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Jacket Illustration designs yeay~! :D

Because the main character cd jacket illustrations are now complete I decided to draw something about it :iconlachoirplz:
It can be a wallie too :D


PS: Sorry for the inactivity, I am really really busy nowadays, but, I'll be 'free' soon :XD:
I hope you don't mind. :iconlazycryplz:

Hetalia belongs to Himaruya-san~! :la:

ALFRED Y U NO CAPE?!? :icony-u-noplz:
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“Seven minutes where?

Alfred simply smiled expectantly, holding out a hand. The music was loud, but you had actually heard him correctly, and he knew this.

“Alfred, you must be drunk if you think I’m going into any sketchy closet with some stranger chosen by pure chance.”

“It’s not chance, it’s fate!” Alfred encouraged, ever the optimist. “You could meet the love of your life in that closet.”

You rolled your eyes, following him to the semi-circle of sofa strewn with empty cans and bottles and buzzed partygoers, and sat next to Antonio. “I’ll watch but I’m not participating.”

This remark was immediately met with groans and appeals of “Come on, it’ll be fun!”

“Try it once,” Alfred proposed, straddling a plastic chair in the center of attention, “and if you don’t like it, I’ll take ya home.”

“To my place,” you specified.

“Yes, to your place,” he chuckled, reaching for a pink, plastic bowl by Francis’s feet. He shook out the yellow, greasy crumbs onto the floor and offered it to you. “Okay, put somethin’ in there.”

Sighing, you slipped off the red-white-and-blue rave kandi Alfred had given you at the beginning of the night. As the bowl was passed around, it filled up with various trinkets until it came back to Al, who pocketed his keys and placed his Captain America lanyard into the mix. “You first, Artie.”

“Awh, why can’t I go first?” you groaned, eager to be done with this.

“’Ang on, don’ start withou’ me,” interrupted Arthur’s redheaded brother as he entered the room. He placed a lit fag in his mouth and reached around behind his head to unclasp a silver chain from which dangled a small crucifix. He placed it in the bowl and nudged Arthur’s leg, grunting forcefully and sprawling himself out lazily on the end of the sofa when his blond brother begrudged to budge over, nearly forced into Francis’s lap.

His iris blue shirt was unbuttoned all the way down to the fourth button, which struck you as a bit immodest and highly distracting. You watched his freckled cheeks hollow out as he took a long drag and removed the white stick with his index and middle finger. The area quickly filled with the musty, synthetic smell of cigarette smoke. “Carry on,” he prompted, legs spread casually and cigarette arm slung over the back of the sofa.

The game still started with Arthur, Alfred a bit too distracted by the Scotsman to re-assign the bowl. He withdrew from the bowl a little purple bow and received a death glare from Vash as he escorted the 14-year-old to the closet. You knew Arthur would just feel completely awkward, and then proceed to tell the girl all about his imaginary friends, and all the while Lily was dead drunk and fantasizing about all the things she would do to Arthur if she were only a bit bolder.

Francis was the next to draw, and Arthur looked about to be sick when the drunken Frenchman withdrew his ornate silver ring.

A warning of “Only seven minutes, Francis!” from Alfred followed the two into the closet, and he started the timer with a look of absolute glee.

From the sounds of it, Arthur spent the first five minutes frantically rejecting and avoiding the advances of the other man; but in the last two minutes there was a thud, a chuckle, and a “mmph!” and then silence. Well, silence until Arthur’s eager moans sparked some laughter from the group. Without warning, Alfred opened the door at the seven-minute mark to find Francis and a shirtless Arthur snogging desperately on the floor.

“Wh--! Close the bloody door! Francis, stop,” he added to the blond man nibbling on his neck.

“Sorry, Artie. Seven minutes are up.”

Every seven minutes seemed to take longer and longer, and all the moaning didn’t help. The more time went by, the more smoke clouded up the room, though once in awhile Arthur’s brother would actually take a little break from smoking. Francis could not keep his hands off of the poor blushing man, and you found yourself contemplating stealing Alfred’s keys to either drive yourself away or offer them some privacy.

What’s worse is that for a lot of the time, you found yourself gazing distractedly at the exposed bit of the redheaded stranger’s chest. What was his name again? Oh right it was A—those legs were spread so far apart, and those jeans were pretty tight in the first place. You soon grew jealous of the orange tip on his lips. When he laughed it sounded so…thick, and somehow dirty. Perhaps that last adjective could be attributed to the fact he was laughing at the thuds and moans coming from the closet. In any case, it made you squirm.

You weren’t aware of how focused you were until the sound of your name snapped you out of your stupor. “Huh, what?”

Alfred raised an eyebrow at you, holding out a stopwatch. “Distracted? Take the timer, Sam got me.”

“Oh. Yeah. Right.”

The two left for the closet and you started the timer as soon as the door shut. There were the awkward, muffled sounds of Alfred trying to start up a conversation. Sam snapped at him over and over, possibly sitting in the very corner of the closet at this point.

“Tsundere,” Kiku muttered, snuggling up to the large-breasted girl with whom he had been fortunate enough to end up in the closet.

Sam gave in a lot sooner than Arthur had with Francis, but you paid little mind, focused again on the smoking Adonis across the room. Yes, as cliché as it was, you were seriously comparing his flawlessness to that of a god.

As soon as he heard the timer, Sam busted out of the closet, red and flustered and matching up buttons with the wrong buttonholes with a grinning, giggling Alfred at his heels. “C’mon, Sam, just a little longer—“

“S-seven minutes is seven minutes! God…”

“All right, your turn!” Alfred laughed, picking up the bowl off his seat and offering it to you. There were only a few items left, and no one had picked you yet. Maybe you would pick yourself! Hopefully that was allowed…

You dipped your hand in, without looking, and touched a thin, firm thread with the tip of your finger. Not your bracelet. But when you reached around to find your trinket, Alfred scolded you.

“Hey, no. First thing you touch is yours!”

It suddenly occurred to you that the chain belonged to a cross necklace.

Your eyes widened and you drew it out, heart and stomach aflutter. “Uh…”

“Oh, no…” Arthur groaned. “I apologize in advance for Aly.”

“Dinnae ca' me Aly,” he grunted, standing. As he did, Arthur swiped something from his back pocket. The redhead reached back around with fire in his eyes and smacked his brother upside the head, snatching back the pack of cigarettes and shoving them into his back pocket.

“Aly. Alistair, yes, that’s it,” you said with a lightheaded nod. He stood with a lopsided smile and shoved his hands into his pockets, removing one once he reached the door to open it for you.

Your heart nearly punched you in the chest with the click of the doorhandle. The room was completely dark, save for the low glowing tip of Alistair’s cigarette. “Here, sorry ‘bout tha’.” The smoldering tip flew to the side and you heard him stub it out on the wall.

“H-hi, it’s nice to officially meet you,” you stumbled, hating yourself for being his nervous. “I’m—“

“Ah ken who y’are,” he said casually. The sound of his voice, his sexy, rough, Scottish brogue was the only sense in the room, and it made you whimper. He chuckled. “Bet nervous, are ye?”

You nodded, then realized he couldn’t see you. “Yes, a little…”

“Well we don’ have much time to waste, seven minutes isnae a lot.” Your head buzzed from the proposition and it took a good several seconds for your brain to catch up with the sensation of his warm, strong hand on your back after it grazed your side, leaving behind tingles. His lips touched your eyebrow, your cheek, and finally the corner of your lips and then he kissed you, fisting his other hand in your hair while the one at your back pressed you into him. Your knees buckled and you whined high in your throat. He was supporting all your weight now.

As he backed up against the wall (and you were stumbling to get back on your own wobbly legs), your eyes adjusted to the dark and you could see the long, black lashes tracing his closed eyes. You melted like butter against his body and hooked your arms behind his neck, fussing tentatively with the back of his hair.

“Mmh, don’ be afreed to pull, lassie. Ahmnae fragile.”

You took the invitation with vigorous desire, tugging his red hair back and plunging your tongue into his mouth. He played right along, bracing you tightly to his chest with both arms wrapped around your back, his tongue tasting of alcohol and stale cigarettes as it ravished your mouth. His hands scraped down your sides and he pulled your shirt up and over your head. You followed along, fidgeting messily with the buttons on his shirt. He chuckled and kissed your cheek, taking over while you satisfied yourself with kissing his neck, biting and sucking gently.

“Whatted ah say? ‘M no' fragile.” He pulled you swiftly to his bare chest again and you took a deep breath, sinking your teeth into the side of his neck. “Ach…yes, ah…ohhh yes…”

His moans spurred you on along with the steady rise and fall of his chest. You did your work on his neck and his fingers danced surely and patiently on your bare back. Your own hands ran down over his chest and his belly and when your fingers came into contact with the trail of hair below his navel you whimpered wickedly, sliding your lips up behind his ear. His breath caught and he pushed out a short exhale, fingers faltering on your waist…but only for a moment. With one hand clamped around your jaw he smashed his lips back over yours, his other hand pushing and kneading at one of your breasts. The hand around your jaw left to join its brother and you keened aloud, aware that you were both slipping to the floor with you on top of him.

You spanned your thighs out across his hips, biting your lip and then his. Alistair rolled his hips and growled; you nearly choked a moan but held it back instead, trying to keep from being the loudest couple to play.

From Alistair’s next actions, you could swear he had understood this goal and was now going to try to ruin it. Hands firmly grasping you behind the knees, he sat right up with no effort, tucked his legs and pushed you back and suddenly he was above you, groin pressed hard against yours while he bit and licked and kissed your lips and your neck and your chest. The straps of your bra slid down off your shoulders and your breasts were exposed to this man in the dark, and boy were you glad of it. You would never have known how to even wish for the pleasures his tongue and teeth stirred in you, all the while leaving you panting and keening.

“Mm, haha, ya like that, aye?” he nearly purred as his lips continued to raise goosebumps and his hands gripped you bruisingly in multiple locations. Once in awhile he would rock his hips forward, sending a shock of pleasure into you enough to make you gasp for the air that had abandoned both your lungs and your diaphragm.

“H-ah, Alistair…ohh…” you sighed, combing his hair back and pulling, kissing his lips hard and panting, tightening your thighs around him because it felt so good and you wanted more, right here, in this closet. You wanted him to take you. Your hands clutched him all over; his muscular shoulders; his shoulderblades; the slick contours of his back; his clothed, gloriously firm ass.

“Tell me…” Those words were all growl and no voice; all growl with accent. “What is et ya wan’ me t’ dae te ya?”

You couldn’t but moan in reply and he unbuttoned and unzipped your jeans, shoving a hand down the front and beginning to pet. You cried aloud.

“Tell me…what ya wan’…” His fingers moved quickly, unforgiving as they made you pant into hyperventilation. “Every dir’y thought ye’ve got on yer mind…an’ I’ll gie it to ya…”

The door shot open, light nearly blinding you. “Time’s--! Oh…”

You couldn’t tell whether the stares bothered you or not, and you didn’t have time to figure it out because Alistair had already pulled you to your feet and swept you away from the closet and semi-circle of stunned players. You clutched your bra to your chest, keeping your flushed face pointed down.

“Hah, ye’ve got a pure reddener,” your partner chuckled, one arm held tightly around your waist. He kissed your cheek, lips lingering, and nibbled at your cheekbone. “Ye wan’ a finish this upstairs?”

Your eyes practically begged him, which was a bad idea because the moment you took your eyes away from your path, you stumbled. He tightened his hold on you to keep you from falling and chuckled breathily, easily lifting you into his arms as he carried you bridal-style up a carpet staircase.
HAY HAY who wants a LEMON SEQUEL [link]
<edit> Omg so ~AnonymousLovely wrote this awesome sequel [link] and you should check it out. I legit love it so much. </edit>

This is my first time writing a Scottish accent, be nice to me :c
actually don't. Correct me please. I want it.

Yes, cliche, I know.
But I done damn gud. Don' even deny.

See, I couldn't for the life of me come up with a teacher persona for Scotland, and after many other ideas this one seemed like the most fun. I used to read really badly written seven-minutes-in-heaven fics on Quizilla and always wanted to do one myself, so...enjoy!
BTW this is the necklace in case you want to envision it [link] my grandparents got that for me when they went to Scotland a few years back 8D because 'pparently we have family out there. Well, I do. When I say grandparents, I mean my birthmom's parents. Anyway. I used to wear it like everyday and I started again recently because of Supernatural ^^; Feel like God's shaking his head at me like "Ohhh, Tia..."

ALSO, I will now take this moment to tell you why Scotland is fucking perfect:
- he's Scottish
- he's ginger
- which means fucking red hair
- and motherfucking freckles (well in my headcanon he has freckles, suck my dick)
- he smokes
- he's got piercings
- ear cuff
- he's Scottish
- he drinks
- green eyes *swoon*
- he's Scottish
- he's fucking Scottish what more do you need
- Scottish accents are the single sexiest thing on the damn planet.
All in all, God bless Pixiv. And Scotland. And Himaruya, for coming up with Hetalia in the first place.

In other news, I just got a whole bottle of Martinelli's all to my self :iconfuckyeahamericaplz:

So um yeah! Enjoy while I work on some more fiction.
*listens to The Proclaimers and watches David Tennant interviews hnnngh*
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"Wahhh!" the cries of a small country echos through the halls of the Edelstein Mansion. You push back some strands of (h/c) behind your ear and sigh before standing from your chair, placing your notebook on the table and walking out the door.

"Roderich stop hurting Feli!" you yell as you open the door and scoop up the small italian, examining him if he had any wounds. "(Name)! Leave him!" he yells turning red "And why should I...I care about Feli like he's my own child." you reply opening the door and walking towards the piano room which is connected to your room.

"Grazie mamma.." Italy says, holding onto your dress as you carry him. "It was no problem Feli..hello Holy Rome" you say spotting the young blond hiding behind the wall "A-ah hello Miss (Name)..Italy.." he shyly says.

"Ciao Holy Rome, we were on our way to the piano room, care to join us?" Italy exclaims beaming with a smile, you laugh seeing Holy Rome blush and quickly nod "Then we better get going." gaining a nod from both of them.

"Alright what do you two want me to play?" you ask closing the door "Mamma can you play that song, what's it called?" Italy asks and looks at Holy Rome with a pleading look. " It's called 'Safe and Sound'.." the blond answers facing a different direction "Ah yes that's the song I want you to play mamma!" he exclaims jumping up and down.

"Okay just get comfortable on the couch and I'll fix the curtains." you pat their heads and head towards the windows, opening them and dusting your white/black piano. "Okay ready boys?" looking towards them with a smile "Can you sing too, Miss (Name)?" Holy Rome ask keeping his distances from Italy.

"haha sure.." you giggled before placing your hands on the keys...

I remember tears streaming down your face
When I said, "I'll never let you go"
When all those shadows almost killed your light
I remember you said, "Don't leave me here alone"
But all that's dead and gone and passed tonight

Just close your eyes
The sun is going down
You'll be alright
No one can hurt you now
Come morning light
You and I'll be safe and sound

Don't you dare look out your window, darling,
Everything's on fire
The war outside our door keeps raging on
Hold on to this lullaby
Even when the music's gone

Just close your eyes
The sun is going down
You'll be alright
No one can hurt you now
Come morning light
You and I'll be safe and sound

Oooh, Oooh, Oooh, Oooh
Oooh, Oooh, Oooh, Oooh
La La (La La)
La La (La La)

Oooh, Oooh, Oooh, Oooh
Oooh, Oooh, Oooh, Oooh
La La (La La)
La La (La La)

Just close your eyes
You'll be alright
Come morning light,
You and I'll be safe and sound...

Oooh, oooh, oooh, oooh oh oh. [x7]

Your (e/c) eyes sparkled with joy as you see the two sleep peacefully, you carefully close the piano and join them, bringing them both close.

~*~ Sometime later in the day and Austria's POV ~*~

'Tsh that idiot..thinking I like (Name) or something!' I thought walking towards the piano room where she will always be. I stop midway and listening through the door hearing..(Name) singing!? 'She must be singing that song she wrote' I thought "Good thing Hungary isn't here.." I muttered and sigh upon hearing the song come to an end. I sigh once again and walk away "I'll come back in a few minutes.." I said to no one.

~*~ Few minutes later ~*~

"(Name?)" I slowly open the door and blush red, I never seen her sleeping. She looked beautiful as always, with her hair  out and her (s/t) shining in the sun. I slowly walk towards her, placing my coat covering the three of them and place a kiss on her forehead. "hmmm.." I froze...

~*~ Back to you ~*~

"Roderich.." you rub your eyes sleepily "O-oh um did you have a good nap?" you nod before looking down. "U-um (Na-" he froze when your lips connected to his cheek "Thank you for the coat, Roderich.." putting your head on his chest. He smiled "I'll always keep you safe and sound, my melody.." you hear him mutter "What was that?" you lift your head up. "Nothing just go back to sleep...I love you.." he kisses your lips before placing your head back onto his chest, you smile waiting for those words for years "I love you too.."
I don't know why I wrote this... anyway please comment and favorite! :iconcommentplz:

Song: Safe and Sound-by Taylor Swift [link]

Finally I know how to put a picture and not submit this on my journals! :iconfinallyplz:

Request List: [link]
Nordics x Mama Reader: [link]

Austria,Italy and Holy Rome belongs to: :iconhimaruyaplz:
You belong to: :iconsexyaustriaplz:

(EDIT) HOLYahbfdj :iconcannotevenplz: Over 100 views and 15 favorites already?! :iconbrohugplz:

(EDIT2)..:icontearsofjoyplz:200 views?!:iconletmehugyouplz:
(EDIT3) 5-500...:iconifaintplz:
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Romano walked through the halls of the World Summit Place. Or the UN Building. He’d much rather be at home, tending to his tomato garden, but no. He had to attend a month-long meeting, with Countries he disliked. Well, there was one Country he didn’t mind being here with. ‘(Country name)’ he thought walking back to the room he and his brother were sharing.

(Country name)’s room happened to be right across the hall, and Veninciano and him often heard her falling asleep to her favourite music at night. Romano soon reached his room. He was surprised that he didn’t hear the normally loud music through (Country name)’s door. ‘She must be out of the building right now.’ Romano thought to himself. ‘She only leaves her room for the meetings otherwise.’

“Russia!” He then heard her scream. “Put me down! Leave me alone!” She screamed at him. This caught Romano’s attention. He ran down the hall to find (Country name) slung over the Russian man’s shoulder. She looked very uncomfortable, she pounded on his back, but he didn’t seem to mind.

“Become one with Mother Russia, da?” He said childishly. (Country name) kept on pounding on his back. “Hey bastardo! Put her down!” Romano yelled, catching both Russia and (Country name)’s attention. “Why should I?” Russia asked. “Because she told you to! I don’t think she likes what you’re doing, asshole!” He responded.

Russia dropped (Country name) and walked over to him. “And what are you to do about it, da?” He asked. He was answered by a tomato to the face. Russia walked away, “Do not think that you’ll get away with that, comrade, I’ll get you back.” With that Russia was gone.

(Country name) stood up and brushed herself off. “See, this is one of the reasons why I never leave my room.” She said. “Thank you, Romano.” She then got an idea. (Name) grabbed him by the hand and ran to her room. She promptly shoved him in and went straight to her bookshelf, full of CDs. She picked out one. It was in Italian, so he could understand the lyrics, she could never get the translations. (Name) shoved the CD into his hand.

“A thank you.” She said with a smile on her face. Then she shoved him out of her room. Romano looked at the door, then the CD in his hand then back at the door. He shrugged it off and went across the hall to his room to listen to his new CD with his brother.

Long story short, I got bored and this is what happens when I get bored. The picture isn't mine.
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Prussia x Reader Don't Touch My Sketchbook!

"C'mon frau! Let zhe awesome me see!" Your albino friend begged.

"I said no Gilbert!" you snapped. You, like many other people, are VERY protective over your sketchbook.

"Vhat are you hiding in zhere?!" he tried to grab the book from your lap from where you sat on the couch. But much to his dismay, you moved and he face planted over the piece of furniture. "Jeez frau! So harsh!" he said in mock hurt. You merely rolled your (e/c) eyes and walked into the kitchen.

Ever since you two met in the third grade, you always carried around a sketchbook. And always, you would never let him see. He would bribe you, flirt with you, he even made the rest of the BTT plan an elaborate heist to even steal a glance at one of those ivory pages.

Once Gilbert collected himself, he followed you into the kitchen. You were sitting on the marble counter. Your (h/l) (h/c) hair framing your face perfectly as the light for a nearby window shone against your skin.

Gilbert has had a crush on you for quite some time now. About 10 years to be exact. But he never knew if you felt the same. He was worried that he would be doomed to the friend-zone forever!

You lifted your intense gaze from your drawing to the Prussian standing in front of you. He was pouting like a 4 year old who just got his toy taken away. You smiled at him and closed your sketch book. You never let Gilbert see your sketch book for reasons. The sketchbook was where you would draw and express yourself. And sometimes, when you expressed yourself, Gilbert was involved. You really liked the cocky albino. Even if you did want to throw a brick at him sometimes. He was always there for you and you loved him for that.

"Can you at least tell me what you are drawing?" Gilbert asked coming closer to you, a devious smile mushrooming across his features. Your heart beat a little faster. You knew that look. And when you saw it, it was a signal to GTFO! But, being the tease that you were, you decided to goof around.

"Hmm, nope! I don't think you are awesome enough to see it." you were actually drawing a picture of you, him and his little pet bird Gilbird.

The smirk on Gilberts face grew as he practically pounced on you. Luckily, you moved out f the way in time to dodge his feeble attack. You tsked at him and grinned.

"Catch me if you can!" you sing songed running out of the kitchen.

Gilbert was fast to retaliate and jumped up after you. You two ran into the large living room. You chucked pillows from the sofa at him, which he dodged with ease. Except for the last one, which got him in the face.

You raced up the stairs and rested for a minute at the top of the stairs. You clutched onto your sketchbook tightly as you laughed. This was too much fun!

Gilbert soon made it to the stairs and raced up catching you off guard. You stood quickly and started running, but the Prussian grabbed your ankle and pulled you down to him. You yelped as you landed in his arms.

"Let me see frau!" he whined. No way you were giving in this easy!

"Gilbird! Attack!" you shouted to Gilberts little bridy friend. With a loud 'Piyo~!' Gilbird swooped down and fluttered in front of Gilberts face.

"Gah! Gilbird you traitor!" he cried as you escaped his grasp. Once Gilbert recovered, you was after you again.

You were in a dead run down the hallway as the Prussian tackled you, grabbed the book and started running.

"Nooooo!" you cried as you bolted after him, hitting him in a side tackle. You two rolled around on the carpeted floor of the hallway until Gilbert decide to stop fooling around. He pinned both your arms above your head with one of his and grabbed the sketchbook. "No! Gil!" you squirmed under him. He rested the sketchbook on your chest and begun to flip through it. The shades of red that covered your face put Antonio's tomato's to shame.

Gilbert casually flipped through the book. His eyes widened at your artistic talent. He never knew how good you were. All of the colors you used exploded on the page and blended well. They were breath taking. As he flipped, he saw a picture of you and him and Gilbird. You two were hugging and laughing. Gilbert smiled.

You sighed in defeat as he closed the book. But that wasn't the only thing he closed. His lips crashed onto yours. You froze for a few seconds but soon melted into the kiss. His hands wound around you in a tight embrace and your arms traveled around his neck.

You two finally broke apart due to the lack of air. He rested his forehead against yours and smiled.
"Ich liebe dich my little artist."

You chuckled softly and brought him back down for another kiss "I love you too Gilbert."

This is just to kind of tide people over until I get the series up. Yea, I hate when people look in my sketchbook! Not fun!
thank for reading!
Prussia does not belong to me
the story belongs to me though
and you belong to :iconsexyprussia2plz:

Leave a comment to tell me how I did :D

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read later
Collection by
You nodded into his chest. Everything was going to be alright.


When you awoke, it was in Germany’s arms. Under any other circumstances it would have brought a smile, and probably a blush, to your face, but you were waking for a different reason. You tore out of his arms with surprising force and made your way to the adjoining bathroom as quickly as you could manage. You tried as hard as you could to retch quietly, and when you saw the blood blooming in the water you thought you ought to wake him. Weakly you made your way to the doorway when you heard a knock on the door downstairs. Germany was still sound asleep. Taking care of you must have really tired him. Something possessed you to get to it and found your boss, drunk off his ass.

“Hey,” he slurred, “you weren’t at your home.”

You stared at him in disbelief. You knew what was behind this cloud of alcohol. Before you stood a cold and calculating man, concerned only with power and wealth. “Sir,” you said quietly, “I’m sick. Germany is going to help me.”

“We-” he hiccuped in his statement, “-don’t need his help. You know what I say? If you can’t pull yourself out of a sickness on your own, then it’s simply natural selection telling you, you deserve to die.” There was that skewed logic that always put a lump in your throat.

A voice rang out behind you, “You have no business here.”

You almost turned to see Germany, but didn’t trust your feet to keep you upright, so just clung to the doorframe instead. Your boss looked up, “Ah! Germany! Is your boss around?”

“You can speck directly to me. I am in control now. And I have annexed _____. Your services are no longer needed.” Germany said in his in the most menacing tone you had ever heard.

The corrupt official looked at you, “Why would you want her? She looks like shit. You know what? I don’t give a fuck. Keep her. Not worth my trouble anymore...” he muttered, stumbling off into the the snow.

And then your spirit was broken. Your boss was a brilliant man, however misguided his logic might have made him. Tears started to flow from your eyes, and you knew you wouldn’t be but a hindrance to the axis now. Germany led you to a couch, shutting the door. But you were chilled to the bone after your little conversation with your boss.

He looked at you, and saw the tears as you curled up in a fetal position on the couch. “Are you in pain?”

You nodded, closing your eyes. “He might have been corrupt, but he got things done. He was the best boss I’d ever had. It’s taking it’s toll.” You had lost the will to fight, and gave into the blackness.


Germany could practically see the will to live leeching out of you. When you stopped shivering so much he became worried. He took your freezing hand in his own, feeling it limp and-and lifeless.

Fear overtook him, and he couldn’t control his words. “_____! Don’t you dare give up on me! Come on, he doesn’t know a thing! Look vhat happened to you, to your people, under his care! You need to hold on!” What was this feeling? Sure, there was fear, but there was something causing such horror in his heart.

His eyes widened as realization hit him like like a ton of bricks. “Listen to me, _____! I-Ich liebe dich!” Germany called out to you, crashing his lips upon your own. Your hand still in his, he could feel your pulse stop. Standing up, tears stinging in his eyes, fury in his heart, he roared, “Verdammt!” He hit a wall with his clenched fist, near knocking it down and shaking the house. Why? Why did you have to die when he finally understood? It wasn’t fair! It wasn’t fair at all!

Then he heard a little cough. Germany rushed to your side, “_____.” Tears still stained your cheeks, but you sat up a little opening your eyes.

“Germany,” you said, something gleaming in your (e/c) eyes that he couldn’t place, “I love you too.” That was it. There was love in your eyes. Love, and determination shone in those bright (e/c) orbs. He took you up in his arms, as if he could shelter you from the world with his mere body.

Germany whispered, his breath tickling your ear, “Don’t scare me like that, liebe.”

You simply nodded, letting the strong arms encase you. He held your small frame like your were made of glass, waiting for the image to shatter in his grasp at any moment.


The next day he immediately started to help your country. He sent in a bunch of German soldiers and officials to help sort out the corruption in your government, and the flock of people had stimulated businesses everywhere. You were feeling so much better, and your sickness had receded to a bad cough. Of course you were still weak, and would be for quite some time. But Germany was using every resource he had available to help you. It was really doing wonders.

You were back upright, walking around and smiling. Germany didn’t know why it took something so drastic to prove to himself that he loved you, but he was just happy you were alright. But he was overworking himself. He stayed up late one night, hunched over his desk in the dim lamplight.

Every so often, you would pass by and chastise him lightly. You knew he was just trying to help, but didn’t want him to overwork himself. Early on you told him, “Why don’t you let some real light in here? You’ll hurt your eyes.” When he barely responded you took the liberty of going over to a window and opening the shades.

You came back later shutting the curtains and looking at the soft glow of the lamp. “You should stop.” you told him lightly, and he only grunted. “At least straighten up, you’ll get a crick in your back.” Germany took a moment and adjusted his posture, seeing himself as slipping, but when you came back in he had reverted to his previous state.

“Have you eaten anything?” you asked. He was still working furiously.

He just shook his head, “Not hungry.” You frowned, but left him alone. For a bit. You considered bringing in a better lamp, but decided against it. Still, you hated seeing him working when you couldn’t do a thing.

In fact, as the hours passed, it started to piss you off. Germany shouldn’t be working this hard, it wasn’t fair. He didn’t need to; he chose to. And you were sick of it. Padding around in some pajamas you leaned against the doorframe. “You should sleep, it’s getting late.”

“Not tired.” he said, brushing you off once more.

You decided to see what was in the kitchen. After finding some fresh bread that some mysterious baker had left, and spreading it with some smushed liver wurst you went back into the room. Holding the plate in the doorway you asked him, “What is it exactly you’ve been working on all day?”

“I’m trying to find the fastest vay to get you back to normal.” he said.

You took slow steps forward, “That’s kind of stupid.”

“Vhat?" he asked, barely paying attention.

Making your way over to him you said, “You’re wasting time you could spend getting yourself in a fit state to do things the old fashion way, on trying find ways to be faster. This will take time, I know that, and you’ll just get sick yourself.” You slammed the book he was reading shut, which immediately sent a cold icy blue stare your way, but you just presented him with the open faced sandwich, “I’m flattered, but I’m not the only one you have to look after. Italy always needs your help, and you can’t in this condition. So eat, and then sleep.” Germany looked like he wanted to refute you, but also like he would drool at the sight of the food. You left it atop his book and wandered back to the kitchen. Grabbing a cold beer out of the fridge you reentered, and passed it to him as he ate hungrily.

He practically chugged the thing, and the slight alteration of judgement allowed you to get him upstairs and into the bed. You turned to go clean some things up, knowing what a neat freak he could be, but he caught your arm. “Vhere do you zhink you’re going, liebe?”

“To clean?” you said, surprised at his touch.

He shook his head, pulling you back into his arms, “I’m not letting you out of my sight anymore.” You simply submitted and started to slip off to sleep in his grasp. He kissed the top of your head whispering, “You know I just vant to help you, but danke, schatz.”

You looked up at him, a grin across your features, “No problem, and thank you.” You emphasized this by tapping him lightly on the nose, his expression making you giggle. Attempting to use his language you said, “Ich-ich liebe dich.”

Your broken German lit up his face and he kissed you lightly, “Ich liebe dich auch.”
Finally, right? Uh, I feel bad; this was sitting open on my laptop forever unattended.... But it's here now, with considerably less drama than my first attempt. I had forgotten about one conflict, and added another. So it was weird, and I fixed it. I think. I'm rambling. But hey, you probably don't read this thing anyway. If you do read this thing, and have found a grammar/spelling mistake, please point it out before I notice it and die of grammar nazi aggravation. Which is a thing. In my mind. :iconflailingplz: So out of it. I actually did my homework today, on time, with effort, and no prompting. I think I'm ill. But yeah. Here's to hoping that same resolution applies to my requests...

Part 1: link

The last time I wrote 'here's to hoping that' I was writing on a friends birthday card 'Here's to hoping that the magic isn't gone.' Don't quite know why I'm writing this here... But I think the magic left anyway.


Hetalia and all its characters belong to Himaruya Hidekaz

You belong to Mother Russia, da? No, right now you all belong to 2p!England, because Oliver deserves some fun. :icon2penglandjoyplz:
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Chapter 2: Secret Revealed

~~~~(Name)'s POV~~~~

'Why does god hate me? Why? Of all people I could have bumped into it HAD to be the BTT! Well this is fantastic...' (Name) thought in her head, dreading every second. 

"Are you okay chica~?"

"I'm fine and goodbye." 

Francis conveniently got out of his daze and said "Oh look it iz the girl with ze nice ass. Wanna go out?"

(Name)'s eye twitched violently

'People are REALLY pushing it today aren't they?'



"Obviously, you are going to accept my offer."

"How about a no?"


'Great Francis' fangirls are here. Yay, what a GREAT day.' (Name) thought sarcastically. 

"How could you not go out with after he asked YOU which I don't understand. But you could have, no, you SHOULD have said yes since he asked a loser like you!"

"Who says I should?!" 

"We do!"

"Just because you people are freaking stalking this guy doesn't mean that I have to!"

"Well, he is out your league anyway...I mean look at you. He's popular you're just a loser who can never amount to anything, so why don't you just leave?"

"First of all, I don't take orders from a slut...and second of all..."

(Name) punched that girl right in the face for real this time. 

"I don't care what you people say about me." Okay, part of that was a lie.

Then she ran down the hall AWAY from those maniacs.

~~~~Prussia POV~~~~

'I vonder vhat her name is...But DAMN that girl can punch! I think she broke that girl's nose. She will be on my radar from now on.'


Me and the rest of the BTT were sitting at our usual table with the rest of the popular crowd. I got up to go to the bathroom.
"Hey Gilbert~! Where are you going~?" Damn it's Dolly.

"To the bathroom."

"Maybe I can...come with you?" she said seductively. Tempting but...

"No thanks."

I walked past the auditorium and heard someone singing...

~~~~(Name)'s POV~~~~

"I wouldn't wanna be anybody else
You made me insecure,
Told me I wasn't good enough.
But who are you to judge
When you're a diamond in the rough?
I'm sure you got some things
You'd like to change about yourself.
But when it comes to me
I wouldn't want to be anybody else.

Na na na na na na na na na na na na na
Na na na na na na na na na na na na na

I'm no beauty queen
I'm just beautiful me

Na na na na na na na na na na na na na
Na na na na na na na na na na na na na

You've got every right
To a beautiful life

Who says, who says you're not perfect?
Who says you're not worth it?
Who says you're the only one that's hurtin'?
Trust me, that's the price of beauty
Who says you're not pretty?
Who says you're not beautiful?
Who says?

It's such a funny thing
How nothing's funny when it's you
You tell 'em what you mean
But they keep whiting out the truth
It's like a work of art
That never gets to see the light
Keep you beneath the stars
Won't let you touch the sky

Na na na na na na na na na na na na na
Na na na na na na na na na na na na na

I'm no beauty queen
I'm just beautiful me

Na na na na na na na na na na na na na
Na na na na na na na na na na na na na

You've got every right
To a beautiful life

Who says, who says you're not perfect?
Who says you're not worth it?
Who says you're the only one that's hurtin'?
Trust me, that's the price of beauty
Who says you're not pretty?
Who says you're not beautiful?
Who says?

Who says you're not star potential?
Who says you're not presidential?
Who says you can't be in movies?
Listen to me, listen to me
Who says you don't pass the test?
Who says you can't be the best?
Who said, who said?
Won't you tell me who said that?
Yeah, who said?

Who says, who says you're not perfect? 
Who says you're not worth it? 
Who says you're the only one that's hurtin'? 
Trust me, that's the price of beauty 
Who says you're not pretty?
Who says you're not beautiful? 
Who says?

Who says, Who says, you're not perfect?
Who says you're not worth it?
Who says you're the only one that's hurtin'?

Who says, who says you're not perfect?
Who says you're not worth it?
Who says you're the only one that's hurtin'?
Trust me, that's the price of beauty
Who says you're not pretty?
Who says you're not beautiful?
Who says?

Who says you're not perfect?
Who says you're not worth it?
Who says you're the only one that's hurtin'?
Trust me, that's the price of beauty
Who says you're not pretty? 
Who says?"

I always sang that song to make me feel better but no one knew that I could sing. And I MEAN no one. It was always a secret until...I heard clapping behind me...

Ohhhh it's a cliffy! I WILL leave you guys hanging until the next one! But it won't be who you expect it to be...MUHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH!
Chapter 1: [link]
Chapter 2: In the auditorium
Chapter 3: [link]
Chapter 4:[link]
Chapter 5:[link]
Chapter 6:[link]
Chapter 7:[link]
Chapter 8:[link]
Chapter 9:[link]
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You jumped, Matthew's voice startling you from the scatter of thoughts occupying your mind. Your reaction caused the Canadian to flinch a bit in surprise, yelping out a small 'Maple!'.

"Sorry Mattie." You apologized with a self-conscious smile. "I got distracted for a sec."

Your friend hugged his bear closer to him and gave you a sheepish smile. "It's okay, ________., what was your answer for question 6?"

You and Matthew had been doing weekly study sessions for almost a month now. You had horrible grades in History, but scored excellently in Math. Vice versa, Matthew couldn't do math well, but scored very well in History. So you decided to help each other out once a week to hang out and to keep your grades from plunging. Yet recently, there had been some complications...

You looked down at your paper. Not one pen mark save for your name had touched the paper. The words of the questions swam before your eyes, jumbling together to make incoherible sentences. 

A hand hesitantly touched your shoulder. "_______..." Matthew asked, his slightly purple eyes full of concern. "Are you alright?"

No, I'm not alright.

You nodded, putting on a cheerful smile. "Yeah Mattie, I'm okay. It's probably just a cold or something."

The Blonde looked less than convinced, yet he gave a tiny sigh "O-okay, if you say so." he turned to look back at his paper. You let out a silent sigh of relief. The last thing you needed to worry about was Matthew getting worried about you. He didn't need to know what was really going on.

About an hour later, you had both finished your homework, and began packing your bookbags. 

"It's dark outside..." You muttered glancing out the window.

"D-do you want me to walk you home?" Matthew asked, a slight blush coloring his cheeks.


You flinched on instinct, the word itself making you want to scream. Home, where sadness and anger descended on you like a wild beast, the place you constantly tried to escape.

I don't want to go home.

"No..." You whispered with dread.

Matthew was waving his hands. "S-sorry! I just wanted to be polite, there might be...oh, I don't know..."

In his moment of panic, you managed to compose yourself, racking your brain desperately for a way out this. "It's okay" You told him with a smile. "I just remembered my parents aren't home tonight, and I forgot the key to the house." You rubbed your head sheepishly. "I'm locked out, I guess."

Matthew looked at you with surprise for a moment, this taking time to register in his brain.

"Oh! Well Alfred is out tonight, he's with friends you see. I could take his bedroom." He looked down at his shoes, trying to hide his scarlet cheeks.

You threw your arms around the Canadian, sending his glasses askew. "Thanks so much Mattie!" You cried, hugging him.

"Maple~!" Matthew yelped. 

You released him. "Sorry, didn't mean to startle you."

Matthew fixed his glasses. "It's okay, um, why don't you take a shower, and I'll make some dinner."

You nodded eagerly. "What's for dinner?"

The Canadian grinned. "Pancakes."

~                                                                              ~

Steam filled the bathroom, fogging the mirror and making the air opaque with water vapor. You stood with a towel wrapped around your mid-section, drying your hair. As you finished you wiped away to fog in the mirror to reveal your reflection.

And the scars.

Thin, healed over abrasions dotted your shoulders and arms, more trailing down the sides of your legs and your calves, a few just freshly healed over.

You absent-mindedly scratched at a few on your shoulder, distracted again by thoughts of home and depression.

A knock on the door startled you from your musings.

"_______, I thought you'd might like some night-clothes, so I brought you a T-shirt. It might be a little big, but it should work. Oh! There's a pair of sweatpants too."

You made to open the door and grab the clothes from Matthew, but stopped, remembering your bare arms.

"Uh, Thanks Mattie! You can just leave them there, I-I'll be out in a sec!"

'Oh, okay." The Canadian replied. You waited until his footsteps faded down the hall before daring to grab the clothes left outside the door. 

You looked down at the clothes, the T-shirt printed with a large red maple leaf on the front.

"I'm sorry Matthew." You muttered, holding the clothes close to your face. "I'm sorry I can't tell you the truth."

~                                               ~

"_______, pancakes are ready!" Matthew called, turning to see you at the doorway to the kitchen. "Oh good, you're already here."

You didn't move. Only your face and your hands peeped from the corner of the doorway.


You stepped into the doorway,wearing the sweatpants that covered your calves, and the T-shirt that did not hide your arms. You held your hands behind your back. Your hair hid your face as you looked down at your feet.

Matthew set down the platter of pancakes and walked over to you. "Is something wrong?" he asked in almost a whisper.

You shook your head, but also stepped backwards as he reached out a hand to touch you. "Don't." You whispered. 

Yet the warm, gentle hands were there again, hesitantly, but firmly coaxing your arms forward, revealing the scars of memories long past.

The room was absolutely still. Matthew didn't move, and you remained completely still, awaiting the torrent and flood of questions that would inevitably come.

But it didn't.

Instead, Matthew gripping your hands firmly in his. "_______." he said sternly.

You looked up, eyes threatening to spill over with tears. All the shy bashfulness had vanished from Matthew's face, to be replaced by a look of concealed anger.

"Who did this?"

It started out as a sniffle, and then a choked sob. Soon you were trapped in Matthew's warm and comforting arms, crying and hiccupping into his chest. Matthew hugged you close and murmured soothing words in french, not bothering to try and get you to explain.

He led you over to the sofa and sat you down while you cried almost uncontrollably into your hands. Matthew held you and stroked your hair, wiping away the tears that continued to stream down your face.

"It was me." You finally choked out.

Matthew was still beside you, not a muscle moved. You swallowed your sobs and clenched your hands, half-expecting Matthew to stand up and leave you there without another word.

But, to your surprise, you found your face tilted upwards to meet a pair of lips that tasted faintly of Maple syrup. Your eyes widened in surprise, but hesitantly, you kissed him back.

After a few moment, Matthew pulled back, his hands coming to rest on either side of your face.

"_______." He whispered, thumb brushing away a tear. "I love you."

You blinked with confusion. Matthew? Sweet, innocent, shy Matthew, loved you?

Before you could respond, Matthew wrapped his arms around you again, comforting warmth and assurance embracing you. "I'm not sure what made you unhappy. I'm not sure what dark place you've been to, but I do know that I wont let you go back. OK?"

You stared over his shoulder with wide, unsure eyes. Yet at that moment, a tiny little prickle of warmth began to bloom inside your chest. Slowly, your hands reached out and clutched the fabric of Matthew's hoodie, and you buried your face into his chest. "Yes." You muttered.



"I love you too."

Dermotillomania: The act of self mutilation through picking or scratching one's skin. Usually caused by OCD or depression/Stress/Anxiety

Hetalia belongs to :iconhimaruyaplz:
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Popular!AmericaxNerd!Reader The Growing-Up Project Part 1

Kids laughing down the hallways, running, gossiping about people, this is a normal day for you in high school. Being the one that no one even bothers to look at, you still got bullied."Hey look there goes the nerd!" a person screamed. 'Ignore them' you thought. "Were you going nerd?" another one said. He pushes you to the ground and all you books fell. You groan and everyone started to laugh. Picking the books up, you said " At least I'm not crying when you mom get mad at you for failing classes." "What did you said?" he asked in a mad tone. You didn't replied back and just ran for it. You always hated the popular people. How they acted, the way they dressed, and how they spoke about the non-popular people. But there is one person you hated more than ever.
His name is Alfred F. Jones a.k.a the ladies man.
Alfred almost dated half of the girls in the school and he broke all of the girl's heart in the school too. Every time you walk to your next class, you heard girls talking about him. 'Why does every girl still like him after he breaks up with them?' you always thought. You stopped running and made your way to your locker. "Phew! Let see what class I have next…" you mutter to yourself, scanning your period's list. "Science is next" You got your science book and made your way to class. You liked science class, not only because it was your best subject you in, it was the only class you don't have to work with someone. But you didn't like the much because you had Alfred in that class.
The school bell rang and everyone rushed to their seats. "Settle down, class! Your teacher exclaimed. "I have important announcement to say to you guys! But first let us change our seating chart." Everyone started to groan, including you. There are two seats for one large table that means you have to have a partner. Since this class had 17 students, there is one that had to work alone, which was you. "Okay, everyone get up and go to the both side of the rooms. "The teacher said. Everyone went to the sides "I want to go first! Because I'm the hero!" Alfred exclaimed happily. Some kids started laugh. "Okay then Alfred. Your partner will be..." the teacher replied. 'Please not me, please not me' you thought. "_____ _____"
"What?!" you exclaimed. Everyone looked at you. "______, Alfred will be your new partner. Now you two will go to that table in the back." the teacher explains. 'Noo! From all the people in here, why do I have to be with him?' you made your way to the table, sadly and sat down; Alfred merrily followed. "I don't think we met but I'm Alfred Jones." he said cheerfully. "______ ______..." you mumbled. "What a nice name, hope we worked..." Alfred blabbered on. You stop hearing what he was saying and looked at the people being partner up. Soon everyone got partner up and the teacher started to speak again. "Now to the important news! We going to have special project to do!" everyone groan again. "Come on guys it going to be fun! I call it The Growing-Up Project! And that why I changed the seat charts, you guys are going to be parents!" You look at Alfred, he looked excited. He put his arm around your shoulder and said "So ____ is like my pretend wife?" 'What? Alfred is my pretend husband?!' you thought. "In a way, yes." the teacher replied. Everyone started to talk between each other, some complain and some started to get excited. "Settle down! Let me explain more about the project. You guys got to take care of this baby doll." the teacher said. He got boxes out from under the desk and opens it. He took out a baby doll. "You can have a boy or a girl, name them whatever you want. To pass this project, you got to bring the baby back how it is now. If you bring how it is, you are worthy parent. Also I forgot to metion, the baby have cameras in it. The video that records in it will be also for a grade. Now come everyone, get your baby." the teacher said. You sighed. "I want a baby boy!" Alfred exclaimed and went to the front, everyone else followed. 'For the first time, I don't want to this project' you thought. "Look ______! He our son." Alfred said to you. Every girl in the class glared at you.
"Great" you mumble. "Everyone has a doll? Great! You in your partner will take turn taking of the doll. Exchange emails, phone number and address, to keep in touch. The project will be due next month." the teacher inquired. The bell rang and everyone left the room. "Here _____, it my phone number, adress, and email" Alfred said and gave you a paper. "Ooh thanks" you replied. "So who is going to take care of the baby first?" "Me! Because I'm the hero" Alfred exclaimed. "No, me. I'm the mother." you relied and got the doll. You and Alfred were the last one to get out of the class. "Aww man." he said pouting. You laughed and you looked at the doll. Without noticing Alfred put his hand around your waist and said "But who knew my wife will be the cutest girl in school." you stop walking and you felt your cheeks was getting hotter. Alfred smirks and got the doll out from you arms and ran with it. "You coming with daddy, today!" he exclaimed and threw the baby up in the air, caught it when it came down. you felt your heart skip a little.' what is this feeling?' you thought. From far away you saw Alfred throwing the baby up in the air. Popping from your thought, you remember what the teacher said "To passed this project, you got to bring the baby back how it is now." you looked at Alfred throwing the doll in the air. "Alfred! Stop doing that!" you exclaimed and ran after him. This is the beginning of the Growing-Up Project...
:iconfinallyplz: It done! This idea came out when i was doing my friends request. X3 "His name is Alfred F. Jones a.k.a the ladies man." I just love that part! x3 Grammar is still bad,will try to improve~ =3
Comment and enjoy~
Picture from above is not mine. It from here -->[link]
Hetalia (c) Hidekaz Himaruya
You (c) You
Part 1: -You are here-
Part 2: [link]
Part 3: [link]
Part 4: [link]
Want to read other Countryxreader?
Go here~ --> [link]
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Collection by

     You watched him like a hawk out of the corner of your eye. Every move he made captivated you in their own little odd ways. You loved the way he walked. Head up, shoulders back, spine straight, tough and proud. He always walked with the same pace, like a soldier. It was like he had been doing it his whole life. His movements were swift and fluid. One after the other, like a well oiled machine. He opened the locker. He took the books out, one by one, and put them in his bag. His arm moved in the exact same way every time. He shut the locker. A single strand of his beautiful slicked back blond hair fell out of place. He raised his hand and tucked it gently back into place. And then, for a fleeting moment, his gorgeous, piercing blue eyes locked with your (e/c) ones. You looked away.


     He was amazing in every sense of the word. You loved every single thing about him, but at the same time, you were terrified of him. He was so intimidating, and you were so invisible. He was so big, and you were so small. He was so strong, and you were so weak. He was so brave, and you were so shy. He was Ludwig Beilschmidt, and you were just another girl. He would be a great leader someday, and you would never amount to anything. How could someone like him ever notice someone like you?


     You opened your own locker and started putting your books into your bag. You closed your locker, turned around, and began zipping your bag up. As you did so, you suddenly collided with something, or rather, someone, and fell to the ground. When you looked up to see who you had crashed into, you gasped in shock when you realized that it was him. He was looking down at you, and his usual stone-faced expression was replaced with a slight look of worry.


     "I-I-I'm s-sorry... I didn't mean to...  I should've watched where I was going," you stuttered nervously, refusing to meet his eyes.


     "No, no, it vas my fault. I'm sorry," he dismissed quickly, extending a hand to you. At first, you flinched, but then, timidly, you took his hand, and he hoisted you to your feet with no trouble at all. "Are you alright?" he asked.


     "Y-yeah, I'm fine. Thank you," you stated hurriedly. Without another word, you took off like a shot and ran home.




     Ludwig watched as the beautiful (h/c) haired girl ran away from him. Again. Maybe it was just a coincidence, or just his imagination, but it seemed like whenever he got close enough to speak to her, she'd walk the other way. Today had been the closest he'd ever been to an actual conversation with her. It may have even been the first time he'd ever spoken to her at all. He didn't even know her name.


     He sighed, knowing he'd just blown his chance again. For the better part of the school year, he'd been trying to get a chance to talk to her. She was new. This had been her first year at this school, and for some reason, he was curious about her. Maybe it was the way she looked. Her (h/l), (wavy/straight/curly), (h/c) hair and her (e/c) eyes were unlike anything he'd ever seen. She was beautiful. Or maybe it was because she reminded him of himself. She always looked so alone, and she almost never smiled. She was so quiet, and she never talked to the other students if she could help it. He'd known that feeling, once. It was a shame that she had to feel it, too.


     Whatever the reason, he liked her. He was curious about her. He wanted to get to know her. He wanted to talk to her, and let her know that she didn't have to be alone. Unfortunately, as mentioned before, every time he approached her, she'd walk away. It was almost as if she were avoiding him; as if she were afraid of him. He hated that feeling. But how could he tell her that she shouldn't be afraid if he couldn't even talk to her?


     As the girl ran away, a notebook fell out of her slightly unzipped backpack. It landed and fell open on the tiled school floor. He ran to it and picked it up, not bothering to close it. He ran after the girl in an attempt to return the lost item to her. “Hey, vait a second! You dropped your…” He turned the corner and she was gone without a trace. “… Notebook…”


     Sighing, he held the notebook up and examined it. The page it had fallen open on was riddled with doodles and sketches of different types of flowers, and there was a lot of writing on it. Intrigued and unable to help himself, Ludwig began to read what had been written in the notebook.


     Date: (Yesterday’s date)

     Time: 6:56 PM


     Another day has passed and I still haven’t gotten any closer to fitting in at my new school. I’m beginning to wonder if I’ll EVER really fit in, or if I’ll just be an outcast all my life. It was bad enough at my old school, but at least I had friends there. I’ve tried contacting my old friends at least a million times already, but they never respond. They’ve probably forgotten all about me by now, just like everyone else.


     Mom keeps telling me that I need to suck it up and come out of my shell more often. She says it’s not healthy for me to be hunched up in my room all by myself all the time. She says I’m gonna turn into a hermit one of these days. She doesn’t understand how hard it is for me to come out of my shell, though. After the way all the kids used to tease me in my old school… What if they start teasing me here, too?


     Ludwig slammed the book shut and he began to feel extremely guilty as he realized what it was. This was her diary. He’d just invaded so much of her personal space. True, he hadn’t meant to, but still. That book was a private thing. She probably didn’t want anyone snooping around in it, especially not him. But it wasn’t just because he’d read through her personal business that he felt bad. There was something else that made him feel ten times worse.


     She really was afraid of him. Of everyone, really. She was so lonely because she was afraid that if she opened herself up, she’d get rejected. She thought they’d tease her and make fun of her. She thought she was an outcast. She thought that she was doomed to be lonely forever. She thought that no one understood her. But he did. He understood her. He’d felt just like that, once. If only I could tell her that I understand… he thought, but he was so much bigger than she was. He knew that he must be intimidating from her point of view. How could he get her to trust him?


     By not reading her diary, for starters, he thought, taking one last look at the cover of the (fav/color) notebook before tucking it under his arm and walking towards the exit of the school. The notebook had a name on it. (First name) (Last name). “Hm…” Ludwig said aloud. A beautiful name for a beautiful girl. Now that I know what it is, I can get her attention. I’ll give this back to her tomorrow, he thought.


     The walk home was not particularly exciting. Fortunately, it wasn’t very long, either. It would’ve been faster to take the bus, but Ludwig hated the bus. It was so loud and disgusting in there, and to him, taking the bus home was the lazy way out. Besides, he would rather take a walk anyways. He enjoyed the fresh air, and walking/running helped him get stronger. It was a win-win, and taking the bus was a lose-lose.


     When he reached his house, he took his keys out of his pocket and unlocked the door. He pushed it open, walked inside, and then closed it. He walked to the living room, which was connected to the kitchen, only divided by a high granite counter, and sighed. It was a mess. He hated messes. Everything always had to be in perfect order; put back in its proper place, or it would make him really stressed. He threw (Name)’s notebook haphazardly onto the counter, put his backpack on the dining table, and began cleaning the house.


     Fifteen minutes later, he’d almost finished with the living room, when the front door opened again. Ludwig turned his head to see his older brother, Gilbert, entering the house. “Ohh Ludviiig! I’m hooome!” he shouted in a sing-song voice, entering the living room and throwing his backpack onto the couch. Ludwig grunted in annoyance before finishing the last few things in the living room and moving onto the kitchen. “So, how vas school today?” Gilbert asked, following his brother into the kitchen.


     “Fine,” Ludwig replied, starting on the small pile of dishes that was in the sink. Gilbert watched him for a few seconds, but then his eyes darted to the (fav/color) notebook that was sitting on the counter. He walked over to it and looked at it.


     “Heeey, vhat’s zhis?” he asked curiously, picking it up an examining the cover, his crimson eyes filling with interest.


     “Nozhing, it’s nozhing. Put it down,” Ludwig ordered. Of course, Gilbert didn’t listen. He opened it up and started flipping through the pages. His eyes scanned through them avidly, a broad grin growing on his face. He began laughing with his signature laugh.


     “Kesesese! Vhat do you mean nozhing? Zhis is some frau’s diary! I bet zhere’s a lot of good gossip in here!” Gilbert shouted, continuing to read through the notebook.


     “I said put it down!” Ludwig yelled, turning off the faucet and snatching the notebook from his brother. Sometimes, Ludwig found it hard to believe that Gilbert was really the eldest between the two of them. He ran to his room and hid the notebook in a box of other things he didn’t want his brother finding.


     “Jeez, no need to get so vorked up about it! Vizh zhe vay you vere acting, I’d say you had a crush on zhat girl!” Gilbert teased as Ludwig reentered the room and sat down on the black leather couch.


     “Of course I don’t. Zhat’s absurd,” Ludwig lied. He hoped his cheeks weren’t going red.


     “Oh, right, I forgot. You couldn’t possibly have a crush on zhat (Name) person because Feliciano is your boyfriend,” Gilbert teased. This time, Ludwig knew he was blushing.


     “Shut up,” he grunted. He hated it when Gilbert teased him like that.


     “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I vas just kidding. You know I just like to mess around vizh mein awesome bruder!” Gilbert shouted, sitting down on the couch next to Ludwig and wrapping his arm around his brother’s broad shoulders.


     “Yeah? Vell don’t do it anymore. It ticks me off,” Ludwig spat, pushing Gilbert away from him and getting off of the couch. He entered the kitchen again and finished the cleaning.




     You didn’t realize until you were already home that your diary was missing. When you did realize it, you started to have a major panic attack. That notebook was your entire life. Literally. You wrote everything down in it. All of your dreams, your problems, your wishes, your goals, your ideas, practically every second of your life. If someone got their hands on it and started reading it, your life would be over. You wrote things in there that you would never tell anyone. That book was like the key to your mind. Whoever had it would be able to single-handedly ruin your life and you would never be able to recover.


     “Where is it!?” you screamed, on the verge of tears, tearing your room apart trying to find it. You were only lying to yourself. You never went anywhere without it, and your backpack was partially unzipped when you had gotten home. It fell out in the school and there was nothing you could do about it. You’d just have to get it when you went back tomorrow. That is, if someone else hadn’t found it already.


     A horrible thought flashed through your mind. What if he has it?? Oh God, then your life would really be over. If it fell out while you were running from him and he picked it up and decided to start reading it… You were sure you had written his name at least a billion times. You had drawn sketches of him and talked about him all the time, and how much you liked him but also how scared you were of him. All of your thoughts and feelings were written down in that notebook and if he looked at it… You. Were. Screwed.


     You let out a yell of frustration and slumped to the floor with your back against the wall. You held your face in your hands as tears poured from your (e/c) eyes. Your mother chose that moment to walk into your room. “Hey, (Name), what is with all that screaming?? What happened??” she asked worriedly, running over to you and kneeling next to you.


     “I-I l-lost my diary a-at school…” you muttered. Your mother sighed.


     “Oh honestly (Name), it’s nothing to get so worked up about. You’ll get it back. It’s not the end of the world,” she reassured. She doesn’t understand… No one does… you thought. “If it really bothers you that much, why don’t I go call the school right now and ask them if they can find it? Some of the teachers will still be there and so will the janitor. They’ll find it, and you can go get it back tomorrow. If you want, you can go get it back today,” your mother offered.


     “Would you please do that?” you asked, looking up at her and wiping the tears from your eyes.


     “Of course,” your mother replied. Then, she stood up, and walked downstairs. You followed her. She grabbed the phone off of the kitchen counter, dialed the school’s number, and waited. You waited in the living room while your mother talked to whoever had answered the phone. A few minutes later, your mother came and sat down next to you on the couch.


     “(Mr/Mrs.) (Principal’s name) said that (he/she) told everyone to keep an eye out for it. They’ll call me back when they find it,” she informed.


     “Thanks, Mom,” you said quietly. It wasn’t good enough though. You needed to know that your diary was safe, and you needed to know it now.


     “What would you like for dinner?” your mom asked, trying to cheer you up.


     “Nothing… I’m tired. I’m gonna go to bed,” you informed. Without another word, you stood up and went upstairs to your room.


~*Timeskip to the next day*~


     The principal never called your mother back last night. They still hadn’t found your diary, and you doubted that they ever would. Yup, he has it. He has it, and he read it, and now my life is ruined and I… your thoughts had been along those lines all morning long. You had barely managed to get ready and catch the bus in time, you were so distracted. Trying to make it through the halls of school and to your locker while trying to hold back frustrated tears was even harder.


     When you finally arrived at your locker, a slight ray of hope penetrated the wall of doubt that had been built around your mind. What if you had just left your diary in your locker by accident? What if you had been worrying for nothing? What if you opened the locker, and it was sitting right there, just waiting for you to take it and write in it once again? Taking a deep breath, you closed your eyes tightly and opened your locker. Slowly, you opened your eyes again, but the locker was empty. You sighed, disappointed, and began putting some of your books into your locker.


     As you were doing so, you suddenly heard a deep and somewhat gruff voice from behind you. You gasped when you realized who it was, and what they were saying. “Excuse me, (Name)?” the voice asked. Slowly, you turned around, and your thoughts had been confirmed. The person who was talking to you was none other than Ludwig. And he knew your name.


     “Y-yes…?” you asked nervously, facing the strong boy. His expression was a little softer than usual. A little.


     “You dropped zhis vhen you ran avay yesterday, after you bumped into me. I picked it up so zhat nobody else vould and I vanted to give it back to you,” he stated, extending his arm to you. In his hand, he was holding your (fav/color) notebook. Your diary. You took it eagerly and held it close to your chest. You looked at him, your (h/c) eyes showing a mixture of fear and pure joy.


     “Th-thank you so much… I’ve been looking everywhere for this… But um… D-did you… L-l-l…” You trailed off.


     “Did I look in it?” he finished for you. You nodded. “Nein. I knew you probably vouldn’t be very happy if I did,” he replied, and you mentally breathed a huge sigh of relief.


     “Thank you…” you muttered again. Then the bell rang. “I-I guess I should get going… Um… Thank you, again. Goodbye,” you said hurriedly. Then, you turned and ran off towards your homeroom.


     Throughout the whole rest of the morning, you still couldn’t focus properly. You couldn’t believe what had just happened. Ludwig Beilschmidt, of all people, had found your diary. He’d picked it up. He’d held it firmly in his iron grip. He’d told you that he hadn’t wanted anyone else to get it. He’d returned it to you, and he hadn’t looked inside of it. He’d talked to you. He’d directly interacted with you of his own free will. He’d known your name. How was that even possible?


     However it had happened, you weren’t going to question it. You had just had an actual half-conversation with your crush, and it had been much less awkward than you had thought it would be. You had felt like you were in Heaven. You wondered how you even managed to keep yourself together. You could still hardly believe it, but you had loved it, and you hoped that you’d be able to work up enough courage to talk to him again sometime soon.




     Little did (Name) or Ludwig know that they were being watched. Someone was following them and watching their every move. Someone had a hunch that Ludwig liked (Name), and that (Name) liked Ludwig, and they wanted proof. As far as this person was concerned, that small little scene between the two was proof as good as it gets. The person who was watching them was none other than Gilbert Beilschmidt.


     Gilbert had known that something was up with his little brother from the moment he had snatched the diary from him the other day. Usually, Ludwig didn’t care if Gilbert flirted with girls or got up in peoples’ personal business. He’d just ignore it. But last night, he’d been protective of that diary like it was something precious to him. Gilbert could read his brother like an open book. Yep, he definitely liked that little lady.


     Gilbert also knew that this little lady had a thing for his brother. In the pages that he had skimmed through of her diary, he’d seen the name “Ludwig” appear so many times that he probably couldn’t have counted them if he tried. There were sketches of him too. Words like “amazing” and “beautiful” and “handsome” and “intimidating” had usually accompanied the use of his brother’s name, and that girl had been blushing the whole time Ludwig was talking to her. Yep, she was smitten, too.


     There was just one problem with this little romance. It was so awkward between them. Even from where Gilbert was hiding around the corner, to the point where he could barely hear them speaking, he could sense the awkwardness. She was such a tiny thing compared to his brother. In her diary, she’d mentioned several times how amazing but also terrifying Ludwig was to her. She thought that he could never notice someone pathetic like her, and was afraid of what might happen if he did. And poor Ludwig had no idea that the girl was afraid of him. He just knew that she ran away whenever he got close enough to speak to her. Plus, in all honesty, Ludwig was not exactly what you would call a relationship expert. Quite the opposite, in fact.


     Gilbert couldn’t let this continue. He knew he had to do something. His little brother was desperately in love with a shy little girl and through all the awkwardness, he had no way of expressing it. This was unacceptable. Gilbert knew that Ludwig would be miserable until the awkwardness between him and the girl he adored was broken. If his awesome little brother wanted a girlfriend, then that was exactly what he was going to get, and he had the perfect plan to make sure it happened.


~*Timeskip to Lunch*~


     Gilbert scanned the cafeteria for four specific people. His two best friends, his brother, and his brother’s crush. He found the girl sitting alone at a table in the corner of the room. He watched her. She would occasionally glance in a specific direction. He followed her glance and found Ludwig. He was sitting with his best friends, Feliciano and Kiku, and Feliciano’s brother Lovino. He kept glancing back at (Name). His two best friends, Antonio and Francis, were eagerly waving him over to their table in the middle of the room. Gilbert grinned widely and ran over to the table.


     “Hey, Gil! We were wondering where you were! We were getting lonely over here all by ourselves!” Antonio cheered as Gilbert sat down.


     “Oui, it was very lonely without you. We noticed you kept glancing at that girl in the corner over there. Does our little friend fancy the mysterious lady?” Francis asked playfully.


     “Vhat!? Of course not! But I know somevone who does!” Gilbert replied excitedly.


     “Ooh, really? Who is it?” Antonio asked curiously.


     “You guys really wanna know?” Gilbert asked, leaning closer to the table. The other two followed his lead. They both nodded. “Alright… It’s mein awesome bruder!” he whispered.


     “Ooh!” the other boys cheered in unison.


     “Onhonhon, I knew the day would come when Ludwig would find someone special. It’s about time too. He needs someone to help him relax,” Francis cooed.


     “He made a good choice too. She’s muy bonita,” Antonio stated. He and Francis looked back at the girl. She was looking at Ludwig again. “Seems like she’s got her eye on your brother as well. Que linda,” Antonio remarked, smirking.


     “Ja, but zhere’s a problem, and I need you guys to help me fix it,” Gilbert announced, pounding his fist on the table.


     “What is it?” Francis asked.


     “It’s so awkward between zhem! I can’t stand it! I mean, look at her! She’s all hiding in a corner over zhere, she’s zhe new girl, and she’s so shy! She likes Ludvig, but at zhe same time, I know she’s afraid of him. Every time he goes to talk to her, she valks zhe ozher vay! And I’m afraid zhat if Ludvig does ever talk to her, he’ll say somezhing zhat’ll scare her even more! You know how terrible he is vizh talking to girls! You guys have to help me get zhem togezher and stop being awkward around each ozher!” Gilbert explained, slightly annoyed.


     “That’s no good! Of course we’ll help you, amigo!” Antonio declared determinedly.


     “Just tell us what we need to do,” Francis said.


     “Alright, I’ve got a plan, but it’s going to take a lot of vork. Ve have to get zhem to interact vizh each ozher as much as possible, but first, ve have to break zhe ice,” Gilbert reasoned, a mischievous glint in his eyes.


     “How do we do that?” Antonio asked.


     “Simple. Ve’re going to let Luddy play zhe hero! Listen, vhat ve’re going to do is, ve’re going to pull a prank on zhe girl. Only, vhen I get home, I’m gonna tell Ludvig about it. He von’t vant her to get hurt, so I know he’ll save her! Zhen, she vill know zhat he’s not so scary and zhat he vill look out for her!” Gilbert explained excitedly.


     “It’s a good plan, but what kinda prank are we gonna pull?” Antonio inquired.


     “Ve’ll do zhat classic 'bucket of vater in zhe doorframe' prank! Here’s how ve’ll do it; Ve have a substitute teacher in science class tomorrow. It’ll be easiest to do it in science. (Name), the girl, is usually late for science anyvays. I’ll set zhe prank up once everyone except Ludvig and (Name) are in zhe classroom, and you guys vill distract zhe teacher until zhe prank is done! You guys could probably start a fight vizh Lovino. But don’t tell him. Zhat vay, it von’t look fake. Good plan?” Gilbert asked.


     “Si, it’s a good plan, but won’t we get in trouble?” Antonio asked.


     “Ohh, Toni! Getting in trouble is only a small price to pay if we’re helping someone find true love, no?” Francis mused.


     "Si, you're right. What's a little detention if it means Ludwig and the chica get to be happy?" Antonio agreed, smiling.


     "So, we are doing this tomorrow?" Francis asked.


     "Ja," Gilbert replied. The three boys smiled at each other and laughed.


~*Timeskip to after school*~


     When Ludwig got home, Gilbert was already there. He was sitting at the kitchen table with his laptop, and when he noticed Ludwig coming in, he suddenly started laughing hysterically. Whether it was a coincidence or not, Ludwig didn't know. He only knew that it was annoying.


     "Kesesese! Ooh zhis is too perfect! Mein Gott, zhis is fantastic! Ohh, hey Luddy!" he shouted. He looked as if he was on the verge of tears. Ludwig grunted in response. "Kesesese! Oh, vhy didn't ve zhink of zhis before!? Mein Gott, mein awesome friends and I are geniuses! Kesesese!" Gilbert gloated. Ludwig rolled his eyes and sat down on the couch.


     "You're not going to shut up until I ask you vhat you're laughing about, are you?" he asked, annoyed.


     "Do you really vant to know?" Gilbert asked.


     "Not really," Ludwig replied.


     "Zhen I don't have to tell you! But oh (Name), she'll never see it coming! Kesesese!" Gilbert shouted, pounding his fists on the table. At the mention of his crush's name, Ludwig's head did a full one-hundred-eighty degree turn and he stared intently at his older brother. Whatever he was planning, it couldn't be good.


     "Vhat about (Name)?" Ludwig demanded.


     "I zhought you didn't vant to know," Gilbert remarked.


     "I changed my mind," Ludwig stated sternly.


     "Vell, alright, but if I tell you, you have to promise zhat you von't tell anyvone, understand?" Gilbert ordered solemnly. Now Ludwig was positive that Gilbert was up to no good.


     "Vhat happens if I tell somevone?" Ludwig asked defiantly.


     "You don't vant to know. I have a lot of vays to embarrass you, Luddy. Don't test me," Gilbert declared darkly. Ludwig sighed. His brother was right. But he had to know what Gilbert was planning.


     "Fine, I swear I von't tell anyvone. Vhat are you planning?" Ludwig questioned.


     "Vell, mein awesome friends and I are gonna pull a prank on (Name) in Science class tomorrow! Ve're gonna put a bucket of vater in zhe doorvay, and vhen she opens zhe door to get into class, it'll fall on her head! Kesesese!" Gilbert announced, and Ludwig's heart skipped a beat.


     He couldn't believe it. His own brother was going to treat (Name) like the freak she thought she was. He was going to pull a mean prank on her for no reason at all. She was already feeling lonely enough as it was. If she was embarrassed in front of the whole class... What would happen then? And if she knew that Gilbert had pulled the prank, and she knew that he was Gilbert's brother, then she would hate him, and he'd never have a chance with her.


     "Vhy vould you do zhat to such a poor girl!? She's never done anyzhing to you! Vhat has she done to deserve zhat?" Ludwig demanded angrily.


     "Jeez, relax, man! It's just a stupid prank. She's zhe easiest victim. She's new. She doesn't know her vay around yet," Gilbert reasoned.


     "So just because she's veak, zhat means she's vorzhless?" Ludwig asked, and inside, he felt guilty, because once, his answer to that question would've been 'yes'. "I can't let you go zhrough vizh zhis, you know," he stated.


     "You promised you vouldn't tell anyvone! Don't make me embarrass you, too," Gilbert warned. Ludwig growled in anger.


     "Vhatever. Pull your stupid prank. Even if I don't tell anyvone, it isn't going to vork," Ludwig said angrily before getting off of the couch and storming to his room. So what if he couldn't warn (Name)? There were other ways of saving her... It would just mean he'd have to embarrass himself.




     Date: (Date)

     Time: 9:55 PM


     It’s so wonderful to be able to write in this notebook again. It feels like it’s been forever since I have. I was so stressed out yesterday when I couldn’t find it. I thought my life was over. But then something special happened. Something terrifying and amazing and wonderful and unbelievable all at the same time. You’ll never guess but, Ludwig had it the whole time! You see, the notebook fell out of my backpack yesterday when I was running away from him. I bumped into him and I thought he’d be angry with me, so I tried to get away as quick as possible and I didn’t zip my backpack up properly, so the notebook fell out.


     Last night, I was so scared when I thought that he had it. It was a logical explanation, and I thought that if he found it, he would read it, and then he’d treat me like a freak because I like him so much. But when he gave it back to me today, he told me that he hadn’t read it, and he told me that he had picked it up because he hadn’t wanted anyone else to. He just came up and gave it to me, and he knew my name. He said my name. Can you believe that!?


     I was so scared when he called my name. It was like receiving the Death Sentence. I was terrified, and so nervous, but at the same time, I loved it. I loved talking to him. Hearing his voice. Knowing that he was speaking to me, and that he was looking out for me. I hope that I can get enough courage to speak to him again. It’s such an amazing feeling, and… I don’t think he’d mind if I spoke to him more often.


     He was different than normal when he was talking to me. His expression and his voice were softer than usual. He seemed kind of nervous too, like a shy boy when they’re trying to talk to a girl. And all throughout the rest of the day, he kept looking at me. Sometimes, I’d look at him just to see if he was still looking at me, and our eyes would meet, and he wouldn’t move. But then I’d get scared and look away. Still, why was he looking at me? I don’t understand… How could he possibly want anything to do with a girl like me?


     If I can work up the courage to talk to him again, or if he comes to talk to me again, then maybe I can ask him… Maybe we can properly introduce ourselves… Maybe we can be friends, or hang out, or something. I know it’s farfetched, but it’s worth a shot, right? I guess we’ll just see tomorrow.


     You finished writing and then closed your pen and your notebook. You set both of them on your nightstand, reached over, turned off the lamp, and snuggled under your comforter. The whole night, you dreamed of ways of working up the courage to speak to Ludwig again.


Rose: My half of a writing trade with *Digifan01 :la: (It was originally supposed to be a oneshot, but it ended up being like... 20 pages, so I split it into two parts. The second part should be up in a couple of minutes or later today :XD: ) I had so much fun writing this~ I'll be honest, for a while, Germany wasn't one of the characters I particularly liked. This is mostly because of how much ~EmeraldGuardian-04 doesn't like him *shot* However, I told my friend ~FrostOS about a fake religion called "Doitsuism" and the whole "Shine Bright Like a Doitsu" thing, and we just kinda... Doitsu is another one of our thangs now *shot* I like Germany a lot more now, and I'm in a mood for writing Germany stuff, so I'm glad that I was requested to do this ^^ Like always, I'm worried about him being OOC though ^^; This is my first time writing with Germany so... And, I like... I dunno why I put a GerIta joke in there. I just felt like it :shrug: So, I hope you guys like it! Especially you, Digifan! I love all of you guys, and I'll have the next part up like, really really soon. Promise XD

EDIT [10/27/2013]: I HATE YOU GOOGLE TRANSLATE :iconfuuuplz: STOP MAKING ME LOOK LIKE A FOOL DX IT'S NOT MY FAULT THAT MY MOTHER WON'T GIVE ME LESSONS FOR EVERY LANGUAGE THAT I WANT TO LEARN ;3; *shot for being over dramatic again* Fixed some mistakes in my Spanish that ~KeliLindsey pointed out. Thank you!

Next Part:…

Hetalia (c) Hidekaz Himaruya
Cover pic taken from the anime (Thanks to Frosty for helping me procure it XD )
Fanfic (c) :iconhalostormhybrids:
You shall soon belong to :icongermanblushplz:
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Japan's POV

"Hey dude, are you okay?"

Kiku looked up and saw a blond haired man with a strange piece of hair sticking up and wearing glasses looking down at him. He had a somewhat concerned, interested look on his face.

Kiku straightened up and looked the man in the eye, intending to say yes. But, the guy looked as if he genuinely cared, and he looked so honest... He couldn't lie to this guy. "I...I don't know."

"Hmm, sounds like you've had it kinda rough huh." the guy sat down on the bench next to him and smiled, pushing up his glasses. "I'm Alfred. You wanna tell me what's wrong?"

Kiku sighed. "It won't help anything."

"Well, maybe not, but it won't hurt anything." Alfred cocked his head and smiled slightly.

Kiku sighed again. "A few weeks ago a girl came to where I worked. One day she seemed very upset so I talked to her and we began to do things together. Then one day she left. She didn't say goodbye or even let me know she was going to leave, she just disappeared. All I knew was that she lived here, so here I am. But it's hopeless. I've searched all day and it's become obvious to me that it is impossible to find her in a situation like this."

Kiku finally looked up and saw Alfred was giving him a very strange look. "What?"

"You wouldn't happen to be from Tokyo would you?"

Kiku gave Alfred a surprised and somewhat confused look. "Yes, how did you know?"

Ignoring Kiku's question Alfred continued "This girl... Was her name _____ by any chance?"

Kiku's mouth opened slightly and his eyebrows rose. No way. He knew her? And he knew about the two of them? His depression began to morph into excitement. This was definitely fate. "Yes! Do you know her?"

A smile spread across Alfred's face. "Yeah I do! You wanna go see her?"

"Yes, if you could take me I'd be grateful."

"Hey no prob! Follow me dude!" Alfred jumped up and began walking very quickly down the path, with Kiku trailing after him.

In the small parking lot outside the park there was one car. It was a red convertible with a white stripe down the middle with a skinny blue stripe in the middle of that. Alfred walked straight to it and jumped over the door and sat in the seat. Kiku stared at him.

"Come on, get in." Alfred encouraged.

Kiku reached for the door handle. "The doors don't open." Alfred stopped him "You'll have to jump over."

Kiku looked at him, mentally shrugged, and put his hands on the door, gracefully throwing his legs over and landing in the seat.

Alfred smiled and revved up the engine, making the car vibrate with power. The blond man laughed like a maniac as he pushed down on the gas peddle. Kiku gripped the seat for dear life as Alfred flew around back roads.

"I think if you're going to spend a lot of money on a car you should go all out! And if you have a powerful engine you shouldn't waste it! That's what back roads are for! At this time of day no one is on them so I usually take her out for a thrill spin! I haven't gotten a ticket yet!" Alfred yelled to Kiku as they zoomed past an abandoned looking building.

"W-wouldn't it be faster to go through the city?!" Kiku squeak-yelled.

"Nah! Right now is rush hour! It'd take a hour to get sat one stop light! Besides, _____ lives on the other side of the city off one of the back roads! Trust me it's faster this way!" Alfred yelled as he zinged around a curve.

A dog started crossing the road a little ways in front of them and Alfred slammed on the brakes, barely avoiding the dog and almost sending poor Kiku through the windshield.

"Woops, that was a close one!" Alfred laughed gently as he began driving again. To Kiku's complete relief he drove at a normal speed this time.

"Ok, we're here." Alfred said, parking on the side of the road. Kiku jumped out of the car, steadying his shaking legs before looking up at the building in front of him. It was probably four or five stories tall and looked old. Not about-to-fall-apart-trash-heap type old, just thoroughly worn.

Alfred flounced cheerfully past him towards the door and Kiku caught up as quickly as he could. Alfred was a tall guy. He looked strong and fast too. Kiku was decently sure he could take him down in a fight though. Probably. Maybe.

They reached the elevator and it was already there. As it started to move up Kiku's excitement began to turn into nervousness. She had left without telling him, or giving him any way to contact her. What if she didn't want to see him? What would he do then?

The ridiculously slow elevator finally came to a stop at the third floor. Without further ado, Alfred dragged Kiku quickly down the hallway until they stopped at a door identical (excepting the last digit of the room number)  to all the others in the hallway.

Alfred knocked his knuckles against the sor in a musical sounding pattern. "Come on in Alfred, the door isn't locked!" a female voice -not _____'s though-called out.

Alfred twisted the knob and burst into the apartment "_____~! I brought someone to see you!" It was too late to back out now.
Hey lookie here guys! Two chapters in two days! It's wonderful aint it? Anyway, I see one more chapter plus the epilogue for this story, then I'll (sooner or later. Probably sooner) have a sequal! Lately I've gotten inspiration for several more readerxcountry stories and I'm DYING to write them, but I try to only do one at a time so I update faster. It's really tough though, when you have five or six ideas begging to be writen as well. Anyway, thank you all SOOOOO much for commenting! It means the world to me, not to mention it speeds up my writing a massive amount.

part 1:[link]

part 17: [link]
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Arthur Kirkland sat on the couch, his legs crossed, reading the newspaper. He was enjoying the somewhat peace and quiet that was going on in the house. Alfred was sleeping in the arm chair, quietly snoring and probably dreaming about hamburgers. This gave Arthur some time to himself. However, he felt something was missing.

As much as Arthur loved keeping to himself once in awhile, he always knew that he couldn’t be happy without his one love; [First Name] [Last Name]. He loved everything about her. The wonderful smile she greeted him with every morning, the beautiful look in her [e/c] eyes, the way her [h/c] locks glimmered in the sun, and who could forget the adorable giggle she had? She was Arthur’s everything, and he enjoyed every moment of his day when it was spent with her.

That particular day, Arthur hadn’t been up early enough to wish [Name] good luck on her way to work. He was afraid that it would upset her as much as it upset himself. He felt as if not seeing his girlfriend off in the morning was a horrible crime. Arthur was always the one to be a kind gentleman.

He checked his watch. [Name] should be home by now... Arthur thought to himself.
He glanced over his newspaper to see out the window. It was pouring outside. His calm and peaceful mood turned into complete worry and despair. What if [Name] wasn’t okay? What if she was hurt or something even more horrible?

Suddenly, Arthur heard the unlocking sound of the front door. He put down his newspaper to see [Name] standing in the doorway. She stripped herself of her raincoat and boots. Her face didn’t show any spark of happiness whatsoever.

“Good afternoon, love.” Arthur greeted her with a smile. “How was your day at work?”

She didn’t say anything. She slammed the front door and headed up the stairway.
The slammed door made Alfred awake with quite a fright. “What the hell was that?!”

“It was the door slamming, you frog. And [Name] doesn’t seem too happy…”

“Well, she interrupted my amazing dream about marrying a hamburger!” Alfred complained as he curled up into his previous position in the armchair. Arthur glared at the country and arose off the couch to find out exactly what was wrong with [Name].


Arthur headed towards [Name]’s bedroom. Before knocking, however, he put his ear up against the door. He could hear terrible sounding sniffles and sobs. He hesitantly
knocked on the door.

“[Name], can I come in, love?”

She answered with a very choked up, “Yes.”

Arthur opened the door to see [Name] curled up at the foot of her bed, bawling hysterically. She was definitely upset. Her face was red as she was attempting to wipe most of the tears away. There were so many coming that it didn’t do much good.

As soon as she saw Arthur, she sat upright. She attempted to stifle her whimpering sounds, hoping that he wouldn’t notice.

It was obviously that he did notice.

“What’s wrong, love?” He asked in his usual, caring tone. He sat next to [Name] on her bed, wrapping an arm around her shoulder. “Did someone give you trouble at work.”

[Name] was a fashion designer. Arthur remembered back to the countless times when she would come home in a depressed mood because of coworkers sabotaging her designs or bullying her. She was such a sweet person that she couldn’t help but take things to heart.
Arthur handed [Name] a tissue so that she could gain some composure before explaining.

She wiped most of the tears off her face and blew her nose. “I presented my new design today, and my boss… she yelled at me about how completely awful it was… and in front of everyone, too! Now everyone hates me and all of my designs!”

“It’s okay, love. It doesn’t matter what other people thinks, it just matters about what you think of yourself.” Arthur gently kissed her nose, which brought out her trademark smile. “You should be proud of the work that you do, because you worked so hard on your designs.”

“B-But…” [Name] hopelessly stammered, “How will I ever become a famous fashion designer if no one else likes my work?”

Arthur picked her up, sitting her carefully on his lap. He then hugged her tightly. “It doesn’t matter about those few people at work. Everyone else, including me, loves your designs. Besides, even if you don’t become a famous fashion designer… you still have me, love.”

[Name] sniffled as tears began to pour down her face. This time, however, they were happy tears. She hugged him tightly around the waist.

“I love you, Arthur.”

“I love you too, [Name].”
Okay, so this is for :iconrhinoghost: 's contest. ^^
It's a songfic based off of Melancholy Hill by Gorillaz. I love this song, and I feel that I understand it really well, so I figured why not?
Here's a link to the contest, if you wanna join: [link]

P.S. This is the first hetalia reader insert that I've actually posted, so sorry if they're OC. I didn't mean to, I swear.
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"Romano's home~" you observed, nodding in unison with the coppery kitten that you were curled up on the sofa with. You were at the Vargas' house, waiting for your friend Feliciano to come back from a "date" with Ludwig. The man in question (Romano) stalked into the house, slamming the door with such force as to rattle the windows, muttering under his breath.

"Hi to you too," you murmured as Romano stomped straight into the kitchen and started banging pots and pans around.

"I hate that stupid potato jerk!" you heard him raging, most likely to himself but definitely loud enough for everyone and anyone in the area to hear. "That stupid German should just die! It's always 'Germany this, Germany that~!' and it makes me sick!" he screamed. There was a loud BONG as a particularly hefty pot dented the side of the fridge. You winced, and the greatly perturbed kitty snuggled deeper into your arms.

"D-don't I have good qualities too?!" Romano wailed, tears in his voice- something that made your heart melt. If you had been able to see his beautiful, honey-colored eyes, you surely would have dissolved into a puddle.

Soon there was silence from the kitchen, save for the occasional audible whimper or sniffle. You suddenly had an idea, and took the opportunity to clear your throat loudly. Addressing the kitty, you said, "You know what, Pookie~? I've been doing some thinking... about Romano..."

The kitty looked up interestedly. There was no response from the kitchen... yet.

"He's a pretty great guy," you continued, making sure to talk loudly. "I was just thinking about how some of his amazing food would totally hit the spot right now. Don't you agree~?"

Pookey mewed, and you nodded approvingly. "Yeah, I know! He's such a talented cook!" you bubbled. "And besides that, did you know that he's an awesome pickpocket? How neat is that?

Plus-" you lowered your voice ever so slightly here, giving an air of confidentiality to the kitty. The kitchen was silent. "-He's really handsome too..." you giggled. You could have heard a pin drop in the kitchen.

"His eyes... are so pretty," you continued dreamily. "And that cute little curl he has is so adorable~ He's such a gentleman to the ladies, but he gets all aggressive around other guys! Don't you think that's so cute?" Pookie meowed again. You laughed.

"But even when he acts tough, you know he's really a caring softy on the inside! Isn't that sweet? Oh, and there's more, you know~ His voice is so sexy...! When he speaks in Italian, or sings his tomato song when he thinks nobody's listening... it makes me want to melt!"

At the words "tomato song", there was a strangled yelp from the kitchen and you had to hold back your laughter. Pookie purred on your lap.

"I second that," you agreed. Glancing up, you kept on a poker face as Romano rushed in.

"You know, I could hear you the entire time, idiota!" he shouted. His face was- you guessed it- flustered and as red as a tomato, and you told him so.

"Idiota!" he screeched again. "I DON'T sing stupido tomato songs and I DON'T look-a like a tomato!! I bet that tomato jerk Spain told-a you to say that, didn't he?!"

Ignoring him, you sweetly began to sing Romano's theme; the aforementioned tomato song: "Buono tomato, buono tomato, buono, buono, ooh tomato~! Red on the bottom and green on the top, toma-toma-tomato~! Hmph~!"

Romano's face was flushing a nearly purple hue by now. In fact, he looked more like an eggplant than a tomato at that point, but decided it would be better not to tell him so this time. Glancing innocently up at him with the kitty in your lap, you waited for the outburst of swearing and cursing that was sure to come.

...It didn't.

Instead, much to your surprise, he plopped down on the couch next to you and crossed his arms grumpily, letting out a frustrated sigh. His face was still burning.

"Ragazza stupida," he muttered. "Why you make-a me so imbarazzato? So you heard-a me sing my song... but don't-a say lies about me, va bene?"

Of course he didn't believe you! "What lies, Lovi~?" you asked sweetly. "Every word I said was true~"

"Lies," he repeated stubbornly.

"Nope!" You put the cat on your head.

"Perche sei cosi perseverante?" (1) he mumbled under his breath. Something about the low tone of his voice- and of course, the fact that he was speaking in his native language- caused your heart to start crashing around in your rib cage. Noticing the blush now spreading across your own face, he looked up concernedly.

"What's wrong, bella?" he asked quickly. You giggled.

"Such a gentleman~" you cooed. "Say something else in Italian, please~?"

He stared down at the carpet.

"Tu mi confondi, ragazza," (2) he said. You scooted closer to him and put your head on his shoulder. The kitty moved from his perch on your head to one on Romano's, but he didn't even seem irritated.

"And I like you a lot, bello," you said, putting one of your hands atop his. He flinched, surprised by the physical contact and by the Italian word you had used. Something about the sound of your voice speaking in his own language... just after his own blush had begun to fade, it flared up again.

"Why?" he asked, glaring at you. "Why do you have to be different and say all that good stuff about me, idiota? If you're really not lying, what is it that makes you see me differently than the rest of those jerks who all think Feliciano's so much better than me?!"

You grinned and gently lifted the kitty off of his head.

"Ti amo, Romano," you said simply.

He didn't say anything, but you felt his hand tighten its grip on yours.

You sat in silence for a few minutes before you asked, "Sooo, ya gonna give me any response to my confession, Lovi~?"

"CHIGI! Stop using those stupid squiggly things, idiota! You've used them in practically every sentence so far, and it makes you sound like my stupido brother!" he screeched.

"Don't break the fourth wall!" you scolded him. He chuckled and rubbed the back of his head.

"That's better, bella," he said, noting the absence of a squiggly thing in your sentence. "Ti amo, ____."

You laughed, giving his mouth a gentle peck.

"You still look like a tomato, Romano!"

"NOOOOOOOOOOO!" he shrieked as you began to sing his song again. <3

This one is so much fail it's stupid I'm sorry OTL


1. Why are you so persistent?

2. You confuse me, girl!

Prease forgive me if my Italian is glaringly incorrect :P

Romano belongs to :iconhimaruyaplz:

You belong to :iconmustachedromanoplz:
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Sheet Fort – France X Reader

It had been your idea to build the fort. You were the one to grab the sheets from the closet while Francis finished cleaning up the plates from dinner.

He had invited you to stay the night, since he knew you were struggling with work and could use a break.

He could hear you giggling in the other room and it made him smile. He absolutely despised when you were upset, feeling guilty for a reason he couldn't explain.

After wiping his hands on a towel and removing the dirty apron he was wearing, hanging it neatly on a hook in the cupboard, he made his way out of the kitchen.

"Francis," you called childishly. "Over here."

You peeked your head out of a tent of covers, beckoning him to come and join you.

Comforters and quilts were hung all around his living room, tied to different objects and corners of the room. It was quite dark, only the light of a small electric lantern lit his path.

He wiggled his way through the slit of the entrance, crawling on his hands and knees to get in. The actual size inside was fairly small, enough space for at most 4 people. White, cottony rugs covered the floor (stolen from the bathrooms no doubt) and pillows from various parts of his house were scattered about.

"It's our little sanctuary," you beamed, proud of yourself for working so fast. "Do you like it?"

Francis chuckled, moving closer to you.
"Of course I do. I like anything you do."

You nudged him playfully, pushing him away.

"You oaf! If you think that would make me laugh it won't."

He crept nearer and nearer, shaking his head.

"Oh, it didn't make you laugh did it? Well I know something that might," he replied with a devious grin.

Instantly he sprung at you, hands wrapping the sides of your stomach and squeezing lightly, making you burst out into laughter. His fingers trailed up your body, tickling under your arms. Your face turned red as you let out squeals of pleasure.

You tried to push him off, but he was too strong and you couldn't catch your breath long enough to tell him to stop.

So instead you fought fire with fire.

Leaning in close, still cackling like a madwoman, you moved your fingers to his neck, tickling in retaliation. He let out a loud yelp and fell back.

You had him now.

Taking the opportunity, you moved your fingers all around, making him hoot and holler from glee.

"Ok ok, I give," he cried between snorts. You stopped and smiled victoriously, knowing that you had won.

But in your moment of pride you hadn't been watching Francis, and he now lunged forward.

"No!" You cried as you both toppled over, breaking one of the walls of the fort, and efficiently tangling yourself together in it. You wiggled to try and throw it off, but like a caterpillar in a cocoon you were stuck, and much to your embarrassment, so was Francis.

Your bodies were pressed tightly together, his hands on your lower back and your head on his chest, resting on top of him.

A sudden wave of claustrophobia hit you and you longed to be free of the smothering sheet. You frantically began pushing to break free, struggling to find a way out.

Finally liberated you breathed a sigh of relief. Francis only pouted in agitation.

"We should have stayed like that."

Rolling your eyes you held out your hand for him, which he gladly accepted to raise himself up.

"C'mon. You knocked it down so you help me put it back up."

You handed him one corner to tie back up from where it was hanging while you took the other.

It was a tricky business, tying, and you had to make sure you had it just right so the wall wouldn't tumble down but wouldn't break from the tension. You concentrated, biting your lip and working hard to get it perfect.

Francis tried to tie his end, but instead ended up watching you. He was so enthralled by you. To him you were an enigma, something that he just couldn't figure out. No matter what flattering words he spoke or what actions he took to further your relationship you pushed him away in a childish manner, and he wasn't sure if it was because you were ignorant of his advances or that you just did not want to accept them.

Though he had fallen in love before, he couldn't recall ever feeling like this. He was confused by the way his heart melted every time he thought of you, and the way his skin tingled when you touched him. He couldn't explain why every time you spoke his insides did backflips and his palms would get clammy. He would wait hours upon hours for replies when he messaged you, and often he would stay up in the middle of the night just contemplating about you and him being together.

You were the one who could make him ecstatic with only a smile and the one who could make him tremendously depressed with a single frown.

He had so much he wanted to say to you, but he was afraid.

Afraid that you would reject him.

Afraid that you would think him disgusting.

Afraid you would hate him.

So he went along with the charade. He pretended like it didn't hurt and that he wasn't scared. Though he so longed to be with you, he treated you like all the others, flirting harmlessly and making you happy.

"Do you need help? With the knot I mean," you asked, casually walking towards him. You ducked under his arm, unknowingly pinning yourself between him and the wall. You reached up and took the fabric from him, undoing what he had previously done.

He leaned into you, taking in the smell of your fragrant perfume. His heart pumped at an incredible pace as he thought about wrapping his arms around you, nuzzling his face into the crook of you neck, and planting sweet kisses all over. Never had anyone made him feel so flustered and nervous.

You were standing on the tip of your toes, trying to reach the cabinet where you were going to loop the knot, when you lost your balance. Instantly you wobbled backwards, crashing into Francis and efficiently landing on him. Fortunately, he had fallen into a pile of pillows, and was not hurt. You rolled off him, lifting yourself up with your hands, trying to reorient yourself.

A lump formed in his throat and he saw his chance. You were starting to get up and now was his only hope.

His hand snaked around your waist quickly and dragged you into him, your head now resting on his torso. His heartbeat pumped at a fast pace and he breathed deeply.

Completely taken by surprise you fell into him. Though, slightly awkward and incredibly vexing, something about the smell of roses and the rise and fall of his chest made you glued to that position.

"F.  . . Francis?"

He hugged you tenderly, pulling you up closer so that you were straddling him, forcing you to look at him. His fingers tucked strands of hair from your face behind your ear and he smiled softly, eyes half lidded.

For once in his life, Francis had no passionate words full of gusto and beauty to offer. His actions were neither romantic nor glamorous, but rather clumsy and endearing. He mustered all the courage he had, and in a squeaky, shy voice he whispered to you all that he could say.

"I love you. I don't know why. . . but I do. I'm sorry."

He closed his eyes, trying to stop the now-forming tears from leaking out.

The room went still. All that could be heard were the knocks of the swinging pendulum within the grandfather clock which resided in the hallway.

Slowly, you inched forward, bringing your faces closer together. Your heart pounded unbelievably quick as you felt his lips scrape against yours.

Eyelashes fluttering, you pressed forward, becoming more intimate and deepening the kiss. His lips were warm and gentle and had a lingering taste of wine about them.

Finally you pulled away, nestling your face in his hair.

"I'm sorry too. I love you and I don't know why either."

Francis was sure his pulse stopped with those few words.

He pulled you in as close as he possibly could, moving so that he now laid on his side with you cradled in his arms.

"I'm so glad."
I’m not sure if I’m entirely happy with how this came out, but I felt like I needed to move onto something new, so enjoy!

Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya
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oil on canvas 90x160cm 2012
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hi i'm chalii penname is xoa you can call whatever~
this one tittle is the Beatiful Autumn
imagine beautiful autumn place
now here is fall tree is so colorful~ weather also nice:)
season is of course fall

and... i don't know how to put in the banner....

hehe have a good day~
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Picture NOT belong to me; I Just make a stamp)
Hetalia © Hidekaz Himaruya

:star: :iconhetalia-fan-club::star:
Join if You want^^
Scotland 1[link]
Scotland 2 [link]
Ukraine [link]
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maleHungary [link]
femPrussia [link]
PolandUkraine [link]
EstoniaUkraine [link]
BelgiumUkraine [link]
femPrussia [link]
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PrussiaUkraine [link]
Poland [link]
LitvaBelarus [link]
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It might've been the middle of winter, but your flushing face was keeping you warm.
You only knew Natasha from her older brother, Ivan, but you didn't know she had an identical twin.
And he was hot.
You just didn't hope he was a stalker, like his sister was.

The frozen lake near Ivan's house was perfect for ice-skating, so that's what you did, accompanied by just Belarus's male counterpart.
He told you he would teach you a little bit.

Tying up your (color) skates, you said,"Alexander? W-Wait, that's your name, right?"

"Mhm.", he replied as he sat down next to you on the bench."What's the matter, _______________?"

"...What if I fall?", you asked innocently.

Belarus laughed, making you blush at how utterly sexy his laugh was.
"I'll catch you. Don't worry, you're making too big of a deal."

You sighed and leaned back, your back hurting from being hunched over.
"Alright. It's impossible to walk in these."

"Would you mind if I...carried you?", Belarus asked as he stood up.

You looked up at him. His dark eyes were full of innocence and a curious glint.
"Not at all.", you replied, holding your arms out to Belarus.

The Belarussian smiled brightly as he gently, and a little shyly, lifted you into his arms bridal-style.
You also smiled, taking the opprotunity to wrap your arms around his neck and give him an affection squeeze.

"D-Do not choke me, ________.", Belarus insisted."Natalia WILL kill you if I die."

You shrugged."She's a meanie-pants."

"Tell me about it.", Bealrus replied as he set you down on the ice softly before backing away.

Holding your arms out to keep your balance, you were already feeling dizzy.
"Whoaaa. Hey, damn it, don't just stand there, showing off!!"

Belarus rolled his eyes and skated back, farther from you.
Holding his arms out, he exclaimed,"C'mere, skate into my arms."

You glared at Bealrus."Do I look like I can?"

"Oh, _________.", Belarus replied, bending his fingers for you to come close."It's like beginning to walk. You've got to try small things."

"You're at least ten feet away, Alexander."

"So? Come on, you know I don't bite...!!"

You sighed and slid one foot behind you, letting it push you twords your friend.
"...Like this?"

A huge smile was on Bealrus's face."You're doing well. Just do that with your other foot. Alternate, come on..!"

Losing your footing, you held your arms out once again."A-Alexander...!!"

Belarus sighed and skated up to you, lifting you into his arms bridal-style in one swift moation and making a blush brush your face softly.
Looking down at you, the Belarussian whispered,"You worry so much. I won't let you fall."

"You said that already.", you complained, wrapping your arms around Belarus's neck.
Leaning your head against his shoulder, you said,"Besides. I like it a lot better here, when you're holding me."
Bealrus's face lit up. You smiled and gave him an affectionate squeeze.

The sudden feel of lips against yours made you grip Belarus's shoulders tightly. Gently skinking into the kiss from him, you bit his bottom lip.


The Belarussian pulled back from you to see his sister glaring knives at him.
"Oh. Hey, Natasha."
Yeah. I called MaleBealrus 'Belarus' in the writing because Natasha doesn't show up until the last two sentances, like a boss.

Both Belarus' (c) Hetalia Axis Powers
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{Name} sat in one of the many castle's dimmed window seals and let a few strands of of [h/c] hair fall to her shoulders.The castle was gloomy as usual but the castle was like that every day whether dark or lght outside.{Name} doesnt mind though.She had actually gotten use to it and thought it was quite peaceful.{Name}'s thoughts were interrupted as the door creaked and a figure stepped in.The moon glared onto his face and it appeared to be her Vampire lord Romania."Buna,draga mea"[1],his husky voice smoothed out.With that voice it could send a shiver up your spine with also knowing how intimidating this country could be if angered or anything for that matter.This man could easily make your heart skip or allow silence into a room with his aura and power he gave off.
Romania had somehow found his way to {Name},although he was a vampire so she wasnt suprised when his arms had found their way to make comfortable around her waist.The vampire country rested his head on her shoulder with a few strands tickling {name}'s cheek which she stroked softly trying to undo the messy locks of golden brown hair he had.
Romania pulled her closer and leaned to her height placing his lips to hers letting them cascade.{Name} wasnt suprised by his forwardness,I mean after all she belonged to him and no one else as being stated numerous times by him.{Name} was going no where and to no one else but Romania and that was made very clear with their affection to each other.She didnt WANT to be with anyone else.
As {name} encircled her arms around his neck,Romania pulled her closer and after a few minutes of showing his affection,he moved to her neck and bit which resulted with a small yelp from {name} as his fangs penetrated her skin.Romania had now proven that she was his and now had the moark to prve they would be together for eternity.Romania thought he was lucky.She was his forever and that's all he's wanted and finally gave her the mark of a vampire.
The night seemed to glow on them as {name} went limp and a little drowsy still getting used to the bite wound and collapsed into him which was confined by his embrace.That's okay she thought,She wanted to be there.Romania held her as if {name} were a china doll that could break with just one touch,soft or rough.
Romania gazed down at her and whispered softly,"Sarut cu acest vampir de untuneric,va ramane oentru vesnicie a mea"[2] watching his lovely {name} drift off to sleep breathing softly.
[1]"Hello,my dear"

[2]"With this vampire's kiss of the dark,I make you mine for eternity"

WARNING! My first fanfic so comment if ya like,i think i did a pretty good job

Ik it's short but I wanted to make sure I have atleast decent writing before going longer
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Collection by
So I decided that I wwould come back to this account for a wwhile. Wwhy? WWHY NOT. Anywways, Instead of doing Amnesia or other anime, I decided that I wwould be doing a bunch of Homestuck inspires drawwings >:] 
(Proud to be an Aquarius!) 

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You groaned as you tried, and failed, to reach the box of tissues that sat on the far side of your bedside table. Realizing that you wouldn't be able to reach it without rolling yourself out of bed, you flopped pathetically back onto your pillows.

You had awoken about half an hour ago, and you felt like death itself. You were congested beyond belief, and your throat was so scratchy, you were surprised you hadn't coughed up a lung yet.

Hearing the beautiful compositions of your Austrian boyfriend, Roderich, floating in from under your door only made it worse, as it reminded you of your failed attempts to get his attention so that he could come and take care of you.

"Roddyyy-" You croaked out meekly, trying once again to call out for help, before you were interrupted by your loudest hacking fit yet. Your body racked violently with coughs, and you unintentionally sat up at the ordeal.

When you were finished, you collapsed onto your back again, and you noticed a certain lack of piano playing coming from down the hall. You smiled weakly, as you heard light footsteps walking closer to your room.

"(Y/n)? I heard you coughing, are you okay? Are you hurt? Vhat's wrong?" Roderich asked worriedly as he poked his head through the door, slightly panicked from the major coughing fit he had heard from your room.

You turned your head slowly and pouted, trying to convey the fact that you had a bad cold to him without opening your mouth. You knew that if you tried to talk with your throat the way it was at the moment, you'd immediately break into another run of coughs.

"Oh, schatz." He cooed uncharacteristically, strolling over to the bedside and sitting next to you, stroking your cheek with the back of his hand. "I told you to vear a coat vhen ve vere out yesterday, did I not?" He chastised half-heartedly, a sympathetic look on his face as he passed you a tissue and moved the box closer to you.

"Yeah-" You tried to say after you had blown your nose contentedly, but your words inevitably turned into another round of coughs.

Roderich reached around your back when you sat up, patting it soothingly, frowning when you gasped for air afterwards.

"I'll be right back..." He told you, before standing up and briskly walking out of the room.

A few minutes later he returned with a tray that held a bowl of soup, a spoon, a glass of water, and a few pills. He set the tray down and removed the suit jacket that he donned, throwing it over the back of a chair, before picking up the glass of water and pressing it to your lips insistently. In his other hand he held the cold medication he had brought.

You gratefully took the glass of water and downed half of it quickly, before grudgingly picking up the- rather large- pills and downing them as well.

"Good girl." Roderich stated, almost mockingly, when he noticed the glare you had sent him, before he reached behind you to fluff up your pillows. Your face was right in front of the unbuttoned collar of his violet dress shirt as he leaned over you and you wished that you could inhale the scent of his cologne, but sadly, you were too congested to even remember what it smelled like.

The next thing you knew, Roderich had gotten hold of the soup bowl and spoon, and he was shoving it in your mouth. Your eyes widened, but you swallowed the warm liquid and gave him a small smile as he stared at you, gauging your reaction with calculating amethyst eyes.

"It's good!" No sooner were the words out of your mouth, the spoon was in it again, refilled with the broth.

You furrowed your brow and swallowed again, grabbing the spoon weakly yet quickly from his thin hand, and pulling it out of your mouth.

"I can feed myself, you know-" You attempted to tell him through a strained voice, but were cut off by Roderich sending you an indignant look and snatching the spoon back.

You groaned as you tried to get the spoon back; but he now had your wrists pinned on your hip with the hand that wasn't holding the spoon. He filled up the utensil once again, and quietly spoon fed you, to your dismay, until the bowl was finished.

However, you didn't complain again during the process; Roderich acted oddly motherly when you were sick and you dared not to provoke him further, for fear he would become more overbearing.

You gave him a look and he set aside the bowl when you were done the last spoonful, and smirked triumphantly.

"Vas it zhat hard?" He queried, making your look turn into a glare.

"You're a-" You tried to retort, but were interrupted by another coughing fit, at which point his worried look returned.

He soothed circles onto your back once more, and when you were finished, he pressed a gentle kiss onto your warm forehead.

Recoiling quickly, he screeched "(Y/n)! You're burning up! Oh, vhy did I not notice before?! Vhere's zhe zhermometer?!", all the while running his hands through his smooth, chestnut hair.

"I-" Your attempted reply came out, but it was too late as he was already out the bedroom  door, probably to find the small device.

He's such a weirdo. You thought as you chuckled softly at his actions.

No sooner had he left, he jogged back into the room, placing a few throat lozenges onto your lap, before quickly leaving again.

But, he's my weirdo.
I'm really sick so somehow in my dazed and sneezing state I managed to come up with this. Yeah. I wish Austria would help me too D':

I'm super busy with schoolwork right now, so I'll try to get something up next week, probably!

Austria (c) Hidekazu Himaruya!
You (c) Austria!
Story (c) Me!
Picture (c) Not Me! (I found it on google so uh yeah *sweats nervously*)
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So yeah, I've officially existed for a quarter of a century! Thanks for all the well wishes today!

I'm happy to report that I'm having fun developing my teaching skills, planning lessons and developing my own art curriculum, even if that means putting all my comic projects on hold for a bit while I adjust to teaching four art classes.

There are some projects you can sacrifice quality and rush in terms of meeting deadlines, but I think my both writing and artwork will be all the more richer with time, whether I am actively working on them or just letting ideas simmer in the back of my head.

Once in a while, I do touch base with Xei, Vera, Zy and Raven to see how everyone's doing in my absence. It's just kind of crazy to think about how we all grew up together this past decade and sort of went our separate ways. Despite being physically older than me when I met him, Xei was rather emotionally immature and he's grown a lot more in that domain since embracing parenthood (in contrast to the whole not-raising-Zy thing). Meanwhile, Zy has found he's often bossed around as the minority male in the house (the twins are like little Raven clones sometimes). Granted, that's not exactly new to him since his older sister Ria was quite bossy. And still is bossy. Ha ha. She gets it from her mother.

Anyway, I hope you're following me on Tapastic because I really haven't been able to keep up the manual uploading here on DA for now.

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I'm planning on moving to another account (R-C-S) but it is not quite done yet and i haven't uploaded anything there yet either. The account will be some what focused with a new comic i am making called Rift Key. (It will be a creepypasta fan-based comic in a sense, but with a bit "originality" when coming to character personality, and will edge more towards the actual behavior of the creepypasta "monsters") 
Soo yeah. Of course I'll still go on this account, however, not as much. 
Thank you for reading.
~sugar-crzy-donut (A.K.A. R-C-S)

UPDATE: Well, I posted 22 things today so I guess i've officially moved accounts xD Well, yeah, we'll see what happens next :P
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Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: violence/gore)
    Tortured screams cut through the air as the dark haired doctor casually continued with her work without the slightest tinge of remorse for her actions. The girl whom had carelessly stumbled into the house with her, thinking that the doctor had nothing but good intentions was now going through hell, letting out agonized shouts that would give any average person nightmares. But the doctor, clutching an assortment of anatomy tools in her hand simply reveled at the sounds.
      “Easy, now,” Aya murmured, letting the scalpel glide across the skin. “Don’t move too much. I might cut something…important.”
     The victim let out another scream of pain as the doctor worked on relentlessly, recording her findings in a blood-splattered book sitting on the desk at the side. Her blue eyes glinted with hidden insanity as she dropped the blood-soaked tools into a basin of water before moving on to the next. The apron she wore over her dark blue dress was stained with large splatters of blood that were quickly drying as she examined the specimen laid out before her.
     “I…I thought you….you were…nice…” the victim gasped out, eyes wide with terror. Her tears left wet trails on her bloody cheeks which she refused to wipe away. “…how….why….do…you do…this…?”
    “Hmmm? Still alive, are we?” Aya grinned, wiping her bloody hands on her apron. They left stains on the white material. “Excellent. You’ve lasted longer than most…that means we can conduct more experiments on you…”
      Another scream split the air and broke what small bit of tranquility there was left in the area as Aya set to work on her next experiment. Blood gushed out of dozens of wounds cut through the small girl’s body as the insane doctor continued her work. There was not even a shard of mercy left in the dark haired woman to at least stab her through the heart and end this torture she was living through, even though the victim kept pleading at her for death’s sweet embrace.
      Then, at last, Aya ceased her work.
      The victim cracked open one eye curiously, wondering why the doctor had stopped her experiment. Aya had her head cocked slightly, examining her face as if considering something. Then, with a smile, the doctor placed her bloody tool on the desk, not even letting it sink into the water basin for washing. The victim felt renewed fear course through her bones and she held her breath for what fate might have in store for her next.
      “You know, you have very pretty eyes….” Aya crooned, lifting up another scalpel. The victim’s senses were going crazy, the fear whizzing about her body increasing as Aya advanced towards her with a sharp tool raised. Not even allowing the poor girl time to hold her breath, the blade descended quickly and stabbed the girl in the eye. The girl let out another shriek as blinding pain erupted in that eye as Aya delved the blade deeper into the socket. The pain felt like fire that crushed the agony of every other wound Aya had inflicted on her. Now, the girl just felt the fiery ache as the doctor set to work on removing her eye.
       Blood gushed out of the wound when Aya was finally finished with her work, leaving two gaping, empty sockets where the beautiful eyes used to occupy. The victim lay still, finally accepting death as soon as the second eye was gouged out of her skull. Aya smiled, cradling the two eyeballs in her hand that gazed back at her lifelessly. The green in the pupils was astonishingly bright and still seemed to possess a small glimmer despite the circumstances. Satisfied with her new gain, Aya picked out an empty bottle from the supply shelf and carefully placed the precious eyeballs inside before screwing back on the lid. She smiled softly at the two marble-like objects now resting in the bottle before letting a small chuckle escape her.
      “You have very pretty eyes, Jean,” Aya murmured, setting the eyeballs on the shelf, “and now I can look at them forever.”
HOLY MOLY I went overboard with the amount of blood and gore in this thingy D:

I never really wrote anything for Mad Father (though I really wanted to) so I wrote this, where Aya followed her father's footsteps and lured people into her house for ghastly experiments.

Poor Jean...she had no idea what was coming. And I can bet Aya removed her eyes for her own gain since she seemed to admire them so much :/

Anyway, hope you enjoy!! :D
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Collection by
South Italy X Reader


*…I've got to turn this car around, I never should have left you there…* - Alexis Jordan


It was your third week in Italy, those three weeks you would remember for the rest of your life. You had been sent from (insert your country) to do an Art project with your friend, Feliciano. You were really excited about this whole art project as you had been planning it for months and you loved and shared every piece of art you did with Feliciano. And after meeting his grumpy big brother Lovino, you had grown such a liking to him. Even though other girls just like you would fancy a guy like Britain, Russia or America. But no, you had fallen for the 'tomato loving bastard' from what Germany called him. Those three weeks passed you by in seconds as your three weeks were almost up, you had the greatest times with Romano and Italy, eating pasta, watching scary movies (which freaked poor Feliciano out of his pants…) and taking long strolls with the two twins and look at the scenery. You really didn't want to go, and you had to leave in 5 hours for this was your last day and you were killing yourself inside and out.

You began packing up everything you had brought on your small trip, your clothes, your (plushy if wanted), your books and your phone.

You continued tidying up your small untidy room, when your phone rang. You had chosen 'The Tomato Song' as your ringtone, only because you loved tomatoes and this pleased Lovino more. You tapped your phone twice before it was unlocked, your parents were ringing you. They probably needed to know what time you needed to be at the airport for, or if you had any problems or mishaps. You pressed the green phone button and listened at the other end of the line.

"Hi mom, Hi dad."

"Awww, how's my little sweetie pie? Hmmm? Did you have a nice time?"

"Umm…yes, yes I did. I'm just packing my things now and-"

"Good! Splendid! We'll see you at the airport in an hour!"

"Oka-What? Wait a second! I thought you said I was meeting you at 6?!"

This was just the worst thing that happened to you, since today. You only had an hour!? Why?! You didn't want to say goodbye in a hour! You wanted to just spend one last time with your friends before leaving, but your impatient parents cared a lot about you so you were always very early to any occasion.

"Well sweet heart, it is your baby cousins christening in an 4½ hours so we can't be late."

"Okay, mom. Thanks for telling me."

You almost on the brim of tears as you hung up, you never wanted to say goodbye to Italy. With beautiful weather and friendly people, it gave you more than a reason not to stay.

But what were you friends going to think? They probably had this whole day planned especially for you. You just couldn't do it, you couldn't face them and say you were leaving. You just had to leave without a goodbye.

As you finished tidying your messy room, you grabbed your heavy suitcase and chugged down the stairs. After breathing heavily after carry two or three of your bags (filled with the greatest amounts of pasta.) You looked around to see if anyone was home. Thankfully, no one. But just as you were going to head out the door, something caught your eye. On the island in the Italian brother's kitchen, there was a letter. A letter addressed to you.

You rushed over to the island and grabbed the letter in an instant. Your hand felt two pieces of paper in the envelope, as the first one you could get your hands on you read. It was from Feliciano.

Dear _____.

We are just-a going shopping-a we won't-a be long-a!

PS: Apparently, there are-a two letters in here-a! Who's the other-a one from-a!?
Ci vediamo più tardi! Feliciano. xxxxx ;)

You giggled lightly as tiny tears streamed down from your face, how you was going to miss your jolly, pasta loving friend. You then started to look again in the envelope, but your eyes went wide as you felt something soft. So soft it could have been similar to a butterflies wing. You pulled the object out as gasped in beauty and surprise. It was your favourite flower (insert flower), then there was another letter. You began to read again.

Dear _____.

I'm sorry-a I have not-a been so-a nice to you-a these past-a few days. I feel-a really awful-a and I-a have no idea-a how to forgive-a you. But, since today-a is your last-a day and I don't want-a you to be a worrying about-a me, I would-a just like to-a say.
Ti amo, bella. xxx <3

PS: This flower shows-a how much I-a love and care for you-a. If you didn't-a get this-a message, by-a the time-a we come back-a. I'm sorry, It was-a a silly mistake-a. But-a I love-a you, Ti amo così tanto. Ogni volta che ti vedo, il mio cuore batte in modo veloce e non riesco a fare nulla. Non vorrei che a, perché... I-I, amore mio splendido fiore. TI amo più di qualsiasi altra cosa vivente in questo mondo. Mi hai fatto sentire vivo per una volta nella mia vita. Avete portato la felicità nel mio cuore. E per questo motivo. Vi ringrazio.

You understood every single detail he wrote in Italian. His words almost made you flood into a fountain of tears. His words didn't make you want to go. His words had touched your heart so deeply, it had made your heart skip a beat. But, you had to go. Even if you loved him, and now him writing to you saying that he loved you back, you had too. Otherwise you parent would be cross, and they'd have to wait for months to try and get the money they needed to go to Italy and pick you up. With your tears drowning Lovino's love letter to you, you placed it back in the envelope and got ready to go. You still held your (insert flower) as you stuck it in your pocket.

You waved and called for a taxi as you were ready to go. The taxi man go out of the car to help you.

"Well, dude. Where are you off to?"

You recognised that voice, that voice that was almost similar to all the superhero movie voices you heard…it couldn't be? You lifted up his hat, slowly. You sad expression soon turned into a cheesy grin.


"_____? Hey, dude!"

He lifted you up into a giant bear hug.

"I missed you, dude! Where have you been these last couple of weeks?"

You only wished you could reply but with Alfred squeezing you like it was the end of the world, you had no chance of getting any words through your mouth. He then notice you breathing for air. He chuckled innocently before gently placing you down back on earth.

"Well, dude? Tell me!"

"Oh, it was nothing. Just a project I had to do with Feliciano."

"Oh...where is he now, dude?"

"He's out shopping with his brother."

"I see, well…wait? Have you said goodbye to them?"

You hated to lie, you hated it. Your parents and friends would lie to you some of the time to get attention, but you always kept an angels promise and told the truth. But at now, this stage of your life you just had to lie once this time.

"Oh…don't worry I left a note."

"Well done, dude! Okay!"

He quickly rushed into the car before jamming in his car keys to start the engine. You hopped in the back seat, just dying to get home.

"Okay, dude! Your destination, please?"

"Aeroporti di Roma, please."

"Okay, dude! Let's rock and roll!"

He stepped his foot on the gas as you set of to the airport. You were just a few seconds going before Alfred shouted.

"Hey dude! Aren't they your buds?"

You quickly swivelled around in your back seat to see a scene which you desperately didn't want to be shown.

Little Italy had ran out of the house and had fallen on his hand and knees sobbing his heart out. As for Romano, he was just as shocked. He had dropped all his shopping and was standing looking at you with tears in his eyes, he looked hurt. As you swivelled back round regretting what you just saw, you began to sob to yourself quietly into your hands.

You heard Lovino shout.

"TI AMO, _______!"

You jumped back up and stuck you head out of the window screaming.


You didn't care if you hair was blowing everywhere behind you face, you just had to look at him one last time.

♫♫ I gotta turn this car around
I never should have left you there
Boy this traffic is making me sick
Boy I can't wait to have you near ♫

You thought of all the beautiful times you had with Romano before a yelling Alfred tugged you back inside the car.

"______ dude, what the hell were you thinking?!"

You had gone into such a daydream you could hardly hear Alfred yelling in the front seat, you closed your eyes and thought about Romano.

♫ I gotta hurry, hurry, hurry
Now quick, quick, quick
Just step on the gas 'cause I don't wanna miss this
This opportunity will only come once in my life, my life ♫


How did you two meet?

Surprisingly, you weren't forced into one of those introduction matters. Those things were just too uncomfortable and embarrassing for you. You were in the shops, yes you were shopping for you groceries. Of course, you were in the vegetable aisle searching for ingredients to make your own pasta. You had the pasta, you had the equipment but you were just missing one thing, the tomatoes. You saw probably hundreds of tomatoes on one stack in the aisle as you went out to reach for one. At the same time, another hand touched yours as he grabbed it first.

Waiting for him to steal it and walk away, he did. Before throwing it back to you.

"Here ragazza, you keep it."

You looked at the man now, as your eyes widen in shock in thought of who is was.

♫ I gotta hurry, hurry, hurry
Now quick, quick, quick
Just step on the gas 'cause I don't wanna miss this
See what you're bringin' me boy is priceless
I gotta be out of my mind not to try this ♫

He looked somehow familiar, but somehow different. This had ought to be the brother Feliciano, Lovino. With his dark chestnut hair, olive skin and gorgeous golden eyes staring straight into your (colour) ones.

"You are Feliciano's big brother, right?"

"Strana ragazza! Sono di stalking me?"

Some people offered to swap strange looks with your sad and angry ones. They walked passed quickly, scared that a fight was going to occur.  You had been researching and learning the Italian language and now you were able to understand what they said with their native tongues.

♫ Through strength I found love
In time I found myself in happiness with you
Through strength I found love
In time I found myself in happiness with you ♫

"Ha-Ha-Ha! You bet!"

You giggly slightly as he blushed a tint of pink before walking away to continue his shopping, and to get away from you. You looked down at your tomato and realised that there was a smiley face drawn in pen, along with a number with the contact name 'The Vargas Brothers'. Your tummy flopped up and down as you happily continued with your shopping.


How did things get serious?

It was another day at the at the Vargas's house. Romano had just woken up letting his amber eyes sparkle, as the sunlight blinded his eyes. It was half-day and Romano would always sleep heavily, due that he was up late almost every night. He breathed in a breath of fresh air, after opening his balcony window. He closed his eyes and felt the sun warm up is tanned olive skin.

He then heard a shrilled scream. He knew that scream all too well. He raced down the stairs to see you, on the floor holding your arm which a had knife cut through, it was spilling with blood. From the looks of what you were doing, you were trying to prepare a meal for the Italian twins. That was until your hand slipped and the knife cut through your arm.    

"Stupida ragazza! What-a did you-a do?"

♫ Boy, I need to say what's in my heart
I was scared but I'll do my part
I came back to tell you face to face
So what we have won't go to waste ♫

He ran straight to your side in an instant as he saw your beautiful (colour) eyes all red and sore from your painful accident. You still sobbed away like he had said not a word to you. He ran to turn the tap on, but there was no water.

"Damn bastards! Checking-a their stupid water again-a!"

♫ I gotta hurry, hurry, hurry
Now quick, quick, quick
Just step on the gas 'cause I don't wanna miss this
This opportunity will only come once in my life, my life yeah ♫

He rushed to try and find a wet cloth, but everything was stone dry. And because the Italian boys were such professionals at cooking they foolishly decided they didn't need to buy a first aid kit.

But to Lovino there was only one option to use.

♫ Sorry, sorry, sorry, I'm coming down to fix this
You should know how I feel, I know I got you twisted
See what you're bringin' me boy is priceless
I gotta be out of my mind not to try this ♫

You were still crying your eyes out when you felt something warm and slithery glide up and down your arm. It was…Lovino's tongue. He was licking your arm back and forth, not stopping even for a second to gain breath. You were just amazed. No one would ever do this to you, not even Feliciano. But Romano, he was Romano. Your belly flopped up and down like waves in a rough ocean as the touch of his tongue on your skin was just unbearable. You couldn't hold it in. You let out a tiny moan, when you felt the slimy tongue disappear from your arms touch.   

He used his gleaming pearl teeth to rip of an arm of his pink shirt before wrapping it around your arm. He then cradled you gently and lifted you to your feet at the same time.

♫ Through strength I found love
In time I found myself in happiness with you
Through strength I found love
In time I found myself in happiness with you ♫

Lovino whispered gently into your ear.

"You-a tried, ragazza. I want-a you to-a be careful next-a time…but-a for now-a, leave the cooking-a to us professionals-a."


You thought about it a lot before you made up your mind. You loved Romano, more than anything in the world and you hated seeing that face on him. This wasn't going to end in sad sob story. This was going to be your ending the way you planned it. You opened your eyes to see Alfred still driving and almost on the motorway. You got up out of your seat.

♫ The things that you can give to me
I can feel it when you're holding me close
You're like one of the world wonders
I know I'm going under ♫

"Alfred, turn around."

"But wait, ____ wha-"

"Do as I say!"

"Bu-But?! Wh-Wha-"

"If you turn around now and let me drive I will give you $10 to go to McDonalds with."

"Ha! Yes! It's a deal!"

♫ Come see that I'm ready for this
And you're so good for me
You're my true joy
You make me wanna say♫

You had swapped seats with Alfred so he was in the back seat, he munched on his McDonald double cheese burger as if there was no tomorrow. The taxi car tires screeched as you spun the car the opposite way round and push your foot down hard on the pedal. You were just hoping that Lovino and Feliciano were still there. You glided in different directions, past different style and colour cars as you went full speed ahead to Lovino's house.


Lovino was devastated, and so was Feliciano. Lovino still stood there as his heart had hope that you'd return. But his mind was telling him to give up now. He still stood in the exact same spot he had watched _____ leave from for over 20 minutes. His little brother, Feliciano was sobbing quietly on the steps. Finally Romano broke the silence.

"We are-a too late-a, she's-a gone."

New tears streaked down from his honey combed eyes. He turned away, but when he was just about to usher is little brother inside he heard a shout not far in the distance.


Lovino looked up and saw no one. It was must have been his mind playing tricks on him, but it wasn't as he heard the voice again.


♫ Through strength I found love
In time I found myself in happiness with you
Through strength I found love
In time I found myself in happiness with you ♫

He then saw you, on you panting for breath and holding onto your knees and your silhouette was stuck behind the setting sun. He ran, so fast he could not breath himself as he was choking himself up from his tears. He finally saw your (colour) eyes and he defiantly knew it was you. He scooped you up into his arms as he gave you a warm, tight embrace.

"Non mi lasciare, _____! Don't ever leave me again!"

You looked up into his shiny gold eyes as he kissed your smile off of your face. The kiss was so passionate and hungry it made you want more and more of Romano's endless love. He kissed you're the whole of you face, lips and body endlessly, over and over again until both of your mouths were sore.

"I'm s-so sorry! I was scared! I h-had no idea what to do I-"

"Don't-a worry, bella. You had-a to do it-a. But you'll-a never leave-a me, right-a?"


"Then marry me-a, bella. I don't-a want to-a lose you again-a."

He was proposing to you, out of all the girls in the world…he had chosen you. More tears had started to form in your eyes once again as you grabbed Romano in for a light hug.

"I do, yes. I will marry you."

And quickly reached his hands into your pocket and held your (flower) and swiftly placed it behind your ear and with that, he kissed you again.

It was only then you realised that you had missed your cousin's christening and your trip home, your mother and father were not pleased. Then weeks later you found out that Alfred had lost his licence due to your driving, but he didn't care after all he was doing a good thing for you. And with stacks of pasta you were going to take with you to England were now back in the Vargas house as you lived with the two twins, one of the being you fiancé.

So, are you going to leave when you tell someone you love them? Hmmm…no fat chance.

♫ Through strength I found love
In time I found myself in happiness with you
Through strength I found love In time I found myself in happiness

with you… ♫


Yayy! This took me 3-4 hours to do and now, once again I am tired. I'm not really going to put much for my discription but, oh well.

You (c) ___________ < What you look like.

Lovino Romano Vargas (c) :iconsexyromano2plz:

Feliciano Venziano Vargas (c) :iconsexyitalyplz:

Alfred Foster Jones (c) :iconsexyamerica2plz:

Enjoy! ~


Ci vediamo più tardi! = We'll see you later!

Ti amo, bella. = I love you, beautiful. (Come on! Surley you must know that!)

Ti amo così tanto. Ogni volta che ti vedo, il mio cuore batte in modo veloce e non riesco a fare nulla. Non vorrei che a, perché... I-I, amore mio splendido fiore. TI amo più di qualsiasi altra cosa vivente in questo mondo. Mi hai fatto sentire vivo per una volta nella mia vita. Avete portato la felicità nel mio cuore. E per questo motivo. Vi ringrazio. = I love you so much. Every time I see you, my heart beats so fast and i can't do anything. I do not want to, because ... I-I love my beautiful flower. I love you more than any other living thing in this world. You made me feel alive for once in my life. You have brought the happiness in my heart. And for this reason. I thank you.

Ragazza = Girl.

Strana ragazza! Sono di stalking me? = Strange girl! Are you stalking me?

Non mi lasciare = Don't leave me again.

I blame Google translations for giving me...bad translations.

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        Trembling with embarrassment and fear of being noticed, I hide behind a surf shack. Heat is coursing through my face, tinting my cheeks and ears a cherry-red.
        Peering around the corner, I scan the sand-carpeted beach for my next hiding spot. Zoning in on my target, I check to make sure the coast is clear before I make a mad dash to an umbrella and shield myself behind it.
     "If I can-a just make it to-a the hotel, I will-a escape humiliation," I think to myself.
        A warm breeze snakes around my exposed form and taunts my naked skin. Desperately in need of clothes, I cover my privates with my hands as best as I can.
        Darting from cover to cover, I make steady progress towards our hotel along the beachside. The longer I evade detection, the more confident I become that I may escape my current situation without a problem. Of course, I'm never that lucky…
        Tripping over a surfboard half-buried in the sand, I come crashing down into the lap of someone lounging on a purple towel. Despair really sinks in, when I lift my head to meet the gorgeous (e/c) eyes of a young woman. Temporarily mesmerized by those luminescent (e/c) irises, I forget the obvious fact I'm stark naked. However, as her eyes widen in shock, that fact comes crashing back into me like a dying wave as it reaches shore.
        My cheeks burn madly as my mind empties, abandoning me to my fate.
        "W-what are-a you looking at-a ragazza?!" I demand, feigning ignorance of my condition.
        "Oh nothing….just your shiny rear glistening in the sun," she answers, a mischievous smile slowly dominating her features.
        In an attempt to hide my nude backside, I flip over only to realize a second too late I've traded bad for worse.
        Her cheeks transition into a deep pink, verging on red, as she stares.
        With a gasp, I scramble off of her lap and meekly cover myself with my hands.
        "Y-y-you didn't see that-a!" At this point, I would have gladly traded for that potato-sucking b*****d if it meant not humiliating myself in front of this rather stunning lady.
        Abruptly, she turns away, her (h/c) hair shifting with the swift movement. Grabbing the spare beach towel from her bag, she holds it out to me.
        "Here's something you can use to cover up," she offers, refraining from looking at me more than a few quick peeks.
        "Grazie! Uh…."
        " name is ______," she announces, while I wrap the towel around my waist, effectively covering everything important.
        "Grazie ______." Not wanting to admit my name after such an impression, I turn tail and flee.
        Slamming the door of my room closed, I lean against it and let out a sigh of relief. The nightmare was finally over and I could relax.
        Pausing to reflect, ______ comes to mind and I find myself eager to see her again. Shaking my head, I force the idea away knowing _______ probably thinks I'm some freak who likes to streak across the sand.
        Besides, I had a few select words to say to Antonio about my ordeal, when I saw him the next day…

        "I said I was sorry Lovin-OW!!" cries Antonio as he tries to escape my pursuing wrath.
        Virtually snapping at the Spaniard's heels, I chase him across the shore while smacking him with my beach umbrella.
        "Do you-a have any idea what-a I had to go-a through?!" I snarl at him, my amber-brown eyes ablaze.
        "It was Gilbert's idea! We just wanted to play a small prank!" protests Antonio and I let him speed away into the distance.
        Kicking up sand as I skid to a halt, my eyes darken as a mischievous glint flashes across them. Revenge will be so sweet…
        Perching up in a palm tree, I overlook the volleyball court below as I grasp my fishing rod. Below me, Arthur, Alfred, Ivan, Gilbert, Antonio, and Francis take stances to prepare for the next serve.
        Leaping into the air, Francis serves the ball to the other side only to have Arthur set it up for Alfred to spike it.
        Whipping my arm forward, I let the fishing line fly out and snag an unsuspecting albino's swimming trunks. The combination of me reeling back the line and Gilbert running backwards to rebound Ivan's serve, brings the delightful sound of tearing fabric. My line finally returns and upon the hook is a pair of torn black-and-white trunks.
        Glancing back, I'm satisfied to see the silver-haired albino's whiter-than snow rear shining in the afternoon sun.
        Within the next heartbeat, Alfred breaks out laughing and pointing at Gilbert.
        "Dude! Nice butt!" chuckles Alfred, his blue eyes dancing with laughter.
        "Huh? Vhat ist he talking about?"
        "Mon ami, you may want to look down…"
        "Vhat ze h***?!" gasps Gilbert as he attempts to cover himself.
        Being far from finished, I fling my hook out again and rip away Alfred's and Arthur's shorts away too.
        "Hey Arty, can you tell me what time Big Ben says?!" Alfred barely voices those words before he bursts out laughing.
        His cheeks blazing a deep red, the British gentleman knocks his knees together as he tries to hide what is now exposed.
        "Put the bloody Washington monument away, Alfred!"
        Unable to be content stopping there, I proceed to 'relieve' the remaining three of their swimwear as well.  I have to clasp a hand over my mouth to keep from laughing in sweet victory at their humiliation.
        "This is-a way better than-a my idea to draw moustaches on-a their faces in their-a sleep!" I point out to myself.
        "Someone get me some d*** clozes!" complains Gilbert.
        "Actually, I'm okay with this…ohonhonhon~" argues Francis, his deep blue eyes sparkling.
        "Ah! Someone please hand me a red sheet to cover the bull's horn!" asks Antonio in despair.
        To my surprise, Ivan stands without bothering to make any attempt at covering up. Instead, he simply smiles innocently.
        "So….you all finally agree to become one with me, da?"
        Laughing hard, I silently congratulate myself on a job well-done.
        "Hey, don't I know you?"
        A familiar voice startles me and with a wail, I come crashing down in a cloud of sand. Groaning as I sit up, I shoot a glare up at the one who spoke. My glare instantly loses its sharpness, however, when my eyes connect with those same (e/c) ones.
        "So you like to feel the breeze between your knees and fish in trees, huh?" ______ points to my fishing rod as it dangles, its hook caught on the side of the palm tree.
     "W-wait! No! I'm not supposed to be the one on the receiving end of karma!" I think as I blush the perfect shade of red similar to tomatoes.
        Turning to stare at the trunks hanging from the leaves, ______ gives me a curious look.
        "You collecting those?" she asks teasingly.
        "No!" I answer a little too quickly.
        "Fine, if you say so," teases _______, "I didn't catch your name the other day…."
        "If you must-a know….it's Lovino," I admit.
        Then _______ makes the mistake of looking over at the volleyball court. She freezes at the sight of six men embracing their birthday suits and a thin trail of blood escapes her nose.
        "W-what the heck happened to them?!" she demands, shocked.
        Rushing in front of her, I use my body to block her view.
        "What-a happened to who?" I tilt my head to the side, pretending to be innocent.
        Seeing her nose bleed a little like that, I can't help but feel concern and I pull out a tissue to help wipe away the blood.
        "It's okay, I'm fine," insists _______, turning her head to avoid my aid.
        "Idiota! You're fine when I-a say you're fine!" I snap, unaware of the shadow lurking behind me.
        Suddenly, a pair of hands grabs my trunks firmly and pain erupts from the base of my spine as I'm lifted off the ground by them.
        "Zink you can mess viz pure avesomeness?" hisses a voice in my ear.
        I struggle against the Prussian's grasp and relief washes over me, when the pain suddenly evaporates and my feet touch firm ground again. Unfortunately, I spin around to notice my red, white, and green swim trunks in Gilbert's hands.
        My eyes widen at the sight of his prize and I turn just in time to see ______ faint as blood gushes out of her nose.
        "Oh no, bella!" I gasp, racing over to catch her before she hits the ground.
        Taking off my shirt and tying it into make-shift pants, I soon gather _______ in my arms.
        "Not cool dude! I told you I didn't agree to 'become one with you!'" complains Alfred as he's carried over the tall, Russian's shoulder.
        "But we must! Besides, they demand it."
        "And who is they?" asks Alfred, confused.
        "The fan-girls of course. Now come, Matthew, we have much to discuss like adding your territories to mine…" answers Ivan, smiling as he carries the American blonde away.
        "Matthew?! W-wait just a minute, dude! I think you have the wrong guy!" protests Alfred, his signature smile absent and replaced with a look of horror.
        I can't help, but stare at the mini Canadian flag stamped on Alfred's forehead as they pass.

        Sitting upon a towel on the other side of the beach, a young Canadian sips his drink as his blonde curl bobs lazily on his head. After taking a long sip, he smiles a soft, triumphant smile.
        "Score one for Matthew," he boosts softly.

        Like a warm rain, I allow the water to run over my body and pool at my feet. Grabbing the nearby bottle of shampoo, I work it into lather through my hair, mindful of my curl.
        Hearing a door open, I simply suspect my fratello and hotel roommate, Feliciano, has returned from spending time with his friends.
        I return to washing the foam out of my hair and watching the bubbles dip and twirl around my bare feet.
        The sound of the bathroom knob turning, reminds me I forgot to lock it. Of course, thinking it is just Feli, I pay no attention to it. Then I hear that voice.
        "Someone told me you needed conditioner Lili, so I-" Before I can stop her, ______ pulls back the curtain.
        She jumps back as I cry out in surprise.
        In a blur of movement, I rip the curtain from her grasp and use it to hide my naked form from her.
        "Idiota ragazza! What do y-you think you're-a doing in-a here?!" I demand, my cheeks already burning.
        Dazed, _______ stares at me blankly as her mind carefully takes in the situation. Soon after, her own cheeks are dusted a rosy-pink.
        "I-I didn't know this was your room! Gilbert told me Lili was in here and she needed conditioner!" explains _______ defensively, holding up the bottle as proof.
        "Gilbert? That beer-chugging a**…." I mumble quietly.
        I find ______ still staring at me and I will her to leave.
        "Well….I guess if you can't beat 'em….join 'em." And without wasting another second, ______ begins stripping down in front of me.
        "B-bella?! What are you-a doing?!" I stammer, trying unsuccessfully to look away.
        _______ just smirks and jumps into the shower to hug me, so I'm afraid she can feel my heart beating fast inside my chest.
        "You're so cute when you're flustered, Lovi," she points out before pulling me closer and into a kiss.
        As her lips press against mine, I can taste something sweet and ripe like she just had some fresh fruit. When she tries to pull away, I stop her and bring her back for another kiss. I'm hungry for more of that sugary flavor on her lips and only the need for air forces us apart.
        Without warning, the curtain pulls away and a bright flash of light blinds us.
        As my gaze refocuses, I can faintly make out the outline of a certain albino.
        "Zat ist for yesterday!" boosts Gilbert as he mockingly holds up a camera.
        I try to shield _______, but it's already too late. He's gotten a decent picture of us both.
        "~Kesesesese….zis ist so going on DA…." snickers Gilbert.
        "Or it's so going down your throat!" snaps _______ as she pulls out a frying pan from seemingly thin air.
        A drop of sweat appears on Gilbert's temple as he stares nervously at the skillet in her hands.
        "Uh, vhere did you get zat?" asks the albino, his wine-red eyes targeting the pan.
        "I just happen to know this lovely Hungarian woman who happens to be a close friend of mine…" answers ______ as she takes a threatening step out of the shower.
        "You vouldn't…."
        "Oh, I would."
        With a loud gulp, Gilbert flees the room and after wrapping herself in a towel, ______ pursues him.
        I smile softly.
        It was moments like these that we were bound to remember forever.
Requested by :icontaylor303: who wanted a fluffy/funny RomanoXReader. Sorry if there isn't enough fluff. ^^; I think I succeeded in adding the humor in, but failed at the fluff. -_- Anyway, hope you like it! ^^

*Let me know if this requires a warning since I'm not sure because I didn't describe 'anything' in detail.


Preview pic-Coming soon
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Bang Bang Bang

"What the hell is that?"

Romano slowly got up from the couch he was having his siesta on and walked to the door. He was just about to open it when-

Bang Bang Bang

"Lovino! Let me in! I know you took it! Give me my tomato seeds back!"

The Italian stopped himself from opening the door and frowned. It was [Name]. Shit. He really didn't want to deal with this right now. He was missing his siesta because of you. Screw it. He would just tell you he didn't know what he was talking about. Hopefully you would buy it and go bug someone else.

Lovino sighed and turned the knob, opening the door. 'Lets get this over with.'

"What the hell are you going on about, idiota?"

He barely had time to react before you tackled him to the ground, straddling his hips with hands on either side of his head.

"Don't bullshit me, Lovino! I know you took them! I'm not stupid!"

"Don't get your panties all in a wad! I don't know anything about any damn tomato seeds!"

You suddenly became very aware that he was in fact not wearing a shirt. You must have caught him in the middle of one of his sies-nap things. No matter. Your gardening needed tending to and this asshole was preventing it. You would have to use drastic measures. would have to use that.

Your mouth curved into a wicked grin. Oh, this would be fun...

Of course, this didn't go unnoticed. "OI! Razzaga! You really shouldn't smile like that. It's creepy."
You fixed your gaze on his and spoke.

"Oh, Lovi.~ If you don't give me my seeds, I'm going to have to do the unthinkable.~"

The Italians' brows furrowed in a confused manner. What on earth was she talking about...

You grin grew into something almost demonic.

"Spain told me something interesting about you the other day. It had something to do with that curl of yours."

Lovino gulped. No way did that Spainish bastard tell [Name] about that! He wouldn't betray him like that! Right? Ah hell, that lose-mouthed bastard would tell the dead the color of his underwear if they were able to listen...

His worst fears were confirmed when your hand shot up and grabbed his curl, pulling on it roughly.

"A-ah!~" The Italians face grew extremly red and his eyes began to glaze over with that all to familiar feeling.

You simply continued to smile down at him.

"Now Lovi, are you going to give me what I want?"
You pulled once more on his curl and elicted a low growl from him.

You were suddenly caught off-guard when he grabbed your wrist and flipped you both over, him between your legs, faces close.

You saw something in his eyes that you had never seem before, and it excited you.

"Si, bella. I'll give you what you want.~"
Alrighty guys!~ Another request is out of the way! Only Austria, England, and France remain! Then I will start taking more requests! But I will only be taking 5 because taking more than 5 was just overwhelming for me. :iconcryforeverplz:

I'm sorry updates have taken me so long. Writers block is a bitch. :iconmhmmplz:

Well anyways!~ A very special thanks to :iconpurpleflowerribbons: for proofing this for meh! I love you m'w'fe! :iconwinkyplz:

M'kay! I'm going to finish rp-ing with this wonderful fem!Romano(I'm Prussia! I SHIP THEM SO HARD! ARETRYEW) and I'm off to bed! I gotta go get an effing cavity filled.


I do NOT own :

This picture
OR (unfortunatly) Hetalia



ALRIGHT GUYS! Enjoy! Fave and leave a comment! Let me know how I did. I might just turn this into a lemon. :iconharharplz:
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Romano x Reader
The Purple Butterfly

Warning: LANGUAGE...
Well, it's Romano. What do you expect?

Her (h/l)(h/c) hair was blowing in the wind. They look like beautiful strands of shiny silk. And that dress.. It was white, with black lace embroidered on the rims of the short sleeves. The grass danced along with the wind. Her (e/c) orbs were twinkling. She's smiling.. Oh God, she is so beautif--


I mentally slapped myself. ______ was the only girl kind enough to want to be my friend. ROMANO, the tsundere extraordinaire. Why the fuck would I want to ruin this amazing friendship for some cheesy love-relationship?! N-not that I want one. Do I..?

"..Romano!" I shook my head, interrupting my thoughts. "What?!" I responded quite gruffly. ______ pouted. "I called your name over and over, and you wouldn't snap out of whatever you're thinking about!" Then I blushed like Spain Bastard's tomatoes.

That's because I was thinking about you.

She sighed. Then she grinned and locked her eyes with mine. "Well, I can forgive you this time. Anyway, how do you like this place?"

We were on a hill. I was sitting under a gigantic tree shade. ______ preferred being out in the sun. Hearing her question, I examined the landscape. I saw butterflies all over the place, and flowers on the green patches of grass. Then I saw ______ flawlessly smiling at me.

"Er, it's beautiful, I-I guess.." I turn away from her gaze, trying to hide my growing blush. She just laughed and danced around the place, spinning around, and picked flowers to throw at me. Of course, I retaliated by picking some of the many flowers and threw them in her face.

"Oh, it's on!" She laughed.

So, an hour of flower throwing and laughing passed, and we were both exhausted. We fell on the grass. She was on my left side. She sat up and laughed. "Good game." She panted, smiling at me. "Whatever." I wheeze, trying to sit up too.

All of a sudden, she had this look on her face that shouted surprise. "Wh-what?!" I scream. She put her index finger on my lips. "B-butterfly.. Your right shoulder!" She whispered. Blushing, I check my shoulder. Sure enough, there was a purple butterfly on my shoulder. I gasp. It was very beautiful. The wings reflected the light like glass. It shone like diamonds.

"It's beautiful isn't it, Romano?" She excitedly says softly. I let out a sigh and hugged her. The sudden movement scared the butterfly away. "Romano!! What are you doing!! You scared the butterfly away.. And it was so pretty.." She struggled, trying to get away from my grip. "It isn't as beautiful as you." I said calmly. She stopped struggling, and I saw a pink color dust her pale cheeks.

I blush and kiss her. She tried to break the kiss a bit at first, but she eventually started to kiss back.

We both pull away after about two minutes of lip-locking, gasping for air. I leaned, placing my forehead on hers. "I love you, ______." She smiled, leaning forward a tad bit. Making not only our foreheads, but our noses touch. "I love you too, Romano." I just laugh. "I fucking bet I love you more!"

She smiled. "Way to ruin the moment, Romano!"
I was slightly inspired by "Butterfly on Your Right Shoulder" by the Kagamines.. Here are the links;

Len's Version: [link]
Rin's Version: [link]

Hope you like the story (especially the Romano fangirls..)!

Hetalia (c) Hidekaz Himaruya
Preview Pic (c) Here's the [link]

I do not own you. Only the story.
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More Hetalia
Collection by
-Romano x Reader-

Chapter One

(Name) held the plaque in her hand, examining the letters carved into the golden stainless steal board as the elevator took her to the 5th floor of the building.

(Name) (Last Name)
Department E, Section 5, Row 10

Her finger tips grazed against the cool metal, dipping in the carved letters. The elevator stopped and a small sound was made before the doors opened. Her eyes scanned what was in front of her as she stepped out of the elevator. A simple white wall with a small notice attached to it. A slim counter was also attached to the wall, containing pamphlets and small paper cups. A large water dispenser was on the right side, half empty.

"Just like every other office in the world." She muttered under her breath.

(Name) walked over to her left side and stopped shortly after, a bunch of door in her way. Each door had a department letter.

'Department E, Department E..'

She stopped once again, a door stood in her way. It had large, bold black letters that read;


She straightened herself out before walking into the door, only to see more doors.

"Oh come on."

She searched for her section before finding the door and once again straightening herself out.

"I swear to god, if there's more rooms just for the rows, I'm going to ram my head into a wall." She mumbled.

Her hand gripped the door, slowly opening it. She peaked her head in and saw people chatting, laughing, and typing away on their computers. She quickly opened the door and moved inside, her eyes scanning her surroundings. As she reached to close the door, it ended up closing itself with a loud slam.

Everyone turned their attention to the young women.

"Uh, hi?" She questioned, awkwardly.

A blonde male with blue eyes and glasses rushed over to (Name), a large smile plastered on his face.

"Hey, dude! I'm Alfred! What's you're name?"

"I'm -"

"Leave her alone, you git!"

Another blonde came over, only his eyebrows were bushy. He smacked Alfred on the head and turned his attention to (Name), straightening his suit jacket and stuck his hand out.

"I'm Arthur Kirkland. And may I ask who you are?"

"I'm (Name) (Last Name). I'm the new worker here." She replied, shaking his hand.

"Oh, right! You're replacing Yao!" Alfred said, rubbing his head with a large smile.

"I guess."

"Cool! Where do you sit?!"

"Obviously where Yao used to sit, you moron."

"Vell, vhat do ve have here?"

(Name) looked to her right to see a extremely pale male, with white hair and red eyes smirking at her.

"The new employer?" She asked, confused.

He gave her a laugh and wrapped an arm around her shoulder, leaning down into her ear and whispering;

"A cute one at zat."

Before she could say anything, a loud smack was heard and the white-headed male fell to the floor, clutching his head.

"Sorry about him."

(Name) saw a women with long brown hair and green eyes standing next to her.

"Don't worry about it."

"I'm Elizabeta."

"I'm (Name). Nice to meet you. Uh do you know where row 10, desk 1042 is?"

Elizabeta pointed her finger towards the end of the room.

"Right there, next to the Vargas brothers."

(Name) thanked her and walked towards the end of the room and to her  desk, placing her bag on the floor. She turned to a male with brown hair and an angry on his face.

"Hi! I'm (Name)."

The male looked over at her, his eyes connected to her own. After a few seconds, he looked away, grumbling things under his breath as a light tint of pink dusted itself onto his face.

"Okay." She muttered, tapping her fingers on the table in front of her.

"Don't worry, he's always like that." A small whisper came from beside her.

Once again, she turned her head and saw a blonde male that sort of looked like the one before. Her eyes glanced at his table and onto his name plaque.

Matthew Williams
Department E, Section 5, Row 10

She averted her eyes back to Matthew and smiled.

"So, he's always upset?"

"Basically. Welcome to the building.." He took a glance at the plaque in your hands, "(Name.)"

She placed the board on her desk, realizing she was still holding it.


He just smiled and continued to work.

Letting out a low sigh, (Name) looked back at brown-haired male and snuck a peek at his name plaque.

Lovino Vargas
Department E, Section 5, Row 10


She glanced back at the him.

'What a weird guy.'
Here's an update on the story. 

So I'll try to update on Saturday if I can.


*DISCLAIMER: I own nothing but the text*

Intro: [Link]

Chapter One: [Here]

Chapter Two: [Link]

Chapter Three: [Link]

Chapter Four: [Link]

Chapter Five: [Link]
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    Gripping my scheduled tightly in my hands, I sat down next to my friend, Gilbert, at the Slytherin table. "So, who is taking Divination this year?"
    "Why would you even take that class? What do you have to gain from some mystic mumbo jumbo," Asked Emil, who was sitting a couple feet away on my left.
    "Maybe I don't necessarily believe in it, but it's pretty interesting? Anyways, what else was I going to take for an elective? Muggle Studies?" Emil gave me a slight grin, while Gil snored. "Isn't your 'big brother' in it?"

    "Don't call him that," Emil huffed and looked away. "And what does that have to do with anything?"

    "I thought you would believe in this, so called, 'mumbo jumbo." Before Emil could retort, Ivan, followed by his younger sister, sat down across from us. "You guys are taking divination, correct?"

    "I couldn't convince big brother to take it with us," Natalia replied, taking a seat to the left of Ivan, leaning in extremely close to him.

    "D-Da... I h-have to study more." He began to put food on his place, and with a sigh, I began to as well.

    "That's too bad. I mostly took it for an easy grade anyways, plus who knows? Maybe I am a seer!" We all laughed.

    Ivan turned his right, grabbing some sausages off the main plate, while Natalia, taking advantage of the situation, took out a small vile and poured it into his pumpkin juice. She quickly put in back in her robes before continuing to eat. Ivan turned back, and I lightly tapped my plate to get Ivan's attention and nodded towards my glass. If this wasn't such a regular occurrence of Natalia spiking Ivan's foods and drinks, he may not have noticed my gesture. He gave me his signature smile, where his eyes closed along with his lips, and ate his sausage.
    "Do you mind if I Slytherin?" I glanced to my left one of my best friends, Arthur, who gestured to the open space next to me.

    "Not if you're going to say something so... Naff. But whether or not I mind, you're still going to sit there, aren't you?"

    "Of course, but what kind of gentleman would I be if I didn't ask first?" He slide his legs over the bench and sat. "Oh, I should probably mention that some Hufflepuff is staring at you."

    "You have got to be joking," I said, turning my body to check out the other tables. "Where?"

    "If you look straight ahead, you'll see him looking directly towards us." And sure enough, a boy with light brown hair was staring at us with a dopey look on his face. Not only that, but it seemed at he noticed us looking at him and had the audacity to wave. I raised my left eyebrow questionably and sneered in disgust, turning back to my meal.

    "I think I just lost my appetite." I pushed my plate forward.

    "What, love? Don't like Hufflepuffs," Arthur asked, and everyone snickered but Ivan, who's beloved older sister was in Hufflepuff. But of course he wasn't going to anger the girl who made sure his meals weren't spiked with a love potion.

    "Hufflepuffs are a joke! I mean, who goes to Hogwarts and wants to be a Hufflepuff?"

    "Zhe dumb ones," Gilbert chimed in.

    "...Filthy mudbloods..." Natalia spoke in a low voice, sending shiver down our spines and plunged the conversation into silence until Emil cleared his throat.

    "...Gardening types," Emil added, earning a slight grin from us.

    "You know they're particurarry good finders?" We looked where the voice was coming from and saw Kiku Honda sitting by the edge of the bench, a few yards away from Natalia. He didn't have many friends, and the ones that he did were from different house which ostracized him from the rest of the Slytherin house. Ignoring him, Ivan decided to change the subject.

    "(F/n), would you like me to get rid of the problem?"

    "Thank you, Ivan, but what kind of Slytherin would I be if I couldn't get rid of the problem myself?"

    "But frau, I vanted to help prank zhis idiot-"

    "And a lady shouldn't get her hands dirty-"

    "Da, we can all work together-"

    "Thanks, but no thanks." I got up,  grabbed my scheduled from the table and stepped over the bench. "I'm going to go prepare for potions class. Meet you guys there!"
Testing to see if I should continue this...
Some facts:
1) I wrote Hufflepuss a few times by accident... XD
2) Inspiration to write this from one of my guy friend. (He told me he
would be a hufflepuff, and I was like, "Oh, hell no! We cannot be
friends anymore!" [Joke])
3) Made a list of who other characters would be in the other houses,
in case they show up in the future...
4) I'm a Slytherin and so is my best friend. (: #PottermoreSlytherin
Anyone gets offended... I'm going to laugh. Plain and Simple.
Harry Potter: :iconharrypotterplz:
Hetalia: :iconhimaruyaplz:
Story: :iconprincessmischief:
You: :icondatsmeplz:
Like the doodle I added? XD
Too lazy to use Gimp to edit sooo... Crayons it is.
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Before you start reading I'd like to inform u that there is one swear word but it's not even that bad so I just put a warning here in the story, dont like dont read! And please read the description!!! :) thank u.


    Well crap. You were currently trying to pick an outfit for your movie night at your boyfriend, Lovino's house which you gladly accepted.

    As mentioned before, you had no idea what you should wear. Looking at your watch you realized you only had fifteen minutes! Hurriedly you changed into dark blue skinny jeans that were slightly torn and a (favorite color) short sleeved top that had (2nd favorite color) vertical stripes, completing the outfit with dark brown ankle boots. You checked yourself in the mirror and realized your hair was a mess and sticking out in random places. Quickly you brushed and twisted your (hair color) hair into a messy bun.

    You checked your watch again and noticed you now only had five minutes! Luckily your house wasn't far from Romano's. Running to your car you quickly sped to your boyfriend's house.

    When you got there you knocked on the door. After a couple of minutes you heard "I'm coming!" then heard footsteps coming closer. The door opened reveal a tired looking Lovino dressed in a red baggy t-shirt and black skinny jeans with . As soon as you saw Lovino you glomped him catching him off guard and yelled

    "Hey Lovi! I missed you so much!". You giggled when you saw him turning red like one of Antonio's tomatoes. You were one of the only people who Lovino let them use his infamous nickname.

    "I missed you too, ragazza, even though I saw you two days ago. Now let's get the food ready." Much to your disappointment you let go of the Italian but as soon as the smell of popcorn hit your nostrils you ran into the kitchen. After setting up all the junk food you and Lovi prepared on the table in front of the couch you two got on the couch and played romantic comedy on the T.V.. You rested your head on Lovino's shoulder and he laid his hand on your waist, getting all snugly and cuddly. In the movie, the two main characters looked like they were about to kiss. That's when Lovino pulled you to his lap with a yelp coming from you. You turned to the Italian and saw him smirking.

    " Sorry (nickname), I couldn't help it." He chuckled when he saw you pout.

    " Well it looks like I need to get some revenge." You replied with a smirk of your own. With that you smashed you lips to Lovino's. The tsundere stiffened at first but then immediately started kissing back with passion. He licked your lips begging for entrance which you accepted, forgetting about the movie that was still playing. You hands tangled themselves into the tomato lover's hair while his stayed put on your waist.You pulled away because of the stupid thing called air and rested your forehead against Lovino's with the smirk still glued to your face.

    " That's what you get tomato."

    " Well, I can't say I didn't enjoy that." He rested his head on you lap while you played with his hair while you were watching the movie's ending. Your eyes started drooping and Lovino didn't notice, yet. When he felt you stop playing with his hair he looked up to see you snoring lightly. He chuckled at how cute you looked. 

    "Ti amo, (name)." Then he placed a soft kiss on your forehead and carried you bridal style to his room and set you under the covers and laid beside you, and with that he fell sleep.

This is my first reader insert! sorry it sucks :( if it doesn't maybe i can do the same type of oneshot except with other countries ( if i get enought comments which would be appreciated)
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Box Mode Activate! *boop* XD


Effects: Diffusion

Pewdiepie owns himself. Model by :icongege900:

Sweden by Kurokuma

Bulgaria by yoru
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First time using MMD and getting something out of it! Phew *le face wipe*
Well, I never really had done poses before....this was my first time. I think it turned out all right...

This is a gift for ~XRussiaxPrussiaX since she was feeling down and I wanted to cheer her up! I thought my drawing skills weren't enough so I resorted to MMD! Since I had all these APH Models just lying around in my folders I thought: 'JASMINE! GET DOWN TO USING THEM. DON'T GIVE UP.'

I didn't! (Duh! xD)

But yeah, this is one of my favorite pairings and I know Megan likes them too! (I showed her a video of them when she said she didn't like them. Now she's mad on them! xD)

Still, if there's anyway I could improve, please let me know!

I don't own the models or background.

Background source (Google)

Models (C) Nachi Akira
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        "Come up here already my dear. It's far past time that you had your turn." Pointing directly at you, Grell beckoned you to the center of the family room with a crook of his long, slender finger.

"Thank you. I'm coming." Obeying Grell's commands, you walked up front and start feeling around his hand bag for something to claim. Something fuzzy quickly grabbed your attention. You lifted it out of the purse to find you've chosen a little doll made in the likeness of a bird. Before you could ask who the owner was, Finny jumped up from the couch.

"Oh, oh, that's my item." He smiled wide. "I get to go in the closet with her now, right? I promise I'll be careful with her mister Sebastian, please?" Finny held his hands together above his head in a pleading manner, kneeling before Sebastian.

Sebastian rubbed over his eyebrows. "I suppose you can Finnian. Just make sure you control your strength in there. I would hate to have such a lovely young lady broken into pieces."

"I will Sir, I promise!" Finny jumped to his feet, quickly, but gently taking your hand in his. "It's a real pleasure miss. I promise I'll mind my manners." He gave you a wide smile as he led you in the direction of the closet.

"Oh, mercy. Those two are just adorable together aren't they? I should give up my life as a reaper and become a match maker. Oh yes. Now you two have fun in there. Only seven minutes you know, make it worth it." Grell giggled as he shut the door.

"Seven minutes, huh? What are we supposed to do in here? No one really told me." He was still grinning wide.

In all honesty, you couldn't see someone like Finny ravishing you in a closet. "We can do whatever you want. Just so long as we don't break anything or do something that's going to get us in trouble."

"Oh, okay. Well, I heard Mister Grell saying something about kissing and snuggling. So," He broke off his sentence and blushed. "We could maybe try to do that. I mean, I wouldn't want to break the rules of the game or anything. Sebastian would be upset with me. He did trust me to come in here with you after all."

You were a little embarrassed someone as innocent as Finny was asking to kiss you. But you figured he wouldn't do anything too weird, so you agreed. "Okay, sure. We wouldn't want Sebastian upset now would we?" Blushing slightly, you smiled sweetly and scooted yourself closer to him.

"Absolutely not, he's scary when he's mad." He shivered at the thought. "I'm really strong, so let me know if I'm hurting you." Finny leaned in closer to you and gently kissed your mouth. His face was on fire. "This is a little weird." He laughed and kissed you again. He laced your fingers in his, very carefully as to not hurt you. Finny continued kissing in a very sweet innocent manner, it was quite obvious he wasn't sure what to do. Still the two of you enjoyed yourselves as you cuddled and kissed until the door was opened by Grell.

"Oh, looked at this. How absolutely, completely adorable. I just can't handle the sweetness. I think I've gotten a cavity." Grinning wide, he flitted around the door, letting out little giggles as he did so.

Finny carefully helped you up and smiled. "That was actually kind of fun. I don't really know that a closet was the best place to do something like that though. Maybe we could, hang out again sometime. I could show you around the garden if you'd like."

You smiled cheerfully. "I'd like that Finny."

"Really?" He looked so happy, you thought he might just explode. "That's wonderful. I'll just have to make sure Pluplu isn't loose when I take you out. I wouldn't want you to get crushed by him."
Link to Intro…

Link to Part 2…

Link to part 3…

Link to Part four Chores Comie First. Finny x Reader

If you would like to commission a story, please read the rules on my page and send me a note. Please do not leave any requests/commissions or suggestions for future stories in the comments. Thanks!

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*updated 3-29-15
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         Grell calls you to the middle of the room to pick out an item from his purse. You feel around, picking a small item as yours. It's a piece of candy baring the Funtom label. Even though you know Ciel ran the Funtom company, you weren't sure if he was the one who put the candy in the purse. "Is this your item master Ciel?" You held the small item between your thumb and pointer fingers for him to see.

Ciel didn't look pleased that you were holding his item. He nodded. "Yes, unfortunately it is. I thought with an item as small as that, my chances of getting picked were rather slim. Apparently not." He scoffed and stood up, reluctantly heading for the closet.

"Oh my, he doesn't seem happy at all now does he? You'd better hurry along now before he get's impatient with you." Grell giggled as he walked you to the closet. "I'll be back for you two in seven minutes now." He winked and blew you both a kiss. "Have fun." The door now shut and locked, you sat in darkness with Ciel.

"This is stupid. Why would someone come up with something like this. It's almost as bad as the time I had to wear a dress." He sat cross armed and crossed legged against the wall with a cross look on his face. "I suppose it's not really your fault though. Grell did drag you into this too."

You didn't want to tell him that you actually liked the idea. He was mad enough already. But you didn't want your turn to be a waste either. Something had to happen. "Well, Grell is a little weird you know. He can't help it."

A loud banging came from the outside of the door. "It's way too quiet in there, don't make me restart the seven minutes. I will. You two need to do some kissing." Grell was serious. You didn't doubt he'd keep you in there all day just so he could have his way.

Ciel's face was no longer angry, but embarrassed. "I really don't like him at all. I should just get Sebastian to let us out." He sighed. "But to order him about for something so minute, perhaps, we should just do as Grell says. I don't want to, so don't go getting the wrong idea." He was raising his voice slightly, more out of embarrassment than anger.

You nodded slowly. "That's fine by me. You don't have to explain yourself."

"Good, then let's get this over with." Ciel just sat there, arms still crossed waiting for you to make the first move. Figuring he wasn't going to do anything, you moved closer to him. He didn't protest or move away as you hugged him, so you gently placed a kiss on his cheek. No sooner had you, than his face exploded into a blush. Still he didn't say anything. You moved your kiss from his cheek to his mouth. "Okay, I think that's enough. I don't know how much more of this stupidity I can take."

Grell swung open the door. "I suppose it will have to do." He sighed. "You two could make such a cute couple if that darn Lizzy wasn't in the way. Of course, I could always take car of her if you wanted me to."

Ciel shook his head as he left the closet. "That won't be necessary, you've done quite enough damage for one day Grell. I'd prefer from this point on you stay out of my personal affairs."

Grell grasped his chest, with a feigned look of pain plastered to his face. "I was only trying to help. How you wound me Ciel." He winked. "But I know how it is, being torn between two lovers. Just be true to your heart."

"Shut up you fool, I was talking about you changing the logo on my candy." Ciel sighed.
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The bright sunlight hurt [Name]'s eyes as she stepped out of her front door. She groaned and started on her walk to school. She walked down her street, hands shoved in her pockets. The walk to school was short and miserable.

Once [Name] got to school, she went straight to her locker then to her 1st period class. She sat down at her desk and pulled out all her materials. [Name] glanced at the door where a small fight was starting outside. The teacher quickly separated the two boys.

"You, go to class, now! Beilschmidt, get in here this instant!" He yelled. Gilbert Beilschmidt walked into the room and took his seat behind [Name] right before the bell rang.

"Alright, class," The teacher started before Gilbert raised his hand. "Okay, what do you want?" he said after a sigh.

"Who's this chick in front of me?" the silver haired man said. Instantly [Name] shrunk down into her seat.

"That's [First Name] [Last Name]. She wasn't here yesterday," The teacher explained.

"Ohhhhh..... well, hi, [Name], nice to meet you!" Gilbert said. "I'm Gilbert Beilschmidt. You can also call me 'Mr. Awesome'!"

"Well, we haven't actually met, stupid," She mumbled just loud enough for Gilbert to hear. He raised his eyebrows and adjusted himself properly in his seat.

"Can we get back to class, please? Thank you." The teacher continued the lesson until the end of class bell rang.

[Name] shot up from her seat with all her things and raced to the door, ignoring the calls from Gilbert. She reached her locker and quietly opened it. A few seconds later, Gilbert was right next to it.

"What's wrong? You don't think I'm awesome?" Gilbert asked, utterly shocked that someone could find him un-awesome. [Name] sighed and turned to the Prussian.

"I barely met you today. I'm not in the appropriate position to think your awesome or not," The [h/c] haired girl explained. She went back to her locker and pulled out her history book, closed her locker, and started walking to her class.

Gilbert annoyed and pestered [Name] for the rest of the day asking if she thought he was awesome. Everytime he asked, he was given the same answer, "I don't know." It went on like this all day until lunch. Gilbert followed [Name] to the lunchroom, where she sat down at her usual table. Alone.

"You don't eat lunch with anyone?" Gilbert asked. [Name] shook her head. "Why not?"

"A lot of reasons. Mainly because all these idiots annoy the fuck out of me," She said bluntly.

"You know what else I've noticed?" Gilbert asked. [Name] nodded to signal the silverette to speak. "You haven't smiled all day. Not awesome. Do you ever smile?"

"It's..." [Name] thought for a second, "not common. I'll smile only on special occasions. And when I want to convince people I'm okay. I do a good fake smile." Gilbert sat down in front of the girl and stared at her.

"I bet I can make you smile."

This took [Name] off guard. He wanted to make her smile. "A real. Smile?" She asked, shocked.

"Yep, a true, genuine, awesome, smile," Gilbert said with a smile of his own. He pulled out his lunch and looked back to [Name]. "Want some?" She shook her head gentyl and mumbled the words, "I'm not hungry." Then, the inevitable happened. [Name]'s stomach growled. Gilbert laughed slightly.

"I think you're hungry." The Prussian gave part of his lunch the [Name] and smiled at her. She grunted slightly and ate what was handed to her.

~*1 week later*~

Gilbert tried and tried for a whole week to make [Name] smile. Each time he failed. However, in this Trial-and-Error process, he gained a lot of knowledge on her. He learned what music she liked, what TV shows she liked, and that she didn't eat. Gilbert knew that it wasn't healthy to just not eat, but he was too focused on making her smile. And he finally figured it out.

Both Gilbert and [Name] both made they're separate ways to school. [Name] knew she would be bombarded with many attempts at making her smile, and Gilbert knew that he would make her smile.

They both got to their first period class and sat in their seats. The bell rang and that teacher started class.

"Okay, class today- What, Beilschmidt?" He asked, noticing Gilbert's hand was raised high. He stood up on his chair and faced [Name].

"[Name]," The girl turned to look at him, "I've been trying for the past week to make you smile, and I've figured out how. I've learned a lot about you, and I think I can easily say... I love you."

Everyone in the class looked at [Name] who sat there staring at Gilbert. After a few seconds, a small smirk formed on her lips. "This is the closest to a genuine smile you're gonna get."

"Yeah, we'll see about that. I am awesome, you know?" Gilbert said, getting off his seat and sitting in it. He leaned toward [Name] and pressed his lips to her smirk. She kissed him back but pulled away quickly.

~*The End*~
So, although it's not "Oh, I'm so depressed, *crying*", doesn't mean it's the character isn't depressed. I suffer from depressiom, I know what I'm talking about.
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The blond haired english man looked towards his friend (your name), raising an eyebrow in the process.

"Yes (your name)?"

Without warning, the blond man's eyes widened as (your name) opened his mouth as if trying to seek some buried teasure. She peered into his mouth and stared at his teeth.

"You don't have bad teeth Arthur!"

"Bloody hell woman!?" Arthur turned red, realizing how close her mouth was to his, however the girl in front of him didn't care.

(Your name) pulled out a small notepad and paper and checked something off.

Arthur began to get curious.

"What's that (your name)..?" he asked as calmly as he could. He was beginning to get worried of what she was planning.

"A list." she mumbled, not paying much attention to her british friend.


She looked up at him, her (e/c) eyes shining.

"I'm trying to see if the british stereotypes are real!" she sounded so happy about it.

Arthur didn't like it one bit, but before he could ask, she was blurting out questions.

"Do british people only eat crumpets and tea?"

"Bloody hell no.."

"Do british people love the queen?"
"Well they should I uh-"

"Do british people get drunk all the time?"

Arthur let out a sigh.

"Not ALL the time, but is this really nessessary (your name) I-"

"Is it true british people are posh and rich?"

Arthur's face slightly became pink.

"Absolutely not!"

(Your name) giggled lightly, then closing her mouth when he leaned in close to her.

"You are a little posh Arthur~"

"I most certainly am-"

He was so close. She had to. Before his sentence was complete, she just leaned in a little closer and BOOM. His lips were to hers in a small kiss.

She pulled back and giggled as the englishman began to go pink.

"(N)-(your name)-"

With that, she said the last question. (Saved especially for last)

"Is it true british men are 'lazy' lovers?" she emphasized the lazy part.

Arthur slightly grinned, before picking (your name) up and dragging her to his room, on his way kissing up your neck and sucking it like a leech.

"Arrthurr~" she moaned as he placed her on the bed, and began to undress himself.

"I'll show them.." he mumbled while purring into her ear softly. "Maybe some are...but I am NOT a lazy lover~"
WHOO it was on the top 8 hours page :') eeep

American Stereotypes: [link]
German Stereotypes: [link]
Canadian Stereotypes: [link]
Russian Stereotypes: [link]
Italian Stereotypes: [link]
French Stereotypes: [link]
Norwegian Stereotypes: [link]
Japanese Stereotypes: [link]
Scottish Stereotypes: [link]
Chinese Stereotypes: [link]
Icelandic Stereotypes: [link]

image not mine
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Like always, you where invited to one of Alfred's parties.
Every time, it was something different.

Once in a while, it was a horror-movie watching sleepover.
Or a game championship.

One if these times you won the game championship very easily.
Since then, Alfred has been acting weird around you.

''Oh well..'' You thought. You wondered what kind of sleepover this was going to be?
You guys where grown up now! You should do something mature.
Wait, what kind of things did grown-ups do on sleepovers?

You loathed from your thoughts. But when Alfred's face popped up in your mind, you smiled. You hated to admit it, but you began to like him.

You walked down from your [job] routine towards your home, making a list what you should bring with you.

As usually, you brought your home-made snacks with you.
Alfred loved your self-made hamburgers. But you thought that was only because you lied it where from Mc donalds.

He always wondered why they where tastier when you brought them with you.

You opened the fridge, taking some of your ''secret ingredients'' out.
You started to cook.

After you finished, you put them in a old Mc donalds bag you had saved for moments like this. You where afraid that Alfred would be mad at you if he ever got to know.

You picked up your bag and was about to get your coat on when the door bell ringed.

Your eyes grew wide when you saw Alfred standing in front of you with a big grin.
''Hey, ____ dude! I came to pick you up, Because.. Uh.. Its raining today!''

You looked over his shoulders. The sun was shining, only a couple of clouds where visible. ''Its not.'' You looked with a curious face at him.

Alfred looked behind him, then back at you. ''Dude I was kidding!'' He suddenly grabbed your hand and pulled you inside his car.

Your mind began to almost kill you with thoughts. You where confused about Alfred's different act.

What where you guys going to do anyway?
Hey.. Did he even invite others?

You where so lost in thoughts, You didn't notice you two where already ar his house.
Alfred opened your door, first with a big grin, but then worried about you.
''Is something wrong, ___?'' You shook your head, getting out of thoughts and smiled.

He pulled you out of the car, this surprised you.
''A-alfred!'' You gasped.

''Oh sorry, Did I hurt you?''

You took his hands. ''No its alright..'' You didn't notice the pink blush on your face.

For a while, you guys where staring in each other's eyes.
Then Alfred looked away, his cheeks red.

''U-uhm Alfred, you did I scare you or something?''

Alfred looked back at you and smiled. ''No, of course not bro!'' He gave a grin. ''But the movie we gonna watch is!''

Ah shit.
You hated watching horror movies.
From every party you had with Alfred, you hated this the most.

You noticed. ''Uhm.. Alfred, aren't there any others joining us tonight?''

Alfred shook his head. ''No. Only us, is it that bad?''


''I knew you where going to say that! I'm the hero of course! Nobody dislikes to be alone with me!''

You smiled.
He was his childish-self like always.
So this didn't mean any of your weird imagination's where going to happen.

When you guys where inside, Alfred put up the movie.

You immediately picked up a pillow from the couch, just to make sure to hide from the scariest parts.

While you guys where watching the movie, you both ate your home-made burgers.
You where so focused on the movie, you didn't noticed Alfred coming closer to you.

''Boo!'' Alfred grabbed your shoulders.
''AAAAAAAH!'' You gasped.

Alfred laughed. ''Did I scare you? I did, I did!''
You somehow had the urge to cry, the movie was sooo scary.
Alfred noticed. ''____, Are you crying?''

You remained silent.
''___, I didn't mean to make you cry!''

You turned towards him.

''___.. I was just making a joke.. Why are you crying?''

You hugged him.
Alfred flinched because of your sudden move.

''Of course, I was scared. I was afraid my awesome hero had left me and some scary monster came to ---''

Alfred kissed you.
You where startled by this sudden move, but slowly melt into the kiss.

After a while, he pulled away to catch breath.

''Alfred, why did you do that?'' You said shyly, looking the other way.

''Because I like you, ___''

You two remained silent for a while.

But he knew you thought the same of him.

He took your chin in his hands, to force you kindly to look in his eyes.

''Why?'' You started to cry again.

''Because I love you, ____''

''I love you too Alfred.'' You hugged him tight.

Alfred chuckled.

''Oh, and your hamburgers are far better than Mcdonalds!''

''W-wait what?''


Sorry, I didn't had much inspiration!
My first x reader..
Requested by :iconwrittenwordoflove:

Hope you like it!

I don't own Hetalia @ Himaruya or something IDC SORRY. X - X

:iconsexyamericaplz: owns you.
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artist: :iconugly-baka-girl:
Original: [link]
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Click DOWNLOAD to get the full version of the game title
sorry for the spelling mistake
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This is a collection of my daily rough paintings in order to cure my art block recently~

ck,i fall into another fandom....this is not good....CURSE U ALL PEOPLE WHO MADE ME READ/WATCH THIS SERIES!!

ok, it's from Hetalia axis power series, if u not know what the series is about, the story told about personification of nations and their relationship during World War 2. So each country was visualize as a pretty boy or girl~pretty insane,but the idea is totally crazy~

What? my fav character?? many to choose..but i think i like England and Germany the most~:love:

and i also made livejournal icon set based on these artworks

come this way:[link]

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"A new consciousness is developing which sees the earth as a single organism and recognizes that an organism at war with itself is doomed. We are one planet."
––Carl Sagan

I know, I know, I know... When am I ever ever going to stop reiterating this project? Probably never. As a graphic designer one thing is true for all of us: we always feel like the project is never done. This project is far from done.

Here's to better typography, and spelling errors corrected. Cheers.
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Mature Content Filter is On. The Artist has chosen to restrict viewing to deviants 18 and older.
(Contains: nudity, sexual themes and strong language)
You and me (Lucifer x reader)

You gently wrapped your hand around Lucifer’s icy one as you led his gingerly into the bedroom, his usual prideful, confident demeanour slightly diminished. Over a year ago you started seeing the fallen archangel but only as of recent had you started dropping hints about sleeping together only to discover that Lucifer was a virgin. The first time he admitted it to you it was a shock to say the least then once everything sunk in it did make some sense to you, that and it kind of turned you on to think you’d be showing him his first time. Lucifer enjoyed seeing you smile so often he indulged you in things even if to him they made little sense or were just simply not of import to him but none the less he obliged, this was one of those things. Lucifer didn’t particularly care about sex not cause he liked it or disliked it just simply didn’t care about it so you decided to get him interested instead of simply doing it cause he wanted to indulge you. In the end Lucifer did become slightly interested in the act of having sex but once he considered it you were surprised to find that he was a bit nervous about it too almost exactly how you would expect a typical virgin to act.

“Just relax, I’m going to make you love it and maybe even beg for it,” You tell Lucifer once your in the bed room standing along side the bed. Lucifer’s pride starts to show again as he tilts his head a little with a smirk then huffs a laugh.

“My dear, I don’t beg” Lucifer states pride fully

“You will for me” You assure him as a wicked grin crosses your face.

You ease Lucifer out of his shirts then gently caress his chest running you’re hands down it to his sides feeling the muscles shift under your touch as you go. Your hands pass over small raised scars before finally stopping at his hips noting how Lucifer seems to watch your every movement very carefully but also with slight fascination. You slip your fingers into the belt loops in the front of Lucifer’s jeans giving them a tug, the rough denim digging into them slightly when he pulls back a little before moving forward. You press your smooth lips against his feeling the grooves of them before parting your own to allow Lucifer’s thick, forked tongue to enter your mouth. Lucifer starts shifting his legs a little then lets out a moan into your mouth as you undo his jeans but he almost seems surprised by the sound cause he pulls from the kiss you were sharing with a look of almost questioning on his face. Your hands swiftly remove his pants along with his boxers then your mouth is back on his placing a chaste kiss to Lucifer’s lips as you ease him to the mattress. You break from him for a moment as you stand back up to remove your shirt and your bra finally revealing to Lucifer what you truly look like underneath the clothing he’s always seen you in over the last year. You watch as he moves up the bed till he’s resting against the pillows near the headboard with you quickly climbing up his body till you are between his knees.

Over the last year you’ve gotten to know Lucifer pretty well including knowing when he was nervous, which was rare but it did happen. You hear the subtle swallow as Lucifer watches your every move indicating to you just how nervous he truly is but at the same time you also shift your gaze to his achingly, hard cock between his legs. You take your hands placing them on Lucifer’s thighs then gently push till his legs spread for you to fit further up between them. You take a moment to look Lucifer over as he sits awkwardly with his legs to either side of you with his face clearly starting to flush from both what you would assume is arousal and a little bit of embarrassment. Those startling blue eyes stare at you with wonder as to what you had planned next with just a slight amount of uneasiness behind them. You smile warmly then lean forward placing a string of lazy kisses along Lucifer’s exposed chest to his stomach before running your hands along his groin muscles to his hips then back down again. Lucifer tips his head back against the headboard, heavily breathing through his nose as you continue to kiss, rub and occasionally nip him. You dip your head between Lucifer’s legs to nip at his inner thigh then suck on the spot to leave a hickey earning you a soft moan from him that Lucifer swiftly chocked off not wanting to admit in any way that this was actually really enjoyable. You slowly work your way to Lucifer’s cock till you finally lick a strip up the underside of it earning you a full out gasp as Lucifer bites his lower lip trying to hold back a moan rather pathetically. You start at the head, gently taking the smooth crown into your mouth, the taste of pre-cum washing over your tongue as you slide it over the slit before taking him deeper into your mouth. Lucifer’s legs tense as his hands ball in the sheets to either side of him with his head leaning against the headboard to the side, his breath hot and heavy as his chest heaves up then down while his eyes close in complete bliss. You hallow out your cheeks to start bobbing your head earning a steady groan from Lucifer.

“Mmm, (Y/N)” Lucifer manages to rasp out but your mouth is currently too occupied to care about talking to him.

“(Y/N)…I…I’m” Lucifer stammers as you feel his cock throb in your mouth signalling you to pull off. Lucifer whimpers a little at the loss but your no fool, swiftly sliding your hand around his shaft to stroke him swiftly till you feel his hot cum pour over your hand. Lucifer pants as you move up beside him taking his head gently in your hands then guiding him to lay on your shoulder, feeling him shudder slightly as he does so. You place a gentle kiss to the top of Lucifer’s head then stroke his hair while he comes down from his first orgasm but after a few minutes you feel something smooth and wet slide up your sternum to between your breasts. When you look down Lucifer meets (Your eye colour) with his startling blue ones with his forked tongue firmly planted between your girls. You let Lucifer press you to the mattress this time as he straddles your lower legs you feel the smooth flesh of his tongue slide along your stomach before feeling the graze of his teeth on your breasts. You buck your hips trying to get him to pay attention else where but Lucifer continues to tease you as you can now feel his surprisingly smooth hands sliding over along your sides to your hips where you feel him undo your jeans before yanking them past your thighs but he leaves your underwear in place. Lucifer cups your wet pussy in his hand then you feel his hand start to rub, moving the fabric of your underwear along it to create friction. You feel Lucifer’s hand pull off of you then the distinct feeling of your underwear being pulled down then off before Lucifer’s hand returns, this time the direct contact makes you moan with pleasure. Lucifer smiles as he leans his head down till you feel that marvellous thick, wet forked tongue slide along your stomach again reviling in the feeling until you feel something breach your entrance, long and slender sliding in then out again. You swiftly determine that Lucifer has slid 2 fingers into you as he slides them in then out again you wreath on the bed from the intense sensations going through your body. Your legs spread for Lucifer as he curls his fingers inside you a couple more times then pulls out, you try to catch your breath but feel something far thicker now at your entrance as he pushes in you feel every inch of his cock sliding inside of you.

“Oh, Fuck!” You curse as your back arches off the bed with legs spread as wide as you can. You feel your orgasm swiftly building in your lower stomach as Lucifer begins to move, rolling his hips then thrusting in and out. You feel Lucifer’s rhythm hitch then feel his warm cum flowing in to you making your orgasm punch from you in a single instant. You feel Lucifer pull out then lay beside you, getting as close as he can as you reach a hand up to tussle a loose strand of hair out of his face before kissing him. Lucifer pulls you close then flicks a wrist to pull the blanket over the both of you causing a smile to slowly creep across your face before closing your eyes to let the darkness envelope your world.
You have been going out with Lucifer for a long time now and finally your able to sleep together.
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Wings (Lucifer x reader)

You lounged on the motel room bed with your legs crossed at the ankles with a book in your hands. A knock on the door startled you making you drop the book as you leapt to your feet out of instinct but when you opened the door it was more of a shock. Standing on the other side was Lucifer, a concept that to anyone else would have terrifying but not to you considering you had been seeing each other for a while now. Lucifer was leaning against the doorframe with sweat rolling down his face plus he appeared to be breathing heavily.

“Lucifer, are you alright?” You asked him after looking him quickly up and down

“I…I just need…a place…to rest” Lucifer panted out as he pushed off the doorframe. You stepped aside as he moved to brush past you but swayed slightly in the doorway.

“Lucifer! Are you sure your alright?” You asked Lucifer as you placed a hand on his chest and another on his upper arm to steady him.

“Yes…I’m…ugh” Lucifer doubled over in pain as you took a stronger hold on him then started moving towards the bed with him, kicking the door shut with your foot as you went.

“Here sit down” You told Lucifer, easing him on to the edge of the bed to reveal a large amount of blood on the back of his shirt.

“Oh my god! Lucifer, your back!” You state with wide eyes as you start pulling Lucifer’s shirt off. Lucifer complied as he let you pull the garment off but when you did there wasn’t a single wound on his back.

“Lucifer where are you injured?” You finally ask him in confusion

“My…wings” Lucifer managed to tell you through clenched teeth

“Your wings?” You said a little taken back by the thought cause considering how long the two of you had been together Lucifer had never once even mentioned that he had wings let alone that they could get injured.

“Lucifer, show me them” You told him as you knelt beside him with a hand on his knee. Lucifer nodded then closed his eyes in concentration using as much will power as he could muster to manifest all 8 glorious sunburst wings of his. For a moment you were in aw of what you saw but you suddenly saw Lucifer slump forward on to his forearms, panting heavily with his eyes squeezed shut while sweat rolled off his face. You ran into the bathroom to get some towels and a bucket of warm water as well as a cool cloth before returning to Lucifer’s side.

“Lucifer, I need you to lay on your stomach on the bed,” You told him as you cupped his face in your hands feeling the intense heat radiating off of him. Lucifer nodded his understanding as you helped him onto the bed then into the middle so he was laying flat on his stomach with all eight wings spread out on either side of him. It wasn’t hard to spot the injured wing once he was laid out as blood ran from the third wing from the tops base it stained his feathers all the way to the tip. You gently touched it with your fingers immediately causing a reaction as he pulled in all his others, hissing through his teeth at the same time. You grabbed a towel to put underneath the wing then another that you soaked in water to start cleaning the blood away so you could get a better look at the injury, it was a deep gash that went straight to the bone but that wasn’t all the wing was also dislocated at the top joint. You tore a piece off of the sheet on the bed then wrapped it just below the gash to try and quell the bleeding then you moved to a better position in preparation to pop Lucifer’s wing back into place. With out any warning you simply popped the joint back into place wringing a strangled scream from Lucifer as his hands fisted in the sheets near his head. Your heart broke but you had no choice but to keep going cause other wise he’d only get worse so you moved back to the gash at the base of the wing having grabbed the kit you carried everywhere for your own injuries you opened it up to retrieve the needle and thread to stitch up the wound.

Lucifer winced when the needle first pierced his skin making a pained noise from the back of his throat. You reached a hand out to stroke his sweaty, blonde hair while making soothing sounds to try and calm him as you continued to stitch the wound. Eventually you succeeded in stitching the large gash shut then sterilized it with some whiskey you had on hand making Lucifer yelp when you poured it on the wound.

“It’s over, I’m finished” You whispered softly to him as he opened his eyes to look at you

“I’m…sorry…to have…bothered you…” Lucifer said in a weak, broken voice

“Don’t be stupid! You will never be a bother to me,” You told him in annoyance as you leaned in to give him a peck on the lips.

You tended to Lucifer’s injuries over the next little while as he began to heal but it took time with such a deep wound. After the gash was mostly healed you removed the bandage to check the muscle just in case it was damaged from the cut so you massaged the base of the wing. You felt Lucifer’s body tense under you for a moment then relax completely as you massaged the thick cords of muscle at the wings base.

“Does it hurt?” You asked wanting to make sure you weren’t causing him pain

“No…it feels, nice” Lucifer admitted as you continued to run your fingers along the base, massaging the thick cords of muscle. Lucifer hummed his approval when you’d hit a particularly good spot or when you twisted your fingers just right, you’d never seen him look so peaceful before. After a short while you moved up his wing towards the arch massaging gently but this time the response you got was different as Lucifer started shifting under you.

“Did that hurt?” You asked him again with a furrowed brow

“No…it’s alright,” Lucifer said but he seemed a little breathless this time

You continued to massage up his wing then back down again as he started to shift more you also felt his breath hitch a little. You felt him tensing underneath you that was also when you noticed that his wings were trembling slightly and his hands were fisting in the sheets as you stroked the wing.

“Are you sure it doesn’t hurt?” You asked him

“Trust me…it…doesn’t hurt” Lucifer breathed out that’s when you saw that his cheeks were flushed making you finally understand what was going on.

“Oh god! I’m so sorry!” You shouted in surprise as you yanked your hand away earning you a sound of disappointment from him.

“Don’t be…please…just keep…going” Lucifer pleaded with you in a breathless tone

You complied with his request and for the rest of the night the two of you explored the marvellous sensitivity of angel wings.
Lucifer comes to your door with an injury that he needs your help in treating then you find out just how sensitive an angel can be.
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"Lucifer, I'm scared," _________ whispered, as she pressed her back further against the wall. "Where are you?"

"We're not going to hurt you," the demons taunted from down the hallway.

"We just wanna have a little fun, that's all darling," another screamed, its maniac laughter piercing ________'s ears.

She heard their footsteps fade away and let out a long so. She turned the corner and was met by the group of three demons, all licking their lips.

"You didn't think we would actually leave, did you?" The tallest one smiled darkly. He stroked her cheek before punching her down.

"Look at how weak she is," a younger one with blue eyes giggled. He jerked her to her feet without laying a finger on her.

"Pucker up sweetheart," the first one grinned, his hands climbing up her shirt. She resisted and he slapped her. He drew a dagger and held it to her neck. "Be a good girl for me." She tried to run and he lunged at her. He slashed at her face.

Suddenly he collapsed, his spine bent at an awkward angle. The blue-eyed one splattered across the wall. The last one burst into flames and crumbled away to ash.

"Don't play with her," Lucifer sighed. He appeared behind _________ and turned her to face him. He examined her closely to see if she was injured. 

She turned away.

"Look at me," he cooed, turning her face with two fingers. Her eyes were glossy with tears and her face was dripping with blood. Lucifer put a finger to her lips. "This is going to hurt." She bit her lip and held in her cries as he pulled her shredded cheek back together. She shuddered as she withheld a long sob.

Lucifer picked her up and gingerly stepped over the bodies and remains of the demons. He decided he would walk for a while before apparating. He'd loved her for a long time, not that she knew. He dare not infiltrate her thoughts to find out if she felt the same. He loved her too much to betray her that way. He was convinced no one could love the Devil anyways.

"Luci, I'm tired," she murmured. 

"We'll be home soon," he assured her.

They materialized in a hotel room. 

Lucifer lay ________ on the bed and covered her up. He straightened up and turned to eave.

"Thanks," she said sleepily. He stopped and looked back at her. 

"It was my fault anyways." He waved his hand dismissively.

"Goodbye, Lucifer," she murmured.

"I love you," he whispered almost inaudibly before opening the door. 

_________ sat up to look at him.

"Believe me, because you are the only thing I believe in." He glanced at his feet.

He smiled so sadly...


He looked up at her, as if he didn't believe her. She stood up and closed the door. She took his freezing hands and led him over to the bed. He tucked her in as he had before.

He arched his eyebrows, asking for permission. She tugged on his sleeve. He crawled in beside her and possessively wrapped his arms around her. To him, her warmth was perfect. She slipped her hand into his cold one. She turned to look him in the eye. His bright blue ones were strangely soft. He kissed her cheek with trembling lips.

He pulled her closer. For some reason it made him feel like he was wanted. Like he was loved too. She nuzzled into his neck and kissed the underside of his jaw. He closed his eyes and smiled faintly.

Lucifer was still an angel, even if he were a fallen one. He had never been in love before. It was the most inexplicable happiness he'd felt since he fell and he hated himself for it. He was letting this crude human form of love strangle him. But the human love melded with the supernatural love his own black heart felt. He really did love her, both as Lucifer the fallen angel and as Lucifer the human. He wouldn't let ________ escape him too. He'd never let her go. He put a hand to the back of her neck, holding her head close, as if he was afraid he would lose her at that very moment. ________ breathed him in, the faint scent of spice lingering on his shirt. 

"I love you too," she sighed. His body radiated cool, but the blankets kept her warm. Lucifer knew this. He tugged the covers up to her neck and pulled away. She reached for him and pulled him close.

"You aren't that cold, Luci," she mumbled tiredly.

He settled back into her warmth, and closed his eyes. Though, like angels he didn't sleep, he was quite happy just holding her. It was his favorite thing to do, he decided. It really was.
I'm going to hell for this.
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"Don't fall for their looks, men. It's your blood they want." Arthur hissed at the crew, holding _______ close to him, protectively.
"Their looks? They look like sharks." The princess whispered. The captain looked at her confusedly and then back at the sirens.  Sharks? More like goddesses.  Their long silk like hair draped gracefully over their tanned skin, their eyes were the most brilliant of colors, though slightly hidden under their long lashes.  Even their tails were shimmering like different colored gemstones.  But Arthur surprisingly didn’t feel tempted whatsoever.
"They don't effect women, your princess is the only one who can see their true form." Antonio called to him. Gilbert chuckled bitterly.
"She'll be our princess vhen zhis is all over-" He started, only to earn a killer glare from Arthur.
"You are seriously not bringing that up at a time like this." He yelled back to the albino.  The trio began to argue again, as if they'd forgotten all about the sirens. _______ walked towards the railing and leaned over slightly, staring straight at the shark like creatures, they look back at her.  One of them shakily, lifts a webbed finger and points straight at the princess. She doesn't move, as she curiously stared at the siren. The other pirates quiet down as they see this happen.
"You." The siren says in a raspy voice, sounding nothing like their singing.  _______ looked around her, before pointing to herself to make sure.
"Me?" She asked, quizzically. The princess could have sworn that the siren's face softened for a millisecond.
"You look like your mother." It said, causing everyone to stare at the siren and then back at _______ in utter surprise.  
“My what? My mother? You must be mistaken, I was abandoned on the streets of England.  I have no mother.” The princess muttered bitterly.  Arthur glanced at her as if he’d just realized something, but looked away and back at the sirens.
“You did, though she wasn’t a pitiful mortal like you.  She was our sister.” The creature said sadly.  _______’s face paled drastically, her body shivered.  Was the siren telling the truth? Was her mother one of those things?
“That’s preposterous.  If my mother was one of you, then wouldn’t I also have webbed fingers and perhaps a tail?” The princess said, half laughing and half whimpering.  This couldn’t be happening to her.  The siren hissed in a frustrated way.
“Unfortunately, you got most of my father’s genes.” She muttered.  _______ scoffed.
“Of course, and I’m going to just take a guess and say that my father was a pirate.” She said sarcastically, laughing half-heartedly.  The siren stared at her silently, her face gravely serious.  _______’s smile faded as fast as it had arrived, her (e/c) eyes widened, and slightly teared up.
“You’re jesting.” She said quietly, though she knew they weren’t.  The rest of the pirates looked at each other in surprise and confusion, not knowing exactly what was happening or what was going to happen.
“Your mother fell in love with that satin of a pirate, she traded her legs for tails, giving up this form.” The siren pointed to herself. “To the form that these idiots are seeing.”
“HEY!!” The trio yelled in unison, but they decided to shut up, after a quick death glare from _______.
“What happened to her and my father?” The princess asked, causing the pack of sirens to hiss angrily, their pointed teeth perfectly visible to _______.
“He left her in this place mortals call ‘England’, and she had you.  Your father sailed away somewhere else and never returned.  Your mother, grieving in poverty and loneliness, left you on the docks and drowned herself.” The siren yelled, while the others made a really high pitched noise, that _______ guessed to be weeping.  The other pirates covered their ears to block out the noise, while the princess took it in and began to tear up. For some reason she was able to feel their pain.
"And you’re no better, falling in love with a pirate as well! The love for mortals really does flow through your family blood!" The lead siren hissed angrily at _______, as she pointed to Arthur.  But the princess only blushed, biting her lower lip, and trying not to glance at her captain.
“How do you know any of this? How do you know that I’m even your ‘sister’s’ daughter? I could be some random girl who was left on the docks.  I could just maybe be a normal human being!” _______ yelled, tears welling up in her eyes.  She didn’t want anything to do with the sirens.  But they weren’t backing down on their side of the argument.
“We have our ways.  The ocean has a gift for spreading around rumors.” One of them sneered, a small pointy toothed grin was visible on it’s face.
“You may not be purely siren, but you’ve most likely kept some traits.  Come with us, _______, you can be our sister like your mother was.  We’ll be your family, forever.  You’ll never be isolated again, you’d be free.” One of them purred in a semi-human voice.  _______ had to admit, she was more than tempted.  To have a family?  To be free?  It was her perfect life, her dream life....but, Arthur.  She would never see him again or Alfred, or (friend name), who was probably worried sick about her back home.  Hot tears streamed down her cheek, why was this so painful? She would be free, forever.  What was so bad about that?  But still-
“Over my dead body.” Arthur’s voice cut into the princess’s thoughts.  He stepped in front of _______, sword at the ready, ready to defend her.  “I took a lot of work to steal this one, and I’m not about to have all of that hardship go to waste.” The captain growled angrily, causing a twang of sadness go through _______’s body.  Was she just a stolen relic to him? The creatures hissed and screamed with rage and impatience.
“So be it, then.  She shall perish with the rest of you.”  One of them said, and with that, the sea churned in the thick fog.  The ships rocked back and forth furiously, causing some of the men to fall in the water.  The very instant they hit the surface, that spot would turn red with their blood and the bodies would be swallowed up by the salt water.  Arthur had anticipated the sirens’ moves beforehand, and he ordered his crew to stay in the middle of the boat, dragging _______ along, refusing to let go of her waist.
“My sisters and I will have a feast tonight.” The lead siren cackled, her voice echoing loudly, for her body was nowhere to be seen.  The boat that the pirate trio was on had crashed into the Pride, though not hard enough to destroy each other.  Arthur watched as the other ships were quickly and easily sunk.  The ocean seemed to purposely weigh down the boats into the watery abyss.  _______ knew the sirens were saving the Pride for last, meaning the trio’s ship was next.  She squirmed out of Arthur’s grasp and ran to the side of the boat, only a leap away from the other ship.
“Oy! You three!” She called to the trio.  They looked over at her, as she furiously gestured them to get onto their boat.
“They’re planning to sink your boat next.  Come on!” The princess yelled, when she saw a few tails flicker in the water only a few hundred feet away from their ship.  Antonio seemed to trust her the most, while the other two looked skeptical, especially Gilbert.
“Alright, you three, get out ‘ere! We’re getting off this ship!” Francis yelled under the deck, when a moment later, three boys about the same age as Alfred scurried to the top and glanced around at the chaos.  The first one had dark auburn hair with a strange curl on the right side, and a scowl on his face.  The second had gelled back blonde hair and bright blue eyes, though he looked seemingly undisturbed by the violence.  The last one looked strangely identical to Alfred, besides his violet eyes, slightly longer hair, and a long curl at sprang up and in front of his face.  The pirate trio grabbed one by the hand and ordered them to leap across the boat.  Though they looked slightly confused by the idea, they obeyed and _______ helped each one of them get onto their feet.  Francis jumped first, and then Antonio, but just before Gilbert was able to smoothly leap across, their ship tremored as it leaned to the right and stayed that way.  The albino looked behind him for a second in surprise and backed up the slightest for a running start.
“Come on, amigo! You can do it!” Antonio cheered, though his expression was worrisome.  Gilbert was a fast runner, but his jump was a little short.  He would’ve fell into the sea if _______ hadn’t grabbed for his hand on time.  The albino held on for dear life, as the princess willed all her strength to her arm.  Francis grabbed her by the waist and pulled back, Antonio did the same with Francis, and together they were able to get Gilbert on the wooden floor.  He and _______  collapsed on the ground in exhaustion, breathless from the shock.  The Prussian’s red eyes glanced at the princess, though his throat was too dry to say much he croaked out an embarrassed ‘thank you’.  _______ nodded: ‘You’re welcome’.  The three other pirate ships were gone, and so were all their men.  All this time, Arthur had tried everything to start moving the ship again, but even with the high amount of wind, they were stuck, not able to move.  He cursed and ran back down to the main deck, spotting the trio.
“Wonderful, now I’m stuck with you bloody gits.” He muttered and helped _______ up off the floor.  She looked crestfallen, but even Arthur could sense the anger radiating from her shaken body.
“You alright, love?” He asked.  The princess didn’t make eye contact, but nodded.  Alfred ran out from below deck with a handful of guns.
“Are they gone, Artie? Did we - Matt?” He stared at his semi-clone in surprise.  Matthew gave a shy smile.
“Hey Alfred, long time no see.” His voice was small and quiet.  _______ stared between the two kids in confusion.
“Are they related?” She whispered to Francis, who just chuckled.
“Step brothers, I zhink.  Zhough after all zhese years it feels like Mattie iz my petite brother.” Francis gave a small smile, which _______ kindly returned.  She looked over to Antonio who was talking to the dark haired boy with a tomato in his hand.
“Where’d you get that from?” The Spaniard asked, suspiciously.  The boy glared at him and pointed to his coat pocket.  Antonio chuckled and ruffled the kid’s hair.
“Oh Lovi, my little pickpocket!” He said cheerfully, which caused the auburn haired boy to flip out.
“I’m not-a yours, tomato bastardo! And my-a name is Lovino, stupida!” He yelled in a thick Italian accent.  The blonde haired kid with bright blue eyes was talking with Gilbert, as he stood still like a soldier.  The albino smiled and ruffled the kid’s hair, messing up it’s gelled formation.  The boy fixed it, but didn’t complain.  Gilbert’s eyes flickered to _______ and he stood next to her with a small proud grin.
“Mein awesome bruder, Ludwig.” He said simply as he stared at the teenager approvingly.  The princess looked back and forth between the albino and Ludwig, but no resemblance was visible.  
“You look nothing like each other.” She said simply, earning a bark of laughter from Gilbert.
“No but ve’re both awesome, me more zhan him, but zhe point still stands.” He said, causing _______ to giggle a little.  She then turned her head back to Arthur who was smiling proudly down at Alfred, while ruffling his hair.  The boy smiled gleefully back at the captain and gave a little salute.  _______ unconsciously smiled to herself, even pirates had a loving side to them.
The fog had lifted, displaying a dark clouded sky, reflected by the churning sea, which had random pieces of ships and crates floating on the surface.  The thunder was only a low rumbling sound, and the lightning only slightly showed through the thick grey mass of clouds, but the scene was still utterly frightening.
“Everyone stay on guard, we’re going to be attacked at any moment.”  Antonio warned, and the group drew whatever weapon they carried.  Matthew pulled the musket off his back and pointed it at the edge of the ship.  Ludwig took out a pistol and did the same, as well as Lovino and Alfred who had a gun in each hand.  Whatever was left of the crew had either hid themselves or stood by the four pirate captains, alert and ready for a fight.  _______ was back to back with Arthur as they scanned the ship for intruders.  A loud boom of thunder sounded right before puddles of water literally flew on the ship and formed into the bodies of sirens, accept with legs.  I guess I should add that they were stark naked, causing a light blush to cross on some of the men’s faces, well, accept for the trio and Arthur.  They just smiled, causing _______ to roll her eyes.
“A pirate’s life for me.” She muttered quietly and sarcastically, earning a small chuckle from Arthur.  The lead siren pointed her spear-like weapon straight at the princess, causing the Brit to stiffen and protectively move a little closer to her.
“It is tradition to let the leader kill a rogue siren.  Your mine.” The creature growled, and _______ stepped forward bravely.
“I’m not a siren, but perhaps I’d rather enjoy slicing off your head.” The princess threatened and readied her sword.  The siren sneered, and turned to face her sisters behind her.
“Kill them all.” Was all she had to say before a full out battle began on the Pride.  The first one to kill was Matthew, who shot straight at the head of a siren, causing it to melt into a permanent puddle of water.  It died with one last high pitched scream, which got the attention the other pirates.
“Zhat’s my boy Mattie!” Francis cheered, before dodging a swing of a siren’s spear.  Arthur had killed at least two, his moves were quick and simple, causing the shark like creatures to become flustered and hesitate for only a second, practically allowing the captain to kill them.  _______, on the other hand was having a bit of trouble with the lead siren.  She’d hit her about five times, but the creature was able to form into water at the very moment when the sword was supposed to make impact with her skin.
“It’s no use mortal, you and your lover will die here on this very day!” The siren squealed.  The princess forced herself not to blush so she just scowled as her sword clashed with the creature’s spear.
“He’s not my lover.  And, first you call me siren, and then mortal? Honestly, make up your mind, woman!” _______ attempted to distract the siren, and it seemed to work, as she was able to dismember to spear from the creature's hand.  The siren looked surprised, then angry. The princess pointed the sword at the creature's throat with a smirk forming on her face.
“I believe I’ve just won.” She sneered before swinging her sword back and then straight through the sirens neck.  It screamed, then sizzled into a puddle of salt water.  It was over, and the other sirens had retreated, seeing that their leader had just been defeated.  _______ sighed in relief, those lessons with Al really did pay off.  She put the thought of her being part siren out of her mind for the time being, knowing that what those monsters said may not be true.  Alfred ran up to the princess and engulfed her in a bear hug.  He might be younger, but he was a lot bigger.
“YAY _______ KICKED SIREN ASS!!” He yelled, twirling the almost suffocated girl around.  She choked out a laugh and a ‘please put me down’.
“Hardly, I just killed one.” _______ blushed slightly as she talked modestly.  Alfred rolled his eyes and pulled the princess back to the middle of the deck where the surviving pirates were celebrating.  They cheered loudly, some were crying, while the four captains were arguing with each other about god knows what.
“Give us ze map or give us ze princess.  Zhis shouldn’t be so ‘ard for you to get Arthur.” Francis reasoned, causing Arthur to laugh.
“I don’t think you three are in position to give orders.  If you didn’t notice, you’re on my ship, with my crew, and if you don’t behave your non-existant brains, then I’ll happily throw you to the sirens.  Am I understood?” He asked cheerfully.  The trio shivered slightly at the threat and reluctantly nodded like three toddlers who weren’t allowed to by lollipops.  Arthur smiled triumphantly and gestured them to follow him into his quarters.  His eyes flickered to _______’s curious ones and he gave a small smirk and a wink.  The princess blushed and looked away, hearing the door close behind the four pirates.
“Alright, who’s hungry? I’m making dinner!” She called to the rest of the crew, earning a cheer.  She had to run into the kitchen so to not be stampeded by the hungry pirates.

Later that evening...

The crew had gone to sleep, which included the four boys, but the trio and Arthur were still in his quarters arguing.  _______ could only hear a bunch of muffled sounds through the doorway, but she could’ve sworn hearing the word ‘siren’ and her own name.  Whatever they were talking about, it had something to do with her being part siren, though she didn’t know if that was true or not.  They didn’t have their dinner _______ thought.  Not like she cared all that much, but it was a way for her to get in the room.  Plus, she was tired and wanted to sleep.  The princess scurried back to the kitchen and gathered up whatever was left of the food in four bowls, that night it was pasta on Lovino’s request (more like demand).  She quietly knocked on the door, only to be met with a sudden hush.  _______ slowly opened the door to find the four men hovered over Arthur’s desk, their eyes were all on her, causing a light dusted blush to form on her cheeks.
“Sorry to bother you, I just thought you four might want something to eat?” She offered, placing the tray on the bed.  Antonio and Francis gave her a warm grateful smile, while Gilbert greedily lunged for the food and practically scarfed the pasta down in one mouthful, earn a giggle from _______.
“Hungry, are we?” She teased watching Antonio and Francis swallow down their food as well.  The princess glanced at Arthur, who didn’t even seem to notice her come in.  His eyes were glued to the stolen map in front of him, while his right hand unconsciously twirled a compass around his index finger.  His large eyebrows would twitch in annoyance every once in awhile.
“Oy! Arthur, are you planning to eat zat?” Gilbert asked hungrily, only to get a lazy flick of the wrist from Arthur.  The trio took that as a ‘go ahead’ and began to fight for the food, while _______ stared at them in amusement.  Her curious (e/c) eyes once again flickered to her captain, who still seemed to be unbothered by the sudden commotion.  _______ unconsciously hugged herself and walked behind Arthur, staring at the old map over his shoulder.  Her (h/l) (h/c) slightly tickled the pirate’s cheek causing him to look up from his hours long concentration.  _______ didn’t notice his glance, as she too was trying to figure out the squiggles and words on the map.  His lips twitched into a smile before looking back down.
“So if all of you have already found this crystal and used it, why do you need a map to find it again?”  The princess asked, causing the trio to fall silent and look at her.  Francis spoke up first.
“You know zhat ze crystal controls time already, correct?” He asked, and _______ nodded.
“’ow should I explain zhis?”  Francis muttered to himself.
“Whenever someone uses it, it disappears into a different time period and can never be found in the same place twice.” Arthur interrupted, surprising _______ a little.  It seemed as if she didn’t hear his voice for ages, though it was only hours.  A wave a warmth washed over her as words rolled on the captain’s British tongue.  The trio nodded in agreement to his statement.
“So then, when did all of you find it?” She asked sitting on the bed, trying to take in everything that they were explaining.  Gilbert opened his mouth to give some long explanation, but Arthur interrupted again.
“400 years ago.” He stated blandly, though continued to stare at the paper in front of him.  _______’s eyes widened.  This was getting a little too weird.
“I’m sorry, I thought you said 400 years ago.” She half-heartedly laughed, but when no one laughed along she stared at the four pirates incredulously.
“Are you serious? That’s what happened last time you found the crystal? You turned immortal?” She asked, recalling what Antonio had said before the sirens had interrupted.  “Why do you want the crystal so bad anyways, Arthur? We’ve all used it already, and look what happened?”  Gilbert nodded.
“Not just us zhough, mein little bruder too.”
“And Lovi.”
“And Mattie.”
“And Alfred.”  The captain’s added, while _______’s gaze shifted from one man to another.
“Was that what was supposed to happen? I mean did you want eternal youth?” The princess asked quizzically, causing the pirates to glare at the frenchie.  Francis twiddled his thumbs and stuttered out a reply.
“Zhere was a slight incident in the attempt to steal ze crystal.” He laughed nervously, as Arthur shot him a death glare.
“Oy! Don’t blame it all on me! If it makes you any better, I was aiming for you, Arthur.  But Mr. awesome ‘ere bumped into me because a spider crawled up ‘is leg.” Francis whined.
“Vas zhat Mr. Awesome sarcastic?” Gilbert growled, and Francis glowered at him.
“Vhy You-”
“Point is, this wanker shot the crystal and the whole thing exploded into shards which coincidently embedded themselves into our heart, overall making us immortal, the end.  Now kindly shut the hell up, I’m trying to read a map.” Arthur interrupted bitterly.  There was a moment of silence before:
“So then what are you looking for if the thing exploded?” _______ asked, causing the Brit to groan in annoyance.
“Do you ever stop asking questions, princess?” He muttered in an annoyed tone, and _______ crossed her arms.
“Yes, but I shall continue asking until I get some answers.” She smirked, earning a few snickers from the trio.  Arthur sighed.
“There’s one shard left.” He said, causing Francis, Antonio, and Gilbert to stare at him in shock.
“Non...” They all said quietly in unison.  _______ stared intently wondering what Arthur wanted with the last shard.
“I’m going to destroy it before she get’s to it.” He stated simply.  The princess’s head was spinning....What the hell was going on here?
“Who’s she?”
“Your whore of a stepmother.”
OMG YOU'RE PART SIREN!!! are you confused yet? You can ask what's going on because I did have trouble writing this and I don't even know if it makes sense. But this chapter sort of explains a lot, so you're gonna have to read it carefully. BUT GUYS, MATTIE, LUDDY, AND LOVI HAVE JUST ENTERED THE STORY!! isn't that so awesome!! srry it took so long, I have no clue why I was at a writer's block again, I had like everything planned out.
ALSO I KNOW THAT THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ANYTHING, BUT I HAVE JUST MASTERED MY RUSSIAN ACCENT!! my goal is to master every accent in ze world, and so far I've got Chinese, Indian, Italian, British, Irish, and some Scottish (though it sounds really stupid) down. And, no these accent are not based off of hetalia, I base it off of real people who have accents because I don't think that hetalia accents are completely accurate....just saying.




i was thinking i should do a fanfic for Romano completely based off of that video. I sort of used it in my 'Smile Damn It' reader insert. If you haven't read it, please don't. It humiliatingly bad. I just read in over like two seconds ago and I was like: o___O WTF?!

Anyways, shot doing the italian goes to malta fanfic!!!

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 "Pripyat.... Are you okay?" A quiet voice came from behind you. Turning around, you saw none other than Japan behind you, gazing at you with expressionless brown eyes. Blinking in surprise, you stuttered,"H-hey, da, I'm fine... Why?" You asked, tilting your head a bit.
 "You rook sad... I wanted to terr you that I'm sorry for your ross." Japan said, just a hint of sympathy in his  eyes. Tilting your head in confusion, you said honestly,"Oh, thank you Mr. Japan... That means a lot."
 Japan nodded. "It's onry right, I've been meaning to tark to you, but I've been very busy..." He sighed slightly before continuing,"I've wanted to set up a business proposition."
 Your eyes widened a bit, staring at him in shock. You were the second smallest country in the world, and now Japan was requesting a businiess proposition. "What exactly is it...?" You asked quietly, wondering what he wanted.
 "...As you probabry know, I arso went through a nucrear accident... A rot of scientists went to Fukishima, and they're studying succession, effects of radiation, and many other things... They also want to come to your country, and do the same." Japan explained, waiting for your reaction. "We'll pay you a good amount of money, and the research courd benefit the both of us."  
 Well this was unexpected. Frozen in shock, it took a few moments for it to set in before you answered,"D-da, that's a good idea..." You said quietly, smiling a bit. Japan nodded, and said,"Arigato." Before bowing. "I'll see you soon." He said respectfully before taking his leave.
 Still in shock, you barely noticed that the door to the restaurant had opened until a familiar soft voice called your name.  "_-___...?"  
 Looking over at the door, you couldn't see him, but you recognized his voice. Smiling a bit, you slipped out of the meeting unnoticed, and walked through the door to see small Russia.
 No sooner had you stepped over the threshold of the door than you felt a warm strip of cloth wrapped around you, pulling you close. Eyes widening in surprise, you looked up to Russia, and you were shocked again.  
 He'd grown up. That adorable, childish face that you missed so much was lit up in a sunny smile directed down at you. His deep violet eyes reflected happiness, and you could've sworn you've never seen him this adorable. His platinum hair, eyebrows, and even his eyelashes were lightly coated in frost, as well as his coat and gloves. The only thing that didn't have a light layer of ice on it was his pink scarf, which he had wrapped around your waist, holding you close to him.
 "R-russia, you're..." You trailed off, staring up at him with a shocked face. "Shhh, call me Ivan now... And da, I grew up." He said, slowly wrapping his arms around you and pulling you close to his chest.
 You wrapped your arms around him in return, quietly saying,"I love you... I missed you so much." Looking up at him, you smiled and said,"You never told me that you were so cute as a child."
 A blush grew across his face and he smiled,"You're cuter, _____." He said softly, gently kissing your forehead. Now it was your turn to blush, and you murmured,"It sounds better when you call me by my real name..."  
 Russia chuckled a bit, and he repeated,"____~" in a sing song voice. He then took your hand and broke away from the embrace, guiding you inside.
 You had been lucky before, avoiding Russia being detected by everyone because he was a child, and people didn't really notice him because he was with you. And you were usually as invisible as Canada. But this time, he was grown up again, and as soon as you two walked in, everything went silent. Even America, who had been arguing with China and trying to get more food, was rendered slack-jawed as he saw Russia.
 Russia smiled in his childish way, and intertwined your fingers with his, walking you over to your chair and pulling it out from under the table like a gentleman. You smiled softly, and sat in the chair as he sat next to you, the whole time your hands never broke contact.  
 "H-How, aru?!?!" China was the first to find his voice again. He was soon followed by America, who exclaimed,"I shot him! I saw him die!" A chorus of confused exclamations and dumbfounded murmurs went around the room, and  all eyes were on you and Russia.  
Russia's POV.

 But I just kept smiling my little smile. And this time it was a real smile, not just a fake mask that I usually wore to hide the secret rage burning inside me whenever I saw the other nations. Why was I always angry at them? They had friends. They were happy. Content. None of them knew the cold loneliness of the wild tundra that I was forced to call my home as a child. None of them knew what it was like to live in a house with people you liked to pretend were your friends, but who really feared you, hated you, and would escape if given a chance.
 And they did. None of them knew how it felt to have all of your 'friends' leave, and none of them knew how it is to live in that huge house all by yourself. For years I stayed there alone, haunted by the dark shadows of the hallways that seemed to lurk in my very mind, constantly remembering me of what once was. What was once great. None of them knows, but I do.
 I know. But now I know how it feels to have that dark void in your heart filled with a light. Like a ray of sunshine, _____ came in in one of my darker moments, and I soon grew so attached to her that I can't imagine life without her. She makes me smile. I haven't done that in a long time since the USSR was dissolved. I remember General Winter punishing me for my existence, sending blizzards, ice, and snow everywhere he could touch. I know General Winter's wrath killing everything.
 _____ knows too. She knows what it's like to be tortured, and she's clearly earned more than her share of scars on her. Her tough life has left marks on her. I can see it in her eyes. She's insecure, but that's perfectly understandable. She's vulnerable. It makes me want to hug her protectively and never let go.
 _____ is my sunflower. She's the reason I haven't fallen into insanity in the past few months. She's why I haven't snapped and lashed out at any of the other nations. _____ is also the reason that I'm alive right now. For once, General Winter took mercy on me because I would be leaving behind a devastated girl who would probably end her life from sadness. If it wasn't for ______, General Winter never would've brought me back.
 Thanks to her, I'm certain of one thing, and I've never been so sure of anything in my life.
 I love _____.
 And it's this that keeps this genuine smile on my face as I look at all the countries who hate and fear me. As the confused murmurs go down, I begin to speak.

Your POV.

 "Da, privyet everyone~!" Russia began, smiling brightly. Blinking and tilting your head, you noticed that this smile seemed a bit more... real than the one he wore around other countries.
 "I have great news!" Russia said, facing everyone in the now silent restaurant. "I'm surrendering."
 A chorus of murmurs rung around the room, but Russia cut them off before they could get any further. "Which means Germany is now back in command of the Union. All matters of war and peace go to him!"
 Now all eyes were on Germany. Blinking in surprise, he thought quickly to gather up his reeling thoughts and answer the big question. Stop fighting, or continue war? Having lost WW2, and already being overtaken by Russia for a second time, he was tired, and quick to answer. "Nein. Nein, nein, nein. I von't keep fighting. Zhis var is over." He could've sworn he'd never hear those words escape his mouth.
 But today was full of surprises, now wasn't it? Everyone seemed to be processing the information and collecting their thoughts. All except for you and Russia.
 "Good! Then this meeting is over, da?" Russia said, standing up. You stood, and looked at him as he said,"Right then, do svidanya~!" and left the room, taking you with him. As soon as you two exited the restaurant, there was a chorus of cheers.
 WW3 was over.
 As soon the door closed behind you, a sudden wind blew around you. It carried snowflakes, graceful at first, but then becoming violent. Wind roared in your ears, and your black and white vision was soon overtaken by sheer white. Cold blew through you, chilling you to the bone. You heard Russia calling your name, but it was a faint echo in comparison to the gust that dominated your hearing. Suddenly, it all disappeared as soon as it came, and you were left standing next to Russia, wide eyed.
 "_____, _____! Are you-" He cut himself off for some reason, and just stared at you. Blinking in confusion, you said,"Ivan, what's wrong...?" He slowly took your shoulders, and turned you around to face the window that held your reflection.
 You were now 23. 10 years had gone by in 10 seconds. Your old clothes were replaced with a beautiful white lacy dress, that perfectly matched your (hair length), (hair color) hair. Your (eye color) eyes gazed back at you, showing nothing but shock. Wait...
 Colors. You weren't colorblind any more. Turning and looking at Russia, you saw his platinum hair and deep purple eyes that you could get lost in forever. His cheeks were gently brushed in a rosy blush, and he smiled brightly down at you. "С возвращением. (Welcome back.)" He said, wrapping his arms around you.
 All you could do is cry. Hugging him tightly, you buried your head in the nook of his neck and cried. He hugged you in return, kissing your forehead, and whispering small poetic sayings of love in your ear. You were the most beautiful thing he's ever seen, and he never wanted to let you go.
 To be honest, you didn't want to let go of him either. After years and years of confusion, everything now made sense. General Winter killed Natasha and Alexander so that you'd be alone. If you hadn't been completely alone, you wouldn't have gone to commit suicide, and therefore, you would've never met Russia.
 You were made color blind so that you'd miss colors, and that made the moment when you regained proper vision even more special. Your hair and eyes were made bland so that when General Winter fixed you, your true colors would be shown again. Not to mention the age gap being fixed completely.
 Sighing contently, Russia rested his chin on your head, and closed his eyes. He's never been happier. And there, crying in his arms, you knew you'd never been happier either. You knew that there was a lot in store ahead for the both of you. Working with Japan, your economy could only get better. And now that you had Russia, you had a feeling that a lot of happiness would be ahead.
 But for now, you just stayed there in his arms, crying tears of joy for what you knew would be more than a lifetime of happiness.
*sigh* So how do I start here?
I guess a good place to start is the disclaimers. I don't own any art used in the preview images. Whoever made those are just awesome people. I also don't own Hetalia. I own the plot. Russia owns you.
And this is my first completed fanfiction. Like ever. I've only gotten about 3 or 4 chapters into a story before, and here we are, at chapter 18 of the longest story I've ever written. How was it? I hope it wasn't too incredibly terrible. I'm sorry if it wasn't that good, I am somewhat a beginner at this.
To be honest, I'm a little bit sad that this one is over. This was by far the most fun I've ever had writing a story. I've never had so much feedback, and it really makes me happy beyond measure that some people actually read this story. Thank you to everyone who's taken enough time to read this.
I hope you enjoyed this last chapter... But it might not be the last. I'm thinking about doing continuing on this... Or starting another Russia x Reader in a different setup completely. By that I mean that there might be a story later down the road where the reader must chose between two countries... And it'll start all over again. Maybe.
Now that this project is completed, (I have no lemons for you, sorry.) I'll be able to focus on the America x Reader, and hopefully complete that as well. However, since this is my first completed (and most commented) story, I'll always have a weird attachment to it, and a special appreciation to who ever has read it, and stuck through the seemingly endless chapters and my poor writing.
Once again, thank you, and I hope you enjoyed this series as much as I enjoyed writing it. -Dark.

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