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Hong Kong
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A familiar song floated through the speakers in the car,and your attention was diverted from the view outside.The melody was soothing,the words meaningful.Smiling at Hong Kong,he returned the smile.

"Say,do you remember this song?"Your voice was soft,caught in the waves of nostalgia.Hong Kong nodded,and his fingers pressed a button,the volume getting louder.

"This song brings back memories."He replied,and you laughed at his red cheeks.

"It really fits us,Hong."You smiled.He noticed your gaze,and his cheeks grew even redder."Sing it for me."He agreed,and the song floated out of his lips,his voice soothing you.Memories swam in your mind,your eyes closed.The scene in your mind changed whenever you heard the words you loved,remembering what Hong Kong did in the past.



You were recording the song in the radio,smiling when you noticed Hong Kong waking up sleepily."What are you doing,________?"His voice was soft,and you laughed.He reached your knee in height,and you carried him onto your lap.

"Nothing much,you'll understand it when you grow up."Pinching his cheeks,you laughed when he sneezed softly.

有幾多功課做都好閒 唔駛喊
當你正式上班 先知道乜野叫慘
原來做功課好簡單 做人好難

You heard a sobbing voice in the bedroom,and rushed towards the noise.A pile of homework lay on the desk,and he was crying."Hong?Are you alright?"You were worried,seeing him tear up at your question.

"It's nothing,I have too much homework..."His eyes were filled with tears,and you giggled.He started primary school a few days ago,and you could see that he wasn't used to school yet.

Wiping his tears away,you kissed his forehead."Listen,Hong.There's nothing to cry about homework.When you start work,you will know true torture."Your boss had been pressuring you for more work,and your politicians were causing trouble for you.He looked puzzled,and you kissed his cheek before leaving the room.

唔好笑你同學仔 因為佢將來可能系

When you came home,you noticed China scolding Hong Kong about the importance of respect.When you asked what he had done,China shot a glare at Hong Kong before telling you he had made fun of Korea.Frowning,you bent down to his level and started explaining to him.

"Listen,Hong.You shouldn't tease him.He might be your best friend in the future,so you should treasure the friends you have."You scolded,and he looked ashamed.Seeing that he understood what he did wrong,China sighed before ruffling his hair and starting to console Korea.

大多幾歲 你會想搵返個情侶
老土d講一句 唔系有心就唔好追佢
你諗嚇佢流嘅眼淚 傷害佢
將來佢 唔再相信愛

A girl ran from your house,bumping into your shoulder.Staring at her,your heart clenched tightly before rushing in.Hong Kong sat on the floor,a mark on his face."She slapped you?"You asked,placing your bag on the ground.It was the fourth time,and you were getting used to it now.His high school was full of girls,and he chased anyone who seemed interesting to him.

"Shut up."He mumbled,and looked away when you glared at him.He ignored you stubbornly,and you tossed him some ointment.

"Seriously,don't chase her if you're not serious about her.If she starts hating boys,would you have the guts to be responsible for it?"Your tone was stern.He stood up and bumped you roughly on the shoulder.

"I said shut up."He glared at you,and you felt your heart freeze.He walked away,China shaking his head at his behavior.

尤其是有杯著曬火 一定要朋友幫嚇拖

Dragging him home,you groaned when he pressed his weight on you."You're heavy,damn it.You stink of alcohol!If your boss asks you to drink,you have the option to reject it,idiot!"

"How could I?!He was sneering at me!Damn it...China's boss sure can drink...I wanted to make a deal with him,so I had to drink..."He started rambling.Passers-by stared at you,imagining what a girl tugging a boy taller than her was doing.

Seeing his drunk state,you laughed when he started yelling something about a flying England on a unicorn."Hong,you will leave me one day.I hope that day never comes."Whispering,you were glad that he was too drunk to hear what you were saying.Little did you know that he heard every word,and was hiding his burning face in your hair.

講到想講嘅都講過 需要分享我分享過
你始終會大個 你始終會離開我

"You're leaving?"Your voice was cold.He nodded,England waiting for him outside."I see.I have taught you everything I know,it's up to you now."You patted him on the shoulder,and he pulled you into a tight hug.

"Thank you for taking care of me all these years,________."He whispered,and pulled away when England yelled that he was leaving.Hong Kong was handed back to China in 1997,and he decided that he was going to stay alone.He had packed his bags,and was ready to leave the house he stayed in for many years.

You beamed to hide your tears."Hong,if you want someone's shoulder to cry know who to find."He smiled,before waving to you and leaving.


"!"The meeting room was buzzing with noise,discussing your relationship with him.Hong Kong knelt before you,a diamond ring in his hand.You had started dating him a few years ago,and he decided that he had enough of just being a couple.

"A...are you sure?"Your face was red,unable to believe what was happening to you at the moment.

He nodded seriously."I know that it is only possible to marry when you have an alliance with another country,here's a copy of the signed document."Your mind wandered to a few weeks ago where you saw him chasing after your boss shouting about something,freezing when he saw you.

"Yes."You agreed,and he slid the ring onto your finger.Standing up,his lips met yours and the whole meeting room was filled with cheers.


"________?We're here."A soft voice woke you,and he helped you out of the car.Stretching your sore arms,you shivered in delight when he massaged your stiff shoulders."Be careful of your health."He reminded you,eyes on your slightly swollen stomach.

"Yes!"You touched your stomach protectively,expression softening when a small kick could be felt.A hand traced circles on your stomach,and you looked up to see him holding you lovingly.He kissed your hand gently,and started to lead you towards the other Asians taking pictures of the both of you.
My cousin loves this song,and the lyrics were meaningful.I wanted to write a story about Hong Kong,and I thought "Why not?"There are no translations for the words,as what Reader says are basically what the lyrics are about.There's no need for an exact translation,right?:)

The lyrics were based on this

The preview pic:Zerochan image
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Light up my sky
Anime: Hetalia.
Hong Kong/Leon x Reader

Hetalia and it's characters © Hidekaz Himaruya
This story © RecklessAlbinoChibi
You © Yourself. Or whoever you want.


Warning: Human names are used. Hong Kong is refered to as 'Leon'.


"Are you sure Arthur won't absolutely murder you for this?" [Your Name] narrowed her eyes, leaning towards the crouched, brown haired teen. "I mean, you're setting up fireworks in practically right next door to his house, and the poor bugger is terrified of them."

"Poor bugger?" Leon looked up, a small smirk lying on his lips. "You're starting to sound a little like Iggy himself..."

"Yeah yeah," [Your Name] rolled her eyes. "How loud are these things going to be?"

"Well, considering that they are Yao's best, they're very bright, and very loud," he spoke, placing the last of the fireworks in the ground.

He stood beside the female, admiring his work. There was about 15 rockets, all in a row, perfectly spaced about a foot away from each other.

"If this goes wrong," [Your Name] began. "Don't expect me to run to your aid."

"It won't go wrong," Leon insisted, whipping out a lighter from his pocket. "What time is it, [Your Name]-Chan?"

"Eh, about eight PM."

"Damn," the brown haired male sighed, shoving the lighter back into his pocket. "It's not late enough..."

"When do you plan to set these off?"

"About 12."

"Oh God Leon..."


"Arthur is going to murder you."

~~~~~~Time Skip~~~~~~

"[Your Name]," Leon whined, nudging the girl in the side, causing her to squirm.

"Damn it, what?!"

"Get me a coke..."

"No! Stop being so lazy!"

"I'm not lazy," Leon deadpanned. "You're lazy because I asked you to get me a drink and you would not get it. Therefore, you are the lazy one here."

"Your logic sucks," she groaned, leaning over on the couch, rubbing the sleep out of her eyes. "How long do you expect me to stay awake? I'm tired..."

"I am too," he said simply. "But I'm not staying up by myself, especially when it's this dark outside."

"Aww~ Poor little Leon is afraid of the dark~"

"Shut up."

"But the dark is sooo scary~ Little baby Leon must be terrified--"

Leon jabbed her in the side. "Shut up. It's about half eleven now. I think now would be fine," he then stood up, folding his arms.

"Fine," she shrugged, dragging herself up and following the male out of the red, wooden door. "15 fireworks," she mused. "That's going to be one Hell of a bang."

"Of course it is," Leon rolled his eyes. "Did you only just figure that out now, genius?"

"Shut up!"

"Now I'm going to need you to stand back," Leon shoo'd her with his hand. "I want the chance of you getting hurt as minimal as possible."

"Well that's.... unnaturally sweet of you," she chuckled, but went off to stand at a safe distance.

The brown haired male gave her a little wave and thumbs up, before he turned to the first firework in the row. 'Right... I'm going to have to do these really quickly... Light the first, second, and then so on. Quickly. [Your Name] is going to love this. And Artie is going to be pissed. But... I guess this is two birds in one stone... right? Impressing [Nickname] and annoying Arthur.'

[Your Name] saw Leon's shoulder's shiver in the cold, but then caught sight of a small, flickering flame. She shouted to him to be careful, and he merely held up his thumb again, before placing the flame near the first rocket.

Leon saw the spark of the first firework, and he immediately bounced over to the next firework, a foot away, lighting up the second. He repeated this until he had reached the last rocket, and as he had lit the last one, he heard the first one screech and saw the bright light out of the corner of his eye, firing up into the night sky. He gave the lighter a little shake, shoving it into his pocket and running over to where [Your Name] was stood so that he too could have the perfect view.

They all went off, one after the other, pounding up into the sky like shooting stars. They lit up the sky in colours of red, green, blue, yellow and white, the occasional streak of silver bursting within them like it was one in a million.

Leon heard [Your Name] give a little gasp, so he turned his head. She had her hands covering her mouth, her eyes brightly lit up, the fireworks seeming to glitter in the reflection of her [eye colour] irises.

"You like it?" The male questioned, laying a hand on her arm.

"Are you kidding?" She glanced to him out of the corner of her eyes. "I've never seen anything like this. This is completely amazing!"

"I picked these fireworks specifically," he muttered. "I knew they were the most colourful... and quite frankly, they're really pretty too."

"Pretty? That's an understatement! These things are freaking EPIC!"

"Epic?" Leon repeated, looking back to her again. The fireworks were still going off in the background, banging in the sky and deafening practically everybody within range. "I suppose you could call it that."

"This was a great idea," she smiled. "This is literally the best day of my life!"

"It's not mine," he shrugged. "It nearly is. But it's missing a little something."

The banging faded out into quiet screeching, the colour's in the sky starting to dim until everything faded into nothing -- leaving a simple, foggy mist of smoke. "What is it missing?" [Your Name] tilted her head, narrowing her eyes and her eyebrows knitting together.

Leon smiled -- a difference from his usual 'poker face'. Without a word, he wrapped an arm around her waist. "I'm missing... you," he stated, his smiled widening. Placing a hand under her chin, he lifted it, pressing his lips firmly, yet tenderly against hers.  Of course, she was surprised, but eventually she had melted into the kiss, their lips moving in sync like some form of elegant, romantic dance.

When the need for air became a necessity at this point, they broke away, gasping. "Have I ever told you that I loved you, [Your Name]?" Leon asked, his eyes softening.

"I don't believe you have," she smiled shyly.

He gave a small chuckle, pecking her on the side of her mouth. "I love you... [Your Name]."

"I love you too, Leo--"









And the rest of the night was spent running away from a very, VERY angry Brit.


Commission for :iconpaanda-tan:

I'm sorry it sucks! It's kind of rushed... /bows down to Paanda-Tan/ I'm so sorry! I hope it's okay!




Writing Commission's here: recklessalbinochibi.deviantart…

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Wind blew through your silky locks of hair.Running down the narrow streets which were full of noises,you avoided the glares of people who you had bumped into.The sky above shone azure blue,vendors selling their goods loudly on the crowded streets.

"I'm here!"You yelled,running into a Victorian house.The house was decorated with flowers,and the wind chimes rang merrily in the breeze,filling the air with sounds of bells.The door was open,and you closed it gently with your foot.

"________."England greeted you,carrying a basket of brightly colored wool."You're on time.Look,I made gloves."He grinned,holding a pair of small blue gloves.

"Beautiful."You agreed with him,the warm gloves on your hand."Is it for Hong Kong?"You grinned,noticing the small size.

He nodded."The temperature here can get quite chilly here."Handing the gloves to him,you peeked at the little boy slumbering on the inky blue sofa.He breathed at an even pace,and you ruffled his hair lovingly.

"I can't believe this guy.He was so excited to see me on the phone,and when I get here he's asleep."You joked,poking his cheek before joining England in cleaning the living room up.England laughed,and you joined him.The house was soon full of laughter,and the house was soon full of the homely smell of freshly baked cakes.

"You're awake?"You laughed when Hong Kong woke up.He stared at you blankly,before his eyes grew more focused and ran towards you.Carrying him in your arms,you sank onto a chair.The table was full of delicious cakes,and you could see the fairies flying around both of you.They stared curiously at Hong Kong,and poked him gently.

"Don't."England looked stern,but his voice was full of humor.Hong Kong couldn't see the fairies,so he looked puzzled when you laughed with England.He nibbled on a cake,and you hugged him close to you.

"Cake?"Hong Kong asked you.He held a piece of vanilla cake to you,and you accepted it.He fed a similar piece to England,and you both giggled when Hong Kong left a smudge of chocolate on his cheek.

Watching England hold Hong Kong's hand and wiping his cheek gently with tissues,you joined the fun.Hong Kong pouted,and you held him tightly while England kissed his forehead.The scene was heartwarming,and you handed Hong Kong to England before grabbing a camera.

"Say cheese!"You yelled,pulling England close to you.The camera clicked and the black and white photo captured the moment perfectly,including Hong Kong's puzzled expression at the strange looking camera and England striking a pose with you.

"Wake up._________,wake up."A voice called you,shaking your shoulder gently.Blinking sleepily,a grown up Hong Kong stared at you worriedly.

"Ah,you grew up.What a pity,you were much cuter as a child."You grinned sleepily,and Hong Kong raised an eyebrow,before pressing his freezing hands to your cheeks.

"Are you still asleep?"He frowned.You glared at him,his freezing hands breaking all your bonds with the nostalgia to the past.Kicking him gently,you shoved him away from your chair.

"I was having a good dream,damn it."You pouted,and Hong Kong gave a small smile before pulling you up.

"We have a meeting,_________."He whispered."And you slept through it."

Stretching your sore arms,Hong Kong walked with you towards the large field where the other Asian countries were.Slipping your fingers through his,you saw Taiwan chasing Korea around.

Handing you the photo you had dropped when you were asleep which was taken with England and young Hong Kong,you grinned and pointed the smudge of chocolate to him."England didn't manage to get it off in the end."

"So many years of humiliation...Whenever that photo pops up,I just want to bury my head in a hole..."He groaned.Grinning when Taiwan saw you guys and started running towards you,you slipped the photo into your pocket.

Before you could leave him,he pulled you close to him and kissed you gently on the lips."I will make you remember every single thing,there's no need for a trip down memory lane."He suggested,and you kissed him on the lips again.

"Thanks,I'll think about it."Leading him towards the Asia group,the wind blew through your hair gently,reminding you of the little boy with chocolate on his cheek from many years ago.
I studied about the Nanjing treaty in General Studies class today,so I decided to write it here.The ending is kinda weird,as there was a small timeskip.

Image source:Zerochan Image
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Leon Wang was not amused. Not in the least.

His once beautiful dark brown hair had now yellow color. He hadn't see it coming.
Yellow paint, from his hair, dropped on his shoulders, streaming down his red duangua creating yellow stripes.

Oh, he was definitely not amused.

Not far from there- in the hallway closet- you and Yong -Soo were trying to hold your voice so you were not heard by the furious man. Leon, the super unemotional bad-ass, was reduced to a still statue with paint flowing down his body, head to toe, while wearing a frown on his face and a killer aura on his back.

He was out for blood.

You and Yong-Soo were bored out of your mind. You had invited the breast-groper to your house to play some video games, and once you opened the door, all Asians were there. You blushed immediately at the sight of the quiet man, as you harbored a huge crush on him.

You and Leon had been friends since centuries ago, as he would always help you when you were in trouble. He was your friend, your confident, so to you it was only a matter of time that you started to crush on the boy.

Yong-Soo knew about it since you had told him, and he always supported you. He would always try to make you and Leon stay in the same room alone. But then your shyness would act up and you would leave the room.

But today Yong-Soo would turn the tables. He had a plan. An awesome one to boot. Gilbert would be proud that the word was well placed.

He forced you to play a prank on the unsuspecting male: you would fill a bucket full of paint and drop it on him. A simple but genius plan. With this he would kill two birds with one stone. He would make you take all the blame and Leon would talk to you and he would see Leon get royally pissed.  Yong-Soo was proud of his geniality.

And royally pissed the man became.

Leon closed his eyes and took deep breaths. As this was your house he wouldn't like to make a mess in it. But the snickers he heard from the closet were too much for the stoic man could handle. His eyes glared at the closet doors and he stopped right in front of them.

They were so screwed.

He throwed the doors opened and glared at the two idiots that stared back at him with surprise written on their faces. How could they not hear the man walking towards the closet was a mystery. You were the first one to speak.

''L-Leon... What happened? '' You tried to control your laughter, so you wouldn't burst out laughing in the face of the man you liked, but boy, that was hard.

Leon's eyes scanned both of you. You and Yong-Soo were stuffed in the small closet, hugging each other as the room let barely one of you in, let alone two. Yong-Soo noticed this so he squeezed you harder, getting a small yelp from you.

Brown eyes hardened and narrowed at the man as he reached out to grab your arm. You looked between the two brothers and gasped once Leon pulled you into his chest. Your head hit directly above the paint, smudging you with yellow. Leon looked at your face and smirked at it's color. You could rival his duangua's red color any day. He turned to Yong-Soo and gave him a glare.


And you thought your face couldn't get any flushed. Ah! You wish.

You were pulled by the man towards your room and then thrown inside. From the distance you heard Yong-Soo's voice telling you they were heading home.

'That little traitor!'


You slowly locked eyes with the man and blushed. He was sitting on your bed observing your movements.

''Y-Yes?'' You squeaked.

''I'm dirty because of you.'' Your confused look made him chuckle as he got up and walked towards you. He got closer to your ear, making your breath hitch and your eyes snap closed '' I want you to clean me up.''

''W-W-W-What????'' Your back soon met the wall, as Leon was holding your arms above your head.  His face was inches from yours, making your noses brushed each other.

''I said, clean me up.'' His mouth soon met yours in a deep kiss. His tongue licked your bottom lip asking for permission which you granted eventually. You fight for dominance, as you gave up and let him explore every corner of your cave. Meanwhile one of your hands brushed the brown locks of his face as the other cupped his cheeks.

He took your form and placed it in the nearest place- which was your desk.

Your legs hugged his waist bringing him closer to you. You both stopped the kiss, to breath and when he was about to kiss you again, you stopped him. For a man that didn't showed much emotion, Leon's face were emmiting the confusion and disappointment that he was feeling. You chuckled and peck him in the lips.

''Before that, I need to tell you something, Leon... I-I... I l-lov-''You bend your head down embarrassed that you could not say three simple words. Leon nipped your left ear and blow some air into it.

''I love you too, ___.'' You gasped as you felt his hand grab your face to be in front of his. ''I've been in love with you for so long. I was super jealous when Yong-Soo grabbed you like that. Never let any one stay that close to you.''
He brushed a lock of your hair behind your ear and stared at you.

''You're beautiful when you get embarrassed.''

You laughed as you felt the warm rise again to your face. ''Thank you I guess. Leon... I love you. I really do.'' For the first time you saw Leon's smile. Not his smirk, or forced smile- but a true one. And it warmed your heart.

His mouth descend once again to yours, taking all of you in one passionate kiss.
He breaks the kiss once more and hugs your form. He inhaled your scent, your sweet scent that he had missed out on all of this years, if he only had the guts to confess to you.

''Don't you ever forget____'' He says as he hugs you tighter ''You're mine.''
I had to. I just had to make a fic with HK. La la la la 

So here it is. Enjoy :D

Hetalia does not belong to me in any way. 
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"B-but teacher" you whined at you art teacher/older cousin China as he handcuffed you with his another student Chun.

"I told you to stop drawing sexual explicit art right?"

"I'm not drawing like those kind of things, its Chun" You protest at him.

"Oh really now aru? Then what is this huh __?" Then he show you your sketch pad full of erotic drawings.

Your eyes quickly widen and grabs the sketch pad to China using your free hand.

"Where did you get this?" You asked him, blushing in diffrent shades of red.

Yao sighed, "I got that from Chun and he told me it was yours." he rubbed his temples.

You cursed silently and quickly looked at Chun's direction. He's looking at you with his famous poker face.

Yao shakes his head and walk away from the two of you.

"Where are you going Yao?"

"Bamboo forest, I'm gonna visit panda for a while aru"

"You'll gonna leave me behind along with this guy?" you pointed at Chun and continue "You can't be serious!"

Yao ignored you and walk towards the door and look back at the two of you before he went outside the house.

"You better reflected what you've done aru. And don't argue, if I got home and I saw you two arguing aru.. You'll both got stuck in handcuffs for a long time aru." he said with a stern voice and leaves.

As Yao disappeared fronm the sight, you glared Chun.

"What the heck Chun! Why did you show my special sketch pad to Yao?"

He looked at you, experssion in his face is unreadable..

"Well teacher caught me drawing like those, I know he'll gonna punished me, that wouldn't be fair right? so I quickly show to him that so that we'll gonna pushished both."

You got pissed and you tackled him, causing you both fall on the floor with you on top of him.

"See what you done! Now we're handcuffed at each other!" You angry yelled at him.

Chun was looked at you, emotionless. "Well I don't mind it tho.." and he pulled you into a hug.

You quickly flushed in red when he hugged you.

"Y-yah! What do you think you're doing?" you shuttered

"Actually I liked being handcuffed with you"


But he quickly cut you of by smashng his lips into yours.

You, on the other hand, kissed back even tho you're completely surprised at this action. You, that having a small crush on Chun, he's kissing you.

He break away and looked at you,

"__, I like you for a quite time and I--"

You put your fingers in his lips to silence him up..

"shh.. I like you too"

You both looked into your eyes and Chun suddenly smirk and pushed you,changing your position.

"Well then.. you don't mind us doing something while Teacher's out?"
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Hong KongxReader
Collection by
When Leon had asked you to go to Hong Kong with him, you had been delighted. A vacation had been just the thing you needed, and getting to visit the place where the male had grown up was always something you had wanted to do. Now, however, you weren't as excited as you were ready to collapse.

"Four-Sixty, it is, Four-Sixty-Two." Leon counted, finding the room number quickly after having stepped off the elevator with you.

"Thank god..." You grumbled, pulling out the key that the concierge had handed you only a few minutes prior.

You opened the door to your hotel room, exhausted, your equally sleepy boyfriend trailing behind you. Despite the fact that you had managed to get a few hours of sleep on the plane, the trip to Leon's homeland had left you drained.

You shoved your luggage into the corner of the room, deciding to deal with it later, the dark-haired male doing the same before settling down on the bed.

"This room is nice," You yawned, sitting down next to Leon and resting your head on his shoulder. "I'm glad I picked it."

"You mean I picked it." He gave you a playful nudge, but was careful not to move you too far away from him.

"Psh, technicalities." You dismissed, looking up at him with slight bags under your eyes but a smart grin nonetheless.

He chuckled lightly, moving his pale nose to brush against yours. "I know you wanted to go out into the city, but you and I both know we're too tired to do that right now. It's still morning here so we can go out later. Take a nap, (y/n)."

"...Fine. Come here." You beckoned, removing your shoes and sliding up to the headboard, opening your arms for Leon to join you. As much as you wanted to explore Hong Kong with the male, it could wait.

He moved up next to you quickly, wrapping an arm around your waist. You smiled at him before closing your eyes, and the two of you quickly fell asleep.


Beep! Beep! Beep!

The buzzing of an alarm woke you from slumber and you groaned, snuggling your head further into the warm chest in front of you.

"An alarm...I should've known you'd be this prepared..." You mumbled into it, receiving a scoff in reply before the source of heat moved away from you.

"You can't sleep all day, (y/n). It might be a vacation but we have things to do." Leon shook your shoulder lightly, the beeping sound stopping when he shut off the alarm.

You whined, opening your eyes and sitting up to glare at your companion half-heartedly. "Whatever..."

"That's the spirit." He was sarcastic, and you flicked his ear.

"I have no spirit." You returned, and the Hongkonger [1] smiled, brushing a few strands of hair out of your eyes.

"What do you want to do first?" He questioned.

"I'm really not sure...what is there to do here?" You pulled your suitcase onto the bed and began removing the articles of clothing from within it, placing them in the dresser across from the bed.

"A lot, (y/n). I don't know, museums, monasteries, shopping, it, and we probably have something like it."

"...Disneyland?" You implored, and Leon sighed down at you.

"Well yes, but I'm not going to Disneyland. It's for children. No buts." He added, upon seeing the pout on your face.

"You're no fun..." You complained, throwing a shirt at him, but finished up quickly and got ready to leave.


The two of you had ended up going the museum route, visiting a local, cultural museum. It had not been overly large but the content of the place had been quite intriguing, the exhibits highlighting the past of Hong Kong. Leon had been more than happy to become a sort of guide for you, touring you around the building and explaining things you didn't quite understand; he knew his history well.

Your afternoon went by quickly and when the sun had finally begun to go down, the two of you exited the museum. Leon flagged down a cab, giving the driver directions in rapid Cantonese, presumably to a restaurant for dinner.

Arriving there within a few minutes, your boyfriend handed the cabbie his fare, and took you hand as you got out of the car. The building was modern, very tall, and plated with mirrored glass windows. There was a lineup of people out the door, all of them dressed quite nicely.

"Here we are." Leon ushered you in the door, moving past the queue of patrons.

You looked down at your own outfit, a simple, dark skirt with a dressy (f/c) top, before analyzing the much more formal wear of the people you walked past. "Am I underdressed for this place?"

"Not at all. There's no dress code, people just like to come in formal wear. Besides, you look great." The raven-haired male pressed his hand to the small of your back.

You came up to a podium, and a sleek, black-haired woman welcomed you, and asked for what you assumed to be the reservation, as Leon responded with his name. The two of you were led to a table by a huge window, looking out onto the city. "Leon, this view is so nice! How did you manage to get reservations?!"

"I have my ways." The male smirked at you, and you scoffed.

"Yao knows the owner, doesn't he?" You brought up Leon's older brother, who had many connections in the restaurant industry.

"...Yeah..." He pouted.

"Aw, it's okay. Maybe you'll have cool connections one day." You reached over the table and smoothed down his upturned collar, making him glare at you softly, pulling your hands away and reverting the fabric to its former position.

"Fine, look like a ragamuffin, see if I care." You dismissed him and he laughed.

"Just look at your menu." The male pushed the booklet to you, and you were glad to see that underneath the printed Chinese characters for each item, there was an English translation beneath it. You scanned the menu, quickly picking an entrée that looked appealing. A waiter appeared at your table and greeted you and Leon, before phrasing a question in Cantonese, which you assumed to be an inquiry as to what you would like to drink.

You looked rather dumbfounded, so you flipped to the beverages section of the menu and pointed at the word "water" with a nervous laugh, not knowing if the man would understand you if you spoke. Leon snorted as he attempted to hold in his laughter and you gave him a dirty look.

"I speak English, it is alright." The waiter assured you.

"Oh, thank god." You sighed, a bit embarrassed. The man smiled, before turning to your boyfriend, who replied to him in English as well.

When the man turned back to you and asked if you were ready to order your main course, you nodded and pointed to the dish you had chosen, saying it out loud as well rather than just pointing to it awkwardly as you had done before.

The waiter left with an accented "thank you" after your partner had placed his own order, and you looked beside you to take in the city view again. You could feel Leon's eyes on you and turned to him, an eyebrow raised.

"What is it?"

He rested his chin on his hand and gazed at you with dark eyes. "You're cute."

"That bad?" You flustered a bit.

He shrugged, smiling, and you groaned, looking back out the window.

Leon took your hand over the table and smoothed his thumb over the back of it. "It's a beautiful night isn't it?"

"It is. The city is a lot nicer than I thought it would be."

"What's that supposed to mean?" He didn't let go of your hand, but he sounded slightly offended.

"Oh, no!" You raised your free hand up in defence. "I just thought it would be a lot more...congested, you know? But it's very bright."

"Oh. That's okay then." You rolled your eyes a bit at the male's words, but grinned when he flipped over your palm and began tracing random swirls up your arms.

You giggled, pulling your hand away. "That tickles, Leon."

"That was the point, (y/n)." He mocked, glancing up at you with sharp, dark eyes that sent a shiver down your spine. God, the man was attractive. "...Now hold my hand again."

You snickered, but did what he said anyways. Despite his good looks and seemingly never-ending composure, he did tend to be rather childish when it came down to it.


"Oh my god. That was the best meal I've ever eaten." You patted your stomach lightly, tilting your head back.

"Meh." Leon teased, and you hit his arm lightly, though his only response was to wind it around your waist.

The two of you walked out of the restaurant, full, and out onto the sidewalk. You looked up at the taller male expectantly, receiving a dull gaze in return.

"The hotel isn't too far. Let's walk back." He pulled you along beside him without waiting for a response.

Leon was right, you reached your hotel in a matter of minutes. You passed by the concierge who greeted you cheerfully, and got onto the elevator. It stopped a short while later, the two of you stepping off and finding your room in a similar manner to that morning- minus the exhaustion, of course.

You threw your bag on a chair when you unlocked the room, and walked out to the balcony that you had previously been too tired to acknowledge.

"Look at this!" You called out to your companion, gazing out at the city. This view was even nicer than the one you had at the restaurant.

"It's quite nice, isn't it?" Leon came up behind you and rested his chin on your shoulder, lithe arms encircling your torso.

You didn't reply, opting to lean back into him as you kept scanning the lit up cityscape.

"What do you want to do tomorrow?" He asked.

"...Disneyland? Please?"

"No way." His answer was solid.

You turned in his arms and pulled his face closer to yours in a last-ditch attempt to try to convince him, placing soft kisses around it.

"How about now?" You rephrased.

"No, (y/n)-" His voice cut off and he stiffened when your lips brushed over a particularly sensitive spot right on the underside of his jaw.

"...Now?" You brought your mouth up to ghost over his own.

Leon looked at you heatedly, before pulling you back into the hotel room and into a passionate kiss.

You placed your hands onto his shoulders and pulled away lightly, earning a low grumble from him before he moved his lips to your throat.

"I'll take that as a yes."
This story came out of my own lack of affection and a really bad plot idea so yes take this

It's really terrible but I love Hong Kong soooo I meeaaaaannnnnnn

[1] Hongkonger: A real word for people from Hong Kong! It's in the Oxford Dictionary according to the internet. I know, it's questionable, but whatever

Woo I'll do an update of more upcoming fics later but for now expect like Scotland or America and eventually some Haru because I've got an inkling of a plot idea ha ahaaahahaa I'm so bad at writing

I own nothing
The picture is not mine! I did have a link before but I'm not exactly sure what happened to it Sweating a little... 
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Warm, soft shafts of morning sunlight peek through the patterned folds of the windows. Dust motes are forever suspended in the air, lazily drifting. Bird of unnameable species flock and join in choir for a sweet song. You awaken to the sound of birdsong and golden kisses of the dawn on your eyes, accompanied by...


The alarm screams out its daily shriek, hell upon your ears and your hands desperately fumble around to find and turn off the damn thing, only to end up pulling the sides of the pillow to your head instead after a few painful smacks at the nightstand. The sound is still there, although muffled, which is enough for you. You pull the sheets over your head too to try and block out the ear-clenching noise.

Although you might be content with the alarm at its lowest level possible, your partner, however, is not. A low, irritated voice, scratchy from lack of use during sleep, joins the alarm.

"Ugh... ______... turn it off..."

No! You've tried too many times and your hand still stings from the sharp corners of the stand. A complain follows.

"You do it, I don't... don't wanna..."

"Don't be lazy, you're closer to it... you turn it off..."

Grumbling, you pull off your layers of sheets and blankets to go locate and stop the piercing shrieks, making as much noise and whines as you could to show how annoyed you were. Your boyfriend just turns away from you and gives a big fat fake snore. An idea pops into your head and you smile inwardly at the thought.

You nimbly (well, as nimble as a half-awake girl can get) stop the alarm temporarily with the snooze button, and then carefully place the clock right next to the dark-haired boy's head, tucking it under the pillow so that it didn't slip. Something that you assume is "Thanks" is heard. You giggle and lie back down to await the five minutes leading up to your big weekend prank.

Sure enough, the alarm rains fire down upon the Earth again. Except this time, it's not your ears that are bleeding.


A string of loud cuss words are uttered, some in what seemed to be a different language but all having the same ferocity to them. Thank goodness the rain outside drowned out most of the noise or your neighbors might have been in a lovely morning surprise.

It's so funny though, and you can't help but explode into laughter. Short bursts follow every time you try to stop and take a breath, and you can barely breathe but oh my goodness did you see that look on his face hahaha pfffff--

Your glee is short-lived, and the breath is knocked put of your lungs when you're pinned to the mattress by your wrists. You look up to meet a pair of dark eyes, slightly unfocused from just waking up, and equally messy hair.

Leon Wang-Kirkland is not a morning person. You let out a nervous giggle.

He brushes your messy fringe back and gives you a kiss on the forehead before returning to his pillow, stopping to rip the covers off you and pull them over himself, letting out something between a laugh and a snort. You pout your lips in annoyance at the punishment. A tug at a corner proves that he's not going to let go. Ever.

It soon becomes a game of tug-of-war, and after a few losses, you decide to just try and worm your way in. It's successful, and you're now bunched up against a the back of a big hot mess: shirtless, sleepy Cantonese boy.

Your cool is being lost at a hundred gallons per second now. But for the time being, getting your blankets back is your only incentive. You don't hesitate and begin pressing big, sloppy wet kisses on his shoulder blades and neck, smacking your lips for that extra effect.

The reaction is immediate.

"Eww... gross, ______."

Leon chuckles and gives you a shove, which you playfully return. He grabs your forearms and pulls you to him, trapping you in his embrace as he proceeds to smother you with his lips. His touch leaves shocks on your skin, but you like the feeling so it's okay. It tickles, and you can't help but giggle and jerk around, which makes him to kiss you harder. Cries of "Heehee, stop!!" are frequent, and his only reply is poking your stomach and driving out more chuckles.

He ends with your lips. You start to feel a bit self conscious about morning breath and all, but Leon makes no attempt to have his tongue leave his mouth, so you return the kiss with gleeful abandon. Now that it's silent, you can hear the slight pitter-patter of rain on the window pane, gradually larger as fat drops smack mercilessly at the roof. It grows faster and faster, the drops like a machine gun pounding on the walls. A roar of distant thunder rumbles and you both break apart, taking short gulps to restore your breath.

It's a lovely Sunday morning. The air is going to smell great when you step outside.

"Love you."

"Love you too."
Hey guys!

Here's a little oneshot for you all! HK's not emotionless, we should all have our silly moments once in a while. :P

Sorry about the random hiatuses! Classes are a mess, work is overbearing, and I've had some personal problems too. Plus it's really late (past midnight) here and I still have work to do...

I need to work on the series but I have no will to write... uhuuhuuuu ; u;

If only I could escape to Sunday Morning with Leon, huuhuu... /shot

It would be such a cute thing to do with your partner... but I don't have one hahahaha.............
/gross sobs gonna die aloneee

Anyhow, comment/fave/watch to support if you enjoy and want more of my writing! Classes have started so I'm buried in work and can't write as often as I'd like to!

Hetalia © Hidekaz Himaruya
This piece © Me, Pastichine!
______ © You!
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Leon Wang was not amused. Not in the least.

His once beautiful dark brown hair had now yellow color. He hadn't see it coming.
Yellow paint, from his hair, dropped on his shoulders, streaming down his red duangua creating yellow stripes.

Oh, he was definitely not amused.

Not far from there- in the hallway closet- you and Yong -Soo were trying to hold your voice so you were not heard by the furious man. Leon, the super unemotional bad-ass, was reduced to a still statue with paint flowing down his body, head to toe, while wearing a frown on his face and a killer aura on his back.

He was out for blood.

You and Yong-Soo were bored out of your mind. You had invited the breast-groper to your house to play some video games, and once you opened the door, all Asians were there. You blushed immediately at the sight of the quiet man, as you harbored a huge crush on him.

You and Leon had been friends since centuries ago, as he would always help you when you were in trouble. He was your friend, your confident, so to you it was only a matter of time that you started to crush on the boy.

Yong-Soo knew about it since you had told him, and he always supported you. He would always try to make you and Leon stay in the same room alone. But then your shyness would act up and you would leave the room.

But today Yong-Soo would turn the tables. He had a plan. An awesome one to boot. Gilbert would be proud that the word was well placed.

He forced you to play a prank on the unsuspecting male: you would fill a bucket full of paint and drop it on him. A simple but genius plan. With this he would kill two birds with one stone. He would make you take all the blame and Leon would talk to you and he would see Leon get royally pissed.  Yong-Soo was proud of his geniality.

And royally pissed the man became.

Leon closed his eyes and took deep breaths. As this was your house he wouldn't like to make a mess in it. But the snickers he heard from the closet were too much for the stoic man could handle. His eyes glared at the closet doors and he stopped right in front of them.

They were so screwed.

He throwed the doors opened and glared at the two idiots that stared back at him with surprise written on their faces. How could they not hear the man walking towards the closet was a mystery. You were the first one to speak.

''L-Leon... What happened? '' You tried to control your laughter, so you wouldn't burst out laughing in the face of the man you liked, but boy, that was hard.

Leon's eyes scanned both of you. You and Yong-Soo were stuffed in the small closet, hugging each other as the room let barely one of you in, let alone two. Yong-Soo noticed this so he squeezed you harder, getting a small yelp from you.

Brown eyes hardened and narrowed at the man as he reached out to grab your arm. You looked between the two brothers and gasped once Leon pulled you into his chest. Your head hit directly above the paint, smudging you with yellow. Leon looked at your face and smirked at it's color. You could rival his duangua's red color any day. He turned to Yong-Soo and gave him a glare.


And you thought your face couldn't get any flushed. Ah! You wish.

You were pulled by the man towards your room and then thrown inside. From the distance you heard Yong-Soo's voice telling you they were heading home.

'That little traitor!'


You slowly locked eyes with the man and blushed. He was sitting on your bed observing your movements.

''Y-Yes?'' You squeaked.

''I'm dirty because of you.'' Your confused look made him chuckle as he got up and walked towards you. He got closer to your ear, making your breath hitch and your eyes snap closed '' I want you to clean me up.''

''W-W-W-What????'' Your back soon met the wall, as Leon was holding your arms above your head.  His face was inches from yours, making your noses brushed each other.

''I said, clean me up.'' His mouth soon met yours in a deep kiss. His tongue licked your bottom lip asking for permission which you granted eventually. You fight for dominance, as you gave up and let him explore every corner of your cave. Meanwhile one of your hands brushed the brown locks of his face as the other cupped his cheeks.

He took your form and placed it in the nearest place- which was your desk.

Your legs hugged his waist bringing him closer to you. You both stopped the kiss, to breath and when he was about to kiss you again, you stopped him. For a man that didn't showed much emotion, Leon's face were emmiting the confusion and disappointment that he was feeling. You chuckled and peck him in the lips.

''Before that, I need to tell you something, Leon... I-I... I l-lov-''You bend your head down embarrassed that you could not say three simple words. Leon nipped your left ear and blow some air into it.

''I love you too, ___.'' You gasped as you felt his hand grab your face to be in front of his. ''I've been in love with you for so long. I was super jealous when Yong-Soo grabbed you like that. Never let any one stay that close to you.''
He brushed a lock of your hair behind your ear and stared at you.

''You're beautiful when you get embarrassed.''

You laughed as you felt the warm rise again to your face. ''Thank you I guess. Leon... I love you. I really do.'' For the first time you saw Leon's smile. Not his smirk, or forced smile- but a true one. And it warmed your heart.

His mouth descend once again to yours, taking all of you in one passionate kiss.
He breaks the kiss once more and hugs your form. He inhaled your scent, your sweet scent that he had missed out on all of this years, if he only had the guts to confess to you.

''Don't you ever forget____'' He says as he hugs you tighter ''You're mine.''
I had to. I just had to make a fic with HK. La la la la 

So here it is. Enjoy :D

Hetalia does not belong to me in any way. 
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(Hong Kong's POV)

Day 365 of prison. I thought as I kicked the rock in front of me. I had been in this godforsaken place for a year now- not that anyone cared. I frowned. Why did life have to be so cruel, giving me a fate like this? Here, I'm not even a person. I am merely a number- 420. I was still stewing about this when a paper airplane hit me. Rubbing my head, I picked it up and opened the paper airplane.

Hello. My name is (y/n). What's yours? It read. I looked up, and saw a young girl behind the barbed wire fence, around my age, wearing a sun dress and a straw hat. My eyes met hers, and she blushed and looked away. Quickly, I looked back down and fished around in my pockets for something to write on and with. At last, I found a piece of rubbing charcoal and a scrap of paper.

Hello. I wrote. I'm Lei. It's very nice to meet you.  Then I folded it up into a paper airplane and threw it at her. I watched as she unfolded the paper airplane and read the message. Smiling, she held it close to her heart and mouthed to me 'tommorow'. Then she left.

The next day, the same thing happened. She sent me a message via paper airplane, over the fence, and I wrote back to her. Soon, it was a daily rountine. I began looking forward to her visits, seeing them as my one bit of happiness in this bleak place. For many days, we exchanged countless letters, writing about our lives, our hopes, our dreams. Sadly, I did not know this would not last.


One day, I was at our usual spot when a paper airplane hit me. I smiled and unfolded it. As I read the message, my heart sank. It read;

Dear Lei,

I can't come back here any longer- my father says that I have to go somewhere far away. I will never forget the time we had together, and I hope you don't either. Don't worry, I'm very sure we will meet again some day!

With love,


I looked up, my eyes meeting her tear-stained ones. She gave me a sad smile, turned around, and left.

I collapsed to the ground, holding the letter close to me.

My happiness...gone.

(Timeskip #2)

Ever since that day, I became depressed and withdrawn from the world. Now that she was gone, I did not care weither I lived or died- I just wanted to see her again. I poured over her letters to me constantly, basking in the memories she and I had created in our short time together.

 One day, I was tucked away in a corner of the prison courtyard, reading one of her letters when I heard footsteps approach me. I looked up. It was the commander of the prison. He sneered at me.

"I see you are very attached to these letters." He said. He snatched it out of my hand. "Care to let me read it?"

"Give it back!" I shouted at him, but he gestured for two of his guards to hold me back. He scanned the page. As he did, his sneer was replaced by a livid expression.

In one swift movement, he tore up the letter. I watched as the scraps- one of the few things I have as a reminder of her, fall to the ground and get stomped on. I was outraged. How dare he do that- destroy my happiness just because he could!

"NO!" I screamed. Before I even knew what I was doing, I felt my fist connect with his face. We grappled for a few moments before the guards took hold of me.

"Gas him." The general said, getting up. The guards dragged my limp body towards the hunge crematorium-like building. There, along with hundreds of other prisonners, we were herded into a small room. The doors closed, and we were trapped in the dark for a moment before the gas started to leak in. As the prisonners all scrambled for the door, clawing and scratching at it, fighting for life, I huddled in the corner, accepting my fate. Now that she was gone, what was the reason for living? As my mind became foggy, and I felt my vision go black, a image of the girl, in her sun dress and hat, flash before my eyes.

I'm sorry.......

(Your POV)

It hurts. Everything hurts. I opened my eyes and tried to reach for the paper airplane next to my bedside. No such luck. My arms remained limp beside me. Panic raged in me as I realised one thing.

I am paralyzed.

I groaned. The door opened, and my father, the commander of the prison camp, came in.

"Hello, (y/n)." He whispered gently, kneeling beside me. I smiled.

"Hel...lo....d...a...d." I rasped. It was getting harder to breath by the moment. My head started to pound, and I felt my vision dim. In one last bit of futile hope, I tried to claw at the letter on my bedside. Nothing happened. My arms remained limp and useless. My father, seeing my plight, smiled and gently dropped the letter into my hand.

"Here you go, (y/n)." He whispered.

"Th....ank...y...ou." I said. Smiling, I closed my eyes for the last time.

Maybe in another life, Lei........

20 years later

A lone teenaged boy walked down the well-worn road, a paper airplane in hand. He had always liked paper airplanes ever since he was little- he didn't know why, but he had a queer obsession with it. He was still thinking about his obsession with paper airplanes when a gust of wind snatched the one he was holding out of his hand and carried it down the road.

"Hey!" He cried, running after it.

Meanwhile, not too far down the otherside of the road, a young girl was also walking along when the paper airplane hit the side of her head.

"Ow." She mumbled to herself. Then she picked up the paper airplane. "Hm, what's this....?"

At the same time, the boy caught up to where the girl was standing.

"Oh...hi." He said, flustered from his short sprint. The girl looked up.

"Oh, hello." She said, holding out the paper airplane. "Is this yours?"

"Oh...yes...thank you. So, you like paper airplanes too?" He said. The girl nodded eagerly.

"Yes. Ever since I was a little girl. I used to write messages on them to no one particular, and send them off to the world." She admitted.

"So did I!" The boy exclaimed. The girl blushed.

"I see." Then she held out the paper airplane. "I believe this is yours?" She asked.

The boy nodded.

"Yes, thank you."

As soon as his hand touched the paper airplane, memories flashed before their eyes. The prison...the letters...the hours they spent all came rushing back.

The boy looked up.

"(y/n)? Is that you?" He asked.

The girl looked up, her eyes glistening.

"Yes, Lei. It's me."
I don't own Hetalia.

Oh, and I don't own you either.
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Leon turned around, obviously annoyed by the girl beside him. [Name] [Last Name] was her name if he could recall it correctly. She was very loud, and enthusiastic. Also loved to make trouble, no more less.

“What?” He hissed in a more quieter tone. [Name] let out a soft grin. Even though Leon wouldn't admit it, the Cantonese boy loved the girl's shenanigans. Sometimes he would join with her. Keyword: sometimes. It would have been a hassle to get in trouble with her.

“Let's skip school!” The [h/c] female stated. Her [e/c] piercing eyes boomed with the glint of excitement. She could feel the exploit in her stomach. Even thinking of it, made her already fill with excitement.  

“A-Are you crazy?!” He said, shocked by her words. Lunch was almost over. Yet, he Leon still wanted to do her daring activities with her. No matter how much it caused him in trouble. He had to admit, he had fun. Every single one of them.

“Just this once! Please?” [Name] begged and begged.

Leon sighed.

He had no idea how he got friends with her.

Hell, he didn't even know why he loved her in the first place.

But it pointless, wasn't it?

“You don't need a reason to love something! As long as you feel happy, and feeling the butterflies flying around your stomach, there's no need to find a reason!” Leon recalled that moment when [Name] had said with booming confidence.

Leon smiled at that thought. True, [Name] wasn't the most.. serious type of person. But she was smart. She had confidence. And most importantly, she had courage. Those were the features that Leon had admired about her - the features that he loved about her.

“Why do you want to skip school?” He asked, munching on his food.

[Name] huffed. “College is coming fast.. I just wanted to cherish our memories. The times when acted like idiots. The times we felt freedom for the first time..” Her voice trailed off there as she let out a nervous laugh. “I probably sound stupid now, don't I?”

Leon shook his head, laughing with her. “Nope. Not at all,”

Without warning, Leon stood up and grabbed [Name]'s wrist.

She gasped as Leon had began dragging her around. “W-Where are we going?!” She squeaked, her breaths were heavy. Though, she tried to keep up with Leon's pace.

“We're skipping school, duh!”

Leon's reply made [Name]'s heart boom with delight immediately as a grin crept on her [s/c] face.

“You're the best Leon!”

Stay forever young with me. ♥
✿ because growing up is super lame ✿

happy 100th watchers!! also happy birthday lisa! i wrote a hong kong for u (also je t'aime uwu)

so yeah??

feedbacks and favorites are much appreciated i guess idk
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Collection by
                                                   Chapter 2

'I'm sorry, (Y/N) , but there is nothing I can do at the moment. You will just have to sleep in your own room for the night.' I cringed, and kept walking. Dumbledore’s words kept repeating in my head, and I knew I would forever regret what I was about to do, but it was the only option. Besides sleeping in the common room, but that was out, too.

Everything Gryffindor was out. And apparently, Slytherin was in.

I approached the Slytherin entrance, and frowned. I didn't want to do this. At all. But it was necessary to my survival; it was necessary to Crystal's survival. I know for a fact she doesn't want another mishap like the one that happened when we were 13. I reached up a fist and almost knocked on the wall, but decided that going to Snape was a much better idea. So, I walked to Snape's office and knocked on the door.

"Professor Snape? I have a favor to ask."

"Miss (L/N) ." He said my name like it was a curse, and looked up from his paperwork with a frown. "What is it you need at a time like this? You are supposed to be in your common room or in bed." I smiled slightly, trying to make the place a bit less... dreary.

"Well, I need to talk with Draco. If you don't mind, could you go get him for me please? It's very important." I emphasized the very, to express that I really needed to talk to him. "And no, it cannot wait until morning. I need to talk with him now." Snape got an irritated look on his face.

"Miss (L/N) , I'm sure that this can wait until morning, so if you'll excuse me, I need to get ba-"

"But it can't wait until morning, so could you please get him? We can talk in here, if it makes you feel better." Snape sighed.

"I'll get him, but you two must talk in here. Wait here, I'll be back." He stood up and walked out of the room. I looked around for a place to sit, but could only find a lonesome wooden chair, and it looked very uncomfortable. So I stood until Snape came back with Draco. I looked at him and motioned for him to come to me. He rolled his eyes and walked over.

"What do you need, (L/N) , that's so important it can't wait until morning?" He looked me over and smirked. "You look terrible-"

"Gee, thanks."

"-So I'm assuming you're here to take up my offer of sle-"

"Shut up. Don't say it, or I'll slap you again," I hissed at him. "I swear I will, right here in front of Snape." Draco smirked.

"That'll be interesting to see, Mudblood. But if you do slap me, I'm not going to let you sleep with me." He smiled. It wasn't a happy smile, it was a smug smile that made me want to slap him even more. I raised my hand, then lowered it.

"Damn you, Malfoy," I muttered, and pushed past him. "But after tonight, I will hurt you." Draco followed me.

"I'm sure you will," he stated sarcastically. "I saw the look on your face after you slapped me last time. Like it disgusted you that you slapped me." He smirked. "And I'm sure it did."

"I saw the look on your face after I slapped you. You looked ridiculous." I moved my bag to my other shoulder, and turned to Snape. "Thank you, I'm going to go now. See you tomorrow!" Snape didn't look up at me, he just continued to do his work. I rolled my eyes and walked out of the room. Draco followed behind me, chuckling slightly.

"(L/N) , let's hurry. I do want to sleep." I rolled my eyes again as Draco walked past me and headed towards the Slytherin Common Room. I followed right behind him, and stepped back slightly as he spoke the password. We walked into the common room silently. He broke the silence.

"Okay, Lioness, you have to be quite. My roommates are asleep, and I don't want them knowing you're here." I nodded.

"Don't worry, I'm not stupid. I know that the last thing a Slytherin would want in their common room and dorms is me, a Muggle born Gryffindor." Draco just rolled his eyes at me and walked towards the stairs that lead to the dorms. I lingered behind, not exactly wanting to go up into his dorm. "I think I'll sleep in the common room or something." Draco looked back at me and smirked.

"Scared of my dorm, (L/N) ? Or are you just scared to sleep with me?"

"Neither. I'm just not comfortable sleeping with a guy- any guy. It's not just you." Draco raised an eyebrow at me.

"Oh? Is that so? Are you saying that you're a virgin?"

"More than half the population of Hogwarts are virgins."

"Not really."

"So, are you not a virgin?" I questioned. He looked away from me, and I laughed. "You are a virgin, aren't you?"

"Well, you don't exactly get much privacy in a dorm room." I laughed again and he just shook his head. "You can't sleep here, (L/N) , someone would find you. You have to sleep in my room. I'll sleep on the floor, if I need to."

I smiled. "Wow, you're actually being kind of nice. Okay, you can take the floor. I claim your bed." Draco nodded and began to walk up the stairs. I followed behind him silently. He led me to a room and put a finger to his lips. I nodded and he quietly opened the door, motioning for me to walk in before him. I quietly made my way into his room, looking around at all the sleeping boys. It was weird for me, but I made my way to the only empty bed and sat on it.

"Malfoy, your blanket is so soft." I leaned back on it. "Can I have it? Or could you tell me where to get one like this?" Draco rolled his eyes at me.

"That's a strange thing to say, (L/N) ."

"Don't judge me. I'm a strange person." I gently placed my bag on the ground beside the bed, taking out my pajamas. "There'd better be a place I can change, because I am not sleeping in these gosh darn robes." Draco shook his head, as if to say there wasn't.

"We're all guys, we don't mind changing in front of each other." I sighed, shaking my head. Of course there was no place for me to change. I took off my robe, throwing it on top of my bag, took off my shoes and socks and placed them in front of my bag, then turned to Draco.

"Now I have to sleep in this damn skirt. Do you know how much I hate skirts, Malfoy? A lot!" Draco shushed me as one of the boys across the room stirred.

"Shut up, (L/N) , Blaise is a light sleeper," he whispered, and I mentally slapped myself for being so stupid. I had to be quiet, every guy in this room was asleep.

"Fine. Take the blanket and go to bed; I don't want to see your face anymore." I threw the blanket and one of his pillows off the bed at him, and he settled down in a spot on the ground. I got under his light blanket and sheets, placing my head on the remaining pillow that laid on his bed. I closed my eyes and tried to sleep. After a while, I heard Draco whisper, “Goodnight, (Y/N).” I just smiled and fell asleep.
Oh my gosh, I am SOOOO sorry it's taken me so long to add this! 
I know I said I would do it the day after, but I've been distracted and busy and working on the further chapters (I cannot for the life of me figure out what happens in Chapter 8!!!). 
Also, I've posted up to Chapter 7 on Quotev, so if you want to read it go on there and search it up and you should find it! My username is IzzyAwesome

BAACCKK TO THE STORY! So, yeah, I don't really know what to say besides sorry right now. Ummmm, this is a sequel to this?
Part One: Link
Part Two: You're Here! 
Part Three: Link
Part Four: Coming soon! 
Part Five: Coming soon! 
Part Six: Coming soon! 
Part Seven: Coming soon! 
Part Eight: Coming soon! 
Part Nine: Has to be written! 

Please, please, please comment? Comments boost my self-esteem and make me want to update more! 
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Alright, peace! Love you all! 
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(Y/n) looked at the ceiling like it was interesting or fun.

She sighed and sat up, looking at the open laptop.

The girl was so bored. It was like she had nothing to do, which she didn’t really have.

She sighed again and got up from her bed, going and sitting down at her chair.

She looked over to her ChumHandle.

Maybe she could go and visit someone.

She looked at every ChumHandle and grinned at a specific one.

That troll, her favorite HighBlood.

She could visit him, he was always barely ‘occupied’.

She just had to bring the special ‘thing’.

She giggled to herself and got up. She took her jacket and wore it, running downstairs. She went out, not before going to the kitchen and taking the special ‘thing’.


(Y/n) grinned and knocked on the front door.

Suddenly, someone opened the door.

(Y/n) smiled wide.

“Hey, Artie!”

Aurthoursprite smiled and nodded, floating aside so the female could pass.

(Y/n) slightly bowed and went in, closing the door behind her.

“So, how have you been, Artie?”

Aurthoursprite nodded as if saying ‘yes’. He then tilted his head as if asking her the same.

(Y/n) grinned and nodded, making the Sprite smile wider.

“So, is Equius busy?” (Y/n) asked, tilting her head.

Aurthoursprite shook his head as a ‘no’. He was just doing the normal…Making robots and fighting them, instantly destroying them.

(Y/n) nodded and went up. Aurthoursprite just staid downstairs.

As the girl slowly opened the door, she saw Equius making another robot and several others on the floor, destroyed.

(Y/n) grinned and went in quietly, Equius not noticing.

She went behind him and quickly placed her hands on his shoulders.


Equius gasped and flinched, making the robot leg he had on his hand fall to the floor.

The troll turned around just to see the familiar grinning face of (Y/n).

Equius sighed.

“Hello, (Y/n).”

(Y/n) giggled and let go of Equius, smiling wide at him.

“Hey, Eq.”

Equius slightly bowed and picked up the robotic leg, placing it in the table.

“Can I know the reason of your visit?” Equius asked.

(Y/n) grinned.

“I was bored and didn’t have anything to do.”

Equius angrily sighed.

“Well, I have things to do. So you can you please leave?”

(Y/n) frowned and huffed.

“But Equius! I brought you milk!”

Equius felt his face heat up a bit when you said milk.

But then he calmed down when he realized something.

“It’s the milk from the store, isn’t it?”

(Y/n) raised an eyebrow and grinned. She nodded.


Equius sighed and turned around facing her.

“And why do you think that I want it?”

(Y/n) slightly chuckled.

“Oh? You don’t want it? Ok, then. I’ll just give it to somebody else~…”

Equius grunted his teeth and sighed.

“…I want it…”

(Y/n) chuckled and nodded.

She gave him the bag with the milk.

“Then I’ll stay here~~”

-After the milk-

Equius sighed and placed the last empty bottle of milk on the kitchen table.

“Well?” (Y/n) started, making Equius look at her. “Was it good?”

Equius slowly nodded.

“However…” He started. (Y/n) watched as his face became a little blue. “I…would like another kind of milk.”

“Oh? What kind?”

Equius sighed.

“I heard from the Rose human that female humans have milk…And that it is awkwardly sweet.”

(Y/n) widened her eyes and her cheeks became pink.

She started laughing.

“Oh my God!!!”

“W-what? What’s so funny?”

(Y/n) slowly stooped laughing and removed a single tear falling from her eye.

“Just that-haha…Equius, girls only have milk when they’re pregnant.”

Equius rasied an eyebrow.

“Pregnant? What’s that? Are you pregnant?”

(Y/n) placed her hand on her mouth to try and control her laughter, but it didn’t work. She burst out laughing again.

“Oh God!!! You seriously need to study humans!!! And no, I’m not pregnant. Let me explain it to you…”

-After teaching Equius what he needed to know-

“…And that’s it.” (Y/n) finished.

Equius nodded and sighed.

“I see...Thank you for explain it to me.”

(Y/n) grinned and nodded. She looked to  her phone and saw the hours.

“Well, I guess I’m going.”

(Y/n) got up and turned around to leave, to be stooped of a hand on her shoulder.

“Wait, (Y/n)…” Equius started. (Y/n) turned her head and looked at him, raising an eyebrow.

“So…to make female human’s pregnant…you need to do…’it’?”

(Y/n) slowly nodded.

Equius cheeks were painted a little blue as he added:

“And…who would you do it with?”

(Y/n) widened her eyes.


Equius awkwardly coughed.

“’It’. Who would you do it with?”

(Y/n) rubbed the back of her neck.

“W-well…My flush crush…I guess…”

Equius widened his eyes in shock behind his cracked glasses. So you had someone you liked.

Equius frowned and his hold in (Y/n)’s shoulder became tighter.

“Who is your flush crush?”

(Y/n) frowned and looked down.

“W-well…it is a troll…”

Equius hold became even tighter now. Could it be that (Y/n) liked Karkat? She spent a lot of time with him…Or maybe even Sollux.

“Who is it?” Equius asked, rage showing in his voice.

(Y/n) gulped.

“…He’s…holding my shoulder right now…”

Equius raised an eyebrow but when he realized who it was, his hand fell of (Y/n)’s shoulder and his face was painted blue.

“…See? That was why I didn’t want to say it…” (Y/n) quietly said. “I’ll…be going now.”

(Y/n) turned to leave, but when  she was about to go to the front door, she felt her body being lifted and carried upstairs.

She looked to the face of the person and it was Equius.


Equius didn’t say anything, simply carried her to his bedroom.

When they were already there, he placed (Y/n) in his worktable, after taking the robot parts and whatnot off the table.

(Y/n) looked to Equius and felt her face heat up.

“I-I…” She stuttered.

Equius sighed and took his cracked glasses off, throwing them somewhere nearby.

“I presume what you said it’s true?” Equius asked.

(Y/n) gulped and looked to her lap, slowly nodding.

Equius grinned a bit.

“That’s good, then…At least I’m not the only of feeling it.”

(Y/n)’s eyes widened and she looked to him. She opened her mouth to say something before being brought to a sudden, yet gentle kiss.

She gladly accepted and kissed back.

When they broke the kiss, Equius grinned wide.

“Well, then if you don’t mind…

…I’ll be making you pregnant so that I can taste your milk and have someone extra in here…”

Let’s just say that 9 months later, Equius had what he wanted and something extra.

He had the person he loved the most, the milk he wanted…

And a little human skinned kid with horns.

...Equius. He's so OCC or whatever in this...I'M SO SORRY ABOUT THAT!!!
Well, this was a request too~~!!! Another done, yay~~!

This was requested by :iconbombdaboys: , if I'm not mistaken.

Hope you like it~~! And sorry about the OCC Equius...

If anyone wants to request anything, go ahead!

I don't own Homestuck and its characters. I don't own you nor the image(found it on Google)
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~More than Friends~
Sequel to Friends

Karkat watched you walk into the cafeteria with Jake. He sighed softly and headed towards the library. You’d transferred to Skaia High about two months ago and had managed to mostly break out of your shell. Unfortunately, Karkat hadn’t been so lucky.

He was pretty much doomed to be the school freak for the rest of his life. It was just how he was. Maybe it was his looks or the fact that he was there on scholarship, but there were few people who even cared about him at all.

You were one of those people, but lately you’d been hanging out with Jake more and more. Karkat couldn’t really blame you; after all, the guy was one of the most popular boys in school. It was no wonder you were in love with him.

He growled and kicked a chair. The library was empty for lunch like normal, so no one was around to witness Karkat’s breakdown.

Truthfully, he had fallen in love with you the moment he had seen you in the library. You had been the first person to actually help him instead of ignore him. He could still remember the kindness in your eyes that first day…

He sighed and slumped into a chair. Why should he even care anymore? It was obvious you’d never like him the way he liked you. Maybe he should just give up this stupid crush…

The sound of the doors opening made him glance up. John and Dave were standing in the doorway, looking concerned. Well, John looked concerned, Dave just looked like Dave.

Karkat groaned and slammed his head onto the table. He didn’t feel like dealing with his annoying friends right now. John pulled up a chair next to him.

“Hey, we were looking for you! {Name} was worried when you didn’t show up for lunch.” The bespectacled boy chirped.

Karkat snorted. Ever since he befriended you, he had been dragged to sit with you and your friends during lunch. It made his heart flutter a little to think that you were worried.

“How’d she even notice with her eyes fucking glued onto that English kid?” he muttered.

Dave and John shared a glance. They knew about Karkat’s moody bouts, but this was a new level of moody. Dave leaned across the table and smacked Karkat upside the head. Karkat hissed and drew back, eyes wide with a mixture of confusion and anger.

John sputtered and turned to Dave, silently demanding an explanation. Dave shrugged a bit and adjusted his shades.

“Dude, it’s obvious you have a thing for {Name}. Sulking in the library isn’t going to do you any good though, so you’d better get your ass in gear and ask her out before it’s too late.” Dave growled.

Karkat bowed his head in defeat and sighed. “It’s already too fucking late. Have you seen how she looks at English? She’d never go for a freak like me.” He mumbled.

John patted his back comfortingly. “Don’t say that! {Name} cares about you a lot; you just need to ask her! I mean, what’s the worst that could happen?” he asked.

Dave shook his head. “Trust me Egderp, that’s the last thing he needs to think about.” He said. He turned to Karkat with a smirk. “So let’s make a plan that’ll win Karkat the girl.”


You watched Jake ask Jane to the Winter Formal with a sigh. Jade shot you a sympathetic glance from across the table. Rose didn’t even look up from the book she was reading.

“Hey {Name}, I’m really sorry.” Jade apologized.

You forced a smile and waved her apology away. “Heh, it’s fine. They’re a cute couple. Besides, I knew he wasn’t into me like that. After all, his little sister’s my best friend; that probably automatically makes me off limits.” You joked half-heartedly.

Rose glanced at you over her novel. “Honestly, I can’t understand why you were so fascinated with that boy. You have a perfectly good boy friend candidate within our own group, so your wandering eye is merely straining possible future relations with the boy.” She stated.

You and Jade both blinked at Rose, confused. “Who?” you and Jade asked simultaneously.

Rose sighed and set down her book. “If I have to tell you, then perhaps it is not meant to be. Pity, I know of a few people who will be disappointed with this turn of events.” She said.

You sat quietly for a moment, pondering Rose’s advice. You couldn’t ignore the fact that she was actually actively shipping you with one of your best friends. It kind of freaked you out. You had never pegged her for a shipper.

Jade looked just as confused as you, though she seemed happier about it. Maybe she was relieved you’d have someone to distract you from your failed Jake relationship? You snorted at the thought. You didn’t even like any of your male friends like that… did you?

You bit your lip thoughtfully. Dave was kinda cute, but you were pretty sure Jade had a thing for him. John was kind of like your goofy brother. Besides, he had a thing for Rose. Too bad she either didn’t notice or didn’t care. So that left you with… Karkat.

“Hey, where are the boys anyway? They went looking for Karkat twenty minutes ago. Lunch’ll be over by the time they come back.” You fretted.

Rose shrugged and went back to her novel, but Jade scanned the cafeteria nervously. “I don’t know, they should have shown up by now. I know the school’s big, but it’s not that big…” she muttered.

You frowned and stood up. “I’ll just go check the library. Karkat goes there a lot to think; maybe he’s just talking to the others there.” You said.

You darted out of the cafeteria before your friends could protest. Rose’s words were still churning about in your head, and you couldn’t help but wonder if she was right. Did one of the boy’s actually like you?

You shook your head in an effort to stop the blush that was threatening to take over your face. No way. Not in a million years would one of the guys like you. That would be weird. They were like brothers to you!

Reassured, you stepped into the library. You blinked in shock at the sight in front of you. John was currently prying at the edges of Karkat’s mouth in an attempt to make him smile. Karkat was trying to break free of the derpy boy and was muttering a string of colorful curses under his breath. Meanwhile, Dave was flipping through a book and holding Karkat down with one hand to prevent the albino’s escape.

What the hell had you walked in on?

“Uh, guys? Lunch is already half over… were you ever coming back?” you asked slowly.

Three pairs of eyes turned to you and the boys quickly disengaged, looking sheepish. Dave smirked a bit and grabbed John’s wrist.

“Yeah, we were just going. Karkat was looking for a book though, so we thought we’d help. Guess it’s your turn while we stuff our faces. Later.” He said, before literally dragging his dark haired companion away.

You raised an eyebrow, but shrugged off their weird behavior. They were weird people after all. Karkat was glaring at you sulkily, cheeks red from the strain John had put on them.

“What the fuck are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be with English or something?” he hissed.

Tears pricked at the corners of your eyes, but you forced them back. It was just a stupid crush, don’t get so worked up over it! you scolded yourself.

“Can’t I be worried about my friend?” you asked innocently.

He snorted and turned away. “Well, don’t worry about me. I’m fucking fantastic. Just go back to your boyfriend, he’s probably missing you.” He snapped.

You were used to Karkat’s harsh words, but after losing Jake his barbs hit harder than normal. You felt tears stream down your face and a wave of anger consumed your thoughts.

“He’s not my boyfriend. He’s got someone else… someone prettier and less stupid than me. S-sorry for bothering you, I’ll leave now.” You whispered. You raced out of the library before Karkat could process what you said.

You ended up in the back courtyard. Few people ever used it or even knew about it, though you had found yourself hiding here multiple times over the few weeks you had been in Skaia High. Something about the place just seemed… safe.

You curled into the fetal position under a tree and hiccupped. Tears still streamed down your face, but your anger had faded. You just felt defeated now. Rose was wrong, no one was in love with you. If anything, Karkat hated you now.

The sound of pounding footsteps made you look up. Karkat was running towards you, his face a mixture of guilt and worry. He skidded to a halt in front of you, before dropping to his knees and pulling you into a hug.

“Fuck, I’m sorry. I don’t know what’s going on, but don’t cry. Go ahead and yell at me for being a jerk or something, just don’t cry.” He murmured. He wasn’t used to making people cry – unless it was from him breaking their nose or something. It broke his heart to see someone he cared about like this.

You buried your face in his chest and sobbed. Between the sobs, you explained about Jake and Jane. He stroked your hair comfortingly and sighed.

“I knew he wasn’t worth it.” He said.

You sniffled and loosened your grip. “I should have asked him out sooner… then maybe I would have had a chance. Then again, who’d want to date stupid, plain old me?” you muttered.

Karkat’s heart lurched and he forced you to look at him. His furious expression made you wince, but he didn’t let you look away.

“You’re so fucking wrong about everything! You’re one of the smartest people in this whole fucking school, even though you came in late. You’re the most drop dead gorgeous girl that ever graced the halls with her presence. You are anything but plain and there are hordes of guys that would kill to be able to call you theirs!” he growled.

His expression softened and he rested his forehead against yours. “So what if one fuckass doesn’t realize what he’s missing? It’s his loss. Besides… can’t it be enough… that I love you?” he whispered, face flushing a bright red.

Your eyes widened in shock. Karkat had just confessed to you. Your mind went blank and you stared at him silently. Taking your silence as a rejection Karkat sighed and looked away.

“It’s fine if you don’t feel the same way. I mean, I’m a fucking pathetic freak. I can’t do anything right and just fuck up anything I try to do. Like this whole confession thing. I manage to fuck that over so hard you probably hate me now.” He rambled. He sounded bitterly disappointed.

Your heart ached at his words and you took his face in your shaking hands, forcing him to look at you once more. A few tears slipped from his blood red eyes. You brushed these away gently, before hesitantly brushing your lips against his. His eyes widened and he stared down at you, uncertainty clouding his expression.

“{N-Name}?” he asked.

You blushed and buried your face in his chest. “I l-love you too… is that ok?” you asked.

Karkat’s expression turned to wonder and he hugged you tightly. “It’s more than ok.” He whispered, before pulling you into another kiss.
I got a lot of positive feedback on Friends, so I decided to write a sequel. I'm not sure about the ending, but my creativity is kinda faltering right now. I might change it later. Hm.

Friends: ascendingdecendant.deviantart.…

This story is dedicated to :iconimmakittymeowpurr:  I hope she likes it and it makes her smile.

Homestuck + :iconkarkatvantasplz: (c) :iconlikeahussplz:
Plotbunny (c) :iconascendingdecendant:
You (c) :iconpervykarkatplz:
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Remaining silent, you sit there. Of course you could hear him...but that didn’t mean you would answer. You’re not exactly in the mood to talk.


You’ve lived on Alternia for 2 sweeps now. Rooming with your as of lately, new matesprit, Sollux Captor. You love him, but GOG can he piss you off. Like right now...

“Sollux would you PLEATHE get off your damn computer for a minute?!”

“Not now [Name] I thtill have to finithh thith one code”

"And when exactly will it be done?! You've been on that thing nonstop for 3 days!" Pinching the bridge of his nose he glares at you.

“[Name] we've been together for what? 2 months? Get uthe to it, it'th what I fucking do!”

“You didn't do it before! Maybe an all nighter here and there but not 72 hours straight!” Giving you nothing but an irritated sigh you continue. But this time not angry but sad.

“Don't you get how lonely it makes me feel to be ignored all the time?”
Shoving out of his computer chair he quickly makes his way, standing over you.

“Are you theriously going to trying to fucking guilt trip me [Name]?!” Shrinking down you look up to his angered expression. The mustard blood turns away balling his fists.  

“Gog, if you don't like it then why don't you just go home already?!” Your eyes widen, an ice cold feeling spreading throughout your body.

Taking a deep breath he strides down the hall to his room, slamming the door, leaving you there. Your heart feeling like it was slowly breaking, you bite your lip, making split second decision.
Running out of his hive you slam the door,  not knowing exactly where you were going. You didn't care, as long as you didn't have to see him.


After shutting my door I flopped onto my bed. (I got one a little after the game ended ‘cause the humans were talking about how great they were.) Sighing I stared at my ceiling. Gog she really knew how to make me feel like shit...Thinking back to what she said... made my stomach feel like a knot.

“Why do I alwayth fuck up with the people I care about the motht?.” Burying my head into the soft pillows around me, I mope.
The sudden slamming of a door makes me jump, quickly sitting up. ‘Did she...really leave?’ Throwing myself onto my feet I run out of my room.

“[Name]?” Silence. Running to her room I knock on the door. No answer. Just silence.

“Fuck!” Throwing open the front door I see a glimpse of her running into the forest.



Collapsing to the ground you throw your back against a tree. Squeezing your eyes shut and locking your arms around your knees you pray he won’t find you.
Not long begin to hear the sound of crumpling leaves and snapping twigs gradually getting closer. Tightening your hold, you wait. The sound slowly getting closer and closer until...
it stops.
Did he find you? You hear a deep sigh escaping from the other side of the tree. Shortly followed by a rather loud ‘THUMP’. You’re heart nearly stops. He searched this long for you, to stop feet away...

“I’m thorry...[Name]. Pleathe...jutht come back...” Your chest tightens to the sound of his pained voice. ‘Sollux...’

“Heh...who am I kidding?” His voice cracks as you drink in his words.

“I wouldn’t come back either...” Tears welling in your eyes you pull yourself forward. On all fours, you slowly make your way around the base of the tree. Moving closer you see the bicolored eyes of your matesprit,filled with yellow tinted tears. Your eyes traveling down, his clothes; covered in dirt, hands scraped and bleeding. The pain in your heart draining and filling with guilt. Scooting closer, you reach out for his hand.

“Sollux?” His head shooting up, his eyes widen.

“[Name]” moving closer you rest beside him.

“I-I’m sorry I ran o-” before finishing he pulls you into a tight hug.

“I’m thorry, I’m thorry, I’m tho thorry. Pleathe...don’t leave.” Gripping the back of his shirt, you nuzzle into his shoulder. The sweet scent of honey making you smile.

“I won’t”

“Promith?” Laughing slightly you pull away

“I promise”
For :iconspiritcreator:
You were the one who requested this right? @A@ I'm sorry! It was so long ago, and I had to re type everything!
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hetalia omg
Collection by
Happy HongIce day~ ;v; (It's actually June 24th but I'm posting early to run errands.) And to Thailand's birthday for whom I will try to finish up his gift. 

The lines are a bit janky because I drew them way back when on a bus during my long study school nights. (Yeah, this is old.) I think I worked like 12+ hours not even including the linework because I gave up on my tablet. Also I am sick. >.<

Disclaimer: They both have the cold hands for each other. 
Hetalia belongs to Himaruya Hidekazu.
This comic belongs to me, GydroZMaa.
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The end of the world has come, be it through nuclear fallout, zombie virus outbreak, or angry hamsters. Who will make it out of this deranged cast of crew members and quirks? You can decide (randomly)!

Instructions: To use this generator, just click and drag the flashing panels across the screen to see which character you get. Or if you're on a mobile device, you can take a screenshot. 

I added the micronations, too!

Feel free to comment and tell me what you get! This is a colorful one!

Hetalia belongs to Himaruya Hidekazu.
Scotland is based on an OC design by Repoko.
Character font by Gasara.
This generator was made by me, GydroZMaa.
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thanks everyfriends of mine
OK~~let's go on the game^^
this is Wang Yao's brother HongKong

the next will be...Prussia or...Austria perhaps









Lithuania & Poland:[link]









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Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity, sexual themes, violence/gore and strong language)
The awful stench filled your nostrils as you tried to escape the prison cell. The stench of death and torture made you swagger but you didn't lose your speed. You had the opportunity to flee and you took it.

Shouts coming from your back warned you of the closeness the guards had on you, and you prayed, to whatever god there was, to let you out alive. Your burned legs ran, brushing one on other causing the redness on your flesh worsen.

Your fellow inmates screamed profanities at your escape, if you were caught you would have to deal with them to.

But you could almost see the sun light. Only a few more steps.

Your feet skidded on the ground as you turned harshly into a corridor. This corridor led to the torture room, as you were too familiar with it. But this is were you wanted to come. This was your destination.

And after this was freedom.

Your barefoot stomped on the floor echoed in the halls and you could almost see the door. The damned door.

You looked once more behind and let out a smirk. The guards were on complete frenzy as a dangerous assassin ran like a madman through the walls of a well-protected prison.

Oh, how joyful life was. Until ten years ago, when you were only a young adult you never thought you would be in this place, incarcerated like some kind of animal, you were not.


Ten years in this so-called prison- to you it felt more like a chamber of torture- taught you survival and sharp senses. After all, all the dangerous criminals were in here, and they always tried to have something with you.
You mentor, Sadık Adnan, a terrorist that had taught you how to fight to kill quietly and discretely, and protected you from the miserable life of this prison.

And all that for one thing: Revenge.

You would have your revenge on the man that put you on this hell-hole. You would finish him, like he finished you.

But that was guarded for later, as for now, you would have to get out. After paying a lot of money to a guard, Adnan had discovered the blueprint and the weakness of this almost- bunker that was located in- oh the irony- the torture room. The room you had spent all this ten years suffering for your insolence and attempts of escape.

But today you would escape. And you would kill the son-of-a-bitch that put you in. Oh sweet revenge.

You throwed the door opened and quickly closed it behind you. The loud pounding started to filled the air as you had blocked the door with a chair. It gave you the time you needed. And you got to work.

After two long minutes you had what you need: a small knife, the exact one they used on you, a lamp to guide you through the vents and a small handgun you had stolen from the guard you had knocked out.

Before you slip inside the vent you opened the other door, so to fool the guards. Your thin and frail body entered the vent as you closed it again, and you headed towards the exit.

It had been three months after you escape and you were hiding in Adnan's old apartment that he had borrowed to you. It had been emptied out, probably by the police, for his terrorist plan. So you were alone for the moment.

The news of your escape had put the city on alert, as your face was on every poster. You had to act very quietly and sneakily.

But that was you had been doing for ten whole years.

Pictures filled the house and a small laptop, given by Adnan's friend, rested on the small coffee table. On it, the profile of the man you had been stalking was open.

Roderich Edelstein: The man that had killed your older self; the man that had destroyed you, used you and abused you.

Today you were a different person. Today you were no longer that child-like girl that believed in love.

Because that was the reason you had turned out this way.

You and Roderich had been classmates since you were three years old. You had always seen the man as a friend and then, someday you came to realize it was love. You and Roderich dated for three years, before you went to prison. The man had taken you out for dinner. As you were approaching his house you had seen the lights on- you had figured Roddy was playing the piano.

How wrong you were.

The moment you entered the house you knew something was wrong. The house was dead silent, and you could smell a horrible stench, not knowing what it was. You directed yourself to the kitchen only to be surprised. On the marble floor laid a woman about the same age as you, with brown hair and green opaque eyes. But what shocked you was her body: her twisted legs and arms- like she had fallen from stairs. But you knew Roddy's apartment didn't have stairs. Her entrails were all messed up on the floor, staining the beautiful marble white floor red. The once, too, white walls were splattered with red.

This scene was something that could have been removed from a horror movie.

''___?'' A voice startled you as you let out a shriek.

Behind you Roddy was glaring at you, face all covered with red, as you came to a horrible realization: Roddy was the man behind the murders that had been happening in the city.
Your eyes must have showed your thought's because Roderich charged at you and knock you out. You didn't have time to defend yourself, and you fell onto deep sleep.

When you woke up, you were in your cell, and after that everything came trampling down.

Roddy had testified against you, saying that all the women that you had 'killed' simply had looked at him and as you, were a bit possessive of him, you had murdered them. Roderich had planted in your house the weapons and objects he had taken out of the victims.

You had 'killed' fourteen women, by jealousy, and were incarcerated in the Special Prison for dangerous criminals, for life. And Roderich had stayed out.

Doing god knows what.  

For these three months you had spent out of Hell, you had collected very valuable information: Roderich still lived in the city, and still killed women, although much more discreet now- he had only killed prostitutes as they did not belong anywhere.

You had been working with Adnan's friend Emil Steilsson, an Icelandic hacker and thief that was assisting you.

You had to admit you had a soft-spot for the Icelandic man. But only to yourself. After all what happened with Roderich, you had lost trust in everyone- except Sadık as he had gained your trust in prison when he saved you. As Emil was a close friend with the Turk, so you decided to give him a chance.

The boy had exceeded your expectations. He had a somewhat troubled personality, as he would be always asking for a fight with you. You were always messing with the hot-blooded young man always making him pissed at you. But he was always available to do everything. To the smallest favor, like when you asked him to go to the grocery store to pick up some hair-paint, or to hack into Roderich's account.

And that's what you were doing right now.
''Hey Ice?''


''Do you think you can get in?'' A smirk graced your features as you could almost see a vein popping out of the platinum boy's forehead- you could never doubt his work. That was what got him royally pissed.

And boy you loved to do just that.

''Of course I can. Why are you doubting me now?''

''Weeeell, excuse me if I don't want to make a brat go to jail. Sorry for worrying about you.''

''Who the hell are you calling a brat, old woman?''

Now that pissed you off.

''You. BRAT.'' You said looking into his purple eyes '' Don't forget I'm only 30. You're only four years younger.''

''You make me so mad.'' he says turning his attention back to the computer. You saw, to your delight, he was wearing a small blush ''Y-you don't have to worry about me... I can take care of myself an-''

''I never said you didn't, did I?''

The younger male looked at you with surprised eyes. He wasn't expecting you to back out so early from a fight. You sighed and moved closer to him to look at the screen of his computer, making his blush intensify.

''Ahh~ This crap isn't moving at all. I swear I can't understand shit of it. Hey Ic-'' Your face was inches from the male's as you, yourself, started to blush. You had never been this close to someone in ten years, and so you were a bit rusty in socialization.

''Hum—hum.. ___, we-we sh-'' You peck him in the lips and it didn't take much longer for the Icelandic to retribute the kiss. His hands sneaked around your head deepening the kiss. You had melted into it, your hands taking place in his head, twirling between your finger locks of his platinum hair. Your other hand cupped his cheek, as you explore the interior of his mouth. The younger man didn't fought for dominance, he knew he couldn't beat you in that fight- even if he didn't like that at all.

Your hand descended slowly to his shirt, unbuttoning it one by one, as you felt his cold skin under your fingertips. Your primed nails scratched his chest, tracing the muscles under them. His right hand started to descend as well but you grabbed it instantly. Your e/c orbs opened and you stared at the man.

Pushing him down, on his back, you started to relieve him from his shirt, ripping it open. It fell on his sides, while you watched content the form of the boy's body. He was perfect in every level- he didn't work out much and was always staring at the bloody contraption of a computer. You would have figured out he had a baby fat or even a full grown man's fat. But no. Emil was perfect in every sense.

''Are you sure you want to do this, Emil?'' You said to him while you dispose of your shirt.

''Y-yes. And don't call me that!'' He answered you while his hands start to roam your body. You grabbed them once more and quickly pulled him up, so your mouth could be near his ear and you whispered slowly to him, your hot breath prickling it.

''Don't ever betray me. Or I'll kill you''

''Y-yes. ___?''

''Yes, Emil?''

''Don't call me that. And is it wrong to be really excited right now?''

You smirked and grabbed his member through his pants.

''Don't worry. We'll take care of it right now.''
You and Emil were in a relationship since then. You had discovered a new wild side of the normally sexed-shy man. And boy, did you love it!  

You stood outside Roderich's house as you smoked a cigarette. Emil was on the other side of the earpiece, giving you his recommendations as you heard and ignored them.

''Emil. Don't worry. I will be ok.'' You said as you tried to calm down the man. ''I'm going in now.''

''Don't call me that ____.'' he sighed. He could feel his patience getting smaller with you always tormenting him.  ''Good luck. I love you.''

You smiled. You had missed that word. And Emil had made you realize you missed the action too.

''Love y'a too Emil.'' He was going to start protesting but you quickly removed your earpiece. Even if Emil had told you, you would never could turn it off, you did it anyway. You believed it was best for him not to hear the bloody and gory sounds you would inflict on the brown-haired man.

Oh, yes. He would squeal like a fucking pig.

You easily broke in Roderich's house. The man was sitting on his 'throne' as you used to call the red chair. He was looking at the door silently with a frown on his face.

''Good evening ___.'' he said raising his glass

''Hello'' You said nodding.

''You're here to kill me, I suppose?''

You sighed and rolled your eyes. This man had the confidence of a fucking lion.

''Yes. Man, you look like shit Roddy.''

''It's nice to see you too dear.'' He placed the wine glass on the table and got up. ''So how you want to do this?''

You smirk. He was, once again underestimating you. But he was in for a big surprise.

''Let's do it quick and clean.'' You said raising your knife to breast-level ''I have a lovely boy waiting for me at home.''

Roderich had the confidence of a lion but the skill of a fly. You easily knocked him on his back and knife on his throat.

'It's not surprising actually. If you think about it, this man probably used his charm to attract the girls.'

''You know what Roddy?'' He stopped struggling and directed to you his full attention '' I wanted to kill you real slowly, despite what I just said to you. I wanted to see fear in your eyes, to make you pay for what you did to me. But now I just don't know.''

''What do you mean?''

''You love the thought of being in my head, tormenting me and killing me from the inside don't you? I even bet you would get off thinking that I was killing you over and over in my head, back in prison right? Because you had the attention you wanted. But guess what? Since I've met him he's the only thing in my mind, I dare say, I even forget about you. He fills me up psychologically and physically, if you get my drift'' His growl made you want to smirk but you controlled yourself and continued '' I'll tell you what I'm going to do right now:'' You kicked him in the middle of his legs making him squeal and you put your foot on his chest. ''I'm going to kill you quickly, I'm going to go back to him and forget about you.''

You quickly pierced his heart. He attempted to scream but you put a cloth on his mouth. You kissed his mole and smiled.

''Thank you Roddy. If you didn't set me up I would never had met Emil.''

His blood filled the carpet, turning it red. You stood up, grabbed your knife and cloth and cleaned the spot you just had kissed. You couldn't afford going back in. His, now corpse, stood still, with his eyes opened while looking at you. You smile sadly and left.
Emil was pacing in the house. He had warned you over and over again that you shouldn't turn off the freaking earpiece, but did you listened to him?

''Oh no, I'm ____ the know-it all old lady.''

''Who the hell are you calling an old lady, brat? I told you already, you're only four years younger than me, not that much of a difference.''


You smiled at the confused men. His lavender eyes alternate between your form and the computer.

''Where is the earpierce?''

''Really Emil? I'm back from killing someone and the first thing you ask me is about you fucking toy?''

''Are you ok?''


''Great.'' He grabbed your hips with his arms, his hands landing on your bum, as he gave you a squeeze ''Now were is my earpiece?''

You sighed and retrieved it from your pocket. ''Here.'' You turn your back to the bedroom leaving Emil behind with his toys ''So childish, Emil.'' You murmured

''I heard that ___. And I already told you not to call me that.''

You were a happy old-lady now.
So here it is. A ReaderxIceland fic. I have to say, I almost mad a Lemon out of this. 
Seriously, when reader and Ice were getting naughty I almost slipped. 

La la la la 

*that's what you get from listening to NIN and writing fics. You're bound to have some sexual thingies involved.*I think I've fainted. 
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Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)

(Sorry for the long beginning. If you want to get to the good stuff, just look for the *u* on the left hand side.)

Movie Night P2

You had let Iceland into your house to warm up. He had walked you home and it was pretty cold outside. Right now you were trying to convince the man to spend the night at your house.

"Come on Ice! It's like, one in the morning. And they're drunk! They're not going to know you were gone, so just stay here tonight." Iceland crossed his arms and gave a sigh.

"Fine, I'll stay. I'll sleep on the couch."

"Nonsense! You're my boyfriend now, so you can sleep in my bed with me!" You grabbed his hand and pulled him to your bedroom, turning off lights as you went along.

Iceland put up a struggle. "(Name), I've been your boyfriend for under two hours! I'm not going to sleep in the same bed as you!"

When you were at your bedroom door, you turned to look at him. "Ice, I've known you for years. It's not like you're some stranger who I don't even know. It's not that big of a deal." You walked into your room and went over to your dresser. You pulled out an old baggy t-shirt and a pair of flannel pants. You turned to see Iceland sitting on the edge of your bed.

"Glad you cared to join. I'll be right back." You went into your bathroom to change, leaving Iceland to sit alone in your room.

When you came out in your pajamas, you turned off the light and sat on the other side of the bed as Iceland. "Good night Ice. Sweet dreams~." You let your eyelids fall shut, and you were out within three minutes.

Iceland laid awake for some time, staring up at the ceiling. All he could think about was you and him in the same bed. His mind began to wonder off into a dirty zone. He kicked himself, and said not to think like that while you were around. But his mind kept going back, thinking of you and him.

Iceland turned so that he was facing you. He gave a small smile as you began to talk in your sleep. "Iceland…"

Iceland blushed at the thought of you dreaming about him. He didn't expect the next thing you said.

"Iceland, harder…" Were…were you thinking the same stuff as him?

Deciding not to take the torture, Ice kissed you on the lips. You kissed back, not really knowing what was going on. You began to slowly wake up. When you were fully awake, you pulled away to ask Iceland what he as doing. Just by the look on your face, he knew what you were going to say.

"You were dreaming about us having…" Iceland blushed, unable to say the word. You blushed too, extremely embarrassed.

"I'm so sorry Ice! I-I didn't mean to!"  Iceland kissed you again, trying to tell you not to worry.

"It's okay. I just wanted to see if….you wanted that dream to be true." Iceland was so red now. You didn't even know it was physically possible for a face to get that red.

You nodded your head and pulled Iceland into a kiss. It was much more passionate then before.

You began to smile when Iceland got on top of your, straddling you hips. Your arms wrapped around his neck, pulling him closer to you. Iceland shyly asked licked your bottom lip, asking for entrance. You granted him it, but did not go down without a fight.

Your tongues fought for a good amount of time until Iceland won. He searched his new area, exploring every inch. You both pulled back gasping for air.

Not wanting to stop kissing, Iceland attacked your neck. His hands also found their way down to the bottom of your shirt. As he pulled up your shirt, reliving your (s/c) stomach to him. Iceland gave a small smile, running his fingers across your stomach, making you shiver.

Iceland moved from your neck to you collarbone, looking for your soft spot. You let out a quiet moan when he found it. He began to nibble and suck on the spot, before he bit down harder, making you moan again, this time a little louder.

Just as he hands began to work down towards your pants, his phone rang. Iceland glanced at it and looked back at you.

"Just forget about it." You flipped him over and straddled his lap. Pealing off his shirt, you ran you hands over his chest. Sure, he wasn't the most built up guy, but he had just enough muscle to make you happy. "Ice, you're perf-."

You were cut off by Iceland's phone again. He sighed. "It may be important."

Iceland reached over and looked at the caller ID. Denmark.

"Just like him to ruin a perfect time." Iceland turned his phone off and put it back.

You gave him a grunt in agreement as you kissed him down his neck, leaving little love bites as you went along.  Over his chest and stomach you went, stopping just below his navel. You kissed right along his jeans, earning a groan from the man.

"(Name), please." You could feel his erection trying to escape from his pants. You figured his pants must have been pretty uncomfortable, so you unzipped them and pulled them off.

You giggled when you saw his boxers that had the Icelandic flag on them. Iceland began to blush, thinking you were laughing at his body. You noticed and kissed his lips.

"I told you Ice, you're perfect."  You stroked his member threw his boxers and he gasped.

Iceland flipped you over, desperately trying to get you fully undressed. He didn't know how much long he could last without you. When your pants were off, Iceland smiled at how wet you were.

Iceland unhooked your bra and tossed it across the room. His mouth latched to one of your nipples, making you moan in pleasure. While his tongue played with your nipple, his hand massaged your other breast. He then planted a trail of kissed to your other breast, performing the same action.

Iceland kissed his was down you stomach, stopping at your panties. He hooked one finger under and began to slowly pull them off. He tossed the wet material on the floor and looked at you naked body.

Iceland slid off his boxers and positioned himself at your entrance. He looked at you to make sure that this is what you wanted, and you nodded.

Iceland slammed himself into you, making you gasp. He was much larger than you expected. Before he gave you a chance to adjust, Iceland began to move in and out of you. You moaned in pleasure, loving the feeling he was giving you.

His pace quickly became too slow for your liking. "Iceland, please go faster." He fallowed you command.

Soon, the trusts were hard and fast, making you moan. "Iceland! Wh-Ah!" you were unable to even form a simple sentence you were in so much pleasure.

Suddenly Iceland pulled out. Before you could complain, you were flipped over onto your hands and knees so Iceland could enter you from behind. He slammed in and picked up the pace right where he left off.

The headboard began to hit the wall, creating a loud noise, but you paid no attention. You were busy focusing on the coil that was tightening in your lower stomach.

"Ice! I-I'm gonna-! AH! ICELAND!" Your orgasm rocked through you, sending you into pure ecstasy.  Iceland groaned as your walls tightened around him.

"Mmh! (Name)!" After a couple of thrusts, Iceland came screaming your name as well. He moved his hips, riding out his orgasm as much as he could before pulling out.

He laid next to you, gasping for air. You began to laugh.

"What's so funny?" He asked between gasps.

"You didn't want to share a bed."

"Shut up." Iceland brought you into another kiss. Things only escalated from there.
One new voice mail: Hey Ice! Just wanted to know if you have her screamin' yet! Call us when you done and let us know!

Here's Iceland. Once again, I am sorry about the intro. Sometimes you just don't want to mess with it wand just get down to the good stuff, but I wanted to keep it. At least i gave you a thing to go by so you can just scroll through when your re-reading (I know you will be >w< ) And where's Mr. Puffin? beats me, just not with Iceland.

Sorry for any spelling errors or any other things you see. If you see anything, I'll fix it, so just let me know, okay?

Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya
You belong to yourself
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Collection by
<3 Very well! Sasuko it is! I hope it's agreeable!

Anybody want another ref~? If so, who, and what would you like to see on there? =3

As always, faves and comments are VERY much appreciated!

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Standing Alone- Sasuke x Reader

Sasuke was now alone; completely. After he had ditched Suigetsu and Jugo in the Iron land, and then leaving Karin for dead, he was now alone. No team to cover his back, no friends to count on; nothing.

And that suited him just fine. No team, no friends? Well that just meant no distractions from what he knew he had to do. But that still hadn't stopped a burning hole from being seared into his chest where he had guessed his heart used to be. Because being completely alone also meant that he had nobody there to talk to, no body to comfort him in his time of need, and nobody to care for and be cared for in return.

But all that didn't matter. He couldn't care, because caring would only cause problems. It would mean that there was just one more person out there that would leave him; one more person who would be in harm's way, one more person to hurt him, one more person to die.

So Sasuke drew away from the world, closing himself off. He vowed to never let anyone in; never again.  And he kept good on that promise, that is, until he met a young girl.
She had been cast away from society, much like himself. He had found her in the woods outside of a small village. The town's people had called her a witch or a demon. They said she was unholy, born from a product of rape and violence. They said she had killed her own mother before she was even born, condemning her sweet mother to a life of solitude and exile. And when her mother had died from a mysterious illness, they threw her away like she was nothing.

How did Sasuke come upon her?

Well he was injured and wondered into her forest. It had been days since he had eaten anything, and he had been feeling quite fatigued. He made refuge inside of a hollow tree, shielding himself from a harsh rain that had been falling. That's when he had first seen her. At first he thought he had been just imaging things. After all there had been no signs of any life in the forest for days. Not even a bird or small animal for him to eat. But there had been a flash of (color) in the rain that looked to be in the form of a girl. And before he blacked out, he remembered a pair of eyes so dark it scared him a bit.

When he had finally come to, he hadn't been inside the log, but instead he had been in a warm bed. The light smell of fire and smoke filled his nose, and instantly he tensed. He had no idea where he had been, or why he was there. But something just felt off.

But when he opened his eyes, he was only met with the sight of wood. A fire place had been lit and there had been a pot over the stove, but nothing else.  The small cot he laid on was hard, and he had been cover with a warm animal pelt.

Sasuke sat up, his eyes scanning every inch of the cabin. A boom of thunder from outside brought his attention to the door. It had been cracked open ever so slightly. Only enough as to where he could barely see the downpour of rain outside.

Getting to his feet, he made his way over to the door, pushing it open. And that's when he saw her. Her (long/short)(colored) hair had been matted to her face as she stood out in the open. Her clothing was drenched, clinging to her figure. Her eyes had been strewn shut, her head tilted towards the sky.

And for some reason, Sasuke had begun to worry; which in turn just made him angry.

"Hey, you're going to catch your death out there." He grunted. Sharp (color) eyes snapped in his direction. And in that moment Sasuke had regretted it.  She didn't have to say a word, her eyes spoke of everything. The pain and betrayal she had felt, her sadness and anger, and even her apprehension of his being there.  And he couldn't help but feel like he had been responsible for all that pain.

So he did something he had said he would never do again.

He hugged her.

And although he would never admit it, he had actually started to cry, standing there in the rain holding a girl he had never met before.
My part of an art trade with :icondaydreamingangel2:. I really hope you like this!

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Today was like any other day. You sat in class at the ninja academy, waiting for the teacher to arrive. He was late as usual. This didn't bother you any because it gave you the chance to sneak looks at your long time crush Sasuke. Uchiha Sasuke, he was the best student in the class. He was also one of the best looking guys ever. Everyday, all the girls in class would practically kill eachother to try and get the chance to sit next to him. This was an everyday routine that you eventually got used to. Well, as used to as you could get, considering that you would never get the chance to sit next to him or even talk to him.You and Sasuke were the smartest kids in the class. All the other girls pretty much thought of you as a know it all, just because you always got good grades. If you even tried to even make eye contact with him, you would be torn to shreds by all of his 'fans'. For as long as you could remember, you would spend everyday dreaming about Sasuke. You never dared to make the first move. One, becasue you were shy, and two, you would rather not die at the hands of your crazy classmates. The sound of the door opening snapped you out of your thoughts. Sasuke walked into the room and went to take an empty seat, when..."SASUKEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!" All of the girls ran over to Sasuke's seat and begged him to let them sit next to him while they all argued with eachother and were all at eachothers throats. He did his usual, sat there his arms resting on the desk, his hands covering his mouth with a neutral look on his face. 'How was he able to ignore everyone so well?' Suddenly, Ino and Sakura walked into the room along with your best friend Naruto. Ino and Sakura joined the riot that was going on in the back of the room, Naruto sat down next to you. "Morning (name)!" "Good morning Naruto!" you said with a smile. You and Naruto had been best friends ever since you were little. Your relationship was more of a brother sister bond. Looking over at the other girls, Naruto sighed. "They're at it again...." You looked back too. "Uh-huh...." Naruto was aware of your major crush on Sasuke. Even though he did not approve, he tried to help you in any way he could. Anything to make you happy. You looked at Sasuke who suddenly glanced back at you. You snapped your head back to the front of the room, a light blush spread across your face. Naruto laughed. "Heheheheh."

The door opened again and the teacher walked in. "Alright everyone! Take your seats, class is about to start!" "Hai!..." everyone took their seats. I guess someone eventually got the oppertunity to sit with Sasuke for the day. You didn't bother to look back and see who it was.

************ *******************
After class ended, you, Naruto and your other friends Kiba and Rock-Lee went outside to eat lunch. The four of you sat down on a bench and began eating. You guys were major joksters together. They almost felt like a second family to you. At this point, you were very happy, whether you got to see Sasuke or not. Even though you still wished you had the courage to at least say "hi" to him. "Oi, (name), something wrong?" Kiba looked at you worried. "Nah, I'm fine. Just a little tired I guess." This was your excuse for everything. Even Kiba knew you were lying. Both him and Lee also knew about your crush on Sasuke. They were the only people who knew. You guys told eachother everything, so you felt comfortable talking to them about your problems. In the end, they were always there to help. Getting up and stretching, you waved bye to your friends. "I'm gonna head back to class early to get a good seat." They waved bye and said they'd meet you back in class. You nodded and ran back to the academy and slid open the door to your classroom. You froze. Sasuke was sitting up in the back of the room. It looked like he hadn't moved since class ended. Suddenly, your legs went weak and you just stood there. Your stomach twisted into a knot. Slowly, you walked to your seat and sat down. He didn't even seem to notice you walk into the room, mostly because he was staring out the window. The truth was...he liked you, a lot.  He loved the fact that you never want all spazzy on him everytime he walked into the room. He loved that you never joined the riot that would occur every morning with all the other girls. He loved how quiet you were. (Well in class you were, outside of class you were very loud and hyper.) He also thought you were beautiful.All in all, he liked you for who you were. He hated the way the other girls acted, but somehow managed to keep his cool around them and not lash out.

You sat facing the front of the room, not noticing that Sasuke was walking towards you. Too many thoughts were going through your mind right now to notice anything. That was until..."Hey." Snapping your head back, you looked at Sasuke. 'N-No way! He's talking to me??????'
"Oh, h-hi Sasuke." A deep blush formed on your face. "Is it ok if I sit here?" he asked. Your heart started to beat faster. "Y-yeah sure." 'Oh my god....he's sitting next to me!!!' Taking advantage to this, he sat down next to you but didn't make eye contact at first. An awkward silence filled the room. Finally you decided to break it. " there something you needed Sasuke?" you asked nervously. He looked at you and nodded. "Yeah...I wanted to talk to you about something." 'Was that a slight blush on his face?' "O-oh, what is it?" He paused for a minute, finally he took a deep breath. " I-I really like you (name)" I have for a long time actually." You weren't sure if you were hearing him right. Did he seriously say he liked you?! "W-what?" He looked at you and continued. "I really like you (name). You are very smart, funny, and pretty. I love how you never get all spazzy on me like all the other girls, whenever I walk in the room. It really annoys me, going through the same thing everyday you know?" I like you because you don't try to impress me just to get me to like you, I like you for who you are." You were now blushing like crazy. He had feelings for you! "I-I like you too Sasuke, I was just too shy to tell you. Plus I was afraid that you didn't like me back..." You trailed off. He turned your head gently towards him and kissed you on the forehead. "What's not to like? Like I said, you are smart, pretty and have an amazing personality over all." He started blushing as well. "So (name), will you be my girlfriend?" You smiled and hugged him. "Yes." He smiled and hugged back. You couldn't believe what had just happened.

Just then, the door slid open and the rest of the class walked in. 'Uh-oh' All of the girls came running in and surrounded Sasuke again. One of the girls looked at you and sneered. "EEEEHHHHHHHH? WHY IS (NAME) SITTING NEXT TO SASUKE?!" Everyone else joined in. "Sasuke! sit next to me!" "No sit with me!" "NO! SIT WITH ME!" Ino and Sakura said in unison. Some of the girls were yelling at you, forcing you to give up your seat. You couldn't take the pressure, tears started to form in your eyes and you started to stand up to let one of the girls take your seat. Suddenly, a hand pulled on your arm, telling you to stay. Sasuke looked at you. You nodded and sat back down. "WAAAAAAAAA? SASUKE! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!"  "(name) is sitting next to me from now on. If you got a problem with that, go sit somewhere else." All the girls looked shocked and stood there for a while. Finally they all went to another seat, all with angry and jealous looks on their faces. Sasuke went back to his normal sitting position but looked at you and smiled slightly. "If they ever give you any crap, come to me ok?" You smiled and nodded. Class started up again, only this time you were sitting with your new boyfriend. You looked up at Naruto who was sitting in the back of the room and smiled at him. He gave you a thumbs up and smiled back. You did the same, and that smile stayed on your face the rest of the day, and would stay for a very long time.
ok, here's my first Naruto fanfiction. Don't hate me if it sucks >.< I'm so used to writing my Hetalia x readers I thought I'd try something else. I have a Naruto x reader I'll post soon as well. That one I think turned out a little better than this one. So for now here'
s one for any Sasuke fans :) I do Not own Naruto or the picture! Naruto belongs to Masashi Kishimoto.
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"I challenge you to a game of volleyball!" Naruto pointed a finger at Sasuke, eyes blaring with fiery determination.

"Hn," was Sasuke's reply. He didn't make a move to acknowledge Naruto was talking to him.

You sighed. Sometimes you felt sorry for Naruto. Although you have a major crush on Sasuke, it doesn't mean you can't sympathize with Naruto. There was just something about Naruto… Nah, Sasuke's cooler.

"Sasuke, let's play volleyball. It's been a while ne?" you smiled at Sasuke. Although you have a crush on Sasuke, you never showed it. Perhaps it's the personality of yours. Whenever anyone got too close, physically or mentally, you felt insecure. You would wave your arms around screaming, "Do you now what's called personal space?" perhaps Sasuke can relate to you with all his fan girls.

"Hn," was Sasuke's reply but he got up and walked towards the volleyball court.

You mentally cheered success at yourself and followed Sasuke onto the court.

"I'm teaming up with ____-chan," mumbled Sasuke.

"What?" you said out loud. You were really crappy with volleyball. Whenever you hit the ball, it would either hit the net or go out., the only thing you can do perfectly was serve and set the ball. Sasuke tried teaching you but…

--- Flashback ---

You dug the ball aiming it to go over the net but it just missed. You tried again but this time it went straight up. Luckily, Sasuke spiked it over.

"Do you need help?" asked Sasuke. He stepped behind you and when the ball came, took your hands in his and wrapped his arms around you, brought his head next to…

"Oh me gawd. Do you know what personal space is?" You waved your arms around crazily. The ball bounced in front of you. You took it in your arms and served it. You tried to laugh it off but you felt yourself blushing madly. "I'm gonna sit out for a while. It's too sunny," you said.

--- End flashback ---

Great way to spoil the perfect romantic moment right?

You sighed. You have stopped playing volleyball since then. You were absolutely sure your volleyball skills have diminished into nothing but a mere grain of sand.

'Look on the bright side ____! Better than nothing at all right?' you though.

Taking a deep breath, you walked onto Sasuke's side of the volleyball court. Your heart was beating erratically.

'What if Sasuke tried to help you play volleyball agoain?' you stopped in your tracks.

'Nah,' you thought. 'He probably picked you so he could hit more balls making Naruto look like a loser. Naruto-kun. Ganbade!'

You headed to the baseline and out of reflex, you caught the ball that was thrown at you.

"You can serve first," smirked Kiba.

Your mind was already exploding with negative thoughts. 'Oh shit… It's Kiba. I cannot lose this serve, I an so dead if Kiba serves. I am not reliving another black eye."

You stepped back and served the ball over the net, Naruto dug it deep. The ball spun towards the net and Kiba spiked it over. Sasuke dug the ball up.

'Shit!' you thought. '____ if you miss this set, there could be a possibility Sasuke is going to think you are a moron and try to help you again. Oh me gawd, that is so not happening!' you set the ball perfectly.

Sasuke spiked it over but Kiba blocked it. You tried to hit it but fell. The ball hit your side.

"Oh, you're slower than before… is it because you haven't been playing for a while?" smirked Kiba.

"Damn!" you punched the ground.

"Don't worry, ____! It's my turn to serve!" laughed Kiba. You just wanted to punch that smirk off his face.

Kiba walked towards the baseline flexing his muscles at any girl that would walk past. They would giggle, scream, blush and huddle together. Some would even get as extreme as fanning themselves.

"Pfft. Show off," you grunted.

Kiba served the ball towards your side. "Freaking bastard!" you screamed. "Stop picking on me!: you dug the ball and it went slightly too far- towards the side line.

'Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit!' you thought. 'Sasuke wouldn't be able to get it over.' True to your words, Sasuke set it up.

"Try spiking, _____" said Sasuke.

You jumped up and saw Naruto jump up. Instead of spiking it hard, you tapped it gently out of Naruto's reach. You mentally cheered but you happiness disappeared when you saw Kiba dug the ball.

Naruto set it while Kiba spike it over. You ran back getting ready to dig it when you tripped. There was a loud crack and you landed hard on your ass in the sand.

"Ah!" you screamed in pain. In mere seconds, your ankle swelled to the size of an egg. You grasped your ankle, making soft moaning noises and wincing in pain.

"Are you alright?" Sasuke was by your side in the blink of an eye. He slowly touched your ankle but that mere touch sent you hissing in pain as your eyes wrinkled up trying to hold the tears in.

Naruto sat next to you. "Do you think you can get up?" he asked. "We'll each take an arm and-"

You made a move to get up but Sasuke held you down.

"Don't put any weight on it," Sasuke said.

"But we have to get her- HEY!"

"WHAT… WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" you screamed. Sasuke had lifted you in bridal style and was carrying you towards the life guard tower.

"Hey, I'm sorry kay?" Kiba looked uncertain.

You smiled and punched his arm and finding it very hard when you were in Sasuke's arms. "Don't worry man. It's not your fault. Your worried face is killing your good looks. Play on with Naruto. Don't let anything stop you!" you cheered.

Sasuke stayed silent as he continued to carry you towards the life guard stand.

When you reached the lifeguard stand, Sasuke sat you on a chair. You winced in pain when your ankle was slowly paced on the floor.

"How may I help you guys?" asked Kisame. Kisame was a senior at your school. Anything water related he would participate in. This includes swimming carnivals to swim school, relay team to water polo team. He was even a professional surfer volunteers for life guarding during the holidays.

"I think I heard something crack when I fell," you said. You could help but chew on your bottom lip trying to distract yourself from the pain.

"Let me get you some ice for now, yeah? But you have to get that foot checked out, 'kay?" you saw Kisame's smile and you couldn't help but smile back. Sometimes you find him so sweet, giving up his extra time to volunteer to be a life guard.

When Kisame left the room you turned to Sasuke. "Ne, Sasuke-kun, do you think Kisame has a girlfriend? I mean it'll be a shame if he had to do lifeguard duty as his girlfriend has no boyfriend to hang out with right?" you had no idea why you were babbling. It was not the first time you were alone with Sasuke but you were looking down and twiddling your thumbs like a shy little girl.

Sasuke frowned but his facial expression quickly returned to emotionless. "Does it matter?" Sasuke's voice was not just emotionless but empty. However, you swore you heard a hint of annoyance in the midst of it. Perhaps you little crush had altered your hearing.

Sometimes you wished he wasn't so emotionless. Maybe he was just not interested in what you think about other guys or maybe... maybe he did like you. You hoped it was the latter.

"Sasuke-kun, I think…I- I- I think I have a crush on this guy, do you think… do you think, you know, do you think I should… tell him?"

There was silence. Then "Hn." Then silence.

You chewed on your lip nervously. Did he know you were talking about him? Was he getting annoyed you were acting like one of his crazy fan girls?

"I'm going to leave," was Sasuke's final reply. He turned and walked out bumping shoulders with Kisame.

"Wait, Sasuke-kun! Ah!" you were about to run after him before remembering you had injured your foot and was not ready to put any weight on it yet.

"Sit down, ____-chan! You shouldn't get up let alone put any weight on that ankle." Kisame passed you a pack of ice.

"Thanks, Kisame-senpai…" you pressed the ice to your ankle and mentally sighed. You pondered why Sasuke left so suddenly and why he was acting so strangely. Did he purposely bump shoulders with Kisame?

Then it hit you. Did Sasuke mistaken you to think you were in love with Kisame? 'Oh no,' you thought. 'I'm going to have some serious explaining to do.'

--- Time skip: Two days ---

Your ankle had nearly healed. Luckily there was no fracture, just a sprained muscle. Never the less, the doctor said to sit down more often and if possible don't put any pressure on that foot.

However, you need to attend the first day of shcool. You couldn't risk missing out school at that time. You needed a scholarship to get into university but if you missed one day of school, you are going to have a hard time catching up on the work.

You closed your locker and limped off to the volleyball courts. That was your usually hanging out spot even if you didn't play volley ball anymore.

"Are you alright?" asked Sakura in her usual fake and annoying tone. Everyone knew she secretly hated you for hanging out with Sasuke so she decided to capture Sasuke's attention by playing volleyball.

You fake smiled at her. "Of course."

"Oh ok then," Sakura walked past you and purposely bumped into you so you lost your balance and dropped all your books. "Oh, sorry, I didn't mean to," she said but she didn't make a move to help you pick up your books.

You picked up your books and slowly stood up. You groaned when you realized you had dropped one book. You limped towards it and slowly bent down, trying not to put any weight on your injured foot.

A hand reached towards it and picked it up for you.

"Thank you- Sasuke-kun! Good morning!"

"Hn," Sasuke handed you the book and was about to walk away when you held onto his arm.

"You know when I told you how I- well how I like this guy? I-"

"I don't want to know about your love life."


"Let me guess, Kisame agreed to go out with you."

He started to walk away but you grabbed his arm and spun him around to face you.

"That's not it! The person I like is-"

"HEADS!" someone screamed.

You looked back and saw the ball heading straight for your head.

You squeezed your eyes shut but instead of getting another back eye, warm arms wrapped around you, spun you behind them and the ball hid with a loud thud- the sound of hitting something flat and hard- someone's back.

You eyes flew open to see Sasuke looking down at you.

"Did you say something about someone you like?" asked Sasuke.

"The person I like… the person I like…" you chewed on your lower lip nervously.

"You know how cute, hot and irresistible you are when you chew your lower lip?" asked Sasuke.

You gasped.

Sasuke stared back down at you and you felt your stomach doing tumble turns. "Sasuke-kun…"

You mind was screaming, 'Take me already!' but your body did not make a move.

"The person I love… is you."

The last thing you can confirm was absolute reality was Sasuke's smirk before you melted into the realm of the clichéd "happily ever after" with your personal prince charming: Sasuke Uchiha.
Please correct me of any grammar or spelling mistakes, etc.

Please comment if possible.

Disclaimer: I don't own Sasuke, Naruto, Kiba, Kisame nor Sakura.
(they were created by Masashi Kishimoto)
Nor do I own you.
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It was 8:45 on a Monday morning. The first lesson you had today was Chemistry and you received your test that you had done last week on Friday. It was marked, to your disappointment you had been graded a ‘D’. After the register was taken your teacher announced that anyone who received a ‘D’ or less, would have to revise for they will be forced to re-take the test Wednesday lunch time.

After the lesson you waited outside [best friend’s name]’s class room with your back supported by the wall, your eyes closed and help limp and facing the test in your hands as you sighed.
“Hey [name],” a very friendly and familiar blonde haired boy walked to your side “what’s that you got there?”
“My test.” You replied in an unusually timed voice. He took the test out of your already loose grip. He then studied it flipping the pages, skimming the questions.
“Cool, chemistry. Don’t you think this test is kind of easy though,” Your heart sank to the pit of your stomach, a strong feeling of sickness overwhelmed you as your head started to ache. He reached the final page and saw your grade “oh, that’s not good!”
“Is that all you can say? ‘That’s not good!’ well gee, if it weren’t for you I don’t think I would have been able to figure that out!” You snapped in misdirected rage. There was an awkwardly long pause between the two of you. He stared at you. “I’m sorry, it’s not your fault I suck at Chemistry, I’m just mad I got such a sucky grade”
“I don’t want to brag but I got an ‘A*’ in my Chemistry test so I could help you revise.” Deidara offered.
“Really? ... Well gee, thanks I’d really appreciate that” There was a hint of confusion in your voice as you thanked him as you were unsure whether his offer was sincere.
“I’ll come over to your place tonight if you need.” He said mildly eagerly.
“Yeah, sure, tonight.” You said stunned. Your friend finally came out of there class, as they exited Deidara left.
“[Name]! Thanks for waiting for me! It must have been such a pain waiting out here by yourself, anyways, we can go to maths together now!” said your best friend gleefully as she dragged you along to your Math lesson as you were still confused and slightly dazed.

After afternoon form you walked outside the room talking to one of your friends when an arm grabbed your shoulder. You gasped as you swivelled to where the hand had come from.
“Deidara! Don’t scare me like that!” you yelled but he just laughed under his breath at your reaction.
“You ready?” you stared at him blankly.
“Urm... oh yeah! Chemistry revision!”
“Damn [name] if you really are this dopey it’s no real surprise you suck in class!” you looked at him with a sad puppy expression saying ‘yeah, I know, shut up!’ as he dragged you into the school library, You both sat down next to each other on a 4 person round table as you both pulled out your chemistry revision books. You both opened it to the first pages as you looked over to his, you noticed many notes scrawled over the pages. You thought to yourself ‘Wow! I had no idea that Dei was so... studious about Chemistry’
“So what is it that you struggled with?” quickly snapping you out of your thought, you weren’t paying any attention to what he said so could only let out a quiet ‘urmm’ as he stuck his arm out in front of you motioning for you to pass your test over to him. You did so obediently as he slipped on a pair of reading glasses and intensely skimmed over your test.
“I didn’t know you wore glasses Deidara!”
“They’re only reading glasses, and keep your voice down, we’re in a library.” He retorted. You studied him with his glasses, they were black with small highlights of white around the hinges, and they slid down the bridge of his nose cutting across his eyes. They gave him a look of intelligence, well he was but didn’t like to show it, but they also made him look so... so cute. The corners of your lips curled as you accidentally let out a small laugh.
“What is it?” he asked as he turned to you, his head slightly tilted.
“Nothing, nothing at all.” You said as you turned your head away from his as though that would clear you of staring at him. He sighed.
“Anyways, I noticed you’re really bad at balancing equations, so that’s where we will start.”

After about 15 minutes of practicing, you had balancing equations down to an art! ‘Why why can’t sir explain this stuff as easily as Deidara could! ’ you thought to yourself damning your science teacher. Deidara flicked through your test once more, this time you did not stare at him, you stretched your arms across the table to be startled by the bell going, signifying that they only had 30 minutes left. Deidara coughed to grab your attention.
“We should go over atomic shells, you’re surprisingly bad at that as well!” You nodded obediently as you watched Deidara’s finger drifted with ease across the page while explaining to you the significance of the number etc...

The final bell went. Deidara stood up and collected his books. You straightened your back as you looked at the clock in panic.
“What! It’s over already!” you said with a panicked voice.
“Well, yeah! We have been here for 45 minutes.”
“But we haven’t finished the whole section yet and my test is tomorrow!” You pleaded with him using your eyes, trying to convince him to teach you more.
“Fine,” he sighed, “but where do you think we’re going to study?”
“How about my place!” you blurted out without even thinking ‘Crap! What are my mum and dad going say! But I really need this revision!’

You both left the school, walked to the bus stop and rid the bus to your house, you said nothing to him on the journey as you were far too busy thinking of how you were supposed to explain this to your parents. You had both got off the bus and had taken a short walk to your house, to your surprise, when you arrived none of the lights were on. You had a short mental celebration as you rummaged for your house keys in your pocket, managing to find them, you slotted them in the key hole, turned and pushed to reveal a cold and empty house. Quickly you turned the light on and gestured for him to take a seat on the sofa next to the table. He sat himself down and once again pulled out his revision book. After about an hour you had covered all the needed topics. There was an awkward silence as you turned the television on.
“Do you want a drink?” you asked politely.
“What do you have?”
“We have coke, orange.” He cut you off quickly.
“Coke’s fine, thank you.” he gave a small smile. It was only small but for some reason it had an overwhelming effect on you. You returned with a glass of coke in each hand. You sat them down on the table as you sat yourself down next to Deidara.
“Oh! 8 out of ten cats! I love that show! I think Michael is my favourite!” you said with glee.
“Yeah he’s really funny, but he has a really strange laugh, it’s like he’s struggling to breathe in!” you laughed as you noticed it’s true. You both ended up laughing for about 15 minutes straight, sure that the neighbours could hear you both, but you didn’t care about anything else in his company.

As the adverts rolled on you rested yourself by placing your arms ridged on the seat to support your sore ribcage. As Deidara did the same, your hand flinched slightly as it gently touched yours. You could see that he was fully aware of what was going on, you turned your head to try to meet his gaze, but he turned away as he turned crimson red ear to ear. In your mind you let out a small ‘Awn’. You decided that because he was brave enough to make the first move, you would make the next. You shuffled closer and lent your head on his shoulder. At first he was tense but he soon relaxed, placing his head on yours. He removed the hand that was upon your, you looked down to reveal the cold empty air that was now there. You felt an eager yet frightened grip around your waist. The position you found yourself in was so comfortable that you started to drift off in his grasp.
“[Name]?” he asked you timidly.
“Yes Dei?”
“Merry Christmas” he said as he planted a very caring kiss on your cheek, turning you a brilliant shade of crimson.
I'm sorry it's so long and is a bit slow but I hope you like it, Merry Christmas, I love you all :iconhappyhappyplz:
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Collection by
Iceland x Reader x Hong Kong

Please comment if you think I should continue this

You were walking into school on a Monday already wishing you could stay home for the week, why? Because Friday is the Valentines Day Dance. You are known as (Y/N) (L/N), you are one of the most popular girls in your school, you weren't one of those snobby, narcissistic, high pitched giggling, heavy makeup wearing type, you were the quite, self reserved and intelligent, this made many boy fall head over heels for you and made many girl envious of you, so why would you hate it? Because all the boys would be fawning over you and begging you to go to the Valentine Day Dance with them, you didn't like any of them but you did have a crush on a certain guy, his snow blond hair, his dark violet eyes, he was quite and mysterious, it made you fall for him, his name is Emil Steilsson, you have been crushing on him since the 6th grade, you two were actually close friends. As you are spacing out thinking about Emil, you don't notice a certain Brown Hair boy looking at you from afar wishing for you to be his and his only.
Please comment if you think I should continue, if you want me to continue then at the end there will be 3 endings, the endings will be 1.) Iceland. 2.) Hong Kong. 3.) Mystery Person
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It was generally a bright sunny day at the country of Greenland. Fishermen from various towns gathered as another day of back breaking work awaits them. Even though the freezing winds brush against their exposed flesh, their smiles never seem to falter and in fact grew even more as they bid their good mornings to a certain blonde girl who cheerfully wished them a safe trip.

White waves of foamy sea water washed over Greenland's feet as the young girl tip toed over the shoreline. The water was really cold and it bit through her flesh but Greenland doesn't seem to mind. It was all normal and it felt like home.

Curls of light blonde hair swept to her face as the sea breeze continued to make a stir. The young nation smiled as she saw the boats of the fishermen leave.

"Good bye! I'm expecting some yummy grub as soon as you're home!" Greenland shouted as she waved her arms

"Aye Captain!" one of the fishermen answered with a hearty laugh and soon enough they were out of sight.

Greenland gave a huge sigh, knowing that they will probably take hours or even days before they can get back. She took her boots that were neatly placed on top of moist rocks and skipped off to her house but not before she chased some sheep around.
Much to Greenland's surprise, there was a stack of letters sitting in front of her door.
With a confused yet excited look, she took the letters in her arms and quickly pulled out her keys to finally get some warmth inside her house.

Greenland slumped herself on her couch as she threw her light brown boots somewhere near the door. She quickly untied the stack of letters and shuffled through the various messages that probably came from her boss or some other country. Without thinking much, Greenland drew out one letter and much to her dismay it was from her boss.

"WHAT!?" Greenland squeaked as she reread the letter again. 'No…no… this can't… WHY!?'

Greenland screamed to herself as her pale skin turned deep red. 'R-Romano's here!?'

Greenland liked and feared Romano. The fact that the Italian always scowled and cursed by the simplest triggers made her shudder and fear him, although not too much. Having such a hot tempered guest would mean she would have to be extra nice and extra careful with her words… and she'd have to control her squeals.

Still rattled by the sudden information, Greenland sighed and clutched her hand into a ball as she tried to convince herself that she'll be okay. 'I better be… or else I'm going to kill myself if I screw up in front of him… or maybe he'd be the one to do that for me'

Awkward moments are awkward.

Greenland has been assigned to take care of Romano while he stayed in the country. That means she has to share her house, her food, her space, her almost everything with Romano. It's not that she doesn't want to share… it's just that Romano was really intimidating.
Third week. Greenland was practically dying out of intimidation.

The young girl sighed as she dragged herself out of her room and into the greenhouse to get some fresh vegetables and fruits for their breakfast this morning. Dark circles shaded the lower regions of her eyes caused by the constant cursing and ranting of Romano over the phone. Apparently he wasn't a fan of cold weather and Spain wasn't helping.
Picking up her old basket, Greenland light-headedly picked up random ripe fruits and placed them inside the basket. She pulled out some carrots, cabbages, plucked some cherries, oranges and finally reached the tomato patch.


The mere sight of the tomato gently cradled by Greenland's pale fingers reminder her of a familiar nation who is a certified tomato-obsessed Italian. A frown spread to her face as she remembered how brutal Romano was with his words and how he acted like… like a… 'jerk!' Greenland squeaked as she harshly kicked a stone towards the tomato patch.



Greenland quickly made her way through the tall stalks of the plants and saw the poor Italian rubbing his slightly bleeding forehead. He was sitting amidst the tomato patch with traces of tomato residue still stuck near his lips.

"R-Romano!? What are you doing here?" Greenland quickly questioned him as she ran to his side

"C-crap" Romano hissed under his breath as he continued to rub his sore forehead "Why~a do you have to suddenly PMS!? The tomatoes did~a nothing bad to you, you crazy ragazza!"

"Why the heck would I PMS on tomatoes?" Greenland chuckled, dismissing the fact Romano called her crazy.

"I don't~a know about~a you… you should be more careful with~a those kicks of yours… you could~a hurt people!" Romano ranted as he glared at Greenland

"Well excuse me for suddenly busting a tomato stealing Italian in my greenhouse" Greenland smirked.

Romano turned bright red as he mumble what seems like Italian curses. Greenland simply laughed at him as she assisted the tomato thief into the house to patch up his wounded forehead.

"You know… I feel like we started on the wrong side of the bed" said the young Greenland as she carefully cleaned the twitching Italian's forehead

"What~a are you talking about?" Romano hissed as he crossed his arms

Greenland pouted and moved her face to Romano's level "You're so grouchy aren't you? We should fix that!" she smiled leaving Romano blushing once again like a ripe tomato

With a quick trip upstairs, Greenland grabbed what seems to be a black case that's shaped like a violin. "We're going to fix that scowl on your face whether you like it or not!" She proclaimed as she gently placed the violin case on the couch.

"W-What are you-" Romano complained but Greenland dismissed it by placing a finger on his lips

"No complaints!" she hushed him as she dashed away into the kitchen bring along Romano with her. "Help me cook and we're gonna get this over with real quick" she winked

The two finished quickly with the help of Romano's quick pace in cooking. They placed the food inside a picnic basket and the next thing Romano knew… he was being dragged outside of the house.

Greenland held on to Romano's wrist quite tightly, making it impossible for the Italian to squirm himself out to 'freedom'. After a few minutes of ranting and squirming, Romano finally sighed and gave up… he knew he wasn't going to go anywhere. He simply enjoyed the beautiful scenery as they made their way up to the highlands, meeting some fluffy sheep that peacefully grazed on the steep fields.

"Tell me Romano… do you like music?" Greenland asked as she finally let Romano free

"W-well… of~a couse I do" Romano stuttered as he watched Greenland tie her hair into a neat bun

"I'm glad you do" she smiled and started to unlock the violin case

Soon enough the entire field was filled with the upbeat echo of Greenland's violin. The strong icy winds brushed against her face as the tune picked up its pace, making a flowing effect on her silky blonde hair.

Romano blushed hard as he tried to distract himself with the breakfast he made for himself. However, Romano's distraction failed as Greenland danced to the music's climax. She continuously stepped back and forth, moving and swaying along with the flow of the music and still maintaining the melody despite her difficult movements.

…She was truly a skilled violinist.

And he was truly enchanted…

The music finally reached its end and Greenland happily sat next to Romano. They had shares of stories and somehow the awkwardness between them completely fell apart. Greenland silently congratulated herself for being able to break the ice but she also congratulated Romano for finally showing her his appreciation even if it was difficult to see.

"You know Romano… you're cute when you smile… you should do that more often" Greenland chuckled as she poked Romano's cheek

"I'm~a not!" he protested as he whipped Greenland's hand away from his burning cheek

"Y-you're the one whose cute…" he mumbled

"What was that?" Greenland said innocently as she tilted her head

"Gah! I'm~a not going to say it again!" Romano huffed as he took a large bite out of his sandwhich

"No fair! I didn't hear what you said!" Greenland protested as she rose from her sitting position and knelt down to pout at Romano as she placed her hands beside her waist

"It's~a not my fault you couldn't~a hear properly!" Romano mockingly laughed as he took another bite off his food

Greenland, annoyed and tired of having to plead, started ranting about how she's always been nice to Romano and complained why Romano wouldn't tell her such simple things when she's done so much kindness to him. Romano, being his normal self, didn't listen and simply ignored the fuming nation in front of him.

"Y-you meanie!" Greenland squeaked as she accidentally pulled Romano's curl
For a moment, Romano was silent. Heat reaching his cheeks and pricking them like a thousand hot needles teasing him to blush like mad. Greenland suddenly realized what she did… she quickly clasped her hand over her mouth and said "I'm so-"

But before Greenland could apologize, Romano tackled her to the ground.

"You're~a really asking for it" Romano teasingly whispered as he licked his lips and pressed them down towards Greenland's.  The two felt like the world froze for a moment, Greenland was totally shocked and was about to protest but the skilled Italian convinced her otherwise. A soft smile grazed Romano's lips as he finally expressed his repressed feelings towards the young girl.


"…he's smiling"
My second commission :)
I hope I didn't disappoint :iconscaredplz:
this is for :iconkawasaki-san:

The bloody picture is not mine
and so is Hetalia *bow*
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"Jeez... Finland, don't you think they're wrapped up enough? They're gonna look like a pair of snowballs themselves in a minute.'' Said the tall blonde nation, known to the others as Denmark, an eyebrow raised, and looking at the smaller blonde nation, who was currently squatting down so he was eye level with the two childern; Iceland and Greenland, at ages 7 and 6, the youngest of the nordic nations.

''I just don't want them to catch at cold. Too close to Christmas to be coughing and sneezing.'' Finland retorted, fiddling with Iceland's scarf. ''Is it too tight?'' asked the violet eyed nation, and the boy responded with a shake of his head.

Greenland pulled down the scarf from her mouth. ''Onii-chan, can we just go outside now? We'll be fine, promise.'' she asked eagerly, itching to get outside into the snow.

Finland laughed softly. ''Fine. Not much more I can do, I guess.'' he said, and straightened up, and Greenland let out a squeal of delight, took hold of Iceland's mittened hand, and dragged her not-so-eager brother towards the door, followed by Denmark.

The wooden door was opened, and the two kids trudged out into their white wonderland of untouched snow. They both stood there, in the middle of the sea of snow, then Greenland was hit on the back of her hood by something. She turned to see Denmark standing at the house, in the snow, and a snowball in hand. He had a broad grin on his face.

Iceland let out a small groan. Denmark was a demon when it came to snowball fights, but Greenland was already squatting down, gathering up some of the soft snow, and rolling it into a ball. Grinning, she lobbed it towards her blonde haired brother, hitting him on his shoulder.

''Nice one, Green.'' Denmark praised the girl, and walked towards the children. ''Hey Greenland, I've got a present for you.'' he said, a sly grin on his face.

The two kids saw that was coming, and turned to run away from the tall nation. Alas, Denmark was just too fast for them, and he scooped Greenland up with one arm, and tickled her with the other. The green eyed girl giggled, and was wriggling around, trying to get out her brother's grasp. ''S-stop,'' she panted, tears forming in her eyes from laughter. But her smiled soon turned to a small frown, seeing Iceland standing watching them both. She flapped her arms, signalling she wanted down.

Denmark set the girl down, and she trudged over to her friend, a concerned look in her eye. ''Are you oka-'' she began, but tripped up, and landed right in Iceland's arms, and the two fell to the ground with a soft thud.

''Oh! I'm sorry!'' Greenland said, not really noticing the colour rising in Iceland's cheeks, but she did see that his violet eyes were wide. She rolled off him, and stared up at the sky. After thinking over just what had happened, she realied just how ridiculous she must have looked, and started giggling. Beside her, Iceland also started to giggle, and soon the two childern were in a fit of laughter.

Suddenly, Denmark was towering over them. ''You two ok? You were kinda silent for a moment, then giggling manicly... you two better not be planning something!'' he said jokingly. ''But seriously, are you ok?''

Greenland sat up. ''Yeah. I'm fine.'' she said, and turned to look at Iceland, who, in turn, also sat up, and smiled at the older nation.

''Same here.'' the normally quiet nation said. ''I wish Onii-chan was this fun.'' he added quietly, referring to Norway, the nation who looked strikingly similar to the boy.

''Pfft, Norge is no fun whatsoever.'' Denmark scoffed. ''At least you two have me!''

''Denmark! Don't just let them sit in the snow!'' Finland's voice came towards the trio, sounding very worried indeed.

''Oops...'' Denmark said quietly, and helped the two young nations to their feet. ''Heh, you've both got snow all down you back.'' he said, chuckling, then brushing the powery snow off their parkas.

''Look, it's snowing again.'' Iceland said, catching a snowflake on is mitten.

''Ack, we better go back inside then. Finland will kill me if I keep you two outside when it's snowing.'' Denmark said, a hint of sadness in his tone of voice.

''Aww!'' Iceland and Greenland said in unison, looking up at the blonde with their large eyes.

''Do we have to, Onii-san?'' Greenland asked sadly, as the snow started to fall harder.

''We do now, I'm afraid. How about a hot chocolate when we get inside?'' He said, hoping the prospect of the hot drink will make them happier at having to leave the snow. ''We could always come back outside once the snow stops again.''

Iceland and Greenland nodded. ''Ok then,'' they said in unison again, sounding much perkier. The idea of getting some hot chocolate must have done the trick.

''Come on then,'' Denmark said, taking both of the nations hands, and they walk back towards the house. Finland opened the door, and welcomed them inside.

''Have fun?'' the small blonde haired nation asked, and the two nodded happily.

''Yeah! Can we go back outside once the snow stops, we want to have a proper snowball fight.'' Greenland said, and Iceland nodded.

''Sure, why not?'' Finland said, smiling at both nation's eagerness.

''Now, how about we get you both some hot chocolate?'' Denmark asked them, and Finland nodded. ''Ok then, why don't you both sit down and warm up a bit... And take off your jackets.''
Little Hetalia short story, with the Nordics! (and my own fan character, Greenland XD)

Don't ask how I randomly got the idea of a snow scene. They're nordics. There had to be snow :iconwthplz:
Yay! Snowball fight XD
You probably guessed I'm not much of a writer, but this was just a bit of fun, and I wanted to try my hand at fanfiction.

Might make this into a little series, IDK. Probably one for Christmas, and New Year. But that all depends if you want more!

(and Denmark is such an epic character to write about XD) The reason Iceland hasn't got his puffin with him, is that he hasn't actually found it yet :)

Nordics (c) Hidekaz Himaruya
Greenland and story (c) :icongingawolffan11:

Oh, I might draw up a little reff sheet of Greenland, if anyone wants to see her.
And the reason they use things like Onii-chan, is, like in the Wordy Nordic Comic, it is very hard to potray the different emotions when using normal words. (Like, 'dear brother' would just sound stupid) So I just used Japanese terms, even though they wouldn't actually use them.
Hope nobody minds.
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Rp Arc 1.
The Confessions
Hetalia does not belong to me and I have no idea what category this should go in so if you do please let me know.

Denmark: Norge doesn't love me! BWAAH * pretends to cry *
Norway: That's n-...* turns slightly pink realizing what he was about to say *
Iceland: Onii-chan you're turning pink.
Norway: ...No...I'm...not...
Iceland: No. You are.
Denmark: * pokes Norway * Piiiiink!
Norway: No...I'm...I'm just...
Norway: * flustered *
Denmark: So cute! * kisses Norway *
Norway: * shoves Denmark *
Denmark: Ow! What was that for?
Norway: Stay AWAY from me!
Norway: * embarrassed *
Denmark: Why brother?
Norway: Just. Stay. Away.
Iceland: ... * picks up Puffin *
Denmark: But...
Norway: ... * walks upstairs *
Iceland: ...
Iceland: ... * is bored *
Denmark: * follows Norway *
Norway: ...* locks self in room *
Iceland: ... * sneezes *
Denmark: Brother! Are you mad at me?
Norway: ... * doesn't respond *
Iceland: Probably.
Denmark: Brother, please!
Norway: NO!
Iceland: ...I should probably go lie down... * suddenly isn't feeling well *
Denmark: Brother! Broootherrr!
Denmark: But...
Denmark: But...
Norway: ...
Denmark: * odd/serious face * ...
Denmark: * bites lower lip *
Denmark: * turns around and leaves *
Norway: ...* listening to music * ...
Iceland: ...* half asleep on the couch *
Greenland: * pulls a blanket over Iceland *
Iceland: ...* quietly * thanks...
Denmark: * is outside brooding *
Faroes: Huh? What are you? ...what's with that face. That's not normal.
Denmark: ...
Denmark: GO away.
Faroes: Not until you tell me what's going on.
Faroes: * is worried brooding!Den is not normal *
Denmark: * pulls out some papers and hands them to Faroes * Here. Independence. Now leave.
Faroes: But I don't want-...what the heck is wrong with you?
Faroes: Uh also this is a shopping list...
Denmark: * glares at Faroes and screams * GO THE HELL AWAY!!! * Storms off *
Faroes: ... * stands there in shock * ... * goes inside * Greenland I think there's something wrong with Den.
Greenland: Norway's avoiding him as usual. So?
Faroes: No. I mean...gah...he's upset. He's very upset
Greenland: How upset?
Faroes: Well he told me to shut up go the hell away and then stormed off
Greenland: What's that you're holding? Did Brother Den give you that?
Faroes: He said something about independence...but this says 2 eggs...5 tomatoes....2 cod....and a gallon of milk.
Greenland: .....
Greenland: Something's up.
Faroes: That's what I've been trying to say.
Greenland: Where'd he go?
Faroes: I don't know...
Greenland: Well then...
Norway: ... * walks down the stairs *
Faroes: YOU!
Norway: What about me?
Norway: * confused *
Greenland: Congratulations, brother Norge. Denmark's gone insane.
Norway: Insane? What?
Iceland: ... * snoring *
Puffin: ...* hops up on couch *
Faroes: That's right.
Faroes: He's not happy...he seems kind of...
Corey: * randomly there * Emo?
Faroes: WTF?!?
Corey: * is gone *
Greenland: I think we should go look for him.
Norway: I'm coming with you.
Faroes: What? Why?
Greenland: Sure.
Norway: ...
Norway: I have my reasons...
Greenland: Come on then!
Norway: Coming...
Norway: * scrawls a note down for Iceland incase he wakes up and wonders where everyone went *
Greenland: * runs outside to start looking *
Norway: * follows *
Faroes: * not pleased *
Faroes: I don't WANT independence. My people are perfectly happy under Danish rule.
Svalbard: What people?
Faroes: You have no right to talk.
Greenland: Is that ALL you're worried about?
Faroes: no...But it's bugging me.
Norway: ...* trying to think of places Denmark would go *
Svalbard: Hej! Nor! Long time no see.
Norway: ...* unenthusiastically * Hello.
Faroes: DEN?!?
Svalbard: Whatcha looking for?
Faroes: Denmark.
Svalbard: ...uh... * has no idea how to respond to that *
Greenland: BROTHER!
Norway: ...
Greenland: BROTHER! Brother Sweden says only weak children run away from their problems!
Norway: Danmark.
Faroes: WHERE THE HECK DID YOU RUN OFF TO?!? * Mostly wants to know what's up with the strange shopping list combo *
Norway: ...Danmark...* much softer voice * Where are you...?
Greenland: BROTHER!!! Come back!!!
Norway: ...please...
Faroes: ...
Svalbard: o_e that was odd
Greenland: Nobody heard that, okay?
Norway: ...
Faroes: Fine...
Svalbard: DANMARK!
Greenland: Look! Over there! THERE HE IS!
Norway: ... * walks towards Denmark *
Denmark: * flees *
Norway: WAIT! Danmark...
Norway: I...
Norway: ...
Svalbard: Smooth...
Denmark: * is out of sight *
Norway: ...* sighs * ...great... * feels guilty *
Faroes: time let's not should out excitedly okay Greenland?
Greenland: ...Sorry...
Norway: ...I'm going to try calling him...
Norway: * takes out phone * ...
Norway: * dials number *
* rings a few times then goes to answering machine too quickly *
Norway:'s me...please...pick up...
Norway: * has never felt so awkward making a phone call *
Greenland: Why aren't we following his footprints?
Faroes: Because we're stupid?
Norway: ...
Norway: * feels very guilty *
Greenland: Come on then!
Norway: ...this is my fault...
Norway: * follows *
Denmark: * has his coat tangled up in a bramble bush * !!!
Norway: Wait. Danmark.
Denmark: * struggles to get free *
Norway: ...* walks up to Denmark and hugs him * ... * arms get cut up he doesn't care *
Denmark: * struggles * I thought you wanted me to go away!
Norway: No.
Faroes: ?
Denmark: You said you did!
Norway: ...that's not...what I meant...
Denmark: * getting angry * Then what did you mean?!?
Norway: I just wanted to be left alone...just for a little while...I was...
Svalbard: Embarrassed? * Totally random guess he has no IDEA *
Norway: ...I know...I know...I'm sorry...
Norway: I'm so sorry...
Norway: ...Because I'm an idiot...
Norway: I'm an idiot. Okay.
Denmark: * keeps sobbing * I hate it! I hate it! I hate it! No matter what I say, do, or think, nothing works!
Norway: ...that's not... entirely... true... * untangles Denmark * ...I... sometimes I... * forces Denmark to sit down * look...I'm sorry. I'm really sorry. Please...just listen to me...
Denmark: * looks away but says nothing *
Norway: ...the truth is...I...
Norway: * can't figure out how to put it into words so he just goes for it * ... * kisses Denmark *
Norway: ...I really do care...
Denmark: !!! * grabs Norway and hold him tightly and kisses him back *
Norway: ...* submits *
Faroes: ...sheesh if that was all he was after...
Denmark: * kisses Norway hard * Norge... Why...
Svalbard: Like fire and ice...
Norway: ...I...I'm an idiot...just an idiot who can't express his emotions properly... that's all...
Denmark: * bitter laugh * Did you ever think of writing something?
Norway: I can't write...
Norway: Not very well at least...
Denmark: How long?
Norway: ...what do you mean?
Denmark: How long has it been since you knew you loved me?
Norway: ...too long...far too long to count...
Denmark: Then what the hell took you this long? You knew I felt the same way about you!
Norway: * has no idea why he's confessing like this Denmark is just easy to talk too *
Norway: I always thought you were just…teasing me and I...I suppose ... I was afraid...
Denmark: Afraid of what?!?
Norway: the same thing everyone's afraid of...
Iceland: Finally! I found you-what the heck's going on here?
Faroes: A sappy love confession.
Denmark: And what is that?
Norway: ...rejection...
Iceland: * face palm * oh god...
Denmark: Exactly how many times did I get rejected by you?!?
Norway: Well I guess you can call me a wimp.
Iceland: A pregnant goldfish is called a twit.
Svalbard: comment Ice. No comment
Denmark: * tackles Norway and kisses him again *
Norway: ...* kisses back *
Iceland: ...I deny any connection to the two of them...
Svalbard: Ditto.
Greenland: How come Faroes is the one who gets independence?
Svalbard: ...yeah I don't know her...
Iceland: So...on the topic of sappy love confessions...
Iceland: ...I kind of...
Iceland: ... * really nervous *
Iceland: ...suppose...that hypothetically...there was this...girl... I kind of... liked...and I couldn't really figure out how to...tell her that I ... liked ... her...what would I do?
Faroes: he implying something?
Svalbard: ...* shrugs *
Faroes: Is this actually about someone?
Iceland: I said hypothetically.
Svalbard: You're not fooling anyone.
Iceland: ...and suppose...I wanted to tell her that I liked her but I...trip up on the words whenever I'm around her and...
Faroes: Dude. You're seriously. NOT. FOOLING. ANYONE.
Iceland: ...and I...
Iceland: ... * turning somewhat red at the ears *
Svalbard: Oooh Iceland has a crush!
Iceland: I-I don't have a-
Iceland: ... * feels like he's about to die of embarrassment *
Greenland: * oblivious * Who is it~?
Iceland: * turns even more pink * N-No one. I don't have a crush...
Faroes: Oooh I think I know.
Norway: * pokes Denmark * Look. * points at Iceland *
Denmark: * looks * What?
Norway: * shrugs * I don't just seemed interesting...
Iceland: I don't...
Iceland: * so red now it's not even funny *
Greenland: Are you okay?
Iceland: Y-Yes! I-I'm Fine!
Norway: * smirks slightly *
Iceland: * stumbles backwards *
Greenland: * catches * Hey! Are you sure you're okay?
Iceland: meep! * red as a lobster * Y-Yes...I mean... N-Y-N---I don't know!
Norway: ...
Greenland: Uh... Well then...
Iceland: ...I just...maybe kinda...sorta...
Greenland: What is it?
Iceland: ... * is choking on words and totally kicking himself about it *
Iceland: I might sorta... l...
Greenland: Yes?
Iceland: L-l-li...
Greenland: ...Lice...?
Iceland: * shakes head * No... L-like...y-
Iceland: * so embarrassed *
Greenland: Y..?
Greenland: !!!!!!!!!
Greenland: >/////////<
Iceland: ... * turns away *
Faroes: ...well they're both oblivious...
Svalbard: * nods *
Iceland: ...that's...all...
Greenland: So... You... I mean....
Iceland: ...I...
Denmark: KISS HER YOU FOOL!!!!
Iceland: !!!
Iceland: * turns red again *
Greenland: BR-BROTHER!!!!
Norway: * face palm * remind me why I like you Danmark.
Denmark: Because we're VIKINGS! Warriors of the North!
Norway: * rolls eyes * that wasn't what I was looking for...
Denmark: CHUU!!!! CHUU!!! CHUU!!!! CHUU!!!!
Greenland: I don't know him.
Faroes: ...yes you do...
Iceland: mean...
Iceland: * has no idea how to talk to a girl pffft *
Denmark: * pushes Iceland into Greenland * THERE!!!
Iceland: ... * as red as it is humanly possible to get *
Norway: ...was that really necessary?
Greenland: * hugs Iceland *
Iceland: * even redder *
Faroes: So he gonna explode or something?
Denmark: Wha ha ha! That would be funny!
Svalbard: ...probably not...he might spontaneously combust though...
Norway: That would NOT be funny.
Denmark: :3
Iceland: ... * hugs back * ...
Norway: It seems there's only one way to silence you Anko.
Norway: ... * kisses Denmark *
Faroes: That's it. I'm leaving.
Faroes: I'll be back when all the romance has fallen out of the air and gone underground.
Faroes: I also have no idea what I just said.
Svalbard: ...I'm not surprised...
Norway: ...
Norway: ... * breaks away *
Denmark: * smiles *
Norway: ...* pink * I-I mean...
Norway: * embarrassed oh god *
Denmark: Heh. I love you too, Norge
Iceland: ...
Norway: ... * flustered *
Iceland: what? * Still has no idea how to talk to a girl *
Faroes: ... yeah like I said I'm leaving.
Faroes: ... * so has a secret crush *
Faroes: There's too much romance in the air...
Faroes: I think I'm going to choke on it.
Svalbard: Hey! Wait! Don't leave me here with the lovebirds!
Faroes: What do you care?
Svalbard: because I feel lonely with those four over there, sucking face...
Norway and Iceland: * turn bright pink *
Faroes: ...well that's not my problem now is it...?
Faroes: * trying her hardest not to stumble on words here *
Svalbard: But if you leave I'll be lonely!
Faroes: Why do I care?
Svalbard: Because we're family!
Faroes: ...that's no reason... * starts to walk off trying to hide blush *
Svalbard: * walks after her *
Faroes: ...* walks faster *
Svalbard: Faroes! Wait up!
Faroes: No!
Faroes: ... * sits behind a rock *
Svalbard: Faroes?
Faroes: ... * clutches chest * ...why...
Svalbard: Hey, you okay?
Faroes: I'm not okay...darn it...
Svalbard: You want me to get you anything?
Faroes: No...It's not's...
Faroes: * frustrated *
Faroes: ... * thinking * ... why...why does...
Svalbard: Hey, you sure?
Faroes: Yes. I'm sure...
Faroes: +why does my heart beat so fast...why?+
Svalbard: * leans over the rock onto her face * HEY!
Faroes: AH! * turns red *
Svalbard: Eh?
Faroes: ... * looks away * Nothing...
Faroes: It's nothing...
Faroes: ... +why is my heart beating like this...+
* Meanwhile *
Iceland: ...
Iceland: Greenland...your sister ran off…
Greenland: She does that.
Iceland: Okay...just making sure...
* back on the ranch *
Faroes: ... * mutters something *
Svalbard: Faroes? You okay?
Faroes: .........
Faroes: I don't know...
Svalbard: That's not good...
Faroes: ...I just...
Svalbard: ..... Just what?
Faroes: ...I don't know...
Faroes: ...+why can't I just talk to him...+
Faroes: ... * looks away *
Svalbard: Faroes, are you avoiding me?
Svalbard: Because seriously hiding behind this rock it's starting to look like you are.
Faroes: N-No N-Never! I...
Faroes: * has no idea what she's saying *
Svalbard: ... +She looks cute when she blushes like that!+
Faroes: ...>///>
Svalbard: * giggles softly *
Faroes: Are you laughing at me?!?
Svalbard: AHCK!!! No! No no no!
Faroes: ...prove it.
Svalbard: * has no clue how so he just kisses her *
Faroes: O///O Wh-What are you?!?
Svalbard: Prove- I- You- ki- That is-
Faroes: ... I...
Svalbard: >////< So-sorry! * runs off *
Faroes: N-No....wait...
Faroes: ...I fail at life...
Faroes: ...It's...okay...
Faroes: ...
Faroes: Gah... * head rock *
Faroes: OUCH!!!
Svalbard: Faroes! Are you okay?!?
Faroes: * slightly teary * Oww...
Svalbard: * kisses her again because he has no clue what he's doing *
Faroes: ...* hugs *
Svalbard: * hugs back *
Faroes: ...that...hurt...
Faroes: Oww...
Svalbard: * kisses the boo-boo *
Faroes: ... * brings hand to forehead * ...OW!!! * pulls hand back * ...oh... this is... * forehead is bleeding *
Svalbard: Yes. Yes it is
Faroes: ... * clinging onto Svalbard *
Svalbard: * is totally enjoying it *
Faroes: ...
* Meanwhile *
Greenland: Sooo... Are those two idiots gonna come back anytime soon? I mean, what can Brother Den do out here?
Iceland: * shrugs *
Iceland: ...we should probably head back though...* coughs * I'm not exactly well...
Iceland: And it's cold out... * coughs again *
Greenland: Okay.
Norway: ... * walks over to Iceland * You okay?
Iceland: Do I look okay to you?
Norway: but you never exactly look great...
Greenland: Home we go. Wait, where's Brother Den?
Norway: ...that's weird...he was here a moment ago...
Faroes: ...
Faroes: I...
Faroes: ...kind of like you...
Svalbard: Me... Me too...
Faroes: ... * slight smile *
Faroes: ...I...
Faroes: * jumps * D-DENMARK!!! ...Your timing couldn't have been worse...
Denmark: Eh?
Faroes: N-Nothing...
Faroes: ...
Faroes: ...
Faroes: ... * seriously hoping Den doesn't notice her clinging onto Svalbard *
Denmark: Seeya later! * leaves *
Faroes: phew...
Denmark: * turns around * Waiiiit... WAIIIIT...
Faroes: O_O
Faroes: ...* attempts to hide by getting closer to Svalbard *
Denmark: I see you.
Faroes: no you don't.
Faroes: I am just a figment of your imagination.
Faroes: ...
Denmark: * pokes Faroes * No you aren't.
Faroes: am...
Svalbard: * bites Denmark's finger * Shove off!
Faroes: ...* hugs *
Svalbard: Go away, Den!
Denmark: B-But why?
Denmark: I didn't do anything!
Faroes: ...leave us alone...
Denmark: No way. Not happening!
Svalbard: Norway's over there...
Denmark: HUH WHERE?!?
Denmark: * spins around wildly like a squirrel on crack *
Svalbard: Over... There... At... His... House...
Norway: There you idiots are.
Iceland: ...what the heck goes on around here when I'm not around? * coughs *
Norway:'re all insane...
Faroes: ...
Norway: WTF are you two doing?
Denmark: Slow much Norge?
Svalbard: We... Uh.... That is...
Faroes: ...
Faroes: ...I might...l-love...him... >///>
Svalbard: >/////< m-me too…
Norway: * face palm *
Norway: Greeeeaaaat....
Svalbard: >//////<
Norway: ...well we're going back home. are you coming or not?
Svalbard: Mm.
Faroes: ...r-right...
Oh dear god my Norway is horrible. Anyways this is arc one of the monster RP and I'm uploading despite my better judgement.
In the first Arc I rped as: Norway, Denmark, Faroes, Svalbard, and Iceland
and :iconhoshi-zuuri: rped as: Denmark, Svalbard, and Greenland
Denmark, Norway, Iceland, and Hetalia belong to Himaruya Hidekaz
Greenland, Faroes, and Svalbard (The OC's that is) belong to :iconhoshi-zuuri: and :iconhyugahealer3:
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The elegant, muted red and gold surroundings caught your interest, from the moment you walked into the place. Sipping your drink casually, you meandered amongst the aisles of lined-up slot machines and the tables around which many were crowded, hoping to strike it rich.

Gambling wasn't exactly your scene, however, when your friends decided to take a trip to Monte Carlo in Monaco, home of the famous Monte Carlo Casino, you knew that you had to see this famed place. You had planned to spend the evening here, and retire back to the hotel early, ready for tomorrow's boating trip. The place was more crowded than you could have ever imagined, and it certainly took a whole lot of skill to manoeuvre through the crowds elegantly, and with poise but without tripping.

Meandering, and looking casually at the machines and at the tables, suddenly, you saw a cerulean gaze lock with yours. A pair of immensely blue eyes was observing you, with interest. He seemed fairly young, as he sent a small smile towards you, making you blush in the slightest.
I should probably cut down on the drinks...if ONE smile from a stranger's enough to make me blush...

Yet, you felt yourself getting closer, and closer to the roulette table, and before you knew it, you were there, standing beside the man (or boy? Was he seriously old enough to be here?) with the bluest eyes you'd ever seen.
"Would you like to place a bet?" his voice caught you off guard - bringing you out of your reverie. It was smooth, sophisticated...and it almost added another facet to him, making him all the more intriguing.
"I'm not a betting person," you smiled politely, as you sipped your drink once more. He simply smiled, as he turned his attention back towards the roulette table, but you didn't miss his smile turn into a slight smirk, and the gleam in his eyes.
"It's terribly disappointing for you to be missing a part of us," he said, wistfully, as he pushed a few chips onto the rift spot on the mat.
"I don't quite believe in luck." You never quite realised just how close you were standing to him - the faint musk scent that hung on him was rather pleasing.
He sighed, as he pushed back a lock of hair that fell over his eyes, ever so subtly. "But the best things happen because of luck, Mademoiselle."
"Oh, hmm?"
"Like us, meeting, by chance. It is luck at work, is it not?"
Your [e/c] gaze turned towards him, but by now, he was watching the roulette spin, round and round, as it...landed on his number!

The smile on his face didn't change, as all the poker chips got pushed towards him, making a small pile in front of him.
"Are you sure that you would not want to place a bet, Mademoiselle?"
"I'm positiv-"
"But, I insist. Use some of my poker chips."
"N-No, I couldn't do that! That's your money!" you protested.
"Ah, but I believe that Lady Luck will return it all, with interest."
You didn't miss the innuendo, but before you could protest, he seemed to catch the croupier's attention.
"Oh, Henri! La belle dame ici, she would like to place a bet on..." his words trailed off, as he turned towards you. "Which number would you like to place a bet on?"
"Thirteen," you replied, with a grin. If luck was what he was playing on, you decided to choose what, apparently, was the unluckiest number.
He seemed to laugh at this, but nonetheless, he pushed a substantial number of chips onto the mat.
"That's a lot of money," you said, slightly concerned.
"I'll leave it to luck," was his confident reply.

Moments, or minutes, passed in silence, as both of you observed the wheel, as the ball made its way around the circle. You could feel you breath hitching with ever second, as it slowed down, until it tripped over a few sections, and eventually landed...on thirteen!

"No way!" you exclaimed, in a loud whisper, completely oblivious to the stranger smiling benignly at you.
"And...Do you still not believe in luck, Mademoiselle?" He asked, as he picked up his wine glass from the table.
"Oh, well..." you paused to think. "I wouldn't necessarily say that, but-"
"Excellent...because I think that it is quite a stroke of luck that there happens to be, from what I hear, quite a feast at the restaurant here."
"Oh, that one? Yes, I did hear about it..."
"And I think it's rather lucky of me, too, to have the chance to ask Mademoiselle...?" He ended the sentence on an interrogative tone.
"[Name], it's [Name]," you replied, as you understood what he was getting to.
"Ah, Mademoiselle [Name] for, perhaps dinner?"
"Considering I did help you earn some of that money, I don't think it'd hurt spending it," you laughed. He laughed along with you, as well, as he held out his arm for you, like a proper gentleman.

"I think this calls for a proper introduction," he spoke, as you slid your arm around his. "Je m'appelle Laurent."
"And my name is [Name]."

And I believe,
This may call for a proper introduction, and well,
Don't you see?
I'm the narrator, and this is just the prologue.
Fail title is fail, thank you.

Ah, so the Model Judiciary Trial thing got cancelled, which meant that I could finish writing this, and then I'll be going to bed early =w=b
So needed.
Okay, so this is my...fourth Nyo!Hetalia fic, I think? I had a small Male!Hungary one, but I want to write a proper one for Daniel, now.

Male!Monaco's such a sophisticated BAMF. I sort of imagine him to look like this - [link]
Laurent's just the name that struck out to me :D
The lyrics at the end were my inspiration, and they're from The Only Difference Between Martyrdom And Suicide Is Press Coverage by...*drumroll* none other than Panic! At The Disco!!!

Okay, guys. Nothing much to say about this. I've never been in a casino, duh, so this is all from those movies I remember *cough* Ocean's series *cough*
And...I don't have much to say. Most of my headcanon of him is from that quiz I took - I imagine him to be quite a bit younger than he looks, charming, suave, (once you're past the serious, business part) playful and a genuinely nice guy, even though he's always got his business wits about him.
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Hong Kong
Collection by
Firt of July

It's also Hong Kong birthday
Super Fantastic Golden Platter Cake 3D birthday cake

I love HongIce, so I think that Fairy!Iceland in the present box could be a cute surprise :iconawwwplz:

Poor Ice, he seems so traumatized

Hey, guys! Do you think that it can be a good comic? a Hong x Fairy!Ice

stage : :iconmmd3dcgparts:
present: ??
Iceland : Roco
HK : Akkii
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Leon (Hong Kong)
Yao (China)
Kiku (Japan)
Mei (Taiwan)

Dere Type: Deredere


4 years old~
    "Leon!" a little girl screamed while running towards the brunette. The said boy tuned around and stared at his friend's figure coming towards him in full speed. Both of them were by the pond right behind Yao's house. Leon was watching the fishes swim; (Y/N) was by the bushes picking up different kinds of flowers.

    (Y/N) stopped in her tracks and bent over panting, while Leon supported her by rubbing her back. After (Y/N) regained her the air she lost, she grinned and walked over to Leon and putting something on his head. Leon reached up to his head and he felt the soft texture, it was a little moist but still soft.

    'A flower crown.' he thought. They both sat down and stared at the fishes. Everything was quiet until (Y/N) broke the silence that surrounded them.

    "Leon, how come you never smile?" she asked with a sigh after.

    "It's because I don't think it's necessary." that was his only response.

    "Why don't you try smiling? Like this!" (Y/N) used her index fingers to lift up the sides of his mouth. Leon looked at her with wide eyes, surprised by the sudden gesture she just did. (Y/N) gave  him a close eyed smile. She thought he looked kinda funny; wide eyes with a forced smile, it was a sight she would never forget.

    Leon felt the sides of his mouth rise up on its own. He took your hands off his face, but he put your right hand on his left cheek and kept it there by putting his own hand on top of it. You were confused on what was happening until you looked up and saw it.

    A smile.

    He was looking at you, eyes filled with love and a kind smile plastered on his face. You gave him another closed eyed smile and hugged him. He immediately hugged back with the smile still plastered on his face.

    Yao and Kiku were inside the house watching the two children hug each other. Kiku took out his camera and took a picture of this adorable moment.

    "They look so cute." Yao said.



    "Everyone look!" Mei shouted. Everyone's attention was on her and she grabbed your hand and pulled you into the family room where everyone was. They stared at you wide eyed with blushes on their faces. They gotta admit, you looked pretty adorable. While everyone stared at you, you stood there embarrassed. You were currently wearing a black skirt that goes up to the middle of your thigh, a white jacket with panda ears and a tail attached to it, and black thigh high socks with black ankle boots.

    Everyone was quiet until...

    "Kawaii!" Everyone screamed except for Leon. Everyone glomped you into a hug, but Leon still stayed seated looking at you with a smirk on his face. You were giving him a 'help me' look, but he just sat there with that stupid smirk still plastered on his face.

    A few minutes later Leon stood up and tapped on Yao's shoulder and gestured everyone to stop hugging. When everyone backed away, Leon pulled you into a hug and kissed you on the forehead. You hugged back and saw that he had a small smile on his face. Leon suddenly picks you up and glared at everyone.

    "Mine." he announced and took you outside.

    Everyone was frozen in surprise.

    "Wow...." everyone said in unison.


I'm sorry if it sorta sucked.

Thanks for reading. :D

Thanks for reading ;D APH America: Sparkle Glasses 

Hetalia belongs to Himaruya Hidekaz
Photo does not belong to me
Story is mine

- Gwen ^w^ 
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You two have been going out for nearly a year, and it has been the best year of your life. Leon isn't one to really show his emotions…but through his eyes, through his voice…you can tell what he feels. And you love it, the mystery behind him.

He's the kind of guy you can see living with for the rest of your life, even into your old age.

Last night was when he finally popped the question—the "will you marry me?" question. Of course, you said yes, and you're now filled with this euphoric feeling…this nothing-can-go-wrong emotion of happiness. You two moved in together about three months ago, and waking up next to him, knowing that he's your fiancée now…well, how can you not feel above the clouds?

But tonight's different.

He's always home before eleven. Always. He makes sure to do so because he doesn't want you to worry, to fall asleep with concern all over your mind.

It's nearly midnight.

You tell yourself not to worry and pull off your clothing, finding a tank and some shorts to sleep in.

But you can't sleep, can't stop wondering. You find yourself staring at the red numbers on the alarm clock, counting the seconds and minutes as they pass. You agonize yourself over this until around 1:49AM when you finally cave to exhaustion.

The world goes black.


The sun is bright the next morning—brighter than usual, I mean. You cringe, pulling the covers around your head to block out the sun. You notice how easy it is to pull on the covers…and then you shoot up, remembering how Leon didn't come home last night.

And he still isn't here.

You hurry out of bed, changing into jeans and a T-shirt. You slip on some flip-flops and grab your phone and keys, heading to the door. The house in entirely empty, save for you. You're checking your phone for any messages, and besides your mother (who was only calling to remind you not to forget your dentist appointment this Saturday), there are none.

Leon, where are you? This isn't like you…

You're about to cross through the threshold into the sunny outdoors when you notice something. It looks like…tracks…and they lead to your…closet?

You look around to find something you can use to attack in case you need to. Unfortunately, your baseball bat is inside that very closet, so you pick up a vase.

This might work.

You open the door quickly, holding the vase above your head as you move to swing it, but there is a quick yell, and whoever is in here moves further into the closet, hiding behind the coat.

"_________," the person gasps out.

It takes you a while to register to it, so long that the vase slips out of your hands, covering you in a thin layer of water before it crashes and breaks against the wooden floor. The flowers and the majority of the water flew out when you moved to attack earlier, and the last of the water is what has just fallen on you.

"L-leon?" you ask, your voice barely above a gasp.

"Close…the front door. Now."

You oblige, though you're terribly confused. You hear the strain in his voice, knowing that something is hurting him. He doesn't step out until you've closed the door and locked it…and he looks like a bloody mess. You run back to his side, touching his forehead and helping him to the sofa. His plaid shirt is covered in blood, and it looks like it's coming from his neck.

"Wait here," you whisper as you rush to the kitchen for a cloth, a bottle of water, and the first aid kid.

When you return, you notice how pale he is, how weak he looks. You clean the spot off, and when you lift the cloth, you notice he has two identical, puncture wounds…almost like…a vampire bite?

But that's ridiculous.

"What happened?" you ask him as you find a bandage big enough for the spot. You place it down gently, but he doesn't even flinch. His eyes are on your neck.

"I was attacked," he murmurs before he reaches forward, lightly kissing your neck.

"Nnngh," you moan before you push him away. "Don't distract me. Who were you attacked by?"

"I don't know," he says as he stands, grasping me by both wrists. He shows absolutely no emotion, but you can feel the emotion pulsing through his veins. He wants you. "And I don't think I'm trying to distract you."

"What did he do?" you ask as Leon brings you closer to him.

"He bit me," he whispers against my neck.

"What?" you gasp.

"_________, you love me, right?" His light brown eyes meet mine, his choppy, dark brown bangs nearly covering them. "Do you want to spend forever with me?"

"What are you talking about?" you ask as you break free from his grasp.

"I'm a vampire."

You stare at him for a while, wondering what the hell exactly happened to him to make him get so delusional. But his face leads on to no clues to how it happened or if is just joking. The same expressionless face, over and over again.

And then you manage out a laugh. "You're funny."

"The sun burns me," he blurts, and then you remember how he acted with the front door open; since all the curtains are pulled shut, the only thing allowing light in was the open door. "And your blood is calling for me. I've…I've never felt a hunger like this. I haven't bitten anyone since I was attacked and you…you're here, and you're so beautiful…"

You step back, unconsciously heading for the kitchen. "D-don't."

"I don't want to, but my whole body wants me to."

"Leon, don't." You fully believe him, especially seeing as how his eyes keep eyeing every inch of skin showing…and not for perverted reasons. He's hungry. "Leon, listen to me, love, don't do this."

"Do you love me?" he asks me.

"You know I do."

"Then trust me. I'm giving you forever just for the two of us."

And he lurches forward.

A scream escapes your lips as you make a dash for the kitchen, reaching for the door so you can open it and let the light in. He catches you by the waist, but he isn't rough with you. He clears the table and lays you down, climbing on top.

"_________, I'm not going to die. I'm not going to age. This will be me forever." His face is near yours, and you are drowning in his scent; it is so much more powerful than it used to be, and it is intoxicating, making your head spin and letting your guard drop. "I won't be able to marry you. I can't, not if I want… _________, say you'll be with me forever."

"And what will you have me do?"

"Become a vampire with me." He lightly kisses your lips. "All you have to do is say yes, and we'll be together forever."

His face doesn't let a single emotion slip, but his voice does.

Leon is the kind of person you can see yourself growing old with, being in love with forever.

You've loved him for two years, been with him for one.

He's your fiancée.

So you open your mouth to let out the word.

Requested by :iconwordlefan:!



I am sorry if I overdid or under-did anyone~ And any grammar or spelling mistakes. And the swearing. Unless you like swearing. In which case, ignore the apology for swearing. And any first person pronouns. Sorry for those as well.
Thank you for reading this and for reading my story! (:
Hetalia and it's cast © Hidekazu Himaruya
You © Russia.
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It was nighttime. Or daytime. You couldn't tell. In the dark club, illuminated only by the lights at the bar and the dull glow of the glowsticks worn by practically everyone there, it seemed like nighttime was the only time. There were lamps, but the light they gave was so dim that they didn't really "light up" anything. It could've been just 20 minutes since you entered, or 20 days. The place had some sort of swallowing atmosphere, drawing you into its twisting labyrinth, cutting off your sense of time and leaving you lost amongst the dark shadows. Although this maze had alcoholic drinks.

You had came with your best friend Leon, a Cantonese guy who was a year or so older than you. Although his serious, mature nature said opposite, he loved clubs. He claimed that he liked the energy, strong vibrations pulsating throughout the building. He liked the loud music, the crazy people, the freedom to do whatever. You, on the other hand, just came because there was nothing else to do on this Friday night. And because you had never been to a place like this before,, and you were kind of drawn in by curiousity. Also, although you would never admit it, you couldn't say no to your best friend. Or crush. Whatever term you'd like to address him as.

Well, it definitely matched what you had imagined. The gray walls, flashing multicolored lights, sweaty, moving bodies. Maybe not the peculiar smell. Once your dark-haired best friend led you into the building, he disappeared into the crowd. You couldn't even catch him walking in, he just sort of... melted in. This was where he belonged.

Sadly, Leon was belonging so much that he left you completely alone, wary, and most definitely frightened. You were a female, you were alone, you were in a club. Put two and two together. Unsure, you paced back and forth in the entrance hall, debating whether you should just ditch or stay. In fact, you were so enveloped in your own thoughts you didn't notice that the mass of drunk, dancing teens had sucked you in, too. You looked up, and upon seeing that you were surrounded by people, started to panic. You did a 360, trying to find out where the hell you were. No success. Your palms started to sweat, and you took a couple deep breaths, trying to calm yourself down.

It's alright, I'm just in a dark, scary place where people might try and kidnap me or something and I have no clue with the exit is. Breathe in, breathe out. Breathe in, breathe out.

Your heartbeat slowing down a couple beats, you pushed through the sweaty bodies in an attempt to find some place that wasn't the dance floor. It seemed to go on forever, some people were harder to push past than others, you were sure you got flipped off and cussed at on more than one occasion. It didn't matter, the important thing now was getting out.

So your attempts were not in vain. Finally you were at the edge of the dance floor, looking on to a couple of tables, chairs, and a counter that made up the bar. Only until you saw all these glasses and drinks did you realize how exhausted you were. Getting here was no easy feat. You quickly found an unoccupied chair at the counter and sat down, sighing in relief as the weight was lifted off your legs. A young man in a bartender's suit hurried to get your order. You looked at the menu behind him, squinting your eyes to read the chalk-scribbled words. Basically everything here had some sort of alcohol in it. You were old enough, but didn't really feel comfortable drinking in an environment like this, since you had no idea how well you could hold your alcohol.

"Can I just have some water, please?" you asked the bartender. Water was good. Cool. Refreshing. Wouldn't get you drunk. You smiled, expecting the guy to turn around and magically produce a tall glass filled to the brim with the liquid you requested.

What you didn't expect was for him to bite his lip and smile sheepishly at you.

"Uh, sorry, miss," he averted his eyes from you, "but we, uh, don't have any water." Flinching at your surprised expression, he quickly tried to think of something else to say. "But... but I could get you a glass of ice or something, if you'd like. It is water, just, you know, in a solid form..." the young man drawled off, awaiting your response and played with his hands, obviously uncomfortable.

Well, as cold and good a glass of uh, ice sounded right now, it definitely wouldn't do. You'd die of thirst waiting for it to melt! So gazing at the menu again, you spied a couple words that you didn't see before. Soda! That was good, right? Nothing with alcohol in that! Just caffeine and a whole lot of sugar. You didn't really drink it often, but the kick it gave was certainly enough to pull you through the night.

"Ah, well, can I have a Coke, please? Keep the change." You slid a five-dollar bill across the counter. People had told you how expensive drinks were at clubs, and you didn't want to take your chances. The bartender's expression seemed to lighten up at your request. He grinned, winked at you, and took the money, turning to the back and mixing up something in a glass before handing it to you.

"One Vodka and Coke, miss! Have a good one, yeah?"

Vodka? Wait, but you only asked for... and the young man was gone, serving another customer at the other end of the counter. You sighed, and stared down at the clear brown contents, taking an experimental sip. You spent five bucks on the thing, might as well drink it. Heck, it tasted like Coke, maybe there wasn't any Vodka in it...

Immersed in the drink, you didn't notice someone moving from his spot at the end of the bar to the seat next to you. You looked up to see who the stranger was.

...Not a stranger. It was your friend, Leon! Your best-crush-friend-thing! And your head was buzzing! This was not a good situation to be in. Mayday mayday, we're going down!

The Cantonese had a glass in his hand, too. He drank? Curiously you looked into the glass, but you couldn't tell. It wasn't like you were a drink expert or something. Leon seemed to notice you staring and smirked.

"I have no clue what that is, haha. It's sort of good though, want some?" he tilted the glass in your direction, the contents sloshing around, ice clinking the sides of the glass. You didn't know what to say. Was he drunk? Leon usually didn't talk in a tone so... cheery.

"Oh, um, alright." You took the glass, fingers brushing against his for a split second. You gave him a weary look as you took a sip, and he shot back a somewhat encouraging one.

Ugh. It tasted like really, really bad licorice. the liquid felt dry sloshing around in your mouth, and left a horrible aftertaste after you choked it down. Not wanting to discourage your tipsy friend, you managed a feeble grin and gave him a thumbs-up, setting down the glass a good distance away from you. Leon seemed pleased with this response, then grabbed your hand and pulled you towards the dance floor.

"Come on ______, let's... dance! Haha..." he called, motioning for you to come over.

Alright, the guy was definitely not sober. But he seemed easier to approach in this state. You know, the guy you liked. Was this a blessing or a curse?

Anyhow, Leon had somehow pulled you in with him and was now in front of you, swaying to the pounding beat like everyone else around you. Hastily you mimicked them, soon getting familiar with the song and doing your own thing, laughing and dancing. Leon chuckled and stepped closer to you. You didn't mind, but appreciated the gesture since it prevented you two from getting separated again.

Although you started to mind when he started moving so close that he was in your personal bubble, dancing just like he was when he was, well, four feet away. But now you could feel his presence, like a constant, pressing force. And the strange thing was, you didn't really mind. This was probably the closest you've ever gotten to first base, anyways. And it was with the guy you liked. Bonus. So you brushed it off and continued moving to the music, enjoying yourself immensely. Man, Leon did this almost every week, how the heck was he so serious all the time? Your eyes met on more than one occasion, and you both gazed at each other for precious seconds before looking somewhere else. You liked this place. No one really said anything, or did anything, just danced, laughed, and belonged. Anyone could be everyone here. It was awesome.

Fast forward an hour. Or five. Time passed quickly in this club. You were outside with your best friend, both of you drunk like there was no tomorrow, laughing your asses off at some stupid joke you said that may or may not have actually been an actual joke. You both looked awful. Your makeup was a bit smudged from your sweat, your hairband had fallen off so now your (length/color) hair hung untied. Leon's hair was mussed, and his clothes were rumpled from the constant movement. Multiple glowsticks that certainly weren't there when you guys entered were hung around your wrists and necks. The cool night air was heaven compared to the hot, stuffy temperature inside. You both were alone. And for some reason, your inner voice was telling you that this was the perfect time to confess. But, being the shy kid you were, you weren't going to make the first move in a million years.

Leon spoke up first, his voice cutting through the awkward silence that had settled comfortably around you two.

"Hey ______, can I ask you something?"


"Uh... nevermind." He stuck his hands into his pockets and focused on staring into the space behind you, clearly showing that this conversation was over.

"Come on, dude, don't leave me hanging... Mmf!" You were cut off as Leon suddenly stepped forward and wrapped his arms around your waist, kissing you on the lips. The contact felt really, impossibly good, and you struggled not to collapse with surprise. Eventually you calmed down, and your lips softened against his, kissing him back. He seemed to accept this and started moving forward a couple more steps, forcing you backwards. He placed a firm hand behind your head and pushed you against the wall, closing the gap between your bodies and kissing you more passionately than before. Your hands regained their ability to move and you quickly pushed him away, your face blushing madly.

"Wh...what's gotten into you, Leon?"

"Oh, I've liked you for a long time, ______. You know, it's just that it's a late Friday night, I'm a bit tipsy, and you're actually returning my kiss. That's all." The dark-haired boy pressed his lips against yours again for a moment before pulling back again, as if remembering something.

"Are you not enjoying yourself?"

"Oh, uh, I don't, n-no, I'm not..." you could barely utter a single word without stuttering. Everything seemed all mixed up, but in a good way. Sort of.

Leon seemed pleased with your answer.

"Cool. I'm glad you came, by the way."

He continued the embrace, and this time you didn't hesitate to reach your arms over his shoulders and wrap them around his neck, tangling your fingers within his hair.
First deviation! I'm turning over a fresh new leaf from to dA! And learning how incredibly different it is from FF... orz;;

Like submitting things! On FF, you just upload the document, choose the category, rating, type in a summary, and you're done! Here you get all these interesting features like preview images, tags/keywords, sharing options... I had to google how to submit a story after trying numerous times without success! (apparently .doc files don't work here...) Hopefully I'll get the jist of this soon, haha!

So here is a HKxReader fic based on the song "Glad You Came" by The Wanted! I've never been to a club, or consumed alcohol (besides a sip, and that was wine), or gotten snogged, so hopefully my incredibly lacking social life managed to spit out a good fic, yeah?
/forced laughter

**If you folks actually like this, I might make a part two of this with a ~*~*~LEMON~*~*~ (my mum would be so proud of me), seeing as there seems to be a lack of HKxReader lemons on this site and I need to change that, haha! So tell me your opinions below in the comments!

Part two (LEMON!!) can be found here! [link]

Hetalia © Hidekaz Himaruya
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Light up my sky
Anime: Hetalia.
Hong Kong/Leon x Reader

Hetalia and it's characters © Hidekaz Himaruya
This story © RecklessAlbinoChibi
You © Yourself. Or whoever you want.


Warning: Human names are used. Hong Kong is refered to as 'Leon'.


"Are you sure Arthur won't absolutely murder you for this?" [Your Name] narrowed her eyes, leaning towards the crouched, brown haired teen. "I mean, you're setting up fireworks in practically right next door to his house, and the poor bugger is terrified of them."

"Poor bugger?" Leon looked up, a small smirk lying on his lips. "You're starting to sound a little like Iggy himself..."

"Yeah yeah," [Your Name] rolled her eyes. "How loud are these things going to be?"

"Well, considering that they are Yao's best, they're very bright, and very loud," he spoke, placing the last of the fireworks in the ground.

He stood beside the female, admiring his work. There was about 15 rockets, all in a row, perfectly spaced about a foot away from each other.

"If this goes wrong," [Your Name] began. "Don't expect me to run to your aid."

"It won't go wrong," Leon insisted, whipping out a lighter from his pocket. "What time is it, [Your Name]-Chan?"

"Eh, about eight PM."

"Damn," the brown haired male sighed, shoving the lighter back into his pocket. "It's not late enough..."

"When do you plan to set these off?"

"About 12."

"Oh God Leon..."


"Arthur is going to murder you."

~~~~~~Time Skip~~~~~~

"[Your Name]," Leon whined, nudging the girl in the side, causing her to squirm.

"Damn it, what?!"

"Get me a coke..."

"No! Stop being so lazy!"

"I'm not lazy," Leon deadpanned. "You're lazy because I asked you to get me a drink and you would not get it. Therefore, you are the lazy one here."

"Your logic sucks," she groaned, leaning over on the couch, rubbing the sleep out of her eyes. "How long do you expect me to stay awake? I'm tired..."

"I am too," he said simply. "But I'm not staying up by myself, especially when it's this dark outside."

"Aww~ Poor little Leon is afraid of the dark~"

"Shut up."

"But the dark is sooo scary~ Little baby Leon must be terrified--"

Leon jabbed her in the side. "Shut up. It's about half eleven now. I think now would be fine," he then stood up, folding his arms.

"Fine," she shrugged, dragging herself up and following the male out of the red, wooden door. "15 fireworks," she mused. "That's going to be one Hell of a bang."

"Of course it is," Leon rolled his eyes. "Did you only just figure that out now, genius?"

"Shut up!"

"Now I'm going to need you to stand back," Leon shoo'd her with his hand. "I want the chance of you getting hurt as minimal as possible."

"Well that's.... unnaturally sweet of you," she chuckled, but went off to stand at a safe distance.

The brown haired male gave her a little wave and thumbs up, before he turned to the first firework in the row. 'Right... I'm going to have to do these really quickly... Light the first, second, and then so on. Quickly. [Your Name] is going to love this. And Artie is going to be pissed. But... I guess this is two birds in one stone... right? Impressing [Nickname] and annoying Arthur.'

[Your Name] saw Leon's shoulder's shiver in the cold, but then caught sight of a small, flickering flame. She shouted to him to be careful, and he merely held up his thumb again, before placing the flame near the first rocket.

Leon saw the spark of the first firework, and he immediately bounced over to the next firework, a foot away, lighting up the second. He repeated this until he had reached the last rocket, and as he had lit the last one, he heard the first one screech and saw the bright light out of the corner of his eye, firing up into the night sky. He gave the lighter a little shake, shoving it into his pocket and running over to where [Your Name] was stood so that he too could have the perfect view.

They all went off, one after the other, pounding up into the sky like shooting stars. They lit up the sky in colours of red, green, blue, yellow and white, the occasional streak of silver bursting within them like it was one in a million.

Leon heard [Your Name] give a little gasp, so he turned his head. She had her hands covering her mouth, her eyes brightly lit up, the fireworks seeming to glitter in the reflection of her [eye colour] irises.

"You like it?" The male questioned, laying a hand on her arm.

"Are you kidding?" She glanced to him out of the corner of her eyes. "I've never seen anything like this. This is completely amazing!"

"I picked these fireworks specifically," he muttered. "I knew they were the most colourful... and quite frankly, they're really pretty too."

"Pretty? That's an understatement! These things are freaking EPIC!"

"Epic?" Leon repeated, looking back to her again. The fireworks were still going off in the background, banging in the sky and deafening practically everybody within range. "I suppose you could call it that."

"This was a great idea," she smiled. "This is literally the best day of my life!"

"It's not mine," he shrugged. "It nearly is. But it's missing a little something."

The banging faded out into quiet screeching, the colour's in the sky starting to dim until everything faded into nothing -- leaving a simple, foggy mist of smoke. "What is it missing?" [Your Name] tilted her head, narrowing her eyes and her eyebrows knitting together.

Leon smiled -- a difference from his usual 'poker face'. Without a word, he wrapped an arm around her waist. "I'm missing... you," he stated, his smiled widening. Placing a hand under her chin, he lifted it, pressing his lips firmly, yet tenderly against hers.  Of course, she was surprised, but eventually she had melted into the kiss, their lips moving in sync like some form of elegant, romantic dance.

When the need for air became a necessity at this point, they broke away, gasping. "Have I ever told you that I loved you, [Your Name]?" Leon asked, his eyes softening.

"I don't believe you have," she smiled shyly.

He gave a small chuckle, pecking her on the side of her mouth. "I love you... [Your Name]."

"I love you too, Leo--"









And the rest of the night was spent running away from a very, VERY angry Brit.


Commission for :iconpaanda-tan:

I'm sorry it sucks! It's kind of rushed... /bows down to Paanda-Tan/ I'm so sorry! I hope it's okay!




Writing Commission's here: recklessalbinochibi.deviantart…

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Tears streak your cheeks, your grubby hands refusing to let go of the tan ones. “It’ll be all right. I’ll come play with you as soon as I can.” Despite his hopeful words, you continue sobbing. The five-year-old brunette starts becoming worried, hearing the click-click-clack of his mother’s shoes on the pavement. “Look, you shouldn’t cry (Y/n). We’ll see each other again, I swear.”

Looking up, nose bunged with goo, you disentangle your hands and hold up your little finger. “Swear on it,” you manage to hiccup through your tears, sniffing loudly when he wraps his own little finger around yours. “I pinkie-swear, (Y/n)! We will see each other again. Ah,” he pulls his hands from yours and starts searching around in his back-pockets, whilst you smear the green mucus from your nose onto your sleeve.

“Here,” he says and he gives you a thrice folded-up drawing. Unfolding it, careful of your sticky fingers, you see a very crude drawing of what looks like a girl and a boy, who are holding red blobs, tufted with green, which are larger than themselves. “It’s you and me, see?” Antonio explains, patting your head. His mother is with you now, urging Antonio to hurry; they need to leave, they don’t want to be late meeting the landlord of the new house.

Smiling impishly, he pats your head again and waves all the way down to the car. Standing on your toes to see him as long as you can, you wave animatedly, fresh tears glistening on your cheeks. Comforted by his promise, you turn to your own house, which stood next to the one he’d lived in.

It still haunts you, the fact that he’d made that pinkie-promise. The two of you never did manage to see each other again.

A colourful flyer is caught between your fingers, times new roman advertising the new and upcoming artist’s exhibition in the local museum. Antonio Fernandez Carriedo. It’s been so long since you’d heard from him, the steady stream of letters dying soon after he'd moved to a new town. You still kept the drawing he’d given you before his departure, safely tucked away in a photo album. Hopefully this new and upcoming artist would be him, but even if it wasn’t you’d go to the museum, you did love spending time there.

Rocking back and forth on the balls of your feet, you sigh at the time it takes in the line. True, there’s a new exhibition, but the amount of people here is crazy. Finally, finally you manage to get inside. A plethora of colours greets you and for a moment you stand in awe at the sight of the wondrous art. Statues in every colour of the rainbow crowd the corners, figures resembling Aphrodite and Hera and all manner of awesome women. That’s awesome in the old tense, you remark to yourself, though they are quite awesome, in the new sense, as well.

Hopefully you’d be able to see the artist in person, usually the creator would always be present at such an exhibition. Throngs of people gathered around each piece of art, so it made it hard for you to actually manage to get close to the artwork. Deciding to check out the other rooms first, you walk through the hall, your head swivelling from side to side so that you wouldn’t miss a single piece. When you reach one of the further, less crowded rooms you spot a trio of men ahead, standing alone beside a figure in bright blue, lying on her side in woeful terror.

“I have to say, I like this one the most.” The tallest of them said, stroking his chin a little in thought. “Ah thanks,” the brunette remarked, smiling weakly. Strangely enough he’s wearing shades inside. Either he’s trying his very best to be cool, or he’s got a Cyborg-like problem with his eyes.

“It’s the blue Venus,” the first one added helpfully, clapping his confused, but thankful friend on the back. A man with white hair stands beside them, and he’s the one that notices you. You’re standing in the middle of the hallway, mouth slightly hanging open in surprise. You finally realise who the brunette reminds you of. The pale guy smirks a little, leaning forward to his shaded-friend and muttering something.
The next moment the blonde and silverette are walking towards you, passing you with almost knowing smiles on their faces.

You can’t help but feel a little discerned, before you step up to the now extremely confused looking brunette. “Hello?” Wondering how to reply, you stand beside him and take a deep breath. “Yeah, hi.” Is that the best you can come up with brain?! “I’m not sure you remember me, but… erm….” The man looks taken aback, frowning over his sunglasses. “Errr, you weren’t an, I mean you weren't...-“

The two of you stand there in an awkward silence, before you hold out your hand. “I’m (Y/n), I’m not sure if you remember me, but well… I sure do remember you, Antonio.” You could have sworn you saw his eyes widen behind his shades. “Wow, (Y/n)? Really?” A slow grin spreads across his face. “It’s been too long!”

“I’d never thought you’d become an artist though, Antonio.” You tell him, a plastic cup of coffee between your hands. “Well why not? Don’t you remember that drawing I gave you? A work of art, was it not?” His tone is sarcastic, but his smile is earnest. “I’ve still got it…. Hey, won’t it be worth quite a bit of money now?” The Spaniard chokes on his coffee. “You’re not going to sell it, are you?” Snorting, you shake your head. “Well, are you?” Again, you snort derisively before adding, “Of course not, are you mad?”
Chuckling in self-satisfaction, he grins again. You fall silent, but this time it’s not uncomfortable.

“Hey, chica. Can you describe the piece of art that’s in this room?” His question takes you aback and you glance at him. “How about you take off those shades, maybe then you could see it for yourself.” You tease, taking a sip of coffee. A sad smile twists his lips ruefully and he does indeed take them off, folding them up and sliding them into the chest pocket of his shirt. Turning to you, he blinks slowly one, two times. In fear of dropping your coffee, you set the cup down on the bench in between the two of you.

“Shit, Antonio I’m, I’m really sorry.” Your mouth is dry, your throat suddenly parched despite you drinking not a second before. The two beautiful emerald irises had gone slightly milky, unseeing as they focus on the spot where your mouth is. Presumably he’s managing by directing his gaze to where your voice is coming from. “It’s not your fault, you didn’t know.” He tells you, rubbing his neck. “For how long-“
“I guess it was just after I moved. Sorry,” he smiled weakly, “I don’t like talking about it. That’s why I couldn’t continue writing to you. Mother didn’t have any time to write my letters either…”

Feeling a tad uncomfortable, you look around the room to find something to talk about. “Why are your sculptures so bright?” Antonio chuckled, though with a bit more spirit this time. “I can still see really bright colours. It makes me happy to see them. I like blues and greens especially.”

“I can tell,” you murmur in response, feeling happier that he seems to have perked up. “And… why all the women? Why don’t you sculpt men?” To these words, he laughs properly, his hands on his legs. “I like women. I like the way they feel to me. Soft, warm, deliciously seductive.” You feel a blush spread to your ears at his words. “I think sculpting women must be one of the true pleasures of this world.” He finishes with his hands open and aloft, as if he was praising an invisible goddess.

“If you want, I can sculpt you too…?” Shaking your head viciously, you try to bar the vision your mind conjures up. “No way, you’ll have to…-“
“Touch you? Everywhere?” Antonio laughs again. “Only if you want to.” Turning to you properly, he smiled, showing off his pearly whites. “That reminds me. (Y/n)? May I… er, touch your face? It’ll help me to envision what you look like, and I do want to see how you’ve changed.”
You hesitate for a moment, before you square your jaw and nod. “Alright. Only the face though.” The brunette grins and nods. “Take my hands and put them on your cheeks. That’ll prevent anything embarrassing happening.”

Able to see exactly which scenario he has in mind, you gingerly cup his hands and pull them up to your face. “There,” you mutter, closing your eyes when he leans closer. Softly, ever so gently he starts caressing your jaw, the incline of your nose. He traces your cheekbones and lips, feeling your eyebrows and forehead. To touch your eyelids, he uses so little pressure on his fingertips that you can barely feel them. “You’ve grown into such a beautiful woman,” he whispers, cupping your cheeks gently. Opening your eyes, you can see the soft smile playing around his lips, see the gentle blush on his cheeks. To his compliment you find your own cheeks steaming, more so due to the fact that his warm palms surround your face.

“Ah, are you blushing?” He asks, his head cocked and a smug sort of manner about his smile. “I’m-I’m doing nothing of the sort!” You retort, pulling back from his hands and placing your own on your cheeks, cooling them. “Too bad, ‘cause that would have been really cute.”
This next statement of his only succeeds in further fuelling the heat of your skin. “I guess I managed to uphold that promise of mine, eh?” He adds, holding up his hand, little finger stretched to the heavens.

“I guess you did.” You reply. Seeing him urge you to ‘shake’ pinkies, you comply and wrap yours around his waiting one. “There we go.” His finger curls around yours, stopping you from pulling back. “Now, I promise to take you out to dinner sometime. No take backs,” he declares quickly, before you can pull back. When you do manage to wrestle your pinkie free, you could have sworn that his eyes twinkled.
“Sorry about only fulfilling that promise. But,” he slapped his knees, “now you know that no matter what, even twenty years of time, won’t stop me from fulfilling my promises.” Wondering where he’s going, you watch his lips twitch it a crooked sort of smile.

“So about that dinner…”
This was a long requested fic for :iconflooshy98: I'm extremely sorry for the lateness.
I didn't want to give Toni's blindness away, so I didn't put it in the title C:
Seeing as he was meant to be blind, I thought sculpting would be a good craft for him, don't ask ^^

I would like a premium membership, so I'm thinking of opening up commissions. People that have requested things, please do not fret! I haven't forgotten you. But as I've sort of said before, I need to write as the ideas come to me. If I can't find a good idea for whatever your request was, then I won't be writing it. I do not like writing half-arsed things for people.

I'm going to finish up an amount of requests first however, so if I finish five RQ I'll probably be opening five commission slots ^^ If you're interested, please keep an eye out! Prices will probably range from 10-20 points depending on what you'd be wanting.
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Alfred looks at his reflection in the mirror, frowning. At least, it looks like Alfred. The thing is, Alfred isn’t who he seems to be. In fact, the words that next leave his mouth are proof of that.
“Oh, bloody hell…” he mutters, running a hand through his sandy blonde hair.
Yep. It’s Arthur. In Alfred’s body.
“Stupid spell! I thought it would work!” Alfred – or, rather, Arthur – says. The situation seems quite comical, as Alfred’s voice also came with his body, so, of course, it sounds like Alfred trying to do a British accent.
A few minutes ago, Arthur was trying to do a spell to curse Alfred after… well, details shall not be mentioned about the reason of the curse, only that Alfred’s pranks have all become too much for his brother
The only problem was that the spell backfired a little. Okay, a lot. Now, Arthur is staring into the American’s blue eyes instead of his own. Well, maybe he could say they’re his own? …He wasn’t sure, to be honest.
“…I’d better call Alfred,” Arthur says with a sigh. He has to find out if anything has happened to the real Alfred. The real Brit walks up the stairs and finds his phone on the table, dialling the number quickly.
“Hey, Artie. What’s up, dude?” an American voice answered, sounding like Alfred normally does. His voice doesn’t seem to be different and he isn’t panicking in any way.
“Oh, I was just calling to ask a question, is all, Alfred,” Arthur replies, rolling his eyes. Of course it wouldn’t have affected him. When do any of his stupid spells go right?
“Which is…?” the real Alfred asks.
“Is everything okay? I mean, everything’s normal with you, right?” Arthur asks, wondering if he worded that right without it sounding too weird. Well, he certainly won’t be able to ask him outright if he looks like who he’s meant to look like.
“…Um, yeah, everything’s fine. I mean, I’m in Canada with Matthew, which you know, but other than that, everything’s normal. Is everything alright with you, dude? Your voice sounds weird.”
Arthur bites his lip, thinking of what to say next, but eventually dismissing the question with a shaky laugh, “Of course everything’s fine! I was just making sure your trip is going okay! Are you… having fun?”
“Sure! Matthew’s taking me to play ice hockey, so I need to go get ready. I’ll see you when I get back, ‘kay?” he says.
“Yes, I’ll see you soon. Bye,” he says before putting the phone back down. Well, the only thing left to do is find a way to reverse the spell.


Unsure of how long it’s been, Arthur gets woken up by a knock at the door.
“Oh, god, I must have fallen asleep here,” he says, looking at his spell book on the desk. He sighs and stretches as he stands up, going to rub his eyes to find that his hand hits a pair of glasses first – a pair he borrowed from Alfred’s room.
“And clearly I didn’t find a bloody spell to reverse this one.” He scowls at the American’s reflection in the mirror as he passes by it to the front door. Whoever it is better have a good reason for coming, because he’s very busy. Well, he was sleeping… but now he’s awake, he’s very busy!
Arthur swings open to door to find a smiling face greeting him.
“________!” he says, starting to blush, but smiling, too. He always blushes whenever he sees you now. He can’t help it. He thinks you’re pretty and lovely and kind and…
You frown for a moment, clearly not expecting to have Alfred greet you at Arthur’s house. What’s more puzzling is that you thought he was in Canada with his brother.
“Alfie?” you say, “Um, what are you doing at Arthur’s place? No, wait, I thought you and Mattie were in Canada until Friday, anyway.”
The blonde pauses, biting his lip. I can’t tell her the truth, he thinks to himself, there’s no way she’d believe me. Well, there’s only one he can do.
Pretend to be Alfred.
“Yes, well, I had a last minute change of plans! I’m going on Friday, instead,” he replies.
You frown again, but a smile creeps across your face as you walk past him straight into Arthur’s lounge, “Okay, two things. One, why are you talking like Artie?”
“Am I?” Arthur asks, then realises. Of course! He’s speaking with a British accent! He blushes again and puts on his best American accent, “Oh! Well, you know, dude, how much I like to mess around, dude. I saw Arthur earlier. I’m just chilling here until he comes back later, dude!” He closes his eyes and sighs when he realises how stupid that must have sounded.
There’s a very short silence as you realise what he’s just said, but then you turn back to look at him and start to giggle, “Alright, ‘dude’. Enough with the messing around. So, that was point number one. The second point is that Friday is in two days, and you can’t go away Friday! You said you were going to help me as soon as you both got back from Canada ’cause it’s Artie’s birthday on Saturday!”
“Don’t call me Artie, love, I don’t like it,” Arthur says, before widening his eyes when he realises his next big mistake.
“Love?” you repeat, flopping down in the armchair, “Okay, are you just pretending to be Arthur today or what? Seriously, I need your help and I need you to act yourself. It’s important to me, you know it is.”
“Why’s that?” he asks.
“You know why! Come on, Alfie, you said you’d help me get him to like me, too!”
“…You like m- Arthur?!” he asks, his eyes widening.
“Uh, hello! Earth to Alfred! We had this conversation, like, two days ago!” you say, reaching over and smacking him on the back of the head, lightly, “Don’t do this to me, it’s mean. I’m not in the mood to play around, here! I want to make his birthday party special not just because it’s his birthday because I would have done something anyway, but so that he might like me back, and- …are you okay?”
You had asked that because, looking up at ‘Alfred’ from rummaging in your bag, you’ve noticed that his face has turned a bright red.
“O-of course I’ll help you, ________,” he eventually says, “I-I’m sure Arthur will love whatever you do for him.”
You nod, “I hope so. I don’t want to embarrass myself. That’s why I can’t just come out and tell him I love him to his face, y’know?”
“L-love?!” he suddenly says, nearly falling backwards off of the chair.
“Yes! God, Alfred, you’re just trying to be annoying today, aren’t you?!” you say, standing up and sighing, “Look, if you’re just going to be irritating, I’m going home. I didn’t even know I would be seeing you today, anyway!”
“No, wait, ________! Don’t go, please!” he says, desperately.
“Well, will you stop acting like an idiot? I really need your help, Alfie! It means a lot that I let him know how I feel!” you say, sitting back down.
“I’m pretty sure he knows how you feel,” he replies, leaning back in his seat and running a hand through his hair.
Now it’s your turn to blush, “W-what? You didn’t tell him, did you?!”
He shakes his head furiously, needing to focus and think what Alfred would say. He clears his throat and says, “Not at all! I just… Listen, ________, he likes you. A lot.”
“And how do you know that?” you ask, cheeks burning.
“…He told me,” he says, simply, before continuing, unable to stop himself, “He said you’re the nicest person he’s ever met, always have nice things to say about people, even if they’re idiots like Al- like me. He said he thinks you’re beautiful. He’s just never known how to tell you.”
You stare at him for a moment, mouth open, before it turns into a small smile, “Arthur said that?”
‘Alfred’ nods, “Yeah. He told me after you and I had that discussion, so I didn’t have a chance to speak to you about it.”
“You didn’t tell him I love him, did you?! I don’t want to freak him out,” you say.
“No, I didn’t. But… well, when Matt gets home from Canada we can plan everything together for his party. Sound good?” he asks.
You nod, still smiling, “Sounds great.”
“Alright, good. Well, I’m going to make some te-- coffee, so would you like some?”
“Yeah, okay. Thanks, Alfie. Hey, Matt’s coming back Friday, then, right?”
“I’m not sure. I guess so.”
He leaves the room to go and make the drinks, and as you’re waiting you pull your phone out of your pocket and find Matthew’s number, deciding to ask him when he thinks he’ll be back. You thought the two of them were going to come home Friday, but seeing as Alfred didn’t go – or so you think – you wonder if that’s changed. Holding the phone to your ear, you hear Matthew’s quiet voice answer.
“Hi, ________,” he says.
“Hey, Mattie. How’s Canada?”
“Yeah, it’s good, thank you. We’re really enjoying it. Alfred’s actually quite good at hockey, not that I was really surprised…”
“Wait, what? But we were--”
You hear a familiar voice in the background, loud and American, “Who’s that?”
“It’s ________,” Matthew says.
There’s a bit of noise as the phone is taken from Matthew, and your eyes widen when the other person speaks, “Oh, hey ________! How’s it going?”
“A-Alfred?!” you ask, also hearing noises coming from the kitchen.
“Yeah, of course it’s me, dudette! Who else would it be! You know I’m here with Matthew!” the Alfred on the phone says.
“Did you call me, ________?” ‘Alfred’ says, coming into the lounge, two teacups in his hands.
Glancing from the phone to the Alfred stood with you several times, you eventually manage to say, “A-Alfie, I-I… I’m going to have to call you back…” and with that you close the phone. The Alfred with you is staring at the phone, biting his lip.
“…________, I can expla--”
“What’s going on…” you whisper to yourself, looking at the phone in your hand. Then you think over Alfred’s behaviour since you arrived. He wasn’t acting like himself. He was acting like…
“Arthur,” you say, pointing at him. He sits down, putting the cups on the table, and nods.
“I can explain, really,” he says, his British accent returning, even though it’s Alfred’s voice.
“How did… I-I mean…” You sigh and run a hand through your hair, trying to work things out. “…Arthur, I am seriously confused and even a little scared right now. Yes, I’d like an explanation, please.”
Arthur stands and offers you his hand, which you take cautiously. When you stand up, he leads you downstairs, “You know that I like to practice magic? Well, I tried something else to curse Alfred. Nothing bad, just… something little, you know? But… well, as you can see, it backfired a bit.”
“A bit?! Arthur, you’ve turned into your BROTHER! That’s not just a bit, that a whole lot!”
He holds up the spell book he tried using and sighs, “Yes, alright, I get that. You don’t need to remind me. Anyway, I was looking for a reversal spell all night and I just couldn’t find anything to do the trick! I was still trying to find one when you turned up earlier.”
You look at the spell, actually not knowing what it says as most of it is in Latin. You shake your head when you glance back at him, “…Why did you pretend to be Alfred?! Why didn’t you say something?!”
“I couldn’t! You wouldn’t have believed me if I tried to! I just… went along with it and--”
“Oh my god! I told you that I loved you!” You cover your open mouth as you realise that you told him everything.
“…Yes, I just had to keep calm at that point.” He leans against the desk and pushes his glasses back up his nose, “But you… you love me.”
“So, what you said earlier… that was actually you saying those things about me?”
He shrugs, “Well, yes, that was me… and they’re all true! Don’t just think I said those things because I needed to tell you something I might possibly say!”
You nod, “No, I thought… well, for a moment, I thought that you – well, you, as in Alfred – loved me. I guess I’m really glad that Alfred doesn’t think those things about me because that would be really awkward.”
The two of you laugh, quietly, before you smile at him, “This is probably the awkward part.”
“Well, I don’t particularly want Alfred kissing you, whether it actually is him or not, so I hope this will do until I’m back to normal.” He steps forwards and takes you into a hug, which you’re happy to return. “I… I love you, ________. And I’m sorry for lying to you.”
You giggle, “I love you, too. And we can totally blame Alfred for that.” When he steps away, you move back to the book and say, “Is there anything you can think of that would change you back?”
“I think there is, but I’m not sure if I’m right. I think that I need to apologise to Alfred, pretty much. The curse backfired because I wasn’t using it for the right reason. I don’t think this is a curse spell, but because I was using it to try and curse Alfred, it backfired. I think I need him here so that we chant this spell together…” he runs his finger along the Latin spell.
“So… we need to call Alfred home?” you ask, finding your phone again.
“Yes. Time to freak him out, I suppose.”

~*~Time Skip~*~

“…Whoa… You weren’t kidding,” the real Alfred says, looking at his double stood right in front of him. It took a bit of time to explain everything to Alfred, who had, at first, laughed and not believed you, but it only took one conversation with the webcam to help. Unfortunately, you had to wait until he got home on his original scheduled flight with Matthew, but now he’s home, Arthur can hopefully fix things.
Arthur nods, “No, I wasn’t kidding. So hopefully we can clear things up. Read this,” he moves over to the desk where the spell book is and hands it to him. They both look down at the book and read it carefully at the same time.
You bite your lip and watch, but nothing happens.
“…Dude, you still look like me,” Alfred says.
Arthur sighs, “B-but we read the spell together and--”
“Hang on,” Matthew says, interrupting his older brother. He takes the book from him and shakes his head, “This says there’s tension between you two that needs to be resolved. So, from what I can guess, Arthur and Alfred need to apologise to each other for what they’ve done, accept each other’s apology and not be angry with each other anymore so that there isn’t this… anger between them and everything’s cool, I guess?”
You all stare at him before Arthur says, “How the bloody hell did you work that out?!”
“It sort of says so right here…” Matthew points to where he’s looking, “You just didn’t read it all.”
You giggle but then say, “Okay, so Alfie, you need to apologise for always pulling pranks on Arthur. Artie, you need to apologise for trying to curse your brother.”
“Well, we’ll have to give it a go, then. …Alfred, I’m sorry for trying to curse you,” Arthur tells him with an embarrassed smile.
“It’s okay, dude. I’m sorry for always pulling pranks on you,” Alfred replies, grinning.
“It’s fine. Okay, let’s try the spell…”
Arthur and Alfred read aloud from the book. You hold Mattie’s hand tightly, hoping it’ll work.
There’s a sudden blinding blue light from Arthur, making you and Matt turn away, needing to close your eyes. When it dies down, you turn back and grin. Standing there, with Alfred, is Arthur. The real Arthur.
You approach him and frown as if you’re making sure everything looks right just to tease him, but then you nod, “Looking good, Arthur Kirkland.” You slide the glasses off of his face and hand them to Alfred.
Arthur chuckles, “Thanks, love.” He checks the mirror, checking himself, and then smiles, “Thank goodness for that. Well, Alfred, you’re back to being one of a kind, now.”
Alfred puts an arm around his brother’s neck, laughing his usual, loud laugh, “You loved looking like a hero. Don’t deny it, dude!”
“Alright, you git, that’s enough,” Arthur sighs.
“See! I told you! You miss it already!”
“Alfred, seriously, stop,” Arthur rolls his eyes, unimpressed.
“Hey!” you interrupt, looking at Arthur. You smile at him, “It’s nice to have you back, Artie.”
He nods, “It’s nice to be back. Now, if you don’t mind…” He leaned forward and pressed a kiss on your lips, making your face blush a bright red. When he pulled away, he smiled, “You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting for that.”
“I think I’ve got a clue,” you reply, putting your arms around him.

“…Dudette, does this mean I don’t need to keep the party a secret anymore?”
Crappy title is crappy but whatever.
So this happened whilst waiting for ANOTHER laptop battery. We got sent the wrong one and it DIDN'T FIT THE GODDAMMN LAPTOP so I'm annoyed now.
AAAANYWAY, enough of my complaining. I hope you like it XD Thanks for reading, my lovelies~

Pic not mine, found on google, any mistakes pointed out would be appreciated :)

I own nothing but the wordyness~ ;)
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This is a parody on Alfredo Cassano's "Illustrated guide to Italian popular gestures" [link] , featuring who else but darling little Lovino Vargas / Italia Romano. :D

My apologies for lots of copy-pasta, but I didn't feel like drawing the same thing twelve times in a row...

Hope you can have a good laugh about this.

Dedicated to the wonderful ~Rheney, because she loves Romano (not that I myself wouldn't xD) and also already dedicated two of her deviations to me. (there's more to come for you! <3)

original Italian Popular Gestures illustrations (C) Alfredo Cassano
Axis Powers Hetalia (C) Hidekaz Himaruya

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You sighed as you ruffled your hair. “You know Arthur, this could still take a while.” You said, leaning back so your head was upside down. He shrugged, taking another sip of tea and flicking to the next page of his book.

Turning back to your laptop, you continued typing for a bit longer. But due to the position you were in, you groaned and rolled your shoulders to try to loosen your tense muscles. Arthur glanced up as you rubbed down your back to the best of your possibility and smiled, an idea brewing.

“Come over here, I’ll do that.” He told you, cocking his head at you. “That’d be great Iggy.” You replied, grinning when he frowned at his nickname. “How many times....” he muttered as you sat down sideways on the chair next to him so he could get to your back.

First you took off your woolly jumper though, knowing it’d be more effective that way. His hands rubbed your shoulders and you closed your eyes relaxing instantly.

Humming slightly when he got the movement right, you leaned into his large hands as he worked down your back.

When he traced a finger down your spine to see how you’d react, you groaned slightly and he repeated the action. Then he traced a form on your back. “Love, which letter did I just ‘write’?” He asked softly, doing it again.

You shivered and concentrated on it. “The letter ‘I’. I think.” You turned your head to glance at him. “Am I right?” He nodded, his cheeks pink. You blinked, not knowing a reason for them to be that shade of red.

“What I am writing now?” He asked again, turning your head back. “Hmmmmm.....” you thought as his finger glided first down and then across your spine. “An ‘L’.”

You felt a circle on your skin. “’O’.”

A sharp angle. “’V’.”

Arthur’s heart beat faster as his plan drew to a close. “’E.’”

What if you’d reject him? “’Y’.”

He didn’t think he’d be able to handle that, I mean he’d liked you for so long. “’O’.”

“’U’.” You turned bright red.

He sat back in his chair. Too late to do anything about that now. “I-Is it true?” You whispered, biting your lip.

Chuckling sheepishly, he nodded, his ears burning. Slowly you turned towards him and beamed at him.  You took his hand, facing it palm-upwards.

Closing his eyes, he smiled in true happiness at you answer.

Though your working space was smaller than his had been.

I luv u 2.
A shortie for you ^^

Inspired as the people sitting next to me in class were doing this during the lesson :D

Please enjoy and tell me what you think, I love reading comments~

Also I seem to write a lot of England fics, I think he just comes to me naturally O.o
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Gilbert groaned, his temperature feverish as he tossed in his bed. “N-nein!” He muttered, biting his lip.

In the throngs of his dream he was staring at your bloodied body in despair, tears running down his face. He heard a sound behind him and spun around, hoping to see the perpetrator. The shape slipped out of his sight around the corner and Gilbert stood up after gently putting down your body, chasing after it.

Rage the sole thing on his mind, he pushed his legs to go at a near inhuman speed.

Franctically searching for it, he skidded on the landing, starting to sprint down the steps.
As he wasn’t paying attention to his footing, he yelped when his foot trod on air. Lurching forward, Gilbert sat bolt upright in his bed, panting heavily. As he tried to calm his breathing he blinked at the alarm clock.

Well that was lucky at least, it was set to go off in five minutes. Quickly he turned it off and lay back down, snuggling into your back.

He needed some reassurance that you were still there for him, that you were safe. His arms curling around you, he buried his nose in the back of your neck, breathing in your scent.
Sleepily you registered weight on your chest and you opened your eyes slowly. Hearing a couple of muffled whimpers from behind you, you turned over and stroked Gilbert’s messy bedhair.

His brows furrowed he clung onto you like a child, your chin resting on the top of his head. “What’s up?” You murmured, gently rubbing his shoulders as you waited for him to reply.

“I had a bad dream.” He whispered back, pressing against your warmth and softness. “Aaaaw, my poor bwaby.” You said, pulling back to kiss his nose and caress his cheek.

The cold metal of your ring grazed his skin and feeling a bit better, he twisted the matching one around his finger.

"Do you want to tell me what it was about?" You asked, smiling lovingly at him. He shook his head and rested his temple against your lips.

"Okay. How does this sound? I'll make some coffee and wurst, then we'll call in sick. Next we'll stay in bed all day and do whatever the hell we want!" You proposed, grinning cheekily at him. "So Mr. Awesome?"

Smiling at you, he nuzzled his lips against yours.

"Well Mrs. Awesome, I believe we have a plan."

God, did you know how to make him feel better....
Just a shortie for now ^^

Please enjoy and tell me what you think, feedback is as always much loved and greatly appreciated :D
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Short Stories
Collection by

Flying mint bunny plush

It was a flying mint bunny plushie.
You stared at it dumbfounded.

"Who the hell sent you?" You muttered, staring at it.


With a shriek, you dropped the toy and fell backwards off your bed. It did not just speak. There was no way you had seen it's mouth move.
Peering over the edge of the bed, you stared at the little green rabbit.

"Please don't freak out! I need your help!"

It was talking. And it needed your help.

"Um....okay. how?"

The little plushie moved stiffly towards you. You tried your best not to flinch away.

"I'm locked in this body, stuck in your world!!" It sounded panicked, it's voice going up in pitch with every word.

"How do I help?"

Yes, you were talking to it. Something about this was all to real to be a dream or a hallucination.

"Take my place."

"WHAT?! In the plushie? No thank you!"

The Flying Mint Bunny plush flapped it's wings, irritated.

"NO. Take my place in the Hetalia World!"

Go to the Hetalia world as Flying Mint Bunny. That was like entering a club with a V.I.P pass.

"Okay." You tried not to sound to eager.

"Pull my ears."

You blinked, then shrugged, doing as the rabbit asked. A sharp pain shot up your hand.
Everything went black.

-----Time skip-----

What a strange dream. you yawned, stretching your wings.
Wait.......You had wings. Which meant.

Your eyes shot open. You whipped your head around, staring at your surroundings dumbfounded.

Unfamiliar room?   Check.

Everything WAY bigger than you?  Check.

Sleepy England getting dressed? Check.

You stared at the man, your fur heating up.
"GAAAAGH!!!!" You flung your paws over your eyes, your ears flicking back. He had been pulling on his dress pants. You had gotten a good look at his union jack boxers.

This was to much.

"Mint Bunny? Are you alright?" A gentle hand patted your head.

"This is just great." You squeaked, your voice extremely high pitched.


You stared up at the Brit, and sighed......  "Rabbit problems. You wouldn't understand."

"Erm....okay." He frowned down at you, his brow wrinkled with worry. Gaah he was so cute!!!

-----Time skip----

You had no idea how Flying Mint Bunny did it. This was driving you crazy.During the entire meeting you sat on England's shoulder as he fought and bickered with France.

No one seemed to notice you. Which didn't come as a big surprise.

You sighed as you were nearly flung off the Brits shoulder for the hundredth time.


He didn't seem to hear you, too busy yelling at America.
"FLYING MINT BUNNY IS REAL!!! SEE?!" You winced as Arthur grabbed you roughly off his shoulder and shook you in front of the Americans face.

"You're holding air dude."

You clasped a paw over your mouth, trying hard not to vomit as the Brit swung his arms wildly trying to explain.
Poor Flying Mint Bunny. To have to live through this every day. No wonder it had escaped to your world.


He continued ignoring you. Your temper flared.
Too bad you weren't human anymore. If you were back to your normal self, you'd at least be able to yell loud enough to get his attention.

The fur on your back tingled slightly. Then your wings began to ache.
Uh oh. What was happening?

You were sitting on England's lap now, the angry Brit still going on about how real you were. Sorry, how real Flying Mint Bunny was.

Your tail was starting to itch. Geez, if this was something normal for the rabbit, you were surprised it hadn't traded places with someone sooner.

"FLYING MINT BUNNY IS REAL!!!" England took a deep breath,  "He's right on my lap!!!"
He...okay so Flying Mint Buny was a guy.

"England!!" Once again your voice was to small. Geez, you just wanted to leave, your fur was really starting to bother you.

A chill crept it's way down your spine. You felt like your skin was about to split.


You let out a squeal of surprise. You were no longer tiny, no longer a rabbit.
England was staring down at you, his face bright red.

Looking down you saw why.  You were in a mint green outfit, very similar to the Play Boy bunny suits.

And you were sprawled across his lap.

"W-w-w-who are you?!" He stuttered.

"I'm um.....Flying Mint Bunny!" You stammered. Not really, but who was paying attention to the small details?

"Whoa Whoa Whoa dude." America held up his hands   "Your imaginary Rabbit friend is real and a total babe."

England just gaped.

"Oh Hon Hon Hon." A hand slid over your thigh. Out of reflex, your hand shot out, smacking the Frenchman across the face.

"Good one!"

England seemed to have snapped out of his stupor. His arms wrapped around your waist, pulling you away from France.

-----Time skip-----

For an hour the allies stared at you, England fighting with America and France. The only person who had been polite was Canada. He had apologized for doubting England and for the other mens behavior.

You really wanted to go home.

You had finally managed to get away. Using the old "I need to use the little girls room." excuse.
They had all gone bright red, stammering unintelligible sentences.

Now you were attempting to sneak back to England's room. In your mind it made sense.
If you had some how come to the Hetalia world, with Flying Mint Bunny's help, then maybe England's other magical friends could get you back.

Or maybe not.

"We're really sorry Miss _______." The unicorn looked like it was about to cry.   "Only Mint Bunny can bring you back!!"
You sighed, your shoulders slumping.

"It's okay."  

"Maybe if you went to sleep, you'd wake up at home!" The tiny Fairy chirped, her wings a fluttering blur.
Couldn't hurt to try.

"I don't know how I'm going to fall asleep."

"I'll help!!!" The fairy pulled out a tiny cudgel. Reaching back, she threw it at your head with all her might.

It connected with a thud. White spots danced before your eyes . Before you blacked out, you had enough time to wonder why the Fairy had such a dangerous weapon.

---Time skip---

"Mint bunny?" Someone was shaking your shoulder. You groaned, shoving their hand away.

"Just a few more minutes." Rolling onto your side, you curled into a ball. The hand was still shaking your shoulder.

"Mint bunny?"

"Tha's not my name!! It's  ________." You slapped the hand away, your words slurred with sleep.

Silence. No more annoying voice asking you to wake up.
A small smile crossed your face. You had always hated waking up.

"So Flying Mint Bunny..... Your real name is  _______?"

God Damn it..... You were still in the Hetalia world.

You peeked over your shoulder at England. He was staring at you a concerned look across his face.

"Could you do me a favor?" You had an idea, but your weren't sure it would work.

"Of course Mint Bunny!!" He grinned, his emerald eyes glittering.

"Please send me back home and bring Flying Mint Bunny back."

England's eyes widened, then understanding settled in his eyes.
"You're the next Mint Bunny."

Your jaw dropped as you sat up fast, "WHAT?!"
He sighed, wrapping his arms around his waist. You blushed, trying to wiggle away.

"Every now and then someone gets chosen to be the next Mint Bunny."

Wow, how convenient for the previous Flying mint bunny to forget to tell you that. You felt your temper flare. That rabbit was lucky he was in a  different world.

"So I'm stuck."

England sighed, looking slightly downcast.  "In a manner of speaking, yes I suppose you are."
Geez, he was starting to look like a sad puppy.

"For how long?"

Now he looked like he was going to cry.  "As long as you want."

You leaned back, the green ears on the top of your head flopping over your face. The Brit stiffened, then relaxed, pressing his face into your neck.

"I think I'll stay a while then. If you don't mind."

"I would love that." He whispered. You smiled, maybe you should find a way to send a thank you note to the previous Flying Mint Bunny.
What is this crap. ._. It sounded so much better in my head >_>

Intro- [link]

Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya-san
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"Aww come on Hong Kong," you said trying to get your best friend/boyfriend out of the bathroom, "I assure you, you did not inherit England's eyebrows."
"Are you sure?" a muffled voice came from behind the bathroom door.
You sighed, "Yes, Leon."
There was a long moment of silence, "I don't believe you."
You wanted to break down the door, however seeing as it was England's door and not yours you decided against angering the already ticked off nation.
Just a few moments ago you, England, Hong Kong, Sealand, America, and Francis were talking about their earlier years, which you always found interesting. It was a moment where these very different countries all seemed to be getting along.
But (and there's always a but[t] of some kind when France is involved) France had made the tactless comment about how England's outrageously bushy eyebrows seemed to rub off on all his territories. Thus making England yell at him and France point out Sealand and Hong Kong's eyebrows.
Sealand didn't seem to mind.
Hong Kong however….well he walked away and locked himself in the bathroom.
"Dammit France why couldn't you keep your stupid mouth shut?" you grumbled knocking on the door again. "Leon, please open the door. I promise you are not cursed with England's eyebrows…"
"I don't believe you."
"Look in the mirror; do you see England's eyebrows?"
There was another long pause before you heard glass shattering and a voice say, "Yes."
You screamed, "England if you don't give me a key to this door I'm breaking it down!"
England threw the key at your head, "Leave my bloody door alone!"
Grumbling about how stupid this was you unlocked to door, "Hong Kong I prom-WHAT DID YOU DO?"
In the bathroom you found three things; first was England's shattered mirror, second was Hong Kong's bloody hands (obviously from smashing the mirror), and third was that he had plucked out ALL his eyebrows. Not thinning, they were completely and totally gone.
"It's taken care of," he said in a monotone.
"Like hell it is," you said grabbing him by the arm and dragging him to the kitchen. There you took care of his hands. "Leon, what possessed you to do that?"
"I had England's eyebrows."
"No you don't you have your eyebrows," you retorted. "If you had England's eyebrows that'd just be weird." Sighing you finished wrapping the bandages on his hands. "Now, do you want to tell me why on earth you flipped out like that?"
"England's eyebrows are ugly."
You groaned, "Yes, we all know that England's eyebrows are ugly. That's why we tease him about it."
You heard a faint 'hey' from the table, must have been from England.
"I didn't want you to have an ugly boyfriend," he grumbled.
You did a face palm, "If I thought you were ugly I wouldn't be dating you now would I? I swear you act just a like a child."
He stared at you with a blank face, "Then why are you dating me?"
"Because I've known you for so long, I like you, you're by best friend, you're nice, you make me feel safe…wait why am I explaining this all to yo-." You were cut off by his lips on yours. Almost a second after his lips were on yours they were gone.
He smirked. You then noticed his eyebrows were back, you decided against pointing this out.
Request for ~HeartOfFireSoulOfIce

This one made me laugh writing it. Hope you all enjoy.


Remember comments make me feel loved. I'm also still taking requests go to my profile for more information :)
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~Short and Sweet~


"Harder, ___________!"

"I can't…! It's not the same! This is totally different! Why does this have to be so hard?"

"It wouldn't be so hard if you would just let me take over!"

"N-No! I came here to learn how to do this so I'm going to finish it!"

Leon sighed and decided to sit back and watch you work for just a little longer before deciding that your strength was already starting to diminish. Plus, you weren't even doing it right.

"Like, move, _________," he grunted and pushed you across the counter and began kneading your uneven dough. While you watched him, you crossed your arms and began to observe as he kneaded the bread dough a few times before slamming it against the table. Then, he continued to repeat the process without the slightest effort. It looked so easy. Why couldn't you do it like him?

"Leon, I think I've got it this time," you said reaching out your eager hands hoping to get a chance to redeem yourself.

"You sure?" Leon asked as he continued to knead the dough.

"Positive," you answered without so much as a falter in your voice.

"Alright," your Cantonese friend consented and moved over to watch you. "After this, we're going to add the custard."

"Got it," you said and began trying your luck at imitating the way Leon was able to roll his wrists over the dough.

"You're getting better," your friend said with a hint of encouragement in his tone. Then, he went to the refrigerator to bring out the crust topping and custard filling you had prepped from earlier.

"When you're done just separate them into even balls of dough," he instructed as he set the two separate bowls onto the counter.

"Okay," you nodded slamming the dough onto the table for a final time. You never knew that making something that could be eaten so easily could be so difficult and time-consuming. Leon had promised that he would finally teach you how to make your favorite snack, bo lo bao, but after all of the mixing, kneading, and waiting you had to do, you were more than convinced that eating them was much more fun than making them.

When you had divided up the dough into equal pieces and flattened them out, Leon offered to let you spread the custard filling inside watching closely to make sure each bun was sealed properly.

"I don't get it," you frowned once you finished sealing the last one. "Didn't you say that bo lo bao meant 'pineapple bun?'"

"Yeah," Leon answered.  

"So then…" You swept your hand out to all of the ingredients that you had used in this labor-intensive recipe. "…Where's the pineapple? I didn't see a single piece get used."

"Silly, ____________," Leon laughed. "The name comes from the golden-brownish crust you see at the top when they're, like, done baking."


"Speaking of which, I suppose we should start putting the crust part on these, doncha think?"

"Uh-huh," you chuckled and took the crust dough and began to spread them out.


"What the heck, __________, I thought I, like, told you to divide these evenly."

"I thought you meant make them the same size, not make the number of buns even!" you said in your defense.

Leon let out a heavy sigh and stared at the nine buns that were freshly cooling on the baking rack. They were perfect: their golden-brown shells baked into a pristine crisscross patterns like pineaples and the aromatic scent of egg-y custard and flaky goodness wafted into your nose triggering a growling hunger in your stomach.

"You're hungry, aren't you?" Leon laughed hearing your stomach gurgle.

"Mmm…yeah…" you admitted bashfully.

Leon shrugged. "I'd say dig in, but the custard's probably hot—Ah, what are you doing, __________?!" Your friend watched in half-surprise and half-fascination as you boldly reached for a steaming-hot bun and bit heartily into it.

Gosh dang it, Leon wasn't kidding when he said they were hot. When you reached the center, the piping-hot molten sweet stream of custard nearly fizzed your taste buds clean off, but you persisted and continued to eat until the entire thing was gone. After you had finished your first one, you reached for another. Leon did the same.

"You're so stubborn, ____________," Leon muffled between bites of his own bo lo bao.

"Look who's talking," you chuckled and swallowed a mouthful of buttery dough and creamy custard filling.

It didn't take long for the two of you to finish four buns each. Now, thanks to your uneven distribution of the dough, there was still one bun left. Both you and Leon eyed each other for a split second before diving for the remaining bun, tearing it apart with your unrelenting grip and causing precious custard to spill everywhere.

"Like, you're getting my kitchen dirty, ___________!" Leon snapped and ate his remaining shreds of torn bread. Being the faster eater of you two, he then went to your share trying to make a grab for some before you could finish it all.

"Hey!" you cried in surprise. "Thief!"

"Who's a thief?" Leon grunted. "Those are my ingredients you're eating. I totally deserve the rest!"

"As if I'd let you!" you smirked mischievously and crammed the remaining bread into your mouth and swallowing.

"Selfish," Leon hissed and wiped his mouth with his hand accidentally getting some of his remaining custard over his lips.

"Oh, Leon," you giggled. "You've got something on your mouth." You leaned forward and brushed some of the custard stuck to his cheeks and licked the creamy, tantalizing filling off your fingertips. While you were doing that, you noticed that Leon was beginning to blush as he watched you smack your lips around your fingers. Then, to your surprise, he moved towards you and held his hand to your cheek.

"L-Leon?" you stammered, blinking innocently.  

"You've got something on your mouth, too," your friend said with a soft smile and moved closer to clean your lips—but instead of using his fingers, he used his own lips pressing them squarely against your sweet ones and sweeping his tongue over your grooved surfaces. It only took you a short moment—a short, sweet moment—to realize that you didn't have any custard on your mouth in the first place. Nevertheless, you didn't say anything and continued to let Leon "clean" your mouth smiling all the while. Yep, it was definitely more fun to eat bo lo bao than it was to make them.
The beginning sounds a little suggestive, I know. I've always wanted to try something like this.

Anyway, as the title suggests, this story is short and sweet.

This is a little break from everything I've been doing. It's also the first one-shot in my personal Asian food challenge. Hooray, Hong Kong! You get to be the first!

I absolutely love bo lo bao. They're a messy snack, and they're really fattening, but I can't help it! I'm a glutton when it comes to sweet foods. I have a massive sweet tooth nearly all of the time.

Hong Kong belongs to Himaruya Hidekazu.

Any similarities to characters, settings, scripts, or stories from other pieces of literature or media are purely coincidental.

This story belongs to me, ~GydroZMaa.
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"Come on, _________! Just ask him!" You looked at Taiwan with a 'are you insane?' look on your face. "I… I can't! You know how I can't take rejection." You looked shyly over your shoulder and blushed. Hong Kong was sitting there, focused on his art work. He looked up at you, causing you to blush and quickly turn away. You had the biggest crush on the quiet boy for along time. Unfortunately, you had no clue if he felt the same about you. You were terrified to confront him about it and you felt your heart race just thinking about the boy. "You can't just sit around and wait forever, you'll lose your chance if you wait to long. Just find a way to be around him, like-" "I just can't Taiwan!" you said firmly. "I just… to get rejected by him, it would crush me." You looked down sadly. "________…" "Sorry, I got to go." You gathered your stuff and quickly headed to your locker. You gave a sad sigh as you dug through your locker. You felt a small tap on your shoulder. You turned, expecting Taiwan and blushed when you saw it was Hong Kong instead. His face showed little emotion but you strangely saw concern in his soft eyes. "You okay? You left the lunch room in a hurry." You blushed a little deeper, a little confused at his concern. "Y-yea I'm okay. Just needed to grab something." He turned to your locker, which was full of your sketches. "Did you do these?" You looked over. "Huh? Oh yes they are." He pulled out one of the pictures, you weren't sure which, and looked at it. "Your very good." he said simply. You gave a weak smile. "Thanks but I think you are a way better artist." He looked up at you, a slight surprised look on his face. "Really?" You blushed once again. "Y-yea. You style is so pretty and vivid." He looked away a little, you could have sworn you saw a slight flash of pink on his cheeks. "Would you like me to teach you?" You looked up at him, surprised and blushing. "Really?" He gave a slight nod and you smiled. "That would be wonderful. Thank you."

"Are you sure this is right?" you asked, looking nervously at your painting. "Your amazing." you heard. "Huh?" "I mean its amazing!" he said with an unusual flustered manner. "Would you like to take a break?" "Sure." you said with a calm smile. You both washed off some of the paint off and Hong Kong brought out some snacks and tea. You both sat on his back porch, looking at the spring blossoms on the trees in silence. "Hey… ______?" you turn to him to see him facing away from you. "What do you think of me?" You blushed deeply "Well, I think you're a good artist. Your nice and friendly and handsome…" You blushed a deep crimson and covered your mouth as he looked at you in surprise. "I-I'm sorry. I-I just ummm, I…" you let out a small sigh then looked away from him. "I've had a really big crush on you for the longest time but I am just to shy and I would be crushed if I was rejected by someone like you and-" You were silenced by a sudden pair of soft lips press gently against yours. Your eyes widened rapidly and if your face wasn't red before, it certainly was now. He pulled away slowly and gave you a small smile. "I like you too, _________" You still blushed and a sweet smile spread on your face. You placed you hand on his and put your head on his shoulder as you both looked at the blossoms, finally together.

Extended Ending:

-Earlier that day-

*Hong Kong*

"Did you do these?" I asked as I grabbed on of the pictures from the locker. I looked at it and felt my heart beat quicken. It was a picture of me, with little hearts around it. She feels the same?…     

My side of an art trade with RASCELANDDUMA [link]

I have never really done anything with Hong Kong before so I hope it turned out okay for you guys. I hope you like~
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-Readers P.O.V-

"Come to France~" The man beckoned you.

"No, come to me. England." The other said.

I stared at both the men, not sure as to which one to pick. I looked at the long haired one known as 'France', sure he looked very nice but you had a bad feeling about him. Then I looked at the man with the bushy eyebrows, his smile was sincere and soft.

"Engwand." I said pointing to him, and then walking over to him. "What?! You chose him?!" The long haired man said, sounding quite upset. "I'm glad you chose me (Country name)." England said with a smile.

England picks me up and walks through a big field, leading up to a giant house, where he takes me inside and set me down. "This is your new home (country name), let me show you to the spare room." England said as he picked me up again. As he did so, I looked around in shock at all the pictures and old items on the walls and shelves. I was already starting to like the place.

England sets me down in a big room, it had a bed, closet, and a big window. Very plain but it was what I needed at the moment. "Sorry its not much (country name), but it will have to do for now..." England sighed. I jump onto the bed quickly and roll around on the comfy bed, "I love it!" I screamed with joy. England chuckled and watched as me rolled around.

I stopped rolling and then sat up, looking over to England, who looked happy at the moment. "Can you read me a story?" I asked, giving him a sweet smile. "Of course (country name). Oh and by any chance do you have a human name?" England said as he walked over to me, sitting down on the bed. "(First name) (last name)." I said with a grin. "Such a beautiful name for such a beautiful girl." England said as he ruffled your hair. "Thank you!" I said as I tackled him with a hug.

"Shall I tell a story now?" England said as he set you on his lap. "Yes! Make it a true story! No lying!" I said with a giggle, "Okay okay, once upon a time..." England began to say.

"There was a war between two brothers, who had recently been together for awhile. Until one day the younger brother had wanted to leave and be free. The oldest brother was sad by his younger brothers actions. Every year on that one day, the same day and month the younger brother gained freedom, brought tears to the older brothers eyes. The day had reminded him of the fight he had with his brother, begging him to stay. But sadly the younger brother did not, but later on they became good friends. Who had..." I started to drift to sleep, even though the story was just getting good. I yawned and then fell asleep in England's lap.


-England's P.O.V-

(country name) had fallen asleep in my lap as I told the story. Slowly I took her out of my lap and set her under her bed covers, kissing her on the forehead. "Goodnight." I said as I kissed her. I walked out of her room and went into my own room to sleep as well.

-Time skip-

The bedroom door creaked open, "Engwand? Are you asleep?" You heard a small scared voice say. "(Name)? Whats wrong?" I said as I turned on my lamp, the light had shown that she was crying. "I'm scared of the dark..." She whimpered, wiping her face with her arm. "Do you want to sleep in here?" I asked holding out my arms, "Yeah..." She held out her arms too. I picked her up and put her next to me, put the blanket over her. She looked at me with her shiny (e/c) eyes, she looked scared and sad at the same time.

I kissed her on the head and pet her head, "I'm going to turn off the lamp now okay." I reached over and switched it off. Instantly she snuggled into my chest, I could feel her shaking slightly. "Hey there's nothing to be afraid of, I'm right here, and so are the faeries." I said looking at the faeries that suddenly appeared.

"Faeries? Where?" (Name) said as she looked up, "Wow! There are faeries!" She said with amazement. "What is your name?" (Name asked), "Mabel." The green faerie replied. "And yours?" "Rosie." The blue one said with a smile.

"Don't be afraid of the dark, there is nothing but us faeries. We will protect you from anything mean and scary okay?" Mabel said with a smile. "Really? Thank you." (Name) said with a relieved sigh. "Well we must be going, we have a little girl to protect." Rosy said taking Mabel's hand. Suddenly the two faeries disappeared into the darkness.

I looked down at (Name), I could see her smile in the darkness. "Are you scared anymore?" I asked quietly, "No not really, I have you here with me. So I don't feel scared that much." She snuggled into me once again. I closed my eyes and felt her breath slow down, which meant she was falling asleep. "Goodnight (Name)..." I said, drifting to sleep as well.

-3 years later-

(Name) has grown a lot in 3 years, she has the body of a 18 year old and has an amazing personality. I'm proud of her with her. I am not sure why I love her, its probably because of her wonderful personality and her beauty. I am now able to take her to world conferences because she is old enough, she told me about all of the new countries she met and how she is great friends with America. I just hope he doesn't influence her to do something stupid...

"Hey England, do you want me to make you some tea?" I heard (Country name)'s voice, snapping me out of my thoughts. "Oh um yes please." I said looking to her, giving her a smile. "Okay." She said, skipping off into the kitchen. "Later I'll be hanging out with America if that's okay!" I hear her call from the kitchen, "Yes love that's fine." I said with a small chuckle.

After about 5 minutes she brings out 2 cups of tea, one for me and her. "Here you go Arthur." She said handing me the cup, "Earl Gray, I know its your favorite." She said taking a seat next to me. "Thank you love." I said sipping at the hot tea. Quickly she drank all of her tea and was soon out the door, heading over to America's place. I just really hoped he didn't give her any ideas...

About 2 hours later she had returned, a weird expression on her face. "Is everything alright love?" I asked as I watched her take a seat. She looked down at her lap, and played with her thumbs. Something was obviously wrong.

"I want freedom." She sighed.

I became wide eyed, remembering when America asked the same thing. I put my head into my hands, sighing with frustration. "You don't want me to have freedom do you Arthur?" She said with a sad tone. America must have told her about the revolutionary war or something, this was probably not going to end well.

"No, I don't..." I said looking up at her, tears welling up in my eyes.

She stood up and looked at me with a serious face, "Well I want freedom and independence...whether you like it or not..." She then stormed out the door. Leaving me there...alone.

-1 month later-  

-Reader's P.O.V-

I stood in the rain, looking at England who was almost 20 feet away from me. I held a gun in my arms, and my army standing behind me. I was wearing a uniform with my countries flag colors on it. America standing by my side, looking out towards Britain.

"Give me freedom England! I want independence!" I screamed at him. Pointing my gun in his direction. He stiffened up and then took a step forward, "No! Never!" He screamed back. "Give her freedom Britain! She deserves it!" America shouted, clenching his fist. "Shut up you idiot!" England screamed.

England then charged at me, pointing his gun directly at me. Before I could react, I heard a loud bang. And then a piercing pain in my chest, I had been shot. I clenched the wound and fell to the ground, only to be caught by America.

"(Country name)! Prepare to shoot!" A soldier ordered.

You lay in America'a arms, looking over to England. A shocked expression on his face, he dropped his gun and fell to his knees. "Damn it...Damn it all..." I heard him mutter. I then felt the darkness around me, sucking me into its blackness.

-England's P.O.V-

I looked over to (Country name) and saw that she had become unconscious. This is all my fault, I should have just given her freedom, I thought to myself. "What happened to you Britain? This is just like what happened when I wanted freedom...all she wanted to be was a bigger country." America said, giving me a glare.

"Aim your weapons!" A solder screamed.

I quickly got up and ran in the opposite direction, running away from the soldiers and (Name). I looked back only once to see America carrying her away, along with the soldiers following closely behind him.

"I promise that I will give you freedom..." I said to myself, collapsing on the ground from exhaustion.

-2 years later-

-Reader's P.O.V-

I can still remember the pain of the wound England had given me. How it felt to lose so much blood that you faint. Feeling the pain of fighting with someone you love. I wanted to talk to England very badly, I wanted to see his face once more. But that was probably impossible now, seeing that he didn't want to come in contact with me. I had become free and independent but I still wanted to thank him for that.

Getting as much courage as I could build up, I went over to England's house and knocked on his door. After waiting a couple minutes he opens the door, looking quite shocked to see me. "H-hello..." I said shyly, "What do you want?" He said in a sad tone. "I need to speak with you." I said with a worried look. "Fine, come in..." He said letting me through.

I took a seat on the couch, with him taking a seat on the other side of the couch. "I wanted to thank you...for giving me freedom and independence. I know that you probably hate me and stuff, but please hear me out. I am happy you gave me what I wanted..." I said with a quiet sigh. "I don't hate you." He said glumly, "It's good that you have become independent, you have become a bigger country due to it." He said still sounding sad.

When I looked over to him I had seen a tear fall onto his lap, and then seeing many more fall as well. "Don't cry England, why are you crying?" I said moving over to his side of the couch. "B-because I'm proud of y-you..." He said covering his eyes. Instantly I hugged him, trying to make him feel better.

"I love you..." I heard him whisper.

"You do?" I asked, with astonishment.

"I always have." He sniffed.

I felt my heart skip a beat, he had returned my feelings. I hug him tighter and then looked up at him. Only to be kissed by him, his lips tasting like Earl Gray. Gladly I accepted the kiss, and kissed him back passionately. You both soon pulled away, needing air in your lungs.

You hugged him once again, "I love you England, I promise to never leave your side again okay."

He put his arms around you, "I love you too (Country name), and thank you." I could feel him smiling.


You and England had both gotten married, and basically never left each others side. For the rest of your lives you would spend them with each other and with your friends. You undying love for each other kept you two together.

The End
Don't be completely fooled by the title, reader-chan eventually grows up.
I hope this don't suck, I worked on it for 2 hours!
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‘What the…?’

You looked around your surroundings, it was a bit too decorated to simply be a basement as your friend, Emil, had put it.

There were a lot of baby pictures, which you assumed were put up by Lukas, primarily of Emil and Lukas playing in the snow or something of the sort.  Not that you were complaining, you honestly thought Emil was rather cute as a child.

“I don’t see why you couldn’t just have a regular lollipop.”

You turned around to see Emil, holding a big rainbow coloured lollipop, which you happily took and started eating.

Emil stared at you rather nervously.

Your (length) (h/c) that always seemed to shine, the way the World Academy W girls’ uniform looked perfectly snug on your body,

the way the scars that were under your depressing eyes made you look even more depressing.

You were often bullied by the higher up students at the academy, all because you were supposedly a “geek”.  You were rather eccentric, loving maths to bits and often dressing in a strange style whenever out of school.

As you were continuing to eat the lollipop, Emil leaned over and kissed your cheek; which you could easily tell was a sign of affection as you discreetly smiled and leaned into his chest, knowing that he was your safe place.


I'm probably going to use this as a writer's block helper again :D

Anyways...I usually don't write reader inserts but I decided to do this for fun because I've seen so many that I've liked.

Gakuen Hetalia//AU
Humans used ((Late. XD))
Anyways...while writing this I've thought about supposed "geeks" that I've met and how some bully them (mostly those in cliques and/or populars) so I used that to reference throughout the fic (fan fic? XD)
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  Today you went to one of your best friends house, Matthew Williams. He was a shy Canadian, who loved pancakes, maple syrup, and polar bears. You cared for him very much, though you didn't know if he felt the same. Usually he was very quiet, especially during world conferences but with you he was like an whole different person. He talked without stuttering, he was less shy, he was like an open book. He invited you over to just hang out, you always loved coming over. Once you came over you two sat on the couch and watched hockey, he was always cheering for his team. You would sit there and cheer with him, sitting there you felt content. "Yeah!" He exclaimed cheering for the team.  "Hey I'll be right back, I have to use the bathroom." You said excusing yourself. He nodded and returned to cheering on his team. The only bathroom was upstairs so you began to go up the stairs. As you came to the top of the stairs you could still his hear his muffled cheers. 'He sure can be loud sometimes.' You thought to yourself.

  Once you were done you washed up and exited the bathroom. "Hey ______, come look at the score! My team won!" He shouted, you shook your head and sighed with a smile, as you took the first step you felt something below your foot. Before you could react you were falling forward, you tried grabbing for the hand rail but it was already out of reach. "Ah-" You gasped as you fell, you then hit the floor at the bottom of the stairs. "O-ow.." You said holding yourself. You heard fast footsteps and then heard a gasp from someone. Matthew. "Oh my god _______! Here let me help you up!" He said in a panic, instead of helping you up he picked you up. He carried you bridal style to the couch, you were in so much pain you were crying into his chest. " leg.." You groaned, He sets you on the couch and tries to get you to look at him.  "_______, where does it hurt?" He said scanning your body. "My leg." You said still crying. His hand takes your pant leg and pulls it up, to reveal a purple and slightly swollen leg. "This looks bad. I'm going to go get ice!" He said running into the kitchen. You looked over to the T.V and saw his team did win, you felt more pain and glanced over to your leg. It looked bad, but it felt even worse for you, Matthew cam back with a back of ice. "This might hurt a bit." He said placing it on your leg. You winced at the sudden cold temperature and weight on your leg, he gives you a worried look. "_______ I think it's broken. I should take you too a hospital right away." He said about to pick you up again. "W-wait! Don't.." You said before he lifted you. "Why not? Look ______ I know its broken. You need help!" He said giving you a weird look. You stared at him for a moment before saying anything. "F-fine..take me to the hospital." With that he picks you up and grabs his car keys. "Good thing there is a clinic down the street." He said placing you in the car.

~Short Car ride~

 He helps you into the hospital, he sits you down and goes to the front counter. You sat there while he talked to the lady at the desk. 'I hate stairs..' You thought to yourself. Matthew came back and helped you up,  "They want to check your leg in the room down the hall. I'll be in there with you so no worries." He said thinking you were scared. You probably were a little right? It was practically impossible to walk without Matthew, you were worried out of your mind. "Here is the room _____." He knocks on it and walks in. First thing you see is a nurse, "The doctor will be here in a couple minutes. Just sit here for awhile." She then left the room, leaving you and Matthew. "______ does you leg feel any better?" He said looking worried again. "Yeah, it hurts a lot." You said trying not to move your leg. You looked over to Matthew, who had a very worried expression. He stared at you with sad eyes, he looked like he was going to cry. "Matthew? Whats wrong? Its just a broken leg.." You said trying to cheer him up. "I know its broken, its jus-" He was interrupted by the door opening. The doctor came in, turns out it was a woman. "Hello, I heard you were injured?" She said looking at your leg, "Yeah, I fell down the stairs and I think my leg is broken." You said glumly. "Okay, is just your leg hurt?" "Yes." She took another look at your leg and then you. "I'll need you to remove your jeans, so I can get a better look." She said looking at you. She looked over to Matthew before you undressed, "Do you want him to leave while you undress?" She said to you. You thought for a minute, 'Well he has seen me in a bathing suit, so its okay if he stays I guess.' You though. "Yeah he can stay." You said beginning to take of your jeans. Matthew began to blush, he looked away and tried not to concentrate on you. Once your jeans were off the lady examined your leg. "Yeah, its broken alright. Well I'll need you to wear this brace for today. You can come back tomorrow for a cast, I'll get some crutches for you." She said smiling. "Well you can put your pants on now. I'll see you tomorrow then." She said leaving the room. Now you were fully dressed and looked at Matthew, he looked sad again. "Hey I'm dressed now, you can look at me." You said smiling, most of the pain had went away at the moment. He still had not looked up. The lady came back again and gave you crutches and some pain killers, with that you left the clinic.

~Another car trip~

 Matthew had not said a word since you came back, he still looked sad. But why? You were the one that was injured. Once inside the house he helped you too the couch even though you had crutches. "Do you want some coffee _______?" He said breaking the silence. "Yes please." You said quietly. 'He is acting strange..' you thought, 'Maybe he is still worried?'. He walks back and hands you the coffee, he sits down next to you and stares. "Okay Matthew, whats wrong? You've been like this since we were at the clinic!" You said getting a bit annoyed. He pulls you into a sudden hug, you felt him crying into your shoulder. "M-Matt?" You said confused. "I don't like to see you hurt ______.." He said crying some more,  "I care about you ______. Please be more careful.." He said pulling away. His face was red and streaming with tears, you gave him a worried look. "Oh Matthew don't cry, I'll be okay." You said trying to cheer him up, with your hand you wiped away his tears. "I k-know." He said looking down. Without thinking you cupped his face and kissed him, you pulled him closer and hugged him. He put his arms around your waist and kissed you even more. He pulled away a bit and whispered in your ear, "I love you _____." He said hugging you. You were shocked at the whisper, but happy that the guy you loved finally loved you back. "I love you too Matthew! I promise I won't get hurt ever again." You said still hugging him, he pulls away and blushes.  You stare at him for a moment, and he stares right back. "I didn't think you loved me back." You said fiddling with your fingers. "I've loved you ever since I met you, I just have never seen you so hurt before I started to have a breakdown." He said looking at you. "Well you don't have to worry, my injury isn't permanent. But i'm getting tired, should I go home?" You said yawning, you didn't even notice it was already dark outside. "You sleep here for tonight, I'll sleep downstairs. You can have the bed." He said smiling. "Why not just sleep here on the couch with me?" You said with a blush. "O-okay." He said becoming very red. He went to grab a blanket and he lied on the couch. You lay down next to him and feel his arms around your waist, you turn you body around so that your facing him. "Goodnight Matthew." And with that he pulled you closer. Giving you a kiss before you go to sleep, "I love you ______."
"I love you too." You said falling asleep.

The End
Warning: This story might suck and Canada gets very sad. But hopefully someone likes this.
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 Today Arthur had taken you to Matthew's house to spend the night. He was almost like a big brother to you and you loved him very much. You and Arthur arrived at Matthew's house and you were excited. "Do you wanna knock on the door this time ______?" Arthur said picking you up. "Yesh Pwease." You said leaning over to knock. You knocked on the door 2 times and smiled.

Matthew opened the door and had a beaming smile, "Oh you guys are here! Please come inside." Matthew said backing away from the door. You and Arthur walk in, where he sets you down on the ground. "Okay Matthew, she already has her backpack with clothes inside. Just make sure she changes for nighttime." Arthur said handing Matthew the backpack. "Okay, I'll take good care of her. Bye Arthur." "Yes. Goodbye." Arthur said as he left.

Matthew turned around to see you weren't there, he looks around the room to find you. "______? Where are you?" Matthew said looking in the kitchen, "Not behind the couch.." He heard a small voice say. He smiles and walks over to the couch, where he sees you peek from. "I found you _____. Come give me a hug, I've missed you." Matthew said crouching down. You come out and dash towards him, engulfing him in a bear hug. "Maffew!" You scream in excitement.

You loved being with Matthew, he was so nice to you. Once you were older you planned to marry him. But being such a little kid, you didn't really understand how marriage worked. You just wanted to be by his side forever no matter what. You pull away from the hug and look into his eyes. A big smile now formed at the corners of your mouth, a small glint in your eyes. "Maffew when I get older we should get married!" You exclaimed as you put your hands in the air!

Matthew smiles and picks you up, a small blush on his cheeks. "You're just to cute you know that? I guess we could get married, but what if you want to marry someone else?" He said letting out a small chuckle. You cross your arms, "No, I want to marry Maffew." You said poking his nose. He chuckles again, "Okay, okay. You can marry me." He said rolling his eyes with a smile. He sets you down and lets you run around for a bit.

After about a hour of running around, you got very tired. You fell asleep on the couch, Matthew picked you up and took you to the guest room. He changed you into night clothes and put you under the covers. He kisses you on the forehead and tells you goodnight.


You wake up to the sound of thunder and lightning. "Ah!" You said hiding under the covers. You were deathly afraid of thunder, the sound scared you senseless.


"Ah!" You shrieked as you ran out the room, dashing down the hall. You burst through the door and jump onto Matthew's bed. He was still sleeping. You shake his shoulder and try to wake him up, "Maffew? Pwease w-wake up.." You cried. He sits up in his bed and rubs his eyes, "Hmm? What? Oh _____, whats wrong?" He said in a worried voice.


You jumped at the sound and jumped into his arms, you then burrowed you face into his chest. You were shivering out of fear, he put his arms around you and pet your hair. "Hey its okay ______, its only thunder and lightning. Don't be scared." He said trying to calm you.


"Ah! Make it go away.." You said hugging him tighter. "How 'bout you just sleep in here tonight?" Matthew asked. "sniff..okay.." You said climbing under the blankets. You faced Matthew while you tried to sleep, you stared up into his eyes. "I think the thunder is gone now ______." Matthew said turning his head towards his window. "O-okay." You said scooting closer to him.


You jumped again and nuzzled into his chest, he smelt like maple syrup. "I d-don't like the thunder.." You cried. "Shhh it's okay. I'm here to protect you." He said holding you. You felt flustered a bit. "Maffew? Do you love me?" You said out of curiosity. "Of course I do. Why do you ask?" He said sounding confused. "So when we get married I know you love me. I love you to Maffew.." You said with a smile. "I love you too ______, but right now we should sleep." He said putting another cover over you. You both drift to sleep.

~The next morning~

You woke up and went to the living room, where you saw Arthur on the couch. "Ah there you are ______, its time to go home." He said drinking some tea. "But I can't go! I still have to plan my wedding!" You said stomping your foot. Matthew came out of the kitchen and sat on the couch. "With who? Who are you marrying?" Arthur said smiling. You pointed to Matthew, "I'm marry Maffew! We can't go now Arfur!" You said crossing your arms.

Arthur eyes got wide and he quickly looked over to Matthew. "When did this happen?" He said looking worried, "She want to marry me. She is just a kid, she doesn't understand it." He said looking to you. "I do understand! And I know I want to marry Maffew!" You said plopping down on the ground.

You started to cry a little, you didn't really understand why though. "Hey _____, don't cry. I never said I wouldn't marry you. I promise that when you're older, I'll marry you. Okay?" Matthew said crouching down next to you. "R-really? You promise?!" You said as you hugged him. "Of course." He said hugging you back.

~18 years later~

You were sitting with Matthew at the park, you two had went there almost everyday since you were 10. You two had been dating for almost 4 months now, you had completely forgotten about the promise he made you when you were 5. "Hey ______ can I ask you something?" He said looking to you. "Sure." He then gets onto the ground, where he gets on one foot and holds out a black box. It had a beautiful diamond ring in the center. "Will you marry me?" He said blushing a little you excitedly jump into his arms. "Yes!" You screamed with joy.
"You remembered the promise!" You exclaimed.

"I would never forget."

The end
Since all the countries stop aging when their like 23, Canada is still young when you grow up.
The reason your with Arthur is because your a small country.
<3 Canada never forgets a promise~
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You jumped, Matthew's voice startling you from the scatter of thoughts occupying your mind. Your reaction caused the Canadian to flinch a bit in surprise, yelping out a small 'Maple!'.

"Sorry Mattie." You apologized with a self-conscious smile. "I got distracted for a sec."

Your friend hugged his bear closer to him and gave you a sheepish smile. "It's okay, ________., what was your answer for question 6?"

You and Matthew had been doing weekly study sessions for almost a month now. You had horrible grades in History, but scored excellently in Math. Vice versa, Matthew couldn't do math well, but scored very well in History. So you decided to help each other out once a week to hang out and to keep your grades from plunging. Yet recently, there had been some complications...

You looked down at your paper. Not one pen mark save for your name had touched the paper. The words of the questions swam before your eyes, jumbling together to make incoherible sentences. 

A hand hesitantly touched your shoulder. "_______..." Matthew asked, his slightly purple eyes full of concern. "Are you alright?"

No, I'm not alright.

You nodded, putting on a cheerful smile. "Yeah Mattie, I'm okay. It's probably just a cold or something."

The Blonde looked less than convinced, yet he gave a tiny sigh "O-okay, if you say so." he turned to look back at his paper. You let out a silent sigh of relief. The last thing you needed to worry about was Matthew getting worried about you. He didn't need to know what was really going on.

About an hour later, you had both finished your homework, and began packing your bookbags. 

"It's dark outside..." You muttered glancing out the window.

"D-do you want me to walk you home?" Matthew asked, a slight blush coloring his cheeks.


You flinched on instinct, the word itself making you want to scream. Home, where sadness and anger descended on you like a wild beast, the place you constantly tried to escape.

I don't want to go home.

"No..." You whispered with dread.

Matthew was waving his hands. "S-sorry! I just wanted to be polite, there might be...oh, I don't know..."

In his moment of panic, you managed to compose yourself, racking your brain desperately for a way out this. "It's okay" You told him with a smile. "I just remembered my parents aren't home tonight, and I forgot the key to the house." You rubbed your head sheepishly. "I'm locked out, I guess."

Matthew looked at you with surprise for a moment, this taking time to register in his brain.

"Oh! Well Alfred is out tonight, he's with friends you see. I could take his bedroom." He looked down at his shoes, trying to hide his scarlet cheeks.

You threw your arms around the Canadian, sending his glasses askew. "Thanks so much Mattie!" You cried, hugging him.

"Maple~!" Matthew yelped. 

You released him. "Sorry, didn't mean to startle you."

Matthew fixed his glasses. "It's okay, um, why don't you take a shower, and I'll make some dinner."

You nodded eagerly. "What's for dinner?"

The Canadian grinned. "Pancakes."

~                                                                              ~

Steam filled the bathroom, fogging the mirror and making the air opaque with water vapor. You stood with a towel wrapped around your mid-section, drying your hair. As you finished you wiped away to fog in the mirror to reveal your reflection.

And the scars.

Thin, healed over abrasions dotted your shoulders and arms, more trailing down the sides of your legs and your calves, a few just freshly healed over.

You absent-mindedly scratched at a few on your shoulder, distracted again by thoughts of home and depression.

A knock on the door startled you from your musings.

"_______, I thought you'd might like some night-clothes, so I brought you a T-shirt. It might be a little big, but it should work. Oh! There's a pair of sweatpants too."

You made to open the door and grab the clothes from Matthew, but stopped, remembering your bare arms.

"Uh, Thanks Mattie! You can just leave them there, I-I'll be out in a sec!"

'Oh, okay." The Canadian replied. You waited until his footsteps faded down the hall before daring to grab the clothes left outside the door. 

You looked down at the clothes, the T-shirt printed with a large red maple leaf on the front.

"I'm sorry Matthew." You muttered, holding the clothes close to your face. "I'm sorry I can't tell you the truth."

~                                               ~

"_______, pancakes are ready!" Matthew called, turning to see you at the doorway to the kitchen. "Oh good, you're already here."

You didn't move. Only your face and your hands peeped from the corner of the doorway.


You stepped into the doorway,wearing the sweatpants that covered your calves, and the T-shirt that did not hide your arms. You held your hands behind your back. Your hair hid your face as you looked down at your feet.

Matthew set down the platter of pancakes and walked over to you. "Is something wrong?" he asked in almost a whisper.

You shook your head, but also stepped backwards as he reached out a hand to touch you. "Don't." You whispered. 

Yet the warm, gentle hands were there again, hesitantly, but firmly coaxing your arms forward, revealing the scars of memories long past.

The room was absolutely still. Matthew didn't move, and you remained completely still, awaiting the torrent and flood of questions that would inevitably come.

But it didn't.

Instead, Matthew gripping your hands firmly in his. "_______." he said sternly.

You looked up, eyes threatening to spill over with tears. All the shy bashfulness had vanished from Matthew's face, to be replaced by a look of concealed anger.

"Who did this?"

It started out as a sniffle, and then a choked sob. Soon you were trapped in Matthew's warm and comforting arms, crying and hiccupping into his chest. Matthew hugged you close and murmured soothing words in french, not bothering to try and get you to explain.

He led you over to the sofa and sat you down while you cried almost uncontrollably into your hands. Matthew held you and stroked your hair, wiping away the tears that continued to stream down your face.

"It was me." You finally choked out.

Matthew was still beside you, not a muscle moved. You swallowed your sobs and clenched your hands, half-expecting Matthew to stand up and leave you there without another word.

But, to your surprise, you found your face tilted upwards to meet a pair of lips that tasted faintly of Maple syrup. Your eyes widened in surprise, but hesitantly, you kissed him back.

After a few moment, Matthew pulled back, his hands coming to rest on either side of your face.

"_______." He whispered, thumb brushing away a tear. "I love you."

You blinked with confusion. Matthew? Sweet, innocent, shy Matthew, loved you?

Before you could respond, Matthew wrapped his arms around you again, comforting warmth and assurance embracing you. "I'm not sure what made you unhappy. I'm not sure what dark place you've been to, but I do know that I wont let you go back. OK?"

You stared over his shoulder with wide, unsure eyes. Yet at that moment, a tiny little prickle of warmth began to bloom inside your chest. Slowly, your hands reached out and clutched the fabric of Matthew's hoodie, and you buried your face into his chest. "Yes." You muttered.



"I love you too."

Dermotillomania: The act of self mutilation through picking or scratching one's skin. Usually caused by OCD or depression/Stress/Anxiety

Hetalia belongs to :iconhimaruyaplz:
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