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Zura janai, Link da.

Oh god, I just remembered how much I hated animating Link (Which is ironic because I animate him a lot...XD)

I've recently started watching Gintama. This may be coming from someone who gets amused easily, but I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT. It's one of the best anime I've watched, if not, THE BEST anime I've ever watched. And I'm only 63 episodes in. XD
Again, I highly recommend it, that is, if you are old or mature enough to handle the crude humor and crotch jokes. XD

Next preview to the Gintama Opening 5 x Subspace Emissary parody I'm making. Link is back with his scowling glory. XD

Other preview:

Programs used: Adobe Photoshop CS5 and Sony Movie Studio 12
Frames: 117
Time: Well, it sure took forever....(curse you Link!)
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.:Project: Rudra patreon .  tumblr.  pinterest .  instagram .  twitter .  facebook .   Store(prints/shirts/cases).  gumroad(HD psd files):.

If you’d like some stuff (prints, phone cases, shirts, etc.) with this picture on it, please check out my RedBubble shop! Even if you don’t, simply clicking the “like” button on the page or sharing this link will go a long way!…

You can grab an HD version of this image for $3(300 points). Download includes an additional image with transparent background. (Link on the right)

I can't figure out what to say about Marth. He's great. He's partially responsible for the popularity of Fire Emblem and competitive Smash Bros. Also a great source of "tip-related" joke material.

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Tumblr Post.

Here's Nyupun.

Bullet; YellowBullet; PurpleBullet; YellowBullet; PurpleBullet; YellowBullet; PurpleBullet; YellowBullet; PurpleBullet; YellowBullet; PurpleBullet; YellowBullet; PurpleBullet; YellowBullet; PurpleBullet; YellowBullet; PurpleBullet; YellowBullet; PurpleBullet; YellowBullet; Purple

Art © :iconchenanigans: (me)

Nyupun © Nintendo/Hal Lab
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Good example: Nicole's Mother passed away, resulting in her meeting Luea and becoming an apprentice mage. She has to not only handle standing out as a prodigy, but also pass the tests and become a candidate for Top Mage. Also, a rift has developed between her and her partner when Luea wants her to be the best and is going about it in all the wrong ways.

Bad example: Sky was separated from his parents at 5 and ran away in the woods escaping robotnik after 3 days , half dead he was found by  a wolf that took him as his son and trained him to be a swordsmen and hopes to get revenge for his family.

It's all in how you execute your character.
  • Mood: Neutral
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Awesome Hair Tutorials! *7*

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 9, 2014, 10:58 AM

link | link | link | link
link | link | link | link | link

Hello everyone! :iconsatoshiwaveplz:
I've been reviewing a lot of tutorials and thought that these tutorials would be great to show you all. ^7^ 
They are very informative and can help you improve.
I'll start a series with specific categories every week ^u^
I'll do it weekly so everyone can improve their skills^U^

For the first tutorial, I'll start with hair ^7^

Realism Tutorial by yumix SHORT HAIR TUTORIAL by K-KojiSemi-Realism Hair Tutorial by kamism
hair coloring tutorial by akiko-samaTutorial: Coloring Hair by CurryukuHair tutorial by cherriluu

Tutorial01 : Hair colouring by hecoheiohair shading tutorial by neonoiColouring Tutorial: PART 2 EYES AND HAIR by HammustarSAI CG Hair Tutorial by Raayzel

Hair shading tutorial by KirameKiraiHair Tutorial by Rosuuri

I've learned a lot through these tutorials and would love to share with you all tutorials that can help you improve as well.
Remember to keep practicing *u*
If you have a friend that is finding tutorials feel free to tag them ^7^
Also, if you have a tutorial that you would like to share, feel free to post it in the comments ^7^
Lets help each other in our artist's journey :iconairpunchplz:
Next week: skin

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drawing for an rp that took place at Camp Weehawken uvu
some Once-ler roleplayers aged down and went to camp haha it was fun
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i-i haven’t even watched the movie
this is contagious 8U
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Emm, well yeah.. em.. *scratches her pumpkin* YES! This is Oncie from The Lorax movie. x3 I confess I haven't seen the movie yet, but everyone is speaking about it and how awesome it is I couldn't just pass it by. Furthermore there are Oncest shippers, which shouldn't surprise me, but still it manages somehow. XD :D Took me a while to get the hole idea... SO, about the picture, as I said, im not familiar with the Lorax context , but Oncie is such a cutie pie *SNUGGLE*:la: and I doodled him holding Greed-ler's tie. It is up to you, fellas , to extract the idea of the drawing. Each will interpret it as he or she requires.)))) Have fun and hope you like it. :D

The Lorax(c) Dr. Seuss and Universal Pictures
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Poor Onicie!!!! TT^TT

Thinking about coloring this?


Art (c) :iconspikewolfsoul:
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/not even sorry

for a magical anon who sent me the request of oncest with biggering oncler force feeding pancakes to good onceler…… /no regrets just love

whelp. I hope you all like it :>
slight nsfw
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awesome drawings
Collection by
Merry Christmaaaaaaaaassssss
OMG this was epic on my mind but, who said I can do BG ? Ahahahaa~~
Random outfit, random BG, baka JP orz

Hidekaz-sama, stop shading skins with pink, I CAN SHADE ONLY WITH ORANGE OTL
Eu e minha mania de usar cores originais haaa~;;;

It took me more that I wanted, I finished at 10 to 1AM because of stuff orz
Well, that's my gift for all, even if you don't like Hetalia *epicstareatBakaSaeri*, I did it with love to all that watches me <3

The japanese: Meri-kurisumasu moi moi !

Finland (c) Hidekaz I-forgot-the-other-name
Art (c) myverTI0N

AND SIGNATURE AS WELL HAHAAA I'll add tmrw, so late here ;=;
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Uh well I finished the secret Santa project so I hope that :iconx0xviviane-nekox0x: will be liking it and not hate the violin I have never drawn one before :S She's a member of the :iconshounenshoujo-gakuen: group that I am a part of :P
The founder of the group is :icontiny-midget: and the charter belongs to :iconx0xviviane-nekox0x:
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Why is it always magic and curses and metal ships and weird little dolls?
~captain Jack Sparrow

3rd place prize for :iconroguelottie: :la::la::la:
It's her character, Jack.

It was supposed to be just a sketch, but I kinda got carried away. Lottie, I hope you don't mind.
Recently, I have been experimenting with many different cartoon styles, so this was fun to do.
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Welp, I had to eventually. XD Since I couldn't really think of a serious like I wanted >.> XD way to celebrate my second actually third finished story, here, have every main character in the Rosie BlackThorn cast, apart from Rosie herself, in ridiculous Christmas costumes. XD
Left to right, Cedric, Ellie, Stanley and Zaide.
I love 'em all. XD
And I want Stanley's reindeer onesie. :stare: Well, I hope this helps you understand who the grump of this story is Cedric >.> XD Though... He's the one that terrible things happen to in the end, I just ;____; *cries in a corner*
Well um. Just before conclusions are made, Cedric and Ellie aren't a couple, Cedric's just a grumpy butt that blushes when being hugged. XD And Ellie. Is Ellie, a cute girl. XD Though I have a small debate of making StanleyxEllie or CedricxEllie :paranoid:
I'm really happy with this, it was a few hours well spent I guess. XD I haven't drawn anyone from this far up since who knows when o.0 XD

Enjoy! c:
Cedric, Ellie, Stanley and Zaide are mine~ c:
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The arrows of hatred will stab people who they belong to.

Another sketch : >
But ffuuuu the boy she's gonna stab came out so cute x"D *sobs*
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All the links...Oh god...

Jenna Marbles: [link]
Tobuscus: [link]
Desandnate: [link]
Pewdiepie: [link]
OMFGitsjackanddean: [link]
Tomska: [link]
KickthePJ: [link]
AmazingPhil: [link]
Mari Ian and Anthony: [link] [link]
Shane Dawson: [link]
Danisnotonfire: [link]
Kuledud3: [link]
PBG: [link]
ThelivingTombstone: [link]
SimGretina: [link]
My Music Show: [link]
General Mumble: [link]
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Just thought my art needed a splash of color.
This happened...
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Derp, finally made my own mesh. Tis a den :3 i really like it so imma keep working on more XD Download wont be up for lil while till i finish some things~

Download them and more here: [link]
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Someone is obviously not amused at the moment---or they just really would like their glasses back. >I

Yush, you are very smart looking in my glasses Bobbeh.

Characters belong to Me and =BobbyTheKing(c)
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So I made an icon-thing for my friend so she could use it on our RP's forum. It's their character, Dustflower, this is how it would be if she were leading WindClan in the future, LOL.
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character - Hawke from dragon age 2

I like how he is grabbing his nuts. Alpha

Cosplayer is :iconarchon-v2:
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Garrett Hawke [Mage Robe]

Cosplay by Barthy
Photography and edit by me

Rebloggable on Tumblr!

My first time shooting a male cosplayer, but Barthy is just a dream model to work with. :]
Every single one of his poses looked like a war memorial.
We nicknamed him ‘stronghold’ that day because he surely was just as impressive.

Dragon Age 2 - Fenris by itsL0KI Dragon Age 2 - Isabela by itsL0KI Dragon Age 2 - Marian Hawke by itsL0KI
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Brittany from The Most Popular Girls in School
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If Kevin took over Night Vale radio.
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Welcome to Night Vale - Carlos x Cecil
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Buckets fucked up man
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I love tmnt
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I'm sorry that I haven't posted anything in a while... Artist block I guess..
Anyway, Happy Easter everyone!! Here's a doodle to keep you all patient:)

Colored Pencils, UFP Sharpies
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Hi all here I am again with something new to show everyone. This is one of those pieces where everything fit together like a puzzle piece. I feel like everything I've learned these past 7 years that I've been drawing are really falling into place this year. This is a fun little idea I had to have Hal Jordan Green Lanturn kissin on and coppin a feel on Wally West Flash a little dad son action. I thought it would be fun to do them totally costumed and let the pose do a lot of the talking.

Once again I used a photo reference for this piece I really gotta say photo references really bring a huge level of realism and detail to one's work it just took me 7 years of being told this to finally listen.

This piece was done on 96 lb. acid free paper 9 x 12, Inked with prisma color liner pencils and Kaimei Natural Hair Brush Pen , colored with copic markers and mexpy grey scale markers, accented with a white prisma color pencil.

wheather this is your sort of art or not I hope u take the time to look at this and tell me what you think.


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This is total crack, made because I miss the coat. Photo-manipulation

Just posted a companion piece to this that can be found: HERE

Disclaimer: This is art work of fiction. Names, character, places and images either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead is entirely coincidental. This is a work of parody, as defined by the Fair Use Doctrine. Any similarities, without satirical intent, to copyrighted characters, or individuals living or dead, are purely coincidental. This work has not been endorsed by the CW, the WB, Eric Kripke, or any of the others holding copyrights or licensed images, books, or movies. No connection is implied or should be inferred. This is not a commercial work. The authors receive no financial gain from its production or distribution. It is available without charge. This work is intended for adults only. Some of the content of this work is graphically violent and/or sexual. It is intended for viewers age eighteen or over and anyone underage is prohibited from viewing. Distribution is limited. The distribution of this art is for personal use only. Any other form of distribution is prohibited without the consent of the artist/author.
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ネームはGhibli "Kaguya -hime no Monogatari" Theme Song より。

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inspired by :…
Summary : Misha find Jensen asleep on set, late at night and he is so beautiful that it’s hard to resist...

Disclaimer : I don't own the pictures it's just fanart.
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So I made this, and I really like what I wrote.. >3>

The original picture does not belong to me, it belongs to Marvel.
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Collection by
Kistumeras are a closed species created by me, you are not allowed to make your own, for more information about the species please view the species sheet! Kitsumera species sheet -closed species-, you can find out more in my group as well as information about a MYO contest I have open! Please go to Kitsumeras to find out more.  

I was gonna post this little girl on the weekend but; seeing as I haven't done any studying today due to the fact I've had some art theft drama to deal with and got distracted; I cleaned my room and then decided to make her, and post her today so the rest of my week is free and I don't have to worry about it. I have a custom I need to do; so that's next on my priority list - then making those refs with blinking animations :3

Because of me being in college every day and my A level examinations are coming up next month; I want to dedicate my time to studying - which means I won't have time to sit down and draw, I will however get that custom done as an exception but nonetheless, you can understand - my qualifications come first

So! If you wish to adopt this Kitsumera, you must draw her! ;w;

Rules and guidelines;

- To enter you must be a member of my group for the species; Kitsumeras
- You must also watch the group
- You don't have to be a watcher on this account but it is the rules to watch the group and be a member
- You cannot sell the design if you win, however you can gift the design/ trade the character
- Please credit me for the species and design
- You can make SMALL changes to the design, this means to remove traits or change the colours slightly, but please keep it to a minimum, you can also add traits BUT only if they're common traits, please see the species sheet for more information on that - it can be located in my group in "featured"
- Please submit all entries to the "Kitsumera DTA" folder in my group

Art rules;

- You can enter with any form of art; be it traditional, digital, animation, artisan crafts, comics, writing, sculpting, using textiles, it's all up to you!
- You can enter as many times as you like
- It has to be submitted to your gallery, stash files will not be accepted
- You cannot use bases/ linearts
- The winner will not be judged on art skill but on the creativity of their entry/entries and the amount of effort they put into their entry/entries
- If you're struggling on drawing the tail, here is how I drew it;
- You can draw her (you can change her gender if you want) with other characters too! It doesn't matter what character you draw this Kitsu with :heart: Be as creative as you wish
- You can add hair if you want!

The deadline is on June 10th (after I come home from my boyfriend's from staying over when my last exam is, which is on the 4th)
The time it'll end is 5PM in British time, here is the timezone where I live so you know if you're too late;…

If you have any questions feel free to ask!
Here's the non animated ref and ref without shading; (as well as how to draw her tail)

All art and designing, as well as the species belongs to me
Thank you! have fun ;w; Feel free to share! It'd be greatly appreciated :heart:
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Don't forget about the Bunny Contest too!  You can win a free MYO slot for any of my species.o3o  Bunny Contest!!I was counting my bunny OC's and I realized I only have 16 of them, and 2 are only bunny themed!  *le gasp!*  Can't be a Bunmaster with so few Pokemon bunnies!D8
The Offering:
A shiny Dream Bottle to MYO of any of my species!!8D

(This doesn't allow you to use ultra-rare features like non-rabbit Fluffbits or Kitterpie, but almost everything else is a-ok!)
Your Snackerfice:
You can either design me a new bunny, or if you have an old bunny OC you don't want any more, feel free to offer it up for trade!
I will choose at least one winner, or more if there are multiple characters I want!  If I choose your character it means I get to keep it forever and ever, so be sure before you offer it up.8D
:bulletpink: Submit entries by commenting below.
:bulletpink: You can offer bunnies drawn/d

Made a gift for you lovely supporters, hope you like it!^^

DTA will be the only time you will be able to adopt fan art characters, because I make no profit from this it doesn't interfere with copyright law.  And the Pikachu has a rare non-cat ears feature, so double yay!

Pikachu belongs to Nintendo, Amaterasu belongs to Capcom.  No profit is made here, just having fun.^^

Deadline is May 10th


:bulletpink: Must be a member of :iconcakie-and-friends:

:bulletpink: Enter as many times as you like!  You may enter for both, but you may only win one.

:bulletpink: All mediums accepted (digital, traditional, etch-a-sketch, what-have-you)

:bulletpink: These are Kitterbae, baby Kitterpillars, so no legs and stuff, please do check over the species guide below.^^

:bulletpink: As long as they stay similar to these, feel free to edit the colours/accessories/whatever as you like.

:bulletpink: By entering you automatically agree to the Cakie! FAQs and TOS and the Closed/MYO Species and Adoptables T.O.S.

:bulletpink: Please submit your entries here: cakie-and-friends.deviantart.c…

And in case you didn't know, there will eventually be a Kittercandy available for purchase with Cakie! Coins, which will let you evolve your Kitterbae into a standard Kitterpillar if you like.o3o


About the Kitterpillar:

Kitterpillar Species Guide by Sarilain

Kitterpillars are an official Cakie! species and property of Sarilain :iconcakie-and-friends:
They are a closed species, please read more here: Cakie! FAQs and TOS and here: Closed/MYO Species and Adoptables T.O.S.

Don't know what an adoptable is? Read about them here!

Sorry if I don't reply Stamp by LiquidKrystal :icondonotuseplz::iconmyartplz:

:star: Please don't use profanity or mature language in my gallery, these comments will be hidden.  Thank you! :star:
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Lumysmon its a fire and ice digimon

to :iconcrazymmc:
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Here one of my Digimon OC =D

This one was created at first by the lovely :iconstarpawstar: who offer the new created Champion level to me [link] :hug:
I love the guy, named him "Lumysmon" (will explain why the next time) and created myself the Fresh "Ymon" the In Training "Lumon" and the Child "Ylumon" :love:

Hope you do not mind ~StarpawStar if I made some changes on the original form of Lumysmon, wanted to add some spikes-like things on the shoulders, elbows, etc... ^__^
Lumysmon is like a big Puma-like Digimon with Fire/Ice powers, Ylumon is a little cat-like Digimon still with Fire and Ice powers whereas Lumon is only with Fire and Ymon with only Ice xD

Will do the colored version the next time =)


Art and Lumysmon (c) :iconcrazymmc:
Lumysmon's original designer (c) ~StarpawStar and ~StarpawX (same person!)
Digimon (c) Bandai

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I apologize for not making many adopts as I plan. I've been busy with my Aunt because she was really sick so I was unable to draw. To make this up, I'll be opening a few myo slots.

Opening only 1 common, 1 rare, 1 super rare. Normally, super rare won't be myo slots, but I was unable to make adopts ; ;.

First come first serve, holds for 24 hours

Common 30 :points: (you know the drill) :iconeternal-glow:

Rare 50 :points: (Only the once with 2 stars) :icondorkdah:

Super Rare 100 :points: (cause it is special. Can't make a shifter, but your leafypea can have a pet. Pet is 4 star) :iconvicstars:

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Lulu wants to bandaid it To him who was hurt,but seem not to let her do it.

Because he is shy.
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 I was planning on putting more details , but there's a lot of other things that needed to be done , so not that much details were put in . Anyways , thanks for viewing , please comment on this so i can get better .

Blake: typical witch 
Yang: cop
Ruby: red riding hood 
Weiss: let it "girl"
Ren: dude in some old chinese court room ropes , or should i say manda"ren" lol
Jaune and Pyrrha : X-ray and Vav 

If you don't know what Xray and Vav is ,…
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League of Legends fanart featuring Redeemed Riven.
Created for and dedicated to one awesome Rioter, Ququroon.

Drawn and painted in Photoshop CS4
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this new champion is good to draw
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Collection by
Mature Content Filter is On. The Artist has chosen to restrict viewing to deviants 18 and older.
(Contains: sexual themes)
Long chapter is ridiculously, stupidly long.  Also, Lemon is lemoney.  That’s right, this is a *LEMON*, containing explicit sexual activity; if you do not want to read, then leave now!  You have been warned…

~ ~ ~    

    You watched out of the window as the taxi left the metropolan area.  You had googled the address Mr. Beilshmidt gave you, but the aerial map it pulled up didn’t show much of anything; you knew the address was outside the city somewhere, but the actual address was just trees.  You figured there had to be a house under the trees, but why would Mr. Beilshmidt live so out of the city?  It was at least a forty-five minute drive away, you would have thought he and Gilbert would have lived closer to their workplaces.  

    The ride over was quiet, but the storm in your mind was raging; it’s a daytime meeting, and the two of you will be talking about restoring the peace and professionalism,’ you told yourself, palms getting a bit sweaty.  ‘No need to be nervous.  No need to let anything slip.  No need to over react.’  You needed to concentrate; if you lost focus and let slip a single word, or a single glance, and the whole deception would crumble.  If he knew how much you really wanted him, there would be no way he’d leave you alone, and no way he’d ever buy the ‘I don’t want to be the office slut’ argument.  And you couldn’t let that happen.

    As the taxi turned from the main highway into a semi-paved road that led through a small outcrop of trees, you craned your neck to look around.  The road you were on was winding its way through the trees until finally, you pulled up in front of the Beilshmidt estate, and oh, what an estate it was.

    “You sure you want me t’leave you here?” the taxi driver said, looking back at you staring at the house in awe.  You nodded slightly, and he only shrugged.  “Just don’t seem safe t’me, leavin’ a lady alone at this creepy house, all the way out in the boonies.”  Well, he was right in his assessment of ‘creepy’, the house was a bit spooky looking.  Tall, dark, at least three stories, and to be honest, if you hadn’t have known better, you probably would not have put it past the house to have held numerous ghosts.  And all the way out in the woods?  Yeah, he was right; creepy.

    Stepping out of the taxi, you gripped your purse tightly in front of you, paying the taxi driver, and then making your way to the front gate.  It was tall and made of iron, and when you pushed it, it was quite heavy.  Making your way down the driveway, you spotted Mr. Beilshmidt’s car parked outside of the garage, and that made you feel a little better.  At least there was one other living soul out here.  The stairs up to the porch creaked under your feet, and after you knocked a few times on the door, everything around you seemed to fall silent.

    The wind didn’t blow, the trees didn’t rustle, you couldn’t even hear any birds.  Why was it so quiet?  It was seriously freaking you out, and when the door opened, you practically jumped a mile in the air.

    “Ah!  Mr. Beilshmidt!” you said, trying to regain your composure; he was looking at you with the strangest expression.  “I was just, um, uh, surprised that…uh…”  You couldn’t tell him how creepy his house was; that would be too insulting!  But thankfully, he stepped aside, and held the door open for you.

    “Vould you like to come in und sit down?” he said, and you nodded, thankfully.  You didn’t really want to have to explain yourself!  Following him in, the inside of the place was considerably less dour than the outside; large windows let in lots of natural light, and while the interior décor was sparce and simple, it wasn’t bad.  You expected as much from two bachelors, plain and simple.  There was, however, a disturbingly large amount of guns.  

    “Uh, ve hunt quite a bit,” Ludwig said, catching you staring at a particularly well-endowed gun-rack.  “Zhat’s vhy ve live out here.  Zhe office doesn’t let us get avay very much, so vhen ve vant to hunt, ve’re already vhere ve need to be.”

    “Oh!  That makes sense,” you said, feeling a bit silly for worrying about why the house was out here in the forest.  “Here I was, wondering what two business men were doing in a place like this!”

    “I probably should haf given you some context before asking you to just show up,” he said, a small laugh peppering his words.  Leading you through the hall and into a large, spacious sitting room, the two of you sat on the couch, and Ludwig grabbed the two glasses he’d already brought out.  A bottle of wine with writing you couldn’t read sat not far away.

    The air between the two of you was tense; as Ludwig set the two glasses down on the coffee table in front of you, all you could do was listen to the loud, wet thud of your heart.  You heard the ‘pop’ of the cork, and numbly watched the red liquid spill into the long-stemmed glasses.  This was supposed to restore good-will and camaraderie between the two of you, not make it more awkward; so why couldn’t you relax!?  You were stiff and uncomfortable, sitting in his living room, and you just knew Ludwig could sense it.  Willing your poor heart to calm itself, you tried your best to seem carefree and relaxed as you reached for your glass, and held it up to clink against Mr. Beilshmidt’s.

    “To professionalism,” you said, smiling at your superior, who gave you what you immediately presumed was a sort of supportive, agreeable smile.  (Little did you know, your words were pretty much killing him on the inside)  Lifting the delicate glass to your lips, you took a sip, surprised a bit by the flavor.  The wine was far sweeter than you’d imagined it would be; you’d never had red wine like this.  Mr. Beilshmidt could see the surprise on your features, and smirked a bit.

    “It’s from Germany,” he said, taking a drink himself.  

    “Oh!  I didn’t know German wine was especially sweet.”  You took another sip, quite liking it.  

    “Oh, it’s not.  Zhis is a special bottle, zhough.  Gilbert bought it for me vhen I graduated business school.  He said I needed to be a bit ‘sveeter’ in my negotiations.”  You chuckled at this, seeing as that did seem like something Gilbert would say.  “I zhought it vas appropriate, seeing as it vas a present for my newfound professionalism.”

    “…That is very appropriate,” you said after a short pause.  Heaving a sigh, you downed the rest of the wine, not particularly caring if that broke decorum, and set the glass down.  “Listen, I’m glad we’re going to be putting all of this behind us.  I’ve been feeling so stressed out over all of…this.”  You waved your hands vaguely, indicating the past few days’ events.  “I really just want to get back to where we were.  Boss and secretary.”  

    “I…I am as vell,” Ludwig said, with a little difficulty.  In truth, he wasn’t glad at all, but how could he say that?  How could he risk upsetting you, causing you to leave the firm?  He wanted you, there was no doubt, but if couldn’t have you, he could at least admire you from a far.  He didn’t want you to leave.  “It vill be nice, to be back on pleasant terms, ja?”

    “Definitely!”  You let out a sigh, and then mustered the most sincere smile you could have managed in your current state of mind.  To you, it felt fake, manufactured.  But gazing at your face, Ludwig couldn’t have thought of anything more beautiful, or more sincere.  Your smile was nothing less than honest to him, and it broke it little heart.  This wasn’t a ruse, this wasn’t a joke.  You were being sincere, and it killed him to think that.

    But on the other end of the spectrum, you were sitting next to this secretly crestfallen man, trying to contain your treacherous heart.  It was threatening to beat right out of your chest and give you away, overthrow this entire romantic cover-up.  As you watched the blonde man take another drink of the strangely sweet wine, your chest ached.  He was being so accommodating, so pleasant about all of this.  You knew he wanted you; hell, you wanted him as well, if not more so!  All you wanted to do was reach forward and run your hands through his hair, and tell him you were wrong, that you were stupid, that you DID want him!  ‘Just take me!  Take me now and don’t allow me to tell you no!  Make me writhe and gasp and moan and don’t let me push you away!’ your inner romantic cried, but you had to stifle those thoughts.  They were dangerous thoughts.  And they had no place here.

    “Vould you like some more?” Mr. Beilshmidt asked, reaching for the bottle of wine.  Nodding slightly, broken from your anguished reverie, he refilled your glass, and you brought the sweet liquid again to your lips, staining them a shade of red only slightly darker than the lipstick you were wearing.  Ludwig watched those beautiful lips purse against the glass almost hungrily; he only barely remembered your taste, and he was desperate for a refreshment of memory.  ‘Don’t be so crass,’ he told himself.  ‘zhis is a good-vill meeting.  I can’t zhink zhese things about her anymore.’

    The silence stretched on between the two of you as you tried to awkwardly avoid prolonged eye-contact with your boss.  You didn’t want to look into his eyes; you were afraid that if you did, you’d see something there that would make you break.  And just when you thought the silence had become unbearable, you heard something that almost made you laugh out loud; it was a cat meow.

    “What?” you laughed, looking around, and spying a rather heavy-set gray cat making it’s way towards the two of you.  It’s face was slightly piggish, and it wore an expression of bored arrogance; a little like the expression you often saw on Ludwig’s face.  “Well, hello there, kitty!”  He answered you with another lazy meow, and jumped up on the coffee table.

    “Germouser, get off!” Ludwig said, trying to shoo the cat off the glass tabletop, but the cat would have none of that.  He strode right over to you and butted his wide head against your hand, looking for a pet.  “I svear, I can’t tell zhat cat anyzhing!”

    “Aw, he’s so adorable!” you cooed, scratching behind the gray cat’s ear.  “His name’s Germouser?  That’s so cute!”  Germouser purred as you patted him, letting his eyes close to slits.

    “Ah, yes.  Feliciano named him,” Ludwig said, sighing.  “Both of zhem, actually.  Itacat is around here somevhere.”

    “Itacat?” you asked, looking up from the fur-baby you were showering affection on.  “Oh…Italy plus cat?  Like Germany plus mouser!  That’s so clever!”  You were slightly astonished that your boss had cats; you would not have pegged Mr. Beilshmidt as a cat person!

    “Right.  Feliciano and I found zhem as kittens in an alleyvay.  He begged me to keep zhem, seeing as his bruder is allergic to cats.  Little furballs…more trouble zhan zhey’re vorth!”  You set your glass down and reached forward, picking the heavy gray cat up and setting him in your lap.  You adored cats; your apartment didn’t allow pets, but if you could have, you would have loved to have a cat or two!  As you continued fawning over Germouser, a considerably lighter-sounding meow could be heard from behind the couch, and before either of you had time to look, a skinny white and brown spotted cat had jumped up onto the back of the couch.  “Zhere he is!” Ludwig said, petting Itacat and smiling slightly.

    “I have to admit, sir, this is pretty unexpected!  I never would have guessed you liked cats!”  You giggled as Itacat leaned down and head-butted the side of your face, begging for attention as well.  Germouser looked up angrily, unhappy that Itacat had showed up and made you split your attention.

    “Vell, I vasn’t.  But how could I say no to helpless babies?  Und verdamnt, Feliciano vould have cried for weeks if I’d taken zhem to zhe pound!”  Now that you could believe.  It was a funny thought, imagining Ludwig’s face as Feliciano begged him to keep the kittens.  You could picture it clearly!

    “That’s sweet of you, sir!”  You said it without thinking, too absorbed in the adorable furbabies capturing your attention.  But a slight blush dusted Mr. Beilshmidt’s cheeks at the compliment, even if he knew it was meant platonically.  Platonic.  He hated that word.  He hated that idea.  He didn’t want to be platonic!  That was the last thing he wanted!  Too bad what he wanted didn’t matter as much as what you wanted.

    You reached out and took another drink, coming to the end of your second glass, and without thinking himself, Ludwig refilled it when you set the glass down.  It was only polite, seeing as he was hosting, and Ludwig had done his fair share of hosting in his time.  He wasn’t trying to get you buzzed, but after about 15 minutes of small talk about the cats and another glass of wine later, your head started to feel a bit fuzzy.

    Deciding he’d had enough, Germouser leapt from your lap, shooting Itacat a dark look before stalking down the hallway.  And poor Itacat, not knowing what was good for him, leapt from the couch to follow his brother.  Watching the two cats go, you laughed lightly, setting your hands on your lap.  Your smiles came easier now, and you genuinely felt more relaxed; you didn’t have to try so hard to laugh and smile with your boss.  Ludwig noticed the change, but didn’t immediately think you were tipsy; after all, he could have finished off the entire bottle himself and not felt the effects.  He was used to far more alcohol than you were.  But after noticing the red hue that tinted your cheeks, different from your usual embarrassed blush, he realized what must have happened.  And when you reached for the bottle, to pour another glass yourself, he pulled it away just before you grabbed it.

    “I don’t know if zhat’s such a good idea, Miss (l/n),” he said, hoping that he didn’t come off as rude.  The last thing he wanted was for you to be drunk; that would only allow him too many heart-breaking opportunities.  But you didn’t feel drunk; you were only a bit tipsy.  You felt happy and bubbly, not out of control, and you did see it as a little rude when he denied you another drink.

    “I can hold my alcohol just fine, Mr. Beilshmidt,” you said, pouting a bit and sitting up straighter.  “I’m 26 years old, not some teenager!”

    “I just don’t vant zhis…zhis agreement to be marred by impaired judgments,” he tried to reason, but immediately knew that that had been the wrong thing to say.  A look of shock crossed your face before you stabbed a finger accusingly at your boss.

    “Are you insinuating that I would…would sully the professionalism by getting drunk and…and…” You were reluctant to say what you would do, were you to get drunk and ruin this pact.  Not because it disgusted you, like you wanted him to believe, but rather; it scared you.  If you were to say it, some of the longing you were feeling might slip out in your tone, and he might know.  Might find out how much you desired him.  And you did realize that you were slightly buzzed; you didn’t know if you’d be able to keep your voice even.

    “O-ov course not!”  It was Ludwig’s turn to get flustered, and he waved his hands.  “I vould never say zhat!  I just…ve’ve vorked so hard to make it pleasant between us again!  If zhat’s really vhat you vant, zhen I don’t vant it to be spoiled-“

    “Of course that’s what I want!” you said, still bristling.  “Isn’t that what you want!?”  But Mr. Beilshmidt didn’t immediately answer.  He just stared at you, jaw open slightly, eyebrows high on his forehead.  Just staring.  He didn’t want that, not really.  He wanted to have you all to himself, ravish you until you admitted that you’d never take any other man as lover, hold you in his arms.  He didn’t want peace.  He wanted you.  And looking into your eyes, watching as the breath caught in your throat, he knew your answer wouldn’t be ‘yes’.  So in the split second it took for your eyes to widen at this realization, he was upon you, shoving you back against the cushions, crushing his lips against yours.  The shock nearly took the breath from your throat, and then, his lips really did take the breath from your throat.  Gasping in surprise against his lips, Ludwig took the opportunity to slip his tongue into your mouth, to rediscover the treasure he thought would be lost to him forever.

    Shock kept you still for only a few moments, but when your brain caught up with your body, you immediately started thrashing beneath him, demanding to be let up.  You couldn’t speak, your mouth was occupied in a battle you were sure to lose against Ludwig, but your hands did their best to pound against his chest, fists clenched tight in defiance.  But he didn’t even seem to feel your weak attack, as his hands found their way from your waist, to your hips, to your tights, slowly and tenderly caressing your body through the tight material of your pencil skirt.  You tried to tell yourself it was just the wine, but when his fingers found their way to the stretch of bare skin between the hem of your skirt and the top of your stockings, your brain went fuzzy and your struggles momentarily went limp.  

    This was it!  This was the one thing Ludwig had been dreaming about since the night he’d driven you home.  The one thing he’d fantasized about; and it was everything he’d dreamed it would be!  Your skin was so warm, so welcoming, it was practically begging for his touch!  Inching his hand up under the hem, he massaged and caressed your upper thigh, sighing into you at the sheer giddiness he felt.  Your eyes fluttered at his touch; rough yet gentle, almost loving.  It felt rather…nice.

    ‘No!  Whether or not it feels good, he’s doing this all wrong’ you told yourself, starting the struggle anew.  ‘He can’t just have his way with me!  He can’t just make me do what he wants!’  You were independent, god damn it!  You commanded respect!  But somewhere deep down, somewhere you hadn’t fully reached on a conscious level, you sort of liked this side of your boss.  This ruthless, animalistic side that just took what it wanted.  Had you not just been mentally begging him to have his way with you?  

    Feeling your small fists battering away at his chest, Ludwig smirked into the kiss, before removing his hand from your leg and catching one of your hands.  Taking both hands into one of his, he pushed your arms back above your head, and you found that, under his grip, you couldn’t get your hands free.  Breaking the kiss and coming up for air, he smiled down at you.

    “Play nice, mein frauline,” he said, relishing the sight of your form, pinned under him, chest heaving with your breath, expression both defiant, yet imploring.  Almost daring him to go further.  Ludwig wasn’t often tempted into anything on a dare, but he would have to take you up on this one.

    “You can’t do this to me, Mr. Beilshmidt,” you panted, breathless from the kiss, and from your struggle.  You still attempted to twist away from his hands, though you were growing tired.  Your eyes locked with his, and your lower lip trembled slightly at the look in his eye.  Dark with some wanton force; lust, you realized.  It made you slightly uncomfortable, realizing that, as his gaze travelled your body.

    “Can’t I?” he asked, leaning down to whisper in your ear.  “Who’s zhe boss here, Miss (l/n)?  I can do vhatever I please.”  His hot breath caused you to shiver as he spoke, and you let out a startled gasp as he nipped your earlobe, nibbling slightly, rising feelings in you that you knew would be hard to control.  With his free hand, Ludwig traced his way to the waistband of your skirt, where your light pink blouse was tucked in, and found his way to the zipper at the side, all the while placing light, teasing kissed down your neck.  With a jerk, you heard the zipper go down, and momentarily panicked as your boss began untucking your shirt, and snaking his hand up under the material.  You felt like telling him to stop; or at least wait, but your mouth was suddenly ridiculously dry.  All that came out was a breath you hadn’t realized you’d been holding.

    His fingers felt warm on your skin as they traveled up your stomach, greedily taking in every subtle curve and contour of your abdomen on their way to their goal.  Squirming slightly, you were unused to contact like this; it had been a while since a man had touched you, that even these innocent touches felt foreign, and far too intimate.  But Ludwig couldn’t get enough of you.  With his fingers finally brushing against the lacy material of your bra.  His smirk grew into an all-out grin as he cupped one of your breasts through the thin material.

    “It’s even better zhan I imagined,” he mumbled, squeezing your flesh slowly, savoring the feeling.

    “You’ve imagined this?” you asked, still holding out with a bit of defiance.  “How inappropriate, Mr. Beilshmidt!”  And although your words were spoken with conviction and your expression didn’t falter, you knew inside it was a ruse.  Your inner romantic was giddy with that last line, delivered so convincingly!  Your boss leaned down and began nibbling at your neck again.

    “Zhis, and more,” he spoke against your skin, lips leaving kisses until he nibbled his way to the spot you hoped he wouldn’t find; giving that sweet spot on your neck an experimental love bite, he smiled at the plaintive whimper you let out, signaling that he’d found the jackpot.  Your whimpers soon grew into moans as his mouth continued it’s assault on your sweet spot, as his fingers gingerly slipped under the material of your bra, and began kneading your bare flesh.  

    “Aah!” you sighed, as he discovered the pert little rosebud at the peak of your breast.  His eyes brightened at this, loving the pleasured little sounds cascading past your lips.  Taking the sensitive little bead between his thumb and forefinger, he tweaked and teased you into a panting frenzy, until you had to bite your lip to keep from letting out a rattling moan.  Seeing this, Ludwig abandoned his post at your neck, and looked up, locking eyes with you.

    “Do you like zhis?” he asked in a husky voice, loving how you had to fight to keep your little squeaks and whimpers contained.  But you refused to answer him; doing so would have shattered the illusion of defiance.  And the last thing you wanted to do was let Ludwig know he’d won.  But the sparks of pleasure send from your sore nipple as he rolled it in his hand were beginning to grow bothersome, causing you to press your thighs together to combat the growing need between them.  Your core was heating up at only this minimal attentions; had it really been that long since you’d been aroused like this?  You couldn’t remember becoming so hot and bothered so quickly from someone’s mere touch!  But when your lips remained locked, Ludwig leaned away from you, his hand slipping from your breast.  Eyes growing wider, your mouth opened in a silent expression of shock; what was he doing?  That felt so good!  You wanted to tell him to continue but…you couldn’t.  “Come now, Fraulein, vhy so tight-lipped?”  He chuckled down at you, left hand still encasing both of yours, while the right began to lazily unbutton your blouse.  Each button slid out of the buttonhole slowly, and the tension was building inside you.  You wanted to feel his touch again; needed it!  Why was he torturing you like this?

    “I’ll cut you a deal zhen,” he said, working on the last button that kept the flimsy pink material stretched across your chest.  “If you say my name, and really mean it, I might just continue my ministrations.”  He bent to kiss your stomach as the blouse fell away from your body, open now to expose the entirety of your front, save for your bra-encased breasts.  Looking up at you as his lips sampled the flesh just above your navel, you bit your lip again, trembling with want.  Maybe, just this once, you could concede with his wishes.  Just once…

    “Ludwig,” you said, barely above a whisper.  But you were restrained, keeping the desire from staining the sound, so it came out sounding strained.  Clucking his tongue, your boss shifted, kissing a tantalizingly light trail of kisses up your belly, to the valley between your breasts.  Reaching around behind you, he easily unsnapped the clasp of your strapless bra, and tossed the useless object to the side.

    “You can do better zhan zhat Faulein,” he said, smiling as his tongue flicked ever-so gently across your skin, only a ghost of a touch.  He was going to tease his name right out of you, and you were growing powerless to stop him!

    “Ludwig,” you said again, a bit louder, but still restrained.  That wouldn’t do; he mouth hovered only just over one of your erect nipples, so close to contact, yet so disappointingly far!  Letting out a warm breath, the air tickled you, and caused your back to arch as you tried to bring your aching breasts to his lips.  That was it, you’d had enough!  “Ludwig!  Please!”  Your voice was finally filled with the aching, pleading wantonness that Ludwig wanted to hear so badly.  Taking the peak of your breast into his mouth, you let out an open-mouthed moan as your frustrations were finally met with and dealt with.  His tongue rasped against the sore bud as his free hand attended to your other breast, and you reveled at the wonderful feelings that shot right to your core.  His mouth was magnificent, and just when you thought it could feel no better, his teeth lightly grazed your nipple, and the sound of surprise and pleasure you let out caused the ache in Ludwig’s pants to grow.  

    ‘This voman is amazing,’ he though, unlatching from one breast and turning his attention to the other.  The way you arched under him sent a flurry of less-than-pure thoughts through his mind; he wanted to give you another reason to arch like that.  Letting his tongue leave a trail from your nipple to the junction between neck and collarbone, he decided to test something.

    “Vill you play nice, now?” he whispered against your skin.  You gave no verbal answer, though you nodded your head, eyes still shut.  Letting your hands free, his left arm snaked around your waist, wrapping around you and pulling you tightly against his chest.  The friction between your breasts and the stiff fabric of his shirt was incredible, and now that your movements were free again, your fingers curling into Mr. Beilshmidt’s hair.  Opening your eyes only enough to look up at him through your lashes, your lower lip trembled slightly as you slowly pressed your lips to his, putting your excitement on hold only momentarily for this much-needed interlude.

    His heart skipped a beat, looking down at your face, so demure as you coyly batted your lashes.  He almost wasn’t expecting the innocent little kiss you left on his lips.  They were still slightly swollen from his earlier attack on them, and the kiss was light at first, almost as if you were merely testing the waters.  Deciding to slow it down just a bit, he obliged your more demure side, pulling you up to a sitting position.  He pulled you into his lap, until you were straddling his waist, and settled his hands at your hips.  He wanted to see what you would do if he momentarily gave you the reins.

    You’d kissed before, obviously, but this someone was different.  There was something about Ludwig that made you seem, well, rather unsure of yourself.  You were usually so confident, but now you felt like a leggy deer, caught in the headlights.  Hesitating for a moment, you thought it odd that Mr. Beilshmidt didn’t take the lull in rhythm to recapture your lips, but merely waited for your heated return.  Deciding to act on a bolder whim, your tongue darted out, slicking across his upper lip; and to your great surprise, he yielded to you, letting you easily win as your tongue battled against his.  But once you’d come out on top, earning the right to do as you pleased with his mouth, you didn’t know what to do with it.

    It was cute, waiting for you to take the lead.  But Ludwig was growing impatient with your hesitation, and while he waited for you to take control, his hands began to wander.  Grasping at your behind, he gently pressed your pelvis against him, feeling the building heat of your core against his own growing excitement.  As you tentatively explored his mouth, he gave an experimental thrust, grinding against your heat, and causing a gasp to break the kiss you’d been leading.  It was a delightful pain for him, his manhood still concealed yet straining to be free.  It was becoming hard to control himself; gentle hands became rougher as he hungrily pawed at your behind.  One of his hands grew bold and slipped down your thigh, still straddling him, pushing the stocking down farther.  Your skirt was hiked up, and while his left hand started to explore up the inside of your thigh, his right tangled in your hair at the back of your head, and, finally taking control back, forced your tongue to retreat, overtaking it again.  

    You were too caught up in the rapture to take notice of his southern hand, until it was too late.  You felt his fingertip brush against your covered slit, and instantly began trying to wiggle away from it.  The contact was so sudden, and so intimate, you couldn’t help but shy away at it.  This new struggle was a thrill for Ludwig, who only held you tighter.

    “I’m sorry…did zhat hurt?” he asked, knowing full well that your struggle was brought on by shock, not discomfort.  Tracing a finger along your already wet panties, he chuckled as your cheeks flared red, and you tried to turn your head away.  “Already so vet?  Fraulein, I had no idea you vere zhis,” he paused, his breath disappearing from your ear for moment.  The silence brought on a tension, and when he spoke again, the shiver that ran down your spine was channeled directly to your center.  “…Excited,” he finished, and continued to stroke your heat through the damp material.  

    His free hand began sliding the blouse from your shoulders, and you made no move to stop him, your face still red and still buried against his neck.  Once your shoulders were rid of the bothersome clothing, he began leaving open-mouthed kisses against your shoulders and collarbone, mumbling sweet nothings against your skin, all the while his stroking becoming more insistent.  Deciding enough was enough, he reached up and hitched a finger around the waistband of your panties, and started to peel them down.  They came down slowly, and to his great surprise, you sat up from his lap of your own volition, untangling your legs from around him, to stand and remove your panties yourself.  It shocked him a little, but when they hit the floor and you stepped out of them, what shocked him more was when you willingly climbing back onto his lap, and wrapped your arms around his neck.  The look you gave him was red-faced and adorable, a look of pleading, as if to say ‘go on.’  Smirking, Ludwig resumed his kiss, and slowly, tantalizingly reached for your center.

    Your folds were slick against his fingers, gently rubbing along your slit, painting your lips with the juices you had already leaked.  You shivered against such a light touch, but didn’t move to stop him or make a sound, only breathlessly returned the kiss as best you could.  Dipping his index finger into your folds, he could feel the tremor run through your body, and he easily found the little bundle of nerves sitting just under the top.  

    “Aaah!  Ohhh, Ludwig!” you moaned, jumping when he found your little button.  Hearing his name tumbling from your trembling lips was like music to his ears.  He wanted to make you scream his name, begging him to make you cum.  And he gently pressed on your clit, circling it and drenching it with your own sweet honey, he felt your shivering fingers began to work on the buttons of his shirt.  You were fumbling, but you managed to get them undone, and started to pull the white material from his chest.

    And oh, what a chest it was!  You briefly thought back to how it had felt under you when you’d tumbled on top of him in the limo, or how it had felt, pressing you against your door after the dinner you two shared.  Those times didn’t even compare to this; rippling with muscles, you were almost afraid to touch him, worried you might somehow mar this beautiful marble statue in front of you!  You had broken the kiss to stare at him, and Ludwig took some pride in how adoringly you gazed at his form.  But when his finger left your clit and lazily circled around your opening, the jolt of pleasure that shot through you caused you to lurch forward slightly, falling against that wonderfully strong chest you remembered.  You felt an arm wrap around you as your hands pressed against his pecks.

    “Are you enjoying yourself, Miss (l/n)?” he asked, and you could hear the smirk in his voice.  You nodded breathlessly, but something bothered you.  Looking up to meet Ludwig’s eyes, one of your hands reached up to gently stroke along his jawline.

    “Call me (f/n),” you told him, wanting to be rid of this formality.  The smile that broke Ludwig’s face was coupled with a short, curt ‘ha!’, as if in victory, and he began planting kissed up and down your neck and shoulders.

    “(F/n),” he mumbled against the kisses, his finger dipping into your entrance, causing you to lurch again.  “(F/n), (f/n), (f/n)!”  He couldn’t get enough of it; he’d wanted to utter your first name since the night he’d kissed you, wanted to have the privilege of using such an intimate name.  And he’d be lying if he said he wasn’t excited to moan your name at climax, when the two of you got around to it.

    Feeling his fingertip only slightly brushing inside of your dripping honeypot, you bucked your core slightly against his hand, trying to urge him wordlessly to delve deeper.  He didn’t immediately oblige, still caught in the reverie of the implications of saying your name, and you whined impatiently.  It felt good, but you wanted to feel better!  Your whine brought him back to attention, and as he started to plunge his finger deeper, he noticed that a few beads of sweat started to pepper your clavicle.  You were really getting into this, and seeing as you were plenty wet, he decided to add another finger.

    “Y-yes!” you whimpered, bucked against him again, hands at his shoulders, fingers trembling and curling against his neck.  The knot in your abdomen was growing, becoming tighter, and just as you opened your mouth to urge him faster, he seemed to read your mind, and plunged his fingers at a quicker pace.  Your face contorted and was left open-mouthed as your eyes glossed, an expression Ludwig found incredibly erotic.  Kissing every inch of skin his mouth could reach, he felt another tremor rock through you, and knew you were dangerously lose to release.  But he didn’t want that; not yet.  Just as you thought your knot was beginning to release, he removed his fingers.  A disappointed whimper left your lips, and you collapsed against him, breath coming in harried and sporadic pants.

    “Please!  Don’t stop!” you groaned, but were cut off when Ludwig lifted you from his lap, and pressed you back against the couch again.  He loved how your pussy felt against his hand; now he wanted to know how you tasted.  “W-what are you doing,” you asked breathlessly, looking down as he knelt between your legs, pressing them apart wider.  Taking one of them and hooking it up onto his shoulder, he smiled as he started to lean down.

    “Relax,” he said soothingly, hands caressing your backside as his tongue left a long, languished lick across your slit.  The response was immediate; your legs twitched in pleasure and he heard your breathing increase.  Spreading your lips with his fingers, his tongue explored you, tasting you, dipping into your entrance and swirling around a bit, before he decided you’d suffered enough of this torture.  Finding your button again, his tongue circled and pressed it, sending shockwaves through you.

    “R-right there!  Yes!  Yes, Ludwig!” you panted, back lifting from the couch as you tried to control your movements, and failed.  Yours arms reached above you, trying to grab hold of something, but found no purchase.  Thrashing under his tongue, the knot once against built, and built, and built, until you thought you could take no more.  “O-Oh my God!” you gasped, eyes flying open.  Your legs trembled uncontrollably as the tension in your core released, and you began spasming around Ludwig’s pink appendage.  “AaaAAAAHHH!” you cried, mouth left open as you rode out your climax, eyes staring into the distance, unseeing, until your muscles relaxed.  You went limp, and shut your eyes as Ludwig rose, licking his lips.

    “Zhat vas vundabar,” he whispered, hands lightly rubbing your thighs, which were lazily draped around him.  You were quite a sight to see; still reeling from your pleasure, hair wild, naked except for the skirt bunched around your hips, your stockings, and a single high-heeled shoe that hadn’t already been kicked off.  He smiled as he watched your chest rise and fall, until your breathing started to return to normal.  “You’re beautiful vhen you cum,” Ludwig said, fingers ghosting across your stomach.  Your face heated up at that comment, and you were unable to look him in the eye.  How could he just say that!?  It was so embarrassing!  Hot, yes, but embarrassing!  You turned your head to the side, facing the back of the couch, and tried to hide your face, though such actions were met with a laugh from the man looming above you.  He caught your face in his hand and turned your chin back to look at him.  “Embarrassed?  For what, liebe?”

    “Don’t say those things,” you whispered, unable to look away.  This only caused him to smile that wicked smile of his, and he leaned closer.

    “Vhat?  Zhat your face is beautiful vhen you cum?  Or zhat zhe little sounds you make before you climax really turn me on,”  He crawled up in-between your legs, his member desperate to be freed as the naughty words tumbled from his mouth, staining your cheeks red with embarrassment.  “Vhat about how delicious you tasted?”

    You gasped, eyes wide as you glanced up at him, and he took the chance to catch your mouth again, though his kiss seemed a bit preoccupied.  He leaned closer to you, and your hands slowly made their way across his chest, touch light against his warm skin.  As your head whirled and your brain tried to catch up with your body, your hands danced across his perfect skin, drawing little circles here and there.  And as Ludwig pulled away from the kiss, leaning up, and you got to properly look at him, you had to say; consequences be damned, you were just happy you got to stare at such a perfect man!

    His hands were at your hips, but not for long, yanking down on the skirt that had bunched up, he pulled the stretchy black fabric down your legs and was rid of it when he tossed it aside, and smiled down at you.  Now, he could have the entire view of you, unobstructed by a single stitch of clothing (besides your stockings, of course, but something inside of him really wanted you to keep those on)  

    “Don’t stare at me like that,” you said, shifting uncomfortably under his gaze.  It felt strange, having him look at you that way, and of course there was always the feeling of self-consciousness when you were naked.  It had been that way with every man you’d been with, but especially with Ludwig; his perfection only made you feel worse about yourself.  Ludwig had no such thoughts though, and as he smirked, thinking about how cute you looked when you were bashful, couldn’t recall ever seeing something as beautiful as your body.

    “Aber du bist schön, liebe,” he said, and you only shook your head.

    “I don’t understand German,” you told him, which bred a wicked idea in Ludwig’s mind.

    “Möchten Sie diese ins Schlafzimmer zu nehmen?” he asked, and again, you had no idea what he’d said.  “Einfach nein sagen wenn sie nicht einverstanden sind.”

    “Ludwig, I don’t understa-AAAND!”  You let out a yelp as you were scooped up into his arms, lifted from the couch as he stood up.  Clinging to his shoulders, your legs wrapped around his middle as he started off, down the hallway.  “Put me down!” you gasped, struggling a bit.  “Ludwig, put me down, you’ll hurt yourself!”

    “Ich werde dich nie gehen lassen.”  He spoke into the crook of your neck, nuzzling against your skin, and while you didn’t know what he’d said, the way he’d said it made you feel sort of funny.  Like some kind of tight feeling in your chest.  It definitely shut you up.

    You were surprised that your weight didn’t seem to affect Ludwig at all, not even as he climbed a flight of stairs.  You did suppose those muscles were good for something.  Pushing open the door at the end of the landing, which stood slightly ajar, the two of you were greeted by what you assumed was his bedroom, but it was too beautiful to be a man’s bedroom; especially a bachelor who hunted and lived with his brother out in the woods.  Cream colored walls with white linen curtains covering the windows, plush beige carpet and the most beautiful four-poster bed you’d ever seen.  You’d always assumed that Ludwig liked dark, muted things, since that was how he kept his office, but this was so light and inviting; it wasn’t him at all!

    As you gaped at the room, Ludwig strode over to the bed and set you down on it, the fluffy comforter flattening under your weight.  His lips left kisses along your neck, but you just kept looking around the room, amazed that a man like Ludwig lived in such a beautiful room.

    “It’s so light in here,” you whispered, though the last thing on Ludwig’s mind was the decoration of the room.

    “I doubt zhe room wants you as badly as I do, fraulein,” he mumbled against your skin, and your attention snapped back to the man in front of you.  Your cheeks reddened with embarrassment; of course not, you shouldn’t be preoccupied with the thought of the décor when someone like Ludwig was right in front of you!  He took a step forward, causing you to lean back a bit, and took one of your legs dangling off the side of the bed.  Hitching it around his waist, his hand slid up your thigh and settled at your hip.

    Your breath hitched when you felt him press his hips forwards, grinding against you.  His bulge pressing against your core, still wet from your previous orgasm, sent a new wave of sparks through your system, startling you.  Your hands flew up to grasp his shoulders to keep you from falling backwards, and you could practically hear the growl in Ludwig’s throat built from his chest.  You felt like a blushing bashful virgin as he smirked at you, obviously pleased by your reactions, even though this was not your first time at the rodeo; far from it!  It was just something about him, the way he carried himself with such certainty.  That confidence made you feel, well, somehow inadequate by comparison.  ‘Cheeky bastard,’ you thought, deciding not to stand for it.  ‘I’ll show him who’s the blushing virgin!’

    You leaned up, once again vying for control against his dominating tongue as your hands slithered down from his neck to his chest, before giving him a shove.  Of course your strength was no match for him; if he’d had his mind set on staying put, there wouldn’t have been much you could have done to stop him.  But he felt the force behind your hands, and did as you silently bade him, leaning up and giving you a small degree more of movement freedom.  When you were no longer in danger of toppling backwards, your hands fled farther south, until they met with the top edge of Ludwig’s slacks.  Newfound focus on your goal of not seeming like a clueless schoolgirl steadied your hands, and you didn’t fumble even once as you unbuckled his belt (something you were secretly proud of for quite a while, actually)  The kiss you shared broke only after you’d loosened his fly, and only long enough for him to step out of his pants and boxers, and then that was it.  The two of you were in exactly the same amount of undress.

    You absolutely could not stop staring.

    Even as your lips were recaptured, you felt like pushing him back to just look to him some more.  He was…well, beautiful didn’t really cover it.  Statuesque?  Adonis-like?  Something like that; maybe if your brain hadn’t been so preoccupied with trying to commit every aspect and contour of what you’d seen of him to memory, you could have thought of a better descriptor.

    “Like vhat you see?” he asked, and without responding, you reached down.  With only a slight hesitation, which was quickly put out of your mind, your fingers slowly wrapped around his member.  You were in awe at his size, seeing as your hand could only just barely encircle it completely, and a small part of you wondered if there was any way in hell he would fit inside you!  But the appreciative moan that escaped Ludwig’s mouth put that thought out of your head as well, and you began to stroke your hand up and down his length.  Your motions were teasingly slow, and your boss had to really control himself to keep from jerking in your grasp, but as he let out a gasp, he pressed you back against the sheets, and leaned in over you yet again.

    “You’re teasing me, fraulein,” he said through gritted teeth, trying to keep his breaths steady, though they were bordering on panting now.  “I can’t take much more of zhat!”

    “What are you going to do to stop me,” you whispered, surprising even yourself with that line.  You’d delivered it in such a sultry tone, you hadn’t known you’d had it in you to speak like that!  And with your hair spread out around you, lying underneath him, fingers leaving a feather-light touch against his most sensitive organ, Ludwig could barely contain himself; he had to have to have you, and it had to be now!

    “I vas thinking about vhat your punishment vould be,” he said, his words faltering slightly as your thumb traced along the head, catching a bead of precum at the tip.  He nearly couldn’t bring himself to speak; he was completely under the spell of your touch.  And you loved seeing him this way after you’d been so entranced by him.  “Bad girls deserve a punishment, (f/n).”

    “I swear I’ll behave,” you replied, growing even wetter with all this dirty talk.  You never dirty-talked; what had come over you!  But seeing how it affected Ludwig, you quickly caught the hang of it; you liked that it turned him on just as much as it did you!  But by that point, you’d worked the poor man into a frenzy, and he really just could not help himself.  Grabbing you by the hips, he lifted you up slightly, and flipped you onto your stomach.  Struggling under this new turn of events, it was all you could do to get on your hands and knees as the man of your affections was on his knees behind you.  And suddenly, you felt a sharp sting, and looked back in shock at the angry-red hand-print on your ass; he’d just slapped you.  No, slapping was for faces; he’d spanked you!

    “You’ve been so naughty, fraulein, I’m sorry, I haf to punish you.”  His hand slapped against your flesh again, drawing a small ‘Oh!’ from your lips, but you didn’t altogether dislike the pain; it was kind of hot!  And as his hand kneaded the flesh he’d just abused, you felt the tip of his member at your entrance.  “Zhis is for your own good, liebe,” he said, though as he inched into you, even as his fingernails bit into your skin, hard enough to leave crescent impressions on your perfect skin, he didn’t pound into you right away; he was nothing but gentle.

    As he should have been; you’d been right, he was so big!  You nearly collapsed under him as you felt him stretching you, pushing deeper slowly.  You’d taken many men before, but Ludwig was by far the largest, and you couldn’t help the strangled moan of pain that left you.  Immediately you felt him stop, his grip on your hips lessening.

    “Are you alright, (f/n)?” he asked, panting slightly, but his concern leaked through the desire.  He wanted to take you, wanted to ravish you on his own terms, but he didn’t want to hurt you.  You were still under him, biting your lip as you adjusted to his size.  He didn’t move a muscle as you tried to cope with the invading member, wanting you to be as comfortable as possible.  A long moment passed, before you took a breath, and gave an experimental thrust backwards, against him.

    “Aah!” you squeaked, a thrill running up your spine at the sensation, pain fading quickly to be replaced with a new, pleasurable sensation.  Hearing your pleasured gasp, Ludwig resumed his onward thrust, until he was completely sheathed in you, reaching the end of you.

    “Mein Gott,” he whispered, drawing back out, only to roll his hips back into you.  The air was soon filled with the labored pants of both you and him, his hands roaming every available inch of skin he could reach.  His pace had increased as he sawed in and out of you, finally hitting that certain spot inside of you that made you tremble and shake under him, breathless as you attempted not to shriek in pleasure.  “So tight…you really are a naughty girl!”

    “O-only for you,” you gasped, leaning down on your folded arms, backside lifting slightly to give him better access.  “Ooo, right th-there!”

    “Here?” he asked, slowing his pace, hitting the spot you craved again.  All you could do was whimper in reply, loving the sensation, but soon the stimulatin stopped, and you looked back behind you, disappointment evident in your clouded, lust-filled eyes.

    “Don’t stop!” you whined, but you didn’t lie the evil look he wore behind you.  Drumming his fingers on your back, he gave no indication that he would resume fucking you.

    “Beg me.”  You tried to shove back against him as he spoke, no commanded you.  But he leaned away from you, his wonderful length almost slipping from you.  “Bad girls haf to beg for vhat zhey vant.

    “Please,” you said, wiggling against him, but it was no use; he wouldn’t allow you any more of the wonderful feelings, unless it was on his terms.  When he refused your first attempt, you tried again, this time your words stained with the desire behind your eyes.  “Please, Ludwig!  I-I can’t take it!”

    “I think you can do better zhan zhat,” he said, fingers lazily tracing nonsense designs against your rosy skin, pink from the abuse he’d delivered earlier.  Breaking under the need to continue, you nearly sobbed your next words.

    “Please fuck me!  Ludwig, please make me cum!  I need you inside me…Sir!” you panted, adding in the more formal address of him as an afterthought, and were finally rewarded when he flipped you back over onto your back.  He elbows rested on either side of you, his body realigning with yours as he once again buried himself within you.  His strokes were hard and fast this time, pounding against your g-spot mercilessly, and the room was filled with your pants and cries of ecstasy.  But what finally sent you over the edge was when he reached down, and just as you felt your stomach tightening ever so tight, ever so close to your finish, and rolled your clit between his fingers.

     “L-LUDWIG!” you cried, as you’d reached the last straw and released.  Your lower lip trembled uncontrollably as you spasmed around him, the delicious pulsing and tightening of your walls sending your boss over the edge as well.  His release was silent, contrasting yours as you thrashed and bucked against him, but as he emptied himself inside of you and collapsed next to you, you could hear him murmuring your name.

    “(F/n),” he sighed, his body going limp beside you as he pulled out.  The sheets around you were tangled and thrown astray, and your hair was a mess, tangled up around your face, which sported a bright flush.  But his hand rested on your hi when you turned to face him, still slightly out of breath, eyes slightly glassy, but a smile painting your lips.  (F/n), oh (f/n).  Mein liebe.”

    You wanted to say something, anything!  You wanted to tell him how wonderful that had been, or how much you’d enjoyed yourself, something, but no words left your mouth.  Instead, all you did was curl up beside him, snuggling against his chest amid the crisp white sheets, and close your eyes.  For right now, that would be enough.
Aaaand here it is! The (first) lemon chapter! Holy balls this one is long! 30 pages in word! And damn it all if this took a long time to write! I actually started writing this back during part three or four, and have been working on bits and pieces since then! (Haha, yes, I had the lemoney bits down before I actually knew how I was going to get to the lemoney bits XD)

Anyway, I feel like I'm not very good with writing lemons; I read 'em, but I have a hard time writing them and getting them to sound as good as what I read haha! I suppose practice makes perfect...mwahaha! :P

EDIT: forgot to mention; here's what the German phrases Ludwig says mean:

Aber du bist schön, liebe = But you're beautiful, love
Möchten Sie diese ins Schlafzimmer zu nehmen? = Want to take this into the bedroom?
Einfach nein sagen wenn sie nicht einverstanden sind. = Just say no if you do not agree.
Ich werde dich nie gehen lassen. = I'll never let you go.
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Mature Content Filter is On. The Artist has chosen to restrict viewing to deviants 18 and older.
(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)

You blushed and stared up at the German brute, seeing his lavender eyes darken in color. Looking away, your arms quickly crossed across your chest, trying to cover up your torso. Lutz smirked.
“Jou vere lying, veren’t jou.” He said, more of a statement than a question. You scoffed, glaring at him.
“No! No way you’re my first!” You said a bit too loudly. Lutz blinked, then his eyes narrowed.
“Ja?” He said lowly, his teeth clenched. “Zhen prove it. Vho vas jour first.”
You quickly thought of something.
“It was Luci!” You covered your mouth, causing him to tense.
“Lucio...” He muttered. A low growl left his mouth as he slammed his lips against yours. You, of course, were shocked. Not to say you didn’t like the feeling; of course you did.
Lutz roughly gripped your hips and pulled you closer, and you shivered slightly. Shyly wrapping your (s/c) arms around his neck, you felt  him smirk into the kiss. His hands rubbed a circular pattern on your hips, and you felt your stomach burn.
Pulling away, your (e/c) gaze locked with his lavender one.
“(Name)~. Jou’re not a very good liar.” Lutz whispered in your ear. You bit your lip, shivering at his cold hands. Lutz’s eyes were half lidded as he stared at you.
A light red blush graced over your (s/c) cheeks, your (e/c) eyes closed and your (sm/md/lg) chest rising and falling with every breath.
“Mein engel..” The German whispered, causing you to open your eyes a crack.
“Hmm?” You hummed, shifting against the wall. Lutz grunted at your movements.
“Mein engel.” He repeated, looking at you seriously. You blushed more, causing a perverted grin to slip across Lutz’s lips.
“Jou like vhen I speak German, don’t you, frauline~?” Lutz asked quietly. You nodded slowly.
“So what?” You asked, looking away. Lutz grinned wider, making you think he’d split his face open.
“Zo, I need to do it more often.” He said, leaning closer. You snorted and kept looking away. Lutz frowned.
Gripping your jaw, the blonde pulled you to face him. You winced slightly at his unintentionally tight grip. He let go of your jaw in response.
“Zorry.” He said, and you felt a bit uncomfortable. You gently kissed his cheek, making sure to avoid the sensitive scar.
“Don’t be.” You said, shifting and blushing. Lutz’s amethyst eyes locked on you, and he smiled slightly.
“Ve need to ztop mezzing around and get to mezzing around.” He said slyly. Your face heated more.
“Why are you such a pervert?” You asked. Lutz shrugged.
“Jou vould be zcared if I vasn’t.” He said, picking you up easily and walking upstairs. You clung to him, still blushing furiously.
Tossing you on his bed, Lutz smirked at you. You glared slightly, feeling exposed.
“Honest, do jou have experience or not.” He asked. You shrugged.
“No. But why does that matter?” You asked innocently. Lutz bit his lip and watched you cross your arms.
“I zaid it does. Zo, it does.” He said, walking closer. You rolled your eyes and yelped when Lutz’s cold hands touched your skin. Shivering, you glared.
“Really?!” You yelled. A sly grin graced your friend’s features.
“Ja.” He said. Tracing patterns into your hips and stomach, Lutz whispered random things in German in your ear. Now, you didn’t speak German, but you could only guess that he was saying something sexual. You shivered, pressing your legs together and glaring at him half heartedly.
“Just leave me alone, you overgrown pervert.” You said. Lutz’s face lit up in a grin. Spreading your legs, he pulled down the pants slowly.
“Ja? Jou seem to be enjoying zhis as much as me.” He whispered. Your face burned bright red, and you tried to close your legs, only to feel rope around your ankles. You looked at Lutz and glared.
Lutz smirked at you, while tying your legs to the bed posts.
“Hey Kätzchen, vhat’s vrong?” He tightened the rope. You hissed and tried to loosen them, to no avail.
“You plan to rape me?” You mocked. Lutz’s grin widened.
“Nein. It isn’t rape if jou like it.” He said, leaning closer to you. Lutz pressed his lips against yours, pinning your hands down above your head. You shivered, not willing to admit you loved the feeling of him. His pale hands were warm against your cold (s/c) wrists. Unintentionally, you let out a quiet moan, causing him to slip his tongue inside your mouth.
Biting down on it, you heard Lutz hiss and pull back, blood lining his lips. He glared at you.
“Zhat is ztrike two.” He growled out.
“Really, you can’t hold the first one-”
“Ztrike three.” He smirked. You froze and paled.
“What?! What did I do wrong-”
“Do not question or back talk a commanding officer, liebling~.” He said, holding himself above you. You gulped, biting your lip at him. Still holding your wrists in one of his hands, he reached over to the bedside table, and opened a drawer. You blushed deeply as he pulled out a pair of shiny, metal handcuffs. Your (e/c) eyes narrowed at him.
“No.” You said. Lutz shrugged, securing one around your wrist. He slipped the other end through a bed post and fastened the cuff  around your other wrist.
“Yes.” He said. You tried pulling them, hoping they were either weak or he didn’t fasten them tight enough.
Again, your luck wasn’t the best today.
Lutz saw this and smirked again, eyes darkening as he saw you completely submissive and tied.
“My, my, Kätzchen, the mighty (Name), silent?” He asked, leaning close to your ear. “Vhat happened to my little Grammar Nazi?”
You blushed darkly, pulling at the cuffs. Lutz chuckled deeply in your ear, causing you to bite your lip. Kissing down your neck, Lutz’s eyes watched your red face. His hand trailed across your soft (s/c) skin, gripping your hips tightly. You moaned and bit your tongue, refusing to give in just yet. The blonde grinned at you.
“Don’t. It’s a lost cause, Kätzchen.” He said. You glared.
“I’m not your kitten.” You said. Lutz shrugged and kissed your nipple gently. You shivered. Lutz’s grin widened as he engulfed the (n/c) bud in his mouth. You bit your lip, making it bleed. Lutz’s amethyst gaze stared at you as he sucked harshly, rolling his tongue around the pebble like flesh. You involuntarily pulled on the cuffs,  biting down on your lip harder. Lutz pulled back with a pop.
Then he switched to the other breast.
You gave up, figuring your lip was going to pop if you didn’t.  A quiet, timid moan slid past your lips. Lutz pulled away and shook his head.
“Kätzchen, jou can do better than that, can’t jou?” He asked, rubbing you gently through your underwear. You shivered, moaning a bit louder, causing his grin to widen. You glared, panting.
“I hate you sometimes, Beilschmidt.” You said. Lutz shrugged, ripping your underwear off and throwing it over his shoulder.
“Doesn’t seem like it liebling.” He said, slipping a finger inside gently. Your eyes widened at the intrusion, even though it was quite the welcome one. Your eyes crossed slightly as he began to thrust the digit slowly, and, sure enough, he added another a few minutes later.
“Tell me vhat jou vant, or I von’t know.” He whispered in your ear teasingly. Your face heated, (s/c) skin turning reddish and blotchy. You shook your head quickly, pulling again at your restraints. Lutz slowly pulled his fingers out, spreading them in front of your face.
“Suck.” He said. Your eyes widened and you kept your mouth shut. The blonde’s eyes narrowed. “Don’t disobey your commander.”
You shivered at his tone and nodded. Opening your mouth, you felt him slip his fingers past your lips. You sucked obediently and shyly, looking into his eyes. Your face still felt as if it were on fire as you felt him pull his fingers out of your mouth. Lutz’s eyes were dark and glazed as he stared at you.
“Ready, liebling?” He asked, pulling his pants down and tossing his gray tank top across the room. You froze and shook slightly. Concerned, Lutz tilted your head up to look you in the eye. “Are jou alright?”
You shrugged, still shaking a bit. Embarrassed, you looked at him through your eyelashes.
“I’m a v-virgin.” You whispered. Lutz blinked, a small smile sliding over his features.
“Is zhat all?” He said. You glared at him and pulled on the ropes around your ankles.
“I don’t want to b-be tied up!” You said, making your point by pulling the cuffs too. Lutz sighed and nodded.
“I get to make up for it later.” He said, pressing a button on the cuffs and pulling them off. You mentally cursed yourself for not finding it earlier. Kissing your stomach gently, Lutz slid down the bed to unwrap the ropes around your (s/c) ankles. He returned to his position of holding himself above you. You blushed, feeling even more exposed. Lutz leaned down and kissed you deeply, holding your hip with one hand. He slowly slid inside, and you teared up, wincing and pulling back.
“H-Hurts...” You said quietly. Lutz nodded and continued slipping inside of you, stopping when he was all the way in.
“I know, liebling. It vill get better.” He said. You nodded and wiped your face furiously, trying to wipe away the evidence of your pain as Lutz whispered short German phrases in your ear.
After a few minutes of quiet and soothing silence, you shifted, feeling an unbelievable pleasure course through your veins. Lutz grunted and glared slightly at you.
“Don’t move if jou’re not ready.” He said, accent sounding thicker. You nodded and shifted again, this time letting a moan slide through your slightly parted lips. Lutz bit his lip and bucked his hips, causing you to gasp and clutch his shoulders.
Smirking, Lutz gripped your hips tightly.
“Hang on tight, liebling.” He whispered, before setting a fast, hard pace. Your eyes widened and crossed, and you felt a small trail of saliva slide down your face. Lutz’s eyes never left your face as he kept pounding into you, grunting with each thrust.
“M-More!” You yelled, feeling your toes curl and nails dig into his pale skin. The blonde grunted at the adding of pain to the extreme pleasure he felt. Tightening his grip on your hips to an almost painful level, Lutz quickened his pace and deepened his thrusts. Your eyes closed tightly as you saw your vision fade away and white out.
“There! A-Again!” You screamed. Lutz groaned when you tightened around him.
“M-My name! Zay my name!”
“L-Lutz!” You yelled. He groaned and muttered something under his breath.
“Again!” He said louder.
“Lutz!” You screamed. He panted, and you felt droplets of sweat drip onto your face and chest.
“Lutz Beilschmidt!” You screamed as loud as you could, tightening around him as your vision pulsed in and out of focus. Lutz groaned and pressed his body against yours as he filled you to the brim.
Your body fell limp as you panted. Lutz didn’t pull out, instead decided on just flopping down beside you. You blushed the darkest yet when you felt him pull you close, nuzzling your neck.
“Lutz...” You said warningly. Lutz opened one of those purple eyes you loved so much.
“Vhat? I can’t hug my girlfriend?” He asked, pulling the blankets up and closing his eyes again. You blinked and nodded, snuggling close. Lutz smiled as he pulled your (sm/md/lg) body closer to his muscular one.

“Wait... Since when am I your girlfriend?!”
As stated above, LEMON!
Writing this, my nose literally started bleeding, probably because the air in Iowa is kinda dry right now... But still! 
I don't own Lutz.
:icon2pgermanyplz: But I own you, my little girlfriend.

Part one: Here!
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This one takes place four years after the movie.
Highly recommend you read Part One:…

“Oh!  I like this one!” you say as you grab the costume that is packaged up into its plastic bag off of the rack.  The picture on the front shows a model wearing the costume.

Hiro sighs in exasperation from next to you.  “Weren’t you already Little Red Riding Hood for Halloween once?”  You had dragged him out of his house so he could go costume shopping with you, but like every year, he had no interest in doing so.  You were trying to find a costume to wear to your friend’s Halloween party.  You were also trying to figure out a way to get Hiro to agree to go with you, because so far the 18 year old was pretty adamant in wanting to stay home for the holiday.

You shrug a shoulder and begin to head for the changing rooms, “That was forever ago, we were just kids.  Every year, my mom has been adamant on checking over my costumes to deem them as appropriate.  I’m 16 now, and I was finally able to convince her to let me do my own thing, and to not come with me shopping.  I am definitely going to take advantage of this.”  You give him a devious smile and a wink before stepping into the small changing room and closing the curtain.

“So, are you still going to ignore me, whenever I ask you about going to the party?” you ask through the curtain as you begin to undress.  When you don’t get a response, you chuckle softly to yourself.  “Yeah, I figured as much.”

You pull the dress out of its bag and hold it out in front of you to look it over.  It’s a lot smaller than you expected, but at the same time, it’s kind of the look you wanted to go for.  You slip it over your head and wiggle your hips a little so you can pull the tight material down.  You pull your hair out from the collar and turn to the mirror propped up in a corner of the small dressing room.

You’re kind of surprised by how good you look.  Normally, you have to try on several different costumes to find one that even remotely flatters your body, but this one makes you look amazing.  The material is tight in the places that it needs to be and actually seems to make your chest appear bigger than normal.  The ruffled skirt flares at your hips and is long enough to cover everything it needs to, but short enough to make your legs seem long and slender.

You smirk to yourself as you try to picture Hiro’s reaction.  “So, you might be in luck, Hiro.  I think I’ve already found the costume I want.”

You hear him sigh again, “Thank you,” he mumbles.

You have to bite your lip to keep from laughing, “Wanna see it?”

“Yeah, sure, whatever,” he responds without care.

You push the curtain back and step out.  You carefully watch his face for his reaction.  His eyes widen at first as he takes you in.  You notice his Adams apple bob up and down as he gulps.  His eyes are automatically drawn to your chest.  “Since when do you have cleavage?” he asks, sounding a little dazed.

You laugh slightly, highly entertained by his reaction, “Since after I hit puberty?” you say, making it sound obvious.

His gaze continues down, tracing the curve of your waist and hips and then travels down your exposed legs.  Normally one for jeans and a shirt, Hiro can’t really remember the last time he saw you in a dress or a skirt.  In some ways, he kind of forgot that you were a girl.  And he definitely hadn’t quite noticed how attractive you’d become over the years.  And somehow, that kind of bothered him.

“So, what do you think?” you ask, turning in a circle.  Hiro quickly notices how the skirt seems even shorter from the back.

He feels his protective instincts kick in and he growls from the back of his throat.  “You are not going to Savannah’s party dressed like that!”

You have to hide your satisfied smirk by pretending to frown innocently, “What’s wrong with the way I’m dressed?”

Hiro gives you a flat look, “You’re kidding me, right?”

You are surprised when he grabs you by the shoulders and shoves you back into the dressing room.  He steps into the cramped space with you and pulls the curtain closed.

“I don’t know who this guy is at Savannah’s party that you’re trying to impress, but I do not approve.  You’re smarter than this, (Name).  What on earth, do you think you’re doing?  The last time you were dressed like Little Red Riding Hood, I promised you that I was going to protect you, but I can’t do that if you’re going to be doing stupid things like this.  But the other thing we promised each other was that we were going to be mates for life.  And I know that you didn’t really understand what that meant at the time, but I did, so that makes you mine.  And I know that you know how much I hate sharing what’s mine.  So, I refuse to let you out of the house, looking like this.”

You have to bite your lip in the middle of his rant to keep yourself from smiling, but by the end you just can’t help it.  “That’s all I wanted to hear,” you tell him.

His brow furrows in confusion at your reaction, “Wait, what?”

You grab the lapels of his jacket and pull his head down until his lips are on yours.  He tenses up at first and his eyes go wide, not expecting you to do this at all.  After he has a second to process what’s going on, his shoulders loosen and his hands curl around your waist as he kisses you back.  He closes his eyes and presses his lips more firmly against yours.  Your hands move up and into his messy hair.  Hiro steps forward, until your back presses into the wall, then his hands curl around your thighs to lift you up, so he doesn’t have to bend down so far.  Your legs wrap around his waist, keeping him close.

When you pull back, the two of you are panting and out of breath.  “I’ve been wanting to do that for years,” you tell him between your breaths.

He looks at you in surprise, “You have?”

You give him a flat look, “I’ve had a crush on you since before I even knew what that word meant.  And I’ve been hopelessly in love with you since I was thirteen.  You’re the guy I was trying to impress, you knucklehead!” you lightly punch him on the shoulder to emphasize your point.

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

You feel your cheek flush a little as you look down at your hands which are clenched tightly to his jacket.  “I was scared.  You were always so focused on other things like bot-fighting and then SFIT and hero stuff.  It didn’t seem like you had the time or even cared whether or not you were in a relationship.  There were times that you barely even had time for me, as just a friend, let alone as a girlfriend.  And I didn’t want to take the risk only to lose you completely.”

“Wanna know something kind of funny?” he asks in a low voice.  When you look up at him curiously, he continues, “That night, on Halloween, when we made our promise to each other… That’s when I knew that I was in love with you.”

Your eyes widen and your breath hitches, “Well then, why didn’t you tell me?”

He smiles softly, “Mostly the same reasons.  We were only kids, (Name).  I was ten and you were eight, what was I supposed to do?  You didn’t even know what a mate was.  The best I could do was stick to our promise.  I watched over you and protected you.  The hardest part, though, was protecting you from myself.  At first, it was because I knew you weren’t ready, but then I just didn’t know if you could ever feel the same way that I do.  We’ve been friends since forever, and I didn’t know whether or not I had been friend zoned.  I couldn’t take the risk either and lose you.”

“There were a few times when I thought there could be a possibility of this happening.  That’s why I made you come today.  I pretty much grabbed the first thing that looked appealing, and all I could do was hope that it would get a reaction out of you.”

“Wait a sec.  You planned this?”

You bite your lip and look up at him, “Maybe…”

He’s quiet for a moment before he chuckles and shakes his head, “You’re more devious than I ever gave you credit for.”

You roll your eyes, “Well, I had to do something, since it seemed like you were never going to do it yourself!”

He grins, “I’m glad you did.  I guess it was just the right push I needed.”

You smile back, “I’m glad, too.”

Hiro leans in to rub his nose teasingly against yours.  “You know… I wouldn’t really mind you buying this costume, as long as you only wear it for me,” he tells you in a sultry voice.

You laugh and playfully slap him in the shoulder, “You’re so bad!”

He smirks, “Oh, you have no idea.  There are many thoughts that run through my mind whenever I’m around you that I seriously need to keep in check.  You don’t even want to know how bad I can be.  I’m an ex-bot fighter, remember?”

You blush as his words make your heart skip a beat.  “And what would you do, if I told you that I didn’t want you to keep those thoughts in check?”

He chuckles again, “I’d probably do this,” he says before kissing you briefly.  “And this,” he kisses your jaw.  “And this,” he sends a trail of butterfly kisses down your neck.  You tilt your head back to give him better access.  “Do you remember earlier that night, when you got freaked out by that guy you thought was a vampire?” he asks, still kissing your neck and shoulder.

“Mhm,” you mumble distractedly.

“I think I know what they were actually doing.”

“Oh yeah?” you respond, not entirely able to focus on his words.  One of your hands works its way into the hair on the back of his head.

He doesn’t answer you with words, instead choosing to nip at the skin of your collar.  You gasp, your hand tightening into a fist in his hair.  He sucks on your skin, alternating between light nibbles and soothing the ache with his tongue.

“Hiro…” his name slips out of your lips in a small moan.  When he’s satisfied with the mark he’s left on you, he pulls back.  “So, you’re a vampire now?” you ask after your head clears a little.

He chuckles and shakes his head.  “I’ll always be your wolf.  Werewolves bite too, you know.  I’m just marking my territory.”

“The big bad wolf has a soft spot,” you smile up at him.

“Only for my Little Red Riding Hood,” he grins, leaning his forehead against yours.

“I love you, Hiro.”

He tilts his head to place a kiss on the tip of your nose.  “Do you have any idea how good it feels to hear you say that?”

You grin cheekily at him, “I might, if I ever hear you say it back.”

He laughs, “I love you, too, (Name), more than anything.”

“So…” you say coyly, “What do you think about coming with me to Savannah’s party, now?”

His face becomes blank and he pulls away from you, “Nope.”

You pout, “But you love me!”

“Not that much,” he responds quickly, turning to pull open the curtain to the changing room.

You stick your hip out and put a hand on it, “You just said “more than anything”.”

“I may have been lying,” he throws the comment over his shoulder and steps out of the small space, closing the curtain behind him.

“Hiro Hamada, you’re a jerk!” you yell at him.

His only response is the sound of his laughter.

You shake your head and can’t help but smile.  You lift a hand up to your lip as you recall the moment you just shared with Hiro.  After letting out a content sigh, you move to change out of the costume and put on your normal clothes.  You push back the curtain to find him waiting for you just on the other side.  You hold the plastic bag out to him.  “Hold this, while I go look for another costume.”

He sighs and rolls his eyes, “Seriously?  Is this going to take long?”

“If you’ll let me go to the party in that we can leave right after I pay for it,” you tell him temptingly.

He looks down at the picture of the model in the dress.  Somehow, she didn’t look as good in it as you did, at least, according to him.  He frowns as he remembers how you looked just a few minutes ago.  It was either leave now, and suffer through the idea of other guys staring hungrily at you at the party, or stay at the costume shop and suffer as you try on costume after costume until you finally pick one.  The image of your cleavage pops into Hiro’s mind, and he quickly makes a decision.  “I’ll go look for something else for you to wear,” he responds, before turning on his heel and walking off.

You have to laugh; sometimes he can be really predictable.
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