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For this contest ~> :iconphantasmagoria2012:

- - - - - - -

I actually finished this last week but I forgot to upload //hit

It's a crossover of Cirno and the song "Lots of Laugh" by Miku :iconlazycryplz:

This is by far the biggest drawing I made and the most detailed yet. my comp lagged a lot sob

It was fun to do but. . .

Cirno doesn't look like Cirno at all :iconpapcryplz:
And it was too late for me to realize the her wings are too small :iconcryforeverplz: plus her hands...
It's my first time to color like this sob I hope it doesn't burn your eyes :iconmanweepplz:
My painting skills still needs work weep
I feel like dying sob
It was tough to find time to draw this .
I'm glad I did it sob...

I honestly have an urge to redo this but no more time otl sob
- - - - - -

Cirno [c] ZUN
Art [c] Me ; v ;
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Art Trade for ~> :iconfranciumme:
- - - - - - -

It took so long sorry :iconpapcryplz:

I haven't drawn anything for a week.
It was kinda hard for me to get used to holding a stylus again just noticed it's heavy. . .
Sorry that the head is too big...sorryyyyy :iconlazepoolplz:
And I tried the painting coloring style again, for some reason I'm getting a hang of it :iconheplz: it's actually my second time to do it


I really love this character <33
Soooo adorbssss > w <
I'm so sorry I butchered her sob
She's even starting to look a bit like IA. . .
it's my faulttttt :iconcryforeverplz:

- - - - -

Aerimme [c] :iconfranciumme
Textures [c] Pixiv
Art [c] Me
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Commishie ~> :iconjustice-breaker:

- - - - - - -

One more commish to gooooooo~ I'm so happy sob I'm almost freee haha //slap :iconmingplz:

The more I look at her the more she starts to look like Mary from Ib :iconpapcryplz:
What's wrong with me. . .maybe it's stress sob

I hope the background isn't too bright :iconcryforeverplz:
eyes don't burn please no no sob


- - - - - - - -

Alice [c] :iconjustice-breaker:
Textures [c] Pixiv
Art [c] Me :iconheplz:
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Art trade ~> :iconsparklezplz: :iconselimsey: :iconsparklezplz:

- - - - - - -

They were very fun to draw, but hard :icontearyguyplz:
I'm really still not used to drawing men. . :iconlazycryplz:.ittookmemorethananhourforthesketch//bricked
And drawing someone in side view is hard too :iconpapcryplz:
I'm so glad that I kinda pulled it off :iconallmytearplz:
I hope I did not overdid the textures though :icontearplz:
Anyway mixing random backgrounds was funnn :iconkawaiipandaplz:

//backtodrawing :iconpandarunplz:

- - - - - - - -

Sai and Kishin [c] :iconselimsey:
Backgrounds and testures [c] Pixiv
Art [c] Mehhh ; w ; /
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Advance Happy Valentines day sob

I was in the middle of doing an art trade but I couldn't resist doing a detour.
A detour of trying to draw men (*´・v・) //hit

I'm such a procrastinator (〃 ̄ω ̄〃ゞ

Anyway I drew lots of guys but this was the manliest of them all ( ̄ー ̄)
And yet he looks more like a tomboy than a guy (; ̄д ̄). . .
I tried my hardest to draw someone hot but. . .
So sorry. . .your eyes must be bleeding ・(/Д`)・ I apologize. Really.
And please ignore the horrifying hands I drew (。┰ω┰。) I apologize for that too. . .

This was supposed to be just a sketchy but I couldn't help coloring it. . .so I posted it (︶ω︶)
The lines are messy too. . .

I actually named him Tixe (actually reversed word "Exit" //bricked). "Ti" as in "tire" not "ti" as in "ticks" lol
I'm not really sure how to pronounce it to be honest (*ノ▽ノ)
Oh and he loves to eat that's all (゜▽゜; )

- - - -

Art [ c ] Me <3
Tixe [ c ] Me <3
The coat [ c ] Tumblr (lost the link sorry)

- - - -

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EDIT: So sorry if you saw this twice or more sob. Something's wrong with the submit-thing I think orz

Asdfsfdfgdd random title :iconlazycryplz:
This is just a random drawing of Sachy in a random place with a random hairstyle crais
I think I'm having an art block _: (´□`」 ∠):_
I tried to fight it before starting to draw the art trades and more stuffs but it ended up like this
Not happy at all :iconpapcryplz:
I ended up cropping the drawing sob it was BIG but the whole drawing looked awful so I had to crop it 。゚(TヮT)゚。
It was supposed to look like an eyeglasses shop but I don't what happened okai asddsfdfdg
And the hands took me forever. . .it kinda looked okay but the arms haha. . .adsfdfsfdfchokes
I'm sorry

I wasn't going to upload this but I wanted to upload something before I go on hiatus again weeps

- - - - - ✂
Art [c] *Milchiah
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I have no title making skills haha
Full resolution here in my stash ~> [link]
For :icontriumphartbook: you people should join! ヾ(o・ω・)ノ It ends on July 31.

Hello! ( ू*´꒳`* ू)
Haha it's been a while! I've been slacking off lately, sorry. (eating,sleeping,eat,eat,get fat COUGH) (。・//ε//・。) //shot

I actually drew this since last week and finished it just this morning, I had alot of re do's haha (my buns hurt, A LOT weep),
I thought that the deadline was tomorrow---but they extended it haha_ (:3 」∠)_(I didn't know haha sob)

I think this is the first time I drew someone that shows a lot of skin not sure if that's a lot of skin though
So I hope it looks okay _(:3」∠)_
I wanted to draw her lookng summer-ish, so I took a risk of drawing a bra andboobies haha
I also fought the urge of covering the hands barely succeeded(* >ω<) my hands look weird huhu

Name : Milchiah
Title : Midsummer Overlay
Season : Summer ( ≖ ω ≖)

Um for me triumph is the feeling that people experience after doing something they worked hard on and they're happy about it. (。・ω・。)
I drew an artist! (° ω °;; )/ Because drawing/painting etc takes time to do, plus it's quite difficult, but fun. ( ಠ ω ಠ )
And and it's like um every piece an artist finishes it's an achievement, even if it isn't as amazing as one hoped, just look
at the bright side! It's done so it means you can draw again and even make it better. (ノ◉ω◉)ノ♥

Haha I'm bad at explaining (╯ಠ ω ಠ)╯︵ ┻━┻

- - - - - - - - ✂

Character [c] Me
Bg [c] Me

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I'm so sorry if it's too bright ( ಥ ω ಥ ) even my own eyes is in pain. ( ≖ω ≖)
I obviously did this in a hurry, sorry...
And sorry for the abusive use of random textures. . .I actually enjoyed it though :iconmingplz://hit
So sorry that I'm very inactive and lazy lately. . .
So so so sorry that I haven't reply to any of your wonderful comments lately sob

I'm just so lazy lately. . .I hate that when that happens :iconlazycryplz:
I'm naturally lazy but this kind of lazy I'm having now is different. It's worse than before (ノ´д`) I blame the hot weather and myself orz

Now that I've said that I feel better _(:3」∠) admitting that I'm lazy and I procrastinate a lot orz

//lies down again

- - - - - - - - ✂

Time Twins [c] :iconsilverblossoms:
Art [c] Me
Textures [c] Pixiv
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;; 7 ;;-- trying out for :iconhighschool-101:

Name: Anna Rivera

Age: 17

Gender: female

Height: 5'4"

Year: 2nd

Ethnicity: Spanish/Italian

o strawberry milk
o amusement park
o plushies
o plants
o learning languages

x smoke of cigarette (starts coughing because of it to the point of "choking")
x very strong scents/parfumes (same reaction as before)
x Maths

Very free-minded and simple-minded person, who always takes things at ease. Doesn't have a complicated opinion about people, in her eyes, you're either a "good person" or a "bad person". She's easy to talk to, and easily warms up to people.
Although, she's nice to any one, and easily gets along with all; she has a hard time comforting people when they are sad or depressed.

Family Background:
Anna was raised up in a multi-cultural family. Because of her parents she can speak fluent Italian and Spanish next to English.

Her parents likes to travel around, take tours here and there. She was born in Paris because that's where her parents were staying at the moment. They lived there for 2 years then moved on to England; Anna went to elementary school there.
When she was in her 6th year, they moved again, this time to Asia, to Korea. They remained there till she finished elementary school, then moved on to America, California. After finishing middleschool, her parent's dragged her to Japan, where she's attending Rousseau Academy.

All this travelling, made her very open to new cultures, languages. Along the way she made good friends, whom she keeps in touch with via letters. (which she prefers over internet because it's more "exciting")

Crush: N/A

Club: Band Club (Keyboard)


- Can speak a little bit of Korean too. She's learning to properly speak Japanese. (Her pronounciation isn't very good)
- Always wanted a pet, which she couldn't have because of the constant moving.
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Sorry, I remade his entire outfit. I didn't like the old one too much, I think it was too exposed and the jacket was too simple. I hope you like it :iconaawplz:

Thank you so much for my baby :iconlunallachi: who helped me revamping the application sheet :iconrubcheeksplz:

Name: Fraser Archibalt
Nickname: He is fine with anything, except… Strawberry You want to know why..? Just google it//kick :iconteheplz:
Age: 20 years old
Position: Duce
Magus Tattoo Location: His tattoo was below his left eye, he really has a problem to hide it. Usually he hides it with a BB cream, sometime a bandage
Real Life Job: Pattisier
Gender: Male
Weapon: Multiple daggers (He controls them using his telekinesis power. He can control 8-10 daggers at one time, depends on the size of the weapon)
Telekinesis : The first ability he discovered. He could influence the objects within his visual field. Sometime when he was in rage, he could influence objects a few meters around him too, but it was always unintentional.
Poison detector : He could detect any poison in any shape: gas, liquid, solid, even if it was tasteless and colorless.
Barrier : Usually he could only create a barrier for himself. He was still practicing to form a bigger barrier to protect his allies, although he could when they were in critical time.
Other ability has yet to be discovered.

Young Fraser lived in a peaceful and caring family, a wise grandfather, a thoughtful father, a loving mother, and a kind elder brother. His family ran a bakery in a small town in France where everyone knew each other well. Everything seemed so perfect for him. But suddenly one day his telekinesis ability was awaken. He was just helping his family, baking some pastries for their little shop early in the morning, when the utensils came flying to his direction. He was shocked at first, but he felt it made him special, and he couldn’t wait to tell his parents about it. But their reaction were absolutely different with what he was expecting. They were terrified and made him promised he wouldn’t use it, wouldn’t tell it to anyone, and kept it to himself. He didn’t understand, since he saw no harm of his ability. He decided not to keep his promise, and still practicing secretly. Of course, it was not very long until the whole neighborhood found out about this. They demanded the family to hand out Fraser and executed him, accused him of being a harmful wizard. When the family refused, the towns people decided to murder the whole family. Before they could kill Fraser, his grandfather, using his last will power, teleported him somewhere he was unaware of. The last thing he heard from his grandfather was that he was the chosen heir to inherit the title Duce of France, so live, gather all the magus within the country, and raise the kingdom of Magus once more. By then, he lived on his own, hiding within the society, and gathering all magus, to regain their dignity.

- Sensitive : He is very sensitive to people around him. He can sense if someone was troubled, and he will try his best to help. It’s not an ability though, just his intuition.
- Diva-ish : He nags a lot, yeah, he is a bit perfectionist after all. But inside he is a very caring person. He just likes to say it out loud when something doesn’t fit to his liking.
- Happy virus : He is very cheerful. When he is around, the atmosphere will be very bright. But sometimes it was a forced smile, since he didn’t like people worry about him.
- He can’t really control himself when he is really angry. So, don’t try anything funny.
- He's a tsun :iconteheplz:

- Insects were his enemy of life :rofl:
- He always has his earphone on, he can’t make any cakes without loud music. So call him a bit louder, will you? :iconleleleplz:

Relationship: Come on, let’s make one :iconhurrhurrplz: but no romantic feelings~
=seiryuo Xavier Clark Under construction
~lunallachi Scavendish Harvalke Fraser first saw him on TV, where he accidentally used his magic, and immediately asked him to be his Viciu. Fraser often asked him to promote his cake shop in TV so he got more customers. :iconteheplz:
~HomicidalPudding Envy Hernandez A regular customer who annoyed Fraser a lot. She liked to tease him about his height and played some pranks on him. She thought of Fraser as a little kid, although Fraser was older than her.
~Calyx-chan Lyx Dagsson Lyx often came and stared at Fraser's cake display, but he just wouldn't buy it. And Fraser, just wouldn't give him for free. How long this staring battle will last?
~KiyOpeE Magnolia Abby Hymmone Because of their same eye color, Abby thought Fraser was his long lost sibling, who was definitely a mistake.
~KarinPyong Lubomira Orage Under construction
=Fina-chizu Fran'z Pierre Hazel Riot Under construction
~AikoRu Xylo Beauvais After he joined Fraser, they became friends who played with dolls and ate cakes together.
*LuckyBlacCat Sigrún White Snow met Fraser when he was lost while travelling with Svan. Fraser let him live in their villa until they found Svan.
~kuroineko21 Alethea Dmitius Fraser met Aletch by coincidence when doing groceries. He saw Aleth with some rare fruits(?), and tried to convince her to give him the fruit.

Please tell me if I missed anyone :iconluvluvplz:

His quote of life: “Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.”

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all the cool ppl are joining uhuhuhu//shot

NAME: Kazuki Miyazawa
AGE: 18
BIRTHDAY: January 25th

HEIGHT: 5'11''
WEIGHT: 148 lbs

YEAR: 3rd Year, Senior
CONDITION:Alice-in-Wonderland Syndrome [AIWS]
'To suffer from a disorted sense of time, space and body'; patients experience extreme hallucinations mostly due to strong, regular migraine attacks; they see things bigger/smaller than they are, things moving closer or further away and even things that don't exist.
CLUB/SPORT:Track +Field Captain
[+] HAZUKIIIII<33[[His fabulous twin okay [link] //chokes]]
[+] Talking about simple things
[+] Animals [[especially bunnies and cats]]
[+] People who are athletic and pretty//shot
[+] all the weird stuff he sees
[+] Watching tv
[+] Running
[+] Play sports [[any sports he doesn't really care]]
[+] Hairpins
[+] All your fabulous babies srsly//stabbed

[-] People who hate his bro's music
[-] Getting imjured so he can't run
[-] people who take his and his brother's condition too lightly [aka. laugh at them for behaving weirdly]
[-] migraine
[-] Pocky[[He just doesn't understand the appeal of it:iconduudewtfplz:]]
[-]Windy days

Kazuki isn't bright at all.He likes making quick decisions without thinking about the outcome.His bro is like his babysitter okay//slapped
He gets really angry if someone messes with him or his brother and usually gets into a fistfight with them.
When he talks to you he's too hyper and talks way to fast.You probably won't understand any of it and most of the time he's talking about his hallucinations so he's gonna sound high//chokes.
He's always had too much energy so as a child he played as many as he could.
But actually schoolwork is a problem for him and he's always asking Hazu for help.
Even though Kazu's a friendly and overly-happy person, He's seriously competitive about his sports and will want to beat you in everything//shot
His hallucinations don't bother him at all,in fact he likes them and if he didn't have them he'd be really bored.
He isn't mature at all and is perverted like a little kid who laughs at sex jokes srsly son stahp that//bricked
My son just wants to be your friend and love you forever //weeps

Kazuki and Hazuki are the only children of two very busy parents who work in a big company.Because of their job they had to move very often.All the moving around took its toll on the twins and gave them alot of stress.At first it didn't seem to matter, but from their fifth birthday on they started to have reoccurring headaches, sleepiness and dizziness, which soon led to regular migraine attacks. Their parents of course went to the doctor to have a checkup, but he only told them their kids would have little headaches from time to time and that's that.
So they continued their stressful life.
Someday everything was too much for the twins to take and their 'little headaches' turned into hallucinations which would last for at least ten minutes every time.
The twins would suddenly start screaming and crying, telling their parents that things were growing and shrinking all the time in utter fear. This happened so often, that they couldn't even let Hazuki and Kazuki be alone anymore, they were unpredictable while hallucinating.
Their parents tried their best to help them, but when they went to the doctor again, he told them that their kids suffer from 'AIWS' - 'Alice-in-Wonderland Syndrome' - which causes massive hallucinations and also that he was unable to heal the twins, though he said that the syndrome would fade away during puberty, but still recommended a therapist for the two children.
Halfway worried halfway glad their parents kept moving with them, trying to control the migraine attacks as good as possible. But even when Hazuki and Kazuki had reached puberty, the syndrome didn't seem to weaken; quite the contrary, the hallucinations lasted longer and the boys couldn't even tell anymore which was reality and which hallucination and both blended into each other.
Someday their parents made the decision that their kids would be better protected in a school for disabled and so they registered the twins for the well known Yukimura High.
They also wanted their kids to live on the campus, because it would be safer for them, but actually they only wanted to part from their twisted children to start their normal life again.
Kazuki doesn't know that was their real motive.He's just really grateful at he got to go to school with his bro.


- Him and his bro are sparkly mofos okay//bricked

- he and his brother wear matching rings around their forefinger [Hazuki : right ; Kazuki : left]

- His ears are pierced abit I just forgot to draw it //chokes

- Can't tie a tie to save his life

-His shoes are beat up and really worn out but he doesn't feel like getting new ones

-This is his favorite jacket ever:iconherpderpplz:

-Has the biggest collection of hairclips srsly too many//shot

- His favorite hairclip is the cat one because it came in a set with the bunny one he gave his brother

- voice sample : [link]

- theme song : Pink Fluffy Unicorns Dancing On Rainbows [the twins started singing this song randomly when they were 9 Cuz they have too much swag//shot]]

:iconzxcvbnmplz:I hope my son isn't too stupid for this group weeps//shot
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This the the application sheet for :iconproject-melancholic: :la:
Please download the PSD file to view the sheets for all divisions!(just open it in SAI/Photoshop,under the folder which write division,open it,and choose the logo of the division you want to join!
Oh if you cant,you can use the individual PNG version ovo!
Public: [link]
Private: [link]
Informative: [link]
Experimental: [link]
Please fill out the application properly! ovo

Name: [ be creative ]
Nickname: (s) [ Place assigned Agent code here as well. Agent codes will be assigned later. ]
Age: [ between 17 - 30 ]
Gender: (female or male obviously LOL)
Eye Colour/Hair Colour:

Division: [ public/private/informative/experimental ]
Weapon: [ limit: two. If multiple weapons (exp: throwing knives) only one. Also list out how your character uses it during battle.]

Likes: [at least 8 ]
Dislikes: [ at least 8 ]

Personality: [ in bullet form or paragraph. please explain about the personality. at least 7 - 8 bullets ]

Abilities: [ list at least 3-4 things your character can do ]
Weaknesses: [ list at least 3-4 things that your character is helpless against. ]

Quote: "_____" [ what your character says often ]

Goal: [ everyone who came to Project Melancholic has a dark secret or goal they want to reach. Reminder: Informatives from the Information division DO NOT KNOW about this. Its the only thing they don't know about you.

Dark Secret: [KEEP IN MIND: that dark secret has something to do with sacrificing someone close to you or even killing someone dear just to get rid of this. ]

History: [ before you came to P-M. How was your family with you? What were you doing? Tragic ending? How did you find Project Melancholic? Use Emmett (founders character) if you need to. More then 2 paragraphs. Make sure it is easy to read and spellcheck! P-M could also have found you another way. Not necessarily by getting kidnapped and getting strapped to a table. ]

Relations: [ after you roleplay, please edit your relations with the name of the person you roleplayed with and what your character thinks about him/her. Admin's will be keeping track of who is active and who is not. ]
:bulletblack: Hate
:bulletpink: Crush / Mixed Feelings If you're in a relationship,we would like to know yea! or we'll ask the informative division to track you down! xD
:bulletred: Love
:bulletorange: Best Friend
:bulletyellow: Friend
:bulletgreen: Good Terms
:bulletblue: Bad Terms
:bulletpurple: Acquaintance
:bulletwhite: Neutral.

Fun Facts: [ bullet form. Any extra things abt your chara! (eg. cup size//slapped,habits,etc! ]

Have fun!
Application sheet/div logo made by: =x3urara
Textures/images:[link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link]
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Ehehe borrowing this kiddo a bit for #M-A-G-E!

High-school character drawn for fun in a group (not dA one) with =WikiME *Daenarys *ChankoNabe *twitchhhhh *ameru (//´▽`//)
Gotta figure out some sparkling bromanceshiptomodachieatingwatermeloninthesummercliché✧* thingy with *Daenarys I guess, ahaha///!

Lee Go © *riingo
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Collection by
so ashamed but i'm stressed from all kinds of things////

:iconsawbplz: AND ITS LATEE ;AA;;
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Secret Santa for :iconkhakihara:
I got lazy while doing the lineart otl
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Lianne: look mister, we've got a guest! *smiles pleasantly* [ oh fuck, more nuisance. .. ]

Claude: *chuckles as he grabs his cup of tea* wouldn't it be better if you'd just show them how you truly feel, little lady? although i have to say, the smile that you're wearing right now definitely suits your cute face.*smiles teasingly*

Lianne: oh shut up you wise ass. *rolls her eyes*

Claude: hmm, our guest has come quite too early don't you think? we haven't set the table yet for our afternoon tea. oh well *smiles mellowly as he shrugs*


yup, Hani is :iconmistressmacaroon:'s secret santa XD did you see this coming dear? haha sorry if it doesn't look much of a tea party yet, they're still setting the place up maybe after they stop talk over and over again lol it's rushed btw, sorry dear ; u ; hope you like it! ♥

amg, that christmas tree looks like crap :iconpapmingplz:

omg, you're my secret santa, and im you're secret santa :iconmingplz:

*curtains and wall patterns are from google, i don't remember where i actually got them lol

media: watercolors, gouache paint, white poster paint, PS CS5

Lianne Reeves©*MistressMacaroon
Claude Grosvenor©*Aoyama-Hani
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Eeeeeh I hope I get in... looks so cool...

Now be prepared for a scary wall of text...

= Name: Lissie Spaulding (born Elizabeth Spaulding, likes to be called Lissie...

= Age: 18

=Code: [Po-205] Polonium

= Gender: Female

= Height: 5'3"

= Weight: 98 pounds (she doesn't eat much)

= Personality: Relativity outgoing, she would rather have a few close friends than a large group but she can deal. Also can be really childish since she lost her childhood to thieving and food collecting...

= Backstory: (long part)
Lissie was born Elizabeth Spaulding on the 8th of June into a very poor family. Her parents were upset that she wasn't very pretty and that she couldn't raise money in the way they wanted her too (think about it people.) She was abandoned on the street and for the first ten years of her life she lived with an orphan gang and stole food to eat. But one day in her tenth year on Earth she was scrounging through a trash can looking for food and she heard something, It sounded a little like someone playing piano. She wandered inside and hid behind a wall and listened; yes that was piano playing she thought, but she had never heard such good playing in her whole life...

"Missy what are you doing here are you looking for a place to work?"

Lissie was so startled by the head house maid coming behind her she almost screamed, but instead she said
"Sure ma'am."
This place looked fine and she thought it could feed her well so she decided to stay.

For the next couple months Lissie worked as a maid day and night always slipping away to hear the owner of the house, Mr. Theodore play. Eventually he noticed her and originally yelled at her to leave, he decided instead to teach her how to play. Every day from that day foward she would come for an hour to learn how to play. She and Mr.Theodore grew very close and she was soon relieved of all her maid duties to spend time with him. They lived this way for about seven years until Mr.Theodore thought of something...

"Lissie, would you mind if I adopted you? I know you're kind of old but... I've grown to love you and would like you as my daughter."

Lissie ran into Mr.Theodore's arms, so happy that she would have a parent who loved her... But...

The next day she and Mr.Theodore drove to the town hall to get the adoption papers signed. After that was done Mr.Theodore took Lissie to an ice cream parlor and they joyfully spent the afternoon eating ice cream and people watching. But something happened...

It was getting late and Lissie thought they should be heading home... Night started to fall as they left ice cream parlor and it was pretty dark once they reached the car. Eager to tell his staff the good news, Mr.Theodore drove back as fast as he could but a little too fast... As he was rounding the last corner he didn't see a little black car heading straight for them... But it was too late when he did see it... He tried to turn but there wasn't time and they went straight into the car...

Mr.Theodore was killed on impact. Lissie, in the back seat was fine...

Lissie ran away from the wreck as fast as she could, and went to her little hiding place from when she was younger, a little ledge under a one of the many bridges in the town... She cried all night and for most of the next day until the police found her sitting there... She was taken to the police station and from their was suggested to go join PHQ until her feelings settled down and she felt better... So she did...

= Weapon/Abilities:

  • A pea shooter- left over from her orphan gang days, she still has it and can use it very well

  • Throwing Knives- another handy skill from her orphan days, they are very sharp and dangerous...


  • Fighting- from her orphan gang days again

  • Can lift really heavy objects

= Hobbies

  • Piano playing

  • Baking

  • Badmittton

= Other Info:
She is very good at playing piano but refuses to play for others, and only practices in secret
DO NOT call her Elizabeth she will shoot peas at you...

That's it finally...

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The red-brownish haired girl looked at the map in her hand as she went up to the floor her mission took place on. Lianne ran her fingers through her hair to untangle them as she held another the map in her other hand.

"What kind of map is this?" She mumbled as the elevator doors opened. The halls were quite dim. She chose to ignore the silly map, and went down one of the halls.

Looking left and right, she saw doors almost everywhere down that hall. "Must be some kind of trap... I'll use another hall." She said to herself as she walked away from that hall. Little did she know that that hall was the only hall on the entire that was 'trap free'.

The hall she went through had several paintings and one of the lights flickered on and off. She looked at the paintings as she twirled her scissors in her hands. "The eyes seem to follow you. It must be one of those trick paintings."

Lianne walked away from it. The people in the paintings grabbed the frame of the painting and seem to pull themselves out of the portrait. Of course, she used her scissors to slice the painting, but nothing was working. So she decided to run.

Once she thought she had lost them, she was already out of breath. Panting heavily, she held the walls and her other hand clenched onto her dress. She saw a flower vase perched on top of a small round table nearby. The roses in the vase were wilting, and the petals dropped onto the table.

Lianne looked around for a minute, wondering about any possible traps in the hallway. When she turned back to the flowers, they were fresh and beautiful. Beside the vase was a water bottle. Lianne looked down the hall to see a familiar face, more specifically, one of the officers in the HQ.

She saw Cordalyss walking away into the shadows and decided to chase after her. When she reached the end of the hall...

"Dead end..."

Lianne said, quite annoyed at the mission. She saw at the edge of the wall, that there was a doorknob. She reached for it and twisted it.

"Thank heavens..." she said as she entered the hall. What she didn't expect, was the headless cleaning robot. It vacuumed the floor and it suddenly jammed. Lianne has made similar mechanical dolls before, but she has never forgotten to include the head.

It walked towards her slowly, and it reached out to her, wanting to wrap its hands around Lianne's neck. She was confident she could just avoid the mannequin fast enough, since it was going at quite a slow speed.

Then, a green coloured smoke came out of the air vents and into the hall. Lianne immediately recognised the smoke.

"My gender swapping mixture??" she squeaked. Okay, now she was in trouble. She wasn't allowed to appear in the opposite gender or she would have to start all over again. Lianne panicked and twisted the doorknob, but it didn't open. It was locked from the other side.

She peered through the lock hole and saw purple coloured hair figure running away.
'Dietrich.' She cursed in her head. She turned around and took her pair of scissors and ran pass the mannequin and away from the smoke. Once she was far away enough, she lifted her dress and took the gun from her shorts and shot the mannequin numerous of times to stall it.

When the mannequin dropped to the floor and tried to get up, Lianne opened the nearest door so she could escape. Of course, she found even more mannequins in the room. She didn't want them to notice her, so she quietly locked the door.

The bromine opened another door, and saw it led to another hall. But it had a deep pit separating the hall from the door. She grabbed hold of the door frame.

'Curse me and my fear of heights.' She shut her eyes shut. But she re-opened them when she heard a ringing sound and a sweet smell. She saw cake crumbs on the floor, and immediately remembered that someone told her that Fray was delivering cakes that day.
Lianne readied herself at the door, and jumped over the pit, landing on her feet like a cat. She looked back to see that she was only 2 feet away from the pit.

Opening the door where the crumbs lead to, she saw a kitchen. And there was a door on the other side. She cautiously went through the kitchen, remembering not to disturb Fray and his cake and other sweets, no matter how tempted she was.

She twisted the door to the other side of the kitchen and opened it. It was the door she was supposed to enter. Lianne sighed.

"Finally." She grabbed hold of the knob, only to realize it was a hologram. The walls around her started to enclose. She immediately turned to open the door, but it's locked. Lianne didn't know what to do, but she was calm. Her genius IQ came in handy sometimes, but at the moment, there was nothing around.

"There is something projecting the hologram. Now where is it..." she said looking around. She looked up to see a hole with the hologram machine.

"There." She smirked. The walls enclosing around her helped her up. She jumped on one of the walls and then on the wall opposite of the wall she jumped off on, and reached out to the hole. She pushed the machine away and managed to climb up right before the walls closed completely.

The dim light at the end of the hall, so she followed that, just in case there was something in the shadows she didn't need to see. Lianne made her way to the end of the hall, but tripped over something and fell flat on her front.

"What?" she flipped herself over and went on her knees, picking up the book. A manga book?
Astii must be nearby if these were lying all around. She picked up the book in her hand, and several other books that were laying about. She saw the pink haired officer sitting on the chair nearby typing away on her computer.

Lianne didn't want to bother the officer, so she simply placed the books on the table and went towards the light.

The ex-mafioso face palmed when she reached the end of the hall. More doors...

She checked every single one, and some of the doors were just doors attached to the walls. Nothing was on the other side. "How am I ever going to- WOAH." She fell flat on her front again, having tripped over a loosened tile.

She picked herself up and went over to the loosened tile. The 16 year old heard that they could flip over the tiles to take something.

Lianne flipped it over and found a gas mask that looked oddly similar to Lon's.

"Alright..." she said. The halls were confusing, and she secretly hoped to find more things lying around.

As she walked further, it was another dead end. Lianne sighed and face palmed. Suddenly, the wall started raising into the ceiling. Lianne simply looked up at it in awe and heard footsteps behind her, running away.

A note on the floor said "Thank you. –A"

"...Well, that was fortunate." Lianne kept the note in her pocket of her shorts as she continued walking, occasionally finding water bottles and cake crumbs in unusual places.
She tripped over many loosened tiles and jumped over several sharp tiles, but none of them actually had very useful things underneath.

At the moment, Lianne had a gas mask, several water bottles, a baseball bat, a box of matches and a carrot. Oh, and a wedding cake topper.

She looked at the confusing map again, and wondered if she had gone too far, or hasn't gotten there yet. When she leaned against the wall, it opened and Lianne fell through.
Lianne tried to grab hold of something, but it was to smooth so she continued falling.

Once she hit the ground, it wasn't that hard. In fact, it was quite... squishy. She took out the box of matches she had earlier and lit a match on fire. She looked down to see she landed on a fairly large Rottweiler.

She immediately jumped away from it, and found out it was asleep. Lianne deadpanned.

"Alright, how do I get out of here." She saw a door, and opened it. When she was outside, the very annoyed girl dusted her dress and continued spinning her scissors around. A loud growling was heard by the short girl and she turned around to see that the Rottweiler was looking at her and in a stance, ready to jump onto Lianne.

"Im a member of Psychedelique HQ, and a DOG is not going to stop me from getting to that door." She glared at the dog. After a few minutes of intense glaring, the dog whimpered and went back into the room. She smirked triumphal and turned around to see a cleaning mannequin directly behind her.

'So that's why the dog backed away.' She backed away slowly from the doll, which mimicked her movements exactly. It morphed to look exactly like Lianne as well. God, cleaning robots are very annoying.

'Fuck, this thing knows.' Lianne cursed in her head. She hated the feeling of being replaceable by the advanced humanoid machinery. She had a phobia off it, but she's not going to show that she was afraid of anything. Her height enough gets her underestimated around the HQ, and fear being shown is defiantly going to make no one take her seriously.

"Look here, stupid robot." Lianne said as she held her hands on her hips. The robot mimicked her exact movements. "I'm not going to let you steal my life. I already had enough of this! Don't make me pissed even more." She said going closer to the robot and it followed.

She noticed one of the panels nearby had no panel, and the electric wires were very easily seen.

Lianne smirked and moved backwards, and the robot moved backwards as well. When the robot stepped on the electrical wires, Lianne quickly took the water bottle out of her shorts and threw it at the robot. Of course, the robot mimicked her movements, but it threw a knife at Lianne.

Of course, Lianne was expecting that and shot the water bottle so the water spilled all over the mannequin and electrical wires, making the Lianne-robot get electrocuted and stopped working.

She didn't forget about the knife which was flying dangerously close to her, but it was too close to dodge it and too near to shoot it with a bullet. So she held up her scissors and made it clash with the knife.

It sliced her hand just abit, and it skidded across the floor.

Lianne heard it stop, and decided to go after it, to collect it. After all, the matches and the water bottle had been useful earlier. Maybe the knife would do some good.

When she bent to pick it up, she looked at the door in front of her.  It was a double door, with a large butterfly on the centre of the door. Lianne touched the butterfly, the cool metal and rusty smell reassured her that this was the destination.

She was about to open the door, when she remembered she was suppose to wait at the first room beyond the door. Lianne sighed and turned towards the door nearest to the butterfly door and waited in there for something else to happen.
I suck at writing. :iconrazycryplz:


#PsychedeliqueHQ is a magical place where everything happens. :iconimaginationplz:

Illustrations will be out never :iconduckyrunplz:

People coming out of paintings idea belongs to IB.

Dietrich (c) ~khakihara
Fray (c) *shusical
Cordalyss (c) *Lurideon
Astii (c) ~sutamyeon
Lon (c) *x3urara
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:new: It's decided. Thank you guys for the votes, comments and suggestions.

I will update the finished design of her later, when it's finished. C:

==>> Default outfit poll:… -> 4
==>> Color scheme poll:… (MASK NOT COUNTED PLEASE. She can technically take if off and put it on whenever she wants too, just color scheme for hair, eyes, skin. Thank you!) -> A

Rough design sheet of my newest OC, Claris G.R.

I'm still not sure about her design so I hope you guys can help me decide. o 7 o/<3

Just comment your idea about:
:pointr: 1-6: All will be her outfits I think, but I need a default one. Which one do you prefer?
:pointr: A-B: Which color scheme do you prefer (hair, eyes, skin wise)

Some info about her:
    Name: Claris G.R. - Gun'n'Rose, Clare for short
    Age: 13
    Height: 148cm
    Weight: Hush
    Personality: Tomboy-ish | Spontaneous | Hot tempered | Jumping monkey | Dare-devil | Careless | Foul-mouthed | Hates being lectured | Childish | Quite spoilt at times | Acts faster than thinking | Demanding
    - She uses dual pistols, 1 giant gun blade, magic/elemental bullets, wires, chains as weapons.
    - Travels mostly using an engined skate board.
    - Despite her small look, she's strong and fast physically.
    - Hates milk, esp. banana milk. Hates being 'looked down on' even though she's not tall at all. (pfft)
    - Loves blood.

Ughhh update later!
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Beowulf © Me

Ant © :iconlooooooooooooooooosh:
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Fou from “D. Gray-man”
She is not a human. Fou is the guardian deity, created artificially.
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A small animation :3
Black Rock Shooter and Kuroi Mato from “Black Rock Shooter” OVA
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Dead Master, chibi STR and chibi BRS from "Black Rock Shooter"
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:snowflake: :snowflake: :snowflake: Yuki Miku [link] :snowflake: :snowflake: :snowflake:

:snowflake: :snowflake: :snowflake: More Miku :snowflake: :snowflake: :snowflake:
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Alice from “Alice in Wonderland” :icondonotuseplz::iconmyartplz:
Bottle meme from Pixiv [link]
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Fanart for the awesome series GRAVITY FALLS.
Download big file to use as wallpaper ^^
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This took forever and a day OTL ksjgdf But it was pretty funnn hehe
I wasnt sure whether to upload it now or finish colouring it but mrehhh. Im not gonna finish colouring tonight so;;;
Ill put up the coloured one laterrr~

This is also called 'Watch how leek cant keep a consistent style for the length of the meme' UmU;;

blank meme here: [link]
Download for full-size ;u;

hope you guys enjoy it <3
-rolls into bed-

oh yeah, theres a little f**k in there but i dont think its worth putting a mature filter just for it so im warning you here.
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Uh...random fanart.

Mabel, Dipper and some flying cat ghosts I guess. XD
(for some reason they are falling? I DID NOT MEAN THIS AS A PUN ON THE TITLE. OOPS.)

If you have not watched Gravity Falls, you are missing out.

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tried a Demon Days cover for Gravity Falls
robbie get out, you're not part of the mystery shack crew
speaking of robbie i FORGOT HIS ZITS GODDAMN

do you like my lame album title LOL

robbie beat up dipper because dipper wanted to do a cover of disco girl
edit: think i saw a comment over on tumblr that wendy should have been in this and i MOST DEF considered it because wendy would fit in pretty awesomely with a gorillaz-esque band. but i picked mabel for the "noodle" spot. my reasoning went something like
wendy, while fun-loving, is pretty chill and laid back. around the time of phase 2 (demon days), noodle was bouncy and energetic and the big heart of the group. mabel fits those qualities a little more than wendy does. also, russel is protective of/friendly with noodle, just like soos is with mabel. :) and lastly 2D and noodle are like brother/sister, and dipper and mabel are...well literally brother/sister.

...yeah i thought too much into it sorry
anyways just my personal preference!
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A bit different from the one I uploaded to Tumblr, but only in the coloring. This one doesn't have the textures. ' A '

It's a little sketchy, but I suppose it's still worth uploading!
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This was a bitch to make...but I decided to put how my mind works when it comes to creating folds in pictures.
because most tutorials i see about folds barely explain them.
they just show examples of whats going on and send you off your way.

orz I drew alot of females for it cuz theyre better for this kind of thing....i can't draw boobs orz
If you wanna see a gallery with really good folding skills, see =JayAxer. His are very realistic :|

[EDIT] youre kidding me D: I-I can't believe it. ohmygod +_+
I'm honored, thankyou :iconawesomenessplz:
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..I want to be linked to you.. :iconkikuplz: "


For the read thread eventt <33

God, I think I'm losing the ability of drawing young boys ;A; Niff's supposed to be shota-errrrr and look meaner :iconwarstarplz: At least he looks a bit more tsun here heehee eue)~~

Niff Slade (c) *Daenarys

bg: [link]
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A BIT EARLY BUT W/E Q 7 Q HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO DEAR :iconriingo: I'M A BIT RUSHED TO GO TO BED BUT AAA, THANK YOU FOR BEING SUCH A NICE FRIEND GURLL // I'm glad to have been able to know you more!!<33 Have a super nice day hehehehe/// (( SORRY FOR THE LAME DRAWING, I HAVE SOME BACKUPS FOR LATER HAHAHA Q 7 Q;;;;; ))

Please go wish her a HBD if you can!! <333

Toxy (c) *riingo
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But sob sob sob I hope all my spamming made up for this late present Rii ; o ;//// Even though I kinda wanted to make a group picture with a similar theme to the one you gave me for my birthday, in the end I decided I'd want to draw my forever dokidoki tsunmoe dramabootifur OTP (can't ever ever get tired of these two sob all my feels, all my feels-- Actually I was gonna draw wedding pic but what is drawing-- Also I didn't know if to draw Toxy with purple hair or his natural hair dawdawdasdasdas SO MOE IN BOTH THO ) v//////////////////v I just feel that thanks to these two idiots and LoX we got to know each other better much better and oh man how many years has it been (and I feel like I've said this before a few times already--)-- My memory fails everyday but um/// I think it's pretty cliche and obvious to say that I'm glad to have met you and be able to consider myself your friend ; v ;////// (Srsly, I don't know how you can bear with all my ninja and asocial-ness T 7 T!!!) We have gotten our own bad and intense QQ moments together, but these can't be compared to all the funny, nice, bootifur and wonderful moments I've had with you-- Let it be either all the silly hardcore fangirling over everything (them ships specifically: L'OREAAAAAALLL, SHAQQQQQQQ :icontonguewhipplz:--/hit), fight over the "husband" role , internet physically abusing you with a metal bat-- Well well anyway, my brain is not functioning properly at this hour /not keeping track of what I'm writing/ --- I love ya tons tons Rii ; v ;///// There are still many loose strings between us, but I hope that now and in the upcoming years our friendship can be stronger little by little!! ^ o ^/// (I'll claim all that daily dose of Rii and Rii-bating in my vacations--/SHOT) I ACTUALLY WISH I COULD WRITE DOWN ALL MY FEELS PROPERLY I BET THIS LOOKS REALLY LAME but what can I say, these words are only a small fraction of my admiration and appreciation towards you ;//v//; !!! Thank you for being who you are and let us hope that we'll be able to write another super-long-feelings-full paragraph for each other's b-day picture again next year and so on v 7 v /SHOT

I hope you like this little present :iconrlytearplz::iconsparklesplz:!!! /bleeds

:iconriingo: (c) *riingo
:icondaenarys: (c) *Daenarys
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Advertising time hehe!!//

This was the artwork for PareFura's 2nd entry for the VOCA★FUSION contest going on at youtube. They covered Sleep Sky Walk, composed by Yuuyu-P (ゆうゆP) and originally sung by Gumi!

You can check their wonderful video here [link] , not only they have amazing voices, but also their mixing/animation skills as well as their teamwork are really great//

If you liked their entry, please vote for them at [link] ! We would all appreciate it a lot!!

I collabed with :iconriingo: for this! I drew the boys (and the girl in the beginning) while she drew the cute girls// Many thanks to :iconyorualto: for putting them all together in this pretty BG she drew!//

GL guys!!
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I'm branching out a little because I teach drawing and painting. This is my dog Dakota in watercolor pencil.
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Kittycat :))
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'Earth laughs in flowers.' ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Model; Steph Armstrong
Photographer; Myself
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Really, people. What makes you believe that "Omg you're an emo, you must cut yourself that's not cool man!"

NOT TRUE. Some (putting an emphasis on the word "some") emos cut. Most don't. Simple as that.
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I need courage.
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img cool
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by.Tatsunoko vs Capcom.
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Cute girl with a cat shaped shadow.

Don´t own anything.
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Well I finished it! Today it was snowing like crazy and so I made a giant mug of tea (or 5), sat on my couch, and worked the day away at this picture ^^
And I have to say I am really happy with the outcome! (The only problem is the freaking letters are slanted cause I didn't notice it till after I saved everything and so now it's stuck like that!!!!! *rage quit*)

So this is Alyssa. And yes she has a chainsaw (a really sugoi one!). Although she doesn't use it all that much (since she's in the poison devision and they specialize in medical things)
But yea! I hope you guys like it :3

:iconh-a-z-a-r-d-o-u-s: :iconh-a-z-a-r-d-o-u-s: :iconh-a-z-a-r-d-o-u-s:


Used: iPad 2
Alyssa(c) me
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Constance again!
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Constance, lust woman
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