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Nobody knows that amidst his proud showcases of conceited arrogance and unblemished skin, France bears the heaviest and ugliest of wounds in the abysmal depths of his scarred heart.

He doesn't show it – he never does – and whenever Matthieu asks him about the history of his people, he simply fakes a smile and plasters it onto his face, evading the past colony's queries with teasing comments and a cheerful façade. Nobody knows – and nobody needs to know – which is why Francis chooses to keep his mouth shut and his scars hidden from the view of the rest of the world.

But no matter how many smiles he sends the nations' way, the scars still remain; cut, etched, and burned forever in his sore, aching heart. They're the problems of his people, the sequelae of their wars, and his memories of her.

The moon shines brightly past the large, arched window panes of a dimly lit room; its image reflected in the still, dark red liquid of a half-filled glass. The lone Frenchman sits by the windowsill, eyes gazing languidly at the bare, starless sky.

He rests his hand on his chest; taking in one big, deep breath, and closes his eyes. Recalling every detail, he looks back at the past. He feels it all, reliving each and every moment of his country's experience; a familiar, gnawing ache which pains him over and over and over again.

It's a nightly routine of his he likes to follow; numbing his senses with the feeling essence of a bittersweet nostalgia.

He remembers. He always remembers.


Francis doesn't know what it is about Jeanne that sends his heart burning with a passion far beyond his control.

Maybe it's her eyes; the occasional spark of courage which lights up her precious, delicate orbs of shining, pastel blue. Maybe it's her voice; the way she has with words, igniting a burning fire of admirable fervour in his own people. Maybe it's her courage; passion burning in her soul with the strength of nationalism for her very own motherland.

He wonders how those hands which knew no chore, could be the very same ones so capable with a sword. Wonders how her small, petite physique could be so tough; able to withstand and endure so much pain. Wonders how she, a young, teenaged girl, could have taken it upon herself to fight and die for a mere country.

How she, an angel so virgin and so pure, could have ever loved a man as dirty and tainted as him.

She is an enigma, Francis concludes. A mystery of white shrouded in chastity and virtue – a puzzle not even France, clever as he may be, could solve.

And it terrifies him – the thought and the possibility of him corrupting her. It takes every ounce of his strength to hold himself back, to keep his distance and restrain himself from keeping her close – too close – that she might even get hurt. But he tries. And he does. A personal sacrifice, he thinks, for it is the only means in which he can keep her safe.

But his walls break down as her words echo ceaselessly in his mind. Like a song serving as an accompaniment to his dreams. Like a plague haunting his own nightmares. Forever, the resonance of her voice will linger in his memories.

"I will fight for you."

Her stance is firm and voice resolute. The gaze of her blue orbs is transfixed on his very own, determination brimming from within her brilliant irises.

Somewhere inside of him, he feels the emotions begin to surge. A pang of guilt, a swell of pride, a tinge of sadness, and a strain of worry. Fear creeps into his heart as his mask, the demure façade of strength and bravery, shatters before the young girl. He knows this as his shaky voice cracks in response.

"Non, ma chère Jeanne. Ne, s'il vous plaît."

It's a lost cause, he knows. His attempts are futile and he inwardly curses his own naïveté for having thought otherwise; for she responds again, the sweetness of her voice overpowered by the authority of her tone.

"Mais, Monsieur Bonnefoy, I must. The king of heaven commands it be."

He slides a finger across her tear-stained cheek and wipes away the liquid streaming from her eyes. He holds her jaw, gently yet forcibly; lips meeting in a silent, unpretentious kiss. Seconds pass shortly as France breaks away first; lips parting hers as he then turns to whisper softly into her ear.

"If you insist, ma chère."

There's a fire in her eyes, a passion in her soul, and a flame of hope ignited by her own, courageous fortitude. The way she burns brighter than the sun, forever unfaltering – Francis absolutely loves that about Jeanne.

"Prenez garde, mon amour. Je'taime, mon Jeanne."

But he never thought that it would be those same flames which would betray him; leading his beloved to the deep, scorching abyss of her own death.


Ever since she'd been gone, there's been a gaping hole resting at the centre of France's battered heart.

He misses her. Terribly. Deeply. So so so much.

The warmth of a body pressed against his own feels good for the aching Frenchman; but none of it could have ever compensated for the feeling of her frame he once cradled in his arms.

It doesn't matter how many times he repeats this frivolous cycle or how many women he meets with at night; nothing can satisfy the craving hunger of his loneliness.

How many centuries have passed since he'd last heard her voice? Francis wonders. The pain has lasted too long; and he is already numb from both the alcohol and heartache.

France doesn't forget. He can never forget. The soft caresses and butterfly kisses he imprints upon the young women are all but shallow and meaningless. The breathy words he whispers and coos lovingly in their ears are but empty and fictitious. He doesn't mean any of it to them. No, of course not. He does these if only to picture himself together with his beloved angel for just a moment longer.

To imagine that she was still right there, by his side; small arms wrapped delicately around his larger frame.

But the sex doesn't make him feel any more alive than he feels dead. And the warmth of their bodies feels no more comforting than the suffocating grasp of a stranger's hold. And it's amidst fevered kisses and heated breaths that he bites his tongue in order to keep from calling out her name.

The night goes on and as he falls into the depths of slumber, the memory of her haunts him once more.


Scorching flames pierce her skin like daggers as her body tied to a stake is set to burn. France watches. Francis watches. And he screams for her sake.


At the sound of his voice, Jeanne turns to face France and she smiles. Her brilliant, blue eyes still speak of happiness and pride amidst all the pain – knowingly content for having fulfilled her duty. The sight of her smile hurts him more than the tears he thought she would have shed. He runs to her side; the scalding flames marring his fair skin as his outstretched arms try to reach her; but its too late now. The brilliance of her eyes are slowly fading and he can see her lips moving slowly to bid him goodbye.

"Tout va bien, François. I'm so glad I could protect you."

He stops and he falls. Watching as the girl of miracles falls prey to the burning grasps of hell, unable to do anything as the love of his life plunges into the merciless depths of death.

The embers still flicker and the crowd stays still as France cries out to her once more; the bellows of his anguish released in a heart-wrenching call of desperation.


But there are no words or smiles or blue eyes which answer his call. Only the sight of his angel, crumbling into nothing more than pieces of fine ash.

And just like that, she is gone.


There is not a moment that passes in which he does not think of her. Every day and without fail, Francis takes it upon himself to visit her grave. But there are no tombs or urns in which her remains lie.

He looks at the Seine, an endless trail of streaming blue – a mirror to the vast, endless sky; akin to a vestige of her precious beryl irises; and he thinks that it is only fitting that she rest peacefully in a place parallel to her own serene beauty.

And each and every time, he carries with her a bouquet of flowers – the purest and whitest of roses which he rests upon the river's banks– with the same inscribed message written in the finest, most flawless cursive.

"Pour mon ange, Sainte Jeanne d'Arc. A bientot, mon amour."

I haven't written anything in a while so I figured that I might as well take advantage of the short sembreak. Hope you guys all like this fic! I swear, this shipping needs more canon screentime. It's another one of my rare, non-slash pieces. But nonetheless, I do hope you forgive me for the straightforward nature of this story. Rated T, because it's France. Hehe, jk.

Many thanks to the wonderful Whaddapack for beta-ing, proofreading, and morally supporting! Hahaha!

Disclaimer: I don't own Hetalia and it's characters. All rights go to Himaruya Hidekaz-sama.

Note: I do not own the image used either.



"Non, ma chère Jeanne. Ne, s'il vous plaît." – "No, my dear Jeanne. Please don't."

"Mais, Monsieur Bonnefoy..." – "But, Sir Bonnefoy..."

"ma chère" – "my dear"

"Prenez garde, mon amour. Je'taime, mon Jeanne." – "Be careful, my love. I love you, my Jeanne."

"Arrêter!" – "Stop!"

"Tout va bien, François." – "It's alright, Francis."

"Pour mon ange, Sainte Jeanne d'Arc. A bientot, mon amour." – "For my angel, Saint Joan of Arc. 'Til we meet again, my love."


Reviews are much loved. :)
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(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
Once upon a time, there lived a girl named (name). (Name) was the most beautiful girl in the world, with gorgeous (e/c) eyes that sparkled like falling stars, and (h/c) so luxurious and soft that every unicorn in the universe went mad with jealousy.

Of course, being so angelic, (name) had quite the menagerie of admirers and suitors. Admirers and suitors from every corner of the planet, actually. Because they were secretly countries. And they were beautiful too. They were the sexiest men to have ever lived. Because they were countries.

Now, (name) was very modest. She did not like to admit she was magnificent in the looks department. So, in order to avoid unwanted clashes with the opposite sex (or same sex—(name) was just that stunning), she locked herself up in a heavily guarded castle. Whoever could get to her, (name) stated, would be her rightful husband. Or wife. She didn't exactly think this through.

All the people of the world tried their damndest to get to (name). They fought past the fire-breathing dragons, the soul-sucking demons, and the most dreaded enemy of all—the marshmallow. It was a venomous marshmallow.

(Name) watched their daily struggles with a frown that marred her sublime face. She watched with those pulchritudinous (e/c) eyes of hers that seemed to see straight into your soul, deeply saddened by the useless endeavours of her hopeful suitors. One-by-one, each man (or woman) managed to make it past the fierce dragon and distburbing demons, only to be deliquesced by the sulfuric acid of the marshmallow. The marshmallow's name was Rufus.

At last, the countries of the world gathered round (name)'s daunting castle, each of their minds harrowed on the task at hand.

America, being the hero, went first.

His buttocks was immediately set afire by the dragon.

England, being the gentleman, was second.

He got distracted by the delectable selection of tea.

France, proclaimed lover of the world, went third.

The elegant apparel of (name)'s wardrobe was his downfall.

Russia, thinking he was the strongest, was fourth.

He decided the demons were much better company and went to watch The Nutcracker with them.

China, being the oldest, went fifth.

Turns out, the dragon was his boss, and they went to go buy as much Hello Kitty apparel as they could.

Japan, of course, was a socially awkward nation, so he was sixth.

Instead, he went home to watch anime.

Germany, who was deeply angered by being so low in the list, went seventh.

He entertained himself by screaming at the demons to do more exercise.

Italy was a coward, making him be the eighth.

He ran away as soon as he caught sight of Rufus the Venomous Marshmallow, brandishing a white flag and pasta.

Prussia, though a dissolved nation, was the most awesome one of them all; he went ninth.

And got his albino ass kicked by Hungary, who wanted to dress (name) up in cute outfits, so by default was tenth. But she and Austria found a piano halfway to (name)'s room, so they decided it was time for a karaoke session. Spain, Romano, and Romania joined in, only because somewhere along the way the three of them had managed to get heavily intoxicated, making them extremely susceptible to music of any kind. Finland and Sweden decided Santa was in more of a dire need than (name), so they went off to the North Pole for cookies and milk. Norway and his trolls wanted to watch The Hobbit instead. Iceland and Mr. Puffin showed the demons how to rap, and Denmark was too busy thinking a tree was a girl from all the alcohol he had ingested to even make it to the castle. Greece had fallen asleep, and Turkey had taken the chance to cover him in glue and feathers just for laughs. Belarus had chased after her brother, and Ukraine's breasts had pained her back so much that she had decided to give up on her conquest.

Now, (name) was even more discouraged than before.

"Oh, curse this beauty that graces my face!" she proclaimed in a tone full of melancholy as she sobbed tears of diamonds. "What good is it, if it just makes everyone want to marry me? I want to be ugly! I'll just go make Rufus use his venom to disfigure my divine visage, and then become a hermit woman who lives on a remote glaciar in Antarctica!"

However, as soon as she had uttered these words in a voice as melodious as an angel's, the door to her room was suddenly broken down with a cacophonous sound, and Rufus the Venomous Marshmallow came waddling in.

With Canada riding on his back. Who held a hockey stick in one hand and maple syrup in the other.

"Get the fuck on the marshmallow, bitch, and let's fuck like moose in heat! And it's moose, by the way, even when plural—not meese, not mooses, moose. EH."

(Name) instantly fell in love with Canada, and the two rode off into the sunset on Rufus the Venomous Marshmallow. Who magically sprouted wings of gold that blinded every person who looked up into the sky, thus making the prices in glasses skyrocket.

(Name) and Canada were married at a Cracker Barrel with Neil Patrick Harris as Justice of Peace, and roasted beaver was served at the reception.

And then they had sex every night. So much, in fact, that they put the entire species of rabbits to shame.




And not a single fuck was given in this story.

Who knew marshmallows could be such cockblocks?

Fuck yeah Canada.

Don't worry, not going to put this in any groups. I'm not that desperate. I just thought it'd be funny to share this with you all. PLEASE DON'T TAKE IT SERIOUSLY.
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Touchy-Feely (Awesome Trio x Reader)

Pop, pop, pop. The popcorn in the microwave softly beat out a tune, to which you gladly submitted to. A sigh of relief escaped your lips. “Home! Finally...” you breathed to yourself. Today had been a long, tiring day in which your main duty had been to deal with aggravating, ungrateful, belligerent people whose days’ had suddenly become ten times more important than yours.

You flopped down on your couch clad in baggy pajama pants and a tank top. “Time for a Doctor Who marathon,” you said, taking up your remote and pointing it at the television. You wrapped a fluffy blanket around your shoulders for extra warmth. “And no one’s gonna—”

Your sentence was cut off as a loud pounding on the door. Your gaze snapped to it in annoyance and you let out a loud groan. Begrudgingly, you stood from your comfortable position on the couch and shuffled to it. Whoever it is better be ready to pay...

You yanked the door open. Suddenly, you were engulfed by warm, muscular arms and shouts of greeting. “Hey! (y/n)! Long time no see!” a hyperactive American’s voice practically yelled into your ear.

“Al...” you grumbled, struggling against their embrace. “I just saw you guys this morning...”

“Yeah, but that’s basically forever!” Mathias replied, burying his face in your neck.

“Vat? Are you not happy to see ze awesome Prussia?” questioned Gilbert, the albino, who was hugging you from behind.

“Guys...geroff me...” your words were muffled by Alfred’s hair. The three pulled away from you simultaneously, although Mathias kept an arm around your shoulder and Gilbert, one around your waist.

“Are you watching a movie, (y/n)?” Alfred ran ahead into the kitchen. “I hear popcorn!”

“First, it’s not a movie, it’s a show,” you corrected. “And not just any show, it’s Doctor Who, and second, what are you guys doing here?”

Your words were lost on the three boys. Mathias ran onto your couch and lay across the length of it, leaving only a few inches of unoccupied space. Alfred was in your kitchen, doing who-knows-what, and Gilbert was busy scooping you off your feet.

“Wha- put me down, Gilbert!” you screeched. The Prussian laughed and pushed aside Mathias’s legs to make room. “No-can-do, frau,” he smirked as he set you down on his lap. “You’re staying with me.”

Mathias made a noise of disapproval. “No! (y/n) is mine!” The Dane grabbed your arm and pulled you into his chest. “And I’m keeping her!”
“Yo! Dudette!” Alfred skyrocketed into the living room with a bowl of popcorn in hand. “I brought popcorn!”

He dived into the space between you and Gilbert, not heeding the albino’s protests. “Want some?”

You reluctantly plunged a hand into the bowl, shoving a handful into your mouth. “Why are you guys here, anyways?”

Mathias squeezed you closer to him. “We were bored! And I wanted to see min lille blomst!”  You rolled your eyes.

“Aw, please let us stay, (y/n)! We love you so much~” Alfred cried melodramatically, falling onto you in an equally dramatic faint.

“Fine. You guys can stay. But be warned!” you proclaimed, jumping out of their grasps. “I’m going to be very, very emotional during this time. I might accidentally...I don’t know, punch you or something...”

Gilbert laughed. “Ze awesome Prussia can handle it!”

“And so can the Hero!”

“And me! The King of Northern Europe!”

Before you could let out another noise of protest, you were again pulled on top of the three boys and mercilessly cuddled.

(Reader-chan likes that, don’t they? XD)

~20 Minutes Later~

“No! Stop it!” you screeched at the man and woman on the edge of the rooftop. “They can’t jump! They CAN’T!”

You struggled out of Gilbert’s grasp and threw yourself at the TV. “Doctor! Don’t let them jump!”

But the Doctor and River just looked on, and with something like admiration watched as Amy and Rory leaped off the building, hand in hand, to repair the damage done by time.

With the screen’s sudden blackness you collapsed.

“They jumped!” you sobbed. “They actually jumped!”

Mathias stood from his spot on the couch to pick you up, and you gratefully buried your face in his shoulder. “Damn commercials...” you mumbled.

“Wow (y/n)...” Gilbert shook his head. “You do get really worked up about this stuff...”

You lifted your head and shot him a tear-soaked glare.

“Aw, give (y/n) a break, Gil,” Alfred replied. “She’s suffering.” He pulled you out of Mathias’s grasp. At this point, you didn’t even want to complain about being tossed around like a rag doll. You just wanted comfort.

The Doctor Who theme came on again, and you snapped your head up. “Eee! It’s back!” you squealed.

All four of your beloved characters stood safe and sound on the screen, unaware of the emotional trauma they had just caused you. You gasped with relief. “They’re okay...”

But, of course, no.

Rory, quite suddenly, disappeared before all your eyes.

“Whoa!” Mathias exclaimed. “Where the hell did he go?!”

The culprit’s stony gaze looked on.

“Nooooooooo!” you practically screamed. “GODDAMMIT! NO! NO!”

Amy screamed just as loud as you. “Rory!” she yelled.

“Get him—fucking—back!” you demanded to the Doctor through the screen. But he was busy trying to convince Amy to come back in the TARDIS with him, voice cracking.

“If I blink, I’ll get him back, right?” Amy whispered with tears flooding her eyes. The Doctor was shaking now. “Y-yes,” he replied. “But Amy, wait—”

Amy’s eyes closed slowly despite the Doctor’s protests, and she was gone.

This time you didn’t even bother crying out. You sat completely still, mouth slightly agape, and eyes disbelievingly glued to the television. “No...” you whispered.

“(y/n)? (y/n), it’s okay,” Alfred rubbed your shoulder. “They’re not real anyways.”

You didn’t bother correcting him, again. You took a deep breath and let it out with a shudder. “Thanks for being with me, guys. That was very, very traumatic.”

“I can tell...” muttered Gilbert, earning him a warning glance from Mathias and a punch from Alfred.

“I’m tired now. Carry me!” you demanded cutely. All three of them looked at you surprised. In response, you held your arms up in the air, ready to be lifted up.

Shaking his head and chuckling, Gilbert stood first to heed your demands. “Come on, my fraulein,” he said in your ear, causing you to blush.

“Hey! I wanna make her blush like that! Lemme carry her!” Mathias cried belligerently. “No, I’m the Hero! I should carry her!” protested Alfred, both of them jumping up from their sitting positions.

Gilbert smirked and bolted for your room with a Dane and an American at his heels.

~le time skip, next morning~

Sunlight cut in your eyelids like daggers. You blinked your eyes open, annoyed by the sudden appearance of light through your curtains. Today is going to be a productive day, (y/n), you thought to yourself. I’m going to do all of my laundry that’s been sitting around, organize the kitchen, get new curtains...

You sighed happily at the fulfilling day ahead of you. Productive, for once~.

You suddenly became aware of a weight on you stomach, and on your legs. Your attempts to get out of bed were quickly squandered by the two people sprawled on top of you. “Wha—” you exclaimed as you lifted your head to see what the obstacles were. And there goes my productive day... you thought with an internal groan.

Mathias Køhler lay asleep with his head on your stomach, Gilbert Beilschmidt was cuddling with your legs, and last but not least, Alfred Jones was curled like a cat around your head, armpit dangerously close to your face.

“DENMARK! PRUSSIA! AMERICA! GET THE HELL OFF ME RIGHT NOW!” you screamed at them. Gilbert smirked with his eyes still closed and proceeded to further curl himself around your legs. Mathias twitched but he didn’t move to meet your demands. You felt rather than saw Alfred’s reaction; he chuckled and planted his lips on your head. “We’re not going anywhere, babe,” he said. “You’re too comfy.”


~Extended Ending~

You stretched an arm to your nightstand to grab the Sharpie that lay there. “Revenge is sweet,” you murmured as you drew a curly mustache on each of the three boys’ faces.
Short drabble I wrote while procrastinating on another story (*cough*Tiny Dancer*coughcough*). Sorry for any mistakes on the DW episode. Haven't watched it in 6 months.



UPDATE: 9-27-13

So I've been getting a lot of great feedback for this and it's just making me feel really fuzzy and nice inside so I'm gonna write another Awesome Trio x Reader just for you all cuz omg I'm really grateful!!!

Expect it sometime around 10-5-13~! If I don't have it done by then feel free to inundate me with disappointments cuz I'll need some support...
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People were going insane.

The girl grumbled and shrieked as the large wave of people poured into the arena, some jumping over seats in excitement.

In the huge scream fest and confusion, the girl found herself getting pulled farther and farther away from her friends, catching glimpses of strangers snapping their flash-cameras all around the place, other girls screaming at the top of their lungs every time they spot a hot celebrity across the arena.

"KANAMEEEEEEE!" they squealed in delight, the chocolate-haired actor winking at them from afar, flashing his teeth. As the crying girls begged him to bite their necks, he slipped off the white roses weaved into his tux and tossed the mini bouquet at his fangirls like a newly-wed bride at a wedding.

Typically, the group of female friends turned on each other viciously, fighting for the white roses.

The girl wrapped her warm fingers around a red rose of her own, given to her just moments ago--

"H-Hey!" the girl called out before losing sight of the back of her best friend's head, her own dress twisting around her body as she was pushed around in the sea of jubilant fans.

"Excuse me!" she yelled, but the other loud voices were overpowering hers, and she disappeared into the crowd of high-spirited strange people. It wasn't too long until she finally broke out of the people piling into the arena, her face of true terror. In a few mere minutes, her hair was a frizz, her dress nearly riding up past her spandex shorts underneath. She lost one of her earrings.

Were the awards shows always this fucking chaotic?!

And now, since her life was currently sucking balls, she has to dive back in and find her friends--

She froze.

Ooh, what was this? Haruka Nanase passed by her as if she wasn't there. Her wide eyes followed him until he vanished beyond the doors to backstage.

Her heart completely stopped as a handful of more actors and actresses bustled by and all entered the same way Haruka had gone.

Holy shit, it was almost like a little kid seeing all its favorite Sesame Street puppets (don't tell them they're puppets) parading all in a row.

And the celebrities she was seeing weren't even the shitty ones!

Only then does an amazing idea pop in her head. Goddamn, it was better than sitting in the sweaty audience, too far away to even recognize who was on stage.

Who would sit down and watch an awards show live when you could sneak in backstage like a VIP?!


Free, that werewolf man from the show Soul Eater was perched at the backstage door, guarding it like a bouncer, along with Toto Sakigami/Mockingbird from that period show, Deadman Wonderland. The green-haired boy looked innocent enough, but he wouldn't hesitate to knife your throat (or just do his Branch of Sin thingy).

The girl gulped, stopping in her steps. As much as she feared these two actors--who were currently sitting on the floor playing a game of Monopoly--she couldn't resist the urge of sneaking in there. Just imagine all the celebrities she could see up close...

She could hear Free curse, "BULLSHIT MONOPOLY GAME!" and saw him thrust the pieces aside, Toto grinning sweetly at the big man.

"It takes time to master it; don't fret." The boy placed his hands on the board, tapping his finger on it patiently.

" 'DON'T FRET' MY ASS," Free roared.

Toto Sakigami's smile is eerily kind. "I won't." He reset the game, Free frowning and kicking a foot like a stubborn one-year-old. " can begin first, Free..."

Grell Sutcliffe pushed past the girl, a cheeky smile on his face. "Real women go first, darling," he smiled slyly right at her, swishing his hips as he walked into the doors backstage. "Would you do Bassy?...I'd do Bassy. I'd do him so hard."

The girl blinked. She's not even gonna...

"WAIT YOU DON'T GO IN THERE!" a voice screamed.

The girl jumped as No-Face swooshed past her with his black, spindly legs, his once-costar Lin chasing after him into the backstage doors Grell had just went into.

Mockingbird, Grell, and No-Face, oh my!

Now she REALLY must go in there.

The girl, unable to contain her sudden giddiness any longer, then caught sight of the Witch of the Waste, slugging her fat body along. She shuffled right behind the big woman, making sure Free and Toto don't spot her as she got into backstage. Thankfully, the bouncers were too caught up in Monopoly to even notice.

"HEY!" Free then yelled, taking a double-take on the girl's sneaky grin before the doors slam shut. The girl snickered as she heard him trying to push the door that said "PULL".

"GOD FUCKING DAMMIT!" she heard him scream.

She was literally jumping for joy now, her eyes catching the faces of the most amazing actors and actresses, all under one damn roof...Just, wow.

Everyone a blur, the girl could do nothing but stare googly-eyed at everyone, knowing full well the talent she was in the presence of.

It felt so...big.

"Geneva, goodness, you're late!"

Out of nowhere, a woman ran up to the girl, her small headset buried in her curly red hair, which was twirling in a high bun, her professional clothes telling the girl she was a makeup artist of some sort.

"I don't--I'm not Gen--" the girl choked, before the woman shoved a headset onto her head, the small microphone in front of her mouth. The woman grabbed her now-messy hair and tied it up hastily before shoving papers into the girl's frozen hands.


The woman put a hand on her shoulder and pointing down the hall. "Report to Jaeger's dressing room, pronto! These celebrities aren't going to do their own makeup, you know!" she panted, pushing her along before running off somewhere.

"What the hell...?" the girl flushed, walking quickly in response to such a strange situation. "R-Report to...H-Huh?!"

Well, this was already interesting.

The girl blushed deeply as she made her way to the door labeled in gold: EREN JAEGER. Her hands clutched the papers tightly. They had a bunch of scripts and random stuff written on them.

Before she arrived at his door, Eren busted his door open and pulled her in frantically, muffling the chaos outside.

"What the fuck was taking you so long to get h--!" he screamed, his wide green eyes widening even more when he looked at her red face. "You're not Geneva...! Where's the makeup artist?!"

Oh god, her heart was at the speed of a shark chasing after a fat, juicy baby seal. She took deep breaths to calm herself down...but it's not working.

At the back of her head, she wondered if he already forgot her from a few minutes ago. "I'm so sorry. This was all a big mistake! I'm supposed to be in the audience--"

"Then what the hell are you doing HERE?!" he freaked out, shaking her shoulders crazily, the girl getting a bit afraid. "Dammit, this is the first time I've ever made an appearance on an awards show! I can't fuck this up!"

Her headset began slipping off her crown, and she immediately moved it back to place. "I-I'll try to help you though, I promise! S-So what am I supposed to do...I put m-makeup on you?" she stammered, shuffling around the room and tripping nervously on the way to the mirror. She dropped the papers at the dress table, clearing her throat shyly.

"No no no! No makeup, ughhhh!" The distraught boy grabbed the sides of his head. "I don't need any of that prepping stuff! Just give me the papers 'cause I forgot my lines!"

The girl didn't have time to get to the papers again before Eren himself ran to the stack, shuffling through them. His crazy eyes shimmered like raining emeralds.

"I-I'm supposed to present an award with Takashi Komuro, see...Totally forgot the goddamn lines..."

The girl stood aside awkwardly and watched him search for his script until he found it.

Gosh, she must be one lucky nugget to get two chances to meet him. She still couldn't believe he was here--

"Ah, found it!" the boy screeched, turning to her with a faint crooked smile. "Hey...You're the girl I gave the rose to...?"

His voice smacked her out of her creeping imagination. "Oh...Y-yeah, that was me," she grinned sheepishly.

"Huh." His face was emotionless, but a corner of his lips threatened to pull back...

"I d-didn't mean to follow you or anything--" she started desperately.

Then, if possible, the crowd outside roared even louder...The frantic people right outside the dressing room got even more frantic, some yelling in strained voices, "FIVE MINUTES PEOPLE! FIVE MINUTES! HURRY HURRY HURRY!"

And at that moment, both the girl and Eren realized the show was about to start.

"This is it," he muttered, the girl barely able to hear him.

A feeling bubbled in the girl's chest. Eren looked down at himself, a tinge of distaste in his eyes. He looked at her.

"Just...Just this once...Fix me up since Geneva ditched me," Eren pleaded. "Please? You're my 'biggest fangirl' after all."

The girl remembered her friends for a brief moment...Had they noticed she was gone by now?

They'll never guess why.

"O-Okay." The girl sprung into action. She pulled him quickly to the mirror and dusted off his entire tuxedo, even if it wasn't necessary, but he allowed her. She rapidly readjusted his tie and tugged on his sleeves, spritzing his dark hair with hairspray and running her shaking fingers through them so he wouldn't look too dorky, as he tried to cooperate with her with as little "ooph"'s and "gah!"'s as he could muster.

He lapped his tongue on his top gums. "Yeah my mouth needs something too. I had some cheesy tacos on the way here."

The girl couldn't help but snort at his cheeky laugh, and she handed him a fresh pack of gum from the dress table. He shoved a piece into his mouth before putting the pack of gum in his dress pants pocket.

"All set, I guess?" the girl said behind him, flushing.

"Yup," Eren nodded, opening the door and revealing the chaotic mixture of makeup artists and celebrities hustling about. The girl caught sight of Death the Kid making his way towards the hall that led to the stage...

Before he left, Eren Jaeger turned to the girl and said a "Thanks!" that was muted in the loud voices around them.

She couldn't talk. She was still a bit starstruck, but she nodded vigorously. She eagerly stared into his eyes...

He leaned in, and right when she thought for a heart-bursting moment that he was going to kiss her...he wrapped his arms around her in a warm hug.

Oh, dammit. She really couldn't help but feel like a deflated tire, but she hugged him back.

Soon, he was gone yet again, and she stood there frozen, already missing about ten minutes of the show she'd spent all her money to see.
Finally, I wrote it!!!!! :iconfliptableplz: Please please please forgive me if this sucks.

....I feel like I have more to say but nothing's coming out XD Probably will edit this description later.

Anyways, hope this wasn't shit, and thank you for reading!!!! :heart:
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Sting Eucliffe x Reader

Chapter 1: Letting go

"Hey, c'mon, cheer up, ___(y/n)." You felt a hand gently rest on your shoulder, walking beside your two friends.

"I'm trying. It's gonna take some time, but thank you, Sting-kun, Lector-kun." You gave your blonde friend and his cat partner a tiny smile. Sting and Lector have been taking you out every day this past week, trying to  lift your mood after a very difficult break up with your ex.

"I'm not saying this to make you feel better, but you really are better off without him." Sting hid his hands in his pockets.

"Sting is right! All that jerk ever did was make you cry." Lector agreed while nodding his head to emphasize how right his best friend was. You three found a bench to take a rest on, Sting offering to buy everyone a drink at the shop across the street from where you were. As he left the two of you for a moment, he sighed softly, feeling slightly helpless. He didn't know what else to do to make you feel better. Sting knew time was a big part of your healing process, but he was hoping to make you smile much sooner.

'Then again, part of it is my fault.' He thought, walking closer to the mini shop. You, Sting, and Lector lived in the same apartment building with you across from him. He could hear every argument you had with your ex and how you would cry until you fell asleep from exhaustion. There were so many times the White Dragon wanted to kill him, but he could see how much you valued that relationship. He didn't know why you did, but he needed to respect that.

Well, at least it's over and he could help you back to how you were before you met your ex, Ozu.

He returned with the beverages, opening his carefully then taking a sip. He saw you staring at your can, the object still unopened.

"Did I get the wrong flavor?"

"Huh? Oh, no! You got one of my favorites. Sorry, I was just thinking." You gave him a small smile, thanking him for the drink before finally unsealing it. The three of you left once your drinks were finished, walking back to the apartment building you shared. You listen to Sting and Lector make plans for tomorrow, automatically including you. You were used to them bringing you into town, the boys refusing to leave you alone. Although you did wonder when you'd be able to have time for yourself, you were grateful they didn't stop bothering you.
You walked to the floor you all lived on, each going to your respective rooms. You paused by the door, hand on the knob as the boys glanced at you.

"You all right?"

"I idea. Just got this anxious feeling..." you seemed to answer with uncertainty, but you took out your key pushing it in and unlocking the door. You turned on the lights and your eyes widened, gasping loudly. Sting and Lector heard your sharp inhalation, wondering what captured your breath. Their eyes enlarged at the sight of your chaotic room before following you to see who had done this. In the living area, your furniture was broken or turned over while your kitchen was scattered with pieces of dishes. You went to your room, finding your bed had been ripped through and your clothes decorating the floor. All your drawers were also forced opened, clearly having been searched through.

Albums, pictures, and picture frames were damaged, the person intending to demolish items that were precious to you. You went to check what was missing while Sting and Lector tried to restore things to how they were before. The blonde dragon noticed written profanities on your mirror, Sting immediately using his gloved arm to wipe them away.

"He took it. He took the bracelet that you got me for my birthday last year." Sting turned his head to where you were, __(e/c) eyes quickly filling with tears. You buried your face in your hands, finally breaking down. Although you experienced continuous fights with Ozu, this was your breaking point. You had thought that you could trust him when you both exchanged keys and that he would be mature and return the spare.

You felt so betrayed! So stupid! So angry!

So hurt...

"I don't deserve this!" You cried into your hands, shoulders shaking as Sting quickly enveloped you in his arms. The mess could wait, you needed to be reassured that none of this was your fault.

"You're absolutely right. You don't deserve any of this. We're going-no, I'M going to fix this, okay?" He said softly in your ear, his hand rubbing your back in soothing strokes.

"Sting is right. Leave everything to him. He can handle it." Lector hugged you around your leg, hoping his small gesture could ease your pain somewhat.

"No, you shouldn't have to. It's my problem so I need to take care of it myself." You shook your head, not wanting to burden Sting with your troubles.

"So what if they're your problems? I'm your best friend. You should know how stubborn I am. If I say that I'm going to fix this, I will. And do you really think I can stand by and watch you cry some more? To be honest, I hated that relationship, but the reason I didn't do anything was to respect you. It wasn't my place to force you two to break up. Now, he's taken it too far and I'm drawing a line here. I don't care if you still love him. He's going to pay. I'm not letting you go through this alone."

His words wrapped themselves around your heart, bringing out more tears. You hugged him tighter, face burying itself in his chest as your sniffles were muffled against his body.

"What happened?" Sting and Lector heard Rogue say as him and his partner entered your room. Since Rogue was your neighbor, he heard you weeping when he returned from town.

"Is anyone hurt?" Rogue frowned at how Sting protectively sheltered you.

"We're fine. We found everything like this when we came in."

Rogue could not only see but feel how angry Sting was. He knew who the culprit was and wasn't planning on letting Sting seek revenge alone. Frosch walked over to your free leg, embracing you as she wished there was something more she could do to cure your sadness instantaneously. Rogue began to help clean your apartment room, surprised at how far your ex went. [1]

Eventually, you had to tear yourself away from Sting, not wanting Rogue to be the only person tidying up. There was not much left once you five were finished and the situation concerned the twin dragons.

"I think you should stay with Sting." Rogue spoke first after the long silence. "It's not only impractical for you to stay here, but also unsafe, especially if Ozu has your key."

"Fro agrees too!" You looked down at the green exceed.

"Yeah, I think it's better that way. After I take care of Ozu, we can help you move back and fix everything. And I ain't taking no for an answer either." Sting made the choice for you, worried at the possibility of Ozu returning.


You weren't able to get much sleep last night due to the cluttered thoughts that kept you awake. You saw Lector and Sting dressed to go out for the day, surprised that they weren't telling you to get ready yourself. Every day this week they have been bringing you out, so you were expecting them to continue with the routine.

"Hey, you sleep all right?" Sting knew you didn't have a good rest from your sobbing last night, but he still felt the need to ask.

"Yes, I did. Thank you for letting me stay." You smiled slightly as you went to help prepare them breakfast.

"Don't worry about it. This is your second home so feel free to do whatever." He thanked you for the plate of food you set in front of him, Lector doing the same before both boys devoured their breakfast.

"By the way, I'm going to see Ozu today, but when I'm done, we can go into town again."

"Yea! And I'm gonna be here with you so while he's out, we can plan our afternoon." Lector was going to stay behind to keep you company.

"Wait, I want to go with you." you told Sting, standing up to indicate that you would get ready soon.

"No way. You should stay here. Didn't I tell you I'd take care of it myself? You shouldn't have to do anything but to trust me." Sting frowned, not knowing what could happen if you and Ozu met again. He was clearly a danger to you, seeing how he vandalized your home.

"Please, Sting. This is what I want to do. I need to do this. I do trust you, but this is my relationship and I need to confront him."

Sting frowned, obviously disapproving of your request, but you also weren't wrong. This was between you and Ozu and if you wished to say something, then you had every right.

"Fine, but I'm not going to leave you alone with him. If he makes one wrong move, I'm sorry __(y/n), I'm not going to hold back anymore."

You nodded, agreeing to his terms also as you went to change. You three walked to his apartment building, your heart pounding with anxiousness. You were mentally trying to recite what you wanted to say to your ex while also predicting what he might say back. You needed to be prepared for anything. Sting and Lector were leaning against the wall a few feet away from you, giving you enough space for privacy but also to be able to react quickly should something happen. Sting made you promise to not go inside Ozu's apartment alone, instead, requesting that you talk to him in the hallway. He wasn't going to risk your safety. Sting glanced at you, hearing the door open after you knocked a few times.

"Huh? It's you. The hell you want?" Ozu looked down at you as if you were just an annoyance to him.

"Why? Why did you destroy my room?" You were desperately trying to find a reason as to why you deserved this.

"Because that's what you are. You're trash so you live like one, too." Sting heard Ozu reply and his arm twitched at his response, his muscle ready to attack. "I can't believe I stuck with you for all this time. Should've just left you way back!"

"Then why the hell didn't you, you bastard!?" You snapped, angry at his answer and how he believed that he was too good for you. He was making you think that you were below him and that you could never be equal with him. As you exchanged heated glares, you can evidently see the ugly monster in disguise.

"I only did it because I felt sorry! You were so pathetic! And don't you scream at me! You-"

"Don't talk to me like that!" You hated how he would shout at you like you were one of his guy friends. You took it all before, but now you were going to stand firmly against him. "I am sick and tired of you shouting at me and treating me as if my feelings don't matter! I didn't deserve anything that you did to me! I have done NOTHING wrong to you! I never cheated on you! I never lied to you! I never-"

"Oh right! You NEVER did, huh? Then what about that stupid guy, Sting?!"

"Don't talk about my best friend like that! Sting is a great guy, he-"

"Oh so what now? You're screwing him now? Is that it?! You think he's gonna care for you like I did? You were just a burden! Whatever he's doing for you, he's doing it out of pity! He'll never love you! If you think he'll ever could, you're stupid for believing it!" Ozu dug into his pocket, pulling out one of the two items you were about to demand him to return. He dangled the bracelet Sting gave you on your last birthday, a smirk forming on his lips, "I was thinking about selling it, but then I remembered it was from that weird dragon trash. Now I'm starting to realize that it's just a worthless piece of crap!"

Your eyes widened as he forcibly broke the gift in front of you, wincing slightly as he threw the fragments to your face.

"Y-y-yamete...." you said in a low voice, your words cracking as you tried to hold back a sob. Sting and Lector shared the same stunned expression, but as soon as Sting heard you whimper to stop, he no longer hesitated. Before Ozu could continue with his verbal abuse, Sting grabbed his face, standing in between you and your ex. Sting squeezed tightly at his head, lifting him a few inches from the ground.

"That's some mouth you got there. I don't care what you say about me, but I am not going to let you get away with hurting __(y/n)." The Sabertooth mage threw him down the hallway, watching his body break the concrete wall. Sting appeared before him, punching him repeatedly in the stomach. He grabbed him again, propelling Ozu to the floor as he squats over his chest. Ozu's eyes were kept wide with fear, pleading the White Dragon to stop.

"Did you ever stop when __(y/n) asked you to stop screaming at her? Did you ever stop when you hurt her? Did you stop when she would be up all night crying over your pathetic ass? I don't think so, so what makes you think I'll listen to you?" Sting drew his arm back far enough before lunging it swiftly and hard at his face. He hit various places on his face, making sure to leave no spot unwounded. For every tear that left your eye, Sting was going to return that pain ten times more.


You were staring at the parts of your bracelet given to you by Sting, quiet tears dripping from your eyes. Lector walks in front of you, gently saying your name as his paws are placed on your knees. As you continue to gaze sadly at the ground, you could almost see pieces of yourself falling to the floor.

"__(y/n). Oi, __(y/n)." Lector gently pats his right paw, snapping you away from your slight daze. "I've got the spare key so let's not waste any more time here. We've got better stuff to do."

The little cat was trying to change the environment to something less, well, a place without Ozu. You could see Sting still focused on Ozu, his eyes sharp with fury and detestation. He began to lift him again by the neck, Sting ready to deliver more blows. This wasn't right. Not that you cared for Ozu's well being, but Sting shouldn't have to be dealing with your problem. You walked behind him, hugging him tightly as you sniffled into his back.

"I want to go home. Please?" His dragon ears picked up your quiet plea, feeling all the rage slowly leave his body. He chucks Ozu to another wall, Sting turning to see you. His breathing stops at how unhappy you look and he lifts you in his arms, almost as if he was trying to salvage you from falling apart even more.


Ozu watches you and Sting leave, scoffing as he's against a wall.

"That's right! You better run! I'll make sure you pay for all the damage you've done! You're an idiot for doing this all for that chick's sake!" Your ex yelled into an empty hallway, too much of a coward to say it to Sting's face.

"I'm tired of hearing your voice." Ozu looked to the side to find a maroon colored cat. The exceed suddenly jumped at his face, clawing at him continuously as Ozu attempted to swipe him away.

"Sting is the strongest in Sabertooth! You're lucky he was holding back." Lector said as he is now floating with his wings exposed. "But if you think it's over for today, just wait till tonight. You've messed with the wrong people."

Lector flew quickly towards the exit, trying to catch up with you and his best partner. He knew that by nightfall, Rogue would want to participate in Ozu's punishment.


You were gently placed on your feet after Sting opened his apartment door, Lector having caught up halfway.

"Do you still want to go out __(y/n)? Maybe get some air?" Lector asked, trying to break the silence. You shook your head as you walked to the bathroom, claiming it for yourself. You turned on the faucet, a hand on your mouth as you tried to suppress your cry. It didn't work, but you tried to convince yourself that the others couldn't hear you.

You leaned against the bathroom wall, bringing your knees to your chest. You sobbed loudly, the pain in your heart aching even more as you pondered on every thought that bombarded your mind.

Every single time!

Why did you always get screwed over in the end of a relationship?! You shed tears into your knees, your shaking hands being buried in __(hair color) colored locks.


It hurt. It hurt Sting to know that you were in so much pain and there wasn't a remedy he could give you for it. He sat against the wall next to the bathroom door, waiting for you to come out. He knew he should've gone alone! Why wasn't he adamant with his decision from before?

'Because I just can't say no to her.' Sting sighed, arms resting on his knees as he wondered if he could have done anything differently to change this. But maybe, this was for the better. As much as Sting didn't want you to be in this situation, this was the only way for you to truly understand that Ozu was not meant for you.

It had been hours since you locked yourself in the bathroom, Sting worried about his best friend. He knocked on the door a few times, receiving nothing but the sound of quiet sniffling.

"C'mon, __(y/n). You've been there for hours. Don't you want to eat or drink a little something?" It has been hours since your last meal and Sting was afraid of the potential consequences of you not properly eating, especially since you haven't had a decent meal after your break up with Ozu

"No. I'm not hungry."

"Don't do this, __(y/n). I know it's really hard to forget about him, but you can't be cooped up in there forever." Sting had given you enough time to grieve alone. You didn't give him a response, Sting letting out another sigh as he was determined to wait there for you.


You were beginning to feel guilty for worrying Sting, finally opening the door then peeking your head out. You didn't find him in front of you, widening the door as your eyes scanned to your left and right. You looked down to see him against the wall, surprised to see him on the floor.

"How long were you there for?"

"Since we came home."

He waited for you for that long? You knelt before the dragon slayer, separating his hands that were clasped together on his knees then placed yourself against his chest. You laid your head on his shoulder, circling your arms around his torso. Sting was surprised by your gesture, but he didn't hesitate to return the embrace.

"I'm sorry." You began as the blonde looked down at you. "I'm being such a burden and you're sacrificing your time just to help me."

"Stop it." You lifted your head up at his reply. "Stop apologizing because you aren't a burden. Whatever that jerk said to before, it wasn't true. I need you to know that, okay? I am not helping you because I pity you. It's because I care for you. You should know that I do. If I didn't, I wouldn't be doing anything for you. That guy was just trying to get to you. Don't let him. You're part of Sabertooth, you're stronger than that."

You nodded, quietly thanking him as your hold on him became slightly tighter. A wave of silence settles in the room, but it didn't feel as lonely now that you were in the arms of Sting.

"He broke the bracelet you gave me." You said softly almost as if you didn't want to disturb the quietness.

"I'll get you a new one."

"But I liked it."

"I'll buy you an even better bracelet." He whispers, acting as if the two of you weren't allowed to raise your voices.

"That one was special since it came from you." You cherished anything that was given to you by Sting, which made it difficult for him to buy you presents. You liked everything and it was hard for him to distinguish what you didn't like.

"As much as I didn't want him doing that in front of you, he can't break what we have. He can say whatever, but we're still going to be best friends, right?"

"Hm. You're right."

Sting was glad that you were opening yourself to him, meaning that you were now comfortable with letting him handle your pain.

"Ne, __(y/n)?"


"Why did you stay with Ozu?"

You paused at his question, thinking over it carefully and you found yourself stumped. Why did you stay with him?

"I guess because I felt that I could change him for the better. He was a nice person the first few months we went out, but then he began to change. He was also very good at making me feel guilty that I'm the reason why our relationship was breaking apart. Like it was my fault, that I was doing something wrong to make it go that way."

Sting frowned at what you said, his chest aching at what you had been through. "I'm sorry. I didn't do anything sooner. You were suffering for that long and I didn't do anything."

"That's because I didn't let you. It's not your fault. I'm just glad that you've been there for me when I needed you and you're still here."

"Of course. I'll always be here for you." He rested his chin on the top of your head. "You don't believe all of what he said, do you?"

"I don't know." you whispered gently gripping his shirt.

"I've watched you try and try for that guy. It was his fault things went so wrong and he took advantage of your feelings. I won't let anyone try that again."

"Arigato, Sting. Thank you so much."


A couple weeks have gone by since the Ozu incident. You haven't heard from him, but you did find out that a certain pair of twin dragons and cats took care of him. You would forever be grateful to those four, especially to Sting. It would only be a few more days until you could return to your room. You had to order a lot of furniture and dinnerware to replace the ones Ozu had destroyed. Rogue, Sting, Lector, and Frosch have been a great help to you, making the moving in process less difficult.

You had finished everything for today, now relaxing in your temporary room with Sting. While you were pondering on a decision for the past couple of weeks, your blonde friend was bouncing a small ball against the wall.

"Ne, Sting?" you called to him, looking at him from where he was seated on the bed.


"Can I tell you something?" Sting heard you ask as he caught his ball, putting it to the side to display his full attention. You move a bit closer to Sting, gently taking both of his hands.

"I've been thinking a lot about what happened these past few weeks. And I'm tired. So, so tired of getting my heart broken and crying all the time. I decided that I'm gonna give up. Give up on love. Yes, you can call me a coward or stupid, but I can't go through that pain again. It's just not worth it. Or maybe I'm not worth it. That thing with Ozu, it hurt so much and if I didn't have you, I wouldn't know what I'd do. But thank you, for everything and being there. Now you won't have to listen to me complain about my guy problems." You laughed a bit at the last sentence, trying not to be so serious.

"Wait, __(y/n)-" Sting frowned, maneuvering his body so he was facing more towards you.

"I've had such horrible experiences with love. Maybe it's a sign that I'm gonna be single for the rest of my life." You sighed loudly before glancing up at him.

"But, before I give up, I want to," you moved closer to Sting, gripping his hands a bit more, "I want to give my final kiss to you because you hold a very special place in my heart. You're a great person and I want to have my last kiss memorable with a man whose heart is filled with only good intentions. So, I hope you won't yell at me after." you whispered quietly then softly placed your lips against his. Sting's eyes widen by not only the kiss, but seeing a sad tear leave your right eye. Your hands let go of his then settling themselves on his cheeks.


Sting's heart pounded painfully against his ribcage at your final choice of not wanting to love again. This wasn't how it was suppose to go! He was suppose to heal you and help you find happiness again. In truth, he was hoping you could find that happiness with him. He had developed these feelings last year, but never acted upon them, thinking it was only a short term crush. He had this plan of helping you fully recover from your break up and show you that if given the chance, he would take care of your heart properly. You start to pull away, but Sting carefully grabs the back of your head to press you closer to him as if to prevent you from slipping through his arms.

The kiss begins to intensify through Sting's strong feelings. His feelings of fear, protectiveness, determination, and love. Fear came from the possibility of losing that chance of being with you. The protectiveness to guard your heart from any pain. Determination for proving that love is not worth giving up. And as for love, it was obvious that you were the only one he trusted his heart with.

You respond just as intensely, the both of your feelings clashing back and forth until you laid on the bed. His tongue peeks from his lips to touch yours, adjusting himself so he wasn't crushing your small body. As you attempt to taste his lips, his sneaky appendage raids the inside of your mouth. His tongue sways against yours, bumping into every crevice before inviting you to explore his. Your hands had let go when you fell onto the bed, but you begin to feel his free hand glide up from your hip, side, and over your arm. It slowly makes its way to your palm, his touch sending a trail of goosebumps from where it brushed. When it reaches to the end of your arm, his hand finally rejoins with yours, fingers lacing with one another.

He is the first to break the kiss, not wanting you to believe he was trying to take advantage of you giving him the privilege of stealing your last kiss. He stares down at the woman underneath him, unable to say his response to your decision as your beauty mesmerizes him slightly.

"Don't. Don't do this. I know you don't want to go through any more heartaches, but I know you'll find someone who'll make you truly happy. No, forget that. Someone is looking for you to give their heart to." Sting didn't want you to regret this later on, "As much as I am against this, ultimately, it is your decision."

He gave you a small smile and a peck on the cheek before pushing himself off you. Sting was going to need a moment for himself and to give you time to really think on your choice. He makes it to his room, shutting the door quietly as he lays on his bed, arms folded behind his cranium.

Sting wasn't going to let you do this. He was going to prove to you that love is not all about pain, but he was going to neglect to tell you what he plans to do. It would be better if you didn't expect anything. It wasn't that Sting thought you needed a man to live, but he hated how you believed you weren't worthy of being loved. He didn't want you believing what your idiotic ex drilled into your brain about you not deserving of anything good.

He was determined to make you happy again, even if you couldn't find that fairy tale ending with him.


[1] Since Fro's gender is still unclear, I'm just putting 'she'. If anyone found out Fro's real gender, please let me know!
First Sting X Reader fic! Hope you like? I kept re-reading it and trying to edit everything and IDK for some reason, I'm ehh about this? @_@

And yes, title is from the song and Filipino TV show "Please Be Careful With My Heart."
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Collection by

Once again, it was that time of the year. Colorful assortments of lights decorated the outside of homes and businesses. Children chased each other, screaming and launching snowballs through the air. The streets were overcrowded with shoppers looking for the perfect last-minute gifts at the best prices possible. Cheerful holiday-themed music played throughout almost every store.

Shivering slightly, you pulled your scarf closer to your face and slipped your gloves back on before gathering several store bags filled with newly purchased items and stepping out onto the snow-covered sidewalk. Normally, you weren't a huge fan of celebrating the holidays. You always thought the idea of gift-giving and being festive was highly overrated.

But this year was different. This year, you would be celebrating Christmas for the very first time with the one person in your life who meant the most to you.

After making one final stop to pick up a 'gift' you had ordered several days earlier from a local café, you hurried home so you could begin decorating the home you shared with a certain tattoo-covered ghoul.


"I'm home." You called as you stepped inside the warm apartment, kicking your shoes off by the door.

"Welcome back. I was beginning to think you had gotten lost." A familiarly smooth voice answered.

"Yeah, sorry it took so long. Obviously everyone else had the same idea to wait until the last minute to go shopping." You sighed as Uta walked into the room.

"Need help?" He asked, gesturing towards the many store bags you were currently holding.

"Sure, thanks." You answered, but stopped when you looked at the man standing in front of you. "Uta... what are you wearing?" You asked, giggling slightly.

"Do you like it? I found them in one of those boxes." He replied, pointing at four large boxes labeled 'Christmas Stuff'. Seeing Uta wearing a Santa hat and a red Reindeer nose certainly wasn't something you were prepared for, which made it that much more difficult to control yourself from snickering.

"Yes, you look lovely as usual." You said with a smile as you handed all the bags over except for two. Noticing this almost immediately, your best friend and lover removed the Reindeer nose from his face and leaned in close to you.

"Hm? What are you hiding from me, [Name]?" Uta asked as he began sniffing you. In response, you reached up and gently pinched his nose, ceasing his sniffing actions.

"Your presents, so please don't do that." You stated, moving the bags further away from Uta in a protective manner. Almost as a form of retaliation, Uta placed his tattooed hand on the top of your head and ruffled your hair. This caused you to pull away from him, releasing his nose in the process. "Uta!" You whined as you tried your best to fix your now messy hair. A small smile appeared on Uta's normally stoic face.

"I only found four boxes with decorations." He changed the subject as he carried the store bags into the living room, setting them on the coffee table. You nodded.

"I thought there were only four, so that's why I bought more ornaments while I was out." You replied as you slipped off your scarf, gloves, and jacket. You then took the two bags that contained Uta's presents and hid them in your bedroom closet, locking the door as an extra precaution and tucking the key safely in your pocket.

As you re-entered the living room, you saw that Uta had already sorted through most of the items you had bought.

"Since when do you like these?" He asked, holding up a package of assorted candy canes.

"I don't. But I thought they'd look nice on the Christmas tree." You replied as you began gathering several rolls of wrapping paper in your arms.

"...We're going to hang candy on our Christmas tree?" Uta asked skeptically, tilting his head to the side.

"Yup. A lot of people hang different edible items on Christmas trees, such as candy canes, popcorn... stuff like that." You explained with a smile.

As you stood back slightly and scanned over the newly purchased decorations and supplies that were now displayed on the coffee table, you paused. "Uta, did you see any Scotch tape?"

When he shook his head, you sighed. "Dammit... I knew I was forgetting something." You mumbled as you reached for your coat and slipped it back on.

"Do you want me to go buy some tape?" Uta offered.

"No, that's okay. It's my fault for forgetting it in the first place." You replied before walking towards the front door. "I'll be right back. But while I'm gone, you can start decorating the tree if you want."

"Okay." Uta agreed simply before you ventured back outside.


One roll of tape and an hour later, you were finally back in front of your doorstep. Since it was already Christmas Eve, most of the local stores closed early. This resulted in an hour long search for the only open store in the whole city just so you could purchase a simple roll of Scotch tape.
You were just relieved to finally be home, especially since it began to snow rather heavily again.

"Uta, I'm back." You called as you walked through the front door for the second time that day, removing your shoes and jacket in the process.

As you made your way through the living room, you froze. "What...the that?"

"You said people like decorating Christmas trees with edible treats, right?" Uta asked before he added another human eyeball to the dozens that were already hanging on your Christmas tree.

"But that's not.... I didn't.... I thought you were running low on eyeballs?" You asked, trying to come up with the right words to say without hurting your boyfriend. Looking at you with his red and black eyes, Uta smiled at you.

"I think I can last one night without them." He replied. You stood there, staring at him with a confused expression.

After a moment, your eyes widened slightly. "You didn't break into my closet, did you?!" You asked in a panicked voice.

"Of course not." Uta said before coming over to you. He bent forward and sniffed you, enjoying your unique fragrance that overwhelmed his senses. "But I know your scent, [Name]. And you certainly don't smell like a jar of eyeballs."

After registering what he said, you began to pout slightly. "That's so not fair, Uta-chan... I wanted to surprise you with a gift that I thought you'd actually enjoy. But obviously, I couldn't even accomplish that much."

"Your efforts are still appreciated. Normal humans wouldn't be so willing to go out of their way to get a jar of human organs for a ghoul." Uta replied, wrapping his arms around you and resting his chin on the top of your head.

"So now you're saying I'm not normal?" You asked, trying to hide the smile forming on your lips.

"Isn't that obvious?" These words caused you to look up at your boyfriend. "I certainly wouldn't be able to develop feelings for any normal human girl, [Name]. Or for any normal ghoul, for that matter." Uta finished, causing you to bury your face into his chest to hide the blush on your face. "You still haven't noticed the other decorations." Uta spoke after a moment.

As you looked around the living room, you smiled. Everything looked perfect, from the different colors of garland that were strewn around the room, to the stockings that were nailed to the wall, to the Christmas window-clings that hung in the windows. Even the Christmas tree, which was decorated with colorful lights and various ornaments... even the eyeballs decorating the branches somehow looked oddly nice.

"This place looks really beautiful, Uta." You commented in an endearing voice.

"You're still missing one." Uta replied, pointing up above where you two were standing. As you looked up, a small blush returned to your face. Mistletoe hung directly over your heads. Before you could say a word, Uta leaned down and pressed his lips against yours. Despite your blush deepening, you wrapped your arms around Uta's neck and kissed him back.

As the snow fell outside, you were grateful to be sharing your Christmas Eve with the man you cared about and loved the most... even if that meant dealing with his strange fascination for eyeballs.

...I'm so embarrassed by this :iconuhuhuhuplz:
I wanted to write this for Christmas, since I absolutely adore Uta so very, very much.
Uta is definitely my favorite character from Tokyo Ghoul.

But somehow... I feel like this isn't that good :iconlazycryplz:
I really do hope everyone enjoys this, despite my feelings.

If I ever get the enthusiasm and confidence to write another Uta x Reader fanfic, I'll try to write one that's much better than this.

Honestly, though... I spent all day trying to make this sound acceptable ^^;
Well, in between visiting family, that is.

Which reminds me.... Merry Christmas, everyone! :iconslowhugplz:
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Two kids were laughing like it was their last day on Earth, while being watched by an adult. The girl had red irises, and the  white of her eyes was actually black. She had a long, bloody-red tail, and she was swinging a blue-haired boy in the air with it.
"OMG what are you doing to him [F/n]?!"
A blue-haired girl, the boy's sister, came running to the other girl. She was so scared that she dropped the boy. Yet, he didn't cry.
"Touka-" started the man.
"But dad, someone could see her! And she could have hurt Ayato! She's as old as me and she doesn't think at all!"
"Touka please." said the girl, making the most adorable puppy eyes.
"Yes onee-chan" the boy finally spoke. "We were having fun...And you know that [F/n] is my best friend."
Touka face-palmed, but soon, they were all laughing, even the Kirishimas' dad. Being a ghoul was hard, but even them had beautfiul moments in their lives, and they were worth living.

[F/n]'s family moved from the 1st ward, where almost nobody was lucky enough to have a normal everyday life. At first, [F/n] didn't like it; her parents didn't let her play with the human kids, and there were no ghoul kids around...Well, until she found the Kirishima brothers. She was the same age as Touka, though the one she became friends with was her little brother, Ayato.

*a few years later*
Ayato would often go to a walk with [F/n]. And that 'often' was almost everyday. But that, day, [F/n] was nowhere to be found. He looked for her in a park which she loved very much, at the cafe they were usually going, even at the amusement park. Nothing.
'How stupid I am...Of course she is home.'
He started walking towards [F/n]'s house; it was quite far from his, but he's been there so many times that he was sure he could find it even with his eyes closed.
The courtyard was silent. Not something out of the usual, of course. But the front door was closed, and when he rang the bell, he waited a couple of minutes and nobody came. Ayato furrowed his eyebrows. Something sure has happened.
He went to the back door. It was opened, but the view inside...
The hall was all covered in blood. The ceiling, the walls, the floor. And not only blood- body parts and organs too, which looked like they were cut by the most sadistic butcher; it was a horrible sight even for a ghoul. Not to mention that salty and rusty smell...And in the middle of everything was [F/n].
She was standing on her knees. Ayato came closer slowly, like he was afraid not of that carnage, but of his dear friend. He kneeled down to be at the same level with her.
She wasn't crying; she was staring in fron of her, her eyes empty, ghost-like.
"What happened, [F/n]?"
"T-they c-came and they m-murd-dered mama and pap-pa..."
Almost stuttering at every word, she went on with that horrible story. She came home from school, but soon after she arrived, her parents told her to go to the basement. She didn't know why, but she obliged. They had a deep basement, like the ones used in the World Wars. After a while, she heard some muffled sounds. [F/n] rushed to the door, but it was closed. She tried to look trough the keyhole, but she couldn't see anything. She tried to break it, though her body was too weak for it. When she got too scared, she used her kagune to break it. And since then, she has been sitting there.
"The investigators did it, I am sure..."
Ayato said nothing; instead, he took [F/n] into his arms. She started to cry with loud sobs; her small body was shaking uncontrollably, like she was going through the most powerful storm. And in a way, she was.
"Shh, shh. I am here now, everything will be ok."
Ayato didn't know if what he said was true. All he cared about was to make [F/n]'s tears stop. She was the happiest person he knew, and he couldn't bare to see her like that.
"What if they *hiccup* what if the d-doves come back? W-what *hiccup* if they come t-to *hiccup* k-"
"[F/n], stop right now."
A pause came; the silence was almost unbearable when Ayato finally spoke.
"I...I want to leave...I want to go far away from this place. I can't bear to see the ones I care for in such a state. I want to leave a-and become stronger; I don't care what I have to do in order to protect you, and my sister, and everyone, as long as you are all safe."
[F/n] said nothing. She just thought about that...She had nothing left, and Ayato wanted to leave...Everything in her head was a mess, but at that moment, rather than being alone...
"I am coming too."
He stiffened at her words. He looked at her face, only to see determination and the wish to get revenge.
"I want to be strong."

*a few years later*
[F/n] and Ayato often got into fights, most of the times because of Ayato's *ahem* wonderful personality. Of course, he was still [F/n]'s dearest friend, but when he would hit her, she would hit back. Ayato wasn't the only one who changed; well, [F/n] remained the same, sweet girl she was, but she learned how to defend herself.
At first, when Ayato joined the Aogiri Tree, [F/n] didn't go with him. She came only a few months later, and she requested to be put under her friend's command. Since then, she's always been by his side, so much that some of the ghouls started calling her Ayato's shadow.
At the moment, Ayato was with one of his hands in [F/n]'s hair, pulling it hard. No matter how much she hit him with her fists, he would only insult her between his laughs. So she tried a round kick, which would knock unconscious a human or a less powerful ghoul. Ayato lost his balance for a moment, giving [F/n] the occasion to free herself.
"What the fuck is wrong with you?"
"Shut up idiot! It's your fault, I told you not to go alone on doves hunting!"
"Ahem, excuse me, but I took Banjou with me!"
"That's the problem, shithead! Did I allow you to go with him?"
"Shees, am I your possesion, or what?"
"Yes, yes you are."
[F/n] rolled her eyes. Ayato was too strict with her sometimes, too harsh and almost everytime, too arrogant. Yes, he knew that he was way stronger than his friend, and he showed her that everytime he could.
"Geez Ayato. If you keep acting like this, I might even leave you."
[F/n] meant that as a joke, though Ayato's face darkened instantly. She didn't even notice when Ayato was next to her, pinning her against the wall and holding both of her wrists with one hand.
She expected to be screamed at again, but he remained silent for a few seconds, just looking in her eyes.
"You are not going to leave me."
His face got closer to hers, until they were only a few millimeters away, and suddenly, their lips connected. It was a rather awkward kiss; [F/n] didn't know what to do at first, but her lips started to move along with his a moment later. It warmed her from head to toe-sincerely, she developed a crush on Ayato, but she never dared to tell him how she really felt.  His tongue was begging for entrance, but [F/n] denied it- being a tease, as always. Of course, only until he bit her lip so hard that she opened her mouth.
When they parted, they were both breathing heavily.
"I love you [F/n]. Never say that you would leave me."
" you too. But Ayato, you know, when I said that I'm going to leave, I only meant that as a joke."
His eyes darkened, his face becoming serious.
"You're going to fucking pay for this, jackass."
I didn't know how to name the story, so sorry for the title : ))
Tokyo Ghoul and the characters belong to their righteous owners.
And you belong to Ayato : >
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The sky was cloudy, and little white specs fell from it. You watched from your college dorm, as each snowflake hit the the ground, and contributed to making inches of snow.

"Beautiful...." The word fell silently off your lips.  

"(F/n), is this your first time seeing snow?" Your best friend (name) walks in the dorm room with another box of items.  

"Yes, it's a wonderful view." You smiled at her, then back at the snow.

She giggles and places the boxed Items on her bed. "As much as it's pretty, I kind of wish it would stop. I really want to see my boyfriend." She sadly sighs, and sits upon her bed.

As if on cue, her phone rings and she quickly answers, knowing it's her boyfriend......


"Taiga!!" She squeals and gets up to walk outside the dorm room.  

"I'm so sad, I won't be able to see you! They won't let students walk out!" She pouts, and you giggle.

"Eh?? Really?? Omg yes! Okay!" Her eyes open widely with excitement and she glances towards you.

"Ooh! Then bring Himuro-kun" she whispers so low, so that you don't hear. You, being preoccupied with the snow, pay no attention to her.

"Kay! See you soon babe~" she hangs up her phone,  skipping towards you with much happiness.

"Soo! We need to clean up and unpack! Taiga is coming!" She quickly gets up and begins taking things out of the boxes your both brought in. You nod, and join her in organizing your new shared dorm.


"Thank god we finished!" (Best friend) pulls two bottles of coke, and hands one to you.

"A cheer, for a new life and future!" You both tap the bottles together and drink. A minute later, there is a knock on the door.

"They're here!!" (Best friend) takes on sip of her soda, and places it on her personal desk.

"They're?" You question the word she used. Meaning more people were coming?

She winks at you, and opens the door. Standing there are two tall men. One is very handsome, he has black slick hair that covers his left eye. Under his right eye is a small noticeable mole. He has a poker face going on, until he looks at you and smiles gently. You blush a little and look away, sipping more soda. The other tall male, has dark red hair, and split eyebrows. (Best friends) boyfriend.

"Taiga!" She jumps in his arms, wrapping her legs around his waist. The two begin to kiss lovingly, making you feel really awkward.

After they finish sucking each others faces, they walk in and sit down. Kagami has a tint of blush on his cheeks.

"Hello (f/n), how are you?" He asks embarrassed. The other man looks at you the whole time you speak, and you blush.

"I-I'm fine! I am happy to be back in America!"  

You and your best friend lived in Japan for some time, until both of you decided to move back home. Only because (best friend) missed kagami.

"I'm glad you both came down, now I won't have to suffer a long-distance relationship." He blushes again and looks at (best friend).  

"Ahem." The man next to him clears his throat to catch kagamis attention.

"Oh. This is Himuro. Tatsuya Himuro." Kagami smiles,patting Himuros back.

Himuro extends his arm and hand to you, offering a handshake. You accept it, and introduce yourself.

"My name is (f/n) (l/n), a pleasure to meet you Himuro-san" you use proper Japanese honorics, since he is Japanese and all.

"Please to meet you. (L/n)-san." He smiles at you once more, before squeezing your hand a bit. His touch made you shiver a little, and nervous.

After he lets go, he looks at Kagami. "So, now what do we do?"  

Kagami looks at (best friend), and she smiles back at kagami.

"Well, me and taiga have some catching up to do, so...."

Immediately knowing what she meant, you stand up and grab your purse. In the process of doing that, you grab a book and your phone.

"Well then, I'll be on my way. If you need me I'll be in the t.v room, sleeping on the couch. You grab a pillow and blanket and walk off.

"I'll go with her." Himuro stands up and follows behind you.

Once the door is shut, your bestfriend friend looks at kagami.

"So what did you want to d--"  

Kagami is interrupted by (best friend); who slammed her lips on his.

"You know what." She winks and pulls him to the bed.


The T.V room is where the people who live in the dorm literally 'hang out.' But no one really goes, so it's always empty. Inside is a T.V, a vending machine, some games and movies, and two big comfy couches.

You sigh, and start to set up your bed on the couch. Knowing (best friend) she'll be up all night... 'Catching up' with kagami.

"Whoa.....this is nicer than the one in our university." Himuro walks in right behind you, he looks around with a small smile in his poker face.

"Yeah it is nice, but no one hangs out here anymore."  You lay down on the couch, with the pillow behind your head, and start to read the book.

Himuro awkwardly sits at the end of the couch. Which irritates you, since there was another couch besides the one you are on.

"It's really cold outside." He tries to start some conversation, but you simply hum in reply.

Himuro sighs, and gets up from the couch to see the rack of movies available. He scans them slowly, looking for the perfect movie. He freezes and pulls one out.

"How about a movie?" He raises a movie with the title (scary movie title).

"A scary movie?" You question.

"You are not scared are you?" He teases slightly and you laugh.

"No way, lets do it." You sit up from your spot and place the book on the floor. Himuro puts the disk in the DVD player, grabbing the remote along that was next to it.

He sits closer to you then before. You pay no attention to it and wrap yourself in your blanket.  

While the movie was playing, the temperature suddenly dropped. You paid no mind to it at all, since you had a thick warm blanket. On the other hand, Himuro was shivering.  

His teeth were clattering, and he was shaking.  

You look over at him, feeling sorry that his jacket was not thick enough. You sigh; scoot over next to him, and wrap your blanket around him. He looks at you surprised.

"What? You were shivering, I felt bad." You smile warmly,then return your attention to the movie.  

Himuro looks at you for a few seconds with a small smile as well. He moves even closer to you, making you blush a little.

"This movie is very interesting." Himuro breaks the awkwardness surrounding the two of you.

You nod your head slowly. You secretly were scared of this movie, but if you acted like a chicken, he might think you were lame.

When a really crazy scary part suddenly popped out, you jumped and screamed.

"KYYAAAAAA!!" You hid your face in Himuros chest.

Himuro chuckled at you, and the vibration of his laugh made you flush with embarrassment.  

"S-sorry....." You try to pull away, but he brings a hand to the back of your head and pushes you into his chest.

"It's okay, you are really warm." He wraps another hand around your back and hugs you.

"O-oh....okay....thanks?" You look up at him and grin nervously.  

Himuros expression changes into one that is really hot. He looks at you with eyes that beg for attention. Your cheeks turn a dark shade of red. From the cold and how embarrassing it is to be so close to that beautiful face of his.

"Your nose is red." He says to you and kisses it lightly.

"Ah.....y-yeah...." 'Oh god he's hot!!!'

"And your lips......they're blue...."  

The next he does surprises you to the max. He crashes his lips on yours, and uses both his arms to pull you closer. The kiss quickly warms your whole body up, as well as his too.

He groans when you run a hand in his soft silky hair.  He nibbles a little on your lip, to which you have no idea why he would do that.

"Open your mouth." He breathes out.

"H-huh?" You gasp out when he breaks the kiss for a second. At that moment, he slams his lips back on yours, shoving his tongue in.


"Hmm...hey! Stop!" You push him back a little roughly. He pulls away and looks surprised.

"What's wrong?"

"'s just....I never really did anything like this know kissing....and I don't know you very well...." You fiddle with your hair while talking. A frown plays across his face.  

"Then....why don't we get to know each other then?"  

"Huh? Really?"  

He lightly chuckles at you, and pecks your lips.

"I've heard so much about you from (friends name), that I fell in love with what she told me. And when I finally saw you, I fell even more in love. So, I don't care how long it will take, I will make you fall in love with me as well. Even if it takes a whole lifetime."  

"Himuro.....I mean I am willing t--"  

While you were speaking, the lights suddenly shut off. Even the T.V went off.  

"It seems the power shut down...Maybe because the snow?" Himuro pulled you closer to him.  

"You are shaking....the temperature dropped all of a sudden too. The heater is off."

"What do we do?" You ask.

"We can wait until the power comes on. This has happened before at my school."  

"In the meantime, lets talk. Like I said, I want to know you better (f/n). Let me began. My name is Himuro Tatsuya, and I love to play basketball. I also know how to juggle."

"My name is (F/n) (L/n), and I love to (insert hobby), and really?? That is so cool! My only talent is (IDK put a talent xD we all have one!)

"Oh really? That's interesting, tell me about your hobby? And what a wonderful talent, I hope one day you can show me!"

The whole night, you both told each more and more things you liked and all. There were conversations about food, colors, places, and even politics at some point. But in the end, you both really did get to know each other further, and will continue doing so, in the future as a couple.



"Ah....taiga!!" Your friend groaned out.

"(Best friend/n)!" He yelled out.

"Go faster! I know you can!"

"F-fine ..."

"And.......SPEED! I WIN!! YAY! HAHAHA!" she jumped up and fist pumped in the air.

"I told you the next time we would meet, I would beat you 10 times in a row!" She picked up the cards on the ground and threw them in the air.

"S-so! I won last time!" He mumbled and rubbed the back of his head angrily.

"I can't believe we spent out entire time catching up by playing cards.....I wonder what else we could have done?" She puts a hand on her chin and thinks for a few moments.

She shrugs and sits on the bed again. "Lets play round two!"
Even if himuro pissed me off at some point, he deserves attention. I did this as a request for :iconxdeaththekidismine: 
I hope I did well!

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Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes)
song - Animals by Maroon5

“You know that I feel like I’m dining with Hannibal Lecter when I’m with you?” You asked as you slowly swirled a wineglass with a mixture of Vermouth and B- blood in your hand. Making the liquid move in a hypnotizing way around the expensive crystal. You had thrown your legs over the handle of the intricately carved chair that reminded you of the manor of your old living arrangements in the UK.

Tsukiyama was sitting opposite to you eating some poor girl’s heart that he had had flambéed and was eating it alongside the same wine.

It had been about three months of you two started this weird lover/dinner relationship and you had to say that you had grown to love the gentlemanly olfactophilist.* Not only was he a good lover he also knew how to get to your heart by now with an occasional pack of AB- or hand feeding you eyeball’s filled chocolates.  

“And why is that ma reine*?” He asked, making you laugh and sip your wine before you jumped on top of the grand table with a cat like grace, not making the tableware tremble even slightest with your landing as you slowly trundled towards your lover in slow steps that made your hips move from side to side. Your dark red cocktail dress highlighting the movement even more.

“Because…” You said as you pressed him to lean back on his chair and stepped over his now abandoned dish, seating yourself on his lap with your hands around his neck.

“You’re a gentleman with a quite interesting other side.” You said referring his way of eating his human flesh like a fine dining.

“Hmm. you ma reine forget the most important part.” Tsukiyama murmured when he took a hold of your other hand and after sniffing your wrist he started kissing the pale skin, leaving small bite size holes in his wake when he made his way towards your shoulder.

“No matter how fancy the dish or flesh. You, ma reine make even the most exquisite dish taste like desert sand when I have had a taste of you.” He whispered with a husky, passion filled voice.

“Are you trying to seduce me again with your fancy language?” You asked while biting your lower lip as a small mischievous smile rose to your pink lips

“Is it working?” Tsukiyama asked you with a charming smile that did little to hide his
true intentions with you. You chuckled and gave him a slow sensual kiss as an answer to his question, but when you tried to pull back from his lips he pressed them back on yours and placed his hand behind your head as his tongue slipped to battle with you. The taste of blood and the heart mixing together, making him slowly moan in the kiss that was getting hotter every second.

When you two finally let go of each other for Tsukiyama to breathe more air in to his lungs you leaned your head to his ear.

“Should we enjoy the dessert in more private setting?” You whispered and pressed your hips more strongly against his, making him let out a hiss of pleasure as his hands found your hips and his fingers sneaked on your round bottom, giving it a squeeze.

“You tempt me you minx!” he got out of his lips as you made your suggestion even more obvious by kissing and nipping his neck and licked the abused skin every time your incisors broke the skin enough to make it bleed.

“Oh? Then you don’t mind me leaving early.” You said “uncaringly” and quickly hopped off from his lap, leaving him high and dry to look after you like a child that had his lollipop taken away as you made your way to the doors of the dining room.
You hadn’t even gotten a proper hold of the door handle when your arm was grabbed and in a blink of an eye your back was slammed against the doors as the lavender haired ghoul lifted you in his arms with your legs on both sides of his hips. He looked at you with a hungry look and his eyes had taken the all-knowing black and red color.

“Why the rush ma reine? We haven’t even had dessert yet.” He whispered huskily in your ear, making a shiver crawl down your spine.

“I’ll take it to bed thank you.” You half moaned him your answer.

Tsukiyama had never run that fast in his life even when he was hunting.
Reine - Queen in French 
Olfactophilia – getting high or aroused by certain smell’s

I kinda had some idea for this but I kinda lost it in the middle of the first paragraph. But Yeah. Tsukiyamas needs to get laid more often. I'm open for suggestions for Lemon's! Seijuro from Free! is coming definetly and Ukai (Haikyuu) lime
First part here!!!…:
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Seijuro let out a deep sign and took a sip of his water bottle when the boys had decided to take a break from running and had stopped for a little while to drink some water and let their breath come steadier before running back to the academy. Well, Nitori and Momotarou were trying to steady their breath after being stupid and asking the older Mikoshiba to help them improve their endurance since they felt that they lacked it and didnt have guts to ask from the current club members.

“Mikoshiba senpai how much have we run already?” Nitori asked the older red headed sibling but got no answer and looked behind him with Momo and saw Seijuro standing in front of one of the Showcases like he was frozen with a tomato red face. The boys walked to look what the captain was so intensely watching.

That was the first time Seijuro saw you….

You were having your last rehearses for the coming show and the instructor had assigned you a solo dance since she knew your movements would be fluid enough from your old ballet days. The song that was playing right now in your dance remix was from an American artist called Nick Jonas and the song was about how the girl had chained the boy to herself and the boy couldn’t break free. The tempo was slow, but fast enough in the instrumental parts you could do proper hip hop moves with the moves you usually used when you were out clubbing with your friends. Your big sister had given the style a name “man capturing hips-show” as a joke, but you knew what your body could do and your instructor had said to do whatever you wanted with the routine so right now you were on the floor standing on your knees and basically having air sex if your moves were anything to go by.

It was a wave like move that rolled from your hips to your back and ended with a push the chest out as a loop. Then you made a move to jump back up to stand and do your hop moves before the second chorus when you were imagining you were moving a hula-hoop in a slow motion and sliding down a strip pole before sliding on the floor and making the last hand movements and the end pose and stayed on it so you could gasp a little air in to your lungs before getting up and wiping a couple of beads of sweat off your forehead before turning towards the window to get your towel and water bottle only to jump a little with a sweat drop on your head as you saw the three blushing faces pressed against the glass and staring intensely at you.

You let out an embarrassed chuckle and got your bottle and towel quickly from the floor and walked quickly away to change so that the next group could get to practice.

*week forward*

It was a Friday and Samezuka was busting with excitement. Someone’s girlfriend was a part of a dance group at a local studio and they had gotten a permission to perform on the academy that night.

Mikoshiba had come to see his brother and since he had nothing better to do, he stayed to watch the show.

The crowd on the gym was bustling with excitement since the only girls some of the boys saw only in the pages of magazines when some lucky ones had girlfriends. When the lights went out the crowd got even more rowdy, until the light came on and a woman in her late twenties walked on the stage.

That woman was your dance instructor.

And guess who was biting their lip at the back stage in their small nervousness while dressed in an overly short baseball jacket, sparkly top and mini faux leather shorts with their dance sneakers and fingerless rhinestone decorated cloves.


“Oh my god this is so exiting I heard there are some pretty hot guys in here from Mimi.” One of the girls from the group dance team squealed and got some of the other girls exited while you just let out an annoyed and nervous mixed sign. You were the oldest in the whole studio with your sister who had stayed in the ballet style, while you had decided to take a road of more passionate and suggestive style. You weren’t a bad dancer just because you had taken some pole dancing lessons and Latin hop. You had proved it to your mother who had first disapproved, but then given in when your sister stood up to you and you had bought the 1st place medal home now two years a row from the province division.

Your teacher snapped you out of your thoughts when he sat beside you. “Don’t be nervous. You’ve practiced so hard you can do this in your sleep if needed.” She said to you with a smile that infected soon your mouth too. She gave you a small tap under your chin with her hand to make you look at her.

“Break a leg. The others set is all most finished.” She said and stood back up with you and you took and put your cap on your head that was decorated with a same kind of rhinestones as your cloves and ran after her to the stairs that went up to the stage behind a curtain. You could hear the last beats of the other girl’s K-pop routine and after that the gym exploded with whistling, cheering and applause.

The girls came off the stage with cheery faces and some were blushing and gushing about a handsome red head and others at the front row. The teacher’s speech cut them off.

“How was that?!”  She yelled and the boys cheered again. “Now, we have some more entertainment in a form of a solo female beauty.” The teacher said and the boys got even louder.

“Warning. Next show may cause dizziness from nosebleed...” She joked and made some of the crowd whistle and some laugh.
“Now…GIVE IT UP FOR (NAAME)!!!!” she cheered and the crowd did the same as you ran up to the stages and gave a thumb up to the soundman. Soon the first beats started to play and Kesha’s take it off started to play and you twirled around after intro and danced like no tomorrow.  Soon the fast part was over and it was turn for the “air sex” you had joked and then you spotted him.

It was the guy from the window. Without flaw you continued after your couple second shock and decided to use this at your advance.

For the whole dance you did what your sister had taught you.

“Pick one person and imagine you dance only for him.” and for the whole end routine you had your eyes on him. the only part you took your eyes off him was when you danced at the edge of the stage and “flirted” with a tall azure eyed brunette, putting your hat on him when the dance made you bend down before squatting and doing the move known as “the Train” and made the guy blush while a guy with red eyes and sharp teeth laughed at his embarrassment.

When you did your final move and stroke the ending pose. It sounded like the cheering would blow a roof off! You bowed at them and went off the stage where your teacher snagged you in to an enthusiastic hug and gushed with Mimi and Luka how awesome and not to mention hot the show was making you laugh at their child like antics.

After changing back to your normal clothes of jeans shirt and a ladies leather jacket, you pulled your hair on a pony tail and walked out to the hall way to walk out, only to jump back when about seven boys ambushed you and asked to take a picture with you. You blinked in confusion a couple of times but said yes.

After taking a picture with a quite sweet young man with a short silver hair thanked you and left, you heard a voice behind you that made you feel like snake was slithering up your spine. You turned around and saw the guy you had stared the whole show.

“You got awesome moves.” He complimented and made a slight blush rise on your cheeks. “Ah thank you.” you said looking down at your hands, not noticing a blush sneaking on his cheeks when he looked at your embarrassed face.

You were like a totally different person when off stage.

“I was thinking if-”

“I’m too old for you.” You cut him off even before he could properly ask you out. Making him start to laugh after he heard what you had said.

“How old are you?” he asked you to humor you and was all most going to laugh again when your blushing face took momentarily a form of a buffer fish.

“21.” You muttered still looking a little bit peeved at the nerve he had to ask a woman’s age so lightheartedly. The guy just continued his smiling.

“I’m 20.” he stated cheerily and you had to admit his cheerfulness made a smile crack on your lips.

“My name is (Surname First name).” You said smiling lightly and the guy introduced himself as Seijuro.

Who knew that the rest of the evening you two would just sit on his apartment floor, drinking coffee, talking, joking and you finding out you went to a same university. You also tried to teach him some simple dance moves while he taught you how to hit a volleyball right…

Maybe love at first beat did exist.

I Tought it was cute. My lemon plot's  have run somewhere in the middle-earth and dont look like they're coming back.

And the volleyball thing comes from the info that one of Seijurou's hobbies is beach volley 

"while i believe it to be total BS that people are getting suspended for lemons but the front page will often have pictures of vaginas and penises of no artistic value, in fear of also being suspended, i'm going to find an account that allows for me to post lemons. i'm on the queue to join Archive of Our Own so I'll post a link to my account there which will be where I post lemons from now on so the chstity club can keep their fingers off from them!

but for real though, #FreeTheAuthor"

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(I had a great idea for once XD)

You run into Mr. Russia's House and slam the door and try to barricade it.

"(country name) What are you doing here?"


"(Y/n)~! Are you going to let me in or am I going to have to break down this door myself~!" Belarus yells.

"HOLY SHIT SHE IS HERE. I DON'T WANT TO DIE LIKE THIS." You yell running off to the deeper parts of Russia's house.

"Belarus Leave her alone. She didn't do anything."

"She made you fall in love with her and not me." Belarus says trying to break down the door.

"She doesn't even know I like her so why are you trying to kill her."

"BECAUSE I AM THE ONE WHO WILL MARRY YOU." She yells with rage and breaks the door.

"SHIT." Russia now runs off.

You are running and you see Russia not too far behind.



You both find a place to hide.

"Hey Mr. Russia, I have a feeling you know why Belarus wants to kill me." You whisper.

"Yeah why?"

"Well it is my life and I would prefer to know why I am going to die." You say glaring.

"Well......Its because I like you." He says blushing. BLUSHING.

"...O-oh why didn't you tell me." You are pretty sure your face is as red as a tomato.

"I didn't want to tell anyone cause you know how Belarus gets."


The idea hit me after seeing a comment on one of my other stories.

hetalia = :iconhimaruyaplz:

you = :iconsexyrussiaplz:

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Chapter 5

"Ouch." You groaned. You had just woken up with a terrible headache. "Where the hell am I?"

You assested your surrondings. It was a small cell with a window on the right wall. There was a table to the left, with a chair and a small radio. Judging by the hues of the light, it was twilight.

You rolled out of bed and limped towards the table, which took a long time, because both your legs were crippled, thanks to Finland.

When you got to the table, you heaved yourself onto the chair and started fiddling with the dial. And, as expected, all of the radio stations were either blocked,or broadcasting lies. 

Just as you were about to turn the radio off, you caught a small snippet of your national anthem being played. Quickly, you flipped the dial back to the channel just as the person began broadcasting.

"Hello! This is the Free People's Radio." A broadcaster announced. "Updates on the current condition of (c/n). All radio and Tv stations have been seized by the enemy. Any station that refuses to cooperate will be shut down, though this has yet to be confirmed. In other news-" The voice grew serious. "Enemy troops have been authorized to shoot anyone on the spot if they have some form of connection to the resistance. And finally- our prime minister, (Name) (Last Name) has agreed to sign an unconditional surrender. The signing will take place in the British Embassy at-" All of a sudden, there was a crash, shouts, and gunshots, and finally a static noise. You shut off the radio and placed your trembling hands on your lap. Your boss was surrendering. You couldn't blame them- you were on the verge of losing anyways. But still...

The sound of the cell to your door opening snapped you out of your thoughts. You turned around.

"C-Canada?" You spluttered.  It shocked you to the bone to see the quiet and normally peaceful country turn to imperialism.

Canada took no notice of your shock and crossed over to you, seizing you by the arm.

"Get up." He snapped. "The others want to see you."

"Why would you do something like this?" You gasped as he dragged you down the halls of what seemed like a military base.

"I'm sick and tired of being ignored or being confused as my idiot brother." Canada growled. It sounded less like an explaination, and more like a rant. "I'll show them what Canada can do! Canada will become a super power!"

To be honest, that frightened you a bit. It reminded you of the painful sucession of wars which you switched back and forth from Prussia and Austria. Since you were crucial in a way, Prussia had wanted to seize you to help his budding nation, and after 15 long, bloody years of fighting, you managed to stay with Austria. 

The two of you stopped in front of a door. Canada knocked on the door.

"If it's about the blasted resistance one more time I'll-" You heard England begin, but Canada cut him off.

"It's (c/n)." Canada said cooly. "Are you ready to see her?"

"Oh, well, yes- let her in." England responded. Canada opened the door and thrusted you inside before closing the door and assuming his seat.

"What more do you want?" You snapped. America looked at you with one eyebrow raised.

"Whadda you mean, (c/n)?" He asked. "Or should I say, (y/n)?"

"You've already razed my land, murdered my people, plundered my treasures, destroyed my people's spirit and identidy, forced me down on my knees, taken my freedom and treated me like a spoil of war! Goddamn it, what more do you want?!" Your voice cracked at the last part.

Austria got up and walked towards your downcast figure.

"Why (y/n)." He said smoothly as his hand wrapped around your chin, forcing you to look up to him. "Isn't it obvious? You. So who will it be?"

Seeing your former guardian treating you like this ticked you off enough to look at him straight in the eye.

"You'll never have me." You growled. "Not you- not anyone else." Gathering up all your remaining stength, you spat right into his face.

Disgusted, Austria let go of you. Wiping the spit off his face, he stormed over to England.

"Alright!" He snapped, slamming his hands on the table in front of him. "I gave her one last chance- but this is it! I did warn you!"

England sighed and rubbed his temples.

"Right. Um- America-" he said, motioning to Canada.

"It's Canada!" Canada snarled at him. "Goddamn it England, get it right for once!"

For once, England was scared of Canada.

"S-sorry Canada. Take (y/n) back to her cell, won't you?"

Canada got up roughly and stalked towards you. Seizing you roughly by the hair, he proceeded to drag you out as you spewed out profanities at the merciless, greedy nations before you.

"Don't forget." You heard England call out as Canada dragged you back towards your cell. "You are at our mercy. One step out of line, and you are dead." more chapter until the countries decide who you'll go with. What do you think about the series so far?

I don't own Hetalia
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...He was following you again. 

Your movements grew rushed as you turned the corner, trying to walk faster and faster-

"(Name), mon amour! Won't you let me take you out to dinner tonight~?" He asked in a singsong voice as he looked for you, running around the world conference building carrying a bouquet of roses. You groaned. No matter how many times you had told him no, punched him in the face, or just yelled at him that you didn't like him, he just never stopped chasing you. Secretly, you were a little pleased that someone liked you enough to do all that for you, but he honestly got on your nerves sometimes.

Noticing a shadow turn in the direction you were standing, you immediately stood like a prairie dog on alert, and when you heard that strange laugh of his, you turned and ran as fast as you can. After all, even though his laugh may have sounded comforting to many people, his face while laughing did not have the same effect. Basically, trying to avoid him and all of his perverted advancements was what you had to do all the time while at the meetings. It was lunch break, but break was almost over, and you prayed that the country wouldn't find you before the meeting-

"(Name)! We still have the meeting to go to~! The meeting's not over yet, m'ange~! Don't you have to make alliances in a few moments~? I'll walk you back~"

You immediately halted, halfway through the door. You slunk to the ground.

Of course. The meeting. Since you were still a fairly new country, you had to be present at all of the world meetings. In fact, at your first meeting, everyone's eyes grew wide at your appearance because they hadn't thought you really existed. This particular meeting, you were to propose alliances to all of the major countries-

-Wait, you were supposed to propose alliances to the countries! How could you forget that!? God, if anyone saw you weren't there right now, they might completely discard the idea of having you in an alliance! Who would want an ally that completely forgot about them and skipped the meeting? You might give the others a bad impression! Oh, and it was only your third meeting! You didn't want something to go wrong now-

"Ohonhon~ je t'ai trouvé~"

-You wanted to die right now. Seriously. First France was chasing you, and he had found you, but you had completely forgot the fact that you were supposed to propose alliances! Honestly, it was a bit endearing that France had waited for you each and every day outside your home, and he had eagerly offered to help you with everything you had trouble with, but you honestly didn't need to have him annoying the crap out of you each day!

God, sure, you could stand him sometimes, but not now! You didn't need some stupid stalker chasing you around!

So you did the only logical thing.

You yelled at him.

"Shut up! Get away from me!"

You stood up and glared at him, expecting to see an amused smile on the country's face. After all, each time you had stubbornly denied feelings for the man, he had always smirked or grinned at you, and then pinched your cheeks saying that you were "a-door-ab-luh" or something like that, and you had then proceeded to punch him in the gut. And after all that, and you punching him multiple times to make him stop making perverted comments, he had always stood up, grinned at you, leaned down to kiss your hand, and ran away when you were about to kick him in an area rather..private...on his body.

This time, however, he wasn't smiling. Instead, he looked at you strangely, eyes kind of wide and mouth set in a firm line, arms limply at his side. His eyes looked at you, searching your face, and you suddenly felt a feeling that something wasn't exactly right with him right now.

He looked strange.

"...Er...France? Are you...okay?"

Blinking rapidly all of a sudden, he smiled and said that he was alright. Grinning slyly, he held out his hand for you to take, only to have it slapped back at him when you were peeved at his constant advances. Now, normally, France would try to touch or sniff your hair at this very moment, thinking that it was very "romantique" or something, and you would try to push him off of you the whole way. Now, he faltered a tiny bit when you slapped his hand back, and didn't try to touch you again after that.

On the way back, the atmosphere was extremely awkward. Why was France acting so weird? God, he was even making you feel awkward with this unnatural silence of his (not that you wanted him to talk; god, that'd probably be just as awkward), and it was hard to think being right next to a sulking France.

Oh, you knew he was sulking.

In fact, England and America once showed you some pictures of a sulking France, and in that picture, he was biting onto a tissue and shaking his head back and forth.

In fact, this looked somewhat similar to that picture in the aspect that he was shaking his head, although this time, instead of a tissue, he had bit onto the roses he had brought you. You raised your eyebrows. What the hell was France doing? Chewing on roses? God, why was France sad?

Reaching the door, you were about to walk in and apologize profusely to everyone for your mistake in being late, when you were suddenly stopped by the country who had been silent the whole walk back.

"(Name)!" You turned back to look at France, who seemed like he was trying unusually hard to bite out something, or seemed to be forcing himself to do something.


And immediately, upon hearing your tone of voice (which was your usual tone of voice, but you didn't know that it normally sounded that you disliked him), he drew back, and lost his adamant stance.


You were seriously getting worried. I mean, you weren't worried for the idiot. No, you were just worried at what the other countries would think if they saw a depressed France walk in right with you. It obviously had nothing to do with the country himself, right? You scoffed, and then walked up to him.

"Tell me what's wrong with you."

France took a long glance at you, confusion swirling around in his eyes, and you couldn't help but want to roll your eyes and blush, because either way, it still sounded like you were worrying about him, right?


You stayed silent for a few more moments.


France nodded. You kept your eyebrows raised, clearly not believing him. Rolling your eyes, you turned around, ready to open the door, when France stopped you again.

"Wait! (Name)! Do you hate me?"

You looked at him with surprise on your face, clearly not expecting that question. You made a face that just showed how reluctant you were to answer him. Did you hate him? Well, you clearly were worried about him (just a little bit though), so...kind of? Well, you guessed that you didn't hate him, exactly...

"...I don't necessarily hate you..."

And you almost felt like dying when you saw that France's face was now a bright red, as he stammered his words for the first time, and you sighed. You turned towards the door, almost about to turn the knob, when you stopped yourself. France's actions were kind of cute, like an awkward middle-schooler. Comparisons of France to a middle-schooler filled your mine, distracting you to the point that you didn't notice that you were doing something without thinking.

You spun around, and pecked France quickly on the cheek, thinking that he was acting really cute. Once the reality hit you, you stood awkwardly for about ten seconds, before immediately banging the door open. Then, running inside, you almost yelled out your apologies for being late at the other countries, who looked startled as you burst inside the room. France on the cheek!? What the hell just happened!? Standing outside the door, you could see France was confused as well, but why the hell did you just do that!?

You only kissed France on the cheek because you thought his actions were endearing!

Shaking your head, still flustered, you apologized again and again until everyone had told you it was fine to be late to your first couple of meetings, and you went up to talk about your country.

"The country of Narnia..." You continued for half an hour, noting that when France finally did come inside the meeting room, he was still a bit flushed, and you really didn't want to see him again after what you did. France came in and sat silently, taking notes about your country and nodding at the appropriate time. You kind of felt relieved that there was no commotion, and silently thanked France for not interrupting your presentation.

You were fidgeting nervously when it was done, staring at no one in particular. No country dared to ask first, for fear of rifling up other countries.

"I wish to propose an alliance with Narnia."

France. Of course it was him.

And you (grudgingly, of course) had accepted.
Request for :iconsanactras:
And the title was originally supposed to be: Obsessed!Persistent!CountryXCountry!Tsundere!Reader (There was a free choice of country, so I chose France because I seriously believe that out of all the countries, he would be the one most likely to be like this) , but of course, that obviously would not fit in the title, so that was out of the equation.

Oh, and the random bits of French that France used were, in order:

"My love"
"My angel"
"I found you"

totally not pedobear in any way or form

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    Let's just make it simple.

    You are the small country of Fiji. And you are a kid. And you love flowers and beaches and that stuff. Plus, you always carry around that blue Dolphin plushie. You are adorable.

    But you were young, and you didn't have much power. That's why your friends like Canada and Japan helped you out. They were nice, and you liked them a lot. They helped you create a stable economy and a strong military. You were proud of yourself, and you felt as if though you had all the power in the world!

    Until you met him.

    America was the country with the most power in the whole world. And the world was big. So what did that make you?

    The small country of Fiji. That's it.

    Sucks, don't it.

    After you met the blond, blue eyed man with the cowlick, you didn't like him. You thought he took all your fame and glory. At least Canada and Japan were on your side.

    One day, Canada had given you a ride to the World Meeting, which, sadly, was being held in America. But he accidently forgot his brief case and needed to get it. You didn't want to drive all the way back, so you politely asked if you could stay with big, (e/c) orbs. Canada could not refuse such a cute face and said it was alright, but only if you stayed in the Conference Room. You agreed, and he left with a hug.

    So, now you sit on the table, talking to your Dolphin and swinging your legs. You wore a nice, Hawaiian like outfit. You wore a solid (color) bikini top with the matching bottoms under your flower print (color) skirt that was tied in a knot at your hip, falling across your short legs and revealing a little bit of them. Your (color) flip-flops hung on your feet loosely.

    You smiled and began to hum a song that you liked. You smiled, but your happiness was quickly interrupted by the opening of the door. Well, that didn't take Canada too long.

    You turned to see, not Canada, but your sworn enemy.


    He was shuffling through papers, muttering to himself. He took a glance up, turned his eyes back down, then back up in surprise.

    "Fiji? What are you doing here? Where's Mattie?" He asked, walking to his seat and setting the numerous papers down.

    You looked away, disappointment in your eyes. How was he so strong? "Mattie forgot something and he went to go get it. I wanted to stay here." You said quietly. You didn't want to be near Alfred right now. Or ever. He made you feel puny and weak.

    He nodded once, sitting down in his chair. "Well then. How is your day going?" He asked, and you hugged your plushie closer.

    "Fine." You nearly whispered, tears collecting in your (e/c) eyes and making them sparkle. Alfred noticed and stood up, a worried expression on his face. He walked over to you, standing in front of your small figure. You sniffled.

    "Hey, (Name), what's wrong? Did I do something?" He asked, concern pooling in his ocean blue eyes.

    You choked out a sob and squeezed the poor Dolphin in your arms. "Why are you so strong?!?!" You blurted, burying your face in the blue fur.

    "Huh? Strong? What do you...oh...OH!!!!" He finally got it, but his expression turned concerned again. "What do you mean?"

    You pulled away from the stuffed animal, your cheeks and eyes a bit red from crying. "W-Why do you have s-so much power?" You whined, rubbing one of your eyes with your small hand. "E-Every time I'm a-around you, I feel s-so small and're the strongest country in the whole world!!!" You told him, and he gave a small smile. You grew upset. "It's not funny!!"

    He shook his head. "No, I know that, but, you're cute!!!" He grinned and wiped your eyes with a hankie, stuffing it back in his pocket and brushing a lock of (h/c) hair behind your ear.

    "I know I'm strong, but you're getting strong too. It takes a while to become a strong country. Believe me, it took years for me to become this strong." He patted your head and sighed. "How about this; you and I make an alliance, and I'll help you become the strongest country in the world!" You looked up at him, your whole expression bright again.

    "You mean it?! Even stronger than you?!" You asked. He chuckled and nodded.

    "Yes, even stronger than me."

    You launched yourself into his warm arms, hugging him tightly. "Thank you, Alfred." You said, and he hugged you back.

    "Of course, lil' dudette!" He said, and you both pulled back. "Now," He smiled and pulled something from seemingly out of no where. He held it out to you, and you gasped.

    It was a lovely, big red flower. But not just any flower, your country's national flower, the Plumeria. How had he gotten this? They were beautiful and a bit rare, and you loved them.

    He tucked it behind your ear. "How about we go get some ice cream?" He smiled, and you smiled back.

    "Ok." You snuggled into his neck and he carried you out of the Conference Room.

    That day, you sat and talked and ate wonderful ice cream. You even missed the meeting. But that didn't matter.

    You were going to be the strongest country in the world someday.

    Plus, you'd gotten a new friend.

    An awesome new friend.


Yay!! America!!! I love you!!!Heart 

Anyways, I hope you like it! Please comment, I'd love to hear what you think!!Pikachu want it 

I always put Fiji in for the country spots, so I hope you like Fiji, too!! Fiji is awesome!!! At least, I think it is.:D (Big Grin) 

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You took a deep breath as you opened the door to the World Conference. You were the country of (c/n) and it was your first time going to a meeting with the other nations. As you walked in a few countries stared at you, while others payed no attention. Looking around the room quickly you said "H-hello, I'm (c/n)..."

"Oh yes (c/n), we're just about to start the only seat left is next to America why don't you take it?" Said the British man sipping some tea. You quickly went to the seat and looked at the other countries. 'They seem nice.' You thought.

"Hi are you the country others been talking about?" The man next to you said.

'This must be the guy named America like the other man said.' You thought in your head. "Yeah I am."

"OH COOL!" He shouted making you jump in your seat. "Well I'm America or you can call me THE HERO!"

"Um..okay." You awkwardly said.

After the meeting America still kept following you, asking if you wanted a ride to eat at McDonald's. You kept declining his offers and said a quick goodbye. Speed walking back to your home to be sure he didn't ask anymore questions.

'I like her.' America thought in his head 'Maybe I should visit her tonight, yeah! She'll be so surprised I mean she didn't act like she hated me!' The American's head filled with ideas thinking about you.

You just finished brushing your teeth when you stripped out of your clothes to get in your nightgown. Suddenly, you heard a knock on your window. It was him again. You screamed realizing that you weren't finished putting on your sleep wear.

"(C/n)? (C/n) c'mon open up don't leave me here!" He said while knocking on the window.

Quickly you threw a blanket on the window so he wouldn't see. "Go away."

"But I wanna hang out with you I'm bored!" He whined.

Knowing that he wouldn't leave you quickly got on your nightgown, threw the blanket, and opened the door. Causing him to fall face first.


"I was changing clothes why did you sneak up on me?!"

"Not my fault! How should I know that you were dressing?!" He said as he got up. "Sooo wanna play a few video games?"

"I'm tired. And I wanna go to sleep."

"But...but (C/N)!" America said as he started to do a pout.

"Fine...a few rounds but that's it!"

"AWESOME! C'MON (C/N)!" He said as he grabbed your arm and dragged you downstairs.

America roamed through your games for a few minutes before deciding. "Let's play (insert video game)!"



"WOO I WON AGAIN OHHH YEAH!" He said as he pranced around the house.

"Pfft...I'll get you next time."

"Yeah right! I'm-!" He fell on top of you after tripping on the carpet. His cheeks were bright red after realizing the position you two were in. Both of you sat up and looked the other way. You both were silent for a minute until America broke the silence.

"So that was fun, huh (C/n)?" He said while scratching the back of his head.

"Yeah I'm glad I got to know you a little better through this." You said as you smiled.

"Yeah. Hey (C/n) instead of calling you just by (C/n) can I call you by your real name?" He asked curiously.

"Yeah I don't's (Name) (Last name) by the way."

"(Name) (Last name) I like it, it's pretty." You grinned. "I'm Alfred F. Jones." He said smiling back.

"'s cute." He blushed a light shade of red. "Thanks. I think." He looked at the time. "Oh crap it's already 3:25am! Ima leave (Name) nice hanging out with you!"

"You too!" You said. Amer- I mean Alfred opened the door and gave you a hug before returning back to his home. You closed the door still smiling to yourself as you walked up the stairs to your bedroom.

Maybe he wasn't so bad after all.
This was originally planned as a Yandere!America x Country!Reader but then I decided to go with this! Explaining why he acted weird in the beginning.

I don't own Hetalia
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Vents (Clint x Reader)


Morning dawned as a faint light trickled through the cracks of your lush lavender curtains and rested upon your face. You twitched at the sudden brightness and unwilling opened your (h/c) eyes. You looked around the room to meet the red glow of your alarm clock. 7:34 AM.

“Crap,” you groaned, not wanting to leave the warm covers of your bed. After a couple minutes debating whether or not to call in sick to work, you finally made a decision and rose. The cold air hit your bare skin, causing you to shiver and wrap yourself back up in the blanket. Causally, you placed your feet on the icy floor and let your feet absorb the coldness. When you got use to the chill, you got up and stumbled over the bathroom. The hot water and sweltering steam from your quick shower warmed you up as you quickly got out and was starting to dress in your work uniform. As you reached for your body spray, you were surprised to feel nothing there. You quickly scanned the area, checking every crook and cranny but failed to find your perfume. You signed and felt a rumble in your stomach.

Giving up, you headed over to the kitchen where you were greeted by a very upset Tony, pinching his nose and complaining to his A.I. unit. You smelt the air and immediately identified the pungent odor.

“JARVIS, can you tell me what that awful smell is?” Before JARVIS could response, you answered the question for him.

“That would be my perfume,” you stated, your arms crossed at the comment of your favorite scent. Tony turned to you and gave you that snide smile of his.

“Oh, lovely. Had a freaky night with Clint last night?”

“No.” Of course he had to bring Clint into this; ever since the two of you started dating, Tony was always picking on you either by making smug remarks or interrupting your “personal moments”.

“Then what’s it doing stinking up the place?”

“I don’t know.” As the mystery deepened, every clue was pointing towards Clint being the mastermind behind this.

 “JARVIS, can you locate the origin of the smell?” The A.I. unit quickly responded.

“It’s coming from the ventilation system, sir.” Tony thanked him and turned to you with an irksome look on his face.

“It’s your perfume, (y/n),” he mentioned, giving you a slight waggle of his eyebrow.

“So you want me to go get it.” You knew he didn’t want to do the dirty work if he didn’t have too. His reply confirmed your suspicion. 

“Exactly,” He patted you on the back, walking off to leave you with the impossible task, “Good luck finding it!”

“Now wait just a-” But he was gone before you knew it.

“Great,” you grumbled, preparing your breakfast and your plan of attack to retrieve your bottle.


~Wakey-Wakey Eggs and Bakey Time-skip~


You stood on top of the ladder, looking up at the vent shaft before you. The strong stench of lavender and honeysuckle emanated from it, making your nose wrinkle at the pungency of the scent. You sighed: it was now or never. You reluctantly opened the hatch and crawled into the somewhat tight quarters.

“You’re not making this easy, Clint,” you mumbled as you wiggled your legs through the entrance. You were in now and crawling forward to travel the many corridors and pathway of the intricate system of shafts and vents.

“Hello? Clint? Are you here?” You called out; hoping to get a response. All that answered back was utter silence accompanied by the feint whistle of air humming against the metal frame.

“This isn’t funny, you know!” Nothing. Crap. He was starting to test your patience with this stupid game of cat and mouse.

“Where are you?” You groaned, treading forward into the black abyss. This was gonna take hours, or so it felt, when the smell grew stronger at a fork in the road. You took a guess and headed left. The hunch must’ve been right as you saw the object of your trek before you. Your perfume, tinted purple in an hourglass bottle, stood there with the light shining bright through the vent’s cracks. Without thinking, you crawled forward and grabbed the elusive fragrance.

“There it is! About time I found you, you little suc-AHHHHH!”

The vent covering opened underneath you and you fell to what your thought would be your impending doom. To your surprise, your fall was cut short by a pair of strong, smooth arms. You looked up to find your archer in navy sweatpants, grinning like an idiot at your tumble.

“Clint, what the hell?” You yelled at him, thrashing around until he let you down.

“I think the phase you’re looking for is “Thank you, Clint. You’re so sweet.””

“What are you talking about?” You glared at him while he just brushed it off and turned you around to face the rest of the room. It was just amazing; Clint had somehow managed to set up the unused room into a kind of romantic getaway, complete with a bottle of wine and some music to set the mood.

“Oh Clint, That’s so romantic.” You leaned over to him, entangling your fingers in his and marveling at the sight before you.

“Close enough,” he muttered, somehow getting the smug comment pass your radar.

“But why did you take my perfume and hide it in the vents?”

“I wanted it to be a surprise,” he let go of your hand only to reconnect with your face, stroking the soft, tender flesh with his hard, callous fingers, “and how else was I supposed to get you up here?”

“You sneaky lovebird,” you beamed as you gave him a small peck on the lips, “Love you, babe.”

“I love you too, (y/n),” he returned the embrace, becoming deeper and more intense with every minute as one thing lead to another and ultimately ending in a night of passion and absolute bliss.




“Well the stinks out of the vent,” Tony commented, taking in a deep breath of now circulating fresh air.

“But where’s (y/n)?” Bruce mentioned; he haven’t seen her since this morning when Tony ran into the lab and went on a rant about how your perfume made Stark Tower “uninhabitable” for any life form.

“Or Clint, for that matter,” Natasha added; She also hasn’t seen Clint since this morning when he told he that he had a “personal” mission to attend to and thought nothing of it.

As everyone was questioning Clint’s and your whereabouts, the door opened to reveal a shaken up Steve, stumbling into the kitchen and pouring himself a cup of coffee, the pot quaking in his hand.

“What got you shaken up, Cap?” Tony asked, confused by the super soldier’s strange behavior.

“I know where Clint and (y/n) are,” he replied, taking a sip of coffee before setting the mug on the counter where it wouldn’t spill in his traumatized state.

“Well?” He raised an eyebrow, waiting for a reason why. Steve, his face now a crimson red, explained the cause of his . . . disturbing trouble.

“They’re above my room . . . becoming intimate.”

Everybody stared at Steve then:

Tony and Thor headed towards the door, running to get a glimpse of the “action” while Natasha and Bruce ran after them, determine to stop them before they could ruin anything, leaving Steve all by his lonesome, fidgeting with the cup in his hands and trying to get rid of the moans and noises that echoed across his room and now his mind.

Part four of eleven! For :iconalastaird-crowley:
Hope you enjoy!

Clint, etc. @ Marvel
you @ Clint
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Dreamtalia~Shadow!Italy x Reader

Ch 2 Ambush

Previously on Dreamtalia:
He lends out a hand to help you up but you held your arm out in defense which made him frown a little.[You]"W-W-What a-are you?"His smile came back showing his small but sharp teeth.[Italy?]"Why I'm Italy,silly."

You knew this wasn't the Italy that you know.You got up slowly as he continues to smile.[Italy?]"You had the most beautiful voice,Bella"That did scared you since you don't really sing in front of people due to your shyness.You always thought that you didn't have a 'perfect' singing voice.[You]"Y-You actually h-heard me sing?" [Italy?]"There's no one else besides me so I figure that someone else is here and your the only one here"Now you were curious. [You]"Where am I?" [Italy?]"In my dream realm of course!"[You]"Your......realm?"[Italy?]"I do live here one else does....." You look at the pale nation[You]"Surely,there are others like you here."He shook his head[Italy?]"No......As far as I know they either disappeared forever or just abandoned me......"Sorrow strikes your heart.You know exactly how he feels but being completely alone with no one else to talk too that's just rough to say at the least.[You]"oh.......that........must be hard with one else around."[Italy?]"I don't mind the peace and quiet but at times I wonder what's it like with others around...."[You]"I know how you feel.People don't really notice me that much(like Canada) and whenever they do I either shy away or someone else cuts me off.I don't really have anyone else either.Your the first person I actually talked to without being scared in a long time."You raise your hand noticing that it's starts to fade away like your disappearing.'Italy' takes notice and starts to frown [Italy?]"Seems that you're going to wake up." Something's telling you to stay but another was saying time to go back to reality.Before you could say anything your vision starts to go white as the background fades like a distant memory (I had a dream similar to that last night).You go up on your bed looking around seeing no one.You look look at the clock seeing that it's 10 at night.You put your hand on your forehead feeling sweat[You]"That.....felt so........real" Something was telling you to draw something.You had to draw him so you wouldn't forget plus you felt like you were going to to need it later on.You got up and grabbed the nearest pencil and paper and started to draw right away.About 10 minutes later you were done.Looking at it you drew the scene where you meet him at the big tree with the lights.You got up with a blanket around unknown to you shadow!Italy was looking at you through the mirror.

Shadow!Italy's pov
This girl is the first one I ever talked too without wanting to hurt her.I walked through the mirror but remained in the shadows.Luckily it was night time so it was not really a problem for me to hide.I followed her to the a room with what I believe is what humans call the kitchen.I changed my form to look more like my host and walked in.Unfortunately in this world I can't talked even if I tried but she noticed me anyway.[You]"H-Hey Italy...." She wasn't lying about being shy but I waved back.She smiled a little before Germany came in.[Ludwig]"Hallo,_________,Italy." that's her name.[You]"H-Hi,Germany."

Your pov

Germany came in,got some water than sat down with a pale look.[You]"You o-ok?"[Ludwig]"Ja,just had a nightmare...."[You]"Y-You need t-to talk about it?"[Ludwig]"Nein,it was probably....nothing." You nodded [You]"I-I'll see you g-guys later." Germany nod then you went outside for some fresh air(with shadow!Italy following of course).As you continue to walk taking in the scenery scenery of the stars high above.You heard something rustle in the bushes but only thought of it as an animal like a raccoon or something.Although before you could even blink you felt a HARD blow to the head.You could feel blood on your head dripping down but you managed to stand seeing China and Russia.[Wang Yao]"Ayia,Russia we are trying to get her captured not dead!"[Ivan]"Da,but it's fun to hit people and watch them suffer"Before knowing Russia rushes up knocking you down.You managed to dodge some attacks from Russia's pipe and China's wok but it was two against one so you could last much longer.After a while you ended up with a broken leg,broken arm,black eye and three broken ribs.You wonder how you were still alive even though you were a nation.You were beginning to black out not before seeing Shadow!Italy with a horrid look.You reached your hand out in a silent way for crying out for help before eternal darkness shield your vision.When you woke up you were in a dungeon prison cell.You've been here before more times than Italy so not much of a shock to you.Even though you trained with Germany you were'nt really on attacking yet but at least you lasted longer and you took a hard hit head on,at least that's something.As you looked at your injuries you notice that only a couple had treated.[You]"Those selfish jerks"You could still feel major pain even if you didn't move.[You]"Someone me......."Everything was silent for a couple of hours you were at the point of passing out from the pain.You suddenly heard the door open.Looking over seeing China you turned away not wanting to deal one of the allies right now.You would rather be badly injured than let any information of your teammates out.[China]"_________....."The sound of his voice was almost completely different yet familiar making you looking at him instantly.As he came closer the look in his eyes were different.Same color but they were telling he was a different character.'China' gently picks you up bridal style carrying you out of the basement and out of the Allies' house without being detected.You could feel a chill feeling from him helping you ignore the pain from the broken bones.You could feel sleepiness taking over again as 'China' walks in Germany's house catching someone's attention.[Kiku]"China? What are you doing h-" Japan stopped cleaning the dishes and droped a plate seeing the broken leg and arm.Germany heard the noise than runs up [Ludwig]"Japa- WHAT HAPPENED TO _________?!?!" 'China' comes up and puts you in Germany's arms before leaving without saying another word.Japan and Germany looked at each other then ran to the infirmary wasting no time get the injuries fixed up.[Kiku]''Hang on,_________ you're going to be alright.Everything is going to be alright.''Sure the Allies captured you but never went as far as using weapons to beat you up.[Ludwig]''When I find those Allies I'm going to teach them what real pain is!"You were about to close your eyes before Germany started shaking your shoulder trying to keep you away.[Ludwig]''__________,don't you dare pass out on me!"Before hearing what else he said everything just zoned out before getting dark again.
~~~~~~~~~~Dream realm~~~~~~~~~~~

When you woke up again your head hurt so much right now.When you looked around you saw the ENTIRE realm was nothing but black and white like a 1970 's movie (or something like that) as if it was drain.All life,happiness,joy and magic that you last encountered was gone nothing but sorrow and emptiness you felt growing up. You looked to see shadow Italy crying on his knees.He was an obsolete mess just by the sight.[Italy?]''It's all my fault.It's all my fault.It's all my fault.She's like this because of me!''[You]''Italy?" He jumps up being startled by your voice.[Italy?]''Your awake!" He hugs you tightly crying on your shoulder.[You]''My god what happened and Why does my head hurt?" He lets go then looks at you with his blue and white eye.[Italy?]''Your in a coma."
Dreamtalia,picture and :iconshadowitalyplz: @ :iconkyokyo866: and :iconpianodream:

Here's the first chapter ->…

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Dreamtalia~Shadow!Italy x Reader

Ch 1 Fireflies

You were the country (c/n).You didn't have any siblings so you were often left alone.You wanted to make friends but you were too shy to even say a single word above a whisper but at least they remembered you unlike Canada.At times you wished what was it like to have someone there for you when you really need it.Whenever your injured,sick,need of help or anything at that point.You always hated being ignored,being shy but most of all being alone in your own world.You always wonder if someone ever knew your pain,all the sorrow locked away behind that smile.Surely,there were others but who?

You were at Germany's house reading a Japanese magna comic book (Let's go with black butler cause it's a good anime).When Germany and Italy came from the Allies' house after some incident.[Feli]"Hey-a (c/n)!!!" [You]"Hey,Italy..." As much as you would love to talk to him you never really feel comfortable around other guys (Androphobia-Fear of men)[Ludwig]"Well,I'm going to get some shut eye,it's been a long day....."[Feli]"Bye,Germany! Well I guess I'll turn in too.That nap in the cell made me even more tired then before.Later (c/n)!"You waved saddened a little hoping at least Italy would stay for a minute since he seemed more nicer and more fun to hang out with.You went back in your own room (yes,you've been living in Germany's house for a while,your room structure is a lot like Italy's) and went to the mirror seeing your face covered in tears.You looked like you haven't slept in years and nearly dead.[You]"God when will this sorrowness end?"You ask yourself that everyday but think of positive things so you could move on.Although memories of your childhood came back and you often cry to sleep at night.You didn't have it easy with your parents often argue over the littlest things.Your mom wwas kind and gentle but your dad was a different story.He would always inflicted the pain on you drunk or not he says that you were a mistake.As time goes on you started to question that but that's not the worst part.Whenever your mom left at night for work that's when bad things go down.He would often beat you till you were passed out or take things to a different approach.All you could say is that man is a child abuser from hell both physical and mental.Not only he was a child abuser in hurting you but also on a sexual way.You never wanted to encounter another man like that again.Sleep started to get the best of you but not before saying a wish.

"I wish for a person that understands my pain.One that doesn't abandon me like that others did......One.........that can love me.......for"

"YoUr wiSH iS GRaNteD"
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Dream realm~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

When you woke up you were leaning on a oak tree in a middle of a field.You move your hand to feel the grass which to you it was real.When you looked at the sky it was the most beautiful scenery you ever saw.The way the stars complimented the night sky and the way they shine makes it easier to see the surrounding.Fireflies dancing around you making you smile for the first time in years.Not a fake one but an actual genuine smile.You remember a song that your mom sang before she died.You start to sing as you followed the mini lighting bugs.

You would not believe your eyes
If ten million fireflies
Lit up the world as I fell asleep

'Cause they'd fill the open air
And leave teardrops everywhere
You'd think me rude
But I would just stand and stare

I'd like to make myself believe
That planet Earth turns slowly
It's hard to say that I'd rather stay
Awake when I'm asleep
'Cause everything is never as it seems

'Cause I'd get a thousand hugs
From ten thousand lightning bugs
As they tried to teach me how to dance

A foxtrot above my head
A sock hop beneath my bed
A disco ball is just hanging by a thread

I'd like to make myself believe
That planet Earth turns slowly
It's hard to say that I'd rather stay
Awake when I'm asleep
'Cause everything is never as it seems
When I fall asleep

Leave my door open just a crack
(Please take me away from here)
'Cause I feel like such an insomniac
(Please take me away from here)
Why do I tire of counting sheep
(Please take me away from here)
When I'm far too tired to fall asleep

To ten million fireflies
I'm weird 'cause I hate goodbyes
I got misty eyes as they said farewell

But I'll know where several are
If my dreams get real bizarre
'Cause I saved a few and I keep them in a jar

I'd like to make myself believe
That planet Earth turns slowly
It's hard to say that I'd rather stay
Awake when I'm asleep
'Cause everything is never as it seems
When I fall asleep

I'd like to make myself believe
That planet Earth turns slowly
It's hard to say that I'd rather stay
Awake when I'm asleep
'Cause everything is never as it seems
When I fall asleepYou would not believe your eyes
If ten million fireflies
Lit up the world as I fell asleep

'Cause they'd fill the open air
And leave teardrops everywhere
You'd think me rude
But I would just stand and stare

I'd like to make myself believe
That planet Earth turns slowly
It's hard to say that I'd rather stay
Awake when I'm asleep
'Cause everything is never as it seems

'Cause I'd get a thousand hugs
From ten thousand lightning bugs
As they tried to teach me how to dance

A foxtrot above my head
A sock hop beneath my bed
A disco ball is just hanging by a thread

I'd like to make myself believe
That planet Earth turns slowly
It's hard to say that I'd rather stay
Awake when I'm asleep
'Cause everything is never as it seems
When I fall asleep

Leave my door open just a crack
(Please take me away from here)
'Cause I feel like such an insomniac
(Please take me away from here)
Why do I tire of counting sheep
(Please take me away from here)
When I'm far too tired to fall asleep

To ten million fireflies
I'm weird 'cause I hate goodbyes
I got misty eyes as they said farewell

But I'll know where several are
If my dreams get real bizarre
'Cause I saved a few and I keep them in a jar

I'd like to make myself believe
That planet Earth turns slowly
It's hard to say that I'd rather stay
Awake when I'm asleep
'Cause everything is never as it seems
When I fall asleep

I'd like to make myself believe
That planet Earth turns slowly
It's hard to say that I'd rather stay
Awake when I'm asleep
'Cause everything is never as it seems
When I fall asleep

I'd like to make myself believe
That planet Earth turns slowly
It's hard to say that I'd rather stay
Awake when I'm asleep
Because my dreams are bursting at the seams

When you finish a small faded yellow butterfly landed on your shoulder.You looked and smiled at it as the butterfly flew around you along with the fireflies.You felt like a kid again before the whole abuse happened.You started to run after the butterfly as it leads you to a big tree surround by lights of different red,yellow,white,green,soft pinks and purple.You see some one underneath the tree and he looked familiar.As you take a step closer he looks a lot like Italy but something was off from him.[You]"Italy?" 'Italy' didn't respond so you went a little closer as the feeling grew into more of a creepy aura like Russia's.[You]"I-Italy?" When he turns around his appearance made you jump back and land hard on the ground.It was not Italy that you knew.This one had one blue one white eye.The left side of his face was covered in shadows just like his right arm,most of the left leg,a little on his right foot and some on his back.He tilted his head to the right with a smile that sends pure cold shivers down the spine.[Italy?]"sOMetHinG wRoNG?" He lends out a hand to help you up but you held your arm out in defense which made him frown a little.[You]"W-W-What a-are you?"His smile came back showing his small but sharp teeth.[Italy?]"Why I'm Italy,silly."
I'm so into dreamtalia at the moment I couldn't help it x3!!!!!!! Anyway I just wanted to write a freestyle Dreamtalia x reader that's been on my mind for two-three months O.O oh well.And for the AFTC (Already Fore Told Connection) I'm working out right now.

Dreamtalia and :iconshadowitalyplz: @ :iconkyokyo866: and :iconpianodream:

Image: Dreamtalia loneliness belongs to :iconsakuraichigo15:

Song:Fireflies belong to owl city

I'm so pumped up right now I think I'm might put up ch 2 later

Peace :wave:…
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Sleep, sleep, delicately drifting
Once you are under, it won't be lifting.

Fall under the spell I have cast
The heavy veil that is sure to last
And as you rest your cares away,
Watch as your body begins to decay.

And as you frolic,
And as you play,
Under my watch you can't run away.

Try as you wish,
Try as you might,
The call of sweet dreams is impossible to fight.

So come, come children
Come, little lambs
Come have fun in my dreamland~
Er, yeah. I was just going through the Dreamtalia official group's gallery and I thought of the Fauchereve singing to his victims as they fall asleep, and well. . . this happened. And might I add, Dreamtalia is my favourite AU for Hetalia, next to Nyotalia, HetaOni, and Nekotalia. At least, it's my favourite fanmade AU!

Image found on Google, anybody knows whom it belongs to then please tell me. . . .^^;
Hetalia :iconcopyright1plz::iconcopyright2plz::iconhimaruyaplz:
Poem/Lullaby thing :iconcopyright1plz::iconcopyright2plz: :iconiloveharrypotter1234:
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You felt the bed shift beside you indicating that your boyfriend slash archangel was awake then his cool hand lightly brushed your cheek confirming it. You mumble into the pillow sleepily for 10 more minutes only to feel cool lips press to your neck so you swat lightly to get him to leave you be earning a humph from him.

"Come now love...time to get up" He chimed low in your ear before giving it a teasing nip while slowly moving the sheets off you with his hand.

"Don't wanna" You mumble back shoving your face into the pillow even more

"You told me to get you up no matter what this morning,” Lucifer reminded you

"I lied!" You murmured into the pillow

You waited for a response but when none came and the bed shifted to indicate that he had gotten up you assumed that Lucifer had given up. You smiled in triumph as you snuggled back into the bed in hopes of a few more hours of sleep until that is you felt the bed slightly sink beside you again.

"GOOD MORNING! VIETNAM!" Lucifer shouted scaring the ever-living crap out of you

You yelped as you hit the floor, tangled in the sheets, struggling to get up. You lifted a hand to the edge of the bed in an effort to pull yourself up only to find Lucifer kneeling on the other side with his hands cupping his face, elbows on the bed and a huge smirk planted on his lips. You shot the archangel a death glare as your hair stood on end everywhere before pulling yourself up completely so you could shuffle your way to the bathroom wearing only one of Lucifer's T-shirts and a pair of underwear.

"Up yours!" You barked then slammed the door shut

Lucifer merely smirked triumphantly as he stood from where he'd been kneeling and snapped himself into the bathroom with you. Needless to say the reason you'd gotten up early was going to have to wait.
never tell Lucifer to wake you up in the morning
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Collection by
Every pony has a dark secret... for Rainbow Dash, it's stealing and wearing adorable outfits. You could say... Rainbow Dash always dresses in style? *gets hit by a brick*

Just something silly inspired by an animation of Octavia switching to-and-fro on her hooves; decided on Dash (in Fluttershy's bunny suit) because it seemed pretty cute. Had a fun time with this one because my mouse's left click is broken and I can't hold it down anymore.. whee! Also, thanks for all the happy birthday wishes, I didn't have time to reply to all of you but I appreciate it! <3

As a side note, check out - you can print real GIFs now!
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Pinkie Pie Finds A Facebook :O
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Walking into the dark city she wandered not knowing where she was going but she didn’t care either so she just keep walking. Tsume heard someone approach him and his gang, “Hey. Who the hell are you?!”

She looked over at him with blank eyes and turned her head and keep walking, walking behind a tree and walked out as a black wolf with red patch on her left eye and red paws, she had lime green eyes and her right leg was
bandage up, but she walked straight no limping but she the only thing she did was grin like she was mocking Tsume.

Tsume growled, “Rgh! Get back here!!” Tsume ran after her. She chuckled and ran away jumping up until she reached the top of the building with Tsume standing in front of her.

“Pretty brave of you to show your true form here in the city.” Tsume stared at her.

“Eh dosen’t matter to me.” She shrugged turning human. She wore mostly black, but what got Tsume was that she wore a black collar with silver spikes.

“You’re pet?” he snorted glaring at her. She sat down and yawned, “Nah you wish I was pup. I’m a pure blooded wolf.” She smiled at him. Tsume glared at her.

“But you seem to be hiding and scared even though you hide that with this tough outer shell.”

“Shut your mouth brat!” he yelled at her.

“Cheza.” She stood up and walked off the edge jumping and walking away. Tsume stared at her so confused and bewildered.

But that was weeks ago and he still couldn’t get her out his head. While the others slept Tsume couldn’t see so he stared out at the bare land through the cave. Suddenly he heard a howl of another wolf and stood up and walked out a bit.

“It’s been a long time hasn’t.” Cheza giggled sitting on top of the cave. Tsume jumped turning around growling then saw cheza and grinned.

“Ah I see you followed us?”

“Of course I couldn’t leave you without knowing your name mister.” Cheza grinned jumping down in form and then so was he.


“Tsume who are you talking to- Wooh who’s that?” Toboe asked coming out looking at cheza.

“Haha so that’s your name Tsume not bad. It suites you very well.” Cheza grinned walking over to Tsume she stood beside him and rubbed Toboe’s head, “I my sweet wolf am Cheza, and you?”

“Haha I’m Toboe those sleepy heads in there are Kiba and Hige.” Toboe smiled.

Cheza grinned and took her hand away and scratched Tsume behind his left ear. Tsume started to pant smiling then pushed her hand away blushing lightly, “Aww~ what’s wrong you don’t like that~?”

“Tsume are you blushing?” Hige asked stretching as he walked out with Kiba.

“Because I of this.” Cheza walked up to Hige and scratched him behind his left ear. Hige started panting and smiling. Cheza stopped and smiled, “So you fine wolves are Hige and Kiba right?”

“Yeah we are and who are you?” Hige smiled at her.

“I’m Cheza.” She smiled, “And yes I know it’s the same name as the flower maiden that’s just name I took when I out on my own.” She smiles and looked up at the roof of the cave, “And I’m not alone….”

The four of them looked up at the roof of the cave and saw a girl with ginger hair and blue eyes walk out and jumped down to Cheza. The four looked at the ginger hair new comer.

“Friend of yours?”

“My sister her name is-“

“Jo sóc vudú i vostè és el company de la meva germana no?”

“Her name is Voodoo and you are my mate no?” Cheza smiled at the ground blushing. Tsume blushed too, “Uh umm-“

“Wow~ Tsume I never knew you had a mate why have you been hiding her?” Hige smiled at him.

“Because he’s never made it official though I wish he would.” Cheza smiled.

“Germana parada messing amb aquests solitaris i permet se'n va que tenim reunir-se amb ell a la ciutat propera o haurem perdut l'únic que tenim per arribar al paradís.” Voodoo growled at Cheza.

“Sí, jo vinc de vudú sí estic arribant.” Cheza sighed and hugged Tsume then started walking off with her sister.

“Wait cheza where are you going?!” Tsume called to her as her and her sister walked away.

“May we meet again in paradise Tsume.” Cheza called back walking away. Voodoo and Cheza turned into their wolf forms and ran. Tsume watched as they ran and vanished into the background.

“You really like her…Don’t you Tsume?” Toboe asked standing beside him.

“……” Tsume just stared the way they ran. ‘It looks like she has stolen my heart…’Tsume though smiling a bit. Tsume turned looking back at Kiba.

“She know’s where the Flower Maiden.” Kiba said and took after them. The others sighed and followed after him.

2 days went by and they made it to a city full of old wolves, “You’re sure they went this way?” Tsume asked looking around not liking the city. Suddenly a pair of arms were wrapped around him, “What the hell?!” Tsume growled turning around.

“look who’s following who know Tsume.” Cheza grinned at him.
Ok so this is my first fanfic i wrote about Wolf's Rain its a TsumexOc so yeah sorry if i didn't nail the personalities ^^

“Germana parada messing amb aquests solitaris i permet se'n va que tenim reunir-se amb ell a la ciutat propera o haurem perdut l'únic que tenim per arribar al paradís - "Sister stop messing with these loners and lets go we meet him in the next city or we'll lose all that we have to get to paradise."
“Sí, jo vinc de vudú sí estic arribant.” - Yes, I come from Voodoo Yes I'm coming

hopefully this will be contiuned maybe if i have an ideas left but if guys have any i'll use them in the next one promise ^^
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 Matthew was never one to be jealous. Ever. But, when it involved you and another guy, that was a different story. Especially when said guy was his own brother.

 To be honest, now that Matthew looked back at it, it seemed as though he was the one who was making such a big deal out of it. You and Alfred had hugged. So what? It was only a hug. You guys were just friends, after all... right?

 But Matthew wanted your hugs to be only for him, no matter how selfish it sounded.

 He wanted to be the only one who received your affection.

 He wanted to be the only one you loved.

 But what was he saying? You and Matthew were just friends, and Matthew could never scrape up enough courage to confess to you. He was just the quiet, practically invisible Canadian boy at school. You were pretty. You were kind. You were smart, you had a plethora of friends, you were outright amazing. In Matthew's eyes, it seemed as though you were way out of his league.

 And then there was Alfred, Matthew's brother. The hyper, lovable American who could make anyone laugh. He was popular. He was athletic. He knew how to win girls over. It seemed as though you and Alfred would fit together better than you and Matthew.

 Burying his face into the soft fur of his polar bear, Kumajiro, Matthew heaved a sigh.

 Meanwhile, you were running around in panic, searching furiously for Matthew. 'Where could he be?!' You thought, gasping for breath. Darn the size of this school! While running, your mind unconsciously drifted back to the incident that had caused all of this.


 Soft footsteps echoed in the school hallways as Matthew peeked curiously into empty classroom after empty classroom, trying to find where you were. He still had your textbook—you had left it in class, and he wanted to return it to you—but he couldn't find you was the problem.

 "I wonder where _____ is?" Matthew murmured, scratching his head as he glanced at the textbook in his arms.

 While Matthew tried to search for you, you were listening with wide eyes as the secret about the Canadian's crush on you dripped from Alfred's mouth like rain. Alfred had asked you to meet up with him in his last period after school, and you had accepted as Alfred looked eager to tell you something.

 You had been friends with the two brothers ever since grade school, and they have always managed to amuse you to no end. With Alfred's happy-go-lucky personality and Matthew's shy and quiet one, they were like polar opposites.

 Alfred had managed to worm his way into your heart, earning the title of 'Best friend'. Matthew, meanwhile... he had reserved a spot in your heart much more special than you had initially expected.

 And now here you were, after school with Alfred pouring secret after secret of Matthew's apparently gigantic crush on you.

 To say you were happy was the understatement of the century; you were so happy you could've died!

 "And I guess that sums it all up! Mattie's fallen real hard for you, _____!" Alfred said, "And I know you've fallen for him, too! I've seen you stare at him and blush!"

 "H-Hey! Sh-Shut up!" You stammered, playfully whacking him on the arm. He was about to retaliate when a sudden, soft voice cut in, coming from outside of the classroom.

 "_-_____? Are you here?"

 As the doorknob started to turn, you looked at Alfred in panic. Would you have to confess now?! You weren't ready! "A-Alfred! I can't confess to him now!" You said in a hushed whisper, though you were silenced when Alfred only winked.

 "Just play along," He whispered before suddenly gathering you up in a hug. "What're you—!"


 A hurt-looking Matthew entered the room, probably misinterpreting the whole scene. I mean, how could he not? You were in a hug with Alfred, with a blushing face that had resulted from hearing about Matthew's crush on you.


 "I-I'm sorry, I shouldn't have i-i-interrupted," Matthew said hastily as tears pricked at his eyes. Within seconds he bolted, leaving you both guilty and furious while Alfred was sheepishly rubbing the back of his head.

 "What was that for?!" You practically yelled, jabbing Alfred in his chest with your pointer finger.

 "I-I can explain!" Alfred said frantically, waving his hands in an attempt to prove his innocence. "I know you like romantic confessions, so I thought that maybe if I get Mattie jealous then you could run after him and he'd start romantically confessing his feelings to you!"

 "..." Speechless, you managed a nod. The plan actually sounded pretty good. "Now what're you waiting for?!" Alfred said, taking you by your shoulders and steering you out the door, "Go to Mattie, _____!"

 Lips tugging up into a smile, you gave him a fist bump. "Thanks, Alfy."

 "No problem! That's what the hero does, bro!"

 And with that, you sprinted off in search for the shy Canadian.


 "The courtyard!" You suddenly spluttered. "He has to be there!"

 You knew Matthew liked quiet places with scenery, and the courtyard fit the description perfectly. Spinning on your heel, you went back the way you came and burst through the pair of doors to the courtyard, skidding to a stop right in front of the bench where Matthew was seated.

 Your sudden appearance obviously startled him, as he jumped before glancing at you—only to look away immediately, tears apparent in his violet orbs. Cautiously, you approached him, plopping down next to him only for him to recoil and scoot away a bit.


 "M-Matthew—" Before you had time to finish your sentence, you were cut off by his soft voice.

 "...Am I not good enough?"


 "Tell me, _____..." Matthew murmured, "Am I not good enough? Am I not good enough for you?"

 "Wha-What're you talking about?!" You shouted. It hurt to see him like this. "Of course you're good enough, Mattie! If anything, you're better!"

 "Then why pick Alfred?"


 "N-No. Let me finish, _____," Matthew mumbled before suddenly placing Kumajiro on the bench and enveloping you in a hug. With his head buried into the crook of your neck, he held onto you as though you were a teddy bear, and shyly you brought your hand up to run it through his blonde hair.

 Despite the circumstances, you couldn't help but squeal inside. Here you were, being held by Matthew and running your hand through his hair!

 "Why are you so perfect?" Matthew whimpered. "You're so pretty. You're smart. You're kind. You're friendly. You have a lot of friends. And it kills me to know that you wouldn't pick a loser like me. I'm invisible. No one notices me but you and a couple of others. Alfred, on the other hand... he's popular. He's funny. He's athletic. He has a lot of friends. You guys would fit well together...

 But I don't want to let that happen."

 Hands moving to your shoulders, he held you at arms length, a scarlet blush adorning his cheeks as he determinedly met your gaze.

 "_-_____..." He paused in an attempt to push aside his jumbled mess of shyness and nervousness, gulping. "_____, I love you. I love your smile, I love the sound of your laughter, I love your voice, but most of all I love you. But _____...

Do you love me?"

 "..." You were speechless, and you probably looked like one of Antonio's tomatoes right now. Alfred seriously wasn't kidding when he said that Matthew would give you a romantic confession...

 Taking your silence as a no, Matthew could feel the tears prick at the corners of his eyes once more before sighing. Slowly unraveling his arms from around your figure, he let out a small yelp sound when you hugged him back tightly.

 It was now your turn to confess, and with a few words of mental pep talk you were prepared to spill out your feelings.

 "Matthew... I like Alfy," You started, earning a pained look from the Canadian—but you opened your mouth, signifying that you had yet to finish. "I like Alfy... but not the way I like you.

 Alfy's my best friend. I have to like him, otherwise that'd defeat the purpose of best friend—but you're the person who my heart decided that being my best friend wasn't enough, so it made you my crush. Then, as if that wasn't enough already, my heart changed it's mind once again, this time making you into... into..."

 You gulped.

 "...Into the person that I love. I love you, Mattie."

 As soon as the words left your lips, you could hear him let out a small squeak of surprise; and what followed after was something you were probably never going to forget. With what sounded like a sigh of defeat, Matthew mumbled a quick 'Punch me if you don't like this' before a pair of lips crashed into your own, the sudden smell and taste of maple syrup flooding your senses.

 It only took you a few moments to respond, and with a dark blush you were kissing him back with just as much fervor until—

 "Heck yeah! Get some, Mattie!"

 ...You were going to murder Alfred one day.

 Even if he did help you with getting both you and Matthew to confess.
Mind donating some points for me? Visit my profile to do so!


Requested by PrussiaXCanadalove.

Sorry for that ending... I couldn't help myself.

Anyways, on a random side note, I've finished signing up for my Freshman classes! Woohoo! :dummy:

I hope you like it!
Thank you for reading! :heart:


Plot © PrussiaXCanadalove & AProudHetalian
Writing © AProudHetalian
Picture © Not mine, belongs to the original artist. I found it on Zerochan while searching up Canada. I lost the link to it, sorry!
Hetalia © Himaruya Hidekaz
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for :iconprussiankittiness:

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HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO MAH BELOVED :iconshirohiru::iconsparklesplz:
wish you all the best bb, thanks for being a really nice friend to me ily kk u///v///u <333
anyways, like i did every year, i draw rena and rino =shirohiru's CR oc :'>
inspired while listening to sakura zensen ijou nashi mi-chan and shamuon ver, but now that i look at it, it looks more like senbonzakura jdskjdfhka /rolls
anyways, hope you like it beck bebeeee you'll always be someone speshul in my heart okok :heart:

thanks so much for viewing, commenting or faving, it all means a lot to me ^///q///^ <333 my internet is still as slow as ever, so please understand if i can't reply your messages asap ;;;

done with SAI and PSCS3
rena and rino(c)=shirohiru
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Yay I'm finally uploading something again! Sorry, Im just busy with school. English is a very tough course here in Holland. I thought my English was really good, but when I made my first practice test I was like: .....well....SHIT OnO (I did pass it first try tho! Thats very promising)

But anyways, Ive always wanted to make drawings of all my OC's, and now im finally seriously doing it. So here is my very first OC: Chikara Mumei.
Here is some interesting info on her:

Orgin of the name:
Chikara is Japanese for strength. Mumei is Japanese for nameless. (Nameless strength I guess? Blerp, I make no sense)

I've never really said this before, but Chikara is my persona. She has had a difficult past which still troubles her a lot, but she will fight for a better future. She is me in every way really. We look alike, act alike, and have almost the same personality.

First drawing of her: EMEGERD DONT LOOK >.>

Hope you like her!
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After seeing some Fubblegum's dissapointed comments about Finn and FP, I didnt to make this~ Hope you like it :)
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Princess Bubblegum and my OC Water Prince! (Who needs a name D:) He’s got like, gills, or something, like Kisame, fufufu.
I should probably change his ear to fins…but I liked the idea of a water elf or something. :/ idk.
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Marshall Lee can fondly recall the first time he meets the young Candy Kingdom Heiress. He had just returned from a short excursion around Oo when his mother had gotten word that the King of the Candy Kingdom was holding a special ball in honor of his daughter’s 13th birthday, everyone who was anyone was invited. Relunctant, the young Vampire Prince attended in honor of his mother (who was too busy ruling the Nightosphere to even consider going). It was there that Marshall Lee the Vampire Prince locked eyes with the young bubbly princess who bounded down the royal red steps with her mother in hand, wearing an adorable cupcake gown to boot. She skirted pass the Ghost King and learned to avoid the Flame King, stopping once to chat with the princess from Lumpy Space before finding her way in front of Marshall Lee. Her eyes were wide with surprise, obviously not expecting the Prince from the Nightosphere to appear at her birthday. Bonnibel’s large eyes were immediately drawn to the Prince’s bitemarks which in turn caused the vampire to stiffen and place his hands against the wound. The response broke her gaze, and she returned her gaze to his own and allowed herself to smile prettily in his presence, cursty politely (as all royal girls her age knew to do), and continue on her merry way towards her father. The 16 year old’s normally pallor skin colored red the moment she left.


Drabble + Art by Kohng.

Please follow for more 100 theme challenges!
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Collection by
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This was for a friend because he likes Assassin's Creed. This was fun and challenging to draw/paint. And if you have an urgent message you can email me through my yahoo account...I usually check that every week. I have a journal on my profile page with my email ^^
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Just a few studies of faces I did...I used images from google to help me...I wanted to see if I could do it because it's been some time since I've done some realism...

I'm currently in the process of creating somewhat of a decent video for SkillShare, haha but I'm never satisfied or I feel like I haven't explained something well enough orz.
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Part 3

A/N: (~~~~~ means a time skip and -----means it’s a POV change.)

“Why don’t you just tell him?”

You brought your head to your hands and sulked, “I can’t.”

Alfred grunted, rolled his eyes and leaned back on the chair. “For god’s sake, (Name), don’t make into one of those ‘one sided love’ shitty romance love story.”

“I know, I know…I just don’t know how to say it.” How do you say “I love you” to someone? Saying it to normal people was hard, saying it to someone you actually have feelings for is extremely difficult. “Al, you probably have a lot of experience with this thing, help me.”

He took the straw and sipped from his fruit smoothie. “Why are you even asking me all of these?”

“Well, he is your brother, so I was expecting you to know more about him.”

“Ugh, look. I don’t know much about my brother, I don’t even know if he got laid or not. So don’t go thinking I’m gonna be your matchmaker.”

“Wait did he say something about me, you know, like his…feelings?”

“I’m not his damn keeper. Look, just say it to him, set the mood, say nice words, sweeten him up. I’m sure he’ll say something sappy or whatever.”

You looked down at your plate of apple pie, suddenly you lost your appetite, thoughts flowed through your mind that you couldn’t bring yourself to take another bite.

The next two days you’ll be leaving. You’ve made your decision but to do that, you’ll have to go back and leave Canada, that meant leaving Kuma, Alfred and Matthew. The previous month was a blur but it was the best that you’ve had. The thought of leaving wasn’t the one that bothered you the most, it was the fact that you haven’t have the chance to tell Matthew what you felt.

Over the month, you found yourself developing feelings for the Canadian, to the point where you can no longer hide those feelings. But the problem was, whenever you think about confessing to him, you mentally break down. Worst case scenarios replayed in your mind, the worse was him not returning those feelings.

That’s why you asked the younger brother on his opinion but sadly, Alfred wasn’t helping much. He kept pestering you to just say the words and not beat around the bush all the time. Yeah right. Easier said than done.

You slammed your head on the table making the other customers’ eyes shift to you.

“Come on Al, help me just this once.”

“Jeez, (Name), you sound desperate there. The way I see it, maybe Matt really does like you.”

You raised your head at those words. “H-he likes me? Like, Like-like me?”


“Are you sure?”

“I see the way he looks at you, I’m sure. ‘Sides, if he hated you then we wouldn’t be having this conversation right now.”

You could feel your face burning up and your heart race. He liked you. “Are you really sure?”

“Just ask him.”


Even with Alfred’s words of encouragement, you couldn’t bring yourself to do it. Your legs freeze up and it wasn’t from the cold temperature. Maybe a little walk would do it, you thought.

The woods seemed like a good place to think things through.

You walked the familiar path to the woods, after ten minutes of walking around, it still wasn’t helping. Then you had a pretty dumb idea, dumb ideas do tend to be successful. Seeing a good view was told to clear the mind, so you tried it.

Finding a good tree, you scaled up the trunk. You dug your fingers on the tree to secure yourself and tried not to fall down. It was a lot of fun to do. Once off the ground by a good distance, you sat ypurself on one of the thick branches.

The view was pretty good, though most of the things you saw were the crowns of the trees and mountains. You sighed, it was better to get back on the ground.

You weren’t thinking ahead as always and ended up slipping on the slippery branches. Reflexes kicked in and your hand caught another branch before you plummeted to the ground. You looked down and found that you were dangling high above the ground the fall probably break something. You tried to hoist yourself but the ice on the branch proved to stop you there. You shut your eyes tightly, hoping that you’ll be fine when you reach the ground.

The sound of cracking was heard, the next thing you knew you were falling. You braced for the impact, the sharp pain in any part of the body, but there was nothing there. Instead you were engulfed with a slight warmth. Could it be heaven.

You cracked open one eye to check your surroundings. Piercing violet eyes and a familiar face with a scowl was the things you first things you saw. You were in Matthew’s arms (again). “What are you doing, climbing up the tree?”

You gave him a nervous grin, the sound of your thumping heart dominated your hearing. “I…uh…Just wanted to see the…the…view.”

“Do I have to safe you every time you get in trouble?” He set you down on your feet. Your legs felt like jelly, it was a bit surprising you could still hold yourself up. You thought of a hundred words to tell him, a witty comment, a joke, those words, but all that came out was: “Sorry.”

He raised an eyebrow in question. “For what?”

You looked down, not having the strength to look at him. “I…I always get in trouble a-and you always help me. I feel like a burden.” Tears found themselves in the corners of your eyes, threatening to fall down. You feel weak.

“You aren’t…” You let out a silent gasp as he said those words. Still, your body was stiff. “And if you are…”

He placed his hand on the back of your head and pulled you closer, your forehead hitting his (well-sculpted) chest. You blushed at the actions, your mind in processing mode, your hands played with the hems of your shirt.

“…Then you’re worth the trouble.”


You checked your watch for the time. So far, your dad has been an hour late. The guy offers a ride then he comes late and makes you wait. You sat uncomfortably on the wooden bench, your belongings beside you.

“Don’t worry, (Nickname), your dad should be here any minute,” your aunt said. She sat down beside you and nudged your shoulder. “So…where’s that cute guy you kept telling me.”

“I guess he isn’t coming. It’s okay though, we said our goodbyes last night.”

“Aww and I was so looking forward to seeing him, he sounds like a nice guy.” You giggled, “Yeah he is.”

There was a knock on the door and your aunt offered to open it. You stayed down and twiddle a bit with your clothes, it was a nervous habit of yours. You wondered if Matthew will really come before you leave.

A shrill scream made you shoot up from your seat. You immediate reaction was to run up to her and check the cause of the scream. You let out your own gasp when you seen who it was.

“Sorry, we’re late. Matt here slept in,” a certain brunette pointed at his brother with a slight smirk on his face. “He kept on crying about how he’ll never see—“ Matthew hit Alfred with his elbow. “What, I’m just saying the truth.

“Mattie, Al, I’m so glad you came.” From between the two brother’s legs, Kuma nudged you. Your aunt had a shocked expression in her face when you had ruffled his head. “And Kuma too. You guys are the best.”

“Um…(Name).” You turned to Matthew as soon as you heard him call your name. “Good luck…”

You grinned, “Yeah, I will Mattie.”

Suddenly a loud long honk made all of you turn your heads. There in the pavement was the familiar picture of your dad in his car. Looks like the little reunion needs to be cut short.

Your father got out from his car, it’s been a full month and a half since you had really seen him. You couldn’t help but give him a tight hug. He gave you a kiss on the cheek. “How’ve you been?”

“I’m fine, really.”

Your father’s eyes caught sight of Alfred, Matthew and Kuma. “Care to tell me who these boys are,” he said in a scary stern voice. Knowing your father, he probably sees the two guys as troublemakers.

“Oh, this is Alfred,” you motioned to Alfred, who gave a sly smile at your father. “And this is Al’s brother, Matthew,” you waved your hand to Matthew, who your dad scowled at. Matthew just scowled back. “And the cute little bear is Kuma.”

“Interesting,” your father raised at the word ‘brother’, “Are you sure these two are brothers. I don’t see it.”

Alfred looked like he was going to hit your dad or something, which he would most probably do. You got between the brothers and your dad. “They are, dad, you just don’t see it. Can you carry my things to the trunk?”

“Magic words, (Nickname), magic words.”

You huffed, “Please, daddy dearest.”

Alfred and Matthew were the ones to bring all your luggage to the car. Alfred whined about that, Matthew probably did that to receive brownie points from your dad.

“I’ll miss you Kuma,” you knelt down and hugged the young bear’s neck. It replied with a whining sound and nudging your neck. You were sure you’re going to miss the guy, he’s been the closest thing to a pet. It’s going to be hard to forget about him.

“You too, Al. I don’t know another person who can bash a skull better than you,” you giggled and playfully punched his arm. You could feel your dad worry about him. Alfred flashed a half smile at you.

“I miss you the most, Mattie.” You couldn’t help but feel shy when saying that. You looked up to him with sad eyes. “I wish I had more time to spend with you.”

“Will you come visit me some time?”

You smiled, “Yeah, I’ll definitely come back. I promise.” Your heart was beating out of your chest again. Damn hormones. You shut your eyes, pursed your lips and craned your neck in an attempt to kiss him, but due to the large height difference you only came up to his chin.

He smirked. A sharp yelp left your throat as an arm scooped you off the ground and lifted you up, much like the first time you met him. He wrapped an arm around your thighs and the other at your waist. The new position brought you higher, your chin touching his nose. Bringing your lips down, you kissed him. Your lips melded together in a smooth way, like you were made for each other. You placed your hand to both sides of his face, lessening the distance between the two of you…


Oh dad.

You pulled, away the color of tomatoes seizing your cheeks. “Yeah, I should go. Dad owns a shot gun. A licensed one too.”

Matthew set you down.

“Hey, what about me?” Alfred butted in. “What do I get?” You laughed and pinched his cheek, “Nice try lover boy, go find your own girl.”


“Coming dad,” you shouted. “Geez, so impatient.”

You sat on the passenger’s seat. Popping your head out of the window, you waved them goodbye.

The last thing you saw were the retreating figures of your loved ones.

You were going to come back as soon as you can. It was a good thing it’s not going to be a really long wait.


It’s amazing how one person can change one’s life. Matthew felt that. He had counted how many days (Name) wasn’t where with her bubbly smile and goofy actions. A total of twelve days since she left.

He missed the way she would yell out, “Kuma” or “Mattie.” Surprisingly, he had grown accustomed to the stupid nickname, even as far as responding to it and actually liking it. Alfred had teased him about it.

There was the absence of happiness in his life. The only thing that reminded him of (Name) was the cub that have grown to a young bear. He proved his point wherein naming things would give you a sort of attachment to it. In the end, he couldn’t let go of the bear. He would let Kuma go to the forest but Kuma would just come back. The cabin was his home.

He groaned as he pressed his head on the pillow. It was a good time for a day off. Snow was falling, bringing in more silence.

She was the only one who made the effort, the only person who stayed with him even when he had known about him. She never judged anybody by what they look like or what people say. She was different, unique, one of a kind. If it was up to him, he would have convinced her more to stay. But he didn’t want that, (Name) had great potential to go places but if she stayed with him, those dreams wouldn’t come true.

He missed her.

Impatient knocks rasped through the doors, Matthew groaned again and hesitantly got up from his pillow. Who could it be?

“Mattie!” a slightly muffled voice said from the other side.

He must have been hearing it, but was that (Name)? No, must be Alfred teasing him again. If it was Alfred, Matthew would not hesitate to punch him silly.

Matthew reached for the handle and twisted it.

“Mattie!” the visitor jumped on him, wrapping her arms around his chest. Then familiar warmth crept up to him. Looking down it was her, it was (Name.)

“How have you been, did ya miss me.” (Name) flashed a smile.

“What are you doing here?  I thought that you went home.”

“I did, and came back here for college.”


She nodded, “Yeah, didn’t I tell you. I’ll be studying veterinary here in Canada. I’ll be staying at my aunt so I can visit you anytime.”


You watched as Matthew put on a confused face.

“You mean to say. You said goodbye for nothing. All that stupid drama for nothing.”

You nodded and placed your hands behind your back. “Yup, I wanted to surprise you and Al.”

He smirked, “I bet Al rubbed off his stupid in you.”

You stuck out your tongue. “Well, if I didn’t trick you, then you probably won’t say anything.”

“Pretty clever, (Name). Pretty clever.”

Now Matthew was the one hugging you. “Let’s say we continue where we left off.”


You were just happy to be back. Now you definitely have time to spend with him.

Much, much, more time with him.

-----Extended Ending-----

Your vision was blocked off with the thick cloth of the blindfold. You wondered what Matthew will pull out for your 3rd year anniversary. In the first year of the anniversary, he had taken you to a romantic yacht ride with the help of Alfred of course, the second year he had the most adventurous time while climbing one of the mountains, you saw the most amazing ice caps you have seen.

Now you wonder what he’ll do this year, you hoped it was something safe and something that won’t be the cause of your mother’s heart attack.

His hands were firmly pressed on your shoulders, you trusted him enough with your life.

You kept on walking the way Matthew guided you through. You could guess it was the forest seeing that your feet bumped into almost everything.

“Where are we going?”

“Just keep walking.”

After a few more paces, Matthew finally stopped you.

The blindfold was taken off. Your eyes adjust with the sudden brightness before you could see anything recognizable.

It was the woods, the place where you had met him.

“Mattie, what are we doing here?”

But instead of answering your question in a simple manner, he wrapped his arms around your waist and propped you on his shoulders. He shifted his arm and wrapped them around your thighs to secure your position.

Did he want you to climb the tree or something? “Look for a small pouch, I tied it in one of the branches.”

After searching through the tree, you found what he was talking about. There hanging on one of the branches was a small pink pouch tied with a thin string. “I got it.”

He placed you on the ground, boots crunching the snow underneath. Matthew said nothing and turned away, a pink tint on his face maybe it was the cold. Curiously, you opened the pouch and found a ball of fluffy cotton, the color reminded you of Kuma. Kuma, the bear finally got the courage to move away and start his own family, he comes to visit so often these days.

The ball of cotton felt weird to the touch, as if there was something inside. You dug your thumb on the ball and proceeded to separate the fibers. A glint within the ball made your heart skip, uncontrollably. There was a ring inside, a silver ring with an amethyst stone attached.

“I don’t know how to say this…but,” Matthew took in air, audibly. “(Name) after 3 years in this relationship, do you like to take it to another level.”

You were at a loss for words, your mind couldn’t believe it all. Is he…is he…

“(Name) will you marry me?” he said shyly.

You squealed, trashing your feet on the ground, “Heck yes! I will, I definitely will.”

“Great,” he smiled. It wasn’t a smirk or a half smile or a crooked grin. It was a genuine smile.

You threw yourself at him and kissed him repeatedly.

Best anniversary gift ever.

Phew, Finally done. I really wanted it to be short with like 2 or 3 chapters in total. I hoped you guys liked it as much as I do.

As you can see, I didn't use the words "I love you" 'cause I want to be different with this one. Also with the proposal, kneeling on one knee and opening a small box is really sweet but it's a bit cliche/
Part 1- [link]

Part 2- [link]

Feedbacks are greatly apprieciated.

I own nothing but the plot.
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You groaned as you violently tossed and turned on your bed. You loudly blew your nose into a tissue and let out another wail.

Yup, it was that time of the year again!

No, not that time of the year; it's flu season silly!

You threw the covers over your head to shield your eyes from the sun's blinding rays and whatever jeepers creepers left after the night.

You felt absolutely awful.

Your head, back, throat, face, arms, legs, and every body part known to man hurted like hell! Your body was hot to the touch, but you were shivering in cold sweat like a Chihuahua in winter. Not only that, you looked like a dying fish with your mouth open since it was your only way to suck in some oxygen thanks to your stuffy nose.

This has to be the worst flu to have ever hit you in your entire life! You didn't even have the energy to walk or let alone, stand.


Rolling your way over to the edge of your bed, you answered the telephone in your sickly voice, "Hello?"

"Moshi moshi? Is this (Name)?"

A smile made its way on your lips at the sound of your boyfriend's voice. "No, this is Patrick."

"O-Oh I'm very sorry Patrick-san!" Kiku apologized quickly. You could already picture him bowing at the other end of the line out of habit. "Wrong nu-"

"Kiku, I'm joking! It's me, (Name)!" You laughed and quickly coughed up a storm after.

"(Name)? Are you all right?"

"Ugh," you groaned and huddled the blankets closer to you. "No, I feel like a truck ran me over."

"O-Oh...I'm sorry."

You raised an eyebrow, "For what?"

"My flag appeared on your bed sheets again didn't it?"

"I'd rather have my period than the flu," You admitted.

"You have the flu?"

"Yeah, so I don't think I'll be coming to the meeting today," you rolled over on your bed, searching for a comfy spot to soothe your aches. "Today was a really important one too. Good luck today. I'm sorry I won't be there to support you."

There was a pause on the other end of the line.

"Hellooo?" You called after a quick sneeze. "Kikuuu?"

"You still hide the spare keys under the mat right?" Kiku finally spoke.

"Yeah, but I think it's too obvious. Young Soo keeps raiding my fridge at night-"

"I'll be at your house in thirty minutes."

"And then I end up watching K-dramas all- Wait, what?" you sat up in alarm.

Was...Kiku Honda worried about sick little you?

"You won't feel better unless someone takes care of you."

Your face felt hot enough to melt metal. As much as you'd like your boyfriend to nurse you back to health, today was an important day for him. You couldn't have him miss the meeting just to take care of you!

"But this is an important meeting Kiku!" you protested. "You're supposed to give a presentation right after Ludwig!"

"I know, but-"

"Exactly! You cannot miss the meeting today Kiku! I'll be fine, I can take care of myself!" you continued.

Hopefully that did the trick. Kiku was never one to argue anyways.

There was another pause.

Well shit. That probably meant Kiku was coming up with a witty comeback. Just before you were about to ramble on, he quickly spoke in a resolved voice.

"(Name)," you gulped. This was Kiku's angry voice, might as well say sayonara to your plans.

"Y-Yeah?..." you answered, shivering partly because of the flu and partly because of scary Kiku.

"I thought I told you this already," Kiku's voice softened. "I'm your kareshi first before anything. You come first before everything."

Okay it was official, you were going to marry this otaku. Curse his adorable accent and his perfect boyfriend material personality! You were blushing so much that you were worried he could feel the heat radiating off your cheeks through the telephone. Taking your silence as a 'yes,' he chuckled in triumph.

"I'll be there in an hour."

"Yeah," you mumbled, lightly patting your cheeks to make your feverish blush fade away. "I'll try to live."

You hung up the phone and buried your face into your pillow out of embarrassment. That was pretty cliché, but it was sweet nonetheless. You couldn't help but let out a chuckle at the thought of the Japanese man.

"His face must be as red as Antonio's tomatoes right now."

Having your boyfriend of three years coming over to your house to take care of you felt like something straight of a shoujo manga. It was too good to be true! As your thoughts trailed on, you slowly slipped into dreamland. You weren't sure how long you were asleep, but by the time you woke up, the sun was already dipping back into the horizon.

You slowly opened your eyes and took in your surroundings. The curtains were neatly pinned to the side, letting in the warm, orange, afternoon glow fill the room. The once tightly shut windows were ajar, bringing in a cool spring breeze. Lifting a hand to your forehead, your fingers came into contact with a cool, damp cloth.

Which only meant only one thing,

"Oh, you're awake!"

Looking over to your right, you spotted Kiku with a sketchbook in hand. He gave you a warm smile before helping you sit up.

"Kiku?" You mumbled, still groggy from your nap. "When did you get here?"

"A couple hours ago. You're a really heavy sleeper (Name)."

You squinted at the clock on your bedside table and sighed, "I practically wasted the whole day sleeping!"

"Well that is what sick people are supposed to do. Anyway, you must be hungry. I made some udon while you were asleep." He excused himself from the room. "I'll be right back."

Kiku came back with a bowl of soup, a glass of water, and medicine. You were expecting today to be filled with aches and pains, but to your surprise, it wasn't. You had your boyfriend, Kiku, here to take care of you and that simple fact made being sick all a little bit better. You even managed to convince him into feeding you!

Yup, being sick was totally the best.

You yawned and stretched tiredly, "Kiku, thanks again for today. I'm really glad that I have you here to take care of me."

He smiled, face still beet red from feeding you soup earlier, "N-Not at all (Name). I'll always take care of you."

You snickered and laid back down on your bed. For a guy that wasn't very intimate, he sure was cliché. But not that you minded, of course.

"Oyasumi (Name)."

"Goodnight Kiku," you yawned as you closed your eyes. You were going to ask for a goodnight kiss, but you didn't want him to explode from being too affectionate with you. You smiled to yourself, happy to end the day with him by your side.

Kiku chuckled at the sight of the covers thrown completely over your head. You looked like a cocoon. He knew that you were scared of the dark and got paranoid whenever night rolled around. Ever since you were a kid, you would hide under the sheets to prevent the ghosts and ghouls from finding you. Somehow down the road, it became a normal sleeping habit for you.  

He got up from his seat and carefully pulled the covers off your head, "You can't breathe if you hide under your blankets like that." Gently, his long, pale fingers brushed your hair to the side, "As long as I'm here, nothing will harm you."

A blush found its way onto his face. Whenever he was with you, he found himself blushing way too often. You looked like an angel, awake or asleep. The only difference was that he didn't have to worry about behaving like the perfect boyfriend you deserved when you were asleep. If only it was this easy to let go of his personal space issue too.  You've told him countless times to just be himself, but he can't help wanting to improve himself for you. Just the thought of him being your boyfriend still sounded too good to be true.

You groaned in your sleep, as a pained expression made its way onto your face. He frowned, if only he could endure the pain in your stead, he would. But all he could do now was wait and stay by your side until you woke up.

And he hoped that in the future, he could always be by your side when you woke up.

With that thought in mind, he placed a loving kiss on your forehead, "Get well soon, (Name)-chan."


"Kiku, what are you doing?"

Kiku flinched in surprise and quickly backed away from you, "N-Nothing. I wasn't doing anything."

You raised an eyebrow him and opened your mouth to speak until a strong oniony smell filled your nostrils. "What is that smell?!" You pinched your nose and felt something wrapped around your neck. You lifted a hand and felt a leafy, warm, stalk before removing it from your neck.

"Kiku," You held up the green onion stalk and looked at him expectantly. "What the heck is this?"

He fiddled with his fingers and gave you brief, shy glances, " onion."

"And what is it doing wrapped around my neck?" you raised an eyebrow.

"I-It's to help you with your cold. We do it back in my country and it never fails." He replied as his cheeks turned red.

Could Kiku get any more adorable?

You let out a small giggle before laying back down and tying it around your neck, "Well in that case, I should make sure to keep this on me overnight!"

He let out a sigh of relief. At least you didn't laugh at his idea like Alfred did. That, and the fact that you didn't know he kissed you earlier. If you ever found out, Kiku swore that he would die of embarrassment.

"Oh and another thing Kiku," you smiled as you turned over on your side.


You pointed to your lips and winked at him teasingly, "My lips are down here."




"Er, Kiku?"



Well, at least you got you goodnight kiss.
Wow it's been a while since I've posted! It feels so wrong not to post anything on DA. Llama Emoji-56 (Hiding) [V3]  

Sorry for the hiatus, my computer is going through a rebellious stage and I had to upload this three times Chiyo Not Impressed Icon 

But on a lighter note, Kiku would seriously make such a great boyfriend!kaomoji set 2 18/67 
Seriously, what's there not to like about him? He's so adorable! APH Gakuen Japan 

And yes, that onion thing is the real deal xD I read it in an article and I just had to write something about it!Lee Donghae Approves 

That being said, I hope you enjoyed it! :) :D

 Bring it on Midterms APH Japan: Zippin' Up
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[18:03] <Read> I’m sorry, but I can’t take this anymore. I just needed to get this out, to let people understand. This is the last place I can go.

[18:10] <A.P> What’s up?

[18:12] <Read> You really want to listen?

[18:15] <A.P> Do you want me to?

[18:20] <Read> Yes.

[18:26] <Read> I suppose I’ll start. For privacy’s sake I’ll call the other person in my story ‘Awesome’.


“Kesesese! Vhy hello zere little vone!” You flinched, backing away from the albino in front of you.

“G-Gil...What do you want now?” Gilbert Beilschmidt grinned down at you, a dark look in his eyes.

“Vhat do I vant? I vant to see you on your knees begging for mercy from ze aweshome me!” You whimpered quietly, feeling the lockers behind you meeting your spine.

“I haven’t done anything!”

“Nien, but all you have to do is keep existing! Zat’s enough to piss me off royally.”


[18:40] <A.P>  Wow. This guy sounds really unawesome, despite his name.

[18:42] <Read> Yeah. He’s kind of an ass.

[18:44] <A.P> Bullying isn’t awesome either.

[18:45] <Read> This has been going on for ages.

[18:48] <A.P> How long?

[18:50] <Read> Since Primary.

[18:55] <A.P> Fucking shit. Man, that sucks.

[19:00] <Read> Yeah, it does.

[19:01] <A.P> Look, if you need someone to talk to I’m here, kay? Uh, later though. Right now I’ve gotta go walk my brother’s dogs.

[19:03] <Read> You still want to talk?

[19:04] <Read> I mean, that’s great. See you

[19:04] <Read> Soon.


You couldn’t help but smile as you walked into school, the first in a long time. Finally you had someone to talk to about him. Gilbert had made your life a living hell, just like he said he would. You didn’t understand what he had against you, you’d never done anything to provoke his relentless attack on you.

Speak of the devil.

“Hey! (F/N)!” You sighed lightly, trying to ignore the albino as he practically stormed over to you. You wouldn’t let your good mood be ruined by him. He tried getting in your way but you glared at his shoes and ducked past, stopping at your locker. “Don’t ignore me!” You opened it but he slammed it shut again. You scowled and turned to him, frowning.

“What do you want?”

“Vhy ze hell are you so happy?” He snapped, looking angry. “You aren’t allowed to be all smiley.”

“Says who?” You grumbled, feeling more confident with your new online friend in the back of your mind. “You can’t tell me what to do, Gilbert.” He looked surprised for a moment before stomping a foot in a strangely childish gesture and glaring at you.

“You’ll regret zis!” He snarled before storming off again. You sighed, wondering what you had done to deserve his cruel attention.


[15:24] <Read> Hello?

[15:35] <A.P> Yo! Just got home from school.

[15:38] <Read> Ah, so did I.

[15:40] <A.P> That ‘Awesome’ dude bothering you again?

[15:42] <Read> Surprisingly, no. We ‘talked’ this morning when I got into school then he stormed off and didn’t even look at me for the rest of the day. I’m sort of worried, actually.

[15:43] <A.P> Well, it’s good you stood up to him! You should keep doing that. Don’t let him scare you.

[15:45] <Read> Easy for you to say.

[15:50] <A.P> Hey, I’ve had my own problems with stuff like this too.

[15:51] <Read> Want to talk?

[15:53] <A.P> My brother and I. When we were younger our parents died, so our Grandfather had to look after us. He drank a lot of beer and got really angry often.

[15:55] <Read> Child abuse.

[15:56] <A.P> Ah, yeah. But, whatever, you know? He’s dead now too and I’m in charge of caring for my brother so it’s fine.

[15:59] <Read> Even so, that sounds horrible.

[16:06] <A.P> It’s fine. I’m fine.  


You sighed, leaning over the sink in the girls bathroom as you washed - what, egg yolk? You didn’t even know - out of your hair. Gilbert, being the thoughtful person he was, had apparently cracked at least forty eggs in a bucket and left it over the classroom door for you to walk through, earning you egg in your hair and you becoming the laughing stock of the school. Again.

You could hear some other girls in the room sniggering at you as they walked out, chatting loudly about makeup or whatever. You didn’t care, too busy thinking about Gilbert. Why- What had you done to deserve this? It was unreasonable, and for the first time you felt yourself getting angry, not scared. You thought back to what A.P had said and decided that you weren’t going to let him do this anymore. You would stand up for yourself.


“Kesesese! Finished getting ze crap out of your hair, (F/N)?” You frowned, crossing your arms over your chest as Gilbert laughed at you, Francis and Antonio behind him laughing along.

You looked around at the people watching - some laughing too - and the wide field. No teachers, good.

“Hey, Gilbert.” His laughter died down, a frown replacing his grin.

“Vhy aren’t you crying already?” He stepped closer, trying to intimidate you. “Do I need to punch you or something?”

“No.” You replied before lunging forwards, grabbing the front of his shirt roughly and connecting your fist with his nose angrily. He yelled and started flailing around, Francis and Antonio moving to help him but you already had him on the grass, fists hitting whatever skin you could find. “You- Fucking- Asshole- I- Hate- You!” Francis grabbed you under the arms and dragged you off his friend, Antonio helping the albino sit up.

“Mon dieu! (F/N), calm down!” You snarled and tried grabbing the Frenchboy’s hair to try and get him off but he moved out of your way before you could do so.

You ended up getting a detention for it.


[17:12] <Read> Fuck.

[17:20] <A.P> Had a bad day?

[17:21] <Read> Yep.

[17:23] <A.P> Can’t be as bad as a broken nose, right?

[17:25] <Read> Your nose is broken? Are you ok?

[17:27] <A.P> Yeah, I’m fine. Hanging out in the hospital. Some super unawesome girl attacked me today.

[17:30] <Read> Huh.

[17:32] <A.P> What happened to you?

[17:36] <Read> Oh, right. Well, I did as you said and got back at the guy.

[17:39] <A.P> Cool! How?

[17:45] <Read> I’m going to assume I broke his nose.

[17:46] <Read> Gilbert.

[17:51] <A.P> No.

<A.P has left the chatroom>
You can decide on an ending~
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What a nice spring afternoon. The leaves on the trees are slightly
moving because of the warm breeze that makes the temperature just
The fresh smell of the grass under your feet gives you a lightheaded feeling.
Really, nothing can ruin such a beautiful and calm afternoon.


'Ah... crap...'
You turn around and see a certain russian aka Ivan Braginsky in less than an inch
You take a couple of steps backwards.
"Oh, hello, Ivan..."
"I have somefing for you, da."
You take one more tiny bit step backwards "Wh-what is it?"
"Ta-daaa~" Ivan offers you a red rose.

You just stare at it, waiting for something to happen. Like an explosion of some
"I was trying to find somefing that would match your beauty but all I could
find is this. I know it's not enough...Izvinite." He said while dragging his foot
on the
ground shyly.
"Oh... Uh...Thanks..." You were still staring.

"You can take it. It won't bite."
And he chuckles.
And shivers are crawling up and down your spine as you picture the rose growing canine teeth and attacking you.
"Um... I... O-ok..." You inspect the flower closely trying to find a spot that
doesn't look
dangerous, failing miserably and mentally crying.
You jump a little when the tall russian steps forward to grab your hand firmly and
place the rose between your fingers.
You have no idea how you managed not to turn your pants brown. It was a nice
pair of pants too.
You liked it, you wanted to defend it. Maybe that's why...
Then you feel patting on your head.
"Happy women’s day!"
You couldn't speak from the shock. You just nodded keenly.
The russian bended his knees and lowered his face to your height, smiling,
seeming quite satisfied.

“Do you like it?"
More steps backwards for you. And more steps forward
for the russian. All you could think of as an answer to his
question was 'Back off, bitch.' But that would result with you traveling
in various places around the world. Simultaneously.
So you just nod again.
Your eyes never averting from the flower.

"YA tebya potseluyu syeichas, da?"
And before you had enough time to complete two of your frantic
nods as a reaction to a sentence that you had no idea what it meant, he grabbed your shoulders and
forced his lips on yours.
You opened your mouth to scream but the russian thought of it as an invitation
to deepen the kiss. His tongue darted into your mouth and started...well...
raping it, in a sense. The man was trying to hit the back of your throat with his
tongue and you could only protest with moans of protests and little punches of your clenched
hands on
his wide chest. Which he took as a sexual pregame and giggled into your mouth
while kneading your back.
By now you were pretty sure you loved the damn pants more than your life in order
to keep its original colour.
The kiss was broken with a satisfied groan from the slav who grabbed your
torso and threw you on his shoulder.
"Let's go do it now, da?"
"NOOOOOOOO!" You flailed arms and legs with all your might in an indignant protest. Unfortunatelly
that was not enough to even make the large man flinch.
Nevertheless, to your surprise, he set you down right in front of him.
"N-nyet?" He was scanning you wide-eyed. Obviously shocked from your reaction. Then averted his gaze to look behind you in the distance for a few seconds.
His arms snaked
around you and you were dragged and pressed onto his body. He gazed deeply into your eyes
again with a look of determination painted all over his face.
He tilted his head to the side bringing it down on yours for another
kissing session.
You twisted your face in order to avoid the kiss and pressed your palms against
his mouth.
"NO! Damn it!"
Ivan was starting to resent. You could tell by his upwards frowned eyebrows as well as the small desperate whimpers he was producing.
Without stopping his effort, he looked behind you in the distance again and shrugged.
You twisted your head a little more to that direction and came upon an unexpected sight.
Francis Bonnefoy was half hiding around the corner. He held his arms out as if
he was tightly hugging an imaginary person in front of him, his eyes were closed
and his lips pouted intensely.
Francis opened one eye and looked at the two of you. Then flinched and froze
in place.
"Oh, bonjour, mon cher. Pardonnez-moi. Pretend I'm not here..."
"France, she doesn't vant to become one vith me!" Russia whined.
"I noticed zat, mon cher..."
"You said she vill like me if I did this!"
"What can you do... If ze lady doesn't want, you should take it like a man."


The russian chanted into your ear. Suddenly he put his hand in his pants and revealed
a rusty(?) faucet pipe. Your body became numb and you collapsed. Almost. Ok, your
legs were still supporting you. Somewhere deep down inside, you felt really proud.
Too bad you wouldn't live enough to recount your bravest moment.
The russian raised the pipe over you. A very warm feeling
embraced your body making you feel serene, like a newborn baby.
'Is this how it feels to stare into your own death?' you thought.

The slav took a step forwards, and another one, he bypassed you and walked towards
french who was smart enough to start running by now.

"YOU SAID SHE VILL LIKE ME!" he screamed at the top of his lungs and marched faster.
"Mon Dieu! I was only trying to help!"

You stared at the two men running into the sunset while the warm feeling was now
turning cold.
Lowering your gaze you noticed a puddle that had formed between you feet.

"Ah... crap..."
Hetalia and Russia character don't belong to me.
Story (sadly) belongs to me.
You belong to yourself! Girl power! ...Or something...
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Perhaps he made the wrong decision, he stood there without making any noise and it was rather unusual for the loud fool to be doing. His younger brother notices this and he examines his sibling closely, why was his hands shaking and sweaty? It wasn't like him at all.

Ludwig opened his mouth to speak, "Bruder, what's wrong?" he asks.

Gilbert tenses from his touch when the younger sibling put his hand on his shoulder, he gave out this nervous cracking voice in respond. "T-this? This is nothing..!"

Re-adjusting his tie he stares once more at the mirror before him, he took a deep breath, in and out. Ludwig smiles softly, "This is finally it, you're getting married."

"J-Ja...," He replied, "I am."

".. Bruder."

Gilbert looks at him with a smile, "Hm?"

Ludwig frowned at him, making the older sibling even more nervous than he already is, he knows somethings up. He felt like running away right now.

"I hope you won't mess this up."

Gilbert opened his mouth to say something back but only to look like he was a fish out of water, trying to get air. Honestly, he couldn't hide this things with his brother around. He could hear his sibling sighing loudly before giving his hand out to him, "Come on, she's waiting for you."


When Gilbert walked down that aisle, he knew what's about to happen. He was having a hard time thinking this through, but would she accept a 'No' after this? After what she's done, It was pretty much too late.

Why didn't he say no when she proposed? Shit, just shit.

He looked up to see [Name] staring at him in a unexcited way while crossing her arms, she looked too calm about this, he gulped hard. His younger sibling patted his back and nodded at her before standing beside them, along with their best groom and best friend, the rest of the family was sitting down, giving their respect by staying quiet for the future husband and wife.

Gilbert glances once more to his brother, seeing him shaking his head it clearly meant that he shouldn't do anything embarassing in front of the guests, it felt like he was the only one he could trust right now.

"You don't look happy, Gilbert." He heard her speak to him, that tone of hers was similar to his brother when he speaks to the Italian. She was frowning and stared at him, "You're not planning anything bad, are you?"

Before he could answer, the priests already came and cleared his throat, interrupting the two's talk just now. He thanks him for doing that. Pulling out the book, he begins to read the vows, Gilbert on the other hand was too busy thinking of the situation that he couldn't hear the priest.

[Name] was quietly listening to everything he had to say, her attention completely to his, Gilbert found this the perfect opportunity.

She was taken back when someone yelled out that he groom was running away, "There he goes!" One of them said. Gilbert didn't bothered to look back knowing the woman he's going to marry will give him the look that he was so frightened of, he just wanna run away from this place as fast as possible. She grits her teeth and marches towards where her husband-to-be heading, "Dad?" She looks to her father.


"Let me borrow your shotgun." She replied, the father didn't hesitate and gave it to her anyway, her voice was terrifying and loud that it surprised everyone that was invited in the wedding, "COME BACK HERE, YOU IDIOT!"

She ripped the lower part of her wedding dress and threw her high heels aside, chasing the running groom barefeet.

Ludwig could only face palm at what he's seeing, his older brother running away once again. He's lucky if he could escape this out alive, but from the way his brother's wife-to-be was acting right now he could tell that maybe she could get him to straighten up and take responsibility for once?

He could hear his brother scream in pain.


[Name] came back with Gilbert, holding him by his waist on one hand, it seems he was knocked out completely. She pretty much elbowed him in the back, she was that strong and tough, Ludwig couldn't help but be impressed.

"Do you want me to take care of him?" He offered, She shakes her head. "No, I can do it myself."

He watches the two walked to the room, placing his brother on the couch carefully, she sits down the other chair next to it, watching him as he sleeps. Ludwig couldn't help but find it sweet to see them like that. In their own weird way, perhaps that's just how she show affection to Gilbert.

But it was also understandable why he ran in the first place.

She was like a demon.

Hahah, Strong attractive women. XD
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In that moment, I knew.

It was her.

It had to be her. And not anyone else.

I had a feeling on the first day of class, Art History. Art History was my favourite class.

Well obviously, since it was my major.

The class only had four students, which was normal for a major-intensive class. Because of this, the first day (four hours) of class was spent playing icebreakers and various forms art trivia. Everyone was smiling, and a warm friendly atmosphere settled. Everyone exchanged numbers with each other with the promise of keeping in touch, and meeting for lunch dates.

Except her. She didn't smile a single time, or give her number to a single person. Right when class ended, she left, her unbuttoned trench coat swishing like a cape behind her.

She was interesting, enigmatic. And I wanted to talk to and get to know her. It was a nagging feeling, this interest. I didn’t know why I wanted to talk to her so much, I just did. I tried to ignore it.

But it felt so funny.

As the weeks passed by, the class just got closer and closer. The more serious and focused the class got, the tighter the class and the professor bonded together.

Except her, who stood in the corner whenever she wasn't doing any required work.

Eventually, I tried to talk to her. Rather, force her to talk to me.

"__________, I'm Antonio."

"....... I know."

" Good. Meet me for lunch at The Greek Corner at 1. Here's my number."

"But I don't -"

"I'll see you later~"

Well, it worked, because she showed up, and after many rejected attempts at conversation and trying to get her to open up, she started to talk.

The next few days of class, I felt her eyes burn into me, and this didn't go unnoticed by our colleagues. But they wisely chose to say nothing.

And a few days after that, she started to integrate herself more and more into the class. Before long, everyone was just as comfy with her as they were with each other.

And then people started to understand that she was a genius.

She was quiet and insecure of herself, but underneath that introverted attitude, she truly was brilliant. She was great at remembering everything we learned in class and understanding the perspectives and culture of the time period. Her writing and analysis were nothing short of the art it described.

Her focus, passion, and disregard for other people is what ostracised her from other people, and afterwards, what drew them to her.

The swarm that persisted to follow her closer than her shadow started to grow larger and larger in number. And those numbers weren't limited to those four students in our class.

I definitely started to feel jealous. I didn't have an opportunity to talk to her anymore, and I was the one who got her to open up in the first place. I kind of broke my heart.

But after I saw her smile, I suppose it was all worth it.

But one day, a post it with "The Greek Corner, 1" messily scrawled on it appeared on my desk, with no one in sight.

But I still knew who it was.

We had an amazing time, of course. Her whirlwind of her new social life threw her off her feet, and and she acknowledged that it caused a rift between us. She was trying to patch it up, because she felt that I was important to her.

And when she smiled at me, I knew.

I knew that I'm in love with her.

And that I was in love with her from the start.
Don't own Hetalia, or Spain, or you.
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commission for onyxsucksatdrawing 
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For those of you who don't know, Jelly is slang for 'Jealous'.


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Mature Content Filter is On. The Artist has chosen to restrict viewing to deviants 18 and older.
(Contains: sexual themes)

    The next day was laundry day, and Mei-Rin found the doll that Cielia carelessly left in her bedding. She smiled from ear to ear and said, "Look at how cute this is! It looks a lot like Sebastian too! I'm going to show it to everyone!" Everyone admired the doll that Cielia made, and wondered what she was doing with it; since she's too old to play with dolls. Dirty thoughts ran through some of their heads. When Sebastian saw it, he blushed and then he took it to Cielia's study where she was working; along with her tea and cookies. During their conversation about business meetings and such things, Sebastian asked Cielia as he held the doll out; "Is this one of your prototypes for the Funtom Company? And, why does he look like me?" Cielia's face turned beet red with embarassment, as she hesitated to answer for a moment. Then she said, "Yes...It's a butler for little girl's dolls. I thought it should be modeled after you, because you are my butler. I'm actually thinking of starting a line of servants for dolls." Sebastian was a little skeptical about that for a min., but then he bought it. Cielia sighed with relief. Then, Sebastian complimented her on her craftsmanship and she blushed and smiled with flattery. After Sebastian had tea with Cielia, he left the room to help the other servants with their chores. As he left, his heart fluttered a little. He fell for Cielia about 5 years ago. But, he never dared to tell her since it would be improper. Little did he know, she has always felt the same way about him. (This didn't happen when she was a kid, by the way. It happened as they got older, which is more appropriate). He thought of how lovely Cielia looked in a frock (and even in a suit or a nightgown), as he helped Mei-Rin with the laundry. He also wondered what was underneath, hiding a little nosebleed behind a handkerchief. But then, he quickly shook those thoughts out of his head and got back to work. After Cielia was done with her business work for the day, she practiced her violin having similar thoughts about Sebastian saving her during the Queen's missions; and getting undressed after confessing their love. After she was done playing "Pachelbel's Canon in D", (very beautifully by the way); she threw herself onto her bed and pounded on the mattress in sudden frustration. "Why must I always drive myself crazy with clandestine and romantic thoughts about Sebastian, instead of revealing my feelings for him," she yelled at herself. She has been attracted to him ever since she was a teenager, however wrong that may have been. But, the dense butler never figured that out. Oh sure, he was brilliant and observant in a lot of ways. But, when it came to subtle signs of adolescent infatuation from "his young mistress"; he had no clue...oddly enough. "It was probably for the best anyway, back then," Cielia thought as she remembered all those times. Then she decided that, the next day would be the day when she finally gets up the courage to say something about that.  

    The next day was another boring day of business work for Cielia...until, Sebastian came into her study for their tea break. He had been wondering something about her lately, but had been struggling with how to ask her tactfully; while walking down the hallway with his cart. When he got to the room where he was supposed to be, he served the treats and they had a conversation about the day's schedule as usual. The topic suddenly changed a couple mins. later as Sebastian asked, "Why have you rejected all the marriage offers you've been given? I'm getting concerned that, you'll become an 'old maid.'" "Why has everyone been saying that about me lately?! I've still got several good years left," Cielia yelled. "Do you have an aversion to men," Sebastian asked in return (with a calm, straight face of course). "What...No! It's just are the only man I have ever loved and considered marrying! There, I finally bloody said it," Cielia replied with a bashful expression. Stunned, Sebastian thought about his answer for a min. He then told her in a serious tone, "Miss Cielia, you've grown into quite a beautiful young lady; and I've enjoyed serving you for many years. But, I'm afraid I'm not allowed to grant that request as a butler." Cielia replied with, "I don't care! In our demon contract it states that, you have to do whatever I order you to do; until the day I die! Now, when we're finished with our work; I'll remove my nightgown for you in my room...and I'll order you to de-flower me! You better be there!" Sebastian thought about that for a moment. He was bound by that contract, and they did share the same secret feelings for each other. So, he agreed to her orders while smiling. Then, he kissed her deeply on the lips before walking away. He jumped up and down with excitement, (while making his "XD face") as soon as the door was shut. Luckily, nobody caught him in that moment.      
    In the middle of the night, Sebastian met Cielia in her room just as promised; after cleaning up of course. Cielia had already done those things earlier. He was wearing nothing but a red, silk robe. Cielia was sitting on her bed naked, in a suggestive pose; beckoning him to come closer. He paused for a moment, staring hungrily at her beautiful; pale body, which was slender and petite with curves in all the right places. They smiled at each other as he came closer towards her. She said one word seductively...which was, "Finally." He replied in an equally sexy voice, "I wish we would've done this a lot sooner. But, it would've been very strange if I were the first one to suggest it." Cielia nodded in agreement. Sebastian slowly removed his robe, which made Cielia's eyes widen with thrill and her ovaries go up in flames. He had an Adonis-like body...of course, with an impressive package; and a perfectly round and firm behind. The soft glow of the oil sconces around the room and the fireplace, made them look even better. He got up on top of her, and proceeded to kiss her all over her body; except for the unsanitary parts of it of course. She giggled as this was happening, and he "got harder" every min. Then, when he got down to her feet he started over with this action; this time while stroking and groping her. She also played with him and kissed him back. This lasted for quite some time, as they were moaning a bit and saying things like; "I love you," and "Don't stop!" Then, after almost an hour into it he slowly penetrated her quim (Victorian slang for vag).; like a gentleman, so that he wouldn't hurt her. At least, not more than usual for a woman's first time. They then humped each other, while switching positions; until Cielia started screaming and he started moaning louder. Also, the bed started rocking a bit. This woke up the other servants, who went upstairs to investigate. But, as soon as they got close to the door; they sort of figured out what was going on, but they wanted to make sure. So, they quietly opened the door a crack and peeked inside. They stared in shock, as they whispered back and forth. "I didn't know they had feelings for each other," Finny said. Tanaka just did his little laugh. Barduroy said with a grin, "I had a hunch that, there was sexual tension between those two all along." Mei-Rin, who's face was beet-red and had a nosebleed; almost got them all busted when she enthusiastically shouted, "Hooray! Their true love has finally been expressed!" Barduroy slammed the door, told everyone to shut up; and then they all went back to bed. Fortunately, neither Cielia nor Sebastian seemed to notice all this. They went on with their love making until the next morning. Then, they slept in for hrs. while cuddling. (Aww)! 

    Cielia and Sebastian finally woke up at around 4 in the afternoon, and thanked goodness that they didn't have anything to do that day. But then suddenly, Sebastian started feeling a little guilty about their night of passion. He turned towards Cielia, with a serious face. "What's wrong," she asked. He answered with an appologetic sigh, "I just realized that, I had forgotten to marry you first." She knew exactly what he meant, without him saying so. "You're right," she said while feeling a little guilty herself. But then a min. later she brightened up and said, "You know, it is not too late to fix this." Sebastian thought about that for a min. Then, he replied with enthusiasm, "Let's get married in two days!" Cielia gave him a look that says he's crazy as she shouted, "What?! But, the day is half-over and there's way too much planning!" "You're forgetting that, I'm one hell of a butler," Sebastian stated with a smug smirk. "That's true," Cielia said with relief before they kissed. Afterwards, he assembled the whole team of servants to help with all the preparations. They made the mansion look stunning, with flowers and candles everywhere; and did all the other traditional stuff, all in record time. But of course, all that work wouldn't have been finished on time; with seemingly minimal effort, had there not been a demon on staff. While all that was being done, Cielia got dropped off at the local tailor's shop; to get her wedding dress custom made. She wanted it to look exactly like her late mother's dress. Both she and Sebastian had already decided that, he was going to wear his uniform by the way; since he already looks nice and formal in that. Anyway, as Cielia handed her parent's wedding portrait to the tailor; she had a flashback of saving it from the fire at the last min., in her childhood. She looked wistfully off into space as she thought, "Mother would've wanted me to wear the original one, if she were still alive." The dress was a very traditional and exquisite one. It was long and white, with lace flowers all over it; a high-collared neckline, and a matching veil/hairpiece with pearls on it. Cielia also went to some other shops and bought cameo jewelry, and white high-heeled shoes to go with it. While she was waiting for the dress to be made, she asked Sebastian why she hasn't met his family yet. He explained to her that, it probably wouldn't be a good idea to introduce her to them; since they're from Hell both literally and figuratively. He also said that, he has moved to Earth a long time ago; to get away from them and change his lifestyle a little bit. Although, he still had to survive off of souls and he'll never gain access to Heaven; hard as he might try. Plus, he figured they wouldn't have approved of his marrying a human. She understood, and said she would've done the same if she were him.
      The wedding ceremony took place two evenings after that, as was planned at the Phantomhive Mansion. (By the way, the couple decided to go with Cielia's last name). Tanaka officiated the ceremony, since they couldn't find a priest who would marry a demon/human couple. You'd think that they would, after explaining to people that Sebby is "better than most demons." But, unfortunately all the people who were asked this favor in London; and some surrounding areas, called this union an abomination anyway. Luckily, they were at least able to find some extra caterers; servers and musicians for the event though. (Use your imagination, as far as who they are goes). During the reception, everyone was having a good time. That is, until Grell decided to try and ruin it. He was upset because, Cielia had stolen "his Bassy" away from him. He complained very loudly about this to them, and everyone else around him. All of Sebastian's and Cielia's friends, and some of their families decided to ignore this; casting it off as "wedding drama." Cielia pulled her husband aside and said with discreet frustration, "Remind me again about, why we invited him!" He replied, "Because if we didn't, he would've showed up uninvited." (Which is true). "I heard that," Grell said (clearly offended) as he snuck up behind them. "Alright...He can stay. But, only if he doesn't act like a creep and cause an embarassing display," Cielia told Sebby. He nodded in agreement, and then told Grell to behave. But instead, he chose to write Cielia's name down in his "death book" as revenge. Sebastian noticed this, while Cielia was busy talking to someone else a few feet away. Sebby's eyes glowed, and as he got angrier a red battle aura appeared around him. Grell looked at him in fear as he growled, "You better take my wife's name off that list, before I show you my true form!" Everyone in the room heard this. The Classical music stopped, as everyone braced themselves. Grell also erased Cielia's name. But then, Cielia bravely stepped forward; put an arm around her spouse, and calmly said, "Honey...Honey, let's not kill anyone at our wedding. Just kick him out for good, please." Sebastian calmed down, and did as he was told...literally. "And, I never want to see you or hear about you threatening anyone I love ever again," he shouted before slamming the front doors. Grell went away after that. For their honeymoon, Mr. and Mrs. Phantomhive went on a month long tour of Europe. They both had a very good and relaxing time sightseeing, laying around...and lovemaking of course; with Sebastian "pulling out" at the end of every session. (Which wasn't always effective). That is, until about a week before returning home Cielia started getting very ill in her stomach. They later found out that, she was pregnant! (He somehow foresaw that, and then informed Cielia by the way). Then, Sebastian just remembered that he had forgotten to "pull out" during their  first night of passion. (They also didn't have much other options for protection back then). For a while, they both dreaded the thought of having a half-demon child. (Can you imagine how difficult it would be to raise a child like that)? But then, they thought of the fact that the child was a product of their love; and got extremely happy about the positive side of parenting...which were the emotions that won out in the end. Nine months later, little Raven Phantomhive arrived; with her cute, big red eyes and raven-black hair. Both her parents cradled her in their arms, and gave her the "Sebby" doll from earlier; so that "her daddy" could protect her even in her sleep.

The End.    


This is the final part of my fan fiction. I hope you enjoy it. But, beware that it has an explicit sex scene in it.
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Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes)
Note: This is a "Black Butler" fan fiction I made up. Credit for the real series goes to, Yana Toboso. Also, this story is not "canon" and I don't care about that. Cielia= a female Ciel, Eric= a male Elizabeth. (Although he's only briefly mentioned).
   "Why must I meet another suitor?! This is a bloody waste of time," Cielia grumbled as Mei-Rin got her all dressed up for tea in the garden. "Because, you need a husband to help you run the family business Miss. Plus, your biological clock is ticking," Mei-Rin reminded. Cielia exclaimed, "Excuse me, aren't I fit enough to run the business...despite being born a female?! Besides, I'm 25-years-old... not getting old!" Mei-Rin answered, as she applied generous amounts of make-up to Cielia; "Yes, Miss. But, it is traditional and you should behave like a proper lady; with your high standing and all." Cielia pounded her fist against her vanity as she shouted, "I hate being reduced to that role, and you know it! Can't I at least wear my usual men's attire to tea this afternoon?" "I'm sorry about that... And no, you may not. You have to wear a dress, so that the man will notice your natural beauty;" the maid replied as she finished the make-over. Cielia groaned, as she looked at herself in the mirror. She was wearing her hair up in a bun, with ringlets; a long, pink, ruffly gown with a bit of cleavage showing, matching shoes, jewelry and gloves. She was also carrying a parasole, to shield her slightly from the sun. Cielia wondered as she walked towards the garden, if today's choice was going to be as bad as the last several. When she got there, she was dissapointed to see Lord Druitt sitting at the patio table. "Oh no...the weird 'robin' fellow," she thought to herself as she sat next to him. Cielia's servants watched from a distance, as she carried on polite conversation with him; as she was instructed to do. But, when it came to the "big question" she rejected him along with all the others. Lord Druitt acted overly dramatic as usual, running away in tears. Cielia just rolled her eyes and walked off, to attend to "more important matters." Her servants whispered about her being too picky, afterwards.  
   Here's a brief history of Cielia's suitors. Most of them were countless, old nameless men; and three of them were well-known characters. Which were: Lord Druitt, Eric, and oddly enough...Alois Trancy. Eric was the first one to propose to her, as he was her childhood friend and was promised to her by their parents; as you all know. But, when they turned around 13-ish Cielia rejected him. She thought of him as more of a friend, than a lover or "husband material." Besides, she's always had suspicions of Eric being a homosexual; due to his high-pitched girly voice, and his obsession with cute things. But, none of them were sure about that... and they didn't mention it to each other either. Alois proposed shortly after Eric did. (This happened before he was murdered, of course). In a flashback of that moment, Cielia was in front of the Trancy Mansion yelling at him; "Why on Earth would I marry an evil brat like you?! Especially since you killed my parents!" (Or at least, I think he did in the series). Alois replied with a creepy grin, "Because, I need a woman...And although I still desire to kill you eventually; I must admit that, you are a pretty little thing." Cielia, wanting to hide her obvious fear of him; countered in a teasing tone with, "I've always thought that, you preferred the company of men...judging by your obviously unusual attachment to Claude." The shocked look on Alois's face revealed it all, as Sebastian escorted Cielia home. Cielia smiled at that, both in the past and the present. "I'm glad he died," she thought as she finished sewing the rag doll she was making of Sebastian. (By the way, it was a cute one..despite her dislike of sewing). She then put the doll underneath one of her pillows, and proceeded to pay the bills in her study. This is the end of Part 1. The rest of the story will get pretty "mature" as it goes along...Just to warn anyone who's overly sensitive about that sort of thing.    
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You were a good person.
Or at least you try to be… you're just always ending up in the worst situations.
Like now.
You were currently sitting stooped over, your hands bound behind your back with a nasty smelling blindfold obscuring your vision. You bounced up and slightly in the back of what you assumed to be a van of some sort.
You guessed you and your captors had been driving anywhere from half an hour to an hour but in all honestly you hadn't the slightest clue. Your captors hadn't spoken a word since shoving you into the vehicle making it difficult for you to discern the passage of time. At last you were pulled from your thoughts as you tumbled backwards, the vehicle having come to a sudden halt.  You stayed silent as car doors opened then slammed back shut. There was the tell-tale crunch of boots on gravel and you shivered as you heard them stop not far from you. The door of the van was opened and a rush of cool air hit your slightly covered face before a beefy hand latched onto your arm, yanking you forward and out of the vehicle. You landed on your knees but was quickly dragged to your feet and forced forward, a captor restraining each arm. You soon went from gravel to a solid path, but you still had no idea where in the world you were but you thought maybe it was best to not know. Hushed voices reached your ears from time to time as you continued on in blindness.
As quickly as it started, it stopped. Your captors forcing you to stop dead in your tracks. You heard the men on your sides talking but you were still scared witless so they sounded like they were speaking in tongues. The sound of creaking doors did register with your scrambled brain, however. You felt them push you forward one last time, but this time only a few steps. You heard the doors close behind you and you immediately felt trapped, like a caged animal. Not a feeling you were accustomed to.
Without warning someone yanked off the pathetic excuse of a blindfold, giving you your sense of sight back. Blinking a few times before squinting, your eyes quickly adjust to the dim lighting. Your gaze travels around the room but you can't make out much when you lock onto a figure standing maybe 10 paces in front of you.

From what you could see you found it to be a man with...
Hey guys, if any of you guys have seen my other work, you know I put out an intro for a high school Hetalia X reader but I haven't put any chapters up. I haven't given up on it, probably. I got a bit of feedback on it, which made me happy because its more than I've gotten on my other pieces but I was hoping to hear a little bit more from my readers. So depending on how this one is received I will choose which one I'm gonna work on first.
Which leads me into my main sepal. I LOVE hearing back from anyone who reads my stuff. I'm still fairly new to the insert world so it would be super nice of you guys to leave a comment and/or any suggestions. If you don't see someone on the list that you want me to write feel free to leave comment about it. I just picked the main characters that I would find easy to write. I will write the next chapter to whoever gets the most comments first, so vote for who you want to read about!

Intro: You are here
_?_ !Japan Ch.1:
_?_ !2P!Japan Ch.1:
_?_ !America Ch.1:
_?_ !2P!America Ch.1:
_?_ !China Ch.1:
_?_ !Italy&Ramano Ch.1:
_?_ !2P!Italy&Ramano Ch.1:
Gang Boss!Germany Ch.1:… 
Gang Boss!2P!Germany Ch.1:…
_?_ !Prussia Ch.1:
_?_ !2P!Prussia Ch.1:
_?_ !2P!Canada Ch.1:
_?_ !Russia Ch.1:
_?_ !England Ch.1:
_?_ !France Ch.1:
_?_ !Spain Ch.1:
_?_ !Norway Ch.1:
_?_ !Male!Belarus Ch.1:
_?_ !Estonia Ch.1:
_?_ !2P!Estonia Ch.1:
I own nothing but the plot lines!
Hetalia is owned by :iconhimaruyaplz:
You are owned by you (but not for long ;)
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Collection by
One day one of muy best friens said to me (when i had my new short red hair): ''Hey You look like Peter Pan! " that's inspired me a lot and i imagined this card!


Peter Pan created by the scotish writer James Matthew Barrie in the beginning of the 2à th century, was adapted in a play fisrt called "The Little White Bird" then changed into '';Peter and Wendy". In those years, the character Peter Pan on stage was always played by girls!!!! ( if you have heard of the film called Neverland with Johnny deep and kate whinsley you can see at the end of it, that a Girl actually plays the role of peter pan!!!).

I think i have the syndrome of peter pan! I don't want to grow up ...
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Line art by :icontreasured-memories: I just colored it for her

Jack Frost
Peter Pan
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From Disney's Paperman.

Photoshop sketch.
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I decided to begin a series of illustrations based on the Muses of the Greek mythology, as the subjects charms me a lot. This is Urania, Muse of Astronomy.

Digital colour
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____________ has the perfect life. Beauty, smarts, a loving soon to be husband. However, there was something else that caused her pain. She couldn't describe it. It was like waking up from a bad dream, one that made her terrified that she was going to lose everything. Somewhere in that fear, it created a hole in her heart as if something was missing.

Artie helped that thought fade in her mind. She couldn't ask for anything more than to be with him where she was safe and happy.

"I love you, Artie." She would whisper tenderly every time as he held her close. He made the pain go away, he healed the hole in her heart.

"As do I, my sweet little Mockingbird." Artie kissed her in response every time.

_____________ had noticed that there was a single rose in bloom in the corner of every room she went into as if it were a ghost that was following her. Artie wasn't fond of roses or flowers, he preferred plastic flowers and decorations if he displayed any decorations at all. This was much to ____________'s dismay because she was fond of them.

'Curiosity killed the cat~' A voice in her head would say. 'And you don't want the person of your dreams to mourn your death, do you?'

No, _____________ replied in her head. I would give anything to be with him forever. For some reason, that pain that made the hole in her heart grew bigger. She had to see the rose, she had to hold it just once.

She reached out for it but stopped and pulled her hand back just before she touched it.

"I don't want to lose him." She said.


Arthur ended up in a forest that was similar to how he pictured Wonderland to look. Mushrooms were as tall as trees and varied slightly regarding colours and shapes and normal trees would. At his feet were shrubs that were exactly like the trees at home but they were about the size of cake decorations.

The night's starry sky stretched far beyond the horizon and there were plenty of creatures and plant that were active. Birds still sang their sweet songs as some plants and shrubs emitted a healthy glow that illuminated the path. Both on the ground and above him.

As Arthur walked around, he saw several faeries and creatures. Some he recognized, others were foreign to him. But there were no familiar faces around and nothing seemed to be acknowledging his presence as if he were a ghost.

"Arthur? What are you doing here, dear?" Arthur whipped his head around and was more than relieved to see Isabella. The other fae that were around were looking at Isabella like she was crazy.

"I was following Artie through a mirror and next thing I knew I was here. Isabella? What is this place? It seems like I've been here before."

"You have… When you were small. This world is called 'Mira Monda' or The Mirror World. There are mostly magical inhabitants here and only a handful of humans. Like your world where only you and a handful of other humans can see us because they believe in us, a handful of us can see the humans because we believe in you. And those who believe can travel in between the worlds."

"I see. Can you tell me what happened to me when I was younger? I clearly do not remember this place."

"You were chasing after a pixie who accidentally took you here. And since you were a child when you came here, a counterpart of you was created. Counterparts are only created when children come here as they are the only humans that have the strongest magical potential. It's very complicated."

"So that's why he seems familiar."

"Yes. Arthur. Please listen to me, you have to go back immediately. There is a curse that was placed on this place a few years ago that forbids humans from Earth from coming here and they will suffer greatly if they do. It's like a poison that will destroy your body from the inside out. It will kill you within three hours. The only ones that are immune to it are humans that were born here and any pet or lover that they bring back from Earth. And not only that, all of these laws are different from your world, they're all reversed. The only thing that is the same in this world and yours is magic."

"Three hours… That doesn't give me much time. I'm not leaving without ____________________."

"______________________? Oh, that girl who you… What is she doing here!?"

"My so called counterpart, 'Artie', took her. But he gave her the Black Rose's Snare and it took effect."

"Arthur…" Isabella stopped him before he could go on with a sad expression on her face. She fluttered to him and met his eyes. "I'm sorry darling but there's nothing that can be done to help her. Once the potion takes effect there's no known cure to counteract it."

"No KNOWN cure. There's still a chance. If it means I will die saving her, I'll do it. I'd rather die than let __________________ live in this world with him." Arthur's emerald eyes reflected his courage and love, showing no sign of him backing down.

Isabella sighed and looked at Arthur with the kind warm smile that usually resided on her face.

"I was hoping you would say that. Now, let's get you to that castle."


_____________________ was getting more anxious by the minute. She could have sworn that every time she turned a corner, there was a bright red rose in bloom, calling out to her. Begging for her to come closer to see it. Every time she would get this feeling, she would get another feeling that made her long for Artie more and it made her sick being caught in the middle.

She couldn't take this horrible feeling. She had to get rid of it. She had to know if that rose was real or not. When the rose appeared in a room again, _____________________ fixed her eyes on it and began walking towards it. She stretched out her arm and something was stopping her, begging her not to continue. That it was better not to know.

"That fool made it here? How annoying. Although, he won't last long so I'm not that concerned." Artie said to himself. __________________ had taken the rose from the vase as Artie came into the same room as her. "_________________? What do you have there?"

_____________________ had turned to him with the petals lightly brushing against her nose and her lip, with its existence starting to sink into her senses.

"Throw that away!!" Artie screeched at her and made her jump.

"Wh-Why? It's only a flower, Ar…" Before she could finish her sentence, Artie grabbed her wrist, yanked the rose out of her hand and threw it into the fire. "Did I do something wrong, Artie?" __________________ asked shakily. Artie relaxed his grip and embraced _____________________.

"No, you did nothing wrong, love." He whispered sweetly in her ear. "I'm just worried for you. That you would think differently of me."

"Something like I won't love you anymore?" ____________________ hugged him back. "That will never happen. I love you Ar… Artie." Something in her mind told her that wasn't his name. She leaned toward him to kiss him but stopped and cringed in pain.

"____________________?! What's wrong?!"

"My… My chest… It hurts…" She gasped.

"Oh no…" Artie gasped lightly. "Maybe some tea and rest would help?" 'I have to get rid of him once and for all. Let him come here.'

"Yeah…" ____________________ smiled lightly as she headed off to the lounge to find some tea. As she was walking, series of flashbacks started to flood her mind and the pain in her chest intensified because of them. She couldn't understand what they were. The events that flashed before her were memories that were not hers. Or were they?

____________________ saw herself in different scenes. The ones that she saw with Artie were not the fairy tale life that she has with him now. Her eyes were full of hate and pain. She was unforgiving. She wouldn't even speak to him.

Then she saw another figure who was covered in shadows who was by her side for a while. _________________ couldn't recognize him, he was like a living silhouette. It was kind of frightening, not knowing who the shadow was, it could have been a monster for all she knew. It reached out for her but she didn't run, no matter how much she wanted to.

"I hope you'll accept this as a humble token of our day together, ___________________." It said lovingly as it placed a beautiful rose in her hair. It made her feel happy and her heart flutter because no one has given her such a gift. She was sure that this feeling was love, it was the same happiness she had when she was with Artie.

"If that's true…" _________________ unintentionally spoke. "Then who is the one I love?" Her heartbeat became more audible and her chest started tightening. She placed her hand over her heart in a futile attempt to comfort her.


"Artie?" ________________ turned to see someone who looked exactly like Artie but it wasn't him. "You… You're not…"

"_________________, get away from him, he's going to kill you!" The real Artie came from the doorway and put himself between _________________ and the fake.

"Artie, what's going on?"

"Get out of here, Poppet. Don't look back, just go." Artie's blue eyes emitted a dangerous blue glow and narrowed at Arthur.

"____________________, don't listen to him! He poisoned you and he's manipulating you! It's me, Arthur!" Arthur cried.

"Arthur?" __________________ murmured before she clutched her head. Visions were going through her head at a rapid speed and she couldn't distinguish reality from lies anymore. Her head was spinning, her insides were burning. She had to get out of here to save herself. At the same time, she felt as if she had to stay to save her sanity.

'Remember. Remember. Remember.' Her mind chanted. She had to know the truth. Even if it killed her. She had to know where her heart is.

A jolt of pain brought her back to reality and continued to burn inside her. A voice in her mind told her that she couldn't lose the one that she loved. Two other voices echoed unintelligibly of what she should do. When some of her vision returned, as everything was hazy and she couldn't see clearly, she could see that her lover and his other were dueling with each other, fighting to the death with swords.

"Can't keep up in this world, can you Arthur?" Artie sneered. "I suspect you won't last much longer before you fade completely. Then __________________ will be all mine."

"How dare you speak of ________________ like she is a prized possession!" Arthur snarled. "The thought of her being here with you for an eternity sickens me!"

"And the thought of her dying in your world sickens me." Artie blocked Arthur's attack with the blade of his sword. "You think you're some hero? You'll kill her if you take her back. I would at least suspect that you would have enough room in your heart to leave her alive and happy."

"I prefer the term Gentleman." Arthur smiled bitterly. "It looks like we share the same dark heart." Arthur and Artie continued their intense duel until Arthur was on his back from the Mirror World's spell. The curse was so painful and intensifying that it paralyzed him and held him down.

"It's over, Arthur." Artie hissed with a wide grin. "You lost."

"No. It's not over until I'm dead or you are." Arthur glared at him, panting hard.

"That can easily be arranged." Artie's grin grew wider as he was examining Arthur's body to figure out what the most painful way to cut him would be.

"Artie, don't!!" __________________ pulled Artie away a bit and threw herself over Arthur's body, protecting him with her last bit of strength. "If you kill him, you have to kill me too." She cringed from the increasing pain but she kept her grip on Arthur.

"____________________... Poppet… Get away from him. Please, for me." Artie lowered his sword and looked pleadingly to _________________.

"I can't… Because… I love Arthur." An extremely painful shock went through her chest and felt like it ripped out her heart and her lungs, making her next breaths extremely shallow and quiet, showing that she was only mere minutes away from death.

Artie's eyes widened in shock and were full of pain. He dropped to his knees and let go of the sword in his hand. He finally understood the impact of his failure that he had never anticipated beyond his dreams of victory.

Arthur sat up and tried to support her as her limbs were failing her and going limp.

"__________________... ___________________, please, hold on. I promise… I won't let you die."

"But… Artie… Just so you know… I don't… hate you. It was… nice to be… here… again." Artie raised his head up to Arthur and _________________ before lowering it to hide his tears. His hand started to glow and he sent a line of light that surrounded Arthur and __________________.

"You better take care of her. Other me." He sent Arthur and _________________ back to their world with his spell. They arrived back in Arthur's home in his bathroom.  ___________________ was struggling to keep her eyes open and smiled at Arthur.

"___________________." Arthur had her in his arms and embraced her. "Please, hang in there. I can make an antidote. I can still counteract the poison."

___________________ placed her hand on Arthur's face and wiped away a stray tear that left his eye.

"No. It's… too late. I said it… before and… I'll say it again… I love you. I'm glad I…" ___________________ stopped in the middle of her sentence and her hand fell from Arthur's face as her dying breath left her prematurely.

"____________________? ____________________!" Arthur gently shook her lifeless body and embraced her. "I… I love you. More than anything in the world. … Please… Don't leave me."

He pulled away slightly to meet her lips for one last kiss.

Seconds became minutes. Minutes became hours. Hours became days. Scot had to pry Arthur away from ____________________ when he came home and found them. It was a very bittersweet moment for Arthur. He had never been happier to have brothers but he had lost his first love despite his resolve to save her.

No one knew about _________________'s death and Arthur wanted it to keep it quiet until a legitimate story could be made. Arthur never left her side as she was kept in the guest bedroom for three days.

When dawn came on the third day and its light shone through the window, something Arthur had never witnessed before happened. Roses started growing in the room and the night sky suddenly blanketed the ceiling.

Thin white tree roots as if they were from a willow's branch danced beneath his feet and under ___________________, making an elaborate map on the floor. On the map were distinct golden letters forming words in an ancient Celtic language and from what Arthur could tell, it was written like a document or a contract.

An apparition of the northern lights appeared above him in the night sky like ceiling. Rainbow ribbons that contained images of people, magical creatures and everything that was beautiful within them.

A clear smooth voice entered the room in a calm and soothing tone as a piece of the rainbow ribbon was descending to _________________ and a ball of light forming above her heart.

"The laws of Death are absolute through and through. However, mercy is given to those proven to be honest and true. If True Love exists between two, turn back the hands of time and begin anew."

As the voice was narrating the words around the room, the ball of light went into _________________'s chest as a wave of golden light was flowing through her body like a ripple in water.

The roots and ribbons had retracted and faded and the words had faded from the room. It left Arthur in awe and in confusion. He had never seen anything like it or heard of something this mystical before.

"Arthur? Arthur, darling are you alright?" Isabella's voice came from the door as she flew in. "We couldn't get to you and it was like you were isolated from the world. What happened?"

"I don't know." Arthur replied. "The sky suddenly changed to night. There were these lights… These words around the room. Something went into _________________... __________________!!" Arthur immediately went to her side once more and took her hand.

____________________'s wrist had a strong heartbeat and her hand was warm like the spring sunlight. She stirred and sat up with a groan.

"Arthur?" She cracked her eyes open and sat up on her elbows. "Am I dreaming?"

"I hope not, _________________." He suddenly hugged her tightly and kissed her. "I thought I lost you."

"True Love." Isabella chimed as she pulled out a tissue.

"Arthur, is she a fairy?" ___________________ asked excitedly.

"Why… Yes. Yes she is." Arthur smiled. "I kind of forgot you could see them too. Isabella, do you mind elaborating? I don't quite understand what just happened. I thought True Love could only break natural laws in fairy tales."

"Oh no, by no means. True Love is the most powerful healing spell that can even defy Death if the conditions are right." Isabella smiled.

Over the next few days, both __________________ and Arthur were swarmed by their schoolmates asking what had happened. Arthur knew that they would never believe the truth in a million years so he made up some bullshit story that it was actually a new show that his 'cousin' put on. He admitted it was quite embarrassing but Arthur gave him a good piece of his mind and that the show was not going to be aired because of Arthur's persuasion. It didn't make a whole lot of sense but many people went along with it anyway.

__________________ was visited by twice as many people because she started talking again. No one really asked her why she stopped but they were more than happy that she was back in the world. Despite their temporarily popularity, Arthur and ___________________ always had time for each other. The hard part was getting time alone together. Their favourite spot was the large tree on the school grounds.

______________________ didn't deny that she was thinking about Artie every now and then. One of the fairies had delivered a letter from him one day. Arthur had feared it was a threat that he would return but surprisingly enough, it wasn't. He said he still loved her with all of his heart but admitted that Arthur would be the only one who would truly be able to care for her and to make her happy.

Artie had remembered two things during the end of the duel: One was the power of True Love. Once ___________________ said that she loved Arthur and was willing to die for him, he realized that was the only thing that could save her. But it also meant that there was no way he could be with her again.

The second was that a memory had entered his mind. He and __________________ were young and Artie took her to the Mirror World to play hide and seek once. If Mira Monda's laws were still in effect at that time, a double should have been created.

____________________ had sent her reply saying that she was grateful that Artie had spared Arthur and that she doesn't hate him. Not much more could be said other than wishing that he would find his own happiness one day.

One evening, Arthur took ____________________ to the park's lake. They sat on the wooden dock, gazing at the stars with their bare feet dangling over the edge, with their toes barely touching the water's surface.

Their reflections in the lake mirrored their positions, happily pressed against one another as they gazed at the starry sky.
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