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recently discovered 2p!Hetalia ^_^ I love it ^_^ anyway here's some SpaMano in 2p for you~

i don't own
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Was I really like that?? Oh god. Kill me now! - Italy

I missed out too... Asked by ~Buruku1811 - Germany

Characters are not mine
art was done by me

Japan's face ♥
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My 2p!Hetalia character!

(( 2p!Hetalia character is the opposite personality/color scheme of the original character , or whatever..))
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It wasn't the first time that the 2ps had found themselves full of resentment for their 1p counterparts, but this time, however, was different. This time they had decided that they would all attack together, at the same time they would attack their counterpart and defeat them. Then the 2ps would rule the real world and leave behind the half-lives they had in thier world.

"Dude, this is taking to long..." A dark-haired American whinned, his bat with iron nails sticking out of it slung over his shoulder.

"Shut the fuck up!" Hissed a Canadian who was leaning against a wall near by, his sunglasses covering his eyes like usual. The American frowned.

"Do you really want me to mess you up today?" He challenged, bat ready for conflict.

"Ha, bring it fatty!" The blonde Canadian taunted, yanking his hockey stick out. The 2p countries glared at each other and were about to pounce, muscles tense.

"Now, now, now boys," chripped a happy voice. "Let us not get to rough right before an important battle." A British man wearing pink smiled creepily at the two who were ready to jump at each other's necks and beat the tar out of one another with the weapons they held. The blue/pink-eyed blonde man suddenly whipped out a batch of cupcakes. "Would you rather have one of these?"

They both swallowed nervously at the sight of the perfect, pink and blue frosted cupcakes. They had both had a taste of the Brit's wonderful cooking before and both had either woken up underwater or on the verge of being stabbed with a cake knife.

"Can we just get zhe meeting started?" asked the purple-eyed Frenchman boredly.

The light blonde Brit grinned. "Of course chap. Is everyone here?" He did a little head count. "Ah, yes all my little duckies are here."

"Now, everyvon," declared a very ticked-off looking German with a scar on his face. "Today is the day ve attack those damned 1p counterparts of ours."

A few people muttered or cheered in agreement.

"I can't wait to crush that little wuss who-a-calls himself my other self," smiled a dark-haired Italian with a sweet face. "Me and fratello will-a-destroy them." A blonde Italian beside him nodded along.

"Hai, or if we lose, we die with honor," a red-eyes Japanese man said firmly, gripping his sword.

"Ve vill not tolerate failure," an albino Prussian butted in. He recieved a glare from an Austrian who was rocking back and forth in a corner, muttering about strange demons who wanted him to "slave his life away playing for them". [1]

They all exchanged approving looks as they readied the weapons they had on them. Even if they were 2p countries they all knew something thier 1p counterparts didn't. This meant war.

The British man clapped his hands together and smiled a smile large enough for them all. "Now my loves, I believe it is time to attack. But before we go.... Would anyone like to try a cupcake?"
Just something I came up with....
Man it sucks....
This is also on my Quotev account so I did not steal,

[1] Always imagined 2p Austria as a "tortured musician"......

Okay so these chapter will about the 1ps and 2ps in battle. Enjoy.

Next: [link]
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I asked myself a questions on my tumblr page to show you how I answer. My tumblr page is myself only. Lovino has his own.
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Huhuhu this took three days, but I'm really proud of it.
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The questions are now open...*flustered* おねがいします! *bows* ((it's almost saying 'please take care of me' in a way. ^^;))

((okay so this is my first time doing an ask account so if anyone of you do have an ask or had one can I have some advises since I am a bit shy...^^;))
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What constantly happened during lunches when I used to work at BioWare.

Special thanks to Chris Ryzebol for helping me crit this and telling me to make it in the first place!

Cast (in the 3rd to last panel going from l-r):
Me - 5'4"
Tim - 6'3"
Casper - 6'3"
Chris - 6'3"
Ben - 5'6" ish?
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and i like this song~
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Yes.. I would like to thank the power of RP again... :iconbowplz:

Anyways... I could have finished this if I wasn't being much of a lazy arse... Yeah.. so anywho, I kinda enjoyed doing this alot~~~ :heart: Plus I like how I colored Italy's skin and eyes~~ Oh and we should thank my friend Becky, she's the one who told me about a random Iggy suddenly pm'ing her or something and asked her that... thus this short comic was born!!!!! :mwahaha:

.... Should I continue to make crappy comics like this??? XDDD
Oh.. and if you like the single Iggy having a shower in the rain.. tell me and I'll post it XDD (which will never happen cause I suck at it :iconotlplz: )


By the way.. I forgot to mention that you read it Right to Left~ :heart:
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Collection by

So, today I felt like doing a meme about pairings or Hetalia and then I thought: 'Why not BOTH?' c:

So here it is~ And some explanations on why I chose this pairings:

1- UsUk (AmericaxEngland)
This is like, one of the most famous couples regarding Hetalia and I see why. They look so damn cute together~
To be completely honest, at first I didn't know what I found cute on those two together but now I do.
And they are a little bit canon if you think about it...
If you're thinking 'Ew, this is incest is soo gross' or something like that, think about it some more.
They aren't blood related so, NO INCEST HERE~!
Besides, I hate incests so... yeah I think I made my point xD
Oh and I also like UkUs. Thought you should know xD

2- RoChu (RussiaxChina)
Come on, do I need an explanation?
China is adorable and Russia is like a giant teddy bear.
Besides, they are kinda canon as well...
I find the fact that Russia is always following China dressed in a panda suit or just break into his house, cute and hilarious as well xD
To put it all in one sentence, they are so goddamn HUGGABLE! :iconmonkeyloveplz:

3- SpaMano (SpainxRomano)
A tsundere boy and an oblivious one together are cute. Nuff said.
To me, a couple that envolves a tsundere guy/girl, is pure awesomness to me. Dunno why.
Some of you may say that Romano hates Spain and so, he has no feelings towards him but to me is different.
To me, Romano acts bitchy towards Spain because he thinks that Spain wants his grandfather money and nothing more.
But deep inside, he does care for him. He's just too stubborn to show it.
And Spain is so oblivious that he doesn't realize that xD
Yeah... Spain does not know how to read the atmosphere

4- GerIta (GermanyxItaly)
Canon pairing. Do you need more?
They look so cute together as well.
Everytime I see them together I'm like :iconfrenchsquealplz:
Besides, Italy is Germany 'only friend' (according to the last) and... it just fits somehow... :shrug: I think I made my point ._.

PruCan (PrussiaxCanada)
I know many of you may be saying 'This is a totally crack pairing' or shizz like that.
They aren't canon but that doesn't mean that they are crack. I agree that is more of fanon than canon but still...
I like this pairing because they are both sometimes referred to as loners. Prussia being lonely (despite saying "It's so fun being alone" all the time) and Canada rarely being noticed is a large factor in foundation of the pairing.
Also notice that Prussia always remember Canada and never mistook him for America

6- DenNor (DenmarkxNorway)
Okay, what's NOT to love from these 2?
I like that Denmark is always damn oblivious to Norway's insults and still consider him as his best friend.
It's sort of a love-hate couple in my POV.
That's why I like it; because I like love-hate relationships xD
Besides, pairing or not, the two characters are seen as great foils for each other given Norway's more cold personality matched against Denmark's jocular, headstrong tendencies.

7- SuFin (SwedenxFinland)
I mean, they adopted a son (Sealand) and a little puppy (Hanatamago. It's the fluffyest dog I've ever seen BTW).
The only thing that is missing is a marriage between the two! And Sweden already calls Finland his 'wife' so... Get my point?
"Others suggest that Finland still carries a degree of Stockholm Syndrome around Sweden, and that the relationship is more one-sided than it would appear to be."
I found this on the Hetalia Wikia and I think it makes sense. Do you?

8- GiriPan (GreecexJapan)
I think that that describes all xD
The Cat Loving pairing. Or course it had to appear. c:
I don't have much to say about these two... Just that they look utter adorable together.

9- LietPol (LithuaniaxPoland)
I like this couple. I don't love it
At first I didn't like Poland very much. He was too childish and loud for my taste...
Now I love the guy xD
I always liked Lithuania. He's so shy and gentle.
Just the kind of guy I like xD
So hilarious when Poland asked Liet to show him his 'penis and junk' xD
That made me love the polish man.

10- AusHun (AustriaxHungary)
Lol, the only straight Hetalia couple I like...
I must admit that I first liked PruHun more but now, seeing that Hungary can't stand Prussia, I am no longer fan of the pairing.
These two are canon, there's no doubt about that.
They were married so...
They look cute together. Period

1- [link]
2- [link]
3- [link]
4- [link]
5- [link]
6- [link]
7- [link]
8- [link]
9- [link]
10- [link]
Original meme (c): :iconsorceress2000: [link]
Edited meme (c): Me
Original images (c): Their respective artists, NOT ME
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[EDIT:] Changed a few things to make it a bit better as a print. Switched Japan and Hong Kong because Hong Kong and China looked too much alike to be next to each other xP I would redraw it but i don't have time. [/EDIT]

Download to see the larger version =3

The Asia Family
Hong Kong - The Assassin
South Korea - The Messenger
Taiwan - The Spy
China - The Boss
Japan - The Right-Hand Man
Thailand - The Bodyguard
North Korea - The Hit Man
Vietnam - The Deliverer

The boss is the head of the family and decides every action the family takes. The right-hand man advises the boss and is second-in-command. The messenger deals with all jobs related to outside the family, while the deliverer sees that the job gets done. The spy infiltrates the enemy's territory and gathers information, while the bodyguard makes sure that the spy's cover isn't blown. The hit man handles all tricky and messy jobs, while the assassin kills from afar.

Ahh this was so much fun. X3 This was largely inspired by *SpriteOcarina's Asia Mafia doujin. Go shower her and her lovely doujin with love~ *3* :heart:
My sis helped me think of the roles. XD (this was also why i asked about the hit man and the assassin in that poll.)
Whenever i think of a hit man, i always think of the movie The Professional. O: And i totally BS'd the shading on the guns lol

APH + Asia family (c) Himaruya
Art + Hyung Soo (north korea) (c) Lowah

PS. Yes i'm a fag and I have to include Hyung in every single Asia group pic i do. x:
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just practicing my coloring : D

so i thought i'll make a simple comic :D

it's rather emo-ish.. i've never done this sort of strip before i guess coz i have very few ideas for srs bznz stories kind of thing... XD

well i've read some fics and doujins about the dissolution of Prussia. some portraying him disappearing or died. but in my version, i don't really portray him disappearing or dying. rather, in my version, no longer being a country is like losing your one and only job permanently. but there's a much more heavier feeling to it, like your existance depends on it, and losing that status as a nation somewhat leaves a hole in your soul.

it must be very hard for Gilbert ;w;

sorry my english not so good to describe things like tht haha^^ll

sorry if i made any mistakes on the history part, i don't know much about history... but i do know that i love you, what a wonderful world this would be... *singing* /*SHOT

--OK NAO back on working a long GerIta project!!-- *DIED* =w=


Hetalia belongs to Himaruya Hidekaz :D

PS: some people pointed out to me that the uniform I drew here is incorrect. i apologize for the inaccuracy if there's any. i will fix it when i have time. sorry.
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once upon a time in the minecraft world, there lived a lonely creeper. one day he found a sexy miner and fell in love with him. the creeper jumped him and exploded. THEY DIED...


...**hides in shame**
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I love Canada. This character and the country itself.
and i'm heading off to sleep cause i'm going to places upnorth.

Other than that
I'm not sure if I should upload a picture of a Prussia edit which he is topless.

I'm not sure if Hana is editable or not.
Jap says yes
Eng says no
for me
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Collection by
Because i Love Romano <3
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I had no imagination for another title XD Anyway, you see why I don't take requests? This one was made by =TaNa-Jo and she waited for 2 months, and it's not even that great, like I wanted it to be ;A; I really hope she likes it though... <3 I used other brushes to make the lineart and the colouring, I was tired to use the usual effects...

... and I noticed that in these kind of drawings, in most of the cases Prussia's on the right, and Germany's on the left, and when I started sketching it, I didn't even realize it XD

Oh, and I hate Luddy's hair :I

EDIT: Added 'Für Tara' as requested. ^^


Hetalia©Hidekaz Himaruya
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It's now October 10th in Taiwan; time to celebrate the 101st National Day of Taiwan!

Since it's the 101st National Day, Taipei 101 matches perfectly as the focus. Memories of the bookshops inside are always the first ones that come to my mind whenever I think of Taipei 101. The second memory would be of the food court XD They have great food there. Actually great food is everywhere in Taiwan.

And, if you haven't, I strongly recommend trying the Taiwanese bubble tea! It has almost became our national drink.

北門, or Beimen in the lower right is the Gate protecting Taipei back in the Qing Dynasty. The treatment to it has been a subject of critique, as the government built a highway behind it in 1976, despite its historical importance.

Online shop:[link]

Axis Powers Hetalia(c) Himaruya Hidekaz
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Hair makes a huge difference!
I tried once more to draw Yao with his modern, short hair style because I love the fact that it does make him look different, but I also made a ponytail version so you can compare: [link]
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Skończyłaaaam :iconlazycryplz:
Zrobiłam strasznie twórcze tło: textura + gradient~ Chyba jej prawa ręka jest trochę za mała, albo mi się wydaje. Ale tak ogólnie to mi wyszło.
Wesołego Heloimu życzę :XD:

This is my entry for Halloween contest on :iconhetalia-artists: ^^

EDIT: Wiem że jest za wcześnie na takie arty, wybaczcie XD

~Wy belongs to Himaruya Hidekaz/APH
~Art by me
~Texture from dA
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Collection by

EDIT 3: NO, you can NOT just add a blank base / lineart on top off this reff then post it...!!!!!


EDIT 2: Guys!!!!!  Please read the rules!!!!! # 1 Problem--> " -NO, you can NOT just add a blank base / lineart on top off this reff then post it for others.......   " 

EDIT 1: Everyone is so sweet x3   You guys honestly don't need to thank me though, I originally was going to make this just for myself but I figured someone out in DA would like it too.

:bulletred::bulletyellow::bulletgreen: Feel free to send a feature request for your group! I will accept!!!:bulletgreen::bulletyellow::bulletred:

Please enjoy, if you have any questions just ask, hopefully I will cover everything below:

READ THESE, If you don't follow my rules... well you'll find out if you don't.

New Rule! -Yes, you are aloud to use this on other sites!!!! Just make sure you credit me and/or add link to here for the reference. :heart:
(I would avoid Facebook, because then Facebook partially owns your art and can use it freely.)

-Yes, feel free to use it in groups as long as it's okay with them.
-It IS free to use.
-No, you don't need to ask.
-No, you don't need to show me.
-This does NOT need to be for Warrior Cats.
-The big blank spot is to draw in, but if you want to use a lineart/base there too.
-No, you can not steal this. Not much to 'steal' anyway. ;)
-You can change the colour of the pallet (the green shades, letters, ect.) if you want a different colour. Add sparkles even if you want!
-Do NOT remove my credit at the bottom of the reference sheet unless you plan to credit me in the description.
:star:NO, you can NOT just add a blank base / lineart on top off this reff then post it for others. People can do that themselves :)
:star:NO, you can not just re-colour the reff and post it again.
:star:NO, you can not just re-post the reff!!!

---------------> F.A.Q. <----------------
Q- What size is the entire reference?
A- 917x709

Q-What font do you use?
A- 'Tempus Sans ITC'

Q-Can I use this on another site?
A-Yes! As long as you credit me though <3

Q-Can I change the colour of the template?
A-Yep, but don't remove my copyright at the bottom right corner: You can re-right the copyright if you need to... just make sure there's one there with my user-name :)

Q-How do I use this? (I've gotten this question a few times, so don't fret if you're wondering!)
1. You can use 'Download Image' at the right of the pic, then save it somewhere in you're computer.

2. You can rightclick the reff, copy, then ctrl+V into a program.

3. Or even 'prt sc' button (Print screen), then crtl+v (Control V)into a program (Example, ms paint), then save /use at will.

Q- What is the little face (on the bottom, next to the bubbles of leadership skills...etc. ) used for?
A- The little face is just there because I did a doodle on the page x3
You can get rid of it if you like. I've seen some people colour the eyes in or even colour the whole face to match their characters :D

:bulletgreen:Feel free to ask more question, I won't bite I promise :bulletgreen:
I also have some bases too, so feel free to take a peek:…



Look at the many links in the comments :heart:!

This Warrior Cat Ref-Sheet (c) me, Rascal4488.
Warriors (c) Erin Hunter
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B.C. Before Colonization
Chibi America's Diary

Cover: [link] <- also info about my OCs
001: :star:
002: someday...


this one is long because it is the intro... haha right...
sorry for America only popping out in the end T _T
like i said this is the intro so... yea...

ヘタリア Axis Powers © Hidekazu
Native Americas © :iconsirohikari:
Story © :iconsirohikari:
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From Hetalia!World Series (Ep. 19)

Of course, I do not own Hetalia in any type or form, and if I did... Well, Germany wouldn't be very lucky then...

It would include :iconfrancerapefaceplz: :iconhappygermanyplz: :iconnitalyrapefaceplz: among other things!

So Yeah...
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last night i was trying to sleep. then all of a sudden, i got an idea....

hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya.
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:new: NEW !!!!! ----->>> PRINCE &
                        ------>>>> PRINCESS PET (CAT AND DOG)
                        ------>>>>>>NEW BACKGROUNDS
                        ------>>>>>>>> LOTS OF NEW CLOTHES AND DRAG & DROP ITEMS!!!!!

ENJOY!!!!!! :love: :dance: :love: :dance:


Commission work art created for :icondolldivine: and her website

So now u can play it here too!!! :) Enjoy!!!!!!!!! :popcorn: :love: :popcorn: :love:

PS: I just did the artwork, don't ask me about animation, that's dolldivine's area
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I finally made a MMD!!! YAY!
All I did was cahnge the colors and added scars....

Original is by Roco and it is Fem!Germany
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First 2P drawing ever~! *happy dance*

Alrighty, here we have the Macaroni Bros as Kid angels. There's been so much of Fia's Wingtalia on Tumblr that I just had to draw some too. My coloring and perspective are getting a little better, but I still have much to work on. Maybe one day, I'll get the hang of it. Until then... Oh well... :iconlazycryplz:

Program used: Paint Sai
Estimated time: 10 hours
Other comments: none
2P!Romano (c) Jujunghe (tumblr)
2P!Veneziano (c) Himaruya Hidekaz
Art (c) Shewen (me)
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Hehe~. Italy's so funny~
Too bad she tries to stab me all the time. NOOOO we can't have that~. She's banned from joining my Empire that I will soon form~!
Oh and Chibitalia!
*brightly grins*
Guess what?!
I hate you~

((HRE knows Italy's a boy. He just likes to mess with him. A LOT.
A few Headcannons that I will say out here and now before I create a deviation to put them all in?
2p!HRE is extremely obnoxious and loud. H smiles a lot and enjoys making himself look like a fool so people lower their expectations for him, much like 2p!Germany. He is extremely feminine, but gets offended easily if you refer to him as being feminine. He's a ladies man and doesn't like it when people refer to him as being gay. Like 2p!Germany, he has his left ankle and back of neck as trigger spots for violence and his dark side which will come out the moment that they are touched.
He hasn't gotten his scar on his cheek yet, but this comic represents the last few moments he has with an unscarred face. Promptly after he denies Italy to be in his empire, he starts calling Italy names and taunts him. Of course, Italy, being the savage little boy he is, takes out a knife and sticks it into HRE's face.

No one in Austria's house cares about Holy Rome, so he does his own stitches, which is the reason the scar is still very visible today and the fact that 2p!Germany has a love for science that he lets no one know about.

Holy Rome also knows all pressure points in the human body, but has slow reflexes, so he usually doesn't have the time to pinpoint them.
EDIT; Added a little bit more to the Headcannons))
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"Its such a shame...  blood stains so badly."  2p!Italy doesn't care about you.  He doesnt care about anyone or anything.  Living or dead.  Heck, he would kill Romano if it meant a few extra dollars in his hand.

"What did you call me?!"  2p!Italy hates to be called names.  Even if you call him the smallest and insignificant name, he WILL attempt to kill you just for saying it until you take it back.

"The end of the world will look so nice with my name burned through the streets of the cities."  2p!Italy is completely obsessed with taking over the world.  1p!Universe or 2p!Universe, he will try both.  

"G-GYAH!  G-GET THAT THING THE HELL AWAY FROM ME!"  He's extremely frightened by cats.  No one knows why.  This is one of his few weaknesses.

"Ohh~  Whats this?  Heheh... I'm afraid your useless punches wont do you any good, bastardo."  He has extremely quick reflexes, so if youre trying to kill him, always use a gun instead of blindly waving your fists at him.  He has been training since he was very little.  2p!Austria would let him have anything he asked, so you could say he was spoiled.

"Hey.  I have an idea.  Rather than kill me, we could form an alliance.  the two of us would surely be unbeatable."  2p!Italy rarely forms alliances unless the person he is up against is basically impossible to beat for him.  Like if they had special powers or were immortal, he would definetly form alliances in order to get the upper hand against others.  Just because he forms an alliance doesnt mean he likes you.  He hates pretty much anyone and everything.  He's just using you for your special qualities.

"I think you should leave...  I dont enjoy being spoken to that way, you know..."  2p!Italy will not just blindly attack you.  He is civil in that sense.  He thinks about things, unlike his counterpart.  If you threaten first, or if you say something insulting to him, he will usually stay calm until something you say or do makes him snap.

"H-huh?!  What are you--mmmm~"  2p!Italy's other weak spot is also his curl.  1p! or 2p!, the curl still represents the same thing and will act the same way.  The way this Italy responds will be different though.  Of course if you pull it out, he'll faint on the floor, but if you were to pet it like you usually do with hair, he will purr and basically be left completely helpless.

"What?  Size?  Idioto...  Size doesnt matter.  Its how you use youre body that does."  2p!Italy isnt that short, but he still has a motto when others make fun of his size:  "I dont have a Napoleon complex!  Napoleon had a ME complex!"

  • Mood: Cheerful
  • Listening to: Musica
  • Reading: Huhh...?
  • Watching: La televisione
  • Playing: A game~
  • Eating: Pastaaaa!
  • Drinking: Wiiiine!
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Collection by
UPDATE: I've realized that this'll help more people if I place it under Tutorials, so there. =D Thanks to all the deviants who suggested it ^___^ I also moved "WHA-PAK" and Sam: Threefolds to the tutorials section as well.

A lot of aspiring comic artists seem to focus only on style, and not much on storytelling and characterization. Being a comic book artist not only requires the ablilty to draw, but also, the ability to tell a story. And to be able to tell a story visually, you have to be able to give life to the characters- make them look more animated and energized on the page.

One way to do it is through exaggeration. You can give life and energy to the most simplest and boringest situations, and you can apply this to any style. See above and compare the actions on the left with those on the right. I think you'll agree that it's really not that difficult. And I'm not exaggerating! :lmao:

This was actually part of my lecture during last week's seminar, but I don't think the audience was able to see these clearly so I'm posting it here for your convenience. ^__^ Hope this helps folks!
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Mature Content

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Unsettling pt 1

“I’m telling you there’s something wrong with him! He’s not human I tell ya!” (Name) cried out in frustration to one of her friends over the phone. Who was something wrong with you may be wondering…? Arthur Kirkland.

He was a creep and every time the (H/c) haired female tried to tell one of her friends they would find some ‘Logical explanation’ for her theories.

“Are you sure you’re not just overreacting again (Name)? I mean where’s your proof? And it can’t just be a feeling like the time where you thought the guy at the book store was a Werewolf?”

“That wasn’t just a feeling! He flinched when I touched his hand when getting my book, and I was wearing my silver ring! Coincidence I think not! And it’s not just a feeling that Arthur Kirkland’s not human…”

“Oh yeah, then do tell me your proof.”  (Friend’s name) responded and no doubt she was rolling her eyes like usual too.

“Well first of all, don’t you think he’d far to goody-two-shoes? I mean he’s student body President, and he never ditches, EVER. I mean that sure as hell isn’t normal. He also talks like he’s from old England or something! And then the way he looks at people…especially girls...It’s almost predatory…It’s unsettling, and creepy.”

“Him being Goody-two-shoes has nothing to do with him being a monster (Name). Not to mention he is from England after all it’s only natural he talks like them and maybe the town he lived in used an older dialect. And he doesn’t look at people like a predator, he looks at them normally. I think your imagining it. You should stop reading that monster book of yours before bed too. Anyway, I gotta go, I need to get some sleep before my history test tomorrow. Bye-bye hun, sweet dreams!”

With a sigh the (E/c) eyed female hung up and flopped back onto her bed to stare at the ceiling fan.  She knew she wasn’t imagining it… but what could he be?

Reaching over to her bedside dresser she pulled her book of monsters from the drawer. Her dad had given it to her for her ninth birthday just before he left her mom.

After clutching it to her chest for a moment she sat up and turned on her bed side light and began looking through to find creatures that could walk around during the day.

She let her eyes dance across the page about Faeries, taking in the information. This seemed like the most logical thing he could be. The Fae preyed off of a humans emotions and high school sure as hell was full of emotions.

As she was reading over their weaknesses she saw a shadow move across her wall in her peripheral vision. Jumping up and standing on her bed (Name) watched the walls, and pulled an iron cross out of her shirt and held it up.

“You’d best leave now, whatever you are! I have no tolerance for evil creatures like yo- Oh… Haji it’s just you.” Giving a sigh the female sat down on her bed and patted the spot next to her for the Shiba-Inu puppy to sit, he was given to her by her good Japanese friend Kiku as a gift. The small fluffy puppy however did no such thing but stared at a dark corner of her room and growled.

“Haji…What is it boy…?” The female narrowed her eyes and stared at the corner as the dog began barking. Slowly she reached over to grab some holy water from her drawer but then she heard a yelp and saw the rust colored puppy fly several feet.

Anger coursed through her veins as the animal hid behind her, yanking the cap off the flask she whipped it through the room dousing quite a few things. A scream ripped through the air making the female quake with fear.

In absolute horror (Name) as the shadow of a man on the wall writhed in pain before dissipating. Picking up Haji quickly and still clutching the flask the female ran to escape the room, slamming into her bedroom door as she fumbled with the door knob a bit.

Once she was out she slammed the bedroom door shut and ran down the stairs two at a time. Finally she stopped in the kitchen and set the flask down. She then proceeded to check to make sure that Haji wasn’t seriously injured

“Okay…seems like you’re not badly hurt… I think we should spend the night else where though...” She looked down at the dog who was now sitting on the floor staring up at her. (Name) Then pulled out her cell phone and scrolled through her contacts hunting for a certain number.

After finding it she hit send and waited for her friend Ludwig to pick up the phone. However; he didn’t, she then proceeded to call his house phone and thankfully it was picked up on the third ring a strong German voice coming through the line.
         “Ja? Hello?”

“Hi it’s (Name), er…this is going to seem a bit awkward but can I spend the night…? Some things happened and I just don’t wana be in my house right now, I promise I’ll explain later.”

She waited and after hearing Ludwig conversing with someone, most likely his older brother, he replied

         “Ja, do you need someone to pick you up?” The males tone was filled with worry as he spoke. Shaking her head even though he couldn’t see her she responded.

         “No. I’ll be okay, I’ve got my car. I’ll see you in a bit. Bye.”

She then hung up and went to the laundry room and pulled some clothes for school tomorrow from the dryer. She then picked up her bag from by the front door as well as Haji.

She looked down at herself and smiled. At least she was already in her pj’s, and didn’t have to go back up to her room. Grabbing her keys she headed out locking the door behind her. She then put Haji in the back and got in heading to Ludwig’s as fast as she could…without getting a ticket that is.

♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♫ Time skip to the next morning ♫♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪

(Name) pulled into her parking spot, and she, Ludwig, Feliciano, and Kiku climbed out of the car just as Ludwig’s older brother Gilbert was pulling up on his motorcycle. They all had started walking just as the (H/c) female noticed that she left her phone in the car.

        “I’ll catch up with you guys in a second.” She shouted as she jogged back to her car. Leaning in she retrieved her phone and then straightened, then feeling as though someone was watching her she slowly turned around to see Arthur Kirkland staring at her in that same predatory way she saw him look at other people.

Except this time it was her he was staring at... quickly she turned and began walking hoping to escape the awful feeling that she had become the prey, and that he was the hunter.
Sorry guys i had to re-post this because the title went all bonkers on me and was ugly and none of you could tell what it was about! DX Anyway I hope you guys enjoy this I'll probably make one or two more parts and i'm always open to ideas~ so hit me not literally~
Anyway you belong to :iconenglandplz:
and :iconenglandplz: belongs to papa Hima~
The story belongs to me, myself and I~

And I just found the picture I have no idea who it belongs to but if you do then please tell me and i'll be happy to give some credit~ Also I love doing art trades an i'm okay with doing requests :'D
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You can dress me up in diamonds
You can dress me up in dirt

It was a humid rainy day.  You walked home with Francis under an umbrella while the sound of raindrops followed you.  You were wearing the pair of (your birthstone) earrings he had just bought for you.  When you reached the front yard suddenly the umbrella was thrown to the ground and you were in Francis' arms.

“What's this all of a sudden?”  You playfully pushed your boyfriend away.

“I just want to 'old you~”  A strange look passed over his eyes and you watched as he bent down and ran his hand through a puddle of mud.

“Francis,” you said in a dangerous tone.

“Yes, amour, eez there somezing you want~?”

Before a word could escape your lips he smeared his muddy hand over your cheek.  You shrieked loudly and sidestepped him, wiping the mud away.  The Frenchman chuckled darkly and you bent over to make a dripping mud ball.

“This is payback, you jerk!”  You launched the mud at his rain jacket and laughed evilly at the delicious splat it made.  

“Now you're going to get eet.”

“Hey, you started it!” you shouted as he began running at you.

You can throw me like a line-man
I like it better when it hurts

“Ah, but I'm ze immature one, remember?  You could 'ave ended eet.”  He easily closed the distance between you and tackled you to the ground as if you were in a game of football.  You shrieked again as the mud soaked into your clothing.  He climbed on top of you and pinned you down, grinning in victory.  “I don't know what you are worried about.  Mud baths are good for your skin~”  Then he “honhonhon”ed as he soaked your face in mud.  Before you could let out a scream he captured your lips with his in a deep kiss and rolled you around in the dirt.

Oh, I have waited here for you
I have waited

You wondered when Francis would make it home from his weekend conference trip.  It was Sunday evening and he wasn't usually gone this late.  You tugged at the bottom of your dress, feeling ridiculous in your getup.  Just thinking of what you were going to do to him when he got home made your knees weak.  With each passing minute your heart rate increased.  You walked around the house nervously.  When you walked through the kitchen you tried to remember how many times you had made love there.

You make me wanna la la
In the kitchen on the floor
I'll be your French maid
When I'll meet you at the door

Soon enough you heard a “Mon amour~” from the front door.  You tried to calm your pounding heart.

“Coming!” you said and blushed at the pun that escaped from your lips.  You peeked around the corner at him.  Without noticing you, he dropped his briefcase and shed his jacket.  You gulped and walked into the hallway.  “W-welcome home, master.”

His head shot up as if he hadn't heard you correctly, and his eyes widened as he took in your appearance.  You had bought a French maid costume for the occasion.  You knew you were being bold, seeing as you had never done anything like this before.  You weren't sure if Francis would like your outfit, since it was much more tame than the others you had found.  This dress had a black bodice, a long brown skirt, and a white apron that tied around your waist.  You had tied your (h/l) hair back into a white bun and had put on some makeup that accentuated your (e/c) eyes, and your lips.  You rubbed your legs together nervously as you watched Francis remain silent, while his eyes roamed from your head to your feet.  You noticed his Adam's apple bob erratically.

Mon amour, zis isn't for me, eez it?” he whispered.

You waved your feather duster angrily through the air and then crossed your arms.  “Jerk.  Who else would it be for?”  Then remembering your role, you dropped your arms and mustered your best coy look.  “I mean...does it not please you, master?”

You stood before him while you heard him stutter for the first time.  “Ce me plait beaucoup, amour!”

The only word you had recognized was amour.  “What?”

He smirked at you and your heart pounded painfully in your chest.  “What kind of French maid does not understand French, hmm?”  He backed you up against a wall and twirled his finger through some (h/c) hair that escaped your bun.  “I shall have to fix zat.”

“I don't trust you to teach me French,” you said and narrowed your eyes.  “Matthew told me the only words you've taught me so far have been naughty words.”

He waved a hand through the air.  “Zose are important, too.”  Then his eyes locked onto yours in a heated gaze.  “But I don't want to 'ear about any ozzer men tonight, amour.”  He trailed his fingers down the front of your bare neck, and just barely brushed them across your cleavage before he pulled down one strap of your bodice.  “D'accord?”

You gulped and nodded, not trusting yourself to produce a sound.

He placed a slim finger under your chin and tilted your face so your eyes met.  Your breath hitched.  “I said, 'D'accord?'”

You licked your parched lips.  “Y-yes, master.”

I'm like an alley cat
Drink the milk up I want more

You could feel his warm breath fan your cheeks.  “Bon.  Ma petite femme de ménage.”  He pressed his lips roughly against yours.  The stubble on his chin tickled and you opened your mouth to him before he had the chance to ask.  He groaned and his tongue danced around the inside of your mouth.  He could only take a few moments of this, and when you traced your tongue along the roof of his mouth he broke away with a growl.  He hoisted your skirt up and you gasped when he pressed his arousal to you.

“Master, not here...”

“Are you sure you don't want to?  You're telling me ozzerwise down 'ere.”  His fingers found your dripping entrance and you inhaled sharply.

You tried to stay in your role, but you were finding it hard to concentrate the longer he played with you.  “Please don't defile me here.”  Francis laughed excitedly, and you continued.  “No, please, the other servants will hear us.  They're nearby.”

“Zen you'll just have to be quiet, oui?”  He continued to tease your entrance.  You could feel the heat from his body radiating through his clothes.  You clenched your jaw shut and managed to suppress your moans.  This didn't please Francis, because he growled and nuzzled your neck, his fingers working faster.

You make me wanna
You make me wanna scream

His tongue trailed down your neck and slowly dipped into your cleavage.  Your knees buckled and you nearly sank to the floor.  You dug your nails into his shoulders.  “Francis!”  His hips bucked against you and he slowly removed his fingers.  You trembled against him, your breathing laboured.  He grinned and you watched while he loosened his tie and unbuttoned the top of his shirt, baring some of his smooth chest.  You could smell his arousal off his skin and it called up memories of all the other times you'd made love.

You can meet me on an aeroplane
Or in the back of the bus

After the memories of you and Francis in your bed, against the walls of your house, and outside in the yard, you recalled the rare times you'd groped and petted in public.  All the feelings came rushing back to you and suddenly you felt like your skin was on fire, the flames accumulating around your neck, your chest, and your womanhood.  Francis was aware of your want and scooped you into his arms.  You kissed his neck and the exposed skin of his chest as he rushed to the bedroom.

You can throw me like a boom-a-rang
I'll come back and beat you up

Once through the doorway you climbed off him and pulled his face down for a rough kiss.  He wrapped his arms around you and stumbled with you toward the bed.  “A feisty maid, hmm.”  He swung you around and you landed on the bed with an “Oomph!”  He quickly shed his shirt and you let your eyes consume the muscles of his arms and abdomen as they rippled while he moved, before your eyes were drawn to the bulge of his pants.  He towered over you and you tried to escape but your legs had tangled in your skirt.

He lowered his body to yours and propped himself on his arms, gazing down at you with a smile.  He traced his tongue across your lip and you shivered beneath him.  He claimed your mouth and his tongue easily found refuge inside.  You fought against him and managed to roll over so you straddled him.

He rested a hand on your rump and began to massage.  “What an insubordinate maid.”

You blushed, and as an excuse to hide your face you attacked his neck with your lips.  You couldn't get enough of the feel of his broad chest under your hands.  His neck and chest began to flush from your teasing.  You could tell he couldn't take much more when he yanked the bun out of your hair.

“Ouch!” you said and he grinned while he tossed the white cloth on the floor.  In retaliation you pulled out some of his chest hairs.  You laughed maniacally when he yelped.  Your victory was short-lived, however, as you soon found yourself beneath him once again.

You continued your wrestling for several minutes.  Your lovemaking had never been quite this rough before but you enjoyed it, and so did Francis, it would seem.  You put up a good fight against him, but you knew he was allowing you the upper hand to some extent; you knew you were no real match for the Frenchman, and he gave you leverage so he wouldn't hurt you.  

Your chances were over when he finally pinned your wrists above your head, both of you breathing heavily.  He could hold both your wrists in one hand, and with the other he struggled to unbutton his pants.  You giggled at his failure, and you rubbed your knee against the tent of his pants to further annoy him.

He growled and pecked your lips.  “Do you want me to 'ave to sit on you or somezing?”

You giggled again and scooted down the sheets where you put your hands on the front of his pants.  Before you undid them you traced your fingers across his abdomen and tickled him.  He shivered against you, and deciding that he'd had enough teasing, you undid his pants, making sure to lower the zipper carefully.  His manhood was already hard when you lowered his boxers.  He let out a sigh of contentment when it was finally released.  Then he pulled you up so you were facing him and he grinned devilishly at you.

Oh, I have waited here for you
Don't keep me waiting

He kissed your lips sweetly.  In your roughhousing your breasts had all but popped out of your bodice.  Francis completed in freeing them, then lowered his mouth to suck a breast.  Your skin felt feverish and you struggled to remove the remainder of your outfit.  When you were both pressed skin to skin your ability to think clearly began to deteriorate.  You were consumed in the scent of your lover.  You began writhing beneath him when he stroked his manhood against your thighs.



“Hurry, please.”

“I'm not finished with you yet, maid.”  He trailed his tongue along your chest.  You couldn't believe it.  He still wanted to roleplay?

“Have pity on me,” you begged, which caused him to laugh heartily.

He propped himself up on an elbow and gazed at you lovingly.  He kissed you tenderly.  “Oh, alright.”  He moved between your legs.

I feel safe with you
I can be myself tonight

Je t'aime, _____.”

You buried your hands in his soft locks and pulled his face down to press your forehead against his.  “I love you.”

Merci for doing zis for me.”

It's alright with you
'cause you hold my secrets tight
You do, you do

“You pervert,” you said and stuck out your tongue.

“Oh so you didn't like eet?  You naughty liar.”

You make me wanna la la
In the kitchen on the floor
I'll be your French maid
When I'll meet you at the door
I'm like an alley cat
Drink the milk up I want more

He claimed your lips once more then pressed smoothly into your most intimate part.  He groaned when you felt him settle completely inside you.

You make me wanna la la, la la la, la la la, la la la la la, la la la

You wiped at the sheen of moisture on his forehead.  The hairs on your arms stood on end and goosebumps formed on your chest.  Francis noticed and traced a finger over the bumps, causing you to shiver.

You make me wanna

You moaned and forced out a breathless, “Please, Francis, move.”

Oui, mademoiselle.”

You make me wanna la la
In the kitchen on the floor
I'll be your French maid
When I'll meet you at the door
I'm like an alley cat
Drink the milk up I want more

Francis rested his arms on the bed on either side of your head and began to rock his hips.  Each thrust sent jolts through your body, accumulating in your womanhood and travelling up your spine.  Your bed's headboard knocked against the wall in beat with your lovemaking, its rate matching yours as Francis quickened his thrusting.

“Please Francis, make me...”

“Make you what?” he whispered in your ear.

“Make me...”  

Your breathing hitched as he slowed and made his movements more languid, stalling your climax.

“Make you...?”

You make me wanna
You make me wanna scream

“Francis!” you hollered, your voice splitting the air.  Your chest heaved as you took deep gulps of air.  He rested his cheek against yours, and you could feel his smile.  He picked up the speed of his movements again.  You clawed at his smooth back when he rocked with you, his rough thrusting making you lose your mind.  You closed your eyes.  You could feel Francis' hot breath against your cheek.  You could hear the slap of your skin as your sleek bodies met.  You smelled the familiar scent of his lovemaking as he, too, neared his release.  Soon he gave away his tell-tale sign: he could never make up his mind about where he wanted to place his hands as he came.  They moved restlessly from your face to your shoulders, from your hip to your rump.  Finally he hit a spot inside you that made you convulse uncontrollably around him.  He muttered French nothings in your ear and you couldn't stop your toes from curling.

You make me wanna la la, la la la, la la la, la la la la la, la la la
You make me wanna la la, la la la, la la la, la la la la la, la la la
You make me wanna la la, la la la, la la la, la la la la la, la la la
You make me wanna la la, la la la, la la la, la la la la la, la la la

Your high lasted until Francis reached his limit and released inside you.  He rode out his climax while a hand stroked your cheek.  When he finished and your breathing began to slow he rolled onto his side, bringing you with him, and massaged a hip.  He kissed your cheek.  You slapped him when he said, “Maid, don't forget to wash ze sheets later.”


amour: love
mon amour: my love  
ce me plait beaucoup, amour: this pleases me a lot, love/I really like this, love  
d'accord?: okay/alright?
Bon. Ma petite femme de ménage: Good.  My little maid.
oui: yes
je t'aime: I love you
merci: thank you
oui, mademoiselle: yes, Miss
I know I said I was working on a Sweden x Reader fanfic, but I wrote this one out pretty quick. Inspiration came from the song "LaLa" by Ashlee Simpson: [link]
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Hee hee, it's done at last >w</ Another little chibi piece, except this one definitely has a little more effort put into it than the previous, and hey, this time it's Hetalia again.

Switzerland was feeling in a good mood with no naked Italians in sight, and agreed to go out with little Liechtenstein to play on the swing. His little goat came to play too, and as you can see in the background, it just so happened that a lot of the other Germans were visiting the little village near the Alps too. Prussia said something not entirely kind about Austria, who immediately complained to Germany, who wished he was at home in bed away from those two. Switzerland and Liechtenstein remained oblivious~ x3

Ja, I like the German Nations of Hetalia a lot~ <3 ;3

Next'll probably be more FrancexPrussia :3 And maybe some DenmarkxPrussia x3

Thanks for viewing~! <3

Axis Powers Hetalia, Switzerland/Basch, Liechtenstein, Prussia/Gilbert, Germany/Ludwig and Austria/Roderich are © of Hidekaz Himaruya
Alsace and Lorraine, and artwork in general is © of me, NightmareTease a.k.a. Viz
:heart:Like Hetalia? Then check out more of my APH work here: [link] :3
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just my idiot dream I had last time xD

River appears at her parents home with a small child. he is her and the Doctor's son
She couldn't meet the Doctor in years (you know, they are living always different time, and meet in wrong order....)
But she asks her mom to take care of him for a short time.
Of course their scene isn't that short, but it would be too boring if I draw it all...
next scene, Doctor appears in the garden, met Amy and the child.... and of course he can recognize this the relation to himself....
and this is kinda shocking to know have a son, when some minutes ago you just left her, or didn't even have anything like THAT with her... or anything you imaged.... xD

Maybe this is a bit OOC for the doctor, but it is funny, I think.

All was my dream xD


It was drawn to my friend~



ignore my writting mistakes.... it seems I make more then usually.... and I'm lazy to fix it OTL
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Ask Hetalia
Collection by
I thought that was pretty obvious...

[The first one... was exactly his reaction. :U :icondeathstareplz:]
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[Sorry, crazy moment]
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Oh but not to worry any feeble mind's eyes wandering about the blades and strings in my cheeks. They're merely a headband and stick ons.
...Ahem. Also...if I was to dress up as an actual character...perhaps the Mad Hatter~?
Such a fine fellow...

I as well forgot to mention. You never asked...which Alice in Wonderland~ So I have chosen the Dark Alice verse as commonly known these days among gamers. I am not one myself, but knowledge does travel. With the internet being another source of information gathering.


(( What did i draw
oh well


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Thank me later, bastardo. Now I must go for ice... my brother hits hard.
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second time collaboration with :icongatanii69:
the animatronics, they're inseparable just like our friendship^^
happy 2 years friendship anniversary bff

Last year's collab
BENvsJEFF by gatanii69
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For high-res versions, WIP's and time-lapses, check out my Patreon :)…
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*gestures* This bastard. Little shit's ruining my life.
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Outdated and relocated to scraps


When I'm sad, sometimes I'll doodle really dumb stuff. Like this.
Love me some 2ptalia, yiss.

I've been really slow over here so I figured I'd toss this up. Bluh.

Pen/Photoshop CS5+Trackpad
Hetalia (C) Hidekaz Himaruya
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Collection by
I promised myself no Hetalia art until I got a couple of my OCs done. NO HETALIA ART.
Although since this crap is so shitty and minimal, it doesn't really count as art. Huu
Anyway, I ended up throwing some color on these instead of putting clothes on my OCs, so now my poor girls are naked and shivering and this is all I have to show for myself at the end of the day.


If you haven't guessed, these are a few (but not all) of my favorite Hetalia ships. I desperately wanted to add DenNor up there, too, but I ran out of room. > n>
And no, I do not support selfcest. I just don't usually pair Prussia with anyone, so he ends up alone. ; u;

Oh, and don't mind the orange Spain LOL. :iconhelptesh: gets the joke. Er, at least she should.

- - -

Fandom: Hetalia (c) Hidekaz Himaruya
Characters: United States, United Kingdom, Russia, China, South Italy, Spain, Sweden, Finland, Greece, Japan, Lithuania, Poland, Germany, North Italy, Prussia
Media: Paint Tool SAI
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This is a collection of my daily rough paintings in order to cure my art block recently~

ck,i fall into another fandom....this is not good....CURSE U ALL PEOPLE WHO MADE ME READ/WATCH THIS SERIES!!

ok, it's from Hetalia axis power series, if u not know what the series is about, the story told about personification of nations and their relationship during World War 2. So each country was visualize as a pretty boy or girl~pretty insane,but the idea is totally crazy~

What? my fav character?? many to choose..but i think i like England and Germany the most~:love:

and i also made livejournal icon set based on these artworks

come this way:[link]

Comments disabled by owner.
My first Hetalia fanart. ^^ I have more but this is the first one I CG.... Well, I mean a quick pixelating. (Trying to make it looks like some Japanese fanart lol). Obviously this is my first time drawing them both, hope it's not too bad ><.

Spain and Romano are so cute!!! XD They are one of my top pairings. Romano, because he doesn't smile much, always needs oyabun to comes after him lol. But most of all, I really love Spain!!!! (Must be a seme though)
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God, will the sketches ever end?

Probably not, but this is acceptable, I think. Another lunch-break sketch and about 15 minutes of time. The perspective is kinda weird, but it was the only thing I could come up with. :iconorzplz:

I really want to upload something more... Nice, with the right anatomy and outlines and colour and all that stuff, but I don't like uploading old stuff so I'd really have to work on something and pffff....

Why am I so lazy/busy? :iconcraiplz:

But anyway, go ahead and enjoy this, if you can. :iconromanoplz:
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Why am I drawing it snowing in the middle of summer


Oh and hey guys look who came back to life. ;v;

Made in Paint Tool Sai, of course.

And I was listening to this a lot! [link]

Toni and Lovi are sadly not my own and belong to Hidekaz Himaruya.
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