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Once upon a time, there was a young woman. She was good-looking girl with (e/c) eyes and lovely (h/c) hair. She was known around the city as the girl with the bike. She made a good reputation as being the fastest cyclists around. In her high school years, she loved nothing more than to drag race, play chicken, and be absolutely reckless with her life and her bike. In fact, when she was still active, many gave her the nickname Riding Hood, because of red jacket and helmet she used to wear was the only thing that bikers saw in the night. Even when she got out of school she became something of a legend and still dragged from time to time in neighboring cities. However, that all stopped when her grandpa died from illness. They were close, he was her mechanic, he taught her how to upgrade her old bike, and fiddled with things to make it the fast thing on the road. Since then, she settled down. She became a high end delivery woman, with the task of delivering high end and expensive cargo to private collectors in safest and fastest way. She had a reputation of getting things there fast and on time and she loved it. But the main thing it did was keep her close to the city. She needed to be close because her grandma lived close and it was easier for her to visit every other day. Ever since Grandpa died, she had no one but her to keep her company and Grandma was nice and love her granddaughter dearly.

“_________ is that you?”

“Yep! How are you feeling Grandma?”

“Oh dear, I had better days. You’re coming over to visit me right?”

“Of course! I made you a basket of things so you’ll feel a little better! I also got the ingredients to make some homemade lobster bisque for you,”

“You really know how to make an old woman feel special!” then she had a coughing fit. She didn’t like the sound of that cough, not one bit.

“What did the doctor say about your cough?”

“It’s a little of an infection but nothing that an antibiotic can’t clear up! I’ll wait until you get here to get my medicine. You’re coming right over?”

“Yep! Just finishing things up,”

“Okay sweetie but please be careful! That convict, the Wolf, has been prowling around lately! I don’t know if he’s escape prison or on parole but I wouldn’t want him to hurt you!”

“Don’t worry! I’ll be okay! You just stay in bed and get better!” she went downstairs and loaded her basket for Grandma. It was a nice goodie basket of all of her favorite foods, hobbies, and of course a few old time movies of years past. She got went outside, puts on her (f/c) helmet, got on her motorcycle. It was an old Brough Superior, she restored it herself when she was in high school. It was her pride and join. She strapped the basket securely and took off towards her Grandma’s house. It was a lovely day. It was so nice and warm out. Maybe if she was feeling better, she’ll get Grandma to sit on the porch and get some air. Country air never harmed anyone. She made it to the city limits, towards the country. While she drove, she noticed another bike was following her. She was used to this. There was one more signal before there was nothing but a long stretch of road leading to the woods. She stopped at it and so did the other cyclist. She turned. She couldn’t see his face.  He was wearing a black helmet with a visor. The other cyclist looked at her and grinds his gears. She smirked and did the same. This was an international signal of a race. She hadn’t raced in years but she would never step down from a challenge.

They wait until the light changed and took off. They were neck and neck with each other. She puts it into medium gear and managed to pass him. She grinned in satisfaction and looked back. He was kilometers behind. She was a bit sad, she was really hoping for a challenge. Then, a blur passed her. She quickly kicked things into high gear and took off fast. They were both blurs on the road now. It soon became a game of risk as they wove in and out of traffic, dodged cars, dodged trucks, and even big rigs coming at them. Nothing she could do would shake him but she also found him slight behind her, where he should be but sometimes right in front. She decided to do an old move that she hadn’t done since high school. She wanted until she moving ramp, there was always one around and sure enough one appeared. She sped towards it, leapt on it went soaring into the sky. She landed feet from him and at the next signal, ending their race. She gestured to him a roadhouse. She had to meet the man that almost bested her. She slowed down into the lot and took off her helmet and waited. The other cyclist soon approached.

He got off his bike. She stared. He took off his helmet and ruffled his hair. He was a tall blond with scruffy hair and purple eyes. He smirked and looked at her. She flushed despite herself. She got a better look at his face. He had a deep scar on his cheek and it creased when he smirked.

“Not bad, you know your way around a bike, Kätzchen,”

“Have to be, it’s my hobby to leave men in the dust,” she winked.

“Ooh, a smart ass. I like that. So tell me, where are ya headed?”

“To my grandma’s house, she’s sick so I’m going to make her feel better,” she said.

“Where does she live? Didn’t know that Grannys lived around the middle of nowhere,”

“Well, she doesn’t really like the city and she didn’t want to live in a home and my home is too small for us, so she opted to live in a cabin she and Grandpa built and retired in. When he died, it was just her so I visit so she won’t be too lonely,”

“I see, you know what, there’s a teashop not too far from here and it sells herbal teas and shit. Tell them your grandma’s symptoms and they’ll make something nice for her,”

“Really?! She loves tea! Thanks, umm?”


“I’m ________,”

“Well, Kätzchen, maybe I’ll see you around,” he got closer, closing the gap between him and her, “and you can show me more of that cute ass of yours,” she blushed but came closer to him until their faces were just inches from each other. He smirked. He loved where this was going. She gently whispered into his ear.

“You might, but until then, you can eat my dust,” she pulled his hat over his eyes, hopped on her cycle and sped off. He was dumbfounded. She snuck up on him and got away. First chick to do that in years. He smirked and decided to pay the old woman a visit. Little did she know, he had a large tattoo of a wolf on his bicep that was covered by his leather jacket.

Lutz arrived at the house way before __________. It shouldn’t be too hard to grab and his way with her as soon as she dropped off the basket. He found the woman alluring, sexy, and she had very nice backside that he couldn’t wait to spank. That was when he saw something unusual. She said her grandma lived alone in the woods but there were two cars near the house. He slowly approached and looked inside a window. There was an elderly woman in there being terrorized by two men. He glared. He knew he was an ex con but there was shit he didn’t do and terrorizing old people was one of those things. He smirked and knocked on the door, softly. If it was soft, they wouldn’t send the old woman out to see who it was. Then he mimicked a little kid’s voice.

“Girl scout cookies!” that should do it. They wanted to get rid of the kid fast. A man answered the door. He was met with a German made iron fist. He fell back into the house. The other man had a weapon at the old woman. He went at Lutz instinctively. He grabbed the man’s wrist and pulled the weapon away. He then slammed him into a coffee table. The man struggled to get up as he smashed his face with his boot. The punched man got up and went after him.

“Here!” Grandma passed him a cast iron pan. Lutz smacked him across the face, knocking him out. He tied the pair up with the rope he had.

“You got a cellar or something, Granny?”

“Yes, this way,” she ushered him to basement. He shoved them downstairs and locked the door. He panted then suddenly felt something tiny on his arm.

“Oh thank you young man!” said the old woman hugging him. She coughed. She really was sick. He cringed. He didn’t like seeing old people like this.

“Umm yeah, you okay?”

“Yes now that you helped me!” he rubbed the back of his neck.

“Want me to stick around or something?”

“Actually I’m fine; my granddaughter is on her way actually! I don’t want her to get here thinking something happened. Do you mind staying here and waiting? I,” she coughs again, “to pick up my medicine and I’ll get the ranger to deal with those hooligans,”

“Okay,” he said. He sighed to himself, wondering how the hell he got into this mess.

“She’s about your age with (h/c) hair and (e/c) eyes and her name is __________ but I love to call her my (embarrassing pet name). She has a motorcycle. I won’t be long and thank you so much again,” he waited until she left to decide to a little fun. He grabbed a large blanket and draped it over the bed. He hunkered down into the large, overstuffed blanket. Just as he hid himself a bit, he heard __________’s motorcycle pull into the driveway. She gently knocked on the door.


“Come in,” said Lutz in his most raspy female voice.

“Ooh, Gran you sound awful,”

“Live long enough young’un!” she giggled and closed the door.

“Wow, good thing I came, your things are scattered everything,” she started to tidy a bit. Lutz raised up a bit. Her hot badonk was staring at him. He resisted the urge to grab it. He plopped back down when he saw her put her basket on the bed.

“What happened in here? Is everything okay? How are you feeling?”

“A bit better, (embarrassing name). Oh, the mess, a dog ran in here earlier and messed everything. I was hoping you help me tidy up a bit. How was your ride?”

“Not bad! I met this strange man today,”

“Was he cute?” he saw her blush a bit, “Come on sweetie,”

“Kind of, he told me where I could get you some nice herbal tea. I just gave them your symptoms and viola! I’ll put the kettle on for you,” he rises up again and watches her making tea, “I hadn’t seen that Wolf guy you were talking about. I think he’s just an ex con, they would had it all over the news if he was an escapee or something. Anyway,” she went over and pecked her cheek. The urge to grab was too great. He was about to when the kettle whistled, “I hope you like this tea. It looked okay and smelt okay but you know how herbal tea can be. Here you go,” he stuck out an arm to take it.

“Thank you,”

“Wow Grandma, what hairy arms you have!”

“Oh, it’s the medicine I’m taking, dear. The side effects are terrible,” he sat up to drink the tea. She recoiled.

“Grandma, you look kind of mannish!”

“It’s the medicine my dear,” that was when she noticed his large hand.

“Don’t tell me those beefy hands are a result of the medicine!” Lutz rose up and grabbed her in between them. She screamed and struggled as Lutz held her tightly in place, “Get off me! You’re squeezing me you idiot!” she struggled and batted him away. He chuckled as her attempts, “What did you do to my Grandma! I’ll kill you if you did anything!”

“Cool your tits, she’s fine. She went to get her medicine and told me to keep an eye out,”

“How can I trust you?!”

“You don’t have a choice,” she glared and that was she heard cars grinding to a haul outside. Lutz lets her go and both went to the window. Two cars filled with men leapt out of the car with bats, chains, and knives, “Fuck! I didn’t check to see if those assholes had a phone or anything!”

“What are you talking about?!”

“I’ll explain later. Can you fight?”

“Give me a weapon,”

“You’re my kind of chick,” She went into the closet and took out an aluminum bat and he took out a chain. They opened the door and came out fighting.  

Huntsman was the toughest, no nonsense sheriff in the county. His motto was toughness, fairness, and keeping the law. He was surprised when Grandma came and reported some thugs can come to her house and tried to rob her. He immediately got her into his car and headed towards the scene. He fussed with for a few moments why she got her medicine first before reporting the crime. She insisted that it was okay because “a nice young man helped her and they’re tied in her basement”. He sighed scolded her for being too trusting. When they approached the house, they were greeted with a very interesting sight. A bunch of thugs were lying in a heap on the floor, battered and bruised with _________ and the Wolf sitting on the car looking at the carnage around them.

“What the hell happened here?!” Huntsman and _______ had a history with each other. He was a rookie when she was in high school and was the only biker who ever eluded him. He hated to admit that she bested him and often harassed her to get something on her just to reclaim his pride, “Well, well, well if it isn’t Riding Hood and the Wolf,”

“Hello Huntsman,” she said cheekily, “No donut shops about?”  

“(Embarrassing name)! You stop that!” she blushed terribly but still glared at him.

“He started it!”

“I can finally book you, sweetheart,”

“On what charge?!”

“Let’s see, assault and battery, accomplice to a convict violating his parole, and let’s see, for being Riding Hood!” she glared. Lutz looked at her.

“She didn’t do anything, I did it,”


“She’s innocent, I got them, not her,”

“No one is arresting anyone!” Grandma said looking at everyone. She poked Huntsman’s chest, “Now look here young man! That young man saved my life! I would have been a goner if he hadn’t taken care of those thugs earlier!”  

“You saved Grandma?” said _________

“Ja,” Grandma pinched his cheeks. He reddened but took it like a man.

“Yes! This sweet young man helped me! If you don’t believe him, look in my basement!” Everyone went to the basement and there were two men down there with some of the evidence still on their person of their crime. When they saw Lutz, they scrambled away. The men confirmed what happened and that they went their thugs to get them and finish the job and take care of Lutz. Huntsman sighed and wrote down her report and called in for back up with the booking. Grandma went back to bed. She had enough excitement for one day. Lutz and ________ joined her inside.

“Grandma, you really shouldn’t open your door to strange people!” she scolded.

“I thought it was you. I was excited and no one hardly visits me,”

“If you like,” said Lutz, “I can install a peek hole for you. That way you’ll be okay,”

“Grandpa was supposed to before he died. You don’t mind do you, young man?”

“I don’t mind,”

“Isn’t he nice, (embarrassing name)! It looks like you already know him. He’s quite handsome isn’t he?”


“I’m just saying…” after a supper of lobster bisque and bread, _________ decided to leave. It was getting late. Lutz decided to stick around and measure the door for the peek hole. She fastened her helmet and puts on her gloves. Before she left, she looked at Lutz and blushed.

“Thanks again for helping my grandma. I don’t know how much I can thank you enough,” she said blushing badly.

“I can think of a way,” he grabbed her and pulled her into a kiss. She kissed back.

“See ya around, Riding Hood” she blushed took off.

A few weeks later, she got a call from Grandma that she was feeling better and wanted her to watch some old movies with her. She came over.

“You made it! I’m so happy! We just finished our game!”


“Yes dear!” inside, Lutz at the round table. He didn’t seem to notice ________ but was protesting at Grandma.

“I don’t know how you did that! I swear you cheated! I spend time in the pen and you still beat me in dominoes!”

“I’ve been playing that game while you were still in the womb,”

“What’s he doing here?”

“(Embarrassing name)! That’s no way to speak to a guest!”

“Sorry but why?!”

“She sort of made me promise to visit,” he grunted.

“He’s been such a great help around the house! He reaches the high things for me, he keeps me company, and all he wants in return is someplace to sleep and meals! He’s welcomed to it!  His parole officer also thought it would be a nice work release program to be a handyman. I called a bunch of friends who live alone and he already has a list of clients! Being a nomad is no way for a young man to start over with his life! Oh, do you two mind if I step out for a moment? What’s a movie without snacks! I’ll only be a minute!” Grandma hurried out the house. ________ and Lutz were alone again. He smirked at her.

“Want a seat?” he spreads his legs open to his lap. She glares and looked catty. He pulled her into her lap and held her tightly in place.

“What are you doing here anyway? Don’t you have someplace to go?”

“Well, I like it here. I’m someplace where people actually need and want me around. I’m wanted and I get to see a pretty face every now and then,” he said grinning, “Besides, with a lot petty thugs around, Grandma needs a bodyguard,”

“True. How can I repay you?”

“Free tomorrow night?”


“I’ll pick you up at seven,”

“Wait, am I going on a date with you?”

“Who said it was a date? I think we’re a perfect pair already,” he nibbled at her neck and earlobe laying sweet kisses all over it, “It’s not every day that I meet my Riding Hood,”
Another request done! :boogie: This one is for :iconhetaliarocksmysoxoff: Enjoy n,n She wanted 2P Germany that's fluffy with no excessive gore n,n There's a little bit of violence but it's not hardcore violence. As always, Enjoy and Forgive the mistakes :goes to do linguistics homework x,x:

I don't own you or Hetalia just the plot.
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If you were to say being a closet with two sexy good looking German brothers was weird...than maybe you have no idea what the real meaning of weird is.

Because in this situation, it wasn't weird. It was well....emberassing. And frusterating. Especially since they were arguing. Over you. And kissing. You.

And had both of them.

SO how did you get here? Let's go back a few hours....

               It wasn't a normal night for you, since you didn't generally go out to parties with Francis. Yes, Francis. He invited you to Lugwig and Gilbert's party a few hours before it started, so you hurried your buns to prepare look your best. Not for Francis, but for Ludwig. It was true, you were harbouring some feelings for him...well..maybe a little more than some. The only reason you were excited (and even wanted to go) was to see him, and Gilbert. You were in love with Gilbert first, but when you found out he was going out with a girl named Elizabeta, well, what could you do? They had been together for a years apparently, so you had no chance there. But nonetheless you still were good friends with the Prussian.

               Once Francis picked you up, you were in a fancy (choice of dress or outfit). It felt good on you, also keeping you relaxed, knowing it showed exactly what you wanted it to. Maybe Ludwig would notice? Perhaps...

    "Ahh so good to see you two." his voice sounded cheerful as he opened the door and let you in. You almost forgot why you came, until you saw his cheery blue eyes.

"Come on in. My brother will take your coats."

You noticed the white haired Prussian walk up and greet you both, kissing both your cheek leaving you with a smile.

"Glad you guys came." he smirked. "Let's party!"

"First I need a bottle of that red wine you said you bought." Francis chuckled, rubbing his hands together. "Where is it?"

"Just over there." Gilbet pointed to a large table covered in delitious looking food, cheese, and especially, drinks. Of course they were all alcoholic, what party didn't have that stuff? You didn't feel like drinking though, and you already had a taxi cab number in your phone, planning to head home around midnight because Francis would be staying all night, most likely.

"What about you, (Name)? Want a drink?" Gilbert showed you his glass of It was some kind of drink.

"No thanks." You laughed. "Not tonight."

"Well, if you change your mind!" he said shrugging, and ushering you into the living room where everyone was just chatting and mumbling things you couldn't hear. You saw Elizabeta, looking lovely in her dress, talking to her ex-husband Roderich. She was so damn lucky, he was good looking too. It made you wonder what happened between them...


"AHHH ALFRED!" you shouted after him, embracing him in a tough hug. You didn't mind them as much, since he was such a cutie.

"Do you have any idea for a game?" he asked blinking. "I want to play seven mintues in heaven...but NOOOOOOOOOO Arthus said NOOOOOOO." he emphasized the 'no' greatly, but it just made you laugh.

"I'm not sure. What does everyone like?"

"Never thought about asking." he laughed at himself. "But I'll go ask around."
And with that, he took off, heading into the kitchen most likely to ask Arthur first.

You were smiling to yourself..until you turned your head.

That was when you saw....her?

A pretty, blond girl, standing next to Ludwig..but not just 'standing next' to him. He had an arm wrapped around her, while she had a slender hand on his chest. They looked so..happy.

Since when was he going out with someone?? you thought sadly, you smile fading instantly.

She grinned around the room, exactly like some kind of trophy wife would. She looked nice though, and you couldn't judge just yet.

After a few mintues of standing alone, you felt a hand on your left shoulder, and Gilbert's face rested on your right shoulder.

"What the matter Mädchen?" he asked calmly, hiccuping once. He deffinetly had one to many already. That was Gilbert for you.

"Oh, nothing." you sighed sarcastically. You were bored, honestly. Seeing Ludwig and that other girl just made it worse.

"Aww come on, you just got here, didn't you?" he gasped, hiccuping once more.
A smile formed your lips.

"I'm not leaving, just..bored."

"Well," he laughed aloud, "lets change that! LISTEN HERE EVERYONE!"

His voice boomed around the house, and within seconds everyone had they're eyes on the two of you.

"We're all going to play a game now!" a laugh crackled deep in his throat. "What are we going to play?"

"O O O!" Alfred called from the kitchen. "Hide and go seek!"

"Alright, sounds good! Hide and go seek it is!" Gilbert laughed. "BUT, you have to have a partner and NO you cannot choose your partner! We'll choose them out of this hat."

He walked over to a smaller table, filled with smaller drinks (most likely shots of beer) and grabbed a top hat lying in the centre.

"This was going to be for seven mintues in heaven but....oh well that game is overplayed!"

He shuffled his hand inside.

"Let's see....I'm going to be with....."
There was a short pause while he read the letter.


"Hai, thats me." a smaller man stepped from the crowd and bowed.

"Alright, everyone take your turn, me and Kiku are going to look for you in ten minutes!"

You bit your lip, placing you hand in the top hat and shuffling around. Finally you snatched a paper and carefully opened it.




A few shots were heard among the crowd, as Ivan (known as the country of Russia) stepped forward.

"Your my partner?" he asked quietly. You nodded, and felt a hand leading you upstairs.
"Let's hide up here."

As you followed him, you just caught Ludwig pulling out a paper, and bunch of people giving cat-calls. Maybe he got his o-so-lucky-new girlfriend.


Ivan lead you into a small bedroom, with a plain bed and closet.
"We both won't fit in the closet." he said with a frown, "I'll hide under the bed, da?"
"Alright." you played along, and entered the closet and closed it with a light click.
But once you entered, you noticed there was tons of space.

You opened the door and said, "Psst Ivan, you can so fi--"

But he wasn't in the room.
That dick LEFT YOU!

"Am I that horrible." you said aloud, feeling a few tears well in your eyes.
You decided to suck it up, and closed the closet door again, sitting with the loud thud, and sighing. This night was getting worse and worse.

Until you heard the door open again. As it opened, the loud voice of Gilbert boomed "HAHA READY OR NOT, HERE WE COME!"
You stood up quietly, wanting to open the door and see who entered. Maybe it was Ivan again, or perhaps Alfred, and even Francis? They were so quiet, you couldn't hear a thing.
"AHHHH!" a scream of surprise was heard outside, and all of a sudden the closet door opened to reveal none other than Ludwig, as he entered the closet with you and closed the door hard.

There was silence. He knew you were in there too, right?
Holy crap..that was different.

"Hello (Name)." he said softly, already forcing a blush upon your cheek. What the hell?! Why was he so good at that?!

"H-hi." you answered. You bit your lip as more silence endured the both of you. What was he even doing? Where was his partner?

"Where's your partner?" you asked, speaking your mind.

"Umm...well..I left her." he said. You could tell he was scratching the back of his neck. Was he...nervous?!

"Who did you get? Elizabeta?"

"No." he said. "I got Ana."

"Whose that?"

"My girlfriend."


Even more silence. Damn, this was getting hard. Wait...why did he leave her?
That was odd.


Your head perked up, even though you could barely see him, you still felt like you were looking into those fantastic blue orbs.


You felt something warm stroke your shoulder, and realized in a split second it was his hand.

"Ana is only a friend to me, you know."

Your lips parted, as you mind began to race along with your heart.

"What do you mean? You said she was your girlfriend."

"I know but.." he sighed, his hand still hadn't left your shoulder. "She..isn'"

You eyes widened. What did he say?!

"Ludwig I.."

"Were you jealous?" he asks all of the sudden, causing your eyebrows to raise.


"You were...right?" his accent getting deeper and deeper. You legs were slowly turning into jelly.

"Why would I be jealous?" you stuttered, trying to press your back against the far wall of the closet, but it didn't seem like enough space. You could feel him getting closer and closet, the beer on his breath was getting stronger.

"Just..were you?"

"Maybe." you breathed, feeling a little more confident. It was then you felt a hand (his hand of course) going up your back and tracing circles along your spine.

"I hope so." he says huskily. "Because that's what I was going for."


It was only a few short seconds after that a pair of lips were placed on yours, and his body immediantly pressed against your, leading you back into the wall.
Moments after he parted you gasped.

"This is very strange of you Ludwig. I mean..she is very.."

"She's just for show." he said, nuzzling his face against your neck, carefully leaving little licks and kisses here and there. "Like I said, she's not you."

"It's the beer ins't it." you groaned, pushing him away.


"Ludwig, I'm not Anna, I'm (Name), now go find you girlfriend."

"What ZE hell is going on here??!" a loud Prussian voice was blaring from outside the closet. Ludwig sighed.

The door opened to reveal Gilbert, who looked utterly shocked to see you and his brother in the closet.

"Where's Anna?"

"With Ivan, somewhere." Ludwig answered, "I traded partners so I could speak to (Name)."

Gilbert still looked...shocked.

"What the hell?! I was supposed to get here not YOU!" he shouted stomping his foot on the ground.

You exchanged glanced with Ludwig while Gilbert was still freaking out.

"Ivan told me you were up here, so I ditched Kiku and came looking for you, but I didn't know HE'D be here!"

Ludwig mumbled something quietly and grabbed your hand.

"If you'll excuse us," he grumbled, "I have something important to say to (Name)."

Gilbert's eye twitched.


"What is going on here?!" you asked nervously trying to resolve the matter before the white haired man created a giant stir.

"I was supposed to tell her I loved her first! WAIT- GAHHHH DAMMIT!"

Gilbert covered his mouth, while you and Ludwig stared at him with wide eyes.

"This is strange..." you said, "for both of you."

As you headed for the door you said; "you two are usually like this, maybe you should lay off the drinks."

As you opened the door, a hand pulled you back, and you became face to face with bright blue eyes.

"I don't think so."

A little fire began to burn in your heart as you felt yourself being dragged back into the closet, with.....BOTH OF THEM?!

Two pairs of lips landed themselves upon your body, Ludwig's on your mouth while Gilbert's had the back of your neck.

Now this really did seem like seven mintues only with.....oh my gosh...


What the hell is goin on?!

Gilbert carefully massaged your shoulder's while trailing kisses up your cheek, meanwhile his brother was carefully pulling down your dress, but he didn't get far. You had straps on.

"Umm...this is different." you said softly, noticing that none of them answered you.

"What are you going to say to Anna, and Elizabeta?"

After you said that, they both stopped, and looked at eachother.

"I'll break up with Liza." Gilbert mumbled into your shoulder. "And we can be together."

"Nein. I dated Anna to make (Name) jealous, so I deserve her." he licked your neck.

"No, I deserve her." Gilbert gripped your chest.

"No, I do." Ludwig licked the shell of your ear.

"NO, I deserve her! Liza is annoying anyway!"

"Well Anna is to light-headed!"

" know how to chose them brother."

"Shut up."

"Guys guys..." you said softly, "Seriously, what are we going to do about this?" you crossed your arms.

With that, they both smiled.

"You stay the night (Name)."


"And the night after, and the night after that, and the-" Gilbert went on until his brother papped him on the head.

"What about...the other girls?" you gulped. If they ever found out....they would never be seen again.

"We can take care of them." Gilbert smiled purring into your ear.

Ludwig mumbled something in your neck, but you couldn't hear it. It sounded something like "I agree" but you couldn't tell.

You were just to excited for tonight....and the night after, and the night after that, and the---yeah, you get the idea.
I'm not impressed with my heavy amount of SLACKING-OFF.
Nonetheless I'm getting back to it, I'm getting into a writing mood ^^
I'll be back very soon.

Just a simple quickie (finishing the last few up) for :iconnadeshikofan: thank you :wave:
actually it's pretty long...

BTW: I didn't add accents!
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"_______________, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE?", the prussian screamed horrified. You just looked at him and made a "Uhm....". Gilbert and Gilbird stared at you and the red-eyed male said: "Someone jinxed you, I will help you"

______________________ That happened before:______________________

You awoke from your sleep. Unfortunately it wasn't enough sleep, like nearly always. You always dreamed that you could sleep 14 hours a day and be totally fit, but you guessed that that will never happened.

So you stood up and went straight into the bathroom. You wanted to do something new today, also you were sick and tired of the food you got every day. German food isn't that bad, but only to get Wurst and bread isn't just the best, so you decided to cook for the two brothers, which are living in the same house as you.

Quickly you went into your room again, turned on your laptop and looked at great dishes. But first you had to choose what you want to cook, maybe something french or chinese or, that was all so normal, you wanted something special.

After a while of searching, you finally found something which was kind interesting for you and probably also for the german brothers. Probably Ludwig would eat it, but Gilbert? Not because of the taste, it's more because of the country were it came from.

At least you thought you can give a try. You stood up, took your laptop and ran to the kitchen. You watched at the clock, it was nearly 10 am. Probably Ludwig was already training and Gilbert were asleep.

You looked at the cabinets of the kitchen and were glad that they had enough food and vegetables there to make that dish. Also there are potatoes and wurst in it, so it can't be that bad. Also you needed paprika, salt, a few other vegetables and normal things to cook.

After 15 minutes you heard that someone went around, it was probably Gilbert. The prussian hid himself behind a door and watched you cooking. "What the hell....", he mumbled and thought about why you were in the kitchen. He saw that you cook something, but what and why. Also he knew that you never cooked something for them before. That made Gilbert really curious and also Gilbird was a bit excited.

"Just 10 minutes left", you sighed and watched at your food. It looked like how you saw it on the pictures in the internet. Gilbert went to you and watched at the food you made. "_______________, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE?", the prussian screamed horrified. You just looked at him and made a "Uhm....". Gilbert and Gilbird stared at you and the red-eyed male said: "Someone jinxed you, I will help you"

Gilbert took his phone and called England. "WAAAIT", you screamed, took his phone and quit the calling. "What is wrong with you ______________? You never cooked!", he told you and you answered: "Yes that is true, but let me try and I am not jinxed. Also today is a special day"

"Which day? I don't know about a special day", the prussian said to you. You look at him and stired further in the cooking pot: "Well ok, it is not that special, but I just wanted to do something else" "Fine...but I hope it is not poisened. But actually...what are you cooking, frau? It smells strange", he explained to you and you answered him: "Don't be so curious, you will see"

Just in that time Germany came home. He just opened the door and heard his brothers voice: "LUUUUDWIG, ______________ IS COOKING!!!". Gilbert ran to his brother and Ludwig let fall his training backpack and said: "What? ____________ is cooking, why is that?" "I don't know bruder, just look at it", Gilbert said, took Ludwig's hand and dragged him to the kitchen.

Ludwig looked at you and said: "_____________, are you feeling ok?" "Yes I am fine Ludwig. Food is ready". Gilbert and Ludwig sat down on their chairs and you gave them the plates. The brothers looked at the dish and Ludwig asked: "___________, what is this?"

You sat down beside Ludwig with your plate and said: "Just try it. I will tell you when you ate it". Just a few minutes later you all ate the food you made. You looked at Gilbert and he said: "_____________, I didn't thought that it turned out that well. Now I am full, but still I want to know what it was"

"It's called Paprikás krumpli and it's hungarian food", you explained to them. Gilbert stared at you and whined: "HUNGARYYYYY. So I was right, someone jinxed you. It was Huuungary. Oh no, I will get the frying pan on my head again"

Ludwig and you watched the oldest and you told him: "It's not the world ending Gilbert. You liked it, right?". The prussian couldn't answer it. He liked it, but he would never admit it that her food is better than his. "But Königsberger Klopse are much better", Gilbert said and crossed his arms.

Germany laughed and said: "Come on bruder, be a bit more open. We both know you liked it". Gilbert sighed and said: "Yes it was nice, but still....NOW REALLY _______________ HUNGARIAN FOOD?". You giggled, shrugged and told him: "You won't die because of it"

Gilbird flew at the table to Gilbert's plate and licked on the sauce. "Cheep", the bird said and looked at the prussian. Gilbert crossed his arms again, watched the bird which was eating further and said: "Gilbird, you traitor" "Cheeeep"

Well I didn't know how to adress the title, because actually it's not really alove story xD More a food story :P
It was long ago when I wrote the last fanfiction. (Is 2 weeks long? XD For me it is)
I am sure that I have a lot grammar errors in it, I hope you can ignore them :/

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It was 8 o'clock in the morning and you were still asleep in your bed until your phone rang...and it was not your alarm clock. You searched your phone on the table and looked at it. It was Gilbert, your best friend. Actually you wanted him as boyfriend, but you were too shy to ask him out and also he never asked you, so you thought he wouldn't have interest on you.

You picked up and whispered in the phone: "Yes Gilbert? What is it? Why do you call so early and that on sunday?" "Kesesesesese ____________, I found something awesome in the internet. I have to show you", he nearly screamed through the phone. You held your phone a bit away and said: "Don't tell me you were all night online in the internet"

Gilbert started to laugh again and then you heard him yawn: "Jaa...I was all the time online, but...I found something" "And what?", you asked annoyed and still tired. "I will show you when you are here", Gil said and hung up with that. You sighed, got up from your bed and dressed you.

Quickly you packed your things and rushed to Gil. Just one hour later you opened the door to his and Ludwig's house. Somehow the front door wasn't locked, so it was easy for you to sneak in. You looked around to find Gilbert, but he was no where. After a few seconds you heard a strange noise. You looked at the couch and saw a snoring and sleeping Gilbert.

Quickly you grabbed your phone and made a picture of him. Your phone made this kind of 'beep' when you made a picture of him, so he woke up quickly. You put your phone back, looked at him and said: "Why are you asleep now?" "Hehehe, I wasn't asleep", he wanted to convince you. "Of course you were asleep. So what's so important?", you asked him.

He looked at you, stood up and went to his computer. He showed you a youtube video, which nearly looks like the Slenderman game in real life. Both of you played that game a few days ago and you two really liked it, even it was a bit scary sometimes.

"But Gil....This isn't real", you told him and he looked at you and said: "How can you say this ______________, I know Slenderman exist" "You should really go to sleep", you told him and laughed. Gilbert looked a bit annoyed to you and then he showed you pictures of people who made pictures with that Slenderman guy.

"Giiiil, please. Those guys are just cosplayer, or do you think the real Slenderman would make pictures with random peoples. The real Slenderman would kill them...I guess", you told him and stroked his shoulder. The prussian sighed and said: "I will show you that he is real. He is out there...I know it"

"Ok, if you really want to, I will go with you an-", Gilbert cut you off and screamed: "I knew you would come with me ______________, Kesesesesese. We will find him". You giggled a bit and said: "Yes and when we found him...what then? The real Slenderman will kill us" "Neeeeiiiiin (Nooooo), he won't, because I am AWESOME" "Ugh....ok, if you say so", you said to him and watched him.

He turned around, so you could see his back. Quickly he undressed himself so you could see his fully naked body from behind. You knew you should turn your head away, but you couldn't, so you stared at him. Unfortunately he dressed himself with other clothes, took your hand and ran with you outside.

"Heeey, not so fast Gil. Do you even know where we have to go?", you asked him. "Nooo, but it has to be a wood", he told you. A few minutes later you were at that wood and you two waited until it was night. GIlbert fell quickly asleep on your shoulder and so you waited.

____Timeskip by the Awesome Gilbert Beilschmidt____

Gilbert had a flashlight with him and so you two went around to search pages. You knew that there can't be one of those pages. You yawned and told him after one hour of walking around: "Can we go home now?" "No Frau, we have to find that pages", he told you. You sighed and layed your head on his shoulder: "But Gil...there are none"

"Kesesesese, there is one", he whispered and run to that page. He took it from the tree and showed it to you: "So what do you say now _____________, there is a page" "But how?", you asked him and looked in his eyes. Gilbert smiled and said: "I told you he is alive" "But Gil...that means we die, right?" "Hahaha, I told you already that he can't kill us. I am too awesome to die", he said and went further with you.

You clinged on his arm and searched further. Quickly you found the second note and soon the third. If Slenderman really existed, then he should be here soon. "Haaa, found you", Gilbert nearly screamed and took another note from a tree. "Gil...we have 4 pages now...and if we get more, there is the chance that he will get us really fast", you told him and you looked worried to him.

"Frau...are you scared?", he smiled, hugged you and added: "You don't have to be scared. I am here". That calmed you down for exactly 2 seconds, so you said: "Thanks Gilbert, but we should go further" "Jaa", he said, took your hand and went further with you.

30 minutes later you two didn't find the other pages and you sighed. You were really nervous and since about 10 minutes you felt that someone was watching you, but you couldn't see someone.

You walked with him further until you heard something behind you, just a few meters away you and Gilbert. You stopped walking, looked at Gil and said: "Gil...I-Is Slenderman be-ehind us?" Gilbert didn't answered, nor he moved. Both of you knew, when you move now, you will be dead very quickly.

But somehow you body just wanted to check if Slenderman was really here, so after a few seconds you turned around and saw that man without face and business clothes. Quickly Slenderman ran to you and captured you. You screamed around, meanwhile Slenderman hugged you too tight.

Gilbert started to laugh. You stopped screaming, looked at Gilbert and yelled: "What's going on? Why are you laughing? And...I am not dead yet?". Gilbert started to laugh louder. You looked at Slenderman, which were taking away his mask and you notice that actually Germany was this Slenderman. "Whaaat? Why?", you screamed at Ludwig and he just smiled.

"Awesome job, bruder", Gilbert went to his brother and put his arm around him. Ludwig let you go and you looked at them. "But...why?", you asked and Gilbert just smiled. Ludwig looked at his brother and explained to you: " was Gilbert's idea and he begged a lot to do this"

"But we are not finished yet, Frau", Gilbert told you and you looked at him. Gilbert gave you a note. You took it and folded it up:

"Dear ____________"

I am happy that you went with me into the woods to search those pages and I guess when you read this, Germany found us. I am so happy with you. Do you want to be my girlfriend? <3

With love, your Awesome Gilbert

You looked at Gil, smiled, jumped on him and hugged him tight, also you screamed a bit. Gilbert looked a bit confused and asked: "Is that a yes?" "Yes", you said and kissed his cheek, then you added: "But never do something like this again...I was scared" "Kesesesese fine, I try", he said and kissed you quickly.

Gilbert lifted you up in bridal style and carried you home. Of course Ludwig went with you and Gil home. When you came to Gilbert's and Ludwig's home, Gilbert quickly ran to his room with you, jumped with you into his bed and covered himself. "Gute Nacht meine __________ (Good night, my _____________)". You looked out of the window and saw that the sun was already rising. You gave him a kiss on his cheek and snuggled to him: "Good night, my awesome Gilbert"

I actually don't know if I should that put in that category Horror or Romance xD
I had this idea a few days ago :P And somehow Slenderman reminds me on Germany xD
I don't know why, maybe because of that Hetalia Movie :3
But Germany made an awesome Job as Slenderman...what do you think? ^^
I am happy that I wrote a FF again, it is long time ago since I wrote my last FF with Prussia ^^
I hope you liked it and I guess there are a few Errors :/

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Collection by
             You lay in bed with a major headache. How could it be possible for it to hurt this bad?  The nausia from earlier that morning had come back and you felt as if you were in a sauna.  
             "_______! It's time to train!" Ludwig hollared bursting into your room.
             You layed there in bed as he took in your sweaty face, heavy breathing, and rosy cheeks.
            "keseseses. I call taking care of ________ vhile she's sick,"A familiar raspy voice chuckled.
            "No, I vill, she is part of zhe axis and zhus my responsibility!"Ludwig said loudly.
            You facepalmed at the Prussian's argument and sighed.
            "Why don't both of you take care of me.  I'm sure a day off for Kiku and Feli would be appreciated."
           They looked at you and nodded.
           You sighed...this was going to be a long day...

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Time skip named Ted>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

           You were actually surprised at how helpful the two were throughout the day.  Ludwig gave you massages and cooked for you.  And Gilbert didn't yell at you for throwing up on his shoes.
           You were in the middle of a nap when you woke up to two voices talking quietly.
           "I dont know how to tell her..."
           "Gilbert, you can do zis, you liked ______ for as long as I can remember."
           "You do to Ludwig!  You liked her since before I even met her!"
           They both sighed.  Maybe one day when one of them find someone else the other will tell you but until then...they'll just stay by your side.

           "Ich Liebe Dich, __________" They said in unison as they closed the door and let you sleep.

              THE END
I'm not sure if this is what you wanted but this is kinda what you got. Sorry if you didn't like it. I'm not really good at the CountryxReaderxCountry fanfics.
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The Underground Truth Finale

Why was Gilbert crying?

Your hand felt like a thousand lead weights were tied onto it, but you managed to reach out and touch his cheek.

"Gilbert…?" Your voice was almost inaudible. You felt awful like you had been stabbed in the stomach—wait, you were stabbed in the stomach. Your let your hand drop and felt your abdomen where the knife cut inside you. To your surprise, there wasn't a gash or even a drop of blood.

"Gilbert?" you repeated. Your voice was getting stronger and your senses sharper.

"__________...? __________? Are you really alive?" Gilbert wiped away some of his tears.

"Of course I'm alive, silly," you smiled. "Do you think you could help me up—"


"Oof!" You felt the air get knocked out of you as a pair of arms wrapped themselves around you.

"Francis?" You were bewildered. Was this all real? You felt yourself get hugged by another pair of arms.

"T-Toni?" you stammered.

"I'm so glad you're alright, __________," Antonio sniffed as he wiped away a single tear that threated to escape his eye.

You looked at your white-haired, red-eyed savior. You smiled.

"Welcome back, __________," Gilbert said wrapping his arms around the whole group.

"What are you guys—stop it! You're going to squish me!" you cried trying to break loose unsuccessfully.

You all stopped as you heard a groan. You all turned your heads to see Allistor lying on the floor, his conscious coming to.

"Wait right here, __________," Gilbert said releasing you and walking over to the groggy Kirkland, "I'll take care of him."

"Hang on!" you cried and broke free from Francis and Antonio.

"__-__________?" Gilbert raised an eyebrow.

"I thought he was dead!" Antonio cried to Francis.

"Gilbert called me on such short notice, all I could pack were some watered-down sleeping darts!" Francis spat.

You walked over to Allistor and knelt beside Arthur who was also by his side.

"Just kill me, __________," Allistor groaned, his green eyes falling on yours with a sad look. "I've caused you enough harm."

You shook your head. "As much as I hate you for stabbing me and threatening to destroy the other families and hurting Gilbert…" Once you mentioned it, Gilbert examined the deep gashes in his shoulder and abdomen. "…I can't bring myself to kill you."


You smiled to yourself remembering those moments with Allistor as a child.

"You were my first love," you said. "I couldn't kill someone I loved, now, could I?"

"What?!" Gilbert started to get up, but his friends held him back.

"You mean…you remember?" Allistor blinked in astonishment.

You nodded. "I couldn't forget that bright tomato-red hair of yours. And I definitely won't forget when you and I kissed…"

Gilbert was trying to break free, but Francis and Antonio held fast.

You turned to Arthur and whispered so softly that only he could hear you. When you finished, Arthur looked at you with a serious expression and nodded.

You stuck out your hand and lifted Allistor to his feet.

"We need to get you guys medical treatment," you said walking towards the exit. "Well, Gilbert more than anyone else, but you know what I mean."

"Hold on!" Gilbert yanked his arms away from his friends (and cursed when he tugged on his injured shoulder) and ran to you.

"You're just going to let him off like that?" Gilbert cried. "He was going to kill the Vargases, the Braginskis, and my family! He almost killed you! He was going to make you fall in love with him!"

You smiled mischievously. "But I'm already in love with him, Gilbert."

"____—_________," Gilbert stuttered. Allistor frowned in confusion.

"I just don't love him in the same way I do for you," you finished up.

"__________, I'm so sorry," Allistor mumbled.

"I forgive you, Allistor," you giggled.

"Wait up!" Francis, Antonio, and Arthur cried as they went after you as you started following the yarn trail to the end of the tunnel.


"Allistor really gave it to you, huh?" you asked as you cleaned up Gilbert's shoulder. His abdomen was already covered in bandages.

"It's not so bad now that I know you're okay," Gilbert said. He winced as you applied some alcohol to his wound.

"Sorry!" you said quickly.

Gilbert smirked. "You're so cute when you're all worked up." He grabbed your chin gently and turned you to him and kissed you.

"Mmpf!" you muffled and accidentally pressed too hard onto Gilbert's shoulder.

"Gah!" Gilbert flinched and pulled back. You buried your face in your hands.

"I'm sorry! I just keep ruining it!" you cried. But Gilbert pulled lightly on your hair and brought you in for another kiss. This time you didn't move. You just closed your eyes and enjoyed the moment—a moment that didn't last for very long.

"Ohonhonhon~" a distinct French voice laughed. "Mon little Gilbert is all grown up."

"Get out, you damn Frenchman!" Gilbert shouted and threw his shirt at Francis. It fluttered to the ground causing you to double up in laughter. Francis joined you followed by Antonio who was right behind him.

"It's not funny!" Gilbert blushed. Pretty soon, he chuckled, and then it grew into laughter from all the relief he felt.

With the situation resolved, Francis and Antonio left early saying they wanted to leave the two of you alone.

"It's all over now, huh?" Gilbert asked after he thanked his departing friends.

You paused. "There's one more thing left to do here."

"And what's that?" Gilbert asked.


"You're sure this is the right approach?" Gilbert asked looking at you and Arthur.

"The knowledge of the Kirkland Emerald will be mine to bear from now on," Arthur said.

"What about Cailean and Dylan?" you asked.

"I think it's better that they didn't know any of this happened," Arthur replied. He looked at you with a thoughtful gaze. You smiled slightly. For the youngest Kirkland, he was acting very maturely. "Do you want to say anything to Allistor before you go?"

"I don't," Gilbert snorted. He still hadn't gotten over the whole deal with you and Allistor.

"Then I'll go," you said and went to see the oldest Kirkland brother.

Allistor was lying on his bed staring at the ceiling. He didn't bother to sit up when you came into his room.

"Hi, Allistor," you greeted.

"Hey, __________," Allistor replied back.

You sat on the bed next to Allistor for a few seconds. You weren't one for great farewells, so you wanted to get straight to the point.

"Allistor, Arthur and I plan on erasing your memories," you told him.

To your surprise, Allistor didn't seem shocked. "Aye, I figured you'd do something like that."

"Allistor, I want you to have this back." You took Allistor's hand and placed a dull green gem inside. "It's to keep me somewhere deep in your memories even if you don't remember."

Allistor took your hand and kissed it. "I'll treasure it forever."

You bent down and kissed Allistor back on the forehead. "Promise?"

He smiled. "Promise."

"Ready, __________?" Arthur asked sticking his head inside his brother's room.

"Yes," you nodded. "Allistor, I'll never forget you."

"Thank you, __________," Allistor said as a tear escaped his glistening emerald eyes.

Arthur placed his hand steadily onto his brother's forehead as more tears began to follow. He recited a spell under his breath causing a faint light to glow between his hand and Allistor's forehead. When he finished the spell, the light faded and Allistor's eyes were closed. The tears had stopped.

Arthur took his hand away. He swallowed, his lips trembling. "He should come around in a few hours."

"Thank you, Arthur," you said taking a last look at Allistor before leaving his room.


"You'll come and visit sometime?" Arthur asked as you got on the horse behind Gilbert.

"Of course," you said. "And promise to keep this all a secret."

"What went on here will remain a secret for as long as I live and breath," Arthur promised.

"How about when you're dead and underground?" Gilbert joked.

"Gilbert!" You slapped your partner on his bad shoulder.

"Schiesse, __________!" Gilbert cried out in pain.

"I'm not sorry this time! You deserved it!"

"Are you okay with Gilbert taking the reins?" Arthur asked unsure of Gilbert's physical well-being.

"Don't forget, I am the awesome Gilbert Beilschmidt!" Gilbert boasted. "The awesome me never falters when on duty!"

"What duty?" you asked rolling your eyes.

"Mein duty of being your awesome lover!" Gilbert answered obnoxiously. "And when we get home, how about we try that again as a reward for saving you?"

"'Again?'" you heard Arthur mumble to himself.

"For your information," your voice rose as you felt the blood rush to your cheeks, "you didn't save me, Arthur did."

"Who brought you back to life?" Gilbert asked.

"Who saved your ass from getting chopped up into mince meat?" you countered.

Arthur face-palmed as the two of you said your goodbyes and rode back to the Beilschmidt House arguing the entire time. It was a long ride back.

--Epilogue, several years later--

"Son, stay close to your mother, you hear me?"

"Yes, Father!"

Allistor waved and watched his son go with his mother to his first horseback-riding lesson. He brushed his fiery red hair back and looked at the sky. Everything was peaceful.

"Aren't you going to get ready for the big meeting?" Arthur asked sipping a cup of his favorite tea.

"Don't tell me what to do, you little rascal," Allistor teased. "Who's hosting it again?"

Arthur let out a heavy sigh. "Why don't you ever read the invitations before you agree to these things? Gilbert and his wife, ___________, are going to be hosting it at the Beilschmidt House, remember?"

"I was just testing you, Artie," Allistor smiled ruffling his little brother's hair. Arthur rolled his eyes and walked back to the manor to get prepared.

Allistor returned his gaze back at the sky and held out the emerald he always kept on him. The sunlight pierced through the lustrous green stone and created green rays that danced in his matching green eyes. He didn't remember where he got it, but he remembered finding it resting in his hand the day he woke up with a pounding headache several years ago. Though he might not have remembered where it came from, he had a feeling that it belonged to someone that was once very important to him. He hadn't smoked or drunk liquor since.

The End


Thank you so much for reading! Don't forget to read the bonus chapter!

Thank you everyone for taking the time out of your lives to read my first fan-fiction. It means a lot to me. I hope you all had as much fun reading it as I did writing it.

*Virtual hug/high five through the Internet*

I do not own any characters of Axis Powers: Hetalia. They belong to Himaruya Hidekazu.

I have NOT played any games related to Hitman, Assassin's Creed, any other killing game, nor have I watched anything of the sort in animes, or read anything in mangas, comics, or novels. If there are similarities in names, events, dialogue, etc., then they are pure coincidences.

©This story belongs to me, ~GydroZMaa.

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I’m BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK. Yeah.  MAJOR writer’s block.  Anyway, let us begin!

Your P. O. V.

Your hair was growing out finally, but it was still rather short, and you finally re-dyed it to a color that was close enough to your natural.  You were walking down the street, just getting home from grocery shopping; you had resided in a nice little townhouse in Germany (Ironic, right?).  You had received simple warnings about back alleys and how people could take advantage and rob you… Or something like that.  You admired how pretty the scenery was, nice brick buildings with cobblestone roads; it was almost like a dream.  But sadly, all dreams must end.  As you were walking down the alley you heard rather rushed and strained footsteps behind you, as If someone were running to catch up to you and trying to stay silent at the same time.  Pfft.  Idiot.  You spun yourself around and upon instinct threw your grocery bag in front of your face; only to feel  a blade jerking through a certain cereal box.  Seriously?  You had to wrestle an old lady for that.  AN OLD LADY.  You were kind of pretty pissed off considering that you had to go through an annoying encounter, along with your reuse-bag was now ruined, along with the box of cereal, and likely the bag that contained the delicious grains inside the box.  You felt the bag jerk in front of you as the attacker yanked their knife out.  Because you really weren’t trained in hand-to-hand combat, which really wasn’t a smart choice on your training coordinator’s part, your only real choice was to run at this point, and of course- to pray to whatever would listen to you that you could get inside your inky dinky townhouse before your attacker could run their web through YOUR “bag of cereal”.  You turned a sharp corner and quickly ducked before your head could hit the fire escape.  Behind you, you heard a sharp and painful sounding “ding”, a thump, and a string of colorful curse words in German.  You slung onto the ladder and darted up the rusting metal before it ended, you sat there a moment thinking you were safe, until you heard some mumbling in said language, felt the ladder vibrate, and heard the cling of a blade against metal.  They were after you again, and hell, with as much adrenaline you had pumping through your system you might have as well been Shizuo Heiwajima.  You spotted a drain pipe that was just within reach, prayed to the lords, latched on and clambered onto the next ladder.  Time had no meaning, but you knew after a couple of “Are you fucking kidding me”s from the German below you and some incredible Spiderman moves, you were on the roof. Looking around the dusty bird crap-covered roof, you tried to find something useful. You dug through the grocery bags while running behind an A/C unit.  Finally, your hand touched something metal and hard.  You reached to grab and pull it out from its eco-bag sheathing only to find out it was a serving spoon.

“Oh you’re fucking kidding me.” You sighed out as you heard some scuffing of shoes against pavement and a thickly accented voice cooing

“Come on out, kleinen Jungen”(Little boy)

“You seriously think I’m a boy?” You scoffed out, unable to contain that mass of sarcasm and attitude you sold your soul to make room for.

“Ah, it speaks, now does it?” He said again. You didn’t dare turn your head to peer out to see if you could see the man. This guy was armed and you damn well knew it. Hell, you could say he was a real “cereal killer”.  Oh well, guess the dye fumes went to your brain, because you- being as smart as you were, knowing the man was armed and obviously thought you to be just as able and strong as him, poked your head out, took off running, and hit the poor man over the head with your trusty spoon. As he fell over (Obviously not expecting a young woman wielding a spoon) you quickly recognized you were against Gilbert Beilschmidt. He quickly regained his stance and began circling with you, Old Timer pocket knife in hand.  Sadly, that poor pocket knife had obviously seen better days. Its blade was crooked and leaned to the side; it was obvious that it was loosely set. You couldn’t help but give a snort of amusement, which was ironic considering you were armed with only a spoon.

“Y-you’re Zion Lithium!? You’re just a Frau!” He yelled in disbelief, you didn’t blame him either.  You had disguised as a male to not raise any questions, and with such a dangerous job, it was easier to create such an identity so you would not have any hell to pay after the war.

“Now a-days it’s just _______ ________” You said with a grin; you had stopped circling each other now, and were just looking each other up and down, sizing one another up, determining your chances. He was a well-built man, actually, quite handsome.  He was taller than you by a few inches, and easily stronger.  He was wearing a pair of skinny jeans with converse and a tee-shirt; much like your own outfit.  He gave you a quick look before lunging at you with his Old Timer, as if reassuring that you wanted to do this.  You quickly evaded him before reaching a hand over his shoulder and putting the other on his head; sending him tumbling to the ground.  Thank God for cousins that were obsessed with wrestling, eh?  As Beilschmidt shoulder-rolled back to his feet, he quickly lunged at you again, driving the Old Timer through your torso.

. . .

. . .

. . .

. . .

Except there was one problem; he didn’t exactly have a blade anymore. He looked up at you in astonishment as you only winced at the impact from the hilt crashing into your side before jumping back and staring from his handle to your body, as if somehow expecting the knife to have seamlessly disappeared into your body. You slowly drew up your loose fist, flicking up the smoker’s favorite two fingers, the blade stubbornly stuck between the tips of your fingers.

“Looking for something, Beilschmidt?”

“H-how the hell did you-“

“Why’re you after me.” You blandly cut him off with the sharp question, you felt as though you already knew the answer, it was blatant and obvious to a toddler; or rather anything that could have the capacity to care about another being.

“You killed him”

“Killed who?”

“Don’t act like a dumbass, Frau.  You know who you killed very well”

“Please enlighten me, the war was two years ago and my memory is AWFUL” You said purposely, just to dig out the subject.

“You killed Tonio!”

“Oh, that little imbecile?”


“Oh come on, he pulled the trigger wire” You sharply cut him off again.

“I don’t care, I just know I’m here to finish you off” He pulled out a pistol and aimed it at you.

“What for? The war is over, Beilschmidt. And killing me won’t bring your partner back”

“You don’t think I know that?”

“I know you aren’t stupid. And frankly, I wouldn’t put it past you to want me dead”

“Don’t try and talk me out of it, Frau. My mind is set”

“I’m not trying to, you need to think this through, though”

And with that, you picked up your bags and walked to the edge of the building, looking over the edge.


“Waiting for death”

Prussia’s P.O.V

Something inside me snapped…. I couldn’t pull the trigger, something about her, the way her eyes shined with life even when faced with death, I just…. I couldn’t do it anymore, I lost the poison in my veins that was egging me on to kill this woman.  The way her (h/c) hair shined, her captivating pools of (e/c) and her soft (s/c) skin tone. She is truly a beautiful woman, and I felt as though I was faced with a love for her.  The next thing I heard was a clatter of hardness against concrete and the scuffing of feet hurriedly trying to reach her.  I couldn’t let her fall, I knew she wouldn’t let herself fall, but something inside of me made me save her; a maiden without need of a hero, but the act already done. I grabbed her by the shoulders and yanked her around, red orbs against (e/c) galaxies.

Your P.O.V

You felt your heart skip and pulse irregularly, a bird locked in a cage, when he grabbed you.  You couldn’t help but smile, you didn’t know him, and you had nearly killed each other along with that.  You could see the care and worry in his eyes, the shining red moons.  You did feel something for this albino man, and you couldn’t help but express it by wrapping your arms around him. He seemed to tense before hugging you back, your old friend giving you memories.  You remembered him, the two of you laughing and happily playing marriage together as childhood friends, knowing that you weren’t just pretending.

“Ich leibe dich, meine Frau”

“Ich leibe dich auch”
X____X OH GAWD. What did I just write?? XDDD Oh well, I hope you liked it. I’m looking at the time when I finished it- 3:02 AM!!!!! I started about an hour ago. >_< Holy crap. Also, if you don’t know-

Ich leibe dich, meine Frau= I love you, my woman.
Ich leibe dich auch= I love you too

ANYWAY. That concludes this fanfiction series.
^-^;; Please don’t murder me.  Yeah, I know this chapter sucks, but hey- It’s a little longer!
And the reason why this is so short- I couldn’t figure out how to write the rest, and so I’m like
“Screw this. You guys are childhood friends torn apart by different futures and war, then brought together by death and danger. NOW KISS. >:U”
Uhm. Yeah. C: 4 pages in Microsoft word! Wooooooh!
Anyway, glad you enjoyed!

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Also, tell me if you think it has mature content because of language... I was really tired when I wrote this. XD

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Previously, admitting to the trio that you haven't ever partied, the BTT decided that it would be a good idea for them to show you what it's like to let loose and have some fun once in a while. Good luck

Now that the adrenaline from before was wearing off, you weren't too sure about your decision anymore.

"A-Antonio... are you sure about this?" You whispered from the other side of the door. You weren't ready to go in yet, but they guys were all sitting in Francis's bedroom, waiting for you, no doubt smiling broadly.

"Yeah chica, I know exactly what I'm doing!" You heard him say from the other side, "It's okay really, you're beautiful! You'll be fine!"

After hearing the other two chide into the conversation with their agreements, you blushed at the compliment Antonio might have not noticed giving you, it seemed to be in their nature to be so... flirty. You huffed lightly and brushed at your clothes. 'Well, it's now or never....' You thought, as you reached for the door handle.

Leaving the bathroom and keeping your eyes to the ground, your cheeks reddened as you approached the guys who were sitting on the bed.

They really weren't saying anything, so you started to wonder if there was something wrong. You stopped a bit in front of them and twirled around in a circle.

Looking anywhere but at them, you asked quietly, "So... how do I look?"

An hour or so ago....

The trio had dragged you to a more secluded area, a different room, so that there wouldn't be any distractions. After deciding that they were going to show you what a party was like, the first thing you expected was for them to drag you directly into the middle of the dance floor.

You shook your head full of thoughts, 'Silly me, I can't believe I expected them to just break out in dance in the heart of the party...'

Looking a little too excited, the three left you sitting the couch and walked out of earshot; huddled together, and whispering to one another. Little to say, you were definitely confused at what was happening.

With a laugh from each of them, which you had to admit, creeped you out a bit, listening to them all laugh at the same time, they high fived and turned to face you.

Francis put a hand on his hip and smirked, "Ohonhonhon, you don't have to look so worried, ____________, we were just planning out how tonight was going to work out...."

His words weren't exactly helping, and you had to admit that he was starting to sound a bit creepy. You abruptly stood up and eyed the door, "Actually, I changed my mind, and I was just leaving..." You grinned nervously.

Antonio sighed and put an arm on your shoulder, gently pushing you back onto the couch, "No, chica, really, we just had to sort things out. We haven't ever really had to teach someone how to... erm... party."

Gilbert spoke quickly, not leaving a chance for you to interrupt what they had to say, "Ja, so don't worry, and just listen."
They sat down around you, Antonio next to you on the couch, and the other two on the floor facing you guys.

Seeing you nod your head for them to carry on, they smiled and started to explain.

With an expert smile, Gilbert started, "So, we thought about what makes up a party, and there's really just three aspects that each of us can teach you!"

With an excited nod, Antonio chirped, "Si! First will be me, and I'll be in charge of your outfit!"

You scowled, "What do you mean 'my outfit'! I think I look perfectly alright, for your information." You were about to start rambling, but you caught yourself and stopped with a 'Hmph," and a pout.

He laughed lightly and shook his head, "No, I mean, if you're at a party, you should like you're ready to party!" He looked over your outfit, "And frankly, an oversized hoodie isn't the most appropriate, I think."

Still pouting as they all smiled, you nodded slowly, "Okay... okay fine. But it's not my fault that I didn't know there was going to be a party here." Not wanting to go back to that sensitive topic though, you kept speaking, "But I did say that I'd let you guys show me what it's like..." 'Even if I don't want to anymore' " what are you going to do about it?"

You looked at Antonio, "I mean, you don't carry dresses and such around on your person.... right?" Your eyes widened slightly, 'Oh my god, at least, I hope that they don't. I mean, I'm not sure what those popular people do... and these guys always seemed to be prepared... so maybe they do? But... that would be so-so weird! What type of guy would carry that kind of stuff around??'

You were kind of just staring at his face with a growing expression of horror, though the guys didn't really understand why. Deciding that you were just being you, Antonio laughed loudly and shook his head, "No! I don't carry around clothes with me. At least, not girls' clothing."

That's when you became a bit confused, "But... then how are you going to show me what to wear at a party?"

Francis started laughing his creepy laugh again, and you turned to him, wide-eyed. "Well... this is my house so...."

You still didn't catch on to what he was hinting to... you obviously knew that he lived here, but so what?

He chuckled at your puzzlement, "Silly fille, I live here, so I have a closet... with clothes in it..."

You gasped lightly, 'Wait a second, is this guy... offering his clothes to me?'

Back to the present

And that's how you got in this situation. They had dragged you over to Francis's room after that, with him apologizing and saying, "Mon dieu, I'm so sorry, but I don't really have anything your size, so it'll be a bit baggy on you... but we're mostly here to teach you how to dress, right?"

You had facepalmed then, but decided to play along and be nice. At least they were trying.

Antonio had then stalked through Francis's extensive closet "Wow Francis, you have lots of stuff!!" and had pulled out a few things from the back of the closet, just some clothes that didn't fit Francis as perfectly, and maybe suit you better, and had put them in your arms.

Antonio had then shoved you into the bathroom and ordered you to change, and considering you didn't seem to have much choice, you did. Though you were still really really really uncomfortable with it all. But you had pushed the fact that you changing into someone else's clothes to the back of your mind.

'Not just someone else... Francis... the guy who had first approached you all those years ago... His clothes...' You shook your head to clear the thoughts; it would just make everything more and more awkward.

"So... how do I look?" You asked after a small twirl. Antonio had basically handed you the same type of clothing they were wearing at the moment, deeming them 'party clothes'.

You were wearing  skinny jeans now, at least, they were supposed to be skinny jeans, but they didn't fit all that well considering that they were Francis's, along with a jacket and a short sleeved shirt that read, "I'm lost, take me with you?" on it, which was a shirt you typically wouldn't be caught dead in, but Antonio said that it was either that or a shirt that said in big bolded letters, with an arrow pointing downward, "NOTHING'S BIGGER THAN THIS PROBLEM RIGHT HERE."


But all that aside, you were now standing before them, waiting for a response.

It was all silent for a moment, which made you feel more than a little uncomfortable, until Antonio stood up and started circling around you.

"Uhm. Um. Uhmmmmm.... What are you doing?" You froze in your spot as you watched him pass in front of you a few times as circled around, not saying anything and just humming quiet noises as he checked out the clothes. At least, you thought it was only the clothes he was checking out... hopefully.

"Oh, nothing. Just seeing how it looks on you!" He said, deep in thought.

'Wow, he's really getting into this...' you thought as he stopped circling and was just standing there staring at you with a calculating look.

It was all you could do to not just drop to the ground or hide your face in awkward embarrassment, you've never really been in a situation like you were in now, and you doubted that you had ever felt this awkward in your life. It was all a bit too much for you to handle.

"Nope. It looks terrible." He decided with a nod.

Your eyes shot up to him, surprised at how blunt he was. 'I mean, sure i might not be the best looking person around, but surely this wasn't too bad...' You blushed in annoyed embarrassment.

Francis frowned at Antonio and said, " 'ey, that's not nice, mon ami. I think that she looks wonderful in my clothes!" He said with a mock hurt tone, trying to twist his face into a sad frown, but instead ended up with a smirk on his face, one that you ignored since you were still a bit upset at Antonio.

"No, not her. She's fine, it's just your clothes Francis, just look! They're much too large on her, she might as well continue wearing her own clothes." He said, nodding with his words as if they were the most reasonable and obvious things.

He noticed that you were starting to get angry, considering that you were frowning largely in his direction, clearly unamused as he bashed on your clothes, "No! I mean- um..." He put a hand on your shoulder and sighed, leaning more in your direction, "Look, we're trying to get you dressed for a party, si? And you should feel comfortable and beautiful, no?"

You relaxed a little and nodded, so he continued, "And do you feel beautiful and comfortable?"

You sighed and shook your head, admitting that you definitely didn't feel beautiful nor comfortable in Francis's clothes. It's not that they were too big on you, it's not like you were that skinny or something, it's just that you didn't feel relaxed in them, and certainly didn't make you feel like those other girls who always seemed confident enough to go out and party.

Francis whined and pouted, and Antonio walked over to the two still sitting on the bed, and whispered among their selves again. You figured that that was a normal thing for the three, they were really close after all, so you just stood there pulling at the shirt you were wearing, feeling out of place, and waited for them to acknowledge you again.

"No way Francis, that's so weird!" You suddenly heard Gilbert exclaim loudly.

Curiosity getting the best of you, you sneaked closer to them to try to listen in. You slowly approached Antonio, tiptoeing closer and closer to where they were gathered. Antonio was standing in front of the two, thus blocking them from noticing you. You had finally reached him, and standing pretty close behind Antonio, you started to listen in.

"Well then, sounds like a plan!"

And suddenly Antonio stood and backed up, it seemed that they had just finished their little 'meeting', just your luck. You squeaked as he bumped into you, "Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry, I was just..." You tried to think up a proper excuse as Antonio recovered from the sudden bump, but nothing came to mind.

Francis and Gilbert had creepy smiles on their faces, which you didn't understand why, but Antonio just brushed himself off and said, "Don't worry about that, or them, I think their faces are permanently stuck that way, you're fine." Gilbert and Francis made faces at Antonio, and he stuck his tongue back at them.

Antonio remembered you and clapped his hands together, "Come now, I know exactly what you should wear!"

He tried to pull you back into Francis's huge closet, but you pulled away and fell out of the closet, "Nope, you grab whatever you want me to wear Antonio, I'll just wait right here." You pointed to the ground and stomped lightly to add emphasis to your words. The thought of going into the closet didn't appeal to you, it was a bit stuffy to you, and made you feel claustrophobic.

Too excited to try convincing you to join him though, Antonio continued his search for... whatever clothes he wanted to wear.

Your eyes flickered over to Francis and Gilbert, but you noticed that they were staring at you too, so you quickly jerked your eyes back to the closet. It was always awkward when you met eyes with someone who was staring at you, at least in your opinion.

"Perfect!" Antonio finally came out of the closet ((Excuse the pun, hurhurhur)) and grinned flamboyantly.

And suddenly the next few seconds happened in a frenzied blur, with Antonio rushing out of the closet, with commentary from Gilbert about how Antonio was finally 'coming out of the closet', shoved a dress in your arms, and pushed you back into the bathroom.

"And you better not come out with your hair still braided!" He cried from the other side of the door, "Believe me, you'll look better with it let down!"

You took a minute to get ahold of yourself, like noting where the hell he shoved you into, and calming your heavy breathing.

You studied the dress he had handed you, it was a lovely (-insert awesome party dress color here-) color, and it was a really nice dress. You couldn't believe that they wanted you to wear it. You.

Without a second thought, you gently took off Francis's clothes, Still shaking your head and wondering whatever had possessed you to try them in the first place, and folded them, pulling the dress on. You weren't able to tie the bow in the back, but you figured that Antonio could do that later.

Reaching for the door, you remembered Antonio's request, and undid your braid, letting your hair fall on your shoulders. Giving a quick glance to the mirror, you stopped for a second and you froze. 'What the hell am I doing????' Everything from the past hour or so came rushing at all at once, this day had been flying by so quickly!! And the trio? Before you wouldn't even talk to them, but now you were partying with them??

'This is so ridiculous! Absurd!' You thought to yourself. You took a breath and smiled softly to yourself, 'But... but it's really nice. It's like we're friends or something... and it's lots of fun. More fun than I'd had in a very long time.'

You jumped as you heard a knock at the door, "Hey, are you doing okay in there frau?" Gilbert asked, "You were getting a bit silent..."

"Yeah, yeah I'm fine!" You said hurriedly, thinking up a proper excuse this time, "I just couldn't tie this bow in the back of the dress, that's all!" You opened the door to face them, mentally patting yourself on the back at your quick thinking.

By the time you had left the bathroom, Gilbert had marched back to the bed, and all three of them had started chattering with one another, a conversation quickly created, and were now laughing at whatever Gilbert had said.

"And then he said that awesome-ness wasn't even a word, how ridicul...ous...." Gilbert was speaking rapidly, but when he noticed you, he slowed down to a stop and just stared, causing Francis and Antonio to turn their heads to see what had distracted Gilbert.

Your hands fiddled with your dress as Francis let out a low whistle, "S-So.. how do I-"

They immediately interrupted you, "You look great!"
"Much better than Francis's ratty clothes!" Gilbert had gotten a light punch from Francis with that comment

You blushed at all their compliments, even if you knew they were just saying it because it was the gentleman thing to do, it still meant a lot to hear compliments, "Er, thank you..." You turned around to face the other direction and pointed at your back, "Could someone tie this for me though?"

Francis was the first one who stood to do it, but Antonio had insisted that he should, considering that this was his part of teaching you. He quickly tied the bow and you turned to face them all again.

'This dress may be pretty... but it's more uncomfortable than my sweater...' you pointed out to yourself, but you didn't want to have to change again, so you stayed quiet.

"Well, I think we're done here," You said, 'I hope....', "So... yay or nay?"

They all brought their hands up high and gave you the thumbs-up sign, "YAY!!"

And with that, Francis had declared that it was his turn to teach you his specialty next, and you just nodded.
"Wait, Francis, why did you have a dress in your closet anyways...."


You were all sitting in various spots in the room. You and Francis sitting cross-legged on the bed as Antonio and Gilbert were sprawled on the floor. Francis had decided that they weren't special enough to sit on the bed with him while he taught you his part, for whatever unknown reasons. You didn't want to try reasoning through how their thought processes worked.

It was Francis's turn now, and he decided to teach you the art of... flirting. "It's really simple, actually," He said as he flipped his hair, "Basically, just smile a lot, keep eye contact, and give lots of compliments!"

Your eyebrows came together in a bit of confusion, "...And that's it? No other wise words to give me? That doesn't sound easy at all!" Not that you were planning on flirting with anyone in the future, but what type of advice was that supposed to be? It was terribly vague for something that was supposed to be so terribly difficult.

"Oui. That's it." He nodded and smiled. "'ere, let me demonstrate."

You waited for him to demonstrate, when he suddenly smiled (flirtily?) at you and said, "Well, if I hadn't known you before and wanted to try flirting with you, I would have done this..." He gently set a hand on yours, which surprised and made you flinch, almost jerking your hand away from his, but he was holding on too tightly for you to have done that. He smiled and looked straight into your eyes, "And I'd tell you that I loved how that dress looked on you, and how your eyes shone brighter than anyone else in the party, or that the moment I saw you, I knew you were the one for moi."

His voice had lowered to almost a whisper, and he just kept on leaning closer and closer to whispering in your ear. You blushed profusely at his words, things that you never thought you'd hear before, when he suddenly pulled away and smirked at you, "See, and just like that! It's super easy, you try!" He leaned back on both his arms while looking at your reaction.

You smacked yourself mentally for getting too caught up in the moment, and hoped you weren't blushing as much as you felt you were. 'He had even told me that it was just a demonstration... I just....' you looked at the guy with a sideways glance, 'I just got caught up in the moment. Gosh, he's a fucking professional.... No wonder this guy's so popular with the ladies.'

You harrumphed and folded your arms, looking away snottily, "Well. It's not like you're an expert or something, I could totally tell you were flirting." You lied, but whatever. You weren't about to assure the already overconfident guy that he had made your heart flutter for a second.

"Ohonhonhon, really __________? You think so?" He suddenly shot forwards and placed a hand gently on your heart. You tried to scurry away, but it was difficult to do on the bed. You were puzzled at what he was doing... and his hand was getting a little too close to your chest... "See, your heart is still beating quickly!" He stated triumphantly.

"N-No way, you just startled me right now!" You countered; getting annoyed at all his sudden actions.

He just laughed it off, "Sure, whatever stops the tears at night, ma petite." Francis suddenly looked thoughtful and glanced over your shoulder.

You followed his gaze to gilbert as he stood up stretching his back from lying on the hard floor, and said, "Guys, I'm going downstairs to get a drink. Just come get me when you need me for my part!"

After gilbert left, Francis seemed to have an epiphany as he smiled widely and motioned you to come so he could whisper something to you. Reluctantly, you crawled over to him and he put a hand up to your ear to whisper, "How about your first test be Gilbert over there. Just do something quick like me, and we'll see what his reaction is."

Your eyes grew wide at the thought and your heart picked up speed again, what was this guy trying to do, give you heart problems? "What, no freaking way am I going to do that, that's so awkward!" You harshly whispered back. Francis flirting to you was one thing, but you doing it to one of the guys, to Gilbert was a little too much for you to handle.

"Either him or Antonio, you take your pick." He said stubbornly, his smile holding true on his face.

You glared at him as you heard Antonio peek up from the end of the bed, "Pick me for what?" He chimed in.

'Well, that was unexpected...' You thought as you flinched, you had thought he had left a while ago. "No wait, nothing Antonio. It's absolutely nothing." Glaring at Francis once more, you headed towards the doorway. Flirting with Gilbert would be better than Antonio, not that you didn't like him, but he had probably already heard everything you were talking about, and that bothered you a bit.

Not letting Francis's amused chuckles get to you, you closed the door to his room, heading downstairs to where Gilbert said he could be found. The kitchen.

Here let's switch over to Gilberts POV c:<< No wait I'm not sure whose pov this is XDD

Gilbert clambered down the stairs noisily, making a beeline to the kitchen. Nothing says awesome like a party with something alcoholic to drink, something my friends and I believe wholeheartedly.

He managed to avoid some of the rabid girls from the school, and sat down with a sigh on a barstool. Gilbert reached his hand out to grab the energy drink, which was provided at the party as an alternative to something alcoholic, since none of them were quite the legal drinking age of 21. Yet.

'Only three more years!' Gilbert exclaimed internally as he pumped a fist into the air, accompanied by an eager swig of the energy drink. He jumped off the barstool to go lean on the doorframe, examining the group of people moving and jumping and dancing around to the beat of the music. All the colors of the rainbow were flashing in bouts of light in various directions all over the room, creating shadows one minute and brightly lighting others in another.

It was a bit disorienting, but was one of the things Gilbert had to say he enjoyed most about a party. 'A party wouldn't be a party if it wasn't a bit hectic,' he thought proudly to himself, something one could always expect at a party Francis was hosting. Not that it was his friends' idea in the first place...-

"Gilbert! Gilbert! Gil- Oof," I turned around abruptly to see ________ on the ground, and by the looks of a group of people standing nearby, snickering not so discretely, he could only assume that they had done something to cause her to fall. He scowled at the group as he reached down and pulled her up.

You didn't seem fazed at all though, as you quickly brushed yourself off and smiled up at him. "Haha, sorry, clumsy me, not watching where I was going..."

He didn't really pay attention to your words and admired that you were able to easily put them off. But that also scared him a bit, the fact that you seemed to be used to treatment like this.... but that couldn't be possible, people just weren't rude like that. Those kids were just playing around and you probably knew it, which explained why you were able to so easily brush them off.
Nodding to himself as he seemed to answer the own question in his head about how you were able to pay no mind to those kids, he asked, "So, why did you come to see me? I thought Francis was still teaching his amazing tricks to l'amour"

He said l'amour in the best imitation of Francis's French accent, which ended up sounding terribly horrible, and in turn hilarious to you. Gilbert lips slightly turned up in a light smile as he saw you chuckle shyly at the poorly done imitation.

"Um, well, we finished up fairly quickly and he said that.... I should go take a break!" Gilbert thought you looked a bit uncertain at what you were saying at one point, but brushed that thought off as you continued, "And so I decided to come down here and, well, see how you were doing." Your nervous tone of voice calmed a bit as you finished the sentence, leaving the slightly bewildered face of Gilbert staring at you cautiously.

'Why did she come to me if Francis told her to take a break.... Maybe those two managed to scare her off?' He snickered at the thought, which was most certainly a possibility of the actions that had taken place upstairs, knowing his friends...

"Soooo, Gilbert," You started saying as he led you two to a more silent area, and sat down on a couch in the corner of the room. He wasn't sure what to say to your fidgeting, but he figured that you were just a naturally squirm-y person.

"I... " You weren't sure how to start this flirting thing, so you decided to just do the same thing as Francis had, it didn't seem to fail him, so you hoped it wouldn't lead to embarrassment for you. Gilbert was looking more and more confused with you as you noticed that you were stretching out saying 'I' way too much. You shut up and coughed shyly, composing yourself as you tried to remember what Francis had done upstairs.

You shifted your body, moving so that you could be in a more comfortable position, eventually gently setting a hand on Gilberts own. The one not clutching the drink, of course, the one that was conveniently placed on the couch between you and him.

He looked up at you even more puzzled than before, "Ummmm..."

Your heart racing a million miles an hour, you looked straight into his eyes, just as Francis had done to you, and said, "I love what you're wearing today, and um, how it looks on you," You were feeling terribly awkward and hoped that Gilbert wasn't feeling as awkward as you. Okay, so maybe saying exactly what Francis said wouldn't work, you'd have to improvise a bit...

"And your eyes shine brighter than anyone else in the party!" 'Even though I haven't paid any attention to anyone's eyes...' you thought to yourself, but continued.

"And the moment I saw you, I knew you were the-" Wait a second, maybe that was taking it a bit too far. Francis could get away with saying something like that, but you were definitely not the type to say something outright like that. It could make whatever friendship you had with him, very, very awkward. "the... MOST AWESOME GUY EVER!" You quickly blurted out.

'Okay... maybe not the best cover up, but the guy seems to be infatuated with the word awesome, so hopefully that works...' Your eyes tore away from Gilbert, his baffled expression getting to you. He definitely wasn't as charmed as you were when Francis had first taught you flirting.

Gilbert stared at you, feeling more puzzled than ever before, coming to the conclusion that you were the most bizarre girl he'd had the pleasure of meeting yet.

He didn't have to think of a way to end the awkward moment thankfully, since the sound of two signature laughs suddenly sounded from behind the couch. He facepalmed and started to chuckle along as what just happened pieced together in his mind.

Antonio & Francis POV c; Backwards a bit to the past when they were up in the room

The moment you had closed the door behind you, Francis had jumped up and placed an ear to the door.

Antonio looked up from the place he was resting on the other side of the room as he watched his friend with curiosity, sitting up to get a better view of him, "Uh, amigo? What are you doing exactly?"

Francis smirked, a smile that could make others fairly anxious, and make a gesture that told Antonio to be silent. When he seemed content with what he heard, or didn't hear, from the other side of the door, he quickly raced to Antonio and grabbed his arm.

"Whoa, whoa, slow down there Francis! What are we doing?" It seemed like Francis had another plan brewing, at least as far as what he could tell from the mischievous grin Francis was flashing.

"Are you kidding? You think I'm going to just sit down here while ________ goes off on 'er first attempt at flirting? No way!" He dragged Antonio to the door, "I'm going off to... watch over her," Francis stated, which most certainly sounded like was rather indicating, 'to eavesdrop'.

"Are you in?" Antonio grinned wildly at Francis's question, it honestly sounded like lots of fun, to see Gilberts reaction to this all. "What type of friend would I be if I left you alone to the job watching over her on your own?"

And with that, the two sneakily stumbled off towards the only place they were sure they were Gilbert would eventually end up sitting. The couch.

They were slyly following you from a not-so-close distance, and knowing that once Gilbert saw you, he'd lead you to his usual place of sitting, the far corner of the couch, waited until the perfect moment to run through the kitchen to the room. Their chance came at the time you were tripped and Gilbert helped you up to your feet. They certainly weren't pleased to watch one of the guys in the group not-so-subtly trip you, but they weren't about to let the perfect moment to sneak past get away.

With a dive behind the couch, Antonio and Francis ungracefully fell into place behind the couch. If the party wasn't so loud itself, then the two would have most certainly been discovered.

Francis laughed lightly, feeling the adrenaline pulsing through him and causing his heart to pick pace, as he was sure was happing to Antonio as well. With a look shared, he pointed a finger upwards to indicate if they should peek, and Antoinio nodded, holding three fingers up to start the countdown. Three... two.... one!

They both slowly raised their head until the two were clearly in sight, only to be surprised that Gilbert was already heading this way.

Antonio yelped and hoped they hadn't seen them yet, as he ducked back behind the couch and pulled Francis along with him.

Francis chuckled lightly, a bit out of breath and murmured, "A bit too close for comfort, huh?"

"To say the least," Antonio murmured back in agreement.

They placed their backs against the couch, straining their ears in an attempt to hear what they were saying. When they were starting to doubt if they even were still there, considering the silence, until Francis heard Gilbert make a hesitant noise.

It was almost painful to not be able to see Gilbert or _________ expressions, but there was nothing they could do without giving themselves away. Not sure what you were doing, the two listened to your... were you even trying to flirt?

After a few more seconds of listening in to you painfully trying to flirt, Francis almost choked with laughter as he realized that you were trying to flirt with Gilbert in the same way he had with you. It was too much; it was all he could do keep the laughter in.

Antonio gave Francis a puzzled look, but soon also realized what exactly you were doing.

The two looked each other in the eyes as they died of silent laughter behind the couch. The laughing died down when they heard you quiet down a bit, just to hear you say, "MOST AWESOME PERSON EVER!"

And that was the last straw. The two broke down in the most awful of laughing fits, clutching their sides and toppling over in the limited space behind the couch. Not able to contain it any longer, the silent laughter's turned into roaring chuckles at everything they had just heard.

Francis saw Gilbert peek behind the couch, and watched  as he too eventually realized all that had just happened, just to see Gilbert also burst into laughter as he placed a palm to his forehead.

Oh, you were just too much!

Um back to your POV...

After their laughing had died down, and you had finished with your embarrassment, they had all wandered back up into Francis's room, still the only truly silent place in the house, to see what Gilbert had planned for his turn. Francis had done enough damage, they had decided.

Once everyone was settled down, though the smiles remained on their faces, wider than you had ever seen yet, Gilbert exclaimed, "Well, frau, it's my awesome turn right now!" He put an emphasis on the word 'awesome', using it just to tease you this time, you could tell. "And I'm going to teach you how to party!"

You decided to stop him right there, "No way. No way am I dancing. There is nothing you can do to make me." You folded your arms over your chest. You had suffered enough embarrassment today, and you definitely weren't up to embarrassing yourself some more by dancing.

A bit surprised by your sudden stubbornness, he tried again, whining, "But _________, you have to! I have to teach you how to have a great time!! Come on!!!"

You shook your head quickly, "No way am I going to fall into this peer pressure. Find some other way to show me a good time."

Francis quietly chuckled, at whatever sketchy thoughts were running though his head at you asking Gilbert to 'show you a good time', until Antonio gave him a quick jab at his stomach which quickly shut him up. No way was Antonio going to let Francis taint your innocent mind. Yet.

"But-," You stopped Gilbert before he could go on with his arguing, "I already said no Gilbert." You looked to the other side of the room as it went silent.

"Fine then..." He mumbled, thinking of a different idea.

His thoughts were interrupted when he heard the doorbell ring, though that was a normal thing at a party, but what truly bothered him was when he heard who it was.

"Oh, not that party pooper again!" Francis exclaimed in annoyance as he threw his arms in the air. Gilbert nodded in agreement as he scowled at the door, "He complained last time too."

Antonio jumped up, "Come on, he's not that bad guys! I would get annoyed if I lived next to you too, if I had to go through listening to your party racket all the time, Francis!" He motioned to the door, smiling despite the scowls being thrown his way, "Let's go see what he wants, okay?"

The other two sighed and shrugged their shoulders as they followed Antonio downstairs, and though you weren't sure who exactly they were talking about, you decided to follow after them.

It was bizarre, that the music was no longer playing, but the noise from someone screaming quickly filled the silence.

"DO YOU KNOW HOW ANNOYING IT IS TO TRY AND GET SOME SLEEP AND HAVING TO LISTEN TO YOUR SHITTY MUSIC PLAYING ALL FREAKING NIGHT LONG???" You had reached the other three who were blocking your view of who was screaming at them. You noticed that the party had all but emptied out, and you figured that the guy had scared most of them away. Or that it was getting really late. You pushed the second thought to the back of your mind, not wanting to bother with that panicking thought.

"AND THE REST OF YOU BETTER GET OUT OF HERE BEFORE I CALL THE POLICE AND ARREST YOU ALL FOR BEING A PUBLIC DISTURBANCE!!" By the anger in his words and the reaction of the few people left, you figured the guy must have also been giving a death glare to the people there.

You watched as the remaining people slowly shuffle towards the door of the house, hearing one murmur to a friend, "Can you even get arrested for that?" "I dunno, but I'm not sticking around to figure out."

When everyone had left and only the three boys and you were left standing there, alone to face the person that had disturbed the party (Alfred & Arthur had decided to wave goodbye at the guests or something) you watched the dark outline of the guy go to flip the light switch on.

You gasped  at the sight of who it was...

Wow, I would so have a cliffhanger here but this wasn't where I planned on stopping... oh well.

You recognized him as one of the guys you had seen next door making pasta, the one with darker hair.

"Seriously Francis, you're insane! Why would you hold a party now! I thought we agreed to keep the crap until the weekends when I dont need to have to have enough sleep for school! Which I have tomorrow, as you know, and so do you bastardo! I can't get to sleep, and I've been trying to for the past hour, okay?"

Gilbert stopped his rant to walk up to him and stood as tall as possible, frowning at the other, "Hey, don't talk that way to Francis, it wasn't his idea anyways. If you have something against parties, go have a talk to Alfred, okay?"

You watched with interest at the four fuming boys, it seemed like him interrupting parties was a normal occasion, if he was threatening to call the police to report it as a public disturbance.

"Please, Lovi, just stop. You've already done enough damage, ending the party like that; it really wasn't your place to do so." Everyone turned to look at Antonio as he addressed Lovi.

With a final huff, and a furious glance back at them, he slammed the door shut as he stomped out of the house.

Later on...

Everyone was back in Francis's room, and the group had been sitting in silence on his bed while Gilbert paced back and forth in front of the bed.

You were about to say that you were going to go home, finding no reason to stay here for any longer, when Gilbert suddenly stopped his pacing with an exclamation of, "Aha!"

Everyone was jolted from their inner thoughts as they looked up at him, "Guys, guys, revenge!"

They all looked at him like he was going crazy, so he continued explaining matter-of-factly, "We need to exact revenge on that rude, self-serving, interrupting, son of a-"

"Please carry on," Antonio interrupted, not at all amused by Gilbert.

"Whaaat? He keeps on bothering us each time, and he didn't even let me have my turn on showing ________ a great time! So this is my turn's idea! For us to get revenge on Lovino!"


And that's how you all ended up standing outside of the twins house, after sneaking out with cans of cheese spray and a few rolls of toilet paper, Gilbert had given a hilariously dramatic speech.

And after that, all of you had gotten to work, arms flailing around, spraying cheese here, throwing a roll over there, not-so-accidentally throwing an empty can at Francis's face.... you all had a bunch of fun pranking Lovino.

After you all were finished with that, you had all stood back to give the house a look-over. The three gave a shrill whistle at the sight of the mess they had created.

"No regrets." Gilbert suddenly stated plainly as he shrugged and waltzed back down the sidewalk. "That's enough for one night, it's almost midnight!"

You managed to choke as you took in another breath, running after Gilbert with the other two behind you, you circled around him to stop him from walking. "M-Midnight?" You tried not to sound too squeaky.

He looked puzzled but nodded slowly, "Ja... midnight. What of it?"

You swallowed a lump in your throat, "I... I should head home now." You noticed that your scooter was carelessly thrown on the sidewalk in front of the lawn of Francis, and even though you didn't remember when you had put it down, you were glad that no one had made away with it.

"Bye guys!!" You picked up the scooter and started away, not listening to see if they gave a reply.

"Bizarre..." Antonio murmured as the three stood there wordlessly as they watched you scooter away into the night.

Back at home

You noticed that your mom's car was parked and you inhaled a breath, this wasn't going to be good when she noticed you had been gone for so long.

You silently made your way down the stairs towards your apartment door and pushed the door open slowly, making as few noise as you could. But it wasn't quiet enough, apparently.

"Honeyyyyy, what are you doing babeeee," You heard your mom slur more than usual, and you weren't sure if that was a good or bad thing at the moment. Your mom either got really violent or really "sweet when she was drunk.

You inched towards her voice, which landed you in the living room. 'Please be so drunk you won't remember anything in the morning, please be that drunk, pleaseeee,' you pleaded internally.  Your heart was beating faster yet, beating whatever records your pumping heart may have made earlier today.

Your mom was wrapped up in blankets on her place from the couch, and mumbled incoherently, "Where were you babyyy, I missed you so much hun." She wrapped her blanket tighter around her, even though it was warmer due to the fact that it was almost summer time.

You decided to play innocent, "I was just doing homework mom. There's this project I have to do, and it's the biggest one yet." You added emphasis to your words, and decided to throw in some flattery, even though you weren't sure if your mom could understand, "My grade depends on it, so I did my best, just for you mom. I know you worry about that stuff, mom."

She nodded in some sort of understand as her eyelids got heavier, "Of course, thank you hun. Just don't stay out that late next time."

You nodded feverously, "Yes, yes. I have to go out again tomorrow though, but I won't stay out that long I promise."
'At least I'll try not to,' You added mentally.

With another quick nod, you quickly shuffled away, trying not to make it look like you were sneaking away too quickly.

"Love you mom," You threw in before you ran up the stairs faster than when people turn off the light and make a run for it.

Quickly throwing your scooter to the corner of the room, you threw yourself on your bed and gave a heavy sigh.

You gave a shaky laugh, "Today... today was..." You tried to think of words to describe today. Crazy? Insane? Out of the ordinary?

No, today was way different than the norm of your terrible life, you had put yourself more out there than normally, and had acted more out of the ordinary than usual, so much that if your mom had been watching you, she would have denied that was you... but still, you had to admit...

"Today was nice," You mumbled before falling asleep.
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Wow I'm so sorry for the forever late update.
But hey, I hope I made up for it by the fact that this is about 4 times as long as a normal chapter, so hey, it's as if I updated four parts, kay???

I just didn't want to make more parts about the party ugh sorry for all the filler, I just don't want to make it seem like the reader is suddenly magically friends with them, and so future events are more realistic, you have to be better friends with them. Thus this whole party scene.

Ugh sorry if it's terrible ugh.
I dont even know anymore.


I dont even want to know why france had a dress in his closet okay i just no

Oh! And a special thanks to those who gave me ideas on what should happen, for telling me to have them teach the reader three different things, another for telling me to add Lovino, and another for saying a story wasn't complete without cheese spray. c;

Feel free to suggest things that you'd like to see in the story, and I'll see if I can add them if it doesn't affect the plot.

More chapters can be found here: [link]

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 A woman concealed herself for the cold weather that lay outside her door. She moved to a small, messy kitchen a scrawled a note, shoving it into her pocket before going back into her grungy living room.

 Looking over to the pulled-out bed/couch, she nearly bursted into tears seeing her small child's face sleeping so innocently and perfectly as though none of her disgusting home had even touched the baby.

 Scooping her up, she protected her joyous bundle before trudging out into a howling blizzard. The woman walked for about an hour or so, the scene of a bad neighborhood turning into that of the middle-class.

 Looking at the larger-than-average homes that lined the white streets, she picked one out. Quickly going up to the door, she made sure that the small infant was snug in her blankets. Her beautiful (e/c) eyes were shut and her breathing was getting uncomfortably shallow. Her nose was running.

 Kissing the baby on the forehead, she slipped the note into her blankets and knocked loudly on the door until she heard someone coming with a groan. Rushing back into the storm, she waited nearby to watch as someone opened the door, nearly missing the child.


 The Bad Touch Trio, all of which were knocked out after a night of partying, heard a loud knocking at the door. All of them were over at their Prussian friend's house and in the middle of the night, someone was knocking.

 Prussia got up and groaned, a headache getting to him. His two friends, Spain and France, awoke with the same reactions. "Don't worry guys, the awesome me will answer the door..."

 They watched as he went to the door, flicking the outdoor light on before opening the door. All he saw was snow viciously coming from the sky in front of him. He turned around with a laugh,"Some drunks must be playing a prank on the awesome me-"

 He was about to shut the door when he heard a small noise by his feet. His crimson eyes found a bundle of blankets on the front porch, moving slightly. Picking them up, he saw a small child was concealed in them.

 France and Spain came over, looking just as curious and surprised about the baby as he was. "I don't know if this was meant for us amigos..."

 "Check it's tag or something..." Prussia muttered, watching as the child's eyes opened, revealing a beautiful pair of (e/c) eyes. "She looks so innocent..." Her blank face turned into a small smile, making the three of them 'awwww' at her cuteness.

 "Let me see ze petite..." France said, holding his arms out. Prussia nervously handed the child over, expecting her to cry. A piece of paper fell from the blankets and Spain quickly picked it up.

 The child didn't cry or seem upset after being handed away from the albino Prussian. Spain read the message over and over before speaking up. "Chicos...I think you might want to hear this..."

 Both men looked towards the Spaniard before speaking,"Dear whoever it may concern. Thank you for taking in my daughter and I'm sorry for putting such a big responsibility on you. I can't afford a child as a single mother...I just wanted to have my darling daughter to have a good life..."

 France and Prussia looked towards the girl who now lay asleep in France's arms. Spain continued,"Her name is ____________. I understand if you won't adopt her in, just find her a good home. doesn't say who it's from..."

 The three men took in the letter during a silent moment before France handed the girl back over to Prussia. "We can't just leave 'er...poor zing..."

 "Then we'll raise her together verdamnit!" Prussia suddenly snapped, waking the girl up once more. Rather than crying, she looked more confused as to what awoke her. "If we could each take care of one kid, it'll be no problem raising one kid together."

 The threesome agreed, Spain taking the child and trying to get her to sleep once more. His soft voice began singing lightly in Spanish, the two smiling as he went over to the couch and sat down with the girl.

 France and Prussia sat beside him, smiling at the little girl in the Spaniard's arms sleeping comfortably once more. The three men began to softly discuss how this would work out. Since Prussia wasn't technically a country, he could watch her during world meetings. When she was old enough, they decided they would allow her to come.

 Watching her rest, they decided to call in a night and crawled on the mattress they had laid out on the floor along with various blankets and such. The three snuggled in, Spain resting in the center with the girl in his arms already sleeping peacefully. He still hummed gently, although the other two didn't seem to mind.

 As they fell asleep, they all began thinking about how they're going to have to change their lifestyles to become parents.

 "Dios mio..."

 "Mon dieu..."

 "Mein gott..."
Here come the Christmas inserts!

I know, it doesn't seem like it now but it will be.

You know how long I've had this?
October 11th was the last time I wrote anything on this story.
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  Your small body collapsed on the ground in fatigue of the muscles and mind. It has only been a few years since you have been tossed into the mess of a war by your boss. As a child. A young little nation that couldn't fend for herself.

  Sure, a nation would never even dream of harming a young nation but the troops were under the control of their bosses. The bosses were in control of the countries. They wouldn't think twice about attacking anyone trespassing on their land.

  Digging your nails into the ground, you let tears spill as you tried to keep moving away. Branches snapped behind you, making you fear that an enemy was coming to defeat you.

  The second a sandy blond-haired boy bustled out of the bushes, you screamed and covered your head. There wasn't much hope for you anymore, the thought suddenly brought sobs up.

  "Hey, what's a little dudette doing out here?" His arms enveloped you, holding you uncertain as to what to do with you. You, on the other hand, we're still sobbing in fear. "You're hurt...lemmie get you back to base and have those fixed up."

  He brought you close to his body, wrapping you up in the right side of his coat and started walking away with you. Grabbing onto his shirt, you hid your face on it, letting a few tears out once more but calming down.

  "Do you have a name kiddo?" The man asked calmly, walking into a military camp. "My name is Alfred F. Jones."

  "_-_________..." You nearly whisper.

  He laughed slightly, jouncing you in his arms,"That's a cute name, isn't it? I like it."

   "Thank you..."

  He carried you into the tent with a cross on it, leaving you in the hands of a complete stranger. A pretty nurse took you and started taking care of the small cuts and wounds you had.

  She never asked why a child was in the midst of a battle field.

  A moppy blond-haired man came in. You giggled at the size of his eyebrows which were enormous in stature. "America sent me to get the girl." America

  He reached out and took your small, frail body in his arms and carried you away. You waved towards the nurse as you left which she responded with a polite little wave back.

  "You're a young country, aren't you? Your boss just signed your declaration of war a few months ago." Wriggling in his arms, you didn't feel comfortable to where this conversation was going. "Don't worry love. We'll keep you safe."

  You were brought into another tent where three unfamiliar faces (and Alfred) sat in apparent wait. The second you were brought in, everyone began to swarm, commenting on something about you.

  The suddenness of it all caused your lips to quiver and sobs to erupt once more. Caterpillar brows began rocking you, trying to calm you down and stop crying with little avail.

  Another person snatched you in their arms. It was the only brunette in the room. His hair tied in the back. Somehow, you were more soothed by him (maybe because of his feminine looks) and calmed down rather quickly.

  "Ai yah, did the other allies scare you?" He asked in a gentle voice, calming you down further. "It's okay little one, they're just curious why a young girl is here."

  "M...My boss...made me..." You said in a low voice, only to get snatched by a long-haired blond under the arms.

  "Don't tell me you are a country!?" He said out loud, scaring you once more,"'ho in ze right mind would send a little country like you into ze battlefield-!?"

  Once more, you started crying in shock and hurt. Alfred took you this time, allowing you to rest your head on his shoulder as he paced the room slightly,"Hey...calm down __________. We know Francis is a scary man but you're okay. I'll make sure none of them bother you."

  Grabbing his shirt, you felt relief wash over you and began nodding off with him. Caterpillar-brows came behind Alfred and looked at you with soft emerald eyes,"Can you just tell us what country you are love...?"

  "I'm the country of ____________..." You said in a low voice, your (e/c) eyes already drooping. He stepped off after that, noticing that after such a long day you were probably exhausted.

  Alfred rubbed your back softly and readjusted you in his arms. "How's about you come lay down with me for tonight? I'll make sure that you're protect. The hero won't let you get hurt on his watch!"

  Wrapping your arms around his neck. You couldn't care who you were sleeping with or where you were going to rest, all you wanted to do was shut your eyes and sleep.

  "We can take shifts on who watches her at night. I guess I'll watch her for now," Alfred continued to the others, resting his head on yours. "We can figure the rest out tomorrow."

  "I'll look into her country." Caterpillar-brows said afterwards. "Maybe she'll have some reliable sources in her country that we can use."

  "Sleep..." You said in a soft voice, snuggling closer to him.

  Alfred laughed, trying to keep his voice down,"We're going, we're going. Good night everyone."

  Both of you left, your (e/c) eyes already shutting before you were even laying down. Alfred allowed you to rest on his chest, his bomber jacket resting over your body. "Good night __________..."

  "Night...daddy..." Alfred felt his body freeze as you said that. Sure, he found you but both of you were nations. For a younger nation to bond so close to an older nation in just a few hours was rather shocking.

  Still, he wrapped his arms around you and held you close to him,"I promise, I won't let anything hurt you..."

To be continued...
I decided to try this out.
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Papa Alfredo. Lolz, it's cute~
It'll be kind of funny when the Axis come in. Ohhh I'm terrible~ :D

I don't own you or Hetalia.
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Cry's girl:Cry X Reader

For the last few hours you and Ryan had talked about the stream, he had given you a few pointers on what you should do and say but other than that you really had no clue what to expect. Ryan had set up his laptop so that you would be able to join the stream properly and play games with everyone. You wanted to be as involved as you could since this was your first stream you wanted to really show people what you were like.
It was about an hour before the stream was due to start and you were supposed to call everyone so that you could all meet and break the ice. You had to admit you were really nervous to meet  the crew. You had been a fan of them for ages now and you had watched them do the stream every Saturday night without fail. You couldn't actually believe that you were going to be streaming with them it was like a dream come true.

“You ready to call everyone, you look a little nervous.” Ryan called from the other side of the room.

“Yeah, I’m just not too good at meeting new people is all.” You said trying your very best to look a little less nervous.

“Okay well relax everyone will love you and anyway you've already met Scott and Russ.” He said with a grin.

You had almost forgotten that you met Russ and Scott that one time at the club, you really had been stupid to not connect the dots earlier.

You just nodded in reply to Ryan and looked at your screen.

“Just remember one thing we’re Cry and (Your Nickname) now, not Ryan and (Your Name) don’t forget to call me Cry okay.” He looked at you with a serious glint in his eye.

“Sure, I won’t forget, It would be pretty hard not to anyways.” You said trying to put on a little smile to hide how scared of this whole night you were.  

After a few seconds your Skype lit up and you were invited to the call. You heart hammered a little faster and you tried to calm yourself down.

“Hey guys.” You heard Russ down your headphones.

“Hey Russ, how’s it going?” Ryan replied.

You were glad that it was only Russ in the call the others must have not got their invites yet so it gave you a little time to calm down and get used to the situation.

“Not too bad man, I hear it’s been a pretty hectic week for you though.” He said with a slight laugh in his voice.

“Uh yeah you could say that, I mean that video sure did cause chaos.” He said replying in the same light tone.  

Russ let out a small laugh and was about to talk when Scott joined the call.

“Hey everyone.” The familiar voice came through a little muffled.

“Hey Scott.” Both Ryan and Russ talked at the same time.

“How’s everyone doing?” Scott asked coming through a little clearer.

“Good thanks man.” Russ answered first.

“Where is Red at?” Scott asked after noticing the absence of Russ’ girlfriend and crew member.

“She will be along in a bit she wanted to give (Your Nickname) a little time to get used to us before she came along and scared the poor girl to death.” He said letting out a laugh, while in the back ground you heard a quite sound that sounded like a ‘fuck you’ aimed at Russ.

You couldn't help but smile a little at the kindness that Red had shown towards you, you would have to remember to thank her later for thinking of you like that. It wasn't until the call was deadly silent that you realized that all of the attention had come to you.

You didn't really know what to do in this situation so you just continued to sit in silence and waited for someone to talk.

“So (Your Nickname), tell me how is it being Crys girlfriend? Is he driving you crazy yet?” Scott asked.

You let out a nervous laugh at the question. You still found it weird that you were Crys girlfriend.

“Oh yeah, he is a total pain in the ass.” You said trying to make a joke out of the question. You heard the others laugh and you felt a little bit relived the hard part was over now you just had to keep up the chat.

“Hey I’m not that bad!” Ryan retorted looking across the room at you.

“Oh please, we all know that you have the ability to annoy the crap outa people if you want.” Russ chipped into the conversation.

You let out a small chuckle and bit your lip looking over at Ryan with an apologetic look.
“Aww come on you guys lay off him. He’s not that bad although he does take an awful long time in the bathroom.” You quickly interjected.

That made everyone laugh again and you smiled a triumphant smile and looked over to Ryan who gave you a thumbs up.

As you looked back to the screen you saw the Red had joined the call.

“Hey guys.” The small voice came through the headphones.

“Hey Red.” Everyone but Russ answered together. You started to get a bit quieter again with Red coming into the call and you started to feel a little unsure about yourself and decided that you would try to let the others talk for a bit before you tried to make conversation.

“So how’s everyone doing?” You could hear from her voice that she was really asking if you were finding this okay but you decided that you would just play dumb and wait for the guys to answer.

“We’re all pretty good Red.” Scott answered. You mentally thanked him for answering so that you didn't have to talk.

“Good.” Red replied. You could tell that she was not happy that Scott had answered. You noticed her let out a little huff.

“So (Your Nickname) how are you finding the crew? I hope that they haven’t mentally scarred you yet.” She said with a small laugh. You could almost curse Red for talking to you, it made you more nervous.

“Um I don’t think there will be any lasting damage.” You said trying your best to not sound nervous.

You didn't quite manage to convince anyone since your voice came out quiet and shaky and your last word hitched in your throat. Ryan looked over to you from his computer and gave you a sympathetic look; he could see how nervous you were.

“You sound like you could do with a stiff drink.” Red said clearly hearing your nerves.

“Yeah I could do with one or ten.” You said now not caring that people knew that you were nervous.

The crew let out a laugh and you relaxed a little again. You waited for everyone to stop laughing and listened to more of the conversation. You occasionally would say a few things and make the odd joke here and there and you let yourself calm down and let go. You felt a lot more comfortable and at ease with everyone.  You looked at the small clock at the bottom of the screen and saw that the time was 10:50 the stream would be starting very soon.

Just as you were thinking you noticed that someone else had joined the chat. You didn't recognize the Skype name so you had to wait for them to speak.

“Hi guys. Sorry I’m late” You heard a familiar English accent say.

“You’re just in time Minx.” Red said sounding pretty pleased that she was here.

“Good, so how is everyone.” She asked sounding a little sleepy.

As was now normal everyone replied saying that they were all doing good and asked Minx how she was doing. She said she was good but tired since it was 3:50 in the UK. Soon the conversation drifted from Minx and back to you. You really didn’t like being the center of attention.

“Are you excited for your first stream (Your Nickname)?” Minx asked you.

“Yeah I’m really excited but I’m really nervous.” You answered her truthfully.

“I know that feeling, I remember when I first joined the stream but it’s really fun once you get used to it.” She said trying to reassure you.

“I guess, I just hope this is a night where not too many people watch.” You said trying not to think of the amount of people who would all be watching.

“It will be okay.” Ryan said.

“Yeah it’s really not that bad.” Scott added.

“Just think that it’s just us playing video games and no one else is there.” Russ said making it like some kind of little pep talk. You were actually glad that they had said that it made you feel a little better.

“Actually we had better get ready its 10:58.” Ryan said now.

Your heart started to hammer you only had two minutes until the stream started. You opened up your internet browser and clicked onto the stream since it was going to just be Cry playing for the first hour you would just sit and watch and comment when you felt like it was necessary.

Once the stream page loaded you muted it so that it wouldn't eco onto the stream. You then saw the comment box load up. It was already crazy, you knew that it would be since you were an avid watcher of the streams and you would often sit and join the comment section before a stream started. You read some of the comments, some of them were really sweet telling the Crew hi and such and others were just plain creepy. You got a bit annoyed at some people who were asking Cry to sleep with them. It was the first time you had seen any of the fan girls who were madly in love with him; your guess was that they pretty much hated you.

Just as it got to 10:59 Snake joined the chat but didn't speak, he had his microphone muted, you wondered why he didn't speak but he probably just knew that there would be no time to chat now.

Ryan turned around once more from his computer and looked at you. You gave him a tiny smile and looked back down at your laptop. You didn't notice but he quickly got up from his computer and walked over to you. You were a bit surprised when he gave you a quick kiss.

“You’re going to be great.” He said walking back over to his computer.

Once he got back to his screen he clicked the button to make the stream go live. You saw the comments slow right down since the chat was now in subscriber mode. Still a multitude of hellos washed through the comments.

After a few moments Ryan spoke.

“Who’s turn is it to do the intro?” he asked knowing that no one actually knew the answer.
“Um I think you can do it tonight buddy.” Russ said.

“Okay, Well. Welcome to Late Night With Cry And Russ Featuring Scott, Red, Snake, Minx and (Your Nickname).” Ryan spoke in a weird voice.

You felt your heart jump to your throat, you looked to the comments and they literally exploded at the mention of your name. You took a deep breath to calm yourself and shut your eyes. Everyone in the comments was going crazy and you were completely overwhelmed.
“So let’s get on with it shall we.” Ryan said.

He pulled up the game that he would be playing for the first hour and completely ignored the hundreds of questions that he was getting in the comments about us.  Once he got to the start menu  for the game he paused a little as if trying to decided something.
“Before we start playing this why don’t we let (Your Nickname) introduce herself?”
Your eyes opened wide, why had Ryan done this to you? Your breathing started to speed up and you could feel yourself start to panic.



“Okay” Russ, Scott and Minx all answered.

“Well (Your Nickname) the floor is yours.” Ryan said.

You brain went completely dead you didn't have a clue what you should say. What if you said something wrong or didn't say something you should say. You look over at Ryan who gave you an encouraging look. You kept looking over at him as you spoke.  

“Uh… Hi.” You said quietly not really sure what to say looking down at the screen. “I’m (Your Nickname) and I….um…  I like to play video games… and I guess I’m Cry’s girlfriend.” You looked up at Ryan for conformation that you did good. He gave you a nod and a smile and you knew that you had done okay.

“Right now that’s out of the way, let’s do it.” Ryan said in his usual video game playing voice.

For a while you were really on edge and you kept pretty quiet and just watched as Cry played the game you made a couple of comments and answered when people spoke to you but other than that you were just too shy to talk.

Once the hour was up you were going to be switching the games. You were going to be playing CS:GO which was a game that you were pretty good at. You opened up the game on your laptop so that you would be ready for the game change. Once everyone was ready you began to play the game. A few other people also joined the game so that the teams would be even and then you started to get into the match. You felt yourself relax when you started to play the game and you started to talk a lot more especially when someone shot you.  You really were starting to enjoy yourself it was just like Minx had said, once you had calmed down and gotten used to what you were doing you really did start to enjoy yourself.

The rest of the night carried on in the same way you became more and more relaxed and started to talk much more and even made a few jokes and despite the minor technical hitch in the middle of the stream it really couldn't have gone better for you.
It was 6:00am and you were still doing the wind down game most people had gone and it was just You, Cry, Minx and Krism left in the call.  You guys were just chatting now and you didn't really care about the amount of people who were watching the stream. You were so glad that Ryan had talked you into doing this because it really had be so much fun and you hoped that you would get to do it again.

Eventually everyone was tired and it was time to end the stream. You all said goodbye and Ryan clicked the button to turn the stream to offline. Once the stream was down he shut down the page and pulled up his Skype.

“So (Your Nickname) how was your first stream?” Minx asked sleepily.

“It was good, once I got over my nerves.” You replied.

“See I told you, you did really well.” She said sounding a little bit proud.  

“Thanks.” You said with a small blush, even though you couldn't see Minx receiving a compliment made you blush.

“Well I better be going guys, I have to edit.”

“Bye Minx.” We all called out.

“Yeah I better be going too.” Krism said.

“Okay, thanks for coming again. See ya Krism.” Ryan replied looking sleepy.

“Bye.” You added.

You realized that with Krism leaving you didn't need to be on Skype anymore so you clicked off it and removed your headphones. You moved the laptop over to one side and lay your head on the desk in front of you shutting your eyes. You head Ryan get up and walk over to where you were sitting. You felt him wrap his arms around your waist and you slowly opened your eyes and lifted your head off the desk.  

“You did so well tonight, you’re a natural.” He whispered into your ear.

“You think so?” You asked a little skeptically.

“I do, in fact I think that you should stream with us all the time.” He said giving you a tight squeeze

“What?” You asked a little confused.

“You should stream with us every week, everyone really liked you and its way more fun to have someone in the room to stream with.”  

“Uh well I guess I could, only if you want me to though. I don’t want to intrude.” You said not really sure if he was just trying to spare your feelings.

“Then its settled, you are officially part of the crew.” He said, you could imagine the grin that had now lit up his face.

You turned your hear so that you could see Ryan and gave him a quick peck. You let out a little yawn and rested your head against his.

“Time for bed.” He asked.

“I think so.” You said barely above a whisper.

You slowly got up and dove into Ryan’s bed, you felt him crawl in beside you and wrap an arm around your waist and quickly drifted off with a contented sigh.
Yeah part 10!!! We are so near the end of this now guys
Next Part:…
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Disclaimer: I do not own Cry, Russ, Scott, Red, Minx, Snake, Krism or You. This is all fictional and I am not implying that this is real in any way.
The story belongs to me please do no re upload anywhere else.
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You're in your bedroom at eleven o'clock at night watching Pewdiepie play the final few episodes of The Walking Dead, save for the very last, which was rumored to be out tonight.  You've been waiting for forever to see these, and are getting so into it, when suddenly you hear an irritated voice shout, "[f/n], turn off that damn computer already!  That voice is driving me insane!"  You groan, as you're almost finished with one of the videos.  

"Can't I just have a few more minutes?" You plead.  No such luck is coming your way at the moment.  Your mother barges in, hissing at you, "I told you to turn it off!  It's giving me a headache!"

"But Mom!  There are just four more minutes!" You whine.  And then comes the slap.  You don't even feel her hand connect with your cheek, as you go numb immediately.  Your [e/c] eyes dim as you glare up at her.

You simply say, "I'm done."

"What does that mean?" Your mother scoffs.

"It means that I'm not taking this anymore!  I am nineteen years old, dammit!  I'm leaving!" You growl.  

"Oh?  And where will you stay?  How will you possibly be able to find an apartment that's as close to your college as here that you can afford?"  Your dad walks in right as your mother asks this.  

"Now, now.  What's wrong?" He asks, forever the peace-maker.  

"[m/n] just slapped me.  I'm leaving.  I'm going to find an apartment.  Or I'll stay with [friend's/n], if I have to.  I'm not staying here another minute though."  You start grabbing clothes and personal items and are shoving them into your backpack and single suitcase.

"Come on, [f/n], don't be hasty," your dad says uneasily.  

"I'm not being hasty.  I've been planning on leaving for so long.  Tonight was the last straw," you spit, zipping your bags and hauling them downstairs.  Before your parents can say another word, you have your [c/c] coat in your hand, and the door is slamming behind you.  

~le time skip~

You sigh, aimlessly walking down the sidewalk, not quite knowing where to go.  Finally, giving up on thinking of people who wouldn't just bring you straight back home, you plunk down on a cold metal bench next to the McDonald's.

'At least I still have Pewdie to fall back on,' you think as you pull your iPod out of your pocket and turn on Youtube, resuming where you left off at home.  

"Hahaha, how's it goin' bros?" Comes the familiar voice out of your small device, causing you to smile as you huddle over trying to keep warm in the freezing weather.  You watch the remaining available videos, and then, right when you're going to figure out something else to do, some goofball just coming out of the McDonald's trips, almost dropping his soda, and then says, "Oops, sorry Mr. Plant," before chuckling.  You're about to go back to your own business, when you double-take.  'Wait…  Mr. Plant?  That slight accent…  His odd laugh…'  You turn off your iPod quickly and look up, right as this man is about to walk past you, and you look closely at his scruffy dirty blonde hair, his slight whiskers, a scarf around his neck instead of the green headphones.  It's him…  It's the Pewdiepie.  

Before you even think to stop yourself, you quietly call out, "Felix?  Pewdie?"  He stops a few feet away from you, and turns around.

"Hmm?  I'm sorry, do I know you?" He asks politely.  

"Oh… Um, no… I'm sorry, I don't know what came over me just then," you laugh nervously.  

"But you know me…"  A smile lights up his face, as he says, "How's it goin', bro?"  You grin back, before your smile falters.  He notices, and suddenly his expression changes to concern.  

"Are you alright, um…?" He asks, sitting next to you.  

Not sure how to answer, you just stupidly say, "Um… Um…  [f/n].  [f/n] [l/n]."

"Alright, what's wrong, then, [f/n]?"  

After a moment's hesitation, you mumble, "I basically just ran away from home…  I don't have anywhere to stay…"  

"Well…  Y-you could stay at my house for tonight… If you want, of course," the Swedish man stammers.

"Oh no no, I don't want to be a burden!" You exclaim, as another fit of shivers overtakes you.

Becoming bolder, he wraps his own scarf around your neck, saying, "It wouldn't be a burden… and really, I can't just leave you out here on your own… You're a young girl alone on a bench at midnight in winter next to a McDonald's… So many things could go wrong in this situation!"  

"I… I guess if you put it that way," you mumble.  

Taking your suitcase, he says, "Cool, follow me, then."  He drives you to his house and lets you in, turning on the lights.  But then, when he sees your face in the light, he gasps.

"Oh my God…  What happened to you?" Pewdiepie gasps.  

"Urm… my mom slapped me…" You say.  Now that your attention is on that, your cheek starts getting tingly, letting you know that it's finally going to start stinging.  And it does.  The pain basically hits you out of nowhere, the most delayed reaction in the history of ever, no doubt, and you suck in a breath.  Again, this doesn't go unnoticed.  

"Let me help you with that, [f/n]," Pewdie says, leading you to the bathroom.  "Now wait here."  You do as you're told, sitting down on the bathroom counter, before he returns with a washcloth and some ice.  First, he gently prods at it, earning a wince from you.  
"Sorry, sorry," he whispers while getting the washcloth a bit wet.  Next, he carefully dabs at your cheek, the cool water that drips from the cloth and down your face helping a bit.  Then he puts the ice in the cloth and holds it to your cheek.  You feel such relief, and let out a contented sigh.  

"Okay, just hold that there and the swelling and pain should go away soon," he says kindly.  He than begins showing you where the guest bedroom and kitchen and "game room" are.  

"Um… so [f/n], I was going to be filming another episode of The Walking Dead tonight, if you want to watch right here…  Well, I actually already started on it, but spilled my soda and went to get another…  So whad'ya say?"  You eagerly nod, and Pewdie chuckles before you settle down on the couch, and him in a chair in front of the computer.  That doesn't last for long though.  

"[f/n], how about you sit here next to me?  You can help me figure out what my game plan should be!"  How could you possibly turn down that offer?  So you and him squish next to each other on the small chair.  He re-starts the video, and introduces you with him, as his new-found friend, [f/n].  When he starts, there's so much banter and sassing going on between the two of you, but as you go through the game, though, it becomes more and more sad.  Pewds makes it to a point where Lee tells Clem that she's going to have to shoot him, and you start tearing up.  And then, later in the game, she does.  You lose it.  Tears are streaming down your face, you're sniffling, and you hide your face in your hands.  Felix takes one look at you and then he's a total goner too.  He ends up bending over, not wanting his bros to see him like that.  

At the very end of the video, Pewdie is apologizing, when suddenly he says brightly, "Well, at least I had my new friend [f/n] here to cheer me up!"  And that's when he plants a gentle kiss on your now almost-back-to-normal cheek.  The video was in fact put up that night, and no piece of that ending was cut out.  So now, every time Felix is away from you, you have proof that your meeting at midnight isn't fake… It truly did happen.  Felix truly is yours, all yours.
Well everyone... this is my first ever reader insert, so I'm sorry if it's too long, or not long enough, or sounds weird ^^; I would love it if you would give me some constructive criticism, but please, please don't be rude! :hug:

Part 2: [link]
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"Man, you suck at this," he says with a chuckle.

"Well, you can hardly blame me… it's my first time… it's scary," you pout.  When you lose the game for about the millionth time though, cringing as the Grudge girl grabs your character's arm again, your boyfriend of two years gets up off of the couch and settles down behind you.  His legs rest on either side of yours, and his arms slide around you, loosely wrapping around your shoulders.  You attempt to start the game over again, but sweet nothings being whispered into your ear distract you.  You die for the thirty-second time.

"Felix," you whine, "stop it!"

"Hmm…" He thinks as you twist around slightly to look at him.  Stroking his chin, he says, "I'd love to, really I would [y/n], but that's just not going to work out… Unless, of course, you let me help you pass this level."  You could use a bit of help (understatement of the year!) passing the level.

"Fine," you sigh, not having much choice if you even want a chance to advance.

"Yes!" He hisses through his teeth before scooting forward even farther, until he's flush against your back, and his hands are covering yours on the small controller.  You press 'retry' and then Felix takes over, pushing your fingers down on the correct buttons.

At first your fingers seem to be dead set against letting him do all the work, but eventually you're (he's) winning the game!  You let out a little cheer as your character finds more batteries, but cringe again when the girl drops down out of nowhere and starts crawling after your character.  Pewds freaks out even worse than you, though; he squeals like a little girl and pauses the game, his cheeks flushing light pink when you start laughing at him.  He looks away for a moment but then his face lights up, and he clears his throat, saying, "Uhm, [y/n], I have something that I really need to ask you."

You lean back on his chest, asking, "Oh yeah?  What is it?"  His hand pulls off of yours, fumbling around in his pocket, before he says softly, "I know that we may not have been dating for the longest time, but I just need to know that you're going to be the woman I spend the rest of my life with; will you do me the honor of becoming Mrs. [f/n] [m/n] Kjellberg?"

You twist around in his arms completely, until you're kneeling between his legs, mouth agape before you squeal, "Oh Felix, nothing on earth would make me happier!"  He pulls you down into his arms, exclaiming, "I am so happy that I was recording; now the whole world can see how I totally kick your ass at Ju-On!"  You raise an eyebrow at him, and he chuckles nervously, "Kidding, kidding…"

"That's better," you giggle, pecking his nose, as you envision your perfectly beautiful wedding with your perfectly everything fiancee.
So I finally finished this last night... I really hope you guys like it ^.^

Part 1: [link]
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“Robert is taking me this weekend!” said Miss Morgan that Monday. Some of the teachers were eating lunch in the teacher lounge when ___________ entered to grab her mug for some tea. She poured the water in the electric kettle and waited while the woman regaled her story about her fiancé.

“I thought it was sold out,” said Mrs. Ramirez

“Nope, then again my baby knows how to pull strings, I can’t wait to see it! I heard the Russian ballet was gorgeous,”

“What are you going to see?”

“Bolshoi something, aren’t all ballets the same?”

“No it’s not,” said Miss Burgan walking in, “Bolshoi is the ballet company it’s coming from,”

“Well of course a Brit would know,”

“At least I don’t pretend I know what I’m talking about,”

“Humph, just because you and Miss Master’s degree over there know stuff doesn’t me you can’t flaunt it,”

“I don’t see how I got roped into the conversation,” said _______________ pouring the hot water into her cup, “Especially since I wasn’t really paying attention,”

“You know what; it’s about the ballet this weekend,”

“Oh Onegin,”

“HA! It’s Bolshoi!”

“Bolshoi is the COMPANY,” said Miss Burgan even more annoyed, “Onegin is the name of the ballet,”

“What is it about?”

“Wiki it, I’m sure that’ll be the only way for you to impress you fiancé,” __________ snorts and left before things got out of hand. The weather was gloomy today and it started to drizzle so everyone ate lunch inside. The boys didn’t mind. They enjoyed it. When it rained, they did nothing but eat popcorn and tell scary stories. So far, Alfred, Kuro, Matthew, Edgar, and Ivan were the reigning champions. Artie was often scared and clung to Francis. Lutz would pretend he wasn’t but sat closer to Edgar just in case, and Lovi would hide behind Antonio with Feli on the other side, with him pretending not to be scared.

“Miss ___________’s turn!” said Artie grinning.

“No guys. Trust me; you don’t want to hear a ghost story from me,”

“Don’t be a chicken!” said Lutz.

“I’m not, I’m not giving you guys a—,”

“Bawk, Bawk, Bawk!” said Lovi. They laughed. Francis slides over the flashlight. They smirked with anticipation. They threw the large blanket over them. ____________ turned on the flashlight.

“Okay…it was a dark and stormy day…just like today. A young boy was walking home from school wearing nothing but his raincoat and rain boots. As he walked home, he spied something very strange in his path, a little girl, about his age. She was crying and sobbing and the little boy took pity on her and asked “Why are you crying?” “I lost my ball,” said the little girl, “Can you help me find it?” the little boy nodded, thinking what harm could it do? The little girl took his hand. It was cold…as a block of ice. She led him into the woods nearby. The little boy immediately felt that something was wrong; there weren’t any woods where he lived, how was this girl able to take him to the woods? But it was too late. The damage was already done. The boy went to turn back but as soon as he broke his sight from the little girl, she was gone. The poor boy started to panic. Where was he? What was going on? He backed into a tree. A fatal decision. The branches wrapped around his tiny little frame and lifted him up into the darkness above. The only sounds that echoed through the night were that ripping and tearing as though someone was eating. All that was found of the little boy was nothing but his torn, ripped, little raincoat and his gnawed rain boots…No one around the area has seen or heard the little girl again. But they say that when the days became like this, she always comes back, looking for her next victim to lure into woods…”

The boys sat in stunned silence. Alfred laughed.

“C-Come on Teach, you couldn’t come up with something better?”

“Y-Yeah! I mean it wasn’t that scary,” said Kuro.

“Man-eating trees, funny,” said Matthew. They removed the blanket just as the lighting struck, hitting off a figure in the shadows. The boys screamed and hid under the blanket behind __________, who was shaken herself. She flashed the light revealing Mikhail Braginski looking at her. She got up.

“Oh, Mr. Braginski, what a pleasant surprise! May I help you?”

“I would like a work outside,” she nodded and joined him outside the classroom. The screams alerted the other teachers. She explained that they were playing a game and apologized to them. She then turned to Mikhail.

“Sorry about that, may I help you?”

“Actually…I was wondering, if you were busy this weekend. I have an extra ticket to the ballet and I wanted to thank you for your hard work,”

“Oh umm sure!” she said smiling at him.

“Good, I’ll pick you up at six,” he left the building swiftly and quietly. She waited a few moments before she returned to class. The boys still looked frightened beyond reason. She smirked.

“Boys, you need to learn to always have a clear head when you’re scary situations like that. See? I’m cool as a cucumber,” she said took her bottled water from the desk and drank heavily from it. The boys sniggered then full blown laughed, “What’s so funny?”

“Yeah Teach, you’re sooooo calm,” said Lutz laughing.

“Soooo calm that you just drank half a bottle of vinegar,” She stared at the bottle. The boys were laughing hard. She sighs. So much for being calm.

“Okay, free play until I get some more vinegar from the teacher’s lounge,” ___________ went back into the teacher’s lounge looking for some more vinegar for their little chemistry experiment. She went to the door.

“That’s the second parent coming to see her during school hours,”

“I know right? First Roma Vargas and now Braginski, what do you think is going on?”

“I’ll tell you what, I bet she’s a gold digger, think about it? She’s barely out of college, so she claims and have a house? I’m still living in an apartment,”

“Must be nice to have a man around to pay for anything, she’s not much to look at,”

“As long as she’s good in bed nothing else manners, I saw her and Roma leaving that Italian restaurant a few nights ago heading towards his villa,”

“I heard his villa blew up. Think she had anything to do with it?”

“Bet you she did while trying to cook, then again, usually the ugly ones can,” ___________ glared. She was clutching her fist hard. Who the fuck did those bitches think they are?! She wonder if she could cut them but hiding a body on school premises would scar some of the children for life. She shook her head from her thoughts. No….she was bigger than that…She opened the door to Mrs. Ramirez and Miss Morgan. Miss Morgan smiled

“We were just talking about you, sweetie,”

“Oh, okay,”

“So, what did Mr. Braginski want?”

“I don’t think that’s any of your business Miss Morgan,”

“No need to be touchy, I just wanted to know as a respected colleague,”

“Colleague yes, respected, hardly and what goes on in my personal life is none of your business,”

“Well, I guess if I was your age and in your predicament, I’d try to bag me a rich hubby too,”

“Don’t put me on the same level as you,” ___________ grabbed the vinegar, “Ladies,” she left the room. She didn’t realize that she squeezing the bottle hard. She loosened her grip, takes a deep breath and rejoined her class.  

“Wow…Teach has some killer legs,” said Antonio looking at __________ putting on the finishing touches of her outfit, “Look at them, they’re gorgeous,”

“And a nice ass,” said Lutz, “Especially in that dress,”

“I wonder if she wears a corset,” said Kuro.

“That’s a gorgeous dress!” said Lovi grinning. They were waiting for Mikhail to pick her up so they could follow them to the theater, somewhere they didn’t know where. She finished doing her hair when the bell rang. She opened it. Mikhail was standing at the door with a stern look and flowers.

“For me?”

“Da,” she smiled and brought the flowers into the house and puts them in a vase. She returned shortly to take him. The boys loaded into Toni’s case and they followed through close pursuit. The pair arrived at the theater an hour before the performance. They had to travel to the next town over because the theater was bigger. Ivan, Francis, and Artie arrived ages ago. Artie’s mother had tickets and they were go, but Ivan was stowaway, pretending to be asleep at Eoin’s house as a favor. Francis kept an eye on the door and alerted them when Miss _________ and Mikhail entered the theater.  

“Actually I’ve never read Onegin, I’ve seen the movie though,” said ____________

“The ballet is better. Have you been to many?”

“In my younger years but I try to see the Nutcracker every year,”

“Oh, you’re a Tchaikovsky fan?”

“Pretty much, mainly because he’s the only one I actually know,” Mikhail chuckled.

“At least you’re honest. Have you seen Swan Lake?”

“Yep and Sleeping Beauty! Those were my favorites growing up with my grandma,”

“Those were nice; I’ve been looking for a ballet partner. Would you like to accompany me in the future?”


“They’re hitting it off!” said Toni looking behind the pillar, “it’s disgusting,”

“Ballet partners?! Adults are weird!” said Kuro, “Then again, Papa likes going to Kabuki,”

“What’s Kabuki?”

“Japanese stage plays were men dressed like women act and dance! It’s boring!”

“Do you think we’ll be like than when we’re older?” said Lovi

“I hope not. I know I’m gonna to be cool,” said Lutz. The pair walked into the theater. The performance went very well. For a bunch kindergartners however, it was torture. Toni fell asleep, Lutz and Kuro played cards, and Lovi was watching it with interest. Soon it was intermission. Mikhail and __________ went for some intermission drinks. Mikhail ordered vodka and she order some tea. They made a little bit of small talk. While the adults talked, Kuro snaked behind the bar area and poured a liquid into Mikhail’s drink this should liven things up a bit. The waiter served them their drinks. Mikhail downed his fast. ___________ gingerly sipped her tea.

“How do you like it so far?”

“It’s amazing! I can’t wait to see the soul shattering ending because Onegin is such a jerk, even in ballet form,”

“Da, he’s a man you’d love to hate,”

“I like the history tied to the times of that era. It’s sad when you think about it,”

“But the man is a cynic for no reason,”

“True, then again—,” suddenly, something spilt all over ________. She jumped up and saw red wine all over her dress.  

“Oops!” Miss Morgan covered her mouth with a secret smirk on her face and attempted to wipe her dress but was actually rubbing and spreading the stain, “I’m sorry sweetie! Was that new?”

“Brand new,” said ______________ icily.

“Sorry, red wine is very difficult to get out!” She excused herself and went to the bathroom. She stared. The stain was huge and noticeable. She sighed and turned on the cold water to try and get it out. The door opened again. Before she could say something, her dress was splashed again with white wine all over the stain.

“Here, stay under this,” she looked up. Mrs. Kirkland turned on the hand dryer and dabbed her dress while it was drying. Soon, the stain was gone. ___________ stared at it in the mirror.

“Wow…thanks Mrs.—,”

“Britannia and you’re welcome,”

“How did you—,”

“When you’ve raised four boys, you pick up a few things and you’re more forgiving than I would have been. Poor dear’s eyes would have been clawed out. Mikhail is waiting and the performance is starting soon. Go on,” She nodded and ran to her seat. Britannia washed her hands and straightened herself up before leaving as well.

“You cleaned your dress,”

“Yes…Mrs. Kirkland did it for me actually,”

“Wow…I can’t tell it was even there. Are you enjoying the performance?”

“Yes! It was amazing! And the storyline is better than the movie,”

“Told you,” he smiled at her, “Listen…I have a confession to make, the reason I invited you here tonight is because…I didn’t want to be alone this weekend. It marked a very sad moment in my life and I didn’t wish to be alone, you understand, right?”

“Of course!” soon the curtains were drawn again.

“Ugh, I don’t see why adult like the ballet! It’s SOOOOOOO boring,” said Lutz.

“I loved it!” said Lovi grinning, “Can I finish looking at it?!”

“After you finish tying the knots,” said Toni, “I’m just glad I don’t have to sit through that boring junk anymore,”

“I thought we were supposed to be keeping Mr. Braginski away from her,” said Kuro, “Though I’m loving this activity even more,”

“That’s because Mr. Braginski used the most evil torture methods known to man to make sure we didn’t interfere,” said Lutz, “No boy in their right minds unless it’s Artie or Lovi could stay awake during the ballet. Besides, NO ONE ruins the date but us and Miss Morgan trudged in on our territory,”

“It’s not that bad,” said Ivan filling a syringe with a strange liquid. He tapped it and lets the air out of it, “I wish Papa would have let me go,”

“Still, unforgivable,” said Toni, “Come on, help me load this bitch into the truck,” Miss Morgan was bound and gagged and dragged out of the theater. After the little side remarks and sabotaging, the boys figured that they had bigger fish to fry.

“We’ll meet back here later, Lovi, keep an eye on things,” Miss Morgan stared wide eyed at the children. Ivan lifted her sleeve and injected something into her arm. Her vision started blur as she blacked out.

“So…where do we send her?” said Lutz.

“I say bury her alive,” said Ivan, “In a place no one could find her,”

“No…I say we strap rock to her ankles and shove her into the river,” said Kuro.

“Too messy…ooh I know,” they looked at him, “Remember Miss Agnes? There,” the boys grinned evilly and drove off.  The performance ended. Lovi applauded and asked for an encore. Francis managed to wake up to Artie sobbing heavily from the ending.

“That man was a jerk! He reminded me so much of you Francis!”

“What’s that suppose to mean?”

“He was an arrogant, selfish person! Oh Francis!” Artie hugged him, “Please don’t mean like him someday!”

“Get off me!”

“It’s already starting!” Because they were so good, Britannia treated the boys to treats at a little café. Francis and Artie ate their fill and noticed. Mikhail and ___________  had left the theater and decided to continue their evening with vodka at a local bar across from their café. They watched as the adults talked and drank vodka. Within an hour, ___________ was slumped on the table.

“Too…much…vodka…” Mikhail gently loaded her into his car. He strapped her in securely and drove off. The boys looked on.

“What’s the matter with her?” said Francis, “Doesn’t she know how to pace herself?”

“Poor Teacher! She’s going to be sick tomorrow,” said Artie looking on.

“Not really, all she needs is coffee and Soupe à l’oignon,”

“What’s that?”

“Onion soup, trust me, it’ll sober her up,”

“Wow…how do you know all of this, Franny?”

“I make it for Papa every other weekend,”

“Oh… maybe we should make some more her,”

“I’ll make it and sneak it into her fridge. She’s going to need it,”

“Is it safe to have her go with Ivan’s Papa?”

“He’s not going to hurt her unlike that horny Italian,”

“This is so good!”  _____________ was munching on the assortment of sweets at Mikhail’s home. After the bar incident, he felt terrible about literally drinking her into a semi stupor and decided to have her rest at his place. She was starting to feel better and hate to soak up the alcohol, “How did you know I had a sweet tooth?”

“Just a guess,” he said, “And I figured since I liquored you up, you could sleep it off here,”

“I’m feeling a lot better now,” she said laughing.

“You’re a lightweight when it comes to vodka,”

“Russian vodka is strong!” he chuckled and brewed some coffee.

“How do you take it?”

“(whatever you like in your coffee),”  

“Da,” he came back a few moments later with a large cup. She drinks it gratefully. Mikhail kept staring at her. Toni, Lutz, and Kuro stared through the window.

“Why is he staring at her like that?!” said Toni, “The fuck does he think he is?”

“I don’t know but he could be losing it soon, I put enough inducer to make him sick for days,”

“When is it going to kick in?”

“Soon, it’s slow reacting,” ______________ looked up and noticed his looks.

“What’s the matter?”

“Sorry. You remind me of someone I knew,”

“Knew? What do you mean?”

“It’s a long story,”

“I have all night,” he looked at her. She looked at him expectantly.

“I’ve seen a lot in my line of work and there was a sight I would never forget. I was working on something in Canada and let’s just say I was careless and found myself trapped in rubble. I was buried under piles and piles of stones and debris. I was slowly slipping out of consciousness. I was about to succumb to my injuries when I heard someone yelling for help. I listened and crawled towards that voice. However, I couldn’t get any further because there was a pile of stones in my path. There was woman on the other side of the wall. She kept crying for help but to no avail. I told her to reserve her strength. I could tell the poor thing was distressed but I knew she couldn’t panic so, I kept talking. We talked for hours, keeping the other conscious. Suddenly I could hear her faltering. She was losing air. I knew I had to get her out. She was so young. I didn’t want her to die. When I saw that they were digging me out, I clawed my way to the other side of the wall and made an opening. I saw that she lost consciousness. I pulled her out just as the rescuers got me. I can barely remember her face but I will always remember when her eyes fluttered open once air entered her lungs and smiled at me with gratitude. We were taken to separate hospitals and I never saw her since. I’ve always wondered what happened to her to this day,” _____________ was silent. She stared into her coffee and took a sip.

“The Halifax Explosion,”


“It was the Halifax Explosion, right? Of all of the one hundred guests, ten survived, right?”


“Only two women survived, one of the heiress to a multi-million company and the other was of unknown origin,”

“Da,” tears welded in her eyes.

“She was wearing a blue dress, right?” Mikhail looked at her. Tears poured freely from her eyes. Mikhail squeezed her hand.

“I’m not going to ask why you were there but I just wanted to let you know…you saved me that day too. I was nearly out until I heard you yelling for help. You kept me conscious until I was able to send the signal,” she hugged him tightly. He hugged her back. Ivan stared and smiled. He didn’t know what was going on but they seemed so happy right now.  Suddenly, Mikhail felt sick, really sick. He excused himself and ran to the bathroom. ___________ winced as he threw up. He didn’t stop for a good half an hour and didn’t look like he was going to ease up any time soon. He finally okay enough, to wish her goodbye and order a ride home, “We can talk more later,”

“I’d like that,” he closed the door and went back to being sick. Once she went back home, she felt ill herself and decided to turn in. The pass two weeks has been very emotional for her. She couldn’t help but smile. She never forgot that day. She clutched his pillow and slowly drifted off to sleep. Meanwhile, the kids looked at the house and grinned to themselves.

“Another date down,” said Francis grinning, “I guess he’s okay, he didn’t try to take advantage of her while she was drunk,”

“He’s a gentleman! And of course he’s nice! He’s Ivan’s dad!” said Artie.

“I feel kind of bad for making him sick,” said Lutz. Francis frowns. He hated that German bastard being near Artie. Artie grinned.

“Lutz, where's Kuro and Toni?”

“Finishing off Miss Morgan,”

“Oh okay but remember, we can’t kill her,”

“We know. We're doing a Miss Agnes on her,” Francis leers at him.

"Shh!" he covered Artie's ears, "You dummy you can't tell Artie what we did!"

"I know, I know well, he'll know Monday right?"

"Guys I can hear!" Artie said flailing.  

“Hey…when you’re out of the game…where would you go?”

“Probably back to Moscow when I’m from. I miss it there, then again, I don’t miss the cold so I’ll probably retire someplace warm. You?”

“Probably to a small town where no one knows me,”


“Meh, I never liked the city and I think I would rather be in a place where everyone is down to earth,” there was silence for awhile. He spoke again.

“I know it’s not my business but…get out of this type of life. The money is good, yes but it really takes a toll on you and many don’t live to see early retirement,” she was silent for awhile, “You stick out too much, to someone as seasoned as me, I was to spot you within hours,”

“I know…but I can’t leave now. All I hope right now is to complete my mission and get out of here alive,”

“What was your mission?”

“Assassination, at least the body was buried,”

“Just be careful in the future. I wouldn’t want to see someone so young in a casket,” she giggled. He smiled. At least her spirits were getting brighter.

“You sound around my age! Don’t worry…I’ll be okay! I promise,”

“I’ll hold you to it…”
Another date done n,n! Okay guys, I have three more dates to go but I think I can get them done during the loooong weekend, seriously, V-day and then President's Day (USA) so I have a day off so if you guys don't mind I'm going to use it to rest and finish these fics for you all. I'm sorry I couldn't get them out faster but it's just been so much lately including washing a lot of things that got ruined >< We also have a few things about Teacher-chan's past in this fic and some idea what type of person Mikhail is. Mikhail is Kievan Rus, the father of Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus. After this little series I think I'll take a mini break so I can take a writer's break if you don't mind ^^ Kitsune-chan needs to rest ;-; Any who, enjoy and forgive the mistakes! 

I don't own you or Hetalia!
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Kuro stalked Miss _________ for weeks now to pinpoint her life every Saturday. Every Saturday she went to the local Farmer’s Market to pick up a few things. She would take her scooter there if the weather wasn’t so cold, if not, she would take her car but it was almost always that scooter. She would arrive at ten sharp, get a few things, talk with the vendors and left no later than noon.  From there she would go home, do some spring cleaning, do (favorite activity), and head to bed. Kuro was elated. His Papa went to the same market but at noon. So that meant he had to make sure that his Papa and she would be at the market at the same time. He waited the week to make his moves. Miss ___________ was in good spirits that entire week. She gave them extra treats, didn’t mind their pranks on the older students and even covered up a crime or two.

“I wonder if she knows about the villa?” said Artie

“Of course she does, she was there,” said Matthew grinning.

“I mean if we did it,”

“Doubt it,” said Francis eating cookies with Nutella.

“You ass hats!” said Feli glaring at them, “We’re nearly homeless! Thank god Nonno has a summer villa! He’s staying there while the other is getting fixed and we have to stay with boring Mrs. Fielding!”

“Hey! I like her!” said Lovi, “She has a lot of these awesome vintage clothes! I bet I can make them modern,”

“I swear you’re a fuckin’ woman!”

“Love you too!”

“Well, there’s no dates this week,” said Francis grinning, “So I guess we can all rest for the week,”

“I hate you all,” said Feli.

“Your Nonno was trying to get into her panties!” said Ivan, “She doesn’t need some geezer after her!”

“He’s not a geezer!”

“Yeah and I’m a woman,” said Edgar, “He was trying to get her drunk and tried stealing kisses! What kind of a woman did he think she was?!”

“Gross Nonno!” said Lovi wincing.

“And I’m sure she didn’t want his slimy tongue down her throat, aru,” said Yao

“And he probably looks like an old rug when he’s naked, and hairy!” said Francis, “I hope he shaves!”

“Stop talking about my Nonno!”

____________ woke up that Saturday to start her weekend. She didn’t have to worry about spring cleaning, her home wasn’t a mess but she had to pick vegetables for her stew tomorrow. She got up, fed the dog, cat, and birds. She then went outside to the garage and saw that her tires were flat. She sighed and wondering how could that have happened. She decided to take her car, which was parked in the driveway and those were flat too. She glared. The only other thing she had was her bicycle. She climbed on and took off. She would deal with this later. Thankfully the bike ride was no more than fifteen minutes but it knocked it off schedule a good while. Then the roads happened. There was an accident and it took her out of the way long enough to cause another half an hour for her commute. She parked her bike on the rack and locked it. She looked at her watch, it was eleven. She sighed and started shopping. It took her normal hours and soon she was on her way back. She went to her bike and saw that the lock had been picked and it was tossed into the street and mangled. She stared. Are you kidding me?! She ran into the street to pick up the frame and such.

“Sensei?” she looked up. Katsuo was staring at her from his car, “I thought that was you,”

“Hi,” she said a bit embarrassed. He looked at her state grinned, “When I’m done, I’ll give you a lift,”

“That would be awesome!” she tagged along with him for the next hour until it was time to go.

“You look hungry, I was going to make shabut-shabu tonight, would you like to join me?”

“I don’t want to intrude,”

“No trouble at all, please come join me,” she nodded, “And food always makes me feel better,”

“Me too, usually it’s sweets,”

“Typical woman,”


“I can’t say anything, I don’t think I can live without that bakery in town,” they laughed again and headed to his place. Kuro looked on from a vendor stall. His plan worked! No one knew that Sensei was going to be at Farmer’s Market and no one could ruin this date…so he thought. Alfred was leering at Kuro the moment he stepped into the outdoor market with his mom. While she shopped, he stalked. He saw him taking Miss ________'s bike and throwing it into street, he saw him throw something at his father’s car to get him to stop and pick up Miss __________. They little Japanese asshole was not going to get away with this!

“Mom, can I go play with Kuro? Pleeeeease?” Kaya looked down at him. She smiled.

“Have fun and I want you home by dark,”  

Katsuo lived in a beautiful Japanese style home. It had a beautiful pathway, architecture that reminded her of the old samurai movies she loved, and even inside looked like it was out of a samurai novel. She helped him carry everything inside. Kuro in the meantime, hitched a ride with Yao’s mom home with Alfred, stowed away in the trunk. Soon they made it and were within walking distance to the house. Kuro and Yao watched from the windows and Alfred stalked around to make his way into the house and make his move. After they put everything away, Katsuo decided to relax with some tea. He poured her a cup and then himself. He was a handsome man with crimson eyes and dark hair.

“So, how are things?” he asked.

“Not bad, can’t complain,” she said smiling, “Just a strange day is all,”

“It happens. How do you like the town?”

“I love it! I can’t believe places like this exist. It’s so small and intimate. I feel like I can never really leave,”

“Your grandmother used to live here right?”

“Yeah, right after she retired from her job, she missed the city too much though. I’d rather be a small town kid,”  

“Retire you say? What did she used to do?”

“Oh just cleaning, she was good at cleaning and made a nice little profit and business with it. But it started to become difficult because of the customers so she just retired,” she said smiling. Her hands started to shake though. She tried to steady herself. Katsuo said nothing for a few more moments.

“So tell me…when you finally retire from cleaning?” __________ stopped. He looked at her intently. She slowly sipped her tea.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,”

“I hadn’t insulted your intelligence since you’ve arrived here and I don’t expect you to do the same, Sensei-chan,” she sighs.

“How did you figure me out?”

“It took me a little awhile. The fact that you weren’t fazed when in the very least when your classroom exploded your first week here, I knew you’ve seen or been around it enough. I didn’t want to believe it at first. Not many in our line of work actually took early retirement. Good call in my opinion and I know it’s not my business but what made you?”

“The fact that I can never show my face in South America every again without being killed on the spot,”

“I know the feeling; I still have people after me for shit I’m done when I was still a shatei,”

“And at the time, I thought I was fuckin’ invincible, I can take out whoever I wanted, whenever I wanted without repercussions. Now I regret it. I will have to deal with the demons of the past for the rest of my life,”

“Never met a neurotic mercenary before. I have to admit, you blend in pretty well here,”

“Trust me; it’s harder than it looks. It’s so difficult for me to think and adjust to a normal civilian. When I was younger, I would have gutted those teachers like it was nothing. I’m taking it one day at a time,”

“Yet you’re a kindergarten teacher, talk about blending,” ___________ smiled and pours herself another cup of tea.

“I’ve been in the ins and outs of basic training and those little scamps still manage to one up me from time to time,”

“Still doesn’t explain why you want to be a kindergarten teacher,” Katsuo looked at her attentively.

“I can’t say. When I was a child I wanted to be a teacher but then Grandma retired and when she did, it was my responsibility to pick up her work. And even though I did what I did, I saw myself teaching more than cleaning. I love teaching, it’s fun and whenever I’m with those kids, for a few moments, I forget about my past. I’m not bored when I’m with them so the temptation of going back to old life doesn’t come up. I’m in a normal school, in a normal life, and I want it to stay that way, if you don’t mind,”

“You’re a great teacher and as long as you’re doing what you love and not in eminent danger, your secret is safe with me. I know how it feels to try and rebuild your life, though I do slip back into the game from time to time,”

“With business trips?”

“Smart woman,”

“Kind of figured when Kuro showed me a seppuku,”

“Just because I lead life here normally, it doesn’t mean I don’t have my own secrets like many others, speaking of, how do you know so much?”

“I’ve travelled all over in my line of work, mainly serving families and I’ve picked up a few things so I thought I pass the knowledge on without giving myself away that much,”

“I’m surprised you got hired over those qualifications,”

“I had to fudge a few things to get in. My old employer did the rest. According to everyone who was involved with those underground wars, I’m just a ghost, nothing more than legend,”

“Relax more, it’ll be the only way for you to fit in,” he said smiling at her, “It’ll take some time but you’ll fit in better as a civilian, but have you ever thought about getting back in the game?” she shook her head.

“No, I don’t think I want to turn back into that person I once was those years ago. Besides, I have more of a purpose here,”

“Just don’t let those little brats mess with you too much,”

“Please, without me, that school would have been burnt down ages ago,” Kuro and Yao grinned from the window. They didn’t know what they were talking about but it looked like they were having fun. Alfred however, didn’t like the intimate conversation decided to do something about it. He crept into the house as Katsuo got up and started cooking.

“Have you ever have shabu-shabu?”

“No, frankly it looks rather…gross,”

“That’s the same feeling I got with stew for the first time,” she laughed.

“Want me to help with anything?”

“Sit down, stop trying so hard,” Alfred knew he had to distract them. He looked around the house and saw a vase. He grabbed it, saw Kuro and Yao at the window and threw it at them. It shattered prompting the adults to run to the direction of the sound, making the other two boys scamper away. He runs in and uncorks the bottle and pours it into Katsuo’s tea and ran out the backdoor. The pair appeared moments later. They sat back down again. Soon the shabu-shabu was ready.

“This I pretty good!”

“Glad you like it. You know, you don’t have to punish yourself and do this shit alone,”

“I know but in my line of work, it’s hard to know who I can trust or not,”

“But think about letting your guard down,”

“I have and almost got beamed by an éclair but for some reason it’s been easier to open up to certain people, last week…I just couldn’t,”

“Instinct kicks in,”

“True I just hope they don’t kick in at the wrong time,” he chuckles.

“I would love to see you in action,”

“Trust me, you don’t,” he smirked and sipped his tea.

“Ever keep your training?”

“Nah, I’m not planning on being active any time soon,” Suddenly, there was a low growl. Katsuo held his stomach. He tried drinking more tea to settle it but it went from bad to worst. He moaned and started sweating, “Are you okay?!”

“No-No…I don’t where it’s coming out but it’s coming out!” he dialed a number, “Shota…get over here and take ___________ home and bring me a ginger ale,”

Alfred was laughing his ass off. He never see a man shit his pants before. Kuro thought he was being sneaky about getting Miss ____________ a secret date with his father. No way was that going to happen on HIS watch. Kuro glared daggers at him.

“You bastard! Otousan has explosive diarrhea because of you!”

“My work here is done! That’s what you get for being so fuckin’ sneaky!”

“They liked each other!”

“Too bad!” the boys bickered back and forth as Yao pulled them apart. Back at home, ____________ looked at herself in the mirror. She swore she would be able to live someplace without detection. It’s been a few years since she retired but it wasn’t the same. She wasn’t the same. She couldn’t say she was living a lie because she wasn’t; everything she’s been doing and saying up to now was the truth, just that short chapter in her younger years. Tears rolled down her cheeks. She didn’t want to leave but Katsuo was right. She couldn’t keep it in much longer and pretend it didn’t exist.  

“Why is she crying?” Alfred, Francis, and Artie stared at her through the window. They wanted to make sure she was safe inside her house. They saw that was on the couch looking sad and sobbing heavily.

“I don’t know,” said Artie, “I hope no one hurt her,”

“Miss _________ is tough; nothing should get her down,” the boys looked at her and disappeared. Half an hour later, the doorbell rang. She went to it. She looked outside. On her doorstep was some cookies and ice cream. She stared at it and looked around. She saw a note and opened it.

‘Be happy!’ she noticed that it was typed. She examined it and found that it was safe enough to eat and went back inside, smiling. The boys grinned from away. Now to get her bike fixed…
Running on fumes but another date done! I decided to expand Teacher-chan's backstory a little more, especially since it was brought to my attention that she's too perfect. So I pondered it while I was writing Katsuo's date and I figured he of all people would sense it faster and say something. This is the reason why Teacher-chan knows so much and nothing really fazes her lol but she also makes sure her students are safe and happy. Katsuo is Ancient Japan or Wa, later Yamato. He's tough and was the building blocks of Japanese society today. Any who, enjoy and forgive the mistakes! 

I don't own you or Hetalia. 
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Roma Vargas was one of the most powerful men in town. He was suave, handsome, charming, and available. He owned a few businesses in town, gave to charity, and was dripping with power so it was a shock for him to come to the local school that afternoon. He arrived in a black Armani suit, red dress shirt, and black Italian loafers. Most of the teachers scrambled out to see him. He walked confidently to the office and then made his request. Mrs. Atkins had no problem letting him in. It was lunchtime, meaning the children were scrambling out for lunch. He strode to his grandsons’ classroom and knocked on the door. Miss ___________ opens the door.

“Oh! Hello Mr. Vargas!” the children in the classroom were bustling happily until they heard ‘Vargas’. Then they immediately stopped, “Please give me one moment!” she turned back to her class, “Okay boys time to eat! Line up!” the boys obeyed. Roma started at eleven pairs of eyes glaring daggers at him. Soon, they all walked out single file outside. As soon as the boys were outside, they took up new positions. They all spied from the windows, doors, and air vents. One false move and Roma’s ass was going to be grass. Miss ____________ focused her attention back to Roma.

“Yes Mr. Vargas?”

“Please, call me Roma,”

“Okay, Roma, what do I owe the pleasure?”

“During our last encounter, we started to make plans to have dinner one night and one of the kids were injured,”

“Oh! Yes! He’s fine now!”

“That’s good to hear, let’s celebrate to his good health by having dinner this Friday. Please tell me you’re free, carina,” he gently took her hand, “I want to get to know the teacher who has taken good care of my grandsons,”

“Friday’s great,” she said and politely moved her hands away from him. Then she heard someone growl. She looked around. Probably the wind.

“I’ll pick you up at eight,” she scribbled her address on a card and gives it to him, “Until then, goodbye my dear,” Roma left the classroom and headed back to his car. The boys however, didn’t look pleased.

“I don’t like the way he looks at her, da,” said Ivan looking at the car.

“I’ve always wanted to blow up a Maserati,” said Alfred smirking, “And watch it burn to the ground,”

“With a body preferably in it,” said Matthew. Roma looked up. Nine children were glaring daggers at him from the gate. He smirked at them before driving off. The whole school was in gossip the rest of that day and beyond about Miss __________’s date.

“You shouldn’t go!” said Alfred, “You don’t know anything about him!”

“It’s called Stranger Danger!” said Artie

“He may poison you!” said Ivan

“Or kiss you!” said  Lutz, “And catch cooties!”

“Yeah! I heard those could kill, aru!” said Yao

“Oh boys I’ll be okay!” said Miss _____________, “And it’s not a date, it’s just an outing, that’s it. Don’t worry about it,” they didn’t look too sure. She smiled, “Don’t worry, I’ll be okay, I promise,” they scampered back outside again to make plans for their date this Friday.

“Nonno you have to wear your black suit!” Lovi sat on Roma’s bed Friday night with five suits on the bed. He was his personal consultant when it came to his wardrobe. Tonight he was helping him with his date for Miss _____________, “And that handsome red tie and shirt. Which care are going to bring?”

“Probably the red one,”

“Vee! No know can resist that Nonno! Where are you taking her?”

“To La Farfalla de Seta,”  

“That’s so romantic!”

“And then she’s coming back here for some cannollis and wine,”

“Who’s going to babysit us?” said Feli from the door.

“I asked Mrs. Fielding to watch you two until tomorrow morning,” Feli and Lovi grinned. That means Nonno was planning on spent the whole night with Miss ___________. They were actually excited. Mrs. Fielding was an old housekeeper than Nonno employed years ago. When she retired, Roma got her a place nearby and often had her watch the boys. He loaded them up into his red Maserati and drove them to the door. Mrs. Fielding greeted them at the door. The boys waved goodbye to their Nonno and ran inside, preparing of course to help him later with Miss ________ who will soon be their new Nonna. Mrs. Fielding was a woman in her late sixties but very nimble and very nice. Once inside, she had dinner waiting for them.

“Okay you little devils,” she said smiling, “I have a great evening planned for us, first—,” suddenly, a dart hits the woman’s neck. She staggers a bit before tumbling thankfully onto the couch. Francis walked out of the shadows.

“Hello gentlemen, good of you to join us,” Feli glared.

“Fratello, get Nonno!” Lovi ran to the door only to have it close and locked. Ivan and Lutz were standing in front of it, weapons drawn with rope. Francis took out a syringe.

“Now, we can do this the easy way or the hard way,” Feli took out his knife. Lovi took out a pair of brass knuckles. Before they could move, Ivan and Edgar grabbed them and restrained them easily. Francis’ “syringe” was just a medicine dispensing cup with a very power sleep draft, compliments of Artie. Ivan twisted Feli’s arms and forced his mouth open as Francis squirts the medicine inside. Feli went limp. Lovi was feistier but was no match for Edgar who forced his mouth opened like an alligator as Francis pours the sleep draft in. The two boys were out like a light. Ivan and Edgar dragged them upstairs and tied them to bed. Then they along with Francis took Mrs. Fielding to bed. Francis took out his cell phone.

“Phase One, complete,”

_____________ examined herself one more time in the mirror. She was nervous about this outing. Roma had a reputation about town that was good or bad depending on who you talked to. She decided to give him a chance, mainly because she taught his grandsons and she could handle herself in need be. The doorbell rang. She opens it to Roma’s smirking face. He took her hand and kissed it.

“Buona Sera, carina,” he said. She blushed. Damn.

“Hello, Roma,”

“Shall we?” he offered his arm.

“Where are we going?”

“La Farfalla de Seta, you’ll love it there,” she takes it and he guided her to his car. He opened the door, helped her in, got in, and drove off. Matthew and Alfred popped out of the bushes. They’ve been stalking out the house for last hour and now they knew where they were going to eat. Matthew took out his cell phone.

“Phase Two, complete,”  

“Where are they headed?” said Francis.

“That Italian place,”

“The fancy one or the fake one?”

“The fancy one with the valet parking,”

“Fine, keep an eye on the bastard,” Luckily, they had transportation, aka motorcycle with a sidecar. Matthew drove and Alfred was in the sidecar. Soon they arrived at the restaurant. They looked in the parking lot and saw no signs of Roma’s car. Good. They sneaked in through the back and into the main area where they could see when Roma and __________ comes in to a table. Using the waiters as a cover, they managed to get under the table next to theirs. Their table was close to the window and the tables were only a few feet apart. They were prepared to ruin any and all of this prick’s chances. Roma was a complete gentleman. He ordered wine and appetizers. By this time, Matthew crept under their table without detection.

“So tell me, carina…how is it a charming and intelligent young woman such as you, not have a boyfriend or a fiancé?”

“Well I’m always, if it’s not school it’s work if it’s not work it’s school. I think I settled to a place where I’m actually content being alone,”

“Too bad, I know there’s plenty who would love to have a sweet and beautiful wife,” she could feel her cheeks. Matthew and Alfred glared. This asshole was really into being a complete flatter.

“Your order?” Roma nodded to her.

“Umm I’ll have the chicken Pansotti alla Genovese,”

“I’ll take the same with pork. You have good tastes and your Italian was beautiful,”

“I took Italian course back in school,”

“Have you’ve ever been?”

“Sadly no, I had an Italian friend who really wanted me to go but I had no time after schooling and such,”

“That’s too bad,” he said taking her hand, “It’s a gorgeous place,”

“I heard! It’s the birthplace of the Renaissance and some of the most beautiful works ever produced in the world,”

“I would love to show you around there someday,”

“You’re needed here, Roma, the town loves having you around,”

“I could always take a break and bring a respected educator along with me so she can get a better feel of the birth of the Renaissance to teach her students,”

“That would be an idea…teaching the students artworks, I know they’ll love it,”

“I bet they would…”  Matthew saw Roma’s legs getting ready to stroke Miss ______________. He looked up and saw that he was a beautiful view of his crotch. He reached over, grabbed Alfred’s bat and lifts it and…

“OHHH! Merda!”

“Roma! Are you okay?!” He looked under the table and saw nothing there. He got up.

“Fine, bella…I’ll be right back,” he straighten up and walked as straight as he could to towards the bathroom to take care of himself. Matthew and Alfred smirked. He’s not going to do anything else tonight but to be safe, they were going to watch him to make sure. Soon, Roma came back, by that time, their food had arrived.

“I can see why you like this place, it’s delicious!”

“And it’s about to get better, I made us dessert at my villa and I would be honored for you to join me,” the boys’ ears perked. No Teacher! Stranger Danger! Stranger Danger!

“I would love to,” Alfred and Matthew scrambled from under the table. They sneaked back outside. Alfred dialed a number.

“Code Eight! Code Eight!”

“She’s going back to his house?!” said Yao on the other end.

“Yeah! Who knows what that Italian SOB is planning on doing with her!”

“Don’t worry, we’re nearby the place, we’ll deliver the supplies,”


“Tell Artie to bring the nitro,”

“I’m on it!” said Artie in the background.

“Please, make yourself at home,” said Roma smiling at her. They arrived at his home about twenty minutes later. He lived bit far from the town on top of a hill overlooking everything. It was a beautiful place with a manicured yard, water fountains, and a beautiful brick house that was both traditional and modern. He ushered her into the living room. She looked around in awe.

“Your home is so…big,”

“Thank you,” he said smiling, “I’ll be right back,” she sat quietly looking about his villa. There were artworks all over the walls with sculptures from all over the place. However, one thing caught her eye. She saw children art on the tables and walls. She smiled. Roma placed his grandsons’ papers and things in frames and hung them up on display. She saw Feli’s picture of his Nonno, a pair of boots Lovi snipped out of felt and glue, Feli’s math test which was given a gold star, Lovi’s dress design for a story they read in class. She smiled.

“I see you’ve found my favorite pieces,” she turned. Roma changed into something a bit more comfortable. He wasn’t in his suit but a turtleneck and black slacks.

“It’s so sweet that you did this! And I thought the refrigerator was the best way,”

“No, I’m in here every day and I love those little ones so they’re here where I can see them all the time,”

“You really love them,”

“Of course I do, they’re my grandsons. Here the cannollis are ready,” he ushered her to the couch, “I hope you don’t mind but took another bottle from my collection,”

“Mr. Vargas, are you trying to get me drunk?”

“Heavens no! I would wait until the third date to do that,” they laughed.

“That bastard is trying to get her drunk on wine!” Francis growled from the window with his binocular, “And it’s the fuckin’ cheap stuff!”

“How do you know?” said Matthew looking at him.

“All Italian wines are shit. In fact the whole country is shit! Is it almost ready?” Matthew smirked. Alfred, Matthew, and Yao sneaked into the villa and rigged up homemade explosives with a combination of gunpowder and nitroglycerin in key places, the basement, Roma’s room, the dining room, and all over the backyard. They rejoined Francis outside. They watched through the window. Roma had placed his arm around ___________.

“You’re so beautiful, I see now why my grandsons love going to class every day,”

“I-I hardly do anything,”

“A teacher do so much to so many and you being so young, you have a lot of mind to strengthen in your lifetime,” he leaned in closer. Romantic music slowly started playing. She blushed furiously. Her mind started to race. She heard a loud bang from behind. She jumped. She looked behind her. It was enough to snap her out of her thoughts. Roma was about to steal a kiss when there was a huge explosion from upstairs. They jumped. Then there was another. The romantic music turned into last two minutes of the Tchaikovsky Overturn 1812. The explosions rang out to the music where the cannons were to be used. Roma grabbed her and immediately took her outside with his cell phone in hand.

“I’m sorry carina but we have to cut this short. A cab will be here shortly for you. Please stay clear, I don’t want you getting hurt,” Roma looked at his yard and everything exploding and debris flying everywhere. The boys looked out from a safe distance. Francis took out milk and Artie took out large chocolate chip cookies.

“Gentlemen good work,” ____________ made it home safe and sound. The cab driver told her to not worry about anything because it was taken care of. She couldn’t help but smile as she stretched and turned in for the evening.
Another one done n,n! This is Roma's date with Teacher-chan. These little scamps are so fun to write n,n but SO exhausting :dead:. I have a few more of these but I'm making good progress! I guess there's nothing to really say about Roma so enjoy and forgive the mistakes! 

I don't own you or Hetalia
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Miss _________ prepared for the parent-teacher’s open house that evening. She was nervous about meeting her students’ parents. She has met a few of them briefly before and on more than one occasion and each one she had to take a deep breath later. Mrs. Kirkland was a tall opposing woman and had the coldest, sternest look she’s ever seen. But she was a very involved and nice mother to Artie, even once scooping him up and carrying him on her shoulders. Mr. Braginski scared the living crap out of her. She met him once for a brief moment and that look almost brought her to her knees. Mrs. Williams was a very sweet woman and had an air of aristocratic poise about that made her feel so plain in comparison. But she was a very nice and sweet woman who smiled a lot and made her feel pretty good about her appearance when she complimented her. Mrs. Jones was a Native American woman and the person who Alfred got his personality from. The ladies were very nice and she often spoke them more than the fathers. She arrived early so she could set up before the parents arrived. She had drinks and food set up for the parents but she also borrowed an old classroom and set up their artwork and crafts for their enjoyment. She started on that room first. As soon as that was done, she heard the door open.

“Miss ____________!” Artie ran into the classroom and leap into her arms. She hugged him tightly. Mrs. Kirkland stood at the door, “Mumsy! This is Miss _________ my teacher!”

“Hi Mrs. Kirkland! It’s nice to meet you again,”

“Call me Britannia and I know more than enough about you. Artie loves to talk about his favorite teacher,”


“Yep! You’re my favorite person besides Eoin. Who’s Eoin you may ask? He’s my big brother! Eoin we’re in here! He;s a bit shy!” A tall man with dark hair and blue eyes entered the room. It was hard to believe that he was related to Artie or Britannia in anyway because of his hair and lack of freckles. Artie tooks is hand and pulled him to _____________, “And this is my big brother, Eoin!”

“It’s very nice to meet you,” she said smiling at him. He smiled and nodded, “Well let me the first to say welcome to our class and meeting and I would offer you something but I’m still setting up everything. The art room is set up though, if you don’t mind, going there first while I finish and I’ll bring out the refreshments in a minute,”

“Okay! Come on Mumsy! I have to show you the macaroni portrait I made of you!”

“Oh yes! It’s lovely Miss Britannia. He worked so hard on it,”

“Come ooon Mumsy!” Artie said happily pulling his mother. __________ went back to her work.

“Let me help you,” said Eoin smiling, “Artie told us it was six, not seven,”

“Oh thank you so much, it’s okay really, it’s actually at seven thirty but I knew that some may get here a bit early. I’m so happy to finally meet you. Artie talks about you a lot,”

“Same with you. How you’ve been breaking up fights, teaching them about healing herbs and calligraphy, have to admit, you’re pretty well rounded for a teacher,”

“Thanks, I’ve been exposed to a lot when I was younger,”

“Oh, trekked through Europe in your college years?”

“I wish, I’ve never left my country,”

“You’ve never been abroad?”

“No, my family wasn’t exactly rich nor poor and my education was first priority so I wouldn’t have any loans and my mother is xenophobic,” he laughs

“Too bad, it’s not a bad place,”

“I’ve heard. The summer stories about my friends and classmates were enough for me to want to go but I’m always studying and building my resume but it’s okay, I heard it’s not too bad to visit when you’re in late twenties,”

“Any age is a nice age to go. You’re still young and pretty. The early twenty crowds are usually worried about partying and drinking their arses off. That’s why Amsterdam so popular,”

“And that’s not what I’m looking for. I just want chance to just meet the locals and see things I’ve never seen before. Then there’s the idea of going by myself,”

“More fun alone, at least you can see everything to your leisure,”

“True but who do I talk to?” he smiles

“If you ever want to go, tell me, we have family and friends you can stay with and they’ll show you around,” she smiled.

“Really?! I don’t want to impose,”

“You’re not, you’ll have a local perspective and not being so alone,” she looked around. With all their talking and laughing, they were just about done.

“Wow, that was fast. Thanks Eoin,”

“No problem…umm…want to finish this conversation at another time?”

“Sure!” Artie watched from behind the door. Eoin was shy when it came to women. Talking is easy, asking out was hard. He bit his lip in anticipation. Teacher was going to be his sister-in-law!

“A-Are you free next week? I know a pub that’s has some nice atmosphere,”

“Sound great!”

“Saturday at eight?”

“Awesome,” Artie grinned and bounced happily. Feliciano and Lovi however saw the encounter unfold and were not happy. Eoin had first dibs. That’s not good! They had to get their Nonno in there and make it look accidental. They saw their Nonno approaching the classroom and saw Artie looking in. they knew how to get Miss __________’s attention. Feliciano ran at Artie and grabbed his glasses and shoved him hard.


“Make me you freckled freak!” Artie sobbed and whimpered. Eoin and ___________ went out the classroom. Feliciano and Lovi were playing monkey in the middle with Artie’s glasses. She caught them and gives them to Artie who was being comforted by Eoin. She grabbed Feliciano and Lovi by the arms.

“What’s the matter with you two?! Feli since when Artie has done ANYTHING to you and Lovi I’m surprised at you! Apologize!”

“Sorry,” said the boys. They grinned at Artie eerily at the same time as to say, ‘We have her now,’

“It’s okay, they’re not broken at least,”

“Eoin, I’m sorry but I have to cut this short,”

“It’s okay, I’ll get your address later,” she dragged them into a classroom to scold them some more.

“How many times must I tell you to stop bullying other students?! It not’s fun and I know you wouldn’t like it if someone did it to you!”

“Why are you just scolding me?!” Feliciano retorted.

“Sorry Feli but it’s usually you who do this! Lovi! I’m surprised at you! Artie is your friend!”

“I know Miss but it was all fun!”

“No it isn’t! What if you broke his glasses? Your Nonno would have to replace them! It’s not fair on him!”

“Please, Nonno could buy Artie a hundred pairs if he wanted,” said Feli cockily.

“Even so that’s a poor attitude to have! You can’t solve all your problems with money!”

“I told him that, Miss!” said Lovi


“Love you too fratello!”

“I know we’re not in school session but you two will be in the corner for fifteen minutes!”

“The corner?!” Feliciano didn’t like the corner. Lovi didn’t either but he could tolerate it a bit better. She ushered them to the door where they headed to Berwald’s office. It was the supervised corner. She sighs and turned into a tall man. She looked into a pair of violet eyes and brown hair that sported a lot of curls. She stares. He was a devilish handsome, well built Italian man smirking at her.

“I thought I heard a woman’s voice scolding some children. Though I didn’t think I was my grandson’s teacher,”

“O-Oh you must be Mr. Vargas!”

“Please, Roma,” he said taking her hand and kissing it, “I’m so glad to finally meet you. My grandsons have told me so much about you,”

“Good things, I hope,” she said blushing.

“VERY good things,” he said.

“G-Good here let me show you about the classrooms,” inside she showed him about the classroom. She then remembered Britannia and immediately offered her something while she was in the art room. She came back. Roma watched with interest as this woman scampered all over the place greeting and showing him about, “And that’s the tour,” she said.

“You run a very structured classroom,” he said looking at the activities list on the boards.

“Yes, if not, they’ll get restless and bored and I’ll get restless and board,” he chuckled at her little joke.

“You really care about your students, no?”

“I do, they’re a handful but they’re also very bright and smart. I just want them to be the very best they can be,”

“Right…” he said, slowly closed the gap between them. She froze. Roma was a very tall man and towered over her a little but the he was alluring, “Tell me, are you busy this week? I would love to invite you to dinner for all of the good things you’ve been doing and helping my grandsons,”

“Oh…umm I’ll have to check my calendar…” Lutz and Edgar stared. If they didn’t do something, Mr. Vargas was going to seduce Miss _________ and they might fall in love. They HAD to think fast.

“Call Vati, I have a plan,” Edgar positioned himself at the stairs. He got down and covered his neck. Lutz watched as he pushed off and rolled downstairs. He was okay but then hit himself against the wall and started to sniffle and sob and cry. The sound broke ___________ from her trance with Roma. She pushed him away and ran downstairs.

“EDGAR! OH MY GOD!” She scooped him up and immediately comforted him.

“I-It hurts! It hurts Miss!”

“Shh it’s okay sweetheart! Come on sweetie, let’s get you to Berwald,” She picked him up and headed towards the nurse’s office. Edgar clung to ____________’s neck sobbing. She said a quick apology to Roma and brushed passed him to go to the nurse. He stared back at the woman carrying the young boy. He stared, that was Germania’s oldest one. The little boy looked at him and wiped his tears away and gave a little smirk as he was carried down the hall. Berwald was inside his office, thankfully, and looked him over.

“He’s okay, just a few little scrapes,”

“Thank goodness. Edgar, what have I told you and Lutz about playing on the top of the stairs?! I’m so glad you’re okay but you’re going to have to be more careful, sweetie,”

“I’m sorry Miss, I didn’t mean to get you worried about me. Are you mad?”

“I’m not mad, just relieved that you’re okay!”

“Vati! He’s in here!” A tall blond man came into the office. He had blue eyes and was firmly built. She blushed at sight as he brushed passed her and went to Edgar. He looked him over and made sure he was okay.

“I’m fine Vater,” said Edgar in a very mature way, “Miss ___________ found me and carried me here. She’s our teacher,”

“Oh?” he looked at her, “Is that so?”

“Yeah! She’s the one who always makes sure we’re okay and cleans us up after fight,”

“You two shouldn’t be fighting in school,” he said coldly.

“We had to! Feli usually starts it,” he visibly softened at this. He smiled at ___________.

“Thank you Miss ________ for taking so much care of my boys,”

“It’s no trouble at all! Really! Someone has to keep them safe and sound,” Mr. Beilschmidt smiled at the young woman. She smiled back. Edgar and Lutz grinned at the sight. Vati must like her. He didn’t smile much.

“So, to thank you for patching up my son, how about I take you to dinner? It’s the least I can do,”

“You really don’t have—,”

“Please, I insist. Is Friday okay for you?” she looked at Berwald’s calendar and nodded.

“That’s perfect but you really don’t have Mr.—,”

“Please, no formalities, I’m Germania,” Lutz and Edgar watched on with a grin. She was going to their Mutti very soon. However, Kuro saw what was unfolding from outside the room. He was not having his Otousan miss not having a chance for his teacher with the most awesome jugs in the world. He quickly ran in.

“Sensei! Sensei!”

“Oh! Yes Kuro?”

“Alfred and Matthew are trashing the art display!”

“Not again! Excuse me!”

“We’ll talk more about it later, Miss,” she ran out the room. Kuro smirked at Lutz and Edgar before scampering off. Germania and Berwald looked at each other, grunted pleasantries before he left the man to his work. Berwald looked at Lutz and Edgar who looked a little sheepish at him. He sighed.

“Are you two in on this too?”

“We don’t know what you’re talking about!” said Lutz. Berwald said nothing but looked at him. Lutz started back and then nodded in defeat. Edgar sighs at him.

“You’d make a terrible soldier, you cave too easily,”

“He gave me the Look! It’s a powerful thing!”

“You shouldn’t interfere with your teacher’s love life,” said Berwald looking at them.

“But she’s make a great mom and she deserves someone really nice!”

“That’s not for you all to decide who. Love isn’t something that’s planned,”

“But she needs help,” said Edgar, “She deserves someone really nice!” the man sighed and went back to his work.

____________ ran back to the classroom and opened the door. The room was immaculate. Nothing was out of place and all of the students’ art work and projects were safely in the classroom. However, there was one parent in the classroom. He was a tall Japanese man with red eyes and black hair. Kuro’s father was admiring the children’s wood prints. She looked at them and sighed. That was a day that would end in tears. She taught the boys how to do woodblocks for their art project. Alfred and Matthew carving burning buildings into the wood to which Artie scolded them, saying they should be tranquil and happy, until he saw Kuro’s carving a man committing seppuku.

“Hello Mr. Honda,” she met Kuro’s father on a few occasions. He was quiet man with red eyes, black hair, and usually wearing a black business suit.

“Hello _________-san,”

“I’m sorry I hadn’t greeted you sooner! I’ve been dealing with a lot of emergencies tonight,”

“It’s okay, really. I’ve just been admiring these artworks you’ve had the students made,” there was an assortment of artwork there from screen paintings, to ceramics, and even metalwork (Edgar’s medium) but the woodcuts were what really caught his eyes, “You have an artistic soul, Sensei-chan,” he said grinning at her. She reddened.

“Well, I just want the kids to be exposed to a lot of things that are different to their culture and learn a bit about their classmates,” she had to admit, it seemed to work 80% of the time. But the boys always had a way to go right back to hating each other, “I have to admit, I really did like Kuro’s woodcut,”

“I can’t believe he did the detail so well, especially since he watched it from behind my subordinates,” she froze.

“Kuro…saw this?”

“Yeah, he even helped with cutting the fingers off one of my underlings, I’ve never been so proud of him,” she looked at him. He smirked at her, “I’ve actually been waiting to thank you for a very long time. I know he hasn’t been turn in his assignments lately and it’s because he’s been preparing to take over the family business,”

“No, no, as long as they bring a note, I’m fine,”

“Not many as understanding,”

“Well, homework is important but not a priority. As long as they do well in class and tests, I’m happy,”

“And not blood stained,”

“That too,” they laughed a bit. Kuro grinned. Otousan was making jokes!

“You’re pretty young for a teacher. The ones I’ve been around weren’t nearly as cute or young,”

“Yeah this is my first assignment but I was a teacher’s aide for a little while,”

“You must like kids,”

“I do,”

“Want any of your own?”

“Not yet, I don’t think I could handle my own yet,”

“You’d be a pretty good mom, especially being around these terrors. I know Kuro can be a handful but you also have the Beilschmidt and Vargas boys and you’re still alive,”

“I think I can handle almost anything now thanks to them,” they laughed again.

“You have a sweet laugh, Sensei-chan,”

“Umm….thanks, Mr. Honda—” she blushed again. He smirks and pats her head.

“Please…Katsuo,” Suddenly, she heard what sounded like a child screaming. She snapped her attention from Katsuo. She ran out into the hall and it was indeed Ivan screaming. She quickly ran. Ivan NEVER screamed. He must be hurt or something. She heard whimpering and walked towards the stairs. She was so concentrated on helping Ivan that she didn’t see a thin wire across the stairs. Suddenly she went flying. She braced herself for a crash but was immediately caught. She looked up to see a man with red eyes and dirty blond hair looking down at her but holding her tightly.

“Are you okay?” she looked up. Mr. Braginski had caught her just in time.

“Umm…yeah, I’m sorry,”

“Why be sorry? You didn’t mean to fall,” Ivan watched from the shadows. He knew his screaming would get her attention but now he had to make Papa look good. He took out a piece of glass and sliced his hand open. He winced but it was a nice clean cut. He lets his tears flow as he sobbed and laid on the floor pretending he fell down the stairs. His father lets _________ go and the immediately followed the sobs. His father examined Ivan before helping him up. __________ pets his hair.

“What’s the matter, sweetheart?”

“I hurt myself,” he held up his hand revealing a long gash on his palm. Both adults winced as ____________ wraps it in a piece of cloth. Mr. Braginski however took out a needle and some thread. Ivan knew what was coming and braced himself. She watched in awe as he effortlessly stitched the boy’s hand.

“Where did you learn how to do things like this, Mr. Braginski?”

“Mikhail and I used to do this all the time when I was in my older profession as a field doctor,”

“Oh…” she continued to watched until Ivan was okay. Mikhail then applied alcohol and bandaged it.

“Thank you, Papa,”

“Go play,” Ivan scampered away but hid behind a corner. Papa could take it from here. ___________ ushered him to the classroom. It was once again empty. Mikhail seemed fixated on a picture in the classroom of Ivan and Artie hugging each other, “So you’re Miss ___________. Ivan told me about you,”

“Yes! It’s nice to meet you!”

“Pleasure is mine,” he said grinning at her. Ivan has been talking a little more thanks to you,”

“He has?” Ivan was a sweet boy but quiet, like Edgar but Ivan was like a little shadow. Sometimes she would forget that he was near until he said something. She thought about putting a bell on him but she just asked him to speak more.

“Hard to believe but he has and I have you to thank,”

“It’s nothing, really!”

“It is, but he seems to love those afternoon lunch times with you. I want to make it up to you. Do you drink?”

“Once in awhile,”

“When are you free again?”

“In a few weeks,”

“Then, let me show you my appreciation and take you for drinks,”

“No! I mean it’s okay, really!”

“I insist,” she nodded and they carried on for a little while until she excused herself for some air. Ivan grinned happily. She was going to be his new Mommy!

________________ sighed. This has been a very exhausting night and she still had to have all the parents in the room to talk about new guidelines and that would be in about two hours. The boys were just so happy to have their parents at school and showing them around. She left outside to get some air. She took one step outside right into cigarette smoke. She coughs a bit and waves it away. At the entrance a man with silver blond hair and gray eyes was smoking. She glares. It was a smoke free zone for obvious reasons, mainly her little one’s lungs.

“Excuse me but you can’t smoke here,” she said looking at him

“Oh and why not?”

“Because it’s policy and there are children about,” he glared at her. She glared back. Neither of them was going to back down. He resigned himself, blew out the smoke and stubbed it out, “Thank you,”

“Whatever, look maybe you can show me about?”

“Umm okay,” she ushered him inside to the classroom. He looked about looking a bit unimpressed and bored. He didn’t sit too well with him but he was alluring.

“Which one of these brats is yours?”

“Excuse me?”

“Which one of the kids is yours?”

“All of them if you really want to know,”

“You’re too young to be a teacher and too fuckin’ good looking,”

“Language, especially in front of the kids, please and thanks,” Francis stared from a corner and covered his mouth. Not many people talked that way to Papa nor did he actually listen.

“It’s not like they understand,”

“You be surprised,”

“Where’s the kindergarten class?”

“Right here,” he brushed passed her and looked around inside. He breathed it in a bit deeper. He could smell an intoxicating perfume radiating from it.

“What’s that smell?” ___________ noticed it all well.

“Oh…sorry about that. It’s my perfume,”


“Thanks. I didn’t realize it was that strong,” Francis rolled his eyes and held the bottle in his hands while hiding in the coatroom.

“Wait, this is your classroom?”

“Yes, I’m the kindergarten teacher! And you are?”

“Gaul Bonnefoy. It’s a pleasure,” she covered her face in embarrassment. How could she not know this was Francis’ father? “Though I had to admit, I thought you were just an aide and the real teacher was either an old woman or someone off their meds,”

“No, I’m normal,”

“I can tell. Francis talks about you all the time. I’m glad I can finally put a face to the picture. Especially when he talked about you wearing that belly dancers outfit for an assembly,” she laugh and wanted to kick herself for volunteering for that dance troupe, “How is he in class by the way?”

“Francis is an excellent student but my main concern is how he’s mean to Artie Kirkland sometimes,”

“Oh, that’s normal. Britannia and I go way back and the boys were practically raised together,”

“I see,” they discussed things a bit more. It was nearly time for meetings.

“I hate to cut this short but I have to make final preparations. I’ll see you in a bit, Mr. Bonnefoy,” She turned only to have her arm gently grabbed. He pulled her back.

“As an token of my sincerest of apologies earlier Miss ____________, allow me to invite you over for dinner. Nothing formal of course just you and me and candlelight. What do you say?” she smiled and gently leaned into him. Francis watched wide-eyed. His Papa knew how to work fast. She went to his ear and whispered.

“I’ll keep you posted to see if and when I’m free, Mr. Bonnefoy,” Gaul watches as she sashays outside. Gaul smirked. Kitty can scratch.

“Miss _____________!” Lovino grabbed her hand and took her to the auditorium, “I need your help!”

“What is it Lovi?”

“I found my shades and I can’t get them!” she followed Lovi into the auditorium. She was so accustomed to seeing the young boy without his rose tinted glasses that she often forgot what he looked like without them. Inside he led her to a self that he just could reach. She smiled and found a step ladder. She climbed up and grabbed them for him. He quickly puts them on.

“Thanks Miss!”

“You’re welcome sweetheart. Now let’s get going before I’m late to the meeting,”

“Wait! I wanna spent time with you! We barely talk anymore,”

“Lovi, we always talk!” she said smiling.

“Not our girl chats,” she laughed. She swore he was going to make a lucky girl or man happy with this attitude of his. Suddenly she heard music playing. She recognized it as Tango Flamenco. The dance class must have left it after their practice earlier.

“You used to dance, right?”

“Oh Lovi that was years ago when I was an undergrad!”

“Coooome ooooon! Show me how to tango!” she looked at her watch. She had a little time left. She grinned and took the boy’s hands. Lovi grinned and got into position, “Nonno said the man should lead,”

“I know but do you know how to tango?”

“A little!”

“Okay sweetie, show me what you got,” he grinned and started leading the way. She had to admit, for a little one, Lovi was pretty good on his feet, “Where on earth did you learn to dance like this?”

“Toni’s big brother!”


“Yeah! He’s really good and light on his feet!” Lovi shoved her backwards into a man. Before she knew it, she was literately swept off her feet. She had many dance partners before but this one was very good. He twirled her, he caught her, he dipped, and was giving her a good workout.

“You dance divinely!” said the man grinning at her. She face went red. He was a handsome man with bright, happy green eyes and brown hair with a very strong Spanish accent, “Even especially without music! I would love to see how this goes with music!”

“Umm do I know you?”

“Well, yes and no! You see I pick up Toni sometimes and we briefly see each other in my car! I’m his big brother,”

“Oh! I remember now!”

“I had no idea you could dance! Then again, I bet that’s the reason why Toni is so eager to come to class every day to see his gorgeous teacher!”

“Oh, well, thank you,”

“Where are my manners! I’m Antonio!”

“Wait…you and Toni has the same name?”

“Well, our dear Mama decided to name him after me! He says he’s going to change his name someday but I doubt it! So instead of calling me Antonio, we just call him Toni,”


“Mama is very…eccentric but brilliant nonetheless! She’s in the classrooms now but I came here looking for Toni have you see him?”

“Verga!” they looked up. Toni looked angry as he ran at Antonio.

“Oh speak of the devil! Toni there you are! Come give me a hug!” Toni glared and ran at him fast.

“Vete al infierno!”

“That’s right! Come to me and give me a hug!” Antonio ran to him and pulled him into a tight hug. Toni kicked and swore and struggled as Toni hugged him tightly.

“Te voy a matar!”

“You’re so cute!”

“Vete a la verga culero!”

“TONI!” ___________ face was red. She took Spanish before and she knew half of those dirty words, “Don’t say things like that especially to your big brother!” Toni glared and looked down.

“Sorry…but he started it!”

“It’s okay! I’m used to it! It’s just the way he expresses his feelings! But before we go back, when are you free? I would love to go dancing with you!”

“NO!” Toni got between ____________ and his brother, “Don’t!” Lovi then came out of nowhere and dragged Toni away, who was protesting and glaring at him the entire time.

“They’re so cute at that age! I know! How about we meet in a few weeks? I know a great place that’s perfect for dancing and I don’t have to teach that week so you’ll have me all to yourself!”

“Sounds great!”

“Great!” then they heard what sounded like a scream followed by a lot of swearing. Antonio runs outside, “Don’t worry Toni, big brother will help you!” Antonio ran out and ________ heard phrases like, “Don’t run! Do you need a hug? Come on! Aww you brought your toy axe? You’re so cute!” she smiled and closed up the auditorium. It was about time for her to talk to the parents. She sighs and collected herself and went back to her classroom.

The tension in the room could be cut with a knife. The room seemed divided, even though all the parents were in the room together. Britannia, Mrs. Williams, Mrs. Jones, and Mrs. Carriedo were to themselves, all glaring a bit at Roma who seemed very proud of himself and winked at her. This prompted glares from Gaul and Eoin to glare at the cocky man and Germania simply rolling his eyes. Miss ___________ however defused the tension in the classroom and started on the conference. The boys weren’t allowed inside until the conference was over. This didn’t stop them from telling about their progress with each of their candidates.

“You should have seen Nonno!” said Feliciano, “He swept her off her feet and they’re going to have dinner soon,”

“Papa confirmed dinner with her, da,” said Ivan, “And she was the most interested,”

“Otousan is the one she wants!” said Kuro grinning.

“She’s playing hard to get with Papa,” said Francis, “No one can resist his charms!”

“You’re all amateurs,” said Lutz, “Vati is having dinner with her first! Your Nonno couldn’t even get that yet!”

“Antonio is taking her dancing!” said Lovi grinning.

“I’m going to fucking murder you Lovi!” Toni barked angrily.

“Eoin has her first!” said Artie happily, “And they have the most in common!”

“We have to careful though. Mr. Berwald is onto us!” said Edgar, “Thanks to big mouth!”

“Hey! It’s not like he’s going to get anywhere close to her. Al and Matthew hadn’t done anything all evening,” it was true, Alfred and Matthew stayed close to their mother’s all night. Alfred and Matthew smirked and each other and just let the rest of them talk. Soon the night was over. _____________ bade all the parents a safe trip. She was exhausted, finally able to calm down, and cleaned up everything. She went to her scooter. Because of the weather and she just couldn’t part with it, she drove her scooter to work at times. When she got to it, the tires were slashed. She sighed. She was used to this. A few of the teachers did it to her car in the past. She looked at her watch, it was about ten. She just hope she could get a ride.

“______________?” she looked up. Berwald was coming out.

“Oh hi!”

“What happened?”

“Someone slashed my tires…again,” he looked over at the damage. He then walked over and picked up her scooter effortlessly and mounts it on top of his car. He then strapped it onto the hood. She went to help when he simply unlocked the door and told her to get in. When he was finished he joined her inside.

“Where do you live?” she told him and he locked in the coordinates on his GPS.

“Thank you so much!”

“It’s nothing,” he said.

“Why were you working so late?”

“Matthew beat the tar out of Alfred again and I patched him up. Mrs. Williams wasn’t happy,”

“I bet. Those boys,”


“Yeah but they’re just spirited,”

“They really respect you,”

“I know and that’s the main reason why I don’t want to let them down. I’ve had some bad teachers growing up but it never hindered me,”

“That’s why many don’t like teachers; there are many bad ones out there,”

“I know and it’s not fair for the kids to have to suffer because one bad teacher and I know they had a lot before me,”

“You have no idea. Poor Artie and Lovi had to wear dresses,”

“I heard. Alfred was disappointed because she didn’t make him wear one,”

“Boy has issues,”

“I know, I think he likes it when Matthew beats him,” Berwald smirked. She grinned.

“Are you smiling?”

“I guess so,”

“It’s so cute,” he reddened a bit as she teased him a bit, “You’re so emotional! I wish you showed it in your face once in awhile,” soon they were at her house. He helped her unload her scooter into her garage.

“You have a nice place,”

“Yeah, it used to be my grandma’s old home but she moved in with my parents and decided to just give me the house since I work close by. Berwald, how can I ever repay you?”

“You don’t have to,”

“I insist! I know, let me cook you a big dinner! My treat! I’ll tell you when!” he nodded.

“Sounds good,”

“Just let me know when you’re free!” he nodded. He lingered in his car until she was safely inside her house before driving away. _____________ looked at her calendar. This has been the first time in forever since she’s had almost every weekend full of some sort of activities and they were all with her students’ relatives. She sighs and got ready for bed. After the evening she had, all she really wanted to do was hibernate for the rest of her life, not knowing just was sort of weekends she was about to have…
Another request done and another installment of Kindertalia :boogie:. This thing nearly killed me :iconimdeadplz: You'll see why when you read it >< Okay here's how it's going to go. Each suitor will have a date with Teacher-chan and at the end of all of the dates, I'll put up a poll to see what going to happen next. This was actually :iconminchen0897: many requests and part of the series idea from :iconartisan-garden: who made me this awesome pic… n,n Also if you're sensitive to swearing DON'T READ. And below are the translations for Toni's potty mouth. As always enjoy and forgive the mistakes! 

I don't own you or Hetalia n,n 

Verga - Dick
Vete a la verga culero - Fuck you asshole (Lit. Go to a dick)
Vete al infierno - Go to hell
Te voy a matar! - I am going to kill you!

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“Eoin, you have to wear your special cologne!” Artie was helping his big brother get ready for his evening with Miss _____________. Since he and his brothers lived pretty close to each other, it wasn’t hard for Artie to visit whenever he wanted. No one minded but they always called Mumsy to so she would where he was. After school, Artie made a beeline to Eoin’s house to help him with his date.

“It’s not a date, Artie, we’re just having tea and talking, that’s it,”

“Alone right?”


“Without Liam or Allistor,”


“Then it’s a date!” Eoin smiled and ruffled his hair fondly.

“If I didn’t know any better, you’re more excited about this than I am,”

“Well, you never go out anymore! And I bet that you’re excited too. So what are you doing?”

“We’re just going to have tea like I said,”

“What else?”

“Don’t know, it depends on how the night goes. If she wants to go home, then I’ll take her home,”

“You should take her to your job! She loves animals!” Eoin looked down at the boy. He was grinning happily at him. He ruffled his hair.

“Shush, I have the evening planned out,”

“You should invite to her Sunday dinner! I bet she’ll love it!”

“Artie, we’re okay, a man and woman can be friends without being romantically involved with each other. Now go on home let me finish,”

“Aww okay!”

“Don’t forget to call so I’ll know you made it there okay,” Artie nodded and went outside. However, unknown to Eoin, Artie didn’t go home. He looked around and sneaked into the backseat of his car. He took out his child cell phone and dialed.

“Hello Mumsy? I’m going with Eoin tonight. Is that okay? Thank you! I’ll be home around ten. Love you!” he ended the call and then called Eoin, “Eoin, I’m home! Mumsy says hi! Have a good time! Night!” he hung up the phone and hunkered down in the blankets out of view. He was going to make sure that Eoin is going to have the best time with Miss ____________!

______________ had just finished freshening herself up. She was wearing jeans and her favorite shirt with her hair (in favorite style). It was so good to go out. She hadn’t been out since Christmas break. It’s just been her and her pets and finding new activities for her students. She didn’t mind it but she was just so happy to have some kind of interaction with someone her age again. She was still getting used to the town. She fed her pets and puts on her sandals when the bell rang. She opened the door to Eoin’s smiling face.

“Hi!” she said brightly. He smiled and offered his arm. She took it and they walked to his car. He opened the door and she climbed in. They buckled up and were heading on their way to the café. Although Artie had his own agenda, three other children were interested in the date as well. After school, Kuro, Yao, and Feli had followed Miss ____________ home to watch her to see when she was going to leave. The moment she got into the car, the boys went into action.

“The pigeon has left the coop, I repeat, the pigeon has left the coop, aru,” said Yao through his walkie talkie.

“Hai,” said Kuro, “She’s heading your way, Feli,”

“Vee. Operation Eliminate Eoin is in effect,”

“Any signs of Artie?”

“So far no but that doesn’t mean he isn’t around,”

“Okay, time to ruin her date,”

“You know after this night we can no longer speak with each other for awhile,” said Yao.

“Fine by me, every man for himself,” The boys made their way to the café not knowing that they were also being watched by two more boys. Edgar and Ivan looked on with a pair of binoculars.

“They’re on the move,”

“Da, I know a short cut,”

“Artie needs all the help he could get tonight,” said Edgar.

“Da, especially with those three,”

“I’d rather it be anyone but Mr. Vargas,”

“You and me both. Come on, we have to make sure Eoin gets his chance,”

So far the evening went off without any wrong. As soon as they came in, Eoin was almost scalped with a throwing knife. He avoided that by bending over after feeling a sharp pain his leg caused by a bouncy ball. They sat at a table and after hearing the dessert menu, ____________ settled on a chocolate mousse cake with chocolate ganache and (favorite tea) and Eoin had the sponge cake with raspberry jam sandwiched in between. Eoin’s cake was fine, but the man who also ordered it on the other side of the café had a mouth filled with sharp needles. Then there was a loud scream that was muffled and then silence. Soon there was nothing but the regular hustle and bustle and just them. They made small talk, ordered more desserts, drank tea, and just enjoyed themselves.

“I don’t want to sound rude but I have to ask. What made you want to become a teacher?”

“To be honest, I don’t know,” she said looking into her tea, “That was completely off my radar for years,”

“Come on, it takes a special kind of person to be a teacher,” Eoin smiled, “Let me guess, you had little chalkboard with chalk and made a fake classroom with your stuffed toys,” she laughed.

“Not exactly. To be honest, I never actually wanted to be a teacher but I had a knack for it. I tutored cousins, friends, and in college I tutored more. When I left, that’s how I made my living and realized that’s it’s something I really want to do,”

“You probably had great teachers,”

“Not really. I mean the teachers I had usually just say us as another paycheck and didn’t teach us much. It wasn’t until high school I really started growing and met some awesome teachers and college was pretty good too. In a way, I just want children to be challenged but have fun and not worry about exams and things when they’re barely in elementary school,”

“I love the sound of that. All of these tests aren’t good for kids. I hate that they use them to determine if a kid will be successful,”

“Right! I used to clam when I heard test and now they’re doing them younger and younger. That’s why I’m glad I’m in a school system that doesn’t focus on standardized tests. That way they concentrate on learning and the teachers concentrate on teaching. Listen to me, I can’t stop talking about school when I’m in a relaxing environment,”

“It just shows you really like your work,” he said touching her hand. Artie grinned from his hiding spot. ___________ really did care about them. She was so perfect for Eoin! They both were so happy together. Soon their date was over. Artie panicked. He had to get them to go to another place tonight! He quickly dialed Ivan.

“I need your help!”

“Da, I’m on it,”

“Whew, thanks Ivan!” Artie smiled happily and was about to run back into the car. He had to stop Feli from almost scalping his brother and making him choke with needles. It was a good thing he saw him before any damage could be done. Oh that’s right! He trotted to the café’s kitchen and opened the door. Feli was inside shaking, bound and gagged. Artie looked at him with a sweet dark smile, “Next time you try to hurt my big brother, I won’t be too forgiving. I would keep you here but Miss __________ would miss you too much,” he hoisted him out and shoved him into the back with the trash behind the café before sneaking back into the car. Eoin ushered ____________ back into the car just as his cell phone rang.

“Hello? Umm okay. Okay, bye,” she looked at him.

“What’s the matter?”

“I have to go to the zoo; I just got a message about a break in. You don’t mind coming, do you?”

“Of course not!” Eoin smiled and they went off. Artie grinned under the blankets. She was going to love the natural zoo! Maybe she’ll make it a field trip for them! That would be fun! Then again, they’ve all seen it before.

“Eoin will know!” he thought, “He always have great ideas!”

Soon they were at the zoo. He got out and searched the area. Nothing really looked out of place. He looked around and was relieved to see the deadbolt still in effect. He walked back to the car.

“I guess it was a false alarm. I’m sorry about that,” he rubbed the back of his neck, “Well, since we’re here, do you mind walking around? It’s peaceful at night,”

“I would love that!” Inside, the zoo was dark but it was very serene. It was her first time at the zoo in town.  The habitats were a lot different from what she was used to. There were paths and natural grass for visitors to walk around as though they were actually in the area that the animals natural lived. Because of this, the animals got used to humans and the visitors had to abide certain rules to make sure they were safe. However, certain areas, like the big cat, wolves, and reptiles had to be cut off to prevent any maulings. The animals were separated by group, diet, and type. They were in the owl exhibits where they were now on the hunt for food. Many of them were in the trees when they passed. One looked at her curiously before going back into her stump and sleeping.

“They looks so peaceful,” she said smiling, “I remember the zoos back in my town. I hated them because the animals looked so miserable, then again if I was in a cage with people looking at me and asking me to perform, I’d be miserable too,”

“That’s why this zoo was created. The animals are in their natural habitat living with other animals of their own class so they can live in peace,”

“I should make a class trip for the boys, I’m sure they’d love it,” ____________ smiled at the idea then she thought about the reigning chaos, Artie wanting to make leafy cupcakes for the animals, Matt and Alfred trying to free the animals because of the captivity, Kuro trying to go fishing and make sashimi. Those boys… “Maybe after a few ground rules,” he laughed.

“Artie would probably try to make clothing for them,”

“Along with Lovino and I know Alfred would sing ‘Born Free’ while Matthew frees the reptiles,”

“I admire the idea you have those kids under control,”

“It’s not really control. We have mutual respect for each other. They trust me and I would never betray that trust,”

“I wish most teachers thought like you. Have you thought about teaching in Europe?” the boys, who were following the pair from afar, blood ran cold. What the hell was he trying to pull?!

“I have I bet it would be fun,”

“You can live in Wales, it’s smaller and the class sizes would be too. Then there’s the Isle of Man, that’s also very nice and small. England, Ireland, and Scotland in a village, I don’t know I just see you somewhere small and in the UK,”

“I would love to just visit first, that way I can get the feel for it,”

“Hey no!” said Kuro, “She’s not leaving us! She hadn’t showed us how to finger paint yet!”

“That’s right, aru!” said Yao glaring at him.

“Take him out!” said Feli over the receiver. He didn’t sound too well, “He’s putting ideas in her head! Take him out!”

“We’re on it!” said Kuro and Yao going over to where the African animals were being held. They were antelope, boars, zebras, and wildebeest. They ran inside and started causing a commotion. She screamed, shouted, banged and hit things getting the animal into a frenzy. When they got them riled up enough, they set them loose into the Australian exhibit where they were heading. Artie immediately ran to set off the alarm, knowing that if the animals broke into the city, it can cause a lot of trouble. Eoin looked up, alarmed. He could hear the stomping and the distressed animals heading for them. He grabbed __________ and hoisted her over his shoulders and ran to the exit. She looked back and stared at the herd of animals coming right at them. She cling to his back instinctively. Eoin made it to the exit and ushered her out of the area. He locked the door and ran towards the African exhibit. He blew a whistle, getting their attention. The animals, seeing someone familiar, rush at him. He ran as fast as he could towards the barrier that separated the habitats. ______________ ran to the door and saw that in some strange way, the door was locked and Eoin couldn’t get in. She thought fast and ran into the empty African exhibit. The alarm system locked the pen and demanded a code to be put in. She panicked. She didn’t know what the code was and Eoin was coming. He would get trampled any moment. She looked around for something, anything to give her a clue as to what it could be. She something hit her back. She turned and saw a balled up paper with a few numbers on it. She punched them in and immediately the pen gate flew opened just in time. The animals ran back inside. Eoin joined her safely until they were all back inside. He pulled her around back into the owl exhibit and locked the pen.

“Are you okay?” she asked. He caught his breath.

“I’m fine, are YOU okay?”

“I’m fine! Thankfully I found the numbers to the system,”


“They were on a piece of paper next to the gate,” Eoin looked a little worried about that and made a mental note to recent and change them.

“Come on, I’ll take you home,” as the shaken adults headed back to their car, Artie, Ivan, and Edgar crept out of the tree they were hiding behind.

“I’m so glad I remember those codes,” said Artie looking scared.

“Me too,” said Edgar, “And I’m glad you brought your bouncy balls,”

“And you have great aim!”

“You better get back to the car,” said Ivan, “They’re leaving,”

“Oh dear!” Artie hightailed it outside. Ivan calmly walked to the ditch where Kuro and Yao had hidden after their shenanigans.

“Miss _____________ was almost trampled you idiots,” he said.

“Wasn’t she outside?” said Yao

“No, thankfully Eoin saved her. I think she likes him now, he risked his life to save her,” the boys groaned about how unfair it was. Ivan smirked at the fact that their plan didn’t work.

Eoin walked ____________ to her door. Despite everything that happened, she still had a wonderful time.

“Thank you so much for the lovely time,” she said smiling at him.

“No problem, I’m just glad you didn’t get trampled,”

“More like I had a trained Tarzan with me,” they laughed. He hugged him tightly. He blushed, “I had an awesome time. Thank you again for you know…saving my life and all,”

“You saved mine too. I’m in your debt too,” she smiled, reached up and pecked his cheek. He reddened as she opened the door and slipped inside.

“Goodnight,” Artie was squeeing from the backseat of the car. A goodnight lip kiss would have been perfect but Eoin was a gentleman! But he did get a kiss! He was so happy that he barely had time to hide again. Eoin got back into his car and drove away. Kuro and Yao sighed.

“Damn it, we missed, aru,”

“She likes him!” said Kuro

“You two are amateurs,” said Edgar looking at them with Ivan. They glared at him, “But wait until Vati’s date with her. She’s going to be our new Mutti,”

“The hell she is—ACHOO!” Feli was coming down with a slight cold from his time in the freezer, “Nonno is going to give her a kiss and once that happens, she’s going to be ours!”

“Over my dead body,” said Ivan looking dangerous at him.

“No, she’s going to be my Mom!” said Kuro glaring at him, “And I will slice each of you open with a katana to make sure of it!” they glared at each other. Ivan unstrapped his pipe, Edgar unlatched his sword, and Feli reached for a knife. They were about to escalate further when they heard ______________’s door open.

“Is anyone out there?!”

“SCATTER!” the boys ran away from the door. ____________ looked around puzzled. She could have SWORE she heard a few of her students outside. She shook her head. It was eleven o’clock. They should be in bed asleep right now…
Hey guys! The first date of the series is here! I'm sorry it's so late but I really had to get into the writing mood for it! I'm going to try and get them all finished before V-day so you all can vote for your top three suitors n,n So here's Eoin's (2P!Wales's) Date. For some reason I see him working with animals and being very good at it. Anywho enjoy and forgive the mistakes! 

I don't own you or Hetalia
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“Oh, please don’t tell me that I’m lost…” you moaned, walking through the forest that had no end. You had been stuck inside the Lost Woods for about an hour now, going through tunnel to tunnel to find your way out, but having no luck in the process. Being eight years old, you could only handle so much walking.

If only you hadn’t entered this tunnel you wouldn’t have to deal with this mess. All throughout your childhood, you heard that the Lost Woods was home to many Skull Children and Stalfos. Many Hylians told wondrous tales of how some kids entered the forest and turned into one of these monsters, scaring the ones who hadn’t and telling them never to go there for that reason. You accidentally ambled into the woods, and it was something that you regretted very soon.

You progressed through the next wooden tunnel as your feet ached beneath you. Looking at your surroundings, this part of the forest had nothing but a couple of trees and little patches of grass here and there. Defeated once more, you changed your route and located the next tunnel.

Clinging on to your leather satchel, you entered the next section. The place was pitch black at first, but the darkness quickly faded and reveled what the area contained. Here, there was nothing but two tree stumps illuminated by the sunlight glistening on top of them. You looked around to see if this was all a trap, but you found no figure hiding in the shadows.

You carefully walked over to the lower tree stump and examined it. The stump was lively and had many rings encased in its interior. Feeling bold, you stepped onto the tree stump.

A Skull Kid dressed in orange emerged and appeared on the higher stump across from you. It blankly stared upon you with its rusty red eyes as it held a flute in its hand, prepared to play.

You froze, trying to protect yourself by not making any sudden movements.

“Hey, kid, do you have an instrument too?” the Skull Kid gently asked, cocking its head to the side eerily.

You shook your head no, starting to get chills in your spine.

The creature laughed in a friendly way. “How about we make a deal? Come back to me with an instrument and I’ll give you back this satchel.”

“What?!” you blurted out, quickly looking towards your side to protect your bag. Your eyes widened as you saw it was mysteriously gone and in the Skull Kid's hands.

“See you later, kid!” the creature cheered, twirling about the tree stump and then disappearing.

“B-but I need that!” you shouted. “You can’t just take that without my permission!”

You received no response from the Skull Kid, sighing in frustration. You plopped off the stump and walked to the next tunnel, knowing that you’ll never get your item back. It wasn’t that important to you, but inside it had a bottle of Lon Lon Milk and small piece of bread, enough to fill your empty stomach.

Maybe I’ll die in the Lost Woods now because of starvation… you wondered in fear as you arrived to the next part of the forest. Where am I going to find an instrument to play, anyway?

“Oh, great, there are three other ways to travel,” you acquiesced, looking at each wooden tunnel lying before you. Tired of traipsing all over the place, you tiredly walked to the middle and lay down, resting in the soft grass.

It would’ve been nice to take a long, relaxing break, but the music in the Lost Woods made it impossible to do so. At first, the melody was addicting and fun to hum along to. Now that you’ve been inside the forest for over an hour, the music was nothing but an annoyance, and now also becoming a jealousy.

“Where is all this music coming from? It sounds like somebody’s playing an instrument,” you pouted, folding your arms across your chest as you looked up at the tree underbrush.

“Silly, that’s an ocarina playing that music!” a young and feminine voice said.

“Who said that?!” you jumped up in fear and looked around, locking your eyes on the girl dressed in green.

The little girl giggled. “I did! I’m Saria, and I can play that music too!”

“Saria?” you asked, sitting upright and looking at her vibrant green hair. Her outfit was very simple and comfy, and she didn’t look like a predator at all.

Saria nodded, confirming what you had said.

“Oh, well I’m _____! Are you lost in the woods too?”

The youngster beamed, showing her bright smile. “I’m always in the forest, so I know my way around. I usually play my ocarina in a special part of the Lost Woods, where it’s all mellow and quiet.”

“I wish I had an instrument to play…” you mumbled, staring down at your clothes and feeling hopeless.

“You can play the ocarina too, if you’d like,” the girl replied, a small chuckle arising.

You looked up at Saria and smiled, feeling some luck course through your veins. “Really? I would love to! Do you think you can help me get out of this forest as well?”

Saria nodded in acceptance, giving you her hand. “Sure! Now, let’s go!”

You took her hand and jumped back up, getting ready for more walking. At least you didn’t have to guess where you're going now.

Saria guided you through numerous tunnels, taking you to her favorite spot in the woods. As you two were strolling through the pathway, you got a conversation going and told her the whole story about the trouble you were currently having in the Lost Woods.

“Ahh, those Skull Kids…” the girl snickered, “they’re such tricksters sometimes!”

You looked at her with a funny face. “Don’t you mean, all the time?”

“No, silly! Skull Kids are really nice and playful to children our age, but not adults.”

Giggling, you replied, “Ohhh, that’s interesting! I would play with them all the time if we didn’t get turned into Stalfos!”

“Not everyone who enters the Lost Woods turns into a Stalfos, _____,” Saria said, escorting you through another tunnel. “You just never know…”

“You’ve never been turned into a monster before, and you’ve been inside the Lost Woods dozens of times!” you replied, whisking your arms in the air.

The little girl laughed, “See? Not all the time do the people turn into a Stalfos!”  

Time flew by as you and your new friend had an exciting conversation. After about ten more minutes, you and Saria had gone through a variety of tunnels and saw many breath-taking things in each area of the forest, such as bomb flowers and underground passages. When you got to the last tunnel, a large maze stood before you two.

“We’re almost there…” Saria stated, walking towards the entrance to the maze.

Feeling skeptical, you looked around the area that the tunnel led both of you to. This part of the forest was wide and full of winding pathways, some a wiser choice to take than others. Deku Scrubs hid in certain areas of the maze, there to terrify anyone who passed. Since the youngster already knew her way about the Lost Woods, you didn’t feel that worried when you walked through the maze and passed the monsters. In five minutes time, you finished the maze and headed up a flight of stairs.

Saria’s blue eyes brightened as you headed straight and went up the last couple steps to your destination. Once you arrived, you were awed by how beautiful and preserved everything was. It was brisk and alive, and it certainly looked like a nice place to relax for the rest of the day.

“Wow…” you murmured, unable to keep your mouth shut from how stunning Saria’s special hideout was.

The Kokiri girl giggled. “We’re in the Sacred Forest Meadow right now!”

“Sacred Forest Meadow…”

Your excitement surged through you as Saria led you to a small tree stump. You walked over a mysterious hexagonal shape on the ground and sat down next to her, looking at the broken stairway behind you.

Saria took out a tan and green ocarina, and then handed it to you with glee. “Here’s your ocarina, _____! Now let’s teach you how to play some songs!”

Taking the instrument out of the Kokiri’s hands, you fiddled around with it as the girl took out her very own ocarina with the same design. You played around with the ocarina for a little while, trying to figure out how to hold it properly. Once you knew the posture for the instrument, you held the ocarina to your mouth and blew out of it. A sweet flute-like noise was produced, magically flooding the air around you.

“You’re doing pretty well so far,” Saria beamed, positioning her instrument in her hands. “You already know how to hold and blow out of the ocarina, but you don’t know any songs to play! Want me to teach you one that I composed?”

You nodded eagerly, ready to learn your first song.

The youngster held the ocarina up to her mouth. “This song is called 'Saria’s Song,'” she giggled, amused at how she named the melody after her. The Kokiri then started to play the song as a demonstration, taking it nice and easy while playing a smooth and beautiful tune.

“So your song echoed through the Lost Woods this whole time?” you asked.

Saria lowered the instrument from her mouth, and then said, “Yeah! Now let’s teach you how to play it, _____!”

You followed the little girl’s instructions for the piece, moving your fingers slowly onto the correct hole for the proper sounds. After learning the notes, Saria told you to put them together, as if they were words ready to be put on a blank sheet of paper. You did as told, and the song didn’t come out so well.

“Don’t feel bad that you didn’t get it right away,” Saria reminded. “This is only your first attempt at playing it, and I’m sure with more practice you’ll get better!”

You chuckled as you tried to play Saria’s song by yourself again. You did better than the last couple times, as you perfected the placement of your fingers and the quality of your sound repeatedly. After a couple times of doing the same motion over and over, you were able to play the melody.

“I can play 'Saria’s Song' now!” you cheered, playing the set of notes for the little girl once more as you swayed your body slowly back and forth to the beat.

Once you finished playing the sweet little tune, the Kokiri girl playfully applauded. “Now let’s play it together!”

You beamed s you positioned the ocarina up to your mouth again. You then looked over at Saria and watched until she was ready to start.

The gracious sound of two ocarinas glided through the air once the two of you started to play. You swayed back and forth as you were playing, and Saria did the same, lightly bumping into you a couple of times. After you finished playing the song, both of you felt as if you were on top of the world.

“This is great! Now I can finally go and get my satchel back from that Skull Kid!”

The child proudly looked over at you with her ocean-blue eyes. “That guy is going to be amazed once you play that song!”

You bounced out of your seat and ran to the stairs. “C’mon, Saria, let’s go see the Skull Kid again!”

After a walk back to the creature, you entered the area once more and proceeded to the small tree stump. Light rained down onto both platforms again as you firmly planted your feet onto the wood. Automatically, the Skull Kid reappeared with its flute.

“You’re back! And you have an ocarina too!” the creature said, trying not to jump up and down from excitement.

You smiled, looking back at Saria. “Yeah! I know how to play a song!”

“Let’s play together then!” the mysterious child responded, “One… Two… Three!”

Swiftly getting into position, you played "Saria’s Song" along with the Skull Kid, prancing around the stump and doing a little jig. The little girl joined your duet halfway through, changing it to a trio.

Once you finished playing, the creature happily gave you your satchel back. “Here you go! It was fun playing with you, _____! I hope we can play together soon!” With that, he had disappeared into the air and left no trace behind.

“You played that song better than you did before!” Saria gleamed, impressed by your quick musical talent.

You smiled brightly as you put your ocarina into your satchel. “I must’ve gotten better already!” you chuckled, heading for the tunnel you came out of.

The Kokiri followed you, taking the lead as she guided you out of the forest. You entered one last tunnel and then you finally arrived back at Kokiri Forest, meeting the beloved place once again.

“Thank you so much for everything, now I can finally return home!” you cheered, giving Saria a big hug in return.

The little girl chuckled, “No problem! Keep the ocarina as a gift from me, _____!”

You nodded in approval, grinning from ear to ear. Being stuck in the Lost Woods could never get any crazier than this. Not only had you made some new friends, but you also discovered a hidden talent.
*Grabs microphone while leading group of tourists* Okay, everyone! Our next attraction in Tour le Hyrule is the Lost Woods! 

This idea. Just. Wow. O_O
I just had to write it down while it was still fresh in my mind. Saria finally has a reader-insert of her own! xD
Enjoy the story!

Story © :iconspilled-secrets:

The Legend of Zelda and its characters © Nintendo

Picture (NOT MINE) found here: Link

You belong to yourself in this fascinating story, congrats! I am a dummy!

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Alfred had a lot of trouble concentrating in class. He kept thinking about Yong Soo and he couldn't help wondering who had done it to him. Every face he looked at, he kept picturing them holding down the battered Asian man. Any time this happened, he tried to squeeze his eyes shut tight to erase the images but it only intensified his imagination. He had a feeling Yong Soo's friends were Korean but he wasn't sure and found himself snapping at anyone who looked big or strong enough to take down his roommate. He was dismissed from class once just for getting so worked up during a mock trial that he ended up pinning the prosecution against the wall for insulting his client.
It was his last class that day so he just decided to go back to the dorm to catch up on studying he needed to do. Yong Soo was still taking a break so he was likely there so maybe they could talk.
When Alfred got to their hall however, his blood ran cold.
Yong Soo was out in the hall, quivering as three guys crowded him. One of them stood close to him with a grip on his collar. This one was talking to him but Alfred couldn't understand even as he got closer so he assumed it was Korean. The other two snickered and watched as Yong Soo was pressed against the dormitory door and roughly groped. Occasionally, the main guy would yank his ear or press his nose, menial things just to upset him. It was when the guy grabbed his junk that Alfred snapped.
Like a cougar catching a rabbit, Alfred came down on this guy swiftly, heavily and from out of nowhere. He began to wail into him, pummeling any piece of skin he could find. Yong Soo yelled to him to stop but he couldn't hear past the sound of his anger burning his ears. He probably would've hospitalized the guy if it weren't for his two other friends who broke from their dazes and attacked. They pulled Alfred off their friend and started beating him, one holding him while the other's fist connected with his jaw, his stomach, his ribs. He tore free from them briefly, getting a good kick into one of their groins but they brought him to the ground and began kicking him. Only then did he finally feel pain, the jolts of it erupting from his stomach and back, his head aching. Yong Soo was trying to pull one of the guys off of him but the first man had gotten up and was restraining him. The pain crescendoed and a ringing started in Alfred's ears. Everything turned red and it all seemed to just get worse and worse and worse until finally...
...The fighting stopped. The guys had stopped kicking him, Yong Soo was let go.
Ivan had arrived and by sheer presence and force, he managed to get the abusers to stop. They put up a fight of course but ultimately they couldn't do anything because soon after the Russian's arrival, the campus police appeared. They arrested Yong Soo's intimidators and Alfred although he had to be taken out on a gurney. The last he saw was his arm being cuffed to the stretcher before he passed out.

Francis, Matthew and Gilbert left Isabelle's house the next day. It was a warm good bye and they promised to visit again soon.
The next Friday, the Sochi Winter Olympics began.
The condo couldn't get any more divided.
The first thing that happened was the 'Battle of the Flags'. The whole week leading up to the ceremony, flags were everywhere. What began as one little Canadian flag sticker on the front door became 23 French flags, 36 Spanish flags, 52 Canadian flags, 71 German flag stickers and one Italian flag on the doorknob. French flags hung from every cabinet in the kitchen. A Spanish flag was draped over every lamp. A German flag welcome mat sat just inside the door and German flags hung out the windows. All three large flag pole versions of these flags were draped over the back of the couch. Then one day Matthew got early and every single flag was now Canadian. Well, all save the one on the doorknob. The undeniable winner won two Cineplex tickets and a high five.
The next few were a jumble of feelings and fun. Bets were placed on which country would get the highest score and the payout was double if the country won said event. Matthew won several of them however Francis did get the jackpot in men's cross country skiing and Gilbert won it for bobsledding. That event in particular mixed with Matthew raging motherly hormones was horrible. Matthew watched in horror as the Canadian bobsled team rode too high along one of their last corners and crashed, flipping their sled and grinding their helmets against the side of the track. The condo watched in complete silence as paramedics rushed out onto the track. Although they all made it out alright, Matthew was in tears and Gilbert had to take him to their room to calm down before heading back. They did get back however just in time to watch the Jamaican bobsled team, for whom a brilliant film was made, do their run.
From then on, Matthew's could easily be determined by where his nation stood in the overall rankings. Part way through, Antonio gave up on Spain and sided with Canada for better odds, to Matthew's absolute approval. On Matthew's babysitting days, Tino and Berwald didn't go out but instead invited them all over to watch the games. Nearly everyone in the house supported a different country. The only exception was Peter whom supported both Finland and Sweden in accordance to Tino and Berwald's homelands.
The day of the last hockey game, they went to the Oxensteirna household to watch Canada play Sweden for the gold. It was pretty early in the day due to the time difference but no one really minded. They got there about half an hour early and Berwald let them in. He was in an official Swedish hockey jersey and he and Matthew had a brief stare-down as Matthew too was now in an official Team Canada jersey that was only a little tight around his midsection. He had also convinced the rest of his group to wear Canadian jerseys and whatnot so as they stepped into the house, they were a flood of red and white entering a sea of blue and yellow. The Ancaster home was now completely decorated in Swedish paraphernalia and even Tino had shed his white and blues to don his partner's colours. They could imagine how much effort it was for the Fin because it was Finland that Sweden beat in the semi-finals. Peter ran down from his room to hug Francis and Matthew however the little adoptive family weren't the only ones there.
"I hope you don't mind..." Tino said motioning to the living room. "Some other friends are over."
There were three new people on the couch but two stood to greet the arrivals.
"This is Lukas," Tino said motioning to his friend with hairclips. "And on the couch is his little brother Emil. And this is his boyfriend and Berwald's long-term rival, Mathias."
They shook hands but when Matthew got to Mathias, he hesitated. "Mathias... Does... Does your last name start with a...'k'?"
"Huh? Køhler, yeah..." Mathias said. "Wait... Mattie?"
"Yeah!" Matthew smiled and blushed. "It's good to see you again! You look the same as always. I should've known!"
Lukas huffed. "You know each other?"
"Yeah, we went to camp together," Mathias said. He patted Matthew's head. "Your hair's longer now, huh?"
"Oh, I guess..." Matthew said. "I barely notice."
"It looks good."
Matthew blushed again. "Thanks..."
Gilbert raised an eyebrow wondering why Matthew would lie like that. For a week or so now, he'd been complaining about the length of his hair but Gilbert had told him it was fine and looked rather motherly.
Tino took everyone's coats. "I've got snacks out. Would anyone like something to drink?"
"Beer," Gilbert and Mathias said in unison.
Tino blinked. "Um, it's still morning guys. I was thinking apple juice or something."
"Apple juice is fine for Gil and I," Matthew said, nudging his boyfriend.
"Same," Mathias said. "Lukas?"
"I'll just have water..." Lukas said, going to sit with his brother.
Everyone gathered in the living room and sat around. Emil greeted them half-heartedly as he watched some TV.
"The game's not on for another twenty minutes," Francis said. "What should we do?"
"How about a game?" Tino suggested.
"Truth or Dare," Gilbert said.
"Peter's here you know," Matthew said. "Is that game really appropriate?"
Tino picked up his son. "I don't really want to play but I won't spoil your fun. Peter needs to clean up his room anyway."
"Aiti..." Peter whined but he let himself be carried upstairs anyway.
"Awesome," Gilbert said. "Let's play. Who'll start?"
"You," Francis said smiling. "Truth or dare?"
"Uh, dare."
"I dare you not to say 'awesome' for forty-eighty hours starting..." He checked his watch. "Now."
"Easy," Gilbert said smiling. "I'll bet you ten bucks I won't say it."
"Awe—heh, heh, good." He turned to Lukas. "You. Truth or dare?"
"Uh... Got it. What do you like least about your boyfriend?"
"He's too loud." Lukas didn't even hesitate.
Mathias pouted. "I am not!"
"Shh." Lukas looked to Mathias. "Truth or dare?"
Mathias grinned. "Dare!"
"Shut up until the game's over."
"Do it."
"How will I ask truth or dare?!"
"Write it down."
"Fine..." He went to get a piece of paper then wrote 'truth or dare' on it and gave it to Emil.
"Truth," Emil said.
Mathias wrote a question down and handed it to him. Emil blushed and threw it at him. "No!"
"What was it?" Antonio asked.
Mathias opened it up and showed it to them. It read:

Do you still run to Lukas' bedroom when you have a nightmare?

"Lie," Lukas said. "You still do."
"No I don't!" Emil declared. He groaned and turned to Antonio. "Hey, truth or dare?"
"Hm... Truth for now," Antonio said.
"Uh..." Emil frowned. "I don't know what to ask."
"Ask him how he lost his virginity," Gilbert said.
"What? Gross!" Emil said.
Antonio went with it anyway. "Well, I was sixteen and Roderich's family was over but they were talking about adult stuff so we ditched and went to a movie. We did it in the row."
"Nice one," Gilbert said giving him a high five.
"Thanks!" Antonio smiled and turned to Matthew. "Mateo, truth or dare?"
"Uh, um... truth?"
"When and where did you lose yours?"
"M-mine?" Matthew blinked. "Is he allowed to ask that?"
Most shrugged. "Just answer. We're all adults," Francis said smiling.
"But you're my father!"
"Come on, it doesn't matter..."
Matthew looked away. "...I was thirteen..."
"Geez, Mattie. That's young!" Gilbert said. "Where was it?"
"Do I have to say?" Matthew asked.
"It was in the question," Francis said.
"..." Matthew swallowed hard. "...At camp."
"...Camp?" Gilbert said. He looked at Mathias. "The same camp as...?"
"Y-yeah," Matthew said.
"With who?"
"...That wasn't in the question."
"Come on Mattie," Gilbert bugged poking his arm.
"He doesn't have to answer if he doesn't want to," Lukas said glaring at the albino. "It's not part of the question."
"Fine..." Gilbert sighed and leaned back, wrapping an arm around Matthew's shoulder. "Sorry..."
"It's okay," Matthew said. "So... Oh, Tino forgot our juice before going up."
"I'll get it..." Berwald said getting up and moving to the kitchen.
"It's your turn to ask someone, Matt," Gilbert said.
"O-okay..." Matthew sighed. "Truth or dare, Gil?"
"Hmm... Truth this time," Gilbert said.
"Um..." Matthew thought. "What happened between you and Liza that has put you at such odds?"
"Huh? Liz and I?" Gilbert scratched his well. "Well, um... It's complicated..."
"Explain," Francis said knowingly.
Gilbert glared at him. "I guess it all started when we were kids... The first time I met her, I thought she was a guy and we hung out and stuff. Then puberty kind of happened and things went south..."
"Elaborate," Matthew said.
"In middle school, I saw her go into the girls' change room for gym and I thought she was peeking on the girls so I followed to stop her because that's really not awesome but then..."
"He saw her breasts," Francis said taking the money he was owed. "Then he avoided her for a good several years after in embarrassment."
"Seriously?!" Matthew said.
"Hey, I'm telling the story!" Gilbert growled at his friend. "And it didn't end like that anyway. When we all came here, we met up again and made up like bros."
"Then why are you guys still so cross with each other?" Matthew asked.
"Because the story's not done," Francis said.
"Yes it is," Gilbert huffed.
"No it's not."
"Yes it is."
"Fine... You say it..."
"No I want you to. It's your answer."
Gilbert gritted his teeth and looked down. He pulled his arm out from behind Matthew to wring his fingers. "I...I asked her...bro to basically..." He mumbled the rest. "...take my virginity..."
Matthew stared at him. "...What?"
"It wasn't a romantic question or anything!" Gilbert said. "She was a girl and I was a guy and I thought that would make it convenient..."
"She got really upset," Francis said.
"Kicked him in the balls," Antonio added. "Plus, she had just gotten engaged to Roderich who had broken up with me for her."
Matthew was still staring. "...So, Gil... You were...what, nineteen?"
"Twenty-five," Francis corrected. "He got here when he was nineteen but he didn't ask her to 'help' until six years later."
Matthew's stare warped to a grin. "You were a twenty-five year old virgin!"
"Shut up!" Gilbert said. "I was not!"
"That's right," Francis said. "You were a twenty-six year old virgin. She kicked you out. You didn't get any until your next birthday."
Gilbert rolled his eyes. "Whatever..."
"With who?" Matthew asked.
Gilbert looked at him. "That wasn't the original question and you don't want to know."
Gilbert sighed and turned to Francis. "Truth or dare?"
"Dare," Francis said smiling.
"I dare you..." Gilbert said, thinking. " kiss caterpillar face next time you see him."
"What?!" Francis said. "But I can't do that!"
"Sure you can. And you have to," Gilbert said. "Or else you'll have to bake cupcakes with hot sauce as the secret ingredient and eat them."
Francis pulled a face. "Dégoûtant. Fine. I'll kiss him."
"Cheek doesn't count. Right on the lips."
Francis rolled his eyes. "I understand."
"Good. Now your turn," Gilbert said.
"Bien. Mathieu, truth or dare?"
"Who took your virginity?" Francis asked.
Matthew nearly choked on his apple juice. "Wh-what? You're not allowed to do that!"
"Si, he is," Antonio said. "You were over two questions away. That counts."
"B-but..." Matthew swallowed hard and looked down. "I don't want to say because Gilbert will get mad but it's really not a big deal..."
"So it is that guy, isn't it?" Gilbert demanded jabbing a finger at Mathias whom only smiled.
"Yes, but it's no big deal!" Matthew said. "It was so long ago!"
"But I don't like the way he looks at you!" Gilbert said. "And you're a blushing mess around him!"
"I...It... I need to go pee!" Matthew got up and ran to the washroom.
Gilbert gritted his teeth and crossed his arms. Mathias was writing quickly on a notepad then he held it up for Gilbert.

Dude, it's nothing to worry about. Calm down.

"I am calm!" Gilbert barked. "You need to stop ogling my boyfriend!"
"Gilbert, it isn't a big deal," Francis said patting his friend's back. "They haven't seen each other in a very long time. It's not unnatural for Mathieu to feel a bit flushed around him. But he loves you very much and you know that and I'm sure Mathias loves his boyfriend very much as well." Lukas huffed. "So acting like this isn't the best for you. Mathieu needs to know that you trust him."
"I do trust him!" Gilbert said. "I just don't trust him." He pointed to Mathias again whom had just finished another note for Gilbert.

This apple juice isn't doing it for me. I'll get us those beers, okay?

He didn't let Gilbert answer before getting up and going to the kitchen. The albino got up to follow but Francis pulled him back down by the wrist. The bathroom, or more appropriately the powder room was just beyond the kitchen and Matthew was just finishing up as Mathias walked up to the fridge. The young Canadian had tears on his cheeks and when he saw Mathias he froze. Then he shook his head and tried to move past him to the living room but a strong arm shot out to block him.
Mathias frowned. "Let's talk."
WARNING: This fanfic includes the topics of mpreg, rape, abortion, homosexuality, cross-dressing, homophobia, and other possibly controversial stuff. The opinions expressed by the characters do not reflect the opinion of the author. Read at your own discretion and don't be a douche if you disapprove.

Pssssssssssst, I'm back for the weekend.
I have one or two more chapters for you before I leave Monday.
Eh heh heh. Mathias.

All Hetalia Characters (c) Hetalia (c) Hidekaz Himaruya
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i.never become a writer.
you will become a perfectionist,
picking life apart
with a magpie's eye,
hunting for the beautiful bits 
until you can make yourself
a sparkling throne
in the center of a junkyard. will write when you're sad.
you will write when you're happy.
whenever you feel something,
you will vomit the emotion out
into some sort of literature.
when you're finished,
you'll be empty
and surrounded by 
pages and pages of 
everything you once were. will try to make 
pain sound delicious,
painting over the ragged wounds
with pink paint
and candy-coat lies.

you will learn
how to decorate graveyards.
everyone will play in them,
but you alone will see the headstones.

iv.if you fall in love,
you will turn your love into a poem,
and you will always like your own words
more than you like the real person.

you'll become so selfish
you'll disgust yourself,
but you will not be able to stop.
when love finally fades away,
you'll be ready to write another poem,
one with words like "heartbroken"
and "lonely" and "giving up." will be alone
and stuck repeating
the same words you've written
a hundred times before,
and soon you'll grow
to hate each and every one.

you'll have a million poems
and absolutely
nothing to say.
Okay, I jumped on the bandwagon and decided to write one of those "never _______ a writer" poems. I was inspired by a bunch of them that I read on dA, and I noticed no one had written one about never being a writer in general, so I thought I'd give it a whirl! And I personally don't feel this way. Writing is really hard, but fun and rewarding, I think. :aww:

I feel like I'm spamming you guys because I've been posting like crazy lately. Blame it on summer and free time, I guess. Anyway, thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyed! Drop me a comment? :heart: 

EDIT: ASWORPWQPOIEQFJGSLKDJF GUYYYYYS THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR GETTING THIS TO THE FRONT PAGE! I logged on and almost had a heart attack. Oh my goodness, thank you all so much!

© 2014 littleblueraccoon
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By the time Arthur reached his car, he was in tears. He didn't even manage to close the door as he sat in the driver's seat, sniffling and hiccupping.
I knew I shouldn't have come anyway, he convinced himself. He couldn't believe that he'd brought that up. You sure do have a way to ruin holidays, don't you?
"So stupid!" He pounded the steering wheel with every syllable, occasionally receiving an abrupt protest from his horn. "Fucking Mattie's Thanksgiving, goddamn Alfred's Thanksgiving and bloody Christmas!"
He relieved the poor steering wheel to check a text he'd just gotten.

Happy Christmas! Or was it Merry Christmas? I know you say one thing and Canada says another... Anyway, are you going to come over?

Arthur blinked and checked the sender. He nodded to himself and texted back. He wiped his eyes and started the ignition, driving away from the condominium.

Upstairs, Francis was looked away in his bathroom and wouldn't come out. Matthew was knocking on the door persistently.
"Francis, please come out..." he insisted. "It'll be okay... We can't do Christmas without you."
Francis frowned, kneeling over the bathtub as the water filled it. "You can have Christmas without me... Leave me alone."
"No, we can't do it without you," Matthew said. "We haven't finished making dinner yet and nothing compares to your cooking!"
Francis scoffed. "Food! Is that all I am to any of you? I am food!"
"You know I didn't mean it that way..."
"But you do! In the end, that's all I'm good for," he said. "I can't be a father, that's for sure! Why else would both people who gave me children give them away? I am just food!"
Matthew sighed, sliding down to the ground against the door. He didn't know what to say that Francis wouldn't simply twist back around against him. He knew the man was too upset to reason with now. "Papa... I'm going to go finish making dinner then... It'd be nice if you'd join me but it's okay if you don't..."
He struggled to his feet and went over towards the kitchen. Gilbert was there having a coffee as he tried to put together the model Volkswagen Beetle he'd gotten from Santa Claus for Christmas.
"Is Francis still moping?" he asked, not looking up from the model.
Matthew sighed again. "Yeah... I suppose you can't blame him though..."
"Ja..." Gilbert pulled a few more pieces for the car out of the box and began tightening them together.
Matthew brought a bowl to the table and started peeling potatoes. "I do hope that he comes out though... I'm not that great a cook. My abilities extend from grilled cheese to pancakes."
"I'm sure you're underestimating yourself," Gilbert said. "And even if all you could make were pancakes, that'd be fine. They are so good, I would gladly live off of them. Fuck, now I want more pancakes."
Matthew chuckled. "Well, pancakes forever won't work forever. Especially not today. You had your pancakes."
"Fine... Why don't you get Alfred to help you?"
"Do you want a triple bypass?"
"I didn't think so."
"I'll help," Francis said, standing in the doorway.
Matthew looked up to him. "You came out!" He got up and hugged Francis. "Thank you."
"Meh..." Francis patted Matthew's back before unwrapping him from his chest and going to check how the turkey was cooking. "I can handle it from here... You should go relax, Mathieu. You've done enough already."
Matthew shook his head. "I don't mind helping."
Francis smiled warmly. "J'insiste. You and Gilbert should enjoy your first Christmas together."
Matthew looked down at the tinkering albino. "He's occupied..."
Francis turned and tapped Gilbert on the head. "Mon ami... Put your toys away and woo your partner."
Gilbert frowned but nodded, packing up the little pieces back into their box before getting up and kissing Matthew. "Come on," he said smirking and taking Matthew's hand. "Actually, there's present I forgot to give to you for the baby."
"Really?" Matthew squeezed his hand gently. "You didn't have to."
Gilbert grinned and scooped Matthew up before walking out of the kitchen. "Of course I have to. If I'm going to the baby's Vati, I should be the first one to get it a gift."
Matthew blushed. "Yeah, okay."
Gilbert took them to him front door and grabbed Francis' keys before heading out.
"G-Gil! I'm not decent to go outside!" Matthew panicked, being still comfortably dressed in flannel pyjamas. "And it's too cold out!"
"Don't worry. We're not going outside. We're just heading down to the storage locker."
"Storage locker? I didn't know we had one," Matthew said.
"Where do you think all the Christmas decorations came from?" Gilbert let him down near the elevator and pressed the button. "The lockers are in the basement."
They got down to the basement and went to the storage room where all the lockers were kept. Rows and rows of metal cages lined the whole room. They each had numbers on them and as the pair walked through, Gilbert read the numbers and turned down the aisles until he stopped before one of the cages. He smiled and looked through Francis' keychain for the key with the matching number engraved in it and used it to open the locker. The door screeched against the floor resistantly but Gilbert got it open and stepped inside. Various boxes and old things lined this container but Gilbert knew what he was looking for and unstacked a few boxes, leaning past them to grab hold of something long and wooden. He lifted it up and brought over to Matthew, placing it at his feet.
Matthew's eyes widened. "...A rocking horse?"
"Ja. This was my horse when I was a kid," Gilbert said, rubbing it's head. The horse was old and the original chestnut paint was peeling from its body but it was sturdy and rocked smoothly. "I clearly don't need this stallion anymore. I want our baby to have it."
Matthew was awestricken. He looked at the horse and hesitantly touched it. A few flakes of paint fell off onto his fingers.
Gilbert was starting to feel uncomfortable. "It's pretty old but I'll clean it up and give it new paint. If you want it. If you don't like it, then I can just throw it out or...or donate it or--"
Matthew took both Gilbert's arms and kissed him, pressing against his lips with full force. Tears fell down his cheeks as squeezed Gilbert's wrists lovingly. "Gil, it's perfect... The baby will love it. I love you so much."
Gilbert was shocked but then eased up, smirking a little. "I love you too, Mattie. And I'm glad you like it."
"Yes, it's so cute!" Matthew beamed and crouched by the little horse and made it rock. "But didn't you grow up in Germany?"
"Yeah, I got my vater to send it over," Gilbert said. He stepped into the locker and rummaged around. "There's some other stuff too, like toys and whatever but it's nothing much..."
"That's alright, we got a lot of things from everyone today," Matthew said straightening up. "Honestly, I don't think we'll ever be more prepared to have a baby..."
Gilbert smirked and stepped closer to Matthew, placing a hand on his stomach. "We. You've used that a lot lately. I like it."
Matthew blushed. "Yeah, well... I couldn't really do any of this without you."
Gilbert's hand slipped to Matthew's waist and he pulled him into a kiss. The blond was taken by surprise but he kissed back after a few moments, bringing his hands up to his partner's cheeks. They both pressed deeper into the kiss, their noses crinkling against each other before sliding past. They stopped however when they heard rattling at locker a few cages down.
Matthew nearly flew away from Gilbert in shock. It was however just a woman in her mid-forties unlocking her locker. She blinked at them. "Oh, sorry! Did I startle you? Don't mind me. Carry on."
Gilbert smirked and turned to Matthew. "Wanna head back upstairs?"
"Yeah..." Matthew said nodding, his blush travelling down his neck. Gilbert locked their locker and hoisted the rocking horse onto his shoulder, leading the way back upstairs. Matthew apologized quietly when they passed the woman but she didn't mind and said they were cute. He hurried on up after Gilbert happily, linking arms with him on the way.
WARNING: This fanfic includes the topics of mpreg, rape, abortion, homosexuality, cross-dressing, homophobia, and other possibly controversial stuff. The opinions expressed by the characters do not reflect the opinion of the author. Read at your own discretion and don't be a douche if you disapprove.

I'm sorry this one was so short. I've been balancing this with homework and it's not working...

All Hetalia Characters (c) Hetalia (c) Hidekaz Himaruya
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The next half a week was Christmas preparations. Everyone helped out around the house. The tree had already been decorated as soon as they got it home but the whole condo was now being decked in garland and holly. There was a fight over who'd wear the Santa hat this year that Matthew opted out of. In the end, a rock-paper-scissors match determined Francis the winner and Antonio had to wear the elf hat while Gilbert and Matthew got to be reindeer. The house was fully decorated by Tuesday, Christmas Eve. That night, Lovino, Alfred and Ivan came to sleep over and they all had dinner and watched Christmas flicks. Francis was determined to make this an authentic Christmas and forced everyone to go to bed before eleven o'clock, letting Alfred and Ivan have his room for the night.
The next morning, around eight, there was an incessant series of knocking on Gilbert and Matthew's bedroom door. The German yawned and was about to get up to get it but a tired arm held him back.
"It's for me..." Matthew muttered, using Gilbert as leverage to get up. The blond yawned for a good five seconds then slipped on his slippers and went to the door.  As soon as it was opened a crack, he was swept off his feet and abducted to the living room.
"Mattie, it's Christmas!" Alfred said excitedly as he carried his brother. "Merry Christmas!"
"Shhh..." Matthew said. He pointed to the futon where Francis was fast asleep in his underwear, hugging his Santa hat.
"Whatever... It's Christmas," Alfred said. "No one gets to sleep in on Christmas."
"Fine..." Matthew muttered. "But it's your funeral if you wake him up."
Alfred shrugged and put Matthew down so he could poke Francis. "Hey, wake up! It's Christm—Eep!"
A strong arm gripped Alfred's forearm and Francis' eyes shot open, his ocean blue eyes glaring deep into the American's soul and surfacing all of his deepest and darkest fears.
Alfred pulled his arm away and backed off. "Sh-Shit! Man, that's scary! He's worse than you in the morning!"
Matthew nodded. "Yeah, don't bother him."
Alfred bristled and went off to the kitchen instead. He was still overly excited. "It's Christmas!"
"So, we'll be nice enough to make breakfast," Matthew said.
Alfred looked at him like he'd just declared war on Jamaica. "...Breakfast before Christmas?"
Matthew rolled his eyes. "We're not seven anymore. Opening gifts isn't the most important part of the holiday."
"Yeah, but Mattie..." he whined, rubbing  his brother's arm like a dog that wants to go out. "I really want to see you open your gift from me..."
"I'll see it later." He looked to Alfred. "This is the first Christmas neither of us are with our adoptive parents. We're adults now. We should act like them and be courteous enough to make breakfast for our new family."
Alfred pouted. "But they're adults too. They can make their own breakfast..."
Matthew sighed. "...I'll make pancakes."
Alfred's eyes widened. "Really?"
"Only if you help."
Alfred nodded vigorously. "What do you want me to do?"
"You can get the ingredients for me and start cutting fruit."
"On it."
Matthew smiled and they got started. After about ten minutes, Francis was fully awake and offered his assistance but they were doing fine by themselves and he just went to clean up the living room. Santa had definitely come because the bottom half of the tree had disappeared behind gifts. Francis put away the futon so that there was space to sit on the couch and arranged the living room to accommodate the dining table. By the time he finished that, Ivan was up and wandered out of the bedroom. He was going to go to the kitchen to great Alfred but Francis grabbed his arm before he could.
"We need to talk, monsieur," Francis said smiling to him restrictively.
Ivan nodded. "Da?"
"Please sit." Francis pulled out a chair at the table and then sat at a different one.
Ivan nodded and sat down.
Francis folded one leg over the other and intertwined his hands on the table. "Alors... I'd like to ask a few questions if that's alright," Francis said.
"How long have you and Alfred been together?"
"As a couple or how long we've known each other?"
"Um, both."
"Uh..." Ivan blinked. "We've known each other fourteen years and we've dated for four. If you don't consider the last few months..."
"And could you tell me what happened between you two these last few months?" Francis asked. "You seem like a nice boy. Why would this happen?"
"Well..." Ivan scratched his head. "Ever since we got together, it's always been a secret. I didn't want to hide it anymore."
"And my understanding is that you were pressuring him into coming out," Francis said. "Is this true?"
Ivan frowned. "I didn't make him do anything he didn't want to."
"But you ended the relationship because you couldn't handle the secrecy anymore," Francis said. "Correct?"
"And that separation led to Alfred's recent...expressive actions, non?"
"I didn't want him to get hurt," Ivan said. "I didn't think he'd take it so badly."
"Oui, I know. I'm not trying to make you the bad guy." Francis took a sip of his coffee. "I just want to understand what happened. You both seem to be a very loving couple. I want to help make sure it remains that way."
"We're fine now," Ivan said. "It'll work out."
"But have you really considered the future?" Francis asked. "The family Alfred's previously known seems to be out of the picture. Financially, I don't think he's doing very well. Are you prepared to help support him financially? I also don't mean any offence, but are you an American citizen? Are you eligible to work in America?"
Ivan frowned more. "I don't have citizenship... I have a student visa."
"Then you can understand my concern," Francis said. "I've even considered inviting Alfred to stay with me. However, I do believe that would cause you more issues, being as you are neither American nor Canadian, whereas Alfred is both."
"Da..." Ivan looked down. "I don't want to leave him..."
"This is why I brought this up," Francis said. "And I'm sorry it's on Christmas but we haven't had much of a chance to talk before and I don't want to postpone this until it's too late. These are things I think you and Alfred should be thinking about at this point. As an international student, you have the least power here. I can also understand however that you may not want to return home."
"Nyet. I can't go back," Ivan said.
At that point, Alfred came out and wrapped his arms Ivan's neck. "Breakfast's ready." He looked at Francis' sceptically. "What were you two talking about?"
"The future," Francis said smiling.
"Oh yeah? Like flying cars and stuff?" Alfred asked  "You know, I'm a little disappointed in Back to the Future. We should have flying cars by 2015 but frankly I don't think we'll make it."
"Maybe they're hiding them," Ivan said. "It'll be a big surprise."
"Yeah, sure... Help set the table," Alfred said, patting his boyfriend's shoulder before going to get the food. Ivan and Francis both got up to get the plates and forks while the food was set out. Once ready, Matthew went to get the others, leading the tired Gilbert from his bed and knocking on Antonio's bedroom door. After a few minutes, he and Lovino came out too, the Italian unenthused at waking up so early on a holiday. They all were happy to have breakfast however, although Alfred was still anxious to get to the present opening. When they did get around to it, he was brimming with excitement. Matthew took his coffee away from him and Gilbert took the coffee away from him as they settled down in the living room by the tree. Their mighty fir glinted with a well-balanced mixture of silver and blue ornaments, courtesy of the albino decorator. Below was an apparition of an abundance of gifts. Francis yawned and retrieved his Santa hat hanging from the tree.
"Le Père Noël was generous last night, non?" Francis suggested.
They all just kind of looked at him slightly unamused but thankful.
"Mattie, open my gift first!" Alfred said, pulling a fair sized box from under the tree.
"Only if it's okay that I go first," Matthew said.
"Go ahead. Your brother's been waiting all morning," Francis said.
"Alright..." Matthew took the gift from Alfred, placing it on his shrinking lap. He read the card and then unwrapped the box. He gasped. "No way! An Xbox?! A-Alfred!" His hands shook with desire for this entertainment system. "Th-thank you so much!"
"Don't worry about it..." Alfred said, smugly. "Just give me a hug."
Matthew nodded and hugged his brother tight. "God, I could kiss you right now!"
"No bromo, bro," Alfred said, patting his back.
"Screw that." Matthew gave his brother a kiss on the cheek. "You deserved it."
Alfred smirking and wiped his cheek. "Okay fine... You need to open Ivan's next."
"Someone else should take turn," Matthew said, motioning to the others.
"No, it goes with this!" Alfred said. "Ivan, give it to him."
"Da." Ivan reached under the tree and took out a smaller box for Matthew to open. Matthew accepted it and unwrapped it, revealing a one year gold Xbox Live membership and a set of gaming headphones.
"Thank you, Ivan!" Matthew hugged him too and put his new toy aside. "Now someone else open some—"
He was interrupted by the intercom buzzer.
"I'll get it," Antonio said, unwrapping his arms from Lovino's waist and rising to answer. "Hola! Feliz Navidad!... Oh. Yeah." He turned to them. "It's Eyeb-Arthur."
Francis paled a little but cleared his throat. "Let him up, of course!"
"'Kay. Come on up." Antonio pressed the appropriate button to unlock the lobby doors and he unlocked their door too before going to sit down again.
Matthew looked at his father and frowned. "Are you alright?"
"I'm fine... Excuse me for a second. Carry on without me." He got up and went to his bedroom, all eyes watching him go.
"Well, you heard what he said," Alfred said. "Someone else open something."
"Yeah..." Antonio reached for the nearest gift. "This is...from Lovino to Matthew."
"Someone else open something, no offense Lovi," Matthew said.
"How about..." Gilbert picked up a gift and tossed it to Antonio. "That's from me to you, mein Freund. Enjoy."
"Oh, okay. Gracias!" Antonio opened it. It was a brand new Spanish soccer jersey with Antonio's favourite player on the back. "Wow, this is perfect! Thanks, Gilbert!"
"No problem. I thought I might get you a new one since the last one kind of got obliterated," Gilbert said. "Sorry about that."
"It's okay... I have this one now and it'll my new favourite shirt in the world."
"Hey! What if I got you a shirt?" Lovino grumbled.
"Obviously, then it'd be my new favourite shirt in the world," Antonio said, kissing his boyfriend's cheek. "Why, did you get me a shirt?"
Right then, Arthur came in carrying a shopping bag of gifts.
"Hey, Artie!" Alfred said, waving to him. "Come sit! We're opening presents."
Arthur waved back and once his coat and boots were off, he went over and put the gifts under the tree before sitting near Alfred and Ivan. "You and I need to talk later," he said to Alfred looking a bit cross.
Alfred pouted. "Okay..."
"So, Arthur," Matthew said. "How have you been?"
"I'm fine... That storms was terrible though," he said. "I bruised my hip falling on the ice."
"Yeah, it can be deadly," Matthew said. "I'm sorry about that. I'm glad you could make it though."
"I wasn't going to but feel like you and Alfred are family to me so I thought I might as well show up..."
"Aw, thanks Arthur," Matthew said smiling.
Arthur looked around at everyone. "So, I'm guessing Francis is hiding..."
"He went to his room as soon as you got here," Antonio said. "What'd you do to him?"
"Do to him?" Arthur scoffed. "I never did anything. Mind your own business."
"Presents," Alfred whispered.
"But I have been a little concerned," Matthew said. "I mean, what was going on at the tree farm the other day?"
"Presents," Alfred repeated.
"It was nothing," Arthur said. "It doesn't concern you."
"Francis says you don't talk at work anymore," Matthew said.
Arthur sighed. "I said it doesn't concern you, Mattie."
"It concerns me that my father is so hung up about it," Matthew retorted.
"Then why don't just ask him?"
"I have but he won't tell me anything either."
"Because it's none of your business."
Everyone looked at Alfred and he quailed a little.
"Can you please stop fighting and can we get back to the Christmas spirit?" Alfred asked.
Matthew rubbed his temples. "Yes... I'm sorry Alfred. Who's going next?"
"Lovi, open my present!" Antonio said, happily handing his boyfriend a box.
Lovino sighed and unwrapped the gift, pulling out a pair of designer loafers. Lovino frowned at them. "These shoes again, Antonio? I told you, I wouldn't take them until you earned them!"
"And I did," Antonio said, beaming. "I put in extra hours just to get enough money to pay Francis back. Plus interest."
Lovino blinked. "...Really?"
Antonio nodded. "Si. Just for you."
Lovino leaned over and hugged him tight. "Idiota…"
Antonio chuckled and hugged him back, kissing his cheek.
Francis came out a second later. He was in clean clothes and his hair was wet from washing it quickly in the bathroom sink. He slicked most of it to the sides to get it out of his face and he smiled mildly as he pulled his Santa hat back on.
"Hello Arthur. So, where were we?" he asked, not waiting for Arthur to return his greeting.
"Hello Francis. Lovino just finished getting his present from Antonio," Arthur said, pointing to the couple. "Would you like to open one next?"
"Ah, non," Francis said, sitting down. "I don't need any surprises right now."
Arthur rolled his eyes and handed a gift to Alfred. "Here."
"Thanks!" Alfred tore off the paper and opened the box. He pulled out a plush rabbit. He stared at it. "Wait... This isn't..."
"Is that Iggy?" Matthew asked. "A new one?"
"The same one," Arthur said. "I just stitched him up and cleaned him."
"But I lost him when I was six..." Alfred said. "You had him?"
"You gave him to me," Arthur said. "I guess you forgot."
"No, actually..." Alfred thought hard. "I remember that... But I can't take him back. He was a good-bye gift."
"Well, I'm back now, aren't I?" Arthur said. "And anyway, I have a real Iggy at home."
Alfred's bottom lip trembled. "...I-I..." He sniffled and hugged Arthur. "Thank you..."
Arthur smiled and rubbed his back. "It's the least I could do... It's hardly a gift really. I'm just giving something back to you."
"Either way, this means a lot to me..." Alfred gave him a little squeeze then let go. "Mom gave me that rabbit. My real Mom. At least that's what my parents told me..."
"My parents said she gave me my bear," Matthew said. "I think it's true."
"A show of her love," Francis said. "Which is why you should join me to visit her."
"You know where she is?" Alfred said. "I'd go, you know?"
Arthur huffed. "Not this shit again..."
Francis narrowed his eyes. "Arthur, stay out of this."
"Oh, trust me," Arthur said. "I am all the way out."
"Then stop sticking your nose in."
"Hey, if you two are going to argue, can you do it somewhere else?" Gilbert said. "Some of us are trying to enjoy Christmas."
"You know what, I shouldn't have come..." Arthur said getting up but Matthew held his arm.
"Hey, you don't have to go! Just no more fighting, okay?"
"..." Arthur looked at Francis.
Francis looked back. "...No more fighting."
"No more fighting," Arthur repeated and sat back down. Matthew smiled and rubbed his arm.
"Thank you."
"It's nothing," Arthur said.
For the rest of the morning, there was no more fighting. More presents were opened, and Matthew was overwhelmed to find they were mostly for him and the baby. Eventually, Antonio admitted that they had basically arranged so that Christmas would be a makeshift baby shower since they knew Matthew wasn't really interested in an official one. He felt a little embarrassed but thanked everyone. Apart from baby things, Francis got Matthew his own laptop so he wouldn't have to share Antonio's anymore. Everyone was very thankful by the afternoon and Francis began to prep for dinner. Arthur and Alfred talked privately in Francis' room. Arthur hadn't yet had a chance to talk to Alfred about what he'd attempted at the bridge. Alfred assured him he was fine but Arthur made him promise to call him any time he felt that low ever again. Then Arthur let himself be properly introduced to Ivan. The Brit wasn't one hundred percent pleased with how fast they'd gotten back together but he accepted it and was nice with Ivan. At one point, Francis knocked on the door.
"Pardon, but could I borrow Alfred for a moment?" he said. "I need his opinion on the food preparations."
"We were in the middle of a conversation," Arthur said.
"Well, you've been talking for over an hour," Francis said. "It's only fair to let me borrow him for a few moments."
"He's not an object to be bargained over," Arthur said. "He can make his own choices."
"Really, it's fine," Alfred said. "I'll be right back."
"Thank you, Alfred," Francis said. "At least someone is helpful."
"What's that supposed to mean?" Arthur snarled.
"It means what it means..." Francis said.
"Fighting again..." Ivan whispered.
Alfred squeezed his hand. "I know..."
"Well, I'm sorry that we fight, Alfred," Arthur said. "But I wouldn't fight if Francis wasn't such an insufferable prick!"
"I'm the prick?" Francis asked. "You're the one who killed our baby!"
Arthur snarled. "I had the right to choose! And anyway, he's not dead!"
Everyone was quite.
Francis looked at him and gaped for a few seconds before sound came out. "But you said..."
"I said 'I got rid of it'..." Arthur said, tearing up. "I didn't mean aborted the baby... I put him up for adoption..."
"But, then..." Francis knitted his eyebrows together. "...He? I have another son?"
Alfred blinked. "...I have another brother?"
Arthur looked at both of them and began to tremble. He sniffled and got up. "I...I-I'm sorry... I can't do this..." He left, grabbing his coat and boots and putting them on in the elevator down to the lobby.
WARNING: This fanfic includes the topics of mpreg, rape, abortion, homosexuality, cross-dressing, homophobia, and other possibly controversial stuff. The opinions expressed by the characters do not reflect the opinion of the author. Read at your own discretion and don't be a douche if you disapprove.

Yay Christmas~


All Hetalia Characters (c) Hetalia (c) Hidekaz Himaruya
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'Man, so much homework . . . . .'

(y/n) was a current student at Ouran Academy, her (h/l) (h/c) hair swished around slightly as she walked through the halls of the school, her (e/c) eyes  were looking down at the book she read as she proceeded to the location of the Host Club to spend some time there before going home. She was so concentrated on the book that she didn’t notice a certain pair of twins bickering and throwing random objects at eachother on the floor above her.

“Hey Hikaru! Heads up!” Kaoru shouted as he hurled a water balloon at him, Hikaru simply side-stepped and avoided being hit. They were just about to fight again until they heard the sound of a water balloon bursting and a shriek.


“Uh-oh,” both brothers said at the same time. They looked over the railing and gasped at what they were seeing.

“Uhhhh Kaoru, what exactly was in that water balloon.”

“A potion I got from Nekozawa-sempai, but he never told me what it was.”

“Well, looks like we have our answer.”

“Oh boy, this really isn’t good.”


“YOU GUYS PELTED A YOUNG LADY WITH A WATER BALLOON FILLED WITH A POTION THAT MAKES ONE BECOME A CHILD!!!?” Tamaki, the president of the Host Club, shouted at the twins. They had just announced that their reason for fighting was just because they were bored and that (y/n) had become a five-year-old thanks to the potion filled water balloon. When they brought her in, they were using her now too big dress to keep her body covered as one of them carried her, the other carried her things. Luckily Kyoya was able to get an emergency child’s uniform for her faster then you can say “what-the-heck-happened-here?” and she was now sitting quietly on the couch, in the white and pink elementary uniform, just staring at the boys. It seems like the potion also turned her mind back to when she was five-years-old, for she didn’t recognize anyone and was really quiet, examining everything like it was from a parallel world.

“Hey hey, we’re sorry boss, we didn’t mean for it to get this far,” the twins said. Tamaki face-palmed.

“And of all the girls you had to hit sweet (y/n).” (y/n) visited the Host Club as often as she could, mostly requesting the twins to host her. She had pretty much fallen in love with their devilish personality and even they began to take a liking to her over time, seeing that she wasn’t like other girls that they have hosted in the past.

“Well what are we going to do about this?” Kyoya asked while writing in his black notebook.

“Well, it seems like we’re gonna have to reach to Nekozawa-sempai for help,” Tamaki said.

“But he just went home, I saw him myself,” Honey said, making Usa-chan dance for (y/n) to keep her entertained.

“Oh very well, Kyoya, mind calling him for us?” Tamaki asked.

“On it,” Kyoya pulled his cellphone out and dialed.

“Hey, what are we gonna do about her parents? They’re sure to start worrying when they notice their daughter hasn’t called or come home,” Haruhi said.

“Well just explain things to them, I’m sure they’ll understand,” Hikaru suggested.

“Oh yeah, that’s a good idea,” Haruhi said sarcastically, “hello Mr. and Mrs. (l/n), I’m afraid an pair of idiotic brothers have turned your daughter into a five-year-old using black magic. Yeah, they’ll understand alright.”

“Nekozawa-sempai said the spell should wear off in the morning,” Kyoya said, closing his cellphone.

“Oh boy, and what are we supposed to do until then? And like Haruhi said, what about her parents?”

“Well, seeing that you two were the cause of the problem, it’ll be up to you guys to take care of this,” Tamaki said. Both twins were shocked.

“What!? Boss you can’t be serious!” As they twins and Tamaki argued, (y/n) looked up form the show Honey was giving her and over to the twins, she slipped down from the couch and walked over to them, catching their attention.

“Uh, hey (y/n), what’s wrong?” Kaoru asked. She lifted her arms up, showing that she wanted to be carried. Kaoru got the message and gathered her in his arms.

“Well, this is kinda awkward, I’m holding our frequent customer in my arms.” (y/n) snuggled into Kaoru’s chest, smiling and giggling softly.

“Awww, look at that Kao-chan, she likes you,” Honey said.

“Heh, guess she’s always liked me better, eh Hikaru?” Kaoru said, giving his brother a sly look. Hikaru glared.

“Hey! I’m sure she likes me just as much!” Hikaru held his arms out, “(y/n), don’t you wanna come with me?” (y/n) looked over to Hikaru, but the mad face he was showing was scaring her, and with a squeak she hid her face in Kaoru’s chest.

“Hey Hikaru, lighten up, you’re scaring her!” Karou said while cradling (y/n) in his arms, “hey hey, it’s ok, Hikaru is a good guy,” he cooed. Hikaru sighed and reached out and stroked (y/n)’s hair, “Hey, I’m sorry about that,” he said in a soft voice. (y/n) peaked out from Kaoru’s chest, the hand on her head felt so good, she wanted to be near the owner and finally held her arms out to Hikaru, who gladly took her in and continued to stroke her hair.

“Hika . . . ru . .” she said sleepily. He slightly flinched at the sound of her voice, it was so innocent and sweet, he smiled and held her closer.

“Heh, well aren’t you two chummy?” Kaoru said with a laugh.

“I hate to break up this ‘beautiful moment,’ but our guests will be coming shortly,” Kyoya said after checking his watch, “and we can’t tell them that this is (y/n) nor can we have a child around while we’re hosting.”
“Can’t you cancel for today?” Haruhi asked.

“I’d rather we not, unless you want to prolong your debt.”

“Heartless tax collector,” Haruhi said under her breath.

“What was that?”


“Well can’t we just put her to the side, she’s about to fall asleep and I’m sure she’ll sleep through the club hours,” Hikaru said. And just as he spoke, (y/n) fell into a deep slumber.

“Well, I guess we have no choice.” Takashi helped by moving a couch to the far end of the room where (y/n) will be able to sleep soundly, he positioned it in a way where no one will be able to see who was on the couch. After Hikaru placed (y/n) down on the couch, Honey draped his pink, bunny blanket over (y/n).

“This is my favorite blanket, it helps me to stay asleep, so I’m sure it’ll help (y/n)-chan too!”

The doors to the music room opened.

“And just in time too,” Kyoya said with a grin.


(y/n) slowly opened her eyes. All she saw was a wall. Sitting up, she rubbed the sleep from her eyes.

'Hikaru? . . . . . . . Kaoru? . . . . . Where? . . . .'

She looked over the couch and saw the twins along with everyone else as they were surrounded by girls.


She walked alongside the back of the room that way no on would see her, but that didn’t mean that a few eyes didn’t catch her movements.

“Uhh, Tamaki?”

“Yes my Princess?”

“Why is there a little girl at the back of the room.” Tamaki went as pale as the china on the table.

'Oh boy, this isn’t good!!'

(y/n) kept walking until she was right next to the couch the twins were sitting one. One of their guests noticed her first.

“Oh, Hikaru, Kaoru, what’s a little girl doing here?”

“Eh!?” both twins said. They looked and sure enough there was (y/n), looking up at both of them with her big, (e/c) eyes.

“Hikaru? Kaoru?” she said, and lifted her arms. The twins didn’t know what to do, that is until their guests started squealing from the cuteness.

“Awwwww!! Is she your relative or something? She’s so cute!!” they said.

“Um, well . . .” Hikaru didn’t know how to respond to that, but Kaoru decided to play along and picked (y/n) up, cuddling with her, “Yeah, sorry about this ladies, but our little cousin just couldn’t wait to come and see us, so her parents came over and dropped her off here, she was taking a nap, looks like the little princess has risen from her slumber.” While the guests were awing and buying the story, (y/n) looked at the table and saw a tasty looking piece of strawberry cake. Her stomach gave off a little growl saying that it wanted that cake. She reached out to try to grab the fork, but her short arms didn’t allow it. Hikaru was the first to notice her reaching out.

“Huh? You want some cake?” he asked. She looked up at him and nodded.

“Heh,” Hikaru cut a small piece with the fork and held it close to her mouth, “here.” (y/n) opened her mouth and took the cake, her eyes twinkling from the sweetness of the dessert. Hikarus and Kaoru’s guests squealed some more from the cuteness.

“So what’s her name?” one girl asked as Hikaru continued to feed (y/n) cake.

“Her name? Uhhhh......” Kaoru quickly spit out the first name that came to his mind, “Victoria?”

“Oh how lovely.” As Hikaru held out the fork for (y/n) to take another bite, she surprised him by taking the fork from him and holding it up towards Kaoru’s face, smearing the side of his lip with frosting.

“Here Kaoru, you have some. It’s really good,” she said. Kaoru looked at her blankly for a moment, but just smiled, thanked (y/n), and ate the cake. Hikaru saw the frosting on his brother’s face and saw this as an oppritunity. He leaned in close to Kaoru’s face.

“Oh Kaoru, your face is a mess, here,” he sticked his tongue out and lapped up some of the frosting, the guests almost fainted.

“H-Hikaru! That’s embarrassing!” Kaoru whined, playing along with Hikaru’s plan. Both brothers couldn’t foresee what happened next. (y/n) had examined Hikaru’s little move, so she straightened out to get a little taller, and as Kaoru looked down at her when he felt her move, she stuck out her own tongue a licked up the rest of the frosting that was left on Kaoru’s face. Everyone who saw went silent, (y/n) began to slightly panic, taking the silence as a bad thing.

“Um . . . . did I do something wrong?” she asked, tears brimming in her eyes. Both twins spoke up, “No no!! We were just surprised is all!!” They both held (y/n) as they whispered to her, assuring her that she didn’t do anything wrong. As they did, their guests were seriously on the brink of passing out from cuteness overload seeing the twins comforting the girl.


It was finally time for the guests to go home. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief, glad that everything went well. (y/n) was lying on the couch at the moment, taking a small nap while everyone else stood around it.

“I’m a bit surprised that no one noticed that it was really (y/n),” Haruhi stated.

“Hm, well that aside,” Kyoya said, closing his black book, “what are we gonna do about her parents? They’re probably expecting a call from her by now, since they know she visits us.”

“Wait. Call. I got it!” Kaoru rummaged through (y/n) school bag until he found what he was looking for: (y/n)’s cellphone.

“I’ll just text her parents telling them she went to a sleepover. Good thing it’s Friday,” he said as he began his idea.

“Really Kaoru? Do you really think that they’re gonna buy that?” Haruhi asked, not believing how naive Kaoru is being, “there’s no way that they’re-”

“They texted back, saying ‘have a good time’.”

“. . . . . . . I stand corrected . . .”

“Wow, didn’t expect that to be easy,” Kaoru said, putting (y/n)’s cellphone back into her bag.

“Well, it’s getting late,” Tamaki carefully picked up (y/n), not wanting to wake her, “I’ll take care of (y/n) until she gets back to normal.”

“Huh? Why do you get to take her?” the twins asked.

“I thought it was obvious, I’m much more responsible then you two will ever be in a thousand years.”

“Yeah right, I don’t think she’ll be comfortable with you boss, she obviously likes us the best.”

“As if I’m gonna leave this precious princess in the care of you shady twins!!”

(y/n) stirred in Tamaki’s arms until she opened her eyes. His shouting had woken her up

“Oops.” She looked up to see the only blonde boy holding her and not one of the twins. She looked around frantically for them, and when they were in her line of sight, she held her arms out towards them and let out a little whine, showing that she wasn’t comfortable with Tamaki. The twins smirked at this.

“Heh,” Kaoru gently took her from Tamaki’s arms, “looks like the princess will be spending the night with us after all.”


After pulling off a genius plan on getting (y/n) unnoticed by anyone at their home(seriously, i have no idea how they’d be able to pull it off XD), Hikaru and Kaoru settled into their room. They would usually sleep in the nude, but now that (y/n) was in their room, and as a child at that, they changed into comfortable sleepwear. They also managed to change (y/n) into a simple, white shirt they had, it acted as a nightgown on her small frame and was slightly dragged on the floor as she walked. The twins sat on their huge bed and stretched their limbs.

“Oh boy, what a day huh Kaoru?”

“Yeah, you said it Hikaru.” (y/n) was rolling around on the soft sheets, loving the smooth feeling of them. Her actions caused for the twins to giggle at her interesting behavior. She went under the covers and as stealthy as she could, crawled to where the twins were and popped out from under, “Boo!” she playfully shouted. The twins pretended to be scared.

“Hahaha! I scared you!” (y/n) said gleefully.

“Heh, you sure did,” Hikaru said, ruffling her hair. (y/n) looked up at the twins, the look on her face showed that there was something on her mind.

“(y/n)? Is there something wrong?” Kaoru asked.

“Um . . . . do you guys like me?” she asked with a tiny blush on her cheeks.

“Of course we do, right Hikaru?”

“Right,” Hikaru placed a hand on (y/n) head and stroked her hair, “you’re our favorite girl in the whole wide world

“So, when I grow up, can we get married?” The twins were taken aback by her question.

“Huh?” they said. (y/n) had a big smile on her face, “I love Hikaru and Kaoru! So we should get married! Please?” she gave them the biggest puppy dogs eyes she could manage. The twins looked at eachother, a small smile was present on their faces showing that they were thinking the same thing. They lowered their heads, a twin on either side of (y/n), and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

“Of course we can get married (y/n), we love you too,” they said in perfect
unison. (y/n) clapped her hands happily.

“Yay! That makes me very happy!” (y/n) let out a big yawn, “so . . . happy . . .” she wobbled a little until Kaoru took her int his arms and got comfortable in the bed along with his brother, (y/n) lied in the middle of the two.

“Hey Hikaru,” Kaoru said after (y/n) fell into a deep sleep.


“Do you think she’ll remember any of this when she wakes up?”

“Don’t know.”

“Well, there’s only one way to find out.”


'Hm? Oh it’s morning . . . .' (y/n) sat up and stretched her limbs, yawning deeply.

“Man, that was one weird dream I had,” she said to herself. But then felt like something was off. First of all, she wasn’t wearing her usual nightgown that she would wear to sleep, instead she was only in a white shirt that only covered her up to the top of her thighs and her underwear, second, the bed didn’t have the (f/c) blankets that she slept with, and third, the twins were at both sides of her, sleeping soundly.

'What!!? So it wasn’t a dream!!?'

Both twins stirred in their sleep before opening their eyes. They smiled and causally said, “Morning.” (y/n) blushed and hid under the sheets, knowing that she was overly exposed, and in front of the Hitachiin brother at that.

“H-how can you guys be so casual about this!?” she asked.

“Nekozawa-sempai said the effects of the potion will wear off the next day, so it’s really no surprise,” Kaoru explained.

“But aside from that, (y/n),” Hikaru began, inching closer to (y/n)’s covered form, “do you remember anything?” She was silent, not wanting to answer, for she DID remember, what they did and what she said to them. She replied with a muffled mutter.

“Oh? What was that?” Hikaru asked. She muttered again. The twins chuckled and pulled the covers off of her, causing for her to shriek.


“Now, mind answering us properly?” they asked.

“If you don’t,” Kaoru leaned in close to (y/n)’s face from the front.

“Then we’ll have no choice but to punish you,” Hikaru positioned himself behind (y/n), straddling her from behind so she couldn’t escape and placing his chin on her shoulder. (y/n)’s face was as red as a cherry. She was really trapped.

“Ugh . . . . . yes . . . .” Silence. Then, “So, did you mean it?” Kaoru asked.

“Mean what?”

“Do you really love us?” Hikaru repeated.

“Uhh . . . . yes . . . but I know that it’s wrong, since there’s two of you and all. but, you’re both so perfect . . . . I just can’t choose between the two of you,” (y/n) looked down in shame, that was until Kaoru lifted it with his hand, forcing her to look at him.

“Now now, why would you think that?” he inched closer to her face, “we’re brothers, we can share.” And without waiting for a response or anything, Kaoru placed his lips upon (y/n)’s face. She squeaked, completely surprised, but she then found herself kissing back. Hikaru began to place little butterfly kisses on the back of her neck. The moment Kaoru parted, Hikaru pulled her face back, now she was looking at the older brother.

“After all, having two lovers is better then one. Do you think?” Without waiting for an answer, he kissed (y/n) passionately. Kaoru was now planting soft kisses on (y/n)’s neck, making her blush even more fiercely. This would’ve continued if the dire need of oxygen wasn’t present to make everyone stop for a second and catch their breaths.

“So, what do you say (y/n)?” Hikaru said.

“Will you marry us?” Kaoru asked.

“B-b-b-but, this isn’t right in society.”

“Then we’ll make it right,” the twins said, cuddling close to (y/n).

“And besides, society is always changing every day,” Hikaru stated.

“So (y/n), we ask again.” The twins each took one of (y/n)’s hands, “Will you marry us?” they asked in unison.

“. . . . . . yes . . . .”
another request finally done! ugh, can't belive this took so long ><
so im not used to writing where the reader has two lovers, i did my very best!! hope you all enjoy
requested by larriss
if you enjoyed this and wish to make a request, use the link provided to go to my journal for more information:…
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As a librarian your job was to stack the book into the shelves of a ghost town room.
Not noticing a brittish boy staring gat you, you began to sing

"Do you hear the people sing?
Singing the song of angry men?
It is the music of the people
Who will not be slaves again!
When the beating of your heart
Echoes the beating of the drums
There is a life about to start
When tomorrow comes!"

The brittish men known as Arthur Kirkland stares at you in awe.
You were actually singing a popular brittish song!

"Will you join in our crusade?
Who will be strong and stand with me?
Beyond the barricade
Is there a world you long to see?

Then join in the fight
That will give you the right to be free!

Do you hear the people sing?
Singing the song of angry men?
It is the music of a people
Who will not be slaves again
When the beating of your heart
Echoes the beating of the drums
There is a life about to start
When tomorrow comes!"

"Hey yo Arthur I just wanted to sa--" his words were block off by a red face brittish boy 

"Will you give all you can give
So that our banner may advance
Some will fall and some will live
Will you stand up and take your chance?
The blood of the martyrs
Will water the meadows of France!"

Arthur's face turn purple at the mention of Francis countries but easily blocked by the last verse of you song

"Do you hear the people sing?
Singing the song of angry men?
It is the music of a people
Who will not be slaves again!
When the beating of your heart
Echoes the beating of the drums
There is a life about to start
When tomorr--Aahhhhh!!"

Arthur flinched after hearing a scream
He ran as if life depended on it
Saving a girl who were about to fall on a ladder 
"Kapoff" Arthur grunted as the (h/c) girl made impact against his chest.
"A-Arthur?" ____ asked looking toward the green eyes toward her
"Sing the last part love." 

The girl blushed, gulped then continue

"When tomorrow comes"

So yea this song is 'do you hear the people sing' from Les Miserables
And it suited perfectly with Arthur

You-> your self
Story/song fiction -> jama-chan
England -> hetalia
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(e/c) Eye color.
(f/c) Favorite color.
(c) Color.
(h/l) Hair length.
(h/c) Hair color.
______ Name/last name/nickname
(s/n) Sister's name

You where laying on the sofa, with a soft white pillow and your (c) comforter. Jack has been staying with you the whole day, taking care of you and making you comfortable and warm. He even managed to make hot chicken soup. You had no idea how he knew to cook that, moreover how he was able to keep it warm despite his cold temperature.
Your mother finally arrived next day, telling you that she knew you could take care of yourself. You where quiet and gave her the coldest look anyone could ever do while sick, which was pretty cold and scary-looking. But she didn't see it since she sat on her work bench, solving crosswords with a smile while humming.
Jack still visited you, you weren't able to talk most of the times since your mom was around though. But he thought it was fine, he talked to you about random things, how his days where and what he had done. Some of the moments he talked about made you laugh. Sometimes, your mother would ask you what you where laughing at, you'd always say that you where thinking of something funny.
He visited you from time to time everyday, when he wasn't visiting, he spent time making it snow in countries and having snowball fights with the other kids. He's been really kind to you this past week, he's been so protective.

You where still on the couch, but you get up from time to time to stretch. But you always flop down on the couch again after a few seconds, your head hurts just by getting up. Jack was standing in front of you, with his staff in his right hand.
"You're starting to feel better _____?" You nodded slightly in response, hoping for your mom not to see. Luckily, Jack told you that she was in the bathroom, so you where able to whisper to him.
"Jack...why have you been so nice to me? You're visiting everyday, don't you have more important things to do?"
"...Well, to tell you the truth....i like sick people." He started to slightly blush a bit.
"Wait...what?" He's not telling you the exact reason, but he's not lying either. He just doesn't want to tell you that the reason is because he's feeling guilty.
"Don't you understand? Everyone seem to get adorable when they're sick! Imagine it, sniffles, their coughs, their runny red noses, the way they sneeze and their cranky personality and such."
"Hmm...well, i guess it could be cute on some people." You answered a bit confused, but slightly understanding and agreeing.
"And you know what the cutest thing is?" He asks you as he leans in. You hear that his voice is getting louder, signalizing that he's getting closer. You leaned back your head a little to make sure you wont bump in to his face.
"The way they look at you when they ask for something. They have the same look Bunny had when he was tiny, they're adorable~ They all look so innocent, tired, sweet...and fragile." He then stands straight. "Remember when you asked me to stay and take care of you? I couldn't possibly say no to that face." He said with a grin.
You started to blush lightly, but he assumed it was because of the flu.
"Wait, Bunny? Easter Bunny?"
"Yeah! He exists, but he's a real pain in the ass."
"Isn't that what he should think of you? By thinking of that blizzard, no kids went hunting for eggs. My grandma told me about it, she says that she was there." You didn't know if she was a child, a teenager or an adult at that time, but you believed that she was there alright.
"Yeah." He starts to chuckle a bit. "He still has a big grudge on that. He doesn't seem to look like a bunny either, more like a kangaroo to me."
You started to giggle slightly, but you then heard the toilet flush and the water sink on.

"Well, i guess i should go now. Bye _____, see you tomorrow."
"Bye Jack." You said back to him with a beaming warm smile.
"Hey, don't make me melt from your smile, _____. You have no idea how warm it gets." He said with a smirk. You giggled back, and waved at him. He then headed for the window, and opened it, letting a cold breeze hit you.

"Wait, Jack? He looked back at you, you where relieved that he heard the whisper.
"What is it?"
"....You think you can meet me later today? I'd like to talk to you about something, preferably alone."
"Sure thing, i'll come back before sunset." He then jumped out, leaving the window open.
'She's just too darn cute.' He thought as he flew to a different country, making it lightly snow as he left.

Your mother got out after what felt like 6 minutes but was only 4. She noticed the open window and that it was snowing, so she rushed over to close it.
"_____! You shouldn't have the window open when you're sick!" She shouted as she closed the window.
"Like you care.." You mumbled, still angry at her.
"Mom seriously, who was that guy? Why did you left me to take care of myself? Was it for him? Who is this guy, how could you leave your blind daughter alone at home while being sick!? Answer me goddammit!" You started to get really pissed off now. Your mother usually took care of you, just not that often with "care". This was new, that she had someone more important to be with, than to take care of you when you needed it the most.
"...Okay, i'll tell you." You then felt your mom sit down at the end of the couch, where your feet are. You sensed a weird feeling, you felt that she was unsure if she should say it or not.

"I....i met someone, and i think i really like him."
"I know, i know. I know you still love your father, and wouldn't want him replaced. But...wouldn't it be fun to actually have a father around you to talk to?"
"Only if it's my real dad! He will be a complete stranger to me! I won't know how he looks like and it will be like a new life to me, a bad one!"
"Hun, you don't know how we look like either. We've only described ourselves." 'And your sister a little different.' She said in the back of her head. It's quite the surprise that your mom just let her describe herself like that.
"I do now!" You shouted as you shot up from the couch. You didn't care of your headache that you got from the screams and getting up the couch.
"Wait, what?" She said really confused, wondering what you meant by that. She got up to get slightly closer to you.

"I saw it in a dream....I remember everything...Not the crash, but you, everyone and how everything looked like!"
"....What?" She said as she breathed out in surprise and shock.
"I saw all the colors, your face, your hair and the clothes you usually wore. And (s/n) looked nothing like she described herself as!"
" really did see us..." She said really shocked. You actually had all your memories from the past all along. You just couldn't remember them, but you did thanks to Jack and Sandy. It was also thanks to Tooth, but she didn't notice herself that she gave you those memories, which is odd.
"I....i could even..i could even see dad...he looked so happy when he was with me."
At a part of the dream, you met your dad on the way home from school, and you started to talk to him. You didn't know why, but somehow you knew it was him before he even opened his mouth. You told him that you where gonna visit a friend, but that she was sick. He patted your shoulder and ruffled your hair, telling you that he was sorry. He then said a little hurriedly that he was late for work, and that he had to go fast. He gave you a goodbye kiss on the forehead, and said that he loved you no matter what, like he always did whenever he left.
"I remember everything i saw and everyone I knew. So to live with this new "dad" would be like living with a complete stranger! He would forever be just an acquaintance!" You screamed so loudly that your neighbors heard, you even woke up some kids that had taken a nap. You started to get a slight migraine from all the screaming, but you where too angry and emotional to care.

Your mom started to quake and tears started gushing from her eyeballs, you didn't see it though. But you knew something was wrong when you heard a big thud, and heard small sobbing sounds. It was your mom that fell on her knees, looking down and covering her face filled with tears.
"...Mom? A-are you okay?" You started to feel unsure of what to do, and you felt slight guilt, wondering what you did to make her cry. "Why are you-"
"Why did he leave me? I loved him so much, he loved me, and yet he left?" Your mother still loved your father, you always thought she left him, but he left her. And you talking about him, it made her realize that she missed him so much.
"Mom, what are you talking abo-"
"When that car hit you, the ambulance had called us, telling us that you where at the hospital. We both drove to see you, and then they said you where blind...." She started to sit like an indian with her hands entwined, covering her mouth, and her head still looking down on the floor. She tried to calm down, but it didn't work at all, she was still very sad. "He....he said that he couldn't stand to see you like this, or to take care of you....So he left me...I hated him for leaving me, i hated the driver for hitting you..." She stopped talking, but she looked up at you with a cold, angry stare, and it sent shivers down your spine. You couldn't see it, but you could definitely feel it.
"And i hate you for making this happen. For seeing your friend, and coming home late." Your heart felt like it wanted to burst, hearing a family member say that they hate you is really heartbreaking. It may not seem so serious, but actually knowing in your gut that they're telling the feels like one of the most painful feelings ever. Getting hit by that car was less painful, because that was a pain that left eventually. This pain lasted for a really long time, and no matter what you did, you couldn't suffocate it.

But you where strong, you fought those tears, and said the first thing that came up in your mind.
"....What time is it?"
"About 6 PM."
"And it's still sunny outside...right?"
"...T-then i'll be going outside." You said slightly shaky as you went to grab your outdoor clothes. You took some pain pills with you, just to make sure it wouldn't get too bad.
"Where are you going?"
"Stop pretending like you care, mom."
"...Fine." That answer made all those tears of yours to finally shed. Luckily, you didn't have to turn around to let her see you. You put on your clothes, boots and your bag with a flashlight and batteries, just in case it'd get dark earlier. You then opened the front door and left, leaving your mom, still sitting on the floor.
You wiped all the tears from your face as you walked. You heard the neighbors shout, asking you what happened. You didn't answer, and you didn't look back. They knew that you had one of the best hearings, so they knew that you didn't want to talk about it.
You just went to the park where you first met Jack, hoping for him to search there when he sees you're not at home.
Wow....i really didn't think something this sad would occur in the story...Well, you just found out that your mom hates you, that's a disappointment. And you want to talk privately to Jack, i wonder what it is that you want to tell him. :icondawhatplz:

First chapter: [link]
Previous chapter: [link]
Next chapter: [link]
All chapters: [link]

Hope u like it and sorry for the sad story!♥
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“One day.”

The Guardians all lift their heads, curiously staring at you.

“Please, just give me…one more day with him,” you plea, looking at each of them in turn.

After a quick consultation with the others, North returns to you. “We shall have to see how he is doing first.”

You nod and stand as he does.

Jangle bids you farewell as he rejoins the other elves.

You follow North through the building, trekking down long curving hallways, up a decorated stairwell or two—at which a white yeti with green eyes and a fire truck in its hands has to stand aside to let the group pass—and even through a couple of other rooms that just lead to more paths. It’s like the place is just asking to be explored, an adventure in itself. As if it was designed so even North wouldn’t know what was behind every door, always maintaining a sense of wonder and mystery. Despite that illusion, though, North didn’t get you guys lost, seeming to know where he’s going. Maybe.

You think you’ve seen that door and walked this hallway couple of times already.

The entire time, it’s like the Guardians have taken on an unspoken formation around you, surrounding you with their magic and an air of comfort. Sandy is to your left, floating off the floor so he’s just about your height, always offering you a soft, warm smile when you glance over at him. Tooth is fluttering to your right, her little fairies following not far behind her. One of them has actually taken to you, flying close to your ear as she smiles and chirps on occasion, the small hum of her wings sounding like soothing music, bearing that effect on you. Bunny is switching between walking and hopping behind you, depending on the speed that North is going. When walking, you’ve noticed, he whips out an unfinished Easter egg and paints as he goes. Sometimes he’ll place a furry paw on your shoulder, smiling down on you, the hope in his eyes overflowing into your very own soul, boosting your moral without a single spoken word passing between the two of you.

North stops the troupe in front of a large wooden door, much like the one that your typical room has. There’s a large window with a ledge big enough to sit comfortably on just to the left. You’d love to sit there with Jack, wrapped in his arms as you stare out over the miles and miles of peaceful snowy hilltops…

Sandy interrupts your daydream by holding up a finger in front of your face as North turns the doorknob, Tooth and Bunny following his large figure into the room. Sand forms an image of a still clock above his head.

You nod in understanding.

You’ll wait there for the word.

Sandy goes in after the others, a soft click following him as the door shuts.

About a minute passes. Then five. Then ten.

You’ve grown very accustomed to the architecture of this hallway.

Your heart skips a beat as you hear the door creak back open.

North comes back out first, closely followed by Bunny, then Sandy, and then by Tooth.

“Well?” you ask them, your heart racing as you play nervously with your hands.

“It’s all right,” Tooth says as the four of them smile. She flies forward to you, placing a small hand on the back of your shoulder. “Whatever it was that Orl gave you to give him, it should keep him doing just fine for a day or so. He was just sleeping off a few final effects. He’s still a bit weak though.  I can’t promise more than a day. Then…then…” she trails off, her eyes growing sad once again.

“That’s all I want,” you tell her reassuringly, grasping her other hand in your own. “Thank you. All of you,” you add on, beaming at all four of them.

They all smile back at you.

Bunny coughs. “Well, ah, I’d best be off then, mate. Easter’s only a few days away, and there’s still a lot of my googies to be paint’d and such, and I’m not really needed here.” He walks up to you, holding out his paw for a final farewell.

“I’ll miss you, Bunny,” you tell him. Not helping yourself, you run into him and give him a great big hug. After a moment’s hesitation, he returns it, slightly chuckling. You think you hear him mumble that he’ll miss you too.

After the embrace is broken, he steps back away from everyone, raising his large rabbit foot. He salutes you. “Happy Easter, bugger!”

And with a couple of stomps, he’s gone.

Sandy approaches you next. He doesn’t waver at all, whisking you into quite the bear hug for someone with such short arms. When he floats back, his expression is one of exaggerated crying, a little sand-made raincloud complete with droplets of rain appearing over his head. His little transportation cloud forms beneath him as he prepares to leave.

“There’s a lot of dreams to be delivered, the children will miss you if you don’t get back out there,” you encourage him, though you’re equally sad at his departure. “I’ll always thank you for a good dream. See you then?”

He smiles and nods, the raincloud turning into a happy sun as he floats off to his dreamy duties.

“Are you going too, Tooth?” you ask her.

She shakes her head. “As much as I have to do and need to get done, my fairies are excellent at relaying information and working efficiently. I can work from here, though not for too long.” The little mini-Tooth’s at her shoulder smile and nod in agreement. “I’m still needed here,” she adds with a sad smile.

Not quite understanding that last tidbit, you smile nevertheless. Even if you don’t quite comprehend, you’re still happy she’s here. She’s like a mother or sister figure for you, and you really appreciate the extra company. Especially for what is to come…

Your eyes trail to the slightly-open door.

Just beyond that door is the one person in the world that you truly want to see and be with. The person you have so many precious memories with, each one near and dear to your heart. The one you love more than anything—anyone—in the world.

Jack Frost.

Your hand reaches out for the doorknob as you look back to North and Tooth for a final go-ahead. Tooth puts a hand on North’s shoulder as they both shoo you inside.

Your heart threatening to beat out of your chest, you push open the door and walk inside.

And exhale.

You close the door behind you as you take in your surroundings. The room looks a lot like your usual room, right down to the large window on the farthest wall. The ice is thicker on the walls here, though. But you’re not sure if that’s the design or just the effect that he has on the room.

You notice that the bed is empty. The sheets are askew, though, as if someone just got out of bed.

Leaning just at its head is a familiar long, hooked stick.

You had wondered what had happened to it after you made your entrance to the Pole. You remember having dropped it in your moments of imbalance, the events afterwards never permitting you to recover it and pushing it to the back of your mind.

“Good to see ya, old friend,” a memory plays back in your mind, making you smile as you mentally greet the staff.

But where’s its owner?

You pace around the room, searching in every nook and cranny, even looking under the bed. All without success. When you reach the window, your awe and love for winter scenery takes over, and you find yourself looking out over the arctic land for a few brief moments. You turn back around to the task at hand.

From almost out of nowhere, a small, direct, extremely chilly winter wind blows right onto your nose, making even you flinch a little as the cold spreads from the tip of your nose down into your cheeks.

A wide smile spreads across your face.

An upside-down face with pale skin, bright blue eyes filled with lively mischievousness, snow-white hair still bound by gravity, and lips forming an “o” hovers just a few inches from your own.

Jack Frost is nipping at your nose.
Jack. You can nip at my nose any time. Just sayin'. x3
But it's bittersweet. It's your last day together.
OR IS IT?!??!?

Chapter 1: [link]
Chapter 45: [link]
Chapter 47: [link]

So school is back in session for me. That means that chapters may be a bit slower in coming out. Maybe not slower since I'm going to want to finish this before school really gets into full swing (yes, it's going to end :(), but definitely going to be popping out later in the day. Thank you to all of you, for being there, being my inspiration (other than Jack but that's a given x3) to write, and just...yeah. Happy tears. :')
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A cough startles you.

Someone clearing their throat.

It came from Jack.

You remove your head from his shoulder and look up at him questioningly.

His cheeks are flushed a bright red color, contrasting the pale whiteness of his skin. He’s still staring out over the city.

You sit up properly, his arm falling from you.

“Jack?” you ask, concerned. “Is everything okay?”

He nods, his snowy hair shining slightly in the light, the silver in it emphasized as moonbeams weave in and out of the strands, dancing amongst them.

“I, uh,” he chokes out. He’s obviously nervous about something.

“I…have something to tell you,” he finally manages to say.

You raise your eyebrow. “Yes?” you say, curious. Is there something else about Jack Frost and his extraordinary abilities that you don’t yet know? Maybe it’s a deep, dark secret. Does he really know about your secret conversation with the moon and just didn’t say anything earlier? Your mind races with a million questions.

But you don’t voice them.

You patiently wait for him to speak.

He gulps.

“When…when Pitch, uh, captured you…”

You laugh to yourself, not audibly. You have to admit, he’s pretty darn cute when he’s nervous or embarrassed about something. You give him a warm smile.

“Augh, why is this so hard?!?” he exclaims as he stands, throwing his hands into his hoodie pocket.

He paces a little way away from you, kicking at the roof tiles. “Why can’t I just spit it out? C’mon, Jack!”

He turns back around and stands just in front of his staff. He touches it with his toes, rolling it back and forth slightly as he toys with it.

Looking down at the frost on the staff caused by his touch, he manages to continue, the red of his ears matching his blush. “When Pitch captured you, I panicked. Well, that’s a given. But it was a panic I’d never felt before. More extreme. I searched everywhere for you, for days on end, nonstop. Every crack, every crevice, light and dark, around where I thought you had fallen. I…I started to think the worse, and that possible truth scared me like no tomorrow. I kept searching.” He looks up at you, his piercing blue eyes meeting yours. “There was no way I was going to lose you.”

You smile softly. “It’s only natural that you’d feel that way. I mean, I am the only person who can see and hear you, after all.”

He shakes his head vigorously, taking his foot off his staff. “And then when I found you, I felt complete again. I mean, when I’d lost you, I felt like I’d lost a massive piece of myself.”

He scratches the back of his head, averting his gaze once again. “E-each time we got separated, whether it was my fault or Pitch’s or whatever, I couldn’t stop thinking about you. Not just worry, either. And then Christmas, and then all this time we’ve been spending together…”

He uses his foot to flip the staff up to his hand, his other still in his hoodie pocket. He takes a place a bit in front of you, staring into the night sky. He shakes his staff slightly, as if brainstorming.

“The point is,” he says, removing his free hand from his pocket and waving it about a little with each word, talking with it. He takes a deep breath. “I don’t…think…I could…live without you, y’know? Oh, why’s this gotta be so difficult?”

He runs his fingers through his hair and sighs, turning to face you as his arm drops back down to his side. The moon is at his back, making him look like he’s glowing with a magical and mystical silver light, the frost on his hoodie glistening.

(Your name), I think—No, I know—I…”

Your heart begins to race, your eyes widening in shock.

You slowly and steadily stand, unable to remain seated any longer.

Is he about to say…?

He takes a couple of steps towards you.

“I think I figured out why I’m here,” he reveals, clenching and unclenching his hand nervously as he stares deep into your eyes. His knuckles are white (if they could get any whiter) from the firm grip he has on his staff. “It took a while, but I figured it out.”

You don’t think your heart could beat any faster.

He turns his face up towards the stars in a brief and silent prayer. With an exhale, he looks back down at you. “I’m here...You are the reason why I exist. I…I exist for the sake of meeting and being with you. (Your name)…”

You hold your breath as he takes another, his face taking on an even deeper shade of red.

“...I love you.”
Aaaaahhhh! Anyway. Had a lot of fun with this one. x3
Ok, ok. You GOTTA read this chapter listening to "Jamie Believes." Alexandre Desplat (the composer) is such a pure genius. Here's a link: [link]
Chapter 1: [link]
Chapter 36: [link]
Chapter 38: [link]
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Collection by
Gilbert’s jaw just about hit the floor when you told him the big surprise. “Y-you’re not joking are you frau?” He asked, his red eyes wide. You glanced away from him, hoping his reaction could’ve been different.

“No, I’m not. Gil, we’re going to be parents.” You repeated, stroking his cheek as he continued to stare at you. As though the cogs in his brain had finally stopped whirring, a huge grin bloomed across his face. He crowed loudly and you jumped in shock.

“Don’t do that!” You told him, but he wasn’t listening as he was dancing around, kissing his fingers and throwing them up into the air.

“What are you doing?” You asked bemusedly, shaking your head at him. He grinned at you, wrapping his arms around you and swirling you around in circles with him. “I was thanking God for his awesomeness! But then again, you’re the awesome one here!” He leaned down to kiss you, squeezing your waist firmly but gently.

Giggling when he placed his hands on your stomach, you bumped your forehead against his. He was staring at your tummy intently as if trying to see something. “I’m not that far along, you can’t see that much yet.” You murmured, running your hands down his neck.

Slowly, he tilted his head upwards and you could’ve sworn you saw some moisture glistening in his eyes.

“No way,” you teased,” is the awesome Gilbert Beilschmidt crying?” He grumbled slightly, burying his face in your neck. “Nein, hell no!” He muttered back, gulping and wiping his eyes quickly with his balled fist.

“Ich liebe dich.” He whispered and you blushed, standing on your toes to press a kiss on his lips. “Ich liebe dich auch.” You answered, making him grin and kiss down the side of your face.

“So how long until she gets here?” He asked, stooping down to place his ear on your stomach. Even if he couldn’t hear anything, he felt warm as you pressed closer to him, stroking through his hair. “It could also be a boy.”  You chuckled.

“If it’s a girl, I’m going to pamper her so much...” he murmured and then continued. “Then again, if it’s a boy, I can teach him to play football.” Glancing up at you, he grinned widely, his cheeks pink.

“Though I’m sure either way they’ll be awesome!” Smiling down at him, he blinked rapidly as he remembered his question. “So how long?”

“Well, I presume about another six months or so.” His shoulders sagged and his brows knit together. Chewing on his lip, he pouted, his expression downcast.

“There’s nothing we can do about that.” You rubbed his back and he huffed, crossing his arms. “But I want to see my kid right now!” He complained and you watched as he stomped off outside. Watching through the window you saw him shake his fist at the sky and you could hear his voice even through the glass.

“Make the time speed up right now! Or you’ll be forever unawesome Gott!”
Erm, the title kind of sucks, oh well~

Just something short, I didn't have that much time today; have german and physics test tomorrow. But since I've finished studying for them I thought it was alright to do this ^^

Please enjoy and tell me what you think, feedback is as always appreciated!

And if you want to have a hand in deciding which character and plot is used, please vote in the poll!

Sequel: [link]
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Years ago when I was younger
I kinda liked a girl I knew
She was mine and we were sweethearts
That was then, but then it's true

"Yo (Name)! The awesome me is here!" called out the self-proclaimed 12 year old Prussian, running up to you.

"Hey Gil!" you smiled back, eyes shining brightly, "What's up?"

"Oh, well, um…here…" he told you in a sort of low nervous-like tone, though you could only tell because you had known him for so long.

Your curious gaze went to his shaking hand, which held a bouquet of your favourite flowers.

"That's so sweet of you Gilbert! Thanks~!" you told him, smelling the fresh flowers.

"Well you know, there's nothing the awesome me can't do!" he bragged jokingly.

This was how the two of you used to get along.

I'm in love with a fairytale even though it hurts
'Cause I don't care if I lose my mind I'm already cursed

It always seemed like it would never end, all the hours spent playing, teasing, just being together… they lasted for hours on end.

And in Gilbert's mind, it was like a wonderful illusion, unable to see the darkness within it.

Every day we started fighting
Every night we fell in love
No one else could make me sadder
But no one else could lift me high above

"Gilbert, stop being so picky!" you yelled, wanting to throw a frying pan into his face just as your friend Elizabeta had taught you.

"It's my house frau! I can be as picky as I want!" he retorted standing up, having the height advantage over you.

"Ugh…I hate you Gilbert Beilschmidt!" you yelled as you walked out, slamming the door for emphasis.

~~~Few Hours Later~~~

"Um…Gilbert, I'm so so sorry, I shouldn't have lost my temper so much, I just-" you rambled on, before being stopped by said albino.

"Shhh…It's ok (Name)," he smiled, holding you close, before the entire world around you seemed to have turned black.

"Oh, tired? I'll carry you back…" he said mysteriously, walking out of the house and to a deserted part of the neighbourhood as he left a trail of blood, with an unconscious you in his arms,

Sure arguing was bad, but he never felt any happier than when he could hold you in his arms just like this.

I don't know what I was doing
When suddenly we fell apart
Nowadays I cannot find her
But when I do we'll get a brand new start

But then suddenly, you seemed to have disappeared, he couldn't find you anywhere. You now seem to reappear and disappear at the oddest times, causing him to become extremely concerned, considering you were nowhere to be in the entire neighbourhood before suddenly appearing right next to him.

But everytime you disappear, he's makes another plan on how to get you to stay.

I'm in love with a fairytale even though it hurts
'Cause I don't care if I lose my mind I'm already cursed

He was just watching TV the other day, with you right next to him, his arm snaked around your waist.

"And now big news. A girl called (Full Name) has just been found dead in an old abandoned building. It is reported that they have no idea how long she has been there, but judging by the rubble, probably a few years back."

"Hey look frau! That girl has the exact same name as you! How weird!" he commented.

"Y-Yeah… weird…" you laughed nervously.

"Hm… hey, what's the matter frau?" he asked, turning towards you, before realising that the only thing in his arms was a couch pillow.

She's a fairytale, yeah even though it hurts
'Cause I don't care if I lose my mind I'm already cursed

"And Mr. Beilschmist, how are you today?" asked the doctor, walking into the purely white room, practically blending in with Gilbert's hair colour.

"I'm fine here. Hey, where is (Name)? Didn't you say she'll becoming over?" asked the albino, leaning to the side to see if you were standing behind him.

"Oh, I'm sure she'll be here soon enough…" commented the doctor, giving a look of pity towards the Prussian, before walking out, closing the metal door shut.
And here is my first story of this year!!
The awesomeness known as Prussia! :icondivaprussiaplz:

Hm...I'll try to explain what happened here, but I'm not good at it cuz' my idea changed while I was halfway typing it XD

Well, the start was very obvious, but then you two started fighting often, so much until Prussia just snapped and sorta had a split personality disorder and when you went back to apologize his other persona was out and so... BAM!! Everytime you were mentioned after that was just halluccinations of you...

Yeah... I hope that made sense ^^;

Anyway, plz comment people! :iconbowplz:

Hetalia (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:
You (c) You
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The halls were quiet. No sounds of squeaking shoes, shouts from the football team, talking and mumbles of the students, slamming lockers or the annoying giggling coming from the 'popular' girls. It was the only time of the day you really liked, and pretty much the only time you could actually focus of your work.
Scribbling down your finished sketch, taking a moment to admire your work, it wasn't long before some random girl snatched it and took a nice glance at it.
"Whose this supposed to be?" she laughed sarcastically, however you knew to all well she couldn't do any better.
"It's a drawing.." you replied, wishing you had the ability to just reach up and grab it back. "May I please have it back?"
She darted her eyes between you and the paper, before laughing out loud again.
"Why would I do that?" she flipped the sketch back and forth in her hands, lucky for you she still had no idea who the sketch was actually of.
"Because I..need it.." you mumbled, however it didn't convince her.
"Well it's pretty good.." she began, before smriking and literally crumpling it right before you eyes. "NOT! Do you think for one moment I wouldn't know who this sketch was of? You need a brain then!"
She tossed it behind her, with your watering eyes watching it fall to the ground. Of course she knew, and so did you. It was of the most popular guy in the school, known as Gilbert Beilschmidt, who nearly every girl liked. You were never tourmented like this often, however if you drew anything to do with Gilbert, you would be torn apart like the thin paper you were. There was nothing you could do, it was all due to your shyness. It wasn't really your fault, maybe it was your older sibiling(s) being to hard on you, or the kids at school that were jealous of your art. You heard a few of them talking about it, and ever since you realized why they really didn't like you. They were just jealous.
From that moment on, there was no more drawing of Gilbert. No sketches, paintings, poems, not even a stick figure! You were through with being tourmented over just a silly boy. But there was just something about him..
"(Y/n)?" a calm yet serious voice asked.
You looked from your seat to see none other than Gilbert unfolding the crumpled peice of paper thrown away on the floor.
That was just it.
He was perfect to you. Nice-at least to you anyway-. Handsome. Funny. Sometimes annoying, but it was cute. And he always made you smile, even when you were feeling shy and alone.
The big drift here? You were friends..not 'He-uses-me-to-do-his-homework' kinda friends. No, it was real friendship, like the friends since the sandbox and diapers kinda thing. You met him once on a field trip to the zoo, you had brough your art book and a few pencils. You accidentally got lost chasing a rolling pencial after a gust of wind took it from you. It wasn't until you met him..he was so nice. You two walked around the zoo until you found your school group. It wasn't until the next school year he transfered to your school. You had been friends ever since.
But it slowly began to change..he became gorgeous and popular, while you were just shy and quiet, didn't speak to anyone. Always alone at lunch, drawing or working on some kind of art. You were to shy to talk to new people, and when Gilbert tried to introduce you to his friends, you just couldn't help but get all red and run into the bathroom. Almost all of them laughed, even Gilbert chuckled. But that was because he found it so cute of you, however you never knew his side. You only believed he was laughing like everyone else, and began to avoid him.
That was when the drawing began.
You started with a simple sketch, then more detail..then even a painting. You just loved him so was almost getting to you. Now, back as he was looking at the sketch of him you drew, it had been the fist time you'd spoken in nearly half the school year.
"Is" he asked, poinging the  near replica of him on the paper, however only in black and white.
You only nodded your head a little, hoping no little tears would spring from your (e/c) orbs. There was a moment of slience, before you felt a warm hand graze yours. Looking up, Gilbert was smiling.
"It looks great (y/n)." he said calming, tapping his hand over yours a few times, before folding it properly, and placing it in his pocket.
"I'm going to be keeping zis!" he said, opening the push door, and leaving you alone in the room once again.
At first, there was bit of hope you had.
Until the next week came.


  The only thing you could do was sit at home and cry yourself into a short nap, which then just lead to waking up and more crying. It was yesterday at lunch you heard Gilbert was going out with Elizabeta, and a bunch of girls were apparently 'jealous'.
Tears filled your eyes as you went to the bathroom. Sitting there for nearly all of lunch, you began to regain your hope.
'Maybe they though they saw him with her.' you began to only hope.
'Maybe they're just lying.'
But unfortunately..the moment you walked out of the bathroom, your heart nearly stopped. There he was walking down the hall, holding Elizabeta's hand, with a big grin on his face.
"Hey (Y/n)!" he smiled, waving over to you, however you couldn't even reply. Once again on the verge of tears, as your heart began to beat faster with sadness. turned out your hope was lost once again.


 "Hey Gil!"
Gilbert turned to see his friend Alfred calling for him.
"Uggh. How long do I need to put up with this." Elizabeta sighed, letting of the Prussian's hand and shaking it. "You really hurt my hand walking by her.."
"Sorry.." Gilbert rolled his eyes, before smiling at the two of his friend.
"Well?!" he asked.
Alfred began to rub the back of his neck, causing the smile to wipe of Gilbert's face.
"She left school..and yeah.." Alfred replied. "She didn't look very well.."
Gilbert raised an eyebrow.
"It should have worked..I was supposed to make her jealous not sick.."
"Maybe it's because she's into you." a few voices laughed.
Gilbert watched a few girls walk by, giving him smirks and winks.
"V'at do you mean?" the Prussian aksed, raising an eyebrow in confusion.
Alfred began to groan.
"We shouldn't have done this.."
"DONE V'at?!"
"LIED." Alfred shoulder back, his nervousness finally got the best of him.
Gilbert took a moment of go over the single word he said.
Alfred began to fiddle with his thumbs and let out a deep breath.
"She's just..not popular ya'know? We didn't want you with her.."
The rest of the his speech was blocked, as Gilbert pinned him against the wall, holding him up by his shirt.
"V'at is the meaning of zis?!"
"We said..she was d-dating someone else to make you-so you would pertend to date Liz.." Alfred breathed, still a little hurt from the froce put on him.
"Then when she saw you she got upset." one of the girls laughed. "She's so gullable. She couldn't get a boyfriend."
Gilbert rubbed his temples before racing out of the school, straight to (y/n)'s house.


       "T-there." you sniffed, finally taking a glance at your pretty painting of (portait scene). Sighing, you placed your paint brush down before letting a few tears fall from your face. You began to imagine Gilbet and Liz again, causing you to burst into tears instead. You looked around your room to see all your drawings, and all your portraits done at school.
"I'd rather be popular than be good at art.." you sighed, wiping a tear away.
It wasn't until you felt it again...a warm hand touch your shoulder.
Turning instantly to see Gilbert, you stood up continously wiping away the tears, until you backed into your newly painted portrait and fell to the floor, with even more tears on your face than before.
"(Y/n)." Gilbert laughed, seeing his cute friend struggling on the floor. He lifted the wet portrait off you to reveal you covered in wet paint.
"Oh your so funny sometimes~" he said, grabbing your arm and putting you back on your feet.
"W-why are you here.." you said quietly, feeling your shyness begin to kick in.
"I came here to say sorry."
With that, you were pulled into a tender hug, instantly you hugged back, rubbing your face his Gilbert's chest, hearing his tender heartbeat. He began to chuckle while he stroked your hair.
"I'm not really with Liz, (Y/n)."
You glanced up fron his chest and smiled brightly. A smile that made him feel so happy inside.
"Really?" You literally squeaked, sounding like you'd just had a voice-crack.
He slowly kissed your forhead, causing your face to instantly trun red.
He made his way slowly down to your cheek, then to your lips in soft kissed, before wrapping his arms even tighter around you. Smiling happily again, you wrapped your arms around his neck, helping his deepen the kiss.
 As if time had stopped, you two had just stayed there, hugging eachother softly, little pecks on the lips and cheeks every so often.
"Your so cute (Y/n)." he said, caressing your face ever-so slowly, causing you to feel like putty in his hands.
He rubbed his cheek against yours after, and kissed it, watching your cheeks turn brighter red and squeeze his heand with excitement. After, he placed his chin on top of your head.
"I really like you (Y/n).."
"I lo-" you began but stopped..feeling like saying 'I love you' would be to much.
However, you were also haulted by his lips on yours once again.
"Good. Because I like you enough to love you too~"
:iconawesomeechosong: requested this! Hope you like it~

OOC-ness? sorry 'bout that :(

First day back at school..and I'm tired. Spelling errors? I don't give a crap :P Js
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You couldn't understand how you were still alive. You were anything but ungrateful but still you couldn't help but wonder how or why you were not trapped in that world. You could feel that Asmos beat you within millimeters of your life. You felt like you couldn't move on even though you wanted to go back to everyone. You finally accepted the fact that you were going to die.

You remembered once the watery like surface swallowed you, you sank then your body was shot out like you had wings and was speeding towards the sky. You couldn't see what was making you fly but you heard voices that were all too familiar: your parents and your old friends.

"We're so proud of you." They all said in echoes. Your mother was the last voice you heard before you were sent back to the real world. "You've earned a good life. Don't waste it."

It was very cold and numb for a few moments. The first thing you could feel was warm lips tenderly pressed against your own as a tear rolled down your cheek. Your body acted on its own by reaching up to feel soft hair under your fingertips. You still were regaining your sight but your mind drew the image of Gilbert's silhouette holding you in his arms.

"Don't you ever use normal methods to wake me up?" You smile as you stare into his ruby eyes.

"I told you it works in the stories, ____________________." Gilbert smiled as he hugged you tightly.

"Big sister!!" Victoria ran into you and nearly knocked you and Gilbert down with her force.

"Tori!!" You sprang from Gilbert's embrace to hug your sister tightly. "I missed you so much!!" You smiled at her as tears automatically formed at the corner of your eyes. "You grew! You grew!!" You picked her up and spun her around in the air.

"_______________!! This is embarrassing!!" She giggled in delight as you set her on her feet and hugged her as tight as you could without killing her. "And you got stronger…" She smiled.

"Oh, sorry." You laughed as you let go. You could see most of the pirates were surrounding Arthur on a higher floor out of the corner of your eye but you paid them no heed.

"It's been a really long time since I heard you laugh like that, Big Sister." Victoria smiled. "Did… Something good happen?"

"You really want the truth Tori?" She nodded. "No. It was absolute hell without you. I swear I was this close to going insane." You put your thumb and forefinger close together to emphasize your point. "But I had learned or rather… I had some sense knocked into me and I learned a lot of things. It was all really tough but in the end, it made me stronger. And…" You glance to Gilbert's direction as he was treating his crew members. "I learned to make friends…"

"And you got a boyfriend?~" Victoria said sweetly as you turned beet red.

"What the… Huh?! Wha?!" You fumbled with your words and had a flashback to that night with Gilbert and prayed she saw nothing. Suddenly, she started laughing.

"Got you~ Mr Kirkland taught me how to bluff."

"You clever little sneak!" You try to tickle her but she backed away quickly and giggled in delight. "I'll get you later." You smile. You started feeling the damage you took during your fight with Arthur and Feliciano and were in no position to chase after Victoria, no matter how much you wanted to.

"Excuse me, you're ___________________ right?" You turn to face a man not much older than 19 with brown eyes and blonde hair. His blue merchant uniform looked a little rugged but he looked very kind. Next to him was a towering blonde with piercing blue eyes that looked like he was about to kill someone which made you jump a bit. You returned your attention to the shorter boy.

"Yes, that's right."

"My name is Tino. Did you happen to run into someone named Ivan lately?"

"Yes, just a couple of weeks before… all this happened."

"Great!!" He smiled brightly. "Did he give you the compass I found?"

"Mmhm. It's right here." You pulled it out of your pocket and held it in the palm of your hand with the lid shut. "Is it… A Seal Treasure by any chance?"

"That's right! I came across it by accident on my travels. According to the instructions left behind, the compass would guide the user to their heart's desire, provided by that the desire would not lead to any form of wickedness. I had no use for it because I already have everything I ever wanted." He leaned to the taller man who wrapped an arm around his shoulder lovingly.

"Then my friend Ivan said that there was this one girl he knew who had lost her way completely since a tragic event robbed her of almost everything. I wanted to give it to her to help her find her way again. I'm glad it found its way to you and that you made good use of it."

"Tino… Thank you so much. … I'll take very good care of it." You smile. "Although… I have to confess that I hardly used it…"

"That's even better. That just shows you how strong you are by being able to stand on your own and following your heart." Tino smiled as he placed a hand on your shoulder. "Consider it as a thank you gift from all of us. We wouldn't be here if it weren't for you."

" 'f you 'ver need anyth'ng, j'st l't us kn'w, alr'ght?" The taller man mumbled. You nodded in acknowledgement. "C'me on, l't's he'd h'me, T'no."

One by one, the Pure Ones came up to you and thanked you before they had left. You wondered how they were all going to get home but you saw that Arthur and his crew gave them all Homing Stones. One by one, they all vanished into thin air until all that was left was Arthur and his crew along with everyone on Gilbert's crew.

Arthur was the last to approach you. Eye to eye. Daring and fearsome emerald eyes against valiant and pain filled (e/c) eyes. How you dreaded and looked forward to this moment. For three and a half years, you had hated him, loathed him, and prayed that the worst misfortunes of Hell would fall upon him.

You now understood that it wasn't his fault because Asmos had possessed him for a very long time. But he still had some free control of himself and he had no excuse or reason that he didn't stop himself from killing thousands of people for his quest.

"_____________________... I know you're probably still furious with me."

"Right on the mark." You glare at him lightly and revert to your usual emotionless expression to keep yourself from lashing out at him. "I don't care whether you were possessed or not. You didn't even spare your victims for a moment. You didn't even hesitate to kill a woman who was a mother, who had evidence that she was a mother and was expecting on top of everything. I can never find it in my heart to forgive you for that. However… You did keep Victoria safe. And for that, you have my respect."

"That is more than fair." Arthur gave a satisfied smile. "Although, I don't think that is anywhere close to a bargain."

You never softened your gaze once and were ready to attack if necessary. You still didn't trust him one bit but you allowed him to continue.

"I do not wish us to be enemies. And I do owe you for freeing me and well… saving the world. As of today, I shall be in your debt and you may use my services whenever you please, however you see fit." He gave a small gentleman like bow.

This was certainly something you didn't expect. One of the most feared pirates was at your command whenever you please. You turned your head and tsked silently. There had to be some catch and you had suspected that there was a motive for some personal gain. The thought faded away as another voice reasoned that you don't have anything that he would want and there would be no way Arthur would be interested in you the way Gilbert is.

You gave his offer a little more thought. There was nothing that you could think of that would make him useful. If you took him back to the mainland, he would be sent to a noose the minute he set foot anywhere near your home. Perhaps he may not be much use to you, but he could help Gilbert, Antonio or Francis at some point.

"Very well, Kirkland. I accept your offer. How will I know where you are though when I need you?"

"Miss __________________, I am a pirate and a gentleman. I'm never very far but always out of reach of the authorities. Just ask around a little bit in any town. I'm always on some venture that has stories coming back to the mainland. Then send a bird my way."

Gilbert coughed 'show off' behind you but you didn't turn around to him just yet. "Very well. Take care." You turned to Gilbert and walked alongside him and Victoria as you walked back to Gilbert's ship.

The dawn welcomed you with joy. Vibrant pink, blue and orange hues danced in the sky beautifully as the ship sailed off. The dark sea waters rolled and waved with glee and every life force around you felt like they were happy. Was there a reason to not be happy? The world was not plunged into darkness and eternal despair. You were back with your loved ones. You couldn't ask for more.

You sat on the stairs with Victoria as you watched everyone flock Feliciano who was crying tears of joy and being hugged to death by Gilbert, Ludwig, Antonio, Francis and even Lovino. Although you saw him chug down half a bottle of wine afterwards.

Feliciano came to you and Victoria after the crowd settled down and gave you a huge hug.

"__________________!!!! I missed you so much!!! You're a lot prettier than I remember! Has it been that long already?"

You giggle at the fact he was back to his usual bubbly self as if nothing has happened.

"I missed you like crazy too, Feliciano." You smiled and hugged him back tenderly. "And your cooking! I keep on telling Ludwig to add more flavour to the food but he won't listen to me!" You pouted slightly.

"It's okay, bella. I'll give him lessons." He smiled as he bounded off somewhere.

"He's really funny.~" Victoria smiled. "Is he a really good cook?"

"That's blasphemy for saying such a thing, Tori! He's the best as best can be!" You smile. "I'm wondering if I should send you to Sunday school." You give her a sly grin.

"____________________!" She laughed then her expression softened as she rested her head on your shoulder. "I actually want to go home… It was really scary being on my own… I learned some things too but… I don't want to live somewhere where I don't know how to do anything… And where I can't do anything… And where I may never see you again."

You give her a kiss on her forehead and run your fingers through her golden wavy hair to reassure her everything was going to be alright.

"I know Tori. I'll take you home."

"Are we going to have to move again?" Tori asked.

"…Yes." You say after a few moments of silence. Little did you know, Gilbert was standing by the helm, listening to your every word. He knew that he couldn't ask you to choose between him and Victoria. If it was a friend, he wouldn't give you the option of going back home with them. Maybe he would let you write every now and then but he knew that Victoria couldn't stand on her own and she needed you.


That night, all the crew members joined together for a fiesta. Lovino and Feliciano played the tambourine and guitar respectively and you saw Feliciano dance with Victoria for a while as Ludwig took his place by playing the guitar. Lovino had danced with Sakura quite a bit as well when the tambourine wasn't needed.

You were very surprised at how much energy the crew had despite that they all fought the battle of a lifetime only mere short hours ago. You were exhausted and merely enjoyed watching the display that was spread out on the deck and walked around a little bit.

As you looked up to the starry sky, the crow's nest caught your attention. There was one thing that you had forgot to do the entire time you were here. You wanted to climb the crow's nest at least once to see what the ocean and the skies had looked like from above. You noticed that Antonio and Francis's crow's men were not at their post and upon closer examination; Gilbert's crow's nest was unoccupied as well.

You made your way up the rope ladder to the crow's nest quickly. You weren't expecting it to be so high or small. But you had to admit, the view was fantastic. You could see the horizon all around you and the light of the party was just below your feet.

You pull out your hair tie as warm winds lightly blew in your face and spread your hair out. You outstretched your arms as if they were wings as the wind blew against you. For some silly reason, your mind told you this is what it was like to be in flight.

"Nice view up here, huh?" You gasp a bit as you turn and see Gilbert standing behind you with his red cape flowing behind him majestically.

"Oh. You scared me. Yes, it is a really nice view up here. I wanted to come up here before…"

"Before you leave with your sister." Gilbert finished. You give him a guilty look as you saw the hurt look in his eyes.

"Yes. It's not like I don't want to stay but she needs me." You say without missing a beat as you run your fingers through your hair.

"I understand. On that day when Ludwig was taken from me, I was planning on giving up my ventures completely and staying inland with him. So I can't say I don't sympathize with you." Gilbert's glance briefly went to the deck to Ludwig's direction.

"…Come with me and Tori." You say as you take his hands and look at him pleadingly. "Maybe it's time for you to settle down. Your brother is safe. Feliciano is safe." Gilbert scoffed a bit and gave you a better smile.

"I think that's a no-can-do. The authorities have put a bounty on me for so long that I can't just settle down like that." He snapped his fingers. "Besides… Because of Kirkland, I missed out on a lot of real treasure hunts."

"Ah, I see. But what if you could get a pardon and be a privateer? What would you do, hypothetically speaking?"

"Hm." Gilbert sat down on the floor and scrunched his face a bit as he was thinking. "I would find a place where we could live together. I need a pardon from a King or someone of high rank for that to happen."

"What about the mayor of the wealthiest Merchant City on the Mediterranean?"

Gilbert turned to you with a confused expression as you sat down next to him, with your hand on his.

"Steinies may bear a grudge that may never be extinguished but Andros believes in second chances. I'm going to take Tori back home there and help rebuild it to what it used to be. Maybe even better. The mayor is still alive and trying to keep the town running. I can get you and everyone here a pardon and set you up as privateers so that you never have to worry about the authorities again. Besides, they're only after you after what Kirkland made you do, right?" Gilbert nodded and smiled in thanks.

"Your proposal sounds intriguing and persuasive and I will accept it under some conditions. First one: I want you to take Feliciano and Sakura with you. Feliciano isn't meant for dangerous journeys and the only reason he's here with me now is because of Ludwig was in danger. And he doesn't like fighting much so I think he wants a quiet life more than anything. And Sakura is under the same circumstances, right?" You nodded.

"My home is more than big enough to let them or anyone else stay. I'll gladly take them."

"Second. You write. Often. Two… No, no. Four times a week."

"That can be arranged… In fact…" You whistled and Gilbird flew up to the nest within seconds. "Why don't you keep Gilbird? I'm sure he won't mind. He's fast and smart so he can find you easily." Gilbird chirped happily and landed on Gilbert's hair which made him chuckle.

"Alright. My last condition, ____________________." His tone lowered as you felt him slide something on your left ring finger. You looked down and it was a gold ring with an emerald in the center. "Let me be yours. Always and forever."

"Yes. I agree to all of them." Gilbert held you close as you two shared a kiss that was unseen by the other crewmembers.


'Oh my god, I can't believe this is finally happening…' You think to yourself as you will every cell in your being not to breakdown or cry from happiness. You never thought this was going to happen in a very long time and you were not ready for it. It was far too soon. You saw Gilbert smile in your direction as you walked down the aisle, smiling back at him with pride.

Once you got to the end of the aisle to the altar, you turned to your sister and kissed her cheek for good luck. You couldn't describe how beautiful she was in her wedding gown. Her sunlight golden hair was in a crowning braid that had flowers weaved into it that you and Sakura slaved all morning to perfect. Her blue eyes were watering, giving you a smile from the bottom of her heart as she took Feliciano's hand to the altar. You went to your assigned area as a bride's maid as the past few years had flashed before your eyes.

It was hard to believe that five years had passed already. It wasn't long after Gilbert proposed that you two were married. It didn't take very long since neither of you were keen on a huge, traditional party. You two said your vows in front of the crew members on that night and officially registered when you returned to Andros.

Unlike you and Gilbert, Victoria and Feliciano wanted a party such as this and you couldn't say no to them. Ever.

Feliciano and Sakura had stayed with you and Victoria in your old house after you had cleaned it up and fixed it. People slowly started returning to Andros after you had returned and the majority of the city was rebuilt to its former glory.

True to your word, you were able to get Gilbert, Antonio and Francis a pardon from the mayor of Andros and made them privateers so they could still treasure hunt and go on adventures when they pleased without having to worry about the law too much. As well, you wrote almost every other day to Gilbert through the Gilbird Express. There was always something to tell him. Even if nothing new happened in your, you always wrote 'I love you' to him.

You have not heard from Arthur in a long time. Alfred managed to track you down with his pet eagle and send friendly letters every now and then to try and keep in touch and give you hints of what Arthur was up to just in case if you needed his help. You had thought of asking Arthur if he wanted a pardon as well but a part of you knew that this was the real Arthur Kirkland's calling and would rather be hung than to yield to the law in any way. It could have been that or perhaps Arthur didn't have to worry about anyone he cared about on land getting hurt.

Soon, their vows were said and Feliciano kissed Victoria passionately as he dipped her. You applauded with everyone else as your eyes met Gilbert's who was smiling back at you from the other side of the altar with Ludwig and Lovino.

After the wedding, you took a walk around the town with Gilbert, giving him a little bit of a lecture not to spoil and traumatize the newlyweds before their wedding night. You figured that Gilbert was half paying attention and were about to scold him further when he kissed you in the middle of the empty street in front of a shoe shop.

"They're in love, just like us, liebe. I think they could use a little advice."

You sighed and smiled a bit.

"A little advice. Not the whole talk." You pointed at him.

"Of course, of course. I do have a sensible side you know that right, _____________________?"

"Yeah. It's one of the reasons I love you so much." You kiss him once more then turned to head home. Before you left, you noticed the owner just bringing out new sets of shoes and caught a glimpse of tiny little shoes in the window. You hooked your arm around Gilbert's as you walked home, with your gaze constant on the beautiful sunset on the plateau with the white washed homes that promised another golden day tomorrow.
Ladies and Gentleman, thank you very much for your support! This is the final chapter of Not Everything is Silver and Gold. It has been exactly one year today that I have started the series. I'm very proud of it and I am very happy that I have so many fans of this story :)

If it's gonna finish, might as well finish with a bang tiiiiiiny bit of trolling :3

Hm... Alrighty, news and announcement wise that is related to the story.

I will be doing a sequel to this series and I will give you a tidbit of my train of thought.

:bulletred: Reader-Chan will be playing the hero once more :3
:bulletred: Arthur will get a bigger role and be allied with Reader Chan
:bulletred: Another couple will get together
:bulletred: Reader-Chan and Gilbert's love will be severely tested
:bulletred: Something unexpected will happen... A horse shall be traded for a DONKEY!!! (I can tell you think that this is going to be a kickass story, am I right? :3 )

Although, I cannot promise due dates. School munches up most of my time.

Announcement 2:

For those who remember, I am working on a trailer for this fanfiction. I was originally planning to finish it last summer but... things didn't work out. It's still in progress and slowly coming together. This is what I have so far: [link]

Unfortunately, I do not have scenes ready for the Italy bros, Arthur or Antonio so you can't hear their voices. Once I have scenes ready for them, I will give you a preview link(s)

Announcement 3:

I have given it some thought and I think I'm going to try and actually publish this story this summer or after I am finished with school. Granted, quite a bit of things need to be changed and edited but it will still follow the same plot line or written work that I have posted on here.

So no matter when you guys read this story or these comments, if you can give me some constructive criticism on what you liked or disliked or would liked to see more of, or any suggestions at all, that would be greatly appreciated.

Hope you liked this story and my other stories and I'll see you around!! :D
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    HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!! hope you enjoy this little fan fic :3

It was December 31st and I was chilling at home in my red pajama under shirt and black sweat pants watching CityTv NYE show, When out of the blue the phone rang.
yes that was my boyfriend, we have been together now for a year, Gilbert was his name. 'man I wish he wasn't such a party animal though'
I got up from the couch and got dressed in a dark brown sweater dress, tight black leggings with my awesome sock monkey socks from roots! then tied my (h/l) (h/c) hair in a messy bun, through on some neutral makeup 'nothin special' also my dark brown jacket, black finger gloves, grey scarf, through on my black boots and I was out the door waiting for about a minute or so till they pulled up my driveway and I hopped in beside Antonio.

Once we got there we realized how many people there was, I MEAN HOLLY SHIT THAT'S A LOT OF PEOPLE!! Gilbert then wrapped his arm around my waist and gave the three of us a cheeky grin.
"What is zha cheeky grin for mon amie?" Francis asked with a worried tone
"Ce!" spain said also worried
"which means we are ganna be in the front row!!!!!!!!?"
"OH MY GOD GILBERT!!! THATS AWESOME!!!!" Antonio, Francis and I said all at the same time

It was in the middle of all the acts when the hosts brought up the "awesome" kiss cam, the four of us laughed and thought it was funny seeing all the couples kissing and getting all hot and steamy when suddenly it was showing me and Gil on the BIG ASS SCREEN!!! so me and Gil just shrugged, we both said happy new year to each other and slowly leaned in to give each other a sweet kiss when Francis and Antonio joined the two of us, the crowd went crazy and cheered! we all laughed and then Gil grabbed my waist and pulled me close,
"Happy New Year Frauline!" then he pulled me in close and gave the most sweetest, most lustful kiss he has ever given me
"Happy New Years to you too Gil" and I gave him another kiss back

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!!! HOPE YOU ENJOYED!!!! if you have any request ill be willing to write any CountryxReader and maybe a Lemon if you want ;D
Hey guys happy new year and hope all you of ya had an awesome 2012!!

obviously i do not own hetalia and its characters only the story line! :3 hope you enjoyed it!!

any requests? :P and dont for get to watch ;D
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{A/N: Hi, I know most of you aren't going to read the description for whatever reason. I would highly recommend you do, but if you don't I will sum up the things in the description for you. This fan fiction is for the anime Hetalia and it is 18+ due to its content. But, since I am 14 and writing this. Age does not matter to me. I also know that you little shits (just kidding I love you all) under 18 or even 16 are gonna be looking this stuff up. But, I put a mature rating on it anyways. There is no possible way it would even stop you so why try and hide it. You will just find it anyways. Am I right? Yes. Yes I am. I would also like to point out that I do not own the character(s) mentioned in this fan fiction and I do not own the anime, Hetalia, itself due to The Copyright Act of 1976.}

[Warning: There are explicit themes in this fan fiction! Lemon means sexual content! This fan fiction also includes swearing and the German language (which will be translated). If in any way you do not like or these things bother/offend you, please leave and go somewhere your innocent mind can be sheltered from these explicit themes]

This is a reader insert so here are the codes:
(Name) = your name           (h/c) = your hair color       (h/l) = Your hair length
(s/c) = your skin color        (e/c) = your eye color        (f/c) = your favorite color
(2f/c) = your second favorite color

On that note ~ enjoy the fan fiction (:

~ "Are You Tired?" Germany x Reader (lemon): Hetalia Fan fiction ~

You awoke when you felt a body lay down on your own. Your eyes were half open and you tried to get a glimpse of who it was,but they were out of your view. You had been laying on your stomach while you slept soundly so their chest was on your back at the moment.
With no idea of who it could've been, you had to eliminate certain options. It wasn't a female country because the chest had no female qualities. None of the female countries you knew were flat chested in anyway. Even little Liechtenstein (Erika/Tsutsia Vogel <<< possible names for Liechtenstein that Himaruya listed for her with Vogel as a surname) had breasts and some countries' *cough cough* Ukraine (Irina/ Iryna) *cough cough* breasts sizes seemed fake.
Not to mention that you had only happened to stay at only two countrie's house. Gilbert (Prussia) and Ludwig (Germany) Beilschmidt's place. There was no possible way it was Gilbert because he had slept over Francis' (France) house and Antonio (Spain) came along. (Spain brought poor Romano [South Italia] as a tag along! No one dares know what the Bad Touch Trio does behind closed doors... And poor Romano had to witness it!)
"Ludwig." You murmured, knowing it was him by now. "What are you doing?" Was your question. He didn't reply. At least not verbally. The only answer you got out of him was his strong arms snaking around you and giving you a small squeeze, earning a little relaxed sigh from you. "Seriously, Ludwig. Why are you doing this? It isn't like you."
Your lover was the cuddling type, but this was just strange. Germany is a very serious and he doesn't show emotion, yet that doesn't mean he doesn't feelings. He does and you are his lover so you know him well enough to know he does. You know that sometimes he needs someone to talk to and someone to hug him when he cries. Although... right now he didn't seem as though he was going to cry and he had to fill out some paperwork for his boss so why was he trying to cuddle with you? But, this wasn't his normal cuddling... There was something strange about the way he was doing it. His breath was steady and so was his heartbeat. He lay there on you calmly and almost putting a bit more of his weight on you than he normally would. This was the strange part.
"Is something wrong?" You wondered out loud. You squirmed under him so desperately wanting to see his face.
"Keine, Ehefrau. (No, Wife)." He answered quietly, almost mumbling.
"Then, why are you acting this way?" Something clicked in your mind. Ludwig's voice is always full of energy. Germany constantly sounded angry most of the time or stressed even when he wasn't. He was just loud in general. But, the poor man sounded so drained of his energy and so quietly. He must be tired.
"Germany,Ludwig..." You paused, making sure he wasn't making small snoring noises to signal he had fallen asleep. "Are you tired?"
"Nein!!!(No!!!)." His voice boomed which surprised you. Then his arms unwrapped themselves from around you, only for him to use his strong hands to flip you onto your back.
Instantly, he used his crystal blue eyes to stare deeply into your own (e/c) eyes. You stared back at him with sympathy pooling your gaze as you searched his visage and found bags under his eyes. He was tired. You called it.
Your hand cupped his cheek and your thumb rubbed his cheek softly as though brushing away something that happened to not be there. Quickly, Germany coughed awkwardly and looked away as soon as he felt his cheeks burning up from a blush that gradually consumed his pale face. You bit your bottom lip and whispered, "You're lying."
"Du hast recht , meine Liebe. (You are right, my love)." Germany nodded and placed his gloved hand over yours which seemed so small and feminine compared to his. He kept it there and nuzzled his cheek lovingly into your palm. "Meins. (Mine)." He stated selfishly.
You giggled and covered your mouth with your free hand. He looked at you and leaned down, kissing your lips when you stopped. Your hand dropped from his cheek onto the bed and you grasped the sheets as you moved to an almost sitting position while the kiss grew more heated.
Silently the two of you began to strip each other in a fast pace, wanting to use as much time as you could. Both of you knew Ludwig would have to finish his last pieces of paperwork. He removed your (f/c) tank top while you stripped him of the jacket on his uniform. Those were both dropped onto the floor beside the bed. As was his extra black t-shirt he wore under the extra green fabric with badges. You considered it extra because he really doesn't need clothes and you preferred him without them.
"(Name)." He growled before moving to your neck and latching his teeth down onto the tender (s/c)skin, leaving a red mark when he pulled away. You squealed in pain as all your nerves tingled in that split second. Softly he licked the spot that began to bruise. Of course he was smart enough to know not to put hickeys or bruises on visible places of your skin, but he couldn't help it.
"Shit Ludwig!" You yelled in pleasure when he began to suck on the same bruise, bursting more of your blood capillaries and adding a hickey to the spot. Germany enjoyed your screams, in fact it made him even harder than he already was. you could tell because there was something poking at the inside of your leg.
Germany pulled away with one of his rare smirks and you whined from the sudden absence of feeling. He snickered and said, "Sorry meine liebe ( my love). Just wait a minute and I promise I will send you to glückseligkeit (bliss)." You nodded and watched him as he pulled one of his gloves off using his mouth and pulled he other swiftly with his first visible hand. You cracked a smile when you watched him lick his lips in delight.
His hands went to your hips and he pulled down your (2f/c and insert style or type of panties), exposing your womanhood to the open. You weren't a virgin. Ludwig had made love to you many times before and he knew your little turn ons. You knew his as well. You two aren't really an innocent couple when it comes to being behind closed doors.
You gave him a pouty lip and moved onto your knees where you unbuckled his belt and unbuttoned his pants, letting them fall to his knees. He kicked the pair of pants and black boxers off, after his boots hit the floor. You then grabbed a hold of his large member and gave it a delicate lip on the tip of is erected cock. Now, along with a small squeeze and quick, rough couple of pumps on his shaft with your hand and you had him dripping precum. You lapped it all up without hesitation.
Your lover's eyes widened as you gave him an innocent look while sucking on your index finger to get the rest of the white sticky fluid off of your hands. He blushed intensely as his dick twitched wanting to be inside you. Russia isn't the only one who wants to become one with people. Germany definitely wanted to become one with you and fuck your brains out in the process.
"Frech Frau,(Name). [Naughty Wife, your name]." He chuckled and pushed you down roughly, holding your wrists together above your head with only one of his hands. This excited you and your smile turned into an ear to ear grin.
"What are you going to do about it, Ludwig?" You chimed teasingly. His free hand went under chin to lift it up where he once again licked your neck with one swipe of his tongue. Then he turned your head to the side and you shivered as his tongue grazed the shell of your ear almost sloppily.
His rough hands and touch were enough to send you off the edge, but you let him put on the extra effort. Already a knot formed in your stomach as your temperature sky rocketed and you were holding back moans.
The well built man leaned down and moved your legs apart gently. His lips brushed against the inside of your thighs, just barely tickling your skin. His hands remained on the outside of your thighs as his thumbs drew invisible circles just below your hips.
His hand was long gone from fastening your wrists together above your head. Your free hands roamed to his hair and you ruffled the slicked back style to make it messy to where it fell just above his eyes. This made him look so much less strict and more innocent (not that his serious side wasn't sexy ~ it totally was!!!).
"Pl-please hurry..." You breathed.
"Hurry what? I don't know vhat you are talking about." The sly man played dumb, but it wasn't really him playing dumb. What he really expected out of you was an answer he knew.
"Pl-please..." You went for it anyways, "Eat me out..." Your breathing hitched. You so desperately wanted to be abused and used by his amazing tongue. His cold breath made your vagina lips quiver in delight as he blew on your soaked pussy. Then his tongue glided up and down the opening before he kissed your clit and sucked on it. Germany has a very skillful tongue and very skillful hands;That's what makes sex so fun between the two of you.
"Ah... nyagh!" Your face turned as red as one of Spain's tomatoes and your little squeals of delight filled the air. Already your spine arched as the sensitivity of your womanhood stimulated your nerves. Germany knew that how this was going, you would be at your edge pretty soon.  He continued for a couple of seconds or so as his tongue buried itself into your pink, wet cavern and he lapped up your juices; Swallowing them he enjoyed the sweet taste as the warmness poured down his throat.
Pulling away and wiping his now wet mouth with his left hand, he used the fingers on his right hand to continuously push into you and scissor you ever few pumps. You looked at him in surprise with the rapid change of pace as he quickened his movements. Due to the exciting change, your climax came earlier than both you and Germany expected.
"Ludwig!!!" Your feet tried to bury themselves in the sheets and your fingernails almost tore through them. He gripped your hips and watched you as you came. The pleasure rushed into your facial expressions, which he absolutely loved to see. It was the many things he wanted when making love to you; Seeing that you were 'having fun'.
Next was when the real sweat making sex and orgasmic penetration took place. After giving you time to compose yourself he leaned down and gave each of your nipples a flick of his tongue and a minute of sucking while the other sensitive mound of flesh on your chest was being fondled with and your free nipple was getting pinched by his fingers at the right angle, to make your nipples harder. Gradually he made his way to placing butterfly kisses in between your breasts and down your stomach.
The passionate lover pulled away and his hands spread your legs farther apart while in the process of jerking you closer to him.
Ludwig's large member was now poking and prodding your entrance. He was huge, so every time you would have to adjust to his length and girth. It was always a shocker being filled with his girth and his semen drowning your womb.
"Prepare yourzelf for zhis-" Without giving you time to prepare yourself he jolted into you and for a moment the sound of skin pounding together filled the room. He continued without giving you any time to get used to him.
You begged but you knew you didn't want him to stop because this was bliss. Pure Bliss.

Time passed.

The bed creaked.
The sheets ruffled and the sound of fabric was loud.

You looked at him and he happened to stare down into your eyes as well. A small drop of his sweat dripped onto your forehead. He stopped moving and leaned down, closing his eyes and kissing your lips softly.
"Ich Liebe Dich." He cooed while softly separating his lips from your own.
The Two of you then kept going.

Skin slapped together.
Your moans.
His groans.

Change positions.

You rode him and kept your hands on his chest and kept your eyes shut. He had is hands on your ass, pushing you up and down on his cock. You both panted and your screams of each other's names filled the room. Your eyes opened and he was looking as though he was enjoying himself.
One of your hands moved to his thigh for support so he took one of his hands and cupped your cheek or played with a small strand of your hair.

Even more time passed.

The floorboards sounded as though they would break.
Pillows and blankets were thrown next to the bed.
His name.
Your name.
Wet noises filled the room.
In and out.

Faster~ Faster...

Harder~ Harder...

You both agreed to change positions and now it was doggy style.
His hips rammed into your ass and he spanked you once or twice, here and there. He would lean over you and grab your shoulders with his rough hands as your fingers curl into the sheet beneath you.
He whispers dirty things and sweet nothing into your ear, he tells you how YOU ONLY BELONG TO HIM.
You nod in agreement and submit to him.
Your hips bucking back into his so he goes deeper, tapping the end of your womb with the tip of his long and large cock. You feel so full and pleasured.

Time passes yet again.

You're back in missionary style with your husband pounding still filling you up and his pace never slowed, your small noises of pleasure have never stopped roaming about the air.
Your eyes nearly rolled back into your head and your tongue hanging out, he had been hitting your g-spot for some time now. He slammed against it. Fucking you senseless and you enjoyed every moment of it. How could you not?
After hours your time had come to reach your climax. It was slowly building, the knot in your stomach grew and it dared burst.
Inside of you, your lover's member twitched and swelled. It signaled the soon release of his seed and you wanted to drown in it.
Germany's arm swooped under you and arched your back as his other leg grabbed your calve and lifed your leg over his shoulder for a new angle. He grunted knowing that both of your limits were just around the corner. Harder he moved in and out swiftly. Faster he pumped in and out anxiously.
This was it...
"You ready, Miene Liebe... (Name)? [My Love... (Your name)?]" He managed to speak.
"Y-yes!" You stuttered, swallowed up by exhaustion and hunger for his thick cum to pour into and out of you.
A few more rounds of pounding and moaning and screaming and you both came, yelling out each other's names. You had came first which had triggered his end.
Your body spazzed a bit as your orgasm sent a shock wave of nerves to become stimulated all along your body and his release in you made it all the more pleasurable.
The sexy blonde, collapsed softly onto you and his head was next to yours. His breathing sharp in your ear and one of his hands gripping your waist to pull you closer.
Your hair was a mess and you stared up at the ceiling as mixed, sticky fluids softly dripped out of your swollen, wide, red cunt. It would tighten and die down later as it always did. Your thighs hurt and so did your ass. You couldn't move your legs but you weren't paralyzed. If you tried to walk you wouldn't walk straight.
Germany's motto about sex is, if you are still able to walk or even walk straight, he didn't do it right. This time proves he did it right. He always does it right.
Your toes curled and your head lazily turned to him, "Ludwig... Aren't you going to go finish your paperwork?" You croaked, your throat sore from hours of screaming.
"Nein.Ich möchte ein Nickerchen zuerst nehmen. (No. I want to take a nap first.)" He exhaled deeply.
"You are so lazy." You giggled. You brought your hands up to your face and yawned, closing it with a sigh. You turned you body to him and looked at his tired face.
Leaning over him, you grabbed the pillows from the floor and place two under his head and one under your own. The fourth pillow lay behind you on the bed.
Ludwig had quickly fallen asleep and he made little snoring noises while cuddling you close. He always did this while he slept so he felt like he was protecting you. You obviously didn't mind because he was your husband. It was his own job to be your cuddle buddy and you were his wife so it was your job to be his.
A small smile plastered onto your face as you attempted to sleep.

~Extended ending~
(I needed to add a bit of comedy to this :squee:)

Ludwig has 3 dogs. He also has an older brother and his older brother had a bird and 2 friends.
Ludwig's dogs scratched and whined at the door and Gilbert's bird managed to get out of it's cage and wouldn't shut up. The stupid loud tweeting and annoying dogs kept you awake.
Then came Prussia or Gilbert, accompanied by by his 2 friends that he was supposed to stay with.
"Vest!!!" Gilbert yelled, "Francis and Antonio and I heard zhe whole thing! You sly dog. You did the frickle frackle in the bed with zhe lovely (Name)!!!"
Francis spoke through the door, "Oh the lovely (Name) was being pleasured by the tough Germany? Well I think I underestimated his loving skills. Job well done ohonhonhon!" France laughed pervetedly.
You could just tell Spain had a smile on his face and probably one of his signature innocent smiles, meaning no harm but he said something completely uncalled for, "Signora (Name)? That's you in there?! Your screaming is lovely and really sexy."
Your eye twitched and you looked at the door. Thank goodness it was locked.
"Aww, zhe baby Vest is a beast in the bedroom! Let's hope he doesn't have anyzhing bigger zhan my five meters! Kesesese!" The albino added.
"Let's hope he doesn't have passionate hips for loving like mine." The Frenchman added.
"I wonder if Germany's ass is better than mine?" The Spaniard wondered.
"Why-a did you bastards bring me here?!?!" Romano yelled.
Amazingly Ludwig had slept through all the taunting. You grabbed the pillow behind you and sat up, throwing it at the door, "Shush you perverted wierdos!!! He is sleeping and shut up! Yes he is better than you guys now goodbye!"
"Pfsh, vhatever (Name)!" Gilbert banged on the door. That was the last straw. You turned over, grabbing a throwing knife from the nightstand and you flinged it at the door. On the other side you could see it just barely an inch away from France's face.
"Ohonhon..." He laughed nervously. Sweat trickled down all four of the 'intruder's' faces and they slowly back away from the door with looks of fear turned into small smiles plastered on their faces.
"Well, have a good time..." Spain spoke kindly and quickly they all walked downstairs. They were gone now, but you knew Gilbert would never let you live it down.
Satisfied but still a bit annoyed, you plopped your body back down onto the bed and your face on the pillow. You side angrily but Germany cradled your head and pulled your body closer to his. So... He wasn't asleep...
"I vill get back at my bruder (brother)later. Just go to sleep." His reassuring words re-spawned your little smug smile.
"Ich Liebe Dich. (I love you.)" Germany whispered.
"I love you too..." You replied.
Closing your eyes you both fell asleep, taking a nap. Trying to spend every moment together before he had to go and finish his paperwork. :heart:
What happens when you husband stays up all night doing paperwork and needs to spend some time with his lover? Well, find out in this Reader-insert where you are Germany's wife and he goes to you needing a little something to wake him up!

[Warning: There are explicit themes in this fan fiction. These themes may include but are not limited to: swearing, sexual activity, intense detail of such sexual acts and the German language (which will be translated). If any of these offend/ bothers/ does not interest you in any way or you/ does not please you or you are under the age of 18+ or 16 I highly recommend you do not read this fan fiction.]

I do not own any of the character(s) mentioned in this fan fiction and I certainly do not own the anime, Hetalia. All rights are reserved for the original creators due to the Copyright Act of 1976. I only own the story line of the fan fiction.
Enjoy (:
Please comment on how you felt about this fan fiction In the section below ^-^
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Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil:
For thou art with me, thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.
Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies:
Thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over.
Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life. . .

“_____, would you like to see if they are done?”

I stepped toward Mr. Beilschmidt, who stood at the stove holding a fork with a few limp spaghetti noodles wrapped around its prongs. I happily took him up on his offer and coaxed the slippery noodles into my mouth with my teeth. After a short moment, I replied, “They’re a little al dente, but I think the texture would go nicely with the red sauce.”

Mr. Beilschmidt half-smiled and turned off the stove eye. “Alright. If you insist, Fraulein.”

He finished preparing dinner quickly, with my help, and we all sat down to eat.

“Ugh, I’m starving!” Gilbert groaned as he slid into his seat.

“You could’ve helped us cook, y’know,” I said.

“He doesn’t know which is the worst option,” Ludwig commented. “Hunger is a curse in itself, but cooking requires thought und precision—neither of which Bruder has.”

I giggled.

“Hey!” Gilbert protested. “Vati, are you going to let him talk to me like this?”

Ja,” Mr. Beilschmidt said matter-of-factly, a ghost of a smirk on his face.

I laughed a bit harder, covering my mouth. A dull pain in my stomach stopped me, however, and I waved at the three. “Ow, guys. Don’t make me laugh just yet.”

“You have your stitches taken out tomorrow, ja?” Ludwig asked.

I shrugged. “If all goes well, yeah.”

In the end, Mom’s sentence was nine years with a $50,000 bond; Dad’s was eighteen years with a $100,000 bond. Their custody of me was terminated, and the court agreed on an annual supervised visitation.

I can honestly tell you that none of those visitations were worth the effort.

With a loud creak, the school bus slowed to a halt, letting me and the Beilscmidt brothers off. The three of us remained standing on the side of the road until the big yellow cheese-wagon sputtered away, then we headed home. I turned my head to look at my old house. It was the house I’d grown up in. It was the house where I’d spent my entire life.

It was the house that even now made me uneasy. I felt nauseous; my body shook as I stared at the familiar structure. It almost seemed to taunt me, reminding me of how many precious memories that could have been it had stolen from me. It reignited the sense of fear I felt every time I stepped off the bus—that overwhelming, heart-pounding fear that prevented me for so many years from resisting, from fighting back.

Two larger hands suddenly grabbed mine and yanked me forward, bringing me back to reality in the process. Ludwig and Gilbert hurried down the street, dragging me behind. They each held a tight grip on my hand, pulling me on. I struggled to keep up with their long, quick strides, and I started, “Guys!”

They slowed down and looked back at me expectantly.

Then it hit me. After two weeks, it finally sank in that I was free. I no longer had to go home to perpetual torture. I didn’t have to be afraid anymore.

But it also meant that I didn’t have to so strong anymore.

Hot tears pricked my eyes and made their way to the surface. My throat closed, and my frame shook from my sobs. Ludwig and Gilbert stopped and turned to me in concern. “_____, what’s wrong?”

A smile tugged at my lips as I wiped my eyes. “N-No—thing,” I said, my voice failing me. Before I lost my voice again, I quickly rasped out, “Th-Thank you. . .”

The two looked at each other, uncertain of what to do. Then Gilbert acted first, wrapping an arm around my shoulder and patting my head. Ludwig slowly followed suit, rubbing my back. And as the brothers held me on the side of the road that February afternoon, I did what I had been wanting so desperately to do for four years.

I cried.

Es ist in Ordnung, Fraulein. Du bist jetzt frei.

Oh, sinners, let’s go down,
Down to the valley to pray.

Done! Finally! :dummy:


Story (c) Me
Picture (c) Not Me
Hetalia (c) Himeruya Hidekazu
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Oh, sinners, let’s go down,
Down to the valley to pray.

I sat quietly as I listened to two attorneys argue about me and my parents’ fate. My parents were seated at a table ten or twelve feet to my left, and the Beilschmidts sat in the row of seats directly behind me. It was a battlefield disguised as a courtroom, and the battle was for custody of me.

My parents’ lawyer was currently making a rather convincing statement on their behalf, stretching the truth further and further with every word. I wanted to stand up and refute him, but I knew I couldn’t, not yet.

It finally came time for my side of the story, and I was called by my attorney to the stand. I was sworn in and sat in the chair up front, my eyes falling on my attorney, Mr. Kirkland, as he stood before me.

“Miss _____,” he started in a professional yet gentle tone, “I won’t ask you to go in depth about it, but would you describe for the judge and jury how your parents treated you?”

My brows furrowed slightly. “You mean just recently or throughout my life?”

“Throughout your life, please.”

I thought a moment, then shrugged. “There’s a lot to go through—I don’t really know where to start. . .”

“Alright,” Mr. Kirkland said. “What was something they did to you more often?”

My eyes lowered to the floor. “Well, my dad would yell at me, call me names, basically degrade me. And he’d hit and kick me, mostly in the stomach and my head.”

“Objection,” said my parents’ attorney. He remained seated, and his cold, monotonous tone resembled Mom’s.

“Overruled,” refuted the judge.

Mr. Kirkland continued. “And Miss _____, when would you say this abuse started?”

“I’m not really sure,” I answered, clasping my hands together. “My dad’s yelled at me for as long as I can remember, ever since I was little. He didn’t start hitting me until I was around nine, though.”

Mr. Kirkland nodded in understanding. “And what did your mother do when your father abused you?”

“Nothing. She always just watched and said things like, ‘This wouldn’t be happening if you had just done as you were told.’”

Hushed murmurs softly broke the silence that followed my words. I took the chance to look the Beilschmidts, who to my surprise were looking back at me. Mr. Beilschmidt held his overly serious expression, and Gilbert wore one of shock. Ludwig’s, however, was almost unreadable. His face was so full of mixed emotions that I could barely decipher the message in it. Through his sullen eyes I read two things: “Why did this happen to you?” and “Why didn’t you say anything?”

I then made the mistake of looking at my parents. Mom appeared to be suppressing her outrage; Dad, on the other hand, seemed to be boiling over.

I swallowed hard. If this is how he is now, I don’t think I wanna keep going.

“Miss _____,” said Mr. Kirkland, “when asked about your parents’ abuse by myself and our investigators, one example you gave was one night two years ago. After collapsing in the street due to injuries inflicted by your father, you were subsequently tended to by the Beilschmidt family.” He gestured briefly toward Mr. Beilschmidt, Ludwig, and Gilbert. “They did not know of the abuse, correct?”

I nodded. “Right. Not until last week.”

“Of course. They took you in, bandaged your head, cared for you, and fed you.”


“Approximately three hours after you collapsed, you returned home, where your parents were waiting angrily for you.”

My head lowered; I didn’t want to look at Dad. “Yes. . .”

“You told your father the truth—that you had lost consciousness and were helped by a neighboring family. Did he just beat you that night?”

I pursed my lips. “No, sir. . .”

“Tell us what he did, please.” His voice was soft, and it sounded as if he was reluctant to pry me for information.

But I knew he was only trying to do his job—to help me—, so I obliged. I took a breath before answering slowly, “He dragged me into the kitchen and forced me to throw up. And then. . .he made me. . .e-eat it. . .”

“He forced you to eat your own vomit,” Mr. Kirkland repeated.

“. . .Yes.”

The room echoed once again with murmurs, which were now slightly louder. I made the mistake of looking at the horrified faces of the Beilschmidts. They looked disgusted, appalled that what was done to me could ever be done to a person.

“Objection, your honor,” my parents’ attorney said as he rose from his seat. There was an edge in his voice. “There has not been any evidence recovered that proves this incident occurred. We only have her story, which she could just so happen to have fabricated to antagonize her parents.”

“That may be a possibility,” chimed Mr. Kirkland without missing a beat. “But there is irrefutable evidence of the incident that brought this case to light.” He looked at me, his eyes softening. “Miss _____, would you roll up your sleeve and show us the wound on your stomach?”

I paused, letting his request sink in. After taking a breath, I rolled up my right sleeve to show a bandage wrapped around my forearm. Then, hesitantly, I pulled up my shirt just enough for the bandages on my stomach to be visible.

Mr. Kirkland gestured to my belly wound. “Miss _____’s injuries were inflicted eight days ago at approximately ten in the evening. Her father had been drinking that night and became irrational—well, more irrational, shall we say.”

“Objection!” my parents’ attorney practically shouted.

“Overruled,” said the judge, an edge now sharpening in his voice as well.

“As I was saying,” Mr. Kirkland went on, “while inebriated, _____’s father attacked her, inflicting the wounds you see now with a broken whiskey bottle. According to our forensic specialist, who examined _____’s wounds, the angle at which the skin is broken indicates a near impossibility that these wounds could have been self-inflicted. Additionally, the surgeons who operated on _____ found miniscule shards of glass in and around her wounds, suggesting the weapon was glass.” He brought his hands together, turning to look at everyone in the room. “Now, if the wounds were inflicted by someone else, and the weapon was made of glass, would you not agree that Miss _____’s testimony is therefore true?”

The jury members walked back into the room in a semi-organized fashion before sitting at their assigned seats, one member standing in front with a piece of paper in his hand. I held my breath; in the hands of that small group lay my fate, the fate of my parents. I glanced behind me at the Beilschmidts and gave a half-smile. Mr. Beilschmidt had already gone through the paperwork to become my legal guardian, but it would all have been for naught if the jury’s verdict was contrary.

“Has the jury reached a verdict?” said the judge.

“We have, your honor,” replied the standing jury member. “On the charges of child abuse and child negligence, we find Mrs. _____ _____ guilty.”

My hands shook in my lap as I waited for Dad’s verdict. I felt like I was going to throw up.

The jury member continued. “On the charges of child abuse, child negligence, child endangerment, and aggravated assault on a minor, we find Mr. _____ _____—”

He paused briefly, just long enough for my body to break out in a cold sweat. Say it! I thought, but at the same time, a tiny part of me doubted. Would Dad receive justice? Or would he be free to resume making my life a living hell?


Immediately after hearing the verdict, I exhaled in relief and sank in my chair. Mr. Kirkland patted my shoulder and let out his own sigh.

Free, the word echoed in my mind. I’m free.

Show me the way,
Good Lord, show me the way.

I'm so sorry this chapter took so long! I've been so busy with work and school lately that I just got throw way off track of my writing.


Story (c) Me
Picture (c) Not Me
Hetalia (c) Himeruya Hidekazu
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{ Enemies }
Russia x Short!Reader


You take a deep breath before you begin to chant.



A soft chuckle enters your ears as you shiver a bit. “Silly [Y/n], why are you standing in the cold, shouting?”

“DARn,” you begin to lower your voice, “I thought you weren’t, well, hello.”

“Da! I’m always home, so don’t be too afraid to come over!”

“Trust me, I’m not afraid,” you sneer, “Let me in,” you command. Ivan smiles brightly as he moves out of the doorway. You walk inside the rather large yet cozy home, rubbing your cold hands together, hoping to create warmth.

“Are you hungry?” He asks politely, as he leads you through the incredibly long hallway.

You nod, “Actually, I am...”

Ivan turns to face you, lowering his head down, you scoff in distaste.

“I’ll make some food for you, da? коротышка*!”

You groan, “I'll make some food for myself, thank you very much, giant,” you spat.

Stomping angrily into the clean kitchen, you wave to Ravis, the boy was seated on a chair, eating. He looks up, worried, “A-Ah, Ms. [Y/n]! D-Do you need anything?”

You shake your head, smiling lightly at the cute Latvian, “No thank you, hon, I’ll do fine by myself.”

“A-alright,” he shakily replies, looking back to the book he was currently reading.

You begin to hum softly as you gather the ingredients for making a simple dish that was passed down generations of your family.

You ponder where Ivan could be, did you upset him? Doubt it, after all he never really got upset with you...

You felt your cheeks redden as you began to remember about what Alfred said before you came to Ivan’s

-–-– ^ -–-– Flash back -–-– ^ -–-–
“HEY [Y/N]!” a voice yells as they rush excitingly to you.

“Al, ” you sighs, “Calm down.”

“ALRIGht, I need your help!” He plopped down on a seat next to you.

“The hero needs my help? Me?” You smirk as you face him, “What is it?”

“How can I get Ivan not to beat me up so much?” He asks. “How about not be so...loud and not annoy him?”

“Annoy him? HaHAHA! As if! He loves my company! Everyone does!”

“Um, alright, anyway, I really don’t know since we’re supposed to be enemies.”

“Oh? You guys aren’t dating?!”

You almost fell off your chair and you feel your cheeks heat up, “WHAT?!”

“Dating, you guys aren’t–”

“UGH, AS IF!” You found your self disappointed and somewhat guilty but you didn't really know why.

“You know, maybe the reason he doesn't hurt you is because he likes you.”

“No, he doesn’t, he’s–” you pause, what were you going to say?


“Whatever, I’m going now, bye Al.” You leave your papers on the desk carelessly and decide to head to a certain Russian’s place.  

–– end of flashback ––

You grunt as you jump up and down, trying to reach the last final ingredient from the high shelf. “What the hell!? Who put it all high up?!” You keep jumping.

Suddenly, you felt someone tower over you. You wonder who it could be, everyone was usually taller than you. But then again, there was always that someone who simply mocked you for it.

“коротышкa, do you want me to help?” His voice was cheerful as usual. You oddly didn’t mind, “Yes, please.”

Whoa, did you just...say ‘please’ to Ivan?

He slowly reaches it and you blush at the sudden realization that you two were rather close.


You snap out of your trance and weakly look up to him, radiant beautiful violet pools meeting [e/c] ones.

Ivan places the ingredient on the countertop next to the other ingredients you were planning to use.  He then lowers himself down to your height, your lips curve in a pout.

Before you could said something snarky, your lips lock with another warm pair. You felt your cheeks redden, your first kiss...!

The k