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A color comic commissioned by :iconswack16:      


See my commission info here ^^:…
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A long overdue commission for :iconburstcoffee:

Lordie. I haven't done one of these in ages.

Commission info can be found here:…
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A pink egg was hatched. Red slime comes out from that and takes him in.
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Ok, this the 1st half a collab tf sequence I did with , and if you want to see the 2nd half of it, you'll have to click here ([link]). I hope you guys like this cause it took like 3 hours to draw.

A boy takes a nap on his new Charizard plushie, only to wake up to find it seems to be gripping him a little. He slowly gets absorbed into the Charizard plushie, finally giving the plushie the look of being pregnant. He then comes back out the way he came, to sleep on his new mommy's tummy.
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Collection by
Commished by Pantsuneko
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Commished by Jammerhighwind
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Lost in thought of better, non-cleaning times.~
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Bubble Bobble Bubbly Butt on Bubble
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Commished by nobody as I drew this randomly at the end of the stream. :P
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Commished by Pantsuneko
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Commished by nobody as I drew this randomly at the end of the stream. :P
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Commished by Pantsuneko
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Combining Halloween and NationalPlushloversday!

True full size: [link]
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Collection by
Another cute one, as people seemed to like the happier TFs, this one should be uber cute ;)

Hazel is caught by a special magic balloon, which makes her begin to inflate and so forth :)
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just another seb and war inspired idea I sketched out tonight =D

This one features Claire, trapped in the new type of confinement suit as she tried to break into a top secret government labatory

Its called the B.L.I.M.P suit: Bio. Latex. Inflator. Mega. Pneumatic Suit
Which is applied in the form of a liquid biotic form of latex from a long range security bot as soon as the suspect is detected. It then forms a skin tight catsuit around the entire form of the suspect, with tight covers over their eyes and bonds their legs together so they can't move. It finally begins to self inflate using a micro-compressed 'mega' gas which fills pneumatically throughtout the chest and body of the suit, holding them tightly in a sensory deprived state (although rather comfortable :) ) until moved to the long term confinement area (the suit keeps them in stasis and healthy) or released if set off by accident.

enjoy! (and hope claire does too :P )
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Just a lil sketch I decided to ink and colour this morning to celebrate the completion of my first exam yesterday ^^

Cliff getting in a little trouble in the garden with some mysterious eggplant seeds he bought from sebastian's shoppe XD

really by now he should know better ;)

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Mature Content Filter is On. The Artist has chosen to restrict viewing to deviants 18 and older.
(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
This picture was a commission that i make little tiem ago. Was all make on Photoshop. The idea was that a child are playing with his Baby sitter. Well I wait that enjoy it =J.
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Collection by
Not sure i'm doing it right, but ta-dah~ offical application, and i don't know what to give them yet as for cloths... 

Ffrus work as a chief in his restaurant. Feel free to be our customer~ Both of them collect ingredients together.

Restaurant Menu :…
Restaurant Seat Layout :…
Tumblr :…

Mission 1 :

+ 5 Star Point,  Chantelle Custom Cloths Coupon x2

June Task :

+ Chantelle Custom Cloths Coupon x2  

Explorers Task 1,2,3 :

1 Merit  Apricorn Ocarina , 1 Merit  Luke Plush1 Merit  Bottle of Fresh Water 

General Task 1, 2 :

+  1 Star Point,  FlyGoggles Template  

Used :

-  Chantelle Custom Cloths Coupon x1…  

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After being transformed by aliens into a tiny little fox, Kieth realizes he wants his belly rubbed.

If I haven't posted the sequence leading up to how he looks like here, I will sometime in the future.

This is the long overdue hostage pic from my webcomic Subject To Change. Paid for several months ago and now released to the public.

Subject To Change is available in a few places:



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Yet another one of those drawings I do in class that turn out alright, so here we go.
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For chrismutt ([link])!

Oops. Where did he find a potion like that anyway?

Commission Info: [link]
Jakkai are a race of creatures from my comic, Slightly Damned: [link]
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Collection by
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes)
Commission for 'Killerklown'.Amanda Righetti and Danielle Panabaker find themselves encased in a balloon trap after staying the night in a strange haunted hotel.
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Commission for Blunose. Totally original character. No trademark infringery.
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Commission for Blunose. Maybe time to find a new groundskeeper.
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Plushy TF
Collection by
(WARNING: this story has not been check for grammar mistakes and was make by a very bored boy so its not very good also... if you dont like it just deal with it.. XD oh and vore)

As Yousie just finshed reading a story called 'Plushie Surperior" he thought to him-self "i loved story so much", then types a quick comment and go's back a page to continue some
rp's but then he was thinking again, "i got some money left, i might just get a small arbok plush off ebay", so then he logged on to it and searched up "Arbok Plushie" only one
arbok plushie came up, it had a picture of a small plushie just what he wanted, he went and ordered it. it said it would arrive in 3-10 days.

he switched off his pc and went off to bed.... *beep* Yousie's alarms go's off and he awakes up. he logs back on and sees that it has been sent, YES! Yousie said out-laud in exsitement
he gets ready and leaves for school. He arrives at school and tells all his friends about it like his braging usall self... the day ends and gets home and he dose his homework like normal.
he gose to bed again awating for the next day...

2 and a half weeks past... he wakes up annoyed and frustrated, "Come on! its just a small plush for god sake!" as he went to check his mail... he got a note from the post office,
"Uh? Very large package?" he wondered as it said on ebay it only was about 30 cms long. He walked down to the post office and got a very large box from them it was quite heavy.
Yousie struggled to make it back but he did soon enuff he put the box down in his room, as he breaves for air. He looks at the box's size "Wow, this is huge, i dident order one so big..."

Next he opened the box and sore the Arbok in there, he pulled it out and jumps on it "SOO SOFT" as he cuddles it he looks its face with its eyes being black, and mouth having a zipper, "Cool it must some sort of sleeping bag?"
he put it on his bed and as we walked away he felt something touch his leg and he turned around to see the arbok's eyes have started to glow. he watched as the arbok started to coil him.
He was more Happy then scared, he more so let the arbok coil him, when it finshed small amounts of gas came out of it, Yousie tried to avoid it but couldent hes mind started to tell him to unzip the mouth...

the force started to get stonger he slowly to unzip the mouth, when he was finshed. The arbok spoke in a soft voice as the gas cleared, "dont fear human".Yousie was speeckless and watched with his jaw opened
the arbok had a pleasing smile and spoke again "i see your shocked, i know its frightening but just sit back and relax" as the arbok opened his cotton mouth, Yousie was confuzed. He felt the welcoming warm breath from the arbok
The arbok started to put swallow. Yousie squirmed as he was frigtened. Quickly the arbok finshed swallowing Yousie...

"Relax...Relax...Relax" said the arbok as Yousie felt very sleepy in its warm and soft belly. He struggled to stay awake but fell asleep... The arbok soon to fall asleep as well...

The next morning yousie woke up out side of the plush, with the plush snuggling against yousie... they so to find out they liked alot of the same stuff. (because it was made to do that but yousie dident know)they soon to became great friends... The end
Just updated it with an ending also its released as a story now~!
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Commission for ~Neybulot
His TF into dolphin with goo
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Merry Christmas :icontylacat:!
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I felt stressed. All day at work, not getting that promotion, getting denied the last donut in the box, it was just a bit too much for me to handle at once. I needed some alone time. Not that I wasn’t already alone in my little one-bedroom apartment.

I changed out of my office clothes and into something more comfy, eat a snack, then go into my room and grabbed my favorite stuffed animal. Yeah, I’m twenty and I still like stuffed animals. Nothing wrong with having a little hobby or a huggable object to keep you company at night, is there?
Anyways, I grab my favorite stuffed animal. It was a large plush jaguar that stood on all fours, but had wires or something in it to make it posable, and was about two and a half feet tall at the shoulder. It was my favorite out of the ten or so animals I kept in my room on the shelves and in my closet.

I flop onto the bed and put it on my chest. It weighs around four pounds, and the weight feels good. I wrap my hands around its neck and rest my head on my pillow, then look to the ceiling. I let out a sigh and rub the soft fake fur on the animal’s neck. I try to think about positive things, but today just got to me, and I needed to just talk about it, even to myself. I just had to let it out.
“Today just wasn’t my day.” I state. “I just couldn’t catch a break to save my life. I thought it was going to be a good day, and at the beginning it was, but then it just kinda went” I make a raspberry and sigh deeply before shutting my eyes and leaning my head back on the pillow. I like talking out loud to myself, but this time, something caught me off guard. “But at least I’m at home, and it’s the weekend, so I guess it works out…” There’s silence for a minute or two, but then…
“And what makes you say that?”
A voice. But, I’ve never heard it before. It sounds fake and electronic, yet life-like and full of inflection at the same time. I open my eyes and lean my head up, looking to the plush. It looks the same, yet, I’m nearly positive that it talked to me. I rise up on my elbows and look at it unsurely.
“…Because it means that I have a break from the bad day I’ve been having…” I say slowly, just to be cautious. It turns its head. It turns its head to look at me.
“Would you care to talk about it? I may be able to dispense some helpful advice.” The stuffed jaguar says, cocking its head slightly to the side as it says this. Its jaw moves in time with its words. I’m floored by this. A stuffed animal. Is talking. To me. I should have screamed bloody murder, but instead, I find myself feeling only a bit tense. I was surprised by this talking stuffed animal, but not enough to freak out. I slowly contemplate what to say.
“…How long have you been listening to me?”
It seems to stop and think for a moment before looking back to me, its plastic eyes focusing on me.
“I have been listening to you for two months and fourteen days.”
“Really? That long?”
I couldn’t believe this thing had been listening to me for nearly two and a half months…
I grabbed a pillow to prop my head up and I lay back down, keeping the plush on my chest. I move him a little, more to the center of it, and I look at him, now quite curious as to what it can do.
“So, can you move on your own, or are you only able to move your head and stuff?”
“I am capable of independent locomotion.” It says to me, its furred jaw moving up and down.
“Can you show me?” I ask.
It looks to me for a moment before standing up on all four limbs, each featureless paw pressing slightly into me. The feeling of it isn’t uncomfortable, just soft. It steps backwards and then softly plods off of me onto my bed. I sit up and cross my legs to watch before it turns around and sits on its haunches on the edge of my mattress, looking to me with its yellow eyes. The creases in its fur where it was sewn together are more noticeable now than when it was sitting sphinx style.
“Would you care to see more?” It asks me matter-of-factly.
“Uh, sure, go ahead.” I say.
It proceeds to go on all fours again, and hops down off the mattress to the wood floor, barely making a sound when its feet hit it. I scoot over to the edge of the mattress and sit on it, watching with fascination. It walks a little stiffly, but the fact that it can move at all is astounding. I’m completely taken aback by this walking and talking plush jaguar. It paces from one end of the room to the other, and moves its head around, looking at all the things in my room. It’s probably just trying to get a good look around. I would have kept watching, but then my cell phone went off, and I pick it up. The jaguar looks to the source of the noise and asks
“What is that device you are holding?”
“Well, this is called a cell phone.”
“What is its purpose?”
“It lets me receive telephone calls. Please, be quiet for a moment. I need to take this.”
“I am sorry.”
“It’s alright.”
The call is from one of my friends. He invites me to dinner at a restaurant downtown, and I have to get there pretty quick, but I need to change into a better looking pair of pants first. The jaguar goes to the foot of my bed and watches me as I head for my closet. I take out a pair of black jeans and begin to unbutton my shorts when I realize the stuffed animal is curiously watching my every move with his head cocked slightly to the side.
“Could you not watch me while I change? I like my privacy.”
It says nothing, but nods and hops onto the bed, sitting down facing the headboard. I change my pants and zip them up before the jaguar turns and looks at me, sitting on the edge of the mattress again.
“You are going out?”
“Yes, to dinner with a couple friends.”
“Do you know when you are to return?”
“A couple of hours, I’d guess.”
There is a pause and I keep threading my belt.
“Would you mind if I ‘waited up’ for you?”
The plush says this, and I just stop and look at it. It looks to me, its furry face holding no expression, yet moving slightly. I can’t believe what I’ve just heard. It… it actually seems to care about me. I go to the edge of the bed and get on my knees, so I am face to face with it.
“You, care about me, don’t you?”
It nods and raises its left leg for me to see. I look and see a seam that I had repaired about two months ago. I recall having accidentally dropped it, and somehow broke one of the sews on its leg. I felt bad, and had fixed it immediately afterwards with a spool of thread and a needle.
“You remember that?”
“Yes. Your repairs were highly satisfactory.”
I cannot help but smile at this. I reach out and rub the top of the jaguars head. It bows its head as I rub it.
“Well, thank you.” I say.
“You are welcome.” It replies
I glance at my watch and gasp. I have to be with my friends in ten minutes!
“I have to go, sorry for leaving so suddenly.”
“It is not a problem.”
“I’d prefer it if you stayed in here until I come back” I say as I walk briskly out the door of my room. I flick it shut, but I don’t hear it click shut, but there was no time to go back and check. As I close the door to my apartment, I hear
“Goodbye” I say back as I lock the door.

The evening passes rather uneventfully. I talk to my friends, tell them about the highlights of my crappy day, and we all just enjoy ourselves. I return home with about a half an hour to midnight. I put my key in the lock, open the door, and step into the dark apartment. There’s a single light on in the TV room, in front of the door. As I shut the door, I see the jaguar step into the light from the opposite side of my room. I speak out
The jaguar turns its head and looks to me.
“how’d you get out of my room?”
“You did not shut the door properly, and the latch did not catch.”
“Well, what’re you doing out here?”
“I was exploring.” It tells me.
“Exploring? My apartment?”
“That is correct.”
“Well, why?”
“I have never been outside of your room before.”
I had never considered the fact that I had never taken any of my plushes out of my room since I moved in. I had just put all of them into a box and brought them in there.
“So, did you see everything you wanted to?”
“I believe I have.”
“Well, then it’s time for bed. Go on into my room and I’ll meet you there.”
The jaguar nods and plods slowly into my room, his plushy feet just barely making a ‘pat pat pat’ noise on the wooden floor. I grab a pair of pajamas, and prepare for bed. I turn out the lights in the hall as I enter my room, the fuzzy stuffed jaguar sitting attentively on my bed. I hop on the bed and unfold the comforter at the foot of my bed and pull it up, about to put it over me when the jaguar says
I stop.
“May I rest under the covers with you?”
I see no objections, so I pat next to me on the bed, and the jaguar plods over and lays down next to me, pressing his spotted faux fur back onto my pajamas. I pull the comforter up over us and turn out the lights. I lay in the dark with the plush next to me for a while. In the back of my mind there has been one question that has been in my mind since it first spoke to me.
“Just what are you, exactly?” I ask quietly.
A little while passes.
“I am a robot.” It says to me.
“And I’m as curious about you as you are of me?”
“I trust that to be true.”
“Okay.” I say.
A few minutes pass, and I am about to fall asleep when the jaguar says
“Goodnight, friend.”
I smile.
A feel good story I wrote after cuddling with my own giant plush. Though, mine is a leopard. And not alive.
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Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes)
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A surprise for my best friend :icontrumangrace: of our characters dressing up for Halloween! But oh dear! It seems Maria wasn't kidding about it being round 1... she's turned her friends into inflatable punching bag dolls/bopper dolls, all wiggling and wobbling before she bops them :D

The characters are Maria - Little Mac, Hazel - Samus, Jessie - Pikachu, Michelle - Kirby
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If you were hit this ball, you wound turn into a female glaceon!
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Looks like :iconkhedvu:'s been using that Orcatone sunscreen again.  Does becoming black and shiny count as getting tanned?

Another stream suggestion.  This time ~Khedvu was kind enough to provide the stock himself, as well as giving me a lot of greatly appreciated anatomy advice. (And yeah, I know I'm supposed to be on vacation.  I'm up later than everyone else, and got bored)

Animal stocks used: NONE.  I actually managed to do it all by myself for once.
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Collection by

(Commission for internmatt)

...Sometimes life imitates art. Only it's usually better.

My eighteenth party was awesome. I didn't even mind that my mom had invited every relative on her side known to man. And they all seemed so excited that I was turning eighteen! I think they were more into it than I was, truth be told.

The few people on my dad's side were not quite as upbeat. In fact, they seemed quite the opposite. My dad's mom kept sneaking these glances at me, and, honestly, it made me feel weird. So I went off and hung out with my friends. They had all managed to attend, and it seemed as if it would be one of those few nights that would linger in my memory as near-perfect.

But once everyone was gone, and I helped my parents clean up the house and yard, my father muttered, “Is it time?”

My mother stopped and looked up at the sky. The bright moon lit up the August night like daylight, and she inhaled the warm air deeply. “Ah, I can feel it...” her eyes fell to me, and there was something in them that I could not quite discern.

My father had seemed nervous all night. Now he just shook his head. “I'll leave you to it, then,” he turned away and went back into the house.

“Leave you to what?” I asked curiously. My mom was twisting a lock of her brown hair anxiously, and I began to do the same. I took after in her in many things: looks, nervous habits, personality – sometimes I wondered if I had any of my dad's genes at all.

She sat down on a chair and motioned me to do the same. “I'm not going to build this up. I'll say it, you won't believe it, and then you'll see for yourself tomorrow.”

Why did I suspect my night was about to no longer be perfect? “Mom, I'll believe you. I've never doubted you.”

“Good. You noticed the looks you were getting from the family, right?”

Ah, there was an explanation for that. I guess that was good. Or...maybe not...

She took a deep breath. “For the next year, you're going to turn into a wolf on the full moon.”

I broke out in laughter. My deep, rolling peals echoed through the night, and I was so tired I could barely contain them. “Mom, it's two in the morning. Please. Cut it out. I thought you had something serious to tell me.”

“I do.”

“Okay, what?”

Glancing at me from the corner of her eye, she simply stated, “That.”

“Okay, so I'm a werewolf?” I chuckled. “You know I'm not into werewolf stuff. How about you tell me I'm a shape-shifter or something cool?”

“You are. But you can only become a wolf.”

Frustrated, I exclaimed, “Mom! Really, I don't–”

She sighed. “I'm so exhausted from preparing for the party that I don't have the strength for this now. You're not a werewolf. You will turn into a real, full, wolf.”

I simply stared. She was serious, and it was beginning to scare me. She rose, picking up a leftover beer bottle. “No questions?”

I couldn't answer her. Had she been drinking? But my mother never drank.

“Good. Let's go to bed.”

I grabbed her arm to keep her from going inside. “Mom, how can I sleep when you just said that to me? You're really serious? That's impossible.”

“No it's not. I've seen her.” My father had ventured back outside, and he approached us. He looked haggard and sorrowful at the same time. “No, Lena?”

“Oh, Tim, what, like she'd believe it? It's how we all learn. We go through it ourselves. I didn't believe my mom either. Maybe I'll go change alongside of her.”

So they both had been drinking, I decided angrily. Good way to end a great party – with crap about werewolves. Was this their drunken idea of a joke? I shook my head in annoyance, and went inside. I was so tired, that, despite the tinge of worry at the back of my mind, I fell into a deep sleep.

The next day, after sleeping half the morning away, I forced myself into the shower. My mind was awhirl, trying to dismiss last night's 'disclosure' as my parents fooling with me. But I hadn't seen them drink except for the one bottle of beer my dad had downed. They had seemed completely sober. And furthermore, the whole claim was so cliché – I could practically hear the dialog from any one of the old werewolf movies: “starting from your eighteenth birthday, on the night of the full moon, you will become a wolf”. Then the rest of the movie was all the teen angst coping with the whole wolf-thing. Couldn't they have been more original?

As I brushed my teeth, they were extremely sensitive. This was new to me; I'd never had even a cavity. I bared my incisors and peered at them. I could swear they weren't as flat as usual...and my canines...Damn, were my canines always so sharp? I actually cut my tongue on one as I drew it across the tooth's edge. Whatever. I guess it was time to get to the dentist.

In the shower, I picked up a razor to shave my legs. As I placed it to my skin, I was slightly horrified. I had just shaved yesterday. There was no way the thick dark stubble on me was one days' growth. And it was in places it shouldn't be at all – like between my toes...

And my toenails looked...thicker?

Quickly I shaved everything off. Even between my toes.

I raced out of the shower, desperate to get clothed. I could not bring myself to look at my naked figure. When I pulled on my shirt, I screeched. When my eyes trailed over my arms, they appeared hairier. I could swear it. And there was a huge growth of peach fuzz-like hairs on my face. “No, no,” I stuttered. “I can't accept it. I'm just taking too many vitamins. Too much biotin in the multivitamin...”

I shaved every inch of my body.

My mother must have heard my yelp in the bathroom because she was hovering nearby when I emerged. “Any changes?” she inquired quietly.

“What the hell, Mom?” I emitted, pushing rudely past her. “Nope. Nothing. Not sure what you're talking about.” I don't know why I couldn't tell her. But the whole thing was ludicrous. It could not be really happening. I was not turning into a wolf.

But as I sat down at the kitchen table, my mom pointed to my cheek. “You're bleeding, Rachel.”

I touched my finger to my skin and winced. My shaving job was not as expert as I had hoped.

“What did you do to yourself?” asked my dad. My mother gave him a knowing glance. “Oh.” he said, and finished up his meal silently.

“I'm fine,” I said, but my mom obviously picked up on my anxiety.

“The change is wonderful,” she whispered. She brushed her hand over her own arm, which I was certain was hairier as well. “Don't worry.”

I got up and left the room.

Flopping back on my bed, I picked up a book and tried to get lost in it. And I did, for a while, until I felt itchy. Everywhere. I pulled myself from my literary getaway to find the stubble was back. And worse than before.

I pulled at the fine silvery-gray hairs sprouting from my ankle. “Fur,” I said out loud. The word echoed ominously through the room.

For a moment, I simply sat there, staring ahead and stroking my silky arm. This could not happen. A human being could not become a wolf. How could all the bones and organs simply change, rearrange, grow smaller...

The waist of my pants sagged. Hey – had I lost weight?

As I stared at my now-exposed stomach, my lower spine tingled. Slowly, I reached down the back of my pants, expecting the worst.

And it was there. In addition to the omnipresent fur, there was a small bump. My tail. “Oh, holy...hell...” I murmured.

Fear was grabbing me, and I wanted to run to my mother, but I could not give in. Not yet.

I had my Saturday yoga class in an hour, and I considered not attending, but then my mother would know...

But she knew anyway...oh, this was horrible! I had to get away! I had to do something to jolt me back into reality! I ran back in and shaved my whole body once more, then re-donned my yoga pants and T-shirt. They both now seemed at least a size too big, but I didn't care. That could cover up a multitude of sins. Looking in the mirror, I could see the tail bump was pretty unnoticeable due to the bagginess of my dark pants and I prayed it would remain that way at least for the duration of the class.

I burst from my room, and again, my mom was nearby. Her eyes widened, and I could swear she was shorter... “Where are you going?”

“To yoga,” I said in the calmest voice I could muster.

“Why? You can't!”

“Whyever not?” I tossed flippantly over my shoulder on my way out the door. “I'm totally fine.”

“Rachel? Did you get...smaller?”

I flipped around to face Suzanne, my yoga instructor, and realized that now, instead of being at eye-level with her as usual, I was now only up to her neck. Abruptly, I sank down on the mat and inched away. “Just hunching over a bit,” I said as I made my way further back. “I'm really not feeling well today.”

I watched her eyes trail over me curiously. “Maybe you go home, then,” she suggested.

“No,” I insisted, perhaps with too much force. “I need this.”

The class started, and I stretched this way and that, but I found a particular itchiness on my soles and palms which I could not ignore. I peered at my hands to see a a dark shadowing on my palms. Oh, God...paw pads! My mind screamed. My bare feet had advanced far further. Black paw pads were breaking through the soles of my feet, the fur was coming back with a vengeance, and my toe nails could no longer be considered of the the human variety. They were thinning unnaturally while elongating and coming to a sharp point at the end. “Oh, no...oh, no,” I muttered aloud. Several of my classmates glanced at me, and I doubled over, clutching at my stomach to try to call everyone's attention from my wolf-feet. And hands. And... face? I ran my hand over my features to feel not just fur, but...the pressure around my mandible could not be good...Was I developing a snout? My nose felt funny, my teeth felt funny...Oh, God! My ears were getting pointy!

I jumped up. “I gotta go,” I yelped mid-exercise, fleeing before anyone could comment. I could only imagine what they had seen.

I attempted to run past my mom while trying to cover the parts of me that were not clothed. “You're home early. I take it your pads are coming in?” she displayed her own bare foot, which looked very much like mine. “You want lunch?” she asked without much surprise in her voice.

“No!” I yelled and slammed my bedroom door behind me. I could hear her footsteps approach my door...hell, I could hear her very heartbeat... This led me to pull at what were now elongated furry wolf ears... Then my hand found my growing snout... “Oh, God. Oh, God. Oh, God.” I threw myself to the bed, trying to hold back my tears.

The gentle knock on my door scared me even though I was completely aware that my mom was standing there. “Rachel, do you need me?”

“No!” I shrieked.

“It's okay. I'll do whatever you need me to do. I'm guessing you're really progressing now. The fear makes the changes go faster.”

Calm down. Calm down, I urged myself. Maybe it'll go away.

But, as if reading my mind, my mom called, “But it won't stop the transformation. By tonight, you'll be a wolf.”

No. No I won't.

“I could join you, but I won't bother you now. I know I wanted to be left alone on my first change. But if you need me, I'm here. Remember. I've gone through it all. I can guide you if you want.”

Guide? Who needed a guide? I was turning into a wolf, not going on a sight-seeing tour!

My mother walked away, and finally my tears all came out in a gush.

I'm not sure how long I lay on my bed sobbing, but by the time I was done, it seemed half the afternoon was gone, and I had a full-fledged wolf tail, which oddly, I could wag.

I watched it for a while, fascinated with the movement and the feeling of moving it. Then my eyes traveled down to my feet. Except they weren't feet anymore.

They were basically paws. My toes were gone, and I could not move these bizarre appendages the same way I could when I had toes. They were still elongated like my feet, but I could seriously feel them shortening. And my skin was gone. These paw-feet were covered in the glossy, silvery-gray fur. The bottoms were adorned with soft black pads. I tapped my claws against the floor and it felt...weird.

My arms were furry. My fingers were gone, and my hands were closer to paw-size than my feet. I tried to stand up, but tottered, the mixture of paw and feet not meant to carry whatever my weight was now.

I stumbled over to my mirror, holding furniture wherever I could so I would not fall over, and what met my eyes made me scream.

A furry wolf-face met my gaze. I was more wolf than human now. A long fuzzy snout, glistening long teeth, and a black nose stared back at me. In fact, face-wise, the only thing that betrayed my humanity was that my head was still human-sized and...

My eyes.

I gazed deep into the depths of my brown eyes. It was as if they were fighting the changes, but as I watched, I saw the wolf win, and everything darkened. In an instant, my sight was dramatically improved.

And for some reason, this was the last straw. Watching that bit of humanity leave me...

I collapsed to the floor in tears once again.

“Rachel? Now?”

The light tap at my door was now welcome. I pulled myself up and staggered across the room. Opening the door, I collapsed into my mother's arms. I was only half her size now, and thus was grateful that she had bent down to allow me this. Because I needed her. More than anything else.

But she was shorter too, and furry.

I stared at the tail that hung over the top of her pants, but could not speak.

It wagged. “Oh, Rachel, you're becoming beautiful!” she stroked my head as I sobbed. I could feel myself changing even more as I did. But now it was okay. She was here. And she was changing with me.

And being petted was strangely calming too, I had to admit.

“You're getting a lovely coat. Even nicer than mine, I daresay,” she smiled down at her furry arm. "I was trying to change slowly through the day to make you feel like you weren't alone, but I should have realized you wouldn't want me to be around. Come, I'll stay with you for the rest. You're almost there.”

For the first time in years, she picked me up, and it didn't seem to be much of a strain for her. She placed me on my bed and started to disentangle me from the clothing that dangled off my shrinking form. “You won't need these now,” she pointed out, having a bit of trouble with her changing fingers. She was gaining a snout too, and it all seemed so peculiar...

When she removed my bra and underwear, there was nothing to be embarrassed about. I was all furry, and, everything had either shrunk or was covered in fur.

“Now get on your side,” she gently encouraged. “Your arms and legs are going to become the same size.”

“You know...the..stages...” I pushed out, but my words were slurring together, as my mouth was almost completely wolf now.

“Don't be alarmed, but you're not going to be able to speak soon.”

“Oh..God, Mom...I....rrrrrr.”

“Right on schedule.”

Before I could react, my whole body began to shudder uncontrollably. My arms and legs shifted into wolf-legs, and something I did not understand was coursing through me...

“That's the last bits of the changes working their way through you. It's kind of nice, I think. It's the best part of the transformation.”

And, once I pushed my uneasiness slightly away, I had to admit, it was rather...pleasant.

“Stand up, Rachel.”

I jumped down to all fours, teetering slightly.

My mother looked down at me proudly. “You are even more beautiful than I could imagine.”

Shivering in my new form, I carefully made my way to the mirror once more. After the initial shock wore off, I had to agree. I truly was a magnificent animal. My silver-gray coat was glossy and thick, and I was the picture of health.

“You feel wonderful, don't you?”

I had to agree with that too. I wanted to run, and play, was amazing.

She ran her hand down my back. Yes, I wagged my tail, which made her chuckle. “Would you like to go out into the night? I'll finish up my changes and come with you, if you want.”

I shook my head no. I needed to stay in the safety of my room. For as long as I was like this.

“Whatever you want. But soon your wolf instincts will kick in. Then you'll crave it.”

I needed to run, I needed to hunt, I needed to get out...

I trotted to the front door and made a whining sound.

My dad was sitting on the couch, and he watched me mournfully. He was not surprised in the least that his daughter was now a wolf. “Rachel, your mom is right. You are beautiful like that. Wait a sec, and I'll let you out.”

What we were waiting for, I didn't know - until my parents' bedroom door pushed open, and a beautiful she-wolf scampered out. She raced over to my dad, and rubbed her head against him. He patted her with tears in his eyes. “Go, you two. Don't kill anything,” he stood up and opened the front door. My mom and I ran into the night, free at last.

The night was full of sights and adventures that were never quite repeated on my subsequent changes, but the running, and the howling at the moon... It was truly a freedom I had never encountered before, and I knew I could never be without it again.

I woke up the next morning laying beside my mom in a pile of brush. We were both naked.

Now I was embarrassed.

“Don't worry.” She walked behind a tree and pulled out a waterproof bag packed with clothes. “I always have this here in case I need it. I try to end up here if I need to rest.” We hastily clothed ourselves and then snacked on some crackers she had packed. Apparently the changes had a side effect of making one ravenously hungry the day after.

Neither of us were ready to go back home, and my mother explained this was normal too. The wolf instincts seemed to hang on a bit longer than the physical changes.

“Now do you want to hear about this all?” she asked, crunching hungrily into a cracker.

“So it's a curse?”

“Well, over the years, I've come to see it as a blessing as well. You can't tell me you didn't enjoy it.”

And I couldn't. But it was an inconvenience. What if you had plans? “How'd you change so quick, Mom?”

“You learn to control it. It's all practice. Right now, get used to it, and just don't make any plans on the night of the full moon. But when you get where I am, you can control it better. Yes, I do find that if I don't change at all on the full moon, I get kind of antsy and nasty the rest of the month. So I usually set aside some time to run.”

“How does Dad feel about that?”

“Dad used to watch me. He'd plead with me to change and stay that way. He found it incredibly sexy.”

“Ew. Gross.”

“Oh, Rachel. Grow up.”

I couldn't believe I was going to ask this but, “Did you guys...”

“Okay, don't go any further. I'm still your mother.”

I blushed. I couldn't ask.

“So how long has this been going on? You're really talking magic? It's not like a genetic abnormality or something?”

She smiled. “It's a curse. Yes, a real-live curse. The story is that my great-great-whatever-great grandfather heard something late at night by his farm. He saw wolves, and he was scared that they would go after his livestock. He grabbed his gun and shot at them. The one he wounded fell to the ground while the others ran away. When he went to help it, its eyes glowed red, and it became a glowing ball of red fire. As he turned to run away, something hit him, and he himself started to glow. When he faced back around, the fire had become a man.

“A man?” I asked.

“A wizard.”

“Great. Now I have to believe in wizards too.”

“The wizard had very powerful transformation magic, and often masqueraded as forest animals. His favorite was a wolf, and my ancestor had unknowingly wounded him.”

“So he placed a curse on him.”

“Yes. He placed a curse on him and his descendants. We would take wolf form each full moon to remember my grandfather's wrongdoing.”

“Nasty bastard. Normally I'd say this is all ridiculous, but considering I just was a wolf, well... Does it ever end?”

“I don't know. I really don't.”

Each full moon I got better and better accustomed to transforming to the point that I looked forward to my forest runs. My mother always came with me, protecting me when we encountered other wolves or animals. She constantly warned me to stay away from humans. “Above all, avoid humans like the plague,” she would repeat.

And I was slowly learning to control my changes. I could speed or slow them according to will, and my mother was showing me how to delay them for longer and longer periods of time.

Even between full moons, I took to roaming the forests I knew so well from my nighttime jaunts. I would bring dates or friends with me, just to enjoy what I felt to be my second home.

And so, when I was forced by my mom to go on a date with her friend's son, Ted, I suggested a simple walk in the woods. Ted, who was in all honesty the worst person I had ever met in my life, answered that I was a 'tree-hugger'.

“Do you even know what that means?” I'd asked as we crunched through last year's leaves.

“It means you like trees,” was his answer.

First and last date all rolled into one, I told myself. Meanwhile I still had to get through it.

We came to a particularly nice leafy hollow where my mom and I often rested, and I wished I were curled up there right now, my fur all thick, my tail coiled around me...

“Damn! Look! That's a big-ass wolf! And its mate!” Two wolves peered at us from the underbrush on the hollow's edge, and I wondered why they were out right now.

Before I knew what was happening, Ted had pulled a beebee gun from his pocket.

“Ted! What the hell!” I gasped.

But he was running at the animals and taking aim...

“No!” I screamed, and shifted into full wolf form. Ignoring my own shock at this, I lunged at him, knocking him to the ground, but not before he fired.

The beebee met the larger wolf with a sickening thud and a cry.

All my wolf poured out from me, and my anger led me to rip and claw at Ted's throat. Tearing, and pulling... You bastard! You bastard! Who brings a beebee gun on a date! You can't kill us! Killing for fun? You need to die!

“Easy! Easy, Rachel!” a deep, calming male voice said from above me, and I was being stroked. I backed down, letting out a purr of content, then turned to the strange man above me.

I have to help the wolf! I cried in my head, and darted around. But both wolves were gone. Only a spatter of blood remained.

“I'll be fine,” said the strange man. He was apparently telepathic, which freaked me out, to say the least. Too bad I wasn't like that with my mom when we were transformed. I studied the man. He wore old-fashioned garments, as if from another era, and although he did not have the requisite long white beard and sparkly, pointy hat, I had a feeling I knew who it was.

The other wolf...? I asked him in my mind.

“She's a real wolf. She ran off.” He stroked me again, and now I was weirded out. I backed up a bit. “It's okay, Rachel. I won't hurt you. I think you know who I am.”

I nodded hesitantly.

He walked over to where Ted lay, bleeding and unconscious. “What should we do with you, you bastard? The things you've done over the years...I should put the curse on you, but you don't deserve it.” He looked back at me. “Why don't you take human form so we can talk? I think you've got the hang of it now.”

Indeed, I found changing back easier than it ever had been. “Don't put the curse on him. Why should he get to experience...that?” I said it lovingly, and I meant it. Such an awful person did not deserve to run with the wind, to feel the freedom of no burdens...

“I think you gave him a good goring. The scare should hold him a bit. But I'll keep an eye on him. Any more of this beebee rubbish and I'll turn him into a tree or something.” His eyes twinkled. “Or I'll just set you on him again. You're some impressive wolfess!”

I blushed. “He's okay?” I asked grudgingly.

“He'll be fine. I'd heal him, but it would kind of defeat the purpose. He'll wake up soon and be able to walk out of here. That's about as much as I'll allow him.”

He grew silent, and I knew it was time for questions. “How did I change if it's not the full moon?” were the next words that came to my lips.

“You were doing a kindness.”


“Ah, my dear. Let me explain...see, well, even before that, I have to say that watching your family all these years, you come from such lovely, thoughtful women...I grew very guilty of my actions.”

“So why did you leave the curse on us?”

“Because you enjoy it,” he said quietly. “Just like I do.”

He was right. Now that I could be a wolf, I could not imagine my life without it. “But what's this kindness thing?”

Sighing, he replied, “That's the part of the curse you don't hear about. I decreed that when someone in your line does a kindness to the wolves, the curse will be dropped. And here we are.”

Dropped? On one hand, I'd be normal again, but on the other...

“What if I want to stay this way?”

He smiled. “That can be arranged. You'd like that?”

I nodded.

“How about you can do it whenever you want? Not just the full moon?”

I jumped at this. “As long as I can control it.”

“Your mom too?”

“And my descendants!” I cried, then thought better of it. “Well, if they want it.”

He stood up, laughing. “Well, we can always talk about that later. Would you like to run with me now, Rachel?” He shrank down, becoming perfect and lupine.

I studied the beautiful animal gazing up at me. “Hell, yes.”

I changed, and we ran off.

Sometimes a curse can be a blessing in disguise, what can I say?  Commissioned by internmatt!
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Tom sent Claire a grin.  She smiled back, though hers was a good deal more uneasy.  They’d been friends for many years, and though they’d never really gone beyond that, Tom had been able to drag her into more than a few harebrained schemes.  Claire had no idea where this one would end up on the list, but it’d probably be pretty high.
Tom had called her over to help him out with ‘business’.  Apparently he’d done voice acting for a game and would be going on tour.  He said he needed a mascot for it, and she agreed without realizing what was in store for her.  She’d assumed it would be a simple bit of cosplay, but one look at the game’s cover dispelled all of those illusions.
“Kawaii Kimono Snake Slasher?”  She read the name flatly, looking again at the box art.  The main character looked to be a man with the lower body of a snake.  He looked to be in the middle of cutting apart a zombie’s skull, a fountain of rainbows jetting out from the slice.
“It’s a retro game, people will love it.”  Tom said confidently, searching her face for approval.  Well, good luck with that one, she thought.
“Mm-hm.”  Claire nodded.  “And I guess you’re not going to be using ‘traditional’ makeup for this role?”
“Hell no!”  Tom offered her a high-five which she promptly declined.  Tom happened to be an accomplished magician, and she knew that this was going to be a lead-in for her helping him out by letting him change her.
When they’d first met she didn’t believe in magic.  A few hours as a dove had changed that pretty solidly.  And ever since, he’d continued to ask her for favors like this.  Not that she usually minded—there was something thrilling about taking on another form.  But reptiles?  Not really her thing.
“I’m sensing you’re maybe not totally on board with this?”  Tom asked.  Claire looked up to find him taking off his pants.
“Ah, what the hell?”  She held the box over her eyes, shielding her vision.
“No no, it’s cool!  Just check out my transformation and then tell me this isn’t an awesome idea!”  Tom grinned, kneeling down in front of Claire.  She watched as his legs conjoined; then lengthened, bringing him back up to his usual height in a matter of seconds.
Scales overtook flesh, a wave of emerald green cloaking his skin.  His soles pressed together, his toes fusing just as his feet had.  The muscles beneath his skin rippled, and Claire watched his legs continued to slim down and lengthen, leaving him with a long, serpentine tail.
Tom’s ears grew to points, and his eyes became yellow and slitted.  He flashed a smile at Claire and she caught that he had a pair of serpentine fangs.  The changing man flexed his arms, huffing slightly as he grew in a set of hard abdominal muscles.
“Like what you see?”  He grunted, rolling his shoulders.
Loathe though Claire was to admit it, she did.
“Come on?  You in, or are you in?”  He grinned, slipping off his shirt and admiring his new body.
“Oh, okay.  That’s actually pretty hot.”  Claire breathed, looking at the lamia before her with undisguised anticipation.  Though she started today thinking that it’d be a total loss, this could end up being fun.  
“That a yes?”  Tom waggled his fingers, energy trailing along his digits.
“I’m in.”  Claire nodded.
“Perfect!”  Tom fired at her chest, and Claire grinned at the sensation of impending changes.  It was always a faint electric tingling, the sensation of her hairs standing on end across her body.
“So, when am I getting a tail?”  Claire glanced to the game’s box art, noting the love interest in the corner.  She was just as attractive as the main character, a sense of alien flirtatiousness about her.  Claire looked down to see that her legs were already fusing, becoming a shade of blue.  It was a little different from the box art, but maybe it was tacky to see two lamias that were the same color.
“Tail?”  Tom leaned back on his tail, a devilish smile on his face.
Well, that was never a good sign.  Claire looked down, seeing that the blue wasn’t stopping at her waist.  It continued up her arms, past her neck.  She reached down to feel at her legs, the woman’s eyes widening as her fingers brushed against what felt like cloth, not scale.
“I’m the snake slasher, you’re the kawaii kimono!”  Tom laughed despite the look of horror on Claire’s face—or perhaps it was because of her expression.
Claire’s hands felt numb, and she looked down to her arms in surprise.  Her hands looked to be turning into a deep shade of indigo, and the skin on her fingers fused together, leaving her with rounded nubs at the end of her arms.
Her arms deflated, and Claire screamed as her hands opened down the middle.  It felt like her hands, her arms were hollow.  She realized that she could feel the insides of what had to be sleeves rubbing against each other, and she glared at Tom angrily.
“Why in the hell didn’t you just change some of your clothes into a kimono?”  Claire shrieked, windmilling her sleeves as her legs gave way beneath her.  She fluttered, rather than fell, to the ground, and Tom caught her sleeves, looking at her with an abashed grin.
“I get lonely sometimes.”  He shrugged.
“Lonely!  Why don’t you just fmmm!  MMM!”  Claire’s eyes widened as her mouth sealed over, not even so much as a seam in the smooth cloth where her lips had been.  Her eyes started to shut next, and she whimpered as she felt them fuse with the rest of the silken fabric of her form.  Claire’s nose and ears soon followed, and then her head sank into her collar, her hair stitching itself together.
She tried to do everything in her power to hurl obscenities at him, but she couldn’t do more than lie quietly on the ground, feeling the rest of her body transform, her legs shrinking back into a torso which soon became hollow.  Stitching and what was no doubt patterning formed along her fabric, faint prickling sensations that made her feel... tighter, more put-together.
She felt a scaly tail slide around her, lifting her in the air.  Then a pair of warm hands gripped her form and suddenly Claire’s world was graced with light, then color.  She could feel herself in two places at once: the cloth kimono that was being held, but also a metal pin on its collar.  Though it was stuck inside of her, Claire felt no discomfort.
In fact, she felt a little elated, being able to see out of the small iron serpent.  Claire realized that despite being entirely inanimate, she could still feel everything, though her body seemed to know nothing of pain—only pleasure.
Tom slipped one of his arms into her sleeves, and Claire found herself thankful she was unable to speak.  If she were, she’d surely have moaned loudly with pleasure, her sleeve hugging nicely against his every muscle.  She could feel her cloth absorb the faint sheen of sweat he’d built up during his changes, a refreshing cool in contrast to the heat of his body.
His other arm slid into her, and Claire felt herself press snugly against Tom’s back.  He pulled her around him, grabbing a silken cloth to tie her around his waist, and Claire could perfectly picture the outline of his abdominals, her fabric nestling against him, draping over him.
Tom turned, and the world spun around Claire, her fabric fluttering with the motion.  She watched herself in the mirror, admiring well she looked on the lamia.  She still hated the fact that she changed her, but on the other hand at least she looked nice.  Maybe when Tom changed her back, she’d go a little bit easier on him.  Just beat him within an inch of his life.
Tom rolled his shoulders, running his hands along the kimono on chest and trailing his tail along the fabric back.  “You like that?”  He grinned at his reflection, not knowing how Claire was inwardly shuddering with pleasure, practically melting against him.  He tweaked her collar with his fingers, and she could almost feel herself groan in bliss.  Okay, maybe she’d beat him within two inches of his life...
...  Man, I've really got cosplay on the brain.  o.o  Another request for r/transformation!
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It was a lovely early fall night. There were no clouds, revealing the brightly glowing full moon, which was causing the entire woods to illuminate. There was a slight chill, but not enough that it was a bother to anybody. Bull frogs could be heard in the distance, starting to quiet down due to the cold season approaching.
Noah and his friends experienced this night as they sat around a small fire, talking. They were discussing that day’s hunting trip.
“I’m telling you,” Mike argued, “The skunk almost got me. You guys are so lucky I saw it coming, or else you wouldn’t be able to fall asleep tonight.”
Sighing, Noah replied, “Mike, two things. One, there was no skunk. Two, even if there was and it got you, you’d be sleeping outside.”
John was silent, his girlfriend, Christa, leaning against him. Noah and Mike didn’t really like John that much. He was one of those “tough guys” that always think they’re bigger than everyone because of one fight they got in or something. The only reason they let him come with them was because they were childhood friends with Christa.
“Well, whatever,” Mike finished, “Skunk or not, today was a good day. We got a pretty decent hull. Food shelter’s going to be pretty happy.”
“Yep,” Noah agreed, “I think we’re starting to become a familiar sight there. One of the regular volunteers even remembered my name.”
“That was Mike, you idiot,” John chimed in, “He lives next door to you.”
“Oh yeah…” Noah laughed, embarrassed. Christa giggled at his embarrassment. “Well, I’m heading to bed,” Mike said, standing up, “Night.”
The rest of the group said good night, and then as time passed, they went to their tents too. Noah was the only one still sitting outside, staring silently into the dimming fire. He checked his watch. Twelve thirty six. He was about to go to his tent to sleep, when he heard a noise.
The bushes nearby started rustling. Despite the moon being out, Noah was unable to see what the source of the noise was. Growing paranoid due to the noise growing close, he grabbed his shotgun from the truck. He raised it, ready to shoot whatever came out if necessary. After a few anxious moments, the noises stopped as a small squirrel ran up a tree.
“So it was a squirrel, huh?” Noah mumbled to himself, lowering his gun, “Well this is embarrassing. Glad no one’s out to see it…”
Suddenly, he was pounced on by something and dropped his gun from the impact. He was thrown to the ground, the thing that attacked him keeping him down, it’s hot breath against his neck. It took a bite of his arm. A large one. This caused Noah to scream in pure pain, waking all the others up.
The rest of his group rushed out, and were shocked to see Noah being attacked by…something. John, thinking fast, grabbed Noah’s rifle off the ground.
“Get down!” He yelled, and fired at the creature. It managed to hit the monster’s leg, causing it to yelp in pain. It quickly ran off back into the woods as the other rushed over to see if Noah was ok.
He arm was bleeding badly. Christa grabbed a first aid kid and bandaged up the wound. Noah was breathing heavily, fainted.
“What was that…thing?!” John questioned.
“I don’t know!” Mike replied, “But it got Noah!”
“Don’t worry, he should be fine…” Christa assured, “…I think.”
“I know that,” Mike yelled, “But what if it comes back? Actually kills one of us?”
“We have guns,” John answered, “It doesn’t.”
“Hold on…” Christa interrupted, “Something’s happening to Noah…”
It was true. He was twitching violently, as if he had a seizure. He then stopped suddenly, and brown fur started growing, moving away from the bite.
“Holy shit!” Mike panicked, jumping backwards, “What’s happening to him?”
The other two didn’t answer, they simply backed up too. The fur on Noah’s arm quickly spread, causing the bandage to fall off. Strangely, the wound was completely healed, but covered in the fur. The new fur spread across his chest, starting to shred his shirt apart. It went all over his body; his other arm, legs, head, shredding any clothing that might be in that area.
It was then that other changes started. His hands morphed, growing paw pads but still remaining human like. His fingernails grew outwards and sharpened into claws. Similar changes happened to his feet and toes. His face pushed outwards, becoming a muzzle as his noise flattened, turned black and became wet. His ears grew pointed and moved to the tops of his head. Lastly, a fluffy wolf tail grew outwards from his spine. Noah was now and anthro wolf.
“This is inane…” Mike whispered.
Noah then woke up and slowly started to get to his feet.
“Ugh…what happened…?” He groaned. None of his friends answered, simply stared. “Something wrong?” He asked.
“Look for yourself…” Christa said weekly.
Noah looked down at himself. He stared in shock for a few seconds before yelling “What happened?!”
“We don’t know” Mike yelled back.
There was silence for what felt like forever. Then, John raised the rifle.
“Leave.” Was all he said.
“Wh-what?” Christa gasped “John, what are you doing?!”
“He could become insane, like the thing that attacked him. I bet that’s what caused this. We need to get him as far away as possible before he does.”
“I hate to say it…” Mike sighed, “But I agree. We can’t take any chances.”
“You two are insane!” Christa yelled, “He’s our friend, we can’t just leave him like this!”
“But what if he goes crazy! We can’t risk that,” John argued.
Noah was too scared to say anything. After all, he did have a gun pointed in his face.
After a long night of arguing, it was settled. The truck would leave with one less person in it.

This was the raffle request prize of :iconmyseriousmystogan:
It's done
Yay :3

Also, dark/rushed ending. YOU DECIDE! (I got tired. Can you tell?)
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When we left off, Jayden had just separated from his friend, Raku.
He is now trying to find his way around the cliff he had just fallen from.
"Ok, I think if I go that way, I'll meet up with Raku." Jayden mumbled to himself.
He, however, was wrong.

After a few minutes of walking with no success of getting up, Jayden saw something in the distance.
"What is that?" He asked himself.
Upon closer inspection, it appeared to be the nest of some large creature.
It was strangely empty.
"What could this belong to?" Jayden mused. "The strangest thing is that it's empty, but has eggs in it."

Suddenly, a loud roar sounded in the distance.
Before Jayden even had a chance to run, a large dragon flew over him.
After landing on the nest, it growled at him.

"Why are you disturbing my eggs, human?" She, yes she, demanded.
"I-I was lost, and stumble upon them!" Jayden tried to defend.
"Hmph," The dragon grunted. "Like I should believe you."

About to kill the young boy, the dragon noticed the boys fear.
'Maybe…this boy is telling the truth.' She thought to herself. 'But, he's seen me. He knows of my existence…I know what to do!'
"Know what, human," The dragon started out. "I'm going to let this slide, but only once."
"Re-really?" Jayden asked in disbelief.
"Of course." It replied. "Here, I'll get you something to eat."

The dragon got the boy some human food.
She despised the stuff, but only had some because of some dragon egg poachers that carried food with them.
"Thank you." Jayden said politely. "Oh, I never asked what your name was."
"It's Sharia" The dragon replied.
"My name's Jayden." The boy chimed.  "What type of dragon are you?"
"I'm what's known as a light dragon."
"Why did you decide not to kill me?"
"I have my reason."
"Am I asking too many questions?"
"No, it's understandable."

When Jayden finished his meal, he stood up.
"Well, it was nice meeting you Shira, but I have to go."
"Very well." The dragon said, also getting up. "Here, let me give you something."
The large dragon handed Jayden a small plush toy in a likeness to a light dragon.
"What's this for?" Jayden asked.
"A nice little gift for the first nice human I've met." The dragon answered. "How about I fly you home? Something tells me you don't know how to get out of here."
"Sure, thanks!" Jayden said happily."Oh, think you could keep a lookout for my friend, Raku?"
"Sure." Shira replied. "Ok, just hop on my back and we'll go."

After dropping Jayden off in a spot not visible to most people, the light dragon pretended to fly away.
However, she was going to stay nearby for when it happens.
"What a strange little toy…" Jayden mused as he was observing the dragon plush."Its eyes seem to have life in them…"
A sudden burst of pain in his back made Jayden drop the toy.
"Oww…what was that…?" He groaned

Looking behind him, Jayden was startled to find that he had a white scale covered tail.
"What…what's going on?!" He panicked while flexing the tail.
The scales from his tail began to spread across his legs.
After they were covered, they became digitigrade, making him fall onto all fours.
His toes merged into three for each foot and grew sharp, white claws.

The scales became harder as they covered his abdomen and chest.
His arms grew the same white scales as his legs.
His hands became similar to his feet, having three fingers on each hand, also each having white claws.
The scales moved to his neck.
As they covered it, it grew much longer.
"Why…is this happening…?" Jayden cried.

A pair of large, white wings grew from his shoulder blades.
Jayden looked at them in wonderment as he tried to move them.
He did, and it sent him up into the air a few feet.
'Not trying that again until I'm ready.' He thought to himself as he painfully hit the ground.

It was then that the changes finally made it to his head.
The scales completely covered it, making his hair fall out.
His face was pushed out into a snout as his nose melted into it, leaving only two small holes to smell with.
All of his human teeth fell out, being replace with much sharper ones.
His ears also melted into his head, leaving only two small holes.
Two horns grew from the back of his head.
Lastly, his eyes became reptilian.

"Wh…what happened to me…?" Jayden asked, horrified at what just happened.
"I can answer that." A voice said.
Shira flew down in front of him.

"Why did you do this to me?!" Jayden demanded.
"I had to keep my existence secret." Shira answered. "And this was one of the only ways to do it without killing you."
"What do I do now?!" Jayden yelled, almost in tears. "I can't go back to my life like this!"
"Well, you could always stay with me." Shira offered.
"Guess I have no other choice." Jayden sighed.
The two dragons then flew off back to the nest.

A few days later, Shira's eggs hatched.
Jayden was now a big brother.
He eventually grew to like his new life as a dragon.
However, he never ran across Raku again.
requested by :icongryphonmon7: of a light dragon tf
a continuation of [link]
...I am not happy with this one. not at all :iconiliketrainsplz:
I think i did very poorly on this one
sorry buddy, hope you forgive me :(
i just didn't really get into this one

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awesome commission for Pyro Assassin (Part 5/5)

The suit is finally on, and he gives his chest fur a ruffle as he enjoys his first
few moments as a G-Shep :3

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awesome commission for Pyro Assassin on FA (Part 4/5)

He grabs hold of the mask and starts to press his head inside, lining everything up perfectly as he opens his eyes for the first time as a g-shep.... ;D

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awesome commission for PyroAssassin on FA (Part 3/5)

The G-Shep mask dangles over his chest as he snugs on the other paw, before grabbing the head and peering into the inside of his soon-to-be head

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awesome commission for PyroAssassin on FA (Part 2/5)

He tugs the suit up to his hips, draping the upper body over his shoulder, slipping a hand in to the paw and wriggling the fingers into place :D

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awesome commission for PyroAssassin over on FA (Part 1/5)

Him puttin on a G-Shep costume :3

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