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Chapter 1

    Vee opened his eyes and instinctively yawned as he just woke up. He looked around the room, checking if he was still dreaming or not. It was a simple room; wooden floor, stone walls, the hard oak wood bed he slept on, matted down with pelts of course, there was a small nightstand next to the bed and a dresser at the end of the bed, it had an arched window just next to the dresser at the foot of the bed and a door adjacent to that. Everything a pikachu needed to be comfortable.

    Vee yawned again as he sat up and stretched the sleep out of his joints. He slowly slid out of bed and winced as he landed on the floor. He looked his left foot as he remembered what happened. Two days earlier, he was working on building a contraption of sorts when a loose board fell from the top of his ladder and landed directly on his foot.

    He had a long, clean strip of cloth wrapped around his foot from the ankle down. He was able to walk on it without too much pain but he still winced with every step and still had a slight limp whenever he walked. His stomach growled at him, snapping him out of his thoughts. "Ugh, I guess it's time to head to the dining hall." He said as he stood and started walking to his door. He opened the door which lead to the next chamber of his housing space in the castle.

    This room was cluttered with tools, planks, ingots, rocks, contraptions of various sizes, and sheets of paper strewn every in a system that only Vee knew. The room was a very large dome shaped room with a single pillar in the middle that curves so it's thick at the bases and shallow in the middle, but not by much. Torches lined the edge of the room as well as wires and strange devices that Vee was working on. He was trying to find a new source of light other than the dreadfully hot torches.

    Vee slowly picked his way out of the mess he called his foyer to one of the several doors embedded in the wall. He opened the large oak door which lead to a long bridge that was covered. The bridge itself was outside and completely made of large stone blocks and built up in a way that there were two arches in between the tower that he resided in and the main portion of the castle.

    The bridge did have an oak wood floor, which at the moment, Vee was appreciating because he could slid his foot instead of having to limp all the way across the bridge. Once he was at the other side, he opened the large door that separated the castle's interior from the harsh elements outside. He found his way to the dining hall which consisted of four rows of several long wooden tables, which had long benches on either side of them. There were large arched windows lining the wall and chandeliers hung from the ceiling at evenly spaced intervals.

    There were a lot of people here already, mostly guards and servants, some of the royal family as well, and some visitors from other villages. Vee walked over to this small arched hole in the wall to pick up a plate of food. It wasn't much, a small loaf of bread, and a bowl of porridge. He went to the end of a table where no one was sitting and sat there eating his food in silence as he thought of some ideas for his future projects. "Hey Vee, anyone in that thick skull o yours?" A short stubby man asked in a gruff voice.

    Vee shook his head and looked at the man. He was slightly taller than him, averaging around three feet, he was the only dwarf that Vee knew. He had a large, scraggly auburn beard and matching hair, he had a thick gut and wore a blacksmith apron over his blood red tunic and solid black pants held up by a rope that looked like it would snap in half if tied any tighter. He had very muscular arms and big beefy hands that could probably crush a man's skull on the spot.

    "Oh, hey there Shorty. Didn't notice ya." Vee said as he stretched out a paw towards the dwarf. His full name was Drovensten the Third, but Vee calls him Shorty, though he's the only one Drovensten will allow to call him that. "None taken, ye did hear what I asked ye though?" He asked raising an eyebrow as he grasped Vee's arm to embrace him.

"No, what'd ya say?" "I said that ole king Arthur has a need of ye today." Drov said as he let go of Vee and sat down across from him. "I heard that he needs a new way of protecting his kingdom. Says you might be working on something along those lines." Drov said as he raised an eyebrow inquisitively at Vee.

    "Thanks fer telling me Shorty, but you know my projects with the king are private matters." Vee said. Drov is Vee's only assistant, save fer when it comes to matters involving the king. "Well, it don't hurt ta try." Drov said with a big grin on his face. "I'll head to the throne room after I eat. I'll see what it is that he wants exactly when I get there." Vee spoke as he took a bit of his bread.

    After Vee finished his meal, he walked through the castle to the throne room. Once there, he walked past the empty throne to the door directly behind it. He opened the door leading to a small room that consisted of a long table with a map covering it completely and a single door on the opposite side of the room. King Arthur was there looking at the map. "Hello Vee, have you any news on our project lately?" The king inquired.

    "Which one?" Vee said as he entered the room, walking past the king. "Don't play games with me Vee. You know which one I was talking about." The king spoke calmly, yet fiercely. "You mean the one to harness electricity? Yeah, I came up with a few ideas but I've also started a side project." Vee explained, as he jumped up and took a seat on the table, opposite the side the king is on.

    "What is this side project?" The king inquired. "Listen, I've been thinking about this, since you and I are the only ones in your entire kingdom, until you allow me to teach new engineers, who are smart enough to make this machine as well as it's components, are we going to be making a lot of these things or just the one?"

    "You've avoided my question Vee." The king stated blankly. "Ugh, I've taken it upon myself to build a forge on the roof of the tower you so kindly gave me to produce my own components, and I was wondering if I would be able to get my own smith, so I can build a small discharge device." Vee said shyly.

    King Arthur was silent for a long time. Vee thought he'd never answer, and to appease his boredom, started swinging his legs back and forth. "Old man, you going to speak er not?" Vee said, growing impatient. "Fine, I'll allow you to pursue this side project of yours, but if anything goes awry, I'm holding you to the charges." King Arthur stated solemnly. "Then it's settled, I'll have the finished product of the holding tank for the electricity tomorrow.
Here is the first chapter, I'd just like to say that I'm new to writing medieval stories
and that the name of the story is subject to change. Also I'm not really sure if shooting straight
into electricity is a good idea er not, but you guys are my judges, feel free to criticize me, and don't 
be going easy on me either, your criticism helps make better stories

all other characters in this story©Dragondreamer54
//Notice, please use the above copyrights for all future chapters of this story\\

CH.2 :Coming out soon
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“廷廷!你到底還要睡多久啊!?” 一把聲音不僅從我身後傳來。幾點了?我望向時鐘。竟然中午十二點了。我怎麼睡了那麼久?明明只想掛了一會兒的-

“廷廷!再不起來我就要生氣咯!” 唉。算了吧。反正都起來了,那睡意也被吵走,就在不起來他可就要生氣咯。盡量不讓他生氣吧,雖然他生氣的時候也很可愛,嘻嘻。

“是啦是啦…” 我裝累,為的就是想他多陪在我身邊一些。這招每次都挺好用的呢,我邊想邊暗笑,又低回頭去不讓他看見。 大概是被他以為我賴睡吧,他好像真的生氣了。 “早安~”

“臭俊廷!不是叫你不要這麼遲睡了嗎!?” 他嘟著嘴,手交叉地看著我。笨蛋,你知道你很可愛嗎? 真想直接去捏你的臉,但又怕你痛。 “再這樣我就不管你了!”

“好啦好啦~起來就是了~” 真拿你沒辦法。整天就只會用幼稚的方法來威脅我。“笨蛋。”

“你- 你才是笨蛋!” 呵呵,他臉紅了呢。 都兩年了,還這麼容易害羞,哈。 “我- 我先出去買早餐了!自己保重!別再睡了!” 說完他就走出去了。“真的好可愛哈哈。或許真的該愛他多點呢- 哎喲!”

什麼東西被我弄倒在地上了?我站起來,看了看。“雷精靈的日記” 一本書上面寫著。興的日記?呵呵,這傢伙還寫日記,什麼年代啦。


翻開日記的第一面,居然還有個目錄。這傢伙還真可愛。不管了啦,我一直翻,卻找不到一些起眼的登記。“這篇是什麼?” 我不禁翻到一頁。面上很明顯被保存得很好,和其他的頁面比起來素質差好多。


“給我最親愛的俊廷。” 我開始碎碎念。“關係:朋友/好朋友/暗戀者/愛人。


他們說,世界上最難說的一句話是 ‘我愛你’。但是,我不覺得。我只要想到我不能和你在一起,鼻子就會很酸,眼角就會很濕,兩條小溪就會從我臉頰滑下。




“廷,我回來了-” 你走到我面前,我倆的淚水不禁留下。“你…發現了。”

“笨蛋。” 二話不說,我抱緊他,胸口濕了,他背後也濕了。“有什麼話直接跟我說就好。”

“你才是笨蛋!” 他輕輕捶打我的肩。“明明知道我那麼愛你,為什麼到最近才敢說!?”

“因為啊…” 我忍住淚,擠出笑容面對他。 “被你追的感覺很爽。”

“變態!” 他捶得更大力了,半哽咽半撕裂肺地和我說:“你知道- 你知道我差點- 差點!就想放棄了!要不是你那晚發來的簡訊,我早就跟你完了!我每天還得擔心你又會被誰牽掉,每晚我的枕頭幾乎都不是幹的!我恨不得你早點出現在我面前說那句久違的‘我。愛。你!’”

“對不起。” 我只說了這一句話。我看他跌坐在地上,自己能夠做的卻只能坐下來安撫他。

“我做了這麼多,你還只爆了一句‘對不起’!?” 他瞪著我,我的眼睛更蒙了。“至少,我也該-”

”別再說了。” 我又抱緊他,不讓他繼續下去。我們坐在地上哭了許久,才鼓起勇氣站起來走出書房。

“沒事吧?” 這句話居然從他口中出。我倍感內疚,卻又不想再讓他擔心,只好微微點頭,再次擠出笑容。“還要吃早餐嗎?”

“一起去吧。” 走前吻了他一下。拉著他的手走下樓去。“這次,該換我保護你了。”

His Diary.

On Pixiv:…

English Version Here:

For :iconendlesswaltzft:

Waltz belongs to- actually, waltz is him IRL <3
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Sometimes he wonders how he gets dragged into these kind of things. He could've been finishing up the paperwork his grandfather had set for him to complete but no.

He is here with an obnoxious woman who doesn't understand the meaning of personal business in a cafe spying on his two good but slightly dense friends. The ocean eyed girl leans in further, her nose touching the big window screen as she tries to get a better look. "Binoculars will be too obvious," she had told him as they ordered their drinks. 

He let's out a low irritated grumble as he rakes his fingers through his spiky sandy brown hair. She turns looking at him, her gaze resting on him with utter seriousness.

"You're paying," she says as she turns back to the stoic teenager, taking a sip from her strawberry tea, eyes on the blue cup where the male teenager's finger looped across it's handle. 

"I don't see why I have to pay," the boy says, annoyed, "when you dragged me here." The girl's eyes glances out of the window, so does the emerald green eyed boy.

Their highly oblivious friend, Red was laughing along with the petite blonde girl, Yellow who was giggling. Unconsciously, the red eyed boy reached out and wrapped an arm around the girl's shaking shoulders. The corners of Blue's mouth lift.

"I dragged you here to see how our two dear friends are doing," she says to him, her gaze not leaving the couple who was still laughing, "and those two are my share. So paying is yours." Green scowls at this response.

"I didn't need to see how they were doing,"Green said, in a forced tone, "I know that they're doing just fine." He could feel anger bubbling from within him. 

"Oh really now?" Blue drawls in a tone that clearly states I don't believe you, "Green when was the last time you came out from the lab?" She raises an eyebrow pointedly at the scowling boy. 

"I have work to do." He responds but he himself knew that excuse itself was rather lame.

"Yeah well everyone deserves a relaxation period at some point right?" She says finishing the last of her tea. Their two friends began to stand from the bench, Red's arm still locked around Yellow's shoulders.

"I know Red and Yellow are having the times of their lives. Life doesn't wait Green," she says to him, standing up from the plush pale pink seat, her brown hair covering her eyes slightly. She strides to where Green was sitting, opposite her.

"I care for you, Greenie," she whispers into his ear. His eyes widened and turns to her. She gives him a smile and leaves the cafe, hoping to meet up with Silver, to question him about this Soul girl she has been hearing about. Green stares at her back as she disappears from the cafe, walking out. 

Leaving Green feeling completely baffled and blushing.

And outside oblivious to the serious teen, were his two friends locked in an embrace.
This has been lying around my stash for a while, so I just edited it a little and decided to post it since it's been a while since I last posted a Pokespe one shot, 
Pokemon belongs to Nintendo 
enjoy :)
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“A calendar.”

The voice muttered, walking through the sanded-road. “Yeap, that’s my birthday gift to her.”

The lad sighed out, glaring a branch that tapped his forehead. “Aaaaa calendar.”

The more he walked, the more the lad seemed to get annoyed. His train of thought focusing on the root problem that got him here, rather than focusing on looking for the thing he was sent to retrieve. Err, person.

<Even that was stretching it.> Ruby rolled his eyes at his own mental comment. “Forget the dress, forget the headband.” He said, complaining to himself as he took a turn. When he saw the tree up ahead looking familiar, his annoyed expression turned bitter. <Did I really walk in a circle?>

It’s okay.

It’s totally fine.

No problem.

….. ….. …… ……

Yeah, right. He anger marked. “Ruah! Why send me anyways?!” Ruby stomped childishly against the dirt ground, unable to contain anymore of his growing annoyance. “She’s got other friends!” He reasoned, deciding to take a different direction than he had last. “Sure, they have tails and paws, but they won’t get tackling lost!
“Me?” The glasses wearing Ruby questioned.

The fatherly man in front of him smiled with a huge nod. Making it just a biiit more harder to reject. “Yes! She’ll listen to you, I’m sure.”

Ruby stared at him. “But not certain.” He countered, sighing. “Doubtful, she isn’t exactly a fan of mines.”

“Well of course not!” Dr. Odamaki shouted with a chuckle in tow. Ruby was sure by now, conversing with this man was more confusing than conversing with his daughter. “She isn’t fond of your contests and things.”

“Oh.” Yeah, definitely much easier conversing with his daughter. “That’s not what I meant.” Ruby waved Odamaki off, deciding it was harder to explain metaphors and puns to him, than it would be to the man’s daughter.

Odamaki went to Ruby’s side, who still remained criss-crossed and intensely trying to stitch up some cloths. The fatherly man bent his knees, getting closer to Ruby’s line of sight. He gave a low humming sound, as if curious to what the Coordinator was doing.

Apparently, the man didn’t come close to understanding whatsoever as he slammed his hand against Ruby’s back. Making the poor lad hit forehead first against the floor. Had it not been for his reflexes, the sewing pin might’ve gotten stuck in his eye or something. “Rakh!”

“My daughter doesn’t dislike you, just your hobbies.” Ruby sweat dropped, calming his breathing down from the near death experience. “But she likes the clothes you make for her. So I guess the only thing she can’t get pass is the contests you enter.”

Ruby’s focus broke as he registered the man’s words. “Wait, huh?”

Odamaki understood what caught the lad’s attention, he only smiled and thought over his words carefully. Letting the boy safely put away his items before talking again. “I see her trying them on over and over. She always gets this happy blush whenever she sees herself in them.”

Ruby’s eyes joltedly blink, he couldn’t even imagine her doing that. But he didn’t believe them to be lies, either. This made the lad feel a little bit more self-conscious about his work. Odamaki laughed, seeing the boy’s reaction. “She even asked to get a full body mirror a couple days ago!”

That effectively force a lukewarm bridge to form over his nose. All Ruby could manage to do was take off his glasses to stop his eyes from darting around embarrassedly.
“And that.” Ruby cleared his thought, the same lukewarm bridge creeping up to his nose at the replay memory. “My fellow trees, is how I ended up lost here in the forest. Looking for that barbaric child since she couldn’t even remember today is her birthday!”

Letting some seconds pass by, Ruby groaned and rest his forehead against the tree he conversed with.

“Yes! She’ll listen to you, I’m sure.”

“… Why were you so sure about that…” Ruby muttered, his eyes lazily making out every detail on the ground.

“She always gets this happy blush whenever she sees herself in them.”

“She always gives them back immediately after… so..” He sighed out, recalling there were a few times he left his work with her or forced her to take them back to her home.

When the digging pain of the pressure his forehead had against the bark tree. Ruby straighten out his back, deciding to keep marching on ahead. Sooner or later he’ll run into the wild child, right? It’s not like he’ll end up lost in this forever until someone finds him.

Or remembers him for that matter.

“Aahh…” His fist had no more room for the growing regret. Honestly, for all his trouble he’s just going to get another bruise. And if he’s lucky, a whole brand new nickname.

Moments later, the coordinator found himself in front of a cross path. One goes left, the other right. Both sides had trees getting taller meaning he would be heading deep center in the woods no matter what route he picked. Was the wild child really this deep in, or was he really that lost.

How big was Mishiro town anyways? This forest dragged on forever! Or…. He was going around in circles and never really noticed. Yeah the latter seemed more likely. Ruby sighed out again, deciding to take the right side and hope if he’s only making matters worse on himself. The wild child would be able to sniff him out a week later or so.

“Come on! That ain’t swimming! Get moving ya’ll!”

Ruby blinked his eyes wider. The sudden voice sounded so much like the lassie in question, and it seemed the female’s voice was coming from the left side. For once in his life since knowing her, he’s never been more glad the girl’s voice was naturally loud as thunder. Imagine how screwed he would’ve been had she not called out to whoever she was with.

Wait wait, didn’t she mention swimming just now? “Who’s she with…?”

Shuffling his feet to the left path, Ruby followed the dirt road until it disappeared into a clearing. Or rather, a short hill-cliff. The giant in height trees’ roots looked more like a vine-ladder as they were visible on the steep hill. There was also very little room below with dry soil, a sparkly lake filled up the ground. Ruby couldn’t help but take a short scan around.

It was like a giant bowl. He could see the ending of the tree roots before it hits the lake. It didn’t look as grim as some entertainment makes these settings out to be. It looked more mystical than anything. He also noticed the tree branches with fruits creating a slight shelter over the lake. Not letting in too much sunlight, but just enough to make the lake glitter.

Ruby briefly wondered if there was more beautiful places like this deeper into the forest. “Come on, let’s race!”

The coordinator snapped out of his thoughts, bringing his attention back to the lone female who was in the middle of the lake. There were various water type Pokémon in the lake with her. They were all swimming, some were floating, and most of them raced with her to the other side of the lake.

He watched silently, one hand resting on a tree and half-ly keeping himself from slipping off the hill. The grayish brunette had no trouble swimming at such a high speed, she was even keeping up with some of the water types. He noticed she was swimming half in the water and half in the air. So she wouldn’t have a clear view of what was ahead of her.

He only noticed this after the leading water types greatly slowed down, if not stopped altogether, at the end. When the brunette felt the end of the lake, she popped up from the water, looking around to see who was close by. The brunette smiled widely, looking genuinely happy. “I win! Ahaha!”

Did the Pokémon let her win? Ruby shook his head, that wasn’t important right now. What grabbed his attention more is what she wore. He could swear that wa--

“Wah!” Sapphire yelped, suddenly being sprang up to the air by one of the water type’s assumingly Hydro Pump attack. He got a clear view on the swimwear she wore. It was a one he had made for her. One that would look and feel similar to her usual everyday outfits.

And by that he meant the falling leaf skirt and bra. This one he had designed for her had artificial leaves sewed on, but a layer of azure lace underneath. The same azure shade was used for her fluttery chest piece. Seeing her wearing it in the water made it feel off, like there should be something added.

And this wasn’t just his typical fashion senses, he was more concern with how to really make her natural beauty shine through. He needed something on her head, to bring out her enthusiasm.


Wherever Ruby was going with this, died the moment he saw Sapphire take a face plant into the water. He blinked his eyes surprised as the wild child clumsily tried to get back to the surface. The water types were laughing in their own unique way, once the brunette was up and recovering from the shock. The way her legs were flung earlier, and how she looked now with her wet hair sloppily plastered to her face and neck. Ruby couldn’t help but laugh himself.

“Ha.. Ahahah!” He closed his eyes laughing lightly. Half trying not to be heard.

Almost immediately, Sapphire heard the sound of a human laughing and whipped her head around to the source. Her sea-like orbs widen at the sight of Ruby half hiding behind a tree. “Ruby?”

The boy in question laughter died upon hearing he was now caught. Then again he wondered why he felt the need to hide, he was out here in the first place to retrieve her anyways. “Oh.. Uh, hey.”

Sapphire only started, not moving from her spot in the lake. The water types gave her space, sensing the girl would thrash around in a couple of seconds. Sapphire wasn’t sure if she should feel flustered or angry. How long was he watching her? Would he tease her about wearing the swimwear?

Wait wait, why was being embarrassed even an option. He was spying on her just now! The clear emotion to feel is most definitely anger. That being said, the brunette angry-marked and gave a little growl.

At the sight of the brunette suddenly becoming angry, hiding seemed like a pretty golden idea. “Ah!” With widen maroon eyes, Ruby twisted his heel to make a run for it. Knowing she was going to chase after him by the way she placed her palms on the edge of the lake as if to heave herself up.

Though neither of them got very far.

Granted, he really should’ve held onto the tree with two hands.


Sapphire let her body dip back into the lake when she heard the coordinator yelp out. His yelling was followed by a splash which made her turn back around in the water. When the boy couldn’t be found anywhere, she knew he had fallen in the lake.

“Keh--!” She stopped herself from laughing. Ruby managed to bring his head up to the surface, his ridiculous hat even by hat standards giving him a face slap. “Snk!” Sapphire instinctively held back her laugher for about two seconds before bursting out with her crackling giggles.

Ruby flicked his hat back, giving the brunette across the lake a derisorily look.
At this point, after trotting through a forest, being lost for over two hours, and having mental debates with himself about every single action and word spoken leading up to this event. Ruby hardly cared about being a little wet.

Twisting his hat and watching a tiny waterfall pour out. Ruby sighed. Okay, a lot wet.

Still didn’t bother him, nope. Not at all.

At least, it won’t in about two minutes.

Awkwardly, since his hat was still soggy, the boy placed it back on. Tugging on the headband section to make sure his childhood scar was safely soakin--covered. “You’ll get sick like that, ya’know.”

Ruby didn’t look at back to where the brunette was dressing in a pair of dry clothing. “I’ll take my chances.” He said.

It was odd, since when did she bring a change of clothes with her? Not that he wants to discourage it or anything. She just seemed hell-bent on never changing her ways. Was today just a coincidence? Ruby shook his head, deciding that wasn’t important to ponder over. The sooner he brought Sapphire to Mishiro, the quicker he could change his clothes and avoid getting sick.

Then again, why was she here in the middle of the forest to begin with. She seemed to be having a lot of fun just now. It almost made him want to pretend he never found her and leave her be. Maybe that was why he hid earlier. “Whaddya doing out here?” Sapphire asked, being a lot closer than he heard her come.

Ruby faintly flinched as he turned to face her. “Uh, I could ask you the same thing.”

Sapphire tilted her head, her lips were parted as her right fang peeked through. “I always c’mere.”

“Your dad thought you were skipping out on the last minute.” Ruby said, looking off the side. He figured mentioning her father having a near panic attack wouldn’t be the right thing to say. He’ll save that for when she refuses.

“Papa noticed I was gone?” Sapphire’s confusion was converted into shock.

Something wasn’t right with this picture. “Uh, who wouldn’t notice the guest of honor’s missing?”


<Wait…> Ruby’s right eye squintedly twitched. “Do you even know what today is?”

Sapphire let her eyes rolled above, as if trying to take a look in her brain. “November twentieth?”

<She completely skipped October!> Ruby darken-marked, holding in his groans at the innocent looking barbarian. “It’s September, actually.”

“Oh.” An awkward silence fell over the two. This actually hardly ever happens. They’re conversation normally ends with a mutual bickerment of some sort. Ruby wasn’t sure what to do with this silence. She doesn’t even know it’s her birthday today.

Guess that’s where he should start. “Uhh, Sapphire?”


“Someone’s birthday occurs in September, do you know who’s?” The expression of realization was always fun to see on the lassie barbarian.

Sapphire tilted her head a bit. “Green-senpai?” Judging by her expression, she really believes that.

Ruby shook his head. “No, pretty sure his birthday’s around November.”

The brunette perked up a bit. “Wait, Green-senpai and I have birthdays on the same month?”

Resist the face palm. “No, it’s yours. Your birthday is on September, today in fact.”

Ruby knew Sapphire wasn’t slow, had trouble reading, sure. A little dense to riddles, so it a lot of people though. But not dumb whatsoever. So he was really confused to why she seemed like she couldn’t keep up. “Today’s September twentieth?”

The coordinator nodded. At that moment he registered what she mentioned earlier about sharing the same month. She thought today was November. And that her birthday took place in that month, did she know her date of birth was today but just got mixed up to what month she was currently in?

“Ah! Wait, I’m confused.” Ruby shook his head, this was worse miscommunication they’ve ever had with each other. And miscommunications happens way too often for them. “What made you think it was November?”

Sapphire shrugged, deciding her hair was dry enough to put on her bandanna. “That’s what the calendar said at home.”

So really, all Ruby was doing is cleaning up Odamaki’s mess. The coordinator rolled his eyes. “So that’s what happened.”

“My papa sent ya because it was my birthday?” Sapphire asked, moving onto the next subject.

“Yeah, he was worried you were skipping out on your party.” Ruby let out a little sigh, the awkwardness seemed to have lifted. But he still felt odd that they were conversing this long without a bickerment springing.

Droplets of water fell as Sapphire shook her head--most of disapproving the situation. “It ain’t November, but it’s still the twentieth, yeah?”


“But…” Ruby glanced to the brunette. “Ain’t my birthday on the twenty-first?”

If only there was a desk here he could slam his forehead into. “No! I’m surprised you of all people didn’t remember your birthday. We made a bet based off it, for ghost’s sake!”

Sapphire shrugged, looking off the side. “Papa’s the one I charge of the calendars. I just follow what it says.”

“Even if you’re birthday changes every year?!” Ruby flung his arms a bit for emphasis. He felt like he was the only one taking this seriously.

Having Sapphire shrug for a reply confirmed, he was the only one who was taking this matter seriously. All this trouble just because no one in the Odamaki residence knew how to work a calendar. “That’s it! My birthday gift to you is a calendar correctly filled out.” Ruby shouted frustratedly.

The grey-brunette giggled, finding Ruby’s overreaction amusing.

Ruby blinked away his anger, hearing the soft laughter of the normally growling barbarian. He felt his heart skip a beat, his throat became dry. Making him gulp down a bit louder than usual. The wild child had her eyes closed as she giggled. She missed the guilt-ridden expression he let slip.

He couldn’t keep doing this. Falling in love with this brunette steadily as the days go by. But still hold strong emotions for a childhood crush he can’t even remember the face too.

As long as he remains conflicted between the two. As long as the possibility still remains, that one day he could meet up with that girl. He didn’t want anything to change between him and Sapphire. “Aah, it really sucks that I didn’t bring my camera.”

“Huh?” Sapphire opened her eyes, seeing the coordinator smile to the side.

He probably only moved his head that way just to gave her a peripheral glance. “You’re wearing the suit~”

Putting two and two together, Sapphire felt her cheeks get instantly warmer. “Ehh?!”

Ruby gave a light laugh, and swayed his neck playfully. “Although there’s something missing with the outfit. You look cute with it still.”

The warmth in her cheeks built a bridge over a nose. “Huah! I just, it ain’t like th--”

“Thank you, for uh not tossing it away.” Ruby gave the brunette a soft smile, not wanting to anger her with his teasing. Getting her a little riled was always a bit fun though.

Sapphire responded by looking off to the side with a huffing pout. Grumbling under her breath, possibly denials that she couldn’t find it in herself to voice.

Ruby glanced up at the sky, seeing the sun starting to set. “Well, we should ge--ah.. hhh…chhe!” The coordinator automatically looked away with a faint pink dust on his cheek.

Sapphire for a moment was taken back, but quickly smiled smugly. “Told ya.”

Before Ruby could say anything, he heard the brunette sneeze right after. “Heh.”

She only looked away, pink dust resting on her cheeks as well.

Title: Re:_ Vise - She Needs A Calendar
Series: Pokémon Special
Link/Setting: SilverLink
Relationship(s): Frantic ((Sapphire x Ruby))
Rated: EA for Everyone and Anyone
Season/Timeline: - - - - -
Quote: “… Why were you so sure about that…”
Genre:  Fluff? Sads?
:bulletblue: Odamaki Sapphire
:bulletpink: Ruby
Word Count: 3’237
Song Raped: - - - - -
Glossary: - - - - -
Diclaimers: Headcanon details belongs to © GalaxCanon!
Canon characters and things belongs to © PokéSpe (Pokémon Special) Hidenori Kusaka. (Illustrated by Yamamoto Satoshi & Mato)
Fanfiction belongs to © Mothic Writer: Citinea

Artist’s Comment:
Woah look at that! I didn’t think I was gonna make it. Revising this one because when I saw the original version I…..

There are no words.

How the fuck did that get so many faves. It was literal taurus.
Man it's been awhile since I PokeSpe anything... sorry about that. My PokeSpe watchers, it's just, I really wanna get Pandemoniun out there, so I hope you give it a chance ^^;
Don’t have anything to say actually, so without further ado~
Hope this killed time rather than wasted it!:happybounce:

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Part 1 - Origin
It was the first Friday of December, and so far things had been peaceful in Viridian.  I had just purchased 12 months of Xbox LIVE Gold at Gamestop, as my subscription was expiring the next day.  As I walked out to my car, however, all semblance of ordinary was suddenly thrown out the window.  A man in gray jogging gear burst out yelling in anger, and then seconds later began lashing out at something or someone on the ground.

Worried, I hurried over and spotted a pale, bloodied figure surrounded by what appeared to be pieces of eggshell.  It was then that I took note of what the man was saying, or at least the few words between expletives.

“I was supposed to get a ****ing Adamant, powered-up, future badass, and what the **** am I stuck with?” he roared, “A ******* piece of mutated ****, that’s what! ****, you’re probably Timid anyway, what I’m seein’ of ya!”  Even with the vulgarities left to your imagination, I’m sure you can tell he was pissed beyond belief.  Creeping closer, I managed to identify the poor victim: a newly hatched Tyrogue, which the man had yet to notice was a rare shiny.

“Hey buddy, leave the hatchling alone!” I ordered, refusing to let this hanus act of cruelty continue, “It’s not his fault you’re a crappy breeder!”  The man whirled around to face me, but I already had my faithful Electivire, Tesla, standing at the ready.

“You let that poor child go, or you’re gonna find out what high voltage feels like!” she barked.  Clearly not used to talking Pokemon, the man freaked out and ran for dear life.  Tesla then stood guard while I retrieved an old, gray towel from my car.  Hurrying back to the scene of the crime, I bundled up the injured Tyrogue and hoisted him into my arms.  Returning Tesla, I cradled the injured hatchling as I took the fastest route to the Pokemon Center.
Part II - Daddy
It had been a long, nerve-wracking afternoon in the emergency room  I had stayed during treatment because I felt it necessary to see if the poor hatchling would survive.  Thankfully, God blessed the little one with strength, and he pulled through admirably.  Nurse Joy brought me the news, and allowed me to see the now-stable Tyrogue.  Satisfied that he was okay, I prepared to leave the center, but stopped when met with a curious line.

“You can take him home tomorrow, assuming no unexpected problems,” Joy announced.  I stopped in my tracks, turning to face the pink-haired woman.

“He’s not…” I started.  My gaze fell to the small Pokemon, bruised, bandaged and frowning as he peacefully slept.  The sight broke my heart.  “...he’s not going to face such harm again.”
I awoke early the next morning, keeping quiet so as not to awake my boyfriend, Simon.  After successfully sneaking out of our apartment, I made my way to the Pokemon Center for the second time in as many days.  Nurse Joy spotted me the second I walked through the doors, and ushered me back to where Tyrogue was still sleeping.  For the first time I noticed just why the man had referred to it as a ‘mutant’ in his tirade.

Aside from being shiny, the young Fighting-type was lacking the appendages most Tyrogues had that resembled pants and shoes.  Exposed were tiny genitalia, leaving him more or less naked.  Nurse Joy had gone ahead and diapered the poor thing, and for good reason too: its padding from the previous night was completely soaked.  Noticing the young male starting to stir, Joy made a decision that would impact the rest of Tyrogue’s and my life.

“I’m going to have to ask you to change him; there’s a line building at the counter,” she apologized, “There are supplies in the cabinet there.”  I was then left alone as Joy went to tend to the nonexistent line.  Letting out an inaudible sigh, I got to work changing Tyrogue’s diaper.  Just as I taped on his new padding, the hatchling opened his bright, blue eyes for what was possibly the first time in his life.  Naturally, the first thing he saw was me.

“Daddy…?” he asked, speaking his first word.  I was taken aback, as not all Pokemon could speak English like my team.  Not only that, but the little tyke had, by natural instinct, assumed I was his father.  Perhaps this was why Joy wanted me to change him.  Managing a smile, I picked up the newest addition to my Pokemon family and carried him with me to the front of the Center.  Joy smiled at the sight of the cute Fighting-type resting in my arms.

“You two have a nice day,” she spoke cheerfully.  Tyrogue waved goodbye as I carried him outside, and then his eyes widened adorably as he saw our ride home.  Silver, the son of the Lugia from the second Pokemon movie, had come to take us home upon my request.  I was friends with the large, white, legendary Pokemon after a chance encounter during my travels.  Now, I was able to summon him as a means of transport whenever necessary.

Tyrogue quite enjoyed the flight back to my apartment, spreading his arms as if he they were wings.  He and I talked a little too, and agreed on a new name for him: Taylor.  His cute voice and ‘daddy’ nickname grew on me during this time, and I found myself becoming quite fond of the little tyke.  As we landed in front of Simon’s and my apartment, I smiled and hoisted Taylor playfully into my arms.  I knew as I carried him inside that my entire life had changed for the better.
Part 3 - Future
A lot has changed since that first encounter.  Taylor continues to address me as his father, while Simon is oft referred to as ‘uncle’.  We had him house trained in three months, and now his attire consists of jean shorts, sneakers and some kind of character briefs.  Also, despite an rather shy personality, he does have the ‘Adamant’ nature.  Along with two egg moves- High Jump Kick and Bullet Punch- I also taught him Earthquake and Rock slide via TM’s.

Taylor also chose not to evolve, so I gave him an Everstone necklace for his first birthday.  He was excited beyond belief; happy that I actually supported his decision.  Training with the rest of my team, Taylor has become a skilled battler despite his supposedly weak stats.  He keeps a similar mindset as Ash Ketchum’s Pikachu, hoping to prove that evolution is not necessary to win battles.  I have faith that my little boy will do just that.
Yes, the title is a parody of the X-Men movie about Wolverine.  Anyway, this is a story about the origins of my newest OC Pokemon, Taylor the Tyrogue.  One thing I left out of the story is that he does still wear diapers occasionally.  He's taken after me in enjoying them.
Pokemon is Nintendo's
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Collection by
I saw the Halloween prompt over at and I decided to draw it.

So Diamond, the self-proclaimed "perfect gem" dresses up as who thinks is the most perfect human... which is Beyonce. I went for her 2014 VMA outfit because it was blue and covered in gemstones, so I thought that would go very well... And Steven there is dress as MJ's Thriller...
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Nate/kyouhei from Poké-monsters lol

He's so cute~ :iconkyouheiplz:
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Can we please talk about this precious orphan Prinack Babeh created by PurfectPrincessGirl ? Cause... I love him... 

I honestly never felt so strongly about someone else's OC since BrickercupMasterX3 created Chloe... and then you know what happened next, I bought her from her and claimed her as my own... But I have self control now, I'm not gonna bribe the creator this time...

I love Will because of his and Princess's angsty backstory. One night stand leads to teen pregnancy that leads to forced adoption... god, that's brilliant and very very tragic. Plus Angst has got to be my favorite fanfic genre. I mean, I love the fluffly and smutty fics but the angsty ones are the ones that get me, especially the one with Princess.  I remember reading a fic called Poor Princess over on and holy shit, that fic killed me... it's my favorite fanfic of all time even though it's not finished... I'm just addicted to the soul-crushing pain...

Anyway, I just randomly drew these doodles based on Purfect's headcanon... and she's also making a story too! See! -> The Search for Will Pt. 1 I'm so happy cause I can finally get some questions answered and some closure...

Yeah... as you can see, I get very emotional about Prinack kids... I love all of them... (or any kid of Princess tbh) okay, that's all...
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This is just a cute little drawing I did for a friend in Spanish class. Lucy is her favorite. (Juvia is mine, obviously) Anyway, hope you like it. I used copic markers for the first time by the way, however this particular paper wasn't very good for them. Luckily I have Bristol paper that I'll use for future Copic Marker drawings.
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In some Pokemon Games you can use Fly while Surfing. You fly off on your Pokemon, as usual, but then you leave the surfing Pokemon behind.

Like this! -
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Samurott icon from my speedart. :]
Free to use.
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This picture was the most pain in the arse I ever had while drawing.
Why? Because every time I was half done with the fur on the fox my photoshop said "Oh, will you look at the time. Better stop doing whatever I just did." And then it stoped running. You might think I saved but no I did not. And this happened 3 times.
And now you might think, well I guess you learn from misstakes but let me tell you this:
Pitch dun' learn from misstakes.
I ALWAYS fogrott to save.
Fuck you, Photoshop. You fucked up. And don't look at me with that big sad Adobe eyes.

So anyway. This is some fanart for the upcoming Game from Broken Rules Studios called Secrets of Raetikon. There is a game already out on WiiU called Chasing Aurora and I love it. But whoever had the idea that you need a three star rating on the hard missions of the single player mode in order to proceed is an evil mastermind and one day I will find you....wich isn't even that hard because obviously they are in Vienna. YAY!
I'm coming for you >:I

Also, please your thoughts on the fur of the fox.
And in addition: Sorry for lack of work on Comic and lack of everything else but the holidays and Dark Souls suck me up compleatly...I hate Dark Souls but in a way I love it. But the fun thing is....Dark Souls hates me as well and it doesn't want me to play it....

I give you a short moment of the game when I played while skyping with :iconvaultscout:
*after 10 tries I finally made it out of the cave again*
-Dragonvalley. Do you think I meet dragon here again? (red dragon just flew away without a fight)
+Well I don't know.
-Wait there is a path. I didn't see that before. Man if there is a bonfire here I will bite my ass off. ....Miles, is that a tree or a dragon?
+It's probably both. Treedragon.
-That is in fact a dragon wing. But it's dead. No problem. Ohh loot! *proceeds to collect loot*  Maybe something I might need to carry on?
+Are you sure you should do that?
*dragon starts moving*
*instant kill*
+It was a trap.

Anyway I hope I will be a little more active again next year or whenever I kill the already dead dragon :3

Secrets of Raetikon belongs to Broken Rules
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Final form of Roggenrola.
Going with the crustacean theme was a bit harder with this one. It ended up having face-like markings like I did with Boldore to account for the head on top of the body. It is mostly based on a lobster, but takes some features from general crustaceans and a bit of inspiration from a Stryracosaurus...
It's design was a bit more of a stretch than the two others

Roggenrola and Boldore:

Evolution Line:
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Redesign of Pokémon Boldore
After drawing Roggenrola as a Wood Louse, I had to continue its evolution with the crustacean design.
So here is a crab/horseshoe crab/lobster hybrid.
After a long life in caves, crystals start growing on its shell.

Boldore originally has three legs ending with a red part. These have become the claws and tail. I have kept the shell cavities that resemble eyes, too.

Process recorded on

Roggenrola and Gigalith:

Evolution Line:
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Redesign of the Pokémon Roggenrola.
I was wondering how to do a rock-type as something that could exist in nature, and here's the result.
It's based on a woodlouse, except that because of the shell's shape, it stands when it rolls.
I'll be doing its evolutions too.

Process recorded at

Boldore and Gigalith:

Evolution Line:
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Collection by
Thank you all for your support! i have reached about 400 watchers and i appreciate it.
my friends who have supported me greatly were put in this drawing i was gonna put more with more pages but was limited.

People who have made a great impact in my life. i am glad to have know every single one of these wonderful people. You all are great friends/people
:iconbrokenfin369: :iconsuperyummycupcakes: :iconcutesakura37: :iconnakomy-chan: :icondeadmanjack: :iconotaku-ane: :icondreamreaver1634: :iconmctg: :icontony-san101: :iconstoic-seraphim: :iconfoxgirlx: :iconyamicchi: :iconotter1408: :iconcheonnyeon: :iconzinske: :iconaquawindlugia: :iconnomment: :iconharleebar: :iconomfgbaka: :iconmichellemallari: :iconcaptainkitnmitns: :iconcoldblackdragon: :iconappletre: :iconangel-chiyo: :iconmei-ryu: :iconharuchanshirayuki: :iconle-ragdoll: :iconyunotheinferno: :iconkitsuneanhiko: :iconsangrde: :iconsquidini:
And all my friends and supporters <3

I want to give you all a BIG THANKS~
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You opened your eyes, faintly aware of a commotion going on in the background. A familiar face filled your vision, Rivaille's expression taut and serious, his lips dipping down ever so slightly in a concerned frown.

You smiled up at him softly, fatigue wearing on your body. "Yes?" You asked quietly, reaching up to his face and cupping your hand against his cheek. Rivaille's mouth tugged at a tiny smile.

He leaned down, placing a gentle kiss on your forehead. "You scared me." he murmured against your skin, but you could feel the smile on his lips. 

A small, wailing cry sounded from the other side of the room. You both looked up, to find a nurse advancing towards the pair of you, a small figure swaddled in a pink blanket.

"It's a girl." She told the two of you as she placed the small body in your arms. You peeled away the blanket gently, gazing down and the small writhing figure in your arms. She was pale, for a newborn. Small tufts of dark hair sprinkled her head. You knew at once that she looked like Rivaille. 

"Hello." You whispered to the child, who's movements slowed to a gentle stop as she peered up at you with big, dark eyes. You chuckled quietly, placing a soft kiss on her forehead. 

The girl let out a small cry, almost a whimper of protest against the display of affection. So like Rivaille, you thought.

You looked up to Rivaille, who seemed entranced with the small figure in your arms. His eyes wide, lips slightly parted as he gazed down at the baby girl. 

"Do you want to hold her?" you asked gently. Rivaille nodded. You gently handed him the child, who looked at Rivaille, her dark eyes mirroring his.

"She's...bueatiful." he whispered in awe, a tone he usually did not betray to others.

You chuckled. "She looks like you." you whispered tiredly.

Rivaille looked toward you, a gentle smile on his face. He pressed his lips to yours gently. "You must be tired." he whispered. You nodded with a bashful smile. "You should rest."

"No, wait." You whispered, your eyes suddenly wide and alert. "Oh, Rivaille, what is her name?"

Rivaille thought for a moment, his brow furrowing in deep thought. Finally, his face relaxed, and he looked a you, a silent twinkle in his eye. 


You nodded contently, laying back on the soft pillows of the bed. "Jeanne..." you whispered, the name light on your lips.

With that, you feel asleep, leaving your newborn daughter staring up with dark eyes at her father.


I watched (Name) closed her eyes peacefully, and with a light sigh, fell into that land of dreams. I smiled ever so slightly at her,then directed my gaze back to the child in my arms. 

"Jeanne." I whispered.

The little girl blinked, a tiny but recognizable response. I smiled. 

(Name) was right. The dark hair and eyes mirrored my own, but her expression was her mother's all the way. Staring into her eyes was like my eyes meeting (Name)'s for the first time all over again. My heart skipped a beat.

I cradled the girl with one arm, swaddled in a pink blanket. "Jeanne." I spoke again, in a soft whisper. I held my pinkie up to hers, and in a moment of surprise, the girl reached out and grabbed it with her tiny fist.

A small yawn escaped her. Her dark eyes scrunching in fatigue. I chuckled ever so lightly, trying to pull my finger away from her insistent grip.

"Oi, let go." I whispered. Jeanne didn't listen, in fact her grip tightened by a fraction.

I resigned to having my finger held captive by the child with a small sigh, waiting until she was completely asleep to bother trying again.

I placed the baby girl in her bassinet before walking back over to (Name). Her hair made a halo above her head as it was spread on the pillows. A slight sheen of sweat still covered her face. A small 'tch' escaped my mouth. I took my handkerchief and wiped away the perspiration, placing a kiss on the skin once it was clean. 

"I Love you, (Name)." I whispered, almost inaudibly. 

As I walked out, I glanced back at the child once more.

She was smiling.

I read somewhere that Rivaille has french heritage. Therefore, his daughter shall have a french name. o3o
I loved writing this. Rivaille was such a lovely pleasure to write.

More to come soon!

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It had been a week.

You thought this to yourself as you sat in a rocking chair, staring out the window in the living room of your house. The quiet squeaking of the chair was the only sound in the house, along with your quiet breathing. The ingredients to that night's dinner lay untouched on the counter. You had recently lost your appetite in the latest stage of your pregnancy.

A small sigh escaped your lips. You rested your hands on your bulging stomach, a sad smile forming on your lips.

A knock sounded quietly at the door.

"Come in." You called. The door opened, revealing a shaggy head of hair. Jean peeked around the door, and upon seeing you in the rocking chair, stepped into the cottage.

"Hey." He greeted. "I um...brought you dinner." To emphasize this, he set a small bag down on the table.

You shot your best friend a grateful smile. "Thanks Jean, but I'm not really hungry."

Jean looked at you worriedly. "You said that last time I visited, and from what Christa told me, you said yesterday too."

You shrugged. "I just don't have an appetite." You replied simply. 

Jean sighed with a bit of irritation, running fingers through his light hair. "You should eat anyways.' he told you, taking the bag and walking over to the kitchen counter.

He began taking ingredients out of the bag. A roll here, a potato there, and some fruit as well, as a treat. While he began to prepare it, you sat quietly in your chair, continuing to stare out the window. There was a comfortable silence between you two, no words needing to be said. But nevertheless, you spoke.

"It's been a week."

Jean looked up from the counter, towards you. A bit of surprise registered on his face, but he nodded in confirmation. 

It had been a week since he went missing. A dozen squad members had ventured out on a routine exercise, Rivaille among them. Less than a dozen had returned. Those who had not come back were deemed either dead or missing, Rivaille being amoung those who were missing. 

Ever since receiving the news, a member of the corps had come by everyday to check on you. You had retired from the corps due to your pregnancy, but the friends you had made never changed. Jean tried to visit as often as he could. You two had grown closer over the week, not romantically, of course. That time had passed long ago.

Jean stopped what he was doing and walked over to you, kneeling in front of the rocking chair. 

"He'll come back." He whispered. But you could hear the touch of doubt in his voice. "You and I both know that."

You smiled at Jean sadly. "No." You whispered. "We don't."

Meanwhile, on the wall:


"Erwin, our shift is over."

"It's time to go."

The commander shook his head. "No" He replied simply. "Not yet. Not until the sun sets."


Erwin turned to the soldier, a small smile crossing his lips. "Procedure says that a soldier must be missing for a week before he is declared dead. Rivaille went missing at sunset a week ago. I won't leave until the sun sets."

"Y-yes sir!"

With that, the soldier spun and walked off, leaving Erwin staring alone at the setting sun.

He gave a small sigh, and for once, fear clouded the  eyes of the great commander.

"Rivaille..." he breathed, the name lingering on his lips. "You can't do this. (Name) needs you."

He closed his eyes, breathing in the smell of the sunset and the evening light.


"I know."

Even though his eyes were closed, he could tell the sun had now vanished beyond the horizon. The sun had set, and so had the hope for the soldier to return.

"He's gone." Erwin whispered, his face blank.

They turned from the wall, back towards the town, but something made Erwin stop, and glance one more time at the plains that extended beyond the wall.

"Wait." he told the soldier quietly, squinting his eyes at the plain. A small shape made itself, a shadow against the evening light. Erwin wouldn't have noticed it if he wasn't looking closely. But now...

"Open the gate!!!" he yelled. 

You had fallen asleep after Jean had left. 

You looked up, out the window, to find the night sky enveloping the last dim rays of light from the sunset. 

And in that moment, you realized he was gone.

Tears pricked your eyes, and began to spill freely down your cheeks. your face contorted into such a look of sadness and despair anyone who looked at you would have felt their heart shatter.

"Rivaille" you sobbed. "No...."

You sat there for what seemed like hours, knowing your husband was never coming back, knowing your child would never be able to know its father. Your loud sobs rang through the house, and eventually faded to quiet hiccups, which then became silent. You sat in a trance, your eyes heavy with tears. 

It was only then that the door opened. 

You froze, your back towards the door. You knew exactly who it was, but you couldn't quite believe it. 

His footsteps crossed the room, each second seeming to last for an eternity. You couldn't control your emotions. Happiness surged inside of you, but you were afradi at the same time that you were wrong. It couldn't possibly be him, he was dead, after all...


Your eyes widened, and your hands rose to your face. Fresh tears sprung to your eyes, and you couldn't stop them from flowing freely down your face. 

That oh so familiar voice, deep and serious as always, reached you again.

"(Name), look at me."

You raised your head, and came face to face with the dark orbs that always seemed to pierce through your soul. Rivaile was injured, you could see. His arm was held to his chest with a sling, and his head was bandaged, his dark locks spilling over the white gauze.

"No." You whispered in disbelief. "It can't be, you, you..."

"I'm alive." Rivaille whispered.

You never did find out what happened beyond the walls, or how Rivaille manged to make his way back to you. All that you cared about was that he was alive, and you knew he would never leave you.

There,have some angst!!
I've been meaning to write this for such a long time. It has been in my stash for weeks now,but a recent suggestion made me finish it.

Rivaille will always come back, no matter what. :heart:

Rivaille and all characters belong to Shingeki no kyojin, you belong to Rivaille.
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"Aaand there we go.~ Good as new little one!" you say with zeal as you finish up the wrappings on a Vulpix's paw. The Pokemon mewled as he cuddled up to you in thanks. You giggled and ruffled the red hair atop it's head.

"You're a natural, (Name)."

You jumped at the sudden voice and whirled around to see the boss of the little clinic. She had a warm smile on her wrinkled face as she watched the Vulpix snuggle up to you.

"A natural? At what?"

She chuckled and wobbled herself over to you. She motioned to you and the Pokemon.

"This. Taking care of Pokemon. Loving them. Whenever I find a stray out in the forest, no matter how feral they are, they turn into mush whenever you work your magic."

Your face flushes while you look down. "Oh stop, I'm not that good."

"Nonsense. You've even attracted actual customers to this abandoned old clinic."

It was true. Ever since you've started working at the clinic ,people actually stopped by. You never knew why it didn't get as many customers before. It was such a convenience. The forest it resided in was so far from an actual Pokemon Center , that people should be rushing here at all times.

"Please! Help!"

Perfect timing.

You rushed to the front, leaving the manager with the Vulpix who was crying out for you.

"Yes can I help you si-" you stopped yourself as you got a good look at the man. He had long green hair that looked soft as silk. His eyes were just as green as his mane , but they were filled with an urgency.

He rushed over to you , placing the injured Mudkip gently in your arms. Your mindset quickly turned to business as you brought the Pokemon on a table , bring out a stethoscope placing it as carefully as you could over it's heart. The  good news that it was still there , but it was beating erratically.

You checked all other signs for something and then came up with a conclusion.  You looked up to the worried green - haired man.

"It looks like this poor Pokemon is paralyzed and it was so bad it knocked it unconscious." you searched through the cabinets , looking for a paralyze heal.Once you found it , you gently applied the medicine to the Mudkip ,who twitched but showed no signs of waking soon.

You sighed and picked it up gently , placing it on a softer recovery cot. You went back to the man , who was wringing his hands out in anticipation , worry deep within his eyes.

"No need to fret sir. The little guy will be good as new in about an hour. Good enough to even go back home."

He nodded and opened his mouth to say something but was interrupted by a cry from the Vulpix from earlier. It limped over to you , eager for you to give it attention. It scampered up your leg practically begging for love.

You picked it up , a stern yet little smile on your face. "Hey little guy. Your not supposed to be walking on that leg."

He mewled and snuggled your chest. The man chuckled beside you. You turned to him and nearly jumped at the sudden loving and warm look on his face.

"I don't suppose that's your Pokemon is it?"

"Oh , umm, No. My manager found him out by the lake and brought him in to be patched up. He just took an extreme liking to me."

He nodded and took a step closer. "I see. This Pokemon loves you very much. I can hear nothing but praise and admiration from him."

You tilted your head in confusion. "Hear?"

The man suddenly tensed and looked at you wearily. "Yes hear. Is that a problem? Me talking to Pokemon and understanding them."

The two of you stood in tension. Him analyzing you while you stood thinking. All of a sudden , you rushed up to him, a slight twinkle in your eyes , causing him to step back in shock.

"R-really?! You can talk to Pokemon? And they talk back?! That's amazing!" you gush. He blinked , but physically relaxed. The warmth back in his eyes indicated that your answer was the best he had gotten.

"Ah, yes I can , but as you can see , only when they're conscious, which is why I kind of panicked."

You nodded in understanding and looked up at him. He still had that twinkle in his eyes and a smile that didn't look like it would disappear soon. You cleared your throat in embarrassment and flushed.

"Ah. By the way , what i your name miss?"

"Oh. Umm. It's (N-Name)."

He chuckled as you stumbled over your words and grabbed your hand in his , bringing it up to his lips.

"And I'm Natural Harmonia , but you may call me N if you'd like." he stated , shocking himself. He never gave out his full name to anyone. You must've been pretty special.

You blush as his lips made contact with your hand. "It's v-very nice to meet you, Natural."

Butterflies whirled around in his stomach when he heard his name leave your mouth. And right then and there , he just knew that he had to here more or better yet for the rest of his life.

"(Name) , I have a request."

You pull yourself from your thoughts and nodded as a response.

"I may be able to talk to Pokemon , but I can't ,exactly, heal them. I encounter many injured little ones on my journey and I can't do anything but rush them to the nearest PokemonCenter and sometimes it's too late. And the bigger ones , there was no way I could help them." N rambled, a lump in his throat , thinking of all the hurt Pokemon he couldn't save.

"And from what I can see , you do very well with healing Pokemon and I would-." N stopped , his face heating up. He couldn't ask a total stranger this.

You tilted your head and smiled. "Hold that thought , N. I'll be right back." You turned and walked into the office where your manager resided. The door shut behind you, leaving N to stand there wondering what all the murmuring was about.

After along drawn out silence you exited the office , grinning from ear to ear. The Vulpix in your arms also showing excitement.

"Alright Natural. Let's roll.~"

N's eyes widened in shock. "H-how did you-?"

"From the looks of it , I just knew you were gonna ask me to travel with you." you shrugged. "You seem like a nice guy and I'll be helping Pokemon along the way. Soo it's all good."

You nudged the speechless boy towards the door.

"So , were to next?"
Reader-tan needs to stop following pretty boys. (Just a little something I'm posting cause I'm going on vacation and I don't know If I'll update.)
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"For everyone who loves to create"
★Thank you so,so much for the DD! I'm really, really touched at the response to this. ★

Update: Trollbrus has kindly provided a Spanish translation! You can check it out here!
Update2: 汉语版 by 原畫人!

A small story I've been meaning to draw out.
Finally done to celebrate 1000 days of daily doodles on my doodle blog o/

It works best on large resolution screens lol;;;
If the flash does not work for you , you can view a page by page version here.

Artwork + Story © Nichol CLH .//projectTiGER 2013 
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Pokemon pics
Collection by
What if Gardevoir fight Twilight Sparkle
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Hey guys! If you enjoy my FFA shenanigans, my friend Slur)set up a campaign to sell these awesome shirts! I designed the picture, as part of a commission. I do get a percentage of the profits so if you wish to support me, please consider buying this! </s>

The campaign was taken down due to copyright issues. Please stay tuned for an updated tshirt design! Sorry for the inconvenience :[


For commission info: GO HERE 
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. . Or an Flareon's rage. I can not tell if his an good or an bad Pokemon from this. 

I saw this in my head. . There are pretty strange things in there. . Try not to think about to hard me. 

Flareon (c) GAME FREAK inc. The Pokemon Company 
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Collection by

My Instagram

Nikon D5300.
Credit if you use it ^^
Purchasing will give you a 4496 x 2597 version :) (Smile)

Other Photos:

  Foggy Morning II by Aenea-Jones Secret Garden by Aenea-Jones Into the Bloodred Forest by Aenea-Jones Into the Light by Aenea-Jones Bleakburrow Falls II by Aenea-Jones Hazy View by Aenea-Jones
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Su~per late birthday present for my friend, :iconiamacutie:~

Sorry for the wait, but I hope you like it...!^0^

Undertale and its characters (c) Toby Fox
art (c) okamispiderbrush
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a thing I did for my friend IamaCutie who's recently gone under for Undertale. :3
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I know I initially had Nina with the default BW protag outfit, but she did undergo an unintentional outfit change around Icirrus City so I thought it would be good to have a ref pic, along with the colors. So if you want to draw her for whatever, use this! Thanks :>    

Interested in the nuzlocke? Click [here]
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The lantern from the inside that keeps me alive :>

The glowing effect was added by using photoshop .hope you like it .

you may  also like  these

Forever's Here To Stay by NanoMortis.Lost Under The Lights by NanoMortisBreaking Boundaries by NanoMortis

Art (c)me
Tools: Pen+water colors+Photoshop CS3
Thank you for viewing..
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Collection by
the 3rd artwork about LOTR.
it is show the the moria mines where the fellowship of the ring going through.and from guessing the keywords to the door of Moria,and going down in darkness,and encounter the goblin army in kings hall,and finally fighting the bralog demon。

it taks a week to finsh~it is a hard progress~~~and hope you like it~

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Ok so me and :iconmalumia: have been passing notes for the past two weeks and I think we're ready to announce a big thing that Both of us are doing. Get ready, cuz we're gonna be doing...

A special brand-new....

Off the walls amazing....

Completely original...

Crossover together!! Yay crossovers :D. In any event, the story, ideas, all the planning have been settled, and all we were waiting is for finishing the final touches. But it's now time to get the project underway!! Yay underway was!! Welcome to our brand new crossover: Never-Ending Gaming!! Hope you guys like the cover image, and be sure to check out :iconmalumia:'s work. She's pretty good!! I'll be sure to link the pic when she finishes with it riiiiigggghhht....…
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"That promise I made to her... you know what would have happened if she hadn't said anything?
... buddy.

Y o u ' d   b e   d e a d   w h e r e   y o u   s t a n d . "


Undertale, Sans (c) Toby Fox
art (c) kcisterash
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“Don’t let them know what you really are. Cover your face because if they notice one difference between you and them, you’ll be a pile of dust before you could even call for help.”

Lunch break quickie.

Undertale (c) Toby Fox
art (c) kicsterash

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Y'know, from far away this actually looks kinda cool. But close up, eeeeeeeeeh not so much. Drawing it was fun but coloring shit is always a bitch.

Art (c) Me
Sans (c) Undertale/Toby Fox
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