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Commished by Pantsuneko
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Commished by Jammerhighwind
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Lost in thought of better, non-cleaning times.~
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Bubble Bobble Bubbly Butt on Bubble
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Commished by nobody as I drew this randomly at the end of the stream. :P
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Commished by Pantsuneko
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Commished by nobody as I drew this randomly at the end of the stream. :P
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Commished by Pantsuneko
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Combining Halloween and NationalPlushloversday!

True full size: [link]
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Not sure i'm doing it right, but ta-dah~ offical application, and i don't know what to give them yet as for cloths... 

Ffrus work as a chief in his restaurant. Feel free to be our customer~ Both of them collect ingredients together.

Restaurant Menu :…
Restaurant Seat Layout :…
Tumblr :…

Mission 1 :

+ 5 Star Point,  Chantelle Custom Cloths Coupon x2

June Task :

+ Chantelle Custom Cloths Coupon x2  

Explorers Task 1,2,3 :

1 Merit  Apricorn Ocarina , 1 Merit  Luke Plush1 Merit  Bottle of Fresh Water 

General Task 1, 2 :

+  1 Star Point,  FlyGoggles Template  

Used :

-  Chantelle Custom Cloths Coupon x1…  

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After being transformed by aliens into a tiny little fox, Kieth realizes he wants his belly rubbed.

If I haven't posted the sequence leading up to how he looks like here, I will sometime in the future.

This is the long overdue hostage pic from my webcomic Subject To Change. Paid for several months ago and now released to the public.

Subject To Change is available in a few places:



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Yet another one of those drawings I do in class that turn out alright, so here we go.
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For chrismutt ([link])!

Oops. Where did he find a potion like that anyway?

Commission Info: [link]
Jakkai are a race of creatures from my comic, Slightly Damned: [link]
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new commission yay
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A color comic commissioned by :iconswack16:      


See my commission info here ^^:…
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A pink egg was hatched. Red slime comes out from that and takes him in.
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Ok, this the 1st half a collab tf sequence I did with , and if you want to see the 2nd half of it, you'll have to click here ([link]). I hope you guys like this cause it took like 3 hours to draw.

A boy takes a nap on his new Charizard plushie, only to wake up to find it seems to be gripping him a little. He slowly gets absorbed into the Charizard plushie, finally giving the plushie the look of being pregnant. He then comes back out the way he came, to sleep on his new mommy's tummy.
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Collection by
Cover: [link]
Part 1: [link]
Part 2: [link]
Part 3: [link]
Part 4: [link]
Part 5: you are here

Wishing Stones a 5 part sequence. Commissioned by Thrandrall, check out his blog of commissions here: [link]
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Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes)
Inflatapony companion piece to :iconsuichitanaka:'s [link]

Some other inflatable stuff in a blog post [link] on my blog [link]

No other pony stuff though.
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stream request from :iconmrcollector:
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After an experiment went horribly wrong, Dr. Jane Goodman decided to use her new talents to protect the local African wildlife from poachers.


I had this picture in mind after I found inspiration earlier last week, might do an elephant TF comic now that the holidays are done. I've been focusing more on the lines of the drawing rather than shading for now, but I might practice coloring more in the future.
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Victoria loved Caley, Noelle and Jonathan's Pokemon themed costumes for Halloween, and decided she needed to capture a Pokemon of her own...

She unleashed her enchanted "Mistress Ball" at the 2 unsuspecting little demons (and angel). It landed between the three of them, as they all quickly glanced at each other. The pokeball open and unleashed a wave of liquid latex, which engulfed the three of them. Though they struggled to be free of its sticky form, they were soon covered head to toe, and being pulled towards each other.  

The black, shiny, gooey form shifted and morphed until the three slaves melded into one form.

The latex shifted colour, and there three slaves stood there as a shiny three headed dragon pokemon.

Vicki walked up to her newest capture and petted the three of them, picking up her pokeball as well.

“come along you three….” Vicki playfully waved

The three looked as each other, shaking their various limbs (Jonathan tail, Noelle right leg, Caley left leg), nervously trying to coordinate a single step…

“I’d keep up my little Hydreigon….” She looked back. “…unless you’d prefer I transport you in this little ball instead…”

Special Ability: 2 on 1 (Every turn there is a 66% chance the 2 outer heads will focus on the center one and not their target)
Nature: Naughty

Attacks: Lick, Whine, Moan & Dragon Pulse

Trainer: Champion Victoria



I always like this pokemon, and as I've just trained a new one in Pokemon Y, I knew I wanted to bring it in DCP some how! With the previous Latex Hydra picture, this was the perfect "evolution" of that idea! :D

Though it was going to be tricky to give them the "long necks" of the hydra like, but these poses worked out just fine (all this from a sketch on a post-it note at work).

Also I left off the wings (or they are too small to be seen! :D ) as it messed with the shape of the body!

~Lord Dragon Master

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Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)

Ooh Eeh Ooh Ah Aah, Ting Tang, Walla Walla Bing Bang! :happybounce: 

Pinkie Pie belongs to Hasbro.

Comments disabled by owner.
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity and ideologically sensitive material)
Collection by
Commission for 'Killerklown'.Amanda Righetti and Danielle Panabaker find themselves encased in a balloon trap after staying the night in a strange haunted hotel.
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Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity)
I'm pretty sure I have a ton 
of other responsibilities right now 

But here's a stress-relief thing in the midst of it all... ('_')\ ...Completed in a span of like 6 months orz
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Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes)
Plushy TF
Collection by
Normally this creature appears around Halloween, with the perfect guise of a costume, but at other times, he simply just wants some treats.... namley, squirming kids.

Part of an art trade with *votapelusa who wanted their plushie character to be trying to nom some kids. I'm pretty proud of how I used their character, and mimicking their style.
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Teddy Altman, Hulkling in the Hero community, sat in his bedroom at Avenger's mansion, typing away at his computer. Since he was alone he was dressed in only his underwear, black briefs. "Almost there..." he said to himself, as he was working on completing an English assignment for school. After his mother had died, he'd spent some time living with Luke and Jessica Cage. Then once the Avengers Mansion was reconstructed, Captain America had offered him a permanent room. His boyfriend, Billy Kaplan (the superhero Wiccan),would visit him daily, when they weren't already together because of some hero duty. And the best part of the mansion was that the Avengers, unlike Mr. and Mrs. Kaplan, didn't keep an eye on what the two boys were doing all alone in a room together.
The blond had just clicked 'Save' and was getting ready to send the essay to his printer when he felt something moving up his back. He shivered and before he could turn around he heard a 'Hss... Hss... Hssssss...'
"What the-?!" he gasped and turned around to find his boyfriend standing there with a big grin, wearing only boxers, and holding a plush stuffed python in his hands. "Billy?! What on earth are you doing? And why are you dressed like that?" Teddy laughed and just smiled at him.
"I see you in your underwear and I get jealous!" he teased playfully. "Bu anyway, you know how I had to take my little cousins to the zoo, right? Well I bought this for myself," he explained and then wrapped it around Teddy a few times before 'flicking' its tongue in his face, even adding a playful hiss. "He reminds me of Kaa from The Jungle Book," the young wizard grinned. He then pulled the snake off of Teddy, making the boy spin around in his chair a couple times.

The prologue of sorts to a short comic featuring Billy and Teddy from Young Avengers playing with a snake plush! aint it cute? I love drawing these two XD

I am in love with these two~<3

This is all your fault :iconbabeandandy: for turning me on to this couple- Thank you!

This is more of a prologue page to a comic Im doing with :iconbabeandandy: but I cant decide if Ill upload them here or keep them on my furaffinity page. Guess it depends on how well this one takes :shrug:

EDIT::::Im uploading the other pages lol despite my great procrastination to do so!

Anyway! This couple is awesome and canon so if you dont like it dont look!

Billy, Teddy and the Young avengers belong to Marvel

The artwork belongs to me!
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(WARNING: this story has not been check for grammar mistakes and was make by a very bored boy so its not very good also... if you dont like it just deal with it.. XD oh and vore)

As Yousie just finshed reading a story called 'Plushie Surperior" he thought to him-self "i loved story so much", then types a quick comment and go's back a page to continue some
rp's but then he was thinking again, "i got some money left, i might just get a small arbok plush off ebay", so then he logged on to it and searched up "Arbok Plushie" only one
arbok plushie came up, it had a picture of a small plushie just what he wanted, he went and ordered it. it said it would arrive in 3-10 days.

he switched off his pc and went off to bed.... *beep* Yousie's alarms go's off and he awakes up. he logs back on and sees that it has been sent, YES! Yousie said out-laud in exsitement
he gets ready and leaves for school. He arrives at school and tells all his friends about it like his braging usall self... the day ends and gets home and he dose his homework like normal.
he gose to bed again awating for the next day...

2 and a half weeks past... he wakes up annoyed and frustrated, "Come on! its just a small plush for god sake!" as he went to check his mail... he got a note from the post office,
"Uh? Very large package?" he wondered as it said on ebay it only was about 30 cms long. He walked down to the post office and got a very large box from them it was quite heavy.
Yousie struggled to make it back but he did soon enuff he put the box down in his room, as he breaves for air. He looks at the box's size "Wow, this is huge, i dident order one so big..."

Next he opened the box and sore the Arbok in there, he pulled it out and jumps on it "SOO SOFT" as he cuddles it he looks its face with its eyes being black, and mouth having a zipper, "Cool it must some sort of sleeping bag?"
he put it on his bed and as we walked away he felt something touch his leg and he turned around to see the arbok's eyes have started to glow. he watched as the arbok started to coil him.
He was more Happy then scared, he more so let the arbok coil him, when it finshed small amounts of gas came out of it, Yousie tried to avoid it but couldent hes mind started to tell him to unzip the mouth...

the force started to get stonger he slowly to unzip the mouth, when he was finshed. The arbok spoke in a soft voice as the gas cleared, "dont fear human".Yousie was speeckless and watched with his jaw opened
the arbok had a pleasing smile and spoke again "i see your shocked, i know its frightening but just sit back and relax" as the arbok opened his cotton mouth, Yousie was confuzed. He felt the welcoming warm breath from the arbok
The arbok started to put swallow. Yousie squirmed as he was frigtened. Quickly the arbok finshed swallowing Yousie...

"Relax...Relax...Relax" said the arbok as Yousie felt very sleepy in its warm and soft belly. He struggled to stay awake but fell asleep... The arbok soon to fall asleep as well...

The next morning yousie woke up out side of the plush, with the plush snuggling against yousie... they so to find out they liked alot of the same stuff. (because it was made to do that but yousie dident know)they soon to became great friends... The end
Just updated it with an ending also its released as a story now~!
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Commission for ~Neybulot
His TF into dolphin with goo
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Collection by
awesome commission for Pyro Assassin (Part 5/5)

The suit is finally on, and he gives his chest fur a ruffle as he enjoys his first
few moments as a G-Shep :3

PREVIOUS: [link]
FIRST: [link]
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awesome commission for Pyro Assassin on FA (Part 4/5)

He grabs hold of the mask and starts to press his head inside, lining everything up perfectly as he opens his eyes for the first time as a g-shep.... ;D

NEXT: [link]
PREVIOUS: [link]
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awesome commission for PyroAssassin on FA (Part 3/5)

The G-Shep mask dangles over his chest as he snugs on the other paw, before grabbing the head and peering into the inside of his soon-to-be head

NEXT: [link]
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awesome commission for PyroAssassin on FA (Part 2/5)

He tugs the suit up to his hips, draping the upper body over his shoulder, slipping a hand in to the paw and wriggling the fingers into place :D

NEXT: [link]
PREVIOUS: [link]
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awesome commission for PyroAssassin over on FA (Part 1/5)

Him puttin on a G-Shep costume :3

NEXT: [link]
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Collection by
Chapter 1

I thought I knew everything about my town but that was all about to change. Ever since I can remember I was told never to go into the woods north of the town on the way to the city. I always wonder why from such a small girl. Curiosity grew because of  spooky stories that were told about it from all in the town. But there was ever only one story I truly believed. I remember my grandpa telling me one when I was five.

"Cassie do you know the story of the north woods" He asked me one afternoon as I sat on his porch playing with my toys.

I had looked up at him with my wide bright green eyes. I shook my head and he smiled. He gestured for me to come to him. I sit on his lap and he began the story that just made my curiosity stronger.

"There are many different stories of different horror creatures blah, blah and blah. But the real truth I know because I've seen the creatures with my own eyes" He said

"Grandpa" I laughed.

He laughs and it shakes me a little but he held onto me.

"Well truthfully my father saw them close up. I saw them from a distance" He said

"Really" I said shocked.

He nods.

"What did you see?" I asked

"Wolves" He said

I looked at him questionably.

"Wolves that's not very exciting" I said

"Hold on" He said

I giggle and smile at him innocently.

"They weren't ordinary wolves. No they were something different. Normal wolves fear them. They won't go into the north woods. No these wolves big as man. Stood tall as basketball player" He said

I looked at him shocked.

"They stood on hind legs. Have you ever seen a picture or watched a movie about werewolves" He said

I nod. I love horror movies from a small child. My mother hated me watching them but my father allowed me to when she wasn't around.

"That's what they are. Werewolves. The head exactly like a wolves. Snout, ears and eyes like them. But the body was like a mans but of course covered in hair. Claws and paws of hands same with their feet. They were strong and beastly creatures. They scared my father and he was a strong man" He said

"So in the north woods werewolves live and that's why no one goes there" I said

He nods. From that moment I was always trying to go to the north woods but I was never able to. Every time we drive pass it to go to the city I would always be looking out my window trying to catch glimpse of anything. There was one time I thought I had saw something but no one believed me.

As much as people avoided going into the woods they didn't believe anything was there at the same time. It was stupid. As I grew my need to see what is in there for myself became stronger. I know that curiosity killed the cat but it was just something I have to do. My grandpa and great one had lived to tell the tale. So why wouldn't I live if I go in there.

If there was truly werewolf in there wouldn't they be dead by now if they had been around my great-grandpa was around. So I probably go in there And find nothing. But I do believe my grandpa that there was werewolves no matter what everybody else says about it just being a old superstition. That if there was anything it was probably bears.

We are on the way home from the city. It night and dark out there. The moon is only a crescent. I'm sitting in the back looking out the window. My eyes looking out into the woods always on the lookout for signs of life in the woods.

Clara and Becca sat in the back with me and were chatting with Jesse and Kyle in the front. I was quiet like always. The quiet and shy girl. We had been friends since we were little so they knew me pretty well by now. Plus Clara and Jesse have been together since we were thirteen and where now sixteen or seventeen. Just then there was a bang.

"Fuck it's a flat" Kyle said as he pulled over to the side of the road.

The girls groan. He stops the car.

"You got a spare" Jesse said

"Yeah in the boot" Kyle said

"Ok lets go mate. Wait here girls" Jesse said

They get out. I looked around since we were in one spot it would be easier to see anything.

"Come on boys" Becca said

"Where in the north woods. Not safe" Clara said

"Why?" I said

"Cassie you know all the stories" Becca said

"Guys there just stories" I said

"There definitely a weirdo who lives out here" Clara said

"Yeah his a hermit my dad says" Becca said

I roll my eyes.

"I've heard it and many others" I said

The boys come back.

"My father must of took the spare and we have no mobile reception" Kyle said

The girls check their's and they had none.

"Where going to have to walk" Jesse said

"No" Becca said

"It be fine. Us two will go to the Gray house which is only a like a mile away" Kyle said

"Your not leaving us" Clara said

"Someone's got to stay behind just in case" Kyle said

"I will" I said

"You sure" Kyle said

"Yeah" I said

We all get out. He locks the car. It wasn't cold tonight. I sit on the back of the car with a torch. Lucky he had two. He said I could of waited inside the car but I didn't want to. This might be my chance to see or hear something. I watch them walk away. It was only a mile. Not that far.

Once they were out of sight after going down a hill. I looked around. It was dead silent. That creepy quiet. To quiet. Not even owls or any other nightlife making a noise. It was like nothing existed here during the night. I've seen creatures during the day but now it was dead.

I looked around looking for anything. My eyes were use to the darkness and had switched the torch off. I could see tree outlines and other stuff. If there is werewolves and if their still alive they probably wouldn't come near the road. So why am I even bothering because I'm me and I never do the normal right. Plus what is normal. Normal to one person could be weird to the next.

I thought I heard something. I was pulled from my rambling mind. I looked around. I thought I heard a whooshing noise like something ran pass in the trees really quick. I look to the right where it had come from. I turn the torch on and look.

Then it happened again from the other side. I looked and there was nothing. My heart was pounding in my chest now. Fear started to creep into my body. What if there was creepy guy in the woods? No that noise couldn't be him. Its like a four legged creature noise like a dog or…wolf. Now I'm frightening myself.

"Just relax Cassie" I whispered to myself.

Just then a howls ripped through the silence. Now I'm officially shit scared. I raised my legs up and moved up to the roof of the car. Shaking and nearly slipping but I made it like it was going to make a difference if they come to the car. They could still get me whether they were wild dogs, wolves or worst werewolves. My head whirled around at the slightest noise.

More of the whooshing noises happened and the sounds of bushes moving. I sat there listening to the noises getting closer and closer. Ten minutes later howls again and I had no clue how many or where from. But I knew they came from all around me and they were close. Closing in on me.

Come on guys. I was really starting to get scared now. I fold my arms and hold myself close. I should of stayed in the car of demanded to go. Screw the car if it gets stolen like it was going to. The road is dead silent. There's that noise again.

Then I saw something ahead of me. Standing in the middle of the road. First I saw was the glowing thing like wolves do. You know when you shine a light on them or something and that thing happens. I don't know what the fuck it is. My mind is swirling with many things.

Then it stood up. My eyes widen as it did. It was tall. Over six foot. But its body was like a humans body but I saw the hair well I think its hair I can't be sure in the light. Then it raised its head up. What I saw then made my heart stop nearly. Then thump.

It raised its head up and there was a wolves head. Ears pointed and raised to hear noise. A snout that opened. When it did a howl came out that made the hairs stand up on my body. Shivers dance down my back. I saw its hands. Now paws like a wolf and there were its claws that look sharp enough to shed this car to pieces.  

It stopped and then its eyes looked to me. I could feel them looking at me. Staring into my soul. I couldn't look away. I couldn't move. I couldn't do anything. I had no control. It seemed like forever that it stood there staring at me but just then headlights appeared from behind. It howls once and then runs off. I hear others from around me head off. I looked and saw figures disappearing into the darkness.

I couldn't believe it. I seen them. I saw werewolves with my own eyes. The car pulls up. I look and it was the others with Mr Gray. I get down. Still trembling from what just happened but I composed myself.

We get a tow back to town. When I got home I went straight to the bathroom. Showered. All I could think about was what I saw and I had no clue how I washed my hair but I did. I get out and go to bed. I laid there just thinking about it. I have to tell grandpa tomorrow. I have to go see him at the old peoples home. His the only person I can tell and who will believe me.
New one :D
Just about werewolves guys. You wanted more wolves and here we go. I love werewolves there so awesome!!!
I know i'm working on my others stories :)
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Ch. 1 Surroundings

Eric walked out of class and headed to the Student Union Building to grab a bite to eat. He saw some of his friends and sat with them after piling a tray high with food. After knowing the guy for almost five years at college, the group was used to him putting away a large amount of food. He glanced at the sky through the sunroof. His class would be starting soon. The large man stood back up and slid his tray onto the rising stack collecting on the trash can.
"Hey, Eric!" called one of the guys who had been sitting with him.
"Hey, Craig." Eric shook the brunette's hand. "Wassup?"
"Not much. Going to a party tonight…."
"And you can't decide who to go with." Eric smiled.
"Well…." The brown haired guy shrugged as he rubbed his shaggy beard.
"Come on, dude. We balance life as college students and as wolves. What's the issue?"
"She's human."
"Ah. Big issue."
"Yeah. You got it lucky having a girl who is a lycan already."
"Oh, yeah. She's also the pack leader's daughter. Joy."
"Still, you have her."
"Yep." Eric held up his dog tags which had an additional piece on the chain. His engagement ring hung around his neck. "Almost time for my next class."
"Me too."
"See you at the cabin."

As Eric jogged across campus to his class, it was an easy pace but he still seemed to speed past other students heading in the same direction. He recalled the past five years and realized that in a few months, he would be a college grad and be getting married. Five years ago, he and Jayce moved into his father's…his cabin. The wooden building had four bedrooms so to help with bill they rented out the other two rooms. Craig was one of their tenants since freshman year. Eric had met him in his Architecture class. He could smell Craig's wolf scent as could Craig his. They started talking and Eric offered him the room. The fourth bedroom was rented out to two sisters, Megan and Susan, who had shared a room their entire life so they just continued to live together during college. Both the sisters were also lycans. They were very pretty with long blond hair and green eyes. They also had the reputation as heartbreakers. One sister was in a steady relationship and the other went through boyfriends like no one had before. When Jayce had first met them, it was iffy whether they would get along but as time went by they formed a close friendship. The cabin soon became a meeting place for werewolf students because they could chill and hunt and just let loose unlike in the city. Eric liked the friendships that he formed with young lycans from around the country. He had one friend from the area, Jason, who also hung out at the cabin but unlike the others, he was human. Well, technically, his parents were werewolves but he had been born unable to shift. As rare as it was, he was proof that it happened.  

When the poor guy found out at a party near the full moon about his friends, he freaked! He had wandered outside and had strolled into the woods around the cabin. He came upon Eric and Jayce coming back from a hunt. He watched in horror as Eric transformed from a fearsome werewolf to his buddy that he horsed around with. He stood there frozen. Neither of the lycans could smell him; they were both covered in blood. After the couple washed up and changed into their clothes, they made their way up the path to the cabin and to Jason. Before they could notice him, he took off. Hearing the other run, Eric pursued him. Jason looked over his shoulder to see a large brown wolf chasing after him. He yelled for help. To his further horror three more wolves burst out of the house. It was Craig and the sisters. Jason skidded to a stop and squared off with the pursuing wolf. He swung and made contact with its snout. The wolf knocked him down and growled, Knock it off, Jason.
If you hadn't run off, I would have been able to explain. Eric morphed to his human form ad did the other three lycans. Jayce lit a fire in the outdoor fire pit and handed the lone human a blanket as she and the rest morphed into their favored forms for a question and answer session with Jason. Eric in his wolf form was fearsome in the fire light but his deep voice proved to be soothing to the kid.  Jason admitted that he knew running was a bad idea…it's just he hadn't ever seen someone shift before. His family thought it best to keep him separate from the rest of their pack. They worked hard to keep him safe. He had been curious to see a hunt but after Eric allowed him to go on one…well; his curiosity was satisfied to say the least.

His class was so boring. He only went to class to kill time. Like most days, he sat in the lecture hall, reclined in his chair and doodled in his notebook. He had three five subject notebooks full of his drawings during class.  His lycan memory was so good he could recall verbatim the professor's first day lecture. His grades were all A's as were most students who had his special talents anyways. The college he attended had a large student population as was the faculty population. Wolves made up about half of both groups. The administration's main concern was to keep the true identities of the students covered up. Hence that was why dogs were allowed on campus. Eric had chosen his college wisely. Jayce had kept her agreement with her father and twice a month she checked in with the local pack which sent word to home. Eric also kept weekly correspondence with both families; his and his future-in-laws. He also emailed Faye daily.

The girl had graduated three years early and now operated the Lupine Research Center. The center did your basic research on wolves. The main focus of their study was lycanthropy. Faye had the full backing of the pack and the LFPF along with government funding. Over the summer before college, Eric had introduced her to the pack and they had accepted her. She merely observed them. The growth of young lycans greatly interested her as did the differences in born and bit lycans. Luckily she had two young lycans of the same age and almost identical environmental backgrounds, Matt and Davey. She had based her thesis on her research. Her professor praised as some of the most conclusive and concise he had ever read. (Her grad professor was one of the elder lycans of the de Loup clan.) Due to her being so busy with her life's work she had very little time for relationships and a social life. So this weekend was special. She was flying to New York City to spend time with Eric and Jayce.

"Eric. Eric." The lycan felt something poking at the back of his head, disturbing his nap. He twitched his nose as someone flicked it. "Hey, Wolfy."
"Jason. I know it's you." Eric muttered. "I can smell you. You forgot to put on deodorant again and covered with a friend's cologne. If you flick my nose again, I will bite you."
"Cool. I'll be a werewolf."
"No. Only a deep bite will do that and I'll make sure it is shallow." Eric growled as he opened his eyes which were golden. His eyes had begun to change color when he felt any strong emotion such as fear, anger or in this case annoyance. His eyes flashed back to their original hazel as he calmed himself. Jason knew this met to back off so he did. Eric sat up in his chair and looked around. The professor continued to drone on and Eric wasn't the only student having trouble staying awake. He'd so rather be at the cabin where he could be in his other forms without worrying. He couldn't wait kick off his shoes and strip down to his pelt. Good thing I live with a bunch of wolves. Eric smiled as he dozed off.

A doorway opened before him. He stepped through and instantly became enveloped in darkness as the door slammed behind him. He could hear something moving in the darkness. A whimper echoed through the space. His eyes grew accustomed to the dark. He looked in the direction of the whimper. He could make out something like whatever it was making the noise was trying to ask for help. Eric walked forward and ran into a concrete wall. He rubbed his nose which bled only a little before it was healed. He felt around the wall. He found a loop embedded into the wall. He ran his hand down a chain attached to it. It moved suddenly. Something was at the end of this chain. Eric's skin crawled. What poor creature had to suffer in this hell? Eric knelt as he whispered
"It's okay. I won't hurt you." A close whimper answered him. He reached the end of the chain and felt a shackle that held an arm trapped. Eric brushed his fingers over the wounds made by the creature struggling to get free. The creature pulled back and winced. Eric jumped at this and fell back. His hand landed on a metal cylinder. He picked it up and discovered it was a flashlight. He flipped on the weak beam and shone the light in the prisoner's direction. He followed the chain to the arm he had just held. It was human but something was off. It seemed deformed like the muscles where too big for the skin. He continued up the arm and was shocked as the gaunt skin give way to a matted dark brown fur. He stopped.
"You're a werewolf…." He breathed. Eric moved the beam across its chest and saw a glint of metal. Eric narrowed his eyes as he focused on the metal tags. He suddenly felt really nauseous and lowered the beam to its feet which were in human form like the hands. Eric felt like he knew the creature from somewhere but all he could smell was dried blood and filth. Eric swallowed and moved the beam up the torso. Wounds and scars seemed to glow in the dim light. Eric passed the beam over its shoulder. Here the fur seemed to have worn away leaving red irritated skin and an old bite scar. Eric's own scar seemed to burn some. His breathe began to quicken and he retched in the back of his throat. His hand shook as slowly moved the light to the creature's face. Its mouth gaped open as it breathed slowly and raggedly. A grey pink tongue stuck out its mouth. Eric looked into its eyes and gasped; they were golden like his.
"You're me." Eric nearly yelled. A hand grabbed his shoulder and he jumped, yelping.

"Eric! Calm down." Jason tried to calm his friend down. He had been trying to wake Eric up since class was over and the lecture hall was emptying but when he grabbed his shoulder Eric jumped from his chair and morphed into his anthro form ready to fight. Eric's teeth and claws were bared. His eyes were wild and solid gold. He panted as his hind paws dug into the chair cushions where he stood. He took off running to a side exit that thankfully was deserted due to construction. Jason gathered the tattered clothing and Eric's bag and followed him. He tried hard to catch up but Eric was running scared. Jason made it to the exit door that went outside. He pushed against it but it was locked. He heard whimpering coming from behind a pile of pallets. Jason placed the things he was carrying down and knelt behind the pallets. There was Eric in his true form curled in a ball. Jason had never seen him like this. He pulled out his cell and called Jayce. She told him to keep his distance and watch for anyone else coming down the hall. She would be there soon.

Jayce ran down the hall. She was breathing heavy from running across campus. Jason sounded freaked on the phone. If it was as bad as he said then he had good reason. Eric had been having nightmares off and on since they came to college but only recently had they gotten bad enough to trigger a transformation. Jayce fretted. She should have informed her father when they first happened. She had told him but only recently and what she found out shocked her. Her father told her that Eric dreams were communication with another wolf in danger. He explained that since Eric was the son of a werewolf he was a candidate to be a mage. Since the only mage they had died before Jayce was born and the pack was breaking more and more from tradition they decided not to appoint a new one but to wait for one to come to them. Her mother had filled the position in the meantime. As her father put it, "We have always been provided for, and we will continue to be." Eric was a mage which met his spirit could roam while he slept. It had gone to help someone who needed him and therefore the nightmares. "But wait…" Jayce had paused. "Eric was born human; no one in his family was a werewolf."
"His grandfather, his namesake, was. It was kept a secret. Something happened to his family. He was adopted and raised as a human. When the boy transformed, he would run away from home to the woods. His family just thought he liked to go hiking by himself. When he married a human girl, he gave birth to a human son who in turn carried the genes of a lycan but repressed. These genes where passed on to Eric and Davey. This is why that family was given protection. This is why Eric is a suitable mate for you. This is why he is so strong."
"Why is Eric a mage?"
"Because he was chosen to be one. Before he was born the old mage named him as one. He foretold, 'My successor will be a wolf among humans, but a human among wolves. He will grow by himself but will never be alone. He will be bitten but pureblood. He will be a son of wolf and man.' Eric is the only one who fits and his dreams are proof."
"But, Father…Daddy…if Eric becomes a mage…if what the old stories say are true… then he can't get married…we can't be together. I don't want to lose him. I can't."
"Jayce, the mage foresaw something about you also.  His prediction continued, 'He will lead beside his love. As long as one has the other there will be happiness, if one is lost the other will follow. They are bound by blood and by love. They will forever be inseparable. Guide of spirit and earth, modern children of ancient kind.' Jayce, the moment Eric's family came here and he was born, both of your fates were decided."
"Dad, you said 'guide of spirit and earth', what does that mean?"
"Eric's spirit can be called from him by those in need when he is at rest. He can see the true person inside someone. He can tell their true intentions. Once he learns the rituals and healing, he will take his place by your side as your advisor."
"He is already that…but what about him being my mate?!?" She cried.
"Jayce! You must do what is good for the pack, even if it is not what is good for you. Think about Eric. He will need to give up his education and job for his duties to the pack. He has made, is making and will make those sacrifices because he must. In order to protect you, his family and the pack, he will give his all. As leader you also will make your choices to protect loved ones and the pack. Eric will understand."
"I don't." She hung up the phone. She had cried herself to sleep while Eric had worked through the night on his final project. He would graduate top of his class…for nothing. Jayce couldn't help but be bitter. He worked so hard for so long…

Jayce snapped back to the present. She ran down the hallway and stopped when Eric's scent was the strongest. She walked behind the pallets and saw him. His eyes stared blankly ahead. She reached out and touched him. He didn't move. She knelt and stared into his eyes.
"Where are you, Eri?" Suddenly Jayce felt a cool breeze as her breathe was stolen from her body which tumbled onto Eric's. She then felt warmth, something enveloped her. She looked down at herself. Her body seemed to glow as she changed into her anthro form. Only she wasn't in her body. She still felt warmth but this time it was like something was hugging her. A large tail curled around her. Eric. She closed her eyes.
Eric, Jayce and everyone are back after five years of college and growing up. New developments in Eric's role in the pack.

EDIT: Just some added info this time...later chapters will be completely rewritten...

Italics are thoughts or conversation in wolf form.

Characters, plot and everything else is mine. Jac.
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Friendship first
a short story by Joshua Langton AKA ~Aconite360

    Zack's head lay on the desk, his eyes shut, and a barely noticeable dribble of saliva hung from his lips. His hair was slightly messy with brown mixed in with the dark blond hair that dominated his head.  School had been out for fifteen minutes already and the teacher was out for a moment after another futile attempt to wake the sleeping boy, That is until she arrived. Her straight blackish hair seemed to dance as if always trapped in a nonexistent breeze. She silently walked into the class room and whispered something incoherent into Zack's ear, this caused the boy to smile slightly and he opened his eyes yawning...

"Good morning Zack... how was your nap?"

"Oh it was fine...It would have been better if this class was held outside" he replied a slight tiredness hung onto his voice

"Yes sometimes I wish all classes were like that..." said the girl, who's name was Farah. "So wanna do the usual?" she asked quietly...

"Of course... I wouldn't miss it for the world!" Zack replied simply. He stood Up and walked out of the classroom beside Farah. They walked down the hall towards Zack's locker passing his teacher who glared at him momentarily. When They got to the locker, Zack silently opened it when a girl with long auburn hair and brown eyes ran up...

"hey Zack! Hey Farah!" she said with a cherry disposition...

"Oh hi Melissa..." Zack replied...

"Hello " Farah said in an amused tone...

"what's so amusing?" asked Melissa checking if it was something she was wearing.

"Hehehe...nothing" Farah said smiling...

"aww c'mon Farah, this is not fair. Zack do you know what she is finding so funny?" Melissa asks slightly exasperated. Zack shrugged

"no Idea" he said smirking slightly as he looked at Farah...

Melissa huffed slightly before deciding that it was time to change the topic "So guys what are you planning to do this evening?" Zack looks at Farah slightly

"Um... homework" they said in unison...

"well I was thinking we could go see a movie or something you guys up for it?"Melissa says. Farah frowns slightly...

"Its kinda due tomorrow..." Zack said while wringing his hands behind his back...

"Ah, well that sucks, do you wanna hand with it? I'm sure we could get through loads together and then maybe sit and watch a movie or something after?" Melissa asks her hopes of seeing her friends tonight not dampened by their lack of interest in some form of activity, she knew they were hiding something and was determined that she was going to get to the bottom of it. Farah sighs...

" How about we do our homework and then If there's time we'll call you and go see that movie..." Farah replied.

"yea ok, waiting on your phone call then" Melissa says with her hopes high as she closes her locker after getting what she needed. 'hmm maybe i will get to see my friends tonight after all' she thinks to herself as she walks off down the hall to the parking lot.

Zack gathers his bag and walked out with Farah...

"You know we should tell her soon " he whispers to her. Farah closes her locker and sighs

"Yea we should, but the timing has to be right... and we have to be sure that we can trust her."  She whispers back.

"I trust her... we've all been friends since grade 3..." he said silently....

"I trust her... but I'm not certain I'd put my entire life in her hands yet, y'know what I mean? I mean, what if she freaks? it could be really bad ... For us." she stated in a volume only audible to herself and Zack

"I know... But regardless of when we decide to tell her... it will still be a risk..."

"yea I s'pose so. So you think we should get to our 'homework'?" Farah says in a normal tone giving Zack a slight elbow to the ribs and a wink as they leave the school grounds.

"yes definitely... I can hardly hold back myself..." Zack said as they slipped unseen into the nearby forest... They silently walked into the depths of the leaf-riddled haven... Once they were certain they were alone Farah walked behind a nearby bush...

"why do you always have to hide when you change...Its not like I haven't seen you that way before..." Zack asked her as He slowly unbuttoned his shirt...

"because I deserve privacy when I change... and Your not going to see me like this..." she said... Zack sighed and pulled his pants off along with his boxers and started concentrating on a spot right above his stomach... He issued a slight groan as his body began to change... His feet became digitigrade as Brown-blond fur covered his body... With a slight crack his face seemed to push out into a muzzle as his ears slid up his head to become pointed...A slight bulge appeared at the base of his spine and quickly elongated into a tail...His hands and feet donned claws and paw pads and his eyes turned a bright yellow. The werewolf issued a sigh of relief as he looked over himself... He sat down and waited...A few minutes passed when a Female werewolf with black fur approached...

Zack smiled as best as he could with a muzzle... but quickly regretted it as the female tackled him to the forest floor.

<Farah get off!> he said in a tongue that was far from English. Farah obliged.

<Come on! last one's a humans pet> she said in a teasing voice. With that they ran off into the forest...


Farah emerged fully clothed from The familiar bush and walked towards Zack who had just finished doing up his belt buckle

"So, do you wanna go see a 'movie' with Melissa?" She asked before tackling him to the floor....again. Zack pushes her off easily and nods as he buttons up his shirt... Reaching for her cell Farah brings up Melissa's number which she promptly dials... within moments Melissa picks up.

"Oh Hey Mel, listen we've done that homework we had planned and are wondering if you still wanna watch that movie?.... Yea? ... Cool... Right umm my place? ... Yea 20 minutes is fine by us .. Bring some sleeping gear and a couple of good films, we have snacks and such. Ok then... see ya shortly then ... B-bye" She closes her phone and looks over at Zack,

"You catch all that?" Zack nodded as he finished buttoning up his shirt...

"Yep I got it...Do I have to bring sleeping gear too?" he said in a slightly sarcastic tone...

"No I was thinking you could sleep in the dog kennel outside" she replied in a heavily sarcastic tone

"Seriously though, its up to you, I have spare stuff if you planned to stay human all night and have her trust our word? but there is also the sofa in my room ... my Mom knows to stay out of there unless invited... or you could sleep outside? We have 20 minutess if you wanna stop at your place on the way back though"

    "Okay sounds like a plan" Zack said as he walked towards the edge of the forest...

"So how do you think we should approach telling her? just coming straight out with it? or would you build it up slowly? and do you think that we should offer her to join us out here?" Farah asked as they walked towards Zack's house...

"I think that I have a plan..." Zack pulled his phone from his jeans and dialed Melissa's number "hey Melissa.... Have you left yet?... Oh great! could you grab a few Monster movies... Yeah like werewolves, vampires and stuff like that... great....see you in a few...Ciao..."

"Not planning to scare the hell out of her are you?" Farah asked a Wicked grin playing at the features of her face

"Well I think we deserve some fun... and besides how scary could a few cheesy monster flicks be?"

"So your not planning on waiting for the scariest moment of a werewolf film and walk into the room all furry? cause that would just be cruel ... and set her against us straight away.... Although it would be the funniest thing i would have ever seen .. EVER" She said while winking at Zack that grin still dominating the features of her face.

"Your close but not quite..." Zack replied with a similarily evil smile... Farah sighed. They slowly approached Zack's house where he grabbed some spare clothes. When they got to Farah's place Melissa was waiting for them...

"Oh there you guys are! I brought some really good movies..."

"Really what ones..."

"Underworld, Cursed, Wolfman and a few more" Melissa replied. Zack smiled slightly as he looked at Farah.

"What? did I chose the wrong movies"

"No It's just that a lot of the movies seem to be Werewolf flicks" Farah noted...

"well yeah... every since that book... Vampires just haven't been the same" Melissa said slightly shuddering at the thought of that book... They headed inside saying hello to Farah's mom and headed up to Farah's room and popped in the first movie... It was "Cursed" and the image on the TV showed two woman in a fortune tellers tent... They watched intently as Zack prepared mentally for for what he was planning to do...

"I'll go get some snacks" Farah said, silently knowing what Zack was intending. As she left she made sure to lock the door without telling Melissa. Zack continued watching the movie waiting for a few minutes before he looked at Melissa. She was so captivated by the movie that He doubted she would even notice. His clothing became tight as fur covered his chest. and his legs, concealed by his jeans, made their change as well. His lips remained sealed as he shifted his sitting position to accommodate the growing tail. His hands changed into paws as the fur finished spreading its way across his body. He let out an inaudible grunt as his muzzle formed, and then it was over. He looked at Melissa who was leaning ever near the TV ill knowing that a real werewolf sat nearby her. He smiled slightly and let his tail wag in such a way that it lightly touched Melissa with each sweep.

"stop it" Melissa said in an absent minded way, after the third touch. Zack's tail started wagging faster in response to this.

"STOP I--" she started as she turned to glare at him. She looked at him for a few moments, her eyes wide and mouth agape, And then she screamed. Zack sat there watching passively, as she scrambled off of Farah's bed and attempted to open the door to no success. The "beast" appeared to sigh before standing up and walking towards her. She doubled her attempts to open the door as the "beast" approached her and bared its teeth at her. At this time Melissa knew that she would be eaten by this monster that Zack had turned into. She closed her eyes preparing to feel razor sharp teeth to cut through her throat and was surprised when a moist warm rough thing slid up her face coating it in saliva. She opened her eyes to find the wolf thing standing on all fours, and looking up at her panting happily. She looked slightly unnerved.

"Zack?! can you understand me?!" The wolf nodded. She glared at the wolf as the door unlocked and Farah walked in. Melissa looked at Farah.

"Um... Farah... Z-Zack turned into-into a...this!" she said as she pointed at the wolf...

"Yes I know...He's a werewolf" Farah explained.

"What!..Wait! how do you know that..."

"Because she's a werewolf too" Zack said, startling Melissa who looked at him in shock.

"Your a werewolf too!?" she asked Farah who nodded...

"And we were wondering if you wanted to join us" Zack said struggling slightly to speak the English with his muzzled mouth.

"You want me to become a werewolf?!" Melissa asked...

"Yes...and besides you'll have to keep our secret anyways.." Farah said

"Hmmm...fine I guess I'll become a werewolf..."

With that Zack lunged and bit down on Melissa's shoulder. Melissa collapsed out of pain and Farah and Zack watched as she changed... several minutes later the auburn furred werewolf opened her eyes and howled...
this was commissioned by ~howl2010 :iconhowl2010:
This was written with help from :iconrenegades0ul:

Enjoy ~Aconite360
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Ch. 1 Discovery

Eric burrowed into his bed as he moaned in frustration as the morning sun shone into his eyes. He dragged himself from under the covers and over to the open window. He stuck his head out and could feel his broad shoulders brush against the wooden frame. The morning sun warmed his bare skin on the cool almost spring day. He pulled himself back in away from the tempting openness of the woods that butted up to his back yard. He carefully closed the old window and locked the most recent in a long line of locks. His mother in a vain attempt to keep him indoors had made sure that her oldest son's room was well secured. The result: one smashed original early 1900's glass pane which was replaced after Eric's father had finally managed to find another in a salvage shop; dozens of broken, snapped and otherwise dismantled locks and dead bolts; and finally, perhaps most troubling, a son very adept at picking locks and escaping. Eric grimaced slightly at the scratches and marred surface of the trim. He resigned himself to get use to the damage…it wasn't like he wouldn't add to the destruction. He ran a hand through his mop of brown wavy hair and sighed, "If things couldn't get any worse, tonight's a full moon." He stretched and felt his knuckles brush against the eight foot ceiling. He looked into the mirror across from his messy bed and smirked at his reflection. The young man that looked back at him seemed to be trying to collect himself as a break in the glass dividing his face in two. Eric tried to keep his belongings in decent condition but things didn't always work out. His smile greatened into a sheepish grin and his hazel-green eyes sparkled as he flexed his arms and legs stretching the thin material of his pajama bottoms. On his left shoulder, there was a faded scar of a bite mark which he traced fondly. Thanks to this. He took a closer look at his reflection and his smile turned into a frown. "Man, I just shaved yesterday." He rubbed the thick stubble growing on his chin and cheeks. "And to think some guys don't grow facial hair until their twenties. I had five o'clock shadow when I was fourteen." He pulled a pair of baggy shorts and a loose t-shirt out of his dresser, turned his stereo on to a tolerable level and undid the locks on his door. More scratches and marks defaced the old door. He stepped into the hall and let the music reach him, jamming his way into his bathroom.
"Eric, turn that music down!" His mom shouted up the stairs. "And get Davi up and ready for school."
"Yes, Mom." How can she hear that? I can barely make out the lyrics and I have damn good hearing. He shut the door to the stairs muffling the sound. He dumped his change of clothes on the counter and crept to his little brother's door. He smiled a toothy grin and turned the door knob. It creaked open and he growled, "Wakey, wakey." He tore the blankets off the bed and was shocked to find the bed empty. The closet door behind him opened softly and a miniature version of him flew through the air.
"Yaaahhhh!" David (Davi) screamed as clamped onto his elder brother's back toppling him off balance and onto the bed.
"Get off. Come on. We have to get ready for school." Eric wrestled his little brother off of him and looped his arm around the younger Cowan's waist and carted him to the bathroom the two brothers shared. He set him on the tiled counter and prodded him, "Brush your teeth and comb your hair while I take a quick shower." Eric stepped in the stall to strip off his bottoms.
"Ok." The eight year old boy jumped off the counter, reached across the sink and turned on the water.
"Argh!" Eric shouted as his warm shower turned ice cold. A pair of damp blue bottoms smacked the giggling younger brother in the face.
"Yeck." He chucked them into the hamper.
"Serves you right, pest." Eric chided as his shower warmed up again. He ducked under the spray and let his thoughts wander for a bit. It was just his brother, his mom and him in the house. And in less than half a year he would be going to college. The rush of applications and scholarships had for the moment slowed. Luckily he didn't need to worry much about paying for school. His father had left an inheritance for his sons' education. He could hear his brother piddling around on the counter so Eric quickly scrubbed up and rinsed off. He cracked the door and pulled a large towel off the bar. Normal sized towels didn't do when someone was as large as he was. He wrapped it around his waist before stepping out of the stall. "Your teeth aren't gonna clean themselves. Now, brush." He pointed to the toothbrushes as he dripped on the mat.
"Umm, Eri…where do you go at night?" David asked carefully as he squirted a glob of toothpaste onto his brush and stuck it in his mouth.
"What are you talking about?" The older boy looked down at his little brother as he spread shaving cream over his face.
"Mom and Dad were talking about you before he…" A solemn silence hung in the air for a bit. "…you know. Mom was worried about you going out at night. Dad said they should trust you and let you deal with it by yourself. So what were they talking about?"
"Umm…" Shit. If I tell him, he'll freak or worse, want to come along. How do I get out of this? Eric paused and stalled by quickly shaving his growth and taming his sideburns. "I enjoy the woods at night."
"Isn't scary out there with all the wild animals?" the little boy spit into the sink and wiped his mouth his PJ top's sleeve.
"Use a towel." Eric passed one to his brother as he grabbed another to wipe off the extra shaving cream on his face. "They are more afraid us…" Especially a hungry eight foot long wolf. "….than we are of them. How do I look?" He smiled at his brother who made a face at him.
"I don't see any difference." He held up his comb and whined. "Do I hafta?"
"Yes." Eric smiled as he fixed his hair with his fingers.
"How come you don't hafta?"
"I have ten years on you, pipsqueak." He ran his hand over his brother's head, fixing David's hair like his.
"Thank you." David hugged his brother who sent him off to get dressed with a playful shove.
"Anytime." Eric shut the door and walked back over to the counter and pulled a wire brush from a drawer. He undid his towel and reached behind him to pull his tail from between his legs where he had been hiding it since he came out of the shower. He quickly brushed through it, wincing as he pulled out the knots and tangles in the dark brown fur. "Stupid tail." He muttered as he walked back to his room nude; the offending appendage waved behind him. He pulled on his clothes and picked up his school bag after turning off his stereo and lights. He checked the mirror on his way out the room and stopped. Whoops. Can't forget that. He smirked at his tail sticking out from the top of his shorts. He closed his eyes and groaned as he forced it to shorten and disappear. He groaned from the discomfort. "There has to be a better way to do this." He rubs his tailbone. He still was getting used to partial shifts…well partial shifts dealing with larger parts of his body.
"Eri, can you help me put my dog tags on?" David called from his doorway.
"Sure, but you had better be dressed." He headed down the hallway and passed the stairs.
"I am."
"Here. Turn around." Eric squatted down behind his little brother. The dog tags were gifts from their father. Eric had his own pair which he never took off. He showered, slept, transformed and hunted with them on just in case. David squirmed impatiently as his older brother snapped the clasp closed. "There, all done."
"Thank you. You're the best older brother." David turned and hugged his brother round his shoulders. "Sheesh, you're big."
"Don't worry. You're still have a while to catch up to me."
"Yeah, I know that but how'd you get so strong?"
"I ate my breakfast and drank a big glass of milk each morning. Now go eat yours."
"Ok." The little boy ran down the stairs and greeted their mother. Eric sat at the top of the stairs to think.
Truth is being a werewolf helps too. I stay in great shape without much exercising. I wonder what you would think if you knew your perfect elder brother was keeping a secret from you. I wonder if you've noticed when I smile my canines are sharp and pointed and I smell of blood when I return from my nights out. I wonder what you would do if you knew the whole truth. His hand traced the old scar through the material of his t-shirt. His head bowed as he sighed deeply. I hate lying to you.

"Ready to go?" His mom asked as her older son walked into the kitchen as she placed her youngest son's cereal bowl and glass in the sink. "Here." She handed Eric his usual tall glass of milk.
"Thank you, Mom." Perfect to wash down last night's hunt. He grinned and emptied the glass in a few seconds.
"Whoa." David's mouth dropped open.
"Want anything else?" His mom took the glass, used to her eldest downing any food nearby quickly.
"Nah, I'm good."
"Davi, get ready to go. I need to talk to your brother." The woman told her young son who looked to his brother for approval.
"Go get in the car, Jayce and her sibs should be waiting for you." He ruffled his brother's hair.
"Ok." David smiled.
"Did your hunt last night go well?" His mom asked warily after her youngest was out of earshot.
"Anyone we know?" She murmured. She hated not knowing where her children where.
"Mom… I don't attack humans. I couldn't live with myself." Eric defended himself.
"I'm sorry. I just don't know what to do. I'm prepared for normal teenage issues, not werewolf ones."
"Don't worry. I'm alright. I've figured out a lot about this. And besides, Davi always wanted a pet." He joked causing his mom to smile and pat his cheek.
"Oh, honey. I should have protected you better." She cupped his cheek in her hand.
"Nothing you could have done. Davi's going to figure it out sooner than later. He's a smart kid."
"You can decide when you what to tell him."
"Love you, Mom." He kissed her forehead.
"Love you, too, sweetie."

It was around 8:30 when Eric pulled in his parking spot at the high school. Jayce de Loup and he got out of his Jeep. She was the Cowan's neighbor and Eric's best friend since grade school. The girl ran a hand through her golden brown hair. "Does your brother ever shut up?"
"No, he's eight. They talk non-stop." Eri grabbed his bag out of the back seat and leapt to the sidewalk.
"We're going to be late to class because you couldn't just kick him out of the car." She growled slightly as they briskly walked down the manicured garden of the courtyard.
"I'm surprised your little siblings survived so long." Eric held the door open for her.
"Hmmp. They just have to know who the leader of the pack is." She ducked under his arm and made her way to the lockers.
"I guess that makes you the top bi…" Eric leaned against the one beside hers. The shorter girl put up her bag then slammed the door.
"Watch it, bub." She squared off with her best friend; her brown eyes flashing dangerously. "I may be two feet shorter than you but I can still kick your ass."  
"I'm shaking in my shorts." Eric held up his hands in mock defense and smiled sheepishly.
"Better be." She dug her nails into his arm, drawing blood. "See you around."
"I hate it when you do that." He yelled after her as he held his arm. He looked down and frowned as he watched the nail marks heal then disappear. He sighed as he headed to his locker. He glanced around and saw no one near him. Closing his eyes in concentration, he shifted his right pointer finger. Dark brown fur covered the digit and his black claw grew out. He quickly picked the lock since he had never bothered to memorize his locker combination. He had more important things to do. The tall student tossed his bag into it and grabbed a book. He flicked his wrist as his finger changed back to human. He shut the door and jogged to his homeroom, making it in the class room just as the teacher called his name for roll.

"Ugh." Eric groaned as he dumped his bag on the back seat of his Jeep.
"Tough day?" Jayce tucked a few stray strands of golden hair behind her ear.
"Yes. Some stupid idiot tossed a few stink bombs in the hall. The stench gave me a migraine." Damn my nose. Eric rubbed his temples to dissipate his headache.
"Ditto." Jayce slid into the passenger seat. "Let's go pick up the brats."
"Yours are brats; mine's a kid brother." Eric started the car.
"Same difference." She tapped her nails on the dash. She looked at his arm where she had clawed him. She smiled when she saw that there was no evidence of the injury.

The moon's light flittered through Eric's second story window. He had transformed into his anthromorphic wolf when night fell. He still wore his sleeping pants and dog tags. He smiled as he inhaled the night air. Full moon. Time to feast. He crept up to the window and slid the old frame up carefully. David was sleeping in the next room around the corner. He climbed onto the windowsill and leaned back on his haunches. His lupine ears twitched picking up a twig snapping next door. Hmm. What's Jayce doing out this late? He moved to the roof and listened closely to the girl's movements, preoccupied.
"ERI!" David's scream sliced through the silent night air.
David. Eric leapt back into his room and ran down the hall to his brother's room. He crashed through the door and dashed to his brother's bed. "What is it? What's wrong?" He asked in the darkened room.
"S-s-s-something was standing outside my window watching m-me." The scared boy stuttered as his brother calmed him by rubbing his back. He didn't notice that his brother's voice seemed deeper, that he was a foot taller or covered in fur and his nails turned into claws. "It had gold eyes…"
"Stay here." The elder boy padded over to the open window and sniffed the cool night air. A wolf? No, a few of them. He stared out over the woods to the back of the house. He could sense movement but he couldn't see anything.
"Er-r-ric. Where are you?" The younger boy turned on his bedside lamp. "You have a tail?"
Shit, not how I wanted him to find out. Eric turned to his little brother and moved toward him. The young boy backed up as far as he could away from his brother. "I'm a werewolf, Davi. I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner." The brown furred werewolf reached out stoked his brother's cheek with a furry finger. The little boy flinched at the touch. "I understand." He turned, folded his hands together in his lap and bowed his head. He got up and skulked away with his bushy tail between his legs and his ears drooped.
Minutes passed as neither boy said anything. Cautiously the youngest inched closer and stared at his brother's lupine features. His snout and ears, his tail and feet which ended in large hind paws, his dark brown late winter coat and canines which stood out in the light all endured carefully inspection. Finally the little boy stood up and moved to face the brown wolf. He looked into his eyes and smiled, "Yep, you're my brother."
"Took you long enough." Eric's ears perked up as he began to wag his tail.
"Cool ears." David gave them a tug.
"Ow." Eric boxed his brother on the side of the head softly. "That hurt." He held up his hand and let his kid brother feel the rough pads and fur.
"Ooh, big bad scary wolf." Davi continued to study his brother's form.
"Speaking of scary, I'm going to find what it was that scared you." Eric stood up. His ears brushed the ceiling
"What will you do once you find it?" His younger brother stood up beside him and tugged on his bottoms tentatively.
"Depends, I'm really hungry tonight." He snarled as he walked over to the window and leapt to the ground below. "Stay inside. I'll be back before morning."
"Ok." The answer reached him from the tired boy sitting on the windowsill.

Got it. This is the scent of the wolf that was on Davi's ledge. It's that of a young male wolf. It's somehow familiar. He must have made tracks by now. He leaned against a tree in the woods behind the row of old houses where he lived. Coward. He cursed into the night.
"I'm not a coward!" Came a cry from the tree as a small furry wolf leapt onto his head and clawed at his face.
"Hey, stop that." He grabbed it by the tail and flicked its nose. "Now, give me a reason why I shouldn't eat you for spying on my brother?" He licked his canines in anticipation.
"He's with me." A voice came from the shadows.
Here's a new story I'm working on. It's werewolf theme. Hope you like it. ~Jac.

EDIT: I am suffering a bit of writer's block and at the same time an over abundance of new I am going back and editing Tails and Ears. I'm adding detail and a bit to the story line. I'll try to get back to writing soon. ~Jac.

Italics are thought or communication in feral form.

Characters, plot and everything else belongs to me, Jac
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Werewolf Circus

Chapter1: Change
               Hey, my name is Alexander, but you can call me Alex and I'm not your "normal" 16 year old boy. Let me explain...It started out like any other Friday afternoon, I was on the computer watching some videos on YouTube. That is until my older sister Samantha, came down the stairs. When she saw me on the computer she said
"Is your room clean?" Now you may be wondering why she of all people would ask this. Well she was 18, and technically my Guardian since our parents died on that ski trip when we were young. Now back to the story.
"Yeah," I said absentmindedly.
"No it isn't. I was just up there." she said sounding annoyed.
"So?" I replied.
"I want you to clean your room." She said in the same annoyed tone.
"No, I don't want to right now, I'm busy." I said.
"Go clean your room!" she said louder.
"No!" I told her
"Just do it!" She yelled at me.
"Your not Mom!" I yelled back. These words momentarily stunned her, and I took the opportunity to storm out of the house. These outbursts happened very rarely but they always led to me leaving for a few hours and coming home after I had calmed down, usually around dinner time. Anyways I was walking down the street headed to the library, my usual "calm down" place. I turned a corner and saw a man on his hands and knees picking up various scattered papers and trying to shove them into a ragged looking suitcase. Being the nice guy I was, I ran up and bent down to help him. After all the stray papers were securely enclosed in the case, we both stood up.
"Thank you very much." he said kindly.
"No problem." I replied. He eyed me quickly before saying
"Ya know what? You'd be perfect for my act!"
"What?" I said confounded.
"Oh! I'm sorry, I should have introduced myself first. I'm Mr. Parkinson-Smith, you can call me Bob. I run a dog circus just out of town." He said             
"Name's Alex. What kinda act is it?"
"just the usual dog doing tricks kind, I need someone to run the dogs through the tricks. I'll even pay you." Bob explained
"How much?" I asked
"As much as you want!" He said.
"Really!" I asked.
"Yep" At this point I thought I was dreaming. Not only was I being offered a job, something I had been after for weeks, but this man was willing to pay me any amount of money for my services.
"You in!" He asked hopefully
"Um... sure"
"Then come with me." As he said this he started walking down the road. I paused momentarily to check my watch, it read: 4:45.
"Wait!" I called. Bob turned around and said.
"I need to call my sister to tell her I'll be a little late."
"You don't need to do that."
"Yes I do she'll be worried if I don't."
"Fine" Bob said in a annoyed tone "Here." He said as he tossed me a quarter. Luckily there was a pay phone ahead. I picked up the receiver, put the coin in and dialed the number. It rang twice before my sister picked up
"Hello" Samantha's voice rang through the ear piece.
"Hey its me." I said
"Oh, where are you?"
"At a pay phone...listen, I'm sorry about before, but I've got some good news!"
"What is it?" My sister asked
"I think I may of found a job!"
"At a dog circus place!"
"That's great Alex!" My sister said happily
"I'll probably be a little late for dinner though." I told her.
"Good-bye." I said.
"Bye." My sister hung up. I turned to Bob and said
"Okay lets go"
"Finally" he replied. We continued walking until we got to a bus station. Bob then told me we had to take a bus to get there. When it arrived we walked up the steps and I collapsed into a seat.
"Hey Alex wake up" I heard Bob's voice break through my sub-conscience. I opened my eyes and found Bob staring at me. I guess I had fallen asleep.
"Come on, this is our stop" I got up out of my seat and followed Bob off the bus. We walked a little distance through the country side and came upon a large round stadium like building. Above the entrance was a colourful sign that read: PARKINSON-SMITH FAMILY DOG CIRCUS. I stared in awe at the sign and thought of how I would be working here.
"Well what do ya think?"
"It's pretty impressive" I remarked.
"Why thank you" Bob replied proudly. we stepped past the small ticket booth and through automated doors into a room that was obviously the main room, in the center was a large stage and lining the wall were rows of bleachers separated from the center ring by a barrier. at the other end there was a path cutting through the seats leading into another room where I assumed they kept the props. We walked a across the room and down said path into a long hall way. We stopped at the last door on the right. Bob looked through his pockets and took out a small key which he used to open the door. Against the back wall were two large cages each with a medium sized mirror. Along the side walls were various boxes and a large freezer. When we entered this room I noticed that one of the cages had a large dog in it, the most beautiful dog I had ever seen. It had fur as white as fresh snow with eyes of deep blue. It's ears sat in soft points upon it's head. When I looked at it I sensed an aura of pride surrounding it.
"This is Kiki, ain't she a beaut?" asked Bob
"She's the most amazing dog I've ever seen." I replied as I approached the cage, Bob by my side.
"You can pet her if you want." Bob suggested.
"Yes please." I said sounding oddly needy. Bob walked to the wall and grabbed the ring of keys that hung there, before going to the entrance of the cage. After he opened the door, I walked towards Kiki hand outstretched. I heard Bob mumble something incoherent and as I neared the dog, it lunged and bit my hand. Due to the shock of this I pulled my hand back not realising the dogs teeth were still embedded in my flesh. I gasped in pain as large jagged cuts formed on both sides of my hand. Finally the dogs grip loosened and I pulled my hand away from it's mouth. It was then that I realised that the pain in my hand was completely gone, replaced by a weird tingly feeling. I looked down at the back of my hand and was shocked to see that there was no cut, there wasn't even a single piece of evidence that I was even bitten. Suddenly a scorching pain engulfed my body. As this pain incinerated my body I felt as though my innards were moving around inside of me. A sharp sting coursed down my spine, as I heard bones snap and reform. Before I knew what was happening to me I fell headfirst smashing my face into the cage floor. Using my hands I pushed myself and tried to get back onto my feet, but as I did fell back to the floor. I pulled my hands from under me and noticed something that was incredibly shocking, my hands no longer looked like hands... they looked like paws, fur-less paws but paws none the less. This realization caused me to yell a startled "ah!", this shocked me even more because that "ah!" didn't sound like an "ah!" should sound, it sounded like a dogs yelp. All through this pain/shock process my clothing seemed to get looser and my pants tighter in the way that makes you feel like someone is trying to pull them down, with no success, that is until I heard a sharp ripping sound, but I was too preoccupied to care, though grateful that my pants were no longer tight. Though the pain grazed every fibre of my being I could still feel, and right now an itchiness was spreading across my skin like some vile rash. I looked at my hands... well technically they were paws, but still you get picture right, well anyways I saw little dark hairs appear and as I watched, they grew into a thick fur that covered my paws quickly. All these rapid changes caused me to forget to check why I had fallen over. I quickly looked down at my legs, only to see that my legs were now in a digitigrade position and sticking out of a hole in my pants was a fur covered tail. I was beyond shock, all I wanted was for the torturing pain to go away. I felt the itch spread to my face, abandoning my legs and arms, at the same time I felt my ears start to move very slowly up the side of my head, and felt as my mouth and nose started to push out. Suddenly the pain invaded my mind, corrupting my thoughts. The pain could of doubled, tripled and I wouldn't of noticed, pain was everything now and I couldn't handle it. My eyes shut and I collapsed into unconsciousness.
This is the first Chapter of my Novelette. I don't know were the idea for this story came from but I'm glad I had it.
There are probable grammatical errors.

Next Chapter [link]

Chapter 3: [link]


Chapter 5: [link]

Chapter 6: [link]
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