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    “I’ll pick you up after school, sweetie.” You mom told you as you sat in the passenger seat of her car. You nodded as you opened the door and got out after grabbing your bag. You shut the door as she drove off and you turned to look at the worst place in the world. Your school. You dreaded going to school. You were always picked on and bullied about something. Your hair, your height, even that your school has uniforms you get picked on by the main group of bullies saying that the uniform makes you look weird and that you couldn’t make it look good.

    You hung your head watching the ground as you walked to your locker through the sea of children. You put in your combo and opened the locker door. You pulled out your three folders for your first three classes for that day. You turned looking into your mirror you had hanging in your locker door just in time to see him. You turned to see your crush walking down the hall. Raivis Galante.

    He was a year above you and so sweet. He had short curly blond hair with gentle dark blue eyes. You had a few small conversations with him but it seemed like you both knew each other forever.  He was a bit nervous all the time but you never knew why. You just knew your heart fluttered when you saw thought of him and the butterflies acted up when you saw him. You were brought back into reality as you heard your locker being slammed shut.

    “Well you’re later than usual.” You heard the leader of the main group of girls that bullied you. “I don’t like to wait, ______.” She shoved you as you fell to the ground dropping your folders. “Now I only have a few minutes to get done with you and I hate to waste my time.” She stepped on you hand as you reached for your folders. You gasped in pain as she twisted her heel on your hand. The bell rang and the group of girls looked up seeing the time.

    “See you at lunch, freak.” She took her foot and placed it on your side kicking you over to the ground and walked off with her followers laughing.

    You sat up on your knees with tears falling out of your eyes. You hated school. You hated everything about it. Excepts for him.

    You got into your first period late and took your seat. Your hand ached from being stepped on and it was starting to bruise.

    “Miss ______?” Your teacher called out while everyone started on their classwork. “May I see you out in the hall please?” You nodded as you followed him out the door. “You were late again.” He told you as he closed the class room door.

    “I know I had some trouble with my locker.” You lied not looking at him.

    “______, Are there some problems at home?” He asked as you looked up at his eyes. “You can tell me. I’m here as your teacher but I’m also here to help you.”

    “No, there aren’t any problems at home.” To be truthful you haven’t even told your parents about the bulling. You didn’t want your dad to pull you out of the school and never get to see Ravis again.

    “Is there any bulling going on here?” Your teacher asked as you shook your head. You didn’t want to think about what those girls would do to you if they found out you told.

    “No sir.” You answered as he looked at you.

    “Well if there are any problems please come to me.” He told you as you nodded.

    “Mr. Fully.” You heard a familiar voice as you turned seeing Ravis walking up to you and your teacher.

    “Mr. Galante.” Your teacher greeted the student. “What can I help you with?”

    Ravis looked at you and smiled as you returned the smile. You looked away as you felt a blush coming on.

    “May I return to my work?” You asked your teacher as he nodded and open the door for you. You returned to your desk as you started to write what notes were on the board as Mr. Fully and Ravis walked in and to the teacher desk while Ravis waited for a few papers he needed from the teacher.

    The bell rang telling the children it was time for their next class. You stood out of your desk grabbing your stuff and making your way to the door.

    You walked the same path you did everyday outside to head to your next class. Passing behind the gym you felt your foot get caught on something as you tripped falling onto the ground. You went to get up when you heard high pitch laughter and you knew what it was you tripped on.

    “Have a nice trip?” You heard the leader of the girls asked you as she pulled you up by the back of your shirt. “I asked you a question.” She hissed tossing you to the ground again.

    “It’s not polite to ignore someone.” One of her followers told you as you looked up at them.

    “That’s why I came back to see you.” The leader smiled as she grabbed your shirt collar bring you to your feet. “I didn’t want you to feel like I was neglecting you because we didn’t get our normal time together this morning.” She smiled as she walked forward making your feet walk backwards. You turned your head just as you felt the force of the leader’s hand push you down cement steps that led down to the football field. You shut your eyes feeling the pain of  your bare knees and elbows scrap against the cement. You looked up seeing the group of girls walking down the few steps you fell down. They laughed at your pain as you try to stand just to stumble down a couple more steps. You knew the gym was empty this time of day so no one would hear your cries.

    “Leave her alone!” You jumped at the voice as you saw some rushing to stand between you and your bullies. The bullies were surprised as well as they stared at your protector. You were even more surprised to look up seeing Ravis was the one that was standing in front of you. “You heard me!” He yelled at them as they took a step back. “That means leave! Now!” He said as they jumped at his order and retreating.

    He watched as they ran and then turned to you seeing the fear in your (e/c) eyes. “Are you alright?” He asked offering a hand to help you up.

    You nodded taking his hand. He pulled you to your feet as you looked at him. “Th-thank you for getting them away from me.” You looked up at him as he gave you a nervous smile. “Your classes aren’t anywhere near here. How did you…”

    “Mr. Fully wanted me to make sure you got to your next class alright.” He shrugged. “I lost you in near the gym but heard you when you got pushed down the stairs so I knew something had to be going on.”

    You smiled at your protector. “But the way you acted. It was so unlike you to do that.”

    “Something came over me when I saw you in pain.” He sighed as he shook his head. “Something snapped inside and all I wanted to do was protect you.” He looked into your (e/c) eyes. “______, I’ve wanted to tell you something for a while now but...” He scratched the back of his head nervously. “I’ve liked you.” He shook his head. “Even loved you for some time now and I was wondering…” You smiled as you hugged him. He froze for a moment before returning the hug.

    “I love you too, Ravis.” He smiled at the sound of your voice saying that. You both leaned in kissing the other. You looked into his blue eyes and smiled.  “My protector.” As he smiled as well.

    “All I ever want to do is protect you.”
Another Art Trade for :iconsuzumiyasaori: It took me longer than I hope because I lost my first copy and had to re type it :( but here is my half of the art trade. Hope you enjoy it ^^

Hetalia: doesn't belong to me
You: :iconsexylatviaplz:
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"You know, (Name), nothing's ever going to happen if you don't make a move." You sighed at the now familiar words coming from your friend, Elizabeta's, mouth. Ever since you unexpectedly developed a crush on the coolest guy in school, conversations like this happened all too often.

"Liza, he's the most popular guy at our school. And I am nowhere near him in our high school hierarchy." The words were practically formality now. These conversations always played out the same, and had become almost a habit. It was Elizabeta's turn to sigh at your words. She never really expected a different answer, but she figured it could never hurt keep to trying.

"(Name), if you don't try Feliks is going to get swept up by some other girl."

"He probably hates me, remember? He's the toughest guy in school and finding out that he secretly has a thing for cross-dressing doesn't get me any points with him."

"But it's not like you found out on purpose. And it's been, what, six months? And you haven't told anyone but me, so it's not like you damaged his reputation." Before you could respond, your twin brother, Raivis, came over to join you and Elizabeta on your bench.

"Hey, Raivis," you and Elizabeta greeted him, as he sat next to you.

"Hey, (Name). Hey, Liza."  He always came to have lunch with you, since neither of you were lucky enough to have any classes together. And whenever Raivis showed up, a certain group was always right behind.

And just like you'd come to expect, a group of five made their way over to you guys. Raivis scooted closer to you as your big Russian friend, Ivan, sat down next to him. His older sister, Irunya, took a seat to the left of Elizabeta, while his younger sister, Natalia, sat on her other side. Raivis' two close friends, Toris and Eduard, sat down on your other side.

"What's up, guys?" you asked, pushing your brother away a little bit to give yourself some room. You didn't understand why he was always so afraid of Ivan. The guy was big, yeah, but he had the face of a teddy bear.

"We came to have lunch with you, da?" Ivan replied, smiling.

"It's the only time we really get to see you this year, dear," Irunya said, in her motherly way. You smiled as everyone started eating what they'd brought.

"I know. It really sucks. We've always had classes together."

"Well at least we got the same period for lunch," Toris said, looking at the positive side.

"You're right, Toris," Elizabeta said. "But it's our last year here. It'd be nice to have more time together before college."

"Let's not talk about college just yet," you said. "We still have over half the year left. I don't want to think about leaving home and my friends for a little while longer." Everyone nodded in agreement and continued eating their lunch.

You heard a commotion coming from the cafeteria entrance and turned to look.

"Uh-oh," Elizabeta said. "Looks like the Prince is gracing the cafeteria with his presence." The last syllable hadn't left her mouth before the majority of the girls in the room had rushed over to Feliks, screaming their heads off. The girls of your group grimaced, while the boys, all except Ivan, covered their ears with their hands. Ivan just sat there, smiling his usual smile, but with a touch of irritation this time.

"Should we go outside?" Eduard suggested. All of you nodded, standing up to throw your trash away. As you made your way outside with your friends, you failed to notice a certain pair of eyes following your movements.


You sighed and stared at the clock above the teacher's desk. Why couldn't it move any faster? It was your last class on a Friday and it was like time had frozen. All you wanted was to get out of here so that you could meet up with your friends again.

You were so absorbed in trying to force the hands of the clock to move faster with your mind, that you didn't realize that Feliks was watching you.

Unbeknownst to you, after the "cross-dressing incident," Feliks had started to take notice of you more and more. It still surprised him that you hadn't gone around telling everyone what you'd seen. He wasn't the nicest guy to some of the less popular people, so why wouldn't you want to get back at him with what you knew? And the more he had pondered over this and kept an eye on you, the more he noticed things about you that he hadn't seen before. Like how your eyes lit up any time you saw your friends. Or how your laugh progressed from a quiet little nothing to a loud, but beautiful, symphony of sound.

But something he liked best about you was the way that you didn't let others affect you. You never cared if someone made fun of you for something. You just continued doing what you enjoyed with the people you cared about and that was that. He wished that he could do the same. But he had unintentionally become popular with a personality that wasn't even his, and he was in too deep now to change anything.

He sighed and wondered what you would do if he approached you. It wasn't like the two of you had ever spoken before, and for him to come up out of nowhere and ask you to go out with him…Well, he didn't think you'd take too kindly to that. If anything, you'd think he was messing with you.

He clenched his hand into a fist at that thought. Messing around with your feelings was something he would never do. But he had no idea how to speak to you and get you to realize that.

He glared up at the clock and decided that right after school, he was going to find you and talk to you. At the very least, he wanted to be your friend. Ideally, he wanted to be more.

The bell rang and you jumped out of your seat, quickly collecting your things so you could get the hell out of there. It was finally the weekend!

You waited a moment for the majority of the class to shove their way through the door before going to leave. But a hand on your arm stopped you. You turned and jerked in surprise to see Feliks standing next to you. You gaped at him for a moment before pulling away and stuttering.

"I-I think you, have the wrong p-person." He shook his head and took a step closer to you, making you back away again.

"No. I wanted to talk to you, (Name)." You paled. This was it. He was going to threaten to ruin the rest of your high school career if you didn't keep your mouth shut about his secret hobby. Why he'd waited so long you didn't know, but that was the only possible reason you could think of as to why he'd talk to you.

Feliks noticed your pale face and rested a hand on your shoulder, making you shrink into yourself. But before he could say anything, you interrupted with your plea.

"I-I know you don't want anyone to k-know about what I saw. A-and I swear I haven't told anyone! I-I mean, I told my friend, Elizabeta, b-but she hasn't told anyone either!" Feliks could only stare at you as you rambled. He honestly hadn't been thinking about that at all. There were times he completely forgot that you'd ever seen him like that.

Feliks squeezed your shoulder and you immediately shut up. You could only hope he wouldn't do anything too mean.

"Look, (Name). That's not the reason I wanted to talk to you." You glanced up at him and noticed he had a blush on his face, which surprised you. What reason could he have that would warrant a blush?

"Y-yes?" you prompted, curious more than anything now. He took his hand off of your shoulder to cough into and stare at the wall behind you.

"I wanted to…wanted to see if you'd like to…to go out with me sometime." Your eyes narrowed as you took another step back.

"You're setting me up for something, aren't you?" He flinched and turned to look at you sadly.

"I thought you'd say something like that. But I swear I would never do anything like that to you!"

"But why me? I'm not even sort of popular. I'm at the bottom of the food chain, so to speak."

"I don't care about that. It's just…after you saw me that day I was really worried you'd tell the whole school. But when nobody ever brought it up, I was confused. I admit, I'm not always the nicest guy, so it was crazy to me that you didn't seem to want to tell anyone."

"So, what? Is this whole thing a 'thank you' date? You'll forget all about me afterwards?"

"No! I legitimately want to go on a date with you. You see, for a while, I kept an eye on you to figure out if you were planning on telling anyone. But after a while, I forgot about that and just started really seeing you. And I…," he paused and his blush came back tenfold. You raised an eyebrow and waited for him to continue. He looked at you in the eye, resolved to go through with this.

"I really like you, (Name). And I was wondering if you'd be my girlfriend?" You blushed even worse than he was and hid your face in your hands.

"I-I-I…Are you serious?" You peeked through your fingers to see him nodding vigorously.

"Of course!" You slowly lowered your hands to look at him. Hesitating for just a moment, you took a deep breath and answered.


"Ah…okay then, I'll just….wait, what?" You giggled and looked up at him.

"Yes, I'll be your girlfriend." He grinned at you before hugging you and spinning you around.

"That's like, totally perfect!" he exclaimed, a hidden valley girl accent making itself known in his excitement. You laughed and wrapped your arms around his neck. Just wait until Elizabeta heard about this.

--Extended Ending—

Elizabeta cackled to herself as she sat in a tree next to the school. She lowered her binoculars and scrambled down out of the tree to have your other friends gather around her.

"Well? What happened?" Raivis asked her, speaking for everyone.

"He asked her out, and she said yes!" Everyone grinned or smiled as they made their way towards the school exit. They hadn't walked five feet before a textbook was thrown into the back of Toris' head.

"YOU GUYS WERE SPYING ON ME?!" they heard you shriek from the classroom. They laughed as Elizabeta shouted back at you.

"We were prepared to take matters into our own hands if things didn't turn out the way they had!" Your face was purple in your anger as you threw more textbooks at them while they dodged, laughing the whole time.

You couldn't wait to get out of here.
So here's the request for :iconmagzpagz: I hope you enjoy it, and I'm sorry it took so long! I hope I portrayed Poland in the way you wanted...

I don't own Hetalia or Poland.
You belong to :iconsexypolandplz:
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Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes)
*Latvia X Reader* I Promise

“O-oh (Name) let me get that for you!” Said Latvia as he scrambled to his feet, helping you with some books you were holding. You placed them down on the table and made a soft smile at your friend.

“Hey, hey you can relax here, calm down ‘kay?”
“Sure.” Blushed Latvia, sitting back down on the couch.
Latvia had been living with you for a month now, he loved it. You were a lot less scary then Russia and he didn’t have to walk on eggshells around you! He did a little though, you felt so sorry for him. He was always trying to help you with something or other when he could just relax. Your birthday was quite close to his so you were both 16. He was your sweet crush. But of course you’d never tell him! You were just too shy – and to be honest, so was Latvia so if he felt the same way you’d never know!

“So how was your day?” You smiled, turning to your friend. You couldn’t help but almost faint at his soft hair and bright eyes.
“Ugh, it was g-great thanks. How w-was yours?” He made a weak smile, goddamn his awkwardness just made him even more cute!

“Fine thanks.” You giggled, “I’m so tired though!” And without even thinking, you led down, your head resting in Latvia’s lap. His body went tense for a second but when he saw you curled up, he relaxed and thought about how cute you looked.

He placed his hand lightly on your hair and started to curl it around his fingers, stroking you lovingly.
“Mhm~.” You hummed with your eyes closed, at the slight noise he dropped your hair and cringed.
“S-sorry, did I hurt you (Name).”
“No it felt nice…” You blushed, reaching up and taking his hand and placing it back in your hair, but you didn’t let go. Latvia’s heart raced as much as yours did; you sat up, your hands still locked. Your eyes met and you both just sat there, cheeks growing red and hearts not slowing down any time soon.
“(N-Name)…Can I tell you something…?” Asked Latvia, his voice a little shaken.
“Uh huh…” You smiled, fearing your heart was going to jump out your heart any second.

Then, Latvia moved forward, still clutching your hand – and kissed you. Your eyes shut as his soft lips pressed against yours in a sweet but short kiss. When he pulled away you were start struck – but still craved more.
“I like you too…” You blushed, pulling him back for another kiss.

You fell back, still kissing, so Latvia was led nicely on top of you on the couch. His hands crept up to your cheek as timid kisses were placed on your lips. You ran your fingers through his hair, deepening the kiss. Again Latvia pulled away, both of you panting heavily. His eyes shined with love and lust, but his lip shook with nerves.
“Are you ok?” You sighed.
“Yeah just nervous…” He smiled a blush on his face.
“Yeah me too, haha…Hey, you’re a really good kisser.”
“Really? I-I mean you too…Wanna go again?”

You didn’t have to answer, you just latched your lips back, this time making the cute little “Mwha” sound they do in the movies. His hands were back to your cheeks and yours in his gorges hair; small moans vibrating in your throat. Feeling a little more confident, Latvia’s tongue brushed against your lips, you smiled and gladly let him in. Both of your tongues brushed together slowly, a little scared and not really sure what to do. Soon you both got into the hand of things and Latvia’s body seemed to press down on yours slightly making you a little wet.
His tongue won dominance and happily explored your mouth, your fingernails running down his neck and spine making him shiver against you.
You tugged at his buttoned T-shirt, making Latvia smile against your lips.
“Hey~” Winked Latvia, before scooping you up into his arms and taking you to your room, laying you down gently on your bed before resuming he position on top of you.
“You’re so strong.” You blushed, looking up at his amazing eyes.
“And you’re beautiful (Name)…”

You could feel the heat between the both of you, as you sat up and pulled away the buttons, throwing open his shirt. His chest was soft and smooth, slightly toned and felt amazing against your fingertips. As you ran your hand down, he seemed to bit his lip at the contact making you giggle. He removed the rest of his shirt, laying back down and kissing him madly, his hands pinning down your wrists. Your moans seemed to give Latvia courage and soon his lips were on your law line, heading down to your neck. His lips brushed over that one spot that drove you mad! You squirmed underneath him, becoming lost in your moans – making Latvia blush.
Seeing how much noise he could get out of you, Latvia softly bit down on your neck, making your hips buck and grind against him. This made Latvia shiver, a loud moan escaping his own lips. This made you laugh as you looked up at the blushing cutie above you. You pushed him away and pecked his nose sweetly, before pulling away your own shirt, Latvia’s eyes growing huge.
“Like what you see?” You chuckled; Latvia rolling his eyes from embarrassment.
Latvia’s hot lips planted kisses on your chest, lighting dancing over your breasts.
“Don’t be so nervous.” You cooed calming him, running the back of your hand over his cheek and smiling sweetly.
With a little more courage, Latvia pulled away your bra and pushed it off the bed, his hands shakily cupping your breasts. You wrapped your arms around your neck and kissed his cheeks softly and he messaged your mounds slowly sending waves of pleasure through you. Latvia started to roll his hips against yours, his grip tightening making you moan happily.
You nipped at his neck, he hissed with pleasure, his hair falling to his face. Your foreheads leaned on each other as you both got lost in the moment, Latvia placing a small kiss on your nose making you blush. Soon his hands slid down to your hips and rubbed soft circles and you gave him a small love bite on his neck. You both broke apart as Latvia kissed down your body, making you shiver as he got closer to your core.
Pulling at your jeans, you gladly let Latvia get rid of them, kiss tongue running over your thigh, making your shake. Already you were wet and ready.
Pushing Latvia away you practically tore off his jeans, seeing the tent form in his tight boxers. Latvia led back and pulled you on top of him, your lips locking again in one of the most romantic kisses in the history of the universe. Latvia couldn’t help but buck up into you, making your legs go weak. Taking matters into your own hands, you sat up and slid off Latvia and sat next to him, soon pulling away his boxers. Latvia’s eyes rolled back as he let groans out freely as you pumped his length slowly, the sounds he made turning you on madly. You added a few licks up and down his length now and then, as he gripped the bed sheets unable to control himself. Soon Latvia met his realise and his hot seed spilled all over your hand.  He blushed madly and didn’t look at you in the eyes, his mind unable to believe what had just happened. You cleaned your hand on some tissue next to the bed. Latvia cupped your face with two fingers under your chin and brought you in for another kiss, your hearts throbbing madly.
His hands crept down and pulled away the last piece of your clothing, laying you down and sitting in-between your legs. Slowly, his thumb rubbed small circles on your clit, unsure about what he was doing. When Latvia saw you twitch and heard you moan, he knew he was doing something right so he rubbed faster and harder, bravely slipping a digit into your core, pumping in and out while still moving his thumb. He heard you whisper his name under your breath, a huge smile creeping onto his face.  He pulled away with a smirk on his face, you looked up and pouted, wanting him to touch you all over.
He climbed on top of you, placing kisses all over your neck and face.
“Are you ready?” You felt his tip brush against you and almost forgot how to talk.
“Y-yeah, what about you?”
“As I’ll ever be, (Name), I love you…”
“I love you too…”
“I promise, I’m yours forever…” You blushed, Latvia linking hands with you.
Next he pushed into you, pain started to climb over your body. You held his hand tight, squeezing your eyes shut. “I’m so s-sorry, do you want me t-to stop?” You shook your head and bit your lip, adjusting slowly. Soon the pain faded away and a smiled slipped onto your face.  You gave a little nod and pulled Latvia close, the perfect kiss.
Latvia took full control once his confidence was high and thrust in and out of you with power, your whole body being taken over by the waves of pleasure bouncing around your body. Latvia broke the kiss to call your name, over and over as you both grew close to the moment of passion.
The knot in your stomach began to form and get tighter with every moment Latvia made. Soon, it grew too tight and you couldn’t hold on much long. Latvia let out a growl as you tightened around him, the knot breaking and exploding like fireworks, intense pleasure making your toes curl. Your warm juices sent Latvia over the edge too, his body stiff and shaking as he came.
When you had both had the moment of pleasure, Latvia pulled away and dragged the cover over you both, cuddling you to his chest.
“You’re the most amazing girlfriend (Name)!” Smiled Latvia, hugging you. “You’re mine forever now, I mean it, I’ll never let anything hurt you.”
“I promise…”
For :iconprettyxmouse: I hope she likes it! :D

I have to say I loved writing this, Latvis is just adorable and so fun to write with! x3 <3 ~
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You look inside the box, and gasp at what’s inside.

It was a Poland Hetaloid.

“Thank you, thank you, and thank you!” You sqealed out with pure joy. You noticed the instuctions taped on the outside, you took them off and read them immediately.

The Hetaloid will activate when the crate is opened.” It said.

You looked up at the crate again. You notice a little more detail, like for example the crate was pink. Then yuou saw your friend grab the edge of the crate.

“Wait!” You said suddenly. She snapped her head tawords you wit a confused look on her face.

“Whats the matter?” She asked.

“I don’t want him to activate just yet.” You said shyly. She gave you another blank look.

“What do you mean by that?” she asked.  You looked at the intructions again.

“It says that he will be activated once the box is opened.” You said, re-reading the rest of the instructions.

Your friend just arched and eyebrow and went back to the spot she was previously in.

Once the party ended, everyone left. You strode over to the Hetaloid. You carefully popped of the coreners of the box.

You carefully lift the lid off and rush to sit on the sofa in that was right across the crate.

You slowly saw the Hetaloids’ head rising untill the edge was just under his eye level.

He scanned his surroundings for a little bit while humming a soft “hmm”. Then his eyes landed on you. He popped the rest of his head out of the box.

“AH! You, like, totally scared me.” He pouted.

You giggled a little bit.

“So, you must be, like, my new master or something.” He said climing out of his pink box.

“Yes, I am your Master.” You said stading up.

“Like, my name is Feliks Łukasiewicz.” He said.

“Mine is ____. _____ _____.” You said.

“Like, I can totally already tell we’re going to be bffs.” He said. You giggled.


Feliks must’ve been a psycic or something because his prodiction was right. Just after several weeks, you two were an inseperateble pair. He was a bit stubborn at times though. But all-in-all, he was a good hetaloid who liked to shop at a mall and likes pink. There’s nothing wrong with a man liking that. That’s actually what you loved about Feliks. In fact you formed a little crush on the Hetaloid.

But a couple months after that, he started getting a bit flustered around you. You didn’t why, but you thought it would be best if didn’t ask.

One day, he was pacing back and forth in front of you. You were trying to read a book to distract you from what Feliks was doing. But the plan all crumbled down.

“_____, what do you want to do?” You hear Feliks ask. You looked up at him.

“I don’t know.” You said goig back to your book. “You’re the one who dragged to almost everywhere.” You said.

Feliks bit the bottem of his lip.

“But I’m bored!” He complained.

“Then why don’t you read a book?” You asked bluntly, flipping to the next page of your book.

He pouted but went to grab a book anyway.

He layed on the floor and started to quickly scan the pages, But the end caught his interest.

The boy was confessing his love to the girl. Cliché, yes, but Feliks kept reading it anyways.

They started hugging and kissing, then the book finished. He looked up to you, how he wished he could hold and kiss you like the boy did with the girl in the book.

You were still reading your book, so you didn’t notice him staring at you. He closed the book he was reading and put it back where it was originally place. He then sat on the oposite side of where you were sitting.

He was tapping his foot to keep his thoughts from spilling from his mouth.

Those lips look so soft. That hair must be as soft as silk. he kept thinking, the same with many thoughts like that as well.

“Hey, ______...” He suddenly said. You continued reading the book.

“Hmm?” you hummed, not taking your eyes of the page.

“Is there, like, anyone you like-like?” he asked shyly and awkwardly.

You looked up at him shocked. “Maybe I do, maybe I don’t. Why do you ask?” You said.

“Because there is someone I really like, and I wanted to know if you liked anybody.” He said with pink slowly tinting his cheeks.

“Well, there is this one guy…” you trailed off.

Feliks tensed up. So you did like someone else. “Really?” he said, his voice cracking sligtly and tears threatening his eyes.

“Hey. What’s wrong?” you didn’t get an answer. You got a Polish Hetaloid running upstairs and locking himself in his room.

You rush up to his room at start knocking on his door.

“Leave me alone.” He mumbled.  You could tell he was crying.

“Please, I just want to know whats wrong.” You practically begged. Then it hit you, he didn’t hear you liked. “You never got to hear who I like.”

“I don’t CARE!” he spat.

“But the person was you.” You spat back. “I like you – no love you.” You said the last part shyly, looking at the ground.

You heard the door open. You look up to see a Feliks with a straight face, and two puffy eyes.

You looked back to ground blushing.

He tilted up your chin to face him. “Ja też cię kocham*.” Feliks whipered before placing his lips on top of yours.

You stiffined but then started melt and kiss back. Your connected lips were a perfectly locked with each other, thus, creating a passionate and loving kiss.

You pulled away for more air supply before going in for one a little more passionate.

Boy, do you love this Polish Hetaloid.
:iconwtfpolandplz: POLAND Y U SO ADORABLE?!

anyway, i do hope you enjoy this little Poland reader insert.

i do not own the picture in any way shape or form!
Story (c) :iconhetafan123:
You (c) :iconliketotallyplzz:

Thank you for reading~!

*I love you too.

Intro: [link]
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    He was more of a calm, cool, and collected sort of man. He didn't normally say much, but when he did you always managed to find yourself with a small smile on your face.

    Around most, he was guarded and not one that participated in much social contact. He had a few friends, or at least acquaintances he knew too well to classify in any other way, but out of all these friends, so-to-speak, you were his favorite. You always made him feel... differently. He wasn't as cynical, he didn't act as much of a know it all, he acted... happier in general. He was actually able to forget about being under Russia's... supervision, and he was able to forget just how much he disliked having only two other peoples' company most of the time.


    He heard his name being called from some room in the large house that he found he was practically confined to. He glanced down at his wrist, quickly checking the time letting a small hum of approval buzz his lips. Not early, not late, right on time, as always. He stood up, quickly marking his spot in the present book he was reading and setting it gently on the chair he was previously occupying before brushing off the invisible dirt on the lap of his pants and straightening his jacket. It was just as he thought he had finally gotten himself to a presentable point that you practically burst through the doorway into the library he was standing in.

    A smile lit up your face almost immediately as your (h/c) hair strands settled back down to their original spots, no longer being moved by the wind created by your running. Your eyes gleamed as you looked your friend up and down. It felt like it had been forever since you had last saw him, even though in reality it had been only a week.

    He was just the same Eduard you knew from before. Pristine uniform, straightened and righted so that is was perfect and orderly. Straight dark blonde hair that seemed to always stay in place. Glittering green eyes, framed by those rectangular glasses of his. These rectangular frames were pushed up in something of a cocky way as a soft smile graced his lips.

    "(Y/n)," he could always say your name so calmly. At times it made you begin to wonder if he even missed you when you were gone. You didn't let that thought trouble you now though, as you lept at him, hugging his thin frame while you buried your face into his chest.

    As usual, you felt him tense for a brief moment. Then, as if some sort of ice melted away from his body, he finally responded, slowly wrapping his arms around your body as a small girlish giggle left your lips. You really had missed him...

    You felt him pull away from you and you couldn’t help but let out an internal sigh. You always hated him for allowing only quick hugs. You loved the way his body could press to yours, and you loved the actual fact that a man was hugging you. A cute, intelligent, sweet-

    “You’re right on time,” you heard him say, snapping you out of your daydream of sorts so that you could smile.

    “Of course! Aren’t I always?” you tilted your head, letting a proud smirk flash across your lips for a brief moment. In reality, it really was impossible for you to be anything but on time when visiting Eduard.

    Quite a while ago, Eduard had managed to notice a particular pattern in Russia's schedule. Once a week, the same day every week, he would be gone for quite a large portion of the day away from home. The other two Baltics somehow managed to overlook this, what he considered obvious, fact, and so Eduard had the day all to himself. Well... he shared it rather often with you, but that was to be expected. You were the only reasonable option for company that he had.

    However, there was an exact time Russia left. Ten o'clock on the dot, every single day without exception. Therefore it was only optional for you to come fifteen minutes after.

    You had been doing this for who knows how long. Once a week, the same time every visit. You would talk, sometimes even go out with Eduard, happily chatting or listening to him speak. You both just enjoyed spending time with each other.

    "So what are we doing today," you grinned, clasping his hand in yours.

    You could practically feel the shiver of unfamiliarity race throughout the man's body at the gesture. Almost immediately, an air of social awkwardness seemed to show itself in him, yet he didn't let go of your hand.

    Eduard furrowed his eyebrows, attempting not to make much eye contact with you as his mind quickly processed the question. He supposed there was nothing wrong with just staying home, or maybe he should take you out. He didn't want to look to selfish...

    It was so easy to watch all those cogs turn over and over in his mind. It was to the point where it was almost amusing to watch him. He could be so socially awkward at times like this, but you couldn't help but feel somehow endeared by his actions. Whenever he dipped back into this frame of mind that caused him to jump from one thought to another in his rather intelligent mind, you knew he cared about you. You knew just what he was debating in his head, and you knew why, and this knowledge made you smile.

    "Eduard..." you let out a soft laugh, tugging his hand forward, causing him to stumble clumsily closer to you. His eyes flashed, a question obviously shining in them as he tried to ignore the proximity of your bodies. "Let's stay inside today," you smiled softly up at the man and suddenly, without warning, gripped the collar of his perfectly ironed uniform and pulled his lips down to meet yours.
This is my latest commission, and this one is again for :iconfab-912:. Thank you so much~
Alright... so I've found out it is really hard for me to write for Estonia. And this probably sucks... but I've spend like a week on this, and I'm pretty sure this is the best I can have Estonia offer... Sorry about that.
Anyway! I'm going to try my best to next post maybe a possible sequel to my latest EnglandxReader because so many people thought that would be a good idea... So I thought I might as well try. This is not a promise though!

Hetalia isn't mine~
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Collection by
Poland aka Feliks is so awesome! :iconchibipolandplz: 
ehhhhh woah I actually like more than one character from a show??? THAT VERY STRANGE GUYS thoughifyoumakemechooseI'llsayItaly
Ps. If I start writing 'like' in everything I write you have all the right to virtually slap me...

Poland/Feliks (c) Hidekaz Himaruya
This terribly drawn picture (c) me
I'm like, so professional!! yeah, from now on I'll do that copyright thingy...

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“…No, the other one was better…”
“Feliks,” you try to gain his attention, but he’s too entertained.
“…Oh, I like this one. This colour is, like, much better…” he mumbles.
He looks up at you from your big tummy, “Hm?”
“You having fun?” you ask, smirking.
He sits up properly, clutching the big bag of baby clothes he purchased to his chest, “Aren’t you, ________? These outfits are, like, totally adorable!”
Your husband had been sat there for at least an hour laying each tiny outfit on your tummy as you flicked through the baby names book.
“I know they are, sweetie, but we have more important things to think about,” you say as you wave the book in front of Feliks’ face. You look down at the three little skirts he had in his fist and the bag full of female baby clothes, “Besides, we don’t even know if it’s a girl yet.”
“…I didn’t say it was a girl,” Feliks says.
“But you’ve got…” you let your voice trail off when you realised Feliks didn’t object to cross-dressing. How could you forget? Of course, you had no objections, especially when you thought it was cute when Feliks did it (you did agree to married him, after all), but you’d prefer it if people could tell your baby was a boy.
“You don’t like this colour? Hmm, maybe it would look better on me… Still, the baby might look, like, exactly like me, which would be fabulous,” he says, rifling through the bag of clothes with his free hand. You groan at the thought of your son being identical to Feliks, matching dresses and everything.
“Anyway, names?” you say. He takes the book from you, dropping the little skirts.
“Oh, ________, don’t you just, like, love the name (girls name you dislike)?!” he suddenly announces, putting both hands on your tummy. He leans close to you and then his face lights up as he feels the baby’s movement.
“…Really? W-well, it’s… cute,” you say, not impressed.
“I know, right?!” he says, overlooking what you really thought.
“But, how about we keep looking?” you ask, grinning at him.
“Oh, you don’t like it, piękna?”
“It’s not awful, exactly…”
“(Girls name you dislike)?”
You shake your head. “No, it’s too…”
“Ok, what about (Girls name you dislike)?”
“Feliks, it might be a boy,” you remind him again.
He frowns, “I know! You don’t have to, like, keep reminding me, kochanie.”
“What about (name you really like)?”
“…it’s cute, I guess.” He pauses for a moment before grinning, “Like, maybe Toris has some ideas!”
Feliks jumps up, kisses your cheek and then runs out of the room, fishing his phone out of his pocket. You giggle and lean back, rubbing your tummy gently. Feliks left the bag of clothes next to you, so you reach into it and pull out one of the little pink dresses and lay it on your tummy, smiling. It is very cute.
“Oh my god!” Feliks suddenly shouts a few moments later, making you jump, “________! Why didn’t you tell me how, like, totally adorable these maternity clothes were?!”
He comes back into the room wearing one of the pink t-shirts with a white kitten on it, comically baggy around his flat stomach, and a denim miniskirt with an elasticated waistband, his phone in his hand, “Don’t they just look fabulous?!”
People asked for more of these. I wrote more :P

Poland is so FREAKIN FABULOUS! :iconsexypolandplz: :heart::heart::heart:

Italy version - marshmallow-maraca.deviantart.…
America version - marshmallow-maraca.deviantart.…
England version - marshmallow-maraca.deviantart.…
Germany version - marshmallow-maraca.deviantart.…
Norway version - marshmallow-maraca.deviantart.…
Spain version - marshmallow-maraca.deviantart.…
Romano version - marshmallow-maraca.deviantart.…
Japan version - marshmallow-maraca.deviantart.…
2P!Italy version - marshmallow-maraca.deviantart.…
Netherlands version - marshmallow-maraca.deviantart.…
Russia version - marshmallow-maraca.deviantart.…
2P!England version - marshmallow-maraca.deviantart.…

Series Discontinued. Please don't request a character

Pic not mine, found on Google ;)

I don't own anything but the story ;)
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"For me?" You ask, pointing a finger to your bosom as you fixed a bemused stare from where you stand on the pavement, upon Feliks, swaying his legs rythmically from the lunch table and drumming his fingers on hollow wood that echoes amidst the background babble of lunchtime. 

He nods, a perky smile on his face as he leans forward, and his perfectly combed hair bobs with the movement, shining as it catches the sun and then losing the prominent glow as he adjusts in his seat, returning to the shade of the tree protecting the two of you and outling your shadows. 

His eyes don't move from yours as his hands venture into his lap, neatly folded. 

"Come on, tell me," he whines, childish to a fault, and pleads with those big, bright green eyes of him that are desperate to know and eager for new gossip on you, his current and only favorite subject. 

"Please?" He offers you another smile, baiting you, teasing you. 

"Do I have to?" You groan, folding your arms and tilting your head up to the sky with an exasperated groan. He nods, pouting, lowering his head and staring up at you with what he assumes is a menacing glare. 

"You have no other choice. Or I'll never let you borrow my wicked hipster pink nail polish ever again." 

"Okay, okay," you giggle, trying to pass off a calm, collected laugh over the idea of losing the only nail polish you will admit to actually enjoying to wear, "I'll tell you."

He smiles, relishing in triumph with a smug, defiant smirk on his face. 

"Okay, the hardest thing I've ever done," you appraise the cracked pavement underneeath your feet as you shift your weight to your left foot, grinding the heel into the concrete, "was probably telling you I liked you." 

A face devoid of dignity, you give him a fleeting glance up to him, and see the look of absolute joy and idiotic bliss on his face as he cups his chin in his hands, so over-the-top and so much the Feliks you've adored that you can't help but surpress a snicker. 

"Okay, that is too adorable. You spoil me," he says, wagging a finger at you and smirking once more, luxuriating in the implied status you've given him, "don't ever stop."

"All right, all right, I've told you mine, now what's yours?" The mantle of pouting switches to you as your hands return to your hips and you fix a shrewd glare upon him as an eyebrow quirks up in curiosity. 

He thinks, tilting back his head so that his hair spills over the back of his shoulders and dangle, swaying, over the beginning of his back, and appraises the canopy of the tree as you did the pavement. 

"Oh," he says, comprehension dawning on his face as he turns to you with a look of total clarity, a lucid moment, "the hardest thing for me was realizing that I loved you more than I love myself." 

And for Feliks, that is definitely the hardest thing of all.
Okay, for me, Poland is one of those characters that I hate admitting to liking because he's just so...him.  But I still have him as one of my favorites. XD 

Hetalia belongs to the amazing Hidekaz Hinaruya as does the amazing Feliks. :iconpolandblushplz:
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*bubble* *drip drip* *splash*


It sounded like water but you were completely dry. You tried to open your eyes but the sun blinded you.

“Gah!” You closed your eyes. Using your sense of touch, you felt that you were lying belly down on asphalt.

Slowly with some effort you again opened your eyes to see what was around you.

“The f-?” You turned you head a bit to the side to see a gigantic mansion to the side of you.

“Woah! That’s a nice house but where am I?”

You looked up to your front of your body to see it lying in front of a huge fountain. Clear rivulets of water were gently cascading down the structure reflecting the sun’s bright light.

Your mini pain in your eyes turned into a migraine. In pain, you shut your eyes and laid your head down but not before hearing laughter and two sets of footsteps coming toward you.

Poland and Lithuania were walking together and laughing. Their laughter was towards Russia on how he slipped from a banana peel that Poland “accidentally” dropped. The whole scene was absolutely hilarious and how Ivan got tangled up in his scarf. Thankfully, Feliks managed to get away from Russia when he found out it was Poland who staged the prank.

You would have heard their entire conservation and joined in their laughter but sadly you were still in pain and then BAM!

An explosion of pain racked your head and you SCREAMED!

Somehow after you delivered that agony-filed yell, you were pulled inside your mind… and it felt horrible. But what lie in front of you was even worse.

The tender memories, the memories that made you who you were, faded to obscure colors.

‘No!’ you mentally screamed.

The faces of friends, people you used to know, and even your cherished parents were becoming a part of the vacuum of space.

‘NOOOO!’ you yelled inside your head.

“What the-?!” Feliks was the first to hear to your initial scream and when he turned his head to the left side and saw you, he himself let out a scream. Toris in alarm, shrieked also and exclaimed, “What? What! Are we being attacked?!”

Poland shook his head and pointed to your motionless body. “T-there, there is like a person in my frontyard!”

Toris looked to you and came closer. Since your head was facing away from them, they couldn’t tell that your face was twisted up in agony.

“Well is she like dead?” A nervous Poland said as came close to your head behind Lithuania.

Toris replied, “I don’t know… wait! I see her moving… it looks like she’s breathing!”

In disbelief, Poland went around your body and looked to your face. He never saw such a face in pain, and much less a beautiful one! For Feliks to think someone was actually prettier than him made him take a step back.

In concern, Toris asked him, “What’s wrong?” He looked down to your pain-stricken face. “My God we have to help her!”

Feliks was about to retort, “Why should I?” but for some reason his selfish nature was immediately replaced with a caring feeling.

It was weird. He actually wanted to hold you and comfort you when he didn’t even know you!

Whether it was from the pain that motivated you to wake up briefly or you felt Felik’s comforting presence, you looked to him with pleading eyes and said, “M-my memories… gone” before succumbing to the pain inside your mind.

Feliks stood there shocked. When you [e/c] orbs met his jade ones, he saw a girl who desperately needed help and looked lost. A girl who looked beaten and struggled to get up. In many ways it reminded him of his own self when he struggled to defend himself from Russia a long time ago.

With sudden determination, all his anxiety from meeting strangers and selfish nature melted away to helping you.

He scooped you up in his arms and went toward his house. In a commanding tone he told Lithuania, “Come on then. You were the one who said we have to help her”

Toris stood there baffled. He rarely seen Poland in command and much less helping a stranger. In a daze, he hurriedly followed Feliks to the house.


~~~~Timeskip of Feliks Teasingly Slipping Off His Pink Towel to Reveal His Certain *ahem!* Area!~~~~~


‘Warmth. I feel… warmth’

You slightly moved your body. And opened your eyes.

You looked around the room. All around you was red and white. From the desk to even the blankets were the mixture of these two colors. You even saw a bit of pink splashed onto the tapestry. You looked right above you to see a massive Polish flag hanging proudly.

‘Whose room is this?’ You thought then you realized your head wasn’t splitting itself in pain anymore.

With nimble fingers you lightly touched your head. ‘M-my head doesn’t hurt anymore. What was the last thing I remember? Hmm. Wait I got it! I remember losing my memor--‘

“-What!?” you sat straight up in a bed to see Poland looking at you confused.

“Errr” you felt embarrassed until you realized who was actually in front of you.

Your favorite character slash fantasy crush Feliks Łukasiewicz was real! Ignoring your past embarrassment, you continued to stare at him. His platinum blonde shoulder length hair was perfectly trimmed and flawless. He had the nicest, most clear skin that you ever seen on a man. But the best thing you saved for last was his eyes. His amazing lime green orbs were looking at your own eyes with confusion and worry.

“Like what was that?”

You stopped ogling at him. Your blush came back to your cheeks once again. “S-sorry Poland. I just couldn’t believe that you’re here”

Feliks did a hair flip. “Like why wouldn’t you believe in the fabulous me- wait what? Did you just call me by my country name?”

You stopped breathing. You really wanted to smack your head in with a fist. ‘Dammit! It’s obvious I’m not in the same dimension! Ugh, I already slipped up twice. Okay, ____, try to fix this…somehow’

“Well *cough* I kind of remember reading about you from somewhere…”

“What, where? Like I totally thought my identity was kept secret?” Feliks came closer to your right side.

“Erm… I think it was on an Internet blog. But that’s all I remember” You looked down from his penetrating gaze.

Poland was suspicious. He asked another question that caught you off guard. “When I found you why did you tell me your memories were gone?”

You looked at him wide eyed and gulped. You faintly remembered saying that but didn’t realize you actually told Feliks, of all people, that.

You tried to hide the tears in your eyes when you remembered those precious memories leave you. Responding, “You wouldn’t believe me even if I told you”

To your surprise, Feliks went straight up into your face and said, “Try me”

Blushing at the sheer proximity of your faces, you slightly backed away from him and responded, “I am n-not sure w-what happened to me earlier, b-but some of my memory d-disappeared”

Bewildered in what you just told him, Feliks was about to ask what the hell did that mean when Lithuania came in.

“Feliks, is the girl up yet?” He looked to you. “Hello there, miss”

You politely greeted him back. “Hello. Nice to meet you Lithuania”

Both Feliks and Toris looked to you baffled.

“You like know about him too?” Poland enquired.

You meekly smiled. “Yes”

“Do you like know our human names?”

You shyly nodded.

Toris was totally lost. “Okay am I missing something here?” He turned to Feliks. “How does she know about us!?”

You replied for Poland. “I kind of remember reading about you guys on the Internet” You could tell Lithuania wanted to ask another question when you quickly added, “I know it’s a little late and still pretty awkward but my name is _______ not Miss”

“_____ how did you-“ Lithuania got a phonecall. He said, “Excuse me” and answered. Soon after he started shaking, and replied to the person on the other line, “A-alright R-Russia! I’m coming now!” He hung up the phone. “I have t-to go”

Poland stood up. “Like why Liet?”

Toris just shook his head. “It’s better to comply than ignore Russia- you know how he is. See you later” He turned to you. “Goodbye ____” He walked to the door, looked over his shoulder to the both of you, and left.

You were now alone with Feliks. An awkward silence ensued until you looked down to your clothes. In horror you said, “Eww! My clothes are covered in mud!” You grabbed the hem of shirt and brought it up to your face.

Unknowingly you were actually pulling your shirt so high that it exposed your bra and part of your cleavage.

Poland who was staring at you saw this and shouted, “What is wrong with you!? Like I see everything!” He turned around trying to hide his red face.

You quickly pulled down your shirt and apologized once again. “I’m sorry! My clothes were so dirty and I just freaked out and then looked at it…” You babbled on until some clothes were thrown onto your lap.

You immediately shut up and look up at him in surprise.

With his back still turned he said, “Here. There are totally cute clothes right there. Just wear them cause you look gross”

True you looked bad but not that bad, you were going to retort but Poland beat you to the punch.

“I’m like going downstairs. I guess I will have to make dinner since Liet’s gone” and with that he left.

“Grrrr” Huffing in slight anger, you went to the bathroom to change.


~~~~~~Timeskip Of Poland Sneakily Looking At You Changing Into His Clothes~~~~~~


You changed into the new clothes Poland gave you. They were a pair of shorts and a shirt that were very pretty and pink. You were amused with his obsession instead of disgusted by it. The little anger you had left melted away once you went downstairs to see Feliks cooking.

There he was wearing, you guessed it, a pink apron.

“Oh lord” You giggled. ‘This guy’

Poland finally noticed you behind him. “Oh hey _____! You like it?” He gestured to his apron.

You smiled. “Yes. I love it~”

Feliks beamed. “Thanks~! I think I like you” He turned back to his cooking.

You held a breath and hid your delighted smile behind your hand. In a few moments, you asked him, “So whatcha cooking there?”

He replied, “Gulasz. It’s like totally delicious”

Teasingly you replied, “I’ll be the judge of that”

After a few minutes, Feliks was done cooking and you helped set the table. Soon you both sat down.

Looking at him, you picked up your spoon, put it in the bowl, brought it to your mouth, chewed, then swallowed.

“Oh my!” You exclaimed. Never before have you tasted something so good and delicious! “This is so good!”

“Didn’t I totally tell you it was” Poland stated triumphantly.

You shook your head in amusement and kept eating.

All during dinner you both talked and laughed. By dinner’s end, you felt even closer to Feliks than ever before. Like he was the something that was missing from your past life.

You were in mid-conversation with Feliks when you gave a long yawn.

Feliks chuckled. “You’re not going to fall asleep or like faint on me again?

In mock anger you replied, “No! I am not!” But you slightly smiled.

Feliks stood up from his chair and went over to you. “Pfft. I think you are! I totally see bags in your eyes”

Your jaw dropped and you stood up from your own chair next to him.  “What!” Your hands roamed your face to see if he was telling the truth. Finding nothing you yelled, “You liar!” You took a step forward. “Why I am going to-!”

You tripped over Poland’s feet and then fell on top of him. You both landed on the floor with a thud!

“Oww” Both of you said. Then realizing you were on top of him you used your hands to get off his chest. Sadly your ‘fifi’ was directly on top of his ‘pepe’ and Poland’s face was getting as red as his flag while he was squirming underneath you.

You hurriedly got off him as soon as you could and went as far away from him as possible. “I-uh-I going to bed now” You rushed off.

‘Wait. But wasn’t I in Poland’s room before? I can’t sleep in his room especially on what just happened right now!’

You were wandering aimlessly in his mansion until Feliks caught up with you. He grabbed your shoulder. “Like what was that for? You didn’t even apologize!”

You took his hand off your shoulder. “You shouldn’t have insulted me! Plus it’s not like I meant for this to happen!” You looked to the side and gave a sigh. “I apologize to what happened”

He gazed at you for a few moments before saying, “Okay I guess I forgive you”

You a bit puzzled at his quick reaction but hey who would complain?

“Ok cool, I think” You looked at him and asked, “Hey Feliks?”


“I-erm- kinda want to sleep now” You quietly said with your head down.

Poland gave a smile and smacked his forehead. “Man, I totally forgot! Here I will show you to a room!” He grabbed your hand and you had no choice but to follow him.


~~~~~Timeskip Of Poland Lying On Top Of You and Handcuffing You to the Bed With Pink Handcuffs~~~


“Ugh Feliks! I didn’t know you had so much stamina!” you were huffing and slightly sweating.

“You have to get used to it because there was more where that came from” Poland responded.

No nothing like THAT happened. Poland just happened to drag you to the other side of his mansion while running and he didn’t even drop a sweat!

You looked to him annoyed and before you can give an angry reply, he opened the door to the guestroom. It looked just like his room except with a little more pink.

“More pink?” you questioned.

“You don’t like it?” Poland looked hurt.

“N-no! I actually like it! It looks a lot like your room!” You smiled then thought of something. ‘Might as well hug him, I mean today is already awkward enough’

You took a few steps forward toward him and gently hugged him (while avoiding the certain spot you were on top of earlier).

“Thank you, Fee. For the clothes, the food, and for caring for me”

 Feliks was shocked at your action but since he was impulsive he hugged you back and spun you around.


“You are like so chill. I want you to stay with me” As soon as the words left his mouth, he stopped spinning you and put you down.

“Y-you mean that?” You asked hopefully.

“I meant-I- Oh time for my beauty sleep! Night!” He sped off to the nearest exit and shut the door.

You were flustered. And you whispered, “Goodnight”

You lay yourself on the bed and faced the ceiling. You grinned. You were in bliss. You spent your day with your crush. You couldn’t even believe that this was even real or that your wish came true!

But as you lay there, you remembered that you were slowly forgetting your old life and the people you knew, and more importantly, you were forgetting your parents you left behind in your dimension.

Now all that clouded your mind was “Why am I forgetting them?...”

“…And how do I get back home?”

Daww! Why is Feliks so wonderful!? X3

I enjoyed writing this one a little too much! (You will find out why when you read a certain part)

Guys I love you! I appreciate the love and support! <3 I hope to repay that courtesy by continuing to write.

Remember to always enjoy my faithful ones and comment if you like! 

I own this plot but not the characters or anything else. (Note: Though I did use Photoshop to add more to the picture including the the PINK sparkles!) :D

You belong to you (Though after that scene I highly doubt it) 

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Today you had come home after your long vacation in France. You had enjoyed it very much, although there had been a very annoying Frenchman who had flirted with you all the time. (A/N: I wonder who that could have been ohhonhonhon ^.~) You had turned him down every time though, you wanted someone else to like you in that way already.

That person was your best friend Feliks. Everyone thought he was gay, but you knew better. He was just so adorable~! And what’s wrong with liking pink? It was just a color, like blue or green. You had missed Feliks, and you quickly emptied all your bags so you could visit him.

~Le small timeskip brought to you by Ivan’s scarf. You like it, da?~

*Ding dong*

You were standing in front of Feliks’ house, waiting for him to open the door. When he did he first looked surprised to see you, but then he smiled widely and glomped you.

“(Name)! I missed you like, so much! How was France, gurl?”

You giggled and hugged him back, typical Feliks.

“It was really cool! I’ll tell you everything as soon as you let go of me, okay?”

Feliks stepped back and then looked you over. Suddenly he froze and a look of pure terror appeared on his face.

“What is it Feliks? Are you alright?” you asked very concerned.

“Your…your eyebrows!!” His voice went from a shocked whisper to an angry shout in just three words. He looked as if he was going to cry.

Your hands shot up to your eyebrows. It was true, you hadn’t touched them in three weeks. They must have looked like a natural disaster in Feliks’ eyes.

“Ah, right…” you were a bit lost for words.

Feliks just grabbed your hand and pulled you along to his bathroom. He sat you down on a chair in front of a mirror and then he grabbed a big bag from a shelf. It was really big and really pink, it was Feliks’ treasure chest. All of his beauty products were stuffed into that bag, and now he was looking for some tweezers. Finally he found them and he held them in the air, triumphant.

“Found them!” he yelled, “now just relax while I make you pretty again.” He told you with a smile.

~Yay, another mini timeskip! This time brought to you by Iggy’s magical eyebrows! ^^~

“Ah!” you whimpered. Again. You couldn’t help it, it hurt. It felt like Feliks was pulling every single hair of your eyebrows out, and you could feel all of them. Like tiny bites from angry ants.

“Sit still!” Feliks commanded, “It’s like, almost done.”

But you couldn’t take it anymore, and a small tear leaked from your eye. When Feliks saw that, he immediately stopped and whipped away your tear.

“Please don’t cry, I’m really sorry!” he said with a sad face.

“I forgive you,” you replied, “but it stings.” You scrunched up your nose.

A mischievous smile found its way onto Feliks’ face.

“How about some painkiller?”

And before you could reply, he pressed his lips onto yours softly. You were very surprised, you hadn’t expected that to happen! But you immediately responded by kissing back, happy that Feliks felt the way you felt about him!
After a while you broke apart, you still needed oxygen.

“I love you Feliks,” you told him with a smile.

Feliks responded with another smile, but then he quickly polled another hair out of your left eyebrow.

“Hey!” You exclaimed.

“That was the last one~!”

“You slapped him on the arm, not too hard of course. “You bloody wanker.” (Arthur was one of your close friends too…)

“I love you too, (Name).” He just replied and leaned in for another kiss.
My second reader insert :iconyaypolandplz:
I think this one is not as good as my first one though :iconruncryplz:
Well, just let me know what you think, da?
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Tears streak your cheeks, your grubby hands refusing to let go of the tan ones. “It’ll be all right. I’ll come play with you as soon as I can.” Despite his hopeful words, you continue sobbing. The five-year-old brunette starts becoming worried, hearing the click-click-clack of his mother’s shoes on the pavement. “Look, you shouldn’t cry (Y/n). We’ll see each other again, I swear.”

Looking up, nose bunged with goo, you disentangle your hands and hold up your little finger. “Swear on it,” you manage to hiccup through your tears, sniffing loudly when he wraps his own little finger around yours. “I pinkie-swear, (Y/n)! We will see each other again. Ah,” he pulls his hands from yours and starts searching around in his back-pockets, whilst you smear the green mucus from your nose onto your sleeve.

“Here,” he says and he gives you a thrice folded-up drawing. Unfolding it, careful of your sticky fingers, you see a very crude drawing of what looks like a girl and a boy, who are holding red blobs, tufted with green, which are larger than themselves. “It’s you and me, see?” Antonio explains, patting your head. His mother is with you now, urging Antonio to hurry; they need to leave, they don’t want to be late meeting the landlord of the new house.

Smiling impishly, he pats your head again and waves all the way down to the car. Standing on your toes to see him as long as you can, you wave animatedly, fresh tears glistening on your cheeks. Comforted by his promise, you turn to your own house, which stood next to the one he’d lived in.

It still haunts you, the fact that he’d made that pinkie-promise. The two of you never did manage to see each other again.

A colourful flyer is caught between your fingers, times new roman advertising the new and upcoming artist’s exhibition in the local museum. Antonio Fernandez Carriedo. It’s been so long since you’d heard from him, the steady stream of letters dying soon after he'd moved to a new town. You still kept the drawing he’d given you before his departure, safely tucked away in a photo album. Hopefully this new and upcoming artist would be him, but even if it wasn’t you’d go to the museum, you did love spending time there.

Rocking back and forth on the balls of your feet, you sigh at the time it takes in the line. True, there’s a new exhibition, but the amount of people here is crazy. Finally, finally you manage to get inside. A plethora of colours greets you and for a moment you stand in awe at the sight of the wondrous art. Statues in every colour of the rainbow crowd the corners, figures resembling Aphrodite and Hera and all manner of awesome women. That’s awesome in the old tense, you remark to yourself, though they are quite awesome, in the new sense, as well.

Hopefully you’d be able to see the artist in person, usually the creator would always be present at such an exhibition. Throngs of people gathered around each piece of art, so it made it hard for you to actually manage to get close to the artwork. Deciding to check out the other rooms first, you walk through the hall, your head swivelling from side to side so that you wouldn’t miss a single piece. When you reach one of the further, less crowded rooms you spot a trio of men ahead, standing alone beside a figure in bright blue, lying on her side in woeful terror.

“I have to say, I like this one the most.” The tallest of them said, stroking his chin a little in thought. “Ah thanks,” the brunette remarked, smiling weakly. Strangely enough he’s wearing shades inside. Either he’s trying his very best to be cool, or he’s got a Cyborg-like problem with his eyes.

“It’s the blue Venus,” the first one added helpfully, clapping his confused, but thankful friend on the back. A man with white hair stands beside them, and he’s the one that notices you. You’re standing in the middle of the hallway, mouth slightly hanging open in surprise. You finally realise who the brunette reminds you of. The pale guy smirks a little, leaning forward to his shaded-friend and muttering something.
The next moment the blonde and silverette are walking towards you, passing you with almost knowing smiles on their faces.

You can’t help but feel a little discerned, before you step up to the now extremely confused looking brunette. “Hello?” Wondering how to reply, you stand beside him and take a deep breath. “Yeah, hi.” Is that the best you can come up with brain?! “I’m not sure you remember me, but… erm….” The man looks taken aback, frowning over his sunglasses. “Errr, you weren’t an, I mean you weren't...-“

The two of you stand there in an awkward silence, before you hold out your hand. “I’m (Y/n), I’m not sure if you remember me, but well… I sure do remember you, Antonio.” You could have sworn you saw his eyes widen behind his shades. “Wow, (Y/n)? Really?” A slow grin spreads across his face. “It’s been too long!”

“I’d never thought you’d become an artist though, Antonio.” You tell him, a plastic cup of coffee between your hands. “Well why not? Don’t you remember that drawing I gave you? A work of art, was it not?” His tone is sarcastic, but his smile is earnest. “I’ve still got it…. Hey, won’t it be worth quite a bit of money now?” The Spaniard chokes on his coffee. “You’re not going to sell it, are you?” Snorting, you shake your head. “Well, are you?” Again, you snort derisively before adding, “Of course not, are you mad?”
Chuckling in self-satisfaction, he grins again. You fall silent, but this time it’s not uncomfortable.

“Hey, chica. Can you describe the piece of art that’s in this room?” His question takes you aback and you glance at him. “How about you take off those shades, maybe then you could see it for yourself.” You tease, taking a sip of coffee. A sad smile twists his lips ruefully and he does indeed take them off, folding them up and sliding them into the chest pocket of his shirt. Turning to you, he blinks slowly one, two times. In fear of dropping your coffee, you set the cup down on the bench in between the two of you.

“Shit, Antonio I’m, I’m really sorry.” Your mouth is dry, your throat suddenly parched despite you drinking not a second before. The two beautiful emerald irises had gone slightly milky, unseeing as they focus on the spot where your mouth is. Presumably he’s managing by directing his gaze to where your voice is coming from. “It’s not your fault, you didn’t know.” He tells you, rubbing his neck. “For how long-“
“I guess it was just after I moved. Sorry,” he smiled weakly, “I don’t like talking about it. That’s why I couldn’t continue writing to you. Mother didn’t have any time to write my letters either…”

Feeling a tad uncomfortable, you look around the room to find something to talk about. “Why are your sculptures so bright?” Antonio chuckled, though with a bit more spirit this time. “I can still see really bright colours. It makes me happy to see them. I like blues and greens especially.”

“I can tell,” you murmur in response, feeling happier that he seems to have perked up. “And… why all the women? Why don’t you sculpt men?” To these words, he laughs properly, his hands on his legs. “I like women. I like the way they feel to me. Soft, warm, deliciously seductive.” You feel a blush spread to your ears at his words. “I think sculpting women must be one of the true pleasures of this world.” He finishes with his hands open and aloft, as if he was praising an invisible goddess.

“If you want, I can sculpt you too…?” Shaking your head viciously, you try to bar the vision your mind conjures up. “No way, you’ll have to…-“
“Touch you? Everywhere?” Antonio laughs again. “Only if you want to.” Turning to you properly, he smiled, showing off his pearly whites. “That reminds me. (Y/n)? May I… er, touch your face? It’ll help me to envision what you look like, and I do want to see how you’ve changed.”
You hesitate for a moment, before you square your jaw and nod. “Alright. Only the face though.” The brunette grins and nods. “Take my hands and put them on your cheeks. That’ll prevent anything embarrassing happening.”

Able to see exactly which scenario he has in mind, you gingerly cup his hands and pull them up to your face. “There,” you mutter, closing your eyes when he leans closer. Softly, ever so gently he starts caressing your jaw, the incline of your nose. He traces your cheekbones and lips, feeling your eyebrows and forehead. To touch your eyelids, he uses so little pressure on his fingertips that you can barely feel them. “You’ve grown into such a beautiful woman,” he whispers, cupping your cheeks gently. Opening your eyes, you can see the soft smile playing around his lips, see the gentle blush on his cheeks. To his compliment you find your own cheeks steaming, more so due to the fact that his warm palms surround your face.

“Ah, are you blushing?” He asks, his head cocked and a smug sort of manner about his smile. “I’m-I’m doing nothing of the sort!” You retort, pulling back from his hands and placing your own on your cheeks, cooling them. “Too bad, ‘cause that would have been really cute.”
This next statement of his only succeeds in further fuelling the heat of your skin. “I guess I managed to uphold that promise of mine, eh?” He adds, holding up his hand, little finger stretched to the heavens.

“I guess you did.” You reply. Seeing him urge you to ‘shake’ pinkies, you comply and wrap yours around his waiting one. “There we go.” His finger curls around yours, stopping you from pulling back. “Now, I promise to take you out to dinner sometime. No take backs,” he declares quickly, before you can pull back. When you do manage to wrestle your pinkie free, you could have sworn that his eyes twinkled.
“Sorry about only fulfilling that promise. But,” he slapped his knees, “now you know that no matter what, even twenty years of time, won’t stop me from fulfilling my promises.” Wondering where he’s going, you watch his lips twitch it a crooked sort of smile.

“So about that dinner…”
This was a long requested fic for :iconflooshy98: I'm extremely sorry for the lateness.
I didn't want to give Toni's blindness away, so I didn't put it in the title C:
Seeing as he was meant to be blind, I thought sculpting would be a good craft for him, don't ask ^^

I would like a premium membership, so I'm thinking of opening up commissions. People that have requested things, please do not fret! I haven't forgotten you. But as I've sort of said before, I need to write as the ideas come to me. If I can't find a good idea for whatever your request was, then I won't be writing it. I do not like writing half-arsed things for people.

I'm going to finish up an amount of requests first however, so if I finish five RQ I'll probably be opening five commission slots ^^ If you're interested, please keep an eye out! Prices will probably range from 10-20 points depending on what you'd be wanting.
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“I love you.” You said, with all of the authority you could muster, putting your hands on your hips, and glaring at the distance in front of you.

You reflection glared back at you, and its shoulders slumped, the baggy sweater falling down loosely about your shoulders, expression softening, and you raised a hand to your neck, glancing away from your reflection to the dresser where a small slip of paper hastily ripped out of a notebook said, "Feliciano's Coming Over at Five" and you frowned at the source of your troubles.

"Antonio, I can't do this," you muttered to the palm of your hand, which was now covering your face as you nervously thought of what Antonio had suggested to you not two hours ago. Your eyes clenched shut and you exhaled through your nose sharply, glancing back to your reflection, where a frightened little girl stared back.

How can I tell Feliciano I love him? you thought to yourself, running a hand through your hair, your reflection mimicking you, and you shot a glare at it.

"Believe me, it isn't easy for me either," you snapped, crossing your arms and then furiously looking away, back to the slip of paper. What strange, ungodly force had possessed you to ask Feliciano to come over? What ungodly force would want you to tell the man you had been in love with for so many years, that you loved him? What ungodly force made him agree to it?

The black clock on your ticked closer to your doom, heralding that it was five minutes until he got there, and you groaned loudly, falling on your knees to the hardboard oak floor and shouting in pain as you realized that being a drama queen wasn't worth it when your fragile, delicate baby knees couldn't take the floor and you slumped onto your side on the cool floor, fighting down a swear that would have made Romano jealous.

Or even more smitten. It was no secret that he liked you, the way he acted around you compared to everyone else, how his eyes softened whenever you came into the room or how he blushed whenever you talked to him, and it had helped that Antonio had told you (several times) that he liked you, and although Romano's best friend looked crestfallen when you had told him, he still tried to help you the best he could to hook you up with Feliciano.

Too bad Feliciano was about as dumb as a brick when it came to picking up the vibes you tried to send him every day, every moment you saw him, and it tore you apart.

Which is why you were doing this.

Sighing belatedly, you glanced back to your reflection, shoving your hands in your pockets, flicking your head to the side to get the loose bangs out of your eyes, and said humbly to the reflection, "Feliciano, I'm in love with you."

A pause. Too forward? You rolled your eyes. Take two.

"I wanted to know...maybe...would you-" you stopped yourself. Too much bullshit.

"I really, really, like you. Ever since god knows how long." Too clingy.

The doorbell rang, and you swallowed, feeling your heart spur to life and begin to thump unevenly in your chest as you heaved yourself to your feet, fighting a cry of pain as your knees screamed in protest, and exited out of the door, feeling your palms begin to sweat and a sound like drums echo in your ears as you descended down the stairs and turned down a short hallway to the front door, shouting, "I'll be down in a moment!"

After an eternal walk down to the door, you paused, putting your hand on the doorknob, closing your eyes and putting a hand to your mouth, closing your eyes again for a moment and asking an eternal prayer to whatever god existed in the world and could grant you your wish.

Please, just let this end out well.

And with that you opened the door with a turn of your wrist and opened it quickly, blurting out as fast as you could that could be rendered coherent with your eyes clenched shut like a locked chest, "I love you!"

A silence. A breeze ruffled your hair, the sun creating orange shadows on your eyelids, and you opened an eye nervously and nearly passed out on the doorstep right then and there as ice replaced blood.

"Uh..." Romano said, his face tomato red and brown eyes wide with surprise. His hands hung limply at his sides and his hair got in his eyes,  as the breeze ruffled his hair as well, but he didn't bother to move it as he asked with an unnaturally excited expression on his face, "You do?"

:iconscarletpelt: requested this. Please forgive me, I went through so many tries to come up with this load of crap that you are all reading.

Hetalia belongs to the amazing Hidekaz Himaruya, as does the incorrigible Romano :iconromanoblushplz: the manipulative Antonio :iconpervy2spainplz: and the clueless Feliciano.  :iconchibinitalyplz:

The lovely preview image can be found here:…


Okay. What the flying...

How did this story get one thousand views so fast? I didn't even try on this one! :iconangryplz:

I don't even know. You guys are crazy, but thank you so much for liking it, all of you!
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Morning. Sunlight. Tired. Not good. It burns.

That’s what you’re thinking, as you lie in your Swede’s bare-armed embrace at 7 ‘o clock that morning. Your eyes refusing to open, you groan loudly and turn on your stomach, burying your face into the coolness of your creased pillow. The tousle-haired man beside you stirs in response to your clumsy shifting, his eyes blinking blearily in the streams of light which manage to seep through the blue curtains.
He let out a low groan as well, rolling on his stomach to join you in your futile quest to hide from the sun.

“It buuuuurns,” you whimper, letting out more groans. “We should get up… shouldn’t we?” He mutters, his groggy words coming out muffled due to his faceplant into the pillow. “Yeah, we probably should.” You reply, equally tired. “But I don’t want toooo,” you whine, pawing at his shoulders and pouting the best pout you could muster in your sleepy state.

The Swede turns on his side, his eyes dark with sleep. “Me neither,” he mutters, his hands going to circle your hips and pull you against his chest. “Call in sick?” He suggests, already closing his eyes again. “Your idea,” you grumble, “you do it.” You poke him when he groans his protest and you continue poking him until he rolls over onto his other side.

The wide expanse of his back meets your eyes and you pout, already feeling less exhausted now you were faced with a challenge. Climbing onto his side and forcing him on his stomach (and into the danger of falling from the bed), you grasp his arms and pull them up.
“What are you doing?” He says, turning his head so that he can give you the cold glare which only he is capable of giving. “Coercing you into calling for us.”

One of your hands clasping both of his wrists, you smirk devilishly. “Are you sure, you don’t want to call?” You say, your tone teasing and only a tad dark. He grunts in response, his bleary eyes widening when he realises your intentions. Shifting against your hold, he shakes his head violently as you begin to tickle him. His breath coming in gasps, he bucks and tries his best to throw you off him, but to no avail.

It’s only when he starts gasping for breath, wheezing with effort that you cease your attack. “So?” You say, panting a little due to the effort it took to stay on his lower back. “Do you give up?” Nodding helplessly, he sinks deeper into the mattress when you release his wrists and he rolls, getting you off him.

You lie on your back, watching him lazily as he reaches for his phone. Screwing up his face and coughing several times to make his throat somewhat rougher, you listen to him lie his way out of coming to work and then he phones up your office and does the same. “Thanks sweetie,” you murmur, encircling his neck with your arms, pressing a kiss to his cheek. He closes his eyes, his hands on your hips as he pulls you to lay on top of him.

“I’m not moving for the rest of the day,” he mutters under his breath, his chest already moving evenly. “I second that notion,” you say and you crane your neck up to peck his lips once before tucking your head under his chin.
“Sweet daydreams,” you whisper, and he nods slowly before drifting off, you following him quickly.
Aaaah, I can't be the only who wants to stay in bed all the time, right? Right?
Sweden seemed popular when I asked who you'd like to see more of. So yeah, I had this lying around for a while and I thought I'd finish it.

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Sweden belongs to Himaruya  Hidekaz
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Tumblr M0oy2kj9901r4kd5wo4 250 by Miabia100



Romania x Reader




“God I’m tired…” I yawned as I grabbed a few of my electronics.


“Ok….you go here, and you can go under my pillow.” I sat my (larger device) on my desk and my (cell phone type) under my pillow incase I got a call.


Sighing deeply I turned off my lights and crawled under the fuzzy sheets of my twiner.




“Ok….It’s been a long day filled with classes and study session along with work……come on brain let me sleep!” I growled before sitting up in an upheave.


Maybe if I flip my pillow? Or grab a glass of warm tea? Ah! I’ve got it! I could watch a really boring docume-CLUGH


What the hell was that.


Scared out of my wits I ripped of my fuzzy covers and grabbed my roommates softball bat in fear.


“Maybe it was just (best/f) coming home early?” (best/f) wouldn’t be back yet. She was away with her parents for a short vacation.




Gripping my bat harder and twisting my arms around it bringing the metal to my chest I slowly tiptoed out of the semi quiet room.


I make it down my small staircase when I hear another noise.




That would be the fridge….but who raids fridges?




Feeling my anger boil up over how people on campus would rob people of their food. I speed walked, still in silence, to the open fridge door where as I couldn’t see the perpetrator.


Raising the metal over my head I smacked him on the back earning a groan and a sigh.


Then the sound of crunching metal.


What the-


“WAHHH! WHAT THE HECK (F/N)!!!” Closing the door quickly I saw my best guy friend, Vlad.


“What the hell are you doing in my house!!! It’s like one in the morning!!” I screamed/ whispered at him as I snatched the now broken bat from his hands.


How would I explain a broken bat to (best/f)?


I glared at him in the eyes the best that I could, even though he was a good 5 or 6 inches taller then I,


He just stuck his tongue out.


“You’re such a loser you know that?” I sighed.


“But I’m your loser!” He suddenly wrapped his arms around me in a hug.


I could feel my face gradually warm up at his normally annoying gestures.


Why now?


Pushing him off quickly I turned my face away.


“W-why exactly are you here again?” He grabbed my face and turned it back to him, bringing his own so close that our noses almost touch.


“I came to raid your fridge of the goodness that is (f/f).” His cherry eyes twinkled in the darkness giving him the romanticized look.


“….I also came to ask you a question.” I nodded, face probably glowing because his intense eyes.


“Yeah, sure.” Already knowing that whatever he was going to ask was going to make me want to hit him.


“You know (f/n)…you’re face is really pretty when it’s painted that color. I wonder what makes you turn red.” My face darkened and he chuckled again.


“No reason! It’s…it’s uhh really hot in here, yeah!” I giggled awkwardly.


“Nuh uh! Tell me! Although I already know why…hehe.” Grabbing my arm he pulled me over to my couch and sat us both on it.


“Alright! Here’s my question. What do I look like?” He asked slightly timid for once.


What kind of question is that?


“What you don’t own a mirror?” I asked questionably.


“I’m a vampire, I can’t see myself.  But according to all the times I’ve made you blush,” Vlad smirked at me, “I’m pretty good looking.”


“I-I mean you’re not that-,” I was cut off, again.


“Tell me (f/n),” he got closer to me, “how do I look? Tell me about myself, feature wise.” We were alone in the dark; it was late making it impossible for someone to end this embarrassing confirmation.


But, I’ve come to one conclusion, either Vlad was a complete idiot with girls, or he just really enjoyed toying with my emotions.




Ugh….I suppose I can oblige.


“Well…you have a nose and a pair of ey-“


“No. You know what I mean (f/n), what make me me?” He playfully pointed out, mouth slightly ajar, showing off his fangs. I sighed.


This was going to be embarrassing.


“You have silky strawberry blonde hair, not blonde or red, just a nice combination.” I grabbed a lock of his choppy tresses and showed him a longer piece.


For once his face went scarlet.


“R-really?” I nodded.


“You’re blushing.” I pointed out, giggling.


“I am?”


“Yep.” I nodded.


“You also have two dimples here, and here.” I moved my hands up to his soft face and poked the two centers of his cheeks.




“Yeah,” I moved my arms up higher to his perfect eyebrows.


“You’ve also got really nice eyebrows, most guys’ are horrible. You inherited some great jeans.” He moved slightly closer, I could smell some of the contents of my fridge on his tongue. It smells like strawberry-.


He ate my fucking ice cream. I’ll kill him later.


“What else..?” His face darkened but I didn’t tease him.


“If you smile with closed lips one of your fangs hang out giving you that boyish cuteness.” I admitted, he looked pretty good either way though.


Trying to think of something else I pondered for a moment.


He just stared at me as if contemplating what to do with himself…


Now I’m nervous.


“Y-you’re eyes are really red, I almost want to compare them to the strawberry jelly in my cabinet…an-“ I got cut off when Vlad put his lips on my own.


“I might not be able to see my lips, but I think they looked great on yours.” 


This was a request from one of my awesome friends :iconjkls39:


This will not be continued unless she asks for it to be, since it was a request from a friend of mine. I only do continuations for friends so please don’t blow up because you didn’t get one.


Thanks for reading!


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Jade grasped the metal gun, which at this point had been chilled from the nights piercing sting, between her shaken hands, nothing but hatred burning in her repulsed gaze the longer she stared down at the worn childs toy that stood dead still in the newly dug grave. Chucky's eyes had since hardened, even more so then they usually had been, his face scrunching up into a sneer of some sorts as he looked up to the girl who's emotions at this point could not be easily distinguished. Fear? Hate? He had seen this in most of his prey, so it hadn't been anything he hadn't seen before. But there seemed to be something else there- Something he couldn't quite point out. But it wasn't like he was petrified of the woman, shaking in his soiled doll sneakers that had been stitched back together too many times for him to count. In fact, he was quite amused at the expression she had kept locked on her face the longer her gun stayed pointed at his plastic, overall covered chest.

"GO AHEAD AND SHOOT!" Chucky screamed this line through the heavy rain and wind that seemed to have picked up more since he had arrived at the grave sight, his wounded hand, which had held the muddied knife, lifting into the air only slightly to show that he wasn't about to give in. "I'LL BE BACK! I ALWAYS COME BACK!"

Jades teeth made their way into the bottom of her lip, as if to bear through both the pouring rain and the dolls beckoning words. Never the less, her thumb pulled back against the hammer of the handgun, the next round of ammo falling into place. As her slightly shaken finger pulled hesitantly against the trigger, she knew that this was the end for him, no matter what the ginger haired doll had said. Chucky let out a sigh at her actions, blue eyed gaze falling down to the moistened soil he stood on.

"But dying is such a bi-"

The loud ringing of a simple doorbell echoed throughout the small, pitch black house, causing a jolt of surprise to run down your spine as you fumbled clumsily for the remote to pause one of the many horror movies you had been continuously watching that night. You slowly set the cheap remote down on the coffee table in front of you, only to find yourself still gripping the throw pillow that you had grabbed as soon as you had decided to watch back to back feature films of the sinister doll. Clearing your throat only the slightest, you replaced the padded piece of cloth with the plastic orange candy bowl filled to the brim with sweet treats you had scoured the store for aimlessly to satisfy the rabid children that had wanted nothing more than candy to stuff inside them until their stomachs reached their limit. Of course, someone had to arrive just in time for Chucky to be shot multiple times in the chest- One of the best parts in the movie. Granted this wasn't the first time you had seen 'The Bride of Chucky', and you had known where everything was going and what exactly was going to happen, but you couldn't help but let out a tiny huff in annoyance as to how the kids at the door had made you pause it.

Indeed, tonight had been Halloween, a day filled with terrifying decorations, toilet papering houses and children running aimlessly through the streets just to get free candy from strangers, all the while being dressed up in store bought or home made costumes they had showed off with great pride. And though you hadn't exactly been a kid anymore, that didn't stop you from dressing up each year in well thought out costumes that you had been pondering on all year. When you were small, you'd usually dress in simple store bought costumes that you could find at almost any Walmart, such as a witch with purple and black striped stockings, or a simple dog with a sloppily painted face you had done by yourself because you were a 'big girl' and could handle doing your own makeup, though it always turned out with black face paint smeared just about anywhere but your face. Just the thought of your old costumes made a small smile tug at the corners of your lips as you got up off of your indented spot on the couch, the annoyed feeling of how children made you pause your movie diminishing from your mind completely. All you could think about at that moment was how excited you were to see what the little ones just outside your door had decided to dress up as that year. You unwrinkled your pants only slightly and reajusted your wig so it wouldn't come up off of your head to expose your real hair, making sure you had been one hundred percent presentable for your guests. As soon as you opened the door, candy bucket held tightly in your hand, the smile that had been plastered across your face faltered only the slightest. Because instead of the little children in costumes like you had expected to see, something else entirely was standing at your door step, smiles wide, arms held out with pillow cases at each end.

"Happy Halloween, hermoso!"

"Trick or Treat, amour!"

"Give me candy, frau!"

No matter how much you hadn't expected your three best friends, Antonio, Francis and Gilbert to show up on your doorstep on Halloween, it really didn't surprise you that much. The more you sat there with a blank expression planted across your face, the more ignorant you felt at the fact you hadn't seen their arrival coming. I mean, it was the trio you were talking about- you should have expected this from them. And the fact that they were all wearing costumes only made their presence all the more surprising.

Antonio had been wearing a simple tattered white dress shirt with a pair of holy jeans, something anyone could buy at their local clothing store, simply adding a few reajustments here and there to fit their vision of what the outfit was supposed to look like. Disguised almost perfectly in his russet brown hair sat a pair of fluffy dog ears, which matched almost perfectly to his shaggy mop color. A pair of sharp canines replaced his regular set of human teeth, making it all the more obvious as to what he was supposed to be. And just to add to the appearance of the costume, the Spaniard had taken a fake, bushed and ratted tail and pinned it to the back of his blue jeans, making his werewolf costume complete. Just by looking at Gilbert, you could tell he was supposed to be some sort of devil, the little horns that were protruding out of his hooded sweatshirt giving him away instantly. The fact that he carried a plastic black pitchfork around to match his costume only made what he was supposed to be more obvious. You thought that the outfit fit him rather well, the red eyes he bore adding to the perfectness of it all. And finally, the Frenchmen that was dressed as a mummy of some sorts, his white tux and toilet paper wrapping standing out against the nights darkness. It had confused you as to why he was wearing a tux, but then you had to remember that this was Francis we were talking about, and he had always wanted to look magnificent wherever he was going, even if he was going trick or treating in the dark so late at night.

"Und vhat zhe hell are you supposed to be, _______?" Gilbert didn't hesitate to shove his hand into the bowl you had held out to the three of your friends, giving some of the Kit Kats and Crunch bars you had out to Francis and Antonio, who didn't complain about adding more candy to their already heavy pillow cases. Not two seconds after the Spaniard shoved a Butterfingers greedily into his fanged mouth did he waltz right into your house, the two following right after him to plop down onto your couch. "Vhere's your hockey mask? Your bloody knife? I don't see anything scary about..." he cocked his brow and looked you up and down for a moment, but finally gave up after his quick examination and looked over at the two men sitting beside him, as if to ask them who you were supposed to be. You didn't expect them to understand your costume, seeing as though neither one of them have ever watched anime, let alone the show you were from.

You had made a plan to dress up as (character) from (anime/manga), and thought that your costume had been absolutely flawless. From everything to the wig down to the shoes, you had saved up to buy it all just in time for Halloween. People who had loved the show would have thought that your cosplay was dead on, but you knew that anyone who didn't know where you were from wouldn't understand your idea. After all, this holiday wasn't just about gore and bloodied killing tools.

"I'm not supposed to be scary." you let out a sigh, gesturing to your perfected costume. "I'm supposed to be one of the main characters from (anime/manga)."

The three all gave an in-synque clueless type look at the same time, though they continued to unwrap and shove candy into their mouths as they did so. None of them spoke up, knowing very well that you had been dressing up as someone from one of your shows instead of someone from a horror movie.

"Anyway, what are you guys doing here? I thought you would be out until midnight trying to get as much candy as humanly possible. At least, that's what you usually do every year. What made you guys want to come over here?" you silently stuck your hand into Francis's candy bag, gingerly unwrapping a Snickers bar before slowly sliding it into your mouth, savoring the chocolate that meshed around with the sticky caramel. Perhaps they had gotten bored with trying to cut ahead of little kids to raid peoples candy bowls. Or maybe it was the fact that they probably got hounded by just about every parent that happened to catch them in the act. Either way, you knew that they would probably end up emptying your whole candy bowl, not allowing you hand out anymore to the children who happened to come to your door. "If you guys want something to do, why don't you just go scare kids at that haunted house they're having down the block? I'm sure that you'd get some kicks out of that."

As soon as those last words left your lips, the mere mentioning of scaring a few kids here and there half to death, snake like smiles and tiny sneers tugged at the mouths of your three best friends. What had they been up to? Whatever it was, you knew that they had to be up to no good. A small smirk spread spread across your face as you set the orange candy bowl down the the table, your eyes seeming to glimmer at the thought of something actually exciting happening tonight. After all, you hadn't done something exciting on Halloween for quite some time- Maybe this year would be completely different. "If I know you guys like I think I do, then I know you must have something interesting up your sleeves. Spill it. What are you three planning to do tonight?"

A faint 'Kesese' passed Gilberts lips as he carefully reached for the pillow case he had set on the floor next to your coffee table, his free hand reaching inside the treat filled carrier, only to grab out a clear bottle filled to the brim with a red, fluid like substance, along with an obviously fake, plastic bloodied hand. You raised a brow, wondering what exactly he was going to do with the objects. But not a few moments later did Antonio and Francis pick up their bags, emptying them upon the table, only to reveal a smorgasborg of Halloween decorations, masks, plastic weapons and the like. As long as you stared at all the objects they layed out before you, you still didn't have the slightest idea what they wanted to do with it all. Francis gave a sort of sigh mixed with a dumbfounded laugh, smiling at the fact you didn't understand what they were trying to tell you.

"Can't you see, _______?" he picked up a plastic knife that could drip blood when you turned it upside down, playing with it between his fingers like it was some sort of game.

"On Halloween, it is nice to get treats. But the only thing nicer than getting candy-" Antonio gestured towards the hockey mask speckled with red, along with a spider strung with webs of white.

"Is playing tricks." Gilbert finished, staring you straight in your now understanding eyes, a glint of mischief detected in his amber orbs. "Through zhe years, vhe have managed to play pranks on most of zhe countries. Vhe first targeted zhe easy targets, such as Sealand, Lichtenstein, and Italy. But as zhe years passed, vhe ended up tricking all but vone. Und can you guess who zhat vone is, frau?"

You pondered on his question. If they had gotten the easy to prey on countries out of the way, the ones who could get scared at almost anything, then who would be left? Ivan? Ludwig? These seemed very likely. They were, after all, some of the most intimidating countries, and wouldn't be likely to get scared as easily. Then again, appearances can be quite deceiving to the eyes.

"Is it...your brother?" you picked one of your prime suspects anyway, wanting to know if you had guessed right or not. Antonio shook his head, a stern, concentrated glare plastered on the table.

"Nein. Vhe ended up pranking West a few years back simply by putting a spider in front of a door frame. Shockingly, he vas vone of our easier targets."

"Then it must be Ivan, right? There can't be much that could scare a tough guy such as himself."

"Do you really think that Russian could stand up to his younger sister?" Francis gave a short laugh, leaning back into the couch with a hard gaze plastered across his face. "He was almost even easier to scare than Italy!"

"Not even Russia and West could stand up to our awesome pranking skills." an accomplished, almost cocky like smile spread across Gilberts lips for a second, but not before it was replaced by a bitter like expression. "But zhere is vone that has been able to stand up against our tricks. And zhat vone, my dear _________, is Alfred."

"America?" at that moment, you wouldn't have been surprised if your face had been twisted into something of complete and utter confusion. How could America have been able to stand up against such hardcore prankers like these three? Not to mention Alfred could be scared senseless by any horror movie he layed his eyes on. So why him?

"Even though Alfred can be scared by almost anything, we think that he's pretty much immune to any prank that someone can throw at him. It's a sad thing to say, but he might even be a better pranker than we are, and that's saying quite a lot." Antonio let out an exasperated sigh, his gaze traveling over to you and the Prussian. "We've tried to prank him in the past, but it's only ended up in complete and utter failure."

"And that's why you came over, right? You three needed my help to try and prank the unprankable?"

"Vell...Zhat, und the fact our bags vere getting pretty heavy und vhe needed to unload. But vith your genious und our skills, zhis vill be sure to end in complete success." nothing but confidence had seemed to radiate out of the albino, his hand on his hips while he began to nibble on an oversized Hershey bar. "So vhat do you say? Are you in?"

You pondered on his words. Alfred was your friend, and you hadn't wanted to scare him too badly if you had gone into this little plan of theirs. Then again, it was America. What would be better than seeing him wet his pants after all the times that he's pranked you in the past? Absolutely nothing. A mischievous grin spread slyly across your lips as you grabbed a hold of the squeeze bottle filled with red, your eyes locked on the three all at once.

"Where should we start?"


After two hours, three bottles of fake blood, rummaging around aimlessly in your closet and consuming a bowl full of Halloween candy, your brilliant plan would finally be put into action. Alfred, no matter how brave he thought he really was, would be shaking in his boots by the time you had been done with him. There was absolutely no way that anyone, not even the hero himself, could stand up against what you had in store for him. After you had packed up your equiptment, the four of you headed off to Alfreds house with the plan still blazing inside your minds.

Last year you had dressed as a CSI agent with a full black suit, ear piece with matching sunglasses, and once you had finally came up with an idea to scare Alfred, you knew that the suit you had kept since then would finally come in handy. Along with the masks Antonio and Francis had emptied from their bags had been a total of two morph suits, one white and one yellow. Knowing that the costume wouldn't be as scary with a yellow suit, you had decided to dress Francis, the tallest member of the group, in the morph suit, the tuxedo going over the top to disguise himself. Of course he was supposed to be dressed as Slenderman, one of the most feared, and loved, characters almost everywhere. Alfred, as far as you had known, had been scared of this half man half beast character more than anything at the moment, just for the fact he had called you one night when he couldn't sleep because he had played the computer game in the dark by himself. Technically, it wasn't your fault that the American was about to get the scare of his lifetime- It was his fault that he attempted to play it in the dark and had gotten scared by the faceless man.

As soon as you were outside Alfreds house, the first thing you could see was him on the couch, watching horror movies and indulging himself in the candy that was supposed to be handed out to the children who would come to his door. It wouldn't surprise you if he had done this every single year, not caring about the trick or treaters who would come out that night in search of some treats. You could tell that Alfred didn't want to have anything to do with them that night, his curtains closed almost all the way while he sat in complete darkness, except for the dark glare of the TV against his hunched figure. This was an even better reason for you to prank him half to death.

"Are you guys ready?" you whispered this through the darkness, making sure to hide yourself completely behind the bushes that had been placed at the edge of the Americans lawn. Antonio and Gilbert gave small snickers as they tried not to wipe off the bloody makeup they had put on, one of them holding a few tentacles you all had made out of spare trash bags, duck tape, and lots of faucet water, the other holding a bottle full of red food dye and corn syrup. You turned your head towards Francis to make sure he had been one hundred percent sure as to what he was supposed to do, and he simply gave you a thumbs up, signaling to you that it was about time to start. Giving a nod, you continued to duck behind the bushes, making your way over to the cable box on the side of his house. Standing underneath the unlocked metal box, you watched your plan fall into action.

Gilbert gave you a quick side glance before making his way up to the porch, taking the squeeze bottle in both hands, only to pour the concoction all over the concrete to get ready for what he was about to do. Just as he was told, his fist made contact with the door after he had thrown the evidence into the bushes, pounding on it rather eagerly.

"Hey, America! Zhe awesome Prussia is here to-..." he yelled this through the silenced night, only to stop mid way to give off a low pitched, ear piercing screech. Francis had suggested that the albino pretend to go over to Alfreds house for a horror movie marathon, and then pretend to get killed halfway through his sentence so the American would come quicker.

And it worked.

Not soon after Gilbert had layed down in the sticky red substance had you heard Alfred come bounding towards the source of the noise, a hand throwing open the door as his eyes grew wide with shock and confusion as to why Gilbert had ceased his annoying talking. Until now, the man hadn't even known that his albino friend was coming in the first place. But the first thing he saw when he looked to the ground was his companion, mouth agape, nothing but blood surrounding him and his tattered bag of now soaked candy. Alfred bent down to the body, his expression showing absolutely nothing but fear as he frantically looked to the left and right of him to find the culprit of the crime scene. But there was no one to be found. You couldn't help but feel a little bad for him, not knowing that this was all just a prank to get him back for all the times he had gotten you. Slowly opening the cable box so you wouldn't attract any attention to yourself, you waited for Spain to give you the signal from behind the bushes.

Not soon after did Alfred run back inside to get his cell phone did Gilbert get up from off the porch, silently running over to you in the darkness so he could no longer be seen. At this point, you hadn't known whether or not your plan would be carried out until the very end. What if Alfred didn't buy the whole 'missing body' thing and simply went back inside to watch his movie? At this point, all you could do was hope. But as the man came back to the porch, only to see Gilbert missing completely, it didn't seem like you had to hope anymore- Alfred would fall perfectly into your trap all on his own. Not moments later did Spain give you the signal by connecting his two thumbs together to made a bird, his hands flapping back and fourth to make it fly. You gave a quick nodd, opening the hatch to find the switch that turned on and off the power to the house. Not wanting to risk being caught, you didn't dare turn on the flashlight to your phone to see what you were doing. You just hoped for the best, your finger connecting with one switch that would hopefully turn all the lights out. And just to your luck, it did exactly what you wanted it to.

Alfred shot his head over to the porch light, which had now shut off completely, leaving him in complete and utter darkness. The Friday the Thirteenth movie that had been playing quietly inside went pitch black, leaving his house with no light whatsoever. You could hear Alfred give off a nervous laugh, his head looking from side to side once again.

"Okay bros, I know you're just screwing with me." Alfred fumbled with his phone through the darkness as he tried to find his flashlight app, not wanting to get scared, even though he knew something was more than likely going to pop out at him. This was the perfect timing. By this time Antonio and Francis had probably silently snuck his way around the American, tentacles held out towards the cowering man as they both waited for their time to shine. Once Alfred had finally gotten his flashlight up and running, you had known this was the end for him. Gilbert and you crouched down low to the ground, waiting for your trick to slowly unravel. "Y-You can come out and show yourselves, now. The shows over."

Indeed it was. As soon as Alfred decided to turn around and go back inside to where it was safe, the show was, in fact, over. Just as the man held up his phone to the door to see exactly where he was going, Antonio wrapped the tentacles around Alfreds waist, and Francis put his face right up to the Americans, causing him to stop dead in his tracks. It only took two seconds for Alfred to recognize who France was supposed to be, and though it really hadn't been expected, the hero had flown backwards off of all three of the steps and onto the ground, his face showing nothing but complete and utter horror.

Just as it seemed Alfred was going to wet his pants on the ground he sat on, Gilbert and you emerged from the darkness, a fit of laughter coming from the two of you. Francis slipped off his mask as he and Antonio came off of the porch, kneeling down to the American on the ground to show him that it was all a set up. Alfred looked back and fourth between the four of you, his glasses sliding off of his face ever so slightly, obviously confused as to what had happened in the short period of time he had came outside. You simply patted him on the back, a look of accomplishment spread across your face.

"Happy Halloween, hero."

omigodguysit'sbeenwaytofrigginlongandi'msosorrehz XD But Happy Halloween! I knew that I had to at least upload something for this special occasion, even though it would suck like hell. So here it is. Hope you guys enjoy! >w<

Happy Halloween bros, and have an awesome night :iconpewdiebrofistplz:


You (c) :iconprussia-plz::iconfrancisbonnefoyplz::iconsleepyspainplz:

Story (c) :icongoingmadhatter354:

I do not own Hetalia, or the previous image. The picture belongs to its respectable owner.

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"I hear your heart beat to the beat of the drums
Oh, what a shame that you came here with someone
So while you're here in my arms
Let's make the most of the night like we're gonna die young"

  "[Name]," Mr. Kirkland said with a sigh, to which you only looked up at him innocently, "If you are sent to the principle's office one more time, you're bound to get expelled, or worse, sent to Juvenal hall. Is that really something you want?" 

  It was a Friday, and you were sitting in Mr. Arthur Kirkland's classroom for detention. It may or may not have been your fifth visit to his classroom for detention, because if they sent you to anyone else's classroom, you would create some sort of ruckus. That's when they learned you would ONLY go to his classroom. 

  You simply shrugged, kicking your feet up on the desk chair beside the one you sat in, "Maybe people would actually understand me, like you do!" you cheered with a laugh. 

"We're gonna die young
We're gonna die young
Let's make the most of the night like we're gonna die young
Let's make the most of the night like we're gonna die young"

  Arthur was leaning against his desk in front of the one you were sitting in. He was just trying to knock some sense into you, he didn't want to see you get expelled. When you actually tried, you were a wonderful student! But, your image, the black clothing, thick eye-liner, short skirts and stockings, combat boots, and sometimes you would even throw in some red-colored contacts, this made everyone think you were a horrible student. And this all built up to your reputation as the girl who always found a way to disrupt class. You were barely half-way through the year and you have already been suspended twice. Once for vandalizing the cafeteria and the other time you punched another girl in the face because she was picking on another girl in your grade and called you a whore. 

  Mr. Kirkland gave you the work you had to do while in detention and went behind his desk to finish grading some tests. You started the work, it was just a bunch of random worksheets for various classes, so it was pretty easy. 

  About five-minutes to the end of detention, you glanced at the clock and stood up. You were the only one in detention today which shocked you. Usually there was at least another person, most of the time Gilbert or Allen, but it was just you. 

  You hopped onto the desk you were sitting at, your feet dangling over the edge as you were facing the blonde teacher. 

  "Mr. Kirkland?" You asked, he hummed in response, not looking up but letting you know you had his attention, "If I were to die tomorrow, do you think anyone would miss me?" 

"Young hearts, out our minds
Running 'til we outta time
Wild child's lookin' good"

  Your question mad him stop. His pen laid limply in his hand as he continued to look at the test he was grading. Slowly he looked up at you. Your voice was still in a rather normal tone when you spoke, but your face displayed the emotions that your voice wouldn't convey. 

  Arthur really thought it, leaving a long silent pause before he responded, "...I would miss you [Name]."

  His answer made you smile, a faint blush cascading down your cheeks, "You mean that? Why?"

  Mr. Kirkland set his pen down and clasped his hands together on his desk with a small smile of his own, "Because you're special, in your own way. Despite your reputation, I know you have a good heart, I know it's in the right place. And that's all that matters in a person. You live everyday like it is your last, and personally, I believe that is the only way to live life to the fullest. And as a person, not your English teacher, I admire that about you, love." 

  When he explained his reasoning, it really made your heart swell with emotions. Just like about the whole female student body, you had a small crush on the bushy-eyebrowed Brit, but not just because of his looks like the rest of the girls. You adored him because it was true, he was the only one who cared about you. The rest of the teachers and staff at you high school treated you poorly, while he treated you like an actual person. 

"Living hard just like we should
Don't care who's watching when we tearing it up (You Know)
That magic that we got nobody can touch (For sure)"

  You looked at the clock again to see that it was two minutes after five, meaning detention was out. So you started gathering your things, Mr. Kirkland doing the same. Once you slung your back pack over your shoulder you turned towards the blonde as the two of you started walking out of his classroom and out of the school. 

  "Thank you." You said quietly, but loud enough for him to hear. 

  "For what? I shouldn't be thanked for telling the truth." He replied with a smile, opening the front door for you. 

  A smile came to your red-painted lips, "No, thank you for caring about me. For noticing my existence. You're the only one who has ever tried to help me."

  Your words touched him, making his whole body warm up, "...Of course, every life matters, just some people need to be told more than others."

"Looking for some trouble tonight (yeah)
Take my hand, I'll show you the wild side
Like it's the last night of our lives (uh huh)
We'll keep dancing 'til we die"

  Without thinking, you leaned into him and wrapped your arms around him to hug him. Arthur didn't know what to do, since you were his student and ten years younger than him, so he stood there stiffly. After about two seconds, your face turned bright red and you quickly let go of him. He was your teacher, that was it. 

  You told him 'thank you' again before you dashed off, on your way home. 

  Arthur stood there in front of the school a little awkwardly before he came to his senses and headed towards where his car was parked. 

  You only lived a mile away from the school, so you always walked to and from school. It's not as hard as people think. 

  Before you started your music, you checked the messages on your phone, just to see if your mom texted you or anything. So you plugged in you ear buds and pulled up your messages. You did have a messages from your mom, it just said that she would be going out with her new boyfriend tonight and that dinner was in the oven when you got home. 

  A sigh left your lips. You didn't respond, you just played your music, blasting it as loud as your ears could handle. You had a lot on your mind right now. Your mom was never there, you just hugged your teacher without their consent, sure it was only a hug, but still, and you were really thinking about if your existence did matter or not. 

"I hear your heart beat to the beat of the drums
Oh, what a shame that you came here with someone
So while you're here in my arms,
Let's make the most of the night like we're gonna die young"

  Arthur was having a lot of things going through his head right now, and it was bothering him. You were bothering him. That question you asked still rang through his head, repeating over and over again. Sadly he knew about your home situation. He knew about how your father left you and your mother two years ago, and it seemed to affect you the most. You were a freshman in high school when that happened, and that's when Arthur saw the change in you behavior and attitude. That's when you started wearing your dark clothing, not that image matters, but that's also when you started acting out. Arthur was not only your English III teacher, but he was also your advisory teacher, so he has known you since you first started out in high school. But back to that question, were you suicidal?

  He was a teacher, he always had to jump to conclusions. But as he drove home, something occurred to him. You said that he was the only one who has tried to help you, what did you mean by that. Arthur didn't know why, but a string pain was building in his chest and he gripped the steering wheel until his knuckles turned white. 

  And with an impulsive move, and his subconscious mind telling him to stop, he made an abrupt U-turn and started heading towards where you lived. 

"We're gonna die young
We're gonna die young
Let's make the most of the night like we're gonna die young
Let's make the most of the night like we're gonna die young"

  After that long ten-minute walk, you arrived at your home. You unlocked the door with your key and walked in, dumping your bag on the couch after you closed the door. Since it was a Friday, you knew that your mother wasn't going to be back from her date until probably early tomorrow morning. 

  A sigh left your lips as you kicked off your boots and wandered into the kitchen to see what your mom made for dinner. You opened up the oven to see a prepared, but uncooked lasagna. You smiled slightly, sure your mom was rather absent, but at least she knew how to cook and fed you. You took out the dish and preheated the oven to the according temperature and went to the bathroom. 

"Young hunks, taking shots
Stripping down to dirty socks
Music up, gettin' hot"

  When you finished up in the bathroom, you popped the lasagna into the oven, setting the timer before heading to your room to put on something more comfortable. You just changed into a pair of your [color] spanx and [color] tank top over your bra. It was Friday, you had no plans, you were going to dress as cozy as you wanted. You also went into the bathroom to take off all your makeup. 

  Just as you dried off your face, there was a knock at your door. 

  How odd. You thought as you made your way to the door. A gasp escaped your lips as you looked through the peep-hole. It was Mr. Kirkland?! Why was he here?! Your mind was filtering in and out a thousand different questions, but you opened the door. 

  "Mr. Kirkland? Uh, what can I help you with?" You asked unsure, looking at him with wide-eyes. 

  He looked the same when you two parted ways in front of the school, but his dress shirt was untucked and he obviously left his jacket and tie in his car. But not only the wardrobe change, his face looked worried for a moment, but it changed as a blush took over his cheeks. Then it hit you. 

  You were barely dressed in front of your teacher. Booty-shorts and a tank top can only cover so much. Not to mention you weren't wearing any makeup. 

  Thankfully he washed away his blush and looked away from your outfit to look at your face, "I'm worried about you [Name]." He simply stated. 

  Not only did his sudden appearance at your house startle you, but what left his mouth did as well. So without responding to his odd statement, you asked if he wanted to come in, "Would you.. Like to come in?" When you said that, the timer for the lasagna went off. 

  You smiled before leaving him on the porch to dash into the kitchen to take it out from the oven. As you put on the oven-mits and open the oven to fetch the lasagna, you heard the front door close, and you just assumed that he ended up following you in. You turned off the timer and oven while you were at it. 

  Arthur walked in just as you set the dish on top of the oven, you turned to him and gave him a small smile, "Uh, Want a piece?" You asked, gesturing to the lasagna.

  He could tell how awkward you felt with having a teacher in your home, but he nodded, "If you're offering." You smiled and nodded, getting two plates out and a knife to cut, "Is you mother home?" He asked as you began to make the plates, as he leaned against the counter opposite of where you stood. 

  Arthur fully noticed how the knife faltered when he asked that, "No... She's on a date with her boyfriend." You simply replied, not looking at him. 

  "Oh," He said, not sure how else to respond. 

  "If you came to talk to her, she won't be home for a while." You spoke up again, going to the refrigerator to get some salad that you prepared this morning for your lunch but forgot to grab it, "Want some?" You now asked gesturing to the salad. 

  "Sure," He replied, "And I came here to talk to you [Name]." You looked over at him, shocked by his answer, "I wanted to talk to you outside the school environment, just to talk to you as people, not teacher to student. If that makes any sense." A small giggle left your lips. 

  You set the table, his place across from yours as you grabbed the salad condiments and motioned him to sit down. He sat down a second after you, "It makes sense," you said as he started eating, "I just don't understand why." 

  "I...I just want to talk. When you asked me if anyone would care if you died, it really hurt me." He looked as if he was struggling to find the right words, but he went on, "You don't know what it would do to me if you died."

  You blushed. You couldn't help it, "Oh, well, I'm sorry for asking that, I was just curious." You said quietly, hanging your head over your plate as you two continued to eat. 

  The rest of your dinner was silent, only occasionally did Arthur speak up to ask how you were with your mom and how your dad was, but you couldn't answer that since you honestly didn't know how he was. 

"Kiss me, give me all you've got
It's pretty obvious that you've got a crush (you know)
That magic in your pants, it's making me blush (for sure)"

  When the two of you finished, you took both your plate and his, and placed them in the sink before turning back to him. He was out of his seat and standing a few feet away. 

  And then you felt something pull in you, "Mr. Kirkland,"

  He stopped you, "You can call me Arthur, we are outside of school," You smiled slightly and nodded.

  "Arthur," It felt odd saying his name, but you liked the feeling, "I only asked that question earlier because..." You paused, looking away from him for a moment before looking back, "I was looking for reassurance that someone actually cared about my existence, and I was hoping that you did."

  He smiled, a real smile that always made your cheeks flush, "Of course I care, I always cared about you and your existence."

  You beamed at his words and jumped up into his arms, wrapping your arms around him, "Thank you, again." You said with a small laugh, and this time, he wrapped his arms around your smaller being. 

  "Of course, love." He responded, both the beating of your hearts started to pound against your rib cages. 

  It felt like a teenage, hormonal impulse to Arthur because he was obviously not thinking. He dipped his head down and kissed you. Sweetly and slowly. Yeah this took you by surprise. Your teacher was kissing you, in your own home and it was only you two there. But you still had a crush on him. 

  When Arthur realized what he was doing, he started to pull away, but you stopped him. You wrapped your arms around his neck and started kissing him back. Now he was the one taken by surprise. But he didn't hesitate to kiss you even harder. Thankfully this wasn't your first kiss, meaning you knew a thing or two by making-out with Allen in the boys locker room one time last year and every now and then. 

  You let the English teacher invade your mouth with his tongue, and you didn't even give him a battle, you wanted him to just ravish you. And he did without any questions. A moan slipped past your vocal cords as he ended up egging your tongue on to dance and tangle with his. Now it was one. 

  Upon hear the moan, his hands gripped your hips and moved to pin you against the counter as the two of you fought for dominance over the kiss. 

"Looking for some trouble tonight (yeah)
Take my hand, I'll show you the wild side
Like it's the last night of our lives (uh huh)
We'll keep dancing 'til we die"

  Arthur helped you up on the counter so it was easier for him to kiss you. Your legs wrapped around his waist, pulling him closer to you. But his lips ended up leaving yours so the both of you could breathe, but his started kissing and nipping your neck. 

  The attention made your breath hitch, which didn't get past him. You let him start to abuse the junction where you neck met your shoulder, leaving a dark red mark, no doubt going to turn into a bruise. 

  But when his hands slipped under your tank top, you stopped him, "That's as far as we go," You said, still panting slightly. 

  He nodded, "I respect that." Your face was still flushed, making him smile. 

  He took a step back and you led him into the living room, turning on the TV, "Want to watch a movie?" You asked nonchalantly, and he nodded. 

  The two of you ended up settling on watching [Favorite movie], but when when the credits starting rolling on the screen, something occurred to you. 

  "Arthur," He hummed in response, looking over at you snuggled against his side, "Did you ever find out why I vandalized the cafeteria?"

  "Actually, no, mind telling me?" He asked with a raised eyebrow.

  "Well, I guess I will," you giggled as he rolled his eyes, "But it started when I was going to the nurses office when I accidentally burnt my finger with one of the Bunsen burners in chemistry, and when I was outside the office, I heard a girl crying. She was bawling about how [Random boys name] raped her in the wrestling locker room, and the nurse was comforting her, telling her that she would go to the principal so she would get embarressed by doing so herself. So I left and went to the bathroom instead of going nurse. But later that week I found out that the principal did nothing to the guy because he was the wrestling star and won two state titles. I was so upset, during lunch I bought bright red spray paint and skipped fourth hour to paint 'The principal is corrupt, rapists are our star players, and we are all pawns of this corrupt game'." You smiled, you were proud of what you did. Even if you were suspended for a week and had to do twenty hours of community service. At least some people saw what you wrote before it was painted over. 

  "See, that is what I was talking about," Arthur said, "You may have a reputation, but your heart is gold." You smiled at his words. 

  "Thank you, I really mean it." You kissed his cheek before jumping off the couch, "You can stay longer, but you have to leave at least by midnight, so I don't have to worry if my mom will spontaneously show up, got it?" You rose and eyebrow. 

  "Of course, I wouldn't dare risk getting you in trouble." 

  You leaned over him on the couch and kissed him again, which he responded to. It was sweet, and full of adoration. 

  The rest of the night the two of you just watched movies, of course mainly making out during them, but that didn't matter. You were happy for once, and that's all that matters. 

"I hear your heart beat to the beat of the drums
Oh, what a shame that you came here with someone
So while you're here in my arms,
Let's make the most of the night like we're gonna die young

I hear your heart beat to the beat of the drums
Oh, what a shame that you came here with someone
So while you're here in my arms
Let's make the most of the night like we're gonna die young

We're gonna die young
We're gonna die young

Let's make the most of the night like we're gonna die young"

First song fic! Please be nice!
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  The hallway was quiet. You tiptoed down the hall and saw a door with light shining from underneath it. You tried to open it but it was locked. You saw the keyhole and looked through it.
  There stood Ivan, holding a gun to Toris’ head. The other man had his hands and feet tied. He looked beaten. His heavy breathing could be heard as he tried to beg Ivan for mercy. Ivan pulled out a sleek, silver gun. He drew a single bullet from his pocket, putting it into the revolver gun. He pointed it at Toris.
  You turned away from the door and tried to cover your ears but the noise reached you before you could cover them. The gunshot rang through the hall, followed by Toris’ scream.
  The other doors in the hall flew open. You stood up on shaky legs and tried to run. In each room, you saw violence. Arthur shooting the man in the parking lot. The Russian agent killing the MI6 agent near Big Ben. You couldn’t breathe. Your legs gave out. You turned to see Ivan standing over you, his face shadowed but the gun was crystal clear. He pointed the gun at you.

  Arthur studied the picture some more. There was so much missing information. Why was Toris killed? No theories were right. None of them added up.
  Arthur heard a crash in one of the rooms. Tearing himself away from the picture, Arthur ran to go see what was wrong.
  He found you on the floor of your room, dazing and wrapped up in blankets.
  “What the bloody hell happened?” Arthur asked.
  “I…I fell.” You whispered. “I fell out of bed.”
  “Like a little child? How silly.” Arthur rolled his eyes. “I haven’t fallen out of my bed since I was 4.” He observed your dazed face. “…What’s wrong?”
  “N-Nothing.” You said. “I’m fine.”
  Arthur narrowed his eyes. “And I’m Elizabeth the I. Tell me.”
  You untangled yourself from the blankets. “I just had a bad dream.” You said.
  Arthur thought of it for a moment. “Ah. Today’s trauma.”
  “How did you know?” You asked as you put the blankets back on the bed.
  “I had the same thing on my first mission.” Arthur said. “Although, I was hailed as a hero for that night, so the nightmares didn’t last long.”
  “Yeah. Well, it was just a dream.” You said curtly. You didn’t want any more of Arthur’s attitude after the terrible dream you had. “I’m just…going to go back to sleep.”
  “Can I make you some tea?” Arthur said quickly.
  You paused. “I’m sorry?” You asked.
  “Can I make you a cup of tea?” Arthur said again, slower this time and in a smaller voice. You could have sworn you saw pink in his cheeks. “You can sit and watch some television. I’m just wrapping up some paperwork. After my first mission, I didn’t sleep at all. I doubt that you would, either.”
  “Oh. Ok.” You answered quietly. You were surprised by the agent’s random act of kindness.
  You went into the kitchen with him and watched as he prepared some tea. Once it was ready, he gave a mug to you. You went to go sit down and flipped through the channels, hoping to find something boring enough to fall asleep to. You landed on a random comedy show and started to watch it.
  “Is that ‘The Office’?” Arthur asked.
  “I think so. I’m not sure.” You said. You almost jumped out of your skin when Arthur sat down besides you, holding his own cup of tea.
  “Ah, yes it is. Do you watch this show?” He asked.
 “I’ve heard of it.” You said.
  “This is the British version.” Arthur said. “It’s worth watching from the beginning.”
  You hummed as a reply and continued watching the show. You giggled at one of the jokes and you heard a soft chuckle from the man next to you. You glanced up at him for a moment.
  You never really took the time to have a good look at Arthur. Between his arrogance and the terrifying situation, you never appreciated him. Yet, there was certain softness to him at this moment. His dark green eyes scanned the TV as his lips curled into a genuine smile. His dirty blonde hair fell over his eyes. Everything about him just yelled out that he was a protective person. He’d risk his life for his duty to his country. To say that you didn’t feel safe with him around was a lie. He managed to save your life more than once. But this was the first time you felt protected by him. As if he was actively watching out for you; and always would.
  You felt a yawn in your chest, which you tried to hide. You didn’t know how long you would be with Arthur. Once this case was wrapped up and they found out what the picture had to do with Ivan, you would go back to your normal life; and Arthur would be out somewhere, saving the world again. Protecting some other young lady whose life was threatened.
  You didn't feel your head fall against Arthur’s shoulder. You didn’t even register that your eyes had closed. You just remember dreaming about your friends, having a wonderful time out in the city of London. Arthur was there, too. Dressed in casual clothes and smiling at you.
  Arthur stiffened as your sleeping form slowly fell against his shoulder. He checked to make sure you were breathing; it was rare that you ever went near Arthur so he was sure that the fact you were touching him was a medical emergency. Alas, you were well and breathing. Arthur let his eyes wander to your face. Your (e/c) eyes were closed, a peaceful smile on your face. He brushed a piece of your (h/c) hair out of your face, touching your smooth skin. He would never tell anyone but he found you to be quite beautiful.
  He felt his old wound hurt him once more; a silent reminder to not trust or get attached to anyone. He curled his fingers away from your face. The more he refused to be close to you, the more he couldn’t deny the growing feeling. He shut his eyes, trying to tell himself that he was just pretending.
  But he knew the truth, deep inside his heart, which was pounding inside his chest.
  He had fallen for the (e/c) orbs and (h/c) locks. He had fallen for the stubborn yet brave attitude. He had fallen for blushing cheeks. For small laughs. For the times she trusted him with her life. For midnight, sleepy marathons of “The Office”.
  He had fallen in love with ___________.
  And he knew she could never find out.

  You woke up in your own bed. You could smell fresh tea in the kitchen.
  You stretched and got out of bed, quickly getting changed. You went into the kitchen and found Arthur, sitting at the table, a fresh cup of tea in front of him as he read the morning paper.
  “No breakfast?” You asked, rubbing the sleep from your eyes.
  Arthur looked up at you and gave you a curt nod. “Good morning. No breakfast.”
  You nodded and looked in the fridge. “We left all of our groceries in the parking lot of that store. I think we need to go shopping again.” You pulled out some milk, only to have Arthur grab your wrist lightly.
  “I said, no breakfast.” Arthur said. “I’m taking you out.”
  You were sure you could fry eggs on the heat coming off of your face. “W-What?”
  Arthur turned away quickly, realizing how harsh that sounded. “What I mean is, our whereabouts were traced last time. I think if we have breakfast on the other side of London, we might be able to throw off any trail of where we live.”
  You nodded slowly, seeing his logic. “Oh…Ok. Where are we going?”
  “A small café. I’ll drive.” Arthur said.

  It was the first time you felt connected to Arthur. You sat by the window and waited for Arthur to return with hot drinks and some breakfast sandwiches. He sat down at the table and handed you the food.
  “So, how did you get involved with…your line of work?” You asked, trying to start a conversation without letting anyone in the café know that there was a spy in the building.
  Arthur sighed. He was really close to telling you the truth but he knew he couldn’t. So he lied. “It’s not as secret as you think. My mother and father were very supportive when I went to training. I was originally part of the military, which helped me make the connections that I needed.”
  You nodded. “Wow! I never knew that. I thought that the whole thing was…I don’t know…”
  “James Bond?” Arthur offered.
  You giggled. “Yeah, I guess so.”
  You started talking about something but Arthur wasn’t paying attention. All he wanted to do was touch your cheek again. God, you looked beautiful in this light.
  A light knock on the window made Arthur jump out of his skin. Both of you turned to the large window. Arthur practically snarled at the MI6 agent at the glass.
  “I’ll be back.” He growled. He stood up and exited the café, standing at the door with the other agent. All Arthur wanted to do was shout ‘Can’t I get any damn time to myself anymore?’ but he didn’t. He just asked a short “What is it?”
  “You know that the CIA has been involved; especially Agent Alfred F. Jones.” The MI6 man said. “I want to report that Alfred has been temporarily removed from the case.”
  “Is everything alright?” Arthur asked, raising an eyebrow. Jones would never back down from a case, especially if it involved Ivan.
  “Physically, yes. Agent Jones is fine. Mentally, he is not stable enough to continue the mission at this point in time.”
  “Well, spit it out! What happened?”
  “They recovered the body of his brother.”
  Although the news about Alfred was tragic, there was nothing you or Arthur could do. You just hoped that this discovery would put Alfred’s mind at ease. Meanwhile, you and Arthur spent the day about the town of London. You were confused by Arthur’s actions. At times, he seemed so cold. Then, he would be kind to you but as soon as you mentioned it, he would be cold again.
  You weren’t sure how you ended up having dinner out in the city of London but the food was worth it. The restaurant was small but pretty. You both were almost finished when Arthur started to say something.
  “Um, listen, ________. There’s something I need to tell you.” You looked up at Arthur and saw pink on his cheeks. It was almost like you knew what he was going to say and you didn’t want him to say it.
  If Arthur was about to tell you that he loved you, you were sure it would doom his career. And his safety. You could be used against him. And when you two went your separate ways after the mission? How would that make him feel? You inhaled sharply. “I’m just going to, uh, use the restroom first.” You stuttered.
  You didn’t wait for his reply. You just stood up and left, going into the nearby bathroom.
 Arthur wanted to follow you, to make sure you were safe; but he was afraid he hurt your feelings in some way. He was able to see you enter the restroom so he figured that you were fine. You just needed some space. He gripped the business card in his hand under the table.
  He was going to advise you to keep in contact with him after the mission ended. The look in your eyes told him that you probably knew he was going to say this. You probably never wanted to see the agent again. He sighed and put the crumpled card back in his pocket. In his mind, he settled for cutting all ties with you when the mission was done. He would never hear from you again. It was probably best.
  You splashed some water on your face, gathering all of your courage. You needed to be able to tell him that romance was out of the question.
  “Are you feeling alright?” A quiet voice asked.
  You turned to see a young woman, close in age to yourself. She had platinum-blonde hair and dark blue eyes. Her face was grave but her voice seemed sincere.
  “Oh, yeah, I’m fine.” You said.
 “Good. Then you won’t mind this.” She said.
  You turned but felt your hair being grabbed. You struggled against the hold, only to realize that it was the other woman who held your head. In her other hand, there was a small silver knife.
  “Now listen to me.” She hissed. “You’re favorite spy is out there, isn’t he?”
 You whimpered, not daring to answer.
  “You’re going to come with me.” She said. “And you’re not going to scream or anything. Otherwise, that Kirkland out there will have a bullet in his forehead; do you understand me?”
  You have a sharp nod.
  “Then follow me.”

  Arthur watched the bathroom door, waiting for you to exit. A different woman went up to the restroom door. She frowned as she tried to open it. She flagged down a waiter and he tried to open it.
 Arthur’s face grew pale. The door had been locked. He stood up and made his way to the door, throwing his force onto it. Nothing happened. He looked at the people that had gathered around.
  “Stand back!” He yelled.
  He kicked down the door and drew his gun, inspecting the room. It was dark and empty but the window at the end of the room was open. Arthur jumped out the window, watching your form get dragged around the corner of an alley. Arthur took off after you but it was too late.
  By the time Arthur had rounded the corner, you were nowhere to be found. He ran around the alleys of London in a complete circle.

For this is the end

I've drowned and dreamt this moment

So overdue I owe them

Swept away, I'm stolen

Let the sky fall

When it crumbles

We will stand tall

Face it all together

6-2|  5-8    |      1-3

2-1 | 1-12  |     2-3

1-7 | 1-13  |     4-4

5-3 | 4-4    |     1-12

3-2 | 3-1    |     4-6

1-3 |                 3-14

4-9 |                 2-1


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(Contains: sexual themes)


You hummed softly as you made your way up to the guest bedroom, a small smile gracing your lips. It was Friday night, the start of the weekend, and you were extremely happy. Two full days of nothing but relaxation were ahead of you, and you were excited to be spending those days, as well as the next three months or so, with your amazing boyfriend, Arthur Kirkland. You had already gotten his consent to stay at his house, and you were currently within his mansion at the moment, heading upstairs to the bedroom he had indicated was yours. You were here in the United Kingdom for late October, November, December, and early January to spend the holidays of Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years with him.  

As you gripped your suitcases, you fantasized about what your weekend was going to be like. You and Arthur would cuddle on the couch, watch Doctor Who, Sherlock, and Once Upon a Time, snack on British things (like scones and crumpets, right?), and sip elegantly from the special teacups that he kept in the fancy glass cabinet in the huge dining room. Then, perhaps you could give him a few cooking lessons and make something edible together that wasn’t fish and chips or tea.

And maybe, just maybe, you could get him to sing for you.

For the entire five months, two days, and thirteen hours you and Arthur had been together (yes you kept exact track), the blond Brit had refused to sing for you. No matter how hard you begged and pled with him, the answer was always a stern “No,” which annoyed you to some extent. You had heard from Arthur’s brother, Alfred, that Arthur had a fantastic voice and used to be a dedicated fan of several punk rock bands. Just this morning, when you had arrived, you had discovered several My Chemical Romance and Green Day albums when you were going through his stuff wandering around the house.  

You so desperately wanted him to sing, but you supposed he would open up in time. Even though it had been a full five bloody months, two sodding days, and thirteen effing hours. Not that anyone was counting. You rolled your (e/c) eyes and focused on ascending the steps, which seemed to go on forever. As you did so, you thought more about you and Arthur’s relationship.

It was certainly an ideal one, full of funny moments and romantic tales, with its occasional sweet little moment and fluffy scene here and there. You loved that British idiot with all your heart, from his bushy eyebrows to his gentlemanly nature. Of course, there were times when you wished he would be….well….not so gentlemanly. Your and Arthur’s time together had certainly been like the most perfect romance novel you could find….except without the intimacy. There had been no….actions between you and Mr. Arthur Kirkland. Of course you hugged and kissed, but it was all chaste. Arthur had never really made a move on you. And you were beginning to get a little….okay, a lot bothered by this.

Francis told you that you were experiencing sexual tension. You told him that was bullshit. Okay, so maybe you were too shy and didn’t really tell him that, but still. You were just uncertain as to why Arthur refrained from any intimacy with you.

What was wrong? Was there something wrong with your appearance? Your actions? Were you too shy? ….Were you not good enough?

Sighing, you finally reached the top of the grand staircase and nudged open the guest bedroom’s door with your foot once you had made your way down the hallway to the right. You walked over to the bed and flopped down upon it after setting the suitcases against the wall beside the door. Your eyes slid shut for a moment, and you breathed deeply in and out, slightly out of breath from climbing those stairs burdened with your heavy bags. Unfortunately, your thoughts from earlier were still bothering you, and you kept wishing that Arthur would tell you why he hadn’t made an advancement toward you yet. You really wanted him to at least kiss you like he meant it.

Even though that would mean being a little less….insecure and allowing him to be more….intimate with you. Just at the thought, your cheeks heated and you covered your face.  

Finally, after you were finished debating with yourself, you forced yourself up and swung your legs over the edge of the bed. Better get some unpacking done…. You started to open one of the boxes, but your gaze wandered over to the nice, large bathroom that was across from the bed. You felt the sudden urge to take a nice, hot shower. The plane ride here had certainly made you feel more than a little gross; being crammed in those seats with a bunch of strangers had caused you to feel the need to scrub yourself down with disinfectant. Finally, you shrugged and stood. What’s the harm? I’ll just get Arthur to help me with these later…. You walked over to the bathroom and closed the door. You undressed quickly and turned on the water, smiling slightly.

As you stepped into the cascading warm water, the steady patter of the drops hitting the sleek floor of the shower drowned out any sounds of the outside’s. Therefore, you failed to hear Arthur’s car pull into the driveway.

You also failed to notice you had left the bathroom door unlocked.


Arthur finally pulled into the driveway of his rather large house, turning off the engine and relaxing against the driver’s seat gratefully. He took a moment to rest, then worked up the willpower to get out of the car and unload the groceries he had bought for him and his girlfriend’s needs this weekend. He was planning for it to be the best time of (Name)’s life, so he had spent hours painstakingly gathering (Name) and his favourite foods, (Name)’s favourite movies, and other things.

Arthur adored that girl with all of his heart. There was just something about (Name) that made him drunk on happiness when she was around; just a mere touch from her and he was intoxicated with the feel of her skin. When she spoke, he hung on to her every word. When she laughed, the sound made him feel as though he was floating high above the world. Her (e/c) eyes held him captivated, the sparkling irises holding so many emotions that he could read so easily. Her (h/l) (h/c) hair was silky and absolutely perfect; he could run his hands through it all day. He’d braid it if she wanted him to, although he’d have to learn how to braid, first…. Her skin was soft and a wonderful shade of (s/c). He loved to draw patterns on the top of her hand with his thumb when they walked hand-in-hand together. He loved how she’d blush at even the smallest of his actions toward her. He loved how shy she could be. He loved her quiet beauty. She was so innocent and lovely and sweet…. And that innocence drove him wild. He loved that shy, embarrassed part of her that would show whenever he kissed her or so much as touched her. And he didn't want to take that innocence away from her, because he found it so….enchanting. She was just so….(Name). Beautiful and perfect and something he treasured so much….something so precious to him he would never trade her for the world. He didn’t care how cheesy it sounded, he didn’t care how taken he was….and he even agreed with Francis in admitting that he was completely and utterly smitten with (Name). He loved her so much.

Eventually shaking himself from his thoughts, Arthur decided to go inside and greet (Name) before he transported the bags of goods from his car to the mansion.

Arthur made his way up to the front door, inhaling the scent of Tudor roses that grew in the garden that lined his porch. He paused for a moment, enjoying the cool night air, before striding up to his home’s entrance and unlocking the door. He opened it and shut it behind him slowly, then turned around to make his way into the large living room. He strode into the room, hands in his pockets as he waited for the inevitable glomp from his girlfriend….only to find she wasn’t there.

“Love?” He called. “(Name)—?” He received no response, and he mused inwardly at where she could be. “Love, are you there?  (Name), love, I’m home!” Arthur frowned at her lack of presence and was just about to go searching for her, only to have the sound of running water reach his ears. “Ah, she must be in the shower.” He listened for a moment longer, then heard her singing. “Yes, definitely in the shower.” Chuckling, he shook his head slowly and went to fetch the groceries.

He returned soon, arms burdened with bags of food and other things that were going to make (Name)’s stay a success. Arthur unloaded the goods into their various places, breathing a relieved sigh when all of the food was put away and the movies were in the glass case beside the telly. Setting a few things out onto the counter that he had planned for supper, he raised an eyebrow when he heard the shower still going. “Odd, I thought she’d be out by now….”

Arthur wandered over to the living room, leaving the kitchen for the moment and setting up the first show they had planned to watch instead. (Name) adored Doctor Who, so they had determined that the sci-fi show would be the first thing they watched. Once he had the telly set up, he started back toward the kitchen, only to pause as (Name)’s singing drifted downstairs to him. He smiled a bit; the song she was singing reminded him of one of their first times out together, when (Name) insisted they see a performance by one of her favourite bands. As he listened, he was also reminded of the time she had asked him to sing for her….and he had refused. A pang of guilt rose up within him; (Name) begged him quite often to sing for her, and yet he always refused the plea. And speaking of her wishes, both Francis and Alfred had informed him of her….sexual tension. At the thought, a smile tugged at his lips. She was too shy to tell him herself, so their friends had gone ahead and told him instead, hoping that he would put an end to her frustration.

Arthur grinned. Perhaps it was time for him to fulfill some of her dearest wishes…. A mischievous light began to dance in his emerald eyes as he had a very entertaining thought of just how he could make her wishes come true. At the envisionment of (Name) in the shower, water cascading over her innocent, unclothed form….he licked his lips subconsciously. The mere thought of her in the bathroom, with her flawless bare skin and innocent, sparkling (e/c) eyes made him shiver with delight.

Arthur started toward the stairs.

Yes, it was definitely time to fulfill her dearest wishes.


You were humming the tune to (f/s) when the sound of the bathroom door opening caught your attention. You had a mini heart-attack, shrieked, and froze up as you watched the door open in horror. You clutched your hairbrush defensively to your bare, exposed chest as your eyes went wide. A mousy golden-blond head poked through the small crack, and you began to debate whether you were going to stab this pervert with your sharp (f/c) razor or beat him to death with your (f/c) plastic hairbrush….when you realized you knew this particular blonde.

“A-Arthur!? Wh-What are you doing!? I-I’m showering!”  

“I know that,” came his smooth response.

Oh, for the love of Earl Grey tea. “P-Please get out!” Your voice shot up an octave as he neared the shower’s nearly see-through sliding door. “A-Arthur! Out! I-I’m serious!” Your voice shook a bit, and you cursed yourself for being so shy.

“Oh, but love, I’d much rather spend my time with you. It’s lonely downstairs….”

The sound of rustling clothes was heard, and suddenly, Arthur’s shirt dropped to the floor, followed quickly by his pants and the Union Jack boxers beneath. A vibrant red blush flared on your soft (s/c) cheeks as your breath caught. He must’ve heard, because his sexy laugh resonated through the room. You squeezed your eyes shut and clenched your hands into fists, blushing so heavily that it was a wonder that you didn’t have a stroke from all the blood rushing to your face.

“A-Arthur!” You were whining now. “S-Stop! I….I….”

“(Name), I love you.”

He certainly knew how to shut you up.

“And because you know that I love you completely and unconditionally, I want you to trust me.”

You were silent for awhile, then finally stammered, “….O-Okay.”

“Good.” Arthur’s hand reached for the door and he slid it open slowly. You closed your eyes again and your breathing sped up as you felt his presence in the shower with you. “(Name),” he said softly, “open your eyes and look at me. I know you’re embarrassed, but there’s nothing to be ashamed of. You’re beautiful, and….I wanted to give you something. But I can’t unless you open your eyes.”

You slowly allowed your eyelids to lift, cringing as you focused your gaze on your feet.

“No. On me.” Arthur gently tilted your chin up. “See? Much better. Don’t you agree?”

“Y-Yes….” You stuttered, blushing wildly.

Arthur chuckled and leaned down to steal a kiss, the water gently cascading down upon your bodies as he did so. Drops of water fell from his blond locks onto your forehead, and you pouted cutely as they streamed into your eyes. He smiled again and wrapped his arms around you, pulling you close. As you both stood in the warm water, Arthur chose that moment to speak.

“(Name)….you know how you’ve always asked me to sing?”

“Mhmmm,” you hummed back lazily. The warmth of the water and the comfort of his embrace was making you feel a bit sleepy.  

“Well….I’ve decided to sing for you, but….you have to sing too.”

“Really?” You perked up slightly. “Okay….I’ll….I’ll sing with you. Which song is it?”

“One you know quite well. And it goes with our current situation.” Arthur hugged you tightly and began to rock from side to side slightly with you in his arms, opening his mouth. He inhaled and exhaled once, then proceeded to sing.

“I don't know, it's just something about you,
Got me feeling like I can't be without you.
Anytime someone mentions your name,
I be feeling as if I'm around you~”

Your eyes widened in awe at his wonderful voice, and you looked up at him, only to have him wink. He nodded at you, and you took the next part.

“Ain't no words to describe you baby,
All I know is that you take me high~
Can you tell that you drive me crazy?
Cause I can't get you out my mind!”

Arthur began to smile again, the grin steadily spreading across his lips until it was a full-out beam. His eyes sparkled with happiness as he swayed you back and forth. He spun you around carefully, aware of the slick surface of the shower’s floor, before bringing you safely back to his chest.

“Think of you when I'm going to bed,
When I wake up think of you again~
You are my homie, lover and friend,
Exactly why….”

He trailed off, only to have you pick up where he left off.

“You light me up inside,
Like the 4th of July!
Whenever you're around,
I always seem to smile!
And people ask me how,
Well you're the reason why:
I'm dancing in the mirror….”

You glanced up at Arthur, and he got the hint. He joined you and you both sang as one,

“….and singing in the shower!
La da di, la da da, la da da~
Singing in the shower!
La da di, la da da, la da da~
Singing in the shower!

You giggled, and in being unable to continue, Arthur took over.

“All I want, all I need is your loving~
Baby you make me hot like an oven!
Since you came you know what I've discovered,
Baby I don't need me another~”

You picked up the song once again, and Arthur faded out, listening to your voice. His smile parted his lips once again, and he began to play with your stringy, wet hair as you sang the remainder of the verse in your sweet, innocent voice,

“No, no all I know (know),
Only you got me feeling so (so)….
And you know that I got to have you~
And I don't plan to let you go!”

While you sang, Arthur attempted to braid the pieces of hair, but failed dramatically. You giggled again when you saw the result and reached up to braid his wet golden locks instead. Arthur took over the song as you played with his hair.

“Think of you when I'm going to bed,
When I wake up think of you again~
You are my homie, lover and friend,
Exactly why….”

Arthur tickled your sides to gain your attention, and you dropped the newly-braided strands of his hair as you tried to swat his hands away. You were extremely ticklish. He wiggled his large eyebrows at you, and you stuck your tongue out before singing the refrain,

“You light me up inside,
Like the 4th of July!
Whenever you're around,
I always seem to smile!
And people ask me how,
Well you're the reason why:
I'm dancing in the mirror….”

You pinched him gently and he gave a small yelp of surprise before darting forward to kiss you. When he pulled away, both of you grinned and yelled,

“….and singing in the shower!
La da di, la da da, la da da~
Singing in the shower!
La da di, la da da, la da da~
Singing in the shower!

Arthur pulled you down as he sat on the floor of the shower, positioning you both so you were beneath the showerhead and out of the direct spray of the water. He sat you down in his lap and began to nip at your neck. Your eyes widened, new to the foreign sensation. You struggled not to ruin the song, much to the displeasure of Arthur, and continued to sing,

“There ain't no guarantee,
But I'll take a chance on we~
Baby let's take our time!
(Singing in the shower!)
And when the times get rough,
There ain't no giving up!
Cause it just feels so right~
(Singing in the shower!)”

Arthur gave an unsatisfied grunt and silenced your mouth with own again, tangling his hands into your hair. When he pulled away, he left you dazed and staring dreamily at his face. Grinning evilly, he smirked and went back to singing.

“Don't care what others say,
If I got you I'm straight~
You bring my heart to life, yeah….”

You pinched him again, which startled him out of singing. You tilted your chin up and kissed his cheek, then you began the refrain for the last time.

“You light me up inside,
Like the 4th of July!
Whenever you're around,
I always seem to smile!
And people ask me how,
Well you're the reason why:
I'm dancing in the mirror….”

Arthur shook his head and murmured, “Kiss me like you mean it.” You immediately blushed a bright red, causing Arthur to laugh before he swooped in and captured your lips with his own in a passionate kiss. You stayed lip-locked for quite some time, until you both needed to pull away for air when your lungs began to burn. Arthur grinned. “Now that’s the kiss I was looking for.” He wrapped his arms around your waist and asked, “Shall we finish the song, then?” and you nodded. He opened his mouth and joined you in singing,

“….and singing in the shower!
La da di, la da da, la da da~
Singing in the shower!
La da di, la da da, la da da~
You’ve got me singing in the shower!
La da di, la da da, la da da~
Singing in the shower!
La da di, la da da, la da da~”

The last notes rang through the bathroom, and you couldn’t help but sigh in adoration at the sound of Arthur’s pure voice. He noticed and flashed you another smile as he reached up to turn the handle so the water would be warmer, as you had been sitting in there for quite a while and it was beginning to run cold. Once the water warmed, Arthur lifted you up and turned you around so you were straddling his waist. Your face had become an even deeper red, now, and you felt embarrassed again. Quickly, you buried your face in his neck, arms crossed over your chest.

“Now, now, what did I say about being shy…?” Arthur chided you softly. He once more tilted your chin up and kissed your cheek. “Listen to me, (Name), you’re beautiful, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. I love you with every fiber of my being, all right?”

“Y-Yes….” You whispered, averting your eyes.

Arthur chuckled. “You’re so shy.” He set his hands on your shoulders and gazed into your (e/c) eyes, smiling when he saw the love and adoration in them, reflecting his own feelings for you right back at him. “You’re probably wondering why I did this so out of the blue, yes…?”

You nodded again, keeping silent.

Arthur brushed your hair away from your flawless face and said, “A little birdie told me that you were experiencing a bit of….sexual frustration, we’ll say.” He grinned at the embarrassed expression that flitted across your face. “And, when I remember you wanted to hear me sing, I figured this would be the ideal place to fulfill those wishes. And….” He suddenly lifted you up, standing gracefully and pushing you against the wall. He pinned your wrists on either side of your head and leaned in, breath ghosting across your lips.

“….you’re so innocent, I just couldn’t help myself.”  

You let out a tiny squeak, and he smirked.

“But remember, love….I’ll only take that innocence when you ask me to.”

And Theme # 84 is completed~! 

Yep, this one was a bit more brave....
I honestly didn't think I could do it....
But here you go, a naked Arthur for you~

I don't write lemons, but I can conjure up shower scenes, I guess. 

The song I used was Shower by Becky G. 

150 Theme Challenge Journal: [Link]

Fantastic picture belongs to its respective owner.
Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya.
Shower belongs to T.N.T. Explosive Publishing, Universal Music Corp.
Plot belongs to me~
You belong to the soaking wet Arthur Kirkland.  :iconuk-is-unimpressedplz: 

Don't just favourite and run! Comments appreciated!
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future reference
armleuchter= fuckwit

this chapter contains some curses (if i remember correctly), you have been warned!



Arthur turned his head to look behind him, recognizing that the nickname is becoming second nature at this point.


“Where’s (name)?”

“For the last time Peter,” Arthur turned back around and pinched the bridge of his nose, “the Spaniard has her.”

“Oh, I know that already, I just like making you say it,” the boy in the sailor suit smirked. 

Arthur grimaced before sighing for what seemed like the tenth time so far. “Is that why you came here?” he glared at the maps in front of him, “to remind me about the things I already know?” his voice tensed at the end.

“Nah, it’s just that we never spend much time together so I thought I could at least…”

“Could you 'at least' come up with other rubbish to talk about?” Arthur stood up suddenly from his desk to turn around and confront Peter. He approached him with an annoyed expression on his face.

“OK, ok!” Peter holds his hands up in defense. “Uh, the weirdo guy with white hair wants to see you, anyway.”

“Since when did you get permission to enter the cellar?” Arthur puts his hands on his hips, his patience wearing thin.

“I was bored!” Peter whines. “You never let me do anything manly on this ship!” he pouts. “It’s either dusting the floor or helping Veneziano with cleaning the dishes or something! I thought I could at least do something manly, like exploring … but I was just passing by the cells when the guy throws an apple core at my head and starts yelling at me!”

“People only enter the cellar when I tell them to, Peter. So, this is probably the first and only time I actually approve of what that Prussian idiot did…” Arthur mutters. “But even so, don’t you ever go there again without my permission or you will be punished, do I make myself clear?” he looms over Peter and stares at him intensely.

“Crystal!” Peter salutes, his mouth forming into a straight line. “But the guy is getting fussy and keeps trying to gnaw at the bars with his teeth to try and escape …” he starts to trail off.

“Wow, he acts more like a child than you, apparently.”

“Hey!” Peter retorts as he points to himself with his thumb. “I’m no child! I’m a (mutha fuckin’) adult! I even grew 4 centimeters to prove it!”

Arthur sighs and walks past Peter. “Okay, well, while you keep thinking that, I have a rambunctious and annoying Prussian I have to attend to, unfortunately.”

“Well, you wouldn’t have known you had to do that unless it were for me!” Peter turns to face Arthur, with a proud look on his face.

“Yes, thank you, Peter.” Arthur nods as he sticks one leg out to leave through the giant hole in the door. “But now that I think of it...” Arthur stops, grips his chin and looks back at Peter, “ said you never do anything ‘manly’ here, right?”

Peter raises his semi-bushy eyebrows, surprised that Arthur was actually listening to him. “Yeah..?” he answers.

“Well, I thought of the perfect job for you that is probably the manliest of all jobs here.” Arthurs slightly smirks.

“Whatever it is, I’ll do it! I’ll show you how much of an adult I really am!” Peter’s eyes gleam, giddy that he is going to be assigned a “real job” for the first time ever.

“I’m happy to hear that,” Arthur runs a hand through his blond hair with his mouth curled in a devious smile. He steps out through the hole of the door entirely and adjusts himself to stand face forward to Peter. “You see this giant hole at the door? Do you see that giant hole in the wall?” he questions as he gestures to the two holes.

“What about them?”

“A cannon went right through them when Antonio came over. Your job?” he raises his index finger, “fix it.” 
Arthur then quickly turns his heel and strides away, leaving a flabbergasted Peter with his mouth wide open in protest.

“Wh-wh-whaaaat? I don’t know how to do that!” Peter complains.

No response.


After fuming for a few minutes, Peter calms down. “No matter!” he exclaims. “I’ll show tea -lover-man-boy that I can fix a cannon hole on the door and wall! And once I’m done he will see how great I am and then finally bow down to me, hahaha!…but, er, I guess I should try to figure out how to fix the wall first. It’s cold in here,” he pucker his lips.

Peter turns to face the hole in the wall that reveals the blue sea right before his eyes.

Peter analyzes the damage closely, squinting his eyes in the process.


He squints his eyes tighter, as if doing that will help him think better.


His eyes squint so tight, his nose starts to scrunch up along with his mouth.




Arthur makes his way down some creaky steps with a candle lantern in his right hand.

‘Hmm, It’s pretty dark here,’ he thought.

After making it down the steps, he starts to walk down the narrow hallway to find where Gilbert is located. It didn’t take long at all to find him, considering the palest arm he had ever seen was just lying outside a nearby cell, sticking out in the middle of the hallway. 

Arthur strides over to the arm and follows the arm to inside the cell to where he finds a sleeping Gilbert with his mouth slightly agape.

Arthur shakes his head in disapproval and then proceeds to take his left foot and step on Gilbert’s lower arm, twisting his foot at the same time while he applies more pressure.

After a few seconds Arthur hears an “OW!” and sees the arm shrink back into the cell from under his foot. He directs the lamp towards the inside of the cell again to then see Gilbert scramble onto his feet very ungracefully.

Gilbert rubs his arm and shoots his head to look back at Arthur with the word “death” reading all over his eyes.

“Did your little tantrum make you sleepy, Beilschmidt?” Arthur raises his eyebrows and chuckles. “I do hope the metal bars tasted to your liking.”

“You know, your bad attempt at satire isn’t amusing, Kirkland,” Gilbert spits out. 

In a bored tone, Arthur says, “I came down as soon as possible since I don’t need you gnawing on the cell bars like a chew toy. Repairs are not cheap.” he frowns. “If you need to tell me something worth my time, then spit it out now.”

Gilbert slowly makes his way to the bars of the cell and leans his body against it, both hands grasping onto a bar on either side of him. His face is framed just behind the space of two equidistant bars while his scarlet eyes stare at Arthur the entire time. However, he says nothing.

Arthur narrows his eyes.

“You know, you used to be a man full of words not that long ago. Yesterday, actually. Don’t think I’m daft for not knowing you’re up to something.”

“Who says I’m up to something?” Gilbert replies to Arthur’s statement. “As much I would love to beat you up right now, I’m afraid my awesome fists would be tainted with the foul stench of England.”

“Well, that’s not very nice,” Arthur raises his head and an eyebrow. “But do quickly tell me why you wanted the pleasure of my company. I’m afraid your babble is boring me already.”

“Huh, is that how you acted around (name), caterpillar face?” Gilbert tilts his head to the side, opens his mouth slightly and raises his eyebrows looking like he expects a good response.

Arthur twitches at the sound of your name.

“You’re not answering me, armleuchter,”* Gilbert says. “Could it be, that the Great Captain Arthur Kirkland of the Night Raven has fallen for (name, last name), a mere peasant (your nationality) girl? Oh, how rich!” he starts laughing.

“I don’t know where you got that from,” Arthur closes his eyes and chuckles, “but even so, I’m not going to deny it,”
he opens his eyes and smirks at Gilbert. “But let me ask you this: why did you just spit out (name)’s name like her entire being is some sort of insult you can use against me?”

Gilbert stops laughing and snorts. “Ffff, please, Kirkland. I—.”

“Shut up.” Arthur interrupts. “I bet you don’t even love her as a sister, do you? From what you told me yesterday you basically dumped her to Carriedo like she’s trash. Like she’s nothing.”

“Since when are you the judge of that, you little schieße!” Gilbert fumes as his hands grip the cell bars tighter, his knuckles somehow becoming a lighter shade than his pale skin.

“Even though we’ve had our ‘fun’ trying to kill each other at sea for years, I’ve never really talked to you until now. And boy, now that I have, I can safely say you are indeed what they call ‘selfish,’ Captain Beilschmidt. How were you able to live with yourself this entire time?”

All of a sudden, Gilbert reaches out at Arthur with a hand and in one quick move, grabs the collar of his shirt and yanks him toward him. 


Arthur’s entire body bangs into the cell bars before the momentum makes his body ricochet back a bit. Arthur’s green eyes widen with shock as he now stares into Gilbert’s red ones just centimeters away from each other. The only sound that is heard is Gilbert’s heavy breathing as he furrows his eyebrows immensely while he grips Arthur’s collar tightly.
The flame of the candle in the lamp Arthur was holding flickers violently before Gilbert speaks up with rage.

“You’re only calling me selfish, you turd? Tell me ONE thing you have done for (name) since she’s been on this bathtub of a ship with you! ONE THING!” he cries out.

Arthur’s eyebrows scrunch together as he continues to stare at Gilbert with wide eyes, not even trying to fight against Gilbert’s grip. 

“I … don’t know …” Arthur whispers at the realization.

He kidnapped you against your will.

He almost tried to rape you.

He’s always made snide and perverted comments toward you.

He broke your precious violin.

He threatened you severely.

He made you cry.

“Do you see now, pretty boy?” Gilbert snarls. “You’re no better than I am! But you know what, I’m not afraid to admit it to myself!” he laughs bitterly. “So let me ask you this: is taking (name) back from Toni the best for her or for YOU?”

Arthur grits his teeth. He slowly raises his left hand and then grabs Gilbert’s wrist roughly.

Enough,” he growls.

“Captain, Captain!” a voice calls from the distance. All of a sudden another source of light approaches the two pirates.

Gilbert and Arthur both look in the direction of the light with remnants of fury written all over their faces from their argument.

 It turns out to be one of Arthur’s Riggers, William. He stops in front of the men and takes a moment to pant and catch his breath. Once he gets himself together, he blurts out in a Essex accent, “sorry to come down here without your say, Captain, but I needed to tell you that we have caught up to Carriedo’s ship! We’re almost ready to board! A-at your command, sir!”

“... Direct the ship at Carriedo’s west, grab a weapon and get ready to fight,” Arthur says sternly, however, his voice sounded hollow.

“Yes, captain! I’ll notify the others right away!” William scurries off. 

The light of the area where Arthur and Gilbert are at dims. Arthur then turns his head back to Gilbert.

“I’ll make sure your friend Antonio’s death is painless,” Arthur glares at Gilbert before tearing his hand off of him in one stroke. He slowly takes his leave, his eyes staring at him while he walks away. His head faces forward once Gilbert is out of his vision.

“I’ll kill you first,” Gilbert snarls as his head barely pokes out from behind the bars of the cell.

Before Arthur climbs up the stairs to the main deck, he turns around, holding the lantern close to his face so that every feature and shadow of his face illuminates from the light.

 “Come at me, then.”

Arthur then opens a little section of the lantern, turns his head and blows the candle out, leaving Gilbert alone in the darkness.

I don't know about you guys, but damn, the later part of this chapter was srs as heck :0

I apologize if any of the characters seemed OOC, the 2nd half of the chapter is very tense (in my opinion), so if I made Gilbert use "awesome" every 2 seconds i felt like it would kind of ruin the seriousness of the argument between him and Arthur, you know?

And I know Sealand's final word at the end in the first half was probably OOC for him as well, but I thought it just fits to the situation so thats why I left him to say that, haha :iconlaughingplz:
It was my plan to juxtapose the feel of the two "parts" to go from lighthearted ----> kind of grim, so I hope I kind of did that. Sorry if you dont really like that :iconimsorryplz:

I dont speak German so please tell me if my use/translation of the word armleuchter is wrong!

Arthur    -------->NOT MEIN

Story and its ideas, etc. etc. ---> MEIN

Hope you enjoyed reading this chapter! (please excuse bad grammar that might be present >.<)
More chapters in the future!

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After several days passed, you felt much better. Your cold had finally gone away, meaning that you needn’t carry a tissue box everywhere you went and that was certainly a relief.

Today, it was Halloween. The weather was quite pleasant – the sun which was shining brightly, the light breeze that was blowing and the somewhat pleasant sound of the red, orange, yellow and green leaves crunching beneath your feet as you walked. The streets were swarming with people – parents with their children, headed either towards school or kindergarten, teenagers and adults. Most people had costumes on but since it was Halloween today, everybody had the chance to dress up however they wanted and who wouldn’t take that opportunity?

On your way out of your apartment building you saw Mrs. Smith. She was dressed up like a witch – her costume was so authentic – she had clearly spent a long time trying to make it perfect. You were pretty sure that she said that she made it, too. Not to mention, she made the best impression of a witch’s laugh that you had ever heard! The middle-aged woman had told you that she was in the building because she wanted to visit Mr. Smith. When she said that, you could almost imagine how their conversation would go. As soon as your favorite landlord saw his wife (or, rather, ex-wife) he would have the most terrified look on his face one has ever seen and with a shaking finger he would point at her and screaming: “Bloody hell! Do witches still exist?!” Then, Mrs. Smith’s eye would twitch in annoyance but she would smile sweetly, looking at her ex-husband who would probably be wearing a white tank top, dirtied with ketchup or mustard (or probably both) and those shorts he always wore no matter how cold it was. She would ask him whether he was dressed as a sloth or a hobo.

‘Hmm… actually, I am not sure if Mrs. Smith still compares him to sloths. But I do know that she loves calling him a hobo. Man, I love that woman! She is so witty and smart! Can’t believe she married Mr. Smith! They still often get together to argue, though. Last time they did it was fun!” You thought, lifting the skirts of your stunning gown to walk past the water on the pavement which was flowing from some man who was washing his car in front of his garage.

You were happy that everything went as planned – you were wearing a white Elizabethan era dress which you had tailored while you were sick. The shoes you wore matched it perfectly and had a small heel, making you look slightly taller than you actually were. On your head stood the headband that you bought from your trip to Vienna. Your hair was curled, the small jewels on the headband sparkled and your curls bounced with every step you took. It was safe to say that you were absolutely dazzling.

And when someone looks their best, it is only natural to feel the need to brag, isn’t it? Well, Gilbert deprived you from that which frustrated you to no end. This morning you knocked on his apartment’s door, waited for a long time but he didn’t answer. So much for going to school together.
“Stupid Gilbert…” You angrily muttered. “Not to mention he asked me to go to the Halloween party tonight with him…”

You stopped as soon as you heard trotting behind you. Turning, you saw a carriage – a very beautiful one – with two white horses. The driver was dressed like the carriage drivers from one of the historical shows you watched but you weren’t completely sure which one.

“Some people take Halloween too seriously… still, that’s pretty neat…” You noted as you started walking again.

The vehicle stopped several feet from you and the driver stepped on the ground, waiting. You curiously looked at the man as you walked past the carriage but he stopped you.

“Ms. (L/n)? I am awfully sorry for the delay.” He bowed. Then, politely smiling, he opened the carriage’s door for you.

“Delay? But what are you…”

“Guten morgen, (y/n)!”

Oh, god.

You knew that voice all too well. It belonged to your annoying albino friend, who had apparently left his apartment earlier this morning to hire a carriage.

A fucking carriage.

“(Y/nnnnn)? What are you waiting for? Get in!”

Before you even had the chance to protest, you found yourself sitting on the soft cushions inside the vehicle. Then, the sound of the horses trotting down the street resumed.

“Gilbert, I…”

The words died in your throat as soon as you lifted your head to look at him.

Your German friend’s costumes beauty could rival yours. His costume was like a noble lord’s or a king’s. His hair was somewhat combed, making him look more attractive that usually. The colors dominating in his costume were white and Prussian blue.

“See something you like?” A haughty smirk made its way on his face when he noticed the way you were gaping at him.



“Yes! Your costume is amazing!” You responded and a coy smile tugged at the corners of your lips as you felt his ego dropping. “Of course, you look good as well.”

Once again, his ego went skyrocket high but you enjoyed watching him squirm like he sometimes wavered under Mr. Kirkland’s gaze during tests.

“I knew you would think so!” Gilbert proudly stated. “A-and you look pretty good yourself…” He said, inspecting you from head to toe but then turning his head to the side with cheeks dusted in a light pink.

Earlier, you were ready to start bragging as soon as you saw him but now, you couldn’t. You felt kind of nervous for whatever reason and you wanted to say something but you weren’t sure exactly what.

“…I can’t believe you hired a goddamn carriage.”

“Don’t you like it?”

“I do but we will draw too much attention as soon as it stops in front of school!”

“You are saying it like it’s a bad thing.”

“It is! Unlike you, I don’t like attention and I am not keen on knowing what every single person in school will say when they see you with some nerdy chick.”

“You are not nerdy. Let them say whatever they want.” He smiled.

“You aren’t helping.”

“Oh, come on! Calm down and take this…” The German model handed you a mask and you looked at him, confused. “Everyone must wear a mask.”

“What’s the point?”

“Complete anonymousity.”

“Won’t everyone still be able to tell who is who?”

“Nah. Before the party we will change masks again. You’ll see, finding out who is who will be difficult unless someone reveals themselves but I don’t think anyone would do that.”

“Why not?”

“There will be games. With awards. Ever since that was announced, all kinds of rumors have been going around the school about what the rewards are. Heck, they said that even teachers will participate if they want to.”

“It sounds fun.” You said, taking the mask and looking at it. Even though white matched with everything you didn’t think it would look that good with this mask but you weren’t going to get picky. “Thanks.”
“Don’t mention it.”

Like you expected, the carriage really drew a lot of attention. Surprisingly, the masks concealed your identities rather well and as for Gilbert’s hair – he put a hat on so it was covered well because if he didn’t he would stand out too much and everyone would know who he is.

When your friend told you not to bring any textbooks or notebooks you were surprised. You couldn’t believe that you weren’t going to study today! However, he was right and you were relieved that you didn’t bring unnecessary baggage with you.

At the entrance, a girl from the student council stopped both of you and gave you two numbers. Then she instructed you what to do.

“Go to the notice board in the hall and check  what your numbers are. If you are in 12th grade, look at that column and see which teacher you will be with.”

After thanking her, you did as instructed. Your number was 69 (to which Gilbert wiggled his eyebrows, resulting with a glare from you) and his was 96.

“Fuck…” Gilbert said. “Beildschmidt, room 70.”

You carefully scanned the notice board until you found your number.

“Room 305…” You felt your heart skip a beat. “Kirkland.”


You nervously made your way to the room after you parted with your German friend. That was kind of hard, considering how angry he was and how he wouldn’t stop complaining.

Upon entering the room you saw that there were students scattered all around.

“Pick a seat different from your usual one, darling.” Mr. Kirkland said and you froze. He was standing next to the door.

Wait, did he recognize you? But Gilbert said…

“If you take my class, that is.” The Brit added.

Oh. So he didn’t recognize you. The mask was more efficient than you thought it would be.

Slowly nodding your head, you made your way to the back of the classroom. Sitting there was so odd, especially since you have always sat at the front. Even if he didn’t tell you to take a different seat from your usual one, you still wouldn’t have been able to sit at your desk since it was already occupied by some girls. In fact, nearly all of the front rolls were.

Soon, the bell rang Mr. Kirkland sat at his desk, inspecting everyone.

You were surprised that he wasn’t wearing a costume – just a light green shirt, a dark green sweater and brown pants. For the first time you saw him look so… casual. You kind of liked seeing him like that although he looked really handsome in the suits he wore.

“Good morning ladies and gentlemen.”

Several girls giggled and that annoyed you a little. You could almost swear that you saw his eyebrow twitch but you weren’t completely sure. From all of his classes, you had learnt that whenever his eyebrow twitched he was annoyed – in fact, it twitched pretty often, especially when he spoke to a certain red eyed boy you knew. The thought of him being annoyed by these girls made you feel kind of… happy. It was a bizarre feeling.

“So there are some nice costumes around. I didn’t expect this many.”

Some laughed and others didn’t.

“You there! Is that a wig or is your hair normally that long? If it really is that long, get a haircut.”

“I am dressed as Samara…”

“Samara? But wasn’t that a town in Russia?”


It was obvious how badly everyone wanted to laugh but because of your literature teacher’s authority no one did.

“Alright then. And you? Forgot to get out of the bed sheets this morning?”

“I am a ghost!” The guy with a white bed sheet draped over his head enthusiastically replied.

Arthur nodded and moved on.

“You! Why is there a pumpkin on your head…? Wait, actually I don’t want to know.”

The guy who had a pumpkin on his head, a goddamn huge pumpkin with a carved face’s shoulders slumped in disappointment when he didn’t get the chance to say anything. One would assume he was the headless horseman but he was dressed in regular clothes so it seems like Mr. Kirkland assumed he just wanted to wear a pumpkin over his head.

Scanning everyone once again, your teacher’s eyes stopped on you and he observed you for a while. Your heart started beating faster, nervous that he would pick you but he didn’t. Instead he just complimented your costume, several heads turned to look at you and you just thanked him with a smile.
After torturing nearly everyone because of their costumes and even arguing with some kid with a shopping bag over his head, Mr. Kirkland sighed. Before he could say anything, someone spoke up.

“Where does the word “witch” come from?”

“Interesting question.” It was obvious that his interest was perked. “The word “witch” comes from the Old English wicce, meaning “wise woman.” In fact,wiccan were highly respected people at one time. According to popular belief, witches held one of their two main meetings, or sabbats, on Halloween night.”

“Is there a word describing the fear of Halloween?” Someone else asked.

“I am surprised by your sudden interest but yes. Samhainophobia is the fear of Halloween.”

“What kind of loser is afraid of Halloween? Today is literally the best day ever!” The boy with a shopping bag over his head asked.

“Shut it, jackass.” A girl dressed like a fairy responded.

“What did you say?!”

“All of you, shut up unless you have any other questions about Halloween!”

“Why are owls such a popular Halloween image?”

Oh! You knew that one!

“I am actually not sure…” Mr. Kirkland looked thoughtful as he rubbed his cheek.

“Because in Medieval Europe, owls were thought to be witches, and to hear an owl's call meant someone was about to die.” You said.

“Where do you know that from, miss?”

“I like history and am curious about where certain customs came from.”

“Interesting. Very well.” Your teacher praised.

“Why are black and orange associated with Halloween? I mean, why not red and blue?” Someone asked and everyone went silent.

“Do you not study literature, young man?” The Brit asked, rubbing his temples in annoyance. “Black and orange are typically associated with Halloween. Orange is a symbol of strength and endurance and, along with brown and gold, stands for the harvest and autumn. Black is typically a symbol of death and darkness and acts as a reminder that Halloween once was a festival that marked the boundaries between life and death.”

The questions continued. Some answered Mr. Kirkland an some whoever knew or whoever googled them if no one knew the answer. By the time third period passed, the Brit was tired of all the questions so he played some horror movie. In order not to get in the projector’s way, he sat at the back on the free seat next to you.

“Pardon me, love. You don’t mind my sitting here, do you?”

“Of course not.” You shook your head.

You were both silent for a while. He graded tests and you looked bored out of your mind.

“Do you not like the movie?”

“Huh? Oh, no, it’s not that. I’m not a huge fan of the horror genre in general. Otherwise, the movie is pretty mainstream as far as I am aware. Good choice.” You politely smiled at him and he smiled back. He had a nice smile.

“Thank you. Truly, I had no idea what movies to download so I just found some movies with good ratings on IMDb.”

“Oh!” You giggled. “I do that too when I am looking for a new historical show to watch!”

“Speaking of that, your costume is absolutely stunning. It suits you well. How did you get interested in history? Most students despise it.”

“Thanks.” You blushed. “Well, my dad is really good at history. Ever since I was little, he has been telling me about interesting historical events, wars, people and I guess the way he explained and described it all plays a huge part in my interest in history.”

“I see. You also mentioned that you watch historical shows. Do you have any favorite ones?”

“The Tudors was really good!”

“I watch that one as well. It really is quite good, isn’t it?”

You continued chatting and at one point you even helped him grade tests since while he was talking to you, he would miss some mistakes that you noticed. Yes, the two of you were definitely a good team.

It was 6:30 PM and the last bell for the day rang, announcing that the Halloween party would start soon. There were some people who decided to skip it but they weren’t many.

“It was very pleasant talking to you.” Arthur said as he put the now graded tests in his bag. He was smiling. “You are an outstandingly smart young lady, indeed.”

“Thank you, Sir. You were nice company as well! I hope that we can chat again some time!”

“I assure you that we will. Well, now if you’ll excuse me, I have to give everyone their new mask.”

“Alright. Actually Mr. K-“

Damn! You were used to calling him Mr. K! Now wasn’t the time to blow your cover!

“-irkland? May I ask you a question?”

He raised an eyebrow but nodded anyways.

“Ask away, dear.”

“Why aren’t you dressed in a costume?”

“Well, today no one is supposed to know who is who. If I were to wear my costume, then it would be pretty easy to tell me apart at the party, wouldn’t it?”

“Oh! I see…” You blushed.

“Didn’t anyone tell you yesterday or when the Halloween party was announced?”

“Ah, no. I was absent for a while so I didn’t know.”

“I see. Well, have fun at the party.” And with one last smile he went to his desk and took a big box from under it.

It was no secret that the school didn’t have much money so you expected some cheap masks. You were pleasantly surprised, however.

The literature teacher took out many beautifully-made masks.

After telling everyone to come and take their new mask, people started queuing and taking their new mask. Surprisingly, Mr. Kirkland did consider the colors of everyone’s costumes and handed them a mask that matched.

Everyone had already left the room when you waited for him to find you a mask.

“I am sorry for making you wait so much. I just know that the mask is somewhere in here and I really want to give it to you. It will match your dress perfectly.”

“It’s no problem.” You smiled, patiently waiting.

“Aha! Here it is!” He took a mask out and your eyes widened.

Originally, you intended to come to school with a mask so you took it upon yourself to look for some pretty ones on the internet. You stumbled upon a really pretty one. What was it called? Swarovski Crystal White Swan? That was it, as far as you could remember. It was really pretty, but the price was… well, not that nice. Even though you had money, you didn’t want to spend it on things you wouldn’t have the chance to use often. And as much as you liked that mask, you didn’t buy it.

“Oh my god! It is beautiful!”

“It is, isn’t it?” He smiled fondly at the mask. “My mother is a huge fan of masks. She loved buying the wretched things. Every single holiday, my father bought her masks and she was overjoyed by that. However, neither me nor my brothers have any use of them now. We don’t want to sell them but we don’t want to look at them any more either. Whenever I look at her masks I feel a wave of melancholy hit me so I decided it’s about time to get rid of them.”

“…” You weren’t sure what to say. The blond looked so sad and sounded like it as well. You could relate to him to some point – you felt like that when you looked at the things your grandmother left behind. You didn’t want to throw them away and neither did your mom but you didn’t want to look at them either. Which is exactly why your mom put them in the storage room.

“I still remember when my dad gave it to her. It was New Year’s Eve and she wore it the entire night. It was her most favorite one. It’s hard to believe that my parents’ love for each other never died. As marriage ages, it seems like your love for the person fades along the way but that was never the case with them…”

“They truly sound like they were deeply in love.” You smiled gently. “This kind of love is hard to find nowadays…”

“I second that.” The green eyed man nodded in agreement.

“With all of the divorces, people marrying other people just because of their money…” You sighed. “It kind of makes you wonder where all of the enchanting feelings of fondness and love went to…”

“Indeed, it does. Everything revolves around money, it seems. We can only hope for the best, right?” With a smile, he handed you the mask. “Here you go. It will look good on you.”

“Are you sure I can have it? Really, you don’t have to give it to me unless you want to.” You smiled at him.

“In the beginning I wasn’t planning on even taking it to school with me today. But now I want to give it to you. Come on, take it.”

“Thank you.” You took the mask. “I’ll make sure to take good care of it.”

He nodded and you looked around.

“Um, Mr. Kirkland, where do I put it on?”

“Oh! Here is fine. I will take the rest of the masks to the room in the back. Call me if you need anything.”

And with that, he unlocked the door, leading to the back room and took the box there.

Meanwhile, you took off the mask Gilbert gave you.

Upon closer inspection, you noticed that you had to tie it and that was a problem. You put it on and tried to tie it but you really weren’t good at tying things behind your head, you discovered.
“Mr. Kirkland?” You called out, holding the mask to your face.

Within a second, the man emerged from the room.

“What’s the matter?”

“Um, I am sorry for bothering you but… can you help me tie it, please?” You turned and you heard him chuckle.

“Of course! I almost forgot that you have to tie it.” He tied it and when he was done you turned. “You look beautiful. It suits you better than your old one.”

“Thank you.”

And really, Arthur’s mask looked much better on you than Gilbert’s. However, you discovered that when you went to the bathroom to drink water and had the chance to take a good look at yourself.
Before anyone stabs me in the eye and asks why I haven't updated in a crazy long time in my defense I will stay that school was keeping me busy. But now, it's almost Christmas break. For me, it starts on Wednesday and I am certainly looking forward to it! 

About the Halloween chapter: okay, guys, this isn't the whole thing. The whole thing is really long and it's 2:48 AM here and I am dying for some sleep so I can't continue writing it AND it's pretty long as it is now. Not to mention, I want to !!spoiler!! describe the dancing scene better and set the other events I have planned straight in my mind because I am not sure exactly how to pull it off.  !!spoiler!!

Either way, enjoy and excuse any mistakes I might have made! 
Happy reading! 

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"Daaaaave!" You moaned. "I wanna see your eyes!" You swatted, trying to rip the shades off his face.

"Woah! Get away!" Dave said as he grabbed a hold of your wrist. "Why won't you let me se theeeem!" "Because, your ovar-" "Yeah, yeah, I know my ovaries will explode." You rolled your eyes.

"Now come on! Lemme see!" You swatted for the shades again, failing miserably as Dave grabbed your wrist every time. You pouted.

Then, it hit you.

A smirk grew across your face. "Well fine, I can just call Terezi over. She can lick your face until she knows and trust me, she'll find out." You smirked at him. He gulped. "You wouldn't." "I would." You giggled grabbing your cell phone.

Before you knew it he had tackled you to the floor, pinning you down. "Dave! What the hell are you doing!" You yelped. He smirked. "This."

He pressed his lips to yours. Your lips melted together. You slowly reached a hand up to his shades while you two were still kissing and swiped them off. He immediately pulled away.

"What the fuck ______! Give me my shades back!" He yelled angrily. He covered his eyes with his hand. "Dave? Is there something wrong with your eyes?" You asked slightly concerned. "No! Now just give them fucking back!" He screeched, looking up at you revealing his abnormal bright red eyes.

Tears started to well up in his eyes a bit. "Dave." You spoke. "Don't fucking "Dave." me! If you would have listened to me you wouldn't know I'm a freak!" He swiped the glasses out of your hands.

"Dave listen, I'm sorry I didn't know!" He stormed out of his room. You chased after him. "Dave! Please!" You yelled. You caught up to him and hugged him from behind. Instead of him thrashing you off, to you surprise, he let you stay there.

You didn't know that the cool kid Dave Strider could produce tears but he did somehow. You hugged him as the tears began to flee from his eyes. "Dave, you look absolutely perfect to me." You said reassuringly.

"I love you just the way you are." You hopped up on your tip toes and kissed his cheek.

He turned around, face red from crying. His hands covering his eyes again. You put your hands on his, pulling his hands away from his eyes. He looked at you, and for the first time, his cool facade was knocked down.

You started to smile. "You fucking think it's funny! Stop!" Dave yelled again. Tears started to flow again. "No it's not that!" You said. "It's just, I really love them, they're so different."

"Don't tell anyone." He said. You kissed him. "Of course not." You smiled. "Wait, only on one condition." You smirked. Dave groaned. "What." Voice still cracking a bit from the tears. "You can't wear your glasses when it's just you and me." "Fine."

You giggled "Yay!" Dave smiled. He picked you up bridal style back to his room, only to smother you in kisses.
I feel like this was really poorly written, as well as poorly put together. :/ Idk, I tried.

I don't own Homestuck
I own the story
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CG:Just because we argue,
just because we spit and fight.

CG:It never meant I hated you.
I wanted to have a close relationship with you, one that would surpass all the quadrants.
Never wanted to be your kismesis.

CG:Whenever I asked to be in one of your quadrants, you always refused. I asked to be your moirail and auspistice because, I didn’t have confidence you would agree to being my matesprit. But when you asked to be my kismesis, my heart plummeted, but I still agreed. I thought ‘As long as I can be with [Name]’ but now...I can’t stand it. Knowing you hate me, having to inflict pain onto you just to hide my feelings now?! I can’t do it.
I was scared. As a human I was never quite sure about ‘quadrants’ but I still knew what they symbolized. When you offered to be my moirail, to be honest, i was hurt. Did you only see me as a friend? Were our views on each other that different? Can’t you tell I love you? After denying moirallegiance and Auspisticism, it seemed obvious your feelings for me would never surpass moirallegiance. So...out of irritation I suggested you be my kismesis instead.

Which to my surprise...
you accepted.
And now...
because of that stupid slip,
I might never be able to tell you how I really feel...


Looking in the mirror I can see the fresh scars from last night. Raw and ripped, decorated with black and blue bruises.

Staring at the blood on my body, I couldn’t tell if it was mine or his. Quickly giving up, I strip out of the little clothing I had on and hopped into the warm shower. Hissing to the waters first contact on my wounds, I turn away from the shower head. Letting out a shaky breath I can only wonder. Is he happy this way? My mind prays hes not, but my heart keeps pushing me to do anything just to be with him.

Tears mixing with the water, I get out. Wrapping myself in a white towel, I could already tell it would be covered in blood in no time. Not bothering to redress I walk to back to the bedroom. Only to stop in the doorway and gaze...
“Still sleeping huh?” I whisper to no one. Seeing him relaxed around me was rare now, it made my heart hurt to think of such a thing, so I pushed it to the back of my mind.

Crawling into the warm, stained sheets, I scoot closer to his sleeping form. Resting my head on his firm chest.
This was the only time I could ever do something like this. If I ever did this while he was awake he’d probably start yelling and ranting about how revolting it was... We are kismesis’ after all.
As my head slightly rocks to the rise and fall of his chest, my eyelids grow heavy. I roll over slightly to where I wasn’t touching him, don’t want to accidentally fall asleep and wake up to him screaming at me...

Feeling her move away, I open my eyes to see her back towards me. This happened every time, and it never ceases to confuse me. First she’ll act as if she hates me, but then she goes and does things like that. I feel as if she purposely trying to toy with my heart. I could never do that...Its hard enough to act as if I hate her. When I yell at her it always seems over the top to me, but then she acts as if shes come to expect that from me...

It’s destroying me to go on like this. I hate it. But she hates me, why would she accept red feelings from me? Glancing over at her cold looking form, I move. Wrapping the blanket, along with my arms, around her. Maybe...if I do little things like this, it’ll get better to withstand. Pulling her closer I feel her ice cold shoulders brush against my chest. Letting out a rather large sigh, I lean down inhaling her scent. Nuzzling into her hair I feel my chest tighten. Why couldn’t it be like this? Without thinking, I pushed the gesture a bit further.
“Flushed for you [Name]” I whispered. Just saying sent a slight sense of relief through me, but it didn’t last long.
Moments after muttering those words, her body tensed.

Hes...flushed for me? My muscles relaxing I turn to face him. His face held a deep candy red blush as he averted his eyes.
“I-is that true?” I manage to slip out, getting nervous. I waited patiently as a long silence filled the room.
“Yes, okay?! Fuck...Yes I know how much you hate me. I much I must disgust you with saying this... But...I’m flushed for you...And i’m sick and tired of trying to hi- ” Not letting him finish the thought I smash my lips to his, like puzzle pieces waiting to be put together he finally responded. Leaning into me, I wrap my arms around his neck until the kiss broke. Staring back at him, I feel all the stress melting away. He feels the same.
“I’m flushed for you too Karkat.” A pure smile spreads across his lips, a smile I hadn’t seen in what felt like ages.
“I’m sorry” He cocks his head slightly
“What are you apologizing for?” Shifting uncomfortably I look down,
“I only asked you to be my kismesis because...I was frustrated. I was terrified of telling you how I felt, and getting rejected.”
Following a short silence I felt his warm hand cup my chin, pulling it towards his own. Stopping only inches from contact, i feel his moist breath on my skin, as he opened his mouth to talk.
“[Name]...I’m just as guilty okay?...I played along because I thought it was what you wanted. But, I don’t want be your kismesis, I don’t want be your matesprit.” Unsure of what to say, I just stare at him, frozen.
“I l-love you [Name]...I want to be yours, and yours alone.”
THERE! Had to retype almost all of this, cause after posting the teaser my computer decided to shut down without saving it so ya...lost my entire draft so I had to go off memory
:iconsexykarkatplz: belongs to :iconhussieplz:
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Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
I know you wonder sometimes
You wonder if I notice that smile
And the way that you change up your style
And, the way your face scrunches up when you're mad


It’s perfect to wake up every morning in between his arms; the soft feeling of his chest rising up and down as slumber still reigned over him. You enjoyed the feeling of being in bed together, staying close even though the last few weeks have been northing but extreme hot weather, legs dangled together, his head atop yours and your face on his chest as the usual scent of his wafted into your nose, it was pure paradise if you asked me, and what’s best of all it’s that you didn’t have to share him with anybody else.

It was just the two of you.

Life was more than perfect and you treasured moments like these more that anything. The Strider had just come back from a trip from Texas; he was visiting his guardian, Dave, after an accident had occurred, luckily Dave wasn’t injured or anything bad had happened, and that made you felt less anxious, you really cared about the whole Strider family, it would be a shame to see another misfortunate accident that could’ve lead to the end of someone’s life.

Dirk had texted you the whole week he stayed there, sweet text messages that made you stare at your cell phone screen with the biggest smile on your face, you felt like you would’ve been over this stage in your relationship, getting flustered at the cute messages, pictures he sent, any compliments he would give you. After all, the two of you had been dating for quite a long while now.

Your name is [Name] and you are staring into the most beautiful orange orbs in history. You find yourself smiling when Dirk doesn’t say anything, but the way his eyes have this amazing glow, his eyes are half lidded, his gaze is on you and his smile is that of the ones that give your heart a little flip. He’s holding himself up by his hand, his elbow digging into the pillow as he sets himself in a more comfortable position, you stare right back at him, never breaking eye contact.

He’s the one to break the silence in the room, “Mornin’ beautiful.” His voice is husky and you find yourself smiling even more. You mutter a good morning before sitting up a little to lean in and give him a peck on his lips, he leans in and does too. Not a minute later, he’s giving you butterfly kisses all along your neck and you giggle at the sensation, his warm lips on your skin feel fantastic and you wouldn’t mind staying in bed all morning.

Your eyes scan the room in search of the clock and when they find the bright red letters you mentally celebrate that it’s earlier than usual. Work wouldn’t start for another couple of hours and that meant that the morning would be spent either cuddling, eating breakfast in bed (you hoped he would make the food today, Dirk’s an excellent cook compared to your poor cooking skills) and just staying what was left of the glorious morning to being in each other arms.

You part your mouth into a silent moan when Dirk bites softly into the crook of your neck, he’s closer to you and you don’t have any idea as to when or how without you noticing, you had ended up sitting on his lap, your [Hair length] [hair color] hair messy stuck to your forehead due to the increase of the hot temperature in the room. Dirk’s orange eyes stare at yours, and he’s smiling, you capture his lips with yours.

His lips are paradise against yours, he runs his tongue against your lips and you part them slightly, his arms sneak around your waist and pulls you closer, even closer than before, your chest presses against him and he hums in approval. You on the meanwhile, had been running out of air but could care less, his tongue battled yours in a lazy attempt to win over and he was cheating, of course, you realized when he started to move his fingers against your hips, the sensation would’ve been one to cause you to laugh, but this, this aroused you even more. Dirk’s competitive, so you let him take control.

In the heat of the moment, you’re barely thinking about anything straight, one minute you’re wearing your pajama shirt (one of Dirk’s old shirts that you had claimed as yours) and the next you’re naked, the shirt is thrown across the room and Dirk’s manhood is hitting your thigh. Dirk leaves your mouth, you’re panting hard and your eyes are lidded, you feel lightheaded and the smell of your arousal is slowly coming to register in your nose.

“Nngh.” You whimper when Dirk goes back to kissing and biting your neck, going down until he reaches your boobs, perky, and goes to lick your nipple, you stiffen a moan and then he’s sucking on it, with his other hand playing around with your other breast. Your hands run through his thick blond hair, grasping it and pulling him slightly forward, towards you, and he takes this as an invitation to go faster.  

When he’s done, he switches to the other breast and gives it the same attention, you’re mewling and unconsciously grind against his erection, Dirk bites softly and you moan out his name when he grunts and thrusts his hips upward, this only makes him more determined to keep doing what he is, and doesn’t stop until you’re back to moaning softly and you’re close to orgasming. Dirk stops and you surprisingly find yourself whining.

“Why did… why did you stop?.” You eye him carefully, his face is covered in a red blush, his eyes shine with lust and when you can tell he’s trying too hard to not grind himself against you, you know something’s up. You raise an eyebrow.

“You’re really sensitive… that’s all.”  He smiles and runs his hands down your body, memorizing every bit of it, you close your eyes, lean in and rest your head on the small space of his shoulder, the one you’ve also claimed as yours, and you just let the feeling of his hands roam your body, every single bit of it. Your breathing lowers when you feel his hands softly touch your womanhood, he’s rubbing agonizingly slow and you’re biting your lip.

You’re not used to this, not at all. Sex wasn’t usually this slow, it was more of a quick thing, Dirk’s usually really loud, as were you (okay maybe you’re the loud one but it doesn’t matter), rough yet loving, foreplay wasn’t always involved but when it was it was usually kinky stuff, so having him go so slow right now… it was driving you mad, and you found yourself moving your hips to try and get more of a rough action, he’s skilled with his fingers. It’s a needy move, but it all felt so strange.

Dirk however, wasn’t pleased and completely removed his hand away, you opened your eyes and you could tell he was frowning, he remained silent, and the only sound in the room was that of your breathing. You were about to speak when his hand went back into your womanhood and one finger prodded up your vagina, you let out a small moan followed by his name.

The blond Strider’s hot breathing was on your ear. “You’re a little too desperate. But today we’ll be taking things slow. I want to make love to you” He added another finger, and you cried out when he started to pump in and out slowly, the task easy since you were already wet.

His pace never changed one bit, and every time his fingers brushed against that sweet spot he has come to learn where it’s at, you would try to take more of him in, three fingers, four fingers, they all were driving you mad, and Dirk was simply taking his time. When he knew you would come, he would take his fingers out and make you watch as he licked his fingers clean, and that, made you wiggle on his lap a bit. Because whoa, this was really nice for a change.

When Dirk’s hands go to grab your waist, you’re pushing him back softly until he meets the headboard of the bed, his eyes widen slightly before he’s found himself raising his eyebrows, you just smile a little, ignoring the burning sensation between your legs and proceeded to lower his boxers, taking his length on your hands. Never breaking eye contact, Dirk doesn’t protest but goes to cover his mouth with one hand while the other grips the bed sheets.

Your hand encloses on his shaft and he lets out a breathy low moan, you decide that you like the sound of that and you keep pumping, his hips jerk forward, looking to seek more attention on his member from your hand and you comply, though not going faster. Not because you want to make him see what he was doing to you, but because you loved to see his reaction.

You get bored easily, and with a small smirk on your face and still locking contact with his orange yes, darker now as his breathing becomes heavier and his blush intensifies, you lower your head until his erection is right in your face, you open your mouth, and notice how he twitches when the warm breath covers his manhood, you slowly take it in and you notice that it smells like sweat.

Sweat and sex.

You like the smell.

Slowly, you begin to bob your head up and down, closing your eyes and letting your ears catch every single moan, noise Dirk makes, you wrap your tongue around his shaft and begin to circle it, Dirk’s hand has found the top of your head, and when you take him deeper, you can feel him push you a bit down, only to go deeper. You wouldn’t mind doing so, but it hits the back of your throat and you try to not gag, you fail however. It doesn’t stop you though.

“[Name].” Your name escapes his lips when his hips buck forward, taking you by surprise but you keep remaining your pace, only increasing when you notice that you’re getting more reactions from Dirk as your speed increases, your head goes up and down quickly and what you can’t take in is taken care of by your hand.

“Nhgh, ke-keep doing that... I’m going to cum.” and just like he said, his thrusting becomes faster and when he lets out a groan and the salty taste of his sperm fills your mouth, you swallow it all, grimacing a bit at the taste and hating how some leaked from your mouth. When his erection softened, you had finished swallowing what was left and began to lick the remaining. Your hand felt sticky and you licked your lips.

Not a minute later you find yourself beneath Dirk, his frame looms over you as he starts to kiss your neck, mouth and every part he can, it’s not a surprise when he’s already hard again and when you notice you can’t help but giggle. He seems to notice why and shrugs.

“Can’t help it. I just have the most goddamn beautiful woman in existence in my life.”

And that makes you even needier.

Dirk takes his time guiding his erection into your entrance, and when he does, in one swift push, you find yourself moaning at the same time as he is. He stays inside, unmoving, enjoying the moment before pulling back out only push back in, slowly, drawing it out as sweat runs down his skin.

It’s all so much, sweet, it’s caring, and the way he feels inside you, it’s all simply wonderful. Dirk’s slowly picking up the pace, he repeats your name over and over under his breath and you can only close your eyes. The sound of skin on skin turning you on even more, the way that your sweat mixes and how every time he thrusts in it makes you moan or cry out in pleasure.

It’s not long until you can feel your walls clench. You moan out loudly and Dirk grunts, the sudden feeling of your walls clenching on his erection drives him mad and he breathes out a moan, it’s drawn out and you don’t care. You’re just saying so many things, you’re telling him just how much of a great person he is, how much you love him.

“Oh my god, D-Dirk. I’m gonna-” You don’t get to finish your sentence when a moan escapes your mouth. Dirk only smiles softly, leans in and captures your mouth with his. He gives one last thrust and you’re crying o9ut when you reach your peak, Dirk’s seeds fill your womanhood and everything suddenly feels hotter.

He doesn’t pull out and instead goes to lay down besides you, wrapping your arms around you and nuzzling your neck, he gives you one last kiss before muttering an “I love you”

You smile, tired because of the previous activities and move yourself closer to Dirk’s body. He’s hot all over, and you close your eyes, both of you falling asleep on each other’s arm.


Your name is [Name] [Last Name] and you just had the most amazing morning ever with your boyfriend, Dirk Strider, even though it meant being 2 hours late for work.
All characters portrayed in this piece of literature are all +18 and older.

This got taken down and since I can't really see why.
I decided to reupload it.
Yeah, but now it's with Bro (even though Bro's actually Dirk so I see no difference)

Bro/Dirk Strider belongs to Andrew Hussie
Story/Plot belongs to me
Song lyrics belong to Auburn Williams.
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Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: strong language)
The phone starts to ring. You pick it up, and you hear a voice you're always happy to hear.

"Uhh, hey, ______, do you wanna, uh, hang out later with Gamzee and me?" he asks.

"Of course I would!" you answer, trying not to sound desperate.

"Uh, okay, great! so, I'll see you around, um, six?" he questions.

"Sounds great! I'll see you at six." you reply.

"Uh, alright, I'll see you later then... Bye." he says, rather nervously.  
"Bubbye!" you say, and hang up the phone. "Oh Tavros..." you swoon. "Why do you have to be so damn cute?" You're flushed for him,  although you're pretty sure he doesn't feel the same. Only your moirail, Eridan, knows about your little crush on him, and you have to say, he's been doing a pretty good job about keeping it a secret. You run downstairs excitedly to ask if he wants to go over to Tav's place. He can see how excited you are, and he knows how much you want it.

"Alright, (name). I'll go with you." he says and smiles.

"Thank you sooooooo much!!" you scree, and you start jumping up and down. "You are the bestest moirail anyone could ever ask for!!!" You run up and give him a great big bearhug. 

You've only got about two hours before you have to be over at Tav's, so you run back upstairs and hop in the shower. After that's done, you head into your room and put on an old pair of ripped jeans and your favorite Teen Titans shirt. You dry your hair, and you put it up in those pigtails you know he likes. By the time youre dine, its time to leave. You grab a sweatshirt on your way out the door, as it tends to be a little chilly on the walk there. You and Eridan start walking down the street, in the direction of Tav's place. You've been there many times, and you know the route by heart. You and Eridan finally arrive, and you knock on the door. Gamzee answers the door and lets you inside.

"Honk honk honk, you motherfuckers finally made it." he says as you walk in the door. You giggle a little, he always made you laugh. You see Tav sitting over on the couch. You just can't help but grin at the sight of the rust-blooded troll. There are a few empty seats next to him, so the two of you go sit by him. After a while though, Eridan gets up to get a snack. As he walks into the kitchen, he's pulled around the corner by Gamzee.

"Alright, you know how ______ is all up and motherfucking flushed for Tavbro?" he asks.

"W-what?! How did you find out?!" Eridan shouts. Gamzee quickly covers Eridan's mouth.

"Shhh... We don't want them to hear us," he whispers, "And I know a motherfucking miracle when i see one."

"Well, then yeah, I do know. why do you ask?" Gamzee whispers in his ear. "oooh. I see..." he says, clearly giving it some intense thought. "lets do it."


You somehow ended up in a seriously messed up game of Twister. For some sick, twisted reason, this was Gamzee's idea of fun.

"Right foot green." Eridan reads the spinner. You are now tangled in an awkward knot with your crotch in Tav's face, and your boobs in Gam's face. The highblood grins and turns his head ever do slightly, leaning into you a bit.

"Gamzee, what the hell are you doing?" He chuckles.

"Nothin sis.  Don't you worry your think pan about nothin and just keep motherfucking playin."

You sigh, and try to OUCH! "Ah, what the fuck?!" You crane your neck and look at the smirking Gamzee. "Did you just stab me in the boob with your fucking horn!?"

"Nah, sis. I don't know what you're motherfucking talking about." You  sigh and continue playing.

"Left hand red." Eridan says to Gam. As he moves, he "accidentally" jabbed you with his horn again.

"AH! Gam-" You're interrupted as he pokes you one final time, sending you toppling backwards... Right into Tav. Due to the... Unfortunate positioning from earlier, your womanhood lands right in his face, and you're pretty sure he would've screamed... If his mouth wasn't covered. "O-oh my god!!" you quickly scramble off of him and turn a bright red. "Gamzee! What the hell was that?!"

"Sorry sis, it was a motherfucking accident." You glare at him, suspicious of what he knows. 

"Anyways, to apologize, I'll let you have one of my miraculous Faygos." You are weary of his proposal, but you accept. There can't be anything wrong with that, right? "Sweet. So, if you'll just follow me over here..." He leads you and the rest of the crew over to the closet, and opens the door. You see some pretty typical Gamzee-Type items; some Faygo, horns, facepaint, etc. You walk in, hoping to find a root beer in the pile of soda. Gamzee quickly pushes Tav in, and locks the door. "You two aren't coming out until some motherfucking miracles happen. Have fun. Honk."

Tav rushes to the door, and starts pounding on it. "Gamzee!" he yells "This, uh, isn't funny!! Let us out!!" You sit down on a little stool in the corner, and crack open a Faygo.

"Soooo..." you say, somewhat awkwardly. "I guess we're stuck in here, huh?" He stares at you blankly, trying to figure out what the hell just happened. A few minutes pass, and you start thinking about what Gamzee said. You finally realize what he meant by "miracles" and you start to worry. Does he know? How could he possibly know? Unless... "ERIDAN!!!" you scream at the top of your lungs, and start pounding on the door. "I SWEAR TO FUCKING GOD THAT IF YOU TOLD HIM ANYTHING, //ANYTHING// ABOUT T-" you suddenly stop, realizing who you're standing next to, and look over at him. He's staring at you, blushing, like he knows what you were going to say, and you hide your face in your hands. Well fuck. I just gave that away. What am I gonna d- Your thoughts are interrupted as Tavros, in a burst of confidence, suddenly pins you against the wall, and starts kissing you. You quickly fall into the kiss, and wrap your arms around his neck. He quickly realizes what he did, and breaks away, his face bright orange.

"I-I'm sorry... I-I, uh, don't know what I was thinking..."

"Shhh..." you frame his face with your hands, "It's okay... I-I'm... flushed for you..." you finish, and smash your lips together. He seemed surprised by the sudden contact, but returned the kiss with equal passion. You break away and give him a shy grin. He smiles and whispers,

"I'm, uh, flushed for you too... ______... So flushed for you..."

Sorry if the story's kinda crappy... This is my first real story, so I'm still learning. I can and will make a second part if you guys want, (maybe... A lemon? ;P ) but it will take a few days. I'm also working on an Eridan fanfic at the moment... So that'll be out soonish. Anyway, enjoy!
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Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes)
“GOD IM SO FUCKING FLUSHED FOR YOU.” He spoke and you tilted your head in confusion ,“IM IN LOVE WITH YOU, GOG.”

You grinned, “Im flushed for you too.” You pulled him too you grinning.

The kiss was so deep and so long you couldn’t breath before he pulled away both of you panting. He toyed with the edges of your shirt. He was hesitant, and worried. If you weren’t sure this could turn really bad in the morning.

“Are you fucking sure?”

“Yes, Karkat. Yes”

He pulled your shirt up seeing the pale scars and wounds he leaned down chapped lips gently pressing against yours. He was curious and scared. He knew humans were far more delicate than trolls and that had him a little worried. You noticed it and sighed pressing harder into the kiss and forcing your tongues into a battle as you distracted him. His claws lightly ran down the curves of your body drinking you in. You couldn’t help the small whimper that he’d drawn out from you as he moved away to breath. His eyes were dilated with a thin ring of bright red in them and he was staring at you hungrily.
The type of hunger that was making a knot form in your gut shone in those eyes. You wound your fingers into the mess of hair yanking him down towards you. Karkat didn’t need any reassurance as you let him gain entrance to your mouth, tongues in a sinful dance as he won. He left no part of his new territory untouched, his hand had busied themselves with gently grabbing the wrapping around your chest. You shivered as grey hands pulled them away. The cold tingled against your flesh sending chills.

You wanted to whimper at the unwelcomed temperature but instead your whimper became a loud moan. Heat engulfed the mounds of flesh on your chest as the troll pawed at them. Karkat grinned as your back arched up pressing against him. The temperature different was odd. The skin that he wasn’t touching was chilled by the air but that which he was, was almost ice melting warm. It had you moaning in his mouth as he devoured every whine and moan when those claws lightly scrapped at the sensitive skin. He pulled and rolled the flesh that he concluded were a favorite part of you in his book.

“K-karkat.” You moaned wantingly as his lips left your own to trail across your collar bone, his sharp teeth nipping.

He worked his way down and lovingly kissed where your heart was trying to beat out of your chest. Karkat really didn’t know how this worked, the whole mating thing, but he was quickly learning that every move of gesture got a different and pleasurable reaction for him. He sucked on that spot feeling and hearing you moan as your back arched. One hand left your bust but your disapproving whine was cut short by a heated mouth capturing where his hand had left.

“KARKAT!” fire seemed to burn through your veins as his teeth lightly scrapped the bud, he was timing his soft tugs and rough licks with your pants.

His tongue felt like sand paper as it dragged over your flesh, he found the natural taste was addicting and oh so delicious. He went to pull the string on your pants only to have his face pulled up to meet your lips. You kissed him despratley moaning into his mouth.

“You…are far…t-to dressed.” You stated through kisses and pants tugging roughly on the black fabric.

Karkat grinned and was eager to get it off him, the shirt and the grey pants glancing at your flushed face to which he was sure his was a cherry red as well.

“Fucking happy now?” his voice was a low and sensuous growl in your ear as he hastily slipped his thumbs on the inside of your pants.

You didn’t feel them gently slide off you until the cold air spiraled across your skin and against a pool of heat in between your legs. You yipped and hid your face into his chest. You felt the vibration of his chuckle you glanced up. He had a shy smile on his face as he looked at your underwear and back to you. He was asking permission? He was. You bit your bottom lip in contemplation before sighing and giving him a soft nod.

“________.” He growled gently in your ear as he hastily kissed every inch of skin he could get leaving love marks on your skin.

He slid the cloth off and massaged from you knee up closer and closer to the apex of your legs drinking in your whines and whimpers as he inched closer. You were dying as he was moving to damn SLOW. Finally giving in he traced a pearl near your opening and you moaned loudly. The moan was hitched in your throat as he worked your body. You could feel that knot tightening, a hot burning in your gut. He was cautious about doing this but followed instinct and hesitantly slid a digit into your body. You yipped slightly not used to the feeling. It wasn’t painful but it was odd, you didn’t know if you should move closer or further away.

“______? ARE YOU OKAY DID I DO SOMETH-“ you pulled him back to you cutting off his words with a kiss.

He got the idea and shared the heated kiss eating every moan as he began to move his finger. It was slow and tortuous as the knot tightened almost painfully. He began to move faster and quicker, not worried that he’d hurt you. His lips descended on your skin biting down on your shoulder. Your back arched up off the bed as your legs shifted. You glanced at his horns and got an idea. You leaned forwards to lick them and he froze a shiver ran down him as he growled low in his throat. This wasn’t the growl of anger or when he wanted your attention this was pure desire working its way from his throat. You grinned licking the candy corn horn again and it seemed to make him jolt. He moaned and began to move, slipping another digit inside your hot body making you moan out. You began to slowly shake and he figured out what it meant from the rapid shots of breath. When he pulled away you looked at him in fury.

“Why did y-you stop?” you snarled out in frustration.

“HOLD ON A FUCKING SECOND AND I’LL SHOW YOU WHY.” He snarled back sliding his own boxers out and you flushed with red.

The blush burned to your ear tips as you buried your face in your hands. Karkat moved them so you would look at him.

“_______, LOOK I’LL FUCKING STOP IF YOU DON’T WANT THIS. I GET IT IF YOU DON’T.” He looked a little upset but he wanted your permission before ANY of this happened.

You recalled all you had gone through and then decided. This was right, this felt right. With a small grin you pulled him to you kissing him deeply as you felt him gently lift your legs around his hips. You knew this would hurt, and it did. As he sheathed himself into your tight body and broke the barrier you want to yell. He didn’t move, he hated this. He didn’t want to hurt you and he couldn’t bear to see your tears as you fought to not cry. Karkat kissed each salty tear away and kept still. The sharp pain had ceased to a dull throb and you sighed. Shifting your hips you moaned as a spark lit up in you. Karkat groaned and grabbed your hips not being able to hold back. He pulled his hips away to slam into you.

“KARKAT!” you screamed arching your back as he pulled out to the tip only to thrust into you again.

The sound of skin slapping against each other was drowned out by your screams as pleasure burst under your skin. His growls and moans filled the air mixing with yours in a symphony. You held onto his horns tugging and lightly clawing at them causing him to buck up into harder. You knew you wouldn’t be able to last much longer but then he hit-


Karkat growled, smirking he could guess what he’d found in his lovely ________ to make her scream louder. With a quick thrust he hit it again and grabbed your hips to force them down harder.. You could feel the bruises on your skin form but it didn’t matter all that matter was the sinful pleasure that the Cancer was giving you. Each scream was louder or as loud as the last when he drove into your body. You could feel that tight knot about to snap.

“KA-KARK-AT!” you screamed and he knew what was going to happen, he could feel it by the way your body was tightening.

“J-just…gush for me.” His voice was a seductive growl in your ear and that was all it took.

That final thrust against the spot he’d pin pointed in you had your world crashing down into pleasure. The way your body tightened and pulled him in was too much. He shouted your name as you screamed his while the warmth of his essence filled you. You two were gasping for air trying to force some into your lungs as he clung to your sweaty body. The air smelled of love making and the moon was casting a surreal glimmer on everything. You looked at his eyes as the slowly returned to normal and leaned up slightly to place a loving kiss upon them.

“F-flushed for you.” Your words were soft as you kept panting, he grinned pulling away from your body.

You whimpered as the piece to your puzzle moved from its place. He pulled you to him burying his face into the crook of your neck and kissing the dark bites lovingly.

“FUCKING LOVE YOU.” The last words you would hear before falling into sleep’s embrace.
re uploaded for your entertainment :)

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The popular geek part 7 [Sollux x reader]
Feferi ran onto the stage. Her pink, sparkly, mid-thigh dress shining in the light.  She glomped Sollux a giant grin on her face as she took her flowers, crown and sash. Sollux looked disappointed.  Then as the two were given microphones to thank people Feferi went to hug Sollux, but, he stopped her. Held out his hand silencing the audience. Now everyone was confused. He looked at her with determined eyes. And she stopped. She looked disappointed like she was expecting him to say something bad. And he did. For Feferi anyway. He held the mic to his mouth and spoke

“Look Feferi, you’re a great girl. But I don’t like you anymore. I like thomeone else. Tho you cant be my queen.” With that he started to walk away and to edge of the stage where the stairs where. “ The girl I like now is beautiful, thmart, funny.”

He started walking down the stairs and through the crowd.

“The’th amazing and ithn’t afraid to be herself.”

He was walking in your direction.

“I wath awful to her and thhe thtill gave me another chance.”

He was in front of you now.

“Tho _____” Got on one knee the hand that wasn’t holding the microphone on his chest.

“Will you be my queen?”

You were blushing up a storm. All you could do was nod.  At first there was silence. Then. Everyone was cheering. For you, and Sollux. It was amazing. When you nodded Sollux looked like the world was lifted off his shoulders.  He stood up and embraced you in a tight hug.  “Thank you tho much _____ for giving me this chance.” You just hugged him back a stupid grin now on your face. Then he pulled back from the hug and said what you least expected to hear. “_____ I love you. Would you do me the honor of  being my girlfriend?” You were shocked for a second. Not only had he just asked you to be his queen in front of the whole school, here he was telling you he loved you.

The grin only got bigger as this time you glomped Sollux. He laughed. “tho I take it thatth a yeth?” You laughed along with him. “yes.” He had a small smile on his face as he asked you for a walk on the beach. You nodded walking to the edge of the place then taking of your shoes. “lets go.” He took your hand and you started walking in a comfortable silence. That is until Sollux told you something. “ I wath really dithappointed that you didn’t get queen after all the begging I did to get you to come.” You looked at him slightly surprised. “Is that the only reason you wanted me to go?” He looked at you smiling “Yeth I just wanted you to be mine.” This caused you to blush as he chuckled. Looking out at the ocean you realized there wasn’t a cloud in the sky and you could see thousands of stars. It was a beautiful sight. And so you said so. To which Sollux responded with “Not ath beautiful as you.” You looked at him to say something nut you never got the chance. His lips where on yours in a soft kiss. It was sweet. He pulled back and leaned his forehead against yours. “I love you.” You smiled and gave the only reply you could. You kissed him and when you pulled back you said “I love you too.”  


The sky was lit up with color as fireworks were lit. It was a picture perfect scene. You could only think about how glad you were that you were going to stay here.  You and Sollux sat down on the sand leaning on each other, holding hands, and watching the fireworks. It was quite from your spot except for the fireworks, sounds from the dance, and Nepeta shouting.
“NEW OTP!!!!”
The last part for this story but I plan on making more stories. Tell me if you liked it in the comments and if you have any requests put them there please.
also part six is done but i accidentally submitted it to the wrong folder.
Homestuck belongs to hussie.
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The popular geek part 6 [Sollux x reader]
It has been a while since everything occurred. The drama died down, for you at least.  You hung out with Sollux during class and at home.  While you weren’t on good terms with Dave still his brother, Dirk the otaku, was awesome. The two of you would often hang out and watch animes together.  Also Mituna had taken a liking to you and whenever he came to visit Sollux he would come see you.  Karkat and Nepeta started going out. But most of all the school year was almost over and that meant one thing.

The big dance.  The Summer Blowout.

It was actually the second biggest dance at the school. Next to the prom that is.  So everyone was going to wear formal dresses and do their hair all fancy.  And even more then that, there would be a king and queen. It didn’t seem exiting at all to you.

Oh and if your wondering about your relationship with Sollux, sadly you were just friends still. Your crush had only grown and it was probably safe to say it was full out love. Cliché right? Anyway you were walking to school think about the dance since it was only a week away. You didn’t have a dress or anything. You weren’t really planning on going.

As you got into school you were heading to homeroom when you noticed that everyone was anxious. It confused you for a second before you remembered. They were announcing the nominees, or the court, for the dance.

When you got into homeroom and took your seat the bell rang. All the hall stragglers ran in excited to hear the news.  It was stupid in your opinion.  But maybe that was because you had never been to a dance before. When the intercom came on everyone quickly shut up and the receptionist started talking.
` “Now as I’m sure you are all aware it is time to announce the court you have all voted for. But first the theme of the dance is….. Summer surfing.”  There were a ton of cheers. That was the theme that meant it would take place on the beach and they would rent out a giant pavilion. When the cheers died down the receptionist spoke up again. “Now there are three nominees for king and three for queen. The three princes are Dave Strider” no surprise there “Eridan Ampora and Sollux Captor.” Wait Sollux was a nominee? Well it made sense he was still on of the most popular people here. Again the cheering was super loud. Only this time it was only girls fangirling and fantasizing about being the one of the boys queen. “Now the princess are Vriska Serket, Feferi Peixes, and ____ ______.” Then the intercom shut off. Girls where squealing, boys talking about the dance, and you, you were sitting silently staring into nothing. Did, did she really just call your name? but you weren’t even going! It confused you to no end. Though out the day you were totally zone thinking about it. Karkat talked to you at lunch about it and he was just as confused as you.

At the end of the day you were about to walk home with Sollux when he hugged you grinning like an idiot. He didn’t notice but it made you blush. A lot. “Tho whatth the princethth wearing to the dance?” he asked as he let you go. Trying not to face him you started walking home. “This ‘princess’ isn’t going.” He looked shocked. “What but you have to go! It wont be any fun without you!” he then procceded to beg you the ENTIRE way home. “pleathe, pleathe, pleathe, PLEATHE!!!! Pleaththththththhhthththth-” “ALRIGHT FINE!” He finally got you to snap. Damn him and his begging. You were outside the door to your apartment by the time he stopped. “Yeth!! You’re the betht _____!” He hugged you before he went into his own apartment. “sigh. Great now I have to go buy a dress.”
It was weird wearing a floor length (fave color) dress. It was simple, but then again I wasn’t even planning going. My shoes where sandals with a two inch heel. I was only wearing the basic make up. Not to much but just enough. My hair was simple to. It was straight. I sighed as I grabbed my phone and wallet and stuff I would need. The taxi was outside. Sollux’s dad was driving him since he wanted to see him before the dance.

When I got to the dance I have to admit it was amazing. The sun was at a perfect light. The dance was being held in an open air bar (but no alcohol was being served) used for big events such as this.  It was on the beach so if you went out the opposite side you would be in the sand.  The ceiling had little twinkling lights hanging from it.  It looked like something out of a movie.  You went inside to see Karkat in a tux with a red tie. He looked nervous and you wondered why. Then you saw Nepeta run up to him. She looked adorable. For once she wasn’t wearing her hat. She was in a green knee length dress with a sparkly upper body.  
You went up to them and started to hang out.  It was fun dancing with Nepeta and Karkat or just hanging out. Before you knew it the night was almost over. You were looking for Sollux the whole time. But with all the people you couldn’t find him. That is until it was time to announce the king and queen.
“Lady’s and gentlemen your attention please. We would now like to announce the king and queen of the evening.” everyone quieted down. She took an envelope out and opened it. “First the king.” she pulled the paper out and waited a second before saying “Sollux Captor.” there were a ton of applause as he went onto the stage. He was wearing a black tux wit a blue and red striped tie. His glasses still on his face.  He went up waving as they put the crown on his head  and the sash around him the applause died down.  You wouldn’t admit it but you really wanted to be the queen. Not because it was instantly popularity. No, not even because Sollux was the king. But simply because of the fact that you had a chance. It gave you hope.
So as she pulled out the other envelope out and opened it. As the crown, flowers, and sash were brought out.
You brought your hand together and to your chest.  Your heart was beating so fast. She pulled out the name and called it . And that’s when everything else died. The clapping, the cheering, the noise. All you heard was……

Feferi Peixes.
This is one of the last parts. Im going to add one or two more chapters. I hope its good and sorry for taking a while. As always please comment and tell me if you like it or if i did something wrong :)
Homestuck belongs to Hussie.
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The popular geek part 5 [Sollux x reader]

Opened my eyes to see a bright light. I closed my eyes again and turned my head. Why did it hurt so bad? Oh yeah…. The bucket and the stairs. I opened my eyes again to see the sun was setting outside.  How long was I out? And where am I?  I felt something squeeze my hand. Looking over I saw it was Sollux. “Sollux?” he looked at me and let out a sigh of relief. “I’m glad your okay _____. You thcared me when you blacked out.” “Sollux where are we?”  He looked slightly embarrassed. It was adorable. “We’re in the infirmary. When you blacked out I carried you here.” I felt my face heat up at this. Sollux carried me through the school and brought me here. “um.. Thanks.” “ Hey Sollux why was there a bucket on the door?” he scratched the back of his head and laughed nervously. “W-well you thee… there’th thith boy named John. He thorta said he was going to prank me and knowing him it was diffidently going to happen.” Oh that’s right he was looking around the halls and stuff before you left.. “Is that why you were looking nervous and stuff earlier?” he looked down at his hands again. “yeah….look I’m really thorry I didn’t mean for you to get hurt.” he sighed “ I really did want to go to the movies with you.” I couldn’t help but let a tiny smile come onto my face at this. Then I had an idea… “well its to late to go to the theater, but if you want we could watch a movie at my house.” His head shot up and he looked ecstatic. It was like a five year old who had been promised candy.  “Really!!? You wouldn’t mind ____?” “No its okay besides its Friday so there’s no school or anything.” “great! We’re the only ones thtill here so we can leave whenever your head thtops hurting.” Wow he was suddenly that nice guy you meet before. This was the Sollux you have the crush on.
“tho what do you want to watch?” “ I don’t know I figured you would have something picked out.” he looked suddenly panicked. “ OH um yeah let’th thee….”  he started to look around until he seemed to realize it was my house. He looked so awkward. I couldn’t help but laugh. “Relax Sollux I was kidding. I don’t have many movies but how about some anime?” He looked very relieve that he didn’t royally screw up. “thure I just really want to make it up to you…” “Okay then Black Butler or Fairy Tail?” “Fairy Tail.” That shocked you. He dint hesitate at all. “You know Fairy Tail?” He looked like he just got caught stealing something. “um yea I watch it with Dave’th bro Dirk.” “That’s awesome! I must meet this Dirk!” Sollux laughed at your enthusiasm.  

About six episodes of fairy tail later
3rd person POV
There was a knock at the door. _____ got up to go answer the door with Sollux watching from the house.  When ______ got to the door there was a buzzing sound from the other side.  When Sollux heard this he perked up and hurried to door just as _____ opened it. “ THOLLUX!!!” All of a sudden a boy about the age of five dressed in a bee outfit jumped into ____‘s arms.
Huh? Who was this boy? He was adorable but who was he? He looked up with a confused expression and you saw he had one brown and one blue eye. “huh? Your not thollux?” “Mituna when did you get here? Dad never called.” “Sollux!!!” Boy looked at Sollux but he didn’t leave your arms. “ Dad ith in town for a quick vithit and said we could come here!” Sollux must have seen your confused expresion because he finally explained. “ ______ thith ith my little brother Mituna. He and my father live a while away, but I didn’t want to move tho I thayed and got an apartment here.” “THOLLUX WHO ITH THE PRETTY GIRL!!!!” Mituna was yelling just like the kid he was. And like some kids can, he made yelling look adorable. With that statement Sollux blushed. “Mituna thith ith _____. The’th my neighbor.” then Mituna looked up at you. “why are you in thollyth apartment?” you laughed “No Mituna this is my apartment. Sollux was just visiting. You must have mixed up the doors.” He looked so cute with his confused expression. “really? Im thorry.” “its okay Mituna.” Sollux was next to you now and took Mituna into his arms. “Let’th go to bed okay? Thee you ____.” Mituna looked sad now. “NOOOO! I wanna talk to my new onee-chan!!” He wined. Then he looked at you “you will be my onee-chan right?” when he put his hand on his face and pulled a sad hunny face, there was no way you could say no. “of course, but you need to go to bed okay?” his smile returned “ Okay id its for onee-chan!” “Bye ______ I’ll talk to you later okay.” with that he left and you shut the door.

You did your nightly routine and got in bed. You had a little trouble sleeping. But when you got to sleep you had sweet dreams. Mituna appeared in then as a little honey bee. The best part was that Sollux was the bee keeper. The thought caused a smile to spread across your face as you slept.
I brought Mituna in and i had to make him tiny.
Please give me your feedback.
Homestuck belongs to Hussie
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The popular geek part 4 [Sollux x reader]

What? What? WHAT? Did he really just ask you out while he has a girlfriend? He had BETTER have an explanation for this. I looked over to see that he was trying to pry the girl off of him.  He looked just as confused as me. What was going on?

When Sollux was finally able to pull the girl off of him he held her at arms length.  He really looked confused.  “F-fef? What are you doing here?” she giggled before replying. “I came to see my boyfriend duh.” the girl now known as Fef, most likely a nickname, said it like she was positive of it. But what Sollux said next proved that wrong. “Fef we broke up three weeks ago.” her smile never faltered. “ No we didn’t silly that was just you being confused.” oh so she was one of those girls.  You know the ones you can never break up with no matter how clear the message. Sollux sighed and dropped his hands to his side. “Fef I really did mean it when we broke up. It just wathnt working. I’m thorry.” Realization seemed to cross her face and you couldn’t help but feel bad. Realization then turned to sadness. Then something you didn’t expect anger. Her cheerful tone was gone along with the “cute girl” façade that she seemed to have put up.  She sounded cold and had on a face like a cliché angry popular girl wore. “Whatever Sollux no one needs you. I was cheating on you anyway.” Now it was Sollux who looked shocked. “W-what?… for how long.” his voice was barely above a whisper.  “Oh let me think” she put her fist under her chin like she was solving a complex problem. “For about a month now.” When she saw the, if possible, even more shocked look on Sollux’s face she smirked, flipped her hair, turned around, and walked out the door.  At first you just watched as Sollux hung his head and shook slightly.  You felt so bad though. So you tried to comfort him. You put a hand on his back and gently rubbed. “You don’t have to…” “I know.” even his voice shook. I thoudnt even be upthet. I broke up with her.” you stayed silent and let him talk. “ It’th just that….finding out thhe was cheating for month. It hurtth you know.” he sounded so pitiful. You just wanted to hug him. But of course you didn’t. you were still slightly mad.

After comforting him for about ten minutes he was back to normal. He said he didn’t feel that way about her anymore but how you feel if you found out that your girlfriend for a year was cheating on you? Anyway after he was better he turned to you. “Tho what do you say ____? I get that your probably still mad, but pleathe. Give me chance.” What could you say? Here was this amazingly cute boy… okay hot but still, asking you out. But he had hurt you. So instead of saying yes or no you said “I’ll go to the movies with you.” he looked ecstatic “but only as friends.” he deflated slightly but still looked happy. “I’ll give you a chance Sollux. Prove to me you aren’t the douche that you’ve been.” He looked like he had just been given a gift from God. “Alright I promithe!”  
“YOU WHAT!!!?” “Jeez Karkat calm down we’re just going as friends.” You were currently telling Karkat about what happened this morning. He was not taking it well. “Friends!? FRIENDS!!? ______ HE’S A ASSHOLE!!!!” he kept screaming in your ear. You were both currently under the same oak tree as before. And you were tempted to cover your ears. “yeah, well you can be an ass to Karkat.” He looked like he was going to say something when he was suddenly tackled to the ground. You were about to panic until you saw an oversized trench coat and a blue cat hat. It was only Nepeta. While she was busy rubbing cheeks with a very flustered Karkat he was trying to talk and barely succeeding. “N-Nepeta w-what are you doing h-here?” she giggled and stopped rubbing their cheeks together but kept hugging him. “I came to see you silly! Since its lunch my mother said this was the purrfect time to visit you!” Now it was your turn to giggle, but you stopped when your phone vibrated. You took it out and turned away while Nepeta and Karkat were talking. Looking at the screen you saw the name Aradia she was your   best friend ever! Even if you had never meet in real life she was always there for you. And before you say anything about proving she’s a girl you two skyped quite often. Opening the text you saw that she remembered you would be moving and that you promised to give her all the details.
AA: Hey _____ how’s the new school?
__:Hey its okay I guess. I made a few new friends.
AA:*horrified look* Are you going to replace me _____?
__: haha no I could never replace you  J
AA: Sooooo are there any cute boys *raises eyebrows suggestively*
You had to pause for a bit. Should you tell her? No, not with the shipping queen so near by.
__: there are some okay boys I guess.
__:I am not!
AA: come on girl give me all the details!
You sighed there was no avoiding it now.
__: later I have a hard core shipper right next to me and I would never hear the end of it.
AA: ugh fine I have to go now anyway. Talk to you later okay?
__: okay

Right after finishing your conversation with Aradia the bell rung. Talk about good timing huh?

The last bell had just rung and you were walking to your locker when you heard. “_____ !!hey _____!!!! What’th up?” yep it was Sollux. It seems like he was really trying to fix what he did. The thought made you smile. He came up to you with the geeky smile on. “Tho want to go to that movie?” “Sure why not. Just let me get my stuff.” “okay.” you went to your locker and put everything in your backpack. Zipping it and throwing over your shoulder you shut your locker.  “Okay Sollux lets go.” He looked around for a second confusing you. “Looking for something?” That seemed to bring him back to reality. “Huh? Oh no nothing, lets go.” Seems suspicious, but you let it go.  As you walked down the hallway to the door Sollux kept looking around like he was expecting something.  You opened the door to go outside and that’s when it happened.
A bucket. Full of water. Fell on your head. And as if that wasn’t enough when you got the bucket off your head you slipped on the water and fell down the steps.
This is part four everyone. Thank you for all the positive feedback, but still please tell me if there's a way I can improve.
Homestuck belongs to Hussie.
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The popular geek part 3 [Sollux x reader]

The two of you just stood there for what seemed like an hour, but it was only 30 seconds.  The first one to recover from initial shock was you.
I. cant. Believe it.  Your next door neighbor was Sollux?  It seems life took the challenge you NEVER issued it.  I tried to simply slam the door shut but something blocked it from closing completely.  I looked down to see that he jammed his elbow inside the door. “L-Look _____ I know I fucked up but plethae hear me out!” He sounded so panicked. What to do. What to do. On one hand he did an awful thing. On the other he looked like he really did want to apologize. Sighing I slowly opened the door. Then I looked at him expectantly.  He looked so relieved that I was giving him a chance to explain.
She was actually going to give me a chance to explain? I cant believe it. All my friends would have just pushed my elbow out and slammed the door again. ______ really was cool.  I cant believe I did that to her.  I feel so bad.  Then I realized she was waiting for me to explain.  I totally panicked and like the geek I am shoved the present into her hands.  Now it was her turn to look shocked.  But still what were the odds that _____ would be your new neighbor?  “OK so here’th the bathicth of it. I didn’t have a choice I had to do that.”
What does he mean he had to do that? I was now intrigued.  So I did a totally stupid thing and if my parents were here they would kill me.  I let him into the apartment.  I shut the door with my foot since I was holding his present.  He went and sat on the couch. Then he did the unspeakable.  He ate my pocky. No one, and I mean no one touches my pocky.  “HEY DON’T TOUCH THAT!” I quickly deposited the box on the kitchen counter than ran back into the living room. He looked shocked at how fast I got back then  a evil smirk came over his face. That look was so new, it wasn’t the geeky face or the douche face. It stopped me dead in my tracks.  He than took another stick and stuck just the tip in his mouth.  He was teasing me. Oh no he wouldn’t win.  I tries to get it by diving halfway over the back of the couch but he moved it out of the way.  I stood up and tried to get it again but he kept moving it.  All the while eating my snack. Now why didn’t you simply go get another box? Simple, you didn’t want him to win.  I got the box back after like five minutes to realize it was just that.  An empty box.  He was holding the last stick in his hand and all I did was glare. He laughed and gave me the last stick.  I sat on the couch and angrily munched on my pocky. When I was done I looked at him with a serious face. “so why did you do it?” he immediately stopped laughing.  He looked at his hands that were folded in his lap.  “Well you thee…”

He spent about five minutes explaining something that could have taken about two minutes.  The reason? He didn’t want to be a geek.  He said that if he was seen as my friend then he would be uncool. Like me. isn’t that great, he came to apologize only to make things worse.  He looked so relieved after he said it to. Like he had just fixed everything.  All I could do was hang my head and mutter two words.  “get out” it came out only a whisper but he still heard it.  He looked shocked, but after what he did why would he be? Its his fault anyway.  “W-what wath that ____?” “you heard me. Get out.”
His face dropped but he did what he was told and left.  The best part about it? That even after his five minute rant. He never said sorry.
You walked to school and went straight to your locker.  You could hear the giggles loud and clear. It was also clear that they were directed towards you. How could you tell? Simple, the pointing and whispering “looks it her” whenever you walked by.  You got all the books you would need until lunch and headed to the computer lab.  that’s when the thought struck you.
‘you and Sollux are the only two in that class.’
Life really hates you as of late. You sighed and walked to the computer room. You opened the door a crack and poked your head in. Sollux wasn’t there yet.  With a sigh you opened the door the rest of the way and sat at a computer far away from where you sat yesterday.  You remember that he said the teacher let you do what ever you want.  So you went online and watched anime.  You were about five minutes in when you heard talking in the hallway.  One of the people was clearly Sollux you could pick up his lisp. So the other person was probably Dave or another popular. The conversation went something like this…
“So what was with that chick yesterday?”
“You mean ____ the’th just a girl from thome of my clatheth.”
“Well she was bangin’ but seemed like a total geek.”
There was a small pause. Would he say something for you?
“Yeah, theriously. Like really who even liketh (favorite band)?”
Of course he wouldn’t.
“Well see you later dude.”
“yeah thee you.”

With that Sollux walked into the room and you just pretended you had been watching anime and didn’t hear the rude conversation. He put his tuff down where he sat yesterday then he came and stood next to you.  You tried to ignore him in hopes that he would go away buuut no such luck.  “______. Hey ______. _________. Come on anthwer me.” “sigh What Sollux?” just keep your eyes on the screen. Just keep them on the screen. “I’m thorry.” wait. WHAT? “What?” “ I realized after I left your house yesterday that I never said sorry, but I really do mean it.” “Its okay.” LIES! LIES! You only said it in hopes that he would go away. Again no suck luck. What he said next surprised you immensely. “Th- tho I was wondering if you w-wanted to go thee a movie or thomething?” Did he just ask you out? You just stared at him as he awkwardly rubbed the back of his neck. He was staring at the floor and you were just about to say no when there was a loud shout.
All of a sudden a girl with long blonde hair ran in the room and totally glomped Sollux.  She pulled her head back but still had him in a tight hug. She sounded so exited. The next sentence she said was shocked you the most.

Part three everyone thanks so much for commenting. As always please give me feedback
Homestuck belongs to hussie.
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Collection by
Al F. Jones. Blood red are his eyes, reddish-brown is his hair, and tanned is his skin. One of the most sexiest men in your high school, however he was also one of the scariest for some. He's killed many and doesn't take crap from anyone. He is 18 years old and currently has a mega crush on you, though you didn't know. He was your best friend and your crush. The both of you had met in the second grade.


You happily skipped over to a slide and waited for your turn. You were as happy as can be, your (e/c) gleaming. You stood in front of the slide and you were about to go down until, a boy named Eduard von Bock, pushed you. You tumbled down the slide, hearing your leg snap from the impact you made with your body weight, hitting the metal slide. You finally made it to the bottom falling on your face in the dirt. You wailed, at the pain in your leg. And the bruises on your body. A boy named Al F. Jones had seen the whole thing and ran over. 

"Are you okay doll!?" You shook your head and bawled. The same boy who pushed you laughed in your face.

"She's just stupid and ugly!" Al growled, his red eyes glowed with pure hatred. He spat at the Estonian boy. 

"Get lost you idiot, before I kill you!" Al held up his spiked baseball bat and Eduard backed away.

"Can you get up?" Al asked softly. You shook your head. Before you knew it, Al scooped you up in his arms and walked to the nurses office.

From that day on, the both of you had become best friends. He was always there for you and no one ever bothered you. Later on you met his brother Matt and his two friends Oliver and Francois. Al protected you from harm and was the best friend. The two of you did everything together. As the years went by, you started to become more developed, which brought the attraction of other boys. One day, everyone in the 9th grade were going on a trip to a water park. You and Al were sitting in the bus and it drove off to the  water park. When it arrived, you squeed and practically dragged Al out of the bus. 

"Wait here Al!"

"Okay doll." You ran into the changing room and took off your top and pants to reveal a cute, red and black, 2 piece swimsuit. Al waited for you to return.

"HEY AL!!! OVER HERE!!!" You ran over to him at full speed, successfully knocking the both of you down. He growled, then when he looked at you his eyes grew wide.

"_-_____..." You climbed off of him a stood up, blushing.

"Hm? Does it look terrible?" 

"You look great doll face." A Prussian boy walked by and stopped, checking you out.

"Who's this sexy Frau~?" You blushed madly and Al growled, gritting his teeth.

Let's just say that Gilbert never even made eye contact with you again after what damage Al did to him. (Anyway, enough down crappy memory lane.)


You were currently laying on big hill in your backyard. Al climbed over your fence and walked over to you. 

"Hey doll, what the fuck are you doing?" You smiled up at him and patted a spot for him to lay. He laid down next to you.

"Laying here dude." He closed his eyes and thought.

"What are you doing?"


"About what?"


"Who?" You began to pry, it was rare that he thought about someone.

"A girl." Your heart rate increased out of anger.

"Who is this girl?" You're voice cracked slightly. He smirked.

"She has (h/l) (h/c) hair and pretty (e/c) eyes. She's my best friend. My biggest crush, and my only love." Your eyes widened, your exact description and you were his best friend. And his only female friend. Was this all coming true? Was your crush confessing to you?

"W-what's her name?" He opened his red eyes and moved closer to you. He licked the shell of your ear.

"_______ ________ and she's sitting right in front of me." He whispered in your ear sending chills down your spine.

"You love me Al?" You blushed.

"Yes baby doll. Ever since we met in the second grade. I've always wanted to protect you. When we got older and guys flirted with you, I would get angry. I had developed a crush on you but as time progressed, it turned from me liking you, to me loving you. I'm not great with explaining but I just fucking love you so much ______!" 

"I love you too Al!" You hugged him, so happy with your new boyfriend. He tilted your head up with his fingers and kissed you. You opened your mouth a little and his tongue explored the cavern. You felt his tongue ring clank against one of your teeth but, dance around with your tongue. The two of you broke apart for air and you smiled warmly at him. He grinned, showing off his missing tooth. You laughed and pecked his cheek.

"You're my girl."

When the two of you went to school the next day, he kept an arm around your shoulder and held his bloodied, baseball bat, that had nails and glass shards poking out of it, in the other hand. A boy went behind you and grabbed your ass. Then he ripped off your skirt. Your eyes widened. The boy started to run but was stopped when Oliver, Matt and Francois blocked his path. You covered yourself and ran to Oliver. Al had grabbed the boy by his shirt and dragged him somewhere. Oliver picked you up and brought you to Matt's truck. He found you a pair off Al's old jeans from when he was younger. You put them on and they fit perfectly, except for the waist because of your feminine curves. You thanked Ollie and walked back in the school. When you got there Al was waiting for you. He saw you in his jeans and blushed. Your eyes widened and you stopped and stared.

"What?" He said blushing a bit more.

"The great Al Fred Jones is blushing? This is momentous. This... THIS IS A FREAKING KODAK MOMENT!" He laughed and then pecked your lips. The two of you walked to class laughing like idiots. Matt and Francois watched in the background.

"They make the perfect couple, right asswipe?" Matt questioned.

"Oui, that they do you little fuck." Fran threw his cigarette on the ground and stepped on it.

"Whatever, let's go shit stain. Ollie has the guy in the truck." Fran perked up.

"I can't wait to hear this guy scream. Al is sure going to have his fun killing him."

"Wouldn't you? It's his girl the guy messed with." 

"I wish she were mine." Al appeared and growled.

"What did you say~?" He had a big smile on his face and his baseball bat was raised in a swinging motion. Before Fran could say anything Al swung the bat at him and walked away. Matt groaned.

"Thanks a lot dumbass, now I have to carry him!"

"Like you said, she's my girl and I'll do anything for her."
Request for my awesome friend: :iconamnisatherpy:
I hope this wasn't too bad chica!
I do not own the picture.
I do not own the characters.
I own the story or plot-line.
You are owned by :icon2pamericaplz: or maybe you own yourself.

I hope you enjoyed. It's kinda crappy, but I'm not too familiar with 2Ps yet. Once I get better I'll make another~!
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WARNING: Strong language ahead, which is given through the appearance of 2P!America.

He sat across you, a cigarette loosely tugged in his right hand, starring. For hours already. At least it felt like hours had already passed since something – or someone – had struck you down. All that you could remember was walking down a street hearing another pair of feet headed in your direction; when a sudden scent of smoke caught your nose, and as you were just about to turn around – everything went black. Now you sat in an empty, dark warehouse, your hands bound together, and your head felt like it had been kicked by an obese donkey. Across you sat a man in a bomber jacket on an old-looking wooden crate, his deep red eyes gazing at you. You didn’t know him, but you were quiet sure that he had brought you there for a reason. Then again, the sight of the bloodstained baseball bat that casually leaned on the wall next to him somehow gave you the feeling that you did not want to know it. Something red was still hanging from the bats rusted, driven in nails. You just silently hoped it wasn’t human flesh.
The minutes passed and you wanted it to end. You wanted to say something, but the silver duct tape that covered your mouth would not let you. Finally, after taking another drag from his cigarette, the man stood up and said: “You know, I actually just wanted to cut out your heart.” Your eyes widened, and you hoped you had misunderstood him. “That’s nothing personal. I just have to send someone a message, and nothing conveys a message as good as a bloody human body parts. You were just…available. I didn’t even plan for you to wake up again. Sucks for you.  ” He paused, taking another drag. “But some strange shit gave me the feeling that something is off about you. I don’t know.”  He switched the cigarette into his left hand and with the right ruffled through his auburn hair, being bothered doing so by the dark sunglasses that were stuck on his head.  
“Don’t get me wrong,” he went on, “you’re nothing special. There are girls with hotter bodies, bigger tits. With lips, that just make you wanna bite them off and taste them – never did it, thought, I’m a vegetarian. But as I saw you lying on the ground…I wanted to kill you. I really wanted to. But as I stood there, the bat raised above your head…I dunno.” he mumbled. He straightened up before going on. “My entire life there were only two things that I felt for women. The one thing is wrath, and the other is lust. When I look at your damned dollface, I feel both of them more intense than ever before. But there’s something else, too. Something different, some real strange crap. I just can’t point at it. But it’s weird…” He paused, now starring at the floor. He seemed to be lost in thoughts, then he went on ranging up and down in front of you. “It even made me call my dumbass brother, you know. Well, of course you don’t know, for you were unconscious, but he pretends to be the mature one out of the three of us. Sometimes, at least.  I told him about this…fucked up situation, and he was sure that my hesitation to smash your pretty dollface has a meaning of some kind. And that you might be the – well…I think he said “special someone” or some similar shit. Don’t really know what it means, but he’s living with a girl for quite a while now, and I never really understood how he does it. Not hurting her, I mean, staying in a relationship with her, without killing her. Maybe even caring. And he said that it started the same way. He just couldn’t do it, couldn’t hurt her, so they started to talk, and then went out. I don’t know…but it kinda made me think.” He now stared at you again, probably trying to read your face. But it showed just confusion. What else, you were knocked out, abducted and got a monologue by a stranger that claimed that he had actually planned to kill you and was now trying to state a point that you hadn’t really gotten yet. Did he ask you for life counseling? You weren’t quite sure, but his baseball bat still made your stomach cramp.
He sighed. “You give me a real weird feeling, doll. But fuck it.” He walked over to you, and you flinched as he drew a pocket knife. But he cut your hands loose. “My name is Al, by the way.” As he reached down to help you up, he had a strange smile on his face, and said. “I’m violent. I’m vulgar, I’m a serial killer and I’m a lil’ bit perverted. All I can promise you is that I’ll try not to kill you. So what do ya say doll, will you give me a chance?”
You had expected everything, but not that. Whatever it was…but you were about 90% sure that he had just asked you out. As you let him help you up, you considered your options. Contra, he was a self-claimed serial killer that had smacked you down, before, again self-claiming, trying to kill you. Pro, he was handsome – it was a real strange thought in such a situation, but it was a pro…and if he had really done the things his bloody bat told you, it would not be safe to disgruntle him… He offered you a hand, this time as a proposal to come with him, and it was your decision alone. Would you take it?
Strong language. Lot's of it. I'm not a native English speaker, so criticism and corrections are always welcome.
Well...will you give him your hand?

Story ©by me
I own neither you nor 2P!America.
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Hello! This story was a request from a DA follower of mine, but I hope you all like it :)

Matt grunted as he climbed the stairs to his bedroom.  Another long night at work had had him exhausted. He didn’t even bother turning on the light as he got there, he just sat on the edge of his bed, took his boots, jacket, and shirt off and lied down. _____ was sleeping under the covers soundly, her chest rising up and down with every breath she took. Matt didn’t know if he should wake her up or attempt to cuddle up next to her. He hated that word, but there wasn’t a very manly way to put though.

She needed all the sleep she could get, and it wasn’t often that he saw her like this, so Matt awkwardly put his arms around her and scooted towards her. _____ placed ine arm around him and nestled her head in his chest.

How had he done it? He was the most violent, temperamental person around here. Yet with _____, things were different. Much different. He could yell and scream at her but instead of fighting back, _____ only cried. Matt, feeling bad about it, would make a hot chocolate and apologize. He could ignore and push her away, but she’d still be there. At first Matt didn’t want _____ there with him, until he realized how much she wanted to be there.

So Matt married her as soon as he could and moved her into his house.

Matt thought of these things as she slept on him; with her face as peaceful as ever. It was almost embarrassing to admit she was gorgeous. Matt was never good around women, but _____; _____ was special. She was special enough to receive flowers on random occasions and pancakes in the morning; special enough to let her hold his hand in front of his judgmental family; special enough to let her do things he insisted on doing himself, like making dinner or treating his wounds rom work.

Matt smiled as he thought of how good _____ was to him. She was a perfect being in Matt’s eyes- she was the only girl he ever cared for. Matt only hoped that he was perfect in _____’s eyes.

_____ shifted from her side to her back and placed one hand on her stomach. Matt lightly kissed her cheek, but the motion woke her up.
“Matt! When did you get here?”
“A little while ago. Did I wake you?’
“No, this guy did,” _____ said, rubbing her swollen belly. “He’s getting really busy in there.”

Matt placed his rough, calloused hand on his wife’s smooth, round belly. It somewhat amazed him that _____ would even let him place a baby there, much less carry it for nine months for him. The fact that a human being was growing inside his wife- a human the two of them had made- was astonishing.

“Still can’t believe I’m gonna be a dad..”
“Believe it, cause it’s only a matter of time until he’s here.”
“What if it’s a she?”
“You’ll be a dad either way, it doesn’t matter.”
“But what if.. what if I’m not ready?”
“You’ve got four months, you can do it,” _____ reassured. “You’ll be a great dad.”
“I hope so.”
_____Put her arms around Matt and nuzzled into his neck. “Until then, you can still spend time with me. Now sleep, I know you’re tired.”

Matt smelled her hair- it smelled nice, it must be her shampoo- and drifted to sleep.

Matt woke up in a weird position that morning. His ear was pressed up against his wife’s stomach and his arms were around her waist. The movement he made as he sat up was enough to wake _____ up.
“Good morning, darling.” _____ cooed.
“’Morning.” Matt grunted.
_____ chuckled. “You’re more excited about the baby than I am.”
“Well it’s my baby, why shouldn’t I be?”
“Fatherhood is changing you. You never would have admitted you were excited about anything.”
“Well this is different. I want to protect you.”
“I don’t need protecting.”
“I’ll make pancakes.” Matt abruptly changed the subject.

After _____ took a shower and put on maternity pants and a sweater, she went downstairs and saw a mountain of pancakes.  “Matt, I don’t need this many.”
“You’re eating for two, remember?”
The back door busted open. “ What do you want, Al?”
“We’re going out for drinks tonight and you need to come this time.” Al demanded.
“Can’t. Gotta stay with _____.”
“_____ and her stupid baby are ruining you. You used to be cool.”
Matt grabbed his brother’s shirt collar and angrily slammed him against the wall. “Don’t insult my wife, and don’t insult my child. I’m not going whether you like it or not.”
“_____, you broke Matt!” Al grunted.
“What did I just say about insulting my wife!?” Matt let go of his brother, who proceeded to help himself to some pancakes.
“Those aren’t for you.” He snapped.
“It’s not like she can eat them all.” Al retorted.
“Then I’ll eat them, but they’re not for you.”
“Fucking hard-ass..”

_____ stacked five or six on top of each other and poured maple and chocolate syrup on top of them. Al gagged. “That’s way too sweet.”
“Cravings. What’cha gonna do about it?” said _____, shoveling a forkfull of them into her mouth.
Al scoffed. “Your goddam baby is pissing me off, hell, you’re pissing me off.”
“Then get out,” said Matt, “You’re pissing me off.”
“If you hadn’t knocked her up we’d be having fun right now. Dude, you’re fucking whipped.”
Matt grabbed his brother by the collar and punched him in the face. “Get out. Now.”
Al laughed and started walking out. “Wait ‘til Francis hears about this.”
“Francis can go to hell.”
Al laughed again and slammed the door as he left.

Matt noticed _____ eat slower and a lot less. She was obviously sad. Matt stood behind her and put his hands on her shoulders. “What’s the matter?”
“Nothing.” _____ pouted.
“Quit lying. It’s what Al said, isn’t it?”
“You don’t need to be tied down by me, you know?”  she blurted out, solemnly rubbing her belly. “You can go out drinking if you want.”
“I don’t want to. I saw how sad you got when I came home drunk. You even said that.. that I hit you a few times.” Matt whispered.
“So? I mean, as long as you enjoy yourself.”
“I don’t ever want to hit you again. Besides, being hungover is a real bitch. And I don’t want our baby to grow up seeing that.”
“It kind of hurts what Al said, though.”

Matt put his arms around _____’s belly and his head in the crook of her neck. “Al is an idiot. And I used to be an asshole, not fun. I’d rather stay with you.”
A loud growl was heard from outside. “Kuma’s hungry. Better go feed him.” Said Matt.
“I’ll do it.”
“No, you’re pregnant, he might hurt you.”
“Matt, babe, I’m not disabled. I can feed the bear without him hurting me.” Said _____.
“He’s a bear. “
_____ stood up, shaking Matt’s arms off of her and went to the freezer. “_____ stop.”
“I can do this.”

_____ stepped outside to the heavily wooded landscape that was their backyard. There were hardly any people for miles; it was perfect. Kuma, the bear, growled at the sight of meat. _____ dropped it in front of him and smiled as he began eating.
“Why do you want butcher meat if there are plenty of animals around to kill? Silly old bear.”
Kuma growled in annoyance at the Winnie-the-Pooh reference. That hunny- loving fatty had nothing on him. However, he growled questionably at _____’s stomach, which he just noticed.
“Kuma!” Matt yelled from indoors, “Don’t touch her!”

“Don’t worry, old bear. I’m just gonna have a baby. Matt’s freaking out.”
Kuma resumed to eating his food as _____ went back inside.
“See? I fed the bear without getting eaten. Ain’t no thang.” Matt only grunted.

Later, after doing errands around the house, _____ took a nap on the couch.
“Babe, do you want some chocolate, or..?” he asked her sleeping form. ‘Goddam, she’s so beautiful..’ he thought.
Matt sat down next to her, wanting to place his hands on her but very unsure where. So he pet her hair instead, sometimes smelling it. Her eyes fluttered open. “You can hold me if you want. I’m only napping.”
“I didn’t want to wake you up.”
“Too late,” she said, wrapping her arms around him. “Matt, you don’t need to be afraid of touching me. You know I’ll let you. “ “But I’m still not-“
“Used to it?” Matt nodded. She kissed his lips. “You shouldn’t have to feel like it’s a challenge to hug me. I am your wife, and I’ve loved you for so long.”
“It’s frustrating.” Matt exhaled. “I still have no idea how to approach you.” _____ kissed his lips again.
“Let me tell you how then.  If you want to kiss me, go ahead and kiss me. If you want to hold me, hold me. If you want me to sleep in your arms, then pull me into them.”
“It’s not so simple.” Matt sighed.
“You were so confident when we were dating.”
“Well, yeah, cause everyone expected me to be mean to you and all, and-“
“After being alone together for so long you’ve forgotten what to do?”
Matt nodded.
“Say what you want to say to me, and do what you want to do.” Matt held on to her as tight as he could without hurting her belly. He let go and gently picked her hand up and kissed it, then kissed her forehead, then her belly. “I love you.”
“Me or the baby?”
“Both of you. Especially you right now.”
_____ giggled. “I don’t tell you this enough but,” Matt started, “But j’taime.”
“I love you too, Matt.”
“I suck at showing you.”
“It’s okay.”
Matt hugged his wife again until she resumed her nap.

The next morning, _____ woke up alone.  Next to her on the nightstand was a basket filled with soaps and lotions and a note inside.

These are for you, help yourself. I’m making breakfast if you want some. The flowers and stuff are for you, too.

“Flowers?” On the dresser was a vase of flowers and a pack of onesies. “Daddy got you some clothes, baby.” _____ cooed to her belly. She got dressed and went downstairs.
“You hungry-“ _____ cut him off with a kiss. “Thank you darling.”
“You saw the stuff?”
“So, um..”
“I love you too.”

The screen door to the back slammed open and shut. “_____!” Allan yelled.
“Goddammit.” Matt sighed. Al stumbled into the kitchen and started trying to drink from the faucet.                  
“My head hurts like a motherfucker, I need some of that hangover soup!”
“Sure thing A-“
“She’s not doing a damn thing for you.” Matt interrupted, pulling his wife closer.
“Don’t talk for her, just have her make some of that damn soup! And hurry up, Francis is passed out in the car.”
“But I’m not hung over.” Matt said nonchalantly.
“It’s not for you!”

“Get out of my house. Now.” Matt ordered.
“Why the fuck should I? I’m hungover, and I’m your brother!” Al protested.
“I don’t give a damn. If you’re going to be this way around _____ and my kid, I don’t want you around at all.” Matt said with a look that could kill.
“Matt,” _____ began, “don’t-“
“_____, don’t argue. If Al’s gonna be rude to you then he can leave. I don’t want the bastard near you.” Matt said to her. Al scoffed. “I can’t believe you chose some broad over your brothers.”
“What do you mean you can’t believe it? Look at my wife. She’s fucking perfect. You and Francis can go to hell.” Matt said, motioning a hand to her. She still had bedhead and her face was getting pale from exhaustion. Her fingers and feet were swollen, but yet Matt still called her prefect. _____ couldn’t hide her blush in front of Al, which made the man only more irritated than he had been. He was about to run up and punch Matt until he remembered how much his head hurt and the fact that his brother was holding his pregnant wife.  
“Fuck you guys.” Al grumbled as he walked out.
Matt sighed and hung his head. “Sorry.” He sighed.
“It’s okay Matt-“
“It’s not okay! That bastard of my brother might have hurt you or worse.”
“He won’t hurt me. I’m stronger than that.” _____ said while pointing to the scars on her shoulder which she had acquired during an early meeting with Kuma. Kuma hadn’t been used to her yet, so in an attempt to befriend the bear that he mistook for teasing, he lunged at her, scratching her shoulder.
“My God..” he exhaled, remembering the attack. Matt was almost attacked himself while trying to rescue his then new bride. “But the baby.. I don’t want him or her growing up with an uncle like that.”
“It’s a girl. I found out a few weeks ago and I wanted it to be a surprise.”
Matt pulled her even closer to him until she could hardly breathe. “M-Matt!” she gasped.
“I’m really happy. We’re having a girl. A little girl.” Matt placed his hands on _____’s belly and began rubbing circles with his thumbs. He pecked _____ on the lips, and then her belly.
“I want to talk to her but it sounds embarrassing.” Matt admitted.
“Don’t be embarrassed, go ahead.”
“Um, alright.” He said while crouching down. “Uh, hi. I’m your dad. It’s nice to finally know that you’re a girl. I’m going to try and think of a nice name for you now. Well, I love you and all.. okay.”

_____ was laughing her butt off. “See, I told you it was embarrassing!” Matt scolded as his face turned red.
“I’m not laughing because it’s funny, I’m laughing because it’s so sweet I can’t stand it!” _____ squealed.
“Whatever.” Matt exhaled as he stood up again.
“Don’t worry about Al and Francis, we’ll be fine.” _____ reassured. “Just because you have two girls doesn’t mean that we’re weak.”
Matt pulled her close. “God, I love you.”
I've returned once again! ~Insanity-Has-Struck9 requested a sweet, fluffy 2p! Canada x reader that will give cavities, and this is what I came up with! I hope there's enough fluff in it to satisfy you, and that you don't mind me making you pregnant. I hope everyone likes it :)
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Painless Torture 

"Aiyah!! Don't laugh, aru!!" China yelled, his normal pale green uniform now covered in soda and ketchup. It was also in his silky brown hair, making it droopy and sticky. America and France laughed at the elder nation as England snickered and Russia smiled. You couldn't help but giggle yourself, he just looked funny!!

Reading this, your probably wondering How did China end up covered in soda and ketchup. Well I'm glad you asked!!

You were out with the allies, and your boyfriend Yao, eating lunch at one of the local fast food restaurants. America's choice of course. While America was bringing the tray of food to the table everyone was seated at, he tripped and the contents spilled onto China, soaking his uniform and hair. 

You couldn't take it anymore, you burst out and laughed along with America and France. China blushed in embarrassment and went to the restroom to try and clean up. After you finally calmed down, you cleaned up the rest of the mess and waited for china to return. You were going to invite him to your house for lunch instead, knowing when he came out, the only thing he would want was to get out of here as quick as possible.

After ten minutes had passed, you began to worry. What was taking him so long? Russia noticed you staring at the restroom door, and walked over to you. "something the matter, da?~" he asked, giving you his childish smile. You nodded, your gaze never leaving the door, "he hasn't come out yet... I'm a little worried..." you said, finally looking up at the tall Russian. Ivan thought for a moment, before smiling again, "wait here, da?~" he said before walking over to the door and pushing it open to walk inside. You waited quite curiously, wondering what Ivan was doing.

After a few minutes, the door opened to a very tall Russian with an angry Chinese man over his shoulder. You giggled as Russia walked over to you, setting China down in front of you. "here you go, da?~" Ivan smiled, and you returned the gesture. "da~" you giggled, and took Yao's hand, leading him out of the restaurant. 


After you brought Yao to his home to change, you both went to your place for lunch. You cooked some dumplings and rice just as China had thought you, and you both enjoyed your lunch. While you were eating, you noticed Yao seemed very quiet.

"Yao, is something wrong?" you asked, looking at him with concern. He turned his attention to you, and smiled sweetly, "everything's fine, aru~" when he turned back to his lunch, you noticed a light smirk placed on his lips.

You questioned his smile; there was just something different in his eyes, you couldn't quite figure it out. Devious? Yao wasn't devious. You just shook your head and dismissed the thought, continuing to eat your wonderful lunch. After you were finished, Yao made you both some relaxing green tea.

As you sipped the warm liquid, you smiled in content, feeling completely relaxed. There was a peaceful silence for the longest time, until suddenly you remembered, 'I left the stove on!' you excused yourself and hurried to the kitchen, switching the stove off. Sighing with relief, you walked back to the living room where Yao waited, sipping his tea. You noticed he had refilled your cup for you.

"oh, thank you~" you smiled, taking the freshly poured tea and letting it slide down your throat...

Something was different.

There was a slight bitter taste to the tea, that you hadn't noticed before. 

Suddenly your mind wend fuzzy and a wave of drowsiness washed over you, causing you to black out. China, who had been waiting by you, caught your cup before it spilt all over the carpet, and set it down. He looked back at your unconscious body and grinned.


You groaned and slowly fluttered your eyes open, only to see nothing but the flickering of candle light. You raised your hand to rub your eyes, but you couldn't move. Snapping your head up, you noticed you were tied spread eagle to your bed. "W...What the hell?!" you blurted, struggling at your bonds to get free.

"it's no use, _____. Don't bother, you'll just waste all your energy, aru~" came a familiar voice from the other side of the room. You turned your attention towards the voice, and saw none other than Yao walk over to you, a devious smirk placed on his lips. "d-did you tie me up..?!" you ask, looking at him as he examines your helpless form. His gaze locks onto yours, and he grins, "why, yes I did, aru~ and I must say, I did quite a remarkable job if I do say so myself~" he stood with triumph.

"w-why?!" you practically yelled, getting very irritated. If your legs were free, you'd probably kick him so hard, he'll never be able to have kids. "because, my sweet _______, you must be Punished~" he chuckled evilly, causing a shudder to run down your spine. "for what?!" you shouted. "for laughing at me, aru~"

A sudden fear grew in your mind, 'is he going to hurt me...?' you could feel tears beginning to form in the corner of your eyes when you asked, "a-are you going to hurt me...?" 

"oh of course not, aru~! I would never dream of hurting you~ Wô aî nî, aru~" he placed a swift kiss on your lips before pulling away and continuing, "this is a painless torture. One that was commonly used in my past, during the empire. It was used to interrogate prisoners and thieves. But for now, it's your punishment~"

Before you could ask what the hell he was talking about, he climbed up onto the bed and straddled at your hips, grinning down at you. You could feel a heavy blush rise to your cheeks; you have never seen this side of Yao before. His gaze traveled down from your eyes to your (favorite color) blouse. Yao let his fingers undo to bottom button, then the next and the next, until your top was completely open. Pushing the shirt open more, he gazed at your torso that was mostly uncovered, With the exception of your laced bra. 

You squirmed uncomfortably under his gaze, pulling at your restraints, "w-what kind of torture is this..?" you questioned, making him grin and lean down.

Yao whispered in your ear, "Chinese Tickle Torture~" and with that, his fingers began scribbling and dancing over your exposed belly. 

Yao knew how sensitive you were, and he took full advantage of it. He knew where you were most ticklish, and he planned to make you beg for mercy.

You shrieked and laughed, shaking your head violently, "n-noohahahahaha!! Yao plehehease nohahahahahaha!" you squirmed slightly, pulling at your bound hands in an attempt to get free. Yao only smirked, continuing his attack on your bare stomach for about 5 minutes.

After that, he decided to give you a break before moving on to the next step of his plan. You sighed in relief when he stopped, panting and giggling slightly. "t-that was cruel..." you managed out between gasps of breath.

Yao chuckled, "that was only the beginning, ______ aru~ you are to be punished with an hour of tickling for your crime~" your eyes widened, "an hour?! I could barely stand the first 5 minutes!! How am I suppose to survive an hour?!" you shouted, wishing you could punch him in the gut now.

Yao just chuckled, "sorry, ______ but you brought this upon yourself, aru~" he then began poking and prodding at your sides and ribs, causing you to shriek with laughter. Yao listened to the sweet sound of your laughter as he continued with his torment. 

"Ahh-ahahaha! N-no-hahahahah. Y-Yao! S-s-stahahahap it! P-Please!" you could barely make out any words as only laughter erupted from your mouth. China chuckled at your flushed face and gave you a peck on the cheek, "you have an adorable laugh, aru~" 

Without noticing, 10 minutes had already passed, and China decided to give you another break. You panted, trying to get oxygen into your worn out lungs. Yao smiled and got off the bed, walking over to the desk in your room. On top of the desk we're various tools, such as feathers, hair brushes and even some red and gold pain with paintbrushes. 

You panicked as he picked up one of the feathers and examined it. Struggling at your bonds, China made his way back over to the bed and got on top of you once more. You whimpered as the fluffy blue feather came into view. "Please Yao, no more... I-I'm sorry!" you begged, giving him the best puppy dog eye look you could manage.

Yao seemed to soften at this, but he quickly shook it away and grinned again, "sorry ______~ I can't stop now! Besides..." he drug the feather from your left elbow to your underarm, making you squeal, before continuing, "I love hearing you laugh~"

Flicking the feather around your left hollow armpit, his fingers dug into the right one and you gasped, giggling like a madman. 'why did it have to be tickling?!' you thought. Shaking your head violently, you plead for him to stop, but alas, he would not listen. Yao spent the next 10 minutes teasing your sensitive pits, until he decided it was time for something else.

Getting off and walking back over to the desk, China placed the feather down and picked up a prickly hairbrush. He brushed his fingers over the bristles, making a noise with it to catch your full attention. He glanced at you through the corner of his eye when you shouted, "GOD NO!! PLEASE NO MORE!!"

China chuckled as he walked over to your bound feet, brush in hand. Kneeling down, he grinned up at you, "ready, aru?~" you just shook your head, hoping he would finally stop. "good!" he smiled before grabbing onto your right foot and scrubbing it with the brush.

You were off, squeals of laughter and explosive giggles were heard from you. You squinted her eyes, shaking your head side to side. The feeling was horrible. You couldn't stand it. 

Yao, on the other hand, was enjoying every second of your laughter. He smiled as you tried to pull your foot away, to no avail. He brushed up to your ticklish toes, down to your soft heels, and back up again. He spent 10 minutes on your right foot, before moving to the left, and doing the same. You were in hysterics the entire time, somewhere in the middle of it, you lost all your energy and gave up struggling. Now you just accepted what came to you, and laughed your head off.

After the 20 minutes of foot tickling were up, China stood back up and walked over to the desk once again. Putting the hairbrush down, he examined the last set of tools on the desk; paint and paintbrushes. He grinned, oh was he going to enjoy the last 15 minutes of your punishment.

Grabbing the red jar of pain and one of the paintbrushes, he went back to your feet. You whimpered, already knowing what was going to happen next, and that you weren't going to like it. Yao opened up the jar of paint and set it down on the ground next to him before dipping the small brush into the crimson liquid and grabbing ahold of your left foot.

China glanced into your eyes before smirking and dragging the cold, wet brush tip along your sole. You squeaked and jerked your foot, trying to pull it away yet again. You began your laughter once more as China began painting Chinese characters on both of your feet. That took away another 5 minutes.

You panted as Yao went to retrieve the gold paint from the desk, along with a new paintbrush. He got back on top of your waist and smiled down at you, "only 10 more minutes left, aru~ but I saved the best for last~ now hold still! This has to turn out perfect, or I'll have to start all over again! No matter how long it takes~" he said, putting the jar of paint down and dipping his brush into the gooey substance. 

"w-what are you talking about...?" you questioned, but regretted ever opening your mouth when he began painting over your exposed, ticklish belly. You laughed and giggled, squirming as he tried painting a few more Chinese characters onto your smooth skin. He sighed and stopped when you had squirmed and messed up his beautiful penmanship. Grabbing a wet cloth, he wiped off the paint from your stomach and shook his head, "tsk tsk tsk... I told you to hold still. The sooner I finish this, the sooner I let you go~" 

Yao dipped his brush into the golden paint and began again, causing the same reaction from you as the first time. You managed to hold still for half of is, until finally you couldn't stand it anymore and squirmed under the Chinese man, messing him up yet again. He shook his head and wiped off all the paint. Yao started once again from the very beginning, and he managed to finish this time, only because you had lost all your energy and gave up struggling.

When he was finished, he looked at your flushed face and smiled. You looked down at your stomach, your eyes only half open, "w-what does it say...?" you asked, about to pass out from lack of energy.

"Wô aî nî~" Yao kissed your cheek as you fell asleep. He undid your bonds and pulled you into a comfortable sleeping position. China checked to see if the paint was dry before pulling the blankets over your sleeping form.


The next morning, you woke to find the paint still on your feet and belly. You giggled, remembering what had occurred the night before, and went to go wash off the paint. In the shower, you tried your best to rub off the paint, but it wouldn't come off!! 'That jerk used permanent paint!!' you thought. 

Bad luck that you had to go to the beach with your allied friends today.

Teh End~

for now...
I had this idea for a while now, ever since Gracie came over to my house for a sleepover and wouldn't stop tickling me all night... -.-'

I thought this would make a fun reader insert, because they actually used Tickle Torture back then in China. x3

I hope you like it~

tell me if you want the sequel about what happens at the beach~

Im not going to be making a sequel. I just can't think of a good story plot for it. Sorry guys. If anyone would like to make a sequel themselves, please tell me! :meow:
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China x Reader


You clutched the white letter with the heart sticker to your chest as you stood outside the classroom that your best friend China was in.

Your crush. You had finally gotten the confidence to write a love letter and give it to him. You spent all night on the letter seeing as you were never good with love.

Heck, you even had to ask your brother for help, who had just about the same knowledge on the subject of love as you did.

You let out a heavy breath before slowly sliding the classroom door open.

"Shut up! I don't like(f/n)at all, aru!" You heard China shout. You dropped the love letter to the ground, the brave feeling about your love left your eyes.

"(n/n)!" China said in surprise turning when he heard the slip of paper on the ground. "S-So....we can't even be friends?" you mumbled before turning around, holding your tears as much as you could.

"(n/n) wait, aru!" you tuned the sound out and ran. China went to the classroom door and picked up the pink love letter off the ground. He opened the letter carefully.

What you didn't know was that he did have feelings for you, you were just to stuck up in the moment and ran away.

Although, it also hurt China to see you run away.

There were a few stain marks, making clear that you had erased a lot to make a perfect but short love letter.

'Dear China,
I know that you probably don't like me back, but I wanted to give this to you. China, I love you more then you love pandas.
Wo Ai Ni
Love, your not so secret admirer,
(F/n) (L/n)'

You had even bothered to learn how to say I love you in his language.

China dropped the letter to the ground before hissing at the four idiots he was talking before running off to find you.

You sat at the gardening club staring at the red roses in the bed of flowers. You were safe here (or so you thought) because you knew nobody came here but the few members of the gardening club.

You felt like you had no reason to live in life anymore. Your family practically hated you, and you barely had any friends.

Though you did love China, and you knew your life would be better if you confessed to him. Or so you thought.

"(y/n) aru?" you heard China. You stayed silent since you knew he would just tell you that he doesn't love you back. You honestly didn't want to hear that again.

Suddenly, you felt China's hands around your waist.

"(y/n), Wo ai ni." he spoke softly. You widened your eyes and turned around to be met with his soft lips.

You were happy to be his girlfriend now, that's for sure.
Inspired by the love letter scene in the anime marmalade boy because i'm so unoriginal. :iconmingplz:

My first China x Reader Insert surprisingly to how much I :iconsqueeeeplz: about him.

and i'm sure you guys know what 'wo ai ni' means since you read this. :iconmegustaplz:

China and Hetalia (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:
You (c) :iconsexychinaplz:
Plot (c) Maker of Marmalade boy/partly :iconxpureyume:
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Collection by
     "Mama!" I cried as she shoved me into the dank and dark closet. "Nie!"
     "Stay hidden Moje dziecko." I heard the soft whisper of my mother's faint voice, I knew that this may very well be the last time I heard that beautiful sound. "Kocham Cie."
     Then everything fell apart, I heard it from my crouching position in which I sat hidden. The Schwabz broke down our door, I could hear the clicks of guns with them, but I remained silent like my moma had told me. I heard a faint voice, maybe the voice was so drowned out by the gunfire, I could not tell, but it was indeed Mama, 'Nie pozwól im zobaczyć, że płaczesz'.
'Do not let them see you cry' I turned the words over in my mind, the only safe place in the country now, even now that wouldn't last long with the Niemcy taking over. I decided I wouldn't let Poland fall, not without a fight.
     As if by cue, after I heard a thump, one I would never forget after the smell of blood filled the air, it started playing aloud, the loud melodious tune cried out over our great city despite the Nazi invaders.
     "Jeszcze Polska nie Zginęła, kiedy my żyjemy!" The Anthem cried out, crackled and broken because of the speakers, but hopeful none the less. "Co nam obca przemoc wzięła, szablą odbierzemy."
     I felt a little bit of pride rise up, the type of pride Mama had always told me about, a stubborn undying pride. I knew that it was no time to go down without a fight, especially not with what they had done to Mama. This wouldn't be easy for the Niemcy, I wouldn't let it be.
     I gathered the supplies around me, there were some bottles of wodka that tatuś always kept away in the closet for celebrations. There were some old rags that Mama had never thrown away too, Aldok had shown me how to make a simple bottle bomb. I grabbed the nearest bottle and with little struggle managed to take off the lid and dowse the short rag in the alcoholic liquid before stuffing it down and grabbing a match, which was next to tatuś's tobacco, I lit the match, threw open the closet door, and with a cry in Polish, lit the rag and threw the bottle at the Nazi officers who didn't have time to defend themselves before the glass cracked over one of their heads and set both ablaze.
     I grabbed what supplies I could carry and ran out as fast as my legs could carry me in my long dress, my Sunday dress for my first communion which was now in tatters as it tore off on little spiky things. I would head for the neighbors and help with what I could, little baby Tolek was only 1 and the family needed to leave before things got to bad.
     But I would stay, under the thin crackling of our anthem, I would stay and fight the Niemcy to the death. For Poland, for no other, I knew that everyone who could would stay and fight, the smell of blood and burning bodies and houses would only drive us farther.
From the point of view of Anastazja a young Polish girl on the day of Warsaw being invaded by the Niemcy ((Germans))
She may be young, but within her the heart of a Pole will have her fight back.
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Mature Content Filter is On. The Artist has chosen to restrict viewing to deviants 18 and older.
(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
You were on your way to geography class. It was your last class of the day, and luckily, your geography teacher was your favorite teacher. His name was Mr. Tino Väinämöinen, or as he preferred, Mr. Tino or just Tino. He was a very cheery man who was good at his job and really loved Christmas, stating that it was his favorite holiday and that Santa was from Finland, his home country.

You smiled at the thought of the short, blonde, happy-go-lucky finnish teacher. You had an A in his class, and t seemed as if you were his favorite student, wait, that can't be right, teachers don't have favorites! Or so you thought....

You walked into your geopgraphy class. Half of the class was out sick with the flu, so the class was pretty quiet. Most of the loudmouths in your class, like Alfred, Arthur, and Francis, were sick. But some kids didn't get sick, like Ivan and Yao.

That's when your Finnish teacher walked into the classroom. "Good afternoon~! How is everyone doing today~?" He greeted you and your classmates cheerfully.

There were some mumbles, sounding like, "It's okay...." or "I'm pretty good." or, "Please let me change seats Mr. Tino! Ivan is freaking me out, aru!" You felt bad for Yao; Ivan seemed to be a little too affectionate with the shorter chinese student.

Tino smiled, obviously not hearing Yao's plea for help. "Well that's good. But everyone's still out sick, that's too bad...."

"....I'm not sick..." It was Matthew, who sat in the back. Of course, no one heard him.

~Le Timeskip to the end of class by Romano's pizza!~

You were packing up your stuff like all the other students when you remembered that you wanted tutoring for an upcoming test. You were hoping Mr. Tino would be avaliable to help right now.

You walked up to Tino's desk when you had everything packed up and all the other students were gone. Tino noticed you and looked up from his paperwork. He smiled at you warmly. "Hello ______! Do you need any help?"

You nodded shyly. "Um, yes actually. I was wondering if I could maybe get some tutoring in before the big test." You answered him.

"Why yes of course! I'll help you with that! You already know what most of the test is over, right?" Tino asked.

"Yes, I just had a few questions about it...."

"Okay!" He exclaimed. "Just show me what you need help with!"

You nodded and got out some notes that you took earlier in the class. You and Tino sat down at one of the desks and you showed him what you had questions about. Finally, you were almost done, and Tino had explained everything perfectly.

"Oh, and one last question!" You started to turn your head so you could look at your teacher instead of your paper.

"And what is that?" He asked, looking up from over your shoulder.

And that's when your lips touched. It was alarming, you kissing your own teacher! You couln't believe it! Yeah, you thought he was cute, but didn't everyone?!

At last, you both pulled away, blushing darkly. You looked down at your paper, unable to say anything at the moment since so many thoughts raced through your mind. Like, I just kissed my teacher! And, I'm going to be in soooo much trouble for this if someone saw us! But there was one thought that stuck out the most, Hy did it feel so good?!

Tino was thinking the same thing. He did enjoy it himself even if it was a bad thing. It was just an accident! He thought. B-but it felt amazing....

"I-I'm s-sorry-" You started, blushing darkly.

You were silenced by Tino's lips again. They were soft, but kinda cold. You found yourself kissing back, which was surprising to both of you.

You buried your hands in his blonde hair as Tino wrapped his arms around your waist. Unfortunatly, due to air, Tino and you had to pull away. You were both blushing, as well as panting slightly.

"_-____...." Tino breahed, looking into your (e/c) orbs. "I-I've loved you ever since y-you first came into my class, even though you are a minor...."

"I f-feel the same way, T-Tino." You replied.

Tino's eyes lit up, and he smiled at you. "I'm so happy t-to hear that, ______!" Tino kissed you again, stroking your cheeks with his thumbs. You kissed back, resting your hands on his shoulders.

Suddenly, Tino lifted you onto the desk, pushing off the papers. He stopped kissing you, only to move down to your neck. You moaned a little, shivers running up and down your spine. It felt so good even though you knew it was so wrong.

Your hands slid from Tino's shoulders to his navy blue tie, which you attempted to take care of. Tino blushed lightly and helped with that, taking off his tie and suit jacket. Then he started to lift up your (f/c) t-shirt. Once it was off, Tino loked down at your bra-clad chest.

You blushed furiously, feeling very subconscious of your looks. As you tried to cover yourself with your arms, Tino moved them so that they were pinned above your head. "You're so beautiful, ______." He said sexily.

The way he said your name caused you to shiver a little. He smirked and put his hands down on your chest, massaging your breasts through your bra. Soon, Tino got bored of the bra, and somehow managed to get it off of you.

He took one of your breasts into his mouth, his pink muscle flicking over your bud, making you mewl in pleasure. He massaged your other breast, not wanting it to feel left out.

You squirmed underneath him, unused to this new and pleasurable sensation between your legs. You moaned a little, causing Tino to smirk. He switched breasts and continued teasing you.

You never imagined Tino would be so good at this. Tino's mouth detached from your breast and you whimpered a little, missing the attention. Tino unbuttoned his white shirt, revealing a nice, toned body. You had to keep yourself from drooling a little.

Tino grinned at seeing you like this. He leaned down close to your ear and whispered huskily. "Do you like what you see~?"

You nodded, unable to speak right now. Tino is so sexy!!! You thought to yourself as you trailed your fingers along his chest.

"Good," Tino replied before licking the shell of your ear. You moaned at this, unable to keep it in.

Tino's skilled fingers went down to your jeans. He tugged at them until they were loose, exposing your (f/c) panties to him. He rubbed your entrance through the cloth and grinned devishly. "You're so wet already,"

How could you not be?! You had your sexy, finnish, geography teacher teasing you this whole time! It would be hard not to get wet at all of this attention!

Tino took off his pants, showing his finnish flag boxers. "Very patriotic...." You murmured.

"I'm proud of my country." Tino answered, kissing you on the lips. Your fingers went to the borderline of his boxers and you tugged on them. Tino stoped kissing you. "Eager, huh?"

You blushed and nodded. Tino smirked and kissed you again. As he kissed you, he pulled off his boxers and your pantie. Tino positioned himself at your entrance.

"Ready?" He asked, holding your hand in his.

"Y-yes." You answered.

Then, he thrust into you fully, and you screamed in pain, tears pricking your eyes. You squeeze Tino's hand tightly as you try to get used to his length. Finally after a couple minutes the pain subsided and was replaced by pleasure.

"M-move," You said.

Tino nodded and started to thrust in and out of you slowly. You moaned, encouraging him to go faster. He picked up speed and you wrapped your legs around his waist.

You could feel yourself close to your climax when Tino hit your g-spot. "Right t-there T-Tino!" You gasped.

Tino grunted in reply and hit your g-spot harder and faster. Finally you came, screaming loudly. "T-TINO!!!"

At the sound of you screaming his name, Tino came after you, shooting his seed deep inside your core. You were panting and blushing darkly, your legs and the desk underneath you were sticky. Tino almost collapsed on top of you, his body gleaming with sweat.

"I-I love you T-Tino...." You breathed.

"Minäkin rakastan sinua*." He replied, kissing you lightly on the lips.

Both of you, overcome with exhaustion, feel asleep right there on the desk. Little did the two of you know, the wood working shop teacher, Berwald Oxenstierna, had seen what the two of you did together. He had come over to give Tino some coffee before leaving the school. He was silent as he turned and walked away from the room, hoping no on else will find the two of you like that.
Guess Finny's not so innocent as he leads everyone to believe, eh?
You get a sexy finnish teacher that's in love with you, lucky! XD
And you all know the regular disclaimer! But I think that :iconsexyfinlandplz: owns you now. :iconiggybrowsplz: If you know what I mean.
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Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity, sexual themes and strong language)
Norway's eyes wandered around the living room. Iceland was on his laptop, and you were on the couch. You were just reading a book, nothing special. The Norwegian male's eyes flashed with mischievously. He had a plan to cure his boredom.

He walked over to Iceland. The younger blonde looked up and raised a brow in question. Upon seeing the emotion in his brother's eyes he got up and left in a flash. This hadn't gotten your attention, you must have REALLY liked that book. Looking at the cover, Norway felt the urge to facepalm. You were reading the volume of one of your favourite mangas.

Walking over to you he sat down and pulled you into his lap. You squeaked, and looked up at him. He smirked, grabbing your book he marked the page, an tossed the book onto the coffee table without a care.

"Lukas! I was reading that!" You whined. You tried getting up, but Norway kept a firm grip on you. "I was getting to the best part too!" Your cries of distress were silences with a rough, lust-filled kiss. You let out a soft groan as Norway bit your bottom lip.

Pulling away, Norway wrapped your legs around his waist. As he began to stand, you wrapped your arms around his neck in a frenzy. He began to whisper dirty things into your ear as he walked upstairs to your shared bedroom. You blushed as you felt yourself get wet by just the things he whispered to you. You hadn't heard the door open, close, then lock, but once Norway places you on the bed, you knew you were in the shared bedroom.

Norway began to strip himself of his clothes. You watched with a lusty gaze. You quickly pulled off your own shirt, feeling a bit too hot for comfort. You pants soon followed suit. Norway looked you up and down and a sexy smirk claimed his usually emotionless face.

He kissed you passionately on the lips, his hands slipping under your bra and giving them a good squeeze. The moan that left your lips was muffles by your lover's lips, but it still sounded oh so delicious to him. Norway undid your bra and tossed it behind him. He licked lips as he saw your rosy buds.

Norway grinder into your hip as he bit down on your nipple. A cry of both pleasure and pain came from your pink lips as your hands untangled themselves into his Norway's hair. He licked and sucked on the bud for awhile before switching to the neglected breast.

The teasing was beginning to get to you. You could feel Norway's covered member against your soaked panties. You bucked your hips a little, happy with the deep growl that emitted from his throat. Norway pulled away from your chest and gave you a glare. You pouted.

"L-Lukas. . ." You said softly, missing his touch already.

"Tell me what you want." He ordered.

"I-I. . . I want you to fuck me. . ." You said with a deep blush. Norway smiled and gave you a soft kiss.

"Good girl." He said, with satisfaction. He quickly rid himself of his boxers and pulled your panties away from your heat.

His hands got a good grip on your hips as he positioned himself. He glanced down at you, [e/c] orbs filled with lust, and impure desires. Without a second thought he buried himself into your warmth. He groaned as the pleasure racked his body. You cried out, as he began to thrust quickly.

Pushing your legs up and to the sides to get a better angle, Norway quickened his pace. You yelled out his name, the new position making you go crazy. Pulling him down, your lips crashed with his in a bruising kiss. With a few more thrusts you both came, Norway's hot sees shot into you, spilling out a little.

Both of you panted. Norway pulled out of you, and laid next to you. He pulled you close and gave you a kiss.

"Jeg elskar deg, [Name]. . ." Norway whispered into your ear.

"Jeg e-elskar deg oogså, Lukas." You whispered back as you began to drift off into sweet slumber in Norway's arms.
This is for :iconhetalialover345:
Another RP that lead to a lemon! XD
I feel like this is really long, so being the lazy person I am, I didn't re-read this for any errors. Since this was done on my iPod if there is something spellcheck fixed that doesn't fit please tell me!

Jeg elskar deg, [Name]. . . - I love you, [Name]. . .
Jeg elskar deg oogså, Lukas. . . - I love you too, Lukas

Part 1 = You're Here
Part 2 - [link]

Norway and Iceland belong to Hidekaz Himaruya
You belong to you.
I only own the story!
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Tap. . . Tap. . . . Tap. . Tap. . . SLAM!

Opening his eyes and sitting up quickly, Norway looked around the room. The soft sounds he had heard were interrupted and roughly woke him from his unconscious state. His emotionless violet eyes looked around the room, only stopping momentarily to watch the still asleep [Name] that lay next to him. He found nothing out of the ordinary.

A string of curses were heard and the Norwegian male turned and narrowed his eyes at the bedroom door. It remained closed, but as the curses continued Norway could tell which language they were in and easily deciphered them.

It was Danish.

'Is he here? But how did he get in?' Norway thought, slowly getting up and getting dressed. He didn't want to be too loud, but he knew what had to be done.

He was gonna have to smack a Dane.

Slipping out of the bedroom silently, he made his way downstairs and to the kitchen. He carried the mace from his Viking years, twirling it absent-mindedly in his hands. Silently walking into the kitchen, Norway saw the one and only Denmark. He was making something on the counter with his back turned to his so-called 'best friend' and there were different ingredients all over the place.


There was flour on the floor, some butter on the wall (which the violet-eyed Nordic saw as a waste), egg yolk on the counter, and various other things.

"Dane." Norway's voice was cold and deadly. Denmark whipped his head around, surprised by the sudden sound of his friend's voice. "What are you doing?" The tone in his voice coated in venom.

"Oh, hej Norge!" Denmark said, smiling happily. "I was making a cake!" He said it like it was the most obvious thing.

Before he could answer, Norway heard soft footsteps behind him. Turning around, he saw a sleepy-looking [Name] wearing one of his large t-shirts with a little fish on it. The sight was almost TOO cute for the Nordic to handle.

"Good morning, Nor. . ." The sleepy eyed beauty said with a small yawn. She was rubbing the sleep out of her eyes with her hand and clutching the shirt a little with the other.

"[Name]. . . G-Good morning. . ." Norway said, blushing and mentally scolding himself for stuttering.

"Aw, [Name]! You look so cute~ And you even made Norge blush!" Denmark laughed, wrapping his arms around [Name] and giving here a tight hug, making sure not to squeeze her too hard.

"Ugh. . . Denmark, can you please let go of me? It's too early for me to get annoyed and stay happy. . ." [Name] said trying to push the Dane away, and keep the t-shirt from going too high.

"Hmmm. . . . Fine~!" Denmark said, pouting as he released the small female. Turning back around to face Norway, Denmark's face came in contact with said Nordic's mace. So harshly, in fact, that the wild blonde fell to the floor, unconscious with a little blood coming out of his now broken nose.

"Stupid Dane." Norway muttered, walking over to his love and wrapping his arms around her, protectively. "Don't touch [Name]. She's mine."

"Hehe. . . . You can be so protective Norge." [Name] giggled, laying her hands on Norway's chest, along with her head. The taller male pouted a little, his serious demeanour slipping away easily. "But I guess that's just one of the many reasons I love you. . . ~" [Name] cooed softly.

"Jeg elskar deg, oogså. . ." Norway said, smiling just a little. He quickly pulled away from [Name], opting to pick her up bridal style instead. The Norwegian took his lover upstairs to spend the whole day in bed. Napping.

As for the unconscious Dane on the kitchen floor, he would soon wake up and go bother a certain Icelander. This Icelander would in turn, kick the Dane out after almost having a drunken sloppy make-out session with him. Oh the wonders of drinking 23 cases of beer.

This isn't cutesy or lovey-dovey. My apologies :iconhetalialover345:
It's more crack. Especially with that ending. I had too, though. It was just begging to be written. XD
I'll put a link to Part 1 [The Lemon] here either tonight, or tomorrow. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Part 1 - [link]
Part 2 - You're Here

Norway, Denmark, and Iceland belong to Hidekaz Himaruya.
You belong to yourself.
I only own the story.
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For the past five months you’d been obsessing over the man the FBI had come to call The  Collector, spending very waking (and non waking) moment trying to get in this mysterious man’s head. He’d been in the shadows the entire time, using his cohorts to gather anything and everything Norse related. His activates had moved across seas, meaning you couldn’t follow and be hands on in the investigation and it was driving you up the wall.
Today had been very boring to you, sitting at your desk doing no-stop paper work, poking at the muffin sitting on the corner and groaned inwardly as a new stack of papers was dropped in front of you. You casually flipped through the pages, blinking as you saw the picture of a recently abducted boy, focusing in on the slightly glowing necklace he had been wearing when he was abducted. You quickly scheduled an interview with the family, going to the front of the building and waiting. As you waited you went over the case file, noting that the family was a large collector of ancient artifacts, the perfect mark for your mystery man.
“Mom, Mom!” a young boys voice pulled you out of your thoughts, turning to see he was the younger brother of the abducted boy. “That’s the guy I saw take Sky!” he pointed at a very unique looking man in a hat who went into the store across the street.
“Go inside and report your sighting while I go bring the man in.” you ordered, quickly making your way into the store and glanced around.
“Can I help you, Ms.?” The store owner asked as you walked around.
“Yeah, the guy who looked like Dr. House who came in before me, where’d he go?” you turn to him, glaring slightly as you saw his smirk of “I’m not going to tell you a thing”.
“I’m sorry, client privilege means I don’t have to tell you.” His smile got wider.
“Fine, I’ll go get a warrant.” You snapped, turning to leave and blinked as you saw the man you were looking for leave before you. You quickly followed him. “Sir I’m going to have to ask you to accompany me to the station.” You put a hand to his shoulder, showing him your badge and started leading him towards your officered. You noticed some men gathering closer to you, quickly pulling your guy as you were surrounded. “I’m a federal agent, stand back.” You ordered, growling as the circle of men startd laughing.
“Ah, Ms. ((L/n), at last we met. You’ve been following me for a while now, I’m glad we get to seeyou in person.” A silky voice spoke from behind you, causing a shiver to run down your spine as you went to turn and aim your gun at him. You winced as something heavy struck the back of your head, knocking you ot the ground.
“Ngh…” you groaned, trying to shake yourself of the encroaching darkness, rolling onto your side and aiming the gun at who you assumed was the collector. ‘Damn, he’s kinda good looking…” you though as the gun fell from your hand, collapsing back as you faded.

You jerked as you came to, your hand flying to where your side arm should have been as you sat up, staring around franticly as you tried to regain your senses and groaned as your head throbbed.
‘Well it seems the collector has ended up collecting me… strange… I thought I’d be killed…” you sigh, rubbing your head as you took in your surroundings.
It appeared to be early morning, a cloudy day ahead according to the grayness outside the barred window in front of you.
You quickly got to your feet, quietly [padding around to try to find a way out. You opened a door, glancing out into a hallway, leading to some stairs, quietly shutting it before searching the other rooms where you were, noticing everyone in the bedrooms were asleep and got yourself into a bathroom. You pushed at the window, groaning slightly as it didn’t budge and tried to find an identifying land mark. You sighed, figuring out you’d have to go down the stairs to escape. You went back to the door, peaking down the stairs and groaned as you noticed the business men working on the floor below you. You slumped down against a wall, sighing and trying to figure a way out of the situation. You didn’t notice you were leaning against a door, yelping quietly as it opened back and fell backwards, groaning as your head throbbed.
“Oh that’s fun…” you mumble, opening your eyes and twitching as you got a full look of the collector.
Tall, unworldly beautiful, green eyes and raven hair.
“Such language from a Lady.” He smiled, leaning down and pulling you to your feet.
“If you haven’t noticed I’m not very lady like. Who are you and why did you take me alive?’ you growl, shoving away from him.
“You so adorably named me the  collector, but my real name is Loki, of Asgard.” He bowed slightly, smirking.
“Loki… of Asgard? You mean the guy who attacked New York three years ago?” you back up to a wall.
“Yes, that would have been me. I was so close to defeating your Avengers that day but they surprised me.” He sighed, stepping towards you, smiling as you twitched.
“And you’ve been going around collecting Odin’s runes, haven’t you. That’s why you took that boy, had the rune of somnus!” you growl.
“Ah, so you know what I’ve been up to. You are smarter than most Midgardians.” He smirked, going to put a hand to your face when you slapped his hand away.
“Why did you take me alive?” you growl.
“In time, love, in time.” He smiled, causing your heart to race a bit.
“Just kill me now because if you don’t I swear I’ll find a way to escape and take you down,.”
“I think not.” He laughed, touching your forehead with a rock. “Somnus.”
“Hmph, that stone was a fake; I noticed it was a replica early on.” You smirk at the shock on his face. “One would think a god could figure that out.”
“Impudent whelp. You will be more useful then I first thought.” He smiled, going to stroke your face when you yet again slapped his hand away.
“I’m not going to help youl”
“You will, in time.” He quickly grabbed your wrist, holding tightly as you struggled and pulled you to a door in the room. “This shall be your chambers, now be a good pet and stay. “
“I’m not going to-!” You start as he opened the door, shoving you in and smirked as you stumbled to the quaint bed.
“Things will get better for you if you listen to me.” He smiled before shutting the door, locking it.

After four years of being a rune slave for Loki you had finally managed to pick the lock on the door to escape. Of course you were debating with yourself if you even wanted to leave this point. Over the years he’d brought you gifts, gotten you a large king bed with silk sheets in (f/c) as well as anything you could ever want.
You sighed as you heard the lock click, opening the door and snuck out into Loki’s room. You stopped dead in your tracks as your eyes fell on Loki’s dresser, noticing all the framed pictures of candid snaps of you doing all sorts of things, including when he woke you up Christmas morning with tons of mistletoe.
You smiled at the memory of that morning, the feeling of being wrapped in warmth as you woke slowly to feather light kisses across you shoulders, squeaking at finding Loki leaning over you with a lovely smile across his face as he flicked little sprigs of mistletoe on you and the bed. At first you had been scared but soon you finally gave into your feelings and stopped being fearful.
That was two weeks ago, he’d been gone since then and you hated to admit it but you missed him. Even though you had been kidnapped you had learned you were a lot alike and you’d never been able to make this kind of connecting with anyone.
You yelped as a pair of hands wrapped around you from behind, quickly flipping the person over your shoulder and sighed as Loki landed softly on his feet.
“Loki?! Damn it don’t do that to me!” you gasp, patting your heart and leaning back against a wall.
“I did not except for you to escape so soon, I thought I’d have another four years before you ran from me.” Loki sighed, sitting on a chair in the corner of his room. “Smarter than most Midgardians, as I said.”
“What have you been up to recently? Two weeks away isn’t exactly your style.” You cross your arms, staring at him.
“Oh, this and that, really. Let me ask, if we had met in the normal way, would you have dated me?” he ecai9imined his hand as he spoke.
“Probably… I’ve never really had a connection with someone else until now…” you stare to the side.
“Well that’s pleasant to hear. Now, why are you trying to run?”
“I haven’t been outside in forever… I want to know what’s going on in the world…” you sigh.
“”If you were to get out, would you come back?”
“Not sure… depends on what you did to the world.”
“What I did-?” he started.
“You collected all the runes, you’ve been gone for two weeks, you were up to something.” You glared at him as he smirked, twitching slightly as he stood and shuddered slightly as he slowly walked over to you.
“Well you are right, I was busy doing something with the world.” He stepped up right in front of you. “I am no extreme ruler of Midgard, but I have left the world to run as it will.  I’ll just put my influence in from time to time.”
“And how many died?” you groan slightly.
“None, actually. That’s why I wanted the runes, and you helped me immensely. So, you have two options.” He leaned to you.
“And what would they be?”
“I could release you back to your FBI…. Or…”
“Or…?” you glanced up at him, your eyes slightly tear filled.
“Or stay and be my queen.” He smiled down at you as your eyes lit up. “OF course we’ll be moving and sharing a bedroom…”
“We more or less do already.” You giggle slightly, causing him to smile.
“I suppose we do.” He chuckled, wrapping an arm around your waist and pulling you to him. “Shall we go?”
“N-now? B-but all our stuff…” you start to panic.
“Already moved, do not worry.” He led you to a door, placing you against the wall. “What here for a minute love, I must fix a few details.”
“Fine….” You groan, sliding down as he went through the door and shut it.

A few hours later you had fallen asleep against the door, yelping as it jerked open and caused you to fall on your back, you groaned as you opened your eyes, twitching slightly as Loki grabbed you by the arms and dragged you to the bed.
“H-how did-? Magic portal?” you ask as he pulled you onto the bed with him.
“Precisely Love.” Loki smiled, waving a hand over you as he stood and laughed as you shrieked slightly.
“Loki changing my clothes to a sheet toga isn’t nice!” you growl, pulling the deep green sheets closer as you turned onto your stomach, burring you face in the pillows.
“But it’s so much fun, Love.” He laughed, fixing something above your head as you glanced at him and blushed slightly.
“Mistletoe? But I thought it’s only a seasonal thing?” you tilt your head at him.
“Yes, but as ruler I can deem their use for anytime.” He lay on your back, kissing your cheek.
“How many?”
‘Two thousand.” He smirked, kissing your neck as you groaned.
“You’re not letting me leave, are you?”
“No, never.” He took your left hand, slipping a ring on your finger before kissing your hand.
So... my dream was a little weird this morning, enjoy
Loki belongs to Marvel
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Your cheeks were burning brightly into a dark shade of red, so much so that you could practically feel the heat emanating from your face and into the air. Your arms were almost trembling as you kept a firm hold on the book in your hands, your eyes so glued to the pages that you couldn’t seem to falter your gaze anywhere else.


The book you were holding was Hentai.


And you were in it.


Your throat was stuck, almost clogged together by machines that denied to work, as you continued to stare at the erotic picture in front of you. You honestly couldn’t even think straight; this situation was definitely not something you were prepared for.


You had gone to Kiku’s house to spend some time with him but for some odd reason, he didn’t seem to be about. You would have left if it wasn’t for a note that he left in the kitchen, telling you that he had gone to a meeting and would be back soon, so you could make yourself at him (he knew you very well on the fact that you visited him without calling first).


So, taking heed to what the note said, you decided to stay at Kiku’s house for a while and wait for him to return. Seconds became minutes, and minutes became hours as you waited for the Japanese man to return with his usual emotionless face and blunt way of speaking, but the meeting must have been very important since he didn’t come back for ages.


The boredom that was circling around you like a prey to its meal had forced you to stop watching uncreative television shows and walk around his house, looking for things that might have been of interest.


You must have stumbled into his room by accident because the next thing you remembered, you were in his Japanese styled bedroom and looking for any manga or anime to watch of his, hoping that he wouldn’t mind, which is how you…got into the situation you were in…


With a box full of hentai books that were dedicated to you and Kiku, of course.


You weren’t even sure how you found it, but now that you have, you couldn’t really pretend it was a bad thing, since you much preferred to know about this box of fun then not to know about it, though you questioned the world around you on why you of all people were the antagonist of the sex books.


It was drawn with incredible detail, every feature and characteristic you had was drawn onto your character, making the drawing of yourself very accurate, though the male who was pleasuring you in the manga looked oddly familiar…maybe even Kiku familiar…


Your gaze was still fixed upon the porn in your hands, as your whole face probably resembled a red traffic light.

‘W-why am I in the manga…?’ You thought to yourself even though you didn’t know the answer.


So focused on the dirty position you were in, in the manga along with the man who was fucking you, you failed to hear your surroundings as footsteps closed in on where you were.


It was too late for you to realize who they may belong to, because before you could react and at least try to hide the stack of doujinshis somewhere so that the owner of the footsteps could not see your guilty position, a black-haired, short man opened the Asian styled door and entered the room, stopping dead in his tracks as he noticed your sitting form near his closet.


You finally looked away from the Japanese styled book in your hand and made eye contact with big, brown, unreadable eyes. The blush that was on your cheeks only seemed to grow, as did the man’s. It was silent for a long time, a very, very long time, before you tried to break the silence with a shaky voice.


“K-Kiku! I-I hadn’t realized you had come b-back…” You stuttered like a fool, smiling awkwardly as you tried to get rid of the anxious atmosphere.


Kiku, who was still blushing a dark red, didn’t really have a response to give to you, as he just continued to stare without realizing, his world shattering as you now knew his dirty little secret.


Eventually, he lifted his hand, and even though he knew it was not polite to stare and point, he gestured to the big, cardboard box next to you full of arousing stories. “W-where did you f-find that…?”

Quickly shoving the book in your hand in the box, finally realizing that you were still holding it, you continued your shy eye contact with Kiku but pointed towards the closet. “I-In there…”

Still trying to calm his blush down and act collected in this situation, even though he knew it would be of no use or help, he asked with an embarrassed tone of voice, “W-why were you looking there…?”

“I-I got bored…” You admitted quietly, looking down at your lap to avoid Kiku’s gaze.


An awkward silence once again filled the oxygenated room, as you both did not know what to say in this sort of situation, since it was never one you both thought would occur. There were so many questions to ask one another, but neither of you had the balls to say any.


Rubbing the back of your neck with your right hand, you bashfully grinned, and tried to keep your stare on Kiku. “I-If it makes you feel better, y-you’re a really good drawer Kiku…”

Kiku blushed even more if possible, as he thought of so many things to say to that. Some were a lot more perverted then he thought he could imagine, and he held back every part of his willpower not to say them, since he did not want to make this situation more embarrassing then it was.



You picked up the cardboard box and put it back in his closet and closed the door, deciding it would be best if they were not in the presence of the two of you anymore.


A thought popped into your strange yet wonderful mind, and when you imagined the outcome, a big, cheeky smirk graced your beautiful features. To dear God you were still abashed about what happened, but you couldn’t let this opportunity pass up when you had the chance to say your little ‘plan’~


“I wonder if you’re as good in real life as you are in these books~” You teased, showing your bold smirk to Kiku, who’s face exploded into a red firework, along with his neck.

Though, what you were expecting next was something entirely different, that it took you by surprise when it happened. You never thought it was going to escalate like this, but to be honest, you weren’t begging for it to stop either.


Arms wrapped around your waist, as you stiffened at the contact, your confidence disappearing dramatically at the hug (which surprised you more, since you knew Kiku was not a fan of hugging). The scent of tea and cherry blossom filled your nose as you felt the gentle breeze of someone’s breath on your ear.

“I guess we’ll have to see, won’t we~?”

God, I am so sorry :iconmomiji1999:, my perverted mind got the best of me. :iconsweatplz:

Anywaaaaaaaaay! This story is a special present for my good friend :iconmomiji1999: for her birthday~! She requested a Japan x Reader, short story so here you go sweetheart~! Itotallydonotregretmakingthisaspervertedaspossiblemwahahahahaha! //shot

I hope you like it, and I wish you a very happy birthday and a great year to come! :D

Oh, and I didn't bother with translating 'Arigato' because I think you all know what it means, right? xD

(Disclaimer: I don't own Hetalia, Japan, the picture or you~)

I leave you with Japan's pervertedness! :iconponderingjapanplz:
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Austria x Reader: I am not jealous!
You were doing a pajama party in your house with your two best friends, (friend name1) and (friend name2). When you finished dinner, you sat on a couch and started talking calmly.
“Let’s talk about love, dears…!” (F/1) said.
“Love?” You asked. You sighed so; you didn’t like too much talking about this topic.
“Yes! Well, now tell me, what guy do you like?” (F/1) questioned, quickly, with a big smirk in his face.
“Now I am in love with a cute guy called Tino”. (F/2) answered at (F/1)’s annoying inquiry.
“Tino Väinämöinen? He is in 1st A!” You exclaimed. You thought he was too young for her! You three went to Gakuen Hetalia. (F/1) and (your name) were in 4th B class and (F/2) in 3rd A.
“Yeah, he’s adorable!” (F/1) exclaimed, smiling. “And you, (your name)?”
You looked away, irritated. You didn’t want answer your friend’s question, and you WON’T answer it!
“Hey, you can’t avoid it! What guy do you like? You must answer! We’re your best friends!” (F/1) insisted, glaring, angry, at you.
“(Y/N), come on! You know, we won’t tell anyone!” (F/2) encouraged you.
You sighed again and nodded. “But you can’t laugh at me, okay?” You caught air and said, troubled:
“I fell in love with one of my friends. I think he only wants me as a friend, but…”
“WHO IS HE?!” (F/1) and (F/2) yelled at the same time.
“R-R-Roderich Edelstein…” You finally mumbled.
“No way. Really? I can’t believe it! I thought you had better taste with guys, sweetie…” (F/1) murmured, disappointed. “What do you like of him?”
“Everything.” You said with a grin in your face. “He’s kind, well-spoken… and he likes classical music and loves playing the piano, just like me! We have a lot interests in common.”
“I think he isn’t very handsome, sincerely. But if you like him…” (F/2) said.
“You don’t see his really beauty, his heart. Actually, he’s my friend, not yours, and you only see his physic and don’t appreciate his character, like all girls in the Academy.” You blurted out, furious.
“Okay, okay. We didn’t want to hurt you, (y/n)… I’m sorry if I did it.” (F/1) apologized for her comment. “Then, can we go to bed?”
“What hour is it?” You asked with a yawn.
“3:15 AM” (F/2) said. “I think we should sleep because tomorrow we won’t get up…!” You go to your bedroom and when you were in your beds, (F/2) switch off the light.
“Goodnight, my loves.” (F/1) said.
“Sleep well.” (y/n) wished. And a pair of minutes later, you were sleeping like a log.

((Next day in Gakuen Hetalia))

You met your friend Roderich at the entrance of the high-school. He looked at you, happy. His gorgeous violet eyes were filled with a sparkle of joy.
“Guten morgen, (y/n). Wie geht’s Ihnen? [1]“ He asked thoughtfully. You could understand his beautiful words in German because you were learning this language. You blushed, looking attracted at him.
“I’ve told you a lot of times you can address informally to me. But I think I love when you talk to me so politely.  Roderich, I need to tell you something important…” Tried to say, biting your lip.
“Szia, guys![2]” Hungary interrupted you, smiling at Austria. “What are you talking about?”
“Oh, nothing.” You mumbled, sorrowfully. You wanted to express your feelings for him. You didn’t know why, but Elizabeta was always there, annoying you. What did she want? Was she jealous because you were one of Austria’s best friends?
The bell rang and all the students had to enter to the academy and start the lessons. The first class was geography. You liked it, but during all the class you were very distracted. You couldn’t stop looking at Austria, awestruck.
“And… What is the capital of Russia, (y/n)?” The teacher questioned at you. All the class looked at you, and you answered, quickly:
“Moscow, Mrs./Mr. (Teacher’s name)!” You exclaimed, worried.
“Very well, (y/n). Now, pay attention at class, or I’ll drop your grade.” (t/n) said, angrily.

((The class finished. Break time))

You went to the music’s room to meet Austria. He liked to go to that silent class and play the piano calmly, and you enjoyed a lot with his incredible music-skills. You met Roderich in the choir of Gakuen Hetalia, he was the director and you were one of the singers. He was only sixteen years old, but he knew very well how to direct a choir. There you met him better and you became good friends before and he taught you music and German. Austria was very kind with you and your dream was to be his girlfriend. You’ve always dreamed this since you met Roderich, but you knew it was very difficult, because he was very handsome and a lot of girls liked him.
Like Hungary.
But when you arrived to the music class, you find Hungary sitting on the piano bench next to your beloved Roderich, really close to him. And your world fell apart. All your dreams and wishes were smashed in only a second.
You slammed the door, full of tears, and then you sat down on the floor next to the room’s door, and you began to cry silently.
“Did you hear this noise, Eli?” Austria said, worried. “Have you seen who it was?”
“No, drágám…” [3] The Hungarian whispered at Roderich’s ear seductively.
He stepped back and expected: “Don’t call me like that, bitte.” He studied Hungarian enough to know what this word means.
You could hear all the conversation, so you pull yourself up against the door, still crying, to hear it better.
“Why not?” Elizabeta said. “I still love you, and I know you too…” She took his hand and caressed it. She approached the Austrian and tried to kiss him, but he stepped back again. “I love you, you love me, what’s wrong?”
Then you understood everything. Elizabeta was jealous because you passed a lot of time with Austria, the guy he liked; and you now were jealous of her too. Actually, you could never take the next step, because when you tried it, Hungary was always there…!
“Elizabeta, I am so sorry. I don’t love you. You made me too hurt.” He said, adjusting his glasses. Your heart broke a little bit more when you heard these words. What did she do!? You started to sob again thinking of the heartbroken Roderich.
“Roderich! I said, I say and I’ll say every day if you want that I’m so sorry! I didn’t want to do this, but…”
“We went out. I was happy with you, but you weren’t. You loved Prussia, not me. I adored you a lot, Eli! But we were through.” The Austrian concluded, sternly. He got up from the piano bench and when he was about to left the room, he said:
“After everything you did me… I can trust in love again. I think I’m in love with a special girl, it’s not you, and I’ll cross all the Earth if it’s necessary to obtain her love!” And with these inspiring words, Roderich left the music classroom and saw you crying on the floor, disconsolate. He gave you a warm hug and leaded you to the Academy’s playground. And ten seconds later, you could hear a yell of rage.
It was Elizabeta’s voice. That made you laugh.
He found an empty bench, and you two sit down on it. He kissed your cheek, and you could feel how your face was burning as fire.
“Did you hear everything, didn’t you?” He asked. You nodded, cleaning your tears with a tissue.
“I’m sorry” You murmured.
“I shouldn’t act like this. Entschuldigung.[4] It’s your private life, not mine. And your love relationship with Hungary isn’t my business, I…”
“Yeah. All of us do things that we shouldn’t do.” Sighed the Austrian. The sunlight illuminated his pale skin and his hair danced in the air’s melody. “Like this” And gave you a sweet peck on the lips. You closed your eyes and your heart start beating faster.
“Es tut mir leid [5], I shouldn’t act like this too… But I liked it.” He said, smiling. You swallowed.
“Austria…” You started, with a tender tone of voice. “Ich liebe dich…”
And he, grinning more for hearing your gorgeous words in his native language, responded:
“(y/n)… Ich liebe dich. Nun und für immer... [6]“
And then you French kissed him while he hugged you tightly. You both were deeply in love, so you started a love relationship since this unforgettable day. Then, you understood that you were made for each other.
[1]: Guten Morgen. Wie geht es Ihnen: Good morning. How are you? (German)
[2]: Szia: Hi (Hungarian) 
[3]: Drágám: Sweetheart, dear (Hungarian)
[4]: Entschuldigung: Sorry (German)
[5]: Es tut mir leid: I'm sorry (German)
[6]: Ich liebe dich. Nun und für immer: I love you. Now and forever.

The translations in Hungarian are from Google Translator (I know it isn't too reliable, but I don't know Hungarian...) and German translations were made by me (I learn German) :)


Hi! It's my second Austria x Reader. I hope you liked it!
Important: I'm studying English. If you detect any mistakes in the text, please notificy me! Thank you so much!

I do not own Hetalia. Hidekaz Himaruya does. ^^ If Hetalia was mine, I'd marry Roderich <3 honhonhon

Story (c) :icondeolindaearthbound: 

You (c) :iconsexyaustriaplz:
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Discord x Pony! Reader.  Friends?

"Good morning my dear (y/n)!!!" His demonic voice came from somewhere in your bedroom. You sat up in bed, mane messy, ears floppy and still half asleep. Discord was tormenting you...again. Every morning for the past two weeks he would wake you with that same line.

You looked around the room and as suspected, he had made himself invisible or was hiding under the bed...

'Why me?' You thought, 'out of all the ponies in Equestria why me?!?!' Reluctantly you got out of bed and made your way towards your dresser where you proceeded to brush your (f/c) mane and tail.

Once fully groomed you trotted downstairs where there was no doubt a chaotic surprise waiting for you.

And of course, you were right. The entire room had been turned upside down. Literally. The floor was on the ceiling and the ceiling was on the floor. Oddly enough the furniture remained in place and was now defying gravity.

You twitched your eye then screamed, "RRRRGH DISCORD!!!!!!!!!"

The draconequus materialised in front of you. "Yyyeeeeeesss????" He asked innocently.


"But why? I think the room looks lovely this way!" He pouted.

"WHY WONT YOU JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!!!" You screamed then cantered out the door.


You sat on the edge of the Everfree forest beside the river. You gazed at your reflection in the calm water.

Suddenly there were hoofsteps approaching behind you.

"Hey discord." You greeted blankly.

The hoofsteps stopped. Then there were two reflections in the water. Discord pawed at the water creating small ripples.

There was an awkward silence between the two of you until you decided to speak up.

"Why won't you leave me alone?" You asked in a kinder tone than this morning.

He took a minute to think before answering. "Well, You see it's because..."

He almost seemed...shy?

"Because...?" You asked in your sweet melodic voice. You shifted your gaze to meet his.

"Because...I get lonely."

"What?! What about Fluttershy and her friends? I thought you hung about with them?!"

"Oh I do. Not all the time though. They are many a time of adventuring or learning about the magic of friendship." He said in a slightly sarcastic tone. You giggled. " it's just I like having friends so I want lots."

"So you want to be friends with me?"


"Okay then first let me tell you something. You don't make friends by sneaking into their house every morning, waking them up and trashing their living room!!!" You smiled.

"What??????? *gasp* I didn't know that!" He said in his regular witty tone.

"Well if you stop that then, of course we can be friends!"

"Hoorah! Another pal!" He cheered scooping you up and giving you a noogie.

"Hey stop! You'll mess up my mane!" You giggled.

"Like that!" He pointed to your mane witch now looked like and actual birds nest.

"Very funny. Now change it back!" With one quick click of his claws your perfect mane was perfect again. "So! Do you want to go get a cupcake at sugar cube corner?"

"It would be an honor!" He bowed and extended his paw. You took it and began to walk back into town with your new friend.

"You know what (y/n)?! I think this is the start of a beeeeeeautiful friendship!"

"Don't push your luck pal!"
This is for :iconzaraemerald: hope you like it! Sorry if it's not what you wanted, this is my first with a mlp character I didn't know whether to make it soft or spicy, so I went with soft. 

Let me know what you think! I might do more mlp one shots through summer, if you like them that is!

If you would like me to do one of your favourite characters I'd be happy to just let me know what character you'd like! I'll get round to doing it at some point.

comments please! And enjoy!
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Bonjour, you seem to be very interested in this painting. It's an untitled painting. Ohonhonhon, it was painted by a very talented artist who went missing after she completed it. There's even a story why she's missing. If you don't mind listening to an old man's story, I'll tell you about it.

(Name) sighed as she sat in her bed, staring out at the window. It was early spring, light pink cherry blossoms were blooming. She mused over how much life is like a flower. It would bloom beautifully at it's prime before withering up and die. Sadly, name won't live to see the blossoms at their prime. Cancer had invaded her body, and nearly took her life.

Luckily, the doctors save her, but they couldn't save her voice in time. Oh no, she does not want to die. (Name) actually refuses to die despite being mute, but she's already living on borrowed time. Her will power would only take her this far. She sometimes wish she could be somewhere with her love one or maybe a place where she could talk.

A steady heart beat could be heard from machines connected to her arm. An I.V. drip slowly into a tube connecting to her veins. Uneatened breakfast lie on a table next to her.

"Bonjour my lovely (Name)! How are you?" Asked an energetic Frenchman as he bursted noisily into (Name)'s room and rushed over to her side.

(Name) turned and smiled a closed lip smile at her friend, Francis. She took out a pencil and a notebook from nearby to write down her part of the conversation.

I am fine, you?

The two exchanged a lively conversation, despite what it might seemed to an one sided conversation to an onlooker. They talked about life, friends, and the past they spent together. Smiling and laughing about the old times as time ran by. Before long, it visiting time was over and Francis was forced to leave.

(Name) was along in her room again. She waited patiently for her check up and her therapy session. Of course waiting this long bored her, without knowing it, she drifted off to sleep.

"Vladimir!" Greeted (Name) as she ran up to a strawberry blonde man with lively dark scarlet eyes.

"Long time no see, (Name)," laughed Vladimir as he lifted her up and spun her around once before setting her down.

The two walked into a humble cottage surrounded by blooming cherry blossoms. (Name) smiled contentedly as she walked hand in hand with her crush. She knows this is one of her dreams since she could talk. Personally, she doesn't care that's she's dreaming. She is just happy to be able to talk and spend time with her imaginary crush. They spent some time updating each other before Vladimir brought up a sensitive subject.

"You know, this is a dream right?" He asked.

(Name) stiffened at that before answering in a brief sentence. 

"Yes. I know you're not real," she answered softly as if she said it loudly, her dream would shatter apart.

They sat in silence, sipping their tea. The cheerful atmosphere quickly changed and turned tense.

<em?"Vladimir, I don't have long to live…"</em>

The strawberry blonde nodded sadly before changing the topic.

"The cherry blossoms are blooming rather late," he dully noted.

"Too bad I won't be able to see them in full bloom," replied (Name) before drinking her tea.

After their pleasant tea time, they talked some more before bidding each other good bye.

(Name) woke to the gentle shaking of the nurse. She recieved her daily dose of medicine and was sent off in a wheel chair to have her therapy.

Given the choice to either interact with other patients in the therapy room or do their own activities,  (Name) sat by herself near a window. She was painting the cherry blossoms outside. Using a sketching pencil, she drew light strokes across the canvas to form the scenery. She stared wonderingly at what she should add to the picture. Vladimir popped up into her mind. (Name) drew a light sketchy outline of him.

After hesitating for a second, she added another figure. Grabbing the tubes of paint, (Name) squirted them onto a spare piece of paper and mixed them. She began to fill up the painting. Bright pink cherry blossoms in full bloom occupied the rich dark brown trees. Deep sky blue with wisps of white clouds filled the sky up. Dark and light green strokes of paint created soft patches of grass that looks inviting to lay down on. A humble light tan cottage stood in front of the trees.In front of the door, stood a smiling strawberry blonde man. Red eyes  sparkled with mischief and energy. A playful smirk occupied his pale face and a canine teeth could be seen poking out of his mouth. The man wore a dark olvie green trench coat lined with white and knee lengthed black boots with coffee brown pants. On his head perched a small top hat decorated with a red and a white ribbon dancing in the wind.

"I wish I could be with Vladimir…" thought (Name) dreamily.

(Name) felt a soft tap on her shoulder. She turn around to see a smiling nurse telling her it's time to go back. (Name) smiled back and requested that when the painting dried, she wants it in her room. She was then takened the cafeteria to have lunch with other patients.

They were rather cheerful and talkative despite the strong smell of cleaning products to mask the smell of death. They sat in a circular table eating and having a conversation between bites. (Name) sat there in silence, unable to talk, but she listened to the conversation. A man to her right was reliving his old days before he lost his family to a car crash. A lovely young lady across the table joked around about her cats. To (Name)'s right, a white haired old man was telling folklores from throughout the world.

(Name) listened to the old man talk about magic. How one's wish could come true if they wish hard enough. She sighed as she finished her meal.

"If only it was that simple…"  She thought as she was wheeled back to her room.Her picture layed on her the table next to her as requested. She picked it up to study it. (Name) pondered over who the blank figure should be. She kept on thinking and thinking. Maybe she should sign it first, then finish it.

Using a sharpie she hid under her pillow, she scribbled her name onto a corner.

(Name) rubbed her eyes feeling sleepy. The machine next to her beeped rhythmically, luring her into a deep sleep. As her heavy lids closed, (Name) swear she could hear Vladimir calling out to her.

The machine soon fell into a monotonous beep.

"Vladimir! " shouted (Name) as she ran to him.

Cherry blossoms in full bloom decorated the trees. Occasionally, a petal or two would drift down. The sky was blue with clouds moving lazily by.

"(Name)! You're still alive!"

The two embraced each other and happiness. They walked hand In hand Into the cottage to have tea together and catch up on their news.

Ohonhonhon, that's the story. Some think (Name) died and they secretly removed the body. Others think she got her wish granted. You know what I think? If you look closely at the painting, I think that she's in their living happily with Vladimir, but what a silly old man knows? Oh, I have to leave the hospital now, visiting hours are closed.

Brain barf powered by procrastination for the contest [link]

Cliche plot+ Failed attempt at Romania+ typing at night= This horror.

Hetalia (c) not mine
You (c) Romania

Sorry for the hurried quality. Summer messes up the dates and my schedule.
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