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       You were sitting by your window, daydreaming as usual with your headphones on. It was one of those days where you wanted to be alone; blocking out the outside world. Your imagination was better anyways. You look out your window, you see that the streets and land had been covered in white. Great, it had snowed. You sighed and shivered a bit as you closed your blinds. You hated snow, it was so cold and wet. . Sure, it was beautiful to look at. . but you hated moving around in it. This must have been why you thought it'd be best to stay inside today. You sigh, slumping down on your bed. It was obvious that you were awfully bored, maybe even lonely. You now wished that somebody, anybody would come and talk to you.

What seemed like a  few minutes later, you must have drifted back into a daydream. . . because the next thing you heard was your mother shaking you, telling you to wake up. You groaned, not wanting to get up. "What is it mum?" You ask her tiredly, rubbing your eyes.

"Your father and I have a Christmas party to attend tonight. We need the driveway cleared so we can get the car out of the garage. Would you be a dear and go shovel the snow?"

Oh boy. . You wanted somebody to talk to you, but you definitely didn't want to go outside in the cold to shovel snow. "What's in it for me?" You ask your mother, looking up at her.

"An allowance." She laughs a bit. "Now hop to it. Your father and I need to be out of here in a few hours." She glanced at you one last time before walking out of your room, shutting the door behind her.

Wow, she actually shut the door for once. You laughed on the insides to yourself as you slipped on your winter coat, boots, hat, and gloves. You didn't want to get cold, right? Right. You looked at yourself in the mirror quickly before leaving your bedroom and heading outside.

When you walked outside, it brought a chill down your spine. You realized how cold it actually was. "Brr.." You mumble under your breath, trying to keep your teeth from chattering. "Now where's that shovel.." You look around and find it up against the garage door, poking out of the snow like a sore thumb. You had to make your way through several feet of snow. Oh, how fun this was going to be to clean up. You grabbed the shovel and began to get to work.

"Heave... Ho!" Pause. "Heave... Ho!" You started to hear in the back of your mind as you continuously scooped up snow and tossed it all into a huge pile by the street curve. The voice didn't sound familiar, but it did sound real. It sounded like a teenage boy's voice. "What the Hell.." You mumble, looking around yourself. Nobody was there. Were you hearing things? "I must be crazy.." You look down at the ground, kicking the snow that was sticking to your boots.

"Hey! Careful with the snow!" You hear a voice shout at you in an annoyed tone.

Okay, you were crazy. What was this voice you kept hearing? "Who's out there?" You call out, gripping the handle of the snow shovel.  "Please tell me I'm not crazy.." You muttered.

Within a few seconds, the same voice responded. It seemed like it was close to you. "Seriously? I made that snow, you should be thankful for it. Not throwing it all around and into the street."

You jump slightly. Who the hell were you speaking with? Were you dreaming? Caught in a daydream of some sort? You couldn't be speaking to strange voices, that was insane. You were never the type of person to talk to random strangers; especially ones who weren't visible. "What... What's your name?" You reply, trying not to hesitate to the voice.

"The name's Jack; Jack Frost. You know, Spirit of Winter?"

You blink. You had heard that name normally around Christmas. Your family and friends would always say something about 'Jack Frost nipping at your nose'. This was even crazier. Were you seriously speaking with Jack Frost? I mean, you couldn't even see him. It was only a voice. "Where.. are you?" You ask, looking around curiously.

Jack laughed. "I'm right in front of your eyes. Maybe you should open them, unless you're blind."

You fluttered your eyes a bit, thinking about the winter spirit appearing in front of you. It wasn't working. Were you doing something wrong? "I.. I still can't see you." You admit.

Jack sighed lightly. "Do you believe in me? You have to believe to see." His voice sounded a bit saddened. Did you believe? Your parents had told you years ago that Santa, the Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, Sandman, etc, were all fake. They had never said anything about Jack Frost being real or not though. This was starting to get slightly freaky. . . but interesting.

"I believe in you." You say with a soft smile, looking around once more.

That must have done the trick, because the next thing you knew. . thee Jack Frost was floating upside down, right in front of your face. He had a blue hoodie that had frost on it in occasional places. His blue eyes looking into your _____ colored eyes and his white hair, flowing down. You blushed from the closeness, looking right at him in awe. He was real. You quickly rubbed your eyes to see if it was your imagination messing with your head. It must not have been, because no matter what you did, Jack stayed.
"Wow.. This.. This is amazing!" You say happily, smiling at him excitedly.

He smirked, seeming to like your reaction to him. "Now that's more like it. But I gotta ask.. Why are you tossing my snow around?.. I work hard to make that you know. Why don't you play in it like the other kids?" He looked out and across the street. A couple of children were outside playing in the snow. You weren't exactly a 'kid' anymore. You laughed.

"I hate to admit it, but I don't like snow..." You admitted.

Jack looked at you like you were crazy. "What!?" He flew in front of you, facing you. "That's crazy."

You shrugged. "Not really.. It's cold.. and wet.." You bite your lip, hoping not to offend the Winter Spirit.

He frowned. "So? It's fun to play around in." He threw a snowball unexpectedly at your shoulder, his frown changing into an innocent smirk. You couldn't help but giggle, he looked really adorable with that smirk lighting up his face. "Hmm.. Maybe a little fun couldn't hurt." You grin, balling up some snow into the palm of your glove.

"Now that's more like it!" Jack's smirk changed into a look of determination. "But I'll warn you... I'm the master of snowball fights! Nobody can beat me." Within a few seconds, snowballs were being pelted at every inch of your body.

"Hey! No fair!" You shout, laughter mixed in with your voice. You run through the snow, balling up as many snowballs as you can, throwing them at Jack. Some of them miss and some of them he dodges. He was really skilled at this. You could tell he had been playing it for quite some time. By the time you both had finished your game of snowball fight, your winter coat was covered in white, your gloves were soaked from the snow; as well as your boots. You were laughing so much, having a lot of fun. You hadn't felt this way in a long time. Jack seemed to be having just as much fun. When you were just about to fall backwards into the snow, your mother opened the door in the garage.

"Shit.." You curse under your breath, you had gotten so caught up with Jack that you hadn't finished shoveling the driveway. "Jack, I'll be back!" You quickly called out to him, rushing to your mother at the door. How long had it been since you had come outside? There was no telling how much time you had left before your parents had to leave for their party.

When you stepped up to the door, you looked up at your mother who was carrying a tray with a cup of hot cocoa inside. They looked so warm and delicious. "Mm.." You smelled the fragrance that left the cup and released into the cold air. You could really go for a cup of that cocoa, it was still pretty cold outside. "Hey mum." You say, greeting her. She looks at you then out at the unfinished driveway and sighs. "_____, You didn't finish the driveway." She sounded slightly disappointed.

"I know, I'm sorry.. I'll hurry and finish.." You look down at your boots, not wanting to meet your mothers eyes. You felt like Jack was watching you, but there was no way that your mother could see him. She was an adult. . . Why would she believe in Jack Frost? Your mother sighed. "No, no.." She must have noticed how messy your winter apparel had gotten, because she brought you into the house and made you drink the hot cocoa she had made for you.

"Thanks mum.." You said quietly to her, a small smile on your face. You really were thankful for the warmth, but you also wanted to hurry and get back outside to see Jack. You hoped he wouldn't leave. . . It was nice to have somebody to hang out with.

Your mother watched you sip your cocoa and hugged you quickly before going back upstairs to her room to prepare for the party. You sighed in slight relief, you were alone again. What would your mother do if she knew you were hanging out with the Winter Spirit? or your father? You hadn't seen him all day, but you knew he was protective when it came to boys. You gulped slightly. . . Woah, did you just have a thought about dating Jack Frost? This was for sure the most crazy thought you had all day. No, no, no. You needed to get this thought out of your head right away. You quickly finished your hot cocoa before rushing back outside to the driveway.


When you got back outside, Jack wasn't there. You frowned, yearning for his presence. Where had he gone? Would you see him again? You walked out of the garage. . . When you reached the driveway, you realized that all the snow was gone. "What the.." You say in awe once again. Had Jack cleaned everything up for you? Wow, he was amazing. And he did it so quick too. How would you explain this to mum if she asked? Hopefully she or your father hadn't peeked out of the window while Jack was cleaning up the snow.

"I can't believe he cleaned it up for me.." You say to yourself, a warm smile slipping onto your face. There was something about Jack that made you think. . Oh no, not those thoughts again. . Not those romantic thoughts about actually having a romance with the Winter Spirit, Jack Overland Frost. Would it even be possible? Were you his type of girl? Maybe he wasn't even into dating, period. You sighed, walking back inside. You walked upstairs and into your room, removing your winter clothing. You were soaked to the bone in snow, even with the winter coat on, it hadn't protected your skin from getting wet. If you were outside in the snow any longer you may have gotten frostbite. "Yikes..." You mumble, changing into new fresh clothing. These were your lazy clothes; sweatpants and a tank top.

You finished changing, then decided to go tell your parents you were all done with the driveway. They were currently in the middle of a kiss when you walked into their bedroom. You laughed, this got their attention.

"Hey _____ , did you finish the driveway?" Your mother asked, smiling. Your father also smiled, waving to you since this was the first time you saw him today.

You waved back to your father and returned the smile. "Yup, I'm all done."

"That was awfully quick.." Your mother chuckled. "I knew I could trust you with the job." She walked over to you, handing you a crisp, 20 dollar bill. "It's all yours, you earned it."

You take the money and put it in your pocket. "Thanks mom, thanks dad." You hug your mom and your dad joins in. They were both dressed up in formal clothing and you were in 'lazy' clothes. This felt a bit strange, but you loved your family. "I hope you both have fun tonight." You gave them a warm smile. They smiled back. "We will." They replied in unison.

"You better behave yourself.." Your father tells you, poking your forehead. "And no boys."

You did your best not to gulp. What if you saw Jack again tonight? There was absolutely no way you would ignore him. "I understand, besides.. it's not like I have a boyfriend." You stuck your tongue at him, your hair flipping out of your face as you turned around to go to the door.

Your parents laughed. "We trust you, if you need us.. Give us a call. You know the number." They hugged you one last time before walking outside and getting into the family truck. You watched them go from a window. You then laid down on your bed, staring up at the ceiling. You really, really, really, wanted to see Jack again. Where was he?.. Would he come back? These questions repeated through your head constantly. Eventually, you must have gotten tired. . because you fell asleep around 8 PM.

Around midnight, you started to awaken. There was something knocking at your window. You tensed up, feeling afraid at first. You then realized it might be Jack. You let out a sigh that was mixed with a slightly frightened shiver as you opened your blinds and looked out the window. When you opened the blinds, Jack was floating in front of your window. He must have been tapping on it with his fingers. You sighed in relief, grateful it was Jack and not some creeper. You smiled at Jack and opened your window, the cool breeze flowing into your room as you did so. "Hey Jack." You say, still smiling.

Jack smiles back at you. "What's up?" He asks.

You laugh. "I was asleep..."

"I woke you?" He bit his lip.

You nod. "Mhm.. but it's fine, I fell asleep earlier than I expected to."

He tilted his head at you. "I saw your parents leave... Are you home alone?"

You nod again, wondering why Jack would ask this. You then remember what your father said about 'no boys'. You shook off the feeling and replied to Jack. "Yeah, I am."

Jack grins. "Care to come with me for a while? I swear you'll be back within a few hours."

You immediately felt excited. "I'd love to come along." You say standing up, stretching.

Jack continues to grin, floating under your legs. He places you on his back and you  instinctively cling to his back. Jack seemed to be happy to be carrying you. "I'm going to take you for a fly."

You were slightly afraid, especially because you dreaded heights. Jack would keep you safe though, right? He wouldn't drop you. "Sounds like fun! Bring it." You say with a grin, trying not to show your fear. It must have worked, because Jack didn't seem to notice at all. He flew out the window, closing it behind him before the two of you were soaring high in the air. It was chilly outside, you stayed clung to Jack's back. He was awfully cold, but you swore to yourself that you wouldn't let go. "This is amazing.." You say, watching the beautiful night sky go by as the two of you soared throughout the moonlight.

"Isn't it?" Jack replies, his blue eyes seeming to sparkle in the moonlight. "I love flying out here at night, it's really peaceful.." His voice seemed at ease; calm. This made you smile. Jack made you smile in general. There was something about being around him that made you feel. . . right. You may have just met today, but there was something about him that made you crazy; and not a bad crazy. . . a good crazy.

"Jack... I-I have to thank you for this.. It's really been a wonderful day." You cuddle into his back tightly, he floats down to the ground and stops by a lake. The lake was frozen, the moonlight seemed to make it sparkle. It reminded you of Jack's crystal-like eyes. Jack smiles softly at you, sitting you both down by the lake. "It's been fun.. hasn't it?" He replies, looking at you.

You nod, you couldn't help but blush at the smile he was giving you. "It really has.." You reply softly, looking back into his eyes.

Jack scoots in closer to you, his forehead up against your own. He kept his eyes locked on you as he did so. "You know.. I've been hanging around your place for a while.." He admitted.

"Y-You have?" You blinked, blushing a bit more. How long had Jack been watching you like this?

"Mhm.. But you never saw me.." He sighed lightly.

       You started to feel bad. How couldn't you notice him? He was so kind to you, fun to be around, and you wouldn't admit it yet. . . but he was loving as well. "I'm sorry for that... I don't see how I couldn't have.." You kept your eyes locked on his, gazing down slightly before meeting his gaze again. "You're amazing Jack... you really are.." You felt something cold gently grab hold of your own hand. It was Jack's hand. His cold, winter-fresh breath was brushing against your lips. Were you about to kiss? "I don't know how I could have gone without believing you all those years... but now.. I know that I do." You hoped that would clear part of your guilt up and make him feel a bit better. Jack smiled, his eyes seeming to whisper a million different loveable words. "Well.. that's true.. but what's really believable is you." His lips were now about an inch away from yours, you were speechless. Jack Frost had just told you that you were believable. You never thought that anybody on this Earth would ever tell you this; but the Spirit of Winter just had. . and he was sitting right in front of you, your lips now sinking into each others. He had his hands cupped around your reddened face, both from the cold and his touch. You wrapped your arms around his neck gently, kissing him back lovingly. It seemed like neither of you wanted to stop the kiss, like time had frozen and come to a complete stop. . . . . Within about 10 seconds, your lips finally parted. You both looked at each other; Jack's face was a flushed pink. . but yours. . it was blue. Jack's eyes widened at the sight of your skin-color. "Oh no.." He quickly scrambled to his feet, picking you up into his arms. You had just realized how cold you actually were. . and that you didn't have any of your winter clothing on.

"J-Jack.." You mumbled quietly, your eyes fluttering shut. You felt his cold body up against your own. He couldn't help it though, he had to get you home before you had the chance to grow violently ill. "D-Don't worry! I'm going to get you home. . and fast." He replied to you, he tried not to sound worried. Gosh, he could be so careless sometimes. He hated it. He wanted to slap himself a thousand times. What would happen if you got sick? It would be all his fault. He quickly flew you home, opening the window and flying into your bedroom. He tucked you under your blankets on your bed, hoping you would warm up quickly. You shivered, getting comfortable under the blankets that brought sudden warmth. But where was Jack? He didn't leave again, did he? You shivered again, not from the cold. . but from the fear that you might have just lost Jack. What if he felt so terrible for being careless that he tried to stay away from you? No, that couldn't happen. You wouldn't let it happen. . You were now completely convinced that you were in love with Jack Frost. But the question was. . . Was he in love with you as well?

Your eyes felt heavy, you were exhausted. But you couldn't fall asleep just yet. "J-Jack... Jack!" You called out, sitting up in your bed. You looked all around your room, but all you found was complete darkness. Jack was gone. . .


The next morning, you awoke around 9:30 AM. Your parents would be home around 11 AM. You sat up in your bed, rubbing your eyes sleepily. You suddenly remembered Jack. "Jack.." You mumbled, hugging yourself. You felt like crying. "Please Jack.. come back.. I know you didn't mean to bring me out in the cold like that.." You sniffle, your nose feeling runny. It was obvious you were now sick from the night before events. You then decide to check your window for any sign of him. When you open the blinds, you find on the window sill that a message was written in frost. It read: "I love you, I'll see you soon. -Jack"

You start to tear up. Jack was real. . and he did love you. He would be back. You smiled through your tears, lifting up a finger and writing beneath Jack's writing . . "I love you, too. I'll be waiting~- ____"

UPDATE: This Fan Fiction is SUPPOSED to be continued. But probably won't be done or bothered with for awhile if I chose to add like I've said to some people. It's more of a one-shot type story. I apologize for the inconvenience.. I wish it could be finished but sadly I have lost the Jack Frost fan-girl phase. Don't get me wrong, I love Jack's character. He's sweet, brave, and attractive. What else could any woman? (or man) want? :heart: Again.. Sorry a million times infinity times. I hope you wonderful people can understand. :hug: (Yes, I'm bad at explaining things. There is a very SMALL.. chance it will be finished. Just don't get your hopes up to far.)

Hello everyone~! I'm not sure if you noticed, but I've become quite a fanatic for Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardians :iconblushplz: I went and saw the movie with my best friend, :icons-127: and my little sister, :iconfinnsfangirl12: . It was truly an amazing movie and I absolutely loved Jack's story and the entire movie story-line. If you haven't seen it, I suggest you see it before it leaves the theater.


Anyways~ This is a Jack Frost x Reader oneshot that I decided to write last night. I figured, what the hell? I haven't wrote in awhile. So wala~ "Frozen" was born. :XD: I hope you can enjoy it, I worked about an hour or two on it.

Also, you are not allowed to use this writing. I believe that some people have been stealing my work and using it as their own. I highly do not appreciate that. I don't mind if you download it to put it on your computer... or iPod.. whatever to read later, but please.. do not steal my work.

The Picture came from Google images, I simply added the text.


EDIT: I am pleased to say that this fan fiction of mine has become quite popular. I honestly did not expect this much attention from it! (': I think this is amazing how I actually made the front page (from what people are telling me, I did). I never thought I could do something like that... ^^; I would like to thank everybody who read the story, commented, favorited, and have been giving me advice :heart: . Also, I know I have some spelling errors in here.. and some people have been ratting me out/flaming about it, please don't do that >___< I know some of it's just critics but if I wanted criticism I would have requested a critic XD. ANOTHER EDIT: I have fixed the spellings errors recently, thanks to this site. [link] I'm sorry to those of you who had to read with the some of the bad grammar ^^;

Last thing, I have been getting TONS of requests for a sequel to this. I have thought about it and I believe that I will be writing one soon as possible! :meow: oh yeah and.. some people have been asking to use this story and make artwork out of it. Go right ahead! :D But be sure to credit my story with a link in the description and tell me that you are doing so.

Again, thank you everybody! :heart:
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*Ocean princess by Two steps From Hell is being played*

Every season is special by it's self...

*Showing a tree changing by the seasons*

But did you know

That even seasons need a guardian?

*Music gets more dramatic, showing the scene of Hiccup, Jack, Merida and Rapunzel becoming immortals*

This spring

The scenes of Hiccup searching for the Night Fury, Merida following the Wisps, Jack looking at the Moon and Rapunzel getting her memories.

They all had something special inside

-Give me another chance... - Jack whispered while trying to swim back to the surface of the frozen lake.

-... what once was mine. - Rapunzel singed while making mother Gothel younger.

Merida is hitting the third target on the contest for her hand.

-Everything we know about you guys is wrong. - Hiccup said while patting the Terrible Terror.

They have been chosen among the rest

The scene of Merida fighting Mor'du, Jack standing in the crowd.

They have to unite

-Lemme guess... Fall? - Jack asked Hiccup
-Yeah. I'm guessing you're Winter, huh? - He asked.

To protect our world

-Once-ler is going to destroy the course of nature, and than the entire human race. - Anointed One said. Four new guardians looked at eachother.
-You need to stop him. -

Breace yourself for the brand new adventure

-Are you ready? - Hiccup asked while presentig his sword, Toothless by his side, Jack presented his staff, Merida her bow with Angus standing next to her, and Rapunzel presented her frying pan, with Pascal on her shoulder. Everybody looked at her pan.
-What? - She asked.

*music becomes faster*

Jack and Hiccup are fighting with Once-ler's army. Jack is shooting ice with his staff, while Hiccup is fighting on the ground with his sword. Toothless is spitting fire at them.
Merida is standing on the cliff, shooting arrows while Rapunzel is using her hair as a rope and hitting the Once-ler's army with her frying pan.

-We can do this! - Merida said while hitting her palm with her fist. Jack gave her annoyed look, even though he was blushing.
-Oh really? Look at us, Merida! A rebellious princess, a girl who has never left her house, and a fish-bony Viking. -
-That fish-bony Viking also has a dragon for a friend, in case you didn't noticed, frost-bite. - Hiccup growled while getting face to face with Jack.

The scene of a battle field. Once-ler is sitting on his huge black horse, mavis Dracula levitating by him. They are both looking at the army.

-We stand togethar. - The guardians are standing next to eachother across the enemy army.

Nothing is what it seems

-Are we really gonna do this? - Rapuzel asked. Hiccup gently took her hand.
-We're Guardians. It's occupational hazard. -

They will never give up

Hiccup is standing on flying Toothless and fighting the enemies. Jack is making a huge blizzard in the direction of the enemy. Merida is riding Angus while shooting more arrows and using her hair that turned into fire as a shot gun. Rapunzel is waking the plants with her hair and they are crushing the enemies. Dragons that Hiccup called are also attacking the enemies.

-You can't kill the mistaken mind of humanity, Guardians. - Once-ler scowled.
-We can't. But we can stop you from killing them. - Jack said.

More speeded up scenes

-I bet I can destroy more soldiers than you, fish-bone. -
-Keep dreaming, frost-bite. -

Guardians of Seasons
Coming soon
In 3D
Production by ZeldaGirl4287 and AURURAMOONLIGHT
Finally it's done! The trailer for the Guardians of Seasons! I hope somebody could make a video or something, cause I don't know how, I don't have enough materials.

The story is from ZeldaGirl4287, I'm just doing pics and this trailer. Hey ZG4287, what do you think?
And listen to the song, it's awesome. [link]
Tariler is on youtube:[link] by KatnipEvergreen. I love you
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You sat at your desk facing your computer,(eye c) eyes scanning web pages for something that maybe, just maybe, might put you in a good mood.
You brush your (hair c) bangs out of your eyes and rest your face on your hand, sighing all the while.
Your day had been going great up until now. In the morning your dad made you breasfast consisting of (various foods), and in the afternoon you went to see a movie with your friend (___).
You smile to yourself, knowing you are alone, and, quietly, you mutter out loud
" if only life were really like that..."
Another sigh.
"if only life was just like in the movie-"

But before you could complete your sentence, your dad's voice, which was quite loud boomed through the house;He was yelling at the tv. He was louder than usual, due to the fact that he was drunk once again.
You hated when he was like this, and went out of your way to avoid him at all costs.
All was quiet again, but you waited a moment before you continued.
"if only somebody,or... anybody...could take me away from here..."
Choking back a cry, you pause, and curl into a ball, arms wrapped around your legs.
"But...nothing like that exists in this world. Nothing ever has. Nothing ever will..."

Your head jerks up as you are interupted by your dad once again. He and your mom have gotten into a fight. You shudder, thinking about what happened the last time they fought.
Your (eye c) orbs roam around the room as your head slowly turns around. They study the window for a moment, then move to your (coat c) jacket hanging on the hook next to your bedroom door.

Rising slowly from your chair with your (hair c) trailing behind you, you step slowly towards the jacket, as the floorboards below you will reveal to anyone downstairs that you are hiding up in your room.
Hearing a loud THUMP from downstairs, you flinch, and quickly snatch the jacket from it's hook and bolt out of your room towards the stairs. As you run down the stairs, you are alarmed by more screams coming from down the hall, and you decide to skip a few steps as you run down them, twisting your foot as you land.
"AHH!" you shriek. "dammit'"....You place a hand on your leg to cradle it.
But you ignore your pain as you hear yet another "THUMP" from your living room, and quickly limp towards your (shoes c) shoes, slip them on- not even bothering to tie the laces- and bolt out the door to the outside.

Limping down your street, you hiss as you come in contact with the wind.
"I forgot how cold it was...this jacket wont do anything for me...and i'm still wearing my pjs too..."
Another gust of wind rushes against your back and up your jacket, chilling you to the bone.
"Oh my god..." you think, "It's so cold, i have to go back...I'll freeze if i dont"
But just before you are about to turn around, another gust of wind, stronger then the last two combined, comes from behind you, and pushes you forward.
Startled and thrown off balance, you pause, but the wind continues.
"You want me to go!?" you mutter, "Fine! I'll go!..stupid wind"
But then it hits you.
"Where...Where am i going?"
You pause, fighting the wind, and look at the darkness around you.
"I can't go to someones house...They would send me back home, and Grandma and Grandpa are an hour away..."
As you look up,(eye c) eyes tearing from the wind, you remember something.
"The park...i'll go to the park! It's only down the one ever goes there at night. I'll be safe"

As you near the park you observe your surroundings.
To your left there are benches, and to your right there is an old steel jungle gym and a squeaky swing set. Your (eye c) orbs scope your surroundings.
No one.
As you breath a sigh of relief, you slowly limp towards the jungle gym, and up the slippey steps until you reach the top platform.
Sighing, you limp towards the railing, grasp it, and look up to the sky.
"I can almost see the moon tonight" you whispered to yourself.
You look down and gaze at your hands,now numb from the cold.
"Heh...the moon. The man in the moon. I wonder if.."
You pause, and look around you once more, and proceed to slowly raise your head to the

"Can.." you started. "Can...Can anyone hear me?"
For all but the sound of the tree's creaking together from the wind, there was not a sound.
"I'm such an idiot" you thought. "I can't believe i'm talking to the moon". You look up once more, and furl your eyebrows.
"As if! As if anyone would answer! As if anyone...or anything would help me...!"
You sigh. "Look...if..if anything really listening to me, can you give me a sign? Anything...?"

After a moment of silence, you are about to turn around when suddenly an abrupt, enormous gust of wind comes forth, practically knocking you over.
"Oh my god... what was that", you say as you begin to stand up.

" 'That a decent sign for you"?

You stop in your tracks, not moving a muscle. Only your breathing and heartbeat can be heard.
" someone there?

A pause.

"You can hear me?". The voice called from behind

"Of course i can hear you!" you say

"You can actually hear me!?". It was now in front of you.

Scared, and still looking down, you begin to shudder.

"Tell me who you are!" you say, still not looking up.

"You wouldnt believe me if i told you" It said with a chuckle.

"Try me" you said, perfectly still.

"Why dont you stand up?" It was closer now. "And look at me?"

You pause.

"You won't hurt me...?"

It chuckled in a sultury way, "Why would i ever hurt you?"

Blushing a crimson red, you begin to rise.

"Talking to me that way...Just who the heck do you think you-"

But before you could finish your sentence you were met with icy blue eyes, just inches from your face"

"are..." You let out a shriek and fall onto your butt.

And just as he was inches away from your face, with a single blink of your (eye c) eyes, he was on the other side of the jungle gym, crouching on a railing, a knarled staff in hand. Looking straight at you, he smirkes, and lets out a laugh.

Already crimson red from before, your face was now red due to your anger.

"What are you laughing at!?" He continues laughing.

"Your..your face! When you saw me!"

You're eyebrows curl with anger.

"Well what was i supposed to do when a stranger magically appears, POOF, out of nowhere and stares straight in my face without any warning!?"

"I gave you warning", he said as he looked at his staff, twirling it in his hand.

Scoffing, you begin to stand and reach for the railing to steady yourself.

"Warning my foot! Just what exactly to do to warn me tha-", as you began to walk, the pain in your foot once again became apparent as you fell forward, but did not hit the ground as you were steadied by two cold hands grasping your shoulders.

"I did give you a warning, or a "sign" as you put it", he said as he stared straight into your (eye c) eyes with his icy blue.

Now that he was this close to you, you could now take in his appearance.
You studied his eyes, the colour of ice, as he stared into yours. His skin was as pale as snow, and so was his hair. The blue hoodie he wore was snaked with ice, and so were his brown pants which were torn on the bottoms. As you looked down, you noticed that his feet were bare, and not red with cold as they should be.

"I sent the wind" ,he said softly, as if the loudness of his voice would startle you more than you already were.

You looked up into his face once again, no longer with anger but with confusion.

"The wind?" you whispered. "Who are you?"

He sighed, "like i said, you wouldnt believe me if i told you"

"Just tell me!" you said, taking his icy hands off your shoulders. "Who are you exactly? Why do you have white hair, and...why are you barefoot in this cold!?"

He chuckled as he looked into your eyes, jumped down from the railing and came closer so you were once again only inches apart- making you blush.

He lowered his eye lids. "You really want to know?"

You stared straight into his, "Yes! Tell me before i call the police!"

He cocked his head and smirked, twirling the stick in his hand. "Do you really want to call the police on Jack Frost?"

For a moment you were silent, before moving closer, looking angrily into his eyes.
"Jack Frost? Is this some kind of sick joke you like to play? Jack frost doesn't exist! You're just a freak!"

For a moment you thought you saw a flicker of sadness in his eyes as he looked into your (eye c) orbs, resting a hand on your right shoulder
"I am Jack Frost"

You were getting impatient with the boy.
"Alright, mr "Jack Frost", if you are really who you say you are, prove it"

He looked at you, raising an eyebrow. "The wind wasn't enough for you?"

You crossed an arm, "nope"

Jack smirked, guesturing his dead toward youur right shoulder.
"Then is the frost on your shoulder enough?"

Confused, you looked down to your shoulder where his hand lay, only to find that there was frost creeping onto your body.

Shocked, you let out a loud shriek, pushed his hand away, and backed up towards the railing, trying your best to wipe the frost off with your opposite hand, pleased when it began to melt.

Looking back up to the boy, who now had a sly smirk on his lips, you could only gaze at him with your mouth gawked open in awe.

He stepped closer with his eyelids lowered, a smile on his face, placing his cold hand on your head.
"Do you believe me now?"
You were silent, unsure of what you just witnessed. You could process what was going through your mind. He made ice.

He suddenly began to look you over, looking back and forth to the hand that was steadying your body from falling, to your slightly elevated foot.
Looking back up to your face, eyes filled with concern, he asked, "Did i hurt you?"

Keeping your wide eyes on his, you shook your head.

He looked back to your foot, quietly murmering to himself before placing two icy gold hands, one gracing the back of your thigh, the other on your back, and lifted you into his arms. Before you knew what was happening, he lowered himself and you to the ground of the platform on which you stood and sat cross legged- placing you on his lap.

Dumfounded and attempting to hide the blush that was creeping onto your face, you attempted to wriggle out of his lap, before he placed a hand on your stomach to stop you.
"Don't worry" he said, looking into your eyes. "I dont bite...always", he said with a wink and a smile.

Your face turned as red as a cherry as you heard his comment, and he chuckled.

Looking back at your foot, and back to your eyes, he asked "May i look at it?"

Your heart was beating faster than usual at this point. You had never been this close to a boy before. Before hiding your face in your jacket, you muttered a "sure.."

Noticing how embarassed and nervous you were, he chuckled, saying "Don't worry, i'll be gentle".
As he began to slip off your shoe with his icy fingers, he looked up at you with raised eyebrows.
"Someone doesn't know how to tie their laces"
You looked up from your jacket.
"Someone doesn't know how to put shoes on"

Smirking, he continued to pull off your shoe. "I don't need shoes", he said.
You rolled your eyes.

As he pulled your shoe off along with your sock, he began to raise the bottoms of your pj's, soaked from the damp of the night, and examined your swollen ankle.

You winced as his cold fingeres prodded your flesh, to which he stopped and looked up at you.
"How did this happen?" He asked.

Sighing, you told him what happened only a little while ago.

He looked into your eyes and smirked. "So thats why you ran from your house"

He must have noticed the perplexed look on your face as he smiled and explained.
"I was near your house...Not watching you, but i saw you run out limping. I wondered what had happened so i followed you"

You were silent, not knowing what to say.

He looked down at your leg once again and placed a hand, as light as a feather on your ankle.
"Oh, by the way, we werent properly introduced. What's your name?"

Blushing slightly, you looked at him and said "(f n/l n).

He smiled,"Okay (name), hold still for me, and don't move a muscle in this leg of yours."
Not waiting for you to answer, he immidietly pressed his hand down on your ankle. It made you want to cry out and you grasped his shoulder, but before the pain became too intense, blue light began to glow from his hand and your ankle was overcome with a pleasing cooling sensation, and as he moved his hand away you noticed the swelling was gone, and so was the pain in your ankle.

"Oh my god..." You uttered while placing your hand on your ankle. " really are him! You're Jack Frost!"

He laughed as he looked into your eyes with a toothy smile, "The one and only"

You could not hold back your excitement and you wrapped both arms around his neck, a laugh escaping from your mouth. He paused for a minute before cautiously placing his hands around your waist, resting his head on your neck.
"You're...welcome (name)". You could tell he was blushing by the tone in his voice.

Suddenly you felt his hands tighten around your waist, and he lifted you into a standing position.
"So (name), now that you believe who i am, 'wanna go have some fun before i have to take you home?"

"Fun? What kind of fun?"

He smirked, came closer and placed a hand on your lower back.
"This kind of fun"

Before you realized what was going on, Jack lifted you into his arms, pressing you to his chest, and soared into the sky with you.

You wrapped your arms around him as tight as you possible could.
"J-Jack!...W-What are you d-doing!?"

He giggled and did a series of loops in the air.
"We're having some fun!"

"F-F-Fun?!" you exclaimed, "H-How is this possible!?" You continued to press your head into his chest, unwilling to look below you.

He wrapped his arms around you, bringing you closer.
"I make it possible. Just open your eyes,(name)"

You were hesitant, but the soothing sound of his voice calmed you.
Slowly, you lifted your head from his chest and looked down.
It was the most beautiful thing you had ever seen. Below you stretched millions of glowing lights the size of ants, and the jungle gym you were on only a few seconds ago.
You couldnt believe your eyes.
"This is amazing..."
The things you were seeing seemed unreal to you.
You rested your head upon his chest, never wanting to let go.
"You're amazing..."
Jack placed a kiss on your head.

For what seemed like an eternity, you and Jack flew upon the wind side by side. Unfortunately it all had to be taken to an end as you needed to get home before the sun rose.
You and Jack floated down to your window, and after he opened it, placed you inside your room.
"Jack that was the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me..."
Jack gave out a small laugh, a small blush appearing on his face as he leaned against his staff.
Before jack could say anything, you embraced him and nuzzled into his chest. He wrapped his cold hands around your waist and snuggled into your neck.

"Please don't go Jack", you whispered.

He sighed. "I have to, (name)"

You looked up, "But i don't want you to go! I have so many questions to ask you!"

He separated from your embrace and placing one hand on your shoulder, the other on your chin- and then he kissed you.

"This won't be our last meeting"

Your face turned a crimson red from the cool, minty sensation that graced your lips.

"But...when will i see you again?" You stepped towards him.

He smirked, grasped his staff in his hand and leaped into your window sill.

"Sooner then you think"

And with that, he leaped form your window, and was gone.

You ran to your window to see his form disapear into the night sky, but all you could see was the snow falling from the sky.

You sighed.
"Sooner then you think, huh?"

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I watched Rise of the Guardians yesterday, and i loved it!

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Anyways this is my first time doing this kind of thing. I hope i did okay.
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They suddenly noticed one of them was missing although they were all immortal he was the youngest by far, where was he? They looked around the white land; the snow still fell slowly, solemnly, as if it was melancholy itself. This brought questions into all their minds, he, the commander of ice and snow was the one who was missing and they knew not where he was, or if he was alright. They began walking, looking frantically through the gentle snow that fell to find him. The sky was a light grey and heaving with the amounts of snow filled clouds, there was not even a small breeze so the snow fell straight down to rest lightly onto the already fallen. Suddenly, one of them stopped. They all noted this meant they had found him; they turned to glance in the direction of who had spotted him. There he was, lying with his back turned towards them; his arms limp in front of him. One of the group started towards him, and on reaching his tired body fell to his knees and consciously, slowly lifted the young body into his arms. He was not dead, for his heart was still beating. He could only just open his eyes enough to see who had taken him into warm arms, the eldest of the group. He mustered a weak smile at the boy as he placed a careful, shaking arm under the boys beautiful white hair to support his head. The elder lost his smile, fearing for the boy’s survival. As he was, there was almost no hope for him; this broke the group into agony of the eminent loss of such a young, good heart. The elder felt the supernatural, immortality of the young’s heart flow from his body, leaving him with nothing to grip the ice cold natural state he lived by. He felt the boy’s body become heavy, all of the pained expression in his eyes, failed and his ice-blue eyes shut gently. His soul flowed free from his heart, body and mind as he fell into an endless sleep, death had come to collect what he thought he would never have. The soul of an immortal being.

As the elder, the group wept for the loss of their friend, the snow ceased to fall. All except for one tiny, perfect snowflake that fell softly down from above to come to rest beside him...
My goodness.... :( I do not know what possesed me to write such a sad piece of fanfic. I dreamt this the other night and its been haunting me ever since...
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“Damn!” the half naked albino screeched with his ears clogged by the palms of his hands. “What are you trying to do? Call the police here?”

“Fine by me,” Maka exclaimed after catching a lungful of air. “Who are you and what the hell are you doing in my home!?”

“Funny,” the stranger snorted, slowly dropping his sun-kissed hands to his sides, “I should be the one asking you that.”

“Wh-what?” Maka stammered.

“This is my flat,” he stated firmly, “besides how did you get in here?” He turned around to eye the brass door hinge with menacing disdain, muttering, “Damn bolt must’ve broken again.”

“I was given a key.” Maka fumbled for the small gold object from her back pocket. She held the dangling key by a worn rope, spinning in a way that the sunlight’s beam refracted from its embedded digits at one side while the other reflected the indented three figures.

The albino young man approached Maka with casual indifference despite his appearance. A hand fluidly grasped the bronze key for its legitimacy. While he was occupied, Maka hunched in her seat, legs crossed at the ankles and thumbs encircling one another in a manner she behaved when she was caught smothering cookies before dinner. Maka wondered why the stranger before her was acting coolly and openly vulnerable towards her, a stranger, especially when he was only dressed with a white, fluffy towel. Did a thought ever occur to him that she could possibly take him down by taking his dignity before making her escape? Well, she was never the type to favor the role of a damsel in distress.

Before she could deepen her concentration on her usual fight or flight response, his baritone voice confirmed, “It’s legit,” along with an open palm offering the key to her. Her pale fingers gently cradled the key back into her palm as he continued, “But why would you have it?”

“Excuse me?”

“I was told that I would have to share my apartment with a guest. I think Blair just gave you the wrong key,” he sighed with disbelief, “I swear that woman should learn how to double check.” The young man scratched his messy, drenched snow hair with irritation before moving away from his door. “Why are you just sitting there? I need to change, woman.”

“Oh, sorry,” Maka apologized before hopping off the mattress and scurrying towards the kitchen. She plopped herself on a white chair, hands folded flatly on the round, cool surface whilst her embarrassment leaked out of her composed face before smashing her head on top of it. She turned her attention to the door where she had carelessly tossed her luggage and shoes aside before striding into her endeavor. How did she not realize that the room was occupied? Apartments were never accommodated a guest’s preference beforehand, but because of her excitement, she flat out assumed that her father figure of a guardian had set everything up for her. Idiot.

She sighed, locking her attention on the slim gold ring centered in the silver band on her left ring finger before fixing herself for into a comfortable position.  She lifted her head slightly in order to detach her right hand from the weave and tucked her elbow to rest beneath her chin while the left erected in such a manner, enhancing admiration.

Oh, Kid, Maka sighed, if you were here to see me now, barging into a stranger’s home, how would you react? Silence loomed for a moment as she observed the light bouncing off the band on her left finger followed by an image of her childhood friend’s gentle, affectionate smile. She chuckled to herself softly, “You’d start laughing like you always do…”

“Who are you talking to?”

The sandy haired woman immediately shot back her seat and straightened herself like the proper, well behaved child she was raised to be. Unfortunately, her immediate reactions unsuccessfully brushed off her flushing features. Crap… had she been reading her thoughts aloud again? How much had he heard? “I-I-uh-myself! Yes, I was just thinking about s-something funny! Hahaha!” she chuckled nervously. Great… he must be thinking that I’ve gone mad.

The albino directed a questioning look by lifting an eyebrow, but lazily shrugged his inquisition aside. “Anyways, what’s your name?” He made his way to the empty seat in front of her—completely clothed to Maka’s relief.

“You’re not thinking of reporting me, are you?” Maka inquired his ruby orbs with narrowed slits.

“Maybe I am, maybe I’m not,” he challenged mysteriously, “Maybe I can help you out since I’m in a good mood.” Maka gawked at him skeptically, was it merely just moments ago when he expressed his irritation towards her, and now he acted as if that person never existed. Maka’s face contorted into one of which her jaw hung slightly ajar and a twitching eye. Soul was taken aback by the young woman’s bizarre behavior, causing him to question if he had said anything wrong to trigger such expression. “What’s with the face?”

“Are you sure you’re the same guy who came out of that room?” Too late to take back the words, Maka slapped her mouth shut with inflating embarrassment. What was with her today?

The albino blinked blankly several times before cracking into a loud guffaw. Maka stared at him, bewildered. “What? You think I have some sort of twin here or something?” he chuckled.

“Wow, you have sharp teeth…” Now that Maka was up close, she was able to notice more details about him like how beautiful his eyes gleamed in the fluorescent kitchen light, his soft complexion, a sharp nose, and a strong jaw line, but what intrigued her the most were his unnatural predator teeth. The comment automatically ceased his laughter, followed by a small wince, as if her words had stung him. The light hearted atmosphere quickly thickened into an ominous one.

“C’mon let’s just go and talk to Blair.” He avoided her eyes as he made his way towards the brown door, her luggage at hand. Maka contemplated in silence, wondering if she had said something that might have affected him before wearing her shoes and following him out to the colorful hallway.

Aside from his insistence to carry her luggage, silence loomed majority of their time together throughout their walk towards the elevator shaft. Maka felt uncomfortable with the lack of conversation, but heed the urge to converse in small talk, instead, she fumbled with her gold band idly.

It was Soul who had departed the elevator first the moment the female automated announced their arrival. She watched as he strode towards the purple haired receptionist with animated gestures to express his irritation when she smirked with malice, teasing him with more fuel to combust in outrageous denial.

“It’s nothing like that, stupid woman,” he huffed indignantly.

“Oh, Soul,” she purred, one that reminded Maka of a content kitten, “it’s okay, you don’t need to hide it! She looks like your type.”

“Uh…” Maka gasped, flushing red from overhearing the conversation from several feet behind.

“Huh,” Soul, she presumed, scoffed, “As if I’d fall for a girl with a chest as flat as a board.”

On impulse, Maka whipped out a book from her luggage and smashed it on the albino’s hair. Blair had attempted to stop Soul, but gave up the moment the words slipped out of his mouth. She propped an elbow on the glossy counter with a sympathetic grin on her lips, yet her eyes held laughter.

“Hey there, Maka! How are ya’ doin’, hon?” she greeted enthusiastically.

“Uh, Blair, I think you gave me the wrong key,” Maka replied.

“Huh?” I don’t believe that’s incorrect.” Blair ducked underneath the counter, frantically searching for the report for Maka’s dorm assignment while tossing unimportant documents behind her. “Ah, here it is,” she exclaimed accomplishedly through all the confetti of paper flying about the place. She clutched the report with two perfectly purple nail polish fingers while her gold eyes scanned the message furiously. “It says here that room 506 is assigned to Soul Evans and Maka Albarn.”

“Heh?” Soul groaned from the ground, his head indented from the book’s impact.

“What?” Maka shrieked. “B-but, but don’t the rules regulate that it can’t be opposite sexes living in the same dorm?”

Blair shook her head, “Not in this place, sweetie. People are old enough to make their own choices in life, so what you do in that room is totally up to you.”

“Hahahahahahahhahahahaha!” Soul clutched his stomach as a fit of laughter escaped his lips.

“What’s so funny?” Maka demanded.

“You think I’m going to rape you or something?” he guffawed, “Geeze, what are your parents teaching you?”

Maka slapped the book on his head with a menacing aura, twice intense from the last, as she spoke, “My parents are dead.”

The boy clutched his head from the exploding pain, but accepted the punishment. His stupid mouth just had to slip something uncool. Soul winced, hoping to meet the girl’s emerald eyes to apologize, but her back was turned towards him as she directed her question to the receptionist. Although her tone was kind and polite to the woman, he swore that her menacing aura continued to intensify to the point that he can see multiple daggers directly pointed at him from all directions. He dared not speak.

“I’ll just rent another room,” Maka sighed, “how much is the rent?”

“It’s two thousand yearly,” Blair replied.

“That’s reasonable,” Maka mused as she searched for her wallet, fished out a credit card, and handed it to her.

Blair slid the card in the scanner to complete the transaction, but an error report appeared on her screen. She tried again, her smile faltering to an inquisition. “Well it appears that your card is being cancelled.”


“Yeah, it’s saying that you don’t have enough money.”

“No way… all my savings are gone?” Maka hung her head in depression. “I swear I had a couple thousands in there.”

“Oh yeah,” Blair remembered thoughtfully, “I just got this fax from your guardian.” Blair held a piece of paper for her, the warmth still lingered after being fresh off the print.

Dear Maka, it read:

I hope you find the room to your preference. I asked Soul Evans, your room mate, to prepare his home to your accommodations. Yes, you will be sharing a home with a male, but I’m confident that he won’t lay a finger on you. Now, Maka, you only have $100 in your account. I went ahead and paid Blair for your three year rental. Call us when you finish reading this, you know how your Aunt Marie is when you’re gone.


“Can I borrow your phone?” Maka inquired with a menacing smile.

Soul sat up tensed, his legs bent upwards to keep his feet grounded in case he needed to make a break for it from Maka’s murderous aura. With his palms as leverage to keep him upright, he backpedaled several feet away when Maka crossed by, making her way to one of the public phone booths lined up beside the entrance of the apartment building.

Maka fished out a quarter from her jeans and popped it into the slot. Her fingers softly dialed her former house number. She waited patiently as the phone rang for several moments before a dreary female voice answered.

“Stein’s residence, this is Marie,” the woman droned into the phone. Although Maka couldn’t see her, she could imagine how life-deprived her complexion appeared: bags gathering into dark circles beneath her red, puffy eyes due to crying all night.

“Hey Aunt Marie, it’s Maka,” she chirped.

“Maka?!” her mother figure screeched through the phone. Maka could imagine the creases in her eyes fade back into her usual, charisma. “Maka! Oh, sweetie, I miss you so much!” she cried. “It’s so lonely at home when you’re gone.”

“You have Uncle Stein though, don’t you? Besides your marriage is just a month away.”

“Oh heavens yes,” Marie sniffled, “Yes, the time has almost come. I have to admit that I’m a bit nervous myself. I’ll be a wreck by then.”

“Don’t stress about it, Aunt Marie. I’m sure it’ll be perfect,” Maka reassured.

“Oh, you better be coming as well!” she exclaimed, “I want to see my baby girl again.”

Maka chuckled lightheartedly, “And I too, Mom.”

Maka overheard another voice from the back followed by Marie’s muffled response. “Maka, your uncle would like to have a word with you.”

“I was about to ask myself,” Maka agreed kindly. She listened to the muffled exchange of the phone before hearing a familiar monotone baritone voice.

“Hello, Maka,” Stein greeted.

“Hello, Uncle Stein,” Maka returned sweetly, then in a menacing, even tone she asked, “Now who do you think you are for using all of my life savings to pay off for this apartment?”

“Now, Maka,” Stein chastised just as evenly, the thickness in his tone carried over a looming authority, “I am your guardian and as that entitlement, I want you to be safe for both mine and Marie’s sake.”

“And your reasoning brought you to room me with the opposite sex?!”

“Mhmm,” she heard him hum from the other line.

“Yeah, no, that’ snot gonna happen, Uncle,” Maka replied cheerfully. “I appreciate what you’re doing for me, but I think I can handle living on my own.” Stein manifested a gurgle of complaints but Maka paid no heed to them, “Thanks Uncle Stein, buh-bye now.” The complaints continued before Maka hung up. With a composed smile resting on her lips, Maka strode back to the purple haired receptionist. “What’s the down payment?”

“You’re a quarter short,” Blair shook her head.

Maka exhaled, brushing several strands of her sandy bangs aside of her jade eyes. “Is there a job available around here so I can pay you back? Of course if I pay for the hundred now?”

Blair shook her head apologetically, “Rules are rules, Maka.” Maka sighed, defeated. “But, if you want a job, I heard that Death Bucks Café is hiring new workers now that students are returning to school.”

“Alright, I’ll do it. With a nod, Blair disappeared beneath her desk, searching for the address of the restaurant. Meanwhile, Maka turned towards the terrified albino on the ground and offered him a hand. Soul stared at her gloved offering before hesitantly taking it. “For the time being, I’ll just stay with you… if you don’t mind?” she queried whilst hoisting him up.

Soul dropped her hand nonchalantly, “Do what you want.”

“By the way,” Maka interjected, offering her hand towards him once more, “I’m Maka Albarn.”

“Huh, better late than never,” the albino commented, “Soul Evans.” The ruby eyed young took her hand once more with a firm grip before dropping it.

“I’m sorry about earlier,” Maka added, “but I hope we’ll get along. Please take care of me.”

“Please take care of me as well,” Soul smiled, one that hid his sharp teeth from view, one that appeared uncomfortably forced.

“Alrighty, I got the address set right here for ya, Maka,” Blair popped from beneath her desk with a hand flaunting the paper in the air. “Here ya go.”

“Thanks,” Maka replied as she took the paper.

“Maka, why don’t you go ahead and check it out,” Soul suggested.

“But what about my luggage? I have to bring it back to the room.”

“I’ll deal with it,” Soul insisted, “I’ll meet you at the café right after. You know where to go right?”

“Yeah, I’m familiar with this place,” Maka replied. “Thanks, Soul.” With a wave to Blair, Maka strode out of the building and towards her destination.

Soul made sure that Maka was gone before returning his attention to the purple receptionist. “Why the hell did you lie?”

“Nyah?” Blair hummed innocently, “I don’t know what you’re talking about, Soul?”

“Don’t play dumb with me,” he deadpanned. “Paying less than the down payment is acceptable through loaning her money. She just has to pay you back within a year.”

“Rules have been regulated last week.”

“Bullshit,” Soul grumbled, but Blair ignored his comment with a sly smirk. “What are you planning, you damn feline?”

The receptionist shrugged indifferently before casually making her way out of her marble counter and behind the tense young man. Her slender fingers grasped his shoulder blades in a tender manner before giving them a few squeezes, then in an airy whisper, she stated, “It’ll be good for you.” Within that second, the weight of her fingers left Soul’s shoulder, causing the albino to search for her whereabouts.

“What the hell’s that supposed to mean?”

Blair answered with a soft chuckle before exiting the building.
So it took me 2 months to finally post this chapter! I'm so sorry for taking so long. I had a writers block then the Soul Eater contests, then requests, and tumblr SoMa weeks, then there's just school. For a while... well until my summer starts, this will be the last of "Patiently Waiting For You" that I will write. I'm currently working on the 3rd one, but for the most I'm concentrated on the NSFW ideas (I'm 4 days left behind... ;A;)

Anyways, I hope you take this to your liking.


Chapter 1: PWFY- Ch. 1: A Stable Beginning
With her luggage at hand, Maka stood at the airport of LAX with Stein and Marie standing on either sides of their adopted child. After the death of Spirit and Kami, Stein and Marie were obligated to care for Maka until she was legal of age. For the past half decade, Stein and Marie learned that Maka had inherited her mother’s talent and intelligence as well as her father’s boisterous outbursts when pushed at the wrong button. Ultimately, Maka had been a blessing for the couple and had truly enjoyed her company.

“Are you sure about this?” Marie sniffled. Marie hated goodbyes when it came to people she was emotionally a

Chapter 3: :iconwritersblock:


(c) Soul Eater belongs to Atsushi Ōkubo
(c) Patiently Waiting For You belongs to me
(c) Editted on pixlr-o-matic and ipiccy

Edit: For the time being, the cover will be taken down and re-made for the story. Special thanks to :iconscourgewolf: for making the original picture for this :)
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With her luggage at hand, Maka stood at the airport of LAX with Stein and Marie standing on either sides of their adopted child. After the death of Spirit and Kami, Stein and Marie were obligated to care for Maka until she was legal of age. For the past half decade, Stein and Marie learned that Maka had inherited her mother’s talent and intelligence as well as her father’s boisterous outbursts when pushed at the wrong button. Ultimately, Maka had been a blessing for the couple and had truly enjoyed her company.

“Are you sure about this?” Marie sniffled. Marie hated goodbyes when it came to people she was emotionally attached, child or not, Maka was no exception.

“Yes, Aunt Marie. I’m sure about this,” Maka replied determinedly. “It’s been half a decade since I saw Kid. I’ve been eager to see him.”

“We know,” Stein answered, “you never leave the house without wearing his ring.”

Maka glanced at the scratched silver band on her left ring finger. “It is a promise after all.”

“Just like Kami and Spirit,” Marie added, “Oh you really are a replica of the two!” Marie threw herself on to Stein’s chest as tears flooded down her cheeks. “Our little girl is all grown up!” she wailed in a squeaky voice.

Stein sighed at his fiancée’s melodramatic reaction, nevertheless held her and rubbed comforting circles on her back.

Maka chuckled softly as she watched her two guardians held one another. She couldn’t help but picture herself and Kid when they see each other again. She couldn’t wait to see the surprise on his face when he sees her turn up in Death City.

“Are you positive that you want to do this, Maka?” Marie unlatched herself from Stein in order to face her.

“Yes, Aunt Marie. I’m eighteen now and I am legal to take care of myself.”

Marie and Stein shared a quick glance followed by a nod. Maka took it as a sign of Stein’s approval.

“Alright then,” Marie pouted, “But make sure to call me once in a while.”

“I will. I promise.”

Marie launched herself at Maka for an endearing embrace. “Oh, I will miss you so much, Maka! You have always been the child I’ve always dreamed of.”

“And you have cared and raised me like a proper mother would.”

That comment triggered tears from Marie’s eyes. “Oh! No one has ever said that to me before,” she wailed, “I love you very much, Maka!”

“I love you too, Aunt Marie,” Maka replied genuinely.

Marie reluctantly released herself from Maka while Stein moved forward to take her place.

“Stein,” Maka acknowledged.

“Maka, take good care of yourself alright?” Stein requested. Then in a soft whisper and a hand cupping one side of his mouth, “Save me the trouble from her…” Stein did not dare to finish for Marie was standing behind them with her arms crossed, a pout settled on her lips, and an audible upbeat tapping from a foot.

With a nervous, “Never mind,” Stein ruffled Maka’s untied hair and returned beside his fiancée.

“Goodbye then, Stein. Aunt Marie,” Maka bowed. With a small skip in her stride, Maka headed to her designated gate to Death City, Nevada.


“That’ll be five dollars,” the taxi driver reported.

Maka fished out a five dollar bill from her wallet and handed it to the taxi driver. With a small thank you, Maka took her luggage from the trunk and stood before a large building of mismatching blocks. The building appeared as if it was assembled straight out of a stacker’s game, complete with several colorful blocks that protruded from said apartment. The pink cubicle at the very top worried Maka endlessly due to half of its portion dangling off the edge. The four triangular supporting blocks only lessened her reassurance.

She spent several more moments observing the building’s strange architecture with peculiar interest about the building’s stability before cautiously walking into the front desk.

To her surprise, the interior design was completely normal like any ordinary reception area. Maka was immediately greeted by a very attractive woman sitting behind the counter with a preppy expression on her lips. She was young, about her mid-twenty’s, luscious, long plum hair pulled over to one shoulder, flawless, peach skin, and a hypnotizing pair of gold eyes, similar to those of her childhood best friend. She wore a white button down long sleeve blouse and on her left bosom was a gold name tag of her name Blair inscribed in thick, bolded letters.

“Hey there, sweetie!” she greeted in a friendly soprano voice. She paused to glace at Maka’s green and white striped luggage before continuing. “Are you a new resident? I haven’t seen your face before.”

Didn’t she notice my luggage? Maka wondered, but to be courteous, she nodded.

“That’s great!” she replied enthusiastically, “well my name is Blair and I’m the receptionist here. Other than that, I live here too.” She finished with an over bubbly smile that reminded Maka of a kitten’s curious grin.

“I’m Maka Albarn,” Maka introduced with a gloved hand extended.

Blair shook the material with gusto. After the exchange, Blair stared at her with an epiphany imprinted her thoughts.

“Maka Albarn, you say?” a slender index finger gently tapped her chin.

Make met her eyes with confusion and curiosity.

“Oh yes!” she snapped her finger, “I have a room reserved for you on…” her fingers danced across the keyboard in a muddled staccato manner, “room five-oh-six, fifth floor.”

Maka blinked several times as Blair extended a hand with 506 marked on the dangling key. Hesitantly, Maka took the key and held it gingerly in her grasp.

“But I didn’t ask for a room before hand…” Maka spoke softly.

Blair stared at her with the same kitten-like smile but her eyes held confusion. “Oh!” she held an index finger forward as a way to express her exclamation in an animated manner, “Yes, a male with deep, monotone voice asked for it.”

“Oh,” Maka smiled softly as an image of the voice matched the face of her father figure guardian. “Thank you,” Maka stated as she made her way to the elevator. She pressed the arrow pointing upwards and waited several seconds before a ding sang its arrival.

Just as she entered the elevator shaft and brushed her finger off the circular button with 5 set in the middle, Blair yelped a flustered, “Oh!” The sandy haired young woman turned to face the receptionist with inquiry, wondering what she needed to say. Just before the door closed, the receptionist shouts, “Enjoy your stay!”


The wait in the elevator had been a bundle of excitement and nerves despite the reassuring piano piece that danced about the shaft. Its comforting melody flew from one ear of the sandy haired young woman and out the other end, leaving her to question the song’s motives. Although Maka was born a prodigy of the educational department, music was the only subject that she could never get herself to understand. It was a foreign language composed of five horizontal bars with vertical lines attached to ovals. How was I supposed to decode this language? she wondered. Maka had spent countless days dissecting the music sheets, but, alas, she gave up. In fear of disappointing her peers and loved ones, Maka had purposely avoided any curricular activities relevant to the subject. The elevator music only encouraged her anxiety.

The heavenly chime that announced her arrival relieved Maka from listening to the foreign sound, yet reminded her of her premonition of the room where she’ll reside for the time being.

Maka was surprised to be greeted by a clean, stable interior design in contrast with its exterior architecture. The floors were wide, smooth, rectangular, solid chocolate tiles, divided by a small black dip line from other tiles. The walls were a giant mural of large, multicolored mosaic pieces, separated by every other mosaic columns and solid columns. With every three columns, stood a brown door with a golden plate set at middle along with the room number carved in shining glory.

501 on the left… 502 on the right… odd left… even right, Maka observed.



Maka gingerly inserted the silver key into the hole and listened intently as the bolt unlocked. With caution, Maka turned the knob and was welcomed with a homey sight. The flat consisted of a joined kitchen north of the entrance and a living room to the right. To take a better look of her surroundings, she slipped off her shoes and luggage by the door and walked towards the living room.

The living room was small, but it certainly gave a comfortable invitation to sit on one of the three red, plush couches varying from one to three seaters. A long, white, spotless coffee table sat in the middle of the three for guests to use during gatherings or a place for her piles of books to stack during her idle hours. A twin stereo sat on the opposite end of the couches with an old gramophone sitting in between the two advance technologies. There was also a small TV beside them, angled at the corner of the room. Vertical to the TV was a one seating chair that stood in front of a double sided window. Across it sat the three-seaters then parallel to that was the two-seaters. The walls were a warm yellow shade with several animated pop posters glued to every other wall. A matching yellow rug rested below the couches to help balance the wall with the dark furniture.

Lavender tiles carpeted the floor from living room to its joined component. The kitchen had a table and two chairs set in front of a kitchen counter and stove. Horizontal to it was a large white fridge, about seven feet tall. Beside the fridge was a single blue door.

With her fears of an unstable home now replaced with excitement of her adventure, Maka opened the door with enthusiasm. Behind it was a small bedroom with a brown mahogany desk immediately to the left of the entrance. On top of it was small shelf filled with stationary objects and a few metal figurines. Beside it was a small, blue table with a candle and a sphere shaped alarm clock with the design of a grinning orange soul placed in the middle. Followed by a fresh, white-sheet, made bed. Beside it, a luscious, blood red drapery clung to the tinted sun kissed window as if embracing its warm rays from peeking any further from the bed. Lastly, at the foot of the bed, was a large blue chest.

Maka made her way to the bed and sat on it. It was then noticed the wall adjacent to the mahogany desk had an acoustic guitar pinned to the wall.

Alas, her adventure had come to an end and Maka threw her back on the comfy sheets. With a sigh, she prepared herself for a well deserving nap. She recounted her discoveries throughout the flat and mentally noted to send a big thank you to Stein for his thoughtful decorations for her accommodation. It was her latest discovery that caused her to sit up abruptly and turn her head to see an unfamiliar figure at the bedroom door with nothing but a towel wrapped around his waist.

An ear piercing shriek was released into the evening, destroying what was once a peaceful day and her beautiful vision at a perfectly fresh, new life.
I really suck at descriptions and I'm sorry that I may have posibly destroyed the flow of the story with my disorganization. But I'm totally risking it! I'm working my butt off just to get the description down.

I really hope that my attempt didn't destroy your imagination too much :forgiveme:

Oh yeah, so I was re-reading chapter 63 on the manga and I found this little segment here... [link] and it's obvious that Maka is afraid of heights; of course at first encounter. Since, after all, it's Maka, he always goes head first into her fears. So I thought, why not?!
This is all the proof I need to make her fear of heights canon.


Prologue: PWFY- Prologue: Even Death, We Are Bound
“No! You promised we’d be together forever!” cried a twin pig-tailed sandy haired child. Tears dripped down her cherry colored cheeks as her emerald eyes glared into a pair of gold ones. Despite the betraying tears that escaped the ducts, her eyes remained strong.

The figure before her had shoulder length obsidian hair with white thick lines imprinted on the left side of his hair to mid-back. He had flawless albino skin and intriguing pairs of inherited gold iris that represent his high rank in Death City. The young man wore a soft smile for the young girl while his eyes held similar determination. He stretched his hands to

Chapter 2: PWFY- Ch. 2: Ah, Hell No!
“Damn!” the half naked albino screeched with his ears clogged by the palms of his hands. “What are you trying to do? Call the police here?”

“Fine by me,” Maka exclaimed after catching a lungful of air. “Who are you and what the hell are you doing in my home!?”

“Funny,” the stranger snorted, slowly dropping his sun-kissed hands to his sides, “I should be the one asking you that.”

“Wh-what?” Maka stammered.

“This is my flat,” he stated firmly, “besides how did you get in here?” He turned around to eye the brass door hinge with menacin


Setting References (THANK GOODNESS people posted the anime settings on photobucket! Some of the listed happen to be :iconz-raid:):

:bulletred:Corridor: [link]
:bulletred:Apartment Building: [link]
:bulletred:Soul's bedroom: [link]
:bulletred:Setting descriptions: [link]


(c) Soul Eater belongs to Atsushi Ōkubo
(c) Patiently Waiting For You belongs to me
(c) Editted on pixlr-o-matic and ipiccy

Edit: For the time being, the cover will be taken down and re-made for the story. Special thanks to :iconscourgewolf: for making the original picture for this :)
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“No! You promised we’d be together forever!” cried a twin pig-tailed sandy haired child. Tears dripped down her cherry colored cheeks as her emerald eyes glared into a pair of gold ones. Despite the betraying tears that escaped the ducts, her eyes remained strong.

The figure before her had shoulder length obsidian hair with white thick lines imprinted on the left side of his hair to mid-back. He had flawless albino skin and intriguing pairs of inherited gold iris that represent his high rank in Death City. The young man wore a soft smile for the young girl while his eyes held similar determination. He stretched his hands towards the child and gently cupped her cheeks. His thumb softly brushed the tears away as he murmured a promise; audible for the two of them to hear.

“Don’t think of this as a goodbye forever, Maka. This is just one of those see you later adages. I’ll be back soon, I promise.”

“B-but you’re going to be the shinigami now,” the girl complained, “there’s no more time to be with me.”

“Shh,” the boy comforted, “Maka, I promise I will become the greatest shinigami of this city and I will come back for you.” The young shinigami released a hand from her face and dug it into his pocket. He held the object in a fist while the other hand reached for her hand. “When father passed away, Sid gave me this.” He opened his hand to reveal two plain silver rings, one thick and the other slim, with gold rims and their promise adage engraved within the bands.

Maka was dumbfounded by the twin rings in his hands. She had a difficult time wrapping her mind around the action taking place.

Her best friend took the silence as an explanation despite the fact that Maka knew his life story very well.

“These are my parents’ weddings bands,” he stared at the rings with an empty, unreadable expression as he spoke, “Sid retrieved them from father’s body.”

He paused.

A moment later, he gently strokes over the two rings with his thumb. “He never took off his ring after mother passed away. The words inscribed were their wedding vows. They swore to each other that their love will continue to remain intact if ever anything happened to one of them.”

Another moment of silence.

“Father wanted mother to wear it even after her death in order to preserve the vow, but she requested him to keep it for me until I grew up and found someone as special as she had been to father.”

“K-Kid…” the girl croaked with heart wrench.

“I wish mother was here to see me right now. A fine young man who she would be proud to call her son. I wish she was here to see me present her ring to the person I solemnly vow to protect with all my life.” Kid picked out the slimmer ring between the two and slid it on to Maka’s left ring finger; it was a perfect fit to Kid’s relief. With a small smile, he brought her hand to his lips and gently kissed it.

“Maka Albarn, I promise when I return, I’ll make you my wife.”

A new round of tears prickled Maka’s vision once again. Not from sadness of their departure but from pure happiness. He loved her as much as she prayed in all their years of being together.

Maka tried to voice out her reaction, but her throat sealed her words, encasing them in an overwhelming amount of heat. She stared into Kid’s eyes with as much emotion as she could muster from her inexperienced eyes. When Kid continued to probe her eyes for responses, Maka pulled him into a tight hug, burying her face into his jet black polyester suit.

“I love you. I love you. I love you, Kid! I love you!” she wept into his chest incoherently. “I love you!”

Fortunately for Kid, he was able to pick up the words due to their close proximity. Kid felt his heart flutter in accordance to every word of her confession. A huge grin made its way to his lips as his arms circled young Maka’s thin waist and crushed her to his chest. After the exchange, Kid and Maka pulled back only to pull into a gentle first kiss.

Kid had been holding back for a long time and finally he was able to feel Maka’s soft lips against his. He wished that they could remain like this forever, for time to stop to freeze for their sake—for their last few moments to be together. For several moments, Kid greedily stole as many kisses as he could. When Maka paused to take a breath, Kid trailed peppered kisses from the corner of her lips to her cheeks, forehead, nose, and back to her lips. Each kiss to her lips deepened their passion and longing for one another, but Kid reluctantly pried himself away from her addicting, swollen lips before his emotions took advantage of the situation. Kid had already gone over the time limit he had promised his two advisors just to talk to Maka in privacy.

“I love you, Maka,” Kid stated softly, “I love you very much.”

“And I you, Kid,” Maka responded with a twinkle in her eyes.

“Then with this ring and God as our witness,” Kid held Maka’s marked finger, “I vow that I will love no one else, but you.”

“And I will be patiently waiting for you,” Maka added.

Even death, we are bound,” they finished the vow in unison.

With a final peck on her forehead, Kid left with Sid and Nygus to begin his training as the youngest Shinigami to rule Death City.



Oh my goodness, I don't know how much more I can express my excitement for this new series! My goal is to write at least 10 chapters :faint: because the story should be a roller coaster of feels! :iconeeeeeplz: My, my, I wonder how far my imagination will take me with this story... but let's hope I won't fall into a writers block with this one! :D

Oh yeah, one more thing. Turns out I started this series exactly one month after I posted the cover photo. Coincidence? I think not. No, but seriously I just happened to post this on March 20th, while the cover on February 20th. That's weird. O-O''

Anyways, enjoy.


Chapter 1: PWFY- Ch. 1: A Stable Beginning
With her luggage at hand, Maka stood at the airport of LAX with Stein and Marie standing on either sides of their adopted child. After the death of Spirit and Kami, Stein and Marie were obligated to care for Maka until she was legal of age. For the past half decade, Stein and Marie learned that Maka had inherited her mother’s talent and intelligence as well as her father’s boisterous outbursts when pushed at the wrong button. Ultimately, Maka had been a blessing for the couple and had truly enjoyed her company.

“Are you sure about this?” Marie sniffled. Marie hated goodbyes when it came to people she was emotionally a


(c) Soul Eater belongs to Atsushi Ōkubo
(c) Patiently Waiting For You belongs to me
(c) Editted on pixlr-o-matic and ipiccy

Edit: For the time being, the cover will be taken down and re-made for the story. Special thanks to :iconscourgewolf: for making the original picture for this :)
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"Maka!" someone called from behind.


A masculine boy of the age of eighteen with disheveled, frosty, spiky hair, and a pair of intimidating yet playful ruby eyes strode lazily to the table and took a seat behind me. "Lord Death called."

I flipped the bacon over the pan as a sign to continue.

"He needs us to stop by his office; said it was urgent."

I stopped fidgeting with the sizzling strip and glanced at him with a short acknowledging glance. "What did you do this time, Soul?" I sighed disapprovingly.

"Hey," he raised his voice defensively, "don't assume I did something wrong when I don't even know what I did."

"That's exactly it," I stated teasingly, "sometimes I wonder if you ever grew up Soul."

"Of course I did," he grinned with that dangerous, charming trade mark smile of his, "a cool guy like me would never pull immature stunts and get caught."

"Only with Black*Star," I muttered aloud.

"So not cool, Maka," he retorted in an annoyed, even tone.

I snorted as I brought the pan over and gently dumped half the contents onto Soul's place followed by mine.

"All joking matters aside," I resumed while he consumed his breakfast, "what do you think he really wants?"

"Don't know," the albino shrugged, "maybe a new mission." He returned to monstrously devour his meal as I stared at mine a bit anxiously. It was a familiar disturbing feeling that urged me to stray away and ignore my curiosity, but of course a former Shibusen Student should always investigate. Nostalgic… I wonder why.


The roaring engine of Soul's orange Harley was the only sound that accompanied us to the beautiful, symmetrical Death Weapon Meister Academy. Words were not needed to be exchanged for what awaits us at Lord Death's room. The atmosphere at this very moment was peaceful and calm, yet a little tense—or perhaps that was my imagination.

The action did not pass unnoticed by my weapon. I could feel his weary eyes glance at me like a cobra's strike, but I ignored his gaze and focused ahead.

Within moments, the purring engine died down and we stood at a ridiculous amount of stairs leading up the academy.

Perhaps the moment we reached the top and stood to admire our former school was enough to encourage Soul to speak his mind out, "Hey." I turned to meet his worried burgundy eyes in silence; half of me was standing towards Soul while the other busied itself with nostalgic memories to cover my troubled thoughts. "What's eating at you?" he asked as if it was the most natural thing to say with a cool decency.

My lips parted slightly to voice out my confusion, but I stopped midway as my thoughts were bombarded with chastisement of my self-doubts. There is nothing to be worried about, it ultimately came to. I closed my mouth and broke his gaze to stare at the ground with idling interest.

"Nothing," I answered, "let's not keep Lord Death waiting."

With an encouraging smile, we walked towards the building in silence. Unsure of what awaits us.


"Damn it all," Soul growled once we reached home, "Damn it! Damn it! Damn it!"

"Hey, how about saying something else for a change, Soul? Something less uncool," I barked in frustration.

"Well how about you use that big mouth of yours back there, Maka!" he retorted as our gaze locked in a fiery battle.

"And you know very damn well that I can't deny his requests, Soul!" I hissed venomously.

Soul took a step close to me, our faces only centimeters apart. His height made him all the more intimidating. "Oh yeah, because I'm little miss perfect and DWMA's top class student," he mocked scornfully. I stood there staring at him speechless, "You can quit being a kiss up, Maka. No one's gonna buy it anyway!"

I felt a burning sensation radiate from my left hand the moment those words left his mouth. Never had I ever slapped Soul in my entire life being with him, it was always a Maka-chop, always impacted on the cranium, but this… it was a new level of low.

Soul's head remained turned away for a couple seconds as we registered my action, but I couldn't take back what I've done. I took a step back from him and hurried off to my bedroom and slammed the door immediately. My breaths came in shallow and ragged as I leaned on my door for support and sunk to the floor. Tears prickled my eyes and ran down my face, leaving behind a burning, hot trail in its wake. Soul couldn't see this. I don't want him to see me at my vulnerable point, especially when he was the cause of it.

My throat burned from holding back wails and cries, but I swallowed the pain and hid them in my silent sobs. I gathered my legs towards me and hugged them to my chest.

I never thought it would come to this.


"Scythe Meister Maka Albarn ready for--"


It was always the same routine every time we came to Lord Death's room. Papa always dashed from the other side of the room screaming my name like a psychopath with mesmerized, goo-goo doll like eyes as he came towards me. As always, I had my handy book ready to smash into his noggin before he could lay a single hand on me. This was the only thing I'm glad to be away from after graduation. Soul shared the same look of disgust as we glanced at one another; seems like I'm not the only one.

"Hello! Hello! Wazzup? Wazzup? Good to see ya!" Lord Death greeted in his usual friendly, falsetto voice.

"Lord Death, what do ya need from us?" Soul stated nonchalantly.

"Soul!" I chastised in a hushed tone. Even after graduation, my partner still couldn't learn a thing or two about respect.

Soul only shrugged in a bored manner. He had always been straight to the point.

"Oh yes! I have a new mission for Maka," the thin Shinigami stated.

Soul and I exchanged disbelief looks. "Uh, don't you mean Soul and I?" I corrected.

"No my dear, it is only you this time," the Shinigami answered.

"But Soul is my partner," I interjected.

"For this specific mission, I'm afraid not… even for a while."

"Lord Death--"

"I apologize, but with Soul as a death scythe, there are still others that are in dire need of your assistance, Maka."

My hands formed into fists at my side as I glared at the ground in defiance.

"Maka's my partner," Soul stated confidently, "she's the only one who can wield me."

"Now, now, I know you're upset, Soul, but let's be reasonable. We need to recruit more death scythes as much as possible. We require these death scythes to be assigned a post in case of a future Kishin attack so they'll be able to protect their home from the madness," Lord Death explained.

"But why Maka? Why not Stein?" Soul argued. If I didn't know my partner any better, I could have brushed off the sound of pain in his tone as a part of my imagination.

"Stein is already assigned to the same mission. Maka and Stein are the only ones who have obtained flexible souls and can adjust to any weapon of choice." Lord Death turned his attention to me, "Stein had taught you how to control it, yes?" He didn't pause to let me answer and returned his attention to both of us, "You are both our highest and advanced meister and weapon in the district. This is why I have chosen you," Lord Death finished, "I'm sorry it has to be this way."

From my peripheral vision, I saw Soul bowed his head in defeat as his hands formed into tight balls beside him. Although I disliked this mission strongly as much as Soul, and even more for the fact that I can't be with him, but I had no choice but to follow orders.

"I'll do it."


Also this is my first time writing a Soul Eater fanfic (dedicated to SoMa shippers out there!) and I'm uber nervous about how this will turn out. :/

Anyways, the story was inspired from this picture I found while the manga itself. I'm not entirely sure who colored this, but all I know that the original artwork belongs to Atsushi Ōkubo (unless anyone tells me otherwise).

In all honesty, I feel horrible and every time I turn back to read this, I think it's just a horrible crap I manifested after reading the manga and Soul Eater Not! manga.
There are some details that refers to either or, but I'm sure it'll work out with the story. I'm still experimenting ya'll!


Chapter 2: SE: Until Now Ch. 2- Sinking In
I rose up from the ground and decided to begin packing. Professor Stein and I will depart tomorrow evening to our designated posts. With a quick swipe at my drenched face, I dug into the closet and pulled out a week's set of clothing, toiletries, and extra pair of shoes followed by shoving them into my duffel bag.

A while without Soul? I thought aimlessly as I zipped the bag. I never thought it'd come to this.

I turned to my window and saw pictures of us with the gang. Beside it was a picture of Soul and I at the sick bay when I fallen victim to Arachne's paralysis webs. I was making an embarrassed face as Soul spoon fed me the meal. He had


In the anime it doesn't show that Maka can wield other weapons besides Soul, but in the manga she does wield Tsubaki during the fight against the Legendary Wolf. From this small detail, I was able to assume that Maka does have a flexible soul like Stein, but it isn't as strong. And also, I believe it's because she has a good bond with Tsubaki (and that she's a girl) that she's able to do so.
And in my story, I decided to say that Stein saw this in Maka and decided to train her, that's why she's on this mission with Stein.

Now, Soul won't be useless as he portrays himself on the manga/anime without Maka (which is why I ship them so hard core) though I prefer that, but with Maka outta the picture, I think he'll need some professional help from someone who has experience *ahem*Spirit*ahem*

^I will mention this somewhat later in the story (if I feel like it).


(c) Picture belongs to :icongone-phishing:
(c) Soul Eater belongs to Atsushi Ōkubo
(c) Until Now belongs to me
(c) Editted on pixlr-o-matic and ipiccy
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You guys fucked.

The End.
Took me 6 hours.
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Fairy Tale Endings
Dave x reader

Remember how when you were younger you would hear stories about princesses always getting their prince or true love? The endings were always the same. The princess was happy for the rest of her life as she lived ‘happily ever after.’ I remember being told that fairy tale ending were real.

I woke up from another dream about meeting prince charming. Well I had already  meet mine. He had blonde hair, red eyes, and always wore aviator shades. I had known him since we were both 4. He was the infamous Dave Strider. I could always imagine him asking me to be his, whisking me away into the sunset, and we would live ‘happily ever after’.  That’s when I heard me phone beep.

Speak of the devil, he just sent me a text. ‘Hey _____ can you meet up with me? It’s really important.’ I sent back a quick yes as my imagination went wild. Maybe he wanted to ask me out, maybe he wanted to confess, or maybe- STOP! I’m 22 I really have to stop dreaming about fairy tails coming true. As much as I wish it was true I know that wouldn’t be why he wanted to meet up. He had a girlfriend. He loved her very much and they have been dating since senior year in high school. But maybe he had broken up with her- no. if I got my hopes up then they would just be crushed again.

I still remembered when he wanted me to help him ask her out. Of course I helped him. And when she said yes I had to watch as he smiled for the first time in a while. The same smile that was once directed at me. He even promised me. Not that he remembers our promise.
“Dave! Dave, look!” I ran to my best friend holding out my new favorite fairy tail. He looked at me with those pointed shades and smiled at me. Even at the age of six I could tell I was in love. His smile always made me blush. “Hey _____! What’s that another fairy tail?” “Yeah! Want to read it with me? Please!” I put on a pouty face and he chuckled as he said sure. I grabbed his hand and lead him to our tree. It was a weeping willow that we would always sleep and read under.

“See isn’t it just the best! Even though they tried to keep it from happening she still ended up with her prince!” I couldn’t help but laugh happily while I hugged the Cinderella book to my chest. Dave looked thoughtful for a minute before he held out his pinky.  “___ I promise. I’ll be your prince that way you get your happily ever after.” He was totally serious as he said it. I couldn’t help but smile wider as I wrapped my pinky around his own giving a happy yeah. He smiled back before blushing slightly. “and since I’m your prince, that makes you my princess.”
Then later when we started school things started to change.
In elementary school he would still sit and read my fairy tails with me all the time. He smiled and we were inseparable. He still called me his princess.

In middle school he would still hang out with me the most and smile, but he didn’t read stories with me anymore. I wasn’t his princess unless we were alone, and even then only occasionally.

In high school he hung out a little less with me. He never smiled. Until he got her. Jade Harley. Senior year of high school, he had me help as he wooed Jade. When she said yes he smiled. The smile that used to be directed to me. What he said next also used to be directed to me. “Then I’ll be your prince…and that makes you my princess. That was when my heart shattered. I swear I could hear it being ripped out and thrown on the ground.
~end of flashback~
Why did I have to remember that now? I was on my way to meet Dave. I didn’t need to cry in front of him. I really needed to get a boyfriend, but I was just always hoping he would keep his promise. So I never had a boyfriend. I’d been on dates but they never lead to anything.

He wanted to meet up at our willow tree. That never changed. It was always our spot. As I got closer I could see he was already there. He looked nervous and I could feel my hopes rising again.

He noticed me and waved. When I reached him he was the first to speak. “okay so _____ I need your help again. You know how you helped me get jade to go out with me.” I didn’t like where this was going. “Yeah?” “ Okay well I wanted to ask if you could help me propose to her.” yep there they went. All my hopes shattered. But just like the fool I am I would do anything for him. “O-of course Dave.” He didn’t catch my voice breaking. And he hugged me. “thanks _____ you’re the best friend ever.” Yep, friend. Never anything else.

He told me he already had everything set up and planned. He just needed my help with a few things. He planned on proposing tonight. So he went over what I had to do, we set up, and then we went to his house to help him get ready. He looked amazing in his nice black suit. He went to pick up jade while I went back to the park to wait. She was lucky. We had set up lights to hang from the weeping willow and to drape across the trees like a canopy of fireflies. I was to wait by the river and send him the items he needed when he needed them.

He really went all out. He got a dog plushie, a flower,….and a little velvet box. One guess what was inside. All I had to do to get them to him was put them on the little platform thing he made and push a button. Then the platform would launch the item to his open hand.

It was dark when they finally got to the park. She looked gorgeous in a sparkly black floor length gown. I had to watch as he took her hands and looked into her eyes. He wasn’t even wearing his shades. And the worst part was I could hear everything. I heard as he talked about her love of guns, dogs and cute things. So I sent him the plushie. I put the flower on the platform. He talked about how how she loved flowers and how she was more beautiful then any flower. So I sent him the rose.

Then… I knew I had to put the box on the platform, but… I hesitated. What if I threw it in the river? It was deep enough to be lost for a while if I did. Would that give me my happily ever after? My fairy tale ending? Maybe. Did I do it? I could hear him talking about how they had been dating for years. I lifted the box into the air. He said that he loved he so much. I pulled my arm back. He said that she light up his world. I got ready to throw it.  He said that he was her princess. I stopped.

I couldn’t do that to Dave. This meant so much to him, SHE meant so much to him. I looked over my shoulder and I saw him get on one knee. If I was going to throw it I had to do it now. So what did I do? I sent him the box. I could feel my eyes water as he caught it. I could feel my breathing hitch as I tries to hold in the tears. I saw his lips move but I could hear nothing…..until she screamed yes. She threw her arms around him and the dam broke. The last thing I saw before I ran away was him smiling as he twirled her around.

So yes, fairy tale endings are real. They didn’t lie. They just forgot to mention that not everyone can be a princess.
okay so I was in a mood for a sad story. If you notice any mistakes please point them out so I can fix them. Also please comment on my story. If you have a request they are free and just leave them in the comments or on my page. :)
:iconhomestuckplz: ==> :iconandrewhussieplz:
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You sat at the bar sighing as you take another sip from your drink. Looking over at the dance floor you see your other friends dancing like idiots while their drinks splash on them. The only reason you came along was for the dinner all of you had before hand. There was no way you were going to get drunk or even have an alcoholic drink. You have seen how your friends get and know they need an actually sober driver since none of them can help themselves.
So what is it you were drinking? Bottled water you had brought with yourself because you didn't trust bar tenders and the guys that were sitting by the bar. You could even catch some of the looking at you like they didn't want to miss the moment you would order some alcohol which would not happen tonight. Taking another exasperated sigh you look directly at your bottle of water as it reflects your own distorted image.
You're not sure how long you had been looking at your bottle but you are only snapped out of it when you notice someone sit next to you. Looking up you see it's a guy with dark brown hair and a mohawk. He had a leather jacket and skinny jeans, along with some sandals he was wearing with socks.
 He isn't exactly average that much you can tell. But he does draw some attention, at least he drew your attention.  When you look up you catch him taking a glance at you. Oddly he turns his attention down at the counter top embarrassment flushing his face. From the glance you got he actually looked like a child, maybe he just has a young face. 
 Yup it's just a young face cuz there he goes pulling out his ID and getting a small bottle of beer. You chuckle to yourself looking up at him since you were hunching over the counter. His attention turned to you from the sound. Seeing his face you saw he had dark clear brown eyes. You flashed him a smile which he returned. 
"I take it you were in the mood to drink." You said drinking your water.
"uh, yeah, I-I guess you don't really trust the others here with your drinks huh?" He was being hesitant, from how he talked you could tell he was shy.
"Yeah, a bit of paranoia. Besides, my pals will need a sober driver." You nodded towards the dance floor. 
"I see, I came by myself, just wanted some time to unwind." He rubbed the back of his neck, probably nervous.
"I can understand, if it wasn't for who I'm here with I would do the same." 
"Well just because they need you doesn't mean you can't enjoy yourself."
"Yeah but I worry about them you know. When you know someone and they aren't watching out for themselves you just feel the need to watch out for them. Protect them as best you can." You turned around in your seat watching your friends dance.
"I understand the feeling, you're a good friend for doing that." He smiled, you caught a glimpse at his teeth and saw his canines were rather long.
"Yeah, hey I didn't catch your name." 
"Tavros Nitram at your service ma'am." He chuckled holding out a hand.
You took his hand in your own, shaking it softly, " ____ ____."
"Pleasure to meet you." He smiled but you could see he was still nervous.
"The feeling's mutual. So what are you trying to unwind from?" You asked leaning on the counter.
"The stress of getting around." He looked down taking a swig of his drink.
"What do you mean by that?" You really weren't sure what he meant.
"Well..." He was hesitant, rather than say anything he bend down rolling up his jeans to show his prosthetic legs.
"Oh, I see what you mean...." An awkward silence fell over the two of you.
"Well, it isn't exactly a constant problem, I can at least get around." Tavros said rather light heartedly.
"Yeah, and it doesn't exactly stop you from doing what you want right, it's just another challenge in life for you." You said trying to smile at him.
"Yeah, hey what are your friends like?" Tavros asked.
You felt a bit of your heart sink at his question. You turn in your seat looking at your friends. They were stumbling over each other's feet. Yet even in their drunken stupor you could tell they were enjoying themselves.
"The group of dresses and extensions over there, those are my 'friends'. They're pretty reckless and carefree. They can be persuasive when they want to be, they always manage to drag me along with them since they know I won't drink. They're a mess." You said drinking again from your bottle.
"I'm surprised they're your friends. Even more surprised if they have boyfriends. Who would be tempted considering how they're acting." You turned your head to see he was honestly confused.
"I guess it's the assholes that like an easy lay or girls like them that go after them. Clearly you're different from them." You saw a smile grace him.
"Thanks. Not everyday someone says I'm different from an asshole." He chuckled, you could feel the sarcasm he was spilling out.
"Surprising considering how non-asshole-like you are. A bit sarcastic but not an asshole." He turned smiling at you kindly.
Your eyes locked for a moment. A short but enjoyable moment. You smiled at each other with mutual blush clearly present. As much of an enjoyment as the moment was it had to end, you both turned your heads looking at nothing in particular.
"Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend?" He wasn't looking at you but you could tell he was nervous.
"No, do you?" You replied swiping away his drink.
He chuckled reaching for his drink, "No I'm single as the day."
"Well the day has to end at some point." You grinned at him while he blushed.
You handed back his drink, he was blushing, "Hopefully..."
You smiled to your self. Digging through your pockets you found a pen and grabbed a napkin ripping it in half. You started writing on the napkin with Tavros leaning over your shoulder.
"What are you doing?" He was curious, you just passed him a sliver of the napkin.
"Writing down my phone number, I suggest you do the same." You said handing him your pen.
"W-what?" You chuckled handing him your phone number.
"Write down your number so I'll know it's you if you call me." You said softly as he started writing.
He handed you the paper, "You actually want me to call you?"
"Well if you want to you'll need my phone number." He handed you his own number.
"Right. Thanks." He was smiling at you.
You started gathering your things standing up, "No problem Nitram. I better get going before my group starts burning the place. I'll be expecting your call soon." You said walking towards your friends. 
"Don't worry, I will." You were already out of hearing range.

A short little story I had finished on my resent trip. Thanks to me proof reader again.
tavros belongs to :iconandrewhussieplz:
you belong to :iconcutetavrosplz:
proof reader :iconmarshmellobunny6:
story by me
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Kankri Vantas was always going on and on about his triggers, including the triggers of others. Many occasions he'd ask yours and you'd bite your tongue, refusing to tell the troll that he was your trigger. He was your trigger for just about everything. Yet, he was still one of your closest friends. Whilst you had a moirail, you had proposed the idea of him being yours. Which, to your dismay, he had declined kindly. As kind as Kankri can possibly be, mind you, which isn't all that kind once you compare it to the kindness of... anyone else. Continuously telling you that he was 'celibate'. You knew the person whom was closest to him was Porrim, almost being at moirail status, but not quite there yet. Kankri refused to have any sort of relationship, pale, ashen, black, or red; it didn't matter. It frustrated you to no end knowing that he would probably never feel the same way back. Besides, wasn't he red for Latula? She was pretty rad, even if you knew it was an act, you wished you could be her somehow. To have Kankri remind you the little things he found endearing about you, to have him make it real apparent he was red for you. That would never happen though, right? Correct. Your flush-crush was unrequited and you knew it.

Back when you told him how you felt, he simply stood there, inhaling a deep breath. Closing his eyes as he exhaled it, you can remember every word he said, the way he enunciated each word perfectly, almost trying to use his words carefully.  After about the third time of being denied of, really, any quadrant, you gave up. The first time you had asked to be in a quadrant was pale, the second ashen with Porrim and yourself, the third you suggested black, simply since you didn't want to propose the red quadrant. Honestly, you'd be okay with any quadrant, as long as you could know he felt some sort of emotion for you; even if it were hate. You obviously weren't desperate enough to try a fourth time, so you gave up. Porrim was quite surprised by him declining, seeing as she was the one to influence you into asking him to be in a quadrant with you. (Maybe even earn her a spot in his quadrants if you got in good.) What was that one thing he tagged as a trigger before speaking? Under-privileged? Oh yeah, that was it. Surely you weren't that bad though. Your (B/C) blood couldn't have been that low in his eyes, could it? No way were you going to let him rain on your parade, well, any longer, that is. You were standing there, listening to another lecture of his. He always seemed to make his shorter nowadays, possibly from it being awkward now? That was understandable. If someone of whom you viewed as a potential 'pupil' and only that has continued trying to get into our quadrants, you would obviously be a bit weirded out by it. Okay, a bit is an understatement. You decided you wouldn't hold it against him when you practically tried forcing yourself into his quadrants. Okay, maybe you didn't do that exactly, but the way he acted made it feel like you did.

'Trigger warning: #rejection, #under-privileged, #possible hurt feelings. #yet again no, #celibate.' You remember his 'triggers' as if they were yesterday. You weren't sure what was more hurtful; the fact he tagged it as 'yet again no' or 'rejection' before saying anything more on the subject. Your eyes scanned over him as you felt your blood rushing to your cheeks, turning a slight shade of (B/C). "Are you alright, ___? Perhaps I should repeat what I have said if you were not paying attention to me. You have been acting quite oddly ever since our past exchanges, which in no case should be a reason for you to act so coldly and trigger me time and time again, but no matter, I could very well understand how much you must be angry at me. To be shot down time after time, yet perhaps  your luck will change eventually. Trigger warning: #Future confessions, #Comfortable, #Checking your privileges." Taking a deep breath, the male continued as you simply stared at him, almost not understand what he was saying, perhaps wondering if he was making fun of you. Your cheeks turned a darker shade as your eyebrows furrowed. "It would seem I might have hit a trigger, regardless, I'll proceed with caution on this matter, or any matters involving quadrants, to be precise. You seem to be flustered as your blush is growing at an incredibly rapid pace. Seeing as you could also possibly be not feeling well, meaning I was completely off with the subject of anything quadrant related, I suggest you sitting down, or even better, turning around and going to get some rest altogether back at your hive."

What was he even rambling about anymore? You had tuned out a long time ago as you played with your fingernails, chipping the paint off little by little by the more frustrated you got. "You shouldn't do that, you see, when you do that you're simply scratching and ripping off most of the top layer of your nails, not only it is very triggering when you're constantly picking at your polish when I'm--"

"Trigger warning, #Don't care, #I'm leaving, #Finish your essay later.." You felt a bit bad mocking him, even after seeing how his face somewhat twisted, but returned back to normal within seconds. "Maybe I'll see you tomorrow."

"Ah, alright. Get some rest, ___. I am considering the possibilities that you might have swallowed some sopor while sleeping in your recuperacoon, seeing how hostile you're acting towards me today. Sopor, unfortunately, has a different effect on each and every troll/human that tries to ingest it, or, ingests it by accident. While it gives some a euphoric feeling, or gives you the illusion as if you're floating, on some the results are the exact opposite. Did you know that the slime that we call sopor is actually..."

Walking away while he was in the middle of his essay, err, ramblings, you knew you'd get lectured on that as soon as you saw the male again. When were you ever going to face him and not get completely frustrated when he acted like a complete and utter nuisance? You had a natural thirst for knowledge, however, that made you keep going back to him like a moth drawn to a bright light. Okay, maybe it wasn't the knowledge you liked, it was just him, but to you it seemed like a good enough cover, especially in trying to convince yourself you were no longer flushed for him; in which case you were.

After hanging out for the rest of the day, you fell asleep pestering your moirail. Waking up in the morning to a knocking at your front door, you cleared your throat and made your way to your door. Seeing Kankri standing there, he opened his mouth to speak, but paused, looking down at your messy hair, sopor on your bare shoulder, drowsy eyes and soft yawning, you still in your pajamas. "Good morning, ___. I was simply coming over to ask if you would like to spend the day with me today, seeing as Porrim packed me a picnic basket and told me to come get you. I was not quite sure what she was hinting at, but she told me that you perhaps might enjoy spending the day with me. Not to mention she threatened me with a few things, such as telling you some of my utmost important secrets. Becoming triggered I took the opportunity to spend some quality time teaching you and such. First, you should probably get decent, since you look as if you had just woke up. Also, don't wearing such revealing things. You could trigger someone in the more sexual of ways."

"I did just wake up, but never mind, come in. I'll get ready quick, just sit down and make yourself at home, okay? I'll keep that in mind as well, Kankri." You gave him your best smile, then quickly ran to make yourself decent.

Spraying yourself with some perfume, brushing your teeth, getting dressed, then brushing your hair out, you took one last glance at yourself before deciding you looked good enough. Making your way back out, Kankri insisted on holding the door open for you as always, then the two of you made your way towards this little open area that was under a tree. Standing there as you took a blanket out of the bag, you started singing quietly, the lyrics happening to be about love, which Kankri had told you could be a possible trigger. Not only that, but they didn't seem to make sense. You sighed, trying to find a few rocks to hold the blanket down. As you started putting them on the edges, he decided to continue rambling seeing as he felt he still had your complete and utter attention; which he did. He always did.

"Since we seemed to end up on the subject of romance yet again, I feel I have to tell you something that you perhaps might like. Although, you could take it the complete opposite way and nothing good will come of me telling you. Trigger warnings, #Chance of rejection, #Red quadrant, #First quadrant ever being asked to fill, #Flush-crush, #Potential ship?, although I really don't like speaking of ships, or anything that involves pailing, I suppose I will step out of my comfort zone to tell you what is currently on my mind. Well, what has been on my thinkpan for quite some time now."

You couldn't do anything but stare at him as you turned on your heel, now speechless. Taking this as a good sign, he continued to ramble, trying to get his point across. "Well, as you may know, you have tried to get in three of my four quadrants, red being the only one you have yet to pursue. Whilst I am not too keen on being asked myself, it somewhat confuses me that you have yet to ask. Regardless of the fact I don't feel pale, ashen, or black for you does in no way not mean I don't feel completely and utterly... what is the word? infatuated, smitten, awestruck, ensorcelled, captivated, and or enamored by you. You have a beguiling smile that makes me feel lifted and makes me, well, feel as if there were a million winged-beasts in my stomach. That little way that you laugh either from nervousness or pure joy is melodious and uplifting. Do you remember that time you had fallen in front of the entire group, hoping no one saw, but when mostly everyone did and started laughing, you simply stood and laughed as well? You seemed to feel quite embarrassed after almost everyone had left, hanging your head a bit. Even though you were almost certain no one had known you felt even in the slightest upset over it, I could tell and the fact that you shrugged it off, I found that quite admirable." Shifting from foot to foot, he sighed quietly. "Whenever our eyes somehow hold contact from across the room, I can feel my blood pumping organ almost stop for a slight second. Your scent is intoxicating and, well, the way that you listen to any of my constant lectures and or ramblings is nice considering no one gives me the time of day as far as they go. I don't think I've met such a kindhearted, wonderful person ever before I met you. No one on Beforus, or Alternia, nor Earth, for that matter, that I've met could even compare in the slightest shred of a bit to you, ____."

You sat down on the blanket since your knees were buckling slightly, swallowing any remaining saliva in your mouth as your heart started beating fast, so hard it almost hurt you. "What I'm getting at, ___, is in that in all honesty, I'm flushed for you. After a short while, you seemed to mesmerize me and I felt myself going from a pale red, to one that is even brighter and more vivid than my blood color. I didn't think it was quite possible, so, whenever you'd ask to be in a quadrant, or would hint at it, I could feel myself somehow becoming a bit disappointed. Thinking to myself, maybe you wouldn't wish to be in a red relationship, committed to me in that sort of romantic sense. What I'm asking is, would you give me the pleasure of you being my matesprit?"

You remained silent, still trying to comprehend what all he was saying. Was it hot in here? You felt as if you were about to pass out. You had liked him for about, how long as it been now, 3 years straight? Three taunting, tantalizing years of a feeling of hopeless, unrequited love. Now he was here, standing in front of you, telling you he had felt the exact same feelings and asking you to be in a quadrant of his? Especially one that you were hoping for, the only one you didn't ask about. "I completely and fully understand if you say no, or decline, but I would like for your feedback and a reply to everything I have just said."

Standing once you got your strength back, the wind felt wonderful against your heated cheeks, his were also a slight red. Getting closer to him, you watched him closely, hoping not to offend him as your eyes shot from his eyes to his lips, then back, before you closed them, then closed the space between your lips and his. Pulling away a few seconds later when you felt him being unresponsive. Nearly crashing his lips back against yours hungry, almost as he needed this more than anything, he clutched at the back of your shirt, wanting to be closer. A bit surprised at first, you couldn't help but smile, then wrapped your arms around his neck, fingers tangling into his hair as you gently pulled at it, occasionally pushing his head towards you more. Your lips moved against his as he placed kiss after sweet kiss on your lips, before turning it a bit more passionate. He tugged at your lower lip with his teeth, letting your lip stretch slightly before letting it go. Opening your mouth for him, he slowly traced your mouth with his tongue, eventually finding your own. Your breathing, that was currently through your nose, was becoming a bit more rushed and you knew you'd have to break away soon. Enjoying the way he tasted, the way his tongue gently caressed and rubbed against yours, the way he clung to you for dear life. After a few more moments, the two of you parted, still remaining close. For the first time, it seemed Kankri was speechless, the only words out of his mouth being, "Wow" and "I've wanted that for so long."

Laughing quietly, you pulled him down to sit with you, you sitting in his lap as you gently pecked him on the lips again. "Maybe later we could go a bit farther." You suggested, your heart starting to regain it's more normal pace. Kankri remained silent, clearly flustered by what you had said. "Flushed for you more than you'll ever know, Kankri Vantas."

"Flushed for you as well, ____."

Fourth time's the charm. That was for sure. You supposed even if it wasn't the exact saying, you'd accept it. Perhaps instead of the third time, the fourth was secretly the charm along? Yeah, that was good enough for you for now. At this moment in time, all you wanted to do was enjoy your picnic and cuddle with your new matesprit, making the most of your time in his warm embrace on this beautiful day. You had to remember to thank Porrim.
This is so long, omg. This is like all of my Mituna fics bunched up in one. I just have this feeling that Kankri would probably take a lot more time to get warmed up to.
I hope I did this okay, seeing as it was my first time actually writing as Kankri. (Since I can relate to Kankri a lot, even though I'm a Virgo, I just word things the way I would word these sorts of matters.)
I'm currently also working on an Equius fanfiction and another Kankri fic that is a lot more... fluffy.

Kankri Vantas and Homestuck (c) :iconhussieplz:
You (c) :iconkankrivantasplz: and his many, many triggers.
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~Was it yelling from a few rooms away? ~

Yes, yes it was.

You heard some yelling and decided to go check it out. You armed yourself with a baseball bat and padded your way down the hall. Oh Gog damn it.

That was Kankri’s room. And it sounded like Kankri.

You burst into the room, bat at the ready to find Kanrki trying to get out of an overlarge sweater, but unable as he kept tripping on the sleeves. He was yelling something, but to your ears it sounded like ‘blah blah blah triggers blah blah sweater blah blah ______’. Yeah, you were in for the lecture of your life when he got out of there.

So, you had two choices- you could either go out of his room or leave the house for a while until he calmed down, or you could stay and help him…

Well, you’d just get lectured more later if you didn’t stay to help him now- plus the fact that he was extremely sweet to you most of the time didn’t help (when he wasn’t lecturing you of course). So, you decided to suck it up, propping your trusty baseball bat against the wall and approached Kankri carefully.

“Kankri” you said, trying to get his attention.

“Blast it! Of all the ridiculous stunts to pull, this would happen-this is completely triggering for anyone that has issues with being belittled and-“

“Kankri” you said, louder.

“Not to even SPEAK of the value of the sweater itself- it was a precious gift from a friend, now it may just be ruined forever! That’s completely triggering to me! How utterly unspeakable an act! I can’t even try to rid myself of this twisted mass of wool-“he ranted on.

You, growing irritated, brought your pointer finger and your thumb up to your mouth, giving a loud, shrill whistle that finally caught the trigger-happy trolls attention. He plopped himself on the floor, face half hidden by the turtleneck on the sweater and blinking up at you in surprise.

“____?! What, may I ask, are you doing in here? I didn’t allow you to come in, you should have knocked. You know all the triggers that could be set off by invading a person’s privacy! What if I’d been working on something really important that required my complete and utter concentration on the matter and could be ruined from a single mess-up? It’s also setting a bad example for Karkat- I’m surprised at you!” he ranted and shaking a finger at you-which just ended up with him looking cuter from the sleeve over his hand.

“Kankri, calm down” you reasoned, he opened his mouth to protest “Please. I came in here because you were yelling and it sounded like you needed help…which is now apparent that you do.”

“Oh…well in that case…I apologize. Please excuse my ignorance.” He said formally, making you smile- he could be a total loudmouth and talk way too much, but he was a gentleman- er, gentletroll. “…is that a baseball bat?”

Oh shi- no. you didn’t need this again.

“Anyways! Uhm! Here, let me help you out of your sweater!” you suggested, moving towards him. He moved away some- oh yeah, you’d forgotten his personal space issues. “Sorry, I mean, may I help you out?”

“….Alright…but, erm…______, I warn you now. This may involve a trigger of a rather….eh…sexual nature” he coughed into his oversized sleeve, trying to seem sophisticated like usual.

“How would that be?” you asked, sitting on the floor next to him. He started going off on one topic about triggers, but got carried away as you tried you keep up. “y’know what, never mind.  Here, lift your arms up”

He shifted uncomfortable some, but followed your directions, lifting his arms over his head. You took hold of the edge of Kankri’s sweater at the bottom, lifting it up and scooting him over some so he wasn’t sitting on it. He tried to help by pulling his head in, but you stopped him- he would just get tangled. After tugging a few minutes-the thing seemed to be attached to Kankri somehow.

After getting it off, your eyes traveled on Kankri’s torso- oh. Oh dear. Kanrki, apparently, didn't wear a shirt underneath his sweater. You supposed you wouldn't either if you wore a wool sweater all the time, must’ve gotten hot in there…in more than one way.

“…_____? Hello? I don’t mean to set off any triggers by repeating myself and making you feel as though you have a low intelligence- which you don’t, obviously, but certainly not as high as mine. Especially seeing as how I've mastered a range of subjects that I can speak freely of. But have you’re staring at me and it’s rather unnerving and if you’re feeling triggered by seeing me without clothes on my torso, I can just put a shirt on”

You blinked a few times, catching only part of what Kankri had said. You’d been too busy noting some differences between troll and human anatomy. For one, Kankri seemed to lack any sort of nipple or bellybutton- which made sense, as trolls were hatched, needing no sort of umbilical cord for a bellybutton to spawn from. However, they did-or at least Kankri did- have some sort of odd protrusions that looked like a sort of growth on his sides. There were three of them on each side, horizontal, and a little darker gray than the rest of his skin.

Unable to help yourself, you reached out and touched a finger against one, sliding it down softly. You heard Kankri gasp and felt him shudder before taking ahold of your wrist and pulling it away quickly. His face was flushed lightly red, and he seemed to be fighting something.

“_____. Don’t touch those. They’re….sensitive for trolls.” He said, sounding strained.

“Sensitive, how so?” you asked, tilting your head slightly- Kankri wasn't letting go of your wrist…huh, that was weird. Normally he avoiding touching people at all costs to avoid ‘triggering’ them.

“I was hoping I wouldn’t have to explain.”

“Too bad. Isn't not answering a question a trigger? I could be triggered really bad Kankri- exclusion and all” you retorted in an innocent voice.

His reaction was adorable- like there were two conflicting factors going on, you could see it in his face. Dear lork- you wanted to hug him. Finally, one side seemed to win and he looked back at you.  His eyes seemed slightly darker than normal.

“Alright then. They provide a more…sexual trigger, if you must know- so do a trolls horns, which is why I do not allow you to touch them. And I’m afraid if you touch them again, I will be the one triggered.  Results may vary.”

“Oh…” you said as he released your wrist with a heavy stain of red going across cheeks.

He paused, sitting there somewhat awkwardly for a moment with you looking at him. He realized that the floor may not be the best place to rest- plus he needed to talk to Porrim about this, she’d know what to do. Kankri pushed himself off the floor, sweater in one hand and extending one down to you. You took it, allowing him to help you up, and he released your hand as soon as you did. He turned away from you, towards his bed and window.

“Thank you for your assistance in helping me untangled. You may go back to whatever business you were immersed in before” he was shifting uncomfortably. To be honest, he was holding himself back from pouncing on you and initiating sloppy make outs from how you’d touched him earlier.

“It’s no problem…and Kankri? What did you mean by ‘results may vary’?”

“It’s exactly how it sounds. Why…?”

You sauntered up behind him and put two fingers on either side of him, moving them sideways on the odd protrusions on his sides, causing him to release a low moan and shudder under your touch. Damn, you’d had no idea he could sound so….sexy…

“_____, you’re walking on thin ice here, so to speak…”

“Really? Why?”

“Because” he turned around, grabbing one of your wrists and yanking you past him and onto his bed, practically jumping over you, pinning you in place with a hand and knee on the bed to either side of you. “You just triggered me. Yes, sexually.”

Your face lit up like a Christmas tree- yeowza. You hadn't expected this sort of reaction! Well, it was said that those that seem more innocent are more likely to have a…darker side. It seemed this was true- for Kankri at least.

He leaned down, pressing his lips to yours in a needing manner, kissing you hungrily. It took a few moments, but you kissed back, slipping your eyes closed. Kankri pulled away with a surprised look on his face.

“I’m sorry…did I do something?” you asked tentatively-oh crap, if you screwed up…

“No…I just didn’t think you’d kiss back…is there any chance you’re- ahem” he coughed into his hand, looking away “…flushed for me?”

“…” You froze for a few seconds- oh well, it was now or at a drunken Christmas party. “Yeah…I’m flushed for you Kankri. “

“Ohmygogthankyou” he said, visibly relaxing. “Flushed for you, _____...y’know, I have one more specific trigger…”

Oh man. What now. “Yeah Kankri, what is it?”

“It’s you, you’re my trigger, and I had no warning~” he grinned and kissed you again.

Needless to say, the sweater issue wasn't resolved for quite a few hours.



“Whoa! Nice job son! I knew you’d turn out to be a suitable Vantas!” Signless gave him a thumbs up, next to Karkat in the doorway.

“Do you two even know how triggering this is and can be-  we’re both undressed and have just gone through a rigorous amount of exercise showing our immense amount of red feelings for each other and crossing a bridge of inter-species space that may or may not cause an uproar upon either side of species. Not only that but we’re now matesprits and this is extremely uncomforting to know you two have been in my doorway watching since- how long have you even been there?! It’s very improper and we expect a very sincere apology from both of you and your word you won’t spy on us in such a manner again. It’s very unbecoming of both of you, probably why our family has such problems with other trolls and some humans. In fact,  I’m surprised we’re still allowed in public from how much disruptions you two cause in any course of time-“

“Kankri. They’re gone.”

“Took them long enough. Love you.”

“Love you too~”
Yeah...not too happy with how it came out, but good enough. I dont feel like trashing it. up'll be Karkattttt!!!!! Happy singles awareness day, by the ways. I personally had my feelings crushed, but whatever. I have internet. As before, the picture is made by a friend of mine and i have express permission to use it. Btw, just noticed- i was dressed like Vriska today. And no one told me. Damn.

A crash from downstairs : [link]
Yelling from a few rooms away: You're here~!
You hear a crash from your doorway: Not done yet.

Karkat and Signless belong to :iconhussieplz:

Kankri and you belong to you.

Picture belongs to :iconnatsudragneel01:
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I tried, sorry mr Sexbang. I WAS CHALLENGED BY KAYIKO

I bet every time someone complains about his hair it magically grows another inch..

And good lord trying to draw actual people is uh weird to me
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It's rare for me to have the time to create something the moment I get inspiration anymore, but I couldn't help but start on this the day I found out (thanks to one of Google's neat little home page animations) that it marked the 127th birthday of Inge Lehmann - a seismologist who had revealed from her studies the nature of the earth's deepest secret (literally) - the presence of an inner and outer core. I noticed that about a week ago, so this pic is late, but hey - it's not like the earth can be created in seven days :paranoid:

Interestingly, the iron inner core of the earth is said to be as hot as the surface of the sun, yet completely solid due to the pressure of the weight of everything above it even though it is way beyond melting temperature. The outer core however flows more like a liquid, the rotation of which contributes to the invisible yet valuable magnetic field that extends beyond the earth a lot further than the atmosphere does, as well as providing energy for a whole bunch of other geological events that both destroy and create. One could say the earth is only alive on the surface because it's alive on the inside. And that's why geology rocks ;)

Creating this was a tough decision between choosing what seemed real and what seemed cool. I decided to go for cool (yet still at least accurate to the many diagrams I've seen of this stuff since I was a little kid) as such a clean-cut view of any planet is likely never to happen so in a way I went for something that better matched the simplicity of those diagrams seen on school projects the world over, only with an added sense of epicness to it 8-)

Artwork made and copyrighted by me. Please do not use or redistribute my images without permission
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“Hey, have you seen (Y/N)?” Asked Baby 5 as she ate her breakfast along the rest of the crew. Everyone shook their heads as they continued munching wildly. They looked as if they haven't eaten anything for days!

Your absence was something very strange, since you were a morning person and liked to get up early, sometimes even the first one just to make breakfast. But not today. Corazon looked at the little eight-year-old girl and got up, leaving his cup of tea aside.

“Cora-san, are you going to look for her?” Chimed the girl with hopeful eyes and Corazon sighed, nodding as he exited the dining room, Baby 5 following him. Although he wasn't showing it, deep down he was scared and worried to death. What if you had been kidnapped? What would he do? You were more important to him than you will ever know.

They finally stood in front of your room, and Baby 5 looked at Corazon. He seriously hated children, but right now he couldn't care less and felt kinda grateful to the little raven-haired girl. She carefully pulled the door open and peered in, as did Corazon over her since she didn't even reach his waist.

“(Y/N)?” Baby 5 entered your room and so did Corazon, hesitantly. He really didn't want to invade your intimacy, but he had to make sure you were okay. Baby 5 gasped as he saw you wrapped between your sheets. “She's here. Do you think she will be sleeping?” Corazon shrugged his shoulders as he walked forwards, over to your bed. And the sight of you made his heart shatter.

You were squirming and turning in your bed as the sheets were becoming a tangled mess because of the constant movement. When he caught a glimpse of your face, he saw it red and sweaty, as your expression was a pained one. You couldn't breath steadily, as the air came out in ragged breaths and pants. Corazon put a gentle hand on your forehead, careful to not wake you up. You were burning. 39º to say the least.

“Is she okay, Cora-san?” Asked Baby 5 worriedly, but Corazon didn't answer. “Um, so she's sick... Then I will call Law, he's studying to become a doctor!” Baby 5 rushed to the door until she heard scribbling behind her. Corazon showed her a note, handwriting messy and rushed.

'Don't call that snotty brat, I can help her myself. Go out' Said the note and Baby 5 looked at Corazon curiously before an impish smile made it's way on her lips.

“Okay, good luck then, Cora-san” With that she exited the room, leaving Corazon alone with you squirming on your bed. This was going to be difficult, he thought. He gently patted your shoulder, in an attempt to wake you up. There was no way he could help you if you were asleep. You didn't wake up. He did it again, but it was in vain. He sighed and neared your ear. He could feel the burning heat radiating from you.

“(Y/N)...” He whispered, as if he was unsure he should talk. If anyone found out he would be really screwed. He didn't want Doflamingo to know it. You didn't wake up and he narrowed his brown eyes. “(Y/N)~” He blew into your ear and you shivered, making a smirk appear on his painted lips. You slowly opened your eyes and he felt something strange in his chest when he saw those beautiful (E/C) orbs look at him. You gasped at his sudden proximity, but once you recovered from the shock, you smiled.

“Oh, Cora-san... Good morning” You said, then felt an itchy feeling in your throat and looked away, putting your palm over your mouth and coughing violently. Corazon felt terrible to see you in such a state, as he gently patted your back. He helped you into a sitting position and you looked at him, heartwarming smile still on your face.

'(Y/N), are you okay? Why am I asking? It's obvious that you aren't' He wrote quickly and let you read it. You looked at him with innocent eyes.

“Is that so?” He nodded and you frowned sadly. “Oh, I won't be able to go on any mission then” Corazon rolled his eyes once again.

'You're not going on any mission while I'm here, understood. I'm going to take care of you' Your eyes widened and sparkled at the notice. You smiled sweetly at him, and would definitely hugged him if it wouldn't worsen your headache.  

“Thank you”

So, what do I have to do now? Thought Corazon to himself as he looked around the room, back facing your coughing form. He snapped his fingers as the solution came to his mind, then rushed for the door, much to your confusion. But the confusion changed into amusement as he fell right as his hand was going to arrive the door frame. You giggled a bit and he exited the room.

He came back after a while with a little thermometer in his hand and he sat next to you on bed. He put it under your armpit and let it there as a comfortable silence built up. After five minutes he pulled the little object out and you looked expectantly at him. He showed it to you and you sighed: 41º, were you really this bad?

“Maybe a cold shower could help” You suggested thoughtfully, and Corazon flinched. “Could you help me to get to the bathroom, please?” You saw his dozed state and snapped a finger in front of his face. “Are you here, Cora-san?” He nodded and got up, helping you to do so then. He wanted to say, or better write, something, but if he was supporting you like this he couldn't...

“Thank you for help me to arrive. I will be out soon, sorry for being a burden” You bowed multiple times, as Corazon had to shook his head to tell you that it was okay, then you entered the bathroom. He stayed there with his thoughts. He was more than happy to know that it was just a sickness, and not a kidnapping. Although he hated to see you so dull and sad, being the cheerful and active girl you were.

He was snapped out of his thoughts when the door beside him opened slowly. He saw your head peering out, (H/C) hair sticking to your face as it was wet. You had an apologizing expression with a hint of shyness.

“Um... Cora-san, I'm sorry but my t-towel is not here” You said, voice going lower and shyer with every word. Corazon's eyes widened in surprise, then he stayed thinking for a bit. What could he give you to cover yourself? Got it! He took off the dark, feathery coat he always wore and stretched an arm, offering it to you. You gasped and looked at him as if asking for permission, then took the soft coat. “Are you sure? It will soak” He shook his head with a reassuring smile and you smiled yourself, getting into the bathroom again.

You went out and stood shyly next to him, wanting to arrive your room now. Corazon looked at you and blushed at how damn cute you looked. The coat was way bigger than your usual attire, so it reached your ankles, and you had to assure it too well to make sure it doesn't slip off your now wet skin and leave you in your birth clothes in front of everyone... in front of Corazon. The thought made you blush hard as you started to walk towards your bedroom, Corazon trying to catch you up. He put an arm over your shoulder and helped you along the corridors. He would briefly look at your reddened face, which hadn't that color just because of the fever, and admire the journey of single water droplets that fell from your wet hair to your face, then marked your cute nose, your soft-looking lips and your jawline.

Lost in thought he misstepped and fell to the floor, dragging you with him. You let out a little squeak as you collided with his toned chest. He groaned silently and looked up to see your face inches away from his, your hands clutching the fabric of his white, heart-decorated, shirt. You blushed as you tried to get up, careful to not remove the large, soft cloth off your body. Corazon got up after you and slipped his hands in his pockets, taking out one of the numerous notes he had and started writing.

'I'm sorry' You read and smiled at his sorry expression.

“Don't worry about that. Now let's go to my room, shall we?”

So you were finally laying on your bed, properly clothed -you obviously dressed up with Corazon's  back facing you and you then gave back his coat-. You were comfortably silent with him. Seriously, what did this man have with the silence? He suddenly got up and reached for the door, raising a finger as if telling you to wait.

Corazon entered the kitchen to see Baby 5 eating some ice cream along with Law and Buffalo. They looked at him and the little girl rushed to his form, as Buffalo continued too focused on his ice cream and Law had a grumpy expression on his hace.

“Cora-san. How is (Y/N)? Is she better now?” Corazon nodded and went to the fridge. “What are you doing?” Asked Baby 5 curiously and Corazon sighed, making a gesture as if he was going to cut something with a knife. Cooking. He was going to cook. As he was about to get the ingredients he needed for a soup, Baby 5 gasped, stopping him on his tracks. “Wait! If you cook you will die! We will die! The kitchen will die! Even the entire ship will die! Think of Dellinger, he's too cute, small and innocent to die!” Said Baby 5 holding up a squeaking Dellinger who came out of the blue, and the baby nodded comically at him. Corazon sighed and scribbled something down.

'Okay. Then, cook yourself'

Corazon pushed your door open with his foot, tray on his hands which had a steaming bowl, a glass of water, an apple and a little tube that you supposed contained pills. You smiled at him as he let the tray on your night stand, then he sat next to you.

“You brought me my breakfast?” You asked excitedly and Corazon laughed silently, no voice left him.

'Well, it's most likely your lunch, but enjoy it anyway. It was Baby 5 who cooked it, but I'm sure it will be better like this' He scribbled down quickly and showed you the note, making you giggle. You sipped your soup silently, discretely looking at him. He was being so nice and cute to you, not to mention you liked him more than in a crew mate way, not that you were going to do something risky and suffer a rejection.

You finished the soup and looked at the pills, then at Corazon. He pointed at his neck, concretely his throat and you nodded, these were for the coughing. You took one and forcefully swallowed it, drinking some water afterwards. Then it was just the apple, but you didn't feel like eating it. Corazon saw your intentions and wrote something down.

'You are eating the apple' You read as he started to cut some pieces with a knife. You flinched, knowing that being the clumsy man he was -no offense- he would cut himself. But he didn't, surprisingly.

But what was more surprising was the fact that he put one of the pieces in his mouth. Before you could react, his hand was massaging your scalp and he neared your face to his, eventually pressing your lips together. You gasped, eyes wide as he kissed you passionately. He pushed the piece of apple into your mouth when you gasped, and you started to chew it as he worked with his lips. Once you had swallowed the piece he let his tongue enter your mouth. It felt so good. His lips, his hands, one caressing your hair and the other tracing your figure. However you were too surprised to kiss back, also scared. He pulled away confused. Oh, no. He was a fool, you looked so scared.

“Cora-san...” You muttered breathlessly and he felt like disappearing. “You kissed me...” You said touching your now hot and wet lips with your fingertips, then looked at him worried. “You could become sick too, fool!” Corazon looked at you dumbfounded, he couldn't hold it any longer. He burst out in laugher, a noisy and loud laugh. Your eyes widened upon listening to his voice. “W-What?”

“Don't worry about that. It will be worth it” He said. Yes, said. Because he actually spoke. You were speechless and his smile fell. “Oh, crap”

“Y-You... speak... But how?” You desperately wanted to know and Corazon sighed, there was no way he could hide it from you any longer.

“Yes, I ate the Nagi Nagi no mi, I'm a silent man” He explained calmly and you looked at him shocked, but nodded slowly when you recovered. “Now, it's time to sleep” He took off his coat for the second time that day and started to lean back onto your bed until the sheets were caressing his back. He looked at you with a smirk “Are you coming or not?” You nodded shyly and lay down next to him.

“B-But I don't want to sleep, I'm not sleep-” When you wanted to finish the sentence you couldn't, you couldn't find you voice, quite literally. Corazon chuckled amused, the sound of his voice sent a shiver up and down your spine.

“As much as I love that angelic voice of yours, it's better if we don't hear your complains, don't you think?” You tried to huff, but nothing came out and you crossed your arms over your chest. Then you felt his arms wrap around your torso and you blushed. “Now promise me that you won't say that I can actually talk to anyone” You nodded, knowing that there was no use in trying to speak. “Great. I love you, (Y/N)” He suddenly snapped his fingers and you found the ability to speak again, but you used it for just one thing before falling asleep against him.

“I love you too, Cora-san”
Requested by NobodyCanStopMe. Enjoy!
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Five Nights at Freddy's created by Scott Cawthon 
Artwork by Charles Michaelis……

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Apparently there is someone who didn't get a good birthday greeting today. So... I'm here to fix that. I'm not saying who (because phones suck for typing). So I'm saying happy birthday to you (you know who you are). May you have the best freaking birthday ever and a happy new year!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Wait... dangit... wrong occasion
-cries for three seconds-
Hehehe sorry... soooooo... restarting....

There is someone who has not gotten a proper birthday greeting. So ima change that.
Woo!! It's confession time!!!

You are the... best person I know and also one of the most kind, but when you need to be, you stand up for your friends whenever there is someone being a complete jerk.
No matter what you are faithful and amazing in everything you do. You are the best person I have ever met and I have no regrets in saying that you will forever be my friend.

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Breaking the barricade

The school bell rang suddenly it was like someone’s cut your windpipe. You started trembling; it was the time to face your fears. Being smart and diligent didn’t protect you from bullying; it actually was the reason why you were bullied. Laughter filled the room; everyone was happy, chatting with their friends, on their way to the cafeteria for lunch. When finally the last one left the room, you slowly stood up and made your way out of the class. With every step you made, your heart beat got faster and faster, it almost stopped. Finally you made it out of the classroom and stood in the middle of the hallway. It was empty. A small smile crossed your face.

Big glasses hid your beautiful (e/c) eyes and you wore clothes that were 3 sizes too big for you. Why? If you wore clothes that fit you, the girls started calling you skinny, now they called you a fatty, but you didn't care anymore. You also grew tired of changing your style every now and then just because some bitches complained about it. So you walked down the empty hallway when you heard giggling. The sound grew louder; it was a piercing sound, it felt like someone rammed needles into your auditory canals. Hoping it was just your imagination you slowly turned around.

“My my… look what we have here… the loser tried to hide, huh?” The gang of bitches again, their leader (Name of a girl you don’t like) looked at you and smirked. Everyone started laughing at you. Their voices echoed through the hallway and made you tremble. The first fist hit your stomach, you felt sick and went down, you started choking and tried to catch breath. “…do you really think hiding or running away is an option blimp?” Someone pulled your hair rough and made you like into their eyes, some tears ran down your cheeks but you weren't able to make a sound. “Oh… look she’s crying… buhuhu…” Again they started laughing, you just prayed to the God that never heard you, begging him to have mercy on you.

Suddenly you heard the piercing sound of scissors near your ear. “How would you like us to cut your hair, ugly duckling? Maybe you’ll look less bad.” Again they started laughing at you. “I’m sorry but I lied, you’re a fucking ugly bitch.” There was nothing you could do; they would have no mercy on you. “NO! PLEASE STOP!” Everyone looked shocked at you, for the first time you screamed. “You dump little whore!” Somehow you screamed loud enough to get the attention of some other students, luckily of the only person that cared for you. Your best friends Oliver.

There was only one thing, which the gang of bitches feared more than make-up remover tissues and unwanted pregnancy and that was the gang of boys who kept the school under their control. It seemed that fortune was on your side, because the leader of the boy’s gang was Oliver’s younger brother Al. Even though they were in great danger, they didn't miss the chance you beat you up a little more. You had to fight with yourself not to lose consciousness, when someone picked you up, it wasn't Oliver, because he had a little fight with Al.

“You’re lucky dumb ass, that I’m still owing you a favor…” – “No swearing Al, that’s not how I raised you!” Even though you were half-dead you smiled over their little fight. Actually Al liked you, but he would never admit it. Finally the smell of maple syrup hit your nostrils, you slowly realized you were picked up, but before you could say anything everything turned black before your eyes.

It wasn't like sleeping at all, it was different, you felt light and free, like nothing could touch you. It was warm and save, but someone called you’re name. “______?” After some fails you finally managed to open your eyes. Lavender colored orbs were focusing you, but as soon as he saw that you were awake, he lost the interest. Actually you just hoped he did.

Oliver and you were friends since kindergarten, you could read him like an open book and didn't get why people were afraid of him. He was kind, cheerful and polite, the total opposite of his two brothers Al and Matthew. Even though you really liked Al, he was like a brother for you, he was loud obnoxious and a pervert. Matthew was a quiet and disinterested in almost everything, that’s what you thought. His quiet and distant manner was fascinating. But you would never admit that you had a crush on him. Sometimes you felt like he was watching you, but every time you turned your head, he looked the other way.
“T-Thank you… Matt…” You slowly got up; when you realized that you were lying in HIS bed. Without saying a word, he pinned you down and looked you straight in the eyes. “… You’re not going anywhere. From now on you’re mine; I don’t care if there’s someone you’re in love with, eh.” Before you could respond, he rammed his lips on yours and kissed you rough. Some tears ran down you’re cheeks but he didn't stop, his hands drove over your body and made you shiver.

Your heart started beating faster and faster, suddenly you managed to pull yourself together and pushed him off. “W-What is w-wrong w-with you?!” When your eyes met you froze, his lavender colored orbs were filled with emotions you never saw before. The way he looked at you was different from that way you were used to.  Worries, mixed with love and lust were like aphrodisiacs. With every second that passed, you lost yourself more and more in his eyes.

“Why are you staring at me li-“ Before he could finish the sentence you pulled him into a passionate kiss, you've never felt something like that before. He was quite surprised by your action, but he kissed back and pushed you down into the mattress. “Now there’s no turning back…” There was a huge bump in his pants and he pushed it against you’re vital regions. You whimpered a little but then you smiled. “… okay.” He smirked and took of your glasses. “You don’t need them anymore, eh…” Actually he was right, you always carried a box of contacts with you, but you never dared to wear them, because you liked the protection of your big glasses.

For a moment he froze and blushed. “W-What is wrong…?” You turned your head to the other side and almost started crying, because you though might think you’re ugly.  “You’re beautiful ______.” Now you really thought this whole thing was dream. “No I’m not! I’M FUCKING UGLY! EVERYONE HATES ME!” First you yelled but then you started crying. “AND WHEN WE’RE DONE YOU GONNA LEAVE ME BEHIND! NOT EVEN -” You cried your eyes out.  “Shut up…” It wasn't harsh at all, even though those words were vulgar, he sounded more worried than angry.

He started kissing your neck and then you collarbone. “I want you so fucking bad ______…” You just blushed and bit your under lip. Matthew just ripped up your clothes and threw the rags into a random corner of the room, he was more careful with your underwear, what surprised you. “Why… have you done that?” The blond man sighed and looked at your body, running his fingertips over your soft skin. “You don’t need those clothes, they don’t fit you.” He played with a lock of your silky (h/c) hair and took another look at your naked body. “You’re damn hot girl.”

The blush turned from a soft pink into a deep shade of red when he started sucking on your hard bud, while he teased the other one with his fingertips. “M-Matthew…” You moaned a bit, not daring to make much noise, suddenly he started nibbling on it, you screamed muffled, covering your mouth with your hands.

“Don’t worry, we’re alone, scream as loud as you want.” Again he bit you gently and you screamed once more. All those feelings were new and overwhelming, you got wetter and wetter. He kissed your stomach down to your lady parts, then he started licking your clit. You clinched into the sheets and blushed again. “I-it feels so good.” With every move his tongue made, your moans got louder, the Canadian grinned and plunged his fingers into you, stretching and teasing your insides.

“M-Matt...  please… I can’t stand it anymore… I want you…” He chuckled and looked at you. “Dirty little girl, eh.” But he was craving for you and it didn't take long till he was undressed and placing his member at your entrance. “Ready?” You just nodded, he pushed himself into you, it hurt as hell and you started sobbing again. “It’ll be better soon.” Gladly he gave you some time to adjust and then you whispered, he could move and he did. The feeling was indescribable.

Your legs trembled as you wrapped them around his hips. Matthew starting kissing and biting your neck, then he gave you a French kiss, which only made you hornier. He broke the kiss and panted while you moaned loud. “Oh good… this is so good…” Now you regretted it a little that you didn't confess him your feelings earlier.  “Say my name.” He whispered in a husky voice before he nibbled on your earlobe. “M-Matthew…”
To your disappointment he moved slower. “ Didn't hear that.” – “Matthew.” He moved a little bit faster, but not fast enough, you were close to reaching the climax. “Louder.” When you finally managed to scream his name, he started thrusting into you fast, deep and hard. You’re lustful screams were so loud, that everyone in the house could hear them, he lied to you, you weren't alone. “Fuck… _____ I’m cumming.”  Just a few moments after he said it, he came into you.

When he was done, he lay down next to you and caressed you. “I love you ____” You blushed and smiled. “I love you too Matthew…”

--- Time Skip ---

“Do you really think these clothes fit me?” You were a bit nervous about these. “Yep, you’re drop dead gorgeous.” There was the dirty smirk you loved so much. Looking into the mirror for a while, you became more and more comfortable with your new style. A dark skirt and a hoodie with a maple leaf, long dark grey socks and (favorite color) chucks. You looked like different person; you even wore the contacts for the first time. They clothes were supposed to be your birthday present, but now you needed something to wear.  “Let’s go downstairs I’m hungry.”

“Yeah, let’s go.” Matthew took your hand and smiled slightly but when he opened the door he froze in terror and walked back into the room, hiding you behind his back.
“WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO MY PRECIOUS LITTLE POPPET YOU MONSTER?!” Oliver’s face was red, his eyes were full of anger and he held a knife in his hand. At first you were scared of him, but then you saw he was wearing a pink apron with white ruffles and it looked more ridicules than scary. You started chuckling and both men looked surprised at you. “Why are you laughing poppet?” All the anger seemed to be ended up in smoke, because Oliver looked at you surprised. “You look hilarious Ollie… a-and… h-he… didn't hurt me… I…” Now that was hard to explain.

“They had sex.” Al walked by and grinned. “You’re pretty noisy in bed _____.” – “Don’t you dare saying something like that to a lady!” Now Al had to run for his life. Matthew just looked at you confused then both of you started laughing.
Yeah ~

Another Hetalia FF. I really love the 2P!s :happybounce: I hope I didn't mess up things again :meow:
And I really hope you enjoy reading this story, please comment if you like it! :la:
Maybe I'll writte more of those Nerd!Reader ; Chubby!Reader thingys in the future, because DA needs more of them.

Anyway ~ :dummy:

Hetalia © Hidekaz Himaruya
Story © Me

You belong to :flagcanada:


Oh my God... thank you guys - thank you so much for all those favs and comments, I love you
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Camping~ 2P! Matt X Reader

So, I love to use Matt, because he’s so malleable to use in stories. Don’t worry, this is just a faze, so hold your socks. But hey, at least it’s a lemon!


   You sat on the edge of the log, eyes flicking back and forth between the shadows as the night held you captive. An owl hoot or a twig snap made you jump, getting closer to the fire in fear. It wasn’t that nature or the darkness scared you, it was what your friend Evee scared you with earlier in the week about.

“Don’t go into the woods ______. Slenderman will get you!!” She noodle armed you, before laughing at your ridiculous face.

“Slenderman?...”  You had asked, not liking where the subject was going.

“Yes, the very tall, sharp, and evil demonic creature that stalks people in the woods and rapes them before staking them to trees and eating their souls!” She grinned evily, manipulating your overly active imagination to scare the crap out of you. Even if it wasn’t true, it scared the heck out of your socks. And it didn’t help that-


Your head turned slowly past the tent, pupils dilated and shaking slightly. It was closer this time, and shivers were climbing your back.
‘Oh no.’ You thought. ‘He really does exist!’

About to charge off into the tent, a broad shouldered man appeared with an axe, covered in shadows and chuckling in a creepy way.

“AHHHHHHHH!!!!” You screamed, tossing the bag of marshmallows beside you at his face. He just stood there, letting the plastic bag slide down to his feet.

“…..Seriously______?? When Evee said she scared you with that story, I didn’t believe it would effect you this badly.” Matt shook his head. “If you were this terrified of the woods, I wouldn’t have taken you!”

Oh, it was just your boyfriend….Opps.
Matt threw down the axe, hefting some logs over to the tent for later as his large muscles rippled under his shirt. The Canadian had offered a camping trip for the weekend, and not wanting to seem weak, you took it up. But once night had fallen, you were scared to leave the safety of the fire.

“I didn’t want to waste a weekend from you, even if I was scared.” You pouted, crossing your arms and staring at a twig by your foot. He came around and slide beside you, pulling you close to him. You sighed, enjoying the smell of pine and smoke as the fire crackled.

“Yep, you’re my little trooper.” He grunted, kissing your head softly. His dark violet eyes scoured the darkness, an ever vigilant glint in them. He would have brought Kumo, but he injured his paw messing around with a porcupine the other day. Not that he was afraid or anything, he just always came prepared for the worst.

“It’s so nice out here.” You cooed, snuggling under his arm affectionately. He nodded, acting all professional and stuff. Like usual. A few hours more and you were just about to fall asleep right there. It felt good to unwind and relax, not bothered by everyone around you. So nice…

“_____, lean anymore and you’ll be on the ground.” Matt warned, trying to tilt you up. It wasn’t working, so he pushed you off the log a safe distance away from the flames. With a dull thud, you fell onto some twigs, letting a few curses leave your mouth. Glaring at your boyfriend’s sneer, you got up with a humph and went into the tent.

Deciding it was time to turn in, he doused the fire and stomped out the coals, giving the darkened woods one last glance before following after you. On a sleeping bag covered mattress, you had snuggled in with the pillows, trying to block out the ever growing silence. Other then an occasional natural sound, it soon faded into a deafening pool of nothing.

Feeling the mattress tilt, you felt Matt pull you close to him, breathing lightly in your ear. You felt shivers roll down your back and his hands went south, a primal growl in his throat.

“M-mattie.” You whined, a dark blush painting your cheeks. Of course, this was his plan all along. To get you trapped out in the freakin woods all alone. Great….
He nipped your neck, evicting a moan that made your lower stomach throb. Pulling you under him, he pulled you back against him, his fingers tracing around in your shorts. The tent grew hot, and your eyes were shut in total ecstasy. Oh who cares any more!

“Be good, my ______.” He chimed in your ear as your pants went down, Matt reared up on you and pinning your front half into the covers. He eased into you, already slick enough to fit him. Even though it had been sometime, it didn’t hurt at all, a low groan catching in you chest. He grinned, before ramming into you harshly. You screamed, enjoying every second of it as he continued.

Leaning more up on your knees, it felt even better and made it easier for him to get all the way inside. Within only seconds of getting back at it, you came, a rush of air escaping your lungs as he shot into you.

“That’s my girl.” Matt said, yanking out and flopping onto his back beside you. Now extremely tired, you crawled over to him, laying half on him as he pulled you closer. His arms wrapped around you protectively, possessive in the least.

As you were about to retaliate at being jumped, the sound of a branch snapping made you cling to Matt in fear. Your boyfriend just laughed, bonking your forehead slightly.

“____, for the last time, there is no Slenderman. As if a pasty string bean of a man lived out in the woods and survived without a face. Really, its nothing to worry about.” He smirked. “And I’d kick his ass all the way to Russia if I had to.”

You shook your thoughts away as you kissed him goodnight, snuggling into his strong arms and wishing for this everyday.


A few trees away, a tall man stood alone, hearing the man’s words from the contraption humans called a ‘tent.’ He flicked his tentacles in a tantrum, anger seething beneath his suit.
“How dare that man call me pasty. Im perfectly white, and nothing less!” He growled, before having a hand lay on his arm. He looked down at the younger man beside him, practically twitching in rage.
“Lay off him Slendy. He’s just protecting his mate.” The black haired one said, his dark eyes staring off unblinkingly. “Lets just leave. We have to check in with Evee anyway. We’re late.”
“Alright Jeff.” Slenderman turned, before looking back. “Hmmph. String bean my ass. He could put on more weight himself. Trying to be all buff and shiz.” He mumbled, the pair triasping off into the shadows…
Haha! Another Lemon in only two days, or so.
Im so happy!!!!

And since Im almost to 100 watchers, there will be something special coming, I just dont know yet. You guys have to give me ideas!!

Anyways loves to you all!! :3

Story and Evee(C) Me
You (C) Matt
Hetalia or Creepypasta (C) Not me!
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* Author's note:
•I know I tricked many people by posting my last fake hetalia x reader lemon fanfic. I promise this time it's real. I fooled so many and decided to actually make one. 
Thank you.
~ shadowlover-link** 
-You were laying on your sofa watching [fav show.] when you received a text message from America saying:
Yo _____! We're having an emergency meeting. You have to be here by 9:00.
-It must have been very important if you all had to come to the meeting room so late. With a couple of minutes until 9:00 pm you quickly changed into some comfortable clothing knowing that you'll be at the meeting for quite some time.
-While driving to the meeting your mind kept flooding with images of every country you knew. That's what made world meetings hard for you. Having all those sexy countries surrounding you for hours was just agonizing. You couldn't helped yourself, you liked them all. You just wanted today's meeting to pass by quickly before you start to fantasize.
-When you reached the meeting area you quickly started to run to the door and ran in opening the door.
"Sorry I'm late. I just-" you finally looked around to find the room dark. Not able to find the light switch or hear any voices you became confused.
"Anyone in here?" you yelled out. You thought you were in the wrong room.
-Without warning a pair of hands covered your mouth while another pair held your arms back making it impossible to fight back. The more you struggled the less likely you would escape. You then felt a thin cloth wrap around your eyes and another around your wrists.
-You could feel someone gently pick you up and place you on a table or flat surface of some sort.
"Let me go!" you yelled with anger and fear. You were beginning to worry about the safety of the other countries.
"Shh...everything is going to be ok." you heard a familiar voice say as the person placed a slim finger against your lips.
"We promise to untie you if you do not escape." another familiar voice said not to far from the other.
-There was a short period of silence as you were heavily breathing then finally gave in to them.
"....ok." you said in a whisper.
-You could feel the cloth coming of your wrists. When the other cloth on your face came off what you saw around you was a complete surprise. 
-Each and every country were quietly sitting in their chairs but most in the most arousing attire. All eyes seemed to be on you  as you were in the middle of the table. You were completely confused at what was going on and questionably looked at America since he was the one you told you to come.
"Surprised?" England said with a smirk as he sat across from you in his nurse outfit.
"W-what?.....I-I don't understand..." you stuttered with a slight blush spreading on your face.
"We want you _____." France said with a purr as he sat naked in his chair.
"That's the reason I brought you here." America said with a smile. He had on his police uniform. 
"Don't you want us too?" Prussia asked as he looked up at you with lust in eyes.
-This was just too confusing you thought in you head. You felt very faint at the moment and nearly passed out before England lifted you up and placed you on a chair.
"Let the nurse check you." England said as he in buttoned your shirt. "This should help you breathe more easily" he said with a smirk.
"Don't worry. We'll take good care of you." Spain whispered in your ear as he gave it a slight lick.
"Oh no. It looks like your getting really hot. Let me take care of that."Lithuania said sweetly as he quickly took all your clothing off leaving you only in panties a bra.
"th-thank you..." you said softly.
-You were completely red with ecstasy as your body was giving into their hands while your mind was fighting back at what you should do. You body won this round as heat started to build up in your lower regions.
-Somehow you ended up on the floor with Italy giving you small butterfly kisses on your chest. You could feel him slightly nipping at your soft skin leaving small red marks on your perfect skin.
-You were then engulfed in the soft lips of America as his expert tongue explored every inch of your warm wet cavern. You couldn't deny the way his tongue lead yours and the way they both intertwined. Maybe America picked up a few tricks from France.
-It wasn't long before you were crying for sweet release. You could feel it all building up and you just wanted to cum and get all the pain over with.
-Austria noticed your pain and gave a slight smirk as he lifted your chin up towards him.
"You know pianist have trained fingers." he said with a sadistic smile as he slightly rubbed you through your soaking wet panties.
"Mnm..." was all you could get out before one of  Austria's fingers went deep into you.
-You were in complete ecstasy as he forced 2 more fingers into you causing unbearable pain to shoot through you. He surely did have some trained fingers since he kept hitting you in the right spot square on. With one more thrust you came onto his fingers as you gave out a lust filled cry.
-Trying to catch your breath you looked up to see the lust filled glances of all the countries. You would have never imagined this to happen to you. 
"Why don't we start putting something bigger in you?" Russia asked with his usual sweet smile. "You know my nose isn't the only big thing." he said cutely.
-With the help of Japan Russia was able to take off your panties and discard them somewhere far off. You found it amazingly sexy the way Japan helped Russia undress as he prepared himself for you.
-Russia placed you on his lap as he started to tease you a little by rubbing your breast. You suddenly felt a sharp pain run through you as Russia's large erection was in all the way. He didn't give you the chance to get use to it as he  started to thrust fast and hard into you. 
-Some of the other countries who felt like they didn't get anything with you decided to have the fun of having you suck them off. France started this by grabbing a chair and sitting in front of you and Russia, forcing his cock to your lips. You gladly opened your mouth and let it in as you licked him from the base to the tip. Before you knew it you had the Baltics forcing their cocks to you. 
-This was just too much. You were completely exhausted and out of breath  as Russia came inside you without warning. You were a wet mess of sweat and cum (some of it yours and the rest from the other countries.
-Just when you thought you were to drift into nothingness you noticed one of the strangest things... A unicorn farting sparkly rainbows was next to you. "Wake up ____!" you heard him say.
-You opened your eyes and found yourself sitting in the conference room with the other countries going you confused glances.
"Huh?" you asked rubbing your head.
"You've been asleep the whole meeting." Germany said somewhat angry as he and the other countries gathered their things.
"Well I'm having a party at my house. All countries invited!" America yelled for everyone to hear.
"Orgy!Orgy!Orgy!Orgy!" Prussia chanted as he and the other countries left the room.
-You on the other hand were as confused as could be...
Why did I do this....
Well I tricked so many people and decided to repay them with an sanctuary hetalia x reader lemon. I am sorry for the lack I any other countries and at the horrible story. I do t write lemons so this was kind of hard.
**comment, fav and watch!**
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2p!England X Reader ~ Prey ~ LEMON

Those eyes seemed to pierce right through you, the bright blue and swirling pink burned into your retinas. Even in the second of darkness after you blink they still stared at you. Resolutely with possession, his eyes burned his claim into you.

You were his, and you couldn’t argue any differently. Not with the way he tenaciously cupped a bare breast. A whimper shamelessly echoed through the room as he rolled your nipple between his thumb and forefinger. The whimper soon turned into a moan as he lowered his mouth around the other nipple.

Slivers of pleasure spread out from your breasts, the area between your legs getting uncomfortably hot. Your hands weaved through his hair and tugged him upwards to seal your lips against his.

With the searing kiss, you fused not only your lips but your heart and soul to his. He slid a slender finger between your drenched folds, you pulled away to gasp as he slid a flinger past your sensitive button, brushing it slightly, and slipped it into your entrance.

He gave a predatory smirk as he prodded your sodden walls leaving you gasping.


Another joined after you moaned his name and he began scissoring the tight walls of flesh.  Oliver was all that you had, especially after your friends abandoned you for your relationship with Oliver. They spread lies that he was abusive and manipulating you.

He loved you and you couldn’t live without him. The choice was clear even when you calmly told your friends to never talk to you again.

He slid his slender fingers out before you reached your completion; you gave a small pout as he simply giggled.

He perched over you, his member fully erect before he slipped it into you. Your hands clenched his shoulders as he started moving.


You moan shamelessly as his stiff rod rubbed the walls your sensitive vagina. He nipped your neck harshly, leaving a dark bruise, to claim what was his.

With each thrust the rope that had started when he had fingered you, wrapped around you tighter and tighter leaving you sobbing at the crushing pleasure.

With a grunt he released his hot seed into you as the tightening rope snapped, blurring your vision with white.

He pressed a kiss to the bruise on your neck before pulling away.  He curled into the bed as he pulled you into his chest.

"You're mine and I'll kill anyone who tries to take you away.
I found this lurking on my computer so I decided to finish it and post it to :icon2paphreaderinsert:'s contest.
Hopefully I haven't missed the deadline,it's not October 1st yet here.
I would like to say that this is my first time writing 2p Hetalia so do bear with me.
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A/N; So, I decided to write this lemon, MY WAY. I repeat, MY WAY. and "My way" consists of being.. well.. VERY descriptive.. so expect for me to be as DESCRIPTIVE as possible when the lemon comes in.. If you can handle hot, sweaty, slick, glistening fluids, and a sexy iggy, then continue on. Hope you enjoy my lemon.. ;A ; I LOVE YOU<3 I hope you love me too.. ;A ;"


Ever since you started attending the world meetings as a new country by the name of ______, you've slowly started to get to know some countries and got along with them quite well.

Except for England.

You loved their culture, the thing that bothered you was Arthur. He's just always so cranky, what was his problem anyways? He would tease you, you would tease him, sometimes you'd slap him whenever he pissed you off, and sometimes he'd push you away whenever he got annoyed with you. It's like you were a female version of Francis. But whatever.

Another day of arguing at the world meeting. Lovely.

You were just a simple girl. Or that's what others thought. Deep down, you're just some crazy ass, weird, awkward, and just Weird type of girl. You were way more down to earth than the others, but you worked hard, you didn't really give a shit about what others thought of you, if someone messes with you or someone you care for, then you'd kick their ass.

But ever since you met Arthur, you pushed down your walls, and just showed everyone the true you instead of being fancy and such.

"Can you guys stop fighting? You both look pathetic.." Ludwig frowned as you and Arthur started to cuss at each other and giving each other death threats. You both turned around to face Ludwig, "SHUT UP WERE BUSY HERE!" You both said in unison, then looked at each other, "SHUT UP YOU POSER STOP COPYING ME!" You yelled at the British man and poked his chest. "STOP TOUCHING ME YOU PATHETIC BLOODY GIT!" He pushed you away and stepped on your foot. Even if it didn't hurt, shit was about to hit the fan.

"Oh hell no. You sir, have just unleashed the KRAKKEN!" You screamed tackling him to the carpet, pinning down his wrists, and straddling his hips. "THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU FREAKIN' TOUCH ME YOU BLOODY BRITISH FREAK." You grab him by the neck and start choking him and hitting his head on the floor.

"HEY STOP ZHAT RIGHT NOW!" Ludwig grabbed your hips and attempted to pull you away from Arthur. "NO! THIS FUCKING IDIOT DOESN'T DARE TOUCH ME WITH HIS DIRTY HANDS AND JUST PUSHES ME LIKE WHAT THE HELL!?" You screamed keeping your grip tight on his neck. "GET OFF ME YOU TWAT MUFFIN!" Arthur screeched as he tried to latch off your fingers off his neck.

Finally you let go, falling on the floor with Ludwig. "That's enough Fraulein, don't ever do zhat again or ve vill have to punish you." Ludwig frowned, you simply crossed your arms and stood up. "Don't ever fucking push me again." You muttered at Arthur on the floor and sat back down. And waited for the meeting to finish.

- Time skip. -

"What the hell..?" You woke up and noticed you had fallen asleep during the meeting.

"Was it really that boring..?" You sighed, and lifted your head up. The meeting room was now dark.. Could it be..?


You saw Arthur waking up as well, he was only a few seats away. "Where the bloody hell did everyone go?" You heard Arthur groan, he then turned around. His eyes widened as well as yours. "The fuck are you lookin' at rich kid?" You snarled. "Oh shut up, wait.." He quickly got up and looked out the window.

"______, you are aware that it is night time right..?" He looked over to you with a worried look on his face. "What?!" You ran towards the double doors of the meeting room and attempted to open. "They're locked.." You muttered towards Arthur. "No! That's impossible!" He gasped and ran over to you and attempted to open the doors himself. It was no use. You were both locked inside. Both. Of. You.

"T-They.." You finished Arthur's sentence, "Locked us H-here.." You shuddered, finally pressing your back against the door and sliding down. Arthur did the same. "What are we going to do?" Arthur gasped as he put his hands on his face in frustration. "I call dibs on the desk. I'm sleeping there." You shrugged and yawned. "You just woke up.. there is now way you can go back to sleep when you just finished a nap.." He muttered. "Yeah, I know but i'm calling dibs for later you idiot.." You scoffed, and rolled your eyes at him. The only light source you had was the slight white light from the gleaming moon coming from the windows with blinds.

You sighed and crossed your arms and pressed them against your chest. "I'm bored." You sighed. "Wanna play tic tac toe?" You grinned sheepishly. "What kind of stupid idea is that? Tic Tac Toe, while we are stuck in here for the rest of the night? Are you really that pathetic?" Arthur raised an eyebrow at you. "Shut up bushy brows.. you're just grumpy cause you can't get laid.." You scoffed at him and pushed his shoulder away playfully.

"And you're desperate for attention because nobody loves you." He scoffed back and moved your hands away. But deep down, you were able to develop a crush on the Brit, you just loved how he was usually grumpy, it was adorable. "Nobody loves me? Bitch please, Everyone loves me." You chuckled and poked his cheeks. "Whatever." He looked away and got up and started to pace. "We should break a window.." He mutters. "No, that's a stupid idea, besides it'll get colder in here if you do it, and i'm actually having fun staying here." You grinned cheekily. He sighed, "We can't break the window anyways.. we'd get into trouble.." He then went to a chair and sat down. "Wait. You're having fun? Are you that stupid?" Arthur scoffed as he stared at you.

"Excuse me? I'm not the one who's stupid. You're the one who decided to copy me and take a nap, stupid poser. You can't just blame me, i'm a girl!" You crossed your arms and walked up to his face. "Get away from my face, and since you're violent, I doubt you're even a girl!" Arthur then stood up and walked away as he attempted to avoid you. "I don't give a crap if you think i'm a guy, at least I know how to take shit like a man and not be a freakin' wuss you little shit." You scoffed back, continuing to follow him. "Stop following me, you're being childish and completely pathetic you bloody git!" He then turned around and pushed you away. "What the hell did I tell you about pushing me?" You then pushed him towards the large table and pinned his hands on the edge of the table as you leaned into his face. "GET AWAY FROM ME YOU STUPID GIRL!" He then turned you around, and pinned you down onto the table.

His emerald green eyes widened at the close proximity you were between each other's faces. Your eye twitched, your heart told you to kiss him, but your head told you not to do it.

'Come on... just lean in slowly and peck him right on the lips! Why is it so hard..' You thought to yourself as you felt time slowing down.

"W-wha-" Before you could finish your shaky lips were soon caught by Arthur's. You were both nervous, but knew deep down you both wanted this for so long. You wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled him into a deeper kiss. You groaned in satisfaction as his tongue traced your lips as you both kissed. Soon enough, the tension and heat in the room grew, you wrapped your legs around his waist and starting grinding against his erection. He groaned at every grinding movement you made in between your kisses. He then started to remove his coat, along with his dress shirt and hit tie. You began to rip open your vest and your white blouse. He saw that you needed help removing the skirt, he ripped it in half and threw it off, lust taking control over both of you.

He then proceeded to rip your bra off, only leaving your panties on. He leaned down towards your exposed mounds of flesh, lightly biting on your nipple then continued on softly sucking on it. You groaned in his ear, grasping tightly to his messy blond locks of hair whilst your removed his pants with your spare hand. He then helped you by pulling down his briefs, then yanking off your panties, before rubbing his member against your already soaking wet slit. Once he was fully prepared, he slowly slid his pulsing member in, pain slowly kicked in, making you wince slightly. As he noticed your wince, he pulled you close and kissed away the pain to keep you calm.

Suddenly pure lust and ecstasy began mixing in with the small amount of pain that was left, soon the pain melted away only being replaced by pure rapture. You let out a deep moan, feeling his pulsing member throb wildly inside you. As he noticed, he began his thrusting, going slow and steady to begin.

After each thrust, his pace and strength began to pace faster, driving deeper into your wanting core. You held onto his neck and brought his lips down to yours and bit his lower lip hard, receiving a moan from Arthur. You let go, his lips then trailed down towards your neck, he began leaving lovebites, not leaving any section of your flesh unattended.
You let out a long moan into his ear, as you listened closing to his panting near your ears, the moans and groans coming from you triggered him to slam harder into you, his balls slapping against your skin as his slick member slid in and out rapidly. "F-Fuck.. Arthur.." You managed to moan out warning him that you were near climaxing, he simply nodded. Your tight and warm feeling in your stomach grew stronger. "A-Arthur take me!" You managed to gasp, finally releasing your fluids, mixing yours with his. You leaned your head on his shoulder, bodies fully tired and glistening with sweat under the light coming from the windows. "I love you, don't ever forget that, and i'm willing to make you mine any time." Arthur smirked as he spoke. "And all of me, is just for you~" You smirked back. Finally falling into a deep slumber on the desk without any worries.

- Extended Ending -

"Kesesese~ I got it all on tape.. Ahhh. I got to finish mein self off at the same time vith zhem.. Woo.." Gilbert smirked from the bushes as he zipped up his zipper, and put away his video camera, and walked home.
I tried hard. I thought this was kinda hot.. don't get me wrong, i'm willing to get screwed by iggy anytime. c;

Music used for inspiration ;
Tesla Boy - Electric Lady
Crystal Castles - Baptism

FunFact; I tend to listen to fast paced music when I write a sex scene.. LOL.
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Collection by
I think that England will always see America as a little boy, no matter how much he has grown. Even when America has become his lover, it's gonna still be hard for England to change these thoughts toward him.
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I did a quick picture of Germany today, the whole thing took about 3 hours, i hope you like it!
I'll make this picture better later ;P

I don't own Germany
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Hetalia -- Germany and Italy

Ludwig Beilschmidt/Germany and Edit :: Me
Feliciano Vargas/Italy :: xunsunghero
Photographed by :: gaara-luvr-forever</sub>
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Hetalia -- Germany and Italy

Ludwig Beilschmidt/Germany and Edit :: Me
Feliciano Vargas/Italy :: xunsunghero
Photographed by :: gaara-luvr-forever</sub>
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Just draw him for relaxing(?) hahaha XD

So much work to do orz .... ; ;
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   "I-Itachi, your hands are too rough!" she whimpered.

   He just gave her a silent glare.

   Keeping her gaze, he lifted his hand to his mouth and flicked his tongue over his middle finger.


   He just kept quiet as he watched her move up to his level.

   She then proceeded to flick him in the forehead.

   "If you're going to help, then you can't put your hands in the bowl after you've licked them! It's unsanitary!"

   He simply blinked at her.

   "I don't see why it's such a big deal if we're the only ones eating them," he noted.

   "Bacteria is bacteria, weasel. And quite frankly, I don't want any of your cooties," she huffed at him, shoving him out of the way lightly and showing him how to properly mix the tofu with the mochiki.

   "Your hands are too soft," he commented.

   "My hands are just fine, thank you!"

   He shoved her out of the way gently—something [Name] wasn't aware Itachi was even able to be—and proceeded to mix his dango the way he wanted.

   "Fine, but don't complain when they're overdone."


   Itachi hummed as he finished his first stick of dango.

   "Well?" she requested from him, crossing her arms over the 'Kiss the Cook' apron Deidara had purchased because he thought it would be funny if Pein had to wear it while cooking. Little did Deidara know, the rest of us had to bear the burden of his idiocy considering Pein is completely incapable of cooking anything but hazardous masses of what used to be food.

   He was still chewing.




   He stopped suddenly and swallowed.

   "They're too firm."

   "I told you you were overdoing it!"

   Itachi stood, picking another two dango sticks from the pile. He made his way over to [Name] and handed her one. She took it from him willingly because it wasn't everyday that Itachi Uchiha would share dango with other people.

   Itachi stared at her a moment, waiting for her to try it. She stared back before raising the dango stick in the air, Itachi watching her curiously. Silently, he raised his own dango stick and made contact with hers. [Name] stuck the dango on top in her mouth and took a bite of it since she knew they were too firm, and it would be too much for her to take on the entire dango by itself. It was messy, too. The sauce dripping down on her chin.

   But that wasn't much of a problem. Well, to Itachi, anyway, who stood still watching her instead of taking a bite out of his dango like expected.

   Bringing her messy chin forward, Itachi placed a simple kiss to her lips. It didn't last more than four seconds, and [Name] was less than prepared mentally and physically for such an action.

   Itachi pulled back in just as swift of a movement as he had moved in with. There was sweet sauce on his mouth from where [Name] had carelessly taken a bite out of her dango. Itachi couldn't have cared less, though. He just licked it off and kept the same neutral look on his face as he had beforehand while [Name] just stood there with a dango lodged halfway down her throat.

   She almost choked but scolded herself not to.

   "Y-you're still too rough, Uchiha," she smiled but was secretly screaming at herself for having stuttered. "Well? Was I sweet?"

   Itachi looked at her wide-eyed.

   He returned the flick on the forehead from earlier. She could almost swear she felt a bruise forming on her face.

   "Anything but. I'll be sure to thank Deidara tomorrow for purchasing that apron," Itachi turned, picked up his plate of dango, and passed [Name] once more before he headed down the hallway to his room, surely to eat all of the dango in one sitting. "Oh, and [Name]," Itachi called from where he stood before his room, holding the plate in one hand while he opened his sliding door with the other, "Take off that apron. From this point on, you'll only wear it when you're cooking dango with me." Then he disappeared from her view, leaving her there, a hot mess, all courtesy of none other than the weasel shinobi himself.

       "B-bakachi," she muttered to herself, thinking about the next time she would get to model the apron for her sweet-loving ninja.
Happy birthday, Itachi-kun~!
I do not own Naruto or its characters! Naruto is owned by Masashi Kishimoto!
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“He’s cool, isn’t he?” You ask the fluffy black kitten in your arms. It’s the guy that lives across the hall from you that you’re talking about. You give a dreamy sigh as you watch him walk up to the apartment building from your window. Your new cat doesn’t seem nearly so enthusiastic however. He hasn’t made any responses, or even movements, since you’ve started talking about that guy.

You hold the cat out in front of you to check that he’s still alive; it had been when you’d seen him being beaten up by that yellow kitten they were selling in the same pet store that you’d decided to rescue him. You hope he wasn’t injured too badly before that.

“Oh, don’t get me wrong. You’re cool too.” You assure him as he stares at you impassively. His ears twitch slightly, but his expression doesn’t change. “I know.” You go on, an idea coming to you. “I’ll take you over there and introduce you to him.” You decide. You’re always looking for an excuse to go and talk to the guy. Without one, you know you probably never would. The cat doesn’t seem to have any complaints about your suggestion, but he doesn’t exactly seem ecstatic about it either as you carry him over to your door.

“Err... hi.” You say, trying to look casual as that guy approaches you, waiting outside your own apartment.

“Oh, hi... you.” He gives you a friendly smile as he rummages around in his pockets. You bite your lip gently; maybe it was too much for you to expect that he would remember your name, but you think it might be rude to draw attention to that right now.

“I got a cat.” You tell him instead, holding the dark kitten up for him to see. This seems to get more of his attention.

“Really? That’s cool.” He stops in his search to take in the little guy’s appearance. “What’s his name?” He asks, his eyes on you now. You stand there silently for a short while. That really is something you probably should have thought of before bringing your cat over to introduce him. The man gives a carefree laugh, guessing the reason behind your lack of response.

“We can think of one now... How about Itachi?” He suggests, being reminded of the Naruto character by the cat’s pure black fur and onyx eyes. He’s heard that cats’ pupils are supposed to go huge if they’re happy about something, but looking at this one, he guesses that’s not always the case.

“Itachi...” You repeat the name, trying it out for yourself. “I like it.” You smile after a moment. “How did you come up with that?”

“It’s Japanese.” The guy tells you before rubbing the back of his neck, a slight blush on his face. “It’s err... from a cartoon I like.” He sounds a little embarrassed to admit, but soon recovers when you don’t scoff or in any other way make fun of his interest. “Anyway, Itachi’s a ninja and he’s really cool! Just like this little guy.” He ruffles the fur on the top of your cat’s head and you giggle a little at Itachi’s ears drooping slightly in response.

“Maybe we can watch it together sometime.” You suggest. The man seems a bit hesitant about this idea.

“Yeah... maybe.” He gives you one last quick smile, before finally finding his keys and getting into his apartment. “I’ll see you around!” He calls back.

You smile to yourself once he’s gone and hold Itachi close to you. That has to be the longest conversation you’ve ever had with your neighbour and it’s all thanks to this small cat.

You know it would be more special to start watching the cartoon your neighbour likes when you’re with him, like he was the one to introduce you to it, but you’re not able to resist looking up Itachi’s name once you’re back in your apartment. When you first start reading about the Naruto character, you’re a bit shocked that anyone would suggest naming this sweet little kitten after someone like him but as you read on you find yourself appreciating his character and what he does more and more.

The kitten’s asleep by the time you’re finished researching his new name, but he’s soon awoken by yet another hug from you. He might not be the most openly affectionate of kittens, but he’s just as cuddly as any and as you rub your cheek against his fur you can definitely still feel all the warmth beneath.


“I should start looking for a way to return to the others.” Itachi thinks to himself as he watches you from your window as you leave the next day. You do seem to be getting very attached to him however. He finds himself already not wanting to disappear from your life so suddenly... at least not without leaving behind some sort of replacement.

“That can wait.” He decides, jumping down from your windowsill to begin putting his plan into action. If he doesn’t know where to begin looking for the others, it’s probably best to stay close to where he is for now anyway.

Once he’s skilfully made his way out of your apartment and into the one of the man who lives across from you, all that’s left to do is lay in wait.

“Hm?” The guy soon notices the small ball of black fluff sitting on his sofa when he returns home that evening. Itachi looks up sleepily from the cat nap he drifted into. “Oh, hi there ninja cat.” The man smiles down at him. “You must be good if you could find a way to get in here; the door was still locked and everything.” Itachi sits up, but continues to stare blankly at the man before him. “Well, I guess you can stay if you want.” He laughs, feeling a little nervous.

As he walks off to unpack the small amount of shopping he’s brought home, Itachi jumps down from the sofa to follow him into the kitchen. “Hey! Have you heard this song?” The guy goes on, noticing he’s got company. He goes over to his laptop and puts on a song about some kitten named Sparta. Itachi ignores all of this; his eyes are on the small bag of chocolates the man’s brought home, decorated as though intended to be a gift for someone.

“I know, I know. The cat he’s singing about isn’t exactly like you. This would probably be better for someone like Hidan, huh?” The man grins sheepishly, finally turning away from his laptop only to find your kitten’s no longer there. “... Where’d you go?” He asks, getting to his feet. He soon starts to get more frantic as he searches his whole apartment, still finding no signs of Itachi.

The kitten is tempted, as he makes his way back to your apartment, to eat some of the sweets he’s carrying there himself. He guesses that might lessen the impact this present will have on you though. He’s also not certain what effects the chocolate may have on him while he’s stuck in this kitten body. It looks like he’s just going to have to wait until he’s human again for this sort of thing. Maybe Kisame and he can go to cafe to celebrate that.

It’s not until Itachi gets back to your apartment that he notices the card attached to the gift he’s brought here. It’s completely blank inside and it’s too late for Itachi to take the present back for that person to write in it now. Thankfully you aren’t home by this point, so Itachi tries to make the best of the situation by looking in your kitchen for something he can use to make a paw print with and marks the card in this way. Just as he finishes, you come through the door.

“Itachi?” You ask, stepping inside.

“Here.” He tells you simply, but all you hear is a mew from the kitchen. Itachi guesses he should have expected that. Despite the title your neighbour used for him previously, he’s not a ninja cat that can communicate with humans.

Surprised by the first sound your cat’s made since you’ve brought him home, you follow the noise and find him sitting next to a small gift bag on the kitchen floor. He pushes the present towards you.

“Who’s this from?” You ask, checking the card. You frown slightly at the still wet paw print being the only thing there. Then your eyes return to Itachi with a curious gaze. He starts to shake his head at you, but then you’re distracted by a knock at the door. The kitten follows as you go to answer it.

“I’m sorry!” Your neighbour pants after this outburst. He looks really flustered. “Your cat.” He elaborates when you only stare at him in confusion. “He was in my apartment when I came home and I know I should have brought him straight over, but now he’s missing and...” He trails of as Itachi pokes his head out from behind your leg. “But... how?” He asks, tilting his head, just as confused as you were just now.

“He was here when I got home...” You tell him, a bit concerned. The man sighs in relief, deciding not to think anything more of it if everything’s turned out okay. He tenses again when he notices the bag of chocolates you’re holding however.

“Err... that’s mine.” He laughs awkwardly, pointing at the gift.

“Oh...” You say, a little saddened to hear this. “Do you want them back?”You ask, holding the bag out to him. His smile wavers in the face of your disappointed expression but then returns at full strength.

“You know what? Keep them; they’re yours.” He assures you. “Well, I’ve got to go. But enjoy them! They’re really good.” He tells you before making his way back to his apartment. You hold the chocolates to your chest with a shy smile once he’s gone. He must have been the one to get this gift for you.


You’re waiting outside your apartment for him again the next day, Itachi by your side. You hadn’t been sure about letting him out of the flat, but he really hadn’t seemed to want to leave you to do this on your own. He was being really well behaved too. Sometimes you have to question if he’s actually a kitten, or just a very small fully grown cat with how mature he appears to be.

“Here!” You smile cheerily as your neighbour returns. You hold out the cake you picked up on your way home. “You gave me those chocolates yesterday, so I thought I should get something for you too.” You explain. The man looks at you with a serious expression on his face. It’s so unlike him that it makes you feel nervous and you slowly pull the cake back to you.

“Listen.” He sighs, really not meaning to upset or scare you. “I don’t know if I’ve been giving you the wrong idea about us. And if I have it really wasn’t intentional but... I have a girlfriend.” He tells you gently.

“Really?” You only just manage to choke back your tears, guessing you should be happy for him. He doesn’t look all that convinced by your smile.

“Yeah... those chocolates you had yesterday were meant for her. I don’t know how they reached you... I’m sorry.” He finishes before moving to hug you, but then thinks better of it and pulls away again. You find yourself not wanting that hug anyway after what he’s just told you. You move backwards until your back’s against your apartment door. “I really am sorry.” He tells you again, averting his eyes from your tearful ones. With all of this explained, he slinks into his apartment sadly.

Not being able to hold back from crying any longer you go back to your own flat, Itachi only just being able to slip inside before you close the door behind you. You slide to the floor and bury your face in your arms, sobbing quietly to yourself.

Itachi watches you with some pain in his chest. He hadn’t meant for this to happen. Disappearing from your life now would only leave you in a worse state than it would have before. If the idea of finding a substitute to comfort you hasn’t worked, Itachi guesses there is little else he can do but take on the role himself. You look up at him as you feel him rest his head on your knees, between his paws.

“... It’s my fault really.” You reason, wiping your tears to try and alleviate some of your kitten’s worries over you. “He’s such a nice guy; of course other people would like him. If I’d just started talking to him sooner...”

The small cat touches his nose to yours, not wanting you to go on blaming yourself any longer. It isn’t because of this that you stop talking however. That’s because it’s the Itachi you were looking up a few days ago sitting before you now, rather than the kitten you were talked into naming after him. The only signs that he was once that animal are the cat tail and ears still attached. These twitch in surprise at the unexpected transformation, but there isn’t much else to see in the Uchiha’s reaction.

“I must be dreaming...” You finally manage to breathe out. It’s the only explanation you can think of for what you’ve just seen happen.

“I thought the same, when I first awoke as a cat.” Itachi tells you. “But with the others, I soon discovered that not to be the case.”

“Others?” You haven’t read much about the other Naruto characters, but the thought of the ones you guess Itachi might be referring to scares you.

“The rest of the Akatsuki.” He tells you, finally rising to his feet. “Come with me to find them.” He holds out a hand to pull you up too as he says this.

“What?” You say, eyes widened in fear. “But they’ll kill me. I mean, you’re nice but-” You’re cut off as Itachi swoops down to you again, his face so close to yours.

“Don’t worry. I’ll protect you.” He whispers, then closes the space still left between you with a kiss. One that tells you that you can trust his words and as you accept it something more than trust grows between the two of you. As if this weren’t enough, Itachi has more to tell you after he pulls away, his cat ears and tail now gone. “The loyalty to you I’ve developed won’t fade.” He says, with full assurance.

“... Okay.” You say now, accepting his offer to help you to your feet the second time. For another moment longer your eyes are locked on his, caught in the enchantment of this strange romance story.

Then Itachi lowers his gaze and you look to the floor to see he’s looking at the boxed cake still resting there. You laugh lightly. Maybe it would have been nice for Itachi to keep those ears, since they sometimes seemed to be the only indication of what he was thinking, but it’s easy enough to guess what he wants now as he continues to stare.

“We can eat that before we leave.” You tell him, carrying it into the kitchen. The Uchiha follows, still wanting to stay close to you for now. “I was hoping to share it with someone.” You say more quietly, smiling to yourself as you take the delicious looking cake out of its box.
Another old thing, but I've decided to put those Akatsuki kitten stories (it's an overused idea, I know) up as separate deviations rather than all in one big file. I've written one of these for each member (including Konan), but Nagato's one is going to be the one that ties them together in the end, even though these don't follow on from each other.

I have these up as results for one of my quizzes on Quotev too, under the username Lilaaku.

Akatsuki is copyrighted to Masashi Kishimoto.
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Itachi Uchiha by JadeDeng

I guess you really did it this time
Left yourself in your warpath
Lost your balance on a tight rope
Lost your mind trying to get it back

The depressing sound of raindrops echoed in the cottage. Droplets shattering when they landed on the ground, though none fell under the roof, almost as if a protective barrier had been in place. 

Itachi Uchiha tossed and turned in his sleep, the demons were in his dreams that night. His eyebrows scrunched, as if he was concentrating hard-something he didn't do often. What did he imagine? You would never know. For when you asked, he never answered, only staring at you with his blood red orbs.

Wasn't it easier in your lunchbox days?

Always a bigger bed to crawl into
Wasn't it beautiful when you believed in everything?
And everybody believed in you

Waking up from the turmoil in his mind, he glanced by his left, where a figure lay. Laying on your side, curled up into a ball. Your face was turned into the pillow, no wonder the skin was always marred with creases when you awoke. Unconsciously, his hand reached to caress your cheek, stroking the smooth surface. He envied how you were able to fall into slumber peacefully. 

You leaned into his palm, cherishing the warmth that he emitted.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry..." You could hear him mutter as he cupped your cheek.

He always apologized, though never asking for forgiveness. Eyes slitting open, you looked over to meet his gaze.  

"There's no need to say that, Itachi, you'll always have my forgiveness," Rasp voice whispering as you held his hand in yours, though certain he could hear you. 

It's alright
Just wait and see
Your string of lights is still bright to me
Who you are is not where you've been
You're still an innocent

Red orbs meeting (E/C)-hues, he stared into the depths of your soul. Mesmerized by the deep ruby, you lost yourself in his gaze. 

"I could kill you right now, you know?" It was he who decided to break the silence. The issue had been raised multiple times now.

"I know." Was always your reply. 

You knew. You knew that he could kill you in this very moment if he wished to. Yet he didn't. You simply lingered by him, plaguing him with your presence. He had warned you to stay away at first, though gave up when he realized the advice would not be heeded. 

Did some things you can't speak of
But at night you live it all again
You wouldn't be shattered on the floor now
If you had known what you know now then

"Why are you standing by the side of a sinner?" He always asked that.

You knew he had killed, that he had sinned, yet still stood by him. That part he could never understand.

"Because," You begin, "only I feel your pain, and you understand mine, we're birds of the same feather, Itachi."

Wasn't it easier in your firefly catching days?
Everything out of reach, someone bigger brought down to you
Wasn't it beautiful? Running wild till you fell asleep
Until the monsters caught up to you

You almost couldn't remember who he was then, without burdens of the truth weighing on his shoulders. He was kind, caring, talented, all the good things. Maybe he was entirely different under the facade, but who would know? What good was there in inquiring anyway. Both of you wanted to forget your past, along with all the pain you went through. 

You'd follow him anywhere, be it the echoing caverns or the pits of hell. You had witnessed the gruesome murders he'd committed, though somehow you managed to look pass that. After all, it takes one to know one.

It's alright, just wait and see
Your string of lights is still bright to me
Who you are is not what you did
You're still an innocent

"No matter what you do, Itachi. In my eyes, you'd always remain the innocent boy I met so long ago"

Lost your balance on a tight rope
It's never too late to get it back

Inspired by: Innocent-Taylor Swift
Like I promised in my recent journal, I'll be posting oneshots and songfics more nowadays!
Hope you enjoyed it!
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Hey girl, open the walls, play with your dolls
We'll be a perfect family.
When you walk away, is when we really play
You don't hear me when I say,
"Mom, please wake up.
Dad's with a slut, and your son is smoking cannabis."

No one ever listens, this wallpaper glistens
Don't let them see what goes down in the kitchen.

       The Uchiha were not all what they seemed. On the outside, mostly in public, they were basically perfect. Mikoto and Fugaku Uchiha had two handsome sons, Itachi being the eldest and Sasuke being the youngest. They were well known throughout the land. But on the inside, at home when it was just the family, everything wasn't what it seemed.

       You were best friends with the eldest Itachi. You had been friends since middle school. In fact, you were so close with Itachi and the others, you were allowed to stay over with them. You also knew when something was bothering Itachi. It was a week after summer vacation had ended and school had begun, Itachi seemed distant, more closed off. The first week of school, you hardly saw him smile and when he did, it was a fake smile.

       Now it'd be an understatement if you had said you had a small school girl crush on the Uchiha. You loved him. Not because he was super popular or that he happened to be a little wealthy. No. You loved him because of who he was. Not because of his social status.

       Itachi walked home alone after school. He passed by the bar where he saw his father, in one of his disguises, making out with a younger woman. She was obviously a slut from the way she dressed. She wore a tight black mini skirt that hardly covered her ass and had a tube top so tight it looked like someone had painted it on her.

       He sighed and shook his head. When he got home, he passed by his brother's bedroom. Usually he would continue to his room, but he saw smoke coming from the small crack in his door. He peeked through the crack and sure enough, there was Sasuke, his beloved brother, smoking what appeared to be cannabis* with a few friends of his.

       This hadn't been the first time he caught his father with a slut, and his brother smoking. Actually, it happened all summer long. He had tried to tell his mother, but she didn't appear to be listening to him. She was always sleeping with a beer bottle in her hand or beside the couch. So he just gave up. He was the only normal one in the house. He was the only one he didn't do such vulgar things. His family was screwed up to the core. The things done is the kitchen were unspeakable.

Places, places, get in your places
Throw on your dress and put on your doll faces.
Everyone thinks that we're perfect
Please don't let them look through the curtains.

Picture, picture, smile for the picture
Pose with your brother, won't you be a good sister?
Everyone thinks that we're perfect
Please don't let them look through the curtains.

I see things that nobody else sees.
I see things that nobody else sees)

       When guest were to arrive, they would straighten up. The beer cans and bottles of vodka and whiskey would be tossed in a trash can, the smell of cannabis was masked with air freshener, the lipstick stains and the glitter would quickly be washed away. It was as if they had been doing it for years. Everyone believed they were the perfect family. No one was allowed in the kitchen. No one other than the family. Not even his best friend was allowed in there.

       Family pictures were taken once a week. Itachi would pose with his brother as if nothing was going on. He would smile. The smile that was fake on both faces. Itachi wanted a genuine smile. Not something fake. His life outside of his home was fake. He was the only one who saw the terrible things his family does.

       You worried about Itachi. She tried to talk to him, but he said there was nothing wrong and would flash you that fake smile. He may have seemed ok, but his eyes said otherwise. Over the years, you had gotten good at reading other people, especially those close to you. You often found yourself thinking about the handsome Uchiha, wondering what was wrong. What was it that was bothering him?

Hey girl, look at my mom, she's got it going on
Ha, you're blinded by her jewelry.
When you turn your back she pulls out a flask
And forgets his infidelity.
Uh-oh, she's coming to the attic, plastic
Go back to being plastic.

No one ever listens, this wallpaper glistens
One day they'll see what goes down in the kitchen.

       You wondered if something was wrong with his family. You observed them from afar. You wanted to know what was going on and was going to figure it out. The family was shopping together in a market that people hardly ever went to. It was there you noticed something on Fugaku's neck.

"Is that... Pink lipstick?" you squinted your eyes to see if you could get a better look. Sure enough, it was pink lipstick. Mikoto didn't wear lipstick that bright, or hardly any at all. You observed as Mikoto caught sight of the mark on his neck. She looked around her and pulled out a silver flask and took a big drink of it before quickly putting it in back in her purse.

       You were flat out shocked. So his father was a two-timer and his mother was an alcoholic? What about Sasuke. Nothing seemed wrong with him. You put your sunglasses and hat into place as you passed them. Sasuke smelt like cologne and something else... "Is that... Cannabis?" you often smelt it on your way home. You usually passed by a group of guys that would smoke it.

You almost yelled when someone pulled her to the side, into another aisle. you looked up and saw Itachi.

"What are you doing here?" he hissed.

"Something was bothering you and I wanted to know what it was!" you whispered back to him. You glared at him and crossed your arms. "Itachi Uchiha, you have a lot of explaining to do!"

Places, places, get in your places
Throw on your dress and put on your doll faces.
Everyone thinks that we're perfect
Please don't let them look through the curtains.

Picture, picture, smile for the picture
Pose with your brother, won't you be a good sister?
Everyone thinks that we're perfect
Please don't let them look through the curtains.

I see things that nobody else sees.
I see things that nobody else sees)

Itachi sighed. He knew you would find out one way or another. "After I got home from vacation, everyone seemed perfectly normal. They held a welcome home party and everything. It was after the guest left that things started spiraling. I saw my mother grab a bottle of whiskey from under the sink and chug it like it was apple juice. She would pass out on the couch. My father would leave and return late at night with several hickeys on his neck and glitter all over his face. Not to mention the lipstick markings. Then I discovered my brother was smoking Cannabis..."

You listened to him as he told you basically everything.

"Itachi... " You stepped forward and wrapped you arms around him. Itachi put his head on your shoulder.

"I can't even mention the things that happen in the kitchen," he whispered."It's like i'm not part of the family anymore..."

Hey girl (hey girl, hey girl, hey girl, hey girl)
Hey girl, open your walls, play with your dolls
We'll be a perfect family.

Places, places, get in your places
Throw on your dress and put on your doll faces.
Everyone thinks that we're perfect
Please don't let them look through the curtains.

Picture, picture, smile for the picture
Pose with your brother, won't you be a good sister?
Everyone thinks that we're perfect
Please don't let them look through the curtains.

Itachi had had enough with the acts. He didn't want to be part of a family that everyone thought was perfect. He didn't want to participate in family photos where he had to pretend as if something was wrong. As if nothing was going on in his home.

"Why not come live with me," You suggested. You pulled away from him and stared him dead in the eyes.

"(Y/n)..., I-I couldn't..." He said.

"Itachi you live in a mad house. Your family is not who they used to be. You are not like them. Besides, I live on my own. I'd be nice to have a roommate." You smiled.

"Fine. Only on one condition," he spoke.

"What is it?" You asked.

"If you agree to be my girlfriend," he stared at you as a dark blush formed on your cheeks.

"S-sure!" For the first time in a long time, you saw him smile. Not a fake one, but a real genuine smile. From that day on, Itachi began to live with You. You were happy together. Itachi didn't have to worry about his family anymore. As far as he was concerned, they probably didn't even notice he was gone.

I see things that nobody else sees.
I see things that nobody else sees)

*Cannabis is actually marijuana.
Requested one-shot from SapphireFox9 from!

Dollhouse by Melanie Martinez
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He has seen her around the workplace. She is beautiful in her own way, but he soon noticed she was married once she started working at the same company a month ago. His relationship with her has never been more than obligatory small-talk and stolen glances from across the wide room divided into offices.

It isn’t only her pleasant appearance that has drawn his attention; there’s something else he has noticed about her over time, something more… troubling. It’s become more and more evident and today as she exchanges pleasantries with him, before briskly making her way past his desk towards her own, Itachi Uchiha at last decides that now shall be the time that he makes what has caused him concern for the woman over all this time known.

“Your face…” You look up from your work in response to these plain words being spoken. The raven haired man looks down upon you with his dark eyes and usual stoic expression. If you hadn’t gotten so used to his personality during your time here you’d wonder if he was even the one to speak these words, with the apparent disinterest he seems to be showing for you now.

“Hm?” You tilt your head slightly, wondering what Itachi is talking about. Then you remember the bruise on your cheek you worked so hard to try and cover up before work this morning. “Oh this?” You smile sheepishly at the realization. “I fell down yesterday; it’s nothing to worry about.” You assure the man, though appreciate the concern he has shown for you. That is until he raises his hand to your face. You instinctively pull away from the anticipated contact, closing your eyes tightly.

“Then why did you flinch?” He asks as he brings his hand to rest delicately on your marred cheek. Slowly you open your eyes at the gentle contact, before snapping out of whatever may have just come over you.

“It’s nothing.” You try telling the man again as you lower his arm. His hand lingers in yours briefly before the contact is broken. After that you continue on with the work that you really need to get finished. Itachi looks at you for a moment longer, and then leaves to complete his own assignments. If this is not something you want to talk about he cannot force you.

You sigh at the unresponsive elevator buttons after you’ve tried pressing them multiple times in your attempts to leave work the next day. Being stuck in this small, confined space now that the office has closed and everyone has gone home is the last thing you need, especially since it’s Itachi, the man who had been questioning you yesterday, that you’re trapped in here with. Reluctantly you leave the door that has no intentions of opening and go to join the Uchiha. He’s been waiting patiently against the metal wall at the back of the elevator with his arms folded. He reasoned before you how futile it would be to keep trying to get the device to work again, without any real cause for it to resume movement.

“… It doesn’t look like we’re getting out of here anytime soon.” You speak up, trying to fill in the awkward silence that has built up between you and Itachi. Who knows? Maybe he’s forgotten about what the two of you were talking about yesterday.

“_______.” Although his eyes remain focused on the elevator door rather than you, the man says your name with such seriousness that your breath catches in your throat. You really don’t like the idea of where this might be going. “I know what is going on.” He tells you, looking at you this time before taking the small amount of steps needed for him to be standing directly before you. Your cheeks heat up at the closeness the two of you are sharing and you really start to worry about what he might do, with the both of you being alone together right now.

Those worries leave you, to be instantly replaced with fresh ones when he removes your winter scarf with such speed, yet also grace. He is not at all rough with you, as it appears the one who has left those familiar grey marks on your neck has been. You reach up to try and hide the signs of attack with your hands instead but Itachi stops you, taking your hands in his own to hold them supportively. You find yourself wanting to let go of him less this time around.

“You may have been intending to leave, but you’ve been wearing that scarf all day.” He informs you of what had added to his aroused suspicions. “This is not something you need to hide _______. If there is anything I want to talk with you about while we are stuck here, for however long, it is who has caused this harm to you.” Itachi squeezes your hands gently once he has said all of this, in his own way showing that he is here for you and also in hopes of encouraging you to speak up about what he is asking. He does release you though when your back starts to slide down the metal behind you, until you are seated on the floor wide-eyed, suddenly not having the strength to stand anymore. Itachi joins you there soon after, so as not to be standing above you as he waits for you to talk.

“It’s always been this way.” You start eventually, hugging your knees to your chest now for comfort as you do so. “My parents… they treated me this way too. I was so happy when I first met him.” You smile fondly at the memory, staring down at your wedding ring. “I thought I’d found my escape from that life but…” Your smile turns to sorrow as tears sting your eyes. You hide your face in your arms to stop Itachi from seeing them fall. “He started doing exactly the same.” Despite how muffled your words are now, Itachi listens to them attentively. He hears them. “I can’t leave him though.” You admit. “I don’t know how I’d ever deal with any other sort of relationship and I don’t want to be alone… This is all I know.” You struggle on through the sobs that cause your body to shake.

“That’s not the way it have to be.” Itachi speaks softly this time as he places a hand on your shoulder. It’s so different from the way you have ever heard him speak to anyone that it coaxes you into looking up at the man. When you do you see that he is smiling subtly, yet the expression holds such warmth. “No matter how others may try to break people, there’s the possibility for them to recover.” He tells you. “Even if you wouldn’t know how to cope with another sort of relationship at first, I would like to be the one to help you do this.” You don’t even register what you’re doing as you and Itachi slowly start to lean into each other.

Still you’re immediately alert when a shadow appears in the elevator doorway you hadn’t even noticed opening. The sudden appearance of your husband stops you just short of kissing Itachi. You jump to your feet instead and quickly try to hide the tell-tale marks on your neck with your coat. Itachi also rises to his feet and hands back the scarf he had taken from you earlier, but he doesn’t look happy about this.

“I came to see why you were so late coming home _______... I worry about you.” The newcomer does sound genuinely concerned for your safety as he enters the elevator  but the way he is only eying Itachi suspiciously, not looking at you at all, betrays his true reasons for being here. “You could have called.” He adds.

“Sorry!” You apologize, getting between the men. Your husband narrows his eyes at you slightly. “I will call next time.” You add more meekly. “Let’s go home.” You lean against the man, hoping that he’ll agree to this. Thankfully he does, but as he leads you away you risk glancing back at Itachi remorsefully. Maybe he’s disappointed in you for what you’re doing now after all that he has said, but you have your reasons…

There’s deathly silence on the drive home and as you and your husband reach the place. You try to go straight to your bedroom, tired after the long day but also wanting to avoid what you know is imminent. The man gripping your shoulder tightly from behind prevents any movements forward however. He turns you around to face him instead. “Who was that?” He asks.

“… Who was who?” You ask, feigning confusion after swallowing the lump in your throat.
“You know who I’m talking about.” He declares, pushing you away from him roughly. “That man back in the elevator.” He presses, advancing towards you as you back away. “What was going on between you two?”

“There was nothing going on.” You tell him as defensively as you can given the current situation you’re in. He glares at you.

“I know you’re lying about that!” He raises his fist and you cower away, covering your face and preparing yourself for the worst.

“_______.” The worst never comes though, and when you slowly open your eyes in answer to this different yet familiar voice, you can see why. Behind your husband stands Itachi in a desperate struggle to hold the man back from you. You stare at the scene in disbelief until Itachi speaks to you again through the other man’s attempts to lash out at him.

“_______, phone the police.” He tells you calmly, despite all of that. Coming to your senses, you nod and quickly grab the phone to do just as the Uchiha has instructed.

You can’t relax as you wait in Itachi’s car as he had told you to once the police had been called. The vehicle isn’t parked far from where you live and the worry over which of the men you left back in that struggle will be the one to find you here won’t stop buzzing around your mind as your eyes dart all around the streets outside.

You gasp in terror before you even see who it is as someone else enters the car. Once you see that it’s Itachi that has joined you inside and he sits back in the driver’s seat, panting to catch his breath, you hug him tightly. When the man’s body stiffens and he groans at the contact you release your grip however.

“Are you okay?” You ask, looking at him with concern instead, hating the idea that he’s been hurt because of you. It takes Itachi a minute but he does sit up straighter and starts to breath normally again.

“I am fine.” He assures you though you really can’t be convinced by his words after what you’ve just seen. Still, Itachi smiles your way with the news he has to give you next. “And he is gone ______. You, we if you would like, do not have to worry about him anymore.” You almost hug the man again when you hear those words but manage to stop yourself, remembering what happened the last time. Your eyes well up with tears again, but they are happy ones this time as you smile blissfully.

“… Why did you choose to be alone with him after he saw us together?” Itachi asks more seriously once he has allowed you to enjoy your happiness. “You must have known what would happen.” You curl up in your seat in the same way you had in the elevator before giving him your answer, knowing how silly it’s going to sound to the man now.

“I wanted to protect you.”You admit what your main concern has been throughout all of this to Itachi. “It is-was okay for him to do those things to me, but anyone else…” You shake your head at the thought, not even wanting to finish that sentence.

“_______. I’m not the one that needed protecting.” Itachi tells you with the same seriousness, but there’s something more behind his words this time. “You were, in this situation at least.” He kisses you, revealing that something more to be added affection for you in the way that it is delivered. “And what that man did to you is never okay.”
Okay, I'll start by putting up my most recent story. It's another Itachi one but it's... happier I guess? I just can't see the guy having an overly happy story about him, sorry :/ Well, I hope this helps at least.

Itachi is copyrighted to Masashi Kishimoto

I've also put this story up on Quotev under the name Lilaaku, just so there's no misunderstandings.
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You had always known about Arthur’s fetish.


Being a close friend of his, it made sense that you knew a lot about him. You knew all about him from his magic to his gentlemanly actions, but one thing he had never told anyone – and I do mean anyone – was his fetish; especially to you.


It wasn’t exactly a big deal now that you looked over it, and it wasn’t even anything to be embarrassed about but you supposed that it would be for Arthur, since he always tried to seem regal and posh. To be quite truthful, you had a small theory that he was into that from his country’s past, but could never get enough evidence to prove it until…well, today.


It was rather amusing on how he overreacted to your newfound information and even more so when his face turned a shade of red, similar to the crosses on his flag. If anything, this interest of his was the best thing ever to you, since you also liked it.


Arthur had a fetish.


And that was rock and roll.




“For the last time (Your name), I do not want to go to a silly ‘rock’ concert to watch as men scream into a microphone whilst the crowd sweats on me. I have much better, cleaner, things to be doing that’ll benefit me more.” Arthur snorted hastily; as he skimmed through one of his favourite books which was leather-bound and so old that the name and etching on it had completely worn out. “You can go but I shall not be joining you.”

Letting out an over exasperated groan, you flopped onto the cushioned seat next to him, as he remained more focus on his book than to the conversation. “Oh come on Arthur, you can’t actually be this boring. You’re Britain! The country of rock and roll! Sure you may not have invented it but you gave birth to some of the biggest rock bands in the world! Don’t make me label them to you.”

Arthur let out a rather lengthy breath as he rubbed his temples. “(Your name), don’t make me repeat myself-“

“May I just remind you that you created The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, The Who, Queen, Pink Floyd, Sex Pistols, The Clash, Radiohead, The Kinks, Black Sabbath and don’t even get me started on Oasis and others of the such.” You interrupted hastily, looking at the Englishman dead on with the pride of rock ‘n’ roll on your side. “You can’t just decline a rock and roll concert when you gave birth to beauties like that!”

“Look, even if I did say yes – which I’m not doing – I’m too old to do that sort of thing anyway. I’d rather not head bang like I used to.” Arthur grumbled but once he saw the smirk on your dazzling features, he realized he had made a mistake.

“You used to head bang? As in shaking your head like a ghost has possessed you?” You inquired smugly, enjoying the sunken but embarrassed look that flashed onto Arthur’s face. “Oh now I just have to take you to this concert. I’d pretty much be betraying God if I didn’t.”

Knowing very well that this was going to be an extensive and difficult conversation, Arthur closed his book and put it on his coffee table as he made himself comfortable. “That’s not the point and I’m still not going. No matter what you say, those days are behind me.”

“But Iggy-brows! At least come to one more with me! I promise I’ll stop teasing you if you do. You can’t just give up on rock and roll like that! Don’t be such a grumpy sod Arthur.” You whined; your arms crossed against your chest.


The blonde frowned in response. “One thing, do not call me ‘Iggy-brows’. Second, I’m not being a grumpy sod; I’m being a mature adult. I don’t have time for your silly concerts so go and ask someone else like Alfred, he’d be interested.”

You stared at Arthur for a good minute and you were pretty sure it had bothered him enough for him to finally shut up.

“Don’t be utterly ridiculous Arthur. Alfred’s too into hip hop now that there’s no chance of saving him.” You let out a sigh. “Poor lad. And also, just because you’re an adult doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun. This isn’t about responsibility, this is just about you being a lazy arse.”


“Your manners are still as impeccable as ever I see.” Arthur derided, looking almost ashamed for you. “You just really can’t get that I don’t want to go, can you? I. Don’t. Want. To. Go. End of story.”

“I wouldn’t care so much if it wasn’t for the fact that I know that the only reason you’re rejecting this offer is because you’re trying to keep this ‘gentleman’ nature of yours.” You observed specifically, smiling in a way that basically said ‘I got you’. “Look at me in the eye and tell me why you don’t want to go – the true reason – and then I’ll just leave you alone.”

The taller male clicked his tongue irritably but eventually submitted to your request and turned his gaze upon yours. He stared hard but you could tell – as strong as he was – that he was having a hard time with keeping eye contact.


“I don’t want to go because…” Arthur trailed off for a small moment but then grimaced deeply and continued. “I don’t want to go. I’ve had quite enough of almost a century full of the damn thing and I want a break from it. Besides, the music you’ll hear won’t nearly be as good as what was around back in the nineteen-fifties.”

“True, but they do have awesome rock bands like Therapy? and Arctic Monkeys. That’s got to account for something.” Reasoning as well as you could, you sent Arthur a stupid grin. “Especially when the tickets were so dirt cheap.”

For a second, you almost thought that Arthur had been tempted by your glorious negotiation skills, but as soon as the thought crossed your mind, it disappeared along with the intrigued spark in your companion’s emerald orbs.


“No. I don’t want to go, that’s final.” The stuck-up gent firmly stated, his stance uptight and his frown over-reactive. From his stance to his declination of a hobby that you knew he adored, Arthur almost reminded you of one of those ‘old people’ that tried to fight back against rock and roll in all of those silly songs.


Well if it’s a fight he once, then it’s a fight he’ll get.

Letting out an over-the-top drawl, like a wolf howling pitifully to a moon that was not there, you sunk further into the comfortable sofa beneath you, allowing the supple piece of furniture hold you close and lovingly, compared to the interaction you were currently having with a certain tempered Brit. “Gosh, you act as if you’ve never heard or experienced ‘fun’ in all your life! Let loose for a change, you big dolt, it’ll help you, I promise. Can’t you at least make a tiny exception for your birthday?”

“Can’t you? It’s my special day and all you’ve been doing is nagging me to do something I don’t want to do!” Arthur retorted, grumpily taking his cup and saucer of tea to try and ease his irritated mind. A remedy, if you will.


“I’m only nagging you because I know you’re just dodging this awesome opportunity because you worried it’ll ruin your reputation!” You countered and noticed the look of being absolutely stupefied take over his features, once again. “You’re worried that if you go to a concert, your weird rep for being a ‘gentleman’ will be over. You need to calm down Arthur. Everyone knows about your little ‘Fetish’ so it shouldn’t be such a big deal! No one’s going to judge you for it, I promise!”

Arthur opened his mouth for a moment, almost ready to spit out every word he ever knew. Instead, he closed it again and almost contemplated on what to do or say next; as if he said one thing wrong, he’d end up confessing for all his sins. Eventually he got his voice back from a ‘cough’ into his hand, pretending to have never had heard you. “That’s not the reason, or at least from what you’re suggesting. I just stopped because I didn’t like it anymore, that’s all.”

“…That’s got to be the most depressing sentence that I have ever heard. Bored of rock and roll? Why don’t you just be bored of life and love? It’s practically the same thing!” You exclaimed jokingly, amusing yourself over the little annoyed noises that you’d get from Arthur when you didn’t take an argument seriously enough.

Rubbing his temples as a form of an unreassuringly short therapy, Arthur opened his mouth so widely and so proudly that you mistook Arthur for some sort of stubborn and weird devil.


“Look, why don’t we just completely forget that all of this ever happened and we just relax with some cup of tea and a intricate book? That’s all I’ve wanted to do in the first place after all.” Arthur suggested snappily, his gaze turning to anything, with the exception of you.

For a moment and from the vexed expression on your face, Arthur was worried that you were going to explode into a firework at the ‘stupid’ offer. Instead, you surprised him by begrudging your way to one his many old and wooden bookcases, finding a specific cover of a book, and then sitting back down with him on the plumb fitment, reluctantly reading the printed work in your hands.


The blonde Englishman stared at you for a while, as if expecting you to crumble under his gaze and show out your true and secret intentions. Instead, you didn’t and just peacefully looked through your volume with almost calmness.

Eventually realizing that you were just playing a silly trick on him and was actually devouring the beauty of an author’s tongue, Arthur eventually calmed down his mind and body and went back to reading his spell book. However he couldn’t stop glancing at you, as if he didn’t truly trust you.

The room fell victim to the abusive silence of the world, getting slashed across its back with the sound of tranquility. Things were fine; calm even, but Arthur couldn’t knock away the small regret in his head for plainly rejecting your offer.


Eventually – though there had been a lengthy argument throughout his brain – Arthur threw away his silly pride and lowered his novel to his lap. However, just as he was about to turn around and apologize for his ‘ungentlemanly’ nature, you unknowingly interrupted him, making a noticeable pout flash across Arthur’s features without you knowing.

“Hey, how do you say this?” You asked curiously, pointing to a complicated text that was written in something like another foreign language. Though you couldn’t recognize it as anything at all, you hoped that maybe if you asked Arthur about it, he may know.

“Oh, it’s one of my spell books. It says heptula don slepateris.” Arthur explained simply, slowing down his pronunciation for the made-up words. “Why are you looking through this anyway? I thought you said you weren’t interested in magic.”

“I said I wasn’t interested in learning about magic but a girl can read about it, can’t she?” You teased playfully, smiling joyfully in the process.


Now, it may have just been your over-the-top imagination but you were almost certain that Arthur had blushed when you smiled at him but either way; you weren’t going to question him about it and neither was Arthur.


No one spoke much after that, and for a moment Arthur didn’t expect any words at all but instead, he was interrupted by you once more with a question similar to the one before.

“Hey Arthur, I know this sounds strange but could you just look at me while I pronounce whatever you said? I think I’ll be able to easily understand it better if I do.” You asked gently in an innocent but kind way so that Arthur just couldn’t say no.

Though he was slightly puzzled by the request, the Englishman nodded his head and placed his book down. “Well alright, but I hardly think it’s going to help.”

He made himself comfortable so when you were to look at him, you’d see him eye to eye, face to face, body to body…actually, scratch that last one.


Grinning childishly, you carefully read the words on the book, following every instruction that had been written down before you slowly started to utter, “Hep…tula don slep…”

For a while, Arthur just sat there waiting patiently for the long pronunciation to finally complete its task; but then with the slap of his rational thinking mind, Arthur realized what your true intentions were and started to panic like a headless chicken.

“Wait, wait, what do you think you’re-“

-Ateris!” You interrupted noisily, sending Arthur a dastardly smirk when your lip’s task for words had finally seized. Watching as the charming gentleman’s eyes widened in realization, you couldn’t help but giggle in amusement as he sent you a glare that could probably have shaken even the sturdiest of countries.


He declared groggily, “Oh you little-“



It would seem that Humpty Dumpty just had a great fall.

Twinkling menacingly at the passed out nation, you quickly checked your pocket for your tickets – which were still as good as you had left them – and proceeded to pick up Arthur who had undecidedly collapse onto his living room floor.


Eh, he’ll be fine.’ You thought as you started to drag him to the door, wishing that his house wasn’t so big and complicatedly intertwined now. ‘Bloody hell. Who designed this house anyway? It’s like a battlefield to the door!’


Eventually though, you lifted your head up far enough to see the entrance door in your sights. With a newfound hope and strength, you carefully picked up your ally and ran towards the destination with a flare to your steps.

“To the concert we go!” You shouted enthusiastically, dashing across the house and outside, not even bothering to lock the door behind you. You couldn’t even be bothered to move out the way of the sidewalk and instead just pushed people who did not hear your plea.

Though as you strapped your attractive best friend to the passenger seat of your nearby car, the thoughts that had before been in the back of your head started to appear.

You know, he’s never going to forgive you for this.

You did contemplate this for a long time, but after a bit you just grinned and shook your head.

It’ll be worth it.



The first thing Arthur noted was how loud it was.


He couldn’t quite see anything yet since his eyes felt too heavy to even lift a feather, but he could feel the loud thumps of a beat resound in his ribcage like an overactive prisoner trapped inside his body. It boomed and played a tone of such instrumental pleasure that Arthur could faintly remember where he had heard it before.


Though, when he realized at last, his eyes shot open and he glanced around the scenery surrounding him.


He was on a deck, if that’s what they’re called. It was inside and the peers around him either stood on single decks like him, at the front floor of the stage nearby or just straight at the back. From what Arthur could tell, whatever everyone was waiting for had not arrived in time yet, and that people were still sorting out the equipment and settings.


The area was entirely dark. Only with the blaring lights of the stage would you be able to navigate yourself. Many people were just conversing and waiting for someone to appear; like a cat waiting for its treat.


It took Arthur a few minutes of utter torment for him to realize where he truly was.


He was at a club – a concert set-up – and he was about to listen to some rock and roll.


He frowned, “What the bloody hell-“

“I see you’re awake at last.” A familiar, almost tempting, accent resounded, causing Arthur to snap his eyesight away from the scenery and towards a certain feisty (brunette/blonde/ext). “I was wondering when you would. You have no idea how many weird stares I got when I was carrying you.”


“Where the bloody Mary are we?” Arthur questioned snappily, trying his best to make out the curves and features of your body through the dark scenario. “Why am I here? You bet your sodding life that you have a lot of explaining to do!”

Holding back an amused giggle, you shook your head simply and just expressed the concert stage. “Where do you think we are, silly? We’re at the rock concert I was telling you about! Why are you here, you ask? Well, you’ll soon find out.”

“Did you kidnap me, took all this time and effort to go through security, just so you could bring me to a stupid concert? One that I didn’t even want to go to for that matter?” Arthur asked exasperatedly, his stubborn frown etched onto his face like an artist portraying his sculpture. “Do you not understand the concept of ‘no’?

“Oh I do. I do, but there’s a bigger reason as to why I brought you here but you just wouldn’t listen to anything that I said so I went sort of with the last resort. Sorry about that.” You apologized with the silliest of grins. “And yes, I did go through all those little courses to bring you here. You’re welcome.”

“Why would I thank you for-“ He was about to continue but he then scowled more and sighed, rolling his wrists as he sat on the comfortable plush chair in his stand (which was something highly unusual for a concert). “Actually, never mind. There’s no point in reasoning with you. Could you at least tell me what was such a gigantic reason for you to bring me here?”

You shook your head. “Sorry but I cannot. That would ruin the surprise.”

“I think you’ve given me plenty of surprises as it is!” Arthur retorted, “I don’t think ruining one of them is going to affect me anymore!”

No matter how much Arthur tried to reason with the (Nationality) woman, you would just neglect his pleas and give off another excuse as to why you couldn’t tell him.


It was starting to bug the British lad so much that he was very close to actually dropping his gentlemanly act just to get some answers. It had been a tough day for him so far and all these shenanigans and secrets were not having a positive effect on him.

However, before he could continue petitioning for you to submit everything to him, the lights on the stage started to bright up like fireworks on a crystal clear night and Arthur knew that whoever was coming on stage, was going to completely shut him up of any conversations with his ‘friend’.


Well that’s just great.


Despite the moody Brit’s behaviour, it didn’t affect you one little bit. You simply ignored any displeasures of the evening and let your eyes fill with dazzling excitement; simply waiting and anticipating for when some of the best rock bands of all time would be coming on stage to perform their hearts out. You did hope that Arthur remembered to head bang because there was going to be a lot of that.


Without truly thinking about it, you clenched Arthur’s shirtsleeve and started tugging it like a child who saw something they wanted from a toy store’s window. “Oh my bananas, oh my bananas, oh my bananas; it’s starting Arthur! It’s starting!”

Though Arthur was still a bit peeved with everything that had occurred to him, he couldn’t hold back the very small, amused smile on his face from entering his handsome features. “Yes it is…”

He then blushed at his moment of weakness. “N-not that I care or anything! I just said that to shut you up!”

You rolled your eyes and sent a teasing smirk his way. “Of course you were. Now would you please just relax and rock out?”

Arthur opened his mouth to neglect such a silly idea, but a rock band had now appeared in presence, which in turn obliterated all conversations from all the screams of sensational thrills that resounded in return. It had been bad enough that you and him had to shout through all the commotion so it was completely out the subject to even have a small discussion together now.


He frowned deeply.

For some odd reason, all these appearances were occurring VERY conveniently…


As the band – known as ‘Therapy?’ – announced themselves to the already knowing crowd, they joked around about silly past stories. The main singer was messing about the most, but all of them seemed to be having a good time.


Making himself comfortable, Arthur leaned his chin onto his hand and watched with mild interest as to what was going to happen.


After they got over the trivial parley, they declared that their first song would be ‘Stop It You’re Killing Me’ before they burst into the instrumental, letting the loudest of beats take over the rhythm of people’s hearts. 


As it thumped into his ear like a never-ending drum and as it fired passionate sounds of the synchronization of a person’s heartbeat, showcasing the rebellious side with everyone, Arthur couldn’t help himself as he listened to the overpowering pounds of the night brisk him away in the shadowed and humid room. It was strange how a simple strike of music could completely whisk you away, no matter what conditions you were in.


He glanced at you and watched as your head bopped up and down from the addicting music. He had never seen such a shine sparkle in you before and just from the stupid grin that was on your face made Arthur wonder how many times he had been able to make you beam like that.


Not many, he presumed.


A burning sensation ran through him, like the rush of adrenaline he felt when the band started playing, that made him almost want to grab you right now and make you smile like that, without the need of any help.




He didn’t do it, of course. The thought was just simply there.


Actually, now that Arthur thought more into things, you weren’t as bad as Arthur had declared in his mind. To be truthful though, Arthur never really hated’ you…it was more an emotion that he just couldn’t fully comprehend so he organized it into another feeling. It wasn’t hate though, it was far from it; really the only reason that was even thought about with you was because Arthur just hated the fact that he couldn’t fully comprehend what was going through his mind and soul at times. Something ridiculous was as far as he had adducted.


Leaning against the bar of the balcony he was on, he gently rested the palm of his hand on his clear-cut features. He took in the feminine way you moved your body, like a wind-up, pretty doll but one that could bring some authority too. The way your hair flowed messily as you shook your head like you were possessed was a sight to see. The way your eyes seemed to sparkle out, as if the poorly lit scenery finally made room for the colours of your hues to show was something special. The way that even though you were just wearing a simple, baggy, rock and roll outfit, it made you look as stunning as any Disney princess he had ever seen. The way that you smiled, even though people would have called it funny looking, Arthur considered it something absolutely breathtaking.


Just the way you were…well, you.


D-don’t get the wrong idea though! You were still unbearably annoying and you would always push him to do things he didn’t want to do and don’t even get him started on the issues of you ‘never visiting Fortnum and Mason’, despite the fact that it was a frivolous thing.


You were so absolutely, positively, completely, ultimately, accurately, definitely: the worst person ever.

…Okay, maybe not the worst person ever.


…All right, you’re better than worst.


...Fine, you’re perfect now just shut up and don’t rub it in!


Feeling the burning glare from a person you could pretty much guess was coming from, you turned your head to Arthur who – from simply being lost in his own world – was frowning at you like a disease. Dismissing the thought, you grinned brightly at him and shouted as loud as you could, “Enjoying the show?”

Despite the fact that your (Nationality) accent had spoken with a thundering blast, Arthur was only barely able to make out the hums of your vocals. However when he fixed everything into their puzzle, he shook his head and scoffed, continuing his stubborn act. “Of course not!”

Really only finding his attitude amusing more than irritable, you let out an angelic laugh (which was by far inappropriate when Knives was playing) and looked away again, staring back at the heated crowd. “You will be soon!”

I highly doubt it.’ The blunt former pirate thought to himself. ‘Though I am curious as to what she means by ‘soon’… Oh Gods, she hasn’t gotten anything planned has she-‘


There was no more time for thinking as all the crowd burst into pumped up cheers and raves, listening and watching as the last chord to Knives was played, flowing the song perfectly to the end. As everyone started chanting for more of the same song, or others such as Screamager, We Kill People and Insecurity, the bandleader Andy Cairns coughed into the microphone, shushing the rowdy fans.


“Hey, hey, you’ve all been an awesome audience but we have a song we need to play for a special someone.” He declared to the microphone with an amused smirk on his face, “I know, I know. Not something you hear every day but here we have it. We’ll be playing an…alternative to the Happy Birthday song for a mister Arthur Kirkland, wherever the fuck you are!”


Soon, a bright, unbearable spotlight was shined into the lime-green eyes of sir Kirkland, and it definitely made him look a loon for squinting so much. Everyone cheered for him – as well as you – and partied harder for the man himself.


Watching everyone become crazy just from the silly fact, Andy smirked more before he pointed to Arthur and shouted, “This goes to you my English brother; though you are a wanker for not being Irish. Hit it!”

So just like that, the band chorused into a longer version of the Happy Birthday song but mixed it in with their rock metal music to create such an epic mix-up that it would have scared the trousers off of any old person (despite the fact that Andy was pretty old himself).


Watching as the flock went ballistic, headbanging like no tomorrow and dancing like drunken frogs, Arthur was honestly speechless with what the hell had just happened. He probably wouldn’t have said anything at all until you twinkled at him.

“Do you see now why I asked you to come?” You blaringly questioned, embarrassing Arthur to beyond with your devilish smirk. “God, you’re such an isolated male that you just had to make it harder than it needed to be!”


“Well it’s not like you made it bloody easy for me!” Arthur complained over the music, “How the hell was I suppose to respond to you chanting at me to go to something I wasn’t interested in?”

“Positively, that’s how.” You joked, your head bopping a little from your joyous giggles. If the song wasn’t being so deafening, then Arthur probably would have been able to hear you. “Now shut up and enjoy your treat! It took me ages to sort it all out and I’m not having you chatting the whole way through!”

Arthur opened his mouth, fully ready to speak spite of what you said, but then just shut his mouth and stayed quiet. The last he needed was you complaining the whole way back home…however you got him here.


Deciding to take your advice for a change and to be entertained by what was happening, Arthur got up from his lavish chair and rested his arms upon the banister of the exclusive porch and let the screams of the instruments burrow their way in his ear, indulging his mind with the drumming of his birthday present.


Even though every part of his body told Arthur that ‘no, you should not be enjoying this’, Arthur couldn’t help himself but to hum to the beat; even if it was just a classic turned to metal. His foot wasn’t exactly tapping but more…sneaking its way across the floor as his head didn’t nod, but more leaned forward as tiny as the groupies of bacteria.


You wouldn’t have noticed anything, unless you knew him well enough.


Not even bothering to hide away the smirk that had plastered itself onto your expression, you watched as your blonde occultist let himself flow with the rhythm and finally allow himself a moment of relaxation. Or as much relaxation you could have when a metal band like Therapy? was on stage.


No one would even have noted the changes of Arthur’s language and body movements except you, the girl who made sure he didn’t just stay at home, reading a boring book. It may not have been anything to celebrate and it may have meant very little but the (Nationality) (hair colour)-haired beauty couldn’t help but feel a ping of accomplishment rush through you. Especially when considering all the effort you went through just to convince Andy Cairns and the rest of his crew just to play the flipping melody.


At last though, you were able to achieve it and just from the more relaxed Arthur did you finally decide that it was totally worth it.


You glanced once more at Arthur’s perfect features and watched as the slowest but purest of smiles started to twitch his lips upward.



Arthur had a fetish.


And that was you.

I've always been a big fan of the idea of a 'Punk rocker' England, so I decided to use that to my advantage for this fanfiction; as well as the fact that I have been to an actual concert before!

Come on, we all know he's a little Handbanger~ :iconheplz: XD

So this story is to celebrate England's birthday! Despite the fact that it's so late and I'm sorry! ;A;

Sadly there shall be no translation but a warning instead since there's a bit of swearing. Otherwise, nothing major.

Thank you for reading this story and I hope you like it!

(Disclaimer: I don't own the picture, you, Arthur or the picture).

I leave you with England being a punk! :iconpunkenglandplz:
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         How ironical. It has been raining the whole week — and today, when the only thing that you needed to calm yourself was some drops of water soaking this awfully fancy dress, the sky denied to let the rain fall. You felt suffocated by all those ribbons and layers of expensive fabric.

         But don’t be fooled; it wasn’t always like that. Oh, surely not! You usually loved all your clothes and accessories, and spend hours in a beautiful boutique used to be a great hobby of yours. Though, today, it didn’t matter how much dresses you had proved.

         And why, would you ask?

         Because your marriage was marked to happen next week. And tomorrow, by the morning, you would have to pack up your things and meet your groom.

         You knew that you would have to marry someone. You always did. However, now, it wasn’t just a knowledge that you carried since childhood. Now, it was your reality. As thoughts filled your mind, you tried to concentrate yourself in better things.

         Like this old yet exquisite fountain where you were sat, or the natural scent present next to the trees. They were, certainly, great. You would miss this garden.

         For a moment, you got concerned about your parents. It was nothing but the mid of the night, and all your siblings used to tell you that a young lady shouldn’t go to the city at this time — especially alone. But it didn’t matter. It was your moment. With your eyes closed, you sighed in a silent peace.

         “May I sit next to you, my lady?”

         Suddenly, you heard someone — a male, with a pleasantly smooth voice. Your gaze quickly went to his face, though the moonlight was the only illumination that allowed you to see him. Indeed, he was handsome. That surely wasn’t a proper thought for a fiancée, but you simply couldn’t get your eyes out of the young man.

         “Feel free to do it,” you smiled, resting your gloved hands on your own lap. In a few seconds the blond man took some steps in the fountain’s direction, sitting at a respectable distance from you.

         For a while, both of you stayed quiet. “This kind of night is surely unusual here, isn’t it?” he was the first to try to start a conversation.

         “Indeed,” a chuckle could escape from your lips as you remembered that the bad time was your reason to come here, though your goals were ruined by the unexpectedly nice climate. “But I have to say that I miss the rain.”

         “A typical English lady, are not you?”

         “I cannot deny, sir.”

         From that sentence, light-hearted giggles became present.

         “Well, would you let me know what such a young lady is doing here?” his emerald eyes focused on you as your gaze kept centered on the fountain’s mossy stone. What a hard question. Perhaps, should you tell him the truth?

         No, of course you shouldn’t! Even being clearly kind and good-looking, the man was still a stranger. You didn’t even know his name!

         Though, it seemed like a good occasion to introduce yourself.

         “It is (Name), sir. (Name) (Last Name),” for a second, realization crossed his face. You wondered the reason for a while, but quickly dropped it as he gingerly caught your wrist, sliding his fingers until they were next to yours, leaving the back of your hand free to receive a soft touch of the man’s lips.

         “I am Arthur Kirkland, my lady. It is a pleasure.”

         “I say the same.”

         As Arthur recoiled a few inches, for the sake of decency, you couldn’t help but smile once again, sympathizing with him. But he wouldn’t let his previous question be ignored — after being aware of who you are, he just got more and more curious. Happily, even before he could ask and look too insistent, you resolved to tell him a short version of the truth.

         “This place helps me to relax,” you sighed, playing with the water on the fountain beside you with a finger. “I happens that I have someone to meet tomorrow.”

         “Perhaps this meeting is making you nervous?”

         “It surely is.”

         Arthur chuckled. “Tomorrow is also going to be a great day for me,” he told, this time gazing at the full moon. “I will meet my fiancée.”

         Your eyes widened. Could it be a coincidence?

         Something inside of you said that it wasn’t that kind of coincidence, at least. It was a better one. As a little idea started to grow along with hopeful thoughts, Arthur kept talking.

         “Actually, I am here to calm myself too. Because I have heard that she is quite a unique woman, so my heart would not let me sleep. It is beating too loudly.”

         Assuming that your deduction was right, you felt flattered. But you couldn’t be sure yet — no, not yet.

         “Sir Kirkland?” you called him, a little hesitant. He mumbled something, showing that he heard you. “Would you mind… telling me her name?”

         The night breeze seemed to be colder as eager filled your heart and soul. Please, please. Things would be so much easier this way. You only had to hear a word, a single word, to define the rest of your life. A single word that would attest if your soon-to-be husband was already in front of you.

         He got up from stone fountain, checking his pocket watch for a while.

         “It seems to be late, my dear. May I accompany you home?” you furrowed your brows. That wasn’t the reply you wanted. Yet, you accepted. It wasn’t a long walk at all, though the two of you spent the whole time in silence. When you reached the dwelling’s gate, you decided to try once again. Even if your hopes were a little more damaged this time, you felt like you had to.

         “Sir, about your fiancée…” you had no chance to finish, because a door suddenly opened beside you. Oh, no.

         “Miss (Name), what are you doing outside? Come here! Now!” it was the housekeeper — and she didn’t seem to be happy.

         Your gaze wandered between her and Arthur, in confusion. You had to hurry, and you knew it. But the young man was simply smiling.

         “I see you tomorrow, yes, dear?”


         “I said that I had to meet my fiancée, did not I?”

         When you went to home, joy was trapped inside of you. The housekeeper kept talking about how dangerous it was to go somewhere during the night, but you didn’t hear.

         An hour ago, you thought your life was going to get each time worse with this arranged marriage.

         But, this time, the destiny smiled to you.
1:00 am and I suddenly think "Wow, I'm fucking useless. I've gotta write something," so that's what I did. And now I'm mostly irritated 'cause I couldn't find a better image or think in a better title Rubi DAFUQ? icon 

WELL, indeed, this is supposed to be a submission to the HetaliaXreaderChan contest. And again, INDEED, I had to read some Pride and Prejudice to be able to write victorian-like conversations. Now I have to recharge watching Grey's Anatomy, my new bae. And it's 6:00 am, oh god. Who needs to sleep at all? It's vacation.

And guess who wanna cry? I lost half of a Italy bros x reader in my broken computer. IT WAS ALREADY 2500 WORDS, WELL DAMMIT. At least I have Italy's new song to hear until my ears start to bleed.


Picture belongs to: I honestly don't know. If you do, please tell me.
Story belongs to: me.
England belongs to: Hidekaz Himaruya.
You belong to: your groom  Demoman's Crazy Eyebrows (TF2 Chat Icon) 

/I'm still gonna revise this a couple times
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A/N: Please note that this is your only trigger warning. Much mention of death, and mention of an accident. If you are sensitive to these themes, then please take caution and read at your own risk.

      “Grief is like the ocean; it comes on waves ebbing and flowing. Sometimes the water is calm,
and sometimes it is overwhelming. All we can do is learn to swim.”
-Vicki Harrison 


    “I’m sorry, Mr. Kirkland. It was too late, and we couldn’t save her.” The doctor’s tired voice echoed in the room. Arthur’s breath hitched as tears blurred his vision. The beeping of the heart monitor increased and mixes with the noise of the nurse telling him to calm down, but Arthur couldn’t hear them.

    Things were not supposed to end like this. Her life wasn’t supposed to end so suddenly. The two of them had just returned from their honeymoon; there wasn’t supposed to be an accident. They weren’t supposed to get injured, and [Y/N] wasn’t supposed to die. Arthur found himself thinking back to the last moments he had saw [Y/N] living.


    [Y/N]’s smile overshadowed the dull grey skies of London. Their weeklong vacation in sunny Seychelles had drawn to a close, and both Arthur and [Y/N] were sporting evidence of your time in the sun. Though he had a blast on the shores of the small country, he was very glad to be home.

    Alistair Kirkland was waiting for the couple when they exited the airport. The red-haired Kirkland was kind enough to pick them up and drive them to their new home, though he did complain about it as soon as he saw them exit baggage claim. In fact his greeting was along the lines of, “You two better be thankful, cause I had to take time off of work for this,” in his thick Scottish accent. [Y/N] laughed and assured him that they were in fact very grateful for his services, though Arthur had wanted to jab at his brother’s choice of profession. Running a pub, despite its popularity, is not a proper occupation in Arthur opinion.

    Somehow Alistair had tricked Arthur into carrying all the luggage to the car, spewing some line about “how good husbands do it all the time”. The entire way to the car, Alistair had emerald orbs glaring daggers into his back as he walked and talked with his sister-in-law. There were murmured curses thrown to the elder Kirkland man as the trio climbed into the vehicle.

    Before long, they were on their way to Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Kirkland’s residence. [Y/N] and Alistair were conversing happily (Arthur was shocked that his wife shared a few embarrassing stories about himself, but not as shocked to hear some from his brother). The rain started, and already Arthur found himself missing the time spent alone with his wife, knowing life would rarely give them that opportunity again. Family, friends, and work would take up the time that he wished could be just theirs.

    “Oi, Arthur. Did you hear your wife?” Alistair’s snapped words brought Arthur out of his thoughts. “N-no,” he admitted. “Sorry, love. What were you saying?” [Y/N] rolled her [color] eyes. “I was asking what you’d like me to cook tonight.”

    A sudden, thunderous, crunching noise could be heard. Arthur’s head was slammed against the window and he could feel the car being flipped. Black filled his vision, screams filled his ears, until he knew nothing but silence.


    Sorrow filled Arthur as he realized he would never see her again. His choked sobs filled the small, sterilized hospital room, and those present who were capable of moving left him to mourn. Never had Arthur felt pain like this, having his other half ripped away from him this early in their lives. It wasn’t fair.

    Arthur cried for what felt like hours; he cried until his throat was burning, his chest hurt, and his head ached. He cried until he couldn’t stand to let more tears fall. “Done crying are you,” asked a hoarse voice to his left.

    Snapping his head toward the noise, Arthur glared at Alistair. Once his emerald eyes landed on that mop of ginger hair, his sorrow was temporarily replaced by rage. Rage toward his brother for letting this happen. “I wouldn’t of had to if you hadn’t gotten us into a wreak!” Arthur shouted hoarsely, his voice sounding raw from the crying he had done. His words caused Alistair to twitch, and regret filled the elder brother’s eyes, but he would not stand down. “You’re trying to blame me? That arse driver who caused the entire fucking wreak is the one to blame.” This caused a heated argument to break out. If they weren’t so hell bent on screaming at each other, then perhaps they would have noticed the change in temperature. Maybe Arthur would have seen the spirit of his beloved [Y/N] standing to the side trying her best to calm the hurting men in front of her.


       Days had passed since Arthur had first awoke to that God awful news. He was released from the hospital with demands that he got as much rest as possible. “Fat chance of that,” Arthur scoffed as soon as he waved his mother away from his home. He now stood in his empty home alone filled with a sense of regret and longing. Tears pricked his eyes, though he stubbornly refused to let them fall. He swallowed past the growing lump in his throat and looked around before speaking aloud. “Welcome home, [Y/N]. I miss you terribly, as do all of our friends.” He started to recount of all the condolences he had received as if [Y/N] could hear them, but something seemed off. The home was strangely quiet, he noted; there was not tingling of fairy conversation, nor was there an obnoxiously loud mint colored bunny flying to greet him. It was strange.

      Moments after he thought this a loud thump came from the other room. The bedroom Arthur thought vaguely before going to investigate. He crept, not so silently, toward the room. Slowly he pushed open the wooden door. There were no blacked clothed burglars trifling through his and [Y/N]’s things, no. The room was empty, and everything was in its rightful place. Everything except a large book that had ‘fallen’ off the bookshelf.

      With a sigh Arthur walked across the room, bent down, and picked up the book with the intent of placing it back in its rightful spot. The title of the book caught his attention before he could put it down. Beyond the Grave. Arthur stared at the little book before laughing and setting it into its place on the bookshelf. “It’s funny, isn’t it [Y/N]. I almost want to use my magic and call you. That would break our promise though.” These whispered words were accompanied by a dry chuckle. He turned to leave before another thump sounded. Swiveling on his heel, Arthur rolled his emerald eyes. “Very funny, Mint Bunny. Now could you please stop this nonsense? I need to get to prepare for work in the morning.”

      A shout of “that wasn’t me,” came from the kitchen. “It wasn’t the fairies either. And you don’t have work in the morning because you are on orders from your doctor to stay home,” a nagging voice whispered into his ear. The Brit knew it didn’t belong to his winged companion, but was just as familiar. “[Y-] [Y/N]?” He choked out. When he turned, he could feel a presence, but he could see nothing. It was in that moment that he realized that it if she gave him consent, he could practice magic once again.

“The boundaries which divide life from death are at best shadowy and vague. 
Who shall say were the one ends, and where the other begins?”
- Edgar Allan Poe
First story, and of course it is terribly sad. I couldn't think of anything else though!

This idea started as a contest entry for TheComicGal. The point of this contest was to write a reader insert pairing the reader with England and having at least one of them be something supernatural. When I first looked up creatures I had the idea of a fairy or a demon, but then I came across the legend (is it a legend or rumors?) of the White Lady from Filipino culture.
This got me to the point where I wanted to write reader as a ghost who died in a car accident shortly after returning from her honeymoon. At first I was going to make this story longer, with reader doing ghostly shenanigans to visitors of Arthur's home, but I decided to go with a shorter, more bittersweet version (just like my username).

I chose Seychelles as their honeymoon location because in past years I had to make a brochure on a French speaking country, and in doing so I found that Seychelles is a popular destination for newly weds. For a while I had dreamed of making that my honeymoon destination.

I would like to know what everyone thinks of it, so if you could comment your thoughts I'd be grateful for the feedback. 

For the most part this story is unedited. I used spell/grammar check in Word, but I didn't read for coherency. I don't have a beta reader just yet, but I would like one for future stories. I am sorry for any errors within this story.

I don’t own Hetalia or any characters mentioned.
I don’t own you.
I don’t own any locations stated.
Everything belongs to their respective owners.

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Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE Stamp.
Mahou shōnen =)

Free use. If you use favorite please.

Template by Mirz123
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Another character from the Dragon story.. She's an evil sorceress, except she isn't actually very evil and her spells nearly always have the exact opposite effect she wants. 
The original drawing was by my friend (who created the character as well), I just colored it and edited it a bit.
I'm liking the smudge tool. Smigel smugle.
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Seras Victoria - Hellsing (c) Kouta Hirano

Sharpie/Micron ink.

Critiques are welcome!
Thanks for faving and commenting.

-Kendrala :la:
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“Happy birthday Izaya! You need to throw parties like this more often! I could party all day, all night and more!” Erika giggles and slings an arm around your shoulder, her cheeks pink from consumption of too much alcohol.

“Erika I think you’ve had too much to drink. I’m not Izaya if you can’t tell.” You nervously chuckle as the black haired girl stares at your face through squinted eyes.

“Whoops my bad! You’re too pretty to be Izaya after all [name]. I better go find him and wish him the happy birthday! And grab some more champagne because whatever brand Izaya buys is fantastic!” Erika gulps down the rest of the alcohol in her glass and skips off into the crowd.

You sigh and sip from your glass slowly, observing the mass of people gathered on the dance floor. Today is Izaya’s birthday party and since he’s turning 21 again, he decides to throw a huge celebration in one of Ikebukuro’s best night clubs. Everyone in the city got an invitation and no one would want to miss a party thrown by one of the most powerful men in Ikebukuro who also happens to be your boyfriend of five years.

You are wearing a simple black pleated skirt with a long sleeved off the shoulder pink top with a heart on the front. Black and white thigh highs and black converse complete your party outfit since the occasion does not call for formal wear. “I wish Izaya had chosen something nice for a birthday party like a ball room instead of a night club. The music in here is giving me a headache and I can barely think right now,” you mutter to yourself as you go sit down at a small table in the back.

“Don’t like the crowd as well? Mind if I sit with you?” You look up and see Shizuo in a black button up shirt with the sleeves rolled up and dark wash jeans standing in front of you. You nod and smile to the bartender who takes a seat across from you.

“I didn’t expect to see you here Shizuo, I mean this is Izaya’s party. What are you doing here?” You take another sip of champagne from your glass as Shizuo sighs and drums his fingers on the desk.

“Believe me this is the last place I want to be right now. But Celty asked me to take Shinra home after the party since she decided she didn’t want to attend. Too many people around for her liking. So I’m stuck here at the dumb flea’s party until that idiot Shinra has enough to drink.  Sorry, I should censor myself around you since that Izaya bastard is your boyfriend.” You giggle and cross your legs, finishing off your glass and setting it down on the table.

“No worries Shizuo, I know how much of a bastard Izaya can be. You get to know stuff like this when you’ve been his girlfriend for five years. Speaking of my boyfriend though, do you have any idea where he is?” Shizuo scoffs and shrugs his shoulders, a bored expression on his face.

“Sorry can’t help you there. No idea where he is and I don’t really care to know. Maybe he’s in the crowd getting wasted or something. Good luck trying to get through there.” He lazily points to the massive crowd dancing and hollering in the center of the room, their bodies pressed closely together moving to the sound of the loud music.

You sigh and stand up, adjusting your skirt before rubbing the back of my head. “Wish me luck that I don’t die.” You take a deep breath and start weaving your way through the crowd, grimacing when anyone touches your body with any part of their body. Finally you make your way into the center of the crowd where you see Izaya leaning dangerously close to a young woman with a very low cut white shirt.

You grit your teeth in anger and march over to Izaya, tapping his shoulder roughly. “Umm excuse me Izaya? Can I have a word with you?” Izaya turns around and grins at your irritated face, slinging an arm around your neck.

“[Name] here you are! I was just talking to this lady about how beautiful and gorgeous you are.” The woman gasps slightly before pouting and walking away in a huff. Izaya chuckles and sips from his beer can, a faint pink dusting his cheeks. You push Izaya’s arm off you and punch him in the chest.

“Even though it’s your birthday that does not give you the right to flirt with slutty women! Sheesh Izaya do you have any decency at all?” Izaya chuckles and pinches your cheek playfully, wrapping an arm around your waist and pressing you close to his body.

“Is someone a little jealous? I was just talking is all, there was not flirting involved. I have better taste than a woman who wants to show and give everything away to someone she’s just met. Besides,” Izaya grips your chin gently and stares into your eyes intensely. “You’re the only woman for me [name].”

You blush and swat his hand away, feeling your cheeks grow hot. “Izaya I can smell the alcohol on your breath, how many drinks have you had today?” Izaya looks at the beer can in his hand before shrugging his shoulders and downing the rest of the liquid.

“No idea but it’s my birthday, I should be allowed to let loose a little.” He chuckles and hiccups a few times before chuckling some more. You groan and grab Izaya’s arm, dragging him through the crowd.

“Izaya you’re drunk aren’t you? We are going to sit down in a quiet place until you cool down.” You push past a few people and lead the informant down a hallway and into a small room with a couch and a table. You set Izaya down on the couch and throw his beer can away, rubbing your temple.

“[Name] you’re no fun you know? I want to go back to my party,” Izaya whines out as he squirms and slouches on the couch. You frown and unbutton a few buttons on Izaya’s black dress shirt to cool off his body. Izaya smirks and grabs your wrist, pulling you down onto him.

You yelp as you fall onto Izaya, your legs on either side of his hips and your hands above his head. Izaya laughs and traces your chin with his pointer finger before capturing your lips, forcing his tongue into your mouth. You moan softly as he moves his hands to grip your behind and give a gentle squeeze. You sit down on his legs and wrap your arms around his neck, tugging on his bottom lip.

Izaya growls and squeezes your behind harder before sucking on your tongue, the taste of beer heavy on his lips. You push your tongue into his mouth and slide the muscle over his teeth, tangling your fingers in his raven locks. You feel Izaya move his hands from your behind and trail upward, cupping your breasts and making you jump.

You break off the kiss and look into Izaya’s sepia eyes beginning to darken from lust. “Izaya we can wait until we get home, I don’t want to do this or anything while you’re intoxicated. Let’s just wait a little bit longer before you go back to your party.” Izaya frowns and pushes you onto your back, knocking the wind out of your lungs. He straddles your hips and hovers over your body, brushing a few locks of hair away from your face.

“I can’t believe how easy it is to fool you my dear. I haven’t been drunk at all, I’ve been quite clear minded this whole time. It’s just simple to slur words together and sway a little in walking to pretend you’re intoxicated.” You chuckle and shrug your shoulders as best as you can.

“Alright, alright you got me Izaya. Very funny, I’m an idiot okay? Now let me up.” You try to sit up before Izaya pushes you down again, grabbing the hem of your shirt and lifting it up to expose your [favorite color] bra.

“You’re not leaving so easily [name], it’s my birthday remember? And for my birthday I want to have a little fun with my girlfriend alone.” Izaya pushes down your bra and lowers his head onto your chest to latch onto a nipple. You gasp and close your eyes tightly, biting your lip at how rough Izaya is sucking on your chest.

“Ah ah Izaya! You can be gentler you know?” Izaya releases the swollen bud and smirks before giving it an apologetic kiss. He switches to sucking on the other breast while snaking a free hand down your stomach and reaching under your skirt.

He starts rubbing your clothed womanhood with one finger and you start to feel your cheeks warm, moaning a little from his touches. Izaya pulls away from your chest and presses his lips firmly onto your pink ones, prying your mouth apart with his tongue to slip inside. He continues to rub as he kisses you, trailing kisses from your mouth down to your neck.

He takes some skin between his teeth and gently sucks on it before biting harshly. You yelp at the pain and run your nails up and down the couch, making the fabric squeak under your hands. Izaya pulls away from your neck after making a bright hickey and gives it a few gentle kisses, slowing down his movements on your lower regions.

You whimper quietly and look at Izaya with big eyes, pleading for him to speed up his movements again. He chuckles and kisses your lips as he moves your panties to the side and runs his finger over the opening of your womanhood. You moan into his mouth and wrap your arms tightly around his neck, deepening the kiss. He slowly inserts a finger inside of you and begins thrusting in and out.

You moan louder and run your nails down Izaya’s back, your hips bucking up from the couch a few times. Izaya keeps his finger inside and wiggles the digit around before inserting a second finger gently.

You squirm slightly from the discomfort and feel the cool metal of his ring enter you. You grip the front of his shirt tightly and claw a few buttons off, revealing his pale, toned chest. “Someone is a little eager aren’t we? You weren’t getting into it until now,” Izaya purrs out as he breaks the kiss and moves to your ear. He licks the shell of the ear before biting and sucking on the lobe, his fingers thrusting in and out faster.

You try to snap back at Izaya but your mind is cloudy and hazy, your hearing becoming muted as well. You strain to hear the informant speak but all your attention has gone to what Izaya is doing to your womanhood.

“Hey [name] you in here? I was wondering if you found Izaya and someone told me they saw you walk into-,” You gasp in surprise when you hear a voice and stare at the doorway of the room where you see Shizuo standing with his mouth wide open at the two of you. Izaya looks up at Shizuo as well with a surprised face before glancing back at you.

“Shizu-chan can you give us some privacy? I’m spending some of my birthday with my girlfriend alone and I don’t like being interrupted. Also, can you make sure nobody else wanders back here?” You blush in embarrassment and bury your face into Izaya’s neck, wishing a bolt of lightning would strike you right now.

Shizuo opens and closes his mouth a few times, taking in the sight of you half naked and Izaya with his hands under your skirt. He nods slowly and walks out of the room, his eyes wide with shock. Izaya rolls his eyes and chuckles at your blushing face. “Now where were we?"
HAPPY BIRTHDAY IZAYA! :party: Here's to the sexiest informant in Ikebukuro! :iconsexyizayaplz: :iconnyuuplz: I wanted to write something a little steamy for such a sexy guy because you all know how much I love writing for him :iconpervyizayaplz: Sorry for teasing you and not actually getting to the good stuff :iconlaughingplz: I'm mean and Izaya can't always get what he wants for his birthday :iconplanningplz: I'll actually write some Izaya lemon soon for all my pervy birdies and also I've been in a mood to write them :icondignitylaughplz: Anyway enjoy and wish Izaya a good birthday ;)
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*Normal POV  
Location: South of (Country Name), In the village of (Village name)*

A young blonde haired man trudged through the thick snow. His baby brown eyes took in his surroundings. There wasn’t much to take in. He shouted “Sherlock! Mycroft! Is anyone home?!”
There was no reply. It was silent except for his echo. The snow crunched beneath his army boots and he tugged his thin jacket across his sculpted tan body. He had been walking for a few days now, just looking for a sign of life.
Two bombs had been accidently dropped on to the quiet village. It was a perfect location for (name)’s brothers to have hid. The village was protected by an endless stretch of pine trees and was tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the capital.
But, he knew Sherlock was very much used to city life. He might have struggled with country life as he was born and raised in the city as were his siblings.


All too familiar thoughts of betrayal rushed through Wade’s mind. This wasn’t the first time he had been betrayed and it most likely won’t be his last. His sister, selfish and spoilt, was his ally for a short time.
A very short time. She betrayed him to the enemy, who was at the time (country name), so she could have his land. Turned out (country name) wasn’t bothered in even fighting him. She just wanted an alliance.
After that, Wade killed his sister out of pure rage. He can still remember the images, thoughts and emotions rushing through his head at the time. No one had made Wade that angry before but she did.
Now, he has to save (Country name) by finding her siblings. But, he’s not even sure if they are still alive anymore. If the bombs didn’t get them, the cold would have. Speaking of the cold, it was getting dark. The familiar colours of sunset had already brushed themselves across the sky. Pink, red, orange and yellow hues began to appear in his line of vision.

*Back where Reader-Chan and Nate are/ Normal POV*

Nate was in the prison’s kitchen. Why? Antonio took him there for breakfast. Why? because he can. Anyway, Nate was sitting peacefully at the breakfast bar indulging himself with Nestle cereal. Antonio was happily munching on some toast whilst leaning against the counter.
However, all peace was disrupted when a furious Germany rocket launched himself into the kitchen. The problems began when he noticed Nate out of his prison cell. “SPAIN! VHY IS HE OUT OF HIS CELL!”
The sudden noise made Nate spill his cereal onto the floor.
Spain looked towards the albino’s innocent face which had burst into tears. Poor Nate wasn’t used to being shouted at. In fact, he has never been shouted at. What did he do wrong? He only wanted breakfast.
“Calm down, mi amigo, look your making him cry. It’s only breakfast.”
A loud, blazing alarm resonated throughout the whole building which made Nate cry even worse. He’s never lived in such a loud place before. Previously, he lived on the outskirts of the city on a massive farm and everything was so quiet. No one shouted at each other, it was more or less an unspoken rule to not shout.
Well, turns out it’s not an unspoken rule to shout here. And Nate didn’t like it, not one bit.
“VERDAMMIT, A PRISONER’S LOOSE!” Germany legged it back out the kitchen again but not before saying “PUT HIM BACK!”
And just after he left, you came running into the kitchen. (eye colour) orbs took in the scene around her, cereal on the floor and a crying Nate. But, just as you entered the kitchen Nate had already started to perk up “(name)! I missed you!”
“Aww, I missed you to Nate.” He immediately wrapped his little arms tightly around your leg as you hugged him as well.
A blush spread around Antonio’s cheeks. “Wow she’s pretty. And nice…so this is the woman he was mentioning. What a woman she is!” Antonio thought.
“Err, excuse me, Chica, my name is S-Spain butyoucancallmeAntonio!”
“Then you must call me (name). But, I’m also the personification of (country name).”
“I call him Miyster Tomato man! Did you see Miyster Scwarf man? Oh wait, he told me not to call him that…”
“Yeah, Wussia! Do you think he’s nice? Because I do! Anyway, (name), this is my best friend Miyster Tomato man!”
You giggled, even as the guards were coming to take you back to your cell.
“Well, at least I know he’s safe from harm.” You thought as you were being dragged away. “Not to mention the Spaniard’s also adorable…”

*Somewhere in (Country name), Underground Headquarters of the (country name) Empire*

Sebastian stared at the telegram in his hands. The demon could not comprehend what he was hearing. It read:
“Nate and (name) captured by Nicholas. Find safe places immediately. Bring all juvenile countries with you.

He gulped. If (name) could be taken, then that meant anyone could also be taken. Sebastian turned around and made his way back into the living room where everyone was either playing or eating lunch.
Sebastian stood in the doorway, not knowing what to say. Well, he knew what to say. But not how to say it. Sebastian cleared his throat, everyone turned their eyes towards him in anticipation.
“Nate and (name) have been captured. We have to find other members of our empire before Nicholas does.”
A blonde haired individual narrowed his eyes. He wasn’t exactly fond of this Sebastian. He didn’t even mention saving (name) or Nate! Sebastian could go and find the rest, they need (name)! Without her they would be nothing.
The red head could sense the blonde’s anger. But it also appeared that the little navy haired child also was quite angry himself.
“Sebby! Why don’t we just find cupcake n’ bring her back! Bring squirt back as well!”
“Listen that’s what it said on the telegram, Cei-“
“No one gives a shit, Sebastian. Without (name) we are literally nothing. Who’s been helping us for the past two centuries? (name). Who’s protected us from harm? (name). The least we could do is to try and help her and Nate.”
“Mello, I’ve had enough of you, Matt and everyone else already. How long have we been here? Two days. Why can’t you lot go and find another bunker?”
This time Alois spoke up from his hiding place “Huh, maybe it’s because there isn’t another bunker, genius. I wouldn’t have stayed here if I’d known you were coming. I’m only staying here because of Ceil. After all, he is my friend.”
Sebastian was seething. But, he was interrupted “Alright, all of you stop being fuckheads an’ listen. (name) needs us. So does Nate. We can go in three groups. One group searches for Nate and (name), Group two stays here to protect Ceil and Alois, Group three goes to find the others. Who’s up for that?”
Everyone’s attention was drawn to BB standing on top of an over turned wooden box with L, Watari, William, Grell and Claude by his side.
“Finally someone has come up with a good idea.” Matt sighed in relief.
“Is Sparky staying with us?” Ceil asked.
“Do you wanna, Matt?” Mello said looking in Matt’s direction.
“Nah, William and Grell can do it. I’ll go with you.”
Part three is up! Yes! So, yeah more characters are introduced. Blame their potty mouths.
Yes, Ceil's nickname for you is cupcake. Matt's is sparky.
Alois is the oldest of the three kids, Nate's the youngest.
Part 1:[link]
Part 2:[link]
Part 4:[link]
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You wiped some sweat off of your forehead, smiling widely. “There we go! All spit-and-shine!” The entire kitchen was back to the spotless white it was previous to the… Incident. You spun around, seeing that your lovely man was still propped onto the chair. As you passed him you gave him a kiss on the cheek. “Mwah~.” You went off to the back of your apartment, throwing your bloody apron into the washing machine as well as some previous dirty clothes.

You turned the machine on and allowed it to begin roaring, prancing off to the kitchen once more to accompany a certain someone.

You spun Alfred’s seat around and sat onto his lap. Stroking his face and lowering your eyes dreamily. “Sweet, sweet Alfred…” You moved your hands down his neck to his chest, gently rubbing his new bandages. You kissed him on the forehead, before jumping off of him and went to grab a vacuum.

As you returned, you noticed that Alfred’s once blonde hair had begun to darken. Frowning upon this, you also noticed that his pale skin ad begun to darken to a tan. Your smile vanished, instantly dropping the vacuum; you rushed over to his chair, pulling him to face you. Everything about Alfred began to darken; his eyes were even going into a different color spectrum.

You quickly begin to shove the chair towards the door. “NOPENOPENOPE!!!” you open the door and place him outside of the hallway, looking to the stairs. A moment of hesitation slurs before you hear a light groan. You dump that motherfucker over the stairs, and instantly closing the door to your house.

You breathe heavily, pushing your hair out of your face. Out of curiosity though, you press your ear against the door, hearing a series of groans as well as curses. As well as some… footsteps up… the… stairs. “…shit.” You whisper to yourself, rushing over to the couch, you make an attempt to calm yourself.

You look at the door, expectantly. It wasn’t long until someone had kicked the door open, ripping half of it from the hinges. A hunched figure walks through what is left of the door, yawning and stretching. “Mmmmhgh…” He stood up properly, revealing his entire posture. You looked at him during this, not saying much.

Alfred snapped his head towards you; glaring lightly. You let out a somewhat nervous chuckle. “Heheh…. Hello Sweetie.” You wiggled your fingers in a hello to him. Alfred smirked, walking towards you, until finally looming over you. You sunk back into your seat as he leaned into you. “Thanks for waking me up, doll.” There was some blood leaking from his mouth, as well as his wound in his back had opened back up. You looked at him, smiling lightly. “Wasn’t a big deal, you know, kind of had to before you-know-who would go and tattle.”

Alfred smirked more, putting a hand onto your chin. “But you did push me down the stairs…” You smile nervously. “Oh, Ha… You saw that?” You began to tense up lightly. “You fucking bet I –felt- that, you bitch.” He moved his hand quickly into your hair, tugging at it. You yelped in pain.

“Now than, as punishment, you’re going to do everything I say without no fucking hesitation.” He yanked his hand out of your hair, and walked over to the center of the couch, plopping down. You got up after a moment, rubbing your head as you looked at him. “…What do I have to do?” He smirked widely.
Alright guys.. Hope that you are enjoying my cliff-hangers!
Remember, if you find any errors.. Please tell me!

Author © ~Glubs-a-glubs
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 You grimaced. For the last month, the two of you had been in an on and off relationship. Alistair and you barely met due to his busy work schedules with his oh so obvious female admirers fawning over him every five seconds. And when the two of you did meet, it never seemed to be on an emotional level. It was just sex. Sex. Sex. Sex. Not that you really complained.

But the point still stood that the two of you had be dating for months now— if you could even consider it dating. It was more of an unspoken contract on your part. Although you couldn’t exactly say you were happy with this agreement.

Your red head Scotsman never seemed to reject the flirtations of customers but rather welcomed them with open smiles. Constantly you told yourself that you had outgrown your awkward teenage jealousy phases but could anyone really blame you? He was a gorgeous hot guy and you were... you. It wasn’t that you had low self esteem. No. No. You knew you weren’t... hideous. But whenever you looked in a mirror, you never expected to be the fairest of them all.

You absolutely hated your arrangement and so did the others who you vented out of anger to.

“You know, love,” started the bushy browed man in his prestigious English accent. “this isn’t exactly the sort of conversations most share with their Ex.” He closed his eyes and gently blew on his steaming cup of Earl Tea before taking a sip from the delightful china.

“Well I’m sorry I missed the memo,” you shot back with a glint of annoyance in your (e/c) eyes. “Besides finding you in bed with Francis wasn’t my ideal way of finding out you came out of the closet while we were still together.”

Arthur nearly spewed out tea as he coughed trying to regain his composure. His beet red face and wide open eyes wasn’t in his favor. “I thought we discussed keeping the past in the past,” he quietly hissed. You rolled your eyes staring out the cafe window, gently kicking your heels back in the chair. “Why don’t you just approach him and tell him what’s been on your mind? I know Alistar can be a bit of a... prick but I do believe he’ll listen if it’s you. You always did have a way of persuading others to go in your favor. To this day I don’t know how you convinced me to trim my brows.”

You shrugged your shoulders. “They grew back. And besides it wasn’t that bad!” you whined.

“It was horrific.” He placed his cup onto a holder and glanced back at you.

“Was not! In fact I had rather fancied you with-” The sudden urge to gag overcame you as you covered your mouth with an open hand and leaned off the edge of the table.

“Good god. Are you alright _____?” the concerned Brit asked with worry in his green orbs. You weren’t sure of when he left his seat and found the time to place his arm around your back, gently patting it for support.

“Yeah. I’m fine.” You waved off your hand. “As I was saying, you looked way better when you looked like-” You gagged again, worse than last time as the scone you just eaten threatened to travel back upward as an encore.

“Has this been happening often?” he asked trying to meet your eyes. His fingers fiddled with his tie, a sign you learned meant that he was nervous. You often saw it when the Englishman awaited for your response to his attempts of breakfast. He took your vow of silence as a yes. “How long has this been going on?”

Thinking back, it had started about four weeks after one your encounters did you begin feeling tired and nauseous. And you remembered how relieved you were the first time when you didn’t get pregnant. It was a good thing you were regular. In fact your next one should be coming up... a week ago. This was impossible. You were late. And you were never late. Within a heartbeat you shouted out the only possible cause of your misery, “ALISTAR!”

No. No. No! This couldn’t be happening. You were just exaggerating right? After all, you were on the best birth control money could buy! You bought them normally right after you ran out and before the expiration date. You even had Alistar run out and get you a refill at the drugstore!

A part of you was glad you were sitting down because you had lost all feeling in your knees.

“_____?” Arthur asked. “Why did you call out my brother’s name while we were talking about your illness.” There was a brief moment of silence of which you assumed Arthur took to piece things together. “Dear lord...” he said, his face stricken.

How were you going to tell him? How was he going to take the news? What if he didn’t take it well? What if he wanted you to get rid of her/him?

You felt your skin get paler than ever as these never ending questions ran back and forth.

“_______? ______...? _______!”

You looked up to find the Brit’s familiar eyes looking at you. “Look, you don’t know for sure if you’re pregnant. You should go on... And take a test.” His face was blushing. After all, this wasn’t an easy subject for either of you.

“B-but what do I tell Alistar?” you manage to squeak out in a tone that could nearly match a mouse.

“You don’t need to tell him anything,” Arthur replied in a hushed tone. “Look it’s your body and you can decide to do whatever it is you want to with it. But you don’t need to tell him until you’re sure.”

The words took their toll as you began to process them in your head. That’s right. There was no reason to be nervous. After all, it could be a false alarm right?

“Thanks Arthur...” you said softly.

“You’re welcome. Just don’t panic. And do me a favor?”


He grinned mischievously. “If it’s a boy, would you mind naming it after me?”


With a pair of black sunglasses perched up your nose, you walked over to the counter with the small box in hand. A light red undertone was apparent on your cheeks. This was embarrassing. What if someone saw you? What if Alistar saw you? On second thought maybe you shouldn’t had chosen a drug store so close to the apartment...

“That’s like $20.95, dude.”

You didn’t pay mind to the oddly familiar sounding cashier as you drew out your wallet and handed him your credit card.

“Thanks for your business, miss _____... _______!” shouted the voice.

Quickly, you pressed a finger to your lips, shushing the young man in a hero t-shirt. “Alfred! Do you mind?” you hissed, looking around the shop. The few wandering eyes that had been on you, left as you glanced over. A sigh of relief escaped you.

“So like what’s with the test? You got a bun in the oven?” he asked, ringing up the item.

There was no escaping this one. “I don’t know, Al...” Your voice slowly faded into a soft whisper.

“No way! I’m going to be an uncle!” he said excitedly, nearly jumping up and down for joy. A part of you wished that Alistar would react the same way.

“I don’t know that for sure!” you hissed once more. “That’s why I bought the test.” You pushed the glasses back up to your eyes and rewrapped the scarf around your neck.

“But come on! I’d be the coolest uncle ever! I’d teach him or her to be a hero! No- A sidekick!” He got into his hero stance, holding out your credit card and bag. Hesitantly you reached out and grabbed the two, hurrying to shove the card back into your wallet and slip out before this big goof gave everything away.

“Er, Al, I have to go now. You know me, busy, busy, busy.” You quickly pushed out the front door and dashed down the block to your apartment complex. As you arrived at your door, you heaved another sigh of relief. (It became a habit ever since you moved in with a heavy chain smoker.)

You placed your keys into the lock the same manner as you usually did. Your fingers fumbled as you struggled to remove them. Opening the door, you cautiously peeked your head inside to ensure Alistar was out at another one of those world meetings.

Nothing but sunshine illuminating the furniture. You grabbed your keys and opened the door all the way and stepped onto the carpeted floor you had installed after your last few bruises from some ahem vigorous activity on the wood.

You turned around to close the door behind when suddenly a pair of large arms decorated with red hairs caged you in. A large gulp came from you as you nervously fiddled with the lock.

“Hen, wha’ do yer thinkin’ ye doin’ wit’ tha’ bag of yers?” he asked with a gruff voice. The way his arms were around you made it nearly impossible to turn around. And honestly you were a bit afraid to at the moment.

“N-nothing, Alistar. Just woman things.” So it wasn’t a complete lie.

Alistair glanced over at the silhouette through the white paper bag. “Es tha’ condoms Ah see?”

Your face flushed red. “No. Not at all!”

“Ah thooght ye waur oan th’ pill.” His brow arched at your suspicious behavior.

“I am! Remember, I had you go out and buy them for me?” you said defensively, now clutching the bag to your chest as if your dear life depended on it.

“Aw, alrecht,” he said finally giving in. That was easy... You slumped your shoulders, now feeling less tense. Rather too easy...

By the time you notice his plans, it’s already too late. The bag is snatched out of your hands and held out of your reach. You desperately reach upward at the bag dangling above you only to watch it float gently to the ground as Alistair holds the dreaded box in his hands.

“Alistar! Give it back!” you shout frantically. Your arms flail left and right as you try and grasp it before he can finishing reading.

“A pregnancy test?  Ye arenae late ‘re ya?”

You don’t say a word but your eyes focus downwards at your shoes as if they were the most interesting objects in the world.

“How long hae ye known thes?” You couldn’t tell if his voice composed of anger or disappointment. Either way, you couldn’t look him in the eye.

“...A few days...” you muttered under your breath. Softly you sighed before going on, “I didn’t want to alarm you until I knew and...” you trailed off unsure of what to say next. Your feet began to fidget left and right.

You prepared yourself for a scolding and disappointed look. But to your surprise you were picked up by the collar of your coat and tossed into the bathroom along with your purchase. The door was shut behind you for privacy as you sat there on the ground wondering what just happened.

“Hoo lang will thes tes’ tak’?” he muttered through the door. His eyes were fixated on the peeling white paint. He had been meaning to get that redone...

You quickly stood up and dusted yourself off. Hastily, you grabbed the box and read the back. “T-twenty minutes.”

Those twenty minutes crept up like bugs as the little chicken timer went off. You fiddled with the small stick within your hand, shaking it a few times as if it would rid you of your worries. Finally, you braced yourself and took a peek at your result.

“Hen...” Alistair was about to knock on the door when he was abruptly cut off. Slowly, it creaked open revealing you as cute as a button and as red as Scotsman's hair.

You weren’t sure of how to say this. Your nerves were all unhinged as puffs of breath caught in your throat. “Well?” he a bit more impatiently than he intended. He was just as nervous as you were and it showed in his orbs like a field of green during an earthquake.

“I-It’s positive.” You closed your eyes, preparing yourself for whatever horrible fate would be cast upon your life.

A pair of strong warm arms wrapped around you causing you to flinch as you were pulled deep into your child’s future father’s chest. His face was buried into your shoulder as he murmured the words, “Ah cannae believe it.”

“Huh?” was all you managed to squeeze out from his tight clutch.

“Ah am gonnae be a dad.” He pried you away for a brief moment and stared into your eyes with the most loving and softest look you’ve ever seen. “An' you, the won'erful wife a' my child” Your (e/c) orbs widened at the sound of his voice. He was... happy?

“But Alistair! This is a huge responsibility and I don’t think we can handle this!” you replied panicked. You gone through health class in middle school; you knew the drill. Nine months of growing big, food poisoning, mood swings, cramps and plenty of other painful thoughts.

“Don' worry lass, Ah'll be here fer ya.” He cradled your small hands in his calloused ones. “Yee’ll be a great maw. Ah just know it.” The way his eyes sparkled made it impossible for you to think otherwise. It was if the whole world stopped to tell you everything would be alright.

“I hope so...” Your eyes looked down at your joined hands for comfort. But Alistair only brought yours up to his lips and gave them a gentle kiss.

“Ah know so.”

After careful consideration the two of you decided to tell the others one at a time. Arthur and Alfred already knew, (which caused quite a few jealousy problems with Alistair who wanted to be the first to know) so they were taken care of. Next, you stopped by the Kirkland family home where Dylan and Seamus lived together. They congratulated the two of you full heartedly and teased their older brother as many times as they could fit in. You couldn’t help but giggle each time your loving Scotsman’s face was dyed to blend in with his hair.

Your parents who were currently on a cruise, were excited by your news on the phone call. Your mother started rambling on about possible baby names and cribs. And your father gave a whole-hearted threat to Alistair stating 15 possible causes of death if he ever broke your heart- and those were just by scones! (Somewhere at that very moment, Arthur got chills.)

Since your families had already heard the news, it seems all that were left were the rest of your friends. Starting with Yao.

“Congradulations you two!” Your Asian friend shouted throwing streamers into the air (two of which landed in Alistar’s hair). “This must be very exciting! Sticky bun?” As he gestured towards the plate on the table, his long green sleeves nearly dipped into the tea cups.

“No thank you,” you replied politely. “I just hope everything turns out alright... with the little one and all...” Placing a hand on your belly, you looked down with a slight tint on your cheeks.

“So how you two find out?” he asked eagerly. His brown eyes never left you two on the opposing coach. However his hand reached out to place a bun inside his mouth. You assumed Yao learned this habit from Alfred.

Alistair looked at you for approval, of which you nodded, before answering the question. "Well, ____ wan't feelin' well and got an opinion from one a' me brothers-"

“Ai ya!” shouted the Asian. “You no go talk to doctor?”

You intercepted, “Not yet but-”

“No excuse! You go now. I have a very good doctor who will help you with this.” With a flick of the sleeve, a card flew out from Yao’s right arm and he held it out towards you. Hesitantly, you extended your arm but it was quickly taken away from your grasp and pushed back in the opposite direction.

“Look, I don’t think we need this,” Alistar began calmly. “She took the test-”

“Test can lie. Very bad luck if you no see doctor about this,” Yao insisted, pushing the card back towards the two of you. “Now go see him, now. I will make appointment.”

And with that, after your long flight to visit your childhood friend Yao, you were shooed out in an instant. “And don’t come back until you are positive!”

You and Alistair exchanged looks. “So what do you say?”

"Migh' as well try. God knows he's nae gonny let et go untel we know for sure."

Maple tree bookshelves. Brown wallpaper. Artificial plants. A degree certifying the good doctor in gynecology. And a small stuffed polar bear perched up on one of the client chairs. You were laying back reclined in a brown chair as Alistair stood beside you holding your hand.

You had arrived about an hour ago after a second plane ride. During the trip, you imagined all the possible combinations of phenotypes the baby would show. Would he or she have (e/c) eyes like yours? Red hair like his? Certainly you hoped at the very least the child would inherit your eyebrows. Not that his weren’t adorable... But... you know... for the child’s sake.

After you had arrived a nurse came in and had you fill out a survey and take a urine sample. Have you been feeling nauseous? Yes. Have you started throwing up? After the airplane food, yes. When was your last menstruation? A little over a month ago.

In about an eternity’s time, the door opened revealing a smaller stature blonde with violet eyes. He looked strikingly familiar to someone you knew...But you just couldn’t put your finger on who. A small curl bobbed on the side of his head as he clutched a clipboard close to his chest.

“Ms. ______?” he called timidly.

“Yes. That’s me.” You quickly sat up and the blood rushed to your head. “We got a referral from our friend Yao Wang.” Although why he had a male gynecologist doctor’s business card on hand, we’d never know. “It’s nice to meet you, Doctor... Who?” Thinking back, you never really got a glimpse of that business card. And the name didn’t seem to cross your mind at all.

“Haha. Like I never heard that one before,” he said softly to himself behind his clipboard. “It’s Williams. Matthew Williams...”

“Doctor Williams...” you got straight to the point anxious to know how many weeks you were. As soon as you were able to find the gender, you were going straight to clothes shopping and picking out rattles. On the airplane, you saw a magazine with the cutest little dinosaur rattle. And it works for either gender too. After all, what kid doesn’t love dinosaurs? “Do you have any news for us?"

“You may want to sit down for this...” he gestured towards the chair. Both Alistair and you arched a brow, seeing how you were already seated. “Right... Well... After reading what you filled out and running your sample through the machine, we’ve concluded that...” He paused and looked downward at the blue and white checkered tiles. “You’re not pregnant.”

“Whit?” Alistair asked as his head turned to a 90-degree angle so that his gaze would be locked on the Canadian. The doctor flinched from his piercing glance. “But me bonnie has shown all the symptoms! And even missed ‘er last-”

You held your finger up shushing him. This may have been a commonly used word in this office but you were still pretty sensitive about the topic.

“The test came back negative,” Matthew squeaked still shaken up from the Scot’s loud voice. “Have you been under a lot of stress? Any new eating habits? A change in weight perhaps? Did you start any new medications?”

You thought it over inside your head. “Life has been going pretty well lately. I have a (somewhat stable) boyfriend. The job at the cafe is the same as always. I have a healthy salad for lunch. I’ve maintained a healthy weight. And I haven’t been taking any medications... Oh!” A sudden realization hit you. “And I started taking a new form of birth control.”

“Do you have it on you at the moment?” You rifled through your (f/c) purse and handed it over. “Do you normally use this brand?”

“Well, no. I had Alistair run out and grab me my prescription but I guess he got the wrong one.” Why you hadn’t gone back and returned it... You didn’t know. Oh wait. Remembering what you did after he came back, you realized there wasn’t enough time to.

“A lot of times when a woman switches her birth control-” he handed the bottle back into your hands. “her cycle tends to change due to the unfamiliar chemicals within. You’ll get back on your cycle in no time.”

“But whit aboot ‘er sickness?” protested Alistair who had oddly quiet during their visit.

Doctor Williams turned to the counter behind him and flipped through the pages. “I see here it says, Ms. (y/n) has an allergic reaction to zinc. Did you know that the brand you have in your hand has large quantities of zinc?”

You shot a look Alistair's way but it seemed that he didn’t notice. Although you couldn’t see why he didn’t. Your eyes had practically been shooting daggers.

“No,” you replied rather curtly.

“Well,” Matthew cleared his throat. “I’ll leave you two alone then...” The tension in the room increased as the good doctor closed the door behind him leaving just two of you with the sound of a ticking clock.

You were the first to break the silence. “So I’m not pregnant...” The words that left your mouth seemed to hold a bitter aftertaste. A cool feeling ran down your cheek. Tears. Were they your tears? “I know I should be relieved but I can’t help it.” You pressed your sleeves against your eyes wiping away as many as you could. “It’s stupid, right? We just found out that we might have a baby and I’m already too attached.” You hiccuped as more tears streamed down. “I’m such an idiot.”

Alistair pulled you into the warmth fabric of his sweater. Immediately you recognized his gesture. He was trying to comfort you. You cried harder, soaking his sweater. One of his arms was wrapped around your back as the other ran through your hair. Softly he hushed you. “Shhhhh. Shhhhh. Et’s okay, lass. Et jus’ wasn’ mean’ to be.” You hiccuped one again, clutching onto his chest. “Ya know, Ah I was excited about dis too. There will be other chances. We’ll ge’ through dis.”

You sniffled, stiffling your hiccups. “But how?” You were sure that your hair and face was a mess. Thank goodness you decided to go makeup free today. But you knew that your eyes would look all puffy and your face would be bloated. You hated crying; it always left you looking like a mess.

“Wit’ time.” He pried you away from his chest and kissed your eyelids. “An’ wit’ luv.” His lips moved down, kissing away your tears. Alistair held your face in between his hands bent over so that you would be at a slightly elevated level than him.

You choked back a sob as your wrapped your arms around his shoulders. “I really don’t deserve you.”

“Nae. Ah don’ deserve yee.” You pulled away smiling. Normally, he was confident with everything he did. But this time you could see pure sincerity in his eyes which seemed to be focused on you and only you.

“Hey Hen...” He gave you a few moments to acknowledge his words. You started wiping away the remaining snot and tear stains from your face. “Et’s no too late yee know?”

You tilted your head showing clear confusion in your still watery and hazy eyes.

Suddenly you were pinned down by two strong arms on each side of you on the seat. The plastic bottle that was once in your hand fell to the ground and spewed the contents onto the floor. The red head Scotsman managed to crawl onto you and hovered above you with an arrogant look in his eyes you knew far too much. His locks dangled down, caressing your forehead. He asked you a question the two of you both knew the answer to.

“How’d ya like to create a child of yer own?”
This is a continuation for :iconimwiththeunicorn: 's Scotland series.
The first of her series:…

.-. I just had to do this.

I've been super busy this month and will continue to be! So this took me forever to finish and I may have...rushed a bit. So...sorry for any grammar mistakes. I'm also not very good with accents either...

But thank you :iconimwiththeunicorn: for all the help~

I hope you enjoyed.

-Edit :
I may start a sequel to this story if all goes well.

-Edit Edit :
What is with you people? :iconyoulovemeplz: Over a thousand views and a hundred likes? Thank you all so much for reading!

Over three thousand views? :iconmindblownplz: Woah. I'm glad you all enjoy this so much!

8 December 2013: Over 4000 views and 200 favorites. Thank you all <3

But in the meanwhile, if you liked this story I suggest reading another one of my works:… .
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Me and you,
We're the exact oposite.
Like, night and day,
Light and Dark.

The moment he layed his hands on my skin, I got cold chills. His touch...His every touch chills my body. I hate him...I love him. I can't make up my mind. I tilted my head back a little as he kissed my neck. It was rough, but that's how I like it. His kisses burned. It was a nice kind of burn, though. He gave me hickeys and bruises, but I didn't mind.

But yet,
I can't help but love you.
But my love for you,
turns directly into hate.

I arched my back as he kissed down my stomach, slowly taking off my pants. He rubbed my sides as he put his lips to my member, making my back arch a little. Trying not to moan, my eyes started to tear up. I didn't know why, so I let it be. It got to the point I couldn't hold it in anymore. I moaned his name loud. "S-Shizzy-chan!" He bit down a little bit as I yelled that, making him lightly grind his teeth against my member.

We're both men,
How can I love another man?
How is it possible,
I'm not /completly/ repulsed by the thought?

  My mind goes back to whether or not I love this man, or hate him. I can't decide. My hands unconciously grip the bed sheets under both me and him. "Shizzy-chan!" I moan out again, making him bite a little harder then last time. The pleasure of it all, I start to say something I don't think I would ever say. "S-Shizuo...I....I think...I..." But before I could finish, he took the knife out of my jeans...He took my life the same moment he took my heart...

I can't help but not think about you...
But everytime I do,
I want nothing more,
then to see you
UMG RISA WROTE A FANFICTION IN -enter number ammount of months- :I

Mmmm, I was talking to :iconorigamifox: after I wrote a poem. I was like "Dude, does this remind you if Shizzy and Izaya?" And she's like UMG YEAH. So uh, I wrote this. :I The end~!

Shizaya - Durarara!!
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«I lost again! How is that possible?» You hear Kuroo snort behind you, and you don't have to turn arond to know he has a grin on his face.

«If you find it so funny, why don't you play against him?» You pout, but you can see Kenma smile with the corner of your eye, so you can't really be mad at him.

«I find it funny because you know very well he's good. But you always beat me, so you're not that bad.» Well, at least that's true. No matter how many times Kenma beats you, you're still better than Kuroo. Doesn't help after losing six times in a row, though.

«Still, he's my boyfriend, he should let me win a bit!» He starts the game again while you're still complaining, so you turn your full attention to the game, straightening your back. Kenma doesn't leave his position against Kuroo's side.

«Well, I am as well, but that doesn't stop you from bragging when you're in the top three and I'm second to last.» It takes a bit to register, concentrated as you are on the game, staring at Kenma's character in the distance.

«That's because you suck too much to even try letting you win.» At your retort Kenma snorts, taking you by surprise. You turn to look at him for a second, before remembering you're in the middle of the game and worringly turning back to the screen. You can't see his character.

«That's true.» The game is almost done and Kenma's nowhere to be seen on your part of the screen.

«Hey, are you teaming up on me? So mean.» You don't notice the number in the corner, so when the game ends, you're nervous.

And pleasantly surprised to see you're first, with Kenma right behind you.

«...I won.» You stare at the screen for a few seconds, registering your own words. Your boyfriends stare at you, not sure on how to take your reaction.

«...I won! I won! I won, Kenma!» When your eyes light up and a wide smile occupies your face, they can't do anything but smile back.

You reach towards Kenma to kiss him, before turning to the screen again to look at your first place happily.

After that, Kenma decided that losing wasn't that bad - both him and Kuroo agree that the way you light up with excitement is worth it.

You end up winning a lot more than you did before.
I'm still bad at titles, also look at that, polyamory, yay! I hope someone will like it 8'')
I want to try and write more polyamorous ships, because I think they should be normalized more? Like, all my life I didn't even know polyamory existed, I thought that someone in a relationship with two different people was just cheating, but that's not always the case, really. I just started thinking about polyamory when I started shipping the first OT3 I've ever shipped, and I thought "why didn't I think about this sooner?" but I knew the reason. Because no onE TOLD ME WHILE I WAS GROWING UP THAT POLYAMORY WAS A THING.
So yeah, I want to try to write more polyamorous fics, even though I'm not sure whether inspiration for those fics will come at all, like other fics after all 8'') but yeah, look forward to those as well sometime in the future.

© Kozume Kenma, Kuroo Tetsurou and Haikyuu!! belong to Haruichi Furudate
You belong to yourself
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Prompt: Love at first sight.
                Eggs. Where were the goddamn eggs? You’ve been stuck in this supermarket for an unnecessary 15 minutes, trying to find some eggs for tomorrow’s breakfast. You knew that you weren’t the best at locating things, but usually it wouldn’t take this long! The ice cream was probably even melting into a puddle of Neapolitan by now.

                You had recently moved to Tokyo for your new job, and you were lacking some food in your apartment. Feeling motivated, you had raced to the nearest supermarket to gather everything you would need for at least a week. It all went fine until you couldn’t find the stupid eggs you needed.

                Groaning, you scooted into the aisle where the eggs were supposed to be, though for some reason they weren’t there, and lazily scanned the shelves for some cartons for the third time today. Maybe you looked hard enough, you would be able to find some.

                Like a miracle, your eyes spotted a few familiar looking containers. Your heart jumped in hope and you pushed your cart over to where they were. Normally, you would have cursed yourself for being so stupid and blind, but you were just so pleased at the moment! Grinning widely, you reached up to grab the nearest carton, but a pale hand beat you to it.

                Eyebrows furrowed in confusion, your eyes trailed from the hand to its owner. You could have sworn your heart stopped right there. Your eyes met cold, golden ones and your mouth slowly dropped open in awe. The blond stranger wore glasses and headphones and was very, very tall. He towered over your measly (height)!

                Oh no, you thought. He’s… hot! He was very attractive, indeed. His face was sculpted very nicely, with fantastic cheekbones. And god, his eyebrows! They were so perfect, it made you jealous. From what you could see, you also noticed that his body was rather toned. An athlete, perhaps?

                “Sorry.” His voice pierced through your ears, sending your stomach flip in joy. Even his voice was lovely sounding, you noticed. Realization sank in, and you mentally slapped yourself and tried to focus. You were never so giddy over other handsome boys, why was he any different? You shouldn’t be acting different from your normal self over one guy!

                With that thought in mind, you were able to relax and sent him a reassuring smile without having wild urges to kiss him. “Don’t worry about it! I can just take this one.” You laughed and reached up to grab the carton next to the stranger’s. You tried to reach for it, but it was too high up and your shopping cart was in the way. Wordlessly, the attractive stranger moved his free hand and grabbed it to hand it over to you.

                A flaming hot blush invaded your face and you took it from him gratefully. “T-thanks!” you squeaked out, and looked down, smiling slightly. “I’m (Name)…” you murmured. He studied you for a moment before smirking gently at you.

                “Tsukishima. It’s not a problem… shorty.” He snickered and placed his own eggs in his cart. Your blush got heavier and hotter and your mouth fell open in shock and outrage. Shorty? What a douche! You scowled at him. Sure he was attractive, but that would lead to absolutely nothing if he was going to be so rude!

                “I’m not that short!” you protested, glaring at him and his stupid, smug smirk. What gave him the right to insult you like that? Another chuckle left Tsukishima’s lips, causing your blood to boil with more fury.

                “You kind of remind me someone I used to play volleyball with,” he reminisced, his eyes glazing over a little as he replayed his memories. He shook his head and shot you another irritating smirk. “He was short and annoying.” You puffed out your cheeks in rage.

                “I-I’m not annoying either!” you groaned, smacking your face with your hand. Why were you still here, anyways? You told yourself you didn’t know, but deep inside you knew that was a lie. Even if Tsukishima was a douche, he was an interesting person… and definitely cute too! The butterflies in your stomach still haven’t died yet, either, for some reason.

                Tsukishima shrugged, his lips twitching into a genuine smile, making you look at him curiously. “Maybe not,” he answered, and you pursed your lips at him. “But at least you’re a lot cuter than he was…” Your cheeks turn red at his comment. He… thought you were cute?

                “What?” you asked, your voice just slightly louder than a whisper. The blond man in front of you averted his gaze and a similar blush to yours crawled onto his cheeks and ears.

                “It’s your fault if you didn’t hear. I’m not going to repeat it again.” He managed to grumble out, and you blushed even harder. You looked down and twiddled your thumbs anxiously, the smallest of smiles creeping onto your rosy lips.

                Who knew such a hot jerk could be so sweet?

Part of my Countdown [Various Haikyuu!! x Reader] series!

requested from quotev:P!

I do not own the preview picture nor do I own Haikyuu!!

tsuki... i hate you alot, but you are hot. and you definitely are a jerk -____-
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Prompt: Studying

            You sighed and poked your sleeping friend on the cheek with your pencil. He didn't budge. Sighing, you place down your pencil and crack your knuckles. Abruptly, you karate chopped the bicolor-haired boy on the head. You smiled when you heard a nice thump resonate from his skull.
            Nishinoya's head snapped up and he brought up his arms to cradle his aching cranium, moaning in agonizing pain. You merely rolled your eyes and continued to stare at the boy, waiting for him to say something to you.
            "(Name)-chan! Did you hit me?!" he wailed loudly, and you sent him a flat look. Betrayal and hurt is painted on his face, his eyes widening to add a more dramatic effect. It did nothing to help his slightly aching head, however.
            "Noya-kun, we need to study for that test tomorrow," you complained, feeling worried about your friend's grade in your government class. "What am I going to tell your mom when she finds out you failed?" you grumbled out and picked up your pencil again.
            The two of you were currently trying to study for the test. Seeing as Nishinoya had trouble in that class, his mother asked you if you could help out with him. You immediately said yes as soon as she offered to make you one of her delicious cakes.
            Even though you never ate too many sweets, his mother’s desserts were always the best. You had gotten addicted to them as a child, and you would still do anything to get even the slightest taste of her cakes. They were absolutely perfect with just the right amount of cream and fruit- god, you couldn’t get enough.
            Slumping into his chair in distress, he let out an upset groan. "I don't wanna study! I'm so tired!" he replied, crossing his arms stubbornly. You narrowed your eyes, and he gulped nervously. Laughing slightly in fear that he might upset you, he immediately picked up his pencil and glanced at the sheet in front of him.
            Nishinoya frowned. "(Name)-chan, I need your help," he informed you and jabbed his pencil into your shoulder repeatedly. "Come on, I don't understand any of this!” Frustration built up, and you ignored him, massaging your temples to block out the annoying feeling of the pencil eraser touching you over and over.
            "Just look inside your book or use some notes!" you told him angrily, trying to focus on your own work. It was hard though, seeing as your childhood friend's actions were absolutely and undeniably irritating.
            Nishinoya arched an eyebrow, noticing your discomfort. "It's just a few problems. Come on, do it for the cake!" he persuaded, mentioning the ambrosia-like dessert his mother offered to bake. You stiffened, the thought of the sweet pastry trickling into your mind.
            Giving in instantly, you took a look at his paper and scanned over the questions. They seemed fairly easy. You snatched his book and flipped to a few pages. Glaring at him slightly, you placed the book in front of him.
            Blinking a few times, he glanced from the book to your face questioningly. You sighed and rolled your eyes, beckoning for him to move closer. He moved his head towards you and you thumped him on the forehead with your fingers.
            Nishinoya immediately recoiled and covered the red skin with his left arm, rubbing it to soothe the irritated part. "(Name)! Seriously, stop abusing me!" he complained and you let out another tired sigh, feeling done with his shit.
            "It wouldn't hurt to read, y'know. The directions said to go to this page and answer the questions by using the book!" you replied, moving to finish up the last few questions you had. He puffed out his cheeks in annoyance.
            "Reading is for nerds," Nishinoya made a face. "And I'm definitely no ner- ow! Dammit! (Name)! What was that for?!" he cried out, rubbing his forearm where you punched him.
            "Shut up and read, Yuu." You flipped a page in your textbook to search for an answer to question thirteen. Out of the corners of your eyes, you saw him stick out a tongue at you. Gripping your pencil tightly, you glared at him. He shrunk back in his seat out of fear.

            “Maybe… maybe you’re being so mean to me because you want my attention! Is that it? Ha, you’re blushing! I knew it! Maybe you even want to kiss me!” he shouted. You immediately pressed your hand against his mouth, blushing furiously like he had said.
            “Shut up,” you hissed. “You look stupid!” After a few seconds, you hesitantly removed your hand from his face, and he immediately scrunched up his face to get his muscles to move again. You rolled your eyes from seeing how ridiculous he looked.
            Turning back to your book, your blush got even stronger. The thought had never crossed your mind, but maybe you did want to kiss him. Your eyes flickered up the teenager, who was actually trying to study for once, and found your gaze resting upon his lips. They looked… soft.
            You shook your head and swiftly smacked your face with your hands, trying to get rid of the embarrassing thoughts in your mind. Surprised and confused, Nishinoya looked up at you with a puzzled look.
            “(Name)-chan? Are you okay? Heh. Don’t tell me… You do want to kiss me!” he gasped, placing his hand over his heart rather dramatically. Your face erupted into a myriad of red hues. He grinned at you, twirling his pencil in his fingers then setting it down.
            “Don’t worry. If you kiss me, I’ll make sure to pass this test!”
part of my countdown [various hq x reader]


this was RQd on quotev

I do not own Haikyuu!!
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