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something random for you guys ^^

I seriously love sai (psy,cy,sy?) he has the voice of the angels XD

Sai- Lorax
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"Hello, yes, I'm the once-ler, and this person has been drawing me for almost two years now, and still can't think of a different title than 'Once-ler'."

Hmmm right... whatever... everybody loves the once-ler titles
This is kinda sketchy (it's just a redo of another drawing... did it pretty fast ;-;... forgot that thing.. you know... that chain... ).... hmmm I drew this on sai except for the glasses (that's why they look different) Still can't draw legs (I almost typed legos hahahskjdasd) or poses.. but.. It looksbetterthanthefirstoneIMSOHAPPYwithmyselfAndthat'ssuchaNICEfeeling

Onceler (c) The Lorax
This terribly drawn picture (c) me
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One day I was bored and thought to myself, "Hey, I think I'll digitalize one of the pieces in my gallery, despite the fact that I'm terrible at digital art! :3"

And voila.

I ended up doing this one --> [link] Because, well, because I like it. XD

I'm actually pretty happy with how this came out, despite the fact that, again, I suck at digital art. XDD

Oh well, enjoy. :3

Oncie (c) Dr. Seuss and Illumination Entertainment
Art by moi.
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Princess Hilda @ The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

Zelda, counterpart
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awesome drawings
Collection by
Merry Christmaaaaaaaaassssss
OMG this was epic on my mind but, who said I can do BG ? Ahahahaa~~
Random outfit, random BG, baka JP orz

Hidekaz-sama, stop shading skins with pink, I CAN SHADE ONLY WITH ORANGE OTL
Eu e minha mania de usar cores originais haaa~;;;

It took me more that I wanted, I finished at 10 to 1AM because of stuff orz
Well, that's my gift for all, even if you don't like Hetalia *epicstareatBakaSaeri*, I did it with love to all that watches me <3

The japanese: Meri-kurisumasu moi moi !

Finland (c) Hidekaz I-forgot-the-other-name
Art (c) myverTI0N

AND SIGNATURE AS WELL HAHAAA I'll add tmrw, so late here ;=;
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Uh well I finished the secret Santa project so I hope that :iconx0xviviane-nekox0x: will be liking it and not hate the violin I have never drawn one before :S She's a member of the :iconshounenshoujo-gakuen: group that I am a part of :P
The founder of the group is :icontiny-midget: and the charter belongs to :iconx0xviviane-nekox0x:
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Why is it always magic and curses and metal ships and weird little dolls?
~captain Jack Sparrow

3rd place prize for :iconroguelottie: :la::la::la:
It's her character, Jack.

It was supposed to be just a sketch, but I kinda got carried away. Lottie, I hope you don't mind.
Recently, I have been experimenting with many different cartoon styles, so this was fun to do.
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Welp, I had to eventually. XD Since I couldn't really think of a serious like I wanted >.> XD way to celebrate my second actually third finished story, here, have every main character in the Rosie BlackThorn cast, apart from Rosie herself, in ridiculous Christmas costumes. XD
Left to right, Cedric, Ellie, Stanley and Zaide.
I love 'em all. XD
And I want Stanley's reindeer onesie. :stare: Well, I hope this helps you understand who the grump of this story is Cedric >.> XD Though... He's the one that terrible things happen to in the end, I just ;____; *cries in a corner*
Well um. Just before conclusions are made, Cedric and Ellie aren't a couple, Cedric's just a grumpy butt that blushes when being hugged. XD And Ellie. Is Ellie, a cute girl. XD Though I have a small debate of making StanleyxEllie or CedricxEllie :paranoid:
I'm really happy with this, it was a few hours well spent I guess. XD I haven't drawn anyone from this far up since who knows when o.0 XD

Enjoy! c:
Cedric, Ellie, Stanley and Zaide are mine~ c:
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The arrows of hatred will stab people who they belong to.

Another sketch : >
But ffuuuu the boy she's gonna stab came out so cute x"D *sobs*
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Collection by

All the links...Oh god...

Jenna Marbles: [link]
Tobuscus: [link]
Desandnate: [link]
Pewdiepie: [link]
OMFGitsjackanddean: [link]
Tomska: [link]
KickthePJ: [link]
AmazingPhil: [link]
Mari Ian and Anthony: [link] [link]
Shane Dawson: [link]
Danisnotonfire: [link]
Kuledud3: [link]
PBG: [link]
ThelivingTombstone: [link]
SimGretina: [link]
My Music Show: [link]
General Mumble: [link]
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Just thought my art needed a splash of color.
This happened...
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Derp, finally made my own mesh. Tis a den :3 i really like it so imma keep working on more XD Download wont be up for lil while till i finish some things~

Download them and more here: [link]
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So I made an icon-thing for my friend so she could use it on our RP's forum. It's their character, Dustflower, this is how it would be if she were leading WindClan in the future, LOL.
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Collection by
character - Hawke from dragon age 2

I like how he is grabbing his nuts. Alpha

Cosplayer is :iconarchon-v2:
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Garrett Hawke [Mage Robe]

Cosplay by Barthy
Photography and edit by me

Rebloggable on Tumblr!

My first time shooting a male cosplayer, but Barthy is just a dream model to work with. :]
Every single one of his poses looked like a war memorial.
We nicknamed him ‘stronghold’ that day because he surely was just as impressive.

Dragon Age 2 - Fenris by itsL0KI Dragon Age 2 - Isabela by itsL0KI Dragon Age 2 - Marian Hawke by itsL0KI
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Brittany from The Most Popular Girls in School
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If Kevin took over Night Vale radio.
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Welcome to Night Vale - Carlos x Cecil
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Merry skittzmas.


Skittlez/art (c) ~auradragon12
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This is a mega old picture! xD But Enjoy.
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What was originally just some pen doodles I had…

I got carried away…

Bartholomew (character on left) Belongs to me, Brandi Falconer

Blithe *Character on right* Belongs to Krista, :iconpsychdelia:

Usually Blithe’s tattoos have something to do with religion, but I got carried away with some nature shit… sorry…

Maybe someday I’ll stop drawing busts.
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This was during the super moon...sometime in July. I just cant get over this :O AND no ediiitttt at all umg its perfect.

I went swimming with my crush this night :3
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There was a wedding at my summer house garden thingy....And I caught the sunsetting with the tents

Let me mention this was with an Ipod O:
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art trades!

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 29, 2014, 8:20 AM

stolen from fxerie

if you're interested in a trade, please post below thumbnails/links of something similar you'd do for the art trade! (for example: an icon, or a shaded piece of a character with no background, or a headshot, etc...)
i'll take a look at this journal from time to time when i want to do an art trade aaand then reply to you ovo

Skin & Coding by UndeadZombiie
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Journal Entry: Mon Jul 28, 2014, 8:44 AM

Ok this is a new thing I have been thinking about... I am making a contest... 3 People get 100 points other than the top 3 people... but it has to be done with hard work. Scribbling won't count... -_-

1ST PLACE-500 Points!

2ND PLACE-300 Points!

3RD PLACE-150 Points!



The theme is friendship! 

Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light.

Remember this!

Anything about friendship will be accepted! Any other theme will get points deducted from their score!
Me and a secret friend will be the judges =)!

This contest will end on August 7th!!! Because I maybe busy and unable to finish the contest after that date!!!

You will be graded like this:

30 points for creativity!
30 points for correct Theme
30 Points for Color
10 points for adding a quote somewhere in your picture
 Have Fun and Thank You!!!

Skin created by Insanity-Installed | PewDie pixel created by medli20
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spread the word! that would be kind of you c:

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 28, 2014, 1:47 PM
Skin by SimplySilent


Eternal-Glow needs your help, it would be appreciated if you at least spread the word for her! c:

here is her journal!…

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Ahh I made a poll a few days ago asking what kind of adopt
they would like for the next space critter
and draw to adopt won! So here it is o:
So basically, just draw the adopt and
I'll pick the owner when it's over. 
You can change the color a bit but keep the design
the same please.

So the winner will be chosen in a week, on August 3rd.
You can submit as many entries as you like.
Please link back to the adopt on your deviation
Post your entries in the comments.

If you are entering, can you comment saying that you are entering? ; o ;

Rules and stuffs ; o ;
You can't sell it for points/money, unless it has extra commissioned art.
You can trade, but just tell me first.
You can change the design but not too much that it looks like another design.
Credit me at least once for the design.
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Help Glow! Buy a chibi

Sun Jul 27, 2014, 12:36 PM
My friend Eternal-Glow really needs our help guys, I would really appreciate if you take a look at this journal and maybe get a super cute chibi from her :iconbegplz:


  • Mood: Lazy
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I love tmnt
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I'm sorry that I haven't posted anything in a while... Artist block I guess..
Anyway, Happy Easter everyone!! Here's a doodle to keep you all patient:)

Colored Pencils, UFP Sharpies
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Hi all here I am again with something new to show everyone. This is one of those pieces where everything fit together like a puzzle piece. I feel like everything I've learned these past 7 years that I've been drawing are really falling into place this year. This is a fun little idea I had to have Hal Jordan Green Lanturn kissin on and coppin a feel on Wally West Flash a little dad son action. I thought it would be fun to do them totally costumed and let the pose do a lot of the talking.

Once again I used a photo reference for this piece I really gotta say photo references really bring a huge level of realism and detail to one's work it just took me 7 years of being told this to finally listen.

This piece was done on 96 lb. acid free paper 9 x 12, Inked with prisma color liner pencils and Kaimei Natural Hair Brush Pen , colored with copic markers and mexpy grey scale markers, accented with a white prisma color pencil.

wheather this is your sort of art or not I hope u take the time to look at this and tell me what you think.


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This is total crack, made because I miss the coat. Photo-manipulation

Just posted a companion piece to this that can be found: HERE

Disclaimer: This is art work of fiction. Names, character, places and images either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead is entirely coincidental. This is a work of parody, as defined by the Fair Use Doctrine. Any similarities, without satirical intent, to copyrighted characters, or individuals living or dead, are purely coincidental. This work has not been endorsed by the CW, the WB, Eric Kripke, or any of the others holding copyrights or licensed images, books, or movies. No connection is implied or should be inferred. This is not a commercial work. The authors receive no financial gain from its production or distribution. It is available without charge. This work is intended for adults only. Some of the content of this work is graphically violent and/or sexual. It is intended for viewers age eighteen or over and anyone underage is prohibited from viewing. Distribution is limited. The distribution of this art is for personal use only. Any other form of distribution is prohibited without the consent of the artist/author.
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ネームはGhibli "Kaguya -hime no Monogatari" Theme Song より。

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inspired by :…
Summary : Misha find Jensen asleep on set, late at night and he is so beautiful that it’s hard to resist...

Disclaimer : I don't own the pictures it's just fanart.
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So I made this, and I really like what I wrote.. >3>

The original picture does not belong to me, it belongs to Marvel.
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Collection by
Haseo, by .hack//Root, in my personal wallpaper, I use this on the desktop ^^
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Arm't anime Chicks HOT
This Is BlackRose From .Hack
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First actual background I ever attempted with Corel Photo Paint. I think I turned out pretty good, for my first try :P Took me 'bout 6 hours to finish completely.
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haaaa, sorry I've been gone. I'm the only one running the club now..

Another piece by ClassicTime. <3

Mia, Elk, Naomi, Balmung, Orca, Mistral, Terajima Ryoko (sp?), and, of course, Kite and Blackrose center.
Comments disabled by owner.
Traigo finalmente el art a color ^^, espero que os guste ^^
Atoli (c), tatsuya hamazaki-yuzuka morita
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"He's somewhere around here," Angel said, leading Greed-ler towards World of Disney.

"Once-ler's probably inside there. Most likely," Greed-ler said looking up at the lit up sign in the dark night. He then turned and looked over at Angel. "Thanks for everything. Not just for helping me find him, but just everything you've done for us."

"It's no problem," Angel said with a smile.

"But...I gotta do something for you, right? Isn't that how it works?" Greed-ler asked.

"Not necessarily," Angel began. "But if you insist on doing something, I can think of something."

"What?" Greed-ler asked.

"Remember when you told me a secret, and yours was that you'd never kissed a girl?" Angel asked. Greed-ler nodded. "I was thinking maybe we could make it so that didn't apply to you." Greed-ler seemed a mixture of surprised, unsure, and confused. Angel wrapped her arms around Greed-ler, and placed her lips onto his. It wasn't very long, just long enough for Greed-ler to enjoy it. Angel pulled away her lips. "Now we're even," Angel said with a smile, placing her hands in the pockets of her green thneed sweater. And she walked away. Angel left Greed-ler standing there, watching her go, when he should be looking for Once-ler. Greed-ler walked into the store, and pushed his thoughts about the kiss aside. He needed to find Once-ler.

Greed-ler walked up and down the store, no sign of Once-ler. Angel said he was around here. And knowing Once-ler, he couldn't pass up a chance to go in here and get his hands on all this. But the question is, where did he end up? Greed-ler wondered. He looked through the entire store. The only place he hadn't checked, was...

"The bathrooms?" Greed-ler thought out loud. He went into the men's and immediately saw Once-ler in the only closed off stall. He was on his knees and he looked like he was shaking. Oh no. Greed-ler knocked on the stall door. "Once-ler? Are you in there? Are you okay?" Greed-ler called, asking obvious to answer questions. Yes, it's Once-ler, no one has legs that long or pants with that pattern other than him. And no, he's not okay! He's clearly sick out of his mind! Greed-ler thought.

"Greed-ler?" Once-ler faintly asked. "Hey, how's it going?"

"Once-ler, I'm fine, but what happened? Why does it smell like an animal farm in here and your locked in a bathroom stall?" Greed-ler asked.

"Well, you know how it was our birthday two days ago, and we turned 21?" Once-ler asked.

"Oh, gosh, just stop right there, I get it," Greed-ler said, placing a hand on his face. "Why did you do it?"

"You seemed so upset and I was mad at myself because I kept making you feel bad. And you know what people say about problems and-," Once-ler began.

"Yeah, yeah, I know," Greed-ler said. "So, I'm guessing with you in here, you had way too much for your first time."

"I got drunk after one sip. That answer your question?" Once-ler asked. Greed-ler couldn't help but start giggling. "Stop laughing! It's not funny! I've been in here for over two hours and I've got a splitting headache. Not to mention I've been worried about you all day." Greed-ler stopped laughing.

"You've been worried about me all day? I've been worried about you. At least I was with someone, you just went out on your own. And your only self defense mechanism you can use without flipping out, is a watering hose. And then there's also the issue on how you are now old enough to drink and we saw what happened here," Greed-ler said.

"We'll it's good to know that you care," Once-ler said, trying to sound sincere, but it was hard when he was sick out of his mind.

"Can you get up, or do we have to wait a while?" Greed-ler asked.

"Um, I can unlock the door, can you help me up and walk too?" Once-ler asked.

"Yeah, sure. I'm gonna try and clean you up before we go too. There are kids outside, after all. And I'll put my goggles on you," Greed-ler said. Once-ler reached up from the ground and unlocked it. Greed-ler was unprepared for what he saw. Once-ler was lying on the ground, his hair messy, his hat hanging on the knob of the stall, and stains on Once-ler's shirt. "Hold on, I wanna see how okay you are," Greed-ler said when he finished staring at Once-ler. He noticed that Once-ler's vest was off. "Put on your vest and button it for me. Just lean against the wall." Once-ler was able to put the vest on fine, but it was hard for him to button it. A couple of buttons were out of place. "Okay, your wearing the goggles," Greed-ler said, reaching into his pocket. "Ya know, between the two of us, I always thought it was going to be me who was drunk and you we going to carry me. Funny how it's reversed. How many drinks did you have anyway?" Greed-ler asked, placing Once-ler's arm on his back and help him walk along.

"Oh, well,," Once-ler said, flatly.

"Seriously?! That's all it took you to get like this?!" Greed-ler asked as they left the store and had a long walk to get back to the hotel.

"I told you that it only took one sip for me to get drunk!" Once-ler exclaimed.

"Sh, sh, sh, calm down. We're just gonna have a nice quite walk. Try your hardest to get completely sober," Greed-ler said. Both were quite for the longest time. It was only when they were in the hotel elevator, when Once-ler said something.

"Hey, Greed-ler?" Once-ler asked, taking off the goggles.

"Yeah?" Greed-ler asked.

"Thanks for looking out for me. You really are like a brother to me," Once-ler said, handing Greed-ler back his goggles. Greed-ler put the goggles back in his pocket and smiled at Once-ler.

"Your welcome. And thanks for that," Greed-ler said. When they were back in the hotel room, Once-ler took a long shower. When he came out, he asked Greed-ler something,

"So, Greed-ler, what did you do while I was gone?" Once-ler asked, the towel he had been using, resting behind his neck.

"I saw Angel. We went to Rainforest Cafe, walked around a bit, went looking for you, and then we kissed," Greed-ler proudly said.

"You-You kissed her?" Once-ler asked.

"Yup. I kissed a girl. Took me long enough," Greed-ler said.

"No,no,no,no, that's not good," Once-ler said. Greed-ler looked over at him.

"Huh? Why?" Greed-ler asked.

"Angel isn't good!" Once-ler said. Greed-ler began to get a tad bit mad.

"Once-ler, we've been over this, Angel isn't bad. I've been given no proof that she's bad," Greed-ler angrily said.

"No, Greed-ler! Just because you can't see it, doesn't mean she's bad. So maybe you can't see what the photo said, I know she's bad!" Once-ler said, starting to get mad himself.

"Look who's talking! You can't even see her!" Greed-ler exclaimed.

"Maybe not, but I know she's bad news!" Once-ler exclaimed back.

"She's not bad!" Greed-ler shouted.

"She's bad! Not just for me anymore, now she is with you!" Once-ler shouted. "She's gotten contact with you, that's not good! She's evil! She uses her powers for evil!" And that was when Greed-ler snapped. He slapped Once-ler's face. "Ow!" Once-ler exclaimed. He touched his cheek.

"Not everything you say is right, Once-ler! You're wrong. Dead wrong. And besides, you can't tell me what to do! And your so two faced about her! One minute, you think she's bad, the next minute, you let me be with her, you even encouraged it, and then, when I have the best thing happen to me, you tell me that she's evil and for me to stay away from her, which, I'll point out, is what you keep telling me, and then you let me be with her! Just pick a side!" Greed-ler shouted. Once-ler tried hard to hold back his tears. From not only the pain of Greed-ler hitting him, but also the pain of finally feeling happy for once that day, and feeling like his split personality was a brother instead of a bother, and then having that feeling shot down.

"Fine," Once-ler managed to say. "If you don't want my help, you don't need it. Ever again."
Part Sixteen----->[link]
Part Eighteen---> [link]

How do I know so much about alcohol problems? Life time of seeing 'Don't Do Drugs' and 'Don't Drink and Drive' presentations at school. That, and I watched The Adventures of Titin movie. I made Once-ler's drinking issue about the same as Scott Pilgrim's (from Scott Pilgrim Series, Movie, and Game) where he gets drunk after one sip (in the movie, one drink). Now I'm kind of tempted to draw Once-ler leaning against Greed-ler for help. But I suck at anatomy.

Oh, hey, I also drew Angel for those of you who wanted to see her---->[link]

Disneyland and All That's in It (c) Disney
Once-ler (c) Dr.Seuss/Illumination
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Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes)
Germany xreader Chapter 8 LEMON again….
Germany’s POV

I sifted zrough ze mail in my office, (name) was down stairs cooking and I could smell the brat vorst she was making.
Flipping zrough ze envelopes I came across vone vith no return address on it
“Odd” I said to myself, letters vithout return addresses usually don’t get sent out
But zen I noticed ze stamp, an American flag
I hurried and tore ze letter open and began to read
Dear Germany,
Thank you for the pictures and the updates on (name). She is absolutely beautiful in the meadow, I’ll have to keep them hidden from America. I plan on visiting soon, as a surprise so do not tell her. It will be in two weeks so be ready, and as for that question you had, my answer is yes, you may marry her. As a warning to you now though, I will hunt you down if you hurt her, remember my status, I am a military General and I can get my way with any means necessary. Sorry to cut the letter short but I have to go now, take care of her.
General (Father’s First name/last name)
((End Letter))
I couldn’t help but smile to myself as I put ze letter back in the envelope and stashed it way
I took my glasses off and leaned back in my chair not even caring about my ozer vork I had to do
Now I have to just find a ring for (name).
“Ludwig!” I heard her shout from down in ze kitchen “Dinner is ready!”
I quickly got up and headed down stairs to her, she vas in ze kitchen vith a pink checkered apron on, it vas too cute! The kitchen was hot and I watched as she reached up to open the vindow, I couldn’t help but to chuckle at her trying her hardest to push it open, und ihr arsch…..(And her ass….)
She turned vhen she heard me
“Oh that was fast” She giggled out as I stepped into ze kitchen
I couldn’t help but to pick her up and spin her around making her squeak playfully at my actions
“You seem extra happy Luddy” she smiled up at me still in my arms as I set her back down
“Ja because Ich liebe dich” I said happily to her giving her a big kiss
“Well I love you too” she said happily and gave me a big kiss back “Let’s eat”
Before I let her go I untied the apron from her and she slipped it over her head
‘I went to Germany and all I got was this lame shirt’ her shirt said
I raised an eyebrow at her as she giggled at me “I thought it was funny” She explained
I brought her in for another hug and chuckled “You’re so silly liebe”
She giggled again and ve sat down to eat
I helped her vash ze dishes and clean up ze kitchen after ve ate
“Do you vant to go for a valk liebe?” I asked wrapping my arm around her vaist
She wrapped her arms around my shoulders “That sounds wunderbar”
Mein Gott I love it vhen she speaks German!
Grabbing our light jackets and slipping our shoes on ve vere off on our valk, honestly I vanted to pass by ze jewelry stores just to see if I could get a sneak peak at vhat zey had
Ve valked hand in hand down ze street and into town just talking about anyzing really, she asked about how verk vas going and I asked her about her times vith Italy and Japan, it made me realize zat Italy and Japan vere her only friends….how many friends did she leave behind vhen she left America?
I vas lost in my zaughts vhen she had stopped in front of ze coffee shop
“Luddy can we go in?” She asked tugging on my jacket sleeve and pointing to the shop
Zere vas a sign that said “Poetry Night Tonight”
“Sure liebe” I said vith a smile and she excitingly pulled me in by my arm
She sat in ze front row right in front of ze stage
I ordered our favorite drinks and brought zem to her as she happily listened to ze poet talk about a long lost love, she vas so intrigued, but I noticed she vas eyeing ze sign up sheet for people who vanted to say zier poetry on stage
I nudged her and pointed to zt sign up sheet telling her to go sign up and say a poem
Her smile vas so big I zought my heart vas going to burst out of my chest in love
She ran up to ze sheet and signed her name and avaited her turn
Few poets came before her and zen zey called her name
“Next up is (first/last name) with the poem title of “For My Father”
(name) Stood up, I could tell she vas nervous but I gave her a reassuring smile letting her know zat it vas going to be ok
She valked onto ze stage and stood zere for a second before starting
“For My Father” She started

Your blood stains the ground you’ve walked upon
Your sweat soaked into the soil
Your dedication and hard work in times of great toil
When the tears did fall they were of love and passion
Your ways and styles were truly a new kind of fashion
No one can compare to that you share with everyone around
Your stories and lines go back to simpler times
Every work you spoke had a hidden joke
But the same as the great book
Your words shook and they took me away

Ze poem vas amazing, I stood up and began to clap loudly for her and the ozer people fallowed suit
She blushed fiercely and stepped off stage to take her place by me, people valked by and congratulated her and told her vhat a wunderbar poem she had, ze fact zat ze poem was about her fazer made me smile at ze zought of him coming to surprise see her
Ve left ze coffe shope and headed home, ve did valk by ze one jewelry store but I couldn’t get close enough to really see anyzing
(Name) Held onto my arm and let out a happy sigh “Thank you Luddy” She said resting her head on my arm
“For vhat liebe?” I asked wrapping my arm around her and pulling her as close as I could to me
“For getting me up on stage, it was a lot of fun” her voice was a little mumbled from her embarrassment
“Of course! I had no idea you could write poetry liebe, you have to let me read or listen to your vork”
“Nooo, it’s embarrassing” she tried to protest
“Nien, I loved your poem, zerefore I vill read more!”
She grumbled but said “fine” and I chuckled at her
Ze rest of ze valk vas different…
(name) kept hinting toward things, like sexual things, vas she horny? Did my actions from today excite her zat much?
She vas being so sexually playful, not zat I vas complaining or anyzing
She pinched my arsch making me jump a little! And she giggled at my reaction satisfied zat she made me blush!
She vould bite her lip every now and zen vhen she looked up at me and her (color) eyes vere bright vith a flirty type of lust zat don’t believe I have ever seen before
I decided to play along with her flirtatious actions by grabbing her arsch and running my fingers up ze middle of her back making her shutter
Our paces quickened back to ze house and once ve vere inside she immediately started to strip
Her jacket, shoes, shirt, belt, and pants scattered all throughout the living room and stair way as she stripped and ran into the bedroom vith me not far behind stripping my clothing as vell, I’ll just have to come back later on and clean up, maybe after she falls asleep…
I entered ze bedroom and locked ze door behind me, just in case Italy or Prussia vould happen to barge in
I looked over at (name), she vas on ze bed up on her knees still in her (color) Panties and (color) bra, she vas biting her lower lip seductively and curling her finger making ze “come here” motion to me
I took long slow strides up to ze bed and stopped at ze foot of it
I brought he to my chest, her breasts smashed a little about to pop out of zat flimsy bra of hers
She reached up and passionately kissed me, I didn’t even have to ask for entrance into her mouth because she instantly opened her lips a little, I got ze hint and slid my tongue into her avaiting mouth, it tasted of ze coffee she had at ze coffee shop and a little bit of ze vorst ve had for dinner on top of her usual taste vhich I vas addicted to
My hands rested at her hips and I slowly trailed zem up to ze clasp of her bra and unhooking it and she let it fall to ze floor landing on my feet
Each of my hands took a breast and each zumb played with a nipple making her moan into our heated kiss
I placed my hands on her zighs and spread zem a little so I could get better access, I took two fingers and slid zem into ze top of her panties and rubbed her vetness
So vet! How does she get so vet like zis? Who cares I have more important zings to do right now
Apparently she did too, vone of her hands trailed down my chest and firmly grasped my erected dick. I let out a low growl at ze feeling and she began to slowly pump her hands up and down She knows every move zat drives me crazy!
She zrew her head back from my touch giving me access to her neck as I nipped at it and licked it
“Ludwig please” She breathed out vith a staggered breath
I smirked and quickly removed her panties and picked her up pinning her to ze vall
She used her feet to slip my boxers down and securely wrapped her legs around my vaist
I instantly zrusted into her
“LUDWIG!” She shouted as I penetrated her vet pussy
Mien Gott! I love it vhen she shouts my name like zat!
I just pounded into her as hard as I could but kept a steady pace making her a moaning mess smashed between me and ze vall
I had to steady myself vith a three point stance, one hand planted on ze vall, and the ozer gripping her hip and my leg spread a little
Her finger nails clawed at my back leaving marks no doubt but I loved it!
She bit down on my neck vhich almost made me cum but I held it in and just continued to ravish her harder
Her pussy tightened around my dick making me grit my teeth at ze feeling. It felt so good!! Mine Gott!!!!!
It’s nice to know zat I can make her cum like zat!
Zen I felt her release “LUDWIG! AHH LUDWIG!!”
I couldn’t help but to shout her name too “(NAME)!!!” And vith zat I came hard filling her up and leaving her in a panting mess supported by my body
I carried her to ze bed and laid her down gently and got in next to her
I couldn’t help but to smile as she instantly latched herself to me and set her head on my chest
“I love you Ludwig” She said in a tired breath steadying voice
“Ich liebe dich auch (name)” I said to her and vatched as she drifted to sleep in my arms, ze only place I ever vant her to be
((Time Skip))
Still Germany’s POV
I voke up and gently got out of bed trying not to vake up (name)
I took a shower and got ready for mourning training vith Japan and Italy, (name) Usually does morning traing vith us but not zis morning, Japan and Italy are going to help me vith somezing
I cleaned up our clothing in ze living room and hall vay and headed outside to Italy and Japn
“Hey Germanyyyy!!!” Italy happily shouted
“Quiet Italy (name) is sleeping!!” I half shouted at him
“Is (name) Arright?” Japan asked
“Yes, she’s fine just sleeping in today is all” I said stepping in front of ze two of zem “I need your help vith somezing, Japan, Italy ve are going ring shopping today, no training. I have to fine (name) ze perfect ring, I’m going to ask her to marry me, now zis is a secret SO DO NOT TELL (NAME)!! OR AN OTHER COUNTRY!!! Kepp zis between ze three of us. NOW GET MOVING!!”
“VEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE” Italy ran off in ze direction of a jewelry store I hope
((Your POV))
You woke up to realize Ludwig was gone and that you were late for morning training!! He hates it when people are late! You jumped out of bed and quickly changed and ran down the stairs and out side
“Ludwig why didn’t you…….wake……………?” No one was there “Ummm. Hello?”
((Meanwhile Behind some bushes))
“ohohohohohoho what do we have here, Germany is going to propose, and is this the femme? I must tell England right away!”
SO i decided to make this in Germany's POV and to make it a LEMON so yeah I don not own APH abut I do won the Poem featured!!










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Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes)
Germany Xreader Chapter 7 LEMON

((Starts out with a letter))
Dear General (last name),
I am writing to you because I wanted to let you know that your daughter is doing fine. Along with this letter are photos I took of her while she was keying out wildflowers in a meadow, she said you and her used to do these kinds of things together so I figured you would appreciate the picture. Also, I love your daughter very much and I would like to ask for her hand in marriage, of course nothing will be done until this whole mess with America is resolved and she can come out of hiding, but for now please give me your answer as soon as possible.
Sincerely, Germany A.K.A Ludwig Beilschmidt

((End Letter))

“Luddy?” You asked quietly peeking through the crack of his office
You saw him put a letter into an envelope and seal it with his tongue “Ja Liebe?” He asked looking up at you through his glasses
Oh those glasses
You bit your lower lip at the sight “I was just wondering when you were coming to bed” you gave him a pout with your bottom lip plumped outward at him and gave him big (color) puppy dog eyes trying to look as innocent as possible
He sighed seeing that you were obviously ready for bed because you were in your (color) robe and fuzzy slippers “Give me a minute or two ok liebe?”
You smiled “Ok but after two minutes I’m coming back for you” you turned and hurried into the bed room
You shut the bedroom door and smirked
You kicked off the slippers and tossed the robe somewhere to revile a very sexy black leather corset and a black lacy see through thong, along with a garter belt.
You hurried and slipped a pair of stockings on and hooked them to the belt and then put on a pair of knee high black lace up “Combat” Boots and black leather gloves
An to complete the outfit, Ludwig’s military hat and his iron cross pendant settling right above your bust line
You hear his office door close and heard his footsteps coming down the hall reaching the bedroom
Quickly you grabbed the riding crop, you remember that black box you found under the bed? Well the things that were in that box are what you were going to use on Ludwig tonight. Your heart pounding with a mix of excitement and nervousness you awaited him, sitting on the edge of the be with your legs crossed and riding crop in hand
Ludwig opened the door and stepped in
“You might vant to lock ze door” You said in your best German accent making him look up wide eyed at you
Without a word he did as you said, locking the door and walking closer to you
“Zat is close enough” You said smacking the crop in your hand
Ludwig froze still speechless
“Strip” You commanded
“But liebe I..” he started
But you cut him off “I SAID STRIP GOTT VERDAMIT!” once again smacking the crop in your hand
He smirked getting really turned on by the aggressiveness you were admitting to him
Starting with his jacket he quickly pulled it off
“Slower~” you purred with a smirk as well and standing up
He slowly discarded his clothing as you circled around him the excitement boiling between your legs
“Keep ze boxers on” You ordered once he had reached that last article of clothing
He let go of his German flag boxers an stood there waiting for his next command twitching all the while from the excitement
You looked at his proud member that was standing at attention an smirked
“Guter Junge” (good boy) You whispered in his ear making him shutter and clench his fists “Now get on your knees”
He swallowed hard but got on his knees before you
You grabbed a hand full of his blond hair and pulled it back so he looked up at you
“You are being such a good boy Ludvig, I zink I might give you a little treat for good behavior” You let go of his hair and pulled the chair over and sat on it in front of him “You vould like a treat vouln’t you?” You asked sexily taking the riding crop under his chin to force him to look up at you
“J-Ja” Was all he managed to say
“NEINE! You vill address me as Gnadige Frau!” (Madam) “Now I vill ask you again, vould you like your treat?”
“Ja Gnadige Frau!” He practically begged
“Good” You leaned back in the chair and spread your leg to him “You may lick but only lick no hands!”
You moved your lace panties aside an in an instant Ludwig’s tongue was treating your wet womanhood
You threw your head back in ecstasy screaming with pleasure and gripping Ludwig’s hair to push him in further
His tongue swirled around your clit and sucking on it
But once he inserted his tongue into your core you pulled his head back away by the hair
Though you wanted him to continue, it wasn’t quite time for you to use your energy on an orgasm just yet
“Zat vill be enough of zat” You said panting
He looked up at you with half lidded eyes that questioned your next move
“Get up!” You ordered and he stood up wiping his face “You are very cooperative Ludvig, vhy didn’t you tell me you vere into zis kind of zing? Hmmmm?”
You stood up and got into his face placing the riding crop under his chin again
“Tell me Ludvig!” You said smacking the crop onto his thigh leaving a red welt
He flinched but only a little and held back a growling moan “I-I Didn’t want to frighten you Gnadige Frau!”
“Vell for zat you vill be punished, on ze bed now!” You smacked him on the other thigh and he quickly placed himself in the middle of the bed “Lay down” you purred and he did so
You crawled on top of him straddling his waist and reaching over to the black box to pull out hand cuffs
You cuffed him to the bed before he could react
“Gnadige Frau!” He shouted pulling on the cuffs
“Shhhh” You placed one of your gloved fingers to his lips “Do not struggle Ludvig, you vill enjoy zis I promise”
You brought him into a heated kiss and forced your tongue into his mouth all the while teasing his nipples with your leather gloved fingers and circling your hips over the tip of his still covered member
You broke the kiss and looked down at him
“P-Please!” You shouted once his lips were free
“Please vhat Ludvig?”
“P-Please Gnadige Frau! Please fuck me!! GOTT VERDAMIT FUCK ME!” that word on his lips made you shutter
“Sense you asked so nicely” You bit down on the sensitive spot on his neck making him growl and moan. You licked the now purple mark and then licked all the way down to his boxer line
You pulled his boxers down and took a firm grip of his standing member, you gave a teasing lick to the tip making him buck his hip up ward
“NEINE!” You shouted smacking a thigh with the crop “You stay still!”
“J-Ja Gnadige Frau!”
You took his entire member (Well almost) Into your mouth and gave it one long suck before releasing it again with a POP
He clenched his fists and pulled on the hand cuffs
“I vant you to say my name vhen I suck you” You commanded
Before he could answer you took what you could into his mouth again and bobbed your head up and down using your tongue at the tip
“(N-NAME)!!!” He shouted
You sped up
“(N-NAME)!!! I’M GOING! TO!!!” He came hard into your mouth letting some drip from the side so he could see
“Such a good boy” You purred wiping the excess cum from your face with your gloved hand and then licking it off “But ve aren’t done yet”
You crawled back up to straddle his waist
He just laid there panting
“Oh Ludvig, vas zat too much? I vas under ze impression you vanted me to fuck you” you smirked as his eyes widened
His once again hard member brushed up against your dripping wet womanhood
“So you do vant me to fuck you I see” You tore off your panties and slammed yourself onto him sheathing his member all the way inside of you
You tore off the gloves as hip his moved to bounce you up and down on his throbbing member so you could scratch at his chest leaving pinkish lines down his chest
Pants and grunts escaped his lip between moans and growls as he shut his eyes tightly
“LOOK….AT ME!” You managed to shout at him
His eyes shot open as he watched your breasts jiggle in the corset and the iron cross slide across them
His military hat fell off of your head and onto his face distorting the view he had of you
You were too busy screaming in please to notice until…
You heard something snap and then you were flipped over with Ludwig on top pounding into you with so much force you didn’t even care to realize that he had broken the chain of the hand cuffs
“LUDWIG!!!!” You shouted and his grip on your hips tightened “I’M GOING TO AHHH GAHHHH!!!”
Your walls tightened around his member as he thrusted as hard and fast as he could making you cum hard with shaking legs and arching back
Without a word just a grunt and a growl Ludwig fallowed right after with his own second orgasm
Once he stopped moving and riding out each other’s orgasms you said
“L-Ludwig please….take off…this corset….I can’t I CAN’T BREATHE!” You shouted/panted
Shakily he rolled you over and untied the corset letting it fall to the floor, then he moved to your boots and united them slipped them off tossing them aside along with your stockings an garter belt
He looked at your almost sleeping form
“Ich Liebe Dich (name)” He said softly pulling you close to him
“I love you too Ludwig” You said sleepily
He nuzzled his head between your breasts which made you giggle a little
“I’m just going to stay here for a vhile” He said with a muffled voice “You are very naughty”
You giggled again and patted his head “Only for you meine deutschen brocken” (My German hunk) and with that you fell asleep
‘I’m defiantly going to marry this frau!” He shouted to himself in his head and smiled to himself
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes)
Germany xreader Chapter 5 LEMON
Ludwig woke up which made you wake up, it was early but it was time to work out.
You sat on the edge of the bed and stretched “It looks warm outside” You said in your stretching voice
“Ja it is, it vill be a good run” Ludwig sat next to you on the bed already dressed in his green uniform
You smiled and gave him a quick kiss before getting up and walking over to your dresser to get changed
Ludwig watched as you sifted through your dresser wearing only one of his t-shirts and your undies
He smirked to himself
You stripped out of your night clothes and put on your work out ones, shorts and a (color) tank top with of course a sports bra
“Ready?” You said taking your German out of his trance
He smiled and nodded and fallowed you out of the room
“Italy are you ready!?” He shouted at a sleeping Italian on the couch
Ludwig sighed when Italy didn’t and just grabbed him by the collar and drug him out the door
“Be nice” you teased
“Vell if he vould listen zen maybe I vould” You rolled you eyes and fallowed him outside to meet Japan
((Time Skip))
You kept your pace next to Ludwig
Japan was a little behind
…..and Italy…..was…..well he just fell over
“Alright I guess zat’s enough for today” Ludwig said pinching the bridge of his nose in frustration
“Hey-a (name)! Germany!” Italy yelled in panic running up to you and Germany  “The snake is-a going to eat me!!!!!!”
“Vhat!? A snake!?” Germany stood up “Vere is it Italy I don’t vant it to come near us and scare (name)”
“HEY!” you shouted going after him “I’m not afraid of snakes!” You stopped when he stopped with your hands on your hips
Italy stayed behind you and Japan was next to you
“Uh…vell.. I figured zat it vould scare you” He said nervously
“Why because I’m a girl?” You walked past him to get a closer look at the snake “It’s just a garter snake guys” You picked it up and Italy shuddered and hid behind Ludwig  
“How do you know zis! And vhy are you holding it!” Ludwig shouted
“I berreive it isn’t venomous” Japan said before you could say anything
You nodded and took the small snake to a safe place and set it down gently “Now leave him alone, he’s small so he is still a yearling”
The three stood dumb founded and you rolled your eyes “Seriously do you guys not read or study plants and animals?”
“I had no idea you studied animals (name)” Ludwig said
“Yeah well….i had to leave all my books and field guides at home but I always wanted to be a naturalist”
Ludwig frowned ‘vhy has she never said anyzing about zis before? I HAD NO IDEA!’ he thought
((Time Skip))
Ludwig went….shopping…?
But he was back now
“Hey what did you shopping for? Did you even buy anything?” You asked as he walked in the door with nothing in his hands, no bags or boxes or anything
“Vell you’ll just have to find out” He smiled “Tomorrow I am taking ze day off and taking you somevhere special”
Your face lit up and you gave him a huge hug “Thank you Luddy!! I can’t wait”
He smiled and hugged you back tightly “Vell leibe ve should get ready for bed. Our day is going to be long tomorrow”
You let out a happy squeal and ran up stairs to your room and Ludwig fallowed
You were half undressed when you felt a large hand grasp your ass
“Well Ludwig, what is it that you want?” you smirked
“Vell leibe” He whispered in your ear “I vant you….”he tugged at your panties and pulled them down “To be completely naked….” He then unclasped your bra leaving you completely naked “And I vant you on top”
You tuned and pushed him roughly onto the bed and crawled on top of him “Why are you still dressed!?” you began to tug at his shirt and pants until he was completely naked below you
Ludwig pulled you down and kissed you roughly as his hands gripped your hips and slammed your down making his large hard member roughly penetrate you
Breaking the kiss you flew your head back from the feeling screaming in pleasure as you did
“Meine gott leibe” Ludwig shouted
Breathing heavy you began to bounce yourself up and down on his member
You leaned forward just allowing him to take control of your hips as he slammed them down on him harder and faster
“LUDWIG!” You shouted as he shifted a little and began to pound your g-spot
You had to support your upper half on the headboard with your hands which made your breasts smother his face
You were a moaning mess and Ludwig took your nipples one by one into his mouth and somehow made the thrusts harder and faster
“Ludwig!! I’m going to….AHH!” before you could finish your sentence you came with your walls tightening around Ludwig’s member and he let out a grunt and came right after you
You sat back up and looked down at him, he rolled onto his side pulling out and bringing you close kissing you
“Ich leibe dich (name)” He breathed and kissed your forehead
You snuggled into his chest “I love you too Luddy”
He smiled and watched as you fell asleep, he couldn’t wait till tomorow

"Sebastian. [Name]. You both are to keep a close watch on Alois and his butler. Am I understood?" Ciel asked the two servants standing before him.

"Yes. Of course, Young Master." They replied in unison before leaving the young Earl's side. Tonight was the night of Alois Trancy's Halloween party. A party in which Ciel, along with all his servants, were invited to.

"So, what's your plan, Sebastian?" [Name] asked, looking up at her friend. When that familiar smile crept across Sebastian's face, she frowned.

"I'm sure Claude would be more than willing to share any information he has concerning the Young Master and Earl Trancy. You may have to persuade him, but I'm sure that won't be a problem for you." Sebastian said.

"No, no. You can do the persuading." She replied quickly. "After all, you were quite successful seducing that nun a while ago." She added with a smile, recalling the incident.

"True, but that was a human woman." He reminded. Not long after meeting Sebastian, [Name] figured out that he wasn't a human. After all, what human could perform such ridiculously difficult tasks in less than a minute? She kept this discovery between her, Sebastian, and Ciel. No sense in blabbing about it to the other servants. Especially since [Name] saw Sebastian as a close friend.

"What about Grell?" [Name] asked.

"What about him?" Sebastian asked, his smile fading.

"Grell is a male shinigami, and he sure fell head-over-heels for you." [Name] stated, causing Sebastian to shudder. Before he could say anything else, a young blonde headed boy came running over to them.

"Happy Halloween!" He yelled out happily. This was Alois Trancy. As he began questioning Sebastian as to Ciel's whereabouts, [Name] noticed Claude watching Ciel's every move from a corner in the room.

"You know it's impolite to stare, Mr. Faustus." She stated as she stopped in front of the spider butler.

"It's impolite to show up to a Halloween costume party without a costume, Miss [Name]." Claude replied, keeping his usual expressionless face.

"Oh, do forgive me. I was going to dress up as a can of bug spray, but I was afraid it would offend some people." [Name] said, smiling. For an instant, she thought she saw a flash of anger flicker in Claude's eyes.

"Comments such as that do not reflect well upon Earl Phantomhive. You should watch your tongue." He said, looking away from her.

"Come now, Claude. Don't be like that. I know you can't have Ciel's soul, but I'm sure there are plenty of other worthy souls out there for you to devour. So don't be so glum." [Name] replied, earning a slight glare from the Trancy butler.

"I suppose that crow instructed you to deliver that message to me, then?" Claude asked, slight irritation in his voice.

"Of course not. What makes you suggest something like that?" [Name] asked with a smile. She knew damn well that Claude's patience was wearing thin. But why stop for his sake?

"What other reason would you have for speaking with me?" He asked, eyeing the girl carefully. His eyes bore into her, as if staring directly into her soul. To be perfectly honest, it was making her feel rather uncomfortable.

"Okay, so you found me out. Sebastian asked if I'd watch over Earl Phantomhive tonight. I was simply doing my duties when I noticed you undressing the poor boy with that creepy gaze of yours-"

Before she was able to continue, Claude grabbed her by her neck and pinned her against the wall. It didn't surprise [Name] that nobody took notice to what was happening. [Name] noticed that most nobles weren't as observant as lower class citizens. She didn't know why, but it was a fact she had come to learn.

"What's wrong, Claude? Did I learn your dirty little secret? Is that it? You like looking at little boys, huh? Poor Alois. No wonder he lashes out sometimes. I'd probably do the same thing if I was contracted to some pervert who fantasized about little boys." [Name] taunted.

As Claude went to tighten his grip around [Name]'s neck, she caught a flash of silver from the corner of her eye. Almost immediately, Claude pulled away from [Name] and took a few steps back. When she saw a fork sticking in Claude's arm, [Name] smiled. She knew who was responsible for that move.
Claude swiftly withdrew the fork from his arm before turning back towards [Name], annoyance clearly written on his face. Before he could say or do anything, Sebastian stood in front of Claude, keeping [Name] behind him in a protective manner.

"Trick or treat." Sebastian said, smiling at Claude.

"I suggest keeping that little toy of yours under control before she causes unwanted trouble." Claude stated, referring to [Name].

"Toy?!" She asked, anger in her voice.

"I'll make sure I do that." Sebastian replied, still smiling. With that, Claude walked away from the two.

~Later that night~

After the party, Sebastian and [Name] took Ciel back to his manor. After putting the young Earl to bed, Sebastian went to check on [Name]. Since her run in with Claude, she wasn't acting like herself.

"[Name]." Sebastian called after knocking on her bedroom door.

"What?" She asked as Sebastian walked in, closing the door behind him.

"Is there something troubling you?" He asked, setting the candelabra he was holding down on a nearby night table.

"Do you honestly see me as just some toy?" [Name] asked, earning a smile from Sebastian.

"Of course not. You're more than just a toy. You're my most cherished treasure that I will always keep safe." He replied, making [Name] blush. To her surprise, Sebastian pinned her down on her bed.

"Sebastian! What are you-" She began, but was cut off.

"Trick or treat." He whispered in her ear. Smiling, she looked up at him before leaning her head up and kissing him. It didn't take long for him to return the kiss. After a moment, they broke apart and looked at each other. [Name] smiled at Sebastian as his eyes glowed their demonic pink color.

"You're better at persuasion then you give yourself credit for." Sebastian said, causing [Name]'s smile to widen.

"I could say the same about you." She replied. As Sebastian lowered his face and kissed [Name], the flame of the candles went out, leaving the moon as the only source of light for the two that night.

Horrible title, I know XD

But... I decided to post this as a way to say "Happy one day after Halloween!"
I hope you all like this... Because I'm unsure about it ^^;
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