. that was long :sleep:
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Mini Pink Heart PixelMy OC for mahou shoujo onee~chan, :iconmiss-gravillian1992:'s anime, Starlight Maidens! =D Here's my persona as a Starlight Maiden, basically. Pink XD 

Starlight Maidens Copyright :iconmiss-gravillian1992:

OC, Art, and Taylor Sweetheart Copyright :icontheprincesstaylor:
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Would you watch Sailor Moon if they made a parody chibi anime of it and Sailor Moon looked like this? lol

AC2013#23 Powerpuff Girls Z character creator by Hapuriainen
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this poped into my head last night when i was browsing youtube i saw a shadow tribute video and then a sonic R video when the thought came to me Shadow and the Tails doll, the Ultimate lifeform and the Ultimate evil.
^^ comment if you fave please
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lol XD; I wanted to color something.. since I can't use Photoshop atm. So, I did piccy of Sonic an Amy SR in their Riders looks XD; (I suck at SR style XDD; )

Th pic came out decent :shrug: I did BG lil like Green Cave from Sonic Riders. (doesn't look like it though :giggle: )

I dunno why Amy is crying :( They're standing on th track in that particular zone^^

I hopes you likes *^-^*

Sonic, Amy, an inspiration for BG XD; (c) SEGA/Sonic Team

Art- Sayu

This pic.. I colored it with colored pencils. I haven't used colored pencils in over 3 years D=
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it's a scribble, i know i colored some things wrong.. ignore plz~! :3 (yes, i forgot that line on her shoes >.> )

:iconamywhutplz: -> "a scribble of me in my Winter Olympics outfit!"


maybe i'll draw Blaze too..

*gone too long w/o coloring w/ colored pencils D| *

(outfit from Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games)
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My OC sitting in the classroom.

Base: Naruto Base by Naruto-Cupcakes
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Yeah so you now have an adorable!Penssylvania staring at you. Base isn't mine It's Naruto-Cupcakes:
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I haven't been drawing my oc's for a while so here~! Mei another enemy I wanted to do in the game Ib XD

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base by Naruto-Cupcakes
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