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Why I always draw mature Coco?? Maybe she's already 20 years old in this artwork. ASDFGH SORRY FOR THE CRAPPY COLOR-- I'm very weak at choosing the right color... :iconasdfghplz://:iconsparklesplz:

So many awesome artists in this group//hide myself :iconlazyweepplz:

-Genius tablet

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:iconf-a-m-i-g-l-i-a: Application with my Regioso fam :iconlazeplz:
:iconpinksparklesplz:REGIO FAMILY!!:iconpinksparklesplz:

Name: Cecilio Marinoni
Gender: Male
Nationality: Italian
Age: 40
Birthday: November 23rd
Height: 186 cm
Weight: 83.9 kg

Famiglia: Regio
Position: Lightning Guardian
Weapon: Chain with modified mace and blade
Flame: Lightning Attribute [Fulmine]

Quietness, puzzles, intricate machines/designs, dis/assembling things, books, black coffee, strong alcohol, taking walks, sleeping, sweets

Being seen through, children, people/things that are hard to get rid of, loud/rude people, liars, boring/tedious things, darkness

Usually quite reserved and dislikes talking to others about his past/history, family is an especially touchy subject for him. Therefore, he dislikes being easily read by others or people who are too insistent on establishing a deep relationship. However, he does enjoy light acquaintanceship with others and does not openly dislike even superficial relations. Has a light conversational air about him when he is speaking with others and smiles quite often (although it often is a patronizing smile as genuine ones from him are rare). When there is someone who is difficult to understand, he automatically takes an interest and sees it as solving a complex puzzle. Very perceptive and intelligent, but will not engage in verbal/physical battles unless absolutely necessary since he thinks fighting is "pointless and boring".

He dislikes doing things that he is told to do or having tasks handed to him, so usually he comes off as quite lazy/undedicated, but when he puts his mind to something (esp. something that challenges him/piques his interest) he is determined to follow through. His real love is machinery and is especially fascinated with intricate lock designs. Because of his works and interests, he is actually very knowledgeable and up to date with technology. When he's not spending his days lazing around and sleeping, he stays up many days and nights in a row working on something (which does not happen quite often but very extreme when it does happen). When he is troubled or have something on his mind, he usually tries to drink his trouble away or drown it out in menial tasks (one of the few occasions when he would actually accept tedious work) to forget about it instead of dealing with them head on.

Born in a family that was below average on income, Cecilio was not a fortunate child when he grew up. His mother died giving birth to him and he was raised singlehandedly by his locksmith father in a secluded little town. Eager to somehow make his father happy and thinking that perhaps he would be able to make up for the death of his mother, Cecilio studied the locksmith trade with a strong passion. He did anything to see his father look at him with a smile. However, being such a talented locksmith at a young age did little to help with his self-restraint, without knowing the severity of it he always stole things that he could not obtain. As his father found out about this, he received the harshest words from his father who threatened to disown him. Rebellious and shocked by his father's words, he ran away from home for a few days and only to come back to a ransacked empty house of what seemed like a burglary.

Overwhelmed with confusion and despair, he packed whatever valuable items that were left behind and traveled to the main cities looking for work and information about his father. But locksmiths weren't needed anymore in the city and nobody was willing to hire a kid, desperate for money, he got involved in the underground business and was soon noticed for his amazing lockpicking skills. Although he never stayed around at one place long enough to rise to power, his name as the "Master Key" got around the underground world, and it was rumored that he could break through any security system no matter the type. The most famous story was that after helping a group break into the most fortified bank and robbing it clean, he was caught and placed in prison but only to walk out of there by himself, leaving an empty cell and a group of gawking guards.

Despite his status as a figure of urban legends, the many years he spent looking for his father (whom he have heard was taken by a large underground shadow-figure group) finally caught up to him and he started to lose hope. His outlook grew dimmer and dimmer each day as he wasted himself away. One day he thought he could no longer handle just living life like this on an unsuccessful search, and decided to give up for the first and last time in his life. As he was standing on the edge of Pons Sublicius bridge, about to jump off, a man walked up next to him and started talking. After a good many minutes into the conversation, he was convinced to step back down and the man revealed to him that he was the boss of the Regio family, and he knew who Cecilio was. Shocked and doubtful, Cecilio continued the conversation with that man, and his wandering ended that day as the man said to him, "I want you to join my family."

Weapon: Chain with modified mace and blade
Box Animal: Diavi (Silver backed jackal)

Perceptiveness: Can quickly calculate opponent's anticipated movements based on information he knows.

Surprise attacks: His weapon can change depending on how the flames are being controlled, the chain can break down into sections/connect together with his solidifying flame attribute. The mace also contains hidden traps that can be controlled with his flame.

Infiltration: As a master locksmith, he can break through almost any type of security system.

Defense: Because his weakness is strength, he focuses on being defensive until he can find the right moment to strike.

-His first name Cecilio means "blind" and "sixth", coincidentally he has a sharp sixth sense and good eyesight in normal conditions, however, due to spending his youth working on intricate lock mechanisms, he cannot see in darkness/dim lights. His last name Marinoni originates from the meaning "of the sea", which also has a coincidental relation to how he attempted to drown himself.

-Not so much of a strong fighter, although he is quite good at fighting. He tends to rely more on speed and tricks rather than brute force, unless the situation absolutely requires him to do so. If anything, he will avoid direct confrontation as much as possible giving excuses like it's "too troublesome" or "it's boring". Fighting with flames quickly drains his energy although he is able to assault enemies with strong bursts of lightning quick attacks.

-The stories about him are actually true, although there are so many variations on what he actually did that it's hard to know what really happened.

-His chain mace has hidden contraptions built in by himself, so despite looking like an average steel ball with spikes, it's actually a lot more deadly. The other end is attached with blades. (OOC: to get a good feel about his weapon, look up Gogo Yubari from Kill Bill lol)

-He is holding a Rubik's cube type puzzle in the casual view, it's one of the possessions left by his father. It seems that the pieces are placed wrong and cannot be solved. He kept it as a memory of his father.
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revamping cause i hate the old design! /o/ :iconpurplesparklesplz: pardon the inconsistency in my art haaha----

Name: Feleti
Age: real age unknown, but he looks 25
Gender: male
Height: 2 meters not including the hat, :iconheplz: yes he's a giant

Famiglia: Cornacchioni
A very large and heavy sword that consists of separate parts that are connected to each other by a metal wire. They can be split if Feleti swings the sword.

looks like this [link]

Flame: 8th Vindice Flame

Box Weapon: (will be drawn later)
a Giraffe (8th Flame) and a three legged Crow (Sun Flame)

a very very weird individual, he's so weird that you can't really know what he's thinking about. he is very carefree, laid back and also very lazy and does things on his own pace. also can be very playful and annoying.

- Sleeping/lazing
- Roses
- Sweets
- Children
- Magic tricks, he like studying them

Additional Info:
- he talks like a woman
- he uses womanly voice to speak (for reference. shirokuma cafe's mom panda's voice. if he's serious he'll talk in normal voice)
- he takes out his weapon from his hat
- his hat has a name, the name is Grecella
- not really interested with humans, though he likes children
- likes giving people nicknames
- though he can be very playful. when at work, he can be extremely scary

Feleti (c) me
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I did the drawing, and :iconaannie23tw: did the totally epic coloring :iconiloveitplz:

This is Kai and Tuk at the fountain in the Grand Plaza :D
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//had this rotting away on my wip folder for some time now. I never got to finish it til now :iconmingplz: and i havent really thought deeply about the things i drew but yeah this is just how Haku's derpy life goes i guess--:iconcannotevenplz:
my idiot son :

5-9 years old : so, early years of Tomo was filled with blood, sweat, muscle pains and bruises. As soon as he learned to walk (well not really lmaoo), his father whipped him into training martial arts. He'd often retaliate and cry but what else can he do with his stubborn, merciless and optimistic oyajiiiii-- his mom wasnt home much so lmfao he aint got noone to run to.

10-12 years old : His dad died then and that was a huge blow (ofc since he's like everything to him; he wasnt attached to his mom as much as he was to his dad okok). It was a rather tough time and to add to that, he and his mom moved overseas; near to where she worked as a fashion designer.

13-16 years old : He was home-schooled while his mom was busy with work. This was also the stage wherein that rebellious spirit comes in. Feeling lonely just by himself in their flat, he'd go out in the city and usually gets involved in street fights. He'd mostly win the fights due to his past training. This was also around the time he met Allesio; yup. street brawls made them hommies. yeah. lmfao i think. :iconomgcryplz:

16-19 years old : When he got tired of always fighting meaningless fights, he'd often study on his own and pick up his mom's works. He got interested in fashion since then and maybe jsut used that as an excuse to get closer to her. this lonely kid. /weep it worked though. lmao. His mom asks his opinions on things from time to time.

20-24 years old : Current Haku. Fashion Food and Travel enthusiast and a die-hard shopaholic. Though he has moved out, he visits his mom from time to time. He travels around the world--travel expenses sponsored by *cough*Alessio*cough*--well, he gets good information from his travels and deals with the Family's public relations. ( amgg he should be in a food network channel or something rflmaoafhfhas )

25-28 years old : IDE--what idk if he was mature but he must be mature by now lmao. amg he's still travelling and ripping a hole in the Family's budget. He's got contacts all over the world. i guess. idk. /crey

29-33 years old : He's really mature now is he. aksfakjfa look at that adult hairstyle--is it even, anyway, he has his own office now. lmao and prolly runs a clean business hahaahahjdkashfak he still supports the Family wholeheartedly. yup.

34-37 years old : I-DONT-KNOW- Haku is soft-hearted and definitely not cold-blooded despite his appearance and demeanor. So yeah, he settles and have a baby boy with idk--amgggggg :iconomgcryplz:
Anyway, he's a nice parent who reads stories to his kid okok
:iconmeowthderpplz: ( imean this can totally change depending on-- circumstances)

idk really know if i'm sane when writing this but yeah ehe--:iconmingplz: sorry for the wall of text OTL

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Collection by

Collab with :iconmydearno7: senpai :iconlaplz:

Line (c) :iconmydearno7:
Coloring (c) me (SAI + 2-3 hours + mouse + +40 layers)

Rene (c) :iconmydearno7:
Yong Hae (c) me
They are in the same family, Cornacchioni the popcorn/ corn family :iconheplz:
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Birthday gift for the three owners of the three OC's on this pic that's not mine! :iconsrapplz:

Just noticed a while back that the Crescita people on my tumblr dash have the knack for genderbending their OC's, and I thought, "Hey, why not?" So have Alessia, the redhead diva who works at a cabaret (but is secretly head of a huge underground empire); Tomo, a classy businesswoman who lives the high life and works behind the scenes for said underground empire; Sawyer, the skirt-chasing dealer at a gambling joint who leads the double life of a hitman; and Lyssie, a blonde bombshell who is a little too proud of her body and a little too merciless with her targets. //slapped for AU-ing

Since Famiglia is all about Mafia, I went as stereotypical as stereotypes go...minus the tommy guns because they're hard to draw :iconmingplz: And again, as I did in my old piece: [link] I was trying to channel Lackadaisy Cats by Tracy Butler (all hail).

Alessia (c) :iconblue-kites:
Tomo (c) :iconsehika:
Sawyer (c) :iconsynzunea:
Lyssie (c) :iconhaitorii:

Credits for the card patterns (random google vectors) and background swirlies (Arabesque brush pack by ~ElementsUnleashed
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At first I wanted to draw Casper and Ace but our other couple got neglected so I thought I should do something about that :iconimsopervyplz:

I'm sorry I butchered your Nero, BUT HE'S TOO HARD FOR ME TO DRAW HIM PROPERLY //sobs
It made me realise how much I love to draw Io, even though I neglected him SO MUCH XD

Until the longer description in which I confess my love to you and our pairings (づ ̄  ̄)づ


Nero (c) =melloskitten
Io (c) Meh~
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Finally completed this meme.;;; what is consistency--- :iconomgcryplz:
and amgg the last one i'm so sorry just t-shirt and shorts nothing much orz
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I've been gone for a while. So it is~ little mafioso babies :iconsparklesplz::iconmingplz:
this is what happens when Haku and Bossu fight in the playground :iconimsotiredplz:
and omg this is like Crescita ft. Andrew kjhgfkjg

from left to right:
Ria me
Andrew =bunnychii
Haku ~sehika
Piper ~synzunea
Alessio ~blue-kites
Giulio ~soupkun

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Collection by
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Super overdue kiriban request I got from :iconcurryuku: once upon a time omg I think like 3 years ago? LOL
Enjoyed working on this a lot though despite all the black ;;;
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:star:Please do not repost/edit my artwork!

soda chibi for TheAngelOfMemories 
design by piyona 
art by onisuu 

ahhh he's such a cutie *Q*)) I like the stripes in the ears > 7 < ))
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Rating Star Chibi-commissions for Rating Star
:iconbanana-banshee: :iconwingraine: :iconvaniraa: 

Didn't draw chibis for a long time, so I lost my skill in their drawing! Had to start once again ;DDDD
I wonder if only girls are here, but still I'm also glad, because I don't really know how boys could turn out ;DDD 
On coloring stage I was working with 3 different palettes: purple, red+green and peach+brown. Now I feel like I did a great job with it - I like to work with colors and mix them after all Emoji05 by Emoji-icon

Now you can find out characters' names (and owners) and visit their pages (if u interested in designs): 
Bullet; Yellow  Lila (c) Banana-Banshee
Bullet; Pink  Luned (c) Wingraine
Bullet; Orange  Aribell (c) Vaniraa

P.S. maybe I should do more chibi-comissions one day. Drawing chibis is so fun! 
Thank you for commissioning me! <33333333
Programe: SAI, Photoshop
Music for inspiration:
 Five;Queen - We Will Rock You (…
Time: 2 days
Date: August 12th, August 15th. 
:star: Click on "download" and get a bigger size:star:
:star: My ART on the TUMBLR page

Bullet; Pink Chibi-set TWO:
.CC. Chibi-set 2. by Hetiru
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Collection by
:iconcombo-lock: :iconoverlocked: 

Hunger Game AU Event

Verona -- after 1st kill :iconrlyplz:

enjooy~~ :iconlaplz:
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They gon' fuk u up bad.

i dun fucked up on their designs. Sasha is missing her armband thingers and Glynn is only wearing one rope-arm thinger. sorrynotsorry

edit: ok im sick of this sitting in my stash and now that sashas design is apparently changed welP I CAN KICK THIS OUT NOW SORRY

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Hey. Remember how I said no more pink?
Well here is a pink overload because this is how rie's promises to self work.
They don't.

Anyway, Im quite happy with this tbh. If I could change the colour scheme I would be even more but hey. Rules are rules and there's no helping it.
This is also my way of showcasing her tattoos. The back tattoos that is. This is basically how Ell looks like if she hides her wings (since her shirt also has a thing at the back that opens up exactly for the wings purpose)

But now i 100% promisu pink abuse won't happen.
Because I fear Im starting to like using it.
And that is scary.
//rolls into a wall
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Collection by
Tagged by: :iconkawaii-miho:

1. - You must posts these rules.
2. - Each person has to share 10 things about them
3. - Answer the 10 questions asked to you and invent 10 questions the people you tag will have to answer.
4. - Choose 10 people and put their icons on your journal 
5. - Go to their page to inform them they are tagged
6. - Not something like " you are tagged if you read that"
7. - You have to legitimately tag 10 people
8. - No tag-backs
9. - You can't say that you don't do tags.
10. - YOU MUST MAKE A JOURNAL ENTRY. NO COMMENTS. Unless you're commenting about the actual entry

Question by :iconkawaii-miho:

Do you love me? :iconohdokiplz:

AHAHAHA-- Ohhhhh?? Miho wants a love confession~~?? Of course! After all those silly RPs, chats, etc, who couldn't love an adorable person like you?!

What is legit the most ///////(awkward-embarassing) moment/phase when you RP with someone?

Ummm...t-that would probably have to be the very start of rping with a new character with someone whom I'm new with? Ahahaha, either that or trying to start up an rp with someone I don't know-- :iconduckyrunplz:

What's you're favorite thing to do in a character?

Well, if this can even count as a thing to do to a character, I like to make them go through a cooking rp/moment at least once-- ahahhaa, what can I say, food is freaking yummy okay. Everyone should love food.

Do you have to pee? cus i've been holding mine for hours??? and that's bad. you should pee. right now. did you pee?

Nope. I'm good. Don't need to go anytime soon.

Have you everbeen shipped? like you not your charas but you.

Kind of? But it was more of a cruel-ish, teasing-ish, joke-ish moment since I kept teasingly pairing up my friends with the people they have crush on and they kinda....yeah-- ahahhaha-- 

Lesson learnt: Don't do it. Even if it's a joke. 

Do you think making up questions for these tagged things hard? cus rn im just what am I suppose to do???

Most of the t-time....I usually make up questions r-relating to food-- :iconhesmirkplz:


Oh boy, there's quite a few within some different groups-- Not taking in mind that I...don't really rp much with many people--orz Let's see....


Dion and Riley: The silly flower rp. Oh man, two silly old men placing flowers in each other hair-- I can't even-- Like what am I suppose to say to Rah?! Oh right, I'm sry Rah that Dion had to meet Riley in such a way for the very first time--

Gio and Autumn: Gio pointing the gun at Autumn when they met for the very first time in the HQ's hallway. AHAHA-- Meeting up in a strange way for the first time must run in the family-- :iconhithitplz:

I-I....really don't rp much okay with many people okay-- :iconsulkplz:

Are you wearing any underwear right now??? what color-- DETAILS MAN! SHARE US THE DEETS!


Can you peel the peelings of my hert?

Wait, Hert as in from Skyrim or-- Hold on, you owned a deer?! :iconhithitplz:

oh god last one. finally. uhmmmm should we RP? we should totally RP. If we currently are RPing- v good. If I stopped replying- PLEASE HIT ME UP! CUS I PROLLY PROCRASTINATED AND FORGOT-- AND FRICK I JUST REMEMBERED GOTTA FINISH THIS UP AND REPLY-- //cries// anywayweshouldtotesrpjustsayin

Yes, good. Rp with Miho is good :iconbeardstrokeplz:. Ahahaha--

  1. Do you like ice-cream? What kind of ice-cream and/or flavors do you like? (I want recommendations okay?!)
  2. I heard that there's such thing as fried ice-cream! Had you ever have one?! HOW WAS IT?!
  3. Noodles or Pasta?
  4. What got you into drawing? What was the first rp group you joined?
  5. Talking about rp-- Did we ever rp before? Cause if not, dude, we should, really. especially Famiglia-- //biase
  6. Anime or Drama or Reality television shows? Any good recommendation-- //kicked
  7. Writing or drawing, which one do you enjoy the most?
  8. What's your favourite food???
  9. you like about...m-me? QvQ
  10. Are you super moe or moe?

I...err tag:
:iconxseigax: :iconrahmennoodlez: :iconsoupkun: :iconblue-kites: :iconemi2yam2: :iconsarifinafilth: :iconkaetyuki:........

I-I don't know of more than 5-6 people I can bug/tag. 10 is impossible-- I'm sry for being a hermit--:iconpandarunplz:

SORRY GUYS! You don't have to do it. 

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ART COLLABOTRADE WITH NANUUU :iconinstantmiso::iconsachiin: 
uguu gomen if i butchered your lines with my coloring.
Anyway, I had so much fun coloring your lines. :iconoohmrdarcyplz: I absolutely love your style-- sketching, lining and coloring--EVERYTHING
It was an honor working with a nanu like you~
Other collabotrade:
Lines + Landon the bishie © :iconinstantmiso:
Colors + Rachelle 
© :iconsachiin:
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Commission for Calyp-so

©Characters belong to respective owner
©Art by instantmiso
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Commission for PrettyPirouette

©Character belongs to respective owner
©Art by instantmiso
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Collection by
Collection by
cause i love him HAHA <3

art (c) me
character (c) ~Bizarre-Dreams
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hae this is my new bbu, nuyun. <3
designed by ~Tochi-Taru bbu u v u <3
hope you like it? LOOOL
will get working on ATs and prizes

art & character (c) me
design (c) ~Tochi-Taru
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While waiting for someone to get back to me about a commission I suddenly had an idea "pop" into my head while watching adventure time and here it is ao no exorcist in adventure time style XD
I don't really like how the two hands that are holding look XP
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dun ask why annasuu the puppy suddenly have bunny ears ~ - 7 -
John. you silly. ASDFGHJKLKJHGFD
but,ohgod, i still love him so much. even though he is silly.
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Well i havnt drawn Eddy in ages, so i wanted to do a good pic of the cutie~
i had way to much fun with that background haha, neons on black always looks scifi to me, is that odd? xD

oh btw, the cats FC (:iconstripesonelephants:s oc) as a cat, just cuz.
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Collection by…

Finally done!!
Two of my precious babiiiies 

Back on tracks, feels good to draw big pictures again (ゝڡ ∂)

Mangastudio and photoshop

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DON'T TALK TO ME, DON'T EVEN LOOK AT ME  :icontuzkiflailplz:

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I move from one sports anime to another. He finally made his appearance and it was glorious.

Haikyuu!! © Furudate Haruichi

art blog:

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Can't draw Kuroo without Kenma!

Haikyuu!! © Furudate Haruichi

art blog:

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agfasdsd /u\ kageyamaaa♥~
Créditos a los dueños de los recursos >u< 
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Collection by
66th frame xD Zenn seems to be not impressed
I realized I started talking to it XD
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2012 Konrad Kupczyk

Do you like my photos? Click: [link]
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cze, jestem brudnym wyciorem ~~
dodatek - wstążka balaura
for :iconfantasmecollege:
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for :iconfantasmecollege:
Sorry for that inactivity. Just... My laziness is sometimes awful. Need to upload shitload of sketches/commissions/etc.
And don't mind that wanna-be-the-cat-but-can't-because-I-was-lazy-to-draw-from-references.

Ni to kot ni to pies.
Nie umiem rysować kotów, a byłam za leniwa, żeby patrzeć na jakieś refki. HERP DERP. Tomasz Kot będzie o wiele lepszy. XD (You get it? THOMAS CAT) *nie, nie jestem śmieszna*
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Jak ja się dawno nie bawiłam w takie speedpainty. Co za radość i szczęście: )

I Melanii chyba nie bardzo się podoba bycie kotem. Cóż, przykrość.
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Collection by
      :iconblueheartplz:Please, read first :iconlainloveplz: :iconblueheartplz:

:star: You can click for full view.

:star: Please, if you do not like the design of the character, just don't comment.

:star: This one of the antagonists of our fancomic "ONE PIECE - Odyssey at World's End"

:star: Description presentation based on : [Tenshi no Fuu Profile]

:star: You can see the original drawing [Here]

.: NAME :.

Duncan Wimund

:bulletblue: Race / Origins : Fishman (Blue Shark), from Fishman Island (Grand Line).
:bulletblue: Birthday : March, 15.
:bulletblue: Bloodtype : XF.
:bulletblue: Age : 27.
:bulletblue: Height : 193cm.
:bulletblue: Hair colours : Smoky Blue.
:bulletblue: Eyes colour : Corona.

.: STATS :.

:bulletblue: Strength (STR) : 16.
:bulletblue: Dexterity (DEX) : 15.
:bulletblue: Constitution (CON) : 15.
:bulletblue: Intelligence (INT) : 10.
:bulletblue: Wisdom (WIS) : 8.
:bulletblue: Charisma (CHA) : 10.

.: STATUS :.

:bulletblue: Affiliation : St John Pirates.
:bulletblue: Bounty : 105 000 000 Berries
:bulletblue: Role : Doctor.
:bulletblue: Family : Unknown.


ONE PIECE OaWE - Mind Mind Fruit by HayatoPhantom
:bulletblue: Devil Fruit : Mind Mind Fruit (イシイシの実 – Ishi Ishi no Mi).
:bulletblue: Haki : No.
:bulletblue: Devil Fruit Family : Paramecia.
:bulletblue: Effects : Duncan is able to move objects with the mind. He can aslo creates energy blasts and shields. Plus, he’s able to causes psionic damages on his opponents’ mind.
:bulletblue: Weapon : None.
:bulletblue: Attacks:
      - Bergerak Duncan is able to move objects with the mind. He uses this ability to use objects as projectiles on his opponents. He’s also able to propel opponents.

      - Achilles : Duncan turns psychic energy into an energy shield, allowing him to be protected from any damages.

      - Nebelgeist : Duncan grabs his enemy, then causes a psionic blast on their mind, then they lose consciousness.

(For now that’s all, more of his attacks will be revealed after the Timeskip !)


:bulletblue: Strengths :
      - Doesn’t argue orders, always fulfill his duty.

      - Has a good knowledge about navigation.

:bulletblue: Weaknesses :
      - Stays back from the rest of his crew.

      - Has a slight “fondness” for algae.


:bulletblue: Theme Song : "Quasimodo" - Lifehouse.
:bulletblue: Colour : Azure blue.
:bulletblue: Fashion Style : "Clown Fish".
:bulletblue: Voices :
      - (JP) : Ryouichi Tanaka. - (ENG) : Vic Mignogna. - (FR) : Emmanuel Garijo.

(Since I'm French, I used to watch animes in their original version and in French Dub version. I also play video games in both English and French language, so I decided to choose voices in the three languages. And I love voice actors in those three languages ! XD)

:bulletblue: ST JOHN - Original Characters :bulletblue:

[Baldassarre Benedict] | [Vane Woodes] | [Jack Rackham] | [Buskes Cossa] | [Alcantra D. Soto] | [Roche Gerritz]

:bulletblue: MARINE - Original Characters :bulletblue:

[Ward D. Zack] | [Eugene Elfrith]

:bulletblue: WHITEBEARD - Original Characters :bulletblue:

[Veronica Burn] | [Grace]

:bulletblue: CIPHER POL - Original Characters :bulletblue:

[Snow Meiron] |
[Deep] | [Cardinal] | [Acid] | [Wisteria] | [Zero]

      Copyright Statement 2 by Sophibelle

:bulletblue: Made by : :iconhayatophantom:
:bulletblue: Duncan Wimund : © :iconhayatophantom:
:bulletblue: ONE PIECE : © Eiichiro ODA.
:bulletblue: Profile Sheet Texture : © Its owner (found on google)
:bulletblue: ONE PIECE - ODYSSEY AT WORLD'S END © The:star:Star:star:Project
:bulletblue: 「Commissions Open!」 | 「The.Star.Project Tumblr」 | 「NONSENSE Tumblr」 | 「HayatoPhantom on Twitter」
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Commission for :iconkagome-nezumiro:

This was done quite a while. I'm so late in submitting...ORZ....

Here's :iconkagome-nezumiro:'s One Piece original character. Kayle.

I noticed I draw LONG human. XDDDD
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One Piece OC: Fuu enjoying a hopeful breeze under the sunshine

The last of the close-ups of the pictures I used on Fuu's Complete Chara Profile:

I spent a long time on her expression, but the ponytail is making her look really young, it's depressing :faint:

Anyway, all my thanks to ~Valy-Chan for having helped me in choosing the best background to present this picture. I hope everyone will like the atmosphere :floating:

Fuu, One Piece OC =TenshiNoFuu

Windy Pose from "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya" Gaku Tsugano
Background: Fate Stay Night Type-Moon & Nishiwaki Datto


Comments are disabled for the reasons stated here > [link] :bow: I deeply apologize for any inconvenience caused by it.

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do not use by murasaki55 My Art Is Not Your Template, ETC by Enjoumou Stamp: Effing Dollmakers by Enjoumou
...I hate to have to put these here, but some people evidently don't understand these things -_-

:star: PLEASE NOTE!! I've been getting a lot of questions from people wanting to know if I would be willing to release a blank template so others can use it. To save anyone else from asking, the answer is always going to be "No" (the only exception I could possibly make is for a close friend). I made this design for myself so that my OCs could have profiles that are unique to me as an artist, and that's important to me. So please, don't ask me if you can use it. Instead, make something that can be unique to you as well! ♥

update: few small changes! Firstly, added his epithet, "Corona" (big thanks to TigerBites for helping me out with that! it's perfect! <3) which refers to corona discharge. Secondly, you might notice that I've changed his eye color (or not LOL). Mara's mother and grandmother both have those ice-blue eyes, while hers are brown like her father's. So after a bit of thought, I figured it'd be neat to have them reappear in Jack ;p Genetics! |D

LOL this was done purely for fun, I don't even know that the RP will even get that far into the future but I figured so long as I'm making profiles for all my OCs, why not?? ;p

He doesn't have an epithet yet, because I'm still trying to think of a good one for him. and his head's blocking part of his name but i guess it's kinda obvious whose child he is :XD:

So anyway, this is grown up!Jack, son of Ace and Mara. I think he's stolen that sash from uncle Marco ;p and while I don't have anything in-depth to write here (he's barely a few days old in the RP's current events and you try having profound interactions with a newborn xD) I did think of some stuff while i was doing this, so here we go:

:bulletblue: his birthday is actually the exact date that he was born in the RP irl, because why not?

:bulletblue: his name comes from this whole playing card theme that I had wanted to do, but in the storyline, it was Luffy's suggestion for a very different reason.

:bulletblue: until he's around two years old, people constantly mistake him for a girl despite Mara's efforts to dress him in boyish clothing. Zoro finds this fact HILARIOUS.

:bulletblue: he has an aunt who is at least 7 years younger than him (Mara's half-sister).

:bulletblue: despite Ace's opinion of Gol D. Roger (or perhaps because of it) Jack is very proud to be the grandson of the late pirate king.

:bulletblue: due to piracy being an extremely dangerous lifestyle, he began training in combat at a very young age, as not one member of the crew and extended family was ignorant to the fact that he would need to learn to defend himself no matter who could claim to protect him from danger.

:bulletblue: he sleeps very little during the night, but will fall asleep at random points during the day and often in the middle of a conversation, much like his father, though he rarely appears to be the least bit sleepy and is generally quite lively and full of energy.

:bulletblue: he is generally good-natured and polite when meeting new people, though the instant someone gets on his bad side, he becomes outwardly, stubbornly obnoxious and it is very VERY hard to get him to change his mind or earn his forgiveness.

:bulletblue: due to the environment he's grown up in, he can be selfish and overconfident, and will sometimes lie or manipulate to get things to go his way, and it usually works.

:bulletblue: with so many other people around all the time, he can be quite possessive over his things and values anything that he can truly call his own. he's not a fan of sharing, especially when it comes to food, meaning dinnertime can often be mistaken for a war zone.

:bulletblue: before anyone points this out to me or asks, there is no reason at all for why his right ear in particular is pierced. it's not supposed to mean a thing (I know people like to speculate on a guy's sexuality based on which ear is pierced, but in Jack's case, the right side was just the side I happened to draw it on and nothing more XD It's a huge and stupid stereotype in the US so I just thought I'd be clear on that).

One Piece & all characters (c) Oda
Jack and Mara are mine~
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Hi guys, well lately I was in a pretty bad mood, but well I guess everybody has to be sometimes. ;__;
Anyway, I painted a picture of my new OC, who is not to a Manga or Anime. His name is Hayte, and I tink he will be about 16-17 years old.  On this picture he is painting the room he is in, in black and white, and then he uses black color to cross it. The same stripe of black ink appears in the real world. So, he is painting the world black. 

The masks are inspired by the band Hollywood Undead, who also very often use similar on themselves.

So, I hope you'll like it ^^ :iconrubcheeksplz:
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