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You glanced at yourself in the mirror. You were wearing the olive green American military uniform Ludwig's boss had stolen from Alfred's base camp. It was a little big on you but nothing a few alterations can't fix! After making a couple adjustments here and there, you buttoned up your top, picked up your matching helmet, and exited the tent. 

Around the same time, Ludwig and Gilbert walked out of their tents wearing the same uniform as you. Unlike you and Ludwig, Gilbert had a bomber jacket thrown over his disguise. "Check it out Frau!" Gilbert propped a leg onto a nearby crate and gave you one of his showstopper diplomatic poses. "Do I look American yet? Kesesese!"

Gosh dammit, he didn't look American but he looked hella hot.

You continued to stare at him with your mouth agape in awe at the fine gift the heavens had bestowed upon you while Ludwig folded him arms, unamused. "You look suspicious."

"What? But I have the bomber jacket, the laugh, and everything!"

You took off your helmet and stood on your tiptoes to place it onto the Prussian's head, "Keep your hair covered and you'll fit right in."

After reviewing the plan, the three of you hopped into the jeep and drove off to infiltrate Alfred's camp. You and the two brothers parked the jeep a good couple of feet away from the site and crouched behind a nearby bush. American soldiers patrolled the area and so far, Alfred was nowhere to be seen. "We can go in through the back over there," You whispered, pointing towards a large tent. "There aren't many soldiers there."

Ludwig nodded, "Okay, let's make our way there qui-"

"Why are we going to sneak back there? " Gilbert arched an eyebrow. "We're wearing their uniform so we might as well just waltz right in."

Ludwig sighed, "It's a precaution -- Wait -- Where are you -- Gilbert get back h -- You dummkopf!! Get your arse back down here right now!"

"YOLO!" Gilbert cheered as he hopped out of the bush and ran right into the campsite.

You deadpanned, "Did he just say yolo?"

Ludwig gaped at his brother, "Stick to the plan!" 

"Ugh, w-wait! Gilbert!" You shouted as you dashed after the Prussian.

Ludwig dragged a palm down his face and groaned in frustration, "Correction: These two dummkopfs. They're worse than Feliciano." He took in a deep breath and made a mad dash towards your retreating forms, "Get back here you two!"

Luckily, screaming and chasing each other was considered a normal thing in Alfred's base camp. The three of you fitted in oddly well, much to Ludwig's surprise. Your American accent was perfect, Ludwig's bulky figure made him fit right in, and Gilbert had his bomber jacket and helmet so all was well.

Gilbert dashed into a tent with you and Ludwig following after. "Gilbert you idiot!" You panted, hands on your knees as you tried to catch your breath. "Don't just run into the enemy's camp like that!"

"(Name's) right. We have to stick to the plan!" Ludwig crossed his arms and gave you a stern look, "And you shouldn't have followed his example." 

"But in the end, you ended up doing the same thing Lud~" Gilbert chuckled as he hooked an arm around his brother playfully.

Ludwig frowned and swatted his arm away, "Ja, ja, let's just focus back on the mission."

After you managed to catch your breath, you straightened your posture and glanced around the makeshift room. The place was quite large, but it smelled a bit damp and dusty. There were a bunch of crates, books, artillery, and precious metals littered all over the place.

"Looks like we're in the supply room." You muttered, observing the area.

"Let's look around," Ludwig ordered. "There might be some useful information around here."

You lifted the lid of a crate open and coughed as a large amount of dust flew into the air around you. You waved your hand to dispel the dust cloud before rummaging through the wooden crate's contents. So far, most of the boxes you've investigated were filled with nothing but the usual - clothes, weapons, medicine, and food.

Ludwig rummaged through a large trough in the back of the room, "Iron…iron...iron…and steel? In a place like this?"

Gilbert's eyes glazed over the trough's possessions until something caught his eye. "Oooh!" He exclaimed, picking up a magazine. He waved his brother over, eyes never leaving the cover. "Lud, check this out! So they bring in things like this too? Awesome, found the jackpot!!"

Ludwig placed the scrap of steel he was observing back into the trough before walking towards the Prussian. As soon as he laid eyes on the magazine, he flinched back in surprise, "W-Why are you looking at something like that?!"

Gilbert's smile widened as he flipped through the pages. With a mischievous smirk, he flashed the playboy magazine over at the German, "Kesesesese! Feast your eyes on this!"

Gilbert's laughs grew louder as Ludwig stared at the picture in a trance before blushing madly in embarrassment, "Don't do things that isn't part of our mission!! Now put it back this instant!"

Being the curious young woman you were, you shoved a chocolate bar you found earlier into your pocket and walked over to the two young men. They were absolutely captivated with whatever they were looking at so you thought that they must have found an important document. Maybe they found the Allies' battle plans!

Oh but how wrong you were.

You peeked over Gilbert's shoulder to see images of bodacious and scantily dressed women, not juicy information on the Allies. 

"......What in the world are you two looking at?"

Ludwig jumped in surprise, a blush rising to his cheeks whereas Gilbert just looked at you with that smug smile of his. "I-It's err, uh..." Ludwig broke out in a nervous sweat as he struggled to find the right words to your question.

"Well?" You crossed your arms, tapping your foot at them expectantly. While Ludwig was racking his brains for a reasonable answer, Gilbert kept glancing between you and the magazine. As soon as you realized what he was doing, your face erupted in the same hue of red as his eye color. Instinctively, you held your arms towards your chest and inched away from him in disgust, "Wha -- Why are you looking at me like that Gilbert?!"

"Oh, it's just..." He flipped the magazine around so that the image was facing towards you. He pointed to a sexy woman dressed in nothing but a deep green military top that was way too short, an officer's cap that looked awfully similar to the one that you had, and a leather whip in her gloved hands. "Can you do this when we get back to camp?"

You didn't know if you should be flattered or if you should chop off those five meters he was so proud of. Ludwig quickly turned around to hide his nosebleed. You glared at Gilbert, hands clenched and a furious blush on your face, "G-Gilbert! I'm going to k--"

"And don't worry, you can use my Prussian blue uniform~" He gave you a wink and a seductive smirk. You swore that you could die of embarrassment and hotness overload right about now. 

Meanwhile, Ludwig looked like he could die of blood loss.

Before you had the chance to cave Gilbert's handsome face in with your fist, the sound of footsteps and loud chatter surrounded the entrance of the tent. You froze, luckily Ludwig snapped out of his pervy daydream.


You glanced around the room frantically, "Wait what?! Where should I --"

"Over here!" Before you knew it, Gilbert had grabbed your arm and pulled you into the crate of dirty magazines and random American junk. He poked his head out to give his brother a thumbs up, "Ludwig, I'll leave the rest to you!"

"To me?!" Ludwig panicked, glancing at the tent's entrance.

"With my handsome looks and awesome hair, they'll figure me out right away!"

"Idiot, that's why I told you not to lose the helmet! And is now the time to be concei --" You gasped. "Oh! I think he's coming! Gilbert, keep your head down!"

You shoved Gilbert's head down just in time and on cue, an American soldier with wavy, slicked back blond hair and blue eyes came walking into the room. He glanced around the area, "Weird, I thought I heard voices here…Are you by yourself?"

Although Ludwig was internally panicking, he replied in the calmest tone he could muster. "Y-yeah, I was just…talking to myself."

You and Gilbert made sure to stay low and hidden from sight. As the conversation carried on, you glared at Gilbert accusingly, "This is because you were having so much fun with the playboy magazine earlier."

"Hey! You're always oogling at the guys in Kiku's manga too," Gilbert whispered, causing a blush to rise to your cheeks.

"For your information, they're fictional so there's really no harm in staring!"

He snickered, lifting up two fingers for emphasis, "'Fictional.' That's even worse (Name). That's not a very healthy habit."

You mentally cursed yourself for inflicting the wound onto yourself. You dramatically buried your face into your hands to silently cry your otaku heart out, "Yeah I know, shut up!"

The American stroked his chin as he squinted his eyes at Ludwig suspiciously, "Hey, I've never seen you before…And you don't look American either." His eyes widened in surprise, "Don't tell me you're --"

You and Gilbert exchanged a look of horror. If your covers were blown now, this would mean bad news for the Axis Powers! Your hand rested on the small bottle of smokescreen in your pocket. If the worst were to happen, you were going to intervene so that the three of you could escape before word got out. You waited for Gilbert's signal.

"On the count of drei," He mouthed.



You were just about ready to screw the cap off until an obnoxious and painfully awkward laugh filled the room. You whipped your head around to gape at Gilbert, "Was that you?"

Gilbert's expression was just as stunned as yours were, "Nein. Don't tell me that's --"

He never got the chance to finish his sentence as Ludwig started speaking in possibly the worst American accent ever known to man. "HAHAHAHA!" The German cackled. "What are you talking about? I love hamburgers and freedom! Of course I'm American! HAHAHAHAHAHA!"

You could've shitted your pants out of how hilarious Ludwig sounded right now. Not to mention that he just screamed about loving hamburgers as if that proved anything. Gilbert slapped a hand onto his mouth to stifle his laughter. His face was turning red and tears prickled your eyes as you held onto your tummy.

"Oh god, I can't -- " You bit your tongue, desperately trying to stop yourself from laughing out loud.

Unfortunately, Gilbert couldn't contain his snicker. "This is hilarious! Kesesese -- Mmpfghhh!"

Discreetly, Ludwig shoved a hand into the trough and clamped it onto the Prussian's head to stop him from ruining his chance. And hallelujah, it worked! But little did the German know that he wasn't only crushing his brother's head, but he was shoving Gilbert's mouth onto yours.

Your eyes widened in surprise as a furious blush dusted your cheeks. Gilbert was kissing you!

Gilbert Beilschmidt was kissing you!

Great Gilbird, call the medics! Gilbert was kissing you!

Your eyes met his shocked ruby eyes. He smirked against your lips and before you knew it, his hand rested on the back of your head, deepening the kiss.  Should you slap him? Should you push him away? Should you kick him in the land where his five meters dwelled? You didn't know but it felt so good yet so wrong!


You let out a muffled scream and attempted to push the Prussian away but the nosier you were, the more Ludwig shoved his older brother's face onto yours. And man was Gilbert taking advantage of the situation. The albino grabbed your hands to stop you from struggling and before you knew it, you fell into the kiss.

And damn was he a good kisser.

The soldier's tense frown was quickly replaced by a smile, "Oh you're right! Yeah, I can tell you're totally American." He gave Ludwig a wave as he headed towards the exit, "You should start heading to the mess hall. Dinner is going to start soon."

Ludwig relaxed his shoulders as he let out a sigh of relief, "Y-Yeah, thank you. HAHAHA…haha…haa…" Ludwig covered his face in utter embarrassment, "I am never doing that again."

His released his grip on Gilbert's head and at that moment, the Prussian pulled away from the intense make out session. You were still in a daze as Gilbert hopped out of the trough. "Mein Gott, don't be ridiculous Ludwig!" Letting out his contagious signature laugh, he patted the German on the shoulder humorously. You quickly snapped out of your daze, a mad blush covering your cheeks as the tips of your ears. Your heart was pounding and it felt like your bones suddenly turned to jelly, causing you to stumble awkwardly out of the trough. Without his brother noticing, Gilbert glanced over his shoulder to give you a devious grin as he wiped away a bit of saliva from corner of his mouth with his sleeve,

"We really should do this more often~"
Episode 14 has to be my most favorite episode from The Beautiful World! Except with some reader-chan action! kaomoji set 2 67/67 
I always wondered how Gilbert managed to stay quiet. I mean, if that was me, this would be the only way to shut me up. 
But if it's Gilbert we're talking about...then I'm never gonna shut up if I can get this kind of reaction Llama Emoji-16 (Nose Bleed) [V1] 

Thanks for reading, hope you liked it! kaomoji set 1 18/19 

And a big shout out and thank you to SailorSetsuna for the awesome ending line! Llama Emoji-46 (This and That)  It was really what this fic was missing Llama Emoji-65 (Blood Tears...) [V3] 
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“Where the hell is _____?  She said she was coming back with those sandwiches ein week ago!”

“Relax, mon cheri.  Our belle _____ has only been gone for twenty minutes, non?” (my dear...beautiful)

“Sí, Gilbert, relax.  Our señorita bonita will be back soon.” (pretty lady)

Gilbert, Francis, and Antonio were all lounging in the backyard at your house.  Your great-uncle had decided he wanted to spend his golden years travelling and had given you his house, a seven-bedroom estate in the country with an in-ground pool, a rose garden, and plenty of space.  Needless to say, the three of them had pretty much moved in with you.

Toni was lying in a lounge chair reading a sports magazine with a soccer player on the cover, while Francis lay with his eyes closed in a chair beside the pool, soaking up the sun and sighing in contentment.  Only Gilbert was irritated, wondering where you were and, subsequently, where the lunch you had promised them was.

He got up in impatience from the table he was sitting at underneath a big shade umbrella. “That’s it.  Silly Frau probably got lost in there again und took our lunches with her.  The awesome Prussia is going to go find them - her, find her!”

Antonio nodded absently, but Francis had fallen asleep.  Gilbert got up then, heading into the house and deciding to start at the kitchen.

As he approached, he heard you moving around, humming happily to yourself.  The way your kitchen was set up, he was able to see you long before you saw him, as you were facing the oven and he was coming up the hall.  You were looking contentedly at the oven as you pulled it open to remove a big tray, putting it on the stovetop.

You were humming to yourself as you garnished the sandwiches, but then you started to sing happily. “~Carry on, my wayward bun/There’ll be eats when you are done/Lay your weary bread to rest/Don’t be dry no more~!”

Gilbert lost it then, laughing crazily. “Kesesese~!  _____, did you just come up with that, or do you always sing theme songs to our lunches?!”

“Gil!” You blushed immediately at being caught, dropping the tin of dried basil you had been holding.  It dropped and rolled away from you, and you followed it, ignoring Prussia for the time being.

You made a grab for it, but an unnaturally white hand snatched it up, and its owner grinned down at you. “You didn’t answer mein question, Frau.”

Red-faced, embarrassed, you glared up at him. “Give it back, Gil!  You want to eat, don’t you?”

He lounged against the kitchen island, tossing the basil back and forth in his hands. “I waited this long already, didn’t I?  I am so awesome I could live purely off of how awesome I am!”

“Ugh!” You growled in frustration, lunging for the basil.

He held it above your head with one hand, yawning, teasing, “Reach, Frau!  Grow ein inch or two und you’ll have it!  Kesese~!”

“Damn it, Gil!” You shouted in frustration, still reaching and still failing.  You put a hand against his chest to get some leverage, and you were an inch closer to your spice for a second.

Only for a second, because Prussia pulled your hand away from his chest, holding it to the side so you couldn’t put it back. “No cheating, that’s not awesome at all!”

“No, what’s not awesome is spying on your friend while she’s making your lunch and then taking her herbs so she can’t even finish doing that!” You blurted in a rush, frowning.

He shook it mockingly above your head, grinning down at you through eyes like cool cherries on a warm summer day. “Too bad, Fraulein, you’re not getting it back so easily!”

“Well if you’d let go of my hand-!” You grunted, jumping to grab at the basil.

Prussia held it easily out of your reach, mocking, “Mein arm is getting tired.”

You dropped yours in a huff then before turning watery [e/c] eyes up to his. “Gil, I just…wanna finish these sandwiches.  G-give it back.”

He had thought for a moment that you were playing him, but the hitch in your voice and the petulant way you were gritting your teeth to hold your lip steady convinced him.  He dropped his arm then, holding the basil out to you. “H-Hey, _____, what’s going on with you?  I was just messing around, I didn’t mean to-“

“To get tricked?” You teased, grinning as you basiled your and Antonio’s sandwiches.

“You bitch!” He laughed, tackling you.

“Ahh, Gil!” You yelped, tripping. “Jesus!” You landed on your ass on the kitchen floor, and Prussia landed on top of you. “Oof-!  Gil, get off!  Oww, son of a bitch!” You whined, rubbing your ass.

He only laughed. “Your ass is big enough to take a hit like that, nein?”

“Motherfucker!  Take that back!” It was your turn to tackle him, and this time, you both landed on his back.

“What will you do if I don’t, Fraulein?” He teased, unconcerned, from beneath you.

You straddled his hips as you pinned him to the floor, but you reached one hand up to rummage in a drawer as you smirked. “This.”

You pulled a small container out of the drawer that looked sort of like a clear egg filled with liquid and wearing a gnome’s hat.  Gil looked horrified when he saw that. “Nein, don’t!  Is that-?”

“Food coloring.” You nodded. “Looks like blue.  And if I drip this on you, Mr. Albino…” You began to giggle. “You’ll look like a smurf for a month!”

“Nein!  Nein, that is so not awesome!” Prussia protested. “Bitte, bitte, what do I have to do, _____?  Come on, name your price!”

“Apologize.” You smirked.

“Anything but that!” He cried.  You reached for the cap, and he put up his hands in defense, blurting, “I’m sorry, Fraulein!”

You grinned, tossing the food coloring back into the drawer and sitting back on your haunches, hands on your hips as you grinned down at your friend. “There.  Was that so hard?”

“Nein, I guess not.” He said in surprise.  Then, he propped himself up on his elbows, grinning at you where you sat on his hips. “But I know something else that is.”

You rolled your eyes. “Yeah, nice try, Gil, I’m sitting on your lap, remember?  I think I’d know if-“ You bounced on his lap to prove your point, then broke off abruptly, your eyes widening and your face turning red. “What the actual hell, Gilbert Beilschmidt?!”

You tried to scramble off of him, but his hands made their way to your hips, keeping you in position.  He sat up slowly, leaning forward until he was in kissing distance, those ruby eyes never leaving your [matching gemstone] ones and the grin never leaving his face. “Nein, _____.  Stay there, ja?  We can-“

He broke off, stunned, as you slapped him.  His eyes wide and hurt, he got to his feet, his hand to his cheek.  He dropped it though, even more stunned, as he saw the tears in the corners of your eyes and knew that this time, you weren’t faking. “Fraulein, what-?”

“I’m not a whore, Gil.” You said angrily, hurt. “I know what you and Toni and Francis are like with women.  But I’m not going to just jump in bed with you because you’re bored, you bastard!  I thought-!  We’re supposed to be friends, you know?  I would’ve thought you’d care enough about my feelings to not want to just-!”

“_____.” He said softly, taking your hands.  You looked down at the white hands wrapped around your [s/c] ones, but when you looked up into the rubies that glistened down at you, you were surprised to see them serious for once. “I don’t want to just anything.  I want…you.  You’ve heard Toni und Francis teasing me about not getting any lately, und why do you think that is?”

You shrugged, bewildered, and he laughed gently. “It’s your fault, liebe.  Since we started hanging out with you, I…haven’t wanted to look at other women.  At first I thought I was just off mein game, but that would’ve been ridiculous, because I’m too awesome for that.  So I knew it was a choice, und once I figured that out, I knew why I was choosing to fail with every woman I came across.  It’s…because they aren’t you.”

“What is wrong with you?” You whispered, baffled.

“What?” He asked, stunned. “You’re…turning me down?!”

“No, you idiot, but seriously?!  Who confesses his feelings like that?!  ‘Oh, hey, I’m Prussia, lemme just steal your basil, let you straddle me, get a boner, and then tell you it’s because I like you’!  Are you serious?!”

He laughed. “Well, ja.  I couldn’t do it like some normal loser, could I?  That wouldn’t be awesome at all!” He scratched at his jaw. “Plus, I didn’t really want to tell you today.  I just wanted my sandwich.  But you looked so cute singing to our sandwiches~, I couldn’t resist!”

You sighed then, a hand on your hip, but you quirked a smile up at him. “So, hey.  Are you gonna kiss me or what?”

He grinned. “Hell ja, Fraulein, I thought you’d never ask!”

If you had expected a soft, tender kiss, you would have been sorely disappointed, but luckily, you had actually expected the forceful, passionate way he pressed his mouth to yours.  Expected, yes.  Been prepared for?  No.

The butterflies in your stomach came to life so abruptly you actually thought you were sick for a second before you realized you were just excited for the kiss.  You grabbed him back, and in no time at all, the two of you found yourselves back on the floor, hands tangled in hair, bodies pressed together, and tongues twining.

You heard the door open just then, and you hissed, “Son of a cunt!” while Prussia growled, “Scheisse, I’m not missing out on this!”

Immediately, he scooped you up, sprinted out of the kitchen, and ran up the stairs with you. “Jesus!” You hissed, clutching him tightly to avoid falling.

“’Jesus’ is ein little formal.  Just ‘Gilbert’ is fine.” He grinned.

“Oh my god.” You laughed quietly. “You arrogant, sexy bastard.”

Pulling open the first bedroom door he came to, he grinned as he entered and closed it behind him, heading purposefully toward the bed. “Speaking of bastards…let’s go make one, ja?  Or I guess we can just practice.”

“Gil, honey…are you sure about this?  Because I’m pretty sure it’s just your pickup lines that have been making you strike out.”

He dropped you onto the bed then, jumping in after you, wrapping a hand in your hair and pulling your head back to expose your throat to his mouth.  He nibbled, kissed, and licked you into a panting mess before he brought his lips to your ear to murmur, “I’m sure, Mausi.  I’m sure because I haven’t even tried for ein couple of months now.” (Mausi is a pet name like honey or baby; it means mouse.)

After that, your mouth stopped him from ruining those words by refusing to let any more out of his.

Downstairs, meanwhile, Antonio and Francis had found their lunches.  Francis sighed happily. “Oh, ma belle _____ has outdone herself!  French bread, warm, crusty on the outside and soft on the in, with the most delicately sliced meats I have ever seen and such a lovely garnish!”

“Sí, she really has!” Antonio grinned. “Tomato and mozzarella with balsamic vinaigrette, ahh!”

“I hope she isn’t really lost.” Francis fretted, looking at your [favorite sandwich]. “It was only a couple of weeks ago when she got lost in here for two days.”

“She’s probably just hiding from Gilbert somewhere.” Spain shrugged. “He must not have found her in here or that wurst and cheese on potato bread loaf would be gone.”

“Well, there is no sense in allowing this finely prepared meal to go to waste, non?  She would not want that.”

“No, you’re right.  We better eat.”

They ate, and afterwards, Spain yawned. “Well, I think it’s time for a little siesta.  All this sun has me sleepy.  I’ll catch you later on, okay?”

He waved, and he headed upstairs as France walked back out to the pool.  Francis had just waded in and was preparing to dive under when he heard an unearthly screech, a thud, some Germanic shouting, and high-pitched Spanish prayers.  Wide-eyed, he stared at the house, and he was finally able to make out some female English.

“Toni, you bastard!  There are seven bedrooms in this house; why the hell did you have to pick this one?!  Occupado!”

After a while, Antonio walked out to join France at the side of the pool.  France’s jaw dropped as he looked at Spain’s black eye, and Spain just looked at him in amusement.

“Found them.  Damn, she packs a punch, eh?  They’re, ah…they’re gonna be busy for a while.”

Wrote this forever ago and forgot to post it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Have some Prussia smut!

Hetalia belongs to Himaruya
The plot belongs to me
Youuuuu belong to APH Prussia: Sparkles 

Find more Prussia love here! (It's actually pretty sad so you know, be ready for that.)
PrussiaXReader: Promise Me (Songfic)

And I don't feel like spamming, but if you like my writing style, my gallery is filled with GermanyXReader stuff along with a few for America, Romano, and Russia, so check it out :3
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    Gilbert sighs and and stares up over the small city. He doesn’t really want to delve into the minds and souls of the inhabitants, but he doesn’t care enough to stop his urges. Gilbert wasn’t always like this. He was always fallen. Angels sometimes grow curious of the human realm. And sometimes they experiment. Gilbert couldn't stop himself when his first encounter with a human woman came, severing himself from Heaven completely. And he is nothing but a hollow shell. He’s been transformed into an incubus.

    It’s still bright out, so he’s not as strong as he normally would be. If he were to come in sexual contact with anyone right now, he would be visible to them without his consent. So he decides to wander through the city. There are so many people. He sees them everyday. It’s so boring. Germany has become so boring. Humanity has become so boring. No one is special anymore. It sucks because Gilbert used to always prey on the unique. With no one special, what is he but even more hollow than before?

    He walks the streets in silence, invisible to all humans around him. Just one...just one desirable woman was all he really needs. One who would really satisfy the urges he has placed upon himself through his own fault. He wishes to himself just to find one person who could satisfy the gnawing in his chest.

    (y/n) has just moved to a smaller city in eastern Germany. She’s taking an abroad program here and is renting a very small apartment for herself. She has just unpacked everything and now only has one thing to do before she can really settle in. She needs to go shopping for dinner. All she wants is to buy a few things. She doesn’t want to spend too much on her first evening. But her stomach growls keep reminding her that she really is hungry.

    (y/n) steps out onto the street, humming an old tune softly to herself. She wishes that she knew German better than she did. But that was one of the benefits of studying abroad. She could learn just by living here. Her humming grows just a bit louder as she gets lost in her own thoughts. People walking by notice and stare as she passes them. They don’t stare because she’s weird. They stare because her voice is so enthralling. It’s almost mystifying. And it’s enough to catch the attention of something unwanted.

    She doesn’t notice him as he walks in her footsteps. It’s rather hard to notice something invisible and intangible. Something...supernatural. All (y/n) notices is how much hungrier she is when she actually has food in her arms from the market.

    She even sings softly to herself as she cooks. Her voice is so soft, so melodic. She has never thought about chasing a music career, but she would make it if she tried. She finishes her dinner rather quickly and decides to get ready for bed. Everything here seems so perfect. That feels perfect until a strange chill floods her senses. (y/n) isn’t sure where it came from. All her windows are shut and locked tightly. She just shrugs it off and gets to sleep.

    Gilbert isn’t sure how he missed such a beauty. Her (h/l), (h/c) hair. Those bright, (e/c) eyes. And her voice. The second he heard that voice, he was stunned beyond all means. It was like he was in Heaven again. It felt as though he never fell from it in the first place. He hasn’t felt like that in so long. He followed her to her home and watched her silently. She was singing as she cooked her human food for her human body. He stopped watching her eventually and just...listened. And then when the sun had set and the girl was getting ready for bed, he dared to touch her. Gilbert saw how his touch stole the warmth from her entire body, but he couldn’t help himself. He felt himself drawn to her in such a peculiar way.

    Now Gilbert lies next to the girl as she sleeps. He thought that he would want to take her and soil her body. But now that he has felt the reverberations of her voice ringing throughout his very being, he knows he couldn’t debase her so easily. He wants to hear that voice again.  So Gilbert allows his intangible body lie close to hers. “I don’t even know her name,” he whispers to himself. He touches her hair and runs his hand along the curve of her back. Gilbert would love to draw closer to the girl, but he knows that everything he does to her as she sleeps, she will feel in her dreams. He doesn’t want to scare her away yet. He wants to be by her side for as long as he can, just to feel the sensations of her voice.

    (y/n) stirs in her sleep a bit at the touch of the incubus, but she does not wake. Gilbert moves away quickly. It’s all so confusing. He should be able to touch her as he pleases like he has with every other human he has even encountered. So why is he nervous to scare this maiden away when she has yet to even know of his existence? “Frau,” he whispers in her ear. “I vill remain by your side. Vezher you vant me to or not.”

    Day after day, life is rather normal for (y/n). She enjoys going to school. She loves to walk around her new neighborhood. She loves her little apartment that gives her the privacy to sing her little tunes as she picks up after herself and does her homework (which is the one downer to her days in Germany). She even starts applying for jobs within her first week in Germany. She’s just trying to make the most out of her time here.

    But there’s something that confuses her a little. Perhaps it is due to homesickness, or maybe it is just her sheer excitement for the new opportunities presented to her, but (y/n) has been having these dreams. They’re mostly different. But there is a recurring character. She never sees his face. But she hears his voice and she feels his touch against her flesh. The dreams come every night. The man has even begun to whisper her name before consciousness takes over her. She doesn’t mind the dreams so much. (y/n) just...wishes that she knew what they meant.

    She can carry on with her daily routine, working and singing softly to herself, with or without the thoughts of the man resting on her mind. She doesn’t find it harmful to think of the man. She only wishes that she knew his name. She wants to name him herself, but everything she’s come up with doesn’t suit him very well.

    (y/n) sighs and tries to think of something else for a little while. But when one character is haunting your dreams every night, it’s hard to set the thought of him aside. After a while, (y/n) understands that she can’t get the sound of his voice out of her head.

    And Gilbert. He can’t bare to be away from (y/n). He hates it when she’s silent. The sound of her voice floods his senses. It makes his black wings feel white again. It reminds him of the sweet smell of Heaven. He has found himself enjoying the look on her (s/c) face when her (e/c) eyes light up at the thought of him residing in her dreams.

    And every night, when she’s asleep, he whispers to her. He’s even confessed to her a few times what he is. How he failed his brothers in Heaven. How it is her voice alone that reminds him of the sweeter existence. Gilbert has come to accept the fact that he will never soil (y/n). He cherishes the feelings that she gives him too much to allow his own urges to destroy them.

    The hardest thing for Gilbert to come to terms with is that (y/n) will only be by his side in her dreams. If she saw the monster--the demon that he truly is, there would be no reason for her to sing for him anymore. But he wants so badly to truly hold the human in his arms. It’s a feeling that he’s never felt before. He’s not quite sure how to handle it.

    “Frau,” he whispers in her ear one night. “(y/n)...” He dares to stroke her soft, (h/c) hair. “I vant you to know zhat I am more zhan just a dream,” he murmurs. “(y/n)...I’m an incubus...a demon. But I vould never hurt you…” he confesses softly. All the demon can hope for is that (y/n) will not spite him for he has told her. He stays by her side until the sun rises, humming a simple tune of his own in her ear.

    When (y/n) wakes up the next morning, all she can hear in her head are the things that Gilbert told her. She can’t get his voice out of her thoughts. And that song he was singing in her head, that is the worst. All day she finds herself humming, unable to rid herself of the infectious earworm. And then, as she was making herself another lonely dinner, she finally put words to his tune.

    “In sleep he sang to me,” she murmurs to herself, unknowingly catching the attention of the incubus who wove the tune into her very being, “in dreams he came.” The entire apartment chills as Gilbert grows more conscious of her voice. “That voice which calls to me,” (y/n) pauses slowly and looks around for the presence she can suddenly feel in her kitchen, “and speaks my name.

    She follows the patterns on the floor to find the silhouette of a man. “And do I dream again? For now I find,” smoke begins to rise from the shadow, “the demon of the night is there…” (y/n) pauses and stares as the shadows and smoke begin to form a man. “inside my mind.

    Gilbert feels himself drawing pieces of a physical body together by the sound of her voice. He wants to finally answer her sweet tones. “Sing once again with me,” his voice rings out for the first time in centuries, “our strange duet.” He can feel the chilling smoke form a body as he finally responds to (y/n)’s enthralling voice. “My power over you,” he feels himself smirk slightly, “grows stronger yet.

    (y/n) stares up at him in shock as synthetic skin begins to cover the smoke. She looks behind her to see if she might escape from the demon she has called into her home. Gilbert notices and tries not to sneer at her. “And though you turn from me to glance behind,” he reaches out to her with a pearly arm, “the demon of the night is there…” His humanoid eyes finally open, glowing a frightening crimson and allowing him to finally look upon (y/n) as a benign creature might, “inside your mind…

    (y/n) blushes as she stares up at the alluring face. Of course an incubus would be so fascinating. She knows how that face has led others to their doom. Yet she stands firmly before the demon, replying in her angelic tones. “Those who have seen your face,” she sings softly to the incubus, “draw back in fear.” She blushes to herself as she sings words she’s never thought to say before, “I am the mask you wear…

    Gilbert replies more earnestly than he dreamed he would. “It's me they hear.

    (y/n) steps forward toward what she knows to be a demon, fearless as she’s always been. Yet she’s surprised to hear her next words matched by his. “Your spirit and my voice in one combined,” (y/n) can’t stop herself from reaching out to take his porcelain hand.

    She stops herself from making contact. “The demon of the night is there…

    Gilbert cringes at her hesitation, but continues as though he can’t help himself, “inside your mind.

    (y/n) let’s her conscious go as she grasps onto the demon’s hand. Gilbert feels warmth flooding his senses as he pulls her close. He swears he can hear both angels and demons whispering in his head. He's there the demon of the night. He only hopes that (y/n) doesn’t hear them as well. Beware the demon of the night.

    Gilbert holds her closer to his pseudo-body and whispers softly in her ear. “In all your fantasies,” he draws back a bit so that he can look into her sparkling (e/c) eyes, “you always knew…” He looks her over and finds only sincerity. “That man and mystery…

    (y/n) blushes under his gaze and sings softly, “were both in you.

    Gilbert lowers his face to hers, relishing in the fact that this angel is singing to him. They join tones again, whispering the same words. “And in this labyrinth where night is blind...” (y/n) draws back a bit to look into the demon’s eyes again. “The demon of the night is here…

    “...inside my mind,” (y/n) finishes with a voice that surges feeling into Gilbert’s brittle bones.

    He wraps his arms around her and nuzzles his face into her neck. To have such soft, warm flesh welcome him close so innocently is something so satisfying. He brings his cold lips to her ear once again, murmuring, “Sing, my angel of music…

    (y/n)’s (e/c) eyes widen and she pulls away softly. “Who are you?” she asks. “What was that?”

    “I suppose my human name is Gilbert,” the demon replies as he stares back into her eyes. “Oh don’t know how you have completed me...such a sveet how zhe angels used to sing in Heaven.”

    (y/n) reaches up to touch his stoney face. “You’re a demon...and you’re not going to hurt me? How does that happen?”

    “Not all Fallen seek zhe destruction of souls, (y/n),” Gilbert tells her softly. He nuzzles her neck again. “Vill you let me stay vizh you?”

    “O-of course…” (y/n) replies quietly. There’s no way she can sever her ties with this monster now. Not after what had just come over the two of them.

    Gilbert stays by her side as much as he can. He begins to simulate human life. The urges that comes with being an incubus slowly fade to the back of his mind. (y/n) can complete him with much more than just her voice. Her kindness and gentle nature rub off on the demon quite a bit. Though he can’t exactly help himself sometimes...Gilbert knows that he can never hurt (y/n). He does touch her on occasion, but that always comes with a smack to the head from his victim.

    (y/n) does like having him around though. Gilbert can be lazy. And he does like “vhat you humans call alcohol.” But he does swear to protect (y/n) to the best of his abilities. He offers her a strong companion. A strange companion, but a good one nonetheless. He loves to act like a human more than he thought he would. (y/n) even makes him get a job at an animal shelter. It doesn’t take long before he brings in a cute little bird home.

    And the two are always humming and singing to each other when they are home. Gilbert’s face always looks so peaceful when (y/n) whispers a tune in his ear. She loves the look his crimson eyes get. “(y/n),” Gilbert calls to her one day. He sneaks behind her and wraps his chilled arms around her waist. “How is my favorite human?”

    “What are you doing?” (y/n) asks as she stares down at his hands. “Are you ok, Gil?”

    He smiles at the nickname she has given him. “Come vatch one of zhose human movies vizh me tonight.” He pulls her close and drags her to the couch. “We haven’t bonded today, frau. Let’s do zhat now.”

    “What are you talking about?” (y/n) asks as he pulls her on top of him on the couch. “Is this your demon side coming out?”

    “Shush, nein,” Gilbert grumbles. “I only vant to be close to you. Is that so bad?”

    “I suppose not…” (y/n) grumbles. Gilbert pulls her closer and runs his fingers through her (h/c) hair. “What do you want, Gil?”

    “Vill you do somezhing for me?” he asks her quietly.

    “What is it?”

    “Sing, my angel of music…
So this is my entry for this musical contest

This is also the first songfic I've ever done...not sure if I did it right...

The song is "Phantom of the Opera" from Phantom of the Opera
I had to replace "Phantom of the Opera" with "demon of the night" so that I could make the story more my own.

I don't own the song
I don't own Hetalia
I found the picture on tumblr :3
(So I don't own that either)
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    "No no no. You have to button this shirt up," he told her sternly.

    (y/n) raised a brow at her older brother and crossed her arms over her chest. "There are no buttons on this shirt, Arthur."

    Arthur glared at his little sister before looking away. "Then you should change your shirt. Wearing something like that will give the wrong idea to all those perverts out there looking to hook up with innocent, abstinent young women like yourself."

    "Arthur," (y/n) hissed at him. "Don't be stupid. This doesn't even show cleavage. Just finish dressing yourself before you start to criticize what I'm wearing, ok?"  

    He huffed at her before returning to his room. He finished getting ready for the day and headed downstairs to have breakfast with his little sister. Arthur was kind of in a mood when he woke up, but (y/n) wasn't helping much.

    "I'm gonna put (f/c) streaks in my hair," she told him.

    "No you are not. You're a high schooler, not some punk rocker," he grumbled.

     "Arthur!" she growled. "You're not Dad. Stop telling me what to do all the time."

    "Someone has to look out for you," he retorted. "And since I'm your older brother, I guess it has to be me."

    "I don't need you looking out for me," she replied as she stood up. "Arthur...please..."

    "Come now," Arthur said quietly, standing up. "We're going to be late to school if we don't leave soon."



    (y/n) stepped out of her brother' scar and headed over to her friends. She didn't have too many classes with them this year so this was one of the few times she got to hang out with them. It's one of her few chances to complain about her brother to someone other than her brother.

    "So has anyone asked you out to the dance yet?" Bella asked her friend with a bright smile.

    "No. Not yet," (y/n) murmured. "But it doesn't really matter. Arthur would never let me go no matter who asked me."

    "Don't be silly. I'm sure if it was someone nice like Matthew he would let you," Bella told her reassuringly.

    "I highly doubt that," she muttered under her breath.

    The bell rung and everyone had to get to class. (y/n) made her way to English, grumbling to herself the entire time. Bella might have been on to something. Her brother was nearly as insane as Arthur yet she could go to the dance with Toni, a guy her brother hated. Well, it didn't matter anyway because no one had asked her to go to the dance yet.

    She sat at her desk, which was surrounded by people she couldn't care less about. Someone poked her shoulder rather roughly from behind. (y/n) turned around and glared at the guy who had poked her. "Hey. What are you doing?" she asked him quietly.

    "Vell, frau," her albino classmate called back with a smirk. "I zhought zhat you deserved to see mein awesome face zhis morning is all it vas."

    "Well that's very kind of you," (y/n) replied with a sarcastic snort. "But I would appreciate it if you would refrain from doing that once class actually starts, Gilbert."

    "You know mien awesome name? I'm so touched, (y/n). I must be more awesome zhan I zhought."

    "Yeah, that's what it is," (y/n) replied. She and Gilbert weren't the closest of friends, but they had always been able to joke around with each other before and sometimes during class. "Is there a reason you're being more annoying than usual today?"

    "Ja, I alvays have a reason to be annoying," he told her with a smirk. "I vant you to go to zhe dance vizh me."

    "Wait...what?" (y/n) asked him quietly. She hadn't expected anyone to ask her--especially with her brother threatening to poison anyone who did with his cooking. "Gil...are you serious?"

    "Ja. Vhy vould I joke about somezhing like zhat? Zhat vould be so unawesome, you know."

    "So you are serious?"

    "How many times do you vant me to say it?"

   "Alright Gil, you don't have to be so sassy," (y/n) retorted. "I'll go with you if you really want me to."

    "Zhat' so kind of you," he said with a wink. "Vear somezhing nice for me, ja?"

    "Yeah I'll try," (y/n) told him. She laughed and turned back to face forward. Now she had a date. All she had to worry about was her brother. She didn't even want to tell Arthur about it. He would probably tie her up to prevent her from going to the dance with anyone--especially someone like Gilbert.

    (y/n) had to admit it to herself. She was happy that Gilbert had been the one to ask her out. Ok, maybe she was a little more than happy. She hadn't even admitted it to herself yet that she had a crush on the eccentric albino.

    That made her start to question things. How long had she had feelings for the guy? Why did she have feelings for him? He was certainly unique. But he was incredibly egotistical. Yet he was also kindhearted. Maybe that was it.
    "I should go buy a new dress...huh?" (y/n) asked herself quietly. "It's a it shouldn't be anything too fancy...but it can still be something cute..."

    "Excuse me?" someone called from the doorway. "Are you talking about the dance this Friday?" Arthur asked her quietly. "You're actually going? With whom, might I ask."

   "Just a friend, Artie," she said with a nervous smile. "Please calm down."

    "Just calm down?" Arthur asked her quietly. "Fine...I...I'm sorry for getting into your business so much."

    "You're just trying to look out for me, right? It's fine," (y/n) told him quietly.

    "If I don't look out for you, no one will..." Arthur grumbled. "So you should let me do my job sometimes, ok?"

    "You worry too much," she replied. "Arthur...please..."

    "Who is the guy you're going with anyway? It sounds like you like him as more than just a friend," Arthur asked her quietly.

    "I do not!" (y/n) cried. It was embarrassing to talk to her brother about boys anyway. She slammed the door in his face and proceeded with her daydreaming.

    Arthur stood on the other side of the door in silence. Was (y/n) that afraid to tell him who she liked? He was always in her business...but that was just because he didn't want her getting hurt. She had only dated one guy before and it ended in complete heartbreak. He didn't want to see her so depressed ever again. So Arthur made a vow to himself to protect (y/n) from heartbreak as best he could. He thought he was doing a pretty good job too.

    "So I'll pick you up seven, ok?" Gilbert told (y/n) as she sat down in her seat the next day. "Ve can meet zhe guys at zhe dance."

    "I think it would be better to just carpool, you know?" she replied nervously. "Gas prices these days..."

    "Vell I guess if you vant ve can do it zhat vay. But ve von't get much privacy."

    "I didn't know we would be needing privacy," (y/n) told him as she raised a brow. "What for, might I ask."

    "It's supposed to be an awesome surprise for you, frau."

    "Is that so?"

    "Ja. Don't vorry so much like your big bruder. I can be a gentleman vhen I vant to."

    "I'll believe that when I see it."

    Gilbert scoffed at her and stuck his tongue out as she turned around. He stared at the back of her head for a while as he thought about how things after the dance would go. He hoped that she would be compliant to say the least. Things could go so well.

    After class, Gilbert was about to smack (y/n)'a butt as she left, but he decided against it for obvious reasons. Instead, he shoved her away playfully and walked in the opposite direction, giving her a wink as he walked.

    He met up with Antonio and Francis at their lockers. Francis was usually the first one there after this class but he was a little late. He looked a little disheveled too.

    "What happened to you, amigo?" Antonio asked him with an oddly cheerful smile.

    "Zhe girls still can't manage to take no for an answer?" Gilbert asked him with a smirk.

    " new lab partner is zhe devil incarnate..." he replied wearily. "I zhink 'e's still chasing me..."

    "You bloody frog!" Arthur screamed from down the hall. "You better get back to the Anatomy room and help me clean up that mess!" Arthur came storming towards the three and grabbed Francis by his hair. "I cannot believe you could be so inconsiderate!"

    "Of all zhe people you could upset, you had to go vizh Kirkland?" Gilbert asked his friend tiredly. "Sometimes I zhink zhat I've surrounded myself vizh awesome idiots." He looked at the clock on the wall and sighed. "I'll see you losers later. See you Friday, Artie!"

    "And why is that?" Arthur called after him, his hands on his hips.

    "Because...I'm taking your sister to zhe dance? Vhy else vould I see you outside of school?" After rolling his eyes, he turned and made his way to his next class.

    Arthur was left speechless. So that was why (y/n) didn't tell him who she was going with? It was that obnoxious, womanizing freak? Did she actually like him? No. She couldn't. He tries his hardest to teach her to not give a damn about scum like him. But she was still going to the dance with him. Arthur had to stop this. He couldn't let (y/n) do this to herself.

    "(y/n)!" he screamed as he walked through the door. "You can't be serious about your date to the dance!"

    (y/n) was in her room, trying on a new dress. "What are you talking about?" she called back.

    "Gilbert Bielschmidt?" Arthur nearly screamed. "Is this some kind of a sick joke?"

    "Gil happens to be very nice to me, Arthur."

    "That's because he wants to get into your pants!" he yelled back. Arthur stood in the doorway and glared at (y/n). She looked so stunning in her dress. Too stunning. "Seriously, love. You don't think he has some hidden motive? He and Elizaveta just broke up. You don't think he's just using you to fill that void?"

    "Um...Arthur? He and Liz have been broken up for almost a year now...I think he's ok," she retorted.

    "But you've seen how he treats girls! He doesn't care about anyone but himself and his penis--which I highly doubt is nearly as large as he says it is."


    "He probably just invited you today so that he could have fresh meat to grope at the dance! How could you be so stupid!"

    "Arthur! You're wrong about him so shut up! Don't talk to me!" She slammed the door in his face once again.

    By the time the dance actually rolled around, (y/n) wasn't as happy to go as she was at the beginning. All of Arthur's words made sense. Gilbert had always been a player. The only time he had ever been serious about anyone was when he was dating Liz. He had probably asked her out and she turned him down. That meant that (y/n) was just some replacement...just some meat he could grope at the dance like Arthur said. It made her feel sick. She thought she looked so ugly in her new dress.

    Gilbert decided not to carpool. He kept saying things about privacy which made (y/n) feel even worse. If he even tried to cop a feel, she would be out of there before he even felt the pain of her foot popping his testicles. (y/n)  came outside to meet him. "Arthur's in a mood," she said quietly as she got into the car. "You don't want to go inside."

    "Vell...let's not let him ruin our fun tonight, ok? Zhat vould be totally unawesome." He smiled at her and began driving to school.


    "You vant to dance?" Gilbert asked her after a while. "You don't look like you're having much fun..."

    "I've been thinking..." (y/n) murmured. "Why did you ask me to the dance?"

    "Vhat? Vhy are you asking?"

    "It's not like you," she told him quietly. "Are you expecting to get something out of me? Because I'm not like the girls you chase."

    "Hey. Vhat are you going on about?" Gilbert asked her. He was certainly shocked, but a little pissed as well. "Vhy did you say yes if zhat's how you feel about me?"

    "You didn't answer my question," (y/n) grumbled. "Was it because no one else said yes? Was Liz too busy?"

    "Hey! Shut up!" Gilbert nearly yelled. If the music was any quieter, people would have stopped to listen. "She has nozhing to do vizh anyzhing!"

    "Then why are you getting all defensive?" she yelled back. "Why did you ask me to the dance?"

    Gilbert looked away from her. This wasn't how he planned for things to happen.

    "You know what? Just take me home. I was stupid to say yes to you in the first place."

    "Fine. You ruined my night too," Gilbert spat as he got up.

    "You still haven't even answered my question," (y/n) murmured as she followed him out to the parking lot. "And I don't know why we couldn't car pool either."

    "Vhy does it matter now? Vhy did you even say yes? You obviously don't like me at all."

    "That has nothing to do with it," (y/n) murmured. "I just know that you don't like me. Not the way I had thought you did when you first asked me out, anyway."

    "How zhe hell do you know how I feel about you?"

    "Please, Gil. I'm nothing like the girls you usually go for."

    "I know zhat--"

    "Were you expecting me to be?"

    Gilbert scoffed as he got into his car. "Shut up. You vere happy to be my date earlier. Vhat changed since then?"

    "Nothing's changed. I've just remembered  who you are."

    " suck more zhan your bruder."

    "Don't talk about my brother! He's just looking out for me!"

    "Vait." Gilbert pulled over and stopped the car. "Did he say somezhing about me? Is zhat vhy you're being so unawesome right now?"

    "What are you talking about? I just want to go home, Gilbert," she grumbled.

    "Vait. I have somezhing to say and you need to hear mein awesome words, ok? Your brozher is an idiot. Vhatever he told you about mien intentions vas wrong. I...I liked you, ok? Not zhe same vay zhat I like other girls..."

    "What's that supposed to mean," (y/n) grumbled.

    "I asked you out because I vant a serious relationship vizh you, ok?" He blushed hard as he looked away. "Zhat's vhy I didn't vant to carpool or anyzhing...I vanted to ask you out after an awesome night at zhe dance. But zhat didn't happen. And you seem to hate me."

    "I...I don't hate you...I just...listened to my brother for once."

   Gilbert chuckled quietly and continued driving home. "That vasn't very awesome. He must really hate me zhen."

    "No...he just...he doesn't want me to get hurt."

    "Do you zhink zhat I vould be so unawesome to hurt you?" he asked her, acting insulted.

    (y/n) giggled and looked out the window. "Sorry for ruining the dance for you."

    "Zhat place vas full of losers anyvay. I probably vould have chickened out like a little girl at zhe end of zhe night anyway instead of asking you out."

    "You still haven't really asked me out, Gil," (y/n) reminded him as he pulled into her driveway.

    "Zhen let me do zhat now," Gilbert called before she could leave the car. "But I'm going to be awesome about it. I'm going to take you to a fancy restaurant if you'll let me."

    "That sounds lovely," (y/n) replied with a smile. "You have my number. Text me when you've completed your awesome plan." She kissed his cheek before leaving the car and heading inside.

    She walked inside and sat down on the couch, smiling happily. Arthur came down from his bedroom and stared at her. "Did you have fun."

    "Not really, but I think I'm going to," she replied as she looked up at him.

    Arthur scoffed and folded his arms across his chest. "And what the bloody hell is that supposed to mean."

    "I think..." she started as she stood up. "I think I just got a new awesome boyfriend."

    "You're not serious--"

    "Don't worry so much,'re still mien awesome bruder."

    "My God, (y/n)...please don't..."

    (y/n) lunged at her brother and hugged him tightly. "Thank you for looking out for me, Arthur. Things worked out perfectly because of you."

    "That doesn't make me feel any better..."

    "Shut up and let me hug you."
This is for :iconoakwyrm999:
I tried to keep Prussia in character and it might not be as dramatic as you had hoped, but I hope you like it.

I don't own Hetalia
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    My hand grazed over things, some sharp, others smooth, but I felt something kind of... rough? I grasped the object firmly and pulled it out. It was a folded piece of paper. I opened it to see something drawn on it. I turned the paper a couple times, trying to make sense of the black lines.
    "... Okay I have no idea what this is," I declared. A second later it was snatched up by Alfred as he scrunched up his eyes, trying to figure out what is as well.
    "Okayyyy, who put in the picture of a rock?"
    "It's not a rock! It's mein awesome picture of Gilbird!" I turned to look at a albino man with a yellow bird sat upon his head. I stared at the bird and OH. MY. GOD. It was just the cutest thing!
    "Heh, sorry Gilbert, but to be fair you really suck at drawing." Gilbert started to pout a little at this, but his smile came back a moment later as his eyes landed on me.
    "Kesesese~ I bet your just jealous, because I get to be alone with this your hot best friend," Gilbert said, smirking a little at the end. Alfred just stared at him.
    "Ya, okay dude. Whatever you say." Alfred then pushed us in the closet and closed the door. It was quiet for a couple seconds, until I spoke up.
    "So, that bird on your shoulder is Gilbird?"
    "Kesese, yea, I found him a couple years ago. Some unawesome idiot left him on the street to starve." I could sort of see in the dark and I could make out Gilbird with wide, sparkling eyes. I couldn't help it anymore and took Gilbird quickly, but carefully, off Gilbert's shoulder.
    "He is just SOOOO CUTE!" I giggled as Gilbird chirped and nuzzled his head against my cheek. While I was so busy with Gilbird, I didn't notice it become completely quiet in the closet. Then I felt something grab my butt. Everything froze. I turned to see Gilbert with a smirk and his hand on the back of my jeans (Your butt). I deadly glare could be felt throughout the closet and I set Gilbird on my shoulder.

~Outside the Closet~

    "It's been really quiet in there. Do you think the chicka is okay?" Antonio asked, looking over at Alfred.
    "Trust me, the dudette can take care of herself."
    "Are you su-"
    "GILBBBBBEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRT!" A harsh yell came from the closet and there were a bunch of crashes and Gilbert yelling something about his 'awesome face being too awesome to punch.' Alfred looked back over at Antonio.
    "Told you so."

    I walked out the door, saying goodbye to my newly become friends.
    "Hey, [Name]?" I turned to see Elizaveta with a drunk Gilbert by her side, "can I borrow your car? I want to take Gilbert home so he doesn't get into any trouble." I stared for a moment.
    "I'll take him home."
    "What? Oh, that's not necessary [Name]! I can do it."
    "Nah, it's fine. I was going home, anyways. Just tell me where he lives and I'll take him home." After a LOT of convincing, Elizaveta finally let you take Gilbert. She told you the address and went back in Alfred's house for the rest of the party. I got Gilbert into the passenger seat and got into mine. Looking over, I sighed. 'Right he's drunk. Of course he won't be able to put his seat belt on.' I reached across the small gap between the driver's seat and the 'shot gun' seat. Unbeknownst to you, Gilbert was completely sober and was staring at your breasts (If you are a girl, you can understand wearing a low top and bending over, right?).
    The ride was pretty quiet, except for the couple of slurred (acting) drunkard in the seat next to me. I got to Gilbert's house and hopped out of my car. I went to Gilbert's side and helped him out and to the door. As I tried the handle, I realized it was locked. I looked under the welcome mat and in the plant by the door. Nothing. I then looked back at Gilbert, who was having a (fake) staring contest with the wall. 'He must have his keys on him.' I walked over and told him to stand still as I reached into his pockets, searching for the metal object. I finally found it stuck under his phone. I turned and unlocked the door. I turned back to get Gilbert inside, when a pair of lips crashed into mine. I noticed there was no alcoholic smell or taste in his mouth. 'He was sober the whole time?!'
    "Thanks for the pat down, [Name]." He placed a piece of paper in my hand and walked inside, closing the door behind him. I looked down at the paper.
    Call me. 453-473-9587  -Gilbert. (Fake number... don't actually call it) Underneath the writing was another badly drawn Gilbird.

Ich liebe dich.
(I love you.)
It's the awesome Prussia!!!!


I do not own Hetalia or you.
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"Ohhh _______" The voice echoed through the dark alley, it was dark and damp outside, but you payed attention to one thing and one thing only, getting away from him.

"Come out, come out where ever you aaare" You hear as heavy footsteps splash in water on the pavement.

"YOU CAN RUN BUT YOU CANT HIDE" He yells with an amused laugh, he was mocking you, walking slowly, letting you have your 'fun'

You run, your feet only a split second on the ground, tap tap tap the water drips through the pipes and onto roofs of the houses shielding the alley from the few cars driving on the road at this time.

"Here kitty kitty" his voice echo's

Your mind is driven mad, this effect, it's all happening and you're not dreaming… and you hate it. You keep jogging, anything to make sure your alone. You get so tired you slow your pace, out of breath panting like a dog. You stop and lean against the cold damp brick, your (favorite color) hoodie completely wet, your (hair color) hair gently dripping the cold H2O.

"There you are, _______" He says, emphasizing your name and coming out of the dark shadows, he was soaked, like you, bright red eyes peaking and glaring at you from his dark shades, a mysterious smirk on his mouth, he looked harsh already, even 10 feet away. The rain blurred your vision so you could hardly see, not to mention you felt dizzy from the running. Clutching your head, back against the wall you slide down, and open your mouth, ready to yell but BAM

"Don't even think about it" he says, his thick baseball bat against the wall right beside your head. "Not like anyone would hear you anyway" he shrugged
You look up at the man, not even making a sound; you try to make an effort to stand up. He pulls back on the bat and rests it on his shoulder by the nail-free area near the base.

[time skippppp~]

You... wake up?

You awoke in a house much like a cabin, old school but yet modern, it had a dark couches, the walls being dark wallpapers like from those Sherlock Holmes movies, the library-style. You were scanning the room for any tick of realizing where you were when you looked at the door and saw him standing, leaning against the brown wooden frame.

"Hello my dear _______" he mused with that dark tone of his. You manage to yell, or should I say shriek for help, but it was useless, outside the window it was dark and looked like the woods.

"OH LORD WILL YOU EVER SHUT THE HELL UP" he said banging his head against the wood he was leaning on, but then looked back at you. "Tell me _______, would you like a classic bat to the head," he said admiring his nail-struck beaten old bat "or a knife" he said glancing over to display case of expensive looking and sharp army knives.

With him there you felt like you couldn't talk, just whimper at the most. "A-Al…?" you finally chocked up. From all the things running through your mind all you could say was his NAME!? Sadly true. You were surprised you knew it, but you remembered why. It was before last night in the rain, he told you to call him Al before you started running…

"Of course now the b*tch is quiet" he rolls his eyes, remarking at your scream from earlier

"Where am I! WHY am I here" you raised your voice at him, jumping off from what you haven't noticed was a couch where you lay.

"OoOh roar" he mocked, laughing shortly. "My name you know, Al is all you can call me." he said placing a hand over his chest like those sassy girls do in the movies when they get blamed and say 'ME!?'.

"But if you must know this is my killer crib" you sunk as soon as you heard his figurative language. He raised his dark shades up onto the top of his head from his eyes, exposing their bright crimson color "to die for isn't it?" he smirked over to you, leaning back on the door frame with his hands behind his head, as if looking, or trying to seem, relaxed.

"L-listen" you started to choke up, but as soon as he shot you a look you froze, but taking a nice short sigh you managed to keep speaking. "Al I-I don't want to be here, let me go, why am I to any use for you? What can I do? Can't you go kidnap Elizaveta or something?" you said looking to your side, not meeting his eyes to make sure you don't get too intimidated.

All you heard was a laugh, deep and probably a serious one. "My poor misled _______, so stupid I shall say" he said while coming up to you, too close for comfort and practically making you face him.You glared into the crimson pool, offended that he called you stupid of all things

"I AM NOT STUPID" you manage to yell, letting him back up, his look still unimpressed, but smirking it all away he raised an eyebrow at you.

"Hm, alright I'll take your word for it"

But you did wonder, why did he want you here, what was his motivation. Obviously he's not a lusty-lovey person so a relationship isn't an option.  A slave? Possible but you knew you were no good at doing work for other people, especially ones that you didn't like so much. So what then?

"You still didn't answer me. What is my purpose of being here?" He stared at you blankly as if you should have known, as if it was SO obvious.

"Answer my question!"

"Figure it out" he said in amusement, twirling his bat out of boredom.

'He hasn't killed me yet… why? Does that mean… Al likes me? NO WAY. Don't think that, _______' you thought. But shaking it out of your mind was easy, since you weren't too fond of him and his ways of 'showing affection'

Hearing a ring startled you, you jumped if you heard the slightest sound now, but it was your cell phone. You stood still, not reaching for it just to keep your head on your body

"Go on I don't mind." He said mischievously. As you slowly reached for your back pocket to get the phone, he said "but, put it on speaker, will you hun" He added with a smirk.

'Great. Let's hope it's not my parents' you thought. Clicking the answer button, you hear a frantic voice. It was your best friend Hillary! [lol yes guys I'M your best friend! Haha. In this case that is]

"_______ where are you!? I was looking everywhere!" She yelled from the other line.
You couldn't help but glare at Al, who was beginning to laugh.

"_-_______?" Hillary asked after hearing the laughing counterpart.

"Hillary, I'm here, but-"

"She slipped out from under your own nose I see." Al said chuckling like everything was a big joke to him.

"_______, who is that?" Hill said flatly, her voice fading into a serious tone you hardly ever heard before.

"Me?" He playfully replied, as if his name was a questioning call

"WHAT THE HELL" She loudly yelled through the phone. Your eyes fogged watery. Oh how you missed your friend…

"Hillary please don't come looking for me!"

"What!? But your my best friend I can't leave you like this!"

"It's for your own sake…" you said as you whipped a tear from your cheek. Cry, in front of an evil kidnapper, and worried friend on the line, smooth move _______.

"Aw _______ don't cry, you're not gonna be killed just yet"

"Your dead meat, whoever you are!" you hear from the mobile device "_______, I'll find you, I'll call the cops, just don't worry"

"Hillary…" but when the phone is taken from your hand, you tense.

"Yeah 'kay thanks bye, nice talking to you, Hillary." Al chirps In the microphone before shutting the phone off, slicing the call just like your heart, which sank when you heard Hillary cut off, followed by an annoying beep.

"H-hey!" you annoyingly say Al threw your phone back over his shoulder, hitting the wall but looking unharmed when it lay there on the floor.

"Oops, forgot to mention, I'll call back" he said tapping his chin looking at you from the corner of his mischievous eyes. But all he did was turn around and walk out of the room. What were you supposed to do now!?

… You needed an escape plan…
EDIT: i found the perfect cover picture for the fanfic! 8D -not mine. i found it on photobucket-

Alright i finally decided to come out of my hiding and post this 2P!America x Reader for ya. Yeah there is some swearing, just cuz its Al XD you know....

i love 2P's their so badass :iconiloveitplz:

I will have part 2 up soon. im not sure how far i want to go but this is the 1st part, i will only post part 2 if people want to read more ^^ Also, if you liked it, a favorite would be nice... //shot// KAY MAYBE NOT

Part 1: ~You're Here~
Part 2: [link]
Part 3: [link]
Part 4: [link] [FINAL]

Writing © mine
2P!America and Hetalia © Hidekaz Himaruya
You are Al's. hehe.
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You are in Scotland, you decided this is the place where you'd want to take a vacation. Much to your Boss' reluctant offers in going anywhere else other than that place, he couldn't fight with someone as stubborn as you are.

You have admired the beautiful country for sometime that you wished you lived here, there's nothing wrong in walking around now would it? Till someone hit you with an arrow in the head. You pulled it out and turned around.

"Hey, what's the big idea-!?" You were about to start a fight with that certain person till you saw
it was a red-headed boy who is chuckling from your expression, he is holding a bow. So, it appears this little punk has hit you with it. He's lucky he's just a child or else there'd be something else in store for him, you calm yourself and walked towards him with a fake smile. Not wanting to look like the enemy here.

"Here, next time don't throw it again at strangers, Okay?" You said nicely and gave him the arrow back, the boy stared at you and took his arrow without another word. You were about to continue your strolling but the stubborn child hits you with the arrow again. You twitched and snapped back at him,

"WHAT'S YOUR GOD DAMN PROBLEM YOU LITTLE PUNK!?" You yelled, frustrated. The boy pulls his tongue out as to mock you. Your face became red from anger and chased him to teach him a lesson. But since he was running so fast you couldn't keep up, he was younger than you, what'd you expect?

"What's wrong, Granny? Couldn't keep up?" He joked.

"I am not an old woman! It's just.. Ugh.." You panted and rested for a bit, It's pointless chasing the little red-head. Your eyes widen in surprise when you felt something grope your chest, you look down to see that mischievous kid again.

"H-HEY! YOU PERVERT, WHAT DO YOU THINK YOUR DOING!?" You slapped his hands away from your breasts.

"I thought you were a boy, no wonder you're so weak."

"Well, who are you anyway, kid?"

"I'm Iain Kirkland, The bravest and strongest eldest in my family!" He pointed at himself proudly, you rolled your eyes.

"Well then, 'Iain'. I'm [Name], so if you'll excuse me I best be on my way."

Not giving him another glance you continued your walk, trying to at least enjoy it while it lasts. The young Scotsman on the other hand, followed you around.


"Seriously, kid.. Don't you have siblings to play with?" Giving him an annoyed look, he shrugged in response.

"They have their own things to do, so I'd rather annoy you." You groaned at this but you had no choice but to let the red-head, Iain, follow you. You tried your best to ignore him but he was rather chatty towards you, trying to make small talk while wandering around.

"You have a weird accent."

"Well, you have a weird accent, too." You said back at him.

"You're not from around here are ya?"

"Why, how did you know?" You sarcastically replied at the boy.

"Well, I see foreigner's come here and take pictures and you look like someone not from around here, So where are ya from?" Iain kept asking you questions, common for someone like him who never gone out of his country. You get that a lot whenever you come to visit a certain country.

"Ugh.. I'm from [Country], now will you please stop asking me?"

"Well, just walking is boring!" he whined.

"Where are you even going?" Iain added, still continuing to pester you with questions.

"Anywhere.." You mumbled but it wasn't audible, But suddenly Iain grabbed you in a surprise, heading to the opposite direction that you were taking.

"H-hey! Where are you taking me!?" The young boy turned his head with a smile, "You'll see!"


You both stopped and saw a nice place, A large tree was standing there alone as it's only companion was the green grass that was swaying with the trees, it actually looked real nice, if only you had your camera with you. Iain tugs on your sleeve to get your attention, he jumped around excitedly and wants you to join.

"Come on, let's go and play!" Iain tries to pull you with him, you chuckled and let him do so. You played around like a kid again with the boy, you felt so happy and free unlike now because of your job stressing you with work all the time. It was a nice change.

He taught you all sorts of things that he knows, some games that he liked, stories about Nessie and even about his family. Iain then waved his hand and searched around at his pockets.

"[Name], I forgot to give you something!"

"Hm? What is it?" You smiled at him and bent down. He then pulls something from his pocket which is a necklace and placed it in your hand, you looked it curiously. How did he have this? It looked rather pretty from someone like him to have, you raised your eyebrow at him, "You stole this, didn't you?"

He shakes his head, "No! I'm not a thief!" he replied. You laughed and ruffled his hair, Iain blushes.

"D-don't forget about me, okay!?" You stared at Iain making a adorable face at you with those innocent green emerald orbs and smiled as you gave a nod.

"I will." Iain smiled widely at your response and he puts it around your neck.

"Let's continue playing!"


Your fun lasted quite nicely, you didn't notice that it was already noon, The orange sky fits well with the sunset. But you couldn't stay because sooner or later your boss will be looking for you, probably scolding you again, you sighed. You were sitting in the shade of the tree and beside you, the little red-head has fallen asleep from playing today. He looked peaceful when he sleeps, you just barely know him and here you are! You pulled something at your pocket and found one earring that you never wore, you couldn't find the other one, but you wondered why you even bothered to keep it anyway.

You shurgged and decided to give it to him as a gift to remember you as you placed it in his hand. You then pet his hair.

"Goodbye, Iain." You bid farewell to your new friend as you stood up and walked back home, preparing to leave tomorrow. You didn't notice the Scotsman sitting up and watching you walk away, saddened that you couldn't stay with him longer. He holds on tightly at the gift that you left for him, a very special one. He also says his goodbye but you would never be able to hear it.

"Goodbye... [Name].."
:iconfryplz: There's no Kid!Scotland fics anywhere.. But will soon change once I introduce this...

Someday, the two of you will meet and then he'll ask you for your hand in marriage. end. Hahah xDD

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Lovino rolled over to a strange girl by his side, and smiled. 'Last night? Oh yeah..' His cellphone buzzed with your ringtone. He picked up and you sounded very groggy and tired. You rubbed your eyes. "So where'd you run off to and with who?" Lovino makes up excuses as he slips his pants up and rushes out the door. You were not the one he'd let go.

'Wake up at 4 am, I hear your ringtone on my cellphone
Pick up and hear you say "So where'd you run off, and with who?"
I make excuses just as readily as I know you do
It's just the one-night stand that I look forward to'

He rushes out the door and drives over. You're still on the phone. Lovino listens to you mutter, "It's 4 o'clock and you're no where to be found... Where did you go Looovii~?" He laughs and just tells you he'll be right over. "You're the only one for me bella. Don't worry." He sweet talks into the phone. You sigh and hang up. You were looking forward to him. Lovino always left "surprises" for you.

'It's so cliche; to say you're my only
But don't you know you're just someone new
Another fling; you were looking for that, too, after all

You want my love, you do, I know that you do
So I will give, I'll give it all up to you
I see it in your eyes, you feel it burning up the room
The taste of my spices is yours today'

Lovino calls you up and tells you to meet him he wants to talk to you in person. You giigle and say you'll be there. He smiles and hangs up. He always gets what he wants, he never loses. He's been with too many girls to lose you. But instead of you being a fling, he treasures you, like a clam does to a pearl. But being in love with you has a price, with you always being suspicious about him. But you truly loved him. You don't want to lose him.

'I call you up and say I want to talk to you directly
You laugh and say you'll meet me soon as you can- right on cue
I've been with lots of girls and I know how to get what I want
So irresistible, there's no way I can lose

It's so cliche; to say you're my only
But don't you know I'm in love with you
Love is war, and I'm not about to give up the game..'

You meet up with him and spot the red markers on his neck. Hickeys? He was out with someone, AGAIN. You let pass by you even though it bothers you. It hurts."So, Lovino.. I see you were busy last night..." You felt tears prick at your eyes. He laughs and shakes it off. "I was not." He avoides your sad stare and looks out towards the street. You snapped. "I'm tired of you lying to me Lovi!" You pushed him back a bit. "You don't deserve me!" So, you left him. Lovino stares at your small figure walking away from him. He would give up everything to have you back by his side. "So, I lost huh?"

'You want my love, you do, I'm sure that you do
So I will give, I'll give it all up to you
I see it in your eyes, you feel it burning up the room
The taste of my spices is yours today

Maybe I'm not so great with feelings and stuff
Experience taught me to give all that up
Everyone else seems so displeasing to me after you
I don't need a heartbreaker girl like you

I want you, you know that I do
So I will give, I'll give it all up for you
I see it in your eyes, you feel it burning up the room
I'll taste of your spices anyway..'
  • Mood: Joy
  • Listening to: SPICE!
  • Reading: Screen
  • Watching: Screen
  • Playing: Half-Life Opposing Forces
  • Eating: Air
  • Drinking: Air
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Child!Reader X Child!Russia

It was a perfect day of summer. The sun was shining down, the birds were chirping, and you were in a right good mood. You had just gone shopping for your mother in town. You turned to walk down your street. As you walked down the street you noticed some people at the door talking to your parents. When you got closer you noticed they had a little boy with them. He had light grayish blonde hair, bright violet eyes and a prominent nose. Your mother noticed you, "(Name) come here I want you to meet our new neighbors the Braginsky's. They will be staying for dinner and this is their son Ivan." She pointed to the boy you had noticed earlier. "Why don't you go play while your father and I talk with Ivan's parents?" "Ok mommy, come on Ivan we can go play in my room." You said as you grabbed his hand. Once you got to your room you turned around and saw his face was dusted pink. "Ivan are you ok, you look like you might have a fever." You said concerned for your new friend. "N-no I'm fine promise… why don't we go in your room now?" he said. "Hey Ivan, do you wanna play house you can be the Papa and I can be the Mama ok?" you asked a big grin on your face. "Uh..Um ok sure." he said blushing again. "Ok since you're the papa you have to go to work now while I take care of the baby k?" "Ok then what do I do?" Ivan asked. "Well then you're going to come home and were going to make dinner." "We should have pirozhiki." Ivan said with a smile. "Ok" you said happily. When Ivan got home from 'work' you got out your play dough and fake food set and had pirozhiki and green beans. "Ok well what should we do now? Ivan asked. "Well we need to put the baby to bed." You said you picked up the baby doll from the high chair and put it in the crib. Then you walked over to Ivan and grabbed his hands. "Do you know what my mama and papa do every night before bed?" you asked. "No, what do they do?" Ivan asked uneasily. "They give each other goodnight kisses." And with that you grabbed Ivan's face and pressed your lips on his. You quickly broke apart and you opened your eyes to see Ivan blushing like mad and looking at the floor, then he looked up at you and said, "I think I need one more goodnight kiss."
Tried writing fluff.
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     You look up from your book when a pounding could be heard at your door. With a frown you marked your place in the book and stood from the couch, stretching your arms as you did so. Sadly you had just gotten comfortable with some tea and a nice book and you weren't expecting anyone to be coming over. 'Who could it be?' you thought with flinched when the pounding at your door became more erratic and louder. "I'm coming, I'm coming! Calm down!" you shouted and walked over to the door, you yanked the door open and the person knocking on your door nearly hit you right in the face with a hand. The man outside your door currently had a bright red nose and looked almost miserable. "What are you doing here? I thought you were sick and staying home with Germany," you said slowly, taking in his appearance. He man laughed, 'kesesesesese' and muttered something about being 'awesome'. "I am sick, so let the awesome me in," he replied and his sorrowful eyes flashed mischievously. Your own ___ colored eyes widened in shock and you stepped back into the house and attempted to slam the door shut. "No way! Get out of here Prussia, I know what you are thinking and it isn't happening! I will not play doctor for you!" you shouted, pressing your weight against the door with all the strength you could muster.

     The sick German leaned against the other side of the door, gradually causing the door to open and making you slide with it. "Come on, you have to help the awesome me in my time of need! We are best friends ___!" he replied with a loud laugh. Gilbird chirped in reply as Prussia gave a large shove to your door which in turn made you stumble away from the door. It is true that you and Prussia are best friends and you have known him for what seems like forever, but even as his best friend, you couldn't stand him at times. "Idiot," you grumbled as you shut the door behind the two of you and locked it. You turned and walked back into your living room to see the German sprawled out on your couch pathetically. 'Let my torture begin' you thought warily. "Just make yourself comfortable," you told him sarcastically which caused the sick man to give you half a grin.

     It had only been twenty minutes into Prussia's visit and he was making your life as hectic as possible. Every two minutes he had a reason to call for you to come back into the living room, some reasons more acceptable than others. "___, I ran out of tissues!" he yelled at one point. You had gladly handed them over and returned to cleaning your house. Another two minutes later he had complained about being bored, two minutes after that he had said he was hungry. His demands just went on and on, and you were losing patience for Prussia very quickly. You walked back into your living room and held out some soup to him. "Here, it should help you feel better," you said gave him half a smile. The man in front of you eyed the soup then looked up at you. "I don't like soup remember? I thought you knew the awesome me," he replied and coughed, causing Gilbird to fall off his head. You took a deep breath and held it for a moment before letting it out. "You have never tried soup so you don't even know if you like it, plus it really will help your cold. Besides I just made it, you can't waste my food," you replied with a tight, forced smile.

     Prussia made a face and eyed the contents of the bowl before coughing again. "No way am I going to eat that," he replied, his red eyes staring into your ___ colored ones. You were tempted to throw the bowl at him as once again you took a deep breath. "If you don't eat this I swear I will have Russia come over," you told him and narrowed your ___ colored eyes at him. You were the only person that seemed to be able to stand being near the large Russian nation. Gilbert looked genuinely shocked by your threat and he gulped before taking the bowl from you. You had provided him several other light meals and snacks that wouldn't upset his stomach and hopefully make him feel better so much quicker. Silently you thanked the stubborn 'awesome' Prussia and you placed another tissue box on the couch beside him.


     The current resident of your house was shouting for you once again. "___! ___! Help me!" he yelled. He actually sounded distressed so you ran down the stairs of your house to the living room. "What is it?" you asked with wide ___ colored eyes. Prussia laughed hard, finding the look on your face to be priceless, his laughing became coughs. "You should have seen your face kesesesese," he told you and blew his nose for the millionth time. He the tissue towards the trashcan you had placed in the room and missed… missed by a very long distance. This wasn't the only tissue, there were tons of tissues littered about your floor, most of them not even close to your trashcan. 'Disgusting,' you thought and eyed all the tissues warily. "You came over and I have now been exposed to your cold, you use up tons of my tissues, eat a lot of my food, have been using all my electronics… could you at least try to keep my house neat?" you asked and groaned. Prussia looked up at you and coughed before waving a hand at you dismissively. "I'm to awesome to clean up messes, besides I'm sick and you are supposed to take care of the awesome me while I rest! Cleaning is not resting!" he argued with a grin. This was the last straw, you walked over to Prussia and yanked him off the couch by his shirt. "Prussia, you pick up your own mess right now, I will bribe you if I have to but I will not be picking up your snotty, dirty, disgusting tissues," you hissed and gave him a shake.

     Gilbird flew off of Prussia's head and landed on your own before giving a little tweet. "Traitor," Prussia grumbled towards his bird then smirked at you, his nose still a bright red. 'She would resort to bribing me huh?' he thought. "How about a kiss if I clean up the mess?" he asked with an even larger smirk. Your ___ colored eyes widened and you released his shirt. The two of you had been friends forever, and you did have a bit of a crush on him even though he could drive you crazy and annoy you like no tomorrow. "B-But you are sick.." you sputtered and moved away from him with a bright red face. He leaned closer to you, his silver white hair lightly falling into his paler than usual face. "So you do want to kiss me? Kesesesese, you didn't want to!  Come on, a kiss is just what the doctor ordered~!" Gilbert taunted as he scooped up tissues off the floor along with paper plates and such that you hadn't noticed due to just how much trash he had scattered about your floor. You had never seen your best friend… in your whole entire life.. clean up so fast. 'Does he like me back or is he just doing this to tease me?' you thought. You wouldn't put it past Gilbert to kiss you just as a prank, who wouldn't be suspicious of a guy that likes to hang out with perverts like Spain and France? The reason you hadn't told him about your crush on him was because you hadn't wanted to ruin your 'awesome' friendship or make anything awkward.

     "L-Look Gilbert… I'm very happy that you are cleaning up and all but I really don't want to get sick.." you started. You were soon cut off by hot lips being pressed to yours.

     Gilbert held back a smirk as your ___ colored eyes widened and you tried to push him away from you.  He wrapped his well built arms more tightly around you and pinned your body to his, causing you to gasp. His tongue slipped into your mouth, deepening the kiss that you couldn't help but return. You tangled your fingers into his silver, white hair, finding it to be much softer than you expected. The two of you pulled away due to the necessity of air and your face became bright red as he studied you with his beautiful red eyes. A squeak escaped your lips with the Prussian tackled you onto the couch, pinning your hands above your head. Gilbert leaned forward so that your faces were only inches apart and he gave you a full, awesome, Prussia grin. "Ich liebe dich ____," he told you and raised his eye brows expectantly. Gilbert had been teaching you German from the moment you two had met, but the language just couldn't seem to click for you. Those words you did understand though, if anything you at least knew what those meant. Who knew that just those words could make some one's heart beat a million miles a minute, and sometimes skip a beat. "I love you too Gilbert Beilschmidt," you admitted with a bright red face.

     His grin became cocky rather than just his 'awesome' grin. "I knew you wanted to kiss me, if you had told me earlier I would have done this so much sooner," he said and pressed his lips to yours again, this time going unexpectedly gentle and sweet with you rather than the first kiss which had been more passionate and forceful. Gilbert released your hands and continued to kiss you and cuddle up with you all day, claiming that the awesome Gilbert only needed you and Gilbird to feel better.


     "___, the awesome me will be taking you to  the movies tonight!" Gilbert told you and flipped his silver hair while watching his reflection in the mirror. A cough was heard through the phone and he blinked his red eyes, dumbfounded. "Are you sick ___?" he asked, a little disappointed but also little amused. You sneezed and he could practically see your ___ colored eyes widening as you shook your head. "No, no, no, don't come over here! I don't feel good and this is your fault in the first place," you told him. Gilbert grinned at his reflection and grabbed Gilbird off of his bed. "You took care of me when I was sick so I will take care of you!" he insisted. You groaned into the phone which only made him laugh. "Look, you played doctor for me so I will play doctor for you! The awesome me can handle it, besides I think it is my awesome boyfriend duty to help you! Just call me Dr. Prussia, I know just the cure for that cold of yours," He told you confidentially. He could imagine your blushing face at the moment. "You need the awesome me and my five meters, kesesesese. Ich liebe dich!" he told you and quickly ended the call before he could hear your reaction.

     "Oh mein gott," you whispered and pulled your bed sheets over your head, using the small German vocabulary that you learned from Gilbert himself. You tossed your phone aside. 'Why do I love that idiotic Prussian? Oh yeah, because he is awesome and caring in his own.. perverted.. Prussian way… Dr. Gilbert.. Ich liebe dich' you thought to yourself.
So this was just a idea that had popped into my head when I saw the new contest for Heta-Therapy. I have a bunch of requests and prizes to do but I wanted to get this idea down before I forgot it and I wanted to make it sure I finished it before school started otherwise I wouldn't have been able to finish it in time. I will now go and work on my requests ;)

Contest entry for :iconheta-therapy: August Contest with the theme of doctor. This is kind of doctor-ish... xD

I don't own Hetalia or Russia, Gilbird, or Prussia. I also don't own the image, it was found on google and if someone made it on DA, just tell me and I will gladly give the image credit.
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Collection by
Turkey-san unmasking!!:D (Big Grin) 

Hetalia by Himaruya-san!:happybounce: 
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If I die young, bury me in satin
Lay me down on a bed of roses
Sink me in the river at dawn
Send me away with the words of a love song

You lay on the grass, looking up at the bright blue of the sky, the sunlight adding a glow to the white clouds. You have to squint to look at them, their brightness a little overwhelming for your eyes. Your arm makes a decent pillow as the other clutches a padded covered book to your chest, the grass, no doubt, staining your white summer dress. You don’t care. It’s not like little things like that matter in life, do they?
Your nails catch the light, the pearly colour you applied shining a little. Your MP3 player sends beautiful music to your ears through your ear buds. It manages to take the reality of things away for a short while, anyway, and you appreciate that, despite the growing headache.
“________,” a voice says, just loud enough to hear over your music. You prop yourself up on your elbow and smile as your white-haired best friend approaches you, smiling gently. His red eyes are bright, happy to see you, the pain of seeing you hidden behind.
He comes and takes a seat next to you and you whisper, “Hi, Gilbert.”
He lays back on the grass and spreads his arm out behind you so that when you join him your head is resting on his instead of yours. You start to smile, but tears start to run, too. It hurts.
Gilbert feels your tears on his skin as they run off of your face and drip onto his arm, so he lifts his head to look at you. The next thing you feel is the backs of his fingers wiping away the tears.
He can’t help but whisper, quietly, “Shh. Don’t cry, ________.”
He wants to say more, but he can’t. He can’t tell you it’s okay, because you both know it’s not.
“I’ll miss you,” you say. His arms slide around you to take you into a hug. He can’t begin to tell you how much he’ll miss you.

Lord make me a rainbow, I'll shine down on my mother
She'll know I'm safe with you when she stands under my colours, oh,
And life ain't always what you think it ought to be, no
Ain't even grey, but she buries her baby
The sharp knife of a short life, well
I've had just enough time

You both feel the rain gently start to drop from the sky. It’s not heavy at all. Instead it’s very fine – so fine that you barely notice it. It’s enough to cause a rainbow to appear, though. You hear people from further down the hill admiring the colours. Glancing up at Gilbert, you see he’s also studying the arc, silently.
“That’s what I want to be,” you tell him, pointing at it. He frowns, thinking over your words, so you give him a little more, “It’s so I can shine down to let people know I’m safe wherever I go.”
“That sounds nice,” he replies, “I trust that you’ll be fine, though. I don’t need a rainbow to tell me that.”
“…I do…” you mutter, terrified.

If I die young, bury me in satin
Lay me down on a bed of roses
Sink me in the river at dawn
Send me away with the words of a love song
The sharp knife of a short life, well
I've had just enough time

No matter how many times people have said you’ll be fine over the last few years, you’ve always been absolutely terrified of what’s going to happen. At first, you were terrified that you’d have a aggressive illness. Once that was confirmed, you were terrified that it would be terminal. Soon to follow after that was the terror of how long it would take, how long you had left and, now, what will happen afterwards. You’ve heard three words many times from friends, family… and Gilbert.
“You’ll be fine, ________”

And I'll be wearing white, when I come into your kingdom
I'm as green as the ring on my little cold finger,
I've never known the lovin' of a man
But it sure felt nice when he was holdin' my hand,

“What’s that?” he asks, poking the book you still clutch to your chest.
You smile at his curiosity. “Photo album, technically,” you say, resting it on your lap as you sit up with him. It could be classed as an album crossed with a scrapbook. You didn’t intend anyone to see it until you’ve died, but you actually decide for that to change right now, especially since you know Gilbert will be more curious about it, now.
“Awesome. Can I see?”
“It’s… You know, it’s mainly filled with you.”
He looks surprised, but slips his hand into yours as you open the first page, allowing him to see what you’ve been collecting since you got sick. You rooted through every photograph you had, and hadn’t realised how many of Gilbert you had taken or had had taken of you with him.
The first page is just of you and him, enjoying the simple things, like life should be. You’ve decorated the page with hearts. One reason you didn’t want him to see. You were to afraid to let him know, not because you were shy or anything like that – life is literally too short to be shy to do these things – but because you didn’t want to make it harder for him. There was the feeling that he might not return the same feelings and leave you alone, but you knew that wouldn’t happen.
The grip on your hand tightens. You wait, patiently, for him to finish looking over the happy pictures, but when you go to turn the page, he stops you.
“________, you know I love you, don’t you?” he says, “I’ll love you forever, and not just as a friend.”
And, on that note, he presses a kiss on your lips. It’s soft, as if he believes you’re too fragile. You ignore his gentle actions and take hold of his shirt with your hands, pulling him for a stronger kiss, loving the feeling, the passion. It’s just what you want – no, need – for you to move on.
You pull away, the headache getting stronger, as you whisper, “Gilbert.”
“________?” he says, realising that something’s wrong.
You fall backwards, darkness overcoming you as your eyes gently close.

There's a boy here in town, says he'll love me forever,
Who would have thought forever could be severed by
The sharp knife of a short life, well,
I've had just enough time

The next thing you know is that you’re in a hospital bed, headache so bad that you don’t want to open your eyes. You had been warned of the headaches worsening. You’ve been in hospital far too many times – especially recently. Looking to your right, you see your scrapbook resting on the pillow next to you.
So many pictures of happier times.
You can’t believe how easy it was for your body to just… give up, causing all of that to fade to the back of your mind, your fate so well-known by everyone, always there, always waiting to take you when it’s ready.
The next thing you see is Gilbert, resting his head on his crossed arms on the bed. You reach up, weakly, and run your fingers through his hair, a tiny smile trying so hard to show its full potential on your lips. It wants to show confidence, that you’re not afraid, that you would rather convince him you’re okay, but even a little thing like that fails you.
Gilbert lifts his head after a moment of feeling your touch, his eyes giving away the secret that he has been crying. This makes you sadder. The awesome Gilbert Beilschmidt has been crying for you.
You don’t want that.
“________,” he whispers, taking your hand in his like he is confirming what he is seeing.
“Hi,” you squeak.
“I was so scared, ________. I didn’t think you’d come back.”
You notice the window behind him is revealing the moon and stars, not the daylight that you had last seen. This isn’t surprising. You don’t want to know how long you were out for, but you know it’s been a short while since you were looking up at that rainbow.
“Was it me?” he asks. You’re not stupid. You know what he means. He blames himself for your passing out, thinking he was too rough, maybe such a short time of depriving you of oxygen was enough to do this to you.
“Gilbert, don’t. It wasn’t your fault. Your kiss… it was all that I needed,” you say, needing to let him know as you clench your free hand into a fist to try and take your mind off of the pain you’re feeling.
He tries to speak again, “I didn’t mean to-”
You interrupt, “I did. I wanted more than you were giving, and that was enough.”
You feel yourself slipping. You weren’t sure what you’d feel when the time came, but you can feel yourself being taken.
“It’s now, isn’t it?” you say, not particularly aiming the question at Gilbert, but he’s the one who answers.
“What? No, it can’t be now,” he says, shaking his head. He’s lying, of course. The doctors must have said something, or he must have overheard them. You can see that he’s covering up the truth with what he thinks you might want to hear.
Shame that he’s not really saying what you want to hear.
“Gil,” you say, wanting to tell him the last few things before what’s about to happen happens. You point at the album, “That’s for you. I didn’t show you the inside of the front cover, but I’ve written something for you.”
He reached for the book, but you shake your head, “No. Not yet.”
“You’ll know when.”
This is it. The moment you’ve been expecting for weeks.
You find the strength for one last, big smile, “I love you, Gilbert.”
“I love you too,” he replies, and then repeats in his language, “Ich liebe dich auch. So, so much.”
You tap the book one last time and slide your hand back into his, “…Now’s the time.”

Slipping away. It’s different.

Not terrifying.

More of a relief. It’s finally over. You’re life has been lived.

You were given just enough time.

It’s peaceful.

So put on your best, boys, and I'll wear my pearls
What I never did is done

Gilbert leaves the hospital after mourning for you, after placing several more kisses for the last time on your lips that were growing colder by the minute.
After telling you that it’s time for you to become a rainbow.
And all he has left is the book that you had given him. One physical thing and millions of seconds worth of memories. Memories of the days spent with you daily since you were young. The things that make him smile. Summing up the time spent with you in seconds somehow made him feel better, giving him the sense that it was much longer. Each one of those seconds made him happy, especially when seeing your smiling face.
The book stays unopened on his dresser when he gets home. He slips it under his pillow to sleep, still not opening it.
But, the next morning, he decides that the permission to open it in your last words were telling him to open it. You may have told him to open it that day, but the waiting made it easier. It made him feel respectful of you.
He lifts the cover and frowns. Inside is a letter inside of a small, pearl coloured envelope, just like the nail polish applied to your fingernails. His name is written on the front. He opens it carefully.

A penny for my thoughts, oh, no, I'll sell 'em for a dollar
They're worth so much more after I'm a goner
And maybe then you'll hear the words I been singin'
Funny when you're dead how people start listenin'

Your writing covers one side of the A5 piece of paper folded in half to fit in the small envelope. He doesn’t know what it says, yet, but he already knows this means so much more to him than anything else probably will.

To Gilbert.

Clearly, if you’re reading this, I’ve let you have the book because I’m gone. I’ve been keeping these so that once I’ve left you, you can have something for a memory.
I just thought I should let you know how much you mean to me. How happy you’ve made me since the second we met – funny how simply bumping into me in a busy school hall could lead us to this, isn’t it?
I don’t regret one moment, especially writing this now. I know it was nothing I could take control of, but I’m sorry to leave you and I’m sorry that this book is all I can really leave you.
The book contains our memories. They’re in order – except from the first page, but I couldn’t help myself. The second page starts from when we met. Remember?
But, there’s one more thing I need to say. I really don’t want you to be sad when remembering me. I want you to only think of the good times, okay? I don’t want to see you sad when remembering. I love you. I always have and I promise I’ll always be watching over you – forever – so I want to see you smiling when I’m in your thoughts. Do that for me and I know I’ll be fine.
Love from,

Your ________

Gilbert feels a hand on his shoulder. He didn’t realise he had started crying whilst reading that. Ludwig had noticed, and gone over to comfort his brother as he cries making sure to keep your letter in pristine condition as he slides it away from the tears dripping onto the table in front of him.
The older brother calms himself as best he can, looking over at the letter, noticing more written on the back.


If I die young, bury me in satin
Lay me down on a bed of roses
Sink me in the river at dawn
Send me away with the words of a love song
The ballad of a dove
Go with peace and love
Gather up your tears, keep 'em in your pocket
Save 'em for a time when you're really gonna need 'em

Gilbert found a satin dress and gave it for you to be dressed in. He bought roses, made sure the ground where your coffin is to be laid is lined with them – down the hole where you will finally be laid to rest. The cemetery by the river is where you’re planned to be buried.
As your coffin is lowered down, he places two more things on top. A single red rose and a piece of paper.

“However far away I will always love you
However long I stay I will always love you
Whatever words I say I will always love you
I will always love you.”

________, ich liebe dich.

Love, Gilbert xx

He nods and steps away to watch you be lowered, rejoining Toni and Francis and your other friends attending your funeral, mourning for your shortened life.
Gilbert is sad, but not as much as he wants to be. He remembers your letter, telling him to remember the happiness in your friendship and oh so short relationship.

The sharp knife of a short life, well
I've had just enough time

It’s amazing because as they stand there, the lightest rain starts to fall from the sky, causing a bright rainbow to appear above them. Gilbert smiles and runs a hand through his white hair.
“See, you’re safe, ________.”

So put on your best, boys, and I'll wear my pearls.
I know Prussia and this song has been overdone a little but I DON'T CAAAARE! DON'T QUESTION ME! -frontflip- ((oh good god, I need to stop watching PewDiePie -_-))

Anyway, I hope you like it. I was feeling in that kind of mood where you want to write sad stuff and this happened because I was listening to iTunes on shuffle and this song came on - [link] = Original song --- [link] = If I Die Young Preußen ((good god, so many feels!))

So... yeah...
If you have a moment, I'd really like you to comment <3

Btw the lyrics Gil puts on the coffin are by The Cure from Lovesong ^_^

Pic not mine, found on Google, any mistakes pointed out would be appreciated :)

I own nothing but the story ;)
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“The world is out to get me, I swear,” you growled to yourself as you flopped down onto Ludwig’s couch. You’d finally gotten the courage to tell Gilbert that you had feelings for him, but everyone and their mother decided that today would be the perfect day to follow you around and interrupt you each time you tried. And the whole world, literally, was on your shoulders. Every other frickin’ country knew you were trying to confess and wanted to know how it was going. But each time one of them came to bother you about it, they ended up causing such a disruption that you couldn’t go through with it.

Part of you had to wonder if they were doing this on purpose, because seriously their timing was too perfect. Thinking back on all your attempts, you were honestly freaked out about just how all of your friends managed to pop up during your attempted confessions.


“Uh, h-hey, Gil?”

The cocky Prussian turned with a grin as he heard you call from the doorway to his room.

“Ja? Vat is it, (Name)?”

“I, uh, have something I need to tell you…”

Gilbert gestured you into his room with a dramatic flourish, forcing a giggle out of you and making you feel a tiny bit less stressed about this. So with a mock curtsey, you entered his room and sat next to him on his bed.

“You can tell me anything! Ze awesome me can solve any problem you may have!”

“Well I wouldn’t call it a problem, exactly.”

“Vell lay it on me.”

“Ok…,” you said, taking a deep breath to calm your nerves. “Gil, I—“


With a shriek, you toppled off of Gilbert’s bed as Alfred launched himself into the room. Gilbert sat there in shock for a moment before bursting into laughter while you just sat on the floor with an angry flush on your face.

“Alfred,” you growled, “you have until the count of five before I rip you a new one.”

“I-is that really necessary?”


“Hey! Come on now! I just wanted to know!”


“Hey, frau, vat are you so mad for?”


“(Name), please don’t kill me!”

“Four,” you muttered, standing up, making Alfred flinch back.



Alfred screamed and ran as fast as his hero legs could carry him, with you not far behind.

--End Flashback—

And of course by the time you’d made your way back to Gil’s house, he was gone. So then you’d texted him and asked him to meet you at a coffee house you both really liked.

--Flashback Two—

You tapped your fingers on the table as you waited for Gilbert. You’d already ordered drinks for both of you since neither of you was very original when it came to getting new things from this place.

“Yo, (Name)!”

You turned and grinned as you saw Gil jog over to you. You exchanged hellos before offering his drink to him, which he took with a huge grin.

“You know me so vell, frau,” he said, as he sat down across from you. You snorted as you took a sip of your own drink.

“Or we’re just really predictable.”

“Nonsense! I am vay too awesome to be easily predicted! I’m like…unpredictable to ze MAX!” You could only laugh at his loud exclamation. He was such a joke, but you always had fun with him.

“So vat did you vant to talk about, frau? And vhy’d you get so mad at Al earlier?”

You almost choked on your drink as you remembered the reason for this meeting. Coughing into your hand, you took the unintentional delay in the conversation to formulate your thoughts. Once you were satisfied with how you would tell him, you lowered your hand from in front of your mouth and started to speak.

“Hola, mis amigos!”

Or not.

“Hey, Toni! Hey, Francis!” Gil called out, waving to the two men as they sauntered over.

“’ow nice to see you both ‘ere!” Francis said, slipping into a seat next to Gil, while Toni sat next to you.

“Yeah, vat a coincidence. (Name) vas just about to tell me something.”

You cringed as Toni and Francis turned to you with knowing smirks on their faces. Since they were his best friends anyway, they would have figured out that you liked their friend at some point, but you were really regretting telling them yourself.

You sat there stuttering for at least a minute before standing abruptly, shocking the three men.

“I’ll see you guys later,” you said, before hurrying out of the coffee shop.

--End Flashback Two—

You rubbed your temples with a sigh. You would think the two of them would know better than to sit right there while you tried confessing to their friend. Especially Francis! But of course this would have to be the one time they didn’t mind crowding the two of you.

But oh ho! Let’s not forget the last interruption. This one was completely out of left field.

--Flashback Three—

Apparently Gilbert was beyond curious now as to what you wanted to tell him and had called you to demand you come over to his house. You didn’t have high hopes for this actually working since he did live with Ludwig after all. And if Ludwig was around, that meant that Feli would be around. At the very least.

So you barely felt anything but annoyance as you knocked on their front door and waited to be let in. When Gil was the one to answer the door, you could only hope that meant Ludwig was out.

Gil immediately latched onto your arm and dragged you into the living room, moving you to sit down before sitting right next to you.

“So. (Name). Ze awesome me has been dying to know vat it is you have been trying to tell me.”

“Is anyone here?”

“Nein. Vhy?” He gasped. “Did you do something really illegal?... I don’t see vhy you’d be worried about zat though. You are a country, so you’re almost above ze law...”

“No, Gil, I didn’t do anything illegal.”

“Is something wrong with your country?”


“Zen vat is it?”

You felt like you were about to throw up. This was it. You were finally going to tell him, for better or for worse.

“Gil…I lo—“

“Bruder, I’m home.”

Your eye twitched.

“Ah, (Name) is here? Have you told him yet? Don’t you think you should have by now?”

Ludwig, the human tank, flinched back as you shot a dirty glare at him before standing up.

“I…am going to go beat up a tree,” you said before walking away from the German brothers.

--End Flashback Three—

So after ridding yourself of your stress in the woods behind their house, you’d cautiously made your way back inside. You really couldn’t believe it. Of all people, Ludwig, had pestered you about confessing. Right after interrupting your third attempt! You were so sick of it. If you saw any of your friends’ faces you were going to throw a fit.

A commotion at the front door forced you out of your thoughts to see what was going on. You slowly stood and peeked around the corner to see everyone who’d interrupted and then some standing around. As soon as they saw you, they hurried over and crowded around you, all shooting questions at you. You could barely hear yourself think over the din they made. Your frustration was growing as they all asked if you’d confessed, why you hadn’t yet, were you chickening out. You could feel yourself reaching your boiling point.


The speed with which silence enveloped the room was something none of the countries had ever achieved before. If you’d been in a better mood, you would have said they deserved a place in the Guinness Book of World Records.

“Cherie, are you—“

“Shut up! All of you! I’m sick of you guys pestering me about confessing! I’ve been trying! But every single time I’ve worked up the courage, one of you gets in the way and messes it all up!”


“No! Do you have any idea how hard it is to just say “I love you, Gilbert” on its own?! And then to add you guys bursting in and asking if I’ve told him yet just makes it worse! God! At this point, I’m not even sure I want to tell him anymore, because I’ll be too worried someone will get in the way!”

“Frau, maybe you should—“

“I should what, Ludwig?! Tell your brother I love him?? I’ve. Been. Trying!”

“(Name), is zat true?”

You froze and turned to see Gil standing behind you. Your mouth got very dry and you barely noticed everyone dashing out of the room.

“Oh, now they mind their own business,” you muttered bitterly, refusing to look at your friend.

“(Name). Please answer me. Were you telling ze truth?”

You slowly nodded your head, still not looking at him.

“Vell it’s about damn time you said something!”

You looked up in shock and confusion at what he just said. Was your hearing going bad?


Gil grinned and strode over to you to wrap you in a tight hug. You were in such shock that you could only feebly lift your arms to return the hug.

“I’ve loved you for such a long time, but you never gave me any sign that you felt even a little bit of attraction towards me. So ven Toni and Francis told me you might have a thing for me and were planning on saying something soon, I could barely stop myself from going and saying something first!”

“Well…why didn’t you?” you asked, shyly peeking up at him. He smiled down at you and you blushed before ducking your head again.

“Because I just really vanted to hear you say it first, schatz,” he said, resting his chin on your head. “So vill you say it for me?”

“…I love you, Gilbert.”

You couldn’t help but laugh as he whooped and spun you around in a circle before setting you down and kissing you firmly. Smiles that seemed to stretch on for miles were on both of your faces as he pulled away.

“Ich liebe dich auch, (Name). Für immer und ewig.”

--Extended Ending—

“If any of you say something, I vill personally beat you to a pulp. You’re lucky I don’t now for how long you made me wait to hear meine schatz say she loves me.”

The silence that followed that statement was music to your ears.
Ok, here's another request! This time for :iconkanta-chan1: I hope you like it!

Holy shit was this long. Almost six pages in Word. I didn't even mean to, but this idea just needed the flashbacks and oh my goodness. So yes. I love this man though so it's ok.

I don't own Hetalia.
You belong to :iconprussiasmilesplz:
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Gilbert’s jaw just about hit the floor when you told him the big surprise. “Y-you’re not joking are you frau?” He asked, his red eyes wide. You glanced away from him, hoping his reaction could’ve been different.

“No, I’m not. Gil, we’re going to be parents.” You repeated, stroking his cheek as he continued to stare at you. As though the cogs in his brain had finally stopped whirring, a huge grin bloomed across his face. He crowed loudly and you jumped in shock.

“Don’t do that!” You told him, but he wasn’t listening as he was dancing around, kissing his fingers and throwing them up into the air.

“What are you doing?” You asked bemusedly, shaking your head at him. He grinned at you, wrapping his arms around you and swirling you around in circles with him. “I was thanking God for his awesomeness! But then again, you’re the awesome one here!” He leaned down to kiss you, squeezing your waist firmly but gently.

Giggling when he placed his hands on your stomach, you bumped your forehead against his. He was staring at your tummy intently as if trying to see something. “I’m not that far along, you can’t see that much yet.” You murmured, running your hands down his neck.

Slowly, he tilted his head upwards and you could’ve sworn you saw some moisture glistening in his eyes.

“No way,” you teased,” is the awesome Gilbert Beilschmidt crying?” He grumbled slightly, burying his face in your neck. “Nein, hell no!” He muttered back, gulping and wiping his eyes quickly with his balled fist.

“Ich liebe dich.” He whispered and you blushed, standing on your toes to press a kiss on his lips. “Ich liebe dich auch.” You answered, making him grin and kiss down the side of your face.

“So how long until she gets here?” He asked, stooping down to place his ear on your stomach. Even if he couldn’t hear anything, he felt warm as you pressed closer to him, stroking through his hair. “It could also be a boy.”  You chuckled.

“If it’s a girl, I’m going to pamper her so much...” he murmured and then continued. “Then again, if it’s a boy, I can teach him to play football.” Glancing up at you, he grinned widely, his cheeks pink.

“Though I’m sure either way they’ll be awesome!” Smiling down at him, he blinked rapidly as he remembered his question. “So how long?”

“Well, I presume about another six months or so.” His shoulders sagged and his brows knit together. Chewing on his lip, he pouted, his expression downcast.

“There’s nothing we can do about that.” You rubbed his back and he huffed, crossing his arms. “But I want to see my kid right now!” He complained and you watched as he stomped off outside. Watching through the window you saw him shake his fist at the sky and you could hear his voice even through the glass.

“Make the time speed up right now! Or you’ll be forever unawesome Gott!”
Erm, the title kind of sucks, oh well~

Just something short, I didn't have that much time today; have german and physics test tomorrow. But since I've finished studying for them I thought it was alright to do this ^^

Please enjoy and tell me what you think, feedback is as always appreciated!

And if you want to have a hand in deciding which character and plot is used, please vote in the poll!

Sequel: [link]
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Collection by
    'I'm coming to see you, (Nickname)'
    'I got your letter. I miss you too, so I'm on my way to see you.'
    'I never stopped loving you. I'm on my way to our house.'
    Delete, delete, delete.
    Gilbert sighed and shoved his phone back into the pocket of his jeans. The buildings and trees passed by as he looked out the window of the cab he was riding in. He missed those busy streets so much, but at the same time, he didn't miss them at all. The one thing he had really missed though, was what he had with (Name).
    God, he both loved and hated how just thinking about (Name) could make him act so differently. She made him soft; Weak to his knees. He knew (Name) could always see through his whole, "I'm awesome," routine whenever he's had a completely horrible day. She knows him a lot better than he knows himself. She was the perfect girl. She was his girl, until he so foolishly let her slip through his fingers.
    "This the right address?" The driver asked as he slowed to a stop in front of an apartment complex building. It hadn't changed at all in the time he's been gone. Apartment 3-D. He hoped he remembered it correctly.
    "Ja. Danke," Gilbert thanked in his native tongue as he paid the man at the steering wheel, very well aware that he had paid in Euros instead of (American dollars/Pounds/etc. etc.). Before the driver could say anything, Gilbert had already gotten out of the car and was walking at a quick pace to the front entrance. Not bothering to waste his time, the cab driver simply drove away from the area, grumbling on about being robbed of his time.
    The young albino pressed the buzzer for Apartment 3-D and then stood there and waited. This would definitely not be a problem if he had at least thought to take his house keys on his way out. Nobody would be out in this weather to let him in. Gilbert had almost slipped on a piece of ice trying to call that cab. Gilbird was doing his best to keep warm, snuggling in the comfort of his owner's winter coat.
    "Who is it?" Asked a voice from the voice box, disguised in static. It was tough to tell, but Gilbert would recognize that voice no matter the condition it was in. It was (Name)'s voice, no doubt.
    She sounded tired and worn out. He didn't blame her. If Gilbert had remembered correctly, she worked full-time at a mind-numbing office from 8:00 in the morning to 5:00 in the night, sometimes even 6:00. She complained about it many times, but she was paid good money, so she never thought to quit. Besides, he knew how hard it was to find a job in (City of Choice). (Name) had every right to be tired and just wanting some rest.
    But yet here he was, interrupting some of the only hours she had to rest to see her. He didn't know how she would react; Would she be happy or would she kick him out and tell him to come back another day? No, she wouldn't. She was too kind to kick anyone she knew out. A trick she always used was to invite them in at least for a few minutes before casually bringing up how late it had gotten and then saying her good-byes.
    "Hello? Are you trying to scare me, Al?" (Name)'s static-y voice rang after Gilbert had stood there like a statue for quite a while. He chuckled, knowing that she was easily scared at times, especially at 8:00 in the middle of winter when it was usually already dark. "I already told you, I don't want to go out to the bar. Getting drunk the night before a conference is not how I want to start off the weekend. Besides, you know I don't drink."
    Gilbert pressed the 'Speak' button, remembering how she always pressed the 'Listen' button after she spoke. It was his turn to speak, hoping the response he got was good. "It's me, liebe. Open up," he said, trying to sound like he usually did, minus the cocky ring his voice always held.
    It was silent for a few seconds. Though they felt like centuries to Gilbert. Until he heard the static-y voice again. "Define 'me'," she tested, almost refusing to believe that her ex-fiancee was standing outside, waiting for her to let him in. For two years she had been hoping for him to come back, and now that it had happened, she just couldn't accept it.
    "Vell, let's see... I've got pale skin, red eyes, awesome vhite hair. I met you at at my friend's birthday party. I vas zhe one who spilled soda on your skirt and zhen used a cheesy pick-up line. And I go by zhe name Gilbert Beilschmidt who dated zhis beautiful girl named (Full Name)," he said, recalling the party Antonio had in celebration of the day he "escaped the womb" as Gilbert liked to call it. "Is that enough definition for you?"
    Seconds later, he heard the door unlock without a word being said and he opened the door to reveal the flight of stairs that led to Apartment 1-D. He had to climb at least six of those flights to get up to 3-D. God, he hated stairs. Especially when it was a lot of stairs.
    After climbing the stairs, he was almost out of breath, but he composed himself when he saw door that led to his home. The door that had his girl on the other side. Without hesitation, he rang the doorbell and waited eagerly, wanting to look into those (Eye Color) eyes again and tell her he loved her. Wanting to hold her in his arms so she knew he would never leave again. Wanting to kiss her like he used to before he let his frustration get the best of him and walked away. Wanting to just be with her.
    And as soon as that door opened, all the feelings that he had felt for her ever since they met hit him hard. He missed her so much that he was willing to do whatever it took to mend each and every hole in their relationship.
Hooray! Part two is finally done! *five second dance party*

Also I suggest you read part one before this one...
Part 1:…
Part 2: Already Here ^_^
Part 3:…

Alright, you know the drill:
Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya
You belong to.... You...
And I belong to my mother.
Now excuse me while I go sulk in my corner hoping that you like the outcome.

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Prussia x Reader- Silence

    'I know it's too late to say this, but I miss you. Your smile, your eyes, your perverted jokes that somehow made me laugh, your cute German accent, and how you went on and on, day after day about how awesome you were. I miss the time when laughter filled every single one of my days since you came into my life. We fought a few times, but we always made up in the end.
    It's been a while since we last spoke, since I last saw you or heard from you. All this time, I've been hoping every day that you'd come back. Every day, I stare at the front door, waiting for you to burst in and yell, "Honey, I'm home!" Just like you used to.
    To have fought over something so stupid, I wish I could take back everything I said. I don't hate you. I never meant it when I said you cared about nobody but yourself. I've seen how you get when you witness somebody eating Peeps, due to their very close resemblance to your bird. I've seen how you get when I cry. How your whole expression softens and your voice calms down to try and comfort me. I was so stupid to have said that. I'm so very sorry, Gilbert. If I could take it all back, I would.
    After I said it, you left me. Walked right out the door without packing or anything. The door slammed shut, and after that, silence. A year passed by. No emails, no phone calls, no letters, nothing. Just that uncomfortable silence reminding me that you're gone.
    Another year passes by, I still have your clothes in our closet, even though you won't be wearing them. I still have the pictures of us, even though I have to explain that we're not together anymore whenever I have company. I still wear the ring you got me when you proposed, even though the engagement's been called off a long time ago, I presume. They're my only reminders of you, despite the painful memories they give me.
    My only wish now, though, is your happiness. If you're not happy with me, then I guess there's no reason for me to force anything. I just don't want my life to be filled with this painful silence again. At least come back and talk to me, Gilbert. It would make me so happy to hear your voice again.


    (Name) walked out to the nearest mailbox, despite it being below 30 degrees outside. The huge knot in her stomach tightened more and more, wondering if this should really be sent to Gilbert Beilschmidt, the Prussian who wouldn't be able to tell the difference between 'The Titanic' and 'The Notebook.' It was worth a shot, though.
    The knot in her stomach suddenly vanished as soon as she dropped it into the blue mailbox, hoping Ludwig had given her the right address. He told her that Gilbert had moved back to Germany after the second month away from her. The icy winter air blew in her face, feeling somewhat relaxing despite the cold feeling it gave her. Her (Hair Color) hair was blown away from her face, and she made her way to run some errands to take her mind off of the letter.
    That letter would either help her relationship with him, or not do anything at all. Well, she'd see in about two weeks if he decides to answer her.


    Gilbird chirped as he flew over to the albino with an envelope in his beak. "Hn? A letter for me?" Gilbert questioned as he retrieved the letter from his yellow companion's beak. It was addressed to him. But the return address... (Full Name)...
    He still remembered her very well. His one and only love, but he was always too afraid to go back to her. It's been two years since they last saw each other. Two years too many in his opinion. He proceeded to open the envelope and pulled out the neatly folded college-ruled paper, dreading what he was going to see written on it. What if she was happier with someone else? Like that unawesome excuse of a man, Roderich Edelstein. It was painful to think about, but it might have been true.
    The Prussian man unfolded the paper and read the beautiful handwritten letter, not believing what he was reading. (Name) missed him? She still has his things? She still wears the ring? She's... Sorry? If anything, Gilbert thought he should've been the one who was sorry. He was the one who walked out on her. He was the one who wimped out every time he thought about going back to her.
    'My only wish now, though, is your happiness.'
    He wasn't happy. He knew that much. In order for him to be happy, he would have to be with (Name). After he finished reading the letter and double-checking to make sure that he read everything as written on the paper, he sprinted out of the house with Gilbird following close behind, grabbing his coat on the way. Getting into his car and turning it on, he drove to the nearest airport to the next flight back to (City/Country).
    He was going to see his girl.
Hola, the name's Shay, writing's the game.


Okay, Well I tried... I hope you guys enjoy ^_^

Part 1: Already Here ^_^
Part 2:…
Part 3:…
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My Hell is finally over.. It's ready and it took eternity but the result looks good enough~

This is one of those works when I didn't know what to draw. I just started to draw something and then the idea came. And I decided that this is the late Christmas present and early Valentine's Day card for my dear ~Tenshine ~<3

The background took most of the time :'D I coloured the background almost three days. Of course I did other stuff as well at that time so maybe that's the reason it took so long :'3 Oh well, here is lovely fem!Prussia which I thought I would never draw but I did :'D Hope you like~<3


Characters by Hidekaz Himaruya.
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Though I look like I'm lecturing,
I'm actually just talking
It's not really...
At times my face may look grim,
But I'm actually just cold
Though I don't mind it...

You are on the battlefield and you tried to defend your home country Prussia. You love the leader, Gilbert Beilschmidt, and you swore him, that you always will be his servant and soldier. You feel cold, because it is snowing since hours.

I take pride in work that needs delicacy,
But my fingers are too big
That's why
Even if I'm said to be "generally adequate,"
Strictly speaking
I don't understand

You lay on the ground and thinking about the old times. You know that you would die soon, because your body is full of the red liquid. Every move hurt, so you decided before, not to move. You close your eyes and smile. You are alone and no one is there to help you.


I want to be found

Gilbert was often here for you and you knew his combat tactics, but unfortunately they failed. You cough and open your eyes a bit. You see everything blurred and you sigh. You never thought that this would happen and actually you hope, that your leader will be ok.

Though they say I eat only potatoes,
They're the same with soba and pasta
If the kitchen is just going to get dirty,
Then is it not better to just not to cook?

You want to scream, but you didn't even make a noise, because your body is too weak for that. Then you think about something that happened 1 week ago. Gilbert cooked potatoes, again, and he said: "________, today you should eat them, you need them for your stamina and strength"

You looked at him and blushed a bit and answered: "If you say so, my leader". You giggled a bit and he served you the potatoes. Immediately you ate them and he looked at you. He wanted to be sure, that you eat them and you did that.


Then something pull you out from your thoughts. You hear a strange noise, like a siren. You whisper to yourself: "Will I die soon? God, please....let end this pain". You close your eyes again and you feel so slightly now. Then you faint in the snow.

My heart is opening, I want to be set free
Because you are here, I can be myself

~~~~~~~~~~~ 9 hours later ~~~~~~~~~~~~

You woke up and look around. Immediately you notice the pain and scream. Then you hear footsteps. 'Where am I', you think to yourself. You have many scars and your wounds look better than before.

Then you hear that someone opens the door and you look at this person...It was your leader. He has a soup with him and sits down on the bed. "Eat this", he says to you and you nod. You take the bowl and start to eat it.

I'm always said to be scowling,
But who said my smiling face has been erased?
You may think I'm frightening,
But it's only because I'm straining to laugh

Gilbert smiles at you and you notice that he is s bit happy, probably because he knows now, that some of his soldiers survived.

After you ate the soup, you lay down on the bed and look at Gilbert. You ask him: "Did you...saved me?". He takes your hand, looks in your eyes and nods. Then the male starts: "_________ I have a question"

You look at him and reply: "Which question?" "Do you love me?", he asks you and your heart beats fast. For a few seconds, you try to calm down and then you say: "Yes, I love you"

Gilbert looks at you and kisses you fast. Then he kisses your cheek and whispers in your ear: "I love you too". He lays down beside you and soon you fall asleep, meanwhile Gilbert watches you and holds your hand.

Just be Strong
Through Loneliness
I hope you like it ^^
This story is shorter than the others, but today I listened to that song and the story came, so my mind said to me, that I have to write this ^^

Einsamkeit by Prussia and Germany: [link]

Einsamkeit by Prussia: [link]

Einsamkeit by Germany: [link]


Please, join my group [link]
we need more members :P

All Fans of Prussia and their vital Regions belong to :iconprussia-plz:
I do not own hetalia or the characters
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~Skip to back stage!~

You and your band were taking pictures for and with fans.

"S-she so beautiful", Gilbert mumbled to himself.

"Oh. So you have a little crush on the lead singer?", Francis questioned him and poked his arm.

Gilbert tried his best not to let blush slip onto his pale skin at the comment as he continued to watch you. You put two fingers to your temple and stuck your tongue out for your next picture. Then shot your middle finger to the next. Nancy made you change your pose though.

"Come on Gilbert", Antonio called to him and began dragging him.

"F-for what?"

"We're gonna get a picture!"

"W-what?! N-no! Stop! Stop!", he tried to break his friends grip on his wrist, unsuccessfully.

"Oh come on. You're doing nothing but staring. Might as well take a picture you can stare at forever", Francis added and grabbed Gilbert's other hand.

"Nein!Nein! I rather just stare!"

"You should stop struggling before she hears you~!", Antonio warned him. "Excuse me, chica!"

You turn to face the three and your eyes are automatically drawn and locked onto the silver haired one being dragged by two boys you thought must of been his friends.

"...O-oh um...hi", you stuttered out, not breaking eye contact with the red eyed boy.

Nancy skipped next to you, "Hell- oh my gosh. You are beautiful", she blurted out and stared at the long haired blonde.

"Really Nancy? Really?", Alfred sighs and looks at Nancy.

"Sorry. It threw me off. Anyway, hello~! What's your name's?"

"Oh. Well beau you can call me Francis", the blonde one told Nancy and kissed her hand.

"Eep! I love our fans!", she squeaked.

"Anyway. I'm Antonio and this is Gilbert", the one with brown hair pointed to the one you locked eye sights with. So his name's Gilbert? That's cool. "We just wanted a picture"

"You guys can take whatever you want", Nana giggled.

"Who's idea was it to bring Nancy into the band?", Arthur asked you.

"You...", you replied.

"Just shut up and take the picture"

You and Nancy posed. She touched her cheek and smiled gently. You on the other hand, put your index finger over your throat and tilted your head to the side, with your tongue out.

"(name)!", Nancy stopped you.

"Alright. Alright. How's this one?" You aimed your two fingers down your throat.

"(name)! Something not deadly!"

"Oh come on! I'mma rockstar! Why can't I?"

"Take the picture right"

"Fine. Fine.", you pose like Nancy just with a bigger smile from laughing.

"We got it"

"(name). I'mma hit you later"

"Why though!", you laughed.  You turned your attention back to the red-eyed boy. "It was nice meeting you, Gilbert"

"U-uh...uh...hi", he answered back. To get back to his point of view, he was very nervous. Right now it was like he was meeting the girl of his dreams and she remembered his name. He didn't know what to say back to such an angel.

"Hello", she chuckled. "What kind of accent is that I hear?"

"I-I um...i-it's German"

"Oh cool! I like it! I-I also like your eyes"

"I-I like yours too!", he blurted out then covered his mouth.

"Thanks...N-nice meeting you"

He nodded and watched her as she walked off.

"Look at that. You talked to a girl and din't even t-"

"I want to die. I totally embarrassed myself and she doesn't like me at all", he began to twitch and bite his lip.

"Y-you did just fine. I think she really likes y-"

"Liar!...Sorry. Can we go home now?", he walked off anyway and left his friends.

"Wait for us!"

~Next day~

Gilbert was still in his room with the door locked but now he was crying over how badly he messed up and didn't deserve the girl he now loved.

"That didn't help him at all", Antonio sighed and looked towards Francis.

"Well look at it this way. At least he has a little crush"

"I don't think that's good at all. Seriously, listen to him"

They both put their ears to his door.

"A beautiful rose. My special fallen angel I failed at catching. I-I don't want to be in a world without her"

"Ok I think he's slowly losing the rest of his sanity now, so maybe it was a bad idea to take him there"

They focused their attention on the door when they heard knocking. Francis got up to answer it and revealed a...a girl? They assumed it was a girl. 'She' wore a navy blue hoodie, baggy, dark washed jeans, and had a pair of sunglasses over her eyes with the hood up over her hair. "Oh cool. I was right", she spoke.

"Uhm...You are...?"

"I would like to see Gilbert pretty pretty please!", she smiled and asked. She took off her sunglasses and shook the hood off of her head to show her (e/c) eyes and her (h/c) hair.

Both of their eyes got wide once they realized who she was. "You're here to see Gilbert?!"

"Uh-huh! Is that ok?", she tapped her chin and looked up at them curiously.

""Do you just come to visit all of your fans like this cause if you do, it's slightly creepy", Francis told her and Antonio elbowed him.

She giggled and walked inside. "No. I'm actually not even suppose to be out. They are gonna be so pissed when I get back but I don't really mind. My sneak out was a success"

"Well I'll go and get Gilbert for you"

"Thank you!"

Francis went to go fight with Gilbert til he came out of his room. "Gilbert, come out! Someone's here to see you"

"Nein! I definitely don't want to talk to anybody!"

"Come on. It's a pretty girl and you're gonna hurt her feelings"

"Hell no! I don't care! Go away!"

Francis began to beat on the door, "Open it!"


"Excuse me?", her voice sounding as light as air, interrupted. "It's ok if you don't want to talk to me, Gilbert"

After she finished her sentence, they all quickly heard the door unlocking. It slowly started to crack and they could only see his eye peeking out from the darkness behind him. The girl he hoped for was smiling and waving in his direction.


"Hello~! I just wanted to talk to you, if that was ok but if you don't want to I-"

"No! No! I-I mean...s-stay...", he reached out to her through the cracked door. "C-come in, p-please"

"...Alright!", she beamed brightly and accepted the slightly creepy offer as she walked in the room that he locked behind her.

"M-my angel came for me". he whispered to himself.
Yep. These are getting shorter -3-

previous: [link]

next: [link]
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Collection by
tumblrrr [link]

While I drew these guys, I feel like they are watching Link and thinking about how they were heroes in the past as well.. * w*

skull kid looks like: [link]
imp poe looks like: [link]
both enemies from zelda twilight princess ^w^

more enemy gijinkas here! ^^ [link]
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Not my best, but not my worst. I love the poses and the bent horizon line though xD

Sakura heaved a bit. she had really been taken for a run with this guy. something about him was almost more psychotic than she was. She frowned as the red haired man began to cackle.
"Just realise how totally fucked you are?" Sakura asked aross the roof top of the stairway where their battle was taking place.

He chuckled, "No, not that, it's just that... The wind has died down..." He said, looking over in the distance where the clouds were sitting still against a sunset backdrop.

"Yeh, so?" Sakura snarled.

Hanran smirked, "So, now you will be suseptable to my road." He said, hands pulling from his pockets. The sunlight reflected off a small object in his hands. A syringe.

"What, you're gunna shoot me up and throw me off the roof. Don't forget that I can't use my roads full potential against you because of the parts war, but in life and death I will destroy you..."

He laughed, "oh no no, this isn't for you." swiftly before her eyes she watched him swing the needle in his fingers and inject it directly into his own arm.
"You're a freak!"
"You have no idea." Hanran said, "No idea what is coming that is."
He races towards her, the small rider back flipping away from her opponant who begins the chase around the small area. she noticed his breath quicken, pupils pinning, sweat trickling down his brow as he chased her.
sakura sneezed, hair falling over her eyes for just long enough for Hanran to get a sneak attack in, a sharp kick to the side of her body that sent her flying sidewards and into the boundary railing that circled the entire perimeter.

She shook her head and pushed herself to her feet, Hanran closing in on her. she jumped at the last minute as his foot hit the railing, leaving a large indentation in that section.
"You've gotten slower!" Sakura said as she backed off.
"Yes." Hanran smiled.
"why are you so happy about that idiot!" Sakura snarled at him.
"I don't need to get any faster. You will soon feel the effects of my road. I shoot up and the poisonous vapors escape my body and poison my opponant. It's in my blood, so long as it is still in my system, you will lose."
Sakura smirked. "Right, so if it weren't, you're road would be useless."
"Exactly" Hanran said smugly, "wait... Wha-

Once he let his guard down, Sakura took this oppertunity to shoot past him, her road taking form behind her, her slip stream like a sharp ribbon that cut large crevices into Hanrans flesh, blood shooting out in all direction.

He laughed, "Clever... I hadn't thought of that..."
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lol: made it here [link]
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playing around with some new techniques yes its pokeart but it still looks alright tell us what ya think yeah
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here's another 2am comic idea I thought of
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Collection by
/ (a/c)= Any Color /
/ (y/n)= Your Name /
/ (f/d)= Favorite Drink /
/ (y/a)= Your Age /
/ (f/s)= Favorite Store /
/ (h/c)= Hair Color /
/ (e/c)= Eye Color /

"Ahahahaha! I am awesome!"

You sat up in your bed in horror when you hear the voice of your sister's boyfriend. Truthfully, you had to admit he was kind of cool to hang out with. Although, with a sister like yours...lets just say you don't see him much. You weren't exactly a big fan of your older sister. She was snobby and rude to everyone, including you and her boyfriend.

Yet, for some reason, the German or Prussian- whatever he was- decided to stay with her. You knew that she cheated too; you tried to tell Gilbert, the boy she was dating, but he just nodded and smiled.

You stood up from your bed and threw on a pair of (a/c) pajama pants and a pair of (a/c) sweatpants before heading downstairs. You slowly peaked around the corner to look around and when you saw no one, you began to walk towards the kitchen door. You opened the door just to be met with a face-full of pancake batter. You blinked twice in confusion before looking down at your clothes and saw some batter dripping down onto your (a/c) shirt.

"Ah! (y/n), sorry! I vas making pancakes for your sister and you!" The albino said, rushing over after laughing a bit. He picked up a napkin and slowly wiped off the batter. You blushed a bit at the closeness. "Zere! All clean!"

You nodded dumbly before walking over to the fridge without another word. You found it best not to speak to Gilbert. The last time that you talked to him, your sister got angry and told your parents that you were "flirting with Gilbert", when you only asked him why he was bathing in milk. That's a story for another day though.

Gilbert watched you as you got a cup and poured your self a glass of (f/d) and took a small sip. "So, how vas your nap?" He asked suddenly, going back to making breakfast.

"...It was okay. I'm surprised I couldn't hear you two having sex though. That's usually what she does what a boy 'sleeps over'." You said with a shrug and a small smirk when you saw Gilbert cringe a bit in disgust. "You probably want to get her checked."

The older boy just nodded. "Although, we haven't had sex yet."

"Yet? Oh, fun. Do it at your house." You said bitterly. You didn't know why you felt so angry all of a sudden. The thought of Gilbert doing...THAT with that type of girl just made you want to hurl. You just hated it.

Gilbert sighed heavily. "Vat I meant, is zat I don't zink we are going to have sex." He explained and you raised an eyebrow at him.

"Why not? Surely, she's come onto you already."

He nodded. "She has. But the awesome me won't lose his virginity to a girl like zat!" He proclaimed with a smile.

"Why are you even dating her if you feel that way?"

The Prussian stopped cooking for a second and slowly looked towards you. He looked you over with a blank expression before meeting your eyes. "I have my reasons."

"(Y/n)!" You flinched at the loud scream as the kitchen door swung open and violently hit the wall. You slowly turned around to face your sister. "What are you doing in here with Gilbert!"

You held up a glass of (f/d) and gave her a dead-pan look. "Liquids." You said, taking a sip with a raise of your eyebrows. "Replenish thirst." You nodded with a thumbs up, looking like you were trying to advertise it or something like that.

"Ugh, you're so thirsty, so no wonder." You literally almost ripped her throat out. You didn't even like to date, while she would take five dicks in her mouth at once with a smile; but're thirsty according to her. "Hey, Gilly."

He nodded towards her, showing no other interest towards her at all as he continued to make breakfast. You silently drank your drink. Sure, it might have been wise to leave, but Gilbert was making food for all of you's and you thought it rude to just walk away like that.

"So, how vas the party?"

"Don't even get me started. Francis was so trying to get into my pants."

You raised an eyebrow but said nothing to her. Francis may have been an all-out ladies man, but he knew what lines shouldn't be passed, and your sister was like a big red line of lava. Nobody was trying to get over it any time soon.

Then you frowned. Gilbert did. He liked your sister. They've been dating for a while, so of course he loves her. Although, you should probably feel happy about Gilbert finding someone to love, despite barely knowing felt very sad.

"Hey, (y/n), go do something useful and clean up."

You have your sister a hateful look. "It's your job to do chores today. You know that."

"I don't care." Your sister mocked you. "You know that."

You growled, suddenly standing up from your seat. "Screw you! I'm not doing your cruddy chores because you're too worried about finding someone new to cheat on your boyfriend with!" You shouted, stomping a foot onto the ground in utter rage. You usually never got angry like this, you were generally calm most of the time. "And Gilbert, I hope you're happy being played with." You sneered before running from the kitchen and up to your room.

You belly-flopped on your bed and groaned and screamed into your pillow while you kicked your feet. Why were you so angry? You've never felt such rage before. Sadness.


Wait. No. You couldn't possibly be jealous, could you? Gilbert was just a friend- maybe even just an acquaintance. But then...why were you so frustrated...?

"(Y/n)," a familiar voice spoke up from behind you after a minute or so. "(Y/n), are you alright? I know she's a bit nasty at times-"

"At times?" You whispered, turning around. "At times! Gil, I have lived with this for (y/a) years of my life. She's irresponsible, rude, and just plain nasty! Yet my parents still think she a little angel and it's not fair!" You shouted, throwing a pillow at him before sighing and falling back into your bed again. "And then there's you. You piss me off to no ends."

"Vhat! Vhy me!"

"You're DATING her. You're such a nice fucking guy but you're dating that little witch, and I just can't understand why. You could probably pick up any chick you wanted, but you choose someone as vile as her! It's just dumb! How could you be so stupid?" You sighed, placing an arm over your eyes to try and let out some stress.

"'Any chick I wanted' you zay." He sighed. "Zhe only girl I vanted really bad, turned me down without even noticing she did it."

"W-well, she's an idiot!"

"Schatz, do tou remember how we virst met?"

"Uh, yeah. You came up to me to talk about my sister." You said, cluelessly.



You leant against a wall at (f/s), incredibly annoyed at how long your sister was taking to check out.

"Hey zere." You heard an unfamiliar voice say. You turned towards it and came eye-to-eye with beautiful red eyes. "You look bored."

"I am." You sighed with a smile. "My sister has been doing nothing but flirting since we walking in this store an hour ago."

"I see. Well, I would flirt too." He said casually. "There are a vew pretty attractive women in here." He smiled but you rolled your eyes.

"Well, yeah, you are in a girl's story, pretty boy." You mocked him with a laugh, pointing towards a mannequin with a crop top and minni-skirt. "You definitely shop here a lot, right?" You laughed.

"E-eh." He laughed awkwardly, apparently only now noticing all of the girly clothes. "Vell, I saw a pretty girl in here with (h/c) and (e/c)."

"Oh, great. You were checking out my sister." You rolled your eyes, suddenly losing interest in the conversation.

"Vell, actually I vas talking about-"

"She's right over there-"

"(Y/n), who is this?" Your sister's voice asked. You turned towards her and sighed.

"I don't know. I just met him. I'm gonna go take a piss. Okay, b-bye." You said with a bored tone, walking away from your sister, knowing that the Prussian boy was surely her next prey.



"I vasn't talking about you sister." Gilbert sighed, taking a seat on your bed and placing his head in his pale hands. "Have you ever noticed how similar your hair and eyes are to your sisters?"

You furrowed your eyebrows in confusion. "Yeah but what does that have to do with this-"

Before you could finish your sentence Gilbert placed his hands on your cheeks and stared you straight in the eye. You blushed and tried to a avoid eye contact from those piercing red eyes. "(Y/n)," he spoked, circling his thumb on your cheekbone. "You're an idiot."

You were about to make a snarky remark but before you could get the words out, his chapped lips were on yours. You inhaled sharply in surprise through your nose and Gilbert hummed, pushing closer to you and kissing you a bit deeper. You wish you could pull away- this wasn't like you. This was your sister's boyfriend! Why was he even kissing you? You just couldn't comprehend it all.

But found yourself kissing him back. Your hands gently rested upon his own that were remaining on your cheeks. You both slowly pulled apart, you looking away in embarrassment while he smirked happily. "You were the girl I saw that I wanted to talk to." He whispered, stroking your cheek. "Not her, (y/n), you. The only reason I stayed with her is because...well, I thought that if I lost contact with her, I'd never see you again. And I guess I never got the courage to tell your sister about it...."

"So me...?" You asked slowly and in confusion.

He shook his head and your head hurt bad. "No," he whispered, coming close to your face, your lips an inch away. "I love you, (y/n)."

Then he kissed you again, this time much slower and sweeting than the last. You pulled away and blushed, placing your head on his chest while he hugged you softly. "I love you t-too." You mumbled and he chuckled, holding you a bit tighter, as if he were afraid to let go. "...You better break up with my sister."

He just laughed loudly and ruffled your hair, whispering a "of course, Schatz."
Gilbert is dating your sister- but is it really her he has feelings for...?

Sorry, this is my first character X reader so it probably sucks.
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Ugh, why me?!

Walking down the sidewalk toward Hetalia World Academy, you couldn’t help but anxiously ring your hands together and fiddle with your backpack, simultaneously awkwardly balancing a frappuccino from Starbucks. Your mind was a swirling mess of worries and dread; you really didn’t want to go to school today.

You owed your sense of unease to the shiny new pair of (f/c) glasses perched on your nose—you’d never worn them before today.

Your ophthalmologist (eye doctor) had examined you a few weeks previous and informed your boss (who had acted as your guardian for that appointment) that you were in need of a change—your eyesight was absolutely terrible; no sugarcoating about it. You had failed the majority of the tests given to you; you were awfully nearsighted. Anything across the room from you was blurry and smudged. Things tended to blend together when you attempted to read words on the book spines on that bookshelf in your room that was against the wall by your bed, and sometimes you’d fail to recognize your boss if he was standing more than several paces away from you. Due to this, you were told that you, unfortunately, needed glasses.

Sighing, your steps slowed as you reached the edge of your school’s property. The campus was swarming with students; you recognized many of your classmates mixed in with the crowd of countries. Groaning softly, you forced yourself to place one foot in front of the other and hurry to the school’s front doors. You wanted to get to your homeroom before you were forced to face any people you knew. But when winding through the massive packs of nations, you found that to be rather difficult. In sprinting past a group of drama club kids, one of them caught sight of you.

“Hey, (Name)!” a certain Belgian girl called loudly, waving her arms in a way that grabbed everyone in the surrounding area’s attention.

You squeezed your eyes shut. Goddammit, Emma. You debated what to do: be rude and ignore her greeting, lie and say you had to be somewhere else to end the encounter quickly, or actually stay and chat for a while. You grit your teeth and cursed inwardly again—all your choices had negative effects. Your moral side won out in the end, however, so you decided to turn and bid her a quick hello, hoping to escape before five minutes passed. Your fists clenched as you turned around and smiled a cheerful closed-eye smile.

“Hey, Emma!” you responded, ignoring the way her green eyes lingered on the new frames around your eyes. “Listen, I’d love to stay and chat about Roderich and Sophie’s piano concert, or talk about how adorable Lovino is, but I really have to get to homeroom and—”

“Oh, sure thing!” she interrupted, beaming that cute little grin of hers. “Just one question, though. When’d you get those glasses? Are they new?”

You cringed visibly. “A-Ah, yeah….um, I got ’em yesterday. A-Anyway, gotta go! Homework to do….tests to study for and all that!” You stood there awkwardly for a second, then turned on your heel and dashed away, clutching your backpack and coffee and inwardly groaning about how strange you had acted.

Meanwhile, Emma gazed after you with a confused look on her face. “I was going to tell you how cute they looked on you,” she pouted, “and ask you where you got them!”

Beside her, Abel shrugged. “Probably cost too much. You have no need for them,” her brother stated matter-of-factly.


You reached your homeroom with no more undesirable meetings, thankfully. When you walked through the doorway of Class 2-9, you were grateful to see the lack of students present. Only a couple female countries were gathered by the window, conversing about the newest peace treaty between America and Russia and wondering how long it would last. You recognized them, of course (Argentina [Rosia Garcia], Iran [Artemis Yazdani], Monaco [Lucille Bonnefoy], and Armenia [Violeta Nazaretian]), but you weren’t super-close with any of them. You only knew Lucille through Francis, and the other three just because of varying trades and unavoidable battles that would come up through the decades. You weren’t close enough for them to approach you, and likewise.

You were safe.

With that comforting thought, you made your way over to your desk—beside the window in the very back left corner of the classroom, where it was quiet and you were not the center of attention. Just how you liked it. Obviously, it was no secret you had little self-confidence and were very insecure. Why else would you be so self-conscious of your new glasses? You knew it was rather silly—lots of people wore glasses! But it was something large to you. You were unused to change, especially changes in your appearance. Such drastic alterations only attracted unwanted attention—which preyed upon your fear of being the center of attention in the first place. Your friends always told you that you had nothing to fear—the Bad Touch Trio was always quick to assure you that you were nothing but beautiful in their blue, green, and red eyes! And still others agreed with them—with your pretty (e/c) eyes, smooth (s/c) skin, and shiny (h/l) (h/c) hair, you were very attractive. Arthur never failed to compliment your eyes, and Alfred adored playing with your hair, braiding it and generally messing with it until you had to playfully smack his hands away.

You were gorgeous.

But due to several of the meaner countries, your confidence was never very high. Female nations like Slovakia (Milana Zupan), Croatia (Anđela Čupić), Mali (Lagina Dia), and Micronesia (Teuila Tasina) couldn’t go a day without insulting you. Their little group of bullies (with Milana as the ringleader) hunted you down day after day to send vicious and scathing comments at you, slowly wearing away at your self-worth and image. And after a minute or two of their blatant slander, you’d take off running with tears streaming down your face—hurt and angry, but mostly disgusted with yourself. The reason why those four specifically attacked you with their verbal abuse was due to the fact that you were simply stronger than they were—your country was bigger, prettier, more successful in trading and the like, allied with all the powerful countries, and overall more pleasant with its unique culture and government. They also disliked you because your nation refused to deal in trade with them, and you were typically chosen over them when it came to alliances.  

The sound of the bell easily broke apart your thoughts, causing you to blink and glance around the classroom in slight bewilderment. You had forgotten you were in class. Rubbing your eyes and suppressing a yawn, you adjusted the blue HWA sweatshirt that you wore over your red blazer before reaching for your cupcake frappuccino and taking a long sip—reasoning that the caffeine and sugar could do wonders for your lingering exhaustion from rising so early this chilly January morning. As you did so, you caught sight of your friend Feliciano bursting through the classroom’s sliding door, throwing it open quickly and dashing to his seat, which happened to be to your right. After him came Ludwig and Gilbert, both looking quite as tired as you.

Nevertheless, when Gilbert settled himself into the seat in front of you and Ludwig sat beside him, both turned to you and managed a smile. The Prussian’s grin was a bit more cocky than his brother’s, and he laughed his contagious and peculiar keseseseses before saying, “The awesome me says hey, (Name)!”

Ludwig pinched the bridge of his nose between his fingers before looking back up and adding, “Guten tag, (Name).”

Feliciano chipped in with a bubbly, “Ciao, bella!”

You didn’t respond—your eyes had widened and you had quickly buried your face, hiding your awful (f/c) glasses within your arms as they rested on the surface of the desk. Your heart was pounding, and you were dreading the moment you had to announce your presence to the rest of the class when your homeroom teacher, the Ancient known to you as Assyria-sensei, took attendance. You didn’t want to half to raise your head and announce that you were here when your friends were nearby—they’d see your stupid glasses!

Gilbert, meanwhile, frowned. “(Name)? Hey, (Name)? You okay?”

You slowly shook your head and fingered the blue cuffs of your comfy sweatshirt, ignoring your friends’ attempts at getting your attention. As you tried to block out their questions, you heard someone take a seat to your left and greet you with a pleasant, “All right, (Name)?” From the sound of that accent, it was probably Arthur. Plus, no one else was ever awake and polite in the morning like that besides Matthew and Madeline.

“(Name) is upset,” Feliciano remarked to Arthur from beside you, sadness evident in his tone.

“Oh? Why’s that?”

“No idea,” Ludwig responded shortly, “but we can’t dwell. Assyria’s coming.”

Sure enough, you heard the door slide open once more and your teacher’s footsteps head over to his desk. Quickly, you nudged those stupid glasses off of your nose and slid them across your desk toward your lap, allowing them to drop onto your pleated red plaid skirt. You then sat up straight and ignored the looks from your friends, focusing your eyes on the board up front. The board you could no longer see because you were as blind as a bat without those accursed glasses.

The next few minutes were agony—you suffered through the slow process of calling roll, then the long list of announcements. After he finally finished reading from his binder, Assyria-sensei dismissed you all to your first class. You grabbed your glasses, stood up quickly, threw your bag over your shoulder, picked up your coffee, and hurriedly slid the glasses on and over your ears. Then you made your way to the front and out the door, avoiding your friends with difficulty but achieving it nonetheless. Dashing out the door, you waved to them over your shoulder and hurried down the hallway to your first class: biology.

The room was all the way in the second wing of HWA, farthest from the corridor that connected the annex with the main building, next to the library. Reviewing the map of the school you knew by heart, you made your way to the hall that bridged the gap between the main wing and the second wing. You pushed open the doors of the annex with one hand while your other held your frappuccino, bringing it to your lips for a quick sip as you turned the corner, striding toward the biology classroom quickly. As you took a sip from the green straw, you savoured the taste of whipped cream and vanilla cupcake and glanced up to look for the familiar door of the bio room. When your eyes roamed right, however, you caught sight of a sickeningly-familiar group of girls—it was Milana and her gang.

Your heart dropped all the way down to your toes and your stomach did an unpleasant flip. Not them, you thought in dread as you stopped mid-step. Your eyes darted from the bullies to the nearest door—boys’ restroom, no good. You closed your eyes and let out a long sigh, realizing that there was no way out besides the way you’d come, but you needed to get to class. So, inhaling deeply, you brushed your hair out of your eyes and quickly made your way toward the end of the corridor, giving the girls plenty of space. Despite that, you knew you were in trouble when the nearest girl glanced your way.

“Oh! Look, it’s that one country—the one that no one likes!” You cringed and walked faster, but you couldn’t seem to ignore the loud statements of the group. “Gloriana, was it? What’s your human name again, honey? Something like….oh, (Name), right?” You came to a slow stop, shoulders hunched as the girls approached and circled you like a venue of vultures hunting their prey. The one that was talking was Milana, of course. “Some name, (Name). Who had to name you again? Your guardian….wasn’t it that old geezer, China, that controlled you first? And the Ancients and England, too…. God, they must hate you! But then again, who doesn’t?”

Angry tears were already pricking at your eyes, making them sting and causing your throat to ache. You whirled around and opened your mouth to say something, but Anđela cut you off.

“Milana’s right. I feel bad for ol’ Yao and Artie. For God’s sake, you’re such a disappointment! You’re all thin and sickly and your country’s no better! All alone in the middle of the Pacific…. Your nation might be big, but then there’s just that much more to hate, isn’t there? With those volcanos and God-awful ruins that you call monuments! I can’t believe Heracles had to build you a building for your capital! Greece must be so embarrassed to have some of his architecture in the capital of your excuse for a country!” The Croatian gave an awful laugh, a malevolent smirk on her gorgeous face.

Lagina picked up where Anđela had left off. The Malian snickered and jabbed a red manicured fingernail at the (f/c) glasses framing your teary (e/c) eyes. “Look, the Gloritian’s got herself some new glasses! I thought she couldn’t get more ugly, but I guess I’m wrong! Damn, she looks so fucking bad!”

Your heart sputtered a bit—it was as though your very sense of being sunk right down through your feet and into the ground. Tears finally escaped your eyes and streamed down your cheeks, sparkling in both the artificial glow of the lights buzzing in the ceiling, and the faint light coming in from the windows (although the sun was quickly being hidden by layers of stormy clouds; it was as though the weather was mirroring your mood). The feeling of absolute sickness enveloped you as you watched the girls grin at your open display of despair, and they began to laugh. The four of them—the ones that had been your bullies from the very first day you had enrolled at Gakuen—walked up to you and shoved roughly past you. In the process, Teuila snatched the glasses from their perch on your nose and examined them. She giggled with her friends and tossed the expensive pair of specs to Milana, who wrinkled her nose at them.

“God, what is this piece of crap? You spared no expense, huh? Well, that’s to be expected—how poor are you, again? Your economy must be utter shit. Why haven’t you caught a cold yet, you worthless bitch?” she inquired nastily. “Whatever. You don’t even need these—are you trying to grab America’s attention or something? You filthy attention-whore!” With those scathing words, she threw your brand-new glasses down onto the ground and crunched them under her stiletto.

Your eyes widened and you reached for them futilely—but it was too late. The spectacles were crushed under her pretty little black heel. More furious tears dripped down your cheeks and blurred your vision even more than it already was in the absence of your glasses. Your fists clenched as you turned to face the four girls, teeth gritting as anger flared up within you. It was short-lived, however, because Milana chose that moment to say snidely,

“There. You look better without those things anyway. Though….not by much. God, I’ve never seen anyone more hideous before in my life, and I’ve lived for centuries.” She turned her back on you and started down the hall, her friends following her. Before she completely turned the corner, Milana called over her shoulder, “(Name), maybe you should just leave HWA for good. That way, when you come back with new glasses, people won’t talk about you behind your back. I mean, they were obviously doing it today. Didn’t you see Belgium and Netherlands after you left them behind outside this morning? They were totally talking about you. You should just drop out and go to some human school. Better there than here, after all. You don’t deserve to be a country.” Then she and her three followers disappeared.

You stared after her in disbelief for a moment, heart slowly cracking and dissolving into nothing but dust as her words haunted you. A dull sense of sense of sadness filled your being, and you slowly knelt down and reached out to pick up the glasses—but your fingers froze as they brushed the (f/c) frames. Self-hate and anger and disgust clouded your mind as you gazed at those damn glasses. It wasn’t those four girls that were at fault here—it was you and those spectacles. Bitter acceptance washed over you as you dropped your arm. You straightened up and slowly got to your feet, gazing at the cracked lenses.

Then you adjusted your bag’s strap, chucked your coffee in the nearest rubbish bin, and turned your back on the glasses. You angrily wiped those tears away, then started to walk away from the glasses, leaving them on the floor, broken and sad-looking. Then you broke into a run and headed for the nearest exit.

You couldn’t make it through school today.


Alfred let out a long yawn as his tired baby-blue eyes absentmindedly wandered around the biology classroom. It was about 8:30 AM in the morning, and he was already sick of being here. To pass the time until class started (8:45 AM), he stared at Arthur as the Englishman strode through the sliding door entrance, then switched his gaze to Sadık and Heracles in the corner, cussing each other out. His eyes were pulled from the funny scene when he heard his name, only for him to groan inwardly and roll his eyes—it was only Milana and Anđela trying to get his attention, to which he promptly looked the other direction.

He then shifted in his seat once before grabbing the cup off of his desk and taking a rather large swig of coffee. He made a face; the stuff tasted like shit. That’s what he got for being late this morning—no Starbucks, but plenty of off-brand coffee. As he reluctantly downed another mouthful (he could use a caffeine boost) his eyes lingered on the empty seat beside Kiku, who was seated across the aisle from him at a separate lab table. “Hey, Kiku?”

The Japanese nation glanced in his direction, momentarily pausing in his manga-doodling. “Hai, America-san?”

Alfred sighed. “Dude, come on, for the last time, I said call me Alfred. You know I don’t like honorifics.”

Kiku nodded once and quickly bowed his head to the American. “Gomenasai, Ameri— ah, Alfred. But what is it you wished to ask me?”

Alfred perked up. “Oh, right! Well, isn’t (Name) in this class? I thought she sat with you. Isn’t she always your partner…?”

Kiku nodded again. “Yes, she is. But I haven’t seen her. Perhaps she is just late—?”

“I doubt it,” Arthur commented, joining in on the conversation as he made his way over to his seat beside Alfred. “(Name)’s always on time. Quite right, too. I’m glad she’s remembered my etiquette teachings from all those years—”

“No one cares, Iggy,” Alfred interrupted, finishing off the remainder of his shitty coffee.

Arthur’s expression immediately darkened. “Oi, there’s no need for—!”

Kiku cut him off, sensing the argument and opting to put a stop to it before it grew into a violent brawl between the two brothers. “England-san is right. (Name)-chan is never late for class. I wonder if something has come up?”

Arthur seated himself beside Alfred and set his bag on the lab table’s smooth black surface. While he unpacked his laptop and various writing utensils, he took an elegant sip of tea from his thermos with his free hand before stating, “She was acting rather peculiar this morning.” He absently tapped a pen to the corner of his mouth as he added, “Feliciano mentioned that she was upset over something, but he failed to say what it was that had her so troubled.”

Alfred frowned. “She was upset? Don’t tell me something happened to her country?”

“We would’ve heard about it,” Arthur replied, setting his tea thermos down and opening his laptop. “But if you want me to check the news, I can.”

Kiku nodded slowly. “It would be wise.”

Arthur proceeded to open up a browser and Kiku left his own seat and crossed the aisle to watch over the blond’s shoulder. Alfred’s attention was elsewhere, as was his mind. She gets upset so easily, he thought with a frown, glancing over to her empty seat once more, over the littlest things. (Name) thinks so lowly of herself; I wish she would just….stop. She never seems to get that the rest of us can’t ever find a fault in her. It’s….really hard to watch her put herself down. I hope….I hope she’s okay…. As his mind wandered, Alfred’s gaze wandered along with it. He found himself gazing at Milana and Anđela again, who both flashed him sickly-sweet smiles. The happy smile he sent in return was instinctive, and by the time he realized his mistake it was too late—both girls had stood and were beginning to make their way over to him and his two friends.

“Goddammit,” he muttered. That wasn’t an invitation.

“What is it?” Arthur’s eyes flickered up from his computer’s screen to Alfred, but his questioned was answered by the two female nations approaching from the front of the classroom.

“Alfie~!” Milana sang, sauntering up to Alfred and Arthur’s lab table.

Alfred cringed at her use of his nickname (that he only really allowed [Name], Peter, Wendy, and Lili to use). “Hey, Slovakia,” he said with a pained smile. He used her country name in an attempt to sound a bit less familiar with her so she’d take the hint to fuck off, but sadly, she didn’t pick up on it—although her smile slipped a bit.

“Come on, you can call me Milan. We’re friends, right?”

“Not really,” Arthur mumbled under his breath.

“Did you say something, Artie?” Anđela spoke up, leaning uncomfortably close to both of the boys.

Arthur visibly twitched at the petname. “My name is Arthur,” he said sharply, shutting his laptop with an angry snap and leaning away from the Croatian pointedly.

From behind Arthur, Kiku gave a nervous chuckle. “Perhaps I’ll go ask Greece-san if he has seen (Name)-chan. I’ll leave the four of you to your—”

“(Name)?” Milana repeated, expression souring. “Why would you go looking for her?”

“She has failed to show up for class,” Kiku explained, “and she is my partner. I can’t continue without at least making sure that she is all right—”

Anđela sneered. “She’s probably snivelling in the bathroom like always. You say one thing to her, and it’s like you’ve crushed her very reason to live or something. She’ll go running off in tears after, like, a second. God, she’s such a pushover. But I guess she has to be, with no friends to stand up for her—she’s so unlikeable.” The Croatian laughed like she had said something funny.

Milana giggled to herself, but no one besides her was amused by Anđela’s words.

Arthur’s fists clenched. “I’m sorry?” he hissed out through gritted teeth.

Kiku’s reaction was less obvious, but Alfred noticed a certain darkness to his tone when he raised one eyebrow and said quietly, “Excuse me?”

At Anđela’s rude comment, Alfred’s blood boiled, but before he could say anything, a sudden thought occurred to him, and his eyes narrowed. “You wouldn’t know where she is, would you?” he inquired, leaning forward to allow his eyes to bore directly into Milana’s dull brown ones.

“Us?” Milana let out a breathy chuckle and made a dismissive gesture. “Of course not.”

“Are you sure?” Alfred’s tone lowered dangerously. “I don’t like knowing that my best friend could be in tears right now, all alone. I also don’t like people claiming that she doesn’t have friends, or saying that she isn’t unlikeable, and then laughing about it.”

Anđela shifted uncomfortably, while Milana forced a laugh. “Alfie, you can’t seriously think of (Name) as your friend? She’s a loser!”

Before Alfred could speak up, Kiku stepped forward. “(Name) (Surname) is not a loser, Slovakia-san,” he said softly, furious fire dancing in his brown eyes, a colour so much warmer than Milana’s. “She is a kind, thoughtful girl who cares for the well-being of others. She thinks lowly of herself because dishonourable people such as yourself have continuously mocked her, day after day. She would have so much more confidence and joy to share if you and your friends would leave her alone. You both sicken me, along with whoever else engages in bullying.” He adjusted the cuffs of his uniform’s sleeves and sighed. “I would appreciate it if you would inform me of (Name)’s whereabouts so we may seek her out before she can hurt any longer.”

Milana’s face was flushed an angry red, while Anđela was staring down at her feet. “Y-You—!” she sputtered. “You think she’s so— ugh! Fine, think whatever the hell you want! But we don’t have any fucking idea where your precious little ‘friend’ is! She’s probably off sobbing her eyes out somewhere—good luck finding her, you dicks!” she spat, then turned on her heel and stomped away, Anđela following silently behind.

Kiku sighed once more. “I expected as such. What should we do?” He turned back to Alfred and Arthur, who were gaping at his uncharacteristic display of anger.

Arthur shook his head and stood, sweeping all of his supplies back into his bag before picking up his thermos. “I have a feeling that if we inform Headmaster Rome of the issue, he will allow us to go. (Name) has always been one of his favourites.”

“True,” Alfred said, nodding. “Let’s go!” He stood and followed Arthur’s example of shoving all of his schoolwork and such into his bag, turning to face the front. He then strode toward the exit of the classroom, slipping past Thailand (Kasem Chao) and India (Shahaji Gandhi), then weaving between Saudi Arabia (Karim Kaleel), Oman (Rashad Essa), and Malaysia (Celine Hussein) as he did so. Arthur and Kiku followed suit, and the three of them were met with little protest as the trio made their way over to the sliding door of the classroom.

Arthur stepped forward once they had reached the exit and slid open the door quickly, stepping through out into the hallway. Alfred and Kiku came after, and Alfred nodded down the hall to the left, where the chemistry lab was located. “Francis, Antonio, Lovino, and Feliciano have chemistry right now. You think we can bail ’em out?”

“Class hasn’t officially started yet,” Kiku pointed out.

Arthur nodded. “Besides, I sent out a group text asking if anyone had seen (Name) recently. I also texted (Name) herself, but she obviously hasn’t responded.” His phone buzzed as he spoke, and he brought it out from his back pocket to check the sender. “It’s Francis. He, Spain, and the Italy Brothers are coming.”  

As soon as the words left his mouth, Francis dramatically swept open the door to the lab and cried, “Where is ma petite fleur?”

Antonio sighed from behind him as Feliciano poked his head out from beside Francis. “Amigo, (Name) is probably around here somewhere.”

!” Feliciano added, beaming. “Bella has to be here!”

“I doubt she’s here anymore,” Arthur commented, eyes flickering down to his phone. “Elizabeta, Emma, Mei, and Michelle said (Name) isn’t in any of the girls’ restrooms. Wendy, Lili, Lien, Katyusha, and Natalia checked the grounds and said the same. (Name) isn’t anywhere to be found.”

Lovino shoved past Francis, Antonio, and Feliciano and scowled. “She probably went home! I heard from Bianca (Montenegro) that she saw some bitches were bullying her and (Name) ran off crying before Bianca could stop her. Who the fuck was it?!” he snarled, clenching his fists.

“It was probably Slovakia and her gang,” Alfred said as he walked past the four newcomers and headed toward the water fountain outside the boys’ restroom. The next time he brought his foot down, however, Arthur shouted,


Alfred froze. “Wha—?”

Arthur dashed over to the water fountain as well and dropped to one knee, snatching something off of the ground before Alfred could step on it. “Watch where you’re going, wanker!” Arthur scolded as he brought the object closer to his face to study. “Someone must have dropped their glasses. But who carries them around instead of wearing them?” he asked, puzzled. “It was a reckless move; they’re broken.”

Lovino threw up his hands. “Who fucking cares about a pair of (f/c) glasses!? We have to go find (Name) and make sure she’s okay! The ragazza does stupid things when she’s upset!”

Feliciano perked up at Lovino’s words. “What colour are they?” he inquired, stepping closer to Arthur.

“(F/c),” Arthur responded, still observing the broken glasses. “But I don’t know anyone who wears spectacles like these.”

“I do!” Feliciano said, leaning in to swipe the glasses from Arthur’s grasp. “These are (Name)’s!” he declared.

“(Name) doesn’t wear glasses, fratello,” Lovino snapped.  

, she does,” Feliciano countered. “She was wearing them this morning in homeroom! But when me and Ludwig and Gilbert and Arthur tried to talk to her, bella took them off very fast and hid them in her lap! Ve~ I guess she didn’t want us to see….” he said sadly.

Arthur frowned. “I never noticed.”

Kiku placed a hand to his chin. “But it could explain why (Name)-chan was so upset,” he remarked.

Antonio nodded. “Ah, , I understand now. The chica must have been worried about what others would think of her new glasses! That’s why Emma and Abel told me she seemed off today; when Emma spoke to (Name) this morning, Emma said she was in a hurry to get to class.”

Alfred growled. “That probably means Slovakia and her damn gang were insulting (Name) and her new glasses! That’s why they were so full of themselves just now! And if what Bianca said was true, that means (Name) ran home crying! Goddammit, I’m going to kill them—”

Arthur glanced back at him. “Calm down, Alfred. I think….I know what we can do to fix this. And we’ll start with this.” He tucked his thermos of tea into the side holder of his backpack, then plucked (Name)’s new glasses out of Feliciano’s hand and fished around in his bag for a moment. He eventually brought out his wand and tapped (Name)’s glasses with its tip lightly. “Oculus reparo,” he muttered, and the glasses mended themselves in a flash of green sparks.

“Now that (Name)’s glasses are fixed….why don’t you and I pay Slovakia and her gang a visit,” Arthur began, speaking to Alfred with a dark look in his emerald eyes, “while Francis and the others carry out a little idea of mine…?”


You reluctantly forced the blue Gakuen sweatshirt over your head, a teary look on your face as the maids in your household tended to your messy hair.

“But Aaron—” you whined pitifully.

“You’re going to school today. This is final.” Your boss crossed his arms with a sigh. “What’s this even about, (Name)? Your friends are all there; just the other day you were telling me about how much you enjoyed your classes. What’s wrong? Did something happen?”

You shook your head and kept silent as the maids combed through your hair.

Aaron sighed again. “Fine, I respect your privacy. But we will discuss this again when you return home, understand? Now put on your glasses, and let’s go. I promised you we could take the limo today since I have a meeting.”

You stiffened. Glasses?

Aaron noticed your hesitation. “(Name)? Come on, grab your glasses and let’s go.”

“A-Aaron….” you mumbled, playing with your fingers, “….my glasses….they’re at school.”

“What? Why?”

“I-I just left them in my locker….no problem, I’ll just put them on when I get inside,” you lied, cheeks warming out of shame.

Aaron raised an eyebrow. “(Name)? Are you sure everything’s all right?”

“I’m fine!” you said softly, averting your eyes. “Let’s….let’s just go.”

Aaron eyed you for a moment longer, then gave in. “….All right.”


You stepped out of the limo with a nervous expression on your face, unease churning in your gut. Your stomach clenched when you looked out over the campus grounds, but you relaxed slightly when you couldn’t find any of your bullies anywhere. It seemed as though they weren’t here yet. With a relieved sigh, you slung your backpack higher up over your shoulder and began walking toward the entrance of HWA’s property, feeling a bit better about going to school today without having those four girls around to torment you. You had no idea when they were going to show up, but maybe they all fell ill or something; that would be a blessing for sure.

A small smile came to your lips at the thought, and as you waved goodbye to Aaron, you couldn’t help but feel a little better. There was a skip in your step as you bounced your way to the campus, and when you walked through the gate and onto the school grounds, the sun seemed to shine a bit brighter. You couldn’t put your finger on it, but something about today was different—what was it?

“Hey, (Name)!”

You half-turned, and your eyes widened when they landed on none other than Ludwig and Gilbert Beilschmidt walking toward you, although the glare of the sun was in your eyes and you couldn’t see their faces perfectly. “O-Oh, hey, Gil, Ludwig!” you replied, your confidence up because you didn’t have those glasses on today. “What’s up?”

“Nothing much. We just wanted to ask you something—” Gilbert suddenly grabbed you by the wrist and pulled you forward. “What d’you think of our awesome new glasses?” A large smile split Gilbert’s face in two and surprise flitted across your face when you noticed the bright red frames resting on his nose, and the light blue ones sitting on Ludwig’s.

“G-Glasses?” you repeated.

Gilbert nodded, grinning. “You like ’em? Pfft, ’course you do! They’re awesome; just like yours!” he cut you off before you could say anything.

“Like….mine?” you said dumbly, still trying to process his words.

Ja, like yours,” Ludwig answered, a small smile on his own lips.

“(NAME)! (NAME), DUDETTE!” You barely had time to turn around before Alfred F. Jones himself crashed into you from behind, beaming at you with all of his pearly-white teeth. “Bro, I heard you got glasses! How cool is that?! You and me and Matt can twin now!” He pointed at his own silver spectacles with a grin. “THIS IS GREAT! WE’RE GOING TO LOOK SO GOOD!” He laughed his loud “hero laugh” and crushed you to his side.

You were still attempting to process what he said as someone spoke quietly from beside him, “Alfred’s right, (Name). You look really nice in glasses.” Matthew flashed you a tiny smile as he nudged his own frames farther up his nose.

“Sunflower looks good in glasses,” a familiar voice added with a chuckle. Ivan strode up to you and poked your cheek. “I want to see them on your face again.”

Katyusha was right behind him. “You would look very pretty, (Name)!”

Natalia just scowled. “Tch.”

“OI, RAGAZZA!” Lovino was next, striding up to you with red glasses of his own placed on his nose. “I heard you got some glasses. So I thought I’d get some too. Not because I care or anything, but because I can’t let you look better than me.” He flicked your forehead and muttered, “They’re the colour of tomatoes, at least, so that’s something.”

Feliciano came bounding up to you after his brother, squealing, “Bella~!” as he did so. He wrapped his arms around your waist and bubbled excitedly, “You’d look so pretty with your glasses resting on that cute nose of yours! Oh, please wear them around me, (Name)! You’d look so adorable!”

“(NICKNAME)~!” someone sang, glomping you suddenly and knocking both Alfred and Feliciano off you to the grassy ground, and sending Lovino stumbling in the other direction. Antonio rubbed his cheek against yours, giggling like mad. “We look so cute, chica!” he said happily. “You with your glasses and me with my green ones; we’ll match! Everyone will think we’re a couple! Amore, this is perfection~!” he declared with hearts in his big leafy-green eyes.

Non, the fille and I shall be the couple!” Francis nudged Antonio to the side and took your hand in his, planting a gentle kiss on your knuckles. “With my own purple glasses and your (f/c) ones, we will be the most attractive people at HWA! Ah, belle, can’t you just imagine the two of us? You will look magnifique~!”

You were utterly bewildered by the scene unfolding around you. “Wh-Wha—?”

“SHUT IT, GIT!” Arthur came out of nowhere and smacked Francis across the face, shoving him to the side violently. “STOP FLIRTING WITH HER!” Then he composed himself and flashed you a charming smile, reaching into his pocket and bringing out a black case. “(Name), love, I believe that these—” He opened the box with care. “—belong to you.” You were shocked to see your ow (f/c) spectacles lying in the case against the soft interior, unbroken. Arthur picked them up carefully and unfolded the arms, then reached forward and set them on your nose, tucking each end over your ear gently. “There,” he said in satisfaction.

You brought your hands up slowly to touch the frames resting on your nose. “Wha….how…? But….Milana and her friends….they broke these!” you said in disbelief.

Arthur chuckled and brought a finger up to poke your nose. “Magic, love. Romania and Norway and I aren’t all talk, you know.” He twirled his finger with a flourish, and you watched in disbelief as sparks flew from his fingertip.

“….Whoa,” you breathed.

“(Name), you look so adorable!” someone squealed from your right. You turned slightly, but Emma and Elizabeta were already lunging at you before you could say a word. Roderich was behind them, rolling his eyes but smiling nonetheless, and Abel was beside him, stoic as always. Emma giggled into your chest while Elizabeta beamed at you. “You’re gorgeous!”

“I’d have to agree,” Arthur said, smiling.

“Hey, don’t steal our thunder!” Alfred whined, climbing to his feet.

“Wha—? You don’t have any thunder to begin with, prat!” Arthur snapped.

You rolled your eyes at them as Elizabeta and Emma released you from their embrace. You opened your mouth to speak, but you realized then that they, too, were wearing glasses. “Huh?” You glanced between them. “But….why is everyone wearing glasses? I thought….there were only a couple of you that wore them….like Alfred and Mattie!”

“We put them on for you, (Name)-chan,” someone said quietly from your left. Kiku stepped into your line of vision, accompanied by all of his close family: Yao, Leon, Mei, Lien, and Yong Soo. Each of them were wearing glasses of their own. “We thought you could use some support, you see.”

“You….you all did this for me?”

“’Course we did, idiot,” someone mumbled from behind you, and you glanced back to see Emil and the rest of his family, along with Vladimir and Peter.

“Arthur told us about your broken glasses after he found them and fixed them in the hallway yesterday,” Vladimir explained.

“He and Kiku and Alfred had an awesome idea to make you feel better about yourself!” Matthias yelled excitedly from beside Lukas and Berwald.

Lukas seized Matthias by the tie and added, “So we did this. For you.”

Tino giggled. “We’ve all worn glasses some time or another, you know! Some of us are pretty old and need them,” he admitted with a cute smile. “You’re not the first one, (Name)!”

You were stunned. “You all….really did this….for me…? But I—”

“Y’know we care for you, lass,” a certain Scottie said, striding up beside Arthur accompanied by Seamus, Kane, and Dylan. “We don’t want you to feel so down about yourself.” Allistor flashed you a crooked smirk. “You shouldn’t anyway. You’re pretty attractive, if I do say so myself.” He winked.

“Shut up!” Arthur smacked him upside the head.

Peter dashed up to you and wrapped his arms around your waist as the two brothers began to fight. “You are though, (Name)! Why don’t you think so?”

“Well I, um….” You trailed off. “I guess it’s because Milana and the others started to tell me I wasn’t. And I….well, I believed them.”

“Well don’t then, idiota!” Lovino scoffed.

Your eyes darted around, taking in all of the people that surrounded you. Each and every one of them wore a pair of glasses and a kind smile directed at you. You felt your heart swell with love for each of them, warmth filling your very being as you realized these people went through all of this trouble just for you. You truly had some amazing friends.

You began to smile. Then you opened your mouth and yelled, “Thank you!” as a happy laugh escaped you. “You guys….you’re the best!”

Alfred latched himself onto your arm. “We only did it because you’re the best, (Name)!” he exclaimed with a huge grin.

“The git is right,” Arthur said, finally stopping his argument with Allistor. “And now, love….” Everyone suddenly stepped back from you, leaving to your space. They gathered in front of you, fixing their glasses and making sure they were set correctly on their noses. Suddenly, Arthur snapped his fingers, and everyone struck a different pose, grinning at you.

“….do you like what you see?”

You gaped at them all for a moment, then you began to laugh. “Yes….yes, I do!”


Roderich watched as (Name) interacted with everyone, a small smile on his lips as he asked, “By the way, what ever happened to Milana and her friends?”

Elizabeta shrugged. “Eh, I think Arthur and Alfred tied them up and chucked them in the janitor’s closet somewhere. But who cares?”

Roderich smothered a laugh. “Serves them right.”
A wild Author-chan has appeared!

Hey, look guys, I managed to finish something! Being sick has its perks, I suppose. Though writhing on the couch in pain is not really my idea
of a good time. But hey, what do I know? My boyfriend was so kind as to bring me soup and tea, so he's automatically my favourite person in
the world. Screw you, unhelpful roommates! You fuckers took pictures of me being all sick and unattractive, and I will kill you for it. Netflix and
the internet have become my only best friends, I swear. That, and my bookmark for Attack on Titan episodes. I have a new obession, guys.
This is partially why I have failed to get any new Hetalia fics out, my apologies. Blame Eren Jaeger and Levi Ackerman, not me. 

Anyway—this is Theme #115 on my 150 Theme Challenge: Glasses! So yay, another theme is finished. I think the next one I'll do is #80,
which is slumber. I have the fluffiest England X Reader planned out, guys, you have no idea. I think I squealed aloud a couple times; I dunno.

My 150 Theme Journal: [150 Theme Hetalia X Reader Challenge]

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Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya.
The plot belongs to me.
You belong to various sexy Hetalians.

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 (OK...this is for a contest whose theme was school. Here goes nothing.)

  Your stomach lurched as you followed the herd of freshmen to the gymnasium. After a week and a half, you would finally meet the senior who would guide you through your first year of Middle College High School. It was a grueling wait as the seniors looked over the freshman questionnaires, deciding which student they would take under their wing.

  "Settle down, everyone!", a teacher exclaimed as you sat down on the floor. Everyone shut themselves up almost instantly, with a few anticipating whispers here and there.

  "Hello everyone, I am Roderich Edelstein, and I am the senior president.", a male student with a distinct Austrian accent announced.

  "And I am Elizabeta Héderváry, the senior vice president!", a girl who had a seemingly Hungarian accent chirped bubbily.

  "We are so glad to have you as the class of 2019 here at this school. Now, as Dr. Vargas has already said time and time again, this is NOT a regular high school. You guys are going to need a lot of help getting onto your feet the first year.", Roderich began.

  "Which is why we worked tirelessly to pair you with the senior that is just right for you! Let's get started already! Who's with me?!", Elizabeta exclaimed, and both groups of students-the freshmen and seniors-cheered with excitement.

  As the students in your class lined up, you realized you were the last one, and your friend Ludwig was one of the first. You knew he had an older brother at the school, but that was all he told you. Other than the fact he was a total 'dumkoff' at times.

  Based on what little Ludwig had said about him, you were sort of nervous. What if he was your mentor and he got you kicked out?

  "What's your name?", Elizabeta asked you.

  "Um... (Full Name)", you said nervously.

  "(Name)...Gilbert! You're mentoring (Name), right!?"

  "Hell yeah, frau!"

  You gasped a bit as the albino walked up to you. His red eyes looked exactly like Ludwig's blue eyes, but more tired-looking and almost mischievous.

  "S'up? I'm Gilbert Beilschmidt, and I'll be your senior mentor this year! Who are you, little bird?", he asked-more like shouted, actually. You knew he knew your name, but he was just being customary, you guessed.

  "I-I am (Name)...", you said shyly but sweetly.

  "(Name)? That's an awesome name!", he exclaimed, clapping you on the shoulder.You just about jumped 30 feet when he did, as he was so fast and frankly a little rough.

  "C-could you please be more gentle? And quieter?", you asked. He let out the strangest laugh you had ever heard. It sounded like 'Kesesesese!'.

  "That's what she said!", he laughed, holding his stomach. Ludwig turned to his brother's laughing and his heart sunk a bit. If he would have known he would be your mentor he would have told you more.

  All he did was mouth,'sorry' and used Katniss's gesture, touching three fingers to his lips and raising them up.

  'PLEASE TELL ME HE IS KIDDING!!!', you thought frantically, giving him a face to match your thoughts. He had a look on his face that said,'Not literally, but good luck.'

  This was going to be a LONG year.

-Le timeskip has been brought to you by me...-

  As the first few weeks went by, you began to settle into your classes and begin to take clubs. You chose a club called Muse-Art, which was a collab club of music and art.

  Today was Friday, and that meant  the club was starting at 4. You knew Ludwig was going to be there, which was a relief for you. You hadn't gotten to see him since the mixer when he wished you good luck with his brother.

  His brother. Holy shit.

  He was so crazy, vulgar, and frankly a bit of a dumbass outside of class, and yet when you walked passed his classrooms during your passing periods he was usually the one raising his hand to answer questions. To top it off, he was almost always right, you heard his classmates say. Does Gilbert have a twin brother or something? 

Oh, wait. The Beilschmidts were known for their amazing scholastics. Toss the twin out the window.

  You sighed as you walked to the classroom where the meeting was to be held.  You heard an acoustic guitar play to a tune you recognized as Beautiful Times by Owl City, the mystery person beginning to sing.

  And you wouldn't believe who it was.

  It was Gilbert!! It was your crazy senior mentor!

'MADAY MADAY HOW MANY FUCKING SIDES DOES THIS GUY HAVE?!?!', you thought as you opened the door. He stopped abruptly and stared at you. 

  "Hallo, little bird.", he greeted. You pouted slightly.

  "Why did you stop?", you asked. He sighed and looked down at the guitar before answering.

  "Because I'm really bad at music and I don't want to get ridiculed.", he frowned.

  "Who told you that?!?! You're so talented!", you exclaimed in shock. You never knew this guy had such low self-esteem.

  "You remember Roderich?", he asked. You nodded,"Well, his whole family is a bunch of musicians, so when he tells me my music isn't good, I trust he knows what he's talking about.

  "Oh Gilbert...", you gasped sympathetically,"Just because one person says it's not good, it doesn't mean you should stop. Hell, I suck at (any hobby yah want), but I still do it. Because it's fun and I like doing it."

  He smiled widely,"You know, (Name), now I'm wondering why you're not the mentor."

  "Because I'm a freshman. I'm young and stupid.", you laughed, and he let out his strange kesese.

  "You're not young and stupid, silly.", he clapped your shoulder, but gentler this time,"You're young and wise."

  You giggled,"The Force, may it be with you. Muse-Art Club, it starts in 25 minutes. Guitar and singing, you must do." You've never seen Star Wars, or it was too long ago for you to remember, but you swear that's what Yoda talked like.

  He laughed out loud before picking up his guitar, strumming random chords and making a sound that sounded like an elephant seal. You laughed so loud at this, you thought your sides were going to split.

  He chuckled a bit at you before beginning to play Beautiful Times again. 

  "You know the lyrics?", he asked.

  "Most of them.", you shrugged.

  "Sing with me?", he asked like a child, puppy eyes to match. You shrugged and began to sing with him.

  "A spark soaring down through the pouring rain and restoring life to the lighthouse..."


As the year went by, you two grew into close friends, a bond stronger than most seniors are willing to make. You spent a lot of time with the albino, making jokes and singing and Gilbert even taught you how to play guitar. Occasionally Ludwig would walk in and see you two, smiling and walking over to join you. 

These were you and Gilbert's times. Your own beautiful times.

  "What're you gonna do when you grow up, little bird?", he asked you.

  "I want to be a (career).", you smiled,"What about you?"

  "I will join the military.", he said, and your heart dropped a bit. He clapped your shoulder when he saw the frown.

  "Don't worry (Name). I'll try to come out for your graduation.", he smiled a bit, and you couldn't help but smile too.

  The year passed fast. Just like he said, Gilbert went on to join the military after he graduated, giving you his guitar to take care of while he was overseas. It was a beautiful guitar, slightly worn from years of playing. You would sometimes pick it up and play it, but it mostly stayed in your room, resting on a shelf above your desk as you did your schoolwork.

  When your senior year came, everything Gilbert taught you came back as you taught your mentee, Alfred, the ropes. Sometimes, he would say something and your memory would pull out something Gilbert said or done, and you'd cry a bit, but happily.

  Then, came graduation. You sighed as you sat in the chairs, waiting to be called for your diploma and degree, the guitar sitting next to you. Gilbert never promised he could show up, but he said he'd try. At least he'd try.

  You felt someone clap your shoulder and you jumped up about thirty feet.

  "Hallo, little bird.", you heard a familiar voice say. You turned around to see the albino you had as a mentor, face slightly scarred from battle and a more tired look on his eyes than you remember, but still in one piece.

  "G-Gilbert! Y-you came!", you exclaimed happily, hugging him tightly as you cried happily.

  "Of course I did (Name). This is the most beautiful time of this school, I couldn't afford to miss it.", he sounded choked up, as if he refused to cry,"You look so grown up."

  "Thank look so grown up too, Beilschmidt.", you said with a chuckle, looking at his uniform. He kesese'd before picking up his guitar.

  "Thanks, and danke for keeping my guitar in good shape.", he grinned. Your name was called and he rushed to sit down to watch you graduate.


You and Gilbert went to go hang out after graduation, just like old times. He simply took you to the mall, just to catch up and look at the shops. He never put down his guitar.

  "Hey, can we sing? Just like old times?", you asked.

  "Sure, we can.", he responded, sitting down. His hands were slightly shaky and were slow at first, and his singing was slightly raspy, but he played the song you two first sang together and sang with you, and you didn't care how many people jumped in, clapped to the beat, or just stopped and stared for a minute.

  This was a beautiful time, and you weren't going to waste it.

This is for :iconhetalianationsunite: 's contest.

The theme was school, but I tried to be different while keeping to the theme. 

At my school, Freshman are paired with Seniors to help them throught their first year.

While I was writing this, Beautiful Times by Owl City was playing in my head. It's a beautiful song.

Orginal Ver.:…

Acoustic Ver.:…
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I moved my hands together and started to make a flower crown out of anything I could get my hands on. It's been a long day and Gilbert has yet to come home from work, it makes me sad when he leaves but maybe when he gets home I can teach him how to make flower crowns even though I don't think I'm that good at it.
"What are you doing?" Someone asked from behind me. "Stay back I have a German as a boyfriend and he will beat you up." I turned around to find Gilbert behind me looking down at the flower crown I was currently working on. " Kesesese don't vorry fräulein it's just me." He smiles and kisses my cheek making me turn all kinds of red. "I see your home early dear how was work?" To show my affection towards him I started to lightly kiss his face everywhere with a smile on my face. He wrapped his arms around me and answered "I'm good fräulein just a bit tired from vork I vish it vouldn't start so early because vhen I vake up your still asleep and it makes me feel empty vhen I don't get to here your sweet voice say good morning to me," he whispered to me with his cheeks starting to turn pink. I smile at his bashfulness and hug him.
"Well I'm glad your home Gilbert I missed you so much and I started to make flower crowns to past the time while I waited here for you"  I said holding up the delicate flower crown like it was a precious child. "Zhat is beautiful mein fräulein but not as beautiful as jou," he leaned foward and softly planted a kiss on my plump but soft lips. Returning the kiss I closed my eyes and depened it him doing the same and our mouths moving in sync with one another.
The kiss was sweet but passionate and made me crave for him even more. My love for this one man can be described as a burning flame that will go out if he were to ever leave me. The need for air was stronger then continuing this kiss so we separated and look into each other eyes passionately. Mumbling to me he said " ich liebe dich mein fräulein." I smiled and my heart fluttered when hearing those words," I love you too Gilbert and always will." I said back to him. He sat down and wrapped his arms around me and I leaned back into his chest. " liebe can you show me how to make these flower crowns I would love if jou did"
"Of course I will Gilbert. I would do anything for you my love." Taking his hands I started to guide him through the steps of making a flower crown. "The process is relatively simple once you get the hang of it. My mother taught me to make these when I was younger it was so much fun." I giggled and kissed his cheek tenderly making him blush and pull me into his lap. "I like vhen jou sit here liebe," it was my turn to blush now and I smiled with the passion in my eyes. "I like it too Gilbert. Now let's continue with our flower crowns."
It was difficult at first for him but soon he got the hang of it and we made many flower crowns together. "Thank jou for zhe flower crown liebe I'll vill keep for as long as I can."
"Oh you don't have too because I can make you one whebmever you want." I said affectionately placing the flower crown on top of his silvery hair. His sot,Sch grumbles and I list out a giggle in response. "Vhat are jou laughing at fräulein?" He said obviously blushing at his own stomach for making a sound during our romantic moment together. "Oh nothing muc-" my stomach grumbled too and he also let out a light chuckle, "jou vere saying liebe?" He smirked and kissed my cheek and neck multiple times. "I'll make dinner for the both of us Gilbert today is special too so I'll make you anything you like"
"Let's have Vurst und beer" he said while having that signature grin plastered on his face. "I knew you were going to say that Gilbert so how about we have that and I'll make us something extra to go along with that and for dessert we can have gelato that I bought from that new supermarket downtown." I asked him making him squeeze me even tighter. "That's a great idea liebe besides anything you cook is the best thing in the world to me," he said happily and picked me up starting to walk to the house. "Awe thanks Gilbert but I don't think I'm that of a cook no matter what you say."
"Zhat's vhat jou zhink liebe" we arrived back at the house and he gently placed me down still wearing the flower crown on his head. "You can take that off you know"
"No vay this vas made from jou and is as precious to me as you are, after all jou have mein heart fräulein." We both blushed and smiled encircling each other in our passionate arms. Turning around I stared to cook dinner which consisted of wurst, potatoes, a garden salad and beer. The first thing I started making was the potatoes because I know they will take the longest to make. "Vould jou like some help liebe?" Gilbert asked me while I started to make the wurst. "Yes dear can you start the salad?" I questioned awhile continueing to place the wurst in a frying pan. "Ja." And that was the need of that. Dinner finished really quickly and after a while of talking and cuddling on the couch we went upstairs to our master bedroom. We both changed are clothes to pajamas and layer down on the soft cloud-like bed. I turned and looked at Gilbert and he looked back at me,pulling me close and starting to Perot my hair lovingly. "Goodnight mein frau I can't vait to see jou in the morning," he kissed my cheek and pulled the covers up and over us to help keep us war, at night. "Goodnight Gilbert maybe tomorrow we can do something since it's the weekend and we both have off from work."
"Ja liebe anything you vant." He yawned and pulled me as close as possible to his warm chest. His heart was beating rythimically and it started to lull me to sleep. I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep not before hearing from my love. "Ich liebe dich liebe forever and ever," smiling I fell asleep in his safe warm arms.
My first fluff for
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How To Do A Real Kiss (France x Reader)

"Francis," Francis turned to me as I sat next him with a frown on my face. "Me and F/N have been talking about Dramas until it turned into an argue about what a real kiss is. She said that a real kiss involves a tongue, but I think its not true! I real is just a peck on the lips right? F/N said its not considered as a kiss. I'm so confused so I was wondering what a real kiss is? Could you help me Francis?"

Francis blinked, "You know there are different types of kiss." He chuckled.

"What? Really? Then could you show me one of the common ones?" I asked curiously.

Francis smirked. "Well, if you insist. But first, stick out your tongue."

I stuck out my tongue a bit and looked at him. "Like this?"


I nodded and stuck it out a bit more. "This?"


I opened my mouth to show him my tongue. He smiled. "Good, just like that." I was about to reply when he shoved his mouth to mine as he gave a passionate kiss. I rapidly flushed when I felt his tongue exploring inside my mouth. We break out for air and he smirked. "That's how you do a real kiss."

I blushed and nodded.


"Poppet?" Your close friend, Arthur, called. "How do two people kiss?"

"You never saw two people kiss?" I raised an eyebrow and Arthur shook his head. "Oh... Okay then, I'll teach you!"

"Really?! Great!"

"WAIT! NON!!" Francis yelled.
Hetalia (C) Hidekaz Himaruya
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Warnings: just go with it; rushed; at least I tried.

"What are you afraid of?" She asked, legs crossed as the tip of her pen tapped against her clipboard. Tap, tap, tap. "Tell me, [M/n]. You don't have to be embarrassed about it." A sickening grin crawled up onto her features, the oddly calming tapping of her pen coming to a halt. As silence filled the room, she curled his hair around her pale finger, pulling lightly at it as she muttered, "Come on, sweetie, we're all afraid of something."

Silence filled the room, the only sound audible was unsteady breathing, much to her displeasure. She growled, yanking at the root of [h/c] hair with a annoyed expression. "Answer me." She demanded, glaring at the traumatized noble with fiery eyes, growing more and more impatient as seconds passed.

"...Mother...please stop."

He cringed as she laughed, the familiar shadow of a whip becoming slowly visible.

Ciel eyed the male figure below him worriedly, his thumb gently caressing his cheek gently, hoping to offer some comfort to the sleeping noble. He wanted to wake him up, tell him that it's okay, but that wasn't a choice for him, it was never a choice for him. Why? [M/n] had pleaded for him to let him endure these horrible nightmares. He just couldn't say 'no'.


He shut his eyes, holding [M/n] tighter in his arms, struggling to listen to the unpleasant sound of frightened whimpers. He didn't know how much longer he'll be able to listen to him suffer, but he knew for not long. It felt like torture. It hurt him enough that he almost began to cry, but it seemed like someone had beat him to it.

Ciel stared at the pool of tears that ran down [M/n] cheeks. "[M/n]...?"

Almost immediately, he brought [M/n] into a hug, completely dismissing how his shirt was getting soaked with tears. He ran his hand through [M/n]'s [h/c] tresses.

The least he could do was embrace him and love him while he faced his demons.


Yeah, it was the least he could do.
[m/n], a noble who was physically abused by his cruel mother, has constant nightmares about her, and is repeatedly woken up by his boyfriend, ciel phantomhive. because he wants to stop these nightmares, he pleads for ciel to not wake him up so he can face his fear, no matter how difficult it may seem, and because ciel respects his choices, he agrees. later in the night, [m/n] once again is greeted with the same nightmare, along with ciel, who has to face one of his own: watching his one true love suffer without the option of putting it to a stop. 

authors notes:
ahhh this kind of went nowhere, but it's fine. this took about an hour, two maybe. ehh heh. i was rewatching black butler, and i realized how fragile ciel somewhat was. i felt like he wouldnt be able to watch someone he loves and cherishes suffer endlessly, so i came up with this. uwu
plus i had a better idea, but i was too lazy to write it so i finished early. ahh sorry guys. ;;
i dont have much to say today, so here you go, and enjoy.

just a disclaimer:
I currently don't have a wide vocabulary, so please excuse the repition of overly used
words. ^^'' I'm trying my best to improve, and it has already deemed itself as rather difficult, but fortunately
I'm learning. Please, please, please tell me if you find any mistakes. especially grammar ones. I tend
to write fast so I cannot detect any issues with my spelling, even when I do check over 3000 times.
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A pair of tiny arms wrapped around the demon butler’s waist and a petite head longed itself into his back.

The crow demon sighed somewhat irritably, “What is it Lady L/n?”

The owner of the head nuzzled into the taller demon’s back. Grinning widely and relishing in the odd chill that emitted from the servant. After spending such a long time in hell it was refreshing to bathe in the coolness that only radiated off of her favourite playmate.

“Play with me~!” purred the demoness.

Sebastian attempted to push the tiny female away from him, “I’m afraid that I cannot. My young master requires my assistance.”

The stubborn girl whined and enclosed her legs around Sebastian’s legs, attempting to fuse herself into his being. “But Crow!! I wanna play!”

Sebastian resisted the urge to roll his eyes, “Would you not rather play with one of your toys?”

The h/c female shook her head, “I ate the fun ones already, and the others are screamers. You know how much I love toys with a bit of bite in them!”

A deep chuckle bubbled in the demon’s throat, vibrating through his body into his companion’s as well. A soft smile bloomed on her face as she realized that she was the reason behind his laughter.  

While Y/n was distracted, Sebastian pried her off of him, “I hate to be a disappointment lady L/n, but I need to go now.”

Y/n pouted as she watched Sebastian walk away to attend to Ciel.

Damned brat.

He just had to become summon Sebastian and snatch away her playmate.

Damn that Sebastian too, he just had to be a “proper demon” and make contracts. Why didn’t he just take souls from whoever he wanted, just like she did? It would have saved him all the hassle and allow him to eat more often.

The tiny demon sighed and began walking in the opposite decision, “I guess I’ll have to play with a screamer. How dull.”

                          ~ <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 ~


A strained cry echoed off the stone walls. The underground room was successfully hidden from all prying eyes, allowing the monster inside to do as she pleased. It was her “playroom”. It was a small room really, resembling a classic English dungeon. Devices of torture decorated the walls like awards that were given to a proud mother from her child.  Blood stained the stone tiles on the floor, with fresh puddles joining them every minute. They belonged to a man in his late thirties; his hair was unbelievably dirty. Then again, that is expected when humans are thrown into a dungeon for a solid six months. Tears stained his hairy face and he was bleeding heavily. Overall, he had become very unattractive.

The fear that flowed out of him, however, was intoxicating.  Y/n felt a buzz as she giggled menacingly.  Screamers were great for the buzz, but it got boring very quickly when they didn’t put up much resistance.

Y/n stalked towards the man. His arms were suspended above his head by rusting chains as were his legs on the floor. Y/n dragged her sharp nail across his jaw line, which was sprinkled with stubble.

He caught his breath in his throat as fear clouded all his senses. He was terrified, and she knew it.

Y/n giggled once more, “Mercy you ask? Crow doesn’t have mercy on me, why should I give any to you?”

The man gulped as the sharp claw neared his chest. He had no idea who this “Crow” was, but he was pretty pissed that it caused the demoness in front of him to be so angry. He had been held captive in her lair for months. He had seen how she had torn other men as if they were made of paper. She had always left him alone in favour of some other poor soul, but today, she killed them all. Now, it was his turn.

The man froze all over as the monster stood on her tip toes to whisper into his ear, “Do me a favour, would you~? Give me your loudest scream.”


Y/n crackled with laughter as the body went limp. Screamers were fun while they lasted. Once her laughter died down, Y/n began tapping her chin in thought, “Oh lookie, I’m bored again. I’m not in the mood for snacking and I used all of my toys. What a shame.”

The h/c demoness sighed and began wiping the blood off of her. “I’ll have to go out and get new ones now. How boring!”

Her e/c eyes suddenly lit up as a wonderful idea came to mind. She knew exactly where she could get her newest, and possibly most interesting, toy.

                           ~ <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 ~

Chrip. Chrip. Chirp.  

“Do you intend on keeping me here all day?”

Y/n giggled softly and bounced around the room like a child on Christmas Eve, “Hmm, maybe~”

The male she had chained to the wall grumbled, “This is ridiculous, unchain me this instance.”

A wild grin spread across Y/n’s face. She skipped over to her new toy and bopped his nose, “Nuh uh! You forget dearie, you aren’t my master. I’m a free demon; I can do as I please.”

Ciel Phantomhive rolled his brilliant blue eye at the she-demon in front of him. Honestly, she was nearly as bad as Grell. Who comes into someone’s house in the middle of the night, snatch them out of their bed, and then chain them onto a dirty wall?

Moreover, how could Sebastian let this happen? Damned demons, they’re all as worthless as the other.

Ciel observed his captor hum and spin in the middle of the room.

“When is Crow supposed to come? Honestly, I thought he’d be quicker in coming to rescue his own master.” Y/n mused, “Maybe he isn’t convinced that I really am ready to play with you.”

Ciel narrowed his eye and inched his head backwards. Y/n’s smile threatened to stretch off of her face; she reached out and cupped the young earl’s cheek. She buried her nose in the crook of his neck and sniffed.  

A soft groan emitted from the tiny demon as her eyes shifted to their fuchsia glory, “My my. If all souls smelled this good, even I would start making contracts.”

Ciel snapped his head away from the s/c woman, “Do not touch me with your filthy hands.”

Y/n’s eyes turned back to their original e/c as she blinked slowly, “Filthy...?”

Fat tears began pooling up in her eyes, “I’m filthy..??”

Y/n cried out and began flailing around the ground, “WAAAAAAAAAAH!!! I’M NOT FILTHY! I’M A PRETTY PRINCESS!”

Ciel stared at the demon as she rolled around on the ground, clutching her knees and crying out about how she was a beautiful young lady and not filthy. He was taken back at how childish the demoness was behaving, and this was supposed to be a sadistic predator that ate humans?

In mere seconds after the incident, Sebastian stood beside his young master, “My Lord, that is no way to treat a young lady.”

Ciel growled at his butler, “And just where have you been!?”

The female gasped and tackled into Sebastian, “Crow! I’m pretty right?!?! That brat is just jealous! Right!!!?? Tell me I’m pretty!”

Sebastian sighed and firmly placed his hands on Y/n’s shoulders. The action caused her to stop sobbing momentarily and look up at his red eyes.

Sebastian smiled warmly and softly pecked the short she-demon’s forehead, “Y/n, you are beautiful. Not even a succubus can be compared to you.”

Y/n sniffled as Sebastian wiped away her tears, “R-really?”

Sebastian nodded softly before placing a swift kiss on her lips, “Indeed.”

Y/n broke out into a grin, “Does that mean you’ll play with me!?”

The crow demon chuckled, “If I must.”


It's seems like it's been forever since I've written a one-shot for our favourite demon butler Meow :3 Ahh, I really like this one! <3 cx Maybe I should write fluff more often. 

Black Butler and its characters belongs to Yana Toboso.

The preview picture was made by :iconme-o-tojite:. Check out the rest of his work! It's really good ^^ 

Story belongs to me c: 

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:bulletred: Sebastian x Demon Reader: Carnal :bulletred: 

It was the 31st of October, more aptly known as Halloween, and the world was aglow with a thousand flickering candles. Well, in truth it wasn’t the world that glowed, but rather the ballroom that one still figure found herself standing within the midst of a swelling crowd. This figure while far from imposing on the outside, was truly a force to be reckoned with behind the habitual daily mask that she always wore. She was natural of stature, with an elegant aura and eyes that sparked brighter than winter lightning. But it was the smile she always kept firmly in place that marked her apart from the other women who currently twirled around her in wanton abandon. The expression while observed as overly warm, was in truth deficient. The emotion was balanced but lacked the sincerity it would take to be considered happy. It was a copied expression; nothing more and for the close observer the realization would have made their blood turn to ice. This woman, this creature wasn’t human. Her withdrawn manner was just a taste of the coldness that lay beneath her prosaic appearance.

She was a being of shadow, though she now stood in one of the brighter parts of the ballroom. She was a demon and currently she was freed from the toil of serving a human master- a fact that she truly relished. For she wasn’t a fiend that particularly liked making contracts, and surely wasn’t one who took captivity lightly. She was one to run wild and untamed; to stand at the edge of a cliff and jump from it while others quickly moved back to safety. She was a risk taker and a crafty one at that. And as she watched the countless humans spin by her in their lively dance, the demoness felt the prickling of adventure tingle down her spine.

They were all so beautiful: these fragile creatures with their hearts on their sleeves. They were predictable in almost every way, but they could also surprise you without even trying. It was what made them so delicious when they were so mundane. The probability of uncovering something truly delightful beneath the façade. To find truth in a world of deception. It was pure intoxication and the she-demon let her (e/c) eyes take in the faces of each of the people who moved past her. She admired the mortal’s blemishes as well as their perfection, before her gaze came to rest upon a dancing couple several yards away.

At first glance they seemed like a normal pair; the demoness instantly knew different. The young lady that giggled carelessly, blonde and fair of complexion, was cheery and sweet- something that the demon always found pleasure in when it came to humans . . . But it was the boy who danced with her that captured the creature’s attention and gave her pause . . .  physically he was delicate, exquisite- but it was the hidden knowledge behind the lad’s single startling blue eye that told the story the demon sought. It was a frozen orb, ancient for one so young, and shone with the devastation of several lifetimes. But despite what should have been- the shadowy being saw not a broken, despairing child, but a calculated, glacial young man with the contented fire of conviction burning bright. Though the boy had obviously survived some terrible tragedy, there was not a sane person alive who would have coddled or pitied him. From the ashes of whatever had happened to him, the boy had risen to take back what had been stolen. The sight was nothing but awe-inspiring to the demon as she watched him calmly deal with his squealing lady friend and dance in a stiff shuffle.

“My, what a terrible dancer my poor Master makes. But I suppose not everyone is born with the grace that is needed to successfully waltz.” The demon slowly turned her head, regarding the figure that had silently come to stand beside her. Curiously, the woman lifted a brow of question as she let her mind catch up with what he had said. It took a special sort of person to sneak up on her, and an even madder one to approach her without her invitation. But after a mere second of contemplation, she understood and a look of approval crossed her beautiful face.

“You do brilliant work, sir,” she complimented as she meaningfully returned her gaze back to the boy and his dance partner.  “I commend you on your talents. He is beautiful.”

“My Lady gives far too much credit,” the figure beside her returned with humor, as he too turned to watch the dancers. “My Master came this way. In no way did I shape him.”

The demoness smile grew, as the unspoken threat was made clear behind his cordial words. And finally she looked at him again, taking in the details of his appearance.

He was tall and lithe, with raven hair and eyes redder than a New Year’s Wine. He wore tasteful clothes that obviously belonged to a high-end servant, but the woman knew better than to believe such a harmful ensemble. He was like her: an enigma of darkness, though he was sadly collared and chained. The she-demon had never expected to cross the path of one such as him in a place like this, and her surprise flickered briefly through her (e/c) eyes.

“Your Master is unique,” she said sincerely before adding, “Though you needn’t worry. I have no intention of trying to steal him from you.”

The man laughed, his wine eyes lighting with absolute amusement. “I am glad to hear it, my lady. For I do believe my Master is a bit young for the wares that you would sell.”

It was now the female’s turn to laugh, as her eyes crinkled merrily around the corners. It would seem that the fiend who now watched her reaction was more observant than he had first appeared. He had figured out what kind of demon she was from a mere moment of being in her company.

“You would be correct, sir,” she said once her laughter had subsided. “He is quite young for the services I tend to extend. . . Besides, he is well taken care of in his needs.

The demon gave her a surprisingly warm smile as he inclined his head to her. “You are too kind.”

“Only to those who deserve it.” She dipped her head to match him, before asking with interest, “Might I ask what you specialize in, sir? I must admit you have fully intrigued me.”

“I concentrate on what my lord wishes, and make his demands a reality,” came the cheeky reply.

“As do all of our kind, handsome,” she teased. “But what of your gifts? What does your Master wish for?

“Retribution and an end to his bad memories.”

The she-demon was silent for a moment, knowing full well what he meant. There were 7 types of demons in the world, and it would seem that her new acquaintance was one of the more powerful casts.

Wrath. He gave his contracts revenge and power for their slights. He was one who would never be freed from his mortal-bound chains for his services would forever be needed.

Wrath, Pride, Gluttony, Sloth, Envy, Greed, and then me, she thought looking at the other demon with appreciative eyes.

“If it is not rude to ask, my dear, what are you doing in such an overcrowded dancing hall on the Devil’s Holiday,” he asked breaking her momentarily revelry.

“. . . Merely trying to scratch an itch.”

“You have no contract?”

“I was never one to be leashed.”

He chuckled softly at. “But surely you enjoy the results of such an agreement, my lady?”

Her eyes sparkled in the candle light as she looked at him playfully. “But why make such a deal when I get the benefits for free?”

To prove her point, the she-demon let her index finger gently raise and slide across his cheek, before she withdrew and looked at him pointedly. Though outwardly the wrathful one remained the picture of relaxed ease, she knew better for the intrigue in his eyes was impossible to miss. It was true that demons weren’t romantic creatures, but even the highest of demons, if faced with the right opposition, were known to take a mate. Not that the demoness openly considered such things . . .

“You make a resplendent point, my dear,” he replied, before he acted quickly and caught her off guard. With well-practiced hands the male pulled his prey to him (a hand at her waist and one taking her hand) before he twirled them out into the midst of flying dancers. For a breath they were close enough for their lips to meet, but just as the female was about to lean forward, he dipped her down and she laughed at his blunt teasing.

“If you wished to dance with me you could have merely said so,” she badgered him as he brought her back up to face him. She noticed his wine colored eyes matched hers in playfulness as he leaned in again and let his nose lightly brush against hers.

“But we’ve no chaperone, my lady. And I was unable to inquire about you to one who knows you. I would hate for your reputation to be slandered by a misunderstanding.”

“Goodness, what a gentleman,” she breathed rubbing her nose against his before she spun herself out and around so that she was facing outward and the male was holding her to him. “But I fear I find myself in doubt, sir. I don’t even know my chivalrous knights’ name.”

He chuckled again, a deep growling purr in the back of his throat, before he whispered in her ear. “My Master christened me Sebastian Michaelis, my lady. . .  And what name is it that you have taken?”

“(F/n), (Full name),” she offered as her hips and feet moved with a mind of their own.

“(F/n) . . .” Sebastian tested her name on his tongue before he made another pleased noise. “What an unusual moniker for a Lust demon who refuses to take contracts.”

“And Sebastian is an odd name for a Wrathful one such as you, my dear. But I suppose beggars can’t be choosers.”

“Indeed they cannot,” the male said as he once more spun her around to face him, making her aware of the gloves that covered his hands that held her firmly. Gloved hands; most likely meaning his contract seal was hidden underneath. . . it made her eager to break his chain. . . or at least try.

“I may not take on full contracts,” she divulged while reaching up to lace one of her hands behind his neck. “But for you I might be willing to make an exception.”

For a long moment, the two demons stared at one another, one waiting and the other considering, before the latter sighed imperceptibly and shook his elegant head in refusal.

“You tempt me, my dear. . . But my duty must remain with my young Master until the end.”

(F/n) had anticipated such an answer, though she still felt the niggling at the back of her mind as the smallest of disappointment set in.

“Your boy is lucky to have such a faithful butler,” the demoness replied before leaning up and placing a soft kiss to Sebastian’s cheek. “Though it saddens me that a devastatingly beautiful one such as yourself is chained up.”

Sebastian was silent as she pulled away from him, not offering an apology or a way of explanation- for both already knew that he was comfortable in his state of servitude.  He lived for his contracts, and nothing was going to change that. And despite her regret at his choice, (F/n) couldn’t bring herself to fault him for it.

As the lovely female now stood apart from him, Sebastian lowered into a formal bow before giving her a respectful expression. “Thank you for the dance, Madame. It has been most educational.”

(F/n) curtsied with a small sigh. “Goodbye, handsome, until the day you finally free yourself.”

“Until we meet again, my lady,” he promised, as the demoness turned on her heel and walked away from him.

(F/n) she had originally come to the Ball to find someone to prey off of, but the woman now found that her appetite was completely gone. So she left the gaily lit ballroom and the carefree revelries behind; entering into the chilled Halloween night with a satisfied smile on her full lips.

Though they had just met, a spark had most certainly been kindled between herself and the Wrath-demon. And (F/n) knew that no matter how long she had to wait, that she would never truly forget Sebastian Michaelis. . .  even if he was a tamed pet on a chain.


Here's a commission for the sweet :iconsuzuongaku:  who wanted a Sebastian x Demon Reader story with dancing. ^^ 

I honestly don't know where any of this came from. Lol The darn thing wrote itself and I just held onto the pen for dear life. Hahah! :D Though I do think I might sometime down the road come back to this one and make a mini series. The idea of having 7 different kinds of demon and two of them crossing over could be the equivalent of a Demon version of Pocahontas and John Smith! XDD 

Hope you guys liked it! :iconcocoloveplz: :heart: 

Would you guys like to see this taken further??? :hmm: 

Disclaimer: I do NOT own: the original cover photo, Sebastian Michaelis, Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler, or Ciel or Lizzy. 
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It was a hot summer morning in August and you were cuddling up to your husband, just enjoying this calm morning. However, it wouldn't remain calm for long. It wouldn't be long before the tranquillity was broken by a high pitched war cry as your son would jump on both you and your husband to wake you up in the morning. Where he got his energy in the morning you had no idea, since neither of you were morning people.

On the calendar on your bedside table today's date was marked – August 24th. Today would be a somber day, no matter what the weather or anything else said, it would be gloomy.

You felt your beloved move as he slowly woke up from his uneasy slumber. He hadn't had a good night's sleep. It had been filled with nightmares, and old memories he wished he could forget had also plagued his dream scape. He had spent the entire night tossing and turning, trying to get some sleep.

He rolled over to face you, slowly opening his eyes and revealed his hazel eyes cloudy with sleep. This caused you to smile warmly at him, because he was just so adorable. You hugged him close and rested your head in the crook of his neck and nuzzled him like a kitten. He wrapped his arms around you as his brain slowly awoke.

Alas, the moment was soon broken, by, just like you had predicted, your 8-year old son who jumped on top of the both of you with a his usual high pitched war cry. Most of his weight landed on your husband who let out a surprised gasp.

       “Papa! Mamma! It's time to wake up!” your son Silvano chimed happily.

You smiled and chuckled as you reached up to ruffle your boy's hair. You were careful to avoid the curl that he had inherited from his father, but he looked just as much like you as his father. Your son laughed gleefully as you ruffled his hair.

       “Mamma, stop!” he laughed.
You chuckled and sat up. “Nope!” you responded with a smile and laid him on his back to blow raspberries on his stomach.

Your husband Romano watched you play with your son with the affectionate eyes of a father. Even though his body ached and his eyelids felt heavy from the lack of sleep, he just couldn't help but feel a certain sense of contentment. It was almost that he couldn't believe that it was true. That he had found such an amazing woman to love and who loved him back, and one with whom he shared this wonderful son.

After you were done playing with Silvano you removed him from Romano's stomach and set him down gently between the two of you, telling him that you would be starting breakfast soon if only he was patient for a little bit more.

       “Okay, mamma!”

Silvano lay down between you and Romano and tried to hug you both, but it wasn't easy with his short arms. So you and Romano shifted closer to him and hugged him, also kissing the top of his head.

       “Let's lay here for a bit before getting up, okay?”
       “Sounds good to me, amore,” Romano mumbled tiredly. He would have stayed in bed all day if he got to choose, but he doubted that you would allow him to, despite knowing what day it was.


As you prepared breakfast for your little family of three you could hear your little bundle of energy making a mess in the living room with his toys. Even though you knew you and Romano would be the ones to clean that mess up later, you couldn't help but chuckle. You would go through hell for you son if need be.

However, as you heard the sound of a knife slowly being sharpened you knew that today you would have to go through hell to care for your husband. Not that you were complaining, it was just how it was this time of the year. For the rest of the day you knew Romano would be extra gloomy, even when Silvano was around.

Silvano had learnt at that point not to pester his father too much. So he would try to be extra helpful around the house, even though he still didn't understand why his father got so gloomy on this day every year. Of course, you didn't have the heart to tell him just yet either. He wasn't old enough, but one day when he was a little older, you would tell him.

Romano stood beside you and sharpened one of large kitchen knives against the sharpening rod for kitchen tools. There was a distant look in his eyes as he kept at the repetitive task of moving the blade back and forth across the metal rod.

When he was done with the first knife, he started with the next knife in the line. As he dragged the blade across the metal back and forth he could hear screams and cries of agony echoing inside his head, replaying over and over that which he wanted to forget.

He still didn't quite understand it himself. It had been centuries, millennia even since it happened, so why did it still affect him so badly? Why did his scar still ache every year on this day – the same day it had happened. Why wouldn't the guilt go away?

The Italian sighed and put the last knife aside and put the sharpening rod down on the counter as well.

       “I'm going out to my garden for a bit, tesoro mio,” he mumbled quietly to you and pecked your cheek.
       “Okay, I'll bring the food out later when it's done then. We can eat breakfast outside for once,” you replied tenderly and smiled.

Romano nodded solemnly and trudged his way out to his garden, leaving you to put away the sharpened knives. Once he got out he squatted down in front of his beloved tomato plants and started tending to them.

Every now and then he would reach up to scratch at the one of the scars on his chest that was his constant reminder of his sin from that time. The disaster had shook his land greatly and so many had died. He had tried to save them, but instead he had gotten himself caught in the midst of it and caused them even more pain. Unable to save anyone he had been forced to recover to the tormented screams of his people, and he could still hear them to this day.

Completely lost in memories, he didn't even notice that his eyes were filling up with tears.


Inside the house Silvano tugged on your apron. He wanted to ask you something. He wanted to know why his papa was so sad. He didn't like it when his papa was sad, because when he was sad it made both you and Silvano sad, and he didn't like it when either of you didn't smile.

       “Mamma?” he asked tentatively.
You removed the food from the heat to give your boy your undivided attention. “Yes, bambino?”
       “Why is papa so sad? I don't like it... And I saw him scratching his chest. Is papa hurt?”
       “Whoa whoa! One question at the time, Silva,” you told him. “Mamma can't handle more one question at the time.”
       “Why is papa sad?”

For a moment your mind went blank. You knew the questions would come soon, because Silvano was in the age when he would want to know everything, but you still hadn't exactly prepared for this conversation just yet. You needed to quickly think of something to tell him.

       “Something bad happened to papa long ago, and he blames himself for it. He's having a hard time forgiving himself.”
       “Why does he blame himself, mamma?” Silvano asked curiously.
       “He thinks he could have stopped it from happen if he had been more alert.”
       “Could he have stopped it?”
You sighed sadly and squatted down to Silvano's level. “No, sweetie. He couldn't have, but he's sure that that's the case.”
       “And what about his scratching? Is he hurt?”
You smiled a little for your boy. “No, it's nothing you need to worry about, bambino. Now go and play. Breakfast's almost ready, okay?”
Silvano nodded hesitantly. “Okay, mamma...”


The day passed by slowly, almost as if the god of time himself had decided to take a moment, or day, to mourn that sad day all those centuries ago.

You had kept an eye on your beloved all day and had made sure to be extra affectionate to show him that he wasn't alone, but despite your best efforts you couldn't seem to bring even the tiniest of smiles to his lips.

At the moment Silvano was taking a siesta and normally you and Romano would join him, but today he didn't seem to be in the mood. Then again, he never was on this day. The two of you sat outside in a garden couch on the patio. You were relaxing against Romano's shoulder and he seemed to be deep in thought.

His face was one twisted with guilt. His lips were drawn in a line and he was lightly biting his lower lip, his eyebrows were furrowed and his eyes were deep abysses of remorse.

Gently you decided break the silence that seemed to rest over the vicinity. “Romano, please talk to me. You've barely said a word to me all day.”
       “... There's nothing to say.” Was his reply, which made you frown.
       “That's not true. Your son is worried about you and so am I. I know today is a sad reminder for you, but you can't keep doing this every year.”
       “But it was my fault that it happened. It was my mistake! If I had just gotten to them sooner! If I hadn't brushed it off as dormant then I could have prevented it from happening!” His voice was agitated and so full of pain. You knew he was close to tears, but he was too stubborn to let them fall in front of you.

You sat up, turned around and enveloped him in your arms. You gently pushed his head to rest against your shoulder and rubbed his back, trying to coax him to relax, but he remained stiff in your arms.

       “There was nothing you could have done. How could you have known what would happen? No one could have foreseen that event,” you tried to comfort him.
       “I'm the personification of this country, I should've been able to feel it! I still remember their cries and pain as if it was just yesterday...”


Romano was on his way to the city of Pompeii. There had been a few smaller earthquakes around that area recently. He was worried about his people, so he decided to see how they were doing. Maybe even help out with whatever he could, if there was any serious damage, since the city had still not yet recovered from the previous earthquake that shook the country. Even though he seemed like a bastard he did care about his and his grandfather's people.

He had just arrived in the city, and it was late at night, when screams and cries echoed throughout the entire city. He could feel the pain of his people reflected back onto him. He didn't know what had happened, but he soon got his answer. The believed-to-be-dormant volcano Mount Vesuvius had erupted.

People were running all over, trying to escape and total chaos wrecked the city. People were crying and buildings came crashing down. Romano could feel how the blood out of those of his people who weren't fortunate enough to not escape the rapidly moving lava flow, boiled as the lava buried them.

His body set into motion and he set into the city in order to save as many as he could. As he ran he could hear many buildings come crashing down.

Soon enough he found several people trying to escape together. He told them he'd get them to safety and they quickly followed him, desperate to get to safety, and not even questioning the fact that they were following a kid. Many people started to follow as well, hoping to be saved.

Romano desperately searched for a safe and quick way out. He needed to save them. He had to save them! However, just as he found one and got them to run for it, the unthinkable happened. The biggest wave yet came crashing down over them, completely drowning them in lava and burning them alive.

Romano felt like his entire body was melting and disintegrating. His skin bubbled like the concoction of a witch's pot and his entire being felt like it was sizzling. Not soon enough the pain became too much to bear.

The next thing Romano was aware of was feeling terribly hot and sore. His memories were fuzzy and he couldn't remember what had happened. He didn't know what he had done, but it felt like his blood had turned into liquid fire, and he was burning from the inside and out. He somehow managed to get out of the cramped space he was confined into, but when he got out he was in for a rude awakening.

Romano found himself standing all alone in a desolate and completely lifeless sea of solidified lava. The area was entirely devoid of life of any kind, and the ground that he stood on was still slightly warm.

Even though he had recovered almost entirely during the time he had been unconscious his body was still sensitive, especially to heat, and his chest ached as well and not just from emotional pain.

The ground's heat stung terribly and his feet screamed at him to get off the hardened magma, but the little boy stood frozen in his spot as the memories of what had taken place came rushing back.

He remembered everything and he wished that he didn't. Romano let out an agonized wail and fell to his small knees, ignoring his aching body's protests.

He felt so guilty. Why hadn't he felt this coming? It was his fault. He should have been able to prevent this! He should have gotten there faster! He should have been quicker. He should have made sure the path was actually safe! He should have... ... It wasn't fair. It wasn't fair! Why was he so useless?!


Your husband could no longer hold back his tears, despite his stubbornness, and cried on your shoulder as he clung to you, desperately, as if he feared you would disappeared if he let go. You could only rub his back soothingly and whisper sweet nothings in his ear as he cried, doing your best to calm him.

       “You did what you could, amore. You tried your best,” you murmured to him.
       “But they still died and their wonderful city still disappeared, and it was my fault! I should have tried harder! If it wasn't for my mistake at least they would have lived! I should have checked that the path was safe!” he cried.
       “It was chaos, and you couldn't have known. You were stressed and pressed, and you were in pain. You only did what you thought was right.”

But Romano didn't listen and only kept weeping against your shoulder while you continued doing your best to soothe your husband's barb wired, fragile heart. The very same heart that you fell in love with so many decades ago.

Suddenly you heard a tiny voice from the patio door. You looked in the direction of the sound and saw your son.

       “Mamma? Why is papa crying?”
You beckoned him over. “Come here, Silva. Your papa needs a hug.”
       “Okay, mamma.”

Silvano walked over to his parents and wrapped his arms around his papa as well. He didn't understand what had happened, but he wanted to make his papa happy again. It made his chest hurt when he saw his papa crying, and he wanted it to stop. He wanted his papa's pain to go away and he wanted the pain in his chest to stop too.

       “Papa, it's not your fault.”

Romano felt Silvano's arms wrap around his waist and gazed down at his son, tears still in his eyes. He could see the worry in Silvano's eyes and knew that he had caused that look. So he slowly removed one of his hands from you and used to to pull Silvano close into a tight hug.

       “Bambino...” His voice was cracking.
       “Don't leave me and your mamma...”
       “Why would I do that, papa?”
       “Just promise me, bambino,” Romano practically begged his son.

He needed to hear it. He knew that he couldn't stop Silvano from leaving eventually, but just for now he wanted to keep believing that he would always be there. And he hoped he wasn't making another mistake.

Silvano hugged his papa tighter. “I promise, papa. I'll never leave you and mamma. I'll always be here.”

You smiled at your son and husband, also tightening your grip on the both of them in a tight and warm family hug. You were so grateful for your family and so was Romano. The three of you just kept hugging each other for another half hour, like a protective circle that nothing bad could penetrate. Your little circle was safe and secure. That which Romano had searched for all those centuries ago, and finally he had it – in his family.


At dinner Romano finally smiled for the first time that day and after dinner the entire family sat down in the living room to watch a film together. All huddled close together on the couch. Then as you and Romano went to bed Silvano crept into the room as well and asked to sleep with you, which you allowed, of course.

And finally as the two of you fell asleep hugging your dearest son, the 24th of August came to a satisfying end.
Wow! Finally! It's been ages since I actually finished a proper fanfic! O.O I'm so sorry for inactivity! >_<

This fanfic was written for the Two Weeks theme that the group Passionate-About-Art's hosting, and it's ending today. The theme is mistakes and it wasn't until yesterday that inspiration finally hit me. A Romano readerfic with angst and trauma of Pompeii!

Sadly I couldn't start working on the idea as soon as I got it. I got it around 5 AM... ^^;

Also, this is one of few fanfics that have barely been proofread for one reason only. The deadline is today (15-10-01), so I needed to get this out there as soon as possible, and proof reading takes a lot of time. They need to read it, give me feedback and I need to take their feedback into account and edit accordingly. It's a time consuming process and I don't have that time this time.

Also, I can't guarantee absolute historical accuracy, but I did my best.

Feedback is, of course as always, appreciated. :)

*EDIT [15-10-02]*: Thank you, everyone, so much for all the favs~! All 24 of you so far! Thank you so much! :D

I don't own Hetalia,
I don't own you
but I own this story.
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You let out a groan, opening an eye to give the deadliest glare you've ever given to the morning intruder.

"What the $#*k do you want Matthias?"

The Dane kneeled eagerly in front of you like a child waking up his parents on Christmas Day. He smiled brightly, "Good morning smukke! Are you ready for our all day date day?"

Oh right, you've completely forgot about that.

You slowly got up, squinting over his humongous hair to glance at the clock. "Matthias, it's only 6am."

"Which means," He added cheerfully. "More time for us to spend together! Isn't that great?!"

You flopped onto your back, shoving the pillow over your head to block out your hyper boyfriend's voice. You're not really much of a morning person and if someone else besides Matthias woke you up this early, you would've murdered that sucker. 

You waved a hand, signaling your defeat. "Okay, okay," You sighed, savoring the softness of your bed. "Just…five more minutes."

"Five more minutes?" He gasped, clearly appalled. "(Name), don't you see how much time we're wasting with five more minutes? With five more minutes, we could be making breakfast, pranking Berwald, baking cookies, making a Lego castle, taking a morning wa-"

The Dane rambled on and on but it was a good thing that you invested in earplugs. You placed them into your ears and hoped that he would continue to talk without noticing. And then, a thought struck him.

"Or," he continued, a mischievous smile tugging at his lips. "I could join you in sleeping in for five more minutes~"

Matthias waved a hand in front of you to make sure that you were fast asleep before quietly crawling under the covers. He had just fixed his hair and this was ruining his mane, but he didn't care. Being able to snuggle up with you on this beautiful Sunday morning was worth a ruined hair day. 

Matthias smiled to himself as he snaked his arms around your waist and pulled you closer to him. He rested his chin on top of your head while savoring this familiar faint scent of shampoo and perfume that he came to love so much. 

"Matthias, what are you doing?"

And just like that, those extra five minutes were up.

"Matthias, did I say that you can sleep with me?" You asked scoldingly. "You idiot, what if someone walks into my room? They might get the wrong idea and-" You paused to sniff the air. "Why do I smell something burning?"

Matthias groaned, pulling you closer to him the more you tried to worm your way out. "It's just our breakfast (Name)."

"Oh my god!" You gasped, desperately trying to push the Dane away. "Matthias you left the food on the stove?! You're going to burn my house down!"

"Mngh, just let the fire department take care of it then." 

"You're nuts if I'!" You let out a huff, finally giving up on freeing yourself from your boyfriend's grasp. You blew a stray strand of hair from your face in irritation, "Matthias, if my house gets on fire, you're paying for it."

He opened his eyes to give you a sleepy wink, "Or you can just move in with me- OW OUCH! Okay, okay! I was just kidding!" He lazily unlocked his phone and held it to his mouth, "Hey Siri, text Lukas to come to (Name's) house and turn off the stove."

You gaped at him as he tossed his phone to the side, happily resting his forehead against yours. Just a while ago, Matthias was bursting with energy like a clingy puppy and now here he is, like a lazy sleepy couch potato!

"Matthias?" You asked in concern. "What's going on? What happened to starting the day early for our all day date day? And are you seriously that lazy to call Lukas yourself?"

"It's nothing." He yawned. "We're still doing our date day but first," He pulled you closer to him, snuggling into the crook of your neck as a furious blush dusted your cheeks and the smell of burning bacon filled the air.

"Just five more minutes."
Happy October everyone!F2U: Jack O Lantern 
We're finally entering some of the most seasonal and happiest months of the year~ Pumpkin La christmas la 
I'm so excited for the holidays, vacations, and more days to roll around like a couch potato  Llama Emoji-03 (Sparkles) [V1] 
I barely upload fics on the day they're written but I really had a great time writing this and my hiatus was way too long. On a side note, today's vocab of the day (smukke) means beautiful!
Sleep in and enjoy your weekend~ pokemon eevee gif sleep 

Picture from:
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I always wanted draw my One piece OC Kobato dancing with her long dress hun~ <3 so here she is~ Probably dancing for Aokiji~ <3 :heart: its not so easy to find good poses and such OTL but Im so happy with how it turned out especially after I started so many sketches today and nothing really gave me motivation to ifnish it ^w^; and then suddenly this picture was done so fast OTL why cant it always be like that TTvTT but you always have to try many things till you found something you like OTL so remember~ even if it seems like you wont be able to do anything this day, sketch a bit furtehr and you may create something great~ <3


Kobato belongs to me~

Art by me

One piece belongs to Eiichiro Oda~

All Rights Reserved Notice by Kezzi-Rose
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An art trade with :icondarkgirl1999: this her part of the trade…
She wanted a China x Vietnam fan art. I'm not really good at romance unfortunately so i hope it looks okay^^;
Hope you like it:) i'msorryforthebadanatomy.... :iconorzplz:

The characters belongs to Himaruya Hidekaz(correct me if i'm wrong) from the series Hetalia
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So because the Nyotalia mochis began to popping up I decided to make Fem Germany~

Well, hope you like it~! X333 :iconyayfemgermanyplz: :heart:
Feel free to use but please tell and credit me~ 83 :heart:

For more icons click here :…

Base & tutorial by :iconhetaliamoldova:
Webside used :
(Nyotalia) Germany from Axis Powers Hetalia (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:
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Mochi!RussiaxReader Part 3

After _______ had gone off to bed with her evil mochi Alfred strolled over to the shelf that contained her vast collection of movies.  There was no way in hell he was going to sleep…  No dreams for him, no sir!  So he grabbed an action movie and popped it in before settling on the couch with his coffee.

About halfway through his movie, Alfred started to feel a little hungry.  Not to mention he needed some more coffee so he could stay awake.  Stretching, Alfred made his way to the kitchen, but when he entered he was that little monster sitting next to the coffee maker.  “Didn’t _______ take you to bed?”

The demon didn’t answer, it just giggled and stared at him.  Alfred suppressed a shudder, ‘It’s fine, just ignore the thing and it wont bother you…’

So, ignoring the hell spawn that was staring at him, Alfred refilled his cup with the blessing that was coffee.  But just when he was about to take a sip, he heard a familiar and terrifying tune.

Startled, Alfred wildly looked around, trying to find the source of the song, but it was just himself and the mochi.  Alfred just shrugged it off and took a generous gulp of his coffee.  “Ahh… that‘s really good coffee… Where does _______ buy this?” Suddenly, Alfred‘s stomach growled. “Hmm, I am kind of hungry… ________ wouldn’t mind if I made myself something to eat, and I’ll make it up to her later.”

Nodding to himself, Alfred opened the fridge, but then, out of nowhere something dropped onto his head, making an all too familiar kolkolkol sound.  Letting out a strangled yell, Alfred fell back on his butt, the possessed mochi falling into his lap.  Alfred quickly backed away from the ball of evil before him, trying (and failing) not to panic and scream like a little girl.

The two of them stared unblinking at each other, a creepy aura surrounding the mochi.  Then, the mochi spoke to Alfred in a sickly sweet sounding voice, “Don’t touch my owner’s food, da?”

Alfred could only nod furiously, scared out of his mind.  The aura died down a little as the mochi giggled at him, and then shut the refrigerator door.  “Good, the get out of kitchen, da?”

Quick as the Flash, Alfred grabbed his coffee and was back on the couch, shaking uncontrollably.  ‘What the hell was that!?’ he thought, trying to calm himself down.  ‘That thing must be possessed…’

Almost as if the mochi had heard his thoughts, Alfred heard it singing THAT song; it was as if it was mocking him.

“One, two…
Guess who’s coming for you~”

Alfred was defiantly not going to fall asleep… he was already in a nightmare…

You’re POV Next morning

Youo woke up feeling very refreshed.  After stretching, you sat up and looked around for your little mochi.  ‘Wait, where is he?’

Worried, you quickly got dressed and went to go look for him.  The moment you entered the living room, Alfred practically glomped you shouting, “Dude, _______!  Tell that thing in the kitchen to let me have some food!”

Wriggling out of his hold you asked, “What are you talking about?  What thing?”

“That possessed demonic thing you call a mochi!” Alfred shouted, waving his arms around.

You rolled you’re eyes, “What did he do?”

“It wont let me get anything to eat!”

“Probably because you always eat all my food when you come over,” you deadpanned.

“But _______….” he whined.

You held up your hands in defeat, “Alright, alright… How about I make you some waffles.  But after that, you need to go home.”  

He grinned, “You’re awesome ________!“

You studied Alfred for a moment, taking note of how tired he looked.  “Alfred, did you really not sleep at all last night?”

Alfred’s face fell.  “No…” he mumbled.

You sighed, “It was just a movie Alfie…”

“It wasn’t just that!” he said defensively.  “That hell spawn of yours was singing that creepy song all night!”

You shook your head in disbelief.  “Whatever Alfred…”  With that you walked into the kitchen to prepare breakfast.

------------------Timeskip of awesome-----------------

After you had finished cooking the waffles, you set up the table and called Alfred for breakfast.  He peeked around the entrance and looked around before he finally entered and took his seat.  “Quit being a big baby, Alfred.”

Alfred gave you a look before starting on his waffles.  Ignoring the look, you pulled open the fridge an pulled out a large bottle of vodka.

Alfred raised an eyebrow, “Vodka?  This early?”

“It’s not for me.”

“What do you-”

Alfred was suddenly interrupted by a joyous cry from the tiny white blob that came flying across the room.  “VODKAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!”

Smiling, you poured the vodka for the mochi, who happily drank it.  Alfred stared in shock, “It… drinks… vodka?’

“Yes, he does.”

“O… kay…”

After breakfast was over, Alfred said goodbye and left, though you reminded him to get some sleep.  Closing the door you turned to se your mochi staring at you from the table.  Sighing, you walked over and picked him up.  “I suppose you want a reward for guarding my food, huh?”

The mochi just giggled happily in response.  You smiled despite yourself.  “Well, I suppose I should, but next time don’t scare him so much, okay?”


Thinking for a moment, you leaned forward and placed a small kiss on the mochi’s nose before setting him back down on the table.  “I’m going to go get ready, we’re going to Eduard’s house today.”

Mochi Russia’s POV

I watched in disbelief as _______ walk off to her room.  That angel lied to me!  I got a kiss from her, but I was still a mochi!

‘That’s not how magic works, chap.’

I jumped at the sound of the voice. “Who’s there?” I asked, looking around, only to find nothing.

‘You know very well who the bloody hell it is you twit…’ came the sarcastic voice of what I now recognized as the deceitful angel.

‘Now that’s a bit far Ivan.  I’m not deceitful.’

“Get out of my head…” I growled.

‘That’s no way for someone to treat the one who’s trying to help them.’

“Help?  _________ kissed me!  But I’m still just a mochi!”

‘It has to be a love filled kiss.  And on the lips.  Anything less than that and the spell will not work.’

“But then how do I get her do that?”
I questioned, I could feel an ache in my heart.

‘I couldn’t tell you that.  But I know you can find a way.  You’re a determined fellow.’

I sat in silence, thinking to myself.  I was so caught up in my own thoughts that I didn’t even notice _______ had come back.  “Alright, let’s go to Eduard’s.  I’m sure you’ll have some fun with his mochi’s while we’re doing work.”

Hmm…. And maybe there I could find a way to… yes… maybe…  I’ll have to ask the other mochi to see what they think.
Next part!

Oh my, what is Mochi Ivan going to do now?

If you haven't figured it out yet, the movie you made Alfred watch was the original Nightmare on Elm St.

Part 4:…
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OK so because I sort of make Prussia seem like the bad guy in my GermanyxReader story, I decided to make a PrussiaxReader fluff! Enjoy! :3 You know the drill, if theres **__** Infront of words then that means your thinking :3


You woke with a start, panting, lying on your back and staring at the ceiling, your heart pounding. You gulped and slid down underneath the covers. That was one creepy nightmare.
**what a freaky dream.... Damn it! WHY do I always read creepypasta's before I go to sleep?!** You thought. You suddenly felt something move your bed and you froze. You entire body heated up and your heart pounding. You then cleared your mind and remembered that it was your boyfriend, Gilbert beside you. You came out from under the blanket and looked at him. He was lying on his back, muscular arms spread and his hair was messy. You curled up against him and almost automatically, as if by instinct that he knew it was your body against his, he manouvered on his sude and wrapped his arms around you. You blushed and nuzzled into him. But you were still to scared to sleep. It was dark outside. Every now and then, Prussia would murmer ''awesome'' in his sleep.

You stayed awake until it became bright. You noticed Prussia moving in his sleep and rubbing his eyes so you quickly closed yours and pretended to be sleeping. He stretched and you could hear him give a small happy sigh. He moved your hair out of your eyes and gave a small kiss on your forehead. He got out of bed and you stayed in it. You eventually fell asleep due to pure exhaustian.

''Oi, Frau! vake up!'' Prussia said, shaking you slightly. You murmured tiredly.
''The Awesome me has toast and juice~~'' he said in a sing song voice. You sat up and chewed on some toast. Prussia placed the juice and the bedside table and got back into bed with you and you leaned against him tiredly.
''Katzchen, you ok?'' He asked, nuzzling into your hair.
''No, I didnt sleep at all last night'' you whispered.
''You vere asleep vhen I vke up'' he said.
''I faked it.'' You said simply.
''Vhy didnt you sleep'' He asked. You explained it all to him.
''Awwww, schatz! We both know creepypastas are awesome and we both know creepypastas are jsut made up!'' he laughed. You hugged him tightly.
''But Prussia! They're scary! BEN! Jeff! Abandoned Disney! SQUUUUUUUUUUIIIIDWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARD!!!!'' You howled into his chest. He was weaing his black wifebeater top and you could feel his toned chest. He wrapped strong arms arund you.
''N'awwwwww sehr süß!! He sang, hugging you tightly. He pulled away slightly and pushed your hair out of your eyes, cupping your face gently with strong hands and looked into your eyes.
''____, Theyre fake, and besides, I vouldnt let anyone, or ANYTHING, hurt you. Especially not some thing in a negative-looking mickey mouse costume!Your too awesome so Im not letting you be scared!'' he said. He kissed you and you kissed back. You both lay on the bed kisssing for a while then you got up and got dressed. It was a lovely sunny day and you and Prussia were going out for a picnic! Prussia was wearing a white band tshirt and light blue jeans, looking as casual as ever. You pulled on light denim shorts, cute red converse and a red strappy top. The straps had red frill on them and a skinny black belt around your waist. You and Prussia packed a picnic basket. Well, you packed, Prussia exclaimed that you two should only bring sweets. You packed sandwhiches, coca-cola, baked treats and of course, sweets. You two set off for the park down the road, which was filled with families, couples, people walking their dogs and children in the play center. You two found a nice secluded area under a big tree .
''Its soo warm!'' You said happily, sitting down beside your boyfriend.
''I know! Its awesome!'' You had a great day with Prussia. It was so fun! Playing, eating, messing, mock-wrestling, kissing.... It made you forget all about the creepypasta's! You two returned home around 8:30PM. The sky was a pretty orange-red-yellowy colour, tinted with purple and pinky clouds.
When you two got home you two made a fort and watched movies, changing into your pyjamas and eating more sweets. When 1:00AM rolled around, you both went upstairs and slid into bed. Prussia turned off the light and all your fears came back. You whimpered and ducke under the convers. Prussia wrapped his arms around you and kissed your forehead, pulling the blanket around you a bit more. You nuzzled into his chest. You felt so safe in Prussias arms.
''Prussia, you'll always protect me, right?'' You whispered into his chest.
''I vill always protect you, ____, Sweet dreams, Frau, ich liebe dich...'' He murmured.
''Night night, Prussia, I love you too...Thank you....'' you whispered.

Im proud of this, Im going to award myself with some Monster and Germancest~ :3
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Collection by
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Naruto done !
PSD+video process+High res for this piece will be made available through my patreon…
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Ok this is kinda silly but it just makes me happy ok :meow:
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It was official; Kuroo Tetsurou was the best cuddle buddy ever.
It wasn't simply cuddling that we are talking about, no, he made it simply majestic.
His arms and legs were long and slender, easily to wrap them around your body, to tangle his longer limbs with yours, the large feet, which may or may not were covered in socks, brushing over your with your school pants covered legs, one arms securely wrapped around your waist whilst the other was used as a pillow as you slept.
Kuroo watched his slight softened eyes how you rested peacefully in his arms.

He had heard from other that you haven't felt good lately and that your sleep wasn't doing so good as well.

The black haired male knew that his hugs could fulfill magic, that was no secret, and he also was aware of that you would do anything for a good hug or cuddling.
That was the reason why he was your cuddle buddy.
Kuroo would always tell you 'no homo' – of course – before pulling you down with him as he would flop down on either yours or his bed, would pull you close and press your face against his chest whilst he would place the underside of his chin on the mop of the hair of yours.

Which led us to the current situation again, of course.

You were trapped between him and the wall, not that you really cared since, well, you were sound asleep, shamelessly abusing the volleyball player's arm as a cushion to rest one's head on, the back slightly touching the wall behind you.
A single strand of your hair slipped into your face, not fitting into the previous picture of your visage.

Lifting his hand that he had been resting on the small of your back, it was limply raised by him; the nibble fingers guided to the cheekbone as they brushed the exposed skin of yours to the single, loose strand of the hair.
He tried to stroke it back, gently so you wouldn't even feel it the slightest during your slumber but it just kept on falling back.

He narrowed his already lathy eyes, the corner of his mouth formed into a straight line as he watched how that stubborn piece of hair kept on falling into the place where it was actually not supposed to be.

He gave an annoyed sigh.

Softly, he tried to pull out the arm from underneath your head and wow, your head was heavier than it looked. After some struggling and silent cursing, he had replaced his limb with an actual pillow, shifted so he was lying on his side and directly with his face facing yours.
He raised both of his hands, the elbows softly touching his firm stomach, as he now used both hands to keep that stupid hair of yours tamed.

The third year started to run his hands through your locks, combed it with his fingers up to the point where he had nested your face in his chest and massaged your scalp with a slight humming, the eyes closed as his lips wore his usually half-smirk-half-smile smile, where they twitched from this to that one since he couldn't decide to either tease you later on or just enjoy this moment of peace and comfort.

He buried his nose in your hair, breathed in heavily and inhaled the scent of your shampoo, which caused a shudder to run down his spine.
Just as he was about to close his eyes and welcome the sleep as well, he heard you murmur into his chest, loud enough for him to hear and to feel embarrassed about only to cover it up with a weak, half-assed smirk that you weren't even able to see anyway.

“What are you doing. I thought this is a no homo thing.”

“N-Nothing! And it is not homo at all!”

But it is, Kuroo, it is.
// Kuroo Tetsurou x Male!Reader//

could've named it no homo as well tbh--

something small for my dear Ji-Yunn bc Ji-Ji wasn't feeling good lately ♥

I hope i didn't fail you, like what is this frick frack even like wtf-

Is it fluffy? Kinda? A little?
I hope at least a little, after all that angst that I have written.

Thank you so much for reading this!

Picture © Haruichi Furudate

Story/ Plot © KatelinLikesFeenie

 © Yourself

Kuroo "No Homo" Tetsurou 
© Haikyuu!!

 © Haruichi Furudate

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"So..." Felicia started hesitantly, rocking back and forth on her feet and looking at the floor, since she hadn't had the courage to look up at Monika in front of her yet. She kept her arms behind her back, holding a paper bag which hit her bottom every time she moved forward. "New Year's Eve is coming..." she said somewhat nervously before biting her bottom lip for a second, then took a deep breath and got to the point. "And I'm going to Roma for a while to see my sister. I'm only coming back on the fifth, and I won't be here to give you this, so here you go." She stopped, extended her hand with the bag towards Monika and said a quick prayer in herself, hoping her always nice and never grumpy friend wouldn't find her little gift too embarrassing. It seemed a good idea when she was in that store, but not now that she was standing there.

Hesitating maybe just as much, Monika curiously took the bag and dug into it after mumbling a soft, unsure thanks. She pulled out something that made her gasp shortly, but after forcing herself to stop frowning quickly and blinking a few times, she took a deep breath and all she could do was smile, accepting defeat from her once again. She didn't know what she had been expecting from her.
"I've never seen so much lace at once in my life." She said with a silly smile as she examined the set of lingerie she had just received.
"And it's red too." Felicia shrugged, grasping her own hands tightly behind her back in her nervousness. "It brings you luck and everything."
"That's great. Thank you." Monika dropped the way too lacy for her liking underwear back into the bag, but when she saw that Felicia was still standing there in the same way, just as shy and nervous as before, she was wondering if she still wanted something.

"Anything else?"
"Um..." And she started that rocking again which always annoyed Monika after a while, but she never said anything. "Won't you try it on?" She slowly lifted her gaze up at her. "I have even washed it for you."
"Oh... Well..." Monika found herself frowning again, not exactly comfortable with the gift or the idea of wearing it at all. But then... Being all awkward for a minute or two for her seemed to be way better than offending her and dealing with her bad mood for the rest of the day. The look on her face and the way she did anything at all, so nonchalantly and bored, made her feel guilty every single time. She took a deep breath and gave in. "Alright, but just because you're asking me to, Ita."

Hearing those words made Felicia - or Ita, how Monika called her, at first just to make fun of the way she said Italia, but later it had become just a nickname for her that she quickly grew fond of - really happy, so much that she suddenly threw her arms around Monika's neck and held her tightly.
"Great, I'm sure it will look good on you!" she said with a big smile. Monika patted her back, then pushed her gently away.
"Let me go change then."
"Sure thing!" Ita sang and watched her leave towards her room. She only followed her to the door, which was left half open, so she could not see inside, but they could hear each other.

"Do you want me to be nice or honest?" Came the questions from inside after a short time. One could hear the discomfort in her voice, which she failed to suppress.
"Is it uncomfortable?" Felicia asked worriedly from outside.
"No, no, it's not that."
"It doesn't even show so much..." Her voice suddenly became weaker, which Moni thought would be a sign of Ita one step closer to cry.
"Sorry, but..." she had to say it, she found no better way to describe the feeling. "I feel like there's some first class prostitute looking back at me in the mirror." At least she could avoid using the word whore.
"Pretty sure it looks good." Felicia's voice shook. "Or just cha-"
Monika heard a sound from her that resembled a hiccup, but she had a worse feeling about that. She started mentally preparing herself to comfort her, growing somewhat worried at the same time.
"Feli?" She walked towards the door and opened it fully to see her.  

She regretted the decision immediately, and she stepped back inside, hiding her body behind the door, only sticking her head out of the room to see. To glare. To give the I swear I'm going to beat you up look to Luciano, who had an arm around Felicia and a hand on her mouth. He was holding her from behind, a carefree smile on his face.
"Come on, we both want to see. One second wasn't really enough." He grinned. His captive had had her eyes tightly closed until then, she looked up slowly to give a sincerely apologetic look to Moni.
"Idiot. Let the girl go." Monika nearly growled.
"Why, it's not like I'd hurt her. She does a very good job dressing you for me. Right, my dear?" He looked down at her, but all she did was groan and roll her eyes. She couldn't talk anyway, Luciano's hand was in the way, holding her cheeks maybe a little too tightly, his thumb pressing firmly against her cheekbone. His shoulders twitched in a short shrug. "It's just that she talks a lot of silly things and never admits she could be my right hand."
"You helped him?!" Monika gasped suddenly.

"Mh?!" Feli's eyes widened suddenly as she lifted her gaze at her again, then shook her head as much as she could, Luciano's hold still preventing her from moving a lot, but she desperately tried to tell that she had nothing to do with him, it was just that she was too scared to tell Moni when he suddenly appeared behind her back, and when she still tried to warn her, he shut her up. She struggled to be free from him, but he still wouldn't let go.
"Don't push me, I love you." Luciano cooed innocently, removed his hand from her mouth and wrapped his other arm around her too, holding one of her shoulders down with his upper arm and the other with his hand that was on her mouth before. He leaned down to press his cheek against hers, his upper arm not letting her turn her head away from him too much.
"I don't, so leave me alone." Felicia mumbled, tense in his arms, waiting for the chance to get away.
"So mean, you're worse than Lovi." Luciano chuckled. "But Moni can always save you, if she comes out looking like that first class prostitute, I'll have her instead of you right away." He looked up from Felicia back to the door, but he couldn't see Monika anymore.

"Where -" he started but couldn't finish.
"Hände hoch." Luciano heard from behind him, as well as feeling something hard pressing against his back near his shoulder blade on the side which Ita had already managed to pull away from, but nothing more. She was trying to escape on his other side. Luciano froze, but hadn't loosened the hold a bit yet.
"Are you seriously crazy? Are you going to shoot me, or what?" He asked, thinking Monika has completely lost it. "She's still with me."
"Yeah. Let her go." The calm, firm reply came.
"How did you get behind me?" He groaned, angry that Monika could somehow trick him.
"My house has windows. Let her go."

Closing his eyes he sighed, and slowly lifted his hands up in the air, releasing Felicia, the hard object pressing harder into his back convincing him rather fast. His captive jumped away from him in the second his arms were finally peeled off of her and ran to Moni. What he least expected though, was that the girl suddenly started laughing. Surprised, he turned around slowly to see Feli giggle with a wide grin and Monika, holding up and playing with a thick pen between her fingers, a smug smile on her face. She was now wearing a black T-shirt and sweatpants, something she quickly threw on before getting outside through her window. Luciano let his hands drop. He looked furious. He was fooled, how could he let that happen?
"Well, Romeo, maybe some other time." Monika chuckled and threw the pen away. "Do you still want something?"
"No." He growled.
"Great. Now, I'm already having enough Italians at my place without you, could you come back some other time perhaps?"
Without any further words, Luciano left them, and the girls could enjoy the rest of the evening in peace.
I'm just gonna say Italies are a big family. 
Monika wins.
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Trade half for awesomely awesome :iconvalixy:. Their inspiring character RED. 
This is a scheduled submit. I will answer / Read comments as soon I have time from the work.
Red (c) Valixy
art (c) Grypwolf
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Collection by
Soldier Girl

You were P.O’ed. You have just spoken to Germany and he had the nerve to tell you that you shouldn’t train on the cadets’ obstacle course. Because you were a girl! As you stormed into the manor you call home, you were absolutely tempted to storm back there and punch the German in the face.

“What a sexist! I can do just as well as the next guy! Heck! Half the time, I might as well be a boy!”

You caught yourself as you said that sentence. Then, an evil grin came to your face.

“Well, if it’s a boy Germany wants, it’s a boy he’s gonna get.”

You dashed back to your (f/c) room and got to work. You took out an old pair of cameo pants and some combat boots. Don’t ask how you got them. The hardest part in your plan was hiding your chest, which took an insane amount of duct tape and the baggiest tank top you could find. The last part in your plan was to hide your (h/c) in a cameo cadet cap, securing your hair with hair pins.

Once that was done, you headed for the obstacle course.
You’ve arrived just in time as Germany was beginning to address the cadets, noticing your disguised self.

“Where have you been, kadett? We were just about to start!”

You barely flinched at Germany’s voice as you disguised your own.

“Sorry about that, sir! Zipper trouble.”

The entire troop cringed in sympathy as you took your place at the line. Germany continued to speak to you.

“Who are you, kadett? Why is there a (nation outside Germany) soldier in the German military?”

You had a cover story for those questions.

“Cadet Will Carlson, sir! I am here for a one-day cadet exchange program, sir!”

There was only one part in your story that you doubted and that was the ‘exchange program’ part. Germany gave you a stern look, thinking your cover has been blown, until the German spoke.

“Very well. Let us continue the day’s exercise, ja?

You saluted, relieved that Germany hadn’t discovered you yet.
Hours later…

You were so sore, it wasn’t even funny. From 8 am to dusk, Germany has drilled you and your fellow cadets over and under the obstacle course as well as run through some other army stuff that you didn’t know until you’ve observed your troop. From marching, to push-ups, to sit-ups and other things that your tired brain was unable to remember.

You waited until the last of the cadets left before you entered the locker room. You were far too sore to make it back to your room, which had a private bathroom, and you wanted to heal your sore muscles with some hot water.

However, just as you have stripped yourself and entered the stall did you hear a man’s voice speak.

“Mind if I shower here, kadett?

You withheld a scream as you turned your body slowly to see Germany, completely nude, enter the neighboring stall next to yours. Thankfully, the stall was high enough for him not to see your feminine form, but you could still see most of his body. Grateful that you hadn’t taken off your hat yet, you answered him.

“Sure thing, sir.”

You struggle not to stare as you showered under the hot water. You had to admit the German was very handsome and his muscularly-toned body was added proof of that. The steam from the showers created a bit of a fog, so you were able to relax a bit. Then, Germany spoke.

“You did well today, kadett. While you may have gotten some orders backwards, you’d make a fine soldier in a real war.”

You gulped.

“Thank you, sir. I try my best.”

Germany then gave a half-laugh.

“I can see that. Although, there is one who I know would have done better than you.”

“Oh, really? Who, sir?” You asked, trying hard not to lose your temper.

What Germany said next surprised you.

“Our judge, fraulein ____. She is clearly as strong as any soldier and has the will and determination to fulfill a mission. But I had to turn her away when she asked if she could train on the obstacle course.”

“Why, sir? If I may ask.” You asked, knowing the reason.

But the German surprised you yet again.

“I said to her that it is the fraulein’s duty to remain at home and tend to everyday life. But that is a lie.”

You raised your eyebrow.

“How so, sir?”

“It is because I care for fraulein ____....very deeply. If she were in a real war and she got hurt, or worse, I could never live with myself. I would lay my life on the line for her.”

You froze in surprise as you saw Germany gaze towards the ceiling, a blush forming on his face. Good thing you were actually in a hot shower, otherwise you’d have to think of an explanation for your own blush.

“Wow, sir. Sounds like she’s something special.”

Germany closed his eyes as he smiled.

Ja…you are,...fraulein ___.”

Hearing your name, you gaped at the German, who smiled at you. Before you can say anything, he spoke to you, giving you not a scowl, but a dreamy smile.

“Throughout your training, I was able to see a glimmer of something in your shirt. At first, I thought it was a dog tag. Until you nearly lost your shirt at the barbed wires.”

“But why didn’t you say anything earlier? That was at the beginning of the course.” You asked.

Germany then gently pulled you close until your face was only inches away from his, as he said something that would make you smile whenever you see him.

“Because…you are my proud, spirited, and beautiful soldier girl.”
Sorry this took so long. I have run out of gas for Hetalia.

For the next one, I'm gonna need some help. You will be going to a private cherry blossom viewing with Japan and I need to know what goes on at those things. The closest thing we have where I'm from is Maple trees.

Next: Japan
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“Hello Cheerio!” you heard your friend, Arthur Kirkland, state happily once you opened your front door to greet him.  You smiled as you grabbed your spring jacket from the nearby coat closet.

“Arthur, every time you say Cheerio in that context, I can’t tell if you’re using it as a nickname or trying to tell me goodbye.” 

Chuckling, the blonde Briton replied, “It’s a nickname,” as he helped you put your jacket on.

“Okay,” you stated before you turned around to face him and ask, “but why ‘Cheerio’?”

“Because, love…” Arthur said as he bent down slightly so that your eyes were level with his, “…you’re good for my heart.”  A blush cascaded over your cheeks as you turned your face away from him in embarrassment.

You then muttered, “That’s so cheesy.”

“Really?  I always thought they tasted more like oats,” Arthur said with a smirk, clearly picking on you even more.  You chuckled as you gave him a playful shove.  It didn't take long for him to join in on your merriment.  Laughing, you both left your home with serene smiles and blush-covered cheeks.

Petite, sweet, and oat-flavored: that’s how I like my cereal (and one-shots). :icondummywooplz:

Plotline (c) me! :heart:
England/Arthur Kirkland (c) Hidekaz Himaruya

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