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My StampsMy stamps pretty much explain.. well, me lol. I suggest you look at them all. Feel free to start a conversation anywhere about them c: (They're always on my ID widget)
LBP Love Stamp by LuckyBambooPhotosAdventure Time Stamp by Trillo-LilloTWD Game Stamp by angelbebop8Musical Instrument by AraulsStampsI luv my intrnt frnds neblublk by PanthiguarFursona love stamp by XxFlameFrost101xXScoliosis Awareness Stamp by Coryn315Always tired... by prosaixStamp: I Love Stamps by FantasyStockAvatarsI Hate School by Davidgtza2Sword Art Online Stamp by LinaLeeLWarriors Stamp by Superior-SilverfoxHunger Games Stamp by JtDanielLove to read by Claire-stampsCall of Duty stamp by SuperFlash1980Minecraft Love Stamp by smileystampsMarkiplier stamp 2.0 by MeganeSnowLDShadowLady Stamp by LamentiStampsStamp: YOGSCAST Fan by thatcoldmaskI love Feedback by Sweet-DooDoPegasister Stamp by Kezzi-Rosenocturnal artist eh... by AxiasAlexaLove Feedback Stamp by Mirz123Proud to be a deviant by FrikieFull-Time Deviant by AbfcI reply to all my comments by black-yoshiSelf taught artist - stamp by Eirene86Studying Stamp by Kezzi-RosePajamas Stamp by WorldincoffeeAfraid of the Dark Stamp by WorldincoffeeI'm happy being me by lightsided-angelScoliosis Stamp by XxXPrincessIzzyXxXmy life by S0niyaproud wierdo by puddingcup303FUN by TivariWacom Bamboo stamp. by ellisn00bCarrot Illuminati Stamp by StormyCatArtistApple Stamp by vsdigitalWhat is an Artist? by Neikoishteddy stamp by findyQBad handwriting -Stamp- by xxkeikochanxxLife needs... by IshdakittyI Collect Stamps by SquallxZell-Leonhart
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