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Full view for details of course :painter:

-You must link me to your work and provide me with a link to the artwork so I can view it as well.

- Comments are always welcome, and if you would like anything done (different angle, ext) just ask!

-Welcome to use for DA Prints
I have also a main account. My Art account: :icondelevit: and :iconelevit: Would be nice if you could passing by


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Here's some Ideation stuff for Neon Strike Vi.
Pretty much inspired by Retro Anime type of visual language. You can see a bit of Gurren Lagann and Red Line in this.

Here's an awesome fan art by 2 Gold
SPEED RACER VI! by 2gold

Property of Riot Games Entertainment, 2012
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Here's the Thumbnail stuff for Karma rework.
You can see how other interesting directions it would have taken.
Let me know what you guys think!
and Thanks in Advance!!

Property of Riot Games Entertainment, 2013

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Karma's new redesign concept art
Came out slightly differently but this is the original concept of her new look.

Property of Riot Games Entertainment, 2012
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Here's a close up shot of the concept.
I personally like working on the character's faces until it looks right to me.

Property of Riot Games Entertainment, 2012
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Here's a teaser image that I worked on for the end of Season 3.
This teases a free skin for anyone that have reached the Gold Rank Status.
If you guys are in Gold already. Say it in comment and what you would like for Season 4.

UPDATE: High Res posted!

Thanks in advance!

Check out the webpage HERE for more details.

Property of Riot Games Entertainment, 2013

Forecast Janna Concept Art by ZeronisGhost Bride Morgana RiotZeronis by ZeronisKarma Rework RiotZeronis by ZeronisVi Official Concept Art RiotZeronis by ZeronisIce Drake Shyvana RiotZeronis by ZeronisSyndra The Dark Sovereign Official Concept Art by Zeronis
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Quick Character painting! for fun :D
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A sketch trying to apply some things I learned from my studies.
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personal work.
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Some old Runescape illustration work I did waaay back in the day when Dungeoneering was first introduced to the game. I already have Ozan (or whatever they renamed him to) up in my gallery and came across Ariane while hunting for some other piece of artwork. So enjoy! Kickass mage set was designed by the awesome Stu Ellis. 

Just in case the RS fans think I'm uploading work that's not my own, I'll add that I worked for Jagex for some years and yes the artwork is mine!
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I started the original sketch for this image in December 2011. I kept changing my mind on how it should look and finally decided to post it because I actually like how it looks now ;P
It was sitting on my drive for way too long...
Art © milyKnight
Website | ArtStation | Pixiv | CGsociety | DeviantART | Society6 | Zazzle

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Fanart I did for a Darksiders 2 contest , I love to draw this kind of characters because they have some sort of dark-misteryous atmosphere :p


hope u like it
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Fanart of the Ikati from C.S. Friedman's Magister's Trilogy.

My not-very-accurate take on her unique beasts.

From what I can remember from the books, they had insect-like wings, multiple pairs of them.

They had talons, but not sure how many pairs of legs they actually have. (I just gave them 2 here, since I was running out of space to put legs!)

Long whip like tail with a spike on the end.

Triangular snake-like head. (I just went for the regular dragon heads here)

Insect eyes (Too small to see here! XD)

iridescent scales all over their bodies.

Spikes on their backs.
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Quick color exercise
Stock: [link]
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Dota2 Undying tombstone :)
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This was done for a competition to draw Marowaks of different types. Because I am awesome I got the most votes. Unfortunately I did two entries and split my own vote and didn't win anything - the other entry being;

This sort of made sense to me what with Ghost Rider being the spirit of vengeance and Marowak having a dead mother to avenge...

Also posted some other places that I post things - tumblr shadowness artician

(Also this is by far my most stolen pictures and I keep finding it on the internet being used for different things - it would be really nice if people could just talk to me about this stuff or else I'm going to start watermarking things or something...)
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My Chell cosplay on the Advik 2014
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Shinobu Osino from Monogatari 2nd season

Photo by :iconsamalbrina: Thankie darling~

Monogatari stories © Nisio Isin Vofan

Picture © me ^^
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Me as Kano Shuuya from MekakuCity Actors / Kagerou Project
My first crossplay!

Photo by Albaal
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Photo by… <3 

I like this photo really much, she makes such good photos! :'3
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i did for watersnakes,but the story turn in a diferent way so i have to move out of the story,but i still like it.
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So as you may or may not know, I did a Chun-Li for APE 2012 last year, so maybe I'll make my way slowly through all my favorite Street Fighter characters. I did this Vega here for fun (won't be doing APE this year) and he'll be available as a print in my store by the end of the week. Vega is such an amazing character design, and I feel like he speaks to a lot of Gaymers and gay geeks. He's vain, beautiful, sassy, and slightly androgynous which is a nice change from most of the male characters we see in comics or video games. I kept him pretty true to his original design, embellishing his pants to reflect a more accurate matador costume. I'm not sure what concept I had going with this other than a really pretty illustration of him. Been getting lots of requests to do him so here he is!
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For the Motherland Chronicles project :iconmotherlandchronicles: (Follow us on Facebook and Tumblr!)

Motherland Chronicles:
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bubble girl
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Sith/Darth Totoro, because there's a jedi Totoro somewhere :dummy:

A quicky, around maybe 1-2 hr total on free time D:

Just for fun, hope you like!

Done in photoshop
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Quick concept on my lunch break.

About 25 mins
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Some sketch done for a personal project. I've always been interested in world-building and ever since I've read the book 'Skillful Huntsman', I wanted to dabble in visual development and concept art.

I'll keep posting updates whenever I can, for now work's kinda hectic so I can't work on finishing my sketches. Hopefully I'll get to post what I've written about this in the future. :)

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Midnight sketch.  Revisiting this guy from back in the day.  Infernal plane work; lesser demons abound.
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Mornings. Usually, you would sleep in, considering it was a Saturday, but today was different. Instead of waking up past noon, you got up at 9:00. You didn’t smile, or act grumpy if you usually woke up this early. You were too sober. As you woke up, you looked at the ceiling with blank eyes. Time to get moving.

You slowly made your way towards your closet, and choosing formal attire for the day. You put on a simple black pencil skirt, with a white blouse and black vest over that. Instead of pulling your hair up like you did every other morning, you let it fall naturally. You put on some simple black pumps, and headed down your stairs.

You didn’t stop to eat, all you did was grab your bag, umbrella and bouquet of flowers then proceeded to head to the garage where your car was. You got in your car, and backed out of your driveway. Soon, you were on your way to your destination. The clouds above looked grey and full of rain. ‘Good thing I brought an umbrella….’ You thought, keeping your eyes on the road.


Finally, you pulled over and parked your car. You grabbed your keys, purse and the flowers and stepped outside. It had started to sprinkle, so you put up your umbrella. You walked on the sidewalk towards two gates. Engraved in them was the title; ‘Evergreen Cemetery’  

You gently pushed one of the gates open and started walking the straight path forward. You walked past many graves, some with bushes growing; others with fresh flowers put there by loved ones. You turned left at a cross-section and continued on. Ahead, there was a willow tree with graves underneath it.You finally stopped, right in front of it.
You walked down the first row of the graves and stopped. Your eyes went downcast as you read the engraving.

Here lies Gilbert Beilschmidt
A brother, lover and a good friend.
You will always be loved and missed.
Rest in Peace.

You could feel the tears start to roll as you gently placed down the bouquet of flowers carefully on the grave. You smiled a sad smile, as the rain started to come down around you. “I hope your well in heaven, Gilbert.” You spoke softly. By now, you had tears streaming down your face as you tilted your head down, looking at the water on the grass.  “I love you…”

It had been two years since the…..accident.

You were at home, watching a T.V show on the television when your cell phone rang next to you. You picked it up, seeing that the caller I.D was Gilbert’s brother, Ludwig. “Hello?” You answered. What you heard on the other side shocked you. You could hear Ludwig crying. “L-Ludwig? What’s wrong?” You asked, getting worried. “I-Its mein bruder.” He said, between sobs.

You nearly dropped the phone as your eyes went wide. “Ludwig, what happened?!” You asked, now getting very shocked and worried. If Ludwig was crying, then something was very wrong. “G-Gilbert…H-he vas in a car vreck!” Ludwig managed to get out. You jumped off your couch, grabbing your keys, not caring if you were in sweatpants and a tank top. “I’m on my way!” You cried, as you jumped into your car, starting it up immediately.

You didn’t hear what Ludwig said, you had dropped your phone on the passenger seat. You concentrated on the road, wiping your eyes so you could see while gripping the steering wheel as you sped towards the hospital.

Five minutes later, you had gotten to the hospital. You ran into the E.R, and hurriedly asked the receptionist where Gilbert Beilschmidt was taken. She pointed you in the right direction and you ran down the hall. You turned the corner and saw Ludwig, sitting with his heads in his hands right outside an E.R room with a red sign lit up.

You hurried over to him and sat next to him. He looked up, seeing that it was you. You could see the tears going down his face, and could feel some of your own. Then, the doctor stepped out of the room. “Ludwig Beilschmidt?” He asked Ludwig. Ludwig jumped up, with you along with him. “Ja.” He replied. The doctor looked at both of you with sad eyes.

You dreaded what he was going to say next. For some reason you had a feeling what it was. “I’m very sorry, Mr. Beilschmidt. But your brother was too late. We did all we could, but he lost too much blood.” He said, sympathetically. He then went back into the E.R room. There were no words as you and Ludwig embraced each other and sobbed.
Not only was Gilbert your best friend, but your love. It tore you apart hearing the news, and you could only imagine what Ludwig was going through...

Three days later was the funeral. You attended in a black dress alongside Ludwig. Gilberts other best friends, Francis and Antonio were there as well, and consulted their sympathy. It caused a major effect on them too. You will always remember how peaceful Gilbert looked as he laid in the white coffin….

You smiled a bit, remembering all the times you and Gilbert had together.
But, what you didn’t know was that he was watching you that very moment. Right above you, and it tore him apart seeing you cry over him like that.


Above in the grey clouds sat the Gilbert Beilschmidt himself. He looked down at you from a clearing in the sky. He saw your tears rushing down your face as you quietly sobbed.

His face turned into a sad one. He was the reason you were crying. He was the reason you were never the same. He was the reason that you were suffering. He felt his own tears slowly going down his face and made a decision. He knew it would be breaking a few rules, but he didn’t care. He stood up and spread his golden-white wings out and dove down towards the ground. He felt the wind rush in his face as he got closer and closer to your form.

“Fraulin, you know it tears me up vhen you cry.”

You froze, hearing the all-too familiar voice. That voice you had grown up with and come to love. You turned around slowly, tears still slowly going down your face. You put a hand to your mouth to hold back a sob. There standing, he was there. He is wings were tucked neatly behind him and he wore a white tunic. His beautiful ruby eyes met yours as the rain bounced off his platinum blonde hair.“G-Gilbert...” You whispered, almost afraid as if you said it too loud, he would float away.

“Ja, it is me...” He replied with a sad smile. You sobbed, and ran into his arms. He wrapped them around you lovingly as you sobbed into his tunic. “B-but you…!” You cried looking up at him with tear stained cheeks.

He looked at you with his eyes holding sadness. “Yes, I am Fraulin……But I am special.” He replied cracking small smile. Your eyes held confusion as he wiped away your tears with his thumb. “I am your Guardian Angel. And I’m glad.” Your eyes widened at this. “Bitte, don’t cry over me, ja? I’m not gone, and never will be.” He said, as he kissed you. You leaned into the kiss, missing lips that you hadn’t kissed in over two years. He soon pulled away sadly. You looked at him, knowing that this was probably the last time you would actually see him.

“You have to go, don’t you..?” You asked quietly. He nodded slowly. Your eyes looked at the ground as the rain soaked both of you. “Hey…” You felt a hand tilt your chin up, and Gilbert looked into your eyes and smiled.

“Alvays remember I’ll alvays be vatching over you. No matter vhere you go, I’ll always be with you even if you can’t see me and I will alvays protect you. Ich leibe dich…”
He said, pecking your cheek and stepping away. You put a hand to where his lips where and watched in awe as he spread his beautiful wings and soared into the sky. “I love you too, Gilbert!” You yelled after him. He smiled when he heard you, and continued to fly up to the parting clouds.

The sun’s rays finally showed through, making you cover your eyes for a moment. When you put your arm back down, Gilbert was gone. You touched your lips again, and for the first time in two years...

You smiled a true smile. Not one of the ones where you faked it, but a genuinely true one. You looked up at the sky and watched as a rainbow began to form. You knew that your crying was over...

For how could you cry when your love watched over you?

Hello~! This was a request for :icondivadevilstar: I hope you like it~! :iconhappyblushplz:



Hetalia/Prussia - :iconhimaruyaplz:

Story/Plot - :iconcelestinenova:

You - :iconsexyprussia2plz:

If you like this one, here are more~!

Japan X Reader: [Link]

America X Reader: [Link]

That lovely comment space is waiting for you~

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China by XxXnightdoveXxX


   You pick up the yellow piece of paper, turning it in your fingers for a moment before opening it. It was Angels handwriting. Your eye the crate and back away as if it might explode.

    Pick up the small box.

    You do just that, setting it on the far end of the couch-but you made sure it was at arm length in case you needed to throw the thing out the window...last thing you need is a bomb or something. You return to the note.

    (y/n), incased in this crate is a being called an Angeloid, though many others like me have been calling them Hetaloids. 

Your eyes drift to the crate in fear. There's a live thing in there?

    I imagine you are shocked, but do not fret. This being is much like a persocom or a robotic entity. It is not activated at the moment so you do not have to worry. Read the instructions in the box to help explain things, I have gotten you a battle class angeloid/hetaloid to keep you safe, but as long as you treat him well he will remain with the computational skills of a pet class. Give him your attention and he will replace your lonely heart in return.

You didn't even realize you were staring at the paper for a long time, not until the light from the sunset faded away and the room became dark. You turn on the lamp beside the couch.

    So many questions. So many...but you realize that you weren't going to get any straight answers. Not Yet. So you just decide to accept it.

    You hop up and over to the crate carrying your 'Hetaloid', picking up the small box and sitting on the floor. You shake it a little, clearly hearing the objects inside smack against the box. You pry it open and pull out another paper, though this one was in different handwriting than Angels.

    We thank you for your purchase from Angel House-Angeloid Corp. when caring for your Hetaloid we ask that you DO NOT: 1) Ignore them, 2) Purposely mistreat , abandon, or beat/abuse them 3) Keep if there are malfunctions (for your safety is the first priority). Hetaloids have humanoid emotions and actions along with much greater personal skills, making each one unique. If your Hetaloid has an odd color scheme and a different personality then the one described below, you may have a 2p! Hetaliod or during a period of time the battle mode hacks have been warped due to physical or emotional injury. If so, your safety may be jeopardized and you are asked to contact us immediately. You can get a new model or try your luck with the one you have. 
You were stunned, rereading it over and over until it sunk in. Your eyes flicker to the crate and back.

    You have received the China Angeloid/Hetaloid. 
    He is a complex angeloid to say the lease, with is personality switching from persuasive, childish, wise, to even more than slightly feminine. With his affection for cute things and his complex personality, he can be a handful. He is also superstitious. But, if you can accept these things he can be whatever you would like... In this box contains a yellow communication device as well as...

    One military uniform
    casual clothes
    one business suit
    one casual suit
    one box of hair ribbons and odd accessories
    one Katana
    One dragon mask
    One panda plush
    one panda (will arrive in a day)
    tea set
    a wok
    a traditional kimono *for you*
    zodiac models

    To activate your Hetaloid is quite easy, he has an amazing sense of hearing. He may actually already be activated. *I apologize if that is the case* If he isn't just give him the panda plush. Also, to be confident he will be aware that you are his master, change into the Kimono and make sure you are confident when you greet him. He will adjust quickly so you wont have to do this very long. He may ask to pin up your hair or question you. These are good signs.

    When it comes to feeding your China, he is fine with making meals himself. He can also make a variety of foods so if you become bored with the diet he has put you on due to his cooking, don't be afraid to tell him. Plus if you decide to go away from the fried food to the actual authentic foods you will notice how healthy it is. You will most likely regain a lot of energy, try not to get weirded out. China Hetaloid rarely drinks compared to the usual hetaloids (some people). So if you come home to a drunk China there is something troubling him.

    As for entertainment, China is a bit needy~ so be prepared for an onslaught of random ideas. He can find ways to amuse himself though he would much rather spend time with you. If he becomes engrossed in something, let him be, this is a normal habit. It may shock you because of the fact that yes, China can become very serious when the time calls. If you intend to have him interact with other hetaloids be sure to watch, you can learn who he does and doesn't like yourself.

    We now leave you the responsibility of caring for and watching over your Hetaloid. We are now no longer responsible of any actions it makes under your watch. Have a nice day and contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Your mind wanders to a specific part.

    He may already be activated.

Scrambling off the floor in a panicked frenzy, you snag the kimono and bolt into your bedroom. Though you weren't quite sure why you were so worried.

    Unknowing to you, by the time you slammed the door a hand pushed off the lid of the crate and a curious set of brown eyes looked around the room.

    In the bedroom you finally got to look at your kimono. It was beautiful. It was a bold red with old calligraphy in golden and white dragons swirling into intricate designs. You touch the soft fabric in wonder, you normally wouldn't wear this color but you were awestruck by the offset it crated. The underlayers were in pure white, giving the dragons a place to shine like a picture in a frame. Then you realized, there were so many pieces... how were you going to get it all on correctly?!

    In the living room China was flipping through all the things pulled out of the box, a smile pulling on his lips. His eyes came across the instructions and read with a raised brow , fingers tapping on his lips as he absorbed the information. Glancing down he noticed the kimono and his "master" was missing...

    You were done. You threw a pillow against the wall in irritation and a growl escaped from you. This is flipping hard!!! You glance at yourself in the mirror, well it was on...though with all the adjusting in the world you couldn't get it on correctly. You were so worked up you didn't hear the soft footsteps of your hetaloid coming down the hall and opening the door.
    China was a bit surprised walking down the halls. He would open a door to look inside and see nothing but untouched rooms. Based on the state and the air it was obvious to him that nobody has been in these rooms for a long time. It made the air heavy and dark. He went past room by room until his ears caught a quiet huff of anger in the room down the hall. So without hesitation he opens the door and almost chuckles at his "masters" disheveled state. He must have been quiet enough not to be noticed because all she does is glare at her refection in the mirror and try to adjust the kimono she was wearing.

    It was a beautiful kimono, it was luck that it happened to also be on a beautiful girls frame. His eyes studied the calligraphy and zodiac dragons then brought his eyes up to her loose (h/c) locks. He had an odd urge to touch them...

    You jump when you hear a soft sound of someone clearing their throat, whirling around in shock. You almost yelp when you see a stranger in your room.

    "Ni hao~, my name is Yao Wang." his accent rang in your ears. Chinese..." I am your Hetaloid."

    You were in shock, how did he get out....well duh. I guess it wouldn't be too difficult. You looked him over. He looked different then you imagined. Lean frame, pale skin, long dark hair and dark eyes to match, only at the moment they were looking at you, dancing with amusement and curiosity. A light blush crept up onto your cheeks.

    "You look like your having issues with your kimono, would you like some help~aru?"

What do you do?
        Accept his help
        Be Stubborn    
Yay! You got China~! Tell me what ya think! :D

The beginning:

        Accept his help: Incomplete
        Be stubborn:Incomplete
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Demon Russia by XxXnightdoveXxX
~WARNING: READ NOW!!! This story contains cursing and sexual content. If you cant handle don't read. Though I'm sure since its my first Lemon it wont be all that sorry for the crappy lemon? Please comment!.~

    "This awful story is unrealistic, just plain stupid." You sat boredly between your two friends, vaguely listening to their constant chatter. You were used to sitting between them under the shade of the branches of trees in the park across your school yard. They usually complained about trivial things, which you were fine listening to. It was like a television show really. Though todays topic has gotten your two friends a bit more heated than usual, dragging your (e/c) orbs away from the cars passing on the street to their forms. Interested, you watched the more critical of the two snort coldly, "If you believe even for a second that supernatural creatures of any kind are capable of love and sissy shit, your as dumb as the tween moron that wrote that junk of garbage in your hands."

    An angry gasp escaped the other, arms tightening around said book into her chest protectively, as if the words spat would physically damage the novel. The owner of the book glares daggers into the offenders dark brown eyes with her own flaming honey ones, "I cannot believe...if you think this beautiful piece of literature is junk, then you have no heart! The forbidden romance between Jessica and Nathan is even more powerful than your stupid plays and dark themes." the younger girl becomes red-faced from her anger with the dark haired girl, "Its because their love is against the laws of nature and order of life that it is sweeter than any normal relationship-"

    "Except Nathan is a demon, which prays on humans. Do you really think that there is something special about Jessica that beats all of his natural urges?" the irritated girl deadpans at the blonde girl.

    "Well....not all of them-" a blush graces her face.

    "Oh my GOD Jenna! What is wrong with you-"

    "NOTHING! You dumb-"

    "How can you stomach that dime store smut?! Do you have some weird fettish-"

    "SHUT UP! Shut up! I DONT!"

    "Alright you two, calm down." The increasing volume of your voices were starting to make your ears ring. Your voice cut them off and they turned to listen to you, the blonde still fuming. "Jenna, let me see the book and Alex, quit stressing her out..." You turn the book in your hands when the youngest hands you the book, quickly scanning the back. "What's exactly the problem?"

    The blonde jumps in quickly as the dark haired girl opens her mouth to speak. "Don't you think demons have a soft side? like, are they able to love?! Because they can-!"

    "No they cannot! That's not what they were made to do, why would they have the ability to love their prey? That's like me falling in love with a chicken instead of eating it." a dull voice cuts her off. You could feel the temperature rising again...

    "I personally don't know what to think guys."

    This earned the (H/C) girl odd stares. Jenna speaks in an incredulous tone, "Huh? Why? Do you not like the supernatural?"

    You coughed uncomfortably under their intent stares, they were more alike than they realized...

    "Well no, I just don't believe in them..." The girls erupted into questions as soon as the sentence left your lips, on you like a pack of dogs.




    Unknowing to the group, glowing eyes watched them with mild curiosity from the darkness of the trees branches. Though eyes locked onto one girl in particular with a growing need, a growl too low for their ears vibrated in the air. With a smirk playing on the red eyed creatures lips it vanished in a dissipating haze, leaving only a feeling of a gentle breeze against the groups frames.


    The sun started to set, vanishing into the horizon with one last burst of energy, as if it was a candle being blown out. The darkness of night replaced the skies, giving a creature hovering the skies an easy cover. Large bat-like wings kept his muscular form in flight as it moved above the many houses that kept the sleeping forms of the humans 'safe'. He had been tracking a group of girls, trying to decide whick would be the easiest target, the most enjoyable. As it landed on the roof of a silent home, he lets out an amused snort at the rush of icy air that rushes away from him and onto the roofing. He then waits for the human inside to fall into deep sleep. Sensing deeper he realized that there was only one person in the home....oh how much more fun.

    He replays a scene of earlier today in his head, the topic itself amused him. Did demons love? He recalls touching a hand to his heart, unconsciously reacting just to feel...nothing. 

    In his opinion they were all easy prey, each young with open hearts and minds. Though the two chatty humans would have been much more easy to seduce and prey on he found his eyes lingering on the dazed (h/c) one.

    "I just don't believe in them..."

    Oh I will make you beleive....

    "Ill make you writhe in pleasure you didn't even know was possible..." the seductive tone of his voice carried into the night and into the ears of your sleeping form.

    The white haired devil slipped into the room of the (h/c) girl, letting loose his charm which wraps around the room like a shadow and sinks into the air like a spell. Violet eyes shifted into crimson when he sees the restless form of your body, sheets tossed about and tangled around your legs and twitching from, leaving you oh-so defenseless. His ears pick up the soft groan that escapes the girls lips, the never ending surge of lust knawing impatiently at him.

    Hmm, must be a night terror.

    "Now that wont do....I need you calm. For now." the smooth tone of his voice visibly relaxes the sleeping girl, the charm laced tone soothing her dreams. He didn't miss the spike of fear jumping in her heartbeat as he knows now she can hear him. Her vulnerably sweet form propels him to reach out and stroke her face, his fingertips pushing some of her disheveled hair back and continuing on her jawline, in which she unconsciously leans her head into his eager hands.

    The bed shifts under his weight as he moves to hover over her, paying no mind to her barely clothed form. He had to this right, yet it should feel so routine by now...

    He gently presses his lips against the sleeping girls neck, feathering light kisses against her skin. He ignores his pressing urge to just take her and lets his mind wander into her own, leaving part of his control to his physical body.

    Her dream was elaborate, critical, detailed. It was not the type of dream he was used to, not fluffy dreamlands or places of paradise and warm beams. For that he wasn't sure if he was grateful or irritated.

     It was easy to recognize the human girls cries in the air along with the whipping sounds of the blizzard that greets him. He glanced quickly around his surroundings, eyes meeting with the frozen wasteland before him. He thinks vaguely, I can work with this... He quickly finds the human girls form kneeling in the snow, back to him and hands tangled in her hair in distress. He smells the addictive scent well before he notices the spots of blood in the snow and shards of broken glass scattered around her.

    "The snow is no pl-" he begins clearly.

    "No! Don't!" The girl instantly whips around, kicking up snow in her haste and staring wide eyed in fear at the demon. "Please-" Her voice dies off and the fear in her eyes drifts off into one of panic. Hands leave her head to push herself off of the snow, revealing a deep wound and a slow ribbon of blood that trails down her face. The light haired males eyes flicker when said girl swys a bit, as if dizzy, before speaking to him.

    "You need to leave! Before he comes back, he will hurt you!" His mind was piecing together what was going on, knowing he had to soothe the human first or he may have to deal with a waking human. His mind conjures up the empty home again, and the scent of only this human in it. Only one... 

    "There is nothing to fear, he cant hurt me..." His voice was like honey, his accent adding to the purpose of his words. Unlike usual, it didn't calm her one bit, though he didn't miss the light blush on her cheeks. 

    "H-he can! He did to mother....he will to you too!" I see...her father.

    "I'll leave if you come with me, da?" He reaches his hand out, awaiting her hand to change the scene before them. He feels her hesitence and a spike of irritation envelopes him at her indecisiveness. 

    All the while his body moving. His lips kissing her neck and collarbone, leaving sweet sensations in its path and weaving an intricate web around her.

    The (h/c) girl slowly grabs his hand, eyes downcast with worry. The demons lips twitch into a smirk, "See, I will take good care of you."  At this she loosened up a bit more, appreciating the odd warmth of his hand, shocked because he felt so real...

    He tilts her head up and places his lips gently on hers, starting a slow dance that soothes the girl and lulls her into a state of numbness.

    His body does the same, drifting his lips up to the sleeping girls neck and planting a kiss he knows he wont have returned before moving up to her temple and giving gentle kisses and warm breaths of air. He smirks when he feels her body shiver under him.

    In her dreams he continues the kiss, urging her to kiss back and deepens it when she does, albit slowly. The scene around them melts away, a warmer bedroom of a cabin replaces it without a sound. The girl shivers at an odd sensation tickling her head, while he glances up amused at the way he can easily heal her wound, easily change her world.

    "I told you didn't I?" The heavy tone to his voice, the way it drifts past her lips makes her gasp, in which he takes the chance to invade her mouth. His tongue exploring every crevice before inviting hers to dance with his own. Her light moan drives him to bury a hand in her (h/c) locks, holding her in place along with his arm wrapping around her and pulling her body against his. He could feel her senses being overwhelmed, replaced with the burning flickers of pleasure across her senses. Soon she parted from his lips, taking a ragged breath matching the state of her thoughts, he didn't give her the chance to sort her mind as he instantly latched his mouth onto her neck. He loved the way you tilted your head for him and tried to keep in a strangled moan.

    As much as he wanted to coax you and watch you fight the pleasure he was giving you, the want to see you fall apart under him, in body and mind, was stronger.

    His lips moved down the sleeping girls jawline to her neck, lust flaring at the way her unconscious body shifted beneath his as he placed rougher kisses onto her neck. When he hears her breathless moan he smirks, teeth and hot tongue kneading the sensitive spot before biting down into her skin. 

    He groans lightly at the feeling of you arching against him in a mixture of pain an pleasure as his magic slowly weaves into you, increasing the sensitivity of your body beyond what you ever thought possible.

    It was like a shot of liquid fire raced through your veins, you felt......incredibly hot. The red eyed demon watches her dreaming forms reaction, knowing exactly what he did to her, and pulling her closer against his body as she tries to dispel the feeling of her arousal. He knew that even the slightest breath on her skin would send her into overdrive, so he returns to kissing and licking her neck, earing a delicious moan from both her mind and body. He growls when she wraps her arms around his neck and buries her hands into his soft locks.

    He jumps in surprise when her sleeping body does the same.

    This...this hasn't happened before...

    Then a voice echoes in his mind.

    "What is your name....demon?" his concentration shatters when you open your eyes, revealing cloudy (e/c) orbs.

    No....she wasn't awake. Not completely. He could feel her consciousness hanging on the balance, asleep yet conscious enough to see him and move her body in reaction to his.

    He didn't know what to do, instead of the room he created they were floating, drifting away from each other in consciousness, he was going back to his body....

    Reality was becoming her dream.

    This was much more interesting than he thought. Though he didn't know wwhat to do....

    His body flinches when you slide your hand down his large, muscular chest and push him slightly off. Your eyes flicker across his form in a mixture of curiosity and lust, getting distracted by his Ram horns a dark black, his waving black tail, and to his glowing crimson eyes that flickered from amnythist to the bloody hue.

    "...Ivan, my name is Ivan." his voice was like music to her ears, making her shiver. He easily caught it. She was still under her spell, she didn't seem to fear him yet.

    Now that he could put all of his concentration on charming her in one body, he was burning with lust.

    With a low growl he kisses you, dazed at the new sensation of having his prey able to truely kiss him back with the vigor of their true selves. He vaguly feels her hands reach up into his hair and tug lightly as he slowly pulls up her shirt and reveals her breasts, only to slice it off with his tail. Smirking he parts from her lips to latch them around one of her nipples, a hand kneading the other. 

    A loud moan escapes her lungs and he lets her pull his head closer, amused with her eager actions. He swirls his tongue around the sensitive area, doing the same to the other before grazing his sharper teeth against her sensitive skin. His crimson eyes follow the way her breaths become even more ragged and grow darker with hunger when he feels her legs squirming underneath him.

    "(y/n)..." You could help but look at his eyes, his voice pulling you deeper into the flames. Your yes met his and the playfulness in them shocked you, but you understood when he licked and nipped at your chest, eyes never leaving yours. Your body was trembling at the sensations he was giving you.

    He admits he may become addicted. His lust has never ate at him this badly before, each breathless moan and movement beneath him was fueling his hunger as well as jolting him with his own pleasure. And thoses eyes...

    He felt his control waver when she roughly grabs his horns and pulls his head up to eagerly kiss him, he groans and kisses back instantly.

    With that wavering he grabs her hips and grinds against her core, pulling a shocked moan from her which he eagerly swallowed.

    "I-Iva...ah!" he continues his assult on her body, his tail slowly weaving its way imbetween her skin and remainung clothes before pulling it off enough to slice them away from her legs. He immediately brings his attention to your legs, kissing down your body to you inner thigh, which you quickly close out of sheer embarrassment. "W-what are y-you-?"

    His deep growl made you shudder under him, with a quick glance to your eyes he trails his tounge down your inner thigh, forcing you to part your legs for him and squirm uncomfortably. His eager glowing eyes made you look away, only to shoot back to him when you feel his nose touching your dripping womanhood, his warm breath making you moan and want to get away at the same time.

    Ivan latches his hands onto your hips to hold you in place, hoping the feeling doesn't completely wake you from his trance. Its the only thing keeping him from going wild off your scent.

    His deep voice muffled by your lower body made your pleasure burn brighter than you thought it could, "You really are a virgin aren't you, ангел. I'll make you feel amazing, da?" You couldn't even speak before he presses his hot tongue against your bundle of nerves. It was like flipping a switch.

    He smirked when her hands instantly found their way into his hair, holding on for dear life as she moaned loudly into the air. He knew that little pleasure button would be the easiest way to throw her into her first orgasm. His tongue flicked the bundle of nerves before he worried his teeth lightly against the sensitive bud, growling at the continuous moans flowing from her mouth. He had to actually hold her hips down to keep from her squirming and bucking into him. he lets a thumb graze against the bud as he moves his tongue lower taking a tentative lick, as if a taste before groaning. He can barely hold back his self control....

    "How about I make you cum like this?" The mixture of his voice and sensations were making her a quivering mess beneath him and he loved it. Loved your wide eyes and uneven heartbeat. It physically pained him not to take her, bury himself inside her, but he knows it will be well worth the wait.

    He swirled his tongue inside her womanhood, drawing out her moans of his name like a prayer, before replacing his tongue with a finger. The first didn't bother her, it was the other two that stretched her more than she knew was possible and made her cry out in pain and latch onto his shoulders. He grew nervous, very nervous.

    This was why his kind were to be careful, because pain was the easiest way to break their charm. So he muffled her cries by kissing her and coaxing her tongue to play again. He almost wanted to bite her again, though he knew she would become overly sensitive if he did. He wanted her....badly.
    Soon her cries turned into moans as he pumped her, curling his fingers and searching for that one spot....

    "I-ivan!!!" he smiles when she tightens around him, oh he found it. He knew she was seeing stars and the way her back arched against him he knew she was close. He bites his tongue and groans lowly when she cums around his fingers, bucking into his hands and pulling his head against her skin. He lifts his hand up and looks at his drenched fingers lazily then back down to her panting, recovering form.

    "Look what you did, ангел. And that was nothing..." her body fluttered with excitement at his words, though when he moves to bring his hand to his lips she whines in embarrassment and knocks his hand away. He only chuckles and kisses her, already addicted to the way her lips move against his. He decided not to tell her what next to save from the unconscious resistance. Besides his erection was bordering on painful.

    "Stay calm, (y/n)." he murmurs in her hear before adjusting her legs and thrusting fully into her. The cry of pain escaping her lips was the most dreadful thing he has heard in a long time. He felt her quaking in pain, and nails digging harshly across his back though he knew it was nothing compared to his huge member tearing the walls of her purity. He could feel her trying to relax, but it was too much for her.

    He buries his head in her neck, his tail twitching at every tear he feels on his shoulder, neck, cheek. This is why he liked being inside women's dreams, he never had to witness their pain, it was against their whole being to bring pain when they were made to pleasure women to be successful. He starts to trail butterfly kisses down her neck, hoping to distract her when her breathing changes. He lifts himself up, scanning over her quivering form and eyes filled with receding pain.

    He was terrified from her blank expression, was she waking? She then closes her eyes and shifts her hips experimentally. Both of them moaned loudly, his eyes return to their glowing hue and he smiles the most devilish smile she has ever seen on him.

    "Hold on, ангел." Then he let his self control shatter.

    His thrusts started off slow, as if testing then jump straight to hard and fast, as if she flipped a switch in his body. He groans at her screams of pleasure, able to make out just pieces of his name through the moans. He was overwhelming to her, it was like nothing she had ever dreamed of, her whole body was on fire, racing don't even know. He unexpectedly lifts one of her legs on his shoulder and begins again, leaning forward to kiss, lick, and bite at her chest. He groans at the feeling of your nails raking across his back.

    He smirks when she gives him a particularly passion filled moan when he hits a certain spot, making you claw at him and your eyes roll back in pure pleasure.

    "A-again....I-iva-AH!" He continues to ram faster and harder into you, he knew he was going to leave bruises but he really couldn't control himself. He can feel her tensing beneath him as she neared her orgasm, him nearing his end as well. He moans as you cum around him, body curving deliciously against his own ass he follows right after, both of you hovering in a state of bliss.

    He could already feel true sleep starting to naw at her body as she gives him a sweet, gentle kiss. He sits up to dissipate but is stopped by a hand around his wrist and tired (e/c) orbs staring right at him.

    "Ivan...please don't go. Don't leave me...alone..." he smiles lightly as she drifts off mid sentence into sleep. He leans down and kisses her temple and checks his beast who was....oddly sedated.

    With a sigh, he slips into a human form and wraps his body around her, waiting for morning.


    Morning came and you were pressed again a rock hard chest.

    You screamed bloody murder and jumped from your bed....

    Only to drop like a rock onto the floor.

    "ангел, I'm sorry...I didn't go easy enough on you..." You ignore the numbness and pain in your hips when a man on your bed speaks, you stare straight into bright amnythist orbs....

    Your brain flashes images of those same eyes, and red ones. Then it all came flooding back.

    Oh good lord. You heard the demon chuckle lightly as he gets up and lifts you off the ground and onto your bed, though there was a hint of fear noted in his voice.

    What the hell was he so afraid of? 


    Ivan jumps when you press your face against his chest, when he tried to speak you only shush him and sit silently. Then you heard it...


    He doesn't seem to hear or understand why you instantly jumped him and kissed him with all you had.


    "Hey girls! I have an answer for you both!" your two best friends look around in surprise at your voice. It was much more....chipper.

    "What do you mean?" Jenna asks, her head bobbing in confusion.

    "About demons. I think the can have a soft side, if you really work on it." At this they both look at you with confusion.

    "What changed your mind?" 

    The smile you sent them confused them even more, "It just came to me in...a dream."

    The eldest girl snorts. "Whatever, girl."
    You blonde friend shakes your arms quickly and stares at a guy walking on the sidewalk towards your little spot. "Look at that hunk! he looks st strong and I bet he's handsome too! Ohmigawd he's coming this way!!!!"

    You giggle at them as said male walks up to your little group a fake smile plastered on his face. It didnt help that he hears extremely well.

    "You guys this is my friend Ivan....Braginski." You stated, though your friends looked like they were about to expire and Ivan looked well...

    Not ready for life with humans.

    "I just want to be with you, no one else I dont care about these-"

    "Well would you look at the time! I gotta go! Bye girls!!!"
So yeah...first Lemon! I tried I tried. I failed but im happy I tried TuT Anyways this request was for MiStamp so thank you for the prompt! Its not exact so im sorry bout that. I also dont feellike he's  Russia-ee enough
Anyways thanks for reading you guys are awesomely amazing!
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Slight warning: Strong language, gore, and I dis America. A lot. Fuck I hate that whiney little bastard...


"Are you listening to me?" your boss asked impatiently.

You doodled in your notebook, "No, actually. You're quite boring."

"_____, you have to be prepared for this. You're still young..." And he droned on and on. You just stared out the window watching the snow start to fall. Frowning, you watched it collect on the ground. Snow was alright, but you hated the cold.

Your lessons had been hell today. Sure, you were still a new country, but all the strategy and tips they were trying to force down your throat were fucking annoying. After feeling bad enough that your mother died giving birth to you, they still all jumped up and tried to make you as strong and smart as her once more. You knew that was how things worked, countries came and went, different reincarnations of each other, but you were human. You supposed you were relatively strong. Pretty big too. But all of the harassment from your boss and other tutors was putting you at you wits end. You were about to break, and all you wanted was a friend, someone that understood. Sure, you had befriended other nations, just like you were told. But England was fucking crazy, and Canada was so shy you could barely talk to him without him blushing.


You were peeved at your boss, again, and not looking where you stomped as you checked your phone. Running into a man's chest as he had been looking down as well, you fell backwards and he toppled over onto you.

Both of you immediately started apologizing, but you drowned out his quiet voice. He had you pinned to the ground, and didn't seem to notice. "C-Can we get up now?" you asked, blushing.

His frantic eyes widened and he shot back. "I'm so sorry, I didn't-"

"It's alright." you assured him.

First he looked surprised and rather pleased, but then he deflated, "You just think I'm America, don't you?"

"Who?" you asked innocently. He just looked at you with his bright blue eyes, stunned. Then you noticed the odd rectangular sticker on his forehead. Stepping forward you peeled it off. "What's this?"

"O-Oh, that must have been why America hit me..." he trailed off.

You frowned, "Why would anyone hit you?"

He laughed nervously, scratching the back of his neck, "I guess you really don't know America. We're twins."

"Oh!" you said, finally placing the red maple leaf tattoo now exposed, "You must be Canada! I'm _____, it's nice to meet you." You grinned at him, remembering the shy nation your boss had informed you about when you'd asked. It had said "Made in Canada" on your maple syrup, and you had wanted your boss to quit talking about foreign diplomacy. Extending a hand for him to shake, you waited for him to warm up to you.

So quietly you could barely hear, he whispered, "You know me? And not my brother?" You nodded. He grabbed your hand and pulled you to him, hugging you viciously.

You hugged the poor guy back. He must have gotten mistaken as his twin a lot. And your friendship only blossomed from there.


You stood quickly, startling your boss, "_____, what are you doing-"

"I'm going for a walk. Don't wait up, old man." you said, sick of all of the shit he was force feeding you. You grabbed your coat.

Ignoring his frustrated calls and hearing his stubby little footsteps you walked on. Your quick, calm stride left the old fellow in the dust before too long. Throwing open the doors, you tightened your jacket around you, hugging your arms to your chest.

Suddenly you came to the edge of the last town of your country. All you wanted was to escape, so you just kept walking up to the tree line. You told yourself you wouldn't go too far into the woods, and entered cautiously. It started to snow more heavily, and you tried to make your way back. But things started to look so different, now that they were covered entirely in deep snow. You had never been outside your country before, and you were getting cold. Wrapping your coat around you, you decided to just walk as straight as you could, and see where you ended up. Momentarily you thought of how furious and scared your boss might be, but the cold wiped away any worries you had about other people putting deep rooted fear in your heart instead. It was fear that you might not make it back.

You emerged into an open field, where you could see a figure. "Hey, aren't you cold out here?" you asked him.

"Da, I suppose." he said rather quietly, considering the storm building up around you.

You stumbled forward, towards the man a few steps, before you gave up trudging through the heavy snow, "Can you point me back towards town?" There was more than a foot of snow on the ground, and it was slowly saturating your jeans, chilling you viciously along with the heavy wet flakes that melted on your jacket.

"It's a long way off that way." he told you, pointing directly back the way you had come. Shit, you thought to yourself. "Are you the new country?" the man asked.

You frowned, "Yes. Who are you?"

"Russia." he said to you, and immediately you thought of everything that symbolized. This was the walking personification of the massive country of Russia.

"So you're Russia..." Eyes wide you continued, "My name is _____." Sure, you had heard the rumors, but they didn't really bother you too much. Everyone has a dark side. And anyone who had experienced what he had sort of had a right to be a little broken.

Russia was just surprised you hadn't run away, much less stayed and introduced yourself. "You can call me Ivan." You've earned it. he thought. You smiled, feeling yourself getting lightheaded. Suddenly your legs buckled, and you sunk to your knees. "Are you alright?" he asked, sounding a little worried.

You thought about Ivan's past and figured he wouldn't help you. "I don't think so." you told him, and you heard him making his way over to you. The storm swirled around you, making your thoughts fuzzy.

Ivan picked you up, feeling how soaked your pants were he wasn't surprised you were in such a state especially since you were headed the in wrong direction.

You stared up into his comforting face, a last ditch effort to save yourself. "Help-"

Ivan looked down at you, thinking you were taking your last moments of consciousness to call out for someone to save you from him. Ready to put you down and let you die, he heard you finish, "Pl-Please help me, Ivan." You shivered lightly, almost unable to move. Seeing his face flicker in your line of vision, you became quite scared and sought refuge in the thick fabric covering his chest.

His eyes widened. You were trusting him with your life. "Da." he said quietly, starting to take off his coat. Ivan threw your soaked one on the ground and wrapped you in his gigantic one. You turned to him, those (e/c) eyes that had moments before been helpless, lost and scared, now filled with hope. A smile tugged at your lips, and it made the Russian's heart melt. But your eyes started to flutter. "Don't let go, _____."

You opened up your eyes again, lost in his purple ones. It was so cold even in the warmed up jacket, and you felt extremely tired. But those beautiful eyes, they were filled with determination. His strides were brimming with urgency. He cared about your condition, when he hadn't known you for more than a few minutes.

Russia practically bounded home with you in his arms. His house really wasn't far from your own, considering how far you had wandered already. You were the first person to be genuinely kind to him in more than a few hundred years. And here you were, dying in his arms. He wouldn't have it. He had left far too many to die alone in the snow, and he knew how quickly it could claim someone unattended.

Your eyes fluttered once more, and this time Ivan tried something different, a tactic you had seen on cop shows when someone was shot. "_____, tell me about yourself." Usually it was the segments brimming with emotion, that under certain circumstances either made you cry, or made you sick. And it was usually a father, and the guy holding his gunshot wound would be all dramatic trying to get him to tell the guy about his children to keep him from slipping away.

"What about?" you whispered, trying to hold on.

His purple eyes looked down quickly, filled with what appeared to be concern. "Tell me what you're thinking." Ivan really did want to know, you had put your life in his hands.

"I think you're quite nice, compared to all the shit England has been feeding me." you told him. You then asked a quick question, "Do you really hit people with pipes?"

Ivan smirked at the peculiar fascination in your face, "Just the one."

"And I think I probably should have just stayed home and not gone for such a far away walk. And I think I really pissed off my boss. He's probably really worried... But it's nice to meet you." you smiled a small little smile, and while he looked bewildered, he still smiled back.

Russia looked down at you once again, "What do you think of the other countries?"

"Hmm... England is kind of sweet, I guess. He's a bit too cheery for my tastes, though. Canada is nice and all, but he's shy to a point where it's bothersome. France is just creepy and annoying. Sometimes I want to hit Italy really hard, but I respect Germany and Japan. And I suppose I don't know anyone else very well. At least not well enough to have a good opinion of them yet. Oh, and the American." she said, trailing off.

Ivan felt himself fill with rage, jealousy. "What about America?" There were people that loved the man, and Russia was worried that you treated him with the same compassion you treated America.

"He's horrible. I want to throw him in a basement and watch him rot. Or sick a jaguar on him, have it eviscerate him and watch him bleed out slowly while the big cat eats his insides. Or maybe I could roast him alive on the stake. I think I'd like to hear him scream in pain, instead of that happy wailing for once. But it could also be better to cut out his tongue and watch him choke on his own blood, unable to say anything at all as he dies." you prattled on, whispering about the ways you would kill the "hero". A slow grin spread over Ivan's face. You two had more in common than he had thought.

Your eyes slid shut then, and your small whispers stopped. It was too cold to think, and everything was fuzzy around the edges. Ivan heard your voice stop, and looked down to your peaceful sleep. "_____? _____!" he said, terribly worried for your sake. But you were pretty far gone.

He could see his house now, and this gave him an extra burst. Russia kicked in the door of his house (sending Latvia flying down the hallway), and rushed you before the fire. Feeling the heat lick your skin, you opened your eyes once more. The first thing your (e/c) eyes opened to see were Ivan's purple ones, flooding with relief. "You scared me, _____." he said, chastising you.

"Sorry." you said, staring straight back into the Russian's eyes, startling him. Normally people shifted their gaze away from him after a few moments, but you looked at him without fear.

He smiled at you, so warmly you almost instantly felt better, "I'm just glad you're alright."

"Yeah. Thank you so much for helping me." You grinned back, surprising both him and yourself. It had been a long time since you had been so happy.

Then something registered in your mind. You noticed how close he was to your face, and how intensely he stared into your eyes. A blush crept up on your face, yet you couldn't look away from those stunning violet eyes. It seemed like you became lost in those purple orbs for hours. Eventually, trying to gather your remaining sanity, you were able to breathe, "So, what now?"

"I don't know. What do you think?" he looked at you eagerly, as if you might once more reveal your thoughts to him like you did in your bitter cold state.

You bit your lip, then smiled in a sad way. "I think I should try to get back home before my boss flips a shit."

"Da." Ivan smiled back, but he looked disappointed. Hopefully he added, "You could stay the night if you didn't want to go back out in the storm." His point struck home as a gust of wind whirled around the house.

Shivering at the thought of trying to make your way home in that mess, you nodded, and he held you a little tighter, thinking you were cold. "That would probably be a good idea." Ivan was elated. You weren't running away from him, you didn't seem scared at all. Maybe you two could actually become friends...

"I'll get the Baltics to set up the spare room. I think some of my sisters' clothes will fit you." He got up to get you ready to stay. You just nodded, smiling back at him, and stayed huddled in his warm coat by the fire place.

Ivan seemed really nice. You couldn't understand why everyone was always talking about him like he was a menace or something. Speaking of them, you looked at your phone. There were four missed calls and three texts. Arthur had called you once, and Matthew had called you repeatedly.

I saw Russia carrying u. Wat's goin' on? R u ok?


Matthew told me he saw you and Russia. Are you alright? Do you need our help?

You smiled slightly at his formality even in the text.

Ur really starting to worry me. Why haven't you called me back? If you don't respond I'll get u help, ok?

You tapped out a message quickly to the both of them,

Guys, I'm fine, don't worry. I'll talk later, k?

After messaging your boss and informing him you'd be out for the night, you turned off your phone.


Canada was pacing, waiting for England to get out of a meeting and call him. Your boss had just called and asked if you were staying the night. Matthew had simply told him no, and listened to the old man grumble for a bit before hanging up.

That meant you were staying the night. With. Russia.

He was petrified. But he was also furious.

Canada began over thinking things and wondered if that last text really sounded like you. It wasn't really like you to punctuate that well, and autocorrect usually slipped you up making you sound funny. What-What if Russia had sent out those texts?

Matthew was so furious he ended up doing something drastic. He gulped as he heard the phone ringing, and held it far from his ear. Still the voice near popped his eardrum, "Dude! Canadia! What's goin' on?"

"A-America," he sighed, "I need your help."


The doorbell rang, and you saw a man go to answer it. Curious and much warmer than you had been, you stood and walked over to peek at the guest.

You flinched hearing that voice. "Hey, Lithuania, dude! It's great to see you!"

"H-Hi, America." Lithuania said. "What're you doing here?"

America strode into the house like he owned it, then spotted you, "That."

(e/c) eyes wide, he walked up to you quickly, and grabbed you. America threw you up over his shoulder and walked out of the house.

Getting over your shock you squirmed in his tight grasp, "Put me down, you filthy bastard! Don't touch me!"

"I'm the hero, though. What kind of hero doesn't save those in distress?" he laughed like a maniac.

"Ivan! Help me!" you cried out in vain, your voice getting lost in the storm. You couldn't even get to the knife in your jean pocket. But, there was some metal object in the coat.
You grabbed the pipe and twisted it around in your grasp. "Put me down, fucker!" When he just laughed at you once more, you used the fury to bring the pipe down on his head.

He dropped you in surprise, but looked furious. When you hit him he had tightened his clasp on you tremendously and your sides now ached. "You shouldn't have done that, bitch." You became terrified. You had hit him almost as hard as you could, and it didn't seem to do anything but make him mad.

"What-What're you gonna do?" you backed away, as a red tint rose in his eyes.

He materialized a baseball bat with twisted rusty nails in the top, and began to swing it around nonchalantly. "I don't know. Why do we just try to have a little fun?" You gripped the cold metal pipe so tightly your knuckles turned white.

His eyes moved behind you, and then filled with what looked like fear. The red tint drained out of them, along with the rest of the color in his face. You felt a comforting large hand grab your shoulder. Ivan looked at you with concern, and when you smiled in relief at him, he moved to grasp the pipe. "Remember what we talked about earlier?" he said quietly. You nodded, smiling slightly. "I'm not sure if we can get a jaguar, but I'm sure I can make him scream in pain for you."

America's blue eyes showed his utter terror, and Russia raised the pipe. Holding the bat in front of him to shield, the blond was horrified to hear the sound of splintering wood. Ivan broke the bat in half, and continued down to make a huge thud on America's head. The guy crumpled like a sheet of paper. Considering the damage you did to him, Ivan had to be insanely strong. "Hmm... He didn't scream." you said, methodically. "At least he's not talking now. I think that's even better."

"It is nice to not have to hear him." Russia dragged the bloody pipe through the snow, leaving a streak of red. That aura that people spoke of surrounded him, and he turned, looking at you. Worry filled his face, "He didn't get a chance to hurt you did he?"

You were a little afraid of how Ivan might react to knowing your sides were killing you, but more afraid to lie. "He grabbed me pretty hard, but I'll be fine." Once the bruises go away... Then you noticed he had rushed out of the house without a coat, "Ivan, you must be freezing!"

He frowned as you moved to give him back his coat. "Let's just go inside, da?"

"Oh, sure." you said, as he put an arm tentatively around your shoulders.


Later, when you were changing, you heard a quick knock on your door. Thinking it was just Ukraine, you didn't really mind her seeing you in a bra. "_____, are you sure you're alright-" Ivan's voice stopped, and you whipped around. You flushed a bright red, grabbing a shirt to try and cover your chest. He had a slight blush too, but was frowning. "Those bruises... Did he do that?"

You looked to the black and blue splotches blossoming on your sides. "When I hit him on the head he got startled, I guess." you mumbled, still nervous.

Looking down you didn't notice Russia approaching you. You shivered slightly as his fingers grazed your bruised skin. The light pressure didn't hurt at all, in fact his cold hand was soothing to the damaged skin. "Can I do anything to help?" he whispered.

"I-I don't think there's anything to do really. Just let them heal." you stumbled over your words, blushing furiously. Hurriedly you slipped on a plain tee shirt of Belarus'. Ivan's face near mimicked your pain as you winced. You were stunned he seemed to care so much for you.

He helped you into the spare bed, and turned out the light. However, when he moved to leave you caught his sleeve. "Ivan?"


"Why-" you paused, trying to think of how to phrase it, "Why did you help me?" He was silhouetted in the rectangular beam of light shining in from the hall.

He smiled lightly, and dodged the question, "Which time?"

"Either of them." you said, wanting a straightforward answer. Frowning, he sighed and sat on the side of the bed, making sure not to jostle you too much.

Ivan took your hand in his own, smiling even more as you reacted warmly to his touch, rather than turning away. "_____," he started, not wanting to lie, "you're the first person not to act afraid of me, to be kind to me, in far too long. It's been years..." You looked at him, how devastated he looked, and then the compassion he looked at you with. There was only one thought on your mind. The guy needed a hug. And while it did hurt your sides a bit, it was worth it. "_____?" he stammered.

"You looked like you needed a hug." you said pointedly.

He put an arm around you cautiously. Ivan smiled, looking down at your (h/c) head nuzzled in the fabric of his coat. "You're crazy."

"All the best people are." you told him. In his arms you grew drowsy.

You had already fallen asleep when he said, "Я думаю, что я люблю тебя, подсолнечника." (I think I love you, sunflower). He looked down, and found you in slumber. All Ivan could be concerned with was that you were comfortable sleeping in his grasp. You weren't worried he would hurt you, or that he would steal you away. You slept peacefully, unhindered by his presence. And that only made his feelings stronger. For minutes, possibly hours, Russia held you in his arms, watching you sleep. Then he slowly laid you back in the bed. Unconsciously, you groaned in pain as the slight pressure was applied to the battered skin. Fury consumed Ivan, and he vowed to never let anyone hurt you again.


You walked into the world meeting, just a few minutes before it started. Immediately you contracted stares. Canada and England rushed over to you, Canada asking, "What the hell happened?"

"Nothing." you said, uncomfortable under America's glare.

Arthur looked really worried, "Nothing!? Did Russia tell you to say that?"

"No!" you told him, horrified he would jump to such a conclusion.

Matthew looked at you, "When you didn't come back with America, and he was hurt... You scared me to death!"

You frowned looking at your friend. "You sent that jackass after me?" Across the room America stood, making you flinch. "Do you see what he did to me?" you fumed, lifting the hem of your shirt to show them the bruises. Canada and England looked horrified, while others in the room gasped.

"You hit me on the head with a pipe!" he defended, storming towards you.

Emboldened by the shadow covering you and the strong hand on your shoulder, you called back, "You tried to fucking kidnap me!"

"America, did you really do that?" Matthew still looked stunned at the marks on your skin.

"Look, dude, I was just trying to help your girl. She went berserk!" America said, trying to get everyone to stop glaring at him.

You sort of melted into Ivan, "You can't just come into peoples' houses and take people away! You scared the hell out of me!"

"Oh, so you automatically grab Russia's pipe and hit me?" the red tint was back in his eyes, and even with Russia behind you, you felt fear creeping up in your insides.

You could feel tears pinprick in your eyes, "I was only trying to get you to put me down! You were practically strangling me!" Why was he being so irrational?

England burst out laughing, "Did _____ really make that dent? How weak are you to be downed by a girl?"

America lifted a hand to his bandages, "That wasn't her. That was Russia."

"R-Russia hit you?" Canada asked, frightened.

You defended, "Only because he looked like he wanted to kill me! He was swinging around a bloody baseball bat with nails..."

"That's right, you broke my favorite bat, commie!" America said, feeling bolder with everyone around him.

Ivan moved, grabbing the neck of the whiney American. He slammed him up against the wall. "И тебе больно моей подсолнечника, ублюдок." (And you hurt my sunflower, bastard.)

"D-Dude c-calm down- I can't understand you." America's blue eyes were wide and everyone but you was terrified.

Only you, Ivan, and America heard the next part, everyone else had backed away. "I'll say this slow so you can wrap you puny little mind around it, da? If you touch her again, I will not hesitate to slaughter you."

America nodded frantically, and you walked up to Russia. You put a hand on his shoulder, and he whipped around. He face, and his grip on America instantly softened, and he dropped the man on the floor. Ivan then grasped your hand lightly and led you to two empty seats. America straightened his glasses, and while looking a tad traumatized still made his way back to his seat. Germany cleared his throat, "Alright, let's get back to the matters at hand."


Your friendship with Ivan only got better. Both of you often slept over at the other's home, and you could both complain to each other about controlling bosses and painful pasts. At first everyone was against your relationship, but then as you started to make the man more calm, and occupy his time, they warmed up to the idea. Your friendship made their relationships with him more pleasant.

But it strained beyond friendship. And one day, Ivan appeared with a sunflower on your doorstep. "привет, подсолнечник." (Hello, sunflower.) he said with a warm smile.

"Hi, Ivan." you waved him inside.

He sat with you on the couch, fidgeting with his scarf, a light blush on his cheeks. "Я люблю тебя." he mumbled quietly. At the confused look on your face, he handed you the flower and took your other hand, "It means I love you."

You looked at the man, professing his love. Tears gathered in your eyes. "Russia," your lip trembled and you smiled widely, "Ivan, every second I spend with you is exhilarating. I have never been bored around you, not for one second. Sometimes you scare the hell out of me." You embraced him tightly, and he wrapped his arms around you as well, "And I absolutely love you for it. I-I love you, Ivan. I really do."

Ivan smiled down at you. It wasn't his scary little smile that would make almost anyone gulp, but a true genuine smile filled with love and compassion. Sure there was a small hint of possessiveness and lust, but was that such a bad thing? He kissed you suddenly, and you were off to cloud nine, the euphoria sweeping over you. Melting in his arms, you felt crushing urgency, and he moved to kissing down your jaw. Once more that possessive lust was in his eyes, and you decided to find out what he was going to do about it.
There you go Merh! Request done for :iconjigsaw42:


Hetalia and all its characters belong to Himaruya Hidekaz

You belong to Mother Russia, da?
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A little update to his look. Most likely am going to use this design for the animation. Hope you like!
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Happy Birthday dear Melissa... :iconlust0fadeeperpain:

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*Thank you :iconlovelessdevotions: for suggesting and :icondiphylla: for featuring this. I appreciate it very much.  Also, a big thanks to all the wonderful people who faved and commented. I love all of you... Maybe not all of you, but most. Statistically, some of you are probably murderers. :D
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Advanced version on the card I posted before,  this one was hard, trying to have more of a dynamic scene, spent about a month to finish both illustrations, lots of planning and comp studies hehe
hope you like it!

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pencil on paper (A4).
barnhein splits the klim. the world quaked. the dark armies disappeared. little part of "aufbruch nach hohehope".…
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