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Another drawing of my favorite quality comics character. Long life Jack Cole, Kyle Baker, Hilary Barta and all the people who work in this awesome character!
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A sketch of the golden flash Jay Garrick of the Justice Society. And this was way before his little new 52 revamp at that.
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A colored sketch of what I thought was one of the JSA's coolest ever members. Al Rothstein,formerly Nuklon of Infinity INC now known as ATOM SMASHER of the Justice Society of America.

I sure hope they bring him back in the new 52 universe someday and in the next JSA series.
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Old school Helena, ready to get down! :-)
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Johnny's Cage's alternate outfit for :iconfighting-games-elite: MK tribute.
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A sketch of Brad Burns from Virtua Fighter VS Dan Hibiki of Strert Fighter,and it looks like Dan's getting the blunt end of the match itself.

But no worries to any Dan fans,he'll come fighting back,maybe i'll make a sequel to this sketch.

And i'm also a fan of both characters at that.
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WE ARE TEKKEN art contest entry :party:

That's for the upcoming new game Tekken Tag Tournament 2.
I have the chance getting featured in the official artbook!!!
I'm so excited...
I just saw the latest TT2 trailer and couldn't believe my eyes:
They really have a food fight scene in that game!!! :eyepopping:
I hope they don't think I copied it coz I worked on that pic
for one week now... :pray:

Characters belong to Tekken Namco Bandai

EDIT: can't believe it :squee: 2nd place for me!!
Thanks to all who supported me, love you all!
Now there's a bigger file you can download ^^

You can see some work in progress here: We Are Tekken

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"The Big-Time Player is here!"


But anyway, I just wanted to explore the wonder of CvS spriting again by doing this little gem.

This is Brad Burns from Virtua Fighter 4: Evolution/5. A heckuva lech if I've ever seen one. His only motive for entering the Tournaments in these two games is to meet the beautiful women there. He ends up falling for Ms. Aoi in 4 and decides to chase after her in 5.

He's definitely got personality and of course that epic side burn/goatee combo. I couldn't help but to sprite him.

Anyway, I used Kyosuke's CvS sprite as a base for the face and height, but everything from the neck down is original.


Brad Burns and Virtua Fighter (C) Sega
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I constructed this guy for a flash project I was working on, but that I don't know if I will finish. Since the project is on hiatus I figured I'd at least post the model here.
I was obviously trying to stick to only the gree/white/black color scheme of the sprite. I don't like the way the new "official" bubble man looks. This is kind of the way I always pictured him.
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Amalgam Films Presents: Mutant 009 - The Future People
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Mammoth (DC Comics), the HIVE Five's muscular wild man, versus Colossus (Marvel Comics), the X-Men's Russian strongman. 
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The 3rd and final sketch in the Wolverine VS trilogy. This one is of Wolverine facing Mortal Kombat's most sinister and powerful ninja ever--SCORPION!
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Visit and check the webcomic! XD

Fanart of TMNT, Thundercats and X-men.

Comments about the comic layour, black and white colors, art etc. are welcome.

I'm not really around here anymore but I'll be checking from time to time
in case someone wants to share something with me.

more fanart here --> [link]
more comics here --> [link]

Take care and enjoy it!

I give permission to :iconcartoon-obsessions:
to display this comic page.
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Second pic of my Saiyan Niono series, and this time Niono transformed into a giant ape..... aaaaand, as you can see, not all the Ozaru are vicious violent beasts. Actually, Niono is still pretty friendly as a giant ape... can't say the same about her cuteness or sexiness, though.

Other pics in the series:
Normal Niono by Lucky-JJSuper Saiyan Niono by Lucky-JJSuper Saiyan 2 Niono by Lucky-JJ
Super Saiyan 3 Niono by Lucky-JJLegendary Super Saiyan Niono by Lucky-JJSuper Saiyan Goddess Niono by Lucky-JJ
Super Saiyan Goddess Super Saiyan Niono

Download for full size.

Ozaru © Dragon Ball, Akira Toriyama
Niono © :iconlucky-jj:
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He is strong, wild and usually so cute  XD Rue Grin 
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well, if it better emulates the "flash" look ;w;

yeah I ponified some characters in different media. come at me bra. people like to compare Smile to FiM anyways so ehh

figured Woofboi would be a diamond dong 'cuz making him a pony too would be lazy af
Miyuki and Pinkie are literally the same xDD all the way down to the hyperactivity and having grannies who inspired them... weird.
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Taurus from Fairy Tail.
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Hur hur, Scarface Kazuya :heart:

...Yeah, can you tell that I'm going to be at the arcade a LOT in a couple of weeks?
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Kyle's Kazuya Mishima D.O.B. 08/29/09

Kazuya was basically made from a SOTA Street Fighter Ken. I sculpted the hell out of the lower legs and feet. The head is from a LCBH Ripclaw. I sculpted the hair for him and had to give him an ear transplant since Ripclaw didn't have any ears once you remove his hair.
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Jun and Kazuya from Tekken in a car. Didn't like the first one I did too much, thus I drew it at a different angle.

First version: [link]
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Steve is blissfully unaware.
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I was always confused why Xiao had to stay highschool-y but the Blood Venegance movie answerd all.
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Old pose, slightly edit, new render. :)

:bulletred: :bulletgreen: :bulletblue: :bulletred: :bulletgreen: :bulletblue:

Feel free to comment. Download for High-Res. Enjoy it!

:bulletred: :bulletgreen: :bulletblue: :bulletred: :bulletgreen: :bulletblue:


- XNALara Posing Studio by Dusan & XNAaraL

- Posed in XPS by me

- Render in 3ds Max 2013 with metal ray

- Paichan Hot Getaway by :iconarmachamcorp:

- Studioscene by :iconlonewolf117:

- Paichan from Dead Or Alive, which rights belongs to Tecmo Koei & Team Ninja.
- This is a fan art. No copyright infringement intended.
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Character Name: Akira Yuki

Voice Actor: Dave Wittenberg/Shinichiro Miki

Theme: Statues (Virtua Fighter 5)

Alternate Costume: Akira’s classic outfit from the first Virtua Fighter


“The time has come. Let’s go!”
“I’ll accept your challenge anytime!”

Intro Pose: Does several martial arts katas before assuming a stance while raising his fist

Vs Character Intros:

(Vs. Virtua Fighter Characters) “I’m always ready to challenge you!”
(Vs. Bahn) “I has been some time since we’ve last fought.”
(Vs. Hotsuma/Strider Hiryu) “A ninja. Very well. I’ll see how my skills have progressed!”
(Vs. Axel/Batsu/Cody) “I can feel your fighting spirit! Excellent!”
(Vs. Rodin/Dante/Vergil/Morrigan/Demitri) “If I am to fight a devil then so be it!”
(Vs. Segata) “You there! Are you a fellow martial artist?”
(Vs. Ryu/Ken) “I’ve been waiting for this moment!”
(Vs. Zangief) "Hm...this should be a challenge."
(Vs. Kasumi) " we meet again."
(Vs. Jin Kazama) "So...this must be Jin Kazama."

Taunt: Stomps and ground and pulls fist back, clenching it tightly



“You’re ten years too early!”
“This is far from finished!”

Win Pose: Strikes forward with a palm before moving back into a horse stance and raising a fist

Vs Character Win:

(Vs. Virtua Fighter Characters) “Fighting familiar faces always leaves a good feeling.”
(Vs. Bahn) “You don’t seem that much different, but you haven’t lost your edge.”
(Vs. Hotsuma/Strider Hiryu) “I’ve won. Perhaps now I’m ready to face Kage-Maru.”
(Vs. Axel/Batsu/Cody) “Tell me. For what reason do you seek power?”
(Vs. Rodin/Dante/Vergil/Morrigan/Demitri) “Even my strength can overcome your demonic presence!”
(Vs. Segata) “Such an unconventional fighting style. Perhaps we should train together.”
(Vs. Ryu/Ken) “You truly are one of the best. I’ve learned much from this fight.”
(Vs. Zangief) "Strength alone does not determine the fight."
(Vs. Kasumi) "I've gained some great experience from both that competition and this one alike."
(Vs. Jin Kazama) "It seems you are mastering something deeper than just your skills."

Victory Quotes:

“None shall harm me and I shall not encroach harm upon another. Face me again once you’re ready!”
“I pursue more than just another victory. Someday I’ll see the true meaning of my inner strength!”
“This arena restricts my movements so that I can only see ahead of me, but even that may yet aid in my training.”

(Vs. Sonic) “Have you ever made an attempt to reach for the stars? I feel I’ve got a long way to go, but I’ll find my own way.”
(Vs. Knuckles) “You’re such a small creature and yet I can feel an excellent vigor in your fighting style. Perhaps training in Bajiquan would help refine your skills.”
(Vs. Pai) “I really don’t think you need a bodyguard, Pai. Don’t your skills alone say that you can fend for yourself?”
(Vs. Sarah) “You and your brother are much more set apart now. I can see how diverse your fighting style has become.”
(Vs. Jacky) “Sorry, but I don’t think I’ll be riding alongside you a second time. You can’t rely on my Byakka Soushoda just to push you out of last place.”
(Vs. Wolf) “Wolf Hawkfield, I will accept a challenge from you as many times as you like! Face me again in the next tournament!”
(Vs. Vanessa) "I know by now how to counter your Shadow Slicer. You'll need to train harder than that to beat me!"
(Vs. Bahn) “A fight like that brings back good memories. It almost makes me wonder how much has changed in Armstone City.”
(Vs. Amigo) "I see. So I must master the rhythm as well. I thank you for this training experience."
(Vs. Kazuma) “So this is the Dragon of Dojima. You are as formidable an opponent as I would have imagined.”
(Vs. Zephyr) “Sometimes it doesn’t hurt to attack an opponent from behind. However, I prefer to use my fists rather than a weapon.”
(Vs. Alex Kidd) “Focus! Read your opponent’s movements and then strike with all your strength! Show me that your Shellcore is more than just show!”
(Vs. Segata) “Just what is “Sega Saturn Shiro”? Is that supposed to be the name of your fighting style?”
(Vs. Ryu) “You are as excellent as they say! It’s no wonder fighters worldwide seek to test their strength against you.”
(Vs. Ken) “Perhaps I was comparing you a bit too much to Jacky from looks alone. Just how are you able to project such a powerful attack from a distance?”
(Vs. Bison) “No doubt your organization has evil ambitions just like Judgement 6! I won’t let you pervert martial arts for your insane goals!”
(Vs. Yun) “It’s always good to see more young martial artists. Come seek me out if you need further training.”
(Vs. Bass EXE) “Just what is this feeling? This is a lot like when my body was absorbed into the Nexus.”
(Vs. Cody) “It’s no good! You have a strong desire to fight, but you have no motivation behind it!”
(Vs. John Talbain) "You're not the kind of opponent I'm used to, but I can feel the air of a martial artist from your presence."
(Vs. Batsu) “So then, you also know of an Akira that just so happens to practice Bajiquan. Well I’m sure he…Oh sorry, it’s a girl?”
(Vs. Vergil) “Might determines the battle and nothing else. You’ll gain nothing if you use your strength for the sake of evil!”
(Vs. Viewtiful Joe) “You may be able to predict my moves, but that won’t mean anything if your counterattack has no power behind it!”
(Vs. Jin) “Your fighting spirit is as tremendous as that machine! Yet even still, I was able to overcome your combined strength!”
(Vs. Katt) “You’re out of practice! Go compete in more tournaments in order to gain more experience!”
(Vs. Travis) “Victory has made you too complacent. Even if you become “number one” you must still keep perfecting your skills!”
(Vs. Scout) "Don't bother boasting until you can find the skills to beat me without a weapon."
(Vs. Mario) "Such great jumping skill! Are you truly that strong in your legs alone?"

Results Quotes:

S- “True strength!”
A- “My training has improved!”
B- “Hmm. Good form.”
C- “I’ve still yet to master it.”
D- “I still can’t see the eight stars.”

Character Name: Pai Chan

Voice Actor: Michelle Ruff/Minami Takayama

Theme: Stone Forest (Virtua Fighter 5)

Alternate Costume: An outfit where she’s dressed as Hsien-Ko from Darkstalkers, minus the extra-large sleeves and claws.

Intro: Does several spinning movements before assuming a stance

“I’ll show you the results of my training.”
“Ha! Here I go!”

Intro Pose:

Vs Character Intros:

(Vs. Virtua Fighter Characters) “Always look forward to a fight against you.”
(Vs. Bahn) “It’ll be interesting to fight a Viper after all this time.”
(Vs. Ulala) “Huh? Can’t an interview wait until after the fight?”
(Vs. Hotsuma) “Kage? No, wait. It’s some other ninja.”
(Vs. Bayonetta/Jeanne) “Just who designed your outfit?”
(Vs. Sakura/Ichiro/Felicia/Miku) “Well, let’s not keep our audience waiting.”
(Vs. Chun-Li/Yun) “A fellow Chinese martial artist, huh? Let’s see what you’ve got.”
(Vs. Viewtiful Joe) “This isn’t some movie set. Fight seriously.”
(Vs. Kasumi) "Never thought I would see you here too."

Taunt: Assumes a stance with one leg raised up

“Don’t blame me if you get hurt.”
“No big deal.”

Win: Does several spinning kicks before posing with her arms stretched out on opposite directions

“You’re welcome to fight me again anytime!”
“Got to get the legwork right if you want to beat me.”

Win Pose:

Vs Character Win:

(Vs. Virtua Fighter Characters) “Looks like I’m still the stronger one.”
(Vs. Bahn) “Have you gotten any stronger since the Megamix tournament?”
(Vs. Ulala) “You’ve got good rhythm, but not much fighting experience.”
(Vs. Hotsuma) “Been a while since I’ve had to fight against a sword.”
(Vs. Bayonetta/Jeanne) “I can see why it’s called Wicked Weave.”
(Vs. Sakura/Ichiro/Felicia/Miku) “Not a bad performance if I do say so myself.”
(Vs. Chun-Li/Yun) “Your kung-fu was strong, but it just wasn’t enough.”
(Vs. Viewtiful Joe) “Maybe you just needed a stunt double.”
(Vs. Kasumi) "I'll see you at the next DOA. Count on it!"

Victory Quotes:

“Have you ever considered a career in film? Your fighting style still needs work, but you’re strange enough to grab some attention.”
“I’ve come so far, but I still need to be at my best, especially if my father still insists on competing next year.”
“I meant what I said. Your kung-fu was not enough. Feel free to get some more training until next time.””

(Vs. Nights) “It’s almost like your dancing in the air. Some Ensei-Ken would definitely improve your performance a bit. Care for some lessons?”
(Vs. Akira) “Are you sure that you haven’t mastered your skills yet, Akira? I was almost convinced that you were the best there is.”
(Vs. Sarah) “So how have things been between you and your brother lately? If you’re free I was thinking we could team up in this one other tournament circuit I’ve heard about.”
(Vs. Wolf) “You seem to be in good spirits as usual. Better be ready next year. I hear a particularly flamboyant wrestler has set his sights on your for a rematch.”
(Vs. Vanesssa) "You're always so serious. Don't you ever take down time from all those missions?"
(Vs. Ulala) “You don’t seem to go a single moment without dancing. It’s kind of infectious to be honest.”
(Vs. Amigo) "You keep me on my toes with that music, but in a good way."
(Vs. Sakura) “I should have realized that you were a fellow actress. I’ll need to see if I can catch a show at the Imperial Theater.”
(Vs. Kazuma) “I never expected someone like you to be so approachable. Are you sure that you were a “made man” at some point?”
(Vs. Larcen) “Is that Praying Mantis Kung Fu? I had better hope you’re not using that in anything that lives up to your name.”
(Vs. Segata) “Are you fighting just for the sake of promoting something? If it’s your fighting style, then it definitely needs work.”
(Vs. Chun-Li) “So you keep fighting to honor your father’s memory. You two must have been pretty close…”
(Vs. M. Bison) “So this is Shadoloo. I hear they’ve been giving Fei-Long some trouble. I’ll be ready if people like them, S.I.N, or J6 ever come asking for trouble.”
(Vs. Yun) “Just so you know, I’m not giving any lessons at this point. Missed your chance, but look me up next time I’m back in Hong Kong.”
(Vs. Zangief) "Think you took me a bit too lightly. You're full of muscle, but way to slow on the footwork."
(Vs. Poison) “Is this really how you go about a talent search? Demanding attention isn’t always the best way to get some stage presence.”
(Vs. Morrigan) “Uh…this isn’t really the “exhibition” I had in mind. Do you always approach a fight done up like that?”
(Vs. Demitri) “You can forget it. I’m no tiger by any means, but I’m sure to bite back, so to speak.”
(Vs. Ruby Heart) “I can’t really place the accent. You sound French, but I’ve got a feeling your ship’s not even from this planet.”
(Vs. Leon) “Sometimes having a bodyguard doesn’t hurt, especially if they can offer some practice.”
(Vs. Phoenix Wright) “I hear that there was a lot of trouble way back on the set of Steel Samurai. Is there a chance it’ll be renewed for another season soon?”
(Vs. Amaterasu) "You're pretty strong, but I just feel so bad fighting against a cute doggy like you."
(Vs. Miku) “Never thought I would see the day where computer programs would make their on stage debut.”
(Vs. Travis) “I have to say…seeing assassins participate in tournaments seems disturbingly common these days.”
(Vs. Jin Kazama) "King of Iron Fist...I thought I had seen this guy somewhere before."

Results Quotes:

S- “My kung-fu is perfect!”
A- “I’m improving quite a bit.”
B- “Not bad, but could be better.”
C- “Need to work on the movements.”
D- “It wasn’t enough?”

Character Name: Jacky Bryant

Voice Actor: Eric Kelso/Katsuyuki Konishi

Theme: City (Virtua Fighter 5)

Alternate Costume: Costume C from Virtua Fighter 5


“Yeah! Less talk, more action!”
“Let’s see if you can walk the walk!”

Intro Pose: Jumps in with a split kick before landing and raising a fist

Vs Character Intros:

(Vs. Sonic/Shadow/Beat/Amigo) “Off the tracks and into the arena! Let’s do it!”
(Vs. Virtua Fighter Characters) “Always looking forward to a fight!”
(Vs. Bahn/Batsu) “You’ve got guts. Show me what you got!”
(Vs. Sarah) “Okay, sis, it’s time to even the score!”
(Vs. Vanessa) "Don't sweat the small stuff. Let's just fight it out!"
(Vs. Axel/Kazuma/Cody/Poison) “Taking it to the streets!”
(Vs. Ken) “Come on, rich guy. Let’s see what you’re made of.”
(Vs. M. Bison/Wesker) “And I thought J6 was bad!”

Taunt: Widens his stance and beckons with his hand

“It’s like you’re moving in slow motion!”
“You can’t beat me with that!”


“Yeah! I’m faster than lighting!”
“Was that really your best shot?”

Win Pose: Runs forwards and then kicks keeping one leg raised in the air

Vs Character Win:

(Vs. Sonic/Shadow/Beat/Amigo) “You see now? I’m pretty fast in a fight as I am in a race!”
(Vs. Virtua Fighter Characters) “Don’t you got any new moves since last time?”
(Vs. Bahn/Batsu) “Pretty exciting! I like a fight that keeps me on my toes!”
(Vs. Sarah) “S’alright. You can always take back a win in the next tournament.”
(Vs. Vanessa) "Not interested in a real battlefield. This is all I need!"
(Vs. Axel/Kazuma/Cody/Poison) “No arena, no problem.”
(Vs. Ken) “You’ve got the moves, but I’m still faster.”
(Vs. M. Bison/Wesker) “Always one for helping slimeballs eat dirt.”

Victory Quotes:

“I’m always one to keep my cool when under pressure. Helps that you’re not giving me that much to work with.”
“Ouch, that looks like it hurt. Hopefully. Rehabilitation won’t be long before you get back on your feet.”
“Come on! Can’t you do better than that? Every you make a move I just brush it off.”

(Vs. Sonic) “Hey, I’ve seen you before. The track over in Daytona has sculpted a pretty good likeness, but you seem a little taller and with less of a gut compared to what I saw.”
(Vs. Tails) "Don't just flail your arms and tails blindly. You've gotta put all that speed to good use."
(Vs. Shadow) “Yikes. Maybe to this guy I really am fighting in slow motion.”
(Vs. Akira) “Sure you don’t want to go out riding with me some time, Akira? You can always give me a little push if I’m lagging behind.”
(Vs. Pai) “Hey, Pai. I can always loan out Vanessa as a body guard while you’re on set. Just don’t flinch too badly if she has to get rough with someone.”
(Vs. Sarah) “Just so you know, I only lost last time to help jog your memories, sis. This time it was for real!”
(Vs. Wolf) I’ve always known you got plenty of muscle, but I can always blow those attacks aside with no problem.”
(Vs. Jack) “Got a nice bike on you, but I wouldn’t drive it out until the road’s clear. Wouldn’t want to run anyone over with it.”
(Vs. Bayonetta) “People always say I’m a showoff, but even I think you’re a bit much.”
(Vs. Bahn) “You know, it’s sort of weird that so much time has passed since that one tournament with the Vipers and yet you’re still in high school.”
(Vs. Larcen) “I’ve been known to steer clear of Chicago personally. I hear the traffic is murder…literally!”
(Vs. Alex Kidd) “Even if you get the winning hand, I’ll still block it. I’m just so bad about being untouchable.”
(Vs. Ken) “So why do people keep comparing us so much? Your fighting style isn’t anything like mine!”
(Vs. Chun-Li) “I think a certain someone once said that you have to flow like water and you’re kicking against the current way too much.”
(Vs. M. Bison) “That doll program in particular sounds disturbingly familiar. Sis would love to knock the teeth out of your grinning mug.”
(Vs. Zangief) "Buff dudes like you and Jeffrey always try to overwhelm with pure muscle, but I'm the best when it comes to defense."
(Vs. Yun) “Just because I’m not all flashy like Fei Long doesn’t mean I can’t walk the walk.”
(Vs. Felicia) “You say you know a wolf that knows Jeet Kune Do? That must be one well trained puppy.”
(Vs. Cody) “It’s just no good fighting with someone that’s so unmotivated. Give me some feeling!”
(Vs. Batsu) “Charging in all pig-headed like a boar, kiddo. You’ve got to read me or I’ll just keep blocking your moves.”
(Vs. Dante) “So you’re sure you’re not related to that Jean fella that entered the fifth tournament? I mean you’ve got the same white hair and even wearing red.”
(Vs. Lady) “Hey, this is a fighting venue! Who said that you could drag a bazooka in?!”
(Vs. Frank West) “Now that’s a photo finish! Hope you got my winning smile while I was in motion.”
(Vs. Date Masamune) “Pretty crazy having a horse that comes with handlebars. How’s the steering on that mule?
(Vs. Ralph) “So what is this “Sugar Rush” venue that you mentioned? The races back home have been getting boring lately.”
(Vs. Travis) “So you’re a trained assassin just like Goh. I can tell because I whipped your behind just as badly as I did his.”
(Vs. Kasumi) "I was late to the last Dead or Alive, but I made sure to get the most of it."
(Vs. Jinx) "You're fast on the trigger finger, but not much else. I've impressed myself if I'm really faster than you can shoot."

Results Quotes:

S- “Giving it one hundred percent!”
A- “I’m taking the lead soon enough!”
B- “You better be ready!”
C- “Needs a bit more practice.”
D- “I can’t lose yet!”

Character Name: Sarah Bryant

Voice Actor: Lisle Wilkerson/Atsuko Yuya

Theme: Aurora (Virtua Fighter 5)

Alternate Costume: Sarah is dressed as Jill Valentine as seen in Resident Evil 5


“Go easy on me.”
“Let’s see how long you last.”

Intro Pose: Struts into the stage before doing a slight spin as she assumes her stance

Vs Character Intros:

(Vs. Amy/Toma/Alex Kidd/Mega Man/Tron/Geo) “Not my first time fighting a kid.”
(Vs. Shadow/Bayonetta) “Memory problems? Like I haven’t been there before.”
(Vs. Jacky) “It’s time we even up this sibling rivalry.”
(Vs. Vanessa) "Don't need to look out for me this time. Time for a good fight!"
(Vs. Virtua Fighter Characters) “This is different from the usual tournament.”
(Vs. Captain Commando) “What was it? Rent-A-Hero or something like that?”
(Vs. Chun-Li) “Seeing a lady like you fight should be a new experience.”
(Vs. Cammy) "Something tells me we've got some similar experience."
(Vs. M. Bison) “Yeah…really not liking you so far.”

Taunt: Brushes hair out of her eyes and then leans forward winking at the opponent

“You’ll enjoy this next one.”
“I’m no pushover, sweetie.”


“Wanna fight again?”
“You’ll never be a match for me.”

Win Pose: Performs a spinning kick and then points a finger forward

Vs Character Win:

(Vs. Amy/Toma/Alex Kidd/Mega Man/Tron/Geo) “Better run home to mama.”
(Vs. Shadow/Bayonetta) “I should sympathize, but you just rubbed me the wrong way.”
(Vs. Jacky) “Not going to steal any victory from me this year. Better luck next time, Jacky.”
(Vs. Vanessa) "You're still good as always. I'm just that much better."
(Vs. Virtua Fighter Characters) “Even if it’s outside the ring, I’ll still always win.”
(Vs. Captain Commando) “Even good guys blow it.”
(Vs. Chun-Li) “Maybe they should be calling me the world’s strongest woman instead.”
(Vs. Cammy) "Shadoloo sounds ten times worse than J6 and that's saying a lot."
(Vs. M. Bison) “You bring back plenty of memories. Bad ones, I might add.”

Victory Quotes:

“Savate, Taekwondo, and Karate. I used those styles and many more to hand you that defeat.”
“Relax. I’m not going to do any more than put your lights out for this fight. My killer edge is a side of me that’s long gone.”
“Yeah…I’m remembering a bit more now. I can’t believe I forgot how much fun fighting could be.”

(Vs. Tails) "What's with all the little tykes getting into a fight lately? At least Lion has some combat experience."
(Vs. Knuckles) “You can maintain all that bluster all you want, but I’ve got the feeling you’re the kinda guy who always has a lousy time against a pretty face.”
(Vs. Amy) “Maybe I could take you seriously as a competitor if you could have some fighting style outside that toy hammer.”
(Vs. Akira) “Akira, you’re always so serious all the time. Just loosen up and enjoy the fight for what it is.”
(Vs. Pai) “So, Pai, what did you think of that one other tournament we were in? You know that one elsewhere with all those ninja.”
(Vs. Jacky) “I’m fighting you on my terms now. I wanted to get a real win against you with none of that J6 baggage weighing me down.”
(Vs. Wolf) “I would think that you would know by now that even I can grapple with the big boys.”
(Vs. Vanessa) "Watch your back out there. They've still got that new Dural with all your moves still intact."
(Vs. Bahn) “After all this time I can’t help but wonder if he even has any eyes hidden under that cap. I can barely see anything.”
(Vs. Axel) “As you can see now, Blaze Fielding isn’t the only tough chick that knows how to kick butt.”
(Vs. Bayonetta) “So yeah, good luck with the whole memory loss issue. I can only hope the person you used to be doesn’t have as grating a personality as you do now.”
(Vs. Toma) “Little boys like you don’t need to be playing with such big knives.”
(Vs. Nei) “Wow, you seems like you’ve had a really rough life. I kinda feel a little guilty now.”
(Vs. Sketch) “Since when does some sketch artist know how to put up such a fight? Work out a lot in your spare time?”
(Vs. Chun-Li) “Got quite a bit of kick on you, police lady. Just how did you learn to jump like that?”
(Vs. Cammy) "The whole trend of blond former assassins in form fitting outfits must really be catching on."
(Vs. M. Bison) “Blackmailing and brainwashing. Every time you remind me of J6 I just want to kick your fat chin even harder.”
(Vs. Zangief) "Its getting crowded with all these muscleheads. You seem like the kind of person who might even be able to throw Taka around."
(Vs. Morrigan) “It’s always good to show off now and then, but leave at least a little to the imagination.”
(Vs. Poison)”Starting to get jealous? At least you know talent when you see it. A wrestling ring would probably be too much for me.”
(Vs. Tron Bonne) “See now? I’m tough enough to be taking out some weird clunker like that. Save the especially weird weapons for the tourneys over in Armstone.”
(Vs. Frank West) “If you’re going to snap a shot of me in the middle of a fight, then you had better make sure its “perfect”.”
(Vs. Katt) “That’s why you should save the taunts until after the fight is done. Were you hoping to throw me off? As if.”
(Vs. Sly) “For a critter that’s best known for dumpster diving, you’re actually a pretty slick guy.”
(Vs. Kasumi) "Do I really look that much like Tina Armstrong? I don't know what Zack is seeing that I'm not."
(Vs. Jin Kazama) "...Nina Williams? Sorry, but you obviously have me confused with someone else. Why does everyone keep making that mistake?"
(Vs. Jinx) "I can handle a weapon just fine, but I preferred to beat you the old fashioned way."

Results Quotes:

S- “Ha-ha! Yes!”
A- “Beautiful and deadly.”
B- “I’m remembering a bit more.”
C- “Gotta keep it together.”
D- “Was that my limit?”

Character Name: Wolf Hawkfield

Voice Actor: Patrick Seitz/Kenji Nomura

Theme: Snow Mountain (Virtua Fighter 5)

Alternate Costume: Wolf is made to look similar to Max Thunder from Streets of Rage 2


“Are you ready for this?”
“I won’t go easy on you.”

Intro Pose: Flexes his chest out and keeps a fist raised, then lowers it as he assumes his stance

Vs Character Intros:

(Vs. Akira) “I’ve been looking forward to facing you again, Akira!”
(Vs. Virtua Fighters Characters) “This time I’ll be taking home the victory!”
(Vs. Nights) “Yet another strange vision. What does it mean?”
(Vs. Jack) “This tournament plays by different rules. Come on!”
(Vs. Axel/Cody) “I hear you know of a good wrestler I can fight.”
(Vs. Ethan) “Really need all those hi-tech weapons just for a sparring round?”
(Vs. Toma) "You ready? Here's some advice to you. Once you start, don't look back!"
(Vs. Zylo/Jon Talbain/Amaterasu) "So...I'll face off against a real wolf then."
(Vs. Street Fighter Characters) “A new opponent. This should be interesting.”
(Vs. Alex/Zangief) “Let’s see which of us will get the ten count first.”
(Vs. Batsu/Jin) “That’s a great overflowing passion I feel from you!”
(Vs. Asura) “That’s a strong body. Let’s see just what you can do with it.”
(Vs. Jin Kazama) "There's some discord in your spirit..."

Taunt: Gets down on one knee and flexes his arms upward

“I’m number one!”


“You won’t stay on your feet when you fight me.”
“Do you hear me? I’m the best that’s ever been.”

Win Pose: Leans down on one leg and grips his arm as he flexes it

Vs Character Win:

(Vs. Akira) “I always get a good feeling when fighting you.”
(Vs. Virtua Fighters Characters) “Sorry, but I’ll be advancing this year.”
(Vs. Nights) “What exactly are these dreams telling me?”
(Vs. Jack) “Your signature moves are pretty brutal.”
(Vs. Axel/Cody) “Tell him what you saw and that I’ll be waiting.”
(Vs. Ethan) “They need to train you Guardians in more hand-to-hand combat.”
(Vs. Toma) "Just keep going! The more you hesitate, the more suffering your opponent will have to endure."
(Vs. Zylo/Jon Talbain/Amaterasu) "Seems I'm the one who's fiercer still! Awoooooooo!~"
(Vs. Street Fighter Characters) “Maybe it’s time I seek out some new competition.”
(Vs. Alex/Zangief) “Wrestling is the ultimate sport! Awooo!”
(Vs. Batsu/Jin) “Our fists communicate better than our words!”
(Vs. Asura) “So even gods know the spirit of wrestling.”
(Vs. Jin Kazama) "Master yourself if you truly wish to master the ways of battle."

Victory Quotes:

“I haven’t felt a fight like that in ages. Looks me up if you’re ever wanting a rematch.”
“So far I’m still able to defend my title. If the level of competition keeps up like this, then I may just need to retire.”
“My desire to fight may just go cold if things keep going this easy.”

(Vs. Silver) “Trying to force a ring out via special powers? That’s mighty unsporting of you. I’ll show you how to form a submission hold the old-fashioned way.”
(Vs. Blaze) "Heh. The name Blaze must really be catching on. You're an interesting feline to say the least."
(Vs. Akira) “Ever since the first two tournaments I’ve been training to get better and better. It was only a matter of time before I gained a victory from you.”
(Vs. Pai) “Your father is starting to show his age in recent competitions. Were you finally able to settle things with him yet?”
(Vs. Jacky) “That speed and defense have always given you some edge, Jacky. However, sometimes overwhelming power can offset either.”
(Vs. Sarah) “It seems you still have your share of grudges to settle with that organization. I strongly believe my fated opponent may just be tied closely to Judgement 6.”
(Vs. Vanessa) "You seem to be using less Muey Thai than last time. I would of thought you would of used that to show Brad Burns who's the better practitioner."
(Vs. Nights) “I’ve had my share of strange dreams, but just what is the meaning behind this floating jester?”
(Vs. Bahn) “I almost forgot how hard that Super Straight hits. You really know how to send opponents flying out of the ring.”
(Vs. Axel) “You must be pretty tough if you’re able to tag-team with Max Thunder in a round against Abadede. That man claims himself to be the “ultimate warrior”.”
(Vs. Kazuma) “I had no idea that you had experience in cage matches. I can’t say I care for the criminal underworld, but I may just need to face you at the River Styx someday.”
(Vs. Ethan) “I wish you luck in neutralizing SEED. Preserving the balance of nature is an important job.”
(Vs. Death Adder) “A pity that you must use that strength for evil. You would have been a great opponent if you had more noble pursuits.”
(Vs. Zylo) "Not every wolf needs claws to seek victory. I do just fine with my bare fists alone!"
(Vs. Ryu) “Seeking opponents from around the world sounds like a worthy pursuit. Maybe I should challenge Thunder Hawk and see how fighters are down south.”
(Vs. Alex) “Excellent! I haven’t felt a wrestling match like that in ages! Perhaps I may just have found a reason to return to the ring. Thank you.”
(Vs. Zangief) "That was great! You fight as if one who has a hands-on experience with nature itself! This fight shows me how far I've come as a wrestler."
(Vs. Felicia) “You’re quite quick on your feet and know how to grab onto your opponents. File those claws down and you might just make a good lady wrestler.”
(Vs. Cody) “You’re friends with the Iron Mike Haggar!? I see! Perhaps I misjudged you.”
(Vs. Batsu) “I’ve faced many fighters with this much of a fighting passion! To believe that I would feel it from someone still so young!”
(Vs. Viewtiful Joe) “Is that supposed to be a lucha-libre get up? I have a recent rival who’s quite fiery and is practitioner in that.”
(Vs. Jin) “That’s quite literally a fierce storm of power I feel from you! You’re practically a typhoon!”
(Vs. Asura) “You charge at your souls with the strength that surpasses all! Yes! I see the soul of a wrestler within that body!”
(Vs. Wesker) “I once had a dream that I had to face an evil man for the sake of the world. Perhaps you’re the one I was destined to face.”
(Vs. Sol) “You seem almost uncaring to everyone around you, but I can tell that there’s something that drives those flames.”
(Vs. Ralph) “How determined are you to change your fate? Your powerful blows may very well convey that fiery determination.”
(Vs. Mario) "Believe I've heard of you. You're known as the Great Gonzalez in fighting circuits, right?"
(Vs. Kasumi) "Maybe we'll be seeing more of each other soon. I hear there's some great wrestlers over in your circuit."
(Vs. Jin Kazama) "Personally I was hoping for a chance to battle King's successor. Now that is legend amongst wrestlers."

Results Quotes:

S- “Awooooooo!~”
A- “The spirits are with me!”
B- “That was a great fight.”
C- “Gotta keep it together.”
D- “Is that it for me?”

Credit for Concept of Sega vs Capcom project goes to Y0ungc4p
Took a little while as usual. I just got back from getting a new car amongst settling other business. Once again had to do a little research with Virtua Fighter and particularly liked getting a chance to work on Wolf for the first time. For next time, I'm going to do more Capcom characters. Particularly ones from franchises connected to Street Fighter in one form or another. Also, as usual here's some result quotes from characters who didn't make it in. This time from the Sonic franchise.

Chaos 0:

S- *Perfect Chaos roar*
A- “Chaos is power, enriched by the heart” (Tikal)
B- “The fighting is over and harmony is restored.” (Tikal)
C- *Bubbles*
D- “Don’t give up.” (Tikal)


S- “Perfect? Like me?”
A- “Winning is everything.”
B- “Beautiful technique.”
C- “Hm. Too bad.”
D- “But I never lose!”

E-123 Omega:

S- “I am the ultimate machine!”
A- “Satisfactory.”
B- “Pursuing next objective.”
C- “Adjustment necessary.”
D- “I couldn’t even beat Gamma.”


S- “I’m number one!”
A- “Now you see my true power!”
B- “No sweat!”
C- “I’ll get it next time!”
D- “What?! I can’t lose!”


S- “I am the master of all stories!”
A- “I’ll carve my mark in history!”
B- “Know my strength!”
C- “You’ll see my power soon enough!”
D- “What?! You infidels!”
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A sketch of Brad Burns from Virtua Fighter VS Dan Hibiki of Strert Fighter,and it looks like Dan's getting the blunt end of the match itself.

But no worries to any Dan fans,he'll come fighting back,maybe i'll make a sequel to this sketch.

And i'm also a fan of both characters at that.
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Sarah Bryant: (Lisle Wilkerson/Maya Okamoto)

The good guys don't always win, but as of late I'm not a bad girl most of the time.

I can't afford to leave myself helpless anymore. I need to perfect my skills so I don't fall behind.

It seems that I can only hang on to my sense of self through fighting, not that I mind that either way.

Holding your will to move forwards can seem difficult at times. I'm certain you can pull through from here, *partner name*.

Fei-Long? I've heard of the guy, but what he has only vaguely resembles Jeet Kune Do compared to what I use.

Keep believing in yourself from here on, *partner name*. Don't lose sight of yourself and hang on to what you have.

Should I hold back at least a little? You're obviously not up to the standards I assumed you were.

If you're focusing too much on my looks then you most likely won't prevent your own face from hitting the floor.

(vs Sonic) Its good that you enjoy the little things I bit more. Some people just don't know how to kick back and take it easy.

(vs Knuckles) All you're doing is charging in with wild abandon. Its making it easier for me to send you a rising knee into your jaw.

(vs Amy) Seems some girls got nothing but dating guys on the brain. You'll grow out of it someday.

(vs Akira) It seems your strength has grown since last time. Me and Jacky won't be disappointed when the next tournament comes around.

(vs Self) Not the first time I ended up looking at myself, but last time it was kinda creepy as it was me as a little kid.

(vs Jacky) Looks like you're falling into last place. Maybe your sis will be the one having to look after you next time.

(vs Nights) Not one to be restrained huh? I share those sentiments in regards to personal freedom.

(vs Reala) You think that you got your own will, but its obvious that someone has a firm grip on you.

(vs Beat) You're moves aren't half bad, but let's see what you can do when you're fighting on your own feet.

(vs Amigo) I guess it doesn't hurt to kick back and feel the rhythm. Thanks for helping me loosen up a little.

(vs Ulala) Dance lightly and strike sharply! We both go about it different ways, but we're on the same wavelength otherwise.

(vs Ryo) I wouldn't recommend throwing everything away for revenge, but I'm not going to stop you if you're that determined.

(vs Billy Hatcher) That's not really the best way to nurture an egg. Aren't you supposed to sit on it?

(vs Vyse) Is your resolve unwavering? If so then go straight forward to your dreams and cherish what's close to you.

(vs Hotsuma) I know what its like to be forced into fighting those you care for. Let's hope your comrades can rest in peace.

(vs Jack Cayman) Just who's running this Death Watch anyway? There has to be some ulterior motive for running such a bloodbath.

(vs Bayonetta) I've got no complaints from fighting in heels before, but you take it to new levels.

(vs Shadow) You think you're so perfect, but I can pick out a whole bunch of openings as I fight you.

(vs Ryu) Never seen anyone able to project their energy like that. Not really common in the tournaments I usually go to.

(vs Chun-Li) I thought J6 was bad, but Shadoloo sounds outright demonic. The doll program in particular brings back bad memories.

(vs Ken) I admit you have Jacky's cocky personality, but it's a lot easier to beat you into the ground.

(vs Megaman) So you want to fight to defend everyone, huh? Put your all into that dream and don't go through it half-hearted.

(vs Roll) Believe it or not I have actually fought little kids before, but last time it was a bit weird given who they were.

(vs Zero) After fighting you it seems you're not as confident as you claim yourself to be. Do you have a firm grip on you who are?

(vs Morrigan) I admit that I show off a bit for a full body suit, but at least I'm not trying as hard as you.

(vs Felicia) Its good that you can keep a free spirit despite having a rough time with anyone who would label you as a monster.

(vs Captain Commando) Are you part of that Nexus deal? I don't think anyone would dress like that unless they get into virtual reality games.

(vs Strider) Seems we both find ourselves through fighting. Let's not lose what little freedom we still have.

(vs Tessa) Guess its good to have an open mind. Just watch my moves and maybe you'll pick up something.

(vs Frank West) Alright, I suppose I can give you one memento, providing you can keep your lens pointed at my face.

(vs Batsu) You're pretty gutsy for kid, but take a good look at yourself and see how important that resolve is to you.

(vs Viewtiful Joe) I've seen much worse outfits a while back. Some people are just colorblind when it comes to new fashion.

(vs Falcon) It seems those stones are powered by your willpower. You're not slacking off in regards to that.

(vs Ruby Heart) I'm not used to fighting in teams, but you seem to adept to it way better than I do.

(vs Dante) Sometimes its okay to let go and allow yourself to be reckless, but with you it seems you have no restraints to begin with.

(vs Akuma) I don't need power like that to absolutely destroy someone. I just need what I got on hand to send you to your knees.

Credit for game concept goes to DjKyuubiRyu
Had a harder time getting a handle on Sarah's personality than I did with Akira. Next time I'll have Roll ready sometime tomarrow.
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Jacky Bryant: (Barry Gjerde/Yasunori Matsumoto)

You guys still don't understand your own potential yet. Bear with that and you can handle almost anything.

That's the essence of my Jeet Kune Do! If you can't even keep up with that then you guys don't have a chance!

Yeah! Nothing can stand up against my Lightning Storm once I'm in motion! I'm faster than lightning!

Do you want to test your own potential, *partner name*? Just watch me in action and see if you can keep up.

Is that it? Its all too easy to block the moves from you guys! I bet I could even counter them in my sleep!

How are you when it comes to driving at top speed? If you get yourself your own wheels I would be glad to race you, *partner name*.

Seriously, is that the best you can come up with? Its as if you ripped off your moves from arcade games. Not like I picked up my driving skill from Daytona USA and other stuff.

Fighting is simply a bit more than just victory and defeat. I realized that after I found there was someone I needed to protect.

(vs Sonic) Is it really that weird to see you in a car? People shouldn't be complaining so much. It makes the competition between us on the track more even.

(vs Knuckles) Is that seriously all you've got? When you just fight with your fists, then it makes you so easier to read.

(vs Amy) What's the big deal about this Sonic guy anyway? I bet my kicks could be faster than him any day. Wait, put down the hammer! I was just kidding!

(vs Akira) Look it won't be so bad riding with me in this one race. All you gotta do is sleep it off for a bit, then give me a little push when I need it.

(vs Sarah) See that you've changed up your fighting style a bit, but big brother is still ahead of you by miles.

(vs Self) Darn it, has Judgement 6 gotten into cloning us now? Weren't the Durals alone enough for them?

(vs Nights) You're not bad flying around like that, but get yourself some wheels and maybe you can do a bit more than waving a flag.

(vs Reala) I still say you're just too similar to that Nights guy. At least me and my sis tried to set our styles apart from each other.

(vs Beat) Alright, you kids better fix up the paint job on my car, otherwise I'm calling the cops on you.

(vs Amigo) Is that some kind of "monkey kung-fu"? Think we got a newcomer in the tournaments with a style like that.

(vs Ulala) You've definitely got some moves on you and its tough trying to copy each and every one.

(vs Ryo) Can't say that I know anything about this Lan-Di guy, but I wish you luck and hope you picked something up from me.

(vs Billy Hatcher) So you have to lug that egg around, huh? Bet it must be hard to maneuver on the icy and rough tracks.

(vs Vyse) So everyone travels without cars in your world? Aw man, I don't think I could live in a world where roads are pretty much useless.

(vs Hotsuma) Yeah! I've done handcuffed lightning! There's no way even a guy as fast as you can stand up to me!

(vs Jack Cayman) You guys with bikes think you got it easy with just two wheels, but I can go drifting with the best of them.

(vs Bayonetta) Ugh, I think that I might actually have a nose bleed. Was that from the fight or something else?

(vs Shadow) Maybe you should just ditch what wheels you find and go running on your own. You're fast enough as it is.

(vs Ryu) Yeah, you got Akira's look and serious personality, but I doubt I would ever see him throwing fireballs.

(vs Chun-Li) I'm just saying, to me it kind of looks like you ripped off Pai Chan's image. Not that I would know who dressed like that first.

(vs Ken) I seriously don't know what everyone's talking about either. We couldn't be any more different.

(vs Megaman) So your dog can turn into a car? Wow, now that's a man's best friend that I can get behind!

(vs Roll) This guy named Rock must not be a good brother if he leaves you to fight on your own. Don't worry; I'll set the guy straight.

(vs Zero) Doesn't that hair get in the way when you're moving about? Its one of the reasons I keep mine short and spiky.

(vs Morrigan) I don't want to go as far as to spend that kind of time with you. You'll just have to settle with an autograph.

(vs Felicia) People complain about my sis showing off, but you're the total opposite of what she wears!

(vs Captain Commando) So you're supposed to be big time superheroes huh? Any chance you could look into taking down J6?

(vs Strider) Come on, I know that ninjas can fight just as well without a weapon. Kage usually gets off just fine on his own.

(vs Tessa) Look I don't have much information to share. Unless you got info on J6, then I'm out of here.

(vs Frank West) Hey, quit picking stuff off the ground and rely on your own skill! I seen so far you got some good wrestling moves on you!

(vs Batsu) Dang, not even Akira goes about shouting that loud. You're really fired up there, kid.

(vs Viewtiful Joe) What's wrong? Its as if you're moving in slow motion! Wait, you really are moving in slow motion! The heck's up with that?

(vs Falcon) I'll let you handle the skies, but personally I'm happy here with my own set of wheels on the ground.

(vs Ruby Heart) Just why are you gathering up other fighters like this? You're not with J6 are you?

(vs Dante) Sorry, the silver hair made me think you were this one other guy J6 got their hands on. Hear he's gunning for Lion as of late.

(vs Akuma) Is this the true strength that I've been hearing about? I hope that Akira doesn't end up like this.

Credit for game concept goes to DjKyuubiRyu
By request I've added Jacky to the roster of my quotes and set El Blaze on the sidelines. Don't worry I still got all of El Blaze's related quotes up. Not only that but I've changed the quotes for all my other guys to have a quote against Jacky. That's all I've got for winquotes for now, but will gladly do more for the Sega vs Capcom project if needed. For now I'll focus on Shonen Jump X Sega and more Brawl Movesets.
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Street Fighter
Collection by
Getting ready for street fighter 5
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I'm currently working on my Street Fighter High fan project (for real this time!). I'll post a few things here on DA  to help with exposure but I'm going to focus mostly on the tumblr blog I've made for it:

Hope to hear from some of you.
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;O Hadouken vs Psycho Crusher!
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A sketch of a sometimes rather underrated character from Capcom's Street Fighter series. The happy go lucky DEE JAY! He's still one of my fave fighters amongst others though.
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Feng Wei and Abel,two of the fighting game world's finest duke it out in a secret tournament location.

Who will best who?
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Star Trek
Collection by
:iconarak-8: Wanted me to draw Star Trek Phase 11 characters, Peter Kirk the nephew of Captain Kirk and Xon the Vulcan. This is my first time drawing these characters. 

Star Trek is the property of Gene Roddenberry, CBS, and Paramount Pictures

Star Trek Phase 11 © James Cawley and Jack Marshall 
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Fanart commission work
Done with PS CS6 & wacom intuos4
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this is a piece i was asked to do for :iconspockske: of doctor elise mckenna from 'star trek continues'.

for anyone who is not familiar with star trek continues please feel free to click on this link to find out more about it…

below i have listed all the pieces in this collection to date...

ensign peter kirk  -  commission by nightwing1975 ensign peter kirk

lieutenant alex freeman  -  commission by nightwing1975 lieutenant alex freeman

lieutenant ro nevin  -  commission by nightwing1975 lieutenant ro nevin

Doctor Elise McKenna by nightwing1975 doctor elise mckenna
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WOOHOO!!! I have become re-obsessed with Star Trek as of late. Especially TOS, which I didn't watch as often back in the day. I'm making up for it by recording and watching insane amounts of original Trek this past week. I've watched the original six movies so many times in the last couple of weeks as well. I'd watched Star Trek II and Star Trek VI so many times as a little kid that I had basically memorized them - o.O Anyway, this is the crew of the ORIGINAL USS-Enterprise (No bloody A, B, C, or D as Scotty once said). From left to right, it's Chekov, Uhura, Spock, Kirk, McCoy, Scotty, and Sulu. I'm using this as a background right now. I absolutely love the Spock chibi - it makes me smile. I'm proud of this drawing - when I was doing the lineart it bothered me a bit, but once I finished it and colored it, I think it turned out very well. I should post some of my really old doodles of the Enterprise and stuff. They're a bit frightening though...
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I found this screencapture online and it's one of my favorite expressions of Spock during the first season of the series. I love how Leonard looks at the camera sometimes. I have a habit of waving at him when he does. LLAP
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A familiar comic layout that i've been wanting to attempt again.
Been awhile since i've drawn my favorite classic character!
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Sketch of Apache Chief from Superfriends cartoon.
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Today's sketch: Apache Chief. 

Apache Chief is owned by DC Comics
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Batman Beyond Vs Phantom 2040 :D
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By Mark Spears

on ebay: [link]
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Collection by
Don't anger this pesky neighbor.
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From top to bottom, left to right:

- Audrey 2 (little shop pf horrors)
- Snatcher Pod (Invasion of the body snatchers - 1957)
- Giant Tomato (Attack of the killer tomatoes)
- Fuzy "Ft" Tomato (The killer tomatoes strike back)
- Tomato (Return of the killer tomatoes)
- Ketchuck (Killer tomatoes eat France)
- Zoltan (Killer tomatoes eat France)
- Fangmato (Killer tomatoes eat France)
- Snatcher pod (Invasion of the body snatchers - 1978)
- Snatcher pod (Invasion of the body snatchers - 1993)

No triffids or Biollante, I hadn't the necessary references, or matched the scale for this picture
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i'm probably going to get in trouble one of these days for using these pictures...but...i'm a badass.
haaaaave merrrrrccyyyyyyy :kiss:
this one is kinda blah, so any suggestions would be highly appreciated.
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Uncle Jesse (John Stamos) and Michelle (Mary-Kate, Ashley Olsen) from "Full House".
Remeber watching this serial when I was younger and it is still running on TV (again). I liked this uncle-little girl connection between them and decided to draw one of them together. :)
Sorry for the dirty paper :lol:
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