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What a beautiful day for a nap, Aokiji thought as he reclined on the deck, eyes closed, basking in the early morning sunshine. The sound of waves lapping gently against the side of the ship, the calls of gulls riding the wind, the thundering of a couple hundred feet across the deck… He frowned. So much for my nap.

“Admiral Aokiji, sir!” A voice cut through the commotion, stiff and formal.

He felt a shadow fall across him and he cracked an eyelid to find a young woman standing over him, her hand raised in salute.

“Lieutenant [Name],” he acknowledged, inclining his head. She stood taller for a moment, swelling with pride at her newly promoted rank. “You’re blocking my sun,” he said, closing his eyes once more. He could practically feel her deflate at his words and he had to force back a grin.

“I’m sorry, sir, but we’re ready to leave,” she huffed.

“Well, what are you waiting for?”

She faltered. “Uh, your orders, sir...”

“Oh… well, uh, let’s go then.”

“You’re not going to give the order yourself?”

Aokiji stifled a yawn. “That’s why you’re here.”

[Name] sighed and rolled her eyes, turning to face the scattered Marines. “If you’re all quite done running around like headless chickens, weigh anchor!” she barked. They froze in place and offered a salute and a chorused “yes ma’am” before rushing away with more vigour than before.

Aokiji cringed. “Arara… No need to be so loud.”

She shot him a glare. “Next time maybe you should give the order.”

He smiled and waved his hand dismissively. “You’re doing fine on your own. Wake me when we arrive, hm?”

“It’s a two day trip-”

But the sleep mask had already descended over his eyes and soft snores filled the air, each one accompanied by a tiny cloud of icy mist. [Name] sighed and rolled her eyes, storming off in a huff. Behind her back, Aokiji let a smirk drift across his features.

He woke from his nap a short time later, once they had reached the open sea. The sun had risen high in the sky and there seemed to be a lull about the ship. He spotted [Name] close by, her eyes on the log pose to make sure they were keeping course.

“Lieutenant,” he called and she snapped to attention, hand flying up in a salute.

“Yes, sir!”

He patted the spot beside him. “You look like you could use a break. Come take a nap with me,” he said with a wink.

Her cheeks flushed red and she seemed at a loss for words. Bingo, Aokiji thought, a smirk forming on his face. He watched her clamour for a response, only for her to grow even more flustered. Avoiding his eyes, she muttered something about “impropriety” and hurried away.

Aokiji shrugged. “Suit yourself. Waste of a lovely day if you ask me…” he muttered, falling back into a state of unconsciousness.

The next time he woke was to the sound of cannon fire.

“Sir, we’re under attack!”

“Hmm?” He peeked from beneath his mask to find [Name] flustered and desperate.

“Your orders, sir!”



“I suppose we should, uh… Return fire?”

“That would be the correct course of action in this situation, yes,” she replied bitterly.

“Then what are you waiting for? Do you want to sink us?” A smile played at the corner of his lips which earned him a glare.

“You can’t be serious.” She sighed in exasperation. “MEN, ARM THE CANNON’S. RETURN FIRE WHEN I GIVE THE ORDER!”

“Yes ma’am!” came the response and soon the air was filled with the whistling of cannonballs and the splintering of wood. Aokiji reclined back against the railing, seemingly unfazed by it all as he watched [Name] bark the orders. He smiled. As predicted, she performed amicably.

“Enemy ship captured, sir,” she reported, not an hour later. Her voice was strained and Aokiji could tell she was about ready to drop.

“Good work, Lieutenant. Sit with me?”

This time she did not protest, almost collapsing to the deck by his side. She groaned as her aching muscles were finally given some relief.

“You did well today,” he hummed, pulling her against his chest. She started at the contact, but after some gentle coaxing, she gratefully leaned into him, closing her eyes.

“No thanks to you,” she snorted.

“That was the point.”

Her eyes opened and fixed him with a death glare. “You were testing me?”

He laughed, wrapping his arms tighter around her. “And you passed with flying colours. I’d say you've more than earned a nap. There’s still some sunlight left, care to join me?”

“Nonsense,” she yawned. “I don’t have time for a nap, my asshole of a superior dumped me with all his work.”


“You had it coming.”

“I suppose I did…”
Contest prize for :iconasuri-san:

I'm so sorry, I failed D; I've had Mihawk too much on my mind lately so anything else I write turns out to be balls XD I hope you like it all the same :C

Need to knuckle down and finish this last Buggy fic now *rolls up sleeves*

One Piece belongs to Eiichiro Oda
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You worked at Marinefold doing the little things that kept everything in order, such as bringing the admirals their coffee, doing the paperwork they didn't feel like doing, sending missions to other marine bases, all that fun stuff. You sat at your desk filling, when a large shadow approached your desk, you looked out to see the burning stare of admiral Akainu. "_____," he grunted, "I need you to go clean out the office next to mine, we have a newly appointed vice admiral coming this afternoon." You stood up and saluted, he waved you off, then you made your way to the dusty office.

After a whole day of moving old papers, cleaning the floors and wiping down the large window, you turn your attention to the dusty leather couch, with a rag in hand you bent down and started to wipe the seat cushions first. The door behind you opened. "This will be your office," said Akainu as you continued to clean. "Oohh~ this is some nice digs~ does it come with the pretty girl as well~?" A man's voice said lazily, making you turn your head. You seen a man with a vice admiral's coat hanging lazily upon his shoulders, he wore what you thought looked like a gangsters outfit, a suit stripped black and grey with a black fedora atop his head, the expression on his face seemed to be plastered on, 'that face...' You saluted, "that's just _____, she's our assistant."

You finished wiping and straighten yourself up, the new vice admiral was sitting at his desk, fixing it to his liking. You saluted to him and turned to leave, as you took your first step he called out to you lazily, "hang on a sec~ come over here~" You were wary, but you obeyed, walking over and stopping at the large man before you. He licked his thumb and brought it over to your cheek. His gently placed his large thumb on your cheek, gently rubbing it, "you had a little dust on your cheek~" He pulled his thumb away, he chuckled lazily, his expression unchanging, you placed your hand on your cheek, 'that face...'

Over the next several weeks, you caught vice admiral Kizaru staring at you while you worked, not that you weren't flattered, but there was one thought that kept running through your head, 'that face...' He seemed so nonchalant, the opposite of admiral Akainu and admiral Akoji, his idea of justice, unclear. Every morning you brought him his coffee you felt at ease, every time you needed his signature you were relaxed, though, that one thought never escaped you.

After giving Akainu and Akoji their morning coffee, your last stop was bringing Kizaru his then it was off to your desk for paperwork. You walked over to his office door and opened it, he was sitting at his desk reading the paper, he looked over to you lazily, "oooh~ good mornin' ______-chan~" You simply walked over and placed the coffee on his desk and saluted. As you walked to the door, he said lazily, "hang on a sec, _____-chan~ come over here~" He patted his knee, you stared at him warily, then walked over to him, you stood before him as he still towered above you even whilst sitting. "Come~ sit on my lap~" He patted his lap once more, but you protested, "sir, I don't think-" Your words were cut short as he lazily placed one of his large fingers on your lips to silence you, "just for a moment~" You sigh, he wasn't gonna let you get out of this, you lifted your arms up childlike for him to lift you up, he chuckled lazily, picking you up and gently placing you on his lap. You had never felt so short, your back facing him, your head hung low as you sat there, you could feel his gaze on your back. "You seem so tense~" He placed his large hand behind your neck and massaged you gently, you relaxed slightly, you felt something twitch beneath your bum, 'I hope that's not what I think it is.' He could feel you tense up a little and chuckled, "oooh~ sorry~ fella has a mind of his own~" He talked so lightly, it felt like there was a log under you. "You know ,_____-chan~ you could help me get rid of it~" He moved his finger up to your cheek, feeling the warmth of your face, "your burning~ I'll take it your interested~" His finger nugged your cheek a little, you nodded your head shyly, making him chuckle as you refused to look at him.

He placed you down on the ground, you stood there as he reached under your uniform skirt, pulling down your panties, your back still facing him. He unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants, pulling out his freakishly large member, he picked you up by your waist, and positioned you above his member, 'it's so big, it's not gonna fit!' He slowly, yet lazily brought you down, it was agonizing, yet strangely arousing. Slowly and steadily, he brought you lower, suddenly, he dropped you hard, making him go deep suddenly. "Whoops~ my hand slipped~" he sounded lazily insincere. He gripped your hips firmly with his large hands, moving you up and down his lap, you moaned quietly, panting, he grunted lazily. You reached your climax quickly, he continued, forming and breaking knot after knot, your mind going blank. After several minutes, he had finally reached his limit, thrusting himself inside you, filling you. "_____-chan~" he chimed lazily, "I want you to call me Borsalino from now on~" You looked back at him, your blush still present, his face unchanged, 'that face...'
Tell me what you thought. Any suggestions for another fan fiction? Lemon? Unorthodox? You bet! I do it all. Let me know in the comments.
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It's amazing how two children can react so differently to a situation.

Something random that popped into my head was how every time baby Trunks saw his angry daddy's face, he'd cry. Well whilst by the age of eight, Trunks apparently had outgrown that, I imagine Bra would be more than happy to see her daddy!

Chuka has not outgrown her fear yet. No matter what the context is, whenever Vegeta is near his granddaughter, she can't help but feel scared! She's only four years old :la:

Even her uncle Trunks scares her a little since he has the same facial features as Vegeta!

Funny to think Bra is her auntie! (I'm guessing Bra was six or something at the end of DBZ?? No clue but she looked around that age...)

*update 06/05/2015*: Well it's been known for a few years now but apparently Bra is meant to be younger than Pan... so she'd actually be closer to age to Chuka than I realised! This makes this picture look odd on so many levels now. Either Bra is a frigging huge four-year-old or Chuka is tiny!

Chuka Shirataki belongs to me LilDBZbuddy89
I don't own Dragonball
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"What the hell is the CP unit?" You looked at the piece of paper before you warily. "Figures, you would know if you you'd actually paid attention in class," said Hina sitting next to you. You had just finished cadet training at the marine academy, today everyone was getting their assignments. "I know what it is, Hina! I just can't think of it right now," you say scratching your nose, she just laughed at you. Tomorrow you go on the ship that will take you away to wherever this, 'CP' unit is.

The next morning you boarded a small boat that would take you to somewhere far away. No one but the the man driving the ship was on board, for days you dealt with nothing but silence and boredom until your destination was reached. You looked out into the distance, you could hear the sound of water crashing down a water fall, closer and closer you got, the louder the water seemed to crash. You had finally reached your destination, Enies Lobby, the edge of the earth, a man stood waiting for you by the gate. You got off the boat and approached the man, he had wavy purple hair and a shiny animal-like nose, "you must be the new recruit, come, I'll introduce you to the others." You followed the man through the small town, passing by gates and giants, until you reached the building at the end. He guided you up flights of stairs until you reached a room with large double doors, he pushed them open, you could see a few people inside, "this is my office, looks like everyone is here." You stepped inside, the purple haired man placed a hand on your shoulder, "this is our new recruit, eh, what was your name again?" You looked around the room and smiled, "_____."

Over the next few days you got to know everyone, though you were Spandam's assistant, not much went on there. You walked around the halls, seeing what the others were doing, but you found no one, Spandam had taken the sea train to Water 7 to arrest someone and the others were in their rooms, doing who knows what. You walked back to Spandam's office, to find Lucci lounging on the couch, Hattori resting on his lap. You approached him quietly, "h-hello Lucci," you said nervously, he always made you nervous. "Hello," he said coldly, you gulped, trying not to choke on your next set of words, "h-how are you?" He stared at you coldly, as if he was peering into your soul, "why are you so nervous around me? I don't bite. Hard." Your face flushed, as a smirk played on his lips as he moved Hattori off his lap to the arm of the couch. He approached you, placing his hands and firmly grasping at your sides, he purred, "you and I should get better acquainted, miss, _____."

You were pressed against Lucci's bedroom door, in a fierce tounge battle of which you were losing, he opened the door behind you, holding onto you as for you not to fall. He pressed you in, closing the door behind him. He moved his hand up your back up to the hem off your collar, he gripped onto the hem with his index finger, forming a claw, dragging it down, tearing it down slowly and carefully. After reaching the bottom, be backed up and slipped your torn clothes to the floor, taking in all your features. He then pushed you onto the bed, then undressing himself.

Now fully undressed, he crawled on top of you, like a leopard stocking it prey, licking his lips hungrily. He then positioned himself against you, "are you ready, my beautiful, _____?" You nod nervously, yet anxious. Like a fertile leopard, he thrusts himself inside you hard and fast, making you moan loudly. You begin to claw at his back, his thrusts becoming erratic, moaning and groaning echoing through the room. You reach your climax, as he continues erratically, biting at your neck. Finally reaching his limit, he panted on top of you, a smile playing his lips. You stroke his hair, slowing your breathing, you hear something from the room next to you. "That's. Sexual. Harassment." You heard pleasured pants of Kalifa. You hear finishing grunts across the hall, "yooii-yooii~!" You then hear agitated grunts from Jabara outside, "why!"
Tell me what you thought. Any suggestions for another fan fiction? Lemon? Unorthodox? You bet! I do it all. Let me know in the comments.
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Lips were slowly tracing over your neck. A deep growl rumbling in the chest of the man who so roughly pushed you against his bed. 

It should be explained how you got here. After all, you knew you weren't going anywhere for the rest of the night. 

It had been a usual day for CP9. You had been training with Kaku when HE walked up. His raven black hair was pulled back neatly and his wild eyes spoke of danger to come. His faithful pigeon, hattori, was no where to be seen as he gazed at you.

"Kaku, leave." the ginger male didn't need any other instructions from the strongest member of CP9 before he quickly hurried out, casting a glance over his shoulder at you.

You had been so focused on Kaku leaving that you didn't notice the male stalking towards you before he pinned you to the floor roughly, growling like the leopard form his devilfruit gifted him.

"Do you know why I asked him to leave, ____?" 

his voice was deep and had a small husky tone to it as it rumbled against the shell of your ear. 

You tried to shake your head before Lucci's lips met your neck, hungrily biting and licking. You let out a small moan of suprise before he bit your neck, his canine teeth dragging lightly across your pulse. 

"You don't know what you do to me, ____..." he husker lightly in your ear, lightly licking your earlobe.

"This damn body of your's..." his hands trailed up your side as he dragged his nails across your ribs. "Your silky skin..." his nose pressed to your shoulder as he breathed in your pure untainted scent. "Your scent..." he pulled back, licking his lips like a predator would before his meal. 

"Everything. Absolutely mouth watering." his eyes were lit up from the inside with a hunger you had never seen in them before.

"I think I'll give myself just a little taste~ afterall,  how can I deny myself what you can give me?"

His insistent lips upon your neck drew you back to his room. No sooner than he had your attention, did you cry out lightly as his hand tightly grasped your chest. 

"Mmm~ you'd better not be spacing out, ____, some men can take that as a challenge~" the feeling of his growing need pressing against your thigh told
you all you needed to know about how he took your absent state.

He ground his hips against your's,  leaving you panting and bothered. Not a single article of clothing had left either of your bodies but he still managed to get you so wild without even trying.

Said man smirked at you and growled softly, biting your neck. He ripped off your shirt, paying no mind to your startled yelp as he ravished the exposed skin, leaving no part of you untouched.

"I will ravish you and mark you as many times as I need to for you to learn that you're mine... And believe me, you'll know who you belong to after tonight."

His mouth captured your lips in a heated kiss before his tinge entered your mouth without permission, claiming what he already saw to be his. 

The need for air forced the two of you apart before his lips trailed down your neck, biting and
sucking everywhere they touched. 

His hand explored between your legs as he distracted you with his persistent lips. The nimble fingers slipping into your pants and soaked undergarments.

"Already this wet, ____? To think that you are second strongest and this easily swayed." his toying fingers had you moaning helplessly as he none to gently tore away your pants, growling deeply in his chest.

His grin grew into a sadistic one, making your heart flutter like the wings of a bird. An outraged very left your lips as he moved his hand from your slick folds and smirked at you, taking time to slowly lick his fingers.

"Ngh... So damn good... I wouldn't mind tasting more~" he easily slipped your panties from your body as he held your legs open, using two fingers to spread your lower lips before his warm tongue slid over your tight entrance.

His tongue ravished and stroked your entrance, flicking lightly at your sensitive nub and dipping his skilled tongue into you.

Your fingers pulled his hair free from the tie that held it back and tangled into the black locks, tugging at it as you shook in plessure. 

"L - Lucci... Ngh... So close... I'm..!" before you met sweet release he pulled away, leaving you unsatisfied and bothered.

"Don't worry, ____. It's time for the main course anyway~" he licked his lips in a sinfully seductive manner before lining up his heavy length with your slick folds. His eyes met your's before he suddenly trusted into you, forcing a scream to rise up your throat.

He took a moment to let you adjust before he began his hard and rough pace, growling like the wild cat he was. He panted heavily against your neck as he moaned lowly, feeling you tighten
around him as he wildly bucked into you. Moan after moan yore from your parted lips as you cried out his name, making him even harder as he plunged Into you. 

"D-damn it... So tight... Ugh... ____, it feels so good..." he had reached up to speeds not even you can match as the bed shook under him from his pounding force. He didn't even miss a beat as the legs of the bed broke from his forceful thrusts.

"A-ah! Lucci! Ngh... So close..."
you moaned out, your voice rising in pitch and volume before the coil in your stomach snapped and he continued to thrust through your orgasm, forcing you to ride it out as you clung to him. 

At last, he thrust deep into you before his breath hitched and he let out a long moan, releasing his seed into you. 

You were panting as you looked up and he growled with a smirk. "We're far from done here."

The only other sounds that left your mouth were gasps and moans, lucci made sure of that.
A lucci x reader in all its lemony goodness~
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"If only I could read more of this." You muttered to yourself and wiggled out of the shirt-cocoon, letting the shirt drape over your shoulders like a cape. "If you don't mind, when we go back to the swamp, can we stay a while? If I get a few more pieces of information, I may just be able to piece it all together!"

"Sure, if we all go together, we'll be fine." Ace answered and poked the fire with a stick.

"Thanks." You grinned. You weren't going to let this stump you. "Do you know where the book that Thatch put the book that he read the story?"

"Should be next to his sleeping bag." Ace said.

"Thanks!" You chimed and walked back into the cabin, and sure enough, the book was next to his sleeping bag. You scooped it up and walked back outside and sat next to the freckled teen. You opened the book to the page that the story was on and you reread it, just to jog your memory.

"Reading this out loud may be your downfall. In this very forest, a while ago, there lived a man named Wald. He was a lumberjack, and there was nothing more than he liked to whistle while he worked. Day, after day, he cut down trees, and fell victim to the curse that he had claimed was the forest's doing. Of course, he tried to warn his fellow villagers of the terrors he saw, but he ended up making a fool of himself. He warned, and begged, and pleaded, for no one to venture into the forest. But no one would even listen to his warnings. Wald was angry that the children didn't listen to him. They adventured through the forest and made it out unscathed, they made rhymes, such as, "Wald, Wald, the lumberjack, don't listen to him, 'cause he is whack!" Each and every one of them made his blood boil. 

But his fate was sealed when he gave a loud cry of, "damn this forest, damn this curse, damn it all to hell!"

Strange things began happening. Mysterious occurrences began happening at a rapid rate. Puddles of unidentifiable goo began appearing in his house, and it was said that strange lights could be seen from his house, he disappeared for days on end. According to Joanna, his admirer, he may have been researching the paranormal. But, no one knows.

And he grew weaker, and weaker, until his body was near skin and bones. His actions became spontaneous, and he lashed out at random points for no reason. But one day, he disappeared into the forest, and he never came back to the village. A few worried villagers went to go see if he was still alive, and turn him in to a mental hospital. But they never returned, and their bones were scattered across the forest floor spelling, "I WARNED YOU."

Everyone thought that it was some sort of sick prank, but they were wrong.

After that incident, the same group of children that would tromp through the woods decided to sneak out there in the dead of night. They hollered the rhyme,"Wald, Wald, the lumberjack, don't listen to him, 'cause he is whack," over and over. 

No one knows what happened to those children, they never returned home, nor were their remains found.

And if you've read this out loud, I'll have to congratulate you for being an idiot. You should have listened, I WARNED YOU, after all. Perhaps you're one of the more fortunate groups that will make it out of this forest alive, or perhaps you have angered Wald."

You set down the book and paced back and forth. Although there were probably more pieces to the puzzle, this may be enough clues to get an idea of what angered Wald. You picked up the journal and turned to the final journal entry.


This is the last, last entry.           writing in this again.

I h ve b  en protecting t        with my life,      the monsters h  ve be  n persis     . I am afraid that                  to have to sacrifice            in order to save             . It           last hope. I m   t do  t.

                      consequences. I will become pa      ,                   the forest. I don't know                   look after, or my weakness. But it is likely       on  . Provoking      with    mes, is most likely how I may    awaken from hiberna      . I will         grudge      pursue                     angers me. But the page telling                    weakness                 missing. I wish I could te           more.

I am so

So so sorry if I have                      lives. 

This is the true last entry before I beco



You began to try to make a good guess on what some of the sentences were. You went back into the cabin and grabbed a piece of paper and a pencil, after a few minutes, you managed to gather all the information that you could derive from the entry onto one paper.

"It is the last journal entry Wald wrote before he disappeared.

He was protecting something from persistent monsters.

He had to sacrifice something to save something. Most likely himself to save the town.

The consequences are most likely what made him look like what he does now. 

Ace, stop reading over my shoulder.

He has become part of something. 

His weakness may be the song.

Something that ends in, "mes" makes him angry to the point that he will pursue whoever did it.

Ace. I feel your body heat. Shoo. 

He didn't know for sure what his weakness would be.

He most likely didn't have bad intents.

And no, I am not calling you hot."

"Never. Again." Thatch grumbled. You looked up from the list.

"Thatch, what happe- what's that smell?" You cringed as the foul smell invaded your nostrils. 

"Bat shit."


"Hm, what's that-yoi?" Marco asked.

"Just a list of information that I gathered from Wald's journal." You said proudly.

"Ha! You actually believed the story!" Thatch laughed and rolled on the grass. 

"I saw him, I swear!" You defended yourself, feeling hurt that he didn't believe you. A cold wind swept through your legs and extinguished the fire. "Anyone have a match? We can use Thatch's hair as a fire starter since he uses so much hairspray."

"Are you scared, (Y/N)?" Thatch asked teasingly. "Wald, Wald, the lumberjack, don't listen to him, 'cause he is whack! Gahahahahaha!"

Wait a sec...



"mes," is the end of...

It dawned on you.

... Shit.
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Reno x Reader

  When you laid down for bed a few hours ago, you had expected to be able to sleep through the night and wake up in the morning fully rested. You lived alone and typically didn't expect to get any late night/ungodly early morning calls from your friends, much less visits. Yet here you were at 2:30 in the morning glaring at your front door, more specifically, the person behind it.
  "(Y/N), I know you're in there~! I'ma Turk, ya know, and I can break this door down if I want to," Reno slurred out. He definitely had too much to drink tonight. You wrinkled your nose, the smell of alcohol was already strong, and he was still on the other side of the door. 
  You growled, "I'm a Turk, too, and don't think that I won't hesitate to kick your intoxicated ass if you break my door." In all honesty, you probably wouldn't, but you knew that you could considering the state he's in. You reached forward and unlocked the door, only to have Reno fall through a second later, nearly knocking you over. Having a grown man relying purely on you to be able to stand wasn't easy, he's heavier than he looks. 
  "See~ I knew you were home, ya can't trick me, yo," he said this with the confidence of a master detective who had just solved a case. He held onto you tightly to keep from falling over.
  You rolled your eyes and shifted his weight to make it easier to manage, "Yes, clearly you're a super genius. Now, would you mind telling me what you're doing at my apartment at this hour?" There was no concealing the annoyance in your voice. As far back as your memory went, you had never been a morning person, especially not at 2:30 in the freaking morning. 
  Since he was putting zero effort into moving on his own (or explaining his sudden appearance), you dropped him on the floor and went to close and lock your door once again. He probably wouldn't be leaving any time soon. He groaned and sat up, "What was that for, yo?" 
  Now that you could get a better look at him, you were able to see just how wasted he really was. His clothing and hair were messier than usual. Since he was wearing his goggles for some unknown reason, you couldn't see how blood-shot his eyes were, though you could assume they were pretty bad. 
  "Because I'm not going to carry you around like a baby just because you're drunk," you knelt down next to him and removed his goggles, it's not like he would be needing them. He made a feeble attempt to take them back but tipped over instead, landing face first on your chest. The blood rushed to your face, it didn't help that you were wearing a low-cut tank top. You shoved him off, causing for him to fall flat on his back.
  "You don't need to get so upset, yo, it was just an accident," he whined. You rolled your eyes and stepped over him. He chuckled and commented, "Nice shorts, (y/n)~"
  Your brow twitched, and you contemplated going back to step on him, but you decided to let it slide. He's drunk, so he has no filter over what's coming out, not that that's really an excuse. You went to your bedroom and pulled on a more proper pair of pants. Reno complained when you came back, "Why'd ya change? I liked your last outfit better, yo." In the time that it had taken you to change, Reno was able to get to his feet. He stumbled over to you and slung his arm around your shoulder. 
  "Tough," you mumbled. You dragged him over to the couch and plopped him down. His arms snaked around your waist and pulled you down onto his lap. You blushed and instantly began squirming, "Reno! Cut it out!" Much to your amazement, he was still fairly strong, regardless of how intoxicated he was. 
  "But I don't wanna," his words came out muffled due to him burying his face in your neck. Semi-gently shoving him wasn't getting you anywhere, and once his hands started to roam, your patience wore out. Taking advantage of your years of Turk-level training, you grabbed his arms at the weak points and wrenched yourself loose. 
  "Hands to yourself, Reno. I'll be right back, so stay put," you warned. As you left and stomped off to the kitchen, you heard Reno mutter something about you being 'so cold'. Rolling your eyes, you turned on the coffee maker and leaned against the counter while you waited. You glanced in Reno's general direction and sighed, 'I'm not trying to be.'
  It was true, despite how you'd been acting towards him tonight, you were actually fairly fond of the redhead. Actually, you had sort of developed a crush on him over time. Much to your dismay, he was a bit- no, a major playboy. It was a strange sight not to see him flirt with a woman. 'He needs to be extremely intoxicated just to get flirty with me,' you though bitterly. 
  The coffee maker beeped to tell you it was ready. After pouring a cup of decaf coffee for Reno (the last thing you needed to deal with was an intoxicated and hyperactive Turk), you ventured back to the living room. Reno was flipping through some of your books and judging by the look on his face, wasn't all that entertained by them. You tapped him on the shoulder and handed him the cup. He tried to put the book back where he found it, but his senses were a bit too woozy to allow that to happen. Instead, he tossed it on top of the other books with a scowl. 
  He took a sip and instantly cringed, "You could've at least put some sugar in here, yo. Black coffee is nasty." He placed it on your bookshelf, he probably wasn't going to finish it. 
  "Just drink it, Reno. So, what are you doing here anyway? Don't you usually take Rude with you when you go drinking?" You had honestly expected Rude to be there too when you opened the door. 
  "Yeah, but he said that he was 'too busy' to come drinking with me tonight. But you know what, I'm glad he didn't now! He always stops me from drinking as much as I want!" That explained why he was as bad as he was. Apparently, he has zero self-control when it comes to drinking. He wrapped his arm around your shoulder again, "But lucky for me, you happen to live close to the bar I was at, so now I get to spend the night with you."
  Your cheeks grew red from his comment, he really did become excessively flirty when intoxicated. "Y-You know, maybe you should lay down and get some rest." 
  "Aww, but I'm not even tired yet, yo! Maybe you want to help me wi-?" 
  "You are very tired. The couch is over there, go to sleep," you guided him to the couch and tossed a pillow and blanket at him. Before he could say anything else, you hurried off to your room. 'What the hell was that?!' Your face was bright red, you never would've guessed Reno would ever act like that around you. Hell, you were beginning to wonder if he even registered you as a woman, but after this night, you had a feeling that he did. 
  You crawled into your bed and couldn't have been happier to know for a fact that you didn't have work in the morning. Then you moped over the fact that you would probably get stuck taking care of a very hungover Reno in the morning. At least you would be able to get some time to yourself to sleep. 
  And... Cue your door creaking open. 
  "Go to sleep, Reno," you mumbled without even looking at him. The door shut and you could here him stumble over to your bed. He pushed the covers aside and crawled in. "I meant on the couch."
  "Your couch is uncomfortable, yo, I want to sleep in here with you," he said way too casually. He wrapped his arms around your waist and snuggled closer to you. 
  You tried to wiggle free but to no avail, "H-Hey, knock it off!"
  "Stop pretending, I know you like me~!" 
  You bolted straight up, "What?! How did you know?!" As if you hadn't been blushing bad enough already, now you found out that he knew you liked him?! He pulled you back down into the bed,
  "Elena told me. She figured that you would never say anything, so she took matters into her own hands," he chuckled quietly and yawned. "I'm glad she did, I used to think that you couldn't stand me. You know, I've liked you for a while now. I don't suppose you'd be willing to give me a chance, would you?"
  "... I wouldn't mind at all, actually," you said with a light smile. With a satisfied smirk, Reno laid down and nuzzled his face against your neck. Within a few seconds, he was sound asleep. You smiled, hoping that he would remember this in the morning. 

~ Extended Ending ~

  The sun had been up for a while, but both of you were still sleeping. Your cell, which was on your night stand, rang. Your eyes cracked open, and you groggily reached forward to answer it. This was more difficult than you had imagined since Reno was still clinging to you. His snoring was enough to tell you that he wasn't woken up by your phone ringing. 
  "Hello?" You yawned and looked at the clock, 9:30 A.M.
  "Good morning, (y/n). Sorry to bother you, but is Reno there?" The caller was none other than Rude. "I stopped by Reno's house earlier, but he wasn't there."
  "Yeah, he decided to crash here last night after having too much to drink," you explained. 
  Rude sighed, "I'm sorry you got stuck with him. I'd offer to come pick him up, but I have to go to work. Would you mind keeping an eye on him for a while longer?" 
  "No, I don't mind," you answered. Rude thanked you and hung up after exchanging goodbyes. You looked over your shoulder at Reno. He stirred and groaned. 
  "My head hurts, yo..." He clung tighter to you as if that would somehow make it go away. 
  "Maybe you shouldn't have drank so much last night."
  Reno practically leapt out of the bed from the sound of your voice, "(Y/N)?! What?! How- Where am I?!" His face was beginning to turn as red as his hair, "What happened last night?"
  You giggled at his reaction, "Nothing, you just got really drunk and crashed here." A frown tugged at your lips, this probably meant he didn't remember what he told you last night. 
  "You sure I didn't do anything bad? You look upset, yo," he said warily. He hadn't blacked-out in a long time, so he was somewhat afraid of what might've happened. 
  "N-No, you were just a bit clingy, that's all," it wasn't completely true, but it wasn't a lie either. 
  "Just because I'm hungover, doesn't mean I'm stupid, yo. I can tell that you're hiding something," he knew he had you now. You chewed on your bottom lip. You really didn't want to tell him, but you had a feeling that he wouldn't let you get away with not telling him. 
  "W-Well, you sorta- um... YoukindaaskedmeoutandIsaidyes," all of your words slurred together in that last part. You averted your eyes, scared of what his reaction would be. 
  Reno chuckled, "Oh, I did? It's a shame that I had to be that drunk to say it, though." He scooted over to you with a smirk on his face. "But I guess I can't complain too much since it worked," before you could fully comprehend what he was saying, he kissed you. Looks like this wasn't all bad after all. 
This was just a random idea that popped into my head, I hope you guys like it. ^_^

I do not own Final Fantasy or any of its characters. 
I do own this story. 
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A real size daki I'm doing together with :iconuchihakagura1: :3 the right side is still in progress so consider it a tentative representation, you can follow the project on or!
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Otro personajillo más y como dije, aunque esta sea una chica, el próximo ya es masculino ^^ (no sé cómo me saldrá ^3^'')


Imagen original:…




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Mysterious ~°.°~ XD
Sorry for that strange mouth c;
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Collection by
This is another picture I made of Aoi.
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A gift for :iconlucinhae: I hope she likes it ^^. I attempted to do a sakura tree >>

Either way I hope you like it, its for Lucinhae's use only.
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Commission Chibi Pixel art for ~Lucinhae
I hope you like it =3 blue and pink are good colors ^-^

- - -
Commissions are open
Made in GIMP
Aoi Sakuraba © Kou Fumizuki
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1 :points: commission for :icondonhill44:

Hope you like it :heart:
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This Is Also Done For My Sweet Don Hill, Greatest Fan In The World.
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Eustass Kid   2 Years Later By Youkokurama1-d55a5f by PirateQueenD

          "Come on ___, Prince Malcolm will be here soon," Your maid says. You frown down at the dress.
          "Coming..." You sigh,  going toward the door where she waited, you were to go with your father to greet your 'fiance' when he arrived. Your maid frowns at your depressed state. You wondered if Kid had already set sail. You had wanted to talk to him again before he left, but your father had knights positioned at every exit from your room, preventing you from sneaking out.
           Apparently he had heard about you socializing casually with the infamous pirate captain and didn't want to have to explain that to the prince. You look out toward the horizon as you pass the windows. A single ship could be seen and you briefly wonder if it was Kid. Your shoulders drop more, frown deepening. Or maybe it was that guy you were supposed to be marrying. Your maid glances back and frowns again.
           "I'm sure he's a nice lad," She comments.
           "Yeah," You murmur, not really helped by her attempt to cheer you up. She stops suddenly turning to you.
           "I can't let you do this princess, please run away," She whispers. You stop, blinking at her in surprise.
           "Mica, if someone hears you say that-"
           "I don't care! Ive known you for years! This is the first time I've ever seen you so sad... It hurts to see you like this. You're such a good and strong princess. You deserve to be happy!" She tells you, voice steadily rising.
           "Princess," Zav's voice surprises you and makes Mica pale. You both look over as the head knight approaches, eyes locking on Mica briefly before turning to you. "I've come to escort you." He informs you.
           "Right..." You breathe.

        ~Kid P.O.V~

          "What the hell is this? We're trying to leave!" Kid growls at Axel, who had a fleet of ships surrounding the pirate's.
          "I can't let you go," Axel tells him.
           "Oh yeah? Well too bad, we're leaving," Kid snaps. He has been in a bad mood since that night. Though he wanted to see you, he decided you would be better off with a prince then a dirty pirate like himself.
          "I'll let you go on one condition," Axel says.
          "Oh? And what's that?" Kid questions. Axel shifts, seeming unsure on his next set of words.
          "Kidnap the princess," He requests. Kid and his crew look at him dumbfounded.
          "The hell did you just say?" Kid huffs, obviously wondering if this was some bizarre dream.
           "Kidnap the princess," Axel repeats, more sure of himself now.
           "What the hell are you saying? Why would you want me to do that!?" Kid inquires warily. Axel hesitates to answer.
           "The princess was smiling a lot after meeting you," One of knights speak up.
           "She hasn't seemed so cheerful in a long time," Another puts in. Axel lets out a heavy sigh.
           "We rather see her a smiling pirate than a miserable princess," He says.
           "Please, the wedding is tomorrow! If you don't kidnap her tonight...." Another knight trails off rather sadly.
           "We'll look the other way, so... Will you do it?" Axel inquires. All eyes were on Kid now as he silently debated. He looks back at the island, an image of you smiling flashes across his mind. Was he really gonna risk never seeing that again? He looks back to Axel and chuckles.
           "Alright you backwards knights, I'll kidnap your princess," He rumbles, filling his chest swell with excitement. You were gonna be so surprised (and hopefully happy) to see him.

           ~Your P.O.V~

          The one handed prince grins viciously at you and you feel an uneasy chill go down your spine. "Hello again Princess ___, do you remember me?" He inquires. Now that you saw his face, you knew exactly who he was.
          "Yeah, you're the crazy one that had to be dragged out of the castle because you were screaming and cursing me like a banshee," You recall with a smirk. His eyes darken at that.
          "___, don't speak to your future king like that," Your father growls. Your teeth grit and you had to restrain yourself from commenting with an eye roll. Now the prince smirked.
          "It's fine for now, I'll just... Correct her after we get married," The Prince responds. Your eyetwitches and you had to bite your tongue to keep from threatening his other hand. Your urge to hack the guy before you was only stopped from the absence of your rapier. Lucky bastard.
          "Good, I hope you will be able to make a proper woman out of my daughter... Come along now, we will have a banquet and then you may retire to your room and rest after your long journey," Your father tells him turning for the castle.

           You put your head in your hands, wanting so badly to just leave and escape this place. You hated this. The dinner basically consisted of Malcolm vaguely hinting at abusing you after you were married. And of course you were silently restraining yourself from launching at him and turning him into a bloody mess for the maids to clean up. Your blood boiled and churned to the point that if you heard another comment from him that you'd be thrown into a killing spree.
           "You look tense princess," A familiar voice comments, making you freeze and look over in shock. The red headed pirate sat on your window seal with a smirk.
           "Kid..." You gasp standing up as a rush of happiness comes over you.
           "Heh, surprised to see me?" He inquires, getting up and coming toward you. You smile and run over and hug him tightly.
           "I'm so glad to see you," You murmur into his chest. He touches your back and you start to shake.
           "___? What's wrong?" He whispers quietly. You look up at him with tears in your eyes, making him tense.
           "I hate him... That bastard... I don't care if it sentences me to execution... I want to kill him..." You tell him with a shudder of blood lust, gripping his coat. He blinks and chuckles.
           "How about you come with me instead?" He inquires. You blink, looking up at him in shock.
           "Really?" You breathe. He nods and your eyes widen, a grin splits across your face and you kiss him heartily. Kid freezes in surprise, blushing heavily. "Take me with you, to the sea." You whisper.
            "Don't have to tell me twice."
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"Hey! Come on (       )! This is a bad idea! Let's go back!" Marla calls, tugging her hair nervously.
"Quit being scared! They can't get mad at us for playing a harmless game! We pay their money, we watch our loved ones die, and we never complain! All we want is to play a game! The least they can do is let us! Right?" You call back, standing by the shore, back to the water with your hands on your hips. You and your friends had been under Arlong's terror-filled reign for over 3 and a half years now, and you missed one thing more than anything. The water. Before the fishmen came and banned the humans from ever leaving the village and ever getting in the water, you hadn't been able to go swimming everyday like you and your friends used to. "Gold Roger" had been your favorite game, and now you wanted to play again. You couldn't take it anymore and decided today was the day. You were getting in that water no matter what. You were certain it would be hoped.
"I don't know....." Toru rubs his arm and looks down at the ground.
"Psh, you guys were all ready to do this earlier, don't wimp out on me now!" You chide.
Your five friends each take a turn avoiding your gaze uncomfortably as you sweep over them.
Sighing, you consent to doing this by yourself. Maybe if you show them there is nothing to fear, they'll join you. It's just a harmless game. The fishmen can't kill you for that. They won't. You're not doing anything wrong....You dip your toe in the water, slipping your whole foot in. The water happily parts to accept your leg, followed by your other leg, as you immerse yourself waist deep. Letting go of the shore, you slip in all the way and duck under the surface. Coming up and spouting a stream of water like a whale, you laugh and say "Come on everyone! The water feels fine! Nice and cold, like it always ways!"
Everyone watches you hesitantly from the shoreline, scanning the horizon for any approaching, unexpected fishmen.
You strike out a few feet and splash around. "See? Nothing to worry about!"
Toru rubs his neck and surveys the shoreline and water. Shrugging, he timidly steps into the water and follows you. Everyone else follows, nerves still on edge. Once you're all in the water, you volunteer "I'll be Gold!"
Calling "Gold!" and closing your eyes, you flail your arms around to find your friends.
"Roger?" Toru offers meekly. You turn the direction of his voice and hear a swift splash as he dodges your reach.
"Gold?" You try again. Your response comes from the right, a little louder this time. Veering right, you lunge again with outstretched arms. "Missed me!" Toru taunts, gaining confidence.
Some nervous laughs all around you inform you that your friends are loosening up a little.
"Gold!" You chip merrily.
"Roger!" Marla's voice pipes in boldly. The game quickly escalates into the old fun you always had together, worries of punishment for being in the water forgotten. After about ten minutes, you'd caught Kiki, who caught Taru, who caught you again.
"Gol-!" You start.
"Get out! Oh my God, get out of the water!!!" Someone shrieks. You open your eyes to see your friends fleeing for shore in horror, and turn to find a head bobbing behind you a few inches.
"Oh! I-I'm sorry! Please don't be mad! We were just playing a game! That's all! I swear we just wanted to play! Please don't be mad! If anything, take me, but don't hurt them! It's not their fault!" You cry defensively, raising your hands above your face and cringing. You can't flee, you know you stand no chance-the fishman would catch you easily.
"A game?" A smooth voice inquires. You peek through your fingers to find the blue toned fishman eyeing you quizically with a brow raised.
"Y-yes. A game. We just missed it...we weren't trying to leave or anything, I swear, we just wanted to play....please, please leave them be. I'll take their place. Please." You whimper, your blood running cold.
"I know you weren't. I was watching for a while. I'm curious though, what the appeal of this game is. Why risk your lives to get in our waters for a game that is so redundant, chu?"
Lowering your arms to the water, you peer into the fishman's eyes. They're half-lidded in a bored expression, but genuine.
"Well....we played when we were kids and started keeping score. It was a joke because I was so slow and I was always it. Everyone thought it was funny and decided to start keeping track of how many times I was it. We ended up keeping score for everyone. Whoever's it when the game ends, gets a point against them. Whoever ends up with the highest points golf. It's funner that way..." You bite your lip.
"You're the slowest, chu?" The fishman asks, arching an eyebrow again.
"I was....but I-I trained everyday..I was always in the water..." You look down at the water sadly. You had learned to live in it..then you lost your second home when the fishmen came..and now you were going to die for returning to that home...stupid. Why were you even telling him any of this? Habit. You babble when you're frightened.
"Hm. Are you still fast, chu?" The man asks, rubbing his chin.
You watch him perform this simple action, curious why he's asking you anything. You observe his elongated mouth above the chin he's rubbing. For the first time, you truly pay attention to the details of his face. With his jaw bones where they are and his dirty blonde hair, he's actually...handsome. You blush and look back down at the water.
"Well....not really...I don't think so anyway...It's been a while....*cough* 3 years, actually..."
Silence. Glancing up, your eyes lock with the fishman's. "That's our fault?"
"No! No, that's not..I wasn't accusing you guys of're the superior species, you have every right to own the water...which I'm trespassing in....I understand if you're angry..I accept my death..." You squeeze your eyes shut and wait.
"I'm not going to kill you. You're....different. I wonder why that is, chu?" He asks.
You cock an eyebrow, in disbelief. Not kill you! He's not going to kill you? It's a cruel joke right? The fishmen all hate humans!
"Um....different how?" You draw each syllable out, speaking very slowly.
"You didn't even try to run..swim, from me...and you were the one who got in the water first. Either you're brave or stupid..but you're speaking to me, so close, and you haven't even tried to run away yet...I would think you're paralysed with fear, chu, but the fact that you're even in our waters, all for the sake of playing such a plain game, tells me you were willing to die for it...why?"
You can't believe this. He's actually curious? Seriously? He is so puzzled by your behaviour. You can't believe you've thrown one of the great and powerful fishmen like this.
"I....I missed it. Like I said, I used to live in the water...I was tired of not being allowed. I wanted in the water and I was willing to die for it. The sea belongs to everyone! Just because you were born in it doesn't make it exclusively yours! There's fish, whales, sea kings, all living in the water, and none of them claim it as their own! You share! We were born on land, but we allow you fishmen to set foot on it! Because we share! Why can't you?! Just let us enjoy the water..please....we don't want to run away from here, we just want to be happy...we just miss swimming..." You shout angrily, dying down into tears. You spoke your mind and were going to die for it, but you were ok with that.
"If I share my waters, share your game. Let me play."
Your head snaps back up and you gape at the fishman. Why would he want to play? "W-why d-do you w-want, to play?" You stammer.
"I'm bored. That game looks boring, but you were all laughing as though it were fun somehow."
" It probably would be boring to you're too fast, we'd never catch you, and you would always catch us."
The fishman smiles now. "So I'd always win, correct?"
"I'd say 'most likely', except I know for a fact that's yes, you'd always win."
"Sounds fun to me. I don't like losing anyway. Tell you what, I'll even swim slower to give you a handicap." The fishman smirks.
"I....I don't understand. You hate humans. Why play a game with us?" You wonder aloud.
"I told you already, chu. I'm bored. This can't possibly be any worse."
He definitely looks bored, that's for certain.
Well.....if he wants to play and he isn't going to kill may as well give him what he wants. are you supposed to convince the others it's ok? And...what if it isn't? Perhaps he's only saying that to lure the others out so he can kill them.... you jerk your head back and forth vigorously. That could be true! Although...he could easily kill them on land too....just 8 fishmen wiped out an entire village last week....perhaps he is bored like he said, and wants to have the home advantage of killing them in the water,
"Hey, are you going to play or what?" His voice interrupts you.
He looks impatient as your eyes refocus on him.
"Um....yes. Sorry...lost in thought for a moment there...." You mumble.
He cocks and eyebrow at this but makes no inquiry to what you were thinking. "Get them back out here then." He nods to the shoreline where all five of them are huddled together in fear, watching you.
Marla's clutching Kiki's shoulders and halfway hiding behind her, as Kiki grips Toru around his waist. Toru whimpers beside his sister Nalu who's hiding in his chest, head turned to watch your exchange with the fishman. Raylin is on the ground in front of Kiki as though frozen in the action of crawling backwards, one hand raised in front of him in terror. All their eyes bulge and they're all trembling. The epitome of fright.
"Um.....I'm not so sure they want to come....I mean, look at them...." You gesture helpfully, nodding your head their direction.
"So make them."
"I will not make them, they have free will you know! What little is left of it anyway thanks to you guys!" You snap at the fishman. You instantly regret that.
He glares hard at you.
"I...I c-can ask them though... But I-I w-won't make them." You puff your cheeks out defiantly. If he's going to kill you, you're at least going to stand up for yourself and your friends. They are not just toys for him to play with, they're people with dignity and feelings!
"Ask them then."
"O-ok." You turn cautiously and raise an arm high above your head. "Hey everyone!!! Come back in the water, it's fine! He won't hurt us! He wants to play too!"
"A-Are you crazy?" Raylin shouts.
"Get out of there (          )!" Kiki shrieks, making little fists in front of her chest and practically unhinging her jaw to be louder.
"Guys, I swear to you, it's totally fine!"
"You've lost've lost it..." Marla mutters. Not quietly enough though, you still hear her.
"Listen, this might be easier if you show them you don't mean them any harm.. How about you let me go talk to them on shore?" You suggest.
"Very well, just get on with it. I'm growing even more bored already."
"Sorry...I'll be quick.." You nod.
"You better be, or else I'll find something else fun to do-I'll eat you." He tacks on chillingly.
You freeze and gape up at him in worry.
He smirks down at you in...well almost a playful way. You're not sure why, but you're feeling such an odd sense of fear and...well, adrenaline. It almost seems really awesome...weird..since when did you like the thought of being so close to death?
Oh you silly, you've always lived a little more wildly. You wouldn't have even gotten in the water today or spoken to this fishman as boldly as you have (scared though you were) if you weren't a little more daring than everyone else.
You grow closer to the shore with your long, leisurely breast strokes, your friends' eyes never once leaving the fishman. You slosh onto the shoreline, the water dropping from your clothes like a hundred pounds. You had opted for a tank top and baggy shorts, unlike your other bikini-clad female friends and shirtless male companions. You were always a little more hidden and reserved about your body. You turn to gaze out-the fishman really hasn't moved from that spot. He almost blends in with the water with his skin color...but that crop of shaggy, sandy blonde hair and those big pink lips give his location away. You swear you see him raise an eyebrow at you as though implying "well? Get on with it." It only takes about three seconds for this exchange to occur, enough time for Kiki and Marla to throw themselves on top of you.
"He let you go?!" Marla shrieks.
"What happened? How did you make it back?" Kiki asks.
"You're not hurt are you?" Nalu approaches quietly, speaking with concern. She was always more soft-spoken, relying on big brother Toru.
Toru asks just then "what happened? You were talking to him for so long! How did you convince him to let you go?"
"Y-you w-were so b-brave, (            )!" Raylin stammers, crawling over to you.
"Guys, shut up for a minute! Marla, get off me!" You push on her head with one hand as she continues to nuzzle over-affectionately against your stomach, arms wrapped around you like a vice grip. Kiki helps you pry her off and the two tumble backwards, falling on their backs. You sit up with a hand from Nalu. Everyone regroups around you.
"First off-he's pretty reasonable. Second-he uh...he's not mad at us, but he wants to play with us. So...let's play a game of "gold roger" with him and go home afterwards and pretend this whole thing never happened, ok?"
"Reasonable? He's probably lulling you into a false sense of security!" Marla protests.
"He probably wants to kill us all in the water!" Raylin adds. "Lure the prey to him, so he doesn't have to lift a finger to chase us down!"
"The thought crossed my mind too...." You admit.
"Let's just run for it!" Toru throws in his opinion.
"Toru, he could still catch and kill us even on land. Besides...we spoke and...he seems different..." You look down. Are you seriously defending the very fishmen who came and terrorized your loved ones? Who extort money and kill and keep you all hostage? What is wrong with you? But he.... You look out to the blue fishman who watches you still with the same bored expression... HE specifically never harmed you..The other fishmen would have killed you in a heartbeat. But he...he seems different. You're intimidated by his large build, his stealth and speed in the water..but nothing about HIM exactly was terribly fact, you even felt a bit of a rush being near him.
"Different?!" Marla screeches, a few octaves too high for your taste.
"(          ), he's a fishman! They're cold-blooded killers." Kiki pleas.
"Listen guys, I trust him. Let's just play a game and go home. We already broke one of their rules, what if he goes back and tells Arlong? Let's just give him what he wants. We could get away with it this time if we comply." You reason.
"You're crazy! How can you trust him?" Toru cries.
"Look, I'm not arguing this with you anymore. Come with me or don't. Babies." You snarl.
Everyone steps back from you as you get up. They wear shock like it's a foreign feeling. You've never spoken to them like that. Never.
You dive back into the water and swim right up to the fishman.
"Come introduce yourself, maybe they'll see you aren't so bad."
"No thanks. I shouldn't have to stoop to their level of false niceties, chu. They should be the ones extending an olive branch of peace to us fishmen, the superior species."
"Listen, I understand you're the superior species, but here's the thing-you're too superior. You're too strong. They're scared. Come prove they don't have to fear you and they'll want to play."
"I let them live didn't I? I believe I've been plenty nice, chu." He crosses his arms at this and looks away indignantly.
"Well, yes. And that was very nice of you. But they don't know that. Maybe tell them? Or, I don't know, if all else fails, you could threaten them directly I suppose?" You shake your head. You don't even know what to say anymore.
"They're not the first people to not trust our kind. Well, whatever. I'm too bored to want to play now anyway. See you around human." His head dips below the surface in a flash.
"Wait!" You cry on instinct.
His head bobs back up. "What?"
"T-thank you. For sparing us. I'm sorry they didn't want to play...I was honestly looking forward to it. I've never played with someone who can swim ten times the speed of a human! It would have been nice to see Toru get his smartass beat! M-maybe you' with us some other time?" You blush, looking into his eyes.
Surprise colors his irises for a brief second, before reassuming their bored look. "Don't mention it. I would offer to play in the future but it would be very ill-advised to get in our waters again. My brothers are not nearly as tolerant as I."
"Oh." Your hopeful expression falls. You can't put your finger on it, but for some reason, you're actually sad to hear this.
"Well....alright. See you around then?"
He smirks and cocks an eyebrow. "Not likely." He disappears under the water and you just float there dumbfounded. After a few minutes, there's no re-emergance to be seen, and you hear some calling from the shoreline.
"(           ), are you alright?"
Slowly you turn back around to face your friends. Marla is calling to you and Kiki waving widely, signaling to come back.
Toru refuses to meet your eyes and Nalu looks away and back at you sadly. Raylin looks uncomfortable, rubbing the back of his head with one arm and shuffling his feet. You climb up on the shore and Marla speaks first.
"Listen, I don't know what's gotten into you today but...we should count ourselves lucky he let us off and try not to upset them any worse in the future. It was fun while it lasted (         ), but we can't go back in the water. Let's all go home and pretend this never happened. Thanks for trying."
"Yeah...sure." You wring out your shorts and your shirt, not looking up at any of them.
You hear ten feet trudge off, disjointed and unrhythmic.
"Hey (           ), you're welcome to come for dinner tonight..." Kiki calls softly.
"Mm. Thanks." You mumble back.
The sounds of their footsteps grow quieter and disappear. You listen solemnly to the last few drops of water splatter on the ground and the squelch of your shorts as you squeeze one last time. Lifting your eyes half an inch, you scan the horizon over the water. Nothing moves on the surface of the water, only the water itself. Tearing yourself away, you trudge off to your house.

You dangle your feet over the edge, listening to the soothing lapping sound of the water smacking against the wooden dock. Heaving a sigh, you flop yourself backwards and stare at the clouds. Closing your eyes, you recall the events of last night. 
Your mother was not happy. You couldn't hide your soaked clothes, and she knew immediately you'd been in the water.
"They could have killed you!" She had scolded you. You knew she was just scared, worried, but you didn't want to stand here and be yelled at.
"I know mama. It was stupid. I'm sorry. It won't happen again. I promise." You hung your head and trudged off to your room.
The whole fiasco of course could have easily been evaded had you stuck to the plan and gone to Kiki's house to change your clothes and have dinner. But you didn't feel up to it. You went home, got yelled at, showered, changed, and went to Kiki's afterwards. Kiki didn't pry. She talked more than Nalu and less than Marla. You appreciated that. Later on in the safety of her room, she asked you gently. "What happened between you and that fish man?"
You felt no need to hide anything from her, so you spoke honestly. "We spoke. He said he knew we weren't trying to escape, he had been watching. He wanted to play because he was bored. That's pretty much it."
"But why did you go back to him?"
"To tell him you all didn't trust him."
"But he let you leave! Why didn't you just walk away? Why did you go back in the water (          )?"
"That would have been rude."
"They're murderers (          )! I wouldn't worry about hurting a few of their feelings, if they even had any."
"You don't understand...I felt like he was different Kiki. I wanted to at least tell him face to face that you guys had declined. And even if he is a murderer, I will not die lacking my manners. My mama raised me right you know."
"Whatever you say (           ). It's real noble of you and all, but try not to do anything else stupid like that, ok? You had us all really worried."
You eyed Kiki suspiciously. She was being earnest. You had sighed and answered "I promise. I'm sorry....about everything."
"Don't bring it up and we'll pretend it never happened." She smiled at you.
You had gone home unceremoniously and went straight to bed. You couldn't sleep very well though. You stared at the moonlit wall most of the night, before finally drifting off sometime in the early morning. Your mother had left early the next morning, so you made yourself breakfast and got dressed, heading for the docks.

You now lay there wondering.

What if he had killed me yesterday? That was really dumb of me..I shouldn't have put the others at risk like that..I need to do something to make it up to them... As you speculate some notions, such as a little party with a cake that says "I'm sorry" and some handmade gifts for everyone, visions flashing across your eyelids of your friends smiling and forgiving you, a voice interrupts.
"Hey, what are you doing, nyu?"
Your eyes snap open to observe a dark pink fishman above you. He has a long snout-like maw like the man from yesterday, with spiked out white hair and...whoa. Eight arms. He's an octopus fishman. You've seen him around before...once or twice. He stares at you curiously, but not menacingly.
"Napping." You reply blankly.
"Nyu, that sounds nice. But hey, I need you to move, we gotta unload a shipment from this dock in a few minutes and you're in the way, okayyyy?" He smiles.
"Uh...yeah. Sure." You raise your arms straight up and lurch forward, pulling your feet back onto the dock and clambering up. "Sorry about that. Bye." You wave as you head off to somewhere you're not really sure of yet.
"Nyu, no problem! Have a nice day!" The octopus fishman waves to you.
"Hatchi, stop acting so polite to those filthy humans." You hear someone bark. You glance behind you to see a largely built, light blue fishman. He has two knobs of brown hair on his head, with one dark brown braid down his back. He's really muscley and kind of mean-looking.
"Nyuuuuu, sorry Kuroobi! She seemed harmless enough." The one named Hatchi laughs.
The one names Kuroobi grunts and heaves a hefty sigh.
You think a nap does sound kind of nice, even though you just woke up. This village has hardly any jobs since the fishmen took over, so you don't work. Everybody barely makes their money each month...there's not many places to explore, you grew up here. You used to spend your time swimming and fishing and taught a children's swimming course...but now...your life had little purpose besides making stuff-sewing, whittling, sometimes making mini ship models, assorted things like that..and spending time with your friends. You invented all kinds of new games to always keep it interesting. Half of them you forgot the rules for and made up new ones all over again. They were probably mad at you or thought you were crazy right now and you didn't have any projects you wander off on a walk to take a nap. Or daydream some more. You find yourself at the same place as yesterday. Oh well. You plop yourself down on the shoreline and dangle your legs over the edge like earlier. Flopping backwards, you close your eyes again.

You're not really sure when, but at some point you must have fallen asleep, because you wake up feeling groggy. Stretching big, you scratch your stomach and push yourself up. The sun feels nice and warm, perfectly tropical. Your legs feel a little numb, so you just sit there for a while until they stop tingling. Once they do, you consider foraging for some food. There are a few wild berry bushes around tuck your legs to the side of you and turn your head, placing your hands palm down to push yourself up. You nearly suffer a heart attack when you see someone behind you, watching.
"Finally awake?" A familiar bored voice asks.
"Ah! You really startled me! Nearly gave me a heart attack," You place a hand over your chest and sigh.
The onlooker laughs and just continues walking down the path with his hands in his pockets. You assume he had stopped to watch your still figure for a while. You watch in awe. It's the same fishman from yesterday. Getting up, you brush the dust off your pants and stretch again.
"Hey." He stops.
"I thought I told you not to go near the water anymore." He tilts his head back over his shoulder.
"Um...did you? I thought you said not to go in the water..." You scratch the back of your head.
"Hm. Maybe I did. Well, regardless, I wouldn't get too close. We tend not to care when we're in a bad mood." He faces forwards again, raises a hand in farewell and continues walking.
"So then...are you in a good mood?" You call.
He pauses again for a moment, before finally consenting to turn around and fully face you.
"I mean, you said I'd probably never see you again, but here you are and..well, you're talking to me. Being polite even..." You rub the back of your head nervously.
He waits for you to meet his gaze again before smirking. "I suppose I AM in a pretty good mood, chu."
"Oh...well, good." You smile.
He leaves.
Off to forage for berries now you suppose. The rest of your day is relatively uneventful. You eat some berries, climb a tree and find a suitable branch to break off, return home for your carving tools, return to the docks where the fishmen from earlier are no longer present, and sit down to whittle. As sunsets rolls around, you get up and go to Raylin's house.
You go right to his bedroom window and open it, climbing in. 
"Whoa! (         ), geez, stop doing that!" Raylin jumps in surprise on his bed. He was laying there doodling as always.
"Writing Kiki's name all over your journal again, Raylin?" You flash a coy, toothy smirk.
"What? No! Whatever! What do you want (          )?" Raylin splutters.
You chuckle and hop down from the windowsill.
"Listen, I came by to say I'm sorry about yesterday. I acted like a dork. Here." You toss a newly carved paintbrush and bottle of paint on his bed.
"Oh. Thanks."
You're already climbing back out the window when he adds "and hey, I'm not mad. You were acting a little...yeesh, bonkers yesterday, but we're cool now. Just stay safe ok? We all care about you and stuff."
Raylin was never particularly articulate.
"Yeah man. Thanks. See ya." You stroll off with your hands in your pocket.
You hit up Nalu next. You sneak through the bushes and right up to her window. You tell her you want to make a cake to say you're sorry to everyone. You ask her to help you make it tomorrow morning and bring everyone to your usual place to meet up. She simply nods. "Oh, and here." You hand her a very small carved dolphin. She almost has an entire collection of underwater life that you carved for her. When she was younger, she was afraid to go under the water like everyone else. You wanted her to see how pretty it is under the water, so you started carving her miniatures of the different aquatic life. Over time, she dove beneath the waves like the rest of you, but the tradition never died. You carve them less now because you can't observe the animals up close anymore, but you remember what dolphins looks like from the times you went out on fishing boats and they would "dance" around you.
You sneak back off so Toru won't see you. Returning home, you help your mom make dinner and you make small talk, before cleaning the dishes and going to sleep. Tomorrow you'll fix everything with your friends as you'll all be happy again. At least, that's what you imagine before you go to sleep. But the future has a funny way of changing on you when you least expect it.
So this was supposed to be a really long oneshot. That didn't happen. Somehow it got more detailed and I just don't know what happened. Anyway here's part 1! Enjoy.

Part 2:  OP --Chew X (Human)Reader -- Harmless (2 / ? )(So I figure the reader is probably 17, going on about 18. Young enough to still mess around and act dumb with friends, but old enough to be interested in Chew. Does that sound reasonable?)
Golden hues paint your eyelids, which you begrudgingly crack open to find rich, creamy yellows lathering your plain oak walls and (f/c) blanket. Stretching big, you sit up and stare at the window. "Blegh, sunshine. Guess I have to get up..." You sigh. "I was having such a nice dream."
Dragging your feet along the floor as though they weigh a thousand tons, you finally just drop to your hands and knees  and crawl to the bathroom. You latch onto the sink and pull yourself up, and crank the faucet. Cold water blasts out and you dunk your face in the stream.
"Wahhhhhhhhh!!! Colddddd! Ahhhh!" You screech, pulling your face back out immediately. You're awake now. You often have to do this to yourself in the morning, or you'd never get anything accomplished. You liked to sleep late, and enjoy the afte

Part 3:  (OP) Chew X (Human)Reader--Harmless (3/?)****** A/N----> So the dinner was just a weird invention in my head. I don't know if it would even taste just happened.
Now, I'm trying something new, and this will recur in future chapters too. If it just says a character's name up top, it will be told from the narrator's POV, focusing on that person. If it says (character's name) POV, it will be told by that character through their eyes.*******
When you arrive, your mother already has dinner started.
"Sorry mom! I was heading home to make some dinner before you got back, but I ended up having a conversation with someone unexpected. Here, I'll finish, you go sit down. I'll bet work was rough today..." You apologize as you come into the kitchen. You take the knife from your mother and finish chopping the daikon radish and leek and slide them into the boiling mixture on the stove.
"Not any more than usual."
"You're such a trooper mom."
"I do what I must. You know, your birthday's in a couple months'll be plenty
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              You loved having the beach to yourself. No people, no fishmen, you had the whole beach to yourself and it was wonderful. If one good thing came from the fishmen taking over your village is that now you had a whole lot more time to yourself. You didn’t have to worry about the villagers yelling at you or being mean to you, they were too busy keep themselves and their families alive. Plus the beach was almost always empty and no one would bother you there.

              There was no one to worry about you in your village, and to the fishmen you didn’t even exist. When they first arrived in your village three years ago you weren’t even home, you’d been traveling for a few days visiting friends on another island. Upon your return you experienced for the first time the people of your village showing concern for you. They begged and pleaded for you to leave and save yourself, and to bring help. Of course you didn’t believe them about the fishmen taking over the village and figured it was something they’d made up to try to get rid of you, again.

              After this you were basically dead to them, and they never paid you one more ounce of concern. Then again you didn’t really care. The only reason you stayed in the village was because you’d grown to like the land around it, even if the people were truly unpleasant.

              So more often than not you would wake up in the small abandon fishing shack you called home, prepared yourself a bento box for lunch, and wandered down to the beach. It actually surprised you that the fishmen hadn’t noticed your existence once in the past three years. You half expected the people of your village to tell them about you after you refused to leave, but strangely they didn’t. But then you figured they all would probably be killed for not telling the fishmen about you if they told them know.


              You’d been on the beach all morning and afternoon and shortly after eating your lunch you decided that a nap was in order. Your empty bento box lay beside you and you stretched out on the cool sand, with your arms folded behind your head as a makeshift pillow. You lay about six feet away from the water and even in your sleep you ached to be closer.

              A shadow falls over your face and you crack open an eye.

              “What do you think you’re doing here filthy human?” a voice asks.

              You open both eyes and see three fish men standing over you. The one in front felt like the leader to you and it took you a moment to recall his name,

              “So you must be Arlong, nice to meet you.”

              Arlong growls and steps closer, one of his sandals is almost underneath your back,

              “Answer my question.”

              “I was taking a nap,” you reply.

              “We forbid you humans from getting near the water,” one of the other fishmen says.

              You shrug, “I must’ve missed that memo.”

              “You’ve got some guts to be speaking like that to a superior race,” Arlong scoffs.

              “You could say that,” you reply, biting back your initial response.

              “You don’t show much concern for your situation, those other humans practically wet themselves,” Arlong says, then he starts laughing.

              “That’s understandable,” you reply, “They have a reason to fear you.”

              Arlong stops and looks down at you, “And you don’t?”

              “They don’t want to die,” you say, “I could care less.”

              “You aren’t afraid of death?”

              “What reason do I have to fear death? If I die I would be doing the people of my village a favor.”

              “None of my men have ever reported you before,” Arlong says.

              “I’ve lived in my village for five years Mr. Fishman,” you state, “And your men haven’t noticed me once.”

              “So the people of your village hid you from me?” Arlong asks, “Guess we’ll have to make an example out of them.”

              You scoff, “That won’t do you any good I’m afraid.”

              “And why would that be?”

              “Because the people of my village don’t give two shits about me.”

              “Oh really?”

              “They’ve silently been begging your men to kill me for three years, and they haven’t noticed me once.”

              “I’m surprise. Most of you humans treat each other like family.”

              “They don’t like my attitude. I have no respect for authority,” you pause and look up at Arlong, “Not even yours.”

              He growls and you stand up, completely unafraid,

              “Aren’t we also forbidden from going into the water?”

              Without waiting for an answer you charge towards the water and dive right in. Arlong looks after you,

              “Stupid human,” and doesn’t hesitate to follow.

              The ocean near this stretch of beach gets deep really fast. By time Arlong enters the water he can’t even see you.

              “Where the hell did that human go?” he asks.

              “Looking for me?” a deep voice asks.

              Arlong looks to his left and his eyes widen. This massive blue creature charging towards him and he suddenly thinks he isn’t going to make it out of the way fast enough. And who would think that he was right. Just as Arlong is about to move the blue creature is in front of him, it’s clawed arms wrapping around him and forcing him upwards.

              As your body leaves the water you slowly morph back to human form. The momentum you gathered beneath the waves carries you and Arlong back to the beach. He lands on the sand hard and slides a good six feet. When he stops he opens his eyes and sees you on top of him. You have one forearm across his neck and the other is pulled back and your arm has partially morphed to show your sharp fins.

              “Oh did I forget to mention I’m not exactly human?” you ask sarcastically, “Whoops.”

              Arlong sucks in a deep breath and glances over to his two men, they are shocked and feel like they can’t move. He looks back at you and is surprised to see your eyes don’t look human.

              “What the hell are you?” he asks.

              You chuckle and grin. Revealing rows of sharp, not human, teeth,

              “Haven’t you seen a water dragon before?”

'So cold...' The freezing temperature was sucking everything out of you in a very slow and agonizing pace. Tears that came out were mixed into the seawater. 'Sa...ka... sa-...' Darkness then envelops you again.

Finally grabbing her arm, Sakazuki pulls himself and [Name], using the rope that was tied to couple of life buoys, floating above him. 'Almost...' With a last tug, he manages to pull her and his head up above the salty water. Rain like bullets, shooting down from the sky, making it uneasy to see what is around. [Name] was limp in his arms, and was not breathing at all. 'I must hurry!' Not knowing which was closer, he moves for with where the waves were pushing them. His body getting numb from the cold, he continues to move on, and trying to keep [Name]'s head above the waters. Then, something rough grazes his leg, causing the skin to break and bleed. 'Must be near a land...' Using the remaining strength in him, he swam to the island, but then suddenly it became black, looking up to see a huge wave, times the size he is, slams and tumbles them into the depth.

Opening your eyes, you see an extremely unfamiliar ceiling of rocks and mosses, a smell of smoke hit your nose alarming you to wake up. "!" Silently groaning from the pain in your shoulder and leg, you were unable to get up. "Ugh... Where...?" Looking across the place, it was a cave big enough to live in, weed sprouting out from the floors of the caves, the cave entrance was covered with plants which you have no clue on what it is, then beside you there was a small hill of embers. Slowly moving into a sitting posture, you look at the wounds, still bad but was beginning to heal. Sighing in relief, you then hear a rustle from the entrance, stiffening your body, you waited for who or what is coming. Then a person, you never expected appears, Sakazuki, your boss, entering the cave, with things that looked edible in his hands. You could not help staring at him with your mouth wide open. 'Did he save me?' The question, races through your mind. "What are you looking at with an idiotic expression on your face." Raising an eyebrow, he looks back at her. "Uh..." Still dumbfounded you stare at him like an idiot. Ignoring you, Sakazuki, using his magma ability, he relit the ember, adding woods, to it. "... Sir?" You drag your body a little to get closer. "Did you sa-Ugya!" Accidently you touched the hot ashes, burning your fingertips. "You blithering idiot!" Sakazuki scolds, as he takes your hands and pour cold water over it. "I-I am sorry, sir." "I rather have a word of gratitude, than an apology." "... Thank you..." You tilt your head down, face red from embarrassment. Sakazuki just grunts and wraps a cloth around your hand. "Um, so where are we, sir?" Giving an unnatural smile, she looks at him. "... Still in Nevermore Land" Poking thin, sturdy sticks through the gray fishes, he has brought back, and begins to cook them. "... I thought Nevermore Island is an island with nothing in it..." "Yeah, I thought of that also but it seems that the island is split into two parts." Nodding, you realize that your boss is half naked, his fair skin, muscle, tatto– 'UGYA!' Your face was burning red from embarrassment. Silently screaming, you look down from shame and realises that you were in your undergarments. "NNGGYYYIIIIIAAAAAA!" A scream filled the cave. "What the?! [Name]!" Sakazuki stares at you as if you have gone mad. "S-SIR! Did you take off my clothes!?" Wrapping yourself with the coat that was placed on top of you like a blanket, you glared at him furiously. "Well, yeah. I can't have you in wet clothes, there will be a higher possibility of getting cold and when stranded we want to avoid that." You were still blushing, muttering a 'thank you', you turn away to avoid seeing your boss's torso. Your heart was slamming inside your chest. Trying to cool your face, you press your cold hands against it. "[Name]." You flinch to his voice. "Y-Yes?" "Here, eat up" You look at the readily cooked fish, drooling slightly; you reach to take the fish. Biting into it, the taste fills in your mouth. "So good" The words spilled from your lips, as you gobble up the fish in a second. Finishing the fish, your boss tosses the stick into the fire. "[Name?]. When we finish eating, we will head out." You nod in agreement as you chewed on a fruit.

Changed back to your clothes, you sighed in relief, checking that the silk bag is still inside the inner pocket of the jacket. Your boss has already left the cave, scrambling up the slick slope reaching to the entrance. Pushing your whole body out of the cave, you feel a large hand, grabbing the collar of your jacket and tug you out. Stumbled to the ground, you look up to see that the surround was lush green. "Get on to your legs already..." Your boss growls lightly as he nudges you with his foot, and then trudges away. Pouting slightly to his rude way, you got up to your feet and followed him. Even though it is a exuberant surrounding there is no sign of animals, except for insects. You looked around in concern, feeling that there is something wrong. Slightly quickening your pace, you walked up to Sakazuki's side.
Walking around for few hours you were reaching to your limits, panting and straining your muscles to keep up with your boss's pace. Before you spill any complain, Sakazuki spoke. "Only a few metres, keep it up." Clenching your jaws tight, you push your body to move. As your boss has said, you finally reached to an opening, a sandy beach. You feel the gust of cool breeze on your face, tangling your [length] hair. "You can rest here." He says to you as he trudges over to a rock, by a large palm tree and slumps down onto it. Ignoring most of what Sakazuki said, you jump out of your boots and ran over to the waves rolling over to the warm ivory sand, feeling the cool water lapping at your feet, you sigh in relief. The beach was quite pretty, you never seen a pretty beach, even if you did, you never had anytime to look at the place carefully, due to your strict boss. Then you remembered your friends, family and comrades in Head Quarter, making you feel slightly down, wondering if you ever meet them again, just thinking about that made your body feel cold from fear and sadness, bringing you close to tears. You feel a warm object on your head. Looking up to see your boss by your side, his massive hand covering your head. "Cry when we manage to go back." You cannot see his expression for the strong shadow covering his face with the cap, but you felt that he was trying to cheer you up. Feeling his large, warm hand ruffles you head and looking away at the distant horizon. You slightly blushed, for some reason feeling that his actions are quite cute. Beaming a smile, you replied with a big yes, enjoying the warmth his hand.
All of a sudden, following with a loud and sharp sound, you felt a impact go through your side. Clueless of what has happened, you glance down to see the blood, blooming like a crimson flower across your flank. The intense pain then took over the shock, dropping you to your knees, clenching your teeth hard as possible to bare the pain. "[Name]!" Barely able to hear him calling your name, everything wavers around you. 'Not again...' Your body, still recovering from the injuries, could not take anymore damages, become to feel numb and pulling you into an unconscious state, before you black out you felt countless of shadows surrounding you.

Sound of buzzing and murmurs filled around, waking you from sleep. Groaning as the pain and cold bites into your body. 'Huh...?' Realising your arms were tied tightly behind your back. Raising your upper body up to a sitting pose, seeing that you're in a cell, all alone.

I am sorry for it sucks.... and it is short. Struggled in this part cuz wanna have the good parts in the next chapter...
Llama Emoji-08 (Crying) [V1] 

My grammar is not that good.
Hope you enjoy it
*If you don't like Sakazuki/Akainu please return back to the former page you were on Boa Hancock (Happy) [V1] *

Sakazuki A.k.a. Akainu © Oda Eiichirou
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"Yo, Iceberg!" A man cheers from a corner of the tavern. He raises his mug and laughs while the rest of the bar engages in hoots and hollers of greeting.
You glance up under your curtain of hair to watch the Mayor of Water Seven enter the bar. He smiles, waves, and nods his head at everyone as he proceeds to the counter. There's about forty people in here tonight, the bar is packed. It has been since you stared working here a week ago. Men in this town are ridiculous, they're drawn to women for everything. You don't mind the skirt-chasing hordes so much, because they're typically respectful towards you anyway and the more they come to the bar to see you in your short pencil skirt and black vest over your white, collared button-up shirt with tie, the better they tip. If their tomfoolery will pay your rent, you're not exactly about to complain. Granny Kokoro has also been here for the past three nights straight, with her adorable granddaughter Chimney and their very odd Rabbit-cat, Gonbe. You quite enjoy Chimney's bright smile and little sing-song dances she does for everything. Granny Kokoro is a sweet old woman; she tells you every night that you're too pretty to be working in a dump like this. You don't mind, the bar was in need of a new bartender anyway since Aqua Laguna cleared. Blueno, the previous attendant, just disappeared into the night without a word. So you and your neighbour, Amy, took up the positions of the new barristers. Granny Kokoro amazed you with her ability to down gallons of alcohol and still speak with people coherently. You now hear her call out around the bottle of wine in her lips "Hey, Iceberg, you made it! Come join the party! Gegegege!" She chortles out.
"Party, party! Iceberg's at the party!" Chimney hums, swinging her legs back and forth on the bar stool, picking up her glass of juice. Two feet to the right of you, Kokoro and Chimney are in their usual seats. You're scrubbing the counter as Iceberg approaches, assuming a seat next to Kokoro. "A beer plea-" He begins, stopping short as a mug clunks down in front of him. Amy had watched him come in too and anticipated the customer's demand. She was always on top of things. You mostly just did the cleaning and looked cute. Amy did all the tap-jockeying and laughing it up with the customers. You were often shy so you just smiled and blushed as you served the customers and let your hair fall over half of your face. This always added to your appeal with the men who liked your bashfulness. Amy was always tipped generously for her outgoing attitude, but you did pretty well on your own too. Iceberg smiles and thanks her, sliding his fingers into the handle of the mug and raising it to his lips as he swivels around to speak with Kokoro.
You hear another table holler for refills, and Amy nods at you and smiles. You head over together to take care of the seven men crammed around the one table.
"Hey (       ), you look as beautiful as ever tonight," A man in a blue jacket slurs out, cheeks red. He's so drunk already. "Here, this is for you. Use it to buy some lip gloss for those lips, make that wonderful smile of yours POP!" He hiccups on the last word as he waves a thousand belli bill in your face.
You giggle quietly and say "If it'll make you happy, I certainly will." Three other men at the table all blush with big dopey, gaping mouthed smiles on their faces. You take the tip from the man and stand up straight to head back behind the counter with the empty mugs, when you feel eyes on you. Nothing unusual really, but you think someone might be wanting a refill so you cast a quick look around. Everyone's looking down at their drinks or at each other laughing and talking. Except one pair of eyes. Iceberg. He's staring at you with such a serious expression that you almost melt on the spot. Have you done something wrong? Not that you're aware of...You just continue on behind the counter and set the mugs down. You walk over to him. "Is anything wrong sir?"
"Mm, not really." He smiles. Call you crazy, but you're almost certain it's more like a smirk. He props his elbow on the counter and places his cheek against his hand.
"Alright then, if there's anything I can do for you, just let me know." You semi-bow, your hair falling over half your face again. You're grateful for this, because you feel like you're on fire, and you're certain your cheeks are blazing. It's no lie you find Iceberg attractive, he's one of the top ten most eligible bachelors in Water Seven. You head back to the mugs to find that Amy's already cleaned half of them. She's so fast. You pick up one of the clean ones and start drying. You close your eyes and take in the merry buzz of noise, the laughter, the many mingled voices, the scratching of moving chairs and clinking of glass, the scraping of forks and your favourite noise-the squeak of your rag against the cup in your hand. You smile. Suddenly you get a weird feeling again, like you're being watched. You cast a cautious glance across your shoulder and nearly drop the glass you're holding. You freeze instead and let out a small squeak of a gasp. Iceberg is staring at you again. His expression is so intense...You blush and look down, setting down the glass and picking up another.
"Hey (     ), little heads up. Iceberg's staring at you." Amy nudges you in the rib with her elbow.
You ignore her and inhale deeply. You lift your head and let it out in one gust. "Whatever. He probably wants a refill and is waiting until we're not busy." You justify.
She lets out a low whistle and grins. "Sure. If that's what you want to believe. But Iceberg's piping hot, I'd stare back if that were me." Amy chuckles.
"Shutup, he can hear you from here!" You growl under your breath. "Besides, I'm not you. I can't just flirt with every guy that looks my way. Especially not when they're him." You squeeze your eyes shut and feel your cheeks grow red.
You risk another peek at Iceberg, to find that Kokoro has recaptured his attention. You're relieved, but also a little disappointed. You feel your heart fall a little. "so he's not interested after all..." You think to yourself, when to your surprise, he casts a glance over his shoulder, head turned just slightly, to smile at you. Your heart beat quickens and you choke on your gasp-it becomes more of a gulp and you bite your lip. You very timidly smile back. Iceberg really surprises you when he exhales contentedly and turns back to Kokoro.
You shake your head to clear the fog that's starting to cloud you up. "More over here please!" Cheers a woman from a rowdy group of men in the middle of the room. They all laugh and wag their cups in the air. "Coming!" You smile.
The rest of the night, you and Amy keep busy refilling glasses, cleaning glasses, mixing some adventurous concoctions that some of your bolder guests ask for, and cleaning up one bad mess from someone who didn't quite hold their liquor long enough to make it outside. Iceberg and Granny Kokoro continue chugging glass after glass of beer, until their cheeks are molten red. They laugh boisterously and Chimney doodles on some paper you gave her. One by one, the crowd thins out until only three people remain, one asleep on the table with his friends laughing at him, and Kokoro and Iceberg at the counter. It's almost pitch black outside.
"Well, it's been real fun catching up Iceberg, it's always a blast. But I'd better get back to the station and get Chimney to bed. Night!" Kokoro blubs. She's slurring worse than usual-she really partied it up tonight.
"Sure, take care. Let's do this again sometime soon," He smiles as she gets up and walks out. How on Earth she walks a straight line after all that is an absolute mystery to you.
Iceberg heaves a sigh and leans back on the counter, tilting his head back and closing his eyes. You're wiping off a table but you stop to watch him. You feel ashamed, but he looks wonderful. He has a serene smile on his face. He snaps his eyes open and looks straight at you and you physically jump this time. Busted. He smirks and lifts a finger to beckon to you. Your hand tightens on the rag you're holding, but you force yourself to release your death grip and tell yourself to calm down. He probably wants to ask for help getting up-from being too drunk, or wants some water or something. Yeah, that's it. You fold your hands in front of you and approach, gnawing on your lower lip with your head tilted down enough for your hair to cover half your face.
"Yes, Iceberg sir?" You smile, tilting your head to the side.
"My, you're certainly a bashful one." He chuckles softly.
"............" You stare at him, dumbfounded. "Um...y-yeah." You stammer, looking down and to the side.
He laughs again and leans his head back. "Well, earlier you said that if you could do anything for me, to let you know." You nod.
"Well." He leans forward now, raising one arm to beckon you closer again. You stoop to lean closer as he wishes and his expression morphs. He smirks and his eyes are practically smouldering. You grow light-headed as he reaches his hand up and brushes your hair back behind your ear. "I'd like to see your real smile, without this curtain in the way," He whispers. "Can you do that for me?"
"You-You're...d-drunk, s-sir." You stammer, flushing red.
Iceberg inclines his head towards your ear and breaths "No my dear, I've drunk much more than this before. I'm actually glad I drank so much though, or I might not have had enough confidence to speak to you. I've been watching you all night-you're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. But... I still have yet to see your wonderful smile."
You die inside a little-whether from happiness or disappointment that your Casanova is drunk, you're not sure. Before you have time to process this, you feel a hand on your waist. In one swift motion, he pulls you onto his lap. His lips are hovering by yours and your blood betrays you, your color mutates into such a ferocious red you're practically purple. "Nma...Perhaps I need to persuade you to smile then." He smiles, sweeping his hand through your hair to your cheek, down to your chin where he cups it with his thumb, index and middle finger. His lips meet yours and your first instinct would have been to resist, because the man is drunk, yet the way he's kissing you... You feel the gentle way his lips move against yours, softly and sweetly, but semi-beckoning. You allow yourself to melt against him, your body caving in to the shape of his chest, your hand involuntarily rising to lay against his cheek. He tugs ever so slightly on your lower lip with his teeth and you concede with a happy sigh. You vaguely hear a wolf whistle from somewhere, no doubt from Amy, but you don't care. The hottest man in Water Seven is kissing you, and whether he'll remember it the next morning or not, you're going to enjoy it. You feel his tongue slip past your lips and you slide your other hand up his chest to his shoulder, where you press against it with the heel of your hand. He tightens his grip around your waist possessively, pulling you against him tighter. This same hand travels in a downwards motion over your hip, where he brings it up under your leg and caresses the skin all the way down, until his arm can stretch no further down. He slides it back up along the soft skin of your leg even slower than on the way down. You relocate your hand from his cheek to the back of his head, massaging your fingers through his hair as you press further against his mouth. He slowly pulls back, and you're both gasping for breath. "There. much better. I knew I'd get that smile out of you." Iceberg playfully breaths against your cheek. You were unaware of it until now, but a very pleased grin is now spread across your features.
"But I'd like that smile to stay tell me, if you were mine, would you smile like this for me every day?" Iceberg mutters as he nuzzles your neck.
You inhale sharply, sliding your hands around his neck ad tilting your head back. Your eyes roll back as you moan quietly. Iceberg is smiling as he rubs his nose against the hollow in your collarbone.
A sudden surge of confidence overcomes you. "Make me smile like this every day then," you purr as you reposition you legs to wrap around his waist and press yourself closer.
You feel him shift under you and his face disappears from your neck. You look down at him and he's evaluating your expression. "Only if you promise to be mine."
"Ask me tomorrow when you're sober."
"Nma...I'll see you tomorrow then." Iceberg gives you a crooked smile that you find incredibly alluring, then leans in to kiss you one more time, short and sweet.
"We'll see." You chuckle, dismounting his lap to which he responds with an upset look, like a child's favourite toy being taken away. He stands up, stretches, and takes a step towards you. He kisses your cheek and leaves.
As he exits the doors of the bar, Amy's voice startles you, right in your ear. "Not bad, but I'd've given that rump a little squeeze as he left."  You squeak and grow red. "Oh shutup and go clean something!" You pull a rag from your pocket and slap it against her chest, walking off haughtily. You hum to yourself though as the last three people leave, dragging their drunk friend out.

Walking home with Amy, you sigh. "I really didn't mind that so much..I do mind that he was drunk though. It's hard to enjoy something that great when you know it was only an act of drunken stupor."
Amy stares at you, key to her apartment frozen halfway in the lock. "Actually (     )....I have a confession."
"I was serving him cream soda all night. He asked me to....He said if you believed he was drunk, you might not be so bashful because you'd be certain he wouldn't remember it. Guess it worked, huh?" She laughs nervously.
You let her words sink in. As they do, your whole body grows red hot. "WHAT??!?!?!"
"Well, night!" Amy laughs as she ducks inside her apartment and slams the door.
"AMY!!!!!!! HE WASN'T DRUNK?!?!?!?" You blush from head to toe and bury your face in your hands. Oh dear. Tomorrow will be....awkward to say the least. Because he's definitely going to remember. And he IS coming back.
It's so much...fluffier than I pictured. Blegh. Oh well. Enjoy!

Laughing like an evil maniac over here as I read my last lines I typed. Hehehe. So evil. Yay me! *twirls imaginary mustache*

Amy was in cahoots with Bakaberg, hehe. She wants to see her bashful friend (you) get some action. "Sure, I'll fake giving you beer. Here's a tip, have Kokoro pinch your cheeks lots so you look red. That'll help."
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    "Hey! Hey, Bonnie!" You yelled as you came running towards your best friend and fellow pirate. "I have a favor to ask you!"

    "What is it, (y/n)?" She replied through a mouthful of pizza. You stopped running when you reached her and grinned widely.

    "I need you to use your powers for me! Pretty please~~~" You begged. Bonnie looked up at you with an eyebrow raised.

    "Younger or older?" She asked with a conspiratory smirk.


    "Give me one reason I shouldn't throw you overboard right now, (y/n)-San?" Your captain, Trafalgar Law, asked. He looked very angry and under normal circumstances you'd have been scared shitless, but now. . .

    "Because I don't think you could even lift your nodachi right now, Law-kun," You replied. Law frowned up at you. That's right, UP at you. Your wonderful friend Bonnie had turned your beloved captain-san into a 10 year old.

    "That doesn't mean I won't use room to toss you over the side of the ship." He grumbled. You blushed happily. Little Law was just too cute! Law, seeing your reaction, sighed. "You're not even listening to me are you?"

    "Nope!" You squeed before lifting him up easily. "You're just so freaking adorable!"

    "(Y/n)! Put me dow- Hey!!" Yelled Law indignantly as you enveloped him in a bone crushing hug. Your captain turned uncharacteristically red and seemed at a loss for words as his face was smushed against your chest.

    "Kyaaa~ I wish I could keep you like this forever," You sighed contently as you enjoyed your mini Law cuddles. "It's too bad that Bonnie made this tempora...ry. Oh shit." It seemed her version of temporary was a lot shorter than yours. The transformation wore off and you were left with a very grown up captain with his face smashed between your breasts.

    "(Y/n). . ." He growled slowly. "Looks like I can lift my nodachi now." You paled significantly before swiftly pushing away from him.

    "I REGRET NOTHING!" You screamed as you fled from your angry captain.

~~~~~~~~~~~extended ending ~~~~~~~~~~~

    "Awww," Squeed Penguin and Shachi. "Captain was so cute when he was little!"

    "I know ~ Look at these other pictures I took. Isn't he absolutely adorable!" You giggled, completely unaware of the angry presence looming behind you.

   "When did you even have time to take these!? Wait, is that me sleeping!?" Yelled Law.

    "Ahhhh!! Run guys! RUN!"
I would totally do this if I was friends with Bonnie XD

I do not own one piece but I do own this story.
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His green head whipped around at the sound of his name echoing through the halls of the Colosseum. He scowled at the feminine form rapidly approaching him.

“The fuck do you want?” he sneered.

You grasped him by the collar and growled, pushing him into a nearby alcove so the two of you were hidden from view. “I’ve been searching for you across the entire Grand Line. What makes you think you could do that to me and get away with it?” you snarled, your face only inches from his.

His brows furrowed and he wrenched himself from your grip. “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” he growled. “I don’t even know you.”

“Have you forgotten me already, ‘Meo? I’m hurt.”

“Tch, you’re crazy,” he growled and went to push past you, but you stopped him.

“Oh you have no idea,” you purred, pressing him up against the wall, your hands just itching to close themselves around his throat. You felt something poke you.

“Oh my, is that a knife in your pants, or are you just happy to see me?” You smirked up at him, reaching down to grasp the hilt. “Oh, it is a knife. I’m not sure if I should be disappointed…” You twisted until the cool, sharp edge rested lightly against his skin. “Or overjoyed. One wrong move, Chicken Boy…”

Bartolomeo paled.

“O-oi! What are you doing? I told you I don’t-”

“Still don’t remember, huh?” You grimaced. “Tch, guess I’ll have to give you a little reminder.”

With your free hand you reached up to entangle your fingers tightly in the hair at his nape, tugging him downward until his face was level with yours. His yelp was cut off by your lips on his, rough and angry. He froze and you pulled back, panting slightly.

“Remember me now, Chicken Boy?” you growled, fingers still clenched tightly in his hair.

He said nothing, staring at you in bewilderment. You searched for that hint of recognition in his eyes, but it never came. You let go of him abruptly, stepping back and letting the knife clatter to the ground.

“You’re not worth my time,” you said before turning to leave. But as you went to take your first step in the opposite direction, you were suddenly met with resistance – a strange barrier had appeared before you. You tested it with your hand. It was as solid as glass, smooth and think and almost invisible to the eye. You were trapped.

“Oh, I don’t think you’re going anywhere.”

You whirled around and met the wild eyes and shark-like grin of Bartolomeo the Cannibal. You felt your heart beast faster – from excitement or fear, you could not tell.

He smirked and tapped his forehead. “I think it’s starting to come back to me. But I’m gonna need a little more than just a kiss.”

This time it was his turn to press you up against the barrier, his arms caging you. Not that you could escape even if you wanted to. His barrier had completely enclosed the two of you in the tiny alcove.

You gazed up at him with a playful smile. “Let’s see if we can jog your memory.”

Before you had even finished your sentence he had you pinned against the barrier, hands exploring every inch of you he could possibly reach. His mouth was at your neck, tongue tracing the pattern of your veins beneath your skin, sending shudders through your body. He bit down harshly at the supple skin and you cried out, gripping his hair tight enough to hurt.

“Fuck,” you growled.

He chuckled, lapping at the mark he had just made with his wicked tongue. His hands trailed down your sides, pinching and squeezing, until they reached your thighs. He lifted you higher, pinning you with his hips and allowing his growing bulge to grind against you. You held back a moan, not wanting to give him the satisfaction. You retaliated by rocking your hips into his and you heard his breath catch in his throat.

You felt his fingers creep up your thighs and under your skirt, toying with the hem of your panties. He gave you a cheeky smile and before you could protest there was a tearing sound, and the garment fluttered to the ground in tatters. You groaned inwardly at the loss, but soon forgot all about it as his fingers found their mark.

Despite your best efforts to keep your voice suppressed, you let out a shaky moan, clutching at his shoulders as you bucked into his hand. Soon he had you writhing under his teasing fingers, your body slick with sweat and your cheeks and chest flushed dark with colour. You could feel something building inside you, but just as you were about to reach its peak, the feeling left you.

You heard the faint jingling of a belt buckle and the feeling soon returned, this time fuller and a sharper sting of pleasure. You looked up at him and smirked.

“You got a piercing,” you panted, and he grinned, thrusting roughly upward. You threw your head back and let out another moan as he adopted a steady pace - deep and fast and hard. You had not realised how much you had missed it.

You felt yourself once again building toward that peak, and from his groans and grunts, you knew Bartolomeo was too. You felt the barrier at you back shudder and give way slightly.

“’Meo…” you managed to gasp, but he ignored you, his eyes glazed over with lust.

One last thrust sent him over the edge and you with him, and suddenly you were tumbling backwards. You hit the ground hard, the breath knocked from your lungs as he collapsed on top of you.

“Fuckhead,” you growled, wincing in pain.

“It’s good to see you too, [Name],” he said with a smirk.

“Oh, now you remember me,” you said, rolling your eyes.

He laughed. “I never forgot. How could I?”

You stared at him for a moment. “What do you…?” Realisation dawned on your face and you flushed crimson with rage. He only laughed harder.

“You’re hot when your angry,” he said with a shrug. “Plus the sex is better. Are you mad at me, [Name]?” His eyes flashed with mischief.

“Yes,” you said, pouting.

He grinned widely and flipped you over until you straddled his waist.

“Good,” he said, smirking. “I could go another round.”
The name sucks, but I can't remember what I wanted to call it :P If I remember, I'll change it, but this will do for now.

I am like, violently attracted to Barto. I dunno what it is :P My taste in men can get a little weird at times...

One Piece belongs to Eiichiro Oda.
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    April; also known as the most dangerous time on the Moby Dick and the time when hilarity and chaos ensues.

    No, it wasn’t the weather, and no, fights against the brave souls who attempt to take down the White Beard Pirates weren’t any more difficult than they usually are.

    One word: shenanigans.

    Shenanigans, shenanigans, everywhere; no one was ever safe! What used to be April fool’s day, turned into April fools week, and then it escalated into a full thirty days of pranks. Of course, this year, you had planned months in advance to take down the self-proclaimed, “King of Pranks,” Portgas D. Ace.

    “Oh, Portgaaaaaas~,” You call out in a sing-song voice. “Where are you?”

    “Death from above!” Ace exclaims as he hurls a water balloon at you. It exploded in your face, soaking your shirt, and hair. You brushed the wet hair from your eyes.

    “Not cool, Portgas.” You huffed and pouted. “But, I’ve already gotten you back.” You smirked. “Prepare to be overthrown, King of Pranks!” You laugh maniacally, and walk away, leaving a slightly-concerned-about-your-sanity Ace behind you. You make your way to the kitchen with a confident swagger in your step, remembering the advertisements that you had posted at the islands that you had previously stopped at.

    “Pterodactyl Scream Contest; loudest and most obnoxious screech will win a HUGE prize! Just call the number written below and screech. No need to say that you’re entering the contest in your entry! Enter from April 1st to April 30th; the winner will be contacted via denden mushi. Bonus points go to whoever calls during the late hours of the night! See below for more details!”

    “Hey, (Name), want to try a cookie?” Thatch asked, holding out a platter of pseudo-chocolate chip cookies.

    “I’d love to if it wasn’t April. How stupid do you think I am?” You jokingly scolded and poked his chest. “Go offer one to Ace, he never turns down food.”

    Thatch laughed heartily. “Why do I have a feeling this is going to end badly?”

    “Because it probably will,” You pointed out. “I just hope Ace doesn’t suspend all of the furniture in jello again.” You added with a shudder.

    “We all do. I was shitting blue for weeks.” Thatch said.

    “Oh, too much information, Thatch,” You groaned and grimaced. “But, anyways; I am going to win this year.” You stated confidently.


    You grinned, “see you ‘round, Thatch.” You said with a wave and promptly left the kitchen, walking towards where you heard the first division yell from. Still wet from his shower, he furiously wiped his hair with a towel, failing to get the green dye out of his formerly blond hair.

    “Pfft, nice hair, Marco, it’s a great look for you!” You laughed at his now-green hair.

    “(Name),” Marco said lowly. “You wouldn’t happen to know who did this, would you-yoi?”

    “No,” you lied. “Ask Ace. Last time I saw him he was in the storage room.” Marco stormed off in the direction of said room and you trailed behind him. When the two of you got to the room, he angrily opened the door into the storage room which was currently full of pineapples.

    “Ace, get your ass out here-yoi!” Marco commanded, but was met with no response. The citrusy smell invaded your nostrils and you grinned.

    “Go, young pineapple!” You shouted and slammed the door and quickly locked it. “Join your brethren!” You ran the hell away from the room.


    “Love ya, Marco!~” You called out sweetly; looking  back to make sure he wasn’t following you, but you ran into something hard and fell back onto your rear. “Sorry, I wasn’t looking where I was going,” you apologized, and looked up at who you had run into; it was Ace.

    “Nice to run into you again, (Name).” Ace smirked, mischief glimmering in his onyx eyes. You stepped out of the way of the second division commander, but he stepped in your path. Left. Right. Left. Right. Right.

    “Ace, mooooove!” You whined and tried to escape.

    “Oi, Marco! I’ve got (Name)!” Ace yelled and continued to block you from escaping the wrath of a pissed pineapple phoenix.

    Your jaw gaped. “Ace, you traitor!” You cried out and desperately tried to get around him. “AARG!” You exclaimed in frustration, you tried to flee once again, but you were picked up by a pair of strong arms. He threw you over his shoulder like a sack of yams.  You thrashed your body and squirmed in his grip, but it was to no avail.

    You were toast.

    And quite possibly, literally.

    “I hate you sometimes, Ace.” You muttered angrily and glared daggers at the man, he stuck his tongue out. You twisted your body and flailed some more, but you gave up and went limp over his shoulder. The door was ripped off the hinges and split in two with a loud, “SNAP,” and a very pissed Marco stepped out of the room.


    “Hi, Marco,” you greeted meekly “ever heard of the saying, “all is fair in love and war?”


    “… Shit.”



    “OW!... FUCK!”






    “(Name), that’s not how you hold a hammer-yoi.”

    “How should I know, do I look like a shipwright?!” You said exasperatedly and glared up at Marco.

    “You don’t.” Marco stated. “You look like a ship-wrong-yoi.”

    “Har. Har. Hilarious.” You remarked sarcastically and went back to trying to fix the door that he had broken.

    “Hey, Marco, I’m stealing (Name) for a bit.” Thatch said, poking his head into the room. You set down the hammer and got up.

    “Freedom!” You shouted and leaped out into the hall way before he could object. “So, why d’ya need me?” You asked curiously.

    “Just some help with dinner.” Thatch answered, words laced with mischief.

    “I like how you think.”

    Dinner soon arrived, and Ace was going to regret what he had done to you earlier. You sat down at a table with two plates of food; one for you, and one for Ace. Minutes passed, and there was still no sign of Ace.

    The plan was working.

    You smirked as you saw the freckled man dash frantically into the dining room. His face fell into a look of devastation when there appeared to no more food.

    “Ace, I grabbed a plate of food for you!” You called out and waved. He looked towards you.

    “Thanks, (Name)!” He thanked and swiftly began to devour the food. You tried to hide your grin as black began to ooze out of his mouth.

    “You have a little something on your face.” You informed him. Ace wiped his mouth with his hand, causing a long black smear to appear on his hand. He looked at the stain, alarmed at first, but then it dawned on him.

    “Dammit, (Name).” Ace said and began to down a glass of water; he immediately spat it out, gagging at the sour taste of vinegar. You guffawed and collapsed onto the floor in an uncontrollable fit of giggles.

    “Here, take this,” You managed to say, gasping for air. You handed him a glass of soda, “I didn’t put anything in the drink, I swear-” He begrudgingly accepted the drink.

    Aaaany second now…


    Soda spewed everywhere, causing bubbles to launch in all directions, and the sweet liquid spilled everywhere.

    “HOLY SHIT!” Ace exclaimed, dropping the glass.

    “But I did put stuff in the ice!” You added. He glared at you and you fled from the scene, laughing manically as you dashed through the halls. You heard fast footsteps following you and you dashed around as many corners as possible. Looking over your shoulder, you didn't see anyone following you. You slowed down your pace to a brisk walk, keeping your ears and eyes peeled. You walked around the corner and came face to face with Ace. 

    “(Name).” Ace said in a tone far too pleasant to mean anything good.

    You gulped. “H-hi Ace.”

    You were met with a devilish smirk that sent shivers up your spine. You backed up away from him, but ended up backing up into a wall. Your eyes darted left, then right; but there was no escape. Your eyes locked, and you felt as if your heart would beat out of your chest. He slammed his hand next to your head, causing you to jump. He closed the distance between the two of you and his lips met yours, you felt your face immediately heat up into a dark shade of crimson and warmth spread throughout your body. Your eyes widened as he pulled you closer. Ace sharply poked your waist, you squeaked in surprise as his tongue slithered into your mouth. You immediately tasted the signature bitter taste of… Icing dye?

    Oh, wait a second.

    You pulled away, a trail of darkened saliva bridged in between your lips. You pouted and wiped the spit from your lips, a blush still dusted on your cheeks.

    “Really?” You huffed, he let go of you.

    “Just thought I’d return the favor,” Ace said with a toothy grin. His teeth were still stained black. You stuck your tongue out and giggled, “truce for the rest of the day?” Ace thought for a moment.

    “Truce,” He agreed.

    “But, I’m still going to get you back for that.”


    The sun rose; signaling the start of another new day, and you sleepily ambled through the halls, yawning every so often. You heard loud murmuring coming from the deck; you opened the door, and began to process what you were seeing.

     “How on earth?” You breathed. “Whoever did this is truly a genius. How did they even do it? Is it even possible to do this so quickly?” You asked and fiddled with a sticky note.

    That’s right; a sticky note.

    Someone or some people covered the entire Moby Dick in sticky notes, leaving everyone baffled about how the hell they did it without anyone noticing and how they were able to hide such a large amount of sticky notes. But everyone deemed that this prank was worthy of a name.

    “Moby Sticky?” You asked, tilting your head to the side.

    “Moby Note?” Ace suggested.

    “Sticky Moby?” Marco questioned. “What other options is ther-“

    “Sticky Dick!” Thatch exclaimed far more enthusiastically than he should have, earning weird glances from all who had heard him.


    “Yeah, that sounded weird.” Thatch remarked.

    You facepalmed. “No kidding.”

    “So… how are we going to clean this up?” Ace asked.

    “We can wait for the wind to blow them away,” You suggested, you could still taste the flavor of the icing dye. “I’m gonna go see if I can brush the black out of my teeth and take a shower. See you guys at breakfast.” You waved and walked down to the washroom, shut the door behind you, took off your clothes, and started a shower. Much to your surprise, it went off without a hitch. No pranks. Nothing. You suspiciously poked your head out from behind the curtain. Your clothes were arranged differently than how you remember them being laid out. A small slip of paper was on top of your shirt. It said:

    “Enjoy the itching powder.

    Also I hope you won’t miss your (color) bra.

    Because I took it.

    Ha ha



    “The King of Pranks will never fall!” He called out from outside of the washroom.

    Oh… This is war.

    And you knew just what to do.

    You reluctantly put on your clothes and immediately started to feel itchy. You stepped out into the hallway and prayed that you wouldn’t run into anyone. Luckily, you didn’t and you went into your room to go change into a different pair of clothes and grab another bra. You stormed out of your room and made your way to the kitchen, itching yourself the whole way there.

    “Thatch! I'm borrowing your hairspray!” You said grumpily. “I need revenge, and it involves Ace’s pants, a shit-ton of hairspray, seawater, and some oil.”


    You tiptoed into Ace’s room. He snored loudly and had managed to kick off the covers in his sleep. You grinned deviously and dabbed a substance onto his pants. He stopped snoring and rolled over in his sleep and you flinched and stepped back. Seconds later, he resumed his chainsaw-like snoring.

    Buru buru buru buru buru…

    Oh no…

    Buru buru buru buru buru…

    You grimaced and frantically looked around for a place to hide, but there weren’t any good spots. You winced and plugged your ears.


    Your heart beat at a million miles per hour. You couldn't mess this up; it was gold material, after all! He began to snore again and you quietly sighed in relief and finished coating enough of his pants in the oil and hairspray mixture. You put a note in his drawer that said:

    “Perhaps I put itching powder in your pants. Wanna find out? Love ya! –(Name)”

     You softly strode out of his room and silently closed his door. You smirked deviously. “Perfect.” You whispered.


    “All hands on deck! Marines!”

    You sprinted to the deck and threw open the door.

    “There’s no need, (Name).” Marco said. “Ace’s got it covered-yoi.”

    “’kay!” You chimed and speed walked over to the edge of the boat.

    “HIKEN!” He announced as he sent a flaming fist at some marines; failing to notice the flame that had started on the seat of his pants.

    Oh yes.

    You had just done the impossible task:

    You just set Fire Fist Ace on fire.

    “WHAT THE FUCK?” Exclaimed, trying to extinguish the flames, but only getting burned instead.

    “Do you feel the burn, Ace?” You asked slyly.


    “Hey, no need to get so hot-headed.”


    “You’re lookin’ smokin’ today, Portgas!” You chuckled. “Marco, Ace needs help~” You called out to the phoenix.

    “I’m sure he’s doing fine-yoi.” Marco commented.

    “He’s on fire.”


    “Why can’t I- OW!”


    You turned your head; Thatch had an empty bucket in his hands. But, you didn’t bother to look back. You knew exactly what was happening due to the horrified gasps of the marines.

    Ace was fully naked…

    Well this certainly wasn’t part of your plan… Ah well.

    “The King of Pranks has been overthrown!” You declared triumphantly and cackled.


    “Hey, (Name),” Thatch snickered. “Check out the headlines.” He said and handed you the paper. Your jaw gaped as you read it.

    “Portgas D. Ace Goes Streaking on a Marine Vessel: First the shirt, now the pants, what the hell is he thinking?”

    You sat silent for a few moments, your face slowly contorted into a grin, and then you laughed uncontrollably. Tears formed at the brim of your eyes and you dropped the paper and clutched your stomach and began rolling on the ground.

    “H-holy shit!” You said in between breaths. You picked up the paper and stood up, wiping the tears from your eyes. “I-I don’t care if it kills me, I have to show this to him.” You giggled and began to skip down the hall down to the freckled boy’s room.

    “Hey, Ace.” You said, peeking your head into the room, trying to stifle your laughter. He looked up from the bed where he was laying down. “Your bounty increased by a few million beris. Bet you can’t guess what for.” Ace raised his eyebrows in interest and you showed him the newspaper. “Exhibitionism!” 

    “Dammit, (Name).”

    “Ah ah ah, it’s (Name) (Last Name), Queen of Pranks.”

    “I hate you.”

For :iconpiratequeend:'s challenge! :D :thumb528492263:

May do a sequel next year for april fools because I had fun with this~

2500+ words x,D

Probably going to fix grammer things later.
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Warning: language, sarcasm, so much sarcasm

" guys?" you loudly said.

The crew looked up from what they were currently doing. Sanji yelling at Luffy, Nami sunbathing, etc, etc.

"What is it, [Name]-san?" said Brook, who was tuning his violin.
"," you hesitated.
"It's okay, [Name]," said Chopper reassuringly by your side.

The crew looked at you expectantly.

"I-I'm preggo," you joked to make the situation lighter.

Silence fell upon the crew.

"Like the spaghetti sauce?" said Luffy.
"She means pregnant, you dumbass," muttered Zoro.

-1 month pregnant-

"I still can't believe he's the father," said Sanji.
"Leave him alone," you sighed.
"He didn't even understand how to make babies," sighed Zoro.

Can you guess who's the father? That's right. Luffy. Monkey D. Luffy. The walking, talking rubber band. The captain. Luffy, your captain. The man who wants to be Pirate King. The guy who thinks food is currency. Yes, that man.

"Sooo, there's gonna be a mini Luffy?" said Luffy, picking his nose.
"Oh my god," groaned Sanji.

-2 months pregnant-

You were currently reading about the history of Alabasta, feeling very nostalgic and suddenly missing Vivi. Sanji catered to your every need since you were pregnant. Basically he was your bi-- your butler. Like always. You looked up from your reading to watch Zoro do push-ups.

"Maybe when the baby's bigger I'll sit on your back," you joked.
"I'm not ready to break my spine," he shot back.
"You're a dead man walking, Zoro," you glared.

Luffy was currently being educated on babies by Robin in the library so he wasn't causing havoc as usual. Chopper was helping Sanji pick out what foods he should make to give your baby nutrients. So currently, the whole world was revolving around you.

And you bet your sweet ass it felt good.

"I'm so glad I'm not having your baby," you laughed, thinking of something.
"Hmm?" Zoro said confused.
"I mean, it could never stand in front of a green screen," you giggled.
"...I'm done," Zoro sighed, going up to the crow's nest.

-3 months pregnant-

You hadn't started showing yet, but your feet were still killing you. You hadn't been able to sit down all day since Nami landed the ship on an island. The crew pulled you around town to get necessities for the baby and yourself. Honestly, they're overreacting.

It was around 6 P.M. when all of you got back to the ship. You sat down in a lawn chair and groaned.

"Oh my god, my feet are killing me," you said. You looked around for Sanji, but he was currently cooking dinner. Luffy was bothering him, like always, to get snacks for himself and you. Then you saw Nami.

"Namiii~," you whined, "Can you give me a foot massage?"
"Pay me," she said back.
"Fine, you can have the umbilical cord," you said, giving her a cheeky smile.

Usopp looked over the railing from where he was catering to his plants.

"Hey, I thought I got the umbilical cord," he said jokingly.
"Oh right. Nami, you want the placenta?" you laughed.
"Honestly you guys...," she facepalmed, "Fine, it'll be free."

-4 months pregnant-

You were currently with Usopp down in the workshop, where he was currently making a mobile to hang above your baby's crib. You were instructing him on which pieces you wanted.

"No, no, put the star on the other peg!"
"But you wanted the moon on that one," Usopp sighed.
"I changed my mind," you said.

Time went by and Usopp was currently adding a music box into the mobile, so it would play music when it spun.

"How are we gonna hang this over the crib?" you asked.
"Actually, I don't know," he furrowed his eyebrows, "I'll ask Franky."
"We can hang it off of your nose," you suggested.
"I'm going to take this apart and let Luffy design it," Usopp threatened.

You gasped, imagining meat and takoyaki hanging over your baby's head.

"You wouldn't dare," you said.
"Try me."

-5 months pregnant-

"Sanji!! [Name]'s hungry!" yelled Luffy, dragging you into the kitchen.
"What would you like, [Name]-chan? Steak, sushi?" Sanji said, already getting out his kitchen supplies.
"Um... just some ice cream, thanks," you muttered.
"Oh, would you like that with pie?" Sanji offered, "How about cake?"

You sighed.

"No, Sanji, just some ice cr--"
"Oh, how about ice cream cake?"

You gave up and sat down.

"Oh what the hell, why not?" you said, pinching the bridge of your nose.
"Sanji, can I have steak?" said Luffy.
"Go to hell," responded Sanji.
"That's a yes right?"

-6 months pregnant-

"Your baby's healthy, [Name]," said Chopper, taking down notes.
"You hear that, Luffy? Mini-Luffy's fine," you said, looking at Luffy.
"Hm, I've been wondering," Luffy said.

Chopper practically got whiplash from turning his head so fast. Luffy's thinking?, you and Chopper both thought.

"Who's gonna deliver the baby?" Luffy asked.
"...Oh, good question. Chopper, are you doing it?" you pondered.
"Well yeah, Robin's gonna help. I've been researching," Chopper said, "Plus Doctorine delivered a few babies back on Drum Island, so I guess I have experience."
"...So like, are you gonna catch the baby in your antlers or something?" Luffy asked.

You busted out laughing.

"Holy crap, Luffy, that's the best thing you've said all day!" you clutched your sides.
"I'm not even gonna answer that," Chopper said, hopping off his chair.

-7 months pregnant-

You were reading books on the side effects after giving birth in the library with Robin helping you.

"Just imagine the stretch marks," said Robin.
"....Shit," you said, "Hadn't thought of that."
"Good luck," she laughed.

After a while of flipping through books, Robin came across something interesting.

"You're gonna breastfeed, right?" she asked.
"Uhh, yeah, I think," you said.
"Your breasts are gonna grow from lactating," Robin informed.
"...Tell me it ain't so, Robin," you said.
"They could grow a size bigger," she laughed.

You grabbed your chest lumps in panic.

"I'm a nice person, I don't deserve this," you said.

And from the men's quarters, Luffy and Chopper could hear you scream, "NOT MY BOOBS!"

-8 months pregnant-

"Franky, can you give me the scissors?" you said, not looking up from your current task.
"[Name], I'm a cyborg, not a Swiss army knife," he said as he filled up barrels with cola.
"I meant the scissors near your feet," you rolled your eyes.

He kicked the scissors in your direction, "What are you doing anyway?"

"Making snowflakes," you said, cutting the paper into different shapes, "Chopper said arts and crafts would help my mood swings."
"Well, are they helping?" Franky asked.
"Nope," you said, unfolding the piece of paper to reveal a patterned snowflake.

-9 months pregnant-

Brook was playing a little tune on his violin to accompany your reading.

"When's the baby due, [Name]-san?" Brook asked.
"Chopper said in a few weeks," you answered, flipping the page, "I hope it comes soon, I feel like a whale."
"Maybe you could name the baby Laboon," Brook suggested, "Yohohoho!"
"I'm going to kill you," you snarled.
"Yohoho! But I'm already de--"
"Finish that sentence and you're gonna die a second time."
"[Name]-san's scary..."

Suddenly you paused.

"Brook, can you call Luffy and Chopper?" you asked.
"Are you hungry? I could call Sanji-san," he offered.
"N-Nope, just call Luffy and Chopper, please."
"Is something wrong?" he asked.
"...My water broke."

"Luffy, no she's in labor!" Nami yelled.
"I thought Labor Day was in September!" Luffy panicked.
"Oh, that makes sense. Mini-Luffy's coming!"


"WHERE IS THAT PIECE OF SHIT?" you yelled, clutching your stomach.
"Nami's telling him what to do when he gets in here," said Robin, wiping your sweat with a towel.
"I'm going to throw the baby at his face, holy crap," you muttered.
"That's probably going to kill it," Chopper said, in his human point, putting on gloves.
"I never thought I'd have a reindeer deliver my baby," you said, "Chopper, this is going to be really weird. You're gonna see my hoo-haa. Are you ready for this point in our relationship? ARE YOU?"

Robin started giggling.

"Did you give her the shot?" Chopper said.
"It still hurts like a motherfu--"
"[NAME], I'M HERE!" Luffy burst in wearing scrubs and gloves, "How do I look?"
"Like a million dollars, AND WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG?" you yelled.
"I wanted to look presentable for the baby," he said, sitting on the seat next to you.

-Fast forward to during delivery-

All the crew could hear from inside was you cursing like a seasoned sailor and Luffy screaming, "OW MY HAND, [NAME] I NEED MY HANDS!"

Nami was taking bets on the gender, Sanji was crying over your pain, and Usopp was slightly disturbed. Franky and Brook were playing music to go with your delivery. Thanks guys, go make [Name]'s delivery into an hit single.

Zoro? Zoro was sleeping. That bastard.

And suddenly the yelling stopped, and you could hear the cries of a baby.

"Oh, is this the umbrella cord?" Luffy said.
"Umbilical," Robin corrected.
"Yeah, unicycle!"
"Just cut it, Luffy," you groaned.
"With a knife? I'll just get Sanji's kitchen knife."
"DON'T YOU DARE," yelled Sanji from outside.

Robin handed him a pair of scissors and Luffy cut the umbilical cord like it was the grand opening of his parental life.

"Welcome to the Grand Line, Mini-Luffy! You can be Pirate Prince," Luffy laughed.
"...Well...Pirate Princess," Chopper corrected.
"MINI-[NAME]!" Luffy yelled.

From outside, you could hear Nami collecting her bets from the crew.
"That was my last beri...," Usopp whined.
"Now it's mine!" Nami cheered.

You looked at Luffy.

"What do you wanna name her?" you asked.
"Meat," Luffy said.
"No," you responded firmly.
"How about Makino?" Luffy asked.
"Hmm...I like it," you said, "Monkey D. Makino."

Robin took the baby to wash her and came back with Makino wrapped in a towel.

"I wanna hold her!" Luffy yelled.
"I hold her first, I just pushed her out of my stomach," you glared.
"Fine," Luffy pouted.

Robin put a blanket over you and let the others in.

"She looks like her mother!" Sanji swooned.
"SUUUPER!" yelled Franky.
umm....................................................what is this
what the f is this
holy crap
holy crap indeed

also um comment please :( it's discouraging to see many likes and barely any comments

if you look into my history, you can see many pregnancy websites because i have no idea what you do during pregnancy.
that only took FOREVER
also the babys named Makino after Makino hahahahahah
like Makino from Fuusha village
cavendish next

One Piece (C) Eiichiro Oda
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Mature Content

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You worked at Marinefold doing the little things that kept everything in order, such as bringing the admirals their coffee, doing the paperwork they didn't feel like doing, sending missions to other marine bases, all that fun stuff. You sat at your desk filling, when a large shadow approached your desk, you looked out to see the burning stare of admiral Akainu. "_____," he grunted, "I need you to go clean out the office next to mine, we have a newly appointed vice admiral coming this afternoon." You stood up and saluted, he waved you off, then you made your way to the dusty office.

After a whole day of moving old papers, cleaning the floors and wiping down the large window, you turn your attention to the dusty leather couch, with a rag in hand you bent down and started to wipe the seat cushions first. The door behind you opened. "This will be your office," said Akainu as you continued to clean. "Oohh~ this is some nice digs~ does it come with the pretty girl as well~?" A man's voice said lazily, making you turn your head. You seen a man with a vice admiral's coat hanging lazily upon his shoulders, he wore what you thought looked like a gangsters outfit, a suit stripped black and grey with a black fedora atop his head, the expression on his face seemed to be plastered on, 'that face...' You saluted, "that's just _____, she's our assistant."

You finished wiping and straighten yourself up, the new vice admiral was sitting at his desk, fixing it to his liking. You saluted to him and turned to leave, as you took your first step he called out to you lazily, "hang on a sec~ come over here~" You were wary, but you obeyed, walking over and stopping at the large man before you. He licked his thumb and brought it over to your cheek. His gently placed his large thumb on your cheek, gently rubbing it, "you had a little dust on your cheek~" He pulled his thumb away, he chuckled lazily, his expression unchanging, you placed your hand on your cheek, 'that face...'

Over the next several weeks, you caught vice admiral Kizaru staring at you while you worked, not that you weren't flattered, but there was one thought that kept running through your head, 'that face...' He seemed so nonchalant, the opposite of admiral Akainu and admiral Akoji, his idea of justice, unclear. Every morning you brought him his coffee you felt at ease, every time you needed his signature you were relaxed, though, that one thought never escaped you.

After giving Akainu and Akoji their morning coffee, your last stop was bringing Kizaru his then it was off to your desk for paperwork. You walked over to his office door and opened it, he was sitting at his desk reading the paper, he looked over to you lazily, "oooh~ good mornin' ______-chan~" You simply walked over and placed the coffee on his desk and saluted. As you walked to the door, he said lazily, "hang on a sec, _____-chan~ come over here~" He patted his knee, you stared at him warily, then walked over to him, you stood before him as he still towered above you even whilst sitting. "Come~ sit on my lap~" He patted his lap once more, but you protested, "sir, I don't think-" Your words were cut short as he lazily placed one of his large fingers on your lips to silence you, "just for a moment~" You sigh, he wasn't gonna let you get out of this, you lifted your arms up childlike for him to lift you up, he chuckled lazily, picking you up and gently placing you on his lap. You had never felt so short, your back facing him, your head hung low as you sat there, you could feel his gaze on your back. "You seem so tense~" He placed his large hand behind your neck and massaged you gently, you relaxed slightly, you felt something twitch beneath your bum, 'I hope that's not what I think it is.' He could feel you tense up a little and chuckled, "oooh~ sorry~ fella has a mind of his own~" He talked so lightly, it felt like there was a log under you. "You know ,_____-chan~ you could help me get rid of it~" He moved his finger up to your cheek, feeling the warmth of your face, "your burning~ I'll take it your interested~" His finger nugged your cheek a little, you nodded your head shyly, making him chuckle as you refused to look at him.

He placed you down on the ground, you stood there as he reached under your uniform skirt, pulling down your panties, your back still facing him. He unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants, pulling out his freakishly large member, he picked you up by your waist, and positioned you above his member, 'it's so big, it's not gonna fit!' He slowly, yet lazily brought you down, it was agonizing, yet strangely arousing. Slowly and steadily, he brought you lower, suddenly, he dropped you hard, making him go deep suddenly. "Whoops~ my hand slipped~" he sounded lazily insincere. He gripped your hips firmly with his large hands, moving you up and down his lap, you moaned quietly, panting, he grunted lazily. You reached your climax quickly, he continued, forming and breaking knot after knot, your mind going blank. After several minutes, he had finally reached his limit, thrusting himself inside you, filling you. "_____-chan~" he chimed lazily, "I want you to call me Borsalino from now on~" You looked back at him, your blush still present, his face unchanged, 'that face...'
Tell me what you thought. Any suggestions for another fan fiction? Lemon? Unorthodox? You bet! I do it all. Let me know in the comments.
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Collection by
A new creation !

If you like it, say it ! :)

Resolution : 2560x1600
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This did actually start out as a stock photo of a panda before I got my claws into it. I threw in a bit of 3D as well for the skull effect :)

btw, he's not smoking, he's chewing bamboo.
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Free template, text is very easy to change. What do you think ?
I know the file is big, since this is 1920x1080 xD
The font i used was CFG Arch Reactor, you can download it on dafont.
Free to use for anything you like, just gimme credits :P
And DONATE, even 1 credit means a lot, and i'll be releasing 1 template per each donation (1 credit will do)

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You can see my latest works here:

Redesign of my original logo. With that new logo i bring also total different and new style.
Hope you like it. :+fav: are welcome !



Don't need the logo any more soo if someone is interested in let me know :)
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TagWall DICIEMBRE2011 :)
favs if you like it c:
critics and comments are very appreciated
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Miko belongs to *JackxTessa and Kitan belongs to me. I thought since she drew me some fan art i would draw her some in return for a thank you. So thank you. =)
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Fanart for the ever-lovely :iconjackxtessa: of her character Miko.

Just a quick outline, and I'll most likely be coloring it, but seeing as how he's kind of...well, dead-ish, that makes colors a bit harder to pin down.

First page found here: [link]

Ugh, I've actually been promising her a fanart for the looooongest time, and I never got around to finishing it and I felt totally bad about it, so...I did it!

Not completely sure how I feel about it, but those wings are pretty bitchin.' I think so, anyways. I love drawing wings.
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Dasu belongs to :iconjackxtessa:

Proof that sometimes I am just compelled to draw people's characters for no good reason other than I LIKE THEM.

These colors, whaaaat.
And his nose is like I don't even know. Sorry, Tessa, hahaha....
On the bright side, you made me draw a MANLY CHIN for once.
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You tossed and turned amongst the sheets. They twisted and knotted as they clung to your sweat slicked body until you decided to throw them off completely in your annoyance, letting them crumple to the floor. The window was thrown wide open, as far as it would go, but the air was dead and still, not even a sea breeze to blow away the stifling, suffocating air.

The clock by your bedside read three in the morning and you groaned quietly. Whose idea was it to take a summer vacation on a summer island? Oh right… It was yours. What a mistake that had been. After the freezing temperatures of Punk Hazard, all you had wanted was to laze around on the beach and tan. Now you were silently wishing you could return to the biting cold winds and knee deeps snow that you had loathed so much.

Turning your head to the side, your eyes fell on your lover, his tall frame silhouetted against the pale light of the moon. Former Marine Admiral Aokiji lay beside you in a deep sleep, unbothered by the suffocating heat. You found yourself suddenly jealous of his Logia powers that kept him cool even in the hottest of temperatures.

You rolled over to face him, watching the slow rise and fall of his chest and the slight parting of his lips as his icy breath rolled past them in a tiny puff of cloud.

“Kuzan…” you said softly, leaning in close.

He stirred once, but did not wake, a small frown on his face as he turned away from you. You huffed, dejected, and instead settled for wrapping an arm around his waist, huddling as close to him as you possibly could. You sighed contentedly at the feel of your fevered flesh against his chilled skin.

“Isn’t it a little warm for spooning, [Name]?” His voice was sleepy, with a hint of annoyance at being woken. Still, you could feel his cool fingers entwining with your own, pulling your arm tighter about him.

“It’s never too warm for spooning,” you replied. “At least not with you.”

“Your skin feels like fire.” He frowned as he rolled over to meet your gaze, his fingers leaving cold trails across your knuckles. “Are you having trouble sleeping?”

You nodded.

“Ararara… What shall we do about that, hm?”

“Some help would be greatly appreciated,” you said with a sheepish smile and a pleading gaze you knew he could not ignore.

He sighed, relenting, a small smirk played at the corner of his mouth. He leaned in close, watching you through heavily lidded eyes, and pressed his frozen lips to your throat. You gasped at the contact, your skin erupting in goose bumps in the wake of his wandering mouth and his breath like the first touch of winter. Icicle fingers skated over your stomach, leaving a warm, melted stream behind them on your burning skin. You moaned under his touch and you heard him chuckle.

“Kuzan… this isn’t… exactly helping…” you gasped out between breaths. His ministrations were only adding to the fire that burned beneath your skin, the intense contrast between hot and cold only fueling the flames.

“Oh? I thought you wanted my help?” he teased as he moved to hover over you, his icy breath rustling your hair, thin tendrils of mist curling through the air and kissing your skin. His mouth found your neck again, this time exploring with his tongue. You could not stifle your moans as the cold, wet muscle dragged itself over your flushed neck and chest, trailing lower to swirl around your naval.

“This wasn’t what I had in mind…” you panted, your head thrown against the pillow, your back arching from the mattress.

Kuzan stopped his teasing to gaze up at you, his mischievous smirk now a gentle smile. “Would you like me to stop?” he asked softly, fingers tracing distracting circles across your hips.

Your body screamed at you to say no, but your lungs, struggling for oxygen in the suffocating air reasoned against it.

He seemed to notice the heaving of your chest and flushed state of your cheeks and hurriedly wrapped you up in his arms. He pressed a cool hand against your forehead and you sighed happily, snuggling closer to his chest, tracing the expanse of his scar lazily with your fingers. He chuckled.

“Perhaps it was best I stopped… Ararara, you looked just about ready to explode.”

“Perhaps,” you giggled. “Well I know one thing for sure; I’m never taking a holiday on a summer island again. Whose idea was that again?”

“I believe it was yours,” Kuzan said, smiling as he kissed your hair.

“Of course… What a stupid idea.”

“I admit it wasn’t your brightest of moments.”

You hit him playfully, feigning hurt. He only laughed, pulling you closer.

“I hear summer on a spring island is nice,” he said, nuzzling your neck. “Perfect for sunbathing and uh… weddings… perhaps…”

“What are you saying?”

He shrugged. “It’s just a thought.”

You gazed up at him in awe, a smile creeping across your face. “Is that a proposal, Kuzan?”

He rubbed the back of his head nervously. “Well, uh… If that’s what you want I suppose… Uh, let’s get some sleep…”

He closed his eyes, feigning sleep and effectively ending the conversation. You chuckled to yourself and settled down in his arms, watching the smile spread across your lover’s face in response.

And you thought it amazing how a man so inherently cold, could have a heart so warm...
I really love Kuzan. He is such a babe after the time skip like omg O_O I think it's the v-neck shirt... It's my weakness O_O AND HOLY CRAP HAVE YOU SEEN HIS MODEL FROM PIRATE WARRIORS 2?! *drool*

I can totally relate to Reader-chan here :P it's been so hot in Aus lately that some nights I find it nigh impossible to sleep. If only my boyfriend had ice powers... D;

I had to stop myself from turning this into a full blown lemon ^^' it was soooo tempting 'cause ice is kinda sorta a fetish of mine ^^' but I wanted to keep it as PG as I could, hence the deterioration from around the half way point (sorry about that) :P Maybe I'll write an M rated version of this story some time hehe ;P

Doffy is next, and that one will definitely not be PG ;P

One Piece belongs to Eiichiro Oda
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After years of holding back your feelings for Kuzan, you couldn't hold back anymore. From when you were cadets to him becoming an admiral, since the events that transpired to Marinefold, you had to help with fixing and cleaning up. Now that everything was done, you were revved up to pour out your heart to him. You walked down the newly rebuilt hall, taking confident strides before reaching his office door. You grabbed the handle and swung the door open, "Akoiji!" You barked, squeezing the door handle. Your grip quickly softened, the room was empty, his desk bare, "What the?" You entered the room and looked in and around, as you searched the room, Kizaru peered inside, "oooh~ _____~ what are you looking for~?" You approached Kizaru, "ah, admiral Kizaru! I was just looking for admiral Akoiji, have you seen him?" You asked sheepishly, he blinked at you blankly, "haven't you heard~?" You started at him confused, "heard about what?"

After Kizaru explained to you the fight between Akoiji and Akainu, you were brought to tears, you covered your mouth as the tears flowed. "Would you care for a hug~?" He asked lazily, you simply walked passed him, "no, thank you sir." He watched as you walked down the hall in tears. You decided to leave the marines, that evening you had written and left a note to go search for Akoiji, respectfully quitting, leaving the note on your desk. You were on a mission, you just could not let go.

You took a small boat, for months, going island after island, lead after lead, all of them taking you nowhere. You then take your search to the island of Sabaody Archipelago, one of your leads took you there, 'this time, this one has got to be right.' You take your search around the island, asking around, a man approached you. You looked at him, he had long white hair, and circular glasses, "I seen him, I coated his boat and he went to Fishman Island." You got excited, you were getting closer, "can you coat mine too, good sir?" He chuckled, "you seem determined to find this man, I'll gladly coat your boat, miss." You hugged the man tightly and lead him to your boat.

Your boat descended down into the deep depths of the waters, you watched the beautiful sights above you. You lay on the deck of your small boat, watching it go deeper and deeper, thinking about Kuzan. 'He would look so handsome in this light,' you thought, drifting off to sleep. You awoke to the sound of a bubble popping, you open your eyes to see the light shining brightly above. You sat up and looked around, "It's so beautiful." You looked around mesmerized, "_____?" A man's voice came from a boat near by. You turn to see Kuzan, his hands in his pockets, "Akoiji!" You jumped from your boat, arms outstretched, landing on his boat, pulling him into a tight hug, "I've been looking for you!" Your voice sounded agitated, "you came all the way out here for me?" You looked up at him annoyed, "I had something REALLY important to tell you, AND, your gonna listen."

He just stared at you silently, you blush slightly, putting your forehead to his chest. You took a deep breath, "I-I-I-" You cough, choking on your words, "heh, is it hot here or what?" You tugged the the hem of your shirt nervous, making him more confused. You pull away and stand awkwardly, you clench your fists and take yet another deep breath, "I love you, Kuzan!" He just stood there, you stare at him, a blush on your cheeks, tears forming in your eyes. You took a shot in the dark and jumped to his lips, kissing them shakily.

He gently grasped your cheek, deepening the kiss, your heart skipped a beat, 'did he feel the same?' One of his hands trailed its way down to your hip, grasping it to bring you closer, then sliding it behind your back. You felt something poke at your ribcage, he broke the kiss and brought his lips to your ear, you could feel his cold breath, "come with me." He grabbed your hand softly, pulling you to his little library bedroom, he let go of your hand and sat on a couch nearby, he patted his lap. You walked over and straddled his lap, facing him, he pulled you close to him and kissed at your neck, trailing kisses down to your shoulder, "I'm sorry for giving you the cold shoulder," he continued kissing down your chest, "I had no idea, if I knew, I would have brought you with me," he nuzzled his face in your chest. You shifted on him slightly, he chuckled and froze your shorts zipper down, making you shiver. With a flick of his fingers against the ice, it had broken, ripping your shorts and panties. You reached for his pants and unzipped them, reaching for his member, rubbing against him pleadingly. He chuckled and slipped himself into you through the tear. You moaned lightly, your heart raced as you started moving, slowly you moved, making him groan lowly. He grew impatient and grabbed at your hips, forcing himself deep inside you, making you scream, "Kuzan!" His pace increased faster and faster, deeper and deeper, making you reach your climax. Soon after, he reached his limit, thrusting upwards slowly.
You giggled as he whispered, "I love you." He lifted you up slowly, trying to help you get off, but you felt a slight tug at your insides. "Kuzan?" You looked at him warily, he didn't meet your gaze, "I think I'm stuck."
Tell me what you thought. Any suggestions for another fan fiction? Lemon? Unorthodox? You bet! I do it all. Let me know in the comments.
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You and Ruvik stood there, in the field full of sunflowers, for what seemed like an eternity. Arms in arms, Ruvik felt at peace as he hold you tighter, ran his fingers through your hair, played with it, deeply smells your scent and even left some kisses on your cheeks and forehead. You always blushed and averted your eyes from him. The burned man only smirked in response.


     Everything was perfect.
         He'd protect you.
        He'd stay with you.
          He'd love you.

     And that's how it's always
          supposed to be.

You stood there with him. Not sure how your feelings are for this man, you also hugged him. But you did know that you didn't fear him. That he isn't a monster to you. That you'd forgive him.

After all he's been through, he really deserves the best. And if holding you made him happy, then so it shall be.

But suddenly you caught with the back of your eye something strange.
The flowers started wilting.
Some of them were already dead, some were getting grey-almost black petals.
Others were burning.
And the smell of fire and rotting flesh wouldn't leave your nose.

You backed away from Ruvik, who didn't even notice the change in the environment. Your existence was far more important.
"Wait, what's going on?" You asked, as the picture of the beautiful landscape changed to monochrome, dirty walls that belonged to a lab.
Ruvik noticed it too, and immediately knew WHO was causing this. He cursed under his breath.
"The other scums are trying to go deeper and try to leave the STEM.
They won't get far."

Ruvik's bugs wildly dance around him, as an exit out for him. You ran up to him, wanting to leave too.
"I need to go too!" You say and grab his arm.
Ruvik only refuses.
"You truly think I'd let you leave now?
There's no reason for you to come as
well. Stay here."

You stared him in the eye. It's true you wanted to help him. To be there for him. But you also wanted to leave. You can't stay in this hell and would leave with your friends. Even if you stayed with him, how would your 'life' be then here? When would be the time you could leave? Ruvik was quite possessive, so there would be no way outta here.

"I told you once and I'll say it again.
I can't stay here. I'm inside your own

Ruvik stared at you intensely. Once again, his look was unreadable. You grew worried if you upset him again. But that wasn't the case.

            " Very well."

Was the only words he said, as he turned around and let you travel with him. You were quite relieved, but also suspicious as to why he accepted your request so quickly. You didn't pay so much attention to that, though.

 But you didn't notice the devilish
      smile across his face.


"Ack!!" You hissed in pain, as you hit your head against the metal wall.
Great. Ruvik DID bring you with him, but like, 100 meters away from the others in an isolated place. How lovely

The room you were in,wasn't the laboratory you saw with Ruvik. But it had some similarities, so it shouldn't be far away.
Running for hours, you finally you found the lab. Opening the door, you saw, what seemed like bathtubs all connected to one huge machinery.
Suddenly you heard footsteps not far away from you. Loading and pointing your gun at the direction you came face to face to your enemy.

              " Seb! "

You lowered your gun at him, relieved to find someone. Sebastian smiled relieved too and walked up to you.
"Oh, thank god, (Name). Good to see you in this f**king hell."
A chuckle left your lips, who formed a slightly smile.
"Still swearing in every sentence. You're still you, Seb."
Sebastian smiled too, but immediately changed into a serious expression, as footsteps and screams could be heard.

       " He-! Help! Heeelp! "

Leslie ran towards you and hid behind you, Sebastian raising his gun at the intruder, protecting both of you.
The said woman followed the mentally broken boy, attempting to end his life.
"Sebastian, (Name) stop. Your goals and interests are the same as ours. I can't allow Ruvik to have this boy."

Ruvik is after...Leslie?'
You thought, utterly confused.

The ground started to shake, to crumble. Again, the scenario changed into a more creepy and disgusting place. A gigantic human brain was in the middle of the room, surrounded by yellowish water. You didn't notice that Leslie let go of you and made his way to the brain.
A smirked Ruvik waited there for him, his arms wide open and just glowing with pride.
"Leslie, no wait!!!" Kidman wanted to warn him but it was far too late.
Ruvik smirked as he put his burned hands around the youths head and...
Turned him into water?!
"Shit!" Sebastian shot into Ruvik's direction but missed, as the ground was still shaking.
The earthquake became so aggressive, that Sebastian fell out the window with an incredible speed, Kidman fell trough the a huge crack in the ground, and you.
You looked above you, as a part of the ceiling fell right to you. Quickly you tried to move, but couldnt. You shielded yourself and closed your eyes tightly.


          Nothing happened.

After an eternity you opened your eyes, expecting to see some miracle or someting.

        But nothing happened.


  That was the only thing you saw.

It stayed dark for a while, until you heard an all familiar voice;

 "What do you fear, my little one?"

Light shone trough the darkness and the one who belonged to that raspy, deep voice appeared.

Hands crept up being you and grabbed you on your shoulders and face. Gasping loudly, you slowly turned your head around but couldn't do much as the hands wouldn't let you.

          Your eyes widen.
         Panic rises in you.
       As you start trembling.

Those were the same hands that haunted you that day.
When that hideous beast slashed his rusty, bloody chainsaw in your thigh.
And made you cry in fear.

You struggled against their grip, as the dragged you down and deeper into the darkness.

"Your afraid of never leaving this place. Of leaving me."

You searched for any weapon you had with you to fight them.

"Since the day you came here, the only thing you did, was occupying my mind and distracting me.
The kindness in your actions.
The concern in your voice.
The truth in your eyes, as to never judge any living being."

Finally you got out of their grip and start shooting at them. Although it seemed every shot missed...

"You were different. Quite different.
It was most amusing to watch you from afar, when you were relieved that there were no 'monsters' in the hallway, when you were happy to have found someone and as to confused to my little riddles."

A chuckle echoed through the dim darkness. You did your best not to get caught in these hands again.

"You understood. You never judged.
You accepted. You saw positive aspects in me. I almost felt emotions near guilt for letting you go through this."

"My dear, you are my light. I felt at peace with you. With your kindness and concerns directed at me, only me. I felt loved. And for once, truly happy."

The hands fade away, as light footsteps echo trough your ears.

"...And yet,you do not seem to notice my affection. That you belong to me.
You don't seem to see clearly..."

The white form of Ruvik walks slowly to you, and looking straight at you.
For others his eyes seem unreadable, maybe even deadly.

But you only saw longing and sadness.

"You don't see that..."

           " I love you. "

Your eyes widen and your face gets crimson. It was obvious, but maybe... you just didn't want to belive it.
That a dead person who threatens to kill other innocent people, may be in love with you.

  "I won't let you leave, (Name)."

Snapping out of your thoughts, you saw that other silhouettes came behind Ruvik.
Silhouettes of Sebastian, Joseph, Kidman and the others came and attacked you. Knowing there's no other way, you shot them, one by one.

After the last one was dead, you said
"I have to go!! I cannot stay here!!"
A bright light stopped you and blinded you for a few seconds. Blinking a few times, you could see a huge victorian-styled door apparently leading to the exit.
Taking a few steps further to the door, it opened revealing pure light.

You swiftly turned around, seeing Ruvik in the darkness. His eyes were only focused on you, waiting for your decision.
After a while you shot a sad, yet heartwarming smile at him and your eyes, showing honesty and kindness.
As to kindly asking him for forgiveness.

Finally you turned around, no words between the two of you being spoken, because they were not nedded.


    'I only hope you find peace'


Eyes fluttering, you were greeted by lights and a relieved face.
"Are you okay, (Name)? I'm glad that this insanity is over." Sebastian said.

You got up, still a little dizzy. Looking around you noticed the corpses of Jimenez and the others. Not wanting to ruin the mood the both of you made their way out of this bloody mess.
Greeted by cops and detectives, they took care of you, asked questions and other such things.

You were tired and almost fell asleep, but Sebastian's voice snapped you awake.

"...Hey. Did you saw that?" He asked, but you didn't saw anything.
"...No, what do you mean?"

Sebastian shakes his head, blaming the headache and muttering a 'nothing'.

Finally it was over.


A few days later you guys, just got rest. Well, you hoped Sebastian at least got rest.
You were haunted by images of Ruvik.
In the mirror, outside of your home, in the corner of your eye.
Hell, even right next to you when you wake up.

Right now, you were home. The doorbell ringed, as you got up to answer it.

Opening it, you were shocked to see him there.


'Leslie' only smirked and steps  into your home. With an unusual deep voice.

   "I have found peace at last. "


Author's Note:
"I love you" Yesss I just did that!!! I am so so sorry for this shitty ending! I thought about this for days, I couldn't find another way. It's up to you and your headcanons what might happened after 'Ruvik' found you. I just didn't want it to  end it like Ruvik stays dead and you never see him again. And yes, that's the end of the story. I hope you enjoyed it and if not I cannot blame you XD
It's a crappy ending I know!!!
!I'm sorry 😢😢!
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Your (eyecolour) eyes adjusted to the light and you could see the landscape clearer. An astonished expression could be seen on your face, as you stood before the beautiful landscape full of sunflowers. Slowly you made your way through the delicate flowers. For some reason you felt like you should be very careful around them, to make sure they're not tainted with the blood on your body. Even though it seemed like the flowers were going away from you, so you wouldn't be tainted...
You smiled and relaxed, as your hands traced upon the flowers. You giggled 'They are so beautiful...' you thought.

As you went through the sunflowers, you didn't notice the pair of white-grayed eyes only focused on you. Ruvik was shaking, he couldn't help it. Standing in the sunflowers, in the place were his life was completely taken from him, brought horrible memories to him.
But looking at your smiling face and hearing you g laughing happily, made him relax and his pain at ease.

He needed you to go through everything he went. He needed you to listen. To understand. Ruvik knew that only (Name) could understand and not justify him. He wanted to you'd react.

           To his real self.

In the middle of the sunflowers, was a big, lonely barn. Since tthere wasn't anything else outside, you opened the door, surprisingly, with ease.
Stepping inside, you drew your attention to two ghost silhouettes.
Or rather memory silhouettes.
There was Ruvik as a boy and the pretty girl with long black hair, who you saw on the family painting, earlier. It seemed like she was his sister.

You wwalked right towards them, standing next to the girl.
"Laura! Where are you?" Ruvik asked, as he looked around, oblivious to the teasing behavior of his sister Laura, who always hid behind him.
"I know you're in here. I can hear you breathing." Once again Ruvik asked, oblivious.
You chuckled. You'd have never thought, that Ruvik was so innocent and cute as a child. Giggling, Laura hid right behind you, taken you by surprise.
"Can they see me..?" You wondered.
Ruvik heard her giggle, turned around and smiled at the sight of his sister. He walked towards you with opening arms, smiling happily.
Not knowing what to do, you got out of the way, to see the siblings hugging each other lovingly.
Smiling at the adorable scene, you didn't notice the dark conversation some men had outside.

Ruvik and Laura were still playing and you stood there, watching the two playing. Suddenly an horrible stitch mmade its way into your nose, as the barn got warmer. Flames suddenly bursted into the barn, burning everything they touched.
You could see Laura pounding on the door, and Ruvik burning his flesh being exposed.
"Ruben!!" His sister shouted.

       'That's his real name?'

While Laura tries to save her brother, the flames also devour her, burning her, exposing her bones and finally ending her screams.
There was still no exit and the air got thinner. Panic rises slowly in you.
The burned boy noticed the corpse of his beloved sister, kneels before her and...ttransforms.

All kinds od red bugs flew over to him, making him a huge, red silhouette.
Ruvik  picked up his dead, burned sister and screams in agony and pain.
His scream rings in your ears, never to e forgotten. Ruvik turns around, looking straight at you.
Right now he was faceless, but you could see every emotion he was expressing and it broke your heart.

      "They did this to us!!!"

 You bit your lip. You didn't know
 what to say to him. You responded,
 only in a whisper.

            "I'm sorry."


A white ceiling and a smell of medicine greeted you, as you got up from the cclinic's bed.
'I'm back here...' you thought.
You opened the door and were about to go to the nurse, until...

     "Hey! Heeeeey! I know you're
    out there! Come to me! Damn it!"

"What? Who's there?" You asked.
Right next to your room, was another one. You couldn't open the door, so you knocked on the door. "Hello? Who..who's there?"
A hhigh-pitched laugh came through the door.  
     "H jajahaa~! Say, young lady~
    Do  you know why this world is
             like that?"

             "Well, I-"

      " Hate. Hate. Ruvik's hate.
      The man's consumed by it.
           Ruled by it."

He interrupted you. Rude.
The mysterious man continues.

      "He, he wants to get out!
          Get his revenge~!
      Heh, but with that cookie-
        kindly heart of yours,
      ya can't reeaaaly blame him
              can you?"

He said in a really sneaky tone and high-pitched some parts.

 "He wants those things back, 'they'
  took from him! This world exits, as
  long as he does~"
  "Hihige~ But wat'cha don't know~?
   He already got one back, one he
   believes he deserved for sooooo
   long~ Mhmhm~ Guess who~! Its-

"Have you found something interesting
 Miss (Surname)?" The nurse caught you
by surprise. You knocked on the door again, but got no answer.
'I have to find him...Ruvik..Ruben..'
You decided to find him and face him instead of his memories.
Going through the mirror-stuff, you found yourself in a basement.
"How's that supposed to lead me to Ruvik?" You wondered outloud.

Suddenly you heard heavy breathing. Like someone is right behind your ear, whispering nothings to you. The floor begins shacking. The lying corpses burst open, spitting blood all over.
A spider-like creature crawls out of them, looking straight at you. Their face is covered by long black hair and red burned lips.
As they noticed you, they suddenly start to haunt after you with an inhuman speed. You shoot them, bullet after bullet but they're almost immune to it.
"Shit. Shit. Shit." You reloaded your gun, as they sprinted towards you, their claws dangerously near you.

You've noticed that the spider lady comes out of the corpses, so you started to burn them with matches. Just as you were about to burn the last one, the spider lady came out of the one, taking you by shock. You threw the match at her, next to her was a pipe with a hole. With the gas coming out of the pipe and the match togheter, the creature burst into flames, devouring her, exposing her bones and making her screams greater.
That scream was so familiar to you...

You ran further and ended up at an elevator. A dead end.
Tripping, you fell in the corner of the elevator and couldn't reach any buttons to the upper floors. The spider creature was now right in front of you. She breathed heavily and looked at you. Now with an closer look, you could see that she had an almost human face, long black hair, red burned lips and dark eyes. That image reminded you of another face.
She crawled farther in your direction.
Ready to rip you apart.


That one question made her stop dead in her tracks. She started to shake, to tick and twist. You could her how she sobbed and whimpered. Laura held her head and started to sprint to the opposite direction, screaming in pain and despair.

You stood up, and said shaking
'N-no, wait! P-please wait.."
Her crying and despaired image was the last thing you saw, before the elevator fell with an incredible speed into darkness and vanishes with you.


The bed was comfortable and warm. You breathed peacefully and felt at peace. You were fully awake, but you didn't move. It's not like you couldn't move, you were just tired.
Tired of everything.

Slowly but surely, you begun to hear an piano being played. Getting up, you followed the music. The more you got closer, the more you could recognize the melody.
The melody was Claire De lune and was played beautifully, which made you hope that it was Ruvik.
Now running, you finally came to the piano room.

There on the huge, black piano sat Ruvik and continued playing his song, as if he didn't notice you, but you knew better.

'Ruvik..'. You stepped further into the room, behind him.
"I've got a lot of questions." You began, confidence in your voice. You needed answers and he had them all.

"Were you the one who carried me to    these safe church ruins back then?"

Ruvik didn't stop playing his piano.

"Perhaps? You did seem to survive those parts very well, though."

              He was.

"Why did you show me all this? Your memories, your whole life to me? "

He paused. After a while he said:

"To make you understand. I know that, from all the others here, that you're the only on who listens. You know that as much as I do, (Name).
And finally understand."
He paused again.
"I need you here (Name)."

You stopped. Ruvik, as always, took you by surprise. But yet...

"Is that why I'm here? Right now beside you? I know what you've been through. But Sebastian and the others got nothing to do with all that.
Why do you keep me here? Why is-"

Now Ruvik slammed his hands at the piano, now completely angry. You were sure you upset him now.
He got up, turned around and made his way towards you, taking haunting steps.
You backed away.

"Do you think I would just let you go? After I have seen your kindess? Your concern for others? The calming and relaxing reassurance you give to me?
Oh, you don't know what they took of me. Everything that's left of me is an shell full of hatred for the world that betrayed me."

You stood with the back to the wall with Ruvik only an inch away from your face. His warm breath hit your face,as he looked dead into your eyes and you couldn't help but stare back.

"And you... fill that shell with peace. You ease my pain and hatred until it finally vanishes into nothingness. It calms me seeing you and your smile.
You'd think I'd just let that one person leave? The person who loves me, just the way I am? On how broken I am?"

Ruvik chuckled at your reaction. Your stunned and astonished face at his...
confession was most amusing to him.
He raised his hand to your face and tuck your hair behind your ear lovingly. He also smiled genuinely and was way more relaxed that usual.

"Oh,how naive you can sometimes be, (Name)..."

"Ruben.." you began, but he cut you of with a glare.

"Don't call me that." He commanded.
" I am Ruvik."

"Ruvik.." you began a little nervously.

"I understand. And I'm so sorry for what happened to you. No one deserved that hell. Especially not you. I'm sorry."
"But I can't stay with you. I need to get to Sebastian, Joseph, Kidman, Jimenez and Leslie. We all can't stay here in your mind, neither die here.
I want to help you. But I just can't stay."

Ruvik looked at you thoughtful. It seemed like he wanted to say something, but decided not to.
He then started to grin mischievously.
He took a lot of steps back, so you could finally have space.

"Very well. We'll make a deal."
"A deal?"
"Exactly. If you find all of your little friends, before I find you, you can all leave. But for that you shouldn't run into me."

You slightly glared at him.
"...What if I lose? What then?"

"If I find you and caught you, then you're mine. You belong to me and only me. I won't let you leave me and your always going to stay by my side. I'll do anything for that."

There wasn't any other choice. He could keep you right now, if you didn't agree with that deal.
"Alright. I agree with the deal."

Ruvik smiled victories. He was confident he'd win. This was his world after all. And soon it'll be your world too.
He gave you a start. You ran and tried to find an way out of his mansion. All the while, Ruvik was unusually happy.

"Don't worry. It'll be over soon. I am the only one who deserves you, my beloved.
I'm not sure how this is going to be. So please, try to enjoy.
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You were about to sit down when you felt a soft breeze. Your brain worked quick, but your body wasn't fast enough. One second the chair was there, on the next it was gone. You tried to react, but to no avail since you ended up on the floor.

"Pietro!" You yelled when the laughter began. Luckily there weren't many people watching your misfortune, only Kitty, Bobby and Kurt were on the same room as you. "I'll kill that bastard!"

"Don't get so worked up because of it." Bobby said, leaning to help you to stand, but yelping and jumping up before you could reach his hand. Quicksilver had just pulled his boxers up.

Kitty and Kurt had another fit of laughter. You giggled soflty, getting up by yourself. Bobby glared at his surroundings obviously searching for the silver haired boy who had just pranked him.

"Don't get so worked up because of it." You mimicked his tone, smirking.

"Oh, God! Stop it!" Kitty pleaded, holding her own stomach in an attempt to stop the ache of laughing so much. You rolled your eyes and leaned next to Bobby.

"Now he will pull Kurt's tail, making him fall and then he will steal Kitty's cellphone." You whispered, holding up three finger and bending one of them at each second that passed. Exactly when you lowered the third finger you heard Kurt gasping and them falling from his chair. You chuckled and re-started counting. "1...2... 3."

Her cellphone was gone.

"Where's my phone?" Kitty shouted.

Without looking, you pointed to the door as an answer to her question. Everyone else's eyes flew to where you pointed. Pietro stood there, holding the device up with an evil smirk plastered on his face.

"Give it back, now!" She ordered angrily.

"You'll have to take it from me." Quicksilver incited the poor girl, who, sadly, fell right into his trap, running for it. What a terrible mistake to run after the fastest boy on Earth. You sighed and closed your eyes, hearing the loud thud of her body hitting the ground.

"How did you know?" Bobby questioned, frowning. You shrugged.

"It's what I would do if I had the same mutation. He must get bored easily."

You helped Kitty up and smiled at her scowl.

"Don't worry. I'll get your phone back." You promised her. She grunted, folding her arms and sitting next to recently recovered Kurt on the couch. You flopped on the chair you initially planned sitting on, pulling your notebook out of your backpack and propping your feet on the coffee table. "Pietro!" You yelled, foiling through the pages of the notebook.

You didn't even flinch when his face appeared only a few inches from yours, already expecting him to try to startle you. You kept your face steady, though your heart started pounding in your chest due to his proximity.

You lifted your hand, showing him your palm, your eyes never leaving the words written on the paper. "The cellphone." You said with monotonous voice.

"What do we say?"

You smiled softly, fighting the urge to look into his eyes (you know you'd show weakness if you did that). "Please?"

Pietro grinned and you felt the device being placed on your hand and, just like that, he ran away.

Kurt huffed. You looked up and saw he was standing right next to were Quicksilver was. He probably had tried to give him some sort of payback. You rolled your eyes.

"Almost got him!" Kurt said.

"No, you didn't." You sang sweetly, returning the focus to your notebook.

"Yes, I did."

"Uh-uh. He knew you would try something."

"And how do you know that?" Kurt asked suspiciously.

"Everyone tries something when Pietro does this kind of thing." You explained, frowning upon a sentence that made no sense between your notes. "I don't recall Ororo saying that..." You muttered to yourself. There was an important exam in a few days and, being the nerd you were, you were studying.

"We should prank him back." Bobby propounded. You raised a brow, glancing at him and smirked.

"You think you can do it?" You asked.

"Yup. All I need is your help."

"My help?"

"You're the only one he listens to." Kurt pointed.

"You understands how he thinks."

"Plus, your power would be really useful." Kitty added, smiling with the idea.

You grimaced, recording last time you used your powers. The result was a bunch of confused mutants wandering through the messed mansion. You could alter reality, creating a sort of illusion only you could see through, but if not controlled you could really mess things up.

"That's not a good idea." You mumbled.

"You got distracted, it wasn't your fault. I'm sure you can work it out."

You sighed. "No, thanks. I'm not interested."

"C'mon, (y/n). Wouldn't you like some revenge?"

"Nope, I'm the justice over revenge type of girl."

"If you really think about it it is justice. Karma, actually." Kurt stated.

"I triple-dog-dare you." Kitty said, pushing you buttons. She knew how much you hated being called coward. You growled, shutting the notebook and shoving it in the backpack.

"Fine. I'm in." You agreed angrily. Bobby smiled at Kitty. "Be here tomorrow after class." You ordered, getting up and leaving to the dorm.

 ~ Time skip brought to you by Professor X and his amazing telephatic abilities ~

Kurt had placed the coffee table next to the room entrance and Bobby made an ice path that came from right after the table to the other side of the room where Kitty and Kurt stood patiently.

"It's all set. Your turn, (y/n)." Bobby announced. You were shaking with the anxiety. Taking a deep breath, you focused on changing the room around you.

First you placed the coffee table on the right place, then you erased the ice, Kurt, Kitty and yourself and, finally, you created a copy of you sitting on the couch. You looked at the result and smiled. It was a pretty good illusion.

"Wow. How did you move so quick to the couch?" Bobby asked.

"I didn't. It's just a illusion of me." You answered, surprising him with the proximity of your voice, he tried to find you, but he simply couldn't see you. "Now, you go and wait on the other room."

Bobby nodded. "This will be fun." 

You smirked. "Yes, it will."

He did as you say and you sent a text to the target.

Meet me @ the living room. K?

He replied almost immediately.

"Now." You said, right in time.

You didn't see anything, only heard the usual rush of air and felt the breeze. You heard his curse when he tripped over the table and saw a blur of silver as he slid down the ice path, hitting the wall.

Before he could recover, Kitty grabbed his legs used her mutation to pull him down on the floor, locking him there when she let go of him. Pietro looked confused and frustrated when he realized he couldn't move his legs.

Kurt grabbed the pie and transported himself so he was standing right in front of Quicksilver and threw it at his face. Pietro stop moving.

"What the hell?!"

You dismissed the illusion, making the reality to be seen. He rubbed the frosting out of his face and looked around. Bobby entered the room laughing and took a picture. Kitty and Kurt joined his laughter and you only looked at Pietro feeling slightly guilty. He glared at the four of you.

"You've just been beaten!" Bobby happily announced. You rolled your eyes.

"Kitty. Take him out of there." You half commanded, half asked for it. She nodded.

"Sure. We have a pic to laugh about."

She pulled him up and you grabbed his arms before he ran off.

Kurt, Bobby and Kitty left, still laughing.

"Sorry about that, but you gotta admit you kinda deserved it." You said.

He huffed, refusing to look at you. You took some of the remaining frosting from his face with your forefinger and put it in your mouth. Pietro looked surprised. You grinned.

"Will you forgive me?" You asked hopefully.

"With one condition..."

"And that would be?"

He grabbed the pot where some pie still remained and smacked it on your face. You scowled, closing your eyes. And then you felt his lips on yours.

You risked peeking, opening one eyelid and smiled when you saw he was kissing you. He bit your lower lip, asking for entrance, which you happily gave and you two shared a sweet kiss.

"Now we're even." Pietro stated.

 ~ Bonus ending ~

You sat on his lap and wrapped your arms around his neck, smirking at your friends.

"You seriously will just let us do all the cleaning?" Kurt asked, drying the floor where the ice had melted.

"It was your plan, you should be helping us!" Kitty said, rubbing the frosting from the wooden tile.

"You dared me, I had no other choice." You explained, watching as your friends cleaned the mess. "Revenge is best served cold." You quoted and Pietro chuckled, holding you close and kissing your cheek.

"Karma is a bitch and doesn't always work as expected." Bobby muttered, helping Kurt. You laughed, leaning your head on Pietro's shoulder.
I have nothing to say about this. I know it doesnt make much sense, since Kitty, Kurt and Bobby are not the same age as Pietro, but... let's just pretend they are, ok?

Just leave a comment to let me know what you think.

Quicksilver, Shadowcat, Nightcrawler and Iceman belong to Marvel
Story is mine
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First submission for my series this character is the protagonist Joshua Joel (Last name TBA) also knew as WolfBoy this is him little further into the series
Bio- WolfBoy is what most of the worlds look as a renegade
ever since he was freed from death inside an ice pillar. not know ones self the only thing he remembers is the events that happened in the nether realm. Lexus the loyalest friend and dog is the only one who knows of him and his life story which she keeps to her self to protect him of his past bad deeds
>>:iconranatatsumia:<< She Drew This.

Please leave some of your commentary, it will be deeply be appreciate
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This is the second and final version of the cover
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this pi is for you,pokelord-ex^-^. I hpe you like it!
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Here's Him And His Friends, This Is The First One I Drew For Him, Since Then, He's Won My Auctions, A True, Loyal Fan, He's Even Paid Full Price For My Darwings, I Wish I Had More Supportive Fans Like Him, But My Drawings Are Only $1 Full Price Anyways...
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Okay Everyone, Here's Another For Donhill44. ow Listen, I Didn't Draw The Background, Just The Characters The Blue Eyes In The Back Was Just Slightly Edited.
The Original Creator Is [link]
He Has Awesome Stuff, Highly Recomended. Slyfer, Thanks For Letting Me Borrow It, You Rule.
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