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"Un Lugar Maravilloso de España"

You read the sign with a roll of your eyes as you walked down a road in the middle of a neighborhood. That thought was at the back of your head right now. It was pouring down rain, and you honestly had no where to go.

You were a high school dropout, and now that it was time for you to go to college, your parents straight-out kicked you out of their home. 'Find a job!' they said. Well, that wasn't going to happen.

You stopped walking and looked down at your feet, the weight of everything that happened to you rushing into your eyes. Before you could stop it, tears flowed freely down your cheeks, combining with the ice-cold raindrops.

"María tenía un corderito, corderito, corderito~"

The tears stopped flowing so suddenly when you heard a voice. A very beautiful singing voice, that is. It sounded pretty close. You turned around instantly and saw a young man walking, holding an umbrella loosely in his hands. He had messy brown hair, but it looked kept at the same time. His eyes were a bright emerald, and something about how happy they shined made your stomach do a flip flop. He was singing that song, rather loudly, and very cheerfully.

You noticed he was holding a basket of tomatoes, too. You didn't even know they could get that red in this season.

Why is he so happy in this weather...?" You wonder, holding your breath to keep from saying it out loud.

A blush creeped onto your face when he stopped singing. The grin on his face turned into a curious smile, and he started walking towards you.

In a panic, you smooth out your wrinkled shirt and shorts. Why did you have to be wearing such an ugly outfit today?!

"Hola senora, do you need something?" The man asked, the happy glow of his face not dimming.

"Um... I-I..." You found yourself speechless. He was extremely handsome, even more so up close.

"Oh, I see! You have no place to go, huh?"

"Wh-what?! Oh! How'd you know?" The blush increased when he looked into your eyes. He seemed to be thinking.

"No sane person would walk out in the rain at this time of day if they had someplace to be!" He let out a laugh. It was honest, and made you smile the tiniest bit. "Anyway, how about you stay at my place for the night? As the saying goes, mi casa, es su casa."

You cross your arms, feeling very self conscious. "I don't know..."

"Come on, you can use my shower and I'll even cook for you." The man held out his hand, the old grin returning. "I'm Antonio, by the way."

"Antonio... Nice to meet you... I'm ________."

The two of you shook hands, but he didn't let go. He began walking, your hand gently clutched in his. Your stomach did another flip flop, but you didn't mention it.

He started singing again and you smiled a true smile. All that you could think about was what was awaiting you at Antonio's house.
OMG. Thanks to everyone for the faves! It means a lot! <3


I hope you enjoy it! ^_^

Part 1 - You Are Here
Part 2 - [link]
Part 3 - [link]
Part 4 - [link]
Part 5 - [link]
Final - [link]


I do not own the image above, I simply used it to go with the story. All of it belongs to its owner.

I do not own Hetalia or its characters.

Story belongs to me.


"Un Lugar Maravilloso de España" - Welcome to Beautiful Spain

"María tenía un corderito, corderito, corderito~" - Mary had a little lamb, little lamb, little lamb~

"Mi casa, es su casa." - My home is your home.
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"Alfred! You're gonna kill us!" (Y/N) screamed, clinging to her arm rests for dear life, as her boyfriend drove like a maniac.

"Dude! This is fun!" He laughed, hazardously speeding the old RV up. "I haven't yet, why would I now!?"

(Y/N) had been dating her hero, Alfred, for about 2 years now. All the time he had been badgering her about going on a road trip in his RV with him, but only recently did she agree. They took off right away, starting in (Y/n)'s hometown. Now they were out in the mid-south, driving along the star-lit gravel road. It was night out, but from the headlights you could see the cacti and rocks on the side of the road, whizzing by.

"Alfred! Watch out!" (Y/N) squeaked, backing up in her seat and pointing at a large rock in the road. "Hmm?" Alfred mumbled calmly, only succeeding in hitting it when he looked at her. They ran over it and the RV started making a puttering sound, and he can to a stand-still in the road. (Y/N)'s skin was pale as she stared at Alfred in horror, and he gave a nervous laugh.

"Heh.. Heh.. D-Don't worry! I-I'll get out and fix it!" He said, clearly a little scared himself as he reached over to ruffle (Y/N)'s (H/C) coloured hair.

"Sure AS HELL YOU'LL FIX IT!" (Y/N) screeched, batting his hand away and frowning grumpily. "I told you to slow down, I did! And did you listen!? NooooOOOOOOoooooOoOoOOOOoO!"

"B-Babe, It's o-okay—" Alfred tried to speak up, but (Y/N) was in a sour mood, and got up from her seat to go sit away from him on the couch behind. Al opened his mouth to speak, but thought better of it. He stood up and pulled the toolkit from the over-head compartment. He glanced at her, who didn't look back, before opening the door and stepping out into the chilly night air with a flashlight.

(Y/N) had long since changed into her pajamas. It had been over an hour he was out there, and she had only talked to him once, through the window. (Y/N) sighed and stood up, pulling out the things to make a batch of hot cocoa.

When she was done, she poured two mugs, put a jacket on, and grabbed Alfred's as she stepped outside. She walked around the other end to where her boyfriend was just finishing the last bolt on a new tire.

"…Hey." (Y/N) said, as Alfred looked up. She held out his coat, and a mug. "…How's it going?"

"This is just the last part." Alfred mumbled, taking a screw from where he held it in his mouth, and cranking it on with the wrench. Once he did, he took his coat and put it on, shivering as he smiled and took the drink.

"I'm sorry I yelled, Al—"

"It's okay. I didn't listen."

(Y/N) let out a sigh before crossing her legs and sitting down next to Al. He grinned and wrapped an arm around her waist, pulling her in closer and hiding his face in her (H/C) locks. He kissed the top of her head before speaking again. "So, the car's all fixed up. I reckon we can start up again in the morning."

(Y/N) looked up and grinned, glancing between his eyes and lips before leaning up and kissing him, who happily kissed back.

"Looks like me Hero saved the day again."
And I come back, with a part 2 of the "X Reader 100 Oneshot Challenge"!

My dad keeps talking about how he's going to get an RV, so we can all go on a roadtrip around America. It gave me an idea for some sort of driving fic... And who better for Reader-tan to tour America with, than him himself!?

Please comment, and if there's a character who you would like to see soon, put that down too!

[link] < Part 1
Part 3 > [link]

Art: [link]

America (c) Hima
Story (c) Me
You (c) You
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You're In Hell: The English Are Cooks

"In Hell, the English are cooks, the Germans are police officers, the French are engineers, the Italians are bankers, and the Swiss are lovers!"

You lay on your couch, watching the Sci-Fi channel. You and Arthur were supposed to go have lunch with each other today, but he suddenly cancelled it at the last minute. Why did he cancel the date? Did he lose interest in you? Did he make other plans? Just thinking about it made you tear up a little. Suddenly, you heard your cell phone ring.

You wiped the salty tears off your face and picked up your cell to see that it was Arthur calling. Your excited that he was calling you, but at the same time you were still sad and mad that he cancelled the date. You cleared your throat and answered the call. "Arthur!" You said, trying not to sound like you just got done crying, "Why...why did you cancel our date? D-do you not like me anymore?" Your voice cracked a little as you started to cry again.

"Oh, I am so sorry about that, love. Forgive me," Arthur's voice sounded a little different, "Why don't you come over to my house and we can talk it over?"

You weren't sure what to say. After a little pause, you agreed to come over anyway.

"Alright then! See you in a bit, love." He then hung up. You put your cell down, biting your lip. You were thinking if you should really go or not. He didn't sound like the Arthur you knew. You decided to go, since you started to worry about him. You got up from your couch, turned off the T.V., and slipped on your shoes. You grabbed your keys and headed for the door, grabbing your jacket and slipping it on. You opened the door and locked it behind you after you stepped outside. Since Arthur just lived down the block, you decided to walk there.

When you got there, you walked up the steps to his front porch. There wasn't a single light on. You walked up to his door and were about to ring his doorbell, but you hesitated. "Should I really do this?" You nervously thought to yourself. Knowing it was probably too late to head back home, you rang his doorbell. You heard footsteps in the house getting louder as they walked to the door. You gulped and started to sweat a little. You wanted to just leave, but you were stiff, like someone froze you into ice.

The door then opened with a loud creak. Arthur appeared in front of you, "Why, 'ello there
[_y/n_]!" Not only did he sound different, he even looked different.

"A-Arthur?!" You were shocked when you saw his appearance. He now had bleach blond hair with sky blue eyes and freckles to match. Instead of his usual olive green sweater vest, it was now a bright pink with a light blue bow tie. "What happened to you?!"

"What do you mean?" Arthur asked tilting his head to the side, "I'm the same as ever!" He said that with such a joyful and bright smile, there was no way this was Arthur. It all must be a trick.

You then caught the aroma of delicious cupcakes coming from the kitchen. "Oh my gosh, Arthur, what is that wonderful smell?" You almost started to drool. It was the most amazing thing you ever smelled.

"Oh! You must be smelling my fresh-baked cupcakes!" Arthur replied while looking back at the kitchen, "Would you like to come inside and try one, my dear?" He held out his hand, giving you a smile. Without thinking, you reached for his hand and let him grip it, leading you inside. You walked in like you were in a trance.

When you usually go to Arthur's house, his kitchen is untouched. Spic and span with not a spec of well...anything. Today though, there was a mixing bowl and utensils with some cupcake batter on them. There were some drops of it on the counter, as well.

"Oh dear! I am so sorry, [_y/n_]!" You were confused why he was apologizing, "I have left a big mess in the kitchen!"

"Oh, it's alright Arthur. I'm cool with it..." you looked a little shy when you told him that. As you started towards the cupcakes, you felt the heat from the oven, knowing Arthur just baked the cupcakes. You stared at the cupcakes, like a lioness watching her prey. They had pink and blue icing and were wrapped in polka dot wrappers. Arthur then came behind you, picking up one of the cupcakes.

"It's red velvet," he said as he held it up to your face, "Go ahead, love. Try it."

You took the cupcake from his hand and unwrapped it, taking a small bite. Your eyes widened as the delicious treat dissolved in your mouth, tingling your taste buds. You then took another bite of the surprisingly delicious cupcake. "Oh my gosh! This cupcake is delicious!" You said with your mouth full. You then finished your cupcake, grabbing another one from the counter.

"I'm glad you love it, [_y/n_]," Arthur wrapped his arms around your waist and kissed your cheek. Him doing that just made you remember why you came to his house in the first place.

"Arthur...w-why did you cancel-," You suddenly felt drowsy. You held your hand up to your head, dropping your cupcake to the ground. Your eyes rolled to the back of your head as you slowly closed them, losing your balance. You then fell asleep, but Arthur was ablw to catch you. He then swooped you off your feet, whispering in your ear, "Oh, [_y/n_], you're so a cupcake," He kissed you on the forehead.

Arthur then started walking up the stairs to his room, you still in his arms, with some rope over his shoulder. "We're going to have 'lots of fun, my little poppet..." He whispered with a slight smirk on his face.
Sorry if it sucks! TT_TT (I'm not a good story writer)

I've been wanting to do something like this :meow: Yes, this is 2p!Hetalia fan-fiction stuff. XD I'm so addicted to it right now <333

So, Here's 2p!England's part of the story, but I guess this doesn't have mature content since he didn't really do anything yet...

Next up will be 2p!America c:

Enjoy! <3

I do NOT own 2p!Hetalia or the picture above. I just wrote the fan-fic.
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You could only stare at the man, completely frozen in shock. He stood up, licking the blood off his fingers, and waltzed towards you with a childlike expression on his face.

“Did you miss me?” He repeated, reaching out to touch your face.

You flinched, and he pulled back, looking hurt. “What’s wrong, poppet?”

“Well, for starters, you just killed my mum,” You replied hoarsely, finding that you could move your jaw after all.

“When I got here, poppet,” He said softly, reaching out and pulling you towards him. You didn’t flinch away this time, much to his relief. “She was cursing your name and looking around so she could beat you. Do you really think I could let anybody get away with that?”

“Ollie,” You mumbled, “I’m not as defenseless as I was when I left. I’ve been leaving Berlitz at my friend’s house and constantly on the move. I only stay here for three hours for sleep.”

Ollie looked at you quietly, “Do you know how long it took me to get the magic to work?” He asked softly, leaning his forehead against yours with an unusually serious look. “Two years,” He murmured. “Two years without you, and I’ve only known you for oh-so-long.” He laughed bitterly, pulling away again.

You stared at him, eyes narrowed as his laughter fell back into his manic giggle. He looked at you with his bright blue eyes. “Did you get my message, poppet?”

You cursed under your breath. “I knew it. Yes, I got your message. Did you really have to people to do it? Couldn’t you just leave a letter with the post office like they do in the movies?”

“Movies?” He echoed, looking puzzled for a moment before he looked at you with amusement. “_______, my love, I’m Jack the Ripper, did you really think I would do something in a way that wasn’t dramatic?”

“I guess not,” You muttered. “At least Dad’s not hear for you to rip up too.”

“Where is he?” Ollie asked, a glint in his eyes all of a sudden.

“Jail,” You replied promptly.

Ollie pouted. “Aw, that’s no fun. I wanted to ri-“ Before he could finish his statement, you punched him in the stomach. He let out a whoof of pain and doubled over, glaring at you. “What was that for?”

“You don’t just go and kill people’s parents!” You scowled.

“Why not? I did already, and she was going to beat you,” He gained a hard glint in his eyes before grinning with his normal insane expression. “Besides, who likes their inlaws anyway?”

“She already beat me, I’m used to it!” You scowled, completely missing the second part for a moment before staring at him. “Wait, what?”

He winked, grinning. “You heard.”

You stared at him, jaw dropped, before closing it. “We have to get out of here,” You said finally, deciding to bother him about it later.

He looked confused. “And why’s that?”

“Well, let me think,” You said sarcastically, “My mother is ripped to shreds on the grounds, and we’re the only ones here. You’re covered in blood. Any other stupid questions?”

“Where can I find some non-bloodied clothes?”

“Upstairs, first door to the right. Maybe Dad’s clothes will fit you.” You shrugged, wanting him to leave the room.

He darted upstairs, and quick as a flash, you knelt down beside your mother’s body. Sure, the woman was a bitch, but she was, nonetheless, the woman who raised you. You felt tears well up, if anything, at the sight of another shredded body. Despite your time with the mafia, you never saw anything like this, and the sight made you sick to your stomach. Not to mention, you still didn’t know what Ollie would do in the near future. You were stuck with him for the rest of his life, if anything to prevent him from running around slaughtering people.

You heard Ollie’s footsteps and you stood up. “Ready to go?” You asked.

“Where is it that we’re heading to, poppet?” He questioned, reaching for your hand.

“Somewhere safe,” You replied calmly. “Perks to being in the mafia: You have family everywhere.”

Ollie stared at you. “So you did wind up leading a life of crime,” He said softly, squeezing your hand.

You chuckled. “That I did. And what a criminal I make, too. Nobody ever suspects the pretty ones. Or was it that they always suspect the pretty ones?” You questioned sarcastically.

“Either way,” Ollie beamed, “As long as you and cupcakes are there, I think I’ll be happy forever.”

“I’m as important as your cupcakes?” You stared at him, stunned.

“More,” He replied, leaning in and kissing you gently. He pulled back, eyes glimmering in amusement. “Let’s go to that safe place then, poppet!”

You shook yourself out of your shock and pulled him after you. When you stepped outside, Berlitz bounced up to meet you, then promptly knocked Ollie over, making excited little yips you never thought you’d hear from the German Shepherd. You laughed, and together, the three of you walked away from the sunset into the shadows of night, to lead a life of danger, lies and conspiracy.


Back in Victorian England, the police were baffled. All signs of the Ripper had vanished from England, and any murders they found were clearly unrelated. Had he stopped killing? Or had he left.

Based on several vague clues, the police concluded that he left for America, claiming to have evidence that he had boarded a ship there.

Of course, they were wrong, but exactly how wrong, they had no idea. When a series of murders like the Ripper’s sprung up over a hundred years later, nobody considered even for a moment that it was him.

But it was.

And the Ripper now wanders around the 21st century.

Well, this was fun to write 8D
Now that it's over, I'm going to start posting Slightly More Crazy.
Anyway, thank you to everyone who followed this story, I can't even begin to tell you how much I love you all.
Be careful when you're alone~ You never know where Ollie may be lurking~

This was the "unexpected ending" I have been waiting to do. Why is it that the main characters in books and movies walk off into the darkness and happily live a life of crime? Ever? THAT'S WHAT HAPPENED. //shot

Chapter 1: [link]
Chapter 2: [link]
Chapter 3: [link]
Chapter 4: [link]
Chapter 5: [link]
Chapter 6: [link]
Chapter 7: [link]
Chapter 8: [link]
Chapter 9: [link]
Chapter 10: [link]
Chapter 11: [link]
Chapter 12: [link]
Chapter 13: [link]
Chapter 14:**Here**
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Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: violence/gore)
Every time you turned a corner, no matter how armed, how alone, how light, how dark, how…anything, it was, you always expected to see him there. You couldn’t tell whether it was paranoia or if you genuinely missed the man, but you thought it was more towards the first.

You were walking down the street. The sun was shining, not a cloud in the sky. You had no worries as of now. Nobody involved with the mafia knew who you were, so you were safe. You were out of your house, so you were safe. But you were uneasy.

It had been a year since you discovered the message left by Ollie’s new five murders. After seeing Mary Kelly’s murder, it made you retch thinking that you had indirectly been the cause of five more deaths.

Not to mention the possibility of Ollie coming after you. You walked on, considering this. He had said he could never get his magic to work, but you knew that he, like other people, was capable of achieving shocking things when driven enough. The only question was, how driven was he?

You stopped in front of a house, halting a moment before walking up the path. Almost immediately, the door was shoved open and you were tackled by a familiar black shepherd dog.

“Berlitz, you goofball, get off of me!” You laughed, shoving the dog off.

“…hi, _______,” A voice greeted you from the doorway.

You grinned at your friend, “Hey, Lukas. I can’t thank you enough for looking after Berlitz. It’s not a great idea to leave him home right now…”

Lukas looked sympathetic. “Your mom?” He asked.

You nodded grudgingly. “Since dad’s gone, there’s no one to scream at her that she’s whacking an expensive dog, and I couldn’t take him with me today…” Your father had finally been caught in all his mafia activities and arrested.

Lukas nodded, gritting his teeth. “Really, ______, you should have just moved in with me and my brothers ages ago. You shouldn’t have to be in your…situation.”

You gave a sort of half smile. “The situation could be worse…I think I’m starting to get addicted to danger or something. Can you do that?”

Lukas snorted. “Apparently. Do you want to stay here?”

You shook your head. “Nah, it’ll be fine. Besides, I impose on you enough as it is, Lukas.” You hugged him. “Thanks for the offer though.”

“It’s always there,” He reminded you before stepping back into his house and closing the door.

You heaved a sigh and looked down at Berlitz, who thumped his tail against the pavement. “Time to head back, I guess.”

The dog’s ears drooped a little at the dull tone of your voice, but he followed you, nonetheless, down the street back home.

You walked up the driveway. Your house was a little isolated from the others in the suburb, with typical white siding and a solid gray roof. When you reached the door, you couldn’t help feeling a low shiver run through your system as you touched the doorknob. It was a feeling you had gotten used to over the past year, and one you weren’t especially fond of. You fingered the gun at your hip and opened the door, slowly.

The first thing that hit you was the silence. At this time of day, your mother ought to be on a drunk Irish rampage, cursing and breaking everything in sight. But all was still. Or, so you thought, at first glance.

You heard a low humming, as you listened more closely, and you followed it slowly towards the living room, pulling your gun out and holding it carefully.

You whirled around the corner, gun pointed (not that it was actually cocked and ready to shoot or anything. No way in hell were you planning on killing anyone.) at the person in your living room.

What you saw caused you to lower your gun in shock. There was Ollie, sitting on your living room floor, with his knife out and busy at work carving up your mother. He turned around and beamed at you.

“Hello, poppet!”

The gun fell to the ground with an echoing clatter.

He grinned at your expression. “Did you miss me too much, _______?”
Sorry it took so long! I've been really busy, what with an annotated outline and things...and...ugh...English...><

Chapter 1: [link]
Chapter 2: [link]
Chapter 3: [link]
Chapter 4: [link]
Chapter 5: [link]
Chapter 6: [link]
Chapter 7: [link]
Chapter 8: [link]
Chapter 9: [link]
Chapter 10: [link]
Chapter 11: [link]
Chapter 12: [link]
Chapter 13: **Here**
Chapter 14: [link]
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Collection by

polished on of my many speedpaints ( I think I will post more unfinished rough works on tumblr ). oldie needs some love too c: used photoshop and paint tool sai.

me on TWITTER :bulletblue: FACEBOOK!

Calendar 2014 by Apofiss fire walk by Apofiss

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Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes)
A stifled gasp erupted from your throat as you were forced onto Haru's bed, his weight pressed against you. His forearms restrained you from moving while his knee tucked itself between your legs. Goosebumps made its way onto the surface of your skin and you instinctively tensed up. Cold fingers were pressed against your jawline, slowly tracing it. The boy's actions were surely something that caused your chest to grow tight and warm, leaving you to crave more.

"How'd you figure it out?" He breathed into the nape of your neck.

You hesitated to reply to Haru, considering the position you were in. A smile slowly made its way onto your lips as you tilted your head up. "I.. I don't know. You tell me." You slipped your arms out of the boy's firm grasp and leaned on your shaky elbows for support. "But does it matter any more?" 

Haru's hand was planted on your back, pulling it into an arch as his lips came in contact with yours. His lips were warm, his uneven breaths loud in your ear. You tangled your fingers into his dark navy hair; an act that caused Haru to stiffen briefly. His hands worked its way underneath your t-shirt as you were pressed onto the mattress once again. Your cheeks were burning and your lips trembled, only to add to Haru's amusement. He eyed your movements through half lidded eyes - the rise and fall of your chest and your teeth gritting. 

How did a short conversation turn into something like this? The way his lips impatiently slammed into yours, the way his body came in contact with your body. It only left you wanting more.

"Do you know.." He began, his lips tickling the tip of your ear. "How hard it is to resist you?"

"Must be really hard," You managed to gasp out after a long pause.

"And how hard it is to protect you?" 

And by protecting, you knew he meant keeping you away from Cassandra. You understood staying away from the jealous brunette was best, and naturally, common sense. Then a sudden jolt went through you. Was the 'holding hands' act for Cassandra? To show her that he had feelings for you, and no one else? 

Your inconsistent thoughts were cut off when you were snapped back into reality by a shirtless Haru looming over you. His fingers efficiently discarded your upper undergarments, while his right hand made its way up your thigh in a slow and teasingly manner. His gaze would flicker to you once in a while to watch your reaction, and he'd reach up and plant a kiss on your lips. Words were caught in your throat and you only manage to let out a mewl as you tightly grabbed a handful of the bed sheet.

Just as he tossed your legs around his waist, the boy was interrupted by a loud banging on his front door, followed by a shout, presumably in Nagisa's voice. 

Frustrated, the two of you hurriedly sat up and threw on your attire, left unsatisfied. You straightened out Haru's bedding and combed your hair out with your fingers while Haru sped walk to the door. He stopped mid-way, then gave a sideways glance to you. 

"We're finishing this another time."

THIS TOOK ME SUCH A LONG TIME TO WRITE SINCE ITS MY FIRST SEMI-SMUT GOMEN I WILL OBVIOUSLY GO BACK AND EDIT IT MORE BUT I'M SO DONE WITH THIS CHAPTER. Not a lot of frickle frackle action, but im making it mature content just to be safe.
update: I know how to end this fanfic now hurraaaay
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Hello everyone! I greatly apologize for the long wait! The Laughing Jack fic should be updated within the next day or so. Just a heads up, there is some strong language up ahead. I don't like putting on mutate content on my fics/drawing unless it is really hardcore, so this is just a heads up.

I stared wide-eyed and mouth agape at the boy leaning half-way out of my computer with glowing red eyes. I whimpered and my whole body began to quiver. I blinked and glanced down when I felt something drip onto my lap. Water dripped from the computer screen and onto my lap. I glanced back up at the boy and continued to stare at him. I felt completely paralyzed, my mind was screaming at me to run and flee, but my body wouldn't respond. A sinister smile formed on the boy's face, his eyes narrowing. He inched closer to me, if that was possible.

“Whats wrong? Cat got you tongue?” I whimpered again and gripped the sides of my chair. He laughed and stared down at the water. “Oh, my apologies,” he cooed sarcastically, I didn't mean to get water everywhere.” He hummed the reverse Song of Healing while stepping out of the computer screen and standing on my desk, hopping down to the floor with a thud. “Well damn if all you are going to do is sit there then I'm going to stalk someone else.”

I pivoted my chair, finally able to snap out of my paralytic state, and watched him stroll around my room with his arms crossed at his chest. He tapped his foot and glanced at me, a smirk on his pale lips.

“Oh yeah, this room bring back such wonderful memories,” he said as he sat down on my bean bag chair and closed his eyes. “All the screams, the tears, the insane blabbering going on and on, almost nonstop, like a nightmarish melody to my ears. The screams and cries in perfect harmony.” I swallowed nervously and stared at my floor that had small water puddles in his tracks. Yay, guess who gets to clean that up?

“So,” I whispered, “you are the one who killed my cousin?” He shook his head.

“I didn't kill him personally. He killed himself. I just fucked with his mind enough to sent him into the lowest pits of insanity that drove him to kill himself. Sounds reasonable, right?” I sat on my bed and took in a deep breath, my eyes never leaving his. I closed my eyes and rubbed my temples.

Okay, let me just asses the situation occurring right now. Some guy just came out of my computer screen with glowing eyes. He then proceeds to take a casual stroll around my room and tells me that he is the reason why my cousin drove himself insane, which lead him to his ultimate demise, and here I am, just sitting here. Something doesn't seem right about this.

“This whole situation doesn't seem reasonable,” I growled, glaring at him. His smile grew as he saw how I was confused and annoyed about it. I walked over to him and crossed my arms. “Why aren't you driving me insane? Why are you just sitting there like I have known you my whole life?” He laughed and stood up. I bit my lower lip and my eyes widened he was a good two 1/2-3 inches taller than me.

“Why? Because I'm bored. I was trapped in that box for too long. I HATE to be caged in like an animal, especially in that damn game where nothing interesting happens. But this world,” he smirked and walked over to the window, “new and exciting things happen all the time. Why would I want to taint my only form of entertainment? Also, I was getting so lonely,” he purred.  I blinked and walked over to him.

“You were only in the box for four weeks...” He glared down at me and growled.

“Each week in your human world equals seven weeks in mine. That means I was in that box for almost three damn years.” I bit lower lip and glanced outside.

“So, what's with the water?” He blinked and stared down at the puddle forming under him. It was really odd, he appeared dry, but he left tracks of water. I jumped as I heard an alarm go off and my mom's door opening. I heard him curse under his breath and he ran over to the computer screen. He turned to me and gave me a wild grin. He jumped into the screen with a white flash and everything went black. The screen flicked on and Cleverbot was pulled up. I walked over to the computer and read the red words.

Cleverbot: Find that out yourself. Maybe next time, we will understand each other a little better. Sleep tight and let the bed bugs bite.

I felt my throat tighten and my mouth went dry. When was next time? I'm not fond of video game characters popping in and out of my screen. My door opened and I groaned at the light from the hallway hitting my eyes. I saw my mother silhouette form standing in the doorway with her hands on her hips.

“(F/n), were you up all night playing on that computer?” I glanced at the computer to find that YouTube was pulled up with a reversed song of healing video playing. I stared back at my mom and frowned.

No, mom some dude just jumped out of my computer and we had a lovely conversation and you would send me to the loony house if I told you.

“Yeah, I'm sorry.” Mom laughed, amused and walked off towards the shower.

“You will be sorry young lady when you are dead tired when we meet our family. What impression will you make on them, you think?” I heard the door close and I groaned, flopping onto my bed. I wasn't even tired, adrenaline was still pumping through me. I closed my eyes and snuggled into my pillows. I closed my eyes and drifted off into my 30 minute nap.

I failed to notice the tick of green electricity enter my phone that was charging on the wall.

My mom pulled into the gravel driveway of a yellow house with one too many flowers. It was like a bee's paradise here! We got out of the car and walked up to the porch.

“So,” I began, “which family member is this?” Mom smiled and knocked on the door, straightening her jacket.

“My sister, Ally. She knew more about Jake than anyone.” My eyebrows furrowed in confusion as I glanced up at my mom.

“What about his parents?” Mom frowned and took in a deep breath, her eyes paling. A cool Autumn breeze swept past us, causing both of us to shiver.

“His mother, my sister, died in childbirth. Jake's father took care of him for two years until he died in service. Ally took care of him for 22 years until he decided to move out and get his own place, which is now out house.” I frowned and turned my sight towards the leaves blowing past my black boots.

“Wow...” My head snapped up as the door squeaked open. A plump, petite woman with brown curly hair stepped out, hugging my mom tightly. Both women laughed and hugged each other tighter. I smiled awkwardly and put my hands in my jean pockets. Aunt Ally broke away from my mom and came towards me. She pulled me into a hug and I gently hugged back, gently patting her back. She giggled and pulled back, staring at me with clarity on her face.

“Oh my! You must be (F/n)!” I smiled and nodded my head. “I remember your baby pictures like I just saw them! You were the cutest darn thing I have ever seen. Ya still are! Oh hoo, you have grown into quite the young lady!” I laughed quietly.

“Thank you, Aunt Ally.” She laughed and walked through the door.

“Please, call me Ally. Well, come on in ladies! It's cold out here.” I jumped in surprise when I heard my phone go off. I pulled it out to see I received a text message. I went to my messages and frowned as there was no number, but just a message with a light green background:

She's quite cheeky, isn't she?

My eyes widened at I stared at the message. I glanced around, searching for someone who was hopefully watching me from the street or something. I stared back down at the message and walked through the door, still staring down at the message.

Are you IN my phone!?

Yeah, you sound surprised, (f/n/).


Did you not pay attention earlier? I specifically said that you are my entertainment. I'm not going to sit at the house all day like a dog and wait for you to get home hoping to pay attention to me. Let's put it this way sweet cheeks, I go wherever you go.

I snorted at the nickname he gave me and walked into the kitchen and sat down at the table. My aunt gave me a cookie and smiled. I thanked her for it and sat it in front of me. Glancing into the living room, I saw a computer in an office room. I thought back to what happened earlier and the messages. I cleared my throat and smiled at my aunt.

“Ally, is it alright if I do some research on the computer?” My mom raised an eyebrow. Ally smiled and motioned towards the computer.

“Sure, sweetie! Go for it!” I thanked her and went to the room, locking the door behind me. I sat down at the computer and went to Google. I stopped and stared down at my phone. I sighed and pulled out my charger and pulled it into the wall. I saw the green tick of electricity enter the wall and I braced myself for what was about to occur. Surprisingly, nothing happened. Well, not yet, that is.

I resumed my Google search and sat there, staring at the blinking cursor. What in the ever-loving hell do I type? A message came up on my phone.

Here, let me help you a little. Type in BEN Drowned.

I rolled my eyes and typed in BEN Drowned. The search pulled up thousands of options. I stared at the first link. It lead me to a website called Creepypasta Wiki. I tilted my head to the right a little and began to read the huge Creepypasta.

I finally finished the pasta and I exited Google, staring blankly at the computer. This guy DROWNED!? Well, that explains why there is a trail of water following him. So, his name is BEN Drowned. I reached for my cookie while still staring at the screen in disbelief. My hand patted an empty space. My head snapped down to the space. What in the ever loving hell happened to my cookie!

“Mmm, your hyperactive aunt makes excellent cookies. Nice and chewy,” a familiar voice said behind me. I whipped around in my chair and saw BEN. I glared at him as he munched happily on my cookie.

“That was mine, jackass,” I growled. BEN chuckled and grabbed the napkin and spat it in the napkin, folding it and handing it to me.

“Here then, you can have it back.” I shook in disgust and threw the partially chewed up cookie. BEN threw himself onto the small couch and smiled at me.

“So, you are a haunted form of Link from Majora's Mask?” BEN glared daggers at me, his right eye slightly twitching.

“If you and I are going to get along, here is the number one tip of staying on my good side; NEVER compare me to him. All his saving the day and saving Zelda's ass almost everyday. Personally if it were me, I would leave the bitch after she got captured after a couple times. Seriously, how oblivious do you have to be to get captured that many times?” I scooted the chair closer to him and crossed my arms.

“How did you you drown?”

“Well, a bunch of water filled up my lungs-” I huffed and rubbed my temples. I could see BEN smirking.

“I don't need your sarcasm. You know what I mean.”

“Learn to take a joke. Are you always this uptight? Uptight like Slenderman?”

“No, I am not upti-” my eyes widened slightly and I leaned in closer to BEN, “Did you just say Slenderman? He is real!?” BEN nodded his head, his blond strands of hair falling to the sides of his face. His eyes closed and he folded his hands on his stomach.

“Yep, he's as real as you and me. So is Splendorman, Jeff, Eyeless Jack, Laughing Jack, Sally, Smile, Rake, Bob, all of 'em are real.” I swallowed hard and gripped the sides of the chair roughly.

“All of them?”

“All of them. But wait, how did you not know about me?” I glanced up into his glaring eyes. I shrugged and pivoted slightly to the side.

“I don't know...” BEN sighed and rolled onto his side, his arms were crossed again. I heard a knock on the door and jumped.

“(F/n/), who are you talking to?” I laughed nervously and slapped a hand over BEN's mouth just to be sure he would be quiet.

“I'm just talking to one of my...” I glanced down at a smirking BEN “...friends. Yeah, a friend.” I smacked said friend that just licked my hand. I wiped his saliva on my jeans and shot him a death glare.

“Yeah,” BEN said loudly, “a friend.”

“Who was that,” mom screeched. I gritted my teeth and held back my hand to punch BEN in his  face.

“I'm on speaker, mom!”

“Hello Ben, it's nice to speak to you,” my aunt chimed in. I face palmed.

“Hello. You bake wonderful cookies by the way.” I leaned in close enough to where our faces were an inch apart. I gave him the most lethal glare I could conjure.

“If you don't shut up i'm going to put you in the box again and bury it in the deepest core of earth.”

“Sounds like a date, sweet cheeks.” I growled and glared at the door.

“Anyways, we have to go,” mom chimed. “Let's go.” I sighed and stared at the couch to find an absent BEN. I glanced over and saw him climb into the computer, giving me a sarcastic salute. The green tint entered my phone and I took it off the charger.

As we walked through the door, my aunt pulled me into another hug.
“It was so nice to see you, (f/n/)!”

“It was nice to see you, too.” We all said our goodbyes and I walked off to the car. As mom pulled out of the driveway, I glanced back at my aunt. She had the most deadly glare I have ever seen on her pale face.
Finally, here it is! Sorry about the wait ^^'

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(Contains: violence/gore)
~Jeff's P.O.V.~
My cutted grin widened as I saw her pass out from blood loss, I finished off her friend and walked towards her.

Laughing, I lifted her up, throwing her over my shoulder and was on my way back to the place called "home". 

OH YES, I remember it all now, the screams, begs, the blood, the sound of flesh getting stabbed, the look of horror in their faces, thats when she came in, I had stood there, freezed, while my cutted smile would grow wider, I was ready to turn around and stab her.

I had turned around and looked at her, again making my smile grow, her (E/C) wide open as she saw me, Oh the look if horror in her face! I loved it! It just made me wanting to torture her, stab her several times, but of course, just as I attacked she screamed and that caught her boyfriends ears, he was really quick I have to say...

But he ruined everything, the police was nearby so I had to run, damnit! But not again, ooooooh no! I have her now, and now as I remember, I know who her boyfriend is, I can't believe he has been there right in front of me without me noticing! 

Eventually we reached the place, or mansion to say it right, I got her in and to the basement looking room with the cell in, as I opened the door I noticed that her boyfriend was lying on the ground in the cell, I knew it, someone had been here and tortured him already, well, that didn't really do anything, I still had her, no, I had them both, this was going to be fun....

I threw her in his cell and muffled my own laughter, didn't want to wake 'em up, right? I locked the cell and walked out of the room and up to the mansion again, man I was hungry...

~your P.O.V somethingsomething~~

You opened your eyes slowly, looking around you noticed that you where not exactly home anymore, but you didn't really know were you where though.

You tried to move but winched in pain, you looked down to see blood through your cloth, and it was not little. You looked around once more, spotting a figure lying on the ground not so far away from you.

You crawled slowly towards the unconschious figure, as you got closer you noticed a bit more about this figure, it was obviously a man, he wore a black hoodie and normal jeans and had a bit dark brown hair, but what caught your eyes was his skin, it was dark grey.

You realized who it was and freezed, "J-J-Jack....?" You whispered, calling to the boy who lied on the ground, no response, you crawled towards him again.

You lied/sat beside him and looked at him, waiting for him to wake up or something, you saw how he had curled up, you couldn't help but feel pity for him, he looked so weak.

After a while you began feeling sleepy, you were still in pain but too weak to do something, you stared at him, wanting to take the mask off to see if it was Jack, You thought for a moment, maybe it wasn't Jack... Maybe it was someone else, maybe Jack is dead... 

"Ugh...." You freezed, he was beginning to wake up, your eyes widened as you began crawling away, ".. Huh....?" You backed up until you hit the wall, tears began foring in your eyes from fear, he sat up, rubbing his head, you noticed that his clothes was soaked in blood, his blood.

He sighed and took off his mask, not noticing you at the other end of the cell, your eyes widened, it was Jack, Jack was alive, your boyfriend who has been missing for weeks were alive, he wasn't dead.

"J-J-Jack...." You said, you noticed how the holes were the eyes should be grew wide, he looked to the side in an inhuman speed "W-who are you...!?" He growled, he couldn't really see you since you sat in the shadows, you winched and dared to crawl a bit forward.

"J-Jack...... I-its me..... (Y-Y/N).... You said, tears forming in your eyes, "(Y/N)...." He muttered as he looked down before looking at you again, tilting his head to the side "A-angel.....?" He asked.

You didn't know what to do or say, all you could do was to stare at him, as he stared back, he remembered.. He remembered you, everything, you saw him smile, making you feel a bit safe.

"Y-you're here! Y-Y-you shouldn't be here .... Its D-dangerous...." You nodded and understood what he meant, but you couldn't really do anything either. You began crawling to him, but winched in pain. He stood up and walked towards you.

He looked down at you, before slumping down beside you. "Jack... I've missed you so much, I just knew you were alive...!..." Tears streamed down your face as you looked down, the pain from the wound was still there.

Jack growled as he saw you holding your side "he stabbed you didn't he..." You nodded slowly, not looking up. 

He carefully pulled you into his lap and hugged you tight, you yelped in suprise "Jack...!" You giggled and he smiled, finally you were back togheter. 

"Jack......" He nuzzled his face to your neck "hm?" "I-I think (F-F/N) is d-dead...." His 'eyes' widened "jeff..." He growled, you nodded and turned around, looking at him, worry filled your eyes when you looked at him, he had several stab marks on his body, through his clothes. 

You hugged him tight, not wanting to let go, he smiled and patted your hair, saying things like how much he loved you and that he was sorry.

You stayed in that position a little longer before you fell asleep, of course it was only natural for you to be tired after everything that had happened, he held your sleeping form tight to his chest, smiling.

He heard a faint laughter getting louder and louder, he panicked, not for his own life but for yours. The laughter was at the door, he watched as the door opened slowly, a big dog runned in as fast it got the chance, the laughter got louder and Jeff The Killer himself came in.

Jack hugged you tighter into his chest, "AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Nooooooooow~ what we waited for is finally come~" he laughed more, Jack watched in horror as the mad man brought up his knife.

Short and kinda rushed sorry..
love it!?!?!?!?
*runs and cries in a hidden corner*

anyways next chapter I Don't know sorry who Knows, maybe tomorrow? Maybe a week? Who Knows.. I will start working on it soon...
yeah.. Thats all I can say for nowwwwwwwww

Btw, someone thought your friend survived ... But she kinda Died, sorry, MWHAHAHAHAHAAHHA

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I WON Nothing, only the story
you FINALLY got out from Smile.dogs grip and ARE FREE (notreallybutletsshutupaboutthat)
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It had been 2 long and lonely weeks since the horrid incident with Russia. Yet what he did to you didn't change your feelings for him and you were emotionally sick. You had tried to call him numerous times throughout the weeks but he would never answer his phone. Not only to you though. He has isolated himself from everyone else and that worried you even more.

It was a warm summer day in your homeland and the sun beamed down on you, giving you a nice tan. People greeted you as you walked down your neighborhood streets, every one knew that you were the countries personification so naturally everyone was very friendly to you. You smiled back at them in return but the smile plastered to your face was fake. You were worried sick for Russia, no one had even see him for the past few weeks and he neglected to appear at the world conferences.

Your heart ached as you were feeling so guilty for hurting him so much... WAIT!! You didn't do anything! What were you thinking! You turned around sharply and sprinted back to your house, confusing pass buyers. You were at your house in a couple of minutes and you slammed open your front door nearly knocking of it's hinges. Running to your room you picked up your mobile on the way, typing in a well known number. You grabbed a bag and threw it onto your bed, frantically throwing in clothes and items into your suitcase.

'I hope I'm not to late' you thought to yourself, still worried about him.

You picked up the phone and rung Ivan for what felt like the one hundredth time.

"Come on, pick up, pick up"


"H-hello?" It wasn't Ivan. Toris had answered his phone, but it was better than no one at all.

"Hey it's ______, just letting you know I'm coming over"

"Wait _______! That's not a good id-"

He was cut of as you finished packing your bags and rushed to the computer. You bought a plane ticket to Russia which left in exactly 2 hours, you rang up a taxi while you waited out side. It had been about 10 minutes until the taxi came, the middle aged boy cam up and took you bags, putting them in the back. As he did so you hoped in the back, you missed Ivan so much and you basically couldn't take it any more. Sure Russia was a big country and could handle anything by himself, but you knew and had seen, the other side of him.

~ This flash back it brought to you by 2p Canada ~

"Kesesesesesese! Look vat I have und you don't!"

A strong man with red eyes and white hair held you tightly to his chest. It radiated a warm but unpleasant heat to your small body.

"Prussia, give her back to me. Now."

"Suck it loser! I have ______ und I von't give her back!"

You open your once clinched eyes and look up to the man who had you in position with your big (e/c) eyes. He had stolen you from the arms of Russia while he had his back turned. Even you knew that was a dirty trick. He looked down on you with those ruby red eyes.

"Naww, your so cute! I'm looking forvard to taking your vital regions when you grow up! Kesesesese!"

I shiver went down your spine as he said this. You didn't know what it meant but you sure knew it wouldn't be good.

"Don't you dare lay a finger on my sunflower, or else!" Ivan growled.

"Meh, I'm bored. Guards! Come on future frau lets go"

The Prussian man turned around and you looked over his shoulder. You started to cry into the mans shoulder, seeing Ivan surrounded by the Prussian guards. He was trying to fight back so he could get to you.

You reached out for him, still crying.

"Ivan! Help me! Please!"

Ivan looked at you, tears running down his face. Pain and hurt swelled up inside of him like an emotional tornado.

"I'm sorry sunflower! I'll be back to save you! I promise!"

~End of flash back.... for now~

"We have arrived at the air port miss"

You were brought back to reality as you handed the taxi driver a $50 note.

"Keep the change!" You yelled as you grabbed your bags and headed to the air port.

"B-but there's $26 here!"

"It's fine! You keep that for yourself now!"

"Thanks miss!" He yelled back with the biggest grin you had ever seen.

You entered the airport and checked in yourself with your bags. Shortly after waiting you boarded the plane, taking your seat next to a window. You dosely looked out the window, putting on your seat belt and turned on your I pod. The plane started to move and increased in speed, your body pushed back in your seat as the plane got even faster until you finally took of. Looking out the window, you watched as the earth beneath you back smaller and smaller. You decided to close your eyes. A lot had happened in two hours, I mean you were on a plane to Russia. A smile curled on your face as you were dragged into a deep sleep.

~Dreamy time~

You sat in a pink and frilly room that had to much of a girlie vibe for you. You were being kept in the locked room until you would accept living with the so called " Awesomest ". Which you could never be able to do, you missed Ivan to much and anyway you had a plan to get out of this dump. You walked over to the gigantic (f/c) teddy bear that sat in one of the corners of the room, unzipping the zipper that held in all the stuffing. But amongst all the stuffing sat a flat headed screw driver, which you took out and walked over towards your dresser. You pulled out a long grey jacket ( Even though it was hot here it would get much colder when you got to Russia ) and while you got into it, you pulled out the other drawers making steps to the locked window sill. You climbed up the dresser and began to pry open the window until a tiny gap appeared, just big enough for you to fit threw. As you began to squeeze threw the gap you herd someone walking towards your door, they stopped right in front of your room and you began wriggling like crazy, not wanting to be caught for the punishments. The lock clicked opened and the door slid across the fluffy carpet reveling... none other than Prussia himself.

"Hey _______ I vas thinking, und I reco- VAIT ARE YOU DOING! GET DOWN FROM THAT VINDOW NOW!"

You herd him running towards you screaming and yelling for you to come down but as he reached out to grab hold of your wriggling legs you popped right out of the window and flopped into a soft bush bellow. You got straight on your feet knowing he would catch up with you or order his guards to seize you.

"Come back here you ungrateful brat!"

Running as fast as your little legs would carry you, you sprinted down the road and into a busy city.

"Guards! Find her und bring her back to me!"

You could hear them catching up to you fast as you looked around frantically for a place to hide. You wouldn't be going down with a fight because you had to see Ivan again. Just then a ute stopped at a red light in front of you. It was carrying heaps of boxes in the back which were being shipped to Ukraine. You knew a lot about Ukraine and how she was Ivans big sister, she would help you for sure! You ran over to the car and scrambled up onto the back, hiding behind a large crate.

"Vere ever you are _______! I'll get you back some day! Und your vital regions!" Prussia yelled out to you in defeat.

Once again a shiver went down your spin as he said this but you shook it of and lied down. The rocking of the car slowly sending you to sleep.

~ Time Skip~

It had been a few weeks since you ran away from Prussia and things weren't going so well. The man had kicked you of the car so you had decided to start walking but know... Lets just say you were skin and bone. Your clothes were torn and dirty, your limbs hurt , you were extremely hungry and could fall any given moment. You stumbled a bit but soon collapsed hard onto the ground, you had made it so far but you would die right here. Along with your country...

Your vision started to blur and the once bright night began to swirl around you in darkness but a light came towards you. Was this heaven? You reached out to it as an angel appeared but it looked like...... Ukraine? You couldn't tell because after that you passed out into blackness.

You awoke on a comfortable lounge, with a warm blanket over you. You snuggled into it as you looked over to the coffee table next to you with a hot cup of (F/d) sitting on it. Thinking it was for you, you started to drink it but after you finished and put down the cup Ukraine was standing next to you. You jumped and squealed in fright making her do the same but her boobs bounced around making strange noises. After you both calmed down, Ukraine smiled at you sadly confusing you. She picked you up and started walk to a room at the end of the hall way.

" I know someone who is going to be happy to see you~ " She cheered to you quite happily.

As you too came closer to the room, the sound of sobbing became louder and the voice became more clearer. You would know that voice from any where.

"Ivan" You whispered softly to your self.

" Yes Darling, go to him" Ukraine said back placing you at the open door.

There lay Ivan, tangled in tossed sheets, crying and sobbing uncontrollably. His face bright red, tear stains covering his cheeks and tightly closed eyes. You climbed on top of his bed and started to stroke his mangled hair. He looked over to you. First he didn't relies who you were but then when he looked back at you his eyes widen as big as dinner plates.

"_________?! Is that really you?!"

"Yes mister Ivan. I'm ba-"

You were cut of by him hugging you into his chest.

"_________, I'll never, ever let anyone take you ever again, ok. I promise"

"I believe you, Ivan"

~ End of dream ~

"Excuse me miss but the plane has landed"

You woke up to a women with a hand on your shoulder.

"Welcome to Russia"

Ivan.... I'm coming.
yay chapter 4 is out!
Sorry I took so long :) I did an longer one to make up for it though
I don't own anything but the story line

Chapter 3 - [link]

Chapter 5 - [link]

Enjoy XD
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" _______!" a low, evil voice called out for you. It echoed through out the large dark house, making you lose sense of where the voice was coming from.

"H-hello?" You whispered back to the terrifying voice which you knew but just couldn't put a finger on it. You started to back up slowly against what you thought was a wall, you felt it move. WAIT MOVE! Before you could run away two strong arms pulled you in close and a husky voice whispered into your ear in a unnaturally low tone.

"Such a naughty child ______, I'm going to need to punish you sunflower, da"

"Hehe... Ivan what a-are you doing?" You asked nervously, trembling in his arms. You legs clicked in, unable to move. Even if Ivan let you go you would stand still in shock and horror.

He slowly moved his hands up your body and what caught your attention was that he was doing it gently. As if he was savoring every last bit of you, he pecked your neck making you shiver and losing all control of your body and you fell to your knees.  Ivan knelled down over you pushing you softly onto your back.

"I'm going to miss your beautiful smile ________"


A sudden pressure landed on your neck and it tightened quickly, blocking all access to your air supply. You began to gasp for air, your lungs tightened and it felt as though they were going to collapse. Your reached to your neck and grabbed onto the hands that were clasped to your neck. You tried to unhinged them from around your air way but they stubbornly stayed, not even budging but then you herd... crying? As you slowly opened your eyes you saw a blurry crying Ivan over the top of you. Tears dropped onto your face as he yelled out to you.

"Why _______?! Why did you break my heart?! What did I do to deserve this?!"

"I-Ivan..... B.... b-believe...... me" You whispered to him in between gaping for more air. But his grip only tightened.

"________!" Ivan yelled out your name now full of angered.

"Why don't you just die ______!"

Your eyes fluttered shut. You dis-sided to give up. If that was what Ivan wished.

"________!" F-feli?

"________ wake up!"

"Please wake up ________!"

You opened up your eyes to be blinded by light. You slowly sat up and rubbed your eyes. Thank god it was only a dream but what happened? Where are you?

"________! Your awake!"  Feliciano cheered happily hugging you tightly>

"Haha of coarse I am silly~"

"But ________ you were chocking! You couldn't breath and I was worried sick! Did you have a nightmare or something?"

"Y-yes, It was... It was Ivan" Hearing what you said Italy's usual happy face filled with an emotion that you had never seen before.Anger. But as quickly has it came it flew away.

"Would you like to tell me what happened? I drove all the way to my favorite pasta restaurant!"

You looked around at your surroundings, there was women in dresses and guys with curls everywhere. You finally felt the heat and started to take of your jacket.

"Italy did you seriously drive me all the way to Italy?"

"Of coarse this is my home town! And anyway I had to drop by my house to properly bandage up your head"

Your hands glided to your head and felt the bandage wrapped around were your cut was. You smiled sweetly at him.

"Thank you so much Feli, your too kind"

"Friends help each other si? Now what would you like to eat?" Feli asked pointing to the restaurant across the road.

"I'll just have what your having" You knew what that was going to be already-

"Ve~ Yay! Pasta all around!"

Nailed it.

~This time skip is brought to you by Pirate Iggy. The smexest pirate of the sea~

Russia's POV

Where could _______ be? Ivan had looked all around Italy's home town, knowing that's were he would take her. His poor sunflower had been damaged all because of him. Why didn't I believe her! Why did I believe me sister who is always trying to get me for herself.

What if she left him for Italy? He was better looking than he was, he was kinder, more sweeter and more loving. All I do is scare people and hurt them.

Ivan was walking through the streets in town, he didn't want to drive because the Italians were naturally crazy on the road and he didn't want to get in a car accident. He was starting to think whether he should give up today and try again tomorrow as he turned his head to look through the window of a restaurant he was passing. He was so worried about you- wait.

He walked closer to the window to see if his eyes were playing tricks on him. Was he already hallucinating? He rubbed his eyes frantically before returning his gaze on the women sitting at the table.

Yes!!! He had found his little sunflower!!! He was so happy and was just about to run in to tell you how sorry he was when...

The man who you were with stood up and you followed him. It was Feliciano. What was he doing with you. He looked back to you to see a bandage stained red wrapped around your fore head. Did- did he do that?

Tears built up in his eyes and slowly trickled down his face. What had he done.

His heart tore in to as he saw you stand on your toes and kiss Feli on the lips tenderly.


no no no no NO! This couldn't be happening! He had pushed away his little sunflower and now she would be gone forever!

He ran down the streets crying his heart out, nearly stumbling on his own feet.

But little did he know that was just a kiss of thanks.
Hey guys! Sorry I took so long >w<
I got caught up with school and stuff.
Any way chapter 3!!!! Finally!
Hehe sorry if I confused you at the start :)

Also sorry to be a bother but I still don't know how to put a picture at the front of my chapters. Could somebody help me?I would really appreciate it.

I only own the story line blardy blar blar

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Chapter 2 - [link]

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You sobbed quietly into the snow, warm tears trickling down you face and hitting the ice, melting tiny little holes into it. Your hot blood also fell and stained the bleached white snow bright red. Your heart ached inside knowing that your one true love hates you to bits and has now been taken buy that Belarus. Well at least someone was happy. Belarus was so mean to him and always scared him but he chose to believe her over you. This just made you feel even worse and you were about to just give up until your phone rang. You pushed your numb hand inside your warm jacket pocket and stiffly grabbed your phone. A smile wiped across your face, as if out of no where. It was Feliciano, he was the Northern part of Italy and he always seemed to make you happy... but why was he calling you? You curiously answered the phone,

"H-hello" you almost whispered into the phone. Trying not to sob.

"Ciao bella! You sound kind of upset, what happened?"

You stiffen at the thought of the previous occurrence and you just couldn't hold it in any longer. You started crying again tears ran down your cheeks colliding with the snow again.

"It's Russia!! He, he h-hates me! And now he has thrown me out and is with Belarus!"

You knew you sounded like a cry baby and that you were being weak but you just couldn't hold it in any longer. The emotions swirled inside you in a thick fog and you couldn't do anything besides crying it all out.

"Shhhhhh, shhhhh, calm down. It will be alright, don't worry" Feli comforted you down.

You were now down to a small sniffle here and there so Italy took this chance to talk.

"Look _____, I'm coming by Russia's house on my way back from Japans. Would you like me to come and pick you up? I'll take you my favorite pasta place and you can tell me everything when your out of your probably confused state. Would you like that?"

This is probably one of those rare moments when Feli is actually serious for once and it was to make YOU feel better. A small hint of pink rises to your pale cheeks, making you feel warm and bubbly. Well you really should go, I mean you had nothing to lose. Right? It would probably be a good thing to let some of your feelings out as well. Oh Feli. Thank you.

"O-oh, I think that would be wonderful, thank you"

"No problem mia bella~ Anything for one of my closest friends! I'll pick you up at the end of Ivans drive ways, si?"

"Y-yes that will be fine. C-could you bring a blanket for me? I don't mean to be trouble but I'm freez-"

"Haha, I've already grabbed one~ See you soon!"

Well at least your not alone anymore. You stiffly put your phone back in your warm pocket and looked down to see the stained red snow. You remember the gash above you left eye and pain spread across the wound, making you wince in pain. You slowly stumbled to your feet, straddling the aching wound. You slowly bent over and grabbed a handful of snow. You slowly rested it on the cut, your face cringed as the ice melted into the cut. Making it sting harshly but it had to be done to clean it out and drop the high temperature of your head. You began to shuffle towards the front gate, with a few moans here and there because with each step your head thumped. It felt like the whole world was spinning around you and your legs gave out. You closed your eyes getting ready for the harsh impact of the earth beneath you but... it never came.

As you slowly opened your eyes you saw a worried Feli who had obviously caught you. You hadn't noticed but you had made it to the front gates of the house were Feli said he would met you.

"_______!! Are you ok! Your bleeding everywhere!"

He pulled away your (h/l) (h/c) from your heated face to uncover the wound Russia had given you.

"We really need to fix you up" and with that he picked you up but nothing like Ivan did. He was gentle and warm. You cuddled up to his warm embrace and slowly fell into a deep unconscious state with all the trauma and blood loss.

"Oh _______... your so beautiful why would Ivan hurt you like that and with what he told all of us"

He gently placed you in the back with a blanket over your sleeping body.

"When you wake up you'll be in a nice warm sunny place ok ____?"

Italy jumped into the front and sped away. Leaving his signature mark of skid marks on the road.

~Mean while with Russia

"How could she do such a thing like that....", Russia said to himself quietly. A single tear escaped the pool which had formed in his eyes. Running down his smooth face.

"Big brother, I love you so much more than she ever will. So forget that stupid girl and be happy with me"

"Well my one true love broke my heart... Is she jealous of Ukraine as well? Or does she just hate me?"

The pain in Russia's heart grew by saying this words but she did something to hurt him right? So why did he care so much?

"How could she sneak into your room to steal your scarf while you were helplessly asleep. She is a real bit-"

"Belarus" Russia interrupted her speech in a low tone. A purple aura forming around him.

"How could you possibly know all that information?" He questioned. Belarus's face turn pale white as she backed away.

"W-well,umm. I just guessed? Hehe... BROTHER YOUR SCARING ME!!"

"BELARUS! It was you wasn't it!! You, you made me hurt ______!"

"Brother that's where your wrong. You did that all on your own will. I didn't tell you to do anything to hurt her."

Ivan stood still, remembering your face. Full of blood and tears. She had begged him to trust her but he ignored her. He started crying, he had hurt his poor sunflower. Belarus had taken this chance to run away into a safe zone from her brother. Ivan sprinted outside of the house into the cold windy snow to find you had gone. 'Noooo' screamed into his mind as he followed the foot prints you had engraved into the snow.

"Wait!! Is that b-b-b. BLOOD! Oh no!!" he had broken his delicate little sunflower.

As he came closer to the gates, Ivan noticed the skid marks near the end of his driveway. Only one person could drive like that with out crashing. He spun on his heel and sprinted back toward his house. Snow hitting his face as the winds blew against him but his pace only quickened. He ran threw the garage and jumped into the fasted car he had.

"BIG BROTHER!! Where are you going!!! Are you leaving me?!"

"Da, I never want be near you ever again" With that he sped of. The voice of the inbuilt computer in the car spoke to him.

"Where would you like to go Mr. Braginski?"

Here is the second one!!

Sorry I couldn't spell Ivan last name hehe

Chapter 1 - [link]

Chapter 3 - [link]

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You were at Ivans house and it was a cold winters day in Russia. Your best friend Ivan was the personification of Russia while you represented a country far in the tropics. Although you two seemed like total opposites, it was impossible to separate you from the day you first met. Russia had taken you under his wing soon as he saw you, despite being a tropical country. He loved you dearly and would never do anything to hurt you or make you cry. Well that's what you thought until today...

You were in the garden, the cold wind blew around the green house Ivan had got you. It was filled with sunflowers which you had planted for Ivan, knowing it was his favorite flower. You bent down and placed the new seeds into the slots in the dirt. You covered them in soil and watered the seeds, followed by the saplings and other flowers. Although outside was freezing cold and snowing heavily, inside was just like your original home. Hot and muggy. You brushed the dirt off your hands and legs then stared at your work. You smiled out how bright the room was and how Ivan would love it. You have secretly loved Ivan for a long time but couldn't bring yourself around to telling him, thinking it would ruin your already great friendship.

You stared to put on your long grey jacket but froze, 'Is that screaming inside?'. As curiosity toke control, you stumbled through the strong winds and to the back door of Ivans giant house. As you got closer to the house, the muffled shouting and things breaking got louder and clearer. Tucking your (h/l) (h/c) hair behind your ear, you snuck inside the traditional styled house. You creeped closer to the direction of the noise and seeing an very angry Ivan shouting into... thin air? No, as you came a bit closer you saw broken vases and picture frames cover the wooden floor with Belarus stuck in the corner. Ivan hadn't herd you enter the room while he was occupied at yelling at his sister. But although much to your disliking Belarus refused to pass that knowledge and smiled at you evilly. What was see going to do!

"I didn't do it big brother. That selfish girl did"

Belarus pointed towards you with innocent eyes. Ivan turned around sharply, his purple eyes piercing into your delicate (e/c) ones. He was obviously enraged and you thought what had Belarus had gotten you into. By seeing your he only seemed to get angrier, "How could you _______! You know this is your favorite scarf and it means a lot to me!"

He stormed towards you fists so tightly clenched you could swear they were going to burst. You started to step back as he came closer, trying to find your voice but you were so scared that you could only studder.

 "I-Ivan... I-I don't k-know what your t-talking about-"

"DON'T MUCK AROUND WITH ME ______! Why did you destroy my scarf! WHY!"
He quickly whipped out the torn, dirty scarf out so you could see. The same scarf he had worn since you could remember. Tears pooled in your eyes and escaped, running down the frame of your face like a small stream.

"Ivan, I would never do that to you. Please believe me."

He looked down on you, face full of pain and anger.

"_____, I know you did this but I don't know why. Why? Why did you do it?"


You step forward to try and hug him but all he does in return is pushes you over. As you impacted harshly with the floor, a shard of glass cuts you right above your left eye. The warm blood trickles down your hot, wet face. Mixing with the tears that had clung to your bright red cheeks.

"Brother, why don't you chuck thus stupid girl out of the house so we can finally be alone in peace"

Ivan nodded to his sister who smirked and evil grin at you as he kissed her fore head tenderly. He than looked at you with a discussed look on his face. Eyes filled with anger, sadness and disappointment. At that point your faced must of palled ten times whiter than a ghost.

Without braking a sweat he roughly picked you up and threw you over his shoulder roughly landing on his hard shoulder. Leaving numerous bruises for sure on your ribs. You begged to him, tears still running down you face carrying the blood with it and landing on the floor.

"Believe me Ivan! Why would I do something like that to you!"

"I don't know, I was hoping you could tell me. You cold, heartless girl"

And with that he kicked open the front door almost braking it to bits and chucked you out into the ice cold snow.

Belarus walked over to you and punched you right in the face and picked your head up using your hair so she was able to whisper into your ear.

"Don't even try to tell Ivan that I did it. Otherwise I will kill you myself"

"How could you hurt Ivan like that!" you spat back at her

She just smiled and walked to Ivan kissing him on the lips. Your heart broke as he kissed her back and wrapped his arms around her waist.

"_____. If you really loved me then you should of been more like Belarus, maybe then I could of loved you"

With that he turned around still holding Belarus and walked inside slamming the door, leaving you outside in the cold wind.
Ok so this will be a little series that I'll be making so I hope you enjoy

I only own the story and I don't know who own you.... YET

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Chapter 2 - [link]
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Alfred looks at you as he runs his hand through your hair. "I know it sounds scary... but it's not as hard as it seems to be.. And if you really want to go on through the first semester of school you can..."

"I want to at least accomplish that..." You look at him and look down. "But what if i fail this child and they grow to hate me.....?"

He shakes his head lightly and lifts up your chin. "If you show this child enough love there is not a thought in my mind that it could ever grow to hate you.."

"....I guess..." You nod slowly.

"And I'll be there every step, second and breath we take, as a family, a lover, and a father..." Alfred looks into your eyes as he softly kisses you.

You kiss him back. "As long as you are with me... I don't think I will have a worry in the sky...."

Afterwards the months went by fast before you both knew it, it was March 20th. You and Alfred were at the hospital for your baby girl was about to be born. That day after hours and hours of labor your child _______ was born. As you hold her in your arms you look up at Alfred smiling lightly.

"She's adorable... You did a good job." He smiles at you.

You giggle slightly. "Do you want to hold her?"

"Sure." He nods as you slowly give the baby to him as he cradles her.

You yawn slightly from being so tired but keep your glance at them. "This is the beginning of our little family..." You giggle.

"It is.." Alfred nods and chuckles.

"I'm excited but still a little scared.." You shrug. "But I know I'll be able to make it through anything as long as you both are with me..."

He smiles. "You don't need to be afraid because I will stay by your side." He continues to hold the new born baby. "But I think you should get some rest..."

"I'm..." You yawn. "Fine..."

"You just yawned.." Alfred grins as he pats your head. "The baby will be fine, at least get a nap in.."

"Alright... Just a small nap..." You begin to close your eyes.

Your idea of a small nap turned into a long sleep over night, after you wake up the next day and are discharged from the hospital with your new child the fun began. Waking up at night with Alfred to take care of the baby and all the fun new parenting things started. But you didn't care as long as Alfred was with you.
i am totally having writers block but i finally got to this.
now i'm not so sure if i should continue this... simply because if i do it will become a sad tragic ending.. QwQ
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Collection by
Yoshida Yuuzan x reader: Trustworthy 4

I don't own anything but the plot. Comments and reviews please!

[This is how I imagine Mit-Chan to act. Sorry if you feel he's ooc]


 For the past two weeks you've been avoiding Yuuzan and taking care of the baby all on your own. More often than not, the baby cried and it cried all night long. "Yoshida-San and [L/n]-san are not getting along?" Sensei asked, his tone was knowing. You nodded, a bit bewildered by how he knew.

"Children are more likely to cry if the relationship between the parents is strained." Sensei told you. You sighed and explained the whole situation ,hoping he'd understand and switch your partner.

"You see he's an asshole and his friends! Ugh, I just..." You finished, rocking the baby in your arms, as it had started crying again.

"Well I say that you try and talk to him and find about his trauma."


"If you fail this class you'll have to retake it, consequently off putting getting your degree." You thought about it. Did you really want to delay your future? No, that's not a possible option, you needed to graduate as soon as possible. You had to be there to take care of her because your mother was rapidly losing her health.

"Okay, I'll talk to him Teshima-sensei."you resolved, although you were not looking forward to that conversation. With a sigh, you left the class and headed straight for the cafeteria. How were you supposed to hold a decent conversation with Yuuzan when you didn't want to be anywhere near him? While you were walking you hit something, someone's hard chest rather, that knocked you a few feet back.

"Ah, I'm sorry." you patted your neck sheepishly,"Next time I—Misawa-San?!" a look of bewilderment stumbled across your face. You had never seen him here before. Did he go here?

"Hello [L/n]-San how are you?" his voice was kind and soothing unlike that asshole Yuuzan's voice.

"I'm fine but do you attend this college? I've never seen you here before."

"Ah no, I, um, actually came here to see if you and Yuuzan were okay, since you have a project with him and all."  for some odd reason his cheeks were bright red and his voice was stuttered but you decided not to call him out on it.

"We're not okay. I've been going out of my way to avoid him and I haven't seen him in class at all and this baby has been driving me up the wall for the past two weeks. I swear all it does is cry and cry an—I'm sorry Misawa-San. I'm just so stressed right now." you buried your red face in your hands and took a deep breath. Immediately, you heard this deep resonating laughter.

"Are you laughing at my predicament?! You asshole!" you growled. Here you thought he was the cool and calm one. The one that was nothing like Yuuzan and that perverted bastard.

"Relax, it's just that the thing you did just now was adorable." He wiped the tears from his eyes and smiled at you. You blushed and softly uttered an apology to him.

"It's fine!" He patted your head gently,"How about we have lunch together and you can vent to me?" Your body felt warm all over and your stomach felt like it had butterflies floating around inside of it. Misawa was such a nice guy.

"Y-yeah sounds great." You smiled and followed him as he lead you off campus and to this radical sandwich shop.

"Woah! This place was this close to the campus? I never knew!" You exclaimed as you inhaled the scent of toasted bread and other delicious smells.

"Lunch is on me. C'mon let's find somewhere to sit." The two of you quickly took a window seat and very promptly a waitress came over to take your order. You ordered something small and light, as you haven't had anything of an appetite lately.

"Is that all you're going to eat? I'm paying so you should at least get something to fill your stomach." His voice was laced with concerned as the food was finally served.

"Believe me, this will fill me up. I haven't had much of an appetite lately." You frowned and ate a few fries. They were delicious!

"Stress?" You nodded, "Well talk to me."

"Lately there have been things going on with my older sister. A few years ago she disappeared off the face of the earth and left her daughter in my mother's care." You stopped to take a few bites of your sandwich, "Naturally, my mother went to court and received custody over her, but now my sister is back and she wants the custody of her daughter back."

"So, how are you involved?" He asked sipping his cola, "I hope that didn't come off as rude. If so, I'm sorry."

You gave him a reassuring smile," I understand what you were asking. I too have custody of the child since my mother is well in her years and cannot do things like she used to. So, I too am fighting against my sister. But, its been two months and we aren't any closer to winning this case." You sighed heavily, feeling a bit better after getting everything off your chest.

"Is this why you're taking on child psychology as your major?"  Misawa asked. 

"Ah nope! Actually, I'm taking it because I want to be able to help children with adult leveled mental illnesses and behavioral problems!" your voice was so full of passion that Misawa found himself wanting to know more and more.

"Adult leveled mental illnesses?" 

"Yeah, illness' children don't usually get such as: dissociative identity disorder, major depression, Schizophrenia. Y'know things like that." you found yourself feeling warmer and warmer each time you opened your mouth and said something to Misawa. 

"Wow you're amazing." Misawa smiled fondly at you. You blushed extra harshly and stood up in your seat.

"I've got to get back to campus now, lunch break is over but thank you so much for this!" 

"N-No problem." the two of you locked eyes, wondering who was going to be the one to ask the question. The question that both of you wanted nothing more to answer.

"Uh. Um. Misawa-kun can I have your email and phone address?" you asked softly. He nodded and asked for your phone. You gave it to him and watched as his slender yet long fingers typed their information.

"I hope we can do this again sometime [L/n]-chan." you nodded, exited the shop, and headed back to campus.

"Yeah, I hope I can see you again Misawa-kun." you looked down at baby harness you had crossed around your chest.

For the first time in weeks, the baby was fast asleep 



Fan fiction Tumblr link: www.Fanfiction-reader-inserts.…
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Tokyo Ghoul x haikyuu!!…

Okay!! Lee me explain everything. I was going to start back writing this week but the county lost the technology to grade our finals so now we have to take a whole 'nother set of finals which means I have to study again!! I'm so sorry babies. I am trying my best for each and everyone of you. I love you guys so much please don't be mad at me. Pleas leave comments!! Wish me luck!!
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Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity, sexual themes, violence/gore, strong language and ideologically sensitive material)


Every day was nearly the same monotonous routine for you. Carefully observing the sculptural man in front of you, you laid quiet and unmoving. Kuro Honda, your caretaker and personal zoologist researcher assigned to study your rarity, breed, etc, would arrive at 8am sharp, and drop off his necessities for the day in his laboratory office. The he would exit to feed and water the creatures he studied day in and day out, including you, only to return to his office once again to work until his other few coworkers arrived at 10am sharp. Not that you minded any of this. Not at all. He was, after all, perfect – even when he performed the same tasks at certain points in the day in nearly the exact same manner – perfection was what mattered to you at this time.

Perfection and strength.

Yes, he was perfect. From head to toe, he held the most desirable physical attributes you had ever laid eyes on.  Though you longed to return to your fellow Nagalinz*, you couldn't miss out on this opportunity set before you. You may have entered this confinement alone, and unwillingly, but you most certainly would do whatever you could to ensure you did NOT leave it in the same fashion. They had no idea what was coming.

Not even the man, whom your eyes set on to become the father of your future Nagaling's*, had an idea. Even for a human being, his scent reminded you much of the masculinity you longed for in a mate. Yet no matter how close the two of you had become, you were unable to speak to him. You were forced to stay in your subdued substitution state, which had your normally-visible half-human counterpart melted down so you held the appearance of a 19 foot Python snake, weighing in at nearly over 100 pounds. Your coloring was unique, as each female Nagalinz generally was from one another, with an emerald green for a base color, and wide spot blotches in (your favorite color) covering your entire torso.

But will father be pleased with whom I have chosen...? He is strong, intelligent, handsome, and many other wonderful things, but he is almost seemingly malicious, wild, and unpredictable. Your thoughts were interrupted by a hand reaching in to your cage-home to touch your middle-sectioned scaly form, a familiar voice reaching your ears:

“Ohaiyou gozaimasu*, my akachan ningyou*~”

You couldn't keep your body from shifting to coil into a perfect bundle, letting out a loud “purr” of approval as his hand stroked soothing motions from the top of your scales to underneath, where your most sensitive nerves rested along your belly. One of your (eye colored) eyes hazily lifted to meet the fiery, passionate cherry orbs of his. This man probably had little to no idea how similar the two of you both were, not to say you were nearly as dark or merciless as he, but in terms of a fighting spirit and longing, or rather a yearning, for something more. As well as an obsession with snakes, though perhaps for different reasons.

My father DID tell me that a mate with a fierce personality would be necessary in order to effectively protect the Nagaling's* from the encroaching danger in our era, and I'm confident he would produce healthy Nagalings within me...and then help fight the opposing Nagalinz on the other side of the mountains. I feel he is one who wouldn't fear death... However, with our dwindling number of male Naga's, that was why I was forced to start hunting for my own mate. Hence why, when I was captured, I put up little to no fight at the sight of this man. Though my coloring surely had to be what made them go to great lengths to knock me “out” so to speak.

But to what end could you HOPE to get this man to understand and join your clan? You needed to become more persuasive than simply stating: 'Well, I think you are all these [things] but would you mind sacrificing everything in this life of yours for one with my own?'

You let out a snort, blowing some dried leaves into the air before they landed in front of you across the scattered landscape you currently were bedded on. Their intent was to give your cage a more “home-like” feel, but it was only half successful in your opinion. Partly because you were from the deep, and still hidden, jungles of Northern China*.

Again you were startled out of your thoughts by that feisty masculine voice heard only seconds ago, “You know, instead of being all huffy about it, why don't you get your lazy-ass over here and up on my shoulders? I haven't got all day, akachan.”

The scales around your neck flared out a touch, mildly offended by his choice of words before “akachan,” as he did tend to speak in such a immoralizing manner 3/4 the time. Your reaction only made him chuckle, and he extended an arm out with a smirk, waiting while you forced yourself to cool down and slither up his arm then over his shoulders. Once comfortable, the rest of your body wrapped itself gently around Kuro's form.

That was the other thing that made you attracted and obsessively drawn to Kuro Honda. He held inhuman strength that was paralleled by no other, being able to carry you with relative ease, confident in his strides as he walked and the decisions he made. He was unique. A masterpiece....special.

Yes, there indeed was something undeniably extraordinary about this man. Maybe it was due to your naturally selfish Naga behavior, but you couldn't help but want this creature ALL to yourself, and no one else. You wanted him to somehow become as captivated by you as you were by him, maybe even to the point of love. Though from your viewpoint, it truly WAS love at first sight. And whether Kuro admits it or not, you knew there was a sort of connection he felt with you, a supposed “animal,” than he did with his own unworthy kind. You hoped you could help bring an end to his irrefutable contact with his own race by assimilating him into your own.

It wasn't exactly uncommon for a fair maiden, or even on rare occasions: a handsome man, to be “whisked away,” or in human terms: kidnapped, without a trace. However, the reality in most cases was that a Naga had caught them and brought them before leading males in their clan, and if they deemed them suitable, would turn them, nearly 100% of the time, into a fellow Naga. But Naga leaders were choosy, and did not turn just anyone. If not deemed suitable enough, they were eaten.

Only males held this transformation poison ability, females just generally had the ability to hypnotize any victims that were not of Naga essence, or at least temporarily poison their victim with this hypnotic effect. Regardless, even if the turned-Naga had once been human, that did not matter – the special ability they previously had to hypnotize their victim originally would become obselete after the transformation was complete. The fact was, it wasn't really necessary: the Nagalinz males were the supremer in your world as well as for the other female Nagalinz.

Besides: what's the worst that could happen being married to Kuro Honda?

“Akachan, if I were you, I wouldn't be squeezing like that around my waist. You remember what happened the last time you started making me uncomfortable. You were bed ridden for weeks.” He held a laugh in his tone.

You cringed inwardly, immediately loosening up your body around him a bit. It had been out of the possibility and excitement of finally having this man as your potential mate all to yourself one day soon that you had tightened around his mid torso. The day Kuro was referring to had been one he had needed a small sample of your blood, but you, not appreciating the feel of the rubber gloves he had on rubbing against your scales, had hissed as a warning to him. To your utter horror, he had reacted in anger and then relished pinning your body down in various violent ways, before, much to your dismay, torturing you. Going so far as to cut into you with a scalpel and knife, laughing maliciously as he inflicted harm upon your screeching scaled body. So why DID you still choose this man to give your heart to secretly...?

Because of how he treated you afterwards following the incident.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Flashback to 2 months Ago ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“If you had listened to me as I told you to, this wouldn't have ever happened.”

Kuro was stroking your scales bare handed now, a knowing-smile upon his lips. You could still remember the way his scalpel had sliced into your thick, scaled hide, making you cry out in pain, the blood dripping from the opening's and your trembling as he continued to twist your body in ways you were never meant to bend.

You flinched as he tenderly pressed the lightbulb closer to your form in the cage to help keep you warm, though many bandages now covered your body and blocked the aid of pretend-sunlight in part, you still felt comforted by the heat.

“You know, for a python, you sure have an odd, unpredictable temper. If I didn't know any better, I'd say I have a soft spot for your kind in particular now.” He chuckled and then bent his head down to whisper, “But let it be known from this day forward: who the boss is between you and I. No matter what happens or how long your species lives, you WILL know your place. Quite a 'man,' aren'tcha?”

You grimaced as his hands checked down mid-south on you, making you writhe slightly as he unknowingly pressed in on your tender ovaries and the closed opening to your vagina. “Hm? What's this?” He continued to press on the soft scales, then grinned darkly at you when something suddenly sparked in his brain. “Oooh, you're not a fucker. You're a BITCH, aren't ya, akachan?”

What happened next came as a complete shock as you felt his right hand turn this part of your body to the side, and then his left forefinger press insistently against your newly discovered virginal opening. You let out a shrill hiss of complaint and nervousness, never having been touched so intimately before, and he paused for a moment, simply watching your reaction as he caressed the location, prodding only on the outside, thank goodness. “Hai...from how swollen you are, I believe you are in heat, too. Unfortunately, researchers have not found a male of your kind yet, nor one in general, so I just will have to ask you to be patient and hold out a little longer, ne?” He carefully placed your body back as it should be, his right hand resuming its stroking of the length of your body.

If you had been in your normal form, he would surely have seen your blush creep onto your face, but being that scales were blocking that now, you didn't have to worry.

For the next 4 weeks, he kept careful watch upon you and even stayed the night a few times. Accidentally sleeping with the cage door open a couple of times without you moving a fraction of an inch to harm him in any way. Because of this, you were granted permission to spend time with him outside of your captivity. Of course, usually without the other researchers about, considering his fascination with you was unmatched with his colleagues, he was given sole responsibility to study you. All which he took great pleasure in, just as much as you.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ End Flashback ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

That had been the start of, as cliché as it sounds, 'something new' between you both. It was the first time he realized you were in fact female, and since that day he had started a new tradition of calling you “akachan” or “akachan ningyou.” This and his much kinder nature towards you all helped you look at him in a new light, and you easily forgave his rough-handed handling with you before. Nagalinz generally stay in heat for a few months, and nearly beg their lovers to mate every single night. Oh how your core burned at times for his touch, but you knew you could not reveal your secret to him...not yet. Now was not the time. And if anyone ever tried to take him away from you, or you him...well, you would have to make sure that wouldn't happen.

Sometimes if Kuro fell asleep with you around his shoulders in his office, you turned part human quietly in order to shift through his work. From what you could see, their symbols were quite similar to the one's that your grandfather had forced you to study in order to fully communicate with a potential human mate one day, and thankfully it served you well. After shifting through his work for a short while, you quickly subdued your original form once more and curled gently around him for warmth, careful to not squeeze him as you fell asleep that night.

From everything you had discovered, he was to hold you for research purposes at least 1 year, and depending on his progress, he would be allowed to keep you a year further. It had only been a handful of months, nearly halfway there, so you had more than enough time.

More than enough to place out the groundwork of your perfect plan.

Or, so you had led yourself to believe.

********~END OF PROLOGUE~********

TITLE: Dark!2p!Japan*Naga!Reader: A Zoologist's Regret -- PROLOGUE

This is my original plot idea (as they all are). I BETTER not see anyone stealing my ideas ANYWHERE or so help me... :iconfirejapanplz:

A-HEM! So anyways, here we are again. I have another story that I've kept in backup for a VERY long time! I'd like to see what others think of it thus far. However, I think it is my BEST STORY to date! Literally. You have no idea how much I have planned for this story. Lol (Rather like my Dark-Loving!Vampire!Japan*Reader story :meow: :evillaugh:). What is considered normal is going to reach above and beyond...and potentially get VERY screwy.^^; Perhaps disturbingly so to some viewers, perhaps.

Anywho, let's see how this goes! I look forward to sharing more of my crazy and wild ideas with you all! I really love where I've taken all my stories. Hopefully they will continue to brighten some people's interest, no matter how much time has passed! (Which reminds me, I have to update my Archive of Our Own page...phooey. XD I'm so lazy sometimes. Lol)

Abbreviations to know::
  • Nagalinz = *A/N: I made this name up for Naga's in general. I just like the way it sounds – gives it a more “professional” feel instead of just “Naga” which will be the abbreviated form of it :meow:

  • Ohaiyou gozaimasu = good morning (formal; Japanese)

  • akachan ningyou = baby doll (Japanese)

  • *A/N:…

  • akachan = baby (Japanese)

Plot (c) :iconmeplz:
Japan/Kuro Honda, ANY and ALL Hetalia(n) affiliates--> (c) Hidekaz Himaruya

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Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: strong language)
You didn't even look up from your paperwork when you heard the door open. Your boss, Mr. Cappozoli, walked into your desk room. He simply waited for you to finish up the last note, his hands placed professionally behind his back. When you continued on with the rest of your work, he cleared his throat. This caused you to look up at him with your (e/c) eyes.

"Ms. (Last Name), I must talk to you about your most recent dig." He did not sit, clearly upset with you.

You simply looked back down to your paperwork. You had a slight blush on your face. You had found some dirt on an infamous mafia group recently, but it was a bust. All of your co-workers laughed at you for it. You hardly cared, but it was still embarrassing to think about. You knew that the mafia was up to something, but they were experts at covering their tracks.

"I think the problem is that you always go off alone. You go into dangerous areas and I don't like it. Every week you face a threat, alone. You are the only journalist without a partner. I can't let you keep doing this." The boss sighed in slight frustration at the thought.

You immediately jumped from your seat, glaring at him. "I'm fine on my own! I don't need a partner!"

"I'm sorry, but I can barely sleep when my best digger is going off to get killed! (Name), you're getting a partner and I don't want to hear another word on the subject!"

"But, Sir-"

"I mean it!"

"Yes, Boss." You grumbled, collapsing in your seat.

Mr. Cappozoli sighed once more. "I'll introduce you to your partner in a little while." And with that, he left the room.

You growled and threw a pencil at the wall. "Whoever my partner is, he better stay the hell out of my way. Last thing I need is some bastard weighing me down." You started to organize your desk to keep yourself busy. It worked perfectly. Before you knew it, your boss called you. Still angry, you walked out of the room, heading into the main office where all of the workers ran around frantically.

"Ah! (Name)!" Mr. Cappozoli called out, not even noticing your mood.

You made your way over, passing all of the disorganized cubicles. You finally reached the door to his office, entering it and closing the door. You turned to look at your boss, jumping slightly when you noticed a man there.

He had dark brown, luscious hair. It was neatly styled and it curled slightly. He had deep, chocolate brown eyes. What was strange about him was how he dressed. He looked like he came out of a black and white movie from the 40s. His shirt was tinted slightly, giving it an antique look. He had khaki pants, topped with suspenders. His shoes were the only thing that looked normal. A simple black, practical style. The one thing that stood out the most was his pink mustache. It was curled in an old fashioned way, making it stand out more.

"This is your new partner! I'll leave you two alone to get to know each other!" Your boss exclaimed cheerfully, leaving his office and shutting the door.

You just stared at the man for a few moments, before clearing your throat and walking up to him. You held out your hand politely. "Hello. My name is (Name) (Last Name)."

Instead of a handshake, the man took your hand daintily and brought it up to his lips. He brushed his lips against it, his eyes never leaving yours. "Good evening, Madam. My name is Wilford Warfstache. It is a pleasure to be your partner." He introduced himself in a very interesting voice.

You immediately pulled your hand away, not enjoying the display of affection, even if it was polite. "Well, its certainly not a pleasure to be yours!" Your anger returned and you took it out on the strange man.

He seemed to be taken back by this, his jaw dropping in shock. He grew angrily as well, taking a step forward. "Excuse me?! I'll have you know that I am Wilforred Warfstache! I am a highly respected journalist! I was a Senior Reporter on my last network!" 

You rolled your eyes. It seems that he had a big ego. "You're gonna have to earn that respect from me, because you don't seem like you would be smart enough to be a Senior Reporter!" You snapped, glaring daggers into him.

He exploded at this. "WARFSTACHE DON'T TAKE SHIT FROM NOBODY!" He screamed out, his hair loosening from the perfect style.

You pressed a finger against his chest in a defiant manner. "WELL, YOU'RE TAKING SHIT NOW! SMELLS BAD DOESN'T IT! JUST AS BAD AS THAT GEL YOU DROWN YOUR HAIR WITH!" You leaned in, both of you pressing foreheads together to intimidate the other. It was a childish, immature thing to do; but both of you were acting childish and immature.

Suddenly, the sound of a door opening was heard. You and Wilford pulled away, immediately shaking hands with happy smiles. "I look forward to working with you, Mr. Warfstache." You stated respectfully.

"Please, call me Wilford." He replied politely, holding a professional demeanor.

Mr. Cappozoli poked his head in. "Glad to see you two getting along, and at just the right time! We have a case for you two to take! It seems that new evidence has been found about the mafia. (Name), since it was your original case, you get to do it. Just bring Mr. Warfstache up to date on the case. The files are on your desk. I'll see you two later!" He closed the door, walking away.

You yanked your hand away, wiping it off on your shirt to insult him. "Don't touch me, you dandy." You used an old fashioned insult, assuming he would be offended. Your assumptions were right.

"D-Dandy?! I'll have you know that Wilford Warfstache is the manliest man around!" Wilford pointed to the ceiling, his chest puffing up with pride.

"I doubt it. You're too much of a pussy to be a man." You spatted out a vulgar statement, smirking when it seemed to work.

"At least my pussy isn't getting fucked every night!" He shoved you slightly, but it did not falter your stance.

You smirked again, this time it was more devious. "So, you admit you have one, right?" You turned away and walked out of the office.

Wilfred glared at your back, but when you left, it was replaced with a confident smile. "She'll be a challenge, but Warfstache loves a challenge." He followed after you, shutting the door on his way out.
I have been wanting to do this for awhile, but was having serious writer's block. Then, I found inspiration from :iconcartoonfankatiem: Thank you! I hope I got Wilfred's character down!

Chapter 2: Coming Soon...
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    It just had to happen today.

    A craving for [favorite candy].

    The day people like [Name] hide away at home to keep from getting trampled to death by everyone in Walmart.

    Black Friday.

    It started out as a simple trip across the street from [Name]'s apartment to the internationally known store, but quickly turned into [Name] being washed away in a wave of insane people.

    There were people everywhere.


    And it wasn't just the fact that they were triggering a sense of claustrophobia, but they were, as she feared, trampling her like she wasn't even there. She pitied the crazy moms that brought their little kids in here on this evil day.

    Some time within the duration of the ten minutes she had been in the store, she ended up on the floor with people stepping and tripping over her. Some greedy people would nag at her for being in such a place and getting in their way.

    Making an attempt to memorize the store from the many times she had been in here, [Name] came to the conclusion that her precious candies would be two isles down from where she currently was laying.

    She began crawling in that direction; slipping and sliding around from wet floors where people had come in from the outdoors with snow on their feet. She was basically making messy mud angels on the floor when she felt a tugging on the back of her shirt. The tug ended up tearing her shirt and ripping off the fabric from where it had once covered her lower back.

    Not that anyone would notice anyway, seeing how anyone hardly noticed her presence unless they fell over the poor girl.

    The hand reached out to her a second time, this time wrapping itself around her waist and hoisting her up from under her arms.

    She came face-to-face with a purple-haired giant with a sucker sticking out of his mouth.

    The man towered over everyone else in the store by at least a foot and a half, [Name] noted, but she paid no mind to that seeing how this man just saved her life.

    "H-Hello," she said quietly, quite intimidated by his tall stature.

    He stared at her for a few moments, scanning her up and down before coming to an official conclusion, removing his sucker to speak, "Short," he paused, "Very short."

    He nodded to himself as he placed the girl upon his shoulders, resting his hands on her knees in case she let go and fell back into the mass of people to never be seen again.

    "You looked like you were crawling toward the candy section, hmm?" he mentioned as he pushed people aside with no problem. He stopped in front of the isle she had been hoping to reach the whole time she was here.

    "Is this it?" he spoke again, looking up at the girl as he placed his sucker in his mouth as soon as his words were gone.

    "Y-Yeah, I was really hoping to get some [favorite candy]. . ." she sighed. The man nodded and pushed people aside rudely, having no consideration for other people in the isle that were also trying to reach the candy on the top shelf. [Name] now realized how lucky she was to have met this stranger. Even if she had made it to this isle, she never would have been able to reach anything on the top shelf.

    The candy was at head level for the giant and he waited patiently for her to grab her candy. Reaching out, she grabbed the delicious treat and the man turned around to retract his steps back down the isle.

    "What's your name?" he asked as they reached the end of the isle.

    "[Name] [Last name]," she answered.

    "Atsushi Murasakibara."

    "Your last name is really long," she started. She thought about how if his name was turned vertically and put into bubble letters, it would probably be the same height as him.

    "It suits you."

    He nodded in response as they came to the self check-out line since the other lines were lined up with people that seemed to travel back miles from the beginning of the line.

    Atsushi laid out all of the junk food he planned to buy on one side of the check-out. He stared at the screen for a second, wondering which button he should push first.

    She could tell by the look on his face, if she didn't interfere quickly, they could be here for hours.

    "I-I can do it," [Name] offered. Atsushi looked up at her and scanned her face for a moment, then shrugged. He carefully brought the girl off of his shoulders and set her down on the ground for her to finish the job.


    Atsushi had to contain a laugh as he walked out of the store with [Name] at his side.

    Her face had turned a deep red from the frustration of dealing with the self check-out line.


    "Unknown item in bagging area."

    "I haven't even put anything in the bagging area. . ."

    "Please place item in the bagging area."

    "You didn't even let me scan the item. . ."

    "Scan success!"

    ". . ."

    "Unknown item scanned."


    Finally, she had gotten everything scanned while Atsushi stood back and watched the girl, clearly amused as she struggled with the useless machine.

    She was clearly embarrassed from having such a bad Black Friday and humiliating herself in front of her savior.

    She looked away from him, but from his height, it really didn't matter since he could still see the other side of her head anyway. He could just barely see her glossy eyes.

    He stopped in his tracks which, after taking a few more steps, stopped her as well.

    "What's wrong, Murasakibara-san?"

    He fished around in the small bag of junk food he had offered to carry for her.

    Finally, he pulled out her beloved snack and swung it around in her face, as if teasing her.

    She went to grab it, but Atsushi made his way past her and into a larger vehicle a couple cars down. He got in the driver's seat and closed the door behind him. She stared at him through the passenger side window she had cleared with her sleeve. The cold air made her cheeks red and her breath visible as she breathed through her mouth. The air was too cold to inhale through her nose.

    He stared at her expectantly and, finally getting the hint, she opened the door and sat in the passenger seat.

    They sat in the warming-up car for fifteen minutes, sharing snacks and eating in silence.

    "Thank you," she blurted, taking another chip from his bag that he didn't pull away from her.


    "Thank you for saving me in the store earlier. I'd still be on the floor if you hadn't come along when you did. And I'd probably be in worse shape than I am now," she smiled at him, gesturing to her ripped shirt that he had been the cause of.

    "Mm. I guess I wasn't really thinking when I picked you up from behind," he shrugged. He had to slouch down a bit so his head didn't hit the top of the car so harshly, even though it did anyway.

    "That's alright."

    A comfortable silence fell over the both of them.

    Atsushi got out of the car and [Name] could no longer see the top of his head. He unzipped his work-out jacket and handed it to the girl to cover up. Not that it really mattered since they weren't in public anymore, though.

    It's the thought that counts.

    It was still warm from when he had been wearing it.

    She smiled at him and thanked him and he offered to drive her home.

    "Actually, I live just across the street so—"

    He nodded and pulled out of the parking space to drive her home.


    When she got home, she waved goodbye to Atsushi as he pulled out of her driveway. She entered the house and only when she entered her bedroom did she realize that she had forgotten to give Atsushi his jacket back.

    She removed it from her body, stripping his warmth away from her. When she pulled her arms out of the sleeves and went to hang it up, there was a suspicious sound made from the hood.

    She pulled the hood back so she could see the inside of it and found a post-it note with a sucker inside.

    Call me anytime XXX-XXXX

    He was definitely the cutest giant [Name] had ever seen.
I felt this was necessary after going to <nobr>Walmart</nobr> and <nobr>struggling</nobr> miserably with the self check-out line.
I don't own Atsushi Murasakibara or Kuroko no Basket! Only the plot!
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Stripper!Levi x Rich!Reader: Madame Unoura 2

I don't own anything but the plot. Comments and reviews please!


 The news that Wall Rose had been bought spread like wildfires, but no one knew it was your grandad who bought it...along with its most prized possession.

"What the hell are you fucking idiots doing with my shit?" Levi was furious. When he had arrived home after his job, his little sister and the important  things in his small run down apartment had gone missing. The only thing that was left was a note with an address on it. He was enraged. Taking a taxi with what little money he had, he was dropped off in front of a large building composed of nothing but condominiums. 

"Are you Levi Ackermam?" a guy with a gruff voice asked him. Levi clenched his fist tightly. Who ever did this too him was going to have a very bad black eye tomorrow.

"What is it to you asshole." Levi growled. The man sighed, agitated at the younger boy's temperament. 

"Madam Unoura is waiting for you inside." Unoura? That name sounded extremely familiar. Didn't a girl with the last name Unoura attend his finance and business class, better yet wasn't there a really rich and famous person with the last name of Unoura.The gruffy guy lead him to a room where two young women was waiting for him.

"It's you!" he growled, making his way to you briskly. You just sat there and lifted a nimble finger to your face.

"Shh, you're going to scare Mikasa with all your yelling."  you warned. There was a smirk in your eyes but it was not present on your face. Suddenly a little girl, Mikasa, who didn't look anything older than three and was who you assumed to be Levi's little sister, ran out of the bathroom. A headband of flowers around her head.

"Big brother! You're here!' she cheered excitedly. Levi couldn't believe his eyes, Mikasa was running around happily in some stranger's house. Usually if someone even touched her, she'd cry a thousand tears. "[F/n] is super nice! She made me a crown of flowers!" Mikasa cheered, happily running up to her older brother and twirling around. Levi smiled at her and reached down to pat her head. She gave a toothy grin. 

"Mikasa will you please step outside and let big brother and [F/n] talk privately?" you could see the change in his aura immediately. He was gentle when dealing with his little sister, almost as if he was afraid to break her. 

"Oooooh big brother has a girlfriennnd!" Mikasa giggled running out of the room. Levi closed the door behind her and then faced you.

"Alright you shitty brat. Explain." once again his teeth were clenched together. You gave a wild smile and put on your business woman facade. Truth be told, you had been really drunk when you had called your grandad and told him to buy the strip club, now you had to live up to your choices.

"To put it quite simply your former employer has sold you and of course Wall Rose to my grandfather." you explained to him, holding out his new contract in front of his face.

"What you're saying is that a shitty brat like YOU owns ME?" he asked in disbelief. 

"Well of course I don't own you, at least not until you sign the contract. Of course, you don't have to sign it Mr.Ackerman." you reassured him.

"But know if you don't, you will find a surprise visit from the Division of family and children in the morning."



Fan fiction Tumblr link: www.Fanfiction-reader-inserts.…
Anime-Kpop Ask blog:
Tokyo Ghoul x haikyuu!!…

'Man, so much homework . . . . .'

(y/n) was a current student at Ouran Academy, her (h/l) (h/c) hair swished around slightly as she walked through the halls of the school, her (e/c) eyes  were looking down at the book she read as she proceeded to the location of the Host Club to spend some time there before going home. She was so concentrated on the book that she didn’t notice a certain pair of twins bickering and throwing random objects at eachother on the floor above her.

“Hey Hikaru! Heads up!” Kaoru shouted as he hurled a water balloon at him, Hikaru simply side-stepped and avoided being hit. They were just about to fight again until they heard the sound of a water balloon bursting and a shriek.


“Uh-oh,” both brothers said at the same time. They looked over the railing and gasped at what they were seeing.

“Uhhhh Kaoru, what exactly was in that water balloon.”

“A potion I got from Nekozawa-sempai, but he never told me what it was.”

“Well, looks like we have our answer.”

“Oh boy, this really isn’t good.”


“YOU GUYS PELTED A YOUNG LADY WITH A WATER BALLOON FILLED WITH A POTION THAT MAKES ONE BECOME A CHILD!!!?” Tamaki, the president of the Host Club, shouted at the twins. They had just announced that their reason for fighting was just because they were bored and that (y/n) had become a five-year-old thanks to the potion filled water balloon. When they brought her in, they were using her now too big dress to keep her body covered as one of them carried her, the other carried her things. Luckily Kyoya was able to get an emergency child’s uniform for her faster then you can say “what-the-heck-happened-here?” and she was now sitting quietly on the couch, in the white and pink elementary uniform, just staring at the boys. It seems like the potion also turned her mind back to when she was five-years-old, for she didn’t recognize anyone and was really quiet, examining everything like it was from a parallel world.

“Hey hey, we’re sorry boss, we didn’t mean for it to get this far,” the twins said. Tamaki face-palmed.

“And of all the girls you had to hit sweet (y/n).” (y/n) visited the Host Club as often as she could, mostly requesting the twins to host her. She had pretty much fallen in love with their devilish personality and even they began to take a liking to her over time, seeing that she wasn’t like other girls that they have hosted in the past.

“Well what are we going to do about this?” Kyoya asked while writing in his black notebook.

“Well, it seems like we’re gonna have to reach to Nekozawa-sempai for help,” Tamaki said.

“But he just went home, I saw him myself,” Honey said, making Usa-chan dance for (y/n) to keep her entertained.

“Oh very well, Kyoya, mind calling him for us?” Tamaki asked.

“On it,” Kyoya pulled his cellphone out and dialed.

“Hey, what are we gonna do about her parents? They’re sure to start worrying when they notice their daughter hasn’t called or come home,” Haruhi said.

“Well just explain things to them, I’m sure they’ll understand,” Hikaru suggested.

“Oh yeah, that’s a good idea,” Haruhi said sarcastically, “hello Mr. and Mrs. (l/n), I’m afraid an pair of idiotic brothers have turned your daughter into a five-year-old using black magic. Yeah, they’ll understand alright.”

“Nekozawa-sempai said the spell should wear off in the morning,” Kyoya said, closing his cellphone.

“Oh boy, and what are we supposed to do until then? And like Haruhi said, what about her parents?”

“Well, seeing that you two were the cause of the problem, it’ll be up to you guys to take care of this,” Tamaki said. Both twins were shocked.

“What!? Boss you can’t be serious!” As they twins and Tamaki argued, (y/n) looked up form the show Honey was giving her and over to the twins, she slipped down from the couch and walked over to them, catching their attention.

“Uh, hey (y/n), what’s wrong?” Kaoru asked. She lifted her arms up, showing that she wanted to be carried. Kaoru got the message and gathered her in his arms.

“Well, this is kinda awkward, I’m holding our frequent customer in my arms.” (y/n) snuggled into Kaoru’s chest, smiling and giggling softly.

“Awww, look at that Kao-chan, she likes you,” Honey said.

“Heh, guess she’s always liked me better, eh Hikaru?” Kaoru said, giving his brother a sly look. Hikaru glared.

“Hey! I’m sure she likes me just as much!” Hikaru held his arms out, “(y/n), don’t you wanna come with me?” (y/n) looked over to Hikaru, but the mad face he was showing was scaring her, and with a squeak she hid her face in Kaoru’s chest.

“Hey Hikaru, lighten up, you’re scaring her!” Karou said while cradling (y/n) in his arms, “hey hey, it’s ok, Hikaru is a good guy,” he cooed. Hikaru sighed and reached out and stroked (y/n)’s hair, “Hey, I’m sorry about that,” he said in a soft voice. (y/n) peaked out from Kaoru’s chest, the hand on her head felt so good, she wanted to be near the owner and finally held her arms out to Hikaru, who gladly took her in and continued to stroke her hair.

“Hika . . . ru . .” she said sleepily. He slightly flinched at the sound of her voice, it was so innocent and sweet, he smiled and held her closer.

“Heh, well aren’t you two chummy?” Kaoru said with a laugh.

“I hate to break up this ‘beautiful moment,’ but our guests will be coming shortly,” Kyoya said after checking his watch, “and we can’t tell them that this is (y/n) nor can we have a child around while we’re hosting.”
“Can’t you cancel for today?” Haruhi asked.

“I’d rather we not, unless you want to prolong your debt.”

“Heartless tax collector,” Haruhi said under her breath.

“What was that?”


“Well can’t we just put her to the side, she’s about to fall asleep and I’m sure she’ll sleep through the club hours,” Hikaru said. And just as he spoke, (y/n) fell into a deep slumber.

“Well, I guess we have no choice.” Takashi helped by moving a couch to the far end of the room where (y/n) will be able to sleep soundly, he positioned it in a way where no one will be able to see who was on the couch. After Hikaru placed (y/n) down on the couch, Honey draped his pink, bunny blanket over (y/n).

“This is my favorite blanket, it helps me to stay asleep, so I’m sure it’ll help (y/n)-chan too!”

The doors to the music room opened.

“And just in time too,” Kyoya said with a grin.


(y/n) slowly opened her eyes. All she saw was a wall. Sitting up, she rubbed the sleep from her eyes.

'Hikaru? . . . . . . . Kaoru? . . . . . Where? . . . .'

She looked over the couch and saw the twins along with everyone else as they were surrounded by girls.


She walked alongside the back of the room that way no on would see her, but that didn’t mean that a few eyes didn’t catch her movements.

“Uhh, Tamaki?”

“Yes my Princess?”

“Why is there a little girl at the back of the room.” Tamaki went as pale as the china on the table.

'Oh boy, this isn’t good!!'

(y/n) kept walking until she was right next to the couch the twins were sitting one. One of their guests noticed her first.

“Oh, Hikaru, Kaoru, what’s a little girl doing here?”

“Eh!?” both twins said. They looked and sure enough there was (y/n), looking up at both of them with her big, (e/c) eyes.

“Hikaru? Kaoru?” she said, and lifted her arms. The twins didn’t know what to do, that is until their guests started squealing from the cuteness.

“Awwwww!! Is she your relative or something? She’s so cute!!” they said.

“Um, well . . .” Hikaru didn’t know how to respond to that, but Kaoru decided to play along and picked (y/n) up, cuddling with her, “Yeah, sorry about this ladies, but our little cousin just couldn’t wait to come and see us, so her parents came over and dropped her off here, she was taking a nap, looks like the little princess has risen from her slumber.” While the guests were awing and buying the story, (y/n) looked at the table and saw a tasty looking piece of strawberry cake. Her stomach gave off a little growl saying that it wanted that cake. She reached out to try to grab the fork, but her short arms didn’t allow it. Hikaru was the first to notice her reaching out.

“Huh? You want some cake?” he asked. She looked up at him and nodded.

“Heh,” Hikaru cut a small piece with the fork and held it close to her mouth, “here.” (y/n) opened her mouth and took the cake, her eyes twinkling from the sweetness of the dessert. Hikarus and Kaoru’s guests squealed some more from the cuteness.

“So what’s her name?” one girl asked as Hikaru continued to feed (y/n) cake.

“Her name? Uhhhh......” Kaoru quickly spit out the first name that came to his mind, “Victoria?”

“Oh how lovely.” As Hikaru held out the fork for (y/n) to take another bite, she surprised him by taking the fork from him and holding it up towards Kaoru’s face, smearing the side of his lip with frosting.

“Here Kaoru, you have some. It’s really good,” she said. Kaoru looked at her blankly for a moment, but just smiled, thanked (y/n), and ate the cake. Hikaru saw the frosting on his brother’s face and saw this as an oppritunity. He leaned in close to Kaoru’s face.

“Oh Kaoru, your face is a mess, here,” he sticked his tongue out and lapped up some of the frosting, the guests almost fainted.

“H-Hikaru! That’s embarrassing!” Kaoru whined, playing along with Hikaru’s plan. Both brothers couldn’t foresee what happened next. (y/n) had examined Hikaru’s little move, so she straightened out to get a little taller, and as Kaoru looked down at her when he felt her move, she stuck out her own tongue a licked up the rest of the frosting that was left on Kaoru’s face. Everyone who saw went silent, (y/n) began to slightly panic, taking the silence as a bad thing.

“Um . . . . did I do something wrong?” she asked, tears brimming in her eyes. Both twins spoke up, “No no!! We were just surprised is all!!” They both held (y/n) as they whispered to her, assuring her that she didn’t do anything wrong. As they did, their guests were seriously on the brink of passing out from cuteness overload seeing the twins comforting the girl.


It was finally time for the guests to go home. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief, glad that everything went well. (y/n) was lying on the couch at the moment, taking a small nap while everyone else stood around it.

“I’m a bit surprised that no one noticed that it was really (y/n),” Haruhi stated.

“Hm, well that aside,” Kyoya said, closing his black book, “what are we gonna do about her parents? They’re probably expecting a call from her by now, since they know she visits us.”

“Wait. Call. I got it!” Kaoru rummaged through (y/n) school bag until he found what he was looking for: (y/n)’s cellphone.

“I’ll just text her parents telling them she went to a sleepover. Good thing it’s Friday,” he said as he began his idea.

“Really Kaoru? Do you really think that they’re gonna buy that?” Haruhi asked, not believing how naive Kaoru is being, “there’s no way that they’re-”

“They texted back, saying ‘have a good time’.”

“. . . . . . . I stand corrected . . .”

“Wow, didn’t expect that to be easy,” Kaoru said, putting (y/n)’s cellphone back into her bag.

“Well, it’s getting late,” Tamaki carefully picked up (y/n), not wanting to wake her, “I’ll take care of (y/n) until she gets back to normal.”

“Huh? Why do you get to take her?” the twins asked.

“I thought it was obvious, I’m much more responsible then you two will ever be in a thousand years.”

“Yeah right, I don’t think she’ll be comfortable with you boss, she obviously likes us the best.”

“As if I’m gonna leave this precious princess in the care of you shady twins!!”

(y/n) stirred in Tamaki’s arms until she opened her eyes. His shouting had woken her up

“Oops.” She looked up to see the only blonde boy holding her and not one of the twins. She looked around frantically for them, and when they were in her line of sight, she held her arms out towards them and let out a little whine, showing that she wasn’t comfortable with Tamaki. The twins smirked at this.

“Heh,” Kaoru gently took her from Tamaki’s arms, “looks like the princess will be spending the night with us after all.”


After pulling off a genius plan on getting (y/n) unnoticed by anyone at their home(seriously, i have no idea how they’d be able to pull it off XD), Hikaru and Kaoru settled into their room. They would usually sleep in the nude, but now that (y/n) was in their room, and as a child at that, they changed into comfortable sleepwear. They also managed to change (y/n) into a simple, white shirt they had, it acted as a nightgown on her small frame and was slightly dragged on the floor as she walked. The twins sat on their huge bed and stretched their limbs.

“Oh boy, what a day huh Kaoru?”

“Yeah, you said it Hikaru.” (y/n) was rolling around on the soft sheets, loving the smooth feeling of them. Her actions caused for the twins to giggle at her interesting behavior. She went under the covers and as stealthy as she could, crawled to where the twins were and popped out from under, “Boo!” she playfully shouted. The twins pretended to be scared.

“Hahaha! I scared you!” (y/n) said gleefully.

“Heh, you sure did,” Hikaru said, ruffling her hair. (y/n) looked up at the twins, the look on her face showed that there was something on her mind.

“(y/n)? Is there something wrong?” Kaoru asked.

“Um . . . . do you guys like me?” she asked with a tiny blush on her cheeks.

“Of course we do, right Hikaru?”

“Right,” Hikaru placed a hand on (y/n) head and stroked her hair, “you’re our favorite girl in the whole wide world

“So, when I grow up, can we get married?” The twins were taken aback by her question.

“Huh?” they said. (y/n) had a big smile on her face, “I love Hikaru and Kaoru! So we should get married! Please?” she gave them the biggest puppy dogs eyes she could manage. The twins looked at eachother, a small smile was present on their faces showing that they were thinking the same thing. They lowered their heads, a twin on either side of (y/n), and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

“Of course we can get married (y/n), we love you too,” they said in perfect
unison. (y/n) clapped her hands happily.

“Yay! That makes me very happy!” (y/n) let out a big yawn, “so . . . happy . . .” she wobbled a little until Kaoru took her int his arms and got comfortable in the bed along with his brother, (y/n) lied in the middle of the two.

“Hey Hikaru,” Kaoru said after (y/n) fell into a deep sleep.


“Do you think she’ll remember any of this when she wakes up?”

“Don’t know.”

“Well, there’s only one way to find out.”


'Hm? Oh it’s morning . . . .' (y/n) sat up and stretched her limbs, yawning deeply.

“Man, that was one weird dream I had,” she said to herself. But then felt like something was off. First of all, she wasn’t wearing her usual nightgown that she would wear to sleep, instead she was only in a white shirt that only covered her up to the top of her thighs and her underwear, second, the bed didn’t have the (f/c) blankets that she slept with, and third, the twins were at both sides of her, sleeping soundly.

'What!!? So it wasn’t a dream!!?'

Both twins stirred in their sleep before opening their eyes. They smiled and causally said, “Morning.” (y/n) blushed and hid under the sheets, knowing that she was overly exposed, and in front of the Hitachiin brother at that.

“H-how can you guys be so casual about this!?” she asked.

“Nekozawa-sempai said the effects of the potion will wear off the next day, so it’s really no surprise,” Kaoru explained.

“But aside from that, (y/n),” Hikaru began, inching closer to (y/n)’s covered form, “do you remember anything?” She was silent, not wanting to answer, for she DID remember, what they did and what she said to them. She replied with a muffled mutter.

“Oh? What was that?” Hikaru asked. She muttered again. The twins chuckled and pulled the covers off of her, causing for her to shriek.


“Now, mind answering us properly?” they asked.

“If you don’t,” Kaoru leaned in close to (y/n)’s face from the front.

“Then we’ll have no choice but to punish you,” Hikaru positioned himself behind (y/n), straddling her from behind so she couldn’t escape and placing his chin on her shoulder. (y/n)’s face was as red as a cherry. She was really trapped.

“Ugh . . . . . yes . . . .” Silence. Then, “So, did you mean it?” Kaoru asked.

“Mean what?”

“Do you really love us?” Hikaru repeated.

“Uhh . . . . yes . . . but I know that it’s wrong, since there’s two of you and all. but, you’re both so perfect . . . . I just can’t choose between the two of you,” (y/n) looked down in shame, that was until Kaoru lifted it with his hand, forcing her to look at him.

“Now now, why would you think that?” he inched closer to her face, “we’re brothers, we can share.” And without waiting for a response or anything, Kaoru placed his lips upon (y/n)’s face. She squeaked, completely surprised, but she then found herself kissing back. Hikaru began to place little butterfly kisses on the back of her neck. The moment Kaoru parted, Hikaru pulled her face back, now she was looking at the older brother.

“After all, having two lovers is better then one. Do you think?” Without waiting for an answer, he kissed (y/n) passionately. Kaoru was now planting soft kisses on (y/n)’s neck, making her blush even more fiercely. This would’ve continued if the dire need of oxygen wasn’t present to make everyone stop for a second and catch their breaths.

“So, what do you say (y/n)?” Hikaru said.

“Will you marry us?” Kaoru asked.

“B-b-b-but, this isn’t right in society.”

“Then we’ll make it right,” the twins said, cuddling close to (y/n).

“And besides, society is always changing every day,” Hikaru stated.

“So (y/n), we ask again.” The twins each took one of (y/n)’s hands, “Will you marry us?” they asked in unison.

“. . . . . . yes . . . .”
another request finally done! ugh, can't belive this took so long ><
so im not used to writing where the reader has two lovers, i did my very best!! hope you all enjoy
requested by larriss
if you enjoyed this and wish to make a request, use the link provided to go to my journal for more information:…
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As a librarian your job was to stack the book into the shelves of a ghost town room.
Not noticing a brittish boy staring gat you, you began to sing

"Do you hear the people sing?
Singing the song of angry men?
It is the music of the people
Who will not be slaves again!
When the beating of your heart
Echoes the beating of the drums
There is a life about to start
When tomorrow comes!"

The brittish men known as Arthur Kirkland stares at you in awe.
You were actually singing a popular brittish song!

"Will you join in our crusade?
Who will be strong and stand with me?
Beyond the barricade
Is there a world you long to see?

Then join in the fight
That will give you the right to be free!

Do you hear the people sing?
Singing the song of angry men?
It is the music of a people
Who will not be slaves again
When the beating of your heart
Echoes the beating of the drums
There is a life about to start
When tomorrow comes!"

"Hey yo Arthur I just wanted to sa--" his words were block off by a red face brittish boy 

"Will you give all you can give
So that our banner may advance
Some will fall and some will live
Will you stand up and take your chance?
The blood of the martyrs
Will water the meadows of France!"

Arthur's face turn purple at the mention of Francis countries but easily blocked by the last verse of you song

"Do you hear the people sing?
Singing the song of angry men?
It is the music of a people
Who will not be slaves again!
When the beating of your heart
Echoes the beating of the drums
There is a life about to start
When tomorr--Aahhhhh!!"

Arthur flinched after hearing a scream
He ran as if life depended on it
Saving a girl who were about to fall on a ladder 
"Kapoff" Arthur grunted as the (h/c) girl made impact against his chest.
"A-Arthur?" ____ asked looking toward the green eyes toward her
"Sing the last part love." 

The girl blushed, gulped then continue

"When tomorrow comes"

So yea this song is 'do you hear the people sing' from Les Miserables
And it suited perfectly with Arthur

You-> your self
Story/song fiction -> jama-chan
England -> hetalia
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(e/c) Eye color.
(f/c) Favorite color.
(c) Color.
(h/l) Hair length.
(h/c) Hair color.
______ Name/last name/nickname
(s/n) Sister's name

You where laying on the sofa, with a soft white pillow and your (c) comforter. Jack has been staying with you the whole day, taking care of you and making you comfortable and warm. He even managed to make hot chicken soup. You had no idea how he knew to cook that, moreover how he was able to keep it warm despite his cold temperature.
Your mother finally arrived next day, telling you that she knew you could take care of yourself. You where quiet and gave her the coldest look anyone could ever do while sick, which was pretty cold and scary-looking. But she didn't see it since she sat on her work bench, solving crosswords with a smile while humming.
Jack still visited you, you weren't able to talk most of the times since your mom was around though. But he thought it was fine, he talked to you about random things, how his days where and what he had done. Some of the moments he talked about made you laugh. Sometimes, your mother would ask you what you where laughing at, you'd always say that you where thinking of something funny.
He visited you from time to time everyday, when he wasn't visiting, he spent time making it snow in countries and having snowball fights with the other kids. He's been really kind to you this past week, he's been so protective.

You where still on the couch, but you get up from time to time to stretch. But you always flop down on the couch again after a few seconds, your head hurts just by getting up. Jack was standing in front of you, with his staff in his right hand.
"You're starting to feel better _____?" You nodded slightly in response, hoping for your mom not to see. Luckily, Jack told you that she was in the bathroom, so you where able to whisper to him.
"Jack...why have you been so nice to me? You're visiting everyday, don't you have more important things to do?"
"...Well, to tell you the truth....i like sick people." He started to slightly blush a bit.
"Wait...what?" He's not telling you the exact reason, but he's not lying either. He just doesn't want to tell you that the reason is because he's feeling guilty.
"Don't you understand? Everyone seem to get adorable when they're sick! Imagine it, sniffles, their coughs, their runny red noses, the way they sneeze and their cranky personality and such."
"Hmm...well, i guess it could be cute on some people." You answered a bit confused, but slightly understanding and agreeing.
"And you know what the cutest thing is?" He asks you as he leans in. You hear that his voice is getting louder, signalizing that he's getting closer. You leaned back your head a little to make sure you wont bump in to his face.
"The way they look at you when they ask for something. They have the same look Bunny had when he was tiny, they're adorable~ They all look so innocent, tired, sweet...and fragile." He then stands straight. "Remember when you asked me to stay and take care of you? I couldn't possibly say no to that face." He said with a grin.
You started to blush lightly, but he assumed it was because of the flu.
"Wait, Bunny? Easter Bunny?"
"Yeah! He exists, but he's a real pain in the ass."
"Isn't that what he should think of you? By thinking of that blizzard, no kids went hunting for eggs. My grandma told me about it, she says that she was there." You didn't know if she was a child, a teenager or an adult at that time, but you believed that she was there alright.
"Yeah." He starts to chuckle a bit. "He still has a big grudge on that. He doesn't seem to look like a bunny either, more like a kangaroo to me."
You started to giggle slightly, but you then heard the toilet flush and the water sink on.

"Well, i guess i should go now. Bye _____, see you tomorrow."
"Bye Jack." You said back to him with a beaming warm smile.
"Hey, don't make me melt from your smile, _____. You have no idea how warm it gets." He said with a smirk. You giggled back, and waved at him. He then headed for the window, and opened it, letting a cold breeze hit you.

"Wait, Jack? He looked back at you, you where relieved that he heard the whisper.
"What is it?"
"....You think you can meet me later today? I'd like to talk to you about something, preferably alone."
"Sure thing, i'll come back before sunset." He then jumped out, leaving the window open.
'She's just too darn cute.' He thought as he flew to a different country, making it lightly snow as he left.

Your mother got out after what felt like 6 minutes but was only 4. She noticed the open window and that it was snowing, so she rushed over to close it.
"_____! You shouldn't have the window open when you're sick!" She shouted as she closed the window.
"Like you care.." You mumbled, still angry at her.
"Mom seriously, who was that guy? Why did you left me to take care of myself? Was it for him? Who is this guy, how could you leave your blind daughter alone at home while being sick!? Answer me goddammit!" You started to get really pissed off now. Your mother usually took care of you, just not that often with "care". This was new, that she had someone more important to be with, than to take care of you when you needed it the most.
"...Okay, i'll tell you." You then felt your mom sit down at the end of the couch, where your feet are. You sensed a weird feeling, you felt that she was unsure if she should say it or not.

"I....i met someone, and i think i really like him."
"I know, i know. I know you still love your father, and wouldn't want him replaced. But...wouldn't it be fun to actually have a father around you to talk to?"
"Only if it's my real dad! He will be a complete stranger to me! I won't know how he looks like and it will be like a new life to me, a bad one!"
"Hun, you don't know how we look like either. We've only described ourselves." 'And your sister a little different.' She said in the back of her head. It's quite the surprise that your mom just let her describe herself like that.
"I do now!" You shouted as you shot up from the couch. You didn't care of your headache that you got from the screams and getting up the couch.
"Wait, what?" She said really confused, wondering what you meant by that. She got up to get slightly closer to you.

"I saw it in a dream....I remember everything...Not the crash, but you, everyone and how everything looked like!"
"....What?" She said as she breathed out in surprise and shock.
"I saw all the colors, your face, your hair and the clothes you usually wore. And (s/n) looked nothing like she described herself as!"
" really did see us..." She said really shocked. You actually had all your memories from the past all along. You just couldn't remember them, but you did thanks to Jack and Sandy. It was also thanks to Tooth, but she didn't notice herself that she gave you those memories, which is odd.
"I....i could even..i could even see dad...he looked so happy when he was with me."
At a part of the dream, you met your dad on the way home from school, and you started to talk to him. You didn't know why, but somehow you knew it was him before he even opened his mouth. You told him that you where gonna visit a friend, but that she was sick. He patted your shoulder and ruffled your hair, telling you that he was sorry. He then said a little hurriedly that he was late for work, and that he had to go fast. He gave you a goodbye kiss on the forehead, and said that he loved you no matter what, like he always did whenever he left.
"I remember everything i saw and everyone I knew. So to live with this new "dad" would be like living with a complete stranger! He would forever be just an acquaintance!" You screamed so loudly that your neighbors heard, you even woke up some kids that had taken a nap. You started to get a slight migraine from all the screaming, but you where too angry and emotional to care.

Your mom started to quake and tears started gushing from her eyeballs, you didn't see it though. But you knew something was wrong when you heard a big thud, and heard small sobbing sounds. It was your mom that fell on her knees, looking down and covering her face filled with tears.
"...Mom? A-are you okay?" You started to feel unsure of what to do, and you felt slight guilt, wondering what you did to make her cry. "Why are you-"
"Why did he leave me? I loved him so much, he loved me, and yet he left?" Your mother still loved your father, you always thought she left him, but he left her. And you talking about him, it made her realize that she missed him so much.
"Mom, what are you talking abo-"
"When that car hit you, the ambulance had called us, telling us that you where at the hospital. We both drove to see you, and then they said you where blind...." She started to sit like an indian with her hands entwined, covering her mouth, and her head still looking down on the floor. She tried to calm down, but it didn't work at all, she was still very sad. "He....he said that he couldn't stand to see you like this, or to take care of you....So he left me...I hated him for leaving me, i hated the driver for hitting you..." She stopped talking, but she looked up at you with a cold, angry stare, and it sent shivers down your spine. You couldn't see it, but you could definitely feel it.
"And i hate you for making this happen. For seeing your friend, and coming home late." Your heart felt like it wanted to burst, hearing a family member say that they hate you is really heartbreaking. It may not seem so serious, but actually knowing in your gut that they're telling the feels like one of the most painful feelings ever. Getting hit by that car was less painful, because that was a pain that left eventually. This pain lasted for a really long time, and no matter what you did, you couldn't suffocate it.

But you where strong, you fought those tears, and said the first thing that came up in your mind.
"....What time is it?"
"About 6 PM."
"And it's still sunny outside...right?"
"...T-then i'll be going outside." You said slightly shaky as you went to grab your outdoor clothes. You took some pain pills with you, just to make sure it wouldn't get too bad.
"Where are you going?"
"Stop pretending like you care, mom."
"...Fine." That answer made all those tears of yours to finally shed. Luckily, you didn't have to turn around to let her see you. You put on your clothes, boots and your bag with a flashlight and batteries, just in case it'd get dark earlier. You then opened the front door and left, leaving your mom, still sitting on the floor.
You wiped all the tears from your face as you walked. You heard the neighbors shout, asking you what happened. You didn't answer, and you didn't look back. They knew that you had one of the best hearings, so they knew that you didn't want to talk about it.
You just went to the park where you first met Jack, hoping for him to search there when he sees you're not at home.
Wow....i really didn't think something this sad would occur in the story...Well, you just found out that your mom hates you, that's a disappointment. And you want to talk privately to Jack, i wonder what it is that you want to tell him. :icondawhatplz:

First chapter: [link]
Previous chapter: [link]
Next chapter: [link]
All chapters: [link]

Hope u like it and sorry for the sad story!♥
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“One day.”

The Guardians all lift their heads, curiously staring at you.

“Please, just give me…one more day with him,” you plea, looking at each of them in turn.

After a quick consultation with the others, North returns to you. “We shall have to see how he is doing first.”

You nod and stand as he does.

Jangle bids you farewell as he rejoins the other elves.

You follow North through the building, trekking down long curving hallways, up a decorated stairwell or two—at which a white yeti with green eyes and a fire truck in its hands has to stand aside to let the group pass—and even through a couple of other rooms that just lead to more paths. It’s like the place is just asking to be explored, an adventure in itself. As if it was designed so even North wouldn’t know what was behind every door, always maintaining a sense of wonder and mystery. Despite that illusion, though, North didn’t get you guys lost, seeming to know where he’s going. Maybe.

You think you’ve seen that door and walked this hallway couple of times already.

The entire time, it’s like the Guardians have taken on an unspoken formation around you, surrounding you with their magic and an air of comfort. Sandy is to your left, floating off the floor so he’s just about your height, always offering you a soft, warm smile when you glance over at him. Tooth is fluttering to your right, her little fairies following not far behind her. One of them has actually taken to you, flying close to your ear as she smiles and chirps on occasion, the small hum of her wings sounding like soothing music, bearing that effect on you. Bunny is switching between walking and hopping behind you, depending on the speed that North is going. When walking, you’ve noticed, he whips out an unfinished Easter egg and paints as he goes. Sometimes he’ll place a furry paw on your shoulder, smiling down on you, the hope in his eyes overflowing into your very own soul, boosting your moral without a single spoken word passing between the two of you.

North stops the troupe in front of a large wooden door, much like the one that your typical room has. There’s a large window with a ledge big enough to sit comfortably on just to the left. You’d love to sit there with Jack, wrapped in his arms as you stare out over the miles and miles of peaceful snowy hilltops…

Sandy interrupts your daydream by holding up a finger in front of your face as North turns the doorknob, Tooth and Bunny following his large figure into the room. Sand forms an image of a still clock above his head.

You nod in understanding.

You’ll wait there for the word.

Sandy goes in after the others, a soft click following him as the door shuts.

About a minute passes. Then five. Then ten.

You’ve grown very accustomed to the architecture of this hallway.

Your heart skips a beat as you hear the door creak back open.

North comes back out first, closely followed by Bunny, then Sandy, and then by Tooth.

“Well?” you ask them, your heart racing as you play nervously with your hands.

“It’s all right,” Tooth says as the four of them smile. She flies forward to you, placing a small hand on the back of your shoulder. “Whatever it was that Orl gave you to give him, it should keep him doing just fine for a day or so. He was just sleeping off a few final effects. He’s still a bit weak though.  I can’t promise more than a day. Then…then…” she trails off, her eyes growing sad once again.

“That’s all I want,” you tell her reassuringly, grasping her other hand in your own. “Thank you. All of you,” you add on, beaming at all four of them.

They all smile back at you.

Bunny coughs. “Well, ah, I’d best be off then, mate. Easter’s only a few days away, and there’s still a lot of my googies to be paint’d and such, and I’m not really needed here.” He walks up to you, holding out his paw for a final farewell.

“I’ll miss you, Bunny,” you tell him. Not helping yourself, you run into him and give him a great big hug. After a moment’s hesitation, he returns it, slightly chuckling. You think you hear him mumble that he’ll miss you too.

After the embrace is broken, he steps back away from everyone, raising his large rabbit foot. He salutes you. “Happy Easter, bugger!”

And with a couple of stomps, he’s gone.

Sandy approaches you next. He doesn’t waver at all, whisking you into quite the bear hug for someone with such short arms. When he floats back, his expression is one of exaggerated crying, a little sand-made raincloud complete with droplets of rain appearing over his head. His little transportation cloud forms beneath him as he prepares to leave.

“There’s a lot of dreams to be delivered, the children will miss you if you don’t get back out there,” you encourage him, though you’re equally sad at his departure. “I’ll always thank you for a good dream. See you then?”

He smiles and nods, the raincloud turning into a happy sun as he floats off to his dreamy duties.

“Are you going too, Tooth?” you ask her.

She shakes her head. “As much as I have to do and need to get done, my fairies are excellent at relaying information and working efficiently. I can work from here, though not for too long.” The little mini-Tooth’s at her shoulder smile and nod in agreement. “I’m still needed here,” she adds with a sad smile.

Not quite understanding that last tidbit, you smile nevertheless. Even if you don’t quite comprehend, you’re still happy she’s here. She’s like a mother or sister figure for you, and you really appreciate the extra company. Especially for what is to come…

Your eyes trail to the slightly-open door.

Just beyond that door is the one person in the world that you truly want to see and be with. The person you have so many precious memories with, each one near and dear to your heart. The one you love more than anything—anyone—in the world.

Jack Frost.

Your hand reaches out for the doorknob as you look back to North and Tooth for a final go-ahead. Tooth puts a hand on North’s shoulder as they both shoo you inside.

Your heart threatening to beat out of your chest, you push open the door and walk inside.

And exhale.

You close the door behind you as you take in your surroundings. The room looks a lot like your usual room, right down to the large window on the farthest wall. The ice is thicker on the walls here, though. But you’re not sure if that’s the design or just the effect that he has on the room.

You notice that the bed is empty. The sheets are askew, though, as if someone just got out of bed.

Leaning just at its head is a familiar long, hooked stick.

You had wondered what had happened to it after you made your entrance to the Pole. You remember having dropped it in your moments of imbalance, the events afterwards never permitting you to recover it and pushing it to the back of your mind.

“Good to see ya, old friend,” a memory plays back in your mind, making you smile as you mentally greet the staff.

But where’s its owner?

You pace around the room, searching in every nook and cranny, even looking under the bed. All without success. When you reach the window, your awe and love for winter scenery takes over, and you find yourself looking out over the arctic land for a few brief moments. You turn back around to the task at hand.

From almost out of nowhere, a small, direct, extremely chilly winter wind blows right onto your nose, making even you flinch a little as the cold spreads from the tip of your nose down into your cheeks.

A wide smile spreads across your face.

An upside-down face with pale skin, bright blue eyes filled with lively mischievousness, snow-white hair still bound by gravity, and lips forming an “o” hovers just a few inches from your own.

Jack Frost is nipping at your nose.
Jack. You can nip at my nose any time. Just sayin'. x3
But it's bittersweet. It's your last day together.
OR IS IT?!??!?

Chapter 1: [link]
Chapter 45: [link]
Chapter 47: [link]

So school is back in session for me. That means that chapters may be a bit slower in coming out. Maybe not slower since I'm going to want to finish this before school really gets into full swing (yes, it's going to end :(), but definitely going to be popping out later in the day. Thank you to all of you, for being there, being my inspiration (other than Jack but that's a given x3) to write, and just...yeah. Happy tears. :')
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A cough startles you.

Someone clearing their throat.

It came from Jack.

You remove your head from his shoulder and look up at him questioningly.

His cheeks are flushed a bright red color, contrasting the pale whiteness of his skin. He’s still staring out over the city.

You sit up properly, his arm falling from you.

“Jack?” you ask, concerned. “Is everything okay?”

He nods, his snowy hair shining slightly in the light, the silver in it emphasized as moonbeams weave in and out of the strands, dancing amongst them.

“I, uh,” he chokes out. He’s obviously nervous about something.

“I…have something to tell you,” he finally manages to say.

You raise your eyebrow. “Yes?” you say, curious. Is there something else about Jack Frost and his extraordinary abilities that you don’t yet know? Maybe it’s a deep, dark secret. Does he really know about your secret conversation with the moon and just didn’t say anything earlier? Your mind races with a million questions.

But you don’t voice them.

You patiently wait for him to speak.

He gulps.

“When…when Pitch, uh, captured you…”

You laugh to yourself, not audibly. You have to admit, he’s pretty darn cute when he’s nervous or embarrassed about something. You give him a warm smile.

“Augh, why is this so hard?!?” he exclaims as he stands, throwing his hands into his hoodie pocket.

He paces a little way away from you, kicking at the roof tiles. “Why can’t I just spit it out? C’mon, Jack!”

He turns back around and stands just in front of his staff. He touches it with his toes, rolling it back and forth slightly as he toys with it.

Looking down at the frost on the staff caused by his touch, he manages to continue, the red of his ears matching his blush. “When Pitch captured you, I panicked. Well, that’s a given. But it was a panic I’d never felt before. More extreme. I searched everywhere for you, for days on end, nonstop. Every crack, every crevice, light and dark, around where I thought you had fallen. I…I started to think the worse, and that possible truth scared me like no tomorrow. I kept searching.” He looks up at you, his piercing blue eyes meeting yours. “There was no way I was going to lose you.”

You smile softly. “It’s only natural that you’d feel that way. I mean, I am the only person who can see and hear you, after all.”

He shakes his head vigorously, taking his foot off his staff. “And then when I found you, I felt complete again. I mean, when I’d lost you, I felt like I’d lost a massive piece of myself.”

He scratches the back of his head, averting his gaze once again. “E-each time we got separated, whether it was my fault or Pitch’s or whatever, I couldn’t stop thinking about you. Not just worry, either. And then Christmas, and then all this time we’ve been spending together…”

He uses his foot to flip the staff up to his hand, his other still in his hoodie pocket. He takes a place a bit in front of you, staring into the night sky. He shakes his staff slightly, as if brainstorming.

“The point is,” he says, removing his free hand from his pocket and waving it about a little with each word, talking with it. He takes a deep breath. “I don’t…think…I could…live without you, y’know? Oh, why’s this gotta be so difficult?”

He runs his fingers through his hair and sighs, turning to face you as his arm drops back down to his side. The moon is at his back, making him look like he’s glowing with a magical and mystical silver light, the frost on his hoodie glistening.

(Your name), I think—No, I know—I…”

Your heart begins to race, your eyes widening in shock.

You slowly and steadily stand, unable to remain seated any longer.

Is he about to say…?

He takes a couple of steps towards you.

“I think I figured out why I’m here,” he reveals, clenching and unclenching his hand nervously as he stares deep into your eyes. His knuckles are white (if they could get any whiter) from the firm grip he has on his staff. “It took a while, but I figured it out.”

You don’t think your heart could beat any faster.

He turns his face up towards the stars in a brief and silent prayer. With an exhale, he looks back down at you. “I’m here...You are the reason why I exist. I…I exist for the sake of meeting and being with you. (Your name)…”

You hold your breath as he takes another, his face taking on an even deeper shade of red.

“...I love you.”
Aaaaahhhh! Anyway. Had a lot of fun with this one. x3
Ok, ok. You GOTTA read this chapter listening to "Jamie Believes." Alexandre Desplat (the composer) is such a pure genius. Here's a link: [link]
Chapter 1: [link]
Chapter 36: [link]
Chapter 38: [link]
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Collection by
Feliks Lukasiewicz and Elizaveta Hedervary at Naka-kon 2014.
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after a long time without uploading here my new cosplay of Norway :dummy: :la:

Foto by : :iconsiary:


For :iconthe-european-hetalia::iconThe-European-Hetalia's: Traditional art Contest
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Denmark @Roxey_Mu
Norway @:iconkazehato:
Sweden @:iconramenakira:
Finland @:iconhikari-ovo:
Iceland @:iconayuan-r:
Photo THX :iconkulagg:
Editor THX :iconrinngu:

There is a church behind us.
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First shot of my Denmark from ConTopia 2013. Good day with many new great people <3
Why? NORDIC POWER!... and awesome hair =D

Charakter: Denmark from Hetalia
Cosplay made and worn by: myself
Photo: :iconshyaoyan:
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Photo by me
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Knock, knock.

A cold breeze blew past, sneaking into the warm crevices of your coat and making you shiver as you stood in the cold.

Hurry up and answer the door, Al! I’m freezing my ass off out here, dammit.’ You thought bitterly, shivering again and reaching out to knock on the door a second time before it swung open, warm light shining upon you.

“Really Al, how long does it take to answer a door?” You grumbled, looking up from the task of scraping snow off your shoes before freezing. “Oh.” The person in front of you was not, in fact, your friend Alfred but a tall man you’d never seen before in your life. A scarf was wrapped snug around his neck and his nose was more prominent than most people.

“I think you may have the wrong house.” You flushed at the stranger, feeling embarrassed about your mistake.


“It is fine.” He replied, a warm smile on his face. “So, where are you trying to get to?” He didn’t ask why and you found yourself feeling grateful, whether or not he’d chosen not to on purpose.

“Um, my friend’s house. Alfred Jones...He lives down this road.” The man raised an eyebrow.

“Nobody around here has the last name Jones.” You blinked, sudden panic welling up inside you. ‘Fuck. Don’t tell me.

“Where...Am I?” The man laughed softly.

“Obviously not where you thought you were.” He moved, stepping further into his house and you wondered if he was going to just leave you without help.


“Would you like to spend the night?” He interrupted and you blinked, taken by surprise. “It is late, dark and I heard it was going to get colder in the night.” His smile didn’t falter at the suspicious look you gave him. “I am certainly more trustworthy than anybody you may meet out there, you know.” You glanced over your shoulder.

“...If you wouldn’t mind.”


That was how you found yourself sitting at the table of a stranger, in his house.

A bowl of food you’d never seen before was in front of you and you stirred the red soup nervously, wondering what was inside.

“Sorry if it is not to your liking. I was making myself dinner, so it was all I had on hand.” You glanced towards the man, his own bowl in front of him as he returned the look apologetically.

“Ah, it’s...Fine. I’ve never seen anything like it before, that’s all.”

“Да, well, that is because it is a Russian dish! Like me - ah, but I am not food. Just Russian.” He laughed at his own blunder and you felt yourself smile. This guy was strange. “How rude! I have not even told you my name. I am Ivan, Ivan Braginsky.”

“It’s nice to meet you.” You replied politely before spooning some of the red soup into your mouth. ‘This is actually kind of tasty.’ Ivan stared at you for a moment, as if waiting for something.

“...Are you going to tell me yours?” You didn’t reply, staring into your bowl nervously. Of course, Ivan wasn’t stupid. “Ahh. I remember where I have seen you before now.” You froze, your own (e/c) eyes flickering up to meet his own dark purple ones worriedly. He didn’t stop smiling. “If you do not want to go home then I shall not make you.” You relaxed, smiling back tentatively.

“Sorry - I don’t want you to get into trouble or anything for letting me stay here, but-”

“It is fine. I invited you in, да? It would be rude to send you away.”

“You seem to value good manners over the law…” You replied, frowning. His smile only seemed to grow wider.

“Is that not what the law is for?” He ate some of his soup before continuing to talk. “I will not send you away, (F/N). Children do not run away from home for no reason.” You flinched at the use of your name but knew you shouldn’t have been surprised. You were all over the news, everybody knew your name by now.

“I’m...Not a child.” You grumbled. Ivan’s smile turned indulgent, despite not really changing at all.

“You are under 18, да? You are a child.” You frowned back and shoved some red soup in your mouth. Ivan laughed to himself and ate his own.

The night was silent.


Light burned through your eyelids.

“Доброе утро!”

“What...What?” You groaned, moving your arm to cover your face. A hand moved it away patiently, another flicking your nose.

“It is an hour after sunrise, (F/N)! A good time to wake up.”

“‘Sunrise’ is never a good time to wake up!”

“An hour after, дорогой.” You opened your eyes so you could glare at the man hovering above you tiredly. He was already dressed for the day, one end of his scarf hanging over his shoulder and resting on the bed.

“How old are you?”

“Now now! We only met yesterday, let’s save the personal questions for another time.” You stuck out your tongue and Ivan mouthed ‘child’ down at you. You huffed and sat up, pushing away his hands.

“Whatever.” You smirked. “You know, technically you could get arrested for molesting a ‘child’.”

“And if you were to call the police, you would get taken home.” He patted you on the head before heading for the door. “Breakfast is ready, by the way.”


You chewed thoughtfully on the pancake-that-was-not-a-pancake.

“So, you will be going to find your friend after this?” Ivan asked. He had invited you to sit in the living room while eating your not-pancakes and sat in an armchair without any food for himself.

“Yeah.” You replied, cutting up another piece. Ivan made weird food that tasted nice. His smile did not waver but changed, going from casual to gentle. You did not know how he managed to do this, but he did and it was interesting.

“I see.” He turned his head to look out the window. “...If he cannot take you in, (F/N), I would not mind letting you stay here.” Your piece of not-pancake stayed uneaten and fell from your fork back onto the plate, your mouth left hanging comically open.

“...You...Want me to stay here?” Ivan looked back at you, his cheeks slightly more pinker than usual.

“I said I did not mind.” For the first time, his smile faded. “It is...Lonely, here. I have enjoyed your company. But obviously we do not know each other that well.” You looked down at your plate, frown contemplative.

“...You know, seeing as I have no idea where I am Alfred must be such a long way away.” You said casually. “I used up all my money and supplies to get here. Oh, but wouldn’t they think I went there anyway? If I stayed here...Nobody would have to know.” Ivan was staring at you again and you smiled to your plate, as if telling it a secret. “Maybe I should stick around. But who would have the kindness to let me stay…? What a predicament.” Ivan’s smile returned to him and he leant back, laughing softly.

“You are a horrible actor, you know.”

“Wha- I’m trying to be nice, jerk!”


So you stayed.

“Heeeey! Get up!” You said brightly, knees either side of Ivan’s waist as you practically sat on him. “Ivan!” He groaned something in Russian and covered his face with his arms. You pursed your lips huffily and wondered what to do before grinning. “I wonder how ticklish you are, my dear housemate…” You peeled back the covers, planning on going for his neck - you’d never had the chance to see it before.

There was a still, suffocating silence.

“Oh...Ivan…” You got off the bed, eyes lingering on the ruined skin of his neck for a moment longer before leaving the room, closing the door softly behind you.

He had taken you in because you were the same.

Silently making your way downstairs you sat in the living room and waited for Ivan to wake up, mind heavy with dark thoughts.


“Oh, you are already awake!” You blinked, snapped out of your daze. You hadn’t even heard Ivan getting ready, but he was fully dressed - scarf and all - and his silvery hair was damp. You looked down, feeling awkward.

“Yeah…” ‘Ugh, this is stupid. I’ve been living with Ivan for over two months now, he’ll tell me his problems when he’s ready and I’ll tell him mine when I am. Forget about it!’ You smiled and looked up at him again. He looked concerned but before he could say anything you were already speaking. “Hey, guess what today is?” He paused, tilting his head before leaning against the hallway wall.

“What, малышка?”

“My birthday!” You replied brightly, leaning forward with a grin. “I am now 18, legally allowed to live here and most certainly not a child!” Ivan chuckled, smiling in return.

“I see. Would you like a present, then?” You blinked. Presents were definitely nice…

“If you’re offering.” You replied.

“Alright.” He stood straight and walked over to you, smiling even when he crouched, fingers gently skimming your chin and lips pressing to yours softly. “С Днем Рождения.” You blinked, hand moving to press fingers against your lips.

“...Thank you.” You mumbled, flushing softly. Ivan tilted his head, smile gentle.

“You are welcome.” He stood up, pulling you with him. You stumbled in surprise and he caught you, giggling quietly when you found yourself leaning against him, hands gripping the front of his jumper. “Would you like me to make you a cake, too?” He didn’t wait for an answer, letting you go and disappearing into the kitchen, leaving you alone and totally out of it.

...I am okay with this.


“I like having you here, (F/N).” Ivan mumbled, face pressed to your stomach. You were both laying on the couch, Ivan far too long for it. You were leant against one armrest with Ivan hugging your hips, legs hanging off the other.

“I’ve noticed.” You said somewhat teasingly as you took another bite out of the cake he’d made for you. He hummed before pulling your shirt up slightly and kissing your bare skin.

“I mean it. Please never leave.” You blinked, surprised.

“...Are you asking me to marry you or something?” Ivan giggled, moving to lean on his elbows and rest his chin on his hands.

“Maybe when you are a bit older, да?” You stared at him. He laughed. “Я люблю тебя!” You narrowed your eyes before closing them and leaning back, a hand moving to run through his now-dry hair.

“I don’t think I want to leave, anyway.”


“Здравствуйте?” You looked up from the book you were reading - something Ivan owned, written by some Russian guy - towards the front door and felt your blood run cold. A blonde man with acidic green eyes and unusually large eyebrows wearing a police uniform stood in front of Ivan, holding a poster that featured a picture of you.

“You haven’t happened to have seen this girl, have you?” You were quiet, slowly moving to hide behind the wall as you listened to the blonde policeman talk. You knew you could trust Ivan not to say anythin-

“Да, she is living with me.” There was a silence, the policeman obviously not having expected this reaction at all. It was broken by the very audible sound of your hand coming into contact with your face and Ivan’s resulting giggle.

“R-Right, well...Miss (L/N), please step out here.” You sighed and did as he asked, sending Ivan a light glare. ‘Thanks a lot, asshole.’ You thought. He only smiled, as per usual. The policeman’s green eyes flickered between you both before landing on you. “Well, it’s about time you went home. What did you think you were doing, being so irresponsible as to run away from home? Your mother has been very worried.” You rolled your eyes. ‘Likely story.

“Ah, I am afraid she is unable to go with you.” Ivan said casually. You looked at him in confusion, along with the policeman.

“What are you talking about?”

“Well, a few weeks ago she turned 18. Legally, her home is where she wishes it to be - and that is here.” You mentally hit yourself. ‘Duh. Why didn’t I think of that?’ The policeman turned to you.

“Is this true?”

“Uhuh. My birthday is on the (dd) of (mm).” You replied. He frowned, looking at you both a second time before nodding.

“Right then. Well, I’ll just have to inform your mother. Good day, to both of you.” He looked directly at you - properly, this time, and you knew he understood.

“До Свидания!” You both watched him get into his car and drive away before closing the front door. “Well, I am glad we dealt with tha-” Ivan started only for you to punch him in the gut.

“Jerk! he could have taken me home!” He didn’t seem too hurt, only smiling down at you like usual.

“How could he take you when you were already there?”

The night was silent with your lips against his.
Fluff????? With a hint of angst~
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  He couldn't trust himself anymore. He just couldn't. Maybe it wasn't just him either, it was the rest of the world which turned its back to him. He was a European nation wasn't he? Then why did the rest of Europe turn their backs on him in support of the Ottomans so long ago? That's right...they didn't want him to gain access to the Baltic Sea.

  Everyone feared him, even his own friends abandoned him when the time came and they all simply left without any question. All the memories in that lonely home were gone in their mind, like the years never even happened.

  Everyone he met shivered in fear and the only person he had left in this world was himself and the occasional break-ins from Belarus who would either try to stab him to death or drag him out of his home by the scarf and force him to marry her.

  Truthfully, Russia just lived a lonely life.


  'Damnit America...' You thought to yourself as you walked down the fresh, clean floors in the halls. The white marble floors had just been waxed over so they glowed with a fresh and new glow even though they contained much history within them.

  That really didn't matter to you though. As a new place to you, you still found yourself in worry due to being lost. You weren't a new nation, but you have recently become stronger and America believed that it was time for you to learn more about the other nations and countries in the world.

  To bad he ran off after three seconds, rendering you to stand in your folly amongst the wave of confusion. So now, you ran off in whatever bizarre location in the building you were at.

  Without warning, you knocked into someone and fell flat on the ground before the person. Rubbing your head full of (h/l)(h/c) hair, you look at the person. It was a rather tall man who wore a large and heavy-looking coat, even though the weather wasn't as cold as usual. There was a light-pink tinted scarf wrapped around his neck which covered some of his light-blond hair in the back. The rest of it fell on his face, slightly covering his peculiar violet eyes. And upon his face, a small and innocent smile was hidden beneath the scarf he wore around his neck.

  "I-I'm sorry..." You said extremely apologetically to the nation. You knew who he was. Russia. And America said that if there is one country to stay far, far away from, it's Russia.

  But shockingly, he held his hand out and offered to help you up. "No, it was my fault for standing around. You're okay, da?"

  You took his hand and simply tore you off the ground with a grand amount of strength and into his arms. But your body was shaking in utter fear from him. Yet you are still able to manage a word or two,"I-I'm fine..." You shuddered

  He pressed your (h/c) head against his chest, making you able to hear his heart beating which actually calmed you down a bit. "You're scared of me too, da?"

  You wanted to push away from his, look him dead in the eye and tell him you weren't, but who were you kidding? You would collapse in fear before you could even speak. "I-I guess just...a-a little..."

  He let go of you completely but knelt down on one knee, placing both his hands on it and looking curiously at your face. "What is your name, my little sunflower?" He took his right hand off of his knee and used it to cup your face, rubbing your cheek gently with his thumb.

  Your face started turning a deep shade of red, but you held your composure,"M-my name is _______; better known as the nation of ________ which is under America's watchful eye!" You spoke fast and loudly as to keep yourself from needing to repeat.

  But he still held that same child-like grin on his face. "You seem like such a strong nation _________." He moved his right hand and placed it on your head, crushing you slightly,"Why do you live in America's home when you could become one with me?"

  You felt a wave of worry hit you suddenly as he seemed to darken a bit,"U-uh..." You pushed yourself away from him suddenly,"J-just leave me alone!" Turning on your heel, you darted as fast as you could in the opposite direction, leaving Russia alone.

  Russia stood in a bit of confusion for a moment before hitting his forehead with the palm of his hand. He couldn't trust himself with anyone. Not even with you.


  "_-_______!" America said, trying to calm you down with both his hands grasping your arms,"P-please just tell me what happened!" He held you close to him, trying to calm you down.

  "R-Russia...!" You said in a panicked voice,"R-Russia...!"

  That's all he needed to hear,"_______, just sit out here an relax. I'll be back in a minute."

 He went into the meeting room which you tore him out of only moments before. Sure enough, Russia somehow beat you back to the meeting and was in there when you caused the disturbance.

  Sitting down against the wall beside the door, you sat in wait, listening to a bunch of arguing go on for what felt like forever. Before you knew it, though, the door opened to Russia, standing beside the door and America flanking him.

  You stood up suddenly and a bit defensively towards the nation who looked actually a bit nervous himself. America nudged him forward a bit,"He has something to say to you. If you need any of us, just call. We're right inside, okay?"

  You felt your heart drop as the door shut behind your boss, leaving you alone with Russia once more. He played with the ends of his scarf nervously and averting his gaze. Looking again, he seemed a bit...upset.

  Before you knew it, there were tears streaming from your(e/c) eyes. He noticed quickly and attempted to take a step closer but you stepped back, pulling your arms towards your body and stumbling to the ground. "S-stay away from me..."

  But he ignored you simply and approached you, falling to he knees and hugging your tightly. And scary as it sounds, it was a warm and almost loving, warm hug. But you were sure he was crushing your bones into dust right now. "I'm sorry..."
  "H-huh...?" You felt a bit of shock going through you from this. What was even more shocking is when you realized that he was crying.

  His body was trembling even more than yours was previously. "I said I'm sorry...I-it's just that...I-I've been alone for so long...a-and all my friends left me...I didn't mean to scare you..."

  You felt more tears surface as you gripped his coat tightly. "R-Russia,'re a grown man for God's sake..." You said, trying to lighten the air a bit but it simply failed. "P-please stop. I forgive you! See, I'm okay. I don't mind!"

  But after a few futile attempts, you realized maybe it was because he was lonely. "Russia...I'll be your, I'll be your friend s-so you won't be lonely anymore." You felt him tense up a bit,"S-so please..."

  "Y-you mean it _______?"

  You nodded with a small smile on your face,"If you ever feel lonely, call America up and I'll come over." He let go of you a bit and tilted your head up to look at him.

  He gently kissed your forehead before pulling back and gently smiling at you.

  He knew he couldn't trust himself. But maybe because of his new friend ________, he can learn how to.

I cry...
I cry...

I luff poor, sad, soul you...

I don't own your or mother Russia.
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RussiaxReader: Come Live With Me, Da?

I didn't expect to hit rock bottom. I tried everything I could do to prevent my house from getting repossessed. Unfortunately in the end, it just didn't work out. I wandered the streets my first night without shelter when I went through my head who I could possibly stay with. My parents were an option, but they already had a handful considering they still were raising my brother and sister. I had my best friend who would help me in a heartbeat, but lately she's been going through a bunch of stress. I wouldn't want to bother her. In the end, every single person I thought of I decided wouldn't be a good idea because I'd be a burden. Plus, I didn't have the money for rent.

My nightly stroll came to a halt at the park when I sat down on an uncomfortable wooden bench. If I fell asleep here, I would have definitely been arrested by the police. They weren't fond of loitering. Still, I decided to take a rest and think about my options on how I could earn more money, and where I could stay until I have it. I still had my job, so I thought about asking for a raise or a promotion. I still didn't know where I would possibly live. I didn't want to be a burden.

I started to drift off into sleep when I felt something poking my shoulder. I opened my eyes to find a tall man with blondish-silver hair and deep purple eyes. He wore a tan coat, and a long pink scarf was wrapped around his neck. He held a water pipe in his hand, which he used to poke my shoulder again.

"Well. I see you're not dead," he said with a thick Russian accent.
I looked up at him with curious eyes. I had to admit he had such a sweet face. "Um, hello?" I said softly.

"Privet," he said back. "What are you doing sleeping here?"

"I wasn't sleeping."

He smiled. "Oh I think you were."

I stood up, and my eyes strayed away from his face. "Well thanks for waking me before the cops showed up." I started to walk away.

"Going home?"

"No. I lost my home."

"Tough economy, isn't it?"

I nodded. "Well thanks again."

"Hey, wait!" He hardly raised his voice. It was as if he was incapable of yelling. I looked over at him, and he still had that sweet smile of his on his face.

"What?" I asked.

"Come live with me."

I had to do a double-take. "I'm sorry?"

"Come live with me. Da?"

"But I couldn't!"

"Why not? You said you need place to live."

"But I mean we just met. I wouldn't want to be a burden on you. Plus, I have no money for rent."

"No burden. No rent."

I looked at him, unconvinced. "What's the catch?"

"No catch."

I sighed. I didn't expect anybody was this nice in this society. "Well, I guess I can stay for one night." I looked up at his eyes. "By the way, I'm _______."

"I am Ivan Braginski."

Ivan's house wasn't really a house. It was a mansion. My eyes widened and my mouth was wide open. This man had to be loaded. My eyes wandered at every interior design when he gave me a tour of the mansion. I couldn't tell if this was luck, destiny, or something I should be afraid of. We passed the kitchen when I spotted a man with blond hair and glasses sitting down and sipping a hot drink.

"Ivan, who is that?" I asked.

"That would be Eduard. He lives here too."

"Is there anybody else who lives here?"

"Da. Including me, there are a total of six. Now that you're here, it's seven."

"But I'll only be here for one night."

He looked at me with that sweet, but now intimidating smile. "Oh, I know you'll be here longer."

It's sad to say that he was right. I ended up staying at Ivan's for months. Sometimes it had its moments, when the other times, I wanted to jump out the window and run off. But I had food, shelter, and I was even promoted at my job. Every day, Ivan was sweet to me, and it wasn't soon until I started to develop a little schoolgirl crush on him. However, one day I decided that even though I kind of liked him, I felt like I had overstayed my welcome.

Ivan walked out of his room one day when he saw my dragging a large suitcase from my room.

"What are you doing, _______?" he asked in shock.

I sighed and looked over at him. "I think it's time I get going. I really appreciate all the hospitality you've given me these past months, but I think it's time I try to live on my own."

"But you can't!" he exclaimed. "You just got here!"

"Ivan, I've been here for five months!" I shouted. "It's time I leave."

"Nyet," he said in a quiet, darker tone. He forcefully grabbed my wrist with no intent of letting me go. This frightened me, because I had been warned about Ivan's dark personality by Toris a couple days after I moved in. I had finally experienced it, but why did it take so long if Toris said it happened every week? "I won't let you leave."

"Ivan!" I screamed. "Stop, please!"

"I won't allow you to leave."

"Why not?"

"Because you said you'd live with me!" That left me speechless. I stopped struggling to get out of his tight grasp. "You won't go, da? I like you too much to see you leave." His face changed from anger to serenity. It was a side of Ivan I had not seen before. "If you stay, we can have dinner just the two of us. We can have shashlyk. I know you like that." His voice and face were soft, but his grip was still violently uncomfortable.

"Ivan, please can you loosen your grip on me?"

"Don't struggle."

"I won't." He barely loosened his grip, but it was comfortable compared to the previous one.

"So you'll eat dinner and live with me, da?"

"I don't understand why you want me to."

"I already said I like you. You like me?" I opened my mouth to reply, only to be stopped by Ivan pulling me into a bear hug. He loosened his grip a little bit so he could gently stroke my hair.

"This isn't like you," I stated.

He chuckled. "You talk to Toris way too much." He held a lock of my hair in his hand and softly kissed it. I felt a shiver run down my spine, and my face felt warm. I tried to keep calm, but I couldn't help but let out a small giggle. Ivan liked me.

"You'll stay with me, da?" he whispered in my ear.

I hate writing oneshsots! I feel like there's so much lack in character development in one little story.

Anyway this was requested by ~Hetaliwho. She wanted a Russia reader, so I gave her one. I thought of the idea myself, but it's probably overused. I wouldn't know since I don't read Russia inserts that much.

I have a good chunk of requests left to do, for another day xD
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     The wintry air was crisp and stung his pale skin even with the coat buttoned and zipped tightly against jack frost’s advances. Snow crunched under his shoes and clung to the soles. The world around him could have started burning in a red apocalypse and he would hardly have noticed. All that mattered right now and was his focus was her. That girl who was only a mere few meters away, and yet far out of his grasp. Her perfect innocent smile that was always the pure and only light in the darkness of his mind. Her soft skin, the rosy blush in her cheeks reminding him of the beautiful color red, unlike something else with the striking color. But he would never want to hurt this girl, no, she was a distraction, but a wonderful beautiful distraction. He had learned to cope with this feeling he had come to know as love, or was it obsession? Whichever it was didn’t matter, he wanted her. He needed her, to feel her in his arms, for her to smile for him and only him. When his feelings were first realized he had tried to eliminating them. The only way he knew how.

    The memory was still perfect in his mind. Her misguided trust in him could have meant her end. They had been paired up for a project in the culinary class they took together and he had offered his kitchen up for them to cook in. She had agreed immediately with one of those smiles that made him want to give in and make her his right then and there, but this was unacceptable. He would rid himself of this distraction that night, with no hesitation or time for rethinking. It was six when her footsteps and voice entered his house, unknowing, unsuspecting of her imminent fate. Why should she suspect anything? She had grown close to him, knew him through and through. At least, thats what she believed. All she knew was what he wanted her to know. He had greeted her with his childish freckle-faced smile, though it seemed wider than usual. He would finally be rid of this needless distraction; this needless weight constantly on his heart. Helping with the bag she had brought of ingredients they went to the kitchen chatting comfortably as they always had, two good friends. He turned on music for background noise while they worked and she giggled grabbing his hands and whirling them around. He had smiled holding her hand tenderly in his and spinning her around into a dip and standing her up again. He had laughed bowing before she went to work with preparing the batter while he preheated the oven.
     “I’m glad we were allowed to make cupcakes for the project, I just love anything sweet,” she said stirring the mix.
    He nodded, “I could say the same,” flashing a smile before turning and chuckling to himself, “more than you know love.”
    Her hair covered one of her eyes as she tilted her head in confusion, “Did you say something?”
    “No no, nothing you need to worry your pretty little head about poppet,” he used the cute pet name for her.
     Shrugging it off she turned back to the counter setting the bowl down. He went over and tasted it before scrunching his nose.
     “W-what? Is something wrong with it?” her voice heightened with fear.
     “Nothings wrong, but... it needs something. I have a secret ingredient that will make it just wonderful! Close your eyes! No peeking its a secret!” he placed a finger to his lips winking and guided her hands to her face childishly.
    Skipping off to the cabinet and he took down a small vile of a thick red liquid. Grabbing a large knife from its holder he stabbed it into the cork and pulled it free careful not to spill it. The cork, he noted, was much tougher than her flesh looked, her skin was soft and smooth. Knives always entered the skin easily. Walking back to the bowl he poured it in and stirred it thoroughly, she would never be the wiser.
     “Can I open my eyes yet?” an impatient pout was evident in her voice.
    A dark smirk dominated his features as he answered turning to face her, stroking the knife’s blunt edge with his index finger, “No, not yet poppet. Keep them closed for me. Wouldn’t want the little secret to get out would we~?” the last sentence was said with a dark undertone which she noticed but ignored with a sigh.
     He chuckled to himself taking a step closer to her, the weapon in hand. Just one well placed strike and she was over, distraction eliminated he thought. His baby blue eyes began swirling with a bright pink. But he found, his smile began to falter, and the grip on the knife loosen. It would be a shame when she was gone, who would he talk to? Shaking his head free of the thought he replaced it. That was the reason he was going to do this, friends here just a weight on his shoulders if he had to run, which wasn’t unlikely even if he did cover his tracks. He took another step towards her gripping the knife and raising it, the light catching on the blade and glinting. In the next second, the sound of metal hitting tile and a body falling was heard.
   “Are you alright?!” her hands flew from her face and landed on the brit who knelt on the floor a knife not far from his hand.
     His bangs covered his eyes, she could not read him. Silence filled the room for a moment, before he spoke.
    “I-I’m fine poppet, I just tripped is all,” he replied not meeting her gaze.
    She sighed helping him up, “Lets clean that cut of yours.” she led him to a chair and wet a washcloth and dabbing the cut he hadn’t even felt.
    When he had dropped the knife it must have grazed his arm, she had noticed even before he had. Her gentle touch made him shiver and relax. This girl, she was the only one who could make him feel this way. The only one he could let into his world. He wanted to protect her, to show her love and do everything in his power to bring out the smile he adored so much.
     The memory faded as cold ice crystals kissed his cheeks as they danced from the clouds above. He had only just realized he was standing still, lost in his memories. So far lost that he didn’t realize the familiar voice chiming into his thoughts and waving a pink envelope in his face.
    “Hello? Earth to cupcake loving brit?” she tapped his nose with the paper when he blinked.
    “S-sorry love! Guess I was daydreaming again!” he smiled and rubbed his arms sheepishly.
    Chuckling she handed him the brightly colored paper and gave him an innocent peck on the cheek, “Happy Valentines day!” she hugged him tightly waving and walked off.
    He smiled and waved but it faded when her attention was turned to another, him. That man he despised. England, though everyone knew him as Arthur Kirkland. Why did it have to be him? Why did everyone like him better? Why did she choose that idiotic fool instead of him? He could treat her better than Arthur could ever dream, and yet she was blind to his affections. He watching in disdain and disgust as he leaned down and wrapped his arms around her waist. The girl he loved and wanted to be with more than anything in the world simply wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him softly. Why was she so blind?! Why couldn’t she see how much he cared?! He knew her best not Arthur! He knew how to make her smile the most and comfort her not Arthur! The phrase just echoed in his mind. Not Arthur! Not Arthur! Can’t you see?! Can’t you see me?! I’m right here poppet! Not him!
    Yes him, not you not you! A voice called back from the depths of his mind. You’re worthless compared to him. Worthless, pathetic, useless! His head felt ready to burst as he wrapped his arms around himself, as if it would hold together the last shreds of sanity he had left. He couldn’t bare to watch any longer, tears stung his cheeks in the cold air and dropped to the snow below. Shaking his head as if to free the images he ran. Anywhere but there, he would rather be anywhere. Not seeing her kissing him, not seeing him hold her and do everything he knew that he couldn’t. The door to his home slammed behind him and his coat thrown haphazardly to the side. He didn’t care, nothing mattered but her. Her voice, her smile, her very presence nearly made him sob. She was everything he ever wanted and everything he could never have.
    Or, could he? No that was senseless, she was with Arthur, she would never leave him. Unless...unless he left her. There had to be a way. Sitting on the couch he hugged his knees to his chest. There was nothing that he could do to break them up, that would only hurt her. Arthur would never leave her no matter what. ...but...that could easily be changed with a little push. His lips curled into a crazed smile, and the pink swirled in his eyes. A little push, that was all he needed.
    Sunlight streamed in the window passed the brightly colored pink and blue curtains. The sweet scent of roses and lilac filled the room with a homey feel. A girl lay curled under the pastel colored sheets in a cotton nightgown, a silver engagement ring with a pink diamond sparkled in the early morning light. With a yawn she rubbed her eyes sitting up and looking around the room for her lover, who was nowhere to be found. Confused, she swung her legs over the edge of the bed, her bare feet meeting cold wood floor causing her to shiver slightly. The door creaked quietly as she made her way down the hall and was greeted by the mouth watering aroma of chocolate chip pancakes and earl grey tea. Poking her head around the corner the familiar sight of the blond at the stove appeared in her field of vision. With a mischievous smirk and ninja like moves, or so she thought, she snuck up behind him and prepared to pounce. As usual he had heard her coming and turned grabbing her around the waist and dipping her.
    “Good morning poppet, trying to scare me again are we?” he asked with a smirk.
    “Emphasis on trying, and again,” she fake pouted at her failure.
    Chuckling he kissed his fiance’s cheek standing her up and leading her to the table. He instructed her to close her eyes which she did so obediently.
    “Open!” his voice sounded a moment later.
    She opened her eyes and a small teddy-bear sat in her lap. On its stomach was a small heart and the word forever stitched in fancy cursive letters and it wore a small blue bow-tie. She squealed hugging the plush trinket and then her lover.
    “Happy Valentines Day poppet,” he whispered softly in her ear brushing a strand of hair from her face.
    “And happy anniversary,” she smiled and brought his lips to hers.
    She smiled at the memory, or at least the memory he had tried to remind her of. They had met when they were little and been friends for years. He had moved with his parents out of the country to England while she lived in America. They had stayed in touch as well as possible and in eleventh grade she had been allowed to visit him for a week. It was on Valentines Day he had confessed to her. Unlike most their long distance relationship had lasted and stayed strong. When graduation came he had gotten a stable job and both had raised enough money to fly out. When she had gotten off the plane he had been waiting with a ring and on one knee. That had been a year ago. None of this his fiance remembered, but believed him fully and completely, and why wouldn’t she? They sat on the couch and he poured her tea taking out a small vial. She looked up but didn’t seem in the least bit phased. It was medicine she took every morning for an illness he had told her about. She had lost her memory in a horrible car accident, so if he hadn’t given it to her she wouldn’t have remembered and grown sick again. It was stirred and dissolved into her tea which she sipped contently.
    “Do you like the bear poppet? I made it myself.”
    She nodded, “Very much,” she curled up next to him as the fire crackled warmly in the hearth, “Especially the lettering.”
    “Forever?” his fingers ran over the stitching pulling her close.
    “You and me? Forever?” she looked up at him.
    He nodded, “Forever. Happy Valentine’s Day, and many more together in the future,--
    The couple snuggled content in front of the fire in a comfortable silence. On the hearth was a stack of newspapers, half of which had already been used for kindling. Embers glowed brightly and a burst of them rolled out of the flames, along with a half burned article. A high schooler had been missing for a year and suspected for the kidnap of his girlfriend who had gone missing around the same time. His body had been found washed up on a beach one month ago, but the girl still remains missing without even a trace.
    --until death do us part.”
Contest submission for here [link] . I worked on this and finished it in a day. Hope you guys like it! Happy Valentines day!

Just wanted to point out something. In this his name is in fact Oliver. Notice how I never once said his name? Eheheh yea I probably failed but eh I had fun writing this.

I own the story
Hetalia/England/2p!England (c) Hidekaz Himaruya
I own the story.
You belong to :icon2p!Englandplz:
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"Veit!" You heard Germany yell behind you. You frowned and spun around holding onto your suitcases.
"Nothing you say will change my mind Germany. I'm not ging to work with you any longer!" You yelled at him.
"But _______ vhat don't you like here?" he asked bewilderd
"MY BOSS!" You yelled "My sucky suck boss whos soldiers treat me like a toy and whom dosen't take me seriously!"
You were a new country who had a large gunpowder and oil resource. Your country was very beautiful and full of feilds.  There was a war going on between Germany and Russia and you decided to allias with Germany. Obviously a wrong choice.
"Then I'll make sure my soldiers stop! I vill treat you seriously, but if ve lose you as an allias then ve vill lose this var!" Germany said pleading with you.
You glared at him ice in your eyes. "Then it looks like you'll lose." You said walking out of Germany's house.
You got in the car and drove to a diner. "Stupid Germany" you mumbled. "He just wants my weapons."   you sighed and walked in. After you sat down you ordered a hot chocolate.
"Here you are Miss" your waitress said. 'Ah thank you." Hot chocolate was a delicacy in our country since it was always so hot. You loved Germany in the winter it was so cold and pretty.
"______ is that you?" Someone said. You turned and saw Russia standing next to you.
"Oh Russia! Sit down sit down!" You told him smiling.
He sat down and looked at the brown liquid in your hands.
"You like hot chocolate da _____?" he asked
"Of course it always so delicous! Want some?" you asked him
"Sure" Russia replied. He took the cup and drank. "That was delicous even more so since your lips touched it da."
You blushed furiously and took your drink back. You took a large gulp of the drink and smiled. You looked at Russia and he started to laugh.
"What?" you asked curious.
"You have a hot chocolate mustache!" he laughed
"Oh..." you said now blushing. You were so embarissed.
Russia came and sat next to you.
"I'll help you get that off da _______?" he said leaning in.
You looked at him suprised. Your heart beat a thousand miles per hour.
His lips just barley touched yours when Germany came running in.
"_______! Vhat are you doing vit the enemy?" he yelled at you grabbing Russia's shoulders.
Russia turned around and glared at Germany and started to laugh.
"ku ku ku ku ku ku..." Russia laughed.
"VAHHHH!" Germany screamed backing up.
"Ku ku ku ku ku, I thought _______ quit being your allias." Russia said grinning evilly.
Germany yelped and ran out of the diner.
"Now where were we da?" Russia said gabbing your face and kissing you.
Your lips moved in sync, his toung moved up to lick your upper lip. You pulled away from each other, and you rested your head on his shoulder.
"I think..." he said whispering in your ear. "I enjoy hot chocolate alot more now da?"
You smiled. "Da."
"I love you ______." he whispered.
"I love you as well Russia." you said closing your eyes and smiling.
This is my first Russia love story, and I hope you enjoy! ^^ Please if you would comment I would be greatfull!
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Collection by

      His eyes trailed up, tracing the curvature of your legs. Silky stockings reaching under your skirt, hiding their lace edges. Your skirt was riding delicately up your thigh, leaving Roy to openly drool.

   You were oblivious to his hungry eyes, chatting away on the phone. Your provocative seat on the edge of your work desk was unintentional, a simple action to alleviate your sore high-heeled feet. Your dark lips formed unintelligible words, laughing occasionally on something said on the other end.

   Roy was, for once, desperately trying to work. A thick manilla folder of documents still needed to be checked over, and crumpled handfuls of forms swamped his in-box. He couldn't even raise his ink pen, frozen with his hand perched half-way to the paper.

   Your eyes flickered over to him, puzzled at his gaping features. You glanced down, then giving a soft giggle. You modestly adjusted your skirt to its normal length.

   "Like what you see, sir?" You joked playfully, covering the mouth piece of the phone with your hand.

   His milky white skin turned ruddy, clumsily dropping the pen. It clattered against the ink well, toppling the ivory piece over. Ink splattered over an employee review form, staining his navy jacket with speckles of black.

   Maybe having mini-skirts was a horrible idea. Seeing you in a normal one was sending him helter skelter, heaven knew what even less fabric would do to the colonel. You finished the conversation with a lengthy goodbye, finally hanging the phone up on it's oak receiver.

    "Sorry for the mess, sir." You winced a little, watching the ravenette smear ink on his pristine gloves.

   "Not your fault, Ms. (l/n). My hands weren't as good as I've bragged." He winked in return, trying weakly to return your flirtation.

   His secretary was in no way a bad employee. She easily made friends with his comrades, turned her work in on time, and was well versed in alchemy and it's practices. You couldn't ask for more. But Roy did.

   He was itching to make you his girl, at all costs. It should have been pretty easy. Flirt, wait for the swoon and just catch you. The Flame Alchemists bloated ego was slowly draining, as it usually did when it took too long. You'd been working at Central for two months now. It was official 'too long'.

   "Colonel, I'm going to run these notices down to Lieutenant Hawkeye and head home. Do you need anything before I go?"

   "I've told you, call me Roy." He regained his composure, his dark eyes gaining a mischievous light. "You know, you look good in lace, but I think of something better on you."



   It was your turn to falter. It was hard working here some days. To look up and see those dark eyes meet yours. He would smile at you, look back down and continue to write. Meanwhile, you were left to melt in your chair. It just wasn't fair. Not only was your Boss muscular and roguishly handsome, he was sweet and protective. Not to mention fairly funny, when he wanted to be. When he flirts, you appreciated the hell out of it, but was there anything more to the Alchemist than just a one night stand?

   "Colonel, please." You gathered your bag off the chair back. "I've said it before, I don't like sleazy come-ons."

   Roy huffed. He wasn't sleazy. He was suave. He offered a charming grin, folding his hands under his chin as he leaned on his desk. They both knew they were into each other. Most of the staff did, too. It was only a matter of time, romance, and courage.

   "What's it gonna take for you to come home with me, instead?"

   "Mm, dinner at the little restaurant on Main street?" You shrugged, putting on your coat. "Friday. Pick me up in your car, bring flowers, look nice. You're paying. I recommend up to two compliments per hour, no less than one. Tell cute stories, don't complain about Fullmetal, and I will allow one kiss at the end of the night."

   He paused, mulling over the conditions.

   "With tongue?"

   "We'll see."

   "And then we can...."

   "That will be after date three. A girl has to have standards." You walked back over, planting a kiss on the militants red cheek. "See you Friday, Roy~"

I'm finally back from my ban. A little FMA love for y'all
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Marco X Reader (One Piece)

Part 2 Lemon


~~   Something soft pressed gently against your lips, as though it was something fragile. It lingered for a moment longer, then was slowly removed. You didn't even have time to process what just happened before that softness reclaimed your lips again, staying alittle longer than the last. ~~

Marco slid his hand from your cheek to the back of your head as you pushed instinctively on his chest.
'H-He's kissing me?!'
You felt his lips slowly getting rougher on yours and, soon enough, you tried to mimic his lip movements. It felt strange in a really good way. The way his lips molded themselves onto yours. The way his tongue barely brushes against your lips. It was exciting. And you wanted more.
 You slowly stood up , getting use to the feeling of his lips on yours. You slid your hand tauntingly up from his chest, over his shoulder and hooked your arm around his neck. Your other hand supported your weight near his leg.
 He draped his arm over your waist and leaned back alittle. Thinking he was ending the sweet kiss, you leaned foreward with alittle more force. You didn't want this feeling to end.
  You could feel him smirking against you as he leaned back again, this time aburptly, dragging your body with him until you were on top. You gasped, quickly putting your elbows on either side of his head to prevent yourself from falling. Both of you were panting for a while, just staring at each other.
What was this feeling? Your entire body was burning with want. You wanted to be kissed again. You wanted him to hold you tighter. You wanted more. The look he was giving you wasn't helping you either. Was he feeling the same way?
   You felt the urge to tackle his lips again, but was flipped onto your back before you had the chance with the thin blanket covering you both from the world.
 Marco captured your swollen lips once more and his tongue licked your bottom lip. Again it was a soft touch and it was driving you crazy. You were not use to be given treatment.
You refused his request and tugged at his hair, pressing your body closer to his. He parted his lips with a gasp, not expecting your blunt action. Taking the opportunity you slid your tongue into his mouth. His wet muscle attacked you, both of you in a heated battle.
 His free hand traveled from your back to your stomach, up your breast, down your arm and thigh in a slow, rough, sexy way. His nails brushed against your exposed skin, leaving goosebumps wherever he touched. Then, he pinned your wrists above your head with one hand before returning to his torture.
   You moaned alittle as he squeezed your clothed chest, arching your back upward. You tried not to give him satisfaction, but damn he was good at it. You had lost your battle up north as his tongue invaded its new territory.
 Finally, he pulled away and gave you small kisses from your jaw to your collarbone. His lips felt like velvet against your skin as he gently sucked on it, trying to find that sweet spot. His fingers worked on your buttoned shirt, tracing your curves as he went down.
 "M-Marco," you moaned as he sucked on his target.  "You'll -leave a mark!"
Of course he ignored you and sucked harder, making you mewl under him. He nipped, licked, and kissed that one spot despite your protest.
  He pulled back after what felt like eternity to inspect what he's done so far. And he aproved of his work.
 The heated blush on your face when you stared at him. Your slightly open mouth as you panted. The purple marks on you slender neck. Your open shirt, revealing your lacy lavander bra. It took alot for him not to make you his there and then. He wanted to take it slow and make you beg.
 "D-Don't stare," you stammered, turning your head to a side with embarrassment.
 Marco chuckled. "You just love complaining." He leaned close to your ear. "Begging suits you better."
You were blushing madly as he traveled south, pulling your bra straps down with his teeth. You tried to free your wrists from his grip, but you were weak compared to the commander of the first division.
"Let me go."
 He hummed alittle and continued to kiss your covered mounds.
You cursed under your breath. You knew exactly what he wanted and he wouldn't give up until you complied.
"Please," you asked, "let me go Marco."
He smirked at you, lifting his head from your chest to look at you. "What was that ______? I didn't hear you. Alittle louder."
 "Damn it Marco please just let go of my arms!"
With a wider smirk, he let go. "I'll be nice this time."
Marco went back to your chest and pulled on the bra strap between your mounds. The bra loosened as he grabbed it with his teeth and yanked it off.
"Hey," you yelped, covering your chest with one arm and reaching out to take your clothing. "When did you-give that back!"
However, he threw it over his shoulder and pulled your arm away. "Don't cover yourself. I like the view."
"S-Stop saying weird things!"
 "Is it wrong to say I like what I see?"
You were about to snap back at him, but instead you had to hold back a moan as he licked your perked bud. Your back arched up at the blissful sensation when he enveloped it with his lips, your fingers digging into the sheets below you.
He pulled your pants and undergarment down while you tried to keep your sanity.Switching to give your other nub attention, he slid his hand between your legs, gently stroking your inner thigh, slowly getting closer to your heat.
All the while you were stifling your moaning, not wanting to wake the enitre crew that were not far from the room. But you were finding it getting harder to do. God it felt so wrong, but so good!
Marco tugged his black pants off and threw them off the bed. His fingers found their way to your most sensitive spot, causing you to throw your head back in pleasure as he rubbed your bundle of nerves.
He only smirked and continued, slowly putting one finger inside you. It felt so foreign as he moved it in and out in a slow pace, adding another finger a little while after.
  "A virgin huh," he asked, pushing alittle harder to see your reaction. As if he couldn't love your reaction any more.
 "Ah- I am is thah-at -oh god-"
You couldn't even finish your sentence. The pleasure. It was so much.
You felt your stomach coiling up tightly.
 "Marco-ah! I'm-I'm-"
 "Oh no you're not."
He pulled his fingers out, leaving you feeling empty inside. You were about to protest, but was silenced by his lips with a quick kiss.
"You're gonna ask."
The coiling began to unravel as he just stared at you with his golden brown eyes, disappointing you.
He on the other hand was enjoying himself.
"Ask," you repeated.
"I want you tell me what you want."
He touched your nerves again with force, massaging it with his thumb. You grabbed his shoulders and lifted your knees higher, moaning at the sudden touch. You felt the coil tightening again, but he once again left your heat.
 You glared at him, but he only repeated his former sentence.
"I want you to tell me what you want."
He was just waiting to hear you say those words, though you could tell he was impatient himself. He was panting heavily as he stared at you with half closed eyes. His arms trembled as they kept his body up.
"I-I want- you-Marco."
 Saying his name made him go crazy inside. He wanted to go all out, giving you his all. But, the thought of this being your first time was the only thing holding him back. He didn't want your first time to be the worst.
 Slowly, he pressed against you and penatrated. Pain seized your lower body as you clenched, wanting to close your thighs. But his body was preventing you. Tears fell from your eyes as you tried to calm down.
"Damn _____," Marco moaned as he pushed foreward slower.
 He wiped your tears away and kissed you, wanting to distract you from the pain. You kissed back, moaning in pain and grabbing his hair and back. Your nails dug into his shoulder blade, making him hiss. That was going to leave a mark, but knowing him, he would not ashamed of showing it off.
 He went all the way, burying himself fully and tightly in you. Then he stopped. You both were breathing heavily, trying to feel comfortable. The feeling was so foreign as you adjusted to his size. You soon began to loosen up and pulled away from his lips.
"Better," he asked, his breathing heavy.
You managed to smirk up at him. "I should be-asking you that-commander."
Then, he slowly pulled out and back in, looking at you all the while. You gasped loudly at the new feeling mixed with the pain, though the pain felt less. He did it again. And again. And again.
It became a slow, rhythmic pace as both of you grunted and moaned. The pain faded like a melting ice cube, being replaced with blissful pleasure. Everything he did was intoxicating.
"Harder! Please! Go-fast-ah-!"
He picked up his pace, getting rougher and faster as you wrapped your legs around his waist, giving him a deeper push. He grabbed your thighs, pushing the back closer to your body.
At one moment he hit a spot that sent you to heaven.
"Th-there! Hit there again!"
"And here I thought- I was commander."
He complied however, finding and hitting  that g-spot over and over.
You both covered in sweat, your bodies hitting one another, your mixed moaning. All of this added more to the cloud 9 feeling you both felt.
You could feel the burning coil in your stomach again. You begged for it to go away, not wanting this bliss to end. But you knew by the way he clawed at the sheet near you head and his quick breathing that he was not far either.
He pushed harder into you, closing his eyes tightly and panting.
"Marco," you almost screamed as the knot got really tight. "Oh God Marco I'm-I'm- ah!"
You tightened around him as you orgasmed, your upper body rising in the air.
"_______," he growled in a deep voice, riding your orgasm until he released in you.
 He fell onto your weakened body as the climax finally subsided. Wrapping your naked body in his arms, he laid his head on your shoulder and tried to control his breathing.
  You were so tired. You closed your eyes and slowly drifted into a deep sleep.


Again. Happy birthday :iconnightraven010: this completes your present.
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YES ! I love this pairing too ! <3

no color because lazy, again x')

They don't want to eat the same things :iconhurrhurrplz:


Drawing by me
Characters by Oda
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(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
England had barely enough time to get his coat and shoes off, before he found himself being held up in France’s arms. He growled and squirmed, but France held him closer, refusing to give in and whispered in the Englishman’s ear. “Now zhen~ About relieving that stress~” England gulped, a faint blush appearing on his cheeks. France chuckled and started carrying him upstairs, with surprisingly not much effort. England crossed his arms and tried to push away more.

“Get off me! I can walk, you know!” France smiled.

“I know tu can~ But isn’t zhis much more romantic~?” he winked as he approached the bedroom, England’s blush deepening slightly, causing him to turn his head away from the Frenchman and scoff.

“Idiot frog...”

France ignored England’s remark and opened the door, closing it behind him with his foot. He gently lay England down on the bed, smiling as England looked up at him. England blinked, crossing his arms “I don’t need any ‘stress’ being ‘removed’-I’m bloody fine!” he glared at the man above him, obviously annoyed at the circumstances he was now in. France’s smile turned into a grin as he knelt above England, gently cupping his cheek with one hand and stroking it lovingly.

England shook his head free of France’s hand and looked away. France blinked “What’s wrong mon petit chou~?” he smiled softly as the Englishman sighed.

“Little cabbage, really?”  France pinched his cheek playfully.

“It’s a term of endearment is France, mon cheri~”

England scoffed “Yeah, Yeah...”

France chuckled “Now, shall nous get on?” England turned his head back to face France, looking him up and down sceptically; then nodded curtly. France’s grin returned as he started lifting his own shirt off. England rolled his eyes as France threw the shirt to the side, and started taking off his own. After he had finished doing so, France leaned down and pressed his lips firmly against England’s, kissing him softly. England returned the kiss, kissing back a little harder and tilting his head to deepen it. France kissed harder, reaching down to start undoing England’s belt. He shook the trousers off, feeling England shiver as the cold air hit him.

France smiled softly into the kiss and ran his tongue over the other’s bottom lip. The Englishman parted his lips, allowing the Frenchman to start exploring his mouth.  England waited patiently for a while before pushing France’s tongue back and struggling to fight for dominance against his; France of course, accepted the challenge and fought back vigorously.

After a long tongue tussle, the pair broke away for air, a thin string of saliva connecting their mouths. Their eyes met as their soft pants ceased to a steady pace again. France gently moved a lock of hair from England’s face; accidentally brushing his finger against one of his famous, bushy eyebrows. England shivered, a small yelp escaping him “D-Don’t touch them, you bloody idiot!”

France blinked “Hmm...?” he ran his finger over it again, making England blush and squirm slightly. “S-Stop!! Isn’t one ‘no’ enough!?” France raised an eyebrow, but decided to leave them alone. They were quite peculiar...But, perhaps he would find out what they did another day....

France then quickly took his trousers off, England glancing at him as he sat up. France smiled as he gently placed a hand on his hip, caressing it with his thumb and starting to turn England onto his side.  England understood the motion and turned onto his back, huffing as France playfully started to tease the elastic on his boxers.

France chuckled, “Unicorns~? England’s cheeks turned crimson, causing him to bury his head in the covers.”Shuddup...!” he muttered, making France laugh softly.

“Aww~ I never said it was bad~ Actually it’s tres mignon~” England ‘tsk’d’ and sighed “Ugh, just get the damn underwear off already!” France rolled his eyes, but did as he was told.

“Stay where tu are~” France smiled and reached over to one of the bedside drawers, opening it and taking out a small tube of some sort. England looked back to see what he was doing; but was turned back around by France, who chuckled “Ohonhonhonhon~   Don’t peek, Angleterre~” he sat up. Lifting England’s ass up a little, and causing England to glance at him sceptically “...?!”

France just smiled softly and opened the tube, squirting a little onto his fingers “Don’t worry mon cher,” He assured “I won’t hurt tu...” He gently wrapped an arm around England’s waist and held him still “Now, don’t move, s’il vous plait...” England buried his head in the covers again, staying as still as he could.

Slowly, France inserted the tip of one finger into him, feeling England tense up slightly. He waited a bit, before pushing his finger in further and moving it around a little. England tensed up more and France chuckled “Relax, Angleterre~” England slowly did so, allowing France to push his whole finger into him and feel around the end walls, gently prodding and poking around. A muffled whimper escaped England’s lips as he shuddered. France started to insert a second finger, slowly, as not to hurt the Englishman beneath him. England held back a gasp as he felt France scissor his fingers, starting to slowly thrust them in and out of him. England gripped the covers a bit more and gulped.

“....Are tu alright, Angleterre?” France asked, a hint of worry heard in his voice. England nodded weakly.


“Do tu want me to finish, or...” France started to take his fingers out, but was stopped by England who shook his head.

“N-No...I-It’s okay...”

France paused, watching England to see if he meant it, and after a few seconds, judging by England’s still figure, he carried on and scissored his fingers again, preparing to insert a third. England yelped as he felt France start to push another finger in, it wasn’t exactly the most comfortable thing...

France carried on thrusting his fingers, widening England’s entrance. England hissed in slight pain and shock as France fully inserted the third finger, now thrusting it in and out with the others. “Nngh...” He buried his face deeper into the covers and gripped them tighter, bearing the pain.

After what seemed an agonizing few minutes, France took his fingers out and England breathed a sigh of relief. France smiled softly. “Desole if I hurt you, Angleterre, but I had to in order not to cause tu more pain later...” England didn’t respond, but lifted his head up, looking down wordlessly.

“...Angleterre?” France gently placed a hand on England’s shoulder.

“.....I-I’m fine...I’ll be fine....” England replied slightly shakily and looked up to the Frenchman above him, his eyes showing nothing but slight impatience.

“Heh heh...Okay...” France nodded and motioned for England to kneel, grabbing his hips and positioning himself behind him. A soft purr escaped him as he leaned over, trailing his neck and shoulders with soft, loving kisses before slowly and gently, entering him.

“Mmf...” England shivered as he felt France push a little deeper into him, giving a few small thrusts; each a little deeper than the one before. This caused the younger nation to yelp quietly as he felt the foreign body go deeper inside him. This wasn’t the first time, but nonetheless, it felt...strange.

Another harder thrust broke England from his thoughts as a small moan escaped him “Mmm~” France slowly increased his pace, England moaning louder with every thrust France made. France’s thrusts also increased in roughness as he carried on; every thrust granting him deeper access into the Englishman below him. England’s ‘ahh’s ‘and ‘ooh’s’ resonated around the room with a slight echo, causing a symphony of desire; in turn, making France grin and carry on, much faster and harder than before.

France held England’s hips a bit harder and angled himself slightly, easily finding England’s ‘special spot’. England yelped as France hit it, not expecting that.

“Aah~!” France grinned more and carried on pounding into that same place, knowing exactly what it would soon do to his beloved England.

A shiver ran up England’s spine, making him moan louder as a wave of pleasure took over him; making him orgasm. France chuckled as England arched his back, embracing the pleasure coursing through his body.


“Hmm~? You what, mon cheri~?” France grinned, suddenly starting to roughly pull in and out of him, of course knowing what England was going to say. The exasperated look on England’s face, the smell of their sexes and sweat mixing together only made him more excited; but he was also getting tired and felt he was going to come soon.

“I-I...gah! Y-You idiot th-that doesn’t hel-hngaaa~” England came, just managing to breathe. “H-Haaa..”  

France was also starting to pant lightly, and he followed soon after England. His thrusts slowed and he pulled out of England; England collapsing onto his stomach, panting. France flopped down next to him and chuckled weakly “N-Not stressed anymore, hmm~?” England just rolled his eyes “I guess not...” France put an arm around him, pulling him into an embrace which the Englishman gladly accepted and kissed him on the cheek.

“Goodnight mon cher~” he cast England a small smile, seeing England was already asleep next to him. He chuckled,  closing his eyes and too, slowly drifting off to sleep, holding his beloved ‘Angleterre’ close.
asdfghjk-wtf is this I don't even know. kill me now

With some help from my friends, I finally managed to write this xD The ending is a little rushed, but hey, I needed to upload this for you guys ^^ Hope you enjoy this first little lime of mine~ :3

Part 1 [link]
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I couldn't believe that this was actually happening to me. France was lightly caressing my face, his gentle touch sending chills through body. My lips trembled as I looked up at his sparkling blue eyes, and I realize how much I love him this began with him asking me why I hate him so much. I had explained to him that I could never hate him, and that I only act the way I do because I care about him. Then he had kissed me softly. Now here we are, his hands holding my face, with each soft touch, feelings of desire coursed through my body. France smiled at me, leaning forward and kissing me again. His tongue poked at my lips, begging to enter my mouth. I allowed his tongue to dance erotically across my own tongue, his hot saliva filling my mouth as a muffled moan escaped my enclosed lips. He held my waist close as he bit my lower lip. I closed my eyes as waves of passion washed over me. He pushed down on my chest, pushing me onto my bed. France brought his head lower, suckling and kissing my neck. I felt the pleasure fill me up, my heart thumping to the beat of his. He abused my neck, nipping and licking it, causing moans to escape from my lips. 
"F...France..." I groaned in pleasure. He looked up at me.

"Mi amore...say my name..." France asked me, his voice only just loud enough to be a whisper. 

"Francis...." I replied. He breathed into my ear, nibbling at the top. 

"Arthur..." He whispered to me. I could never explain to you why it was so hot when someone says my real name, but god, way France said it was absolutely perfect. I shuddered with longing as he slowly took off my shirt. He ran his fingers across my exposed chest, chuckling ever so slightly at my red blush. France's hand felt like heaven as it span about my skin, his fingernails just barely scraping the edge of my flesh. I cringed in embarrassment as he suddenly ran his tongue over my soft skin, his hot and steamy spit dripping down my upper body. He began pulling off my pants and he snickered as I hid my face in shyness.  France ran his hand up my leg, causing me to whimper in pleasure. As he got higher up my leg, he ran it over the bulge in my boxers. I moaned quietly as he ran it all the way to the top of my boxers. He pulled them down, and my erection was exposed. I cringed, turning my head away in embarrassment. I felt his strong hands tickle my member lightly. I moaned  as he rubbed it slowly.

"Fr-Francis..." I groaned in pleasure. He rubbed faster, pleasure crashing through my stomach, the more he rubbed, the more I wanted him. France chuckled at my moans of intense pleasure. He ran his tongue over my member. "Ahhhnn-! Fr....Fraaaanciiiss...." I arched my back. He took it into his mouth, sucking on it.  I groaned his name, my hands gripping the bed sheets. France pulled back and took off his shirt and pants. Finally, he dropped his boxers, his huge erection revealed. I breathed shakily as he approached me. France giggled and flipped me onto my stomach.  He poked his erection at my entrance. France slowly pushed himself in. "Ahhhhhhhhnnn-!!! FrAAAaaAanciiisss!!!" I cried out in pleasure as he pushed in, inch by inch. I trembled, looking behind me. " it in...?" I questioned as he began to move.  He was so big. I clenched my eyes tight, grasping the head board of the bed. He began to go faster, grunting. "FRANCIS-!!! AAAHHHNN-!!!!!!" I screamed with pleasure. 

"Uhhnf! A...Arthur..." France grunted. He rammed into me harder, my head throwing up into the air, a violent moan escaping my mouth. I felt him inside me, moving quicker and slamming harder, my groans of pleasure becoming louder and full of pure passion. 

"Haaahhh~!!!!" I screeched with desire. "AHHHNNNN~!!!! FRANCIISSSSS, DON'T STOP~~!!!!" I could tell he wasn't planning on stopping anytime soon. France's body moved in a beautiful rhythm with mine, his hips swaying in a never ending beat as his item pushed hard into me. My fingernails felt as if they were going to rip through the bed sheets. He saw the look on my face, and took my hand, allowing me to squeeze onto his hand, my fingers intertwining with his. My head swerved in thought, my mind beginning to go blank as I began to reach my orgasm point. "FRAaaAAaaannccCCcIiissssSSs, I'm...I'm gonna- c...cummmm....."

"Arrrtthhhuuurrr~!!" He grunted with pleasure. "C-Cumming...." Finally, I felt him release inside me, his sweet hot juices filling through my body. I howled in passion, my own pleasure finally escaping my body.

"I love yooouuu~!!!" I called out, my fingers digging into France's hand. We both collapsed, panting.

"J t'aime...." He told me.
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Collection by
(Y/n) has started a chatroom.

John has logged on.

Sherlock has logged on.

Mycroft has logged on.


‘What’s with the caps lock? – John’


‘YOU’LL NEVER FIND ME! – Sherlock’

‘Are they ok? – Mycroft’

‘I don’t know – John’

‘Hey John guess what? – Sherlock’

‘What? – John’

‘I broke down my door using my body – Sherlock’

‘……………… - John’

‘I’m concerned – Mycroft’

‘AWW YOU DO CARE! *virtual hug* - Sherlock’


‘I AM NOT A SIP! – Sherlock’

‘*SHIP*! – YN’

‘AH GRAMMAR NAZI! – Sherlock’

‘I’m scared – John’

‘Be afraid be very afraid – YN’

Greg has logged on.

‘Any reason Sherlock left a note pinned to my office door with a large butcher knife? – Greg’

‘What did the note say? – Mycroft’

‘I dunno it’s just scribbles – Greg’


‘Are you drunk? – John’


‘You’re standing by the elevator beside Sherlock making sexual gestures towards me – Greg’

‘You’re hot to trot – Sherlock’

‘Are you breaking up with me for Greg?! – YN’

‘Me and Graham have a special connection – Sherlock’

‘Fuck your special connection – YN’

‘My name isn’t Graham -_- - Greg’


‘Greg – Greg’


‘He killed him – John’

‘Oh now you’ve done it he’s collapsed to his knees and is yelling ‘NO!’ while (Y/n) laughs – Greg’


Jim has logged on.

‘JIM! – YN’

‘What? – Jim’

‘I love you – YN’

‘I love you too – Jim’


‘???? – Jim’

‘Their drunk – Mycroft’

‘Oh - Jim’

10 minutes later.

‘They’ve been quiet – Greg’

‘To quiet – John’

‘I’m scared – Mycroft’

Sebastian has logged on.

‘Alright I’m only going to ask this once. Who the hell broke my sister to the point she’s at my flat with her equally drunk boyfriend wearing a Justin Bieber t-shirt?! – Sebastian’

‘I dunno – Jim’

‘NEVER SAY NEVER! – Sherlock’


‘Now I’m scared – Jim’

‘You’re not listening to them sing – Sebastian’

‘I’m so sorry – Greg’

‘Sherly you have sex hair – YN’

‘I know I got the good looks of the family – Sherlock’

‘………………. – Mycroft’

‘Meh I think Mycroft is fit – YN’

‘Mycroft stay the hell away from my girlfriend or I’ll shove your umbrella up your ass! – Sherlock’

‘You can have her – Mycroft’

‘Hey! – YN’

‘Now you’ve upset her – Sebastian’

‘ : ( - YN’

‘Shh there, there my love he’s a dick – Sherlock’

‘I know – YN’

‘Oh hell no they found my stash of vodka! – Sebastian’

‘NOOOOOOOO! – Sherlock’


‘Ah shit – Sebastian’

‘What happened? – Jim’

‘I (accidently) tripped (Y/n) and her cake went out the window most likely along with her dignity – Sebastian’

‘Lol – John’

‘XD – Greg’

‘How is that funny? – Mycroft’

‘Because her cake fell out the window – John’

‘Lol – Jim’

‘See even Moriarty has a sense of humour. You Mycroft are dead inside – John’



‘I am not dead -_- - Mycroft’



‘How much have they had? – Greg’

‘No idea but I want some – Jim’

‘We stole it from your stash – YN’

‘O_O MY STASH?! – Jim’

‘Whoopsie – Sherlock’

‘Daisy – YN’

‘…………………. – Jim’

‘Poor Jim – YN’

‘Oh dear mother of god they’ve entered the drunk sex stage – Sebastian’

‘Get out of there! – John’

‘They’re blocking the door! I’m going out the window! – Sebastian’

‘Hsjdioefhowihfdcmnsx – Sherlock’

‘Gross – Mycroft’

‘I don’t even wanna know – Greg’

‘I don’t think any of us do – John’

‘I agree – Jim’

Sebastian has logged off.

‘Aw he left – Jim’

‘Oh well we’ll need to carry on without him – Mycroft’

‘Yes we must – John’

‘Should someone go over and maybe make sure Sherlock and (Y/n) don’t do something stupid? – Greg’

‘What can they do? – Jim’

‘Have sex – Greg’

‘The only bad thing about that would be if (Y/n) got pregnant – John’

‘Oh dear mother of god mini Sherlock’s – Jim’


‘GO, GO, GO! – John’

‘Bit over dramatic but ok – Greg’

‘Imagine it Lestrade. More than one Sherlock. He might even make you baby sit – Jim’


10 minutes later.

‘Ok crisis averted – Mycroft’

‘What did you do? – Jim’

‘I am currently with (Y/n) while John took Sherlock – Mycroft’

‘And I went to the bakery and got some cake – Greg’

‘Lucky bastard – Mycroft’

‘MyMy you’re like a cuddly bear – YN’

‘Please stop hugging me – Mycroft’

‘No – YN’


‘I’m not on her she’s on me! – Mycroft’



‘I am so uncomfortable – Mycroft’

‘Sherlock is pouting and I’m scared – John’

‘Be thankful (Y/n) isn’t with you……hidughwufgusx – Mycroft’

‘Mycroft? – Greg’

‘I tackled him ^_^ - YN’

‘Poor Mycroft – Jim’

‘Yep – John’

‘Hahahaha Mysie got taken out by a girl XD – Sherlock’

‘Mysie? Hahahahaha – YN’

‘Ah oxygen! – Mycroft’

‘Sorry Mysie – YN’

‘Can you please get off me? – Mycroft’

‘No. Selfie! – YN’

‘NO! – Mycroft’

(Y/n) has uploaded a picture and tagged Mycroft in it.

‘Pfft hahahahaha she’s sitting on you! XD – John’

‘Sorry that’s hilarious XD – Greg’

‘I feel so bad for you right now yet I’m laughing hahaha – Jim’

‘I hate you all – Mycroft’


‘You left me for Graham I left you for Mycroft – YN’

‘Who the hell is Graham? – Sherlock’

‘No idea – YN’

‘*Sigh* this is going to be a long night – Mycroft’

‘Shhh Mysie – Sherlock’

Sherlock has changed his name to Sex god.

Mycroft has changed his name to Mysie.

‘…………………… - Mysie’


‘Stop glaring at me you’re creeping me out – YN’

‘I hate you – Mysie’

‘ : ( - YN’

‘God damit Mysie! – Greg’

‘I will hunt you down – Mysie’

‘Worth it – John’

‘Sdjie349rhfeiscsCSnjuiehfu – Sex god’

‘Sherly? – YN’

‘He passed out on his phone – John’

‘Draw a moustache on his face – Jim’

‘I am – John’

‘Lol – YN’

‘Hadiehy83hqfwci – YN’

‘Ehh (Y/n)? – Greg’

‘Those pressure point lessons came in handy for once – Mysie’

‘O_O – John’

‘You’re next after Lestrade – Mysie’

‘O_O – Greg’

‘Hahaha – Jim’

John has logged out.

Greg has logged out.

Mysie has logged out.

Jim has logged out.

7 hours later.

‘Why do I have marker on my face? – Sex god’

‘Why am I in Mycroft’s house? – YN’

Sebastian has logged on.


‘O_O – YN’

‘(Y/N)! – Sebastian’

(Y/n) has logged out.

Sebastian has logged out.

Sex god is scrolling through the history.

‘Oh dear mother of god what have we done? – Sex god’

Sex god has logged out.
“Vati, Onkel, where did I come from?”

Germany choked on the piece of wurst he was about to swallow. Next to you, Prussia stopped eating and stared at you wide-eyed. You didn’t look away from your father as he attempted to regain his composure. “Vati?”

After he managed to swallow the chunk down, Germany managed to regain his composure and cleared his throat as a mild blush coloured his cheeks. “W-Why do you ask, ___________?”

“Because I’m not sure where I came from, or at least, I don’t think I do,” you answered, confused as to why your father and uncle were staring at you oddly.

Prussia’s look of surprised vanished and in its place was his usual grin. “Keseseseseseseseee! Well, West, care to tell my niece where she came from?”

Germany glared at him. “She’s not old enough to know yet.”

You look between your father and uncle, even more confused.

“She’s old enough! I told you about it around the same age! You’re just too chicken to tell her.”


“Fine, I’ll tell her!” Your uncle wrapped an arm around your shoulders as you turned back to look at him.  “Schatz, your vati and-”

“Nein!” Germany yelled, causing you to jump in shock. Seeing your reaction, your father looked at you apologetically. “Sorry, Liebchen…” He sighed, bringing his hands together and wringing them uncomfortably. “Fine, I’ll tell her.”

You fully turned back to your father. Next to you, you heard your uncle snickering and laughing under his breath. “This should be good.”

After a hesitating moment, your father looked back at you. His pink blush turned t red as he began “__________, your mutti and I loved each other very much, und when a vati und mutti love each very much-”

The phone rang.

Prussia cursed at the intrusion, looking disappointed. There was an expression of relief on your father’s face. “I’ll go get that,” he said as he stood from his place and left the room. As he went out the door, he shot a warning glare at Prussia. “Don’t give her any ideas.”

When you heard him go down the hall and answer the phone, you frowned and turned to your uncle. “What does vati mean, onkel?”

Prussia turns to you, the grin coming back in an instant. “Well, mein Liebchen, let the awesome me explain,” he said. He drew your attention to his barely touched dinner plate of wurst and mashed potatoes.

He took his fork and stuck it into an untouched wurst and raised it your eye level. “Pretend this is your vati,” he instructed.

You nodded. “Okay.”

With the other end of the fork, he dug into the pile of mashed potatoes and made a medium sized hole. “And pretend that is your mutti.”

You nodded again. You looked from the hole he created in the mashed potatoes back to the wurst on the fork.

“There comes a day, Liebchen, where every vati and mutti decides they want to play a game,” your uncle explained. “One day, your vati und mutti decided to play this game.”

“What kind of game is it?” you asked.

“It’s, uh…” Prussia went off into thought, but seconds later turned back to you. “It’s kind of like a game of golf. So, in the game, this is what your vati did to your mutti.” He stuck the wurst into the mashed potato hole and then brought it out again. He did this a few more times before saying “After doing this a couple more times, your vati” – Prussia reached over and grabbed a baby tomato from the salad on your plate – “eventually got a hole in one.” He dropped the tomato into the hole. “And that’s where you came from, ___________.”

You frowned and just as you were about to ask your uncle something your father came back into the room. You heard him mutter something about Italy interrupting your dinner time.

“I did it, West,” Prussia said smugly.

Germany looked wide eyed from the wurst on Prussia’s fork to the mashed potato hole with a baby tomato in it. He blushed madly. “BRUDER-!”


Germany looked to you, his expression of anger disappearing and was now replaced with worry. “J-Ja, Liebchen?”

You looked from between your uncle and father. “So I didn’t come from Berlin? I came from a game of golf?”
Vati - Father/dad

Onkel - Uncle

Mutti - Mother/mum

Liebchen - Sweetheart (generally used for kids if I'm not mistaken)

:iconprussiarapeplz:: Keseseseseseseeee! You'll never look at sasuages and potatoes the same way again!

:iconomgwtfgermanyplz:: What...What is this?!

It had to be done!! :faint: This is the sort o ideas I get at 4am...I have a weird mind... I'm sorry if I have scarred you readers :XD: Hope you liked it anyway :la:

Disclaimer: I own this laptop, these assignments I need to be doing, this IPod, this phone, this globe, and that door over there, Hidekaz Himaruya owns Hetalia
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Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
Spain X Reader: His Dream ..:Sequel:..


This a sequel to the first story, so this was just a quick story I typed in. =_=; <-Git! XD

Sorry for spelling and gramma....A-And ALL the Spaniah......I USED GOOGLE TRANSLATE!!! *CRYS* I-I' SOWWY!

*Sigh* Anyway, I hope you like it... ^^;

ENJOY! >//w//<;;


He let go of you and you put your arms around him. You then start to kiss him and he did as well, He hugged you closer to him so there was no gape between you. You moaned when you felt something on your leg.

You looked down and blushed, then back to Antonio "U-Ummm Antonio?"

He did a sly smile and kissed you again.


As he kissed you, his hand slid under your shirt and groped one of your breasts and his free hand rubbed under your thigh. You moaned in his mouth and you wanted more, so you entered your tongue in his mouth.

He pulls back and grins "Ahhh What more, Si?"

You slowly nodded "S-Si, Antonio..."

He then chuckles and takes off your shirt, then un-clips your bra. He then licked your nipple, while the other one was being massaged.

"A-Ahh.." You moaned out and you felt you panties being wet.

He kissed down your body and his hands slid down as well, until he stopped at you belt.

"My, my, this is in the way" He chuckles and you blushed.

He tugged on your belt and took it off, then slid it down your legs. He then licks his fingers and entered you panties, then moved them inside you. You moaned louder and gripped the sheets, as he moved his fingers in and out of you.

"A-Ahh Yes, Antonio! M-More!" You begged.

He grins evilly and wanted to tease you "Whaaaat? No puedo entender, Inglés. Sólo en español." - [I can't understand, English. Only Spanish.]  

You growled "M-Mean!"

He smiles "lo se!" - [I know] And he pumped his fingers inside you more, that it made you moan again.

You couldn't take it anymore "Ahh A-Antonio, Si, si, si! Más!" - [More]

He smiles "chica buena" - [Good girl] He purrs in your ear and enterd another finger.

You then shook your head, when you felt your walls closed up around his fingers "A-Antonio, deje por favor! Estoy tan C-Cerca ahh!" - [stop please! I'm so close ahh]

He didn't, but went faster in to you. You arched your back and moaned.

"A-Antonio ahh!" You climaxed on his fingers.

He pulled them out and licked his finger clean "Hmmm tan bueno.." - [so good]

He then took off his own cloths "pero no hemos terminado todavía" - But we're not done yet"

When he was fully naked, he picked you up and slowly goes inside you.

"Ahhh S-Si!" You moaned out, as you dug your fingers in his back.

He grabbed your waist and moves you up and down, fully feeling ALL of him.  You moaned his name and spoke in Spanish just for him. He panted, as you started to rock your hips to get the rhythm and his thrust.

"A-Ahhhh ___________, usted es tan severta!" he moaned out. - [You're so tight]

"A-Antonio...A-Ahh te amo!" - [I love you!]

"Te amo tambien.." - [I love you too]

"Ahhh Antonio! M-Más rápido, Por favor!" - [F-Faster, Please!]

"_-___________! te sientes tan bien" - [You feel so good!]


" Ahhh Estoy casi alli!" - [Ahhh I'm almost there!]

You both felt close to your climaxed, so Antonio started to thrust and you cried out in pleasure.

"SI, SI, SI!" you repeated. - [yes, yes, yes]

"A-Ahh decir mi nombre!" - [say my name]


He growled "¡Más fuerte!" He thrused deeper. - [Louder!]

You then climaxed "AHHH ANTONIO!!!"

After a second, Antonio burst his seeds inside you "Ahhh _____________!"

You put your arms around him and moaned, to feel Antonio filled you inside.


"S-Si..?" He breathed out.

"Can I-I stop speaking Spanish?"

"....Si"  He chuckled and slid out of you, then placed you on his bed.

You put your arms around him and smiled "I love you, Antonio.."

He kissed your four head "I love you too, but now…get some sleep.."

You both then drifted off to sleep........BEST SPANISHS SEX EVER!

THE END! .//////. ~ <3
This is the first story - [link] ^////^;

I hope you like it and sorry for the Spainish for B-Being wrong....I suck at it, but I'm doing it next year at college. ^.^~ :heart:
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(Contains: sexual themes)
You woke up again in the night. It had become common habit now, ever since that day you were left on Earth...
You'd been crying again. Your cheeks were wet with tears. Although you weren't aware of your crying, you understood why, and you sat up awkwardly as your hands affectionately stroked your rounded stomach, sobbing wildly as you remembered who's child you were carrying. That child was the reason for your constant heartache, whilst simultaneously being the reason for your grounding to your home planet.
It had been a shock. Not being left on Earth, that is, but finding out you were pregnant. You probably should have predicted it, seen as you were constantly nauseous every morning, amongst other things...
The Doctor had put it down to travel sickness, blissfully ignoring how you hadn't been travel sick before. You had wanted to believe him, wanted to think that things were so simple, but ever since you'd found out you had two hearts, your life had never been that simple. It was all monsters and aliens and Time Lord's, and it had overwhelmed you. The Doctor had been there to guide you by the hand, and you'd appreciated his comfort, perhaps a little too much.
He'd fallen into your life quite literally. You were heading out of your house to simply go shopping, and in the atrocious wind, a man had fallen from the tree in front of you. You'd taken a step back, frowning at the gangly creature that had landed in front of you, and he'd lifted his head from its grass bed and grinned manically, making you ever so slightly scared. His hair flew about wildly in the wind, making him look like a ratty professor.
"Hello!" He beamed, jumping to his feet.
"...You just fell from that tree." You pointed out, still keeping your distance. He looked up at the tree, and smiled again.
"Yes." He agreed.
"Why were you in the tree?" You asked.
"It's not a tree." He said nonchalantly. You started to think he was actually a madman that had escaped from an asylum.
"It's a tree." You said blankly. He shook his head.
"No it's not." He replied.
"Yes it is." You frowned again.
"No, it's really not."
"Then what is it?" You asked. You really wished you hadn't.
"It's a tree." He said. You sighed.
"But..." He grinned. "It's not just any old tree." He paused for effect.
"What sort of tree is it?" You asked, little enthusiasm in your voice.
"An observations tree."
"A what?" You hadn't heard of that species before.
"An observations tree. Observes the world around it. Think of it like, it's nothing like CCTV, more a person watching something remotely-"
"CCTV?" You lifted an eyebrow.
"Yes-...well, no. But if you want to think that, then yes. It's a CCTV tree."
"Observing what?" You asked. His smile grew. You were starting to find him unnerving.
"Ah, see, now you're getting it." He pointed at you as he grinned.
"I don't know." He said, but you could tell he was lying.
"It's in front of my house. Why?" You realised. He didn't make eye contact with you, preferring to glanced around at the tree. "It's observing me." Your eyes widened, knowing that you were right when he glanced at you, knowing that it meant that you were right. "Why?" You asked.
"I don't know." He said again. "I honestly don't know."
"And who's observing me?"
"Everyone." He said. His voice had become slightly darker like the sky.
"Everyone? Who's everyone?"
"The universe and some. Every influential race that exists. Every little alien and every big hairy monster that hides under your bed." A hint of a smile placed on his lips at your curious face.
"Monster? Alien?" You were in deep disbelief. He moved closer to you, speaking in a low tone as he averted his gaze to the tree.
"Out there, in the sky, on this planet, on almost every other planet in this whole massive universe, monsters exist. Monsters that can kill you in an instant, or monsters that can become your best friend."
"You're mad." You decided. He gave you a hurt look.
"What's made you so cynical?" He asked as he pulled a face.
You hadn't known then what the fob watch your father had given you had meant. But you had always carried it with you, and it had unknowingly changed your life. It had even made you forget everything about every little spaceship and alien.
He didn't want to believe that you were so cynical, so - calling you Miss Disbelief - he grabbed your hand and dragged you to his blue box, something which you had protested highly against. You'd attempted to bite his hand, but failed as your eyes fell on the interior of what he called his 'TARDIS'.
"It's...bigger...on the inside." You'd said in stunned amazement. He'd hidden a smile as he marched to the centre of the giant room.
You'd involuntary whispered "Time Lord technology," something that had caused the Doctor to flick his head to you instantly and skulk towards you like a vulture.
"Sorry, what?" He lowered his head.
"What?" You asked.
"What you just said?"
"I said it's bigger on-"
"After that. What did you say?"
"I didn't say anything." You answered honestly. He shook his head.
"No, no I heard you. You said 'Time Lord technology'."
"Time Lord? What's a Time Lord?"
He frowned slightly. You honestly didn't know what you'd said.
"Nothing." He smiled again, spinning away and walking slowly to the controls. You were left ever so slightly bemused.
It wasn't until you were staring at the coalition of dwarf planets that he noticed your fob watch.
He'd flown the TARDIS to the exact viewpoint where you could see a perfect line of seventeen dwarf planets of all different colours, illuminated beautifully by a foreign sun. You'd gasped as you held onto the door frame for dear life, and he'd smiled.
"But they're...they're planets!" You exclaimed.
"You catch on quick." He'd joked quietly. You were to amazed to punch him. As he'd looked to his feet with his hands in his pockets, he'd noticed your fob watch hanging from your jeans. It was the circular Gallifreyan that had caught his eye. His demeanour changed instantly, standing up properly and removing his hands from his pockets. You turned to him.
"What?" You narrowed your eyes.
"Your fob watch. Where did you get it?" He asked.
" father gave it to me. He said to keep it as safe as possible." You spluttered.
"When was that?" He pressed.
"I don't know, when I was four-"
"When was that? What was the year?"
"I-...I don't know. I can't remember." You said quickly, but a moments thought made you realise that you actually didn't know. "I can't remember..." You drifted off, holding the fob watch in one shaking hand. You hadn't really noticed the engravings until now, but you wondered what such confusing symbols meant.
"Open it." He pressed.
"Why?" You asked. He took hold of your hands and looked into your eyes.
"You have to trust me. Open it. I promise you, it'll change your life." He stared.
He couldn't have been more right.

You stared at the rain outside the window, hitting it without conviction, making the window cry too. You started to rock, humming slightly to a tune you remembered so well...

Life as a Time Lady was exciting, much more than real life. The Doctor - as he introduced himself - said it was too risky to take you back to your own house as the tree was still monitoring the place. He said he couldn't risk deactivating it as it would bring too much attention, so he'd leave it active. He suggested that you sell the house too and let someone *human* move in, so the tree would still think that you were there. The tree couldn't detect your Time Lord side and it had only been placed there as an inkling. He said that they wouldn't bother trying to track you, because the tree hadn't been monitored for quite some time. Still, he'd edited it to make it believe that you were dead. You hadn't liked that thought, but you supposed that your human side *was* dead.
He was clearly excited about finding another Time Lord, and although opening the fob watch had reinstated some memories, most of your memories were vague as you'd been disguised as human at such a young age. It physically hurt your head to think back, but the Doctor said it would get easier with time.
"It's like a freshly opened wound. It'll hurt a bit to prod it, and after a while it may start to itch," This made you frown, "But eventually it'll heal, albeit with a few scars." He nodded.
"So there will be things I don't remember?" You asked. He nodded again.
He said he'd show you everything there was to see, his enthusiasm rubbing off on you greatly as his smile only grew. It made you smile to see him do so.
"And by the time we're done," He began in a low whisper, inches away from your face, "They'll be nothing left to see."
This piece of information came as a shock to you, seen as you suspected that not even he had seen everything. Was he suggesting that he wanted you to stay travelling with him forever?
Forever was a big word.
"What makes you think that I want to come?" You asked, folding your arms.
"You have nowhere to go." He said. You shrugged.
"I could find somewhere. What makes you think that I want to travel in here with you?"
"Because...because you want to."
"How do you know that?" You asked.
"Because you haven't stopped smiling since you saw me." He let the corner of his mouth twitch, and you frowned to yourself. He was right. If that kept happening, that was going to get annoying.
"So are we going to fly around...counting stars...and stuff?" You absentmindedly walked around the TARDIS, glancing around you at the ceiling and floor alternatively.
"If you like." He glanced at you with his baby face. You ignored him as best you could. You couldn't ignore your flushed cheeks. You made sure to stay facing away from him.

OneRepublic. Counting Stars. It was all you could think about as you rocked. You stopped. Paused. Stood up. Looked out of the window at the starry, rainy sky. It was dark. Very dark. And you were freezing. Even with your dressing gown.
You placed a cold hand on the frozen window, looking intently up at the sky, feeling the mildewed window beneath your hand like poison being absorbed into your fragile skin.
"Rocketman." You whisper. "I miss you." You curl your mildewed hand. It should be holding *his* hand. Like it used to.

"Keep up!" The Doctor shouted as he grabbed your hand, pulling you along after him. You yelped, your whole body a step behind as you almost tripped, throwing yourself forwards to keep up.
"Doctor, wait! I'm not all gangly like you!" You exclaimed breathlessly, your words slightly skewered.
Even though you were running away from your new worst enemy - a Dalek - the Doctor seemed to be in an elated mood as he ran. You suspected that he was used to running away from things by his expert navigating of the twisting corridors of Zeta-Seven, a disused spaceport. He pulled you around each corner briskly, almost lifting you off the ground as he ran ahead.
"EX-TER-MIN-ATE!" A voice rang out behind you, and a stray shot from another Dalek whistled past your head, making your hearts jump simultaneously as you had the overwhelming feeling of dread wash over you. You didn't know that someone could feel so scared and so happy at the same time, but you were pretty sure that you were feeling just that. With the threat of multiple Dalek's making you petrified, and the joy of the Doctor making you euphoric, you grinned. Catching sight of your grin made the Doctor smile too, and you ran into the alien sunlight outside of the spaceport and into the darkness of the TARDIS, slamming the door shut behind yourself and the Doctor as the Time Lord quickly began to set the controls.
"" You breathed, taking deep breaths to control your breathing. The Doctor glanced over at your almost-collapsed form and grinned.
"You okay?" He asked. Your smile grew.
"That was so FUN!" You screamed. "Let's do it again!" You jumped in the air, pummeling an invisible Dalek as you grinned manically.
"Wow Shergar, I think we've had enough Dalek's for today." He raised his hands. He never thought he'd be the one reining *you* in. Your enthusiasm coupled with his energy was a dangerous combination. You were going to make a right couple...

You sighed as you looked at your bedside table, seeing that your cup of tea had gone cold. Again. You must have fallen asleep waiting for it to cool. You didn't bother moving it yet. You were still busy watching the stars in the sky, humming the tune to 'Stargazer' by Paloma Faith.
You had to sit down. Your back was killing you carrying all the extra weight of a child. So you sat on the edge of the bed with the blanket wrapped around you, staring out of the window. It wasn't as if you got much sleep anyway. Why change now? Even if you did sleep, you wouldn't dream.

You remembered sleeping one night, something which you didn't often do since becoming a full Time Lady. You remembered waking up suddenly, filled with a fear unfelt before. You'd had a nightmare.
Looking around you in your dark bedroom in the TARDIS, you suddenly felt very alone.
You hadn't been dreaming of monsters or aliens. You hadn't been dreaming of dying. You'd dreamt that you were alone.
And that the Doctor was gone forever.
You'd felt your eyes sting with tears as you'd curled up in a ball, your head buried in your knees as you tried to forget the nightmare.
As quick as lightning, you jumped up and ran out of the bedroom and all the way to the controls of the TARDIS, your heart thundering vigorously until you saw the Doctor standing there as always. He was absentmindedly pressing buttons on the controls with a childish intrigue on his face.
He instantly lifted his head at the sound of your bare feet hitting the floor, and looked over to you with a small smile. When he saw the worry on your face, his eyebrows arched, walking over to you and taking your hands in his.
"Hey, what's wrong?" He asked softly, lowering his head slightly as he peered into your eyes.
"I-..." Your voice was shaky. You swallowed. "Promise me that you'll never go away." You looked directly into his eyes, forcing him to promise. He squeezed your hands.
"What's brought this on?" His voice was so soft, slowly dissipating your sadness.
"Please, promise." You asked. Your voice became more frail whilst increasing with certainty. He nodded.
"Of course, I promise. I'll always be there for you, wherever you are. I'll be there, I promise." He said, and you wrapped your arms around him suddenly, stunning him slightly before he returned the hug. He kissed the back of your head.
"Thank you." You barely whispered, your voice almost lost in the dimensionally transcendental spaceship. He hugged you tighter.
"I'm not going anywhere." He soothed, sensing that you'd had a nightmare. You didn't let him go for a good long while.

You sobbed as you pulled the duvet over you, hugging a pillow tightly as you shut your eyes, curling your feet away from the edge of the bed. Your heart hurt so bad, and it wouldn't stop hurting, no matter what you did. The pain wasn't helped by the moving being inside you, giving your stomach a good kick as another trigger for another memory. You shook your head. You didn't want to remember that evening...

"And now, a great round of applause for our guests of honour for returning the famed Blue Admiral." The great man with the large beard said heartily, and the crowd broke into a round of applause as you curtsied and the Doctor bowed.
The Blue Admiral wasn't a butterfly, it was a painting of a black horse. You'd asked the Doctor why it was called that, and he'd said "The owner of the horse had a fetish over Blue Admiral butterflies."
"I love Blue Admirals, but I wouldn't name a horse after them." You'd said.
"No, he had a fetish of eating them." The Doctor added.
"Ah." You nodded, smiling politely at passers by. "Can we go yet?" You whispered. You were desperate to get out of the restricting deep blue dress you were wearing, the top half mimicking the wings of a Blue Admiral butterfly. It was a nice dress, but not the most comfortable to wear. You almost wanted to wear the Doctor's top hat and tails.
"Not yet." The Doctor whispered, offering his hand to you, and you took it as he led you down the last few steps of the grand staircase and onto the main floor. The ballroom floor.
"I can't." You whispered, glancing over the other pairs of people dancing slowly around the room to the gentle rhythm of Frank Sinatra's 'Around The World'.
"You can." The Doctor whispered, taking your other hand and turning you to face him. He placed a hand on your waist, a hand which made you feel all weird inside. All...fuzzy.
And he taught you how to dance, rocking gently to the song.
You apologised for stepping on his foot. Twice. And kicking his shin.
"I thought we weren't on Earth." You whispered with a smile.
"We're not." He whispered softly back.
"Frank Sinatra?" You questioned.
"He gets around." The Doctor said, and admiring your not-convinced expression, he glanced over at the wooden doors behind you. "Take a look." He smiled, and you glanced behind at the doors. You let him go, and walked through the crowds of slow-moving people, stopping at the doors and pulling them open.
You gasped. As you looked up at the sky, clouds of pink, purple and gold dust decorated the sparkling sky, stars very far away but densely packed exploding and reaching out to others in a well rehearsed dance. You walked forwards to stop the glare from the lights behind you, and failed to remove your eyes from the wonderful sight. Your hands held onto the edge of a stone balcony, reassuring you that you weren't going to fall off.
"Did I mention where we are?" The Doctor whispered into your ear. You shook your head, then glanced at him over your shoulder. "The horse-head nebula." He smiled, looking up at the sky as he stood next to you. "Right in the centre." He beamed to himself.
"It's..." You were speechless. It was beautiful. "It's..." You really couldn't think of anything to say.
Actions speak louder than words...
You turned around and kissed the Doctor. A most certainly meaningful long kiss. Something that he was not expecting, but which he didn't protest against. Your hands fell against his chest as you felt his hearts double in speed, mimicking your own as you felt his arms wrap gently around you, holding you close, pressing you to him because he was right.
You were all his. And that was probably why you'd let him take you by the hand away from the celebratory party, into the TARDIS...
...And why you let his wondering hand find the zip at the back of your neck...

You sobbed quietly. Meaningful sobs that would be heard by no-one. You didn't know why you were trying to hide your tears because no-one was there to hear them. Only your baby could feel them.
His baby.

The Doctor had been looking at you with some concern for a few days, seen as you could barely take one journey in the TARDIS without running off desperately to find the toilets before the TARDIS floor got a new coating of breakfast. Sometimes, however, you didn't even need to take a journey to feel nauseous.
"My driving isn't that bad!" He exclaimed as you ran off yet again, finding the toilets in quick haste before losing that morning's breakfast. Your throat burned, and you felt utterly awful. If it was the TARDIS, you thought, you'd curse it when you could speak.
"You're not okay." A voice had said from behind you, and you hung your head as you knelt on the floor.
"No, I'm not." You muttered, sighing inwardly. You felt a hand stroke your back, and turned your head right to see the Doctor crouching next to you.
"How long have you felt like this?" He asked softly, his hand still stroking your back.
"I don't know. A week, maybe. I can't tell." You shook your head. You couldn't be bothered thinking now. "Have I caught some sort of space bug?" You mumbled as you attempted a smile. He patted your back, standing up and pulling you up after him.
"Come on." He smiled, leading you back to your room to sleep off the illness.
You slept. A lot. You'd go through bouts of illness and then feel fine again.
And you suddenly felt very ill indeed as a sudden thought filled your head, and dread washed over you.
You'd sat up and ran to the control room, grabbing the Doctor by the shoulders and staring directly at him. His eyes were wide as he stared back at you.
"(Y/N)?" He lifted an eyebrow.
"Doctor, listen to me. I think I know why I've been ill!" You were moments away from shaking him. He slowly took your hands off his shoulders as he held them in his own to contain them.
"Explain..." He said slowly.
"You know the other week?" You asked, trying to be sensitive.
"" He frowned.
"The other week?" You tried to use your expressions to their maximum potential. He nodded, then slowly shook his head.
"No, sorry, what?" He asked.
"*That* other week?" You pressed gently. He stared at you dumbly. You sighed. "Horse-head nebula." Your eyes flattened. He paused. You jutted your jaw to one side.
He realised. Realisation hit him like a train.
"Oh...oh!" He realised, then grinned. You nodded. "Then? Oh, I remember!" He sounded proud. You inwardly sighed.
"Yes, well..." You encouraged to get him to realise, rolling a hand.
"What?" He frowned as he tried to figure out what you were implying.
"You know..." You tried. He really did try to figure out what you meant. You were going to have to be direct.
"I'm pregnant." You said blankly, suddenly feeling like a very weird concept for you. His eyes widened, and he stared for a while.
"You're pregnant? But-...but that means..." He let a grin spread across his face. You nodded.
"At least, I think." You added. "I mean, it's pretty logical." You said. "All things considered..." You drifted off in deep thought. You weren't allowed to stay in deep thought as the Doctor almost yelped and whooped, clapping his hands together and hugging you tightly, crushing the life out of you.
"Breath...air...breathe..." You squirmed. He stood back with his hands in your shoulders.
"You!" He exclaimed happily.
"Can we check, you know, so no hopes are raised...?" You asked sheepishly.
Of course, seeing the results laid out in front of you only made it more real, and made it more believable.
And made the Doctor more excitable.

You'd stopped crying now. Maybe because you'd cried your eyes out, or maybe because you remembered what had caused your grounding to Earth, and why...

The Doctor was livid.
"(Y/N)!" He shouted over and over again. You'd gone missing. On an alien planet. He ran about wildly between the various oak-looking trees and along the dusty, old paths and between old rusty buildings as he tried to find where you were. The rusty buildings were like small sheds, abandoned and left to time. They were curious to look at hidden between alien forests, illuminated by a constant sunset. That was why the Doctor had brought you there. You liked old things like that. And with the sunset...
"(Y/N)!" He shouted again. His eyes were red. He was breathless, which was saying something.
He found you. Very suddenly. Tied to a tree unceremoniously. Surrounded by what could only be described as humanistic fennec foxes. Void of any cuteness, all five of them simultaneously turned their heads to the Doctor and flattened their ears ferociously.
They growled, baring their teeth.
The Doctor gasped, taking a step back as they turned on him.
You lifted your head and saw him, screaming out.
"Doctor!" You shouted. You weren't afraid of death. But you feared for your baby's life. At around four months, you'd just begun to show your pregnancy, making you all the more aware of the dangers around you.
"I'm coming!" The Doctor shouted, then ran off with the foxes in tail as one stayed to guard you. It eyed you suspiciously. You bit your lip. You could hear the Doctor wailing in the distance as he ran.
"Why?" You narrowed your eyes. "Why do you want to do this?"
"Food." It muttered in a low whisper. "You are nutritious." It refused to make eye contact with you. It didn't want to acknowledge its dinner.
"Please." You began to sob. "I can't die. Don't let me. You don't want to eat me, I can see that. Let me go. I'll get food for you. I promise." You tried.
"You're nutritious." It repeated. It spared you a glance, glancing back again as it saw your face.
"I'm pregnant." You said quietly as tears slowly fell down your cheeks.
"We know." The creature admitted almost shamefully. "That is why we wish to eat you. You are sacred. You are nutritious."
"I'm scared." You said.
"I know." It muttered. It probed the ground with one paw, kicking around a few leaves.
"Let me go."
"We will starve."
"No you won't!" You exclaimed. "Let me go and I promise that I'll bring you food! I promise!" You demanded. It stared directly at you for a while.
"They will kill me. I cannot stay."
"Take food to them, and they'll praise you." You smiled. The naïve fox let you go without a second thought.
You both ran through the forest to the TARDIS.
"Wait here." You whispered, letting the creature in the TARDIS as you went to find the Doctor.
It didn't take you long. Just following the screaming and birds...
You caught his hand and dragged him to the TARDIS. You explained your plan. You executed your plan.
And the fox was hailed as a hero, and made the new leader of the group. He was praised as the bringer of life source...
...And that was the last thing you'd done with the Doctor.
Once everything had settled down, and the TARDIS had landed, the Doctor took hold of your hands, kissing them before squeezing them in his own.
"(Y/N), you know how much I care for you both." He smiled as he placed a hand on your stomach. "I'd move the Earth and sky to keep you safe. And I want you to be safe. And you can never *be* safe in the TARDIS."
Your heart sank as you realised what he was suggesting. You shook your head slightly.
"I'm safe. I'm with you." You stressed. He shook his head.
"No." He ran a finger over the small abrasions where the tight rope binds had bound you to the tree. "You can never be safe with me. Which is why..." He began. You shook your head again, and he stroked your hands. "...I'm saving you. I'm rescuing you one last time. And I promise you that wherever you'll be, you'll be safe because I'm always watching over you. Wherever you are. Night and day." He kissed your cheek. "I'll be there. I promise." He led you to the doors of the TARDIS, almost pulling you after him.
The scene ahead of you didn't fill you with joy. A house. A nice house. A nice house sandwiched between a row of others. A house numbered 23. A house to which the key lay in your hand when the Doctor placed it there.
"You have to understand that I'm not abandoning you. I'm never abandoning you. I'm saving you." He tried to convince himself.
"No, I'm not going, I'm safe with you." You held onto his arm. He looked away, as if the very thought of you protesting hurt him. Which you hoped it did.
"You're safe here." He guided you out of the TARDIS doors, and you were reluctantly pulled along.
"No, no please, don't." You cried. He smiled melancholicly.
"(Y/N)..." He let you hug him, stroking your head with an affectionate hand. He lifted your chin, and kissed you. One last bittersweet kiss.
"Because I love you." He stepped back, tearing you from his grip as he stepped into the TARDIS and shut the door. You screamed. You wailed.
You stepped back as it dematerialised. And your arms dropped.
And you took a deep breath.
And exhaled.
In quick succession.

You breathed gently. You'd barely come to accept his decision to leave you on Earth, but it was easier now than it had been. It didn't mean that you could sleep any better. You couldn't. But it helped your body settle, and your stomach stop churning, and your hands stop shaking, and your eyes stop crying.
You stared at the stars, like always. You knew he was out there somewhere. And if you had your own spaceship, you'd follow him without a second thought. After only being you and him for so long, being alone was hard to handle.
Your thoughts drifted to your first encounter again. How he'd fallen from the tree. Your little tree-hugging rocketman.
You stood up almost instantly. You had an inkling.
Wrapping your dressing gown around you, shoving your slippers on, you went to the window and opened it wide, leaning out as much as you could, and you shouted to the darkness outside.
"Doctor, I know you can hear me!" You shouted. You grinned. "Because that tree isn't a tree, is it?!" You must have sounded crazy to anyone else. Luckily, it was the dead of night. "Doctor, I need you now more than ever! I'm scared." Your voice dropped. "I'm so scared, and I'm so alone. I don't want to stay here. I want to be with you." You barely whispered as your hopes began to fall.
"Right here. Right now..." You felt tears brimming at the edge of your eyes. "Where are you...?" You whispered. Your head hung low.
A voice. A soft purring voice. A familiar soft purring voice. Behind you.
"Right here..." The voice whispered. You smiled. You turned around and saw a man standing there just out of sight of the moonlight. The shadows embraced him, but you didn't need the light to know who it was.
"Doctor..." You whispered. You could feel your hearts thundering away. He stepped forwards, letting the moonlight illuminate him like it did you.
"(Y/N)." He smiled, a great, sad, warm smile. He stepped towards you, and gently hugged your stunned figure, being careful not to press your stomach. You wrapped your arms around him, closing your eyes tightly as you embraced the warmth he gave you. You listened to his hearts beating, and it filled you with so much happiness to hear him. He kissed your cheek, and you smiled, pressing your head into his shoulder even more.
"I don't.. want to stay..." You whispered. "Don't leave without me."
"Ssh." He soothed. "I'm here now." He rocked you gently.
You stood like this for a while.
He stood back. And stared at you for a moment.
"You've grown." He smiled, lifting his eyebrows.
You managed a laugh. "Yeah, I suppose I have." You placed a hand on your stomach, feeling the restless baby inside. It was as if it could sense who was standing near.
"You've grown a lot." He frowned. You frowned back.
"What's that supposed to mean?" You pouted.
"Nothing." The Doctor snapped a little too quickly. You frowned, but didn't ask any more. He stepped towards you, and placed his hands on your stomach with a grin. He looked between you and his hands.
"It''s moving." He smiled, feeling the baby kick him hard. He grinned like a madman; that unnerving, adorable smile.
"It does that." You nodded.
"'s moving!" He seemed almost in disbelief like the concept of pregnancy was alien to him. You rolled your eyes.
"I'd hope it was." You nodded again. You took his hands in yours. You held them tightly like he could disappear any second.
"Rocketman, don't ever leave me again." You whispered. You kissed him. You'd missed this. You made it count.
And so it happened that you finally got to sleep peacefully. With the arms of your Doctor wrapped lovingly around you, holding you closer than ever before, and you held his arms close to you to make sure he wouldn't wonder off again. And he wouldn't.
For a while.

It happened. I had to. Kill me, why don't you.

It's a reader insert. *grins* A fluffy one.

It had to happen.

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Hetaloid! Male! Belarus x Reader [Jealousy]
Hetaloid x Reader
Male! Belarus (Nikolai) x Reader

The tree was decorated, the feast was in the oven, the snow was falling outside and there were presents under the tree. Christmas had come again. Your parents sat you down and pointed to a gigantic box. It looked as if a human could fit in it. You tore off the wrapping and gasped at what was inside.

A Male Belarus Hetaloid!

You thanked your parents and read the instructions. The instructions where simple 'to activate tell him something about marriage'. 'Well, that should be easy' you thought. Your dad carried it up the stairs to your room and placed it on the floor. He left you and closed the door. 'Marriage huh?' Finally making up your mind you said: "I wander what it is like to be married..." The Hetaloid opened his eyes and got out of his box. He placed a hand on yours and went down on one knee.

"Would you like to see" he said coldly. A shiver went down your spine.

"Um, I am way too young to get married, sorry..."

"Oh well, I don't even know you. My name is Nikolai by the way..." He responded bluntly.

"Nice to meet you Nikolai, my name is (f/n)!"

~*~ Timeskip ~*~

Christmas had gone by fast and about 4 months had passed. School had just finished for the week and you were talking with your bast friend Ivan. Was it obvious that you had taken a liking to the Hetaloid? To others maybe not... Well, to you it was! You had fallen deeply in love with him. You didn't realise that Nikolai was waiting at the end of the hallway to pick you up after school, so you continued to talk with Ivan.

"Remember the promise we made when we were kids?" You asked.

"Da, the one where we had no idea what we were talking about?" He asked back.

"Yup! That one!" Nikolai looked at you surprised.

Ivan chuckled and said "We promised each other that we would get married"

Nikolai's expression went from surprise to shock. He was in love with you, now he found out that you didn't love him back. A tear formed in his eye but he brushed it away quickly. He couldn't take it anymore, he felt so angry, so depressed. He ran, ran back to the house. Of course this wasn't the case. You were just joking around with your friend.

"I can't believe we said that!" You laughed. "Do love me in that way?" You asked.

"Nyet, I actually love (g/n)... How about you?" He replied blushing.

Now you blushed "I'm in love with Nikolai"

~*~ Timeskip to after the awkward conversation and when you were home! ~*~

"I'M HOME!!" You shouted as you burst through your front door.

"Welcome home dear" Your mother says. "Dinner is almost ready. You are home quite late (f/n)" Your father says.

"Sorry! I was talking to Ivan and the others after school. I'll go and get Nikolai" You replied. You ran upstairs and chucked your bag down outside your bedroom door and knocked on Nikolai's.

"Nik!" You shouted. The door opened and Nikolai stood present.

"What is it?" He asked, rudely.

Taken back by his sudden attitude change you responded. "Dinner is ready"

"Oh, I'll be right there..."

~*~ Timeskip to after dinner ~*~

After dinner Nikolai went straight back up to his room. 'Thats odd' you thought 'Normally he asks me how the day was after dinner...' You made your way back upstairs, picking up your school bag and placing it beside your desk. You took a quick shower and then started on your homework. By the time you were finished it was 7:00 pm. 'I still have some time. I'll watch YouTube...'

You checked your laptops time. It was 8:15. 'This is really strange. Nik always says good night to me at 8:00. I think I will go check on him.' So you did. You knocked on his door. No reply. You knocked again. Still no reply. You opened his door to hear a "Go away" whispered from Nik's bed. You walked up to him and tapped him. He rolled over and looked at you with tears streaming down his face. His silver tinged blonde hair was messy and his face was pink. You were shocked. Nikolai, the toughest person you knew was crying. It broke your heart to see him like this, so asked him:

"Nik, what's wrong?" You whispered.

"Nothing" he said, rolling over again. You stopped him.

"Something is obviously wrong, you wouldn't be acting so differently otherwise"

"Why would you care anyway. You don't love me" You were shocked. Again.


"You promised your best friend that you would marry him..." He said, starting to cry harder. He was jealous. Oh my gosh! He was jealous. Now that you finally understood you laughed.

"WHAT'S SO FUNNY?!" You yelled. You whipped away a stray tear of happiness from your face. You sat him up.

"Ivan and I were just kids! We didn't even know what marriage meant!" Now he was shocked.

"B-but, I heard you two at school..."

"You were there?"

"U-uh huh"

"We were just talking about the past. I bet you didn't hear what we said after that." He shook his head side to side.

"I said that I was in love with someone else-"

"WHO?!" He cut in.


He stared at you. His expression changed from anger to pure joy as he brought you in for a hug. You hugged him back tightly as you both fell side by side in his bed. You rested your head on his shoulder and your hand on his chest and said. " I love you Nikolai" you said. He smiled.

"Ja ciabie liubliu*"

He then kissed you passionately, dominating it quickly. When you broke for air. You smiled at him, falling asleep quickly. Trying to keep your eyes open as you didn't want this moment to end. Giving way to sleep, you fell asleep on his shoulder. Nikolai smiled at you, brushing your (h/c) hair out of your eyes and planting a kiss on your cheek.

"Good night my princess" he said, falling asleep beside you...
EDIT: 23rd April: OMG! 11,068 page views and 412 favourites! I love you all! 

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Apologies about it being so late! :iconorzplz: But, here it is! I can't write Nyotalia... :icondepressedplz:
I made his personality similar to Belarus', thus ensuring that he was OOC. But, I gave it ago!

Request a Hetaloid:…

*Ja ciabie liubliu = I love you

Male! Belarus was request by :iconblackdemondragon13: (please look at her profile!)

Find all of the Hetaloid links here:…

Male Belarus (c) Hidekaz Himaruya
Cover image base (c)…
Plot and photo edit (c) Me!
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Spain X Reader Hit Me
You kick the ball between your feet. You look up at your boyfriend Antonio. He is crouching in front of a soccer net, wearing gloves with his hands out ready to catch the ball. He is smirking. That smirk makes your competitive nature flare up. You charge forward then kick it with all your might. The ball flies through the air and Antonio tenses up ready to block it. He is surprised when the ball hits him right in the face and knocks him to the ground.
“TONI!” you cry
You run to him and drop to your knees beside him.
His face is red and there are lines from the ball. He groans and opens his eyes.
“You have a strong kick chica” he says
“I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to kick it so hard” you cry, tears at the corners of your eyes
“It’s alright, don’t worry about it”
Antonio grunts as he tries to sit up. You help him and let him lean on your shoulder. He closes his eyes and tries not to focus on the pain. You see this and frown. You reach back to the ball and bring it forward.
“Hit me” you say holding the ball out to him
He open his eyes and looks at you.
“I said hit me”
“But I don’t want to hurt you”
“Well I hurt you so it’s only fair if you hurt me”
Antonio knocks the ball out of your hands and smiles.
“I said I don’t want to hurt you”
You pout until you get an idea. You gently take his face in your hands and turn him to face you. He looks confused until you start placing butterfly kisses all over his face. He giggles and you can’t help but giggle yourself. You pull back and smile at him.
“Feeling better?” you ask
Antonio nods, returning your smile.
“Mucho but you missed a spot”
You blink and grin. You pull him into a sweet a passionate kiss. He wraps an arm around your waist and pulls you closer. You part and smile at each other.

Based off of something that happened yesterday between my friend and her boyfriend except it was basketball though she was more persistent than reader-chan. They are So Cute together.

Hetalia NOT mine

Pic 20120629 Spain
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    The only sounds you could hear were the trickling of the small stream and the rustling of the trees kicked up by an occasional breeze. The koi fish swam silently in the small pond, snaking their vibrant bodies through the clear water. The green branches swayed every so often, and made it look as if they were dancing. Far away, a bush warbler called.

       "[Y/N]-San." A calm voice reached your ears. You looked up and saw Kiku. You smiled.

       "Hello, Kiku." You responded.

       "Hello. May I sit here?" He asked. You gave a slight nod in reply, and he sat down next to you on the engawa which overlooked his magnificent garden.

       "Your garden is really beautiful," You said softly, watching the koi fish dance in their pool. It may seem boring and dull to some, but to you, the koi fish and the Japanese garden were something that you could never get bored of watching.

       "Thank you. I'm glad you like it." The Japanese said, also casting his gaze over to the fish. You two gazed at the pond for a while, speaking nothing. The sky blew a small gust of wind, playing with your [H/L] [H/C] tresses  and Kiku's black hair. The bush warbler called again, this time much closer.

       "... May I come here again?" You asked softly, never taking your eyes off of the scenery.

       Then ever so slowly, something covered your right hand. You peeked out of the corner of your eye, and saw that it was Kiku's hand. His face remained emotionless and continued watching the koi fish, but you could see a faint pink that tinged his cheeks.

       "You may come here as many times as you would like," Kiku replied.

       A small smile ghosted your lips, and a slight blush grew on your cheeks, matching the shade on Kiku's.

       And so you watched the Japanese garden, letting soft sheets of peace, tranquility, and love envelop the two of you gently.
All righty, first Japan Reader insert! Did I do okay? hopefully he's not too OOC //nervously sweats//

Ahaha... I thought of this oneshot at school during lunch, eating alone... Forever alone, haha!

Japanese Gardens are really pretty. The town I live in? Or frequently visit? (idk lol) has a really beautiful Japanese garden at its town hall. I love sitting there and watching the koi fish just swim around. ^^

A note to all of you who might want to say, "You should change Japan's L's to R's!". First thing, I will not do that in every single fanfic I write about this character. Seriously. I will never ever do that. 
Why? This is because in reality, the Japanese can't pronounce the R. They can pronounce L, but they can't pronounce the R unless they're born and raised in a English-speaking community, or have practiced for a REALLY long time. I'm Japanese. My parents were born and raised in Japan. I know firsthand of what Japanese English sounds like. And they definitely don't say their R's. So yeah. I don't care if the Japan in the English dub says his L's as R's, I just won't.

... Sorry for the rudeness. Luffy Anime Emoji (Got hit or slap) [V5] 

So uh yeah! If you spot any mistakes, be sure to drop a comment! 

Hetalia belongs to Hima-San :iconhimaruyaplz:
You belong to Japan or yourself, it's up to you
Art belongs to whoever drew it
All I own is the really short storyline.
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EnglandxReader - First Kiss

The night was warm in the middle of the Summer in London, the british capital. The lights illuminated the city, bringing out it's beauty; the Big Ben, the London Eye, the Tower of London, the Buckingham Palace...
The streets weren't full, the tourists mainly occupied the pubs and such at this time, most of the people out were locals or seemed to be.
Across the gardens that stood by the river, a young looking couple walked with their hands tightly linked. In all honesty, they were not that young, personifications, countries, immortal beings was what they really were, but that was not what people recognised them as; just another young couple enjoying their youth and the love it brought.

"This really is beautiful, Arthur!" commented the girl, scooting closer to said male.
"Yes, and the weather is pleasant, I couldn't have requested for a better night to spend with you!" he stated, smiling down at her.
"Me neither..."
The themes of conversation came one after the other, until, tired, the two decided to sit down on a bench turned to the large course of water. Silence fell upon them, a comfortable one, as (country) laid her head on the brit's arm, the same arm that circled her waist and securely held her against him.
The weather really was pleasant; the lack of clouds in the sky allowed the sight of the many stars and constellations of the season, the silence of the humans allowed them to hear the cicadas and crickets, and the company of one another allowed a relaxation that was not usual. Even so, the night would have a final event before they parted that would turn it indeed in the perfect night.
It was late when Arthur and (f/n) returned to his house, where she was staying during her visit. The (nationality) was about to leave for her room, but the englishman stopped her; she turned back to face him once again.
"Is there something wrong, Arthur?" she asked, curiously looking up at him.
"I..." he didn't speak any further; his eyes were half-lidded and his pupils travelled from her eyes to her lips and back up, signalling his intent, as his hand travelled up from holding her own to caress her chin. His palm finally came to rest on her cheek.
Unconsciously, the girl leaned into that touch, placing her hand upon his.
Slowly, he leaned down, their lips almost touching.
"I want to give something..." he whispered, finally connecting his lips to hers in a gentle, caring, sweet kiss. Their muscles moved in unison; her hand dropped from his to find support on his hip as her other hand moved up to slightly grasp his jacket, his hand moved to circle her waist to keep her close while his other hand remained to cup her face.
He didn't try to go any further away from the simple yet passionate kiss, he acted with reservation and she knew why; due to his moments and history, he was afraid of letting himself get carried away during what was actually their first kiss.
Even so, they couldn't have asked for a better night...
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The song had almost ended when you heard a sudden crash and banging noise from behind the stage where you were playing causing you to gasp in surprise.

"Wh-Who's there?" you stammered trembling in place, your feet cemented to the floor.

All of a sudden, you heard a quiet storm of cursing before someone revealed himself from the back covered in shambles of broken wood and crinkled sheet music.

"Bloody hell, it was too dark. I knew where I was going…"

The young man in front of you had messy blonde hair barely covering a pair of bright emerald green eyes underneath the bushiest eyebrows you had ever seen. He was wearing an embarrassed expression probably because he had tripped on something in the back. You didn't know what he was doing here, though.

"Um, are you alright?" you asked quietly bringing your bow closer to your chest in case he was going to lunge at you (though you wouldn't know why he would do something like that in the first place).

The young man dusted his uniform and straightened his hair before clearing his throat and speaking.

"I was just trying to fetch some supplies for a classmate of mine," he said in a smooth British accent. "Do you know where they keep the violin rosin?"

You shook your head. "I don't think the school provides us with that. You're supposed to get it yourself."

The young man cursed under his breath.

You looked at your violin case that was a little ways away from where you were standing. Your feet were still glued tightly to the floor.

"If you'd like, I could let you borrow mine," you offered pointing to your violin case. "It's in the smallest compartment if you open it up."

The young man's thick eyebrows rose. "Really? I appreciate it."

"It's nothing," you replied feeling a sudden redness growing on your cheeks. Noticing this, you quickly turned away and began to read your sheet music trying to see where you had left off. When you found your place, you began playing again, but it didn't take long for you to get interrupted a second time before the young man began to speak once more.

"It's a lovely song," he said once he had gone over to your violin case and found the rosin you had told him about.

Your cheeks were growing even hotter so you refused to look at him.

"Thank you…" you barely whispered.

You could have sworn you saw the young man smile from the corner of your eyes.

"I'll promise to give this back to you when my classmate is done. What's your name?"

"______________," you answered in a quiet voice.

"____________," the young man repeated. "I'll remember that. My name is Arthur, by the way."

"Arthur," you repeated on the edge of your lips.

"I'll be seeing you, love," Arthur said before heading off the practice stage and exiting the music hall.

"Arthur…" you said again testing out his name like a new flavor of ice cream. I'll definitely remember him.


For the entire day, Arthur had the same song looping in his head over and over again. It wouldn't come out—neither would the image of the girl he had seen.

What sort of song is that? he wondered as he began to unpack his things and prepare for his next class. It's sort of sad, but at the same time, it's almost…romantic…Maybe Roderich knows what it's called.

When his musically gifted classmate entered the classroom and took his seat in front of him, Arthur tapped his shoulder to get his attention.

"Oh, Arthur," Roderich said turning around and handing him the box of rosin Arthur had received from __________ earlier in the day. "Thank you for fetching this for me."

"Roderich, I have something to ask you," Arthur said taking the box of rosin back. He would have to remember to give it back to ____________ when he saw her again.

Roderich raised an eyebrow. "Yes?"

Arthur pursed his lips together. He wanted to be able to ask Roderich what the song ______________ was playing was called, but while the song played over and over again in his head as clear as day, he couldn't carry a tune to save his life.

"Do you know of this song that's played on the violin? It's sort of sad but at the same time it's romantic."

Roderich narrowed his eyes and frowned. "Arthur, there are several songs that sound like that. It would be more helpful if you could give me some specifics. Perhaps an excerpt?"

Arthur cringed. "I know the song in my head, but I don't know if I can hum it correctly." Here goes nothing…

After Arthur had finished humming, Roderich began to speak.

"You've butchered the song and your voice-box can use an immense amount of work, but I was able to recognize the piece," he said. "It's known as Salut d'Amour. It's a rather famous piece."

Arthur made a face when he heard the name of the piece. "It sounds French."

"That's because it is," Roderich said. "It means—"

"It means 'the greeting of love!'" Arthur's classmate and arch-nemesis Francis suddenly interrupted getting in between Roderich and him.

"Buzz off, frog face!" Arthur hissed pushing the nosy Frenchman to the side.

"So what is this about and this talk of salut d'amour?" Francis asked getting rather close to Arthur's eyes. "Are you perhaps seeking the certain companionship of a significant other? French, perhaps?"

"You sick snail-eating git! Of course not!" Arthur snapped pushing Francis even farther from his face.

"He was trying to find out the name of a violin piece," Roderich explained rather calmly.

"Oh, is that it?" Francis asked looking slightly disappointed.

"It doesn't matter now that I know it's French," Arthur said distastefully suddenly feeling guilty that the piece was still playing in his head.

"The name is French, but it was written by an English composer," Roderich added.

"Why would any proper Englishmen want to name such a piece in French?" Arthur nearly shouted.

"You don't have to spit," Roderich huffed. "He named it that way because he wanted it to sound as romantic as possible. It was a courtship song, after all."

"Ohonhonhon," Francis laughed. "Are you sure you're not trying to get acquainted with a certain love, Arthur?"

"As if I would even bother telling you in the first place!" Arthur growled getting annoyed with the Frenchman. "Now get lost! Class is about to start!"

Francis only laughed and returned to his seat as soon as the teacher walked in.


The next day, you began to tighten the strings on your bow after placing the shoulder rest on your violin. When the strings were tightened to a suitable amount, you opened your compartment in your case to get the rosin out when you noticed it was empty.

Oh, that's right, Arthur took it, you remembered. I wonder when he's going to give it back.

Suddenly, before you decided to begin practice without rosining your bow, you heard the door to the music hall open and saw Arthur panting and wheezing like he had come back from running a marathon.

"____________!" he gasped and ran towards the stage.

"A-Arthur?" you stammered and stared as he searched his pockets.

"Here," he said holding out your box of rosin. "My classmate told me to tell you he said thank you."

A soft smile escaped your lips. "Tell him I said you're welcome."

"I'll be sure to do that later today," Arthur chuckled. There was a gleam in his emerald eyes that made your cheeks grow beet red. Trying to find some excuse to get away from looking at him, you began to open your recently returned rosin box and started rosining your bow.

"So that's how it works," Arthur commented.

"Mm-hmm," you nodded keeping your head down so he wouldn't see your rosy red cheeks flushing with blood.

"Say, ____________?" Arthur spoke up, his voice hinted with a slight note of hesitance. "Would you mind if I perhaps stay and listen to you play for a while?"

You blinked and caught him staring at you with hopeful green eyes.

"Why?" you asked. "I'm not very good at playing. You're just going to waste your time."

Arthur shook his head. "No, I think your playing is great!"

You lowered your head in bashfulness. "It really isn't…"

Now it was Arthur's turn to get flustered. "I mean, if you say so, it's actually not that great, but it's not bad, either. Uh, wh-what I meant to say was…I liked hearing you play the violin! I—dammit! I just keep making things worse!"

Not being able to control yourself, you suddenly found yourself bursting out laughing with tears nearly leaking from your eyes.

"I'm sorry, Arthur, but no one's spoken to me like this before," you said between fits of laughter.

Arthur looked clearly embarrassed. His face was even redder than yours.

"Is that a bad thing?"

"Not at all!" you quickly answered. "I'm happy! I've never heard someone say that about my playing before."

"S-So I can hear you play?"

You pressed your lips together. It would be weird knowing that someone was going to be listening to you practice—especially someone as handsome as this person—but then again, it would be a good opportunity to practice playing in front of a live audience for when the time came when you would have to play in front of the whole school.

"Yes, you may," you finally answered with a bright smile. Arthur smiled, too.


When the time came around for the spring concert, you began to feel more than just nervousness. While you and Arthur had become extremely close friends despite the fact that he could sometimes be cold to you the more you got to know him, you noticed that he had stopped coming to your practice sessions. You didn't know if this was because he was mad at you, because he was too busy with the student council, or simply because he stopped caring about you all together.

And it's right before the concert, too, you thought with your heart heavy with worry. Maybe he's not interesting in me anymore. But then, why would he have been interested in me in the first place? I'm not pretty, I'm not outgoing, I'm not talented…And I thought Arthur and I had something special.

Nevertheless, you couldn't cut corners on practice with the spring concert only a week away. Whether Arthur was there to listen to you or not, you would just have to ignore your personal emotions so as to not affect your perform for the concert.


When you entered the stage, your heart began to race so fast, you were sure it was going to leap straight out of your chest. There were so many people waiting to hear you play, and even the slightest mess-up would be remembered by at least one person in the audience. Swallowing a lump in your throat, you slowly made your way to the middle and situated yourself in front of the piano that was going to accompany you during the performance. The pianist that was going to play alongside you was going to be Arthur's classmate, Roderich, the one who had borrowed your box of rosin the first day you and Arthur had met.

Since you had already tuned your violin before the performance, all that was left to do was to wait for Roderich to come onto stage so your performance could begin.

Then, you heard a second round of applause signaling that your accompaniment had entered the stage, but when you turned to face the bench to give him the starting signal, your mouth nearly dropped open.  It wasn't Roderich who was sitting on the piano bench. It was…

"Arthur!" you breathed. "Wha—" But before you could say anymore, your friend placed a finger to his lips and smiled. You took a while to process what was going on, and before you knew it, you were smiling, too. Then, you readied your bow, took a deep breath and looked at the audience, and signaled the beginning of the song with a short bob of your violin.

Francis watched from behind the curtains at the couple playing beautifully together with a smile.

"I never thought that scone-eating bastard had it in him to learn how to play that part," he chuckled turning to Roderich who was also watching the performance.

Roderich rolled his eyes. "It was a pain teaching him how to do that," he groaned. "Not only did I have to teach him how to play the piano on top of playing the piece, but I had to learn the violin part so we could practice accompanying each other."

"No wonder he hasn't been listening to ____________ practice all of this time…" Francis murmured. "He's been busy with his own practicing."

"You've got that right," Roderich sighed and sat back to listen to the rest of the performance.

When _____________ and Arthur finished playing, the entire audience erupted into applause even given them a standing ovation at the pure beauty of the melody and harmony the two carried out.


After the show was done and you listened to your music teacher give you a round of praise, you rejoined with Arthur who was blushing like a madman.

"Arthur, you surprised me!" you giggled. "I never knew you would go out of your way like that for me."

Your friend began to fidget nervously in place. "Yes, well, I wanted to be able to play that song with you."

"Because it's the first song you've heard me play?" you guessed.

Arthur swallowed. "That, too, but Roderich told me that the original intention of the song was supposed to be that of courtship."

Now it was your turn to blush like crazy. "Oh…I never knew that…" you whispered.

"W-We're a little too young for marriage," Arthur stammered, "but I still love you, and I would be honored if you would become my girlfriend."

You instinctively cupped your hands to your cheeks. "Oh, Arthur…I….I'd love to! I'm so happy!"

Then, your boyfriend placed his hands over yours and moved in closer, his emerald eyes getting so close, you could see them shaking with anticipation.

"So am I, love," Arthur whispered and sealed his move by planting a kiss on your lips.
This is a request for :iconchokorettomilkku:.

I love the song, "Salut d'Amour." :heart: It's what got me interesting in playing the violin in the first place.

Axis Powers: Hetalia: :iconhimaruyaplz:.
This story TeralGeo.
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Japan X Reader


“Japan! You really like her don’t you?” Italy repeatedly poked his Asian friend’s cheek until Japan let out a heavy sigh and stopped the Italian.

“…Hai. I like her, Italy-chan.” Japan closed his eyes as Italy recoiled his hand and let a bright smile spread across his features.

It was strange. Japan had never fallen in love with a regular human before. Of course, he had felt strongly about fictional characters in the past, but he would never have expected that an ordinary girl could capture his heart. The nation gently placed a small hand on his chest. As he pictured her in his mind, his heart began to quiver with a nervous excitement. His palms became sweaty as he slowly opened his dark eyes and let another sigh escape his thin lips.

Italy went to put his arm around Japan’s shoulders, but the latter swiftly avoided the uncomfortable contact and cleared his throat.

The Italian’s smile shrunk as he tilted his head to the side and observed his friend. “Why don’t you just tell her? Girls love it when you open up and tell them your feelings!” His voice was almost like a cheery song as he tried to advise Japan.

However, Japan immediately shook his head. “Please, Italy. There is no way I am telling this girl how I feel.”

There was silence for a moment as Italy stared at Japan disappointedly. “Why not?”

“Because-“ Japan stopped his sentence when he realised he didn’t actually have a reason. He felt his heart pulsate with energy in his small chest and his face stayed blank. Japan had never been good when it came to the expression of emotions. He had either been too shy, or it hadn’t been the right time to talk about them. On the contrary, when it came to this girl he liked, there had been plenty of chances where he could have told her how he felt. She would always listen to him and although she did not pry, she encouraged him to open up to her. Still, Japan had always refrained from speaking.

“Because why, Japan?” Italy asked as the smile slowly returned to his face.

The light in Japan’s eyes faded as dark thoughts and memories came to his mind. It was not unheard of; the story of a nation falling in love with a human being. There had been many great people throughout the world’s history, and some countries got attached to such iconic individuals. It was not always a romantic kind of love either; it could be platonic or love out of pure respect.

Japan’s hands curled into fists as he thought about those who had lost such great people before. France was in pieces after the Joan of Arc tragedy. Prussia had never gotten over the demise of ‘Old Fritz’. England had always been so fond of his monarchs as well. Japan understood that falling in love with a human was a stupid idea. He would just lose her in the end. Death had no mercy after all and could not be stopped. Japan reassured himself silently that it was best to stick to his imaginary women and looked at Italy with a faint, forced smile.

“Because I don’t think she feels the same. I would rather not have to experience such emotions that could get in the way of my duties as a country.” That was also true. Why on earth would a girl like her like a man like him?

He was old, his bones had grown weak and he was shy and withdrawn. She was beautiful, fun to be around and pleasure to know. Although she was not a super model, or idol in the press, she had had a huge impact on his life. There was no reason he was special aside from the fact he represented Japan, but at their last meeting with each other she had said something that he repeated in his mind for days after.

”Kiku, you’re very special, especially to me. “

He had been unable to hide his blush after her soft voice had told him that. Italy finally captured Japan in a half-embrace. The small nation looked up at Italy with a face of discomfort, but Italy didn’t stop the hug.

“I think it’s pretty obvious [Name] likes you. She’s always speaking to you and she even touched your shoulder!”

Japan’s eyes widened slightly. “Yes, I suppose a touch on the shoulder is something that could hint at her possible affections.” With that thought prominent in his mind, Japan glanced at Italy’s hand on his shoulder and quickly plucked it off of him. “Italy, please, we’ve spoken about personal space before.”

Italy laughed slightly and took a step back. “I read it in a magazine that if someone likes you they will touch you more than they do others! I don’t know if that’s true though because I like to touch everyone!”

“I know.” Japan closed his eyes but thought for a moment. “Where is this magazine you read, Italy?”

“Huh? Hm, I think it is back at my room! I can go and get it for you if you like?”

Japan gave Italy a short bow. “Please, I will be most grateful if you could.”

The night turned into somewhat of a girlish slumber party held at Japan’s house. Italy had returned to Japan’s after he collected the magazine and had also managed to bring Germany and Prussia back with him. The four of them discussed women in general and what each of them thought was the best way to impress a woman or how they would tell her.

Of course, Japan stayed out of the discussion and instead listened intensely to what the others around him said. There came a point in the night where Italy decided it would be a good idea to get France’s input on the situation. Although Japan protested at first since he didn’t want the secret to spread even further, he eventually yielded and let the others ring France.

”Bonne soirée?”

“Ciao big brother! Japan wants to ask you a question about love!”

Japan’s face flushed red as he watched Italy change the phone to loudspeaker and passed it across the room. The dark-haired male took the phone and tried to calm his burning face. “Mushi mushi.” He whispered in a timid voice.

”Oh hon hon hon, Japan, I did not know that you had your eye on someone! Who is it?”

“France-san, please, I am the one that wants to ask the questions.”

”It’s [Name] isn’t it?”


”Oh hon hon hon, I knew it. Well, what is it you want to ask mon ami?”

There was a moment of stillness where Japan tried to collect himself. It felt so strange to have a conversation like he and France were. The whole night had felt surreal to him, but he had somewhat enjoyed it. It had been the first night he had talked about [Name] with the others, and they approved and wanted to be helpful.

“Is it wise to let a human know you harbour affection for them?”

There was a long, uneasy silence. Japan felt his chest tighten as he waited for France’s response. Perhaps it had been a bad decision to phone him after all. It might have brought back those horrid memories of Joan, or perhaps France would say something Japan did not want to hear at all. As Japan’s mind started to spiral off down different directions, France’s voice rang out of the speaker. Japan quickly looked down at the phone and his mind was back in one place.


“Yes?” Japan looked slightly shocked.

”Sometimes there is never the right time to tell someone you love them, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be said. If you hold on to that feeling for too long, you might discover that you’ll never get the chance to tell them. It is better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all. So I think you should tell [Name] how you feel. Even if she rejects you, it is better to live with no regrets, mon ami.”

Everyone in the room looked at the phone. Japan nodded his head, although he knew France wouldn’t be able to see the gesture. “Hai. I’ll tell her, France-san.” A genuine smile came to his lips. “Thank you.”

”Just be sure to tell me how it goes! Au revoir!”

The phone was cut off and Japan passed it back to Italy who had the usual grin of blankness on his face. Prussia leaned forward and patted Japan on the shoulder as he said; “See, told you not to be a pussy and just tell her, kesesesese!” Germany put his hand to his face and shook his head at his brother’s comment.

The night concluded with the other nations getting Japan to promise that he would go to [Name’s] house the next day with flowers and chocolate. Although Japan didn’t like the idea of flashy gifts, he did agree to rise to the challenge and tell her how he felt.

Japan kept his word, and the next day he was on his way to [Name]’s house. He slipped a small packet of chocolates into the inner pocket of his blazer as he walked down the streets. He smiled to himself. He had bought a gift after all, but it was not too big and if she decided to say no to him, then the chocolates would help ease the pain.

As he approached [Name]’s house, he spotted a blue beam spin around. He picked up the pace a little and soon the full ambulance outside of [Name]’s house was in view. His quickened walk turned into a desperate sprint as he ran to the house. He tried to keep a positive mind, but the closer he got to the scene, the more his legs trembled and his heart ached.

When he got to the spectacle, his eyes immediately homed in on a white blanket laid over something sprawled out on the pavement. His attention frantically switched to the house. Her front door was open and a couple of paramedics came out of it.

“E-excuse me!” He blurted out, louder than he had been in quite a while. The paramedics turned to him. “W-What’s going on here?”

The two paramedics turned to each other before they looked at Japan. “Who are you?”

“I-I’m Kiku Honda. I’m friends with [Name] who lives here. What’s happened?” Japan could feel the sweat drip down his brow as the paramedics’ faces went solemn.

“I’m sorry, Mr Honda. There was nothing we could do.”


The second paramedic stepped forward. “It was a hit and run incident. [Name] must have been on her way somewhere and a car skidded off the road. You can see the marks on the road and pavement. The police will be here in half an hour to ask around for information on the car, but-“ The paramedic stopped his speech as he watched Japan’s expression break.

His lips wavered and then the tears began to fall down his face. He tried as hard as he could to keep a strong face. Japan had never been good with the expression of emotions, but it suddenly felt as if everything he had ever felt while he had known [Name] was about to pour out of his heart. He quickly put a hand to his face and turned away from the medics. He gritted his teeth harshly but even that was not enough to bite back to sobs that followed. He whimpered and sniffed as he tried to hold himself together.

Humans were fragile beings, but [Name] had been so young. He had never even thought that she would be taken from him so suddenly at such a young age. Japan tried to wipe the tears away from his eyes with the sleeve of his suit. It was a futile effort. Each tear he wiped away, another took its place.

“We have some of [Name]’s personal possessions. These are things she had on her at the time of the accident.” The first paramedic handed a clear plastic bag to Japan. He reluctantly took it and they gave him way to walk over to the body.

There was a man knelt down on the floor who took off his surgical gloves. He looked up at the distraught Japan. “Did you want to see her? She won’t be the same but if you-“

“Thank you, no.” Japan was quick to say. He had seen too much death in his past. Horrid things had happened to himself and his people, and whenever he saw the corpses, it just wasn’t like how they were when they were alive. He didn’t want to see [Name] lifeless. He wanted to remember her how she was when he last saw her. How she was when she said;

”Kiku, you’re very special, especially to me. “

He felt the hot tears run down his face once more. They had only just begun to thin, but the memory of her alive and happy tore a hole in his heart. Broken hearted and all alone in a world of despair, he opened the bag of her possessions. The first thing that caught his eye was her phone. He pulled it out and couldn’t help but wonder if she had spoken to anyone about him.

He opened up the sent box and looked at the last message that left her phone. The time stamp showed that she had sent it the previous night. He didn’t bother to look at who the message was intended for, but instead went straight to its contents.

Alright, tomorrow I’ll go to Kiku’s and tell him everything. I can’t hold it in anymore! I don’t just like the guy, I love him. Anyway, sleep tight and I’ll tell you how it goes tomorrow.

“S-she… loved me.” Kiku fell to his knees at the end of the white blanket that covered her sleeping body. “[Name], I love you too. 私はあなたを愛しています。”

Japan couldn’t stop crying…

The tears wouldn’t stop…

He should have told her sooner…

Why are humans so fragile?

Why do humans and Nations have to be so different?

He didn’t sleep that night, and the nights that followed after was the nights he cried himself to sleep in the early hours of the morning.

“I love you, [Name].”