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In the city Mewtwo has been roaming the city in moon light only he came to the city after erasing Giovanni's memory of him and letting his clone pokemon friends go their own separate ways and saying farewell to ash and his friends it seems like living the way he is living now is the only way to live in peace. Somewhere else Kara run away worried she was going to hurt Samson her new friend she has always feared hurting someone she cares for cuz of her sickness that was always in her head she was in a back ally hoping that he won't find her for awhile until she feels herself again she hated having to hide all the time all cuz of her sickness she wish she could control it but she knows she can't

Kara: I  hate this why must i be born this way i don't want to hurt anyone i care for.

She looked at the moon.

Kara: The moon seems like the only light i could see.

She smiled feeling calm she decided to walk around more to calm down Mewtwo was heading back to his secret home then he saw Kara he was confused on what pokemon she is since he never saw a Zoroark before all the pokemon that are not from kanto or jhoto are new to him he felt there was something wrong with her mind it was not right when he looked through it her mind was telling her to kill anyone near her.

Kara: Why can't i stop thinking about killing ?

Mewtwo float near her trying not to get seen Kara heard something and looked but she did not spot Mewtwo so she walked on Mewtwo saw someone walking by and Kara looked like she was in rage seeing this person looking like she was ready to attacked that person for no reason so he hits her with shadow ball the person saw. Kara and ran Kara roars in anger and turns to mewtwo she pounced at him mewtwo dodges but she jumped at him and clawed at his arm.

Mewtwo: GAH!

He hits her away.


She just growls and was in proceed to kill her anger drove her into insanity like it has before. Mewtwo knew that now her anger and sickness just made her want to kill now so he had to do something before its to late. Kara jumped at Mewtwo Mewtwo knew that using his psychic attacks will be useless against a dark type like her so he used shadow ball it may not be powerful but it was enough to send her flying and hit the wall and knocked her out. Mewtwo was relief he decided to take her to his place and keep her there until he finds out why Kara is like this since he never met an insane person or pokemon before so he picked her up and teleported. Samson was looking for her but she was nowhere to be found.

Samson why did i let her run like that its almost morning and i still can't find her i can't call the cops she's wanted i hope she's ok

Samson worried for her for the rest of the night
yeah yeah i know i have'nt put mewtwo in a story for so long if your wondering what i'm talking about my old mewtwo cancalled fail stories are probably in the way back of my old stories cuz i was going to orginally make fanfics of mewtwo but the story was not good at all so i stopped making more chapters anyways mewtwo is now i'm a story of mine this will probably turn into a love story why am i paring Mewtwo up with Kara ? cuz Kara is my most popular OC and Mewtwo is my most favourite pokemon OF ALL TIME and no this mewtwo is not a new OC hes the Mewtwo from Mewtwo strikes back and Mewtwo returns
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As the brisk morning came kara found herself chained on the wall she still move around but the chains would not let her get to the door.Mewtwo came in and looked at Kara she was in raged and charged at Mewtwo wanting to kill him so badly but Mewtwo was in a far range for Kara to reach him cuz of the chains are holding her back she roars in anger and tried to used night daze.

Mewtwo: Don't bother, These chains are keeping your attacks dorment unless the chains are off you.

Kara looked at the chains they glowed when ever she tried to use her moves she grumbles sounding very annoyed.

Mewtwo: Look i don't know who you are but i know that you have a problem , Your mental.


Mewtwo: Oh i was wondering when you were going to say something to me.

Kara was more frustrated not only that she's trapped but, Now another pokemon is calling her mental and she can't even attack him

Kara: The reason why i didn't say anything is cuz i have nothing to say to you at all.

Mewtwo: Look you can't just go around hurting others


Mewtwo blinked in surprised of how she reacts to on the things to her, Not only that but she knows that mewtwo is somehow stronger then her and yet she still keeps on wanting to attack him all cuz of her insanity and anger.Mewtwo left and then came back in 15 mins and had a plate of food. Kara was shock.

Mewtwo: What ? you think i was going to starve you as you stay here ?

Kara: Well you are treating me like your prisoner.

Mewtwo Well i'm not i just need to keep restrain until i feel that its right to let you roam around my home. But even after i take your chains off I still won't let you leave yet.


Mewtwo just stand there and said nothing back.


Mewtwo came to her and place the plate of food on the ground.

Mewtwo: Eat, you need something to eat.


Mewtwo: Look its not poison.

He took a small bite and showed her but she still refuses to eat

Mewtwo: Fine starve yourself for all i care i'll just leave the food here  with you if you change your mind.

He leaves kara was still feeling angry not liking on how Mewtwo was talking to her Mewtwo went to his room where he sleeps

Mewtwo: How am i going to help her ? I know nothing about her or how to take care or help someone else.

Mewtwo wished he knew how to help her without arguing or making her angry he knew that she needs help and need to get her to trust him if hes lucky he could become her friend.Kara did grew hungry she tried to ignore it but soon she ended up eating the food Mewtwo left or her. Mewtwo was watching through a camera he knew that Kara was going to eat sooner or later he smiled

Mewtwo: You know even if i don't know much about beauty i think she's beautiful i wish i knew what kind of pokemon she is.

Mewtwo should've thought that there are more then 151 pokemon in the world but he was so wrong when he came to unova all the pokemon he saw were really different. But, he knew he would learn them soon. Then he saw Kara looking sad more then angry she felt lonely Mewtwo thought maybe loneliness is what driving her crazy. He went to the room Kara was locked in he just stood there looking at Kara not wanting to start another fight with her.

Kara: Why are you here ?

Mewtwo: just thought i should keep you company.


Mewtwo: Besides your not that bad i met others who are much more dangerous then you.

Kara: Like yourself ?

Mewtwo: No... i met a human who was completely dangerous his name is giovanni he is the leader of team rocket he tricked me a long time ago i destroyed his base but he survive my attacked. You don't want to meet him he is evil.

Kara had a feeling that mewtwo is telling the truth she said nothing to him.

Mewtwo just stood there then fell asleep Kara did too
well mewtwo is trying to do some bonding time with kara even when it breaks into an argument
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Sylvia could not wait to see her little daughter again she never taken one day off from her job since it never is closed for one single day she wanted to keep making more money to get a home for her and Kara.

Sylvia: The day is almost here just one more week Kara and will be together before your know it.

Sylvia leaves her apartment and went to the factory the other workers in the sewing department were whispering about what they heard.

Woman worker1: I heard that she has a child that a family is taking care of while she works

Woman worker2: No way, Do you think anyone would let her work here.

Gardevoir: Of coarse not, She lied to us all by saying she has no family but she has a kid and we can not stand for that listen i'm going to make sure she gets fired no matter what if the people start saying that they can't take care of her child anymore who cares ? Its not our problem if her kid dies from starvation.

They soon stop talking when Sylvia arrived Gardevoir took all of her tools from her sewing table and all of the clothes and laces she done Sylvia looked at her partner.

Sylvia: Excuse me, This stuff belongs to me please give them back.

Gardevoir: I don't know what your talking about this stuff is mine.

Sylvia: But, I made those gowns yesterday and those tools are mine cuz i don't see mine anywhere on my station please give them back.

She tries to pick up her gowns and tools but Gardevoir grabbed then before Sylvia had a chance to.

Gardevoir: This stuff is mine you stupid bitch!

Sylvia tried to grabbed her things but Gardevoir pushes Sylvia and caused her to fall and hit another table and knocking the stuff off the table.

Gardevoir: You disgust me.

Sylvia jumped at Gardevoir and scratches her in the face out of anger. The boss came in and the 2 both stopped fighting.

Boss: Whats going on ?

Sylvia: Boss, She took me things and i asked her nicely to give them back but she refused to and she pushed me and i got enraged please make her let me work.

Gardevoir: I think you should read this.

Sylvia saw the letter and grabs it from Gardevoir.

Sylvia: This is my letter its no one else's business but my own!

Boss: Sylvia give me the letter or else.

She knew she had no choice he takes the letter from her and goes in his office for awhile.

Sylvia: Why do you have to snoop around in my life ?

Gardevoir: Cuz your a bitch who kept being all private with us.

Sylvia: Can't you see i did not want to spend my money ? even when i said we could just go for a walk you said no lets go eat a restraint even when you knew i did not want to spend money.

Gardevoir: Thats the problem, We grew tired of it cuz of how you always act towards us.

Sylvia:  I was still being nice and talking nice to you.

Gardevoir: Oh well, Who cares now cuz now you will pay the price you owe us.

Boss: Sylvia,.....Whats this about a child being sick.

Sylvia gasps her Boss gave her the letter back and she looked at it.

Boss: You lied and broke the law.

Sylvia: But you don't understand i just wanted to have a home for me and my daughter to live together.

Boss: Well now you will have to hold your plans cuz your fired.

Sylvia: W what!?!?!?! Please don't fire me please if you do i'll never be with Kara!!!!!

He pushes her out and Gardevoir followed and smiled at the same time. Sylvia fell to her knees and grabs her former boss by his hand begging to him.
 Sylvia: Please don't fire me please!!!

Boss: Let go of me and leave or else i'll call the cops.

She lets go of him and threw the money on the ground for her for her last day at work she picks it up and walks away.

Gardevoir: Good riddance!!!!

Sylvia was anger by those words but just kept going she knew that attacking back would not help. She went around trying to find another place to work but she had no luck cuz not many people are hiring a few days later she lost her apartment and took the money she had left and send it to the couple that is watching over Kara.

Sylvia: I need to find work soon or else Kara might not have a place anymore.

Sylvia did found some temporary jobs they did not give her much money in return but to her any penny counts she soon got another letter saying Kara has grown ill and the medicine she needs is a lot of money.

Sylvia: But i only have enough for the fee...

She saw a sign on a salon saying that people sell their hair to them they get payed a lot of money she looked in the window to her reflection and looked at her hair.

Sylvia: I may not have Kara in my mane but is better then her dying of sickness.

She walks in and the hair dresser greeted her.

Hair dresser: Do you want me to give your hair a new look ?

Sylvia: No i need money and i want to sell you my hair.

Hair dresser: Have a sit on that chair over there.

She set down and took the ring off of her mane

Hair dresser: So how does 900$ dollars sound?

Sylvia: That isn't enough please give me 1000$ dollars!

Hair dresser: Very well.

Tears came out of her eyes as her hair was being sheared off. After awhile she leaves and now has short hair like a human boy she shivered and has realized that she will be much colder now that her mane is gone. She still tried to find a job but no matter where she went she had no luck she soon entered in the bad side of the city, There were hookers prostitutes and weird sellers Sylvia did not like it at all and was about to leave.

 Tooth salesman: Hey you would you like some false teeth ?

Sylvia: No i don't i have no missing teeth.

Tooth salesman: But nice looking rares ones i'll give you that, Why not give me one ?

Sylvia: No don't come near me!

Tooth salesman: But its 500$ each don't worry you'll still be able to bite the pain won't last that long.

Sylvia: Pay me first.

Then his helpers grabbed her and held her down has he grabbed a hook.

Tooth salesman: You'll get twice if i take 2.

He put the hook on her mouth and put it behind her front tooth and yanked it out he did the same to the other one Sylvia was in unmanageable pain. But,she kept herself from screaming and crying and took the money and send it in the mail and came back to the same area and saw a sign saying let a man have some fun with you and get payed 50$ bucks each hour she was in shock by seeing that sign but how ever she sign her name up and had a photo of herself on the list she is now a prostitute a lot of man picked her and she felt disgusted with herself by letting these men have sex with her at night fall when she had enough she went walking to a hill at the night fall letting herself take a break she never felt  this miserable before and starts to sing. 

There was a time when men were kind
When their voices were soft
And their words inviting
There was a time when love was blind
And the world was a song
And the song was exciting
There was a time
Then it all went wrong
I dreamed a dream in times gone by
When hope was high
And life worth living
I dreamed that love would never die
I dreamed that God would be forgiving
Then I was young and unafraid
And dreams were made and used and wasted
There was no ransom to be paid

No song unsung
No wine untasted
But the tigers come at night
With their voices soft as thunder
As they tear your hope apart
And they turn your dream to shame
He slept a summer by my side
He filled my days with endless wonder
He took my childhood in his stride
But he was gone when autumn came
And still I dream he'll come to me
That we'll live the years together
But there are dreams that cannot be
And there are storms we cannot weather
I had a dream my life would be
So different from this hell I'm living
So different now from what it seemed
Now life has killed
The dream I dreamed.

Sylvia lost her job and now is having trouble :( the song shes singing is referring to her past and the father of kara that abandon her

[link] heres the song that she sang

reason why it has a warning on it is cuz Sylvia is getting payed by letting men have sex with her it does not say any details but i still think it should have a warning on it
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The next morning Mewtwo woke up and some how found himself waking up with his arms around Kara he moved away quickly that knowing soon she's going to wake up he did not want her to yell at him on why hes sleeping with her. He left the room and walked around his home wondering why hes feeling attached to her so sudden he only known her for 2 days and all he knows that she has a insanity problem and always breaks into an argument when trying to help her he worries that if he lets her wonder around his home she might try to kill him and she is a dark type and might have an advantage but he did beat her before.

Mewtwo: I can't keep her like this forever i'll put a force field around my home tell further noticed.

So he went back to the room where he left Kara she soon woke up yawning seeing Mewtwo infront of her and saw that hes removing the chains off of her she was surprised she looked at him for a moment and dashed out the room.

Kara: What an idiot i told him that i'll run away.

She then open the door and was about to run out but then something caused her to fling her back inside the building.

Kara: what the!?!?!

Mewtwo: I'm sorry to disappoint you. But, You should've known not to take me as an idiot i'm one of the smartest pokmon there is and i know what i'm doing so now you can wonder around my home and do what ever you like except for leaving.

Kara growls in anger seeing how that Mewtwo knew that she would try to get away.

Mewtwo: Look i don't want to make it look like i'm treating you as a prisoner anymore you can eat when ever you like and you can watch some TV though i hardly understand it i'm barely around humans.

He walked away  Kara does not know what to do now since Mewtwo won't allow her to leave it was getting ridiculous,Yet hes letting her go around his house but hes not letting her go what was he going to do to her ? Use her as his servent ? Force her to make love with him ? Keeping her until she dies ? or worse ? Kara did not want to think about it anymore and tried to find the room with a TV she turns it on she remembered her friend Samson showed it to her for the first time so she knows how to use it sort of.

News: Good morning, Last night a female Zoroark was reported missing she was last seen in the back ally with some mysterious Pokemon no one knows what Pokemon it was or knows who he is he is a suspect of the Zoroark's disappearance if you know her where abouts are know anything of what happen call this number but some people say that she might be dangerous so approach her carefully and if she shows any anger then stay away from her if you see her.

Kara turned off the TV she is now a missing Pokemon but he news almost made it sound more like she's wanted Samson probably reported her missing that night.She got hungry and went in the kitchen she looked in the fridge and saw raw meat she took it out of its container it was in and ate it Mewtwo walked in and saw her eating the meat.

Mewtwo: Why are eating it raw ?

Kara: I always eat it like this, Who cares if i do.

She kept eating Mewtwo did not feel like saying a smart remark to her about it.

Kara: You know there are people who are trying to find me.

Mewtwo: I know and i know that some people are scared of you.

She just kept eating not wanting to say anything about it.

Kara: Why do you want me here ?

Mewtwo: I just want to help you and somehow help with your insanity problem.

Kara: How are you going to do that ?

Mewtwo: I don't know but i do know that i want to help you.

Kara: Why ?

Mewtwo: I just feel like i should help you besides who else would help you ?

Kara just chuckled.

Kara: no one but Samson never wanted help me before.

Mewtwo: Will you accept my help ?

Kara: Your not going to hurt me are you ?

Mewtwo: No, But, I will protect you from anyone that tries to harm you i can promise you that, So will your trust me ?

He held his hand out to her.

Kara: Y yes, I'll trust you.

She took a hold of his hand. Both Kara and Mewtwo felt something when as the first held hands for a while it was more then a shake Mewtwo never felt this way before and does not know what it is. They both let go of each others hands.

Mewtwo: Alright i trust you i have a feeling that you'll return the favor someday.

He smiles at her and walks away. Kara wish she knew what to say but now she no longer felt any anger towards Mewtwo now she feels that she has trust in him so she decided to stop trying to find a way to escape and behave.
the hate Kara had for Mewtwo is gone now something else is happening
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Made with deviantART muro i still hate the text thing cuz they don't let you type it in the picture you have to kinda draw it after you type in the words and its hard for me to do it straight }:< i still can't make a sick looking zoroark and if your wondering why the teeth look not right is cuz she had some of them pulled out when she sold them and she sold her mane too if you did not see the story yet.

the part where she sang the song in the 2nd Ch of her story

Song: I dreamed a dream

There was a time when men were kind
When their voices were soft
And their words inviting
There was a time when love was blind
And the world was a song
And the song was exciting
There was a time
Then it all went wrong

I dreamed a dream in time gone by
When hope was high
And life worth living
I dreamed that love would never die
I dreamed that God would be forgiving
Then I was young and unafraid
And dreams were made and used and wasted
There was no ransom to be paid
No song unsung, no wine untasted

But the tigers come at night
With their voices soft as thunder
As they tear your hope apart
As they turn your dream to shame

He slept a summer by my side
He filled my days with endless wonder
He took my childhood in his stride
But he was gone when autumn came

And still I dream he'll come to me
That we will live the years together
But there are dreams that cannot be
And there are storms we cannot weather

I had a dream my life would be
So different from this hell I'm living
So different now from what it seemed
Now life has killed the dream I dreamed.

[link] sing by Anne hathaway ( thats sylvia voice in the stories )
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Fan fictions
Collection by

Then the black marble floors rang with the sound of chains striking the stone, and something fainter, feathers dragging.  The last made little sound, but it was enough to make Mandre smile, his delicately pointed teeth shining white in the oppresive darkness.

His prey was near.

Standing up, his gracefully arched wings, scaled and draconian, held over his back, he strode softly down the corridor.  His reptilian feet, claw-like, made soft clicking noises on the black marble as his claws hit the granite floors.

He sighted his quarry in the gloom, chained and shackled like a beast, flanked by two of Mandre's kind- lesser demons than he, they lack wings and were little more than bestial humans.  They had none of his subtleties, his responsibilities, his ideas.

Mandre the Damned was over two thousand years old, and his pleasures were in pain and anguish, both of which he qould be getting from this young angel.

He looked down at the chained being, and waved the more vacant looking of the two demons away, listening to the heavy thudding of his feet as he scurried away, glad to be freed from his master's precence.  The other he let stay, as he leaned close to the angel and smiled.

"Hello..." he murmured, his voice a purr of satisfaction.


Quetzan looked up, ebony hair falling around his face like a veil of silk, his long chestnut lashes brimming with unshed tears.  His soft grey eyes gleamed in the dark as he stared at the demon in his view.  He lowered his head again, the lashmarks on his back pulling and causing him to wince as a burst of pain spread across his back.  The demon chuckled, no doubt drinking in his pain and fear, as Quetzan had been told that that was how they survived; by feeding off the emotions of others.

His long white wings dragged on the floor, their primaries greyed with dust.  He had heard the tales of angels who fell captive to this demon, and he looked up, his large eyes pleading with all his heart to keep his wings.  I want to fly again, his eyes said, I want to feel the air on my face, feel the mist and the rains in my feathers. Let me fly. Let me live.


Mandre read his thoughts and hopes and chuckled softly, the sound ringing with maevolance and hatred.  He raised his hand, the tapering fingers, tipped with curving black claws, and snapped.  The sound seemed out of place in the palace of black marble, too harsh and quick.

The demonling who had brought the angel grinned, showing as much pleasure in his dull eyes as a lesser demon could feel.  He pulled out a pair of thin, long-bladed scissors and brought them up to the angel's wings.  With a sharp click the first of the angel's primaries fell to the floor, white on black, ivory on ebony.


Quetzan nearly wept as he felt the scissors part his beloved feathers from his left wing.  Though he felt no physical pain, it was as though they were ripping each feather from it's root, from his soul.  He heard the scissors snap shut again, and again, twice, thrice, ten times more.
When he dared open his eyes, he saw a pile of snow white feathers littering the black floor, and when he turned his gaze, fractured by tears, towards his once proud wings, he saw that the demon had left his first and longest primary, and cut away the rest, until they graded down in size to about a hand's length.

Thoughts of the flight that was now lost to him forever spun in his head as they repeated the procedure on his right wing.


Mandre laughed as he watched the images of soaring in the clouds run through the young one's head, and as the angel was dragged back through the corridors, down where he would never again see daylight.
Angels on clipped wings will never fly again... do I explain this one....
Well, my friend from France is here, and last night she was talking in her sleep (in French, of course), talking to her sister, about the computer and not being able to find something, and some other stuff. So, I didn't get to sleep 'til three in the morning, and I decided to waste my time up until that point by drawing.
Tonight's Drawing Fixiation: Angels with clipped wings!
Now, having clipped wings means you can't fly. Thus, these angels were obviously being tormented by someone. They weren't fallen angels, in part because fallen angels are so damn cliche, and anyone who knows me knows that I'm really not into cliche, but also because fallen angels are banned because of something they did. These angels have fallen victim to forces beyond their control.
Now, I am not a religious person, so this isn't some judgement on God, or anything of that sort, in fact is ins't even religious. They are just angels (and a demon), and I just liked the ideas of an angel with his wings clipped. Also, this introduced Mandre (pronounced Mand-ray) as he was in life, coldly elegant and ruthless. And I came up with a new character, Quetzan, pronounced Kwetz-an.
Ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, I present- Clipped Wings.
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Shyla started to think that she should start meeting the other former slaves since all she does is train and take care of her grandmother who sleeps lots. Mewtwo was resting for the rest of the day to heal. Shyla heads to where the other slaves were trying. She saw 2 Lucario's were training together. A male Lucario who has only 2 aura sensors and a saw that his left eye looked all foggy and has a scar on it. He was training with a female Lucario who lost her tail and has a bad looking leg. Shyla was surprised that she was still fighting with a leg like that.The 2 Lucario's both looked at her.

Shyla: "Oh sorry i didn't mean to stare like that."

Male Lucario: "Its fine. I am Kiba and this is my sister Mika."

Mika: "I never seen you here before."

Shyla: "I'm kinda new."

Kiba: "Did you escaped from the kingdom too ?"

Shyla nods

Mika: "We were both slaves to work in the mines to find gold for the queen. We both escaped and the guards did not made it easy since you see some scars and some bits of parts of our bodies are missing. My leg is like this cuz a boulder felled on it. Thanks to my brother i was able to make it."

Kiba: "We had been here for 5 years. How long had you been here for ?"

Shyla: "I guess for a few months. I was the Queen's personal slave. I don't really want to talk on what made me escaped from her."

Kiba: "We understand. If you ever are in need for anything we would be glad to help."

Mika: "Yeah i'm sure we would be great friends."

Shyla: "Oh thank you."

Mika: "So Mewtwo is taking break right ?"

Shyla: "Just for today."

Kiba: "Thats a shame i really wanted to get him to train with me so more."

Shyla: "You guys look like great fighter already."

Grovyle: "But, We need to keep training everyday to become stronger. The name is Grovyle. I had never been giving a real name. But, I'm ok with it and your name is Shyla right ?"

Shyla: "Yup."

Grovyle: "It would be great to fight together one day."

Shyla: "Well who knows when that will happen. I'm just glad to be free."

Grovyle: "Well Its nice to meet you. If you were here for a few months why did not talk to us before ?"

Shyla: ".....Well.........I just had some stuff in my head going on is all."

Shyla did not want to tell them on what had happen the day she escaped. It still brings bad memories when ever she thinks or talks about it.

Shyla: " I got to go now. My grandmother will wake up soon."

Kiba: "Take care Shyla."

Shyla nods and leaves and went to check on her grandmother.

Aria: "Oh Mewtwo is feeling better ?"

Shyla: "No hes still resting. I was just meeting some other people."

Aria: "Thats good. Having allies is a good thing to have."

Shyla gave her grandmother the medicine and got some food for her to eat.

Aria: "You need to eat too Shyla you had not eaten very much."

Shyla: "I guess i got so use to not eating very much."

Aria: "Well you better start eating more right now. Cuz you need lots of strength to fight

Shyla nods and did what her grandmother told her to do.

Meanwhile. Darkly woke up Mewtwo from his rest.

Darkly: "Mewtwo we need to talk.....I think you are getting to attached to that girl."

Mewtwo: "What do you mean ?"

Darkly: "Your doing favors for her and your becoming more softer ever since she had came here. I think you need to break your relationship with her."

Mewtwo: "WHAT?!?!?! I will not do it."

Darkly: "Mewtwo if you don't do it. I might just kill her grandmother and make her watch."

Mewtwo: "You would not do that.....She had already lost someone she loved."

Darkly: "She will lose another love one if you don't do as i say."

Mewtwo did not want to break his relationship with Shyla. But, He also did not want to make her suffer more.

Mewtwo: Alright....I'll get this over with."

Mewtwo go up and started to find Shyla. Shyla then bumps into him dropping some food she had for Mewtwo to eat.

Shyla: "I'm so sorry...Oh Mewtwo hey there. I was going to get you some food and well.."

Mewtwo: "Thats nice...But..

Grovyle: "Hey Mewtwo looking better already.

Kiba: "Mewtwo i'm glad to see that you had fully recovered so we can started on our training again soon."

Mika: "I can now fully kick with my bad leg now without feeling so much pain."

Shyla: "I don't mean to sound rude. But, I think Mewtwo was going to something."

Mika: "Sorry Shyla."

Mewtwo: "Can you me talk...alone ?"

Shyla: "Why ?"

Mewtwo: "Its something important. Shyla please."

Shyla: "No if its so important you can say that in front of the others.

Mewtwo: "Fine.....Shyla....We can't be friends anymore. I'm sorry."

He starts walking away not wanting to break into an argument with Shyla.

Shyla: "What ? Mewtwo wait."

Shyla runs towards Mewtwo and grabs his hand.

Mewtwo: "Leave me alone!!!"

Shyla: "Mewtwo please don't do this you were the first friend i had ever had since i got here. Please don't do this."

Mewtwo: "I'm sorry Shyla. I made this decision. Caring for Pokemon like you would get in my way."


Mewtwo: "Shyla stop this."


Mewtwo: "I SAID STOP!!!!"

He hits he with his Shadow ball pushing her away from him making her all on the ground. Shyla looks at Mewtwo with sadness and then gave him an angry look and then runs. Mewtwo shakes his head and then leaves the others in shock on what just happened. Darkly smirks as he watching all this happen from the shadows. Shyla was standing outside of the cave still feeling angry on how Mewtwo treated her,

Shyla singing:  "The snow glows white on the mountain tonight
Not a footprint to be seen.
A kingdom of isolation,
and it looks like I'm the Queen
The wind is howling like this swirling storm inside
Couldn't keep it in;
Heaven knows I've tried

Don't let them in,
don't let them see
Be the good girl you always have to be
Conceal, don't feel,
don't let them know
Well now they know

Let it go, let it go
Can't hold it back anymore"

(She started to run and then jump over rocks and started practicing her fighting styles.)

Shyla singing: "Let it go, let it go
Turn away and slam the door
I don't care
what they're going to say
Let the storm rage on.
The cold never bothered me anyway"

(She goes to the training area and then picks up some weapons and starts practing with them.)

Shyla singing: "It's funny how some distance
Makes everything seem small
And the fears that once controlled me
Can't get to me at all

It's time to see what I can do
To test the limits and break through
No right, no wrong, no rules for me,
I'm free!"

(Several days had past and Shyla had been training on her own and not letting her emotions get to her.)

Shyla singing: "Let it go, let it go
I am one with the wind and sky
Let it go, let it go
You'll never see me cry
Here I stand
And here I'll stay
Let the storm rage on

My power flurries through the air into the ground
My soul is spiraling in frozen fractals all around
And one thought crystallizes like an icy blast
I'm never going back, the past is in the past"

(She puts some shoulder and elbow and knees protectors on herself and then cuts her hair to a shorter length)

Shyla singing: "Let it go, let it go
And I'll rise like the break of dawn
Let it go, let it go
That perfect girl is gone
Here I stand
In the light of day
Let the storm rage on

The cold never bothered me anyway!"

Shyla felt that she had completed the rest of her training on her own. She was no longer the same girl anymore. She now changed her name to Kira since now she does not want to me know as a timid weak girl anymore. But, Her grandmother still calls Shyla by her real name.
Shyla is no longer timid or scared anymore and is not even going to let Mewtwo bring her down. She now wants to be known as a strong fighter

I know i cut the releationship between Mewtwo and Shyla a bit short. But, I felt if i tried to think of ways to show more of their releationship it would cuz me writers block and slow down the story. Yes soon something will happen.… Let it go from Frozen
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Ghosts of Oswald's Past
3. Freedom of bondage

The sun rose on a very cloudy day. Dark clouds rolled up above Ostown. Mickey stared up at the clouds as he waited for Ortensia to finish dropping off the Bunny Children at Clairibelle's house. He sighed as he thought about the day before.
" She is so much like Minnie. She worries about others. She's worried about Oswald, I wonder is Minnie is worried about me," he said to himself. Suddenly, Ortensia came up quickly.
" Sorry it took so long, the kids wanted to come with us but I convinced them to stay until we came back home," she said, catching her breath.
" It's okay. I had plenty of time to think about things at home while I was waiting," Mickey said, smiling a little.
Ortensia giggled," Well, lets go. At least the projector screen is operating here."
Gus appeared in front of them." Hello you two. I'm glad to see that you had a good nights rest," he said.
" We did," Mickey said.
" Well, the projectors are working again so we can easily get to Mickeyjunk Mountain. It took some work due to thinner damage," Gus explained.
" Come on, lets go. If Oswald is there, we have to hurry," Ortensia sighed before jumping into the projector screen.
" I take it she didn't sleep well?" Gus said, looking over at Mickey.
" She did. She's just really torn up over her husband being kidnapped," Mickey said to the gremlin, then he jumped into the projector screen
" So I see," Gus muttered before following the two into the screen.
On the other side of the projector screen, the storm had already broken and rain was poaring down. Ortensia had already take an umbrella out of her purse.
" Need one?" she asked Mickey and Gus.
" No thanks, I got a poncho," said Gus putting on a yellow poncho.
" I don't need one. I need a full range of mobility. Now lets go," Mickey said, as he headed off toward the base of the mountain.

The Mad Doctor watched the monitors all trained on the show room floor. He cackled as he couldn't wait to make Mintz dish out some strict punishment on Oswald. However, he was too preoccupied with his next evil move, he neglected to looks at the monitors at the base of the mountain. If he had, he could have had time to deploy the beetleworx, or use the lazer cannon, or deploy the trap doors. But he was too busy cackling at his evil scheme, like all cartoon villians are apt to do.

At the top of the stairs, the three were exhausted.
" You'd think they would put an elevator in this mountain," Ortensia panted.
" Or build everything on the ground floor," Mickey sighed.
" I think we should go out there," Gus said, pointing to a door.
The three toons walked over to the door. The second Gus opened the door, they were hit by a gale. It sent the flying back and the door stayed open because of the wind, which slowly died down to a mild gust.
" We arn't going out there, are we?" Ortensia asked.
" We havn't looked inside yet," Gus said, agreeing.
" No, we have to look out there first. I have a strong hunch that is where Oswald is," Mickey said defiantly. Ortensia and Gus groaned, but followed after Mickey all the same.

Oswald swung his sword at the Beetleworx, and sent it flying. It hit the wall and went limp. The sword was snapped in half. ' Cheap plastic' he thought exhaustedly. He was about to go have a seat when he was halted by the shout of the director.
" Oswald, stay where you are," said the mesured tone of Mintz. Oswald froze in a heartbeat.
After getting out the door, the three toons moved quickly behind the rows of camera equipment and crates of cables. They ducked down behind a row and peeked out over the crates.
" Look! There is Oswald," Gus said quietly. The tall figure in the suit stormed over to the rabbit who was petrified to his place.
" Oswald, what did I say about missing your mark yesterday?" Mintz growled.
" Not to miss it again, sir," Oswald whimpered, trembling.
" Yes, and you know what happened?" Mintz growled, picking Oswald up by his ear," You missed you mark by two seconds."
" I'm sorry, sir. I won't miss my mark again," Oswald whimpered.
" Maybe I wasn't clear the first time, Oswald. I think you need to be taught another lesson," Mintz growled.
" What can we do?" Ortensia whimpered," We can't let him beat him again."
" What we need is a plan," Gus said.
Suddenly, Mickey jumped over the crates and ran at the tall figure.
" Mickey, wait!" shouted Gus, but Mickey didn't hear him over the sound of the rain and wind.
" I warned you about missing your mark, Oswald! You know what comes ne-" Mintz growled, but he was knocked off his feet as Mickey plowed into his legs. Mintz dropped Oswald and the rabbit fell onto the ground, landing on his stomach.
Oswald picked his head up off the ground and looked back as a small shadow fell over him. The owner of the shadow had bright yellow shoes, red shorts with white buttons, and large round ears on top of his head. For a moment, Oswald didn't know who was looking down on him.
" Mickey?" he asked feebly, trembling from the cold and from fear.
" It's okay, brother. I'm here now," Mickey said, kneeling next to the fallen king. A sudden groan and a large shadow falling upon him made Mickey turn and stand. There stood Charles Mintz, his face twisted with rage. Lightning flashed and thunder rolled all around them. Mickey stood his ground, and he stared at the tall figure in the rain soaked suit, his red tie flapping in the wind.
" Get out my way, Mouse," Mintz growled.
" Mickey, please leave. He'll hurt you, little brother. Please," Oswald begged weakly, his voice trembling with fear. Mickey didn't move.
" Then I'll move you myself," growled the man.
Mintz came forward, reaching out for Mickey. Suddenly, Gus popped up behind him and with a mighty swing, clobbered Mintz in the right side of the head with his wrench. The tall figure collapsed to the ground. Mintz was down, but not out. He started to get up.
" Get out of here, Oswlad. I'll take care of him," Mickey said to the trembling rabbit.
" No! You can't beat him! He'll tear you apart!" Oswald whimpered. Rain mixed with his tears, and the bandages on his ears started coming off.
" I'm not going to let him hurt my brother," Mickey said, dragging the rabbit to his feet.
" But your my little brother. He'll hurt you worse than he did me," Oswald groaned, struggling to stand.
Gus appeared alongside and wordlessly helped the rabbit along. Meanwhile, Mintz had gotten up. Mickey took a look at the tall imposing figure and gasped. Oswald and Gus looked up and were just as shocked.
The right eye had shattered, revealing an robotic eye behind it, that glowed an angry red. Mintz growled low at them.
" He's a animatronic," Gus said quietly. Mickey just stood to face the tall figure.
" Come on, Oswald. The show must go on," Mintz growled, but it no longer sounded like the man who had tortured Oswald. It sounded like an electric hair clipper that had learned to talk.
" He's not going anywhere, you don't own him anymore," Mickey said defiantly.
The robot growled, and in a couple step he reached down and grabbed Mickey off the ground by his neck. Mintz held the mouse, at arms length, up a good three feet off the ground.
" I told you to stay out of my way," Mintz buzzed.
Mickey's face started to turn blue as the robot tightened it's grip. He struggled to get free from the tightening grip, but his strength was quickly running out. He gave a kick which hit the robot in the face, tearing some of its rubber skin off. The flap of torn rubber flapped down to reveal part of a metal skull beneath.
Suddenly, the robot fell to the ground as something hit its right leg, releasing it's grip on Mickey's neck. Mickey fell to the ground the same time as the robot. Gus flew in and helped the mouse to his feet.
" Get off me," Mintz buzzed. Oswald stood on the robots chest, glaring at it. It was hard to tell if he was crying or not cause the rain made that impossible. In his clutched hand, he held tightly on the Gus' wrench.
" I'm going to do something I should have done some time ago," the rabbit growled out. He swung the wrench, meaning to bury it in the robots face, but Mintz put up a hand and blocked it. The wrench instead buried itself in the left shoulder of the robot. An audible metallic crunch could be heard. Oswald let go of the wrench and gave some hard punches to the the robot's chest, a very perceptible dent forming. Oswalds rage and misery had mixed into a volitile cocktail that fueled his attack. Suddenly, the robots right hand slapped Oswald away, making him fly across the floor. Ortensia immediately ran to Oswalds side.
" Oswald! Sweet heart, are you okay?" she asked. Oswald gave a nod, suddenly he noticed the robot was charging toward them.
" MOVE!" Oswald shouted as he pushed Ortensia out of the way. He barely got out of the way himself as the robot charged past them. The robot didn't stop however, it charged right through the wall, leaving a nice Mintz-shaped hole. Mickey and Gus joined their side, staring at the hole in the wall. Suddenly the wall next to the hole exploded out. Mintz now looked totally different.
The force of running into the wall had torn almost all of the rubber flesh from the Mintz robot. The only flesh remaining was on the left hand and on the right foot, still in a polished leather shoe. The robot growled and charged at the four toons. If it had made it to the four, it might have knocked them all over the side of the mountain, and been splattered on the ground below. But the rain on the wet floor made for poor traction.
The Mintz robot slipped on its metal left foot, and fell to the ground. It slid along the ground, toward the four toons. Oswald and Ortensia leaped one way, Mickey leaped the other, Gus flew up, out of the way. As the robot came to a stop, it tried to get up.
" Who said you could get up?!" Oswald shouted as he charged forward and gave the robot a hard kick, sending it skidding along the floor to the edge. The robot slid over the edge and held on with it's right hand. It was trying to pull itself back up. Mickey stood above it, his foot on the robots left hand. Oswald joined his side, and looked down at the robot that had been his "owner" his torturer.
" Kick him off, Oswald!" shouted Ortensia.
Mickey moved his foot over and Oswald placed his foot on the robots hand, next to Mickeys. The two looked at each other and they kicked kicked the robot off the edge. Oswald watched as it faded from view in the mist. A very satisfying crash issued from below. Oswald then turned, then walked off toward the lab.
" Someone built that robot, and I have a good idea who," he muttered angrily.

The Mad Doctor ran down the stairs as quickly as he could. His plan had failed again. he had to escape the inevitable wrath of Oswald the rabbit.
" It was good while it lasted," he said to himself. He was soon at the bottom of the stairs, at the bottom of the mountain. As he was about to get out the other side of the door of the room he was in, gremlins appeared from all over the Wasteland.
" GET OUT OF MY WAY!" the Mad Doctor shouted at the Gremilns. They just stood there and floated in front of him.
" You know, we havn't forgotten who put us in those glass cages," Apollo said.
" I say we put him in a glass jar and see how he likes it," Marcus said. All the other gremlins agreed.

" I'm going to tear him apart!" Oswald raged as he stormed down the stairs. Mickey, Gus and Ortensia were far behind him.
" Your hurt, Oswald! Calm down before you do worse damage to yourself!" Ortensia shouted after him.
" She's right! Stop before you hurt yourself!" Gus shouted.
Oswald was so angry, all his pain momentarily forgotten. His feet pounded down the steps, making them groan as the bolts holding them to the wall strained. At the bottom of the steps, Oswald stopped dead in his tracks. The other three ran into him, all four landing in a heap.
" Why don't you signal when you stop?" Gus muttered from the bottem of the pile.
There, the Mad Doctor was in one of the gremlin cages. He banged on the glass and cursed but the gremlins just giggled as he could barly be heard. Gus and Mickey started laughing as wel;.
" Hey look Gus, its a glass lamp with a dim bulb in it," chuckled Mickey.
" It's a pity it can't be replaced, it would look so good attached to the ceiling," Gus said, laughing a little as he talked.
Oswald picked himself off the floor and glared at the Mad Doctor. He took a couple steps toward it before pushing it over on to its side.
" Now you going to feel my pain and suffering," Oswald said flatly before spinning the cage around and around.
" Stop it! I'm going to be sick!" the Doctor screamed from inside. Oswald gave a smirk. Suddenly he froze up, his eyes bugged out, his mouth gapped open in what appeared to be a silent scream.
" Oswald? Honey?" Ortensia asked her petrified husband. Oswald suddenly went limp and fell lifelessly to the floor.
" OSWALD!" Ortensia screamed as she kneeled by the fallen rabbit. Gus flew in and felt his wrist.
" It's okay, he's alive. The pain must have made him pass out, surprising how he could last so long like this," Gus said gravely. MIckey kneeled down and cradled his brothers head in his lap.
" Is there a way we can get him home, gently?" he asked the gremlin.
" We'll need a streatcher. Marcus, Apollo, and I will find the materials," Gus said, before flying off. Mickey and Ortensia looked at the fallen king. Ortensia held his hand while Mickey held his head.
" If only we had been sooner," Ortensia weeped.
" He's tough. Older brother usually are," Mickey said. But deep down he was thinking the same thing.
The whole story stems from this epic pic [link] from :icontwisted-wind: And this piece [link] by :iconhypershadow34:

Mintz isn't what he appears to be. The Thrilling Conclusion!

....1 more part to submit.
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Ghost Of Oswalds Past
4. Home At Last

Oswald felt himself tumbling down, down, down. He could feel the walls of the tunnel when her reached out moving past his fingertips. His fall slowly came to a crawl as he reached the end of the tunnel. It came out into a bright white light. He covered his eyes as the light became too bright for him to see.
When Oswald opened his eyes, he felt some cold paper underneith him. As he sat up, he looked around the world around him. It was a small room, with some papers tacked to the walls. He tried to look at them but the lines never stayed still. As he became aware of his surroundings, he felt like he was on an incline. Oswald stood up, to see he had been laying on a drawing table. There was something vaugly familiar about this table.
Oswald took a step back to get a better look at the table and the ground left his feet. He fell backwards. Oswald feared he was about to fall to the floor, but he instead landed on a chair. It felt soft and warm. Oswald picked himself up and took another look at the table. It looked more familiar than before. But he couldn't place it. Suddenly, he heard voices. He turned toward the door of the small room, and he could see the shadows of people behind the door on the glass window.
There were words on the glass of the door as well. But they were backwards. Oswald hopped off the chair and bounded over to the door so he could read the words shadows that were cast on the floor. He read them carefully and slowly.
Oswald felt his heart flutter. He recognised this room. It was the drawing room where he had been created. The door opened behind him and Oswald turned to see Walt standing in the door, looking at him, smiling.
" Dad?" he asked, his words echoing slowly in the empty room.
" Yes, Oswald. Welcome home, son," said Walt, smiling down at the rabbit. He stooped down and held his arms open to Oswald. Oswald ran into his arms and was embraced in a strong hug. Owsald looked over his fathers shoulder to see he was holding a piece of paper in his right hand. It read," Copyright of: Oswald The Lucky Rabbit. There mentioned character is now owned by The Walt Disney Company." Oswald smiled and hugged tighter. He was finally back home.
" Oswald?" said a voice. It was Ortensia's. Only it was a long way off. The room, and his father became fuzzy as he looked for the sound of the voice. Suddenly his eyes opened very slowly.
" Oswald, your awake!" Ortensia excalimed excitedly. Oswald looked around. He was back in his bed in Ostown. Had it all been a dream?
" Ortensia?" he asked weakly, looking at the black cat.
" Yes, Oswald. Your finally back,"Ortensia said brightly, embracing her husband in a gentle hug. Oswald brought up his arms that felt like they were lead weights, and embraced her in a strong hug back.
" Where is Mickey, where is Gus?" he asked quickly when their embrace finally parted.
" They are waiting outside. Should I bring them in?" Ortensia smiled.
" Yes, please," Oswald sighed, his back hurting.
Ortensia gave a nod and she went to the door. Gus and Mickey came in a couple moments later.
" I'm glad to see that you alive. I told the gremlins you were tough," Gus said, grandly. Mickey just smiled. Oswald gave a weak smile back.

Ortensia came in twenty minutes later." Okay boys, Oswald needs his rest now," she said, ushering the two from the room.
" Wait, can Mickey stay for a minute or two?" Oswald asked quickly.
Ortensia looked at the two brothers for a moment before saying," Okay, but only for two minutes."
Mickey smiled and went back to the chair by the bed. The door closed behind the two toons, and the brothers were left alone in peace.
" You wanted me to stay a moment?" he asked.
" Mickey, you saved my life. I probably wouldn't be alive if it wasn't for you," Oswald said.
" It's nothing, Ozzie. Your my brother, I couldn't let that evil creation hurt you," Mickey said.
" You know Mickey, I am called the Lucky Rabbit."
"  Yes."
Oswald took a look at Mickey." But you're luckier than I am. You never had to deal with Mintz. I.....I wish I could have stayed. With Walt," he sighed, a tear rolling down his face.
" I know. Walt never stopped thinking about you, Oswald."
" He didn't?"
" No. I remember he used to take trips to Universal to try and get you back. But, he was always denied everytime he went. He never stopped trying to get you back"
" Mickey, thank you for telling me that. It helps to know Dad never forgot about me. Thank you," Oswald said, a smile in his voice. A small tear of joy rolled down his cheek.
" Come on, Mickey. He needs his rest," Ortensia called softly.
" Okay. And Oswald, I have a surprise for you," said Mickey.
" What is it?" yawned Oswald.
" You'll see," Mickey said mysteriously before Oswald fell asleep again.

A couple weeks later, Oswald was almost all healed up. His ear was almost healed and he was now walking around. He sat on the step outside his house, looking at the sun. Suddenly, a dull thump came, accompanied by what felt like a gentle punch in the chest. Then it happened again. And again. And again.
Oswlad put his hands to his chest, and it was unmistakable. His heart was beating again. A goofy smile spread across his face. Suddnely, the door opened behind him and Ortensia came out.
" Oswald! My heart, it's beating again!" she said excitedly.
" I know, my heart is beating too," he said, hugging her close.
The rest of the day went by the same way, most of the characters in the Wasteland started to receive their hearts, even the Bunny Children, who asked OSwald and Ortensia what that thumping in their chest was. The next day, Mickey came by. Oswald was laying in the hammock out front when the sun got cut off. He opened his eyes to see who was blocking his sun
" So, do you have your hearts back?" Mickey asked.
" Yes. How did you get our hearts back?" Oswald asked quickly.
Mickey explained that Disney had got Oswald's character design back 4 years ago and had been stuck on how to re-introduce the character to the public. When Mickey had told them about his first trip to the Wasteland, they suddenly had an angle to reintroduce all the characters that had been forgotten.
" Why did they call it Epic Mickey?" Oswald asked.
" I had no part in the naming. They said since I was the one who had told them the story, that I should be named after it. But, it gets better," Mickey said.
" What is it?" Oswald asked.
" There is going to be a new video game, and you are a main character," Mickey said. Oswald suddenly hugged Mickey tightly.
" Thank you brother, thank you," Oswald said. he couldn't beleive it. It was almost too good to be true.
After nearly 80 years of being a forgotten soul in a world no one knew about, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit was finally home. And the heart beat goes on.
The whole story stems from this epic pic [link] from :icontwisted-wind: And this piece [link] by :iconhypershadow34:

Finally, the Lucky Rabbit returns home.
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Ghost of Oswald's Past
1. The Devil Returns

The lab on Skull Island was a mess. Since the recent destruction of the Blotworx the Mad Doctor had made, the Wastelands was safe again.
" That cursed rabbit and mouse! If they hadn't interfered, I could have succeeded in my plans!" the toon man raged. He picked up some broken robot parts and threw them across the lab, to have it shatter on the stone walls.
" If I could have broken them down, I could have won. That mouse isn't scared of anything, nor is that rabbit. He-"
The Mad Doctor paused as his eyes landed upon a small newspaper clipping from years ago. It had been written by Oswald when he had first come to the Wasteland. It talked about a man named Mintz who was abusive to the rabbit after he was stolen from Walt when he left Paramount. It talked about how the man made Oswald perform or be sent into storage and never allowed out. And even after Oswald had done his performance, he was locked in a cage and left there for the whole night without food or water. A devilish grin spread across his face.
" I know what will scare that lousy rabbit. I now know exactly what will work."

In Ostown, the whole town was dark. Save for one coming from Ortensia's bedroom window. She was laying next to her husband, Oswald the rabbit, or as he was nicknamed The Lucky Rabbit.
" I'm glad your safe, sweety," he said softly.
" Oh, Ozzy, your so sweet. But you don't need to worry about me," Ortensia giggled sweetly.
" I can worry about you if I want to," Oswald said, indignantly," I lost you once, and I won't lose you again."
Ortensia nuzzled Oswalds chest." I know, but you don't have to worry about loosing me again," she purred. Oswald reached over, and turned off the light. And the two cartoon characters fell asleep.

A crash from the down stairs snapped them awake. Down below, they could hear the sound of heavy footsteps on the floor and some things rattling and falling on the floor.
" There must be burglers," Ortentsia said, frightened.
" There are no theives in the Wasteland. But, I'll take a look if your frightened," Oswald sighed. He grabbed his flashlight and got out of bed. As he walked toward the door, the footsteps came to the door as well. Oswald puffed up his chest and opened the door.
Suddenly, there came a mechanical scream from the darkness. Bright white lights turned on, blinding Oswald. He stumbled back and felt something grab him by the waist. A huge metal tentacle grabbed him and tore him out of the room. He had enough time to give a scream of terror before he was yanked out if the room.
Ortensia leaped out of bed, following after her husband. A huge beast held Oswald in its grasp. Ortensia leaped at this thing, claws out. The beast saw her coming and slapped her away from it. She collided into the wall, breaking a picture. As she got up she saw Oswald reach out a hand toward her. Oswald reached out a hand and grabbed her hand. Ortensia pulled and pulled but the beast held on tight. It tore Oswald out of her grasp, tumbled down the stairs and out the window it had come in. Ortensia ran outside to follow, but the beast was gone. And so was her husband. Lights turned on all over the previously quiet town.

Ortensia sat in her chair, still worried. Horace Horsecollar had been by earlier to talk with her about what happened and was off doing an investigation into the matter. Her children sat around her, all to afraid to asked her what was wrong. They knew she was frightened, but they couldn't ask her the question on all their minds.
Suddenly, there was a knock at the door." Come in," Ortensia called. The door squeaked open, and in stepped two characters. One was Gus Gremlin, who flew inside and hovered in front of the door to wait for the other person to come in. The 420 bunny children jumped when they saw the next person.
" Uncle Mickey!" they squealed happily. They jumped on to the famous toon, and nearly smothered him in a stampede.
" Yes, yes, it's me," chuckled Mickey as the bunny children started asking him a million questions.
" Children," said Ortensia," Would you please go play outside for a while? Uncle Mickey and I have somethings to talk about." The bunny children all nodded and bounced out the door." Don't get into trouble," she called after them.
" You might as well forget saying it, they get in trouble al the time," Gus muttered. Ortensia shot him a dark look and turned to help Mickey off the ground.
" Thanks," said the mouse. Ortensia smiled, then her smile failed. Mickey knew why.
" Gus told me whats happened," he said, sympathetically.
" It's quite baffling of why anyone would kidnap Oswald. Though there are some shifty characters around here," Gus said, but he said the last sentence to himself.
" No, no one really had any problems with Oswald recently," Ortensia said.
" We have to go look for him. But where should we start searching?" Mickey wondered, scratching his head
" Well, the first place to look is where a villian would hide their hostage. But who would have an idea about that?" Gus said, scratching his head and floating around as he wondered.
" I know just where to start," Ortensia said, and she was out the door before anyone could say another word. Mickey and Gus followed after her quickly.

" An, you came to me, why?" Pete muttered, the three toons.
" Cause your a villian and you'd know where you'd go with your hostage?" Ortensia growled.
" Oh, so because I'm a villian, you come right to me when there are other villians out there," Pete growled, chewing the end of his new cigar.
" If you had kidnapped some one, where would you take them?" Mickey demanded. Pete rolled his eyes, took a drag from his cigar, and blew a smoke ring around the three characters.
" Now if I was going to kidnap the king of Wasteland, I'd take him somehwere nice and secretive, if ya gets my drift," Pete added loftily.
" English, please," Gus exclaimed. He was getting ticked off with all these riddles.
" Okay, okay. No flare for the dramatic, huh? I'd say it'd have to be somewhere no one goes. Skull Island, might be a good starting place. Yous could ask Pete Pan is he's seen anything. Now get lost, I got official business to attend to," Pete bellowed before storming off, leaving the three behind.
" Well, I guess we are off to Tortooga and to Skull Island beyond that," Mickey said, shrugging.
" I'll see if Marcus has the projector screens running," Gus said, before teleporting away.
" Well, I better get to the Venterland projector screen," Mickey said to himself.
" And so should I," Ortensia said, following Mickey.
" What? Why?" Mickey asked, turning to the black and white cat.
" I want to go with you."
" Ortensia, it might be dangerous. Oswald would kill me if anything happened to you."
" I know, but I want to help you look for him. He is my husband." The look in her eyes showed no weakening of her resolve, so Mickey sighed.
" Okay, Ortensia, you can come along," he sighed.
" Thank you, Mickey," Ortensia said, smiling." Just give me a couple moments, and I will be back. I have to get a few things from home." Before Mickey could ask anything else, she jumped into the Ostown projector screen.

Oswald felt sore as he regained his senses. He opened one eye and took a look around the room he was in. He gingerly pushed himself up, his upper arm hurting as he pushed himself up.
" It's about time you got up! Any longer and I would have had to kick you awake," growled a voice. Oswald looked around quickly. Out of the shadows stepped a large man. He was at least twice as tall as Oswald, taller than Goofy to be sure. The man wore an old business suit, and had very shiny leather shoes. But his face made Oswald turn white with fear.
" C-c-c-c-c-c-c-Cha-Char-Charels M-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-Mi-Min-tz!" he stuttered in fear.
" Oh course it's me! Who were you expecting? Walt Disney?" the figure growled, cackling at his own joke.
" Why are you here? You should be dead!" Oswald raged.
" Do I look dead to you?!" the tall figure screamed. Oswald curled into a ball from fright.
" What am I doing here?" the small rabbit asked.
" Your here to continue the show. Remember, Oswald, I still own you. So you are going to do, what I say," said the man, calmly. Oswald backed away from the imposing figure, and noticed he had a couple bandages wrapped around his arms.
" About that, the Beetleworx that brought you here was a little rough. But don't worry, I had it scrapped because I can't have my number one star being too injured to perform," Mintz smirked.
" I don't want to perform for you! I want to go home! Back with Dad! Back with Walt!" Oswald screamed.
Mintz just chuckled. His chuckle seemed to chill the air in the room." With Dad? With him? You make me laugh, Oswald. Have you forgotten something? Its that....." Mintz paused, reached down, grabbed Oswald by the ear and brought him up to his face. Then he screamed so loud, Oswald thought the room would cave in.
"....I OWN YOU!!!!!!!!!!!"
Mintz dropped the small black and white rabbit to the floor. Oswald rubbed his ears.
" Or maybe, you don't want to act or perform anymore," Mintz pondered. Oswald looked up at the man and nodded. Mintz turned and started to leave.
" Oh well, I guess I can always find another performer. Maybe....,"he said, pausing and looking back at the rabbit.
" ...Ortensia would like to perform," he said, in a sinister tone. Oswald launched himself across the room and held onto Mintz's trousers.
" NO!!!!! Leave my wife alone! I'll do it! I'll perform! Just leave her alone!" Oswald begged. It felt below him, but to keep Ortensia safe, he'd do anything.
" Are you sure?" said the man, looking down on the begging rabbit, who nodded enthusiasticly.
"Good," said Mintz, grabbing Oswalds ears again and dragging him across the ground toward an open door.
" Come along, Oswald. We have films to make. Your the star, don't forget."
The whole story stems from this epic pic from :icontwisted-wind: And this piece by :iconhypershadow34:

A ghost from Oswalds past has come to torture him again.

A little fan art for this story from :icontwisted-wind:… Can't thank him enough
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Collection by
Drew her to try and get over the disappointment. I wish they gave her a staff, 'cause she looks so badass with it.

Delphox (c) GameFreak
Art (c) me
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Astral (Latios): Did you used "thief" on me?
Yuma (Poochyena): Ummmm... n-no!

Решила сыграть в емеральдь. Начитерила себе латиоса (читер, да. Хотеть латиоса. Другое не важно). Я уже прошла вдоль и поперёк игру честно. Нашла программу где сделала игру .. на свой вкус и лад. Мвахахаха...

А смысл в картинке такой: Есть такое умение "thief" можно стырить выщичку у другого покемона. Даже дикого. Вот Юма и стибрил ягодку у Латиоса. Да-да, сама незаметность

Latios, Poochyena (c) nintendo
art (c) :iconyugisr:
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Нет, это не легко когда у тебя в распоряжении целый дет сад.

Pokemon (c) nintendo
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Лайн (с) великая и не подражаемся Сэр..эм..Мисс Мега :iconmechasvitch: найт
Покемоны тсэ нинтендо
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Pokemon: Froakie
Name:  Gideon
Gender: Male
Type:  Water
Special: none
Hatch Date: 17/07/2015
ID Number: 31792

Level: 2
Starting Base Attack: 5
Current Base Attack: 5
Pound (Starting)
Growl (Starting)

Nature: Lax
Characteristic: Somewhat of a Clown

Level Up Log: 
Type of drawing|Link|+ levels
Full-Body Drawing|This Ref|+2 levels

Notes from Me:
My second reference for PKMNation! It took me roughly 45 minutes to draw and colour. I forgot to clip the bottom of this ref, so this is the original size of the ref I drew. I noticed that Froakies have very long arms, when I first drew Gideon I draw shorter arms than the normal, double-checked with a quick look at my Pokedex on Pokemon Y and realised they have pretty long arms. I also forgot what type they were (Oops!) and had to check Bulbapedia (… ) for that along with the starting moves. Fun Fact: I almost called this guy Freddy and then decided against it. My final note would be that the next one will probably be the Male Zorua.
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Pokemon couples
Collection by
An entry for #PokemonDaily's contest. Idea shortly: take a fairy tale/myth/legend and incorporate Pokémon into it.
Phantom of the Opera...starred by lunar duo Darkrai & Cresselia. Because if there must be a crossover between PotO and Pokémon, I can't find any other ones (even humans) to fit this thing... Sparkling rubber duck Cresselia is definitely good Swedish soprano.
...Floating candles are actually new pokémon Hitomoshi/Litwick (fire ghost)...I don't really like them but I thought they fit well to this pokémon theme so why not...

Liner, black ink, white ink, colour pencils, copics.
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UGH. I really need to actually draw these two one day, not just in lineless or flat colors.

Anyway, this is just a doodle I did. Since it's Valentine's Day, I obviously thought of Pokemon, but then I remembered the Destiny Knot, and I was like


And yes, I was really lazy, that's why this is only a doodle, and really ugly and they aren't even finished.

I may go back to it one day, just to actually draw it, hahah. xD

This is for my boy. uvu <333

Dante and Linna (c) to :iconrevenantxrhapsody:
Pokemon (c) to Gamefreak

Hope you enjoy this shitty doodle, tee hee heeeee~

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Zoroark's first impression upon seeing mega evolve lucario
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inspire me after the last drawing I did lucarioxzoroark dancing...I love it

me inpire despues de el ultimo dibujo que hice que fue lucarioxzoroark encanta
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I love this couple and if in doubt pokemon Zoroark is a woman.and lucario is male...
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Three Apples Exhibition has more than 100 artists doing their version of Hello Kitty to celebrate her 35th Anniversary,

This is my painting, my homage to Hello Kitty.
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Made with deviantART muro My failed attempt at trying to do some shading. Yes i do not like the shading i did. 

Cinder is a Zoroark who had got some flame powers by accident a few years ago. Years of being locked up, Being forced to try to control her fire powers and not being able to get love had made her into a cold Zoroark who would burn anyone who comes near her.

There will be a story of her coming up soon. I will make a Bio after i make the story. I still hate my drawing skills. 
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Something really old I thought I'd submit even though I don't like it very much and I can't look at it even on my computer anymore. Ahh, I'm so frustrated. :frustrated:
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My vampire picture for Halloween :]
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Just a new fanart
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Ok so here's my cute little kitty Newtkit!

For :iconthe-warriors-guild:
Name: Newtkit|Newtpaw|Newt???
Gender: She-cat
Rank: Kit
Mentor/Apprentice: N/A
Personality: Quiet| Sensitive| Obedient| Calm
Description: A small she-cat with pale green eyes and brown and white fur.
History: Newtkit was born to her mother Riverdrift and her father Blackstripe.
Mate: None
Kits: None

:bulletpurple: Family
:bulletpink: love
:bulletblue: friend
:bulletgreen: best friend
:bulletblack: frightened/scared of
:skull: dead
:star: Apprentice/Mentor
:rose: mate
:bulletred: hate
:bulletyellow: respect
:bulletorange: irritating/annoying/not particularly fond of
:bulletwhite: curious

:bulletpurple: :bulletpink: Riverdrift: My mummy is SO cool!
:bulletpurple: :bulletpink: Blackstripe: My awesome dad. He comes to play with us every day!
:bulletpurple: :bulletblue: Amberkit: My sister who is totally amazing.
:bulletpurple: :bulletblue: :bulletorange: Eveningkit: My sister who just won't shut up. I love her anyway because she's my sister though.
:bulletpurple: :bulletblue: Dizzykit: he's my cool older brother!
:bulletwhite: Honeyflower: She's my mummy's friend but I don't really know her.
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This is a super cute scene from an rp in the Moonclan roleplaying journal.
Wishkit made a legit friend guys ;u; I'm so happyyy <33

This happens after Marigoldkit and Wishkit fight. Wishkit's leg got infected and he's ill, and Skykit decided to take it upon herself to care for him ;u;

Squeaking lightly as her paws touched the cold earth, Skykit quickly dashed over to where her sister was sitting, and picked out a piece much too big for herself before rushing back to the warmth of the nest. Spitting out a feather, Skykit then placed the piece in front of Wishkit's muzzle, her eyes bright with concern. "Please Wishkit," she pleaded quietly, sitting down next to him and nudging the food a little closer. "You have to eat if you're gonna get any better. Just...please just try."

Wishkit didn't protest when Skykit nudged his head to the side and bolted off towards the fresh-kill, his eyes half-closed as he watched her pull a rather large piece off and return with it. He curled up tighter when she placed it near him, burying his muzzle in his arms to hide his nose from the scent of the bird. "... No." He murmured in reply. "I'm not hungry."

Skykit blinked, feeling her ears droop as she lowered her head sadly, gazing down at Wishkit. Right now, she wished she had that determined look in her eyes that her mother and Marigoldkit both shared. She wasn't really good at persuasion to be honest. She was more of a comforter than a persuader. Despite this, the calico raised her head, trying to set her jaw like her mother did and breathed in as if she were about to say something stern.
But at the last second, a look of defeat crossed over her face, and she instead let out a long sigh as she plopped down into the nest once more, her eyes staring at the pigeon in front of her denmate. At that exact moment, hunger clawed desperately at the kit's belly, causing it to rumble loudly. However, instead of reaching towards the food, the selfless little she-cat curled herself into a ball and buried her muzzle under her tail. "Okay..." she mewed, her voice quiet. "But if you don't eat, then I won't eat either." And just like that, the petite little kit closed her eyes, trying to muffle the sounds her belly made with the moss from the nest.

Wishkit stayed curled in a ball for a few moments, his ears flicked back and his breathing slightly uneasy now the he was awake and moving, if ever so slightly. He felt Skykit plop down next to him once one, curling into a ball much like he had down. He stared into his arms for a few moments more, then lifted his head and set his glassy-eyed gaze on the pigeon.
He hesitated before he reached his head forward and reluctantly took a small bite out of the bird. He set his head back down on the warm bedding and stared at Skykit, chewing the morsel slowly for fear that he would get sick if he did so any faster. He swallowed after a few moments and shuddered, but kept his eyes on Skykit. "Happy?" He muttered, his weary eyes closing halfway once more.

Pricking her ears at the sound of movement, Skykit slowly lifted her tail so that she could see the pigeon again, watching in surprise as Wishkit leaned forward and took a bite out of it. Locking her gaze with his, a small hint of relief and joy in her eyes, she slowly felt her muzzle quirk up in a grin. "A little." she mewed, looking back at the prey. Uncurling herself so that she could slide closer to it, the kit examined the size of Wishkit's bite before taking a similar sized piece out of it herself.
Despite wanting to swallow right away and dig into the next piece, the calico forced herself to chew slowly instead, giving the tom a look that told him she was going to stick to what she said. Finally swallowing the piece, the kit felt a sigh force it's way out from her chest, mentally yelling at herself for showing even the smallest hint of how hungry she really was. "Um..." Skykit stammered, pricking her ears before smiling sheepishly. "Hehe, the taste kinda grows on ya after a while I suppose." But with that being said, the kit plopped her head back onto her paws and gazed back at Wishkit, wondering what he was gonna do next.
Suddenly realizing that someone else had walked into the nursery, Skykit smiled cheerfully as she realized who it was. "Oh, hiya Bravenight." she mewed quietly, not wanting to disturb the cats sleeping around them. Listening to the question he directed towards her sister and Wishkit, the little calico glanced over at the both of them, wondering what they would give away.

Wishkit watched Skykit wearily as she took a bite of the pigeon, taking only about as much as he did. He gave a slight puff of annoyance, understanding from the look that she gave him that she wasn't going to give in that easily. This was going to be hard. The tom closed his eyes for a moment, thinking about what he should do, before opening them again at the sound of another cat entering the nursery.
The dark tom lifted his head slightly to see a tall tuxedo tom looking down at the three kits with the kindest of smiles. It took a moment for Wishkit to realize that he had actually asked them a question, one directed to both Marigoldkit... and him. He stared down at his arms once more, his ears flattening further. "Fine. Just fine." The kit lied. He didn't feel like talking to the tom right now. Or ever really. He'd rather just talk to Skykit or something...
Speaking of Skykit, he turned his attention back to the petite calico and sighed. "You're really going to make this difficult, aren't you." He muttered under his breath. Reluctantly, he took another bite of the fresh-kill sitting in front of them, chewing it slowly and swallowing before nosing the rest towards Skykit.
"Look..." Wishkit sighed, dropping his head back onto the bedding. "I can't eat much more than that. I'll be sick if I do." He shuddered once more at the thought, keeping his eyes closed so he didn't have to see the little calico's face, and so she didn't see any emotion that may be showing through his eyes while he was still too weak to control it. "But... I.. I don't want you..... to be hungry.." It was a struggle for him to say such a thing; something so... caring. It made him feel weird, weak. Unlike himself. But he didn't know of any oter way to argue with the she-kit. "So... just eat already!"
Of course he didn't mean for his voice to raise in intensity like that, especially as suddenly as he did it, but it just kind of... did. At least it felt a little more in character for him.

Skykit blinked, a little disappointed that Wishkit had lied again about his condition. But she was beginning to understand how the jet-black tom worked, and knew that he didn't really like a lot of attention being directed to himself. Suddenly realizing that he had muttered something inaudible, she turned her head, her eyes widening a bit as he took another bite out of the prey. Seeing the difficulty in his expression as he swallowed, Skykit felt her mouth part open slightly when he pushed the remains towards her.
Listening to Wishkit's words, Skykit watched his face while he kept his eyes closed, her expression softening with every heartbeat. Surprised to not find herself flinching when he abruptly finished, the calico kept her eyes on her denmate, a kind smile forming on her muzzle even though she knew he couldn't see it. "Wishkit..." she began, allowing her voice to trail off as if she were going to protest. Then, after a slight pause, she closed her eyes and let a quiet purr rumble softly from her chest. "...Thank you. You're pretty awesome, ya know that?" And with her signature grin spread widely onto her muzzle, the little kit steadily began to eat, quickly quieting down her loud belly with every bite.
Realizing that Bravenight was speaking to her, the she-cat looked up at him, her soft-blue eyes shining a little more brightly than usual. "Thanks Bravenight." she squeaked, beaming. "Hehe, I'll try my best!" Flicking her tail in farewell, Skykit lowered her head once more so that she could finish eating her fill. Once she was done, she slowly pushed the remains away, and raised an eyebrow at Wishkit. "Happy?" he mewed, a light, playful tone in her voice as she used the same word he muttered not too long ago. Then, with a twitch of her whiskers, she gently pushed some more warm bedding towards him before curling up against his side, sharing her body heat with the sick tom just as she had done before.

Wishkit cracked his golden eyes open slightly to watch Skykit eat her fill, not wanting her to pull another stubborn trick on him. He didn't respond to her comment about him, simply flicking an ear instead to show that he heard her. "Happy?" He heard her mew playfully, repeating the word he had used earlier. "Very." He replied curtly, his voice quiet. Although it was a bit of a rude response, there was a small glimmer of amusement glowing in his weary eyes.
He didn't complain one bit as he felt another lump of warm bedding get pushed towards him, nor did he when Skykit curled next to him once more. He pressed closer to her, twitching his whiskers contentedly as he closed his eyes completely. As much of an awful mess his emotions were, he couldn't deny that he felt rather... happy at the moment.
It almost hurt.

Skykit rested her head on her forepaws, feeling Wishkit press closer as he closed his eyes once more. She could hear her sister padding over to a corner of the nursery, and assumed that she was trying to collect her thoughts. She couldn't blame her if she was though. So much had happened in these past few days, that she suspected Marigoldkit needed some time on her own. Allowing her head to roll a bit, the little calico gently leaned it against her denmate's pelt, and noticed the nest was beginning to warm up again. That was a good sign. "I'll be right here if ya need anything." the little kit mewed comfortingly, closing her eyes and pricking her ears. And with that being said, she listened quietly to her surroundings, feeling her body relax at the sounds the forest made outside.

Skykit (c) ~MistDapple
Wishkit/art (c) Jay
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Oh dear Starclan.
Is it bad that I actually ship this? xD
I love this pose too heehee. <3

Eagletalon and Rockpaw; requested by =Nugchuppy

This is actually a really cute ship, even though it's gayyy >u>
Hope you like it!

Eagletalon (c) ~TheSilverFlame
Rockpaw (c) =Nugchuppy
Art (c) Jay
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Awww this is a cute pairing <33
I really like their designs~

Pondfish and Flashheart; requested by *ShadewhiskerMeow

Hope you like it!

Pondfish (c) ~LordMuffinX3
Flashheart (c) *ShadewhiskerMeow
Art (c) Jay
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Again, I love the eye colours on these two ;u;
I love the entire design of these two really.

Jayspirit and Skyleap; requested by =Coalfeather

Hope you like it!

Jayspirit (c) =Coalfeather
Skyleap (c) ~playfulkittyartist
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Heres a little something for a friend of mine named :iconlucarioranzebal: and heres Kifi taking a bath with a beautiful, cute pose. Hope everyone likes this. I truly need some work on the shape of that tub, but its still good regardless.
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Its true the Pokemon company has been acting like its so hard to do that. There was a Special Pokemon episode with horrible voice acting and the plot made no sense and they never made reference to it ever again ( like they did with Mewtwo Returns ) well how i saw it was in walmart back in 2007 i was of coarse searching for Lucario and the Mystery of Mew and for some odd reason my dad was kind against getting it for me cuz i guess he still believes that Pokemon was to violent when its really not. well luckily since i was 13 at the time he got it for me and when i saw the back it had Mewtwo at the back and i was like OMG Mewtwo is back so i put it in first and well the voice acting threw me off and the beginning was kinda weak but i let it past cuz at the time i was just like " Well if Mewtwo is in this i can ignore all that " Sadly when Mirage Master got the Mirage Mewtwo and said its not the same Mewtwo we all know.  THAT MEANS THEY POINTED OUT THAT THEY COULDN'T HAVE MEWTWO COMING IN TO HELP ASH AND HIS FRIENDS D:< i mean they episode would've been better with the real Mewtwo fighting the fake one saving the day and Mirage Master tries to catch him but fails. NO it did not go like that so i was left disappointed after the episode ended. Of coarse i enjoyed the Lucario movie much more anyways. With the new movie still being made of coarse we saw the trailer were Mewtwo came in and saved Ash. Then they decided to make a new form instead of making new Pokemon witch means their out of ideas. and then all of a sudden they made the Mewtwo into a female. I was hoping it was just the japanese voice. It wasn't they comfirmed it to be another Mewtwo. Why ?  i remember on Wiki it said that the creator said that Mewtwo change on his journy and was going to see Ash again. Then all of a sudden we get this stuff saying that the creator decided to make it into a whole character. Well the Female Mewtwo was alright i still feel that they changed everything right in the middle and decided to make Ash that he forgot Mewtwo. OK to any movie makers there. If you want to make a movie and you already released trailers and then changing it in the middle before releasing it is going to leave it in the mess. Sure like i said i like the movie but it was still a bit of a mess i mean how come they barely use the footage that they already had ? all us Mewtwo fans were happy to hear that Mewtwo was coming back. But making another Mewtwo to just make a whole new charcter was just kinda disappointing so my hope was shedder from that. Like i said i'm not saying the movie is bad i don't think its bad i just don't think its fair that they would change their original plans like that when they already had plans. So next time theres another Mewtwo movie being pronounced i won't raise my hopes up like that again to just have it shedder. I'll do it the smart way next time and wait for the movie to come out if they ever do another Mewtwo movie.  
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Just Eloria doing her meditation.
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I Cdnuolt blveiee taht I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd waht I was rdanieg. The phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid, aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it dseno't mtaetr in waht oerdr the ltteres in a wrod are, the olny iproamtnt tihng is taht the frsit and lsat ltteer be in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a taotl mses and you can sitll raed it whotuit a pboerlm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe. Azanmig huh? yaeh and I awlyas tghuhot slpeling was ipmorantt!
if you can raed tihs rpsoet it. OLNY PUT THIS ON YOUR PRILOFE IF YOU CAN RAED TIHS. CNAHGE THE NMUERBR AT TOP TGOHUH, "ONLY __ PEOPLE ON DA CAN READ THIS...CAN YOU?" Go up a nmuber if you can raed it...lte's see how hgih we can get!
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probably the aftermath of this post

where Jack decided to carry Rapunzel's hair
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I have a few friends I would really like to point put.They've made me feel really good here on dA.
1st off ALL my watchers!

And now some of my all time awesome friends here..........

:iconmarfmarf02: My 2nd really close friend here I think.We've had a few ups and downs but were are still quite close!
:iconartsy-purple-lover87: We used to be enemies but now we are great friends!I wouldn't have it any other way!
:iconpsycho-blaze: I have no idea how we met.My memory is nearly as bad as Maxie's sometimes!But we are very close now and he honestly without knowing it helped me with my role play skills!
:iconaskmaxie: Bro your hilarious!Being Maxie aside I still feel a close friendship to you!I wish you really were Maxie dammit.XD!
:iconaskarchie: He gave me my PM.Nuff said.
:iconlightingfang25: We met up at as role play interruption.This guy is awesome with Rps and I love your characters!
:iconzorceus: She was the founder of the 1st group I joined.She is really supportive and was the 1st really close friend I ever had on dA.As well as her characters are fucking awesome!

I love all my watchers and appreciate all of you guys!THANK YOU!And happy V-day!

Arceuses for days!


493Arceus Normal Dream.png493Arceus Grass Dream.png493Arceus Fire Dream.png493Arceus Water Dream.png493Arceus Poison Dream.png493Arceus Electric Dream.png493Arceus Psychic Dream.pngSpr 6x 493.pngSpr 6x 493 s.png
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I'm sure you all know and are aware, as me, that in the last years there was a veritable explosion of CGI animated movies:
Dreamworks, Pixar and now Disney itself produced incredible masterpieces,
but what about the 2D?

the hand-made animation that decreed the undisputed success of Disney
and that fascinated all of us when we was children?
How many hand-made movies have been produced in the last times?

It's sad to realize that the 2D animation is going to disappear, maybe forever.

Then I found a super-duper project in Steampunk sauce the Disney veterans are working on: Hullabaloo

 but they need our help, I immediately gave my donations since this could be the last chance to see a hand-made animated movie!
please read more in the link Hullabaloo and, if you can or are interested, donate.

thank you for reading :thanks:

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1. Does your character have a long, rare or unusual name? [If she lives in Japan, Japanese name is not unusual] - HAHA. JAPAN HAS SAVED MY CHARACTER. - Nope

2. Does your character have more than one first/second name for no reason? - Nope. Her name is just Amaterasu, but the remaining parts is just her title.

3. [Count all that apply] 
She's not a human? - Yep. darnittheygotme
    Half a human? - Nope!
    An Angel? - Uh- Nope?
    A Vampire? - Nope!
    A Werewolf? - Nope!

4. She belongs to a royal family? - Yep! Izanagishameonyou

5. Does she have amnesia? - Nope!
    Does it heal as the story goes on? - Nope!

2 out of 10


1. She has very long hair or hair of an unusual colour? - Yep!
    Is she blonde? - Nope! (I'm assuming she's not counted here because she's not completely blond, and her root hair is ginger.)

2. Does she have wings? - Nope!

3. She's not overweight although she eats a lot/doesn't exercise? - Yep!

4. Is her bra size B < ? - … I'm not even going to answer this one.

5. Does she belong to some kind of label? [ex. Punk, Goth, Lolita, Emo, Prep, etc.] - Nope!

6. Are her eyes of an unusual colour? - Nope!
    Is it red? - Nope!

7. Do you describe her looks in the first chapter? - Nope! 
    Do you use words "gorgeous" "mysterious" "stunning" "beutiful" "perfect" when describing her? - Yep! (Only on Reference Sheet)

3 out of 10


1. She had a terrible past - Yep!
    She angsts about it - Yep!

2. Is she an orphan? - Yep!

3. Was she physicaly abused? - Nope!
    Mentally abused? - Nope!
    Raped? - Nope!
    All the other characters know that? - Nope!

5. She saw the death of a family member - Nope! (She sees the bodies, not the death.)
    It was har fault - Nope! Just for now at least. She did give information to Yomi that helped lead to the deaths of many characters, but regardless if she did or not, the Genocide still would have happened.
    She only thinks it was her fault - Nope! (Thank god)

3 out of 10


1. She has a very dark or very cheery character - Nope!

2. She has no enemies - Nope!

3. She has no friends - Nope!

4. She has a, "Big Point of View" [ex. "It's okay that my boyfriend left me. There's plenty of boy left in the world to chase."] - Nope!

5. She has a best friend that stays that way during all the story - Nope! 

6. Everyone who dislikes her ends up humiliated, arrested and/or dead - Nope!
    Killed by her - Nope!
    Killed by her boyfriend/girlfriend - Nope!

7. She always understands others and gives an answer to any problem of their life - Nope!

8. She shares same characteristics/hobbies with a cannon character - Nope!

0 out of 10 (Whoop!)


1. Your character seems to have more romance than any other character in the story - Nope!

2. Her boyfriend/girlfriend is a cannon character - Nope!
    More than one cannon character - Nope!
    A character from a cannon couple - Nope!
    A character you would like to have as a boyfriend/girlfriend - Nope!
    It was love from first sight - Nope!

3. She's bisexual - Nope!

4. She had sex with a cannon character - Nope!
    More than one cannon character - Nope!
    A character you would like to have sex with - Nope!

Let's just say Amaterasu doesn't blend with the cannon world

0 out of 10


1. She's a musician - Nope!
   A rockstar - Nope!
   A dancer - Nope!
   A hacker - Nope!

2. She`s better than a cannon character in some specific area he/she's good at [ex. Better in Taijutsu than Rock Lee, smarter than L, etc.] - Nope!

3. She's not from a country in which the story is taking place - Nope!
   She somehow popped in the fictional world from the real world - Nope!

4. She doesn't have to pay for her actions/crimes/mistakes - Nope!

5. Her enemies are complete opposites of her - Nope!

6. She looks like one of the cannon characters/character from other anime - Nope!

0 out of 10

To the anti-sue traits!

 Remove one point if your character is a smoker
 She has a disease that doesn't heal during the story 
 She is overweight  
 She's in love with a character who doesn't love her back 
 She's weak mentally or physically - 1


Less than 5 points- Anti-Sue

Your character is definetly an opposite of Mary Sue! It's obvious that you've been trying to protect your character from suedom, but a few more good traits wouldn't hurt.

5-15 points Original Character (Amaterasu got 7)

Congratulations! You've created an interesting, well-balanced original character! ^-^ You sure need a lot of skills to create such a great character, good job! 

15-25 points Boarding Sue

Hmm… I can't say your character is a mary-sue, but it's really close to it! You should edit her a little to make her more realistic and interesting!

25-35 points Mary-Sue

My oh my, we have a trouble! D: I understand that you tried to create a nice and interesting character that others would like, but you've overdone it. Remember, a character has to have flaws! If you don`t want to ruin your fanfiction, try to rework your character.

35> points Ultra-Sue

OH MY GOD, NOT THAT! BURN IT! You've created a monster, my friend. Take a blank sheet and create another, more realistic character.

Skin made by pikadudeno1
with love ♥
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Collection by
Now I know this isn't the best sword you'll ever see, but you know, I tried. You could just call it the Haxorus Saber for short.

Crafted from the armour of a deceased Haxorus, this sword is unbreakable. The user does not have to be mega evolved to use it, only with patience and control will they master it. The only know defence against the sword is a shield of the same legendary power.

Heavily inspired by this thingy here:…
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I wouldn't say its freezing, just a bit cooler than usual. So it's summer, but it feels like winter weather, I want it to be HOT! Then again, I'll just complain about how it's too hot...
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Yay! After much reminding and what not to my dad, I'll be on more often! Though I did have to give up something else in the process. WORTH IT! ;u;
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Color of the lineart for [link] !!! It was really fun to do! The scanner made the colors all wonky, of course, but I figured that's ok since it's a wonky piece of art anyway. :D
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Zoroark Zorua
Collection by
I loved doing this, love the characters, love the pairing, love the fact Zane fell in love with a fricken LIVING LIFE-SIZED PLUSHIE, it's all so adorable you just want to melt.

BOOTIMUS. :heart:

This has to be one of my favourite Pokémon Pairings, if not my top favourite ( They are actually my top favourite I think just for the fact on how adorable it is that Zane can hug her as tight as he wants and he won't hurt her in the process :heart: I hearz Zane leikz Snugglez )

Sketch: Sketch Dump: Couples by Zodiac-Dragoness (Bottom Right)

Zoroark Species © Nintendo/Game Freak/Pokémon Company
Zane © BlazingStarO 
Abyss and Art © Me
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now i just have to make..afew more..


Zoe's mane is moar poofy now D:
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I swear my photography teacher is very very very picky and she did not like the first version of zoroark so i went back to the drawing board. I got a picture of a blood red moon. Threw the contrast out the window and had some dark smoke and threw it's contrast out the window. yeah. . . .contrast was my friend this time round.

I edited him more. I have him a blue tint to make his hair stand out better and to make it more natural plus i think it looks bad ass.
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He's a master of disguise.
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I just felt like drawing one, cause they're cool >w<
the end of the hair reminds me of a paintbrush... XD
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