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Having been in a relationship with Romano for over a year now, you were fully aware of his personality and tendencies that revealed themselves over that time period. How he would deny anything if it made him look “uncool” and how he pouted until he received what he was pouting for. You came to the conclusion that, just like his brothers, he was stuck as a child, but most of the time you didn’t mind.

Other times it was all you could do to not walk away from him.

Don’t you fucking look at my girl again, you bastard!

With a heavy sigh, you brought your fingers to your forehead, massaging the skin in attempt to keep the splitting headache at bay that you acquired from his screaming for the last five minutes. He had caught the young blonde waiter staring at you when the two of you stopped a homely cafe and restaurant. The man had seated you two, and commented on your outfit and hair. The autumn weather was beginning to get cold and rainy, so you wore a long sweater with black leggings, which the waiter had stared at appreciatively. And the look didn’t miss Romano’s olive eyes.

After that he had jumped to his feet and grabbed the poor boy by the collar of his shirt, pointing a finger into his chest as he cursed very colorfully in Italian. You normally loved the sound of his voice; however, this time it was dark and threatening, and worried you.

“Romano, he didn’t do anything wrong,” you tried to support the blonde boy currently sweating bullets as he raised his hands up in defense. There were tears in his golden eyes. Your lover looked back at you with a face that said “Don’t butt in”. After that look, you sighed heavily and let your head fall onto the wooden table.

Romano noticed this and knew he was getting close to stepping over the figurative line of your patience. With hesitation, he released the boy with a rough shove. The waiter scrambled away, not looking back until he was in the back room kitchen. Instead of him, a new waitress returned to the table with two glasses of water, as if nothing had happened.

“Sorry about that, sir,” she spoke in a monotone voice, setting the waters down and pulling two menus out from under her folded arm. She then promptly left, giving the two of you time to look at the menus and make your decisions; however, you had already lost your appetite.

“...I’m sorry,” Romano finally whispered, hiding behind his menu as his shoulders shrugged upward, knowing that you were unpleased with his attitude.

With a sigh, you looked down at the menu in your hands, the words meaning nothing to you as your mind swam across the blurred black and brown designs. “You just need to control yourself better,” you replied, knowing in the back of your mind that you had repeated this several times before, and had yet to see an improvement or change from him.

“I know,” he murmured quietly, face still hidden behind the laminated paper. You then looked back at the menu, mentally deciding on a small meal in case you got full quickly. It wasn’t long before the new waitress came back, a pen in hand and a little notebook.

“What can I get you two?”


After the two of you left the warm cafe, you found yourselves walking with your arms linked together through a park nearby, children playing excitedly with their insulated, stuffed jackets and earmuffs. You always did love children, and hoped to have some eventually. Maybe you could get a puppy too.

“So what do you want to do now?” Romano asked, stuffing his hands in his jacket pockets to keep his hands from getting any colder. You had done the same as soon as you stepped from the cafe. Some thoughts passed through your mind, but you were growing tired after having some delicious food in your stomach and a warm latte.

“Whatever you want to do is fine,” you told him with a soft yawn. His olive eyes caught sight of this. He felt like a nap as well.

“Want to go back home and take a siesta?” he asked, moving the arm that was interlocked with yours and placed it over your shoulders, rubbing them affectionately. This only made you sleepier. A nod was all you could manage as he continued to rub your shoulder, pulling you closer to his warm body.

After you walked through the door, you kicked your shoes off roughly and let them scatter across the floor. You’d pick them up later. Walking into the living room, you mosied over to the nice fluffy couch and plopped down onto it, stomach down. Using your arms as a pillow, your body felt heavy within seconds and your eyes began to droop. Just as your (color) orbs were concealed by thick lashes, a voice pierced through your ears.

“What the hell are you doing here, fratello?!” Romano cried angrily. His outburst was met with a cheerful voice.

“Vee!~ I wanted to see you and your girlfriend,” Italy replied. Your eyes opened as you sat up on the couch. Peering over the edge, you saw the two Italian brothers standing before one another, a cheerful smile on one’s lips and a scowl on the others.

“We were just going to take a siesta, so leave.”


“Get out! I don’t want you anywhere near (Name) when she’s drowsy and can’t think straight,” he growled angrily. As his words reached your ears, you groaned loudly and let your face fall onto the cushion on the back of the couch. Romano heard this and turned his head to see you, and an odd feeling suddenly grew in his stomach.

“(Name)? Y-you were awake?”

“Ciao, (Name)!” Italy called, completely oblivious to what was currently transpiring. You lifted your head with tired eyes, a frown on your lips.

“Romano, it hasn’t even been an hour yet and you’re already on the fight. And with your own brother,” you told him with a sigh at the end. His eyes grew worried as he began to step towards you with an outstretched hand, your name whispered on his breath. However, you put up a hand of your own to stop him.

“No, I don’t want this to happen anymore. If you can’t be decent with your brother, then I won’t be around you until you do,” you spoke with a final authority, rising from the couch and beginning your short trek to the shared bedroom. You could hear your name being called from behind you on your way, but you ignored it.

Down in the room, the younger Italian was looking at his older brother with a guilty look on his face. Romano noticed this with a scowl.

“Why the hell are you looking at me like that?” he spat angrily, causing the younger one to flinch with hurt and fear.

“I’m sorry I caused trouble. But you must have messed up pretty badly. I’ve never seen (Name) that mad before, fratello,” Italy spoke quietly, twiddling his thumbs together as his closed eyes focused on the floor. Romano wanted so badly to shout at him and accuse him of knowing nothing about his girlfriend, but he couldn’t make himself say anything. His throat was swollen shut with the vices of guilt.

“It’s...not you. I can’t keep my jealousy in control, fratello. And (Name) is getting even more irritated by it,” he confessed, holding his right arm with his left hand as he looked down with his emerald eyes.

“Well, maybe you need to ask her for help? Women know best,” he spoke with a smile, patting his brother on his back. “It doesn’t make you look weak. If anything, you’re stronger for wanting to get help!” he tried to encourage his brother. Romano sent him a small scowl.

“Now you’re just pushing your luck. But you’re right; I need to talk to her.”

Romano then walked towards the shared room, knocking gently. He could hear your heavy sighing inside, knowing that once again, you were irritated.

“Um, (Name)? Can...can I come in?”

On the inside, you were sitting on the bed, chipping the nail polish on your toes out of boredom. You could hear how desperate he sounded, but you were peeved with his attitude. But, he had shown a sweet side many a time before, so there was a chance he was ready to listen. You then stood from the bed and walked over to the door, cracking it open to see a trembling Romano. He was visibly shaking, and his eyes looked as if he were about to burst into a river of tears. Then a thought occurred to you.

It was your first fight.

“(Name), I-” he choked on his words as soon as he spoke your name, and the tears were brimming his eyes. Something inside you broke, and you weren’t going to let it stay that way.

Without thinking, you opened your arms up and brought him closer to you, feeling him wrap his lean arms around your form tightly, trapping your arms underneath his. His head found the junction of your neck and shoulder, for he wasn’t much taller than you, and let his chin rest on you, the tears falling. Your hands found his back, and you could feel his muscles stiffen under your touch, still trembling. He was honestly crying.

“Mi dispiace, (Name)! Please forgive me! I’ll change, I promise!” he sobbed loudly into your shoulder, his fingers digging into your waist for something to grab; you let him. Without realizing it, you felt warm tears slip from your eyes onto your cheeks, running down to the crevices on the edge of your lips. Since when did you cry that hard?

Hugging your lover tighter, you tried to let him know that it was going to be alright. “I believe you, Romano. don’t have to change anything.”

“B-but look at the trouble it’s caused us! We had our first fight. You got mad at me, and I embarrassed you. I just-”

“Romano, it’s fine. Just...keep it in control. You don’t have to blow up at every person that speaks to me, just nicely tell them that you don’t appreciate it. And I’ll do my best to show everyone around that I’m yours, and only yours,” you sent him a soft smile. He looked into your (color) eyes, his emerald ones glistening with tears. He sniffled loudly, taking a shaky breath.

“I can do that. And I’ll make sure that everyone around you knows that you’re my girl, and no one can take you away from me,” he replied, kissing the end of your nose lovingly.

“Besides, you’ll always be my number one, even if I don’t outright say it. Remember that.”

“Prometto.” With that, he kissed you on the lips.
Preview Image: Romano

This is the second commission for Soul1991!

I hope you enjoy it! And sorry for short description, I'll fix it later! ^^;

Disclaimer: I OWN NOTHING!
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You were sitting on the bus, listening to your mp3 player and staring outside, but not at anything particular. Today was a beautiful winter day, which was something unusual for you to think -since you generally hated the cold- but today was also unusually warm and the sun was shining. You were happily and peacefully humming along to the song you were listening until-

“Hey, idiota, move over,” a familiar voice said as he poked your head.

Surprised, you quickly glanced at the person who invaded your daydreaming and pouted. It was Lovi, and he didn’t seem like he was going to sit anywhere else. You sighed and scooted over next to the window and hugged your backpack as he plopped down next to you.

When your thighs touched, you flinched and almost squeaked out loud but instead scooted over some more and buried your face into your backpack and prayed that he wouldn’t notice your reddening face.

Lovi and you were class mates for one of your college courses, and neighbors as well at a nearby apartment. You two had chatted a bit, always sat next to each other on the bus home and even hung out for lunch. You found him to be grumpy, irritable, and foul-mouthed sometimes, but there was something about him that was just so… irresistible. Something that just made you want to get to know him better. Something that you wished you had the courage to do… but you were too shy. Something that he, luckily, was too oblivious to notice, or just didn’t bother to mention. Some-

“Hey, so where are you going?” you heard him cut through the many somethings in your mind and noticed that he took out one of the headphones in your ear and put it into his.

“Oh—uhmm... I’m going to do some quick shopping before I go to my apartment.”

“Oh, Shopping?” he said, in a faintly interested voice. He was listening to the song that was on now, but he was also looking straight at you.

“Yeah, I’m uh… restocking on food for the week,” you said as you tried your hardest to keep eye contact with him and not blush.

“Oh..” he said as he nodded. You both settled into an awkward silence for a second and thoughts ran through your head, desperate for conversation- or something to break that silence.

“So, you like j-pop, huh?” he said, with a faint smile.

You nodded in reply.

“Hah, I do to. I have a friend named Kiku who gave me some..” and he continued on, talking about other people he knew and his brother. You listened happily until you noticed your stop was coming up, to your dismay.

“Uhm.. Lovi, I need to go…” you said after you pulled the stop request string.

“Oh, uh, right.” Was he disappointed or..? No, you were just imagining it. You smiled and waved as you walked past him.

“Goodbye… see you tomorrow,” you walked off the bus.. and felt around in your pocket for your….

Your mp3 player?? Where was it?

“__________! You idiota!!!!” you spun around and saw that Lovi was running after you, with your mp3 in his hand.

“Oh! Thank you…! But, Lovi… the bus!” you both stared with dismay at the bus as it drove away.

He sighed, and scratched the back of his head as he handed the mp3 over to you, obviously embarrassed.  You took the mp3 from him and then said with tears in your eyes, “I’m so sorry Lovi!!! I’m so sorry! I was such a ditz and you have to suffer for it…”

You were shocked out of your apology by him flicking you on the forehead. “I-di-o-ta!” he drew out each syllable as he pretended to be upset. “It’s okay… I guess you’ll just have to keep me company as payback.”

“Oh… okay,” you blushed as you rubbed your forehead. That flick hurt, but you were happy at the prospect of getting to spend more time with him. You smiled happily… a wide goofy smile to which Lovi flicked your forehead (lighter this time, though) and smiled as well.

When you got to the market, he started to push the cart around as you maneuvered through the aisles with your list. He was really helpful, giving you tips such as telling you how to tell what was ripe and what wasn’t and finding better deals. He especially impressed you when it came to tomatoes. When you told him you were planning on making your own spaghetti sauce, he confidently picked out the best tomatoes and even knew which ones went best with what. Before you went to the checkout, he started to walk away, saying that he remembered that he needed something. After you paid, he surprised you by giving you a small bouquet of daisies.

“I’ll trade you this for those bags,” he said. You blushed, trying to insist you could hold all of the groceries, but he stubbornly refused and left you holding the flowers while he held the bags.

Touched and surprised by the flowers and overall overwhelmed by tonight’s turn of events, you were both quietly standing by the You thought that you saw his face slowly turn red, but you immediately attributed that to the cold. It was pretty cold outside, after all.

You began to shiver a bit, in spite of your attempts to hide it, and it didn’t escape his notice. He put down the bags, unwrapped his scarf and his jacket, and put draped them around your shoulders.

“L-lovi… but you are cold as well!” you protested through chattering teeth. You cursed your weak cold hating body inwardly as you fumbled, trying to juggle flowers and jacket as you also tried avoiding looking at him so that he couldn’t see your flaming face.

He smiled the same smile that he’d always give you and “grumpily” sighed. “Alright, idiota, is this better?” he took off the scarf and wrapped half of it around his neck and the other around yours.

“Yes… a little..” you said, embarrassed. Now he was really close to you! So close you could hear him breathe.

Silence. The only sound was of you two breathing.

“Uhm, wow that bus sure is late..” you said in an offhand way, trying to lighten the awkward mood that was hanging over both of you. You stared down the street, away from Lovino, peering and willing for the bus to come.

“__________.” He said seriously, and to your surprise he awkwardly took your hand.

“Lovi?” you whipped your head around to look at him.

“_________. Go out with me.” He said as he looked straight down at the groceries.

“EH?” you yelled in shock, and tried to pull away since you were so embarrassed, but he was holding onto your hand with an iron grip.

“Bella… Ti amo.” He looked straight at you, his amber eyes serious, but his whole face a flaming red.

Then it clicked. His strange behavior… well, actually it wasn’t that strange… but the suffocating mood that was hovering around you… was because he also like you? You stared at him with pure shock, your brain trying to absorb what just happened.

“I know this is sudden and all, and we don’t know each other all that well, but I admire you,” he smiled, a genuine one, one that you’d rarely see. “You’re kind, smart, and genuinely beautiful. And I know can be quite testy sometimes but-” he began to look a bit worried, and you panicked. You never wanted to see him sad.

“I-I-I love you to!” you blurted out.

“…” he stared at you, surprised at your sudden outburst… and then he started to chuckle.

“What? Why are you laughing?” you asked, confused.

“Well, that’s…” he smiled again, making you heart jump in your chest and he put his arm around you and brought you close to him. “I’m just really happy to hear you feel the same way too.”

Then the bus came forcing both of you to regretfully break apart. He then shyly took your hand and the groceries and you both boarded the bus and sat in the back this time. When you sat down you took out one of the daisies and put it through a button hole.

“Was this… to go along with the confession?” you blushed and smiled happily as you smelled the daises.

He “glared” at you and said “I-di-o-ta, why do you think everything revolves around you, huh?” which made you pout and turn away from him in your seat. He then put his hand on your head and made you lean on your shoulder.

You smiled as he took you hand. “I’m glad that you told me today…” you said as you traced his fingers with your other hand.

“Hmph.” He said as he leaned his head against yours. “You just looked so pretty when you smiled…” his voice then got lower. “…that I wanted to see you smile like that every time I see you.”

You cuddled up to him and whispered back. “That’s exactly what I was thinking...” you smiled contently.

You two were silent for a while and you watched people get on and off at various bus stops. But this silence wasn’t an uncomfortable one because both of you were content and happy with the knowledge that you both loved each other.

As you both got off at your stop and Lovi helped you off the bus, he smirked and said, “So you think that I’m pretty when I smile?”

“EH?” you looked at him shocked, as you both began to walk down to the apartment. “No no no, that’s not what I meant!” you said, aghast.

“I-DI-O-TA!” he almost sang as he smiled at you and put one arm around you. He then looked down at you, smiling as he said, “Now, let’s have dinner together. You made me hungry, telling me about your plans to eat spaghetti. And I’ll make sure to smile nice and pretty for you, alright?”

At that, you smiled and said, “That sounds like a good plan… but,” you motioned for him to come closer and he did. You impishly then tugged on his curl. “I-di-ot-a! Race you to my door!” you laughed as you ran for dear life, away from Lovino.

He pretended to be angry but couldn’t help but laugh and smile as he chased after you. “That’s not fair! I’m carrying all of these heavy bags!” he yelled.

You two had a nice first meal as a couple together, and you continued to make him smile “prettily” for the rest of your lives together. <3
Inspired by a long, boring trip on the bus. I wish I had someone to ride with me! ;^;

I'm going to have to start taking the bus everyday! (whoopee! ) School starts next week for me... yay, college!

oh twell... I'm going to have to bear with it, I guess. ^^ hehe

I had to write another fic 'bout Lovi! I just missed him so much! ;^; ohh.. my very tsundere Lovi... I missed you so--!

I'm still working on requests, of course! but, you understand, right?

hope you enjoyed! Comment please! ^^ I appreciate 'em! and thanks for reading!!! ^^


Hetalia belongs to :iconhimaruyaplz:
You belong to :iconsexyromanoplz:
Story belongs to me! muahahahaha!

Pic doesn't belong to me, but I will take it down sooner or laters, so chill! ^^
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Okay before we start the story. This story is based on real life and on my fantasies. Enjoy.

I sighed as I closed my locker. It was time for writing class. There was nothing wrong with that, I love writing. It´s just the person I had to sit next to. Lovino Vargas. My ex best friend and bully. In fourth grade, we were best friends until sixth grade. He began to bully me and then I snapped. I cried and told him I never wanted to talk to him ever again. After that, things were awkward around us. Especially now.

¨Hey, __! What´s up? ¨my friend Maria came up to me. I shrugged.

¨Not much.  Just walking to my next period.¨ I said. She nodded.

¨Cool, pues I gotta go or else my brother will get pissed that I´m late for third period. Adios! ¨ she said and ran off to her next class. Lucky her… she didn´t have to sit next to the guy you have liked for a long time but has hurt you, I thought. I sighed and made my way to my class. I sat in my seat and took out an assignment that the teacher had given us about two days ago. We had to write a short fictional story based on a true event in our lives or in history. I wrote a short story about the civil war about a slave that confronted his master and was condemned to death for that.

¨Ciao…¨ I heard a soft, deep voice say. I looked up and saw Lovino walking over to his seat. He had a faint blush on his cheeks. I eyed him as he took his seat next to me and took out his assignment. After everyone settled in and the teacher had finished taking roll call, we began reading our assignments.

¨Lovino Vargas! Please come to the podium and read your story.¨ the teacher said. Lovino stood up shakily and walked to the front of the room. He was blushing like mad.
¨The name of my story is called… Please forgive me… It´s based on something that happened… to a friend of mine.¨ He started. I crossed my arms and watched him.

¨There was a girl… she was very kind and pretty. She could make anyone laugh and was very smart. There was a boy, he was moody and didn´t have many friends. In fourth grade, they met and became close friends. The boy had a brother and the girl had a sister. Funny that they all got along. ¨ Lovino chuckled slightly. I was shocked. This sounded way too familiar.

¨Then in fifth grade, another boy came. He was every girl´s dream. He was a Casanova… he flirted with girls and won their hearts. He even won the girl´s heart making the moody boy jealous. The girl got closer to the flirty boy and they both fell in love. That was a problem because the moody boy loved the girl. So in sixth grade, the moody boy came up with a plan to make the flirty boy break the girl´s heart so she would return to him. In the end, the moody boy ended up hurting the girl and ending their friendship. The girl turned to the flirty boy for comfort, making the moody boy hate himself. ¨ He paused and peered over his paper. I caught his eyes looking at me and I blushed. I knew he was talking about me.´

¨Now… in seventh grade, the flirty boy left the girl alone and without anyone for comfort. The moody boy wanted to talk to the girl but he couldn´t even look into her eyes without feeling guilty. The girl ignored the moody boy and continued on as if he never existed which hurt the boy so much. Now they´re in eighth grade and all the boy wants is for the girl to forgive him. ¨ he stopped and looked around the room and stopped when he met my eyes. ¨That´s all he wants… the end.¨ he looked away and turned to the teacher. She was trying hard not to cry.

¨That was good, Lovino… I want to see you after class to talk about your story. Alright… ___ ___! You´re up.¨ the teacher said. I nodded and walked up, not meeting Lovino´s golden brown eyes. His hand brushed against mine making me blush. ´He wrote about us…´ I thought and looked at my paper.

¨During the civil war…¨


I was at my locker grabbing my things for fourth period when I saw the door that led to writing class open. I looked over and saw Lovino walk out with his hands in his pockets. I frowned.

¨H-hey… Lovino? ¨ I asked. He stopped in his tracks with his eyes wide open.

¨S-si? ¨ he stammered. I blushed.

¨I l-liked your story….¨ I said.

¨Grazie…¨ he responded. I looked down.

¨I´m sorry…¨ I said. He looked at me funny.

¨Why the hell are you sorry?¨ he asked.

¨Because… I liked Toni when I should have liked you… he was just a senseless flirt.¨ I said. He blinked.

¨What are you talking about? ¨ he asked blushing. I felt tears prick the corners of my eyes.

¨You know what the hell I´m talking about! I fucking love you Lovino Vargas! I´m sorry for being oblivious to your feelings! If I had noticed them, none of this would have happened!¨ I exclaimed. He was taken back by my outburst.

¨You… l-love me?¨ he asked. I nodded.

¨I love you so much I hate it!¨ I exclaimed. He smiled and pulled me into a hug.

¨Ti amo troppo…¨ he whispered in my ear. I hugged him back.

¨You fucking idiot… I love you so much…¨ I said and kissed his cheek. He smiled.

¨You missed…¨ he said and kissed my lips. I kissed back with much eagerness. Oh yes… this would be the start of a beautiful relationship.
As I said.. based on a true story. I had a buddy since fourth grade and in sixth grade he bullied me. And there was a flirty dude. He was just so funny! Don´t blame me. And yes I did ignore my buddy in seventh grade. I regret it. I seriously miss him. The next time I see him, I´m gonna glomp him and tell him that I like him because I do. :iconfailglompplz: I´m so sorry Ryan! :iconamericawhyplz: I miss you too much... :iconitalysulkplz: I chose Romano ´cause I couldn´t think of anyone else. :iconitalyumadplz: u mad? XD

I used my OC Maria. She´s Mexico... .u.

Hetalia: nien!
Story: mine.
You: :iconsemeromanoplz: :iconfacepokerplz: ...... :iconfangasmplz: sorry... couldn´t resist. XD
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Lasagne, Sauce and Gelato.



You were humming happily throughout your home on the way to the kitchen. You then reached your destination and started scavenging the cupboards and pantries for food.

"Mamma! I'm hungry~!" Your 4 year old daughter called from the living room. "Is lunch going to be ready soon~?"

You then closed the cupboards and walked to the entry which separated the lounge from the kitchen. "Yes my love, don't worry..." you smiled." Anyways we have to wait for daddy to come home so we can have lunch." you smiled.

She puffed her cheeks. "Okay Mamma. Daddy! Hurry up and come home!" She said to no one in particular.

"Yes Romano, Hurry up!" you said before giggling with your daughter as you two were behaving like children, Uh, you were behaving like a little girl.

"Hang on there for a little while longer, I'll start lunch." you said to your daughter. "Okay~!" she responded before running to her room.

You observed your daughter dreamily. She was 4 years already, Isabella Vargas. She had your same (h/c) hair but with a stray curl like Romano, she also had Romano's eyes. She looked like a doll; A living angel in your eyes.

You then sighed and snapped out of your daydream and continued looking in the pantry for something to cook. You looked in the cupboard, spices, pasta sheets, so you took them and put them in the table. You then bent down to the lower cupboard level and looked in there.

Napolitano Sauce, White Sauce, Romano Sauce... You then giggled and grabbed the Romano sauce.

Lovino always got annoyed as his name was always in many items of his country. Romano cheese, Romano Brand, Romano spice, Romano sauce... You then started giggling some more before feeling two strong arms wrapping around your waist and a chin resting in your shoulder.

"I'm home." Lovino grumbled before giving you a kiss in your cheek.

"Welcome home Lovi." You said before kissing his cheek and you laughed again, remembering what you were thinking before.

"What's so funny?" He asked looking over your shoulder.

"Oh Nothing much, I was looking for some things for lunch when I found this." You said and showed him the bottle of sauce. He frowned. "Romano sauce, and how you get angry that your name is in many things."

"Well just-a imagine you being teased for a type of food that is named after you." He huffed into your shoulder. "'Ah, is it Romano, like the cheese~?'" Romano said in a high pitch voice trying to imitate another person. "Seriously it's freaking annoying."

You laughed at his reaction. "Don't worry Lovino..." you chuckled. "It must be easier to remember things."

"Easier to remember my foot. Can't people distinguish me between pieces of freaking food?" He growled. You smiled and turned over to him and kissed his lips. He smiled into the kiss before kissing you back, harder than you had before. He licked your lip and he was about to make the kiss deeper when...

"Ah, Papa, you're finally home!" Your daughter said with a little anger from waiting. "What are you and Mamma doing?" she tilted her head to the side and looked at both of your with her big eyes.

You and Lovino instantly broke the kiss. You were wiping any loose drool that you had and Lovino did too. You two blushed. How embarrassing that their own child had found you two making out.

"A-ah, nothing, Isa..." You laughed nervously.

"Your-a Mamma is right Bambina.., nothing at all!" He two Laughed nervously and scratched his head in embarrassment. 'Damn it!' he cursed internally. He tried not to curse when Isabella was around.

"Oh...Kay..." Your daughter said. "So, Mamma, have you started lunch yet? Daddy's here."

"Not yet baby, you'll have to wait a little longer."

"B-but you said!" she pouted.

"I know, Bella, but uh... i know!  I'll make it up to you." You said, your head now spinning in what to say to your child without bringing up anything pricey or impossible.

"...We'll be having Gelato for desert, Bella." Lovino finished your sentence. You then turned to him and light up. 'You're a genius Lovino!'

"How's that?" He bent down and ruffled his only daughter's hair.

"Per favore!" Isabella chimed in Italian.

"Sicuro, Mía bella Bambina." Lovino responded in Italian. "Ti Amo." he said before kissing her forehead.

"Ti Amo tutti Papa!" She giggled before kissing his cheek. You swore you could of melt into a muddle right there. It was too cute when she started talking Italian with her daddy!

"And what about Mamma? Don't you love her too?" Romano teased. You nodded.

"YES! I love her thiiiis much." Isabella said before extending her arms as wide as she could. "Ti Amo Mamma!"

"Di Tutti, Isabellita." You smiled.

"Wow, that's a lot, isn't it ____?" Lovino said before standing up again. You nodded. "Yes! So, Baby, are you going to wait for lunch now? Mamma and Papa will make it straight away."

"Yes Sir!" She saluted and giggled all the way to her room.

Lovino then turned to you and hugged your waist. "...where were we...~"

"Making Lunch." You said before pecking his lips and escaping his embrace to continue looking or the ingredients. Lovino growled.

"What are we making?" Lovino asked.

"Lasagne." You responded. "It will be easy for you and really quick if we do it together so..."

He sighed. "I get your drift; I'll just go get some fresh tomatoes from the garden to put in it." Lovino said before heading outside to the garden. "Ciao, I'll be back in a sec."

"It's ok!" You smiled and started preparing some white sauce in a saucepan and cooking some mincemeat in a pan. All while humming.

"I'm back, again." Lovino said before heading to the sink to wash his red beauties. He then started to chop them in the chipboard in the table.


You were now putting the fresh handmade pasta sheets in the tray. Lovino then put a layer of meat and vegetables while you put a layer of white sauce and pasta sheets. You two repeated this process a couple of times until the top of the tray was full. You then finally put the 'Romano sauce' on top and gave it to Lovino who then put the tray in the hot pre-prepared oven and closed it.

"Ah, Done!" Lovino sighed and wiped imaginary sweat. "Now we-a have to wait."

"Not a problem." You said before walking to the lounge and turning on the TV. "We can wait." you said before patting the spot next to you for Lovino. Who sat down next to your and kissed your hair.

"Best way to-a relax." Lovino said while he rested his head in your lap.


"..mano... Romano... Lovino... Wake up! The timer is done!"

"Agh?" Romano mumbled "Ok." he said groggily and went to get the food. And you went to prepare the table.


"Waah~! This is aaaahmazing!" Your daughter said when she tried the lasagne. "Papa and Mamma are the best cooks in the world!"

"Even better than France?" you teased. You felt Lovino tense from the other side of the table.

"Even better that Uncle Francis, Uncle Yao and Uncle Turk combined~!" Your daughter smiled. You then felt Lovino relax. 'Even better than the best? That's nice.' You smiled.

"Thank you Bella." Lovino said with a smile. "You're the best."

"Noo, papa, you and Mamma are the best!" Isabella grinned before digging into her food again.

"Isn't she absolutely precious?" You said to Lovino.

"She reminds me of you." Lovino said. You blushed. "She looks so much like you; she is going to be a beautiful woman one day."

"That she will." You smiled sweetly at your daughter who was currently stuffing her face with tomatoes and Lasagne. "She will be a hit with the boys!"

You then felt Lovino tense up again. And he started giving out murderous aura. " one will touch her..."


"...Or I'll kick their a-"


"A-Ah, Sorry, got caught up in the moment, I forgot." He smiled sheepishly. You huffed. You knew he was protective but that was a whole new level. And he wasn't supposed to swear in front of Isabella.

"Papa! Mamma! Finished!" Isabella said showing her plate, which was now Lasagne and Tomato free.

She was a Vargas after all.

"Good job! Now I'll bring the treat we promised."

"Yay! Gelato!"

"Mm. Cant-a wait." Lovino licked his lips in anticipation. "Bring me the usual!"



"Here you-a-go!" You said trying to feign an Italian accent. Which Lovino laughed at. "Next!"

"Hmmph. No Gelato for you then?" You lifted your brow and smirked.

"N-n-no! Anything but the gelato!" Lovino cried. Isabella giggled. You smiled. "That's right"

"Here you go, Bella!" You said before handing a vanilla gelato cup for Isabella which she said "Grazie!" and started to dig in to her Icy treat. "Mmn! Yum!"

You then put some (flavour) gelato in a clear glass for you and you started to eat it.

"What about me ____." Lovino whined. You just smirked and walked over to him and kissed his lips, which surprised him before you handed him some Pistachio gelato. You then whispered something on his ear that made him blush brighter than his beloved tomatoes.

You'd never seen him eat that fast.

And thus was another day with your beloved famiglia.


"Papa… what are you doing to mama?"
I couldn't help myself with the last part...//shot

What was your papa doing, Isabella? i don't really know...:iconeatingplz:
Isabella: I don't really know... :iconinnocentplz:
Me: Aw~ Let's leave them be, i bet they will be tired later Want some more gelato? :icongelatoplz:
Isabella: Waaaai~ Si~ *leaves to kitchen*
Me: *locks door* *wipes nose* u-uh yeah... lets go...

This is old~ I've had it in my iPod for a while XD Wanted to post it for a while... i will post more stuff over these 2 free weeks :D I HAVE to finish my unfinished stories ...

Random fact: My 11 month old baby sister is called Isabella~

I know its Per favore... Typo i cannot fix now, sorry XD done! My italian is getting fuzzy... time to study agin....

:iconhimaruyaplz: Owns hetalia and the preview pic~
:iconcuteromanoplz: Owns you~
Me: I kinda own your child... XD
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Italy Brothers
Collection by
Dark!Italy x Reader

PG-13 (For dark themes)

Abandonment Issues

You tore your gaze away from the window, you have had enough of its taunting.  It, like the door of course, was locked.  You can't remember the last time you left the house.  Everything was so different just a month ago.  You closed your eyes and reflected on the past, because it was pretty much the only thing you could do.  


"I'm (Name).  Nice to meet you," you smiled politely and held out your hand to shake.

"Ciao Bella!  I'm Italy!"  The man took your hand, but instead of shaking it, he brought it to his lips.  Naturally you blushed from the unexpected action.  You were so glad you bumped into him, he was so cute!  

"I really am sorry for knocking you over, how can I make it up to you?"  You blushed a little.

"Ve!  Don't worry about it," he smiled "but if you really want to, how about we get some pasta?"

"Pasta?  Oh, I guess it is lunch time about now…"

"Si!"  You laughed at his enthusiasm, he seemed so innocent and pure.


The click of the door made you snap your eyes open.  You barely turned around before he had engulfed you in a hug.  

"Ve~ You smell so nice (Name)."  

"Thank you," you responded quietly.  Should you ask?  Now would be just as good a time as any.  "Italy?"

"What is it Bella?"

"Um, do you think you can stop locking the doors when you go out?  I feel…trapped."  He pulled back from the hug.  

His eyes were open, but it did little good.  You could never read his eyes, some "window to the soul"  they were.

"But (Name), if I do that, you might try to run away from me."


Germany and Japan seemed like nice guys, Italy had just introduced you.  After the big fight you had with your old friends it was good to go out and meet new people.  Now you and Italy were watching T.V. at his house.

"Say, (Name)?" he started, uncharacteristically serious.  

"What is it?"  Your concern showed itself in your voice.  

"Even if I'm a little clumsy and, well, like…me, you won't leave me will you?"  Your eyes widened, that was what he was worried about?  

"Italy, no!  I would never do that.  You're so nice, I don't care if you're clumsy or anything else!"  Hopefully that would reassure him.  

It did, Italy broke out a smile and laced his fingers with yours.  

"Really?"  He chirped.  You blushed a bit before nodding.  "Yay!"  Italy kissed your cheeks and embraced you.


Italy sat you in a chair.  Then he wrapped his arms around your waist and put his head against your stomach.  

"Ti amo, (Name)."  He lifted his head to look at you.  Again, his pools of amber were unreadable.  "Do you love me?"

"Yes."  At your answer Italy closed his eyes and buried his face in your stomach again.  He squeezed your waist.

"Yay~ that's happy," he whispered into the fabric of your shirt.

You spent the night trying to gently persuade Italy to leave the door unlocked the next time he went out.  You kept reassuring him that you wouldn't run away and you just wanted to go outside for a little bit.  

"You promise you won't run away?"  He asked.

"No, I won't."  He stoked your hair softly.

"Good," he leaned in and put his lips at your ear, "because if you did, I'd come find you."  Suppressing a shudder, you stood your ground.  Italy kissed you, harder than usual, more possessive.  He traced the inside of your mouth with his tongue, almost desperately.  Once he was done he pulled you into bed, circled his arms around you and fell asleep.  

When you woke up in the morning Italy was gone.  You walked over to the door, hoping you had convinced him last night.  Slowly you descended your fingers on the handle.  A rare smile spread across your face when it turned, only to disappear when the door couldn't be opened more than an inch.  There was a chain lock.  On the outside.

You pressed your forehead against the door that separated you with the rest of the world and slowly descended to your knees.  

"No Italy, I can't run away, even if I try."

Here is my first crack at Dark!Charaters. I really like reading about them, THEY ARE SO INTERESTING. Personally the dark creepy aspect of things is often the best. I like fluffy stuff too, don't get me wrong, but I'm fasinated by evil characters. :iconevilplz: That's just me though.

I tried really hard to make it good, even though there are still some things that I'm not that happy with, overall I'm pleased by it.

Also I tried to keep Italy in character as much as I possibly could, just because I made him a yandere doesn't mean I wanted to butcher his character. In my opinion having the charater go dark isn't a good enough excuse to make them out of character, we can keep them in character and dark, because we are all dark if we look deep enough. Even with that said though, out of character darknes isn't always badly done, and I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy some out of character yandere-batshit insane goodness. Just know and aknowledge when it's out of character. You can make them out of character, but realize it and don't try to make excuses. Always remember you can write whatever you want. (That doesn't always make it good though)

Anyway, Italy really does have some abandonment issues(most likely brought on from his grandpa dissapearing and HRE leaving him) in the series, he freaked out when he thought Germany didn't like him anymore(which was hilarious BTW). So if he snapped somehow, I feel like this would be the most plausable.

...Holy crap that's a long discription.

Ciao: Hello
Bella: Beautiful
Si: Yes
Ti amo: I love you

Ita: Ve! Why did you make me so mean in this Pyro?
Pyro: Because yanderes are awesome! And I love making good characters go bad :iconevilsmileplz:
Ita: I don't want people to hate me!
Pyro: Don't worry Italy, I only do it cuz I love you :aww:
Ita: Ve? Is that so~?:iconitalyrapefaceplz:
Pyro: 0.0 Fuuuuuu-

Hetalia, Italy © Hidekaz Himaruya :iconhimaruyaplz:
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I'll Bet

Author's Note: Since this is our little Lovi, there will be cursing and swearing. No likey, no read-y!

"Damn FUCKING fratello, leaving out the flour!"

"That bastard Tony... TOOK MY FAVORITE DAMN SHIRT!"

"My God, I've had enough of Feli leaving the dinner in the fridge WITHOUT THE FUCKING CLING WRAP."

If these weren't Lovino Vargas's words, it'd be called vulgar. But, alas, these are the words of Lovino Vargas. These profanities are just the norm for you.

Although Lovino was your best friend (not to mention the massive crush you had on the hotheaded Italian), his cursing could get out of hand. He was the only person you knew that could use 'fuck's and 'damn's like they were commas.

There have been more than one accounts of his swearing interrupting your inner peace. For example: one Tuesday on the couch watching Doctor Who.

You are a hard-core Whovian, and absolutely despise anyone who bothers you during that heavenly period every week when a new episode comes out.

Lovino was not anyone, though, and you couldn't help but to answer his call. "Hello?" you said. "(Y/N) TELL THIS TOMATO FREAK THAT LILAC IS NOT THE FUCKING SAME AS A DAMN PURPLE."

You cringed from the volume of his voice. "Lovino Romano Vargas, it is 7:22 P.M. on a THURSDAY." you say, losing your patience. "Doctor Who is on, and I swear, if you call me again and it's a stupid color problem, I will cut off your balls."

Not to mention that time when you were at the park feeding the ducks when the Italian caught sight of a certain German man.


And to add to that collection of cursing accounts, there was today. You were reading peacefully on the couch of Lovino and Feli's shared house. The book you were reading was called The Lovely Bones, and you couldn't stop reading it.

That was until a string of swearing came from the kitchen.

"HOLY FUCK (Y/N) COME HERE. I CUT MYSELF OH SHIT." Sighing, you reluctantly put the book down on the couch and rushed over the Lovino. There he was, the blood drained from his face as blood seeped out of his pointer finger and onto the cutting board.

"Lovi," you started. "This isn't the time, woman! Get a bandage or somthing!" he says frantically. Reaching for a bandage in one of the counters, you carefully applied the plaster on Lovino's cut.

"Lovi, that was sort of funny." you admitted. He put on an overly dramatic, hurt look. "Bella, I almost died." You giggled. "That's nothing to fuck with." You eyed the Italian with a curious eye.

"Can I ask you why you swear so much?" you asked him. He leaned on the counter in what you thought was a slightly attractive manner. He collected the knife behind him on the cutting board and put it away to wash.



Lovino sighed and gave you an exasperated look. "Look, (y/n), I can't go a day without swearing. I guess that's just how it works."

Scoffing, you said, "Yeah, because that's the way my idiot works." Lovino felt a pang in his heart, though didn't show it.

"I bet you can't even make it through an hour without cursing," you say, biting into an apple from the counter. Lovino surged with anger. This girl was clearly underestimating him.

"I can too!" Lovino protested. "Really?" you ask with doubt. "Don't underestimate me, bella." Lovino growled. "Hmph." you said, sticking your nose in the air.

"Okay, I'll make you a damn deal." Lovino snarled. "Which is?" you ask, interested in the fact of Lovino losing to you. "If I can make it through an hour without cursing, I win the deal."

"Oh, goodie. What are the prizes for either of us winning the bet?" Lovino smirked. "If I win, you have to sit down tonight and watch all of the Twilight movies."

Shuddering, you said, "Whoa, calm down Satan. What's in it if I win?" Lovino shrugged. "I'll let you decide." Grinning, you stated, "Okay. If I win, I get to pull your curl."

Lovino's eyes widened and he looked to the ground, not wanting you to look at the massive blush spreading on his olive complexion. "Deal." he growled.

You smiled. "Great! It's 12:30 right now, so if you can make it to 1:30, you win." Lovino towered over you, only three inches from your face. He had a devilish smirk on his face.

"Oh, I will win." he whispered, his hot breath tickling your face. Blushing, you backed away and went back to the couch. Jumping on it, you whipped your phone from your pocket and texted Antonio.

Lovi and I are in a bet that he can't curse for a whole hour. Get over here and help me win this thing!

Not long after, your phone beeped signaling you had a new text. But, chica, Gil and Francis are over here. You grinned, texting back, All the better. Hurry over here!

Lovino was finishing up the spaghetti when the doorbell rang. "Oi, (y/n), get the door, will ya?" Lovino barked. Groaning, you got up form the couch lazily, struggling to contain your laughter.

Opening the door, you were faced with the Bad Touch Trio, grinning like children on Christmas morning. You put a finger to your lips and signaled for the three to quietly sneak in.

The three men soundlessly made their way underneath the counter of the kitchen. "Who was that?" Lovino asked you. "Nothing. Must've been some ding-dong-ditchers." you answered as cooly as possible.

"Those f--I MEAN, uh, crazy, uh..." Jesus, this is hard. Lovino thought, scowling. You smiled victoriously. "Nevermind." Lovino dismissed, turning his back to you. You made your way behind the counter and gave the trio the signal.

Francis, Antonio, and Gilbert sprang up with noise makers and screamed, "HELLO!!" Lovino jumped six inches in the air and screamed, "HOLY SHIIIIITOCKEY MUSHROOMS!"

"Damn it, so close." Gilbert said with disappointment. Lovino growled. "How the flying fudge did you monsters slither in?" he snarled. "I invited them," you said casually, leaning on the counter.

"Nice try, bella. I'm not cracking." Lovino said, turning the stove off. Francis snickered. "Ohonhonhon~! That's a funny joke, mon ami. Lovi, you will definitely crack."

Antonio nodded, smiling. "True, amigo. If anyone, Lovi would win in a cursing contest." If looks could kill, the trio would be dust from Lovino's glares.

"Don't underestimate me." he growled. "I'm bored." you complained, slipping on your favorite socks. "I'm going to slide around the kitchen, who cares to join me?" you asked.

"(y/n), I wouldn't." Lovino warned. You shrugged. "What could happen?" you said, running from the living room onto the cold, hard tile of the kitchen floor.

Lovino was right, you really shouldn't have. While he was cooking, he spilled grease on the tile. But he didn't know he spilled that much. Lovino saw you tripping backward, and he envisioned your blood staining the white tile.

Luckily, he was wearing shoes, and caught you in the nick of time. "WHAT THE HELL, (Y/N)?! YOU COULD HAVE GOTTEN SERIOUSLY HURT, GODDAMMIT!" he yelled. Still in an aftershock from the event, you stuttered, "I didn't know, I-"

"Jesus Christ, (y/n)! You could have fucking split your skull!" he shouted. Francis, Gilbert, and Tony scolded you with worry.

"Frau, are you alright?"


"Ma cherie, don't do that again!"

Recovering, you still noticed that you were still in Lovino's arms, and you blushed. "Wait, you cursed." you noticed, smirking.

"OF COURSE I SWORE, IDIOTA! I FUCKING CARE A LOT ABOUT YOU!" Lovino hollered. That instantly wiped the goofy grin off you, and your face softened.

"You do?" you said quietly. Lovino rolled his eyes. "Of course I do. Why do you think I was yelling at you?" You shook your head, hoisting yourself on the bar stool.

"Because you hate me. I've been getting that impression lately." It was true. He no longer seemed that happy when he hung out with you. It was just grumpiness.

Lovino shook his head, and shooed the three men to the living room. "I don't hate you." he promised, taking the stool beside you.

Tears began to form in the corners of your eyes. "Yes you do. You don't have to hid it anymore, it's fine." you said, your voice cracking. "If I hated you so much, would I do this?"

Lovino leaned in close, so close you could smell the scent of him: tomatoes and pasta. How much you loved that smell. Your eyes lidded close as you felt his lips on yours.

Smirking, you winded your arms around his neck, and reached for the curl at the side of his head and gently tugged it. Lovino pulled away and gasped. "What was that for?!" he hollered.

You just sat there with a smug smirk. "I still get my earnings. I won the bet." you say. Lovino shook his head and smiled. "Well, now you're going to pay the price." he stated with a low voice that made you shudder.

He slammed his lips to yours, pulling you almost of your stool when he wrapped his arms around your waist tightly. You set your hands on his neck, deepening the kiss.

You could feel his tongue licking your lip, begging for entrance. You happily granted it to him. He pulled apart, smirking. You whined when he broke the kiss. Lovino licked his lips hungrily before sealing your lips again.

You could totally get used to this.
Contest entry for :iconshihagami:'s Sweet and Sour themed contest. The idea of the theme was to create a fluffy story with a spice of sexiness. Hope you guys liked it! :D

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Hetalia Germany Modavational By Awsomeprussiap by Wafflegirl12331p

    "HEY VAIT!" The german literally screamed causing everyone in a 5-mile radius to probably flinch.
    Does he really think im going to listen to him?  You chuckled in your mind. Grabbing onto an almost impossible building to climb, you hoisted yourself onto the top and looked down to see the three men staring up at you.
    "How wirr we get her?" The most likely-Japanese man whispered to the taller German. You barely heard what they said. You bandana was off along with your hood, now everyone could see your face! Oh no this would not end well. 
    "Get down from zhere!"
    "Nah." Smirking, you sat at the edge of the house, dangling your skinny legs off of the roof.
    "From what happened I really don't feel like coming down." 
    "Vell you have to at some point!"
    "And right now will not be the time." It felt good to tease these men. Mr. Blondie seemed to almost steaming from anger, The Sir No emotion seemed to only stare at you, and then there was a random Italian who you could of swore said 'pastaaaa~'
    "Do jou vant us to force jou down?"
    "Zhen come down!"
    "Mom told me not to listen to strangers." He nearly exploded. He almost seemed like he could dystroy the whole world in one single word. But his anger wasn't going to get at you.
    "VE AREN'T STRANGERS!" Flinching to his angry voice, you replied, 
    "Who are you then? People from the streets chasing me in a friendly game of tag?"
    "I like tag~" You looked at the Italian and smiled. He seemed in a different world but was very happy about chasing down girls.
    "You are all pedos." Standing up, you waved to them and ran across the building, then leaped onto another house. 
    "ARE JOU TRYING TO RUN AVAY AGAIN?!" Turning around you answered,
    "What does It look like Captain obvious?" And with that, you shot off across the rooftops. Funny how much they wanted to get you. Actually it was more like the German was trying to get you. All you did was steal 50 dollars! Not like that was a lot...Well for you it was. Stomach rumbling, it reminded you needed to get food.
    How much food can you get with 50 dollars...
Yay :D
I'm bored.
Oh and sorry it's so short.
Well anyways...

Hetalia belongs to it's proper owner.
The story belongs to me.
and you belong to Mr. Blondie, Sir No emotion, and Dr. I like tag.

Chapter 1:…
Chapter 2: You ish here.
Chapter 3:…
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                        "Don't let your tongue be your worst enemy."
                                                            -John "Sonny" Franzese

"What are you going to do? Stab me?" You turned around to see, of course, a knife pointed towards you in a very menacing way. "Oh, damn... you really are." Your (e/c) eyes widened, you took a step back as he took a step forward.

"Just hand over the bag, girly." Came his gruff reply.

"Well, you just picked the wrong person to mug because I'm poor as-"

"OI! What the hell do you think you're-a doing?!" A shout came from behind you, causing you to turn around. "You still targeting girls! Useless bastard!" The man sneered. You sighed as a feeling of safety washed over you.

"S-sorry, B-boss...!"He stuttered out, scurrying off into the dark. You huffed as you met eyes with your savoir, he wasn't that tall but, whatever... and what was that "Boss" part about anyway? You smiled lightly.

"Wow, thanks." You gave him your hand shake. "My name is ____-"

"As if I care, idiota." He turned around and began to walk away from you. Leaving you just to feel the slightest ticked off. You glared at the man who was walking away slowly, into the street.

"Some one had bitch flakes for breakfast." You mumbled as you turned around and began to walk away. A large hand suddenly slapped on your shoulder, pulling you backwards and slamming you against the alley-way wall. It knocked the air from your lungs as you stared into his fiery hazel eyes. "Oh great, getting mugged for the second time today..."

"Do you know who I am?!" He yelled in your face, causing you to flinch and shrink back to the wall. His grip tightened on your shoulder as tried to struggle against him.

"Well, do you know who I am!?" You accused. You felt the man stiffen in surprise. Giving you a confused slight tilt of the head. "Ha! Thought so... I was trying to tell you until you rudely interrupted me!" You jabbed your finger into his chest, he stumbled back and gave you a confused glare. There was a pause in the thick air, as he processed his thoughts. Once he recovered he took a step forward, squishing you between his chest and the wall, which made you very uncomfortable to say the least.

"You should really learn to control your sass." He growled in your ear. A shiver racked its way down your spine. "Should I help you with that?" He cocked his head to the side, making you blush and put your hands on his chest, trying to push him away.

"N-no th-thanks! Sassy from the womb to the tomb!" You laughed as you turned your head to the side. "Y-you know, there is nothing wrong with too much personal space!" You felt the blush spread on your cheeks.

"There is never such thing as personal space ragazza." His voice echoed throughout the alley. He was close now, his breath on your lips. You felt that he was going to kiss you, but thank god there was an interruption, but not the kind you'd like to hear. The all to familiar sound of gunshots cut through the tension like a hot knife, making the both of you flinch, and hold onto each other.

"Shit... they found me..." He muttered under his breath.  

"Wh-what the hell do you mean "they found me"?! Are you some kind of criminal?" You hissed. "If I don't get some answers-"

"Just shut the hell up and run!" He grabbed your hand and dragged you deeper into the alley. To say the least, he was really quick, leaving you almost out of breath. "What's wrong? Can't keep up?" He snickered.

"Well, I'm sorry,..." You panted. "I just didn't find a reason to run until now!" You snapped. He smiled slightly, but it quickly disappeared. He slammed both of you against the wall, this time, his body as close to yours as possible. You were about to call him out on it until you heard frantic footsteps.

"Where is he? The Grand boss will not be happy!"

"He never is happy when it comes to his grandsons."  

We have to keep looking...!"

They passed by you, making you wonder if they were looking of your "friend"... most likely. He looked out of the alley, a empty street welcoming his view, the street lights just dimly giving them light. "Hurry up," he hissed, pulling your hand until you stumbled out, fixing your clothing.

"They are looking for you, aren't they." He ignored your questioned as he pulled you still, walking briskly down the street, and you had no idea where. "Hey I'm talking to you!" You yelled in a low voice. You suddenly stopped causing him to give you a glare.

"What-a the hell do you think you're-a doing?! They could find us now that we are out in the open!" He hissed.

"I'm not going to god-knows-where, with some... some stranger I just met...!" You argued. You wrenched your hand from his as you crossed your arms.

"Damn it! You let me drag you this far!" He growled, looking around for anybody.

"Tell where we are going." You asked stubbornly.

"To my house." Your (e/c) eyes were glazed with anger.

"Why on earth would I go to some weirdo's house! I'm not some cheap whore!" You lifted your hands in the air.

"Oi! I'm not some weirdo!" He hissed. "I have a name!" He grabbed your wrist and pulled under a street light. Looking at your face for the first time, and you seeing his as well. His green tinted eyes scanned your body, taking in the sight of you body, and your face. How both your (e/c) eyes and (h/c) locks shimmered under the street light, your lips slightly parted do to the fact that you were looking at him with amazement.

You looked at every little detail of the man in front of you, his olive skin, this hazel eyes, and his brown messy locks with a weird kink in it. A blush sublimely found it's way to both of your cheeks... neither of you thought that the other person was this attractive.

"...Lovino. Lovino Vargas." He mumbled as he turned away. You looked at him, tilting your head. "Chigi... don't look at me l-like that...!" He put a hand in front of your face. You pouted slightly as you moved his hand out of your face.

"_________ _________." You said. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Lovino Vargas." You admitted in your head that you liked the sound of his name roll of your tongue. "So, what now?" You questioned.

"We have to sneak-"

"There you are Lovino!" You hear someone call from behind you. You were about to turn around until Lovino shoved your face into his chest, causing you to squeak. You heard foot steps as you tried to turn around, but he just kept his grip strong. "Man, is the Grand boss mad or what!" You heard him chuckle, from what you could tell, he was Spanish. "Oh, who's this chica?" You felt your self tense up.  

"None of your god damn business, that's who. Besides, he always mad at me." He looked down to met your worried eyes. "Just tell him I'll be there soon, got it Antonio?" He was about to turn when his voice stopped him.

"I'm sorry mi amigo, but he wants to see you now." Antonio's voice turned cold, making you shiver. "I'll go call the rest and bring the car around." You heard his foot steps grow faint. "Oh and don't do anything stupid, you are already in enough trouble, no?"

You heard Lovino curse under his breath as he released you. Making you look at him with curiosity. "Should I even ask...?"

"No." He mumbled. "Damn it, now that Antonio knows about you, he won't let you go." He placed both hands on your shoulders. "When they come, don't let anyone of them see your face, if they see it, then, let's just say you'll have trouble with the mafia."

"Whhhhhaaaaatttt??? The-the mafia?? Oh god, I'm so screwed!" You whined. You clutched your head between your hands. "Ah, this is so bad! What is my mom going to say?!" You pointed a finger at Lovino. "See this is your fault, I'll have you know!"

"What? My fault? You're the one who is way to sassy for your own good!" He sneered. He flicked your forehead, causing you to yelp and rub your forehead.

"Ow! That hurt!" You pouted. He looked at you, then bent down to kiss your forehead, making you blush.

"S-sorry..." He turned away, but you could still see the blush on his tan cheeks.

"But if they are driving you to your house, how am I going to get home!" You asked.

"I can drive you home."

"And let them find out where I live?" You pointed out.

"Not only sassy, but smart too? God, you were made in hell weren't you?" He growled.

"Well excuse me Mr. Mafia, but I actually use my head, instead of using violence." You turned away from him, but out of the corner of your eye you could see his jaw drop. "Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't hit a nerve? Did I?" You giggled as he started to turn red, with anger or embarrassment, you weren't really sure.


"Well, I really should be going, though... It's kinda late and all." You motioned to the sky, with was a dark blue, with shining stars. "Um, so I guess this is goodbye then...?" You scratched your head awkwardly. You had no idea if you were going to keep in touch with Lovino, after all that happened.

"But there are some dangerous men out there!"

"Trust me, I know... I've already met two." You mumbled under your breath.

"Oi! That the hell is that supposed to mean!" He snapped.

"Nothing~!" You skipped pasted him. "Besides, I'll just say I know you right? If you are as bad as you say, they'll leave me alone."

"Or kidnap you if they are a rival mafia..." Lovino muttered.

"I'll just take my chances." You shrugged. Suddenly, there was a long car horn, causing you to jump in the air. "Well, I guess that's my sign to go now." You walked pasted him, your eyes meeting his for one last time. "You know, I-I don't mind if we see each other again..." And with that, you left.

"LOOOOOOVVVII!" He heard the ever so annoying voice call. "Are you reaaaaddddyyy? Does Lovino's special friend need a ride home?"

"Sh-shut up bastard! I'm-a coming!" He stomped over to the car, swinging open the door, then slamming it shut. "How mad is Grandpa?" He asked with a sigh.

"Very." Came one of the henchmen's reply.

"Ugh, I'm already in trouble, so why the hell not." He paused, causing his men to stare at him. "Make sure that Ragazza gets home okay, I don't care if we have to follow her in plain sight." They all glanced at each other, then smiles broke out of their lips..

"Ha, Lovi's in love!" Antonio cheered.

"Shut the hell up, bastard...!"

You walked down the side walk, you heard the car that Lovino went into start its engine. It seemed like it was going to past you, due to the fact that it sounded right next to you, but it never did. A smile spread on your lips as you came to the realization. "Ah, Lovino, you care too much about me..."

Lovino walked into his house, well to others, it seemed like a mansion. ________ would like it though, her apartment was nothing to be proud about, but she was on her own too. He sighed as he sat in a chair, waiting for his grand father to get out of a meeting, so he could get scolded and move on with his life. Lovino remembered memorizing the (e/c) eyed beauty's address, wanting to meet up with her later tonight, but that was unlikely to happen, his hazel eyes drifted to the ticking clock, 12:17 already...

"Lovino, don't worry, I'm sure grandpa will forgive you!" He turned his attention to his younger brother, Feliciano, who was even more worried than himself.

"Ah, Feli, Lovi's not worried he's in- ACK!" Before the Spaniard could finish, he received a kick to his knee. "Ahahahah, nice kick Lovi. It really hurt!" He laughed.

"Ve~ Fratello! What is Toni talking about?" Feliciano inquired.

"Nothing." He grumbled. The doors flew open into the room as a very pissed off Mafia boss came in. His curly brown hair ruffled, and chocolate eyes blazing with fury. Everyone stared at the man, who's chest was heaving as he laid eyes on Romano.

"EVERY BODY OUT!" He roared as he pointed at the door, afraid to anger him anymore, everyone complied. "Except you three." He pointed at Antonio, Feliciano, and Lovino. Once everyone left, he sat down at the head of the table. With a sigh, he looked at his eldest grandchild. "...Well?"

"I'm sorry Nonno..." Was all Lovino could say. He looked down, not really wanting to face him.

"Lovi, I'm not mad, it's just that you know how much I worry when you're not here. You parents-"

"Damn it! I know!" He yelled. "But I'm not weak anymore! You don't need to baby me anymore." He looked his grandfather in the eyes.

"How dare you-a cuss at me!" He raged.

"V-ve~ th-that's just-a Lovi's personality Nonno...!" Feliciano stuttered to his brother's defense.

"S-si! Plus, Lovino's extra grouchy 'cause we caught him with his lady friend!" At that moment the Spaniard received the most terrifying glare Lovino has ever given him. The room fell silent as Lovino's anger was irradiating off him. Feliciano turned his head to his brother in surprise.

"Ve! How come you never told me Fratello!" He whined like a child.

"Trust me Feli, I just found out today!" Antonio laughed. "I bet he wanted her all for him self huh Lovi~!"

"I-it's not like that, bastard!" He hissed.

"Is this true Lovino?" His attention was pulled back to his Grandpa, who had an unreadable expression on his face.

"S-si. She's really beautiful, and she knows how to make me laugh, I... I could see myself spending the rest of my days with her..." He tried to hide the blush on his cheeks, but it was no use. He was as red as his prized tomato.

"Heh...." Was all the reply they got. Suddenly, their grandfather's shoulders were shaking uncontrollably. In a blink of an eye, Lovino was in a bear hug with his Grandfather. "AHHHHH MY LOVI'S IN LOVE!" He began to kiss his forehead and his cheeks.

"Chigi! Let me go!" Lovino flailed.


"I can feel your stubble!" Lovino shouted.

"How could I ever stay mad at my little Lovi~!"

"Ve! I wanna met her Lovi!" Feliciano pipped in.

"Si, si!" Antonio cheered. "We should have a party too!"

"What a wonderful idea!" Their Grandpa agreed, dropping Lovino on the floor. "We must meet the woman who will take over the family business!"

Lovino felt his heart sink to his stomach. He didn't want _______ to be in the mafia... That was no place for someone as snarky as her. She would die in an instant. Not to mention he couldn't even imagine her in the family business, she didn't seem like the type to kill. Plus, she would have to meet the "wives" of the other henchmen. Well, more like whores, but man, were they fierce.

While the whole mafia rejoiced, patting Lovino on the back as they began to crack out bottles of wine, the music started, he sat there, wondering how on earth was someone like  ________ was going to love someone like Lovino. He knew he wouldn't, if in her place. He cursed under his breath, taking out the small piece of paper in his dress pant's pocket, her address written messily onto it.

Maybe, he could sneak off to see her again. Climb through her window like the Romeo he so desperately wanted to be. He wanted to cherish her, to spoil her in riches. He wanted her to be with him, and make those sassy comebacks like he was just another person in her life, forgetting his dangerous life. He wanted the night to belong to him and her alone, sharing secrets, whispering sweet nothings to each other. He wanted to see her face when she sees the diamond ring on her finger, connecting them, and only them. Deep down Lovino knew that _______ and him wouldn't last long, but that only convinced him to be with her as much as he could, especially if it meant right now.
edit: I change the title again.... 

Hey, I actually tried! 

yyoooooooooooooo i love the way this came out, i might even continue it.
Next I think I'll update a 2p!romanoXReader... or maybe my EnglandXAngel reader series... 
((maybe a spainXreader))
i got a lot of insperation from this cool-ass romano dedicated song right here…

Skadipirate, you have got to love her. 


My one year anniversary on deviant art is coming up, with over 300 watches, idk if i could see myself doing tihs for another year, maybe... 


i just honestly cant get over Romano, like seriously, if hetalia was real, i think i would hands-down go with Romano, he is just uuugggggghhhh :iconlustyromanoplz: I know he can be a dick sometimes, but hey, I'm okay with that. I love my baby. He is so cute too. like come one, if you say you don't like him, you're lying, cause why would you be reading this right now. Man, i have no life do i? 

To be honest tho, i have had too many dreams about Romano, like ugh, and most of them involve him getting jealous because i talk to spain??? Like baby, if you want me to talk to you, just say so, cause like i will glady take Romano over Spain ((sorry my Fatherland country)) but whatever, oh well, if only it were real, 

if only. 
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You were sitting in a café, waiting for one of your good friends, Lovino "Romano" Vargas, to arrive. You never really got why he wanted people to call him that. He told you it reminded him of his late mother who made things with Romano cheese and tomatoes (his two favorite ingredients) a lot. He didn't really want people to call him "Tomato" (though his cousin, Antonio, did so anyways) so he stuck with Romano. Why this crossed your mind, you didn't know. Maybe it was because you had some feelings for the southern Italian man? Yes, you had feelings for him and you weren't going to lie to yourself about it, but you never could tell anyone else though.

As you were daydreaming, Romano had sat across from you, waiting for you to come out of your reverie. At first, he would bark at you to come out of them, but you just yelled back which caused many fights between you two. Then, Romano, being the gentleman he is, decided to stop yelling and just wait. He knew that you wouldn't take too long and besides he liked how you looked when you were lost in thought. Yes, he had feelings for you too but he wouldn't admit it or tell anyone, unlike you, but he had a plan to see if you felt the same way.

Like he expected, you had come out of your reverie and wordlessly signaled to him that you saw him. "Ciao," he mumbled bitterly under his breath. "Hey" you greeted back.  Romano mentally prepared himself for what he was about to say. 'Okay,' he thought, 'all I have to say is that I like Camille* and see if (Name) gets jealous or not. Simple.'  "Well, I-I need some help confessing to someone. It's Camille. I think she likes me too, so could you set us up," he said as fast as lightning. Though he said the words quickly, it still shattered your heart. 'Did he…he's blushing…and looking to the side…so he must…' you thought while trying to register what he said.

"Oh…I'll help you Romano." You said quickly to your pal. Romano nearly choked on the pizza you had ordered for him. He certainly didn't expect that response from you. He expected you to become extremely curious and jealous about his "crush". You flashed a worried look at him, but he just brushed it off and regained his composure.  

"Um…grazie. Well, I'll see you later. Ciao." And with that, Romano took off, not wanting to be in that tense area anymore.  You just sat there, obviously shell-shocked. 'I'm happy, but I'm so upset at the same time. No matter, I'll act happy in front of him so he doesn't feel bad about telling me.' You thought as you spaced out yet again. 'Why couldn't he love me? I mean, I'm not unattractive…' you mused.  Just then, your phone rang. You picked it up to find out Antonio, Romano's cousin and one of your best friends, was calling you. You answered, trying not to sound miserable to your somewhat oblivious friend. "Hello?" you said monotonously. "Hola chica! I was wondering, can you could come to the park to meet my new novia~? Gracias!" he said and with that he hung up.

You sighed. 'Well, might as well go to the park. At least some people in this world can get a girlfriend/boyfriend unlike me.' you brooded as you left the café and walked to the quaint park. You reached the park and looked around until you found Antonio. With him was his new girlfriend…Camille?! Apparently, Antonio saw you and waved you over. "Hola (Name)! You know Camille right? Well, we just started dating a month ago!" he exclaimed happily to you.  Camille just smiled at you and was blushing a rosy pink. You pushed back your confusion and said, "Congrats guys! I'm so happy for you guys!" "Dankje," Camille whispered to you while Antonio slung his arm around her and gave you a hug.

All of this relationship drama was getting to you so you excused yourself from the happy couple. Not that they minded, as they were being lovey-dovey to each other. On the outside you seemed calm, but on the inside, chaos controlled your mind. 'If Camille is in a relationship with Antonio, then Romano lied to me. But why?' you thought as you bumped into someone. You started to apologize and saw that it was Romano himself. "Oh hey, can I talk to you for a sec?" you said before he could run away. You wanted to tell Romano the bad news before he found out himself. "S-si," he said meekly.

You pulled him over to a nearby bench and said, "Well, Antonio just introduced me to his new girlfriend, and apparently it was Camille. I'm so sorry Romano, I knew you liked her but she didn't feel the same way…but don't worry! I'll fi-""Oh, shut up!" snapped Romano.  This took you by surprise. You knew about Romano's volatile personality, but he was never this angry towards you. "I knew they were dating long before you! The only reason I lied to you was to make you jealous! Don't tell me, you're clueless about that too! Well I lied to you because I like you! There, I said it! Save your rejection for later, I don't want it!" he spat at you.  

"Romano, wait!" you yelled as he started to walk away.  He looked in your direction, but didn't look you in the eyes. "I'm sorry for being so clueless all the time! I…I did feel jealous when you lied to me, but I held it in because I wanted you to be happy! I thought you really liked Camille! The truth is, I really do love you. Please don't leave me!" You choked out while you started to cry. Romano pulled you into an embrace, relishing the feeling of your body pressed against his. "Idiota," he mumbled into your hair, "you're such a clueless idiota, but you're my idiota now."
Hello everyone! I'm so sorry for my late update! I was being lazy and well, school was also dragging me down. This time my reader insert features Romano! Oh, he's such a cute little tsundere~. Anyways, *Camille is supposed to be Belgium in this story, and she says thank you in a dialect of Dutch (forgot what it was called...). Oh, Reader-tan is so cute in this story to me! I'm sorry for making her a Mary-Sue but I kinda had to. Hope you enjoy~!

Hetalia (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:

Story (c) Me

You (c) You or Romano
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Everyday, Arthur Kirkland would lead his class like any other teacher. He would examine each student to see if they were paying attention. He would look closely at their faces to see if they were really absorbing the lessons he taught. Most of the children that entered and exited his classroom were plain old students. However, there was one particular student that caught his eye.

That student was you.

Everyday, Arthur saw you take a seat at the same desk in the very back corner of the room. You would hide yourself under your [f/c] hood and stare at him as if he were some kind of God. Most of the children who sat in the back were a nuisance, but he always knew you were paying attention.

Everyday, you hastily scribbled down notes about the civil war, the great depression, or whatever other history lessons he decided to give. Everyday, you turned in your homework as soon as you walked in, not idling in the slightest way. Everyday, you never spoke a word, but your eyes told a story - a story that Arthur could relate to.

Arthur always wanted to help the shyer students break out of their shells and contribute in class, and he knew he needed to help you. He was determined to break you out of that shell you had been trapped in the entire ninth grade year. He didn’t want you to hide yourself, he wanted to see the real you - what you were really capable of as a student.

“Now class, remember that your report on World War II is due tomorrow, okay?” Mr. Kirkland’s voice projected around the room as everyone was packing up their supplies. The bell rang, rattling in everyone’s ears. Everyone pushed through the small door frame, leaving one single student scrambling to get her things together.

“Ms. [Last Name], could you come here a moment?” Arthur directed. You quickly placed your backpack on your shoulders and headed to his desk.

“Yes, Mr. Kirkland?” You asked, your sweet voice shaking in fear of being in trouble.

He gestured toward the back of the classroom. “I’ve noticed you always sit in the far back of my class. Is there something bothering you?”

You simply shook your head. “No, sir. I just like sitting in the back that way no one bugs me,” a slight blush overcame your face, “I also don’t want to be called on. I-I’m not good at answering questions under pressure…”

“Well, I’m sure we can fix that,” Mr. Kirkland said with a smile, “I hereby forbid you to hide yourself in the back of my classroom. I assign you to sit right up front,” He pointed at the front desk in the middle row, “front and center, so I can see your pretty face more often.”

You blushed, then slowly nodded. “Y-Yes, sir.” You quickly ran out of the classroom, afraid of being late to your next class. Arthur watched you run off, a grin on his face. He enjoyed having you as a student, and would enjoy it even more once he got to pick on your everyday.
This was written for a contest being held by :iconrhinoghost:
The theme was 'Hiding.' I tried to use it as in the reader hides in the back of class feeling safer and not hastled by everyone or whatever.
I dunno if it worked out too well, but I tried. ^^;
Hope you guys enjoyed.~

p.s. The picture isn't mine, just the writing.
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Arthur Kirkland sat on the couch, his legs crossed, reading the newspaper. He was enjoying the somewhat peace and quiet that was going on in the house. Alfred was sleeping in the arm chair, quietly snoring and probably dreaming about hamburgers. This gave Arthur some time to himself. However, he felt something was missing.

As much as Arthur loved keeping to himself once in awhile, he always knew that he couldn’t be happy without his one love; [First Name] [Last Name]. He loved everything about her. The wonderful smile she greeted him with every morning, the beautiful look in her [e/c] eyes, the way her [h/c] locks glimmered in the sun, and who could forget the adorable giggle she had? She was Arthur’s everything, and he enjoyed every moment of his day when it was spent with her.

That particular day, Arthur hadn’t been up early enough to wish [Name] good luck on her way to work. He was afraid that it would upset her as much as it upset himself. He felt as if not seeing his girlfriend off in the morning was a horrible crime. Arthur was always the one to be a kind gentleman.

He checked his watch. [Name] should be home by now... Arthur thought to himself.
He glanced over his newspaper to see out the window. It was pouring outside. His calm and peaceful mood turned into complete worry and despair. What if [Name] wasn’t okay? What if she was hurt or something even more horrible?

Suddenly, Arthur heard the unlocking sound of the front door. He put down his newspaper to see [Name] standing in the doorway. She stripped herself of her raincoat and boots. Her face didn’t show any spark of happiness whatsoever.

“Good afternoon, love.” Arthur greeted her with a smile. “How was your day at work?”

She didn’t say anything. She slammed the front door and headed up the stairway.
The slammed door made Alfred awake with quite a fright. “What the hell was that?!”

“It was the door slamming, you frog. And [Name] doesn’t seem too happy…”

“Well, she interrupted my amazing dream about marrying a hamburger!” Alfred complained as he curled up into his previous position in the armchair. Arthur glared at the country and arose off the couch to find out exactly what was wrong with [Name].


Arthur headed towards [Name]’s bedroom. Before knocking, however, he put his ear up against the door. He could hear terrible sounding sniffles and sobs. He hesitantly
knocked on the door.

“[Name], can I come in, love?”

She answered with a very choked up, “Yes.”

Arthur opened the door to see [Name] curled up at the foot of her bed, bawling hysterically. She was definitely upset. Her face was red as she was attempting to wipe most of the tears away. There were so many coming that it didn’t do much good.

As soon as she saw Arthur, she sat upright. She attempted to stifle her whimpering sounds, hoping that he wouldn’t notice.

It was obviously that he did notice.

“What’s wrong, love?” He asked in his usual, caring tone. He sat next to [Name] on her bed, wrapping an arm around her shoulder. “Did someone give you trouble at work.”

[Name] was a fashion designer. Arthur remembered back to the countless times when she would come home in a depressed mood because of coworkers sabotaging her designs or bullying her. She was such a sweet person that she couldn’t help but take things to heart.
Arthur handed [Name] a tissue so that she could gain some composure before explaining.

She wiped most of the tears off her face and blew her nose. “I presented my new design today, and my boss… she yelled at me about how completely awful it was… and in front of everyone, too! Now everyone hates me and all of my designs!”

“It’s okay, love. It doesn’t matter what other people thinks, it just matters about what you think of yourself.” Arthur gently kissed her nose, which brought out her trademark smile. “You should be proud of the work that you do, because you worked so hard on your designs.”

“B-But…” [Name] hopelessly stammered, “How will I ever become a famous fashion designer if no one else likes my work?”

Arthur picked her up, sitting her carefully on his lap. He then hugged her tightly. “It doesn’t matter about those few people at work. Everyone else, including me, loves your designs. Besides, even if you don’t become a famous fashion designer… you still have me, love.”

[Name] sniffled as tears began to pour down her face. This time, however, they were happy tears. She hugged him tightly around the waist.

“I love you, Arthur.”

“I love you too, [Name].”
Okay, so this is for :iconrhinoghost: 's contest. ^^
It's a songfic based off of Melancholy Hill by Gorillaz. I love this song, and I feel that I understand it really well, so I figured why not?
Here's a link to the contest, if you wanna join: [link]

P.S. This is the first hetalia reader insert that I've actually posted, so sorry if they're OC. I didn't mean to, I swear.
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You grimace at the hat, not wanting to put your hand in there. Slowly, you reach in and pull out a...

A Flying Mint Bunny Plush.

You stare at the thing blankly before dropping it back in. "I don't think I want to play." you say, sounding bored. 

"Oh, no," Prussia huffed, "you're going in there if you want to or not. Along with England."

You drag your feet as the Prussian leads you to the closet, glancing at France happily pushing England in before you. "Have fun~!" he sings and you sneer at him as the door slowly closes. You cross your arms and face the man that you loved.

"England." you say sharply, causing him to cringe.

"Hello, l-love." he replies. 

You glare at him, hoping that he would catch fire, "Don't use that name with me."

"(Y/n), I-" he reaches a hand out but you slap him away. 

"And keep you hands away from me!" you shriek, on the verge of tears, "You cheated on me, England. With some band groupie. Some gentleman you are." You feel your knees weaken as tears began to roll off your face. You cover you face with your hands and begin sobbing uncontrollably. "And somebody open this damn door." You shout, voice cracking. 

You feel yourself wrapped in a warm embrace as the door cracks open, allowing a little light into the room. Carefully, England lifts you, holding you like a small child as you sob into his shoulder. He walks through the door and pushes past the crowd as the look on, mourning. He finds a quiet room and sets you on the bed, trying to let go but you won't. Sighing, he moves you around so that he's sitting against the head board and you're sitting on him, hiding your face in his shirt as your tears dry. 

"Here, love." he says quietly, leaning you back slightly as he rubs the tears away with his calloused fingers. "I'm so sorry for what I did to you." he whispers, slowly leaning closer again. You breath sharply as his lips gently connect to yours. You realize you missed him. For some reason, you knew that he wasn't the same man you had loved. No, he was someone you could grow to love and mend your heart.

"I forgive you," you whisper, slumping back against his chest, tired from crying, and falling asleep while he stroked you hair.

Catching up!!
Intro: [link]
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The Ugly Pink Sweater (England X Reader)

A/N: Sooo yeah, this another England x reader one-shot kind of thing... I just can't help myself he's just so fun to write with!! I mean who wouldn't want to write about his emerald green eyes, his brushy eyebrows, his shaggy blond hair... *daydreams*

Eng: Hey!! Are you daydreaming about me again??

Me: *Snaps back to reality* Whaaat!? N-Nooo... *Swats air* I wasn't doing that at aaall...

Eng: *raises an eyebrow while crossing arms* Oh, yeah sure... just get on with this already...

Me: Ooooh, someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed today... *snickers*

Eng: *blushes* Did not!!

Me: Suuuure... *rolls eyes only to giggle*

Eng: *sighs while shaking head* Bloody Americans...

Me: Yup!! That's me!! *jumps in the air only to cause him to shake his head even more with a small smile*

Aaaanyways, lol XD I hope you'll enjoy this little one-shot reader-insert!! I'll just go annoy England a little bit more *waggles eyebrows* Byes!! *runs off only to stop and run back* Oh!! And please don't be afraid to comment and/or fav!! Thank yous!!


You slowly trudge around the house in just a pair of [f/c] shorts and a white spaghetti strap undershirt, getting ready to settle down for the night. Yet another loud thunder echo around the outside world shaking your shared house making it look like it was shivering in fear. You Annoyingly sigh at the racket as you try to ignore the loud pit pats of the rain as it pounded against the ground and pretty much everything else that was outside. Turning off the kitchen light, you exit that room only to enter into your comfy living room that was dimly lit with a warm fire.  Smiling at the small sight, you slowly set yourself down onto your favorite spot on the couch.

You picked up your book hoping to get lost into its pages when you heard the pounding again. Thinking it was the rain again you simply ignored it snuggling closer to the couch and slouching down into its fabric. Just as you got into your book and feeling all warm and fuzzy you here the knock again this time louder. Snapping back to reality, you scowl at the door realizing someone was trying to get your attention.

You sigh tiredly getting up from your comfy spot on the couch and walked over to your door. You slowly cracked it open hoping it wasn’t any creeper that was just trying to take an advantage of the situation. But all of your cruel thoughts disappeared when upon seeing your best friend, Arthur, standing there in the rain, drenched from head to toe. Not to mention he was shivering to death.

“Oh my god!! Arthur!!” You widened the doorway with shock.

“Hey, [f/n]…lovely weather were having, huh…” He trailed off not looking you in the eye. You quickly rolled your eyes at his puny attempt at small talk only to quickly grab his hand and yanked him inside.

“Idiot!! It’s pouring outside, if you stay out there any longer you’ll end up getting sick,” You huffed while pushing him over to the living room hoping to help him dry off.

“B-But, [f/n]…” He trailed off again only to look at the mess he had left at your doorway in guilt. You smiled at the kind thought only to shake your head at him.

“Don’t worry about the mess,” You smiled. “First off, we need to get you dried off before you catch a cold again…now hand me your coat, please…” He sighed and slowly did as you said with a slight frown. You know he doesn’t like you treating him like this but what else are you going to do?? He was drenching wet and you were not just going to leave him like that!! After all he was your best friend and maybe you had a small crush on him so that didn’t
help your situation.

You quickly have him sit down in front of the fire as you ran off down the hallway with his coat and hung that up in the laundry room hoping it would dry soon. Smiling at the thought, you quickly shiver as a small breeze went around the house. That’s when it hit you. You were still in your pajamas!! And he saw you like this!!

“Oh god,” You slap your forehead in shame. “I probably looked like a fool out there…”

While mentally slapping yourself you quickly run into your room only to rummage through your clothes hoping to find a little more decent attire to wear. You quickly changed into a pair of comfy sweats that wasn’t too tight or too lose for your taste and quickly pulled on your [f/c] long sleeve shirt. Satisfied for the quick change you made your way to the doorway when you saw the familiar yet ugly pink fabric hidden inside your drawer.

Pondering on the thought you quickly tugged it out only to give it a quick look over. It was okay looking if you like rainbows and the color pink. But to you, you absolutely hated its design but you kept it all these years since it was your mother who made it just before she died. In fact, it was on a rainy like this when her car was found in a ditch totaled with her limp body inside. According to the police they told you that it was a hit and run so from then on you absolutely hated going out in the rain unless it was necessary to. So with a small yet sad smile you hugged it and walked out back to where Arthur was. When he came into your view you noticed that he grabbed one of your blankets off from the couch probably hoping to warm up. But even then you saw his body shiver and quiver not able to get enough warmth yet so with a slight frown you walked over to him and sat down next to him.

“Hey, how about you go take a nice warm shower??” You suggest even though you were positive he would turn it down. And of course you were right.

“No, no I’m fine,” He half smiled. “But thanks for the offer, love…”

Your cheeks warmed up at the small nickname he had giving you. Even when he had first met you at school he still had called you that probably out of habit but you still loved hearing that name rolling off his lips just for you.

“A-Are you sure??” You tried to control your beating heart.

“Yeah,” He tightened the blanket around himself a little more. You nodded even though you didn’t like the idea and stared at the fire in thought hearing the thunder roll in the distance. You were about to shift your weight when you felt his shoulder nudge you back to reality. You turned your [e/c] eyes over to him only to find his own emerald eyes glancing at your lap. With eyebrows drawn together you looked down only to find your pink ugly sweater in between your legs. “If you don’t mind me asking, but why do you have that, love??”

“Oh, this??” You picked it up and started to mess with its fabric with a small smile. “It’s just a sweater my mom knitted me as a gift…before she passed away in a car accident…”

“…” You didn’t hear him say anything but your heard his small intake at your small comment. You half smiled at him knowing that this was going to happen. This happened pretty much all the time when your friends or people find this thing in your closet or just laying around your house. So his silence was normal to you. That is until you felt his hand gently lay on top of yours making you bring down the sweater back into your lap. “I’m sorry; I didn’t realize you held it dear to your heart…”

“O-Oh, it’s alright,” You fake smiled hoping to bring the atmosphere back to its normal state but it didn’t work. He saw right through it.

“I beg to differ,” He raised an eyebrow at you. Blushing intently, you quickly look away not wanting him to see how flustered you felt for his words. But that was all forgotten when you actually felt his hand against your skin, it was freezing cold!! Whipping your head back you find him startled as you reached forward and gently pressed the back of your hand against his forehead then his blushing cheek. “[f-f/n]…??” Sighing with relief, you noted that he didn’t have a fever so he must just still be cold.

“Are you still cold??” You asked avoiding the subject you were just talking about before. You don’t want to end up crying in front of him.

“N-No…” He looked away avoiding your gentle gaze. You raised an eyebrow in suspicion only to notice that he was still shivering but not as bad as before so you sighed and leaned back only to stare down at your lap. That’s when a small light bulb appeared above your head.

“You’re lying,” You kept your gaze low, shifting the sweater in your hands. You heard him stiffen up obviously realizing he just had gotten caught red handed.

(Arthur’s POV)

“You’re lying,” I heard your voice. My body quickly stiffened up at the accused statement only to sigh in defeat.

“Yeah, I’m still having trouble warming up but I’ll be fine…” I shrugged it off. “Alright, love??”

“No, it’s not alright!!” Your voice suddenly cracked, shoving the sweater into my face. “I don’t want you to get sick, you stupid brit!!”

“I’m not going to get sick!!” I argued at her dramatic scene also pulling off the pink fabric mess off of my head.

“T-Then…” She trailed off, causing me to bring my gaze back to her small figure. Her head was slumped forward in defeat. I couldn’t help but to feel bad for snapping at her like that. Not to mention she was the girl who stole a part of my heart…no, my whole heart. And just seeing her upset makes me feel horrible.

“H-Hey…” I reached out towards her with eyebrows drawn together in concern. “I-I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have snapped—”

“Stop,” She whipped her head up at me. I couldn’t help but to notice how red her cheeks were.

“Is she blushing??” I asked myself. “No, that can’t be it…it’s probably from the heat from the fire…”

“Wha-what??” I leaned back a little taken a back for her sudden actions.

“You don’t have to apologize but…” She trailed off as she started to mess with her sleeves. “You can convince me that you’re fine by using that sweater…”

(Your POV)

“You can use that sweater…” You avoided his gaze with redden cheeks repeating your words from not hearing anything from him.

“W-What??” He finally stuttered. “A-Are you serious?? But isn’t this something special to you??”

“Y-Yes, I’m serious!!” You yelled at him only to slap your hand over your mouth realizing you snapped again. “S-Sorry…” You mumbled only to sigh. “I’m just concerned for your sake…after all you are my best friend…”

“…” He didn’t respond again. So you sighed again and continued.

“A-And yeah it’s something special to me but…” You hesitated with a small blush. Are you seriously going to say your feelings?? “Y-You’re something special to me to… And I think I’ve fallen for you…”

Suddenly you heard the familiar sound of shuffling fabric. At this noise you looked in his direction only to find him pulling it over his head and then started to adjust it around his arms since it was a little long even for him. He caught your wide gaze and smiled sweetly while ruffling his hair a bit getting it back to its normal messy state. Your eyes don’t even shrink when he says the best thing you’ve heard all night.

“T-Then I guess that makes two of us…” He rubs the back of his neck while he flicks his gaze around with cherry red cheeks out of embarrassment. You couldn’t believe your ears or eyes. He just admitted his feelings to you just as you did seconds ago. So with happy teary eyes you tackle him with a hug and a giggle causing the both of you to lie on the ground in a tangle mess in a bundle blankets. At first, you felt his body tense up after all he wasn’t too good with this kind of stuff but then his arms relaxed only to return your hug with warmth as he whispers something to you. “You have definitely stolen my heart, love…”

------ (Small Time Skip) ------

By now the rain has ceased but neither of you had noticed in fact the both of you didn’t want to move since it was nice and warm where you were laying. That is until you spoken up.

“You know,” You leaned your head onto his chest smelling his cologne even though it was faint through the sweater. “This sweater makes you look pretty good looking…pink suits you…”

“Whatever you say, love,” He felt his chest move up and down as he chuckled wrapping his arms around you a little tighter.
Another England X Reader-chan one-shot!! Whooo!! lol :iconlawooplz: Anyways, I hope you have enjoyed this small and short story!! Cause i had fun writing it!! >w< Sooo I thank you for your time!! ^w^

Please don't be afraid to comment and/or fav!! I don't bite!! :3 Maybe... XD

*Disclaimer* I do not own Hetalia (sadly) and the picture. All credit goes to its origianl and rightful owners!! 
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Classical music filled the quiet living room, annoying you a great deal. Sure classical music was great and all but, it wasn't alternative rock. In fact any sort of rock would be better. Hey you were even all for metal. But no, of course Arthur had to pick a more 'refined' music taste. You needed music to jam to while washing the dishes not something that'd help you fall asleep!

"What's this?" You shouted, walking to the living room where Arthur was kneeling down in front of the stereo, swaying his head to the music.

"Music," Arthur said getting up.

"We're cleaning, not having some romantic date. We need something to jam to, something to get us moving!" You exclaimed. "You have to have something better than this! Didn't you go through some sort of punk stage?"

"Don't mention that," Arthur growled. "I don't want to hear it. That kind of genre shouldn't be considered as music."

This shocked you a lot, since you were a big time music lover. "Hey! Come on, punk isn't that bad!" Arthur wouldn't budge. "Okay how about alternative rock then?"

"No," Arthur argued. "Classical is just fine. Plus most alternative bands are American."

"Are you so sure about that?" You asked before running off into your bedroom.

"What are you doing?" Arthur called out.

You quickly gathered a bunch of CDs, vinyl and a large t-shirt before running back into the living room. You carefully placed down the stuff and chucked the shirt on Arthur before he could react. The word MUSE was printed on the shirt in big bold letters.

"Muse," you began, "an all British band."

"Isn't the drummer from America?" Arthur asked, shrugging off the shirt and placing it on the couch.

"No, he isn't. They were all born and raised in Teingmouth," you answered. "Also you're taking me there one day. Anyway, Muse, greatest band of all time. Deals with a great range of genres, like alternative, space rock, rock opera and classical."

"I am not changing my mind about the music," Arthur interrupted bluntly. "I'm sorry but you're going to have to put up with it, love."

With a growl of irritation you went back to the kitchen to wash the dishes.

~ The Next Day ~

You opened Arthur's wardrobe with a devilish grin plastered on your face. You had a plan, a very wicked plan. The clothes were organized neatly, jackets and pants, shirts and ties. You began to rip every single one from their hanger and throw them in the bag. After a couple of minutes you placed in the wardrobe a pair of plaid patterned pants, a white shirts with giant rips in it and a tie with the Union Jack on it.

Your plan was to make Arthur wear punk like clothes until he admitted to listen to rock. This might take a while, but you would hold every single pair of clothes hostage until he agreed to. So in your mind this was the perfect, fool-proof plan.

As you were hanging the tie up you found a chest at the bottom of the wardrobe. It was old and dusty but it had fresh finger prints on it. ‘Maybe this is Arthur’s secret porn stash,’ you thought. ‘Nah, the closest thing Arthur would have to porn would be some sort of suggestive tea poster or something like that. The question is though, should I open it?’ You were hesitant but also burning with curiosity. In the end curiosity won out.

You hauled the chest out of the wardrobe. Your fingers loomed hesitantly over the lid until finally you lifted it up. A gasp escaped your lips. Let’s just say you weren’t expecting what was inside.

CDs were stacked in one corner, all of them being from some sort of rock band, most of them were punk. T-shirts, band merch and posters were put to the other side. And at the bottom of the chest was something that made you squeal. A signed poster of Muse was comfortably sitting at the bottom. The word ‘cheers’ and Matthew Bellamy, Chris Wolstenholme and Dominic Howard’s signatures were scribbled on the corner of the poster.

“That little bastard,” you swore before hearing Arthur’s car arriving in the drive way.

Quickly and carefully, you grabbed the Muse poster and shut the chest. The car door slammed as you hauled the chest back into the wardrobe. By the time Arthur had opened the door you had hid the poster in your underwear drawer and was now sitting on the floor reading a book.

“Well that was a blood waste of time,” you heard Arthur sigh. “Maybe I should listen to some-“ Arthur had rounded the corner and spotted you. You pretended to be immensely interested in the book you were reading. “Oh, (name) you’re home.”

“Hmm?” You looked up from the book. “Oh hey Arthur. What’s up?”

“Nothing,” Arthur sighed. “I suggest you get ready unless you plan to go in that.” Arthur eyed your sweat pants and (favorite superhero) shirt.

“Yeah, yeah, I will,” you brushed him off. “As soon as I finish this chapter.”

~ Half an Hour Later ~

You had changed into your favorite pair of jeans and a (f/c) sweater. All you were waiting for now was Arthur to come bursting out of his room. You had quickly snatched his only other pair of clothes when he had taken a shower. You had made sure to keep your eyes down and be quiet. You weren’t so keen on seeing Arthur naked just yet. The door from the end of the hallway slammed open. Arthur could be heard storming down the hall.

You looked up and tried your best not to, well you weren’t sure what you were going to do, but you knew it wasn’t going to be good. One thing that you were sure of though was that Arthur look damn sexy dressed in punk clothing. The pants fit around his legs perfectly, not too big or small. The ripped shirt showed off parts of his well-toned chest and stomach. He held the tie in front of him with an angry look on his face.

“Where the bloody hell are my clothes?” Arthur asked, his eyebrow twitching.

“You know Arthur, you look good dressed like that,” you avoided his question.

“(Name), I would like my clothes back,” Arthur ordered sternly.

“Why? You look hot in that,” you complimented. “It suits you.”

“I-I er, what?” Arthur blushed. He shook his head and looked back at you. “(Name), my clothes now. . . Please.”

“For God’s sake Arthur, would you just embrace your rock side already?” You half shouted. “I know all about your little secret so just drop the act.”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” Arthur responded with dead certainty.

“I’m talking about this!” You pulled the Muse poster from behind your back. “I know you like rock, Arthur. I found your chest. It was filled with the stuff! Sure it might’ve had been a bit dusty, but it had fresh finger prints on it. So don’t go telling me a loud of shit just to cover it up.”

Arthur snatched the poster from you. He looked like he was going to tear it in two. Instead, he handed it back to you with a sigh. “I wanted to give this as a present to you when I was-“ Arthur said before he stopped to tie the tie. It loosely hung around his neck, completing the outfit. “When I was brave enough to tell you that I have feelings for you.” Arthur was now a shade of red.

You could feel yourself blushing to. You had always had a crush on Arthur but you had pushed it down so no one, not even yourself, would know about it. You knew that the two of you were never going to be a thing. The two of you were just housemates you could rely on each other when they couldn’t make enough money to pay the rent.

“Me too,” you blurted out before you could realize what you had just said.

A wave of warmth washed over Arthur. He smiled before taking you in his arms, your head crushing into his chest. His heartbeat was almost as fast as a drumroll. You hugged back, relaxing into him.

“So can I have my clothes back, love?” Arthur asked, ruining the mood.

“How about I wear something punkish too and we’ll say we dared each other to dress like that,” you suggested. “You look to sexy dressed like that and I’m not going to let you change until after the party.”

You felt Arthur sigh. “Fine.”

You looked up to see Arthur staring down at you. His green orbs were now gazing into your (e/c) ones. You quickly pecked him on the lips, which strongly tasted like tea, before running to your room to get changed. Arthur was left behind, bemused and blushing, happy that he had finally gotten to admit his feelings to the beautiful girl of his dreams.
It's my first time doing an Englandxreader so I apologize if he's a little OCC. Anyway, I loved writing this, because I love rock, any type of rock. And I always love reading fanfics about England and his punk days, so I thought why not give it a shot? I hope you guys enjoy it! Bunny Girl Emoji-55 (Wink) [V3] 
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He has always intrigued me.

Ever since the first encounter, I've spent hours with him, trying to figure him out.

I have been called a child prodigy by some. Music, math, arts, writing; you name it, I've attempted it.

And not just in school. Fencing, tennis, judo, soccer, dance, javelin, archery, track, theater; I've done them all and not only triumphed, but excelled, putting in 110%.

The point is, I'm rather smart.

I've always been pretty good at reading people just by watching how they talk, interact,dress, their body movements, facial expressions; the world is a giant library, each person a book for me to peruse at my leisure.

But not him.

He is the one person, the single novel that rests on a high self, too far up for me to grab, even with the assistance of chairs and ladders. heck, I can't even see the damn bindings of this mysterious piece of literature. He sits up there, taunting and teasing me,laughing at my foolish attempts to get my hands on him.  

And I hate it.

It eats away at me. Slowly, it pokes fun at my brain, at my failures to decipher the unknown.


I don't hate him.

N-n-not that I like him or anything. I mean, that's utterly ridiculous. we're just friends. He's like a brother to me! I like him like a brot-

Oh who am I kidding.

I love him.

No scratch that. I'm IN love with him.

And it's driving me crazy.
Sorry about not posting anything for the last few days! I've been studying nonstop and really haven't had time to write. I ended up writing this after a test in chemistry on Friday, and I wanted to post something to make this guilt of not having the next England x Reader chapter up.

This Romano story is much happier than the last one I wrote. No one is dead, Romano's not weeping on your grave; definitely more upbeat.

I don't know about this one. If you people like this enough, I'll continue it on. One, maybe two more chapters(depends on if i'm feeling generous).

Hetalia belongs to that one really awesome japanese guy.

You belong to that communist guy.

The story belongs to that one ginger weirdo.

Part 2- [link]
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"Hey, idiota!"

Well speak of the devil.

"What do you want, Lovino?" I grumbled, standing up from my perch on the school's water fountain. I wasn't in the best mood, and talking to someone wasn't going to help. Especially not the person who was causing my moody attitude.

He stared at me. "Geez, who took a shit in your cornflakes this morning?" He had been expecting a witty greeting, not some bitchy comment. I wasn't usually this grumpy.

"None of your fucking business. Get lost."

I was really out of character.

"Whoa whoa, calm down principessa! All I-a did was say hello, don't-a bite my fucking head off!" He held his hands up in defense, probably afraid that I'd actually do it. "What's wrong? You've been acting-a like this for awhile now, did something happen?"

I turned away. "It's none of your damn business. I don't have to be happy-go-lucky all the fucking time. Who do you think I am, Feliciano?"

He grabbed my shoulders, keeping me from sitting back down. I tried shrugging them off, but they held me firmly in place. When did he get so strong? I used to be able to out-muscle him. He must have been working out. I wonder what his arms and chest look like from all tha-

"Hey, stop-a spacing out! I asked you a damn question, so answer me!"

I sighed inwardly. He's so fucking stubborn, I knew he wasn't about to let this go, and from experience, he was sure to keep pestering me about it until I caved.

"It's not like you can help Lovino. No one can. It's just something I have to deal with myself."

Releasing my shoulders, he sat down on the rim of the fountain. I slumped down beside him.

"You don't know that. At least tell me, don't just sit here and bitch about it to yourself."

Would it hurt to tell him? Not that I couldn't stop thinking about him, but just that I was in love.

I buried my face in my hands, trying to cover up the red spreading across my cheeks. Then I said it.


I repeated myself, a little louder this time.

He pulled my head up "Hey stupid, I can't fucking understand you when-a you burry your face like that. now what the hell had you been mumbling?"

"I said I think I'm in love!"
So I had finally managed to write a nicely worded, decent sized chapter for this story as well as my England x Reader story.

Then my brother decided to be funny and stole the battery from my laptop, causing me to loose them.

So after much cursing, shouting in french, and trying not to cry, I sat down, listened to the Beatles, and came up with this. Sorry it sucks, I was actually happy with the original draft, but thanks to an annoying little 8th grader, no one will every get to see it.

Fuck you Chris. Fuck you.

Romano, Italy, and Hetalia belong to :iconhimaruyaplz:

This crap belongs to :icongingeralchemist:

You belong to Mother Russia, da?

Please tell me what you guys think. If you guys don't like it, I might end up re-writing it, or just scrapping it all together.

Sorry, I'm just in a really really bad mood.

Part 1- [link]

Part 3-[link]
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I turned away from him, waiting for the teasing and laughing to start.

But they never did. Instead, he just stared. After a moment of uncomfortable silence, I cleared my throat.

"So there. Now you know." My voice was hushed, as if I had just told him someone had died.

"Ragazza," He leaned over and wrapped an arm around my shoulders. "______, that's noting to be ashamed of. I'll-a let you in on a little secret." Suddenly I was lifted off the fountain and settled onto his lap. "I'm-a in love too."

I could feel the blood rushing to my face. Oh, how good it felt sitting there. I could feel his chest pressed against my back, his hands on my hips, his lips tickling my ear.

"L-lovino? What are you d-doing?" My heart was racing. This was a side of him that I had never seen. I could feel the arrogant smirk against my cheek.

Twisting me around to face him, he whispered, "Something I should have done a long time ago."

And then our lips connected.

My bookbag fell out of my hand and spilled onto the concrete, but I didn't care.

Some guys started wolf-whistling, but I didn't care.

A heavily accented american voice shouted out "GET SOME!", but I didn't care.

I did care, however, when suddenly we were submerged in water.

We broke apart gasping for air and soaked to the bone. Looks like our kiss had gotten a little too heated, causing us to topple backwards into the fountain. We looked at each other, then burst into laughter. To be honest, I don't even know what the hell had brought on the giggling, but we were having a hard time stopping.

Lovino stood up, and offered me a hand. "Come on idiota, we should get out of these clothes before you-a get sick." I took it, and he pulled me into a tight embrace. "Ti amo, ______. And-a don't you forget it."

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~TIIIIIIIIIIIIIIME SKIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIP~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"Come on!"




"Please Lovi~?"

"No means no! And don't fucking call me that!"

It had been almost 3 years since the two of us had kissed, sitting on the water fountain. 3 years of pure Italian love.

Well, almost.

See there's this thing, about Italians being the world's best lovers, but I wanted to know if that was really true. Unfortunately, I couldn't judge, seeing as the most intimate we had ever gotten was making out. Not that I didn't like our make out sessions, but a girl has needs.

A while back, I had been hanging out with my friend Isabella, when the subject of sex had come up.

"So you haven't done it yet?" I shook my head. "Do you not want to or something?"

"Bella, you know I want to, but I have no idea how to even bring it up! Besides, I'm pretty sure Lovino thinks I'm innocent about stuff like that." I sighed and went back to eating my way through the chocolate fondue she had brought over.

We sat there in silence until she suddenly straightened up and grinned. "I know that look. You're planning something, aren't you?"

"Well it's not something I'm going to do, but something you're going to ask." I leaned in as she told me something about Lovino's hair.

So that's how I ended up pestering my boyfriend non-stop. 'She must have been right, if he's this opposed to even tell me why I can't touch the curl.'

"Please Lovino? I'm not going to touch it as long as you tell me why!" I had been at this for hours. He couldn't last much longer, me whining at him like this. It actually surprised me how long he had managed to hold out.

"Please, for me?"


"Why not?"

"Fine! I-It's because I won't be able to control myself."

Finally. I put on an innocent face. "What do you mean?"

He swallowed nervously. "If- If you pulled it, I know you'd end up regretting it. You'd-a probably hate me." He blushed and looked away.

"Tsk tsk, Lovino. I thought you knew me better." I wrapped my left arm around his neck. Standing on tiptoe, I nibbled on his ear, and pulled the forbidden curl.
I fucking jinxed myself. I'm sick again, except worse than before.

That's just fucking great.

So, ya.

This chapter failed. It failed so hard. Remember when I said this would only be, like two parts?

Yeah, I lied. It's starting to take on a life of its own.

Sorry if it's not what you were expecting, I had originally intended to end it with the kiss, but whatever.

And sorry if this makes no sense whatsoever. I'm trying not to punch someone from the pain my throat's in. I can barely breath. And my body aches all over. even typing hurts.

Part 1-[link]
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"Ve~ fratello, stop being so mean!" You were currently sitting in Ludwig's living room with the Axis Powers…and Lovino. You were supposed to be making pasta with Feli for dinner tonight, but Ludwig had other plans. Though, you didn't know what that plan was.

Secretly, this was all just a hoax. Yep, Feli and Ludwig teamed up to get you and Lovino together. Why? Because, everybody is tired of you two being so ugh and they figured that you two liked each other. This, by the way, was actually a very true assumption, obviously.

"I'll be mean if I wanna…don't tell me what to do, you idiota." Glaring at the Italian, you jumped up from your spot on the sofa. "[Name], where are you going?" You glanced back and saw Ludwig with his arms crossed.

"Away from you people…" You subconsciously looked at Lovino with a light blush on your cheeks. Sure, you liked him and all, but there was no way you would tell anyone. Like, ever.

Soon, you heard Ludwig make a noise that shouldn't be let out casually. Of course, you know he did it only from annoyance, but still – he needs to watch how he…pronounces things. Someone could get the wrong idea, yeah? Okay, anyway…

Just as you were about to leave, you realised you forgot your jacket. Growling at the stupid fact you won't leave without it, you turned around and ran into Lovino, himself. Both of you just stared at each other for a few moments, and then turned away bitterly with apparent blushes painted on your cheeks.

As if on a silent cue of perfectness, you felt your body be pushed forwards. Lacking the want to pay attention, you dismissed the detail that Lovino was being pushed, as well. Sooner or later, you ended up actually kissing him! Yeah, that's right…full blown kissing.

You both were clearly in shock, but neither of you moved away from this 'uncomfortable' situation. You know you both honestly would never admit this, but this wasn't so bad. After a while, you two split from one another. Presumably to get air back into your lungs, right? Nope.

There behind Lovino, you saw Feli smiling like a derp. Behind you, Lovino saw Ludwig, who muttered the word 'finally' and had the expression of relief. They just tricked you both into kissing, technically. Well, let's just say you two had the best time yelling at them.

…but you guys awkwardly thanked them later on because you both mutually agreed to go out afterwards…but, a few hours later, you found out that Kiku wrote a doujinshi about you and Lovino.

And he didn't get it taken away or anything, he just made copies and gave them to some of the others who wanted them to embarrass you both.
Neeh, enjoy my lovely sister ~

:iconthat-crazy-fangirl: I WROTE THIS WHEN I SHOULD HAVE BEEN SLEEPING. be happy :I

this is shit. I am so ashamed of this fuckery. ;A;

let me go crai about it in my emo corner

*has a walk of shame over to the emo corner, sulks, and cries*
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Father!RomanoXChild!Reader~Help Me...Part 1
****3 years old****
~Your POV~

A single scream echoed through the streets that night,it was 8 pm, and you were running as fast as you could. You were running from your home,the reason, you were abused.

Your father constantly hit you and your mother did nothing. You felt tears falling down your face as you ran. You needed to find somewhere to hide or someone to help you,you could hear your father yelling behind you.

You looked back and saw he was catching up. You screamed and ran to the nearest house. You began banging on it screaming for help,you began crying harder.You scratched at the door in vain screaming at the top of your lungs.

"Help me!",you cried. "What the hell do you want?",asked a man throwing open the door. "Help me!",you cried and clung to his leg. "What the-",he was cut off by your father. "Give me my kid back right now!",he yelled. "Wh-what?",he asked looking down at you and saw your bruised arms.

"Don't let him take me!",you cried. "Shut up!",yelled your father. "No,you hurt her,now leave.",said the man. "Not till you give my kid back!",said your father reaching for you. "NO!",you screamed and ran into the house.

You ran through the house and found a couch. You hid behind it shivering.You could here yelling and the door slamming. Then heared footsteps walking around the house.

"Ugh, child,where did you go?",he grumbled. "Ve,brother,who vas it at ve door?",asked another voice. "Feliciano,shut up for five minutes,I am trying to find the little girl,she was screaming cause her dad beat her,then ran into the house and I made him regret hurting her. Now help me find her!",snapped the man.

"Ve,sorry brother I vill help!",cried the other boy. "Good,now don't scare her,she is terrified already.",said the other man who had helped you. "Ve okay!",he cried.

You sat their shivering,eyes wide in terror, why were they looking for you? Did that man save you so he could beat you too? Or was he planning to do worse?

Suddenly, the man who had helped you stepped out from the other side of the couch and smiled at you. You curled up into the fetal position,scared of him,but got a closer look at him. He had kind light brown eyes,dark brown hair wth a curl on the right side of his head,he wore a tan uniform with a maroon top and navy blue tie.

"Hey its okay,I wont hurt you.You can come out.",he said offering his hand. "O-okay...",you whimpered and took his hand. "Feliciano I found her!",yelled the man picking you up and holding you. "Ve! I can meet her!",cried the boy called Feliciano and he dashed into the room."Ve,brother Romano! She is so cute!Ve, I feel so bad that she was hurt!",cried Feliciano.

You blinked and rested your head on Romano's shoulder,you felt safe in his arms,like nobody could touch you,let alone hurt you. You gazed at Feliciano, he had lighter brown hair that had a curl on the left side of his head and he had golden eyes and it seemed he always smiled.

"Me too....well,what are we going to do?She needs a home.",Romano said. "Ve,a foster home?",asked Feliciano. "No! No!No! I don't wanna get hurt more!Daddy used to say that they were way worse!",you cried clinging to Romano's shirt and you started crying. "Alright,shush, it's okay. It was only a suggestion.And what is your name?",said Romano.

"O-okay....and it is ______",you whimpered. "Wait!Ve,what if she lived with us?",cried Feliciano interrupting Romano's response. "That sounds fine and that is a beautiful name",said Romano,Feliciano nodding at the comment. "Thank you!",you said smiling."Alright, Feliciano,but what about the meetings?",asked Romano. "Uhhhh we can find a sitter...",said Feliciano. "Alright,your job.",said the italian before walking upstairs with you.

"I am tired...",you said. "I know,you can sleep in my room.",said Romano taking you to his room. "Thank you....",you murmmured sleepily. "Your welcome.",he said.

He put you in bed and smiled at you. He kissed your forehead and began walking toward the door only to get stopped by you.

"Romano,can you sleep with me? I dont like to be alone,it reminds me of before I came here!",you cried and he turned around smiling. "S-sure...",he said blushing in embarrasment.

Romano climbed into bed and wrapped his arms around you. You let out a sigh and closed your eyes.

"Night Papa....",you said and then sleep engulfed you.
Doing 2 at a time now,but I most likely will finish the Father!Russia X Child!Reader first....this was just something that popped into my mind yep,I tried to make it sweet.
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Red colored orbs snapped open at the sound of someone banging at his front door. Gilbert groaned, groggily rubbing the sleep from his eyes as he rolled out of bed. Blinking a few times to focus his surroundings, he turned to his clock, which read 2:47 A.M. Gilbert smacked his cheek. "Why me..." Using the bed for support, Gilbert lifted himself up to his feet, heading toward the door.

Swinging it open, Gilbert half muttered to himself. "What do you want..." A small wail at his feet shocked him. He looked down, seeing a small child, looking no more then ten months old. Short (h/c) swept across her smooth cheeks, looking like silk. She stopped crying for a second, opening her eyes. Gilbert gasped: they were the most beautiful shade of (e/c) he had ever seen.

Kneeling down, Gilbert nervously picked up the girl, making her calm down immediately. She looked up at him, crimson hue meeting that hypnotizing (e/c). 

In the light pink blanket she was wrapped up in, Gilbert saw a faded envelope sticking out. Adjusting his hold on the girl, who giggled as soon as she was moved, Gilbert took the letter and ripped it open the best he could.

To whom it may concern,

This is my daughter, _________ __________. She is eight months old, her birthdate is (birthdate). She is a very happy girl, and loves to be held and played with. She won't cause you any trouble, I can assure you that.

Please give her a good home, I love her very much and she deserves this.

Thank you

Gilbert took pity on ________, and the person who wrote the letter, which he assumed was her mother. Doing a quick sweep of his street, Gilbert went back inside, still holding ________ in his arms.

The Prussian man had absolutely no idea what he was doing. Awkwardly, he started bouncing ______ in his arms, as if trying to get her to calm down. She simply giggled and smiled up at him, encouraging him to continue. 

Before he knew it, the sun had already risen, and Gilbert felt something nestle in his snow-white hair. "Guten Morgen, Gilbird..." Gilbert tries to stifle a yawn, but with no luck. Gilbird chirped a happy good morning and flew over to the kitchen. ________ was staring at the little bird, mesmerized. Gilbert cracked a smile at her expression, following Gilbird into the kitchen.

Gilbert had gotten his faithful little bird his breakfast, while he was giving _______ some cut up leftover wurst. She ate it happily, still watching Gilbird for any signs of movement. Suddenly, _______ started laughing. Gilbert, who had his face in his hands, shot up, looking straight at the little girl. She was laughing so hard her face had turned red, and it had become silent.

"What are you laughing at, liebling?"

She broke into more laughter when Gilbird started circling around his owners' head. Before he could stop himself, Gilbert started laughing as well. Not his usual 'kesesese,' but a real sincere laugh.

"S-so THAT'S what you were laughing at?! Liebling, you're so funny!"

Gilbird landed on the Prussian's head, making _______ calm down. As soon as she did, however, Gilbird hopped off of Gilbert's hair, fluttering down and landing on ________ chest. 

She cooed softly, reaching out and gently grabbing the little bird. Luckily for Gilbert, his loyal pet didn't seem to mind too much.

________ brought Gilbird to her cheek, and started nuzzling him. To Gilbert's shock, the bird started doing the same to ________, rubbing his yellow feathers against her cheek. Gilbert felt tears sting in his eyes as he watched. His little bird and his new... Daughter. Yes, that sounded perfect, snuggled together.

Soon, _______ fell asleep like that, Gilbird jumping out of her hands and crawling under her chin. 

Gilbert smiled widely, picking up _______ again, Gilbird quickly hopping back onto his owners' head. 

Deciding that they both needed more sleep, Gilbert trudged back to his room, placing _______ underneath the covers. He put Gilbird in a little pillow beside on his bed stand, and slowly got into the bed with ________. He placed a hand protectively over her small form, kissing her temple kindly.

"Schlaf gut, meine tochter."
Yay!!! Papa Prussia is finally here!!!!! With Gilbird!!! :iconkermityayplz:

Part Two:…

More Country X Baby:…


Guten Morgen: Good morning

Liebling: Darling

Schlaf gut, mein tochter: Sleep well, my daughter.

Hetalia @ :iconhimaruyaplz:

Story @ :iconsharkgirl567:

You @ :iconhappyprussiaplz:

The preview image is not mine, I take no credit for it.
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  You screamed, opening your eyes quickly and gripping tightly onto the nation laying below you through the dark. They quickly woke up, enveloping you in a bug, warm hug. In fact, too big a hug to be Alfred.

  "What is wrong little sunflower...?" A soft voice asked. You had seen this man, the tallest one in the room where Catterpillar-brows brought you in with platinum-blond hair.

  "N-Nightmare..." You managed to say before sobs overcame your small body. The other Allies were at the mouth of the tent, feeling as if they were miles away from the crying little girl in Russia's arms.

  He dared not ask why you were so upset and went to rubbing your back with a caring touch. "Don't worry little one. Mother Russia will be sure to protect you, da?"

  "Where's daddy...?"

  His head cocked to the side in confusion,"Daddy? Do you mean Mr. Alfred?"

  Resting your head on his chest, you nodded. "He had to keep watch outside for a little while. Why don't you just rest for a few more hours. It's still dark out, da?"

  Helping you wipe away the rest of your tears, you agreed and relaxed in his arms. The others stood at the door, breathing a sigh of relief when you began to settle down once more in the Russian's arms.


  "My name is England! Eng-land!"

  "Caterpillars!" You giggled, seeing Arthur's face beginning to turn red in anger. He has been trying to teach you his name all day but you decided you liked calling him 'Caterpillars' instead.

  Francis held you in his lap, combing your (h/c) hair and braiding it. Your daddy was talking with Yao and Ivan about something in the meanwhile but all old occasionally look over when Arthur snapped at you.

  "I zink you should just give up Angelterre." Francis said slyly, putting your hair into a French braid. "I don't zink she wants to call you anyzing but 'Caterpillars,' non, mon petite?"


  Arthur groaned, slamming his head on the table with a loud, audible slam. "Chill out dude. At least she remembers who you are. Can't you take that as a compliment?"

  "She calls you her bloody father! Don't talk to me about labels!"

  You really liked the allies. Since you woke up, all five of them personally introduced themselves to you. Caterpillars didn't really enjoy your nickname and since then has been trying to teach you his name.

  Francis tied your hair back, patting your head before wrapping his arms around you in a hug,"Don't listen to 'im. 'e's just jealous zat you don't call 'im papa."

  Wriggling out of his arms, you went towards Alfred and the others as the two nations bickered back and forth. "Daddy, I'm hungry."

  "Of course you are." He lifted you into his arms, kissing your forehead with a smile,"How about you go for a bite with Yao and then we can do something fun, okay?"

  Yao took you in his arms, holding you protectively as he carried you away from the others. "America, you do realize that we're in the middle of war. We don't have time for fun."

  "I know, I know. But she's still young." Alfred retorted back. "We have to worry about the axis. Odds are, if word catches on, they'll be here to take her away."

  "We'll just have to protect her then, da?" Ivan said in a cold voice,"If someone takes the little sunflower-"

  "I think maybe we should just leave __________ to Ivan." Alfred said, interrupting Ivan's thoughts. By the horrified looks on Arthur and Francis' faces, that wouldn't be happening. "Well we have to do something!"

  "Well just 'ave to keep a close eye on ze petite." Francis stated simply, leaning back in his chair. "We won't let ze axis come to take 'er. Besides, zey are outnumbered sree to five."

  "The frog has a point." Arthur agreed, trying to lean back like Francis to almost fall off his rocker. "I don't think we really need to worry much about them getting to her."

  Alfred nodded, feeling some stress lift off his shoulders. "Yea, I guess so."


  Yao allowed you to try some of the dumplings he made at his home. At first, you weren't willing to eat the balls of steaming dough and meat in front of you until Yao let you try some of his.

  Not wanting to be rude (since it's rude to turn down food in your country), you ate his food willingly. Now able to taste the food, you admitted that it was pretty delicious and began digging in.

  You ended up eating some rations, mainly healthy food like vegetables, before headed back to the tent with your hand in Yao's. Alfred looked towards you, quickly scooping you into his arms and tossing you up,"There's my little girl!"

  "Daddy! I like Yao's dumplings!" Behind Alfred, Francis and Caterpillars fought a giggle fit at the comment. "Can we go play now? Like you promised daddy?"

  "How about we all play soccer-"

  "It's called football you bloody bloke!" The Englishman hissed through his teeth,"Besides, why do I want to play such a silly game for!? Need I remind you the current situation!?"

  "I just thought you'd all want to have some time off. Some peace, you know?"

  The room was silent, the four bigger countries looking towards you before accepting to join. The teams were mismatched, you being on a team with your daddy and Yao against the other three.

  Two makeshift goals were set up and you spent the rest of the afternoon playing. Little did you know the events that would be unfurling soon, the plots being conjured as you were enjoying the sunshine and your new family.


  "Ze country apparently has a lot of resources vhich might help ze allies." Germany stated to Japan and Italy (well...Japan). "I say tonight, ve look for zis fraülein und claim her as an axis country."

  "Hai, demo, what does she look like Mr. Germany."

  "She is one of ze only vomen you vill see. Probably vill be vearing a military outfit. I assume it is a young voman zhough."

  "She seems rather strong Doitsu-san." Japan said rather worriedly. "How are we supposed to take a country like that away from the allies?"

  "At night. Vhen zey are all asleep." 

  "A pretty ragazza!?" Italy suddenly tuned in,"We're gunna have a pretty ragazza with us!?"

  "Itaria-kun, please pay attention while we are speaking to keep us from re-explaining things." Japan sighed, shaking his head. "But we will hopefully be leaving the allied camp tonight with a new ally."


  When you went to sleep that night, the allies were holding a meeting, leaving you completely unguarded as the axis slipped in to search all darkened camps. It was early morning, a few hours before daybreak when Italy slid into your tent.

  "A little ragazza...? The allies must've kidnapped you...!" Going over to your sleeping form, he lifted you up and cradled you in his arms. There was a sharp yell of retreat and Italy quickly found cover in the bushes.

  The Italian walked aimlessly until he found his friends, the sun's golden rays now peaking over the edge of the horizon and causing the sky to explode into golden, red rays of sunlight over the treetops.

  "Maybe Italy found her zen-" Germany didn't complete his sentence. His eyes were drawn to the small figure laying asleep in the Italian's arms. "Vhat ze hell vere you thinking!?"

  "Doitsu-san, please calm down." Japan interjected, helping his friend relax. "Itaria-kun, you have a reason for this, right?"

  "Si! The little ragazza was kidnapped from our countries! I can just tell!"

  Germany mentally face-palmed at the lame excuse but ignored it anyway. "I zink ve should go back to base und lay her down. She might be shocked vhen she vakes up in a new environment."

  Italy nodded, following as his friends moved along. With you unknowing that you were going farther and father away from your true family.

To be continued...
You were kidnapped!

Sorry, I'm so wiped from school...I'm ready to go to sleep right now. Night. XD

I don't own you or Hetalia!
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BttxReader- I Don't Care If I'm Selfish- Part A2

I hate washing dishes.

You were washing dishes only because you brought your plate to the sink as an excuse to eavesdrop on them, and now you were stuck washing their dishes. Ever since Gilbert woke up, there was a lot more dishes than before. You filled the sink with hot water and soap so that you could finish the dishes quicker.

Gilbert walked over to you and asked if there was anymore food. "Nope, you ate it all." You replied.

"You didn't make enough."
"Nope, I'm sure you ate it all. Are you gaining weight?" You subtly said, just to see his reaction.
"What?!? No, of course not! I'm too awesome to gain weight!!" He sounded offended.
"Well you did eat all that food, mon ami.~" France laughed.
"I can see your belly poking out. You look a little more like Francis now." You teased Francis too, seeing as he wanted to join in the fun.
"Quoi?? I have you know that I am fit! I work out every day to look this good!" Francis was way more offended than Gilbert was.
"Stop taking it seriously Francis, it's all just fun and games.~" Gilbert sniggered, taking revenge and teasing Francis back.

Francis was pouting just like a little kid would. You laughed and tried to cheer him up by saying, "I think it's just your clothing making you look bulkier than you really are."

He just smirked and said, "Je vais juste prendre mes vêtements off alors.~~~" He winked and blew you a kiss. I have no idea what he said.

"Mädchen mögen keine behaarten Männer." Gilbert retorted to Francis. Still can't understand.

The two started fighting in their native languages, about something you had no idea about.

You were so focused on the two fighting and trying to decipher what they were saying, that you didn't notice the Spaniard in the background holding his fingers up to his lips.

You looked around, feeling left out.  You didn't know who to start a conversation with, Antonio or Gilbert and Francis.
This series is a choose your own love~
Will you get the Awesome Prussia? The Passionate Spain? Or the Romantic France?

Start From Beginning?……
Talk with…
Talk with Gilbert and Francis:

Another chappie is up! Yay!

Just so you guys know, I won't put any translations in there. They don't think you know their languages. If you do, then you're just pretending to be clueless about it. If you look it up, well they can't stop you, can they? Anyways, you don't need to look it up if you don't want to, but it does make the story more entertaining.~~~~

Story - Katrucha
Btt - Himaruya
Picture -…
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America looked all around the house for his five year old daughter, (name). Right now, America wasn't enjoying the feeling of being defeated in a game of Hide-and-Seek.

"Geeze... I never lose at this. Dear Lord... I'm getting beaten at a game of Hide-and-Seek by my own kid..." America suddenly realized. He then face-palmed. "Out smarted by a kid... I guess that's what England's been trying to tell me whenever he told me I needed to study more so that things like this wouldn't happen- AAAGGH!!!" America yelled in surprise and shock as something leaped onto his back and knocked him to the ground flat on his stomach. He suddenly knew who did it when he heard a little giggle.

"Got ya, daddy!" (name) told America. America felt (name)'s weight come off of him and he got up. Scooping (name) into his lap, he playfully whined at her.

"Hey! That's cheating, (name)." America told his little girl as she giggled even more. Deciding to take advantage of her being in his arms, America smiled and whispered to (name) just loud enough so that she could hear him. "And you know what the punishment is just for cheating in a game of Hide-and-Seek?" America asked (name). Her big (e/c) eyes widened as she answered him in the same whispering tone.

"What is it, daddy?" (name) asked her Dad as he tucked her long (h/c) behind her ear before answering her. His voice then got in a normal tone and volume as he answered (name).

"The punishment is a large dose of," America wiggled his fingers on the one spot that always got (name) to laugh out loud, "A severe tickle attack!"

(name) squealed with laughter as her daddy mercilessly tickled her sides. The tickling and laughter between America and (name) lasted for about a couple of minutes before America gave into (name)'s pleads and begging to stop. After America stopped, he and (name) were still laughing and giggling. It lasted for about five more minutes before they settled to chuckles and smiles.

America then kissed the top of (name)'s head and hugged her. (name) hugged her father right back and smiled.

"I love you, Daddy." (name) told America. America smiled as his heart melted a little as he picked (name) up so that he could take her to the kitchen to make the two of them lunch. He kissed (name)'s forehead once more and replied right back.

"I love you too, (name)." America told his little princess.

Even though he was beaten at it, America thought this was by far the best game of Hide-and-Seek he had ever shared with his little girl. His little (name) was all that he would ever care about, and nobody could take that away.

 You chose the Braginski family! 

You are _______Braginski, the adopted sister of the famous Russian businessman Ivan Braginski. 

Ever since you were adopted by the Braginskis', you were spoiled by them. They love you so dearly and been with you for ten years.

Ten years, they say.
Since those ten years, they smiled with warmth and their eyes laughing. They always treat you like you were the princess. They even compared you to the loving princess Anastasia. You did doubt your choice when you picked them at first. At first. Now, you were damn proud you chose them as your new loving family. They weren't that bad.  You just need to be close with them. Though the only thing you hated was going away from your hometown. You moved to a town outside of a city where they owned a huge mansion. You loved to stay at home, since it was comfortable and has a library full of books. 

Today, your family decided to bring you somewhere. You don't know where, they said it was a secret. It was your birthday surprise they said. 

"подсолнечник" A soft loving voice woke you from your slumber. You slowly sat still and glanced at your sister Natalia who was napping as well. You yawned and gazed at the driver's seat, you could see your brother stare at you by using the mirror. 
"Do you want to talk, да?" 

You shrugged, "Yeah sure, what do you want to talk about brother?" You could feel that something was going to get down. You could see it, from the way he felt tensed and he bit his lip. Something was wrong. 

"Am I....Am I bad?" You weren't shocked of the question. He must've noticed the expressions that people gave him. You chuckled. 

"Oh you're bad!" You said in a joking tone. Ivan frowned at that. 

"Oh..."You could see him going to cry. jesus christ, you weren't done yet. 

You let out a chuckle that made Ivan confuse. You smiled and said,"You're bad at being bad" 

He let out a faint sniff or sob. He was crying with tears of joy. Oh his little sunflower was such a prankster. 

"You should learn to let me finish my sentence before you start to cry and get us all killed by an accident" You giggled. 

"Oh, even when you are taught manners, you'll always be such a joker,da" He laughed with you. 

"Hey, I would do anything to repay the three of you for accepting me like I was your real sister" 

"Because you are our little sister" You looked over to the front seat to see your elder sister smiling. Ivan and you were flabbergasted to see Yaketerena was awake the whole time. She let out a cute chuckle. "You've done us good, my dear" She glanced at your face. "You've made us happy again, you are a blessing and our sun" This touched you. 

"Sister is right...I hate to admit it but, I like you"  You looked to your side and saw Natalia blushing. 

You rolled your eyes,"I knew you were all awake"

"Just admit that you didn't" Your brother stifled a laugh. 

"Oh come on, who is on my side" No one replied, guess you were on your own. You sighed and settled down into your seat. "Fine, you guys win this time" You huffed. You love this family. Everyone decided to go back to their usual business since they were so happy to win. You glimpse the view outside the glass car window. You saw sunflowers. You flashed an awe expression. You were happy. Dammit, you were so excited. 

"VANY VANY! SUNFLOWERS! SUNFLOWERS!" You were phsyced that you jumped up and down your seat making the van bounce. All of them grinned. 

"We know ______, now sit still or you'll slow the car down,da " Ivan snickered. 

You snorted, "Fine" You happily fixed your gaze at the window. Natalia rolled her eyes and went back to glance at the magnificent view. 

It was like minutes or hours since you just sat there and stare. But to be truthful, it was just minutes. 

"Are we there yet?" You asked innocently. 

"Almost, be patient deary" Yaketerena said softly. You slumped down back to your seat. Your brother turned on the Radio.Suprisingly, the radio played a nice song.You hummed and felt the rhythm of the song. 

Ivan tapped the steering wheel while smiling happily. Yaketerena swayed her head slightly. 

The chorus of the song came and you hear your brother and Yaketerena sang the chorus together. 

You make me smile like the sun
Fall out of bed, sing like a bird
Dizzy in my head, spin like a record
Crazy on a Sunday night
You make me dance like a fool
Forget how to breathe
Shine like gold, buzz like a bee
Just the thought of you can drive me wild
Ohh, you make me smile

It was pretty accurate since your sister just called you 'their sun'. Ivan took a solo.

Ivan:Even when you're gone
Somehow you come along
Just like a flower poking through the sidewalk crack
And just like that
You steal away the rain and just like that

You rolled your eyes, they insisted you to sing with them. They were good singers, well the three of them were. Natalia joined in with them. You just were shy to sing with them.

You make me smile like the sun
Fall out of bed, sing like a bird
Dizzy in my head, spin like a record
Crazy on a Sunday night
You make me dance like a fool
Forget how to breathe
Shine like gold, buzz like a bee
Just the thought of you can drive me wild
Ohh, you make me smile

They continued on.

 Natalia:Don't know how I lived without you
Yaketerena:Cuz everytime that I get around you
I see the best of me inside your eyes
All of them: You make me smile!
Ivan:You make me dance like a fool
Forget how to breathe
Shine like gold, buzz like a bee
Just the thought of you can drive me wild

You sighed, you gotta join them somehow. All of you sang the chorus together making the car noi

You make me smile like the sun
Fall out of bed, sing like a bird
Dizzy in my head, spin like a record
Crazy on a Sunday night
You make me dance like a fool
Forget how to breathe
Shine like gold, buzz like a bee
Just the thought of you can drive me wild
Ohh, you make me smile

Natalia and Yaketerena:Ohh, you make me smile
Ivan:Ohh, you make me smile
You:Ohh, you make me smile

You all had fun having some sing-along. What a family. 

Ivan pulled over the car making so excited to get your butt out of the car. He unlocked the door and signaling you to unleash the beast. You opened the door and felt like you haven't stood for years. 

"FINALLY!" You ran to the sunflower field and was happily prancing around the place. "FREEEEEDOOOOOM" You howled. 

They were just watching you, you then shouted, "COME ON, IT'S NO FUN WITHOUT YOU GUYS!" They looked at each other and ran towards you. You tagged your brother and laughed. "TAG YOU'RE IT" You started to run away to avoid being the next victim. He tagged his big sister and ran with you. 

"You can't take me ALIVE!" You screamed. Unfortunately, someone yanked you. 

"Look what we got here, a girl who would help us get money" The men chuckled. You wanted to scream but you were cut off by some handkerchief that has something which made you pass out. 

You had a dream, that they wouldn't find you. You were just gonna die here. At the hands of these filthy men. You were awoken by the sound of your brother's tone. 


Was it a dream, was your brother here?

"_____, please wake up.." You opened your eyes and was glad to see your brother. Though, you weren't in the fields. More like a warehouse or some barn. 

"Vanya...?" You said in a weak tone. "I-Is that you?" 

"Yes sunflower it's me, you're safe now..." You hugged him tightly wanting to cry. He returned it with a tighter hug. 

"How touching...Mr.  Braginski" Ivan let's go of you and glared at the man at his back holding a gun. "Finally with your little sunflower" He pointed a gun at your brother. "Well, I finish you two off with just one-" He grunted and fell flat on the ground. 

You looked over to the unconscious man to the blonde man who saved you and your brother. Wait, that guy was the German boy with that old guy called Grandpa Germania. You gasped and blurted out, "Ludwig?"

"_______,let's go" He lend a hand to the two of you and left with him. 

"I could've killed that man with my pipe"Ivan murmured and having his 'kol' moods. 

Trying to chill your brother and make him stop muttering how he could've killed the kidnapper."Now, now, Vanya you do remember that you have some heart problems thanks to-"

"Vodka is good for you,da" He retorted with his cheerful voice. You just gave up. 

The sky was getting dark when you were safely with your sisters. 

"Thanks for saving me and my brother" You thanked Ludwig but wondered how did he know. "But how did you find me?" 

"My friends saw you were being dragged out of the field, so I bumped with your sister and she told me that their sister was lost" You wanted to ask who was his friend but you remained quiet. 

"Hello, bella!" You turned your head and was just....didn't expect that. 

"Thank goodness you are safe" You saw Kiku next to Feliciano. Holy- what a tiny world you live in. 

"Mr. Kiku, Feli? What the heck is going on?!" You were just damn confuse. They just chill there like it was a normal thing or nothing strange even your brother was all calm with your sister. "Just give me a moment to think" You leaned on the car and just started to think some freaking ways on how they were all connected. 

You heard your brother chuckle and just stared at him with your 'what-is-damn-funny' face. 

"Oh sunflower, Mr. Kiku's older brother is my business partner" You looked over at Kiku who made the explanation clear. 

"Yao is my older brother and he saw a picture of you with Mr. Ivan, he couldn't make it here since he is in China right now" You still, have one question. 

"I met the two from an academy" You haulted him. 

"Woah, Woah, wait hold up. I thought you were in college when you interviewed me?" 

"I was...I am their math teacher.." Oh, that made sense. 

"Then what are you guys doing here?" 

"Mr. Braginski invited us here,he insisted us to stay for the night in his summer house" 
You reverted your attention to your brother who was smiling. "You invited them?" 


"All that settled, I am hungry. Since it is my birthday with a hint of suspense....let's go grab some food" They all agreed since they were hungry too. 

So, you all ended up eating at McDonalds since you insisted eating in a fast food chain because your tummy couldn't take it. 

It is your birthday so you were the boss. The siblings didn't much like the idea but then they enjoyed the food in the end. 

Feli tried flirting with you,Yaketerena and Natalia but with Ludwig's glare and Ivan's deadly smile with a hint of glare, he got scared. 

Kiku finished the story that he promised to tell you. 

You all had a happy meal and went home to the summer house just to have a good night rest.

What a day.

Intro: [link]

Song: [link]

So I did this quick but really I think I am drunk thanks to that Swiss chocolate with rum.

Oh me and my reasons~ So you pretty much got saved by the Axis.

Japan is their teacher so big woop.

Italy and Germany was his favorite and closest student. So why not bring them?

I added suspense ( not really suspenseful but I atleast I tried) because I just want to. It's sometimes dangerous to be a famous business man since you'll have enemies that will threaten you.

Sadly I didn't put a scene where Ivan kicked your kidnappers butt. Well he did, with his bare hands.

I am sorry I am still not good with accent, still getting the hang with accents and stuff.

You belong to the Braginskis :iconrussiaplz::iconhappyukraineplz::iconbelarusplz:

Hetalia, Russia and every damn Hetalia characters in this story belongs to :iconhimaruyaplz:

The story belongs to :iconaskkally:
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Your POV

You were dreaming. It was one of those weird dreams where your teeth fell out and it felt real. You shot up into a sitting position in your bed, sweating and panting in fear. You pressed your hands to your jaw and made sure if your teeth were still there. Sighing, you reached over to the end of the bed where your two cats slept. Careful not to wake them up, you slid the sheets off your legs and went down stairs to prepare some breakfast. You took out the box of Cheerios and poured a bowl. You added milk, then went to the table. "Nyaaa~~" That little noise caught your attention. The two cats had crawled tiredly down the stairs. You stood up and crouched beside the two cats. You used both hands to stroke their fuzzy ears.

"Good morning Feli. Good morning Lovi." You said, talking to the cats as if they could understand you.

Personally, you thought they could because the way you found them was very sad. You'd been wandering around the town and ended up in a really shady place. Seeing the two cats looking rather dirty and hungry, you bought them and rushed them home. You cleaned them up, fed them, and bonded with them as fast as possible. Now they were like your kids. Lovi and Feli were just their nicknames, because if you called them by their full names you would draw some weird looks. Lovino and Feliciano were their full names, and cute names at that. You looked up at the clock. 7:00.
"See you two later, Lovi, Feli. It's time for me to go to work."


Feliciano had always been the more loud-ish and vocal cat, while Lovino was a little quieter. Lovi did make loud meows as if he was cursing out his brother-cat.  You got dressed in your room, the two cats sitting quietly on your bed. Once you were finished getting ready, you flew down the stairs, taking two or three steps at a time. You headed out the door, quickly rubbing the cats' ears and locking the door behind you. You ran down the road to the bus stop, caught one and left.

Italy-Cats POVs

"Mio fratello!" Feliciano mewed as he hunted down Lovino. "Where did you-a go off to? Veh?"

Feliciano kicked his little brown-gold legs and hurtled down the stairs energetically. Lovino was sitting on the window sill, wistfully looking at the bus taking you away. He glared angrily. Feliciano hooked a claw innocently into his brothers' tail, which was hanging down. Lovino let out an angry hiss. "WHAT THE CRAPPOLA ARE YOU DOING, IDIOT BROTHER???!!" Feliciano didn't seem fazed by his brothers' reaction. "Veh? What are you looking-a at?"

Lovino turned his attention back to the bus, still glaring daggers. "Ooh! Does mio fratello like-a Master (Y/N)? Feliciano meowed.

Lovino turned to face his brother, poking claws out of his tabby paws. He waved a sharp claw in Feliciano's face. "LIKE MASTER (Y/N) WOULD LOVE US LIKE THAT!!!!" Lovino hissed angrily. Feliciano's fluffy face looked confused. "That's not-a what I asked." Feliciano replied. "Did you forget what we-a are?" Lovino cocked his head to the side, a sad look clouding his amber cat eyes. "No, mio fratello. I didn't forget. I'm not as stupid as you." Lovino mewed. Feliciano bared his little pearly white teeth, intending to smile. "Then she can still find a way to love us. All we-a have to-a do is change a little bit." Feliciano purred.

Your POV

After a tiring day of work, you got off the bus half asleep, and walked down the sidewalk to your house. Eyes barely open, you fiddled with the lock and got inside after a little bit of a struggle. Climbing up the stairs, you were daydreaming about snuggling up against Feli and Lovi and going to sleep as soon as your head hit the pillow. "Feli! Lovi!" you called. "I'm home!"

You opened the door to your room, surprised by how dark it was. You switched on the light.

Your hand flew to your mouth, gasping at the sight before you. Two absolutely naked men were sitting on your bed, looking like they'd been waiting for you. Your eyes bugged at them. "Ciao, Master (Y/N)!!" the one with the reddish brown hair said bubbly. The one with the darker hair started to strangle the other by the throat. "Smooooth move there, mio fratello!!!!"

You stared at them. "WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE???!!!" you screamed.
Part 1. I hope everyone enjoys it! I worked pretty hard on this one and hopefully it came out rather good.

The image is from [link]

Italy and Romano belong to Hidekaz Himaruya.
And you will belong to (soon very soon *rubs hands together evily*) :iconnekonitalyplz: and :iconnekositalyplz:.

Part 1: [link]
Part 2: [link]
Part 3: [link]
Part 4: [link]
Part 5: [link]
Part 6 (Final): [link]
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You moaned as the sound of your cell phone went off. Grumbling about how stupid people can be and how impolite it was to call at 3 o'clock in the morning you stumbling around your room trying to find your phone.
"Who is it?" you asked completely out of it.
For a moment you didn't recognize the voice, but that accent you could defiantly place, "Italy? What on earth are you doing calling at three?"
"R-Romano and I need your hel-ahhhhhh!"
You heard a voice in the background, "Hang up the damn phone idiota!"
"B-but fratello, _________ can help us ah ah ah ah ah!!"
"Italy, are you alright?" you asked into the phone, "Italy? Italy?" Then the phone went dead. Groaning you put on your shoes and grabbed your car keys. "What has that idiot gotten himself into now?"
Tired out of your mind you made your way to Italy's house.
Thanking God that Italy had given you a spare you unlocked the door and walked into his house. There say the two Italy brothers fussing over…hair…
"Hair?" you asked on the brink of shouting, "You woke me up at 3 o'clock in the morning because of your hair?"
Italy started to cry, "P-Please bella it hurts!"
"Go away!"
You were here you might as well help them. Getting on the bed you grabbed both their heads gently, "Hold still, it'll be over before you know it."
"No ________ don't touch th-ahhhhhh…" Romano let out a stifled moan as you laid a hand on his curl.
"Don't be such a baby Romano," you mumbled, completely absolved in the task of untangling the two curls.
"_-__________,mmmmmahhhhh,' Italy too let out a moan.
"Almost there," you mumbled. "There!" finally the two curls were separated. "What do these things do anyway?" as you asked the question you gave both curls a light tug.
Suddenly two arms wrapped around your waist, "You really shouldn't have done that _________," Italy cooed in your ear.
"You're going to have to take responsibility for what you did," Romano purred into the other ear biting down on it gently.
"What are you two talking about?" you asked letting out a yawn, their antics having no effect on you in the slightest. (You were too tired).
"You pulled on our curls ragazza…"
"Si now you have to-________?"
Yawning you laid down on their bed and went to sleep. "G'night boys," you grumbled.
Italy and Romano stared at you wide eyed, "S-she went to sleep?"
"A FU-."

Requested by :iconkrazygirlz2:

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Your POV

"Ha-ha-ha-ha….." you panted as you ran to the base of a tree. You knocked on the bark. "Lovi! Feli!"

A mean looking German shepherd had popped out of a bush and chased the brothers half the way home. You were surprised by how fast they retreated and you couldn't keep up. Well, they were cats. You saw two pairs of eyes and two stray curls within the leaves of the tree. Mentally facepalming, you held open your arms like they were still little cats and you were going to catch them.

"Come down here you two! That dog is gone now!" you called up to them.

"MASTER (Y/N)!!" Feliciano shrieked, jumping out of hiding and into your arms.

You blushed because he tackled you to the ground, his arms wrapped around your back. You stuttered so badly, it was impossible to understand. Feli rubbed his face up against your neck, purring. Lovino jumped out of the tree, landing on all four limbs. He regained human stance, and pulled Feliciano up to stand next him.

Feliciano's tail twitched. "Are you jealo-"

"SHUT UP YOU!" Lovino hollered, ears flicking back and forth. He marched back to the sidewalk and toward your house, which loomed in the distance.

Still blushing, you and Feliciano caught up to Lovino. The three of you walked home. What was with all these busy days? It was already 10 'o clock!

The Cats POVs

"Lovino, mio fratello, why are you so-a upset?" Feli mewed quietly as you slept upstairs. He looked awfully distressed.

"Just forget it Feliciano… We should've never transformed in the first place… Master (Y/N) will never love us." Lovino said miserably. "If she does love one of us it would be you… not us "

Feli's face turned more catlike as he snarled. "I know it nay never-a happen, but we may as well-a try." He said.

"There's no point in trying." Lovino countered. "She either wants us as pet cats or human companions. Not both …."

Feliciano dipped his head. "You saw how she reacted when we started turning into complete nekos… It was not how I would of liked, Feliciano." Lovino continued.

Feliciano's eyes flicked about. Something was disturbing your sleep, and even in their human forms, they could sense it. Lovino swerved his ears, attempting to catch a hint. No sound. Together, they meowed in harmony, trying to get you to answer. No answer.

"Fratello! Something's wrong! I feel it! I feel it!" Feliciano cried urgently.

Lovino nodded his head, lashing his tail. He jumped to his clawed human feet. "Feliciano, let's go up there!"he replied with the same urgency.

The two rushed up the stair, and attempted to pull open the door. It wouldn't budge. Together, they slammed their full weight into the barrier blocking them from you. It creaked audibly and broke open.

"Master (Y/N), are you alrig-"

Feliciano was cut off by silence itself. You were gone. Long gone……
Hahhaa!! Another one!! I've been typing these up super f-ing fast. It's insane, yet awesome! Thank you readers for propelling me to go this far!! You people are great!!

Italy and Romano belong to Hidekaz Himaruya.
And you will belong to (soon very soon *rubs hands together evily*) :iconnekonitalyplz: and :iconnekositalyplz:
Part 1: [link]
Part 2: [link]
Part 3: [link]
Part 4: [link]
Part 5:[link]
Part 6 (Final): [link]
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Your POV

Something or someone was underneath you, carrying you, but you were too dazed to know exactly who it was. Your eyes were blurred with sleep and after blinking about a million times, they started to clear. You were startled by who was carrying you. That Frenchman was carrying you over his shoulder.

"WAAUGH!!!" was your battle cry as you viciously struggled out of his grip, kicking and punching violently.

"LADY! Please calm down!!" the Frenchman said, walking into a dark tunnel.

You struggled even more as the darkness enfolded upon you. Francis gripped your legs tighter as you screamed and kicked, his claws digging into your soft, (s/c) skin. Wait, claws? When did he have claws? Light filtered through a metal grate at the end of the tunnel. Francis heaved the grate away from its resting place and tossed you through. You hit the moist floor with a loud and painful smack and realized where exactly you were. You were inside the city's sewer. The Frenchman leapt down, landing on all fours. He stretched and began to walk on two feet again. You raised your eyebrows.

"Meowrrrrr~~~" Francis meowed, his voice filling out through the tunnels.

"Did you just meow?!" you asked anxiously.

A blue-gray tail and a pair of ears appeared on the man with a popping noise and a pinkish glow. He was just like Lovi and Feli, you thought. The Frenchman spun around and blew you a kiss.

"Watch and listen, mon amour." He said, flirtatiously.

Before you could scream, "DON'T CALL ME YOUR LOVE IN FRENCH!!" a strange yet familiar noise hit your ears. It was the sound of pittering and pattering tiny paws. A sound you dearly missed. About 20 different cats of all sizes, shapes, and colors now stood in front of you. With flashes of light and explosions of noise, all of them slowly turned into half human, half cat creatures.

"We are the Nekos, you have taken two of our kind, so you must pay."

These words echoed and reverberated off the walls, in many accents of the world. You flinched at how loud it was. You got to your feet and attempted to look and sound threatening. Crossing your arms and forming you lips into a pout, you gave the Nekos a piece of your mind.

"I didn't take Lovi or Feli! I saved them from some shady guy!" you huffed.

"The two didn't need saving…" was the echo-y reply. "For that you shall pay."

The ground started to bubble underneath your feet, and you began to sink into the slimy, mud-like substance. The mud pulled you in quickly and soon you were up to your thighs in mud. In complete and utter fear, you called the two names you knew best.

"FELI! LOVI!" you screamed.

Suddenly, two shapes broke open the concrete 'roof' of the sewer. How they did it, you didn't know. They landed on either side of you, on their feet, just like the two cats you loved the most. They pulled you out of the quick-mud and set you in between them. They circled around you, their backs facing you, and the two were prepared to protect you.

Feliciano and Lovino had come to save you. Lovino hesitated as soon as he looked closely at your kidnappers. His amber eyes widened.

"They- they're just like us…." He murmured, his voice trailing off. "This must be what we forgot."

Feliciano looked worried. "I'm not a fighter, Master (Y/N)…"

You bowed your head. "I'm sorry, you guys… I think I just expected to much out of you two. I just wanted you two to be happy." You paused. "Truthfully, I love you…." You said, hoping no one would hear.

Lovino's eyes narrowed, his pupils becoming slits. "That's all I needed to hear." Lovino growled.

"Mio fratello and I have to choose for ourselves!!" Lovino hollered at the Nekos. "We choose to stay with Master (Y/N)!!"

All the Nekos sighed together, sounding like some huge animal. "You may as well go." They said "but it'll be your fault if something bad happens. We can't argue with you and we wish you well in the human world."

"WHAT!? I thought we were gonna do something about these traitors!!!" Francis yelled.

"Shut up you twit!" said the familiar voice of you friend, Arthur Kirkland.

"You're one of them too?" you asked curiously.

Arthur pointed at Lovino and Feliciano. "Yes (Y/N), but I think they need your attention."

You nodded. You walked up to the two brothers, and pulled them into a tight group hug. You smiled. Feliciano laughed. Lovino blushed.

Taking their hands, you smiled and said, "Let's go home."

Two Weeks Later

Feliciano was cooking pasta in the kitchen. This confused you because they both had a love for Italian food, when they were both cats. Maybe because they were from Italy? Lovino sat down on the couch next to you, looking like he was going to say something important.

"Master (Y/N)? What are words humans say to proclaim their love for someone?" Lovi asked.

You pressed a finger to your lips, thinking. "Marry me, perhaps?"
Lovino smiled at you, a rare kind of event. "Is there anyone you'd like to marry?"

You smiled back at him. "Lovino-" you chirped "and Feliciano!"

Lovino stared at you intensely. "Are humans able to marry more than one person?"

You shook your head. "No, but I love both of you! And I couldn't even imagine living a life without you! It's like toast and butter! If I only loved one of you, the toast would be too plain and crunchy, or I would need to eat butter with a spoon. Which is really gross!"

Feliciano walked into the living room where you and Lovino sat. "The pastas-a ready!"

You smiled and took Lovino's clawed hand. You guided him to Feli so you could hold both of their hands. Feliciano grinned happily, while Lovino tried hard to smile at his brother.

"I love you two even if you are Nekos!"

"We love you even though you're a human!"
OHEMGEE! I put so much work into this. I just love this! OHEMGEE! OHEMGEE! :squee: :squee:

Here's the last part.

[link] This is where i got the picture!

Italy and Romano belong to Hidekaz Himaruya. Along with France and England.
And you NOW belong to :iconnekonitalyplz: and :iconnekositalyplz:

Part 1: [link]
Part 2: [link]
Part 3: [link]
Part 4: [link]
Part 5: [link]
Part 6 (Final): [link]
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Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: strong language)
You closed your eyes, your head tilted back as you waited for Lovino to come to the spot you’d agreed to meet up at. He was running slightly late, not that that mattered; he was your friend and even if he was 2 hours late, you’d still be waiting for him to come.

The foulmouthed Italian was one of your best and closest friends, in fact the two of you were so close, you’d come to consider him as the brother you’d never had. You’d always look out for him, as he did for you and he hung out at your house so often, your parents were no longer surprised when they found him on the sofa.

Something called in the background, but you tuned it out as you only had ears for your own music. The noise kept on going and you opened your eyes in irritation, wanting to know what was disturbing you.

A brown-haired head bobbed up and down in front of you and after a moment you recognised the guy in front of you. Lovino straightened up, still panting a little from when he’d ran to get to you. Despite his best efforts he still came late though.

You looked him over and you raised your eyebrows at him. He blushed, tugging at the collar of the suit he was forced to wear. He’d told his brother and grandfather of his plan and they’d immediately dressed him up, even combing his hair (though they were careful to avoid the curl).

“What’s this?” You teased, grinning at him. He chewed the inside of his cheek, one of his hands behind his back. “Here.” He said gruffly, offering you the bouquet of flowers. Handing it to you, he fiddled with his hands in his nerves and then looked you straight in the eye.

“(Y/n), bella, I’m-I, what I wanted to say today was-, erm, I mean-“ He continued stuttering until you poked his cheek. “Go on, I want to hear.” You said cheerfully, not having a clue what he was on about.

“Ti amo!” When he still say the blankness on your face, he averted his eyes from you. “It means I love you.” Your eyes widened. What?!

You were frozen in your seat, until you gulped and gently placed your hand on his arm. “I’m sorry Lovino.” He stiffened, he knew you only used his full name when you were being serious.

“You’re like the brother I never had, I-I don’t love you in that way.” You told him, guilt expressed clearly on your face. “I’m so sorry, I had no idea-“

He shrugged your hand off him, his lower lip trembling. With that he strode off, leaving you standing with the flowers.

That was two years ago now, but instead of forgetting his feelings for you, Lovino’s love for you only managed to grow, however much he’d tried to crush them, it just didn’t work. After months of sadness and rejection, he’d pulled himself together much to your delight.

After all, it hurt you even more that you were the cause he looked so depressed and even though you tried to stay away from him and give him space, you always ended up going back to him with something you hoped would make him smile.

And it did make him smile and laugh, oh how he loved to see that grin of success on your face when you succeeded in making him laugh. The last couple of weeks though, he’d been starting to get quite persistent, asking you out on dates and wanting to hang out with just you.

His jealousy had been flaring up too as he simply couldn’t stand seeing you as much as talk with another guy. Even if he held his anger in, the aura he exuded was murderous. He tried to claim all of your time and this was getting tiresome to say the least.

When he asked you out again you finally cracked. “Okay, I will.” He let out a cry of victory and grinned widely, blinking when you held your finger up in front of him. “Only on one condition though.”

He nodded determinedly, waiting for your condition. “You’re not allowed to swear, if you do I’m going straight back home.” Twitching his eyebrow slightly, he held his hand out. “It’s a deal.”

So there you were again, that spot where you’d rejected him for the first time all those years ago. You didn’t have a clue why he’d wanted to meet up here of all places, if anything wouldn’t this place be depressing for him?

Oh well, as long as you could listen to your music you were fine wherever you went. “Bella!” He panted again as he skidded to a stop and the strangest sense of déjà vu overtook you. At least he wasn’t brandishing flowers in a suit.

“C’mon!” He pulled you up from your seat, interlacing your fingers together. Walking down the street side by side, the two of you wandered this way and that; simply enjoying each other’s company.

“Aaaaw!” You ran to the window of the pet shop, immediately staring inside and squeeing at how adorable the kittens and puppies were. They looked so fluffy! You just wanted to hug them, and keep them forever!

Lovino chuckled as he squatted down next to you, watching you rather than the cute baby animals. Tapping the glass gently, you giggled when the pets looked up at you. He blushed at your expression, tilting his head to the side as he lowered his head to his arms.

Feeling the prying gaze on your face, you looked up and frowned as you spotted him gazing at you with a faraway look in his amber eyes. “Loviiii~” You chanted, waving your hand up and down in front of him.

He turned red. “What’cha staring at?” You asked, a wide grin on your face. “It’s not like I was staring at you or anything!” He shouted out, thumping his fist against his forehead when he blurted out the truth.  

The silence that hung over the two of you had become awkward and you both fiddled with your sleeves. Lovino broke the quiet first. “I know I’ve told you this before, but I really do love-“

“Aaaw! Look at the little lovebirds!” The two of you jolted up, twisting around to see a group of men wolf whistling at you. “Girl, you’d be better off coming with us, that shortie doesn’t look like he knows how to properly love, if you know what I mean.” One of them placed their arm around your shoulders, waggling his eyebrows as he spoke.

Jeers and cat calls resounded from his friends. Lovino glared at the man, forcefully snatching you away from him. Stumbling slightly, you trembled as the Italian put his hands on your waist. “Don’t you fucking dare to fucking touch her ever again, you son of bitch, otherwise I swear I’ll-“

You placed your hands over his mouth, much to his surprise and the amusement of the men. And after grabbing his wrist, you frantically ran away, the Italian being pulled after you.

“What the fucking hell was that for?!” Lovino growled at you in between his pants. “You promised- you promised not to swear today!” You retorted.

“How can I not get pissed when people start talking to you like that!?!” His shoulders sagged and he slumped against the wall of the alleyway you’d hidden in. He sat down on the floor, dragging a hand tiredly through his auburn locks and slacked a deep sigh. “I get angry when guys like that talk that way to the girl I love.”

You joined him and held his hand gently, your pitiful expression aimed at him. He snatched his hand away from you, rage evident on his face. “I don’t want your pity dammit! I want your heart!”

“I’m sorry Lovi, but I kind of need my heart to survive.” You answered back, sarcasm dripping from your every word. It wasn’t a lot but you could’ve sworn you saw his lips twitch upwards.

But he quickly returned to his seriousness. “I only wanted to be loved by you, I’d be fine if your love was the only love I could get. And yet, your love is the one thing I can’t reach.”
He hid his face in his hands, trying hard not to break out in sobs. Awkwardly you patted his shoulder. “I’ve told you before. You’re like the broth-“

“Don’t say it!” He interrupted, his voice breaking in the middle of his sentence. Though your tears were threatening to fall because of how sad he looked, you stubbornly carried on. “You really are like a brother to m-“

He whipped around, grabbing your hands and pressing his lips against yours. “I’m nothing like a brother.” He murmured when he broke away, a look of triumph on his face. “And I’ll make you realise that one way or the other.”

He stood up, brushing his trousers from the dust. Offering you his hand, he blushed as he looked down at you on the floor. “C’mon, I’ll take you home.”

Your heart hammered against your chest. What was this?!
It couldn’t be-

There it was again, your heart started pounding when he took hold of your hand and hauled you to your feet. You brushed up against him slightly and an unfamiliar scorching warmth seemed to burn the skin of your face.

“Let’s get you home Ragazza.”

That’s what he said and you agreed to it, but if you were completely honest here; didn’t you want to stay with him a bit longer?
Mature content for his bad words! I mean this is Romano we're talking about! Even if he has made a deal not to swear, he can't keep something like that!

This was a request for :iconnekootakugirl:
Hmmmn, reader-tan was'nt really obsessed with music, but I don't think it's that bad ^^

Hope you enjoy love!

And the rest of you as well of course :D

Please enjoy and tell me what you think, feedback is as always appreciated!

And if you want to have a hand in deciding which character and plot is used, please vote in the poll!
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Chapter 2

    "You okay?" Victoria asked you.
    You opened your eyes and pulled out your earphones. You nodded, trying to supress a yawn. Last night, you didn't study at all. There was no patience to do so. All you remembered was passing out on the couch and your alarm clock ringing in the morning.

    The encounter with Ivan shook you up cosiderably. Why did he come to you? What was his reason? Could you trust him? These questions swarmed through your mind endlessly.

    "You're spacing out," Somebody nudged your head with their finger. You looked up to see Finley.

    "Lack of sleep," you said, hoping that they would buy it.


    You nodded numbly again. Finley and Victoria exchanged a glance, noticing your change in behavior. They decided to give you your space. 

    "We'll see you in class, kid." Finley ruffled your hair and followed her sister into the school. You didn't watch them go. Your eyes were lookingth other way as you stood underneath the metal archway. You sighed and shook your head. With your earphones in, you walked to your class. You couldn't be late. Again.


    "I bloody flunked that exam!" Finley growled as she clutched her paper in her hands. The bright red mark mocked her. You could see the steam coming out of her ears.

    "Maybe if you didn't drink yourself to death, you would have gotten a better grade!" 

    "No body asked you, kid!" 

    "Even now you reek of alcohol!" 

    "At least I didn't have a 'flying mint bunny' helping me study!" 

    "You take that back, you twat!" 





    "(NAME!?)" The two step-sisters yelled at you. You spaced out the entire time even during the test. You felt like you got a decent grade but you would have to do better.

    "Huh?" You took out your earphones. "What?"

    Finley facepalmed and Victoria groaned in irritation. You rolled your eyes at their typical behavior. You were so used to their fights. The remainder of the students were even staring!

    "I'm going to get some coffee," Victoria huffed. "Without you!" She pointed sternly at Finley. Fin shrugged, not really caring about her sister. She knew she was going to see her boyfriend. She was considering embaressing her in front of that American Exchange student.

    Victoria stalked off, this time steam coming out of her head.

    "I'll text you later, kid." Finley ruffled your hair again. "If you need anything-"

    "I know where to find you!" You said over your shoulder as you walked in the oppsite direction. 

    For the next our, you wandered around London. You walked down the Thames, grabbed some coffee, window shopped, sat down and tried to gather your thoughts. You tried to delay the visit to your mothers grave. For some reason, it kinda hurts. 

    The sky turned darker today. You shivered pulling your jacket closer. 

    You sighed as you decided to go and face your mother. You felt like she was  going to crawl out of her grave and kick you sorry ass by making you do chores. You chuckled at that thought. It was he first time you smiled all day. 
    The cementary was the same as usual. Dreary, rainy and depressing. You never really noticed how sad this place looked. You were the type of person to always wear a smile on your face. Now you just felt hollow. Thank go it was the start of Christmas break. 

    "Hey, Mom." You came up to the familiar willow tree. Once again you were met with silence. You laid your back against the bark and sat down. The willow's branches shielded you from the rain. 

    You couldn't think of anything to say. It felt comfortable to just listen to everything around you. Your eyes closed as your heard the rain drops fall.


    "Stupid," Natalia Arlovskaya Braginsky muttered as she entered the room. The knives underneath her jacket were still caked with blood from a stupid male who flirted with her- thus annyoing her. 

    "I must agree with you," Nikolai said. His blue eyes focused on empty seats of the meeting room. 

    The meeting was set in some underground bunker of the Irish/English Mafia. Arthur Kirkland, along with the rest of his power hungry brothers- hosted. 

    Everything was set and everyone was seated.

    So far on the Chinese Triads, Japanese Yakuza, and Russian Mafia made it. The American Costra Nostra, The North and South Mafia Raj's were even here. The Italians came last with the Germans right behind them.

    "If we are all present, I'd like to start," Arthur Kirkland stated. Next to him, his brother Alistair Kirkland smoked his cigar and eyed everybody in contempt. 

    "First things first," Alistair puffed out the smoke he had in his lungs. "Weapons of the table. I'm looking at you Yao, all of the weapons. I don't want any blood spilling on our turf today."

    Everyone murmered or complained silently but a plethora of weapons were placed on the table. From the most lethal of poisons to the biggest of guns. If it was a weapon to kill people, these people most definetly had it. Even the nicest of them. Kat pulled a gun out of her clevage and took of the hunting knife she strapped to her thigh. The man from the Turkish mafia eyes her curvacious figure earning a glare from Ivan.

    The room cringed at the blood stained knifes of Natalia and Nikolai. 

    Arthur put down his gun and dagger. "Now," He said politly. "We're here to discuss the pointless.......skirmishes-"

    "To say the least, aru!" Yao snapped. "You're little stand offs have been bad for buisness!"

    "Dont even start it, Yao! You're so called 'Chinatowns' are annoying the heck out of me!" Alfred Jones, the American gangster, snapped.  

    "Perhaps if you utilized your territory more, you wouldn't be having this problem," Arthur said. He raised his thick eyebrow at his former charge. "If you're done-"

    "I'm not doing any harm, da. I'm just utilizing my territory," Ivan said. 
    "Like hell you are!" Lovino Vargas yelled. His grandfather put a hand on his shoulder to calm him down but he shook it off. "That territory is ours, you vodka bastard! You stole it from us!" 
    "It's not stealing of the other person did not want it, da." 

    Lovino Vargas glared at him. "The territory is ours and we want it back," he growled. 

    "And what if I do not want to give it back?" Ivan asled innocently.

    Everyone could feel the tension in the room. Ivan usual aura -to say the least - flared up. Lovino's trigger finger was twitching, Feliciano noticed it and his hand made its way to the hidden blade in his glove. 

     "There will be war, Ivan." 

     The words settled over the bosses. Another war meant too much money. The Vargas and Braginsky families had the money and power to supply a war but the rest weren't as powerful. This could get costly and everyone could see it. 

    "Is that not pointless?" Ivan asked. His eyes clouded over in childish maleficence. Kat shuddered as she saw her brother turn cold. "A war is costly, da. This is just a bluff put on by a child who thinks he can rule his family." 

    "Child!" Lovino's eyes twitched.  
    "In Soviet Russia you don't declare war, war is declared upon you." Ivan pointed his finger at The Vargas family. "Das vatania." 

    Ivan got up and walked out of the bunker. He left behind a pissed off Lovino and a very weary meeting room. 

    "Hopeless," Arthur signed. He face palmed. He wanted to just go home and have a nice cup of tea. 

    "It seems that we must pick sides, aru." 
    "I'm afraid zhat this vill escalate to a global scale," Ludwig said. 

    "I'm afraid so," Roma Vargas said. It seemed he wouldn't be dying in peace as he hoped. War was inevitable after all. 

    "Then we shall settle this now."

    By the end of the meeting, The Turkish, Japanese Yakuza, and Chinease Triads sided with Ivan. The Spanish, French, and German mafias sided with Lovino. The English/Irish mob, The American Costra Nostra and Mafia Raj's stayed out of the conflict. Whatever the result of this war, it wasn't going to be good. 


    "Nikolai. Natalia," Ivan snapped. 

    "Da?" Nikolai asked in a bored tone.

    "Do you remember our little sister?"

    "What about her?" Natalia asked, void of any emotion. "Didn't she die? I remember father killing her."

    "Ah, yes." Nikolai frowned at the thought of his 'sister.' "I believe father ordered a hit on the whore and her daughter. Must have been a silent one."

    The Twins didn't notice Ivan's eyes as they turned softer. Kat did, she put a hand on her brothers shoulder o which he shook off. She nodded at the twins to get in the car so that she could talk to him alone. 

    "She's alive, isn't she?" Kat asked hesitently. 

    Ivan remained silent as the early morning rain drizzled. "I talked to her last night. My hopes were too high as usual. I was hoping to see my little sister, the happy child wanting her brothers attention," he scoffed bitterly. "But do you know what I found instead? I found hate. Bitterness. Anger. Sadness," He said the last word so silently. 

    "She has had a tough life, Ivan." 

    "But she has a family to share it with!" 

    "Bring her home, Ivan." Kat looked out over London. Her little sister was in this city, somewhere. All alone with no family and unprotected. "If anyone, in this country or the next, found out who she is-"

    "I will bring her home but," He opened the car door. "I want to wait until Father is dead, big sister. He is on the verge of death."

    "Ivan," Kat snapped. Even though there was an immense hate towards her father, he was after all her father regardless of the terrible things he had done.

     "Don't you dare deny it!" Ivan turned on her, his glare icy and dangerous. "He is the reason to why we have such a broken family. He killed our mother, The Twin's mother and tried to kill your little sister. Do not forget what he has done. He may be my father but I have no love for him," Ivan shut the car door and floored the car. 

    Kat stood there as she watched her brothers path of destrution. "Oh, little brother." 

    She pulled out her cell phone and contacted the best trackers in the Russian mafia. " 'Ello?"

    "Eduoard, I need you to find her. Have Toris keep an eye on her."

    "Anything else you need, Miss Katuyasha?" 

    "Da," She said. Her eyes scanned the bunker. "I want the three of you to keep an eye on The Vargas family."


     When your eyes opened, it was evenng. The sunny was peaking under the sky, casting out shades of orange and pink and red. The light hit your skin through the branches of the willow. 

    "I need to go home, mom." You yawned. "I'll be back tomorrow." You pulled out a flower that you had placed on the grave. "Love you," You said as you stood up and treked your way through the cemetary and back into the crowds of London.

    You noticed that the crowds were getting smaller and smaller, signaling that night was closing in. You were never scared of the night. Only the things that resided. 

    A feeling of danger overwhelmed you. You could feel it, prickling on your back and sensing it in the air. It was the famous sixth sense that Finley always joked about. You never really understood it but it had proven true before. For example, One year when you were rock climbing with Finley, you felt that odd feeling. You jumped out of the way in time as a boulder rolled past Finley and was about to crush you. You decided to take a leap of faith and jumped onto a ledge near by. 

    Finley joked about your sixth sense ever since. 

    And now here was that exact same feeling. 

    You pulled your hood up and kept walking. Damn. You shouldn't have fell asleep. 

    The tube was empty. You leaned against a beam with your thumb looped around your backpack strap. Your eyes were distant and thoughtful regardless of what was going on around you. 

    Finally the tube stopped and you got off. The platform was eerily empty today. Feeling even more unnerved you made your way to the surface quickly. The sound of Londons nightlife echoed around you. 

    You could feel the pocket knife in your pocket. 

    The night air was bitterly cold, the cutting breeze made your nose burn. The mood was obscured by rain clouds. It looks like it would rain tonight. 

    Your apartment was in view. You quickly unlocked the door and rushed inside feeling the warmth as you could feel your fingers again. Casually you slung your bag on the couch and went into the kitchen. 

    Then you noticed the pantry door was slightly ajar. You distinctly remembered closing it this morning. 

    "Well......that's odd," you grabbed some chips and closed the pantry. 

    It bothered you as you made tea. Could it have been Ivan? Or some burgled that was hungry? Thrives have broken in before and they met your trusty pocket knife. The police took care of the rest. 

    Ivan would have met you face to face. Maybe he was hiding somewhere wanting to talk to you again. 

    "Very funny, Ivan." You scowled. If Ivan was trying to win back his sister it wasn't going to happen. "It's completly hysterical. You can stop hiding," you said sarcastically as you walked out of the kitchen. 
     He didn't answer. You were starting to think a serial killer was in your house. The pocket knife was still in your pocket. You looked for a light switch as you felt a horrible sense of fear sink in. "Haha. Very funny. You got me." 

    You finally found a lightswitch. The light illuminated your cozy loving room. You face palmed at your stupidity. This wasn't Ivan and there was no serial killer. 
    You turned around and a bat swung passed you face. You sidestepped and dodged the man. You saw piercing green eyes as you jumped back. Your hand went for the pocket watch. 

    Before you could grab the pocket knife, somebody grabbed your hand and twisted it behind your back. You screeched as the other person pressed a white clothe against your face. 
    You recognized the scent. The sickly sweet smell of chloroform made you gag. You were forced to breath it in as the world went fuzzy. The person who pinned your wrists let you go. You felt yourself pitch forward. 

    "Sorry about this, Chica but orders are orders," the man with green eyes said. His accent sounded Spanish but in your dazed state you weren't so sure. He picked you up in his arms. You noticed green eyes and brown hair. You kept this in mind as you sank into the darkness. 

    'What a shitty day,' you thought. 

Chapter 1

     Palermo, Sicily was much warmer than the constant some and rain of London. 
     It was in this city alone that one of the most powerful mafia families resides. The Vargas family was their commenky know name. Their power reached all over the island of Sicily, up to Napoli, and into Rome. There had even been rumors that they had expanded their power across Europe. 
     The Vargas mansion that stood on a cliff was far more busier than usual. The Russians have been making constant attacks on the Vargas family's investments and now the Chinese were involved as well. 

     "Can somebody please kill that stronto!" Lovino Vargas yelled out. His men murmured in agreement. 

     This is Lovino Romano Vargas. The hot tempered and foul mouthed first heir to the Vargas family as well as well know womanizer. 

     "We can't just kill him, fratello. He has too many people behind him," Feliciano said. 
     This is Feliciano Vargas. The young and naive second heir to the Vargas family. He is also a well known womanizer as well. 

     "Lovino, We have to handle this situation swiftly. We're losing ground to him. What do you propose we do? Just assassinate him?" Roma Vargas, aka the Godfather of the family, asked his eldest grandson. 

      "Yes!" Lovino snapped. "I've lost fifteen good men to that icy bastard in the last five fucking months. He's been stealing our ship of drugs and he's already taken over the surrounding countries!" He banged his fist against the table, "We have to take him out before he becomes too untouchable!" 
      "He already is, Lovino." Antonio Fernadez Carriedo said. The young capo had rose up through the ranks quickly and made a name for himself. He was simply known as The Spaniard by all the Casinos he controlled. 
      "Shut up, tomato bastard!"

      "Lovino!" Roma scolded his grandson. 
      "Everyone in this room agrees that he has to be taken down, if not somehow stopped, right?" Lovino Vargas was met with a series of murmers. Some agreeing some not. "There is always a chink in the armor! We just have to find his!" 

      "He found ours," Feliciano murmured. His honey colored eyes distant as he stared at Romano. 

      "Romana knew the consequences of getting involved. She paid for it with her life," Roma said. The death of his second daughter was something to never bring up but she was the chink in their armor. How they adored his two daughters and how they died so tragically. Felicia by the hand of her husband and Romana by the hands of Ivan. 

      "An eye for an eye, nonno." Lovino growled. "We didn't get his wife but we did take one of his major drug trafficker. He hasn't  bothered us since. It's been two years. Why would he start this shit now?" 

      "Vendetta? We did hit him when we should have killed one of his siblings," Feliciano suggested. "Why not kill all of them off if their such a threat?"

      "Because they have the damned Triads and Yakuza with him. We just have the Spainards and that fucking Turkish bastard with us. He's even trying to recruit the fucking Germans into this one," Lovino tossed the Intel on the table. Roma picked up the documents and read over them. "If we kill one of them, we'd have another war on our hands and-" 

     "War equals money," Roma said. His eyes narrowed at the reports of Ivan's recent actions. "The goal is to not lose money no matter how much I want to put a bullet through that brain of his." 

     "Why not just go after his siblings?" Antonio asked. "Felicianos idea, not mine."

     "Well......." Roma contemplated it. 
     "Oh please," Lovino scoffed. "The twins are cold hearted killers, Katyusha may seem nice but she's good with a gun and Dimitri is a bomb expect. Good luck." 

     "All of them are hard to kill," Antonio took a swing of his drink. Those options were becoming limited. One wrong move could spark a bloody war. 

     "Not all......" Roma said. His eyes were still on the documents. 

     "What are you going on about, old man?" Lovino asked. Irritation clear in his voice. He just wanted to get out here and beat the crap out of some poor bastard. His trigger finger twitched.  
     "Tell me, gentlemen," he looked up at his capos. His eyebrows raised. "Did you ever hear of a person named (Name) (Lastname?)" He was only met with silence and confused looks. "Of course not. " 

      "Is she the chink in the armor metaphor you keep talking about?" Lovino groaned. "What's her relationship with Ivan anyway?" 

      "Nobody seems to know," Roma said. "Probably a distant cousin or old friend, but whatever she is he's looking for her. Our best hackers were able to obtain this information."

      "So what do you want us to do?" Lovino asked. 

      "Retirive the girl-"

      "And use her against Ivan?" 

      "Precisely," Roma smirked. 

      "And if she isn't important enough to him?" Feliciano asked, a little concerned.

      "We could always use a new maid, right Antonio?" Roma asked. 


      "But what if she was to have no use to us?" Feliciano asked. 

      "Then I'm afraid she'll be sleeping in the bottom of the ocean," Roma said cooly. "Antonio, I want you to use your sources and find out where she is. Feliciano, you'll be the one to kidnap our guest. And Lovino," he said as he poured a glass of wine for himself, "You'll be interrogating her for information."

       "Perfecto," Lovino purred. The small glint of borderline insanity rose in his eyes. Roma made a clear note of this and Feliciano suddenly felt sorry for this poor girl. She would go through hell when she got here. Silently he prayed that she would escape. 

       "On another note, we have an invitation to London," Antonio produced a cream colored letter. Heavy black letters spelled out 'Vargas.' "It's that pirates turn to host this months meeting," he said with disgust. He had hated Arthur Kirkland ever since he stole one of Casinos away from him and a decent sum money. 

      "The meeting is next week, si?" Feliciano picked up the invitation. 

      "Si," Roma replied. "We're all going so that we can settle this with that stronto. This girl, whoever she is will be our back up plan of Ivan will not back down, understood?" A murmers of agreements went around their table. "Buno Appetino," he said. He raised his wine glass. The others followed in suit. 

      Lovino Vargas excused himself afterward, as did Feliciano and Antonio. They waited before they were out of earshot of the Don. 

      "Are you sure this is a good plan, Lovino?" Antonio asked as he took a sip of his wine. "This girl could be some puta that he knows, Ivan barely felt anything when we killed his wife. Why would he now?" 
      "He's looking for her, idiota." Lovino's eyes went hard. He was still sore about the death of his aunt, Romana. "He made it personal when he killed Aunt Romana." 

      "I told her not to take this mission but she did anyway," Feliciano interjected sadly. "She said it was to get more territory but she knew it was a suicide mission. She intended to die-"

      "So did his damn wife," Lovino said sharply. 
      "People on both sides died, Lovino." Antonio reminded his younger cousin. He wasn't old enough to remember the last mafia war but he did. He lost his father and mother in that war. "I know you were closer to Romona than the rest of us but she knew the consequences. She knew her death was business not personal."
      "Then that bastard shouldn't have made it personal," he spat. "If this girl is a weakness, we have to exploit that." 

      "It's always personal with you, it's never going to end. Is it?" Feliciano leaned against the countertop. He sighed, tired of dealing with matters he didn't want to be a part of. 

      "I think it's risky but I'm in," Antonio sighed. "But only if Ivan doesn't back down at the meeting in London." Antonio put his glass in the sink and looked for his men. He had information he needed. 

      Lovino looked at his younger brother. Feliciano frowned into his wine glass. He didn't particurly like this gamble and he didn't like what was going to happen to this girl. He may have been part of the mafia but he was too soft to survive here. He looked at his brother who would one day be leader. He could see that he would be a  cruel and ruthless one. 

      "I don't like the plan either," Feliciano admitted but he knew Ivan needed to be stopped or there would be nothing left. "But I'll do it if Ivan says no." 

     "Good," Lovino said. His eyes scanning the crowd in the room. "Are you sure, idiota?"

     "Si," Feliciano nodded his head. 
     "Then let's get started," he smirked. 
     The Anatomy professor finally dismissed the students. Thank god it was the final period of the day but you still had to study for that quiz for tomorrow. Looks like it's another allnighter. 

     "Hey, (Name!)" Victoria ran after you with your text book in her hand. "You need to stop forgetting things, idiot." 

     "What would the universe be without you, Vicky." You pushed the text book back into your satchel. "You heading back home or you gonna get some coffee?" 

     "Coffee," Victoria sighed. "I'm going to need it. I haven't been able to stay up," she yawned loudly. 

     "Where's Fin?" You noticed the usual red head want here. 

     "Probably smoking or drinking herself to death somewhere," Victoria said casually. "I'm sure my older delinquent of a sister is okay," she waved her hand in the air dismissively.  

     "Such a good sister you are," Fin called out from her blue Mini Cooper. 

     "Get out of me car!" Victoria growled. 
     "Don't get your knickers in a twist, little sister. Mum said I could keep it till you finished school," she said smugly. "I'm here to pick up (Name.) we have training to get done." 

     "See you around, Vicky." You got into the Cooper. "We can get some coffee another time. Try not to have too much fun with Alfred," you winked. Victoria's face turned extremely red. Finley floored the car before Victoria would have screamed her head off.  

    "Do you have to tease her all the time?" 

    "Like you don't," you said.

    The car drove towards the boxing club that Finley and you attended. It was tucked into a warehouse on the Thames. I wasn't in the best part of London but you trained there anyway. 

    "Let's go, kid!" Finley positioned herself into a defense postion. Her fists were drawn and ready. You kept your eyes on her. 

    You threw the first punch which she dodged, you drew back quickly circling each other. Finly raised her leg up to kick you in the shins. You jumped to the side and and punched her stomach. 

    "Ooof!" She stumbled back. "Good punch." She cricled you looking for a weakness, she notcied your eyes were glued to her fists instead of her. She smirked, throwing a punch towards you face. You blocked the punch but didn't notcied her leg sweeping your feet off the floor. You crashed on the floor, your head hitting the rings surface harshly. 

    "Damnit, Fin!" You growled clutching the bump on your head. 

    "Hey, it's payback for that prank you pulled on me," she offered you her hand. 

    "It was worth it!" You grabbed her hand and tugged her down. She crashed next to you.

    "Good reflexes, kid but you need to concentrate on everything. What your opponents doing, why they are doing this, what will be their next move. The little things can make all the difference," she tapped your head as if she was drilling the information inside your head. 

    "Thanks, Fin." You got up and tugged your jacket on. "You think I'm getting better?" You asked as you used a towel to wipe the sweat off your face. 

    "Damn good. You improved in these five years," she lightly punched you in the arm, "You're not that weak little kid I knew. You've changed." You smiled as you felt a little better than before. It felt good to be stronger. That's what you promised your mother after all, to be free and to fight. 

    "I'll see you in the morning, Fin." You grabbed your bag and slung it over your shoulder. 
    "How about we take a early morning jog? Maybe it will clear your mind?"

    "Sure. How about five?"  
    "Sounds good, kid." She said. "You want me to drop you off. It kinda late don't you think?" 
    "I'll be fine, Fin. I'll take the tube," You smirked. "Besides, I've got you and Vic behind me. I'd dare anybody to mess with me." You opened the door and walked out into the night. 

    "That attitude is gonna get her killed," murmured Finley. 

    There was a steady downpour on your way to the tube station. Luckily you had an umbrella. By the time you got there, it was nearly deserted. That was to be expected since it was rather late. 

     The tube pulled up and you got in. You sat down as you put your earphones on. Soon Fall Out Boy played out. You nodded your head to 'Miss Jackson' as the train moved. There was one other person on the train but you didn't notice them. 

    Fifteen minutes later, your stop came up. You got off and walked into the night again. The sounds of the city were all around, even through your earphones you could hear it. You had gotten used to the city life. You liked the swarms of people and the constant buzz, it made you feel alive for some odd reason. 
     Your two story townhouse came up around the corner. Your mother had planted flowers in the front to keep it Livy but since you were so busy they had wilted away. You kept simple green plants so that your house looked decent.

     "Home sweet home," you said as you slung your jacket on the coatrack and went into the kitchen. You dug around the fringe and poured yourself a glass of milk. You were in the mood for some coffee right now. 

     Once you got your coffee you grabbed a bagel from the frigde. You were about to let it toast when you heard a freak from the kitchen. Normal people would have thought it was the old house settling but with your life, you knew better than that. Your hand wrapped around a pocket knife that you kept in your boot. 

      Slowly you crept through the hall way, you felt stupid doing this but you would rather take out this bastard now than wait for them to ambush you. You flicked the light switch aiming your knife at anything that moved. 

     The living room was fine. It was messy as you left it this morning, textbooks on the table and magazines on the couch. You scolded yourself for your paranoia.

     You walked back to the kitchen. What was wrong with you? There was that jittery feeling again.

     At first the kitchen seemed fine but you then noticed your bagel was missing. 

     "I don't believe in ghosts but this is really freaky...." You murmers to yourself. You swore you let the bagel toast. 

     "Trust me, сестренка." You felt a cold shiver travel down your spine. "I'm not a ghost." 

     You didn't want to turn around. After all these years and he still sounded the same. For a second you wanted to cry but you remembered the hate you just couldn't let go and that made you keep a strait face. 

    "Ivan," you greeted. 


    A few minutes later and the both of you were sitting down on opposite sides of the dining table drinking coffee. The awkward silence filled the air. 

     "How did you find me?" You turned around and faced him, breaking the silence. Your glare dangerous and icy. 

     "I have connections, сестренка (sister)-" 
     "Don't call me that," you said icily. 

     "You still hate me, da?" Ivan Braginsky smiled sadly. Your heart resented your choice of words and you felt the guilt build up but you had your reasons. "I do not blame you, (Name.) You have been wronged so many times." 

     You scoffed but let him continue. 

     "I want you to come back to Russia," he said as he took a sip of the coffee. He said it as if it was the most simplistic thing ever.  

     "Nyet," you said. 

     "Oh," he smirked. "Did you really think that because you ran away that you wouldn't be hunted?" 

     "I expected it." 

     "Are you coming back home? We can be a family again, da?"

     You stared at him in disbelief. He wanted you to do what? He wanted you to just forget about your life here and follow him to Russia. Ha! Like hell! You scoffed, it was a dry and humorless laugh. 

     "Family?" You scoffed again. "What family, Ivan? When were we ever family?"  Ivan said nothing so you continued. "Don't you dare say all those years ago because we were anything but family. I wasn't considered part of the family and I'm an outcast."

    "You're anger reminds me so much of fathers," he said.

    "What about him?" you said bitterly.
    "Papa is alive, little one. He doesn't know I'm here," he chuckled. "What? I can't see my little sister after all these years?" 

    You stayed silent. You buried you face in your hand, a headache was coming on. "Leave, Ivan." 

    The silence was brokened as the chair scraped across the floor. Ivan's footsteps were light but you could hear them slightly. The door opened letting the cold air in.

    "(Name,) I know you hate me. You must know there are people who want me dead. They will come after you to get to me and I don't want somebody to use you as my weakness," he sighed but continued. "I will always keep an eye on you, сестренка." 

With that he closed the door and you finally broke down.

    Here's the second part. I'd really appreciate the comment. I hope you all enjoy my second fic.
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    It all started with a girl running away.
    A cliche way to start anything but tha's how this story-your story- starts. 
    Actually your story started with you being born into a cruel and unfair world. The name gifted upon you by your mother was (Name) (Middlename) Braginski. Although, soon after your last name became (Lastname) due to circumstances.
    It was your father who changed your last name so that no one would know that he had an affair with a servent. He had three wives, two dead and one was an absolute bitch.
    You didn't know much about your father but you knew was an important man.
    He was a cold and caluculated man who ruled over an empire, he had no time for a women who he had a one night stand with or his bastard children. He kept you far away, sending a present once in a blue moon.
    You never liked him but you didn't hate him, you just didn't know him. You just knew he was your father but you even doubted that.
    One night you asked your mother why your father never acknowleged you. You were five at the time, innocent and unknowning about this world.
    "We're diffrent," She said as she braided your hair. You lived in the servants quarters with her. "He can't be seen consorting with people like us."
    "But why?" You asked.
    "Because, дорогой." Your mother said, "You're too young to understand anything. In the future, I will tell you everything but for now....." she trailed off getting lost in her thoughts.
    You honestly didn't understand. You played with the Braginsky children when you weren't doing chores. You liked Ivan, Katyusha, and Dimitri the most. Ivan treated you like his sister and Katyusha was so kind to you. Dimitri would always play with your pretty hair. Natalia and Nikoli, the twins hated you. They always teased you and messed with you al the time.
    Unknown to a younger you, your father didn't want anyone to know abut his illegitimate daughter. It was bad for buisness if his 'associates' were to know. Thank god that you looked more like your mother but you had his spirit. That small spark of defiance in you was small but in time it would grow into a flame. He knew it and he knew you would be a threat in the future. He would have to smother it out.
    Young Ivan Braginski looked up from his work. At the age of fouteen, he was a handsome young boy who took after his father in looks and more. He was the son of his first wife who he killed when he found out she was going to run off with some suka.
    "What do you think of (Name?)" He asked.
    "My sister-"
    "She's not your sister!" Mr. Braginsky snapped at Ivan. Ivan shrunk froze as he realized his mistake. "She's the bastard child of some maid!" 
    "I think nothing of her," He said curtly. Ivan bowed his head, going back to his work. He hid his feelings as he taught himself to. "She's just a servent girl who looks up to me as a big brother figure." He knew the true relation between him and (Name.)
    "Ivan, you know she is a child of servant. She is not equal to us. She is diffrent from us. Treat her that way." 
    "Understood," Ivan said. He swalowed the feeling of dread back down.
    Mr. Braginsky looked out into the garden to see you trailing behind your mother. He lifted his finger up and drew a cross upon the window. 
    "Get Boris," he said to Ivan. "I have an assignment for him." 
    "Da," he heard the scraping of the chair and the door opening. 
    He felt no regret, Vera (Lastname) and (Name) Braginsky were to die. If he didn't put a stop to this problem it would hurt his buisness in the future.
    "Ivan!" You saw your older brother walking down the hallway. You were eight at the time, "Wait for me!" you cried out.
    He glanced at you for a minute, his happy purple eyes turned icy cold as he kept walking on. He had to stay away from you for your own safety. His father was going to have you killed. "Clean up the mess in the kitchen," he simply said as if you were just some other servant. You didn't see his face or his eyes as they twisted with pain.
    "Ivan?" You looked confused. You just wanted to play with your big brother. 
    "Do what your told or do I have to tell my father?!" He snapped at you. You flinched as he raised his voice on you. 
    "W-What?" You asked, bewildered.
    "Now!" He yelled. 
    "D-da....." You nodded your head and walked away numbly, a little shocked about what happened.
    Ivan turned sharply and stalked away. You however were confused. Why was Ivan so cold to you? You bumped into somebody.
    "Ugh! It's you!" you were met with Natalia's cold blue eyes. 
    "There goes our pleasent morning," Nikoli said. He frowned at you as if you were a bug meant to be squashed. They were only ten, two years older than you. They were know for their icy and dangerous demeanor. 
    "I'm s-sorry," you stuttered. 
    "You should be," Natalia said. Their icy eyes stared into your soul. You shivered involuntarily. 
    "I don't understand why father let's you live," Nikoli said. "If it were me, you would have been dead by now."
    "Really, Nikoli? I heard that he's going to get rid of you because you're a disgrace to the family-"
    You bowed your head and hurried past them. Tears leaking form your eyes again, at least this time they didn't leave bruises on you. You found door you ended up at everytime you felt horroble, you would always go here. You swung the door open, walkng up the stairs and into the attic. The musty smell of books, linen sheets flooded your nose. 
    Dull light flooded through a large circular window, it over looked the front yard of the estate. You sat down on the window sill. Small sobs started to rack your tiny body. 
    "(Name?)" Irina asked. "Are you here?"
    Katyusha Braginskaya Braginsky walked up to you and wrapped her arms around you. At sixteen, she had developed a curvy figure, her breast had tripled in size since she was thirteen. You hiccuped on another sob. She was so kind and so warm, it made you cry even harder. Dimitri wasn't here anymore, he was in a boarding school in Ukraine. 
    "There, there." She rubbed circles on your back. "What did the twins say this time?" 
    "They told me father diesn't love me and if I wasn't related to him, he would kill me!" You cried into her chest. "I know father hate's me, Kat! I know! So stop reminding me!" Kat listened without inturupting. "I didn't ask to be born........"
    Kat mearly smiled with pity. "Shhh." 
    You're life had continued like that from then on. Only Kat and your mother seemed to take care of you, Dimirti was far off studying. Nikoli and Natalia constantly tormented you. You're father ignored you more than ever. 
    You had just turned ten. You had recieved nothing from your father and your mother couldn't give you anything. Irina mearly wished you a happy birthday and tried to give you a gift, however the twins took away your gift and refused to give it to you. 
    "любовь," You're mother woke you up that night. She was fully clothed, he eyes full of fear as she tossed you your clothes. "Get dressed, we have to go."
    "Mama....." You rubbed your eyes of sleep. "What-"
    "No time!" She adjusted the straps of her backpack, "I'll explain on the train ride."
    You jumped out of bed and put on the clothes. Your mother gave you your backback, you strapped it on without asking anything. Whatever was going on, it wasn't good. 
    Your mother pushed a bookcase aside revelaing a passage way through the house. You knew each one like the back of your hand, this one in particular lead out to the stables. 
    Then you realized that you were escaping but you didn't say anything.
    The cold night air hit you. "Come, (Name!)" You're mother hissed. Luckily the both of you had cleared the guards but now you had to get off the estate. Your mother held your hand as the both of you walked into the woods silent as the air. 
     You clutched onto your mother in fright. You were always told to stay out of the woods by Ivan. It scared you sometimes. 
     Your mother let you go suddenly. You protested but she silenced you. "Stay here," she whispered then she walked off into the woods. You stood there, your hands shaking and your mind reeling. Every sound from the owl to the wind startled you.  
     Finally the moon had peaked from the clouds illuminating your view. The fine blanket of snow shinned and bedazzled you. The once terrifyingandscape tunred into something from a painting. 
     "(Name!)" your mothers voice snapped you out of your trance. In her hand was a satchel. "Let's go, darling."
     You took her gloved hand and the both of you walked into the woods well into the morning. The sun hadn't lit the sky yet, it was just dull blue light showing you the way. 
     by the time the both of you reached the train station the sun was rising. The morning light hit you only warming you up slightly. The satchel contained a pair of passports and tickets to London. How your mother obtained them was a mystery. 
     It was seven in the morning when you got on the train. There were no sign of Braginsky's men thankfully. 
     "What's going on, Mama?" You asked your mother. The trail jolted as it moved. Your mother let out a breath of relief before she sat back. 
     "Your father was going to kill us," she said, her voice bitter. 
     "Why would Papa kill us?" You asked. 
     "Do you remember when I said we were different from them?" You nodded. "Do you know what your father is involved in, darling?" She asked. 
     "Business?" You asked hesitantly. You weren't so sure. "Something of the sort, Ivan never told me." 
     She looked around the cabin, when the coast was clear she leaned forward. You do as well. "He's in the Mafia," she said silently. You knew what a mafia was. Ivan had mentioned it a few times. "I met him when I was eighteen and well, against my judgement did things I shouldn't have done. i thought that it would have ended there but when you were born it was a threat to him and his business. I got a message that he was sending somebody to kill us." 
     "Why?" You asked. 
     "Because," she pulled you close. "That's what people them do to people like us."
     "Ivan's the same, isn't he?" You asked sadly. "He said he was my friend then he ignored me and treated me like I was nothing. Is that what you mean?"
     "Something like that," she said. "Don't ever let people like that doctorate how you live. I ran away to give you a chance to fight or to live."
     "I want to do both, Mama. I want to fight and live." 
     "Then we have to survive in this cruel and unjust world," she ran her finger through  your (h/c) hair. "We are living in a world of smoke and mirrors, my darling."
     Outside, the snow and trees flew past melting into a whir of colors. You closed your eyes as you past melted into a painful memory. 

     "(Name!) Wake up!" Somebody shook your shoulders, waking you up from your reverie.
     Your eyes snapped open as the subway (or tube) came to a sudden stop. 
     "We're here," Victoria said. Her usual grumpy demeanor was grumpier than usual. You yawned loudly and got up regretfully. You regretted procrastinating again doing homework that was suppose to be done, a week ago. 
     Being a 21 year old college student had it's downsides. Being a first year medical student didn't help things. Thankfully it was the few days before the semester ended and that meant a good month of Christmas break. 
      "Hey, Vicky!" You called to your friend through the crowd. 
      "What now? We're going to be late!" 
      "I'm going to be late today, cover for me!" You yelled before walking the opposite way.  
      Faintly, you could hear Voctoria cursing obsenly in public and you chuckled. 
      You had to visit your mother before heading off to college. She would kick your ass if you didn't. 
      The tall metal fence greeted you with its usual demenor. You skipped past it, the depressing weather didn't dampen your cheerful mood one bit. The grass has been freshly mowed. The smell of grass and rain was comforting. 
      "Hey, mom!" You said cheerfully as the tombstone came up. You pushed past the willow trees branches and into the little shelter where your mother rested. "Sorry I'm late. I had to take the tube this morning. I've got a good thirty minutes to kill," you sat down and leaned against the bark. "I had a weird dream about home, I dreamed about life if dad wasn't an asshole. It's stupid I know but I wish the family wasn't so split up. I still hate what they did to you. I will never forgive them, mom." You signed. "You're right, mom. It was a silly dream to have. This world is like smoke and mirrors. Simple tricks keeping you from seeing the big picture. I couldn't be accepted amongst them, could I? That's something that couldn't happen." 
    The willow tree swayed with the wind, only your mothers tombstone listened to you. It was like this for five years since your mother had died. 
    You still couldn't belive that she was gone, you missed her deeply and no amount of distraction could keep you away from thinking about her. 
    Your back hit the ground as you stared at sky through the branches.
    It's been this way for five years, you were all alone in this world. All you had was the significant amount of money your mother left behind and the lonely flat on the east side. 
   "I passed my exams," you said cheerfully. "If I can get a scholarship for the next three years, I could be a doctor. Won't that be great?" 
    Silence was your response. You smiled sadly. "I should go. I'll come back later, okay?" 
    You got up and dusted your self off. London was notorious for its weather, you pulled out your umbrella to save yourself from the rain. 
    It was a steady downpour now. You wrapped a long scarf around your neck. This was black with little pashmina designs into it. No matter how many times you wrapped it around your neck, it stayed long. 
   Your Mom had gotten it for you before she died. You wore to remind you of her but at the same time it reminded you of him much to your resentment. He wore his scarf the exact same way. Perhaps habits seem to stay regardless of how much you wanted to forget. 
   You pulled the scarf up to cover your mouth. For some reason, the sadness welled up today. Maybe because you were think too hard. Maybe a vacation with Victoria's family would be nice. They said they were going to Italy for a vacation. Perhaps you should tag along, they did invite you. 
   "(Name!)" You looked up to see Finley walking towards you. A flustered Victoria in tow. "Is miss perfect breaking the rules?"
    "You're twenty minute late! You're lucky that the professor is absent!" Victoria growled. 
    "Yeah, yeah. Whatever's." You rolled your eyes. 
    "I'm serious, (Name.) You're an adult now, you can't be late!" 
    Sometimes Victoria could be like your mother. God rest her soul.
    "Give the girl some space," Finley threw an arm around your shoulders and smirked at her younger sister. The red head wasn't the best student but she had street smarts. She was also your instructor. "You coming with us to Italy, girly?" She asked.
    "Mum wants her to come with us. I don't want you to mope around like last year." Victoria said. 
    "Didn't knew you care so much," you hugged her, she protested and screamed obscenities at you. 
     You laughed it off because you were used to it. 
     This was life and you liked it regardless of what was to ensure in the next month of so. 
My first fan fic, hopefully its good. I'm not the best wroter
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A Black Market Masquerade: Part Two of Two.


"I never thought a girl like you would come to rescue me..."


    “Lovi, what are you saying?”

    “I’m…” He flinched, and a single tear made its way down his bruised cheek. He quickly tried to wipe it away and continued, “I’m breaking up with you.” Despite his battered state, he forced himself to stand up.

    “Hey, wait! You can’t walk; you need to see a doctor!”

    He was already trying to limp away. As you stood up and tried to follow him, he turned slightly and shot you an icy expression. “Leave me alone, idiota. Didn’t you hear me say things between us are over?”


    Wincing at the strain on his body, he cut in, “-You’re annoying. You’ve just been a burden to me and nothing else. Did you really think I could be into a girl like you?! If you really care about me, do me a favor and leave me the hell alone!”

    …Stunned by his words, you couldn’t bring yourself to follow him as he disappeared down the alley.

    Anyone would think you’d be heartbroken after hearing those words.

    And anyone would be wrong—because you were angry.

    You weren’t angry at Lovino, but at someone else.

    How dare they take Lovino away from you.

    Now they’d be getting your wrath.

    They had no idea that you weren’t one to mess with.

    This was it—you were going to do it.

    You knew Lovi hadn’t meant what he said.

    Even if Seborga hadn’t told you how things really were, you would have gone through with this anyway.

    It must have been a God-given talent for one group of people to infuriate you to the point of destruction. Props to Gotti—he’d done a marvelous job of pissing you off. And not one person had ever reached this point in your book of hatred.

    They had successfully brought out the wicked monster in you.

    You readied your supplies. It wasn’t much, but you had to make sure everything was perfect.

    This was the right thing to do, even if you weren’t qualified to do it. You weren’t just doing yourself a favor, or just Lovi, but the whole world.

    Gotti was a criminal. He had killed countless people. He needed to be sentenced to death.

    “Did you check the safety switch? Oh, you did. Nice! Y’know, I’m so happy that you decided to continue our practice. It shows how much you…” Tino paused. Since his face was visible on your laptop screen, you saw him blush. “…it shows how much you miss me.” He smiled shyly.

    You didn’t know what to say. “Well… I do miss you…” But probably not in the way he was thinking.

    He grinned cheerily, “Okay. So remember everything I taught you about sniping?”

    You were on the roof of a building.

    You were trying to be calm, but it was difficult with Seborga panicking right next to you. “I can’t believe you’re gonna do this! Gotti’s reign of evil will finally be over! Th-This is so crazy, cazzo-! You’re… You’re gonna shoot him? Are you really gonna shoot him? What if you miss and they detect where we are?! I can’t go to prison; do you know what they’d do to a boy with a pretty face like me?!”

    You tried to keep your hands from shaking as you looked through your large gun’s magnifier, “That’s the beauty of being a sniper. No one will be able to know who shot the bullet; we’re too far away. Don’t you know this is how most US presidents were assassinated?”

    Seborga was still trembling. “I-I’M STILL SCARED!”

    You rolled your eyes. “Please try to calm down, Romeo. I’m nervous too,” You shot him a look that showcased your widened sleep-deprived eyes (a.k.a absolutely insane expression). “I-I’ve never killed anyone you know?!”

    “W-Who taught you how to do this again…”

    You shrugged, and turned back to lie on your stomach. “My Finnish friend. He taught me while I was still living in the Nordic region.”

    Seborga facepalmed, still obviously terrified. His voice was shaky as he commented, “H-How did I know he’d be Scandinavian…”

    You inhaled sharply. “Is that him?” You were looking down on the same alley where Gotti had beat up Lovino. You hadn’t seen your ‘ex’ since that day, and he didn’t call. He was probably still recovering from the gang-up.

    “That’s him,” Seborga clarified.

    Your fingers were quivering. You were about to take the life of someone.

    But this person had murdered innumerable others. He was feared throughout the mafia. Because of him, Lovino and many others were living in constant terror.

    Lovino. Just the memories of him beaten up and broken were enough to lower your eye down to the magnifier.

    There he was. Gotti was laughing while reloading his handgun. The small ‘x’ marker aimed at his forehead, his whole body was in radius of the magnifier’s visible circle. His colors were degraded to a light blue shade due to the weapon’s glass aiming device.

    “Do it.” Seborga’s voice was unflinching. You couldn’t see his face, but you could imagine its determination.

    Remember Lovino.

    …You pulled the trigger.

    Inside your house, you were pacing.

    Seborga was hanging out with you, resting on the couch with his arms casually hanging over the headrests. “Bella, I calmed down already, why can’t you? Want me to rub your shoulders a bit?” He cooed, “You look tense. You could look so much more beautiful without that panicked expression on your face.”

    You stopped pacing and glared at him, “It’s hard not to when there’s this!” You snatched up the remote and turned on the TV; it was on a news channel.


was the large headline across the screen as an anchorman described the happening.

    “…They must think you’re a hero. No one knows it was you; we made a clean escape. There are no searches being done either. It already said the mafia’s been disbanded.” He shrugged, “How boring. I wonder if I can still do my auctions…”

    Your eyes widened. “The auctions,” The day of the assassination was yesterday. Another auction was supposed to take place today. You hadn’t seen Lovino, and something told you that he’d be there. You just needed to find him.

    You looked closely at Seborga, the mafia boss. “What are you staring at? Have you finally realized that you’ve fallen for me?” He teased.

    Your stream of thoughts instantly broke. “Huh?! No. You’re too young. And besides, I’m with Lovino.”

    His flirty grin fell to a scowl. “You don’t know that yet. What if he actually did want to break up with you?”

    You glanced down at the carpet, heartbroken at the memory of when he said he didn’t want to see you again.

    “…You love him, don’t you?”

    Inhaling sharply, you looked back up. “W-What?”

    He got up and sauntered over to you, an easy-going smile on his handsome face. “You love my fratello. Why else would you risk your life—and innocence—to kill the man who was hurting him?”

    “He wasn’t just hurting him. You said Gotti remorselessly murdered even his allies on a nearly day-to-day basis.”

    “Indeed, and I wasn’t lying. But, would you have done so if you never got with Romano?”

    You stared at the ground again, teeth clenched. Of course you would have never gotten involved if Lovino wasn’t in danger. If you’d never met Lovino? You probably would’ve moved back to Northern Europe after finding out about the auctions.

    “Of course, if you don’t love him, you can always love me.” Seborga winked playfully, shattering the serious atmosphere.

    You actually managed a laugh. “I’m too old for you, Romeo. But it’s cute that you’re trying.”

    He gracefully threw an arm across your shoulders and brought you in to his chest, “I can be more than cute~” He whispered into your ear, grinning.

    “You’re, what, seventeen?” Chuckling, you moved away from him. “And I’m twenty-four. You should go back to high school, dear. It’s not good to be a dropout.”

    “Hm? I never went to school,” He plopped back down on your couch. “And heh, okay~ I’ll win you over later. Maybe when I’m a little older.” He smiled gently.

    After about a minute, you thought back to the auction that was supposed to start today. “Oh, that’s right!” You reached for Seborga and grabbed his hand. To your amusement, he actually blushed when your fingers wrapped around his wrist. “Come on,” You giggled, and began pulling him out the door. “We’re going to one of your auctions.”

    “B-But…” He stammered, “It’s not until tonight, and you’ll stand out among the millionaires, and you don’t have a mask…”

    You paused, and looked down at his designer suit and fashionable hairstyle. “Well then…”

    He winked, “I know what you’re thinking, and it’s a lovely idea. Let me give you a makeover.”

    “This dress is heavy…”

    “You look gorgeous.”

    “This mask is uncomfortable…”

    “You look mysterious.”

    “This makeup is thick…”

    “You look like a millionaire.”

    “Romeo,” You stomped your expensive foot—clad in a strappy stiletto, so it probably wasn’t a good idea, “You’re complimenting me too much…”

    He continued to escort you arm-in-arm into the auction house, “What can I say? I made you into a masterpiece. Your hair is perfection, is it not?”

    You had to admit that he was better at fixing your hair, applying your makeup, and deciding your attire than you would ever dream to be. He was like an artist with a dazzling eye for fashion. “I guess…”

    He sighed, “I just don’t want those stuck-up millionaires to make fun of you.”

    At that moment, the auctioneer began the event. “Ciao, ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to the Italian mafia’s weekly black market auction!”

    As the crowd of mask-clad men and woman cheered animatedly, you felt a tap on your shoulder. “Hey bella, look who’s here.” Seborga pointed over to a dark corner.

    You turned and, as expected, noticed Lovino guarding one of the exits. With a gasp, you subconsciously took a step back, to which you bumped straight into Seborga’s chest. “Don’t run away now… I’m sure he wants to talk to you too.” With a push, Seborga got your legs to start moving.

    I hope he’s not angry… was all you could think as you walked up to him.

    You hadn’t even noticed that Seborga had stayed behind. Lovi looks so much better… I’m glad… you thought with relief. He had healed quite nicely from the one-sided fight. The only sign of it you saw was the small white Band-Aid across his nose.

    He was looking off in another direction, smoking a cigar. His hands were in his black suit pockets, and his back was against the exit. His shiny red tie stood out from the dark shadows, but his fedora hat shaded his eyes from view.

    Once you got closer, you managed to stutter out, “L-…Lovino…”

    He turned at the sound of your voice, and surprise immediately took over his expression. “…_____?!” His jaw literally dropped, causing the cigar to fall from his lips.

    The cloud of smoke disappeared once the source was gone. You stared at him, and he stared back. He was undeniably speechless.

    “Um… are you okay?” You meant it as in are we okay, relationship-wise, but it came out sounding more like a normal question.

    After about a minute of silent shock, he finally composed himself. He coughed lightly, and then eventually let out a laugh.

    “What’s so funny?” You watched him carefully, but fiddled with the front of your dress. You felt nervous as ever.

    He looked right at you and chuckled, “Is that even you? I’m gonna kill my stupid brother for getting his hands on my perfectly normal girlfriend.”

    You glanced down at your extreme makeover, “You don’t like it?” You’d asked before it computed in your mind that he’d just called you his girlfriend.

    “I love it. I just don’t feel like it’s you, but that’s okay.” He stepped forward. “…Your inner beauty is still there.”

    “Oh…” You blushed. This time, you were the one who was rendered speechless.

    He grinned and stepped forward a bit more. “I missed you, _____.”

    You felt as if the weight of the world had just been lifted off your shoulders. So you were right—he’d only tried to push you away for your own safety.

    With that in mind, you took one last step closer and embraced him tightly. “I-I missed you too… You don’t even know…” You squeezed him even more.

    He winced, and you noticed his arms were still at his sides instead of hugging you back. “Oh, I’m so sorry!” You’d forgotten about his wounds—no doubt they were still hurting him.

    He groaned, “It-It’s okay… just don’t squeeze me, dammit…”

    You laughed; he looked too adorable. He was so weak and fragile right now. “So… everything’s okay now?”

    He pulled back and nodded, “Yeah. Since someone finally killed Gotti, everyone’s free now. We’re all okay, now that the bastard’s gone. The mafia’s not even ‘organized’ anymore, and after this, I don’t have to guard any more auctions.”

    Upon hearing his words, you grinned brightly. “Really? That’s great!”

    He smirked, “I know. We can finally live a normal life.”

    Once the auction ended, it was time for the after-party.

    As usual, it was more like a ‘masquerade ball’.

    You and Lovino were currently by the long, white table-clothed refreshment area. It was covered with various wine bottles, original Italian biscotti, and several other types of snacks. The platters they sat upon were made of silver and carved with mask designs.

    “I wonder who murdered Gotti…” Lovino mused as you both sipped from wine glasses.

    “Um—” You dropped your glass in surprise. It spilled over the rows of fancy European chocolates, but only about two passersby noticed.

    “You’re so damn clumsy.” Even if his words were rude, he gazed at you gently, a smile tugging on his lips. “…And you could never seem like a millionaire even if you tried.”

    “Well, m-maybe I don’t want to be one of these fancy people…” You glanced around the ball, full of large gowns, tuxedos, and gold-trimmed masks. “Maybe I just want to be with you, and…” You should tell him. Yeah… you were gonna tell him. “I just want to be with you and literally shoot anyone who gets in my way.”

    He tossed you an odd look. “…You’re so fucking weird.”

    Offended, you punched his shoulder. “Ouch! You hit one of my bruises!” Despite the anger in his voice, he was chuckling. “Okay, okay! You’re not so weird.” You’d get his true answer out of him eventually.

    “So you’re saying you wouldn’t kill anyone for me?” You murmured after a few seconds.

    “Well, maybe if someone was threatening you.”

    “Like the way someone was threatening you?”

    He fell silent. “_____...”

    “I would do it for you.”

    He simply repeated your name, except more sternly. “_____.”

    You took in a deep breath. “I killed him, Lovi.”

    He was quiet for a minute; he stared at you with an expressionless look on his face.

    Soon, two new voices broke the silence. “She’s right you know. I was with her the whole time.”

    “And I saw the whole thing~!”

    One voice was a familiar Italian one, while the other sounded… vaguely… American?

    Seborga walked up with some blonde-haired, blue-eyed man that you couldn’t quite recognize. “Accept it, big bro. Your girlfriend has more balls than you.”

    “And she’s more of a badass than you too!” The American grinned cheekily.

    “And you are…?” You asked him bluntly. “And… what do you mean ‘you saw the whole thing’?!”

    Seborga gestured to him carelessly, “This is Alfred ‘Hitman’ Jones. As you can assume, he’s a fellow assassin. He was on the same rooftop as us and I guess we never noticed him, cheh?” He laughed nervously.

    ‘Hitman Jones’… that name rang a bell. So did that white dress shirt and black bow tie.

    …He was on the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted list.

    He smacked your shoulder playfully, “So where did you get those mad sniping skills? My mentor Gil taught me how to shoot, but I’m still learning long-distance!”

    …It just barely hit you right now that you were technically an assassin now. “I-I’m not gonna do it again!” You shouted furiously.

    As the infamous hitman continued to fanboy over his new favorite assassin (“You’re amazing! You might just be better than Kirkland!”), and you continued to tell him this was the last time you’d ever snipe, Seborga took this opportunity to pull Lovino aside and inform him, “…It really was her. She did it for you, Roma. She only knew how to snipe because a friend taught her for fun before she moved here.”

    Lovino was quiet for another minute or two—until he saw the hitman throw an arm across your shoulders. “…Hey Alfred?” He started.

    “Huh? Call me Jones.”

    “Jones. Can you get the fuck out of here please?”

    “Sheesh, work on your manners—or else next time I might just stab you, ‘kay?” He smiled cutely. “…Sure, I’ll be by the food table.” He skipped away, and you noticed many Swiss army knives clipped to his back pockets.

    The steaming Italian looked to his younger brother—into similar eyes of a nearly identical light green. “You too. I need to talk to this idiota alone.”

    “Of course~” He stuck his tongue out at him, “tell her you like her accessories.”

    “Go away.”

    “Alriiiight, alright.” Hands up as if in surrender, he strutted off towards a group of young women.

    You cautiously looked up to your hot-headed boyfriend, “Lovi…?”

    “You’re an idiot, you know that?”

    “I’ve been informed.”

    “You could’ve gotten in serious trouble.”

    “I know.”

    “He would have gone after you if you missed.”


    “You and me would both be dead.”

    “But we’re not, and he’s gone forever.”

    The edges of his lips twitched up in a smile. You could tell that you’d won. “Oh, so no ‘thank you’ from you?” You asked without thinking.

    He smirked, and forcefully grabbed your wrist. “…Get your ass over here.”

    “Lovino—” He tugged you all the way to the dance floor. “But, we can’t do this! Your wounds—”

    “-I’m fine, quit worrying.” Once in the middle of the floor, he held onto your waist. “Now just dance with me.”

    Surrounding you were elegant couples in dark ballroom gowns, feathered masks, and classy tuxedos. Lovino wasn’t wearing a mask, and it felt like he was all you could see. The spotlight seemed to shine on only the two of you, though it wasn’t. His smile after enduring the torture of living in fear was the brightest thing you could see, and from now on, it would be all you’d ever see. Thanks to you, the darkness in his life would be over.

    On that dance floor, you clumsily tried to follow his lead, also stepped on his foot with one of your stilettos a few times, as well as suffered severe mortification, but it was still a memory you’d cherish for the rest of your days.

    Slow dancing to the music, you tightened your arms around his shoulders and pressed your head to his chest. “Thanks for not being angry with me.” You mumbled softly.

    “Are you kidding?” He pulled back to face you, and gently took off your mask. Staring into your eyes, he blissfully whispered, “I never thought a girl like you would come to rescue me…”

    You blushed lightly, just as he closed the few inches of space between your lips and his.

    Extended Ending:

    “I think this is the place~!”

    “We really shouldn’t be doing this.”

    “I agree. W-We’ll be catching her off guard…”

    “Yeah! And what if she’s not even home?!”

    “…Just knock, my wife.”

    “I-I’m not your wife!” Tino blushed furiously, and then knocked on your door. In his other hand was a bouquet of fresh Mountain Avens.

    To the group’s surprise, you opened up right away. “…Tino? Everyone?!”

    The Finnish boy smiled, “We thought we’d drop by for a surprise visit!”

    “Yeah, how long has it been?! A year already?” Mathias grinned at you.

    “Uh…” You began.

    Lukas stared straight at your face; his soulless eyes felt like they were nearly burning a hole through your head. “…Is that an engagement ring.” He asked—tone of voice more like an emotionless command.

    You continued wringing your hands, “Yeah…”

    Emil’s round violet eyes widened a bit as he blushed, “Y-You’re married?”

    “No! Soon to be; we don’t know the date yet.”

    “…D’we catch you at a bad time.” Berwald mumbled.

    You heard footsteps down the hallway. “No, I just—”

    “Who’s at the door?”

    Your cheeks reddened as Lovino faced your beautiful friends. He’d known that you had once been interested in Tino, and you didn’t know how he’d react to meeting him face-to-face… along with your other sparkly, pale, light-haired Scandinavian friends.

    “…You must be South Italy,” Tino politely handed him the flowers that were obviously meant for you. “I’m Finland; we are the Nordic Five!” With a grin, he gestured to the group behind him. “Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, and Norway.~”

    Lovino was expressionless. You, on the other hand, nearly choked on your own spit. They were countries too, and they never told you?!

    “Yeah,” Lovino looked down at the flowers, and then stared at Tino.

    You braced yourself for his next comment. Would it be a string of curses, perhaps?

    “…You needa teach me how to fucking snipe sometime too-!”

Cover art (c) Original Artist

A.N.: OMG Miistical, I finally finished your 2nd request APH Italy Salute  I very much hope you liked it >.<

...Haha, Reader was a secret badass in this fic XD She was like Peter Parker before he turns into Spider-Man, LOL.

I freaking love Sniper!Finland though. Oh, and "Hitman Jones"~ How was Seborga? I've never written him before this story, eheh...

Part 1: Mafia!RomanoxReader~ A Black Market Masquerade PT1

Edit: Sorry to annoy you guys, but Tierany-chan pointed out a typo and I just kinda freaked out =7=
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Muffled voices and bright lights came in and out of your vision. The only sound you could really identify was the sound of a siren that rang in your ears. Who knew such chaos could have happened in the span of a couple hours? You felt hands help lift you up and onto a gurney, as you tried to remember everything that happened.

~A Day Earlier~

“Alright, I’ll see you tomorrow, Lovi~!” You chirped, walking off Lovino’s porch steps and heading home.

“Don’t call me that, Idiota!” He yelled, his face a bright tomato red. You chuckled to yourself, as the Italian sighed and shut his door. You both planned on having lunch tomorrow (against his will, he liked to say) and you were no less than excited. You skipped home, thinking of what types of food you guys should have.

~Lovino’s P.O.V.~

I shut my door and rubbed my head in annoyance. ___ is a lot more of a handful than she looks, but why does she have to me so damn cute?! I sighed, once more, and walked to the kitchen to see of I had some leftover tomatoes from the other day (which wasn’t likely, because of that tomato bastard…). I opened the fridge to check inside, when I heard a clicking sound behind me. I snapped around to see a familiar rat holding a gun and seating at my dining table.

“What the hell do you want?” I glared, but this seemed to just amuse him as he chuckled.

“Good to see you, too, South Italy.” I flinched a little at the formal name, but continued to glare. He stood up, setting down his gun and looked to me. “The boss told me to come check on you, said something about you growing soft. I didn’t really believe him since I couldn’t imagine the machine gun-wielding Lovino being a softy, but now I see where he’s coming from.”

“I was never that into your “family” anyway! Why do you suddenly care?” I growled, inching my hand to my own gun.

“Because, Lovino, we wouldn’t want you to “accidentally” slip some info about us to someone, right?” He smirked and walked over, snatching the gun out of my hands before I could make a move. “Here’s the deal, South Italy, all you need to do is prove you’re a loyal brother and just dispose of this “friend” of yours. You got twenty-four hours to do it. Fail to do so and we’ll kill her and you. Got it?”

He held out his hand to shake. I gulped, feeling the blood leave my face, as I mulled over the offer. Moments later, I put my hand in his and shook it.

“It’s a deal.”

~The Next Day~

I sat across from ___, as she looked at her menu, trying to decide what she was gonna get. She planned this whole sorta lame date and dragged me to it, but it now was my only chance to kill her. This wasn’t the first time I had to kill someone, but this time around something felt… wrong. I’d known ___ for a couple months now, but that doesn’t mean I considered her a friend or anything… right?

It was kinda nice that she came to hangout, even though I told her I don’t like company. She defiantly got weird and annoying sometimes, but I couldn’t help but notice how cute she can be. WHAT AM I THINKING?! I have to kill her today! I can’t think about shit like this, it might make me reconsider!

“-Lovino!” I snapped out of my thoughts and looked to ___, who looked a bit annoyed herself. “You okay? You didn’t respond the first few times I called your name.”

“I was just thinking, that’s all.” I huffed, leaning back in my seat. She shook her head and smiled a bit.

“Alright, whatever.” She seemed to perk up at a thought and stood up. “Oh! I almost forgot something in the car! I’ll be right back!”

She hurried out and I looked to her glass of water, now having the chance to set my trap. I pulled out a bag filled with a powder, Arsenic to be exact. I quickly dumped the contents into her water and watched as it became colorless. I quickly shoved the bag into my pocket when I saw her coming back in.

“Sorry about that, but I needed to grab this.” She held out a wrapped box, which sent me into confusion. “This is for you.”

“You didn’t have to get me anything.” I muttered, hesitantly taking the box.

“Well, I wanted to. Now, go ahead and open it!” She smiled, watching intently. I sighed and slowly teared open the wrapping paper. Inside was a box that held a phone case, which depicted the Italian flag with a couple tomatoes on it. I looked to her, still a bit confused.


“I saw you didn’t have a case for your new phone and decided to get you one. When I saw that one, I knew it needed to be yours. You might need to be using your phone a lot more anyways.” She answered, slowly becoming flustered by the end of it.

“Why is that?” I raised an eyebrow, putting the case in my pocket. My fingers brushed against the bag that used to hold the arsenic and I felt my heart begin to race.

“Well, I’m heading back home today.” My expression became surprised. “This visit to Italy wasn’t suppose to last forever and I have to fly home tomorrow. That’s why I planned this day out, so I could spend one last day with you.”

I was speechless, she wanted to spend her last day with the most moodiest person, she’d ever meet. I couldn’t help but feel annoyance at this, but at the same time I felt… grateful, that she would pick me of all people.

“I know you don’t like being around people, but I thought you deserved one nice day out.” She smiled a little, as she reached out for her water. Quickly, without a second thought, I smacked the glass out of her hand, causing it to fall and shatter. She looked to me, now confused, but I drew my hand back and huffed.

“Sorry… I have random muscle spasms sometimes…” I muttered a lie. She tilted her head, but nodded.

“I didn’t know that, but hopefully something like that doesn’t happen, again, right?” She smiled and called a waiter over to ask about the mess. I let out a sigh of relief, but then felt a new fear go through me. I won’t… I can’t kill her and now they will try to kill me and her both. I looked to her, as she began to talk, again. At least she’s out of the country, they won’t be able to get her there.

~Later, Reader P.O.V.~

It had gotten late, but you had spent the whole afternoon with Lovino. He defiantly warmed up the more you hanged-out and seemed to even be happy by the end. You were walking back to his house, when he stopped you on a bridge.

“Uh, ___? I… Tonight wasn’t that bad.” You smiled and nodded.

“Thanks, I didn’t think it was too bad either.” He hesitated before nodding.

“___, I think I’ll just head home alone from here.” He began to walk away.

“What, why?” You asked, running up beside him.

“I think I may have some company there…” He answered, but it didn’t seem like he was telling you everything.

“Well… okay. I may see you tomorrow, but if not…” You kissed his cheek. “Goodbye, Lovino.”

“… Goodbye, ___.” He quietly answered, before turning and leaving. You felt your heart drop, but this was Lovino. You shouldn’t be too surprised he was acting like this. You sighed and went your own separate way.

You were planning on going home, but you decided to lean on the bridge and look at the lights all about the city. You sighed once more, looking down at the running water below. It was so dark, you couldn’t see what was in the water, but you could tell how fast it was running. You straightened up and began to make your way off the bridge, when a pair of arms grabbed yours.

A sack was pulled down around your head, as someone tied a rope around your wrists. You struggle hopelessly against them. Moments later, you were walked and then pushed forward. Instead of meeting the ground, like you expected, you plummeted down before hitting the water. You did everything you could to try and swim upward (wherever that was), but you seemed to only be dragged down more. You began to lose air and your senses became fuzzy.

Air came quickly, as your savior dragged you back onto land. You didn’t even remember anyone grabbing you, but here you were on the side of the river, trying to get as much air as you could. You felt hands take off the sack from your head, before undoing your bonds. You couldn’t see them, because of how dark it was outside, but the Italian curse words they muttered gave you a pretty good idea.

“Lovi?” You asked, coughing up some more water. Before he could answer, gunshots were heard and the loud ringing echoed through your head. Lovino pulled you up with him, but just as he did something whizzed past your head and a searing pain filled your head. You collapsed, as you heard the muffled shout of Lovino.

Your vision came in and out of focus, as your eyes got used to the dark. You saw bullets flying around once and another time a bunch of guys you’ve never seen before. But it seemed just as the noise and fighting started, it quickly dissipated. That either meant Lovino had defeated them or… You didn’t want to think of the other option.

A face came into your vision and you let out a sigh of relief.

“Thank God, you’re alright.” Lovino said, embracing you. His face was covered in blood, but you prayed it wasn’t his own. He pulled away, a bit flustered. “I can’t tell you everything, but I’m not gonna be able to call you back.”

“What…?” You were confused, what was he talking about? The sound of sirens filled the air and it caused Lovino to visibly stiffen.

“You’ll understand later, but whatever happens, you need to go home and stay there, until you figure out what I meant.” This continued to confuse you further, but before you could ask him what he really meant he kissed your forehead and stood up. “I’m sorry…”

He ran off into the night, as all your senses just faltered.

~Present Time~

Things began to make more sense in your mind, but you knew you would never hear the whole story, unless you made contact with Lovino, again. You laid in a hospital bed, bandages wrapped around your head. Apparently, a bullet had nick the side of your head and was likely to leave a scar, but nothing much else. A TV was on in the room, with the news on.

Suddenly, a crime scene pulled up and you sat up in your bed. Several bodies were shown with bullet wounds all along them and it turns out that they were confirmed to be part of the Mafia. These were defiantly the same guys who attacked you. Suddenly a picture of Lovino’s house pulled up on the screen, cop cars in the front yard.

You kept your attention on the screen, until you heard that a body was also found here and seemed to be part of the same Mafia. You were expecting another person to be revealed, having tried to kill Lovino, but instead you saw the last person you wanted to see on the screen. An old picture of Lovino was shown on the screen and the newscaster announced that he was found dead. You turned the TV off and curled up, wishing that everything that you just saw-that everything that had happened in the last hour or so didn’t happen.

But everything did happen and you wouldn’t be able to forget it.

~An Hour Earlier, Lovino’s P.O.V.~

___ was gonna be okay, I knew she would be. The cops had gotten to her and must’ve been helping her. I just needed to do one more thing and that was to get out of the Mafia.

Looks like I got to fake a death.
This is a request for :iconsavanime19:

I think this one defiantly turned out better than I thought it would. I haven't written about any Mafia character before.
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Collection by
Moustaches Are Masterpieces (Romano x Reader)

Warning quite a bit of swearing but its Romano so what else would you expect? Any way hope you enjoy :3

~~~(Name) POV~~~

You were currently sitting in the living room of your shared apartment watching your favourite TV show whilst your hot headed Italian roommate was yet again in his room doing god knows what. You were peacefully enjoying the moment of relaxation until a loud shout reached your ears followed by a long line of colourful words.

‘Urgggh what’s up with him now?’ you sighed before getting up off the comfy sofa and walking lazily into the hallway.

Recently your roommate, more commonly known as Romano, had been hiding himself away in his room only coming out for food and water, the strange thing was every time you saw him he was covered in paint. You knew that his brother Feli liked to paint but Romano never once mentioned that he did and every time you would ask him about it he would either ignore you or shout at you before storming off back into his room.

“GOD-A DAMN IT-A!!!” yelled yet another angry voice laced in a thick Italian accent quickly followed by,  


This was kind of normal for you now, every day for the past few weeks he would shout and yell at the top of his lungs about how hard something was. Then you would go to his room to check if everything was alright and he would usually reply by shouting ‘OF COURSE EVEYTHING IS ALRIGHT STUPID RAGAZZA!’ or just by slamming the door on your face.
However today was going to be different today you were going to find out what was causing him all this extra anger, even if it meant having to deal with his short temper and loud mouth but then again you loved to hear him speak his voice was so enchanting and his eyes were so mesmerizing and-

‘Shut up (Your Name)! What are you thinking!’ you scolded yourself,

‘You’re not some love sick school girl! Don’t think about him like that!’ you scoffed at your own thoughts before making your way towards the stairs.

You tip toed upstairs and towards Romano’s room, luckily for you the door was already slightly open and huffs of anger and cusses could be heard from the other side.
You knew Romano had a short temper and entering his personal space without permission would most likely set him off but you felt like you just needed to know what was causing him so much stress.

Lightly placing your hand against the door you gently push it open,

“Romano? Is everything alright?” you asked softly as you peered inside, there was no answer so you took that as a sign to walk fully into the room.

As you stepped inside you gasped quietly at what you saw, all around you were canvases covered in mass amounts of paint that merged into each other creating icky browns and greens. There were a few lumps of paint on the floor, desk and other various pieces of furniture. You stared at some of the canvases for a long time trying to make them out, you were pretty sure one of them was meant to be of two people holding hands but at the same time it kind of looked like a deformed octopus.

As you looked around the room you finally noticed a figure slouched on a chair opposite a canvas, their elbows were digging into their legs as they hid their face in their hands a familiar curl sticking out at the side.

“Stupid, stupid, stupid” The figure kept repeating to its self,

“Why-a can’t I-a paint like Him!?!” it hissed out the last part before sighing. By now you had already figured out it was Romano so you strolled towards him and gently placed a hand on his shoulder.

Worst Idea EVER.

He tensed, jumping out of his chair whilst letting out a small yelp of surprise as he backed into a canvas somehow managing to trip up over one of its legs before falling backwards into a bucket of paint.

You stood there in shock not daring to move as you watched Romano slowly look up at you.

‘KILL ME!’ was the only thought running through your mind when his eyes finally met yours; it was like someone opened Pandora’s Box and all the evil in the world was glaring at you through his amber pools. It took a few moments before the panic fully sunk in and you found your voice again,

“HOLY CRAP R-ROMANO I’M SO SORRY I-I D-DIDN’T THINK YOU WOULD FREAK OUT L-LIKE THAT!” you yelled waving your arms in front of you in defence as Romano scowled at you with a clenched jaw, grinding his teeth together as his face slowly turned red.

“R-Romano?…” you ask barley above a whisper while Romano slowly rose to his feet never taking his eyes of your terrified (Eye Colour) one.

“YOU-A STUPID RAGAZZA! CHE CAZZO REALE! COSA STAI FACENDO QUI!?! [1] he screeched walking towards you which in turn caused you to back away until you hit the wall.

“I-I… errr ” you didn’t know what to say, it was like the ability to speak itself had just
abandoned you in your time of need but who could blame it, Romano could be scary as hell,

“YOU-A WHAT RAGAZZA!?” at this point it looked like steam was practically flowing out of Romano’s ears as he used all his will power not to rip your head off.

“IwantedtoseeifyouwereokbecauseIwasworriedandyoukeptonshoutingandcursingsoIdecidedtosneakuponyousoyoucouldntshutmeoutandImsosorrypleasedontkillme!” you cried pushing yourself against the wall as if it would just magically open up and let you escape from this nightmare,

“You-a what? “I-a didn’t catch a word-a of that-a idiot-a ragazza” Romano asked clear confusion written on his face but at least he wasn’t shouting now.
You took a deep breath in an attempt to calm your nerves before speaking up again,

“I said I wanted to see if you were ok because I was worried and you kept on shouting and cursing so I decided to sneak up on you so you couldn’t shut me out and I’m so sorry please don’t kill me!” you repeated whimpering at the end.

“Y-You were-a worried?” he looked at you with a soft expression for a few moments before scowling again,

“There-a was no-a reason to be-a worried stupid ragazza and there was-a no-a reason to-a enter-a my-a fucking room then-a scare the living shit out of me!” he growled turning his face to the side.

You could have sworn you saw a tinge of pink dusting his tan cheeks before he brought his hand up to his face wiping some of the paint that managed to get on his cheek, however doing so he smeared some of the paint on his hand halfway under his nose.

You covered your mouth with your hand doing your best to hide the smirk that curled onto your lips but just then an idea popped into your head. You quietly walked over to his desk and picked up one of the many paintbrushes dipping it in black paint before strolling back to Romano who now had his back facing you.

“Hey Romano” you said in the most normal and unsuspicious voice you could,

“Grrr What-a is it now-a ragazza?! I though you-a already left” He hissed turning to glare at you,

“I will right after I’ve done this” you stated smiling sweetly,

“Right after-a you’ve done what-a ragaz- ARGGG WHAT THE FUCK!” before he could finish what he was saying you leapt towards him successfully knocking him down with you straddling his hips.

Of course you didn’t really find the situation that awkward because you were focused on something else but Romano was the complete opposite, his face was bright red as he stuttered out curses while you brought the brush closer to his face.

You hurriedly swiped the brush above his upper lip and connected it with the paint he smudged on his face then added two upward curls toward the end of both lines. After you quickly got up off of him and admired your work before bursting out in to a fit of laughing.

Romano on the other hand was not amused and stood up rushing towards the mirror on his wall and grimaced at his reflection, there painted on his face was a moustache with the classic curls at the end,

“WHAT- FUCK- I – WHY RAGAZZA! WHY!” he began to rant on how stupid you were and kept on yelling at you to stop laughing and of course you didn’t.

“O-OH MY GOD Y-YOU LOOK LIKE M-MARIO!” you breathed out between fits of laughter pointing at him with tears in your eyes,

“That’s it-a ragazza!” Romano muttered darkly to himself before charging at you.

He tackled you to the ground snatching the paintbrush out of your hand before pinning both your wrists above your head. You gasped in surprise at Romano’s sudden action before your eyes widened in fear,

“WHA- NO ROMANO PLEASE DON’T!” You begged as he moved the brush closer to your face causing you squirmed underneath him trying to escape but to no avail.

He quickly pressed the brush against your upper lip moving it side to side before curling the ends creating a perfect moustache, he let go of your wrists and stood up looking down at you whilst you glared up at him shooting daggers at him.

Pouting you also stood up before folding your arms over your chest glancing back at Romano only to finding him smiling, not the mocking smirk or tiny curl of his lips that happened every so often but actually smiling with a happy gleam in his shimmering brown eyes.
You just continued to stare at him with a bewildered expression; you couldn’t believe what you were seeing but what he did next shocked you even more. Before you could ask him if he was feeling well he burst out into a fit of laughter, Romano Vargas the grumpy Italian with a record of scowling, swearing and just in general hating people constantly, was laughing.

“HAHAHAHAHA R-R-RAGAZZA Y-YOU-A LOOK S-SO-A STUPID!!! HAHAHA” He continued to laugh as he clutched his stomach and his face tinged red, a few crystal tears forming in the corner of his eyes.

You couldn’t stay mad at that it was too adorable in its own way, so instead a smile crawled onto your lips before you yet again burst out into laughter that echoed through the apartment. It was such a rare and precious moment one that you wanted to last forever but of course everything must come to an end at some point and after a couple of heavy breaths and tired laughs you both calmed down.
The smiles on your faces stayed put as you looked at each other,

“S-Say ragazza… Do y-you-a really want to-a know why-a I was-a painting?” Romano asked out of the blue as he scratched the back of his neck,

“Huh? Oh yeah! If you wouldn’t mind telling me that is” you smiled gently tilting your head to the side a little whilst Romano averted his gaze as the red on his cheeks turned a few shades darker.

“W-W-Well it w-was to err I- ummm… God fucking damn it why is this so hard to say!” He muttered to himself as he searched for the right words to say before taking a deep breath,

“I-It w-was to-a i-impress you-a” he stuttered out still refusing to meet your gaze, “Y-Your-a always complimenting my-a stupid fratello and-a fusing over h-him and-a his stupid paintings! It-a made a horrible f-feeling bubble up-a inside of-a me and I-a wanted it to-a show you-a that I’m-a just as g-good-a as him… b-but I-a u-understand if you-a think he is better-a than m-me, everyone else dose b-but-a even so-a ragazza I n-need you to know-a t-that I-I… T-Ti amo (Your Name)”  Romano forced out his face now cherry red as he began to fidget on the spot until he felt a pair of delicate arms wrap around his waist.

“Romano your and Idiot you know that right?” you spoke quietly in a playful voice,

“W-What?” Romano asked in mild shock with a hint of fear in his voice as he stared down at you.

“You don’t need to be like your brother Romano because you’re not your brother your you and I like you for the ill-humoured and grumpy Italian you are-”

“Thanks ragazza” Romano cut in sarcastically causing you to giggle lightly and roll your eyes,

“What I’m saying is I love you the way you are Romano, you don’t need to ‘out do’ your brother in anything because to me your perfect just the way you are” you looked deeply into his eyes before snuggling into his chest,

“Also I love you too” you mumbled into his shirt a light pink dusting your cheeks as you spoke.

Romano stood there processing what you just said before a handsome smile found its way to his lips and his arms snaked around your waist lifting you up and spinning you around a little,

“Grazie belle donne” Romano spoke softly as he placed you back down on the ground and resting his head against your own.

“H-Hey r-ragazza… c-can I umm Can I k-kiss you” he asked shyly a nervous expression covering his face,

“Of course you can you idiot; you don’t even have to ask” you chuckled before pulling him in for a sweet kiss allowing your soft lips to move against his smooth ones as the smell of tomatoes invaded your senses, Typical Romano.  


Extended ending-

“Hey Romano”

“Yes bella ragazza?”

“What’s that painting of?” you asked your new boyfriend whilst pointing at a canvas,

“It’s of two people holding hands” He replied blushing a little, “It was supposed to be of you and me” he added bashfully,

“Aww that’s so cute!” you gushed looking up at him with sparkling (Eye Colour) eyes as a small smile found its way onto his lips,

“But wait… so it’s not a deformed octopus” you questioned causing his smile to falter and turn into a deep scowl,


The End~      (╬..>////<..)ノ –STUPID RAGAZZA!

I’m sorry it’s late! Cry forever  I’m having a really bad writers block and then there’s also school and I'm so tired Nickderp 

Translation- [1]  YOU STUPID WOMAN! WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK! WHAT ARE YOU EVEN DOING HERE!?! oh no she didn't   Oh no he didn't


And breathe….. Ok now I’ve gotten that out of my system I hope the story isn't too bad Cat Bread Face 

Other than that I'm sorry for any grammar/spelling mistakes made and If you do find any please tell me Neptune Blink Icon  Also feel free to comment Mr Incredible 

Hope you enjoy it Icon UST  Love you guys~ Little Pixel Heart  Hug 3#  

:iconprussiabushplz::iconsaysplz:Jou are all AWESOME!

You: Romano :iconsexyromanoplz:

Story: Me :iconrhythmicbeat: 

Picture:… APH Prussia tackle hug 

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"Alright, Luciano. Don't wander off too far from me okay?"

Luciano huffed as his grandfather picked up the stubborn Italian and placed him on the black horse. Luciano tok this opportunity to escape. Grabbing the horse's reins, he rode off the path.

"Heh. Screw you, Grandpa." Luciano smiled to himself as he came to a rocky path.

Luciano stared at the horse he had ridden so long ago. He went up to it and stroked the horse's mane. "Hey there Allegra. It's been a while since I last saw you, hasn't it?" He whispered as the horse nuzzled his upturned palm.

"Shall we go for a ride?" He asked. Allegra grunted in response. Luciano chuckled as he got onto the horse. He took the horse's reins and Allegra began to trot forward.

Another horse who went by the name of Artemis was carrying it's sleeping owner on it's back. A girl who had ran away from home. Artemis came to a sudden halt, waking the sleeping girl.

"Wha- Artemis? What's wrong?" The girl asked, just as Luciano came into view. Pulling back the reins, Allegra stopped right infront of the girl and her horse.

"Oh, Hello." The girl greeted. "Ciao." Luciano said. "...What brings you here?" She asked. "That's none of your business, stupido ragazza." Luciano replied coldly.

"Can I at least know your name?" She asked. "...Luciano. Luciano Vargas. This is my horse, Allegra." He muttered. "Hi there Luciano. I'm (name). (name) (last name). This is Artemis." She giggled, causing Luciano to blush a little.

Luciano breathed in the air. "Allegra, do you remember the time we ran away from Grandpa Romero?" He asked. Allegra nodded. "We met a girl on this path. Her name was (name), If I remember correctly." He whispered, as memories of the little girl flowed into his head.

"(name)? That sounds like a weird name." He sneered. (name) was silent. "Your name sounds like a girl!" (name) snapped back. "Shut up! At least I'm not as stupid as you are!" He shouted. (name) was already on the verge of crying. "Y-You're mean!" She shouted, tears spilling from her eyes.

Luciano was about to make a comeback but he shut up right after you started crying. 'Shit, What the fuck...' He thought, watching the girl cry. He got off his horse and walked over to the girl.

Artemis stomped his foot, grunting at Luciano. "Relax, I'm just going to calm her down." He muttered, going up to the girl, picking her up and setting her on the ground.

"Hey. Stop crying, It'll just ruin your pretty face." He whispered, wiping away her tears. The girl looked up. "I- Thought you s-said I was-" "I know. I'm sorry. I was just annoyed because you called my name 'girly'." He said. "Can we st-still be friends?" She asked.

He grinned. "Si. I don't see why not." He said.

Luciano pulled back the reins and Allegra came to a halt. He closed his eyes and prayed the person her was looking for would come back.

Someone did. But it wasn't her. "Oh. Hello there Luciano!" A voice said. Luciano opened his eyes to find that it was Oliver Kirkland. "I didn't know you fancied horse riding." Oliver chuckled.

"I do. I just don't go horse riding much anymore." Luciano replied. "Well, I'm glad to know someone else likes horse riding. May I accompany you on your walk, maybe?" Oliver asked.

Luciano shook his head. "No, I'd rather be alone." He mumbled. Oliver's smile turned into a frown. "...Is something wrong?" He asked. "No, nothing's wrong...nothing at all." Luciano muttered.

"Well...Alright then. I'll see you later, I suppose." Oliver forced a smile and left. Luciano sighed. "Dammit, (name)...where the hell are you...?" He mumbled, leaning over and resting his head on Allegra's mane.

Luciano closed his eyes and a tear rolled down his cheek. "Ti Amo, (name)..." He muttered. "I wanted to tell you that ever since I met you..." He mumbled.

Allegra's ear perked up as the sound of another horse became louder. Allegra let out a whinny and dashed forward, causing Luciano to grab onto Allegra's mane.

"Allegra! What the hell?!" He shouted, grabbing the reins and pulling them back so she would stop.

The good news: She did.

The Bad news: Luciano fell forward, crashing onto another Rider.

In the process, He knocked the other rider off her horse too. "Augh...Mi dispiace. I think Allegra was spooked. Are you alright, Ragazza?" He asked, getting off the girl and pulling her to her feet. "Yes, I'm alright, Thanks." She smiled.

Luciano looked over to the Rider's horse. A Brown and white horse with white feathered hooves. "That's a very nice horse you have there Ragazza." He said. "Thanks. His name is Artemis. He's a Clydesdale." The girl said.

"Artemis..." He mumbled.

"I'm (name). (name) (last name). This is Artemis!"

"Um...Sir...?" The girl waved her hand in front of Luciano's face. "Are you alright?" She asked. "Si, I'm...fine." He mumbled. "Well...I'm (name). (name) (last name)! What's your name?" (name) asked, holding out her hand for a handshake.

Luciano stared at the girl before returning the gesture. "Luciano Vargas. It's nice to meet you, (name)." He said. (name) blinked at him. "Luciano, Huh. I feel like I've known that name before...Plus this path." She gestured to the grassy pathway. "I think I came here when I was younger. And I met this guy..." She murmured.

"A guy riding a black horse, made you cry, said he was sorry and became your friend a long time ago? That was me." Luciano said. (name) looked up at Luciano. "That was you?!" She gasped. "Si...I fell in love with you at the time s- Woah!" (name) tackled Luciano into a hug.

"I- I missed you so much! W-When your Grandpa found you, I wanted to go with you, but My mother found me!" She cried out. "Luciano, I missed you!" Luciano blinked, but returned her hug. "Yeah...I missed you too." He whispered.

"A-Are we still friends?" She asked. Luciano chuckled at her childish personality. "What the hell are you talking about? We're we always friends." He whispered, leaning in and kissing the girl's forehead.

"Can I see you again?" (name) asked, tugging at Luciano's sleeve. Luciano looked back at his Grandfather before turning to the girl and kissing her on the lips.

"Si. Ti Amo, (name)." Luciano grinned. "What does that mean?" She asked. "It means I love you. And we can still be friends. I'll find you one day, so wait for me, Okay?" He said. The girl's expression brightened and her smile returned.

How do you like a Horse and a 2p!Italy?

EDIT: Yes, I know I put Child!Reader in there I made a mistake. the Italic parts are the flashbacks.

2p!Italy, 2p!Rome (c) Himaruya
You, Child!you (c) ...You know the drill.
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You were exhausted.
Sliding on a blouse of yours and leaving it unbuttoned, you spun around on your heel and smiled at your sleeping lover.

Romania was still overdue on making you into a vampire. But there were more important things you were focused on!
You already moved in with him a matter of days ago. His mansion was old, but it was still so elegant and amazing.
And just the previous night...the two of you made love. Hard. Which was why both of you were worn out.

He was still asleep...and he looked very cute.
You loved Vladimir so much, you couldn't stand it sometimes. And he'd shown you that he loved you in the same way.
...And that made you overly happy. To be honest, Romania was your first boyfriend.

Sitting down on your side of the bed, you took your phone off the bedside stand, deciding to give Arthur a call before he had to leave for work.
After digging through the mess of your contacts, you called your British friend and held your phone up to your ear.

Of course, he picked right up!
"Harro, rove."

You laughed."Arthur, are you eating?"

"Yup.", England replied."Sorry, I'm almost done. But, why did you call? It's a little early, at least for you."

"I've got great news!", you squealed."Vlad and I are da-ting~."

Hearing your friend gag, you gasped and started to nervously squirm around.
"W-What?", England asked quietly.

"Vlad. Me. Dating.", you repeated."I know you like me, Artie! It's real obvious. You're such a darling. But...I like Vlad."

England sighed a long sigh, his voice shaking."Alright, _______. If you're happy, I can live with that."

You grinned brightly."Good. Don't get emo, please. I like it so much better when you're smiling."

England laughed."Love, I need to get to work...."

"Oh, right!", you exclaimed."I'll see you when you get out of work, alright?"

"Yeah.", England said."...I love you..."

You giggled."I love you too, sweetie. I'll see you soon."

"_______...who were you talking to...?"

You sighed slowly."Just Arthur. You know, he's my baby."

Romania laughed quietly and sat up in bed, taking the time to admire you as you squirmed your way back into bed and snuggled close to him.
He'd told you over a billion times how beautiful you were...and he wasn't just saying it.
Pulling you up into his lap, Romania smiled at you."You're still pretty, even when you've just woken..."

You smiled and blushed, setting your hands on Romania's bare shoulders.
He was cold to the touch.
"Oh! When are you going to make me into a vampire...?"

Romania's eyes went wide in realization."Does...right now sound good?"

You laughed and nodded."Just...don't hurt me."

"It won't hurt.", Romania insisted, bringing his face close to yours."Just let me...kiss you first."

A hot blush developed on your face as Romania slid his tongue between your lips, holding you close.
Even with all you've done with the Romanian, you still blushed so much when he French kissed you.
It was just him. And how he did it. His tongue was so skilled...just like those hands of his.

Romania pulled back slowly. Pecking your lips one last time, he brushed your hair away from your neck and sighed.
"___________, are you sure about this?"

"Yes.", you insisted."Vlad, don't worry. I want to stay with you forever..."

Romania bit his lip and looked up into your eyes from your neck.
You just smiled.
"Oh,'re too sweet to me..."

You giggled."Let's talk about it once I'm turned."

Romania nodded, looking back at your neck, mainly your pulsing jugular.
Sighing, he gently kissed the side of your neck before sinking his fangs into it.
When you yelped in pain, he winced and squeezed his eyes shut.
But the pain subsided to a slight tickle, making you laugh. Romania's lips curved into a smile as he finally started to drink your blood.

Romania's quiet sounds of pleasure were driving you crazy.
...After thinking about it, that was something about him that just turned you ON. The way he...moaned...
A little awkward, but it was something.

"V-Vladimir...", you said, your voice barely a whisper.

Romania slowly pulled back, licking the last drops of blood away from your wound.
He let out a light gasp as you went limp. Catching you and holding you close, the Romanian whispered into your ear,"Sleep well, my love..."


A light shouting in Romanian was what you awoke to.
Noting the darkness of the master bedroom, it must've been late.

Sitting up slowly, you felt a little dizzy.
Looking at your hand to mke sure you weren't out-of-focus, you gasped lightly.
You hand was ungodly pale...just like Vladimir's skin.

Sliding out of bed, you hurried to the mirror.
Seeing your reflection, you shreaked and started shouting in Swedish.

Rapid footsteps ran into the room.
You looked away from the mirror and to the doorway, ready to burst into tears.
"Vlad! I'm ghostly!"

"No, no.", Romania insisted as he walked to you with open arms."You're just pale. Either way, you're still pretty~."

You sighed to calm yourself as Romania's arms found their way around you.
Wrapping your arms around his neck, you stated,"I'm so pale...I guess I changed, huh?"

Romania pulled back and nodded at you."Oh, did you see your eyes? They're purple, ________!"

You gasped happily."Awesome! But, who's yelling...? They woke me up. It sounds like a girl. I swear, if you're cheating on me, I'll cut your balls off."

Romania gasped and shook his head."It was just my sister, I promise."

You nodded slowly."I know I can trust you, babe. But now you know what's going to happen if you pull anything funny, bitch."

Romania shuddered as you left his grip.
You were...violent when it came to someone pissing you off. But wasn't everyone?
...Romania wanted to keep his manhood of you and him were to ever start a family.
"..._______, why are you so nice to me?"

You looked back to your lover.
"Because I love you. And I want to stay with you forever...that's why I wanted to be changed. For you...for us..."

Romania's face was beginning to flush, brighter than ever.
Shaking his head, he objected,"You just did it to be immortal...s-somebody would never be so nice to...m-me..."

"Oh...", you said, finding your way back into Romania's arms.
Brushing tears from his eyes, you said,"I'm being nice to you. I love you so much, Vladimir. If I didn't really love you, we wouldn't have gotten into that bed last night. Okay? I'm not a slut..."

Romania sighed deeply and fought back tears, not wanting you to see him crying anymore.
...He felt like a douchebag to say that. Worst boyfriend ever...

"What, baby?", you asked sweetly, smiling brightly.

"Thank you for...staying with me.", Romania said, pulling you into a tight hug."A-And...we...need a new matress..."

You laughed and hugged your Romanian lover back.
"I'll get one tomorrow. Worrying about the damn matress. And stop crying, this isn't middle school drama."

Romania smiled.
"...I think I'm done. I'm sorry. I love you."

"I love you more."

"I love you the most."

"No you don't."

"Yeah. Don't question me, or I'll tie you up."

"I'm not into bondage."
Because I can, and people asked.
Something might come to me for another chapter soon.

Ch 1 - [link]
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"Hey (Name)! Over here!" I turn around to see Vladimir, my best friend. We were both twelve at the time, and we were both in his house, and he was giving me a tour.

"Yes?" I nonchalantly answered. He then grabs my hand and leads me over to a black grand piano in the far end of the room. "A piano? But I can't play-"

"It's okay, you don't have to play." He sat down on the piano bench and motioned me forward. I sat beside him. "Sit on my lap." He ordered.

"Why should I?" I reluctantly replied. I crossed my arms and gave him the shoulder look.

"Just sit on my lap, woman. I don't care how fat you are; just sit on my damn lap!" He commanded. His face was a complete smirk and a set of mischievous eyes.

I was shocked at what he said slapped my hand across his pretty boy face. "Never call me fat, you dumbass."

He rubs the spot where I slapped him and grins. "You know I was just joking. But seriously, just sit on my lap." I scoff at him and sat on his lap lightly. He rested his chin on my right shoulder and I blushed a little red. "I can teach you the simple basics," He whispers softly into my ear.

I gulped and a shiver went down my spine. "S-Sure…" I replied. How am I nervous all of a sudden? He's been my best friend ever since 2nd grade, and all those times he held my hand, hugged me, wrestled with me, even sat on my back once, and now I'm nervous all of a sudden when he rests his chin on my shoulder?

He grabs my hand from my lap and gently rests it on the grand piano. He then proceeds to whisper in my ear again. "This is the C major scale," He gently runs my pointer finger across eight white keys. He goes back to the first key. "Think of it as do-re-mi."

I turn my head so his face is right in front of mine. "Do-re-mi?" I asked.

"Yes…Do like a female deer, re like a drop of golden sun." He smiles as I looked confused as ever. The hell is up with all these metaphors? "Mi... just like you and I…" He says.

"But that doesn't go with-"

"I honestly don't care," he softly whispers before slowly leaning into my face and having my lips captured into his.

I woke up screaming after that. "The fuck? Strange dream…" I said to myself. I looked at the clock beside my bed that read 7:03 AM. "Oh shit! I'm an hour and three minutes late for my piano lessons!" I got out of bed and quickly changed. I grabbed my piano book and the address to my new piano teacher's place and shot out the door without eating my breakfast, taking a shower or brushing my teeth or hair.

My new piano teacher's place is twice as far as Mr. Austria's. So I had to run as quickly as possible. I ran across fields, through neighborhoods and even across traffic. I probably got honked at and caused a lot of car accidents, but I can't have my new piano teacher's first impression on me as tardy and unorganized.

I looked at the address one more time and gazed into the landscape and found the castle that was surrounded by a forest. "Found it!" I yelled before sprinting. I ran into the woods and tried to find that stupid castle. Gosh, this felt like a maze; running from left to right! Who lives in a castle in the 21st century anyways? I finally found the right route to the front gate before dropping all my stuff and psychotically started banging on the door. "OPEN THIS GODDAMN DOOR I'M LATE FOR MY PIANO LESSONS!!!"  

(Romania's POV)

God…who could be banging on my door at this hour? I yawned and solemnly got out of bed and looked through my window and narrowed my eyes. "A girl? Why would a girl be banging on my door?" I whisper to myself.

"OPEN THIS GODDAMN DOOR!" She screamed as she pounded her fists on my doors like a maniac.

I sighed and trudged down the stairs of my castle and when I finally reached the last step of the stairs, I walk lightly across the wooden floor and reached for the door handle. I can still hear the girl's annoying scream. I opened the door. "What do you want?" I ask cruelly and grimly at her while I cringe my face.  

"I'm here for my piano lessons. I'm looking for Vladimir; is he your son?" the girl questions. I just laughed in her face. Really? Does this girl really think I'm my own son? HA!

I continuously laugh in her face while she stares at me uncomfortably and confusingly. "Actually, I'm Vladimir. Do you really think I'm that old?" I grin at her.

"No, No I-I, your attitude towards me just seems something a man would say to children." She explains. She now looks like fool trying to explain that.

"It's okay." I look at her face again. She looked like an average girl that would wander around in these woods and eventually would have their blood sucked dry by me. Heh. But I guess I'll have to wait till' that happens. I spot the piano book laying on the floor right next to her feet. Is this (Name)? The one Austria was talking about? "By any chance are you (Name)?" I ask.

She looked surprised at me then she blushed. "Um, yeah, I'm (Name). So I guess you're my piano teacher." The way she smiles at me, I swear I've seen her before.

"By any chance, have we already met?" I question.

"Not that I know of," She rubs her forearm and smiles sheepishly. "You too look fairly familiar." She looks down at her feet. "So, when are we going to start my piano lessons?"

"Silly (Name), I don't do them in the morning. I mostly do them at night where all the beauty lays." I reply.

(Name) then coughs. "That's what he said," She whispers. "Fine, I guess I can go back to my house," She then turns around but I stop her.

"Are you going to walking? Don't you have a car?" I asked her. I didn't see a car out my window, and I'm pretty sure the only reason why she was banging on my door is because she was late for her piano lessons.

"Yeah, I walk. I ran at least twenty blocks just to get to you stupid castle on time. And no, I don't have car." She reluctantly replied. I was a bit hurt of her words when she called my castle stupid; considering the fact I made this castle with my bare hands 200 years ago.

"Isn't there anybody to drop you off instead of walking?"

"No, I live alone. My mother lives in a different country, and my friends are on vacation halfway across the world. So nobody at all." She turns around and trudges back the pathway.

"Wait, you walked twenty blocks just to get to my castle on time thinking you were late for your piano lessons? Why would you do such a thing?" I ask.

"Because Mr. Austria makes me wake up at 6AM for my piano lessons. It's the first activity I do every morning. I have no car, and I'm too cheap to get a taxi, so I walked ten blocks every day to Mr. Austria's house. It's a daily routine I have to work through every single day." She turns around again and starts walking back. "And since you're my new piano teacher for awhile, I'll have to get used to walking twenty blocks to your house now."

"Wait!" I call after. She turns her head to look at me. "Um, I guess you can stay at my castle for five months if you'd like so you won't have to walk twenty blocks every single day. I can drive you to your house so you can gather your belongings that you need and come back here," I suggested. She gave me a skeptical look saying I'm a pervert or something. "I know we just met, and it might be really awkward living with your piano teacher, but you have your own side of the castle so I won't bother you at all. You have your own room, your own bathroom and my maid will help you at all times when you're in need. So... how about it?"

She gave me a charming smile. "Thank you for the offer. I'd love to stay at your castle."
:bulletred: Requested by :iconmyrnamaeve:

While typing this, I was imagining Reader-chan as Haruhi from Ouran Host Club…strange. Also, sorry I'm kind of going switch POV’s a lot later in the story, so I don’t have to make it third person.

...comment if possible.

Part 1: [link]
Part 2: :star:
Part 3: [link]

Hetalia (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:
You (c) :iconrapefaceromaniaplz:
Story (c) ME
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I would usually wake up in the morning and expect another piano lesson from one of my greatest, but also strictest teacher ever. Mr. Roderich Edelstein or Mr. Austria is what I liked to call him. My mother made me take piano lessons, and a friend of hers suggested him. As I said before, Mr. Austria was an excellent piano teacher, and he's been my piano teacher ever since I was a young girl. Since he's very strict, he makes me wake up every morning at 6AM and come over to his house and have our piano lessons. Today was the exact opposite.

I slept in, and I was also running a bit late. "Crap, I'm late! I'm late!" I whispered to myself as I burst out of my house and made a sprint for Mr. Austria's household. I jump over a few fences and trespass through Mr. Austria's neighbors' property. After I ran the ten blocks to his house, I busted through the door. "Sorry I'm late, Mr. Austria! I'm ready for my piano lessons!" I panted.

I expected Mr. Austria yell at me for being so late again and give me the ten minute lecture of why I should sleep earlier at night, but instead I see Italy grab my arm tightly and also see his retarded but cheery smile.

"(Name)! Ciao! I'm so glad you're here! Welcome!" He delightfully greeted me with a kiss on both my cheeks. "Here, let me hold these," He grabs my piano book from my hands and sets them on the table next to him.

"Italy! I missed you so much!" I joyously greeted him while he hugs me to death and I hug him back.  "Are you visiting Mr. Austria and Mrs. Hungary?" I asked.

"Si! I am visiting them! But Mr. Austria told me to come and get you while he prepares his things." Italy's smile vanishes away from his face and a worried look replaces it.

"What happened?" I asked him. Italy didn't reply or move a muscle from his face. He just looked straight and continued to escort me to where Mr. Austria was.

As we reached the doors that lead to the room where Mr. Austria was in, Italy turns to me for a second to give me a goodbye hug and again kiss me on both my cheeks. Go figure. "Goodbye, (Name). I have to go; my fratello must be missing me. Also," He handed me a small black box. Oh lord I hope this isn't a promise ring. "Inside the box is something you will need later on." He explained. Thank God! "See you again!" He quickly made a dash for the door and disappeared in the next second.

"Bye, Italy!" I said as my voice echoes into the room. I focused my attention to the door in front of me and slowly turned the door handle. I peeked inside to see what was happening. All I saw was Austria in some sort of tuxedo instead of his regular Mozart getup. He was writing something on multiple pieces of papers scattered around on a table.

I made just enough room for my hand to slip through the door and knock. "Hello, Mr. Austria?" I said.

He looked up from his work space. "Oh, (Name)! Come in, Come in!" I stepped into the room which smelled like crap. I tried to breathe through my mouth, and I didn't leave the door closed so the smell would be gone from this room. "(Name), could you please close the door?" Mr. Austria asked.

I gulped. "S-Sure," I replied. How can he handle the stench of this foul odor? "Mr. Austria, I got a few questions to ask you," I asked.

Mr. Austria looked up. "Sure, what do you need to ask me?"

I looked from left to right and pinched my nose. "For once, why is there a foul odor in this room?" I asked with a Steve Urkle voice.

"Oh, that! England is cooking." He replied with a smile. Oh Lord. He better not be making those scones again.

"Second, why are you dressed in a tuxedo? Are you going somewhere?" I asked.

His eyes looked concerned. He got up from his chair and went up to me slowly. He had a sad look on his face and He grabbed my shoulders and looked me in the eye. "(Name), I'm going to a wedding today and also to attend a funeral. My flight leaves in three hours and I'm afraid I can't continue the piano lessons for five months."

I sighed. Who's going to teach me for five months? "Mr. Austria, why do you have to go to a wedding and a funeral? Who's going to teach me for five months?"

"I was paid and invited to lead the orchestra for the Wedding, same for the funeral." He replied while dusting off dirt from his gloves.

"Okay, but who's going to teach me for five months while you're gone?" I asked.

Mr. Austria went back to sit at his desk while he told me come over to where he is. "While I'm gone, I asked my friend's son to come and teach you the piano lessons. He is a gentle young man and he appears to be the same age as you so I guess you can communicate better with him." He explains.

Wait, hold up. A boy the same age as me? No way! But Mr. Austria would never change his mind about him. If he is really gentle, then I guess he's okay. "What is this boy's name?" I curiously asked.

"Vladimir," He sternly said. "His name is Vladimir."  Mr. Austria repeats.

"Does he have any last name?" I suggested.

"Nothing that I know of," He replies.

"Hm…Vladimir… what an interesting name…" I mumble. I swear this name is familiar to me. "Is he from Russia?" I asked.

"Actually, he's Romanian." Mr. Austria gave out a cough before continuing his sentence. This boy gets familiar and familiar by the second. "Now (Name), try not to upset the boy. He can't really control his anger, and most of his self-control gets underhand."

"Really? Why is that?" I question.

"I don't particularly know," He shoves his glasses back into his nose. He lets out a deep sigh before signing me to come and look at one of his papers. He then points at one of the pictures on the paper. It showed a picture of a handsome young boy that seems fairly familiar.

"This is Vladimir. Though this picture was taken when he was a small boy, but he could be different now since he's older," He says while he points at the picture.

"I swear he looks familiar…" I mumble. This boy…even if the picture is in black and white, I can faintly recognize this boy by the way he smiles and how his jaw is a little bit crooked.

"I don't know about you, but my flight leaves in two hours. I got to go. Bye, (Name)! I'll see you in five months and try not to upset Vladimir!" He grabs his luggage and waves bye to me while going out the door.

"Bye Mr. Austria! Have a safe flight!" I waved back as Mr. Austria enters the taxi-cab. Once he left the house, I look over to the picture of Vladimir as a child and looked very suspicious at it.
:bulletred: Requested by :iconmyrnamaeve:

*chuckles* LOL, a sweet vampire that can play piano. XD Yes, Romania can play piano. Get over it. (It’s romantic like that)

Okaaay, This request will be divided up in a bunch of parts, so... I don't know when the next part will be up. Okay? Good.

...comment if possible.

Part 1: :star:
Part 2: [link]
Part 3: [link]

Hetalia (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:
You (c) :iconrapefaceromaniaplz:
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      "How do I look, [Name]?" asks Francis as he struts around in a dashing suit and tie.

"You look like a fool," You lie, eyes falling upon Antonio as he emerges from a dressing room.

"I look pretty cool, no?" Antonio asks now, adjusting the ridiculous sombrero. You nod approvingly to him, and that makes him smile widely.


"Well I think you look like a fool," Francis pouts and crosses his arms, then struts off to his dressing room after winking at a shopper, nearly making her swoon.

        You sit on one of many black stools as the two come and go in various outfits, France swearing that he looks dead sexy in all of them. And, although he doesn't look too bad in any of them, you enjoy seeing his look of disappointment as he trudges back off to change again upon your harsh disapproval.
After a moment, Antonio comes back out, wearing his normal clothes. "I don't think this place is good for party clothes," he says with a sigh and sits next to you.
You frown a little. "But the party is in a couple of hours…Do you want to hit another store?"

"Nah, I think I have something at home…maybe…"

"He's lying!" Francis swings open the door, revealing himself in nothing more than his boxers that are the color of the flag of France.
"There is nothing at his home that is fabulous enough to wear for the event! We must find yet another store!"

You avert your eyes away from the French man, not wanting to take in the view. Somewhere far off in the store, a woman squeals, followed by the sound of clothes racks crashing down.

"Do you have to make such a big scene?" You ask impatiently. Francis ignores you and keeps on talking.

"We must go to another fashion department; this place has nothing for my dear friend!"

Now he walks out and throws an arm around Antonio, who looks a little red in the face.

"Where do you think we should go, mon ami?"

"I think YOU should go put your clothes back on, no?"

"Please do, Francis. People are staring." You say between gritted teeth.

Francis looks around quickly and spots a woman staring. Then he lets go of Antonio and poses for the lady, successfully making her faint.

"Francis!" You shout, heat rising to your face.

"I have no regrets, and neither will she~!" he skips back into the dressing room and closes the door.

You watch as the woman is aided by two of the store workers, before looking over to Antonio.

"Any word from Gilbert?"

He looks down at his phone and reads off the text message, "'West needs the Awesome Prussia's help, so I will meet you not-as-awesome-guys at the mall when I finish. It shouldn't take too long, because the Awesome Prussia's got this all under control. Und make sure that Francis doesn't get those stupid red plat formers that he's been talking about.' So…yeah…"

"Did he capitalize every time he said 'awesome'?"

"Not the whole word, just the A."

"Surprising…normally, he capitalizes the whole word, as if I'll miss it or something."


"Yeah," You stand and shrug. "Guess we should find another store, then."

Antonio nods and stands as well. At this time, Francis emerges, fully clothed, and says excitedly,

"Alright, let's find another department store. One with prettier women and a better taste in fashion!"


           "Kesesese, you guys are having trouble finding something to wear?"

"Just those two," You gesture to Francis and Antonio, having already picked out something for the occasion.

"I forgot the party was today," Antonio scratches his head with a sheepish smile. Francis shrugs.

"I have plenty to wear.  I just want to wear something new."

Gilbert nods in understanding. "I see…Well, the Awesome Me already has Awesome clothing."

"Not as awesome as mine," You tease him. Gilbert's ruby eyes sharply shoot over to your person.

"Nein! There is no way possible that you could have something more awesome than mine."

"Actually, Gilbert—"

"What do you guys think about this?" Antonio holds up a black button up shirt and a black and yellow stripped tie.
You and Gilbert look over at him slowly, forgetting about your conversation almost instantly.

"Nice shirt…but the tie is not cool," Gilbert shakes his head. Francis quickly snatches the tie away and holds out a plain white one.

"That's better," Gilbert nods.

Francis smiles and hands the tie to Antonio, "Sometimes the simplest are better than the most complex, no?"
Antonio nods quickly, pairing the tie and the shirt.
You look down at your watch. "The party starts in 4 hours, maybe we should go—"

"TO THE FOOD COURT!" Gilbert commands over your voice.


        You facepalm upon watching Gilbert and Antonio have a chugging contest. You don't understand how someone can chug down soft drinks without it burning your throat and bubbling up into your nose.
Francis idly stirs his bowl of ice cream, apparently not amused by their behavior no more than you are.
Gilbert tips his cup back a little bit further, getting to the end. However, Antonio slams his Styrofoam cup down onto the table, rattling the ice.

"I win!" He smirks. Gilbert pulls his cup away quickly and frowns.

"You cheated! The Awesome Prussia never—"

"Well you did today! I'm the boss, I'm the boss! Who's the boss? I'M THE BOSS!"

Gilbert grumbles under his breath and you clear your throat to get their attention.

"What is it?"

"Well, seeing as how it's Alfred's birthday, don't you think you all should get him gifts?" You ask logically.

"I already got him one," says Antonio proudly. Gilbert jumps up quickly, slamming his hands onto the table and rattling Francis' bowl and Antonio's ice.

"Mein gott! I forgot it was his birthday!"

"But it's his party we're going to!" You cry in disbelief.

"I remembered that it was a party, not that it was his birthday! Shit!...Why didn't you guys remind me?!"

"Because we assumed you already knew, seeing as how excited you were to go." Francis says calmly.

"Well then stop assuming!" Gilbert shouts and pulls himself together. "What kind of things does Alfred like? Action figures? Comic books?"

"He isn't a geek, you know." Francis inputs, making you laugh a little and Antonio smile.

"Will you just answer my question?" asks Gilbert in a dangerously calm voice.

"Well, since I bought him the thing he'll like the most, you should get him cologne."

Antonio stands to throw away his trash, taking everyone else's with him politely.

"Thanks," you say. He nods.

"I know the best kind," Gilbert continues, clearly gloating. "But wait…!"
He turns to you quickly.
"What did you get the American?"

Heat rises to your face and you look at the table bashfully. "I knitted him socks."

Gilbert looks at you for a moment and you expect him to break out into a laugh. After a few seconds pass of him staring at you, he slowly pulls away, saying nothing. You look back at him to find that he's turned away.
  "Okay, so we'll go to—"Francis stops his sentence and you stare in shock: a solo slice of pizza goes soaring from somewhere across the court and hurdles towards an un-expecting Gilbert. You stand quickly, beginning to warn him, but it is too late. Gilbert turns quickly and it hits him square in the face. You quickly look to see who might've thrown it; a familiar woman stands there, wearing a smile of satisfaction.

"E—Elizabeth?!" Francis gasps, his pretty blue eyes opening wide. Elizabeth casually walks over to the table as Antonio returns.
Gilbert pulls the pizza off of his face, as it seems to have stuck, revealing his face that is as red as his eye color.

"What was that for?!" he roars, however, Elizabeth doesn't seem to be fazed.

"THAT was because of what you did to Roderich. You thought I wouldn't find out, didn't you!?"

"What'd he do?" asks Antonio, beating you to it.

"He was SUPPOSED to be helping Ludwig bring in a shipment for Roderich. But instead, he was too busy pouring flour and pepper into his tea!" Elizabeth crosses her arms. "And to top it off, he forgot about whose birthday it was, but he still planned to attend the party!"

"Yikes," You scratch your head.

Gilbert wipes his face off with a napkin. "He's just angry because he wasn't directly invited like I was."
You bite your lip, wishing he hadn't called Elizabeth 'he'. She was even wearing a cute skirt today for the occasion.

"You missed a spot, Gilbert," she says quietly.


"Right HERE!" She slaps him across the face with a frying pan that came out of nowhere. Antonio winces and Francis sighs.

"Be careful, you'll give him brain damage or something!" You say worriedly.

Elizabeth smiles, "He's been through much worse."

You look down at Gilbert who's sprawled out on the cold, tile floor.


You look back to see a small, pudgy man with a mustache running at your group.


    "Time to go," Francis stands quickly, "EVERY MAN FOR THEMSELVES! I'LL SEE YOU GUYS LATER!"
Then he bolts off at the speed of light. Elizabeth stares at him for a moment, before turning back to you three.
"Yeah, I'll see you guys there!" she does the same as Francis, going in the opposite direction.


Antonio grabs up his bag and the three of you take off in the same direction as Francis; across the food court and to the exit. But as you guys nearly make it, Gilbert gasps.

"We can't worry about that now!" Antonio pants desperately. The pudgy man is closing in on you three.

Gilbert veers off to the left, heading for the escalators.
You pursue Antonio, darting around innocent people. "Do we go with him?"

"No way! He's on his own! We'll see him later!" He grabs onto your wrist and pulls you along faster, not letting you follow the crazy Prussian.


You two are approaching the doors at a crazy speed now, so fast that the automatic doors might take too long to open before Antonio runs into them head-on.

"I wonder if…Francis is…waiting for us?" asks Antonio absently between puffs.

"No way, he said 'every man for themselves'!" You remind him hurriedly. Antonio pushes on the door before it has time to open, making it swing back and slam into another, scaring a five year old.

To your surprise, Francis is pulled up close to the doors, waiting in his flashy red sports car.
"Oi! Hurry up!" he calls.

Antonio lets go of your wrist and quickly hops into the back seat while you take the passenger's seat. Francis pulls out quickly, making the tires screech against the tarmac before going full-speed down the street. You look back to see the short man, shouting words you will never hear.

Receiver: Gilbert B. <+_______>

Sent: Did you make it out ok? [9:13pm]
Return from Gilbert: Ja! Im the AWESOME Prussia! Did u expect for me to be caught!? [9:14pm]
Sent: No, no, of course not. So I'm guessing you're still coming to the party, right?[9:15pm]
Return from Gilbert: Dont ask silly questions! Yes Im going![9:15pm]
Sent: Well, the party started about 15 minutes ago. [9:15pm]
Return from Gilbert: I got held up. Ill be there when I get there because you cant tame AWESOME. [9:16pm]
Sent: Yeah, sure. Well hurry up, or you'll miss cake and the drinks. [9:16pm]
Return from Gilbert: U cant tell AWESOME to hurry! [9:16pm]
Sent: Sure, whatever. I'm eating your piece then. [9:17pm]
Return from Gilbert: NEIN! > : ( YOU BETTER LEAVE IT ALONE! [9:17pm]
Sent: I will make no promises ; ) [9:17pm]
Return from Gilbert: DONT MAKE ME HURT YOU![9:18pm]
Thread terminated.


    "Knitted socks!? Dude, these are so awesome! LOOK! They've even got stars on them!" Alfred seems thoroughly excited about your gift to him.

"I'm glad you like them!" You smile merrily, chewing on a piece of cake.

"Seriously, dude." Alfred pulls off his shoes and begins to remove his plain white socks. "Middle of summer or not, these things are badass!"

"Get a hold on yourself!" scolds England, who seems to be in a particularly foul mood on this fine evening.

"Who are you? My mom?" asks Alfred happily, beginning to walk around in the socks.

"I certainly am not your mummy, but I raised—"

"Let him enjoy his birthday, Arthur. Just because you're in a pissy mood because of this anniversary doesn't mean that you have to ruin the entire mood for the party." Francis intervenes.

Arthur blushes vividly and crosses his arms, face in a firm frown as he glares at Alfred shuffling along the carpet around you. He doesn't say a word for the remainder of the party.

You begin to eat Gilbert's slice of cake, eyeing the remaining, seeing that there isn't much left in the whole. Antonio quickly walks over to you.

"Didn't you already have a piece?" he corners you, clearly envious.

"This is Gilbert's piece." You say casually. At this time, Francis makes his way over to you two, walking around Ivan and Alfred's staring contest.

"Another piece?" is all he says.

"It's Gil's." says Antonio. Francis smiles widely, bringing his fork near the cake.

"Share it, mon ami?"

"Dig in, you two!" You laugh. Antonio quickly cuts off a large piece with his fork and Francis does the same.  Then the door swings open, Gilbert walks in like a cool guy until he spots the three of you huddled next to the table around a piece of cake. His eyes quickly dart to the table and he sees that Roderich has just walked away with the last piece, wearing a triumphant grin.

          Gilbert doesn't even close the door behind him or say hi to the birthday boy. Instead, he storms over to you three guilty piggies, looking infuriated.


"I told you I'd eat it~" You wink at him and the other two laugh.

A grin breaks across his face. "I am too Awesome for you three,"

"Whatchu mean by that?" Antonio asks while munching on the cake.

"I'm a step ahead of you!" Gilbert laughs. You frown a little and your chewing slows.

"How so?"

At that second, Ludwig appears, holding a slice of fresh, untouched cake. Gilbert continues to laugh as he takes the plate from his little brother. You look over at Ludwig, who rolls his eyes and walks away silently. Gilbert shoves the whole piece of cake into his mouth and continues to laugh mockingly, spraying cake in various directions.

Francis smiles warmly. "The food is done."

"There was something else being cooked? After the cake?" You turn to him.

"Yes, we're serving chicken."

Gilbert chokes unexpectedly, showering more cake. Antonio grins devilishly.

"Fried or baked?" You ask innocently.

"The chick was too small to be baked, so I fried it, as Alfred requested, since it was always bothering him."

Gilbert gags now, dropping the plate. Antonio and Francis laugh and you laugh a little, hoping in the back of your mind that he didn't really fry Gilbird as he was making it seem.

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It belongs to its respective owner.

Okay, why are people still reading this? xD
I didn't expect for anyone to be interested in this story, and it's still getting love.
I really appreciate it, you guys. Thank you all! :iconprussiaplz:
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It started out as an unusually calm day at the 'Vargas' brothers' Italian restaurant. The small business was run by the twins, Lovino and Feliciano Vargas. Both were waiters, while their grandfather cooked the orders.

Suddenly, a young lady about their age with [h/c] hair walked in, checking her phone as she waited at the podium to be seated. "How many?"

"Oh, just one. I'm waiting for someone."

"Okay. Right this way~!" Feliciano chirped in his usual cheerful manner as he led the guest to a table near the windows. She happily seated herself and proceeded to wait.

"Hey." Lovino stopped his brother as he was on the way back to the kitchen to fetch the girl a glass of water.

"What is it, Fratello?"

"What's her deal?" He nodded to the girl. He couldn't help but feel curious. She was quite attractive. And she was alone. Why was that?

"Oh, her? I think-a she's waiting for someone." Feliciano smiled and headed back over to her with the ice cold drink.

Lunch service continued on quietly, not quite as packed as the rest of the week. Then again, it usually wasn't this time of day. Everyone was busy at work (for now).
One person was less focused than the rest, however.

Lovino couldn't keep his mind from drifting to thoughts of the mysterious girl. Who was it she was waiting for? He was dying to talk to her. He couldn't help but glance at her as he walked by, seating other guests. Every time their eyes met, a chill ran up his spine at how beautiful her [e/c] eyes were and she would smile at him sweetly and go back to munching on bread or yet again, checking her phone.

Finally, when the sudden stream of customers had stopped for the time being, the two brothers met up in the front. "Hey, you know that girl?"


"I was thinking...since she's so alone...and we don't have that much to do right now...maybe one of us should, you know, go and entertain her or something?"

"Si~! That's a brilliant idea, fratello! She definitely seems like she could use some company."

"So...I guess I'll do it."

"What?" The younger of the two looked up at his brother, amber eyes wide in confusion. "Why?"

"Well? Why not!?" Lovino's hazel eyes sparked in annoyance. What was he trying to say?

Feliciano sighed, running a hand through his auburn hair. "Well, it's just aren't the nicest sometimes..."
"WHAT!?" The dark brunette glared at him.

"Please don't hit me again!!!" the younger of the two held up his arms in protection while Lovino merely sighed.

"I-I guess you're right..."

His gaze wandered back to the girl, who had just checked her messages for the umpteenth time since arrival and watched as she looked out the window. Suddenly, her eyes widened and her hand gently rose to her mouth, trying to stop a gasp. He looked were she was looking and saw a boy, about their age as well, smiling and walking down the street with another girl who seemed to be glued to his side and laughing happily.
When he looked back at the [h/c]-haired girl, he saw tears in her eyes that she quickly tried to wipe away with a napkin.
"I...I'll be right back." Lovino frowned at Feliciano who nodded and went back to work.

"Hey." The Italian approached her slowly and quietly.
"Oh! H-hello!" The girl stammered, trying her best to smile and look cheerful. She failed miserably.

"My name is Lovino." He held his hand out to her and she took it gently, shaking it.
"I'm [Name]."
"[Name]..." He repeated softly to himself. It fit her.
"Do you mind if I...?" He trailed off glancing down at the empty chair across from her.

"O-oh! By all means, please do." [Name] replied, quickly removing her bag and gesturing for him to have a seat.
Lovino smiled at her and sat down, watching her stuff her phone which hadn't left her hands all afternoon, into her bag.

"So... [Name]...What brings you here today? If you don't mind my asking...." The dark brunette shuffled awkwardly in his seat.

"Oh." She frowned and her eyes became watery again. "N-no particular reason...."
He raised a disbelieving eyebrow and she sighed, realizing that the jig was up.

"This guy...That I've liked for a while...He finally asked me out. He said for me to meet him here...for our date...but..." her lip quivered a bit and she took a deep breath, trying to regain her composure. "I s-saw him just now...w-with another girl."

That, apparently, was the straw to break the camel's back, for tears began to stream down her face and she sobbed uncontrollably.

Lovino growled. "That stupid Bastard. I'll make him pay." Angrily, he began to rise in his seat, until [Name] grabbed his arm.
"L-Lovino! Please don't!"
"Why shouldn't I? The jerkwad made you cry! He deserves to suffer!"
[Name] laughed weakly. "It's alright. Really!"

Then, peering at him shyly, she flashed him a dazzling smile which made Lovino's heart skip a beat.
"And besides, I prefer your company to his any day."
The boy flushed a deep red. "R-really?"
She nodded, smiling wider. "Really."

Grinning, Lovino rose (much to [Name]'s confusion).
"Well Bella, in that case, May I take your order? It would be my honor." He bowed slightly and [Name] giggled, feeling much like a princess despite her depressed state.
"Why of course! But only if you promise me one thing."

Looking at him, talking with him, even just being with him was making [Name] forget her ordeal.  He was positively adorable, as well as kind and her heart buzzed with happiness. Maybe he would be her real prince charming.

"And what might that be, mio amore?" His eyes twinkled and a bemused smile graced his lips.

"Perhaps, you could keep me company awhile longer?"
Laughing, he nodded happily.
"I would love to."
Another Romano story!

Please Enjoy! :iconcuteromanoplz:

The story belongs to me.
I don't own you or Hetalia.
Hetalia (c) Hidekaz Himaruya
You belong to yourself.
I got the picture from: [link]
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"Lovi! Oh Lovi-chan!" You called up the stairs.
"Don't call me that!" Romano called beck down the stairs, appearing at the top of them. "What do you want?"
"It's not what I want, it's what you want. Like this, for instance?" you pulled a luscious red tomato from behind your back. Romano's eyes widened. He came down the stairs slowly, eyes on the tomato. You started backing away from him, faster and faster until you were both running around the house. Unfortunately for you, Romano had longer legs and he soon caught up to you. He tackled you to the ground, cursing all the while. You gave him the tomato with one hand and smacked him upside the head with the other.
"What was that for you f****** ragazza?"
"Language, Lovi!" you told him sternly, and then smiled. "Anyway, what I really wanted you for was that we have to go to Antonio's house for that dinner party he invited us to.
"But ______" Lovi started.
"No, don't start on me. We promised. Go and get dressed in something fancier than what you have on.  And so help me God if I come up there and find you're taking on of your siestas." Romano groaned and got off of you and headed upstairs, dragging his feet. Cursing could be heard.
"Language, Lovi! Mind your language!" You shouted after him. The grumbling just got louder. You smiled and followed him up and into your room. You grabbed a _(fav color)_  dress and slipped into it as Romano walked out of the bathroom, dressed in a suit. He zipped up the back while kissing your neck. You tilted your head, giving him better access.  He started getting really into it, sliding his hands around your waist, but somehow you restrained yourself and you shoved his hands off of you.
"We're going to be late!" You exclaimed. But his hands slithered back to where they were and he turned back to your neck. Almost growling, he said,
"And I care why?"
"Because Antonio practically raised you!" You turned around and straightened Romano's tie and slipped out of his grasp. He followed you into the car. Thirty minutes later you knocked on Antonio's door. The door opened swiftly to reveal Antonio, also dressed in a suit and tie.
"_______! Lovi!" He shouted, kissing you on both cheeks. You laughed.
"Say it louder, Antonio. A couple people in Tibet didn't hear that Lovi and I came by." You teased. Lovi grumbled some more. You whacked him again.
"What was that for!?" He practically screamed.
"Language" You told him.
"But I didn't say any-"
"But you were going to" You interjected. Lovi couldn't come up with a comeback, so he just remained silent as Antonio led you both into the house. After dinner and a few hours of jokes and laughs, you and Romano piled into the car. Romano was practically boiling, as he hadn't enjoyed himself at all. By the time you came home, he was cursing every third word. You gave up on reminding him to watch his language fifteen minutes into the drive. You walked in the door and Romano dragged you up the stairs and slammed you into the wall (although he was careful about it) and started kissing you everywhere.
Hetalia not mine. don't steal
~ALSO: I am now taking requests. Any hetalia pairing or country x reader. Full list in my journal. Leave a comment with your request.
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    You quickly glanced around the room, seeing as no one was around you slowly walk towards the kitchen, no one was there either. Smirking to yourself you grabbed the small ladder, and place it in front of the huge cabinet wall you had. Climbing all the way to the top you opened the smallest door, and reach in to grab a golden box. Picking out on of the finely wrapped squares and shut the box closed, you softly close the cabinet's door then began climbing down the ladder. Once everything was set back to place you smiled widely and jump up to sit on the counter. Slowly you unwrap the nice treat and throw away the wrapper. Checking once again to make sure no one was around you were about to placed the chocolate into your mouth whole, when a loud, "NO!" came out of no where. You jumped and turned around to see your boyfriend, Romano, standing at the door way, pointing at you like you committed some sort of crime

    "(y/n) What the fuck do you think your doing!?" he screamed and your eyes widen, he stomped over to you. Quickly you closed your hand around the chocolate, hoping he didn't steal it form you, "Not even fucking asking me if I fucking want some! Don't you ever think about any else but your fucking selfish self?!" he screamed now standing in front of you with his hands placed on the counter top on either side of your thighs. 

    You pouted and nodded slowly, "True. I'm a selfish human being! You should leave me alone to think of what I've done." then you placed your back of your hand -the one that didn't have the chocolate in it- on your forehead dramatically, "Oh how will I ever live with myself again!" you cried out, hoping it would trick him into leaving. No such luck.

    "Fuck you." he said and tried to get the chocolate from your hands. 

    "That's a good idea! Go to the bedroom and I'll get ready!" you cried out, pulling your hand away from his. No way in hell where you doing to let him get your precious chocolate. Even if it was the last thing you did! 

    "Haha, very funny. Now fucking give me some chocolate!" he yelled reaching for it. You smirked and quickly put the chocolate in your mouth. You bite down into the chocolate and a explosion of creamiest invaded your mouth. Smirking you savored the taste of the dark chocolate in your mouth.

    "Mmmmhmmmm." you moaned and Romano looked at you in disbelief. 

    "CHIGI!" he screamed out and you smirked, thinking you one the battle, but you weren't prepared for what he did next. Romano quickly grabbed the back of your neck and pulled you down onto his mouth, instantly he bite your lip causing you to gasp. Romano's tongue went quickly into your mouth, and started running across your teeth. You moaned, but tried pushing him away, but his strong grip on you wouldn't let you. You moved your tongue towards his, trying to push that out of your mouth, but you couldn't even win that battle. You felt the asshole smirk, as he took a piece that was still in your mouth away and placed it in his mouth. You growled and tried getting it back, but he pushed away from you. You glared at him as he savored the chocolaty taste. 

    "Bastard!" you cried out causing him to laugh slightly  "I hope you fucking know that this is chocolate from Germany." you commented. Instantly his face changed from pure pleasure to complete horror. Quickly he was over the sink gagging. You slide off the counter, and patted his shoulder, smirking, "You will learn to never mess with me." And with that you walked out of the kitchen. 
Just a real quick something, that I wrote while eating an Italian chocolate. And no the chocolate wasn't really from Germany, Reader is just screwing with Romano's mind XD
Comments and Love is very welcomed and appreciated ~!
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I could stay awake just to hear you breathing.
Watch you smile while you are sleeping.
While you're far away and dreaming

Romano's eyes gently slid open, his surroundings cleared when he blinked. The green orbs flickered over to view the clock, which was proudly displaying in vibrant red numbers and letters: 6:30 AM. 'Why the fuck did I just suddenly wake up? It's Saturday, I have no work! Maybe I should go get a tomato...' he thought as he was about to get up before he felt something wrapped around his left arm. He looked down and noticed his girlfriend, (Name), sleeping peacefully beside him, currently using his arm as a pillow. A beautiful smile on her lips as she breathed softly still in dreamland, Lovino listened to the even sound, smiling softly himself.

I could spend my life in this sweet surrender
I could stay lost in this moment forever

Where every moment spent with you is a moment I treasure.

He watched his girlfriend with a loving look; Romano almost forgotten she had moved into his apartment a few days ago. Both of them spent the whole last night talking, laughing, watching shows, cuddling, and kissing. He felt like he had won the lottery when (Name) agreed to be his girl, never had the Italian seen such a beautiful girl, inside and out. Right now, as he stared at her peaceful face, he wished he could be here forever. Forever in 6:30 AM, watching the love of his life sleep soundly beside him.

Lying close to you feeling your heart beating,
and I'm wondering what you're dreaming.
Wondering if it's me you're seeing.
Then I kiss your eyes and thank God we're together.

He untangled her (s/c) arms from his own to hug her small frame, cuddling into the warm of her body. (Name) gave a small whimper-like sound as she snuggled into Romano's neck, her chest to his. He could feel her heart beat, it sounded like a wonderful melody that Lovino would never get tired of. He wondered what she was dreaming of as he stroked her (h/c) hair, he hoped it was his face she was seeing. Romano leaned down a little and placed gentle kisses on her eyes lids; he longed to see the sparkling (e/c) eyes he loved. He thanked God that he met her in the store, thankful it was her he accidentally knocked down. Grateful that if was a (nationality) beauty that hadn't been fazed by his cursing and bad temper, whom helped him pick up all his fallen tomatoes. Thankful, it was (Name) who was his girlfriend.

I don't want to close my eyes
I don't want to fall asleep
Cause I'd miss you babe
And I don't want to miss a thing
Cause even when I dream of you
The sweetest dream will never do.
I'd still miss you babe
And I don't want to miss a thing

He couldn't bring his emerald eyes to close, he'd miss her so much. Romano didn't want to miss a single second of her happy, gorgeous face; all of his dreams were of her, even the sweetest dream couldn't come close to the real (Name). He didn't want to waste a moment that could be spent with his girl; maybe that sounded a little clingy, but he wasn't at all. They had a wonderful relationship where they were hardly seen apart, they loved each other that much. Romano could almost feel the diamond ring call to him from its hiding place in the drawer.

I don't want to miss one smile
I don't want to miss one kiss

(Name)'s smiles always made the Italian crack a slight smile, her laughs and giggles made him happy and give a goofy grin. Her soft lips against his was like a trip to Heaven. His hand twitched for the drawer, wanting to claim the woman not just a girlfriend, but a fiancee. Even though she always said she loved him, his insecure mind still have doubts. She was so amazing, he was scared he would scare her off.

Don't want to close my eyes
I don't want to fall asleep
And I don't want to miss a thing

He didn't want to fall asleep, but his eyes were drooping. A quick glance to the clock: 7:45 AM. Wow, he spent so much time thinking about watching her. Pink flushed his face as Romano thought how weird this situation was. 'Oh yeah, I watched you sleep for more than an hour!' Ignoring that, he tightened his grip around her as if somebody might take her away. Her even breaths slowly made him drift off into his own dreamland.


"Good morning, Lovi!~" A weight on his stomach woke him up. The face of his beloved was right in front of his, a quick kiss was planted on his lips before she pulled him up. (Name) was stronger than she looked as she managed to drag the sleepy Italian to the breakfast table where their food was set up.
He gave her a rare smile, "Grazie, (Name)! When did you wake up?" It was around 9 now, she couldn't have woke up long ago...
"Like 8:30! You were sleeping so cutely, I didn't want to wake up," she gave a giggle at the red that rose to his cheeks at her compliment.

"Shut up and eat your waffles, idiota," he grumbled as he bit into a bright red tomato. Romano's green eyes drifted over to his girlfriend, whom was munching on her food with an adorable expression.
He stood up and headed to their room, telling her that he was getting something and to wait for him and close her eyes. He opened the drawer, carefully pulling out a deep blue, velvet box; a beautiful diamond ring sparkled in the velvet. 2 (favorite gem) sat on either side of the diamond, (Name)'s favorite. Romano ran back to the kitchen, the box behind his back. He knelt on one knee, opening the box to display the ring, "Open your eyes, amore mio..."

(e/c) eyes blinked open, focusing on him; she gasped, covering her mouth, which formed an 'O' shape.

"(Name)... You were always there for me, picked me up when I was down. Supported me when I felt alone. I had the honor of spending 3 years as your boyfriend, but I ask to spend my whole life with you. The most bella ragazza I have ever known or seen, and most caring and kindest person. You put up with my attitude, never put me down or say my brother is better than me... And, most all of... You love me. So, marry me, dammit!" He looked up to see tears falling from her eyes as she nodded repeated before tackling him to the ground in a hug.

"OF COURSE, YOU SILLY ITALIAN." She yelled. He slipped the ring onto her finger then pulled her into a passionate kiss, happy to be able call her his fiancee.

"Ti amo, (Name)." "Ti amo troppo! Now, I need to go finish my waffles..." "You are such an idiota... But you are my idiota."
OKAY MY HANDS HURT. This was a spur of the moment "remember I entered in contest" thing. I LOVE ROMANO SO MUCH. I just want to hug him so I decided to use this song for him. This was about a few hours of work, so I hope it's good! :iconyayromanoplz:
Grazie- Thank you
Idiota- Idiot
Amor mio- My love
Bella ragazza- beautiful girl
Ti amo- I love you
Ti amo troppo- I love you too
Picture found here:… (artwork deleted but there's the artist)
Romano is from Hetalia
You is from you.
Song is "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing" by Aerosmith.
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(Contains: sexual themes and strong language)
2p Romano

Lemon and some strong language

"So (y/n) who is the lucky guy" said Alfred. You were holding some fashionable red sun glasses. Your face went bright red and tensed up when you felt arms going round your waist and weight on you left shoulder. You turned your head to see it was Flavio you calmed once you knew who it was and breathed out a sigh of relief but face still red he was your boyfriend (yes he is your boyfriend in this story) after all and he was hugging you. "Ciao, Bella," he whispered in your ear making your back shiver. "C-ciao Flavio" you said turning your body to face him and rapped your arms around his neck and kissed you passionately on the lips. "Go and-a kiss in the closet and play the game fratello," said Luciano in annoyance. "Screw 60 minutes," and with that Flavio held your hand and you put on his sunglasses on. He turned to look at you and blush, "do you know how hot you look wearing my sunglasses belle?" he asked seductively, "Very," you said playfully smiling, Flavilo chuckled and you two started walking upstairs to you room.

"Well since she is not playing that means... Eliza your first," Alfred said walking to Eliza and she put one of hands in the hat. "Oh and before you say anything Alfred, she asked me to take over hosting the party," Eliza said smiling. "Oh I would have accepted if she asked me to take over since I was a good host in a club in japan," said one of your friends Tamaki Suoh. "To bad she asked me instead," Eliza said smirking. Tamaki turned around realizing his five friends behind him were giggling at him, "what wrong Tamaki someone finally chose somebody else over you," said Kaoru Hitachiin one of his friends smirking. Tamaki sat down in one of the corners in the room to sulk.

In your bedroom

Once Flavio and you got to the door of you bedroom he started kissing you again your mouths moving in sync. Still kissing you Flavio skillfully opened the door, walked in to the room, closed the door, locked it and pushed you on to your bed without breaking the kiss. you moaned into the kiss taking off his sunglasses and placing then on your bed side table, Flavio broke the kiss and looking at you lovingly "ti amour (y/n), mia principessa" he said smiling, you smiled back "I love you too, mio principe." Flavio chuckled before kissing your forehead, nose, cheeks and lips.

your making out section lasted 5 minutes and started getting more heated and Flavilo started kissing your neck which made you moan once he found you soft spot and made him smirk, "(y/n), i tuoi gemiti sono come musica per le mie orecchie," Flavio said in husky low voice turning you on and making you hotter. You brought your hands up and started unbuttoning his red dress shirt revealing his tanned toned chest and your fingers stroking his small but firm muscles making him groan and grind his hips into you. "A-ah Flavio," you said taking his dress shirt off throwing it onto the floor then bring your hands to his black jeans that looked tight from his erection and took those off too. "You are over dressed mi amor" he seductively lifting your dress up, you helped out by sitting up lifting your arms so it was easier for to take it off.

Once he took your dress he threw it some were in the room to find later and looked at you.. no your breasts with wide eyes "no bra (y/n) you naughty girl" he said smirking. you looked at him blushing and a bout to cover them up with your arm but he stopped you, "don't hide your so belle," he said before attacking them massaging one with one hand and the he putt in his mouth licking, biting and sucking on it then moving to the other breast. once your breasts were treated you turned the tables you on top of him "Your turn," you smiling attacking his neck leaving love bits kissing down his stomach to his Italian boxers. You looked at him smirking rubbing his hard member making moan and growl. you grabbed his boxers and slowly took them off, Flavio growled in disapproval "stop teasing me," he said moaning, it was fun seeing him like this he is usually in control.

When you took his boxers off you threw then onto the floor with his dress shirt and jeans. you grabbed his member and started pumping it up and down making him buck his hips up, you giggled at his action and licked the tip before putting it in your mouth and started bobbing up and down and also grabbing his blond curl making him gasp and moan loudly. "Aaaaaah (y/n), you’re driving me crazy," he said panting heavily. A couple more sucks and he came in your mouth nearly making you gag but still managed to swallow what you could take before lifting your head and wiping your mouth. Flavio grabbed arms and turned you over again and ripped your wet panties of making you gasp with the sudden coldness and started attacing your womanhood with his tongue and fingers.

"Mmmmh, Flavio so good Faster," you breathed out he obeyed and went faster making you come and he happily drank your love juice before kissing you passionately. Flavio positioned himself at your entrance and looked at you for approval and you nodded, before you knew it he shoved his member in you and started pumping fast and hard. The room was filled with panting and moans, changing angle so he could lift one of your legs up with one arm and using the other to keep him up he managed to hit you G-spot. "AAAAH, Fuck Flavio there... Faster. He trusted into you as fast as he could making the move and bang against the wall. "Aaaah (y/n), you’re so tight," Flavio said breathing fast lifting the leg he was holding over his shoulder. "Bella i think i am going to cum," he said his eyes squinted shut, "m-me to Flavio," you moaned.

A few more thrusts and you and Flavio came at the same time shouting each other’s names. Flavio let go of your leg and collapsed next to you, both of you breathing and panting heavily. Flavio grabbed his jeans and searched through hi pockets looking for something, he smiled when he found what he was looking for dropped his jeans on to the floor and brought you into his arms and you turned to face him. Once you sour what he was holding in his hand your face turned bright red, it was a small violet box. Flavio smiled and opened it "(y/n) will you do me the honer of becoming mine... forever". You were shocked you wide and filling with tears, you were speechless so you nodded and hugged him tightly and kissed him all over his face then his lips. Flavio grabbed your left hand and placed the ring on your ring finger. "I love you (y/n)" he said bringing you closer to him and kissed your cheek, "I love you too Flavio," you said smiling before drifting to a deep slip and Flavio doing the same.
here is 2p Romano hope you enjoy. again like Romano's version this one is a little different and your Flavio girlfriend in this story.


again I used google translate 
ti amo mia principessa - i love you my princess
ti amo mio principe - i love you my prince
i tuoi gemiti sono come musica per le mie orecchie - your moans are like music to my ears

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Everyone knew the name Lovino Vargas. If you didn’t that meant you were living a rock for the last few years. He was a famous fashion designer and some of his creations were seen all over the country, Europe, Asia, everywhere. He did what he did with pride and he was unisex and some of his creations cost almost nothing but some of his designs cost an arm, leg, and even spleen. Sometimes he would charity auctions, even a rumor that he once walked into a high school arts and crafts fair saw a that the drama and arts department were selling their costumes and other creations to keep the art programs open. He bought them out, gave them back and donated it all back within the same day. Everyone thought he was either genius or mad. There were other rumors too, that he was very difficult to work with. There’s was story where he made models run out of his studio in tears. One model regaled how she he told her that she wasn’t “It”. She was accepted everywhere and when he said that, business for her went downhill. ____________ was indeed nervous about meeting the man. She was at a fashion college and she was going meet him for the time. He was coming to judge their little fashion show and rumor had it that he was looking for a new protégé. Anyone who became a Lovino protégé was set for life and all it took was a year. She wasn’t too worried. She didn’t get into fashion for the fame and fortune. She just wanted to design clothes that made people happy and real people, not a size double zero but more eighteens and higher, se mixed and played with a lot things, even though many of her family told her she was just a starving artist, she would clear lots of money during con seasons, theater productions, and even a wedding or two. She liked what she did. She was often in that studio designing, sketching, and even going through fabric stores to find the perfect fabric for whatever she needed.

“_________!” She looked up. C.K. her personal assistant was grinning at her. They’ve been in business for almost two years. Since she started on cosplay line and things, she met her at a con and they became fast friends and when she needed things done like finding cons, fashion events, and craft faires C.K. was usually in the middle of it making sure things got done, paid for, and kept her on track. She liked her new friend but for the sake of her, she didn’t even know her real name. She remembered when she met her in class and everyone just knew C.K. and there were some even taking bets to see if they could get it right but no. It didn’t matter to her. She would make sure her time was spent wisely and kept her from over exerting herself.

“What’s up?”

“Where you listen to anything I said?”

“Sorry, dear, what’s up?” C.K. sighed.

“I got you into the fashion show in town. It’s the one that Lovino is going to be judging and it’s competitive,”

“Thanks! How did you do it?”

“Pulled a strings and showed them your work,”

“You are fuckin’ awesome,”

“I know,” she ruffled her hair.

“Don’t get cocky,”

“You should be cockier! Your designs are awesome!”

“Being cocky doesn’t get you anywhere in life. Confidence yes but never cockiness. But anyway, I’ll see you tomorrow, there’s a lot of stuff I have to finish in the studio tonight,”

The weather outside didn’t deter ___________ from her task…until she had to go outside. It wasn’t drizzling or pouring but it was raining. She sighed and put everything into her briefcase. She loved that it was convenient, waterproof, and could be used as a makeshift umbrella. She wrapped her coat around and started half jobbing, half running to her home. Unfortunately, she lived in the apartment condos and that was nearly clear across campus. She didn’t care. She needed the exercise because the space in that place was perfect for her fabric, sewing machine, and unfinished projects. She thought about the warm bed, a hot shower, the soup that she had in the crockpot just waiting to be eaten. She was nearly there. She turned the final corner onto her block and slammed into someone hard. The man fell backwards. Both of their things flew everywhere.

“Oh my god! I’m so sorry!” she said and tried picking things up. He helped her too. Soon, they had their piles and things. He looked up at her. He was dressed head to toe in black with blonde hair, and black sunglasses. He croaked a thank you, grabbed his briefcase and ran in the opposite direction. She grabbed hers and ran as well. She was so happy to make it out of the rain. She took a long hot shower, brewed some tea and decided to organize her work. She opened her briefcase and immediate noticed that it wasn’t hers. Inside were photos of a handsome blond man in a white suit, wearing rose colored sunglasses with a dashing smile hugging an less enthused man with purple eyes and long dark hair tied in a ponytail. She moved the picture and saw the same blond, this time hugging another man with a similar hair curl as him with purple eyes and if looks could kill, the poor man would have been dead. She looked further into the briefcase and saw some of the most amazing sketches in her life. There were pictures of a handsomely made tailored suit for a man with the words, for Nonno, on it. There was a picture of a beautiful red and while wedding gown that looked rustically beautiful with the words ‘add maples leaves’ on it.  There were also sketches for Victorian style clothing with punk rocker overtones mainly in red with the note that said ‘Thank you Lovi, he’s been so mopey and difficult since his favorite suit was ruined. Also, I loved the outfit you made me. I’m going to wear it tonight after our gig as soon as coax the idiot out his bedroom’. She stared in near disbelief. She had Lovino Vargas’ briefcase with his clientele list and his fall and winter line! She was shaking when she saw it. Then another thing hit. He must have HER briefcase! The legend of the fashion world was probably looking through her things. She felt sick. Compared to his, her things were utter crap! She called the first person she knew.

“Yes?” said C.K. from the receiver

“I need your help! Something terrible happened!” she explained everything that happened last night.

“You have to give his briefcase back,” C.K. said over the phone.

“That’s why I’m calling you! I need you to find out where he’s staying so I can bring it back!”

“I’m on it…” there was a short pause, “Okay he’s staying at a hotel nearby in the luxury suite,”

“Oh good,”

“Don’t get too happy it’s heavily guarded. Apparently, there have been some thieves after his designs lately, nothing new but these assholes have been persistent,”

“You know, the person whom I slammed into didn’t look like Lovino. Maybe it was an art thief,”

“Doubt it. He disguises himself when he goes to fashion shows because of the press and things. So nine times out of ten, that was actually him he ran into,”

“Damn it! Great. Now he’ll think I’m a klutz! You think there’s a way for us to get through?”

“It’s going to take a lot but I think we can wing it. I’ll be there in ten and we can go from there,” When C.K. arrived it was about five. She looked at the briefcase. She asked to look through some of his works, she gasped.

“I didn’t know he did clothes for Roderick!” she bounced in her seat, “I was wondering how he was going to get a new suit for next time,”

“What happened?”

“Some idiot fan made a grab for it and torn right down the middle, her hands were covered in chocolate,”


“I know! I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone look so devastated. When I read the article, I was just crushed. That suit was awesome,”

“I know! He’s in good hands with Lovi though. Speaking of, let’s go. We have to get his briefcase back. I really want to see that wedding dress in action,”

The hotel was only a few blocks from campus but it was one of those luxury hotels that celebrities and models often stayed. It was a grand place that was modeled after the Rococo French style with elegance and in every structure. She and C.K. rounded the corner briefcase in tow towards the hotel. It was about nine that night and chilly but they needed to get this thing back ASAP. Suddenly someone in black ran at them, heading for the case. _____________ moved and pivots her foot, took the briefcase and clocked the assailant with it. The man flew back, just as C.K. grabbed, lifted him up, and slammed him against the wall repeatedly.

“ACK! Stop!”

“Who the hell are you?!” said __________ rearing her fist at him. He flinched, “You’re not taking this briefcase!”

“Do you know what what’s in it?”

“What’s it to you? C.K., slam him again,”

“OW! SHIT! For a bunch of girls, you’re pretty strong!” They glared and __________took a pair of brass knuckles from her bra and slipped them on.

“Three seconds assholes! One, two….”

“Wait! Wait! Look I’m sorry for ambushing you two but I work for Lovi,”

“Prove it or I’m going hitting you again,”

“Tell your guard dog to let me go!”

“Where’s your proof, she can get it,”

“In my pocket,” C.K. held him by the cuff of his coat rummaged through his coat taking out a wallet. She tossed it to ___________. She looked inside. There was an ID card. She recognized it immediately for Lovino’s company with a picture of the man with the name Fabian Vargas on it.

“Lift his head so I can get a better look at him,” she held him by the hair and made him look up. He had reddish hair, brown eyes, and pocks on his face just like his picture, He’s clean, let him go,” C.K. drops him unceremoniously. He got up and dusted himself off.

“For a couple of college girls you’re pretty tough,”

“Well, when you’re raiding fabric stores in the middle of the night and working on late night projects, we learned how to protect ourselves,”

“And the fact of the matter is that you attacked us first,” said C.K. looking at him, “So why did you try stealing this briefcase,”

“Lovino hired me. He told me he ran into a girl fitting your description the other day and he has some important projects that he needed back so when I saw you and the case, I just though I grab it and run,”

“Dick move,” said _________

“That or you must really want to see Lovi,”

“Look, I don’t care about meeting Lovino, because god knows I’d be terrified to say anything but I just want to be sure to get his works back to him! I’m dying to see that wedding dress!”

“I really want to see Roderick in his old outfit again,” said C.K. grinning, “I love him in red!” Fabian grinned.

“Okay, okay but just know you two are going to be getting into a lot of trouble to give that briefcase back,”

“Don’t care, besides, I have something very important in mine that I need to get out,”

“Damn right you do,” said C.K., “That whole winter line took ages to do and we just got the fabric last weekend! Some of it is being imported from China,”

“I know, I know! Don’t remind me!” Fabian laughed.

“I’m guessing you two are fashion majors,”

“I am, C.K. is my personal assistant. She keeps me on track,”

“Well come on you two,” he said, “I’ll take you two to the hotel where he’s staying in,”


As soon as they got to the hotel, they immediately saw that it was crowded. They slowly sneaked inside. There were women ranging from teenagers to middle age mom and cougars all trying to get security to let them into the elevator to Lovino’s floor. The bodyguard seemed unfazed at all of the women squealing and shouting for Lovino to see them, to be his models, to make things for him, to marry him, to father their children. ____________ cringed.

“Shit…fangirls and groupies,”

“Yeah, Lovino has a very loyal fanbase with women,” said Fabian putting his hand over his face, “Getting pass them is going to take a lot ingenuity,”

“Let’s see…they’re mainly young women and cougars,” said C.K., “We need something that distract them all at once,” _________ thought for awhile. She buttoned up her coat and straightened up.

“Stay here,” She walked briskly towards the lobby desk holding the briefcase. She took her cell phone out of her coat and pretended to talk on it with C.K. listening in all the while, “I just made it Robbie! I’m checking right now!” she “hung up” the phone. The lobby girl looked at her quizzically.

“May I help you?”

“Yes you can, look, I represent a Mr. Robert Downey Jr. and he wants to know has Mr. Vargas finished his suit?”

“Robert Downey Jr.?”

“You heard right! He’s in the hotel across the street. He’s trying to keep everything as lowkey as possible but he’s meeting a good friend and he has a suit made for the occasion and Vargas was supposed to finish it. What room is he in?”

“How do I know that you’re with Robert Downey or if this isn’t all a ploy?” her cell phone actually started ringing. She answered it. F