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:floating: RULES FOR STOCK USE:floating:


#1. You must have a deviant art account. :dalove:

#2. You can not use our stock in harmful,sexual,abusive child art. :fork:

#3. You must give this account credit when using these stocks.:hug:

#4. You must give a link to your deviation. :huggle:

#5.You must credit us in the description of your work you upload. :glomp:

#6.You can not redistribute these stocks .:fork:

#7.You may not use these stocks in the creation of other stocks. :analprobe:

#8.You may run prints on deviant art :dance:

#9.You may display your work on other sites, as long as you credit this account. :strip:

#10.Please Do not use Our stock in any way that contains animal cruelty or we will KILL you!! :fork:

AND MOST OF ALL..Have lots and lots of FUN!! :strip: :strip:

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Download for PNG IMAGE, transparent background,high resolution (1300x1500,300 dpi)

Full view for details of course :painter:

-You must link me to your work and provide me with a link to the artwork so I can view it as well.

- Comments are always welcome, and if you would like anything done (different angle, ext) just ask!

-Welcome to use for DA Prints
I have also a main account. My Art account: :icondelevit: and :iconelevit: Would be nice if you could passing by


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Fanart I did for a Darksiders 2 contest , I love to draw this kind of characters because they have some sort of dark-misteryous atmosphere :p


hope u like it
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Fanart of the Ikati from C.S. Friedman's Magister's Trilogy.

My not-very-accurate take on her unique beasts.

From what I can remember from the books, they had insect-like wings, multiple pairs of them.

They had talons, but not sure how many pairs of legs they actually have. (I just gave them 2 here, since I was running out of space to put legs!)

Long whip like tail with a spike on the end.

Triangular snake-like head. (I just went for the regular dragon heads here)

Insect eyes (Too small to see here! XD)

iridescent scales all over their bodies.

Spikes on their backs.
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Quick color exercise
Stock: [link]
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Dota2 Undying tombstone :)
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This was done for a competition to draw Marowaks of different types. Because I am awesome I got the most votes. Unfortunately I did two entries and split my own vote and didn't win anything.

This sort of made sense to me what with Ghost Rider being the spirit of vengeance and Marowak having a dead mother to avenge...

I'm on facebook now and also have a facebook page for my art there.  It is probably the best place to get hold of me these days if anybody wants me for anything.  Let me know if you want to be friends or like me and have me like you back whatever.
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A fun piece while trying to apply some of the studies Ive done in the past few months.

Patrons on Patreon will recieve workflow images and the PSD.
Support on Patreon if you like! Posting workflow, underpaintings, PSDS and more!…
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Fabric Styling 布面印染作业,图案设计草稿。
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A personal piece, Yang Qi style study and detailing training.
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Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity and ideologically sensitive material)
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity)
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Happy belated Birthday Fyorl. :B
I hope I got your height right. cause I actually don't know.... :iconoxoplz:

Thanks everyone who supported me on Patreon, I really appreciate it!
If you want more frequent mini comics, consider supporting me with as little as $1 a month. :> 
It would allow me to prioritise them and filter out unwanted jobs. (right now I just draw them whenever I find time...)

Do not use my art without permission. Thank you. Sharing is okay if it's linked back or credited properly.
uploading it to sites who make money off stolen content (Funnyjunk, 9gag) is NOT okay.
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"You're not still mad about that, are you?" ~Jack Frost

This was taken Dec. 13, 2012 at ValleVerde Pasig, Philippines... We don't really experience winter here but I really enjoyed playing as Jack Frost and it's all about having fun!!!

I hope you guys Like my humble cosplay as my tribute to the movie, Rise of the Guardians... thank you! And DON'T stop believing in the moon just because the sun comes up... if the moon tells you something... believe it. *Wink*

Photography by: Fritz Tentativa
Model/Cosplay by: Liui
Jack Frost Hoodie by: Authority Hoodie
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"What makes you think I wanna be a Guardian?" ~Jack Frost

This was taken Dec. 13, 2012 at ValleVerde Pasig, Philippines... We don't really experience winter here but I really enjoyed playing as Jack Frost and it's all about having fun!!!

I hope you guys Like my humble cosplay as my tribute to the movie, Rise of the Guardians... thank you! And DON'T stop believing in the moon just because the sun comes up... if the moon tells you something... believe it. *Wink*

Photography by: Fritz Tentativa
Model/Cosplay by: Liui
Jack Frost Hoodie by: Authority Hoodie
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Visit me in facebook ^_^…

I'm so sorry guys for the late update of my costume, here's the whole body photo that I only got during our outdoor taping for a National TV feature in my country (Oh yeah! Luckily a top rating TV program noticed me ehehe). I'll try to post a clearer and closer photo soon. Thank you guys for always being cool and nice to me! Thanks~Thanks!

I made my right foot bigger so it can have an illussion that I have a peg leg in my left foot. Walking is fine, in fact! I can run and jump! TEE~HEE!
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Collection by
i did for watersnakes,but the story turn in a diferent way so i have to move out of the story,but i still like it.
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So as you may or may not know, I did a Chun-Li for APE 2012 last year, so maybe I'll make my way slowly through all my favorite Street Fighter characters. I did this Vega here for fun (won't be doing APE this year) and he'll be available as a print in my store by the end of the week. Vega is such an amazing character design, and I feel like he speaks to a lot of Gaymers and gay geeks. He's vain, beautiful, sassy, and slightly androgynous which is a nice change from most of the male characters we see in comics or video games. I kept him pretty true to his original design, embellishing his pants to reflect a more accurate matador costume. I'm not sure what concept I had going with this other than a really pretty illustration of him. Been getting lots of requests to do him so here he is!
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For the Motherland Chronicles project :iconmotherlandchronicles: (Follow us on Facebook and Tumblr!)

Motherland Chronicles:
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bubble girl
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as I already said - tutorial for this [link] picture

part 1
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after much feedback from you guys I decided to go with DJ Sona for the sexy/nswf for term 9 patreon  : D + I really love that skin ! I had a lot of fun with this one, especially on the sexy version, with all the digital effects and sparkles , took me a while, but it was funXD
nude version sneak peek here:…

❅uncensored PSD
❅uncensored  full video process
❅uncensored High res jpg for this piece and  others piece will be made

 available through my patreon 

Patreon reward archive 
( see what rewards you can get by helping support me !)
Thank you for your interest!

used: photoshop CS6
Comments disabled by owner.
Face Book llOnline Store ll Tumblr ll Help support me on Patreon and get special perks<3llArtstation

This tutorial was made possible by my patrons on patreon! The full package of this tutorial including psd, video tutorial,  high res jpg will be available through… : )

Program recommended: photoshop

Patreon reward archive ( see what rewards you can get by helping support me !)
Thank you for your interest!

This term (17-31th Dec) tutorial pack include these and one more voice over workshop on portrait !
Hair Step by step Winter edition tutorial by sakimichan
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Face Book llOnline Store ll Tumblr ll Help support me on Patreon and get special perks<3llArtstation

Lola bunny part of my looney tunes series !<3 

PSD+high res of this piece and others are made available through…

used: Photoshop CS6
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Face Book llOnline Store ll Tumblr ll Help support me on Patreon and get special perks<3llArtstation
Samus and sci-fi is awesome !Hope you guys like ^o^ was so much fun painting this.


🌟full video process (6+ hrs)

🌟High res for this piece and many others will be made  available through my patreon 

Patreon reward archive
( see what rewards you can get by helping support me !)
Thank you for your interest!

used: photoshop CS6
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OMG, yes, that's Gilbird!
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I've wanted to draw this for a while but was too lazy....

More Naga Al:……
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EDIT: Now in colour!
Please give me feedback!
:bulletblue:What would you like next? Manso, more Pierre and Gilbird, or shall I introduce Tony and Flying Mint Bunny, or something else...?
:bulletred:Do you think it's better to spend longer (twice as long) and have comics in colour, or update more frequently in black and white?
:bulletblue:How could it be laid out better/funnier/anatomy critique?
:pointr:First strip: [link]
:pointr:Most of the existing characters: [link]
Tried to draw clothing around the mid 18th century so it would fit with the Bad Friends being allied. Some people suggested drawing Spain's bull so I thought a strip involving the Trio would be perfect to include him while showing a bit more about Pierre. Manso is the bull (obviously), his name means gentle and meek. (I have a whole backstory idea for him... too many ideas not enough time! :eager:)
Hetalia (c) Himaruya
Petalia designs (c) ~supernoodlesoup and ~Churaka
References: [link] [link]
and if you're wondering wth Francis is wearing: [link]
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Commission for WarriorItagaki :>

I was asked to draw Alfred and Ivan with their little kid Alexi ♥

It was a really pleasurable picture to draw, very warm and sweet, and I'm glad could draw my favorite guys again ♥

Hope you like it and thank you for commissioning! :>

Alfred F.Jones (USA) & Ivan Braginski (Russia) from Axis Powers Hetalia Hidekaz Himaruya

made with: PaintTool SAI
time: no idea
music: some randoms, I don't remember now 8D"
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"We can make it through most anything, if you can just believe." 

Every night for the past week, you've had the same dream.

It's dark outside, and you're alone. You're standing in the middle of an empty street, you can barely breathe, and you don't recognize your surroundings.

There's a boy staring at you from down the street. He's far enough so that you can't see his face or notice any distinguishable features. He's bathed in the glow of a streetlamp; if you walked forward about twenty or thirty feet, then you'd be face-to-face.

Without knowing why, you begin to run towards him; for you'd suddenly felt an intense affection for him—even if he was merely a stranger. Just as you're about to approach him, he gives you a somber smile.

You gasp at his beauty; you didn't recognize this boy. But in that moment, everything starts to disappear.

You're swallowed by your own shadow; the world around you submerges into darkness…

You always woke up right there.

The 'dream', you came to realize, was more like a 'nightmare'. You had never experienced recurring nightmares before, especially ones as vivid and repetitive as this.

…Needless to say, you were frightened. You just couldn't shake off the fear that it might be a premonition—this deadly night may actually come. You could only count the days until it did, one way or another.

I'm falling,

Down into my shadow

Grasping onto every breath

As I await the Deadly night…

Vladimir watched as you went through your school day.

He was shrouded in shadows, the chilly October air passing through his nearly nonexistent body. Disguised as darkness beneath the red-and-orange leafed trees, he sighed and couldn't help but notice the school's décor.

The Halloween decorations scattered throughout campus brought him nothing but dismay. After all, they were a terribly bitter reminder as to why he could never show himself to you.

He despised this time of the year, this silly holiday full of ghosts, monsters, and vampires. He wanted to be with you beneath a shining sun. But he knew that after last year—when your memories of him were stolen from you—that his dreams of your company were long gone.

He absolutely hated Halloween.

He tried to steer clear of autumn leaves, pumpkins, and anything of the sort. He was terrified of this month, but not for the assumed reasons.

He feared that something else would happen to you.

He hoped the witches would never find you again.

So scary, but you can't give in to this

Fear of pumpkin carriages

'Cause all the witches see it in your eyes…

Your school day was over.

Vlad could sense that you were walking home. He wasn't entirely with you, but a part of him was. No human could detect his presence, not even you. Still, he always wanted to stay by your side.

Today, he was particularly happy. As a sorcerer, he had learned a few new ways to communicate with you.

Of course, the only way was through your dreams.

Yes, he had to admit, he was the source of all your nightmares. He couldn't help it; he'd give anything for you to remember him.

...Even if he had to scare you a little.

He knew you weren't easily afraid. The fact that you were once his lover proved that. The love of an enchanter.

By now, you were getting ready for bed.

Vlad waited a while longer before acting. Once the time came, he managed to enter your world. Feeling a bit silly, he prepared his wand. You used to laugh so much at this little 'magic stick' of his. Too bad you were asleep and couldn't sense his presence… for now.

He prayed this would work.

Looking out your window and into the night sky, he borrowed some power of the moon. "I'm coming to see you, my darling." He whispered to your slumbering form. With that, he activated the spell.

He hoped you were ready for a night full of dreams and phantasmagoria.

See you in your dreams,

Yeah, baby

Your nightmares too,

That's where I'll find you…

You woke up in a dark forest.

Standing up, you realized that you could barely feel your body. Your sense of touch was almost missing. No dirt, pebbles, or twigs seemed to be bothering you, as expected due to your prior nap upon a forest floor.

…That thought alone caused you to believe that you weren't actually awake.

You'd heard of lucid dreaming, though you never thought you'd really experience it. But… if you knew you were in a dream, then that meant you were lucid-dreaming, right?

A lake was to your side, and countless fireflies gleamed against the navy blue sky. The colors overhead appeared to be that of a misty evening. Looking around, you noticed that the pointy trees and branches were outlined in darkness. It was difficult to see, and you couldn't detect a moon or stars. "...Where am I?" You wondered aloud. If this was a dream, then couldn't you be anywhere…?

A sudden crunching of leaves caught your attention. Whipping around, you managed to catch sight of a figure walking out of the forest trees.

That boy appeared.

That boy, whom you'd had nonstop dreams about for the past week. He was here and in a different environment. Did that mean…—

"Hello, my darling _____," He smiled at you, making your heart race. He stepped a bit closer and tilted his head, "Do you remember me?"

Your breath hitched. You wanted to recognize this boy, yet you couldn't. "I…" It took you a moment to find your words, "…I remember you. From my dreams, and that's all." You stared at him more closely, "Who… are you?"

Upon hearing your response, he sighed. "I was hoping you'd know…" He murmured, looking down in disappointment. "…But it's all my fault."

Surprised, you stepped closer to him and asked, "Huh? Why?"

Taking in a deep breath, he looked you in the eye and managed a shy smile. "Because I love you."

...You were struck speechless.

He stared at you for a moment, a look of longing and grief in his expression. With another sigh, he glanced into the night sky and mused, "Have you wondered why there aren't any stars out yet?"

"Well…" You began, nervous. "Yeah,"

He turned back to you and gestured to the fireflies. "I had to use the stars' power to visit you like this, _____."

Now he was just confusing you. "Okay…" Why would he do that for you? Did he really love you? And if so, why and how?

"The moon was my latest victim," He gazed thoughtfully towards where the moon was supposed to be, "It's made out of paper, can you tell?"

…What kind of dream was this? Oh well, this person seemed interesting enough. "I see…" True to his words, you happened to notice what was supposed to be the moon. It was floating in the sparkly navy-blue skyline, a large piece of black construction paper.

The boy stepped closer to you and gently grabbed your hand. "Since you seem to have forgotten, my name is Vladimir." He pressed a kiss to your knuckles and grinned, "But my time is running out, darling. I hope someday you'll remember that you're my lovely Fairy Blue~" He began to disappear, the words "I love you very much" echoing within the dream-like forest.

Fairy Blue,

It is only for you

That I would crush the stars,

And put them on display

Black Paper Moon

You needed to buy sweets for the trick-or-treaters.

Halloween was still a couple of weeks away, but you weren't dressing up this year. So when your parents asked you to walk down the street to buy some candy, you didn't mind. You needed some fresh air anyways.

That dream from last night was still in your head. You simply couldn't forget it, even if you tried.

At least it wasn't a nightmare. But, who was this 'Vladimir' person? Why did you have so many dreams about him? Why did he always seem to care for you, even if you didn't know him? Last night, he'd said he loved you. Was there really a boy named Vladimir out there who loved you?

You shook off the thought as you walked down the sidewalk.

You didn't know it at the time, but soon Vladimir would be all you could think about.

It started with the Halloween shop. As you passed it by, you couldn't help but feel a strange sense of nostalgia. You knew you'd been here before, but what brought on the sudden affection for the place? Had you came here with someone you really cared about?

No one immediately came to mind, other than your family.

As you were slowly walking past the seasonal Halloween shop, a warm flashback suddenly passed through your eyes.


You'd been here with Vladimir, and it was recently.

But… he wasn't real, was he? If he wasn't a figment of your imagination, a legitimate dream guy, then who was he and where was he and how did you know him?

…You felt like you were going insane. What kind of person had to struggle between dreams and reality? A crazy person, that's who.

No matter the worries, you still wanted to believe that Vladimir was real, alive—that you'd seen him somewhere.

It was getting late, and you had to hurry. Due to your thought-filled trance, you were behind schedule and probably wouldn't be home till after dark.

The sun was already setting. By the time you stepped out of the small town's market, the sky was the color of royal blue. Shoving the candy-filled plastic bag over your shoulder, you headed home.

Vladimir… why does it feel like my memories of you have disappeared? You wondered to yourself as you walked, oblivious to the looming night and possible dangers.

Your phone was on vibrate so you didn't hear the countless missed calls from your parents. Your head was too busy searching for answers than to focus on getting home quickly. In most stories, a girl would pay for this, but this ordeal was only the beginning.

Before you knew it, a car slowed down right by your side of the street. Alarmed, you snapped out of your trance and looked towards the now-lowering windows.

Vulgar music blasted from the car, and it appeared to be full in capacity. The sky too dark to see their faces, one man of around his early-twenties poked his head out, "Hey sweetie, what'cha doin' there?"

He was obviously intoxicated. The other people in the car hooted and hollered, making obnoxious noises and gestures through the open windows.

You knew better than to stay and chat. Silently, you began to walk faster.

"Heyyy girly, where ya headin'? What, you too good for us? C'mon, why don'tcha hop in?" They were still driving close to you, only about eight feet away. The slurs were proof enough that they were drunken and dangerous.

The vehicle was beginning to swerve, definitely not a good sign. You took this opportunity to run.

"Hey Joey, step on it! This chick's tryna ditch us!" You heard another man call out.

By now, your heart was pounding. This situation was terrifying and your mind was fogging up almost too much for you to know what to do. Breaking into a full-on sprint, you cut across a park that was on the opposite side of the street.

Tires screeched. An engine roared. Were they really chasing you? Without looking back, you ran past the park and kept running until you were near a deserted bus stop. By then, you didn't hear a trailing vehicle anymore.

Exhausted, you plopped down onto the sheltered bench. You didn't recognize your surroundings; you knew you were lost. Your palms were so sweaty that you were surprised your phone hadn't slipped through your fingers. 9-1-1 was already on dial and if those bozos would've gotten any closer to you, then you would have definitely hit 'call'.

Thinking you were safe, you closed your eyes and took in deep breaths.

As you were attempting to calm yourself, you heard it.

The swerves of tires. Rubber screeching against asphalt. An impact. Glass shattering. Metal pieces sliding across cement.

You gasped and stood up. You hadn't witnessed the crash, but you knew those people really were driving under the influence—and they'd paid the price for it.

"...Not something you hear every day, is it?" A voice mused from beside you.

Jumping in surprise—you didn't know someone else was at the bus stop—you turned to look at the person.

And inhaled sharply once you recognized who it was, "V-Vladimir?!"

He was sitting on the bench, swinging his legs with his arms pressed against the metal edges. "That's me~" He chuckled, somewhat nervous.

The light that came from the bus stop's structure gave you a clear look at him. His hair was shaggy, straight, and strawberry-blonde. His skin was pale and his irises were the color of blood. As if to match his eyes, he wore a red trench coat, along with brown knee-length boots and a small red top hat on the side of his head, decorated with ribbons. He looked up and gave you a fanged smile, "I wanted to see you. But then I saw those guys and what they wanted to do to you. If you don't mind, I had them crash. Yeah. They were bound to anyway, right~?" He seemed blissfully unaware of how strange yet morbid he sounded.

"Uh…" You barely knew how to respond to something like that, "Thanks?" You felt paralyzed. First off, Vladimir was right here, sitting down on a bench, talking to you about how he caused a car crash. Less than an hour ago, you were wondering if he even existed.

He grinned, "You're welcome! I'm glad I got to save you. Also, I'll walk you home to keep you safe. And ward off anymore of those villains! Haha, then maybe you'll remember how much you love me." He tilted his head cutely, as if he were a puppy awaiting a treat. "Right, right…?"

He seemed a bit too emotionally attached to you for your own liking. "Well," You didn't know how to put this kindly, "...Who are you and what are you to me?"

His enthusiasm instantly lowered, "Oh… you still don't remember, huh?"

"Remember what…?"

He stood up and looked you straight in the eye. "Listen to me, Fairy Blue. We're… connected, okay? I'll always, always protect you." He gave you a shy smile that just about made you want to kiss him right then and there. "...Trust me~"

If you really put your faith in me

When you're lost, here I am

"Forever" with your soul

Waiting here above you patiently,

Just like the shining moon…

Later that evening, you were sitting on the roof of your house, chatting with the boy you'd only seen in your dreams.

In the last hour, your affection for him had grown immensely. You didn't know how you'd gone on without him.

It was past midnight, but you couldn't stop asking him questions. As he'd joyously answered them, you couldn't help but blush and stutter a number of times. Why? Because tonight, you'd found out quite some shocking facts. Still, the truth made your heart race and attraction to Vladimir only heighten.

One, he claimed to be your boyfriend.

Two, he was a 'sorcerer'.

Three, sorcerers weren't allowed to love humans and so the witches of the Black Magic Council were sent to erase your memories of him and all things Enchanting.

…This was another one of those times where you couldn't tell if you were dreaming or awake.

"You may not remember, but there's a secret Magic society among your world. Sorta like Harry Potter, but better, trust me," He chuckled, oblivious to your gaping expression, and continued, "It's unknown to most humans, of course. Except we don't have schools inside ancient castles for witchcraft and wizardry—um, you had me look."

A few times you had to pinch yourself for a reality check. Once you were satisfied that this was real life and more importantly, that you were seriously in a relationship with a mage of all things, you couldn't help but stare at him with undeniable infatuation.

He happened to notice the love-struck gaze and gave you a toothy smile. Scooting closer to you, he placed one hand over yours and used the other to gently stroke your cheek. "Hey, Fairy Blue. Can I give you something to help you remember me?"

Slightly dazed, you managed to ask, "What is it?"

"Hm, let's just call it a… symbol," He smirked, and without further warning, softly pressed his lips to yours.

The kiss brought back intense love and attachment to him that you didn't even know you had. As soon as he started, you couldn't let him stop. You ran your fingers through his soft-as-silk hair and let him kiss you until you saw stars and felt tingling all over your body.

A symbol

Rises to the surface

Of the crimson sweetness that

I had submerged it deep within

You were in bed now. Vlad had left some hours ago, but you couldn't stop thinking about him.

It was probably around four in the morning and yet you were wide awake, staring up at your dark ceiling. You wondered, How could I have gotten involved with a sorcerer?

You'd wanted to ask him but, after he kissed you, well… there wasn't much talking after that. It was getting late and he only stopped because he worried you wouldn't get enough sleep.

A lot of questions were left unanswered, like when/how could you get your memories back, but Vlad promised he'd answer them later. "For now, you should get some rest..." he'd told you.

You didn't feel any more special compared to other humans, and yet he seemed to love you very much. Why was that? You could ask him, but you knew you'd feel a bit shy. He'd probably kiss you again… which you really wouldn't mind.

…If your memories of him actually did come back, what would happen? Would the 'witches' come after you again? Would you be killed or more severely punished? Perhaps a banishment of your memories wasn't as cruel as you'd once believed.

Just as the thought surfaced, another flashback occurred—as if it was brought on solely to combat your negative state of mind.

"So, have you ever thought of becoming immortal?" Vlad had asked you one day, while you two were playing on the swings at a nearly deserted park.

"Immortal? You mean like you?"

He'd nodded thoughtfully, "Yes, exactly like me," He gave you a look of trust and affection, "With some practice, we could do that." You'd been with him long enough to learn of this information.

Immortality… well, that was actually something to think about.

"I could teach you to become an enchantress! It's not impossible for a human to become one; it's happened in history before. What do you say, Fairy Blue?"

The idea was mystifying. Could you really become an enchantress? And be able to live in his world of magic, too? Not only that, but the ability to live forever…

Immortality actually seemed quite menacing. Every person you were to meet would eventually die. Your family too. Your parents still didn't know Vladimir was not fully human, how would they feel if he turned you into something else?

The flashback ended there, with those precise thoughts.

The scary thing was that you still felt the exact same way. As you were on the edge between asleep and awake, you happened to remember one more piece of the memory:

Vlad had said, "Don't worry. If this is your wish, I'll make sure it brings you eternal happiness…"

Your destiny

Isn't so immutable

Anything that you can dream,

Can also be the fate that you will have

Beep, beep, beep.

Beep, beep, b

You shut off your alarm clock with distaste. Needless to say, you were exhausted on only a few hours of sleep. School was the last thing you wanted right now.

As you walked to your first class by yourself, you couldn't help but wonder why you had an absence of friends.

Was it always like this? You remembered middle school well; you knew you had friends. Why not any in high school? That was… strange, and you didn't even know how it happened.

As you got close to your first class, you happened to pass by a bulletin board. Since you actually had a few extra minutes, you decided to look it over. Most of the news would be ancient, as always, since the school often failed to keep the walls updated.

Scanning over the flyers pinned to cork, your eyes roamed past a picture or two taken by one of the photography students. You did a double-take when you recognized one of the students surrounded by flocks of friends. To your utter shock, that person was you.

Apparently… you used to have friends. Many of them. Why didn't you anymore?

The question was haunting. You should know this; you should very well know the reason. And yet you didn't.

In that moment, another memory took over your vision.

At school, everyone was terrified of Vlad.

It wasn't just that he looked like a storybook vampire. It wasn't even the fact that his fanged teeth were real or that he wore gothic, old-fashioned clothing.

People used to tease him. He didn't seem to care or notice. Then people started to ask you why you dated him; that was when he got angry. He threatened several of the students. Friends who were not really your friends would provoke him, and they all ended the same: with easily-won fights from Vladimir.

After that, no one really went near him.

Except for you, of course.

Slowly, you two were isolating yourselves from all other contact with people.

After the memory faded, you couldn't help but think: …No wonder I don't have any friends now.

You began to wonder, Is this healthy? A part of you knew it wasn't. After all, how could being in a relationship with basically a supernatural entity with magic powers and in trouble with the Black Magic Council who'd removed your memories of him in the first place possibly be good for you?

Maybe they did that for a good reason—your own safety.

You didn't feel that Vladimir was dangerous, and you never recalled him as abusive. Still, you knew he'd beaten up a few of your classmates...

Before you could finish the thought, your first-period teacher showed up and gestured everyone into the classroom. You were still in a daze as the lesson started. Your mind somewhere else, you didn't notice as a writing appeared on your notes that wasn't there before.

Near the end of the class, you began to pack up your notebooks and pencils. That was when you saw the scrawl.

Written on the edge of your lined paper was,

"Please don't give up on me, Fairy Blue."

Don't try to use deceit, on me

I will not break,

I won't


The school day over, you were alone in your room doing homework.

Of course, you couldn't get your mind off Vlad. Was he really that determined for you? Was his love genuine, or were you merely a side-adventure of his immortality?

Your thoughts of him were going negative again. That earlier note came to your mind, as though he knew when you were doubting him.

Apparently, he did.

"Hey... that's not fair," He pouted from behind you.

Startled, you jumped up, hitting your knees against your desk and accidentally rolling your chair backwards a few feet. "Vlad?!" You didn't know he could/would randomly appear in your bedroom like that.

He waved giddily, "Hello darling. In case you're wondering, I can't read your mind. I can only sense the mood of your thoughts concerning me, that's all." He clarified in the most casual and innocent way possible, although his words were not.

"Vlad..." You felt a bit overpowered. He had the memories, he had the magic, he had the never-ending life. You were just a clueless human. You wanted to ask why he was here, but you didn't know how that would sound coming from you.

He seemed to detect your feelings there as well. Losing his usual silliness, he looked you right in the face and murmured, "I know you want to know why I showed up like this. _____, listen..." He stepped closer and, full of endearment, lightly ran his fingers through your hair. "_____, I love you. Very much so. You're my whole world; even if you don't feel that way. I need you with me. You don't understand how painful it is to have you without your memories of me," He looked up, beads of tears in his eyes. "I can't live like this any longer. I need you to remember..."

...His broken state brought on another memory.

Back when you first met Vladimir.

As visible to the human eye, everyone called him strange. The school teachers even referred to him as 'the eccentric one'. Needless to say, none of the students accepted him. You didn't see a reason for their behavior, and decided to befriend the little isolated Vladimir.

Ever since you reached out and helped him, your other friends began to drift away. They were repulsed by a loner such as he, and didn't dare to communicate with him or other outcasts. Then one day, it got out of hand. They told you that they wouldn't talk to you if you continued your friendship with Vladimir.

Of course, you were disgusted by their true colors. You refused to end your relationship with him.

No wonder you didn't have friends anymore.

Maybe then, you really didn't have any real friends to begin with.

"Fairy Blue? Do you remember the time I confessed to you?" His voice cut into the flashback.

Shaking off the memory, you faced him and asked, "When?"

Trying to hide his dismay at your amnesia, he attempted to smile. "It was in the library after school. We were looking through books when we found out we shared the same favorite novel. We were exchanging lines from the classic story by heart, laughing..." He was grinning now, fanged teeth visible and cheeks tinted pink. Feeling a bit shy, he looked towards the ground, "When we finally stopped laughing, I kinda just blurted out that I loved you..."

By now, your heart was pounding. Bits and pieces of the treasured memory were coming back to you.

He looked up sheepishly, his hands behind his back. "And I gave you something to remember me. But it was taken from you by the witches when they stole your memories of me, last Halloween night. I actually managed to get it back, do you want it?"

The last part of his sentence made you gasp. He gave you something? Of course you wanted it back, especially if it was stolen from you by witches. "Yes, I do..."

He grinned again and pulled out your hand to drop the item in your palm.

A smooth, cold, beautiful sterling silver bracelet fell onto your skin. "It's a hand-crafted charm bracelet, made by me of course~" A shining red ruby was in the center, which reminded you of his eyes. He closed your fingers around the special piece of jewelry, "You... really are my whole world, _____..."

This time, you believed him.

Fairy Blue,

You are my everything

The reason I go on

In this captivity,


It was the night before Halloween.

Strangely, there was a knock at your door. I wonder who that could be? You thought as you stepped down the hall. Your parents were in the kitchen, and you weren't expecting any visitors.

When you opened the door, there stood a trick-or-treater.

She was a young girl dressed in a witch costume. "Oh, hi there..." You mumbled, confused. It was still just the 30th, wasn't it...?

Silently, she held out her pumpkin-themed candy collector.

"Um..." You were caught speechless. Should you tell her? Who was she with? Maybe you could give her some candy anyway...

"-I warned you." She murmured, head down, hair shading her eyes.

"Excuse me?" You thought maybe you heard her wrong.

At that moment, she looked up. You gasped out in shock, for the scene that began to unfold right in front of you was not of this world.

"I warned you," She repeated, just as her fair skin peeled away to reveal green decaying flesh and her height instantly grew several feet, her dark clothing flying up as shadows and molding into shapes of a torn, flowing black cloak. Dark particles of magic were shooting out, just as she aimed her hideous, grotesque face towards yours, "And you will pay for your treason!" She shouted, now in her true form of an ancient, live witch.

She lunged towards you, and you let out a shriek in terror. "As your punishment, I shall erase each and every one of your memories since birth! How dare you challenge the Black Magic Council?! You, a worthless mortal!" She rose up her branch-like broom, which seemed to be overflowing with supernatural ability, and began to laugh maniacally. "If you ever dare to meddle with the World of Enchantment again, I shall have you beheadedand that damned rat Vladimir as well!" She was about to swing down as you fell over and screamed for your parents. Surely they'd heard something already, right?

She paused, a hint of amusement in her zombie-like eyes, "Foolish humanI've put their lives on halt. Now stay still as I give you eternal amnesia!" She pointed the magical weapon towards your face; nearly pressed to your nose, it began to glow with a menacing power-up of black and silver witchcraft.

...In that moment, everything came back to you.

Firstly, your love for Vlad.

Just as you were about to forget everything since the beginning of your life, the missing pieces of your memory came flooding back in like a storm.

Vladimir, your lovely magician. He meant everything to you; never once did you kiss him without a throbbing heart and flushed face. You loved him so much. Every day of your life felt like a gift, just for his presenceYou felt empty compared to the person you were back when you were in love, someone full of happiness and never-ending joy.

For this moment, you were that person again. You had fully remembered Vlad and your feelings for him, at the brink of amnesia.

"V-Vladimir..." You called out his name in last-second hope. The witch in front of you let out another malevolent laugh as she finished preparing the spell, her broomstick still pointed at your nose.

Suddenly, a blast of energy from another side of the room shocked both you and the witch. Your eyes widened when you caught sight of a flash of red.

"Begone." Vlad stated coldly, his already-pointed wand towards the witch beginning to glow and shoot towards her.

You buried your face into your knees when a blood-curdling shriek emanated from the being, her green flesh exploding outwards and fading to nothing.

As soon as the ordeal was over, you carefully peeked out towards Vladimir.

He glanced at you and shrugged, "I know a witch's weakness. She's not dead; she's just been transported back to our world," He began to walk towards your curled-up form, worry instantly clouding his eyes. "Darling... are you okay? Did she do anything to you?"

For the moment, you couldn't speak. You had just barely remembered your deep love for him and had no idea how to say it.

"I was afraid the witches might find you again," He said, solemn. Crouching down to sit face-to-face with you, he gently moved your hair from your face and placed it behind your ear. "Please don't be scared, please. Hey, look at me. I'll be here to protect you, _____. And I promise to save you from this horrible spell..."

If you raise your voice and call for me

I will find you, my dear

Wherever you may be

And I will be sure to set you free

From this ensnaring curse

You knew you loved Vlad. You wanted him, needed him. And that's exactly what you told him. "And I'm so sorry that I didn't remember you earlier. I know how much I loved you, how much I do love you!" Weakly clinging to his shoulders, you spilled your heart out to him, tears in the corners of your eyes.

He watched you with care and satisfaction; words unable to express how glad he was that you remembered him. A smile tugging at his lips, he said, "I know, I know darling, I want to snuggle you right now but first I need to check on your parents. Were they in this room?"

He went into the kitchen and saw that they were, true to the witch's words, on 'halt' (more like 'paused'). Your mother was in the middle of cooking while your father looked like he was about to sneeze. Stifling a giggle, Vlad said, "Yup, I just need to unfreeze them. I know how to do that. And then they'll be just fine~"

Sighing in relief, you went up to him and embraced him tightly. "Vladdy... can you stay now?" ...In your world, you meant.

He was quiet for a moment, but wrapped his arms around you and affectionately rested his face against the top of your hair. He inhaled deeply before reluctantly beginning, "_____, there's something I need to tell you—"

But you were caught up in your thoughts, "-Can we be together now? Or am I able to visit your world; the mysterious land of dreams? And what about you teaching me to become an enchantress? And I was thinking-" Questions were pouring out before you could stop them.

"-Darling, please understand," His voice was strained, worried. He pulled away slightly to look you in the eye, "...At the moment, I can only stay in this world for a limited time. You remembered that humans don't accept me, correct?"

Recalling the vivid flashback, you looked down and nodded quietly.

He continued, "Especially when I went to your school. You see, most sorcerers are given the opportunity by the Black Magic Council to stay on Earth so long as they're accepted there. As you know, I am not." He took in a deep breath, releasing you from his grasp and turning to pace, "No one here trusted me; they feared me. They despised me too. Well, of course..." He glanced at you with a fond smile, "except for you."

The new piece of information gave you more insight as to why you no longer had friends. After you stopped talking to your old group, it was difficult to make new friends because everyone steered clear of you. They knew you'd been in a relationship with Vladimir in the past. They'd remembered him this whole time; you hadn't due to the witches. "Well, Vladdy..." You wanted to say that you would help, that you would try; but as a mere human, you knew you simply couldn't. "I believe in you." If speaking your feelings towards him could help, you would make sure to do so.

Before, when you thought of him as only a dream, you didn't fully believe in him. Now, you didhonest and truly. "I'll always believe in you. Is... Is there any way you could try to stay here, despite what the Council says?"

After a year of waiting, he had finally heard what he wanted to hear. His dearest lover, whom had forgotten him for so long, was worried about him. You were showing how much you cared, that you really did remember him. That thrill alone struck a determination in him; even if he knew his new goal would be nearly impossible to achieve. "Okay... since you asked, my darling, I will try," He grinned at you, and you felt your heart soar. "...Of course I will, just for you."

There are times when no one believes in me

And there are times when I feel like I'm degraded

But even in those times,

Your words always echo

Within, my heart

This is my promise

The day of Halloween came.

It was exactly a year ago now that the witches had stolen your memories of Vlad.

You were currently at school; most of the students were already dressed up in their costumes. Honestly, you wished you had a friend to enjoy the day with. A human friend, that is. You hadn't seen Vlad since yesterday, when he told you he'd find a way to stay on Earth despite the Black Magic Council forbidding it.

It was lunch break, and you were heading towards the school's library. This was the outside part of the grounds, and yet the hallways were nearly empty; except for a group of males wearing clown masks. As you were passing them by, you heard one of them call out to you: "Hey you! Aren't you _____? The chick that dated that weird Vladimir kid?"

"Dude, I think she is!" Another answered for him. Immediately, they began to joke about your 'long gone' boyfriend. They'd noticed how he'd disappeared on Halloween last year. "Hey, did he move or what?"

"So he can't protect his little princess anymore?" A different one teased.

By now, you couldn't bring yourself to walk away. How dare they insult both you and Vlad—!

"Fuck, that guy didn't scare me. He was just some freak who liked to dress up as a vampire, haha!" They continued to taunt him, and you too simply for dating him. It was then you realized that they must have been the guys Vlad had beat up back when he lived on Earth. They were probably still ashamed of it and claiming not to be 'scared' of him, though they were. And they were only teasing him because he wasn't there to beat them up again.

"Hey babe, why would you date that freak when you could have one of us?" The one in the green-and-black clown mask gripped your shirt collar, and you stumbled in shock; unfortunately now you had your back against a school building and they were beginning to surround you.

With their clown masks on, you couldn't tell who they were. You didn't want them anywhere near you. "...GET AWAY FROM ME, YOU ASSWIPES!" You'd shouted it before you could think.

They simply laughed at your struggle, and one began to reach out for you again.

You had no idea what they'd do to you.

Your wrist was encircled in an iron grip before you could shove it away. "What's the rush, sweetheart? You'd rather run back to your little Dracula?"

Their chorus of raucous laughter was cut off by a sudden darkening of the sky. Out of nowhere, the daylight had faded to black. "...'The fuck is going on?" One of them wondered aloud.

A white circle appeared in the starless night sky, and you gasped. A total eclipse of the sun?! How could this be happening now? Those rarely happened, and you knew scientists were able to tell exactly when they were going to occur years ahead of time-

That was when you saw him.

Vlad appeared from on top of a building, hovering in front of the white moon against the black sky. He gave you a wink and salute, then jumped down, red trench coat fluttering, as the boys in clown masks caught sight of him as well and gaped in shock.

Suddenly, he appeared directly next to you. "...Close your eyes," He whispered.

You obeyed.

The boys in masks tried to run; but there was no escaping Vladimir.

Screams of terror were heard. Howls of pain. Shrieks of agony. Within moments, all was quiet. Timidly, you removed your hands from your face.

The other boys were knocked unconscious. Just like last time, Vladimir had taught them a lesson. How many times did they have to get beat-up to remember? Vlad sighed and walked up to you, ruffling your hair. "First, a group of drunken predators. Second, a wretched witch. And now, a group of spineless bullies," He shook his head in disapproval, "Darling, your life kinda sucks."

The 'eclipse' was still going on, and the hallway was still quite empty. You looked up at your savior with love in your eyes as he told you, "...Any time that you feel threatened, I'll be right here..."

Fairy Blue, it is only for you

That I would smash the stars

And use them as a sign

To guide you.

And any time that you're lost or afraid,

Or you can't see your dreams,

I want you to look up

"S-So... did you find out? Are you able to stay here on Earth now...?" You asked carefully, wrapping your arms around Vlad's shoulders.

He bit his lip and glanced away nervously. As if he didn't hear you, he toyed with your hair and said, "Y'know, I've been dying to kiss you again."

His words took you by surprise, "You've been... what?"

He leaned closer towards you, a small scowl on his face, and responded, "I must cleanse your body of those tyrants."

Your heart pounded faster, "But Vladi-" His thin finger covered your lips before you could utter another sound, and he closed his eyes before pressing his mouth to yours.

His lips were gentle, sweet, and soft. Your eyelids fluttered closed as you enjoyed the warm and dizzying kiss. Overhead, the supernatural eclipse was still spreading darkness over the previous sun-filled campus. His hands snaked down to your waist, and you tightened your arms around his neck. The heat and passion were spreading from his touch as you kissed him back blissfully.

Feeling his chest against yours sent shivers down your spine. The intense pleasure brought back memories of a night one year passed. The night in which you lost your innocence to a sorcerer. It was your first, and it was your last, too. It was this time last October, just days before all your memories of Vlad were stolen from you.

Distracted, you pulled away and repeated, "So are you able to stay on Earth now?" You really needed to know, and you weren't exactly sure why he'd avoided the question earlier.

Unfortunately, his face didn't light up like you'd expected. Instead, he looked down in shame, and let out a deep sigh. "_____..." This wasn't the response you were hoping for. "I... want to enjoy your company while I can..."

Eyebrows furrowing, you replied, "What do you mean?"

Slowly, he gave you another kiss before responding, "...I can't stay in this world for long. The Council is keeping a close eye on me, and I'm lucky that they allowed me to keep this ability to pass through; even if just for a little while." He looked up and gave you a forlorn smile, his round red eyes lowered in distress.

You stared, disbelieving. So you couldn't be with him? Why didn't he tell you before?

"But, darling..." He was quick to add, "I'll always, always love you. Honestly, you're all I think about when I'm in the world of sorcery. I'm just counting the minutes until I can visit you once more. I'll never forgot you so long as you always love me too," He gestured slightly among the empty hallway, "here, in your world."

Words could barely form in your mind. "I... I will. Vlad, I promise I will."

He grinned, "Okay, good. As long as you do, I can continue to live in my own cruel universe without you," He shrugged happily, once again as if he didn't realize the darkness of his words. "A-All I needed was to know that" He sniffled and wiped a tear from the corner of his eye, but continued in a shaky voice, "and I'll be just fine. No matter the dungeon that I'm l-locked within..."

And Fairy Blue,

You are my everything

The reason that I live

In sweet captivity,

So faithfully...

And I swear you'll never be alone

When you're lost, here I am

"Forever" with your soul...

You cried. You begged. You pleaded. But he said there was nothing he could do about it. For the time being, he couldn't truly stay on Earth with you. He could never make himself visible to other humans again.

He'd already tried countless times to get the laws of his world under fire. But in the end, he was a sorcerer, and you were a mere mortal. "My darling... you've always been as mystifying as a blue fairy." He held you close, running his fingers through your hair and placing tender kisses down your forehead. "I promise to continue my study of witchcraft until I can learn a spell to keep us together. I shall master it; and someday, we can live a life of immortality with one another." He gently gripped your shoulders and had you face him. He grinned a smile full of longing and spoke, "All you have to do is believe in me. Throughout your life until the day comes, I'll be here to visit you."

By now, your tears had stopped and you weren't shaking anymore. In his embrace was when you felt safest. Giving him a weak nod, you buried your face into his chest and squeezed him tight. His scent seemed like that of roses and paper moonlight.

"S-So maybe we can be together someday?" You didn't want to be too hopeful, but you'd believe in him if he said you could.

He nodded blissfully, "Yes... one day, we'll truly be together..."

Those were the last words you heard before he disappeared again.

...We can make it through most anything,

If you can just believe.

Cover art (c) Original Artist

A.N.: *Is actually really embarrassed that this was posted after Halloween* Hey, you guys already know that my laptop was getting fixed the last week of October, so that's why this one was postponed till November

A-Anyway *awkward cough* This was a songfic to 'Black Paper Moon', the full English fandub by 'geekyfandubs' on YouTube Love 
Link Arrow Bullet (Purple) - F2U! I actually haaate Soul Eater so no comments regarding this being the season 2 opening thankyouthankyou

I love Romania so much and I think this character deserves more fans~ OwO

So um, I only post reader-inserts on here, check out my gallery if you liked this one? Heart Animation 

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Hey guys, I participated on a challenge this week, to paint a monster based on a profession, I knew I HAD to pick architect, you know!  

congrats to all architects around! here's the entire set of amazing images!

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Happy Birthday dear Melissa... :iconlust0fadeeperpain:

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It's been some time since I've posted to DA! A polite reminder that I do post a lot more often on my Facebook!! Please go there to find more updates ^_^ I will do my best to post on DA more often. I really suck at posting things.

Model: Katia Mafra Spencer

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Heh, yeah I did just use that terrible play-on-words.
But look! I dyed my hair actual ORANGE like I said I would for the last I don't know how many years.
I know this photo isn't particularly creative, but meh ;P

52 Week Project - Explination - [link]
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Thank you so much for viewing, all favourites and comments are greatly appreciated. I'll try my best to reply to you all :heart:
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Played with my 50mm lens properly for the first time today. I think its safe to say that I'm in love with it, and I'm definitely going to take it on location shoots A LOT!!!

It seems like forever since I uploaded any photos :(
Kinda feels like I've been struggling to find where I belong lately, so I'm happy to be back on here with you guys where I fit in :aww:

My facebook page - [link]

Thank you all for looking :heart:
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