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"What are you, afraid?"

"N-No, I-"

"You're just a chicken!"

"No, I'm not scared! I swear!"

"Oh yeah? Prove it!"

You gulped, looking down off of the rooftop down to the street below. It was such a long fall… And then you looked across to the other side of the street. Eliza was sitting on her rooftop patio, reading a book and bathing in the bright sunlight.

You had to do this.

"I said I wasn't afraid…" you stepped back, sighed and started to run across the slippery surface of the roof, "And I meant it." You jumped, soaring through the air and grinning like an idiot. You were going to make it… You were going to reach Eliza's roof. Finally… Finally! You were going to be accepted. You wouldn't be that weird, outcast, antisocial nerd anymore. And then you were falling, hands flailing about for something to grasp onto but there was nothing. You shut your eyes, expecting the worst. When you hit the ground, the air rushed out of your lungs and you couldn't breathe and your leg felt like it was being stabbed by a hundred knives and you could hear the blood rushing in your ears and the voices of those idiots on top of the roof bounced around in your head.

"What an idiot!"

"D'you think he's okay…?

"Yeah, he'll be fine."

"Let's go… I'm out of beer."

A sob escaped your lips and you clutched your leg, still gasping for air. The next thing you knew, strong arms were lifting you up into the air and then everything went quiet…
You woke up in a plain white room. You were wearing a stark white t-shirt and similar sweat pants. You were lying in a bed, leg propped up on a mountain of pillows and one glass of cold, clear water on the nightstand beside the bed. You reached for the glass, realizing how thirsty you were. You yelled out in pain- even the slightest movement made your leg scream in agony.

You leaned back, letting out a frustrated sigh.

You heard the sounds of footsteps outside and then the door opened to show a tall man with sandy hair and alarmingly purple eyes. "Did you need something?" he asked in a thick Russian accent.

"Uh… C-Can I have that glass of water please?" you asked, stumbling over your own tongue. The man nodded and walked over to your bedside, handing you the glass of water.

"That was quite a fall you had." He commented, adjusting the light pink scarf around his neck.

"Yeah… That was pretty stupid of me." You let out a choked sort of laugh, blushing the slightest bit.

"I bet you are hungry, da?" he smiled at you. "I will get food." The man walked out, leaving you to sit in stunned silence in that plain white room.

You placed a hand to your forehead. 'Is it just the fall…?' you asked yourself, 'Or was that guy really hot?' You flopped back on the bed, sending a jolt of pain up your leg. Of all the things that needed to happen…

The Russian man walked back in the room, carrying a steaming bowl of soup. "Here you are." He placed the tray it was on onto your lap, taking the spoon in his hand and ladling up some soup and raising it to your lips.

"I-I can… I can feed myself. Thanks, though…" You smiled shakily at him. You wanted to appear somewhat strong in front of this mystery man.
"Suit yourself." He shrugged, handing you the spoon. You stuffed it in your mouth, slurping up the soup.

"It's delicious." You told him after you had taken the spoon out of your mouth.

"I'm glad you like it." He smiled at you and you felt your heart flutter.

'Damn it!' you mentally kicked yourself, 'I don't need this!' You tried to smile back and when that plan failed you began to spoon more soup into your mouth.

"I'm Ivan by the way." The Russian told you, still smiling.


"What a nice name…" Ivan took the now empty soup bowl from you and laid it and its tray on the nightstand next to the water glass.

"How did you find me?" you blurted, immediately wincing. Why did you say that?!

"I was in my back garden and saw the whole thing happen. I just thought it would be right to help you… It was like something was pulling me to you." He shrugged.

You felt your heart flutter again and you nodded at him.

"You should get some rest… It's been a very long day for you."

"I guess you're right…" you leaned back against the pillows and closed your eyes. Ivan stood up, walking over to the door, turning off the lights and closing the door behind him as he left.

When you had fallen asleep, Ivan came back in the room and sat back down next to your bed, gently pushing the hair off of your forehead and staring at you with his intense purple eyes.

"It wasn't just chance that I saw your fall, _____..." he whispered to you. Ivan leaned down and kissed you on the forehead.

And at just that moment your eyes fluttered open and you were face to face with the Russian.

"AAAAAAAAH!" you screamed.

Ivan backed away; face a mask of embarrassment and pain. "I'm sorry." He said quietly.

"No!" you said, much too loudly, "No, it's fine, you just surprised me… That's all." You smiled at him, heart pounding in your chest. You slowly tried to get out of bed, wincing as your leg screamed in agony. You finally got both feet on the floor and started to limp towards Ivan.

"_____..." he whispered, smile back on his face.

"Y-Yeah… Hang on…" you finally reached him, stumbling into his strong arms.

He hugged you tightly, burying his nose in your hair.

You sighed contentedly. This was perfect… No more pain. This was comfort.
This is a request from :iconnaked-toes: (Love the icon by the way~)

So yeah... A MALE reader insert. Wow, this was real different. I had absolutely NO IDEA what I was doing... Me doing this was basically the equivalent as a penguin trying to fly. But I really do hope you like it, it was a fun challenge to write.

Hetalia- :iconhimaruyaplz:
Story- me
You- :iconsexyrussiaplz:
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"Gah! Where is it?!" You said loudly as you search your room, tearing apart everything.

You pulled the blankets off your bed, as well as the sheets. You lifted your mattress so that now it was standing sideways leaning against the wall. All of your shoes were barfed out around the opening to the closet you shared with your boyfriend. Where could it have gone?

Your room was a mess from your search. It looked like a tornado blew in through the window and threw all of your belongings in every direction imaginable. You sighed.

I had better clean this mess up before he comes home, you thought.

You know the saying speak of the devil and the devil shall appear? Yeah, well, it never fails to put you in bad situations.

You heard the front door open and close, and your boyfriend's voice call out for you.

"(Name)! I'm home, my little sunflower!" He called.

"Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. I can't let him see this mess! He'll be so mad at me!" You silently scream. "Maybe I can keep him from coming in here for now..."

As you panicked, you walked out of the room and closed the door behind you. You walked down the hall and saw your boyfriend of three years standing in the living room, taking off his scarf and setting down his briefcase. When he finished he turned to you and smiled, his violet eyes shining and his white hair falling into them. You smiled and walked over to him.

"Hello, my beautiful sunflower." He said . "What have you been doing all day?"

You shrugged and giggled somewhat nervously. "Not much, Ivan. Just, hanging around."

Ivan smiled and walked up to you and pulled you into your arms. "You have to be giving more information than that, da?"

You smiled. "Not until you tell me what happened at work today."

He chuckled and rolled his eyes, planting a kiss on your lips. "Not much to be telling. Only that I'm worn out and want to be in bed with my beautiful (name)."

You felt your cheeks heat up a bit. "Oh. Well you really don't want to go in there right now." You smile at him. "It smells horrible. I opened up the windows in hopes that it would air out the room. But I think it still smells bad." You hoped Ivan wouldn't be able to see through your lie.

"That’s not a problem. Just spray some air freshener in it." He replied.

"We ran out." You said a little too fast.

Ivan looked at you a little suspiciously. "What are you trying to hide, sunflower?"

He started to walk towards your room. You kept pleading with him, trying to get him to stop, but he refused. Before he opened the door, you threw yourself in front of it, your hands outstretched over it. A purplish aura started to surround your Russian boyfriend.

"Move, (name)." He said.

If you were anyone else, that aura would have scared you. But all of your friends and Ivan's colleagues said that you were just as scary, if not scarier than the Russian who called you his sunflower.

"No." You said and glared.

"Don’t make me move you." Ivan said and started to kol.

You tried to stand your ground, but you knew that when Ivan started to kol, he was really mad, and if you didn’t give in, he would ignore you for a week. Yes, it had happened before. He only started talking to you again when you made him some borsch drowned in vodka. Not wanting to have to deal with that again, you moved away from the door.

Ivan opened it and walked in, taking in the sight of the destroyed room. You flinched back, expecting him to get madder and start yelling. But that never happened. Instead he started laughing. You looked at your boyfriend curiously. He turned to you and smiled.

"What were you looking for, sunflower?" He asked.

"Uh… this little stuffed (animal) I had. You know the one that was worn out with a crudely sown together tear on its back and the eyes were all white and beat up and the nose was falling off?" You explained.

"You didn’t think to call me and ask me if I had any idea where it was?" Ivan asked.

You shook you head, blushing.

"Come." He said and walked out of the room.

You followed him. He walked out to the front door and knelt down in front of his brief case. He opened it and pulled something out. But before he turned around he asked you to close your eyes and hold out your hands. You did and seconds later, you felt something being placed in your hands.

"Open your eyes." Ivan said.

You did and saw your stuffed (animal) in your hands. It looked completely resorted, just like it did when it was new. Around its neck you saw something glitters and a card tucked under the bow. Upon closer examination, you saw that the thing that glittered was actually a ring with a big diamond fixed in the middle.  Tears of joy stung the back of your eyes as you pulled the card out and read it.

Dear (name),

Happy four year anniversary, sunflower. While I was at work I had your (animal) restored to how it was when you first got it. I hope you like it.
There's also something I would like to ask you.

Yours forever
Ivan Braginski

When you finished reading the note you looked at Ivan. He was down on one knee, looking up at you. He took one of your hands in his in his.

"Will you marry me, (full name)?" He asked.

The tear spilled over your eyelids and you nodded, too happy to speak. Ivan smiled and took the ring off of the stuffed (animal)'s new ribbon collar and slid it onto your finger.

"я тебя люблю."

"I love you too, Ivan." You said.

He smiled and pulled you into his arms and planted a kiss on your lips, a kiss you happily returned.


"How about some borsch for dinner, and then we clean the room, da?" Ivan asked.

You nodded, smiling, and walking into the kitchen to make you fiancée his favorite dish.
Well, this is my first Russia reader insert. it is also a request for a friend of mine. :iconnerdzilla101: She wanted Russia fluff, so i did my best.

i think it totally sucks, to be honest, i mean, the idea is cliche, its sappy and its so cute that it makes me want to vomit. loo. just kidding on that last one. all in all, i just don't really think its my absolute best work. but anyway. i hope you like it.

also, ignore the blood and pipe that is in the picture. i picked it because it was well drawn and i thought the sunflowers worked well with the story


I do not own Russia.

I do not own the picture. it came from [link]

This is a request for :iconnerdzilla101:

I DO own the story
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Russia x Reader: Sweetest Confessions


You stood quietly by the wall, watching him quietly. He was leaning against the wall, an innocent smile placed on his lips as he watched the others argue in the meeting. You were too shy to approach him, much less talk to him. Every time you saw him, you always felt your heart beat go faster and your breath hitch by your throat.


Russia listened boredly during the meeting. Outside he looked calm and peaceful, but inside, conflicting emotions arose. You were standing there, looking so sweet and innocent, and blushing whenever he glanced at you. All of his attention was on you, despite his appearance on the outside. He desperately wanted to talk to you, but yet he couldn't. He would probably just scare you away.


Oh, such conflicting emotions.


You wanted to approach him, to talk to him, yet as much as you wanted to, you were just too shy. You always wondered when you would have enough courage to approach him. You fidgeted shyly, nervously biting your lower lip as a habit. You sighed.


If you don't approach him now, then when would you?


You breathed deeply in courage, the urge of approaching him enough to give you courage.


Russia almost couldn't take it anymore. You were biting your lip so cutely that he wanted to take it in his mouth, feel his tongue roll over yours, breathe in your scent, and....<insert perv thoughts here>. He let out a suppressed gasp. He felt like he was choking, not being able to get close enough to you. It seemed like you had a magnetic pull towards the Russian. He shook his head, trying to clear the thoughts of you.


It didn't work.


You heard him gasp just as you took your first step towards him. You blushed lightly, now starting to get nervous again as your courage slowly slipped out of you. You started to think in your head whether to approach him or not.


What if he makes you go away?


What if he hates you?


You huffed in courage, drawing it in once again in another deep breath, telling yourself that it would be okay mentally.


Russia snapped. He couldn't keep his self control any longer. He stomped harsh, loud steps toward you, and he grabbed your hand forcefully. He pulled you outside, not caring of the stares of the other nations as he did so. Then, the Russian slammed you against the wall next to the door.


You yelped in surprise as the Russian grabbed your hand and pulled you. You blushed red that might as well put Spain's tomatoes into shame, and winced at the contact of your back to the wall. You stared at his eyes as you breathed heavily.


He stared into your (e/c) orbs that never seemed to stop sparkling.


Sparkling? Wait, were...were you crying?


His eyes widen at the thought and he mentally slapped himself. He didn't know he had such strength. Well, he did know, but that wasn't the point.


"I...I'm sorry," he whispered, releasing you.


Your tears unconsciously fall from your (e/c) eyes from the pain your hand had suffered from Russia's grip. But, despite silently crying unconsciously, you still stared right into his eyes. You heard him whisper his apologies, making you feel flutters in your stomach.


"E-eh....?", you mumbled softly. Your cheeks were tear-streaked, still with your light blush.


He fidgeted awkwardly as he looked down, not wanting to embarrass himself again.


"I'm sorry, I just..", he muttered. He allowed himself a peek.


You were so cute, perhaps too cute, and too irresistible for him!!!


"...couldn't help myself."


You looked away shyly in embarrassment, blushing innocently.


"I-It's okay...", you murmured shyly in your soft voice. Then you looked at him and saw that he was blushing lightly and rather adorably, making your heart skip a beat and feel fluttering in your stomach.


"Argh, Mother of-!" He leaned in and kissed you for what it's worth, frustration of not having you close to him taking over. He couldn’t take it anymore, it was perhaps too much.


Your eyes widened in both shock and happiness as his lips roughly crashed into your as your heart beat raced like there's no tomorrow. Slowly, you started to kiss back timidly, your hand on his chest.


Russia realized you were kissing back, and forced his tongue into yours, although you held no resistance at all. Suddenly, he cupped your chin as he parted lips for air. He panted slightly, murmuring, "(1) Я тебя люблю, (Y/N)..."

Even though you don't understand Russian, you still somehow knew what he said. 


"I-I-I love you too...", you murmured, breathing heavily. You stared right into his eyes, your cheeks flushed light pink.


Russia blinked.


Was this for real?


He had to make sure again. He dived back down to your lips, unconscious tears flowing down his cheek.


"(2) мой подсолнух, мой подсолнух..." he mumbled shakily against your mouth.


You slowly and gently caressed his cheek with your hand, wiping his tears away with your thumb. You timidly pecked his forehead lightly, tiptoeing. You slowly smiled gently, a smile so innocent and bright that it also made Russia smile back, his heart beating fast.


Unfortunately, the door HAD to burst open with all the nations keeping their ears pressed to it. An angry aura surrounded the Russian, and a sound began coming out of his mouth without his lips moving. It sounded suspiciously like "Kolkolkolkolkolkol".


You squeaked in surprise as the nations tumbled down the floor.


"Wh-wha-!!!", you yelped, and quickly grabbed Russia's hand, making him calm down and look at you with a small, innocent smile, his rather angry aura fading away.

His frown quickly melted away, and soon, he was smiling affectionately down at you. A few hoots and whistles came from the crowd of staring nations. Russia looked down at them and said in a seemingly innocent voice, “Leave me and my sunflower alone, da?"




"Da?", He said again, this time scarier and firmer than usual.


No one dared speak for a while, just until the eavesdropping nations quickly left the room, leaving both of you alone once again. You were still holding Russia's hand in reassurance, keeping him calm.


He blew it, didn't he? He felt your quivering hand holding his, and he knew he scared you. You were quite scared, alright. But you didn't mind. It was him, after all. As long as it's him, you wouldn't mind, no matter what.


He stared at the floor awkwardly. "I-I'm sorry I called you my sunflower, I-I mean, you didn't even agree to being and-!" he stuttered. God, he was a stumbling heap of nervousness next to you. He was just so happy he even got to kiss you and-!


You shut his stupid, rapid thoughts up with a chaste kiss.


You suddenly kissed him to stop him rambling, your hand still holding his. "Shh...", you hushed at him after pulling away, your arms now around his neck, making Russia's face rather burn. You had suddenly turned so bold. He liked this side of you, as well as your shy and innocent one.


“It’s okay….”, you told him gently, with an innocent smile on your face, your cheeks still flushed red. You gently caressed his cheek as you stared into his enchanting eyes filled with happiness. "A-as long as it's you, I-I don't mind...."


He pressed his warm lips gently on your forehead, murmuring sweet, beautiful words to you that made your cheeks feel warm and your heart race.


"I love you, (F/N)...", he whispered in a voice filled with sincere love and warmth, something that made you heart skip a beat. It made your heart bubble in happiness and gratefulness, yet also relief, that he loved you back.


It was like a dream come true....


You smiled sweetly and so innocently that it made Russia's heart skip in bliss and such satisfaction.


"I love you too.", you said delightfully and somehow dreamily.


...Well, it is a dream come true, for you. It was your sweetest confession just for him, after all.


Yay for fluffs~!!! :iconyaychibirussiaplz: I finally finished it! Well, this actually came from an unfinished rp with a friend in FB, then poof! Here it is! XD Ahaha~ Fluffy fluffeh~ I hope you guys like it! >w<)/ 

(1) I love you
(2) My sunflower

Hetalia belongs to :iconhimaruyaplz:

You belong to yourself, or perhaps :iconrussiawinkplz:

Plot belongs to :iconakainamida1:
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"(Name)? You awake?"

(Name) jumped at the sound of her friend's voice. She looked to her left and saw Toris Laurinaitis. The brunette was staring at her with his pools of curious green eyes. She yawned and rubber her eyes tiredly.

"Sorry, Torris. Winter just makes me sleepy sometimes." she yawned.

It was winter time during the school year. With (Name) cramming for exams in a couple weeks, and the holidays coming up, she hardly had anytime for her friends, including her crush.

Ah, her crush. The tall platinum haired, violet eyed, handsome Russian, Ivan Braginsky. Every time he smiled his childlike grin at her, she would just melt despite the cold climate.

"You should head on home, (Name). School's over." Toris told her as he walked with her through the empty hallways.

"Yeah, I have to get home and jump back on studying." She explained.

"Still? (Name), exams aren't for a few more weeks, we have plenty of time!" Toris exclaimed. The two of them reached their neighboring lockers and began to pull out and put back what they needed for homework. "Besides, we have that last quiz in chemistry that we need to study for."

"I know, and I have been studying for that. Anyway, I need to head to the library. I need to find a book that I need to study with." (Name) stated as she pulled out her coat and scarf from her locker, then shutting it.

Toris sighed. "You really need to learn to take a break once and a while, (Name)."

(Name) chuckled. "I know. See ya on Monday, Toris. Tell Feliks I said hi." she began to walk away. Before she left the school, she put down her backpack, put on her coat and wrapped the scarf around her neck. She pulled her hair out from under the scarf and closed her coat by buttoning it. She picked up her backpack and made her way down to the library.


"Let's see... That book should be right...." (Name) walked through the isles of bookshelves as she searched for a chemistry book that she needed. "Ah. Here we go." She reached out for the book, but sadly it was on a shelf too high for her to reach. "Crap...." she cursed under her breath.

"You need this book, da?" a cheerful voice said next to (Name).

(Name) turned her head and her (e/c) orbs widened to see her crush standing right next to her. A childlike smile ever present on his face. He wore a long tan coat, green pants, boots, and a long white scarf.

"H-Hi, Ivan." She greeted as she stopped her attempts to get the book.

"Privet, (Name). How are you doing?" He asked.

"I'm fine, getting books I need to study with. Exams coming up... You know..." She replied as she allowed her gaze to drop to the floor.

"Da. So, you needed this book, da?" He asked as he pointed to the book that (Name) was reaching for. (Name) nodded. He chuckled softly and retrieved the book and held it out for her. "Here you go." He said sweetly.

(Name) looked up and blushed. "Th-thanks Ivan." She mumbled as she took the book.

"Would you like me to walk with you home, (Name)?" Ivan asked.

(Name)'s face burned. Her heart fluttered happily inside her chest as she nodded a yes.

"Wonderful." He smiled happily.

The two of them proceeded to the checkout counter. (Name) took the book from librarian when she was done checking it out. They walked out of the large building and headed down the cold winter street.

"Ivan, what were you doing at the library? I never asked." (Name) spoke, and watched as her words became puffs of steam in the cold air.

"Well, I was looking for a few books to help me study for that chemistry quiz that we have coming up for exams. But it would appear that someone had already checked it out." He sighed slightly. "I'm not the best at chemistry, and I want to do well on this quiz."

This is perfect! (Name) thought. I can help him study and then confess my feelings for him! "Well, Ivan. I can help you study if you want. That's what I've been doing for the past week anyway."

Ivan's eyes lit up and his cheeks became dusted with alight pink. "You would do that for me?" He asked.

"Of course! What are friends for?" Friends?!! Crap! What did I say friends?! That can't be good!! She cursed in her thoughts.

"Oh (Name), Spasibo, thank you so much!" Ivan cheered as he suddenly wrapped (Name) into a hug. She girl squeaked at his sudden action, but melted into the hug and sighed contently. Ivan broke the hug and smiled down at her. "Come on, let's get you home."

"R-right." (Name) stuttered softly as she continued to walk with Ivan. The walk only lasted for a little bit before the two of them stopped in front of (Name)'s house. "So, this is the place. Will you be able to remember where it is?" She asked her friend.

"Da, I believe so. But I think that we should trade numbers. So you can text me directions in case I get lost." Ivan replied with a smile.

"Oh! Right!" (Name) took her phone out of her pocket and proceeded to trade numbers with Ivan. "There, now you can just text me if you get lost." she stated as she smiled up at him.

"Da." Replied the Russian. "I'll see you at about 5:30, alright?"

"Fine with me, see you tomorrow, Ivan." She waved to him as he began to walk away.

"Bye, (Name)." He waved back before he turned around and continued to walk.

(Name) watched him as he left, she noticed that it started snowing. She giggled softly as the small flakes landed on her face, but soon decided to go inside and start preparing for the study-date with Ivan tomorrow.


5:30 on the dot. There was a knock on the door.

(Name) wore a (f/c) sweater with a sunflower on it, dark blue jeans, and fluffy socks. She got up from her seat on the couch near the lit fire, and walked to the door. She braced herself for the cold as she opened it. There stood Ivan wearing his coat, scarf, and snow boots. At his side was his school bag, ready to be opened.

"Welcome, Ivan. Come on in." (Name) smiled as she stepped aside to let her friend in.

"Spasibo, (Name)." He replied with a smile. He stepped inside and let her close the door.

"You can take your coat and boots off if you want. Would you like something to drink?" She asked as she made her way back to the living room.

"Nyet, but it was nice of you to offer." Ivan replied as he slipped off his coat and boots. He followed (Name) back to the living room where she had seated herself back on the couch with the coffee table cleaned and ready to be used.

"Alright, so you want help with chemistry, right?" (Name) asked him.

"Da, you can help, right?" He asked as he took out his text book and binder.

"Ivan, who do you think you're asking. I'm the top of my class when it comes to chemistry." She teased him slightly.

Ivan gave a light chuckle and nodded. "Well, I'm having the most trouble when I'm working with bonding."

"Chemical bonding, Eh? Easy." (Name) began. "Alright, so you know that there are two main bonds, right?"

"Da, ionic bonds and covalent bonds." He replied.

"Right, how is an iconic bond formed?" She asked

"Let's see, an ionic bond forms when it accepts or donates one or more of it's electrons to another atom, right?"

"Yeah. And a covalent bond is only formed when they share electrons."

The two of them went back and forth going over the material. (Name) hardly noticed that she was leaning on Ivan most of the time when they were looking through the textbook.

"Okay, last question. What is a polar covalent bond?" (Name) asked.

"That's when two atoms don't share electrons equally." Ivan replied.

(Name) nodded her approval. "Well done. I'd say you know everything that will be on that quiz." She gave him a smile.

"Wonderful! (Name), I want to thank you for all the help you have given me. It means a lot to me." Ivan smiled at her like he normally would. He enveloped her in another hug, and held her tightly.

This is it! I have to tell him now! (Name) thought. She was about to open her mouth to speak, but Ivan's voice stopped her.

"(Name)?" He asked.

"Yes, Ivan?"

He was silent. Not that (Name) could see, but his face was red with a blush forming across his face.

"(N-Name).... I-I..." He stumbled, trying to find the words he was looking for.

"Yes?" She asked, curious of what he was doing.

Ivan cursed in his mind. Damn, why is this so hard? He broke the hug and held (Name) so that he was looking right into her (e/c) eyes. He took in a breath. "YA lyublyu tebya." He told her.

(Name) tipped her head in confusion. "Sorry, Ivan. But I don't know what that means."

Ivan chuckled softly. "Well then, let this explain." He told her gently. He took her chin gently and pressed his lips to her's. (Name)'s eyes widened and her face flamed in red, but she relaxed into the kiss. She allowed her eyes to flutter shut and held the kiss with him.

The need for air grew too great and the two of them broke apart. Ivan pressed his forehead against (Name)'s and lovingly looked into her eyes. "Do you know what it means now?" He asked.

"I can take a guess." She giggled.

Ivan laughed lightly. "I'm glad. I'm glad that I finally got to tell my sunflower how I feel."

"And Ivan?" She spoke.


She placed a small kiss on his nose. "I love you too."

Ivan smiled as his love. He sat back on the arm of the couch and pulled (Name) on top of him so that her head was resting on his chest. He noticed that the world outside had grown dark and it was snowing again. Ivan noticed that (Name) let out a small yawn, then snuggled herself closer to his chest.

"Sunflower?" He asked softly.

No response.

Ivan brushed away some of her (h/c) strands and saw that she has fallen asleep. He chuckled lightly at her. Ivan gave her a light kiss on the top of her head. "Sleep well, my sunflower." He whispered softly.
La la la, la la la~ it's not winter and yet I'm writing about winter! :

Well, this is my second request! FLUFFY ATTACK!!! RWAR!!!:iconflyrussiaplz:

Anyway, :iconsharkgirl567: requested a fluffy RussiaXReader. I hope I made it fluffy enough. :aww:

If anyone of you lovely people out there want to make a request, come here please! [link]

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--"I wanna love you..."--

You always saw him, whether it is at world meetings or on the streets, he never failed to make an appearance. Always there, always alone.

Ivan Braginski, the tall and threatening, had earned your interest. And what good was that if you hadn't earned his in return?
You knew you were about to tread dangerous waters, but that was the fun, right?

--"...But I better not touch."--


--"I wanna hold you..."--

A note was all it took.

Well, an invitation, really. One you had placed carefully in his folder after a world meeting, slipping away unnoticed when your mission was accomplished.

Now you walked into a club, dressed to kill, trying to calm your nerves. What if he doesn't show? What if it doesn't work? What if, what if, what if?

You decided it best to dance a little beforehand, hoping that a little fun would help you simmer down.

Swaying to the beat at first, you soon let the music control you. It moved your body in every direction, tempting those who saw. You were unapproachable, though, as someone had already claimed you.

The song ended, and you turned towards the bar. You didn't make it far before your 'prey', of sorts, was standing before you.


He smiled, scaring those dancing closest to the two of you away.

"Privet, [Name]. Is it a custom in your country to court others through paper?" He tilted his head, almost innocently. But you were no fool, and would play his game your own way.

"I'm afraid I do not know about this note, Ivan. Is it customary in Russia to interrogate girls on the dance floor, or are going to dance with me?"

For a split second, he seemed surprised. Or had you imagined it? Well, either way, you did see him shake his head 'no'.

"Niet, dear [Name], I do not dance to this music. We will drink," he didn't wait for you reply; instead he departed for the bar. You blinked, taken off guard, before laughing quietly. This was Ivan, what did you expect?
You took a seat next to him, nodding to the bartender for your usual. Ivan was practically inhaling what you knew to be vodka.

"I have decided," he suddenly declared.

You gave him a questioning look, urging him to elaborate.
He took his time finishing his second glass (you swear he was enjoying your growing impatience). Finally, he faced you again, wearing his ominous smile.

"You will be mine."

The question now was: is this what you wanted?

--"...but my senses tell me to stop."--
--I wanna kiss you…"--

Ivan treated you like a princess, showering you with his affections.

        True, he was more than a little possessive, effectively scaring all the males in your life. You didn't mind his actions, though. In fact, you found it to be sweet, in its own twisted way.  
       You smiled to yourself, thinking pleasant Ivan related thoughts. Lost in your own little world, you didn't notice a certain Russian until his arms wrapped around your waist from behind you.
"[Name]," Ivan murmured while kissing your hair. His lips moved to you ear before attaching themselves to your neck. You felt him smile when you became lax and rested your head against him. Somewhere in the back of your mind you were aware of his pride in being able to do this to you. Further still, was another thought, a darker thought.
       Was this a game to him?
He had you in the palm of his hand, you realized, and more than likely enjoyed the feeling of owning you. Did he care about you? Or were you just a possession to him?
       You wanted to know, wanted to find out answers. But you were far too distracted by his cool lips on your fiery skin.
       Whether he thought it a game or not, you felt as though it were. And he currently had the winning strategy.

--"..but I want it too much."--

--"I hear you calling and it's needles and pins."--

        You came to the decision to even the score. He had you addicted, starving for his attention. He deserved to feel the same, and you were going to make sure he did.


       You knew he'd come for you, even if it was a game to him. After all, Ivan did hate to lose.
       And if he did care, even just a little? Well, the phrase "you don't know what you've got 'till it's gone" summarizes your plan. You're going to leave; let him stew in whatever it was going on in his head. It was cruel, to force him back to the loneliness you knew him to dread, but it was necessary. You had fallen in too deep, and what had been independence was now a need. You needed him, so it was only fair that he needed you, too.
       Oh yes, he'd come to crave you, as you do him. You intended to make an addict out of him.

       Let it never be said that things were easy.
       You saw him everywhere you went. No, you weren't suffering for lonely delusions (though you did miss him intensely); Ivan actually was where ever you were. Seeing him watching you nearly made you give in. You wanted in to be in his arms again, savoring every kiss and whisper. You managed to stay strong, however, by reminding yourself of your goal. You searched his stares for anything, anything at all, but he never changed face. Not once did he look broken, nor did he show any form of desire. He merely stared, blank faced.
       Why wasn't it working? You felt as if you were missing a piece to the puzzle.

       And you were right.

       Not a week after you left him to himself, did he corner you; in an alley on a fairly deserted street, to be exact.
"[Name], dear one, why would you abandon me?" His voice was deceivingly sweet, coating the raging storm within. He nuzzled your neck as he had you pinned to the wall. With him so deliciously close, you could feel the tension, the struggle to hold back a violent outburst.
       Surprised at first, you quickly realized what the missing piece was. He wouldn't show weakness in public, in front of others. But in a private location, such as an abandoned alley, there was no reason for him to conceal his emotions.
"You. Are. Mine," he growled against your skin.

Lifting his head, he stared hungrily at your mouth. He kissed you, with the rough and demanding nature that you so desired. You could taste his need, the very thing you wanted from him. Without hesitation, you wrapped your arms around his neck and deepened the kiss.
       After a minute or so, he pulled away. It was much too soon for your liking, so you placed tempting butterfly kisses along his jaw line, working your way to the corner of his mouth.

       You moved your gaze to meet his, relishing in the hungry fire you saw in his eyes. You smiled innocently, privately enjoying your victory. He was as hooked as you, as dependent on your presence as you are his.
       His smile in return wasn't so sweet. It was that of a predator, ready to dominate its prey.
       He attacked your lips again, whispering your name with sweet nothings over and over again.
--"I wanna hurt you just to hear you screaming my name."--
A compilation of a short series of drabbles I did.
The song is Poison by Groove Coverage (I love it so hard :iconilavplz:)
Picture and song lyrics do not belong to me! Nor does Russia/Ivan!

*Hmmm, I wonder if it's strange how much I love writing about relationships like this...
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World Meetings suck.

I sighed at the thought as I walked down the all too familiar hallways leading up to the Conference Room. Every time a meeting gets called, I get a headache! You know, it wouldn’t be so bad if things were a little more orderly sometimes. A lot happens when we arrange our little get-togethers yet most of the time, we don’t really get much done. Sure, a lot of times we have fun and I enjoy myself with everyone, but other times I get the worst migraines and I tend to get cranky. Then Alfred starts to tease me and call me a Grumpy Cat, whatever that means. I groaned at the thought. Today is one of those days.

Today, I was awoken bright and early in the morning by a message from Arthur telling me that we had a meeting to attend. Of course, glorious as it is, I woke up with a major headache plus a side of grouchy grogginess. Isn’t that pleasant? Woo! I can’t wait to hear Ludwig screaming at us! I pouted at the thought as the doors to the Meeting Hall came into view. Gosh that sounds rude. I don’t mean to be, like I said, I’m just cranky.

Then, as I began to approach the wide white double doors of the room, the voices of early nation representatives began to fill my ears. “No way, dude! You do it!” Alfred’s voice rang out in a hushed tone. “Honhon, no way, mon ami!” Francis’s voice countered back right as I walked into the meeting hall. Inside, there were four nation representatives; Alfred of America, Francis of France, Arthur of England, and Ivan of Russia.

Arthur sat on the opposite side of the room from Alfred and Francis, his hand pressed against his face in annoyance. Ivan was standing on the opposite side of the room from me, staring out a window with a view of the seemingly endless field outside. All the while, Alfred and Francis stood to the corner on my right, looking like two gossiping teenage girls. I concealed a giggle at the thought.

“Oh Thank God! Someone I can actually stand talking to.” Arthur sighed in relief as I walked over to him. I giggled when he said so and smiled. “I see I’m not the only one in a grumpy mood today, hmm?” I commented. He glared at me slightly when I said so and shook his head with another sigh. “It’s those damn twits; they’re getting on my bloody nerves.” He said, purposely ignoring my comment from before. “Alfred and Francis?” I questioned. “Who else?”

I looked back at the two from over my shoulder as they kept pointing fingers at each other and talking in hushed tones. “What are they doing anyways?” I asked curiously. “God knows what.” Arthur sighed as he leaned back in his chair and pinched the bridge of his nose. “They’ve been blabbering on and on since they got here. Bloody wankers.” A loud gasp from Francis echoed after he said so followed by a triumphant laugh from Alfred. This only made me twitch slightly in annoyance and Arthur tighten his death grip on his own nose even more.

“You’re gonna break it if you pinch any harder.” I commented. That earned me another sigh from the annoyed Britt as he brought his hand down. “Please, save me.” He told me with a pleading expression. I chuckled a bit at the sight and folded my arms over my chest. “Sure thing, Iggy.” Yay! A different reaction! I actually got a growl that time! I laughed to myself as I walked away before he could throw one of his priceless insults my way.

So, I made my way over to the two bickering representative nations and tapped Alfred’s shoulder just as Francis was going to snap something back at him. “Oh hey, dude! Like, when did you get here?” Alfred greeted me with his wide and bright smile, his grin shinning bright like a Doitsu. “Just a couple of minutes ago. Hey, Francis.” I waved at the cheery French man. “Ma jolie, bonjour! I didn't hear you come in either!” He greeted me.

I shrugged and smiled at the two in return, trying my hardest not to be grumpy. Although, of course, it’s hard to be grumpy when they’re this nice to you. “Probably didn’t notice me because of this little controversy you two are having. What’s it all about?” I asked. “Well, it’s like this dude~” He was saying before I interrupted. “Dudette.” I corrected matter-of-factly even though I know it’s not really a word. Alfred smiled when I said so and nodded. “Right, dudette, well, Francis and I were just playing a game of dares and we were discussing one of his next dares.” He explained.

“No, I refuse! I told you, Alfred, it’s not happening. Non.” Francis interjected. “Come on, dude! I’ve done all my dares so far! So you have to too!” Alfred retorted. “But I never made you do anything like that!” Francis countered with a shiver. “Gives me the chills, das frissons.” I raised an eyebrow as their conversation carried on. “What are you two blabbering about?” I asked. “What’s this oh so scary dare?” I added on with a mocking gesture of my hands over my head, letting my fingers wiggle as I spoke.

“You see, mon ami, Alfred here has dared me to,” He gulped. “Go hug Ivan.” I stared at him in disbelief when he said so, annoyance once again flooding my system. “Seriously?” I asked. He nodded frantically when I did. “Oui! Oui!” Alfred crossed his arms over his chest once Francis explained the dare to me. “I know right? He’s such a chicken.” He shook his head. “Totally lame, dude.” Francis glared at him with a pout when he said so. “Then why don’t you do it?” He questioned, pointing an accusing finger at Alfred.

Alfred looked nervously from Francis to me and back again when he asked. “Are you nuts? No way!” He denied. “He might like, engulf me into a different dimension with that scarf of his…” This earned my second sigh for the day and the first face-palm! Looks like I’m joining Arthur in his annoyance after all. “I don’t want to do it either!” Francis commented with an actual look of fear taking hold of his expression. “Seriously?” I repeated with a little more bitterness in my tone, but I went unnoticed.

“’Cause you’re a chicken!”

“Am not!”

“Are to!”

“Am not!”

“Are to!”

“Take it back, Alfred!”

“Never, dude!”

“God damn it, I’ll do it!” I growled at the both of them, aggravation dripping from my words like venom. They both stared at me, blinking consecutively in disbelief. “Woah, seriously?” Alfred asked in surprise. “Yes, seriously, but I’m not doing it because of the dare.” I clarified. “Why then, ma jolie?” Francis questioned with confusion contorting his expression. “Because I want to and so I can show you two that Ivan is a normal person just like you and me and to also show you that being afraid of him is completely stupid!” I growled out my explanation.

Then, without another word said, I began to walk over to Ivan.

He still stood over by the window, gazing out at the distance of the field. His back was turned to me, his slick light sandpaper colored hair brushing against the back of his scarf which embraced his neck warmly. Ivan is a very tall man. His stature almost went over the window, missing the gap by just a couple of inches. Maybe that’s why everyone finds him intimidating? Because he’s so tall? But why? Just because he’s tall doesn’t mean he’s a demented devil spawn from hell sworn to devour our souls. He’s just a normal person and it’s about damn time everybody started treating him like one.

He’s just a couple of inches away from me now, the scent of firewood pleasantly emitting from him and embracing me in its alluring presence. I looked up at the back of his head once I was behind him, noticing now that I reached up a little lower than his shoulder. Still, this didn't bother me. I took him in for a moment, seeing as he gazed out that window without the slightest clue that I was behind him; the way his slick hair seemed to dance its way over his scarf; the way his tall stature did nothing to alter his gentle being.

Then, I hugged him as tight as I could.

Wrapping both my arms around Ivan from behind, I tried to pull him into a hug, but instead, I pulled myself against him. Oh well, works either way. I hugged him tight from behind, pressing my cheek against his warm and fuzzy coat. I caught a sight of Arthur looking at me in utmost confusion but I ignored him. I suddenly started to feel my cheeks heat up and color as Ivan stiffened in my embrace, a small gasp escaping him.

Me, I've always thought Ivan was quite the handsome man and such a gentleman, but I was always too shy to really have a conversation with him. Then again, I just came up and hugged him at random; that’s a little farther than just talking. Is that weird? I hope not. My cheeks grew hotter at the thought and I buried my cheek deeper into the furry material of his coat with my eyes shut tight, hoping he didn't feel it on his side.

A sigh of peace made my eyes snap open again in just a heartbeat.

Then, I felt a pair of soft gloved hands encompass my own hands, laying upon his firm wide chest. He let his fingers pry my hands apart from each other and then intertwined my fingers with his own, the soft material of his gloves immediately beginning to warm my hands. He held my hands like that for a short moment, keeping me pressed against his back in our embrace. That is, until he
released my hands and turned around in my arms which encircled him.

Boom, there goes a heartstring.

God, his smile is gorgeous. When he turned around, he gave me the sweetest smile I’ve ever seen, his violet eyes sparkling as he looked down at me. “Sapphira, what a warm surprise.” He commented with a soft grin. “I was lost in my own world up until you hugged me.” He chuckled to himself when he said so and I swear, I almost melted in his arms. “I-I’m sorry.” I stammered, suddenly bashful. “I just…felt like saying hi.” He chuckled even more when I said so.

“You’re a silly girl, Sapphira.” He commented. “Why must you apologize? You’ve done nothing wrong.”  He questioned. I blinked when he asked and felt my tongue tie. Jesus, what do I say? My head is swimming. “Maybe it was a random thing to do and would have seemed weird to you?” I questioned rather than stated. Smooth. Yet, this earned me another sweet chuckle from the tall Russian boy with a sweet smile to accompany. “Quite the contrary. I was actually feeling a bit lonely back then, but then you came and hugged me. It made me feel much better.” His smile widened sweetly when he said so, making my cheeks grow hotter and brighter.

“Would it be alright if I hugged you back?”

I blinked in surprise at the sound of his question and the sight before me. Ivan Braginski, the big bad Russian boy who everyone is terrified of, was actually blushing shyly. He let his dazzling violet eyes drift off to the ground but kept the sweet smile on his face as he let his forefingers bounce off their tips bashfully. It took me a moment to settle after my mini heart attack, but when I did, I smiled up at him and nodded even though he wasn't looking right at me. “Of course you can, silly!” I told him with a big ole grin on my face.  

With that said, he brought me against his chest and wrapped his arms around me securely.

I sighed happily when he did, feeling as all the heat in my body rushed up to my face all at once. He squeezed me in his grip and nuzzled me a bit, making me giggle and squeeze him back. “You have soft hair.” He commented with a bit of a chuckle. If I died now, I’d die happy. “Th-Thank you.” I said shyly in return. “You have a really soft coat.” I laughed at my own comment. “Haven’t really gotten the chance to feel your hair yet.” He chuckled too when I said so and held on just a little tighter. “You feel a bit cold though.” He told me.

Then, he wrapped the long end of his scarf that draped over his shoulder around my neck.

“Better, da?” I blinked when he said so and almost collapsed on my shaky knees. “Da.” I nodded, making him laugh again. “Sapphira, may I ask you something?” I nodded again, my cheeks still boiling. “O-Of course.” I replied. “Would you like to go out into the field after the meeting with me? I’ve actually been wanting to talk with you for a long time now, but I never got the chance.” He asked, the sweet grin never leaving his expression. Seriously? This is what everyone is scared of? They’re all crazy! “O-Of course, Ivan. I’d love to.” I replied with a shy grin of my own.

His smile widened when I said so and he wrapped his arms tighter around me again, lifting me off the ground and twirling me around with him. “Ah, you’ve made me very happy! Thank you, Sapphira. You are a very sweet girl.” Oh God, another heartstring just blew up. “A-And you’re a very sweet boy.” I said in return with a shy smile and giggle of my own as I hugged him back, watching the room twirl by.

He set me right back on my feet again just as the other members of the meeting began to enter the room, everyone taking their assigned seat. He grinned widely down at me once Ludwig took the head of the table and shouted for everyone to sit down. “After the meeting.” He told me. I nodded, a wide smile taking hold of my expression. “The field.” He grinned back when I said so and gave my hand a squeeze before we parted and made our way to our own seats, his soft scarf softly unfurling from my neck and almost dancing right back to him.

I plopped down on my chair in between Arthur and Wang with a peaceful sigh as Ludwig soon began to scream at everyone who had already begun to interrupt on our actual goals and quotas. I could see Arthur give me a curious look when I sat down, but I chose to ignore it. For this one time, it looks like this meeting is going to be just a little bit brighter.
I hope you all enjoyed my little fluff fic of Russia! ^ w ^ If you guys would like me to continue this story, let me know in the comments! :3 I also take any requests ^ v ^ Well, hope ya’ll liked it!
Hey guys~! ^ w ^ Well, here is my first Hetalia fanfic '/w\' Hope ya'll like it! Personally, I love Russia so I decided to make a fanfic about him before I moved onto Turkey :3 Well, enjoy!
P.S. There is a little Germany comment in there that I think ya'll will like~<3
The cover picture is NOT mine, btw '/o\'
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(Contains: sexual themes)
Chapter 11 [other chapter links below]


The plane ride was admittedly a stressful time for me. In fact, it was probably the most stressful time in my life thus far.

I gritted my teeth in frustration and attempted to tune out whatever was going on around me.

Just go to your happy place... just retreat to whatever happy place you can... I kept trying to convince myself that the ride would be over in only two more hours.

...But then again the more pessimistic side of me would retaliate with, 'really, there's that much time left?'.

It felt like it had been 'two hours' for at least five.

I had the basic comforts that one could have on a plane. The food was good enough, the air-conditioning was on, but...

Whoever was sitting in front of me was reclining their seat right into my lap. And they were snoring loudly. While their face was somewhat angled so that their drool would land perfectly into said lap.

And here I thought that the chairs in planes had a limit to how far they could recline.

It was always the little things, wasn't it? If it was the little things in life that could make someone happy, then you sure as hell should prepare for the little things to make your life... well, a living hell.

On a plane. On the way to Africa. So that you could find some mystical voodoo crap ingredient to, you know, hypothetically speaking, make you immortal. Except there was nothing hypothetical going on here. It was all very real.

I was really in the best of moods. Really. I had only been traveling for a few hours, with drool collecting in my lap, and the fact that what we were looking for was something that was irrevocably going to change my life. A few months ago the whole idea would have been a mere fantasy.

A mere fantasy that would have made me sigh in a dreamlike way and spin around in joy while giggling like a mad man. Because mad men giggled, not chuckled. Nor laughed.

...Giggle is such a weird word.

Really. Really?

Yeah, I went there. 'Just shut up already, I'm trying to sleep', my brain groaned at me. Huh, I wonder how that works. You sleeping, me sleeping...? Meh.

I looked out the window of the plane, -of course I'd picked the window seat, I wanted to be able to see outside-, and saw vast plains of the safari-type of landscape. Soon we should reach the tropical parts of Africa.

Africa, the origin of the human species. At least mostly. It would seem fitting that a vital ingredient in regards to immortality would be found here.

"Sunflower, you seem stressed. Are you really okay?" Ivan was angled towards me and gave me a concerned glance. His gaze strayed towards the reclined passenger in front of me, his own silver hair mussed, and red eyes currently hidden behind closed lids.

"I'm fine... just adapting myself", I said in a sigh.

Ivan raised a brow at this.

I gestured towards Prussia who was drooling all over me, and of course in the literal sense. I had, after all, already accustomed myself to the lovely feel of wetness sticking itself onto my clothes. No, really. In a way it could be a pleasant feeling. It was quite hot after all.

Even though there was air-conditioning. So, yeah.

Now, a lot of people would wonder why I hadn't done anything about it. The answer was simple. I didn't really want Prussia to be awake at the moment. Him drooling on me was the lesser evil.

This was because, otherwise, he would start telling everyone how awesome and amazing he was at adventures, again, and then prattle on about how exciting this immortality stuff was.

Usually I found Prussia's idle prattle about himself quite endearing and downright amusing, but for some reason, I wanted some peace and quiet. Now, was that too much to ask for?

I closed my eyes and leaned back, and Ivan knew to leave me alone to my own thoughts. Speaking of Ivan, I was getting a little bit frustrated. And not in the sense that he'd done anything that annoyed me.

I just really felt like jumping him.

Heck, even right now, in front of the other countries I have come to know as my friends. Even if it would scar poor Italy for life, and fulfill some sick fantasy of France's. And, oh, I don't know. Cause poor Japan to faint from blood loss.

That's how frustrated I was.

I opened my eyes slightly to take in my surroundings. For the tenth time in less than ten minutes.

I had not expected there to be this many of us flying towards Africa. I thought it would just be England, Ivan and I.

But apparently the Axis and the Allies from the previous wars were coming along, too. Along with Prussia, who had heard about this and, 'didn't want his little brother to face the dangers all alone', though I suspect other motives, and Romano, who in fact didn't want to be dragged along. But Italy had somehow convinced Romano to come. Something to do with masculinity or other such ridiculous notions.

Who knew Italy would be a good negotiator?

So our group was a lot larger than I had initially thought. That also meant that it was incredibly loud in this private plane that England owned. It was one of his older models that he was more sentimental about, and apparently he wanted to use it more often.

So, here we were, all eleven of us. Crammed into this plane. Really, who would have thought that France and America had been eavesdropping on us back at England's home? I thought that after the cruise everyone had gone back home to their respective countries.

And then the news spread like wildfire among them, and they invited themselves on board the Find Voodoo Crap Ingredient Express.

...Guess I was still grouchy.


We landed the plane at a remote site that was situated next to a waterfall. Who knew that England was an excellent pilot? I've personally always wanted to attempt flying my own plane. Not one of those huge passenger planes, mind you, but one of those small old-fashioned ones.

Currently we were all standing around the plane and taking in our surroundings. England was, of course, the one who knew where to find The Ingredient.

All of us gathered here seemed to serve some sort of purpose within the group. I took in our surroundings all the while observing our little group of people.

I mean, if England was going to act as the guide of the group, America was going to be the typical loud hero. China would be the healer with his knowledge of herbs and medicine, France would be the annoying flirt, and Ivan would be the intimidating, mysterious, strong and muscular, devilishly handsome love-interest of mine.

Speaking of which, Ivan turned to face me after having glanced around the area and caught me staring at him. With a goofy smile on my face.

Damn it, it was just like the first few days after I had met him!

I saw Ivan's cheeks take on an adorable pink hue, but that could have been due to the humidity. He cocked his head to the side questioningly.

"It's not nice to stare, da?" Ivan said in a teasing tone. I just continued to stare at him. But I tried masking it in a way that would make him think I had just happened to notice something about his appearance, instead of the ogling I had actually been doing.

"Yeah, well, likewise", was my great comeback. I turned around in a huff and pretended to find  myself interested in a gigantic purple flower to my left.

After I was sure Ivan had turned away to take care of some supplies, I peeked a glance at him again.

He wasn't wearing his usual coat. Actually most of the men here, -and I was the only female yet again-, were wearing practically the same outfit. It was a convenient look after all.

They had simple black tops on, and similar boots for the terrain. But I guess that's where the similarities ended. They had taken protective caps with them, and many of them wore their own styled pants.

I focused my attention on Ivan again.

He was still wearing his scarf, but damn. That black top of his hugged him in just the right ways. This just made me even more frustrated, because now that we were in a jungle, of course I had to lust after him so intensely. And the fact that he was wearing something I haven't seen him in before, that made him look absolutely dashing by the way, didn't really help matters either.

I mean, look at his arms! He was toned perfectly, and watching him lifting those heavy boxes made me tingle in all the right ways.

I let out a sigh.

Why was I suddenly feeling all horny? The last time that Ivan and I had become one was just a couple of days ago. And it's not like we didn't become one often, because we did.

I guess there was just something addicting about having sex. With Ivan. Only ever Ivan.

But those were the side-effects of  being absolutely in love. Even though we've been together a while, it never gets boring. There's always something new to discover, and even rediscovering something again brought on a whole experience of its own.

I let out yet another sigh. If I kept sighing like this, I was bound to swallow an insect.

Maybe I was particularly horny now because something new and exciting was happening? I don't know. Why am I contemplating about such things now, anyway?

I returned my thoughts to the group of people standing around the small clearing.  

Oh, yeah! Now I remember where my thoughts were prior to being focused on Ivan.

Germany would be the one in the group who knows how to survive tough situations, and would somehow engineer the traps and weapons. Or something like that. Um, Japan would definitely be the strategist of the group. I can just imagine us going through a tough situation like in a movie, and Japan would be looking at a map and telling Germany what needs to be built and done.

Italy would be the one who gets into trouble all the time. Yeah...

I looked around the clearing and saw Italy snoozing on the soft ground. Germany was glaring at him and yelling orders. I saw Germany grow quiet for a second before quickly using a large stick with a forked end to trap something in place. When he bent to pick up whatever it was, it turned out to be a snake that had been making its way toward Italy.

Well, that kind of proves my point. Except I doubt that a country could die from a snake bite. But it would hurt nonetheless.

Italy would not only be the one who'd get into trouble, though. He'd probably end up being an unintentional hero, too.

Romano and Prussia. Hmm. Who would they be in our little group?

I think Romano would just be the one who swears a lot. He would also be the one that you talk to at night when you have trouble falling asleep. Yeah, he has a softer side, too. I can just imagine gazing up at the night sky with him and we'd tell each other all our secrets and worries.

I burst out laughing at the last thought. I saw Romano giving me the Evil Eye, and I turned around while trying to stifle my laughter. Maybe I shouldn't have been staring at Romano so intently while I had been laughing.

Now, about Prussia...

I immediately sobered. For some reason, I can't help thinking that he'd end up being the sacrifice of the group. You know, he's the one who acts all cocky and is the older brother of Germany. He'd be the one who hides his true feelings, and who would actually be the noble one who would sacrifice himself for his little brother. I don't know why that particular role came to mind.

I tried to shake the suddenly gloomy thoughts out of my mind. No one is going to be sacrificed for anything. No one. Not if I have anything to say about it.

Speaking of which, what role would I play in our group? Suddenly the fact that I was the only female came to mind.

Oh hell no. I am not going to be the damsel in distress! I was never the type, anyway. Plus, Italy could fill that role perfectly. No offense to him, of course.

Or maybe... Yeah! Prussia could be the newly appointed damsel in distress! Just so that I don't have to be, and he doesn't have to be a sacrifice!

So, maybe I'm just the strong and intriguing love-interest of the dashing mysterious man over there. I discreetly turned my head in the direction I assumed Ivan to be.

Instead I came face to face with England who was apparently trying to ask me something. I yelped in my surprise and stumbled backwards into the giant flower I had been 'looking' at.

I landed right into the center of it. That's how huge this flower was. And I now had pollen all over my backside.

England just blinked at me. I sat in the flower and blinked back up at him. Well, this was embarrassing. First, I hadn't even realized that he had been trying to talk to me, and second, I just had to end up falling on my ass into a giant flower.

I was also sprawled so that my legs were apart from each other. And I was sitting in a fucking flower. Oh, all the innuendos...

England's face was starting to take on a pinker shade before he furrowed his brows, crossed his arms, muttered the word 'idiot', and walked away.

I smacked my face with my hand in embarrassment and regretted doing so immediately. I had ended up smacking a bunch of pollen onto my face and couldn't stop sneezing at the sheer amount of it.

"Great! Just great! Maybe that's my newly appointed role! The role of stress-relief apparently is my part now. Great! Great!", I muttered in between sneezes.

And poor England was also embarrassed. At least I wasn't wearing a skirt or anything. Who would wear one when going adventuring, anyway? Well, I mean it depends on the 'adventure', but still...

I was trying to rub of the pollen from my face, and had managed to finally stop sneezing. I saw France in the distance wagging his eyebrows suggestively. I rolled my eyes, and stepped out of the large flower.

After standing up again with some more dignity, I turned to glare at the flower. It wasn't a flower I had ever seen before. Hmm, it was very pretty, too.

I shook my head and finally dusted off as much of that pollen off as possible.  


We had been walking for what felt like days. It was also so humid that breathing was a task all on its own. And should I mention the mosquitoes that wanted to bleed me dry and give me all of their wonderful diseases?

In reality it had been a few hours, and maybe it wasn't that humid. Also, I've only been bothered by one mosquito. No, wait. Make that two, I thought as I smack the persistent insect on my arm so that all that remains is a bloody splatter.

So, why was I complaining? I've always loved adventure, and now I was adventuring with fictional characters! Who weren't actually fictional characters. They were definitely real. The characters were the ones based off of these people.

But still!

Must be the horny woman within me.

We were walking on a narrow path that had definitely seen better days. At the very front was England, since he was the one guiding us to The Ingredient. America was right on his heels, wanting to be the first, but couldn't be because he didn't know where to go.

Germany was right behind him, along with China. They were discussing about the properties of some of the herbs found exclusively in this jungle. France was chattering away with Italy, complaining what the humidity was doing to his hair.

"Well, why did you come along then?" I heard Prussia shout from behind me. He then gave off his trademark laugh.

France decided to ignore him, and instead flicked his hair with a flourish and promptly tripped over an upturned root.

I just shook my head in amusement. Damn these guys and their antics, I thought and looked up into the sky with a small smile.

The group was walking past the still sprawled France, and when I was the one walking past, France decided it was a good idea to grab my ankle.

I fell flat on my face. In a pile of moist leaves. I saw a centipede crawl out from under its disturbed resting place. I grimaced and turned my head to glare at France. But there was no need for that.

Because Ivan was already towering over France in his very intimidating manner. With a dangerous glint in his eyes. And his magic pipe in his hands.

I was so in love with him at that very moment.


The group was still walking on that narrow path to who knows where. Except that France looked decidedly more disheveled. And I think there was a bump forming on his head.

Serves him right for tripping me.

Prussia was whistling a happy tune behind me, and Romano was sulking behind him. Japan was walking next to Romano.

I could tell that Japan was tired; he was an old country after all, but he seemed to be doing just fine keeping up with sheer willpower. Plus, China was even older, yet he seemed to have as much of a spring to his step as America did.

I guess his knowledge about certain herbs has helped him in that matter.

When we finally made it to yet another small naturally formed clearing, we stopped. It was already getting dark after all. And night falls pretty quickly when you're at the equator. What with the angle with which the Sun hits the Earth and such.

Germany set up most of the tents. England was looking at a map and talking to something over his shoulder. It wasn't anything I could see. I guessed it was one of those magical creatures that were only visible to him.

Most of the tents were situated close to each other, except for one.

I raised my brow at Germany.

"I do not want to know, nor hear certain things that might happen. I also think that you would appreciate your privacy", Germany deadpanned. Though there was a slight blush starting to lightly dust his cheeks.

"Oh, well, thank you", and just because it would make him more uncomfortable, I blew him a kiss. Which was totally not something I'd ever do to anyone, but Germany's expression was worth it.

I metaphorically skipped away towards where the water bottles were. I was seriously thirsty. I saw a shadow suddenly loom over me. Only one person was tall enough to leave a shadow that large.

I ignored it and continued drinking the delicious water. Only when you're really thirsty do you ever seem to understand the true value of water.

After putting the water down and giving out a content sigh at my quenched thirst, I finally turned around to acknowledge The Shadow.

I turned to see Ivan frowning down at me.

"Sunflower, why would you blow a kiss to Germany when you don't do it to me?" Ivan said and I swear I saw a slight pout form on his lips.

"Oh, so you noticed that, huh?" I scratched the back of my head sheepishly. "I don't really do that, though. It's not my thing. Plus, I only did that because Germany already looked uncomfortable! I wanted to see his expression after I messed with him a little bit", I finished and placed my hand over his, which was resting by his side.

"I only want you, anyway. These guys are nothing compared to you, Ivan", I gave him a warm smile.

"We can hear you, you know", Prussia said with a roll of his eyes. France was sipping some wine next to him. Why did he pack wine with him? It's not like it would taste that good with all this heat bearing down on us.

"That's because for some reason you moved a little bit closer. I swear you were standing further away the last time I checked", I replied sardonically. My frustrations were getting a lot more present. Especially after touching Ivan's hand.

"Sounds like she was checking us out", France said before winking at me.

I decided to just retaliate by glaring.

"Hold that glare for just a second!" Prussia hurriedly said before rushing off into a tent. He emerged with an unopened can of beer.

My glare was still on my face, except one eyebrow was raised in a questioning manner.

Prussia opened the can of beer and took a large swig of it.

"What are you doing? Why would-", by the time France understood what was about to happen it was too late. He got a spray of beer in the face.

After Prussia was done spraying beer out of his mouth, he slapped his knee while laughing his ass off.

"Kesesesese! Serves you right for spitting that wine all over me on the cruise! You even gave me your blessing for this!" Prussia was smirking while France had the most unimpressed expression possible on his face.

I shook my head and turned around. My purpose here was done.


It was now dark outside. Germany had set up a small camp fire at the center of the clearing. Most of us were currently seated by it, enjoying the light it gave off in the darkness.

We had found some fallen trees near our so-called camp, and broken them down into what could be called benches.

I was sitting between Ivan and England. Directly across from me was Prussia, France and Italy. Japan and China had both decided to retire to their own tents, while Germany was arguing with America about the finer details of camping. Both were adamant that the other's technique was wrong.

I looked around for Romano. My gaze fixed itself on a figure a little further away standing by a tree. He was gazing up at the night sky, which was startlingly clear. I glanced up at the sky to gaze at the stars myself. I guess I was somewhat right about the roles that many of us seemed to fit into.

I returned my gaze onto the flames that were flickering gently in the slight breeze.

"Do you know when we'll find what we're looking for?" I asked in a hushed tone. I turned to face England on my left.

It took a while before he responded.

"What we're looking for can be found only in parts of the jungle that humans, and I do mean the more 'normal' humans, haven't set foot in yet", England's gaze strayed towards a point in the distance.

"And yes, there are still places like that in this world. We just have to look hard enough", he let out a tired sigh.

The rest of the countries situated around the fire stopped whatever conversations they were having to listen.

"I would say we still have a few more days of traveling. A week at most. I did try to land the plane as close as possible to the general area. We don't have to worry about getting lost, though. My friends will help me find what we're looking for", England gave me a small reassuring smile.

He meant those magical beings that were invisible to the rest of us.

"By the way, I was meaning to ask this a while ago. It was something that Romano had said during the Christmas party", I tentatively said.

"But why do you guys seem so... attached to me? Even right after we met, it was like there was already some form of bond between all of us", I emphasized this by intertwining my fingers.

All of them were silent until it was England, yet again, who broke the silence.

"I'm not... really sure, (y/n). But if I had to take a guess, it would be because you and Russia had already formed a really strong bond of some sort", England said with a hint of embarrassment.

Was he really insinuating what I think he's insinuating?

"What... what are you saying?" I carefully asked.

"...I'm saying that you and Russia are soulmates", England mumbled in a rush.

"Woah, wait. What was that?" I heard America ask from across the fire. I glanced at Ivan on my right and he had a very peaceful and content expression on his face.

"Um, ahem", England coughed. "I said that I think that (y/n) and Russia are soulmates", he scratched the back of his head sheepishly.

That would explain the initial spark I had felt when I first met Ivan... I hadn't thought that feeling a delicious spark like that was even possible. But it was.

"What exactly is a soulmate? What would be the definition of what you're implying?" I inquired curiously.

"Well, according to one of my old tomes at home that explains about magical bonds, the same one, by the way, that has the immortality spell, says that a soulmate bond means that those two people were destined to meet. It doesn't necessarily say that they would become lovers, or friends, but that their fates are strongly intertwined with one another's", England gazed thoughtfully into the distance.

"And how does that make us feel attached to her in any way?" Romano had stepped closer to the group and asked the question that was hovering in the minds of the others, too.

England glanced up at Romano.

"Well, all of us"-England gestured at the countries- "are somewhat attached to each other. It's not something I can explain, but it makes sense in way. Since we are personifications of countries, and also the only personifications of anything to exist, we all share that in common. And since one of us has found a soulmate bond, it would make sense that we would feel the by-product of that feeling. Thus, feeling attached to (y/n) over here", England gestured towards me and I felt the eyes of everyone settle on me.

"Uh, but that doesn't mean I have the same bond with all of you, does it?" I asked uncertainly.

"No, we don't have the same bond. It's more like a diluted feeling than what Russia must have initially felt upon meeting you. Plus, he's obviously fallen in love with you, whereas I am sure the rest of us haven't", England said as reassuringly as possible.

Well, that's one more mystery about this whole thing solved, I thought with relief.

I can't believe that Ivan and I were already bonded before we even fell in love with each other. Though that would explain why we were so attached to each other way before falling for each other. And right after we met, too.

But there was another question that needed answering.

"How come only some people can see your actual forms?" I asked and flicked away the third mosquito that had attempted to feast upon me.

I looked around the small group of people who were also my friends and waited for an answer. I didn't want to only ask England these things, but it seemed like he was the one who knew the most about this kind of stuff, what with him knowing about magic and all.

Yet again it was England who answered.

"I don't know. That's something I haven't really bothered thinking about, since so few people are able to see our actual forms anyway", England shrugged.

"Oh...", I intelligently replied. That was a little disappointing. But I can't always expect these people to know the answers to everything.

"Ve~. It's okay, (y/n)! Sometimes it's a good thing to not know something", Italy gave me one of his adorable smiles.

I smiled back. "You're right, Italy. And I've asked enough questions for tonight, anyway", I stood up to stretch.

"You've asked enough questions for a lifetime", Romano muttered. I pretended that I hadn't heard him.

"Anyway, good night everyone. I'm going to head toward my tent now", I felt a large hand on my arm. "Our tent", Ivan said and stood up to his full height next to me. I gave him a broad smile.

Got you now!

Before leaving, I made sure to wave specifically at Romano and yelled a final good night at him. Even in the dim light of the campfire I could see that his face turned red, whether from anger or embarrassment, I wasn't sure. But I'd like to believe it was the latter.

Once in the tent with Ivan, I let out a sigh. Finally.

I hadn't felt this frustrated since before the first time Ivan and I had become one. There had been so much sexual tension between us that it was almost palpable in the air.

And for some reason my body thought that now would be the perfect time to feel the same way again. Oh, well. Hopefully Ivan won't be against me molesting him tonight. In this tent. Luckily it was big enough to be comfortable for such activities. And far away enough from the other tents.

Immediately after we both settled down on our sleeping bags, I attacked his lips with my own. Ivan hesitated for a short second, surprised at my sudden actions. But after realizing what I wanted and how badly I wanted it, his kisses became heated.

"(Y/n), you don't know how long this day has felt. I wanted to become one with you so badly for what felt like forever", Ivan fervently whispered against my lips.

"Oh, believe me. I know how you felt", I replied and responded with my body as well. I situated myself so that I was straddling Ivan and sensually rubbed myself against him.

Ivan gasped and pulled my lips down to his once more.

He rolled us over so that he could trap me between his arms. It didn't matter, I liked the view I had from right underneath him anyway.

He was touching me in all the right places. He placed his knee between my legs to spread them further apart.

Now he was raining kisses down my neck while his hands were busy trying to get rid of my clothes. My mind was currently floating above us enjoying all the sensations.

I started raking my hands down his chest until I reached the edge of the black top so I could get it off of him. As much as I loved how Ivan looked in that top, I liked him better without it.

Ivan paused in his ministrations to look at me. I squirmed underneath him, wanting him in certain places already.

But Ivan just gave me one of his most genuine and rare smiles that made my heart stutter, and I gave him one of my own smiles back.

I lifted a hand to caress his cheek, and in the dim light of the small lantern situated at the entrance of our tent, I could see the slight sheen of sweat that was starting to accumulate on our skin due to our activities and the temperature. I saw the way his hair, now slightly longer, that same beautiful silver color, was slightly sticking to his skin.

And his eyes. Those wonderful violet eyes that were staring at me with such a depth of feeling and meaning in them, I almost had a hard time breathing.

And then he leaned in slowly, closing the distance between our faces, our lips, to convey as much feeling as possible the same way his eyes did, through our kiss.

The kiss was soft, and we were gently caressing each other until our bodies reminded us how urgently we needed to fulfill each other in other ways as well.

As we rocked back and forth in our private embrace, we were reminded of just how important we were to each other. We were gazing into each other's eyes, and occasionally letting out a sigh or a moan. The sounds of our quiet voices filled the tent with the promises of our future together.
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I was originally going to make this chapter longer, but eventually decided that the events I had in store for it required it to be split after all.

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                  Canada by RomanoAndtheWorld

                ~Third Person~
               Long ago this land wasn't in ruins, the sun rode high in the sky, and the cities heart wasn't cold. Smiles as far as the eye could see, laughter and happiness decorated the city. But, for (Country) That was long ago. A country that was strong, to a pile of bricks,no one can deny that (Country) didn't deserve this. That's what Canada thought for sure,"(Country).... has a nice ring to it," Canada thought.
               "CANADA, your heroic brother is bored, can we ........Go?" America boisterous in all his glory shouted but quickly quieted in awe.
               "I know, it's very large , vast , and... quiet..."Canada replied quietly. "(Country)'s  country was very powerful in its day."Canada gradually put down Kuma-chan(I like to call him that) and climbed down the Rocky slope, America following behind.
               "Hey, America and What's his name wait up for me and the frog,"the British man exclaimed irritated.
                "Um the black sheep of Europe, it's the frog and I , how do I know that but not you , you did make up the English language after all,"France corrected.
                "SHUTUP YA BLOODY WANKER!!!!!!"Yelled England , who started to climb down the Rocky and dry hill. He decided to let the rest go. The job was just to excavate the seemingly barren country , not to stand and argue with each other all day. But no one will understand what they'll face against them later.

                                  «700 B.C.E. Mongolia»
                                       ~Your P.O.V.~
                  (Country),why do I have to be it's personification now, at this point of time?I'm running for my life, from Mongolia. She really wants to kill me because of my companionship with China. All he wanted was to make trade with me. And all I get is a country a that's trying to kill me.Ugh man I'm bleeding.' capital city)...I'm...... disappearing...............

                                       Thanks for reading Chap.1
This is my first story I hope you like it
All characters accept you belong to Hetalia well maybe not Mongolia :D
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"Okay class settle down we have a new transfer student today." The class teacher, Ms. Gorre, announced. Lots of girls immediately whispered to themselves 'I heard that he's smokin' hot ' and that ' he's from England ' ,' he's a gentleman ' and many others. Lots of boys also reacted to this, however. 'I bet I'm hotter than him'((oh no you didn't.XD)) , the school's most popular guy, Mathias, commented. tch. Arrogant as ever.

You did not join in their discussion because you only like to view from the sidelines, observing their reaction but clearly getting curious as to who this new student was. You just shrugged and continued to read your favorite manga.

"Now, class, that's not proper. Stop your whispering now. Okay, you may now come in." Ms. Gorre gestured the boy to come in. The boy stepped in.Many girls gasped, except you. Mathias just smirked and was simply uninterested with what was going on. You stopped reading and looked up. You looked at his messy short blond hair, and lime-green eyes that clearly shows that he's uncomfortable with all the attention. And, of course, you noticed his bushy eyebrows.

"H-hello everyone. My name is Arthur Kirkland. I'm from England." He said, his eyes scanning over the room .

"Well, Arthur.Tell us about yourself." Ms Gorre inquired.

"Well, I like tea. That's all."

The class burst into laughter except for you. Arthur just blushed. You continued reading your manga , bored as hell.
"Okay, class ,that's enough. You can ask him later. Arthur, sit beside (y/n), the one reading a manga. (y/n), stop reading right now or I'll confiscate it."

You put your manga inside your bag and looked up, and saw Arthur making his way over to you. He gave you a nod, and you did the same.
"(y/n), give Arthur a tour around campus later." Ms. Gorre said and immediately began the lesson.

You looked at Arthur."Hello Arthur, I'm (y/n). Nice to meet ya." You said casually.

"Hello, Miss (y/n). Nice to meet you too, love." He smiled and sat down.

"Just call me (y/n).I see you don't have the textbook yet. Would you like to share with me? " You asked.

"Thanks, (y/n)."  Then he moved his table closer to you. You put the textbook in between.

"No problem." You then divert your attention to the board currently ignoring the blush that's creeping on your face.


"And over here is the cafeteria. Care to join us for lunch?" You toured Arthur around the campus and your last stop was the cafeteria. It was lunch time and you're really hungry. 

"Thanks for the tour and I would love to. " He opened the door."After you, love."

"You're such a gentleman, Arthur" You smiled then stepped inside. Arthur smiled and followed you. The two of you lined up and got your food.

"Hey, (y/n)!!Over here!" You heard Elizabeta, your best friend. Next to her was Gilbert, your other best friend and Elizabeta's boyfriend. The two of you made your way over to them and introduced Arthur to them. They got along pretty well. 

"So, you like manga, (y/n)?"Arthur asked you.

"Yes, Artie. Why do you ask?" You replied. 

He made a face before he told you, "Not that nickname please, love. I was just asking because I would like to read mangas for a while now and I would like you to recommend me your favorites." He said in between bites of his lunch.

"Please?Can I call you Artie?" You pouted.

He laughed before he said," I lost. Yes, love, you can. But only you, okay?" You smiled and nodded.

"By the way, I can recommend you some but don't ask Elizabeta her favorite mangas and you'd be haunted for life~" You jokingly told him.

" I can totally recommend you some Arthur!Like this one yaoi manga I just read-" You put your hand over your mouth and shot her a look before talking again.

"Just ignore her, Artie." You winked and continued to eat your lunch. Arthur's face clearly showed confusion before he also continued to eat. Elizabeta and Gilbert talked about random topics while you and Arthur talked about your favorite mangas.

After some time, all of you got up and went for your next class.
"Well, that was a great time, love. Thanks for inviting me to join you." He said and he also thanked Elizabeta and Gilbert.

"No problem, Arthur!Kesesesese~ Based on my awesomeness meter, you passed and you may join us from now on." Gilbert smirked. Elizabeta got her frying pan and hit Gilbert in the head. The two of you just laughed.

"We have World History next. What do you have next, Artie? " You asked him.

"Um.. I have Chemistry next. I guess I'll see you around,love." He waved then walked away. The girls immediately walked over to Arthur and boom, he has a group of giggling fan girls. What's there not to like about the Brit? His eyes, his messy hair and that accent that melts your heart- Wait. Don't tell me that I like Arthur?No!I just knew him for a day and-Does it really matter?Love grows, ya know, you kept on having this debate over and over your mind until Gilbert interrupted you.

"Hey,(y/n), don't be unawesome and join us!You're spacing out there " Gilbert laughed and you walked over to them.

"Finally realized you like him? " Elizabeta looked at you and pointed her thumb at Arthur, who was still surrounded by a lot of girls
"N-no, Elizabeta!It's still too early!I should know the guy first before I conclude these feelings as love." You tucked your hair behind your ear and sighed. "Let's just get to class, guys."

"Kesesesese~Do you believe in love at first sight (y/n)? 'cause I do! Remember that perfectly awesome time when Elizabeta and I first met- " From that point on you did not listen to Gilbert and 'how he met Elizabeta story' because he told you that for, like , a thousandth time. You looked at Arthur for the second time and turned to follow your best friends to head for your next class with them. With your back turned, Arthur looked at you and ignored the girls' questions for a moment.


Today in P.E. class, for the first time in a long time, your class had a free period. Some played volleyball, and some just chatted with their friends. You considered this as lucky because you and Arthur share the same class. Thus, you can talk to him. You went over to where Arthur was when you heard Mathias talking to his friends about him.

"How could anyone has eyebrows as thick as Arthur's?!" Mathias exclaimed. His two other friends, Francis and Alfred, joined in too. They mocked him over and over again,without Arthur noticing because he's far away. You were furious and about to blow a steam any minute now so you approached the trio.

"For all I know, you three are just jealous of Artie because he's more popular than you guys!" You shouted but they reacted differently.

"Artie?!what a pathetic nickname but it definitely suits that bushy-brows~" Francis said and the other two joined in the teasing.

You couldn't handle it anymore and punched them in the stomach but in reality it was merely a peck in the stomach considering your strength was no match for the trio. They just laughed at you.

"You should not mock Artie like that!" You shouted.At that time, a circle formed around you four but the teacher was nowhere to be found.

Coincidentally, the next line you said just reached Arthur's ears as he ran towards you and stopped in his tracks.

"Artie is kind,caring ,handsome, and god,that he's a gentleman unlike you three so don't you dare say that again!you hear me?!"

By the time you realized that it was an indirect confession, which you eagerly denied in your mind that you didn't like him, someone grabbed your wrist and saw that it was Arthur. You became a blushing mess. He glared at the trio before dragging you to the school's rooftop and sat down, motioning for you to sit beside him.

"Care to skip class with me,love?I'm sorry if I dragged you here without consent. You may leave-" Arthur said, his face was red and you couldn't tell if he was blushing or exhausted from running.

"Of course I wouldn't mind, Artie." You said and blushed. Then you sat down with him.

"Well,what happened,______?" Arthur looked at you with a serious expression replaced with concern.

"They didn't do anything to you,did they?damn those gits!" He half shouted.

You calmed him down and told him what happened from the very beginning.

"Things like that,love, should best be ignored. They would shut up the moment nobody reacts to their constant mockery." Arthur sighed.

"But Arthur-"

"Not a word okay,love?Promise me that. Who knows what those two will do to you as revenge."

"Aww,but you'll protect me anyways, won't you,Artie?" You teased.

Arthur blushed."O-of course I will! y-you i-idiot!" Then he hid his face with his hands but quickly brought them away from his face.

"Did you mean it?" He asked. You already knew what he meant, but you wanted to tease him a bit.

"Mean what,Artie?" You asked him.

"Y-you k-know, a while ago..."

"Hmm?when I said that you're kind,caring,you have an irresistible accent,and that you're a gentleman?absolutely, Arthur." You smiled at him.

What surprised you the next was he hugged you. "That was the first time a girl said that to me. Plus,it's the girl that I like. I am so lucky." 
He mumbled at the last part so you couldn't make out that one last bit.

"What did you say, Arthur?"

"Oh, nothing much,love. " He released you from the hug. "It's just that class is almost over and we should head back. We're still in our gym clothes." He stood up and held out his hand. You took it, and stood up. Arthur gave your hand a squeeze and let go of it. This time, you finally admit it. You are in love with this adorable Brit.

By the time you changed out of your gym clothes, you went to your next class with Elizabeta, thankfully, and filled you in on what happened when you and Arthur went to the rooftop.

"And then after that, all of the students in your class covered up for you two and Mathias and his friends were given detention. Some even say that you make a cute couple with Arthur." Elizabeta giggled. That's why you earned some glances and glares from girls today. 

"S-shut up, Elizabeta. I already told you that I like him so don't spread it,okay?" You said.

" Even if you didn't told me about it, I would still know. It's so obvious(y/n). But of course, dear!You can count on me" Elizabeta smiled.

You smiled and hoped that Arthur would reciprocate your feelings one day. 


You went to your locker and put all of your things inside. You saw Arthur approaching you.

"Hi, Artie!" You beamed.

"Hello, love. Mathias and the others didn't do anything to you for revenge?" Arthur said, his eyes with a glint of concern.

"They didn't. Heard that they were in detention." The two of you laughed.

"Mind if I walk you home, (y/n)?" Arthur said.

"O-okay" You said and then the two of you walked home. On the outside you have this poker face thing going on, but on the inside you were squealing like any fan girl would do. The two of you talked about random topics from movies to books until you reached your house.

"Do you want to borrow the book, Arthur?" You asked him.
"If it's okay with you,love."You laughed and told him that it's totally okay. You told him to wait and you went upstairs and got the book, "The Fault in Our Stars" by John Green.

"Here you go, Artie. Prepare lots of tissues, okay? " You handed him the book.

"You're welcome, love. And I sure would." He laughed.

"A-and.. thanks for walking me home, Artie." You mustered the courage to peck his cheek. He blushed furiously.

"W-what w-was t-that f-for, (y/n)?!" He said and looked away from you.

"It's just a thank you kiss Artie!" You laughed and blushed.

"Well then,this," He leaned in and kissed you on the cheeks, "is for defending me awhile ago from those gits." This time, it was you who blushed furiously. He waved and walked away. You went inside and squealed and jumped around.  

Needless to say, the two of you were a blushing mess the next day.

"The two of you are really being unawesome right now."

Gilbert said to the two of you. Elizabeta agreed to what Gilbert said. You and Arthur didn't talk much at lunch today because of what happened yesterday. So today the two of you are in an awkward situation. Plus, what Gilbert said made the situation more awkward. You cleared your throat and started a conversation with him.

"Um.. Artie?How was the book that I lent you?" You turned and faced him. His face suddenly lit up.

"That book, love, just brought so much tears to my eyes that I had to punch a wall to feel like a man again." He sighed. The two of you laughed, easing the tension that happened moments ago.

"I wish to give you back the book today, love. But I forgot to bring it today. Would you like to go with me to my house this afternoon?" He asked. 

" I would love to, Artie!" You said. You continued to eat your lunch , contented that you're no longer stuck in an awkward situation with him.

~Arthur's P.O.V~
Gilbert went to me and told me that we need to have an 'awesome' heart-to-heart talk.

"Well then, Artie. When will you man up and confess?Kesesesese~" Gilbert smirked.

"S-shut up!Only (y/n) can address me in that manner!" Gilbert laughed.

" You know, almost all of us are itching to bring the two of you together. You make such a cute couple with my best friend." He smiled.

"Well, I plan to confess this afternoon." I said to him. Maybe after I will give her the book.

" Kesesesese~Is that so? Good luck, Arthur. " Gilbert laughed and walked away. I went to my next class thinking about how to confess.I blushed furiously as I remember what happened yesterday. Could she also like..? I really hope so.

TIME SKIP((sorry guys. this'll be the last time skip I promise.XD))

"Come inside,love." Arthur motioned for you to get inside. His place is simple, with neutral colors for his wall and a tan colored couch and lots of books on a shelf.

"Just sit there in the couch and I'll go upstairs and get the book."

You nodded and Arthur went upstairs. You went to the shelf and was amazed to find books that are very rare yet he has a copy of one. You spotted an album and took it out. You saw baby Arthur, smiling while being carried by a red-haired man. You skimmed to the other page and saw a chibi Arthur. You giggled and skimmed the page for more. By the time you finished the album, Arthur still didn't go down yet so you took the initiative to go upstairs. The door to his room was open and you saw him with his back turned on you so you decided to give him a scare. You tiptoed near him and almost surprised him when suddenly-

"What shall I do,flying mint bunny?How shall I confess to her?" You didn't saw him talking to another person and it made you confused as hell.


"Of course you're right!Thank you for the advice." and Arthur smiled.

"Um.. Arthur,just who in the world are you talking to?" Arthur shrieked and turned around.

"Why are you here,love?didn't I tell you to go sit in the couch and wait?" Arthur looked irritated.

"Well, you're awfully slow Arthur so I went upstairs. Who are you talking to,anyway?" You asked.

"N-nothing. I was just talking to myself." He blushed and promised to himself that he will tell you one day. You were disappointed because Arthur will confess to another girl. Tears almost welled up in your eyes so you turned away.

"Well, I'll be going home now. Just hand the book tomorrow,Arthur." You said and walked away. He suddenly grabbed your wrist.

"No,love!I have something to say." He looked away and didn't talk for a while. You turned to face him.

"Spill it out,Arthur." You said,getting impatient. He sighed and blushed.

"I like you,okay? I want to confess to you later but I can't hold my feelings for you anymore. I want to make you mine. Everytime I'm with you, I'm a blushing mess. See this,love?" He brought your hand to his heart,"It beats wildly like this when you're around. I love you (y/n). Will you be my-" He was cut off by a pair of lips touching his own.

" A million times yes,Arthur!I love you too." You hugged him and he brought your hand to his lips and kissed it. The two of you blushed before you kissed again.

Unbeknownst to the two of you there was a certain red-haired man leaning on Arthur's doorway.

"Ye,little brother, are totally gonna get some tonight!" The red-haired man teased. The two of you flinched and you turned around and saw that it was the same person who carried baby Arthur. You giggled. Arthur got mad and blushed.

"Allistor!" He ran and chased Allistor. You laughed and followed them and texted Elizabeta who, in turn, replied immediately.

-Double date tomorrow?-

-OMG!!Congrats girl!:):):)-

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Disclaimer:I don't own Hetalia.
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You belong to England (Shy Strip) [V2] 
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Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: ideologically sensitive material)
The car ride felt like the longest one you've ever been in. You screamed and cried until your voice gave out to nothing but raspy air, in which you proceeded to curl up I to a ball in your seat instead, staying silent and trembling violently the rest of the ride. You blocked out your mothers voice attempting to reassure you that everything was okay and that soon you would be back home, safe and sound.

The only thing that stuck in your mind was that last sight you saw of Kiku laying on the sidewalk, limp on the sidewalk and looking back at you with such painful and sad eyes. Did he live? You would never know anymore. You simply continued your silence, wishing desperately that he did.

Your heart rate picked up from raw terror as the first signs of your hometown came into view. In just a few minutes you would be back at that horrid house, never to see the light of day again. You'd never again smell Kikus heavenly cooking, never again waste hours on end chatting with Yao. You'd never be in your wonderful room, reading manga and sleeping the day away. You're days in Kikus warm, welcoming house were done for good the moment you were sucked into that black hole your mother called home for the two of you, the place where all things living never returned.

The days spent with Kiku...were gone.

All too soon, the old house was in view once again, tall and menacing. You used to feel warmth and comfort in that house. Those feelings were gone now, as sad as it was. You could only feel that way again being with Kiku, back in your real home.

Your mother got out and rushed to the other side to let you out as well, taking a hold of your arm the moment the door was no longer an obstacle and leading me out. You felt too weak to resist anymore. You had given up by now, your happiness left back with Kiku. There was no way to get it back.

She pulled you inside, locking the door behind you and hugging your nearly lifeless body again.

"It's so wonderful to have you back, you wouldn't believe how dev estates I was when I discovered you were missing!" She exclaimed. "I'm going to go make you something to eat real quick, I'm sure that bastard starved you back there. You poor child!"

She released you and disappeared into the kitchen in a flash. You lowered yourself to the floor returned to your ball form, wanting to cry but unable to because all your tears had been shed already. You didn't want her food, you wanted Kikus cooking. You wanted to be back in his kitchen again, holding onto him as you observed him make breakfast for the two of you. If you'd known this was going to happen you never would have let him leave for school this morning. You could've made him stay home so that you could have been with him longer m. You never would've answered that door either. You would've ignored it, stayed still and silent until she was gone.

You would have.

But you didn't.

You let him go to school. You opened the door. This was your fault. All of it.

Something suddenly vibrated in your pocket and you heart skipped a beat. Your phone! You had forgotten all about it!

You leaped off the ground, stumbling as you rushed to the room you lived in when you lived here, away from where your mother could hear you. You closed your door as quietly as possible, flinching when it creaked loudly and shut with a click. After staying at the door for a short moment to make sure she wasn't coming up, you ran to your bed. Throwing yourself under your sheets and taking out your phone, which was still vibrating. It was Yao calling you. You felt so happy you could burst. You might not lose them after all.

You flipped open and answered the phone before it stopped rumbling, bringing it up to your ear immediately.


“What the hell happened?! Kiku was unconscious on the sidewalk when I came by, and I can't find you anywhere! Where are you?! What happened to Kiku?!” Yao’s harsh voice blared into your ear, causing you to cringe. The overbearing sound of concern and outrage was apparent in his voice. You'd never heard him sound like this before, and frankly it frightened you.

You stayed quiet for a moment to listen and make sure your mother hadn't heard before giving him an answer, keeping your voice as quiet as possible.

“Im so sorry Yao, it’s all my fault for whats happened to Kiku. It’s a long story, but my mothers a bit overprotective of me- well okay maybe really overprotective- but basically I ran away from her, and she found me again...Kiku, h-he tried to stop her, but she hurt him really bad. I tried to stop her from hurting him but all I could do was agree to leave with her, and so she forced me back to my old house...”

You found yourself crying again just explaining it all. It felt so pathetic telling him how helpless you had been against her, how useless you were to stopping her from hurting his brother.

You’re voice sounded hoarse as you continued to explain yourself to Yao, who was still silent on the other end. “I'm so sorry Yao, I really am. I didn’t know she would-”

“Stop apologizing for something beyond your control. This wasn’t your fault, it was hers.” He interrupted. “Where do you live?”

“Why do you-”

“That mother of yours beat up my little brother and took away my best friend against her will, I’m going to teach her a lesson one way or another!” The anger in his voice was back, sending another strike of fear through you.

“Yao, you can’t, I-”

Yao interrupted again “I don’t care what your objections are, I have to do something about this! I refuse to just stand by and- What?”

He stopped abruptly, and you began to hear another voice faintly in the background in  his silence. It was hard to distinguish at first before you realized that the voice belonged to Kiku. You almost wanted to cry again from relief at hearing his voice.

Unfortunately, his voice was just faint enough that you couldn’t figure out what he was saying.All you could hear was Yao talking back to him.

“But Kiku-”

“I have to-”

“She hurt you!”

“I will NOT calm myself, i'm going to do some-”

“Wait, what?”

“No, I won’t let you!”

“You don’t even know where she is!”

“W-Wait, Kiku-”

The phone suddenly hung up, leaving you speechless and utterly confused. What was going on? What was Kiku doing?

You jumped violently as your door crashed open abruptly, and threw your phone underneath the covers in a desperate attempt to hide it. Your mother stood in the doorway of your room, a plate containing steaming hot food in her hand. Her eyes bore into yours, giving you a sense of pure helplessness.

“What was that?” She demanded in a low voice.

“What do you mea-”

“Don’t act stupid, you had something and you're hiding it from me, what are you hiding?” She retorted, raising her voice. She instantly dropped the plate in her hand, letting its contents platter across the floor, and was over at your bed in the blink of an eye, thrusting her hand towards the spot you had throw your phone. You immediately grabbed her arm and attempted to stop it from finding what it searched for, but you were too late. Her eyes widened in anger as she grasped the thin phone, yanking it out of the covers and into the air where it was out of reach from you as you desperately tried to take it back from her.

“A phone?! How the hell did you get ahold of something so horrible?! People can talk to you through this thing, lure you outside somehow and take you away like that boy did!” She screamed in outrage. She pushed you off of her effortlessly, leaving you to only watch in horror as she threw the phone against the wall with every ounce of strength she had. It smashed against the wall, instantly breaking in half and shattering the screen and keyboard. It fell to the floor in pieces, broken and completely unusable.

You could feel the last sliver of hope you had break into pieces along with it. The sight of the broken phone on the floor left you weak, drained of any sort of remaining happiness  you might have had left.

Your mother fixed her look of fury on you, keeping the room in silence for a long time before turning around and stomping out of the room.  The room shook as she slammed the door behind her. You didn’t move. You couldn’t. You felt frozen to the spot you sat in, staring blankly at the dead phone of your floor.

The last chance you had to hold onto what you’d had before...was dead.
Bet you all thought this story was dead

well you thought wrong. [though you were almost right...]

I don't have much of an excuse for not updating in nearly 7 months. Honestly it was baecause the unexpected happened to me

I actually fell out of the Hetalia fandom

thats right, I've lost practically all interest in the entire series and its fandom. Never imagined it would ever happen but surprise surprise it did.

and because of the lack of interest in Hetalia along with the new-found series I got unexpectedly sucked into immediately after losing interest now taking up all my free time, I've also lost all inspiration to write stories involving Hetalia. Especially ones having to do with Japan. Any love I had for him seemed to completely vanish when i lost interest. To be honest it was one of the weirdest experiences I've ever had in my life. But anyways, that is my excuse for the extremely long gap between chapters.

Now the reason that I AM going to finish this story is because this entire time, I've had the story hanging over my head like a dead weight, and I felt it wouldn't be fair to the people who actually have been reading this story and enjoying it if I just stopped it simply because I lost interest in Hetalia and Japan. Not to mention the whole story is already typed out on my old phone so its not like I'd have to come up with stuff for it still. If anything you should all thank me for having the sense to type the whole story out before I revised it and started to upload it here, otherwise this story probably wouldn't have even made it past the beginning chapters due to my severe problem of almost never finishing anything I've started.

So with that said, I hope you enjoyed this chapter, and I promise FOR SURE this time that I WILL finish this story, and hopefully it'll be soon.

Favorites and feedback are appreciated, though at this time I really don't care if I don't get any [though I'm sure I will since this story is somewhat popular I guess?] because all I want is to finally get this story out of the way so I can go on with my life without this dead weight weighing me down.

Next: Coming soon!


Only thing that belongs to me is the story, everything else does not.
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Russia lemons
Collection by
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
Ivan walked into a bedroom with you in his arms. He sat you down on the bed and went to shut the door. What he didn't know is that Alfred had handed you handcuffs when Ivan had walked by which you quickly hid them under the pillow. Ivan walked back to you and you stood up. You started  undressing him and he started undressing you. You then laid down on the bed and spread your legs, reveling your womanhood. This made him blush a little. "Aren't you coming," you asked still spread out. "Da," he replied walking to you. When he got on top of you, you surprised him by flipping so that you were on top of him. You then grabbed the handcuffs and licked every inch of the cold metal. You also licked Ivan's wrists before cuffing one of his hands. When the cold metal touched his skin, a shiver went through his body, making you giggle. You then continued to wrap the cuffs around the bed post and cuffed his other hand. This made him give you a big, childish grin. You looked around the room for something to torment him with. seeing nothing, you got up and walked to the dresser. You found two belts and grinned. You walked over to one of Ivan's legs and pulled it to one bedpost. You took the first belt and wrapped it around his foot and the post and tied ( I didn't know how to word it) the belt. Satisfied that it was tight enough, you did the same to his other foot.  When you were done, you crawled up to his pulsing member, which you took in your mouth, sucking hard. This made him groan. "_-______, go to my c-coat and get my v-vodka," he commanded. You did as you were told and when you returned to him he said, " good, now pour some in me." You did not hesitating for a second. Afterwards, you got in a position that he could could suck you. When you were ready, you poured some vodka inside you. It was a strange, but good feeling. When you had finished pouring vodka in you, you went back to his member. You were horrified by how big it was and you knew it would be very painful. Ivan saw your uncertainty and said, "________ untie me. I'll do it, da." You untied him and uncuffed him. He took this opportunity and put you so that your butt was in the air. He then cuffed and tied you just as you had him, except with your butt up.  He then poured more vodka into both you and himself. With no warning, he inserted his thick member into your ass. You screamed so load that you were sure everyone heard it. He then stared thrusting fast and hard. When both of you hit your climax, he untied you  and flipped you so that you were now facing him, then he retied you. He inserted himself back into you so that he would hit your g-spot every time. Then he started thrusting faster than before. "I-i'm about to c-cum," you panted. He trust one more time into your g-spot and you came. A few more thrusts later and so did he. He was about to pull out, but you told him to keep going so, he did. Eventually both of you fell asleep like that. Both of you naked and you handcuffed and your legs tied at different foot board posts.
Have fun with your sexy Russian! I hope you guys like it.
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In your hand you pulled out from the black hat a...half-filled bottle of vodka that was heavy in your hand when you pulled it out.

Right then, from behind, you could feel a cold chill come down your spine when you slowly turned yourself around to see who was overshadowing you. The person who is behind you is Ivan, a feared man from Russia.

"Privet, ________," Ivan greeted you sweetly with that wide smile of his.

You shivered in fear at him, glancing at the side to see if Alfred was still beside you, and instead you see him cowering behind the couch with all the other guests hiding behind with him.

You cursed in your own language at them and right out of nowhere, you feel your wrist being pulled excitedly and you two made your way into the closet. When the two of you got inside the closet, you could see nothing inside the closet except darkness and you still feel Ivan's gloved hand holding your wrist with great strength.

You couldn't stutter a word when you went inside, feeling so scared of Ivan and you being inside this room together. And with the thought of Natalia being inside gave you shivers of fear all over your head.

"_________, sit with me!" you heard Ivan said in a cheery voice as he pulled you to the corner of the closet with him.

Before you knew it, you are pulled close to Ivan in a huge hug that covered your face and the both of you dropped to the ground, you sitting between his legs as he holds you tightly. You feel his hand touching up your head, petting you like a cat as you shuffled in his lap to get a little comfortable, and you had no idea that his size made it difficult to squirm.

"You will become One with Mother Russia, da?" he asked you suddenly.

You didn't answer him immediately like he wanted, and you could feel your hair being pulled slightly.

"Y-yes..." you stammered in fear.

Silence was brought in the air, he lets go of your hair and yourself which you used to shuffle away from Ivan.


Right there, Ivan was dominating you from top as you coward from the bottom, staring into his violet eyes filled with malice and loneliness.

"You are lying," he said darkly, lowering his whole face down to yours and you saw magically his scarf moving itself which made you shook in horror. "I will make you become one with me, no matter what..."

His scarf did most of his work as he took his large nose to the tip of your hairline and smelt your fragrance. The scarf tugged off your shirt and you felt coldness all over the room, making you shake and tear up a little.

Ivan saw you crying a little and stared for a while...until he spread a cruel smile to you.

"That face..." he said. "Did you know that turns me on?" He took a few pieces of hair from you and pulled your face up, making you squeal in pain. "Keep making that face for me, __________." Ivan pushed his lips to yours into a furious kiss that made you moan in displeasure with the awful taste of vodka roam in your mouth, making you want to barf.

Ivan's left hand started to roam your upper body and touched everywhere, even going up to your bra to undo it, but Ivan pulled his kiss away and stopped what he was doing. His eyes started to become softer, as if he was realizing how painful you were becoming and pulled himself away from you, going back to the corner and with you up you could see him curled up in a large ball.

You knew that you could use this opportunity to dash out of the closet, but something in you told you to go over to him. You crawled in all fours to him, hearing gently sobs from his side. When Ivan looked up, he saw you—smiling sweetly without your shirt and hair messy from before—and he tried to choke back his grieving tears.

You went over to Ivan, giving him a hug and whispered to his ear, "I love you, Ivan. So, can I become One with you?"

Ivan didn't want you to see the tears bursting out after what you said and took you into the hug, hearing him stutter. "Da." And the both of you smiled...

Then, there was a knock on the door. "S-s-seven minutes are over, sir..." you heard someone outside said.

You were thankful that the person didn't open the door as you quickly put on your shirt and followed Ivan beside him.

Soon after the game, the both of you left early so you could spend time with him, and you enjoyed the night with him...because for you and only you, he smiled truthfully.
Sometimes I question why I wanted to be even NEAR Ivan, sometimes even trying to get into a room alone with him... But YOU guys wanted him, so...meh.


Please comment and favorite to show your enjoyment~!ROMANO.... 
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"Oh My God!"

Blue. Well, there it was. You were pregnant.


A big breasted, short haired woman came running into the room.

"_____! Well?"

Grinning from ear to ear, you nodded.


She grabbed your hands and jumped up and down. Suddenly, she gasped.

"How will you tell this to my brother?"

Your eyes widened. You hadn't thought of that. Ivan, your boyfriend of six years and fiancee of two, would never see this coming.

"I don't know. I guess I just won't until I find out how to put this."


Toris placed a hand on your belly.

"_____, this is amazing! I don't know why you haven't told Ivan yet. Soon it will be to obvious."

It would. No matter how loose of a shirt you wore, you were beginning to show. It had been two weeks since you found out and Ivan was still clueless. It's amazing what clothes can hide. But Ivan was out so you could wear a normal shirt.

"Well, you'll have to tell him at some point. It's a hard this to hide, a preggers belly."

"A what belly?"

You whirled around to see Ivan His eyes were huge. His lips parted in shock.


Ivan looked from Alfred, to you, to your protruding belly.


"Well, you see, when a mommy and a daddy love each other very much-"

"I know how it happened, Alfred, I was there! What I mean is how am I just finding out about this now?!

His gaze flickered to you. You walked slowly over to him, took his large hand in yours, and placed it tenderly on your abdomen. The baby shifted and kicked beneath his father's hand. You smiled at your fiancee's soft, loving expression. Placing a hand on his cheek, you whispered...

"He must know it's you. He knows it's his daddy."

Ivan hugged gently around your waist and kissed you lightly.


Alfred and Toris cooed in unison. Breaking apart, you and daddy-to-be shot them an annoyed look.

"Oh, way to ruin the moment, guys!"

Well, whattaya know? I think the preview picture captures his expression beautifully, da? XDDD Anouther tender moment destroyed by the likes of America. Good job, dude!! XDD Hope you enjyed, fave, comment, and all that. LOLOLOL LOVE YA!!!!!!!!!!!!
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        Ivan sat worriedly beside the bed. You were seven and a half months pregnant, and right now, you weren't feeling very good. You lay curled up in a ball under the covers, your eyes shut as you tried to sleep. Ivan stroked your hair lightly with one of his big hands, and then he leaned over and gave your forehead a kiss. You cracked open your (e/c) eyes and tried smiling, "Don't worry, hon... I'm sure I'll be fine. And don't be mad at Feliciano, please...? He didn't mean to run into me so hard that he tackled me. He was just excited, that's all."

        You winced and gripped Ivan's hand tightly and his eyebrows knitted together in worry, "Are you alright?" You gritted your teeth and nodded, "Y-yeah... I'm fine, I promise." Ivan carefully sat on the bed and hugged you close. He kissed your cheek and nuzzled it, his arms protectively around you, "I'm sorry I couldn't keep you safe..." It almost sounded like he was about to cry, and it tugged at your heart to hear him sound so sad and helpless. You nuzzled his chest and stroked his arm, "It wasn't your fault. It was just an accident, that's all."

        A sharp pain ripped through you and you cried out, your hands gripping tightly onto Ivan's ever-present overcoat. His eyes widened with alarm and he scooped you up into his arms as he stood. He carried you outside and placed you gently in the passenger seat of his car. He buckled you up and kissed your hand before shutting the door. He practically ran around to the other side of the car where he hurriedly got the driver's seat, slammed the door shut, and then he took off driving as fast as legally possible. Well, it got a little illegal a few times too.

        Ivan parked across from the hospital and carefully lifted you up and carried you inside. Anyone that was in the way scrambled to remove themselves from Ivan's path as the dark, purple aura radiated from him. He dared anyone to keep you from getting help. You whimpered in pain as you kept your face pressed into his neck. You could tell he was in a dangerous mood and you gently stroked his jaw with your thumb, "Calm down, Ivan... It's alright." He kissed your head, "Nyet, not until you are safe."

        He kept you held close to him like you were a child the whole time he explained to the nurse at the registration desk what had happened. She called for a wheelchair and had you taken to the maternity ward for an emergency Caesarean section. Ivan wanted to go with you, but after being told that him being there might cause extra stress and therefore extra danger for you and the baby, he agreed to sit and wait. One of the nurses took pity on him and brought him a chair, allowing him to sit outside of the operation room.

        Ivan waited worriedly, wringing his hands in anxiety. Finally, he was able to doze off, his head leaned back against the wall. After a couple of hours or so, someone touched his shoulder, "Excuse me, sir, but your wife is out of surgery." Ivan's head shot up and he stood quickly, "I can see her, da?" The nurse who had woken him didn't know Russian, but he could definitely tell that he might have his face rearranged if he didn't let this man into the room. He nodded, "Of course, sir."

        Ivan stepped quietly inside the room, his violet eyes searching until they landed on you. You were just waking up from the anesthesia, and you smiled goofily when Ivan came over to you, "Whoa... Who are you...? Did the doctor send you...?" Ivan shook his head, "Nyet, I'm your fiancee. Just rest, okay?" You giggled and reached up and petted his face, "You're pretty... Are you an angel...? How long have we known each other?" Ivan kissed your palm and then took your hand down from his face, "We met six years ago." You stared at him in amazement, "Damn... Damn, I'm lucky. You're hot." Ivan blushed a bit and then leaned down and kissed your forehead, "Just rest, little sunflower."

        About an hour later, the effects of the anesthesia had worn off fully and you sat up in the bed as a nurse came in with a blue bundle in one arm and a pink one in the other. She held out the babies to you and smiled, "Congratulations, Miss ____. You had twins." You took the babies from her and cuddled them close as you looked down at them. The boy, who was now called Nikolai, had your (h/c) hair. The girl, now called Ivonne, had Ivan's light, ash-blonde hair. Nikolai slowly blinked his eyes open and you were greeted with violet eyes identical to Ivan's. Ivonne yawned and as her mouth closed, her eyes opened and you saw your (e/c) eyes staring up at you. You smiled and looked up at Ivan, "Do you want to hold them?"

        Ivan looked at the premature babies. They were so tiny... And he was so big. He swallowed hard and then shrugged a bit, "What if I hurt them...?" You sat up more and kept Nikolai up against you while you held Ivonne out towards Ivan, "Here. You won't hurt her. Just hold her in the crook of your arm and make sure you keep her head supported." Ivan hesitantly took the baby, one of his hands easily about as big as her body. He carefully cradled her in his arm against his chest and looked down at her. She yawned again and made a squeaky, little noise. With her tiny hands, she grabbed one of Ivan's fingers and after much struggle, she guided it to her mouth and began sucking on it.

        A tear leaked down Ivan's cheek and he smiled as he looked up at you. He leaned down and gave you a gentle kiss before nuzzling your cheek with his nose, "They're perfect. And so are you." You turned your head and kissed his nose, "So are you." Ivan blushed a bit, "What if I'm not a good father...?" You ruffled his pale hair and smiled, "What if I'm not a good mother?" Ivan looked defiantly at you, "Hush. You'll be a wonderful mother." You grinned, "Then you'll be a wonderful father." Ivan smiled and kissed you softly before he took Nikolai and sat down in a chair beside the bed, "Get some rest. I will take care of the little ones." You smiled gratefully and then snuggled down as best you could in a uncomfortable hospital bed, "Ivan... I love you..." Ivan watched as you dozed off and then he held his two, little children closer to him as he whispered softly, "I love all three of you..."
I had several people ask me for part 3 for this. And how can I refuse my lovely readers? :D So, here it is! The third and final part! I love you dudes!
Hetalia belongs to Himaruya.
You and your little babies belong to :iconrussiasmileplz:

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3: Here.
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Your fifteen-minute morning break had just begun, and of course, you immediately pulled out your sketchbook and plopped down on a nearby bench, picking up a pencil and soon becoming completely lost in your own world. Tuning out all the chatter around you, you ignored the snack in your pocket in favor of finishing a drawing you had started earlier on the bus. In fact, it was a fanart of your favorite character from [fav anime]. Unfortunately, there weren't many other students at your school who watched anime.

You sat there, sketching away peacefully and minding your own business, when suddenly a wad of paper hit you in the head.

"Ow," you mumbled, rubbing your head and glancing around for the person who had tossed it.

"Dude, you idiot!" shouted a loud, slightly accented voice.

"Yeah, you hit an innocent frau!" ...frau? Da heck?

A guy with sandy blonde hair and glasses came loping up to where you sat. You actually recognized him as Alfred, one of the jocky football guys. He snatched up his ball of paper and then bent over your lap, peering intently at your drawing.

"Dude, what the heck is that?!" he yelled, snatching your sketchbook away for further examination. A whimper escaped your throat.

"Um, can I have that back...?" you mumbled. He ignored at you and examined at your drawing intently for a moment, obviously staring at the- ahem- stranger elements.

"Whoa, man, this is seriously creepy," he said disapprovingly.

Your face flushed. "I said, can I have it back?"

Ignoring you again, he continued. "I mean, why would you want to draw something like this? It's so weird, and ugly." He leaned forward and tapped your forehead condescendingly. "You... are... not... Japanese," he drawled slowly. His face darkened. "You're a freakin' American. [If you're not, just pretend. XD] Draw stuff the right way."

You clenched your fists in your lap, trying to hold back hot, angry tears. Angry at that stupid jock, but mostly angry at yourself for not being able to stand up for him.

"Hey Matt, Gil!" Alfred hollered. "You gotta see this, she's actually drawing that stupid manga crap!"

He was gripping your sketchbook roughly and waving it around wildly in the air. The extra pencil stuck in the spiral-ring binding flew out and clattered to the ground.

"Give it back," you cried, your voice cracking tearfully.

"Who's gonna make me, weeaboo?" he taunted.

"I am."

The whole courtyard seemingly fell silent as an intimidatingly tall, stocky student stepped up behind Alfred. You might have just been imagining it, but there seemed to be a fiery purple aura surrounding him...

You heard other students nearby whisper "Oh crap, it's that Braginski guy!" "Let's get outta here!" and other such statements as they scrambled to clear quite a big circle around your little group.

"Give her the book back," he said to Alfred, his voice low, calm and surprisingly... quite sweet-sounding. His eyes were closed and his mouth turned up in a kind smile, but the violet flames still burned.

Alfred's face paled, but he shook it off and laughed obnoxiously. "W-why should I? Go play in the snow or something, commie!"

The guy's eyes snapped open, revealing them to be a striking shade of almost-purple. "You should not have said that," he said cheerfully, taking a step closer to the American and pounding one fist into his large hand.

To your surprise, Alfred instantly dropped the sketchbook. "Stupid commie," he hissed, scrambling over to his two friends and heading away rapidly.

The guy picked your sketchbook up off the ground and handed it to you, still smiling sweetly. "Here you go~"

"T-thanks," you said, blushing slightly. "My name is ______..."

"And I am Ivan. I couldn't help but see some of your drawings..." you held your breath nervously. "...they were very cute!"

You exhaled in relief. "You really think so?"

"Da!" he replied. "And you are very cute too!" He gently patted your head.

Despite the weirdness of the gesture, it made your heart race. "O-oh, thank you..."

He held out his hand and pulled you to your feet. "We should get to class now, da?"

"Da," you repeated, letting him pull you along behind him to your next class.
I just want to say that I really love Alfred, and I wasn't trying to make him so antagonistic... please forgive me ;A;

This was a request. ^^ I'm not a huge fan of Russia myself... This isn't my best, obviously. Oh well... at least it's kinda cute, maybe?

Russia and America belong to :iconhimaruyaplz:

You belong to :iconone-with-russiaplz:
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In a cold night in Soviet Russia, Ivan Braginski sat at the dinner table at his house. Alone. Thinking about his one love, his crush, his life. ______. You were so beautiful, you had (e/c),(h/c), and a beautiful body, hips of an angel, any girl would die for them. His mind started to wander, thinking about what he would do to get your love, so many things he would to do get your love. Ivan felt horrible every time he got mad and showed his dark side while ______ was in the same room. Ivan took a deep breath and got up, he went to the phone and dialed your number. He was about to push talk but he stopped and thought about it for a minuet or two. He then pushed talk, he heard it start to ring, his palms started to get sweaty and his face paled. ______ answered the phone, "Hello?" Ivan's face blush at the sound of  your voice, he tried to speak but he couldn't get his voice out. He then hung up, "I love you!" he shouted right as he hung up, he then hung his head and put his head in his hands. "Oh what is the use...I'll never be with her...n-never" He felt tears down his face and he slid down the wall, "Why must she do this to my heart? I need her badly..." Lithuania then went downstairs but then stopped dead when he saw Ivan crying. "M-m-mister R-Russia? Are y-you ok?" Ivan looked up and shook his head "L-Lithuania, d-da I am just fine...I am just sad is all" he sniffled and wiped his eyes "Oh d-do you need a-anything?" Ivan stood up and Lithuania stepped back. "Nyet Lithuania, I just want you to leave me alone for now" "Are you sure?" "I said leave me alone!" Lithuania's eyes went big and he ran out of the dining room and up the stairs. Ivan looked up and saw the time: 11:30 PM. "Its late" He then turned off all the lights and grabbed a few bottles of vodka before he went up to his room. Awhile later, Ivan already drank all his vodka and he was now in the corner of his room with his knees bunched up to his chest and started to cry, his shoulders heaving up and down. "Why am I so horrible! I WISH I WASNT SUCH A MONSTER!" He threw a empty vodka bottle at the other side of the room. "I just wish she would understand me" Ivan felt pain in his heart, every time he tried to talk to _____ she would cower in fear, it made Ivan feel even worse when you would believe all the rumors about him. "I just want to die" he said getting up and looking in the mirror. In the corner of his eye, Ivan saw a piece of glass from the vodka bottle on the floor, he looked at it. He walked over and picked up the shard of glass shining in the moonlight, he examined it, and poked himself with it. His mind filled with suicide, he put the piece of glass to his left wrist. "Maybe _____ would be happier without me in the world" Ivan then started to go back and forth on his wrist, starting out slow and got more fast, he saw blood come out, he then smiled and went harder. He made a big gash and then he stopped to look at his wound, it was deep and it was bleeding furiously. Ivan bit his lip as his salty tears went down his cheeks into his wound, he lightly moaned in pain. He sat down in the corner again and curled up into a ball, bleeding his heart out. He then let one last tear slip out before he fell into a world of darkness...

"I just wish you would love me"
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   ^^ You can listen to the song here:…      [Helena Beat by Foster the People] ^^

The rain was pouring outside and the tiny droplets were sliding across his windows. You leaned over to the window and looked outside. You opened his pack of premium cigarettes and popped one out. You lit it with your favorite lighter and soon you were smoking. Your bottle of beer had been lying empty at your feet. You sobbed quietly to yourself as you smoked. You couldn't take it. You had your fourth break up as you found out your boyfriend was cheating. You had cried yesterday, all day long, at a corner of your room. You didn't eat, you didn't stop crying, all you did was cry.

 Your beautiful eyes had been swollen from yesterday's crying. It was all poofy and red and all you did now was drink all morning and smoke. It was the only way you could relief yourself from pain. The pain that pierced your heart almost several times..... You smoked and smoked until the last cigarette was all ashes now. You couldn't help but crave for more. It was the only solution you thought that existed now. You fell on your knees and screamed your heart out. Took it all out from the inside core to the world.... You wanted the world to know.... Know your pain..... How you suffered... Suffered a lot.

"Sometimes life it takes you by the hair, pulls you down 
Before you know it, it's gone and you're dead again
I've been in places and I won't pretend
Yeah I'd make it out just to fall on my head

Wake up strange and take the walk downstairs
Hit the pawn up on the corner and pay for my rent
You know that I could not believe my own truth
Just show them what I choose, got nothing to lose

Yeah yeah and it's O.K.
I tie my hands up to the chair so I don't fall that way
Yeah yeah and I'm alright
I took a sip of something poison but I'll hold on tight

 "Now, _______" you said to yourself "You are a strong one.... Born to be brave and stand tall.... That's who you are.... The jerk did lose something so precious, me!"

Suddenly you heard a knock on the door. You stood on your feet and balanced yourself. You stumbled to the door and opened it up. To your surprise you met a long white coat. At once you guessed it was him. "Privet, _______" he said.
You laughed and suddenly he raised his brow. "You've been drinking, haven't you?" his Russian accent reached your ears. You sighed and slowly went on your knees feebly and just when you were about to fall, he held you firmly and pulled you up. "Don't worry, I'll take you to your room....." he carried you bridal style and carried you to your room. He laid you on your bed and went to get some water for you. You slowly got up and turned to the mirror next to your bed. 

You had bags of dark circles under your eye, your skin was dull and your hair was starting to get rough and brittle.... "What-is--happening to me--?" you thought. Just then Ivan came through the doors and sat next to you.

"Drink this, da...It'll make you feel good...." he held you closer and slowly fed the water to you. "Take some rest, da...." He made you lay down and covered you up with the blanket. He was surely your friend, best friend. He was always there, even when you were out with four loser jerks, he was still there. 

"You know those days when you want to just choose
To not get out of bed, you're lost in your head again
You play the game but you kind of cut
Cause you're coming down hard and your joints are all stuck

I've tried to say that it's not the only way 
I never knew if I could face myself to change
You were pacing, I was insecure
Slip and fall, I'm dodging calls, hug the prison I've been living in 

Yeah yeah and it's O.K.
I tie my hands up to the chair so I don't fall that way
Yeah yeah and I'm alright
I took a sip of something poison but I'll hold on tight"

Few hours later

"You awake, sunflower?" 
You rubbed your eyes and found two violet orbs staring at yours. You blushed as he kissed your fore head and smiled. You got up slowly and looked around. Those empty beer bottles were gone, the ashes and the left over cigarettes were all gone. Your room was all tidied up and clean. You looked over to Ivan. He was standing there, smiling at you. You couldn't help but you held out your arm and wrapped it around him. You burst into tears and grab him with all the power you got.... 

"I'm so sorry for acting like a bitch, Ivan! They were all jerks! But you, you are the only one I love...I'm sorry!"

"Aw...It's ok sunflower, no matter what, I'll be there for you always....." he said gently brushing your hair. "Now, now....I have taken care of those assholes....Don't think of them now, alright?" You nodded.

The day passed out to be great. All day long you laughed and played with Ivan. You talked, watched tv, ate, and stuff. Finally, you had someone to lean onto while in pain. Your old best friend but a new boyfriend, Ivan Braginski.....

"Yeah yeah and it's O.K.
I tie my hands up to the chair so I don't fall that way
Yeah yeah and I'm alright
I took a sip of something poison but I'll hold on tight"

Extended part~

Next morning you went through the headlines and found all your previous jerky exes dead (murdered).
Sorry about the whole drug addict reader stuff.... I wanted to spread the word that drugs are no good.... So anyway, my first songfic and first RussiaXReader... I know I know it's short but anyway.... :icondivaprussiaplz: I actually feel this way~ :iconifailedplz: So tada my entry for this contest~ [link]

This song is autobiographical. Mr. Foster (singer) was a drug addict in his late teens. The lyrics bear this out as they describe the emptiness and realization that this lifestyle was debilitating. However, the official video makes this all the more plain. Using imagery of a metropolis in ruins, a postcard suggesting that the city is a paradise as opposed to the actual ugly hell it is for most, and a clan of seemingly hostile children a la Children of the Corn or Lord of the Flies, who represent those who might try to intervene to save an addict from himself. At first they appear hostile and malevolent but in the end they are in fact the saviors, as they have rescued him and restored his lost youth.

:iconyayrussiaplz: ~ "I killed ______'s exes!"

Hetalia (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:

You belong to :iconsexyrussiaplz:

Story (c) SuPa4Natural
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It was snowing. A lot. The blur of white was both magical and annoying. Why won't it stop snowing? Well, then again, it is Russia. you thought. It wasn't that you hated the snow, but it snowing non-stop seriously took away the little joy of frozen water, falling from the sky. You shrank back into your warm coat – you were not used to the sub-zero temperatures.  At long last the torrent of snow tumbling down lessened and finally stopped.  You carried on walking, even though your feet were numb and sore from the cold. You were just approaching a forest, when your saw a human shaped thing lying on the ground. As you nervously made your way closer to the shape, you saw that it was a human. Just lying there. Once this realisation hit you, you hurried over to the body. You knelt next to him. (Trying to ignore the snow melting into your trousers.) He peered up at you and a smile, that was sweet yet slightly psychopathic, illuminated his face. His hands were shielding a tiny green sprout, rising from the ground.

"Ummm, Hi." You said, nervously. Who was this man?
'Hello there. What are you doing out in this weather?' He inquired, politely. He had a strong Russian accent.
This befuddled you greatly, why was he asking you that? Surely it should be the other way round, as he is lying on the ground.
"I was kinda wondering why you are lying on the ground. I mean it is freezing." You replied, with genuine concern.
He laughed at this remark almost as if it were obvious what he was doing lying on the snowy ground in the middle of winter.
'I'm protecting the sunflower.' His voice had such happiness at merely uttering the word 'sunflower'.
"A sunflower?" You questioned.
'Da. I found this shoot on my way back home, and I just couldn't let it die. The sunflowers are so rare here.'
In a moment, you realised that you really wanted to help him. He obviously cared for that plant and you wanted to assist him. To help this sunflower grow to it's full beauty.
"Wow." You stuttered. "You must really care about sunflowers."
'I do. They are the most amazing flowers' His voice sounded breathless and for a second the searing cold and snow were forgotten. You both stood in a warm field with sunflowers stretching into the distance. All too soon, you were back in Russia.
"I want to help you look after this sunflower. I'm ________. Nice to meet you."
This seemed to be a surprise to the man.
'I'm Russia. But you can call me Ivan. It's nice to meet you too, ________'
Together you and Ivan scooped up the shoot and the surrounding earth and made your way to his home.

As his house came into view, you stopped and stared. This was not a house. It was a mansion. You were worried that you would get lost in it. Also, you now questioned whether Ivan lived alone. You walked up the marble steps and into the front door. The colossal house was warm inside. You removed your coat and embraced the feeling of the blood flowing back into your toes. You were snapped out of this when a small boy, who looked about 15, took your coat and hung it on a hook.  You stared at him with a questioning look. In reply he started to shake. You averted your gaze to the tall Russian man who proceeded to smash his hand on the boy's head – causing him to shake more. Ivan appeared not to notice the pain he caused the small child. You gently took Ivan's hand off of the boy's head and said to the boy
"Hello, I'm ______. Who are you? If you don't mind telling me." He shook for a bit then answered
'I'm L-Latvia. B-but most p-people call me R-Ravis' He then walked back the way he came. You turned to see a dark look on Ivan's face. He quickly masked it with a smile.
'I would appreciate it if you did not speak to him. It makes him very nervous as he dislikes his stutter.' His voice was pleasant but held a darkness to it as well. You just nodded. Ivan's strange reaction aside, you would hate it if you made Ravis sad. You and Ivan made your way to his spacious kitchen and placed the sprout into a pot, sat it next to a window and poured a bit of water on the soil.

The sun was beginning to set and gave a warm golden glow to the snowy landscape. You sighed as you realised that you would have to leave soon. Your day spent with Ivan had been one of the best since you arrived in Russia. You laughed, watched T.V. and had lots of fun. You caught glimpses of about 3 people doing work in the house and another two that you had seen talking in a bedroom.
You finally plucked up the courage to ask Ivan about the people who lived in this house.
"So, Ivan. Could you please tell me who else lives here beside you and Ravis?" You sweetly said.
He sighed and replied 'Fine. There are Ravis' friends or brothers – I don't know the exact relation. Their names are Eduard and Toris. Also, I live here with my sisters – Natalia and Katyusha.' You nodded. This answered a lot of your questions.

The days after that first one were pretty much the same. You woke up, spent the day at Ivan's house then went home. You longed for the day that your sunflower would bloom into its full beauty. You would sometimes spend hours just watching the sunflower, looking for the slightest change. Over the days, you began to really enjoy the company of Ivan. He was kind and funny and sweet.  Although Ravis, Eduard and Toris tried to tell you otherwise and Natalia threatened you to stay away from him. One snowy Tuesday, he walked into the spacious kitchen and found you sitting at the table, staring at the sunflower. He cautiously sneaked up behind you and gently wrapped his arms around your waist. You felt a strong surge of shock and happiness pulsate through you at his tender touch. You sank back and snuggled into his warm embrace and sighed.
"Why wont it bloom. I really want to see it." You whined.
'A sunflower takes about 3 months to grow and bloom.' He replied, calmly. An involuntary sigh escaped your lips and Ivan chuckled. You turned to face him when you noticed how close you were to him. A blush rocketed to your cheeks as you looked up into his dreamy violet eyes. He slowly moved a piece of your hair then rested his large hand on your cheek, with his other hand resting in the small of your back. You both leaned forward until his soft lips met yours. You knew, in that moment that you loved him.  After the single most magical moment of your life was over, he smiled that same sweet yet slightly psychopathic smile that you saw on the day you met him. You bit your lip and said the most awkward and obvious thing in the world.
"Well, that was nice." He started to laugh.
'Yes, it was.' He responded. You could see Ivan take a deep breath, as it searching for courage, before he continued. 'I love you ______. Please will you be my girlfriend?' He squeezed his eyes shut, in case you were staring at him like he's an idiot. Instead, you flung your arms around his neck and practically screamed
"YESYESYESYESYESYESYESYES!!!!!!!" Ivan proceeded to pick you up and swing you round before planting another kiss on your lips.  Ever since, you two have spent every moment with each other, never tiring of the company and always having loads of fun. You stayed in Russia with Ivan. And even when the house was empty except for you two, it was always warm and happy and loving. You had never been happier.
Words I love that are in this
1. Befuddled
2. Averted
3.5. Puddle (puddle isn't in this but I do like that word)

Also, yes you and Russia live happily ever after and get married.
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You were suddenly awakened by your door being crashed open. A tall German solder walked through and quickly shot you in the shoulder and leg as you got up to worn Russia of the sudden attack. You were a few countries from Russia but the Germans decided to stop here first since you were the country of [country name] and was still on Russia's side of the war.

"Ah, ah, ah, miene  lieb. vere do you think you are headed?" The man said in a thick German accent, he came over to you and kicked you down and loomed over you. " You tell us where that Russia is, correct?" he sneared.

"Fuck you..." you growled back, turning over on your back to face him. He had Blue eyes and tasseled blonde hair, He would of been attractive if it werent for the situation.

"Oh schön~" he drawled pointing his hand gun in your face, Just about when he was going to pull the trigger something hit him in the head, making a loud cracking of bones sound, you winced as soon as he fell to the ground.

"Are you alright, moya lyubimaya?" a Russian accent said right before you fainted.

-------time skip by the awesome prussia-----

All you remembered before you fainted was a voice and then pain. You opened your eyes wide, and shot out of bed only to feel a searing pain in your leg, as well as your shoulder a moment later.

"FUCK!" you screamed. falling to the floor. and slightly curling there.

It felt as if forever had passed before s nurse- or what you thought was a nurse- came in. they picked you up and lightly placed you back into bed.

"[name]..?" someone squeeked and you turned to look at who it was. It was a small boy with dirty blonde hair and scared looking eye's

"Latvia..?" You managed to say.

"Miss?" he replied.

"Why are you always so scared here? does- does someone hurt-"

"No ma'am... Of course not.." he blushed and placed his hand on your forehead. feeling you for a temperature. " you feel fine for now.. Call me if anything is needed..." and with that he left. You noticed that he had a small bruise on his neck, you'd have to have a talk with him and russia about that. You didnt want anyone hurting the little doll..

another 10 minutes passed until russia himself came by.

"[Name]..? How are you feeling?" he said, avoiding looking into your eyes.

"I am fine.. The Germans!" You suddenly raised your voice, causing him to look down at his feet. "what happened to them..? Is everything alright..?!"

"Da da.. Everything is fine. rest.." he looked you in the finally. only to tear up, His childish side showing, Him seeing you in a bed like this was hurtful. any child would tear up.

You motioned him to come give you a hug, he hesitantly did. Giving him the best squeeze you could manage, and pulled back a second later.

"See" you smiled, "everything is okay" he looked as if he could burst now. Of happieness or of sadness you could not tell.

"[NAME]...." he whispered, "Become one with russia.. I will be able to protect you. and prevent this from happening again..." he looked at you with puppy dog eyes.

"Russia.. I-"  Before you could finish he smashed his lips to yours, licking your lower lip, asking for entrance that you gladly gave.

you pulled back, a string of saliva connecting you two, "da... I will...." he smiled and pulled you into a crushing hug.

"R-russia.." the wound started to throb once more.

"Oh da... sorry..." he said smiling sheepishly.

from then on, you were safe, russia was happy, and noone ever got hurt again~

I feel that i am on a role. I am liking writing c:

story- me
russia- hetalia
you- you
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“Ms. (y/n) you may need more surgery if your hip does not heal” the doctor explained as you laid on the cold hospital bed. You were the country of (c/n). Your country was suffering an economic crisis, as predicted, your body took its toll.

“You may experience difficulty walking for long periods of time. We suggest you use a wheelchair mainly” the doctor explained further while you nodded.

“There’s someone here to take you home” a nurse entered and the doctor nodded before turning to you and smiling as he left the room.

“Privet (y/n)!” Ivan walked in and your face lit up.

“I came to take you home” He smiled and lifted you up before gently setting you in your wheelchair.

To many countries, Russia was scary. You looked past that and discovered he was more of a giant teddy-bear than some crazy power-hungry lunatic that most people assumed of him.

After placing you in his car, he drove you home. Only a little while later, you realized he was driving to his house instead.

“How come we’re going to your house Ivan?” you asked and looked up at him.

“So I can watch you and take care of you” Ivan smiled

“I feel like an old woman, I’m already having hip problems!” you sighed

“Don’t be silly (y/n)! You are a country, problems happen that cause physical problems for us.” Ivan smiled and ruffled your hair.

The car slowly came to a halt as Ivan parked the car in the driveway of his large house.

“Ivan, my wheelchair can’t go through snow” you looked up at him.

“I know….” He smiled and took off his scarf. You were amazed that he removed it, what happened next shocked you. He wrapped it around your neck. He gently leaned forward and picked you up. He carefully lifted you onto his back and carried you towards the house.

“Are you sure I’m not heavy?” you self-consciously asked

“You feel like a feather to me. I can carry you for days without putting you down!” Ivan chuckled as he opened the front door. He walked over to his plush sofa next to the fireplace and gently placed you on the couch.

Ivan left and quickly came back inside with your wheelchair. He placed it by the couch and walked over to the fireplace. He tossed in a few logs of firewood before lighting it ablaze with a match.

“I’ll go bring you something warm to drink” Ivan turned and smiled at you. Your cheeks dusted pink as you shyly smiled back. Ivan was so sweet towards you that it was nearly impossible to have not developed romantic feelings towards the large nation.

“Here,” Ivan came back and handed you a mug of hot chocolate.

“Ivan, why do you want to take care of me? I know you said before you didn’t want to control my country, but why help me out?” you asked and looked up at him.

He set down his mug and turned to you. His violet orbs glistened as they stared down at your (e/c) eyes.

“Because…….ya tebya lyublyu (y/n). I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, for being my friend…..” Ivan choked out as tears threatened to fall.

You gently scooted closer and wrapped your arms around him. Ivan hugged you tightly back and sobbed into your shoulder.

“I love you too Ivan……I’m here….” You smoothed his platinum hair and held him.

“how can someone like you love me? Everybody hates me or they’re afraid” Ivan murmured

“because no one can see the warmth you have inside you. Others see your cold exterior but I see your heart for what it is. You only want warmth and friends.” You answered.

Ivan pulled away from the hug and gave you a warm hug before passionately kissing you. It was like a wave of heat washed over you, filling you with warmth. Ivan’s arms snaked around your waist gently as your hands played with his soft hair.

“stay with me, da?” he chuckled as you nodded happily.

“you are my one and only sunflower. You make me so happy just by seeing you….” Ivan grinned and pulled you onto his lap.

~Le Timeskip~

“Where is Mr. Russia?” Latvia asked until he saw Lithuania and Estonia who shushed him and pointed. Latvia stuck his head out around the corner and saw Russia asleep with (c/n) laying on top of his stomach on the couch by the fire.

“They look so cute!” Latvia squealed until Lithuania slapped a hand over his mouth.

“Be quiet will you!?” Lithuania whispered

“He’ll have your head if you wake him or (y/n) up!” Estonia chided quietly. Latvia nodded with Lithuania’s hand still covering his mouth.
Finally made it! I had a little writer's block for a bit. I finally gave Russia a turn in my country x Injured!Reader series. :iconyayrussiaplz: I have no clue about broken hips. All i know is that it's difficult to walk for long periods of time and most people use wheelchairs. Picture and Russia don't belong to me. I hope it's not crappy!
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You were currently wrapped in the arms of Ivan Braginsky.

His breathing was soft, you couldn't help but smile up at the intimidating man. He wasn't really that bad, he just didn't know how to act around people. When you had first met him, he seemed like a wall of ice that was impossible to break. You didn't break that wall, you just... melted it.

You sat next to Ivan at the world meeting, listening to the debates that seemed to switch topic every 2 minutes. The countries, namely America, were bickering about something useless. There was no way that they would listen to you, as you tried to interject.

"E-excuse me..." You tried to say, only to be interrupted with a tomato flying across the room, hitting Germany in the face. You could practically see the anger radiating from his face. Ivan turned towards you, stifling a laugh.

"Heh, любовь, did you see that? I'll protect you from the tomatoes with my magic metal pipe of pain" he said, but quickly added, "not to hurt you, of course."

You smiled weakly up at him. There was no telling with Russia. Especially when he had that adorable face. He could probably rip off someone's arm and they would still not be mad at him.

Then, a tomato hit him square in the face.  

You stifled a laugh. Tomato juice dripped down his face.
Then, an idea hit you. Maybe you would regret it.

You leaned over and licked some of the tomato off of his face. He was stiff at first, but seemed to relax. He wrapped his arms around you.

You had Lovino to thank for that situation. And for your boyfriend.
Mind snapping out of those memories, you shifted yourself to lay on top of his stomach. You held your breath, not wanting to wake up the sleeping Russian. Like that would ever happen, especially with your clumsy attitude.

His eyes blinked open, and he rolled over on top of you without a word, only a soft grunt. His tongue met the tip of your nose, making you turn slightly red.
"Ivan, for the last time, I am not a tomato. Now, Spain's asscheeks are perfect tomatoes, but that's not the point."

"Ngh.. мой подсолнечника, just go back to sleep," he whined. You sighed and pushed him back to the side, snaking your arms around his waist. He gave a happy sigh and snuggled his head into your side.

Well, you could make him breakfast later...
terin-fanfictions.deviantart.c… <-- intro is here

Picture does not belong to me!
hetalia belongs to Hima-papa

translations in order-
my sunflower
please watch me on there ;u;
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Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity, sexual themes and ideologically sensitive material)
It was almost 10:00 at night and you and your boyfriend Ivan had just getting back from a bar to his house a few minutes ago. You had been drinking Vodka, you two had drunk so much that it was strong on both of your guys breath. He opened the door and you followed him inside. He smiled at you and you grinned stupidly back.

"Maybe you shouldn't drink so much next time da?",asked Ivan. "I-I didn't *hic* dwink dat much,did I?",you asked hiccuping."Yes you did,seems like you will just have to sleep in my room with me so I can keep an eye on you.",he said giving you a wink. "Tee hee! *hic* I vould like dat.",you said blushing,you were not that drunk to not know when he meant he wanted to have sex."Come on,I dont know if you will make it.",he said and picked you up bridal style.

He walked you to his room and layed you on the bed. He smiled at you before turning toward the doorway. You saw Eduard standing in the doorway.

"I suggest you get out before I punish you,no disturbances and if their will get it worse because you already will later.",said Ivan darkly. "Y-yes Mr.Russia.",said Eduard closing the door and Ivan walked over to it and locked it.

He turned back to you and walked back to the bed before getting on top of you and kissing your lips,you kissed right back. He smiled at you pulling away and letting his lips hover over your forehead.

"Now...where were we?",he asked. "Don't tease me Ivan.",you whispered. "Oh but you know I love to ______,atleast beg me a little.",he said softly in your ear. "Oh fine,but *hic*just a little...",you said giving in. "I knew you would see it my way.",said Ivan before nibbling on your earlobe.

You blushed as his fingers hovered lightly over your collarbone,teasing you. Then,they began unbuttoning your blouse. You smiled at him as he pulled it away from you and tossed it aside. He kissed your cheek before kissing your jaw line.You let your fingers run through his hair and he planted another kiss on your lips.

He took off his long, heavy tan coat and brown gloves before kissing your neck. You gasped as his lips brushed one spot that made you go wild. He laughed lightly against your skin making you let out a soft moan.

"That was fast,your way to easy to please _____.",he said teasingly. "I-it's only 'cause *hic*we have done dis a few times before Ivan. It isn't fair,you know all my *hic* sweet spots.",you groaned as he kissed your neck again. "Yes,but is just to easy with you sunflower.",he said smiling at you,a playful gleam in his violet eyes. "Oh Ivan, I love you...",you said before scilencing his response with a kiss.

He grinned at you and kissed your collarbone before going ahead and taking off your bra. He quickly took it off and you instantly covored yourself up by crossing your arms. He sighed and rolled his eyes.

"_______, I have seen you naked before,why do we always do this?",asked Ivan. "Because,I get *hic* nervous okay? I just worry that what if someone sees?",you said blushing nervously and looking away. "_______, you are beautiful like a sunflower, if anyone sees,I will take care of it,come on.",said Ivan. "O-okay...",you said and uncrossed your arms. "Their not so bad humm?",he asked and kissed you."I *hic* guess not....",you said softly.

He smiled and kissed you again scilencing you. You ran your fingers through his hair as he pulled off your pants and you kicked them aside. He did the same with his and your (eye color) eyes met his. You looked away blushing, you always got quiet and nervous at this point,who wouldn't be, Ivan could be intimidating.

"Are you ready sunflower?",he asked. ".....I-I guess....",you said nervously. "Don't worry, you dont need to be nervous.So,are you honestly read because we dont have to do this if you dont want to.",he said. "I-I want to do this...",you said blushing even worse because you were embarassed. "Okay,dont worry sunflower.I will be gental,I promise.",he said kissing your nose before pulling off his underwear and your own.

He smiled and held you close as he entered you. You whimpered,but swallowed hard and wrapped your arms around his neck. You closed your eyes for a moment before opening them as he thrust into you over and over again. Your moans filled the air as he sped up.

"Ivan!I am going to come....",you managed to get out before it happened and he followed close behind."______....",he gasped falling onto the bed. "I-Ivan....",you gasped blushing and let your head rest against his chest exhausted. "I love you sunflower....",he whispered and kissed your forehead.

You smiled happily and closed your eyes. Vodka,sunflowers and sex baby,you never can go wrong with that.
Russia X Reader Lemon, enjoy!
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My second fanfic or x reader sorry if it sucks :3
~May have foul language~

You ran as fast as you could from your bestfriend Ivan Braginski. You had no clue what the hell came over him. You where just walking down the hall, coming back from the bathroom with a towel wrapped around your (h/c) (h/l) hair. Ivan had offered a shower to you after all you had come from (where you live) all the way to Russia on a surprisingly sweaty plane. You had just taken a brake from college and wanted to see him. So you went with the money you saved from (insert crappy job).

Ivan continued to chase you down the hall of his huge mansion. Slowly catching up to you made it all the more terrifying. You tried to recall what happened. Then it hit you like a lead pipe. You clasped almost instantaneously. Vision blurring. (E/c) orbs watering. Your finally thought was what you thought caused this tantrum.

You woke hours later with a lump next to you. You felt you head. There was bandages and they where wet. Blood. "Damn it" you thought. You just sat back panicked as all hell. Ivan was laying next to you sound asleep. His Blood incrusted pipe next to him. It looked like it had the fresh crimson substance all over it. You looked over to him his eyes still shut and his chest rising and falling.

You slowly made your way out of the bed. Glancing over and over at Ivan. He always looked so cute and peaceful. Like he couldn't hurt anyone but Alfred. You recalled him punching poor Alfie in the gut for saying he was a commie. (You couldn't blame him. Alfred was being a total douche bag) But other than that he never hurt anyone. Not even his physco sister that tried to kill you once. He stopped her but he didn't hurt her.

Something grabbing you wrist broke your trance. It was Ivan. Looking up to you with seemingly innocent violet eyes he asked " What's the matter (Name)? What are those bandages from?" He actually seemed concerned for you well being. You just stared at him with a horrified look (E/c) pools showing fear.  Apparently he saw that and asked stumbling over his words " D-did I d-do...that?" He said his eyes becoming glassy and red. You just slowly nodded. He reached up to where the pipe had hit you. You flinched out of his grasp. (Your Name) I'm sorry ........ sorry" his voice started to crack and shrivel away as he stuffed his face in the now wet pillow. He kept whispering  something in Russian ," мне жаль"over and over.

"Damn it "you whispered walking around the bed over to the sobbing russian. You started to pet his pale hair. He looked up slowly, sobs still racking his body. You smiled slightly. But you had to ask this even if it meant him freaking out again. "Ivan what happened last night?" You said bracing yourself for impact. "Oh....Well while you where in the shower." He just stopped. He started to shake and whimper again. You hugged him close to you trying to calm him. Ivan was still the Ivan you know and love right? He looked up again his bangs over his eyes. " I started to think about why my family left me and the baltics..... It scared me that you would do the same so..." He stopped.

You already understood Ivan was lonely and started to drink because he was depressed. That's why he attacked you. "Ivan its alright. I'm not mad at you." (Or scared any more for a matter of fact) "So you'll stay with me sunflower?" He said violet eyes staring hopefully into your (E/c) ones. "Da I will."
Fluff Ish fluffy. My other fanfic didn't end so well for reader chan so I had to even it out. ~love Waffles
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    You and your Russian boyfriend, Ivan were on a vacation. You two were in Russia..... for the spring. Which in Russia, it was basically a one degree warmer winter. But, you didn't mind, since you always loved snow. You couldn't believe the amount of snow you saw! Now, yes, you lived in a place where snow was usual in the winter, but it was nothing compared to the amount of snow in Russia.
     Ivan wanted you to see how Russia was like, since he grew up there his whole life. Plus, he didn't want to leave you behind while he was in Russia. You were pleased and excited to go. You've always wanted to go to Russia, and now you had the chance, and you wouldn't be there alone. When you got there, the first thing you thought about was where the two of you were going to stay. So, you asked Ivan about this.
 "Ivan, Russia is so beautiful, but the question on my mind is where we're gonna stay." you asked. 'Gosh. She always has to be formal doesn't she?..... but, it's cute on her." Ivan thought. He replied to your question as soon as you asked it.
 "It's a suprise, my sunflower." He said, a warm smile on his face. Him calling you 'sunflower' made you warm inside. That was his nickname for you, because he thought you were so warm, sweet, and bright as the summer's day. You mouthed an "oh" and smiled. You weren't worried about it, since you knew that Ivan would pick the best place to stay for the spring.
    You two had to take a train to get were the house was located. While you were on the train, you asked Ivan what the place is like.
 "Don't worry. It's nice." he said. "I want this to be a suprise, so please stop asking questions about it, my sunflower." he continued, kissing you on the cheek. You smiled.
 "Okay." you said, finally giving up about trying to make him say something about how it looked like and where it was located. 
    Finally, after a one hour train ride, you and Ivan arrived at were you were going to stay. Once you got off, you were in a suprised shock. The house was beautiful. You couldn't believe it! It was a huge winter log cabin, and, once inside, it was even more beautiful. Tile floors, and upstairs, everything someone could hope for. 
 "Ivan, this.... this is beautiful! Absolutely beautiful!" you exclaimed. It was so wonderful, inside and out. Ivan smiled at you.
 "I'm glad you like it, my sunflower." He then kissed you full on the lips. 'She looks and sounds like an innocent child who found out that they were getting a puppy. It's adorable.' he thought.
    Ivan noticed the time and asked if you wanted to go to sleep, and since the train ride was a quite tiring one, you were pleased to finally lay down after such a long day. 
    You and Ivan were in bed together, curled up and as happy as can be.
 "I'm glad you decided to come with me, [name] I would have missed having you around and in the bed with me all spring." he said. This made you smile like there was no tomorrow. Gosh, did he have a way with words. 
 "I'm glad I came, too." you continued, "There's no place I'd rather be." you said, with a huge grin on your face. You two were so happy together. You were his world, so to say. He treated you with the up-most respect, and you did the same to him in return. The two of you have been together for three years, and those three years have been the happiest years you've both had in your lifetime. You were the only person who didn't think he was scary. You actually thought he was the non-scariest person on earth. Everything about you, he loved. 

    Ivan thought this was the right time to ask something like this, since you two were curled up so nicely together. He quickly sat up and when through the nightstand drawer. His quickness suprised you, since you were almost asleep. Ivan finally found what he was looking for and went over to your side of the bed. Noticing his movements, you sat up.
 "What are you doing Ivan?" you sleepily asked him.

    Ivan got down on one knee, and pulled out a red velvet box, and began his speech to you.
 "[name], your the flower to my sunshine, the apple to my tree, my everything. These past three years have been the best of my life, and I want it to stay like that. So, [first name] [last name] will you marry me?" he asked, hoping you would say yes.
 You were speechless. You had so many feelings, you started crying, but it was out of joy.
 "Yes! Yes of course!" you exclaimed with tears filled with happiness running down your face. Ivan wanted to jump for joy. He was finally going to marry the woman he loved, and stay with her forever.
    Ivan got up, got back in bed, and hugged you like there was no tomorrow.
 "I'm so happy you said yes..." he drifted. A wave of relief washed over him, because he thought you were going to say no.
 "I'm glad you asked." you replied, a warm smile on your face.
    And with that, you two went back to sleep, but before that, you had to say something.
 "This is the best vacation ever. I'm so glad that I came here with you." you sleepily said. You were on the edge of falling asleep. Before you could, Ivan spoke in a light tone.
 "I'm glad you did, too. Because, were going to live in Russia, if that's okay with you. I-in this house." he calmly said. You sleepily nodded in response.
 "Good. Now I can spend all of the Russian winter nights with you... forever."
Did I make Russia a bit to fluffy?
I dunno....
Oh Well!
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Collection by
I just had to come out, didn't I? It was late at night, freezing cold, and now snowing. America said everything would be fine since he went out in this kind of weather before, though he also added how much it, in his words, "Froze my grapes off!" Which made me giggle at the way he said that, wearing his goofy grin. I sometimes wonder why we hang out, seeing as Russia doesn't seem too fond of him...

Russia...Just the simple thought of him made the snow seem like nothing more than hot water on an ice-cube, melting away into clear, see-through water. That's how my feelings were, whenever I was around him. Anyone with eyes could clearly see how much I liked him. Well, maybe not America or Italy, people with common sense did. I'm not trying to sound mean towards those two, but no-one can really deny their...unawareness.

There is just something about Russia that makes me feel...funny. I know it's a crush, but lately, I feel kind of different. In a great way, too. I wonder how he has this effect on me. Maybe his complete cuteness? His innocent stare, when I knew looks were being deceiving? Yes, I know about, intimidating nature. But that made me like him even more...Sometimes, I question my sanity. Doesn't matter, really. I'm crazy enough as it is for the powerful, yet adorable, Russian country. That sounds cheesy, but I seriously don't care at this point. And no, I am not Belarus crazy/crazed-stalker.

Another gust of chilly air attacks me away from my blissful thoughts of my Russian crush. The weather was getting worse, because life loves us all so much, making the snow fall harder onto my already numb face. I hold my brown paper bag closer to me, trying to get at least a little bit of heat from it. I swear, I will kill America later for telling me there wasn't a snowstorm tonight! I bet Russia could help...Now he's rubbing off on my mind. Heh, heh...

Speaking of Russia, said man, without me noticing, had been standing behind me for a while when I stopped mid-step at a certain thought that came to mind about dealing with America. Russia really is rubbing off on me...

Before a word, or shall I say scream, could be said or done, I felt something being wrapped around my neck, making me jump from surprise. It was rather large, incredibly soft, and smelled of...Vodka? Mind, I know we've been having a few changes happening, but don't start imagining stuff this good to be true! Because only one person, I know of, could have a scent that made me fall into corny, fluffed up thoughts....

"You seem cold, da? Why don't you come with me, it is a lot warmer. Even if the snow is so delightful, with it's harsh winds and terrible coldness that makes people shake uncontrollably. Just like in fear....Kolkolkol~"

The way he said that was so innocent, it scared me. And yet, I felt like giggling. Hey...where the heck did he come from in the first place!?! I sure don't remember feeling like I was being stalked! Do these creepy things come naturally to him? But he's giving me that adorable look...I can't ask him! Gah! How can someone so cute, be so dang evil! Oh well, at least he's evilly cute. To me, that is. As for the other countries...let's just say they would rather run around, soaking wet, in this blizzard, then being trapped alone with him.

"S-S-Sure, if you d-don't mind...." I stutter for two reasons. One: I'm freezing my watermelons off. (Dammit, America is rubbing off on me, too!). Two: Russia is now, rather I liked it or not, putting his arm around my shoulder, pulling me with him. This blizzard could be considered tropical paradise to me, now. Thank you, Holy Rome!

"You're cute when you shiver violently. It reminds me of cold, freezing kitten." My eye twitched, though I was also blushing up my own heated storm. "My home is not too far away, da." Sure enough, we arrived at his house in a matter of minutes, with me fighting off my inner fangirl. His arm, that was wrapped around my shoulder, was now holding onto my waist. This guy wasn't shy, huh? But I wasn't going to say anything. I really loved being this close to him....and I'd like to live another day.

When he opened the door, he started pulling me towards his, what I guess was, living room. I noticed the Baltics weren't around until I saw a small light coming from the kitchen when passing it. They may have been in there, but I didn't have a chance to find out with Russia dragging me through the halls. Well, not really dragging. More like me deliberately walking slow so I could savor the moment immensely. Russia isn't the only sly one here.

When reaching his living room, he had asked if I wanted anything to eat. Not really sure of what to say, I grabbed a bag of popping corn out from my shopping bag. Giving it to Russia with a smile, I thought of how upset America will be when he learns I ate his food without him. He asked me to buy it for our weekly, best bud movie nights, a.k.a me laughing my ass off at him when he starts screaming bloody murder while hugging his pillow for dear life.

He gave me his own, sweet, smile. Calling for the Baltics, who immediately came running into the room. He handed the popping corn to Lithuania, told Raivis to get me hot chocolate, and Estonia for a soft blanket, while smiling even...sweeter. So sweet, it made Lithuania look close to tears. I gave them a sympathetic look before all three left. Lithuania leaving to go cook the popping corn, trying not to faint from fear along with the other two. I can't help feeling sorry for them sometimes, but they get to live with Russia...So they should be grateful!

"(Name,) come sit with me, da?" Russia doesn't give me a choice, grasping onto my waist and yanking me onto his lap. I gulp a ton of air, blushing a new red scientist have yet to study. I relax a bit when his grip loosens, actually feeling somewhat...tender? I try craning my neck so I'd be able to look at him, but he keeps me from doing so by placing his head onto my right shoulder, my back against his well toned chest. Heart, don't fail me now by skipping away so freely.

He nuzzled my cheek softly, giving it a light kiss. I was more frozen than the worsened snowstorm roaring outside. First thought: What is he doing? Second thought: Why is he doing this? Third thought when he tilted my head, so my eyes were staring back into his softening gaze, smiling before giving me a small kiss: Did I just hear heaven bells ringing?

He didn't force anything, which shocked me greatly. This kiss is so...gentle. I thought he'd be one of those rough, tongue kissing kind of guys. But that wasn't him in this case when he began caressing my cheeks, using both hands. I feel his thumb rubbing small, soothing circles across my flushed face, making my heart sigh blissfully. I wondered if he felt how extremely heated my cheeks were through his gloved hands as I let my own get lost in his hair.

I don't understand why he's doing this so sudden, but I couldn't complain. No, this feeling is far too warm. Even warmer than the flickering fire burning inside of it's fireplace where we're sitting close to on his cream-colored sofa.

"R-Russia...why did you kiss me so...s-suddenly?" I ask carefully, trying not to say the wrong thing. Also, wanting to catch my breath.

"Because I felt like it, da?" Was his reply, kissing me on the nose. Who, in the name of Vodka, is this man? And if I can, let me keep him! With a little evil on the side....What? It's cute!

"Because you...felt like it? Wait, I'm confused....Does this mean you like me? Or just want me to become one with mother Russia?" He hasn't asked me that in a while, so I couldn't help but think it may be his reason. He smiled, leaning his forehead onto mine after flipping me around. So now I sat on his lap, him embracing me in a....loving hug? Dream, I swear I'll kill you if I wake up!

"I have known you for quite some time now, (Name.) I now know I have other emotions besides murderous ones." He says 'murderous' a little too happy. "I feel like a sunflower around you. Happy, content, cheerful...but mostly...." He presses his lips lightly onto mine... "любовь."...kissing me once again, only this time warmer.

Who needed popping corn, hot chocolate, or comfy blankets when you had this loving warmth?

Extended ending.

When the Baltics returned with everything, they found you and Russia cuddled up closely together on the sofa, seemingly asleep. All three smiled at this. Only you were able to bring out this warm, soft side he held within himself. So when Estonia placed the blanket onto you both before him and the other two left, all three were hoping you'd be spending more time around here...Not only for Russia, but for their sakes as well.

Snuggling deeper into Russia's arms, you let out a content sigh.

I'll have to thank America later...Or just go along with my original plan, kolkolkol~

A soft 'kolkolkol' came from Russia as well....

"(Name,) would you like to become one with mother Russia, da?"

You smiled playfully at him, nuzzling your cheek against his nose. You tilt your head, giving him a innocent look. He, in turn, chuckled at your sweetening expression, gazing back into your soft eyes with his own violet irises. For once, his flaring aura was calm as he embraces you closer, a genuine smile tugging his lips upward slowly.

"I love you...Ya evilly cute Russian...."

"I know. Kolkolkol~"

Snowstorms weren't so bad after-all. ♥
Both :iconsweetepie365: and :iconcrimsoncolours: requested Russia x reader. sweetepie365 suggested a snowstorm, and crimsoncolours wanted super fluffy, so I pretty much mixed those two together....

любовь means "love" in Russian.

I....This is just....I don't even.... :iconcannotevenplz: Is this fluffy? I'm not sure...My cat had a VERY tiny kitten three days ago, which shocked the hell out of everyone since no one knew she was even gonna have a kitten. Weird, because we were getting her fixed next month. This little kitten she had is so small, so we're not sure if he'll make it. But he's holding strong. I named him after my favorite Vocaloid, Len. :iconhappychinaplz:

As for this story...I wrote it at 5:00 am something, so I'm sorry if it sucks. I was able to spend the night at my cousin's house since she lives, like, five houses down from me, giving me the chance to steal her internet. :iconamericaumadplz: My mom is taking care of Len right now, the little angel~:heart:
Hetalia © Hidekaz Himaruya

You will become one with mother Russia. :iconrussiasexysmileplz:
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AN: Read the description! And read the parts Reader says in a child's voice. You're like, four.

Today was a special day for Ivan Bragenski for more reasons then one. The first reason, today was the day he came to be, taking his first breath of cold Russian air. Today was his birthday. The other reason, he wouldn't know until later.

The tall man walked down the streets of Moscow, looking for anything he liked, going to by himself a present since no one else knew what he really wanted, and never wanted to 'bother him' by asking.
He stopped in front of one of his favorite stores, smiling as he looked in the window at what was inside.
He arched an eyebrow, seeing something in the reflection. Turning around, he saw in the ally way across from the store a small child sitting in the corner, curled up against herself and shaking as she had her gaze fixed to the ground.
He frowned a bit, looking her over a bit longer before turning back to the store, making the decision to buy the little girl across the street a coat. It was snowing and it didn't look like she had one.
While he was looking through the little girl's section, getting a couple strange looks, he absentmindedly looked toward the window, expecting to see the little girl, but saw something else, instantly getting worried and angry at the same time.
Ivan dropped what he was doing, going out of the store and straight to the figure, cornering your tiny little figure.

"Come on little girl~ I'm not gonna hurt you~" The man said in a gruff voice as you could hear his footsteps get closer and closer. You only whimpered, curling up as far into the corner as you could, too scared to run away since you couldn't see where you would be going, he'd catch you anyway. You cried when the man grabbed your frail, already bruised are tightly, yelping as he pulled you up, but you were dropped again, curling back up against the wall as you heard a sound that you never wanted to hear again. Metal against flesh and bone, followed by most likely the same metal rod against the brick wall across from you.

"Sunflower, you are alright, da?" You heard from high above you, shivering in terror more then from the
cold. You whimpered when a large hand was placed on your head, but you noticed that it was gentle, unlike

the other that held your arm before. "I don't want to hurt you, little one." The same voice said, softer,
but closer to you. "That man didn't hurt you, da?"
You gulped, nodding your head. He did hurt you, but not as bad as you've been hurt before.

Ivan frowned, gently petting your tangled (h/c) hair. "I will help you get better." He said, carefully picking

your little body up, holding you close and wrapping you in his coat with him.
It took you a minute to realize what happened, but you eventually clung onto his warmth, curling up in his

strong arms as he held you protectively.


After a while of walking, the Ash Blonde haired Russian got back to his large home, holding your now

sleeping form close to his chest, smiling as you clung to his shirt with your little hand, still shivering a few

times but getting warmer then you were before. He gently rubbed your back through his coat as he went

inside, being greeted by Toris, who didn't notice you right away.

"Welcome back Mr. Ivan, sir. D-Did you have a nice walk?" He asked. Ivan nodded.

"Da. I made new friend, and she needs something warm to wear." He said, letting Toris see you better. The

brunette boy held in a gasp when he saw how thin and beat up you were. You couldn't have been anymore

then five years old, and must have been starving.

"Oh my! I-I'll try and find something to fit her, y-yes?" Ivan nodded in agreement to Toris' offer and

watched as he ran off. He smiled down at you as you shift in his arms, and carried you up stairs.


When you woke up, you felt yourself wrapped in something soft and warm as your cold wet hair was being

very gently tugged, then falling into big hands, then tugged slightly again, the motion being repeated over

and over.

"There we go, Sunflower~ No more knots." Ivan smiled, brushing your hair as you sat in his lap. You blinked

while turning your head, trying to hear the sounds you were used to, but none of them could be heard. Only

the slightest creaking of the bed under you, and soft breathing was heard.

You patted beside you, feeling the long, crossed legs your were sitting on, making Ivan chuckle. "Everything

alright, sunflower?" He asked softly, setting the brush he was using down on the bed beside him.

"Wh-Whewe am I?" You asked quietly, leaning over to try and get off his lap, but he held you, moving you

over and carefully sitting down on the bed.

"Don't fall off the bed, sunflower. Don't want you getting hurt more." He said. "You're at my home. My room is nice, da?"

You were quit for a minute. "...I-I don't k-know..." You said and sniffled before starting to cry. Ivan furrowed his eyebrows, picking you up and holding you close, rubbing your back gently and trying to get you to calm down while you grabbed onto what you could, holding onto his scarf and shirt.

"Shh, It is ok. I will keep you safe." He held you close, rubbing your back until you eventually calmed down, nuzzling into his scarf as you clung to it.

"W-Who... Who awe you...?"
Ivan blinked at the question your small little voice stuttered out, before answering.

"My name is Ivan Braginski, sunflower. What is your name?"

"_-___." You said. You shifted a bit and placed your hand on his face.
Ivan blinked, but chuckled lightly.

"What are you doing, ___?" He asked.

"Feewing what you wook wike." You said. He arched an eyebrow before really getting a good look at your

dull (e/c) eyes. He didn't say anything, realization just now hitting him as he let you feel his face. Your

giggle as you touched his noes brought him out of his trance. He smiled lightly as your small hand softly

squeezed his bigger noes.
"I like youw noes, Mr. Ivan." You smiled. He chuckled lightly.

"Spasibo[1], little sunflower~" He smiled, hearing your stomach growl. He chuckled lightly. "Hungry?"
You nodded as he gently picked you up, carrying you down stairs and to the kitchen to get you a snack,

meeting the three Baltic states in the large kitchen.

"Eduard, get ___ something to eat, da?" Ivan said. The blonde nodded, getting the little one a snack.

The youngest boy smiled lightly at you, even if you were in the 'scary' Ivan's arms.
"I-I'm happy my sweater fits you b-better then it did me." He said, to you. You looked around confused on

where the voice was coming from. Raivis noticed, and gently touched your hand to show you where he was.

"Fits her just right." Ivan smiled down at you, wearing the sweater Raivis had found that was too small and

gave it to you to wear after Ivan had given you a bath earlier. You smiled, holding onto Raivis's fingers,

making him blush lightly.

"It's comfy~ I wike it~" You smiled. He smiled back.

"I-I'm glad!" He lightly patted your hand. After the food was made, Eduard carried it to Ivan's room

where Ivan and you ate, asking questions to learn more about each other.

"___, do you remember why you were where I found you?" Ivan asked.
You nodded, eating another bite of your food.

"Daddy weft me there when I knocked over mommy's vase." Your voice got a little softer and you rubbed

your arms, remembering the pain of when you'd get hit, or ram into things from being pushed to hard. "I

didn't mean to... I twipped." You sniffed, about to cry before Ivan picked you up, holding you close and securely.

"Hush, I know you didn't mean to. Vse budet khorosho , nemnogo ___ . Ty v bezopasnosti so mnoy.[2] I will protect you, my little sunflower." He said. You held onto him, nuzzling his shoulder as you nodded, letting out a small yawn. Ivan smiled lightly, rubbing your back as he held you close and laid down on the bed, letting you lay on his chest as he pulled the blankets over you both as you slowly started to fall asleep.
He smiled softly as he pet your hair.

"I'll be as best a papa as I can, sunflower. YA obeshchayu[3]."
In this story you are 3 years old, blind, and abused. Russia saves you from a kidnapper and takes you home and he is very out of character, but hopefully I'll do better on him in part two when it shows more of you adjusting to your new possible family. 
This story kinda switches back and forth from Russia's pove to yours, so sorry for any confusion. And I'm sorry that Russia is a bit OOC, I'll try and do better next time. I just kinda lost interest towards the end.

Would you guys like it better if you stay with Russia as you care taker, OR, if you could choose who takes care of you as a father, big brother, or mother? (Belarus and Ukraine will be choices along with Russia and the Baltic states)  

Translations: from Google translator because that's all I have

[1] - Thank you

[2] - Everything will be fine, a little ___. You're safe with me

[3] - I promise

Part 2: Meeting Family
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It’s Cold (Russia x Reader)

Warning you may experience fluff attack! Hope you enjoy it :3

~~~(Name) POV~~~

You were freezing. The multiple layers of clothes you had on didn’t help keep you any warmer against the harsh Russian winds and your feet felt like slabs of concrete dragging in the thick snow. Ivan stood tall next to you unaffected by the cold, his usual childish smile spread across his pale lips as you both strolled along the side-walk on your journey home.

Dating Ivan sure had its pros and cons- having to live in Russia is a bit of both, you didn’t exactly hate the country just how cold it always was as you were prone to getting sick but at least Ivan was always there to nurse you back to health.

Speaking of said Russian, he’d been staring at you for quite a while now with them stunning violet eyes of his and it was starting to make you a little uncomfortable,

“E-Errrm, I-Ivan?” you asked timidly as your teeth chattered gently. His eyes blinked a few times before replying,

“Yes sunflower?”

“W-Why are y-you staring at me?” His eyes grew wide for a moment before he averted his gaze and his already flushed cheeks turned a few tones darker.

“You just look a little upset, you have been since we left the house” he muttered as if he was scared to say too much. Your eyebrows scrunched in confusion but relaxed when you felt a large gloved hand grasp yours gently,

“Are you okay sunflower? Is there anything bothering you?” His voice was smooth as ice but warm like a welcoming fire on a cold day; his eyes seemed to glisten and were vibrant compared to his pale face.

“N-No Ivan nothings bothering m-me” you shivered as a heavy gust of wind blew past you,

“I-I’m just so goddamn c-cold! S-Stupid weather” you spat angrily at the ground as you unconsciously snuggled into Ivan’s arm in search for warmth which caused a chuckle to vibrate through his chest.

“Is that it? Do you have grumpy face because you’re cold~” he teased in childish tone before he pinched your cheek and giggled. You yet again furrowed your eyebrows and scoffed while a heavy blush made itself present across your face,

“Not everyone is immune to the cold like you Ivan” Ivan only laughed louder at this and released your hand.

You heard a light popping sound and then the sound of a zip before two masculine arms grabbed you and pulled you into a strong chest where your were instantly engulfed by a soothing warmth. Ivan quickly did his coat back up so you were both snuggled close together and then wrapped some of his purple scarf around you before he bent down and gave your fore-head a light loving kiss.

“Your so cute sunflower~” He cooed as you gazed up at him before you stood on your tip toes and stretched your arms up wrapping them around his neck. You both gazed at each other for a few brief moments before he bent down and pressed his thin, cool lips against your soft, plump ones in a sweet kiss. You felt your lips curve up into a smile and his do the same before you both pulled back grinning like idiots.

“I love you (Your Name)” He whispered softly,

“I love you too Ivan~”


Extended ending-

“Hey Ivan” you called gently

“Yes sunflower”

“How are we going to walk home like this?” Ivan looked at you and then looked away in embarrassment,

“I didn’t think about that” He admitted bashfully.

“… I’m not getting out of this coat” you declared defensively as Ivan face scrunched slightly in thought,

“Hmmmm, face forward and put your feet on top of mine” you looked at him confused for a few moments before nodding,

“O-Okay” you did as you were told. You faced forward so your back was against his chest and placed you small feet on his large ones, he waited a few minutes until you were settled then began to walk along the path slowly with you resting against him.

“Oh my gosh I haven’t done this since I was a kid!~” laughing joyously you smile and burry your face into the soft material of his scarf and sighed in content.  

“You’re adorable in every way sunflower~” he hummed before placing another sweet kiss on your fore-head.

The End~                              (^J^) Love Me, Da?

Yay! Racing Girl Emoji (Ehehe) [V4] Another story and its not a month late! Opps Hehe~ GIF Star vs. the Forces of Evil -  Dance 
Other than that I'm sorry for any grammar/spelling mistakes made and If you do find any please tell me Danisnotonfire 14 Also feel free to comment Bravo  

Hope you enjoy it Jacksepticeye eyebrows Love you guys~ Little Pixel Heart  Chitoge Hugging Haru Icon

:iconprussiabushplz::iconsaysplz:Jou are all AWESOME!

You:Russia :iconboredivanplz:

Story: Me :iconrhythmicbeat:

Picture:  Found it on Google images. If you know/are the artist, please tell me and I shall give proper credits and link back to the original picture. And if you're the artist and want me to take the preview image off, I will gladly do so.  Neko Emoji-37 (Yay) [V2] 
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It was 1917. The Great War had been going on for at least three years now ... but still, the world had never such bloodshed before ... it was such needless a waste of human life ... but the countries were too stubborn to see it. You had been dragged along to the meeting by none other than Francis ... Arthur wouldn't have forced you to go ... he was a true gentleman. The main reason you went was because Ivan was part of the movement. But when you got there, a guy with glasses was in Ivan's chair
"Wh-where's Ivan? Who's this guy?" You asked
"This is America ... we're trying to convince him to help us" Arthur said
America just nodded at you with a serious expression on his face
"Alfred is fine" He said
You nodded. But you couldn't ignore your dear friend's absence
"A-and Ivan?" You asked
"He never turned up ... and he's not answering our telegrams" Francis said
"You check on him, I'm sure he just overslept or something" Arthur said
"What, didn't you hear? Russia's in an uproar! There's a civil war going on" Alfred said
You gasped
A ... a civil War?! Oh no ... he could be hurt! You thought, frightened
You ran out of the room despite what you just heard
"Wait! Don't go, it's too dangerous!" Arthur called after you
But you were too concerned for Ivan's safety to listen ...


"I can't escape this hell
So many times I've tried
But I'm still caged inside
Somebody get me through this nightmare
I can't control myself"


You knocked on Ivan's front door
"Ivan? Are you alright?" You called
No answer. You were becoming increasingly worried ... then, Yekaterina opened the door and looked at you with a smile
"It's good to see you! Have you seen Ivan?" She asked
You gasped
"He's not here?" You asked
"No ... he's not ... he hasn't been home all night" She said, sounding troubled
"All night?!" You said, shocked
"Yes ... he heard that someone was going to kill the Tsar ... I just hope he's safe" She said, looking at the floor
"Don't worry, I'll find him!" You said
"B-but you could get killed!" She protested
"I have to something! He could be hurt" You said "Now, tell me where he is"


"So what if you can see the darkest side of me
No one will ever change this animal I have become
Help me believe it's not the real me
Somebody help me tame this animal
(This animal, this animal)"


You came to a halt when you saw Ivan walking towards you. He looked ... broken. He was clinging tightly onto his jacket and his face carried a horrified expression. He was covered head to toe in blood ... even his hair
"Ivan?" You said, concerned
"S-stay away ..." He mumbled, standing still
"Not when you need me" You said
"Don't come any closer!" He said, just as you were about to step forward
"Ivan, what's wrong?" You asked
He just stared at you his horrified expression turned to one that looked like he was being tortured
"Blood ... all over the walls ... I couldn't save them ..." He mumbled, starting to shake
I have to help ... his mind is clearly unstable You thought
"Ivan ... let me take you home. Your sister is worried" You said
"No ... no one must come near me" He mumbled
You noticed he was hiding something behind his back ... and you became frightened
"Because you see ..." He took out a lead pipe, which was covered in blood "I'm a monster" He hissed
"Ivan, you're not a monster. Your a sweet, kind and loving man. And that's why ... I love you ... I ... always have" You said, blushing
He dropped the pipe in surprise. He began to cry as he ran up to you and hugged you
"(Name) ..." He mumbled
"It's alright, Ivan ... I'll help you get through this ..." You said in a quiet tone


"I can't escape myself
(I can't escape myself)
So many times I've lied
(So many times I've lied)
But there's still rage inside
Somebody get me through this nightmare
I can't control myself"


When you brought Ivan back to his house, it was empty. His sister must have gone home. You helped him get clean, but even with a new change of clothes and a bath ... he kept rocking back and forth when you sat on the sofa together. He kept mumbling "Still not clean" over and over again. You knew that his mind was now very fragile ... when the phone rang, he screamed in terror
"It's alright, Ivan ... I'll handle this" You said
Ivan held you close. His grip was very strong ... and his arms were very warm. You answered the phone
"Hello?" You said
"Hey, (Name). Good to hear you're still alive. How's Russia?"
"Well ... he's a bit ... delicate, right now. But I'll take care of him" You said
You hung up and looked at the now very clingy Ivan. He kissed you on the nose and you smiled. You knew what he was trying to say ...
"I love you too, Ivan. Here, I got you something" You said
You took a small badge out of your pocket. It was a sunflower. You attached it to his clean scarf and smiled
"I heard you liked them" You said
He kissed your nose again
"You know ... when I'm sad ... I try to think of something happy to cheer myself up" You said, smiling
His blank expression twitched. And a small smile formed on his face
"There you go! A smile suits you better" You said
But deep down, you knew that his mental scars were never going to heal ... he was a broken man ... and you were determined to stay with him, no matter how this day affected him. You knew the others would never understand ... and they would most likely be scared ...

Of the New Russia ...

The End
A somewhat darker toned story. Russia doesn't turn up for the meeting to discuss how to kick the German's butts ... so they get You to check on him

I put the Ideologically Sensitive thing on ... because it's a sensitive subject ... and so it should be ...

Song Used - Animal I Have Become by Three Days Grace

"So what if you can see the darkest side of me
No one will ever change this animal I have become
Help me believe it's not the real me
Somebody help me tame this animal I have become
Help me believe it's not the real me
Somebody help me tame this animal"
- Animal I Have Become by Three Days Grace
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Russia’s Little Sunflower
~Reader’s POV~
This was your first time in your entire life that you have ever been to Moscow, and the first time you’ve been in Russia.
Then why were you here you ask? Well, it was simply because one of your friends, Ivan Braginski, invited you over for a visit. You simply couldn’t say no because, well, what are friends for right?
Following the instructions scrawled on a small piece of crumpled up paper, you found what you thought was Russia’s house. It was currently snowing, and the small foundation looked very welcoming to you. The snow made the setting look quite serene if you might add.
Because you’ve never been to Russia before, you hadn’t taken the necessary precautions to deal with the cold weather. All you had on was a [Fav Color] overcoat, and some jeans. You really had underestimated the weather.
Gathering the amount of courage you had, you knocked on the door in 3 consecutive short taps. You didn’t have to wait long until the door opened and you were greeted by Russia himself and his usual smile.
“Welcome, I hope you found the place easily, da?”
“Y-Yeah…thanks for inviting me,” you replied, trying to keep your teeth from chattering.
As he led you inside, he offered you a spot on the couch which you gladly took. He instead entered the kitchen, bringing two cups filled with what looked like tea.
Handing you one of the cups, you gratefully accepted it with a small ‘Thanks’. He nodded.
For a few seconds you two just sat there, without a single word exchange. The silence was getting a bit awkward, and you hoped it would help if you took a sip of the tea instead.
“So…why’d you invite me over Ivan?” you asked nervously, finally attempting some sort of conversation with the country.
“It’s a bit lonely with just me here, and since you’re a really good friend of mine, I thought you’d be free. You busy, da?”
“N-No not at all! I was just a bit um…surprised. Of course, I’m not sure if I’d be the best person to hang out with,” you laughed nervously, adjusting the hot tea on your lap.
He just smiled, and answered, “I think you’d be a good person to talk to [Name].”
Cue second awkward silence.
You didn’t know exactly what to say. Russia thought you’d be a good person to socialize with? You had always thought that Ivan was on a different level that you. He was one of those mysterious people that you wanted to know better, and thus you two become friends; at least in your eyes.
“How do you like Russia so far?” this time, Russia attempted the conversation.
“It’s very nice! I hope to be able to see more during my stay here…but um…the weather…” you shivered slightly.
As soon as he catches sight of your shivering, he scoots over closer to you and unravels one end of his scarf. He then goes to wrap it around your neck.
Your face now rivals a certain Spaniard’s tomatoes.
“The weather is very cold here [Name], sorry I forgot to warn you…” he mumbled softly.
“O-Oh it’s alright!” you said waving your arms desperately, “Um…thank you Ivan for the…scarf…”
“It’s nothing, later today we can go out and I’ll show you some nice places in Russia, da?”
The warmth of Russia next to you and his scarf wrapped tightly around your neck makes you feel slightly better. Your shivering stops, though you’re extremely embarrassed. Your mind suddenly goes on high alert and notes all the places where you’re touching Russia.
In your hyperactive frenzy, you don’t notice Russia staring silently at you. When you do lift up your head however, you squeak out, “I-Is something the matter?”
Ivan shakes his head then goes back to smiling at you, “It’s just that you remind me of my favorite sunflowers da.”
You flush again. Was he complimenting you?
“You’re smile is warm and brightens my day, and you look as pretty as a sunflower da.”
Again, you blush even harder than before if that was even humanly possible.
“T-Thank you R-Russia…I-I uh…”
“[Name]…I like you… a lot.”
The words reach your ears, but it takes a while for your mind to finally process that Russia, the Ivan Braginski, just confessed to you.
Two words. Mind blown.
“[Name]? Do you like me back, da?”
You realize how important this was to him, and if you kept your frozen stature and mouth shut he’d take it as a rejection. You didn’t want him to think that.
Gathering up your remaining courage, you lean up to give him a small peck on the cheek with your cheeks resembling a tomato.
Then you whisper softly in his ear-

This piece of work is dedicated to :iconprettykittygal:
Yeah...I have no clue where I am going with this... :iconsweatdropplz:
Hope you enjoyed it at least...sorry it took so long to crank this out...I was very worried about making Russia OOC...I hope I didn't... :iconorzplz:
Other than that...please do remember to fav, watch, and comment! It makes this author happy! :iconiloveyouplz:

I do not own the picture...
Russia belongs to :iconhimaruyaplz:
You belong to :iconsexyrussiaplz:
The story belongs to moi! :iconcross-angel-chan:
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Your fifteen-minute morning break had just begun, and of course, you immediately pulled out your sketchbook and plopped down on a nearby bench, picking up a pencil and soon becoming completely lost in your own world. Tuning out all the chatter around you, you ignored the snack in your pocket in favor of finishing a drawing you had started earlier on the bus. In fact, it was a fanart of your favorite character from [fav anime]. Unfortunately, there weren't many other students at your school who watched anime.

You sat there, sketching away peacefully and minding your own business, when suddenly a wad of paper hit you in the head.

"Ow," you mumbled, rubbing your head and glancing around for the person who had tossed it.

"Dude, you idiot!" shouted a loud, slightly accented voice.

"Yeah, you hit an innocent frau!" ...frau? Da heck?

A guy with sandy blonde hair and glasses came loping up to where you sat. You actually recognized him as Alfred, one of the jocky football guys. He snatched up his ball of paper and then bent over your lap, peering intently at your drawing.

"Dude, what the heck is that?!" he yelled, snatching your sketchbook away for further examination. A whimper escaped your throat.

"Um, can I have that back...?" you mumbled. He ignored at you and examined at your drawing intently for a moment, obviously staring at the- ahem- stranger elements.

"Whoa, man, this is seriously creepy," he said disapprovingly.

Your face flushed. "I said, can I have it back?"

Ignoring you again, he continued. "I mean, why would you want to draw something like this? It's so weird, and ugly." He leaned forward and tapped your forehead condescendingly. "You... are... not... Japanese," he drawled slowly. His face darkened. "You're a freakin' American. [If you're not, just pretend. XD] Draw stuff the right way."

You clenched your fists in your lap, trying to hold back hot, angry tears. Angry at that stupid jock, but mostly angry at yourself for not being able to stand up for him.

"Hey Matt, Gil!" Alfred hollered. "You gotta see this, she's actually drawing that stupid manga crap!"

He was gripping your sketchbook roughly and waving it around wildly in the air. The extra pencil stuck in the spiral-ring binding flew out and clattered to the ground.

"Give it back," you cried, your voice cracking tearfully.

"Who's gonna make me, weeaboo?" he taunted.

"I am."

The whole courtyard seemingly fell silent as an intimidatingly tall, stocky student stepped up behind Alfred. You might have just been imagining it, but there seemed to be a fiery purple aura surrounding him...

You heard other students nearby whisper "Oh crap, it's that Braginski guy!" "Let's get outta here!" and other such statements as they scrambled to clear quite a big circle around your little group.

"Give her the book back," he said to Alfred, his voice low, calm and surprisingly... quite sweet-sounding. His eyes were closed and his mouth turned up in a kind smile, but the violet flames still burned.

Alfred's face paled, but he shook it off and laughed obnoxiously. "W-why should I? Go play in the snow or something, commie!"

The guy's eyes snapped open, revealing them to be a striking shade of almost-purple. "You should not have said that," he said cheerfully, taking a step closer to the American and pounding one fist into his large hand.

To your surprise, Alfred instantly dropped the sketchbook. "Stupid commie," he hissed, scrambling over to his two friends and heading away rapidly.

The guy picked your sketchbook up off the ground and handed it to you, still smiling sweetly. "Here you go~"

"T-thanks," you said, blushing slightly. "My name is ______..."

"And I am Ivan. I couldn't help but see some of your drawings..." you held your breath nervously. "...they were very cute!"

You exhaled in relief. "You really think so?"

"Da!" he replied. "And you are very cute too!" He gently patted your head.

Despite the weirdness of the gesture, it made your heart race. "O-oh, thank you..."

He held out his hand and pulled you to your feet. "We should get to class now, da?"

"Da," you repeated, letting him pull you along behind him to your next class.
I just want to say that I really love Alfred, and I wasn't trying to make him so antagonistic... please forgive me ;A;

This was a request. ^^ I'm not a huge fan of Russia myself... This isn't my best, obviously. Oh well... at least it's kinda cute, maybe?

Russia and America belong to :iconhimaruyaplz:

You belong to :iconone-with-russiaplz:
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It was dark.  That was the first thing you noticed.  You could hardly see a thing in front of you.  When you began to realize where you are, you recognize the stinging cold around your ankles is coming from the snow that had fallen.  You shiver, feeling the ridges in your (color) coat.  You walk forward, trying to ignore the stinging cold.  There didn’t seem to be a single thing in miles of you.  It felt as if you were going in circles.  Along with that, you couldn’t help but get the feeling that someone was pursuing you.  No matter how much you ran, it always felt that a menacing presence was just behind you.
Finally, you stop when you trip and fall face-first into the snow.  The cold icy surface stings your face, making you freeze for a few seconds.  You get up and shakes the snow off when…
You thought your eyes were betraying you.  In the middle of the raging tundra… was a sunflower field.  There was a gap in the clouds, letting the sun shine onto the field.  It looked safe.  Feeling the pursuing presence behind you yet again, you make a run for the field.  Soon, the warmth of the sun replaced the chill of the snow.  You walk through the sunflowers until you reach the very middle, where Russia stood holding a bouquet of sunflowers.  He looked at you, smiling warmly.  You walk up closer to him and feel his arms wrap around you.  You place your hands on his shoulders, staring into his eyes.
“Ya lyublyu tebya,” he said to you.
You smile warmly back at him and say, “I love you, too.”
Your faces draw closer to one another each second, until you feel his tender lips against yours.

“_________, wake up,” you suddenly hear, “We’re almost there.”
Your eyes open, feeling the room rattle suddenly.  As you focus more on the world around you, you realize that you’re no longer in your room.  Rather you’re on a city bus.  You notice that you have your coat on as well, and you look up to find yourself leaning against Russia in the seat next to you, who has an arm around you.
“Where are we going?” you ask, rubbing your eyes.
“My favorite place in town,” Russia answers.
You tilt your head a bit in confusion.  How’d he get you all this way without you waking up anyways?  Were you really that tired?  You look out the window to see the sun setting in the distance.
“Um… how long was I out?” you ask.
“Quite a while,” Russia answered, “That song was a lullaby my mother used to sing to me.”
“Really?...” come to think of it, you had never met Russia’s parents before.  Were they ever around?
“My parents both disappeared when I was really young,” Russia explained, “That lullaby is one of the few things I remember from my mother.  My sister Ukraine took care of me and Belarus most of the time.”
“It must’ve been hard for her…”
“It certainly was…”
Soon the bus comes to a stop.
“We’re here.”
Russia takes your hand and walks you off the bus.  Soon the bus leaves, and you find yourself out in the country side.
“What’s out here?” you ask.
“Someplace I think you’ll like,” Russia said, guiding you across the road and down the highway, “My house isn’t too far from here; don’t worry.”
You had never seen this place before.  Your eyes scan the area in amazement.
“Just where ARE we even?” you ask.
“Just a little ways out of town,” Russia answers, “Close your eyes.”
“Just close them.”
You sigh and close your eyes as told.  You feel Russia’s hands guiding you forward, your feet carrying you in each direction blindly.  Finally, you stop. You can see a hint of red through your eyelids from sunlight.
“You can open them now,” you hear Russia say.  Your eyes slowly open, adjusting to the light in the area.  You almost couldn’t believe your eyes.  You find yourself on top of a grassy hill.  At the bottom of the hill in front of you was a small field of sunflowers, which were slightly eclipsing the sunset.  It was a brilliant scene, almost as if it were from a painting.
“W… Wow,” you say, “It’s beautiful…”
“I always like to come here whenever I need some peace from the world,” Russia speaks, “I’ve been tending to this field since the day I found it.  A few mice have come here to make this field their new home, but I don’t mind them.”
You still can’t quite believe your eyes as you stare down at the scene.  You finally look back up at Russia, who’s smiling his usual childlike smile.
“You know,” you say, “I never got to reply to what you said earlier,”
“Hm?” Russia turns to face you, “What’s that?”
You smile, your face turning a little red, and say, “… I love you, too.”
Russia first appears surprised, but then his face turns to one of sheer happiness.  He pulls you close to him, embracing you in a tight hug.  You wrap his arms around him, hugging him back, before finally finding yourself looking deeply into his eyes. Looking into those violet orbs that you’ve come to adore over the time you two have spent together.  You get up on your toes to get a little closer to him, and he lowers his head in response, bringing your lips together for the first time.  It felt just as great as you dreamed it would.  It was as if, all of a sudden, nothing else in the world existed except for that very moment.  Derek, his two comerades, the bullies in school; everything was washed away by this one moment.
The two of you pull away when the need for air came.  You smile sheepishly a bit, your face turning red.
“Wow…” you say, “That was… really something.”
“Yeah,” Russia replies, almost mirroring your tone of voice.
You look back in the distance, seeing the sun is set considerably lower than earlier.
“Should we head back?” you ask.
“Sure… I’ll carry you,” Russia says, picking you up bridal style.  Just like the day you two met.
Sometimes you’d hear people ask you how you could have such a strange person as a friend… or in this case a boyfriend.
In truth, he was a real sweetheart once you got to know him.
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It was a day just like any other. Americat was, although not meaning to, beating you up. His games were way to rough for a delicate kitty like you. And when he told you to stop he didn't, he just didn't seem to understand that you weren't a strong cat like him.
The 'games' were getting worse and worse as the cold war went on. Americat told you you had to be ready in case you were attacked and his 'games' got tougher and tougher until you couldn't take it anymore.
You ran away.
Ran away from Loudmouth and Americat. It was freezing outside, before you were never allowed outside and were bred for an indoor cat's life. But desperate times called for desperate measures.
You mewed pitifully as you bumped into something hard. It was a large brown cat with lots of fur. "Please don't hurt me."
"I won't hurt you," he said smiling. Your natural instincts told you otherwise.
"P-please, I don't have any food I swear. I haven't eaten in days," you whimpered.
The large cat licked your forehead kindly and then picked you up by the skin behind your neck. He carried you in his teeth to a large house. "Stay here, da?"
You nodded, still scared. The large cat went inside and returned with a huge human in wearing a long scarf. "Is this her?" the large cat nodded. "Oh, hello there little one." The man spoke with a Russian accent. "Good thing you found her Russicat, she needs food. Don't you?" He picked you up and held you like a baby. Mewing happily at the warmth you snuggled closer to his chest trying to get warmer. The man brought you inside. "I'll bring some catfood."
"Are you feeling better?" asked Russicat.
Nodding slowly you focused your (e/c) eyes on him, "Thank you."
"__________, do you want to stay?"
You nodded vigorously, "Please." He walked over and licked your cheek.
"I know you used to belong to Loudmouth." You tensed. "Don't worry; I won't hurt you like Americat did." He purred happily while burying his face in your shoulder. "I like you ___________, you are very special to me."
"Da," he smiled and licked your nose. You giggled and licked his nose back.
"You're really sweet."
"I'll protect you ____________," said Russicat settling himself next to you, "I promise."

Loudmouth = Cat's name for America (says it all doesn't it?)
Request from :iconyuelover69:

Even when Russia is cat he is so cute! Although I hated portraying Americat as the villain. WHY, WHY DID IT HAVE TO BE THE HERO *cries*.
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It’s Cold (Russia x Reader)

Warning you may experience fluff attack! Hope you enjoy it :3

~~~(Name) POV~~~

You were freezing. The multiple layers of clothes you had on didn’t help keep you any warmer against the harsh Russian winds and your feet felt like slabs of concrete dragging in the thick snow. Ivan stood tall next to you unaffected by the cold, his usual childish smile spread across his pale lips as you both strolled along the side-walk on your journey home.

Dating Ivan sure had its pros and cons- having to live in Russia is a bit of both, you didn’t exactly hate the country just how cold it always was as you were prone to getting sick but at least Ivan was always there to nurse you back to health.

Speaking of said Russian, he’d been staring at you for quite a while now with them stunning violet eyes of his and it was starting to make you a little uncomfortable,

“E-Errrm, I-Ivan?” you asked timidly as your teeth chattered gently. His eyes blinked a few times before replying,

“Yes sunflower?”

“W-Why are y-you staring at me?” His eyes grew wide for a moment before he averted his gaze and his already flushed cheeks turned a few tones darker.

“You just look a little upset, you have been since we left the house” he muttered as if he was scared to say too much. Your eyebrows scrunched in confusion but relaxed when you felt a large gloved hand grasp yours gently,

“Are you okay sunflower? Is there anything bothering you?” His voice was smooth as ice but warm like a welcoming fire on a cold day; his eyes seemed to glisten and were vibrant compared to his pale face.

“N-No Ivan nothings bothering m-me” you shivered as a heavy gust of wind blew past you,

“I-I’m just so goddamn c-cold! S-Stupid weather” you spat angrily at the ground as you unconsciously snuggled into Ivan’s arm in search for warmth which caused a chuckle to vibrate through his chest.

“Is that it? Do you have grumpy face because you’re cold~” he teased in childish tone before he pinched your cheek and giggled. You yet again furrowed your eyebrows and scoffed while a heavy blush made itself present across your face,

“Not everyone is immune to the cold like you Ivan” Ivan only laughed louder at this and released your hand.

You heard a light popping sound and then the sound of a zip before two masculine arms grabbed you and pulled you into a strong chest where your were instantly engulfed by a soothing warmth. Ivan quickly did his coat back up so you were both snuggled close together and then wrapped some of his purple scarf around you before he bent down and gave your fore-head a light loving kiss.

“Your so cute sunflower~” He cooed as you gazed up at him before you stood on your tip toes and stretched your arms up wrapping them around his neck. You both gazed at each other for a few brief moments before he bent down and pressed his thin, cool lips against your soft, plump ones in a sweet kiss. You felt your lips curve up into a smile and his do the same before you both pulled back grinning like idiots.

“I love you (Your Name)” He whispered softly,

“I love you too Ivan~”


Extended ending-

“Hey Ivan” you called gently

“Yes sunflower”

“How are we going to walk home like this?” Ivan looked at you and then looked away in embarrassment,

“I didn’t think about that” He admitted bashfully.

“… I’m not getting out of this coat” you declared defensively as Ivan face scrunched slightly in thought,

“Hmmmm, face forward and put your feet on top of mine” you looked at him confused for a few moments before nodding,

“O-Okay” you did as you were told. You faced forward so your back was against his chest and placed you small feet on his large ones, he waited a few minutes until you were settled then began to walk along the path slowly with you resting against him.

“Oh my gosh I haven’t done this since I was a kid!~” laughing joyously you smile and burry your face into the soft material of his scarf and sighed in content.  

“You’re adorable in every way sunflower~” he hummed before placing another sweet kiss on your fore-head.

The End~                              (^J^) Love Me, Da?

Yay! Racing Girl Emoji (Ehehe) [V4] Another story and its not a month late! Opps Hehe~ GIF Star vs. the Forces of Evil -  Dance 
Other than that I'm sorry for any grammar/spelling mistakes made and If you do find any please tell me Danisnotonfire 14 Also feel free to comment Bravo  

Hope you enjoy it Jacksepticeye eyebrows Love you guys~ Little Pixel Heart  Chitoge Hugging Haru Icon

:iconprussiabushplz::iconsaysplz:Jou are all AWESOME!

You:Russia :iconboredivanplz:

Story: Me :iconrhythmicbeat:

Picture:  Found it on Google images. If you know/are the artist, please tell me and I shall give proper credits and link back to the original picture. And if you're the artist and want me to take the preview image off, I will gladly do so.  Neko Emoji-37 (Yay) [V2] 
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Ivan froze. He couldnt turn around to face you. "____..?"
"So it was you?" you continued.
"да ...It was all me. I sent you the notes and the headband.."
"I love you ___.."

Ivan.  He may look harmless and silent on the outside , but he can be very scary.
That didnt really matter to you. You two may have not interacted but he seems
like a nice guy. There he is now. Standing before you , the mystery guy.

"I love you too!" you squeaked.
"Really-" he was cut off when he felt your lips against his.
He was surprised when you kissed him , but eventually kissed you back.
You never wanted to pull away from this moment , but you needed to

He noticed the headband he bought for you. He smiled.
"You look beautiful , da?"
"You really think so?"
Ivan nodded and gave you a quick peck on the cheek.
You just smiled in the arms of your new boyfriend.

---------------------------------------Extended Ending----------------

"Hmmm? What?"
"Do you get the feeling that we're being watced?" you asked.
"No. But if someone is spying on us , I'll burn them alive." He remarked with a smile on his face.
You giggled as you two proceeded out of the classroom.

In the closet.
"GILBERT!!!" Elizaveta , Mei , Maria , Antonio and Francis shouted.
"I zhought it vould be funny!"
"We're screwed!!" Antonio cried as he hugged his unamused sister.
"Oh , its you guys. I thought there was a ghost around here or something!" Matthew chirped.
"Who are you?"
"Im Canada...!!"
Woah... so this is the ending where Russia is your admirer
First part --> [link]

Hetalia (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:
Philippines (c) Owner
You (c) YOU!
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Collection by

Vampires. A breed of beings whose existence has been made up into something scary, dangerous, and seductive. This, however, is not the case… They are more loyal and only stick to one person for their entire afterlives. This is the story of one vampire whose loneliness almost brought on his end before a simple ray of sunshine changed his whole world.

Ivan’s P.O.V.

Loneliness. That’s all I felt as I stared out at the trees all around me. All I ever wanted was someone who would be with me, someone who wouldn’t run away from him. Tears filled my eyes as I thought of all the women who I’ve ever been around.


The woman screamed, taking steps back while she stared up at him in fright.

“G-get away from me! Help! Somebody! Anybody! Help me!” she yelled, and ran as fast as she could from the tall man.

“But… I only wanted a friend…” the man’s gentle lilac eyes filled with sadness as he watched the woman run away.

“Friend? Why would I ever want to be friends with someone like you?” the woman said, her face twisted in a face of disgust. The man’s face fell, his hair covering his eyes.

“I… I just thought…” he started, before she cut him off with a laugh. He looked up at her, to see hate filled eyes and an amused smile on her lips as she laughed.

“You thought what? That I would be your friend? There is no way that I would ever be friends with a monster like you.” she said, as she turned around, still laughing at him. Tear drops hit the ground as the man squeezed his eyes shut tightly.

‘I’m not a monster… Am I?’ he thought, as he fell to his knees and just stayed there for the rest of the day.

{End Flashbacks}

Tears filled my eyes at the memories. Looking around, I noticed nobody was around. ‘Of course nobody’s around… I am a hideous monster after all…’ I thought to myself, as tears started falling from my eyes down my face. I hid my face in my knees as I sat in the middle of the field. I was crying too much that I didn’t notice someone had invaded the privacy that I had longed to have so nobody would see me.


Reader’s P.O.V.

I was just taking a walk on the forest path, when I heard someone crying. ‘Is someone crying?’ I thought, as I walked off the path and ended up on the edge of a clearing. I saw something, or someone, crouched down into a ball in the middle of it. I was about to just turn around, not wanting to disturb them, when my conscious got the best of me. ‘What if something is seriously wrong? Poor guy…’ I thought, as I walked into the clearing. When I got to the ‘ball’ in the middle of the clearing, I saw that it was indeed a person. I was about to put my hand on their shoulder, but I paused an inch away from him. ‘Should I really be getting involved in this? What if he wants to just be by himself and doesn’t want anybody to see him cry?’ thoughts like this ran through my head, but before I could think anymore, I put my hand on his shoulder. “Are you okay, sir?” I asked.

Ivan’s P.O.V.

“Are you okay, sir?” I tensed up, flinching and shot my head up at the sound of a soft voice. A girl with shining (h/l)(h/c), (e/c) eyes that seemed to sparkle in the sunlight, and (s/c) skin that glowed in the sun, but the one thing that made me freeze for a second was the intoxicating scent that seemed  to be coming from her blood.

She’s beautiful…’ I thought, as I gave her a small smile. I got up, and held out my hand. “I’m Ivan. Ivan Braginski. What is your name, da?” I asked her. She blinked, but smiled up at me.

“_______ ________.” She said.

_____... Such a beautiful name…’ I thought. “Are you from one of the nearby villages? I’ve never heard of you before.” I asked, tilting my head in curiosity. She giggled.

“No… Actually, I’m new around here, and I’m looking for a place to stay at the moment.” She said, smiling at me shyly. My face brightened up at what she told me.

“You’re welcome to stay with me, da!” I smiled at her, silently hoping she would say yes. Her eyes widened, and she looked down at the ground, with something pink appearing on her face.

“Oh… No, I wouldn’t want to impose on you. I can find a place to stay… Don’t worry about it.” She said, smiling up at me at the end. That made me frown a little.

“You wouldn’t be, though. I’m offering, da? Actually, it would make me sad if you didn’t come and stay with me.” I said, as she looked away from me. I just watched her, as her face scrunched up in a cute little thinking face, making my face heat up. I shook my head, trying to get rid of the feeling, but it just came back stronger. I waited a little longer, before I just scooped her up into my arms and started walking home.


Reader’s P.O.V.

I was thinking about his offer.

He is kind of cute… But, I wouldn’t want to be a burden on him… Even if he did offer to let me sta-’ I was brought out of my thoughts by the feeling of my feet leaving the ground, and moving forward. I looked up to see that I was in Ivan’s arms, and he was walking in the direction that must be his home. I giggled, causing him to look down at me with a soft smile. I hugged him, putting my head under his chin.

“Ivan, you are the sweetest guy I’ve ever met. I can’t thank you enough for this.” I said, making him laugh softly.

“It’s no problem, sunflower.”


ok... so, i'm finally getting to requests, and in the spirit of the upcoming Halloween coming up, i thought i would put out the vampire story first. so, here it is, Vampire! Russia x Reader! enjoy everybody!

next: [link]

Request (c) :iconthevampirerose:
Ivan Braginski, Toris Laurinaitis, Raivis Galante, Eduard von Bock (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:
Plot (c) :iconthevampirerose:
You (c) :iconrussiasmileplz:
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One day,you were walking home from school.Just a normal day.Then you saw a bush shake,you ignored it thinking it was just the wind.So you kept on walking.After that,you saw a tail come out of the bush.You went to see what it was, separating the bush,you saw a gray cat.It had this creepy/weird aura. "You..."Was all you said as you just starred at the cat.
He starred back,looking deep into your soul.
"...Okay then..."You said,getting up to leave.The cat brushed against your foot.
"Neeeeh..."You say as he rubbed against your foot more. "Mew" The cat said.
You walked away,without tripping over him.
~Le epicly awesome time skip~
When you reached your house,you had a strange feeling....that same feeling you encountered with that cat....
"Noooooo...."You say,turning around.It was that cat.That.Cat. "If I feed you would you go away?" He just stared into your soul again. "...I'll take that as a yes...."
You gave the cat some food,it was ham.That's all you had that he could eat.
"K,you ate,now shoo." You tried to shoo him away,but he stayed. "Go away,your so creepy!"
He just starred at you again."Mew?"
You facepalmed.You asked your mom to keep him,since he wouldn't leave.But she said on only one condition.That you had to do and buy everything that he needs.You thought it wasn't that bad,so you agreed to that condition.
You were doing your homework,when the cat jumped on your homework."mew....~"
You had to admit it was cute."Get off,please?"He got off and slept next to you. [you were on your bed >n>]
He looked so cute~You pet him while you did your homework.
After you were done with your homework you started to get tired,so you went to change into your pajamas.
While you were changing,your cat walked in and watched you change.When you finally finished,you noticed he was there."Watch me change?Perv cat~"You giggled and carried him to bed."Mew?" You smiled and pet him."You aren't that creepy anymore."You smiled softly.
It was the middle of night and the door was unlocked,you forgot to lock it.
"Hurry up damn it!"A voice said quietly.Your cat heard the voice and got up.It didn't go unnoticed by you,since he was big."Hmm...?Whats wrong...?"You looked at your cat who was starring at the hall way.
You looked at the hallway too."What?"Then you saw a figure come to your door."Hurry up and help me take this stuff!"You heard a dark voice say."E-Eh?!"You say,scooting to the top of the bed.
"Shit...Someone is still awake!"Said a more feminine voice then the first.They pointed a gun to you,and you squeaked.Your cat could tell you were scared,so he attacked them.He actually managed to hurt them without being hurt.The two ran off,leaving you there starring at your cat."Your weird...But I love you for that."You smiled and hugged your cat,he purred when you did.

For::iconsouthitalyromano: I said I would try >3< Now,enjoy the crappiness that is this~!
I found the pic on google >3<
Russia(c)whoever made him XD
You(c) :iconchibirussiaplz:
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You were suddenly awakened by your door being crashed open. A tall German solder walked through and quickly shot you in the shoulder and leg as you got up to worn Russia of the sudden attack. You were a few countries from Russia but the Germans decided to stop here first since you were the country of [country name] and was still on Russia's side of the war.

"Ah, ah, ah, miene  lieb. vere do you think you are headed?" The man said in a thick German accent, he came over to you and kicked you down and loomed over you. " You tell us where that Russia is, correct?" he sneared.

"Fuck you..." you growled back, turning over on your back to face him. He had Blue eyes and tasseled blonde hair, He would of been attractive if it werent for the situation.

"Oh schön~" he drawled pointing his hand gun in your face, Just about when he was going to pull the trigger something hit him in the head, making a loud cracking of bones sound, you winced as soon as he fell to the ground.

"Are you alright, moya lyubimaya?" a Russian accent said right before you fainted.

-------time skip by the awesome prussia-----

All you remembered before you fainted was a voice and then pain. You opened your eyes wide, and shot out of bed only to feel a searing pain in your leg, as well as your shoulder a moment later.

"FUCK!" you screamed. falling to the floor. and slightly curling there.

It felt as if forever had passed before s nurse- or what you thought was a nurse- came in. they picked you up and lightly placed you back into bed.

"[name]..?" someone squeeked and you turned to look at who it was. It was a small boy with dirty blonde hair and scared looking eye's

"Latvia..?" You managed to say.

"Miss?" he replied.

"Why are you always so scared here? does- does someone hurt-"

"No ma'am... Of course not.." he blushed and placed his hand on your forehead. feeling you for a temperature. " you feel fine for now.. Call me if anything is needed..." and with that he left. You noticed that he had a small bruise on his neck, you'd have to have a talk with him and russia about that. You didnt want anyone hurting the little doll..

another 10 minutes passed until russia himself came by.

"[Name]..? How are you feeling?" he said, avoiding looking into your eyes.

"I am fine.. The Germans!" You suddenly raised your voice, causing him to look down at his feet. "what happened to them..? Is everything alright..?!"

"Da da.. Everything is fine. rest.." he looked you in the finally. only to tear up, His childish side showing, Him seeing you in a bed like this was hurtful. any child would tear up.

You motioned him to come give you a hug, he hesitantly did. Giving him the best squeeze you could manage, and pulled back a second later.

"See" you smiled, "everything is okay" he looked as if he could burst now. Of happieness or of sadness you could not tell.

"[NAME]...." he whispered, "Become one with russia.. I will be able to protect you. and prevent this from happening again..." he looked at you with puppy dog eyes.

"Russia.. I-"  Before you could finish he smashed his lips to yours, licking your lower lip, asking for entrance that you gladly gave.

you pulled back, a string of saliva connecting you two, "da... I will...." he smiled and pulled you into a crushing hug.

"R-russia.." the wound started to throb once more.

"Oh da... sorry..." he said smiling sheepishly.

from then on, you were safe, russia was happy, and noone ever got hurt again~

I feel that i am on a role. I am liking writing c:

story- me
russia- hetalia
you- you
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--A few months before you went to the castle.--

"Ivan," you say timidly.

"Da?" he said.

"Can I stay with you forever?" you ask as a blush covers your face. You wring your hands and look down at your feet. Ivan has been the greatest thing that has happened you; you can never imagine living anywhere else but with him.

Ivan smiled and pulled you in close to his broad chest. "Of course my sunflower, you are my everything________." You hug Ivan back knowing nothing bad could happen if you just stay in his arms.

"I think I should sell the shop…" Ivan says catching you by surprise.

"Why?! You love this shop so much. Why would you sell it?" You say in a panic.

"Because I love you more than this shop, that's why. I'll use the money to buy a house for us in the country. Away from everyone, away from the king. He won't bother us anymore that way." The last part he said in scorn. The king that has been ruling the land has brought nothing but despair and poverty to the kingdom. Ivan hated the king for all the trouble he brought to this land; he could never forgive him for horrible things he had done.

"You'd do that Ivan?" you say. He nods.

"I love you." He says, pulling you in closer.

"I love you too." You hug him back.

You hear a knock at the door of the shop. You go to open it but hesitate at the bad feeling you have building up inside you. Ivan steps in front of you and opens the door himself in a forceful manner. Standing in the doorway was Alfred, the king. He was doing his personal tax collection, the ones that came around all too often.

You watched as Ivan tensed up, he clenched his fists as Alfred forced his in the door. "What do you need your majesty," Ivan said with a bitter tone.
Alfred smirked a cocky smirk "Taxes of course," his focus turned to you," Ah who's this? Very beautiful." He walks closer to you, but Ivan steps in front of you, glaring at the king.

"I don't have your money. You're too early this month." Ivan said with scorn as he looked away from Alfred. He looked at you with a sad look, knowing that his dream was seeming more and more farfetched.

"That just mean I'll just have to start taking some things, like that pretty lady next to you."Alfred said with a devilish smile, motioning for his goons to step inside.

"NO, you cannot have _______!" Ivan reached for his pipe behind the counter. He begun to swing it freely and crazy at the goons.

"STOP!!" you shout at the top of your lungs. Everyone turns and looks at you in shock. "I will go with you , your majesty, if and only if you leave Ivan alone and is free from your strenuous taxes." You look straight into Ivan's eyes and nod telling him it's going to be alright.

"______, you can't. Not for me. It's not worth it!" Ivan said, his voice faltering.

You walk to Ivan and place your hands on his face, making him relax. "It will be ok. I promise. I love you so much." You place a kiss on his lips, and then walk outside the door without looking back.

--Time skip to the present.--

It has been almost half a year since you left Ivan. From your window, you have seen him work harder than he has ever had before. Many more customers have visited his shop and his sales have gotten better.

As you look out your window, you watch Ivan pack up the shop for the night. He turns to lock the door, but notices your window. He smiles and waves really big to you, his guardian angel that always watches over him. This lightens your heart.

You may not be together now, but you both know in time you will. And maybe then that first kiss won't feel so feel so forever ago.

To be continued…..
Yosh!!!!!! I finally did it! I made the second chapter!

I'm sorry that it took me so long to make this. I've been going through a rough patch in my life with some stuff, so I put all the blame on that (and my procratination and lack of inspiration. ;) )

I hope everyone likes a good cliff hanger. Thanks so much for the support of those who have read it so far. A special shout out to xsasusakuxsasusaku for being my first and only commenter on this piece. Thank you soo much!! ^_^

Bye for now. ^_^

the picture, character, and you are not mine.
the story is mine.
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    It was an average day in the Braginsky household. You and your long-time boyfriend Ivan Braginsky, who happened to be the human personification of Russia, were sitting on the couch watching one of his favorite shows, which happened to be the Russian version of Sherlock. You enjoyed watching it with Ivan, despite not knowing the language except for a few words, but today, you were slightly losing interest.

    Snuggled up in his large arms, you remembered fondly that Ivan's term of endearment for you was "Sunflower". Then you alarmingly realized that you have never seen one in person, even though it was Ivan's favorite flower. You shot a glance over at Ivan, sure that his eyes were glued to the screen, and surely they were, Ivan's interest completely captured in Sherlock examining a fresh corpse. You, on the other hand, were wondering what a sunflower looked like. Having grown up in Norway, you had never really seen one that wasn't a picture on the internet.

I wonder if Ivan knows where some are...?

"Ivan?" You asked, still absorbed in your thoughts.

"Yes, _____?"

"Have you ever seen one?"

He shifted around to look at you, confusion written over his face, "One of what, ____?"

You turned towards him, looking into his violet eyes, "A sunflower. I was thinking about how you always call me that, yet, I've never seen one."

A warm smiled spread across his face as he gazed down at you, as if he was going through fond memories. "Da, my hometown has many sunflowers, large beautiful fields full of them. My mother would take me through the fields as a child, and we'd have picnics."

You smiled back at Ivan, his face warming your heart. You suddenly had an idea, and he saw your eyes light up. "Ivan? Could you take me there to see them someday?"

"Da, sunflower."

A week later, you and Ivan were on your way to his hometown in southern Russia. You arrived an hour later, strething as you stepped out of the car basking in the warmth of the sun. You loved the cold, but you thought it was always nice to be somewhere warm every once in a while. You turned and absorbed your surroundings, small shops lined the street with friendly people buzzing about, a soft breeze blowing through the coastal town.

You turned to Ivan, the smile on his face bringing a smile to yours. "What shall we do first?"

Ivan laughed, "We need to find a hotel, sunflower. Then, how does shopping sound?"

You jumped into Ivan's arms and grinned, "That sounds perfect!"
My first Russia reader-insert. I might make more parts to this story if enough people ask me about it! :iconsweatplz: :iconchinasmileplz:
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It was July 17th, the day of another fated World Conference, and this time, it just so happened to be taking place in Russia's capital of Moscow. As it was summertime and the temperatures were up to an acceptable number, the other nations did not complain about the cold for once.

As things were just getting started, many of the nations grew wary as they noticed the personification of the host country himself and his wife who represented Moscow seemed a bit out of it today.

"Hey, dude, I wonder what's up with Russia and (Y/N)?" America said in a hushed tone to England who was beside him-- well, as hushed as he could ever be, which wasn't much.

The Brit shot his former colony a look and sighed at his lack of knowledge; although most others in the room probably didn't know at all, much like the American.

"It's July 17th." He replied in a quieter voice, trying to keep the conversation between them and leaning toward him slightly, flipping France off without looking at him, having seen the suggestive look he'd given at his and America's closeness out of the corner of his eye.

"... so?" The younger nation replied, clueless, and Arthur nearly smacked himself in the face.

"Alfred, on this day back in 1918, the Romanov family died. Russia and (Y/N) were close to all of them, especially Anastasia."

"Oh! So that's why the commie gets this strange look whenever someone mentions that name!" America exclaimed, rather loudly, of course, and got the attention of everyone in the room... well, so much for keeping the conversation between the two of them.

"What name?" Came the familiar voice of the Russian in question, at the opposite end of the large table, looking on curiously at the American.

"Anastasia!" Alfred answered easily, standing up from his spot to walk around, seeing as he could never sit still, and grinned in slight triumph when Ivan winced, "See?! That's the look I'm talking about! I mean, I know we all get attached to some of our leaders, but why is it Anastasia in particular? I mean, didn't that Tsar dude and his wife have like, 5 kids? Did you have some sort of creepy crush on her? 'Cause that's just weird, and you would have been, like, cheating on (Y/N), and--"

"Because she was my daughter!" Ivan yelled, standing up from his spot and glaring at Alfred with tears in his eyes, as the entire room went silent. The Russian glanced over at his beloved capitol and swallowed before turning back to America, "Our daughter."

Every single country in the room was giving Ivan and (Y/N) a look of pure confusion and, taking a moment to compose himself as (Y/N) stood beside him and took his hand, he began to explain.

"We did not mean to have a child, but when she came, we loved her more than we could ever have imagined. Still, it was not safe... I know as well as anybody in here that countries are invaded, taken over... if another nation knew that such a thing had happened-- a daughter born of a country-- they would surely try for her, and we were worried someone would take her from us. So, we explained our situation to Nicholas and Alexandra, and because we were very close with them already, they agreed to pretend she was their daughter, and it was only myself, (Y/N) and the Romanov family who knew the truth. And yet, she was taken from us anyway... killed by mere humans, when she was only 17. Our sweet little Anastasia..."

By this point, (Y/N) had tears streaming down her cheeks and Ivan was very close; the only thing that stopped his own tears was the knowledge that there were so many nations in here.

He couldn't take it any longer, though. Releasing his wife's hand, even though she followed after him, he exited the large room used for world conferences and the double doors slammed behind the two of them.

The room of nations was still completely silent, still frozen in shock. However, it was England who broke it as he glared at his former colony.

"Nice going, git."


Out in the hallway, as soon as they were alone on the other side of the doors, the normally strong Russian collapsed to his knees, luckily near a wall, and, with a soft yelp in surprise, (Y/N) went after him, and immediately they both wrapped each other in their arms, the only place they truly felt safe anymore.

"It's still not fair." Ivan whispered, eyes closed as his forehead rested against his wife's, their tears mixing together.

"I know, my love," (Y/N) replied in a soft tone, trying her hardest not to break down completely for him.

"Why was she taken from us?" He asked, eyes opening to reveal a watery but still brilliant violet color. Her heart broke even further at his words and tone; he sounded like a helpless child who was lost... so very lost.

"I wish I knew the answer, Ivan, I really do... but we have to be strong. Anastasia wouldn't want us to be sad, darling. We have keep going, for her." She insisted in a soft murmur.

"It doesn't mean we have to forget her, you know. Remember happy memories with her." Her words were comforting, though her voice wavered, as she pulled an old looking locket from beneath her shirt and opened the catch, revealing an aged photo of the Romanov family on one side, and an equally aged one of their daughter alone on the other.

"She's always with us." She kept speaking in the same soft tone when he remained silent, tears flowing, "Right here." She placed a hand over his heart and his eyes met hers.

"I love you," Ivan told her, finally speaking as his hands raised to cup her cheeks gently and a chaste kiss pressed to her lips.

(Y/N) gave him a small, sad smile, "I love you too," She replied quietly, giving him another sweet kiss before she stood and offered out a hand to help him up, which he took gratefully and laced their fingers together.

"How about we skip this one meeting, hm? We'll go visit her." She offered, and he could only nod as they turned to the exit of the building to make their way to St. Petersburg, where their darling daughter was buried.

Anastasia may be in the cathedral with the rest of the Romanov family, but she would rest for eternity somewhere else.

Their hearts.
so, this popped into my head last night and although I struggled getting the words out, it demanded it be written. this piece came as a shock to me as I've never really liked Russia's character but now I believe I may be in love. oops. ;u;

I don't know much about the Romanov family, or Russia's history either, but I'm so fascinated in both. I hope I didn't screw anything up (besides the obvious plot twist, but that was intentional) and if I did, please let me know! thank you! ♥

I do not own Hetalia.... or the Romanov family. o_o
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RussiaxVampire!Reader: Love youas a Vampire, da!
"And that draws this meting to an end" said Arthur.

Much to your relief, it was over. Country meetings where super boring. It was basically fine until America decided to throw junk at a random country, start a fight, and then get calmed by Ludwig, finishing the meeting.  

Yeah, sure, it was your job as the country of ______ to attend those, but they where terrible.

"Bye, _____" said a tall, Russian man.

"Oh, bye Ivan!" you said, as you walked towards the exit.  As a difference to many countries, not to say all minus Belarus, you were not afraid of him.

You, being the slow person you are, came out last. Your (h/c) hair was tied into a ponytail, but you decided to let it loose.

As you looked around, thinking of the fastest path home, you could have sworn you heard a twig or two break.  After that, you realized that the fastest way was to go through the park. As you strolled down the park, you started feeling watched.

"Silly me..." you thought.

Suddenly, a man walked right in front of you. It was so dark, you could see nothing. All what the man did was to bite you. In the neck.  It felt like a thousand bees had stung you at the same time, and a crazy doctor had injected lava to your neck. After minutes of pain, the man let go, leaving your almost dead body in the park. Ge grabbed you and threw you to some bushes, hiding your corpse.

You went missing everywhere. Not using Facebook, YouTube, or anything like that. Other countries noticed it too, since for three weeks you didn't attend the meetings.

After three weeks had passed with your encounter with a vampire, you woke up. Still in the bushes. It was dead night, and you had no idea of why where you there. You stood up and went home, really confused. When you got into your home, you licked your teeth. Bad idea. You felt a sharp pain in your mouth and went to check it at the nearest mirror. Your tongue was bleeding. You looked at your mouth. It had razor, rather large, fangs. Your eyes had a reddish tint invading their natural (e/c) color.

You where a vampire. Memories of that terrible night started coming to your not-so-clouded-anymore mind.

If you had been a twilight fangirl, you would have been happy. But sure as hell you weren't. Your knees started shacking in fear. This couldn't be happening. It was terrible.

You locked yourself on your house, only coming out once a week at night, to catch a poor stray dog or an unsuspecting squirrel.

You where not going to country meetings. In fact, you had avoided them for months. And you didn't even bother calling explaining your absence. As if they needed to know.

Still, the countries where worried of you. No human eye had seen you in those three months.

America, Canada, Spain, England, Germany, the two Italian brothers and Prussia decided to go search for you. Nobody invited Russia, but he tagged along, anyways. And everybody was too scared of him to ask him to leave.  

Most of them went searching to the city's dangerous places, the murderer's ally, the white forest, and the abandoned park ( which was not the one where you where converted).

But Ivan? He decided to look on an obvious place. Your house. He knocked the door, that, much to his surprise, sprung open, clearly announcing _______ had not bothered locking it. The Russian man wondered around the two-story house, eventually finding your room. He could hear sobs and curse words.

As he entered the room, fear stroke him. Almost all destroyed, blood stains on the wooden floor.... He loocked around, to find you in your semi-destroyed bed, whining at your destroyed future, and cursing at the vampire who decided to make you a vampire. Russia was shocked by the atmosphere. What was ______ doing? Why was her room like this? He slowly sat next to the crying girl.

"______? Are you ok, da? asked Ivan.

"*sniff* L-leave me alone, Russia." you said.

" What's wrong? You used to be so happy and now you are negative. I want the old ______ back, da." he said.

" The old ______ you look for is dead..." you said, much to Ivan's shock.

"Because she was bitten by a vampire" you finished off.

" Wh-what?" asked Russia.

You explained Russia everything. After that, you cried as you hugged him.

" But you are still a country, _____. You can't just lock yourself in here!" said Russia.

"But I am dangerous!" you replied.

You lied. You hadn't drank human blood, so you had no appetite for it.  Still, what if you just got mad at Prussia because of his constant bragging and yelling at you for not calling him 'lord awesome if the awesomest' and drained all of his blood?

"Niet, that's a lie. You haven't bit a human,  right? So you won't bite any country, da." said Ivan

"Ok..."  you sighed.

"And I love you a vampire, da" said Ivan.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand yes Me knowz I wrote "love youas a vampire" buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut..... Fuck im lazy.

Hetalia is not mine.

You are owned by Russia.

(ps: Russia never said a thing about leaving your bedroom! :iconrussianosebleedplz: )

BTW I was listening to techno music, the song ended and.... WILD CLASSIC MUSIC APEARED!

And that's why I got mad and lazy to fix the title.

I BLAME ON BOND. (the band who's classic music made me lazy. The song is called duel, in case u want to kill urself)



Holy s***t. 21 favs!?!?!?!? I love you guys. BUT Y U NO COMMENT???????

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       It was hard for him to trust anyone, having lived his life on lies.

       He had seen it all. Superiors who told him that what they were doing was for the best, only for them to run away with spoils, leaving behind a wake of destruction and suffering. Allies and previous partners who made many promises, only to break them and abandon him in the cold, showing how empty all those promises really were.

       Betrayal, lies, deceit. An endless cycle that only restarts once he believes it has finally come to a stop.

       He had lost his ability to trust anyone.

       And who would be there to listen to him? His older sister who had previously taken care of him would no longer associate with him. His younger sister who would not stop trying to monopolize his attention would not understand how paranoid her unintended threats made him. Simple familial ties created in childhood were not enough to mend his broken relationships with them. Nor were they enough to make him even the slightest bit more likely to ask them for support.

       Maybe he could ask his friends to listen to him and help free him from his inhibitions. But he knew how futile such an effort would be. “Russia is a frightening person,” he would hear them say when he stepped out of the room. “Be careful, he might turn against you if you anger him.” In the end, despite working with him on various international issues, they were no closer to him than were strangers.

       At least he had his subordinates, right? Perhaps he can order them to never betray him and listen to his every word. However he knew it was impossible to force someone to obey him, especially since he had already destroyed any hope of friendship between them and himself. He knew how many times he had hurt them, never meaning to do so intentionally, but just reacting with his defense-mechanisms whenever he became angered or provoked. The best he could do was wear his typical mask of a smile on his face every time he heard one of them say how wonderful it would be if he wasn’t their boss.

       When you eventually stepped into his life, he felt he could finally lower his defenses. You were different. You didn’t sugarcoat your words and tell him what you thought he wanted to hear but instead gave him the honest truth. You weren’t afraid of him or his antics and often challenged him, not because you wanted to hurt him, but because you knew he had the ability to improve.

       At first he tried to push you away, hurt you, and break you until you admit it was all an act to gain his trust. But you never backed down, instead telling him he could be much better and showed genuine care for him. After that, he wanted to embrace you. Hold you. Keep you close as a treasure to his heart. He wanted to stop hiding behind his mask and finally laugh with you, imagining a future where you two could spend time alone together.

       But years of betrayal had wrecked his broken mind, constantly taunting him with painful images. He imagined you leaving, turning your back to him and running off with someone else. He imagined you ignoring him, showing apathy, only to finally tell him you no longer wanted to put up with him. He kept telling himself that you were not like that. That you wouldn’t do such a thing. That you wouldn’t try to further damage his already shattered psyche. But he couldn’t do it. He just couldn’t stop the images and fear going through his mind.

       It hurt. It hurt so much.

       Which is why you weren’t surprised when you felt the rusty water pipe drive through your abdomen, held by nothing else but his shaky hands. Tears fell involuntarily from your eyes. You were sad, of course for your own life, but mostly for him.

       He could lie to himself all he wanted. That he was killed you because he wanted to protect you. To prevent you from ever having to face all the cruelty he had faced before. He could lie and say he did what was best for you. That if you could see his motives, you would understand.

       But deep down inside, he knew he did it because he was afraid. Afraid of losing you. Afraid of having you leave him, telling him he was never wanted, having all his visions come true. He was afraid of the harsh words you would say in his direction if you left, believing it would only be his fault, due to his incompetence. Thus even if you hated him for it, he would rather end you. Before you could leave by your own will. Before he could do anything that would make you want to do so.

       You let the last tears fall from your eyes before you closed them for the final time, wishing that something could have happened to release him from his suffering. Wishing that, even if it wasn’t you, someone could have done something for him.

       For the man who could not trust his family, his friends, or even you. The man whose mind could not even let him trust himself.
This was supposed to be a shorter story, goshdarnit. Why can't I write short stories? :iconwthplz:

Anyway, I really don't like stories about Russia that portray him as evil or sadistic without a reason. If you need him as a typical bad guy, at least explain why he acts that way. Here I wanted to explore more of his personality and motivations for why he might be the way he is. I wanted to portray him as someone who has a deeply disturbed mentality and cannot bring himself to trust anyone.

Sorry if you were expecting a happy ending. ;__; Just wanted to write a 'darker' story this time. I'm just glad I posted something after so long. Ahaha...

Story belongs to me: gnomulus
Axis Powers Hetalia © Hidekaz Himaruya
Picture is from and I believe is by a pixiv account who is…
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“So what are we watching tonight?” you asked, setting down your drink. Ivan loosened his scarf, holding up a DVD case so you could read the title. “This one,” he added unnecessarily, a mischievous smile playing around his lips. You cocked your eyebrow, settling yourself on the sofa beside him.

“Why? You don’t normally want to watch horror movies.” You told him, your head tilted to one side to emphasize the question. Despite his nonchalant shrug, you noticed a faint blush settle on his cheeks. So he hadn’t chosen the film on a simple guess. Now that you examined the box more closely, you could see the certificate and the various warnings about the content. They weren’t the usual warnings either, no mild fantasy peril, but instead warnings of extreme gore, violence and profanities. Your raised eyebrow raised higher.

“Ivan…. Why did you choose this one?” You made your way closer to him, placing a soft hand on his knee. This time he flushed crimson, averting his eyes like a child caught in the act of stealing chocolate biscuits. Trailing your hand higher up his leg succeeded in making him fidget and getting the reason out of him. His hand caught yours and he clasped it between both of his, needing something to keep his eyes on.

“Please don’t be mad at me,” he pleaded, his violet eyes round. “I just heard Jones freaking out about this film and I thought if I watched it then maybe I could…. Freak him out even more? You know, like repeating what happens to the characters and stuff…”
His lower lip stuck out and he gazed at you with such earnestness in his ‘innocent’ eyes. You knew all too well about his rivalry with Alfred Jones and Ivan stopped at nothing to try get revenge on him, for whatever the American had done to him in the first place. And whilst it wasn’t a good reason to watch a film, especially one like this, you could understand why he wanted to. Besides, it wasn’t like you could stay angry at a face like that and he knew it, frequently exploiting it at moments such as this.

Sighing, you squeezed his hands. “Alright, I get it.” You said to him, adding a tentative smile to your words. His face lit up happily and he practically beamed at you. Getting up to place the disc into the player, he soon returned to your side. His arms wound around you and pulled you to sit between his legs, your back to his chest.

“Can you see with me here?” you questioned, craning your neck back to see him. “Don’t worry (Y/n), I can see perfectly fine.” He rubbed the tip of his nose to your neck, smiling at your close proximity. With a blush you quickly pecked his lips and snuggled against him. Thinking himself to be the luckiest man on Earth, he watched the opening credits over your shoulder and breathed in your warm, calming scent.

The only problem was that he was more focused on you (especially when you hid your face in his chest, frightened by whatever disgusting scene was playing on the screen) than he was on the film; and as such he was unable to scare Alfred the next days. But if that was what it took to enjoy his time together with you, then it was a necessary evil.
This was a request for :iconpyro-princess13: I'm so sorry it took so long and I hope you enjoy it ^^
Another request to clear up my folders.

Russia belongs to Himaruya Hidekaz

Please like and reblog on Tumblr C:

As always please enjoy and comment with what you think, feedback is as always appreciated! Please comment, they make my day!
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super faves
Collection by
On a warm summer afternoon, momentary peace had spread throughout the headquarters of the Scouting Legion. Each member held their breath, awaiting the new addition to their family. Tiny wails of a newborn filled the infirmary where three women occupied.

“It’s a boy!” Hanji excitedly declared and held the baby in front of me. I gave a weak smile in return, exhausted from the hours of labor. The child retained his father’s jet-black hair yet, kept large (e/c) eyes like mine.

“Hey there,” I greeted the small bundle of joy in Hanji’s arms. “Come on now, smile for mama.”

The baby ceased its crying and curiously looked up at me.

“What are you going to name it?” Petra eagerly asked me as Hanji passed the baby to her.

“Hmm..Levi and I decided on the name Elliot if the baby was going to be a boy. Speaking of which, where is he?”

“He should be returning from the expedition soon.”

“Haha, he’s going to get so angry when he finds out that I had the baby without him here.” I laughed and as if on cue, the wooden door burst open and the great Corporal stomped in with his gear still strapped on.

“Oi, where’s my kid?” He asked and his eyes darted across the room in search of his baby. Little Elliot erupted into tears from the sudden intrusion and Rivaille’s head snapped towards Petra’s direction.

“He’s right here sir.” She handed the baby to him with a nervous laugh.

I watched a barrage of emotions ripple through the usually composed face of Rivaille. He looked at the child with confusion at first as if he could still not comprehend the fact that this child was his own. Then it transitioned into one of disbelief; did nine months really pass by this quickly? Finally, he settled on one of joy and relief. All of the stress and worry that multiple years of bloodshed brought him were now wiped clean off his face.

“Let’s leave them alone for a while.” Petra whispered to Hanji and the two of them shuffled out.

Rivaille walked over and sat on the edge of my bed. I’ve never seen him happier as a rare, genuine smile graced his features.

“You brat,” He spoke with a shaky voice. “I thought I told you to wait until I got back.”

“The baby’s gonna come when the baby wants to come, Corporal.” I replied with a light laugh.

He brought his free hand up to brush his thumb gently over my cheek.

“You tired?”

“Very.” My reply was accompanied by a long yawn.  “This beats the three hellish years of training by far.”

His response to this was a light chuckle as he leaned in to peck my forehead. “The kid’s cute.”

“Ehh, so you call our child cute but you’ve never called me cute in all the years that I’ve known you? That’s very unfair, sir.”

He rolled his eyes and flicked my nose. After that, he scooted next to me so I could get a closer look at our child.

“Be a good little boy now, Elliot, and don’t grow up with a cleaning obsession like your Daddy because Mama doesn’t like to clean.” I whispered to the little boy as I gently poked his cheeks.

Being surrounded by his parent’s warmth, little Elliot’s eyes began to droop as he fell asleep in his father’s hold. Rivaille watched with fascinated eyes as his child fell asleep on him.

“What do I do now?” He asked with uncertainty.

“Just hold him, silly.” I instructed and slid my head down to rest on Rivaille’s shoulder. “We finally did it, huh.”

“Yeah.” His answer came muffled as he buried his nose in my hair. The three of us slept until Petra came in to scold us for falling asleep on the child.

Watching Elliot grow up was fun, but watching Rivaille attempt to take care of the kid was even better. Being the stickler for cleanliness that he is, Rivaille made sure that every inch of the building was sparkling and this only intensified with the arrival of our child. So sorry for the recruits but they’re stuck with double the chores for the time being.

At five months old, Elliot was able to eat simple foods such as mashed potatoes, despite Sasha’s complaints about her new potato rival. This led to a lot more work for Rivaille and a lot more entertainment for our squad. Every time Rivaille has to feed the child, everyone else gathers around the room to watch.

“Would you just eat the food!?” Rivaille growled as Elliot spit out yet another spoonful of food. Not once, however, did he give up midway through the meal. He would patiently wait until Elliot eats as much as he could. Of course, if someone like Eren was stuck in Elliot’s position, he would get the bowl of food smashed on his face so fast, we wouldn’t even have time to blink. There are only certain people that can capture Rivaille’s patience for so long and Eren was definitely not one of them, we already tried.

Nothing was more entertaining than watching Rivaille clean up his baby’s mess. As Elliot threw up after another failed attempt at feeding, Petra carried him off to the other room and all of the younger recruits trailed after her for a chance to play with the child, which left Rivaille, Hanji, and I in the room.

“Smells like shit…” He muttered and began to wipe the mess off the table. Hanji and I always had a good laugh as we watched him tidy up and adding in curses as he cleaned.

He’s never skipped out on diaper duty either, claiming that I’m such a klutzy idiot, I’ll probably drop the package of shit on the floor. I’m not complaining. If the man wants to change the diaper then he can go ahead and change the diaper.

Although Rivaille spends more time taking care of Elliot’s needs, the child still clung to me more, most likely because I play with him the most. It was decided since the beginning that I would be exempt from expeditions after my pregnancy. It was a devastating fact but there was no choice so my days were now spent around the HQ organizing paperwork or playing with Elliot when Rivaille was out.

I’ve found something worse than going out into the field and slaying titans; it was waiting. Every time the soldiers went out, a wave of dread flowed through me no matter how small the mission was. As a soldier out in the field, there was no time to fear but as a soldier waiting in behind the safety of the walls, I spent every living minute in fear. While I put every ounce of trust in them, I still couldn’t shake away the image of the titan’s looming over their victims, ready to slaughter.

Immediately after each outing, Rivaille would come back, strip away his gear, and walk around the base in search of Elliot and I. He would then gently kiss our baby’s cheek before placing a soft kiss on my lips as well. The reunion would always end in tears for me as he would wrap his arm around my shoulder and bring the three of us closer together.

In his usual, impassive voice, he would always answer: “I missed you too, idiot.”
One night, as I carried Elliot back to our room, I came upon an interesting discovery; the Corporal fast asleep on his desk. His papers were neatly stacked as always, under his arms and his head laid atop it all.

Elliot made small gurgling noises and I placed a finger over his lips to shush him.

“Be quiet now, Elli. Daddy’s tired and he needs to sleep.” I whispered and continued to walk to our room. A spark of mischievousness stopped me in my tracks as I passed by his desk.

“Oh who am I kidding, I’ve pissed this guy off since we were still trainees and I am not stopping now.” I hovered dangerously over Rivaille’s sleeping form and held Elliot by his armpits. “Okay Elli, baby, we’re going to play a fun game it’s called ‘Dance on Daddy’s Head’.”

Gently, I lowered Elliot until his tiny feet touched the top of Rivaille’s head. The little boy giggled in excitement as he began to bounce up and down on his daddy’s mop of black hair, using me as support. Not even two seconds into the game, Rivaille’s head snapped up just as I lifted Elliot high above his father’s reach.

“What in the hell are you doing now?” He grumbled as his child dangled above him.

“Elli and I were playing a game.” I told him nonchalantly as he took hold of Elliot. Rivaille held the baby with one hand and tugged on my sleeve with the other towards our bedroom.

I lulled Elliot to sleep and placed him on his tiny crib as Rivaille changed out of his uniform. He snuck up to me and hugged me from behind as we watched the baby sleep. A tired sigh left his lips.

“What’s wrong?” I asked him and he shrugged.



“I’m going to tell you this before I regret it, but I love you.” He mumbled quietly and I turned around to stare at him for a while before I burst into laughter. “Oi, what’s so funny, brat?”

“I don’t know…I just never expected that, I guess.” I gasped out between fits of giggles. “…but in all honesty, I love you too Rivaille.” I confessed and hugged him closer.

“I’ll protect you and Elliot. I’ll make sure that he lives to see a world without titans.” He vowed with utmost sincerity.

“As long as you promise that you’ll be there with us cause I refuse to change diapers without you here.” With trembling lips, I told him as tears threatened to spill over.

“Of course, like hell I’m gonna leave you with that responsibility. I don’t need anymore shit-stained floors after the first time you tried.”

I let out a tear-filled laugh and kissed him with closed eyes, unaware that the stoic captain had droplets of his own tears spilling down as well.
I just needed to write some fluff for myself, okay? :iconyuiheavenplz:

Ah...I need head hurts...sigh...

Credit to the random name generator and my friend for the name of Elliot lol~

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       Lovino Vargas was my best friend. Note the word was. Recently, the two of us got into a fight and started ignoring each other. To be honest, it was a really stupid and unimportant argument. I don't even remember what we were fighting about! But that boy can sure hold a grudge. He's so intent on avoiding me that he doesn't even want to walk on the same side of the street as me! This went on for a whole week. I would hang out with Elizabeta, Michelle, and Lily, while he was with Antonio and occasionally, Feli. I think, sooner or later, one of us will crack ad just apologize. But that person ain't gonna be me! I'm just as stubborn as he is, and I. Will. Not. Give. In! Seriously though. He'd better come and say sorry soon, or I'll personally walk up to his house and eat all of his precious tomatoes!

       Today was Friday. Day eight of Operation Ignore-the-stupid-tomatoe-eating-idiot-whose-name-I-will-not-reveal. I followed my regular morning routine and just before I left, I glanced at the umbrella sitting on the dining table, then out the window. It was sunny today, no need for an umbrella. I left without a second thought. 
Outside, I see him, as usual. Guess what? He is still walking on the opposite side of the damn sidewalk! Geez, does he really have to go out of his way to ignore me? My ex-best friend glances at me and immediately, we engaged in a mini glaring contest. I looked away first and stomped my way out to my side of the road. It's been like this for the last couple of days. We walked in silence. Where was Feli when you needed him? Oh right, out sick. 

       The problem with this is that it's hard not to think about Lovino. We have four classes together, and lunch too. I think I've had to slap myself with a textbook at least ten times this week to stop myself from thinking about him. 
First period was Italian. A class I had with him. I still remember the day I asked him why he chose this class. He told me because it was easy, that lazy ass, he already spoke fluent Italian. So while our teacher blabbed on about verbs and such, Lovino buried his head in his arms and fell asleep on the desk. I propped my chin up on my elbow and watched him. I could sit and watch this idiot sleep forever. It's a lot of fun. He has the cutest little snores and sometimes, he talks in his sleep. Once, it was about a flying chicken, and a few weeks ago, it was about a squirrel who wet his bed? Ah, I'm thinking about him again! I mentally slapped myself. Lovino shifted a bit and his curl bounced in the air. That curl. Once again, I am tempted to touch that floating piece of hair. I did try one time. I reached for it and he slapped my hand away, cursing rapidly in Italian like there was no tomorrow. I had to throw a piece of toast in his face to shut him up.

       The bell rang, signaling the end of first period. Next up was art, a class that we had together again. Right now, I am dreading over going to this class. We're working on a partner project due next week and from the looks of it, it seems like we won't be getting much work done. I plopped myself down on my seat while he gathered our supplies and project. 
"Lovino, could you hand me that eraser over there, please?" He gave me the item without a word.
"Thanks." I reached for a pencil the same time he did and our fingers met. The touch felt like fire and I quickly pulled away. 
"Sorry." I mumbled. He said nothing. The rest of class passed by, uneventful.

       Next period, science. Thankfully, I didn't have this class with him. I've had enough of that awkward atmosphere for one day.
"Hi (name)!" My Hungarian friend, Elizabeta, skipped over to me with a huge smile decorating her face.
"Hey Liz, what's up?"
"Roderich and I have a date today!" Roderich was her boyfriend from Austria who played the piano and was just a tiny stuck up sometimes. "So how was your day?" She asked me.
"Great. Juuuust great." I answered, full of sarcasm.
"Still fighting?"
"Why don't you just suck it up and apologize to him already!?"
"Such a stubborn little one."

       Elizabeta and I walked together to our next class, math. Just like the first two classes, I was sitting next to Lovi. He paid no attention to me and instead, looked away while Antonio filled the silence by talking about his fat grandma who owns 30 cats.
Eventually, we all got tired of his never-ending chatter and told him to shut up and do his work. Finally, I could focus on my worksheet. Lovi was rapidly writing while I'm currently stuck. On that one problem. Number seven to be exact. Lovino finished before me and set his pen down. He glanced at my paper and sighed.

"Hey Idiota," my heart fluttered. It was the first time he's talked to me since our fight. "Need help?"
"No, I'm fine." The stubborn me, answered.
"Hm." I can do this! Let's see, so I subtract the three, carry the one and...I'm lost again. I turned around to sneak a glance at him. He had an amused expression on his face and his lips were tugged up into a smirk. Damn that sexy smirk of his. If we weren't in class right now, I would fling myself at him and claim those perfect lips!...Woah, what the hell am I thinking?
"Well?" He asked.
"Okay, fine! I need help." I mumbled the last part.
"What was that?"
"I need your help." I raised my voice a tad bit.
"Still can't hear you~" He was enjoying this. 
"Lovino Frickin Vargas, I need your help on this damn math problem!"
"Say the magic word." He teased, his smirk stretching wider and wider.
"Please!" I half yelled. Letting out a tiny laugh, he showed how to do it and I finished the rest of the worksheet with ease.
"Whatever." and it was back to the agonizing game of ignore your best friend.

       The rest of the day went by fast. Nothing special really happened. Unless you count Francis trying to sneak into the girl's locker room for what seems like the fiftieth time. He actually managed to get ahold of his mom's frilly, pink dress too! It was quite a scene to watch. A blonde man being dragged out of the girl's locker room by two gym teachers, in a pink dress? I should've brought my camera.
After school, I attended anime club, which took place after school on Fridays. In the middle of the meeting, it started to rain. My mind drifter to Lovi, who was having football(or soccer, whichever you prefer) practice outside right now. I hope he's okay.

       I knew I should've brought that umbrella! Ten minutes after the anime meeting ended, everyone els left. So here I am, leaning against the door, staring out at the pouring rain. Something hard poked my back and I jumped, startled. Turning around, it was Lovino holding an umbrella.
"Take it, Idiota." He thrust the umbrella into my hands and ran out into the rain. That hypocrite. He runs out into the cold without even a jacket on, and he calls ME the idiot? I fumbled around with the umbrella a bit before successfully opening it.
"Wait! Lovino!" I called out. He must've heard me, because he stopped and turned around. I took the chance to run a little faster and catch up to him.
"What do you want?" He snapped.
"I...I...I'm sorry!" He looked just as surprised as I did. I just apologized without realizing it. "I'm sorry even though I don't remember why we were fighting. I just don't want you to ignore me anymore, Lovino!" Phew, I said that all in one breath.
"Stupid..." he muttered. Then, he did the most unexpected thing. He wrapped one arm around my shoulders and placed the other behind my head, pulling me closer. Slowly, he pressed his lips onto my forehead, then my nose, both of my cheeks, and finally, stopped before my lips. Our noses were touching.
"Ti amo, (name)." He whispered. I know enough Italian to understand what this meant.
"Ti amo troppo. Now kiss me, you idiot." 
       He closed the distance between us and softly put his lips on mine. I dropped the umbrella and wrapped my arms around his neck, deepening the kiss. His tongue brushed against my bottom lip, asking for entrance, which I denied. Letting out an unsatisfied growl, he bit down hard, and my mouth flew open in surprise. His tongue met mine and they joined in the battle for dominance, which he won, but I didn't give up easily without a fight.
Our kiss ended as quickly as it started. We were now separated and trying to regain the ability to breath. 
"Kissing in the rain, how clichéd." I joked. 
"Whatever, Idiota." He bent over and picked up the fallen umbrella. I held his free hand and we walked back home, on the same side of the street this time. 
----Extended Ending---
       "So now that we're not fighting anymore, can I go back to calling you Lovi?" We made it back to my house and I dried his hair with a towel, careful to avoid the curl.
"No." He grumbled. "Don't call me that."
"Aw, but I want to, Lovi!" I whined. He tilted his head upwards and stared at me, pouting. That face was just too cute! I couldn't resist leaning down and giving him a quick kiss. He blushed and didn't say anything after that.
"Can I ask you a question?"
"Hm." I took that as a yes.
"Why can't I touch that?" I pointed to his curl. His face lit up even brighter.
"Because...because...I can't explain it! I'll show you later. Maybe." Silence. I finished drying his hair. 
"So...can I ask you another question?"
"What's with all the questions?" he asked, clearly annoyed.
I dunno. I'm just a curious girl."
"Ah, whatever!"
"Um, why do you have a Dora the Explorer umbrella?"

Now it's Lovi's turn! This was..longer than I expected. :D took me quite a while too. But it was fun. Now it's nearly four in the morning...I. Need. SLEEP! O_O
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To be completely honest with you, working at a convenience store has its perks. I’ll admit that about sixty percent of the time, this job is more boring than watching your grandma slowly count out a hundred dollars in change, but for the remaining percentage of time, this job is definitely amusing.

I work from Tuesday to Saturday each week and I get off work at 9 on weekdays and 2 in the morning on Saturday. As you can probably guess, Fridays and Saturdays are the most interesting days for me, what with college and high school students out of school and partying all night. Believe me, I’ve encountered a few close calls. One time, the fire department and the police had to come and my manage was obviously not impressed with having to wake up at one in the morning and drag his butt to the store in thin pajamas only to find half the chip aisle set on fire. It was a good day. May the chips rest in peace.

Today was supposed to be a slow day, if it weren’t for the fact that most schools weren’t in session tomorrow due to a holiday. So I’m stuck here, in my ugly green and red striped uniform shirt, on a Thursday, working late. My manager told me that the colors were chosen to be eye-catching. Right. I just feel like a walking, talking, Christmas tree all day.

It was approximately midnight when the ding of the automatic doors sounded and slid open. I was too busy checking the stock to see whom it was. Around ten long minutes later, someone rung the bell on the counter and I headed back to the cash register to check them out.

“Hi, welcome to Titan-Eleven. I’m (Name). Did you find everything okay today?” I announced my regular greeting as I began to ring up the items. All I saw were…feminine products. A bit curious, I looked up at the person. The customer stepped back just as I did.

“What are you doing here!?” We screamed in unison. Said customer with the basket of feminine hygienic products was Jean Kirschtein, a guy in my math class.

I suspiciously eyed him, then his shopping basket, then back. He held up his hands in his defense.

“I was dared by my friends, okay?” he yelled. I heard him whisper something about “that damn Jaeger.” I suppose he was referring to Eren Jaegar, a guy who also goes to my college. He and Jean don’t mix well. “Ugh, I’ll never go to one of those stupid ass parties ever again.” He continued to complain about this and that, how the drinks totally sucked, how there weren’t any hot chicks to begin with other than Mikasa, and how the game they played was totally rigged.

I cleared my throat to get his attention.
“So do you still want these or not? Because there’s quite the line forming behind you.” I pointed out. Jean took a look at the long chain of people behind him, mostly to purchase drinks and snacks for upcoming parties, and shot me an apologetic smile.

“Ah, sorry ‘bout that. Guess I kind of droned on, huh.”

“Do you still want these?” I gestured to his items.

“Hell nah, I ain’t going back to that place.” He told me and scooted over to the side for the next customer. I smiled as I apologized to them about the wait and began to scan their items.

“Hey…” Jean whispered. I looked at him oddly and wondered why he still hasn’t left yet.

“Yeah, what?” I asked and counted out the change for the customer.

“What time do you get off work today?” I paused in the middle of my money counting and tried to process his question. I realized that I had lost count and dropped all the money back into the register and started over. The customer impatiently tapped his foot.

“In about and hour and a half.” I answered after I handed the customer his change and gave him a wave goodbye. Jean nodded as he carefully thought about how to phrase his next question. I turned around to grab a box of cigarettes for the next customer.

“Meet me behind the store after you get off. I’ll be waiting.” I heard him say. When I turned around, he’s gone. The automatic doors slid shut.

The sudden rush of customers kept my mind off the honey-eyed man and his peculiar request. By the time the last customer walked out, there were only five minutes left of my shift. Sasha, who has her shift right after mine, barged in the entrance while she ate a sandwich. She was an average-height brunette who loves food to death. I’ve never seen her not chewing on something. Just a couple days ago, she confessed to me that she really only applied for this job just for free food.

“Hello, (Name)! How was your shift?”

“Same old. Be careful though, I had quite a handful of trouble during the past hour.” She laughed at my friendly warning.

“Haha! If anyone dared touch me, I would feed them my iron fists!” In other words, not only does Sasha eat like a bear, she fights like one too.

“Sasha, the most you could probably do is throw a pickle from your sandwich at them and pray to the high heavens that they don’t touch you.” Her shoulders slumped.

“Yeah, I know…but one can dream, you know!?” I gave her back a pat.

“It’s alright Sasha, pickles are nasty anyways.”

“(Nameeeeeeeee)!!!” She whined as I walked away, laughing. I don’t know whether she was angry at the fact that I insulted her fighting ability or at my pickle comment.
After I changed out of the ugly uniform and popped on my hoodie and jeans, I left the store via the backdoor. Like he’d promised, Jean was there, propped up against the brick wall with his hands in his pockets.

The lighter top of his bi-colored hair shined under the moonlight and for a second, I felt out of place. I didn’t belong here right now, I should be back in my room watching anime or reading my manga. Jean didn’t belong here either. He should be back at that party with his friends, having the time of his life. Neither of us should be here right now. Beyond that, the two of us don’t belong together.

Jean and I, we went to high school together, we got accepted into the same college together. We were close yet worlds apart from each other. He was the cocky, cute, popular guy while I was the quiet one whom everyone liked or generally accepted. I never ran into any problems as a student and as a person. Jean, on the other hand, had one too many problems. From relationship troubles to his best friend currently in the hospital with a coma due to an accident, his life was far from carefree.

We’ve never talked to each other much other than discussing homework or just exchanging formalities. For some reason though, I was the first person he went to after the accident. We didn’t say much, just merely enjoyed each other’s company. He’d watched me quietly as I laughed and cried over animes. He stayed there for three hours that night.

As I stood there and reminisced over the times, Jean pushed off the wall and walked over. Before I even said “hello”, he had enveloped me in a warm hug. His breaths came out in quick, short, huffs. He held onto me so tightly, as if I was the only string of hope he had left.

“Jean? Everything alright?”

“(Name)…” His voice was shaky. “I’m just…so tired of everything. What the hell am I even doing with my life?” He asked in a pained tone. My arms rested around his waist and I laid my head on his chest. His sudden seriousness piqued my interest yet it concerned me. This was so unlike the usual overconfident asshole Jean.
“Marco’s in the hospital right now and even the doctors don’t know whether he’s going to make it or not while I’m just out here drinking and partying away! My best friend’s half dead in the hospital; the hell is wrong with me!?” He cried and I was at a lost for words.

“I’m such a damn coward. Hell, maybe I should just move far away and start a new life or some shit. I’m useless anyways. Even my own parents kicked me out after seeing me drunk every weekend.”

“Jean.” I whispered, cutting him off from his rant. “You’re not useless. There’s nothing wrong with you. Heck, you’re even smarter than me! You’re one of the top in our class, as much as I hate to admit it. You can’t move away. What about Marco? How would he feel if he suddenly woke up and realized that his best friend was gone? And…I don’t want you to leave either.” I quietly admitted.

“But (Name), he’s been in there for a whole year. It’s practically hopeless.” He sighed, clearly defeated.

“You shouldn’t give up so easily! The world is a cruel place…but it’s also very beautiful so please, Jean, don’t give up. Wait for Marco, I know he’ll wake up. I just know it…” I whispered and bravely reached up to touch his cheek. He leaned closer to my touch and I took it as an okay to move on. Gently, I cradled his cheek in my hand and brought his head closer. His warm breaths fanned my lips and I stood on my tiptoes to kiss him. Jean molded his lips against mine and held my free hand against his beating chest.

A tear made its way down my cheek from my (e/c) orbs as one after another, they followed. Jean kissed them all away and hugged my body to his chest.

“Idiot, why’re you the one who’s crying anyways? I should be the one bawling here.” He jokingly said in a hushed tone. His long fingers brushed through my hair as he gently rocked us back and forth.

“I like you, you know. Even if you’re an idiot sometimes.” He confessed. I smiled.

“I like you too, you know. Even if you’re a jerk sometimes.”

“Heh. Hey, that’s kinda harsh.” He mumbled and kissed my forehead. I stuck my tongue out at him and he smiled. Just then, his phone vibrated.

Jean removed one hand away from me to pull his phone out of his pocket. His face shifted into a puzzled expression as he read the caller ID.

“Who is it?” I asked him.

“It’s…Marco’s Mom.” I cocked my head to the side and tried to figure out why his best friend’s mother was calling him at nearly two-thirty in the morning.

“…Hello?” I watched Jean’s face as his eyes grew as wide as saucers then finally broke out into a huge grin.

“Really!? That’s…that’s great! I’ll come right away. Oh, and do you mind if I bring a friend?” I was even more curious from the tidbits of conversation that I was able to hear.

“Awesome! I’ll see you in thirty minutes then.” He ended the call and looked at me with the happiest expression that I’ve ever seen on his face.

“Guess what? Marco’s Mom just told me that he’s showing signs of waking up! The doctors say that it won’t be too long now before he’ll be fully up!” Jean excitedly spoke like a child on Christmas morning.

“That’s great! Are you going to see him now?” Jean nodded and grabbed my hand.

“Come with me?” I’ve never agreed to anything faster in my life.

“Of course!” He smiled and kissed me again before he intertwined our fingers together. We walked together that night, two-thirty in the morning, middle of winter, hand-in-hand.
                                   “The world is merciless, and it’s also very beautiful.”- Mikasa Ackerman
So this was meant to be a light and random story. Note the word: Meant. I did not expect it to turn out so...serious in the second half. This is why I can't listen to sad piano music while writing...:iconfrenchwhineplz: So I profoundly apologize if you came looking for something..not as...serious...(At least it had a happy ending? :3)

Mikasa's quote is definitely one of my favorites from SnK...(LOL I've been dying to use that quote in something for so long) but...yeah...Jean's character is definitely one that I'm not too familiar with so I hope I did him some justice at least...and I might've just rushed this out a bit but well...oneshots ya know..they're like that...

So yeah! There you have it! I'll be busy the rest of this week preparing for the con and finishing up homework so there won't be an update for a while most likely...:iconyoyosweatdropplz:

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“Ah! I’m so late!” I cursed and grabbed my keys. My parents had left me with the responsibility of picking up my little sister from her daycare. I came home an hour ago from school and the whole ordeal had totally slipped my mind.

I was most likely speeding the whole way to the daycare but I really couldn’t care less. My poor baby sister, alone, by herself, waiting for her big sis to come pick her up, was all that occupied my mind. By the time I pulled up at the parking lot, it was empty save for a couple other cars that most likely belonged to the staff.

From what I could remember, my sister’s room was the third door on the right from the entrance. On the door, painted an ugly shade of orange, was a sign that said room 6. I guess this is it. The old door dangerously screeched as I turned the knob, like it was about to pop off the hinges and roll its way down to Neverland. Only two people were left inside, my sister, and a very tall man.

The poor guy was hunched over a table on a chair that was obviously made for small children. My little sister, Risa, sat down next to him and the two seemed to be drawing on a pad of paper with crayons.

“Bert! Bert! Look at the pretty flower I drew!” Risa excitedly pointed out her drawing to the man beside her, whom I assumed to be the daycare teacher.

“Wow, that’s very nice Risa! Why don’t you draw something else, like your family?” this ‘Bert’ guy suggested.

“Okay! I’m going to draw big sissy! She’s very pretty too!” My sister giggled. I cleared my throat and the tall guy looked up, finally noticing me for the first time.

“Oh, hello, how can I help you?”

“Big sissy!” I opened up my arms as my sister jumped into them.

“Hey Risa! How was your day? I’m sorry I was late.”

“It was fun! Me and Bert played all day!” ‘Bert’ stood up and walked over to me and smiled shyly.

“Hi, you must be Risa’s sister. I’m Bertholdt, the caretaker here. You can just call me Bert though.” He shyly introduced himself. I shook his hand.

“I’m (Name). Sorry I’m late, I kinda forgot that I had to pick her up.”

“Oh, it’s okay. I didn’t have anything to do afterwards so it’s no big deal.”

“Well Risa, let’s get going so we’re not bothering Bert here.” Upon hearing the fact that she has to go home, Risa quickly clung onto Bertholdt’s leg.

“I don’t wanna go home! I wanna stay with Bert!” Bert looked up at me with unease.

“But Risa, he has to go home and eat. He must be really hungry watching you the whole day.” Risa paused in her wailing and ran over to the play food.

“I’m going to make Bert some food then.”

“Wait, Risa! It's okay…I’m not hungry anymore.”

“But..b-but…” Risa began to sniffle. Her tears welled up and slid across her cheek. Bert, who was surprised that he made Risa cry, tried his best to comfort her.

“Risa, don’t cry.” He whispered as he patted her hair. “It’s alright. You don’t have to leave, okay? You can stay with me as long as you want.” He smiled softly at her and my sister stretched her arms out, a silent request for a hug.

He lifted Risa up in his arms and carried her over to me.

“You sure you’re not busy after this?” I asked just to make sure.


“Well then, would you like to come over for a while? I’m sure Risa would want that, right?” Risa nodded. Bert’s face exploded into a bright pink.

“Um- I guess…if you don’t mind…I- well…uh…” He stumbled over his words.

“Hehehe, yeah I don’t mind. Don’t be so nervous, jeez! Relax a bit!” He exhaled.

“I’m sorry…my friend Reiner always tells me how bad I am with girls. It’s just not really my thing.”

“I can see that. So did you drive here?”

“No I took the bus today.”

“Oh okay, then I guess I’ll drive.” Bertholdt agreed and carried Risa outside.
“So why are you working at a daycare? You look a bit young to be working a full time job already.” I asked as he buckled Risa in her carseat.

“I don’t work here full time. It’s a volunteer job that I do for my college.”

“Oh really? Sounds like fun. What college do you attend?”

“Kyojin Academy.” Ah. He just had to attend my rival school.

“Oh, I go to Recon Tech.” He blinked, taken aback.

“I see. I heard it’s a really prestigious school.”

“I suppose, but Kyojin is pretty good too. It was my second choice actually.” He smiled and nodded; I began to drive.

“But you know, our school is pretty dumb at times. Ever heard of our mascot?” I asked. It seems like Risa’s already fallen asleep from what I could see on the rearview mirror.

“You mean the Wings of Freedom?”

“Ha, yeah. It sounds totally stupid. I wish it were something cooler like an animal or something. At least you guys have something that actually sounds real.” I told him, referring to their mascot, the Titans.

“It’s not that bad. It sounds very…well…heroic.”

“Heroic my ass. The person who came up with that must’ve been high off feathers.” Bert laughed and it was a really pretty sound. Like a musical. “You should laugh more, Bert.” I commented.

“You should smile more then.” He told me.

“I do too! See?” I turned around to show him my great big creeper smile.

“Woah! (Name), tree!” His hand landed on top of mine and steered away from the incoming obstacle.

“Phew, you sure got some killer reflexes.” He and I laughed together despite our near death experience.

I parked on our driveway and Bert carefully removed Risa from her car seat. She woke up just as we walked in.

“Hm? Bert, where are we?”

“We’re at your house now, sleepyhead.” Risa straightened up, suddenly excited again.

“I wanna play house!” She declared. Bertholdt set her down in the living room and she pulled out her personal box of play food out.

“Sissy is the mommy and Bert is the daddy! Risa will be the baby!” Risa ordered and Bert blushed. I merely chuckled in amusement.

“But Risa, are you sure you don’t want to be mommy? You’re always the mommy.” I asked her. She shook her head.

“No, Risa wants to be baby this time!” Bert shuffled nervously, as if he was unsure of what to do. I motioned for him to sit next to me on the carpet.

“So what do you want us to do?” Risa tapped her chin and thought.

“Hm...mommy has to make breakfast for Risa and Daddy!” I picked up various bits of toy foods and pretended to ‘cook’ them.

“Okay, some eggs for Risa and daddy.” I handed them each eggs on a plate.

“Daddy! Feed Risa!” Bert picked up a fork and began to feed her imaginary bits of food. “Yum! Mommy is a good cook.”

After we’ve all ‘eaten’ Risa directed us to the next part.

“Now daddy has to leave for work!”

“Okay…um…I’m going to work now.” Bert announced and hugged Risa goodbye.

“Wait, Daddy has to give mommy a good bye kiss!” The dark haired man’s blush darkened.

“Ah, Risa are you sure about that? Daddy’s going to be late for work.”  I said, trying to avoid the subject.

“B-but…Daddy has to…” She flashed her best puppy eyes. Bertholdt sighed in defeat.

“Alright, daddy will give mommy a kiss.” Now it was my turn to blink in surprise. Bert leaned in and pecked my cheek.

“Okay, Daddy’s off to work now.”

“Wait! Daddy has to kiss Mommy’s lips!” I panicked, thinking that he would actually do it.
“Not now Risa. Daddy’s going to be late for work. Maybe once I get back home.” He reasoned with her.

“Okay. Bye-bye, Daddy!” Bert walked over to the other side of the living room and pretended to work, which pretty much just meant playing on his phone. About a minute later, Risa announced that it was time for Daddy to come home.

“What? Already?” He asked. Risa nodded and pulled him over.

“Okay, now Daddy’s home! Go kiss mommy now!” She declared and pushed him closer to my sitting form. Bert clumsily stumbled over and tripped on my foot.

“Oh! Bert, are you okay?” I asked in concern. He looked like he hit the wall pretty hard.

“I’m fine..” He groaned. I gasped as he turned around with a fresh cut on his cheek.

“No you’re not! You’re bleeding!” Risa cried as I pulled him up to a sitting position.

“Risa, baby, don’t cry. Bert will be fine. Sissy is going to fix him up so go play with your dolls here until I come back okay?” I told her and wiped her tears away.

“Okay, sissy.” I took Bert’s hand in mine and led him towards the kitchen.
“Sit here while I grab the first aid kit.” He did as I told and I left for a while to grab the supplies.

“Be ready, it’s going to sting a little.” I warned and pressed the cotton ball wet with disinfectant on his cheek. He flinched but didn’t say anything. We were silent the entire time I treated his wound.

“I’m sorry about Risa. She just got a bit too excited, I guess.” I apologized as I threw away the band-aid scraps and the used cotton ball.

“It’s fine. I understand, it wasn’t too bad anyways.” He smiled and held my hand. “Thanks for, uh, fixing up my wound by the way.”

“It’s nothing.” He looked away as if he didn’t know what to say next.

“Um…I know I just met you but…um…” I could feel his hand begin to sweat and he nervously rubbed his neck. “Uh…you’re really cute and…Ah! I’m just no good at this kind of thing!”

“Hehe, relax. Tell me whatever you want, I won’t laugh.” He shyly peeked up at me.

“Promise?” I nodded with a smile. “Well, I was wondering if you want to go see a movie or something this Saturday.” He offered.

“Sure, why not? Sounds like fun.” He visibly relaxed after I accepted his invitation. I let out a small laugh and bent down to kiss him. He jumped back in surprise at first and nearly banged his head on the wall again but slowly began to grow comfortable at the contact. He placed his hands around my waist and pulled me closer to him.

“Ooh! Mommy and Daddy are finally kissing!” Risa cheered from the entrance to the kitchen. In a flash, Bert and I pulled away.

“Risa! Didn’t I tell you to stay in the living room?” She placed her hand over her mouth.

Later on the night, I drove Bertholdt home.

“Will I be seeing you again tomorrow?” He asked.

“Yup. Every Monday through Friday for the next five weeks.” He nodded and after sitting there contemplating for a long while, Bertholdt mustered all the confidence that he had and...Kissed my forehead.

“Hehe, good night Bert.”

“Good night, (Name).”
Long title is long...ugh...Why does Bertholdt's name have to be so long!?

So here's the Bert modern AU! that I promised~ (Btw, what do you call a person who works at a day care? I tried to Google it but I'm still not sure...) I suppose this can also count as an apology gift for the delay on My Boss' Secret:iconmoriglassesplz:

Risa was just a random name that popped in my head btw so...yeahXD I think I will be writing the Jean one next. Hope you guys enjoyed this~

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