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Guess what I saw our the holidays???......that's right, Walter Mitty. XD

But seriously, sorry for the waiting, guys. As I mentioned in my journal, I just graduated and so my full attention is focusing on getting my portfolio site up and going. While doing so, all the pressure of getting things done for it had me pulling my hair out. So I took a break to clear my head a bit, what better way to do that then the movies.
So, being a major Tolkien-neer, I went for the "second" Hobbit movie. Despite what people said about it, I liked it, and decided on doing a simple sketch of Smaug. While doing so, I recalled someone suggesting doing a BBxRae piece with BB as a dragon. So, two birds with one stone later, This came up as my first pic for 2014. Oh, in case anyone missed it, the new abilities they're talking about is BB able to shapeshift into mythical creatures. Yeah, I know he can do that in the comics, but I thought it'd be an interesting power development plot for BB in the series. 
As I said, I'm putting full focus on my portfolio, so I'll have to do my disappearing act again for a bit. Once I'm done, I'm open for business, outside and inside my account. Till then, enjoy.
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This is my contest entry for :iconteen-titans-project: contest [link]
Since it it was free theme I just thought drawing the whole gang. First time drawing Robin I think I got him pretty good [thou his skin color seems a little too dark, no?]
And apologies for them mistakes in the pictures I was a bit in a rush to finish this. Have a lot things to do this week so I wanted to finish this as soon as possible.
Teen Titans Warner Bros; DC Comics
Art BeastGreen
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First off, sorry about the size. Its pretty big.

This is a comic that I had an idea for a while ago but didn't get around to doing. Oddly I decided to do it after seeing Fiddler on the Roof ... and the song used is from Wicked. :P

Enjoy!!!!!!! :D

EDIT: This is the song if you haven't heard it [link]

Raven, Beast Boy and Terra belong to DC comics (and Warner Brothers I think)
"What is this Feeling?" lyrics and Wicked belong to Broadway.
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'80s hair.
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ore teen titans fanart in super chibi style =)

Characters from left to right ---> Starfire, Terra, Raven, Beast Boy, Cyborg, Slade, Red-X, Kole, Jinx, Blackfire............more will be added as i draw them

robin, ur hairdo is too complicated for me ><
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Teen Titans
Collection by
I had a serious art block that lasted at least three weeks :C I finally managed to do something and finish it.
The designs are mine, so please do not use without my permission. I hope to do something similar with the boys soon.

Hope you like it!

on tumblr:

OMG i just noticed... guys, don't ask where are Bumblebee's wings hahah

Titans fashion III by GretluskyTitans fashion II by Gretlusky
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Remember the episode from the original Teen Titans when they first met (SEASON 5 EPISODE 10)?

I decided to draw them in the style of Teen Titans Go, hope you like :)
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Remember that episode of Teen Titans where Starfire went about 10-15 years in the future. There she saw a broken down Cyborg, a mentally disturbed Raven, a fat/bald Beast Boy, and an awesome Nightwing? Do you!?! Anyway, in the comics after a new young generation became the Teen Titans, the crew from the show (plus Donna Troy and Wally West - among others) formed a new team: Titans. SOOOO Putting two-and-two together, I did the Teen Titans animated characters as The Titans. I don't like how Nightwing has a bird on his outfit in all the animated shows, as he never had that in the comics, and the Duncan Macleod hair had to go... so I changed his outfit. I updated Beast Boy to Changeling, Kid Flash to Flash, Wonder Girl to Troia (or just Donna Troy), changed the colors to Cyborgs outfit, and just used my previous updated version I did for Raven and Starfire. Anyway I think it's cool to see them as adults.

I do not own these characters, DC comics and Warner Brothers animations does.
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I started sketching after seeing the full short: [link]
and this is the result (: I added Terra, as usual. Now that I see it, I should have drawn Raven instead of Terra, holding Beast Boy's hair :C would have been funnier.
Anyways, hope you like it.

Continue sending mails and tweets to Cartoon Network

and sign the petition, please! [link]
WE can make it!

Teen Titans (c) DC Comics
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- Submission: Fan Art
- Comments: From Teen Titans Go! & My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic ~ Raven in homage of the episode "Girl's Night Out" w/ her fear of what girl's night is, there was one where she was scared of rabbits? Either way....
- Color version: [link]

- Medium(s):
Paint Tool Sai

- Time length: Unavailable
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Let's do this again next year! The End!

And that's the end of the series, unfortunately. Sorry to BB/Raven, Robin/Starfire, Cyborg, Terra and other who's not a Starfire/Raven fan. This series are not meant for bashing other fans. It's just that I'm more a Star/Raven fan than the other pairings. But hey, who knows? I might draw a single picture of the rest of the characters in the future, as long as the other fans don't bash/flame other fans' liking.

Anyway, thank you for viewing and taking some time to leave comments to all of my pictures. Thank you and Merry Christmas. :3

Back to part twenty.

Go back to the Beginning.
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Starfire is delighted.

Look how happy Starfire is! X3

Go to the conclusion.

Back to part nineteen.

Go back to the Beginning.
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Lesson ends.

Raven has done her teaching. How will Starfire feel about it? *duh...* XD

Go to part twenty.

Back to part eighteen.

Go back to the Beginning.
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Raven shows Starfire the proper way of doing the 'Kissing under the Mistletoe' custom.

You'd think Starfire would get away just like that after giving Raven a peck? XD XD I don't think so!

Go to part nineteen.

Back to part seventeen.

Go back to the Beginning.
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teen titans
Collection by
                                         All Hail Trigon
                                   Chapter 02: Fateful Reunion

[India, a Few Months Later]

Rachel hummed a silent tune as she cooked some food in the kitchen.
once she was done, she took the many plates and walked to the dinner table.

as she set up the table, her eyes flashed white.


after several minutes passed, two green skinned males soon entered the room.

"eat up, boys."

Azari was the first to sit down and bit into his steak.
Garfield just ate some Tofu while Raven ate a salad.

after awhile, Garfield spoke.

"you certainly know how to cook some food, Rae."

Rachel smiled.

"i've had Plenty of time to practice."

Garfield smiled.

"well, your a natural."

Rachel smiled.
as the family ate their dinner, they heard a faint knock.

Rachel looked up.

"COME IN!!!"

a figure soon entered the room.

a young woman with dark skin, "pom-pom" hair.
and, wearing a Black-and-Yellow, full body suit.


Karen smiled, then opened up her arms
as Azari ran up and hugged her.

"hey there, kiddo."

Rachel smiled.

"hey Karen."

"how's your "arrowhead" of a husband??" asked Garfield

Karen smirked at this.

"Roy's fine."

Karen then looked down at Azari...then, exhaled.

"anyway...i need to talk with you guys."

"sure!!, what about??" said Garfield

Karen darted her eyes...then, looked back at her friends.


Garfield and Rachel's expressions immediatly changed.
after a moment of silence, Rachel finally spoke.


Azari looked at his mother.


"why don't you go outside while the adults talk."

Azari crossed his arms, scowling at her.

"you guys can talk all you want...i'm not a-"

"Azari, PLEASE...just do as i say."

Azari eyed his monther.
he finally exhaled, then stormed off.

once he was outside, Rachel eyed Karen sternly.

"alright, "Bumblebee"...what is it??"

Bumblebee looked at Rachel/Raven.
she exhaled sharply, then spoke.

"there's...Trouble back home."

"that isn't our problem, anymore." said Raven, bluntly

"i know, I KNOW...but, just hear me out."

Raven crossed her arms, eyeing her friend.

"it's the Brotherhood of Evil."

Garfield's eyes widened in shock.


"yes...the late Doom Patrol's arch-enemies are back.
  WORSE, they've gotten most of the Titans enemies together."

"your point??" said Raven, still unnerved at this

"Nightwing believes that the Only Way to stop for ALL the Titans to unite at one."

Raven scowled at Bumblebee.
she knew for a fact that "Nightwing" was Robin's new identity.

and, even after a decade...
Raven STILL hadn't quite forgiven Robin/Nightwing for what he did to her husband (and, herself.)

"well...Good Luck with that." said Raven, turning away

"Rae...this is SERIOUS.
  we need to work together to-"

"NO!!" snapped Raven, turning back at her friend

"I will NEVER trust Robin-"

"Nightwing." corrected Garfield

Raven growled.

"WHATEVER...the point is: I don't trust him.
  and, i will NEVER work with that traitor again....EVER."

"i know how you feel, Rav-"

"then, WHY bother to tell me this!!?"

Bumblebee sighed sharply.

"because the Brotherhood were just as "legendary" as the Doom Patrol.
  they are NOT the H.I.V.E. Academy...OR, Slade for that matter.

  these guys are seriously dangerous...and, they have been beating us BADLY.
  so, with all Titans working together...we were hoping you guys would-"

"no." said Raven

"i'm sorry, but NO...we ca-"


Raven looked at Garfield...who had a serious look on his face.

"i really think we should re-consider this."


Garfield faced is wife.

"Rae, i was a member of the Doom Patrol..." began Garfield

"i've fought the Brotherhood...i KNOW of their Goals and their Methods.
  and, Bumblebee is RIGHT: they are dangerous, perhaps Too Dangerous for even Nightwing."

Raven eyed her husband.

"Gar...he BETRAYED us!!
  we put our Faith and Trust in him, and he Turned On Us!!"

"this is BIGGER than us, Rae." said Garfield

"the Brotherhood want to Rule The World...ALL the world.
  if we STAY and do Nothing, then they'll just beat the Titans and eventually come HERE."

Raven looked at Garfield...then, looked away and sighed.
Garfield touched her chin, bringing her face to his.

"honey...don't do this for HIM.
  do this for Azari...our Son."

Raven exhaled sharply.
she then looked at Bumblebee...who was silent.

Raven then narrowed her eyes.

"if he betrays us again...i WON'T be held responsible for my actions."

Bumblebee nodded.


Bumblebee turned and left the room.
shortly afterwards, Azari returned and looked at his parents.

"Mom, something wrong??"

Raven looked at her son.

"no...nothing is wrong.
  we're just going on a trip."

Azari widened his eyes.

"come again??"

"something Important has come up, Azari." said Garfield

"so...we're LEAVING the jungle!!?" said Azari, getting excited

  now, let's all finish our dinner." said Raven, her tone silent

[Jump City, The Next Day]

Nightwing was sitting at the command center of Titans Tower, tapping his finger.
he exhaled sharply, feeling a little impatient (not to mention Anxious)


Nightwing looked and saw Starfire approach.

"are you okay??"

Nightwing exhaled.

"no...i'm not.
  i still can't believe how EASILY the Brotherhood beat us."

"do not dispare...your plan to unite our teams WILL succeed."

Nightwing exhaled sharply.

"i hope so, kor...i really do.
  because every other plan that i've made has failed Terribly."

Starfire looked at Nightwing with saddened eyes.
she really hated to see her husband, her LOVE to be in pain like this.

just then, the Titans Mainframe beeped.
Nightwing pressed a button, bringing up an Audio Link.


(("Hey, "Richie"'s ME."))

Nightwing smiled weakly.

"hi,'s progress on your mission??"

(("you can ask them yourself when we arrive."))

Nightwing widened his eyes.

"y-you mean...their COMING??!"

Starfire smiled, feeling joy swelling within her.

(("yeah...they are.
    it took some "convincing", but their on-board."))

"GLORIOUS!!!" exclaimed Starfire

"how soon will you all arrive??" asked Nightwing

as if to answer, Nightwing and Starfire saw a T-Ship fly-by right out the window.

"nevermind." said Nightwing.

Starfire immediatly flew out the front door at a quick speed.


Starfire flew out of Titans Tower and saw the T-Ship land.
she was soon joined by Nightwing (as well as Cyborg, Jinx and Flash.)

the T-Ship powered down and the hatch opened.
Bumblebee flew out and approached the group.

"hey, guys."

Starfire looked passed Bumblebee.

"where are-"

just then, some figures stepped out of the T-ship and down the hatch.

the first was a pale skinned woman in a dark blue leotard/loincloth
and, long, flowing hooded cape (which partially consealed her face)

the second was a green skinned man in a white/purple skin tight jumpsuit.

with them, was a teenaged boy with olive green skin and purple hair
who wore dark blue pants and a purple, short sleeved shirt.

the three approached the group and looked at them.
they took some time to observe was the "Titans"

Nightwing had changed "radically", instead of his red-and-green uniform
he wore a jet black, full body costume with a "blue falcon" emblem on the chest.

his hair was no longer upright and spikey.
now, it was straight and long (flowing down from his back)

his "domino mask" was also different.
it now covered his nose like a "beak", with smaller white lens eyes.

Starfire hadn't changed that much.
while she still wore her purple top and skirt...she now had silver armor over her body.

her hair style had also changed, now "curly" instead of straight.

Cyborg had only changed "slightly."
his Organic parts had obviously aged...and, his robotic parts were more "upgraded"

Raven raised an eyebrow at the two "new" members of the team.

the first she noticed was JINX.
who now wore her how down, instead of in upright "pigtails"

the second was someone neither Raven, nor Garfield even knew.
a man in a red, full body suit with a yellow lightning bolt image on his chest.

Raven, Garfield and Azari finally approached them.
Starfire rushed over and hugged Raven.

"FRIEND RAVEN!!, you have returned!!"

"for the moment." said Raven, in a deadpan tone

Starfire parted, then hugged "Beast Boy"


"I'm not called "Beast Boy", anymore."

Starfire parted and looked at him.


"it's "Changling", now."

Cyborg grinned.

"then, i guess NOW
  we should call you "C", huh??"

Changling shrugged.

"i guess."

Starfire then looked at Azari.


Starfire hugged the surprised Teenager.

"so good to see you, again!!"

Azari looked confused.

  you mean, we've met before??!"

"it was a LONG time ago, son." said Raven

Raven then eyed Jinx.

"a VERY long time ago."

Jinx looked away for a moment.
she finally approached Raven.

  i know we've never really been friends-"

"heh!!, that's the Understatement of the year." said Raven, darkly

"the last time we met, you tried to drop an entire building on me."

Jinx looked down, feeling ashamed.

"i know...and, i'm sorry.
  but, i've CHANGED...i'm a Titan, now."

Raven's expression remained unchanged.

"More likely your my "replacement."

Raven then glanced at Flash.

"i guess that makes YOU my husband's replacement as well."

Flash looked at Raven, sternly.

" and Jinx were Never-"

"forget it...i don't care, anymore.
  the only reason I am here is to protect my son from the Brotherhood...NOTHING ELSE."

everyone fell silent.
then, Azari spoke up.


Raven looked at Azari.

"yes, Azari??"

"i'm getting kinda mind if i-"

"sure...go into the Tower.
  i'm certain you'll find something to do in there while we all talk."

Azari nodded.
he then ran off towards the tower.

Nightwing watched him leave, then smiled.

"nice kid."

"yes...he is."

Raven then approached Nightwing, glaring COLDLY at him.

"and, if you hurt him...i'll make you SUFFER."

Nightwing looked at Raven, surprised (though, not THAT surprised) at her anger.

"you-you mean your still-"

"mad at you over what you did to Garfield and Me??...YES."

Raven faced Nightwing, looking right at him.

"not a day goes by that I don't think about your Treachery.
  how you forced us both into Exile, demonized our Reputation, Ruined our lives."

"i know...and, i'm so-"

"Sorry??..."sorry" won't undo the damage you've done!!"

"but, i-"

" and my husband are Only here to stop the Brotherhood of Evil.
  and, during that are not allowed to go anywhere near Our Son."

Raven brought her face CLOSER to Nightwing's.

"and, don't even think about using your "Beastbuster" tech."

"it's no longer my tech, anymore." said Nightwing

"it will ALWAYS be "your" tech...even if somebody else is using it, now."

Changling finally grabbed Raven's shoulder.


Raven looked at her husband.
she then scowled back at Nightwing.

"i mean it, "Robin"...keep away from my son."

Nightwing stared at Raven...then, exhaled sharply.


at that moment, MORE T-Ships approached the Tower.
indicating the arrival of more Titans.

[Meanwhile, Inside Titans Tower]

Azari strolled into the Common Room/Command Center of the Tower.

the boy was in awe at the advanced technology in the room
considering that he spent his entire life in the "tech free" jungles of India.

just then, Azari's stomach began to growl.

"whoa...Hunger Alert." said Azari, to himself.

Azari looked to a section of the room...which looked like a kitchen.
licking his lips, he ran over to the kitchen and opened up the fridge.

at the same time, a door slid open and Mar'i walked into the room.
she didn't see Azari, due to her face being "glued" to a book about Exotic Flowers.

Azari finally walked out of the kitchen, holding a plate of food.
he was so focused on his lunch that he didn't even see Mar'i...until-"



the two teenagers blinding ran into each other and fell on down.
groaning, they both sat up and looked at each other.

they both froze as they stared at each oher.

"w-who are YOU??" said Mar'i

"who am I??!, who are YOU!??"

"I'm Mar'i: "Mar'i Anders Grayson."
  I live here with my Mom and Dad."

"oh...well, I'm Azari: Azari Roth Logan.
  i'm here visiting with MY Mom and Dad."


"yeah!!, my parents apparently used to work here."

Mar'i raised an eyebrow.

"you mean...they were Titans??"

"Uhh..YEAH, i guess so."

Mar'i stared at Azari, tilting her head.

"you look kinda Familiar."

Azari stared at Mar'i as well.

" look familiar, TOO."

Mar'i looked around...then, noticed the mess on the floor.


Azari looked down at the Floor.

"whoops...Sorry about that."

"oh, don't be...i wasn't watching where I was going."

"well, neither was I."

Azari soon stood up.
he then bent down and helped Mar'i onto her feet.

the two paused for a moment, Azari holding Mar'i's hand.
then, at that moment...a large group of adults entered the room.

Nightwing and Raven were the first to see the two teens...HOLDING HANDS.

"DAD!!" said Mar'i

"MOM!!" said Azari

Nightwing and Raven eyed their teenaged kids sternly.
it was at that moment that the two realised what they were looking at.

Azari quickly released Mar'i's hand.
they both looking looked away, blushing in embarassment.

"it's, uhhhh....n-not what it looks like."

"YEAH, what he said!!"

Changling and Starfire just looked at each other.
who UNLIKE their spouses...were taking this situation alot better.

"betcha Twenty Bucks that Rae gets "over-protective." said Changling

"Fifty on Nightwing." said Flash with a smile

Previous Chapter: [link] - Next Chapter: [link]

Here, I setup the "plot" of the story (and, the reason why BB abd Rae return to Jump City)
which is basicly an "Alternate Version" of Season Five (Teen Titans vs Brotherhood of Evil)

Just as "Robin" is going to be called "Nightwing" in this story
I decided it would be best for "Beast Boy" to be called "Changling" in this story
(it doesn't make since for an adult to be called "Beast Boy", and "Changling" is a good reference to the Comic version of BB)

I immediatly setup Azari and Mar'i as a "couple"
and, clarify that they don't recognize each other...but, DO "remember" each other somewhat.

I also setup the "rift" between Raven and Nightwing (and, that it may clash with Azari and Mar'i's relationship)


Teen Titans copyright DC Comics/Warner Brothers

Transformers copyright Hasbro
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Teen titans go!
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Something I did for this blog: [link]
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Ahhhh. I wanted to outdo my old Raven fanart. i like her lips. and i like her better with thigh-highs instead of the boots they give her in the show, though the rest of her is based on the cartoon version. mmm taking liberties.

lineart done with .3mm B mechanical lead, coloured in opencanvas, browninated and texturized and made all dark and mysterious in Photoimpact. and if this is too dark you need to adjust your monitor.

Raven belongs to DC comics.

I really appreciate all the feedback i've received! However I'm disabling comments because it's gotten sooo many and i'll just assume subsequent favourites imply "omfg i love raven!! +fav!!". I really didn't expect this image to become the most popular one in my gallery n__n;; if you have questions about it feel free to note me, though <3
Comments disabled by owner.
Remember when this show was the shit? Well I still love it :heart: :iconomgsocuteplz: but sorry about the quality.. i was a little lazy, but I thought I'd deff add some teen titans fan art because i never see that much on here. :( bummer.

oh well... :/ so... thats it i guess... :)
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::EDIT 21.11.2011:: Over 1000 views? Didn't see that coming, honest. Thanks all of you! I humbly appreciate! ::EDIT::

Since I got in the taste of drawing fanart (yay :dummy:!) I decided to draw Raven from the Teen Titans. I've always preferred her animated design so mine is also vastly based on that. I'm a big fan of Raven. Must be because she was who she was in the series.

Drawing her is hard. Enjoy :D

Raven (c) DC-Comics
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Raven (from Teen Titans!) commission.
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Phew. Here it is... finally. The picture I've been talking about for some time... mostly because it's been a huge challenge getting it to where it is now. I went through many versions of this picture, but finally decided on this one.

At first, I wanted to have the rest of Raven's personalities appear (slob (orange), bookworm (yellow), etc), but I couldn't pull it off, plus it would have ended up more comical than I'd have liked. Also, in this version of the picture, I wanted to have giant versions of Red and White glaring at each other, translucent and imposed over the sky... but :XD: the perspective was killing me, so they got cut out. However, I'm satisfied with the characters I chose here: the ones who played the biggest part in the episode.

Despite what the simple cel-shaded look may imply, I think I worked hardest on this picture out of all the others. I spent a lot of time planning it out, thinking of different poses and angles. I'm glad to say it was worth it in the end, at least from my point of view. The background was probably the most difficult part--and what I spent the most time on.

Hope you guys liked this one :D.

Next is Terra's 'Two-Sides' picture... and then I can finally get to the requests, lol ^^;


Teen Titans © DC Comics/Cartoon Network

Art © Blue Ten
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Teen Titans
Collection by
The color version of my latest Starfire fan art
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Last night's episode of "Gorilla", what could I say? I thought it was alright, quite bizarre, and Beast Boy was one jerky Gorilla...

I got this idea here since Starfire, Raven, and Beast Boy were going "bananas" at the jungle-themed Titan home. So, why no make them jungle girls? =p

:iconttgoravenplz: : Of the Jungle, baby.
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And here is all of them together! :D (and in 16x9) I got to say, the best ones here to me are Raven and Beastboy, due to them looking so biazzare (and I like Rae's legs). Starfire was awesome for a first, and Cyborg has most detail, and Robin wasn't the best, but I did like the coloring. When trying to do Spumco-ish styling, I also found somewhat my own version of making some bizzare versions of characters, so I'm glad I did this through the weekend. :) For seperate version, go to these links.

Beast Boy…

Who do you like the best?
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If you want, this can be a 16:9 Wallpaper for you. :)

So this idea came from my good friend :iconshonenjump4eva:, and from seeing the Artful Dodgers episode clip, it makes sense. Starfire and Raven were singing a dodgeball version of the Teen Titans theme, and the band Puffy sang the original theme... and you can go even further from there. :XD: I sincerely hope you enjoy!
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So, we finally get a clip from "Terra-ized", and I really can't say much until the episode airs. However, I will say I did like Terra's design, plus she looked a bit tall to me.

So is this where the "Beast BoyxRaven" ship will happen? :XD: Who knows, but if so... I'm going to make a special summer love-triangle pic... but we will see. XD
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teen titans
Collection by
There that is a better background ^_^. Now I like the picture a bit more.

This is the last time I am doing a group pic, Cyborg was a nightmare to get right.
But other then that, I really like how the guys came out. It was my first time drawing Starfire, Cyborg and Robin. And it think they are ok for a first go.

THANKS FOR OVER 50,000 PAGEVIEWS. You guys are the reason I keep drawing ^_^.
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Yep- But good news! Looks like Titans South is going to New Zealand!

Question by: :iconaskbatgirl:

((Sorry it took so long ^^; I just couldn't think of a picture for this. Then I was like- Duh! That one picture would be perfect!))

((Edit: Ah crap, I forgot to edit out Terra >: ())

((Edit 2: Ha! She's gone. Too noticeable? :XD:))
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I just read Blackest Night. And Blackest Night Green Lantern. And Green Lantern Corps and Tales of the Corps.

Also. I liked Teen Titans. So I was like hm, if they were each members of the Corps, which would they be?

The only one I think I should really explain is Cyborg. In the comics, he's been dead and come back before. And stuff.

ALL THIS (c) DC comics
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I know I've done this before, but I thought it was time to update my Teen Titans: Next Class concept. As before I have Tim Drake (Robin), Wonder Girl (Cassandra Sandsmark), Kid Flash (Bart Allen), Static (Virgil Ovid Hawkins) and Aquagirl (Lorena Marquez) on my team, but this time I added Indigo as a six member.

My idea is that Indigo, an android from the future, is sent back in time to form a team and stop a great danger. Only problem is, she get damaged and forgets what the actual danger is. Still bent on stop whatever it is, she reforms the Titans, with the next generation characters. The idea is similar to both how Raven formed the New Teen Titans, and how Cyborg did it with the Next Gen. Teen Titans. Since this is the animated universe things can be a bit different. The reason I picked Indigo instead of having Miss Martian or Ravager as the sixth member was because I thought the possibilities with her on the team was just more interesting, and she has a neat look that compliments the team.

Art wise, I updated all of them except for Aquagirl and Wonder Girl. Their designs were dead on perfect last time. Robin got some new hair, belt, and gloves. Static got a complete make-over so he looked less like his the cartoon Static Shock and more badass. Bart I tweaked the colors so he was wearing the Impulse colors on the Kid Flash outfit, which I really like. As for Indigo, she's a mixture of various comic outfits and some aspects of Brainiac-type characters.
(If there is a big demand for it, I can post these guys up individually later on.)

TT: Robin and Wonder Girl by Glee-chan

Indigo (Brainiac 8) was created by Judd Winick and Alé Garza. Aquagirl (Lorena Marquez) was created by Will Pfeifer and Patrick Gleason. Robin (Tim Drake) was created by Marv Wolfman and Pat Broderick. Static (Virgil Ovid Hawkins) was created by Dwayne McDuffie, Robert L. Washington III, and John Paul Leon. Kid Flash (Bart Allen) was created by Mark Waid and Mike Wieringo. Wonder Girl (Cassandra Sandsmark) was created by John Byrne. All characters are owned by DC Comics.
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Daily Sketch 01.23.2014

A tribute sketch to comic book great George Perez and his seminal contribution to everything, the New Teen Titans!
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Not really. :XD: 

Drew this on a whim, guess it can be my input for Valentines Day. :B 

People! I'm open for :points: and PayPal commissions!…
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[I always have way too much fun retouching Starfire pics.]
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Damian and Mar'i and their bebe girl who has no name because DC. hates children and will never give us any stories about them. Butt-heads.
Here's a mini comic that goes with it->…
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DC Comics Fan
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Commission by :iconlaughingman19:!

Alfred is definitely one of Batman’s best and most trusted allies, but he’s one of the few who’s never put on the suit. So… what if he had to? You can find his story and others here:!
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Did this a while ago for the awesome team of Riot Games. It was released as posters for the recent World Championship. 

Do follow me on Facebook for more updates on...well...everything. :)…
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Another statue design for DC. Available Spring 2014
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Another round of fun with the Justice Magazine idea. Supergirl is the cover girl this time.
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I wasn't sure whether I was gonna update the previous version of this print that I had already uploaded or upload it as a new deviation.

I decided to go with the latter.

I added Black Hand and White Lantern Deadman to the spectrum and dragged the Lantern symbol banner gradients closer to the bottom of the page.

The 1st version can be found here:

A new version featuring the 'New Guardians of Light' can be found here: [link]
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So, it's the Red Lantern Corps logo, surrounded by light and bloody goodness. Have fun!

[Update]: Added some lighty goodness to the symbol
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This is utterly non-original; simply a collage and tweaking of the fabulous versions of the Lantern Corps of the emotional spectrum as revealed in the Green Lantern cross-over events Blackest Night and Brightest Day. I desperately wanted a shirt that contained all 9 symbols, and so like many other fans, I went to "sandooches" on Flickr, who had designed the logo images as iPhone wallpapers.…
Sandooches hadn't made a White symbol, but "stoneiswuwu" did, so that completed the set:…
So I assembled them, fussed with them a bit (I did shift the colours a tad, especially on Black/Death, but I am happy with the changes), and came up with a layered photoshop file and then a large high-quality jpeg that prints out 10X15" @ 300dpi on a t-shirt (so just find a place that can go up to 11x17. I printed mine on a black shirt and it looks fantastic :ahoy:
Black/Death, Red/Rage, Orange/Avarice, Yellow/Fear, Green/Willpower, Blue/Hope, Indigo/Compassion, Violet/Love, White/Life.
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Green Lantern
Blue Lantern
Sinestro Corps
Red Lantern
Star Sapphire
Indigo Tribe
Agent Orange 
Black Lantern
White Lantern

With blood and rage of crimson red,
Ripped from a corpse so freshly dead,
Together with our hellish hate,
We'll burn you all...That is your fate!

I'm back again, my dA friends!
Today, with the chief of the Red Lantern, Atrocitus, the first one who controlled the red light (or maybe the blood...) of Rage!
Hope you like it and i hope that no one will burn because some of that red plasma that atrocitus and his "friend" seems to vomit even to order a cheeseburger at the mcdonald's XD

Original pic is from Red Lantern #1
Art by :icongrivitt:
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