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Touhou x FE:A
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yuyuko spell...

this's my 1st month working as salary-man..
have a few time to draw and clear my commissions TwT'
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Commissioned by :iconpurplexvi:. Hijinks!

Poor Reisen. At least cartoon rabbits are immune to hilarious injuries.

Goddamn, the Imperishable Night(mare moon) cast designs are ANCIENT. I didnt even reference my old drawing because blegh, the chagrin of past work. Also equine forms for the bunnies, because that's a thing. They both have short bobtails. Aren't they darling?

I have the worst trouble with the cutie marks. I'll shamelessly retcon them whenever I want because one day I'll think of one that doesnt look like crap, like Kanako's new kamon-style redesign. Fandom secret, I never made a cutie mark for Kaguya.

Kagu and Eirin's ponikers are Princess Ambrosia and Lady Alcmene respectively, yay Greek. The latter means 'might of the moon' and also sounds like alchemy. Awesome.

A reminder that I am offering commissions for these things. Check the new journal for the most up-to-date info.

Characters depicted belong to Hasbro or are adaptations of characters belonging to Team Shanghai Alice. The art and the pony designs for the Eientei crew are my own. Please respect the efforts of both the artist and the commissioner.
Please check out my commission guidelines (… ) if you are interested!
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Spoilers~! I almost cry at this scene in the game btw....|QAQ>
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just some color test and i can finally put my finger on Agito's Karas Mode
(it's actually a bit different in the first design:… ) :iconheadacheplz:
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i've finally got the mood to draw more touhou, lets use this… for the basic summary :iconhappyskipplz:.

also, i already prepared 3 different outfits for these set, maybe i'll post each of it later.

Flandre Scarlet: after hundreds of years passed, Flan finally regain more sanity enough to think and act way more rational than before. her body also keep evolving to actually immune to sunlight.
she attend school at co-ed highschool for human and otherworldly creatures. Flan also work as a Part-timer miko in Hakurei shrine.

Remilia Scarlet: CEO and founder of Scarlet Foundation. at long last, she finally succeeded conquering Gensokyo, unfortunately, it seems almost no one care about this and nothing in future Gensokyo actually change.
Because SDM already destroyed during the last civil war…, Remi and her sister live in a massive apartment deep inside Youkai district.
also,she stole Otoha's precious thing.

Hakurei Otoha: 18th head of Hakurei Shrine. Very Skilled in fighting and often referred as "Combat Pragmatist". because of his arrogant nature, he has a habit to underestimating his opponent and condescending people.
many questioning his actual motive being Gensokyo's Guardian, but no one actually have the heart to point this, while he always betting his own life to protect the innocents.

Agito: the Strongest KARAS in Gensokyo. sadly, because of her nature as "everyone's Triumph card", most people rarely seen her in actual combat.
she protect the region near Hakurei Shrine and Human District. currently freeloading in Otoha's Shrine and reluctantly being his sword instructor.
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have you ever read the original script?
Tacit ronin supposed to helping Gipsy and Striker dropping the bomb and defeated 3 Kaiju all alone. it's also have Laser Cutter. and Del Toro scrapped this idea. i mean, a freaking laser cutter. like in Dead Space.

oh well.

instead we got opening footage of these awesome mark1 jaegers until their demise.

also probably i won't doing any Pacific Rim fanart anymore. i finally got the mood to draw more Touhou
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Stacker: :iconnosebleedonionplz:

we can never see how Coyote Tango Beat the shit of Onibaba because Mako is still too young to witness the SHEER AWESOMENESS.

i feel like to draw the fallen jaegers after this.

anyway, the crab Kaiju's name, "Onibaba" meaning "Ogre Hag" or "Demon Grandma", that would be a nice Touhou Joke.
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"let's go fishing" (Deathflag intensifies)

so yeah, too many reference for this jaeger. but let's try to list a bit.

"Rocket punch" check
"Breast Fire" check
"ChainSword like Panzer world Galient use" check
"Dai-Guard Construction" check
"PILDER ON!" check
"the cockpit screws into the rest of the body like Gurren Lagann" check
"The premise that Jaegers require two pilots who are in harmony with one another" check
"Kamina's Shades" CHECK
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Nitori Kawashiro from Touhou
not so awesome title ahah

done in Clip Studio  Paint

Nitori Kawashiro (c) :iconzunplz:
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Based on this: Here's some fan arts that I drew based on the actual scene from Ren & Stimpy

Am I kicked out of the fandom yet?

Cirno (c) ZUN
Walfas (c) KirbyM
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Update 1.6.0! added more character abilities,many feature tweaks and additions,made the game a bit faster paced in general, and a few optimizations,
be sure to use the pause/menu to access the the quit button, the Q(quit to titlescreen) hotkey has been removed.

Based on the nintendo game "Mario Bros".
Touhou and characters by ZUN.
Art Assets belong to KirbyM(nearly all of the art is theirs, i made a couple edits, and a few misc things).
Thanks goes to :icondeitydiz93: for recreating the nameless characters in walfas style, as well as ideas and playtesting,
as well as :iconflubman: for helping with ideas, fixing up some descriptions, and playtesting.

You play with the arrow keys.
Press up to jump.
Press down to activate your character's ability.
Press enter to open a menu in-game(also pauses game in single player).
Press space to interact with a background object(eg; throw a table).

Press M to toggle mute.
Press - = to adjust sound effect volume.
Press [ ] to adjust music volume.

Click the download button to get a larger game window.

This game uses peer to peer networking to do multiplayer.
A limit of 4 players per room has been set to attempt keep gameplay and network speeds optimal.

The ReimuBros Manual can be found here.
ReimuBros OST info can be found here.
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A redraw of a panel in this old comic

ALSO I am aware of how Nue is properly pronounced so pls

You can also find the textless version in my pixiv if you wanna put some texts on Nue jokes for your Facebook page or whatever
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Kirisame Marisa (霧雨魔理沙) - Touhou Project

Surprisingly I finished one of my college task one day faster than I scheduled... so I can draw something that's not too difficult. :meow:
Btw, I also changed my coloring a bit. It might be not much different, though...

Pixiv: Link
Made with Manga Studio EX 5
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Collection by
This would work for a normal cat hat, too.
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DAMN. I swore to myself I wasn't going to upload this until i had a bunch of stuff to dump. BUT I GOT TOO EXCITED. :iconffffukplz:


I've been obsessed with this new Vocaloid song: [link]

First vocaloid fanart uploaded. I get intimidated by all the amazing vocaloid arts that i never bother to draw any but i really liked this song, so i thought i'd give it a try. I hope you like it. ;A;

And made this huge thing. That took forever.
Done with sharpie and felt-tip pens.
Adjusted the contrast and gamma on my mac to make the background solid and not sharpie streaky. It kinda looks like i did this on photoshop. :/ This looks better in person. And yes i know Miku's jacket looks weird. Damn my markers.

If enough people are interested, I would like to get some mini-posters printed of this to sell at Colossal Con 2011 in Ohio.

I hope you guys like it. ;A; I hate making vocaloid art. Intimidation......

Miku and Gumi belong to their respective artists,
The animated video belongs to it's respective artist,
This art belongs to ME.
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Creepy little girls

Poniko: :iconstarpu:

Madotsuki: :iconichster:
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I was really surprised that someone did Haku from Sen to Chihiro no Kami Kakushi. It was a really well done cosplay. NatsuComi 2007.

Picture Taken By: :iconanimefan-nopbidc:
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hina in her wedding dress getting married to nitori
Merry Christmas!
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touhou others
Collection by
Remilia Scarlet, From Artbook Crossing, by C7肘. For more info, visit:…
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This was my entry for this year's fanbook Traversée au Pays des Illusions - Edition 2013. This fanbook was released on Japan Expo (Paris, France).

I wanted to practice illumination effects. I think I improved a bit with this one... I hope you enjoy it!

Prints are available for sale at #CYCLIC-REDUNDANCY's online store.
:bulletgreen: A4 size:
:bulletgreen: A3 size:

Fujiwara no Mokou from Touhou Project is © Team Shanghai Alice

You can see some capture process here:
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Night version of Komeiji : )

(thanks everyone for the comments, I will try to look at everything as soon as I finish my exams, sorry> <!!!)
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From The Touhou Project
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Old love
Collection by
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just try on her.

Kirisame Marisa from Touhou by Zun
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I wish there was a swimsuits for her in summer too.. :/

Fubuki from Kantai Collection
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wedding dress and waistcoat (custom order :))

Commande d'une robe de mariée et du gilet homme
Réalisation My Oppa…
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a commission i did waaaay back for a Spanish-language young adult novel comprising of a bunch of different artist's works about a spy... that happens to be pregnant. What? also pretending to be a Geisha... what? Well, check it out yourself. La Embarazada-Espia

I did these way back in 2014, so it's not a new thing. but still, pretty cool lighting even if it is "orange/blue".
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Collection by
It was your 16th Birthday. You had a great day! You had friends over, you got to cook food, you even got to teach your father how took cook a few things. After everyone left, you put all of the new stuff you got in your room, and your Father was downstairs, reading a book.

You were putting some of the new clothes you got in your closet, and dropped one of them. You bent down, and picked it up, and saw a box in the back of your closet. You reached in your closet, and grabbed the box and pulled it out.

"Hey, a box of my old toys.." You smiled, and opened it up. There were dolls, little animal things, and a bunch of other stuff.

You stood up, and walked out of your room, and went up to the attic. You went over to a big box, full of your old toys, drawing, some pictures, baby clothes, ect.

You grabbed a picture, and looked at it. It was Big Brother America giving you a piggy back ride. You frowned, you were to big for piggy back rides now...You really missed America giving you playing with you, and giving you piggy back rides...

You frowned, and put the picture back up, and grabbed a little bunny doll. Your Dad made it for you, he called it Flying Mint Bunny. You smiled, remembering all the times you played with it. You brought it EVERYWHERE you went. You even brought it with you the first day of school. You remembered the night you lost it, and you couldn't sleep without it, and you were up all night while America and your Dad were looking everywhere for it. When they finally found it, they went to your room to give it to you, and found you asleep.

When you started getting older, you just forgot about it...

"I'm getting older...I can't play with toys anymore, America can't give me piggy back rides anymore...I can't color pictures for Dad anymore..." Tears came to your eyes, and you sighed angrily. You hated crying!

You wiped your eyes, and walked downstairs, holding the doll in your hand.



"I...I don't wanna grow up! I wanna be a kid again!" You said.

He looked over at you, shocked.

"Love, I'm sorry, but there's nothing that I can do about that." He stood up, and went over to you.

"I just...wanna be a kid for again...for just one day!"

"I know...That's what I want too. I want nothing more than you to be my little baby again, but that can't happen." He said.

Tears came to your eyes again, "I'm so scared to grow up...I hate this feeling..." You said, "I hate being scared about this..."

England hugged you, "I hate that your scared of it too. This, it just something I cannot change, no matter how much I want to. But, remember this, you'll always be my little girl. I don't care how old you are, you will always be my little girl." He said, a few tears forming in his eyes as well.

You smiled, "Thanks Daddy...That makes me feel a lot better." You said.

He let go of you, and smiled as well.

"I'm gonna go to bed. It's been a long day." You said, and walked up stairs, with the bunny still in your hand. You changed into a pair of comfy pajamas, and you climbed into bed, and covered up. You fell asleep, still holding the stuffed bunny.

England snuck in the room while you slept, and kissed your forehead, "I love you (Name)..." He said, and left the room.

"I love you too, Daddy..." You mumbled, smiling a little, and went back to sleep.
Wow, I think this SUCKS! Ever since my 13th Birthday, I've been pretty sad...I don't really wanna grow up, but there's really nothing I can do about it, I guess...Oh well, I hope you like my short, crappy, rushed story. Oh yeah, and this was a one shot, so there isn't going to be another chapter.
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You grimaced as the small digital camera edged closer to your face. You blushed slightly and moved towards your small plane window and leaned your forehead against it, trying to act as if you were interested in the fluffy white clouds which looked practically solid below you. The camera edged closer… closer…

"Will you STOP it, Gilbert!"

"Kesese! What's the problem, [Name]? Scared of a camera?"

"No! It's just… uncomfortable and creepy with you doing that!"

"If you were wondering, [Name], the Awesome Me did accidentally take a picture of you looking out the window."

You lunged for the camera, screaming something like, "GIMME THAT!"

You were pretty photo-shy. You hated seeing yourself on camera or in photos with a fake smile or being taken a photo of while you weren't paying attention at all.

"Nein! Kesesese—[Name], ahh!"

At that point, Gil as leaning as far away from you as possible without squishing his brother Ludwig, who was dozing with a Skymall magazine open in his lap. You tried to paw at Gilbert's hand that was holding the camera, but knocked it out of his hand. Everything happened in slow motion as your mouth opened in a small "o" and Gilbert's mouth wide open and his red eyes open in shock, the camera hit Ludwig in the head and Ludwig jumped wide awake.

"Wer war das?!" [1]

You and Gilbert pointed at each other.




Ludwig grumbled some curses as he stepped off the plane with his suitcase, you and Gilbert giggling manically behind the blond German's back about the camera.

"Man, I'm hungry," Gilbert drawled, holding his stomach as it growled loudly. You snickered, and then put a confident hand on Ludwig's shoulder, startling him.

"Well, I'll stay with Ludwig. There's a McDonald's over there," you pointed out for Gil.

"Was?! Wait, nein! I never agreed to this!" Ludwig protested, panicked.

"Too bad," you sang, winking at Gil. Gilbert winked back and then waved as you started laughing uncontrollably. This was going to be fun!
This is the prologue to [link]

After I got an idea from :iconxjokers-puppetx: !

[1] - Who was that?!
[2] - Nein is no.

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“Gilbert~!” your voice echoed through your house, “Bath time~!” There may or may not have been a sadistic smile on your face... You walked slowly and stealthily down the hall into the living room. There was a silvery-white tail protruding from behind the sofa. It flicked up and down nervously. You used your ninja skills to creep forward without making a sound.  Then, you pounced.
“I’VE GOT YOU!!!” you cried as you threw yourself onto Gilbert’s crouching form.
“Mraow!!” he cried out as he began to struggle. You were pretty strong though, and you held him down. However, Gilbert, being a cat, was lean and muscular and his thrashing was wearing you out.
“Hey Gil,” you whispered sexily as you leaned down and licked his neck, “if you don’t cooperate, I’ll make you take two baths.”
Gilbert’s body went limp, and you relinquished your hold on him. There were tears at the corners of his scarlet eyes.
“Frau! Why are you so cruel? Ze awesome me doesn’t need to take a bath. I’m a cat!”
“You may be a cat, but you have a human body, so baths are a necessity,” you said in a stern tone.
You ran the hot water in the tub as Gilbert shivered in fear. You ordered him to undress and get in the tub. You turned around to afford him some modesty. Once Gilbert was in the water, he seemed to enjoy it, though he would never admit it. He leaned back in the water and the fluffy white suds around him were the color of his hair. His pale, lean torso was surrounded by luminescent soap suds and he had a sleepy, languorous expression on his face.  There was a bright yellow toy bobbing in the water, though instead of a duck, it was a chick.
“Ok, time to clean you up!” you said cheerfully. You took some soap and rubbed it over his neck and his shoulders. Gilbert sighed with pleasure.
“Gilbert, I think you like it!”
“N-no, I don’t! This is terrible!”
“I’m gonna wash your hair now!”
Gilbert braced himself. You rinsed his hair with warm water, and gently massaged the shampoo into his scalp. You were careful not to get any into his ears. You began rinsing off the suds as Gilbert played with the Gilbird toy. Gilbert’s red eyes twinkled with mischief. Suddenly, he pulled you into the tub. You gasped.  He pulled you to him and it was difficult to struggle because you were weighed down by your damp clothes. Gilbert grabbed the soap and rubbed it over your stomach and your back in circular motions as he traced his tongue along your jawline.
“Fuahh...” you exhaled.
“I think you like it,” Gilbert smirked.
“Bad kitty,” you muttered.
The water was getting cold, so you pulled yourself out of the tub, dragging Gilbert along with you. You took a fluffy white towel and dried off his hair and his soft ears. He smiled gently and you wrapped another towel around yourself. He rubbed his cheek against yours and inhaled.
“You smell so good,” he whispered.
       “That’s what baths are for, silly kitty,” you said as you leaned in to give him a kiss.
Hmm... I tried not to make this too risque.. so I'm not going to put a mature content filter. Anyways, sorry part 3 took so long... well, it's done now! I hope you enjoy it! Hetalia does not belong to me and neither does the preview image. Have a lovely day!
Pt 1:…
Pt 2:…
Pt 3: you are here!
Pt 4:…
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    “I love the snow.” You said to yourself as you were walking to the house of your friends, the Nordics. You were staying with them while your place was going under construction. You held a couple plastic bags in your hands filled with your purchases from the grocery store. You breathed in the cold air as you smiled. You were about half way to the Nordic’s home when the winds started to pick up. The snow that was picked up in the wind was so thick you barley could see where you were going. “Well there are the bad sides of the snow I guess.” You told yourself as you heard a cracking from above as you looked up seeing a large branch tumbling down on top of you.

    [Nordic’s POV]

    “Are you sure you don’t need any help, Sweden?” Finland asked as he and Sweden were on their way back from cutting firewood. He shook his head as he held the stack of firewood on his shoulder.

    As soon as they saw their home in sight Hanatamago stopped and looked down a different path.

    “What’s wrong, Hana?” Finland asked as the small dog started to run and bark down the path. “Hana!” Finland said running after his dog as Sweden put the wood down and followed. The two  Nordics followed the small dog as she stopped and barked.

    “Wh’t is she g’ing on ab’ut? [What is she going on about?] Sweden asked as Hanatamago started to dig in the snow.

    “I don’t know.” Finland walked over to pick up his dog as he saw something (your favorite color). He brushed the snow away as he saw it was your coat. “______?” He set Hanatamago down as he started to dig at the snow. “Sweden!” He called out as Sweden saw it was you under the snow he started digging too. As soon as they got you out of the snow Sweden took you in his arms holding your body close.

    “She’s freezing.” Finland said putting his hand on your pale face. “We’ve got to get her back to the house.” Sweden agreed as he picked you up taking you back to the house.

    [Reader’s POV]

    Your (e/c) eyes fluttered open as you looked around seeing you were in the guest room of the Nordic home. You sat up putting your head in your hands as you felt a bandage around your head. You blinked as you ran your fingers along the bandage that wrapped around your head.

    “______!” You looked at the door as Denmark walked in. “About time you woke up!” His loud voice was nice for a smile from you. “How do you feel?”

    As you went to answer you didn’t hear anything. You tried to speck again and again nothing came out. Your hand went to your throat as you couldn’t make a sound.

    “______.” Finland said with the other Nordics behind him. They must have seen the fear on your face.

    “What’s wrong?” Norway asked as you patted the front of your throat.

    “I don’t think she can speak.” Iceland said as Finland sat on your bed as you shook your head.

    “The sickness must have done something to your vocal cords.” Finland said as you looked at him with wonder in your eyes. “We found you unconscious in the snow a couple days ago.”

    ‘A couple days ago?’ you thought as he went on.

    “You’ve had a high fever since then. It broke this morning but it must have left you mute.” Finland looked at you as your (e/c) eyes filled with tears of fear. He pulled you into a hug as thoughts raced through your head.

    -Time skip a few days-

    You sat on the couch watching the snow fall with Hanatamago in your lap as your hand slowly ran across the small dog. You sighed as a plate of fresh baked cookies were set on the table beside you. You turned your head to see Finland’s smiling face.

    “Thought you might like a snack.” He said in his happy tone. You had to admit if it wasn’t for his happiness of everything you wouldn’t be able to smile at all. You mouthed ‘Thank you’ to your Finnish friend when the door opened while Norway, Iceland and Denmark walked in.

    “How are things, Squirt?” Denmark asked sitting on the arm of the couch that you had your back against. You looked up at the Dane as he gave you his normal goofy smile. He got up as he walked into the kitchen with the other Nordics. “If you need us just holler.” He said as he disappeared behind the kitchen wall before you heard him making chocking sounds.

    “Why couldn’t you have been the one to go mute?” You heard Norway ask as you knew Norway got a hold of his tie.

    “Because it would take a lot to shut his mouth.” Iceland told his brother as you smiled.

     You got up scooping Hanatamago in your arms as you walked outside quietly closing the door behind you. Ever since the day you were found in the snow Finland has been a bit over protective of you going outside. You looked up at the grey skies as the snow crunch underneath your feet. You took a deep breath as you suddenly felt a hand on your shoulder. You jumped as you quickly turned to see Sweden standing behind you. You relaxed a bit seeing him as his blue eyes stared down at you.

    “Wh’t are y’u d’ing out her’, ______?”[What are you doing out here, ______?] He asked as he knew you couldn’t answer. He took off his long coat and put it around you. “D’n’t want y’u to catch an’ther cold.” [Don’t want you to catch another cold.”] You smiled up at him as you turned your head to hear a voice.

    “______!” Finland ran out of the house. “You’re going to get sick again.” You knew he was just looking out for your own good as Sweden put his hand on Finland’s shoulder.

    “It w’n’t hurt h’r to be out f’r a bit.” [It won’t hurt her to be out for a bit.]

    “Good!” You heard another voice as Denmark came out with Norway and Iceland behind him. “Then let’s go get some beer. We’re out.” He grinned as both Iceland and Norway facepalmed.

    “We’re also low on firewood.” Norway said as Sweden nodded and was off to get a couple of axes.

    Norway walked over to you as he handed you your thicker coat. You set Hanatamago down as you switched coats out so you could give Sweden back his coat.

    As you were out with the guys you sat on a fallen tree watching them as they either chopped wood (mainly Sweden) or goofed off (Denmark hitting Norway and Iceland with snowballs.)You smiled as you swung your legs off the tree you sat upon watching them only a few yards away. Your attention was taken from the guys as you saw a white dust in the distance. You looked to see it coming closer at a quick pace. You looked to see a herd of moose charging in the clearing. You looked in their path that passed through the clearing that led for the guys. You waved your arms but none of them saw you. You slide off the tree to warn them but as you started to go towards them you were pulled back by a dead vine wrapped around your leg. You tugged and tried to untangle yourself as the vine seemed to just get more tangled. You turned seeing the herd closer than before as the guys didn’t seem to see or hear them. You panicked as you looked around. There was no way you could throw a snowball that far to get their attention.

    You took a deep breath as you knew you had to warn them. You took everything you had as you tried to make noise. “Loo…Loo” You started to make progress but you had no time. You used everything you had. “L-look out!” You screamed. It hurt like hell but you got their attention.

    The guys looked at you then behind them as they saw the herd to close for comfort. Sweden took Finland out of the path with him and Denmark took both Iceland and Norway as they got out of the way letting the herd pass with no one harmed.

    “Good thing ______ saw those.” Denmark said as they all realized you had warned them. They all ran to you as you held your sore throat.

    “You warned us.” Finland said as he knelt down beside you. You smiled as Sweden got the vine from your leg.

    “It hurt like hell.” You said with a raspy voice as you cringed at even the small sentence hurt your throat as Norway put a hand on your shoulder and gave you a rare gentle smile.

    “Maybe a cup of hot tea will sooth that throat of yours.”
Alright so this is the third and final part of my "See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil" theme. This is the Speak no evil part. I hope you enjoy it and I hope you enjoyed my See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil theme. Thank you for reading ^^

Hetalia: Doesn't belong to me
You: don't belong to me

Axis x Deaf! Reader:…
Allies x Blind! Reader:…
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   “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome aboard Norwegian Airlines flight 23 with non-stop service to Oslo, Norway. Please turn your attention to the flight attendant nearest you for our safety demonstration. Please follow along with the safety card located in the seat pocket in front of you. Please make sure your seatbelt is securely fastened at this time. To fasten, insert the loose metal buckle into the holder. Tighten so it fits firmly around your waste. To fasten, pull the loose belt. Also, make sure all carry-on items are stored in the overhead bins or under the seat in front of you…” The perky flight attendant recited.

    You let her speech fade into the background as you took in your rather big surroundings. A three seat aisle connected you to your friend who decided to spend her college break going to Norway with you, her younger not-quite-in-college-yet companion. She has heard the safety speech before, so she had all of her stuff tucked away and strapped on in all the right positions and had shown you how to do so as well with your own belt.

   The third seat by the window had some guy whose navy blue sailor hat covered his face as he leaned against the window. Clearly he was asleep and saw no importance in keeping awake during a lengthy safety speech. He wore a red and blue polo shirt with expensive-looking jeans and blue Samsonite Boston shoes on his feet.

    (friend’s name) leaned over to you from reading a magazine. “Hey, let’s hope he doesn’t snore, right?”

    You giggled. “Or maybe he mutters weird things in his sleep.”

    “I swear, (your nickname), you totally lucked out by getting the aisle seat. I hate sitting next to people I don’t know.”

   “Want to switch seats?’ you offered.

   “You sure?” She asked.

   “Yep, I don’t mind at all.”

   “Augh, you’re such a good friend, God bless you,’ she thanked you gratefully and the both of you loosened your belts to swap seating arrangements. As soon as you sat down and buckled up again, you caught sight of the world outside the window while the plane was taking lift off. Of course, the guy on the window seat was still out cold sleeping against the wall of the plane. You wondered if he was able to breathe under the hat covering his face like that, but thought it was just as well. If he was hard to look at, it would be all for the best if he didn’t wake up for the remainder of the 6 hour flight.

   You let your eyes wander him for a bit, and saw that his build was surprisingly young. Maybe around 22 or so with strands of light blonde hair sticking out from under the left nape of his neck, and– Was that a hair clip tucking his bangs to the side? Didn’t only girls use hair clips?

   How unusual seeing them on a guy, you thought and looked closer and saw that his seatbelt was not fastened, and you shot a glance down at the flight attendant that was checking to see if everyone followed directions.

   If she saw him, then he’ll probably get in trouble or fined. If having no seatbelt in a car got you a hundred dollar ticket, then imagine getting caught without it on a plane!

    Time to do this guy a solid; it could be another good deed you could do for today.

     Leaning over carefully, so as not to disturb him, you took both ends of the belt and clicked them together fastening them firmly, yet comfortably so as not to chaff his waist. You then leaned back into your seat with a pleased sigh. You decided to peek to see if he was still asleep, but then huge blue eyes filled your vision, making you yelp in surprise.

   Huge deep blue eyes indeed, pale blonde hair with that crossed clip holding some of it to the left of his head, while the rest was resting against the right side, and his skin was like crème. And was that a floating curl of hair? His deep cerulean orbs were set behind thick eyelashes, and his lips were a pale pinkish hue, his upper lip poking outwards.

   Holy crap.

   The guy was hot!

   His sailor hat was now on his lap, his right hand resting on top of it, but right now he wasn’t paying it any mind. Right now, he was holding your eyes with an iron grip, and wouldn’t let go, and it left you just sitting there, only returning his ogle.

    There wasn’t anything in his eyes.

    Well, they were pretty and the light hit them in a way that glowed warmly, yet they were dull and unfeeling, like he was only looking but not seeing anything.

    Like the eyes of a Furby. Huge, shiny, and stony.

    You don’t know how much time passed when you realized you were both silent for a long time.

    “Um, sorry for waking you up,’ you finally said.

    His eyes kept their grip for a second or two, and then slowly switched to your hands still on his belt.

    “You should be careful of where you let your hands lay. Grabbing for a male’s crotch area isn’t exactly going to make a girl look attractive.” His deep tenor voice deadpanned.

    It was true. You sizzled and pulled your hands away quickly. “I-I’m sorry!”

    “Since you’ll probably try to do something else, I’ll have to trouble myself by staying awake now,’ he insensitively put.   

    “I’m really very sorry it won’t happen again, I promise. I’m not really that kind of person…” You tripped over your words.   

    He simply leaned towards the window, staring at the now disappearing ground as the plane literally threw gravity to the wind.

   You folded your hands in your lap and asked (friend’s name) for the book of fairytales she had in her handbag.

    You took it out and flipped through it to the spot where you left off, a dog eared page marking it out for you.

    “You read fairytales?” A low voice asked.

    It took you several moments to realize that the man beside you was speaking to you.

    You met his hollow gaze. His face didn’t say much about what he was thinking of. Hell, there was no sign of life in it!

    “Um… yeah,’ you answered, closing the paperback and leaning it on your lap. “Are you asking for the title?”

    He turned away to lean his hand on his palm. “No reason. Just curious.” He said flatly.

    “It has fairytales from all around the world in each section. My favorites are the Norwegian ones.” You described.

    His eyes fluttered to you and you could swear you saw a glint of interest in those unfeeling eyes.


    Was he going to say something nice about it? Was he going to say it was cool? Maybe he didn’t feel so annoyed at your earlier attempt to help him out by buckling him up.


    Wow. What a compliment.

    “I guess so.” You simply answered.

     He remained silent for the next 10 minutes so you assumed he didn’t wish to speak anymore. You went back to reading your book. You felt his unsettling gaze from time to time, but you tried not to pay it any attention.

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    Now arriving in Oslo, Norway Gate 8,’ a female voice said coolly over the public announcement system at the destination airport.

    Your friend stretched her arms while you gathered your luggage from the conveyor belt.

   “Man, that was a long-ass 6 hour flight!’ she complained with a laugh. “This lady across from me had her mouth open while she was asleep, it was funny!”

    “Yeah?’ you giggled, and reached for the conveyer belt for the handles on your suitcase when your hand met someone else’s. You looked up slowly to see a pair of azure eyes that were recognizable, red and blue polo shirt and sailor hat atop light blonde hair with a Nordic cross clip holding some of it back.

    His hand was warm to the touch, and you felt your face and mind go as blank, mirroring his default expression.

   The pale lips of his parted slowly, and you felt that they were the only things that you saw.

   “This is mine,’ he said monotonously.

   Your eyes fell to the ID on the suitcase’s handle and saw that it read ‘Lukas Bondevik’ in clear, pretty handwriting. Slowly, you face him again, the light from the airport made little window lights in those eyes and instead of the usual dead look, they seemed to be expecting something.

   “You have a nice name,’ you plainly declared, while removing your hand and straightening up. He held his gaze, but lifted the suitcase to the ground beside him as he did so onto the other side of the conveyor belt line. Lukas started to leave to the line for receiving emigrants.

    “My name is (first name),’ you called out to him. “It’s nice to meet you.”

    He didn’t stop walking but turned to you. “Hello.”

    You gave him the best smile you could manage and his eyes widened a fraction, but then he quickly killed his features and continued to head for immigration.

    “Who’s he?’ your friend walked to stand next you and checked out his retreating figure. “He’s pretty hot.”

    “He was the guy in the third seat you didn’t want to sit next to.” You answered.

    “No way! He was the sleeping weirdo with a hat on his face?!’ she sputtered, clearly flabbergasted.  

    You laughed, remembering that you were just as surprised when you came face to face with his enchanting countenance.

    You saw him give the greeter at the desk his passport.

    Regardless, you doubted you would ever see him again in a country as big as Norway.

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     “GAH, the hotel here has crummy food,’ your friend pretended to gag as she collapsed on the king size ungracefully. It was decorated in pretty silk brocade designs, and the pillows had lace borders hanging out.  

     “Why don’t we go out to eat?” You suggested from just walking out of the impeccable bathroom with the cute little soap bars.

     She lifted her head up to at you. “What a swell idea! Let’s go once I change.”

Heart Divider by Embasan

    “This place looks nice,’ your friend said as you approached the 15th restaurant on the street.

    The others had been booked, expensive, crowded, or were understaffed. The guidebook you had only told you so much, and the landmarks had been helpful enough but it just wasn’t enough to convince you that the two of you didn’t have to worry about inconveniences.

    “It looks nice though for a small time café.” You agreed, observing the entrance.  

    The outside porch had a mahogany stretched staircase and doors with beveled glass in triangle designs. The awning was a stunning red with a calm blue line and white borders and the bars themselves were golden. A carved wooden sign on the outer extension to the sign read Café Hetalia.

   “It’s called Café ‘Hetalia’? That’s a curious name for a restaurant, don’t you think?”

   She turned her head at you.


  “Let’s just go in.”

   Sighing in submission, she followed you into the doorway. The interior was carpeted in a serious burgundy, and the chandeliers also exuded elegance. It wasn’t too fancy-looking, but higher-ended than most establishments were, so it wasn’t exactly average. Each diamond-shaped table was covered in a pure white tablecloth with purple heathers in a lean, tall vase as the center piece.

   “It really is nice,’ your friend agreed, pulling her handbag close against herself. “Stay here while I go find the reservation desk.”

    “Hmm okay,’ you nodded, as (friend’s name) excused herself past the tables to find it. Standing there, you surveyed around at the accents of the decorating and the people who were chatting and having meals. There were at least three waiters out and about, everyone seemed to have already ordered and were presently enjoying conversation and taking pleasure in their food. It smelled tempting, all of it.

    “Hello, little pervert.”

    An electric bolt shot through your bones. The voice was a tad bit familiar.

    You faced the voice, and there he was. It was the young man from the airplane. He was without his sailor hat and decked out in a waiter’s uniform, complete with a burgundy apron. A foggy green presence seemed to follow him, but you couldn’t quite seem to catch more than a glimpse or a feeling something was hanging on his shoulder. Once again, those vivid eyes of his were radiating a presence of their own, the chandeliers giving them the look of the small glow of smoothly polished gemstones.

     Offended you were by his little comment, but you needed to play it cool. You were here to eat with your best friend who chose you out of all her peers at the college to go to Norway with, so you were fortunate enough to even be here. A bad attitude would probably jinx it for you.

    Still, the insult stung.

    “How arrogant of you to assume who someone is by one misunderstanding. You already believe what was falsely presented before I could even explain the situation.” You said calmly, hoping it didn’t sound too pretentious.

   “Oh?’ Mr. Bondevik’s eyebrows rose a decimal to indicate his rather non-existent surprise. “So if it was a misunderstanding, then why didn’t you explain yourself?”


   What a question. It seemed like a challenge. How could you answer it?

   Tell him truthfully, you thought.

    “You alarm me in a way that I can’t place. It’s like I can’t help but be slow and careful with choosing my words and reactions.” You enlightened, returning his stare with as much force as you could muster.

    A flash of another emotion awoke in his irises at your words, but as quickly as it had come, it vanished away.

    “You sound like the main character of a cheesy romance novel,’ he said, indifference slathered unto every syllable.

    “I do not!’ you carefully said, so as to not disturb the dining people. ‘And another thing, what’s so wrong with that? Everyone wants to find a relationship with someone having traits they want in a person.”

    “I’m looking for someone warm and funny,’ he said and paused. “Perhaps a recently dead clown. Good bye, Miss I’m-Looking-For-A-Relationship-Though-I’m-A-Pervert.”

    He started to walk back to wherever direction he had come from.      

    “Well aren’t you the snarky type?” You asked bluntly.

     He stopped his trek abruptly. And he slowly turned to you with those empty yet mysterious midnight blue eyes. On the surface, they only appeared to be staring dully straight ahead, but for some reason, they seemed to be giving you a feeling that he was looking “deeper” in a very intimate sort of way. It made you a bit uncomfortable. It was like he was practically studying you under a heat lamp microscope.

    “Yes,’ he said, his white teeth peeking out as he answered. “You could say so.”

    Lukas crossed his arms over his shirt.

   “But then again, that’s not how I should treat a customer, now is it?”

    Your face lifted and your eyes widened. It was an unexpected answer.

    The strands of his light blonde hair fell into his left eye as he tipped his head, his astonishing eyes once more staring into your soul from underneath those perfect eyelashes. Waves of unsettling auras washed over you as his gaze ran itself over your head and around your outline. Goose pimples ran up and down your arms, racing to see which part would become completely awash with them first. Your eye twitched from under his heavy sight.

    How does he do that? Render you completely boneless with just looking at you for gosh sakes!

   No…,’ you began incredulously ‘you’re actually a decent person?”

   “Probably,’ he shrugged, ‘More decent than some person who tried touching my junk.”

   You smiled and also folded your own arms. “What did you run out of material to insult me with? Or do you like repeating yourself like a scratched CD?”

   The room temperature dropped by at least 9 degrees by just the cold look in his blue orbs.

   Then he smirked.

   He…smirked. As in, a corner of his mouth lifted into an actual expression.

   It only made him look five times more attractive.

   Good for him, bad for you. 

   “Well played,’ he complimented. “You interested me since you helped me out on the airplane, but now you’ve proved yourself.”

    A chord was strung.

   “Wait, you knew I was helping you? Then why call me–”

   “Because it annoyed me how you didn’t mind your own business and helped a total stranger,’ he simply put in. “But then again, it’s what piqued my curiosity in the first place.”

    A uniformed waitress walked from beside you.

   “Good evening,’ she said automatically to you then turned to Lukas.

   “Lukas, we need you for tables 7 and 8.”


   He began to follow the lady but not before stopping briefly directly beside you and leaning into your ear, making your neck tingle with warmth from his proximity.

  “Let’s duel with wit again, Miss (last name),’ he breathed, then blew down your neck softly, and began to walk again.

   Your cheeks burned with rage and … because that had been freaking hot as hell.

    What was he playing at? First you annoyed him because you were too nice, then he’s curious about you because you were too nice, and now he’s toying with you because you’re too nice?! 

    And how did he know your last name? Didn’t you just give him your first name?

    He must have been also looking at my own suitcase at the conveyor belt in the airport when he was staring me down with those searchlight eyes, you thought. Because he had been curious.

   Well, this has been confusing.

    In no time at all, (friend’s name) returned with a waiter. It was him.

    Just your luck.

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   “So this would be one order of four medisterkakes, another of fårikål and two Sprites for drinks.” He said calmly as he served your friend her gracefully prepared pork cakes and your mutton stew strewn with light seasoning. The two glasses were placed on the leather coasters on the right side of the plates along with the silverware.

    “Thank you,’ she told him cheerfully.

    “Yesthankyou,’ you quickly said so as to be rid of him and the awkwardness he had brought.

    Apparently he knew too well of your discomfort, and began a sentence that prolonged his stay.

   “Would there be anything else?”

   “No, thank you. We’re good.” (friend’s name) smiled.

   Lukas gazed over to you, like he was massaging your skin with his eyesight alone.

   “And you? Would you like anything else, (name)?” He asked, though there was a provoking hint in his voice as he said it.   

   Feigning composure, you smiled up at him. “No thanks, besides, table 8 must be waiting for you. Wouldn’t want to keep them waiting, now would you? And you should treat all people buying food here as customers, it’s bad for business if a customer seems to be favored.”

   He stared at you with those hypnotizing eyes once more, making shivers go down your spine but kept your smile remaining there.

    Lukas closed his eyes and without a word, walked back to the kitchen.

   Sighing once he was gone, you turned back to your food.

   “What was that? It was tense. When did you and Mr. Hot Stuff get into a beef with each other?” (friend’s name) questioned you.

    “Honestly, I don’t know. His name is Lukas Bondevik and he knows my name too. I tried helping him on the plane and he thought I was trying to feel him up or something,’ your palm held up your forehead from falling into your food from the stare down Lukas had rendered you susceptible to.  

    This had to stop. You didn’t want to be in the same room with him in the slightest. He made you uneasy. Not in a bad way, but certainly not in the good way.

    Trying to forget him, you picked up your knife and fork and began to enjoy your dinner.

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    “(friend’s name)?’ you called out into the spring day. “(friend’s name)?!”

    It wasn’t too hot or too cold but fresh. It was late afternoon fitting into sunset, and you did not know where in the world (friend’s name) had gone. You had both left the café and went shopping store to store and she had promised to meet up in Frogner Park, where all the sun-blackened statues were blatantly situated for the entire world to see called the Vigeland installation. There were hardly any people out and about as the late afternoon was to go home to family and have kveldsmåltid (the evening meal) with loved ones.

   You unzipped your jacket and swung the hefty shopping bag back and forth in sync with your feet, and one of the statues caught your attention. Not because it was a wonderful work of art, no. It caught your attention because of how strange and twisted it was.

   It was a full grown man beating off a swarm of babies.


   What the…

   “Gustav Vigeland had a rather unorthodox sense of humor in his work, do you think not?”

   You jumped three feet into the air from fright.

   “Lukas! What is unorthodox is you sneaking up behind me and scaring me senseless!’ you scolded him.

    He merely looked at you disinterestedly and returned to admiring the statue.

   “He had a fixed idea on the journey of a man, but what’s interesting is how there are so many variables, and he sculpted each one in his cramped studio.” Lukas continued as if reading from a script.

   “What? Oh, the sculptor. Yeah, what’s the one with killer babies about?”

   “I think it’s a man trying to avoid the responsibilities of fatherhood, ergo, he’s batting off the babies he’s caused.” He explained.

   “Well that’s a very cruel thing to do, they’re only babies. They should be cared for. Does every sculpture have a meaning or a stage? Where’s the beginning?’ you pondered.

   “Over there,’ he pointed to the outer sculptures. You began to run and see the sculpture with a woman leaned over like a cow, nurturing at least a dozen babies with her milk. Another with a young boy and what seemed to be a father, testing his son. There was another with a man carrying a woman on his back, another with two brothers fighting over the same woman, and another with a man and a woman dancing. One after another, they were all people in the nude like something out of Adam and Eve with Lukas explaining to you what each meant. Then there came a statue with a man holding a woman up to his stomach, he looked to be swinging her in a dance. Both you and Lukas stopped to observe it.

    “I always have two interpretations of this one,’ he began. “Is it the happiness of husband and wife in love or the dancing between two people who have just met?”

    You stared in silence at the smile on the woman’s face, and the same one reflecting from the man’s.

     “It’s hard to tell,’ you said. “When a man and a woman are so much in love, it’s like whenever you meet each day, it feels like the first time you met, making the love everlasting and new time after time.”

    You looked up at him with a smile.

    “So maybe it’s both.” You said as-a-matter-of-factly.   

    Once more those eyes of his held a heavy presence as they looked you straight into yours.

    He leaned closer, not giving you much time to react, and started to kiss you.

    Alarms went off in your mind.

   Warning, warning, unidentified pair of lips are now pressing against yours!!! GTFA, GTFA!! Call the police, you dummy and file him for assault!!

    Your eyes were wide open in shock, but you could see his were closed the whole time.

    You should push him away sound the Pervert Alert but… it felt…so good… you closed your eyes, surrendering completely to the kiss and relaxing your posture, tilting your head to fit perfectly with his.

    He drew away, and your eyes opened slowly. You felt like you were in a daze.

    “Ah, you didn’t push me away like I expected you would. I wanted to see your reaction. You really are a pervert,’ he said dully, a twinge of disappointment in his voice.  

    You only smiled widely, and lifted his wallet up for him to see.

    His eyes became avidly shocked and he checked his pockets to find them empty.

   “Fool me once, shame on you,’ you recited as you hid behind the statue. ‘Fool me twice, shame on me, but three times? I take my own measures against you. And unless you promise me a good, long, happy dating relationship, this wallet is about to join the Vigeland installation as an additional realistic statue.”

   He grabbed your hand and spun you into his arms while taking his wallet back, his eyes ensnaring you like a tidal wave of an ocean overtaking your body.

   “I’m interested,’ he said softly.


   The sun finally hid itself to become the evening and all was quiet in the park, you could see your friend in the distance, searching for you.

Heart Divider by Embasan


   “You’re a what?

    “I’m the personification of Norway as a human.”

    “You’re a country?”

    “Yes, and I can see spirits and mythical beings.”

YES, THIS GORGEOUS CREATURE IS DONE! :iconpinkie-danceplz: :icontfmdanceplz: :icongermandanceplz: :iconhamdanceplz: :iconmc-hammer:
I listened to this playlist as I wrote of Norwegian songs…

This entry is dedicated to :iconprussiafangirl88::icondark-dia: who both requested Norway

Other characters are here Arrow Bullet (Rainbow) - F2U! Main Menu

Lukas Bondevik
© Belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya
You © Belong to Hetalia ha ha!
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More colors!

Hope these are liked too. Decided to make a few more. Sorry if some seem the same as the last one!
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Sorry I Late Uploads This Because I Hav Some Thing To Do!!!
Pleas Link Back~ok Enjor~
Hav Some Thing Wrong Please Tell Me ok
Model-Is My Sefiles
Cutest Male In MY Sefiles
~I DO commission right now~… FIX PMD~
LUV U~<3

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A mod from a heavy save C:

Clearly im running out of names..

free to use and to edit but just remember to always credit!
that way others can use them too!

the bones are deleted, except the one needed for this item to work, and the main IK bone, if you encounter any problems please tell me so I can try and fix them.
Comments disabled by owner.
:star:VIDEO: [link]
Stage- MMDMiki

like a snuggy BUT 100 TIMES COOLER BRO.

Each item has custom Physics, to ensure your model looks its best!!
Cats tail isnt' really green its fixed.

check the read-me for rules! This is a custom made item~
8 animal sets including:
(and base hoodie)
:bulletred: EDITING TIPS:
Theres a folder that includes the hoodies WITH Animasa hands, and a folder that has just the hoodies.
:bulletorange: 'I Need to move the item up/down!'
Select JUST the hoodie, then select the BONES, then JOINTS and PHYSICS, be careful not to select the bones connected to the model only to the hoodie. move hoodie and then save.
This methos applies for shrinking and res-sizing the hoodie.
:bulletyellow: 'I want my jacket a different color!'
there is a folder titled: CHANGABLE TEXTURES, simply copy and past the color .BMP you want into the folder of your hoodie, then re-apply the textures using my tutorial:
please read the read-me and check my rules for use rules.

Modeling: ~MonochromeAgent
Rigging: *MMDFakewings18
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Converted from The Sims 2 by me.
Please, do not redistribute and claim as your own.
They are pmx files.
You can download it here.
Please, comment when you download ~
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More crossovers? MORE CROSSOVERS!
It's pretty much a result of a talk at 2AM in the morning when my friend and I realize that Garry and Will have the same "awkward part" in their hair, then realizing the coat... and purple hair... and well you can see the result here.
Characters are Willard H. Wright and Dlanor A. Knox from Umineko No Naku Koro Ni Chiru, and Garry from Ib

I regret nothing C:
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color pencil
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Touhou project crossover super mario world!
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Thank you to everyone that accompanied me in the LS!! This is Minato from Persona 3!!

Minato (c) P3 - Atlus
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Livestream 0710

Thanks for 1000 likes on my FB fan page! :)

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Squid girl fan art! :D

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Livestream 0424

Brush practice on stream! :)

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Livestream 0410

Everyone and their mom seems to be drawing her lately...

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