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For Michael
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This is a picture for :icongreykitty:'s friend Michael. I hope that Michael loves my picture. ^_^ Enjoy it!
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A little art piece contribution I did for :icongreykitty: for a beautiful project she's been working hard on and she needs all the help she can get. Link to project : [link]

A message to Michael: "You're a brave guy. Keep your head up and look forward. Happy birthday dude. =D "

The entire art piece was done using The New iPad with an app called Procreate. If you're into digital art and wanted to work on a project on the go you'll love what Procreate has to offer.
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I know it's a bit silly to be posting this on the day they're due but I haven't had motivation to draw this yet. I wanted to make it really epic but I guess this will have to do.
This is for Michael.

Keep being strong, kiddo.
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Large Cats
Collection by
a collab with my dear :iconverima: :D
i did Rolanni and she did Lukas (obviously >.>)


Ahhh consegui!! 8D
desculpa a demora ^^; o arquivo era bastante grande então ficva dificil de fazer o lineart sem erros :B
mas enfim, ESPERO QUE GOSTE!!! :la: <333
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X-mas Request for :iconkopaa: :3
I hope you like it! <3
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Sasha: You really think so?
Rolanni: Of course! They don't know what they say, it's all a bullshit! Trust me, you'll get over it! ^^
Sasha: *Sniffs* Thanks, dear! :')
Rolanni: *Hugs*


Art Trade with :iconreneah:
Full view for better display xD
Sad Sasha is sad :c don't worry, there's nothing going on with her, i guess i am in the mood atm so i drew this way *sigh*
Well, i like very much drawing her, and i particularly like her pose c:

Also, first drawing of 2013, yay! :la:
Anyway, i hope you like it and sorry the late <3


Paint Tool SAI
Photoshop CS

Optical Mouse

About 2 days (not counting not-worked days)

Sasha (c) *Reneah! Do not use without permission!
Art (c) Me! Do not use without permission! Only *Reneah has permission to use this. Thanks.
:iconartworkplz::iconartwork2plz: :icondontuse1plz::icondontuse2plz::icondontuse3plz:
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HAPPY B-DAY MY BELOVED FURSONA!!!! :la::iconb-daycakeplz:

here you go, the FIRST PICTURE EVAH!!!

some of you must know this picture x) i put it in FA loooooong time ago xD
anyway, this is the original design of Rolanni, not too many changes, but still :D
i wanna bring her old design up, it looks more interesting haha XD idk about changing her pawpad, but i wanted to change her curly shapes in her paws :3

enjoy it! :dummy:
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well. my fursona's ref for who asked ^^
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Collection by
Janet falls over and the door creaks open.
Coraline: Zou's ear flicks and she looks at Janet. "Kero?"
Janet: Janet gasps and scrambles to her feet, picking up the photo and running to her room.
Coraline: Zou sweatdrops.
Janet: A slamming door is heard from upstairs. "I knew I saw something..." "What happened to her~kuma?"
Coraline: Coraline shrugs. "Who knows..."
Janet: "Should we go check on her? She's been acting so weird..."
Coraline: Coraline nods. "Lets go see.
Coraline: "*
Janet: When they get to her room, the door is locked.
Coraline: "Well, this is where lockpicking comes in handy~" Coraline takes a bobby-pin out of her hair, and a bit of blonde hair falls in her face. She puts it behind her ear and starts to pick the lock.
Janet: Janet senses them and makes herself translucent.
Coraline: Coraline gets the door unlocked and she opens it. "She's not here o3o" she says. "No, she's here. I can sense her." Zou says.
Janet: Janet stays as silent as possible. Kuma sniffs around, feeling around the room. "Got her~kuma!" he announces, pointing to her spot. She shuts her eyes and hopes they don't find her.
Coraline: Zou takes off her locket and it glows white. "Turn Janet visible, because I care." Janet turns visible again. "Hallo~" Zou says.
Janet: Janet buries her face in her knees and stays silent.
Coraline: One of Zou's ears go down. "What's wrong, Janet?"
Janet: Janet remains silent. "Janet~kuma?" To the sound of Kuma's voice, Janet covers her face entirely.
Coraline: Zou's ear flicks. "I'll cast a truth spell." she says.
Janet: Janet bites her lip.
Coraline: Zou sighs "For the ones who want the truth revealed, open hearts, and secrets unsealed." The locket glows blue, and Zou silently waits for her to tell them.
Janet: "I--" Janet clamps her mouth shut, making no other words audible. (Clever, smartass Janet. XD)
Coraline: (Darn dat, clever Janet. Brb I need to do something for a bit.)
Janet: (okies)
Janet: (You could use a restraining spell on her XD)
Coraline: (Back~)
Janet: (Yay~ wb)
Coraline: (*goes to look for a restraining spell*)
Janet: (lol XD)
Coraline: (nepb, I can't find any XD) Zou casts a restraining spell on Janet, and casts the truth spell again.
Janet: "I have a huge crush on Teddie and I feel left out because everyone else is a couple!" Janet gasps as the words force themselves out. She turns bright red and looks down.
Coraline: Zou's ears go back. Kuma knew she was thinking something that had to do with Janet and Teddie.
Janet: Kuma looks down. Yosuke stares at her. "That's it?" Janet looks down, her face bright red.
Coraline: Zou's ear flicks "I'll be right back~" she says cheerfully, and she walks out of the room.
Janet: "Oh no..." Janet mutters.
Coraline: After awhile Zou returns with a love-drunk Teddie, with hearts in his eyes. "I'm baaaack~"
Janet: Janet makes herself translucent again.
Coraline: Zou makes Janet visible again.
Janet: "*hic* Hi, Jany-chaan~!" he greets. Janet turns bright red.
Coraline: Zou smiles, and squees.
Janet: Janet remains silent. "What's wrong *hic*?" Teddie sits next to her and her face gets even brighter.
Coraline: Zou stays silent, still smiling, proud if what she's done.
Janet: "Zou-chan told me that a kissh from your loyal knight would *hic* make you feel better~!" Janet's face is practically glowing red.
Coraline: Coraline sweatdrops. "I can't believe you put a love spell on Teddie..." she says. Zou giggles.
Janet: Teddie leans closer to Janet and places a kiss on her cheek, making her even more red.
Janet: (XDDDDD)
Coraline: Coraline looks at Yosuke. "I'd have Zou's tail if she did this to us..." Zou giggles again.
Janet: "Ugh, same. A love spell isn't the right way to hook them up. Besides, Teddie won't even remember this."
Janet: (Shomething tellsh me that Zou is going to shnap XD)
Coraline: Zou's ear flicked. "Because he's still drunk?" she asks, a bit of poison in her voice again.
Janet: "Yeah. Plus, when Teddie snaps out of it, what if he breaks her heart and doesn't return her feelings? Then again..." Yosuke mutters, "Teddie probably harbors a crush towards her, too. A love spell isn't the right way to draw it out." (Yosuke, you philosopher, shut up before you get smacked! XD)
Coraline: (Yeah, he's gonna get slapped. XD) Zou's ears go back and she growls a bit. Then she slaps Yosuke. Coraline sweatdrops. "You had that coming to you, Yosuke." she says.
Janet: "Excuse me for trying to teach a valuable lesson...owwwwww...." Yosuke grimaces in pain. "You didn't have to slap me!!"
Coraline: "You shouldn
Coraline: (mepbhsbfibfu chatroom 3:)
Janet: (Oh noes the damned chatroom gotcha!)
Coraline: "You shouldn't have made her mad..." Coraline says.*
Janet: "I wasn't trying to! You don't have to slap somebody if they're teaching you something. Do you slap your teachers?" (Yosuke. You're not a teacher. Now please shut up before you get killed XDDDDDD)
Coraline: (If he keeps going on like this, he's gonna send Zou into rage mode XD)
Janet: (Exactly! Why must you prove your point? XDDDDDDD)
Coraline: Zou's ear flicks, she started to growl louder, and her blue eye was a red purplish colour. (ikr) "You should be more careful what you say, Yosuke. You're gonna get yourself killed." Coraline says.
Janet: Yosuke remains silent. "Sheesh..." "Don't hurt Yosuke~kuma..."
Coraline: Coraline sighs. "Don't make her mad anymore..." she say.
Coraline: says*
Janet: Kuma frowns. "I don't like it when Zou-chan's angry~kuma..."
Coraline: "She could kill us when she's mad, or turn into a wolf..."
Janet: Yosuke sighs. "All right, I'm staying silent...hopefully Kuma can calm her down." "Zou-chan~kuma?"
Coraline: "What?!" Zou says, with full poison in her voice now.
Janet: Kuma whimpers. "I-I'm sorry~kuma..."
Coraline: "Sorry for what?!" She asks, the poison not toning down.
Janet: "I-I don't want you to be mad~kuma..." Kuma whimpers and gets a puppy dog face.
Coraline: "You know that doesn't work on me, Kuma!" She says.
Janet: "It's not fake~kuma..." Kuma frowns, looking down melancholically.
Coraline: Zou growls again.
Janet: Yosuke grimaces. "Not even Kuma can cheer her up..."
Coraline: "That isn't good. You made her really pissed..."
Janet: "Wh-what do we do?"
Coraline: "How should I know? I don't know how to calm down a wolf...I'm sure this is her wolf side showing too."
Janet: "Hey, Zou...I'm sorry." Yosuke mutters, hoping not to get on her bad side.
Coraline: (Kinda too late for sorry, Yosuke.) Zou's ear flicks and she growls again.
Janet: Yosuke gulps and leaves the room for fear of his life. Kuma joins and gets tears in his eyes.
Coraline: Coraline follows them. Zou walks out of the room and walks pass them. Coraline looks at her. "Where are you going?" she asks. "To the Shadow World." She growled back and continues to walk away.
Janet: "The Shadow World~kuma?" Kuma sniffles. "Z-Zou-chan~kumaaaa!" he cries and chases after her. Yosuke follows.
Coraline: Coraline follows too. Zou looks at them and growls louder, then her locket glows red and she teleports away.
Janet: "Shit...I didn't know she could do that...I'm debating on whether or not we should follow."
Coraline: "We probably should. She can get herself in trouble with the shadows if she's not careful."
Janet: (Meanwhile with Janet and Teddie) Teddie passes out before they can get anywhere serious. Janet breathes a slight sigh of relief, setting him on her bed. "He's so cute when he's asleep..." she smiles at him. (Yosuke) "True..." Yosuke sighs. "Let's go." Kuma nods.
When they got there, Zou is fighting SA. "Stay out of my head!" she growls at him.
Janet: "I have no idea what you mean." he says with an arrogant smirk, about to slash her. "Zou-chan~kuma!" Kuma jumps in the way of the attack and takes the blow. (LIKE A BOSS /shot)
Coraline: Zou looks at Kuma, then back at SA, she growls and her eyes turn red, her teeth turn sharp such as a wolf's. She growls loudly and slashes SA several times, getting each hit on him.
Janet: " call those attacks?" Contradictory to his words, Adachi looks extremely weakened. He slashes at Zou again but Kuma grabs his wrist and tackles him.
Coraline: "Hpfm, like you can do better?!"
Adachi glares at her and Kuma, shoving him off and holding the blade of his sword to Kuma's throat. "I can." he smirks. (NUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU​UUUUU)
Coraline: Zou growls loudly. "You wouldn't dare!" she shouts.
Janet: "Oh, but I would." Adachi smirks. "Come any closer and your boyfriend here gets it." Yosuke grips his kunai and prepares to attack, but when Adachi sees, he moves the blade closer and blood trickles down Kuma's neck. "Z-Zou-chan~kumaa..." he mutters, tears in his eyes. (THIS IS PAINFUL TO WRIGHT DX)
Coraline: Zou's ears go down, and she retreats a few steps, still holding her sword.
Janet: "G-get out~kuma..."
Coraline: "I'm not leaving you." she growls.
Janet: "B-but...if you don't, he'll--" Adachi presses the blade closer. "Ahhh~kumaaaa!" he yelps in pain.
Coraline: Zou growls loudly, she turned her face away. (Wolf mode incoming o3o)
Janet: "Heh, what's wrong?" Adachi smirks. "Crying?" (Adachi doesn't know what's coming XDDDDD)
Coraline: (Nope he doesn't) Zou glows a dark red colour and she forms into a black and white wolf.
Janet: "Huh?" "Wolf mode activated...damn, she's pissed..."
Coraline: "Yep." Coraline says. Zou pounces at Adachi, knocking him to the ground, still growling. "I wonder what she'll do to him." Coraline asks.
Janet: "Ngh...! Get off of me!!" Adachi slashes the blade at Zou as Kuma falls flat on his face.
Coraline: Zou whimpers, but does not retreat. Her red eyes full of rage.
Janet: "You think you can stop me? You're just a wolf! A filthy animal!" Adachi stabs Zou.
Coraline: Zou bites his neck and rips some skin off, missing his throat by a few inches.
Janet: "Augh...! You little bitch!" (lol I just realized that's a bit literal...XDDD) he alashes her again.
Janet: *slashes
Coraline: Zou snarls, blood dripping from her muzzle, and blood flowing from her shoulders.
Janet: "I'm not the one losing here..." Adachi smirks, about to stab Zou again, but Yosuke rushes ahead and stabs Adachi in his back with his dagger.
Janet: *kunai (WTF XD)
Coraline: (*gasp* Yosuke stole one of Coraline's daggers XD)
Janet: (LOL XD)
Coraline: Zou bites Adachi again.
Janet: "Augh...!" Adachi crashes to the floor, blood oozing from almost every area on his body.
Coraline: Zou growls. She yipped.
Janet: 'I'm...not losing to you...!" Adachi staggers back to his knees and slashes Yosuke and Zou.
Coraline: Zou pounces at Adachi, but he ducks and she misses, crashing to the floor, and hitting her head.
Janet: Yosuke stabs Adachi again, then sees a familiar silhouette in the distance. The light shines on the blade of her axe, and she jumps down from her height--on top of one of the Shadow World's studio lights and fixtures--and lands a hit right on Adachi's head. She removes the blade and stabs him again, her jet black hair covering her expression.
Coraline: Zou gets up and staggers a bit before falling back down again.
Janet: Janet stands there for a moment, healing everyone, but before anyone can utter a word, Janet's in the air and she flies through the exit TV.
Coraline: Zou gets up, and walks to Kuma, whimpering. Then she yipped.
Janet: Kuma gets up, rubbing his face. "Zou-chan~kuma..."
Coraline: Zou looks at Kuma, her eyes had returned to normal. Her ears go down and she whimpers again. (The shadow world isn't being nice to her right now...)
Janet: (Poor Zou...) Kuma hugs Zou and holds her tight.
Coraline: Zou yips, she looked a bit like she was struggling to keep her eyes open, and to keep from falling.
Janet: Kuma picks her up and leaves through the TVs, knowing he has to get Zou out. Yosuke sighs and sits on the floor.
Coraline: (*looks a at picture* o3o Slendy's on gravity falls. Dat Slendy.)
Coraline: (…... )
Janet: (OMFG O_O)
Coraline: (Slendy is the creator of Gravity Falls, ya' know. :3)
Janet: (He is!? *stalks Slendy online*)
Coraline: (:3333333)
Janet: (o3o)
Coraline: (XD) Coraline looks at Yosuke. "Somethin' wrong?
Coraline: "*
Janet: "It's all my fault if anything happens to her..."
Coraline: "To who?"
Janet: "Zou-chan..."
Coraline: "Why?"
Janet: "I'm the one who pissed her off in the first place..." Yosuke mumbles, smothering his face in his knees.
Coraline: "You didn't mean to..."
Janet: "I know I didn't mean to, but it's still all my fault..."
Coraline: Coraline walks over to Yosuke and sits down next to him. "Don't blame yourself..."
Janet: "I can't help it..."
Coraline: "Still, you shouldn't."
Janet: Yosuke sighs and shakes his head. "Let's go."
Coraline: "Alright." Coraline gets up.
Janet: Yosuke exits through the TVs with Coraline.
Coraline: (~Zowie doesn't know what to say next o3o~)
Janet: (XD okies)
Janet: Yosuke checks on Zou and Kuma. (Nowsh ur chance)
Coraline: Zou had blacked out and her breathing was heavy.
Janet: Kuma is shouting Zou's name desperately. "We need to get her to a hospital~kuma!" he orders Yosuke and Coraline.
Janet: (since they can drive and he can't XD)
Coraline: (XD) "Alright." Coraline says, and they head to the hospital.
Janet: Kuma waits outside of her room, pacing back and forth as he bites his lip. Yosuke holds his head in his hands.
Coraline: Coraline was next to Yosuke, she felt a pang of sadness due to the way he was acting, and to Zou being hospitalized.
Janet: "Dammit...why...?"
Coraline: Coraline sighs. "I don't know why...." she says quietly.
Janet: "It's because I was being an idiot..."
Coraline: "You weren't being an idiot..."
Janet: "Yes, I was..." Yosuke mumbles, sighing.
Coraline: (You be the doctor again o3o) "No you weren't"
Janet: (okies XD) Everyone sees a familiar silhouette head into Zou's room. (Guess who!!)
Coraline: (Janet :3)
Janet: (Yup!!) "Wh-who was that~kuma?"
Coraline: "Probably Janet. It looked like her a bit."
Janet: Before anyone can say anything else, she exits the room, holding her arm, which was bleeding badly. She stumbles a bit as she tries to walk away.
Coraline: Coraline looks at Janet and sighs.
Janet: Janet suddenly crumples to the floor, trying to hold back her shriek of pain.
Coraline: Coraline walks up to Janet. "You ok?"
Janet: Janet bites her lip, stumbling back up. Her legs are out of shape, too. "I...I-I'm fine." she lies, flying away.
Coraline: Coraline sighs again. (Now teh Doctor comes and you play teh Doctor :3)
Janet: The doctor enters the room and eventually comes back out. "She's made a miraculous recovery..." he mutters. "Will she be okay~kuma!?" "She'll be just fine. I don't know how or why, but...she'll live."
Coraline: "That's good to hear." Coraline says.
Janet: Yosuke and Kuma breathe a sigh of relief. "Janet..." he mutters to himself.
I added more for me to edit! At least tomorrow is friday ^^
I'm loading myself up with too many things. *sigh*
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A tribal falcon I've been working on :/

That curved line sticking out of the falcon's neck is the second wing.

in case you don't know, WIP means "Work In Progress".

Should I finish it?
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Because I was too lazy to draw it myself :D

Thunder belongs to Tessathedragon: [link]

Base belongs too: [link]
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Baby Jake Left alone.. as new born...

Base From :iconrainithehedgehog:
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base by :iconchaossoda:

(splodergale i bet you cant figure out who the first two are)
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Collection by
Face Book llOnline Store ll Tumblr ll Help support me on Patreon and get special perks<3llArtstationlInstagram(new) gumroad(tutorial store)

The finished speed paint from this voice over tutorial :3 Brushes/Tools/Speedpaint Voice over tutorial pack. by sakimichan I wanted to play around with the yinyang theme, I like deer girl too so this is what I came up with XD was trying very hard to hind of blend the yinyang hair of hers, but it was fun :)

❅video tutorial
❅High res jpg for this piece and many others will be made 

 available through my patreon 

Dragon Fruit Faerie by sakimichanViking Elf Fearie by sakimichanFemale. Male 3/4 fullbody tutorial pack .promo. by sakimichanFireFoxy by sakimichan

Patreon reward archive 
( see what rewards you can get by helping support me !)
Thank you for your interest!

used: photoshop CS6
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Or: " The not-so planned performance of Shinichi Kudo XD"
Because in this episode, Sonoko kinda forced him to join as Black Knight without knowing the role/play lol

Starting to upload my CosDay convention photos...which has been a while now X'D
Finally I can present my helmet, which I think came out good <3

For fun I took part in DCM and to maybe get some stage photos (what was achieved here <D). Sadfully withour my Ran because it was a single competition >~<

But WITH THIS, I won ;A; I got through the preliminary round!! And now I'm in the finals of the german cosplay championship that will take place in october ^_^ *party hard*

Character Shinichi/Jimmy Kudo as the Black Knight from Detective Conan/Case Closed

Foto by :iconhasengott: during my performance <33
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KID the phantom thief: Urei
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lol these are fun to do~ perspective was really hard in this one, I know it´s not perfect, but I just had to do this XD

Comissions are open for these, I can do things like that on any screen/monitor, you just have to take a photo, please send me a note for more information about prices :3

~~ Similar art ~~
 Look who is coming outta my screen~ by Midna01

Uhm, I disabled comments, because I kinda get too much of them on this pic and they are literally spaming my inbox.. I´m not able to see any other comments on other art I did, so please understand. Please don´t see this as an "I don´t want to hear your opinion" or something. 
If you have something really important to tell me about this, you can just leave me a note, thank you ^^;
Comments disabled by owner.

winter version of 'teamwork' artwork I did back in Halloweens for fun! have a snowy and pleasant holidays c: used photoshop and paint tool sai.

inspirational song - LINK

me on TWITTER :bulletred: FACEBOOK!

Calendar 2014 by Apofiss teamwork by Apofiss

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I feel like we don't take enough time to highlight the relationship between Celestia and all of the Mane 6, instead of just Twilight. We get Celestia and Twilight, and Twilight and her girls, but I feel like the girls would have a special bond with Celestia as well considering how much she relies on them and trusts them. They write their tales of friendship back to her and she in turn knows what makes each of them special and unique (like how she instantly looked to Fluttershy for Discord's reform, something even her friends doubted). Twilight's destiny may have been to become the Princess, but Celestia doesn't hesitate to give credit to Twilight's development to her friends and their influence on her. And its cute to see them interacting with her now because though they still respect her as royalty, they approach her almost at the same level that Twilight does. Slice of Life was pretty much making fun of how the girls are "always there to save the day!" and all that, but shoot at this point they might as well be Celestia's knights!

Celestia loves her elements of harmony and I think its just adorable we should talk about it

ponies not mine
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Comission for :iconkasar700:

My Little Pony FIM, are property of HASBRO. All rights reserved.


(By: Google Translate and me.  Drunk )
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"How about a trade, Princess Twilight...?"


The glorious finale made me crawl back out of my hole. After the last piece I kind of withered away for a while under the stress of all the stuff I had going on. I haven't even been visiting devART much either, so there might be a whole bunch of unanswered comments lying around.. Sorry for leaving you guys for such a long while.

I still do have a lot of stuff going on but at least I got something out and finally caught up with episodes.

I hope I can now get back on track with art and ponies through this breeze of inspiration the finale gave me. I don't want to end up like I've been for the past month or so.

Nevertheless. The finale sure was something else. This scene in particular struck me as the big turning point.
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Thank god.

Other charactars to be wolfified -
diamond tiara/silver spoon
carrot top
(you get the gist)
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speedpaint - [link]

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Awesome Art
Collection by
Aaaand here's new work, enjoy :3
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EDIT: Here's Ku's fabulous version! 8D
Derp Derp by Kukkii-Gyunyuu

IT'S 3 AM AND I BLAME :iconkukkii-gyunyuu:

these are a closed species plz dont copy cuz theyre 2 fab 4 mere mortals
not sorry :''D
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* Speedpaint *

I just really want an episode where the Pines family are having fun playing a game together and they're all happy. Is that too much to ask? ;;

I really messed up the perspective here, Stan look like a giant. ><  

Characters/Gravity Falls © Alex Hirsch/Disney

Art © Nightrizer

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Happy birthday, Samooraii ! :hug:
Ahaha~ I'm so glad my gift isn't late for once XD Decided to draw Summer this time >w< Aand the flower crown is totally inspired by the one you were wearing when we met, ahaha X3 
I hope you like it and that you have an amazing day! <33
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Mostly art from tumblr, although there are a few things here that I hadn't posted there yet. Lots of human practice, with some Monster Falls au things in the center. I love drawing Sphinxford x)

Art © Nightrizer

Characters/Gravity Falls © Alex Hirsch/Disney

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A little forest dragon (:
When in a forest you can't find any nuts- it's his tricks, I'm sure^^

Pencils, pens on a brown paper.

Art © me :iconalviaalcedo:

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The winter is coming..

Rare digital drawing from me.  My PC is old and photoshop works bad, so I can't draw digitally as much as I want.
And the winter is coming to my city.  It will be snowy soon.

This one is T-dragon  (trianglewinged dragon), the dragon race I made.  It's open race now, you can make your dragon with similar anathomy of wings, if you want.

Art &T-dragons  © me :iconalviaalcedo:

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A little gift to MissShad3 & SirOzar! ;P

Best of luck from Goldey and Jun. ^^
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This is how my part looks like with Khaos and my traditional speedpainting commissions.
 Even though, I put a lot of thought and heart within them. 

This is a fantasy tigress who will be transforming into icy crystals and snow.

I really enjoy working on these.
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It's a bit early,'s Homura, Kyubey and various witches wishing you a Happy halloween! :D

I used to watch anime, but haven't had much time to do so nowadays. The last series I finished was Madoka Magica. I tried watching Attack on Titan, but I stopped after a few eps; I just couldn't get into it. Recently I read a few books of Terra Formars (quite gory, btw, if anyone is thinking of checking it out), in anticipation of the anime, but I doubt I'll be watching that one either.

Anyway, back to Madoka, I think it's one of my favorite series so far. It also helps that it's short, at 12 eps. I love Homura in ep 10; I've watched that episode about 4 times now. :D I've also watched Rebellion, but it's not as good as the main series. That fight between Mami and Homura was epic though.
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Colored sketch for :iconsevian: his character Irago

Medium: pencil on sketching paper + retouching in Photoshop
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Drawn last week...this came out of sketching around trying to think of how to construct a possible ''Springtrap Villain Song'' type image (Or  one of the other characters, not sure yet). But I, as you can see, gave up on it and plan to save the idea for later. So anyway, this is what I ended up drawing instead. Not sure exactly what's going decide! 

I also plan to draw that ''Nightmare Freddy'' thing at some point. :^D

Edit 5/4 
Edit 5/5
Thank you guys for the clarifications about what FNAFB I see why people are referencing it in the comments and seeing similarities haha.

HQ:Nope by Kosperry 
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I really wanted to mess with different hues of red and yellow and it was also about time I drew something for :iconfiretaily: - of course the first thing that came to my mind was Elia, of whom they have done some really inspiring works! It turned out quite gloomy, just couldn't stop myself. ;v;''

Done in Paint Tool SAI
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Staring at the Sun by TV On the Radio

art trade with this beautiful nerd alridpath
featuring Cato, who looks more like a bear than a shepherd dog DX sorry for my sucky anatomy
well, hope y'all like ;w;

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this is for one milestone goal reached on Patreon, i've promised a thank you picture.
drew based on the vote result i didn't expect people like my originals more thank you!

characters are SEI vs Jin from:
BlackBlooded03: HOLD STILL! by kawacy
literally the guy who never smile vs the guy who always smile lol
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Art © Tisha Appadu :iconshanineko:


Instagram ->
Tumblr ->
you can find on my Facebook Page,my work in progress, become a fan:
Commission Info:
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I feel like I really need to stress this point, Please don't 100% overlay airbrush black your works. PLEASE. Overlay can ruin a picture when overdone. Overlay abuse is a very real, crippling thing. Especially with the first technique, don't flats+pillow shade ty

With that being said, overlay /can/ be your friend and here's how I personally use it to enhance my works. Low Quality gif but when applied, I think these 3 techniques can really help out a picture:… (pic used: Akiham by Ekkoberry)

I personally am someone who kinda sticks a lot to really desaturated, pale colours, and overlay can give it that extra oomph that's needed to really make a picture pop.
if you're unsure on what I mean by saturation/hue/value, I tried to explain it here: Colour Wheel Tips by Ekkoberry
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A shot in the next episode in Ghostblade. Yes finally I have some time to do my own project, long time no update on Ghostblade. I'm working hard on the next chapter and it's almost done! Yes Lenia the burning rose! YAAAAAT!

Support me creating Ghostblade:
You can read the previous chapters here:

Lenia 2 by wlop
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