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V woke up with a gigantic headache. She grumbled as she started to gain consciousness. When her vision was fully restored, she jumped up to her paws by shock; jaw dropped. She was now inside an enormous cell, big enough to put two bull-class dragons side to side though she was completely alone in the cage. It was basically like a gigantic cell for humans but V somehow knew that this couldn’t be an ordinary human jail; mostly because she was a dragon there. V happened to look down at her paws, seeing that she was in her legendary form. The question was however: What happened? Why am I in this state?

The dragoness tried to concentrate what had concluded to this. She then stomped her paw at the ground, growling, remembering.

She and her rider, Fell Dixon, were fighting a group of thugs that were stealing dragons in their booster forms. While the thugs were storing dragons away in their dragon-units, V and Fell came to the rescue. Then the dragon thieves had their eyes on V. They managed to take Fell off of the saddle of V and they unfortunately took her. Now, she woke up in this cell, gearless.

Walking up to the bars, looking through, she noticed that she was at the end of a long hall with other cages but the others were empty. She checked again to reassure if she was totally alone, which she us, and started to back up to the end of the cell. She started to charge, bowing her head in a ramming position, at the bars. CLANG!

Her ears began to ring with her legs walking aimlessly until she fell to the floor, with a dopey smile on her face. The smile faded as she stood to her paws again, shaking sense to her head. After the ringing, V then heard something else. She took a few steps to the cell door then looked out, without poking her head through the bars (although the bars were too thin and close to do that).

It was yelling.

“LET… ME… GO!” yelled a voice of a young woman; a very young woman.

“Stop squirming, brat!” yelled one of the thugs holding her down.

There were two adult thugs escorting a young girl down the chamber; having the girl in purple magenergry handcuffs. The girl looked like the age of thirteen or fourteen and she had some dark skin. She was wearing a completely black suit with a white design that seemed to start from her neck to the very end with other thick lines going over her shoulders. She had black hair on her head, tied up in a ponytail.

She seemed to be fighting her way out but the men had her shoulders, forcing her to walk. Her body tried to swing free but she still couldn’t escape the grip of the two muscular men. It seemed that her pony tail was now swinging like a dragon prowling for an attack, thanks to the movement she kept doing to break free.

The men then led her to V’s cage, surprisingly. V took paces back until her tail touched the wall behind her, watching. Everything seemed too happen too fast. The thugs opened the cell door and threw the girl to the floor, making her land on her stomach; the handcuffs then faded away. Before she could get up to try to escape, one of the men picked her up by her collar and banged her to the wall. The other then shot green trapping gear to her direction, making the man duck, until the gear had trapped the girl. V would have done something but it was too fast that she had to think of what just happened. The girl was hanging on the wall and the men left triumphantly out of the cell, closing and locking the door.

“There, freak!” said the one who spoke earlier. “Maybe you can learn how to be more human by this dragon!”

“That makes no sense.” said the other man, dully and stupidly. “She’s human and that’s a dragon. The dragon is not human so how can you learn to be human from a dragon?”

“Shut up, idiot.”

The two men then left the cell, leaving the girl hand V alone. V winced softly, seeing the girl snapping her mouth at the guards much like an angry dragon. She didn’t know if she was imagining, but when the girl panted angrily it sounded like she was snarling. Finally, she stopped and sighed. V only watched her as if she was a show on the freak circus. The girl then noticed, turning her head.

“Um,” the girl started. “Hi?”

Hello.” V rumbled. “I know you can’t understand me but I’m asking anyway. You okay?

V almost jumped at the girl’s response.

“Yeah, I’m okay.” The young human said. “And yes, I understand you.”

The girl then gave a shocked look. “Hey, you’re the legendary Navy Blue Dragon! I know you, but of course you probably don’t know me. Your name is Victoria, isn’t?”

“Uh, yeah.” V felt awkward. How did this girl know her name and understand her? “Who are you?”

“Well, beg my pardon.” The girl said. “I’m Dieana. I’m a dragon booster too, just like your rider, Fell Dixon.”

“How do you know this and how can you understand dragons?” V asked.

“I can also speak dragon, too, in human form.” Dieana said, smiling.

V was truly confused.

Dieana then coughed, shifting her voice into draconic growls. “I think you can now understand me clearly as I growl. Am I right?

V slowly nodded, amazed and freaked out at the same time.

Well, I’m a dragonborn. To explain basically, it’s like a Dragon Knight, that we can turn into dragons or half dragon by will. I happened to be a daughter of a what-he-was-going-to-be dragon priest so I know a lot about legendary dragons and prophecies. I’m also friends with other priests as well. I was blessed to understand and speak dragon too. I was chosen to be a dragon booster of gold, becoming the golden dragonborn. But now let’s learn about you. How did you get here?

I was helping captured dragons to be free but I got caught myself.” V explained in dragon.

Same here.” Dieana growled softly, having an angered expression as her growling went louder. “I was helping the dragons, speaking to them for, like I said, I understood them. Those two incompetents saw me speaking to a dragon. They wanted me to translate and I did what they said. So, instead of taking the dragon I was talking to, they took me. Scales, I’m an idiot! I should have just ripped the stuffing out of them!

Dieana seemed to snarl loudly but she cooled down. Her head was temporarily turned away from V but she returned to look down at her. She then spoke in her human voice. “So, you know. Now I’m just hanging around.”

V chuckled softly, understanding the small joke. “I just wish we could do something to free the other dragons but we need to escape ourselves.

“I’ve heard of this place.” Dieana said. “This facility has multiple dragon cell chambers. There’s this one button that can unlock all the cells.”

Her eyes went shifty too see if anyone was nearby. Dieana then shift to dragon rumbles. “I could get us out of here, for I know the grounds, but I need you to get me out of this green trapping gear.

How do I break you free?” V softly rumbled.

Just hit the middle of the gear with your tail.

V nodded, getting a determined feeling and expression. She turned around and faced the wall. The dragon raised her tail and swung it at the gear. V closed her eyes, feeling the tip of her tail be softly zapped, as sparks flew out of the ramming gear. Her tail then slithered away as she stomped to turn around to Dieana.  

Just like what Dieana said, the girl flew right off; making Dieana fall down to the floor. As if she had cat-like reflexes, Dieana landed on her feet perfectly. She then turned to V smiling. “Nice!” Dieana said, giving her a thumbs-up. “Now we need to get out of this cell. Follow my lead.”

The girl faced the bars’ direction and growled something in dragon. V watched with her eyes widened. There was a golden glow around the girl, like a dragon producing a large mag attack. The glow became larger, so large that it almost blinded V in the cell. V watched as the glow seemed to be changing shape. She then couldn’t see a human shape but now a dragon. When the glow finally faded, V gasped. Dieana was now a dragon.

Dieana was a star-class dragon that was white with a black underbelly and chin. She had black racing marks on her and spikes that represented the membranes for the fins on her forelegs. On her hind legs, she had black membranes and golden webbings. She had a legendary marking on her side that actually looked like a snake. On her chin was a large golden line that spread along her jaw. Over on the top jaw were three horns and along the sides were two long whiskers that dropped to the jaw. She was clearly in her booster form but as a dragon. Though, since Dieana was really younger than V, she was a very small dragon.

Whoa.” V breathed in dragon.

“Yeah,” Dieana said in a human voice, amazingly. “But in this form, I prefer you call me Gem.”

V just gawped at her. Dieana’s voice was deeper as a dragon and V didn’t know if she was just thinking it, but it seemed that Gem was sterner than Dieana.

Gem began to glow again, her head turned to V. “Do a mag overload with me!

V realized what she was doing. They had to use their powers to break the cell! Of course! Unless they had ramming gear then they may have a chance to break free but of course they didn’t have any. There was the green trapping gear that lay on the floor lifeless but what good could that do. So, V gained a glow of her draconium influence and started to make it stronger, mimicking Gem.  
They both simultaneously magged a stream at the bar, combining their energies together. After a minute of no action with the bars, Gem started to activate large ripples in her stream to make hers stronger. By then the bars seemed to bend.

STRONGER!” Gem roared at V.

V closed her eyes and concentrated harder, also adding more ripples to the stream. The metal started to bend more. It was working slowly, they both knew; so they both produced their magstreams stronger. This felt like an eternity to V that she hoped that her (and Gem’s) scales weren’t steam out of exhaustion. What if this didn’t work? What if they would use all of their magenergy before they even proceed to the rescuing? V couldn’t think of this now. She had to think of breaking the-

A large clanking thud then echoed. That was the cue for them to stop their magging. V exhaled in relief. Gem trotted out and roared in victory. Gem looked back at V, chest and chin high, and rumbled, “Come on Victoria, we got some hero work to do.

YEAH!” V roared. “But you can just call me V.

V started to charge down the chamber, Gem quickly following, and stopped when they reached a large hall that seemed to have other large doors that led to the dragon cells. “Are you going to lead the way, since you know this... facility?” She rumbled to Gem.

Right.” Gem nodded. “We’ll have to go to the control room where they have all the stolen gears and where we can open all the cell doors. Problem is that the control room has a lot of thugs and their dragons. But I’m pretty sure that we dragons of legends can handle that. Right, V?

Yeah. But hey, wouldn’t they realize that their human prisoner is gone and they’ll suspect you’re this dragon?

It doesn’t matter. But I do need to be human in order to actually go in the room. Their doorway is too thin for a dragon to go in. Now, come on!

The two raced down the hall, Gem leading, until they were at the main room that also led to the control room. The room connected to the control room was very large that there had to be around thirty riders and their dragons. Everyone, including the dragons, was having their own conversations in groups, until V and Gem burst into the room. All the thugs and dragons turned to look at the two with blank expressions. After ten seconds of silence, everyone started yelling, mounted on their dragons, and charged at the legendary dragons.

Before V was about to do attacks at one of the closest charging dragons, Gem had a dark golden glow around herself. The golden light exploded and it seemed to mag most of the riders off of their saddles. The explosion was very strong that the room was in a long yellow flash of fog; glowing brightly that it was almost blind to see where everything was. V winced at the light, but she saw a figure running through the light. It was Dieana and she was running to the control room.

After the image of the girl running disappeared, a loud alarm rang throughout the facility. Over the alarm, V overheard a man yelling.


A voice that sounded like a mechanical female voice came on during the alarm.

“WARNING! WARNING! Release button has been pressed! Release button has been pressed! Release button has been pressed… All dragon cells are opened... Gear returning system has been activated.”

After the robotic voice finished her announcement the yellow light faded and everything was visible. V’s jaw dropped in amazement. The room was now felled with the imprisoned dragons, now free, and attacking the remaining thugs that didn’t run away. As soon all the thugs left the facility, gear was literally flying around the room, returning to their correct owners of their dragon. V didn’t know if this was possible for gear to do this, but then she remembered that it was a system of the facility. It still didn’t seem possible for flying gear to go to their correct dragons.

But it happened.

V saw her gear zooming for her and she magged it on herself. After the dragons that had gear got everything they needed, all the dragons, and V found herself, roared in victory. Soon, they started to bust through the opened door that can let a stampede of dragons (like themselves) run out. Before V was about to charge for the exit, she felt that her gear saddle had small weight added on it. Her eyes went back and saw Dieana on her saddle. They then both smiled.

V began to run with the rest of the dragons and roared in joy. Dieana let out a fist and pumped it in the air and yelled “YEAH!”

Happy Late Birthday :icondoomawolfsvain:!

Sorry that this was late but I hope you enjoy this little story. I originally was going to write a night fury story but I’ve realized I am a bit ignorant on some night fury facts. So… I thought I’d brought up the almighty Navy Blue Dragon of Legend with a lowly dragon booster.

Well… I’m all out of words… it’s been like that lately… :iconwthplz:

I hoped your birthday was a nice one!

Dragon Booster© Nerd Corps Entertainment, The Story Hat

V, Fell Dixon ©:icondoomawolfsvain:

Gem/Dieana ©:icondianagem: (me)

Dragonborn(s) ©:iconarthapenn:
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The two dragonesses were running through the woods, both panting, within the calm afternoon. One of them was a black-scaled Northern-Eastern Drake (which was a drake with eastern dragon elements) and the other a thin blue ice dragon with feathery wings. Gem was the drake and Krystal was the winged dragon. They were running from a dragonslayer, which was a problem Gem had caused; being her reckless self.

Gem had asked her friend Krystal to help her out on a special “assignment”. Of course Gem didn’t tell her what it was until Krystal found it out herself. Gem had tried to steal some gold (for that was what she did in a past life) from some rich citizens from a far off village from the kingdom she lived in. She brought Krystal just in case for an attack but there was one force that they couldn’t win from. A dragonslayer which had the sword that was able to do the killing for him. That caused the dragonesses to flee.

Krystal had to follow Gem through bushes and long branched out trees in an absent-minded way because she had no idea where Gem was even leading. During the run, she had asked “Why can’t we just fly away?”

“I’ve seen one of those swords before.” Gem had responded, “He could just kill us on sight in the air. Eh, sorry for bringing you into this. I didn’t think this slayer would come up in the scene.”

“You could have just told me that you wanted to make your hoard of treasure bigger.” Krystal had called back, ducking her head under the branch Gem was whacked by in front of her.

“Eh,” Gem hissed. “I’m going to admit, this is pretty fun; especially with you. Although I might not have a children if I get slain.”

They ran for ten minutes but stopped to rest. Things seemed very silent. Gem’s ears and nostrils twitched for a hint of the dragonslayer.

“I think we lost him.” She said.

“Well, that’s good.” Krystal replied. “But where are we?”

The two looked around in unison, finishing their scoping by meeting face to face. They were now in a gap in the middle of the woods. Gem took the first step and walked off. Krystal quickly followed.

“We’re lost.” Krystal announced.

“Yeah,” Gem had a smile on her snout, “Which makes it more fun for us.”

Krystal didn’t mind to think if Gem meant it sarcastically, but she then said: “I think we’re being followed.”

Gem looked behind her, “I don’t see anything. I think you’re trippin’.”

Krystal looked back herself and protested “I’m sure.” Though, there was no one behind them.

Gem then stopped, sniffed the air, and told Krystal that there was no scent nearby. It was good to believe in Gem, for she had some imperial dragon wisdom but sometimes she could be so sarcastic and show as if she doesn’t have those smarts. Though, the whiskers were a big giveaway.

“Do you think-“ Krystal softly squeaked into a whisper. “Slenderman!”

“What? Nah!”

“I’m serious, Gem. He could be following us right now.”

“You’ve been playing Slender again have you? You know, in your human life.”

Krystal shrugged, “Maybe.”

The dragonesses then continued walking, trying to find their way out. “We still can’t risk flying.” Gem declared, “He could still send that sword to kill us. Damn flying magic sword…. Piece of s-“

Krystal then jumped in front of Gem, saying “Look!”

“Wha?” The eastern-like dragon’s whiskers twitched. Since there wasn’t really anything to look at, Gem decided to walk around her but she was then whacked in the face again by a random branch; making her fall on her back but her landing was softened a bit by her mane. Something then landed softly on her snout.

Reacting hardly, she spurted and placed the item in her claw.  It was a piece of parchment. It had writing on it. Gem then gave a scared look at the parchment, which would look a bit humorous to a viewer.

“Um, Gem?” Krystal walked next to her fallen friend, “Please tell me that’s just a funny picture and you just look like that.”

“I’m afraid I’m not constipated.” Gem grunted as she stood to her claws. “Check this out.”

The black dragon passed the paper to her friend. Krystal then gave a shock expression.

There was an image on the parchment that had a tall figure. It looked like a man in a modern formal suit, having a red tie and all; his skin extremely pale white. There seemed to be no face on his head. Faceless. That was proof that that was the dangerous, frightening, creature known as the Slenderman. Upon the creature on the parchment was scribbled writing that said “Thys face art thou man gon?”

When Krystal gave the paper back, Gem’s whisker twitched as she tossed away the paper with an unimpressed expression. She walked on ahead, her ice dragon friend following.

“I think we should fly now.” Krystal said after a minute of walking in silence.

Gem’s eyes blinked slowly in that bored way that dogs do when sleepy “Can’t risk it. He’ll kill us. Yada-yada.”

“What about-“

“Krystal.” Gem started to snarl a chuckle. “Come on, we’re dragons for Great Shen-Lung’s sake! Plus, you got me; your crazy friend Gem. We can both kick Slender’s sorry butt if he ever comes here. Plus, he may not even exist.”

Gem turned to Krystal’s side and softly nudged her snout to Krystal’s. “We’ll be okay.” She said softly. She tried to remain calm, for she didn’t want to admit but she was fearful of the creature coming. But being a Northern-Eastern Drake, she was pretty tough.

The two then looked at the road but they then remained still. Both felt suddenly nauseous, having a freezing chill on their spines. They shot up, standing straight. Gem’s ears flattened, having a huge toothy frown on her face. Krystal’s jaw had gapped into a huge frown as well. Gem and Krystal, with both of their hearts pounding, turned their head slowly behind themselves, and turned back.


Happy Very, Very, VERY Be Lated Birthday :iconbrightblue925:

Anywho… this is my little turdy gift. I know… I wrote this one very crappy but I hope you can forgive me. I must say sorry too… I know this is very, very, very, very late but sorry :I. I’ve been too busy and I had an odd schedule that I had to submit this very late. Emergerd it’s so late :,(

Though, I can now do more things here on dA… hopefully… for now I’m on summer break.

But anywho, I hope you enjoyed this little turdy gift. You can guess what happens at the end.

Maybe Gem and/or Krystal kicked butt :iconicameplz:

Hoped you had an epic birthday, Diamond Bro! :iconbrofistplz:



Slenderman©The great legends of the Slenderman creature from man.

EDIT: I've added a preview image of Gem and Krystal and... HIM :stare:

I created the dragons but I DID NOT create the Slenderman creature.
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Dragon TF Stories
Collection by

A Unique Workout



“Yep: you need to get in better shape.” The girl in front of me tugged some of the skin on my upper arm gently for emphasis, showing how much excess, ah, “flab” I had.

“You know I don’t like working out, Aria.”

“Trust me: after you try this gym out, you’ll be singing a different tune.” I sighed, admitting defeat: Once my girlfriend had her mind made up; there was barely any hope of changing it.

Aria and I had known each other since we both started attending Heritage University roughly 3 years ago, and we had been dating for about a year now, with very few problems popping up. This was one of them (to me, at least). You see, Aria had gotten on a bit of a health kick a few months back, and decided to try out this new gym in town. Called the “Dream Gym”, it was best known for its rapid results. And I've seen the speed firsthand: after just 5 months I could almost swear that Aria looked almost like a city-born Amazon. But for a gym known for such stellar results, the amount of people who went there was relatively small, mainly because of a strict “members-only” policy: no-one except for a member was allowed past the lobby, and memberships had only been offered for a couple of weeks after the place opened. Nevertheless, after seeing the outstanding results, non-members had been clamoring for memberships recently, and it seemed as though the owners had relented: this week only, current members could invite friends and family to come try out the gym and purchase a membership if they wanted to. Now, you’re talking to a guy who’s known campus-wide for sitting on his butt all day, writing, surfing, or studying unless something special came up (like, I dunno, a date?). Aria, however, was apparently determined to break this habit: I met up with her for a small talk, and she immediately started trying to convince me to try this “Dream Gym” place. And, as she normally did with such endeavors, she succeeded.

“Fine, fine. But you ARE going to treat me to something afterwards, right?”

She chuckled, and gave me her trademark smile. “Don’t worry: there’ll be a very pleasant surprise for you when you’re done with your workout…” For a moment, I thought I saw her pupils pull into slits, but I must have been seeing things because I blinked and they were back to normal.

I must have been staring, because not two minutes later Aria had turned me around and pushed me towards her car, obviously intending for us to get a move on. I didn’t need much convincing: As soon as we reached the vehicle, both of us got in and Aria started the engine, before she pull out and drove off.

Once we arrived, I was stunned by the size of the place: it the place was massive, dwarfing all other gyms I’ve seen by at least a factor of 3. The lobby was merely “sizeable”, however: it had a small coffee shop, a lounge, and a check-in counter stationed in front of several pairs of double doors: that was it. ‘Must not get a lot of visitors…’

It wasn’t long before Aria had gotten me past check-in and had escorted me through throngs of people to one of the private workout rooms (one of the many special features “Dream Gym” offered). Next thing I knew, she had turned around and was walking away. Confused, I called after her: “Hey, Aria!”

“Yeah?” She turned to face me, wondering what was on my mind.

“Aren’t you coming with me?”

“Oh. Well, to be honest the owners said that they want all newcomers to go solo their first time. Besides, I’ll come meet you in there when I'm done.” Before I could respond, Aria had jogged off to a different part of the gym, leaving me alone and confused.

Turning around, I decided to just get it over with. Taking a deep breath, I pushed open the doors and entered the room. There wasn’t much in terms of equipment, but there were enough weight machines, cardio equipment, and free weights that two or three people could workout in here at once without worrying about waiting on a machine. One thing that did stand out was a large touch-screen monitor positioned at the back of the room. Displayed on it was the beginning of a workout routine that Aria had probably set up for me. Looking the routine over, I shook my head and sighed. ‘That girl…’ This routine was the size of a routine that a bodybuilder or Amazon (like Aria) would do: not the ideal starting workout for a couch potato like me.  However, I did tell her I would try it… ‘I’ll just do what I can, and skip the rest. Aria should be OK with that.’

First was the warm-up: 15 minutes on the elliptical. I stepped on and began striding, oblivious to the small pattern developing on my skin as I walked. Once I got off, the next order of business was the lateral pull (lat pull). ‘Well, at least it’s the worst first…’ I thought; casting my mind back to those times in PE where it felt like the lat pull machine was going to pull my arms out of their sockets. Setting the weights to a comfortable 15 lbs., I took a seat and grabbed the bar overhead. I grunted, pulling the bar down to my chest. 1 pull… 2 pulls… As I kept going, it seemed to get easier and easier. By the time I was done with the first set, I found myself pushing the weight all the way up to 40 before doing another 10, to make sure I was actually getting a workout. But even then, by the time I was done that also felt too light. Deciding to brush it off, I got up and headed over to the chest press. Same story there: after the first 10 repetitions (or “reps”), the original 15 lbs. became too light; forcing me to push up to 30 lbs., but that also was too light once I was done. And again, I brushed it off, completely ignoring my larger chest and arm muscles. Nor did I notice my ripped T-shirt, not to mention the bright yellow scutes and deep blue scales they now rested underneath.

I pressed on, moving to the vertical row next to start on my arms. As before, on each of the arm machines the weights felt lighter and lighter with each rep. What I didn’t notice, however, was that with each rep my arms and hands swelled with muscle, growing larger and larger.

My hands, however, were changing in more ways than one: my pinky and ring fingers were merging into one thick, scaly digit as all my fingers sprouted vicious-looking ivory claws. My palms swelled into paw-pads as my fingers thickened up and shortened some, giving my hands a more paw-like appearance. By the time I was done, my arms looked like they belonged on a buff reptile-thingy, and I was doing over 70 lbs. without breaking a sweat! Yet for some reason, this all zipped right past me as I moved on to the leg press.

Just like with the arm machines, as I did the leg machines the weights started feeling lighter and lighter with each repetition, and at the same time my legs became scaly and more muscular. My feet underwent the most obvious changes: five toes became four, and then four became three as my big toe migrated backwards, becoming a (currently) clawless dewclaw. My footwear burst as toes thickened, insoles swelled into paw-pads, and claws sprouted. To top it all off, my hips migrated all the way to the sides of my torso, obliterating my shorts while my stance shifted from plantigrade to digitigrade: a change that would have normally been evidenced by the fact that I was naturally standing tip-toe after getting off the leg curl. Nevertheless, I didn’t notice the change at all and was ready to move on to the abs.

On the abdominal (or ab) machine, my abdominal muscles became much more defined and actually multiplied, going from the normal "six-pack" to a ridiculously long “eighteen-pack”. To accommodate these new muscles, my spine lengthened drastically, giving my torso the extra height it now needed. However, my spine grew longer than it had to, causing my neck to elongate slightly and a relatively short and skinny tail to sprout in-between my legs.  As I finished up, a nauseous sensation hit me as organs and muscles rearranged themselves to better fit my new form. Chalking it up to a lack of water, I pushed through the nausea, finishing the last rep just as it faded. After I got a nice, large drink of water, I checked the monitor for what I was supposed to do next. It didn’t take long to find the routine progress, and upon checking I saw that the next machine was for my tail. ‘Wait, what?’

Confused, I walked over to the machine to see what this was all about. And it did look like it was meant for a tail, alright: the machine was basically a padded seat with hand grips on the arm rests, along with a long, 1-foot wide pad for the user to put their tail on. This pad was hinged, and connected via pulleys to the weights so when one used their tail to push down the pad, they would be lifting a set amount of the weights at the same time. The principle was the same as with all normal weight machines, it just didn’t make sense why such a machine existed for a tail. Wondering just what Aria was thinking (and why such a machine existed), I took my seat, subconsciously setting my rather puny tail on the pad. Deciding to just go along with whatever this was, I flexed my rear muscles (in actuality, I was flexing my tail muscles), expecting nothing to happen. However, the first time I pushed down, I saw the weights go up, a slight groan echoing in my ears as my tailbone extended, causing my tail to gain another inch or two. Furthermore, my tail also gained some more thickness and muscle mass. Deciding that I should just keep at it, I commenced a pattern that repeated with each rep: every time I pushed down on the pad, my tail grew longer, thicker, and more muscular. By the time I was done, it had gotten to the point where it was almost too wide and long for the pad! It was easily as wide and as long as my torso, and just as muscular. Said tail *slammed* the ground as I dismounted the machine, glancing at the monitor to see what was next. It looked like the next machine was for my…neck? ‘Now why would anyone ever exercise their neck on a weight machine? It makes absolutely no sense.’

I was beginning to wonder if Aria had decided to play a prank on me, seeing as this was the second seemingly-meaningless machine today. Nevertheless, I had to keep at it. Who knew what she would think if I quit now, when I was so close to finishing? As I walked to the machine, which was very similar to the tail machine, I noticed that something was…off, somehow. I couldn’t put my finger on what, exactly, but something was definitely off. Deciding to worry about it later, I took my position on the neck machine and laid my head and neck on the pad, having to swivel my head at a 90 degree angle so my face wouldn’t be mushed onto the pad. Once I was settled, I grasped the handles and started the set. 1 push... 2 pushes... With each repetition, my neck grew longer and thicker, my neck muscles growing and strengthening. My head position became more comfortable as my spine moved from the bottom of my skull to the back of my skull, meaning I would have to bend my neck to look in front of me now.

As all this was taking place, my head was undergoing further changes: my nose and mouth pushed out into a reptilian muzzle, forcing my eyes to move slightly to the side as my nose ridge became much more pronounced. I went momentarily deaf as my ears withered away, my nose shriveling into two small holes at the front of my muzzle. A small row of yellow scute-like scales appeared behind where my nose had been while two branched, ivory antlers sprouted from the back of my head, soon taking over my hearing. My hair turned into a mess of bright yellow fur, growing in a row down my back until it reached the end of my tail, which sprouted a tuft of like-colored fur. Two whiskers with tufted tips sprouted from just below my new nose scales, reaching down to the base of my much longer neck as my pupils pulled into reptilian slits, my eyes turning dark yellow as I reached the end of my last set.

Getting off the machine, I took a deep breath and wiped my scaly brow (it wasn’t really sweaty, but the slickness of the scales made me think I was sweating up a storm). Any onlooker would easily notice that I had metamorphosed into a blue-and-yellow bipedal Oriental dragon, easily 9' tall with a neck, torso, and tail each about 4.5’ long, not to mention a serpentine body covered with muscles. But I was utterly oblivious to these changes, instead being completely focused on my workout routine. Besides, it was almost done: all I had left was the 15-minute cooldown on the treadmill. 'So, a quick jog, huh? Shouldn’t be that hard.'

I keyed in the settings, started the treadmill, got on, and began running. As I ran, my entire body underwent some finishing changes, the most obvious being the growth. I was getting larger... longer... more muscular. My muscles literally multiplied, forming multiple bulges as my scaly skin was stretched to its near-limits. Whatever remained of my clothing was shredded by the relentless growth, falling to the floor in tatters. My mane grew longer and fuller, the tuft of fur on my tail-tip growing in size alongside it. My antlers grew longer and branched out more, and my whiskers extended down past my further elongated neck, halting at the top of my chest. Furthermore, more fur sprouted from the underside of my muzzle, giving myself a small “beard” of fur. I blinked several times as my pupils slowly faded, my eyes turning into glowing dark yellow orbs (suprisingly, I didn't go blind). As I reached the home stretch, my growth plateaued at triple my previous height as I felt a slight jolt in my brain, my mind converting into a more fitting form, and just in time, too. My senses chose that moment to sharpen to superhuman levels, so if the mental shift had been delayed any I would have suffered from sensory overload.

Stepping onto the ground, I put my hand to my head, wondering why everything felt all of a sudden. I had probably finished what had been the hardest workout I had ever done…but somehow, I felt like I could do more if I wasn’t feeling so, so strange. ‘What is going on here?’ Stumbling over to the monitor, I saw a message congratuling me on completing my workout and welcoming me to the "Dream Gym’s” family of members. This confused me, as I hadn't even considered getting a membership here yet - but these concerns were dispelled when the message vanished and the monitor shut off, leaving a wall-encompassing mirror in its wake. 'What in the...'

I only now noticed that I had become blue, scaly, and ridiculously muscular. Curious about my new musculature, I flexed my left arm - and was suprised at the sheer power I felt surge through that limb. I mean, I was probably pretty powerful already, being a dragon and all, but this – this was on a completely different level. Flexing my other arm, I felt an equavilant surge as I realized good all this power felt. I could probably take a steel girder and tie it into a knot without a problem.

Next thing I knew, I found myself flexing in front of the mirror, reveling in my new strength and enjoying my new apperance - which I found to be quite stunning. Then again, it’s not every day you see an Eastern dragon-man whose entire serpentine body was covered with bulging muscles, even if it was just a reflection.

"Well, well, well, who's Mr. Handsome?"

Broken out of my reverie by the alluring female voice behind me, I swiveled my head over my shoulder, my gaze fixing on the new arrival. It - no, she - was a silver-and-white anthropomorphic Western dragoness who was about my height and looked quite muscular. Well, she wasn’t quite as muscular as I was, but still of a beyond-Amazonian stature.  A pair of small horns graced the tip of her broad muzzle, which encompassed her entire face unlike mine did. Her eyes were pools of pure white that glowed under their own power, just as her silver scales shimmered in the ambient light of the room. Two gently curved horns sweeped out from the back of her furless head, and a row of small, sharp spikes ran from the base of her neck to the end of her tail. Furthermore, she was actually clothed: true, it was only a blue, skintight one-piece and an amethyst necklace, but it was something.

The dragoness sashayed up to me, gently caressing my face as I realized who this probably was. “Aria? Is that…you?” I was stunned at how deep, resonant, and sagacious I sounded now: my voice was hardly recognizable as my own.

She chuckled, and grinned in a way which reminded me of my girlfriend. “Please: when I’m like this, call me Glace.” So it was her… waitaminute. Backing away from the dragoness in front of me, I was wondering just why she had brought me here.

“You knew this was going to happen, didn’t you?”

“To you: yes, yes I did. To me: to be honest, I was as just surprised as you when I first changed.”

“When you first changed?”

“Did you seriously think I was always like this?” She gestured to her body before continuing, “This is what the ‘Dream Gym’ does: they give people new bodies. Bodies people can only dream of having otherwise.”

I blinked, the reality of what just happened starting to slowly sink in. "Now do you get it, big guy? You told me about your thing for dragons - especially Orientals - a loooong time ago. And I could tell that you were harboring a desire to be one-"

I was stunned by this revalation. "How on the face of the Earth did you-" I had never told ANYONE (barring my folks) about that pipe dream. True, I was planning on telling Ari – err, Glace – eventually, but how did she find out about it already?

"Psychology major, remember? Took Body Language 101 first year... Wasn't too hard to tell there was more to what you were saying. It didn't take much for me to realize that you had a hidden desire...a desire you had given up on as it was so unrealistic." Of course. How did I forget about her people-reading skills? "Anyways, after I found out firsthand what this place really does, I was curious if they had a way of fulfilling that pipe dream of yours. And lo and behold, they did. Not only did their pool have the capability to make you a more aquatic Oriental, the weight rooms could make you a muscular version of any species whatsoever. I only chose the weight room because I thought you might enjoy being big and beefy."

“Well, you were right on that last part. I’ll admit that I do enjoy my new, ah, striking appearance, but this power…” Glancing down at my hands, I resumed speaking: “It’s just…incredible. Even just standing here, I feel like I can lift a school bus with no problem.  Heh… Actually, I could probably lift two school buses without breaking a sweat! And when I was flexing earlier… the surge of energy it gave me was magnificent. I can only imagine what it would be like to use these bad boys to their fullest…” Clenching my fists, I couldn’t help but grin wildly as thoughts of what I could do with my new body and strength entered my mind. ‘This is going to be great.’

Two stories in two days? It must be a personal record...

Not really. I've actually been sitting on this one for a while, only recently deciding to post it without the partially-unwritten "aftermath" part.
However, this has not, I repeat not been beta read, meaning the quality may be lower than my previous two stories (please tell me if you think the quality's low enough for the story to deserve a rewrite, or if there are any glaring errors that need fixing ASAP).

This is also my first "beefy" TF, and my first time doing muscle growth (MG?). You can probably tell by now that I can do a lot of stuff... but nothing too far out there. And I usually want some sort of TF involved.

As usual, please let me know what you think, and :iconreadplz:, :iconcommentplz:.
Oh, and don't forget any constructive criticism you may have: it's one of a writer's best friends.

UPDATE: 6 favorites in 2 days? Now THAT is a record. Apparently, people like muscle growth.
Also, ~RussC1 mentioned there are some groups for buff reptiles. If anyone knows of such a group that would accept this story (seeing as it's a TF story and all), please let me know. Thanks!
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                                                    The Pearl: Epilogue

     "If the river told you not to, then why did you go in?" Chang asked.

     They were at the river.  Sebastian's dragon form was curled among the rocks in the river the blue of his scales nearly blending in with the water and Chang's long form arched in a seated position, black scales reflecting the water.  Dakota made herself comfortable on some rocks on the bank.  It was the following day and Dakota insisted Mingzhu visit Qiang.  Dakota pointed out that with both Chang and Sebastian to look after her, she was sure she'd be all right.  Mingzhu agreed to leave after lunch, but promised to be back by dinner.  

     The day was beautiful; the bright autumn sun caused the patchwork of colored leaves to glow.  Dakota pulled her new sweater tighter as a cool breeze blew through.

     "Well, I didn't want to waste Qiang's time for nothing.  If it was some minor thing I could handle then I would've taken care of it."

     "But that was part of the reason he'd been asked to watch you, so you would have someone to call on if something came up."   

     Sebastian looked down.  "I know, I know.  It's just he's already not that fond of me, I thought I would just make it worse if I hauled him down here for something that wasn't a big deal."

     "You knew it was spiritual in nature?"

     Sebastian shrugged.  "Yeah."

     "How did you plan on determining how dangerous it was?"

     "Well, I thought it might be obvious.  I guess in retrospect, that wasn't the best plan."

     Chang sighed.  "The problem with that plan is you're too inexperienced to know if something is dangerous or not.  When an animal wants to scare you off, what does it do?"

     Sebastian thought it over a moment.  "Look big?"

     "Precisely.  But in contrast, when something dangerous wants to get close enough to strike what does it do?"

     "Look small and unobtrusive," Sebastian muttered.

     "Precisely.  You made an honest mistake and I understand your concern about Qiang.  But in the future, please do not explore these things alone.  You were exceptionally lucky, this time.  And assistance came from some very unexpected quarters."

     Sebastian's eyes darted over to Dakota as he responded, "Ah, yeah.  Yeah, that's true."

     Qiang curled his head up and regarded Sebastian.  "You haven't told her yet."

     "Well, it hadn't come up yet," he hedged, looking away from Dakota.

     "What hasn't come up yet?" Dakota asked, her tone concerned and a little annoyed.

     Chang sighed.  Without removing his attention from Sebastian, he explained that Chad was now human.

     "When did that happen?"

     "Apparently, during the ordeal with the Jorogumo," Chang explained.

     Dakota considered the information.  "Sooner than I would have thought."

     Chang nodded.  "And I too.  But from everything I can determine, it is true.  He found his way.  Or at least has started to."

     "What happens now?" Dakota was careful to keep her voice neutral.

     "Though he his my responsibility, Qiang has agreed to keep watch over him."

     Dakota nodded, not looking at him.  Chang cocked his head at her.

     "How are you with this?" His tone was gentle.

     Dakota was again silent for a bit before answering.  "I don't know.  I wish I could say 'fine', but I'm not.  But I'm also not as upset with it as I'd thought I would be.  I guess I just don't know."

     Chang nodded.  "Fair enough.  Sebastian?"

     Sebastian sighed and screwed up his snout in a snarl.  "I'm not happy, but Qiang pretty much laid down the law.  As long as Chad doesn't do anything to me or Dakota, I'm not supposed to do anything to him."

     "Good.  Are you going to listen?"

     Sebastian rolled his eyes.  "Yes."

     Dakota continued to look thoughtful.  "You said help came from unexpected quarters.  Did you mean Chad?"


     "In what way?"

     "He was the one to slay the Jorogumo.  I am under the impression he assisted in other ways as well.  Whatever the exact details, he impressed Qiang enough to speak for him."

     Dakota nodded.  "I see."


     Dakota and Sebastian stood in the spacious living room of a bungalow-style house.  A dining room that led to the kitchen was off to their left.  There was a foyer in the front from which there was an office on one side and an utility room from the other.  The living room opened onto a porch in the back.  The yard was a good size, but the real selling feature was the section of the river that butted up to the back yard.  Sebastian could feel its call.

     "Well, I'll tell you someone who really likes this house," he said.

     "Yes," Dakota responded with a smile.  "I can imagine."

     Dakota returned to the foyer and took the stairs up to the second floor.  There was a master suite and two smaller additional bedrooms.  It was all very nice.  She headed back downstairs.

     "I don't know," she said.

     "Don't you like it?" Sebastian asked.

     "I love it.  It's just so much."

     She returned her attention again to the face sheet on the house.  It had been built as a vacation home, had stood empty for awhile, and was then refinished and updated for use as a full-time family dwelling.  The furniture could be included for an additional amount, or would be removed at the discretion of the buyer.  She sighed then returned to the front porch to the waiting Qiang.  

     He was leaning against the railing of the front porch.  The porch took up the entire front of the house and was shaded by the overhanging roof.  He raised an eyebrow as she stepped over to him.  

     "Well?" he asked.

     Dakota paused before speaking.  She was torn.  It was the beginning of November, and she was getting squirrely living in the hotel.  She was sure the cost of living there was astronomical, but Qiang buying her  a house didn't seem right either.  

     "I don't know.  I mean, it's really nice.  And I appreciate that you found one on the river.  But a house, Qiang?  I didn't even own the previous house.  I was just renting."

     "As you've said."  Qiang crossed his arms over his chest and appeared to be thinking.  "How about this, then.  I will purchase the house but retain the title.  You will live here and pay the utilities.  Does that sound acceptable?"

     "What about rent?"

     Qiang waved his hand.  "I'm sure something can be arrived at."

     "Qiang, I'm serious..."

     "I never doubted that for a moment.  Now, if you're sure this is the house you would like to live in..."

     "Yes," Dakota said, nodding for emphasis.  "I like it a lot."

     "Very well.  I will put in an offer and with luck you will be moving in shortly."

     Luck was with them.  The sale went through and Dakota moved in just a short time later.  There wasn't much to the moving, as she decided to keep the furniture in the house.  Just her clothes and the things Qiang had purchased on line.  Dakota bought a new stereo and started saving for a television and DVD system.  One of the upstairs bedrooms was kept as a guest room.  The other converted to a library.  Her book collection was still small, but there was room to expand.  She was quite happy with it.  Qiang had yet to locate the first edition Poe for her, but was still looking.    


     "I should think if you invited him and he wanted to attend, then he should attend."  Chang sat across the table from Qiang in his lair, sipping tea with cream and sugar.

     "It is far more complicated than that."  Qiang also took a drink of his plain tea.

     "Well, yes it is at that, isn't it?"  Chang took a dumpling from the platter between them.  "What can be done to make it less complicated?"

     "That is what I'm asking you."

     Chang sat back in his chair and thought.  For the past several years, Qiang had had a Thanksgiving dinner for staff and friends.  This year, Mingzhu had invited Dakota and Sebastian which was fine.  The problem arose from the fact that he felt he should extend an invitation to Chad.  Not wanting a brawl at his gathering, he consulted Chang.

     "Chad has changed considerably, that's certain," Chang conceded.  "And Dakota did acquiesce to dropping the charges.  So the problem would be Sebastian."

     "Thank you for asking her to do that.  In light of everything else, I thought it might be too much for me to ask."

     "She is still reserving judgment.  I doubt there will every truly be peace between them."

     "And he will have to live with that."

     "True.  And has that situation been resolved?"

     "What, with the warrant?  Not hardly, but he's not in jail.  I have a lawyer on it."

     Chang smiled and shook his head.  "You move more adroitly in this world than the other."

     Qiang shrugged and drank more tea.

     "What is he up to now?"

     Qiang sighed.  "He says he's getting a feel for the lay of the land as it is now.  But I hear rumors of a new hunter, a young male.  He hasn't struck often, twice, perhaps three times, but it has been noticed."

     "He is young for that path."  Chang's concern was clear.

     "True, but you can't say you're surprised."

     "No," Chang agreed, with some sadness.  "I cannot."

     "I intend to speak to him about it.  Still, this isn't the matter at hand."

     Chang prepared another cup of tea.  "No, it is not at that." He paused again, considering.  "I say invite him.  I will ensure Sebastian's behavior.  I think Sebastian needs to see Chad for who he is now, not for who he was at the restaurant."

     "Do you think he will see?"

     "Chad carries his awareness like a banner.  How could Sebastian not see?"

     Qiang nodded.  "Perhaps the more correct question is, will it matter?"

     "I wish I could say.  Sebastian's feelings for Dakota run deep.  He may refuse to acknowledge the change.  In which case, I will see that he behaves."

     Thanksgiving day came.  A large sign hung on the door that read: Closed for the Holiday.  The dinner started at one and a splendid feast was laid out with a mix of traditional American Thanksgiving and Chinese dishes.  Sebastian, Dakota, and Chang arrived a little early to help set up food and places along with Mingzhu and her family.  At one, the workers arrived and the meal was started.  

     Qiang proved to be a congenial host.  He was pleasant, made conversation with everyone present, and ensured all the guests were served before he took his seat.  

     Qiang sat with Enlai and his family, his wife Lin, daughters Mingzhu and Bao, and his son Junren.  Sebastian, Dakota, and Chang were also at this table.  The other workers sat at tables around the restaurant but close to the section of the buffet the food was on.  The conversation was light.

     At one thirty, Chad walked in.  All conversation stopped.  He stood, self-conscious, in the door way.

     "I'm sorry I'm late.  Something...came up."

     Qiang stood up and gestured to Chad with a warm smile.  "Well don't stand there letting the cold air in.  Come in, get a plate."

     Chad walked over.  He was dressed in jeans, a pull over, and work boots.  He also wore a long duster that he shrugged his way out of as he walked.  His hair brushed the top of his shoulders and he didn't look at anyone as he moved to get  his food.  His eyes were haunted and he carried an air of otherness that everybody in the room noticed.  Qiang met him at the buffet and served him a plate.

     Dakota nudged Sebastian in the side as he pivoted in his seat to follow Chad's path.

     "Stop staring," she whispered sharply.

     "I can't help it," he whispered back.  "There's just something seriously weird about him."   Sebastian shook his head and turned back around to the table.  "Chang's right, he's not the same."    

     Dakota pushed food around her plate.  "Is that a good thing?"

     Sebastian shrugged, then laid his hand on hers.  "I wish I could say."

     Chad took a seat at an empty table.  After a few minutes, some of the more outgoing workers joined  him and soon drew him out into conversation.  Though they found him engaging, quick witted, and in general fun to talk to, though afterwards they would all comment on how his eyes glittered and how he tended to look off to the distance.

     The dinner lasted well into the evening, with people leaving at varying times.  Soon it was down to Qiang, Mingzhu and her family, Sebastian, Dakota, Chang and Chad.  When Chad got up to leave, he asked if he could take some of the food with him.  Qiang nodded.  Chad filled up two Styrofoam take out containers, bagged them, and went on his way.

     "What happened to him?" Sebastian asked.

     Chang looked over to Sebastian.  "You opened his eyes and he sees the world differently now."

     Sebastian struggled with his conflicted feelings.  "I'm not going to feel sorry for that son-of-a-bitch," he said, with far less conviction than he would have liked.

     "Then don't," Chang responded.

     Dakota said nothing.

     Chad arrived back at the flop where he was staying.  He landed in a secluded area and was pleased when he managed not to mangle the take out container.  He shifted, grabbed the food, and entered.

     "Hey, welcome back, Mr. Chad," called the elderly black man who worked as the night desk clerk.

     "Hey, Happy Thanksgiving," Chad answered as he walked over to the counter.  "Here you go." He set one of the containers on the desk.  "Enjoy."

     The clerk thanked him but Chas just nodded before walking up to his room.  

     Once inside, he put the rest of food into the fridge.  He puttered around, looked up some folklore websites, and took copious notes.  At eleven he got ready for bed.  Before laying down, he went back to the fridge, pulled out the leftovers, and set them on the counter.  He then laid down and was soon asleep.  

     Around Midnight, a rat worked his way in from his usual entrance behind the fridge.  The unmistakable smell of food got his attention.  Once he verified Chad was asleep, he went over to the counter.  Resuming his more human form, he found the food left out for him, a fork set on top of the container.  Ambrose smiled to himself.  Apparently, he wasn't being as slick as he had first assumed.


     The weekend after Thanksgiving there was an early snow storm.  Sebastian had always loved the snow.  Watching it fall from his vantage point in the river engendered a childlike enthusiasm for it.  He convinced Dakota to join him in watching the snow.  

     He laid in the river, the current cool against his back.  The slower parts of the river had already developed a thin sheet of ice, but anywhere the current was swift, the ice had no chance to form.  The cold didn't bother him and he hoped Dakota was warm enough.  

     Dakota lay stretched out along his abdomen, her head resting on his chest.  Having her there felt so good to Sebastian he hoped they would lay that way long into the afternoon.  

The Christmas holidays had been arranged, with both of them staying in the area.  Sebastian felt he had no choice, but was both sad and happy that Dakota would also be staying.  Sad that she would miss out with her family, but happy that she would chose to stay with him. The mixed feeling intensified what he already felt for Dakota.  

     They lay in companionable silence for a while.  Sebastian contemplated the snowflakes as they drifted down, about how no two snowflakes were alike and how he and Dakota were not like anything else.  The though brought a smile to his snout and a contented flip to his tail.

     Dakota lay on top of Sebastian.  His front legs were folded on top of her and she rested her arms on them.  It wasn't as cold as she thought it would be, and suspected the reason was a combination of Sebastian and the river.  She had decided to stay because she loved him and didn't want him to be alone.  Her family suspected a man might be involved, but Dakota wouldn't confirm or deny anything.  Her mother was disappointed, but told her it was her decision and that a care package would be sent.

     As Sebastian had predicted, the river did want back into her.  With so much going on, and with her schooling to be considered, she firmly said "not at this time."  She was surprised by how well the river took that.  She couldn't escape the feeling the river was waiting for something it considered to be inevitable, and given the almost eternal nature of the river, it could wait.  She was also almost sure there was some of the river still there, in her.  

     She also considered the favor she continually almost asked Chang for, to temporarily be a dragon.  Again, too much going on.  Every time she went to ask, it felt wrong.  The right time would come.  Like the river, she just had to be patient.  It was worth waiting for.

     "Are you cold?" Sebastian asked.

     "No.  You're pretty warm, and I suspect the river trying to keep me warm too."

     "Yeah, the river can be kinda intrusive."

     "Honestly, I don't mind.  This is really beautiful.  I've never just watched the snow come down before."

     "That's cool."

     They lapsed into silence for a bit longer.  There was something Sebastian had been wanting to bring up to Dakota, but couldn't find the words.  He decided now was the time.

     "Uh, Dakota, can I ask you something?"  

     Dakota detected the slight apprehension in his voice.  "Sure, what's wrong?"   

     "Well, nothing's wrong, exactly.  It's just that...Well, remember that whole thing with the pearl and swapping pieces and all?"


     "Well, you pulled in the piece you had and I still have the piece I got and..." He trailed off.

     Dakota smiled.  "Yes.  You can have it."

     Sebastian smiled in turn and moved his attention inward.  He absorbed the piece of Dakota, lingering on the sense of her, and smiled.  He had never forgotten Qiang's warning about how ephemeral his relationship with Dakota could be, most likely would be.  But at least he would always have a piece of her.

     Dakota felt surrounded by Sebastian's energy.  There was safety there, and his love for her was as intense as anything she had ever known.  She felt his pearl again.  As the piece of her settled in, some of the intensity of the feeling eased up, but it didn't disappear.  When she focused, she found she could sense him around her.  She looked for the pearl and smiled when she found it.  She couldn't resist a caress.  She felt Sebastian undulate underneath her.  

     "You little minx," he muttered, but the tone in his voice said he didn't mind.

     The two settled into each other as the snow continued to fall.  The afternoon grayed into evening and the snow continued to fall.  Though Sebastian hated to do it, he mentioned to Dakota going home.  He felt her snuggle into him some more before sighing in contentment.

     "I'm already there."
Here is the last installment, for now, of The Pearl. What a long strange journey it's been. I hope those who have read it enjoyed it. As always, constructive criticism is welcome.
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     Chad rolled out of bed and looked at the clock; it was one in the afternoon.  He thought about what to do next and decided a shower was in order.  After cleaning up, he realized that perhaps he should have grabbed some additional clothing when he left his apartment; he only had the one set.  Not a problem, he decided.  He had cash, he could grab some more clothes and when the cash ran out, he knew any number of places to pick up more that wouldn't look too closely at the new hires.  Some of them were even almost legit.

     No, the big concern was what now.  The Jorogumo was dead but that didn't change anything, not really.  The Jorogumo didn't make the world what it was and her removal didn't return it to what Chad had understood as reality before.  The entire experience in the alleyway confirmed that.  And what was with the "hunter" tag?  Both the rat and the Jorogumo had called him that.  He told himself he didn't like it even as he recognized the need to do it.  There was only one place he could go to get answers, he decided.  Besides, he hadn't eaten yet and Chinese sounded good.

     Chad sat in an booth in the back of the restaurant, eating his lunch.  He had considered asking to see Qiang, but thought he'd know Chad was there.  So, he ate and waited to be seen.  

     "I'm surprised you're back so soon."

     The voice startled Chad and he looked up from his bowl of egg-drop soup.  He hadn't sensed Qiang and then realized why.  The entire restaurant felt like him.  

     "Yeah.  You have good food."

     "Thank you.  May I join you?"

     "If you'd like."

     Qiang sat on the bench opposite Chad.  "I am glad you came.  I feel the need to thank you for your assistance last night.  The entire affair would have been much more difficult without it.  The meal is on the house.  It's the least I can do."

     "Thank you.  I killed the Jorogumo."

     "Direct and to the point, aren't you?  I know you did."

     Chad sat back in his seat.  "Then why leave her alive if you knew I was just going to kill her?"

     "I didn't know at that time you would eventually kill her.  But I did know when you left last night that that was where you were going.  Was it difficult?"

     "No, she wanted to die.  She said you did it wrong.  You had an obligation to kill her."    

     Qiang tilted his head and shrugged.  "I suppose that's one way of looking at things."

     "Why didn't you kill her?"

     Qiang crossed his arms in front of his chest.  "I had my reasons.  Why did you go back?"

     Chad looked down.  "I wanted it to be over."

     Qiang arched an eyebrow.  "And is it?" he asked, though he knew the answer.  That Chad was here gave him his answer.  Not that it could have been any other way.

     He looked up, anger in his eyes.  "No, damn it.  I want things to be the way they were before."

     "Do you, really?  Replace the monster you vanquished with the monster you were becoming?"

     Chad rubbed his face with his hands.  "OK, not that.  Never again that.  But I want the world to be the way it supposed to be."

     Qiang's look hardened into a glare as his eyes turned to a burning gold and red scales appeared around them.  He unfolded his arms and leaned on the table, closing in on Chad.  Chad felt the spike of power run deep.  People at tables some distance away shifted in their seats, uncomfortable for reasons they couldn't name.  A few got up and left.

     Though Qiang's voice never rose above the soft conversational tone he'd maintained throughout their talk, it dripped with power.  "This is the way the world is supposed to be.  What you were living before was a lie."

     Chad trembled, in fear and desperation.  

     "But it was a lie I understood.  It was a world I knew how to navigate.  Now what?"

     Qiang reigned in his anger, touched by the boy's plea.  Now was the time to do what had to be done, as much as he didn't want to do it.

     "If you want a guide to this new world, I will help as I can."

     Chad was taken aback.  "What do you mean?"

     "I mean I will set about to provide you with a safe haven and I will find a means to see to your survival as you find your place here.  Because you have one."

     Chad tried to process what Qiang had told him, which went against his experience.  In the world he came from nobody did anything without personal gain, himself included.  Unsure of how to proceed he asked, "Why?"

     "Because somebody has to."

     "Do you know what my," Chad raised his hands to make quotation marks, "'place' is?"

     "No.  That's for you to find.  Or not find, as you choose."  Qiang slid towards to edge of his seat and stood up.  "For you see, the world hasn't changed, only your way of seeing it.  And even with this altered view, you can still return to the world and carry on as you were, or nearly as you were since some things should still remain changed.  You decide.  Take a week.  If my offer sounds good, then return.  In the meanwhile, enjoy your meal.  It is, as I already said, on the house."  He started to walk away then stopped as something occurred to him.  "If, in the following week, you are in need of a meal stop here.  There will be one available to you."

     Qiang returned to his office.  Soon afterward, there was a knock on the door and Enlai, Mingzhu's father, entered in.  

     "Do you think he'll be back?" he asked.

     Qiang sighed.  "Oh, he'll be back.  The week was for me."


     In the following days, Dakota picked up the pieces of her life.  She arranged for emergency time off from work and school.  She spoke with the investigators and was advised it appeared to be an electrical short.  

     "It's the damnedest thing," the investigator she spoke to said.  "There were huge spiders all over the place.  A few had gotten into the wiring.  We figure one must have completed an arc between two damaged wires and up it went.  Judging from how many we found, you had quite an infestation going."

     Dakota also went shopping with Mingzhu for new clothes and a few other necessities.  She tried to balk as the tab was going higher, but Mingzhu would smile and insist Qiang would settle for nothing less.  Dakota drew the line at replacing her burnt textbooks with brand new ones.

     "The old ones had been bought used, the replacements can be used."  

     During one of the shopping trips, Sebastian went to the Dragon's Garden to help Qiang replace other things.  Qiang sat Sebastian down at the computer in the office, brought up the Internet and sat down in another chair.  Sebastian looked up over the monitor to Qiang.

     "And I'm supposed to do what?"

     "She's your lover, buy things she would like."


     Sebastian returned his attention to the computer.  He thought a moment, then plugged Abney Park into the search engine.  It pulled up a website.  He explored it, hoping to find CDs.  He found those and other merchandise.

     "Wow, this band she likes has a bunch of stuff..."

     Without looking up from the papers Qiang was reading he said, "Buy one of everything."

     Sebastian looked at the very full screen of offerings.  "Qiang, there's a lot of stuff here."

     "One of everything."

     "I mean a lot a lot of stuff."

     Still not looking up, Qiang reiterated, "One of everything."


     "Do I need to put it on a recording for you?"

     "One of everything," Sebastian confirmed with a shrug.

     The rest of their time went by like that.  Whatever Sebastian found that he thought Dakota might like Qiang instructed him to purchase.  After an Amazon order that went well into the triple digits, Sebastian felt obliged to speak up.

     "You know, Qiang, I get that you feel responsible for what happened.  And you want to fix it.  And it's totally cool that you're putting her up and stuff.  But I think this might be a bit much."

     Qiang paused, considering what had been said.  "Do you think she might be made uncomfortable by this?"

     "Yes I do."

     Qiang nodded.  "Very well.  We'll stop with the Amazon order.  I don't want to make her uncomfortable.  I've mentioned this to Mingzhu, but I'll have you check also.  Please let me know when Dakota is ready to look for a house."

     "Seriously, you're buying her a house too?"

     "Yes.  I said I was and I meant it."

     "I know this isn't my business, but, dude, where are you getting the money?"

     Qiang leaned back in his seat and crossed his arms.  "You're right, it's not your business.  But since you've asked; I've been in this country for nearly one hundred fifty years.  I have been gainfully employed for pretty much the entire time.  I have... resources."

     A few days into Dakota's time off she, Sebastian, and Mingzhu were watching the television in the rented hotel room.  Mingzhu had continued to stay in the hotel room with Dakota.  She never said anything, but there seemed to be a certain sadness to her.  When pressed, she would only say that to help Dakota was the prime reason she was there, but not the only one.  

     Dakota ran through the options on the television.  As it was well into October most of the offerings were of a spooky nature.  Dakota normally enjoyed Halloween, but this year no one found much of a taste for the darker aspects.  Several shows with a horror theme were passed over, and the Animal Planet documentary on spiders was immediately rejected.  At last, she found a channel running Nightmare Before Christmas, and this was judged to be acceptable.

     Sebastian sat back on the couch with Dakota curled up against him.  The river was an almost constant presence now, but he could convince it to back off.  Even when the river wasn't actively engaged with him, he could feel its lingering energy.  Now he felt an intense spike of energy along the river.  He recognized it immediately, but he'd never felt this level of vehemence before.  He gasped as his body tensed.

     Dakota looked over to him, concerned.  "What is it?"

     "Chang," he whispered.  "He's...."

     Sebastian didn't get the opportunity to finish his statement as Chang appeared in the room.  He was in human form, his back straight, his arms at his sides, and his expression as dark as any of them had ever seen it.

     "Is everything here all right?"  His tone was mild, in complete contradiction to his mien.

     Sebastian nodded.  "Yes, it's all..." Sebastian was going to say "all good," but couldn't quite bring himself to commit to that.  Instead, he just said, "Right."

     "I see."  Chang appeared to calm himself, at least some what.  His face softened as he regarded the three people in the room.  "Is there anything here that requires my immediate attention?"

     Sebastian shook his head.

     "Very good.  I will be back momentarily."

     "It's not his fault," Sebastian spoke up.  "What happened.  The river told me to wait for him, and I didn't and I got screwed.  He couldn't have known."

     Chang looked thoughtful.  "Thank you for telling me.  I will take it under advisement."  With that, he was gone.  

     Sebastian thought he now understood why Mingzhu was told to stay with Dakota.  He looked over to her and saw the distant look in her eyes.

     "Qiang thinks he's on the hook for this, doesn't he?  And he's trying to make sure you're out of it when the shit hits the fan?"

     Mingzhu looked over.  She didn't even try smiling.  "He is on the hook for what happened.  And Chang will be the one to decide his fate.  He was quite angry, wasn't he?"

     Part of Sebastian wanted to lie to her, but he couldn't, not about this.  "I'm sorry, Ming.  He was way past pissed and into territory I've never seen."    

     Mingzhu nodded and softly started to cry.  Dakota went over and comforted her as best she could.

     In the Dragon's Garden Qiang stood in the kitchen, chopping vegetables when he felt his lair rent open.  He blanched before he caught himself.  He set down the knife and walked over to his office.

     "Is it time?" Enlai asked as Qiang walked past.

     "Yes it is.  Please see to the things I asked you about."

     Enlai looked down.  "Of course."

     Qiang entered his office, closed and locked the door, then entered into his lair.  He wasn't surprised to find Chang waiting for him as a dragon.  Chang glared at Qiang, the fury of a thunderstorm in his eyes, his glittering scales black and foreboding.  Qiang looked down, shifted into dragon and summoned his pearl.  

     "I only ask that you arrange for someone to look after the boy who had been a goldfinch.  He is human again, and will require some form of guidance."  Qiang then laid his pearl at Chang's claws and rolled over onto his back, exposing his neck and underside to Chang.  

     Chang regarded the prone dragon for a silent moment, then said, with the slightest humor, "Falling on your sword?  That's rather Japanese of you, don't you think?"

     When no response was forthcoming, Chang added, "You know, I think I would like some tea and dumplings."

     Qiang raised his head.  "Tea and dumplings?" he repeated.

     Chang gathered up the pearl and returned to human form, cradling it in his arms.  

     "Yes.  I would like a pot of tea and some dumplings.  If it is not an inconvenience."

     Qiang rolled upright while resuming human form himself.  "Of course not.  One moment, please."

     As he started to leave, Chang asked, "Can I have cream and sugar with that, please?"

     Qiang looked back, bewildered.  "With tea?"

     "Yes," Chang said, taking a seat at the table Qiang had set up.  "It's really very good that way.  You should try it some time."

     "Of course," Qiang muttered as he left his lair and went into the kitchen.  

     As he was preparing the tea and dumplings, Enlai came back over.

     "What's going to happen?" he asked.

     Qiang gave him a look of equal parts resignation and bafflement.  "I'm not even going to pretend that I have the faintest idea."

     Qiang returned to his lair, carrying a tray with the requested items.  He poured Chang a cup and himself a cup.  He then sat down in the chair opposite and looked down.  Chang set the pearl on the table, close to him, and prepared his tea.  Then he had some dumplings.  

     "You know, these really are some of the best dumplings I believe I've ever had.  Is the recipe yours?"

     "Yes, though I don't prepare them anymore.  My head chef, Enlai, prepares them."  Qiang looked distant for a moment, though he still faced away.  "He's a very fine chef in his own right."

     "Is he a friend of yours?"

     "Yes, he is," Qiang answered without hesitation.  "I suppose the formal arrangement would be referred to as a vassal, but in all honesty, he is my friend.  He is Mingzhu's father.  His family has worked for me the entire time I've been in America."

     Chang nodded and was silent for a time.  "What happened?"

     "It was a Jorogumo."

     Chang looked surprised.  "I wasn't aware they were over here."

      "They are rare.  In my entire time over here, I've only encountered two and there was forty years between the encounters."  

     "That is good, at least.  And the Jorogumo?"

     "Is dead, though it was Chad who killed her."

     "Not as a goldfinch, I assume?"

     "Not for the killing, but it was during this situation he found his way out of the spell."

     "Do they know?"

     "Sebastian does.  I do not know if he has told Dakota."

     Chang nodded.  "I had hoped he would someday regain human form.  I just hadn't expected it so quickly."

     Qiang shrugged.  "The Jorogumo had the effect of scaring him straight.  The future is still uncertain, though."

     "You seem to have had dealings with him?" Chang's tone was curious.

     "I have.  Odd boy, I'll tell you that."

     "Yes, he is.  Do you think he'll remain upright?"

     "Hard to say.  It all comes down to his choices.  I do think with proper guidance he can be taught.  I do not think he'd been properly taught to begin with.  Obviously, his choices and actions come down to him.  But, from what I've seen of him, he was raised to be what he was.  His sudden awakening destabilized him.  He seems to be getting his footing, however."  He looked over to Chang.  "I know I'm in no position to make requests, but please have someone watch over the boy.  He is gweilo,  yes, and has some of the worse instincts of his race.  Nevertheless, he is capable of so much more."

     "They all are," Chang responded, looking Qiang in the eye.  "The whole human race.  Or have the horrors of Tienanmen Square escaped you?"   

     Qiang looked back down.  "Of course not, how could they?"

     Chang reached across the table and rested his hand on top of Qiang's.  Qiang looked up, startled.

     "I want you to understand that.  They are all of the same race, regardless of their country.  And they are all capable of the same highs and the same lows.  Let them draw their petty lines and call each other their petty names and hope they learn wisdom sometime soon.  But you are a dragon.  You should be above that and already posses that wisdom."

     Qiang nodded, humbled.  "Yes elder, I will remember that."

     Chang smiled.  "Good," he said as he rolled Qiang's pearl back to him.  "For I have to ask another favor of you.  Please watch the boy.  He is my responsibility, but given the delicate history I don't feel I can do so."

     Qiang caught the pearl.  "Are you sure?"

     "What, that he's my responsibility?  It was my fledgling that awakened him.  Of course, he didn't understand what he was doing.  However, all his mistakes fall on me."

     Qiang shook his head.  "No, not that.  I mean letting me go."

     Chang looked thoughtful.  The storm had not entirely left his eyes, but it was mixed with something else.  "Truthfully, if you had been the same dragon I encountered on the river tangling with my fledgling, your future would be by no means certain.  But you are not.  You are remorseful and have tried to correct for what happened.  Sebastian lives, as does Dakota, albeit a little worse for wear.  And you looked after Chad, something I never even asked you to do.  So, yes, I am certain.  I neither seek nor impose any punishment.  I just ask that you watch over Chad.  And try to remember, he is human not gweilo."     

     Qiang gathered up the pearl into his hands and it vanished.  "Thank you, elder."

     "My name is Chang, not elder."  Chang finished his tea and dumplings.  As he rose from his seat, he looked over the Qiang.  "Remember this also, Qiang," he said.  "Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future." Then he was gone.

     By the end of the week, Chad had returned and advised Qiang of the bench warrant.  Qiang felt he was as ready as he could be for him.
And here's part 2. Enjoy.
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As the sky takes on a soft shade of pink as the first lights of day arrive. The castle of Karthia shining brilliantly as the farmers in the kingdom are hard at work. Merchants begin selling their wares. In the castle surrounded by a grand city, made of marble stained black and green, the infant gryphon Kothar whining, a hollow sound emitting from his beak. The door opens to Kothar’s nursery opens as a black adult gryphon walks in, its ears drooping. The gryphon walks and lays down beside Kothar’s crib and sticks its head in. Kothar feeling the presence of the gryphon, latches onto the older gryphon’s beak and head.  Having stopped crying Kothar looks at the gryphon with reflective silver eyes. The older gryphon smiles and chuckles.

Whispering, the gryphon says “You are a handful. How about you and your sisters come lay down with mommy and daddy.” Kothar climbed on to the gryphon’s head, his wolf-like tail wagging. Smiling, the gryphon gets up and walks over to the two other cribs in the room. He looks down and sees the other two infant gryphons awake and looking at him with curious eyes. One set of blazing amber eyes and the other an icy blue. The gryphon smiles as he looks down, smiling at the two infants. He picks the two up and nuzzles them before putting them on his back.

The gryphon leaves the room with the three fledglings on his back and heads into a long lavish hallway. Passing several pairs of guards who bowed to the gryphon as he passed by them. The sun had risen as the first rays of the day could be seen trickling in through the windows adorning the halls. Reaching the door to his and his mate’s room,  a loud crash rang from the other side as a large cloud of pitch black smoke forced the door off its hinges and flying towards the opposite wall behind the gryphon. Turning and covering the three children from the blast.

The gryphon named Eros, heard a loud screech that sounded like his mates. Several guards came running down the hall to where Eros was as his back was is turned from the room.  Eros turns and looks into the room, leaving his three children with a few guards. “Get these three to the King and Queen, now.” The room looks like a bomb went off as splinters from the bed are everywhere, scorch marks covering almost every inch of what’s left of the room as a large hole was left in the wall.

Through the hole, many figures could be seen in the air. These figures were dragons as Eros assumed. Eros growls, before screeching and flying out of the hole and after the dragons.

Flying as fast as he could, Eros chased the small squadron of dragons. Eros could see a scarlet blur in the claws of the lead dragon. Eros’ anger grew exponentially as he realized the blur was his mate, Solice. She seemed to be sleeping but would, upon closer inspection is unconscious. Screeching, the black gryphon raced towards the front of the small squadron and tried to slam into the dragon’s claws but was stopped when two dragons flew into his path.

The entire squadron stopped as they looked at the substantially smaller creature. Tension filled the air as the lead dragon flew into his path.

“Let her go, you scatterbrained wyvern.” Eros screeched at the lead dragon.
The lead dragon looked at Eros and grinned before answering the young gryphon “Okay, if you insist.” Eros dived as the dragon dropped his mate. Racing to catcher before she hit the hard ground, wisps of dark energy roll off of Eros’ wings. Fifty feet from the ground, Eros catches Solice. Latching onto her back he realizes there is no time to slow their descent as he turns his back towards the ground.

Breathing heavily as burning pain shoot through his body, Eros lies where he landed with Solice beside him. He looks at Solice who looks back with sorrowful eyes. Eros looks up and sees the small squadron of dragons descending towards the two. Eros hears a dull Screech and notices the dragons have stopped coming towards them. Suddenly hundreds of gryphons clad in armor arrive, driving the squadron off, Eros’ consciousness fading as two gryphon descended towards him. The last thing he hears is Solice screaming his name before the darkness overtook him.

A funeral was held later that week.
A short story assignment for my creative writing class. This may or may not come up later in 2Gryphs.

All characters are owned by me.
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Ten years have passed since I woke up in the infirmary at the castle. Since that day I have learned to control my powers. Last year, Solice and I were blessed with three beautiful hatchlings, two girls and one boy. Daniel and Si-Ann, were also blessed with hatchlings about two years ago, two boys and one girl.

Also in those Ten years, the gryphons in the city outside the castle had gotten used to Daniel and Si-Ann. Though the citizens are still weary of the two. Eight years ago Mom and Dad thought it would be wise if they wore something that told everyone that they were a part of the royal family, to me they were family since the day I met them. The guard still tried to get them out of the city since they are dragons. Si-Ann had learned how to take care of hatchlings same as me from my mother so we could better take care of our own when they hatched. Si-Ann had taken up poetry and art as she found she had a knack for it.

If you’re wondering about me I had become an ambassador for a neighboring kingdom and ours. I also became a general and war advisor for my father after I had noticed several of his maps of current battlefields of the war with the clan of dragons that would attack the city every now and again. I had made several decisions that proved to save many lives as compared to my father’s most trusted generals and strategists for the last few decades.

During this time, Noctus had grown considerably and seemed to be much happier since the day I arrived back. He has matured greatly in the ten years since I arrived. He always seemed to be prepared to take the throne on short notice if something should happen to our father.

A festival was thrown due to my return. I had never seen my family, Daniel, Si-Ann, and Solice included, any happier than during that celebration. Last year, my mother and father permitted Daniel, Solice, Si-Ann and I to go back to earth so we could find and reunite with our families. We took our kids with us to see their grandparents and also they couldn’t be left alone with just my mother and father who have been very busy lately.

In the middle of the night we met with Daniel’s, Solice’s and Si-Ann’s parents in one place with the kids. Their parents had grown older as gray could be seen in their hair. They were definitely surprised when they saw us because they tried to hide and Daniel’s, Solice’s, Si-Ann’s mothers screamed. We had to calm down the kids before they started crying. Solice’s and Si-Ann’s parents were easier to calm down while Daniel’s and ‘mine’ took a bit longer. I had to walk up to them after Solice took our two daughters off my back and simply said “Mom, Dad, it’s me, Eros” They both looked at me with surprised looks before they finally smiled and hugged me around my neck, they were a good deal smaller then me but I laid my head down on their shoulders.

After we broke the hug I reintroduced them to their son Daniel. To say the least they were definitely shocked at what he had become. After that I and Daniel introduced our mates and the kids. The kids’ Grandparents were surprised and overjoyed that they had grandkids though not of the same species. We laughed when our children hid behind our wings from their grandparents before finally pouncing them; it was a good thing that their claws and talons hadn’t grown entirely sharp. The kids snuggled into their grandparents as I guessed they recognized our scent on them. After awhile we had to say good bye but we told our parents that we would be back to visit.

A lot for us had changed in ten years, since we turned into who are now from that day at school to having kids and working within the kingdom.

I put down the quill pen I had made with one of my own feathers after I finished writing a brief history of the past ten years. I walked outside of Solice’s and I’s bedroom into the hallway. As soon as I got into the hall I felt a small weight land on my head. I reached up and picked it off the top of my head and brought it in front of me. I noticed it was my only son, Kothar. Kothar chirped at me before squirming in my grasp before stopping. I chuckled at this and smiled before setting him on my head. I felt Kothar moving around on my head before he finally curled his small black body up and laid down on my head. Kothar’s body fur and feathers are black like mine but his wings were the same as his mother’s wing color. I smiled and looked up at him, without moving my head, and said “Let’s go find your mother”. In response I heard Kothar chirp sleepily. I had no doubt that he would be asleep in a few moments.

I walked down the hallway toward the courtyard where I could normally find my mate lounging around or watching our daughters. I navigated through the labyrinth of hallways to the courtyard. When I arrived, I noticed that my mate was lying down beside a fountain while my two daughters, Felnah and Lyra, were in the fountain splashing each other as well as pouncing one another. I chuckled at this and walked over to where Solice was laying and lay down beside her. She smiled, before nuzzling me. She leaned against me while we watched our two daughters play. I took Kothar off my head and laid him in between his mother’s talons. Solice smiled and began preening Kothar, as he began to stir and I began watching my daughter’s play in the fountain.

Felnah had her mother’s fur and feathers while she had my wings. Lyra had my father’s fur and feathers, which were a bright crimson as well as his wings, which were bright venom green.
I was watching my daughters play in the fountain when my ears perk at hearing a sound that meant only one thing. Solice and my daughters must’ve noticed my ears or the sound as well because they stopped what they were doing.  I looked at Solice and nodded as she returned it in kind and said “be careful”. I got up and said “take care of the kids, I’ll be back.” I ran off to the war room and on my way there I ran into my father. I looked at him and asked “dragons again?” In response he just nodded as we arrived at the war room a few minutes later.

I looked around the room and saw several of father’s generals and strategists. They returned my gaze with a nod as I looked down at the map of the city and the kingdom.

“Let’s get down to business, gentleman before the dragons destroy the city.”
Part 6 of 2Gryphs, Ten years into the future.
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I looked at the other gryphon. “What do you mean that you have been waiting for me? Who are you exactly?”

“Well I’m more or less your instincts. I help you control yourself and your powers.” He answered.

“So in other words you are like a helping hand that’s in my head.”

“In a sense, yes, But I’ve been locked up in your head since you were turned into that miserable human form and only just awoken when your little shadowy episode.” He told me with sadness and a hint of malice in his voice.

I stood there for a moment before walking over to him and hugging him. I was a little surprised when he hugged me back and started sobbing. We soon broke off before my form started to fade.

He said something but I couldn’t hear it before I completely faded away and regained consciousness. I woke up and looked at my surroundings. I saw the room I was in looked like a hospital room, so i must’ve been in the infirmary of the castle.  I knew this because of some medical equipment that was around the room.

As I shook the haze out of my eyes I noticed Solice was sleeping beside my bed and in a corner of the room. Si-Ann and Daniel were sleeping with their tails intertwined together. I was glad that they weren’t hurt or in trouble along with Si-Ann’s wing being healed.

I must’ve lain in that bed for awhile because when I looked at the open window, the sun was just starting to rise. I decided to stretch my legs and look around the castle.

I walked up and down the hallways for a few minutes before walking by some guards. They bowed slightly but the looks on their faces were ones of fear. I knew that the guards would be weary of me for awhile after what I had done in the throne room. After seeing the looks on their faces I lowered my head and headed back to the infirmary. As I walked back I thought back to the encounter with the other gryphon, I could distinctly remember him grinning as I faded away. I got into the infirmary and lie down beside Solice and fell back asleep with the rays of the rising sun on my back.

I woke up to Solice nuzzling my face. I returned the gesture before looking toward the window noticing it was a few hours before mid-day.

“Morning Eros, are you feeling alright?” Solice asked me.

“Yeah I’m feeling alright why?” I asked in turn.

“Well, just before you protected Si-Ann your eyes glowed black and you turned into a shadowy mist and then…”

“Then I passed out after I knocked the guards out.” I finished her sentence for her.

“I’ll tell you what happened after you passed out.”

Solice’s POV from throne room entrance

We entered the throne room after seeing some guards burst through the door. I was amazed at the size of the throne room and worried about the guards we had pasted. Me and Si-Ann kept looking back at each other every so often. My worries had been answered we I saw a guard with a spear along with a few others attack Si-Ann.

“That’s when I looked at you and Daniel with a look of horror. Daniel was just standing there looking at Si-Ann paralyzed while you, Eros, started turning into a shadowy mist. When you were entirely turned your green eyes were blood red. All of a sudden we felt a rush of air and saw the guards get taken down one by one but all we saw was a blur moving between each one until you stopped and had a spear aimed at the last guard still conscious. The rest you should know up until you passed out.” Solice finished telling me. I looked over at Daniel and Si-Ann the two just smiled and nodded.

“After you passed out your mother was off her throne and beside you along with me. Your mom was trying to wake you up when several more guards came in and surrounded us.  They had their weapons aimed at us. The guards looked like they were about to attack us when your father yelled at the guards to stand down. Your father then asked your mom who you were and she told him that you were his son with tears in her eyes.

His expression turned into one of shock then into a serious one before he told the guards to back away and go get a doctor.  He also started to ask your mother how she knew that you were indeed his son. She just simply answered that a mother never forgets her child. Your father soon walked over to you and hugged you. From what we saw he had tears in his eyes and just melted after finding out that you were his son. We think his mental state of mind might be off for the next few days.” Solice finished telling me what had happened as mom came into the room.

“Telling him what happened after he passed out, Solice?” mom asked as our heads all turned towards her.

“Yes, I was your majesty” Solice answered.

My mother nodded and looked at all of us, Solice and I laying next to each other and Daniel and Si-Ann doing the same, before saying “Well it’s good for him to know what happened after he passed out and I know you have just returned home Eros but we should talk about your royal duties.” In response I nodded “Alright mom, I figured this time would come since I found out you and dad were king and queen. Also with my return I’m guessing Noctis will no longer be receiving the throne when dad and you step down.”

“Yes, my son. He will lose the throne with your return…that is unless you don’t want to inherit the throne.” My mother answered.

“I honestly don’t know what I want to do with what is technically my birthright, BUT FOR NOW I WILL LET NOCTIS HAVE THE THRONE.” I said as I felt a familiar presence.
When I yelled that last part everyone looked at me like I was crazy, even the two wingless gryphon guards looked at me. I laughed at their antics before calming down and saying “we have an eavesdropper listening to us and I’m not talking about the guards.” At that moment Noctis dropped down from the ceiling and landed in between me and my mother.

“How did you know I was there, you never looked up?” Noctis asked me as I chuckled.
“I really don’t know how to explain it, but I can feel everyone’s shadow. I can feel the shadows from the guards outside, the citizens inside the city, even the insect on the wall behind me.”

Everyone in the room looked at me with wide eyes as I just shrugged and said “That’s just how it is.”

Soon Noctis was looking at me with a puzzled expression draped on his face. “So, despite it is your birthright to inherit to throne, you would rather have me have that right.” I simply nodded. “I figured you had been training to take the throne anyway and didn’t want to waste that and risk having my own bother as an enemy for the rest of my life because I ‘stole’ the throne from him. I would rather be an ambassador then be king anyway, plus I have to get acquainted with the kingdom anyway.” After I had said this Noctus rushed up to me and hugged me as I hugged him back. Tears started streaming down the feathers on my face and beak, I was the happiest I had been in a long time. I had a mate, two great friends who were dragons and my long lost family back.
I finally got this finished after starting it last april. (Curse you writer's block and AP school work)
But any way this the fifth part of the story. It feels good to have gotten back into writing again, it seems like it became something i enjoyed doing but never had the free time to do it.

Characters are (c) me
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we all looked at the scenery it was some of the most beautiful we had ever seen. surprisingly my mom and I were the only ones who didn't have their mouths wide open. I think the reason that I didn't have my mouth wide open was because I had seen this before but just couldn't remember it.

"ok that's enough sight seeing lets get you to your new home and Eros back to his." mom said.

we started to fly towards the city and the castle. we landed at the main gate with high spirits. we were surprised when several guards who were all gryphons came up to us. but they only seemed concerned to deal Si-Ann and Daniel.

"stay where you are dragons." the captain of guard told them.

"stand down Argus, the dragons are with us." mom told the captain.

"but your majesty."

"you dare question your queen, captain even when my son is with me." my mom angrily told the guard. it made me glad I wasn't on her bad side.

"sorry your majesty" he said looking to his front talons.

"that's quite alright Argus."

"excuse me for asking but where is your son? I don't see him with you."

"come we'll talk on the way to the castle."

"your mom is kind of stern, don't ya think?" Daniel asked.

"ya but she's family and she has dealt with some bad things in her life."

the walk to the castle was a pain because with my mom, Solice and I near the front of the group, Daniel and Si-Ann kept getting hit with trash thrown by the people in the city. the citizens didn't care that their queen was with the dragons. not ten minutes after that we were stopped in the courtyard by more guards.

"your majesty get behind us, dragons have breached the walls"

"I already know this. these two are our guests." she said as she pointed to Si-Ann and Daniel. "also after 13 years my son has returned."

"we must tell the king quickly." the guard who stopped us said.

"NO! he mustn't find out until dinner. you got that"

"yes ma'am" he said and hurried off.

"my queen you keep talking about your son returning when your son as been home all along." argus took advantage of the tension in the air.

"well argus, the male gryphon that you have seen with me all this time is my son that I lost thirteen years ago. this gryphoness is his mate and the two dragons here are his friends. they took care of him in the other realm until a group of humans captured him, his mate and his two friends."

Argus just stood there mouth wide open. He looked at me in disbelief. I nodded to him confirming what my mom had said. suddenly argus just started twitching, my guess is that my brother, from what I had pieced together from the conversation, always plays around with Argus.

"I think you broke him, mom and who are they." I heard someone say from the gardens to my right. we looked towards where the voice came from and saw a young, dull grey gryphon walk over to us.

"Noctis, this is your older brother Eros and these are his friends and mate." mom said as she pointed to me then to the others.

"wait, your telling me this is my brother?" Noctis asked.

"yes I am, Noctis."

"how and if he is why hasn't he been home?"

"we will tell that story over dinner brother." I answered
we soon walked into the castle after meeting my brother and walked to the throne room. mom had gone ahead of us so we could get to know our way around the castle.  
"hey bro why is it that you have 2 dragons with you?"

"well they have protected me along with my mate. they are also the some of the only friends I have." I answered my brother.

we continued walking to the throne room with little conversation. we passed several guards who looked at Daniel and Si-Ann with disgust. I thought it was strange that since coming inside the city and the castle. we had not seen a single dragon bar Daniel and Si-Ann.

This perplexed me, so I decided to ask Noctis."hey Noctis, why haven't we seen any dragons while in the city or in the castle?"

he just simply answered "well Eros, dragons aren't exactly welcome within the city walls."

"why is aren't we welcome?" Daniel said.

"well dragons have always attack the city every once in awhile and most of the citizens have lost many family members. the only family that hasn't lost anyone to family to dragons was ours. But our family lost you when mom had to hide you. speaking of which where exactly have you been." Noctis answered and asked.

"has mom or dad taught you of the creatures called humans and the realm they come from? I asked getting looks from the others.

"mom has taught me about humans and their realm."

"well I was taken in by a family of them and in their realm I meet these three." I said pointing to the others. Before he could answer we arrived at the door to the throne room. we heard some talking and yelling come from the room before the door burst open with who appeared to be the captain of the guard behind it.

"Get those dragons out of the city." A stern gruff voice ordered the guard.

"stay where you are guard." my mom told the guard.

during this commotion we walked past the guard into the throne room. There was two thrones at the end of the room. This thrones looked more like a long cushion with gold backs to them. Mom and who I assumed was Dad were laying on the thrones. we got about halfway to them when I heard Si-Ann roar in pain. I looked towards them and saw the captain of the guard with about 3 guards all armed with spears pointed at Daniel and Si-Ann. Daniel was standing defensively and growling in front of Si-Ann who looked to have had a spear go through her wing.

I saw the guards moving closer to the two of them. But time seemed to just stopped and when time returned to normal all the guards were unconscious on the ground except for one. the spears were broken in half while the one spear that belonged to the conscious guard was right beside his head sticking in the ground.

Everyone was looking at me wide eyed like I had become something other than a gryphon. I brought my right foreleg in front of me and noticed it looked like black fog. I was surprised to see myself like that. but I remembered that I had gotten angry and time seemed to slow down to a stop. I decided to calm down to see if I would return to normal, it worked. when I was back to normal I looked around the room and chuckled a little bit before losing consciousness.

I woke up in what I could describe as the abyss of my mind because there was a few things better left unseen or said in there. I could only think about what I was doing here as I looked around. I looked until I saw a gryphon in the distance with an evil grin strapped across his face. This is not going to be good is what I thought in my head as the gryphon started to walk closer to me. He stopped 10 feet from me, allowing me to get a good look at him.

the gryphon looked exactly like me just a lot wilder. What I mean by wilder is the feathers on his wings were unkempt and unpreened while his fur was going everywhere. I looked at his eyes, they were blood red and didn't show any kind of remorse or feeling in them except rage and coldness. when he spoke it was like someone had set my blood on fire and then froze it instantly.

"Hello Eros, I've been waiting for you for a long time."
here is part 4 of this story. Things are starting to get interesting.

next: coming TBA or just posted
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We finally decided to land in a clearing of the forest about forty miles away from the facility. We all landed with a moaning pain from our wings. We decided to just make camp here for the night with one of us keeping watch just in case we were followed. As the girls fell asleep Daniel and I stayed awake.

“Hey Eros do you think we’re being followed?” Daniel asked me.

“I don’t think we are but I know we can’t go back to our families to live normal lives.”

“Well yeah but we have to go back and tell them what happened.”

“Honestly you guys can go back to your families but I have none, remember I’m an orphan.” I told Daniel.

“You are not an orphan, young one. You have just been waiting for me to get you.” A voice from seemingly nowhere said to me.

“What do you mean?” I said as I started to look around with Daniel. I soon spotted her as she was landing beside Daniel and I. She was a Gryphon just like Solice and I. But unlike her and I, this gryphoness had only one color and that was a jet black.

“How do you know who I am and who are you?” I asked her.

“Well, that’s easy dear I’m your mother.” She answered.

“But how can you be his mother if he was a human a few weeks ago?” Daniel asked her before I could.

“Yeah how could you be my mother?”

She simply sighed and said it’s a long story. But I just said we have the time. She said alright I’ll tell you the story. Just as she was beginning to tell the story of my life before I was a part of Daniel’s family, Solice and Si-ann woke up. They looked around as they got up. But their eyes locked onto the gryphoness lying with Daniel and I.

“Eros who is this gryphoness?” she asked me with anger in her eyes. I think she has a crush on me and truth be told I have a crush on her.

“Solice before you get angry and defensive this gryphoness happens to be my mom.” I answered.

“How can she be your mom? I thought you were a human like the rest of us before that day and an orphan also.” Solice said as she calmed down.

“I will tell you when I can stop being interrupted.” The gryphoness said.

My mother proceeded to telling the story to us. “well it was 13 years ago. I was running through a forest trying to get to a portal connecting our world with this one. There were assassins coming after you. Someone in the kingdom found out if the crown prince died and the king and queen passed away then the head of the council and his or her mate would become the rulers. So I brought you to this world for your safety. I made it to the portal and getting you through but I was caught by the assassins and held for ransom.
They stuck me in a cage that was barely big enough for a adolescent Gryphon let alone a full grown one such as myself. Those assassins weren’t exactly the brightest because the cage they put me in had a lock that was loose. So I slashed the lock breaking it and ran back to your father.

Now thirteen years later I have come back for you and Eros, you are the crown prince.”
She finished with tears in her eyes. Like my mom, I was also in tears. I ran up and hugged her almost knocking her down. It had been so long with any real parents to care for me, Daniel’s parents were great but they didn’t feel right to me when they were caring for me.

“I’m glad your back mom.” I said in between sobs of joy.

“Me too son, me too”

Daniel decided to speak up with some unsettling news. “Eros, I think I should tell you something. I know what happened after your mom got you through the portal to this world and not yours.”

“You didn’t think about sharing this information with me earlier.”

“It didn’t come up until now.”

“Ok, can you please continue?” I said.

“Sure, my father when he was hiking in the forest behind the house, he heard a cross of a baby wolf crying and a baby bird crying. So he decided to find out what it was. When he got to where he heard the crying coming from, he looked around to see what was causing the noise. Dad searched for about ten minutes determined to find you and care for you. As dad was leaving he found you. He told me and mom that you looked at him with those eyes of yours and tried grabbing his long beard. Mom later told me that her and dad didn’t know what you were since you were a mix of a bird and a canine. He brought you home, mom was a little scared of you but when she saw that you were just a baby. She changed her mind. After about a few weeks after he found you in the forest you decided to hide again like you normally would. But when we found you.” He paused for a moment. “You were human. The only thing that told us that it was you and not someone else was your brilliant eyes as mom would say it. That tells how you are a gryphon but you were a human.” When Daniel finished he was out of breath.

“Now that we got that out of the way. Are you ready to come back home son?”My mom asked.
“Yes but only if my two dragon friends can and I’m guessing Solice that you are going if I go” I said as I looked at Solice. She just nodded.
“Yes they can come. They don’t belong in this world anymore than you and I.” as mom finished saying this Daniel’s and Si-ann’s expressions along with their faces dropped. I guessed that they were going to miss their families if they went with me.

“But won’t our parents miss us?” Si-ann, who had been quiet up until now, said.

“They probably think we’re dead because we haven’t been home for a few weeks.” Solice chimed in with a dead serious look on her face.

“I guess your right besides we don’t belong in this world anymore.”

“Now then if that’s settled we really should be going” I said and started following my mom with Solice behind me. I could hear Daniel and Si-ann whispering to each other. “I’m not going” “why we don’t belong here anymore.” “WHY, because someone shows up out of the blue and says that.” “No, it’s just better for my parents to think I’m dead. I’m going with them with or without you.” “Well Eros needs someone to watch his back.” “Alright then let’s go” and with that they flew off to catch the others. When they caught up I simply nodded to them in greeting.

“Ok, we are at the portal. It might feel weird but don’t panic. If you do I can’t say what will happen.” Mom warned.

I can’t really describe the feeling of going through the portal. But it was like being in a lukewarm bath that changed from hot and cold rapidly. We soon arrived in the world that was my home and the others new home. It was beautiful with the snowcapped mountains in the distance and the forest with leaves from spring, summer, and autumn. We also saw a castle with a surrounding city. I guessed that was where we would be going to see my father and my home for the first time since I was a hatchling. I hope he’s still alive and mom wasn’t running the kingdom by herself.
we finally escaped from the facility. but we finally learn the origins of Eros.

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TF stories
Collection by
Ivory Scales

Hundreds of people were walking by on the streets. Some were last minute buyers, others just lurkers in the night, and others going home for Christmas. Rain was falling down on their heads, but they didn’t seem to mind, overtaken with the joy of the holiday season. Everything seemed right. The perfect Christmas, like all the ones before it. Everything was in tune, and everyone was happy

Except for James. James had only one thing on his Christmas list; had only one wish for the holidays. One hope that he had had for every Christmas. But James never got what he wanted. He got what he asked for, but never what he wanted. And he knew that he would never get his wish. Looking up to the crying skies he sighed.

"Rain…like every year. Is there any chance it will ever snow here?" James pondered to himself. But he new the answer. He lived in Arizona, on of the hottest states in all of America. People were in shorts and T-shirts while walking in the streets. He wished it would snow, but some wishes just don’t come true.

James was doing some last minute shopping. He still had to get gifts for his four-year-old sister, both of his parents, and some just-in-case gifts, if a girl had ever taken a liking to him. He walked into a thrift shop in search for something cheap and yet appealing to the eye. He eventually found a doll that didn’t seem to be in too bad of shape. It would have to do; he didn’t have much money. He walked up to the clerk with the doll and a few ones and a handful of change.

"That will be $5.39." The clerk said, as James sorted through the change to find that last penny. "Thank you, come again. And, hey, cheer up guy, it's the holiday's"

"Sorry, it's just…I never seem to get what I really want for Christmas…" He said sadly.

"Hmm…wait here." The clerk said, before going into the back room. He then returned with a sort of amulet in his hand. "This charm was sold to me with a story. It was said that it would grant a wish, as long as it's unselfish and pure. You seem like someone with that type of wish."

"Sorry, but I don’t believe in that whole hocus-pocus deal." James said. Although it was a gorgeous gem, it seemed like just a ploy to get a buyer. And being as beautiful as it was, it probably cost a lot of money. Money he didn’t have. James started to walk towards the exit.

"Wait!" The clerk proclaimed, causing James to turn back around. The clerk then placed the medallion in his hand. "Take it, free of charge. Even if you don’t believe in the power this has, I do, and I would hate to see and opportunity like this wasted. So take it, and make good use of it."

He walked out of the store and back into the rain. He inspected the amulet more closely. It was a beautiful glass crystal, with a single snowflake inside. It had an unearthly glow and the light from the rain bounced off of it. It was truly a treasure. Even if magic didn’t exist, it still had a magical feel to it. It would a perfect present for his parents.

He walked into his house and into his room, prepared to wrap his presents. He began to wrap his sister's present, but the gem caught his eye again. He looked into the crystal again and marveled at the snowflake inside.

"I really do wish it could snow for real…" He said out loud to no one.

As he said those words the crystal seemed to glow. At first James thought it was just his eyes, but even as he rubbed them clean, the crystal still glowed. He began to feel cold, even though it was at least 70 degrees outside. It wasn’t a stinging cold, more soothing. Like turning on the air conditioner after a long jog. He was enjoying this feeling, until the coldness seemed to numb the body. Then things started to get interesting. He noticed that his hair had started to fall out. As he glanced down at the falling hair he caught a glimpse of his skin. His skin had turned completely white. It started to get hard and slick, and then it started to spilt apart at certain areas in a pattern. He recognized this pattern, a pattern you could see on any reptile. Scales.

James was pretty shocked and astonished at this change. The white scales been spreading up his entire body, making him sleek and giving him a shine. He looked over at the crystal, which still was glowing. It started to make his eyes hurt. He rubbed them repeatedly but it didn’t do much good. They started to hurt even more, and seemed to have a stretching sensation. After a few seconds more of rubbing, until the stretching sensation stopped, he opened his eyes again. What he saw was gorgeous. His sight had been magnified, everything seemed brighter and more in focus.

The stretching sensation then came back, but this time in his whole body. He seemed to be getting taller at an alarming rate. This ripped apart his shirt and shorts leaving him naked, save for his shoes. Luckily, the scales covered up all the obscene qualities of the human male. He didn’t stop growing until he was at least 8 feet tall. But the stretching still didn’t stop; it started to go the other way. He felt his spine gaining more vertebrae moving down towards his tailbone. His scales stretched with the growing bones as his tailbone extended until it was a four-foot long tail. James was in complete shock as he stared at his new appendage. He knew then that he wasn’t human anymore, and would probably never be again, but he didn’t seem to mind. He couldn’t explain it, but these changes really didn’t bother him in the slightest; they just astonished him.

As he stared at the tail he started to feel something in his shoulders. They were now elongating backwards and eventually becoming long and narrow bones extending from his back. The bone then split and new muscles started to form, allowing him to fold them flat against his back. From these bones a thin membrane started to spread across them as veins and smaller bones materialized to provide more structured. He now had wings coming from his back. James then realized what he was becoming. He thought in his mind all the other features this creature had and prepared for the rest of the changes.

He felt a pushing coming from his hands. He saw his fingernails pushing out until they completely detached. In there place grew long and sharp claws that took up the whole tips of the fingers. He then felting his feet getting longer, bursting through the shoes he was wearing. He saw that three of his toes were also growing, but the others stayed the same and eventually got overtaken by the rest of the foot. The growing toes took up the excess space as the toenails dropped to the ground and long, curved claws grew. The natural bone alignment also changed, lifting up leaving him to stand on his toes with the rest of the foot raised at a 45-degree angle.

He waited for the last changes to take place. But he didn’t have to wait long. He started to feel his skull growing, becoming longer and pushing out his face. His nose disappeared leaving two slits behind, and his ears stretched out and reshape to form two fin-like protrusions. His teeth started to fall out as new, sharper teeth began to form. He felt two horns growing out of the back of his head; parting the scales they're to show the naked bone. He also felt new knowledge fill his head. He now knew he had a natural coldness surrounding him, and that he could bend it at his will.

The changes were now complete; he was now a full dragon. To be more precise, an ice dragon. He took note of the crystal, which had now stopped glowing. He went over and picked it up. It still had the same shine as when he bought it, and would still make a perfect gift. He knew that there would be no way to tell his parents about his changes, but he could at least give them a gift before he left.

He started to walk towards the door, but before he could even move he saw someone standing on the other side. It was his little sister, and she seemed to be frightened to move.

"It's ok Sally, it's me, James!" He said, in the most innocent voice he could. She still stood there with the same terrified face on. He picked up the Christmas present he had gotten her and walked over to her. "See, I got you a present for Christmas! Please don’t be afraid, Sally."

"Wha…what happened to you, Jimmy?" She asked, with tears in her eyes.

"It's hard to explain, but don’t worry! It will all be ok. But, Sally, I have to go now. I need you to do me a big favor! Can you give this to mommy and daddy for me?" He asked, handing her the crystal.

"Why do you have to go!?" She asked him.

"I don’t think mommy and daddy would understand what happened. So it has to be our little secret. But don’t worry! I'll be back for next Christmas!" He said.

"I'm gonna miss you, Jimmy!" Sally said, as she used her tiny arms to hug her brother good-bye.

"I'm gonna miss you too, Sally." I said, returning her hug with one of my own. After the embrace was over, I walked out of the room and took flight in the rain. I soared up to the clouds, and when I was high enough, used my manipulation of ice to change the rain into snow. I had gotten my one Christmas wish, even if it did come in a very unexpected package.
Merry Christmas Everyone!! :thumbsup::santa: (it was on time on my previous account :shrug:)

Story © Me
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It was near the end of July. As a reward for finishing his first year of school,  six year old Jason and his family went to the San Diego Comic Con. Little Jason was amazed at how big the convention was. He had never seen so many people in one place. The convetion itself was a very easy place to get lost in so Jason had to make sure he was with his family at all times.

Jason was dressed like a half-dragon. His parents had always told him that many fans of comics like Iron Man and Batman who went there. As much as he loved superheroes, Jason loved dragons more. He had always enjoyed dragon type movies, no matter how cheesy.

Jason's costume was a pair of homemade wings that barely stuck out of his shirt and a tail his mom sowed for him. Jason looked around, excited. Jason noticed many people dressed up as his favorite fictional characters. He noticed a girl dressed up like Naruto. Another was a storm trooper.

"Mommy, why are these people wearing costumes?" Jason asked.

"It's a special event, sweetie. That's why we made you your costume." Jason's mom smiled.

"Do you like your costume, Jason?" Jason's fifteen year old brother, Kenny asked.

Jason grabbed his tail and wagged it around at Kenny. "Yeah!" He said, grinning happily.

Jason's parents and older brother didn't dress up. Kenny had no idea what he was going to wear and his parents, though they didn't tell Jason, didn't want to feel like wierdos for walking around in halloween costumes.

Jason and his parents entered the convention. Even in the front lobby, there were many people. Jason and his family looked around, noticing all the teenage kids sitting on the ground. Some drew pictures of their characters, while some played their Nintendo DSs.

Jason walked over to a girl who was playing a game. He looked over her shoulder as he watched her play. She turned her attention from the game, noticing Jason watching her play.

"Would you like to play?" She asked.

"Yeah!" Jason exclaimed.

"Jason!" Kenny shouted, running up to his little brother and grabbing his hand.

"I'm sorry. My little brother..."

"Looks so cute!" The girl squeeled. "I love that adorable costume! Would it be alright if I take his picture?"

"You need to ask our dad." Kenny said, pointing to their parents.

The girl nodded and walked over to the siblings' parents. After a few seconds, she walked back to the siblings.

"They said it's okay." The girl said.

"Well, Jason. Do you want your picture taken?" Kenny asked.

"Sure!" Jason smiled.

"Well you sure are a happy little dragon." The girl smiled, warmly, grabbing her camera from her bag. She got her camera ready and got at Jason's level, ready to take his picture.

"Alright! Give me a good pose!" The girl said.

Jason cupped his hands and extended his arms out. He crouched down slightly, bending his legs.

"RAAARRR!" He shouted as part of his pose. The girl took his picture then smiled happily.

"That's just so cute! I wish I had a little brother!" She said after taking his picture.

The girl walked up to Jason and crouched down. "Have a good time here, lil' dragon." She said, rubbing his hair. She got up and walked towards the escalator.

"Bye!" Jason shouted to her, waving.

Jason and Kenny walked back to their parents.

"How was that, Jason? You got your picture taken!" Jason's dad exclaimed. He was very happy for his youngest son.

"That was neat!" Jason smiled.

"We weren't even here for a minute and Jason's already got an admirer." Kenny teased.

Jason laughed happily with his family. Afterwards, they decided to head into the exhibit hall and look around at all the stuff. Jason noticed a ton of stuff he had never seen back home. There were old first editions of comics like X-Men and Superman but Jason didn't understand that. He didn't understand what a first edition comic meant to a dedicated fan of a certain comic. To Jason. it was just a comic. Something he liked to read.

As time went on for the family, Jason had made a big haul on the first day, nearly exhausting both his parents and his brother's wallets. The most they had left for their day at Comic Con was twelve dollars.

"How did you guys have so much money?!" Kenny asked, carrying his little brother's newly purchased Yu-Gi-Oh! and Naruto manga.

"Saved away." His parents said.

"Sorry, Kenny." Jason said.

Kenny sighed. "It's okay, Jason. This is your big day after all." He smiled.

"Kenny, here's the last bit of our money. Go buy something for yourself and your brother." their mom smiled, handing Kenny an extra twelve dollars she had stached away.

"C'mon, Jason." Kenny said, his younger brother taking his hand.

"So let's get you your gift first. What would you like? I'll buy for you." Kenny said.

"Really?! I love you, big brother!" Jason smiled, wrapping his arms around Kenny's waist, hugging him.

Jason and Kenny looked around, noticing the different booths that were set up. They walked around for a bit before Jason came to one he wanted to stop at.

"That one! Let's check it out!" Jason shouted to Kenny.

"Alright, Jason. Alright. We're going."

Kenny led Jason over to the booth Jason wanted to check out. The booth sold fleece anime hats as well as some cat ears for girls. He  looked at the different assortment of hats. Some were from Naruto, another was of Kon from Bleach. Some were even fox hats. But there was one Jason noticed that he just had to have.

"A dragon hat!" Jason exclaimed.

"Kenny, can I have that one?! Please???" Jason pleaded.

"Sure. Let's see how much." Jason led Kenny to the front.

"Excuse me, sir? How mush for that dragon hat?" Kenny asked, pointing to a series of hats sat on a table.

"Eight dollar." The man said.

"That's kinda cheap." Jason thought to himself, getting out two fives. He handed the fives to the man who gave him two dollars back as well as handing Jason his new hat.

Jason starred in awe at his new hat. It was a cute hat. It looked like the top of a dragon's head. The hat had two horns sewed onto it . The horns were simply white strips of fabric sewn onto a green fleece hat. The hat had a single red, flimsy spike going down the bottom of the hat. Jason decided, after a minute of staring at it to put it on.

"It goes very well with your costume." The asian man at the counter said.

"Thanks!" Jason smiled again.

"Let me tell you something, my boy. If you where that hat five times, Something exciting will happen." The man said with a now almost errie smile.

"Uh, okay..." Kenny said, taking his little brother by the hand and heading to the entrance with him to find their parents.

Kenny noticed his parents, standing by the doors.

"Mom! Dad!" Kenny called out, running with Jason towards them.

"So what'd you buy, Jason?" His mom asked.

Jason grabbed his hat and pulled it to show his mom what his big brother bought for him.

"That's a gift to Jason from me. I'll buy stuff tomorrow." Kenny said.

"Aw, that was really sweet of you, Kenny. Buying a gift for your little brother.' His mom said, hugging him.

"Hey, mom. C'mon. Everyone's looking."

Jason smiled happily. He was so happy to be there, with his family. At that moment, there was no place he'd rather be.

The family headed out the door and headed back to their hotel room. All the while, Jason wearing his dragon hat. Jason thought about all the fun he had while at Comic Con. He smiled as he thought of what might happen tomorrow. He hoped tomorrow would be as fun as today was. As soon as his family got back to their room, Jason got under the sheets and, almost instantly, fell asleep. His parents gently removed his hat, deciding to let him sleep with the rest of his costume on tonight. They didn't want to wake the boy up.

The next few days went as eventful as the first one. On each day, Jason would wear his dragon hat back to the Con.  Jason didn't know why he loved that hat so much. It just it was a part of him. To him, he felt like he needed to wear it.

Days passed at Comic Con and days went. And eventually, Jason and his family were on a plane back to Wisconsin. They arrived home late that night. At around 10:30. They decided to unpack tomorrow. For now, they just wanted to go to sleep.

Jason walked into his room, swtiching the lights on and hopping into bed. His room was a dark colored blue with many posters of dragons and superheroes abound. Of course, there was the occasional Yu-Gi-Oh! and Naruto poster. He thought all about that happened during his four day visit to Comic Con. Soon after, all this thinking made the little boy fall asleep.

Later that evening, Jason woke up early. He stretched and yawned as he walked quietly downstairs to unzip his things. He pulled out his books and hid action figures as he dug around in his suitcase for his hat, pulling his wings and tail out of his suitcase. Eventually he found his hat. He put it on and walked back upstairs, smiling. He went back to his room and got under the sheets, once again quickly falling asleep.

The next morning, he rubbed his head as he woke up. He felt something odd about the top of his head. His head felt...bald. Not just bald but SCALY too! He moved his hand around his head, eventually hitting his hand on something. He felt whatever it was that he felt but didn't understand what it was. He decided he'd go get cleaned up and head downstairs for breakfast. As he got up and stretched as he yawned a little tiredly, he felt something swishing behind him. He jolted his body around and looked down, not seeing whatever it was. He turned around again. Still nothing. Just then, he felt the whatever-it-was moving around on his back. Almost like it was part of him. This time, instead of turning his entire body, he simply turned his head and looked down. It was a growing tail! A tail was what was on Jason's back! His tail itself was a lime green. At the end of his tail was a wide and thick fin at the end. Almost giving his tail a more devil like look to it. Making it look more like a green devil tail. The underside to his tail was yellow with very smooth scutes. While the ends of his tail's fin had the greenish scales running to the bottom.

"No way.." He said in disbelief. "I HAVE A TAIL! That's awesome!" He shouted happily, wagging it around without a care in the world.

"Heh! This is so cool! I've got my own tail!" He said to himself again.

He headed out into the hallway and walked into the bathroom. He rubbed the crust out of his eyes and looked into the mirror. Jason's eyes widened. His hat was missing. In its place was the top of a dragon's head. His hair was missing, leaving his new scales exposed as they ran down his head, beginning to take over his entire face. Then it hit him.

The hat had somehow become one with his head! Even at six years old, Jason still couldn't believe it. How could a hat have done that to him? The hat's horns had hardened and burrowed into the little boy's skull, becoming the long, thick horns of a dragon.

Just then he felt his hands begin to ache. His small hands began to grow bigger and more animal like.  Soon after, his pinkies and thumbs retreated into his hands, leaving only three fingers on each hand. And they soon grew white claws at the end. His nails extended themselves and covered the tips of his fingers, changing them into claws. The same happened with his feet. It was becoming harder for Jason to stand, even with his new tail. He struggled to stand as he fell onto the floor, landing right on his tail which made him yell in pain. He watched as his feet grew bigger. Becoming digitigrade.

"My feet...look like a dinosaur's." Jason said to no one in particular. He put his paw on his now larger foot. His paw felt every bit of his foot and vis versa. Oddly enough, it didn't feel that strange to him. Even for a little boy.

As he struggled to stand up, his legs cracked and he fell to the ground. He srarted to cry from the pain as his legs gained more muscle and grew scales on them, claws soon making their way out of his feet too as his big toes and little toes retreated into his body. He felt a sharp pain in his lower region as he shut his eyes as the scutes began to cover his whole underside. Eventually they made their way to his neck and ended. As his underside stopped hurting, his backside began to ache. sharp spikes grew from the tip of his tail, ran up to his back, and ended at his head.

Speaking of his head, his nose and nostrils were pulled out. His jaw began to ache as well as his face began to pull out, pushing itself from him and becoming a long, thin snout. is snout had two slits for nostrils. Despite that his nostrils were smaller , he could smell things much better now.

His shoulder blades began to ache and reform, which just made Jason cry even more. Two thin arms grew from his back and became leathery wings. The same leathery wings of a dragon. His wings scales were a beautiful lime green, like his tail while the insides of his wings were yellow. Jason flapped his wings and began to rise and hover above the ground for a second before falling back to earth, landing on his paws.

His eyes and ears began to ache. He shut his eyes and anticipated the final transformations. Once his eyes started to feel better, he opened them, noticing his vision was much clearer. More powerful and that he could see farther. His ears stretched and grew, becoming fins. Like his wings, his fins had shiny green scales with yellow membranes growing in the middle. Jason's transformation came to an end as his heart began to ache. Each beat got more painful and agonizing. Soon however, the pain dissappeared as his body became use to his new heart. His dragon heart. And with that,  Jason's transformation soon came to an end.

"What happened to me?!" Jason thought. His mind was panicking. He ran back and forth through the bathroom, trying to figure out what he could do. WOuld his parents and brother believe what just occured? He figured he had no choice. He'd have to tell them what happened.

Jason was about to exit the bathroom when he heard te door open. Kenny and his parents were all standing at the entrance to the bathroom.

"Uh, oh..."

"Mom, dad. I...I."

"You've been in the bathroom all morning." They said.

"What?" Jason asked, confused.

"Yeah, Jason! Were you having a really bad stomach ache?" Kenny asked.

Jason didn't know what was going on. His parents obviously saw what had happened to him. They obviously saw he was a baby dragon now. So...

"Sorry. My tummy really hurt bad." Jason said. Even though he wanted to ask why they weren't worried, he just couldn't.

"Are you feeling better now?" Kenny asked.

"Yeah. Let's go play together!" Jason shouted happily.

Jason and Kenny walked downstairs and headed into the backyard. Kenny shut the sliding glass door and looked at Jason with a serious expression.

"Jason, what happened to you?" Kenny asked.

"You..knew?" Jason asked.

"Yes, little brother. I could kinda hear you crying in the bathroom. I ran to the bathroom but the door was locked. I was hollering in at you, asking if you were alright."

"I didn't hear you...I don't think I locked the door, too."  Jason said, confused.

"Then what..."

Kenny started to remember what the man at Comic Con told them. That something exciting would happen if Jason wore the hat five times in a row. THIS is what he meant.

"Jason. I think I know why I still remember that you were a human." Kenny said.


"I was with you when you got your hat! Mom and dad weren't! I might be the only one who knew you were a human!" Kenny explained.

"So what can we do then?" Jason asked.

Kenny picked his baby dragon brother up and gave him a piggyback ride.

"I know what we'll do then: Piggyback ride!"

Kenny ran around the backyard, keeping a firm hold on Jason's front and back legs. He knew Jason was a little dragon now but it didn't matter to him. Jason was still his little brother. And he was still Jason's big brother.

The baby dragon cheered as his brother galloped around the yard, his tail swinging every which way. The two now unusual brothers were probably at the happiest they had ever been. There was fun and enjoyment for the both of them.
Yet another Dragon TF story. This one however is a prototype for a mini series I plan to start.

Seeing as how :iconben300: and :icontransryu: have their own item TF series, I figured I'd try my hand at one. So I came up with the idea for hats being the cause of TF. I hope you guys will like this idea. If this one is well recieved, I might do another one.
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I stood in the corner of the room, watching my classmates have their conversations that lead to nowhere. Talking about the usual; sports, girlfriends, boyfriends, cars, fashions, and more. I didn't join into those kinds of talk because I didn't have anything to talk about. I was the ghost of the school, the alien, the one who didn't belong to any social groups.

Even if I did have something to say, I was usually ignored for no reason. Perhaps it's because I was the alien there that people didn't pay any attention to. It got bad when I would play a team game with my classmates because, usually, no one except me knew which team I was on. But it was silly and stupid when my classmates were encouraging me to speak out more, be more social, but how could I have if the same people ignored me, making the whole argument pointless?

'I don't belong here,' I thought. 'I belong somewhere else.'

There' were times, like being ignored, that made me feel like I was being abused by everyone around me. Some I would help in their personal crises and they promised to repay the debt they owed, but never did. Some I would ask for help, but I was ignored in the end. And some would make me take the fall someone else's problems. Maybe it was because I was too nice for my own good, something that even my dad criticized me for it. But the one thing I couldn't stand in the world was to see others cry.

"Ok class," our teacher, Miss Levo, said, "It's 3:15. Have a great day."

'Ok,' I thought. 'Time to go home.'

I grabbed my backpack and walked out of the room. Walking to the bike racks at the side of school, I thought about how alien I was there. I had few, if any, friends there in that school and they hardly got into conversations with me unless they wanted something from me and, even then, I got nothing from it. Perhaps, there was a place where I could go and feel normal for once.

I reached my bike, which was gold and silver in color, unlocked it, and rode it on my way home. Along the way home, I passed by Ashlei Lupus's house. She was the new girl in school who had just entered a year ago. She had brown hair with blond highlights, blue eyes, always wore her necklace, which had a red gem on it, and she was the star of our chess club and softball team. I admitted that I loved her, but so did all of the guys at school and, with all of the competition for her, why would she have cared about the alien of the school?

I then passed by the shopping center of our town, or what was left of it. Most of the stores here were closed due to the failing economy there. Sometimes, I wondered, if the future was bleak, that we were heading into dark times last seen less than a century ago. If so, did we let it happened? Did we make mistakes that shouldn't have be made? Or was it bound to happen?

I then noticed a store I had never seen before. It was an video game store, with images of video game characters, like Mario and Solid Snake, on the windows of the store. I would've loved to go into the store and buy a game, but I didn't have any money. Besides, it looked like it was closed for the day. So I had no choice but to go home.

After a bit, I reached my home, which was one floor and blue and white. I got off my bike and walked it to the side of the house where I left it leaning on the wall. Pulling out my key, I unlocked my door and entered my house.

It was empty, just as I expected it would be. It was still before four o'clock, which was when my sister would come home from college. It felt strange though, coming home alone those days. My mom died of lung cancer four years before then and my dad left here last December to work with my great uncles at their farm at California, leaving just my sister and me to take care of the house. It wasn't that bad, it just got lonely at times.

I placed my backpack on the couch and opened it. I then pulled out a book, The Three Investigators: The Mystery of the Coughing Dragon, and opened it. But then a folded slip of paper had fallen from the book and onto the floor. I picked it up, unfolded it, and read it.

It said:

Dear Matt Vulpes,

Can you meet me at my house at 5:00? I have something to show you.

Ashlei Lupus

My heart gave a leap of joy, but my mind filled with questions. Why should she send it to me when she could invite another cooler guy? Still, since she asked me to come, I decided I'd go.


"Ok," I said. "I'm going out."

"Ok," I heard my sister say. "See you later."

I went outside at five and went to my bike. I then road it to Ashlei house, passing by the shopping center in the progress. Looking at the stores, I noticed that the video game store that was here less than a couple of hours ago had vanished. Instead there was a rings and plush store in its place. In front of the store was a man with long black hair, blue eyes, and he was wearing a brown tweed jacket with elbow patches that were left unbuttoned, a fashionable shirt, a bow tie, red braces, rolled up trousers and black boots. He smiled and waved at me as I rode by.

After awhile, I reached her house. It was like my house, only brown and white. I looked at the door and saw her in front of it. She was wearing a green shirt, brown pants, the necklace she usually wore, and white running shoes.

When she gestured me with her hand to come, I got off my bike and put it down on the ground. I walked towards her and, for a few seconds, we stood there, face to face, without talking.

"Hello Matt," she finally said.

"Hello," I said. "What do you need?"

"If you'll come," she said, "I'll show them to you."

She then turned around and opened the door to her house. She entered it with me following, with questions filling up my head. After a bit, she stopped at the wall with some type of symbols I've never seen before in a shape of a triangle. The top symbol was red, the lower left was blue, and the lower right was green.

"Matt," she said. "Do you remember what happened a year ago?"

After a bit of thinking, I said, "I think I know what you mean..."


I was riding my bike home, just like any other day. There was nothing interesting usually on the way.

But then I saw her standing there. She had on a blue shirt, the necklace with the red gem, and jeans. I was so startled by her appearance that I hit a part of the sidewalk and fell down onto the ground. Getting up, I felt the opened wounds burning and the bones aching. I heard running and, when I turned around, I saw her running to me.

"Are you ok?" she said.

"Y-yes," I said.

"That's good," she said.

"Well, well. What do we have here?"

We turned around and, when I saw him, I groaned. Drew Infirmus, the troublemaker of the school. He had blond hair, purple eyes, and he was wearing a black shirt with a black jacket over it, black pants, and black shoes.

"What do you want?" I said.

"Nothing from you," he said. "What I want is that thing around that girl's neck."

"What?!" she said.

"Yeah," he said. He ran up and forcibly removed the necklace from her. "I'll be taking that."

"Hey!" I said.

I felt my blood becoming hot, even hotter than those scrape wounds, and heard the blood running through my ears. Without thinking, I gave Drew a punch in the nose, breaking it. Drew stepped back a few steps and dropped the necklace. He then ran off the opposite direction, holding his nose and crying. I picked it up and handed it back to her.

"Thank you," she said.

"You're welcome," I said. I walked to my bike, picked it up from the ground, and prepared to continue on my way home. "See you."

"Wait," she said. "What's your name?"

"Matt Vulpes," I said. "What's yours?"

"Ashlei Lupus," she said.


"If you mean the day that I stopped Drew from stealing your necklace, then yes," I said.

"Yes, that's it," she said. "Do you know why I wear it all the time?"

"Other than the fact that you've got it as a gift from your dad, then no," I said.

"Now," she said, removing her necklace, "you'll find out why."

A few seconds had passed and there was a ripping sound. To my shock and surprise, a wolf tail appeared behind Ashlei. I then saw her hands transform into a mix between a hand and a wolf paw with gray fur spreading up her arms. Then there was another ripping sound and, when I looked down at her feet, I saw her shoes ripped apart as they became digitigrades-like wolf legs. I looked up to her face and saw her ears moved up her head and became more pointed, like wolf ears. While her brown hair became gray, her blond highlights remained the same. Finally her face became covered in grey fur as her nose and mouth turned into a wolf muzzle. I rubbed my eyes, trying to tell myself that people didn't transformed in front of me, but when I opened my eyes again, she was still an anthro wolf.

I stood there in shock for a few seconds, and then I said, "W-what the heck just happened?"

"I'm not human," she said. "I'm actually a Wilk, a species from the planet Eckzahm."

"From another planet?" I said. "So you're a-"

"Alien?" she said. "Yes. I was sent here to observe this planet for about a year for my school report."

"So that necklace turns you into a human?" I said.

"Yes," she said. "My dad got it from a man he called Mr. Crevan."

"Wait a minute," I said. "It turns you into a human as long as you're wearing it, right? So why didn't you turned back into your true form when Drew removed it a year ago?"

"Because," she said, "as long as I don't want to changed back, I'll remained in human form for about a minute or so."

"Why are you showing me this now?" I said.

"Because this is the last day I'll be on earth," she said. "But I want you to come with me."

"What?" I said.

"You see," she said, "when Drew took my necklace, I was scared. Scared of what everyone around me would think if they saw me when I changed back. Imagined, your first day at observing the humans and your true form is about to be revealed any second. I was really scared.

"But then you got it back from him in time. I had never been more thankful before in my life. I wanted to repay it back to you in any way I can. Now here's the chance I had been waiting for. So, will you come with me?"

I thought for a moment and said, "Yes."

The anthro wolf smiled and said, "Good. Here."

She handed me some type of ring. I looked at it and I noticed that it had a fox head engraved on it. I looked up at her questionably.

"What's this ring for?" I said.

"It's a ring that can transform you into what's engraved on it," she said. "I got it from a ring and plush shop run by a man named Undecim Medicus. He said it's due to the shop having Athrú technology powering it up."

"Athrú technology?" I said.

"Yes," she said. "It's technology that has powerful magic running its power, so the species were one of the five greatest civilizations since over thousands of years ago."

"What happened to them?" I said.

"They had gotten into what's known as the Last Great Transformation War," she said. "A war between them and the Nex Mutatio, another of the five great civilizations that could transform species, only darker. Both civilizations are destroyed now that they tried to kill each other. Now most, if not all, of the two species are dead."

"I see," I said.

I looked at the ring for a few seconds and then I put it on. As soon as I put it on, I felt a jolt running through my body. I looked at my ring for a few seconds before I heard a ripping sound from behind me. I turned my head around and saw a fox tail coming from me.

"Whoa," I said.

I looked at my hands and I saw them becoming a mix between a hand and a fox paw with black fur appearing there. The black fur on my hands-paws went up to my elbows where they were now rusty red. I then heard another ripping sound below me and, when I looked down, I saw my feet tearing apart my shoes at they became more digitigrades-like. The black fur on my feet-paws then spread up my legs where they became rusty red as they reached my knees.

"Incredible," I said.

I felt the fur spreading under my clothes and now they were going to my head. I felt a slight tingling from my ears and, when I felt them, they were moving up my head and are becoming more pointed now. Finally, I saw my nose moving more forward with my mouth as they were turning into a muzzle. I felt my muzzle with my hand-paw and looked at Ashlei.

"Fantastic," I said.

"Do you like it?" she said.

"Boy, do I!" I said.

"That's good," she said. "You know, ever since you've gotten my necklace back, I've fallen in love with you."

"You have?" I said. "Why, the first time I saw you, I've fallen in love with you too."

We both smiled for a few seconds and then we got closer. We then kissed on the spot for a few seconds. After awhile, she pulled away and turned to the wall.

"Tairsearch," she said and the three symbols span around until it became what looked like a whirlpool of white energy on the wall. She then turned back to me. "Are you ready?"

"Yeah," I said.

She smiled and went into the portal with me following her. As I followed her, I realized that this is where I belonged, I no longer felt like an alien anymore. I'm where I should be for the first time in my life.

'Let's go across the universe.'
This is the third story of what I'm calling my Medicus Short Transformation series. This one has the new Medicus taking over the shop now. Now, before you asked why I changed the video games store into the rings and plush shop, the reason is that a video games store is too narrow for my opinion and this is more broader range to transform people. I hope you'll like this.

EDIT: This story had been edited by ~Dracondo. Thank you. ^_^

Lugia TF: [link]
Fox and Wolf TFs: Here
Dragon TF: [link]
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"You can keep the species a mystery, but I want to at least know what a larger dose would do. I need to know that, so I can... Adapt my behaviour." Beta crossed his arms in expectancy.

Very well. Going above the recommended quantity ensures a complete reconstruction of the subject's mind. The doctor has already witnessed that by mistake with species 717. Gear reported neutrally, but did assume he would receive positive feedback from those news.

"I figured he took care of Yveltal, but I didn't know about the brainwashing part." The human marked a pose, than gave a devilish smirk. "I'm already full of ideas, heheh... When do we start?"

"I shall not expect any willingness from whoever we will change. And I have yet to see your methods, even though I might already know what they are about. Needless to say, I do not expect you to fail." Reshiram firmly stated, then stared at the machine while remaining as impatient as the traveller did.

"Heh, I would only fail if I was as soft as Ridley. Not my type, so you won't have to worry about that. Now..." The aforementioned individual tapped his foot.

The substance is ready, Beta. The computer presented a larger vial than usual, allowing the man in front of it to hastily take it. You may choose any individual, but it will have to be a female subject.

"...Huh. You want me to change someone's gender with a mono-gendered species then."

Not yet. This will be for a future experiment, I am going to require all four outcomes when it comes to this kind of specimen. Gear didn't really sound amused, but still sounded a little more interested than usual.

"I can handle this, just spare me the details." Beta groaned a little, then stood ready to leave with the white dragon. "I'm going to enjoy that one."

On those words, the two beings stepped out and vanished, a cold gust of air going through the room before the machine was left alone.

With some luck, he may even come back for the male counterpart as well. Time will tell.

Singapore, Republic of Singapore.

"For the last time. We're NOT chinese!" A male voice spoke to his cellphone in annoyance, then rolled his eyes as the person it belonged to hung up.

"Pff... We always get the same response when calling overseas, don't we. You might want to ignore that for once though?" A kinder, female voice chuckled, its owner tapping the man's shoulder.

"I know I should, sis... But really, it's annoying. We can't find a home without getting the stereotype treatment..."

The woman smiled and shrugged without caring too much. "Everyone isn't like that... You're just having a bad streak. Besides, we have time before we eventually gather enough funds. So let's get to work for now, alright?"

"...You're right, as always, Mich... I'm right behind you." The other one put the phone away and nodded in agreement before the siblings left their small apartment.

The routine didn't stop in Singapore. Being both a country and its own capital, this place could easily be considered as one of the prime examples of fast development. Size didn't always matter, they said, and with a well-developed commercial and financial network, the small but packed island had quite a reputation as a solid destination in case one wanted to start a career, and since English a commonly spoken language there, little to no learning was required, except the common practices of the city-state. This wasn't what the duo was looking for, though: both were neither fond of the constant crowd present in the streets or the oppressing, humid climate eastern islands had in common. In fact, what they wanted turned out to be the exact opposite. Since they were children, the brother and sister had always wondered how the rest of the world looked like, and living on a small location lost in the middle of the ocean didn't help at all.

This wasn't the only thing they agreed on ; the duo really remained inseparable, no matter what, and every decision they made couldn't be reached without consensus. And even though their personalities were quite different, their interests and even looks matched and completed themselves with ease. Michelle, or Mich for her brother, clearly stood out as the calmer one, as well as the younger with an age of 21. The male one, Harold, was just one year older and couldn't manage to be as patient as his sister, considering his more hot-headed and brash attitude, not to mention his slightly overprotective behaviour towards the one he cared about, which caused him to be the natural but frequently advised leader of the duo.
Even their entourage was aware of their bond as they spent their entire childhood together, school included: in fact, one of their pastimes was to pretend to be twins and dress in a similar fashion, keeping neutral tones to avoid doing that in favour of one gender over the other. To that day, that practice didn't change, and their most preferred outfit remained made of light grey jeans, a black t-shirt and sneakers. The best way to show their differences was their hairstyle though, since the female had a thing for ponytails while the male just went for shorter and featureless hair, both sharing the same black colouration along with light green eyes. Overall, they still looked relatively similar except from their build, and made sure to be known as a pair instead of two individuals.

Surely, life could be made much easier when not spent alone, and despite their awareness of an eventual love interest with someone else and an inevitable separation, they still had plans to follow in the first place. Leaving Singapore stood as their first objective. Of course, they were born there and had no reason to really dislike the place, they still dreamt of moving to a different, quieter location and meet a less oppressing climate, and after careful planning and decision making, their centre of attention became Europe. The ethnic and cultural variety of this continent clearly seemed ideal for them to live in, so it didn't take long for them to make up their mind and prepare their travel, fulfilling their desire of going overseas.
The siblings sure liked water, a thing proven to be true due to their impressive swimming abilities, and in order to gather funds for their project, they took a job that would help them in more ways than one, and both started working at Keppel harbour about a year earlier, which was close enough to the residential area they initially lived in. In fact, since the idea of moving had blossomed into their minds much earlier than that, they left their parental home at the age of 17 and 18 to prove and make sure they could live independently and responsibly, all without forgetting their family, which supported them enthusiastically in this ambitious project.

This day was no different than before and still aimed at reaching their goal. Their jobs required them to work overnight, with Michelle handling stocks and management while Harold took a position as a crane operator, which caused the latter to be teased by his sister, who thought he chose that specific activity just to keep an eye on her ; it wasn't something he could easily admit, but her joke spoke truth nonetheless and she couldn't help but to be jealous of his ability to see the horizon and enjoy the view of the ocean from the heights of his working cabin, even though her salary was actually better to compensate.
Putting that aside, both showed constant motivation and enthusiasm, and didn't hesitate to do overtime just for a better reward at the end. Both knew it was only a matter of time before their aspirations could be reality, and the future seemed bright...

"Okay, almost done, I think we can take a break and grab a bite. I'll be going down as soon as I'm done with this last container." The brother talked through a talkie walkie he used to communicate with ease.

"That sounds good, but I still have things to do here, sorry... Can you get something for me, please?" The sister kindly requested, being visible from the man's location as she turned her head towards him.

"Of course! I'll get us some chicken as usual, I'll be right back." Harold didn't wait and hastily finished his task, then instantly went off his seat to climb down the ladder at a dangerously high speed.

As his feet touched the ground, he made his way through the crew on site and exited the harbour, finding himself in the crowded streets of the city, population never really decreasing even in the middle of the night. His attitude and desire to both eat and take care of his sister gave him the motivation to make his way through by using a bit of force sometimes, but not to the point of punching anyone. Eventually, he reached his preferred store, but stopped after recognizing a photo displayed on a newspaper article he found at the entrance. Usually, he didn't pay attention to any sort of writing, but this time turned out to be different.

"Missing persons..." He muttered and picked up the piece of media, identifying an acquaintance in that section.
Darius...? I thought he was just on holiday... He didn't come back? He thought, then just shrugged in disbelief. Surely, someone is being paranoid...

Before making a definitive opinion on the matter, he grabbed the communication device again. "Hey, sis... Guess what happened to our classmate, Darius?"

"Did he find a big fossil like he always wanted? Or did something else happen?" Michelle calmly wondered through a few crackling sounds, as the distance made communication a little less reliable.

"Well apparently, he's missing now. We were supposed to celebrate his graduation..."

"Oh... That's unfortunate... But maybe we should just wait a little, I think it's too soon to say someone is missing..." The sister stated with more anxiety then expected.

"I guess you're right... Still, we should give him a call soon. ...Are you alright anyway?" Harold's protective mood took over as soon as he heard her tone.

"I'm fine, I don't want to make you worried... There's something strange though, I feel like... observed. Did that happen to you before?" The woman inquired, causing the man to gasp.

"N-no, it didn't... I'll be right there, okay? We're going to take a break, just don't overdo things." The latter now sounded more concerned than his sibling.

"Sure... I'll be fine, I'm done in five minutes, talk to you soon."

Once those words were spoken, the brother agreed with himself and stopped focusing on the missing person topic, and instead bought food in record time just to get back to the harbour with more haste. On the way and in the middle of the street, he couldn't resist calling again.

"Okay, I'll be here in a minute, don't worry."

"..." No response. The talkie-walkie's screen indicated that there was still enough battery and the range was decent, so both ends were functional. In fact, someone spoke a few seconds later, but with a different voice than expected. A male one, actually, and a deep one.

"We'll be getting started shortly. You'd better come quickly if you don't want to miss the best bits." It said in a less than friendly intonation.

"...What the...?!?!" Harold almost dropped the electronic device, then started running, anger and dread rising inside him. "Who the heck are you?!"

"Oh, I'm just borrowing that girl for a moment. Be my guest and join us, Reshiram will show you the way." A distant chuckle could be heard after this statement.

"G-get your hands off her!" Without further ado, the man went for a sprint, thoughts racing in his head. Who could want to threaten his sister, and for what reason? Neither them or their parents were rich, so it could have been anyone else... Also, where did he hear that name before? Reshiram...? No matter, he had to hurry, and soon enough, the harbour's concrete came in sight. Surprisingly, the workers there appeared to be aware of the situation, since all of them had stopped their activities and stared at one specific spot in the container storage area. Instead of asking for a situation report, the unsettled individual went through and checked what was being eyed.
That's where he saw it. A tall, white, winged creature, highlighted by flames that seemed to be coming from its tail.

"This..." Despite the fact that the unknown being was more than a meter taller than himself, Harold still continued stepping towards it, as if its presence alone was enough to calm everyone down. Or perhaps it was simply because he wanted to see his sister, and was ready to do anything to accomplish this. Besides, he had a hunch that he had already seen that thing somewhere...

However, he had to stop when his eyes met a pair of piercing blue ones, even though the white figure which owned them showed no sigh of hostility. "Reshi..." It let out in a clear voice, and stepped sideways, gently but firmly indicating the man to go past it in order to proceed further in the container area. From what he saw, it was guarding a dead end.

"...Okay, as long as you take me to that guy..." Without getting too close or asking questions, the human did as instructed, allowing the creature to get back to its initial position afterwards, presumably to prevent others from getting close and leaving Harold alone.

Or perhaps not that alone. What he met in the dead end was more frightening the the sudden alien appearance. His sister was there, but on the ground, laid down and presumably unconscious. Behind her, another man who didn't seem to live around due to his different racial traits with black clothes, brown hair and green eyes remained in a crouching position, even though he stood back up and grinned upon seeing somebody arrived.

"Good, you're here. Now we can get started." That person said and picked something out of his coat's pocket.

"I don't know what you want, but LET HER GO RIGHT NO-" The sibling attempted to rescue his sister with a clenched fist, but his rush got interrupted when the creature behind him let out a brief but convincing barrage of flames not far from his trajectory. And even if he had a hard time standing still at this very moment, fear convinced him to to just that as he turned around to stare at the responsible for this assault. "..." He tried to question its identity and abilities, but the now menacing stance deterred with great efficiency.

"Just stand still and you won't get harmed. I need a spectator, not a troublemaker." The other man announced, then tapped the unconscious woman's head with his foot, thankfully without too much force but just enough to bring her back to consciousness, albeit a bit slowly.

"Don't TOUCH her like that! Who are you? What do you even want from us?!" Harold demanded, breathing heavily while staring at Michelle, who quietly opened her eyes and stayed in her position.

"My name's Ridley... I said I would just borrow her. I promise she'll be free as soon as I'm done." The other one said while helping the female individual up before opening what seems to be a container in his hands. Soon after, he grabbed both of her arms and poured the contents onto her hands, then released her. "There. You can have her back."

On her end, the sister kept a groggy state for a few seconds, this delay allowing the substance to sink inside her palms without her noticing. Instead, she approached her brother with a confused "...Harold...?"

With immense relief, he ignored the threat and grabbed her in a hug. "Sis, you're okay... Are you hurt? Did he do anything to you?"

"...Nothing... I was just struck in the back, I think... I'm sorry, I should have stopped working at the same time as you did..." The woman turned her head around at the same time, looking at the responsible with fright.

"It's okay, you couldn't have predicted this..." The male one patted her back to comfort her, even though he didn't know for sure what would happen next. Both were still cornered after all, but what was the reason for all this scenery?

"The closer you are, the harder separation is, they say." The stranger clapped slowly near them, and convinced Harold to let his sister go and clench his fist.

"And why are you saying that...?" Harold glared and questioned with as little dread as possible, gathering more anger than anything else.

"Spoiler alert." The other man picked up a camera from his belongings and pointed towards Michelle, who seemed to be more than concerned now. Her eyes widened upon seeing the pair of hands she kept in front of her head ; their shape started getting... odd. As if they were changing. In fact, it didn't take long for them to show more significant alterations, since both of them started swelling at the same time, deleting the hollow area of the palms and letting the opposite side grow into a bulgier version of itself.

"W-wha...?" Two jaws dropped at once with this observation, and this increase in size wasn't the only thing happening, on the contrary. In fact, the reconstruction visibly spread and reached the fingers, which shrank towards their base while heavily hardening, to the point of losing their phalanges. Their bones merged with the outside and got paler in mere seconds as the number of digits diminished, leaving two sets of three rigid, white claws when the ring and baby finger merged in sync with the middle one and the index.
The female individual breathed more heavily because of that sight, and most of all because of her useless attempt at keeping her hands's flexibility. Indeed, that turned out to be completely hopeless, and the rest of her hands slightly stretched and hardened too, albeit a bit less then her now pointy, sharp and triangular claws, which conveniently set themselves in symmetry with the longer body parts. Last but not least, their very surface transformed in two different ways, the top part growing a bright red layer of... What was that to begin with? It seemed to be feathers, a terrifying realization already, but those appeared to be rather glossy. In fact, they progressively created a very smooth and light-reflecting area despite the odd colouration. In the meantime, the former palms didn't get the same treatment, and just gained thick, striped matter that could be compared to a mass of scales ; all of this left her with larger, mostly unusable on a otherwise human body...

"WHAT DID YOU DO?!" Her brother furiously leaped towards the possibly guilty individual, who just took a few steps back to avoid the assault and smirked.

"We're doing some science... I should remind you that there's a big white dragon watching your every movement. So you'd better behave while she transforms."

"Transforms...?" Harold gulped and eyed her panicking sister. "N-no... Don't tell me you're turning her into a monster..." Without waiting for a reply, he put his hands on her shoulders and tried to reassure her in a less than comforting tone. "Y-you're going to be okay, Mich..."

"H... Help..." Michelle let out while trembling, even though she seemed a bit out of focus. Besides, any attempt at thinking positively was completely erased when the reconstruction reached the forearms. Another set of smaller, thinner and still glass-like feathers appeared on the surface at first, then the limb parts found themselves compressed into a smaller, thinner size, without losing too much strength but certainly hardening them. Their shorter length also seemed quite eerie to see on the body, especially when the bones themselves audibly shifted up to the elbows. Surprisingly, she gained a bit of flexibility with her oversized hands thanks to the alterations of her wrist.
Immediately after this, the second part of the arms experienced much more drastic actions upon gaining the same whiteness as before: their very mass sank into the woman's trunk, creating a large white bulge on each side that ended up being as large as her hands, while sharing a similar shape and bearing the rest of the arm right in the middle. Needless to say, the internal structure of both the arms and shoulders underwent massive repositioning to create sturdy areas, t-shirt's sleeves loudly ripping themselves to leave some space. Strangely enough, her current mobility allowed her to tuck her limbs and have the hands resting against the newly created zones... But for what purpose?

That questioning certainly wasn't the duo's priority, with each member being as terrified as the other. The sister didn't dare speaking moving her arms anymore except by having her entire body shaking like never before, and her brother couldn't find the courage to touch the transformed body parts either.

The male one still managed to stay calm enough to request information from the stranger. "U-undo this... W-what's that even for...?"

"Evolution. You should be grateful, she could have turned into a spider if I didn't do that to someone else already..." He looked away and smirked, visibly thinking of the recent past. "And you're in for quite a surprise, too, assuming this works as planned."

"You're... you're insane... Turn her back..." Once again, every part of the worker yearned for violence, but the presence of a certain white creature nearby prevented him from going on a rampage, on top of the current fear he felt, along with a growing sensation of helplessness. What could he do besides watch and comfort her sister, for something he couldn't stop anyway?

As a matter of fact, it didn't stop, but for some reason, Michelle progressively stopped showing fear. In fact, her expression showed confusion now, as if she tried to understand what was going on. Clearly, the transformation didn't seem to be too painful for her, so she just stared at her body distractingly to see the white down from before spreading around the base of the converted arm, invading her back and torso below her t-shirt as the former saw its shape slowly changing. Without having too much visibility because of the black piece of cloth, the feathers invaded every part of her upper body until the redness from before came back on her front, chest turning more rounded while flattening and instead retrieving a thicker layer of red. When both sides connected with each other, a rounded, triangular formation settled on her front, and a strange, hollow and blue triangle appeared right in the middle to display the opposite end of the colour spectrum, even if it didn't look that out of place.

"Sis...? A-are you okay...?" The concerned individual asked in worry after noticing her expression and wondered if she was handling the change well.

"Uuuuh..." To his surprise, she didn't even turn around and sat down on the concrete, now obviously out of focus. Not even the sound of shredding clothes got her attention when her body continued swelling until the t-shirt couldn't handle things anymore, although this revealed the already converted bits of her exterior. At the same time, everyone could now witness the spike-shaped transition from pure white to red on her sides, and hear her organs and skeleton experiencing changes that could only be guessed, even though it was clear that they needed to adapt to what was happening. Her body did twitch a bit violently and tilt forward to have them in a laid down position on her larger and shorter body when the red hue gathered on her shoulder blades as well as downwards and accumulated flesh until new appendages suddenly pierced through the remains of her outfit ; two bright red wings rapidly came into existence on her back. But instead of being regular, flexible wings, those had a very flat and stiff appearance, almost as if they belonged to a plane: their thin, triangular shape with two spikes near each end confirmed that. While this happened, the bones inside her found their definitive position except for the spine, and a white line of feathers still persisted between the newly found wings.

Michelle, however... Just stayed there, with no care for the transformation. With no care for anything, actually, since every trace of emotion was replaced by a dizzied look. Even the sudden appearance, the rapid growth of her stomach to match what was above as far as rounded shape and redness were concerned or the slow elongation of her whitening neck didn't make her show pain. The only reaction to be found was a slight movement from her legs, since the jeans she wore started looking out of place on the less than human silhouette.

"Mich... please, talk to me!" Harold lightly shook her body, consequently touching her feathers for the first time on her less than discernible shoulders. The result was strangely shiny and smooth, but his priority remained her sister's mental state.

"No need to use that name, you'll hardly get any response with it." The stranger announced behind him.

"W-what...?" The young adult let his gentle grip go and turned a little pale upon theorizing on what was going on. However, instead of getting rid of his doubts, he decided to stay as silent as the younger female and the imposing white creature.

Once the discolouration reached the rear and end of her rounded core, it finished the spine's prolongation and allowed a small but still noticeable, thick and hard tail to push out horizontally, completing the body shape with a smooth, red tip. Around that, her pants began looking very loose ; mere seconds were enough for the reconstruction to affect her thighs and make then shrink into barely a tenth of their initial size, as well as turning so much thinner while being affected in a very similar way inside, bones and muscles becoming practically flat, if even present.
And in order to avoid making the rest look out of place, the knees almost instantly stiffened, then vanished to merge with the parts above, while the thighs experienced the same fate, the whole result still getting covered in glossy red feathers. At the end, the feet were no exception and followed the movement, heels, ankles and phalanges diving into oblivion without complaining, but their ends still marked the furthest point of what resembled fins with four spikes, the toes having merged and flattened into this finality while keeping a certain symmetry. Ironically enough, the end of the smaller, transformed limbs were marginally larger than the base, in opposition to what a human body was used to. Needless to say, there was no way for human clothes to hold on to that, so both the jeans and sneakers quietly feel down.

"I'm... I'm going to murder you..." The man nearby whimpered while checking up on his sister, not really sounding menacing despite his intentions being truth.

"Pretty certain this isn't your priority right now. The surprise should be coming soon... Especially when the head changes."

"D...... Don't t-t-tell me..." Harold stood back and gulped. He refused to acknowledge of what his brain suggested. No. No no no. It wasn't happening...

All of his attention was on the absent woman's head. While the lower body changes occurred, her neck had finished stretching and getting covered in white, but that hue only climbed further up and invaded her face until the cranium pushed out, turning slightly pointy and setting the mouth on the lower part while separating it from the rest and deleting its lips, nose only merging with the extension as the nostrils quickly came out of sight without altering her sense of smell. At first, one would predicted that her entire head would turn white, but upper front interrupted and added the same red as before, almost marking a right angle behind the changing woman's closed eyes and drawing a white pentagon on her now rounded forehead. None of this could be compared with any known animal...
Speaking of the eyes, those remained closed but still visibly got wider, and also set themselves more on the sides of the cranium when the face extension came to an end. This happened in sync with the movement of the ears, which were forced backwards and upwards while losing their hollow part: those adopted the same white feathers as the neck and the back of the head, and chose to take a shape similar to the one seen on the wings, albeit with a more upright position than them, since the new limbs pointed more diagonally instead.

Following this, the body stopped showing signs of alteration. Without even checking it, the affected individual's sibling held it while staring at her face. "S-sis... t-tell me y-you're alright..."

Several times in a row, her expression changed. Confusion, then a moment of pure neutrality, then a growing relaxation. Whatever was happening in her brain could only concern her brother, but she appeared to get at ease. As if she was in peace with herself, or maybe simply looking so innocent. Despite how comforting the look was, there was one thing to be sure of...

"...!" All of a sudden, she opened her now larger and yellow eyes, then gently slipped away from the man's grip. The next second, she lifted herself in the air. Literally, she levitated, and stared at the same person.

"Mich...?" Harold approached a hand with nothing but concern and doubt.

"...Laaa?" In a clear, pure voice, the transformed human tilted her head, sensing no threat from this. However, she clearly didn't recognize the name.

Meanwhile, the stranger grinned a few steps away from the scene. "Let's not play guessing games. She doesn't know you."

"She......" The worker denied. Inside his mind, he refused to listen.

"You might as well call her by her species name. It's Latias. Your sister doesn't remember a thing about you... Might as well get used to that." The more sinister one claimed, hands in his pocket now that he was done with video footage.

"No... please no... Change her back..." Harold trembled, but immediately calmed down when Latias approached, visibly sad to see him so distressed. Unfortunately, the man didn't manage to contain his emotions, and one last time, he burst into anger with more intensity than ever, tears running down his face. "Change her BACK!"

Before the other human could react, the flying one yelped, then flew away from the harbour in less than a second.

"W-Wait-" Her brother tried to call her back, but she went out of sight long before that.

"Look at that..." The stranger shook his head. "Latias is psychic, she can perceive emotions, but she's also a very sensitive creature... You scared her off, you monster. Good luck finding her again. Now, Reshiram, I think we're done here... Don't forget to spread the word."

"Y...... YOU..." Harold's eyes flickered, then let out a scream. By instinct, he leaped towards the culprit once more, but only to have the back of his neck struck by what seemed to be a wing. "AH-"

As his consciousness faded, the last thing he heard was another eerie chuckle. "We might meet again, who knows..." His last vision was the other man climbing on the white creature to fly off.
And then, the world went dark.

I'm so... powerless...
Michelle... She's.....

"H.... Hmmph......" The sound and feeling of rain on Harold's body and face woke him up, as he slowly opened his eyes to notice a small crowd gathering around him.

"Hey, are you alright?" "What in the world happened here?" "What was that flying thing?" "Why did it let him in, and nobody else?" A bombardment of questions struck the poor man, who barely managed to stand up thanks to one of his coworkers's assistance.

"Ow..." Even if the previously unconscious individual still had a blurry vision, he perfectly remembered what just happened, and sobbed. "...Mich... No..."

"...You mean Michelle? She was with you?" The helper inquired while the others turned silent.

"She..." With no motivation whatsoever, Harold thought of the consequences of what he'd say. No one saw his sister changing. No one would believe him. What could he say... The only thing left was the identity of the culprit. "She was taken away... by that man..."

"...Who? We saw someone riding the white beast..." One of the witnesses seemed to be ready to help with information.

"Ridley... His name was... Ridley. He's a monster..." The brother attempted to express anger, but his voice remained weak.

"Ridley... We'll spread the word about your sister... I'm sorry. There wasn't much we could do to help. You... You should go home for now, we're not going to make you work after this... Please, get some rest, and let the authorities take care of that. Plenty of people took pictures and videos, so we might just find your sister again..." One of his superiors said in a reassuring tone. "What about that red thing that flew away, was it there before too?"

To that, the sibling couldn't give an answer.

Without any care for what would happen at the harbour, he left and headed to his apartment, taking no cover against the rain and letting out less than visible tears due to how soaked he already was after a minute. Despair. Hopelessness. Hatred. Emptiness. A whirlwind of negative mindsets dominated his mind. He knew he would never see his sister again. Her physical change could have been acceptable, but... Knowing she wouldn't recognize him ever again, or even remember him... It was too much. What was left? Revenge? The deed was done, so nothing could be undone... He was powerless, and he knew it.

After several minutes of silent cries muffled by the distant sound of thunder in the sky, he reached his home. Devastated. Alone.

"...........What now......." He asked to himself, but couldn't know what to do. There was no fire left in him. Without getting dry or taking care of his clothes, he sat on the living room's sofa and stared at the window, thinking of what he had lost today. For what reason... Just to satisfy a single man...

"...?" Hints of surprise were made visible after he turned his head around to check the table. A paper waited there, along with a small box. Somebody had put a handwritten document, but why wasn't it in the mailbox? Only his parents and his sister had the keys to this place. The only thing left to do was to read it.

I'm in a good mood, so here's a little gift. Use that on yourself, become like your sister and forget what happened. Literally.
I hope you'll have as much fun as I did.


In normal circumstances, this taunting would have made Harold more than upset. But Harold had lost a part of him today. He knew what was inside the box, and opened it. He knew using the vial was exactly what that man wanted. But he didn't care anymore. If he could see her again, then he would take action. Without any second thoughts, he opened the container, and poured the liquid into his hands.

"Sis... I'm coming..." He announced with a meaningless smile. His worries would go away...

...along with everything else.

A few minutes later, a satisfied man left that apartment with a camera in hand, and an unidentified, white and blue creature broke through the living room's window to gain its freedom.

So you have managed to gather data for both members of the Eon duo. Your performance exceeds expectations. Gear seemed quite pleased with the outcome of the recent skirmish.

"It was productive AND distracting. I can get used to those bigger doses... You should have seen the look of desperation on that man's face. Absolutely priceless, heheh... And then he lost his mind. Happy ending." Beta smirked, showing much more satisfaction than the machine. "And Ridley is getting a rather nice reputation too."

"Although your methods are boundless, there is no need to show sadism. I shall continue assisting you, but perhaps you should reconsider your behaviour in order to at least put the affected humans at ease..." Reshiram calmly advised, but only got a glare in return.

"...In case you didn't realize yet... What you say is irrelevant. Now if you could give USEFUL advice next time, that'd be appreciated." The man defied the white dragon while approaching it.

"V-very well... My sincerest apologies." Even though the latter could just have looked unimpressed, it instead recoiled and looked away.

"Much better." The traveller snorted and plugged his camera onto the computer. "Now take care of that footage, I'm leaving. But I'll be back soon, I SO want to do that again... Heheheh..." He laughed, then climbed on Reshiram. "So, any comments or tips on that journey yet?"

"Behave how you want, but please allow us to remain discreet. We have attracted plenty of attention in that city." The guardian of truth suggested while Beta showed no sign of disagreement.

I would agree with this statement, Beta. Besides, your intimidation will not work on everyone, so do not even start trying that on me. Gear stoically reminded. Now leave, I expect the doctor to come back soon and have news for him.

"I get it, I GET IT. Later." The duo walked out of the hangar without saying anything else.


Species :

Latias, Female / Latios, Male (Too many similarities, common report created for both species)

Result :
Success, complete mind alteration & memory loss occurred
More important personality changes observed for male specimen

Notes :
Feathers growing above skin like with species 717, light refraction immediately observed
Pain numbed by slow brain alterations, lack of awareness triggered at 40/50% of the reconstruction
Spasms occurred with wings growth
..... (Entry added then deleted by local system administrator)
Head changes saved for the end, complexity of brain & nervous features may be the cause - Tests to be performed directly on a subject's head for verification

"I wish we could have learned more from Xatu... But it must take time to predict things." Ridley sighed, but still didn't look disappointed as the experiment had been going well.

"What do you think he meant though? He said things about new friends and foes, and something related to a big event... Hmm..." Alex kept her head tilted, tail wagging while she remained in her thoughts.

"I don't know, but maybe we could visit him later at the Ruins of Alph... He looked like he was glad to be there. Anyway..." The traveller finally focused on the hangar. "Sorry for taking so long, Gear. Anything happened?"

Absolutely nothing, doctor. However, I appear to have found information on the murderer you were looking for. The machine announced without too much interest.

"R-really?" The human gasped. "You mean you know where he is?"

Affirmative. The best word to describe that individual would be...... peculiar. Even I have never considered finding a case like that. His skills are as honed as his personality is quirky. The computer hesitated in the middle of its sentence, but kept its neutral tone nonetheless.

"U-uh..." The Noivern whimpered behind her caretaker. "It could be a psychopath, Ridley..."

"That's what I figured... But I made a promise, and something needs to be done. I'm going to change that guy, whether he wants it or not." The man patted the Pokemon's head as he closed his eyes. "Gear... What would be the best approach?"

Let us restrain him for interrogation. I recommend that we keep his mind and convince him to join us. The synthetic entity ordered more than it suggested with this sentence.

"...Wait, you want me to recruit him or something?" Ridley widened his eyes in surprise, and partly in dread.

Exactly. But let us take care of your recently acquired data first. The machine prioritized research but still prepared the information to give to the human.

"Right... Can you at least give me his identity?" He requested while getting the recording device ready for playback.

I cannot. He has none.


Species :

Xatu, Male

Result :
Success, adaptation achieved
Increased level of intelligence, foretelling abilities gained with reconstruction

Notes :
Feathers growing directly on skin with eventual pattern, arm structure modified afterwards
Increased balance gained related to hardened legs
No pain reaction observed except with beak growth
Flight abilities confirmed post-change
Next story is here! Featuring species 380, AKA Latias. ...But not only.
Just Beta being Beta here. And happy endings. And cliffhangers.
My apologies if the transformation part is a little short here... I wanted to focus on narration, as well as the usage of a PoV from another character than the transforming one. Hope that works out.

Reaching the end of the chapter anyway, so get ready for the next story :)

Pokemon belongs to Nintendo/Game Freak.
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Playing with Fire 2


transformation story



The horror I felt was barely describable. Christine could just as well have put me face to face with a hungry crocodile; the terror would have been the same. Only crocodiles had the advantage of being sated and tired eventually. This thing, though... It was pure and utter evil. All I'd wanted to do was to pay my girlfriend a short visit, and what I got was the sight of her holding the tool of darkness - again. 

"What?" My girlfriend grinned mischievously. "You look as if you've seen the devil." 

"I have!" I managed to blurt out and pointed a trembling finger at the abomination in her closed fist. "You hold him in your hands!!!" 

"Oh, this?" Christine waved the wand about, prompting me to jump back a couple of steps, terrified. I definitely didn't want to be anywhere near it! "That's just a wand. A magic one, though. But nothing evil. Don't you remember all the fun we had last time?" She said. 

"Fun?" I ogled her. "We spent a whole day being stepped upon by Shirley's sister-in-law. Speaking of which... where is she?" 

Instead of a clear answer, my girlfriend simply grinned and self-consciously stroked her dress. "Do you like my new dress?" she asked. 

"Why did I even ask..." Suddenly extremely wary, I let myself sink down on a chair, only shedding a short glance at Shirley's transformed shape, a flowery summer dress. These two were playing with fire all over again. Didn't they even learn? Didn't even Laila learn? "Why, in God's name, did Shirley's sister-in-law lend you her wand again? Last time she got herself and us stuck! That's like giving a live gun to a child!" 

Annoyance showed in Christine's face and she pouted. "Hey, this time, we know about the dangers. Seriously." She took a quick step forward, too fast for me to react, and my eyes opened in horrified knowledge as she raised the wand. "You're such a pussy." 

It wasn't the first time, I had been transformed by the devilish thing. But this was the first time I'd been transformed into something living rather than an ordinary piece of clothing. Well, at least that meant that I could voice my displeasure... Although it didn't come out that impressively: "Meow!?!!" 

My girlfriend giggled and she crouched down to pat me on my head. "Oh my, it really worked. You make a real good pussy, err, cat and - OUCH!" 

Satisfied, I watched her scowl as she retreated her scratched hand. It served her right to transform me without my consent again! Even though this form felt fairly nice, with excellent reflexes...

"Bad kitty!" Christine said, annoyed. "You're better off a tiny poodle!" And in the next moment, I found myself inhabiting the body of a small, fluffy dog barely the size of a rat. "Yep, better." She smirked while I glared at her, silently fuming. 

I didn't even try to bark, I didn't want to make her laugh at me as well... 

"Yeah, sorry." She giggled at me, without looking sorry at all. "But as to your question from before... Let's say Shirley borrowed the wand again. And we really didn't want you to know, knowing your possible reaction... But well, you surprised me there and I didn't have time to hide the wand." 

I yipped angrily. That still didn't give them the right to transform me again. Especially not into this... This... Purse-pet! 

"Right." She sighed. "I know what you think. But seriously, I know you. You'd probably have ratted us out to Laila. Don't deny it." 

Not that I could have denied anything at the moment, I thought ruefully. Therefore I just glared back, baring my teeth and snarling. t rather sounded like the whine of an electric shaver. On low battery. 

"So you're stuck with me and my plans for the moment. To make it not as hard on you, I left you a living being. Isn't that nice of me?" She smiled heavenly down on me. "And I promise you some awesome make-up sex afterward. But until this... you'd better come with me." Suddenly, her eyes became dreamy. "I'm wondering which of my purses you'll go best with...?" 


"Since when do you have a poodle?" The unfamiliar, red-haired girl asked Christine and viewed me curiously. I panted uncomfortably and struggled a bit, but there was no escaping from the pink purse my girlfriend had put me into. My legs were too short and she'd closed the zipper in such a way that only my head was looking out, so I had no other choice than let myself examined closely. From my vantage point, the girl's head looked like a giant's... Not to mention those of all the other girls which had assembled around us. 

I'd expected my girlfriend to go clubbing or retreat to some private location in order to fool around with the wand, but instead she'd packed me with the wand and had then driven off to this estate. The thing was huge, with a large garden and a pool behind, and the name on the door sounded familiar, so maybe it was the home of one of her friends? It definitely looked that way, but what the hell were all the other women doing here? Again, thoughts of mayhem and destruction rushed through my head. Shirley and Christine alone were bad enough, surely they didn't plan on involving more of their friends in their shenanigans?!

"Oh, he's cute, isn't he?" Christine grinned. "That's my boyfriend Wayne, I just turned him into this furball for the duration of the evening. He was... reluctant to engage in our fun." I snarled an angry confirmation, earning me nothing more than a pat on the head by Christine. "Oh isn't he adorable?" 

The red-haired gaped, just like most of the others around us. "So that wand really exists and wasn't just an elaborate hoax?" One asked incredulously. 

"Oh, come on Samantha." Another chided her. "I bet that's just a normal poodle, she's just fucking with us. There's no way these stories about this magical wand can be true!" 

"Oh, ye of little faith..." With a knowing smile, Christine produced the wand from pockets. "So you need a demonstration? Well, why not..."

In the next moment, I felt the zipper being opened and myself being lifted out of the pocket. There! That was my chance to escape. The hedge was only a few feet away-

Unfortunately, the tip of her wand was even closer. 


I lazily stretched myself in the sun and cautiously observed the hubbub on the other side of the pool. I'd fully expected her to use me as a demonstration object, but she'd caught by surprise when I'd not become an object. Instead, she'd turned me into a seal. A real, honest-to-god seal. With flippers, whiskers and chubby tail-flukes.

That alone had been enough to make most of the girls believe, and after she'd then also turned Shirley back into a human even the last had accepted that the magic wand really did exist. They had taken this blatant demonstration of magic with different emotions, but to my chagrin, condemnation hadn't been any of them. 

In retrospect, hoping for the girls to run away screaming had always been unlikely, but the enthusiasm they'd radiated shortly after the revelation had baffled me. Maybe there was something in women's blood which made them love shopping, shoes, transformations, and all the other stuff which made us men shiver with dread... 

But whatever their reasons, it hadn't taken long for them to wholeheartedly agree to being transformed. As soon as their attention had shifted from me, the cute seal, to Shirley, the former summer dress my girlfriend had worn, I'd robbed away from their huddle. To the pool, that is. In this cumbersome form, there was no way in hell for me to get away, so I'd settled on searching for a particular sunny spot near the pool and resting. 

Much to my surprise, I'd started to like this shape. Simply relaxing and taking in the warm sunlight felt like heaven. I'd really have loved to try this body in the element it was built for, but there was something in the water of the pool which made my recoil in disgust. Probably all the chlorine. I wrinkled my nose at the thought. 

While I'd been relaxing over here, there'd been lots of action on the other side of the pool. All of the girls had been transformed at least once now, most of them several times, and I'd lost track of most of them. Christine was still there, of course, apparently content in her new role of sorceress. 

As for the rest... well, the red-haired girl whose parents apparently owned this house had replaced Shirley as Christine's dress. Shirley on the other hand had indulged herself in trying out several animal forms, finally ending up with cats again, although really large ones this time. Thankfully, she hadn't decided upon teasing me, either because a seal didn't look tasty enough to a cat's eyes, or because the other girls who'd turned into antelopes, deer and horses looked tastier. Even now Shirley, in the form of a black panther, playfully chased a nimble Thompson gazelle around the property while a pair of zebras observed the hunt warily. 

Transformations into birds had been high in demand as well, but only for a short time. After the third crash upon attempted take-off, the girls had realized that the skill of flying didn't come along with the body. Although this one parrot in the pool definitely had looked funny... 

Only few had tried out transformations into clothing, though, something which had helped to stabilize my world view again. Thank God not all of Shirley's and Christine's friends were as crazy as those two! And even now, aside from Christine's new dress there were only two more girls wearing their friends: one attractive, short-cropped blonde who was splashing around in the pool, a close friend covering her as a bathing suit; and a tall, lesbian girl who was currently wearing her lover as panties. 

Sadly, this state of affairs wouldn't hold up. For Christine, as the wielder of the wand, had stipulated a condition for letting the others play with it. And it looked like she was about to collect her tithe... 

My girlfriend grinned as the other "girls" assembled around her. It was a peculiar looking assembly: a wet girl in a swimming suit; a normal looking girl whose hands constantly seemed to stroke her groin; a black panther; two zebras; a large python (seriously, the damn thing had totally freaked me out when it wriggled itself under my chair); a couple of wolves; and so on... 

"All right!" She proclaimed self-consciously. "You all had your fun, so now I wanna have mine. I want to go clubbing tonight and I still need a proper outfit. So you will help me out." It was not a request but a statement, and more than one of the girls (or animals?) looked uncomfortable. This only seemed to make Christine's smile even wider. The rascal was enjoying this! "So... I already have something in mind. I'm gonna start with boots, volunteers forward please...?"

At first nobody reacted, but then one of the zebras nudged its companion. This didn't escape Christine's attention. "Oh, Nicole and Jessica? Perfect!" Before the other zebra could even react, the two animals had been replaced by a pair white boots. "Okay, shoes are provided. Next some pantyhose, please." 

Warily I watched on as the living population in the garden dwindled. The lesbian girl quickly became the pantyhose, which had the side effect of also providing panties; Shirley became a bra; the wolves jeans and a top... The speed of the changes almost made me dizzy and it took barely five minutes until Christine and me were apparently the only beings left in the garden. 

Smirking and showing off her new outfit, she sauntered over to me. There'd been too many girls to become clothes, not that this had stopped Christine. She'd just continued with jewelry and gadgets. I had to admit that she'd hardly looked better before, and even though I was a seal now, I could still appreciate female beauty when I saw it. 

"Well, what do you think?" She asked me with a grin and struck a pose. "You think I'm looking good? The girls really fit me, right?" 

I simply growled at her, not wanting to confirm her in her madness although I did agree. Unluckily, my girlfriend took that as criticism of her appearance. 

"What, I'm not?" she pouted. "Well, of course..." She seemed to ponder for a moment, scrutinizing her attire. "Well, you may be right there, the jewelry is not that fitting yet. Hm... yeah, Gabrielle's color isn't fitting. Just a moment." Swiftly, she took out the wand again and put its tip onto the silvery armlet she'd turned the python into. "I think she'd better go with my outfit if she'd be made out of... Gold!" 

And that was exactly the moment when everything which I'd feared all along finally happened: when things went to hell. I had no idea whether she'd accidentally touched her skin as well, or whether the armlet was too close to her body, but the end result was all too clear. It took only a fleeting moment, and my girlfriend had turned from a moving, healthy girl into a solid, rigid statue made out of gold.  

I gaped at the statue my girlfriend had become. Impossible. Again. It had happened again. Almost unable to believe my bad luck, I let myself flop down from my beach chair and flopped to her as fast as possible. Which actually was pretty damn slow. 

In my mind, I was cursing over and over, but since I currently was a seal, all I could mutter were some incoherent snarls and barks. Finally, I reached her stiffened body. For a few minutes, I simply observed her form. She had been lucky that she'd opted for boots without heels when she had transformed her friends. If she'd worn heels, they'd probably have broken the moment she'd turned into gold. And God knows what would have happened if she'd have toppled - if she'd stayed in one piece or if she'd broken up. 

But as it was, she'd been turned into a perfect golden facsimile of herself, still wearing all of her friends and still clutching the wand in her hand. I barked in frustration. There was no way in hell for me to get this wand. First, it was way too high for me to reach it. Second, even if I could reach it, I wasn't that sure that I could remove it without toppling the statue and being smashed by its weight. And third... I was a seal. I couldn't use it anyway. 

It was like the first time all over again, only this time with me being animate and the others being objects. Not that this made any difference... 

"Wow, that escalated quickly..." 

The sudden voice coming from behind me made me jump. I'd been the only living thing left in the garden! All the girls had either been turned into clothing; or, in the case of my girlfriend, had petrified themselves. So who...? 

I turned only to find nobody. Well, except for this snow-white swan which eyed the statue of my girlfriend with interest. As it noticed my dumbfounded face, it smiled at me - since when can swans smile? 

"I mean, that got out of hand really fast." The bird giggled and flapped its wings to underscore. "I'd expected them to at least last until the evening before they trapped themselves again. In fact, me and my husband had a bet going on. Damn, so now I owe him ten bucks..." 

I was still staring at the animal in a state of shock. What the heck was going on...? What the hell was this bird?

Sympathetically, the swan looked at me. "Oh, right you don't recognize me. Just a moment..." Its form started to blur, and then I blinked in astonishment, for I knew the person who'd replaced the swan. It was Laila! 

"Yeah, hi Wayne." Shirley's sister-in-law smiled at me. "Long time, no see. You suffering under your girlfriend's eccentricities again?" She sighed. "They really think they are clever, don't they? In fact..." she grinned, "I'd known that they'd 'borrowed' the wand again. That is one powerful piece of magic equipment, of course I won't leave it unattended a second time. But then again... my husband and me really had a laugh about the deviltries the two of them did with wand before they got themselves - and unlucky you - stuck last time." 

She chuckled and effortlessly snatched the wand out of the statue's cold, immobile hands. "Plus it enhanced my wardrobe. And since my husband and I want to go clubbing tonight..." Laila looked the statue over appreciatively. "Well, the girl really has a good taste in fashion. I like that outfit. In fact, it probably may fit me well..." The witch snapped her fingers and in the next moment, she was wearing all of Christine's transformed friends - and my girlfriend was standing there, a completely nude (and perfectly detailed, as I noticed with a blush) statue. 

Laila twirled around a few times, admiring her new clothes. "Yeah... I think that really suits me. Transformed clothes are always the best. And it isn't even that I'm taking them on a tour against their will - after all, they wanted to go clubbing. Not on me, though, but these are just details..." She chuckled evilly, then looked at me with a smirk, and I felt my heart sinking. Oh no, not again... I definitely didn't want to spend another day on her body! But luckily for me, this time she didn't need me to complete her wardrobe.

"As for you, my friend..." She grinned a malicious smile. "...I think you should enjoy your stay here. I'll fetch you tomorrow, after I've sufficiently wasted myself tonight. But you need some company, therefore..." She touched the Christine-statue with the tip of the wand, replacing it with a very surprised looking female seal. "There, all set for a lovely twosome tonight. Well then, we'll see ourselves!" 

And before I, or seal-turned Christine, could react, she turned into a white swan again and gracefully took off. Wordlessly, I stared after her, then focused my gaze on Christine. I had to say that she looked... cute as a seal. Puffy, but not as puffy as me. Lots of rounds. And not to mention these dainty whiskers... Not that these details kept me from scowling at her and barking my displeasure. I couldn't really speak anymore, but even seal-sounds were sufficient enough to make my "I've told you so!" painfully clear. 

Not that Christine had any problems with understanding my message. Embarrassed, she stared at the grass, tucking her flippers back under her body. I scowled a bit longer, then sighed inwardly and started robbing back to my beach chair. It was too late to change anything anyway, so we could at least make the best of it. And there was still sun. Plus, the chair looked big enough to support two of our kind... 

And as I said... she really made a cute looking seal...

Synopsis: The continued adventures of poor Wayne and the magical wand...

Well, this one is a birthday present for SketchySeraph, he wished for a continuation to Playing with Fire. Actually, I'm not really satisfied with how it turned out, but Sketchy told me he loves it, so... yay! :D

Inanimate (Girls into clothing, girl into statue)
Animals (Panther, antelope, zebra, wolf, python...)
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A Change in Fate

A young boy wanders through an unexplored forest. He's about eight years old, with brown hair, blue eyes, and slightly ripped clothes. He stumbled through the forest limping on his right leg. His body was torn to shreds; many injuries were clearly visible across his entire body. He kept pushing himself to his limits, wandering deeper and deeper into the dark forest which enveloped the night, until finally he came across a creature lying down in the ground, surrounded by trees. The boy limped forward to take a closer look at the creature but as he stood over body of the creature he saw the true horror that lay before him. The creature was a dragon hatchling, dead; its green scales glowed crimson in the moonlight from its wounds. Arrows protruded out of its body from spine to tail. The boy's eyes became blurry, his conscious mind fading from reality. The boy fell unconscious where he stood and fell onto the grass next to the dead hatchling, his hand falling on top of its snout.

The boy slowly gained consciousness later. Time passed, it was already high noon in the day. But something was different, the boy found himself in a cave deep in the forest, but he didn't recall ever stepping into one before. His mind was still groggy and half asleep, he couldn't think straight. While still lying on the ground, his eyes wandered around the room, taking in his new surroundings. All of a sudden he began to hear voices above him; one male and one female.

"Are you sure he will be okay?" asked the female voice.

"Yes, don't worry, he'll be just fine" said the male voice. The boy looked up to find the source of the voices. They seemed like the two people that saved him. But as his moved to greet their faces, they turned out to be nothing like he suspected. The male and female that stood above were both dragons, one red scaled while the other green. Their size alone scared the boy to new horrors even though their voices had a calm and loving tone to them. The boy screamed, but his scream was different and his tone was higher pitched than usual. He backed up all fours as he backed away from the dragons. When he did, he realized why he sounded different. His whole body was transformed to that of a dragon. It occurred to him that he had the same body of the hatchling he saw that night except for the fact that he was perfectly healthy. Fear overwhelmed him as he began to cry. The green scaled dragon looked towards the hatchling with worry.

"What's wrong little one?" asked the green scaled dragon in a concerned female voice. The hatchling continued to cry frightened as to what he became. The female dragon walked closer towards him.

"Stay away!" cried the hatchling in peeps as he scurried further away from the two adult dragons and continued to cry. The female dragon's face turned to deep sadness as if her heart was crushed into a thousand pieces.

"Why doesn't he recognize me?" asked the female dragon sadly as she looked toward the red scaled male.

"Well, um, well…" said the male dragon.

"What did you do!?" the female dragon asked angrily. The hatchling crawled into a corner and covered his face with his fore claws, scared of the female dragon.

"Well, you see, after your son disappeared an army destroyed a nearby town that was just right off the entrance of the forest. The whole place was completely burned to the ground."

"What does this have to do with my hatchling!?"

"Well, he sort of got in the middle of the army's path after they finished destroying the town and….they killed him" said the red scaled dragon with sorrow.

"What!? Nooooo!" cried the green scaled dragon as tears flooded her eyes.

"I'm sorry; I arrived right when they killed him. I sorry I didn't tell you sooner."

"So you decided to bring me someone else's child in hopes that I wouldn't notice!"

"No, no, no, I wouldn't do that. That, hatchling has the same exact body as your son" said the male dragon as the female dragon looked with a confused expression.

"How…that's impossible!" cried the female dragon.

"It is if there is a soul to enter the empty body."

"What are you saying?" asked the female worriedly.

"When your child's soul left this I heard someone come near where he lay" said the male. "I slipped away through the trees so I wouldn't be spotted and saw a young human boy walk towards your child's body. He fell unconscious on top of him unfortunately probably because of his injuries. He seemed to come from the destroyed town that wasn't too far away. His family was more than likely killed in the attack and with your son deceased there wasn't much I could do for the two of them. So to save the only life that remained, the life of that human, I used a spell that transferred his soul to the body of your son. The magic energy from the spell healed the wounds of the body that the soul was transferred to so it is like he never even got hurt."

"So you used a spell to put a human that you never even knew before into my son's body!" said the female dragon angrily. "How did you ever become the advisor for the dragon elder!?"

"Look, I know it may look bad but…" pled the male dragon.

"Just get out" said the female dragon.


"GET OUT!" shouted the female dragon as the male dragon promptly rushed out of the cave and flew away. The little hatchling was practically petrified at what he just heard. He never really knew how he entered the forest, but as he heard the story of his transformation it came back to him. His entire family was dead. His mother, father, and sister, all gone, the only thing that remained of them was within his memories. Memories flooded the hatchlings mind of his human family, all the precious moments that they shared together. The female dragon glanced at him with scorn. A human stranger trapped in the body of her dead hatchling, he could say no words to ease her loss or protect himself from her wrath that was sure to come. All he could do was slither behind a large rock in the corner of the cave, bathe in the inner light of his memories, and hope that he would survive the night.

"I…need some fresh air…" said the female dragon with a sigh as she slowly stepped out of the cave. She didn't go far from it, just a few feet from the entrance. The events that conspired today drained her of every last drop of energy she had. She took a deep breath, closed her eyes, and listened to the whispers of the wind. Anger still flowed within her even as she tried to calm her body and mind. Angry at the advisor, angry at the human that inhabited her son's body, even angry at her hatchling's death.

Hours passed, neither the female dragon nor the hatchling had moved from their positions. But the female dragon was coming to accept the new order of things. Her mate and child are now dead, both taken from the same war. It seemed to be destiny that which brought their fates to intertwine. There was nothing she could do to save either one of them; death's call is stronger than the will of any mortal being. Even so, she shouldn't live her life in sorrow, mourning over the death of her love ones. The child that has taken the revived body of her hatchling has given her another chance to live with a family again. And so she decided that she would accept the human turned dragon into her heart as she would her own son, born from her own flesh and blood.

The sun started to descend beneath the trees of the forest. The female dragon decided to try to find something for her and the hatchling to eat before the day turned to night. She eventually was able to kill a wild boar that was roaming the forest and bring it back to her cave just as the sun set. She dropped the dead boar carcass on the floor and blew a stream of fire over its body. The fur burnt to ash as the flames nicely cooked the meat the boar contained. The female dragon ripped off a piece of the boar for the hatchling, enough to fill his stomach. The hatchling was still by the large rock, tears still lingered across his face. He stared down at the lifeless cave floor as if in another world of his own.

She approached him slowly, not to startle him, from the way she expressed herself earlier she thought that he would have ran away when she went out to get food. She knew, however, that he wouldn't. He lost everything in his life, his family, his humanity; he had no place to go. He was stuck with her for the rest of his life. She only hoped that he didn't frighten him too much. She moved closer to him until her shadow loomed over him.

The hatchling looked up at her immense presence. The look in his eyes showed immense horror as he quickly ran into the corner of the cave. He covered both his eyes with his claws in hopes that she would go away as he shivered in fright. The female dragon felt her heart split in two as she saw how the hatchling looked at her. She dropped the boar meat by the hatchlings feet. The hatchling took his claws off his eyes as he felt the meat hit the floor as the female dragon laid down on the floor next to him. The hatchling still shivered in fright but managed to make eye contact with the female dragon.

"I'm sorry this happened to you little one" said the female dragon. "You were so scared yet I still hated you. I want both of us to start over. How does that sound? My name is Avilia what's yours?" The hatchling remained silent, not even touching the meat he was offered. Avilia began to worry as it seemed that the hatchling wasn't about to forgive her right away.

"You don't have to tell me right away if you don't want to but I hope you could think of me as your mother" continued the female dragon. But as her words left her lips, the expression of the hatchling began to change from fear to anger.

"Shut up!" shouted the hatchling, his small, shrill voice sounding more like peeps than angry shouts. "You can't replace my mother, no one can! Just stay away from me!" As the hatchling said those last few words he curled up into a ball and pushed his tiny body as far as he could into the cave corner as if Avilia was going to hit him. Saddened by the turn of events Avilia didn't say any more words to the hatchling. She got up from where she laid and went over to the boar she killed to eat of what remained of it before she fell asleep.

Time passed again, the moon loomed over the lonely forest high in the sky. The boar was now just a carcass, completely eaten by Avilia. She didn't enjoy the meal however. She was constantly worried about the hatchling even though he said those words to her. She decided to quietly approach the little hatchling's hiding spot to see how she was doing. As Avilia curled her neck around the rock, a smile slowly etched its way across her face. The little hatchling was sound asleep; the boar meat she left for him was only a single bone now. The little one sneezed before curling up into a ball as he slowly fell into the realm of his dreams. Happy to see the hatchling at peace, Avilia went back to her spot in her cave and slowly nodded off to sleep along with the hatchling.


Days went by. The air turned cold from the snow storm that entered the forest during the winter season. It's only been a week since the hatchling and Avilia first met but they are still very distant from each other. The only time they ever managed to be together is when they ate. Avilia decided to eat with the hatchling, against his own wishes. After two days however he didn't really mind and actually seemed to be yearning for her company more and more each day. What Avilia didn't know was that the hatchling was slowly losing his memories. He didn't notice it at first, but as the days went on it became apparent that his memories of his family, the only thing left from his previous life, was beginning to vanish. He was very scared but never showed Avilia those feelings whenever she was around.

He didn't know why, it may have been because Avilia was the only one that actually cared about him now in this life, but he felt a faint bond between him and her. Such a weak bond it was, but it was the only thing keeping him calm through his memory loss. Every time the two sat to eat together Avilia would always ask him "Would you like to tell me your name?" He always remained silent when she asked the question as if he never heard her say it.

He later would regret never replying to her question. A week later he lost all memory of his home, family, and everything he knew about himself during the night; even his name. The only thing that remained in his mind was the fact that he never really was a dragon to begin with. The little hatchling couldn't fall asleep; he was too scared of the darkness that surrounded him. Unknown sounds bumped throughout the cold, silent night. The hatchling had nowhere to go, nothing to comfort him, he felt himself slowly fall into an abyss of darkness. But then he saw Avilia sleeping in the middle of the cave, the dragon that cared for him all this time even when he refused her help. A strong force began to pull him toward her and he followed it, tears falling from his eyes. The hatchling hugged Avilia's large snout in his small claws.

"I'm scared!" cried the hatchling, waking up Avilia.

"Hey, hey, it's okay" said Avilia as she picked up the little hatchling in her claws and cradled him like her own child. The hatchling cried in Avilia's arms, tears covering his face like puddles.

"I…I…" said the hatchling, stuttering between each word.

"What is it?" asked Avilia, worry in her voice.

"I…I don't know remember anything!" cried the hatchling.

"What!?" said Avilia, shocked at what she just heard.

"I don't remember anything about me! I don't even remember my name!" cried the hatchling, his words turning into tiny peeps. The hatchling cried harder as he told her the sad truth.

"All his memories…it must be a side effect of that spell. Argh, wait until I get my claw on that advisor's neck" thought Avilia. The cries from the hatchling however pushed her anger aside. The poor little thing needed her help more than ever, she couldn't think of petty issues when he needed her. Avilia slowly stroked the head of the crying hatchling. The hatchling opened his tear filled eyes to see the face of Avilia smiling. The hatchling started to calm down as he looked at her, protecting him from his fears that he felt not so long ago.

"Mommy…" said the hatchling softly. He didn't know what made him say it, but as he looked more and more at Avilia's love he started to think of her as his own mother. Avilia's heart warmed as he said that one word and shortly put him down after his crying settled down to a soft whimper.

"You feel better now?" asked Avilia. The hatchling rubbed some of the tears from his eyes with one of his fore claws.

"Uh huh" said the hatchling.

"Would you like to sleep with me tonight?" asked Avilia as the hatchling gave a small nod in response. Avilia brought the hatchling closer to her with her tail, their bodies touching each others. Avilia looked at her hatchling, still saddened by his loss of memories. "Would you like me to give you a new name?" The hatchling looked up in surprise, his tears seemingly drying up as her words passed through the air. "Hmmmm…how about Nivom?" The hatchling loved the name and hugged his mother's large belly. "Okay, I'll call you Nivom from now on" said Avilia as she rubbed her head across Nivom's head. Avilia waited until Nivom finally fell asleep next to her before she retired for the night as well.


Avilia was the first to wake the next morning. The snow had melted from the abnormal spring like temperature of the day. Avilia felt it was a pretty good time to find food for the day. Avilia picked herself up from the floor and started to walk outside the cave. But before she could leave she heard a small whimpering sound coming from behind her. Avilia turned her head to see little Nivom looking at her with sad, worried eyes.

"Please don't go…I don't want to be alone" said Nivom sadly.

"Okay, why don't you come with me then" said Avilia as she maneuvered her tail under Nivom, plucked him off the ground, and moved her tail a specific way to place Nivom on top of her head. "You like it up there?" The little hatchling simply gave a nod, his eyes still teary. "Come on, let's go get something to eat" said Avilia as she walked out into the forest with Nivom on her head.

The two of them walked through the dense forest in which they dwelled. Many trees were still bare even though it was exceptionally warm in the day. As they walked further into the forest Avilia began to notice parts of human settlement nearby. She quickly turned in the opposite direction of it and walked back through the forest again. There was only one town in the forest, the town of a small boy who lost his family. She feared that going there would bring back unpleasant memories of the event in Nivom. Avilia didn't want that. The two of them eventually came across a small river not too far from their cave. Avilia took Nivom off her head and began to catch fish in her claw very fast. Nivom watch Avilia closely watching every movement she made to fish. Avilia eventually noticed Nivom's curiosity.

"Do you want to fish too?" asked Avilia.

"Okay" replied Nivom timidly as stepped near the river.

"It's not as hard as you think. Just look closely for a fish about the size of your claw and snatch it as fast as you can when it gets close."

Nivom did as Avilia told him. A small white fish was his target, he waited patiently for it to get close and when he did he swiped at it so hard that he sent his whole body falling into the shallow water. The fish he attacked flopped on his snout. Nivom shaked it off along with the water on his face while sat in the stream of water. Avilia laughed at the event and Nivom couldn't help but laugh with her. Finally for the first time as a dragon he actually smiled. Joy was such a strange emotion to him that he couldn't stop himself. He jumped out of the water and climbed on top of his dragon mother. The two rolled and tumbled on the grass gleefully laughing at themselves.


Night came slowly after the events at the river. The dragons were back beside their cave; sitting next to each other while looking up at the stars above them.

"They look beautiful tonight" said Nivom.

"Yes, they sure do" said Avilia with a smile. Nivom looked at the ground for a moment.

"Mommy, I'm sorry for how I acted toward you before. I shouldn't have said those things" said Nivom sadly.

"It's okay little one, I know you didn't mean to."

"But…it must have hurt you…" Avilia curled her neck around her hatchling.

"You don't have to apologize anymore little one. I haven't been this happy in a long time and it's all thanks to you."

"Really!?" Avilia nodded. "You made me happy too mommy." Avilia smiled deeply at her hatchling as Nivom yawned.

"Let's go to sleep, I think you need some rest."

"Ok…" said Nivom sleepily as the two dragons walked back into their cave until sun resounds the next day within their lives.
This is the unedited version. I'm just submitting it now because it took me a long time to write and I want my watchers to read it. :) Don't worry about the grammar stuff too much since I will be editing it tomorrow.

Anyway, this story took me 4 days to write....that's a very long time for one story. It is 3,515 words long and takes up a little over 11 pages on Microsoft word.

This story is about a boy who town is attacked by an army, sustains devastating wounds, and soon finds himself transformed into a hatchling dragon. What will become of him? Well read the story to find out! :D

I am planning on making sequels to this story since this is one of the dragon stories that plague my mind and since most of them have a similar plot to this one I'm just going to combine them into sequels. Should be fun reads. The best thing about is that they are really fun to write! :D I'm trying out a new style of writing. I'm not too sure if it works very well but tell me your opinion of it. :)
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The Tale of Silverwind


It was a dark night at the city of Skypeak, a city in between the mountains, safe from anything and from anyone who had any plans against it and its inhabitants.

The city itself was a marvel of the architecture, designed by dragons, and built by many species from the world. It was designed to resist sieges and invasions for various decades. From dragons, to wolves and felines, and to many more, this was one of the many cities that served as a sanctuary from their enemies.

Shadows, creatures from the deepest abyss, they were heartless creatures that only raged for war, blood, death and souls. Ten years ago, an evil and twisted silver dragon named Soulless, using this hideous creatures aid desolated the continent of Alneria, attacking cities and villages, thousands were killed or lost their souls.

Then lastly he attacked the dragon city of Skypeak, he sieged the city for three months, until he finally managed to trespass the wall and attack the cities inhabitants. But unlike the other cities that fall to the twisted silver dragon’s attack, Skypeak was ready for his arrival.

The Dragon Protectors and their students, the last line of defence of the city and of the world, they fought bravely and managed to stop Soulless and his army for once and for all, but to a really high price. Many of the city’s inhabitants died at the battle, including some dragon guards, the Dragon Protectors from that time and some of the students. The battle was named `The Battle of the Crimson Peaks´.

After the battle the races reconstructed their damaged cities and villages and managed to finally live in peace, but even in this times of peace the new Protectors knew that he’ll return, they knew that Soulless and his dark servants will return to finish what he started. And they where right, they where right.

Because even when the night seemed peaceful, it was filled with it’s creatures, and some of them weren’t quite peaceful at all.

Some Shadows walked silently at the night, following orders from their new masters.

–There it is– One of the creatures replied –Remember, we only have one mission–

The other hideous creatures listened carefully, they already knew what they have to do, but because of their blood thirst nature, they needed to be remembered of their objective.

–The Silver Dragon egg–

At the main fortress of the dragon city, the dragon guardians recently went to the hatchery to see how were the dragon eggs, as it was their duty, not only to protect the world and it’s inhabitants, but also to protect the next generation from their enemies and from those that had any evil plans against the world.

–Did the dragon guards checked that there weren’t any shadows at the surroundings of the city?–

–Yes sir–

One of the dragon guards, a rookie, was having a small conversation with one of the Dragon Protectors, the wind protector Nightwind, an adult black dragon with a feral appearance, as they walked through the corridors of the fortress, in direction to a reunion with the other protectors to see how things were going at the continent.

Ever since the shadow forces attacked the protectors decided to always be vigilant.
The other three protectors went to gather information about shadow activities at other cities and villages from Alneria, while Nightwind stayed at the city, checking that there weren’t any nearby shadows to the city. But he also stayed at the city because of something even more important.

–And the Silver dragon egg?– Nightwind replied.

–Safe and sound at the hatchery–

–It’s not safe enough– Nightwind sighed –Be sure to take it to the Chamber of the Ancients–

–Sir?– The dragon guard asked, he noticed the black dragon somehow suspicious of something

–I have a feeling that the egg will be safer here–

–Okay sir, right away– He gave a bow to him and went to the nearest exit, but before continuing forward he stopped in his tracks and turned his gaze to the wind protector

–Should the other eggs also get moved from the hatchery?–

–No, the other eggs are safer at the hatchery, as long as the silver dragon egg is away from the hatchery nothing bad will happen to the others–

–Understood– The dragon guard resumed his exit from the fortress, to go and take the egg from the hatchery and take it to the fortress.

Nightwind resumed his walk to were the other protectors where.

Without him or the dragon guard had any idea, they where been heard by one of those dark creatures.

–Hmm– He replied silently with an evil smirk on its face –Those are interesting news– The shadow soon vanished from sight before anyone could see it.

At the meeting hall, a huge chamber located at the base of the fortress, the other elemental protectors were waiting for the arrival of their fellow companion and leader.

-Things are looking grim as time passes- One of the protectors, a green earth dragon replied, he went to the northern territories of the continent to observe any changes at the recent shadow attacks at the northern realms. -Shadow attacks have been increasing at the northern territories, there have been various casualties-

-Things aren´t different at the south- Another one of the protectors, a blue water dragon, replied -I recently returned from the south territories, and there has been constant shadow attacks at the villages, they have been searching at the hatcheries for you know what-

-Our allies require answers as well- The last one of the protectors, a red fire dragon replied
-I went to the wolf territories and they have been also receiving constant attacks from the shadows-

-The shadows have been also attacking the wolves?- The earth dragon replied somehow confused and worried.-But why would they attack them?

-They didn't know why, Shadows just began their attacks against the wolves 3 months after the shadow attack against the North Realms- The fire dragon explained

-And what about our other allies?- The water dragon asked -We do need there help in case of an invasion-
-We haven´t had any news from any of them…we might right now start to believe that we are right now on our own- The fire dragon replied.

The doors from the chamber opened, Nightwind entered to the chamber various minutes late.

-Sorry for the delay, I had to do some changes before coming to the reunion- The black dragon replied as he took his sit with the other protectors.

-Well our situation is dire, Shadow activities have being increasing in this last 3 months…and we are mostly on our own- The fire dragon replied

-Hmm…- Nightwind gave a sigh -Let´s hope the Stars aid us on this nearby dark times…

-How is the egg doing?- The water protector asked, wanting to change of subject -It´s almost time for the silver dragon to hatch from within it´s shell-

-It´s doing great…I decided it was safer to have it here at the fortress- He replied -At least, safer for the other eggs-

-It´s understandable- The earth protector replied -With so much shadow activity the silver dragon egg will be safer here at the fortress-

-No shadow will be able to enter-

-That´s what worries me- Nightwind replied -Last time when the shadow forces attacked we thought will be safe inside the walls of the city, and by consequence the most bloody of the battles occurred, a complete disaster-

Nightwind turned his gaze to the floor, he seemed kind of depressed, he tried not to show it, but his fellow Protector companions could notice his sadness.

-Let´s just hope things are different this time- They all nodded.

Suddenly a huge explosion could be heard all around the City.

-That was the east wall!- Replied the fire protector -Near the hatchery!-

While the cloud of dust dissipated, shadows began their attack against everything and everyone, trying to claim as many souls as possible.

-Shadow attack! Sound the alarm!- Replied one of the guards that were defending the city from the attack.

The bells near the east wall began to ring constantly, warning the people from the city that the shadows were attacking the city.
As soon as the alarm was heard the entire population began to move to the nearest shelter they could find, while the guards defended the city.

The protectors at the moment of hearing the bells confirmed their suspicions, a shadow attack was occurring at the moment.

-There´s no time to lose!- Nightwind replied. He and the other protectors hurried outside to aid with the defence of the city.

-Okay everyone! Move to their nearest shelter!- Some of the guards helped the people to move to the shelters while they watched in case some of the shadows managed to trespass the main defence line.

-Everything seems calm- One of the guards, a green dragon in a brass armour, on his late 20´s kept looking everything from the top of one of the houses -Really calm-

-Okay, keep going everyone don´t stop- Almost everyone managed to arrive to their nearest shelters

-It seems everything ´s okay- The green dragon gave a sigh of relief

They were about to finish when suddenly something happened at the entrance of one of the shelters, with a group of hooded dragons.

-Huh?- The green dragon went to check what was wrong. Suddenly an dark explosion nearby sent him crashing to the ground.

-They are here?!- one of the guards exclaimed in shock.

All of the remaining dragons ran away to their shelters, all except the hooded dragons, whom they revealed themselves as shadows.

-What the in the blazes of…?!- The guard never finished his sentence as the shadows killed him instantly taking away his soul.

Shouts and roars of pain and sorrow could be heard, various got killed or gravely injured. The protectors where flying nearby when they noticed the destruction the shadows had caused.

-Dear Stars?!- The fire protector exclaimed -We have to help them!-

-No time to waste- Nightwind replied

-Volatilus- The black dragon replied to the red dragon -You and me will go and aid at the wall near the hatchery-

-Richterus- Nightwind turned his gaze to the green dragon -You and Typhorus go and help the guards to vanquish the shadows that have trespassed to the city.

-Understood- Richterus replied, he and Typhorus went to aid the guards, while Nightwind and Volatiles kept flying in direction to the hatchery.

The armoured green dragon coughed, he stood up after he recovered his senses. Grunting in pain he hold his head for a moment.

-That hurt…- he replied. He saw how the shadows attacked and killed various of his comrades in battle -Okay, now that´s enough!-

Using his elemental control over the earth he casted various earth blasts against some shadows that had a very low guard, killing various of those hideous beasts in the process. Some of the creatures noticed how the guard managed to finish with various of there brethren.

-Damned dragon!- The shadow growled. Various of the shadows went to lunge at him, trying to stop the dragon guard´s attack.

-Huh?- He got sent away against a near wall, his helmet flew away from his head a couple of meters before it finally could stop moving. He stood up groaning in pain -You monster!-

The shadow laughed with mischief and evilly in its tone. It turned its horrendous gaze to the dragon, he got closer to him, ready to strike him down.

-I would like to stay and chat a little bit more with you dragon- The shadow grinned evilly -But unfortunately I have to tear you to pieces, farewell-

The hideous creature prepare to finish him off, but this shadow was out of luck. The shadow got pierced by an earth shard that pierced the beast from its back through its chest killing it instantly. The beasts body collapsed nearby the guard.

-Are you okay?- The guard turned his gaze. He had been saved by the earth protector -Nothing broken?-

-I´m fine sir-

-I see some more over there!- More guards came to repel the shadow attack.

-I better go and help them- He bowed to the protector and went with the other guards -Thank you sir-

-Just take care- He gave a sigh of sorrow.

-That was him?- Typhorus replied. He landed nearby the earth protector

-Yeah- Richterus replied -It has been some tine since I last saw him-

-We better aid the guards before things get nastier in this sector of the city- Typhorus nodded

Both protectors went to fight against the hideous invaders.

-Don´t let them get inside!- Various guards got in front of the hatchery, ready to defend it with their lives from the hideous creatures of the darkness -We must defend those eggs they are our future! Lets defend our future with our lives!-

A group of bloodthirsty shadows began to form, as more and more shadows entered through the broken wall. Many died trying to stop them from entering into the city.

-Charge!- one of the shadows exclaimed.

Everyone of the shadows charged against the group of dragons that bravely defended the hatchery. The guards fought bravely, but in just a coupe of minutes most of the group had fallen against the shadows. It didn´t matter if they killed a dozen or some hundred, they always came back as thousands and thousands. The dragons were forced to take cover at the hatchery and block the entrance with some crystal barriers summoned by some of the earth dragons that were on the group.

-They just keep coming!-

The gate suddenly began to crumble, some cracks appeared at the barriers.

-Damned beasts!- The gates crumbled again. It seemed like the shadows would manage to enter into the hatchery.

-Let them get in, we will protect this place with our lives!- Everyone nodded. They took their battle stances.

The gate crumbled again, the barrier was about to fall. Then, no sound came from the door.

-Huh?- They looked curious to the gate -It stopped..-

They got closer to the gate, with caution as they knew that the shadows were still outside. Some bright lights could be seen coming from the protected windows.

-What´s going on?- One of the guards went to check to see what was happening outside. He gasped in awe at what he was seeing. The lights keep getting brighter and repetitive. Everyone had to shield there eyes with their wings.

-What was that?- The guards got closer to the window to see what the guard had seen.

-They are here-

There were various slain shadows nearby the entrance to the hatchery, some of them burnt, some of them sliced and even some turned into a pile of ash.

Both protectors of wind and fire stood at the entrance of the hatchery at their battle stances. The shadows that tried to take them out didn´t last neither a minute alive against both dragons since the mastery from each dragon on their respective element wasn´t a match for any of the hideous creatures.

-They are…quite persistent- Volatilus replied -I´ll give them credit for that-

-Indeed- Nightwind dodged a dark energy blast from one of those monstrosities, he countered with an air slash blast killing the shadow instantly -But that won´t be enough to defeat us-

Another group of shadows tried to take them down, they lunged at them with their claws ready to tear them to pieces.

Both dragons charged their respective elemental attacks in their jaws. Time seemed to slow down to everyone, hen suddenly the protectors released their attacks against the shadows, they didn´t stood a chance against the powerful dragons. At the moment their attacks touched them the shadows were turned into dust.

-Wow!- the guards at the hatchery replied in awe.

Almost all of the shadows got turned into dust since the elemental power of both protectors was strong enough to wipe out the entire group of those hideous monstrosities, some others were sent flying to nearby walls or against the ground, getting either gravely injured or nearly death.

-Damned dragons!- one of the shadows that survived the devastating double attack cursed -We are getting destroyed by them-

-Call the Big guy-

Another of the shadows shouted a disturbing cry to the air. At the beginning nothing seemed to happen, until the cry was answered by another one coming from nearby.

Suddenly various bits of darkness slowly began to gather nearby both dragons, at the beginning they didn´t understood what was happening, until they heard the same cry coming nearby and some dark clouds forming at the top of both dragons
-Dodge?!- Nightwind exclaimed. Both protectors dodged just in time a dark thunder that stroke where both dragons were moments earlier.

-That was close- The fire protector gave a sigh of relief

-It isn´t over!-


A huge dark figure began to form. It was reptilian, a dark armour covered the creature as well as the darkness that came from its body.

-Oh no!- The guards knew what had suddenly appeared in front of the protectors -No, not the Juggernaut!-

The shadows stood up, they watched as the massive figure known as Juggernaut finished materialising in front of them, they grinned to the protectors.

-Cursed shadows!- Volatilus replied in anger.

The Juggernaut summoned from the darkness a huge axe to fight against the dragons, without wasting time the huge berserker stroke his axe against the dragons. They managed to dodge the attack, but when the weapon hits the ground a shockwave is sent directly against Nightwind.

-Watch out!- The fire protector shove away his comrade from the secondary attack, receiving the attack that the wind protector was supposed to receive.

-Volatilus!- The fire protector got sent flying against the blocked entrance to the hatchery, he groaned in pain.

-Damn it!- Groaning in pain and coughing some blood -That really hurt-

The Juggernaut laughed evilly, its voice sounded ethereal.

-Weakling…- Nightwind turned his gaze to the wicked creature, he barely dodged the swing of his axe, the weapon caused a gash on the black dragon´s face. Blood began to fall from his injury.

The shadows got carried away by their instincts when they saw dragon´s blood getting spilled everywhere. They were suddenly silenced by the Juggernaut´s cry.

-If anyone dares to interfere in this fight I swear I´ll crush you!-

The black protector noticed that the massive creature wasn´t focused on the fight. He took his chance and attacked the monster with one of his elemental attacks, he send the massive monstrosity flying and crashing against the group of shadows that remained, killing some more shadows in the process. The fire protector finally managed to stood up. The back dragon went to check how he was.

-Anything broken?- The wind protector asked.

-I´m okay, just a little shaken but I´ll live- The Juggernaut stood up ready to fight again -And you?-

-Just a tiny cut, nothing to worry about-

The huge armoured reptile stroke his axe against both dragons again, trying to finish them off alongside the gate.

-Oh no you won´t!- The wind dragon used the wind to create a barrier to block the attack of the huge lizard -Volatilus! Fire!

The fire dragon smirked to the huge armoured creature. The creature didn´t had any escape.

-Time to end this!- Volatilus summoned a fire explosion from his jaw, the energy of his attack turned the creature´s weapon into ashes, it also caused heavy damage on the creature itself.

The shadows and the guards each watched in awe as the creature stood still, but then it collapsed defeated and slowly dying because of the injuries and burns the destructive attack caused. The hideous creatures filled with fear and terror flee away from the city after seeing that there massive general had been slain by just a couple of dragons.

-Retreat! Retreat!- Every shadow that survived ran away from the city to parts unknown. Every dragon cheered as they saw how the shadows escaped from the city indicating their victory over the dark forces.

At the center of the city after the last shadow was slain everyone began to cheer and roar as they knew that they have finally defeated the dark creatures.

-Victory is ours!- The guards celebrated

The gates to the hatchery where opened after the shadows fled away. The fire protector checked the survivors.

To everyone´s dismay the dark creature laughed evilly.

-It´s still alive!-

-Foolish dragons!- The creature keep laughing evilly -All of you…are really dumb…-

-What do you mean beast?- Volatilus asked -Speak!-

-Do you really thought…- It coughed as it finally perished-…that the hatchery was our objective?-

-Wait if the hatchery was just a distraction then what where they…?- Nightwind gasped as he realised their mistake -The silver egg?!-

Everyone of the guards that kept the fortress safe were dead. Some shadows managed to infiltrate into the building, searching for what they have been told needed to be destroyed, the silver dragon egg.

-The General said that they took the egg into the one of the chambers of this place- one of the shadows replied -It must be at the centre of the fortress-

The various shadows revised every chamber in the fortress, destroying everything that was at their sight. Searching for their objective. They were getting frustrated as they began to destroy the massive castle.

-Where the heck is that damned egg!- They soon noticed something behind one of the broken walls of the castle, it seemed like a gate, that was hidden behind a wall. They could feel a powerful force behind it. They all smirked.

-Destroy the gate- All of the shadows charged a mighty dark energy blast. They launched their attacks causing massive destruction. The gate flew through the air until it crashed against the floor. The dark creatures entered to the room with caution since they could feel a really powerful creature nearby. The chamber itself was huge and ancient, it had various stained glasses that told various stories from either past heroes, or ancient prophecies.

-We are getting closer-

They walked a few couple meters until their gaze stumbled upon something that caught their attention, it looked like an ordinary stone, but this one was slightly bigger and shined when the light touched it´s surface. It had a silver coloration with some marking engraved on it, it was the ancient symbol of the wind element.

-That´s the egg!- One of the shadows got closer to the pedestal where the egg was laid-I´ll take care of it-

The shadow began to charge a powerful dark energy attack, powerful enough to destroy the egg.

-Sorry, but you are too dangerous to be kept alive- The shadow replied sadistically

-Good riddance Prophecy Dragon-

The powerful dark attack flew fast through the room, until it reached its objective and exploded, apparently destroying the egg.

-Mission accomplished-

-I´m sorry…- They heard a voice coming from the inside of the chamber, the hideous creatures turned their gazes to see the black dragon holding the silver egg on his arms -…But this child has to live-

The shadows growled, seeing that they have failed to destroy the egg.

-Damned dragon-

They tried to escape, but most of the shadows got destroyed by a fire blast from the fire protector, who wasn´t alone since he went to gather some guards to finish with the remaining shadows that where attacking the fortress.

-It´s over monstrosity- Nightwind replied

Everyone of the guards charged their respective elemental attacks. The shadow smirked.

-Perhaps you have win this battle fool, but not the war- The dragon guards finished charging there attacks -Mark my words dragon, the Prophecy Dragon´s days are numbered-

The shadows got destroyed and turn into ashes. The dragon were victorious, the silver dragon egg remained safe. But at the cost of losing many lives and souls from their various dragon comrades.
As both protectors walked outside, the black dragon holding the egg on one of his arms, the sun began to appear in the horizon.

-We can´t protect it here- The black protector thought -The egg is no longer safe here-

The various inhabitants of the city began to rebuild the city, while those that loss their dearly beloved in the various shadow attacks mourned their fallen fathers, sons, brothers and sisters.

-Just like 10 years ago we managed to defend the city and vanquish the shadows- The wind dragon replied -But just like a decade ago, we lose so many brave dragons, but now all because of the egg-

-Nightwind…- Volatilus replied concerned on his friend

-And what are your thoughts on the subject?- Typhorus asked, curious to know what will their leader will say -Should we double the guards at the walls and gates?-

-No, we can´t continue risking everyone at the city- They all looked confused to their leader -The silver dragon egg must be sent away from the city before the shadows know about this-

His companions turned their gazes shocked to see their leader taking such a drastic choice. This caused a discussion between the all of the protectors. The fire protector noticed the depressed look on his leader´s face, it seemed that he tried to fake it, but it failed since he knew what he was thinking on that moment.

-Even if we could get the egg away from the city- Richterus explained -To where will we send it?-

-We can´t just send it to any place right now, specially when the shadows recently attacked us-

-Indeed- The water protector replied -Right now they could be expecting us to move the egg to another place or with one of our various allies-

The black dragon took his paw to his chin and thought what to do with the egg, it was important to know what will happen next with the future of this egg. They all depended that the dragon within the egg could finally bring the lost balance back to their world.

-Now we need to think carefully where to move the egg-

-There´s someone that can help us- The wind protector replied -But I need everyone´s trust in me-

Various hours later at the night. There were at least ten black dragons at the west and east gates from the city, five at each gate. Everyone of them was holding a satchel with a round object inside of it, with the appearance of an egg. They all seemed nervous as they were about to exit the gates, possibly into the clutches of the shadows.

-Okay everyone, we´ll open the gates- A guard replied the same instructions at each gate -Remember your mission and everything will be okay-

The gates began to open a couple of moments later.

-May the Stars be with all of you-

After the gates opened, without waisting time, they all flew away to the skies, each of them into a different direction, into the unknown of the darkness. The guards immediately closed both gates after everyone of the black dragons exited the city.

Just after they left the city nothing happened, but minutes later at the sky they could be seen various elemental and dark energy explosions. The black dragons fought against the shadows with bravery, keeping their satchels with themselves, avoiding to lose their contents.

-Destroy the egg!- The shadows destroyed almost all the bags of each dragon, trying to finish with the silver dragon egg.
Various of the brave dragons got killed or injured in the battle, most of them returned to the city.

-They were all decoys!- One of the dragons was flying northwest away from the shadows, he still had his satchel intact -Cursed dragons!-

-There he is!- They pursued him, desperately trying to finish with him and the egg.

Miles away from Skypeak at the southeast of the city. Both the fire protector and the wind protector exited the city through a secret tunnel, which is used only for evacuations or emergencies.

-I can´t believe it worked- Volatilus replied in disbelief -No shadows at sight-

Nightwind had a satchel like all of the other black dragons, but this one did contained the real silver dragon egg.

-I´ll be back in a couple of hours- Nightwind extended his wings, getting ready to fly away -After that we will review what to do next-

-Night?- The black turned his gaze to his friend -Are you sure you want to do this buddy?-

The black protector gave a sigh of sadness.

-He can only be safe with her- He closed his eyes for a moment -But…if I´m wrong…-

-You won´t be…-

-May the Stars be with you-

He took flight in direction to the southeast, miles away from Skypeak, hoping to find the help he sought for. He attempted to fly low, trying to avoid been detected by any shadow that could be patrolling nearby the area.

After various hours of pursuing the black dragon they managed to trap the black dragon, in the top of the waterfall, between the frontier with the Northern Realms and Skypeak. He had various broken bones and bleeding injuries covering his weakened body. There was nowhere else to flee.

-Damned shadows…- He grunted in pain. He stood in his battle stance, at the edge of the waterfall.

-There´s no escape dragon- The hideous creatures got closer to him -Give us the egg and perhaps we will let you live-


The shadows lunged at him, when he then tried to fly away. He wouldn´t go far since his wings got broken when the shadows tried to destroy the bag. He tried to recover his footing at the edge, but he was already to late to save himself, he loss his footing and fall to his death against the rocks, his bloody body and the satchel went to rest at a near fallen tree trunk.

They followed his trail until they found him and their objective. After one of the shadows went to take out the supposed silver egg, they soon realised that he was also another decoy. They weren´t joyful at all.

The dragon tried to stand up and flee, but he was suddenly pierced from his back through his chest by one of the generals.

-Well, it seems we have found our dinner- The shadows growled to the horrified dragon as they drooled some acid to the ground.
Moments later they could be heard the painful shouts from the black dragon as he is devoured by the dark creatures. Sorrowly, none of his fellow dragons will hear his shouts as he is slowly eaten. One of the worse ways to die for a dragon, as a prey.

Miles away from the tragedy, at the southeast, Nightwind managed to arrive safely with the silver egg to the city of Naya, the shadows won´t look at the egg here since Naya isn´t part of the allies of Skypeak.

Fifty years ago a Civil War occurred within the continent,by consequence of this the Northern Alnerian continent got split in two, the Northern Alliance Territory; conformed by the Cities of Skypeak, Crux; located nearby to Skypeak´s territory, at the Southeast of Skypeak, and some of the remaining cities from the Northern Realms, and the Southern Alliance Territory; conformed by Naya, the Free Cities of the South, located at the north of the Southern Alnerian continent, and some of the remaining cities from the Ancient Realms, located at the west of Naya.

-I must be careful- Using the darkness of the night he infiltrated to the city without troubles.

He flew low and fast, trying to arrive to the place he was looking for. After some more minute he arrived to the coast without been seen by any of the city guards. In his gaze he could see a couple of islands nearby the coast, the one closest to the land was the Origin Isle, and the one that was farther away was Fate Isle.

He went and flew straight to Origin Isle. He walked in the beach with a unique feeling of peace and tranquility, sensing that there was no danger nearby he just kept walking into the path that was in front of him, the path went trough a tropical forest. A couple of minutes passed after he entered to the forest, until he found the place that he was looking for.

-There it is- He thought as he keep moving forward until he stopped on his tracks at the entrance of a huge building made of the stone from the isle.

At the front of the building there was a post that read `Naya´s Orphanage´ bellow that there was something else which said `For the lost children seeking home´.

He took the egg from the satchel and place it at the door, he also left a note nearby the egg with special instructions for the dragonet´s care, that could hatch in any moment.

-I´m sorry little one- The black dragon let loose some tears, feeling guilty as he didn´t know if he would be safe at the orphanage -I…I wish, I really wish I could have done more for you…I hope that you can forgive me one day-

He nuzzled the egg before leaving. He knocked at the gate.

-Farewell young one, may the Stars guide you- Before he could began to cry he flew away from the orphanage´s entrance up into the dark sky, disappearing without leaving a trace.

Shortly after he left, the gate of the orphanage opened, from the gate an adult blue dragoness took a look outside from the orphanage to see who had knocked the gate, she couldn´t see anybody at all.

-Hello?- She replied as she opened the gate completely -Anybody there?-

No one replied to her question. She was about to close the gate, when suddenly she heard some strange sounds coming from below herself.

-Dear Stars!- She exclaimed in surprise after seeing that there was a silver dragon hatchling crying alone at the entrance of the orphanage, there was a note nearby the poor abandoned hatchling. She took him inside the orphanage to aid him, he took the note with her tail before closing the door.

That day she didn´t knew it, but she had just saved what one day could become into the one who could bring back balance to their world. That moment would come in time, for that moment the young one would rest until time comes for the him to save them all.
After various months, yes months, I always have had troubles with either procrastinating myself, several family issues, troubles with friends, or family, or even seeing that the story wasn´t great enough I decided to finally upload the story...

Here we have the Prologue of the story The Tale of Silverwind.

I would like to thank my various friends here in DA that have been aiding me as I keep getting better as a writer and as an artist,
:iconsassydragon18: (Thanks a ton Sassy <3 )

And to my other many watchers, who are all awesome :D

I would also like to dedicate this story to my late and dear friend :iconkalexshi:, since he gave me the wings to not give up this project of mine, and also to keep flying higher.

Hope everyone can enjoy this story. 

*Edit: Oh, by the way, kind of late to add this but well...
Once you read the part in which the guy arrives to the island listen to this soundtrack while you do it…

Story, Characters (c) Mine :icondraconet:
Song: "At Rest" (c) Kevin Macleod

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This is the book cover of my fictionpress Story "The Princess and the Dragon". Its about a tomboyish princess who is coming home from boarding school to find a sutor. The problem is that she dislikes all her sutors, especially one in particular. Well she runs away after that sutor gets to frisky. He finds her and tries to get frisky when an old friend she saved comes to her rescue. ^^ Go and read i'm giving you alittle summary in hopes you'll go read. I'm working on chap 3 and we're still in her childhood but it will end in chap 3 and in chap 4 we get into her life and the story. ^^ [link]
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“N-no-Noah?” Noah said questionably and wondered what it meant. I was the little dragon because I had the only memory of mine passed down to him which was passed on from my memory of Mary to him. The light blinded me as I looked past Mary because it was like I was born all over again. Everything looked black and white and it was hard to see what colors my mom looked like but after a few seconds my vision was clear and I could see my mom as big purple dragon with a long tail, purple eyes, pink belly and the nicest smile of ever. She smiled and looked at me with a sad but happy face. I felt a little bad for her and rubbed her tummy to make her feel better. She purred and picked me up and put her in mouth and said “We’re gonna go out and show you the world okay my little angel.” I smiled as she soared out the cave and tried to show a good example. The next minute I got out of her mouth is when I was shown a city filled with lots of people and had tall skyscrapers.

“Wow mommy! What are those tiny people down there called?” I said with a cute and funny tone to my voice.

“They’re bad people never trust them unless you’ve known them. They can betray you any-”  She stopped she didn’t want to start crying over the human Noah again.

“Okay mommy what’s next?” I said with another hundred questions on my mind about the world.

“Hmm let’s see Oh yes! I forgot they’re another thing called hunting. I’m gonna hold you out on my hands to show you how to fight and get food for survival which is mostly basic.” She flies over close to the city and finds a human walking into the forests with a camera and a bag which might be filled with equipment for setting up camp or setting up his camera. She then looked back at another human which was running towards the man with the camera to get to him. She was thinking they were friends and landed on the ground quietly and spoke to me. “Okay Noah here’s how you do it. Humans are very good in hearing depending on how they hear. Go to sneak up behind one and scratch it.” I decided to listen to my mom’s commands and walked up to one.  I started to claw on the person with the camera holding and I was ripping his jeans. The human looked at me and decided to start running and screaming. “AAAHHH someone help me I’m be hurt by this little thing!” The human said which made me really wanted to claw out his insides while I kept running. His friend was still running after and saw the dragon on the floor chasing the guy with the camera. He sped up even faster as he saw this and immediately tried to pick me up. He did it he picked me up and observed me and I couldn’t claw him because he was holding my arms apart. I did the only thing I could in a situation like this since I was just born. I started to growl and cry for backup. Mom heard it because it was very high pitched in volume and started to fly over to get me.

The human noticed I was screaming and crying and started to run following up with his friend. "Hey dude look what I found clawing on your leg! Its a baby dragon!" The man with the black glasses and white lab coat said. The photographer looked at with disgust "Get that thing away from  here it might be watched by its momma!"
          I started growling and crying more as I didn't see mommy coming at all. "Oh no no no no... Dude RUN!" He said as he noticed that I was calling out for help and started to run with his friend even faster into a misty forest."MOMMA HELP ME!" I said as I was being held in the hands of a human for the first time. The photographer and the so called scientist I presumed ran into the forest I started claw onto the scientists hands to escape his grasp. "The little one can talk awww that's cute. and also OW OW OW MY HANDS! Good thing I have tape." He got to the nearest tree and tied me up with some duct tape. I whimpered and cried and my mom was very worried for me and started to walk into the forest. The scientist looked at me closely me closely with his eyes glaring. I was very scared if him and I pulled at the duct tape which was sticky. My mom saw and found me, but I didn't notice her.
                The photographer took pictures of me which made me whimper more because he blinded my eyes with flash."Mommy help me where are you!," I said in anger and sadness. Mary or my mom couldn't say anything as a signal because she would still scare off the food which was still up for grabs. Mom sneaked behind the photographer and pulled him back then clawing at him making sure it was a fast death to ensure no screaming so the scientist didn't suspect. The scientist looked around for the photographer which was nowhere to be seen and took me and started running. I was clawing at his hands like it was ripping a plush toy. He kept bleeding but ran off fast back into the city. He tripped a little and he opened his hands that was my chance as soon as he let go I clawed onto his face leaving all scratch marks. I looked into my surroundings when I saw my mom flying to find me and a human with a taser ready to zap me. He immediately ran as he saw my mom.
            I ran and hugged my mom and cried and said "Where were I didn't see you; I was scared!" She patted me on the head and said "Its okay Its okay mommy's here c'mon we're going home and I'll go make some dinner and held me in her mouth whole way and was carrying the human's legs and arms back to the cave. She let me out and she started to skin the legs. I sat there thinking of what happened. It was devastating I felt like I never wanted to go outside of the cave or leave mom's side. I walked up to my mother as she finished skinning the leg of the human. "Mom I don't wanna leave this cave anymore," I said with a scared and sad tone. Mom didn't reply although she looked past me with a sign of alert. I decided to look past me and see a black dragon with red eyes a long tail and it didn't look like he was carrying any great news for mother.  The dragon looked at me with a sense of confusion and shock. He walked past me and came up to my mom and whispered into her ear "I'm sorry to say your husband has died from a metal gun we found after we killed the people with these metal guns.” I looked at her eavesdropping  on what the man and POP! One of memories were restore with better clarity of what happened. My mother had walked longer into the cave putting her hands over her face. The dragon ran after trying to comfort her as I went walking toward them I stopped when I heard my mom growl and scream, “GET OUT! GET OUT NOW! BEFORE I HAVE YOU FOR LUNCH!” The dragon raised both his hands and walked backwards toward the entrance passing me then he flew out. I walked to the inner part of cave where my mom and I jumped on her stomach and started to snuggle on it. “Sorry Noah, Today is not...its just not a good day for me.” She said with a sad tone petting my head. “I remember… a little of it mommy…” She looked at me in question as she picked me up and looked at me. “What do you mean you weren’t even born at the ti-” She stopped and remembered when she had digested Noah the human. She came into a conclusion that Noah’s memories had somehow gotten into this dragon. “What do you remember Noah?” She said sad but happy. “All I remember was I was in your stomach when your husband was chasing after the humans and you were running off to save yourself.”
Since there was no homework in school and we were allowed to do anything during our time that we were done with the test I was able to write a lot. On paper this was 4 pages. Thanks for all the support guys your great. WHO'S HYPED FOR PART 4
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For the Love of Dragons Part 2

“Mary! Mary what just happened!” I cried out and there was still no reply and it was getting a lot more suffocating inside her belly. I tried to climb back up her throat without asking and she sounded like she was going to choke so I stopped. “Mary! I want out right now its getting too hot in here!” She finally replied and said “Sorry… I’m in the air right now and I don’t want you to fall and a human is coming…” I looked in confusion as I heard this because I was thinking “What could a human do? Punch something?” I then opened my eyes wide and thought  “Oh holy *** shes being chased by a human with a gun!” I speaked only to say “Mary start flying higher so you won’t get hit!”

“mary! Mary! Listen to me! If you don’t fly up you’re getting to get hit!” I kept yelling at her and I knew she wasn’t very high in the air because my ears haven’t popped. “I can hear you I can hear you! They have these metal things and something came out of it and the dragon fell!” She replied with a tone of horror. She flew a bit higher into the clouds and I was getting very worried for me and her. For the guns to one shot a dragon it had to be a shotgun and I also had guessed why it was hot inside her belly. I guess she threw a fireball towards the humans as they were shooting the dragon. She flew a lot faster and I didn’t hear anymore gunshots. I already she was fine when she was airborne but I was being precocious so she wouldn’t get hurt. Shotguns didn’t reach that far and were wild in range.

She flew back to the cave and was out of breath when she got there. "Uhh Mary can I come out?" I said as soon as she got down and her heartbeat was getting a lot faster. "Yea yea I'll let you out stop being in such a hurry alright!” She choked and hacked to let me out and soon as I was to the top of mouth as she opened her mouth and let me out. “Okay now that I’m out I have a few questions for you. First question, Did you know that dragon” She did not reply she only stared at me with a look of horror. She came out with only two words which spoke “B-be-behind you!” I looked behind to see a man with a shotgun and holding a very angry look towards Mary. This man looked very similar to someone I use to know, but I could not remember. It seems he didn’t care who I looked like or who I was he just cared about killing Mary. I tried to push him out and he pushed me to the side with the shotgun which made me fear for Mary. Mary growled toward the human who was walking up to her as a warning. He did not step back or even stop he kept walking toward the dragon. I tried to stand up and when I did I noticed the shotgun pointed at Mary’s face. “MARY!” I yelled loudly and started running over to the man pouncing on him and started punching him. Mary looked at me worried that I was going to get hurt and severely shot and felt selfish that she didn’t do anything when the man came up to her.

The punching started to be clawing on his face each second as my nails grew longer. I picked out the shotgun of his hands and started to point it as he look worried he said a word “Son?” I took the shot and then noticed what he had said after the fact. I started to fall onto my knees and began to cry after I heard that word because it was my dad I killed just for him not to kill the dragon. I got up and walked up to Mary and I told her to open her mouth and swallow into her regular stomach. She looked at me with a shock and it looked like I seemed crazy. “Do it I can’t live… anymore with what I just did…” She looked at me with sadness and felt sympathy and empathy for me and she opened her mouth and I walked inside. She shut in an instant and swallowed without thinking and enclosed me into her stomach. I did not open my mouth to yell once as the stomach acids were digesting me slowly. Mary fell asleep crying occasionally and hoping that he didn’t regret what he did or what he chose to die from. She hadn’t woken in two weeks since she had digested me its like she died there from now on or she refused to live without me. She finally awoke after three weeks of sleep and saw a egg lay beside her which was starting to crack. Maybe that’s why she didn’t wake up she was laying an egg. She was confused and she watched the egg as it hatched. She a little red dragon emerge from the egg and it looked very cute as it tried to hatch out of the egg. The little dragon finally escaped the egg and looked at her mama which he looked scared and started to cry. “Oh little one there’s no reason to be scared I’m your mom!” The little dragon still a little scared and held his mother by her hand and said his first word. “Mary?” She opened her eyes wide to hear this she did not even the little dragon her name yet and he knew. She then knew what happened and holded up him up to her ear. “Say that one more time little one!” She looked at him with a smile and he said the only word he knew again. “Mary!” The little dragon smiled and hugged his mama. Mary looked at the dragon with a nice smile and said “I’m gonna call you Noah.”
Sorry this was short but you gotta admit I'm good! HYPE FOR PART 3???
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Collection by
PROLOGUE: A good costume

That day there was a lot of people in the shop, since Halloween was very close, everyone wanted to buy a great costume to impress their friends. A normal shopkeeper should be happy about this kind of situation right? But no, Drethan wasn't happy, because there were almost 30 people in the shop, but no one had a desire strong enough to make his special costumes work. He was making a lot of money, but he didn't care about money, he wanted knowledge, knowledge that these people couldn't offer. Just when he thought that the whole day was a waste of his precious time, someone walked in the shop...a very unexpected person.

I walked in the shop, and immediately all the people in there turned and looked at my arm. I didn't care anymore if people looked at me in that way. You know, my arm is made of wood....yes, I lost my arm after a little accident with a chainsaw, and the doctors putted this fake arm on me, just to make me look ironic.

Drethan looked at the new customer, he had a desire, he could fell it, but he never tried one of the costume on someone with no arm....yeah, the costumes transform the people's body, but how will they work in this kind of situation?

“Well, let's find out....this is going to be a good experiment”

So he walked toward the new customer

I saw that the shopkeeper was walking toward me, what did he want? He stopped in front of me, and then he said:

“Well...I never had this kind of customer before”

“Yeah I know...this is not something usual”

I said, trying to not look annoyed by the strange way the old man spoke to me

“Well....i guess I have some special costumes that can be perfect for you”

“Why do I need special costumes? The normal ones are perfect even for me”

“Oh...but the ones in the back are even better, I'm sure that you will like them”

The old man insistence was suspect, I knew. But I was curious, I wanted to see these “special costumes”, so I followed him in the back of the shop. I saw that in the back the old man had a lot of strange instruments, did he make his costumes with those? They looked like a mage's instruments. The shopkeeper opened a wardrobe, and he took out some costumes. Yeah, they really looked better than the ones I saw before, but something told me that the old man was hiding something, that situation was really weird. I looked at the costume, and...i saw it, the costume of my dreams, the costume I was desperately looking for.

Did you play any of the final fantasy games? Well, if you did, then you probably know what Bahamut is, if you didn''s some kind of dragon, don't ask me too many details, because really, I can't describe thing very well.

I took the costume and I looked at it, the details were awesome, I didn't know how the old man did that thing, but I didn't care, I wanted it.

“This one looks cool”

I said, firmly holding the costume

“Ho much for this.....WHAT THE....”

I dropped the costume, I couldn't believe what I just saw.

“What's the matter?”

The old man asked

“The costume moved by himself...I'm not crazy, I really saw it moving”

“Oh please....costumes doesn't move by themselves”

The old man said laughing a bit.

“Maybe it's because the material is very particular, and costume looked like it was moving by itself”

I was still shocked, but I don't know why....I believed what the old man told me. He was right...costumes can't move by themselves...normally. I carried the costume to the counter, the shopkeeper putted it in a box, and then he told me:

“Here it is, 10 dollars”

“10 dollars for such a beautiful costume?”

“Yes, I just want to make people happy”

That sounded a bit strange for me, but I didn't care, I finally had the best costume ever...even if I don't have one of my arms. I thanked the old man, and then I walked out of the shop, I couldn't wait to try it up.

Drethan smiled, and then he thought

“Maybe this day is not a waste of time after all....”

CHAPTER 1: The unreasonable friends

I drove home as fast as I could, I really wanted to try the costume on. When I finally reached my house, I ran in it faster than a missile, and I quickly closed the door, and the windows, I wanted privacy. But right before I could open the box, the phone rang. I reluctantly picked it up


“Jason, I thought that you were working today”

“I finished earlier, what do you want?”

“I just wanted to tell you, that Johnny is going to Philadelphia next week, and he can't come to our Halloween party because he had to prepare himself”

“Sounds like an excuse”

“Yeah, but you know him, I don't like parties”

“Oh whatever, there are a still a lot of people”

“Yeah...well, that's all...bye”


I hanged up

“And go to hell”

I went back to the box, and started to open it, but I couldn't finish...the phone rank again

“Ah, come on....”

I picked it up again


“Jason, you weren't working?”

“Well you were wrong, what do you want?”

“Hey calm down...did I interrupt something?”

“Actually yes”

“Oh...Amelia is with you, right? Well bye”

“ wait, it's not what you think...hello?”

I hanged up angrily, why must everyone calls in the wrong moment? I blocked the phone, I wanted no more distractions. I finally managed to open the box, and take another look at my new Bahamut costume. But before I could try it, my cell phone rang.


I answered

“I'm busy right now, I hope it's important!”

“I'm your boss, when I's always important”

“Oh...sorry boss, what's the matter?”

He passed almost a hour talking about my work project, and for the whole time I looked at the costume...i couldn't wait to try it on. Finally, the boss decided to hang the phone, so I could finally try the costume on. I turned off my cell phone, just to be sure, and then I took the costume....and with no more hesitation ...I putted it on.

CHAPTER 2: A god...with restrictions

I immediately felt something strange, the costume was getting tight, and I started to fell an intense pain in my whole body. But the worst pain was in my right arm....but how? I had no arm. I tried to take the costume off, but suddenly my whole body became paralyzed. Just then, I heard a voice:

“Stop fighting, you will hurt yourself”

I looked around, trying to find the source of the unknown voice.

“Stop looking around....I'm the costume”

I tried to talk, but I couldn't, so I mentally asked:

“What are you doing to me...stop hurts”

“Don't worry, soon it will be over, and you will have your arm the body your dreams”

I looked at my body, the costume completely merged with it...I transformed into Bahamut. I stood up, the pain wasn't over yet, my body still hurt a little bit. I tried to move it, and the first thing I noticed was that my arm was back....after years without it, having it again was something that cannot be described. It's like a blind able to see again. I tried even my tail and my wings, and the new senses I had. I could smell, see, hear, taste (I just bitted my tail, just to see ho resistant it was) and fell in a more accurate way, this was really the perfect body.

“ like it?”

It was the costume, I answered:

“A lot, but...i can change back right?”

“For, because I used a lot of energy in recreating your arm and changing your body, so you must stay like this for a while”

“How much?”

“I guess...48 hours”

“What? Two days like this?”

“What's the problem? You said that you love this body, and the Halloween party is tomorrow anyway”

“But I can go to the party like this”

“Why not? Just act like this is just a costume and no one will notice anything”

The costume had a point, and by the way...i felt really happy with the costume on, not only for my arm, but for everything...I became a god. The costume seemed to read my mind, because he said:

“Slow down...Drethan gave you this body...but not all the real Bahamut powers”

“Oh...why not?”

“Because he think that giving his customers to much power can make them dangerous for him...not everyone likes what he does”

“Perhaps you're right”

“ are we waiting for, let's go and try our body”

We walked outside, it was almost nighttime, so I guess no one was going to see us. I noticed that my body still hurt a little bit, I asked the costume:

“Why my body still hurt?”

“I told you, I used a lot of energy to recreate you arm, I guess this is just a collateral effect”

“I hope so...”

“, should we go for a little flight?”

“But...i don't know how”

“Let me teach you”

I suddenly felt something enter in my mind, and after that...the knowledge of flight became clear to me.

“Okay...should we go now?”


I spread my wings, and I took flight for the first time, in this new magnificent body.

CHAPTER 3: Halloween

Halloween....many people think that is a stupid festivity, senseless and useless. But I thought that was awesome, and like me, a lot of people. I was walking in the street, toward my friend's house, were the party was already started. I was in my Bahamut costume, and everyone I crossed in the street gave me a strange look, obviously they were thinking that they really met a dragon.

I spent the whole day before flying around, I liked flying to much. I even slept on top of a building, scaring  an old woman that was feeding some pigeons, poor granny.

When I reached the house, and I walked in, all the people in the room stared at me scared. I immediately told them:

“Calm down, it's just a costume”

They all sighed in relief, they looked like they were going to panic. One of my friends came closer to me, and he asked:

“Whoa Jason...where did you get that? You really look like a dragon”

“Yeah I know...and if you want to find a costume like mine...go to “the second identity””

I told them proudly. I started walking around, the costume said:

“You shouldn't tell people about the costume shop”

“Why not?”

“Not everyone get good working costumes like me, some people get malfunctioning  costumes, that can be very dangerous”


“Don't worry, Drethan knows what he does, just...don't tell anyone else about the shop, okay?”


We had a lot of fun during the whole evening. First, we danced, usually I didn't like dancing, but the costume danced for me...damm, he is a good dancer. Then we had a very Halloween themed dinner, mostly food made with pumpkin. I had some problem hiding the fact that the costume was real, but they believed me when I told them that the mask was attached to my face, and I could eat even with it...I had been lucky thought. After dinner, we watched a horror move, and that was the funniest part, I roared during the movie...some people actually ran away screaming, one of them even ran right into a wall. I said that I had a recorder with the roar in it, and they believed me again, the costume told me that my lucky wasn't infinite, so it was better to avoid doing such things.

After the movie, we decided to go home. I said bye to my friends, and after being sure that no one could see me, I took flight, and I flew home. I landed on my backyard, and I walked inside the house, I was really tired.

“Wow, we had a lot of fun, don't you think?”

The costume asked, I answered:

“Yes...but know, I just want to sleep, I can take you off now, right?”

“Yes, and I have a surprise for you”

I walked in my bedroom, and I simply laid on my bed. As started to feel the costume transforming my body again, after a while, I was back in my human body. I stood up, and...a miracle happened. My arm was still there, I had my two human arms again, like before the incident with the chainsaw.
I looked at the costume, and I saw that it was sitting on his was kind of weird to see an empty costume sitting on a bed on his own. I sat near him, and I simply told him:

“Thank you....Jason”


The costume asked

“Since you're my costume, I guess I can call you like me”

“Jason...yes, you're right”

We didn't say a word for a few minutes, then the costume spoke again:

“Just promise...that you will not leave me alone, promise that you will wear me once in a while”

I putted my hand on his shoulder, and I said:

“Don't worry, after what you did for me...I will wear you all my free time”

The costume smiled, but then he looked at my new arm, and he said:

“I think you have a do you think to explain the magic return of you arm?”

EPILOGUE: The knowledge we need

Drethan interrupted the contact with Jason, he said to himself:

“I never thought that a costume can not only recreate a missed part of his owner's body when he transform, but even maintain it after he changed back to human....the costumes will never stop amazing me with their incredible properties”

And then Drethan closed his shop, and walked in the back of the shop, ready to go back to create his amazing, and far away from usual, costumes.

Meanwhile, Jason began his double life, he lives as a human with is family and his friends, but he lives as the great Bahamut the rest of his life. He found even a good excuse about the fact that his arm was back, he said that a doctor find a way to make his arm regrowth. Strangely, everyone believed Jason, the costume said that maybe Drethan used some of his spell to make the people believe his excuses, so no one will find a connection to his shop. But Jason didn't care, he had his arm again, he can be the creature of his dreams, and he had a new friend...a very unusual, but great friend.
This a costume shop story (costume shop setting copyright to Transryu)

bahamut inside, lol

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An Ink Trace of Bahamut Becoming his Were-Dragon Self

Original Pic is Copyright to Jocelyn Dunn
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A spurt of crimson flew into the air as Adelaina wrenched her broadsword into the dragon's skull. One of the few lady knights in the country, it was a miracle that she had even gone down that path. To keep up the illusion, she even wore masculine armor and kept her mahogany hair short. All missions for her were sent to "Adel," her masculine alias.

The request this time came from a nobleman whose hunting deer had been disappearing mysteriously for the last month or so. He had seen the creature responsible, something that could only be described as a dragon, circling his lands like a hawk. Thousands had attempted to slay the dragon, but none had succeeded.

Yet there its carcass lay, limp before the knightess' blade. It must have been at least 50 feet high, and twice as long from the tip of its crocodilian snout to its sinuous tail. Including its lengthy neck, its whole body was plated with armorlike, rust-red scales, with scutes of a lighter, bluish hue running along its underside. Its claws -Adelaina counted twelve, with three on each of its powerful, scaly limbs -  could easily leave dents in a castle's walls if they wanted to. On the behemoth's back rested a pair of folded, leathery wings, with a span wide enough to temporarily block out the sun when in flight. A pair of -what were they? frills, ears, gills?- rested on the edge of the dragon's jaws like miniature wings, although hardly aerodynamic.

In the center of its horned head had previously rested a green, cabochon-like jewel. The real bounty was not the dragon, but this egg-sized gem. The crystals were usually solidified enough to be useful after a dragon had reached sexual maturity (about half a century in human years), so procuring them from even a teenage dragon was quite risky. "Dragon Stones," as the people called them, were the dragon's heart and soul crystallized into a single point- to take it out, even from just one head of a hydra, was enough to turn a dragon into a motionless mound of flesh like the one sprawled before her.

Naturally, the bounty on these amazing stones was huge; not only was it proof that a mature dragon had been slain (quite a feat in and of itself!), it was a very versatile, very expensive power source.  Its uses ranged from fueling those "eternal flames" that priestesses tended to powering a wizard's grandest spell. Never mind that the corpse of a dragon could feed every peasant in Europe, and cure whatever sicknesses they had; the gems were the main point of dragon slaying, and everyone who wasn't a beggar knew it.

But even Dragon Stones weren't eternal. Like regular fuel sources, they extinguished depending on the amount of power used. A high-level spell, for instance, made them burn out after one or two uses, depending on the quality of the stone used. After that, they were only good as jewelery, which still fetched a fine price if it contained one such stone. Thus, the hunt had to go on; there would always be someone willing to pay a hefty price for the stone from even an adolescent dragon's forehead.

"Why'd you let me take it so easily?" the knightess asked the lifeless dragon aloud. The question echoed throughout the dragon's cavernous den; there had to be a thousand voices, each slight variations of her own, repeating it.

It had almost been too easy to kill the dragon; the fight it put up was minimal compared to other, younger dragons she had fought. For the whole battle, the dragon had remained perched on its possessions, only breathing the occasional warning shot of golden fire as its adversary entered. It had stubbornly refused to leave its treasure trove, and the restricted movement had proven its downfall.  

Adelaina tossed the cabochon-smooth, green stone in her palm a bit. If she didn't have to fork it over to the nobleman, she thought, it would have been a joy for her to keep simply because it was pretty.  The way it glimmered so nicely in the sunlight pouring through the cave's entrance made her want to keep it all the more; it was almost as if the gem itself had an inner fire.

"It's such a shame I've gotta to give this one up," Adelaina told herself. Then, as if drawn by some subconscious force, her eyes shifted over to the hoard that the dragon had been guarding.

There had to be hundreds of Dragon Stones beneath the creature's lifeless body. Some of the mounds reached the roof of the cave, they contained so many stones. The pillars of glimmering, egg-sized pebbles shone not only green, but red, blue, purple- there wasn't a hue in the rainbow that went without representation.

"Mm, well...It's awfully greedy of me, but maybe I'll take just one," Adelaina told herself. Her armor clanged against itself as she walked over to the piles, quietly mulling which one to take. It was her duty as a knight to give the one in her hand to her commissioner, but who said she couldn't take one of the gems herself? There was no rule against that, right?

Pick a color, any color, she thought as she perused the mounds of treasure before her. As she sifted through the stones to find one that she liked, Adelaina felt her gorge rise. Briefly, she stopped; her once-loose armor was starting to fit tightly to her body, almost to the point of discomfort. She wondered if she should even be touching these gems; pretty though they were, they did contain the hearts and souls of dragons, and they were lying under the stiffened body of their dead comrade.

Adelaina slowly began to regret killing the dragon. After all, hadn't it only been protecting its friends' remaining lives? Was it really right for her to take one dragon's life like she had, let alone steal the soul of another after committing such a crime?

She shook her head hastily. No. Now wasn't the time to get sentimental. Pick a stone, deliver the other one to her commissioner, and leave. Get it all done and don't look back.

She finally decided that a red one would make a nice pendant, and picked one up off of the pile. The knightess held it up to the setting sun, and watched it flicker like the gem before it had. It was hypnotic enough to distract her entirely from the pain in her spine as it began to thicken, ever so slowly, beneath her gleaming armor.

"Hmm...Maybe they'll give me even more if I bring back another!" she exclaimed. Her suit of armor was getting tight with vague, mosaiclike, reddish scales as she moved about the piles, searching for another gem to take back with her.

It wasn't long before a rich purple stone caught her eager, now catlike eye. It was more matured than the fresh green one she had; how she could tell that, she didn't know.

"Ah! This one!" she announced. This, too, she eyed in the light, searching for any flaws that would tarnish its value. Once again, that inner flame flickered in the setting sun.

Only when a clatter of metal on the cavern's floor sounded did she snap out of her trance, quickly noticing that her armored gloves were straining to contain her hands. A triad of claws, no less than two inches from the base of the thick nails to their pointed tips, quickly burst out of her gauntlets, leaving her thumbs and pinky to diminish into nothing. Like the rest of her body, her new digits were plated with burnt red scales.

"Wh-what is this?!" Adelaina demanded as the rapid growth of her scaly body broke her armor open like an exploding beer can. She was quickly forced onto her clawed forelimbs as her neck extended to its final length and a tail wildly swished out of her spine. With a crack and a clang, her ankles grew themselves free of her metallic boots, and her scaly, three-toed talons scratched the cave floor as she scrambled to get to two legs again. Her underside now had a distinct, flightworthy keel to it, plated entirely in bluish scales.

The realization hit her like lightning: She had disturbed what was essentially a dragon graveyard, and now she was paying the price for stealing from the dead. She saw her cropped hair flutter to the ground as scales covered her more completely and tiny nubs began to poke through her skull. She was already over five times her former size, at least a hundred tons over what she formerly weighed, and it didn't feel like she was done changing quite yet. With each heaving breath, her muscular tail would knock down a tower of gems, and, instinctively, she would scramble to put them back in their place. Two symmetrical points on her back throbbed as she called out to whatever had inflicted the curse.

"I'll put it back!" she protested, "Really, I've learned my lesson! I'll just take the green one and go if you stop this!"

Whatever it was didn't listen, or simply wasn't interested in compromise. Some of her gleaming, reddish scales dropped to the ground as a set of leathery, batlike wings burst out of her back, beating a few of the precious gems down from their stacks. Adelaina could feel her ears vanish, replaced by a set of odd, leathery, spiny flaps that matched her new wings.

"Errrgh...Ssstop..." she tried to beg for forgiveness again. It was too little, too late. She felt the  tiny buds on her skull erupt, very suddenly, into a pair of sleek, antelope-like horns. With somewhere between a scream and a roar, her face bulged outward into a red-scaled, distinctly crocodilian maw, complete with a set of new teeth that pushed her old ones to the cave floor.

Even the growth of her new jaws, however, did not compare to the headache brought by the swelling, pulsating feeling of a budding sphere in her scaly forehead. She couldn't see it, but her own Dragon Stone shone gold in what remained of the sunlight.

Now that the graveyard had a new guardian, she knew what was coming: One day, or perhaps many days, a knight would try to kill her. If he succeeded, he would suffer the same fate she had, and the cycle would go on.


No one really knew what happened after Adelaina took up guarding the cemetery. It didn't really matter; tales said that the legendary stash of Dragon Stones was blocked by a cave-in, so any dragon inside would have, at the very least, died a natural death.

After what people believed to have been the last dragon was finally killed for its jewel, the careers involving magic and wizardry slowly began to disappear. Using normal stones and metals, a new branch of 'wizards' called alchemists sought a replacement for the stones, among other things. The magical arts all but died; occasionally, someone would write a book on the occult, but they were often dismissed as "fiction, not science."

But who knows? Perhaps, if the hoard is ever found, dragons and magic shall once again reign supreme...
Just my own take on a slayer-turned dragon TF. I think I also hid an environmental message in there...yay? Humanity never ceases to royally screw itself over. :lmao:

If you want to use the stone idea in your own work, feel free; tales of serpent stones come from around the world. Much of the time, they prevent poisoning and have other medicinal uses. A sort of dragon stone called a "Drag-Energist" was also used to power the Guymelefs (giant robots) in Escaflowne, so I suppose I really can't take credit for any of this. ^^;
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A comission for :iconwolf-prince-leon: his friend TFed into his respective OC ,if i color something wrong please tell me. Hope u like it :3
but there is a non intendent thing happen >> [link] i just told by someone the human ones is somebody else's OC
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"Does that mean you don't have a hoard of gold, either?"

"Hmmm? No, THAT part is true about us."


A little moogle's pom-pom suddenly grows strangely heavy, sinking onto his... her?... head and attaching and a soft mane of headfur. No sooner does Erakir reach up to find this realization than she notices a pair of horns growing near her ears! Looking down on the collar she asked to wear, she can see the jewel attached has changed color, showing the shades of her trademark scarf. Her wings stretch out, and would be mighty large for her... IF she hadn't grown to many times her original height. Her bottom seems... well, bottom-heavy, buoyed by the new elongated tail, sporting a lovely tuft of fur on the tip. She gives a little twirl, admiring her new form and looks back, ready to be all the dragon she can!
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Third page.
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An Alliance cruiser braves the 4 times larger Sovereign-class Reaper.
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The united human, turian, quarian, asari and geth fleet arrives at Earth.
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Just playing with Wikus' transformation stages...

My other District 9 pic: [link]
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dragon tf stories
Collection by
The Desert Dragon (tf)

We were driving through the Death Valley in California, on our way to Nevada. It was noon in the middle of July, and the temperature was easily over 100 degrees, perhaps over 110. I was driving the jeep, while my friend Carlos is riding shotgun. My jeep is a rickety old one, probably older than I am, but the old girl had never broken down, ever. Until today. The jeep just stopped running, and smoke began to rise from the engine compartment. I went out to open the hood.

"Jeez, why does she have to break down here of all places?" I wondered.

"Looks like you brought your luck with you, Daniel." Carlos hypothesized.

"Well, that's just great, it looks like I busted my clutch. I don't think I'll be able to fix this." I said.

"So, what do we do now?"

"I guess we're gonna have to walk."

"Walk? We're like twenty miles from civilization! There's no way we can walk that long under this weather! And we didn't even bring water bottles with us!"

I sighed. "Well, we have to walk, or we're going to die."

We began walking. I don't know where's the nearest civilization was, and neither did Carlos, so we just walked toward our destination we planned to go by car. The scorching heat weighed on us, and we began to sweat profusely. That's definitely a concern because we are becoming dehydrated, and lost in the desert with no water supply is the last place anyone wants to be when they get dehydrated.

Day turned to night, and we had walked I estimated five miles, which means we still are in the middle of nowhere. Also, it's no longer the hellish 100 degrees temperature anymore but a freezing 30 degrees. The silver lining, however, was that we had a spectacular view of the night sky. Because there is no light pollution near us, it feels like we are looking at a painting of the Milky Way Galaxy. It's funny, because humans tried so hard to replicate Mother Nature's art, but still comes up short.

"You know, Carlos, we should probably rest." I said as I laid down on the dirt. "Let's look at the stars."

Carlos sat down besides me, still looking at the stars. "You know, my abuela once told me a story about my ancestor. She said he once got lost in a great desert, many miles from civilization. At night, he looked up at the stars, and he wondered, How am I going to get out of here? "

I began to get interested in his story. "How did he get out?"

"No one knows. No one ever saw my ancestor after that day according to my abuela ."

"How does she know what your ancestor said in the desert?" I wondered, noticing a plot hole.

"I wondered the same thing too. I asked her about that, and the only answer I got was, 'I just know. Your ancestor didn't die, just disappeared.'"

I sighed. "I don't know if that's a true story or not, but that's definitely reassuring." I said sarcastically.

"I know, I doubted the legitimacy too. But, for some reasons, I always remember this story clearly, even though abuela died when I was just a little kid. I don't know why, I just can't shake that memory out even if I tried."

I looked up at the night some more, until I noticed something off. There is one star that shone brightly, even brighter than Sirius. It's very gold, and it's very... pleasing to look at. Slowly, the golden star faded away, and the next thing I know, it's dawn. I looked to my left and saw Carlos sleeping soundly on the dirt.

"Hey, wake up, Taco Poco." I ordered him, using his nickname he hates.

"I thought I told you not to call me that, Pollos Fritos." Carlos groggily said, using my nickname in which I found to be humorous. "Also, are you okay? You were just staring into the sky for a long time."

"Was I? Did you not notice a large golden star?" I wondered.

"Uh, I don't recall a golden star. Maybe it's your imagination?"

"Maybe." I said. He might be right, it could've just been my imagination, but that golden star looks so real and vivid.

"Anyway, it's pretty bizarre seeing you stare at the sky like you're seeing a naked lady for the first time. Now, let's walk, we've got all day." Carlos said.

We began walking, when something weird began going through my mind. Inside my mind, an image of a dragon was flashing before me. Dragons had always been fascinating to me, but there's something about this particular dragon that stands out. Even though I've never seen this dragon before, this dragon seemed very... familiar. Like, known him for all my life. It's such a bizarre and unexplainable feeling, but I shook it off anyways and we continued our trek.

We continued walking, with that image still running laps in my mind, until we came across something we don't want to come across: a sidewinder, which is a venomous snake that lives in the desert.

"Woah, stay away from that, Daniel!" Carlos warned me.

However, Carlos's warning fell on deaf ears. Something in my mind kept telling me that this was no ordinary sidewinder, that it is a "key." Against all judgements, I began to approach the sidewinder. The rational part of me, and Carlos, was screaming at me to turn around and get away, but I still kept approaching the sidewinder until I was within reach of it. Then, as anyone would expect, the sidewinder lashed out and bit me on my right forearm.

"DANIEL! DO YOU REALIZE WHAT YOU'VE DONE!" Carlos screamed at me.

"No." I answered bluntly. Then I felt a burning pain in my arm.

I looked at my arm, and instead of turning dark purple like all venomous bite should do, it began to dry. Like, dry to the point where I worried if my flesh is going to fall off. The dryness spread up my arm and throughout my body, and soon covered my entire body. It's not really painful, but it was definitely unpleasant. I looked at my arm again, then I saw a gash open up, and then golden scales began to sprout from the gash. That is the part that is painful, the scales growing on my skin and then replacing the skin. The golden scales spread throughout my body, and soon covered every inch of my body.

If I thought the scales growing is painful, then I definitely did not expect the pain that would follow. My pinkie and my ring fingers on both hands fused into one digit, and black claws grew out of each fingertips. I also noticed my thumbs recede into my hands, er, paws, likely stripping away my motor abilities. I then felt an extremely painful sensation of my legs reforming. I mean, it's like a group of people are hitting you with baseball bats. I felt two pairs of toes fuse together into one digit, and each toes grew talons, ripping away my shoes and pants in the process. I noticed my feet growing longer, and my shin growing slightly shorter, which means I'll probably be walking digitigrade and possibly quadruped.

Before I had a chance to catch my breath, I felt a pressure on my back and rear. I felt two arms erupt from my shoulder blades and through my shirt, and a leathery membrane between the four long "fingers" grew. I realized that these are my wings. Before I could wonder about what I can do with these new wings, my shirt disintegrated, and I felt my coccyx touch the dirt. I realized that I have grown a tail, but immediately after I realized, I had the worst headache in the world. I put my paws to my head as my head reshaped into a snout and grew some horns. I felt some stinging in my eyes, my ear becoming pointed, and my senses getting better. After that, the much needed relief from pain was had.

I opened my eyes, and saw that I can see a heck of a lot better than before, almost like seeing in HD. I looked at my body, and instead of a human body, I have a body of a dragon, with golden scales, a darker shade of gold on my belly and chest, and horns, though I can't tell what colors these are.

"Holy shit, is that a dragon, no?!" I heard Carlos scream.

"I think so." I replied. I noticed my voice had gotten deeper.

"Holy shit, it can freaking talk!" Carlos screamed.

"Yeah, I do. I'm Daniel, in case you don't know." I said, awkwardly getting up on all fours.

"Daniel, is that you, no? Jesus, you shouldn't have went up to that snake!"

"Maybe, but here I am, a dragon." I replied, then I looked at my wings. "Speaking of which, I think I can get us out of here."

"No way." Carlos responded, picking up my hint.

"Well it's that, or you'll be stuck here. Besides, I don't feel thirsty anymore, so I should be able to get us out of here and into the nearest town."

Carlos spent a minute thinking it over. "Okay, I'll do it. If you drop me, i'll haunt you from the grave."

"Sounds good enough." I said, then I laid down, letting my belly rest on the dirt. Carlos soon got on my back, and grabbed onto a pair of horns on my head.

"You ready?" I asked.

"Let's get this over with." Carlos responded.

I took off, then we flew until I spotted a town. I landed just outside that town, which is a little town called Tierra Seca. I noticed a problem, however.

"Um, Carlos?"


"I don't think I can go into this town with you." I said sadly.

"Why not?"

"Just look at me."

Carlos sighed. "Daniel, if I see you as a person instead of some beast, then I'm sure others would."

"It's not that, Carlos. It's just that, I don't feel like a part of human society anymore. Besides, I'm beginning to like the desert, and I'd like to live in it. Carlos, please tell my parents and friends that I'm fine and happy, and we'll meet each other soon." I said, then I took off to the sky, flying over and admiring the beauty of Death Valley.
ADAH had been stuck in the mud a little bit, because I really don't like the beginning of The Human World and decided to rewrite the whole thing. So in the meantime, here's a TF story I wrote a while ago, as an apology to the delay.
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Anna's Dragon Hatching


Content breakdown and mature content warning!

Dragon Transformation


Skin Shedding (non-gore TF by removing human skin)

18+ Only - Don't read it if you don't want to read something seriously adult. This would qualify as strictly mature!


Anna was an anal girl. Of all the parts on her slim body, only her full, round ass had matured from girlish petiteness to ripe sexuality, and because she used it more than anything else to seduce her boyfriends, her butt was the center of her sexual fantasies. In her dreams, she didn't hold cocks and suck them for cum, or grab cocks and ride them between her thighs like strangling snakes. In her dreams, she pushed her head down low, raised her ass above bent knees, felt her cheeks split apart, and a ramrod of hot living flesh plunged into her asshole, rubbing between her butt cheeks, beating against the wall of her vagina from the outside, while she rubbed with her fingers from within.

Tonight, she dreamed of bestiality, of a bull dragon with a cock like a baseball bat. Somehow, it had invaded her room while she slept, straddled her bed, dropped the slimy weight of its penis on the back of her legs, the heavy head laying languidly across the white panties one size too tight for her bulbous tush. She'd stirred, smiled as if expecting him, curled her legs under her body and rested on her knees. The panties, straining, had slipped down a touch, revealing the smooth curve of her back becoming the crevice of her crack. The dragon's cock rose, hard, and swung to a fro a little over her bottom. Through a tight pink shirt, she rubbed her nipples on her braless A-cup tits, and she wriggled her ass. With expert care, those too-tight panties shifted over her hips a little bit at a time, revealing inch after inch of her crack, until snap, they popped over her butt and bunched around her thighs, revealing her tight sphincter and her dripping pussy mound squished between her legs.

The dragon was seduced. With the ease of dreams, it lowered its haunches and thrust forward. She was speared, her asshole tingled, a shivered passed over her body. Her nipples throbbed with pleasure. She leaned even further over, pushing her butthole higher over his rod, angling her body parallel to the penis. Never in her entire life had she experienced a cock so tremendous, so wide. Her sphincter held ten centimeters of its diameter, squeezed it, felt the blood pulse in great strokes along its underside. Then slowly, surely, that slimy penis sunk impossibly deep into her body, up to the base, and she could feel the dragon's giant testicles slap gently on her buttocks.

The rim of her asshole was white-hot with pleasure. One hand tickled her clit. The other bunched fingers and reached in and up, to press the inside of her vagina towards the penis. She didn't have to support her own body. The strength of the penis seemed to support enough. Then the stroke began. Out with the cock, tugging on her sphincter, drawing out the pleasure, making her tremble. Then in with the cock, pushing, containing the pleasure, packing it somewhere deep inside. And after every stroke, that horrible warmth, that building orgasm, grew dense, tense, thick, real.

The dragon's frenzy was building. The cock pumped faster. Even lubed, the friction of each push drew her buttocks together, each pull split them apart. Her entire butt was pulsing to the beat, muscular cheeks slapping around the bull cock like waves, the thrust pushing up through her and driving out her breath in heavy gasps--oh, oh, oh! Faster, faster, the dragon now moving ceaselessly, then reaming, turning her sphincter in and out until it was loose and screaming pleasure, then pounding her loose butthole until every part of her clenched from the abuse, and ...

Anna came all over.

She slapped her chest down against the bed and rubbed her little breasts against the roughness of her cotton shirt. She rubbed, as if her skin were sex and every kind of stimulation was another lick of liquid orgasm. Groaning against her cumming nipples, it felt as if her clit exploded, as if bolts of electricity were arcing throughout her groin. The walls of her vagina melted against her fingers. Her sphincter clenched and tugged, as if it could pluck the dragon's penis and swallow it. Her fingers came. Her toes came. Her mouth opened and her eyes fluttered and her tongue flickered over her lips, and her whole face blushed and came.

The dragon came. Pint after pint of cum flooded into Anna, and spilled, and gushed. Jets of cum squirted around that buttplugging cock and poured down her crack, dribbled across her sticky vagina, ran freely over her thighs.

And Anna awoke, breathing hard. There was no dragon. It was only a dream. But she was in her bed, face down. She was wearing those too-tight panties, her nipples ached beneath that tight pink shirt, and her asshole tingled and winked, as if it had just been pounded. There was something warm inside her, like a slick of dragon cum. She spasmed with an aftershock of orgasm. In one volcanic spurt, that cum, real cum, with the right smell and texture, erupted from her asshole and ran down her crack and drenched her panties and made her sticky and horny and utterly surprised.

She touched a finger to the spreading wetness on her ass. She smelled it, felt it, and ran her finger down the length of her tongue. It was real cum. The realization hit her with a jolt of pleasure as real and powerful as any she felt when she was eighteen, a virgin, watching an x-rated anal sex tape that her uncle had hid under the bathroom sink. At 2AM, in a home with a sleeping family, she'd paused the video at the moment of anal penetration, stripped away her clothes, and kneeled before the TV with her young ass rising into the cool air. Like an initiate to a great ritual or secret, she'd arched her back like the actress on screen, and slowly, so slowly, pushed her forefinger into her butthole. The simple pleasure of doing it was more exciting than what was done. She came from the thought of it. Now she came again from the mere thought of having been that sinful little beast buttfucker, the dirty little sodomy-slut whose ass seduced a monster with a monster cock.

She rose to her knees, like in her dream. She wiggled her tush, and in slimy jerks, the cum-slathered panties slid across her ass and pussy, and finally slopped wetly around her thighs. She removed them. The room filled with the smell of the dragon's cum--that's how she thought of it, as the dragon's cum. Her pussy and ass were cold. She reached back to her vagina and expertly inserted two fingers, deep, while reaching up to gently fondle her clitoris with her thumb. What else could she do but masturbate?

She twitched as she fucked herself, and with every twitch, she felt a little bit of dragon cum spurt from her butthole and drip onto her hand or legs, and those bits on her hand were shoved up into her pussy, a consuming act. At one point, she took a daub and scraped it on her tongue, ran it around her lips like makeup. For a while, she didn't understand why she felt compelled to make these filthy sexual gestures; but then, she began to feel a kind of heat and body to her pleasure. Taking in the dragon's cum was changing things, somehow, in a way that she not only enjoyed but desired instinctively. The greatest pleasure was accumulating in her otherwise untouched bottom. Maybe that's why she enjoyed it. Taking in the dragon's cum enhanced her sex.

Then something happened. She gasped. She arched her back. The end of her spine had unraveled. It was an alien sensation, but far more pleasurable than she would've thought. There was a lump somewhere over her ass, under the skin behind her rump. She pulled her fingers out of her vagina and stripped off her t-shirt, and pinched her nipples. The pleasure inside her became sharp, pulsing. She let go of her nipples and grabbed her ass cheeks and spread them apart. There was another pulse, and something slid under her skin and pushed against her sphincter, causing it to tent. She squealed with delight and bent over even further. It pulsed again, pushed again. She could feel the pleasure inside her, trying to push out. Her sphincter tented again but did not open. No, the pushing thing was her. Part of her was about to burst out of her butthole.

She shrieked with pleasure and wriggled her behind as in one final pulse, the thing inside her, the thing around her spine, slid down beneath her skin and erupted from her asshole. It stabbed several centimeters into the air, a scaly blue cone, a little wider than her thumb. Her mouth gaped open. She knew without thinking what had occurred. She was growing a dragon tail beneath her skin.

And it was escaping through her cum-slicked butthole. She gritted her teeth, and grunted, and the tail slowly extended several more centimeters from her asshole. Her whole body blushed. It was like being buttfucked in reverse, like buttfucking herself. Her tail felt an incredible pleasure as it emerged, and her asshole felt an incredible pleasure from its emerging.

More, she wanted more! The tail grew another four centimeters and was now as thick as two fingers and a thumb. More, more! It grew in slippery bursts, stretching her asshole further and further. At half a meter in length, her tail was as wide as her wrist, and her asshole was throbbing with ecstasy.

I'm squeezing out a tail, she thought, I'm becoming a monster through my ass!

Her fingers clenched tight on her great buttocks and pulled them as far apart as the skin could manage. Her asshole was more pleasurable now than her clit had ever been. This was unnatural, she knew, supposedly impossible, but then, there it was, fucking herself on its way out. Her tail. Another extension of it, and she had a little orgasm, a quaking little shock. Drool ran out of her mouth. Her vagina was dripping feely.

She buried her face in her pillow and bucked her hips. 75 centimeters, or more, and it was as wide as a fist. One meter long, and it was as wide as the dragon's cock. She waved her tail wildly as she humped the air, feeling it extend just a little further with each motion. The entire length of it pulsed with pleasure. This is what it's like to have a penis, she thought. This is what it's like to fuck and be fucked all at once. Her asshole stretched tighter and tighter. It was far beyond its normal width.

Then it ran out. It could no longer accommodate. Her tail was a meter and a half in length, nearly as long as her. At its base, it was wider than the dragon's cock, far wider. But there was a tiny bit of length left to grow. And she could feel another level of pleasure waiting for her. If the tail grew that little bit more, she'd cum and wouldn't stop, because there would be something beyond it. An orgasm would be mere buildup to it. She simply had to will it; she had to let her asshole burst, instead of holding on to that limitation.

She willed it, and she came. She came harder and longer than she'd ever come before, even in the dream with the dragon cock. Her tail pushed out, and her asshole tore along its very top, and the crack of her ass split in one meaty rip, right up to the back of her pelvis, and as it split, her tail straightened and proved that it had always been growing from her rump. Beneath it, she could feel a new sphincter, made from smooth black leathery skin. Her scaly blue tail dripped with mucus. The reptilian skin beneath her human skin seemed to bathe in an orgasmic slime. It was her reward for transformation, for shedding her humanity like a cocoon. She knew that once her skin was all gone, she would feel something, a moment of bliss that surpassed the regular orgasm--the orgasm that even now refused to stop, that caused her to jerk and shudder within her human skin.

She moaned. Her fingers, still clenched around her buttocks, began to throb. Her toes began to crackle and stretch. She reached down to her cunt and started shoving her fingers into her vagina--as many as she could fit. Six, at first. Then, miraculously eight. Now her thumbs. Each finger felt like a tiny penis in a massive gangbang, and one by one, they came inside her with a sharp little prick. She pulled them out, soaked in pussy juice, and watched as her fingertips erupted like burst gloves, revealing long black claws on lengthening blue fingers. Her feet burst, and her soles split like seeds. Two massive, standing claws stretched and popped out of the ruins, reshaping her legs and stripping the skin across her shins and up her calves. Her palms stretched then peeled away, leaving her skin dangling in two pieces from her wrists. In the place of her human hands, reptilian claws expanded and stretched, with delicately long blue fingers and retractable black knives.

Her spine cracked, the vertebrae expanded. The skin across her back was pulled tight like a drum, a membrane stretched over a line of thrusting bumps. She withdrew her claws reached down with her long, delicate fingers and placed all ten back into her vagina. Then, inexorably, she fucked herself and wished for the change to continue. Her shoulders shifted forward. Her neck cracked and lengthened an inch, and her head drooped a little. Her tail stood straight out from her body, rigid, overbalancing as she leaned forward in her bed and faced the wall.

Her hips grew and her ass expanded. She could feel the skin of her human buttocks slowly peeling back over two great scaly blue buttocks. She took a hand and petted the black stripe of soft skin running down her crack and vanishing beneath her still-human cunt. Then she returned to fucking herself. Her nipples ached, as if something were pushing on them from the inside. As if they were going to cum, like the nipples in her dream.

Slowly but smoothly, her breasts began to swell. At first, it was her human breasts and nipples that grew. She passed through a size-B and a size-C. Her nipples were hard and fat and long--the whole area of her areola was a puffy cone, pushing out almost two centimeters from her body. Then it became obvious that her human skin would grow no more, even though her breasts were not finished growing. So her cleavage stretched and vanished, and little tears formed in it. She passed through a D and a double D and into an E. The skin of her chest was now stretched tight over two giant breasts. They were pinned beneath her humanity, bulging, yearning to be free. Her human nipples were like a drawing on an overblown balloon--the color in them was stretched thin, meaningless. They outlined the contours of bigger, puffier nipples beneath. There were little pinholes everywhere, and beneath the holes, there was a beautiful dark blue, the new color of her tits, and a soft black, the color of her breasts and underside.

Nearly time, nearly time.

Something cracked in her neck again, and her head moved a little further from her body, angled a little more upward. Her throat was stretched taut. She naturally looked forward, into the wall. She realized that her head had shifted ninety degrees. She looked up towards the ceiling, rested on her haunches. Yes, it was time. She pushed deep into her cunt, and arched her back, and thrust her chest forward. In a slow wet rip, her cleavage split, and two giant sopping wet breasts burst through her skin into the open air. They were black, with dark blue nipples. She took a deep breath and roared, and quaked, and came, and her tongue snaked out of her throat and flapped over her chin. She pulled her hands out of her cunt and raised her new breasts high, pressing the nipples together, and she craned about and licked them, and squirted a half liter of clear cum from her human cunt. Then her back cracked again, and she fell forward to face the wall again. There was more to come, she thought, the final changes!

Her breasts hung below her, full, heavy, cauldrons of orgasmic pleasure. Trophies of her transformation. She shrugged her shoulders, and felt, beneath the skin of her back, the growing kicks and wiggles of two broad, flat limbs. Wings. She felt, on the back of her head, two sharp knobs, and a piercing pleasure. Horns beneath the skin. She clenched her jaw tight and felt her teeth straighten and fit together, growing longer. Sharper. Fangs. She couldn't quite close her beautiful lips over them. Her jaw was a touch too large.

She fingered herself, knowing it would be the last time she ever caressed her human pussy. On her head, two horns burst out of her scalp, revealing briefly an inner scalp covered in dark blue feathers and shining blue scales. Her limbs shuddered, and with every movement, her muscles grew larger beneath her skin. The tears on her arms raced towards her elbows. The tears on her legs passed the knee and slowly crawled up her inner thighs. The tear beneath her breasts extended down to her navel. The flaps of skin on her ass peeled back and let her tremendous scaly butt bathe in the night air. Yet still, her human cunt remained unbroken.

Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, she muttered. Her voice was deep, bestial. She remembered the dragon in her dreams. This was his gift to her. Freedom from humanity. A kind of pleasure she could never have known with a human lover. Her new ass was the real ass that the dragon had fucked. She could feel it now, filling with the greater portion of his cum, but unlike her human form, she now had the strength to keep it within. She would not let it spill. Not until it had changed her completely.

Her wings were almost fully formed. The strength of the new limbs bunched in lumps beneath her shoulders. Pressure built behind her face. Her ears shredded as two broad fins bloomed in their place. The tears raced up her limbs towards their final destinations.

Then, all at once, the rest of her transformed.

Along her spine, little perforations burst in twain, and little black spikes jutted into the air. The skin ripped away noisily, and two wings unfolded in a final burst of growth, spreading wider and wider...

...she jammed her fingers deep into her cunt and gripped her pussy lips in her palms, and feeling the first tense moment of sexual rebirth, she pulled and pulled, and her pussy lips came apart, and she peeled the hairy sheets of her human pussy mound off her spraying dragon pussy, and her skin ripped down to her old asshole and up to her navel, dividing her human skin in two...

...her jaw cracked and jutted forward, and slowly, awfully, the center of each lip snapped like an overstretched rubber band, and her mouth split down the middle, and her nose split down the middle, and her brow split down the middle, and her human face burst and tore in two. Her mouth melded with her nose, and a long toothy maw grew out of her skin in shuddering, crackling bursts. Her new head was pushed through the split, and her human face was shredded as it was pulled over her growing dragon's face and slipped over her dragon's neck like a ruined stocking. Where her hair had been, there was a mane of beautiful, wet feathers. Her new dragon's jaw clicked shut, complete, and she had a dragon's head...

Her body grew, all at once, a half meter overall. The skin on her arms and legs sloughed away, and her human skin was now in two pieces. She pulled each half aside, wiggling out of it like a cocoon. Her human skin slapped wetly on the bed, and she rose, a naked dragoness with beautiful blue scales and a soft black underside.

She flapped her great wings and tensed her body. Her tail stood straight up. Her nipples were erect. She touched them, gently. Then, at once, her dragon asshole burst like an anal volcano, and a stream of the dragon's cum sprayed out in pulses, spattering her pillow and wall, while liter after liter of pure female cum sprayed out of her dragon cunt and soaked the bed. She roared in triumph, for this was it, the high of cumming and becoming, the emergence of the sexual beast, the product of dream sex with a male dragon, and the final victory over her humanity.

She was a dragoness, now and forever, and was human no more.
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*DING DONG* ''I'm coming I'm coming'' i said as i walked to the door ''hello'' i said as i looked around no one was there besides a package ''YES IT'S HERE FINALLY'' i screamed as i dragged the very large package into my room ''oh yea its here after saving up my allowance for a month i finally got it '' i ran to my kitchen ran to my dad and mom and said ''dad its here'' ''really''he said  ''yes can i use a knife to open it please dad'' i said ''yes Max yes you can'' he said i walked to the kitchen and grabbed a knife and went back up stairs to the package to find it open and the costume laying on the floor ''hmm how did it open what ever less work for me'' i went back down stairs and put the knife away and went back up stairs i picked up the costume and said ''wow it looks life like its so cool'' i wanted to try it on but something in the back of my head kept me from pitting it on so i put it on my dresser and went to play my video games i usually played Pokemon but it was about 12:00 my mom and dad went to work so i was home alone i said to my self ''time to try the costume on so i walked over to the costume and put my feet in it felt nice but then a harsh pain in my legs caused me to fall over i felt my toes retract into my feet and my feet be come more flat and round and now i could feel three toes??? no three claws pushing there way out of my foot at the same time my legs bulked up in muscle to fill the cavity of the legs and i felt my skin start dissolve until i had no skin left i was shocked to find i was not bleeding until i knew the scale pattern on the suit bulk up and attach to my feet and legs ''AH GOD'' i screamed as my spine went *SNAP* and my spine extend and on my skin which was now scales i felt like a new limb growing i knew instantly i was growing a tail i felt like i was being reborn i enjoyed it i always wanted to be some thing different so i embraced the pain and change and forced the rest of my body into the suit except for my head the same thing happened to my arms like my legs i felt my fingers receding into my hand and my had bulk up in muscle and three claws emerge from my hand as my arms bulked up in muscle and i felt my chest expand and my organs move making it hard to breathe put my entire body expanded to fill the suit as my my new scales attached to my body i flicked my head into the head of the suit i felt a pressure build on the top of my skull flattening my head i felt my eyes shift and the suit finish the transformation the pain was so intense i passed out.

i woke up on my floor i looked in my bathroom mirror and said ''wow no wings'' *CRACK* ''AH I SPOKE TO SOON'' i screamed as i felt new bones form in my shoulder area i felt it push at my skin i could see little nubs pushing there way up and grow into wings ''now we are one'' a voice said coming from inside my head ''who are you'' i asked ''who am i I'm you'' the voice said ''well you did this'' i asked ''yes i was a test item for the government a top secret project i escaped to a store and i was boxed up and i was sold to well you as for you and me we must leave now '' the voice said ''why'' i asked ''because i have a tracking device in me which is now in you so we must leave now'' the voice screamed *BANG BANG BANG* ''open up this is the FBI'' *BANG BANG BANG* ''lets go'' the voice said ''were'' i asked ''the window''the voice screamed ''are you crazy'' i said ''no it will be natural to fly just trust me go'' he screamed i opened the window and was about to jump out *CRASH* ''FREEZE'' the FBI agent screamed holding what looked like a tranquilizer i jumped as he pulled the trigger i felt a sharp pain and started to fall asleep i was falling *SMASH* i hit a car i looked around still trying to stay awake helicopters were flying around and tanks were pulling up around me i felt a large rope being tied around my neck and my tail i stood up i won the fight against the tranquilizer dart i flicked my head and the people holding the rope let go i swung my tail back and forth again the people holding the robe let go i flapped my wings and started to fly i climbed up up up up so high but helicopters close behind i felt a chain or robe with weights on the end twist around my wings i tried to flap but no luck i fell again but i hit the water i passed out due to being shot with more tranquilizers        
my first story or post hope you like part 2 coming soon
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"Man! I love Soaring above the Clouds and City. I Just Fricking Love it! It Never get's old!" I said with a Big smile on my Reptile Face........Wait What? Your Probably thinking that right now, aren't ya? Well, as it looks like i have to introduce you to me.

Well, my Name is Kevin. I am 17 years old and i'm in the Second Year of High School. You could say to me i'm a Complete Average Student, which i am. Only writing a "C", maybe sometimes a "B", but that's a rare exception!
Because of my marks, i had to do a Year in Middle School again, which made me not really more attractive for Girls either! I don't have many Friends, a few of them are Good Friends, but not anywere Close than Latis!

Well, who is Latis? Latis is my Best and closest Friend since the day i got him! Here we go...

One a Cold and Rainy Fall day in the Middle of November, i came late out of my School. The Wind was blowing Pretty Harsh and only Helped the Rain to let the Atmosphere be more scary and frightening.
So i laid my Backpack on the Ground and Searched for my Umbrella. It took my Quiet some Time to get it out of my Backpack that is full of School and How To Train Your Dragon Stuff.
After about Two or Three Minutes i found it. I closed my Backpack again and walked outside to get to my Bus Station that was around the Corner. As i walked around it, my Bus was just driving by me and Splashed me. All the Kids who were in the Bus, just Laughed at me.
And again, a really sad Point in my Life.
The Bad thing was, my Home was about 2 Miles (or about 3 Kilometers) away. So Yeah, i got Splashed serveral Times more as i walked down the Streets. Life was the Hell itself, as Pretty Much always for me.
While i was walking down the Street that led directly to my Home, i thought about, why most of the People don't like me. I really didn't had many Friends, a few Good ones, but no one to really Hang out with, just only School Friends. But my Thoughts were interrupted by the Cold and Harsh wind that accelerated the Rain drops who were really beating against my Umbrella and Rain coat, which wasnot the Best either!
After a good hour of walking, i got Finally to my Home. I slammed the Door open and laid my soaked Rain Coat and Umbrella in the Bathroom.

"Hello." I said but i got no response. It seemed like my Mom was on here Late-Night "job" again and my Dad was again on a Party with his Friends. So i walked upstairs and into my Room. I was just about to Open the Door and throw my Backpack into one Corner of my Room, as i saw a Big Packet lying on my Bed.  

I was astonished by it's sheer size! It was a little bit longer than my Bed, and my Bed was about Two Meters Long! I Still threw my Backpack into one Corner and looked at the Packet.
I took a closer look, and saw my Name on the address to who it will be sent. It also said from who it came from, but only "Somewhere in the southern Pacific."

"Well, for what I am waiting for? But it's still weird, i didn't ordered anything....Whatever!"

I didn't even need a Knife, i could just rip the Middle section apart! And there it was, the Thing that Changed my Life Completely! It was.... a Costume. I was just Overwhelmed with Joy to see something like that.
It had the same Shape and the same Emerald Colored Eyes like Toothless had in the Movie. I Pulled the Head out of the Box first. I looked in the Deep, Emerald Eyes from him, and i was astonished by how detailed they were!
I Then grabbed the Middle section of the Costume and Pulled it out Completely, and then threw the Box on the Ground and laid the Costume/Suit on my Bed.

"Man this Looks Awesome! It Really Looks like an Night Fury, but it has his Original Tail Fin, which is Good." I said as i looked at the Tail that was Hanging down from my Bed.

I was looking at it in a Very Curious view and was just Astonished by the Level of Detail!
But then, i don't know if it was me, but one of his Ears had Twitched for a second. I Backed a step back and noticed that i already was standing against the Wall of my Room. Slowly but surely, the Costume got alive! One Part after another started to Twitch and move around.
He started to move his Tail around and knocked some Pictures of the Wall, but i didn't cared about those. He slowly got up on his Paws, but couldn't really stand up, because he was still not inflated.
He Approached me and started to sniff at me. I tired to touch him, but he instantly growled at me, as a warning that he wasn't ready for something like that already!
It was rather weird to see an uninflated costume sniffing at me.
As he Finished sniffing at me, he laid his Ears back Happily and then started to Purr. It looked like i was the Right one!
He then laid down on my Bed and i could see the Vent where the Wearer will step in the Costume.

"Well, as it seems like i have nothing else to do, i will undress me and then get in to you!" Man, that was Hell of a Weird sentence! So i undressed, except of my Boxershorts!
I Then slowly walked up to him, and slowly laid my Left leg into his Left Leg. I felt the inside was like some sort of Goo or something similar. I then got my Right Leg into him and after that, things went Fast!

He just grabbed me with his Paws and then pulled me in him! First my Left Arm, then my Right one. As both were in him, the Vent started to close slowly. The Last thing that wasn't in the Costume, was my Head. But as i had no way out, i just gave in and laid my Head down into him and then I stretched my Head up into his Head.
Right after the Vent Closed, the Initial Transformation started.

The Goo like substance started to Completely envelope me into it. I felt that my Arms and Fingers were getting changed into Powerful Paws with little but Powerful Claws on them.
I heared my Bones cracking and i felt them Bending too, as the Goo substance forced them to do so! New Muscles were Created by the Time new Appendages were connected with my Body. On some parts, to Goo Transformed itself into Bones, so my Nerv system and the New Muscles had somewhere to hold on. It did that where my Spine was connecting with the Tail of my Costume.
But this Muscle Growing and Painful Bone Cracking wasn't the Worst thing! The Costume had to Change my Insides too, which was really Painful and also unpleasant, but it had to be Made.
so Yeah, the First "Entrance" to my Body, was my Mouth. It completely Changed my inside, so my Body could handle being a Night Fury, which means that Goo stuff had to completely reinforce my Bones.
My Brain needed to be Changed too, as the same goes to my Skull/Head. As i was in the Middle of the Process of Changing into an Night Fury, i heared a Voice talking to me in my Mind:" Hello Kevin, My Name is Latis and i'm your Personal Night Fury Suit!"

"Oh Hello Latis." I said to him.

About Five Minutes later, the Changes were about to be done. At first, i walked over to a Mirror, that was Partially broken, because once i threw my Wii Controller against it, because i couldn't make that one Quest in Monster Hunter Tri, which made me rage really Hard! I Looked at myself and was Overwhelmed with Joy and feelings that were completely new for me! I Smiled, and the Night Fury in the Mirror did the same.

"Oh My God! This already Awesome!"

Then i looked at my New Body. I grew a lot bigger, i was now about Two and a half times bigger than before as a Human. My Paws, Magnificent, my New Vision and Eyes, unbelievable. My new Tail, more than a Great Appendages and not to forget my New Pair of Wings who were really Big!

"Well, it looks like your done. Shall we go to our First Flight?" Latis asked me.

"Hell Yeah, i always wanted to know how flyng his. And not the Version where you fly out of your Class, because you did something stupid!"

Latis and i were walking outside into the Rain. We got into our Garden and there, Latis showed me How to use my Tail and Wings for Flying.

"Okay, i think your Ready to go." Latis said to me and i prepared for a takeoff. I pressed myself down on the Ground and at the same time i held my Wings up in the air so i could gain a Good amount of Momentum, and then...I took off!

I Felt free, i felt Good! Nobody could harm me in that Moment! I could go anywhere i want to! Latis also enjoyed flying with me.

"But you need to watch out for any Human down there, it wouldn't be the Best when they see us!" Latis warned me.

"I Know, i'll try my Best." I said that and Flew up through the Clouds into the Night's sky. The View i got, flying above the West Couast of the US was Breathtaking!

"Now i know how Hiccup must have felt as he and Astrid flew on Toothless back over Berk!"  

"Yeah, that's how they must have felt!" Latis said.

Me and Latis were Soaring above the Clouds for a Few hours until i slowly got tired.

"Hey Latis, i'm getting tir..*Yawwwwwnnnnnnnn* ed. We should head back."

"Okay, for your First flight it was already Pretty Good." Latis said and cheered me up.

"Thank you!" I said to him.

So we Headed back to my House. About 30 Minutes later, we arraived at my House, and to my surprise, nobody was there!

"uhh that's not Normal! Well, who cares!" I said and opened the backside door and went up to my Room. As i stood beside my Bed, i asked Latis:"Hey Latis, can i actually get out of you, so i can sleep by myself?"  

"Yes you can, let me do it right now..." He said as i started to feel that the Goo let me Go.

Again, all the Bones Cracking and Bending sounded horrible and unpleasent, but i thought i will get used to it.

Half an Hour later, i was again in my Human form, but something felt off! Normally i was Tall, but really weak, and had Pretty much no Muscles! But as i was standing infront of my, Partially broken, Mirror i saw that my Muscles grew Quiet a bit. I looked over to Latis, who was uninflated again and i asked him:"Hey Latis, has this suit any side effects?"

"Uhmm yes, it will make you stronger and make you smarter!"


"Yes, Smarter."

"But How?"

Then i heared his Voice again, but this Time in my Mind.

"I will be always with you Kevin, always!"

"Okay, but now i have to go to sleep, otherwise i will be a Zombie Tomorrow." I said as i laid down in my Bed and fell asleep Pretty fast.

The Next day, i was going straight into the Bathroom to see what happened over the Night, and i saw that my Eyes were changing from a Deep Black into a Emerald Green.

"Is this also a side Effect?"

"Yeah, it is."

"Well, i can life with that!" I said and Prepared for School again. My Parents were back, and sleeping on the Living Room Couch as always!

This School day was better than every school day before! I didn't came to late for my Bus and also in School. It was like...i dunno, everything had changed! Even the Girls aren't teasing me anymore, which was a Great relieve.


Over the Next Couple of Months, everything was getting better and better. A Few weeks after i got Latis, i even didn't slept in my Own Bed anymore, i rather enjoyed it more to be with Latis all the Time.

While we had Winter Holydays, Latis and i were going on a Major Vacation to Brazil and Enjoying the warmth and the Girls over there.

Even at school, my Marks got better and better, from "C" to "A", pretty much everywhere, and in Sports i was Best in Class.

My Parents stopped with Drinking alcohol and stopped smoking, as soon as they saw that i did better at School, which was kinda weird in my Opinion.


Now we are in the Presence, i am still Soaring above the Clouds with Latis every Night, having a Great time with him. He IS my Closest Friend i have had and will have.

Some Girls were asking me, if they could go out with me in the Night, but i always say:"Sorry, but i have more important Friendships to take care of!"

Who am i now?

Well, my Name is still Kevin, I'm 18 Years old, still Going to School and i have One of the Best and Greatest Friends you could Possible think of, my OWN DRAGON!


The End.

Thank you for reading and have a Great day. Comments are always Appreciated!
Well, here we go Again! This was Quick! This Story took me only about 4 hours to write.
Yesterday (Saturday) i watched Ratatouille again and got this Really Cool idea, and now you have it here to read it yourself.

Would be cool when you leave a Comment Below, Thanks! :)

The Name Latis was Invented by :iconnosi-the-dragon: in a Skype Chat session!  

(Grammar Fails are Special effects of my Keyboard)
I designed this Story to be a One-shot thing, so don't expect a Sequel, but when enough People want a Sequel, i will think about it!

Second Life 2!:…
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Perry is relaxing in the backgarden by laying down on the grass with the heat of the sun coming down on him with the faint cool summer breeze

"aahh perfect time to relax in the sun is summer"

Jeff walks into the backyard carrying a couple things of cold sodas and walks over to Perry.

"Hey Pez, here's your soda"

"thanks Jeff" Perry sits up and grabs one and takes a sip "aaah nice and cool"

"You're welcome Pez." grabs a chair and pulls it over next to him and sits down. "Man, it sure is hot today, isn't it."

"yep, perfect time to relax" drinks the rest of my soda and lays back down

about 5 minutes after

"ok, thats enough relax time" Perry stands up and looks at Jeff, Jeff gets up and stretches some

"Man, that was nice, but now to head inside and grab something to eat" Jeff said as he turns around facing the house ready to go in

"i have a better idea, lets take a little adventure in the forest" Perry smiles and points to the forest thats behind our house

"Okay, that sounds like a good idea." Jeff smiles as well and starts walking towards the forest

"hey wait for me, it was my idea" runs and catches up to Jeff as both Jeff and Perry soon enter the forest and carry on abit

"Man, it's been a while since we've been here." Jeff said feeling a bit nostalgic

"yeah no kidding" Perry smiles and pushes Jeff lightly with one hand
"tag, your it" Perry starts running deeper into the forest

"Hey, get back here" starts chasing after Perry laughing.

"you cant catch me" Perry says as he takes out his phone and plays Onigokko by Rei Kamakura for a bit of a extra spirit boost and then keeps running

"Oh brother, get back here Pez" laughs again as he start running faster

Perry's spirit soon feels lifted enough and starts to sing a favourite part of the song "ewmendison deindu, sudeki noitachido onigokko" and keeps running after putting headphones into the phone

"Oh man, he does that every time." Jeff soon stops running and stands there to catch my breath

Soon stops running and puts a hand on a branch for support as he tries to catch his breath aswell "phew, that was quite a run" chuckles to himself abit as he stands up fully and looks around "I think I lost Jeff" as Perry puts a hand on his chin thinking "how am i going to find him" and keeps thinking and leans on top of the branch from befor and it suddenly clickes down instead of snaps. Perry screamed a little as he lost his balance and fell as another click was herd and part of the earth moved revealing a passageway in the earth and falls into it and tumbles down and soon lands in a slightly dark earth room.

"ow, that wasnt fun"

Perry soon stands up and looks around as it appears there is like a small vent of some sorts that is letting light into the room on what appears to be part of a old ruin, Perry walks over onto the small part of the ruin and soon stops as gusts of wind blow around him from what appears to be a stone circle on the ground and the carvings glow bright blue

"ah whats happening?" soon there is a bright flash of light and perry closes his eyes

Perry soon re-opens his eyes but it appears he is in the same ruins but theres almost like a whole city version of ruins "n-no way" takes a step forward as the stone circle glows again and soon stops as something liquady soon starts coming up from the edges of the circle

"whats going on now?!" drops his phone as it rolls onto the floor outside of the circle

Soon the clear liquad soon goes up and curves over Perry as its like a Dome around him, then the bottem of it soonstarts to curve inward towards Perry as he is soon lifted abit into the Air

"no wait stop, put me down" the bottem of the dome soon curves more and now goes under perry as it the whole thing starts to get more duller colour and the light coming through was starting to dim

"hey, let me out" bangs against the liquad thing as its now as hard as a rock and the last of light is now gone "t-this cant be it" soon he starts to feel very sleepy as he tries to keep his eyes open but then closes them drifting odd the sleep, soon Perry curls into a ball as both him and the thing around him start to shrink and a strange goo is now appearing in the shell and all around Perry as the goo interacts around him as his form begins to break as

both him and the shell shrink. The shell soon stops shrinking as perry is in what appears as a egg and form is broken and gone and from the outside it looks like there is now a lone egg in the ruins

it has been a few years since perry disapeared as Jeff decided to search the forest again for a trace of him

Jeff walks out of the house and looks at the woods as a small tear falls from his face. "I'll give it one more chance of looking"

Jeff starts walking into the woods looking for any trace of Perry in hopes of at least finding a trace of him or his body. He starts looking in the same

place where he last saw him a few years ago and continues walking "I know that he went this way. Hopefully I'll get some clues as to where he went to."

Jeff keeps walking and soon stops by a tree and leans on a branch to rest. His feet was hurting from walking all day. He soon feels the branch start to bend some and hears a clicking sound. He quickly stands back up and looks at the branch. He hears another clicking noise and the ground below him opens up underneath him and he falls downward. He lands on the floor of a slightly dark earthy room with a small thud and groans lightly.

"Okay, that wasn't fun." stands up and rubs his head some as he looks around. Jeff soon focuses on a small light at from the hole up above and sees that he's standing in some old ruins. Jeff was surprised by this and starts looking around curiously and walks into a small part of the ruin and feels some gusts of wind and stops and starts to wonder where they came from and notices what seems to be a stone circle on the ground and the carvings start to glow a bright blue.

"What the heck's happening." and has to cover his eyes when a bright flash happens.

Jeff slowly re-opens his eyes as he sees that he's still in the same ruins but a little brighter. Jeff goes wide eyed as he sees what looks like a whole city version of ruins. He was awestruck by the sight and takes a step forward and the stone circle starts to glow again and he freezes right where he was. Jeff starts to feel pain go through his body as he looks at his hands and sees medium blue scales start to form on them.

"What the heck!" Jeff sees the scales go up his arms as his nails turn into claws, He yells in pain as his muscles expand. The scales get to his shoulders and spread down his sides and back as medium blue breastplates start to form on his chest and go down his stomach. He starts to feel a pressure in his back as two arm like appendages come out of his back and tear his shirt to shreds and it falls to the ground. A light blue membrane appears between the fingers and they grow longer. The scales soon go to his legs as his feet go digigrade and his nails turn into claws as well. He yells in pain as he feels his tailbone start to stretch out and he hears a distinct ripping sound as a tail appears behind him and his pants fall to the ground in shreds. The scales than start spreading up his neck as it lengthens some. His hair goes down his neck slightly as two white horns come out of the back of his head and a row of spikes go down his neck to the tip of his tail. His face soon starts to hurt painfully as his nose fuses with his upper jaw as his face pushes out into a muzzle. He soon feels new sharper teeth come in and his tongue flattens out. His eyes soon become slight and turns blue as they move to the sides some.

The transformation stops and Jeff stumbles some into another cirle and another bright light appears again, Jeff goes unconscious at this and falls down.

He wakes up a while later and opens his eyes to find himself on a grassy field. He soon sees a little creature with white scales as well as pink breast plates and feathered wings and from the looks of it, it was a girl and she was looking at him curiously.

"are you ok mister?" the creature said curiously at Jeff

"Yes, I'm okay. Who are you anyway." he asks and slowly gets up.

"im Kaifuku" giggles a little as she looks up at you "what are you doing out here at Wind plain?"

"I don't know. I just woke up and here I was." looks down at you as he stands up completely and soon realizes that Kaifuku a dragon and goes a bit wide eyed as he looks at himself and starts getting nervous.

"something wrong mister?" she asks looking at Jeff curiously

"Yeah, I-I'm a dragon." he says and starts getting really nervous as he looks behind himself to see wings and a tail.

"whats wrong with that?, im a dragon" she still looks up at Jeff still curious

Jeff falls backwards and sits down and just continues staring at himself and looks over at Kaifuku. Jeff starts to think and decides not to tell her that he was really a human. Kaifuku looked so innocent and looked like she was only a few years old. He sighs some and decides to tell her somthing else.

"Nothing Kaifuku, I was just having a bad dream is all." he said

Kaifuku soon giggles at Jeff "your funny mister, will you come to my house, im sure mommy wouldnt mind, my house is over there" points to a town in the distance

"Okay Kaifuku." Jeff says and gets up slowly.

Jeff takes a couple of steps and sees that he can walk easy on the balls of his feet and guesses that his tail helps him keep him balanced. He looks at himself and goes a bit wide eyed again as he sees that he doesn't have any clothes on. He looks over at Kaifuku and notices that she doesn't as well and shrugs some.

"I guess that since we're dragons, the scales hide everything." he thought to himself.

"lets go mister" Kaifuku said cheering and turning around as she starts walking towards the town smiling

"Okay, wait up Kaifuku." he said and started following her towards the town.
This is a Multi-chapter Collab with :icongodzilla99:

this is the prologue of the story

Perry is me
Kaifuku is one of my newest Characters i plan to make a Bio for her ^^

Jeff is :icongodzilla99:

enjoy ^^
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Daenerys and Drogon - A Song of Ice and Fire

My piece for the Game of Thrones tribute art book! I’m so happy to finally be able to show this! It took a lot of agonizing hours (and many more layers) but I’m really proud of the result.

Our Kickstarter is LIVE! The art book is seriously amazing, I’m so honored to be a part of it. If you love Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire, and want a book with over 100 pieces of professional-level illustrations dedicated to it, this is for you! Please check it out and tell your friends!…

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Just Finished this, GOD I love how it turned out :love:

Like seriously whens the last time I’ve drawn these two together, (Like Never XD)

Shame on me :faint:
Sorona, and Siiren were my first mated pair of characters
Funny Siiren seems like a cliche design for a mate
but in all honesty I can’t imagine Sorona with anyone else :heart:
By the end of this year Sorona, and Siiren have been together for 12 years since their creation 14 years ago :love:
(well Siiren is 12, Sorona is 14 creation wise:))

ArtWork, Siiren, and Sorona© Me/:iconsoronadragon:
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Model by =CathleenTarawhiti
Background by ~Betelgeza
Lo demás - pintado y mis propios recursos

more from my Gallery !!!

My Free Copyright and Safe Creative
All materials in my gallery may not be reproduced, copied, tubed, uploaded, edited, published or transmited without my prior written permission. Copyright(C)2013ElenaDudina
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She started her life in one cold winter night, when the northern sky was full of snow and magic..

Stone: agate, size 3.7x2.5 cm, it's miniature painting on stone.

Painted by tempera paints. The painting is covered by a special lacquer for damage protection.

Art © me :iconalviaalcedo:
Commission necklace for ~GreyCatFelis

All my stone painting necklaces are unique one-of-a-kind jewelery, I will not make the same drawing again, only something in similar style.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Want an unique one of a kind fantasy necklace?

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Imperial Flame Dragons:

Imperial Flame Dragons, or Imperial Flames for short, are a very rare and regal race of dragons with a long history of royalty. As their name implies they all have a keen affinity for fire and have a stronger connection to it than most other dragons but not quite as much as a Fire Born. Due to the Imperial Flame's naturally high muscle density and strength they make for excellent soldiers, fighters, and mercenaries. A few well known traits about Imperial Flames are that they are very proud, stubborn, and have a short temper but these aren't the only ones, they are also known to be quite friendly, loyal, and noble. So to befriend one means that you will have made a lifelong friend that will always be there to protect and comfort you. Another key thing to know about is that there are two very important clans that have fought with each other for hundreds of thousands of years, the Flame-Hearts and Red-Fangs.

Most Imperial Flames are the colors of fire, or in rare cases the sun or lava. All Imperial Flames have fur going from their head down to their tail, and on their joints or face ranging from short to long, silky smooth to spikey and matted.

All Imperial Flames can trace their roots all the way back to the first Imperial Flame Dragon, the great Scortiaz Flame-Heart back to when dragons ruled Meuna many ages ago.

Imperial Flame Dragon's mating rituals are a bit brutal, not to the female but to the male's competition for her. What will happen is that the female will wait upon a spot of her choosing and will watch as potential mates approach, and then they will then begin fighting as an act of dominance to prove which is a suitable mate for the female. The strongest and healthiest dragon is usually the victor and wins over the female by offering her tokens of his affection; the losers end up with new wounds and scars, or even end up dead. When in mating season the Imperial Flames get bright markings and release pheromones to attract and draw the attention of any available females in the area. The mating season for the Imperial Flames starts at the beginning of the Summer Solstice and lasts until the Autumnal Equinox, during this time the males become very aggressive and are overwhelmed with the urges to mate and assert their dominance because of the high levels of hormones that would be produced during this time. At the end of the mating season the new mates would settle down together and spend the rest of their lives with each other but when mating season starts again the male will go out to find another mate to bring back to stay with him and the other females, because in a male's eyes the bigger the family means a better and happier life. With females after mating they usually lay clutches of five to ten eggs, Imperial Flames are quite fertile.

Once upon a time Imperial Flame Dragons were in such high numbers they were stretched all over Meuna ruling many kingdoms and empires. However after the lengthy war with the humans and with all the dragon slayers running about they have been nearly whiped out and are nearing extinction.

Culture and Society:
The cities of Imperial Flame Dragons are generally very large and built near strong sources of heat like lava springs, or within a volcano. Their main sources of obtaining currency is by mining and exporting Obsidian, Arcaneum, Fire Crystals, Dark Steel, and their high quality armor and weaponry. Their weapons and armor are traditionally made from Arcaneum and Dark Steel but for royalty or ancient armor is made from Obsidian. Per tradition all art, ceremonial armor, ceremonial weapons, and the majority of architecture is made from Obsidian and lava and magically enchanted to be nearly unbreakable. Their society is primarily governed by a king and several advisors but whenever someone wishes for their king to step down they must challenge them to a one-on-one battle called Ixen Vargach, the winner is then crowned king and the loser either dies or gets off lucky with some new scars.

Dragon Folk:
Contrary to popular belief many of the remaining Imperial Flame Dragons are actually Dragon Folk, now a days it is very rare to see a Feral Imperial Flame Dragon.

Like all dragons Imperial Flames worship all the draconic gods and goddesses but they favor and are in the favor of Latherax, the god of destruction, war, and fire.
Imperial Flame Dragons are a closed species that belong to me and my mate :icondarkdragon7761:
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Collection by
For once in my life I actually looked forward to school. It was the morning after my first transformation lesson and I wanted nothing more than to get back to school to see what was next. I spent most of yesterday sat in my room, trying to manipulate my wonderful new tail. It was hard at first, it seemed to have a mind of its own as it swayed back and forth lazily, and then quite rapidly if I tried really hard. But by the time it was dark outside I had it mastered it and found I could curl it, uncurl it, wag it and even thump the ground with it.

It started to feel like the tail had been a part of me forever.

Looking out of the window at the morning haze, and then down at my alarm clock which read '6:00', I smiled at how normally I would be shattered at this time, but I guess it was the excitement of the next class which kept me awake in these early hours. I brushed the sheets off of me and stared down at my grey and black tail, spread out between my legs and feeling completely wonderful. As I got out of my bed and strode towards my wardrobe, a thought struck me. I'm going to have to cut a hole in my pants aren't I? Do I really want to destroy my clothing?

Creeping back up the stairs seconds later with a pair of scissors primed, I got the pants ready that I was going to ware today and started to massacre the rear. Before I knew it I had material in tatters all over my bedroom, but a neat little tail-hole in my pants. I took off my underwear with an audible 'THWUMP' from my tail, and began to cut a hole in the seat of them also. Moments later I was dressed in black pants with my grey tail wagging gently from behind, now all that was left was getting my shirt on and then taking off.
                                        *   *   *

Arriving at school I was in a more miserable state than I expected. Apparently shaggy tails don't appreciate the rain and it was just my luck to get bucket fulls dropped on me. Getting into the building not a second before the bell, I found a corner and grasped my tail with both hands, wringing it out by twisting the fur. My tail was still dripping but it dried at least a little. After finishing, I headed off to my first lesson, Transformation Studies.

"Now that you are all settled" Mr Geli said, slightly agitated with the class's idle chatter. "I take it you all enjoy your new appendages as none of you have opted out of the class, so without further delay, let's begin" Mr Geli was quick to draw out a pile of notebooks, with a loud groan from me and the class, "Hey I told you guys we would have to record our feelings, besides, soon enough you will all have paws or various other hand changes so it is only for a while" He spread them out to each individual. It was a neat notebook, brown leather encasing the front and back with slightly off white paper contained within. I also noticed they had our names on already and mine had the print of a little wolf paw in the corner of every page. At this I smiled, loving the attention to detail.

"Now, as you can see, each notebook has three main sections, much like a book. And like a book we will provide a good beginning, middle and end to our studies so make sure you pay attention to everything the transformation makes you feel, this means include every feature of your new body and how this makes you feel. You students are the key to instigating such biological research and advancements so make sure you're accurate" I figured this would be fairly easy for most of use, coming from the higher end of the school. I for one was good at English and I already had a host of feelings to write down.

"I am glad to inform you today, however, that you will not need them. Please put them away in your bags and record as much as you can at home" I quickly stuffed the notebook into my bag and then focused my attention back on Mr Geli, "Ok, today I will explain to you what will happen over the course of this term. You have all experienced the change of your tails but this is only the first step. I don't want to get into the science behind the workings of these devices and how it is changing you because this class isn't about that, instead let me just tell you that these tails you have now will recede"

Mr Geli paused and waited for the response he would surely get and I was quick to cry out; I didn't want to lose my tail!

"Sir, what do you mean? Isn't the whole point of this to have the tails?"

"Do not fear, they will return, but at another stage in your transformation. The devices you had yesterday where a sort of experiment to see how well they worked and I can say they did perfectly. Since then, the scientists behind this technology have altered it slightly" Mr Geli paused and drew out a number of cases from his bag, "Warrick, would you pass these out to everyone please" The kid called Warrick got up, his small fox tail bouncing as he darted between the aisles. As he approached my seat, I noticed his tail was a little less lackluster than yesterday. In fact, it seemed to be diminishing, the fur was fading and the length had been reduced considerably. I managed to tear my attention away from Warrick and began to study the device. It was unlike anything I had ever seen as I opened the small black box. It was about half the size of a steering wheel and also somewhat resembled it. Its body was metallic and a faded brown colour, it had an oval display in the middle which was, as of yet, pitch black. I also noticed two things on either side of the device. On the left was what looked like a finger scanner, made out of pristine glass, which hummed with a blue hue surrounding it. On the right was what looked like the indentation for a wolf paw and this was also in glass, but with a red hue. I guessed these were tailor made as the notebooks where, and as I looked at the engraving of my name on the surface of the box I was sure.

"Ok, let me explain what these devices do. We took your small sample of blood from yesterday and registered what animal you would become and in what stages this would occur. We also spawned a change in your genetic structure to allow your tail to form, but this was a meek set up and was allowed to be broken down by your immune system, as I can see is happening now" He indicated to the class in general and we all looked at our tails, my own was much less furry and I could see most of the fluff surrounding my chair. As well as this, it was becoming shorter and I found I couldn't control it at all.

"As I said, don't worry, they will return. Now, here's how it will work. You have three terms in school, am I right?" We all murmured a yes and he continued, "yes, so your transformation into your full animal counterpart will take place over the first two terms. Each lesson we will not so much focus on the writing aspect, which is for you to do at home, instead we will focus on the change. So each lesson you will insert your index finger into the scanner on the left, this will start your process and transform your body slowly. However, the transformation proved to last too long in testing, your body will transform it's just well, it would take about a year" We all looked at each other in dismay, "But don't worry, we have modified it so that you can kick start a part of your transformation at any time by inserting your finger again into the scanner. This will change a part of your genetic code strongly and is therefore irreversible when you start. I should probably mention that the part of you that transforms will be completely random, each person is different so it will decide in what order it is best for you to transform. Think of it as a…surprise!" He smiled as we all looked at each other, anticipation clear on our faces.  

"Now, there is one last thing I should mention. Each class we will study a certain species, I see we have 30 people here and most of you have different species, obviously with some similarities like you Kaiden," he pointed to me, "and you Miku, a Wolf and a Husky are not that different"

I was surprised as I looked across to Miku; I had to admit that I liked her and the fact that she was going to become a Husky and I a Wolf was weird and I went extremely red in the face.

"So each lesson we will look into a certain species, be it Canine," again he motioned to me and Miku, who smiled awkwardly as I sneaked another look. I sunk back into my seat and didn't look again, even though it was killing me, "or Porcine or Amphibian, in these lessons we will have to ask that student to stand up and we can have an overview from you, what do you feel? How are these changes progressing?" At this I was very scared, I hated standing in front of a class at the best of times, but when I have to do on such a topic…

"But alas, that is enough for me. I know you are all dying to begin so follow my instructions closely on how to set up the device…" He trailed off into an explanation and I was sent into auto pilot, I was listening but my mind was on something else, namely Miku. I looked over to her as she was talking to her friends, she was perfect. I sighed as I knew she would never date the likes of me, but perhaps this transformations studies class will help.

"…OK so simply press the button on the top of the device to start it and then enter your details, pretty straight forward" I did as he said and found the screen light up with an intense blue hue, the same as the one on the left. As the display came up I figured out it was touch pad, as there was a keyboard on the screen. It already had my name, Kaiden Growly, and my age and species. I had to enter my address and such which I did quickly before the display changed. The background was a light blue with a 3D model of me on the right of the screen, displaying a bone structure and everything. I wondered how they had done this but I couldn't begin to comprehend the science behind it.

On the left were my details and a small biography on the wolf, 'The Wolf is a symbolic creature of the canine world and indeed the animal kingdom…' I didn't bother to read anymore as I was too excited to transform. Also on the screen was a progress bar, which I thought was pretty cool. It was a large bar at the top of the screen which was currently on zero, but that would change.

I looked around at other people, all still figuring out how to use the device. I was happy I would be the first one and quickly inserted my finger into the glass slot. It felt cold and the screen changed to a layout of my finger. I couldn't quite make out the greyish-silver thing that was moving slowly towards my hand…

"Ouch!" I gasped as I realized too late that it was a small needle. My discomfort soon washed away as I saw what looked like, and felt like, a bolt of electricity go up from my finger and continue up to my head. The screen zoomed out and I saw whatever it was approach my neck. I began to panic, was this supposed to happen? I screwed my eyes shut as I anticipated some kind of pain to pass through my head, but after having them closed for about a minute I opened them to see the screen back to normal, with the skeletal structure of my body on the right and the bio on the left.

I was about to protest to Mr Geli but I started to feel an itch around my ears. I reached a tentative hand up to investigate and in doing so found that my ears where tingling slightly at my touch. I then felt another sensation, it felt like someone was grabbing hold of both of my ears and yanking them upwards. They slowly stretched until they had definitive points on them which stood firm out of the side of my head. I felt them gain more depth and small fur began to grow from inside. This fur was rough at first, but soon grew bushier and began to feel like proper fur. I stroked the velvety coating and found this to be quite pleasant, but these pleasantries gave way to slight discomfort as they continued to stretch, now nearing my temples at a fast rate. Soon enough they were on top of my head, my hair merging with the fur at the base of these now fluffy and large appendages. They continued to stretch and I was enjoying the feeling, until quite suddenly pain erupted in them. It felt like the top of my head was on fire and I cried out, disrupting the class slightly. I cringed as I touched my ears and found I could feel my touch; it was a mixture of pain and pleasure. Finally they finished forming and I felt almost normal again, except I could feel them now, two giant wolf ears on top of my head.

"Ah Kaiden, getting a bit a-head of ourselves?" The class laughed and I couldn't help but snigger at his lame pun. I pulled my neck up from my position of cringing pain against my desk and was surprised at how well I could now hear. I was always good at hearing, but it felt like something else. Each voice, a whisper and even a heartbeat begged for attention as my ears pivoted wildly.

"You will need to control those ears Kaiden, it will ache after a while if you have them trying to catch sound from everywhere, and you need to learn to prioritize sounds as we know wolves do. They hear a great deal of things from many miles away so you have to attune your ears to hear things that you need to hear and not trivial things"

"But it's hard, how can I not hear certain things?" I was cringing slightly from the intensity of the sounds, but tried to focus on relaxing.

"Alas, that is something you must figure out which is the whole point of the experiment, how does it feel to be an animal? I can tell you will have a lot to talk about when it comes time for the Canine lesson" He smiled as I rolled my eyes and took his place back at the front of the class, "That is it for today, make sure that when you get home you instigate your transformation, we want to press on and get to our full animal state as soon as possible, and remember to document it" At this the bell went and it made me flinch slightly, "You will have a great deal to document Kaiden!" He laughed and I got up from my desk, gathering my stuff and leaving. I couldn't help but feel my new ears as we left and my face cracked into a smile, this year was going to be interesting indeed.
Aha! Finally the next chapter. Don't know why it took so long, guess I was just figuring out how the story was going to pan out. I really want some feedback on this so please feel free to comment on what kind of style you want to see in the next chapters, I plan to do a few. Should I make the TF as detailed as possible? Should I focus more on the back story or should I just focus on the full animal state and such?

Apart from that I hope you enjoy it ;)

Part 1: [link]
Part 3:
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THE PET SHOP…by Kira (scarmask99)

"CAIT! Come on! Let's go!" Kira cried up the stairs.
Cait ran down the stairs so fast that she almost tripped. "Sorry! I just needed to get my purse!"
Kira opened the door to the apartment. "Make sure that you lock the door on the way out!"
"Don't worry! I will!"
The girls walked down the sidewalk to the new mall that had been opened last week.
"Where should we go first?" Kira asked excitedly. Cait just shrugged.
As they entered through the rotating front doors, their jaws dropped. The ceiling of the mall was at least fifty feet up. There were three upper floors, plus the lower and ground floors.
Stores lined all the halls, and every two hundred feet, there was a beautiful fountain, shooting water ten feet over their heads.
Kira searched through her purse. "Uh-oh! I forgot my money!" She turned to Cait. "Cait, there's an ATM right over there, I'll be right back!"
As Kira ran off, Cait looked around. She thought about whether she should go to the "Hot Topic" first, or the "Fire and Ice Accessories."
She remembered how Kira didn't really like "Hot Topic", so she decided to save the "Fire and Ice" for later.
Kira came back, looking into her purse. "Ok, I got three hundred dollars, so where do you wanna go first?" She looked up. "Cait?"
Meanwhile, Cait was exploring the largest Hot Topic that she had ever been in. She already had three pairs of trip pants in hand, plus a Dragonforce (her favorite band) shirt. She pulled out her phone as she received a text message. It was from Kira.
-'where r u?'-
She texted back to Kira where the Hot Topic was, and that she was going to be a while.
Kira sighed, and answered.
-'well I'll just be looking around'-
And so, Kira began to explore the first floor. There were stores that she had never even heard of, and stores that she didn't even think existed anymore. But, there was so much more to see. So when she saw a directory, Kira skimmed over the different stores. There was one store that caught her attention, "The Wolf Pack". She really liked wolves, and decided that she might add another plushy to her collection at home.
When she reached the store, Kira discovered that it was not what she had thought it to be.
On the outside, there was a large wooden door. The windows were all tinted, so she couldn't see inside.
When she entered, hundreds of barks erupted from the large cages that lined the walls. Kira had to cover her ears, and she realized that there was no wolf accessories in this store. There was actual wolves!
She soon found that the barks died down fairly quickly. As she looked around at the rest of the store, a hand on her shoulder made her jump. She whirled around to see a smiling man standing in front of her.
"Hello," the man said. "Welcome to The Wolf Pack!" He beamed.
Kira slid the strap of her purse up higher on her shoulder. "Hi! Sorry, I thought that this was a wolf accessories store." She turned to leave, but the man stopped her.
"Now, wait a minute! Don't you want to hear all about this store?" he looked sad.
Kira sighed. "Well…alright."
The man led her to a chair. "Here! Sit down, take a load off!" the smile had returned to his face.
Kira sat down and crossed her legs, placing her hands in her lap. "So, what is the point of this store?" she smiled.
The man held up a finger. "Ah! Well, I really love wolves, and I know that others really like them too. So, I thought, 'Who doesn't want a wolf of their own?' And, The Wolf Pack was born!"
Kira looked confused. "So, all of these wolves are…"
"Yes, they're all domesticated." The man finished. He stood up and walked over to the cages, pulling a strip of dried meat out of a pouch at his waist. He stuck it in the cage, and a happy wolf snatched it.
Kira looked around at all of the wolves. There were all kinds of them. There were Arctic wolves, Red wolves, Timber wolves, and of course, Gray wolves.
She stood up and walked around. There was a door in the back that made her curious.
She turned to the man. "What's in there?"
The man smiled even brighter. "That's where I keep all of the pups!"
Kira's eyes lit up. "Can I please see them?!"
The man laughed. "Well, of course you can!"
He pulled a key from his pocket, and unlocked the door. As soon as it opened, at least twenty pups came running, tripping over their own feet, and yapping like crazy. The man pulled a handful of dried meat from the pouch and tossed them into the crowd of pups one by one.
While the pups were all pushing their way through eachother, Kira noticed one little Gray puppy that was trying to eat one piece, when a fairly plump Gray pup came and jerked it out of his mouth.
Kira turned to the man. "Can I pick one of them up?"
"Sure! Go ahead!" he chuckled.
Kira reached down and picked up the one pup who had just lost its food, and was trying to take it back from the fat one.
The pup yipped as Kira grabbed it gently. He looked up at Kira, who smiled down at him. The pup yapped excitedly and wagged its tail quickly.
The man smiled. "I think he likes you!"
The little wolf supported itself with its forepaws, and stared into Kira's eyes. It barked again, and started panting.
The man walked over and opened the door. "Would you like some time alone with that one?" he asked, "You know, so you two can become acquainted?"
Kira nodded. She brought the pup close so that his forepaws and head hung over her shoulder. The pup licked her ear happily, making Kira laugh.
Outside in the main room, there were several pens. The man opened the door to one, and led Kira in. She sat on the floor, and put the pup down. He immediately jumped back onto her, knocking her on her back. The pup sat down on her chest, and stared happily down at her, his tail thumping furiously.
Kira giggled, and lifted the pup off of her, so that she could sit up.
Suddenly, the little gray pup ran over and stuck his head into her purse. He sniffed around curiously.
"AH! No! Bad pup! Not for you!" Kira cried, pulling him out.
The pup had found some of Kira's candy, and it had a long stick of licorice in its mouth. It chewed it happily, before Kira pulled it away. "That's not for you! You can't eat that!" she scolded.
The puppy gave her such a look that poor Kira almost wanted to cry. It looked so sad!
She made sure that the man wasn't looking, and held the candy out again.
The pup happily licked at the licorice, before grabbing it with its teeth and pulling it from Kira's hand.
Kira took it back. "Hold on! That's too big for you!" she whispered.
That look returned to the pup's face, and Kira broke off a small piece. "There! You need little pieces, not the whole thing."
Kira was in there a while before the man returned. "How is everything?" he asked. "I hope that little guy isn't causing any trouble!"
Kira quickly hid the licorice. "Nope! Everything's fine! Can I stay with him for a little longer?"
The man smiled. "Alright. But only since it looks like you two are meant for eachother." He walked away.
Kira wiped her forehead. "Whew! That was close, wasn't it?"
The pup barked. Then, it ran back to Kira's purse, and sniffed around again. He came out with her makeup compact. He shook it around and threw it across the pen.
"GAH! Hey! Put that down!" Kira cried, trying to take it back. However, the pup wouldn't let go.
Instead, it shook the compact around more, trying to rip it from Kira's hands.
Kira tugged as hard as she could, and the pup suddenly let go. Kira flew backwards, bumping her head on the wall of the pen. She dropped the compact and held her head, trying not to scream.
The pup on the other hand, thought that this was absolutely hilarious.
Kira glared at it. "No! That's not nice! That hurt me!"
The pup's smile faded. It growled playfully at Kira. Kira took her hands from her head, not realizing that the pup was only playing. The pup backed her up against the wall, and wagged its tail. Still growling, it playfully swatted at Kira's arm. Kira screamed, and cowered in the corner. The little wolf snapped at her ankle.
"HELP!" Kira screamed. "HELP ME! PLEASE HELP ME!"
However, the man couldn't hear her through the door.
The pup nipped her ankle, not trying to hurt her. Kira didn't know this though. She screamed and shook the pup from her ankle. Then, she stood up and ran to the door, trying to get out. She pulled the handle, but the door was locked. She banged on the door, screaming for help.
Meanwhile, the pup was swatting at her foot.
Outside, the man listened and heard the banging on the door. He smiled. "Time to come out already?"
He unlocked the door and Kira ran out, sobbing. The pup was still trying to play with her, and it barked at her feet, asking why she wasn't playing anymore.
The man looked confused. "Hey! What's the matter?" he asked.
"That dog is trying to hurt me!" she sniffled, wiping the tears from her eyes.
The man chuckled. "Awww…he just wants to play!"
The pup panted happily at Kira's feet. Kira however, picked up her purse, and started to walk towards the door. "I'm sorry. I need to go now." She was just about to open the door to leave, when the man grabbed her arm, holding her firmly. "Now, hold on! I need you to buy this pup! He really likes you, and he is not friends with any of the other pups!"
Kira tried to pull away. "No! Let me go!"
The man held tight. "If you won't buy it, then you will have to stay here with him!" he reached over and locked the door.
Kira was becoming scared. This man was psychotic! She tried to pull away again, but the man still had too strong of a grip on her arm. She began to scream for help.
"You can't call for help. The door is soundproof," said the man, "Now, are you going to buy the pup, or are you going to stay here forever?"
Kira's eyes filled with tears. "Please! Just let me go! I don't want to buy him!"
The man stared down at the little pup, who whined and started to shrink away. He turned back to Kira. "Look at what you did to him! He's sad now!"
Kira became angry. "Let me go, you freak! I can't buy him! I won't be able to take care of him!"
The man tightened his grip and started to drag Kira to one of the cages on the wall. Kira tried to resist, but the man was too strong for her. He opened an empty cage, and threw her inside. Then, he slammed the door shut.
Kira shook the bars of the cage, but it was locked. She screamed and broke into tears. What was this man going to do with her?
Frantically, she looked for something to help her get out. She saw her purse on the floor outside the cage. She reached out through the bars of the cage as far as she could, but the purse was still just outside of her reach.
There was nothing in her skirt pockets, and she was in a completely empty cage.
Suddenly, the man returned. In his hand was a syringe with some clear fluid inside. Kira tried to move as far back as she could, but the cage wasn't that big, so she didn't have too much room to move around.
Now, the pup that had been playing with her was sitting in front of the cage door, and it stared in at her, panting happily. Kira stared back helplessly.
The little puppy let out a yip as he was suddenly kicked aside. The man bent down and flung the cage door open, and before Kira could react, he plunged the syringe into her right arm. She cried out in pain, and the man backed out and shut the cage door again. He reached over and set the pup back in front of the cage.
The pup looked happy to see Kira, but soon Kira became dizzy. She grabbed her stomach and fell over onto her side. She began to cough and gag, and felt strange all over. Kira screamed out in horror as she saw herself beginning to shrink.
She grew smaller and smaller, and soon she was about the size of a five year old. Her clothes were so baggy now that they just slipped right off of her body and fell in a heap on the floor.
The man and the pup stared at her, the man smiling, and the pup looking confused. On the floor next to him, Kira's phone vibrated from inside her purse. He took it out and looked at it. It was a text from Cait.  -'hey where r u at?'-
The man flipped open the phone and answered.
-'im at the wolf pack on the third floor'-
By now, Kira was starting to grow gray fur on her bare thighs. It spread up to her waist and down to her feet. Her knees reshaped so that they were in a permanent inverted angle, like the hind legs of the pup that was eagerly watching her from outside the cage. Her feet shrank even more so that they were no more than paws.
She screamed as it dawned on her what was happening. She was turning into a wolf pup!
"Please!! Stop this!! I don't want to be a wolf!! I DON'T WANT TO BE AN ANIMAL!!" she cried out to the man.
The man just stared at her.
The fur had now passed her waist, and Kira's pelvis began to change shape, forcing her into a digitigrade stance. Now that she was on all fours, Kira watched as the fur spread even faster. It was up to her chest when she felt her spine lengthen into a small tail.
The fur continued down her arms, and her hands shifted into paws like her feet.
"PLEASE! SOMEONE HELP ME! I DON'T WANT TO BE AN ANIM-ARK!! Ark! Ark!" Kira's final cry for help was cut short as her voice became helpless yaps and barks. Her face pushed out into a muzzle, and her ears grew larger, and became pointed as they moved to the top of her head.
She barked frantically, trying to regain her human voice, but to no avail.
It was then that a wave of nostalgia washed over the pup, and all of her human mentality was erased, replaced with the simple, bubbly mind of a two year old wolf pup.
The man smiled and picked up the frightened pup, who whined in confusion and fear. He carried her off to the room labeled 'pups'.
Cait walked through the third floor, looking for that store that Kira had said she was at. She didn't remember what she had called it, so she took out her phone and texted her.
-'hey. what was that store called?'-
Soon came her answer.
-'the wolf pack'-
She put away her phone and looked up at the signs above the stores.
Finally, she found the one that was named "The Wolf Pack".
it was rather hard for her to open the heavy door, and she almost fell over when she was greeted with hundreds of barks at the same time.
She looked around, when a hand on her shoulder made her jump. She whirled around, and saw a man standing in front of her. He wore a smile on his face that was almost a little creepy. She looked around the room. "Uh…hi. Have you seen a girl hear recently?" she asked.
The man smiled even brighter. "Ah! Yes, was she wearing a skirt, and carrying a pink purse?"
"Yeah! That's her! So you've seen her?"
He chuckled. "Yes. I have. Unfortunately, you just missed her. She said that she was not going to wait for you to get here, so she left."
Cait turned to leave. However, the man stopped her. "AH! Wait! Don't you want to look around?"
Cait thanked the man, but said that she wasn't going to buy anything.
The man smiled again. "But don't you at least want to play with the pups?"
The girl thought about how much she liked wolves, and how cute the pups were. She shrugged and agreed with the man. "Alright. I'll look around."
The man opened the door in the back, labeled 'pups'. Immediately, at least twenty pups came running, clumsily tripping over their own paws and shoving their way through eachother.
The man took a handful of dried meat from the pouch at his waist, and tossed it into the crowd of pups.
They all went nuts and tried to get into the center so that they could get their food.
Cait noticed two pups. They were both Gray wolves. One was a male, and the other was a female. The girl was about two years old, and the boy about two and a half.
The pups were fighting over a piece of meat, and the girl seemed to be losing.
The boy gave a big yank, and pulled the meat from the girl's mouth. Then, he ran off with his food.
Cait felt sorry for the female pup, and picked her up. She stared at it, and the pup stared back. She smiled, and the pup barked. She hugged it, and the pup licked her face.
Turning to the man, she asked, "What's her name?"
The man smiled warmly. "Her name is Kira."

The End…

Eventually, Cait realized what had happened. She had found Kira's purse and seen her clothes in the cage. And when she tried to escape, the man had taken her and thrown her in the same cage as Kira. However, Cait was able to escape, by using the paperclip in her purse to pick the lock before the man had returned with the syringe full of the clear fluid. She had grabbed Kira and ran out of the store, and  out of the mall.
She went straight home and sat on the couch, staring helplessly at the little pup that had been her best friend. She watched the pup play with the sock on the ground. Chewing on it, and batting it around. Kira would look up at her every once in a while, and Cait would smile down at her. Then, she would continue to play with the sock.
Cait wondered about her friend, that if somewhere deep inside, Kira was still there. She wondered if her friend was gone forever, or if she was inside of that pup, fighting to come out.
It was a long time before Cait finally decided that her friend was not going to return to her human form. She still loves her friend though. She plays with her, and always takes her out for walks. But even now, she still hopes that Kira is still inside of that little pup. And that she is trying to fight her way out. She hopes that someday, she will come home from work, to see her friend sitting in the middle of the floor. She hopes that someday, Kira will be back to normal, and they could live their happy lives again.
i hope you like this short story i wrote. It involves me turning into a wolf pup, as i almost always do in stories. The ending is rather sad, though fairly poetic. please enjoy, and comment.
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