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      I am Blue of Pallet Town. Yes, the same town that the great Red came from. The town I can no longer face. You see, back in my younger days Red and I were good friends. Rivals. Whatever. We both shared a love for both Pokémon battling and trouble. We got in so much trouble in those days before we were Trainers. But the weight of the guilt I carry now only reminds me that I’ll never see Red again.

      We were so excited to get an actual Pokémon from Professor Oak, who’s also my grandfather. There were so many sights to see in Kanto, and we wanted to travel to them all. But as we traveled, I began to notice the differences between us for the first time, as if seeing the world had brought them into the light. For starters, while I was busy fulfilling our promise to Gramps by focusing on filling my Pokedex, Red decided that sweeping through the Gyms was more important. Those values were the first of many differences that would divide us.

      It would seem as if Red was born to be a Champion. He reached the Elite Four and breezed through them easily. He became the Champion ad was never the same again. It’s not that he grew conceited. Not at all. Red was the least selfish person I’ve ever known. He just didn’t have time for me anymore. People were always surrounding him, asking for autographs and advice, gawking over his kind eyes and perfect innocence, and while Red did his best to manage his personal crowd of admirers, I knew that he was and had always been a person who preferred to be alone. He was always so busy with his duties as a Champion that I rarely ever got to see him.

      As the months passed, I began to grow bitter. Red had always been better than me at everything. And I mean everything. He could persuade his way into anything with his clever ability with words. He was faster and smarter and even luckier than me. While I would struggle with being independent, he could do anything I could without even having to try. I was the grandson of one of the smartest professors in the world! I had the backround, the resources, the connections I needed, and Red was a kid of mediocre heritage, raised by a single mother who could barely keep up with paying her bills! I should have been the famous one!

      ..... It was thoughts like that which caused this whole thing in the first place. I was bitter. And so, on one day when Red could spare a moment with me, I challenged him to a battle. Normally there would be no chance at all for me to win, but I did the unthinkable: I rigged the battle so that I would win, no matter what. I thought that the satisfaction of finally beating him would make up for years of jealousy, but believe me: it didn’t.

      I won. And the look on Red’s face was as priceless as I thought it would be. But it only made things worse.

      Red, in all his perfect innocence, walked up to me, and congratulated me on becoming the new Champion. Looking into his eyes, I could see genuine happiness for me reflected in the deep pools of somber brown. But I wanted him to be mad.

      Red smiled, and grabbed a PokeBall from his bag. Without even thinking, I grabbed onto it and tried to pull it away. Red yanked back, shouting at me and asking what in the name of Lord Keiss I was thinking. But the truth was that I wasn’t. The part of my mind that wasn’t overridden by anger simply assumed that the PokeBall in question was empty. But I gave a final jerking pull, and the PokeBall broke off at the hinges, one half in my hand and the other in Red’s.

      It was then that I realized what a mistake I had made. That PokeBall was in no means empty. As I watched the energy inside of it slip away into the ground, I knew that it could be no other than Red’s beloved Pikachu. He had raised it from a Pichu, bottle-fed and all. He never let it battle, as he loved it so much. But now I was gone. And it was all my fault.

      For as long as I live, I’ll never forget the look on Red’s face as he watched it go. The expression is seared into my mind, staring at me every time I close my eyes. Red stared at me with a look that held not a trace of anger. Just sad, sad disappointment.

              It would have been better if he were mad.

      I couldn’t believe what was happening. I couldn’t believe what I had done. With half of the PokeBall still clutched in my hand, I turned and ran faster than I had ever run before. I wanted to escape the guilt like I could escape the scene, and hoped that the memory would be left behind with it. I reached my house in Pallet Town and spent the night crying, pacing, and regretting. I told myself that tomorrow I would go and apologize to Red. But tomorrow came and went, and I was still too afraid to face him.

      Finally I was able to work up the courage to apologize. I marched over to his house, on the other side of town, and asked for him. His mother gave me a note, written by Red himself. It congratulated me on becoming Champion, and explained that he was heading up to Mt. Silver to train. He’d be back in a month, it said, and that he wished me luck at my new responsibilities.

      I remember standing there with the note in my hands, and feeling my whole body turn to ice. This was all my fault. I wasn’t Champion. The battle was rigged. Kanto needed him. I attempted to reassure myself by saying that he’d be back in a month. I didn’t tell anybody what had happened. I simply waited.

      A month came and went, with no sign of Red’s return. When I talked to the authorities, I didn’t even claim the title of Champion. It didn’t even matter anymore. I was so sick with guilt I could do little more than wait. And so I waited.

      Years passed. Seasons flew by as winter turned into spring and then into summer. A new Champion was chosen, and yet I did little more than stay in my room and brood in my guilt. All of Kanto assumed that Red was dead, and though it seemed like the logical answer I refused to believe that it could be true. I knew Red. I knew that he was on Mt. Silver, alive, believing that I had something he hadn’t. He must’ve still been training to beat me, I told myself. He must be alive.

      Many search parties were sent to Mt. Silver to attempt to recover his body. But they found no one, alive or dead. Finally my guilt overcame me, and I wrote a letter to Red, telling him about the battle and how I had cheated and how incredibly sorry I was and pleaded him to come back. I told him the truth that would shatter his innocent heart.

      Several weeks after I sent my Pidgeot out to find Red and give him the letter, the bird returned to me, cold and tired. When I asked it if it had found Red, my Pokémon would nod yes every time. I knew there could be no mistaking it. Red was alive. And he was never coming home.
Whoa this is sad. O_o  XD I was looking through my folder o' memes, and I found a random artwork that I'll try to find one quick sec. Okay here I found it.…  Apparently it was drawn by another deviant artist.:shrug: Who woulda guessed? Anyway, I was looking at the misplaced picture in my folder, and that night I couldn't sleep because I had the Idea for this story all planned out and churning in my head, so I sneaked out of bed and quick typed this up. (Don't tell my momXD) Needless to say, I was super tired in school the next day, but whatever, I got a fanfic out of it.:D Anyway, kudos to Draikinator for the super-awesome drawing that inspired this fic.:eager:

Anyway, little news update: School's canceled tomorrow (Monday) because the forecast say it'll be about thirty below again, so once again we have a cold day. And the second semester has only just started.:D Last year we didn't get any days off because of the cold, but we did have four snow days last year. So there'll be more to come.:dance: That's Minnesota for you. Oh, and if it stays this cold we'll probably have Tuesday off, too.:dance:

Well thanks for reading! Bye!:icondragonhugplz:

Oh, and I am in no way shipping Red with Green/Blue here. @___@
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             Over the past couple years Pokemon has become an incredibley popular universe for children all around the world.  Kids from 3 to thirteen are drawn to the simple plot, colorful characters, and the fantastic idea of traveling without adult supervision in a world of strange and powerful animals at their beck and command.  They flock to purchase and own anything and everything Pokemon.  But as many fans as Pokemon has, it has enemies.  Critics find Pokemon dull, redundant, annoying, cutsey, and basically downright insulting to their intelligence.  Surely it is made for children.  So why would I, a twenty year old college student, an intelligent (I hope) scholar be so taken by such a simple, childish, plotless TV show?   potential.  
              I look at pokemon and I see the potential of a facinating story.  Their culture is dominated by the juxtaposed relationship of human beings (the dominant “advanced” species) and pokemon (the “uncivilized” cultures used for entertainment), and centered around a variable bloodsport.  Once one strips it to its essential elements, once one looks past the goofy, balloon-like character design, the poor plot development, and the stories built solely for children, the world of Pokemon offers a critique of our own societies, violence-driven, love-driven.  I once read that what makes a really good story is the employment of universal elements of human interest and behavior.  pokemon has those underlying elements but doesn’t use them in it’s various incarnations: games, shows, movies, ect..  However, once these essential elements are realized it can be as dark, disturbing, complex, and philosophically involved as one might want for it to be.
Imagine a world in which one society rules and dominates a myriad of so called “lesser societies”; so called simply due to a lack of communication between the two.  As someone concerned with animal rights I can see abundant similarities to our own relationship to “lesser” beings, but, that not being the focus of my rant I shall leave it as simply a parallel.  The pokemon, intelligent, cultured creatures in their own right, are captured, enslaved and forced to fight  each other until one faints.  A  real animal can take a hell of a beating before it loses conciousness.  pokemon are repeatedly scratched, bitten, burned, poisoned, and even attacked physchologically to a point that their bodies shut down to unconciousness.  And then they are healed and have to do it all over again.   The show dummies it down; it gives the impression that they would all be happy to fight for their respective trainers, but surely not all of them would be too keen on being taken from their homes to be brutalized by other pokemon.  Why would any of them even feel obligated to do so, being proven just as capable of critical thought as human beings?  Well that’s a good question.  Why not come up with our own answers?  The more questions one comes up with, the more interesting and multi-faceted the whole Pokemon universe becomes, and that was only one small fraction of the potential.  Each and every pokemon species would have it’s own myths, society, and culture.  Imagine the idea, the essentials, put into the hands of such an accomplished author and world-builder as Ursula K. LeGuin and then you’ll see what I see.  And that’s what I like about Pokemon.
Alright, you guys, look. I'm not a frickin' writer. I should have known that I'd be up to horrible scrutiny from all the english geniuses of the world and you have no idea how sorry I am that this is on the front page. I'll try to revise as best I can so the english majors and real writers can it least read it without experiencing a stroke, but I can't promise anything really great.

Oh, yeah, and another thing. I know that some people out there are just driven to hating pokemon with the burninest passions of a thousand suns, and I respect your right to hate whatever you want, but please don't come and rag on me about it. I'm just trying to explain why I don't hate it. You can come and say, "yeah, but for me potential isn't enough" or even, "I just don't see it" but I really wish you wouldn't insult me personally.

Some people like 'em, some people don't. Here's my reasoning. *grumbles* stupid emoticons, makes a stupid tongue face with every capitol "P" >_<
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You are perfect in your very own way
you need to remind yourself everyday.

beautiful is something you are not
because your more then that, by a lot.

your style is what makes it all you
some people wish they had your talent too.

your worth every second of my time 
as long as in the end you're all fine.

but really, your strong, and you know it too
you've made it this far and im proud of you
if you still don't believe me
look around,
pick yourself up, off the ground.
Put on a fake smile
show your tough
don't fall behind
then you'll huff and puff 

just remember your not the only one 
now go out into the bright fresh sun. 
wow i forgot we could upload literature on deviantart....
btw, did anyone on here know i love poetry and wanna become a write when i get older? x'D 

haha anyway, for all my fellow friends who are feeling down, turn that frown upside down c;
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I still remember meeting her. It was after I had lost my 252nd battle in a row. I had walked back to the Pokemon Center in the nearby town, carrying my partner.


I lose a lot. I know my Pokemon has potential, but every time I fight, lose. The walk to the Pokemon Center had become a common thing for me.


But this time wasn’t like all those other times. As I was waiting for my Pokemon to be healed, I found a seat and sat down, propping my chin up on my hand.


I was feeling down. 794 losses in a row will make anyone feel down.


I’ve never won a battle. Not once. And on that day, I was seriously considering giving up.


The thought had crossed my mind before. I wasn’t winning, and Rattata was only getting hurt. So what was the point?


“Are you ok?”


I looked up. A girl was standing in front of me, her purple eyes looking at me with concern.


The girl’s hair was short, only reaching to her shoulders. Her shirt was short sleeves and a little bit of a turtle neck, and she also wore a skirt with shorts underneath. Her entire outfit was purple and green.


I don’t know why, but to me the girl looked… adorable.


“Hello? You ok?”


I snapped out of my revelrie. “Huh? Oh, uh, yeah, I’m fine.”


She took a seat next to me. “You don’t seem fine. What’s wrong?”


I sighed.


“C’mon, you can tell me.”


I shook my head. “I keep losing. I’ve never won a single battle, ever. I know my Pokemon has potential, but he keeps getting hurt.”  I sigh again and cover my face with my hands. “And I’m beginning to wonder if it’s all worth it.”


She was silent for a moment. “Well, of course your Pokemon has potential. All Pokemon have potential. It just depend on the trainer to help them realize their potential.”


I looked at her in surprise. No one had ever said that to me before, mostly because my Pokemon was considered a joke.




Looked quickly at where the cry had come from, and saw my partner Rattata, bounding towards me happily.


“Hey there, buddy.” I greet as he jumps up on my lap. “I see the nurse healed you right up.”


“Rattata Rattat!”


“So this is your partner? A Rattata?” The girl asked.


“Yeah. Go ahead, make fun of me.” I said, prepared for the teasing.


“Why would I do that?” She asked, looking at me confusedly. “He’s a cutie.” She commented, scratching Rattata under the chin, causing him to make a few sounds of happiness.


This was another shock. A lot of people made fun of my Rattata, calling him weak. But she didn’t seem to mind.


“Plus, I get a lot of taunting about my partner too.”


I blinked at her. She did?




The girl looked to her side. “Hey Penny. Feeling better?”


I looked at the Pokemon the girl had spoken to. It was a Parasect, who looked rather shy.


“Paras-sect sect.” The Parasect responded to the girls question, coming up right next to her.


The girl patted the top of the Parasect’s mushroom. “Good to hear.”


“Is that your Pokemon?” I ask, before mentally facepalming. Of course it’s her Pokemon, why would she be talking to it like that if it wasn’t?


“Yup, this is Penelope, or Penny, as I always call her.” The girl said, a bright smile on her face, her hand still on Penny’s mushroom.


“Anyway, why again are you considering quitting battling?”


Rattata looked at me in shock, but I couldn’t look at him in the eyes, so I looked away.


“I can’t win, and so Rattata keeps getting hurt. What’s the point?”


“Rattat Rattat-tata!”


“Rattata doesn’t seem like he wants to stop battling.”


I looked back over at her.


“And answer me something; what are you thinking when you enter a battle?” She asked, looking me in the eye. “And be honest.”


I suddenly found the floor interesting. “I… I normally think… that we might as well give it a shot, but… we’re probably going to lose…”


She snapped her fingers. “And that’s your problem. You’re not believing in your Pokemon.”


I looked back at her. “But I believed in him when we first started fighting. And I’ve never won.”


“It’s not a guaranteed way to win… I’m sorry, what was your name?” She asked.


“Oh, uh, I’m Jake.” I answer, mentally facepalming again at not introducing myself sooner.


She smiled brightly at me. “Nice name.” Then she looked serious. “Anyway, Jake, no matter how strong your Pokemon may be, you’ll never win if you don’t believe in them. So you gotta give it a try and keep going, and not lose hope.”


I just stared at her as she continued to talk. I’m not sure why, but she became more and more beautiful as she continued to talk.


Suddenly a voice called out, “Mills! Come on, let’s go!”


The girl looked over in the direction the voice had come from. “Coming Char!”


She looked back at me. “I gotta go. Try not to lose hope, and keep trying, ok?”


She stood up. “Maybe I’ll see you around sometime.” And then began to walk away.


My mind suddenly clicked. “Hey,” I called out getting her attention. “What’s your name?”


She turned around. “Millie. Millie Purston.”


And with that she walked out the door. I haven’t seen her since.


Why is this important? Well, later that day, I won my first battle.


And where am I now? Well, I’m now a top trainer in my region. Rattata’s evolved, and I’ve added a few Pokemon to our team.


But none of it would have happened if I hadn’t met Millie that day, and if she hadn’t talked me out of quitting.


I hope to meet her again someday. I have so much to thank her for…

Ta-da~ I really wanted to write something about Millie, so I wrote this!

And, of course, I couldn't just write a sweet story about Millie inspiring a random boy into not giving up. Nope, nope, I had to turn the random boy into an OC, and turn it into a cutesy story about two characters that I now ship. *slow claps self*

A little scene a few years later:…

Anyway, Millie is here:…
And Jake is here:…
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      I am Eusine, Master of the great Legendary beasts, rider of the north winds, and a world-renowned chaser of legends. That’s what I would have liked to be called, at least, during my many years as a Suicune-fanatic. Let me tell you of a lesson I learned the hard way.
      My hometown is actually Celadon in Kanto, though I spent the majority of my childhood in Ecruteak with my good friend Mortimer, who is now called Leader Morty.  We explored every nook and cranny of the Burned Tower, sneaked inside the sacred building to walk the Bellchime Trail at night, and reveled in legends brought to life in either library books or elder’s tales. We both had a dream of catching Suicune, though as we grew into filling Trainer’s shoes, Morty decided to take the offer of Ecruteak Gym Leader.
      I, on the other hand, kept to my dream. I chased Suicune far and wide, over several regions, and a few times I saw it. I began to make note of the Water Walker’s pattern. At times it would appear to a Trainer, look into their eyes and nod before slipping away on the mist.
      Suicune never appeared to me. On the times I did see it, it was only because I had chased it there. I battled all the Trainers that Suicune recognized, but beating them wasn’t enough. Every encounter with the beast ended the same: Suicune would look at me with sad eyes, shake its head, and take a step into the fog, dissolving into mist instantly.
      For over twenty years I chased Suicune. For all that time I was convinced that the sadness in the beast’s eyes was caused by me not being strong enough for it yet. I felt that if I could do better as a Trainer, Suicune would recognize me as its master and I would achieve my dream. It took me a very long time to realize that the sadness in its eyes was not for wanting me to become its master, but for me. It was then that I realized that I had not been a good Trainer, a good uncle, and a good friend to the people and Pokémon that I loved. Suicune was sad for me.
      It took a while for the effect of that realization to sink through me. I spent many days alone, thinking about what I had become. I decided that from that moment on, I would give up my dream, and focus on the life I had left. Years later I married a beautiful lady, and soon after that, I had a son. Bridger was his name.
      I didn’t care about the legendary beasts anymore. All that mattered to me was my family, my Pokémon, and of course my long-time friend Morty. I was truly happy for the first time since I had started trailing Suicune. But one day, everything changed.

      The rains had finally stopped around Blackthorn as my six-year-old son, Bridger, and I were headed to Route 45 while on a little traveling journey to New Bark Town. I was planning to make a little detour to Dark Cave, because my son said he wanted to see what a Wobbuffet looked like. I was noting the cloud cover when I heard Bridger scream. Apparently he had wandered too close to the river, which was swollen with rain and moving fast.
      The child had a grip on a rock protruding from the riverbed, fear shining in his eyes, but quick as light the current proved too powerful and swept him away and down the flooded river, his head surfacing occasionally only to be forced down with the current.
      I was running at the fastest I could go along the shore, my mind working furiously for some sort of plan of action. I didn’t have a Pokémon who knew Vine Whip, or any other move like it. Nor did I have a Water type, or any Pokémon that could swim better than I could. Plus, they weren’t trained for battle. Most were just family pets or members of my old team who hadn’t battled in years. I couldn’t think of anything else except for jumping in myself, but then again I was sure that the water level would be way above my head.
      I shook myself, watching the first of the rapids looming closer every second. I decided I’d have to jump in and save him. Not a hard choice for your average hot-headed young Trainer, but me..... I’m a wimp, a selfish coward, and I had been for my whole life. But not anymore, I decided. I needed to be brave.
      Suddenly a flash of bright blue appeared on the opposite shore. It was Suicune, and it was sprinting on long legs toward Bridger, needing only a few strides to clear a long distance. Merely feet before my son hit the rapids, Suicune leapt into the water and grounded its feet in the river, stopping Bridger from going further. It grabbed him by the back of his shirt, (which I assumed was where it thought the scruff of the neck was on a human), and leapt beautifully out of the river’s way and onto dry ground. Setting down Bridger gently in front of me, it watched as I worried over him. He coughed water, but seemed to be unharmed for the most part. Hugging him tightly, I turned to look at Suicune.

      She was an old and wizened soul, caring about the creatures of the world so long as they showed love themselves. I looked into her eyes, and smiled. She gazed into my eyes for a long moment, then nodded, and drew back to the water that she was born of, melting into the liquid life to continue her duties to the world.
             I am Eusine, father and follower, and for my whole life I’ve been chasing Suicune across the world. It was my dream, and back then I was sure that it would bring me all the happiness I needed in life. But all along, all I really needed to do.... was stop chasing.
Two in a day!!! I'm onna ROLL, Pokefans!!:icondatgoldplz: YEAH!:iconyeahplz:

Now let's get to this fic. It's another one of my 'character speaks' series-thing.:aww: I don't really like it as much, mostly due to the weak "punch line" at the end. Audino, have you guys noticed that I usually end with some big tragic or dramatic or feely line? I like to do that.:iconrockonplz:

I've never really liked Eusine all that much I mean when I was playing Crystal (my first PKMN game) I had like 300 or so hours into the game and at one point I was just hangin' in Celadon and I went in the Pokemon Center and talk to this guy and he said "Hey, I'm Eusine! Remember me?" And I really had no idea who he was LOL I didn't know what was happening for half of that game XD I mostly had time to play Crystal at night, but on the Game Boy Colour they make it so that you can barely see when it's night or you go into a cave, so I could either play under a lamp (which would be dangerous because I didn't have a lamp in my room, and Mom wasn't so understanding back then about Game Boys and all that stuff.) Or I could just wander around blindly in the dark.:XD: And I also remember that there was no warning light for low battery, so I just had to guess when it was time to charge the batteries or else I would play too long and my game just shuts down. XDDDDDDDDD I remember when my lil sis and me both got FireReds and Game Boy Advances for Christmas next year, and I was amazed at how you could actually play with the lights off and charge as you played :iconwhutplz:

^^; Sorry, I'll be going now. There's Adventures in Unova episodes that need to be watched.:iconawedanceplz:

Oh, and just because I found it:

XDDDDD Have a good day!!! :iconpikadanceplz:

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059: Scorkey
The Lock and Key Pokemon
Type: Bug/Steel
Ability: Battle Armor/Sturdy
Height: 3'11" 1.2m
Weight: 129.0lbs 58.5kg
Evolution: Scormor…
Description: It tightly grips its prey with its claws. Since it lacks poison it slices and stabs with its sharp, key-like tail.
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      I remember when I first met Cynthia. We were both around four years old at the time. I was staying in Sinnoh because.... Well, my father didn’t want me staying in the Dragon Village of Blackthorn for some random reason and sent me to live with my aunt in Sinnoh. Our family is a little corrupted, if you can’t tell. My dad was mean to me, and my aunt and two older cousins were no better. They let me do what I wanted and didn’t care much for my well-being, which suited me fine. To the people who lived around the area and in the nearby town of Velshaft knew and referred to me as “that Longcape kid.”  But that was all before I met Cynthia.
      She came from a very small family; her parents had no relatives anywhere, for they had all died. Someone once said that there was a curse placed on the family, but I don’t think so. Anyway, when she was four, her mom died and her dad fell gravely ill. But even as he lay on the hospital bed, fighting against the illness, he fought also for Cynthia. Since they had no other living relatives and her dad was unable to take care of her, she would have to go to the orphanage. But he fought and kept fighting against that only option, to a point where it was actually affecting his recovery and making him more ill. Cynthia was too little to understand. But this elderly couple happened upon their story, and graciously offered to take care of her until her dad was well again. Her father had no other choice but the orphanage, and so he agreed.
      I first saw her when she was outside, playing in the garden of her “grandparents,” as she called them. I figured that a pretty little city girl like her would find a boy like me dirty or improper, but I was dead wrong. Inside, she was just as wild as me. We played together on that first meeting, digging for treasures in the dirt. We soon became best friends.
      The games we played..... We fought with squirt guns and water balloons, raced up and down the hills, splashed in the creek, collected rocks and broke them apart to look for crystals, play-battled with her Nana’s pet Pokémon...... We made fishing poles out of sticks and strings, danced in the rain, read comic books, played in the mud, climbed trees, and more. We were inseparable. But one day, something tragic happened.
      Two years later, when we were both six, she found out on one of her visits to the hospital that her father was finally well enough to take care of her again. I was sad to see her leave, and return to her hometown, Celestic. Cynthia promised that she would come back for the summer, and I moped about for a few months until she returned—sooner than expected. That’s right. Her dad had died. At that point, I was actually starting to believe that her family was cursed, but again I discounted the thought.
      Cynthia was pretty beaten up when she returned to the elderly couple’s house. Apparently the hospital people were trying to take her away, but she put up quite a fight—tantrum, more like it, but then again if I walked downstairs to find that my dad and only living relative had died, and there were people trying to take him away, and everything that made it scary for a little girl to understand.... I don’t blame her one bit. So apparently they had to subdue her somehow, as she was mad and sad and terrified at the same time she was causing a problem to herself and the workers, so they sedated her.
      Her dad had made sure it was clear on the papers that if anything happened to him, she would go to the elderly couple, for Cynthia told her father of the kindness they treated her with on her visits to the hospital. And since she had no other relatives anywhere, the decision was make quickly. And that’s how I got to be sitting on the ground beside the couch in the couple’s manor, playing Dragonstones with myself and waiting for Cynthia to wake up.
      The her 'grandma' said that she would probably need some room when she wakes up, after experiencing a tragic loss like that. I said okay, I just wanted to see her awake and okay. The lady smiled and asked if I wanted a chair or a snack or to watch some TV. I said no, I was fine with sitting right there and waiting. She ruffled my hair fondly and walked back into their kitchen and out the screen door to feed the “outside” Pokémon. I smiled for the first time in a long while.
      When Cynthia finally awoke, it took weeks to end the tears. She said all she wanted was to lie on the couch and cry forever, but revived somewhat when I reminded her that we were both going to become Champions someday. We wrote it all down in a notebook. Eventually she was able to push back the memories until a time when she could handle them. Slowly the old Cynthia returned. We were able to resume all our adventures, though the event unlocked a new side of me, one that I never knew I had. Sometimes we would just..... talk.
      As both of our tenth birthdays inched nearer and nearer, Cynthia knew exactly what she wanted to do. She’d had her eye on various academies and schools, and in the end decided on a very nice private school called Eagleheart Academy. She wanted to learn from professionals before starting her actual journey. At first I was hesitant, but not only did I know she would drag me with her, I kinda knew that I didn’t want to leave her. We sent our applications and both got accepted into the academy. The five-month summer course was our first step to reaching our dreams and becoming Pokemon Champions.

      It was there, on our first day at the academy, that we met four of the greatest friends I’ve ever had. Aaron was a little too hyper. His dad was one of the Elite Four for Sinnoh. He talked fast and loved bugs. Falkner was like Aaron in most ways: he was cocky and a troublemaker, but he was a lot less hotheaded and kept his cool most of the time. Maylene was a softie and somewhat easy to push around, though not only could she easily beat any of us up if she wanted to, if something got her determined there was no stopping her. And Roxie was, well, the heart of the group. She had no interest in boys or anything that a “normal” girl would be into: She was loud and confident and was deep into rock music. In fact, since she grew up around Virbank, the city of rock, sometimes she would shout what she was saying without noticing. (This was often hilarious.) She carried her guitar almost everywhere she went, and just by strumming the cords she could compose an on-the-spot ditty. This annoyed the school bullies a lot.
      Sorry. The six of us stuck together, and even after we finished the school and went on our own journey, we still kept in contact. But that’s beside the point.

      You know how in books there’s always a young Trainer, who has to choose between spending time with someone they really like, or saying goodbye and following their dream? Yeah, I’ve been there, and I know for a fact that no matter which way you decide to go, you always regret it in the end. We both wanted to be Champions from those first days, playing in the garden and planning our adventures. Neither of us realized that achieving our dreams would mean we wouldn’t see each other at all. Our duties as Champions were to always come first.
      But one day, a year or so after we both became champs of our respective regions, the incredibly famous Champions Conference drew near. I didn’t much feel like battling in it, so I was pardoned from the competition, though I still stayed in a Champion’s suite and got a throne on the topmost balcony of the stadium, which ran around the stadium like a ring and held thrones for all the Champions.
      To be honest it hadn’t even crossed my mind that Cynthia would be there. But in the hallway with the Champions’ quarters, She saw me and came running. We hugged, and as we talked I could feel all the stress of completing my duties as Champion, the lack of sleep, and the worries that filled my mind full begin to ebb and fade away. Cynthia was happy, and so I was too. But we had to be going, or miss our duties at the tournament. With sad eyes, we said goodbye.
      ...But I promised myself something that day. I promised that when we had both gotten our fill and left our marks as Champions, we would be together. I didn’t know when that would be, but it gave me a reason to keep moving, keep learning and growing, and know that someday in the far, far future, things would be as they were before, and we would once again be inseparable as two small children splashing in the creek.
:iconmiseryplz: This is so bad..... I got too lazy to fix some of the mistakes, and there are a lot of paragraphs I could easily make better. It gets the point across, I guess, but the details are pretty nonexistent.@___@

Moving on, I am REALLY in love with WikiErrorShipping right now.:iconhappytearsplz: I know it's practically unknown and also a nevermet, but I rrrrreeeeeaaaalllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyy like it. Lance and Cynthia are just so perfect together, I wanna cry.:iconcryingplz: JK. They've never really met officially, but I can imagine they would be great friends as Trainers. Literally I just love them.;_;

Okay, so I'm gonna put up a new poll right after this, for people who've read my finished original fanfic series, Arms of the Angels. don't know why I'm saying this, my friends are pretty much the only ones who read my stuff :iconsweatdropplz: It's gonna be about what characters you'd like to see in a sequel/prequel.

I hope you all have a great day!!! Bye!:iconpikachuhugplz:

Oh, and Longcape is Lance's last name in my headcanon. Cynthia's surname is Stormwaters. :XD: A couple years ago I was looking for the perfect last name for Lance, and I none I found would fit. But then I sat down to watch a Wizards of Waverly Place episode that my little sister was watching, and the "bad guy", who was barely even evil, had the surname Longcape. And I was all like :icongeniusmemeplz:
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      Bonnie was nine. In a couple of weeks she would be ten, and then she would want nothing to do with Clemont or me anymore. But mostly Clemont. After Ash parted from the group, I chose to stay with Clemont to help him take care of his sister. Keiss knows he needed the help. And I still remembered what Ash said to me as the four of us stood on the dock to say goodbye. He had winked at me and said that we should have lunch together one of these days. So that was it. He was playing games with me when he pretended not to get that I liked him. I never thought him capable of it, but as Alexa said, he probably didn’t want anything holding him down from his dream, and came up with his own way of avoiding it. Back then I couldn’t wait to see Ash again.
      But that was four years ago. Before Clemont started looking at me with sadness and longing in his eyes. I suppose he always had, but I must have been too blinded by Ash to notice. Over the journey he, I, and Bonnie made together, he seemed to have learned to get his emotions under control. His flustered outbursts were the main reason I didn’t take to him in the first place. Now I know that there’s a reason behind his lack of control, a backstory I never would have guessed. But recently he seemed to be reverting back to his old method of controlling his frustrations, which was to shout back at Bonnie or myself and then go off to tinker with the machines he always carries in his backpack somewhere quiet. It was like this ever since Bonnie stated that there was no way she would ever travel with him when she went on her own journey. Poor Clemont. He had gone through so much for her sake. Probably even more than I know. But things changed one day when I, er, accidently overheard him talking to Bonnie.
      I had been walking down the hallway to our room in the Pokémon Center when I heard their half-shouted conversation. The first line struck me like a blow.
      “Then tell her, for crying out loud!”
      There was a soft clank as Clemont set down the alarm clock he had been fiddling with. “No.”
      “But why not?”
      I didn’t have to see what was happening to know that his eyes flashed with pain.
      “Because she has Ash! And who in their right mind would choose him over me?”
      “But you won’t know until you try!” Bonnie protested, using something that Ash always liked to say.
      “I do know. For a fact.”
      There was silence for a moment before Clemont responded. His voice was quiet. “Bonnie, there are some things you just know without trying. I always knew that Mom would never love me. Before you came along, she completely ignored me. You wouldn’t know; she loved you. And I knew that Dad would never value me over his machines. It may have seemed like we had a good relationship, but really he never wanted anything to do with me unless he was telling me about all the cars and junk he was going to fix up. And then they... went away…” His voice shook. “No, I’m not telling her. It’s a lost cause.”
      “Leave it, Bonnie.”
      For once she was quiet.

      That evening, as the stars appeared in the late-summer sky, I found Clemont behind the Pokémon Center, sitting against a tree and staring at his feet. I didn’t hesitate before sitting down next to him; we had grown close over our journey. “Shoes interesting tonight?” I joked.
      He glanced at me, as if he didn’t notice me come up. “Yeah,” was all he said before he returned to staring at his shoes. I grew worried; the Clemont that I knew would either come up with something witty to say in response or stammer around for something to say before admitting defeat and sulking for an hour. This wasn’t like him.
      “You okay?” I asked. His only response was another muttered “yeah.” I decided to try a different approach. “I heard your conversation with Bonnie today,” I said, hoping I wasn’t prying too much.
      Clemont’s ears turned that trademark red of his and he looked away. Bingo. “Then you know everything,” he muttered.
      “Not everything. Tell me what’s wrong.”
      He sighed deeply. “Bonnie will be going off on her own soon, and you’ll be going back with Ash. She was the only thing I had left, and now…” he sighed again, and his eyes darkened with memories.
      I smiled. “I never said I’m going anywhere. For all I know Ash doesn’t even want a girlfriend.” Thinking about Ash made my heart beat faster. But I liked Clemont too.
      “But you still like him.”
      “I like you too.”
      There was silence. “I do,” I continued. “You’re cute and funny, and you’re a really mean chef.”
      He smiled, and I knew I was getting through to the real Clemont, and not the shield he always put up. I guess that had prevented me from getting to know him well on our first journey.
      To be truthful, I had no idea what I would do after this. Part of me screamed to go find Ash and be with him. But I didn’t know if something even existed between us. All he said was that we should have lunch. And part of me whispered that what I had with Clemont was real, and here and now. I didn’t know what to do, which dream to chase. Which was real, and which wasn’t. But I guessed I would figure it out with time.
      What I loved about Clemont was how easy it was to talk to him. It was never like that with Ash. Sure, he was brave and gutsy and unfailingly loyal, but he always needed to be on his feet. He shied away from conversations about anything other than Pokémon, and while I was sure he would talk about the other things eventually, when I talked to Clemont he cared about what I said and how I felt. In a way he was more mature than Ash, even though he was younger than the aura trainer. More my age.
      We talked for a while, falling into our usual pattern of me talking and Clemont listening. He truly cared; I could see it in his kind blue eyes, which reflected his emotions perfectly. I had been going about how my mom kept wanting me to come home and learn to be a racer, and how there was no way I would ever do that. Clemont was sitting beside me, hugging one knee and rocking back and forth slightly, when I stopped mid-sentence and looked away. I was thinking hard about what I had just realized. Clemont cared. Ash cared about me, but in the way that he cared about everybody he met but Pikachu: as a friend.
      Without any conscious thought on my part, I made the decision that had been nagging me for weeks now. Looking back over at Clemont (whose face had adorned that blank look of his that he got when he was wondering if he had done something wrong) and smiled. “I choose you.”
      Now he looked even more bewildered. “What?”
      I laughed. “Idiot. I’m gonna stay with you.”
      His face stayed blank. “Okay.” I couldn’t help but smile; he was really cute right now.
      I sighed and leaned back against the tree. Clemont would take some working on. The sun had fully set by now and the stars were shining brightly above the Pokémon Center. We both watched them in silence for a long while, each in our own thoughts, when Clemont broke the quiet.
      “Do you really like me, Serena?” He asked.
      “Yeah,” I whispered. “I do.”
      “I never did thank you,” he began, “for everything you’ve done for me with Bonnie. I don’t know how I would have survived without you.” His laugh trailed off wearily.
      I leaned against his shoulder. “No problem. You deserved a break after all you’ve done for her.”
      He shifted so he could more easily lean back against me, and we watched the night sky for a while more. Suddenly a shooting star shot across the horizon, reminding me of the legend that a shooting star appears whenever someone says a prayer.
      We both turned to each other to say something, but stopped dead when we realized how close our faces were. Blushing, Clemont looked me in the eyes, as if asking permission. I blinked in response. He hesitated a moment longer before filling the remaining distance between us and crushing his lips to mine. I closed my eyes and kissed him back. It lasted for only a few sweet moments before he drew back, and as we gazed into each other’s eyes I saw a lifetime of love and longing glowing in the crystal blue depths. Then we both seemed to realize what had just happened.
      “D-did we just...”
      “Yeah,” I breathed. His ears flushed red and he looked away. I brushed my fingers against my lips where his had met mine, and realized that that had been my first kiss. I had always wanted my first kiss to be with Ash. And I was surprised that I was okay with it not being him. My first kiss was from Clemont. Who would’ve figured?
      He glanced back over at me, embarrassment showing clearly in his eyes. “Sorry about that,” he muttered.
      “It’s okay. That was... nice.” He smiled sheepishly. I laid my head on his shoulder. After a moment he brushed his hand against mine, and I took it and entwined our fingers.
      Clemont was kind, sweet, and gentle to Bonnie even when she outright defied him and made everything difficult for him. He had to abandon his dream when he was so close to achieving it to assume the role of both brother and father to Bonnie. Every time he had tried to love someone in his life, he had ended up hurt. Perhaps that’s why he never showed who he really was. Not many people could have done he did. But maybe I could get him to show people the real Clemont, who I had gotten to know on our travels. Maybe with time he could open up, and heal some of the scars that years of struggle and neglect had left.
      We stared up again at the stars above the Pokémon Center. It wasn’t a perfect view, but then again, we weren’t a perfect couple. But perfect things don’t last, and our love sure did. And after all these years, I know I made the right decision that day.
IT'S SO PERFECT..... :iconcryforeverplz: Hey, sorry I was gone for so long. ^^; I'll explain everything in a journal I'm about to write. I have some bittersweet news. Bye! Love you ALL!!!:iconpikachuhugplz:
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Possible last sentences for the last Harry potter book
1. And Harry danced to the tropical rhythm, his long dreadlocks glinting in the sun
2. As celebration for destroying voldermort, Harry, Draco, and the ghost of Dumbledore all went to see the lion king on Broadway, and Harry's favourite character was: Scar. (Inside joke, will explain on comments.)
3 Harry woke up on the cold, wet, bathroom floor, only to discover that he was 10 years old and had knocked himself unconscious on the showerhead and it had all been a beautiful dream, but then he saw the scars on the back of his hand…….
4. And they all lived happily ever after.
5. "there's only one way we can truly defeat voldermort" cried Harry , and that's to all work together , as a team , as a unit until the power of friendship causes a rainbow of light to destroy his rainbow of darkness.
6. What is that mysterious ticking noise…..?
7. STOP! Shrieked voldermort, its hammer time.
8. And the ghost of dobby rode the ghost of Hedwig in to the golden sunset.
9. But just as Harry threw the elder wand into the fiery depths of Mordor, kreature leapt after it, clutching it in his frugal hands as he fell to his doom.
10.  As Harry pointed his wand in his enemy's face he said in a shaking voice, "I never wanted this!  I wanted to be: A LUMBERJACK!"
11. And unhesitantly, unfalteringly, he kissed her, feeling her long read hair under his finger tips. And then, looking steadily into her brown eyes, he whispered, "I love you, Mrs Weasly."
12. "what the…." Muttered Harry. But those were the last words he ever uttered as a mysteriously sparkling Cedric lunged for his neck.
13.  Harry looked into his sons eyes "Albus Severus Fred Goyle Mad eye Hedwig Greyback Remus Dobby Nympthadora Voldermort potter" he said "at school, their going to destroy you."
14. Belatrix stood in the owlery, arms outstretched towards the window "FLY, my pretties, FLY!!" she screamed.
15. "I'm bored "said Harry to his friends "do you want to go kill some muggles for sport?"
i was very bored this morning. sorry i've done so much harry potter stuff lately!!!!!
no2. is because rowling said that the last word would be scar so me and buffybot were thinking of what it could be.
no 3 was what my sister told me was the worst way to finish a gcse story , exept she diddnt have harry potter :D
there are loads of references in here and just to be clear i dont own harry potter of any of the many things that are referenced okay??????????
ok , things that are made fun of are :
hammer time
lion king
lord of the rings
basically every fairy tale ever.
my little pony
monty python
twilight potter :D
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lmao big file sry.

Yyyeah just some of my TWEWY doodles from Tumbly. 
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Twin dragons, twin heroes,with opposites alike
Betwixt truth and ideals; the black and the white
Both seeking the world to change with their might.
But a great war erupted, bringing the brothers divide
And the whole of Unova fell to ruin.

With the land lying in waste, the two dragons fought on
Guided by the brothers' brawn
While Unova pleaded for white flags to be drawn
But on the dragons fought, until they were gone
And retreated into the Light and Dark stones.

The heroes vanquished, Unova was left without aid
Towns to rebuild, with debts to be paid
But what better for their pride to be laid?
Though lives were taken, memories fade
Of the ambitions of two foolish rulers.

But mark my words, the legend lives on
Destined to continue some other dawn
Two new heroes will lay each pawn
The dragons again will rise, and choose to serve right or wrong
As the battle for the future of Unova begins afresh.

Now learn from this lesson, aye, don't be a fool
A coward to fight but proud to rule
Of truth of ideals, you choose your tool.
But betwixt the black and the white, that legendary duel
Will be remembered for what was lost, and what began.
I wrote this on one of my bike rides. Well, planned it anyway. The legend of Unova. Since I restarted Black version I was intrigued by how much of the storyline I didn't remember. So I had to do something for it. The pic is from Google Images, I don't know who made it. If someone knows who drew it, tell me so I can give them some credit.
Oh, and I said "But what better way for their pride to be laid?" because in my stories, Unova is a VERY stubborn region. They don't accept help from anycreature, which isn't very smart, considering how small their territory is, they limit the number of outsider Trainers coming into their region, and they even have their own currency! The reason why they have their own Pokemon not found anywhere else is because when they were recuperating, they would NOT accept help. This caused ships carrying stowaway Pokemon to stop coming to Unova, meaning other Pokes didn't get in and theirs didn't get out. Just a thought.:) :thumbsup:
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baby rokushi :love:

anyhoo~ enjoy! :dummy:


Kingdom Hearts belongs to :iconsquareenix: and :icondisneyplz:

Sora's dialog: ~sokailover
Kairi's dialog: ~kh2-freakkk
Kairi model: ~kazuki9484
Sora model: ~kh2-freakkk,~sokailover,*Zido
Little Roxas and Xion models: *SorasPrincesss,!NiladTheRogue
Skydome: *Heleannor
Stage: whoever made the park stage :P

:iconrainbowsheep2:COMMENT IF YOU FAV!!!!:iconrainbowsheep2:

Previous page: [link]
Next page: [link]
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On nights like these, the lonely kind
In my mind I find the need to soar
Wandering through the outcasted shadows
To reach a star-soaked shore

And I wonder: where would I be right now
Had I taken the other path?
Would I be a different person
Having not incurred their wrath?

I continue to walk, past the ebbing tide
That laps gently upon the silver sand
And journey to a field of flowers
That bow to the moon with leafy hands

And I think: what would my life be like
If I was someone else, not me?
Maybe I would be different
And not confused at whom to be

Wandering out of the meadow
I come to a plateau, and looking down
I see the rivers race along the plains
Through fields of fertile brown

And I ponder: when will I find myself
Find who I am inside
How not to feel like I’m changing between
Like the flow of the ebbing tide?

Up I look, into the sky
To see the peak of the rising sun
And glancing back down, I finally see
That all rivers run into one.
Hey.^-^ This is for a good friend, who's going through a lot. I don't know what to title it.^^;
:icondummydanceplz: Please tell me what you think! I love to chat!:dummy:
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aquí esta el prologo del cómic sin nombre,aun no me decido como llamarlo,esto iba a hacer el primer capitulo,pero no lo quise hacer tan largo,me dio flojera, así que lo dejo como prologo,me disculpo por lo burdo y mediocre del trabajo,pero bueno allí esta,espero les guste, después lo subo en ingles es que me canse,en el primer capitulo saldrán gente que ya conocen XD,bueno creo que eso es lo que diré,el primer capitulo lo subo el sábado o cuando me den ganas de hacerlo.

pd: tuve que usar el modelo de :iconkazuki9484: por que no tengo el verdadero aun,lo siento kazuki san DX
otra cosa,los modelos de los niños los use por que aun no tengo la versiones niños de mis modelos

here is the unnamed comic book prologue, even I hesitate to call it, this was going to make the first chapter, but it wanted to do so long, I got lazy, so I leave it as prologue, I apologize for the crude and mediocre work, but there is good, hope you like it, then upload it in English is that I get tired in the first chapter will people who already know XD, well I think that's what they say, the first chapter or upload it on Saturday when I get the urge.

Pd: I had to use the model :iconkazuki9484: for I have not even true, sorry DX san kazuki DX
otherwise, the models of children's use, that even I have no children of my models versions

credits: :iconkazuki9484: :iconxxwarrior-of-lightxx: :iconchochoyatori: :iconzido: :iconxionkuro13: :iconaxeldiamond: :icondramakid99: :iconsorasprincesss: and I do not remember the others XD
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Collection by

If you're using MS Paint, right-click on the image above and choose either copy image, or save image as.

If you're using Photoshop, click download to open the photoshop file, complete with lineart, color, shading, and background layers. (The photoshop lineart is BIG at 100%; when you've finished, find the resize image option and resize to about 30%. That should bring it down to a more normal size, while preserving image quality. (Note: the color layer is ORANGE and has transparent pixels LOCKED so that you can color overtop of it and not go outside the lines.)


(c) me.

[edit] Wow, hard to believe I made this two years ago. I've still been getting tons of people asking if they can use this; my answer is YES. IT'S A FREE BASE YOU CAN USE THIS.
:bulletblack: You CAN use this for adoptables. No, you don't have to give me one or give me points if you do that.
:bulletblack: You CAN use this off-site, just keep my name around somewhere.
Comments disabled by owner.
Going to sell on Equiverse
Character I came up with
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Twin dragons, twin heroes,with opposites alike
Betwixt truth and ideals; the black and the white
Both seeking the world to change with their might.
But a great war erupted, bringing the brothers divide
And the whole of Unova fell to ruin.

With the land lying in waste, the two dragons fought on
Guided by the brothers' brawn
While Unova pleaded for white flags to be drawn
But on the dragons fought, until they were gone
And retreated into the Light and Dark stones.

The heroes vanquished, Unova was left without aid
Towns to rebuild, with debts to be paid
But what better for their pride to be laid?
Though lives were taken, memories fade
Of the ambitions of two foolish rulers.

But mark my words, the legend lives on
Destined to continue some other dawn
Two new heroes will lay each pawn
The dragons again will rise, and choose to serve right or wrong
As the battle for the future of Unova begins afresh.

Now learn from this lesson, aye, don't be a fool
A coward to fight but proud to rule
Of truth of ideals, you choose your tool.
But betwixt the black and the white, that legendary duel
Will be remembered for what was lost, and what began.
I wrote this on one of my bike rides. Well, planned it anyway. The legend of Unova. Since I restarted Black version I was intrigued by how much of the storyline I didn't remember. So I had to do something for it. The pic is from Google Images, I don't know who made it. If someone knows who drew it, tell me so I can give them some credit.
Oh, and I said "But what better way for their pride to be laid?" because in my stories, Unova is a VERY stubborn region. They don't accept help from anycreature, which isn't very smart, considering how small their territory is, they limit the number of outsider Trainers coming into their region, and they even have their own currency! The reason why they have their own Pokemon not found anywhere else is because when they were recuperating, they would NOT accept help. This caused ships carrying stowaway Pokemon to stop coming to Unova, meaning other Pokes didn't get in and theirs didn't get out. Just a thought.:) :thumbsup:
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This is 3 dogs I know holly,lucky,and maggie.

note: This is a PHOTOGRAPH of an costar. Not a painting by me, 'cause we ALL know I stink at drawing. Now, I am not entirely sure who made the original design. Google it if you feel like it, but I'm not.sure. It was a while ago.
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Collection by
Team Ebony! A team of Shuppet and Murkrow~
I've been looking forward to designing these two so hopefully I captured them well~ owo

Shuppet is a witch- cause it seemed like a good use of the pointy head bit- I also used some sheer fabrics because they look lovely on ghosts~ ^w^
And Murkrow is also witchy, though i love the bustle skirt (and i gave her some jewelry- she's always going on about sparkly things!)
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Amarillo Del Borsque Verde wakes up with a start. She slowly sits up on her bed while she comprehends why she went through all the trouble sleeping early last night. Suddenly, she remembers; she was to visit Prince Red that day.

Suddenly filled with adrenaline, she places her feet on the floor and walks to the closet to get a change of clothes. She hears shifting behind her and she turns to look. It's Chuchu, who woke up because of Yellow's sudden movement. Her eyes flutter and finally focus on Yellow.

"Why up so early?" Chuchu mumbles, still half-covered with her blanket.

"Prince Red asked for us, remember? He said it was an urgent matter," Yellow replies as she gets the best dress she could find. She finds a green one with several ribbons and beautiful patterns. Satisfied, she starts putting it on.

Chuchu groans, but sits up. If anyone saw how she looked like right now, they would think she got wasted the night before. However, Chuchu isn't really a morning person to start with. She looks out the window, just to see the sun peeking from the horizon. 

"Do we have to go there this early?" she whines.

Patting her dress, Yellow turns back to her. "Yes. If Prince Red called us for an urgent matter, then we should go there as early as we can."

Yellow walks back to her bed and gets her cloak from under her pillow, which she prepares to put over her shoulders. Chuchu suddenly snaps awake. "What are you doing?" she asks.

Confused, Yellow replies, "Putting on my cloak. Why?"

"Why did you put on that cute little dress if you're just going to hide it?"

Yellow's cheeks begin to fill with a rosy color. "I--I was going to finally tell him my real gender, but I decided not to," she stutters. 

Chuchu gets out of bed and walks up to her, grabbing her cloak.


"Don't change your mind now, girl!" Chuchu scolds. "You can't expect to hide it forever! It's not like he'll hate you. You did save his life after all."

"Technically, I didn't. I just stopped the bad guys and he helped himself after that," she contradicts. "Give me back my cloak and fix yourself up. We have to get going," she adds as she swipes her cloak from the pikachu and puts it on.

"Ack--that beautiful dress overshadowed by that crappy cloak of yours," she grumbles.

"Stop being a sour puss and let's go," Yellow urges. She grabs her bag and goes out of her cottage with Chuhcu trailing behind her, still in a bad mood.

"Makes me wake up early in the morning...Kills me with all that sappiness...Too shy to just confess her damn feelings..."

"I can hear you, you know," Yellow snaps.

"I know."

"I didn't ask you to come with me," she points out.

"Oh, I can't leave you! What'll happen if something bad happens?"

"I can take care of myself," Yellow says with a huff. "And my other pokemon are with me," she adds.

"Still," Chuchu says, "I swore I'll look out for you after you saved me in the forest."

Yellow's expression softens. She picks up a pink flower off the ground and places it on Chuchu's head. "Then if you're going with me, you better be more happy."

Chuchu huffs but smiles anyway.

After a few minutes of walking, they finally arrive at the outbound of the castle. Yellow nervously hides her hair under the cloak, so if anyone were to look twice, they would think that she was male. The guard stops her as she goes in.

"Stop. Who are you and what is your business here?" he says in a commanding voice.

Yellow shrinks slightly, and replies with her usual mousy voice. "I--I'm here to see Prince Red. He called me for an emergency meeting--"

"You are to see Prince Red?" he cuts her off, amusement in his voice. Yellow sees Chuchu recoil, ready to blast him with her thunderbolt.

"Please, sir," Yellow begs before her pikachu does anything, "I'm telling the truth--"

"You better run off before I send my archanine after you--"


The voice cuts through the argument and immediately, the guard turns around, both he and Yellow flustered. 

"P-Prince Red," he stutters, "You aren't supposed to be at the outbound of the castle. You should go--"

"I'm just here to fetch Yellow."

The guard's mouth drops slightly, but he recollects himself. He bows as he lets Yellow and Chuchu through the gates. As Chuchu was passing by, she sends him a slight electric shock. He yelps and jumps in surprise. He glares at the pikachu just as the gates close behind him.


The three enter the castle and Yellow marvels once more on the intricate designs and the huge paintings and tall ceilings. Chuchu yawns and continues to trudge forward, urging Yellow to quicken her pace.

Finally, they arrive at Red's throne room. It's a huge room with several guards placed in every corner. However, out of all the exquisiteness, the small space for Red's throne is designed with gifts from friends and his own things and prizes.

He turns back, looking slightly nervous. Yellow and Chuchu suddenly feel alert. Something must've happened, they think, and they prepare for the news to come. However, Red says, "Chuchu, can you give Yellow and me some time alone?"

Chuchu hesitates, but doesn't complain, since seeing all the guards made her nervous. She looks at Yellow and she could see in her eyes a message: Don't leave me. She gives her a reassuring glance before trotting out, the two guards by the door escorting her out.

"Also all of the guards. Please give us some privacy," he says suddenly and Yellow's heart beat quickens. 

Unlike the guard of the outbound part of the castle, these guards left without one word out of their mouths. After everything was cleared, Red turns around, his back facing Yellow. He starts pacing, like he couldn't form the words out of his mouth. Her heart still beating quickly, she asks Red what's wrong.

"Yellow...umm...I don't know how to say this properly," he stumbles through the words. 

"Just tell me, sir, and I'll understand," Yellow replies, dreading for the worst. A monster attacking the city? An invasion? Did any of their friends die? What?

"Yellow..." His voice dying at the end. Finally, he takes a deep breath and faces her, his face slightly red. "I would much appreciate it if you would accompany me to lunch later."

Her eyes widen and her heartbeat stops. "Wha-what?" she stutters.

Red runs his hand through his hair, nervous. "It's just that...I've been thinking lately...and I'm sorry if I wasn't acknowledging your feelings before. After I thought about, I decided to give it a shot."

Elated with joy, her eyes shine up, but she doesn't say anything with the worry that something embarrassing will come out. After calming down, she settles with: "I would love to accompany you, Prince Red." She bows humbly, her thoughts still in a mess inside.

"Oh, you don't have to call me Prince Red, anymore," he says, his face becoming the normal color again. "You can call me Red."

Yellow's taken a back. "Re--Re--"

Red chuckles. "I guess you need to time to practice, huh?" He walks back to his throne and sits down. He files through the pile of letters he had at his right. When he found the right one, he tosses it to Yellow, who barely comes close to catching it. She apologizes and picks it up from the floor.

"You should thank Blue for this moment," he says. "It's because of that letter that I started to think about our relationship. I realized I also have...umm...feelings for you..." His face reddens.

Yellow blushes at the word, but she pockets the letter in her bag. "I'll read the letter later, if that's okay...Red."

He smiles and nods. 

"Umm...may I ask something? When did you find out?" she asks. 'That I was a girl?' she thinks, but she leaves it out since it sounded weird.

"It's all in the letter," he points out. "Blue didn't say it directly, but it was implied. I feel kind of stupid that I didn't notice it at first. Anyway, let's think of it as thanks for saving me before as well," he adds with a wink at her direction.

Her cheeks redden, but she nods in reply. "I--I have to get going. I still have things to do."

"All right then. See you later back in the castle, Yellow."

She bows and leaves the room, her heart still pacing. She sees Chuchu slightly cowering under all the guards that looked out after her. When she sees Yellow, she immediately jumps to her arms. 

"Get me out of here," she says with a quivering voice. "Those guys never fail to creep me out."

Yellow rolls her eyes as she walks out of the castle. "I thought you were my knight in shining armor."

"Not when those people look at me with their zombie-like faces," she replies with a shudder. She looks at Yellow and her mouth curls up into a smile. "What happened?" she asks in a teasing voice.


"HA! Something happened! What is it?" she asks in excitement.

Yellow drops her and quickly walks out of the castle's premises. "Nothing happened."

"I don't believe you," Chuchu says immediately. "And if you don't tell me, I'll shock you like there's no tomorrow."

Nervous, Yellow tells her everything.


"Oh. My. Muk." 

"I--It's not that big of a deal!" Yellow says. "It's just lunch."

"It's a date. You can't deny it, girl. He asked you out and you said yes. Oooo, we have to buy you a new dress in the village," she says with excitement. "Finally, we can throw away that ugly cloak of yours--"

"We're not throwing it away," Yellow snaps. "I'm going to wear it later with my lunch with Red."

"Why?" Chuchu whines. "He already knows your gender. Why hide it?"

"Well, I wouldn't know how to act now. Should I act more confident or my usual self? If boy Yellow was okay for him, then there's no point in changing it, right?"

"Fine....But we're calling it a date."


Yellow finally arrives at the castle, the guard at the gate letting her in without any hesitation and looking out for something. Chuchu, she pressumes. She looks ahead and pulls her hood down lower. Just as she was entering the Inbound of the castle, something grabs her from behind. Out of instinct, she grabs her pokeball and faces her challenger.

She lets go when she sees it's only Red. She's surprised to see that he wore quite casual clothes. But what really confused her was that he was wearing a disguise. 'Quite a crappy one,' she thinks. 'I can clearly see who he is.'

"Why are you wearing--"

"Ssshhhhh," he cuts her off. "The only place we can go for lunch is the castle, but I'd rather eat somewhere else. I don't want the guards staying there while we eat."

"Okay," she responds as she and Red sneak out to the Outbound part of the castle. 

"How are we going to sneak out?" she asks. 

Without saying a word, he reaches to the belt of his pants and sends out his aerodactyl. He grabs her by the waist (in which she immediately blushes), and they fly up into the sky. Before the guards could spot them, they fly towards the forest where they stay hidden.

"You think they didn't see?" Yellow's heart is still beating quickly as they walk out of the forest. Red removes his disguise and covers himself with a cloak similar to Yellow's, only it was evident that it was made from the finest cloth. 

"I'm sure," he responds as they arrive at the village. They walk through the crowd without a speck of suspicion since more than half of them wear their cloaks over their heads. When they think they're covered enough, he turns to her. "Where's the best place you can eat here?"

"Ummm," she says, "I prefer the ramen shop around the corner--"

"Great. I'll take you there."

"B--but, I don't think it's suited for your taste," she finishes.

"Don't worry about that. For now, I'm your regular villager finding some food to eat." He reaches out his hand and Yellow reluctantly takes it. They head to the shop which she pointed out. 

When they arrive, they see the store packed with customers. The heat from the cooking and from the compact bodies made the two sweat.

"Maybe we should come here another time," she cries out over the noise.

"No, it's fine," he says. "It's quite exciting that I'll be able to experience this." The two wait in line for their turn. When it's finally theirs, they order a simple ramen and they go to their place on the counter to eat.

"How does this taste?" he asks before prodding the food with his chopsticks.

"Y--yeah," she replies nervously before digging in to her food. She scoops up some noodles and puts them into her mouth, not caring that her tongue is burning. She glances at Red, who cuts up the noodles before putting small pieces in his mouth.

"Hey, there, Yellow! What's going on?" a booming voice asks. The two heads snap up to see a big man with a matching huge belly towering over them. Judging from his 'Only REAL Men can cook' apron, he works in this establishment.

"Hey there, Ron," she mumbles.

He spots Red and his subtle way of eating the ramen. He gives out a hearty laugh that's heard around the whole store, not that anyone was paying attention though. "Who's the new guy?"


Red sends her a look and she shrinks with embarrassment. 

"Prinster Kate, huh? What a manly name, eh, boy?" he laughs.

"Thank you," he replies coolly. "You have a quite dashing name yourself, Ronnie."

Ron laughs and pats Red on the shoulder. "I like you. You've got spunk!" He turns to Yellow. "Are you two on a date?"

"Yes," she whispers.

"Well, great then," he says. He turns back to Red. "You be careful, boy. If I see you hurting Yellow, let's just say a mob will be right at your doorstep."

Red gulps, but keeps his cool composure. "I wouldn't dream of it."

He laughs once more before wiping away his sweat, saying his goodbyes and disappearing through the kitchen doors.

For a while, none of them speak. Red's the first to break the silence. "That was scary," he confesses.

"Sorry. Don't judge him. He's actually a nice guy," she whispers as she continues eating her ramen. She couldn't help glancing over to him. She couldn't deny his eating style is kind of...prissy...but she couldn't say anything about it. 

Just as she was about to finish drinking all of the soup, Red looks at his remaining food, which was still a lot, and started eating the way the other people had. He sips the noodles up, but since he had no experience, his face was a mess. Yellow couldn't help but suppress a laugh. She grabs a towel and wipes his face clean, and he doesn't complain.

When he finishes, they walk out of the ramen shop, satisfied. "You were right; it tasted great," he comments.

Yellow laughs. "It would have tasted better if you knew how to eat properly."

He smiles. "Thank you for wiping my face clean, mom," he teases.

She chuckles; her cheeks redden. "Where to now?" she asks him.

He shrugs. "I guess we go where things take us. How about we go to that lake people have been talking about?"

"Uuummm," Yellow stutters, "It's not really that special." 'Crap,' she thinks, 'Uncle doesn't know about this!'

"Nonsense. It has the perfect view of the sunset," he says as he drags her to the lake.

She says her prayers. 


Thankfully, her uncle wasn't there, but it didn't mean the place was deserted. Several villagers--mainly lovers--stayed there waiting for sunset. Red and Yellow sit on the grass, conversing while they wait.

"So do you live with anyone else other than your pokemon?" he asks her.

"I live with my uncle," she replies, "but he rarely goes home since he has a lot of work to do."

"Oh. Well, I guess Chuchu is enough to handle, eh?"

"Yes, she is. But I wouldn't have her any other way. The house is always boring, so she and the others always spice things up. I'm grateful that they're there. 

Red's expression softens. "I'm glad you think of pokemon as their friends," he comments. "I admire people like you."

Yellow blushes at the complement. "You're not too bad yourself. When I first heard of you, I thought you were the typical rich snobby princes that always stepped on people that were below them."

He laughs. "The first one's true, but I hope I'm not snobby."

"You're coming close," she jokes. "Anyway, who takes care of you while you're stuck in the castle?"

"Mainly the guards."

"The creepy castle guards?"

"Yes, but I got used to them. However, judging by Chuchu's reaction, I guess she doesn't take it as lightly as I do," he chuckles. 


"I think she'll enjoy meeting Pika then," he says.

"Oh, yes! I forgot about him. How is he?"

"Fine. Although he still can't speak due to the incident..."

"...I'm sorry," she mumbles.

"It's not your fault," he quickly says, "It's the Elite Fours'. They just wouldn't leave me alone. If I could go back in time, I would think of a better strategy to stop them."

"I think you would." 'However,' she thinks, 'if that hadn't happened, I wouldn't have met you, or Princess Blue...or Sir Green..."

"Anyway, he's better now. I think he's fit enough to meet Chuchu," he cuts through her thoughts.

"I think she'll like that...Aside from the guards, didn't you have other guardians? How about your parents?"

"They're not around. Their whereabouts are unknown, but they're still alive. Since they left, I'm the only one who can control everything. I wished they made another child to replace me...."

Yellow laughs. "Sure. Because children are made."

"I didn't mean it like that! I meant I wish they did it so that--"

"Are you implying you want them to have sex again--?"

"Argh--things are slipping out!" he cries with a frustrated groan.

Yellow chuckles. "I guess you lost your cool demeanor."

They stay silent for a while. The sun begins to set as the sun touches the tip of the horizon.

"You know I made a poem for you," he says. "Actually Blue forced me to, but I had fun doing it. Do you want to hear it?"


He pulls out a piece of paper from his pocket, a crumpled and battered down note like he made several revisions before finally finishing it. He clears his throat and begins to read:

Just as magicarp evolves into gyarados
Just as Pika shocks me to sleep
You shouldn't be surprised if suddenly
You realize this poem isn't too deep

The story of how this all started
I guess I should start with the beginning
When Blue suddenly gave me a letter
That made me, Red, start thinking

About a certain someone who saved me
When I was in deep crap and no longer stood
I don't think I could've met someone more awesome
Than that person hiding under the hood

Only then I realize how you looked different
Every time I meet and see you
How you look more beautiful each time
My feelings came out of the blue

I like how your blonde hair sways with the wind
And how your eyes resemble good dirt
How your pale skin looks like a baby's bottom
I'm sorry if you got offended and hurt (about the dirt part)

Not only do you look good, but you also
Are the most badass person I know
Besides Green and Blue, who kick ass already, but
I didn't expect you do it like there's not tomorrow

Now that we're here, I'd like to say
I want to thank that crazy brown-haired lady
If it weren't for her and her letter
I would have friendzoned you already.

Red is blushing at the end of the poem as he looks at Yellow's reaction. Suddenly, she gave the loudest laugh he has ever heard from her. Tears are streaming down her face as she laughs. Red tries to act serious, but he couldn't help but join in.

When they calm down, they look at each other. The sun sets behind them and the sky darkens.

Red inches closer and Yellow's mind immediately goes haywire. When their lips are only inches apart, Yellow leans in to close the gap. It only lasted about three seconds, but it's the best experience Yellow has ever had.

Just as she leans back, a gust of wind blows on her face and her hood falls down, revealing her long golden hair. Her hair blows with the wind as the sun finally hides and the sky fills with stars. Red blushes deeply and his eyes widen, taking in the scenario.

Uncomfortable with his gaze, she fidgets. "I--It's dark already..."

"I should take you home," he whispers.



Yellow enters her cottage and flops onto the bed, tired. Chuchu was already sleeping, but the noise wakes her up. When she sees Yellow, she snaps awake, like she drank twenty cups of coffee.

"WHAT HAPPENED?" Out of all the excitement, she gave a little unconscious electric spark.


"Sorry. But tell me what happened!"

"Tomorrow, I'm tired," Yellow grumbled.

Chuchu huffed. "If you don't tell me, I'll hide that letter from Princess Blue--"

"Ah!" Yellow jumps up and grabs the letter. "I forgot about the letter!"

"What about it?"

"It's the reason why Red gave me a chance! He kept mentioning it on the poem he wrote for me--"

"He wrote you a poem?!"

"--And I can't believe I didn't read it when I got it." She stars opening the envelope and unfold the paper.

"Say it out loud," Chuchu says.

"Dear Red,

Unless you're doing something, you should take Yellow out for lunch. You know why? Because...

Mama bear told you so.

Because you need to get out more.

Another thing is that I think you're in the process of friendzoning him. 

So not cool.

Seriously, dude.

Yellow should be treated better than that. He saved you from the freaking Elite four.

Elite Four!!!

Let me plaster this onto your mind. You need to repay him. Big time.

Lunch is all right, you know. Just as simple as that...

Or you can do something different...But yeah...lunch is fine.

Without the news of you taking him out, I will haunt you. You'd rather be haunted by a ghost, I tell you.

Is it really that difficult to see Yellow's feelings? Or are you really that...umm...what's the word?


All you need to do is take her out for lunch. I'm repeating myself because this needs to be...


I would make your life hell if you wouldn't do that. And if you don't do it quickly, then I'll ask you...

REALLY? It's a simple lunch! So if you don't want any more death threats... do it without complains.

Love, Blue.

BTW, there's a hidden message in here that's REALLY important. Figure it out."

That last part leaves the two puzzled. Chuchu runs to Yellow's side and analyzes the letter. 

"The message that you like him is pretty evident here," she comments. "So I guess that wasn't the hidden message."

They look at it more, then suddenly, Chuchu sees it. 

"Nice message she has there," Chuchu says. 

"Well, at least Red found out..."


"So you took her out to lunch?" Blue asks Red.

"Of course. Your letter left me trembling."

"Well, I'm glad things worked out," she says. "You found my hidden message then."

"Yeah...about that...I didn't"


"...I found out when her hood fell down..."




Sorry if it's crappy. Haven't written in a few months and I think I'm losing my touch (If I ever had one, ha!)

So yeah...This one's crap since I joined the writers contest because they needed more writers (at that time) and I didn't want it to be cancelled.

Perks to the ones who can find the hidden message ;)

And did you guys get the ending? Kinda?


Contest entry for--> :iconredxyellow:
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Volcarona, the shining sun
Gave the world light when it had none
And Rapidash, the flaming steed
Shouldered out weight with blazing speed
Absol, made of darkest night
Warned us of disaster’s might
As Excadrill, with claws of stone
Dug the tunnels to lead our own
And Dragonite, of legends told
Saved stranded sailors since the times of old
Celebi, the traveling maid
Spread peace to cease the restless blade
As Leavanny, in gracious green
Sewed clothes from leaves, the forest queen
And Shaymin, in both Sky and Land
Helped gratitude spread from hand to hand
Togekiss, through times old and gone
Flew to herald the coming dawn
The playful prince, young Manaphy
Connected hearts across the sea
Always, Pokémon have helped us survive
Sharing our shelter, our food, our lives
By our side, faithful and loyal
Doing their part in our ceaseless toil
So take time to thank them for all that they’ve done
For it hasn’t been always that we’ve seen the sun
:D We were watching a movie in American Experience, so I wrote this and finished it up in Phy Ed. (It was a classroom day.^^;) Please tell me what you think! I love to chat!
EDIT: WHY!?!?!? Why must you do this to me!??!?! :iconcryforeverplz: My fingers are seizing up from responding to all the Faves and comments!!!!! I don't usually get this much in a short time!! THANK YOU ALL!!!!
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Yellow de Viridian Grove knew that there definitely strange about the place she woke up at this morning. For one, she lay on a bed that was unlike the one at home. It felt soft and was too big for such a small-built like herself. She glanced around, noting the forest outside the window, or rather, the lack of. She took at look at the sky, finally deciding that this was all a dream. While they really had unicorns in Viridian, there definitely wasn't any flying reptiles by the name of dragons. She shrugged it off to be a strange dream before snuggling back into the cozy and warm covers of the giant bed. Only to be woken a few minutes later.

"I know you aren't really sleeping," a voice rang through her sleepy head. Yellow rubbed her eyes, shaking her head to clear it from sleep. There was a person dressed in royal robes standing beside the bed where she was sleeping, hands on their hips. It seemed to be a girl of around one year older than she was, her pale green dress fluttering behind her. "You are Yellow de Viridian Grove, right? Hm, it seems that they finally got the right person..." the girl muttered, her azure eyes focused on Yellow. Yellow tugged at her nightcap, fiddling with the fluff at the end. "Excuse me, I don't mean to be rude, but is this all a dream?" she asked shyly, seeing the eyes of the girl widen.

"My information seems to be wrong..." the girl murmured, then beamed back. "Well, this seems to be cleared up. Hi, my name is Blue! It's nice to meet another girl!" she grinned, then pulled off the nightcap on Yellow's head. The blond locks of hair tumbled past Yellow's shoulders, then she looked up in surprise. "Y-you know I'm a girl?" she stuttered, amber eyes wide in shock. She watched as Blue shrugged, then turned back to the window.

"As I said, the informant told me that Viridian had a prince that went by the name of 'Yellow de Viridian Grove', not a princess..." Blue answered, a smirk forming on her face. Yellow shuddered at the hidden motives, then asked once more, "Where am I?"

Blue blinked, then laughed. "Oh, I forgot to tell you; You were kidnapped from Viridian to this place, the Country of Dragons, Rwendia." Yellow's mouth gaped in shock, calculating the distance she must have travelled overnight.

"Y-you mean-...?"

"Ehehe, yeah, I guess so."

"EH?!" Yellow exclaimed in shock, running to the window to take a closer look at the country. It was a densely populated city, where most of the people were bustling about their busy lives. She rubbed her eyes, then noted that Blue had already placed a set of clothes on the bed for her. Blue gave Yellow a smile, and said before she left, "Well, I do hope you'll join us for breakfast, Yellow."

Yellow watched the door close behind Blue, then back to the clothes. It was a queer morning indeed.


When Yellow finally found some suitable shoes that wasn't a pair of heels, she tied her long hair into a long braid and tucked it into her hat. She walked slowly into a room where she presumed the dining hall to be, except the fact that a chunk of egg went flying past her face and landed on the wall with a 'splat'.

Three pairs of eyes landed onto her, and the noisy hubbub earlier had quietened down. She could hear awes from them, and comment that sounded like 'Holy Arceus, he's cute!'. Blue ran up to her, then tugged her to the dining table. She gestured to the seat beside her, where, weirdly enough, there wasn't any food stains. Yet.

Yellow sat down nervously, not used to the stares on her, until Blue decided that Yellow was being pressured too much. "All right, guys, that's enough. Let me do the introducing here," she announced, tapping her glass. She nodded to Yellow. "Here is' prince' Yellow de Viridian Grove, who was, apparently, kidnapped by the third prince and fifth princess."

Yellow noted the sheepish smile that the black haired boy sent her, and she nodded, not taking it to heart. They seemed to be nice people, she decided. Blue gestured around the table. "I'll do our introduction now," she said, then nodded. "The one who rules this kingdom is the Crown prince, who unfortunately for some reason, can't come down for breakfast at the moment. I'm the first princess, and I'm their eldest sibling. The idiot third prince who kidnapped you is Gold, and the fifth princess is Platinum, but we all call her Platina. Sadly, I think the fourth prince is still in his room preening like a peacock-"

"Who are you calling a peacock, dearest sister?" A boy with ruby red eyes snapped, wrinkling his nose in disgust at the mess in the room. His clothes were definitely much more glamorous than the others, Yellow noted. The boy turned to see Yellow, his eyes trailing over her brightly coloured hair. He seemed to brighten up a little at the sight of her, then walked over. Yellow bowed politely, then her eyes widened as he murmured, "This can't do... Yes, that one should be fine..."

Blue tugged the boy's hand away from Yellow, grinning, "You already have your own princess, Ruby, don't go stealing another one." Ruby seemed to blush at her comment, waving his hands in front of his face in denial. "No, no, no, no, no! Sapphire isn't my princess, how can I even like that...that...thing?!"

A small giggle escaped from Yellow's lips, getting the attention of all the four people present. She flinched when Ruby looked at her thoughtfully, before he grinned. He pulled out a measuring tape from seemingly nowhere before taking measurements and noted them down. Yellow was stunned, having never met such a strange group of people before. Platina sipped her tea quietly, a smile on her lips. She stood up from her seat, excusing herself before leaving the hall. Gold grinned, before waving and leaving as well. Ruby was nowhere in sight.

That left Blue and Yellow in the room. Yellow noted the amusement in Blue's eyes seemed to realight, then she pulled onto Yellow's hand. "Let us go see the crown prince, shall we?"

There were certainly many passageways in the castles, Yellow mused to herself. Blue seemed to be very familiar with the place, with all the twist and turns they were making throughout the castle. She supposed that she would have lost her way even if she had a map of it. Soon, they reached a door made of oak, and Blue knocked twice. A few minutes passed, but there wasn't a single reply. Blue growled in frustration before knocking repeatedly and even giving the door a tentative kick. A groan could be heard inside. "Come in," was heard, and Blue led the way inside.

The first thing that caught Yellow's eye was the fact that the whole room was filled with shelves that were overflowing with books. It wasn't messy, per se, but it wasn't neat either. Platina was seen at a corner, immersing herself with a book. Blue gave a flourish with her hand, saying, "Welcome to the library~!" Yellow was in awe, until a deep baritone voice brought her back slamming down onto Earth.

"Blue, what is the big idea introducing the kidnapped around our castle? Whose idea was it to even go kidnapping the royal from Viridian?" Yellow turned to look at the crown prince, only to meet eyes similar to Ruby's, and the only difference was that Ruby's were much kinder. She shuddered at the chilling gaze he gave her, then bowed nervously. She could hear Blue and the crown prince murmuring with each other, then felt a comforting hand on her shoulder. She looked up to see Blue giving her a small wink, then looked to the crown prince. His gaze seems to be sympathetic, but still having that icy cold chill behind it. Blue seemed to think for a while, before turning to the crown prince.

"Why don't you show Yellow around the country? Perhaps it can defrost that icy personality of yours."


"I said," Blue smiled dangerously, "why don't you show Yellow around the country? Can't you just show Yellow around, Red?"

"...Tch. Whatever you say."

Yellow was definitely sure that Blue was up to something, and it wasn't going to end good for her.


"So, Yellow, I'm sure you can ride a dragon, right?" he asked as they made their way to the stables. Yellow nodded, then shook it again. Red rolled his eyes. "So, is that a yes or a no?"

"Erm, I have only ridden my cousin's dragon before, but that was with him steering..." she mumbled, then looked up to Red shyly. He looked thoughtful for a moment before holding his hand out to her. "Here, I'll teach you how. All boys your age should already have learnt how to ride dragons. Even Princess Sapphire from Blueheights, Country by the Sea, knows how to ride one. Well, let's go to the stables and get you started." Without another word, he walked off to the stables, leaving Yellow to hurry after him.

Passing by a garden, Yellow noted the pretty flowers that were there. She hurried along the corridor when she realised that he was almost out of sight. She heard the faint roaring of dragons and she smiled in excitement. After all, her cousin didn't let her near dragons since he thought that they were too much for her to handle.

When they reached the stables, Yellow's eyes widened at the sight of the different varieties of dragons. There were big ones, little ones, some with multi heads, some with multi tails. However, what caught her eye was the deep red dragon with a long scar at its side. The gash seemed to be recent, and it was bleeding slightly. Ignoring Red's shouts, she ran towards it.

The dragon glowered at her with its yellow eye, snarling ferociously. Yellow approached it slowly, holding her hands up, showing that she meant no harm. Once the dragon had decided that she didn't want to harm it, it rested its head onto the ground. Yellow went to the side with the gash, examining the wound. She focused onto the wound, willing for the wound to close up and get better. A glow of warm yellow light shone in her hands, and soon, there was barely a mark left on the dragon.

She stood up from the now sleeping dragon, turning around to face the awestruck Red. "You...healed Firefang... I've heard of the Viridian healers, but to actually see it..." he mumbled, and suddenly, Yellow felt self-conscious. Firefang nudged Yellow, having taken a liking to the little girl. Red patted the dragon on its head, rubbing the scales. "It looks like Firefang has taken a liking to already, Yellow de Viridian Grove," he murmured, then Yellow watched as they communicated telepathically.

Dragons and their riders can communicate telepathically, showing the strong bond between. This communication can also be used among the dragons themselves, but only the riders can hear their own dragons. Often, it is the dragons who choose their riders, but there were some people who force dragons to bend to their wills. Their bonds would be less close compared to those who loved their dragons.

Seeing Red interacting with Firefang made Yellow smile, and she took a look around the stable. She recognised Gold, and she noticed a redhead next to him. Red followed her gaze, then scowled. "He should pay more attention in his classes... And I wonder why Silver is even letting him escape..." he muttered, going towards them.

Yellow was about to warn both of them of Red's arrival when she noticed that Gold pulled the redhead along with him onto the saddled dragon, then beckoned for the dragon to start flying off. Yellow paled, seeing Red's eye starting to twitch. She mumbled, "Erm, shouldn't we kinda-?"

"We. Are. So. Bringing. Them. Back." Red gritted his teeth in anger, grabbing a saddle for Firefang. Yellow was lost in the metaphorical woods just watching Red wearing all the weird and random equipment, then sighed as she watched him fly off after the two. She looked around, thinking, 'Well, I've ridden a unicorn before. It shouldn't be too different from riding a dragon, right?'

After seeing the huge and intimidating dragons close up, she decided she was better off standing firmly on the ground with her two legs. She went out of the stables and climbed a tree, getting a view of the red dragon chasing after a copper scaled one. She remembered how it felt soaring through the sky on a dragon, and the smile crept onto her face. She looked at the sky, only to find that Red had cornered Gold's dragon, and was intimidating the twin-tailed dragon to land.

She ran towards the landing dragons, curious to see the different dragon. She went up to them and was nudged by Firefang, much to Gold and the redhead's surprise. Yellow patted the dragon before turning to face the copper-scaled one. Gold grinned proudly to Yellow. "Her name's Stormtooth! Oh, and this is Silver," he said, pulling the redhead to his side. His grin seemed to falter when Red gave him a stern gaze. "You shouldn't be practising right now, Gold. And Silver, what did I say about keeping him away...?"

Yellow was amused by how both of them actually looked guilty, though Gold more than Silver. Yellow tugged at her hat and rearranged it, looking back to Firefang. She admired his large wings, and how fire seemed to be flickering at the back of his throat. After listening to Red scolding his younger brother, she looked to see Stormtooth with amusement written all over her features. The twin-tailed dragon was herded back into the stable by her rider, her tails thumping in amusement.

Red turned back to Yellow, a frown etched on his features. "I swear, they're going to make me grow white hairs twenty years too early..." he muttered to himself, not knowing that Yellow was in hearing range. She giggled quietly, then followed Red back into the stables to equip herself with riding equipment.


"You can open your eyes now," Red commented, and Yellow sneaked a peek. Her eyes sone in wonder at the stretch of mountains bordering the country, with the deep blue sea stretching out to the ends of what she could see.

"Whoa..." she said, then felt the gentle flapping of wings. She watched a flock of birds fly past, then she started laughing. Red cracked a smile, then turned to face her. "Well, Yellow, what do you think of Rwendia?" he asked.

"It's...beautiful..." she answered without hesitation. True enough, the sight was nothing she had ever seen before. She saw a dense forest to the far south, and asked, " that...?"

Red seemed to know what she was asking, and nodded. She looked longingly at her homeland, and Red noticed her change in emotions. Yellow smiled sadly, knowing that she most probably wouldn't be returning home to Viridian for a while.

Landing back at the castle, Yellow got off the dragon. She patted the dragon as thanks, and beamed as Red gave the dragon a treat. Red beckoned for her to return to the castle first, then both Firefang and him went to the stables.

Yellow hadn't noticed when her hat had disappeared to, and she sighed. 'It might have fallen off during that flight...' she thought with despair, feeling the loss of a precious item. Suddenly, she felt a weight on her head. She looked up to see that Red had returned with her hat. Wait, that meant...

"Heh, nice of Blue to actually try tricking me. I've known that you were a girl, Yellow. Why wouldn't you have learnt to ride a dragon yet at your age? And not to mention that Blue keeps giving me that smirk of hers..." Yellow looked to the ground shyly, unsure of what to say. Red nodded to her, then back to the castle. "Don't worry, I'll punish Gold and Platina for bringing you here, so you can be our invited guest and stay for the night." Yellow nodded, then turned back to the castle, following Red.

She vaguely remembered her cousin mentioning about Rwendia and, as she quote, 'those annoying people and their crazy ideas'. She bumped into Red when he suddenly stopped walking, and she apologised immediately. She noticed that Blue was at the doorway of the room that she had woken up in the morning. Red rolled his eyes, then talked to Blue. Yellow couldn't hear their conversation, but it had something to do with her, that's for sure. Blue pouted, then dragged Yellow back with her. "Well, it's time for dinner. I'm sure you did feed her, right, brother?" she said, and Yellow nodded. They had some food before going for the flight on Firefang.

Suddenly, Yellow was attacked by Ruby, who was holding a package. "You, Yellow, is honoured by getting a dress made by yours truly~!" he grinned, and Yellow thanked him. Blue looked at the package, then smiled. "I'm sure you should wear it down for dinner, Yellow. Ruby will definitely appreciate the thought," she said, then shooed Red away. Rede rolled his eyes again and left the two on their own. She opened the package to reveal a long summer dress for Yellow with two complementary ribbons. Yellow smiled at Ruby's thoughtfulness before putting on the dress, wondering what Red's expression would be like. 'Wait, why am I thinking about him now?' she wondered, then blushed. Blue noticed her blush and grinned to herself.

"You like Red, don't you?" Blue teased, getting a brighter blush in response. Yellow hesitated before shaking her head, not even understanding the feeling in her chest. She mumbled, "Even if I like him, he doesn't even like me..." Blue patted Yellow on her back, a knowing glint in her eyes.

"Well, you'll never know."


Dinner was much more hectic compared to breakfast. At least during breakfast, there were only three people. Now, it seemed like there were much more, and the dining hall seemed slightly smaller. Blue sat across of a brown-haired boy of eighteen, his green gaze flickering over to her in acknowledgement. She also noticed that Princess Sapphire was also presnt as well. The deep blue-eyed brunette gave Yellow a hearty grin before leaping into the seat beside Ruby. Silver was also there, sipping on a cup of tea. Two boys of fourteen were seated beside Platina, talking animatedly to her. Yellow wondered if dinner was always this...happy.

At this moment, Red decided to walk into the room. Silence filled the hall as his gaze settled on the guests and family. He nodded to Yellow to have a seat, and the only available one left was right next to him. She sat down quietly, shyly peeking at him from time to time. She tugged on her hair ribbons nervously, before seeing the gaze that Red had on her soften. Her face flushed slightly and she turned back to her plate, where the food was now piled on.

Well, to say that dinner was lively was the understatement of the year. When she thought that breakfast was rowdy, she was definitely surprised the amount of mess boys could create.

Gold, apparently the starter of the fight, had started an argument with the brunet, who was sitting next to Blue. They bantered back and forth for minutes before Blue slammed her glass onto the table. "That's freaking enough!" she shouted, and she flung half a baked potato at Gold. Gold dodged it, only for it to smack onto the blond friend of Platina's. That caused an uproar, and soon, all sorts of things were flying around the room. She noted that Red was still calm amid all the fighting, deflecting the various food coming his way with the tray. Yellow could not help but laugh and join in, giggling at Ruby's disgusted look at his stained shirt. Sapphire only made it worse by taunting him, dodging away from the path of the flying projectiles.

Red gave a sigh, turning to Yellow. "Well, you've seen what a mess this all is," he said, closing his eyes and imagining the mess that would be left after all that.

"I've never experienced this back home before," Yellow murmured truthfully. She felt much more at home here, where she could now see that Blue was laughing, her anger dissapated. The ones that she never saw smiling were now laughing with grins and smirks plastered on their face. She never knew that food could become weapons, she observed as a flurry of grapes flew past her. She was glad that she was short, for once.

After the chaotic fight had died down, everyone seemed to be excited for what came after dinner. Eventually, they gave each other knowing looks before leaving to change their now stained clothes. Blue tugged Yellow together with Platina, much to her friends' disappointment. Yellow looked to Blue questioningly, wondering what they were going to do later. Blue nodded to Platina, who seemed to agree to something. She shook her head in confusion before hearing Sapphire bounding towards them.


"A-are you sure that I should be participating...?" Yellow mumbled, tugging at her new dress. It was a glittery pale green summer dress that was light but warm. She had her hair back in a long braid, then twined it into a bun, with decorative pins to hold it there. Blue decided to put on the finishing touches on her 'project', grinning when Yellow gasped as she saw her own reflection.

"W-wow... Is" she whispered, surprised how much different she looked compared to how she usually did. Blue laughed it off, saying, "Well, all I did was to put on light makeup on you, Yellow. You're cute as you are~!" Platina nodded, twirling around in her own silvery dress. Blue had a sky blue dress on, with dark blue ribbons tied to her ponytail. Sapphire didn't wear a dress, but instead wore short tights and long blouse. "Well, I guess this isn't up to tradition, but I guess it'll do!" Sapphire grinned ferally, then pulled Platina along with her. "I can't wait to see what Ruby says about this!"

Blue laughed, then beckoned Yellow to follow her. Yellow skipped along the paths, tying a daisy chain with the flowers that Blue had given her earlier. She was satisfied with the chain, then looked up in amazement at the sight that was before here.

The dragons were saddled up and ready to go, their scales glowing mysteriously in the moonlight. Their eyes shone like cats in the darkness, and Yellow wondered if they could see in the dark like them as well. She could almost hear the dragons communicating, then flinched when someone grabbed her hand. Gold grinned at her before guiding her to Red, who was wearing a set of royal red robes. He held his hand out to her, inviting her onto Firefang. She took his hand without hesitation, then realised what she did and blushed.

She heard the flapping of other dragons as they took off from the ground with the riders and their partners. Yellow soon realised that they were all in pairs, with the exception of the two-headed dragon that Platina was on with her friends. Well, supposing that they were her friends, that is. To Yellow, they seemed to be fiercely protective of Platina, like knights would be...

Swooping through the night air was definitely different from being in daylight. Yellow was breathless at the sight of the moon being reflected off the seawater, the sky clear on this full moon. Red turned around to face her, steadying Firefang as he went. "Yellow, how are you enjoying yourself so far?" he asked, and she nodded.

" this place. It isn't like Viridian; it's interesting to see outside the castle for once..." she murmured, before she felt a hand caress her cheeks before Red leaned in slightly closer. "You're really beautiful tonight..." he murmured, pausing for a while before speaking again. "What would you do...if I said that I like you?" he whispered to her, and she flushed at the question. Her heart was racing, and her mind went blank. She leaned in unconsciously, and their lips were barely a centimetre apart...

...when the fireworks had started for the night. Yellow pulled away before their lips could meet in shock, not understanding what had come over her when Red had (somewhat) confessed to her. She clasped her hands over her head in confusion, then noted a flash of disappointment in Red's eyes. She turned to watch the fireworks, which was being held by Gold and Silver. Their dragons were in sync as the bright orange flames spew forth from Stormtooth's mouth while the other indigo-scaled dragon, Nightfang, as she overheard during the chaotic dinner, combined its purple flames to create multi-coloured sparks.

When it was close to the end, Yellow wished she could have taken a photo so that the moment would have lasted longer. "Yellow," Red's voice called out to her. She turned unconsciously towards the voice, only to feel soft lips upon hers. Red broke the kiss moments later, and smirked. Yellow's eyes widened in shock, hands covering her mouth instinctively. "Y-you stole my first kiss!" she exclaimed, her face looking as if a tomato had given her its colour.

"Well, that's good then. I won't let anyone else have you," Red smirked before taking the daisy chain from Yellow and draping it in her hair. "Remember that, Yellow. I won't let anyone take you away from me," he repeated, then guided Firefang back down onto the ground. Yellow's brain had crashed; her thoughts were all swirling around in her head, wondering what Red had meant by his statement, until it hit her quite literally.

Yellow didn't noticed when they had landed, until she was caught in Blue's bone-crushing hug. She gasped for air, pushing the cause away from her. Blue squealed, "I'm so happy for you, Yellow~! I'm so getting a new sister-in-law soon~!" The brunet who accompanied her rolled his eyes, only to be smacked on the shoulder by Blue. "Green, stop being such a prick already; your eyes will get stuck at the top of your head sooner or later," she scolded lightly. Yellow tugged the daisy chain from her hair, then looked up to see that both Red and Firefang had gone. Blue noticed Yellow's downcast expression, then nodded. Yellow looked back up to Blue, then gave a small smile. Blue grinned, whispering, "Tell me all the details."


Yellow was definitely surprised the next morning when she saw the familiar head of spiky magenta hair. "L-lance?!" she gaped, seeing the man sitting in the chair opposite of Red. The room was filled with tension, so thick that Yellow could have knocked her head against it and get a concussion. The glare between the two were not friendly, that much, Yellow could tell. Lance spoke, "Now, Crown Prince of Rwendia, why don't you return my cousin back to Viridian? I could spread the word that Rwendians are kidnappers who have no sense of morals at all in the least-"

"Well, I did say that I wasn't the one behind her unplanned kidnapping. However, after accompanying her for a few hours, I can't help but feel that, after all, I want to keep her by my side."

Lance's eye twitched. Which was a bad sign indeed. Red smirked at his reaction before leaning back into his chair. Yellow had sat on the chair placed in the middle, watching the two of them warily. Lance was about to open his mouth when Red cut in, "The fellow who thinks he knows it all is especially annoying to those of us who do." Lance's eye twitched again.

"You know what? Why don't we ask Yellow? Let's see what she decides," Red smirked, knowing that he would win this argument like the last thirty odd ones before. Two pairs of eyes landed onto Yellow, who shrunk back from their gaze. She looked to her cousin, who was impatiently waiting for her answer, and Red, who looked as if he didn't care either way; it seemed that he planned to steal her back if necessary. Yellow closed her eyes, feeling it hard to decide between the two.

If she stayed in Rwendia, she would get to live with the hearty family of the royals, and get to stay with Red. However, she still felt the pull to return home to Viridian, where her home was, with the lush green forests... However, she was surprised to see that she had decided the time where she first woke up in Rwendia.

"I-I've," she murmured, then looked up to see Red flashing a victorious smirk at Lance. Lance was stunned for a moment before nodding his defeat, standing up from his chair and walking towards Yellow. "Dearest Yellow, do tell me when this tyrant forces you to do things that you don't want to, all right? I'll sick all my dragons on him if I catch the faintest hint of him bullying you." He swished his red cape behind him as he left, and Blue peeked into the room. "That was one hell of a hottie," she grinned, then decided to leave the two alone for the moment.

Yellow heard the door close behind her, then turned back to Red. Red had walked from his seat and was now standing in front of her, his crimson eyes flickering softly. Yellow was mesmerised by his gaze, and soon, she felt herself being pushed back against the wall. She closed her eyes as the distance shortened between them, the feelings of lips crashing against hers in the moment of sweetness. Red's hand was holding her around her waist, the other caressing her long hair adoringly. Yellow could feel like smirk when she kissed him back, and he soon broke the kiss. Yellow was blushing, and Red hugged her close to him, murmuring, "Princess of Viridian, you will be mine forever." She didn't need to say what her reply was, a silent understanding between the two of them.


Yellow didn't know why the half of the other royals looked so shocked to see Red holding her hand as they went down into the library. Blue squealed at the sight, and Ruby had to calm her down. Gold choked onto his drink and was spluttering violently, with Platina patting his back to help him clear his throat. The only ones with deadpan expressions on their faces was Green and Silver, but they had a hint of amusement hidden under. Yellow glanced shyly to the others, then back at Red, who had his mask of indifference on.

"You know what? I'll start planning for the wedding," Blue announced, then smirked, giving Yellow shudders down her spine.

"EH?!" Yellow exclaimed, a tinge of a blush creeping onto her cheeks in embarrassment. "W-w-w-wedding?!"

Red smirked, then smiled for the first time. He ruffled her hair, then glanced at Blue. "Be sure to reserve it in six months," he decided, and Yellow buried her face into his clothes. A loud round of applause led by the third and fourth prince echoed throughout the library, until the librarian that was working there glared at them and stomped over, reminding them that they were in a library. Yellow could almost see the librarian's twin ponytails twitching in anger, and she laughed softly. Red entwined his fingers with her own, and his smile widened. Yellow, with a soft smile upon her lips, gave him a short kiss in front of all of them.

Abruptly, Red carried her bridal style and walked out of the library, with wolf-whistles echoing after them. They made their way into the garden that they walked through the day before, and sat on one of the swinging benches.

"Yellow, did you know that I've met you before?" Red suddenly mentioned, and Yellow's eyes widened. 'H-he did?' she thought to herself, then searched through her memories. It seemed rather faded away, but she did remember meeting someone from Rwendia, and after much discussion by her parents, they were to marry when the time comes. Her gaze snapped up to Red's in realisation, then she opened her mouth, only to have a finger placed upon her lips.

"I know, that's why the marriage shall be held on the day of your birthday," Red murmured, then tucked a flower into her hair. Yellow smiled, remembering the boy of seven guiding her six year old self around the various dragons in the stables, until the fifteen year old Lance scolded them for going into 'such, dangerous places not meant for children'. "I guess you must have disliked him since then, right?" she laughed quietly to herself, then looked back up at Red. She fought down the blush that threatened to escape onto her cheeks, then turned to Red. She said, "I...I've liked you ever since that time we first met, Red, and now, I...I've fallen for you all over again..."

Instinctively, she hid her face in her hands, and Red pried them away gently. "I've loved you since we were young too, Yellow, and I still love you now," he whispered, then brought them into a honey-sweet kiss hidden in the secretive little garden.


"Hurry up, Ruby, there isn't going to be much time left!" Blue exclaimed, checking her watch every few minutes.

"Shut up, dearest sister! You can't rush art!" he snapped, then put on the finishing touches of make-up on the little blonde. Yellow blinked, examining her wedding dress. She smiled at her own reflection in the mirror, then pulled the veil over her face. Blue added the final touch, clipping on a dragon engraved amethyst into her hair. "It's a family heirloom, for the next queen married into the family," Blue smiled, then nudged Yellow out the door. "Your future husband's waiting for you out there."

Yellow pushed the door open to the cathedral nervously, Lance at her side calming her down. "It's going to be all right, cousin," he said, then led her along the path to where Red was standing in formal robes. Lance turned to Yellow, a hint of a smile on his lips. "Well, it looks like you're married, Yellow. Ah, the days where I had to play hide-and-seek with you all day long, only to find you hiding the most obvious places..." he grinned, then turned to Red. "Well, if I even see one drop of a tear, you're going to pay for it harshly, Red."

Red smirked, "Well, I'll only let her shed tears of joy from now on."

"I'll take your word for it."

The priest marrying them, who was the librarian, Crystal, coughed to get everyone's attention. "Now, we are gathered here today to witness the marriage between Rwendia and Viridian..."

Yellow said her parts where they were required, and so did Red. She glanced nervously to Red, who seemed that nothing ever mattered in the world to him except her. She took in his breathtaking smile, then beamed.

"...Now, you may kiss the bride," Crystal announced, then snapped the book shut. Yellow turned to Red, who grinned down at her and closed the gap between them, giving her a soft and affectionate kiss. The audience cheered, and the bridesmaids, Sapphire and Platina, flung the rose petals around the newly wedded couple.

Yellow, turning around, threw the bouquet of flowers into the hands of the waiting group of women. After that, Red snatched her into his arms and made a getaway, going up to the saddled Firefang and thanking his brother. Gold flashed them a grin, winking, "Have fun~!"

Firefang took off into the sky with a loud roar, leaving the crowd behind in the dust. Flower petals scattered as the baskets hanging on the side of the dragon were tilted slightly.

Yellow was content, that's for sure. She never knew happiness like this, and definitely knew that it was going to last forever. Why? Because this was their happily ever after.
Disclaimer: I do not own the characters of Pokemon Special. Or anything else for that matter except the plot.

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I've always loved dragons since I was a little girl~:heart: (Dinosaurs too) So, I wanted to make some humorous romance for a change from all that tragedy I usually write.

Theme: Fantasy (Dragons are under fantasy, right? :3)

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This is, Virendian. A place surrounded by endless of trees. It was said no matter how long you walk or run, all you will find is nothing but trees. Most people don't even come back as they lose their way and end up slowly dying of human needs. In this world, there are these people called 'The Guardians of The Nuca Forest.'

These people are nature like mystical beings. It was forbidden to even look at one as they said you turn into stone. Some says you drown in air or end up ripped to shreds. Thus the villagers keep away from  them and feared them. However in this forest there was a young man who had lost his father to these 'Guardians' and trained to get revenge.

He learned to live a life without fear, he learned how to fight and sharpen his sense. He didn't fight with anything fancy like a sword, no, just his fist, special gloves that are spiky and steal, it was him and his fist along with some companion, he trained like hell his whole. All for this day. The day he would avenge his father and rid the fear of the villagers by living with the sin of taking another life.

"This is a bad idea…" a blonde little child about the age of six with a boy cut hair style and a red shirt with jean shorts. There was brown belts over his shirt and normal shoes. He looked like the basic 'Smart little boy' type.

An irritated sigh came from the much taller sixteen year old male with black semi spiky hair. He wore a black shirt with baggy jeans, he had a red scarf tired to his upper arm on the right side. Black sturdy gloves on both hands and a red waist protector. On the side of his waist, jingles were heard from metal hand hitters. "You didn't have to come with me."

"Of course I needed to! Without me, you would be dead!"

"I can do just fine on my own."

"That cocky attitude is going to get you killed one day." the young blonde boy bring now irritated continued to walk with his companion.

In the forest where they walk, a somewhat cold mist started to come around them, the small blonde boy growled lightly under his breath, as the male kept walking, pretending not to notice, secretly looking for anything or anyone that might be creating the mist. Unlike the others, he intends to return to his home, after putting a stop to those in the forest who claim to Protect them. The little boy walked, more uneasy then he already was before. "Hey… Red, let's go back…"

The teen male sighed out once more. "I told you already, you didn't have to come with me!"

The boy stopped walking, his body felt odd and started to shake a bit. "Red.. No… let's go back…"

"Stop being such a baby, everything is fine so jus-"


"GAH!" the teen male dodge the sudden raging water, he fell to his bum and looked up, where ever the water passed, the things in it's path were now cut. "What on earth….!?" the little blonde boy ran to Red and pulled on his shirt.

"Lets get out of here!!" this time, Red stood up and nodded, now running away from the water that was now making a U-turn and heading towards them. "LET'S GO LET'S GO!! IT'S COMING!!"

The water wall was much faster then the two boys. "THIS IS WHY YOU SHOULD LISTEN TO ME!!" shouted the blonde little boy running faster then his older friend. Red on the other hand looked back to the water wall that can cut and slice through thick trees. "I'll keep that in mind next time, just shut up and RUN!!" was the reply the blonde boy got.

Instead of getting out of the forest, Red noticed they were actually getting deeper into the Forest. He mentally cursed himself and told his friend to run faster, unfortunately for the young boy, he tripped on the grass and fell face first hands above him. Red's eyes widen as he came into a halt. "PIKA!!"

He swiftly turned around as his young friend 'Pika' popped with smoke surrounding him. He now took the form of a yellow mouse with red cheeks. "Pii…" the mouse flinched when he heard himself unable to talk any in human language anymore. To matters worse the Water Wall headed straight for him. "PIIKAA!!!"

Red dash in front of him, he plucked his elbow deep, inhaling harshly and swung a punch at the Water Wall. "PIIIII!!" the yellow mouse shrieked, Red's fighter gloves were made from steel, though the water would most likely shred him to pieces. Once the punch made contact, Red shut his eyes, prepared to die for his friend.


He felt impact on his fist, enough to blow him down to his back, the yellow mouse just stared with wide eyes, completely frozen in shock, the water vanish and revealed a girl falling down to the ground. She grunted as her back hit the ground as did Red. She was wearing a pale white one-piece bathing suit, light blue see through frills as a somewhat of a long skirt, through at one side, there was a gap from her waist and to the end.

Her hair was golden, very much like the bangle bracelets on both wrist, the elbow there was the same blue frills fluttering beyond her hands, on her elbow the blue frills was being hold up by a golden ring. On her ankles were the same golden bangles just like her wrist, there was dark blue pattern on her breast and a tattoo on the side of her neck, going up to her cheek almost like vines.

The yellow mouse shook his head, smoke appeared and he was once again the little blonde boy from before. "A girl…?"

"Nnrrgh…" Red lazily got up, sitting up now and looking at his completely fine fist and to the girl he had just hit. "What on earth….?"

Red and Pika looked at each other. Then they looked at the girl confused with an sweat dropped. To explain what had happened just happened to Pika, in this world, there are these descent from God, creatures who can turn into Humans once they have enough power, they have special attacks in both human and their creature form which are called Pokemons. However, you must befriend one, in a way they are like spirits to tame, only they have their own free will, until they form a contract with you, if both parties agree to the contract, the paper becomes a thing they call 'PokeCirc'

"Hey… did you just punch a girl…?"

Pika looked at his older friend, he only shrugged and started to get up on his feets. "I guess so…. But.. Wasn't I punching water?"

Pika then angry marked. "Oh yeah, WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT RED!?! WHERE IS YOUR GODDAMN BRAIN!!" Red flinched and shut his eyes as his little blonde friend yelled at him. "YOU COULD HAVE DIED YOU MORON!!"

The young teen tried to calm the blonde, though he was still raging. It was only when they heard a soft grunt did they both pause their actions and look over to the fallen girl just right in front of them. "Ahhh…"

Red walked up to her. "Hey stupid! Don't do that!" the little boy scowled as his actions, though Red just waved him off. The fighter looked at the girl with curiosity, it wasn't every day a water wall that can cut basically through anything turn into a girl when you punch it. He saw the girl turn her head, shifting her body and grunting in slight pain.

"Hey, you okay there ma'am?" he asked.

Pika angry marked at him. "She tried to kill us stupid!!"

Red only turn his head to his friend now getting annoyed with him. "She's hurt and she's a girl, AND I punched her, I have to take responsibility Pika." the blonde boy only shook his head with disapproval. "Please understand." Red added.

A sigh from the boy and a wave of his hands he replied "That gentlemen act is going to get you killed one day."

Red had already began sliding his arms around the girl, lifting her up into his arms. "I know.. Let's bring her back to my place." all the spunk in him vanish, he was now a teen who was highly concern for the girl in his arms. Her blonde hair was wet, he stared at her face for a moment, she was rather beautiful and peaceful looking.

Even though it was highly risky, he began to bring her back to his place for treatment. The two made sure to avoid any people as they walked back to the village. The two of them lived with a couple of others, mainly just Orphanage kids without parents who learn to fight like him. Pika opened the door, when Red walked in all eyes were on him now.

"Um.. I'm home?"

"Uhhhhhh…." everyone's eyes went down to the girl in his arms, Pika just sighed and rubbed his temples.


Red placed the girl in pale blue onto his bed, Pika was inspecting her closely along with a brunet with extremely spiky hair. He sighed out and shook his head looking at the fighter with gloves. "Red, you get stupider by the day, I swear."

This young man was the same age as Red, he had jacket that was long to his waist, dark green, it had some purple lines for a design, he always wore a cape that was pale dark blue , there was large belt at his skinny stomach white like his pants and the cuffs of his jacket. On his side of the waist there was a sword. Red only shrugged at him. "Not only that, if what you said was true, then she can wake up and kill us all!"

A brunette with her hair tied in a ponytail and two locks coming to the side, laying on her chest face palm at the boy's actions. She had a long sleeves outfit with circler patters on it, the shirt ended at above her belly button, she had mini shorts with a few chains hanging down, she wore boots that went above her knees, her chest was showing and she wore a chocker with a key hanging.

"Now now you three, let's calm down." a women with a normal long dress, it was obvious she was the care taker, by the way she dress, matching a teacher. She placed her hand on the fuming orange haired girl, who had a bra with straps, loose shorts one side longer then the other and armor on her legs. "What Red did was noble."

The black haired teen looked to the side with a slight flustered blush. "And stupid, don't forget stupid." the brunette added. Her name was Blue, matching the color of her eyes, the orange haired girl was named Misty, as for care taker, her name was Erika.

Erika sweat dropped at the comment, however everyone else agreed. Pika sighed and stared at the girl. "Red, we should stop by that blacksmith of yours, something tells me she isn't the only thing out there in the forest…"

"Right, well, can I trust you will take care of her?"

The room was silent, Erika sighed and offered to watch over her. Red thanked her and gave the sleeping girl one last glance, her beauty was already burn into his mind. Pika rolled his eyes and dragged the male out the door. "So, what now?" Misty asked, Green shrugged and started to walk out.

"We wait for her to wake up, Blue, you set the barrier." he walked out the door with his cape fluttering, the wooden shut behind as Misty sat down looking at the blonde.

"Righty-o Okido~!" Blue smiled a tease, and went to the bed where the girl slept, she held out her hands as a little girl with pink long hair came besides her, the girl was about three years younger then her, she had this light pink cloud bracelt on her and a normal knee long dress that was tank toped, she had a light brown fanny pack and white armor boots with a white cloud patter on the edge of her dress. She also had light brown gloves and her hair in a low curly ponytail.

In Virendian, a group of kids rebellion against the creatures in the forest, however no one went too far to face a Guardian, the was a few members, mainly those without parents, a few people who help them in secret, since the Town's Mayor dose not approve of them. The local Black Smith is one of the main people who secretly helps their little Guide, 'Titanium'

"Yo~! Cyan!" Red hollered for the person in mind, one of the doors open revealing a double brunette with multi eye color tall teen. He had long pants with steel wrap around here and there, around his waist there was multiple chains hanging down, he had gloves and a plain shirt, since he was currently working. "Yo~" Red and Pika walked up to him, the teen quickly gave an annoyed look.  

"Nrrghaa great, what is it this time?" he carried many steel and armor. Pika was behind Red, not liking to be near the teen. Cyan gave Red a bored look telling him to talk. The black haired teen quickly filled him on everything, including him bringing back a Guardian.

All Cyan did was stare at the boy. "I know you don't believe me bu-"

Red was stopped by Cyan's head shaking. "No, it's not that, it's just… I truly do believe…" the duo brunette sighed and shifted the metal scarps to one arm and placed his now free hand on Red' shoulder. "That the world is going to end because of your stupidity." Red rolled his eyes as Cyan shrugged not really caring and going back to work.

"Well, either way, make us some super strong weapon got it?" Red beamed at him.

Cyan gave a look of irritation. "You giving me orders now?"

The Fighter's smile turn into a nervous one. "But it's not an order, it's a suggestion!"

"Oh… in that case I'll have it down later tonight." Cyan walked to his desk place and started to order out the metals.

"Teenagers are so gullible these days." Pika looked to the side, Cyan looked at the little blonde with a burning metal pole. "What was that?" the trainee blacksmith asked, Pike just sweat dropped with panic and waved it off, dragging Red away wanting to leave.

Red sent Pika back to the base, he decided to take a stroll around the city by himself. It was true, the teen lived a life without fear, that is, until he stops alone to think about what he had done. Each step he took alone in his stroll was full of fear, he now realized how he could have died back there while punching the water.

He does not regret bringing the Guardian, or at least he thought she was a Guardian back to the base. However, he hopes his paranoia about the girl would stop and never be true. He couldn't help but remember her face again, these golden locks on her face and at the wind, her fair skin with a few water drops glistering in the sun. it was now nearing sunset, he hadn't notice how long he had been walking around the city. The clothing she wore made her look all the more unique, her peaceful yet somehow pained expression was still in his mind.

Give her back.

Red stopped his walking, the sudden voice made him turn all directions, trying to find where it had came from. He closed his eyes, now being able to hear his heartbeat, now being able to hear the wind. He listen calmly for the voice, hoping he can hear it again, and pinpoint it's location/

I'll take her back.

Red snapped his head to the side, the voice sound waves seem to be coming from the forest near him. There was one rule everyone, even Guild Titanium followed. It was to never go into the forest at night, even with someone with you, the forest was off limits at night, walking around aimlessly was also something that was frown upon, but not forbidden.

The black haired teen had to admit, the forest looked much more scarier at night, the eerie winds and ghostly chills was something Red wasn't a fan of. He slowly backed away from the forest though his eyes remain glued to the dark trees and path way in front of him, he wanted to dive in to find the voice, yet he knew better then that.

She's mine. Give her back… I'll take her back….!

The boy growled a bit and sent a glare to the forest. "Who the hell are you!?" the teen's fist clenched, he felt as if a presence had left him that was near, it sent shivers down the boy's spine. Suddenly, he felt exhausted, the excitement and daring adventure he had experience was catching up to him. The teen turn around and started to walk back home to Base, deciding to rest a bit over there.

"Welcome back home Ma-Sa-Yo-Shi Red~!!"

Red's face was in the mix of shock and disbelief, he watched the blonde girl straighten her back after her bow. Her frills fluttering with each movement and her hair loopily shaking with every step she did. Red turn his awe gaze to the others around him, Blue and Misty were both a bit unsettle, Pika just rubbed his head annoyed and irritated with his life among the humans. Green and Erika had calm looks though a sweat drop was detectable.

The girl he had punch down was smiling at him, beaming at him with happiness and radiance. The smile she gave made the teen's cheeks heat up. Her eyes were an beautiful shade of an light emerald color, now with her face complete, body and motion, he felt something in his heart being planted. He didn't know it know, but it was obvious the Fighter would soon fall in love with the Guardian.
I decided to do my own little entry for the :iconredxyellow: which has the theme :bulletred:"Fantasy":bulletyellow:

LOL No I'm not entering, just wanted to do something for it~

And their outfits were fun to describ and draw (with my bad drawing skills) until it became 4am and I jsut got tired <_<U

I hope you enjoy~ This is all completely made up right from the spot XD~

Msayoshi Red.
Okido Green.
Sylphs Erika.
:bulletblue:Guardian aka Yellow.:bulletblue:

Welp, leave a comment, tell me what you think~ have any questions you can ask XD~ and remember SSY4A Ends in 7 Days. so get your spam going peeps~!!!

And those who are confused about the theme of the contest, it should be all made up just like how I did~!!
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Collection by
This was drawn in 2009... happened to find it ^q^

the sentence says:

The only thing I want
is to be with you...

Drew after watching the movie Lucario and the Mystery of Mew~~ then Luka became my fav. pokemon!
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This is a gift to a wonderful and kind friend :iconshonekonyan:
She's just joined but so far her art is really chibi and cute (She draws pokemon too! YAYY) :D

There wasn't much reference for Sir Aaron, which was a surprise! He's kinda cool oAo
This took a few days harrr

I'm so happy we're friends Charlotte-chan! Hopefully see you at expo! :boogie:

Credit to Pokemons <3
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I MOVED TO *SM-Photography!! Please follow me there if you like my work! Thanks!

I will love you, until the end of time.
(Title inspired by: Moulin Rouge - "Come What May")


Making a heart out of a ribbon the other day. Hehe. ^^


Do NOT take or copy onto your computer please!
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Stock care of createkst here: [link]

Lucario here:[link]

Hope u like!!

:):):)As always feel free to visit my home page, there are always polls to vote in and you can always watch me if u like!!:):):)

Pokemon is a registered trademark and copyrighted by Nintendo
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From the glittering stars above
To the murky depths below
Across the fields of fragrant flowers
I watch compassion grow
But never have I seen a bond
In my centuries being a spirit
Than that of a boy who has my blood
Though he does not brag to wear it
Weaving down twisted paths of Dreams
As they sleep under starlit skies
I enter to say just one thing
That I never did before I died
This boy is brave—and stubborn too
A Guardian both by name and blood
Though he never knew me, I know him well
For many times I have seen him do good
He helped my apprentice learn his last lesson
Then fought to put things right
He doesn’t know I still watch his time
Beyond the world beyond sight

He was willing to give his life
Just as I did before
And I whisper “Thank you,” in his ear
As the moon shines over the starlit shore.
Hey!:iconwavesplz: This is the first poem I've submitted in a while, because I kinda in a poem-low right now.:iconsweatdropplz: This took me about five-ten minutes to compose. Tell me what you think, please!:D I love to chat!!!:iconawedanceplz:

Oh yeah, this is about the eighth movie of Pokemon, the Lucario and the Mystery of Mew one. (my fave:bow: If you haven't seen it, you can watch it here: [link] LOVE IT!!!:iconrockonplz:) It's about Sir Aaron thanking Ash for sending Lucario home.:)

Well, bye! See ya!:iconpikachuhugplz:
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Collection by
>w< I saw someone else with this kind of idea, so I wanted to do it too :3 Basically having Eevee and all its evolutions be gods of stuff cause they are awesome XD


Name: Eve
Type: ???
-Eve is the first Pokémon to be made beside the god Arcus. Eve is the goddess of Life and Evolution. Eve might look the youngest, but is much older and is mother to all Eeveelutions. The markings and jewelery she has proves that she is a goddess.
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Name : Madical Ice
Age: ???
-Madical is the eevee-god of ice and greed. He hoards treasures from distant lands and has proclaimed himself king of all eevee-gods. He has taken the lead male-role, and even though he is full of himself and annoying, the other eeveelutions still come to him for help in their time of need.
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Yeah, I bring you Shade with a soul!
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Couldnt think of a better name for the stamp ;-;

Stamp template: [link]

I hope ya'll like it. Please comment and/or :+fav: before using, thank you~!

EDIT: Once again, another one of my stamps has gotten over 1000 faves. I dont even know how to thank you people ;W; *cries forever* :heart: Im sorry if i havent replied to anyone xD its just hard to reply on all the comments, if you know what i mean :P
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Today is the day that I realize...
Someone tell me if my stamps suck :noes: ...seriously
I need someone to evaluate mah stamps :D Imma not forcing anyone. If you don't want to; LEAVE MAH GALLERY AND NEVAR COME BACK. lolz kidding :aww:
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Story of Evil

Sat Jan 24, 2015, 11:12 PM

Hiii~ *Free Icon/Emote* Molang (I Love It!) 
I'm currently doing a quick doodle of Story of Evil if anyone's interested c: It'll probably look decent enough in a week or so... heh

I was also thinking about changing my dA name, but I'm not quite sure about what I'll rename myself hehe :iconorzplz:
wjniodwdjiopwdkophtnioeinog my art style is so unstable iwdjawdpojef

Say, do you guys have some sort of trick that keeps you from constantly changing your art style?
HELP PLZ ;___________;

by the way, Len is so fun to draw :happybounce:   he's so cute~ 

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A step in my artistic journey

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 24, 2014, 4:26 AM
AV - Heart Spin by firstfear:bulletred::bulletorange::bulletyellow::bulletgreen::bulletblue::bulletpurple::bulletpink::star::icondecora-chan::star::bulletpink::bulletpurple::bulletblue::bulletgreen::bulletyellow::bulletorange::bulletred:AV - Heart Spin by firstfear

damphyrMm~ Hello Deviantart~ It's been a long time since I have written anything, and so I wanted to make a quick update about whats going on in my life lately.

It's been kinda crazy busy between school and work.  My work is super understaffed and so I've been taking way more shifts than I should, so I've just been between projects all the time with all my extra time going to work.

Sorry I haven't been responding to notes as well ~_~ I always read them and then think I reply, but apparently I don't.

I know I was super nervous about school before I started.  I didn't know what to expect coming into it, and I definitely wasn't confident enough in my art. If anything, so far I have mostly just been getting comfortable with my art more, especially around other people.  My grades have been fantastic (I've been working my soul into every project) but at the same time I feel as though I'm still just doing what I do... just in a slightly different way for the projects. I haven't had anything that has challenged me too much, but I kinda think that's okay.  Next semester we are doing painting and realism, so right now I can work on improving my anatomy and getting better at sketching out without references.

 I NEED to learn how to just draw shit, and not be too worried about it.  -sighs- I wanna one day get super good at drawing what's in my head, and stop referencing so much.

If ANYBODY has any suggestions for better art for me, please tell me? :3 I wanna know if I'm doing anything that... maybe I could be doing better

Next year I'll get to learn how to render and do digital stuff (This year is all just traditional stuff.. which isn't so bad because we have figure drawing) so I'll just have to take as much as I can from this course.

Anyway, I kinda felt as thought I had more to talk about when I started this journal, but apparently I do not, I want to harass my friends with a little message;

shinjistar Thanks for making me like Gintama so much.  But I'm on episode 210, and that means that I'm nearing the end.  So my life shall have no meaning soon

zdecemberz I miss yo face.  Your boys continue to grow more attractive.  Please be careful that they don't get too attractive though, as my heart might explode from all the attractiveness in my inbox.

Chococcino Don't study TOO much now that you forget about chatting with me eh?! I have been thinking about Ryou a lot as of lately.  Also my spirit is doing well, I never really got to tell you about him eh.

anotherclichejrocker Is you still busy hun? I will text you. >3< !! Apparently, somebody has a crush on Vanessa, I have been hearing.  Love to rp again. Did job hunting go well?

KimmyPeaches Is your school still being a dick?  Still busy?  Work hard, but don't stress yourself too much eh. Try to enjoy school as much as you can, and take as much information, even if the teachers are being lazy.  Also, I saw you've been making a lot of super cute adopts.  I think you've been improving in terms of detail.  Very nice

Elazuli I've been trying to learn a bit from your monochrome color choices and also from your amazing shadow play.  I want to make really natural looking poses and characters like you do, so I shall practice more, mkay?  I miss your face.  I hope you and choco aren't too stressed with school and work.  Remember to take time for yourselves too ne.

Waaa.  And that is all.  I must go to school now.  Wish me luck in my artistic journey of finding myself.  I shall be around.  >3<

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My future as a an artist...

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 19, 2015, 10:45 AM

Warning this post will contain waffling's and ramblings BUT I need advice please help

So recently some of you may have seen my various polls about prints and commissions and what are your thoughts on it. And well I didn't get that much of a positive response, however seeing as not many people answered them it doesn't give me much to go on...heheh

Basically I want to become a proper artist and create serious artwork that is worthy enough of selling.
At the moment I am flooded with art course work (as you have probably noticed from the amount of serious looking stuff you've seen from me lately)
Roses are Red... by missanimestrangerOil Painting Boxes by missanimestrangerSilkscreen telephone boxes by missanimestranger

which means that doing things like commissions at the moment as a stupid commitment. However what I have been thinking of is setting up a print shop...
However looking at my gallery there are very few pieces that I am 100% happy with and believe people would like to buy, so here's what I am thinking.
I have started up a little project called "Is it just me?" this is going to be a series of cartoons, illustrations all to do with the incidents we face as girls, I want it to be relatable and not only something about loving who we are but also about laughing at ourselves and embracing those faults we have. What I hope to be doing is selling these pieces in little postcard packs, very affordable and will make a nice gift for someone or just something cute to have in your home and hopefully to remind you of who you are.
I'm also thinking of doing commissions where I can include you in some of the pieces like for example these:
WIP secret project by missanimestranger

Those are just WIPS but seriously I just finished the chibi one and it is the first time in forever that I've done something in promarkers and loved it completely and utterly. I really am passionate about this and I hope you like this idea and will support it!
Trying something a bit differnt WIP by missanimestranger

Another thing I've been thinking about is my name and image. I want to be more professional, and looking at the body of work I have in my gallery I've been thinking, am I even "missanimestranger" anymore? Roxie stranger has always been a part of me. But I wonder now if I'm vering away from manga now and that maybe I need a more neautral name. But what?
I also wonder whether I need to cut down the range of work I upload on here, because I feel like a weird jumble sale of art. It just reeks of existential crisis. Doesn't it? What do you think?

I'm also seriously considering in the summer going to the city and getting a pitch to sell my paintings, so my watercolour, oil and acrylic work of that place. Selling them as originals as well as maybe prints aswell. I got the idea form going to places like Bath and big cities like Rome where so many artists where selling art and painting on the streets. It's a long shot but it's something that I dream of making happen. DA is great but it's slow. I desperately want to promote my art and get it out there. Which is why going out on the streets and selling would be the perfect thing, I could promote my deviant ART and finally see my art going somewhere. If theres any job that would be the perfect job it would be that.
I'd maybe also like to sell my manga art (obviously only the very best stuff, I have a long way to go) at cons too. That's another thing I need to look into!

I'm also thinking of uploading my art on different sites, I'm going to sort out my tumblr, I'm in the process of setting up my pixiv account and am also wondering about setting up a instagram and pinterest account but I'm not sure what's best, any thoughts?

This is all a lot to take in but I hope you can help me out, and if you ever have any ideas then please give me shout! I'm kind of seizing the day as it were. But that's because I feel that it's my time. I want to see what I'm limits are

Love you all as always and please let me know what you think!

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[ 26 / 1 / 2015 ]
sakldjksjdkajskdljsada thank you so much for helping me reach the amount of money ; u ;
i'm really really thankful for those who commissioned me,spread the news and viewing this~!

I'll not accept commission for now, because i want to finish all the commission first :)
but if you still wish to commission me, i can put you on the wait list :)

skdjskljdkajda you guys cant imagine how thankful ; A ;
thank you so much  ; u ;
i'm caught up in a situation where i need to earn USD 300 before 18th February...
i'm having quite a hard time with lots of financial problem.
//i'm already working double to try to reach that amount.
i cant really explain much here,but not to worry much :,)

Paypal = you'll be paying once i've finished them(i'll send a WIP/photo of it first) 
Points = Through DA commission widget,i'll accept it once i start working with it

♥ [ T a r g e t ] ♥ -R E A C H E D
300/300 USD/pts

♥ [ C o m m i s s i o n ] 
Headshot sketch USD 3 ( usually not open )
*no sample atm

Waist up Sketch USD 5 (normal price = USD 7)
C: Glaspudding by naomiyui
FB coloured + BG USD 20 (usually not open)
Shorri by naomiyui
other commission: C o m m i s s i o n [ O P E N ]
does that are interested please fill up the form below:

♥ [ H e a d s h o t . F o r m ] 
Name : *your user name
OC Info: *name,gender,characteristic...
Reference: *at least 2...
Payment: 3 USD /300pts (please choose only one)
Comments: *?????

♥ [ W a i s t - u p . F o r m ] 
Name : *your user name
OC Info: *name,gender,characteristic...
Reference: *at least 2...
Payment: 5 USD /500pts (please choose only one)
Comments: *?????

♥ [ F u l l B o d y . F o r m ] 
Name : *your user name
OC Info: *name,gender,characteristic...
Reference: *at least 2...
Payment: 20 USD /2000pts (please choose only one)
Comments: *?????

♥ [ S l o t s ] 
:iconkim-mi-chan: :iconmonochromera: :iconnocturnalmiyu: :iconacrowscollection: :iconinurenko: :iconr-alchemystic::iconmochine-nyan:
on hold>:iconlu-tan: :iconmonochromera:

♥ [ C o m p l e t e d ] 
:iconusagiyogurt::iconglaspudding::iconkim-mi-chan: :iconmonochromera::iconsachi-pon::iconowkaii::iconpoisonicpen::icondeadbomb: :iconhanakogames::iconninjaorangexd:
:iconsuemao::iconr-alchemystic::iconimimi-ai: :iconkikiriann::iconwhitetora19: :iconthriceneko::iconms46778: :iconbooboobunni: 

thank you for your help :)
*it would be nice if you can help me spread the news.
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So I want to get used to doing commissions! This is more of an experimental thing, hence the lack of other commission options at the moment. I will update the types of commissions that I will do, but for now, I will draw sketch portaits for 50Points

Sample : BW Headshot Sketch by Derichan13

  • Do not pay for the commission before I have confirmed that I will draw it. (Note me first before using the commission widget, please!)
  • My artwork may not be used for profit.
  • Do not remove the watermark.
  • If my artwork is posted on another website, please give credit to the artist/link back to my profile.
  • I have the right to decline a commission.
  • I will only draw your OCs. I will not draw canon characters (Naruto or Sora, for example) nor other artist's OCs, unless they allow you to do so.
  • I will not draw: Mecha, babies, old people, obscene gestures, sexual content, gore. 
  • Please include a clear reference of your character! A short description of their personality is appreciated. 
  • Please do not rush me! Factors such as family situations or college will affect how long I take with the commission. If I am unable to complete your commission due to these and other issues I will refund. Stare 



  1. :iconelfenprimrose:
  2. OPEN!
  3. OPEN!

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hot stuff
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      The fight against Lance had escalated to this. The Gym Leaders were being controlled by Team Rocket, Team Rocket was taking orders from the Elite Four, and the Elite Four were out to hunt down the resisting forces at any cost, and all for the sake of a former champion’s deranged dream. Every person and Pokémon were shut up in the cities, their gates guarded by hundreds of Rocket soldiers, and Lance was well on his way to destroying every human in the world that didn’t agree with his opinion. Things were looking bleak for Kanto.
      Yellow strolled cautiously through the undergrowth, favouring on her injured leg. The moon shone full above the trees that surrounded the route toward Fuchsia, thick with greenery of the summer months. Yellow glanced around as she walked, startled by every rustle of branches, every murmur of the wind. She had left Blue, Ratty, and Pika sleeping soundly back at camp. She should have been resting too, but she couldn’t see how when Red was so restless. Ever since Green had gone missing Red hadn’t been acting himself. He had become obsessed with finding any clue to her whereabouts, snapped back at his friends for no apparent reason, and was completely certain that his childhood friend had been kidnapped by Lance himself.
      But there’s no evidence of that whatsoever, Yellow reminded herself, however much she believed in Red’s leadership skills. But then again, we’ve found no evidence of anything so for. Yellow wouldn’t deny it; she was frustrated too. Having to travel in the shadows, not being able to show their faces in fear of someone working for Lance seeing them and reporting them… They were getting nowhere like this. And every day brought Lance closer to summoning the Silverbird that would purge the human race under his command. There isn’t much in the way between Lance and his goal now, Yellow thought bitterly. He already has the Silver Wing, and that’s all my fault. Inwardly she wondered why Green had put the two necessary feathers in Yellow’s hat, when she knew that Yellow would be the one the Elite Four would target in the end. But that really didn’t matter; what was done is done, and now they had to concentrate their energy on finding Green, and hopefully that would bring them straight to Lance. It was a long shot, but it was the only lead they had.
      The trees thinned out into a clearing on the other side of the forest, and just as her senses told her, there Red was, sitting on edge of the plateau and staring at the tiny lights of Fuchsia far below.
      Yellow cleared her throat to announce her presence, but if Red heard her he didn’t respond. Awkwardly she sat down a ways beside him, hoping to talk some sense into him. She opened her mouth to speak but stopped when she saw the look of immense sadness on Red’s face.
      It was several moments before she found the courage to say something.
      “...You’re thinking about Green, aren’t you?”
      Red looked up, as if noticing her for the first time.
      “No. I was just wondering if things will ever go back to the way they were.”
      He went back to staring blankly through the darkness. Yellow didn’t know what to say to cheer him up. She knew how close the three of them were, Red, Green, and Blue. They had grown up together in Pallet, taking on dangers, fighting side by side, until they knew each other as well as they knew themselves. Yellow suddenly found herself wanting to be that close to Red, too, but shook the feeling away.
      “So... Do you think we’ll win?” she asked, then flinched inwardly at saying something that dumb about a touchy subject. But to her surprise Red didn’t fire back.
      “I used to think that we would, back then. When we still had a chance.” There was an edge in his voice, as if he somehow blamed himself for what was happening.
      “Come on,” Yellow encouraged. “Don’t talk like that. I know you don’t believe that.”
      He looked up, his eyes blank and hollow, and watched her. Yellow shifted uncomfortably; it felt as his he was staring into her soul, looking for an answer there.
      “You really can tell what people are feeling, can’t you?”
      His question surprised her. She twirled the end her long golden ponytail, as she always did when she when she didn’t quite know what to say.
      “Most of the time,” She responded. “It’s a burden really. Sometimes I just want to be mad at someone, without always understanding what they’re feeling all the time.”
      She looked at him, hoping he would laugh, but he seemed lost in memories. Yellow’s heart went out to him; she had only fairly recently joined the small band of Trainers fighting against Lance, yet Red had been leading of resistance all this time, and now they were the only hope for stopping Lance. All that stress, and now his best friend had gone missing. No wonder he was in pieces after so long.
      Red was gazing out at the lights of the city, and it was a moment before he spoke.
      “...Green always said... She always said we needed to wait for someone like you to join us. She said that only someone who can understand our enemy can ever hope of ending this. There’s no victory in a battle with bloodshed… Of course, this is Green we’re talking about...”
      He laughed weakly, but then the sullen look returned to his eyes and he continued.
      “Somehow I never believed her. How can we possibly win without fighting? But you…” he turned and looked at Yellow. “But now I think I understand. No one wins if one side is defeated. Lance will only return, and stronger than before. It’ll take someone who truly understands to ensure this fight never happens again. There’ll be no end to this war unless we emerge as equals.”
      His words chilled Yellow to the bone. It didn’t sound like a prediction. It sounded like a prophecy.
      But Red only turned back to gazing at the lights. “But then again, what do I know?” He sighed. “I want to find Green. I want to find her so bad it hurts. But I’m scared of what we’ll find waiting for us.”
      For several moments there was silence between the two, and Yellow found herself staring, entranced, at the city lights shining in the distance below, and wishing for contact with the world, and the friends she left behind to join the resistance. Finally she shook herself out of it and stood, a life of new determination flowing through her.
      “Come on, we can’t sit out here all night. Let’s head back to camp.”
      She offered Red her hand and pulled him up, leaving her fingers tingling where they had been entwined with his, and started heading back into the trees.

      Red stared after her, feeling suddenly as if he could run for miles without stopping. If Yellow could only sense how he felt about her, she’d know that he loved her more than he’d ever thought was possible.
      Following the sound of her footsteps, he left the lights behind him and stepped into the darkness cast by the forest. Behind him the city lights shined on, illuminating the safe world they had known. Whatever happened to them from now on, at least they’d be together.

WHOAhey it's been a long time, folks!!! Sorry, first X and Y attacked, and then out computer got into a shoot out with a virus (at high noon:D) and now I'm here with this surprisingly awesome fanfic considering my complete suckiness when it comes to writing shipping fics! So lets give lil ol' me a hand!:iconclapplz:

ANYwho, my life is going really good! Not only did I (finally) get an phone (an iPhone 4S), but there's this boy I've been texting (that I might like a little :blush:) who likes Pokemon as well, which is as good as gold at my high school cause every guy there either hates Pokemon or is a full blown Genwunner. Plus he's an awesome guy.:D Oh, and we had another snow day yesterday (Friday) and I ended the third quarter with two As and B+.:iconpikachudancingplz::iconmeowthdanceplz::iconkecleondanceplz:   <-- Conga line!!!

Anyway, about this fic: I'm doing a "Pokespe Redone" headcanon, much like my Explorers of Sky Redone headcanon, where I take the concept and I RUN THE OTHER WAY WITH IT!!! :iconchase1plz::iconchase2plz: Jk, I take the storyline and redo it so that it is a bit more epic and add my own stufts and twists. A few things about this Redone, is that instead of Red going missing in Pokespe, in mine (as you can probably tell :aww:) Green/Blue goes missing YES I READ THE DUBBED MANGA DON'T JUDGE ME ;_;  Also, instead of Red saving Yellow at the beginning, Yellow saves Red from drowning and uses her Star powers to heal him, but for a while they're traveling together and Yellow is using her patented Boy Disguise so Red doesn't know she's the same little girl that saved him all that long ago. Green found Yellow but unlike the other recruits she finds she made Yellow fully disguise herself, and since her name is already a colour (which is the theme of the resistance: every operative has a codename of a colour) she had her pretend to be called Sam, aaaaand we all know how long that lasted before Yellow told people her real name. WHOA look at the time gotta go bye!!!!:dance:

(I'm a little hyper tonight, can you tell?:D)
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Pallet Town, about an hour away from sunset. Perfect time to take as swim according for a certain black haired teenager. A teen that went by the name Masayoshi Red. White and indigo sneakers walked along the dirt path of Pallet, the hometown of one of her closest friends. She was wearing black long sleeves with a navy blue vest over. Her dark blue jeans almost matched the colors, though she was never the one to care about what she wore so she really couldn’t care less if it matched or not.

On her way back to the path of Viridian, her ears picked up on a sound she rarely heard. The sound of joyous laughter. It was coming from behind the houses line, since she didn’t live here she really had no right to check it out. But it wasn’t just a male’s laughter she heard, but Pokémons too, call her a Meowth, but she was curious. The blonde placed on her straw hat tightly back on her head, letting her bangs explode from underneath.

It didn’t take long to trace the laughter down towards a riverbank. What did surprise her was who was making all those cheery noises. A shirtless Masayoshi Red swimming without a care with his Pokémon team. The blonde known as Heiwamoto Yellow couldn’t help but sweat drop, did he take a swim near sunset everyday possible? It seems the black haired male didn’t notice him, she smiled and decided to gently walk along the shore towards the Batter.

It had been a long day of training for the Battler, and since he was in Pallet and no one was visiting, he decided to take a swim in his favorite riverbank. Given with what happened in the Battle Frontier and being turned to stone, he found himself sore and stiff for the longest time. It only cured during Ruby’s and Blue’s joint birthday party when Shirona gave them access to a Hot Spring resort. Every now and then though he can feel his muscle stiffen whenever pushed too hard, it was frozen wrist all over again. Something that annoyed the Battler greatly, so, swimming always calmed him.

Don’t judge him wrong, he likes swimming with his Pokémons, but it wasn’t the same as swimming with another human. “Is this a closed party?”

Red jolted to the sudden voice, he turned around, flinching when his soggy hair slapped his cheeks. In his sight he saw a familiar smiling blonde looking at him. He knew the blonde was Yellow when Pika cheered loudly. Gyara had even given out a small roar of happiness at the sight of the blonde. Honestly, it was like every Masayoshi had some sort of crush against the blonde. Himself included of course.

Flipping his hair to the side, Red started to swim back to the shore where the blonde now stood with Aero. He had to admit, he was kind of embarrassed, being caught playing like a little kid at this age. Then again, she was more childish than he was. “Hey Yellow! What are you doing here?” Not that he didn’t enjoy surprised visits from her, he just preferred to be fully dressed when it happened.

Yellow was rubbing her cheek against the flying type and patting Aero’s nostril. She barely spared Red a second glance. “Nanami asked me to bring her some Viridian herbs.” The Healer took out an Oran berry and handed it to Aero who gleefully took it without haste. “I was just on my way back when I heard such cheerful laughing.”

Red was partly glad her attention was on the fossil Pokémon, it gave him the chance to smother down his faded blush. “You sure it wasn’t just cries for help from being really bored?” Yellow gave a laughing smile, which made the Battler chuckle out. “Well, no.”

The Healer raised her eyebrow, confused to the sudden rejection. “What?” She let the grey winged Pokémon go brag to the other members as her attention was now on the shirtless teen.

“Well, you asked if this was a closed party. The answer is no.” Red ran a hand over his bangs to reveal his forehead, getting a bit annoyed with how his bangs were clinging to his face. “Pretty blondes can join too.”

Yellow forced out some nervous chuckle, being taken back by the sudden flirtatious compliment. “Well, I can’t. I don’t have any swim wear.”

Red shrugged and regained his balance on the shoreline, most of his body still in the water. “You think I do?” He held out his hand, gesturing that she takes it. “Little help?”

The blonde nodded and grasp his hand, helping him climb out of the water. Indeed, he wasn’t wearing any swim wear but his casual jeans. Wasn’t his house just a couple steps away from here? Yellow’s eyes innocently traveled up to his torso and bare chest. Normally she never minded seeing the male shirtless, but ever since she woke up to his bare chest a couple weeks ago, her face would feel warmer.

Her attention was so focused on his chest, that she hadn’t noticed when Red pulled off her hat. She only did once he chuckled out. “Hm? What?”

Red shook his head, not caring about the distance between them being zero. “Every time I see your ponytail just swing out, I can remember the dread I felt two years ago.” Referring when he first found out she was indeed a female.

If it wasn’t flirtatious comments, it was awkward memories that made her force out nervous laughter. “That was uhh.. Blue’s little joke.”

“Yeah, I figured as much.” Red slowly moved his hand down to the rim of her vest, tugging it once low enough to grab it. He tugged it again, gaining the blonde’s confused attention.

“What?” She gave him that cute clueless look he always liked. This is where he finally noticed the zero distance their bodies had. -Well, what an awkward moment to finally see that…- Red bitterly thought.

Yellow’s confusion didn’t allow her to see the faint blush forming on his cheeks. “Well, you have to remove unnecessary clothing when you take a swim.”

The blonde looked at his hand that still hadn’t moved from the rim of her vest. She then looked at his bare chest, taking a glance at the teen’s face, she noticed the darting eyes of embarrassment. She put the pieces of the puzzle together to form a misunderstanding. “WHA--WHAT?!

It was one of those rare times where Yellow’s voice reached female vocals, normally Red would take his time to savor it, but unfortunately he couldn’t’ since the blonde decided the best way to handle this situation was to smack him down back to the riverbank. Well, one more thing on the list to be sore in the morning. “Gah!”

Lax and Gyara widen their eyes when the petite female successfully slapped their companion so hard he fell into the river. Pika however continued to talk to Chuchu who was more concern about her friend physically harming another human. When Red poked his head above the water and gasped for the air he used up by yelling, Yellow’s sudden rage quickly vanished. “Oh! I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to hit you that hard.”

-But you did mean to hit me.- Red sweat drops and swims back to the shore he was violently slapped off of. Still in the water, he decided to clear the misunderstanding he assumed she jumped too. “I meant take off the vest, not your entire top…” The Battler pinched his thighs before any second thoughts could even be said in his mind. He really needed to stop hanging around Gold so much.

Apparently so did the blonde. Yellow was embarrassed she had jumped to that conclusion so suddenly and took violent actions because of it. “Ooh… I understand.” She looks at her vest and then smiles brightly at the Battler. “No.”

Red sweat dropped, she didn’t need to smile like that, but she always did. Something about lighten up the negativity in her words. “Why not?”

Yellow shrugged and bent down, not liking how she was directly looking down on her source of admiration. “I’m not going to swim, so I don’t need to take off my vest.”

The Battler didn’t like this answer, he let one eye lid close in a slight pout. He turned his face away, darting a glance with his open eye. The blonde knew this trick and in reply stuck out her tongue playfully. Red gave a humpf and steadied himself on the shore line, holding up his hand again. Yellow reached out his hand, helping him back up.

The moment their hands met, Red let himself smirk. Grasping her paler hand quickly, he ducked his elbow in swiftly, yanking the blonde towards the river. “Waah!!” Yellow’s voice reached her original feminine vocals as she yelped into the water. This made the Battler laugh out, losing his balance as his body shook.

Yellow popped her head out from the water, gasping some air and trying to calm her mind as her body violently shivered from the sudden change of temperature. “That!” Yellow frowned when she heard the male laughing, she splashed water towards him and tried to make her way to the shore. “That wasn’t fair!”

Snickering like a child, Red hiccupped a bit when some water attempted to choke him. “Hey! If you listened, you could have saved the vest, Ahah!”

Remembering she was carrying unnecessary weight, she removed the vest and tossed it over forcefully to the laughing Battler, making him dunk his head from the weight and impact. This only increased his laughing though. Suddenly an idea came to Red, making him hold his laughter and dive head first into the water. “Wh, what are you doing?”

Yellow couldn’t make it to the grassy shoreline as she felt Red take off her shoes. “Wh--hey!!” It took more willpower than she expected to prevent herself from kicking the foreign touches away. There was a splash behind her, alerting her that Red had successfully taken her shoes. It was officially confirmed when she saw her sneakers being fling to the grass a couple feets away. “What on…”

Getting a little annoyed with Red’s tactics she twirled in the water, making her blonde locks sway around her. The Battler was grinning with victory. “Now you have no shoes, so you have to stay over at my place.”

Correct the blonde if she’s wrong, but she doesn’t recall ever having the topic of staying over ever being brought up. Yellow had steadied herself on the shore, releasing her Pokémons before the Pokéball self destructs from being wet. “Couldn’t I just have Freesuke help me back to Viridian?”

Red pursed his lips, knowing she had a point. Seeing it now, she could also use the Dotrio she had. “Well, you could but I’d rather much prefer you stay the night.”

Yellow already knew she was staying the night the moment he wanted her too. He always seem to have his way when determined enough. Didn’t mean she couldn’t tease the boy back. With a sarcastic tone she learned how to use recently, she replied with a slight nod. “Uh-huh uh-huh, because asking would have been way too much work.”

The Battler slyly smiles at her, swimming towards the shoreline. As if defending himself, he placed a hand on his chest one steadied on the grassy lifeline. “Ah well, my way is so much more fun.”

“For who again?” Yellow asked.

Red chuckled. “For me of course!”
Title: Just Another Sunset
Series: Pokémon Special (PokéSpe)
Relationship(s): >One-Sided< Special/Hero-Shipping (Red x Yellow)
Rated: EA For everyone and anyone
Season/Timeline: October 14th 2003(Three months after FRLG Arc)
Summary: When Yellow drops off some herbs for Nanami, her day ends completely different from how she originally thought it would. But hey, shirtless Red was always a good sign yes?
Quote: “But you did mean to hit me…”
Genre: Fluff.
Character(s): Masayoshi Red | Heiwamoto Yellow
à Due to being stoned for a long period of time, Red, Blue, Yellow, Green and Silver all experience extreme stiffness for the entire year.
à Red makes it a habit to swim during sunset.
Word Count: 1’935
Song Raped: ((Don’t Remember))
Diclaimers: Headcanon details belongs to © Galax Co!
Canon Characters belongs to © PokéSpe (Pokémon Special) Hidenori Kusaka. (Illustrated by Yamamoto Satoshi & Mato)
Fanfiction belongs to © The Writer: Citinea

EEEEEEEE~~ Happy birthday, as late as I may be, or idk think of it as a random gift, hope exams and shits don't fry up your brain :iconpkd123: You are a precious human being who don't deserve none of the shit tossed at ya. Thank you for everything <3 even though we may not always see eye to eye you're still awesome, cute and I'm happy that you exist :iconloveloveplz:
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There's still a lot of problems with the shoulder rigging, but the rest is fixed ;D

please credit me if you use this model ( also send me a link to anything you make with it, I'd love to see it :3)
Its totally fine to edit and distribute as long as the character isn't changed
no R-18 material

 If you have any questions, please send me a note, I'll be happy to answer. Happy mmd-ing!
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This is old too~ 
waaaaaaaa Yellow-chan is so cute! Broken Fighting Dome (Kawaii Please) Racing Girl Emoji (Hnngg) [V2] 
I hope you like it! Kawaii Shoujo (Kyaaa) [V1] 
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