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(Contains: sexual themes)
WHAT KIND OF A TITLE IS THIS. God, I'm so embarrassed about this story. Uhm, there's a warning of sexual assault… So I put a warning up… I don't know how this happened, but I don't write stories like these… heh heh, I'm sorry…… aklsjdfs, my mom would kill me if she read this… But Enjoy! ^^

*~*~*~*~*~* Steveeeeeeeeee *~*~*~*~*~*

"Vee~! (__f/n__) let's go to the beach today! LET'S GO OUT AND PLAAAAYY!!! " A hyperactive Italian screamed from the front door, jumping up and down on your porch. It was 9 am on a beautiful sunny Saturday, and you were supposed to sleep in today. You mumbled a bunch of profanities as you dragged yourself out of bed to your window.

"Italy!" You snapped, "I'm sleeping! I'm very tired!" You angrily protested, leaning on the window sill for support. "B-But! But Doitsu won't play with me today! And I'm bored!" He wailed upset, pleading with puppy eyes to the second story window.

"Great. Ludwig wants me to babysit you," you mumbled as you stepped away from the window and made your way down the stairs to the front door. "Vee~! We'll have a lot-a fun today!" He laughed as you opened the door, glomping you. You sighed in defeat and stared at him. Feli was wearing nothing but swim shorts and was carrying a styrofoam pasta tube for swimming. His brown hair with the unusual curl sticking out was cute, and that contagious smile radiated into your house, just like the sun when you opened the curtains. He was too damn adorable, and it lightened your mood. You took in a deep breathe of fresh air from outside before stepping back into your house.

"Okay," you started, slightly rejuvenated, "you can go to the kitchen and eat while I go back upstairs to get ready. I think I have some pasta somewhere in the fridge if you want that for breakfast." Feli's smile brightened. "Really? You're the best, (__f/n__)!" He kissed your cheek before running off to the kitchen. You placed a hand on the cheek he kissed and mumbled a couple more profanities at his cuteness.

*~*~*~* Time-Skip Steve *~*~*~*

You laid out three bathing suits on your bed and studied each one. Two of them were a one-piece, and one of them was a two-piece.

"Hey, I think you should wear that one!" A happy voice announced from behind, scaring you.

"ITALY, I COULD HAVE BEEN CHANGING!" You screamed, quickly placing a hand over your rapidly beating heart, and chucking the closest pillow at him. You missed him completely and the pillow rolled into the hallway. Feli chuckled and made his way into your room with a bowl of pasta. He walked over to the red two-piece bathing suit.

"This one. You'll look really hot in this, bella," He smiled innocently. You blushed furiously.


*~*~*~*~*~* Steve was here, and he just skipped time *~*~*~*~*~*

You ended up wearing the red bathing suit Feli picked out, but slipped on a long white T-shirt and shorts on top. Finally arriving at the beach, you unfortunately spotted the Bad Touch Trio in the distance.

"Hey Feli, can we go a little further down the beach?" You asked nicely, wanting to get away from them. "But, (__f/n__)! I wanted to go to the dock!" He protested. You sighed, "Okay, let me tell you something important then," you reasoned, "If things start to get out of ha—" "PASTAAAAA!" Feli randomly screamed as he saw a middle-aged woman walking with pasta in her hand. You whined. "Oh, What is it, (__f/n__)?" Feli asked curiously, to which you shook your head. "Nothing, let's go," you sighed. You caught a glimpse of a skimpy blond walk by them, and Francis lowering his glasses to check out her ass. 'Disgusting,' you thought.

You two had just started to walk aboard the large dock when something popped into the Italian's mind. "(__f/n__), grab my hand!" He said in a heroic voice. You gave him your best 'Da-fuq-you-doin-brah' look before he grabbed your hand and started running to the end of the dock, with you stumbling behind. "H-hey, what are we doing? Oh god no—"

"PASSTTAAAAAAA!!!" And with that you both ended up jumping off the edge of the dock into the freezing cold water. You surfaced before Feli, chattering your teeth. "F-Feli! It's s-so col-d-dd.." You complained. You waited for a cheery response, but to no avail did one come. You panicked and looked around the water for him. "F-Feli? Feli, you better not be playi— AHH!" You shrieked as you got pulled down below the surface of the water. You struggled to paddle up to the surface, and when you did, the sound of Feli's cute laughter filled the air. "You were scared, weren't you?" He chimed. "I WASN'T JUST SCARED, YOU IDIOT. I THOUGHT SOMETHING REALLY HAPPENED TO YOU, THEN I ALMOST DIED WHEN YOU PULLED ME UNDER WATER AN— achoo!" You sneezed in the middle of your rant.

"You're  cold, aren't you," Feli calmly asked, in which you nodded your head slightly. He swam closer to you and helped you swim back to the dock, not far from where you were. As he lifted you onto the dock, you sat on the edge, letting the sun warm you. Feli plopped down beside you. "Thanks for coming with me today." He mumbled happily, "In return, I'll buy you ice cream!" You giggled and told him what flavour you loved. He told you to sit still while he looked for an ice cream parlour. As he left, you saw the Bad Touch Trio walk onto the dock.

'Fuck my life,'you thought as you mentally flipped a table. You stood up and decided to follow Feli off the dock. As you were walking back, you avoided eye contact with the Bad Touch Trio and calmly walked past them. You thought it was all over, until Gilbert came from behind you and wrapped both his arms around your stomach, softly nuzzling into your neck. "Hey there, Frau," He cooed into your neck, causing you to shiver. "Get off me, Gilbert." You stated blandly, struggling against his hold. Gilbert smirked, "You know it's hard to look away from you when you're teasing me with that red bikini." You looked down and realized the water had made your white shirt practically see-through, revealing your bathing suit. Francis finally halted and turned around to see where Gilbert had gone to, when he noticed you in his grip. He smiled perversely and made his way over to you.

"Ahh… (__f/n__), what are you doing here? All alone, I suppose?" "No, she's here with Ludwig's girlfriend, that Italian…" Gilbert cut in. "Ohonhonhon~ so we can't make our move on the dock, can we…" Francis trailed off, raising an eyebrow to Gilbert. You were completely and utterly shocked at what was happening. All in one movement, Gilbert picked you up and jumped into the water with you, followed by Francis.

"SOMEONE HELP— MMPPFFHHH" Your cries for help were blocked when Gilbert used one of his hands to cover your mouth while holding you around the waist with his other. "Ohonhonhon~, I think you're wearing too many layers, ma chere," Francis stated while swimming towards you. He slipped off your shorts and gently tugged at your shirt. "This needs to come off too." You tried to protest, but in your state, all you could do was kick around helplessly. You were slightly under the dock and away from the public view, so it was almost impossible for anyone to see what was happening. Slowly, Francis pulled off your shirt from over your head and threw it into the water, staring at what you had to offer.

"…………… We're both going to have a little fun with you…"

*~*~*~*~* aljsdlfjsladkfjls *~*~*~*~*

As soon as Antonio reached the end of the dock, he turned around to realize that Gilbert and Francis weren't with him. He scanned around before walking back to the beach, calling for them. "Hey, this isn't funny you guys, don't just leave me behind!" He called out. As he reached the shore line, he accidentally bumped into someone.

"Lo siento, ami— Feliciano? What are you doing here?" Antonio asked. "Vee! I was getting ice cream for (__f/n__), but when I looked back to the dock, she was gone!" He stated, searching around. "That's really weird Feli, because my friends are missing too!" Antonio added. They both began to scan the beach, when Feli's eyes landed on something.

"OH MIO DIO, ARE THOSE HER CLOTHES?!?" Feli panicked as he ran to the shoreline. Sure enough, your clothes were washed up on the beach. Feli looked back to Antonio thinking the same thing. Feli quickly handed his ice cream to Antonio and ran down the dock in full rage.

*~*~*~*~* akljdflsdajflsdjk *~*~*~*~*

As Gilbert abused your neck and shoulder with kisses, he slowly slid his hands, previously resting around your stomach, lower, under the string on your bikini, and lightly on your thighs. You wanted to scream. To scream out for Feli to help you, but Francis restricted you with his mouth. He kissed you harshly on the lips, and continued to try and get you to open your mouth, but you refused. You wanted to slap him but his hands were clamped around your wrists and bound above your head.

*~*~*~*~* ajkldfjdsf, face-palm, I hope my mom doesn't read this *~*~*~*~*

Feli scanned into the water until about halfway onto the dock, when he spotted a horrible sight. "G-GET YOUR HANDS OFF HER, YOU PERVERTS." He screamed at Francis and Gilbert, who so happened to be untying your bikini. "Scheiße! Francis, lets get out of here!" Gil yelled, and they both swam for shore, leaving you in the water. Feli jumped into the water, and swam to your trembling body. He lifted you to the dock and hugged you tightly. "(__f/n__) I'm so sorry. I'm sorry that I left you and I'm sorry that I wasn't listening, I'm just so sorry." Feli started, choking on his tears. You didn't reply and just buried your head into his neck, sobbing.

On the beach, Francis and Gilbert had just reached the shoreline, where Antonio was waiting for them. Antonio stomped his way over to the two, smacked them both over the head, shoved the ice cream into their faces, smothered it around, and walked back onto the dock to where Feli was failing to comfort (__f/n__) through his tears.

*~*~*~*~* Steve the time-skipper *~*~*~*~*

Antonio drove you back to Ludwig's house for ice cream and churros, while you slept in Feli's lap. He wrapped you in a blanket and carried you into the house. "DOITSUU~! I'M HOMEE!" Feli called out as he placed you onto the sofa. Ludwig came out of the kitchen, "So that's where you disappeared to…" He trailed off looking at the half naked Italian. "Yeah, we went to the beach, but things didn't go the way we planned…"

"OI, WEST, THE AWESOMENESS IS HOME! GET ME A JUG OF BEER FROM THE FRIDGE." An obnoxious voice announced. Ludwig disregarded the fact his brother was home, and focused on Feli. "Oh really? How did it not go according to plan?" Ludwig asked absent mindedly as he got the jug of beer from the fridge.

"(__f/n__) almost got raped by Gilbert."

"W-W-WHAAT?!?!?" Ludwig shrieked, dropping the pitcher of German beer.

"Yeah; almost raped, but mostly sexually assaulted. Like, a lot." Antonio added casually, picking up a mop to clean the floor.

"Hey West, that didn't sound too good. What did you break this time—" Gilbert walked into the kitchen and froze at the sight of Feli and Antonio, and of course a furious Ludwig.

"You. Did. What?" Ludwig grabbed the mop from Antonio, and unscrewed the rag part of it off, leaving a pointy end, good enough to seriously injure the albino.

"Oh and don't forget the Frenchie too!" Antonio called out to Ludwig who had charged at his older brother. When the two German brothers were out of the house playing 'kill', Feliciano and Antonio made their way to (__f/n__) who had started to stir in her light sleep.

"(__f/n__)? Are you okay? Did anything serious happen?" Feliciano asked with a straight face. You shook your head and a wave of relief washed through the two. Feli wiped away your tear-stained face and kissed your forehead. "I'm so glad you're okay, if anything worse happened, I……… I-I don't even know what I would have done…" He said, shaking with anger. You sat up quickly and wrapped your arms around him. "I'm okay now, and that's all that matters." You kissed him on the cheek, "You saved me." He moved back an inch to look into your eyes.

"Thank you, Feli."

You gazed into Feliciano's soft hazel eyes, and leaned forward to meet his lips in a gentle kiss. He kissed back without any hesitation, and soon enough you were pinned to the couch with Feli on top, kissing you feverishly around your neck and tickling your stomach, making you laugh.

Antonio took a couple of pictures before slipping out of the room.
Edit: Here's the picture I drew for this xDD [link]


I'M SORRY. I DIDN'T MEAN TO WRITE THIS, IT JUST HAPPENED. It may not seem like much of a horrible sin, but to me, IT IS :iconfacedeskforeverplz:

alksdjflasjfls, this was a request by :iconlizzydaze:, who wanted either Italy or Spain, so I kinda added both. And sexual assault. She didn't even ask for it, what is this, I don't-- laksjdlfjsdfk . Sorry, if I scarred your brain. I'm soo sorry people, I feel really bad right now, I'm not this kind of author, and I hope people don't hate me... *goes to hide in corner*

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Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: strong language)
You stared at your reflection in the mirror. You sneered at the bruises that covered your whole arm. You turned around and grabbed the black and (f/c) striped long sleeve shirt on your black comforter.

You grabbed you black "Black Veil Brides" book bag and headed out the door.

'Those stupid assholes. They give me a new batch every single fucking day.' You thought, an angry scowl on your face. Your grasp on your book bag tightened as you thought about your three tormentors at your school.

They were known as the "Awesome Trio". They were these three stupid jocks who bullied anyone who weren't as cool, popular, or 'awesome' as they were.

And you were their number one victim.

You didn't know why, but it's like they were trying to make your life a living hell.

And boy were they succeeding.

You face went blank as you neared Hetalia High, your living hell.

'Let's just hope that the three idiot's don't show up.'

"Keseseseses~ My, my, look at what the Awesome me found. The Punk's slut."

Speak of the devil's and the devil's shall appear.

Oh goodie~.

You looked up and saw the Albino 'Awesome' Prussian, the 'Hero' American, and the 'Cool' Danish.

Gilbert, Alfred and Mathias.

'Just my luck.' You thought, glaring harshly at their unfazed faces.

"What the hell do you fuckers want?" You barked.

Alfred smirked. "Ah ah ah, ________. That is no way to treat the "Awesome Trio.""

You snorted, "Where? Because all I see is three jackasses in front of me."

Mathias tsked and took hold of your face, gripping it tightly. "I think you need to watch that dirty mouth of yours, bitch."

You winced as he let go of your face.

Alfred suddenly come up to you and grabbed the back of your head, "Or do you rather I clean for you, huh?"

You jaw clenched and was to retort but a small voice stopped you.

"A-A-A-Alfred. I-I don't think that you should do that."

You looked away from your tormentor and saw a boy around your age with shoulder length blond, a stray strand of hair curled up away from the rest and pretty purple eyes. He was wearing a hoodie jacket with the Maple Leaf Flag on it faded blue jeans with plain white Nike's.

You were lured by the boy's voice. It was a soft yet slightly deep, filled with compassion, sadness and.......loneliness.

Just like you.

Alfred growled irritated. He turned away from you and looked at the unknown male.

"Matthew! Didn't I say to wait in the office?!" He growled at the quivering male, who's name is Matthew.

Matthew gulped and said, "B-b-but....-!"

Alfred scoffed. "Just because your my brother doesn't mean you can do whatever you want here. Remember your the loser in the family. Know where you stand, idiot."

You eyeliner eyes narrowed at the fact that Alfred called his OWN brother a loser.

"Oi! Let's go! I need to get my homework from that nerd, Artie!" Gilbert stated, a large grin on his face.

The other two nodded and the three of them left, leaving behind a shaking Matthew and a skeptical you.

Matthew whimpered shamelessly when you glanced at him.

"I-I-I am s-s-sorry to bother you b-b-but do you know where t-t-the history room is?" He asked you, tearing up a bit.

Your eyes widened and unconsciously a blush formed on your face. You cleared your throat and glanced away from him. "Uhhh...sure. I'm heading there anyway. Just follow me."

You began walking away from him hastily, not even making sure that he was following. You heard footsteps behind you and a hand was placed on your shoulder. you stopped and felt the person crash into you.

You winced and turned around seeing Matthew trying to catch his breath.

Once he gained his breathe back he asked you shyly, not taking his hand off from your shoulder, "U-ummm....w-what is y-your name?"

You stared at him for a while but then did something that you hadn't done in a long time.

You smiled. At Him.

"It's _______. ________ _________." You held out your hand out to him.

He smiled shyly and gently took hold of your hand. "M-my name is M-mathew W-williams."

The both of you smiled at each other and thought, 'This might not be such a bad year (eh).'

Request by :iconxxxwargirlxxx:

I Hope you like it~!!
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Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes)
Author's note: Hello everyone!!! ^^ Some of you know may know Emily Archor (and for those of you who don't the link's in the description.) she asked me and some other friends to pick our favorite 12 of our favorite countries and then gave us random questions. This one in particular was "Either pick #2 and #8 or #2 and #9. Than write a short story of them." I picked #2 and #9 which was Austria and Russia ^^ so…. Here you go. Comment and give suggestions please. Oh and sorry if I got their personalities wrong. Maybe you could help out with that too? ^^


KNOCK! KNOCK! "Austria! Open up!" Russia shouted.

He couldn't stand waiting by the front door for an hour straight. Austria, on the other hand, was bothered by all the noise that Russia was making. So he stopped playing the piano and went to open the door.

"Yes, Russia?" Austria asked, slightly looking annoyed.

"I brought some Vodka" Russia smiled.

"I don't need it."

"But I made it for you. I take pride in Vodka, so please accept it!"

"Fine, I guess….. thank you."

"Can I come in!?" Russia grinned, starring at him.

They both stood silent and Austria got even more annoyed by Russia starring at him with that creepy look.

"C-come in."

With this said, Russia entered the house and followed Austria to his room.

"U-um….. Why are you following me?"

Russia stayed silent and closed the bedroom door.  He walked up to Austria and picked him up, throwing him on the bed. Russia, walked towards him, undressing himself. He went on him and started to kiss Austria, licking him tongue.

"W-wai-….. Mmnmmmhmmm……"
Austria couldn't believe Russia was being so seductive. Russia's hand traveled down to Austria's lower region.

"N-no! Not….. don-….."

"But you like this, yes?" Russia smiled.

"S-shu….. Up…. Ah….!"

Russia liked how Austria wasn't putting up a fight, though it would have been better. Russia went lover and started to lick his cock.

" Mmm…. Ah!…."Russia was getting more turned on by Austria's little cute moans. He stopped and undressed Austria. Now Austria was really defenseless. Than Russia put two fingers in Austria.

"AH!!….. W-what are you….."

Austria looked at Russia, Russia was pushing in and out with his fingers, trying to find Austria's "soft spot".

"Ah….. mmhn…..!"

"Found it."

Russia smiled and went on top of Austria, putting his cock inside of him.

"AH!!!…. No! Don…. n't….Ah….. Rus….sia…. mmmhnm….."

Russia started kissing him, while thrusting inside of him. Austria put his arms around Russia and Russia did the same. Still kissing and thrusting, they both came. Russia laid Austria down and laid his head on Austria's chest.

"You liked all that attention, didn't you?"

Russia smiled, breathing heavily.

"Shut up!"

Austria's face turned bright red. Russia kissed Austria once again, their tongues intertwined and than Russia pulled away.

"Austria, …. I love you."

Russia said smiling. Austria blushed madly, his heart felt like it was going to burst. He was lost for words.

"I-I love you too."

Austria couldn't stop blushing. Russia thought this face of his was so adorable he couldn't help himself from pulling Austria into another kiss….

THE END ^^ MUAHAHAHA lol jk. Want more? Give me suggestions! ^^
This is between Austria & Russia. Hope you enjoy! You can give suggestions on who to write about.

Warning, sexual scenes within the story. If you don't like boyxboy, please don't read any and/or all hetalia stories posted on my page as I wont be held responsible. I have given you a warning. Sorry about the link, it didn't work on the story for some reason so here is Emily Archor's page: [link]
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Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
The ticking of the clock.. it was slowly driving you insane. But you couldn't help but wonder when Ludwig and Gilbert would return. At least you had chores that needed to be done at distract you from it here and there. You sighed as you dipped your hand into the soapy water to clean the rest of the dishes. It instantly reminded you how you got here, and you were grateful about it. You as a country, you could have died back then after all.

It was a time where you were very deperate. You happened to be so poor that you could barely stand up and take care of your land, yet nobody wanted to help you and they called you a good-for-nothing country. The only reason they did that is because they were positive that they would only lose money themselves if they took you in and had to help your place back up. Because they were sure nothing good would happen and that you were beyond help, it was a horrible time.

In the end it was just Ludwig that recognized you. No matter what other countries tried to do to convince him to leave you behind, he didn't listen to them at all. He was sure that with enough help you could become strong enough to go back to taking care of yourself. So you were offered a job, to take care of Ludwig's house and keep it clean. And in return he would help you to get your country out of debts and what not. Of course you took it, since it was the only help you were offered.

And here you were, doing the dishes while Ludwig had gone off to work. You had met Gilbert, once known as Prussia when you were just taken in. You thought he was nice, but sometimes his ego went so far. He often was out to help Ludwig with his job though, he said it was the least he could do.

But you did have hopes, of course. You remember once meeting one of Ludwig's friends, Feliciano. He once told you a story that he had been in a similar situation when he was little, which comforted you quite a bit. But in the end you had to comfort the Italian instead once he brought up this guy named 'Holy Roman Empire'. It wasn't bad, and thanks to Feliciano you became determined that you would be just fine in the end.

You sighed as you finished the dishes, neatly stacking the plates and other items in their rightful cupboards. Today you seemed to be done rather early compared than other days, so you decided to go ahead and lay down on the sofa. But it wasn't long until you heard the front door open and close.

"I'm home, frau!" Gilbert's voice was heard from the hallway. You quickly sat up when you saw him approaching you eventually.

"Welcome back, isn't Ludwig with you today?" You curiously asked. Normally the taller man would be coming back together with the Prussian. You watched as Gilbert sat down next to you on the sofa, a small grin playing on his face as he stroked his hand through his silver colored hair.

"Nein, he said he still had to take of things so he'll be back later. So I decided to go on ahead" Gilbert spoke. You looked at him once he fell silent afterwards. There seemed to be a somewhat bothersome look in his red eyes, as if he was thinking whether to say a certain thing or not. You decided to keep quiet as well, unsure what to say after all.

"You know.." Gilbert suddenly started, breaking the silence. You curiously responded with a small hum.

"I hate to admit it.. but I'm quite jealous of you and West" Gilbert chuckled lightly. On one hand, you were rather surprised when he said this, but on the other hand you couldn't blame him since you became quite close with Ludwig.

"Why would you be jealous?" You decided to ask it anyway. Gilbert shrugged, a faint blush spreading across his face. He looked away a bit before he continued.

"Because West always hangs around with you. He helps you finish your chores if you're not done with them yet, he often comes to sit around with you, and then that confession.. broke me.." Gilbert sighed. His red eyes coming in contact with your as he suddenly turned to you, and he took your hands gently.

"_______, Ich liebe dich" You didn't realize you blushed when Gilbert confessed. It was true that Ludwig had done the same weeks ago, but there wasn't anything official going on between the two of you yet. Apparently it got to Gilbert that you had been hanging around Ludwig a lot.

You weren't sure what to do, or how to reply. So rather than thinking about it you quickly pulled your hands away from Gilbert, sitting back a bit. However, you could see that Gilbert didn't seem to be kidding about it at all. He had a stare of guilt in his eyes, and he didn't attempt to do anything. Maybe he didn't want to make the wrong moves on you since he didn't want you to get more distant of him.

"Do you really.. mean that?" You finally asked, causing Gilbert to look at you. His red eyes connected with your once more as he nodded.

"Of course.." Gilbert spoke. You didn't mind it this time as he approached you a second time. His eyes were still staring into yours, they never left each other.

You couldn't really tell what happened next, when you felt his soft lips brush against yours. A moment later he pressed them fully against your lips, and you could feel his tongue stroking across your own lips, pleading to gain access. You didn't know why, but you complied, allowing the Prussian to explore every inch of your cavern. When you closed your eyes you could feel his arm snake around your waist, pulling you closer to the other. It wasn't long before the kiss was broken, and the both of you panted lightly for air.

"I'd suggest you to go to either of your rooms if you like each other so much" The both of you were startled by a rather deep voice. You looked up only to meet Ludwig's deep blue eyes, which were filled with disappointment. It made you wonder how long he had been standing there already.

"H-how long have you been here?" You asked, a deep blush spreading across your face. Gilbert however, even though he still had a faint blush on his face as well he remained keeping you close to him.

"Long enough to see it happening" Ludwig simply replied. But he was suddenly cut through by Gilbert's laughter after he spoke.

"I bet you couldn't take your eyes off of it either!" Gilbert spoke, causing the taller male to blush. You attempted to push yourself away from Gilbert's hold on you but he wasn't planning to release you just yet, it seemed.

"Oh come on, West. I know how much you like ______. Well, you're not on your own there" Gilbert spoke. There was a rather serious tone of voice when he did. You feared something bad was going to happen when Gilbert suddenly stood up and walked over to Ludwig, yet you found yourself unable to do anything about it and just watch.

"It's up to her to choose who she likes more after all, right?" Gilbert teased. You didn't know what to do, or how to reply when they both looked your way. Surely, you liked both of them, but you didn't want to disappoint one of them in the end. It wasn't as if you could just choose someone and act as if it was nothing.

"B-but.." You started, still unsure of what to say.

"Don't worry about it, ______. You don't have to choose" You weren't sure what Ludwig meant as he spoke. He slowly approached you and sat down next to you, since you never moved from your spot on the sofa. You stared into his blue eyes as he looked down at you. Your eyes widened a little when he suddenly pulled you into an embrace, moving you to sit on his lap and face him in the meantime.

"Because as long as I can be around you, it won't matter to me if there is someone else" You couldn't help yourself as you embraced Ludwig in return. It somehow was a relief that you didn't have to choose in the end. What mattered to you the most was that you felt safe, not just with Ludwig, but also with Gilbert. So you were glad that he accepted it when he saw you and Gilbert together just now.

You gasped when you suddenly felt something on the back of your neck. The soft touch of a pair of lips caught you off guard, and the slow, sucking motions made you shiver lightly. His lips curled into a smile on your skin, and you knew that it was Gilbert's doing. You sat up lightly, retreating from the embrace with Ludwig once you felt a hand run across the bare skin of your leg underneath your dress. The careful, and ticklish strokes soon moved up, taking the dress along to undress you.

There you sat with just your undies on. You looked up to Ludwig once more once he tilted your head to do so. He leaned in, pressing his lips against yours, sharing a second kiss but with Ludwig this time. You let out a small whimper in the middle of the kiss once you felt Gilbert's hands undoing your bra and taking it off. It was only a moment later when you felt his hands return to you, gently rubbing your breasts. It caused you to give out a light, muffled moan every now and then.

The kiss broke soon, and you suddenly found yourself being lifted up in bridal style in Ludwig's arms. He carried you down the hallways, and into his bedroom. You were gently placed down on the large bed, your bare back touching the soft sheets as you were placed on top of them. Gilbert then joined in again, crawling ontop of the end of the bed. You shivered as he started teasing you, his fingers gently stroking across your bare skin. You could feel the heat building up slowly when Ludwig took the remaining piece of cloth off of you.

A feeling of pure bliss ran through your body when you felt one of their hands down, near your entrance. A finger circled around it on a teasing manner, causing you to whimper in need. A sudden cry slipped you when your whimpers were listened to. Gilbert's finger slowly made its way inside, you could feel his red eyes on you as he watched you adjust to the stinging feeling. The pain however, quickly started to fade when you felt a second finger being added, and he started moving them slowly. You released a moan with each small thrust that was made, the feeling of the pleasure increased by every move as well.

You were so distracted from being pleasured that you weren't aware of them moving on, until the fingers left you, giving you a rather empty feeling. You looked up, only to see that Gilbert had moved by your side instead. His length was already popped out from his pants. He gently took your hand, leading it to the hardened member that was waiting to be pleasured. At the same time, as you gently started pumping the member you let out a loud moan, one of pure bliss. The filled feeling returned as you realized that Ludwig invaded you.

The heat was getting too much as you felt the intense pleasure when Ludwig moved almost immediately after entering. The quick pain that you felt had soon been replaced by the good feeling that you had longed for, making you want more. The bed creaked softly with each thrust, and the sweat was slowly forming on your forehead. The room was filled with your moans, as well as pants from Gilbert and Ludwig. Ludwig's pace went faster, causing your moans to grow louder. Apparently this turned Gilbert on even more as he retreated from your hand to finish the job by himself, since you were lost in the intense pleasure you were going through.

You couldn't take it much longer, the feeling was driving you crazy. It only took a couple more thrusts, and just one when you and Ludwig let out a loud groan at the same time, coming together. You panted heavily as you felt Ludwig pulling out, and he sat down on the edge of the bed. You however, didn't move from your laying position. Your attention went to Gilbert who finished shortly after the two of you, a chuckle slipping his lips as he looked down at you. Ludwig's hand stroked through your hair a moment later, and you let out a soft yawn.. the tiredness quickly taking over.

"No matter how long you'll stay here, we'll be there for you" Ludwig softly whispered. Your lips curled into a little smile, knowing that you were in the right hands after all.

"I'm sure of it" You replied in return. You were happy where you were now, safely with Ludwig and Gilbert.

However, it wasn't long until you drifted into a peaceful sleep..
Requested by :iconhidanlover94: I was only given the pairing so I took something basic and simple as the story, and even with that it got into the lemon on a weird way.

Why? Because I have a terrible mood lately due to way too much stress and the lack of sleep. So it makes things harder to write. I tried my best, really. But even this story I can't call much good, but I'm not that disappointed with it either.

Oh well, at least I can say I finished it. It took me long enough to get myself to write on currently lol

Feel free to point out mistakes/typos/etc. I will edit them since I didn't really have time to re-read it myself. Thanks in advance :3

Hope you enjoyed it anyway ^^

Disclaimer: I do not own Hetalia in any way.
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You sighed and rested your head on your desk, letting your long (h/c) bangs fall in your face, your distinct curl (imagine yourself with a canada curl xD) bouncing infront of your (e/c) orbs, which were hiding behind a pair of black framed glasses. Class was going by terribly... Heck, the whole day was terrible. You had just moved here from Canada and everyone acted as if you were invisible.... no one ever saw you. You missed your friends back home. You were on the verge of tears and you thanked (whatever you worship x.x), when the bell rang. You picked up your things and ran to your locker, grabbing your books for your last period. You headed down the hall way, keeping your head down, no one saw you anyway, so what was the point of looking? You sighed, 'I wish I was back home i-' SMACK! You were knocked out of your train of thought when you slammed into someone, knocking your glasses off.
You mumbled and searched for your glasses. Someone tapped you on the shoulder and you saw the outline of your glasses in front of your face. You took them gently from their hand and put them on. You looked over at the person, for they were still on the ground as well, that had saved you from total blindness, only too see a very attractive young man. He had blue-ish violet eyes that hid behind black framed glasses much lik your own, dirty blond hair that hung to his shoulders, and a very distinct curl that looked just like yours. You looked at his outfit and blushed lightly, you were both wearing pretty much the same thing, white hoodies with red maple leafs on the front, jeans, and black converse sneakers.
You shook your head and snapped out of a daze.
"Th-thanks, Sorry for running into you."
The shook his head, "Y-your welcome... and I-it's alright um....."
"____. I'm M-matthew Williams...."
"It's nice to meet you Matthew.... um... can I ask you a question.... well... two...?"
"U-uh.... Sure."
"Uhm... are you... Canadian?" He nodded and you smiled.
"Are you?" You nodded and he smiled as well.
"And... can you show me to my next class? I keep getting lost...."
"Sure.... what do you have?"
"Science, um..... Mrs.Ball's (my science teacher xD) class."
"Oh, I have her too... follow me."
He stood up and helped you up as well. You chit chatted on the way to 9th period, and learned alot about each other. First of Matthew was Canadian, like you, he had an older brother named Alfred that was his complete opposite, he LOVED maple syrup and pancakes, and he was invisible... just like you. You guys were exactly the same, invisible.
Once in class you sat down next to Matthew, and the day seemed like it was going to be better. You decided you like it here, with your new friend, and developing crush, Matthew.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~le super long time skip~~~~~~~~~~
It had been 3 months since you had moved, and met Matthew. You had fallen head over heals for him, though you were to shy to admit it. You two were hanging out and planning O.V.C. Operation: Visble Canadians. There was a talent show tonight and you and Matt had a plan. You were no longer going to be invisible, no longer forgotten. You two were going to be seen, and everyone would remember you.
"I think we're geniuses ______."
"I think so too, Matt."
"So you've got the plan?"
"Yep, so I'll see you tonight?"
You giggled, you loved it when he spoke French. You hugged him, both being careful not to brush each others curls, and smiled. You left his house with a wave, and quickly made your way home and started getting ready.
You pulled on your white t-shirt, that had a red maple leaf in the middle with the words 'Canadian Pride', your torn skinny jeans, and black converse high tops. You then straighted your long (h/c) hair and put on a red baseball cap that had 'Canadian Please' in white letters on it. You smiled and pushed your glasses up. You were ready to go.
~~~~~~~le at the talent show~~~~~~~
Arthur Kirland's rock band had just come off the stage, and you and matt were next. You were both waiting back stage, your outfits matching perfectly, except matt's jeans were baggy, both nervous, but both ready. Your principle walked out on stage mic in hand and read to go.
"That was Arthur Kirland and his band performing 'My Cup Of Tea'. Next we have (full name), and Matthew Williams."
All the both of you heard was 'Who's echoing through the croud. You both rolled your eyes and walked on stage. Only to be welcomed by 'who are they?' 'do they even go to this school?' You looked at Matt and he nodded. You both gripped your mics tight as the song started, the intro was up beat and fun, then, you started to sing.
"Yeah I know that you wanna be Canadian, please
Even if in winter things tend to freeze
We've got the world monopoly on trees
And our country's bordered by three different seas!"
Matt's turn, "Yeah I know that you wanna be Canadian, please
We invented the zipper, we've got expertise
We made insulin to combat disease
Yeah I know that you wanna be Canadian, please!"
Now both of you, "Brits have got the monarchy," You both pointed at Arthur.
"The US has the money," You both pointed at Alfred.
"But I know that you wanna be Canadian!" You both gestured to yourselves.
"The French have got the wine and cheese," You both pointed at Francis.
"Koalas chill with the Aussies," You both pointed at Oz.
"But I know that you wanna be Canadian!" You both gestured yourselves again.
Matt made his way to the front of the stage and spoke the next part in perfect French,
"Et si ce n'était pas assez On a deux langues officielles: L'anglais et le français, Ooh la la~!"
Francis stood up and squealed in his seat, "That's mon petite mattieu!!"
Arthur glared at him, "Belt up, you blood frog!"
You giggled and went on to sing the next verse, "Yeah I know that you wanna be
Canadian, please
Where else do you find mounted police
Or go to the hospital and not pay fees."
Matt's turn! "Yeah I know that you wanna be Canadian, please
And when freshwater is in high demand
We've got the world's largest supply on hand
So you know that we could make a pretty good friend
But it's even better if you can be…"
Both~ "Brits have got the monarchy," You both pointed at Arthur.
"The US has the money," You both pointed at Alfred.
"But I know that you wanna be Canadian!" You both gestured to yourselves.
"The French have got the wine and cheese," You both pointed at Francis.
"Koalas chill with the Aussies," You both pointed at Oz.
"But I know that you wanna be Canadian!" You both gestured yourselves again.
You walked up to the front of the stage and spoke, "So you're thinking to yourself,
'How do I live in this beautiful country?'
Well we've got some steps for you to follow…"
Matthew came up and joined you to rap the next part, "STEP 1: Lose the gun
STEP 2: Buy a canoe
STEP 3: Live multiculturally
STEP 4: You're ready, there is no more!
We got beavers, cariboo and moose
We got buffalos, bears, and Canadian goose
And we're sorry about Celine Dion
But she did do that good song for James Cameron…"
Back to singing~ "Brits have got the monarchy," You both pointed at Arthur.
"The US has the money," You both pointed at Alfred.
"But I know that you wanna be Canadian!" You both gestured to yourselves.
"The French have got the wine and cheese," You both pointed at Francis.
"Koalas chill with the Aussies," You both pointed at Oz.
"But I know that you wanna be Canadian!" You both gestured to yourselves again.
"The Greek chilled out with Socrates," You both pointed at Hercules.
"Can't build a wall like the Chinese," You both pointed at Yao.
"But I know that you wanna be Canadian!" You both gestured to yourselves again.
"In Kenya they have safaris,"
"We've missed lots of other countries," You gestured to the rest of the crowd.
"But I know that you wanna be....."
You walked up to the front of the stage and belted out the last word of the song,
Matthew walked up to you and you both took a bow, having the crowd errupt in applause. You smiled and ran off stage. The princple alked back on and introduced the next act. You just giggled and hugged Matthew.
"That was awesome Mattie!!"
"Oui! It was amazing!"
"Even Francis stood up and claimed you!"
"I know... it feels great... but you know what would feel even better?"
"You pulled back so you could see his his face, "Whats that?"
"This...." He leaned in and kissed you hesitantly, you froze in shock and he pulled away. 'OH MAH GAWD!! HE KISSED ME!!' You were screaming in your mind. You noticed Matthews worried look and smiled.
"I-I.... I'm s-sorry I-"
You cut him off by pressing your lips to his, he froze only for a few seconds then began kissing back. He put his arms around your waist and you put yours around his neck, deepening the kiss. He licked your bottom lip hesitantly, politely asking for entrance, which you granted. His tongue explored its new territory, leaving no crevice untouched. You loved it, he tasted like the maple syrup you both loved so much. You both eventually pulled away, and you silently cursed the need for air. You looked into his eyes and smiled, you were both the color of the maple leaf on your country's flag. He kissed your forehead and pulled you into a tight hug.
"Je t'aime, ______."
"I love you too, Mattie~."
From that day on, you and Matthew were never invisible, everyone knew who you were, you were never forgotten, but you didn't need any of that. You had Matthew, and thats all you would ever need~.
Yay~! Idk where this came from... I kinda just heard the song ad though 'OH MAH GEEBUS I HAS TO MAKE READER INSERT!!!!' xD lolz Well anyways~ Hope you like~!!!!!!!

I do not own Hetalia.
I do not own the song.
I do not own you.

Song here: [link]

:iconsexycanadaplz: :iconsaysplz: Mmm~ You taste like maple, eh?
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It was late last night, so when the phone rang you were still in bed. Very sleepy you opend you're eyes and walked over to the phone.

"Hello, with (name)." You said sleepy and the voice who was yelling into your ear gave you the creeps.


"I.. Uhh.. I'm on my way."

You hang up and picked up you're stuff for the game you had. Djeez.. you totally forgot how creepy Alfred F. Jones could be. You were suposed to be the umpire of the baseball game Alfred's team had. They were playing to the team of his little brother; Matthew.

Matthew. Your cheeks became red when you thought to the blonde waving haired boy. He was so hot and independent.

When you came on the field Alfred ran toward you. You were afraid he was going to smash you with the club he had in his hands.

Normally, he was with a club in his hands with weird sharp pointing things stucking out.

"Alfred, don't kill her. Than we don't have an umpire at all." Matthew said just before Alfred wanted to hit me with his club.

"Pffrrt. Then I kill her after the game."

"I'm here. So shut up and play." You said.

Of course Alfred won. Like usual..

"Let's play another game, this time with a price." Alfred said.

"What's the price?" Matthew said.

Alfred looked around and his eyes fall on you. "(name) is the price. The one who winns this game winns (name) for a week, day ánd night." Alfred said.

"I'm okay with that." Matthew said.

"I'm not! I'm not a object!" you said.

Matthew walked towards you, picked you up and tossed you into the air.

"WHAAAAH!" You yelled.

"You're a object to me, I can own you. That makes you a object. I don't feel anything for another game Bro, I'll just take her in the first place."

And with that he walked away still holding you in his arms.
Uhhmm.. Well I was playing a softball game this morning and well yeah.. This came up.

I just hope you'll like it, and well. My English is far aay from perfect so if you see any mistakes.. Please tell me (':
I don't own Hetalia or anything but myself.
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Matthew Williams. Your best friend, ever since childhood. He was sweet, shy, kind, a gentleman, and adorable! But, he was just too nice, he began to become a push over. There were times when you two would go to watch a movie and people would cut you in line. Matthew would try to nicely tell them not to, but no one ever noticed his shy voice. You always had to be the one to butt in. It was annoying but you just loved the guy too much to tell him. After being besties for as long as you two could remember you've grown to like him more than a friend. Sadly, you had no idea if he liked you back or not. Even if he did, he was probably too shy to admit it. What's a girl to do??

"Come on Matt! Say something mean!" You argued with him, hoping to get him to toughen up a bit.
"I'm sorry [_____] I just don't know anything mean to say...." he said with a sad sigh, this wasn't the first time you've tried.
"Come on! Insult me! Say something you don't like about me! Come on Matt!" You begged.
"Well.....I don't like how such an a-amazing girl like you h-hangs out with such a lame guy l-like me..." he said with a small blush. You felt your face heat up, so that's what he thinks of you.
"T-Thanks Matt....but that's not an insult to you're not a lame guy!" you said with a small smile. He let out a small groan.
"I told you [_____] I-I can't say anything mean....." he started to look sad.
"It's okay Matt, I'm sorry for asking..." you started to feel bad now. So you kissed his cheek.
"!!!! [____]!! Y-You kissed me!!" he yelled with a deep blush. You nodded your head and smiled. He looked down and fidgeted his feet.
"[__-____] I-I...." he started, his blush deepened. Could it finally be? Was he confessing his feelings? You looked at his with wide eyes.
"Yes Matt?" you asked cutely.
"I-I.......I got to go!" he yelled and ran around the block. He was faster than you expected.
"W-What?....What just happened?..." You questioned out loud. You scared him off that's what you goof!! You let out a groan and sat down at a nearby bench. You and Matt were hanging out at the park and now you had to walk home alone in the cold. Great.
"Ugh Matt....why can't you just grow some balls and tell me how you feel!?" you yelled to the heavens, you were alone after all. Or so you thought, little did you know that Matthew came back and was hiding behind a nearby tree.
"So....that's how [____] feels about me.....she'll never like me...." Matthew thought to himself with a sad sigh.
"Unless...." He took out his phone and sent a text to his friend, Arthur Kirkland.

To Arthur: Arthur, I need your help, your magic to be exact.
Meet me at my house in an hour. -Matthew

"Just watch [_____] I'll change for you....." he thought after sending the text, "anything for you...."
Something for :iconpikachupanda:
Just the first chapter ^^;
I'm sorry if it's a fail...I tried!!!
:iconcryforeverplz: tell me if you actually liked it! Pleaseee

EDIT: I changed that picture so no one will give me grief about the old one not being mine. I hope you guys don't mind ^^;

Chapter 2: [link]
Chapter 3: [link]
Chapter 4: [link]
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"SOOO, _______" said Gilbert. "Truth or dare?"  You thought for a moment, scrunching up your face a little as you did.

"Dare." You finally said.

"Kesesese~" He gestured for you to come to him with his hand. Standing up from your spot next to Matthew you made your way across the circle of Truth or dare players.
You, Francis, Arthur, Alfred, Matthew, and Gilbert had been playing the game for the last hour or so. Every dare took so long from the excessive amount of laughing, chasing, ridiculing that you were beginning to hope it would never get to your turn.

No such luck.

You bent down next to the albino, with your ear next to his mouth as he whispered his dare to you.  

When he finished, you turned to him with the most shocked face in the history of ever. You're faces were only an inch apart and Gilbert was smirking at you. 'Kesing' under his breath as he stared you in the eyes. Almost as if to say "Yeah, you heard me right."

"Do we get to know?" asked Alfred from a few spots over.

"Nope." Said Gilbert.

"Well that's no fair!" said Francis, throwing his arms up in the air. "That's the 'ole point of truth or dare! 'ow are you even sure she will do it?"

Gilbert laughed. "Trust me. She'll do it."

You tried to blend into your surroundings from your sprawled-you had fallen off balance- spot next to Gilbert.


"goodnight." You said to Alfred, who was walking into his own room, across the hall from Matthew's. You'd been dreading the night. The dare would have to be executed.

You slipped into Matthew's room. It was large with a cot pied high with blankets in one corner. You could've slept in the living room on the couch and been perfectly fine, but some how you had ended up in Matthew's room while Gilbert crashed on the couch.

Matthew was already lying down. Not sleeping. But trying. You stepped over to you bed, lied down on the cot. It was large, and soft, almost better then your own bed at home.

About 30 minutes later- though it felt like a split second to you- you exhaled and sat up slowly. Matthew was facing the wall away from you in his bed. You stood quietly.

"Matthew..?" you asked, making your way a step and stopping shyly.

Matthew rolled over in his bed, slipped on his glasses and looked at you from his sea of blankets.

"I…" You tried to make up an excuse. "I can't sleep…"

Matthew sat up slightly, leaning against the wall. He gestured for you to come sit next to him. As you hoped over his legs he said.

"You can hear him too?"

"Him?" you asked, slipping next to him, laying to face him.

"Alfred. You can't hear him playing his video games?" You strained your ears, finally you could here the soft Pew's and Whamp-whamp's and Alfred screaming at the game.

"You can hear that?"

"You can't?" You both laughed and Matthew lowered himself so he was lying facing you as well. You couldn't be sure, but his cheeks seemed to be slightly pink.

A moment later Matthew seemed to have heard a noise because he looked over his shoulder at the dark room.

It's now or never, you thought.

You slide your hand up the cheek that was facing the ceiling, pulling Matthew's face back towards you, and put your lips on his. Kissing him open mouthed and moving your hand closer to the back of his neck.

Matthew put his hands on your waist and kissed back, soon you were practically chewing on each others tongues.

Somehow, somewhere along the line you ended on top of Matthew. His arms were placed on the back of your hips. And you were running your hands through the back of his hair. This went on for some time   then there was a knock on Matthew's door and someone started to open it.

You rolled off Matthew over to the other side of the bed, trying to stifle your heavy breathing.

Man, he knew how to kiss.

"well he is part French." A little voice inside you said.

Then Francis walked in, looking at some papers.

"Matthieu-" he started, then looked up and noticed his son and you lying in Matthew's bed. "Ah… Matthieu... Que-ce que tu fais..?"(what are you doing…?)

"Ons parle. _______ pouvais pas dormir, Alfred est tellement bruitent."(we're talking. (name) couldn't sleep. Alfred's too noisy.)

Francis didn't look like he believed whole-heartedly but he said.

"Oohkaay…? bon soir.. _______." He nodded then left with out another word, looking slightly confused. (goodnight)

Once he clicked the door shut you hopped off Matthew's bed and silently glided across the floor to your bed. You lied, facing away from Matthew and had to forced yourself not to throw yourself at Matthew again.

In his own bed, Matthew wasn't all that sure what had just happened, but was smiling to himself into the back of Kumajiro's head.

~~Le time skip to the morning at breakfast~~

You sat at the breakfast table picking at your eggs. You and Matthew had woken up, gotten ready and made breakfast all without saying a word.

Gilbert leaned over to you, stuffing another sausage down his throat.

"So, _______. Did you do that dare?" he whispered. Despite his "best" efforts everyone heard him. Stopped. And starred at you. Waiting for an answer and an explanation.
Matthew turned too. You hadn't told him he was the dare.

"What was the dare?" asked Arthur, gently setting his tea cup down. "I think we would all like to know."

"oui, oui." Piped Francis, taking his seat next to Arthur. "Gilbert, tell us."

"well." Started Gilbert. "I dared _______ here, to, after the game when her and birdie were alone in his room to.. treat him to a little sexy make out session. Kesesesese~"  He went on to laugh so hard he hunched over slightly as if it was the funniest thing ever.  

You'd been looking at Matthew. The fork he was holding, loaded with pancake was hovering a few inches above his plate. He was starring at you, looking very heart broken.
The rest of Matthew's family was also starring at you.

"And.. she did it?" asked Alfred, starring over at Matthew. Matthew lowered the fork and nodded slowly, looking down at his pancakes swimming in syrup.   

"Honhonhon~ so that is what you two were doing last night!" cried Francis, standing bolt upright and scaring Arthur so bad that he spilt his tea  on his lap. Obviously, they started arguing.

A moment later, you noticed Matthew wasn't at his spot anymore. You waved off Gilbert, who was trying to get… details about the kiss and fled to the hallway towards his room.

There was Matthew. Hands in his hoodies pockets, shuffling towards his room.

"Matthew..!" He stopped but didn't turn to you.

"________?" he asked, there was some sad-hostility to his voice. You took a few steps closer.

"I was going to tell you.. I.." You were sure what to say. You stopped walking.

Matthew turned ¾ degrees to you.

"_______." he asked quietly then slowly, but somehow swiftly, Matthew took your hands in his. "was.. Was it just a dare?" he asked, becoming closer to you putting his forehead on yours, turning bright pink.

"W-what?" you asked.

Then he captured your mouth in a kiss, somehow, if possible, it was sweeter and more passionate then the one the night before. When the need of air finally forced Matthew to break this kiss, after catching his breath, he said.

"Was it just a dare..?" As a response you shook your head rapidly, letting hot tears stream down your face.

"I-I love you Matt.."

EDIT: Really guys!? All the comments i'm getting are like "So cute" and "Awwww" .... I dont think this was ment to be all that cute. Yeah I know the end.. but even that wasnt that cute.. was it?


No, this story did not start off as a day dream of Canada making out with me. Why would you possibly think THAT?

I was THIS CLOSE to selling this one like I did my Vampire!CanadaXReader buuuuut I didnt.

And yes, I fail at explaining Kissing. If you know how to explain that, please tell me. I suck.

More CanadaXReaders: [link]
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You could hear your own futile attempts to breath, every gasp made your chest hurt. You didn't know what happened at all, your mind was a fuss as if a static noise played through it endlessly. All you remembered was that something hit you, very hard. And the next thing you knew, you felt like this. You tried to breath once more, another thick sting of pain shot through your chest as you did.

But there was something you heard that cut through the noise in your head, a voice. Someone was calling you, it caused your eyes to snap open. There was a blur before your eyes, it slowly turned into a visible image of a young man. Your eyes quickly scanned the surroundings. Apparently you were lying on the middle of the streets, and a car had crashed into a wall a little further ahead. There was the sound of people talking rapidly and making attempts to figure out if the car's driver was alive. Some others were seemingly helping you with something, but what?

Only then did you realize that you were bleeding, you could see the red liquid run down your body from the corner of your eyes. You gasped once more, only very little air managed to get into your system with each attempt to breath. Your eyes returned to the male that was hovering above you. You could see a worried expression in the purple eyes that were behind a pair of transparent glasses. He had a large wound running across his arm, yet he seemed too busy trying to help you.

"When is the ambulance coming?" The question shot through your head as if it was some kind of echo. The strange male that was hovering over you asked it, but they merely replied with a, "Hopefully soon"

You felt the man's hand touching your cheek, and a moment later everything fell silent. You could see his lips move, yet there was no sound that came out of it. It wasn't long until the color of a flashing blue light started blinding you, and an ambulance was quickly coming to a stop on the scene.

The only thing you could remember was that you were lifted to be laid down on a stretcher.

And then you blacked out..


You blinked your eyes to be met with a blurry image. The white scenery quickly became clear however, revealing the same strange man that sat there with you in the middle of the streets before. You still couldn't recall anything but a heavy pain that went through your whole body. All you could tell was that he was carrying that same expression of worry as he did before, and this time you weren't bleeding anymore.. all your wounds were covered in bandages.

"Where am I?" You eventually asked. You looked down at the thick, white sheets of the bed you were laying in.. somehow you couldn't get a grip of the name a building like this would carry.

"You're at the hospital, you were injured quite badly after being hit by a car" You looked over at the stranger as he spoke. You didn't notice until now that there was also a doctor present that seemed to be writing on a clipboard and looked over to you from time to time, but you shrugged that aside.. you wanted the know why that strange blonde man was around even before you got into this hospital.

"And.. who are you?" You finally asked. You could see his eyes widen for a moment before he let out a disappointed sigh, lowering his head in the process.

"I'm your boyfriend, Matthew" A feeling of confusion struck through you as this 'Matthew' figure spoke, you didn't remember having a boyfriend at all. Well.. what did you remember? You couldn't think about it properly at all.

"I'm afraid she lost her memory" The doctor finally spoke up, laying the last few scribbles on the clipboard. You ignored it as you were occupied with yourself, trying to think of where and how you had supposedly met Matthew since he stated he was your boyfriend.

"Will ______ be alright?" Matthew looked up at the doctor with hope, but there was a thoughtful expression that took him over for a moment.

"She should be.. in time. All you have to do is act like you'd normally do around her, it's the best way for her to get her memories back. Now if you excuse me, there are more patients I have to visit" The doctor left after he spoke, leaving you and your 'boyfriend' alone. You examined Matthew once more as his attention returned to you. Your attempts to think about anything were disturbed when his innocent purple eyes looked at you straight in the eye.

"Do you want to go outside? It should be good for you, and the doctor said it's alright as long as someone is with you" Outside? It made you wonder for how long you had been out if you were in a good enough state to get up and out of bed. But Matthew was right nontheless, it would be nice to get some fresh air out there. So you did it, you took his hand when he offered it to you and he helped you stand up.

It took you a moment to get used to stand, your legs wobbled quite a bit which made you hold on to the front of Matthew's shirt in order to keep your balance. He didn't seem to mind it at all. Instead he helped you stand properly by wrapping his arm around you. He led you through the hallways, and through the back door into some type of garden that happened to he laying behind the hospital's building. You were helped over to sit at a nearby bench, but Matthew didn't sit down with you just yet.

"I'll get you something to drink, I'll be right back"

"But-" You didn't even get time to tell you weren't thirsty when Matthew went ahead, going back inside the hospital. You sighed as you were left on your own once again, sinking right back into your thoughts to attempt to remember anything. But each time you tried to think about one thing, you forgot the next things again. However.. somehow you hoped that Matthew would return soon, staying alone somehow felt a bit uneasy.

"Now look at that, this is a great chance now that he's gone.. go!"

"Ugh.. do I really have to?"

"If you want to get everything you want then this is the way to go, dude"

Footsteps sounded across the stone pavement and stopped right in front of you. You looked up to see a man, he looked a lot like.. how did you call him again? Matthew, yes that. The only difference you weren't aware of was that he wore a pair of sunglasses that hid his eyes instead of wearing goggles. He was dressed somewhat different and his hair was tied in a small ponytail, besides that he carried a hockey stick. These changes didn't really occur to you, you were oblivious as you only reminded yourself of the blonde hair color he had and the funny curl that stuck out. However, you had trouble recalling his name once again even though you just remembered it a few seconds ago.

"I keep forgetting your name, uhm.. You look somewhat different too, or is that just me?"

"It's Matthew, you sure forget everything quickly don't you? You must be imagining things to think I'm different" Realization hit you when Matthew reminded you of his name once more, you surely were getting forgetful. You sighed as you watched him take his seat next to you.

"Oh right.. my boyfriend. So.. what did you leave me for again?" You curiously asked. You didn't really understand why Matthew grumbled something you couldn't make out to himself, as if he.. as if he was acting different too all of a sudden. But you quickly shook that thought off of you. If he said he was your boyfriend then it probably was like that, he wouldn't lie, right?

"Boyfriend? Right.. whatever" Matthew sighed, a little hint of annoyance in his tone of voice. He looked around for a moment, his eyes stopping on the door of the hospital before looking back at your curious face.

"Uhm.. there's something I want to show you, care to come along?" Matthew suddenly seemed to struggle to try to keep things nice. Somehow you didn't hesitate when he stood up and offered you his free hand, you took it almost immediately.

You curiously wondered where Matthew was taking you.
In the end I decided to upload it anyway, I'm not even sure how many chapters this thing will end up having since it's been a while ago since I even wrote this chapter. But I can't help it, since I'm very busy at the moment so it will take time to write next chapters. (Since I also still have some requests I'm taking ages on lol)

I don't even know what to think about it anymore.. It somehow is so messed up, yet interesting at the same time lol

Oh, the irony that plays through this story already.. It made me feel bad to have you ask him who he was again xD

Let's just be fair.. I just don't want anyone to take this idea before the mass production of this pairing is showing up. So that I don't end up feeling bad that I didn't upload it in the end at all xD

I hope that you guys liked it anyway x:

Disclaimer: I do not own Hetalia in any way.


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Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
"(Name), I'm home!" Your husband, Ludwig called as he entered the front door.

Ludwig had an exasperated look on his naturally stern features, the long and stressful day at work making him feel exhausted.  As he kicked off his shoes, Ludwig ran a hand through his light blonde hair to slick back a few strands that had fallen out of place from the anxiety of his previous meeting.  Letting out a sigh of relief to know he had made it back home, his senses picked up on the smell of wurst and potatoes coming from the kitchen, making his stomach slightly rumble eagerly for dinner.  You heard Ludwig announce his return from work, as you were preoccupied cooking his favorite meal; excited at the fact that you were wearing a white frilly apron just like what maids wore, just for him.  Aside from the fact that you knew he enjoyed maid cafes, what made it so special was because you had decided not to wear anything with it not even underwear or a bra, just a pair of (fav. color) high heels.

"Welcome home, Ludwig~" you greeted to Ludwig, smiling brightly with an innocent expression when you saw his face light up at the sight of you.

You could've sworn that you spotted him drooling a bit, the feeling of success rushing like adrenaline when you knew that your little charm worked.  Ludwig's sky blue eyes snapped wide open when he saw you in nothing but a frilly maid's apron and a pair of high heels, even his jaw dropped when he realized you weren't even wearing lingerie underneath.

"(N-Name), what is all this?" He stuttered, his bashfulness making you laugh before you turned your attention back to cooking.

"Oh, I just thought that I should do something to reward you for working so hard," you replied sweetly, "I knew that you were feeling stressed, so hopefully this will make you feel better."  

Ludwig stared at you for a moment, and smiled warmly from your loving gesture.  Calming down from the surprise he had come home to, your husband wrapped his arms around your waist as he rested his chin on your bare shoulder.

"You didn't have to do this for me, liebling," Ludwig proclaimed, you shiver at the tingling sensation from his warm breath on your skin.  

"Well too bad, I did it anyways," you beamed, making him chuckle at your feisty retort.

"Why else did you do all this?" He asked, his naturally deep tone lowering as he began talking into your ear.

"Just because I love you," you responded as your lips started to curl into a sly grin.

Hearing you say such sweet things made his heart throb, exhaustion now fading and being replaced with something much more stimulating.  Setting up a timer to let the food simmer, you set it down on counter nearest to the stove and turned around to return Ludwig's embrace.  

"Danke, meine liebe," Ludwig grinned, one of his arms now wrapped around your waist while his free hand tilted your chin up slightly to look up at him.

Leaning down slightly, the gap between you and Ludwig's lips closed as his encased yours.  You couldn't help but smile at how sweet and tender the kiss was, angling your head a bit to better connect your lips to his and increase the sensuous feeling between you two that made him melt under your affection.  Your hands now rested on his firm biceps, lightly bringing him closer with each small tug of his shirtsleeves.  A blush crept onto your complexion when Ludwig's warm tongue painted your lower lip; making you open your eyes to meet his passionate aqua gaze.  Parting your lips to grant him access, you shivered as his tongue met yours and explored every inch of your mouth slowly.  

Before his slippery appendage could leave, you caught it gingerly between your teeth to flick the tip of his tongue with yours, briefly sucking on it until you were rewarded with a few low moans of approval from Ludwig.  Finally the two of you departed for air, ignoring the illusive string of saliva that still connected you and Ludwig.


Suddenly the timer went off, startling you both and bringing your minds back to earth.  To Ludwig's displeasure, he had to let go of you so that you could serve dinner, a frown of disappointment also wilting your smile from having to break you and your husband's embrace.  

"We can resume after dinner," you whispered to him, the flush returning to his cheeks when you nibbled his ear.

Dinner started out slightly awkward at first, occasionally you managed to catch Ludwig staring; his eyes darting down to his plate whenever you caught him staring at your cleavage that was tantalizingly uncovered by the heart-shaped front of the apron each time you leaned over to take a bite of your food.  When you and Ludwig had finished eating, he took a seat in his favorite armchair to try calming down while you casually started washing the dishes.  Just as Ludwig's eyes began to close, he nearly jumped out of his seat when he heard you yelp.

"(Name), what happened?!" Ludwig demanded in concern, wondering what could've caused such a startle as he entered the kitchen in a hurry.

He skidded to a halt when you turned around to face him, your arms crossed over your chest that had gotten soaked along with most of the apron.

"I got splashed with cold water, that's what happened," you replied with a frown.

Ludwig started to drool again over the sight of you, slowly yet surely approaching you with his hands slightly reaching out.

"Let me see," he implored gently, making sure to have your consent.

Reminding yourself that this was your husband and that you were always able to be yourself around him, you hesitantly uncrossed your arms to reveal the now wet top part of your apron.  Ludwig's eyes darted down to your bust, his face beginning to turn red when he saw that the chilling water made your nipples perk up under the dripping fabric.  

"Is it that bad?" You finally asked, snapping the German out of his thoughts to make him look up into your worried (e/c) eyes.

"N-Nein," he stuttered, averting his gaze to avoid making you feel uncomfortable.

You giggled at your husband's bashfulness, finding it positively adorable whenever Ludwig became shy in your presence just like the first day you both had met each other.  Walking forward, you took Ludwig's hands in yours and affectionately looked up at him.  

"I love you, Ludwig," you told him sincerely, one of your hands trailing its way up to grab his tie.

Ludwig's breath hitched at your loving words, his heart racing as he choked up.  When he opened his mouth to try and say that he loved you too, you gave his tie a small tug.  Ludwig's angelic blue eyes widened when his lips reconnected with yours; not expecting you to use his tie as a makeshift leash to bring him down to kiss you.  Eagerly, Ludwig pressed his lips against yours in response while his hands grabbed onto your hips and brought you closer to him.  You and Ludwig were once again lost in bliss during your hot make out, too deep in the heat of the moment to notice Ludwig was slowly bringing your hand down to the crotch of his pants.

Only until you had to pull away for air did you notice the seductive yet devious smirk plastered on his face, his eyes boring into you with desire as you took in his rarely seen smile.  

"(Name), you naughty girl," he purred, "Look what you're doing to me."

You felt your face heat up and your head go fuzzy as he held your hand, moving it along with his to stroke his hardening arousal.  Ludwig bit his lower lip as a pleasured hiss sounded when he inhaled through his perfect teeth, and you could already feel your core becoming hot.  As you giggled, Ludwig released your hand to grab your ass.  Letting out a silent gasp, he recaptured your mouth while linking your legs around his waist, a passionate lust flaring inside you like fire when your pelvis grinded against his bulge as he lifted you up.  You could feel Ludwig's heart race against your chest from how closely you were pressed up against him, the tingling sensation of his lips against yours as he let out a heated groan making you shudder in approval.

You couldn't help but tense up when he set you down on the cold countertop, but the chilling surface was instantly erased from your mind once you felt Ludwig's soft lips caressing, biting and licking your neck.  Slipping a hand around you, Ludwig gradually undid your apron straps, the feeling of his fingertips preciously stroking your skin making your womanhood ache wantonly as you panted and moaned from his kisses making their way down to your collar.  Tossing the apron somewhere on the floor, Ludwig's hand roamed down your thigh while the other started fondling your engorged breast as he latched onto the other with his mouth; rolling his moistened tongue around the small bud.  You let out a surprised gasp when Ludwig inserted one of his fingers inside you, unintentionally clenching your walls as he admired the slippery yet firm inner muscles.  After letting out a more relaxed sigh, Ludwig progressively thrust three of his fingers into your wet opening; pumping faster while his thumb rubbed your clitoris as the tips of his large fingers brushed over your special spot.

"You seem to be enjoying this, liebling," he cooed, his breathing equally labored as yours from the heat between your bodies.

To your disappointment, Ludwig's fingers left your dripping core.  After hungrily sucking your juices off of his digits, you gawked at your husband as his cold blue eyes that were now glazed with lust met your gaze and it made you shudder as if those eyes were staring into your very soul.  Pulling his wallet out from the pocket of his work pants, he removed the condom that you had planted in the dollar compartment of the brown leather holder.

"I suppose this was your way of hinting?" Ludwig chuckled lowly, you even giggled along at your little clue.  Craning his neck down until his lips were close to your ear, he whispered in a sultry growl. "I'm going to fuck you long und hard, you dirty girl."

You began to flush at this, ogling Ludwig as he unzipped his pants to take out his thick hard on; licking his lips knowing that you were admiringly staring him down, Ludwig tantalizingly slipped the condom onto his throbbing member.  

"I don't mind whether you still have your pants on or not," you commented between pants, "but let me remove that unneeded layer of cloth before we get busy."

Ludwig's breath hitched the moment you rested your palms against his rippling pectorals, watching anxiously as you loosened his necktie.  You flashed an enticing smile up at Ludwig; your alluring (e/c) eyes taking in the sight of your German's horny flushed face as you teasingly unbuttoned his damp shirt one by one at an agonizingly slow pace.  Finally when the last button was undone, Ludwig shrugged off the offending article of clothing; now standing before you in his trousers, and loosened tie with his flawless light blonde hair disheveled over his forehead.

"Roll over," he commanded.

Obliging to his playful dominance, you flipped over to lay on your stomach; remembering to unwrap your legs around Ludwig's waist before turning on the solid counter.  Now bent over with your upper body supported, you waited as Ludwig took a firm hold of your hips, and positioned himself between your legs to line the head of his twitching cock with your heated core.  Just before he gave his first thrust, the towering German lurched over your form; one of his large hands taking a firm hold of your smaller one as he whispered in your ear.

"Ich liebe dich, (Name)," he murmured huskily, your grip on his hand tightening when he snapped his hips to send his thick, veined erection inside your tight orifice.

You let out a long, howling moan when he entered you.  Tears of ecstasy leaked down your warm, fevered cheeks as Ludwig began pounding into your tight heat from behind.  Your panting becoming heavier as he moved in and out of you at a vigorous pace, his warm breath trickling down the nape of your neck; indulging in the feeling of being enveloped between the cool, hard surface of the counter and your German lover bringing you closer to him.  You couldn't help but squeal in elation every time you felt Ludwig squeeze your hips or smack your ass, an electrifying shudder running straight to your womanhood as he licked the shell of your ear and nibbled the lobe.  Turning your head to its maximum flexibility, your lips just barely reconnected with Ludwig's as his crashed into yours with a fiery passion.  

You loved the way he continuously thrust inside you, his raw movements now in frenzy as Ludwig tilted your hips up until he hit the special spot again.  You threw your head back to let out a scream in rapture, encouraging Ludwig to keep thrusting; adoring the way you moaned out his name as he ravished you with all of his might.  Ludwig's thrusts soon became erratic and uneven, the both of you beginning to reach the end of your euphoric lovemaking.  You heard Ludwig grunt and growl your name every few moans, his nails now digging into your skin; sweat coating your bodies from the scorching intimacy building up with the friction.

"O-Oh god, Ludwig!" You moaned loudly in bliss, "I-I'm coming!"

"Then cum for me, (Name)!" Ludwig commanded with a low groan, pounding even harder while he used his hand to roughly stimulate your pulsating love button.

You threw your head back, letting out Ludwig's name in a guttural moan.  Every muscle in your body contracted in orgasm, and your walls tightened around Ludwig's still resonating erection; you calling out his name as you went over the edge and squeezing him on the inside making him reach climax just a few seconds after you.  Ludwig came with a final grunt of your name, weakly thrusting a few more times until he pulled out.  The two of you stayed like this until you could regain your bearings, your head resting on the counter; a few of your joyful tears sprinkled on the surface, and a string of saliva that still leaked from the corner of your agape mouth.  After cooling down, you were practically a ragdoll by the time Ludwig picked you up bridal style; smiling contently as he affectionately kissed your forehead, and softly gave you a peck on the lips.

"I suppose we should call it a night, ja?" He grinned slightly.

You simply nodded in agreement, growing limp as you eventually fell asleep in his arms.
Finally done! Sorry that this one's not all that good, but I'm pretty happy that I made this. Enjoy another lemon, this is my second one; hopefully I'll start improving on my use of vocab because I've noticed a $h!t ton of repetition.

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Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
"Looks like everything is all set for the party," Ludwig murmured to absolutely no one in particular as he set down the fancy glass platter of festive sugar cookies onto the clean white cloth that covered the long buffet table.

As Ludwig was preoccupied mentally recalculating preparations for your and his Christmas party, you peeked around the corner of the wooden archway that led into the kitchen; your (h/l)(h/c) hair gracefully moving along with each turn of your head.  You were married to the blonde German, the two of you just as loving and intimate as a pair of high school sweethearts like back then when you two first began dating.  And this year was your turn to be his "Secret Santa" while he had been assigned to surprise his best friend Feliciano with a gift; Ludwig was completely unaware that you were in charge of giving him something special this year.  Before making your spectacular entrance to wow your buff German man, you quickly made sure to check your (f/c) Color Burst lip butter that you had previously purchased at Ulta; making sure that your perfectly shaped lips looked flawless.  Finishing up making final adjustments, you strode flirtatiously into the kitchen; your shiny black leather high-heeled boots that reached just below your knee and was lined with soft white fur clicked with each step along with the soft jingling of the little bells that were attached to the ends of little red bows on the wide white marabou bands of your thigh high stockings.

Upon hearing your presence, Ludwig instinctively turned around to face you; his cheeks immediately taking on a faint rosy blush as his icy blue eyes marveled at your curved form in the strapless red and white Santa dress that went down to your mid-thigh and sported a matching hooded mini cloak, the black gold buckle belt accentuating your middle before the skirt of the dress flared out over your hips.  With a smile gracing your lips, you stepped towards Ludwig and brought him into a loving hug, your gesture causing him to tense up a little before wrapping his strong arms around you as well in return.

"Everything looks amazing, Ludwig!" You praised breathlessly after lifting up your head to see you and your husband's home decked out in Christmas décor.

"Und, so do you." He complimented with a small grin, one of his hands resting on the small of your back while the other lifted up your chin to look up at him with your gleaming (e/c).

Both you and Ludwig chuckling and giggling sentimentally, he leaned over to plant a kiss on your lips while you were making an effort to stand on the tips of your toes to meet your lips with his.


Both of you froze merely inches away from each others' faces, silently cursing the abrupt interruption as you and Ludwig broke the embrace to answer the door.  However before Ludwig could even lay his large hand on the doorknob, you quickly stood on your tiptoes and lightly placed a kiss on the side of his neck; earning you a rather flustered glance from Ludwig that made you giggle playfully.  The first group of guests arrived, you and Ludwig greeting them before situating where they should set the presents for the later "Secret Santa" exchange, and making conversation with some of them.

"I am so happy that you could make it, Elizabeta!" You grinned at the Hungarian brunette.

"Köszönöm, (Name)~!" Elizabeta chimed, "I'm happy Roderich and I were able to be here."

"Who did you did you get assigned 'Secret Santa' of?" You asked quietly to her.

"I was assigned to give a present to Katyusha this year, how about you?" She replied in a whisper.

"I didn't tell Ludwig this, but I was assigned to give him a present this year." You giggled with a smirk.

"Oh~! Did you get something special for him?" Elizabeta beamed.

"Let's just say that he'll be getting it tonight after the guests leave." You said with a grin that rivaled the Cheshire cat's.

The two of you chuckled mischievously as Ludwig watched you, smiling warmly at how happy you were.  

"You und (Name)'s marriage seems to be going well," Roderich chuckled

"Ja, it feels like it was just yesterday we were newly weds," Ludwig replied reminiscently.

"Oi, Roderich!" Gilbert called out from behind them.

"Oh, it's you," Roderich grimaced, "what do you want?"

"I bet the awesome me could score with Eliza before you tonight," Gilbert challenged with a confident smirk.

Elizabeta and Roderich had lived together for practically forever, yet to Gilbert's acknowledgement, they weren't an actual couple.  Glancing over to the Hungarian who was still happily chatting with you, Roderich let out an annoyed sigh.

"Very well, Gilbert," Roderich accepted, "may the best man win."

"Which is obviously going to be me, because I'm so much more awesome than you," Gilbert mocked.

"Your arrogance makes me laugh, Beilschmidt," Roderich huffed, and turned on his heel to walk away from the German brothers.

Suddenly the doorbell rang once again, signaling Ludwig to tend to the guests that were beginning to increase.  In no time, the household was bouncing with the jolly spirits of the party guests, Christmas music playing loudly as people gathered on the dance floor.  All in due time, everyone exchanged gifts with each other.  Ludwig still wondered who his Secret Santa was because no one, not even you, told him or gave him a hint.  Finally at the stroke of midnight, the partygoers began to leave progressively to return to their own homes, for the next day was to be Christmas morning.  

After escorting the last guest to their car and wished them a merry Christmas, you returned into you and your husband's house to help him clean up the place.  Finally finishing tidying up, you turned your head to glance over at Ludwig who was preoccupied with putting away dishes.  Walking up behind him with a flirtatious look on your face, you stood on your toes with your hands on his shoulders for support, and leaned close enough to where your lips grazed his ear.

"Guess who got to be your Secret Santa~" you giggled mischievously, grinning as you felt the German shudder slightly.

Ludwig chuckled lowly before turning to face you; knowing now that you were his Secret Santa without he or you having to reveal answer.  Wrapping his strong arms around your waist and bringing you closer to him, Ludwig leaned down as you looked up at him while standing more on your toes.  Without any interruptions, the gap between he and you was closed as your lips sealed perfectly with his.  Both of your eyes had blissfully fluttered shut, the two of you parting only for air before feverishly kissing again.  As you and your German husband kept locking lips, you didn't notice that his hand snuck down to your backside.

You gasped when Ludwig gave your ass a light squeeze, his moist tongue eagerly exploring your mouth as he pulled you even closer to him by your thigh.  When you two had finally parted, you stopped Ludwig when he tried going back for more of you, earning a questioning look from him.

"Wait here," you instructed with a sly smirk, "I still have to wrap your present."

Ludwig frowned at having to wait, looking down at you with those shining ice blue eyes hoping you would dismiss your "task."

"Don't worry," you assured him, "I'll call you up when your gift is ready." Before going up the stairs to the bedroom you and Ludwig shared, you gave him a quick peck on the lips and excitedly ran upstairs.

Praising yourself for making preparations weeks in advanced, you made sure that the mistletoe you had tied to the ceiling with a red ribbon was positioned right over the bed, and remembered to light candles before turning the room lights off.  Carefully after stripping out of your outfit and lingerie, you grabbed the large roll of wide red satin ribbon.  While standing in front of the mirror, you managed to wrap yourself where the ribbon covered over your crotch, around your waist, and across your breasts until it was tied into a pretty bow.  Making sure that everything was perfectly in place, you called for Ludwig and calmly placed yourself on the bed as you heard his footsteps approaching.  Ludwig's eyes gazed in amazement at the sight of you once he had opened the door to the boudoir, especially the way the dim lighting and satin brought out your glowing (e/c) eyes, and luscious (s/c) skin.

"Merry Christmas, honey~" you purred while sitting up on your knees with your back seductively arched, relishing over the fact that the handsome German was blushing over you with the look of desire in his aquamarine irises.

"Froehliche Weinachten, liebe," Ludwig grinned, making his way over to the bed and joining you on the large mattress.  

"Ludwig, look up," you indicated warmly as your German man placed his hands on your exposed hips.

Both of you looked up at the mistletoe that dangled from the ceiling, Ludwig's smile widening at the sight.  To his surprise, you gingerly grabbed the back of his head to bring him into a passionate lip lock, both of your hands soon massaging his scalp full of light blonde locks.  A blissful moan rumbled in his throat from the sweet little treatment, a shudder running through him as you began lightly stroking behind his ears.  Sliding a hand up from your hip to the bow that secured the ribbon, Ludwig slowly undid the bow with a mere tug to loosen the satin material that was wrapped around your body.  Soon you found yourself being pushed back onto the bed until Ludwig was hovering over you, his lips feverishly kissing yours as you began feeling his chest for the buttons of his shirt.

"Now its my turn to unwrap my present," you chuckled between pants as you pulled away from him.

Rolling him over so that you were now straddling his muscular stomach, you began slowly unbuttoning down his dress shirt with one hand as the other tantalizingly slid down his leg to find the zipper of his dress pants.  Your seductively half-lidded (e/c) eyes locked with his hungry, lustful aqua blue irises as he took in the sight of you on top of him.  Making quick work of his shirt, you discarded it onto the wooden floor of the bedroom before slowly running your soft hands up from his toned stomach to his chest.  You began to loom over Ludwig as he started sighing in approval from your "massaging." Turning your head to brush your lips against the angle of Ludwig's neck once you hunched over, you smirked as a pleasured hiss and groan left your husband when you tenderly bit the sensitive part of his throat.

Satisfied with the red love bite you left on him, Ludwig let out a sultry growl before you found yourself being pinned down under the strong man again.  Smirking as you were trapped under your lover, you lifted your leg up to nudge your knee against the growing bulge in Ludwig's pants.  

"Two can play at that game, you know," he whispered in your ear, making you shudder anxiously at his warm breath that tickled you.  

A surprised gasp unexpectedly escaped from you as Ludwig started rubbing your moist womanhood with his fingers, Ludwig then bringing you into a fiery kiss and using his warm tongue to explore your mouth.  As your tongues twirled and wrestled for space, you moaned into his lips as he began pumping two digits into your wet core while the other hand started rolling your hard nipple.  Ludwig licked his lips enticingly after breaking away from the passionate kiss, savoring the way you bucked your hips wantonly into his hand to try and force his fingers deeper, and the way you cradled his head as he began to suck on your other breast that wasn't being fondled.  Suddenly his coated fingertips brushed over the special spot inside you, causing a long moan to erupt and make your back arch in ecstasy.

"L-Ludwig! Right there~!" You moaned as he started roughly rubbing the spot again, your vision becoming blurry as you saw stars.

"You like it when I touch you there, ja?" Ludwig growled; pressing the spot harder as he continued lewdly stroking the area while his thumb stimulated your clit.

You couldn't answer him, unable to speak over your panting and screaming as you were close to release.  Once again Ludwig loomed over you to capture your mouth, the blush growing brighter as your face became much more flushed in the heat of passion.  The tight knot that had tied itself within your stomach broke as you threw your head back to let out a scream in orgasm, your juices completely covering Ludwig's fingers as he removed them from inside you.

"Now its my turn," you challenged after recollecting yourself from the immense pleasure coursing through you, watching as Ludwig voraciously licked off your fresh, hot nectar from his hand.

Taking a hold of Ludwig's broad shoulders, you took him by surprise by rolling over and straddling him again despite how numb you felt from the wave of ecstasy.  Lightly, you began trailing small kisses down his neck, and all the way down to the waistband of his pants that began looking like they were way too tight for him; your husband shivering in delight with each little peck.  Looking up at Ludwig as you unzipped his pants with your teeth, you heard him sigh in relief and saw his eyes flutter shut once the first layer of pressure had been removed.  You couldn't help but smile and blush when you saw how much the bulge had grown, marveling Ludwig's hard member through his boxers and making him moan quietly under your touch.  Finally you peeled away the last layer of fabric along with his pants, Ludwig's above average erection springing free and straight from arousal.

Grinning mischievously at Ludwig's hard and throbbing member, you gave the dripping head and slit a lick with your flattened, warm tongue.  Ludwig's breath hitched and his eyes snapped open when he realized what you were doing, both of your eyes meeting in the midst of the action as a hot blush began glowing on his face.

"You can sit up a little more if you want," you told him, the German nodding quickly before sitting up against a stack of pillows.

Resuming your ministrations, a smoldering lust grew the longer Ludwig watched you pleasure him.  Throwing his head back as you traced the vein on his thick shaft, you allowed Ludwig to grab handfuls of your (h/c) hair while you bobbed your head and began to suck on him.  

"Oh ja, (Name)!" Ludwig groaned, hissing in a combination of pleasure and pain as you glided your teeth along his impressive length each time you took more of him in.

In no time, Ludwig was panting like an exhausted dog, his once slicked back hair now messy from foreplay.  Wanting to go further than just deep throating your man, you used one hand to cup his balls in your palm and gave them a firm squeeze.

"Mein Gott, (N-Name)!" Ludwig howled uncontrollably, his hips bucking suddenly as the grip he had on your hair tightened.  

Giving Ludwig one last hard suck, his erection twitched before he emptied himself inside your mouth, letting out a long and deep moan as he came.  Releasing you from his grip, you sat up and wiped away some of the left over semen that you didn't manage to swallow from the corners of your lips, adoring the way Ludwig panted and flushed for you as he recovered from his orgasm.  Quickly grabbing a condom from the nightstand, you carefully opened the wrapper with your teeth when you made sure Ludwig had his glazed irises focused on you.  Teasingly you slid on the rubber while applying a bit of pressure to his hard-on, causing Ludwig to groan and involuntarily grind his hips against you in a fit of need.

"Come on, (Name)," Ludwig pleaded, "I want you, so badly!" He hissed as you began to nibble his lips.

"You want it?" You smirked against his mouth, earning a nod from your husband, "than come and get it, big boy~!" You giggled playfully, smacking his solid ass and making him growl.

Ludwig's smirk returned immediately when you frisked him, pinning you down to the bed for the last time and taking a hold of your inner thighs.  Spreading your legs apart as he positioned himself in front of your entrance, he leaned down to lock lips with you as his thick member was sheathed inside you.  The both of you moaned in pleasure as his erection snuggly fit within your tight walls, Ludwig steadying himself as he rested your legs over his shoulders.  Giving his first thrust, you felt the immense pleasure begin to tie a knot once again as he continued snapping his hips into yours.  

"Ha-Harder, Ludwig! Harder!" You squealed, Ludwig obliging to your want as he sped up his thrusts, and rammed his member deeper inside you with all his strength.

"Y-You're so tight, (Name)~!" Ludwig moaned between pants, the air now becoming thick, as both of your bodies were completely drenched with sweat.

The room was filled with the sounds of you and your German lover's screaming and panting; eventually the headboard began to pound against the wall as Ludwig's thrusts had sped up.  Without warning, you were rolled over onto your side so that you were facing away from Ludwig.  With one of your legs now hooked behind Ludwig's hip, he continued plowing into your core as his hands squeezed your breasts.  Finally after a bit of precise angling, Ludwig found that special spot within you again, making you scream his name each time he brushed over your g-spot.  Your eyes rolled back into your head from pure bliss, feeling too dizzy to notice Ludwig had wound his fingers in your hair again.

Carefully tugging your head back to face him, your tongues once again met in the fiery passion, both of your mouths agape and panting heavily as if you sprinted an entire marathon.  Drool had leaked slightly from the corners of your lips as Ludwig's tongue massaged your own, leaving a string of thin saliva as he started nibbling and licking your ear.  Ludwig's thrusts never let up, his high amount of stamina allowing him to pound your womanhood until the lips were swollen from the impact and friction.  Out of nowhere, you felt Ludwig latch onto the side of your neck, desperate to leave his mark on you as he ravished your body.

"Ludwig! I-I'm almost—!" You tried to warn, feeling your climax coming as Ludwig continued mercilessly ramming into your heat.

"Ich auch, (Name)," he grunted, his panting becoming heavier as you two were getting closer to the end.

Without letting up on the magnitude of his pumping, you screamed out Ludwig's name in orgasm as your juices then coated his member, and your walls squeezed around him.  Ludwig's face clenched as he too met his climax, your name being shouted in release as he rode out his orgasm with a few slow thrusts inside your core.  To both of your displeasure, Ludwig pulled out of you once his erection calmed and went flaccid.  After removing the condom, Ludwig tossed it in a nearby trash bin before joining you again on the bed.  Tenderly wrapping the two of you closely in the sheets, Ludwig wrapped his arm around your waist and admired your curves as you cuddled up to your husband.

"I hope you enjoyed your Christmas present," you grinned tiredly at him.

"Ja, I really did," he chuckled while you drew shapes on his chest with your fingertip, "ich liebe dich, (Name)."

"I love you too, Ludwig," you replied with a peck on his lips.

Outside of you and Ludwig's bedroom, Tino stood completely frozen and flushed with embarrassment in the dark living room of the house.  The Finnish man's face as red as his Santa suit when he heard you and Ludwig's "private celebration," before he decided to drop off the presents and leave.

"At least they had fun…" Tino said to himself as he flew off on his sleigh, "but they were seriously loud."
This was my first GermanyxReader, so I'm sorry it wasn't all that good. ^^;
And yes, I know it's early, but I decided not to wait.

I do not own Hetalia, it's owned by this guy-->:iconhimaruyaplz:

Hope you enjoyed, I'll be making more soon in my free time.
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"[Name], wake up! You remember what you promised me!" A stern voice broke through your dreaming, causing you to groan and throw your blanket further over your head and snuggling up inside the newfound warmth. Ah, it's that time of the winter where a thick layer of snow falls and you don't want to do anything except read in bed or be lazy. But some stubborn guy refuses to let you kick back and relax.

"[Name]...!" The voice persisted, a little edge to his voice. You mumbled, "GoawayI'mhavingareallynicetime..."
and then curled up even further. "Schatz, you leave me no choice." The voice was at a monotone now, and suddenly the warmth was stolen away from you in a heartbeat. You sat straight up, your [eye color] eyes widened in shock when you saw that Ludwig was holding your pile of quilts and blankets that were providing your warmth. "Geezus, Ludwig! You could've just let me sleep a little more!" You put your knees up to your head and shivered, glaring up at the tall German; your expression suddenly disappeared when you noticed the little kitties perched on both his shoulders.

"AWW~!" You screamed, taking both the cats in your arms. They mewed in protest, wriggling this way and that, but your iron grip wouldn't let them go. Ludwig's right eyebrow went up, and he muttered, "Now do you remember what you promised?" You tipped your head to the side a little, responding with a dull, "Uhhh." Ludwig grumbled, and said, "You promised me you'd take care of mein cat and mein bruder's cat as well while we're out grocery shopping, right?" He glared back as you scratched the first floofy grey kitty's head.

"Oh, yeah, whatever," you responded. "Go ahead, just remember to get like... Some dark chocolate, and some Goldfish for me to snack on. Because I'm really lazy today, and I don't want to cook dinner for you guys~!" Ludwig facepalmed, and inferred that he was going to bribe [Name] into cooking dinner because he was busy with his cooking tonight as well. He replied, "Whatever. As long as you take care of these cats, I think I'll let you go on this one. Vielleicht." [1]

"What do you mean by that?!" You got up, flapping your arms at the blonde and causing your oversized baby-blue pajama sleeves to wave as well. The cats scattered behind you, mewing incessantly and shaking. Ludwig just waved a hand in farewell, and Gilbert gave you a last smirk around the corner as he let Gilbird chirp the German anthem. "Das ist die Awesome Me's Katze, so dass Sie besser darum kummern!"
You snickered and replied, "Sure, Gil."

As the door slammed, you crawled over from your bed to your window to watch the handsome duo shuffle outside, decked out in heavy brown coats and scarves dyed with the colors on the German flag and of course, their army boots. Ahh, they looked so awesome! You laughed at yourself, realizing you were blushing like crazy and ducked down from the window you'd fogged up because of your heated breaths. You were lucky that these two men were your childhood friends, and they'd let you live in their house. You sat on the carpeted floor, and stroked the albino kitty. These cats resembled the German brothers so much that you couldn't resist treating them like royalty. The albino kitty nudged your hand affectionately, and you smiled broadly. The grey kitty sat in the corner of your room, inspecting a stray dust bunny which had escaped
from under your bed.

"Hey, no. That's a dirty little dust bunny," you said softly to the grey kitty. "You know, dust is made up of really disgusting things-"

The door slammed again, and you jumped. You tiptoed into the living room to find Ludwig stomping his boots in the doorway to shake off the snow that had stuck to them. There was literally a small pile of snow on his nicely slicked-back hair, and a layer of light pink dusted his cheeks. "Oh, hey Ludwig. What brings you back?"

"I just finished shoveling snow out of the driveway. You know my BMW can't get through the mess outside," he said, shaking his head a little. "I also forgot to tell you, there's a list on the dinner table that tells you what to do with the cats. You know, I'm not trusting you with any animal alive ever since that incident with the parakeets you got from Australia!"

You flashed back, and remembered. Australia, the tan dude with the super hair, had given you a bunch of parakeets or bugeriars for your birthday. He told you to open the package of birds carefully in a small and dark room, but you hadn't listened and drooled on as you imagined having a flock of your own birds, just like how Gilbert had Gilbird. You opened it in the living room, and... ta-da! A complete mess of bird feathers and droppings and budgeriars
on the TV set, the chandelier and everywhere all in 5 minutes. It was impossible for Ludwig to not be pissed. Duh.

"Ah, yeah." You grinned toothily, and jumped into the kitchen, looking for the note. "Have fun shopping, Ludwig!"

"Sie kummern sich um die Katzen." [2] With another slam of the door, they were gone for sure. You read through the list.
"Grey cat is Germouser. Albino cat is Prussiacat, since that dummkopf couldn't think of anything better. Germouser prefers having kibble and regular water, while Prussiacat likes wurst with water. Don't leave the front, back, main or side doors open because these cats do enjoy exploring places they haven't gone to before. Remember to take out the trash, because I didn't have time today.


THIS SHOULDN'T BE TOO HARD. Come on; just feeding two cats and taking out some garbage, how hard is that? Piece of cake. You let out a short sigh, scolding Ludwig a bit for underestimating your abilities. You went to the trash can, took the plastic bag out and swiftly put on your favorite hoodie, slipping it over your PJs and heading outside.

As soon as your slippered feet hit the snow, you were freezing. "AUGH! Why does it have to be so cold?!" You sniffled, your breaths coming out
in small visible clouds. You trudged through the 5 inches of snow grudgingly down the driveway around the house (it's a big house) and threw the sack of crap into the can. Well, now everyone could get on with their lives. You ran back inside the house quickly through the side door, and headed for the basement, where the fireplace was still radiating heat from last night's flames. In the pantry, you quickly found the kibble, bottled water and packaged wurst and headed upstairs for the overly-large bathroom, where the cats' dishes were located.

You poured the food and drinks into the bowls, and tapped a spoon repeatedly against one of the metal bowls, as you'd seen Ludwig do, making a nice chiming noise. "Hey, guys! Breakfast!" After a few minutes of waiting, you got impatient. Maybe the cats didn't like you and decided not to follow your orders or something? You wandered out the bathroom and into the hallway, searching every single unlocked room (of course, Ludwig kept his locked because he knew how nosy you were and Gil's was also locked, hiding away what porn he had in there) until you found the kitchen/back door wide open, a chilly breeze blowing in with messy footprints leading outside. Of course, the big ones were yours.
The little footprints belonged to the cats.

"EEEEK!" Your scream echoed through the empty house, and you put both hands up to your face and ran them through your already-messy [hair color] hair. You dashed outside, and swiftly looked around. The new layer of snow was already covering up the last pawprints, and in your panic you'd managed to destroy any remaining evidence. Smooth.

"Argh, [Name], you dummkopf," you screamed at yourself angrily inside your head as you hollered "Germouser, Prussiacat" repeatedly, getting your old next-door neighbors to stare at you from their windows. Your cheeks heated up from the embarrassment and shame, knowing that you'd outright ignored Ludwig's warning. Surely you were a dummkopf. You didn't listen to his orders and you obviously weren't being underestimated. You shook your head to clear your mind, and began running for the cats.

As time passed, the snow picked up; whirls of snowflakes would blow straight into your face, and you'd have to wipe the wet stuff off before another whirl blew in to make up for what was lost. You stumbled several times, the cold stinging your uncovered hands; the sneakers you'd changed into earlier were soggy, and you just couldn't stand it anymore. Not knowing where you were, you tipped against a wall, slid down and fell asleep, the cold flowing away as death got closer...


"Bruder, I didn't purposely eat [Name]'s chocolate. It was just too good to resist," the cheeky albino complained to his fuming brother. "[Name] already asked for it, and I got it just for her! You always have to step in and be a fresser." [3] Ludwig responded heatedly, pulling the plastic bags filled to the brim with groceries out of the trunk. He pushed one heavy bag into Gilbert's hands, causing the Prussian to stumble and fall back on his butt into the snow. "Oy, not awesome, kleinen Bruder," he shouted after the blonde who was unlocking the front door.

"Halt den Mund!" [4] Ludwig snarled, stepping into the welcoming home and setting the groceries down. "Let's see how [Name] did with our cats, though. I hope she did well... I put the dogs into the local kennel because I thought she couldn't handle them." Ludwig let out a sigh after his short speech, a rare and small smile upon his lips. Gilbert stumbled in behind Ludwig, and ran into the house looking for you.

"Gah, I think we have a problem, Bruder!" Gil's obnoxious voice drifted from the kitchen. Ludwig perked up after hearing this, and watched as his older brother ran into the living room. "The cats are here, but [Name]'s not. And the back door is open... And her footprints are covered up, leaving just a little bit visible and I think we just lost her." Ludwig jumped up from the sofa, and rushed into the kitchen as well. Gilbert was
right, you weren't there at all. And the footprints were covered up; it seemed like the cats went out and ran back inside in a few minutes, and another blizzard had rushed in and swept almost everything away. Ludwig ran out into the snow again, deftly putting his jacket on.

"Bruder, stay here! I'm going to look for [Name]!"


After trailing your light footprints for a while, he found you at the old church several blocks away from your house. Your lips were blue, but you
were still hanging onto life, breathing slightly and curled up inside a hoodie. Ludwig's grey hoodie, to be exact. You had sneakers on and a pair of snug-fitting jeans... But obviously you should've worn more layers. Ludwig ran towards you, and kneeled down, a horrified expression on his face. He shook you slightly. "[Name]... [Name]... Wake up, [Name]!"

You opened your eyes a crack. Your head was pounding, and it was absolutely freezing to the point you were numb. You blinked several times, your sight still slightly blurry... Then you saw Ludwig in front of you, concerned and absolutely relieved when he saw you were finally awake. "Lud...wig," you whispered, your voice cracking. You couldn't bear the cold much longer, and fell unconscious once more. Ludwig, being horrified as he was, picked you up piggyback-style and began running back home as fast as he could, holding you close to his body so you'd stay warm for just a little longer.


Blurryness. You sat up groggily on your bed, eyes closed, headache fading away to a dull twinging pain. You moaned as the headache came back, and someone set you gently back under your covers. "Frau... I'm glad you're awake..."

It was Ludwig.

You opened your eyes, expecting at least a smile or something from him. He still had that really concerned look on his face. Drat. You closed your eyes again, and laid sideways, yawning a bit. "I uh, baked you some cake..." Ludwig murmured. You grinned as you heard him toying with the fork and plate. "I want some..." you mumbled, sitting up again. "Your cake's so yummy... It's not like I can miss out on it..."

Ludwig blushed. "Eh... Here." He cut a small portion, and held it out to you on the fork, feeding you slowly. You bit down, and savored the chocolatey flavor as it literally melted on your tongue. "This is sooo freaking good. You need to teach me how to bake like that sometime," you said, smiling at the German. Face still slightly pink, he nodded and his expression turned dark again.

"[Name], I was so worried about you. You nearly gave me a heart attack!" Ludwig started lecturing. "You're a country, so you're pretty tough...
But WHY did you have to go and put yourself in danger? You're killing me!" He paused, let out a sigh and blushed again. "And... don't take this the wrong way. I'm just worrying about you..." You grinned, leaned over close to his face and in the perfect German you'd been practicing, said:

"Ich liebe dich."

You kissed him straight on the mouth, and you could sense his shock; but after a heartbeat or two, he fell into sync and kissed back. It was the
greatest feeling you'd ever had... But oxygen took over and you had to pull away simultaneously. You grinned, and he smiled back lightly,
responding with a quiet "ich liebe dich auch".

Like, you were about to lean in for another kiss when Gil had to be a cockblock, exploding into your room. "The AWESOME ME demands for
more of that cake West baked!"

"Ahh... chu!" You sneezed after Ludwig spoon-fed you some cherry-flavored cold medicine. He smiled down at you, and left your room. Gil was playing on your computer as usual... It looked like something along the lines of Call of Duty or Halo 3, but you couldn't tell. You looked down at what you were wearing, and realized that you were in a new pair of PJs that were completely oversized again. But they weren't the ones you'd bought.

"Gah, Gilbert...?" You asked nervously, pulling at the white-striped PJs sheepishly. "Who changed me into these clothes?"

He swiveled around in the chair, and laughed his trademark laugh. "Kesesese! Well, obviously the AWESOME ME did it. They're my pajamas.You should be honored to be wearing--"

His sentence was cut off as you threw your alarm clock at him. "PERVERT!"

Now Gilbert was brick'd, you sat back innocently in your bed and watched as Ludwig came in. "Was happened here...?"

So you're supposed to be looking after Germouser and Prussiacat? That shouldn't be too much of a pain in the butt, right?

Wrong! :D

I'll put up translations later. Right now, I'm going to get my Prussian beauty sleep.
Me: Fluffiness, plus OOC and some really cute snogging in the middle of General Winter's brutal attack... That's awesome.
Prussia: What about me? I'm awesome too, even though I practically did nothing besides eat your chocolate and play Halo.
Germany: ...Mein Gott, you guys...

You have NO IDEA how long it took to upload this. ;_;

You belong to :iconsexygermanyplz:
Hetalia belongs to :iconhimaruyaplz:
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Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes)
Cruises were supposed to be things full of fun and joy, right?


You had gone on a cruise with your parents, and it was not exactly fun. You had had been in Europe and the boat had taken off in France. People from all around the world were on it. And, quite frankly, you couldn't understand half of these people.

Sure, there was good food, two pools, and various activities... but you were left to do all these things alone. Yes, you had your parents, but they didn't exactly fit the "friend" bill. Sitting by the pool by yourself was an almost scary thought, and everything else seemed not nearly as fun to do by yourself. It wasn't the easiest thing to do to make friends with foreigners. Making friends wasn't exactly your strong suit. And so you had been basically been camping out in your cabin, sneaking in food and watching television.

Which you could've done at home.

So, once again, you weren't having the most fun.

Your parents couldn't help but notice the fact you were in the cabin most of the time. So the night before they had told you about a party for 'young adults' to get to know each other. At first you thought about it, but after a few seconds you quickly dismissed the idea. You would just end up in a corner, eating food from the buffet table. Your parents had left the cabin right after they had told you, and you felt no need to tell them you weren't going to go, so you just lounged back and watched some television.

There was a ninties sitcom marathon on.

Little did you know, when your parents found out you didn't actually go, they would kick you out of the cabin, spouting some nonsense about a scavenger hunt that you had to join, or else.

And that was why you were currently hiding under a staircase, wearing your bathing suit. Over it was a slightly large (f/c) tank. You hadn't had time to grab shorts, and you scowled at the memory. You glanced over at the turn out at the scavenger hunt so far.

It was full of old people and little kids. You sighed, running a hand through your (h/c) hair and pushing it back. This was going to be worse than you thought. Not only were you being forced to socialize and make friends, but it was with a bunch of people either much older or younger than you. As you began to work up the nerve to walk over to the group, you heard something.

"C'mon, bruder!" Your (e/c) eyes snapped up to the sound of a German accent. You had to admit, you liked the accents you had heard on this trip. This one was rough, and it belonged to someone you could only call an albino. His silver hair was messy, his red eyes mischevious. He wore a pair of black swimming trunks that had little yellow chicks all over them. If that wasn't strange enough, he was pushing a reluctant blond man. "You've been hiding out in our cabin und the gym! Go on this verdammen scavenger hunt und I'll shut up about your unawesome activities, ja?"

"... Ja. Fine, big bruder." When the blonde finally spoke, shivers racked your body despite the humid air. His voice was smoother than his brothers, deeper as well. He was larger, his shoulders wider. Clearly defined muscles were threaded throughout his body. Could this man really be younger than the albino? The younger brother's ice blue eyes scanned the other scavanger hunters and he sighed once again. He reached up a hand and smoothed back his already slicked back blonde hair, almost like you had done with your hair. You noticed he wore a pair of dark green swim trunks, a short-sleeved green jacket hanging off of his wide shoulders, open to expose his chiseled chest.

"Danke, Ludwig!" The silver headed man clapped his younger brother on the shoulder. So the blond's name was Ludwig? "I'm going poolside, to go talk to some hotties." The older brother winked at Ludwig and then was walking off, a strange laugh coming from his mouth. "Kesesese!"

"... bruder, you are a dummkopf," you heard Ludwig mutter, his hand slapping to his face.

"Everyone!" A man in all white called out. "If you are participatng in the scavenger hunt, gather around me!"  You walked out of the shadows, eyes on the ground. You could feel your heart pound with each step you took closer to that man named Ludwig. You wanted to talk to him, but you were too nervous. You ended up standing a few people away from him, not even daring to glance his way. "Alright. Everyone, please pair off into groups of two and take a list from the box. The first pair to find everything will win the grand prize! Have fun and stay safe!"

Suddenly, people were paired off left and right, leaving you alone. You groaned. You should have known this would be done in pairs or teams! These people must've all come with friends just for that purpose. And so you were left alone at the place your parents had forced you to go to make friends.

Then you felt a tap at your shoulder and heard an awkward throat clearing. You turned to see Ludwig, a slight blush on his cheeks. "Er... guten tag, frauline. It seems we are the only two left?" He looked around and then crossed his arms, looking awkward.

So, despite his sexiness, he wasn't that good around people either? "Ah.... Yeah..." you said softly. "Sorry. Listen, it's fine if you want to just leave. You don't have to be my partner--"

"Was?" The blond's brows raised. "Why wouldn't I want to be your partner? You look nice enough. You're not going to bite me, are you?"

You couldn't help but crack a small smile. "Er... no. I don't think so, anyways. I'm (Name)." You held out your hand, unsure what else to do.

"Ludwig," he replied, sober face breaking into a slight smile. He took your hand firmly, giving it a shake. His hand was warm and much bigger than yours, and for some reason you felt disappointed when he took it away, his smile disappearing. "Now, we should get a list." He strode over to the table with the box, reaching in and grabbing a rolled up sheet of paper. You went to his side, watching as he unrolled it. "The first item is something that gets wetter the more it dries," he read aloud. You and him looked at each other for a blank second before it came to you.

"A towel!" You grinned. "We can get a towel by the pool." You bounced on the balls of your feet, clapping your hands together happily. Maybe you could have some fun after all.

Ludwig watched you and you saw his mouth twitch. "Ja. We can get one from my bruder." He turned aned was off, leaving you to hastily run after him.

"... Hey, Ludwig?" After a few moments of silence you broke it with your question, glancing at the German.

He turned his hand and looked down at you. "Ja, frau?"

"... Why are you wearing boots?" You could clearly hear the clunk of his large boots against the wooden deck of the ship. They were black and shiny, reflecting the sun. He looked down at them and you saw his cheeks go pink.

"Erm... I really like mein boots..." he mumbled. "Much better for working out or running than flip flops. Why? Don't you like them?" His icy eyes changed from his boots to you, his eyes widened just slightly. "Should I not wear them?"

"N-no..." you said, going red under his gaze. "I... I like your boots." You peeked up at him cautiously, only to see him smiling softly. You heart threatened to beat out of your chest at the new expression.

"Danke. I am glad you like them." He looked you up and down. "... und why aren't you wearing pants?"

"I didn't have the time," you grumbled, tugging the hem of your tank top down over your swimming bottoms, your cheeks flushing. "I got kicked out of the cabin."

You heard a deep, gravelly laugh and watched as Ludwig threw his head back and barked out in laughter. For some reason you felt that this was unusual behavior for the German. "Well, lucky for me then, ja?" His smile turned to a smirk and you felt his eyes bore into you.

You could feel your face burn brightly at his comment, and you decided to voice your opinion. "... wut?"

Before you could either add to that or Ludwig could comment, you found yourself standing in front of the albino from earlier. He was lounging on a lawn chair, a pair of sunglasses on.

"Gilbert," Ludwig said, kicking the chair. "We need a towel."

"Mm?" The man named Gilbert sat up and took off his glasses. He saw you and smirked. "Who's this cutie, bruder?"

"Mein partner," Ludwig practically growled, crossing his arms and stepping in front of you slightly. "The towel, bruder."

"Hm... maybe I should have been in that scavenger hunt if I get to play with girls like this~," Gil sang, leaning to one side so he could look at you still. "What's your name, liebling?"

What the hell was going on today? Were you emitting some sort of pharamone that attracted German brothers to you? "... (N-Name)..." you mumbled softly, looking down shyly.

"Well, (Name), how about you--"

"Leave her alone, Gilbert." Ludwig interrupted his big brother, putting a hand on your head and pulling you completely behind him. "She is not yours to mess with." He looked both angry and embarrassed, blue eyes narrowed but cheeks flushed pink. During this though, you couldn't help but think how gentle his hand felt on your head, how nice it was to have him protect you from his flirting older brother.

There was tense silence for a moment before Gilbert broke it. "Kesesese! Ja, ja. Here." He threw a towel at Ludwig, hitting him in the face. Gilbert was grinning widely, staring at his brother now.

"Danke," Ludwig muttered, his eye twitching as he unwrapped the towel from his face. "Come on, (Name)." He grabbed your wrist and pulled you away. Behind you, you heard Gilbert shout something in German.

"Du hast es schlecht für diesen einen, nicht wahr?!"

You couldn't understand a word of it, but when you looked at Ludwig he was positively red, from ear tips to his neck. "... are you okay, Ludwig?" you asked hesitantly.

"Er... ja. Fine." Ludwig looked at you and cleared his throat. The towel was slung across his shoulders as he let go of your wrist and took the list from his pocket, unfolding it and looking at it. "Number two... the second item is red and tasty, something that you put on Sundaes. A cherry?"

"I would think so. We can get one from the ice cream cart," you said. "Mm... ice cream..." With the hot sun beating down on you, making your hair warm and you sweat a bit, ice cream sounded delicious.

"Do you want some?" Ludwig asked as his eyes locked onto the ice cream cart, where he saw three other groups getting cherries. "I don't mind getting you some."

"Really?" You grinned up at him. "Thanks, Ludwig! I'm glad you're my partner!"

His cheeks went pink again. "J-ja. You too, frau." He lead you to the cart, where he got a cherry for the scavenger hunt and then ordered an ice cream cone with a scoop of your favorite flavor for you. He handed it to you and you thanks him, giving it a lick.

"Next is..." Ludwig trailed off, staring at you as you gave your ice cream long licks. The pink still on his cheeks went red, spreading across his nose.

"... What?" you asked, raising your eyebrows. "Did I get ice cream on my face already?"

"Nein! You just.... nevermind." Ludwig shook his head, still staring. You stared right back as you put your lips on your ice cream, sucking up the melting parts. "Schatz, will you just eat it?!" he snapped, looking away.

"... huh? Why? I like making it last~." You bit off a small part on the top.

"Ja... I bet you do..." You could barely hear him as he mumbled something, his pink tongue snaking out to lick his lips.

"'Scuse me?" You tilted your head. "I didn't hear you."

"Gut." He sounded firm as he looked back down to the list. "Let's hurry, madchen. I refuse to lose." He grabbed your wrist again and you dropped your ice cream. He pulled you away as you wailed about your fallen ice cream, staring with dismay at the cone and ice cream on the deck

The two of you then went on collecting the items quickly, Ludwig refusing to slow down, even picking you up and tossing you over his shoulder when you had sat down for a second. But finally, the two of you stood back at the start of the whole thing, holding various objects. You were panting, sweat dripping down you. The last three iems, Ludwg had started to run, making you run as well. You sank to the deck floor with a groan. The German was in good shaope, you admitted, admiring the sheen of sweat on his hard body. Those last three items were scattered across the ship, and he was barely breathing hard. "We're done, right? And we lost?" Two other pairs were there, muttering amongst themselves.

"Nein." Ludwig grabbed you by your tank, pulling you up. "There's a last riddle. If we answer it first, we win." He pointed to a new sign on the table.

Weight in my belly,
Trees on my back,
Nails in my ribs,
Feet I do lack.

"... Well, we lost," you said, throwing your hands up in defeat. "I have no clue what that thing is."

"Think, schatz," Ludwig said, looking at you calmly. That strange name... he had been calling you it since the ice cream. You didn't know what it meant, but you really liked it. "We can do this."

You leaned against him, sighing. You felt him stiffen up, but then he relaxed a bit. "Okay, okay... I'm thinking. I'm thinking... that I have no clue what it means."

Ludwig snorted. "Just be quiet und think. You solved some riddles already." He went quiet, and you decided to shut up and think as well. At first, though, all you cold think about was Ludwig. The way his hair was neatly slicked back, the way you shivered whenever you looked into his eyes, his accent, his muscles... How hard you felt your heart beating now that you were so very close to him... In fact, you had to start saying the riddle to yourself just to get him out of your brain.

"Trees... masts... nails, actual nails... no feet..." you mumbled to yourself. And then you had it. "Ludwig! Ludwig, I got it!" You yanked him down to your height and pressed your lips to his ear. You were so close, you could smell his sweaty musk and a light hint of cologne. "A ship." Your lips brushed his ear as you told him, and you thought you felt him shudder.

"Ja!" He yanked back, his face pink. "I think that's it!" You and him ran to the leader of the scavenger hunt and told him what you had come up with.

"That is... correct!" The man in white smiled largely. "Congratulations, you two. You've won a luxury dinner in the dining room."

You wooped and jumped up and down as Ludwig broke into a smile. It wasn't so much the prize, but the fact that you won. And... and the fact you were able to meet Ludwig. He was so handsome, so kind, smart, hard-working... "Ludwig!" you cried, jumping at him. He looked surprised as you wrapped your arms around his neck and mashed your mouth against his clumsily, your heart thumping erratically.

Immediantly you felt his arms tighten around you and felt yourself being slammed against a wall. His lips hungrily kissed you back, making up for your clumsiness. You gasped out in surprise as he pried your mouth out with his own, slipping his tongue into your mouth and wrestling with your tongue. Only once he had won did he pull away, flushed pink but smirking. All around, people stared but the two of you ignored them. "Mein schatz... I wanted to do that since I saw you, standing there alone in your tank top, looking so pretty... But I couldn't read any of your verdammen signs. You should've just come out und told me you wanted me, frau. "

"I-I think you're delusional," you mumbled, feeling your face burn at his words.

Ludwig's following laugh sounded like a bark. "Nein. Und now... I love it when you blush at me like that." His hand came up and carressed your cheek. "So, schatz... be mine?" His blue eyes stared straight into your (e/c) ones, and you saw his tongue snake out and lick his lips again.

"Obviously, you German hunk," you said, pressing your lips to his again. You felt him rumble with laughter.

He pulled back, looking very happy. He was smirking and yet there was a familiar pink blush on his cheeks. "So, to dinner? Or we can just go and be hermits in mein cabin.... you can try out some of your ice cream moves on something much tastier, ja?" You felt his hand slide down your side and into you suit bottoms. You yelped out in surprise.


Yes, Ludwig was kind, smart, handsome, and hard-working... but he was also a secret pervert. And you were never bored again on the cruise, that was for sure.
... I wanna go on a cruise... :iconcryingplz:

ANYWAYS. Here's Germany~. :icongermanysparklesplz: I like this one. It's... okay. Of course, I just love Germany.

Speaking of loving Germany... I love pervy Germany. :iconpervygermanyplz: I love him too much, really. OHGODWHY THE ENDING. XD :icondat-wurstplz:

... other than that, I don't even know anymore, dudes...

(Also, if you take the ending as you and him having lotsa sex, think of this... your parents got you laaaaaaaid. XDDDD)
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Name: Ludwig Beilschmidt (Federal Republic of Germany)
Gender: Male
Continent: Europe
Height: 5' 11"
Age: 20 (appearance)
Hair Color: Blonde
Special Hair Feature: It looks sexier when it isn't slicked back
Eye Color: Blue
Personality: German (Likes XXX/BDSM things) Serious, pessimistic personality. Is at otal neat-freak and rule-abiding perfectionist and does not tolerate mistakes. (punishment)
Family: Brothers-Prussia, the rest are unknown Grandfather-Germania Sister-Liechtenstein
Friends: Italy, Japan, and "Austria"
Sexiness Meter (1-3): He broke the scale with his sexy-German-in-a-wife-beater-ness
Favorite Food: "Vurst" (Wurst)
Fun Fact: He looks drop dead sexy in a wife beater.
Surprising Fact: He used to be the Holy Roman Empire.
Extra: Be careful on how you speak to him, you may unleash the BDSM or extreme sexiness.


Dear fangirls,

I'm just going to skip to what I know all of you want to hear. Go in my closet...and I'll have to punish you with my Trausnitz Castle.

-Ludwig Beilschmidt
Okie so, in my story "Gakuen Hetalia, Now In English!" I mentioned to a reader that I'll make a "Guide to Hetalia Men" (as said in the story) so here is my "Guide to Gakuen Hetalia"!

Me no own Gakuen Hetalia...or the sexy Gakuen Hetalia Germany/Doitsu picture...

Gallery of "Guide to Gakuen Hetalia": [link]
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Arthur escaped from the castle again for the who knows my many times with his horse. According to him, life inside the castle sucks as hell, everything gets on your way, not letting you do whatever you please. No matter what you do, you were always get dictated.
He got out from the castle by disguising as a carriage man, thankfully it worked unbelievably, the security inside was so tight. Arthur went out to town to see what his people doing.

'Lively as always...' he thought to himself as he tied his white horse at the fences.

He always loved this town, the smell of the foods and the kind and cheerful people. He walked and walked until he got satisfied, and then, he saw a terribly familiar looking girl with a (h/c) hair and (e/c) eyes. He approached to her and talked to her without a second thought.

"Hey there, can I ask what's your name, miss?" he said with a calm voice. He didn't care what she'll think of him.

"_-_____..." you replied shyly, surprised at the unusual question.

"Your last name, please?"

"I'm sorry but I don't know..." you bowed your head down and slowly walked away. Arthur Kirkland could only watch you.

"Wait!" he ran towards you and took a hold of your hand. The cap on his head fell, revealing his "identity"

An old man saw Arthur and said...
"It's the prince! Prince Arthur is here!"

The people looked at him and the guards that were searching for him... chased him. His face was like 'Oh shit!' as Arthur dragged you to his horse and went to the hills, far away from the town. The guards lost track of him but they were still searching for their prince.

"Why do they need to follow me?!" If only his brothers were there with him, they will ask him where was his common sense.

'This is Prince Arthur?!' you mentally panicked. You've never had the chance to see him before because you're always working but now he's here on your side. Alone.

"Well... I'm so sorry for dragging you here" he smiled a bit while scratching the back of his head.

"I-It's okay... Oh, I should get to work now, the landlady will get mad at me" you ran away once again.

"Hold back your horses!" he commanded sternly.

"W-what is it?" you were now more pressured than ever.

"I still have tons of things to ask you"

"But I have to go now, I still have works to do. Please, just let me go."

"I'll talk to that landlady, so please just stay here with me for a moment." he talked like a complete commoner without this "prince-aura" on him.


"You said you don't know your last name right?" you nodded "Can I ask what's the name of your parents?"

"I don't remember... I'm just an orphan..." you mumbled, never wanting to hear that bitter childhood with no parents.

"I see," was just the only thing you received.

"Can I go now?" you asked once again.

"Let's bring you to the castle, shall we?" he brought you up on his horse and went back to the castle in a jiffy.

A Prince always get what he wants, it's useless to oppose

'I'm so dead if I come back alive to the shop'
you sighed, deciding to face the consequences later.

"Are you okay?" he questioned, worrying about your almost-pale face. "To be honest, No"

"Haha, you're different from the other girls there, Eh...?" he sometimes talked like a pirate...

"What do you mean?"

"You see, if the young gals there see me, they are squealing, it's so irritating like they're going to break my bloody eardrums!"

He was fun to talk to, it felt like you're only talking to a commoner. He was kind more than you thought, you thought he was cruel. Night came, You both arrived at the castle, he went down and kicked the gate open (as a greeting?), he was freaking strong, breaking the big gate and its lock because the guards were still on search and he didn't have a key with him. He brought you down by your waist and led you inside. It was big, of course. His servants were lined up and greeted him.

"Dinner is ready, Prince Arthur" said the maid

"Yeah, I'll eat later" you two went upstairs, to his room. He left you there without a saying a thing.

'What am I doing here? And why did he bring me here at first place...?' you banged your head on the wall. 'And why this place is so familiar to me...?' you thought

"My lady, please come with me" said the maid. She led you to the bathroom, the tub was waiting for you. She suddenly removed your clothes and gently guided you to the tub with bubbles in it.

"Are you Prince Arthur's woman?" she asked while delicately scrubbing your hair with shampoo.

"Eh? No way... He just brought me here."

"Really? How rare"

"What part of it is 'rare'?"

"Prince Arthur don't bring women here in the castle except for his ball date; He even mentioned that he's not interested with them," the maid stated disappointingly.

"Is that so...?" You were so puzzled why he brought you here...

It was your turn to ask, "Oh, what's your name?"

"It's Mary, my Lady"

She told you to wear the white fluffy dress there on the hanger for "bedtime"

"Hey, what do you mean bedtime? I'm going to sleep here?!"

"Didn't Prince Arthur told you?"

"No, he didn't."

"Anyways, please wait at his room, I'll bring your dinner there" she left while you went back to his room.

You found the prince sitting on the window while drinking tea.

"How's the bath?" he asked and smiled brightly.

"Leave that aside and Please excuse my rudeness, please tell me the reason why you brought me here" you said with a serious look.

"You'll find that out soon" was only his reply.

"Now, just eat dinner and sleep"

The maid came with a tray on hands and she placed the plates on the table. You ate without hesitating, you're so hungry after all~

"Thanks for the food"

Arthur yawned "I'm so tired..." he picked you up and laid you down.

'?!' was your reaction

"Just rest, I won't do anything..." he said and pulled the blankets for you.

"Well then, Goodnight my princess" he kissed your forehead.

It was so confusing.
Hmm... I might continue writing lemons because of this :iconcreepyonionplz:

Should I continue? Well... even though you don't want to~ I'll continue this :lol:
(I wrote this with my iPod so... tell me if there's some missing words ^^ yoroshiku na!)

Sugi! > [link]

Image by this awesome dudette! [link]
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Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
I was laying on the floor of my study room, eating cookies that was made by Tino's Mom, she visited us this morning while I was still asleep. I was reading my English book because I was bored. I haven't seen him since last month. It's such a pain in the butt, he studies on a different school.

I sighed.

What if he has a girlfriend? He doesn't even share a single story of his love life. Come on! I'm his best friend, doesn't he trust me?

Am I still his best friend?

I was younger by two years. I'm always left out. He has friends, lots of friends and I'm standing here on this cruel planet with only him as my friend. I look like a trash when I'm with him, even though he's cute and fluffy and stuff he's one of the popular boys in his school.

Even at my school! For god damn sake, my classmates always bug me to have his number or the other nordic's number!

Sometimes I feel that he was embarrassed to hang out with a loser like me. He barely makes eye contact with me anymore.

I went downstairs, I forgot to bring water to drink.

I saw my Mom and Dad packing their stuffs. "Where you guys going?" I asked and gulped the water from my cup.

"We're going somewhere for the weekend, Dear." My Mom sweetly smiled at me.

"Can I come with you?" I looked at them with pleading eyes, I don't want to be alone… I'm a scaredy cat.

"Sorry Baby, we'll go with Tino's parents as well… but, Pack your things, you'll be sleeping at their house." My Dad said.

I nodded. As I was going upstairs my mind was blanked out. What if were awkward to each other now?! What if he hates me now?!

I carefully opened my room. I started packing. "_____! Hurry!" My Parents shouted from downstairs.

"Wait~~~~~" I shouted back.

My Parents drove me to Tino's house. Some minutes past and I was there already. His Parents was waiting outside with their bags, ready to go.

"Hello." I bowed and smiled. "We'll go now, Tino's in his room." his mom smiled at me. "By the way if you enter the house sweetie, please lock the doors." She said and I nodded.

"Have fun." I waved at them.

I carried my bag inside and closed the door. Tino had really changed, whenever I go to his house he was the one who always welcomes me and carry my bag inside. Now? He didn't showed up his face when I came.

I left my bag on their living room. I went to Tino's room, before I enter I took a deep breath and knocked on his bedroom door.

        "Come in!" he shouted.

     "Hey." My voice cracked up a little.

        "Oh, ______." He smiled at me. He was laying on his bed.

     "Long time no see." I chucked and sat on his bed. "I know right…" He answered.


"So how's school?" He asked like I was in some kindergarten school. He always treat me like a ten year old girl even though I was younger by two years.

"It's fine… Still a loner…" I chuckled and smirked. "Does anyone bullies my best friend?" He asked.

Woah. Woah. Woah. I'm still his best friend! I thought he hates me!

I had a little happy party in my mind. "Uhmmm… _____?" He asked while I was smiling like an idiot. "No one's bullying me." I shook my head because I was shocked. He woke me in my daydream.

He stopped laying on his bed and crawled his way beside me and sat. "I'm bored." He smiled cutely. "Me too." I answered.

"____ let's eat." He said and got out of his bed and grabbed my hand and dragged me to the kitchen. "Ya! You little punk, be careful!" I panted and sat on the chair of the kitchen.

He smiled at me and got some ice cream. It was long since I have seen that smile.

"Strawberry, your favourite. I went to the store this morning just to buy that because I know you're going here." He smiled cheekily. "Awww, you remembered me." I said sarcastically. "YA!" He grabbed my spoon before I was gonna scoop ice cream.

"What the—" I looked at him annoyed. "Say thank you first to your handsome best friend." He said.

"Stop being assuming~" I rolled my eyes but laughed. "You hurt my feelings." He pretended to cry. I punched his arms lightly. "Thank you." I laughed.

"Here." He handed my spoon again. "Finally." I blurted out and scooped a spoonful of ice cream.

I was happily eating my ice cream until I saw him staring at me. "Is something wrong?" I asked him.

"Nothing… Nothing at all…" He awkwardly smiled. The fact that you don't know is he was admiring how pretty your lips were and he was tempted to kiss it. "Behave Tino." He whispered.

"Did you say anything?" I tilted my head. "Nothing." He said and scooped another spoon of ice cream.

"Remember when we were kids we always wrestle?" He asked with a smile. "Yeah, it always ended that I was crying." I rolled my eyes. "I miss those times."He said with a big, big grin on his face. He stood up carefully.

"Hold the fuck up, Tino." I stood up as well. Then BOOM! He started chasing me.

We were laughing as I run so he won't get me. "Too slow Tino!" I shouted and jumped over the sofa. "I'll get you!!!" He shouted as well. I looked at him for a split second, unfortunately I tripped over the carpet.

"I got you." he run towards me but he tripped on some item as well and landed on me. Our faces were centimetres away. His soft lips arrowed to mine almost touching. I felt my cheeks burning at our position.

"S-sorry." he stuttered and I saw a crept of pink appearing on his cheeks. "It's okay…" I said and stood up. "Are you okay?" He looked at me, I nodded. "Are you?" I asked. "Y-yeah." He blushed as I stared at his eyes.

"Let's just go watch some movie shall we?" I suggested breaking the atmosphere in this house. He nodded.

"Pick." He handed me some DVDs. "Let's just watch cartoons." I gave the DVDs back.

"You're still a little kid aren't you?" He laughed and ruffled my hair. "As if you don't watch those kind of things." I smirked. He stood up and reached for the remote. I was sitting comfortably on the sofa. "Wow, your majesty this is my house." He said and pushed my legs down the floor and he laid on top of my lap.

"Who told you to lay on my lap?" I asked. "No one. I just want to lay my head on your lap." He said and closed his eyes while smiling like an idiot. This kid. When will he grow up?

He has a pretty face, pretty nose, lips, eyes… He's perfect. I smiled to myself and brushed my hands on his soft hair. "I'm perfect, am I?" He opened his eyes. "You're ugly." I slapped my hand on his forehead.

"Yah! Take that back!" He pouted. "Why would I?" I smiled. "I hate you." He stood up and sat on the other side of the sofa.

"I thought were gonna watch cartoons?" I asked him. "I DON'T WANT TOO." He looked at me annoyed. "Ya! Are you mad?" I threw a pillow at him, he caught the pillow before it hit him "I'm not ugly." He pouted.

"Ok. You won, you're handsome." I smiled and pinched his cheeks. He laughed softly as I slowly sat beside him and put my head on his shoulders.

"It's already 9… let's sleep early." He said with a soft voice. "I'll take bath first, can I?" I asked him. "Oh sure, you know where's the bathroom right?" He asked and I nodded.

As soon that I was finish taking a bath, I took a laced tank top and some black cotton shorts. I blow dried my hair and went straight to Tino's room.

When I entered his room, Baekhyun had his eyes wide open. He was staring at me. "What?" I asked. He shook his head and stared away. He kept stealing glances every minute.

"Let's sleep." He said. I crawled on the side where I was the one nearer on the wall, he laid beside me. We have slept many times with each other before but why is it awkward now? "I'm sorry _____, I guess we'll have to share blankets because my Mom forgot to give me the keys for the cabinet.

I just nodded but deep inside was the scenario of my face burning in red and my nose was bleeding. Would you ever thought that a cute baby faced boy like him suits a very sexy sleeveless shirt? By the way… He was just wearing boxers.


"Good Night." I said and lay on his bed. "Good Night~" He replied and turned off the lights and laid next to me.

I faced the wall because I was too embarrassed to face him on bed. I felt that he can't sleep. He kept on moving. I felt uncomfortable. Slowly I felt something on thighs. I felt hiss warm breathe on the skin of my neck.

Tino was caressing me.

"Ti .. Tino, what are y-you doing?" I stuttered when I felt his hand crept my inner thighs.

"____, you make me go crazy…" He said and left so kisses on my shoulders.He sent shivers to my spine.

"Face me…" I obeyed.

He started kissing my neck. "Ya!" I pushed him off softly. "____, I need to do this already." He started. "Since the time that you started to feel a bit awkward with me… I feel incomplete, I never knew this, you complete me _____. I fell in love with you.." He said and grabbed my face and kissed me deeply.

He went on top of me gaining dominance. My hands went to his neck and pulled him deeper, I let my lips open. His tongue happily entered my mouth, our tongues meet and danced together.

"_____, Let's do it." He said with lustful eyes. I gulped as I look at him, I knew what he meant, I took off my tank top, leaving me with my bra.

"I never knew you were like this…" He looked at my body. I grabbed his hands, I can't take it anymore, I placed his hands on my bra. He blushed. "Do me." I said with my husky voice.

He went closer to me and carefully he unclasped my bra. The time my bra fell off he knead my nipples until it pebbles. He suck it like a hungry baby and the other side, he massages.

"Mhhhmmmaaaahhhmmm~~~" I moaned. I felt his bulge on my area. He grunted by the friction of his erection and boxers, he wants to get out of it.

He stopped sucking breasts and took off my shorts without permission and started fingering me. I arched my back. He inserts another finger stretching me, he pulls it in and out and a fast motion.

I feel a burning sensation inside of me, my walls were tightening. Suddenly hot liquid burst out on his fingers, he licked them. Tino took off his shirt revealing his body. He kissed my neck, he left some love marks.

"____, are you ready?" He asked, I nodded while looking away. "Don't be shy." He kissed my lips then ripped his boxers off.

He held my waist and positioned his member to my entrance, "B-be gentle." I said. "I will." He said and pushed slowly inside of me. I grabbed the bed sheet. "Fuck." I panted and a tear escaped my eyes. He let me adjust to his size and he started pumping.

"Tell me if you want to get faster." He said while he was sweating hard. I closed my eyes shut while feeling our skin slapping. Our moans and the sound of skin slapping filled the room. "Faster, Tino…" I moaned. He made fasten a bit until he can adjust.

"You're so tight." He moaned and put all his might on trusting inside. My hands travelled his head and played with his hair.

I moaned his name over and over making him turned on even more. "Fuckkkkkkkkkkk~" I moaned as I felt his member throbbed inside of me. He massaged one of my breasts. He kissed my neck then panted. "_____, I think I'm gonna c—" Suddenly his phone rang.

"Fuck. Why now?" He said and answered his phone, we stopped. He was still inside him. I looked at him, he was so sexy. "Emil, what is it?!" He answered annoyed. I pushed him, I was on top, Tino looked at me. I smirked a little and kissed his neck softly giving him shivers.

"Y-y-yeah." He answered. I started riding him. Small grunts escaped his mouth. "Are you okay?" I heard Emil asked. "I-I'm okay…" He pant as I ride him. I made him slam his dick deep in me making both of us moan. "Uhm… dude are you sure you're okay?" Emil asked.

"I'm f-fin—" After a few more rides on him, we cummed at the same time. "Aahhh~~~"  He moaned loudly. "What the fuck?! what are you doing?!" Emil shouted. Tino turned off his phone and threw it on the floor.

I hugged him tightly and rolled to my side. "Tino…" I smiled. "I love you." He kissed my forehead. "Hey, you're not my best friend anymore." He said, my smile fell. "You're my girlfriend, is that better?" He chuckled and kissed me. "So… much better." I smiled.

"I thought you were still innocent…" I said while I was hugging him "You turned me like this." He chuckled and embraced me with a warm hug.

"Let's sleep." He said and wrapped our bodies with his blanket. My head lay on his chest while he was hugging waist. "Sleep happily _____…" He said and drifted off. "I will." I pecked him on the lips and slept as well.
:iconpervyswedenplz: :iconsaysplz: finlaaand ~ ?

:icontinospantiesplz: :iconsaysplz: this .. this is not what you think it is ..

:iconusagikirkland: :iconsaysplz: reaaallly ~ ?
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Mature Content Filter is On. The Artist has chosen to restrict viewing to deviants 18 and older.
(Contains: sexual themes)
Ah, Valentine's Day. The most romantic day of the year, making every couple await it's arrival eagerly. You just so happened to be one of those people, because you had a certain someone on your wish list. That delicious Frenchman known as Francis, the ultimate flirt. Yes, even though he was a flirtatious pervert, you still loved him. You had been together for about one year, but that didn't seem to effect his flirting ways. Women, or even men, he tried spreading the love everywhere. And quite honestly, you were getting sick of it. You never once did anything of the sorts, so he shouldn't as well.

So for your first Valentine's Day with him, you had a plan. You were going to make him only want you, to beg and plea for just you. Make his eyes burn with that undying love and lust for only you to see. Your special gift will have this Frenchman wrapped around your slender little finger.

Right now, you both were at one of his fancy restaurants to celebrate your first Valentine's Day together. You had made sure to put on your most sexiest black dress, making his eyes trail your stunning form with hungry, lust filled gazes. It hugged your body in the most pleasing ways for his lingering stare, teasing him greatly when you walked by with a sway of beautiful hips. The end would rise with each step you made, showing just enough of your thighs to get his mouth watering to a great extent. Especially when you accidentally dropped your hand-held purse, bending over in front of him to pick it back up.

So far, your naughty little plan was going smooth. Even if he was flirting with the waitress, you would gain his attention back by letting your leg slowly brush up against his. That look he would give you each time made sensational shivers flow through your body like a newly made river, making you want to hurry along with this yummy plan, playing heated scenes within your not-so-innocent mind.

"Ma chérie, are you enjoying yourself? Would you like to leave and skip dinner for my dessert? Honhonhon~" He let's his right hand slither up your leg, stopping a little too close near your inner thigh. Playfully, you slap his hand away, batting your eyelashes with a small pout coming across your succulent lips.

"But I really wanted to try their strawberry tart. Oh, and  Francis, you may look all you want, but no touching...For now, that is." You whisper lowly in his ear when speaking your last sentence, causing his lips to twitch into a seductive smirk. The thoughts running through his mind showed clearly on his face, and you wondered if he'd  pounce you right there, in front of everyone. You wouldn't put it pass him to do such a thing in public either.

"Your mouth says those words, but your body is telling me otherwise. J'ai envie de toi, ma chérie." Oh, that delightful accent could weaken any girl to his every needing demand. But you weren't going to be one of those girls tonight. No, he will be the one pleading with desperation. Thinking that, you put on your sweetest, innocent smiles. Hiding your true, devilish, feelings.

"Really? Well, it's also saying how hungry it is. Will you not answer to my body's needs?" You lean on the table facing him, placing your chin onto your closed hands with the table supporting your elbows. By doing this, you had given him a better view of your glorious cleavage. Ah, he was giving you that look again, very amusing. Now you had his attention fully on you, not even glancing at the waitress as she delivered your order. He had been so caught up with observing you, he had not placed a order. So only you had gotten dessert, strawberry tart.

He didn't seem bothered by this, not with the way you were slowly eating the strawberries. You would eye your tasty treat before letting your tongue lick around it. Then, bite the tip off and begin sucking it's juices. He would watch the way it's liquid sweetness ran down your chin, dripping onto your breast. If you were correct, he'd make a dash out of here with you in three....two...

"It is time for us to leave, now! Don't worry, I have already paid!" Not even giving you the time to blink an eye, he had you in his arms bridal style. Leaning into your ear, he whispers strongly in a husky tone of voice with that lustful glint sparking his baby blue irises. "I will answer to your body's hunger myself. Each need, I will please."

( Le, honhonhon, time skip~)

After arriving home, quite quickly since he drove at full speed while passing red lights, did he have you pinned to the wall. At once, he crashed his lips to yours in a fiercely passionate kiss. His hands were reaching for your dress's zipper, but you kept your back pressed firmly against the hallway's wall. Opening one eye slightly, you noticed his are closed. Perfect.

Before he could pull you into the bedroom, he felt something being held near his noes. Also, that your hands had removed themselves from his golden locks. Suddenly, his head started feeling light and his vision was blurring quickly. Falling to his knees, then left side, the last thing he saw was your growing smile.

Two hours since then, did he finally awake, sitting upright on something hard and cold. He still felt light headed, vision still a bit unclear. But when trying to rise himself, Francis found that he was unable to do so. Eyes widening, he tugged his wrist, which were tied to the metal chair's handles. He tried again to free himself, not having any success since the knots were too tightly made. Scanning the room, he noticed strawberries, whip cream, scissors, and many other things on a table next to his king sized  bed. Finally, he realized you were no where to be seen among these things.

Did someone break in and did something to you? Were you hurt? Kidnapped? No...It was coming back to him, that memory of you before he fell unconscious. You had something to do with this, because that smile could only be described as...lustfully playful. But you wouldn't go as far to actually use chloroform on him, right? You were so innocent, meaning he'd be the one seducing you into bed each time you both shared intimate moments. So you couldn't have done this...?

Hearing the door opening, his thought bubble burst when he snapped his head in it's direction. You were there, leaning on the door's frame with crossed arms, smirking deviously. Except there was something different about your appearance. Instead of wearing your body-hugging black dress, you had on a tightly made, low cut, blue sweater. Also, you were sporting a cute, short, white skirt that didn't leave much to the imagination. Especially not to this Frenchman's overactive mind.

"Looks like sleeping beauty finally awoke. Now, I have an offer for you." The way you walked up to him, swaying your body seductively, smirk widening devilishly, he could feel his lower regions hardening uncontrollably as tiny drops of perspiration fell from his temple. He didn't know what brought on this naughty side of yours, but he definitely wasn't going to be complaining any time soon.

"Surely, you wouldn't refuse such a proposition." You say in a barely heard whisper next to his right ear, nipping it before you began circling him. His burning gaze followed your enticing form intently, already seeing images of your ripped clothing on his bedroom's carpeted floor. Until, you ceased your lion-like stalking. Stopping behind him, you snake both arms around his neck, laying your head onto his slightly shaking shoulder.

"Would you like your own strip show for Valentine's Day? But first, you must say please." You take hold of his earlobe, pulling it gently between your teeth as you begin nibbling. You remove your hands from his neck, letting them fall onto his well shaped chest. You slid them slowly, causing his shaking to increase from shivering out of pleasure. Your fingers work their way back up, his shirt's end coming along as well, lightly brushing his smooth skin. You couldn't lift it off, not with his hands being tied to the chair's handles, so you reach for the nearby scissors glinting next to you on his maple colored table.

Giggling, you step back in front of him. Without a second thought, you straddle him by placing both legs on either side of his waist. Thighs squeezing firmly, you cut up the middle of his light blue dress shirt, slicing it until all of his stunning torso was exposed to your eyes only. Throwing the scissors  aside while dipping your head down, you lick his pink nipple before blowing cool air on it, whispering... "Say please if you'd like your gift to be unwrapped..."

"P-Please! Do not tease me in such a way, ma chérie!" His head falls back, moaning lowly in his throat as you play with the zipper of his darker blue dress pants while licking small circles around his upper chest. You could feel just how much this was effecting him by pushing your finger inside of the let down zipper. You swirl it a bit, causing that moan to burst from his throat's confinement.

"Don't make demands." You bite his neck somewhat hard, good enough to leave a small mark. "Say please like you mean it." Grasping the end of your sweater, you teasingly lift it back and forth upwards, showing glimpses of your creamy looking stomach. You feel his harden worsen as he bucks harshly upward, making a mixture of moans and squeaks fall upon his ears from you.

"Please...!" He gasped when you rolled your hips strongly against his erect member, tugging his tied hands fiercely for release. He wanted to touch you, so very badly. But mostly, he wanted your sweet taste. Never had he craved for such a thing before, but with's all he could think about. Your sweetness made his body scream with ever lasting pleasure, making him hungry for more each passing day he went without it's appetizing taste.

"You're getting there..." Smirking, you finally removed your sweater, putting it behind Francis neck as you hold the sleeves ends. Pulling them down, also making his head go as well, you let him bury his face into your cleavage. You giggle at the tickling sensation caused by his somewhat hairy chin, getting little moans in response. You jump a bit when you feel his warm tongue licking every inch it was able to reach, giving you an idea.

You grab one of the strawberries from it's bowl, your breathing picking up little by little as he begins nipping. Gently lifting his head, you place the strawberry between your breast before pushing him back. He takes the hint immediately, biting it's middle so the juicy fruit would explode it's liquid goodness onto your heated body. He lapped up as much as his skilled tongue could, you raising your hands to get lost in his silky locks.

This went on for another minute until you lifted yourself up from his lap, standing once again before him. "Say please for a sneak peek of your present, mon amour." You raised your left foot and placed it between his legs, letting it push into his throbbing member teasingly light. You thought his pants might rip open at any giving moment by the size of his growing erection, it made you feel incredibly pleased, knowing that you're the one who is causing it.

"S'il te plait! S'il te plait!" He begs desperately, shaking his head side to side dramatically. Make him beg for you in utter desperation.


With your mission of getting him to beg desperately finished, you let the tiny little skirt drop slowly down your cleaned shaved legs, even your red panties fell along too. Oh, that look brightening his facial features was priceless. You thanked your lucky stars he was bound by rope, or else he would have taken you then and there without no questions asked.

Looking down at him, you knew those pants had to go, thus, making you do exactly what you did before to his dress shirt. Slicing his boxers to pieces as well. Which shocked you that he was even wearing any kind of underwear in the first place.

You sit back on his lap, eyes glinting playfully at his rather lustful ones. Grasping his shoulders, you begin grinding your lower self against his tantalizingly, but not letting him inside of you. Not only was he moaning quite loudly, you found yourself doing the same as you felt him start grinding upward rapidly, trying to find your soaking opening. Your body was set to flames when both of your speed increased greater, your moans mixing together to create an almost musical sound.

As you were doing this, you unclasped your matching red bra, throwing it over your shoulder while placing your hands around his neck, shoving your face into the left side of it. Breathing in his rose-like scent, you moan loudly when he finally discovered his long awaited Valentine's Day present. Slipping inside of you, your nails dig into him as he begins bucking harshly. Your moaning soon turns to screams at his growing passion, face flushed and breathing uncontrollably.

You felt his mouth drop towards your chest, hungrily devouring your delectable right nipple. He bit it between his teeth, tugging it while letting his tongue swirl unique patterns from time to time. You could feel his own body heated immensely from thrusting so desperately, the sensation of your releases coming on tenfold.

You felt as if you couldn't get enough air into your lungs even though you were breathing so exceedingly. His own breathing was quickening when you began pushing further into him, now having every inch of the harden Eiffel tower inside of you. Making your grinding become bouncing extremely rapid.

Sweat was making your bodies stick closer together, and the feeling of his soft lips running kisses up your collar bone, sucking hard enough to leave red love marks that only he could create, made your stomach twist with tremendous pleasure. Even more so when his lips finally met yours in a intense, sensational kiss.

You weren't going to let him win dominance so easily. You push his tongue further into his throat using your own, then try sliding it to the right. He stops this by gently biting yours, twisting it in a tangled war. You feel him push back into your mouth, crashing your tongue against the roof of your mouth. He then proceeded with exploring his newly won territory.

It annoyed you at first that he had beaten you, but it was all too soon forgotten when he began rolling his hips, causing you to scream out his name while never breaking the lustful kiss. You also let your hips roll, making him hit a certain sensitive spot that had your head spinning from the fantastic sensation.

If bliss was heaven sent, it must have thrown itself into you as your walls clenched around his shaft. The feeling of his seed spilling into you felt amazing, both of you thrusting a few more times until you finally collapsed onto his heavily breathing form, resting your head on his rising chest. Listening to his beating heart, you were about to fall into a blissful sleep, even though you were in a sitting position.

"I love you, Francis."

But when you felt two arms wrapped themselves around your waist tightly, a loud scream came running out from your mouth...He snapped the ropes....he was free....

"Je t'aime tellement, (Name.) Bonne Saint Valentin. But now, it is time for you to receive your own beautiful present. I'm still hungry for dessert, honhonhon~"

Oh shit...

You're screwed...

Requested by :icongmd-girl93:

Hetalia © Hidekaz Himaruya

Song inspiration. [link]

Ma chérie = My dear (Thanks soulmadnesslove!)

J'ai envie de toi, ma chérie = I want you, my dear

Mon amour = My love

S'il te plait = Please

Je t'aime tellement = i love you so much

Bonne Saint Valentin = Happy Valentine's Day

Sorry for any errors! Please tell me if I got them wrong! No, I didn't use France's accent because I didn't want to butcher it! It's too sexy! *Is a lover of France accents*

Ya know, when it comes to lemons, I'll hold back...But with France, my mind pretty much screamed "F*CK IT!" and this happened....

Lemons I've read always have the guy doing most of the stuff, so me being my non-normal self, I let Reader-chan get her sexy on. But come on, the guys shouldn't be the only ones who get to have fun, right? :iconfrancegimmegimme: Also, I have no idea how strip teasers work, so I'm sorry to any out there... (France: :iconheplz: ) Oh, and I might write a sequel...France didn't give you his gift, and neither have used the whip cream... :iconhonhonhonplz:

After all the fluffy stuff I've been writing, I'm gonna write something with sadness/yandere next!!!!!! :iconkillitplz:

Oh yeah, and I thought about writing a random, cracked up story for when I have writers block.

The reader (That's you, hahaha. :iconamericaderpplz: ) gets a new America plushie. And while in your room, you wish he was real, and that he was madly in-love with you. Next day, some dude you don't know is making themselves at home in your kitchen!

Sneak peek:

"HOLY SHIZ! SOME HOT COSPLAYER BROKE IN! Mom, get my nunchucks! I got some ass to kick!"

So yeah, if I get enough comments, I'll write it! xD Now, after writing this, I need to clean my mind of these thoughts! So I'm gonna cuddle up to my Alfred plushie in my bed! Wait...Alfred...My bed...OH SHI-:iconovariesplz:
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Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes)
The windows slammed open. You bolted upright in bed as rain cascaded heavily outside, making the air chill. You jumped out of bed and ran towards the window, reaching to close it. You froze as your fingers wrapped around the clasp.
Out on the sea was that dreaded boat. The haunting symbol of your village's sworn enemy.
A British Pirate Ship; owned by the notorious Captain Kirkland.
You threw on your coat and a pair of pants, pulling on your boots as you stumbled in the storm outside. You scurried along the path to one house and pounded your fist on the door.
An albino man swung the door open and glared at you.
"It is ze middle of ze night, _______, vat ze hell do you vant?" Gilbert hissed, rubbing his eyes. You pointed out to the sea, the water rolling violently. His eyes wandered to where you were pointing.
"They're here. Captain Kirkland has found us." His eyes widened.
"Verdamnit! Get in here," he pulled you inside and pointed to a wardrobe.
"Our weapons are in there, newly sharpened and shined." He gave a curt laugh before running into his room. You turned and ripped open the doors, searching franticly. You removed the two scabbards.
Gilbert came back out dressed in his own Pirate attire.
"Attacking my home, that bastard is using foul play. How dare he! Gilbert snatched up his sword and turned to you.
"Ready, _______?" You smirked.
"Let's take that damn limey down!" You said.
Gilbert ran out and started pounding on the doors of his crew, shouting that Captain Kirkland was invading. You looked back to the ship and saw the light of lanterns and torches approaching the hill towards your town.
Panic was finally starting to grip your heart with its icy fingers.
You had been friends with Gilbert for years. You worked on his ship and went out on the sea constantly. The town kept you safe when the warmer months were over and it was too cold to sail. The colder months were spent helping the town get through the harsh and bitter winters. One person always made too hard to sail the seas, though.
Captain Arthur Kirkland, the most feared man on the seven seas. He relentlessly attacked your ship; the man found you and Gilbert as some sort of threat.
You had just settled back in. Yo9u were home. Why was he here? Was he finally going to kill you and your German friend?
"_______! Go through the woods and see their position. Don't go too close." The lightning illuminated the Pirate's worried features. You bit your lip and nodded to him.
You ran through the thick trees, trying your hardest to be quiet, but with the winter coming fast, every footstep was like a cannon fire. The woods lined the path to the village, so you would be able to stalk to fleet of pirates.
The torch light was getting closer to you. Hushed voices were carried out like echoes.
"Where did he go?"
"I don't know, but he said to keep going."
"Let's burn this place."
"And that infuriating Captain."
There were cheers throughout the night, deafening in the silence. You turned and ran back as fast as possible. They were going to kill Gilbert!
You saw the opening ahead of you, your albino friend waiting. His face lit up seeing that you had not been spotted.
"___—" Gilbert started before you felt something cold and sharp press to your neck. In a matter of seconds your hands were being held behind your back in a painful position. The captor was breathing down your neck. You could feel him smirking coyly.
"Let go of her, you damn limey!" Gilbert spat, pulling out his blade.
"Ah, ah, ah. Don't go anything that you think you'll regret." The steel pressed closer to your skin, biting it.
Captain Kirkland gave a chuckle that sounded like tinkling glass.
"Let. Her. Go." Gilbert said, his voice a low and deadly growl. Captain Kirkland's breath was hot on your ear, sending shivers down your spine.
"Now, now, Gilbert. You don't want to say anything that might set me off. I can kill her if I want. Do as I say and she might live to see tomorrow." You watched your friend's expression. He was nervous, thinking things out.
"What do you want?" his voice cracked, betraying him and showing his desperation.
"I was going to take your life, watch you be tormented in front of the people whom respected you." His voice was coy, laced with deception.
"Then do it you bastard!" Gilbert spat.
Arthur's eyes travelled up and down your body, making you feel all kinds of uncomfortable.
"Hm, no. If I take her with me, it would be more amusing." Your heart quickened its pace.
"I'd rather die than be in the presence of a damn limey!" He laughed harshly in your ear, making you cringe.
"Don't you dare! I'm giving you one last chance to let her go."
Gilbert looked as if he could take on the devil and win. It made you consider being afraid of him.
The scabbard at your throat dropped and you were about to tear away when you heard gun fire. Gilbert screamed and dropped to the ground, clutching his mangled shoulder.
You stared, wide eyed, at your friend.
Before your world could go dark, rope bound your  hands and Captain Kirkland grabbed you by the hair, dragging you along.
"Gilbert! Gil, get up! You have to, don't die on me now! Please, please!" Arthur pulled your through the woods, tree branches whipping your face.
Voices grew louder, then passed as his crew filed up the hill with a murderous intent.
He yanked you forward, causing you to stumble. The Captain pulled you back up roughly and took you to the docks.
Arthur drug you up the plank onto his ship and threw you into his cabin below the deck. You turned enough to take in your surroundings.
It was moderately sized and there were riches, maps and weapons. One thing caught your eye.
The map behind his desk had certain pinpointed areas – one being your village. The others seemed to be the places your ship had sailed to or attacked within the last four months. You stared in utter surprise.
He was following you.
There was a click behind you and footsteps coming closer. The rope binding your hands hit the wood.
"Get up." He ordered. You sat there, ignoring his request, sure he would be angry. Captain Kirkland pulled you up by the arm and threw you towards his bed. You collapsed onto the cot.
"What is your name?" he asked, nearing you. You stayed quiet, glaring at him for a moment before your gaze fell to the floor.
"_______." You muttered. The Briton grasped your chin and pulled your face to his.
"Very pretty. It suits you." He followed your wandering gaze to the map and grinned. "I have been hunting him down for quite some time, your friend. See, he has stolen something form me. A heart." You raised an eyebrow.
"I fell in love with a woman in a town I had visited. I stayed longer than was needed to watch her. I wanted her so badly, but never could talk to her. Then one day he took her away to the sea. I couldn't give her up. So, for years I have wanted my revenge, and until now I never knew where my love had ended up. But now, I don't need to kill him to get to her. She became part of his crew."
The Captain pushed you down and kissed you roughly.
"I've found you," He slipped his hands into yours, putting them above your head. The man's lips travelled down your jawline to your neck.
You bit back a moan as he sucked on your neck. The man continued to search until you moaned loudly. Arthur sucked and nipped on the sweet spot, earning an abundance of noises.
Captain Kirkland's nimble fingers traced the curves of your body before gently undoing the buttons on your shirt. Now that your hands free they were entangled in his messy blonde locks.
The Briton looked at your now exposed chest and licked his lips. He lightly ran his fingers up your sides, making you shiver.
"So beautiful…"
The man hooked a finger into your pants and pulled them down, flinging them to god knows where.
"Say my name." he muttered huskily.
"Arthur." You whispered. What you were doing was wrong. He hurt your best friend, yet it seemed like it was the right thing to do.
"Louder." He breathed, playing with your breasts. The man took one in his mouth and ran his tongue over the sensitive skin.
"A-Arthur!" you yelped. Said man slipped off your panties and rid himself of his clothes. It was quite obvious he wanted you now.
Arthur positioned himself at your entrance and met your gaze. You nodded, against what your conscious was screaming at you. Only your body was in control. He entered you and tried not to scream at the pain.
He kissed you deeply until you had become used to him. He began to move slowly, rocking his hips steadily. You moaned loudly and watched his with lust filled eyes.
It soon became achingly too slow. "F-faster," you groaned. The pirate obeyed and quickened. The continuous waves of pleasure sent you over the edge as your screamed his name for the world to hear. You soon came and Arthur was close behind, his warm seed filling you.
He pulled out and collapsed onto you.
"I…I love you." He said breathlessly.
You nuzzled your face into his chest and sighed. You wouldn't return those feelings. You were realizing what you had done and it was like a steam engine hitting you head on. You would regret this. But somehow, you didn't want to. Maybe you could learn to love him…maybe.
Dayum! This took for fuking ever! 8 pages in my notebook, four on word, even after I took out an enTIRE PARAGRAPH.
It is a request for :iconsrcpcsoha:. It turned into a lemon somehow but I am putting only a warning on it because a lot of minors like to read this stuff and I don't judge. It doesn't have to be blocked so, yeah.
Too much words!

England is not mine and sadly neither are you.
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Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes and strong language)
Ok, before we begin, your Ludwig's girlfriend, and your REALLY good at dirty talk, so good it's a little ridiculous and we all know most things ridiculous are pretty funny, so believe me when I say this is worth reading. I've been wanting to do this for awhile and yes, it's cheesy, but please don't hate me, I just had to get it out of my system!


You haven't seen Ludwig for awhile and you miss him, so you make a last minute plan to meet him for some small talk and coffee at your favorite cafe. You grab your cute, button-down grey rain coat and run through your pouring yard, racing to get into your car. You drive a short yet practical distance, listening to half of the song Hot & Cold by Katy Perry and half of the song Bad Romance by Lady Gaga before your there. You race into the cafe and sit down at the corner table by a window. You order two coffees and wait for your boyfriend to arrive. After a few minutes of small sips and daydreams, you hear the door open and look up to see Ludwig looking around for you. Your heart nearly stops at the sight. You raise your hand as casually as you can and try not to squeal when he sees you, smiling as his sky blue eyes meet your twinkling(color) ones.
'did he not see the rain outside?' You ask yourself in your head.
Ludwig is wearing a dark, wet black sweatshirt slightly unzipped, jeans and black sneakers, and you notice he's wearing his iron cross, as usual. His normally slicked back hair is messy and sticks to his neck and forehead with water. You replace a squeal with a gasp as best you can and slowly let it out with shuddering breaths when Ludwig sits and runs his fingers through his extremely watery blonde hair.

"Hallo." He greets in his low voice.

You smile as smoothly as possible,"Hey."

You slide the second, untouched coffee to him.



Ludwig grabs a straw from the middle of the table and pokes it into a hole in the cap of the coffee. His golden locks start to fall in front of his eyes as he sips the hot liquid, and your eyes widen with every drop that falls. From his hair... To his cheek... To his lips... Or maybe his chin... to the table...
Ludwig's eyes glance up and you blush, turning your head so he won't see your pink face. He sits back and must be nervous, since he attempts to smooth back his hair again.
'that's cute...' You think to yourself.

"So," He begins,"How have you been?"

"Good! I've missed you, though." You smile.

He nods,"Same." Cue to mirror your smile.

You decide this formal talk thing is awkward and summon enough courage to take your talk to the next level.

"Nice sweatshirt." You compliment.

Ludwig looks down as if he's forgotten what he was wearing and had to make sure you were correct.


"Can I talk you out of it?"

You both laugh quietly at the cheesy pickup line.

Ludwig shakes his head, as if to shake the laughter away, sprinkling you with warm droplets,"Vhy?"

You sigh. Enough is enough and you've got to speak the truth,"Because dammit, your making me thirsty, ok?"

Ludwig blushes and looks away, his face a deep red.

You laugh,"I'm serious!"

Ludwig chuckles but doesn't look your way,"You have coffee right in front of you!"

You laugh at how literal what your about to say is, on so many levels,"You know how hot you are right now?"

Ludwig smooths back his hair and looks the other way, not answering, so you continue.

"Well your making me hot just looking at you, and that's the same way i'm thirsty!" You blush,"Luddy, your killing me, please?"

Ludwig shakes his head and looks down,"Von't be any better, but ok."

He slowly unzips the jacket and tucks it between himself and the wall. You face-palm.

"Ok, your right, put it back on."


Your surprised at how casual that was, but don't remove your palm from shielding your eyes from the hot mess before you.


"Look at me."

You hesitantly peak and are met with a lusty gaze,"Jacket shtays off." Then he smiles and you laugh.

"GOD Ludwig!" So your forced to stare.

Forced to stare at probably THE worst thing your boyfriend has ever worn-an already tight, thin white T-Shirt. Of course, don't wear anything underneath, no no!
The T-Shirt outlines every bulging muscle on Ludwig's toned abs and chest and pretty much whole body above his waist.

Ludwig grabs the T-Shirt and for a moment, your scared he'll take it off(although what would it matter he's practically shirtless already you call that a shirt?), but he only pulls it in a quick motion in an attempt to get air to his torso, but the shirt sticks tightly still.

"Your right, it's hot in here, ja?" You giggle at Ludwig's German accent.

He stops when he sees you staring, then laughs out loud,"Vhat are you gawking at vith your mouth vide open, eh?"

You wet your lips(you can't help it, your mouth is watering!) and look down, feeling the blood shoot to your ears,"You know."

"No I don't~" Ludwig says with a teasing smile.

You return mischievously,"My half-naked boyfriend sitting at my favorite cafe across from me smiling like an idiot that I somehow find EXTREMELY sexy. There. I said it." You playfully stick your tongue out.

"Vhat now?" Ludwig points to you,"You haven't taken yours off."

"Yes I have."

"Vhat you have on."

"I have barely anything on under this!" Ludwig smiles and you blush,"S-so i'm not taking it off..."

"ZHAT'S vhat I vanted to hear!"

"Shut it, perv."

"I'm not a perv!"

"You can be!"

Ludwig didn't answer to that.

After some silence, your boyfriend decides to break it,"I bet you ten bucks you can be pervier."

You nodded, and let Ludwig know you've accepted by leaning over the table unnecessarily far so that Ludwig is nearly sniffing your cleavage,"Hard-not as hard as you right now though."

Before Ludwig can turn to hide his blush, you grab his soft cheeks and deeply kiss him. His hands touch your face, moving a strand of(color) hair behind your ear and copying you, while you wrap your arms around your boyfriend's neck. You part for air and that's when you take the opportunity to whisper in Ludwig's ear.

"I want to lick hot fudge off your naked body." You whisper slowly, emphasizing key words, and tenderly slide your hands as far as you can reach from Ludwig's neck to his back down that 'shirt'.
Then you retreat, sit back for a moment, then grab your coat and stand. Ludwig copies you. You both race to the door, unable to wait any longer. You don't even make it to the car before he pulls you into the nearest alley and pins you against the wall with his hips, holding your wrists and kissing you roughly.

-several hours later-

You lye on your grey raincoat breathing hard, letting the water fall on your face, attempting to cool your steamy body. Ludwig drops beside you with a huff, and you lye there in silence.

"You owe me ten bucks."

"ja, ja."
someone on DA calculated how large Germany's chest should be, using height measurements and such and apparently his chest measurement is 55.7 in.

So I looked that up. for a man of his height he should be 52.7 in (according to a work out website) and a man of his measurement should be 6ft 5 in tall. Also I looked at this t-shirt website and they had shirts for people w/ chests up to 52 in. so Germany is literally off the charts.
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-With Summer Break coming by it was a matter of time before you and all your friends started hanging out more and enjoying life without [school/college]. But of course the one to spend most of the summer with you was America, the greatest friend you had.
-He just called you saying that he wanted to you come over to his house to have a sleepover. That was an offer you wouldn't deny. Knowing America he probably already had everything planned out.
"America! Open the door!" you yelled after knocking on the door multiple times in a row.
-America swung the door open and immediately greeted you with a tight hug.
"Haha. It's nice to see you to America." you said with a smile. "So what-"
-You turned to see a blonde headed boy with glasses standing behind America. Strangely, he looked just like America, besides the giant curl hanging in his face.
"America. Who's that?" you asked still looking at the Canadian.
"Oh. That's my brother Canada." America said smiling. "Come on bro. Don't be shy. Come meet our guest ____."
-The Canadian approached you with a blush as he hid part of his face behind his little polar bear. You just thought it was cute the way he was so shy and bashful at the moment.
"Hello." he said shaking your hand gently.
"Hi." you said smiling.
"Enough with the greetings. Let's get this party started!" America yelled as he grabbed you and Canada and dragged the two of you away.
-You and Canada were sitting on the floor waiting for America to turn the video game on. The night was going amazingly since many things happened. You got to eat junk food with America and Canada, you all told each other jokes, you prank called almost every country (Finland freaked out when you imitated Sweden's voice and asked him to marry you XD). But the best part of the night was that you were falling for Canada.
"I'm going to kick your sorry butts!" you said with a smile as you took the wii remote and prepared for some Mario Kart racing.
"Don't count on that!" Canada yelled leaning closer to the television.
"Everyone knows that no girl can beat some guys at video games." America said before the game started.
-You were in the lead with [your Mario kart character] and Canada and America were left way behind. America was surely eating his words.
"Yes!!!" you yelled as you won first place in the racing.
-You could tell America was ashamed. Canada on the other hand was just down right speechless.
"Who said a girl couldn't beat a boy at video games?!" you yelled into America's face as you laughed.
"Ok. I take it back." America said. "I'm going to get some snacks so we can watch a movie." he said disappearing into the kitchen.
-You and Canada just sat in silence not knowing what to tell one another.
"So..." you said trying to strike up a conversation with Canada.
"...yea..." Canada said uncertain of what to say.
-Looking at his face you noticed a smudge of food from when you were eating ice cream before playing video games. You couldn't help but giggle at the sight of Maple flavored ice cream on his pale cheek.
"You have something on your cheek." you said trying to rub it away.
-Canada apparently was feeling uneasy as his face turned a bright color of red.
"Thank you." Canada said turning away shyly. "Can I give you something back as a thank you?"
"Uhh...sure." you said not knowing what was going to happen.
-Without warning Canada quickly gave you a kiss in the cheek. You felt warm inside even though it was a small peck. For you it meant a lot.
"Thank you Cana-" you tried saying but then Canada's little polar yelled.
"I you're going to kiss her kiss her properly!" the little bear yelled at him.
-You just laughed and looked up at Canada who was redder than any of Spain's tomatoes. Slowly Canada leaned down to kiss you on your lips. The kiss was not rough but gentle as if he was scared he was going to hurt you in any way but the kiss still love and meaning to it.
"Hey I got the snacks now we-" America said but froze as he saw you and Canada in lip lock and things were starting to get even better. 
"Oh my gosh!! You two are making out!" America yelled out.
-Canada slowly pulled away from you and throw the nearby pillow at America trying to make him shut up. 
-You never knew that one day your prince charming would happen to magically appear in America's house, even if it was his brother.
~~~Extra Ending~~~
-Getting your pillow and blanket you prepared to go to sleep with Canada in the living room. You slipped into the little area next to him as you rested your head on his warm chest.
-America laid all alone on the other side of Canada while the both of you were cuddled for warmth and he was freezing half to death. 
"Guys...please don't do anything at night...I don't want to be an uncle just yet..." America said drifting to sleep as he cuddled a pillow.
Sorry for the extremely crappy story:/ I was typing this on the bus and finals haste knocked the life and ideas out of me. So my stories aren't this good.
Hopefully I'll finish these request in time before school ends so that I can open up request again. Who would like me to open up more request?
• Hetalia doesn't belong to me
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{Name} sat in the back of the classroom with your black hoodie up.
'Why do I have to be here?' she thought to herself.
'Here with all these happy, cheery people...?' She put her sleeves down, covering the cuts and bruises on her arms. She was depressed. Her parents would get into an arguement, and then take thier anger out on {Name}. Little did she know there was a blonde boy in the other side of the classroom, who was also depressed. His reason was because her was either picked on, or forgotten.
You were walking down the hallway to see the 'populars' laughing and crowding over someone.
"Hey.." You mumbled.
A girl pushed you away and you stumbled back. This crossed the line.
"HEY IDIOTS!" You yelled.
They all looked at you and a girl said, "What do you want, little miss freak-o."
Everyone snickered. You glared at them.
"One: Keep your smart remarks to yourself. Two: If you're going to pick on someone, pick on someone your own--"
"Our own size?!" A boy interupted.
"--No. Pick on someone that has the same IQ as you. Which would mean picking on a bug with issues. Oh wait... I'm insulting the bug."
"Ah! Are you calling us stupid?!" A girl shouted.
"Uh, I think that was obvious." You remarked.
"I'd believe you...If that was a word.... No, I lied. I still wouldn't"
"This girl isn't even worth our time, let's go." They all left.
You saw a blonde boy, with purple eyes, and you put out your hand. He hesitantly reached to grab it, and when he did, you felt him shaking.
"I'm {Name}. How about you?"
"I-I'm Matthew Williams..."
"Are you okay?" You were shocked at your own concern.
"Oui.. Better now.. Thank you..."
That's when you finally noticed cuts on his arms. You pointed to his arms and stared at him.
He looked at you, with fear.
"A-Ah.. Yeah I.. Uh..--"
"No worries, I won't tell. I do the same thing."
You showed him yours, which had more cuts than his. He stared for what seemed like hours, then looked at you.
"Wh-Why would you...?"
"You tell me first."
"Well, I'm always picked on, or forgotten.."
"My parents always fight and use me as thier personal punching, slapping, breaking-glass-on-my-head kind of child..But I was planning on running away today.."
He looked at you, and pushed a little {h/c} strand of hair behind your ear.
"Y-You can live with me."
"Can I..?" You whispered.
"Thank you, Mattie.."
You walked to your next class hand in hand, smiling for the first time.
MERRR. I feel as if I failed... Hmm... Oh well!
I really didn't think I was able to do this. Srsly. I thought I'd die first.
HERE YOU GO :iconhetaliadeathgirl666: I DID IT. FOR YOU. BE HAPPY. XDD
You (c) Emo!Canada
Story (c) ME
Canada (c) Hidekaz Himaruya
Apple Cake (c) My mouth
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REQUEST-Emo! Canada X Reader : Inadequate

Matt's POV

A wall of my blonde, shoulder length hair blocked my vision as I leaned
my head down.My arms tightened slightly around one of my few friends, a
small bear, as I heard my twin shout "Yo, Mattie~ Wad up my brotha?".

Alfred was always so confident. He was athletic,good looking, and charismatic.

He would always shine like a star and I would continue to be the "inadequate"

I just looked up slightly and moved my glasses back on my nose."Oui? What
is it?"

He stood and laughed. "Dude, I'm gonna totally have a party at the house
tomorrow!" I sighed. He was so outgoing...maybe thats why he's one of the
most popular guys at school. I looked back up from my bear, who decided to
try and chew on my shoe, and sighed.

"Have fun..." He grinned, flashing his perfect teeth that would make any
dentist jizz his pants."Make sure to invite your friends!" I laughed lowly
at this. The only other friend, besides kumijiro, was ________   __________ .
She managed to make him feel...adequate...even when the rest of the world ignored

He blushed and looked out the window, thinking about her, as Alfred continued on explaining about the party.


Reader POV

You walked out of your house, in a crisp, clean (fav color) shirt with a
matching skort. You were so excited to get out of the house even though it
was to go to school. You skipped slightly over to the Jones house to get
your best friends so you all could walk together.

Alfred walked up to you, sporting a t-shirt with a popular logo on the cover.
He smiled and waved, eager as ever. "Yo, wad up, my sista from a notha mister?"
You laughed loudly "Nodin much my broth from anotha motha!" He laughed with
you this time "So, you ready?" He asked, lifting his bookbag. You turned your
head to the side in confusion. "What about Matt?"

As soon as you said this, the person in question ran out of the house with a bagel hanging out of his mouth. He stopped beside you and panted from the effort.
"Sorry guys! My alarm broke and I spilled maple syrup every where" Matt looked
at them with a confused expression, then he just sighed. "Alfred, did you forget
about me?"

Alfred just laughed , trying to ease the tension. "Sorry bro!" Matt smiled
slightly and nodded ."I-Its alright...I forgive you..."

However, you could see the hurt hiding inside, behind his mask.

You turned to comfort him when Alfred face palmed himself. "I almost forgot!
We're havin a partay at the house tonight! You comin, right? " Matt and Alfred
leaned towards you with puppy faces, in one of those rare twin-unison things.

"Of course!"


TIME SKIP!!! *Cue twilight zone theme!*

The party was about to start and you were stuck staring at all of your clothes on
your bed, hoping to find the perfect outfit to impress Matt. Sure he was a great
friend, but you yearned for something a little more...romantic...

You finally chose a nice (color) shirt with matching heels and slacks. Bussinessy,
yet fun!

You strolled up to the door with a smile. You couldn't wait to see Matt's reaction!
You knocked on the door and Alfred's cheery smile. "Dude, you made it!" he
smirked in a odd...predatorily... way. "I was especially waiting for you..." .
You shivered in slight fear, but shook it off. This was Alfred! The self
proclaimed hero! He would never hurt you! Would he...?

You walked inside and gasped at just how many people showed up. You shuffled
your way past the crowd to the drink table, hoping to see Matt there...


You had looked every where for him, and yet ... no dice. You searched every bit
of the dance floor, checked with the other party goers and was half-way tempted
into checking the closets, but remembered that it WAS a party with out parental supervision.

You trudged up the stairs and knocked on the jones's twins bedroom door. Alfred
stood with that same smirk, like you were something to eat. "Hey Al! You seen
your bro?"you said calmly. He simply shook his head. He walked over and took a
seat on his bed and made a motion for you to join him.

"I have something to tell you..." he started . You shivered in slight fear
of what he wanted. "I think I'm in love with you" he finished his confession
with a stolen kiss . You sat in shock for a moment than pushed him away,
looking at the door as you did. There in the door way was Matt, his face filled with tears . His brother smirked.

Matt shook with anger. "How could you? You knew that I have feelings for her!"
You gasped. He loved you as well...? Alfred laughed . "You should have made
a move, brother dear!"

He lowered his head in defeat and you shook yours. You sighed "Alfred, you are
like a brother to me! I can't return your feelings" you turned your head to
Matts and smiled  "But I can return yours..."
a request for :iconkingdomhearts646: !

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"Oh, Mattie~! Where are you?" You called in a sing-song voice, searching desperately for your Canadian boyfriend, Matthew Williams. You happened to be at a party with Matthew, his noisy American brother Alfred F. Jones, Arthur Kirkland the irritable British gentleman, Wang Yao the mature Chinese guy, and Ivan Braginsky - the Russian who scared everyone shitless.  

You were all playing a nice game of hide-and-seek. You were 'it'. So far, you had already found everybody except for Matthew. He was definitely an excellent hider.
Little did you know that you had actually passed him multiple times, since he was only sitting in the corner, waiting for someone to notice.

"Dude, where'd he go?" Alfred asked, glancing around.

"Oh, I don't know, aru. Why is it always so hard to find him, aru?" Yao complained, with a slight frown.

"I…I'm right here…" Matthew mumbled quietly, hanging his blonde head a little dejectedly. Nobody heard him at all, and went by him yet again.

"I'm right here!" The Canadian repeated, his voice a little stronger.
Your ears caught his words this time, and you whirled around. "There you are!" You cried, happily throwing your arms around him.

He smiled weakly at you, and hugged back gently. "I was here all along…"

A powerful twinge of guilt resonated inside your chest, and you apologized profusely. "Oh, I'm so sorry, Mattie…but since you were found last, at least you don't have to be 'it'..."

He nodded mutely at you, making you smile a little.

"I found him!" You announced, raising your voice so everyone could hear you.

"Dude, where were you?" Alfred wanted to know, laughing loudly.

"I was right here all along…" Matthew replied, frowning at his brother.

"Oh, man! Do you have the power to be invisible or something, beca-AAAH!" The American was jabbed sharply in the gut by Arthur, who hissed, "You git! That was very rude!"
Alfred only laughed obnoxiously again, and Yao grumbled something about maturity.
Ivan was smiling widely and innocently, watching Arthur and Alfred squabble with glassy purple eyes.

"Anyway, now Ivan's 'it'." You declared, pointing a finger at said man. He covered his violet eyes, counting slowly in a language you assumed to be Russian.

Everyone scampered out of sight like frightened rabbits, and you chose a dark closet as your hiding place.
Upon sliding the wooden door closed, you realized you were not alone; somebody was in there with you.

"Who's there?" You whispered the question, not wanting to be heard.

A soft, shaky voice asked, "Can you see me?"

"No…" You answered quietly, shaking your head. "It's too dark."

"Oh…that's good, because I-I love you, (Name)." The voice confessed suddenly, sounding very embarrassed. You could definitely understand why they didn't want you to see them.

You were slightly taken back, unsure of whom the mysterious admirer was.

"Sorry, I only have eyes for my boyfriend." You responded hesitantly. You didn't want to hurt their feelings.

The lights were flicked on all of a sudden, and Ivan's childish voice called out,
"(Name), Matthew, you're in the closet, da?"

The bright artificial illumination streamed in from a few small cracks of the closet, and you could just barely make out the shape of Matthew. You felt a blush creep upon your cheeks, as everything clicked together in your head.
The door was slid open quite forcefully, and the Russian stood there with a happy grin plastered on his child-like face.

"I found you~" He sang out, beaming like a kid on Christmas morning.

"Aw, shucks." You giggled.

Ivan skipped off, most likely to go tell the others that he had found the two of you.

"Can you see me now?" Matthew asked you, looking a little sad.

"Yup. In fact, you're all I see now…because, I love you too." You replied, kissing him on the cheek and grabbing his hand to pull him out of the closet. The two of you headed back to rejoin the party.
Yeah...My Canada Reader Inserts always seem so damn short!
:iconcanadasulkplz: Sorry. This was a request from ~FanboyandChumChumFFF
On a brighter note, I only have 12 more stories to go...! That means requests should be open in a few weeks! :iconyayzplz:
Hetalia belongs to :iconhimaruyaplz:
You belong to :iconsexycanada2plz:

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Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: violence/gore and strong language)
Artie decided that once and for all he was going to document and prove there was something called the “Francis Syndrome”. The Francis Syndrome was a phenomenon that made any man who was raised around Francis or grew up near Francis develop a very tough, very hard exterior. They were brash, strong, rude, and outright uncaring…until you place in the other factor, Factor X, and it will cause the man afflicted by Francis Syndrome to be rendered sweet, caring, and playful. However, this was never in public, hence why the Francis Syndrome was documented, until now. Over the next few weeks, Artie along with Feliks were going to test out this theory and see how it goes with three very different test subjects. Subject One: The Direct offspring of Francis. Subject Two: The Indirect offspring of Francis. Subject Three: Francis himself. If caught, they were to immediately abort but they knew they had to be careful. A man caught doing the Francis Syndrome can immediately turn hostile and go after the innocent bystander.


Subject One: Matthew’s Day

Matthew walked through the woods with his axe in one hand and a bear trap in another. It took him most of the morning, but he tracked and got the bastard who was trying to smuggle the owls out of the preserve. Eoin had too many at his place so he set some of them free in the woods. Some asshole caught wind of it and decided to capture them for black-market sells. Owl sales have been on the rise lately. First it was because of Harry Potter now it was the Guardians of Ga’Hoole, both fuckin’ awesome books but many don’t realize that they were still wild animals and some are near endangered. As he walked closer, he could hear screams of pain. He walked around his own traps until he came to an area. The pygmy owls were looked down at the unfortunate poacher with interest while he screamed and shouted as he tried to free himself from the bear trap. Matthew looked at the owls and pats their heads.

“You little assholes better get out of here,” They blinked knowingly at him. He placed a few treats in their hollow. They shuffled inside and out of sight. Matthew looked down at the poacher, who immediately realized how much danger he was in. He tried to shuffle away only to have his trapped leg pulled. He screamed as Matthew dragged him away from the sanctuary by the bear trap. Matthew took him to the clearing and latched another one on his other leg. He screamed in agony as Matthew took the blunt end of the axe and started beating him over and over. Blood hit against the trees and shrubbery nearby and the dirt as Matthew stomped and kicked at the man. According to his papers, he was wanted dead or alive. Many poachers often begged policemen to put one they were wanted alive, just to save themselves from this torture. The man coughed blood. He knew it was almost over. Matthew switched his axe to the blade. He raised he axe with a cruel glint in his eyes. The poacher closed his eyes, ready to feel the sweet release of death.

“Mattieeeeee!” Matthew stopped. He bashed poacher’s mouth to keep him from speaking and immediate kicked him into a ditch. Within minutes ____________ came out with a basket. He could smell something delicious radiating from it. She was smiling at him.

“What are you doing here, maple leaf?”

“I’d thought I treat you with some lunch! You’ve been working hard all day! You barely had anything for breakfast! You must be starving,” he smiled, walked over and pecked her cheek.

“Come on, there’s a clearing a few yards away,” Feliks and Artie stared. Matthew was smiling, laughing, and enjoying his lunch, even though a few moments later he was torturing and about to kill a man. But that wasn’t just it. Matthew was a lot calmer now. He was even making a few jokes himself.

“You didn’t have to make this fuckin’ awesome lunch,” she made poutine for him and (favorite lunch) for her.

“I wanted to! I missed you! And I had a lot of time after I had negotiations with Ivan today. He gave me overtime after I found a flaw in his calculations. It saved him a headache in the future,”

“That’s because you’re fuckin’ smart,” he ruffled her hair, “Dmitri wasn’t there, was he?”

“Oh yes! He said something about wanting me to bear his child for him. Of course he doesn’t want the artificial way, he was thinking of us meeting someplace and giving him his new pride and joy in nine months,”

“Don’t kid like that you brat!” he started ruffling her hair hard, “Especially when I’m holding an axe!” she was laughing hard.

“You should have seen your face!” Artie smiled.

“They’re so sweet together!”


“Are you almost done?” she said looking at him.

“Almost, I’ll be back in about an hour. What you want to do tonight?”

“Hmm…order out, Netflix, and vegging on the couch?”

“I fuckin’ love you. Order whatever and have Doctor Who ready,”

“Which season?”

“Tenth Doctor,”

“Got it, see you in a bit,”

“I totally had no idea that Matthew was a Whovian,” said Feliks as Matthew lingered watching ___________ leave.

“Oh yes! He and Alfred used to watch it with me all the time when they were kids,” Matthew wait until she was out of sight before cracking his knuckles and going back into the ditch. Sounds of hacking and blood splattering rang throughout the woods. Artie documented the last bit. Okay, one down, two to go.

Subject Two: Alfred’s Day

Blood splattered all over the room as he continued beating the men in the room. He grabbed and pinned some to the walls with knives and continued his brutality from there. He didn’t stop until he heard a cough. Ivan walked calmly to what could only be the leader and roughly kicked him over.

“Now, you will tell me all that I need to know, da,” said Ivan looking at him. The man glared at him and spats at him.

“Go fuck yourself!” Ivan had a murderous glint in his eyes.

“Hold him,” Alfred grabs him and holds him up as Ivan takes out his pipe. Ivan proceeded to beat the man over and over until he finally started to talk and tell him all the information that he knew. Alfred dropped him, “Let the others go but clean him up,”

“You got it,” Alfred went into the back and came back with a chainsaw. The man scrambled to get away. The man’s subordinates watched in horror as Alfred fired it up and started to hack off their leader’s limps, while he was still breathing. After he was done, he gave each man a body part to take back to the man who offended Ivan in the first place. Alfred yawned and left. Ivan passed him a briefcase. He takes it and walks out the door. He put it into the backseat of his car and started down the road. He looked at the time. He decided to grab a few bills and pull up into a pizza place. He ordered himself a double soy cheese veggie lovers pizza and a (favorite topping) one. When he got him, the apartment was still. He wiped the blood off him when he walked into the bedroom. _____________ was fast asleep on top of the blankets still in her clothes. He smirked and crept into the room and eased into bed with her. He knew she was taking a cat nap. She was up all night studying and it was only about seven. He pulled her into her chest and kissed at her neck. She reddened in her sleep. He then slowly eased his hands under her blouse…


“EEK! ALFRED!” she jumped up looking absolutely embarrassed. He was laughing hard.

“You should have seen your face!” she started hitting him with a pillow. He laughed and blocked, grabbed one and starting beating her with it. Soon they tired themselves out and were on the bed laughing and panting.

“When did you get in?”

“Ten minutes ago,”

“And you woke me up?”

“I miss you! I haven’t seen you all day!” he pulled her into a hug, “How was your midterm?”

“Great! Thanks for helping me study by the way,”

“Whatev, I like helping you,”

“I don’t get it, you’re smart and brilliant but I often wonder why you don’t use it more,”

“Hey! I use it!”

“Eoin’s book?”

“I have strong curiosity!”

“Messing with Matthew?”

“I get off on pain,”


“He hits harder,” he smirked, “But that doesn’t mean I don’t love having my nights with my favorite person,” she blushed and noticed how tense he was.  He cringed.

“Alfred…you okay?” she gently rubbed his back. He reddens a bit.

“Fine, really, don’t worry about me,”

“The hell I won’t. You’re so tense… Get undressed and we’ll do your favorite thing tonight,” she winked. He looked at her.

“You mean it?”



“Yeah, I’m on break now so we can stay up all night doing it,”

“Fuck yeah,”

“I’ll be right back,” he smirked and started taking off his clothes. Artie and Feliks blushed. What were they planning?

“Want me to like turn off the camera?”

“Please do! I don’t want to see what Alfred is going to do to that sweet girl!” ____________ emerged a few minutes later with a plate of vegan cookies, half her type of pizza and half his, a deck of playing card and Yugioh cards. Alfred sat up when he saw her. A small blush came on his cheeks then he noticed the look in her eyes. He loved that look. It was game on.

“Let’s duel first then play Egyptian Ratscrew,” she said pre-shuffling the deck for later

“Fuck yeah; I’m going to beat your smug little ass tonight!”

“Keep dreaming, Puddin’,” she said tossing him his deck, “I just got a booster pack this morning and you will be crying like a bitch after tonight’s game,”

“Bring it! But let’s make things interesting. Loser has to do the dishes after the party this weekend,”



“Double fine!”

“Cocky, I fuckin’ love it when you’re cocky,” they started shuffling their decks. Artie smiled and turned off the camera. One more person to go…

“And I won’t let you know so you don’t fall into the observer affect,” said Feliks.

Subject Three: Francis’ Day

Francis sat across from Mr. Ralph Wilson. This man was a very small time pimp in the area, so small that he was under the radar for a few months until Francis caught wind of him. When he was discovered, he decided to hold a meeting with him to discuss how things were done in HIS town. They met at the brothel. Madame had a black eye and a few bruises on her face. Francis ignored her as she ushered them into the room. Francis ordered that no one comes in until he walked out the room. There was nothing but a table between them. Francis had his wine while Wilson had some Wild Turkey rum.

“So, you’re the man runnin’ this shit around here. Never thought I see the day I’d meet the big boss himself—,”

“Listen fucker, let’s not beat around the bush, who the fuck do you think you are fuckin’ with MY girls?” Wilson decided that he wanted to expand his business by forcing many of the brothel women to work for him. He stalked a few of them and threatened them and tried to forcefully make them work for him. He took pictures and threatened to post them online if they didn’t work. Madame wasn’t happy with this little piece of shit messing with her girls and threatened him. He, in turn, send some goons to rough her up a bit. Sapphire and Bunny, two of Francis’ favorite girls, immediately ran and got him for help. He took one look at Madame and called a meeting with him, after they briefed him on everything. Wilson was a cocky man and he since he was new to town, he had no idea that the brothel was Francis’ territory.

“Hey, hey, we can can share the cunts if you want,” said Wilson smirking, “How much you want for them? Five hundred a head? Six hundred? We’re both businessmen, I’m sure we can work something out,”

“What part of MY girls don’t you understand, those women in their belong to ME, therefore, they’re under MY protection. And I don’t want some novice pimp in my fuckin’ town causing problems. So you will give all of your women and all the data you have on my girls and then you’re going to get the fuck out of MY town,” Wilson chuckled, then laughed.

“And how are you gonna make me old man?” Wilson pulls out a gun and points it at his face, “You can’t make me do fuckin’ shit. I have the gun and you can’t do a damn thing, can you—,” the table caught Wilson by surprise as it flew at him. He lost control for a minute. Before he could regain himself, he was slammed into the wall by the head and a knife went through his the space between his neck and chin through his mouth. He stared down into Francis’ cold eyes. He took out a cell phone and pressed a few numbers.

“Give me your account numbers and passwords,” Wilson obliged. Francis brought the phone to his ear.

“You got that? Good, see you Sunday,” he hung it up. Wilson was spluttering blood as Francis proceeded to slowly torture him with various knives. He stabbed his chest and watched with sick joy as he dragged it downwards revealing the second layers of flesh. He then kneed him in the stomach. He doubled over. Francis stomped on his back then proceeded to kick his face over and over and over. When he was done, he light up a cigarette and walked out the room to the waiting ladies, “Sapphire, Bunny, roll him up and send him the river,”

“Of course Francis,” he tossed them a few bills.

“Treat yourselves to something nice,” he walked towards the door. He turned to Madame, “Next time this fuckin’ happens, call me, that’s what I pay you for. Don’t pretty up that face of yours,” she blushed and nodded.

“Yes Francis,” he walked out the door and headed home. He opened the door and saw Artie already home. He was curled up on the couch looking sad and worried at the same time. When he saw Francis, he looked up. Francis noticed that his face was tear stained and he looked as though he was about to cry again.

“Francis…” Artie got up and ran to him. He sobbed heavily in his chest. Francis gently rubbed his back.

“What’s the matter?”

“A-Am I a bother?”

“No, stop being so stupid about things like that. What brought this on?”

“I-I was just feel sad because…you’re never around and I think I offended you…sometimes I feel as though I trapped you in some way…I’m sorry if I trapped you into this Franny, I really am and I—,” Francis pulled the rambling man into a kiss. Artie stopped and looked up.

“Stop being so fuckin’ neurotic, I’m here because I want to be here. If I didn’t like it, I would have left ages ago. Stop being so worried over nothing. What brought this on?”

“Y-You’re not home as much…and we hadn’t slept together in ages…I miss you,”

“Then fuckin’ say something,”

“Francis I miss you! Please don’t leave anymore!” Francis swore that Artie was a woman sometimes, that or he just had sympathy PMS from Kaya…then again Kaya broke things when she was PMSing…

“Have you been trying to help that lady with her relationship again?” Mrs. Watkins has been come to the bakery throughout her entire relationship with a man named Bobby and several men. She’s been conflicted and sharing idiotic views about relationships even though not a one has worked for her, except Bobby, whom she really didn’t love. It was more of a convenience thing. Artie looked down. Francis has scolded him about listening to anything that woman said about relationships, “ARTIE!”

“I’m sorry Franny! She really needed someone to listen!”

“The woman’s a train wreck and then she puts idea in your head!”

“I’m sorry!”

“Stop apologizing! You know what she is! She just likes drama and the more the better and I’ll be damned if she turns you into a drama queen,” Artie smiled, “Look, our relationship is fine and it’s because you don’t spy on me and shit and you nag, it’s a win-win,”

“It’s not nagging! It’s concern! I’m worried about you Franny!”

“Stop worrying, I’ll be okay all I need is for you to be home and happy,” Artie smiled at him and pulled him down into a sweet kiss. Francis frowned as Artie rubbed his cheek with him.

“I love you, Franny pants,”

“You’re insufferable,”

“I love you so much,”

“I’m fond of your company,”

After looking over the data of all three subjects, there have been a lot to conclude. The Francis Syndrome is in fact a real thing. However, there are some interesting things about the data. The more direct the Subject is to Francis, the syndrome is more…sweet and adorable. The Indirect Subject, although more degenerate and violent was able to switch off in order to properly be with his Factor X. Finally, Francis himself…inconclusive. I don’t feel right in watching the video. Franny trusts me to not spy on him and by golly I won’t. But I would say from personal experience, the Francis Syndrome isn’t necessarily a bad thing. There has to be a safe place for all people to be have alone time with their Factor X. That’s why it’s alone time, it’s not to shared outside, however, with the originator of the Francis Syndrome, it’s safe to say that actions speak louder than words and should be cherished as so.
Hey guys! Here's something that's been brewing about in my head for awhile. This is from a RP with :iconanimestar194: We talked about Francis Syndrome or being tsundere lol So here's something cute, fluffy and gory for the weekend. I'm starting to feel my old self again. thank you all SO much for understanding! I really appreciate it. Also for this one, I didn't use (M/RC) or (A/RC) to differ between the two Reader-chans. I'm just trying it out. (And I'm a bit too lazy tonight lol) So to all NEWCOMERS: Matthew and Alfred DO NOT share the same Reader-chan. I know there's going to be one who doesn't read this. Any who, enjoy and forgive the mistakes ^^

I don't own you or Hetalia
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A deep cave in the woods.  That was your lovely home.  Yes it may be a bit cramped, but it was the only home you needed and that you wanted.  

Put a burning fire in there with smaller rocks as a sort of pit, an animal skin blanket that was accompanied by a very comfortable pillow you’d snatched from a house in town, which was about 70 miles away from you in all directions, and you were set.  You like this isolation rather than being in the middle of all those… People.

Even without the fire and blanket, you’d be warm, but it made you feel…  A little more human to have the necessities that normal humans would need.  Besides, you were not going to eat your kills, the animals you hunted, raw!  EW…  Well…  You made yourself think it was ew, but it was rather yummy…

Being a Werewolf, you required a little different of a  lifestyle than humans did.  For one, you needed the space to roam and run free.  Not able to live without the wind flying around you.  Two, you needed to hunt.  Now, you only hunted for food and skins when you needed it.  Which you barely took the skins so you respectfully buried the animal after you were done.

And Thirdly…  Since your senses were heightened…  You felt a lot more than the average human…  So you didn’t like being near people…  People were mean and heartless things that needed to be taught a lesson.  They only cared for themselves… Only your Grandma was different.  

Your grandma had died many years ago, but you still missed her, feeling a twinge of pain in your chest each time you thought of her, just like now.  She was a werewolf just like you.  Your whole family had been werewolves actually and they were killed off by those … ‘people’.  

Though she was very old, she was very smart.  You could ask her anything and she’d always have an answer…  But… A couple humans were hunting while she was out teaching you some new things in your werewolf forms, since you were only a little pup, you couldn’t save her.  she protected you by hiding you and trying to attack those hunters.  She usually would win and kick their asses, but there was more than she could handle and…

Sighing as the random memory had popped into your mind, you stood from your bed and stretched.  Having on denim shorts and a loose black tank top that you’d had.  Looking around your cave, you smiled a little.  Well, besides the fire and bed, you had used one of the walls for a dresser by carving out a closet and using tree branches as hangers for clothes you thought were cute and that you’d found.  

You also had a small pond deeper into the cave that water would melt from the ice cicles and drip into it so you always had clean drinking water.

Most would think that this way of living was horrible with all that technology, but you loved it.  Humming a soft tune, you walked to the closet and grabbed a red hooded cape that your Grandmother passed down to you from when she was a kid.  It was made of wool that had been dyed.  

Tying the strings around your neck, you used the ice on the cave near the exit as a mirror and smiled a little as you pulled up the hood over your (h/c) hair.  The extra material flowed down your back and around your arms.

Since you’d just hunted the day earlier, you had food, but you loved to walk.  Dimming the fire, you sighed as you waked to the edge of the cave, feeling the snow crunching under your bare feet.  Closing your eyes, you took a deep breath, smelling the fresh air, and the scents of the woods.  It smelled so alive…  So sweet…

Walking the pathway down the mountain where you lived, you couldn’t help but bask in the shimmering snow on the forest ground.  The trees were bare, but the snow lain upon the branches added to the breathtaking scenery.  

As you walked, you were glad to see that you were the first human, and animal to step in the newly set snow on the ground which covered up yours, and others, previous tracks from the night before. Humming once more, you let your mind wander as your feet walked.  Knowing this land like the back of your hand…  but even you were one to get lost in thoughts and ended up walking a path you didn’t recognize till you opened your eyes once more.  

With your keen senses, you could feel humans near…  and.. the smell of gunpowder.  Growling, you narrowed your eyes. On the prowl now as you quickened your pace towards the men.  You could tell by the sound of their walk and the way their voices were deep that they were male.

The smell of their guns pissed you off more than anyone could ever know.  

Coming up to the three of them, your (e/c) eyes turned a white color as the wolf inside you started growling and roaring, wanting to be let loose.  In the distance you could faintly feel anothers heartbeat, but the steps were so light that you knew it had to be an animal, so you let it go and focused on these slobs in front of you.  

Crouching down, you followed the three till they found an animal.  It was a bear.  Your eyes widened realizing that was the bear you’d helped with her birthing not to long ago.  She had 4 cute cubs that you’d help named…  Growling low in your throat making one of the men turn and look behind him, you hid behind a tree.  Not realizing a pair of lilac orbs were glued onto you.

Taking your cape off with care, you gently set it on a branch before taking the hem of your tank top and pulling it upwards.  Stripping that and your shorts off, your ears and tail already out from irritation, you got on all fours before your body shifted.  You’d done it so many times before that it only took a second.

Your coat was soft and thick, and it was (h/c).  The same color as your normal hair.  Though your usually (e/c) eyes were that bright white color.  White as the morning snow that you were just stepping on not too long ago.

Tail swishing back and forth, you looked to the men again and gasped as you saw the men aiming.  Looking to the bear you warned her quickly with a howl.  She looked up and saw the men.  Growling, you charged at the men and just before he could fire, you grabbed the gun in your mouth, ripping it from his hands and breaking it in half with your sharpened teeth.  Baring the deadly weapons to them as you put yourself in between them and the Mama bear with her cubs that were retreating.  

“Looks like we’ve found our new rug men~”  the one fat one in the middle said.  “I’ve never seen a wolf this big… It’ll be a great trophy “ The one to the right said, a bit skinnier.  then the one that you ripped the gun from was glaring to you.  “it doesn’t matter.  Lets kill it.” This is what you hated about people…  

They hunt for fun…  And feel no remorse when they kill.  Growling louder, you held your ground, feeling the Mama bear and the cubs were still too close to leave.  Wait…  That one heartbeat you’d felt before…  It was still and only a little bit away from you.  Looking up in between the men, you saw a tall blond watching the scene.  Eyes widening, you momentarily froze.  

Did he see you?  Did the man, looking ever so bored, see you transform?  Hearing a gunshot, you just barely moved out of the way of the bullet, it grazing your shoulder making your whimper.  Instantly covering that up with a growl as you advanced.  Dodging the bullets the men were spraying at you by zig zagging, you attacked the fat one that seemed to be the leader and deliberately bit his hand.  

You could feel he was a greedy man who only cared for himself…  He didn’t care about these two he was with even though they were friends.  Right now, he was thinking he’d rather leave them for you to eat while he fled.  Growling more, you made it a point to break his hand before you felt a bullet in your back.

Instantly, your jaw released the man as a pain that you’ve not felt in your life before shot up through your body.  Your body shook as you fell to the ground.  Getting up weakly while the other two helped up the man who’s hand you broke, you took your ground and looked over your shoulder to see the Mama bear had come back.  Eyes widening.  You growled to her to leave.  

Hearing one of the men gasp, your eyes shot to him only to hear the shot go off too late.  Without thinking, you jumped in front of the bullet.  Falling to the ground like a rock in water.  It’d hit your side this time.  

Starting to black out, your ears twitched as you faintly heard screams in front of you.  Weakly opening your eyes, seeing a haze at first, you blinked away the fog and saw that blond haired man had moved from his spot and was hitting the men on the ground with something that looked like a stick.  Blinking, which your eyes just dropped shut for a while, you opened the once more to see lilac eyes in front of you, looking down to you.  “You did good girl.”  

His voice was deep and soothing, and it’d put you out, making you go under.

~hot timeeeeskipp brought by sexy matty~

Waking up, your whole body was on fire.  Well, it felt like it…  You were human once more, and you were in a bed…  Opening your eyes you cringed at the light from the fire that was burning.  Though it was low, you couldn’t help but feel it was like the sun.  

Quickly getting your self to adjust to it, you slowly as ever leaned up, hissing and wincing as you did so.  Looking to your body, you saw that your whole torso was wrapped in bandage.  And you had on loose bottom pants that if you were to get up, would fall right off you.  

Taking in your surroundings, you gulped as you saw that this was not your cave…  This was someones room… A mans room.  Looking to the book shelves and the gun racks, you forced yourself to get up.  Your hand instantly going to your side where a pain was starting to become numb.  Seeing it bleeding, you growled lowly in your throat and snapped your head up when you heard the door open to reveal a man in jeans and a button up flannel.  

“So…  Took you long enough to wake up. “  he set a plate of, was that pancakes?, down on the nightstand before going to touch your arms.  You winced and growled lowly in your throat.  He just continued looking to your wounds and sighed before sitting you on the bed.  You wiped off where he touched you as if it would wipe his touch away.  You didn’t know why…  But you felt a spark whenever he’d touch you…

“Eat.”  Was all he said before leaving.  Staring at the door, you then turned your attention to the food.  After a lot of debating in your head, you decided to eat and when he came in to an empty plate, he gave a ghost of a smile before re-doing your wrap.  Somehow you didn’t really care that he looked at you naked…  Though you guessed he already did before when you changed.

“Who are you?”  You snapped at him after he was done.  He just put the first aid things away and pet your head.  You couldn’t help but lean into that warm and somehow comforting hand.  “I’m Matt…  Come into the living room” he said simply before walking out of the room.

“....” Interested, you held the large pants up with your hands as you slowly made your way out of the room and down the hall to where you saw another fire burning lowly.  Looking around, you saw not one animal head, instead, you saw that he had a lot of veggies and fruits.  But you could smell meat in the fridge…  

Sitting down next to this, ‘Matt’, person you looked over him.  He seemed nice… and you could tell he wasn’t like those normal humans…  “I’m (Name)...”  you said, looking him over intently.  Seeing him look back with those lilac eyes, you blushed softly as they looked like they were baring into your soul.  

“Pleasure.  That bear…  She’s safe.”  he said, making a smile appear on your face.  “Really??  That’s great.~”  “yeah… And if you would have been at a different angle you wouldn’t have been safe…”  You blinked now, was he scolding you?

Scoffing, your crossed your arms, wincing at how that sent a pain through you that you were slowly starting to get used too.  “I don’t need a ‘human’ to tell me how to live.  If I did. I wouldn’t be as old as I am now you fucker.”  You really hated humans...  To the point where you didn’t filter anything that came out of your mouth.

The man just rolled his eyes and staid quiet.  The silence felt heavy and you could tell what he was thinking.  Without using your senses...  Or without him speaking.  ‘Don’t you dare talk to me like that.’  What he was saying was loud and clear.  And you whimpered softly at the power he had.  Your tail and Ears were out still and your fluffy tail curled around you whilst your ears flattened.  What kind of human was this?

He must have noticed because his frightening aura disappeared almost instantly and a little smile appeared on his rugged face, making his feature light up.  You didn’t know why, but your heart sped up.  

“So...  Why aren't you scared...  or shocked that i can change into a wolf...?”  You asked a little hesitantly.  The question weighing on your mind.  

He just shrugged and rested his head against the back of the couch, his blond ponytail over the back of the couch.  “Nothing surprises me.”  Well that sounded like a challenge...  And you weren’t one to pass it up~...  But you’d mess with this man later... right now you needed to heal...  and he was your savior..  He could have left you to die...

At the thought, you shivered and wrapped yourself in a hug.  You didn’t get cold but the thought gave you the shakes.  Matt must have noticed since he put one of his large sleeved arms around your slim shoulders and pulled you against his chest.  Making your (e/c) eyes widen and a soft blush appear on your cheeks.  He was so warm...  Warmer than you...

Looking up to him, you were going to say something but you couldn’t help but smile seeing his face.  It was so relaxed and with his eyes closed, it made you feel safe.  Sighing, you let your ears flatten against your head as your one hand clutched onto Matt’s shirt.  

You stayed there in his house for a while whilst your injuries healed and let Matt change the bandages when needed.  You found out a lot about you savior.  He had a brother that was very annoying and reckless;  He loved solitude just as much as you did and for the same reasons;  He only hunted when he was low on food;  and what really warmed you up to him was that he’d grabbed your red cloak that you instantly snuggled and held when he gave it to you.  

The small smiles and light teases slowly started turning into something else as you started getting closer and closer to Matt.  He was a kind and caring guy, but he never showed it.  When you would hurt yourself a little, he’d instantly fuss over you in his own way.  It made you feel like someone special...  

Then something happened...  SHE came.  SHE being not a human... not anything really living...  SHE was your heat...

When werewolves get to a certain age or stayed around someone of the different sex for long periods of times...  They start going into what normal animals go into.  They go in heat.

It was the most annoying thing in the world because ever since the first time when you hit puberty, you were forced to go into a heat whenever it would be mating season.  That’s also one of the many reason you don’t live in the city.  You didn’t want to jump some random person.  Out here you didn’t have to worry over thats since you were the only human out here other than the hunters.  And you either killed them or scared them off before you could even get close to them.

Of course.  You were with Matt though for, what was it now, 3 months?  Maybe even more than that.  Either way, because you’ve been with him for more than a couple weeks, you and your wolf had started growing attached, and it had awakened your heat which was very out of season for you.

Waking up one morning, in Matts bed like usual, you stretched out, your tail wagging softly.  That and your ears were always out now.  It was just comfortable that way.  The smell of pancakes were in the air and you smiled as your stomach growled in hunger.  Rolling out of bed, wearing on of Matts rather large flannels, you buried your face in it, shivering at his familiar and comforting smell.  It didn’t help your heat, but you loved his smell... and you realized you loved him too.   You’d figured that out a while ago...

Hopping up, you hummed as you walked out of the room and to the kitchen.  Your wounds didn’t hurt anymore, and there were only scars left.  With you being a werewolf, you healed faster than normal humans.

Seeing Matthew near the stove, you grinned as you slowly started sneaking up behind him.  You were going to scare him today!  Thats it!  Ever since you’d gotten used to him, you loved trying to get him to use a facial expression…  Any that wasn’t just bored looking.  You were able to scare him once when you disappeared from the house.  You’d do it again if he didn’t give you such a stern look the last time.  

A wolfish grin sneaked on your face as you were mere inches from him.  Having your hands at the ready, you were just about to jump scare him when he spoke, scaring you instead.  “How many pancakes do you want (Name)?”  

Groaning, you wrapped your arms around his waist and snuggled his back softly.  You’d grown attached to him, so your animal side loved being pampered while your human side loved being close to him.  “I want 6~”  You hummed happily.  Looking to Matts face, your heart fluttered when he gave a lopsided grin.

“Why do I even ask.  You always get that many...  That with some raw meat and milk oui?”  He said, causing you to shiver.  You loved his French accent that he barely ever used.  He would say he sounded like a pussy but he would speak it for you~

Nodding, you contently clung onto him, biting your lip as you felt a heat rising in you.  “I’d Love to have some raw meat~”  You practically purred a little.  Not able to help your voice sound all lusty and needy.  And It embarrassed you that it did, but then again, that look that Matt gave you was slightly worth it.

He looked a little shocked, well for him it was very shocked, as he looked over at you over his shoulder.  “Well Damn…  I wasn’t expecting that~ “  

You were glad to have him keeping that cute, semi smile on his face.  It was nice since he’d kept it on during breakfast…  But…  Then he did something that made you really confused.  He licked your cheek.  

Gulping slightly, you blushed darkly.  He only said.  “You had syrup on your cheek.”  You were like, ‘okay’ at first, but then blushed even more when he continuously did it.  It was not helping your heat.  You could feel yourself slowly getting wetter as you moved your thighs.  

When he went up to put the dishes away, you hopped up and was going to run to the room, but he grabbed your hand, making your snap your head to him, wide eyed and confused.  “(Name)...  Do you go into heat like other animals?”  The question was so random, you couldn’t help but let out a soft whimper, your ears flattening, and your tail wrapping around his leg.

“N-no….  I’m not a fucking animal…”  You whispered softly before nuzzling him, showing how you were feeling even though you said you weren’t.  He chuckled and rolled his eyes, Picking you up and carried you to yours and his bed.  

The two of you snuggled, well you snuggled into his side, on the bed for the rest of the day.  You were beyond happy.  He didn’t even say anything about bout in heat~  It was nice.  You may have a slight feeling that you were found out at being in heat, but you knew Matt wouldn’t jump you.  He was human so he didn’t get to smell the hormones and all that you had.  Thankfully because if he did, you snuggling him and being so close to him would be making him lose his mind!

Looking up to him, you smiled, your ears perking up as your tail lightly wagged.  “I love you Matt.”   You said sweetly.  You’d told him before multiple times, but he played it off as a puppy love.  His eyes flashed a moment and before you could react, you were right below him, looking to him with wide (e/c) eyes.  “M-matt??”

You could faintly see an outline of wolf ears on his head as if they were there but not.  Was it just your imagination?  

Seeing him lean down, getting closer to your face, you gasped as his Lilac eyes flashed a snow white color like yours usually did, power radiated from him that you’d not felt in him before.  It was as if something had snapped inside him and he’d … he’d reacted to you…  “Matt…  Are… Are you a werewolf?”  You asked with confusion in your voice when he licked up your neck, and nipped at it, making you shudder in pleasure.  His pointed teeth making you turn crimson.  

Matt leaned up after giving you a rather noticeable hickey and grinned his sexy grin.  “Oui.  I am.”  You looked up to him dumbfounded before blushing more.  He could feel your heat then, smell it.  Oh you must have been torturing him so much!!  ‘I’m… I’m sorry Matty!  I didn’t mean to-”  he set a finger on your lips, making you shut up and look up to him with wide eyes.  

Seeing his ears appear, and feeling his tail against your bare leg when it appeared as well, you blushed seeing him like that.  He looked so beautiful…  

You must have been staring at him for quite some time because the fire in the room had dimmed, making shadows appear on the walls and making Matt glow slightly.  Reaching a hand up, you gently cupped his cheek, feeling the light scruff on it that he’d usually shave.  “Matt…  “  You whispered, your heart pounding like a drum in your chest as the simple touch set you on fire since he’d finally shown you his real self, and his real power was affecting you.

“Matt…  I love you…”  You said looking into his white eyes, your own (e.c) ones turning the same snowy color as your wolf side started coming out more from his.  Matt set his large hand upon your own and leaned into it, his tail swishing behind him against your legs.  “I love you too.  I knew from the moment I met you that you were my mate.”  

Eyes widening, you smiled brightly.  A mate…  A mate was that one person that you’d be bound to forever through the bodies, minds and hearts.  Your grandmother had found her mate and he had died the same way, protecting his family.  You wouldn’t know it was your mate though fully until you kissed the other person…  

Sliding your hands around Matt’s neck, you pulled him down, keeping eye contact with him as the distance between you two closed.  Closing your eyes, he leaned down the rest of the way and kissed you passionately.  Your heart instantly sparked as well as your body.  Moaning softly from the heat that raged through your body from the simple kiss, your shivered as you realized he really was your mate.

When you two finally parted, you smiled sweetly to him before flipping him onto his back.  Growling playfully, you ground against him.  “Matty~  Lets play~”  You said sweetly before the two of you played for a while.  In human form and in werewolf form.  The two of you ‘played’ for a while till the next night.

Panting on his chest, in human form, you were so tired that you couldn’t even move.  Looking up to Matt after catching your breath, you gave a smile to him and kissed his lips gently and lovingly.  He wrapped his arms around your naked form and held you softly.  “(Name)...  What are we going to name our pups?”  Blinking a couple times, you blushed and felt your stomach.  It wouldn’t surprise you if you’d gotten pregnant from all those times he … well you know…

“Anything we come up with when they’re born~”  You said happily.

~couple month timeskip~

You had your litter of pups in your wolf form, having a total of three cute babies.  Three boys.  You licked their heads softly as they drank from you, Matt and his large form right beside you and the boys.  Looking up to him, you smiled gently and licked his cheek.  Nuzzling his side, he laid behind you and laid his head down so you could lay your own head upon his.  This was much better than your lonely cave in the mountain…  You couldn’t wait to keep adding onto your family~
Requested by :iconguardianarchangel:

I'm so so so so SO Sorry!!!  I told you I forgot to submit it :iconcryingplz:  I'm really sorry!

I hope you like it either way dear!  I know it's not really what you asked for but I got half of it right?? 

Aaaaand thanks for being so patient, i know it's long but yeahh...  I hope whoever reads this enjoys as well ^.^
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(Contains: sexual themes, violence/gore and ideologically sensitive material)
Alfred was in a dating rut, more like a fuck rut. He hadn’t fucked or dated in a month and after the brothel incident, the women refused to touch him and put out a ban to all sex workers to not take him. It was called “The Brunette Fucker Rule”. Not until he could prove himself, he was banned. So he decided to take drastic measures, aka, his uncle’s book. Eoin has kept the book under lock and key in an undisclosed location that is on his person. Alfred decided to sneak into the house while he was out and look around. So far, it wasn’t in the usual places, it wasn’t in the safe, it wasn’t in the basement under ten slabs of marble, it wasn’t buried in the backyard into a tomb in a safe and chained, and it wasn’t in the attic surrounded by sharp objects in a safe, in marble, and Plexiglas. Eoin was getting better at hiding his book. Alfred knew it had to be in plain sight this time. Soon he found it, in a titanium suitcase, with an access code. Getting code wasn’t too hard. Eoin liked making weird things are codes and using code from things he liked. He started thinking and he just used the code from the last episode from one of her favorite shows: 5-19-23-6-21-16 18-9-6 4-16-19 22-12-15-10-20-19-25-19. The case flew opened and there was small safe. Alfred stared at it. He pressed a button.

“Voice recognition needed,” he stared. He sighed and cleared his throat.

“It’s me, Eoin,” he said his best impression of his uncle.

“Welcome Eoin, what your passcode?”


“Dipper, Mabel, and Soos,” Alfred thought for a few moments.

“Pine tree, Shooting Star, and Question Mark,”

“Passcode accepted!” Alfred grinned and happily trotted off. Eoin was clever but so was he. Didn’t he know that show was fuckin’ awesome? Now, it was time for him to start looking through the book for help. While going through, he found a few useful things that he copied on a sheet of paper for later but soon he found what he was looking for, a spell called “You’re Mine!”. According to the spell, it’ll make anyone of the opposite sex fall madly and desperately in love with you within a hundred mile radius. He read through the spell.

“Okay, I’ll need an article of clothing from the opposite sex…” he went into Matthew’s room and found ___________’s favorite coat that she left over the other night. Matthew threatened him with death if he even touched it, “Check. Now something of mine,” he took off his bomber jacket and lays it on the grass, “Check…and a new moon…check!” he decided to skim through the warnings, “Blah, Blah should be taken seriously, blah, blah, blah, doesn’t work on family or people close like family, blah, blah, blah….” He closed the book and started the preparations. He drew a circle with chalk and a bunch of symbols, then he put his jacket on the left and ___________’s coat on the right, and finally his lit candles all over the circle and started the incantation. However, Alfred didn’t read all of the directions. According to the spell, his jacket had to be on the right and ____________’s coat had to be on the left. He also didn’t read that the spell, unless broken, the spell’s effects will increase hour by hour. If the victim is close to the opposite sex, they will be more determined to make them theirs. The last thing that Alfred really should have looked at was if the person preferred the same sex the effects would be the same as well. He continued as if it was nothing. The spell was cast and the whole town was engulfed by the spell. Alfred proudly went back to bed with a grin on his face.

______________ woke up like she usually did. She yawned and stretched and went to the bathroom to freshen up before school. Everything was normal, normal, just plain normal and she was happy about that. Her mother didn’t bother getting up. She shrugged and went downstairs to make some breakfast. She finished eating and cleaning up when she heard the bell ring. She grabbed her backpack and lunch and went to the door. She saw a familiar hair curl bouncing at her.


“Yeah!” she and Matthew resumed walked to school when they entered high school. For awhile, because of other things, they stopped for about year but now it was back to normal.

“Hey sweetheart,” she turned. A group of guys were cat calling ___________ from the alley, “Wanna have a good time?” she shook her head and kept walking.

“I’ve never seen a cute little piece of hot ass like you before,” said blond with gray eyes.

“Why don’t you bring that fine ass over here and we’ll show you a good time,” he shook her head.

“Don’t be fuckin’ frigid I bet you know how to work that mouth,” Matthew took off his backpack and hands it to her.

“Stay here,” Matthew walked into the alley. She leaned against the wall hearing kicked, punished, smacks, and crying. Matthew emerged a few minutes later cracking his knuckles, “Let’s go,”

“What was that all about?”

“They’re fuckin’ assholes,” they finally arrived at school. Matthew pecked her cheek and took off to hockey practice. She headed for her locker. As she walked, she noticed many eyes on her. She walked faster to her locker. Suddenly Maximo appeared next to her. He had a strange, goofy look on his face.

“Hey chica,” he said very low and grinning.

“Hi Maximo,” she said smiling while grabbing her books.

“Here, allow me!” he took them from her.

“Oh, thank you!”

“No prob! You need a big strong man to help you with things,”

“I can usually handle that,” she said laughing.

“Please look at those puny little arms!”

“Hey! They’re not puny you jerk!” he laughed and ruffled her hair, “I’m sorry I can’t be strong and hulking like you!”

“What? You shouldn’t be hulking! You’re too cute. So with that being said, you free today?”


“Hey ___________!” she looked up. Tim was smiling at her with the same grin, “Can I walk you to class?”

“Fuck off I’m doing it!”

“She doesn’t want you! She wants me!” growls Tim, “Come on, I know how to get into all of the exclusive clubs. We can go after school! I can you in anywhere with a fake ID,”


“She doesn’t like clubs! Plus who know what kind of fuckin’ shit you’ll give her! We can get ice cream, together _____________,”

“No way! She’s perfect the way she is no matter how much she gains but you know you don’t need to eat anymore!” Tim said coldly.


“You couldn’t afford it!” the boy bickered back and forth until ____________ pulled them apart.

“Listen, I’m flattered but you two do know I’m dating Matt, right?”

“I can make you happier,” said Maximo grinning, “Trust me,”

“By squashing her in her sleep!” Tim wraps his arms around her and rocks her, “We can have so much fun with strobe lights and neons,”

“After you put her on a bad fuckin’ trip!” they stated on each other again. She took the opportunity to slip away from them and hurried to find Feliciana. As she walked, she kept hearing catcalls. She glared and kept walking until she found Feliciana and Elizabeta outside.

“When did you become so popular?” said Feliciana coming up with Elizabeta.

“Seriously! I mean you status boosted at least two hundred percent after you and Matt became an item,”

“Just hide me! I don’t want the attention!”

“You can make any boy who whatever you like. Do you know how many girls want that power?”

“Seriously!” said Feliciana, “There’s talk around school of about twenty men breaking up with their girlfriends just for a NIGHT with you,”

“Ick! I don’t want that!”

“Make them fight to the death!” said Elizabeta excitedly, “Ooh! In Alfred’s case, make him wear a mini skirt and sing I’m a Bitch!”

“You seriously have problems!”

“Hey! I miss seeing him in a skirt!”

“Well…Francis hid them all,”

“That fiend!”

“Guys, what am I going to do?”

“Fight to the death!”


“Okay, okay, it could just be a prank or something,” said Feliciana, “It’ll die down by the end of the day,”

“If not, just make a beeline to one of us and we’ll protect you. I’ll tell Monika about it when she gets here,”

“Thanks guys!” the bell rang and they ran to the class. Class time was worst. Boys were jumping at the chance to her partner. In French, she was reciting her part for in the Peter Rabbit translation. She knew she messed up at least five times. At the end, all the boys cheered and whistled. Matthew…well if looks could kill. In History, for their World Civilizations project, Vash and Lievan, Laura and Tim’s cousin, got into a fight about who was going to be __________’s partner. It was immediately subdued when Monika volunteered with __________ sticking close to her. When the bell ran for lunch, ______________ ran out of class. Today was strange, very, very strange! What the hell was going on? She never had so many people hit on her at once. She felt a bit uncomfortable as she walked through the halls. She decided to hide in the library until the heat wore off. She sighed and opened her lunch, only…it wasn’t her lunch. In fact, her entire backpack was filled with about ten different types of lunches. One was filled with her favorite dessert with the note “I think you’re the most gorgeous thing on two feet”- Toris. The second one was a large bento box of Japanese “Be mine forever!”-K. Honda. She was getting scared now. She only met Kuro Honda once and that because he and Alfred were trying to kill each other. She looked through each one from different boys at school, Maximo, Tim, Alfred, Vash, and Lieven and about ten others. She didn’t feel right in eating all of this and searched through hers until she found it. She was about to dig in.

“Napkin?” said a husky voice behind her. She jumped and grabbed her chest, nearly having a heart attack. She turned and saw two gray eyes and light hair.

“Oh Nikolai…you scared me,”

“I didn’t mean to. Listen, I’m not going to beat around the bush. I want you to marry me,” she froze. He looked at her with an ice cold look but she knew that look. It’s the same look Dmitri had when they were together.

“Nikolai…you’re a sweet and all but I can’t, I’m in a relationship!”

“I don’t care. You and Matthew shouldn’t together but that’s okay, you will marry me. I will make you happier than he or my brother ever could,”

“No, she’s going to fuck me!” Alfred ran into the room only be slammed by Nikolai between the eyes. Nikolai regained himself quickly and slammed Alfred in the stomach. They both went at it, knocking over shelves and things. ___________ took the opportunity to run and hide again. Out in the hall she was greeted to every boy in school literately beating the living shit out of other. She stared.

“She’s going to go out with me!” Maximo banged Tim against the lockers, who with all his might, rammed him backwards into the lockers.

“NO! She’s going out with me!”

“So you can fuckin’ drug her with LSD?!”

“Don’t fuckin’ knock it!”

“Fuckin’ tweeker!”

“She’s going out with me!” said Toris and Dmitri were going at it. Dmitri was usually a quiet person…until threatened. Toris slammed him hard into the lockers, “What makes you think you have a chance? She only went out with you because of pity!”

“No, it’s because she loves someone else,” Dmitri kneed him in the stomach. Toris doubled over as the handle part of his pitchfork caught on the side of the face. Toris went to get up, only to be almost impaled by it. He dove away as Dmitri slammed down, barely missing him. Dmitri felt a presence behind him. __________ was staring at him, bewildered. He smiled sheepishly at her and gestured for her to run.

“HEY! SHE’S OVER THERE!!” Dmitri pointed to the other side of the hall. The boys, like blind, stupid sheep, ran towards it. __________ ran to the Principal’s Office. She was out of breath when she got there. Germania was looking out the window. She gulped.

“Madness…absolute madness…Miss ____________ join me at the window,” she slowly went to the window. Within a matter of minutes, there was a full blown free for all outside. Everyone was attacking everyone. Maximo and Tim were still going at it, Vash was shooting at Alfred (________ wondered how the HELL did he get that on the premises), who was riding a horse backwards (again she wondered, how did this happen) beating groups of people with his bat while shouting “TREMBLEY AWAY!”. Toris rolled around with Nikolai who was actually a pretty skilled fighter with his lead pipe. Matthew was seen fighting his way through the crowd as Lieven and Dmitri fought with their weapons, a waffle pan and a pitchfork. There were banners all over the place saying “Give me _________ or give me death!” “Death for __________!” “Winner takes all!” She was absolutely terrified at this point. Germania closed the drapes.

“In order to get you out of this school safely and undetected, I’m giving you a pass to leave the premises immediately,”

“Thank you sir!”

“Please don’t mention it. I called Allistor to go over to Artie’s place and see if there’s something that can be done,” ___________ ran into the halls. They were fairly deserted as she ran towards the door. As soon as her hand was on the handle, she heard:

“THERE SHE IS!” she turned to see the boys running after her. She opened the door and ran outside. She looked around. She could heard their stomping approaching her. She looked about for a means of escaped. Suddenly a black car appeared in front of her. Monika rolled down the window.

“Get in!” She jumped into the car as she drove off. Once inside, _________ caught her breath. They didn’t say anything for awhile as Monika finally spoke again, “Damn kiddo, leave it to you to have the whole male population wanting to get into your pants,”

“Trust me I didn’t want for it to happen,”

“It’s your fault for being fuckin’ irresistible,”

“Not you too!”

“Won’t lie, the temptation is right here,” Monika said grinning at her. She has that strange, come hither and I’m about to make you squeal all night look. __________ froze even more as Monika drove on, “Actually I’ve been waiting to spank that ass like a bongo drum,” Monika parked the car. _________ was in full panic mode by this point. She was trapped, with Monika, who has a crush on her, alone. Monika grinned and leaned over to her. ____________ closed her eyes as she opened the passenger’s door open.

“We’re here,” she looked up. Monika laughed, “What you thought I was going to throw you down and have my way with you?”

“Pretty much!”

“Nope, sorry to break it to you, Liebe. Besides, we can do other things someday,” she got out the car only to have her ass grabbed, smacked, and pinched. Monika laughed and drove away.

“YOU JERK!!!!”

Francis finally got a chance to watch his one guilty pleasure, The Duchess Approves. That damn Francine got Artie watching it and then he turned to it. He won’t admit it but it wasn’t too fuckin’ bad. Today it was Duchess’ wedding. He waited months to see this. He even DVRed it. He was settled in when he heard a knocking and banging at the door.

“Artie door!”

“Oh! Thank you Franny!” Artie opens the door as __________ slipped in.

“Hide me!”

“What’s the matter love?!” _____________ quickly explained what was happening.

“And Germania made me leave early and told me to come here!”

“This sounds very familiar…come on let’s get you some tea and cake,” Arite poured her some tea as she explained all of the events from this morning to this afternoon.

“I mean at first it was flattering, then it became creepy, then it became outright scary!” Artie started thinking for a few moments. This really did sound very familiar.

“Why didn’t you catch on before?”

“Matthew acted the same! In fact, Matthew and Dmitri acted the same,”

“Did you hear that Francis?! Francis? Franny?”

“I’ve come to regain my bride!” said Count Lionel on the television program.

“You had your chance at the cotillion you fuckin’ bastard!” Francis growled.

“You had your chance at the cotillion!”

“That’s what I fuckin’ said!”



We interrupt this program for this special news bulletin,” said the television.

“THE HELL! I’ve been waiting for this for months!”

“I didn’t know you liked the Duchess Approves, Mr. Bonnefoy,”

“I don’t, if you tell another living soul I’ll sell you to gypsies,”

“You can’t do that!”

“Watch me!”

Today, there has been total anarchy starting at Talia High School and spreading all over town. Teenage boys between the ages of thirteen and twenty have been pining and chanting and demanding for just one young woman by the name of ___________. For security purposes, her last name will not be said. So far, they boys have ransacked every hangout, bookstore, anywhere their young sweetheart could be. People are advised to say in their homes as authorities come and subdue the young men,” the images on television showed a literal riot of teens swarming from place to place chanting ___________, ____________, ___________! The trio stared at the television.

“Did your little shit of a son get a hold to Eoin’s book again?”

“That’s what I was asking!”


“This is a spell?!”

“It sounds like it,” said Artie sighing, “The You’re Mine spell,”

“What does that mean?”

“It’s a very powerful spell, it makes anyone of the opposite sex irresistible to you however, there’s a catch. It intensifies hour by hour. It’s mainly to help a desperate person get someone quick and fast. But they have to stop the spell or everyone near them is going to want them and will be willing to fight to the death. Generals of armies have used it in the past,”


“You have no idea ma cherie,” said Francis looking at the television, “Now get lost, both of you! The Duchess Approves is back on,” the doorbell rang. Artie told ___________ to stay there as he crept over and looked into the peephole. He and lets Matthew in.

“Is __________ here?”

“Matt!” she runs to him and hugged him tightly. She noticed he was battered and bruised a bit, “Are you okay?”

“Fight to the death to leave school, fight to the death to get to the parking lot to steal a car, fight to the death to get through traffic over here. All and all, not bad,”

“My poor Mattie!” she took him towards the kitchen to get him cleaned up. As soon as she opens the door, Alfred grabbed _____________ kissed her hard. No one noticed him coming in through the back and he finally took his chance. He held her tightly with his tongue snaking down her throat. She kneed him in the stomach as Matthew jumped on him. She spats and rubbed her mouth.

“Ack! You used your tongue you pervert!”

“If you liked that babe, I have something thicker and wetter I put in there,”

“FUCK YOU!” Matthew started really tearing into Alfred as ____________ and Artie pulled him off him.

“Matthew Williams what’s the matter with you?!” scolded Artie.

“Shit Stain was trying to molest ____________!”


“I just frenched her! I don’t see why he’s so fuckin’ bent out of shape?!”

“Because you violated her mouth! That’s right! You took her kiss virginity you fuckin’ asshole!”

“Umm…Matthew, I had my first kiss already…”

“See she’s fine!”

“She’s dead inside! You fuckin’ killed her!”

“Alfred why are you going around kissing people, who obviously don’t want to be kissed by you?”

“Have you seen her?! She’s fuckin’ hot!”

“That’s not an excuse young man!”

“And it’s not like she wants your baby gravy,” said Francis walking into the kitchen lighting a cigarette, “Now she’s going to have to burn her fuckin’ tongue,”

“Francis! Honestly! Do that outside or in your corner!” scolded Artie

“So it’s my corner now?”

“It smells like you. You pretty much claimed it as yours!” then the windows shattered. Boys from school were scrambling to get in. by this time, they didn’t look like their normal selves, they looked like mindless, zombie like drones who only had one thing on their minds and that was __________.

“We want ___________! We want  _____________....”

“The fuck?!” said Francis pulling _________ away from the door. Matthew and Alfred pushed and barricaded the windows to keep them from coming in. Francis shoved __________ to Artie, “Get her into the basement while we barricade the doors!” Artie nodded and took her downstairs. Soon the others joined them. Artie immediately tried calling Allistor.

“We’re on our way, we’re just trying to get through this mass of teens,”

“Hurry! We’re in the basement!”

“We are! Just sit tight! We’ll be at the basement door soon!” Artie hung up, “Alfred, what did you do?!”

“I didn’t do anything!”

“Cut the shit you little shit!” said Francis angrily, “You were fuckin’ around with Eoin’s book again weren’t you?!”

“Perhaps… I was in a dating rut!”

“That’s because no one in their right mind wants to fuck you!” Matthew barked.

“Alfred, what did you do specifically?”

“I followed the directions perfectly! I just needed something from the opposite sex and her sweater was available!”

“How did you get it?!” said _________ cringing at the idea that Alfred had her clothes.

“Matthew’s room, he was sleeping on it,”

“FUCK YOU!” Matthew jumped on him again. Francis pulled him off.

“Keep talking you little shit!”

“Well, I placed her sweater on the right and my jacket on the left,”

“That’s it!” said Artie, “You mixed up the items, that’s why she’s in the one getting the brunt,”

“I wanted it! I wanted women after me!”

“You still have your right hand!” said Matthew. Soon they were scrambling at the doors. Matthew shoved __________ back and grabbed a weapon as Eoin, Allistor, and Liam scrambled into the basement.

“Eoin, please tell me there’s a way to break this?!” said Artie looking at the mad and crazed boys trying to get into the house.

“Yeah but it’s not fun,”

“What do we have to do?”

“___________ is the one who has to do it,” she looks at them. Allistor took out a large box of makeup.

“This is magic makeup, it’ll turn you into a the most grotesque looking thing on the face of the earth. Hold still, it’ll tingle a bit,” Allistor held her down as Eoin and Liam started painting and messing with her face and features. They took a step back, “Perfect,”

“Wait, here love,” Liam passed her whip, “You’re gonna need it,”

“What am I going to do?!”

“You’re going to put the fear of God into them. While they’re running about like chickens, the frenzy will make the boys do an one eighty and it’ll be easier for the spell to travel,” She nodded and went outside. Whatever the trio did to her face, it made the boy recoil in absolute horror. She crackles the whip and gave them all a very flirty smirk, which was horrifying now.

“So…who wants to be spanked first?” After about an hour of chasing, the effects of the spell were starting to wear off. Matthew noticed and picked her up and dragged her back to the house do he could help get the magic makeup off.

“I, Alfred F. Jones hearby proclaim that I will NEVER use __________ ___________ in any of Eoin Kirkland spells. If I do so in the future, I will understand in full that Matthew Williams has the full authority to kick, maim, slaughter, beat, and tan my ass. Arthur Kirkland will not interfere because he would have full right to do so. If I, Alfred Jones, is seen with Eoin’s book, pages from Eoin’s book, or anything remotely closely related or looks like Eoin’s book, is grounds for anyone within any radius to stop me from using it by any means possible,” Alfred signed the contract with all of his uncles, father, Francis, Matthew, and __________. Alfred was grounded for a month. Francis threatened to boil him alive if he missed the wedding.

“What wedding?”

“Nine of your fuckin’ business! I just better had not missed it!” Eoin looked at his book. He read over the spell.

“Damn boy was playing with a lot of fire, thank god he’s not good with magic,”

“And completely inept about it,” said Liam looking at it, “I was wondering, why weren’t we affected?”

“_____________ is close to us. It’ll be like lusting over a niece,”

“Oh…what about Matthew? He wasn’t in any shape or form affected by that spell,”

“Isn’t it obvious?” said Eoin grinning. Liam looked at him. He gestured outside to Matthew and ______________. He was wiping the last of the magic makeup off her face. Her normal, cute, bright face was staring back at him. As he wiped, he scolded her all the while.

“What did I do?!”

“Leaving your things around for him to get!”

“But wasn’t it in your room?” he reddened.

“It brightens up the place…”

“It’s gray…”

“It smells nice…” she giggles and kisses his cheek.

“Je suis désolé, mon petit Mattie,” he face went red at her speaking French.

“Whatever…we still have some time, what do grab a bite to eat?”

“Okay!” Liam grinned from the window.

“I see…”

“The boy’s crazy about her already. The spell doesn’t work on a person who already loves the victim already,” said Eoin putting heavy chains around his book.

“They’re adorable together!”

“Don’t tease them though, Allistor does it enough,”

“Aww, remember when we were that age?” Eoin cringed.

“Hormones, urges, people, it was too much. Then again, we didn’t beat the shit out of each other like Alfred and Matthew do,”

“You know, we never really fist fought each other, why?”

“Because Allistor and I weren’t going to hurt you or Artie, Artie was too wimpy to try and fight us, and Mum would have killed us if we even tried,”

“Oh yeah…”
Hi guys! This is a b-day request for a very special person! Why is :iconblack-flower-of-love: so special? 2P!Kindertalia was her request and today is her birthday so Happy Birthday Sweetie :cake: Okay this fic is going to be the official kickoff to Chaos Month. With that being said, all requests that are slightly chaotic will be done during that time. Also, I can start on a mini contest here. I hid a few reference from one of my fav shows in here. The FIRST person who names them ALL will get this prize: Any one of my 2P!F.A.C.E. fics Genderbent. That's right, I'm on a Genderbend kick and this will make things more interesting. (And a reason for you all to re-read this if you like). 

New Characters: 

Laura: 2p!Belgium
Lieven: Nyo!Belguim
Tim: 2P!Netherlands (not really new but I know there's going to be ONE person who's going to ask!) 

Anywho, enjoy and forgive the mistakes! 

I don't own you or Hetalia!
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Francis sat in his study. He glared at the calendar. His birthday was coming up. He hated birthdays. He didn’t mind getting older without the notions of everything that came with it. No longer relating to anyone, no longer being able to enjoy solitude, no longer being able to join new things without being the older or senior of anything, then again he was jaded. He lived his life and he was actually okay with getting old without people thinking you’re suppose to act a certain way. He sighed and got up. He went towards the mirror. He was still a handsome man, bored as fuck but handsome. Since he couldn’t see Francine, he never thought he would ever be able to even smile again yet here he was, oddly okay with life now. He remembered the days where she could try to make his birthday special, special supper, special cake, special outing, hotter than hot sex and then sleep, that’s all he needed. He smiled at the thought then felt sad again. No one to fuck and no one to cared.

“Papa?” he turned. Matthew was standing at the door. He looked at the boy. He was growing up so fast. He looked at him with large purple eyes and that semi innocent face.


“What do you want for your birthday?”

“Nothing, don’t trouble yourself,”

“Please Papa?”

“No!” he glared, “Don’t give me anything, its okay!” Matthew said nothing more and left the room. Francis didn’t want him to give him anything. Just him being was enough. With that, Francis grabbed his coat and leave the house without another word. Meanwhile, Matthew was plotting with Alfred and _______.

“I want to give Papa something nice for his birthday,” said Matthew.

“How about you make him a card? Daddy loved his,” said __________

“Nah, he hates cards,”

“How about you make his favorite dinner? I did that last year!” Matthew grinned.

“I can make Crepe Suzette!”

“What’s Crepe Suzette?”

“It’s the most delicious thing ever! Papa loves it but Arite can’t make it the way he likes it and I think I know why,”


“We don’t have the right brandy. I know where to get it though,”

“So why are crepe Suzette made?” Alfred said looking at him.

“You make crepes then you set it on fire,” Alfred’s eyes lit up

“Like with fire?! Actually fire?!”

“Yeah ya hoser!”

“Can I light it?!”

“When I’m finished, I guess,”

“But we still need the brandy,” said _____________

“Don’t worry; I have a plan to get it. We’ll just go to the store and get it. I know where it is. It’s in the section Papa always goes to, where they always sell the alcohol,”

“Oh but how are we going to pay for it?” Matthew went to the dining room table, reached up, and dragged a cookie jar towards him. He brings it down and takes off the lid. Inside, there were bunches and bundles and bills inside ranging from tens to hundreds. _________’s eyes widened. She never saw that much money at one time before.

“Whoa, that’s a lot!”

“Not really, anyway, this is the emergency fund. If we need anything we just take what we need,” said Alfred, “Francis doesn’t really care we take it because it can be replace and crap,” Matthew takes a few twenties and stuffed them in an envelope.

“Come on! Papa is going to come back at four and I want to get this done before then and listen up you two, here’s what we’re going to do,”

“NUGH! Oh Francis!”


“Spank me Daddy!”

Francis was spending his birthday like most, with empty, meaningless sex, an orgy to be exact. He didn’t mind meaningless fucking but it only the women he fuck could carry a conversation. That’s why he preferred mature women over young girls, unless they gave intelligent conversation. He had a few favorite at the brothel, Bunny, Angela, and Diamond for different reasons. Bunny liked it rough, Angela liked it fast, and Diamond liked going down a lot. Also, they actually had someone intelligent to say once in awhile. He laid there for a few moments gearing up for round three.

“Francis! Aren’t you excited about your birthday?” said Bunny on his chest.

“Please, it’s just step closer to our inevitable end,” said Diamond with his head rested in her lap. He grinned. Diamond really was his favorite.

“How’s that cute little son of yours?” said Angela


“He’s going to be a heartbreaker like his Papa,” said Bunny smiling.

“Betcha he’s beating them off with a stick,”

“Kind of, he has a little playmate that’s always around him. He has a fuckin’ crush on her but won’t admit it,”

“That’s cute,”

“And romantic,” said Diamond, “Childhood sweethearts and shit, then again they’re the ones that kill you in your sleep,” Francis grinned

“Nah, the little girl doesn’t have malicious bone in her little body, she needs to be more assertive and Mathieu is helping her with that,”

“Poor thing, little girls need to be more assertive in this day and age,” said Angela, “Especially with this generation of douches and fuckers around. My ex-boyfriend wanted me to put out more because I worked here. Just because I work where I have to fuck men everyday doesn’t mean that I’m cheap,”

“Fucker,” said Bunny, “I hate that we have to lie about our work. If a man wave his dick around and got paid for it, it’ll be a career and him a fuckin’ hero, but when a woman does it, she’s a slut with daddy issues. I for one don’t have dad issues, I fuckin’ love that old man,”

“My father was around but I had a fuckin’ uncle,” said Diamond, “Sweet man, he’s putting me through college. Speaking of, Francis, what do you know about that trial with that senator?”

“Okay that they found him with the gun that his wife supposedly used to commit suicide,”

“I don’t think she did it,” said Angela.

“Please, he fucked his secretary and she walked in on them. She was probably too slow to draw and his cunt secretary drew his,”

“Not to mention she’s left-handed,” said Francis, “Hard to shoot the right if you’re a lefty,”

“He’s right!”

“You should have been a lawyer, Francis,”

“Nope, then where would I fuck?” they giggled. He smirked as they continued to fuss and preen over him.

“Well, Dad’s not the best but he’s my dad, I just really wanna give him someone nice,” Matthew said to the pair, "We all know he can be a big jerk sometimes but yeah, okay here’s the plan, Alfred and you will distract the owners and I’ll grab the brandy,”

__________ swallowed something in her throat as she and Alfred went into the store. She then started her fake crying.


"Calm down will ya!" Alfred barked. The clerk looked at them. _________'s cheeks were red and tear stained and sad looking as she hiccuped and wailed loudly.

"What's the matter kids?"

"We lost our parents and we don't know where and my sister is being really babyish about it!"

"I want DADDY!" the clerk didn't want to send the kids away, that would be cruel. He moved from the counter and went to pat her back and dry her eyes.

"Hey, hey calm down sweetheart," while the clerk was distracted, Alfred moved towards the security camera and pulled some wires making the camera shut off. He gestured Matthew that it was safe. He walked in. The clerk didn't notice because ___________ was breathing hard and he didn't want her getting too worked up, "Come on sweetheart, here let's call your Mom and Dad,"

"I-I don't know my number!" she wailed.

"I do, can we use your phone Mister?" said Alfred. He ushered them to the back. Matthew went to the liquor section and took a bottle of brandy and left an envelope of money. He puts it in his backpack and went to the front. He then started shouting.

"OY! You hosers in here?" Alfred and _________ ran out. The clerk looked at them, "Mom and Dad are waiting next door! Come on! Stop wondering off,"

"Sorry, Other Big Brother" said ___________

"SHE wondered off NOT me!" said Alfred.

"Whatever, come on!" he looked at the clerk, "I'm sorry if they were annoying," And left the liquor store without another word. The clerk was suddenly spooked. Next door to liquor store was a funeral parlor....

Francis came home at about three. He went upstairs immediately to make a long shower. He didn’t mind smelling like sex and cigarette smoke but Artie did so he may as well shower and not be ambushed later about it. He sighed as the water smoothed over his muscles and skin. Soon he was finished and retired to his study. If the kids were downstairs, he didn’t want any parts of them unless one of them were dying of course. Meanwhile, the trio were busy with their plan in the kitchen. _________ mixed the sauce while Matthew worked on the batter. Alfred's only task was to make orange juice. He took his bat and laid waste to the oranges happily. Then Matthew started making the crepes. Soon there were about fifteen of them ready to be filled. ___________ filled each one as Alfred rolled them. Then they carefully placed them all in a cast iron pan. Matthew took out the brandy and poured it all over the crepes with orange slices and then they all carefully went upstairs to Francis' study. Alfred had a blow torch ready. ________ positioned the crepes, Matthew knocked on the door, Alfred lighted the crepes, and they all ran downstairs. Francis opened the door to see a blazing sight in front of him. He took a towel and smothered it. He looked in it and saw that there were about fifteen crepes in layers in the pan. He stared at it for a few moments. The childlike way the things were in the pan, the clumsiness of the brandy pour, and not to mention the shoddy arson. He knew this were the children's doing. He couldn't help but smile a bit but immediately shook it off.

"KIDS! GET IN HERE NOW!" they all froze. Matthew and Alfred exchanged glances and the looked at ________, " YOU TOO _____________!" all of them hightailed it up stairs. Francis was sitting at his desk looking at them. Matthew had his cold expression, Alfred has his aloof expression, ________ looked more worried than all of them, "Who made these?" he looked at Alfred.

"We all did," he said, "I set them on fire and smashed the oranges,"

"I made the sauce and filling," said _______________

"And I made the crepes,"

"How were you kids able to buy alcohol?" they looked at him nervously. He looked at them expectantly.

"I did," said Matthew, "It my plan so it's my punishment,"

"Well, we distracted him," said Alfred, "__________ can cry on cue!"

"No I can't! I was thinking about that scene in the Pokemon movie where Ash died!"

"It wasn't that sad!"

"Oh? Then why were you bawling hoser?" said Matthew

"I had something in my eye! She's such a baby!"  

"I'm not! And if you keep teasing me I'm going to knock out your other tooth!"

"I dare you!"

"I'll hold him down for you!" the kids broke into an argument. He growled and rubbed his temples.

“ENOUGH!” they all went quiet, “__________ get me a few plates,” she nodded and ran downstairs, “Alfred get me some milk, I need to talk to Mathieu,” Alfred looked at his brother before running off. Matthew and Francis were alone together. Matthew looked at his father. Francis glared at him for a few moments, “Did you come up with that plan all by yourself?”

“Yes Papa,”

“Did you figure out all of the ways it could go wrong?”

“Yes Papa,”

“Did you have an exit strategy?”

“Yes Papa, have Alfred pretend he was having an asthma attack and then run like hell while the clerk dialed,” Francis couldn’t help but chuckle.

“That’s my boy,” the other two kids brought the items. Francis took out four wine glasses and poured them each a glass of milk (wine for him) and they enjoyed their crepes together. After they were done, he and Alfred did the dishes and Matthew walked _________ back home. He looked at the pair from the window. He was holding her hand. She was beaming at him. Memories of Francine appeared in his mind. He sighed and decided to just take a nap on his couch/ Fuckin’ memories…

"Hello Francis!" he looks up. Artie was grinning at him. He rose up and glared at him.


"I made something nice for you!"

"...what is it?"

"It's a secret!" Francis hoped to God that it wasn't more sweets. Thanks to those damned kids, he KNEW he was going to have a stomach ache. However, Artie did surprise him. He most likely set up this get up while he was sleeping. It looked just like the old cafe he and Francine used to frequent in Paris, the decor at least. On the table was his favorite dinner, a bottle of red wine, and of course a small cake with a candle. Francis reddens, "Happy birthday Francis!"

"How in the hell did you know about this?"

"Francine told me about this place when I was visiting and well, I thought you would like to see an old place one more time,"

"You're so fuckin' insufferable," he said. Artie smiled. He meekly went over and kissed Francis' cheek. The man reddened despite himself. They then started to eat their meal. Francis talked about what happened earlier that day. Artie chuckled.

"Talk about the Musketeers,"

"More like the three stooges, your son being Curly,"

"Oh leave Alfred alone, you know you love him,"

"More if he fuckin' thinks before he does shit,"

"You be surprised. Alfred is a very spirited boy,"

"I know, he'd be dangerous if he really thought his shit through, then again, that's why I fuckin' like him," Artie smiled, "You did an okay job raising him,"

"Well you helped, er helping,"

"I'm just glad that you're making Matthew feel more at ease, especially since Francine can't speak to him as much as she wants and vice versa,"

"I adore him! He's just so quiet that I sometimes forget he's there, until he's beating the living daylights out of Alfred. But could never actually forget him. He's a tough kid,"

"And that fucking ____________,"

"What's wrong?"

"She's a good kid, with two little shits, but she hasn't turned into a little shit, she's starting to even out their shittery,"


"It's true!"

"But did you have to saw the sh-word and even making it into a different word! But I thought you liked her and (father's name),"

"I do but I'm just not good around little girls, I'm better with women,"

"Nonsense, if Mattie was a girl, I know you'll be a good male role model," After supper, they relaxed on the couch with a bottle of wine. Artie snuggled in Francis' arms while poured another glass. As much as he would NEVER admit, he loved having Artie on him like this. He reflected a bit. This birthday was one of the best he's had in years. He had his favorite dessert with his sons and semi adopted daughter, fucked three women five times, make them come five times, and now he was sleeping it off with one of his favorite people in the world, "Francis, what are you thinking about?" Francis gently kissed his lips. Artie blushed violently.

"Nothing to worry your pretty little head about,"
Okay, Bastille Day was yesterday but work and other things got me so it's a little late >< But here it is, something for Francis' birthday. It's short but it's all fluffy and such. Enjoy and forgive the mistakes n,n
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Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes and violence/gore)
Matthew followed the tracker through the manor. Before they split up, Artie gave them an earpiece so they could follow where the other one was at all times.  He was so relieved that she was getting closer and closer by the moment. He was just hoping that she wasn’t too injured or sick to fight back. He didn’t marry a pansy but in this case, he was worried more about her being sick to move let alone defend herself. Soon the signal was beeping faster. He was close. He stopped at a door. He turned it off and opened it. He saw Feliciano holding a very sick looking __________ in his arms being kissed and groped.

“Dear gattina…you’re getting so hot, how about we take off these clothes so you can cool off…”  Feliciano went flying against a wall. Matthew immediately went to see if ___________ was okay. He touched her head.

“Maple leaf, you okay?” he touched her head. She looked at him with a sickly glance. Her face was sweaty and flushed with fever. He gently puts her on the bed, “Don’t worry, I’m about to make all your problems disappear,” Feliciano got up. Matthew went at him again. Both men went blow for blow throughout the room. Matthew however was keeping one eye on Feliciano and another eye on ____________. He was gaining the upper hand when he noticed from the corner of his eye that she was shaking and collapsed off the bed. He went to her and noticed that she was in a coughing fit and sweating now, “THE FUCK DID YOU DO TO HER?!”

“She’ll be fine, as long as she get the antidote into her system,” Feliciano held up a small vial in his hands, “That is if I’m feeling generous,”

"Give it up or I’ll fuckin’ beat it out of you,”

“Beat it out of me, there’s no guarantee that she’ll get it in time. So here’s my proposition, we fight this to the death and if you win in under a half an hour, I’ll give you the antidote, if not, well, she won’t be missing you now will she and show that I mean business,” he poured the contents on the vial on a dagger and threw it into her arm. She screamed out. Matthew grabbed his neck and slammed him into a wall. Feliciano smirked and kneed him hard. Matthew knew he was leading him away but he had to get back to her. He swore and ran after the man. Feliciano led him to the rooftop. It was pouring outside now and started to thunder, “Perfect night to die isn’t?”

“Cut the shit,” Matthew ran at him as Feliciano blocked his hockey stick with a jagged dagger.

Upon hearing the conversation, Alfred ran to the room that __________ was being held per (A/RC)’s instructions. He was panicked by now. Without that vial, he didn’t think she was going to live if Matthew didn’t get to her soon.

“(A/RC) are there any secret vaults in the room?” said Francis from the earpiece.

“Yes, in the room that’s she’s in. I can open it from here,”

“Good, Artie, you there?”


“Do you see the bottles in the vault?”

“Yes, the one in the back is the antidote and it has to be administered through her blood,”

“You hear that shit stain,”

“I’m on it,” By sheer luck, he hadn’t encountered any guards yet as he ran fast to the room. When he reached it, ___________ was still on the ground. He ran to her form on the floor and gently shook her.

“________....__________! Fuck!” he spied the safe and grabbed the antidote. He pulled out the knife in her arm and stretched the wound open. He poured the serum into the wound and started stitching her up. Soon, her eyes fluttered open. Alfred’s face came into focus. He finished stitching and patched her up. He gently helped her up and tried getting her onto his back. She tried to get off him.

“Matt….where’s Matthew….?”

“He went after the Italian bastard,”


“Upstairs. Come on, I’m going to get you back to the car,”

“N-No…I have to get to Matthew…” she could barely stand up. Alfred held her up. He switched off his earpiece temporarily.

“Come on, you can barely stand up,”

“Al…please. I can’t let him get away with this…” Alfred looked at his sister-in-law’s sick face. He touched her head. She was still burning up but she looked slightly better. He weighed in the cons of what he was considering. He then noticed how banged up she was not to mention the cuts and bruises and her dress slashed in a provocative way.

“Did he do this to you?” she nodded. He glared, puts her to his shoulders, and carried her to the stairs leading to the roof. He took off his jacket and puts it around her.

“You have ten minutes. Be careful,” she staggered up the stairs. Alfred manned the door and switched on her earpiece again.  

“Alfred…” he heard (A/RC) from his earpiece. She was giving him the Voice. Worst than the Look.

“I know, I know but she’ll be okay,”

“Fine, I secured the perimeter and I’ll tell you if anything changes,”

“Thanks, Poo,”

The rain was getting worst. It went from a heavy rain to a heavy downpour. The rooftop was wet and slippery however, this didn’t stop to the men from fighting. Because of the differences in their weapons, the rain and the intent to kill drove the men to brave the elements. Matthew  and Feliciano within that little time had bloodied up each other badly. Matthew went after him again knocking his knife out of her hands. This didn’t stop Feliciano however, as he kicked upwards into Matthew’s face. He fell onto his back as Feliciano took out another knife and went at his neck. Matthew grabbed it between his hands and held it away from his neck.

“Too bad you came so soon Matthew,” said Feliciano pressing the knife hard to get at his neck, “A moment longer she would have been carrying my little bambino in her stomach,”

“Fuckin’ cowardly taking advantage of a sick woman,” Matthew caught him off guard quickly, slamming his foot into his stomach, kicking him off and away from him, “What’s the matter Feli, can’t handle a woman who’s isn’t on Death’s door?” he slammed his foot on his chest, cracking a few ribs in the process. Feliciano coughed up blood. Matthew went for it again just as his grabbed his foot and twisted it hard.

“I’m not foolish bastardo, if she was mine, she would be out of my sight for even a second,” Matthew lost his footing and fell to the side. Feliciano grabbed a cleaver and slammed it down into Matthew’s shoulder. He yelped in pain. As Feliciano grinned with sadistic glee that Matthew was in immense pain, he took the opportunity to take out his hunting knife and bury it into his ribs and sliced upwards. Feliciano loosed his grip. Matthew shoved him off again. Feliciano smirked at him holding his ribs. Matthew couldn’t move his shoulder. Matthew was about to go in for another attack but something caught his eye. He saw a figure behind Feliciano. He could made out the person was staggering and holding a coat over them in the rain. They were also holding something in their hands that was sparking dangerously. His eyes widened. He knew exactly what they were planning to do. Feliciano smirked at him.

“Lost your nerve you along with use of your shoulder, bastardo?”

“You tell me,” Matthew punched him hard. Feliciano fell to the side into a puddle of water. He was about to get up when he said a very sweet voice.

“Dear Amore….” He looked up to see __________’s smiling face. He didn’t suspect anything at first until he saw the sparks from the wires. She had cut them from the plugged extension cord, “This is what happens when someone other than my husband, touches me,” she lets go of the wires. The wet rooftop acted as a conductor and sent electricity all over the rooftop. Matthew was protected thanks to his thick rubber boots. _________ was standing on a dry brick when she grabbed the wires and wearing gloves she found. Feliciano, however, was struck with many volts until she pulled them away. No matter how angry she was, she could never take someone’s life. He twitched and lay dormant on the ground. Suddenly she started coughing violently. Matthew ran over to her. Tears rolled down her face. She was visibly shaken. He said nothing but picked her up and left the manor.


“I’m fine, just go to sleep,”


“Don’t worry about me…I’m fine,” Alfred was waiting downstairs. He sighed in relief when he saw them alive and semi well.

“Come on you two,” he held up Matthew on the other side, “Let’s get out of the shithole,”  

Feliciano groaned and slowly opened his eyes. He realized that he was in some sort of a laboratory. He could only move his eyes because it seems like his body was incapable of moving on its own. He tried to move but nothing in his body could respond. After the shock to his system, he remembered being carried away by someone, someone who was pretty strong and then he blacked out. He heard a door open and two pairs of footsteps. Two women were staring at him. Both of them were pretty, gorgeous in that country sense. One was a redhead with two braided ponytails, emerald eyes, and freckles. The other was a muscular brunette with dark eyes.

“So the piece of shit is awake,” said the redhead in an Irish sounding accent.

“Oui, but it can’t move,” said the brunette.

“He’s the one who gave Matt his scar, isn’t it?”

“Ya,” she took out his axe that he now noticed strapped on her back, “I say we return the favor and give him a matching one,”

“No, we can’t do that, yet. Francis gave us a task and he said not to break from it,”

“He better be luck Mackenzie isn’t here, she’d kill him on the spot,”

“I know but we’re the only ones who know how to do this, right but that doesn’t mean we can’t relieve some…tension,” the other one giggled.

“Is she here yet?”

“She’s still getting ready,” the door opened again. A medium height woman with brown hair and golden eyes entered the room. Feliciano stared at her. She looked completely different from the other two. Her skin was tanned; her hair was in two flowing ponytails held together with red ties, wearing blue jeans and a light blue long sleeve top.

“So…this is the piece of shit who’s been fuckin’ with Papa and Frère,” she said looking at him. Her accent was a mix of French and something he couldn’t identify, “Is it wise for see our faces?”

“Yeah and it’s not he’ll remember us anyway,”

“I’m going to enjoy this, he can’t move right?”

“Nope,” said the redhead, “And not for a long time. So we have plenty of time to do this,” The brunette closed the door and locked it. The redhead attached electrodes to his temples and the tanned woman took out a strange mixture of herbs and puts on rubber gloves. All three of them surrounded him.

“Don’t worry your pretty little head. It’s going to be painful but you’ll be awake through the whole thing…”

“DEAR CUPCAKES AND RAINBOWS! You’re burning up!” Artie panicked and immediately puts an ice pack on Matthew’s head, “Mattie don’t you DARE get up from this couch!”

“I’m fine!” he said then he started to cough. He made a grab for his beer. Artie snatched it away.

“No alcohol! Not until you’re better! Francis! Stub out that cigarette! This is a health zone!”

Back at home, Matthew and _________ were treated for their injures. However, that didn’t mean they were off scot-free of health. Matthew managed to catch the flu and ____________ not only regressed back into flu but went into pneumonia. Both were holed up in their home and on the couch. Eduard came in and prescribed meds and of course told them to get bed rest. Artie went into full mother hen mode and moved into the guestroom with Francis in order to take care of the pair. Alfred and (A/RC) came by and helped with food.

“What the fuck is this shit?!” Matthew said looking at some green looking soup that Alfred made, “This better not be any of your vegan shit!”

“Shut up and eat it, asshole!” ______________ was sipping on her tea in her blanket nest. (A/RC) brought her some chicken soup. She was too happy to eat it.

“Some named Yao came by and brought some herbs for you and Matt so I made it into a soup,”


“You’re feeling better, right?”

“I’m surviving but I’m a lot better now that I’m home,” (A/RC) smiled and took her teacup away.

“Matthew, what tea do you drink?”

“Maple,” he said hoarsely.

“You shouldn’t speak Mattie!” said Artie, “Here let me warm your hot water bottle,”

“We’re fine! Really!”

“Oh no you’re not!” said Artie fussing at him, “What were you thinking of going after Feliciano like that! You could have slipped off that roof and cracked your skull open! I know you were doing it for ____________’s honor but you could have just poisoned him!”

“I didn’t have anything stronger than arsenic,”

“You should carry at least some folic acid with you at all times!” he then goes to __________, “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine, I’m just achy,”

“No…with Feliciano…he didn’t hurt you….did he?”

“Just a knife fight but Mattie got to me in time,”

“Thank fuckin’ god I did,”

“I wasn’t really worried, I knew he would come…I was just afraid what Feliciano would have done…”

“Then Matthew would have gutted him,” said Alfred along with me and everyone else in this fuckin’ house,”

“I know,”

“Rather cowardly that he attacked you when you’re sick,” said (A/RC) handing her the tea and them Matthew.

“And we definitely have you to fuckin’ thank. Where the fuck did you learn how to hack into security systems,”

“Well…my uncle back in the day used to do…a lot of illegal stuff and well…when the tech age happened he needed someone he trusted to help him. So he and an old friend taught me a few dirty tricks. I used to tag along with him and help him,”

“You were never caught?” said Francis looking at her.

“No…I was a minor and still in middle school. Some things you never stopped remembering,” Francis made a note of this as his phone rang. He went upstairs with his laptop. He turned on his laptop and webcam. Anne and Charlotte appeared on the screen.


“It’s been done. We carefully took out the location of Matthew’s home from his long term memory bank,” said Anne

“Not even a trigger word will be able to help him now,” said Charlotte, “We also took out a few things, like where to get that drug he used to got rid of the bottle he had on him,”  

“Good, did you two find out how he did it?”

“He peeled back a few layers and it was a very stupid mail carrier that led him right to their home unintentionally,”

“I see, he’s not as dumb as he looks,”

“We got rid of that idea too,”

“I’ll speak to the carriers about delivery to their homes from now on. Where’s Michelle?”

“She had to leave. She said something about testing the waters or something. She says she misses you,” he nodded.

“I’ll wire the money into your accounts tomorrow, thanks again,”

“We would have done it anyway,” said Charlotte

“How are they doing?” said Anne.

“____________ relapsed into her flu and has pneumonia and Matthew, even though he’s still fuckin’ injured caught the flu and is taking care of her. Artie’s making them both sit down and making them soup and shit,” they chuckled, said their goodbyes and closed the window. Francis sighed and looked up at a girl’s name on his cam and double clicked it. A familiar ponytailed girl appeared. She grinned at him.

“Hi Papa!”


“Is Matt and _____________  okay?”

“They’ll live. Listen, I just wanted to thank you for your efforts,”

“Anything for frère and sis. Sooo…it’s everything okay with you?”

“Everyone’s okay. Look I’m only here to give a message, Artie wants you to come visit, something about never getting to see you or some shit,”

“Artie wants me to visit? He usually asks—,”

“Did I stutter? Bring your ass over here, Michelle!”

“Okay, okay! Jeez, mean as ever. See you in a week!” she kissed the monitor and signed out. Francis closed down his laptop as Artie comes in.

“Are you okay Francis? I thought I heard screaming?”

“Michelle’s coming over for a visit,”

“Really?! I hadn’t see in her awhile! How unexpected!”

“Whatever, by that time the idiots should be better and we can all go out or something,”

“Oh goody! I’ll make her a cake! Maybe my upside down pineapple cake!”

“Whatever, just make something,” Artie grinned at him knowingly before leaving the room.
Another request done! :boogie: Hi everyone! Just letting you all know I'm feeling LOADS better and thank you for looking out for me! I really appreciate it. This would have been finished sooner but my depressed mood just made it hard for me to do anything but mope and feel terrible. This is the sequel to Kidnapped  silver-kitsuneneko.deviantart.…  And a request for :icondeathbegone: I've finally figured out how to wing two requests into one so yay me! She wanted a fic where Matthew and Feli fights for Reader-chan and I came up with this one. And also for her drawing this AWESOME pic for me:…  

And before I get any messages about electrocution, FYI, you CAN survive being electrocuted without suffering any permanent damage, it all depends on the voltage and duration. Also, Reader-chan could use her stun gun because even though it 's electric, they don't work in water. 

And finally Michelle is 2P! Seychelles. I've been waiting to introduce her for awhile and here she is n,n Don't worry, there's going to be more of her very good! And always, enjoy and forgive the mistakes!! 

I don't own you or Hetalia! 

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This has two swear word guys. Just two. Are you PROUD OF MEEEEE!?!?!?!

"What a great show, love." Arthur pulled you in close, giving you a sweaty kiss on stage. Some of the crowd screamed, while other obsessive fan girls and boys seethed in jealousy.  You then skipped away, giving your tour manager a high-five.

"We were totally rad out there!" You shouted, smiling. He smiled back, and then turned away to deal with technical duties. The day was finally over for you and your crew.  These band festivals took a real toll on their stamina. As you made your way to the tour bus, the other guys were breathing hard against your neck, chugging their water every few seconds. They would move and their sweat would ripple off them. It was disgusting, but you know, to any fan girl it would be bathing in holy water.

You collapsed to the couch at your tour bus as the others made their way to the fridge to cool off for the next few hours until the next time their strength was tested against heat waves. Arthur came to your couch, crouching down to your face.

"You look exhausted, maybe another night, okay? It's alright; I have a very low sex drive compared to Francis, that cheesy bastard." He smiled, moving stray hairs from your face with his light touch.

"Yeah." You managed to groan. It sounded like a hoarse moan, and Arthur, being the perverted 'man' he was, smirked.  He smashed his lips to yours, taking you in, cupping your face in his hands. You blushed into the kiss, the feeling of heat intensifying.

"Now only if you could say my name like that, damn, your little short shorts would be off." He whispered, his emerald orbs gleaming with lust. You giggled, ruining the whole moment. You could almost never be in such an intense scene.  You sat up on the couch, letting Arthur to sit and cuddle you.

"Guys, let's please keep our hands to ourselves tonight. No one could sleep last night because you. And I mean, me being The Hero, my attempts to make you shut up were in vain. So please, for the sake of the rest of our 'innocence', be quiet….er." America said groggily, rubbing his eyes in his American flag footie pajamas.

"We could only try!" Arthur laughed.  Alfred gave his best attempt to glare, and then headed back to bed.  The room was quiet with the occasional whispers of sweet nothings.  A few hours or so went by, and it was getting close to the morning.

"I'm going to bed, would you like to join?" Arthur yawned, stretching his arms and getting up.

"No, I think I'm going to chill for a few more minutes and then I'll come." You smiled back, getting up with him and walking past the beds of the sleeping mates. When you got to the back part of the bus, you saw a dim light and Matthew in the corner of the room reading. You smile to yourself. Mattie was so sweet. His brother, Francis taught him his ways. But even still, Matthew had a certain, sensitive aptitude about himself. Before meeting Arthur, you and Matthew were close friends, best friends. You still were today, but with Arthur being such a major part of your life as well as the band, Mattie was one of those things that were forgotten or just always last on the list to get to.  Still, you knew you could always go to him for anything if everything else failed. Of course, that rarely happened, so you never needed him much anymore.

When you first started your band with Arthur, Matthew was excited for you. He was very supportive, putting up posters for you and being a mini manager for your weakling 'band'. It didn't matter then, Matthew was always happy to help. After you became more successful and became intimate with Arthur, Mattie changed. He was more distant. He would still always help, but it didn't seem as if he was happy for you anymore. It was apparent to you at first, but since the prosperity of the band was rising, he seemed more and more of a speck in your life.

You made your way to him, pulling up a chair next to him. There was a table separating you, which made you feel more…detached from him. He didn't look up from his book, for he was always a shy boy.

"Good morning." You whispered, as you saw the clock behind him turn to 12:01 am.

"Is it morning finally!? It's time for pancakes then." He set the book down, turning in his seat to the fridge.

"Let me help, I'll get you the…syrup. Would you like the maple or honey? Oh! We also have Mrs. Buttersworth!" You smiled mischievously at him.  He whipped his head to you, and then slowly came over to you. He smiled a genuine smile, putting his hands up around you leaning on the cupboard doors.

"Well, it's not like a maple leaf is in my attire every day." He caressed your face.

"I, um.." You stumbled, feeling quite uncomfortable under the affection. With the little accessibility you had, you turned to get the maple syrup for him.

"H-here." You handed the bottle to him. He was surprised from this reaction; Francis said it would work. You trap them and gaze into their eyes with longing affection, and then go in for the kill. Matthew backed up to let you move. His hands went through his hair,

"D-do you want some pancakes too?" He stuttered, scratching the back of his neck now.

"Sure." You whispered, making your way back to the table with the bottle of syrup in your hand.  Once both of you were seated, Matthew opened up the bottle.

"Oh, I'll get the other bottle then." You said, as you noticed the syrup was to its last drops.

"You can always have Mr.Buttersworth." You stopped dead in your tracks. You turned in your stance to face him,

"What the hell is with you, Mattie!? Why are you being such a flirt like your brother!?" You hissed. Matthew flinched at the word 'brother'. He was always mistaken for his other half brothers, but because it was from you the words stung, pounded over and over in his head, "like your brother." He stayed quiet for an elongated minute, sinking farther and farther into his chair. Now he just wanted to crawl into a ball and die from making you angry.

"I-I, um, I was trying to, uh, you know, im-impress you, because I'msortof,Imeankindofinlovewithyou." He looked to the floor, shame on his face. You were quite bewildered. Matthew, your Mattie, is in love, with you!? You thought it was quite a miracle to get one guy to come near you in an arm's length radius, but now two!?  You came towards him now, wrapping your arms around him, snuggling your face in his neck.
"I love you too, Mattie. I just, I don't love you intimately as I do Arthur. I-"Your voice got caught in your throat. The lump in your throat was growing and you couldn't just cry here, right now.

"I know." Matthew whispered. He still kissed you anyway, wrapping his arms around your waist and pulling you closer. His lips were of maple syrup and fallen leaves on the tip of his tongue.  When he pulled away, he took his glasses off to see you. You took his face in your hands and drew circles with your thumbs.

"I just needed that for my daydreams. I love you." He smiled his flawless smile. His indigo eyes were gleaming in the dim light of the early morning.  All you could do was smile and not let the waterfalls come. You couldn't whisper the same words, because they would be in vain, meaningless.

Matthew then stood to give you a tight hug and then kissed you on the forehead.


Once the dishes were cleared, you headed back to Arthur's bunk. You slipped underneath the blanket, curling your legs so they were also underneath the blanket. Arthur noticed you, entangling his legs in yours and wiping the hair away from your face.

"Love, what have you been doing? You're going to be tired later." He whispered, not opening his eyes.  You kissed his cheek, and then rolled over so he couldn't see you slip a tear. What a sweet, innocent secret you and Matthew had. You would lock it in your heart forever, and ever.
Hi!!! This was hard for me to write because Canada is so sweet and I didn't want to crush him D:
I, am, um, just a little bit, kind of, in love with Arthur. Heheheh...

I don't own anything, even though I wished I owned Arthur and Francis. :0

Part 2 here: [link]
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'Just another great day in Canada' You thought as you shivered against the cold of what was the canadian winter.

You were cold, tired, hungry, and weak. Your lack of clothing made it nearly possible for you to stay alive. Trying to make a fire was utmost futile. you had no weapons to use to hunt either.

'This can't get any worse' you thought, only to have regretted it. Why?

It started to rain.

'Mother %$#@!" You thought. Your clothes becoming damp, soggy, and wet. Making you even more colder.

Even trees couldn't give you any shelter at this point in time.

'I guess ill just have to except my fate." You thought.

the cold  was giving you pneumonia (i was surprised i could spell it)and frostbite. Your shoes were thin and had holed in them making your feet numb and useless. Your scarf tattered and worn out. Your clothes itchy, damp, soggy, cold, worn out, and thin. Your jeans dirty and torn. It was awful.

You were weak from loss of sleep, food, and warmth. 'Well this is it," You thought. 'I'm going to die.'

Suddenly the rain stopped pouring on you, 'Am i dead?' you thought. You used every last bit of strength in your weak body to open your eyes. You opened them to see a man holding a polar bear. Standing above you with an umbrella.

You smiled weakly before passing out.
Got this idea when i was on vacation in new york city and it was POURING rain out there, i tell ya, POURING.


I don't own hetalia,you or Canada, I only own plot.
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Invisible- A Canada x Reader fic

((Author's Note! The protagonist (main character) in this is a 19 year old girl. Or should I say, you are. You're a 19 year old girl now, because I'm the author, and I can manipulate time and space (and age and gender) for my stories. It's in my contract. So yeah. I control your life, and you're going to enjoy it. On to the story!))

Chapter 1

"Now ____, there's going to be a lot of important people here. You've got to conduct yourself in a very ladylike manner. Be polite, use your manners. Do you understand?" You simply nodded. You really didn't have a lot to say since your parents died and you had to move in with your cousin Roderich. All of this had happened so quickly; you were still trying to get used to the fact that you were a country. Your parents had hoped that Roderich might be able to teach you a thing or two about being a country until you could move to your own place. Now, he was taking you to your first World Conference, where you would meet all of the other people who were like you. To be honest, you were scared to death. What if the other countries would take advantage of you because you were so inexperienced? You held onto Roderich's arm for dear life as you entered the large hall. Miss Hungary put a hand on your shoulder for support, and you tried to muster a smile for her.
"Yo! Austria! Is this the newbie?" You cringed at the loud voice that had erupted from behind you. With a sigh of frustration, your cousin turned to face him.
"Yes, America, this is (Insert Country Name Here!). Say hello, ____." Wide-eyed, you look at the man that Roderich referred to as 'America', who was grinning from ear to ear. Timidly, you raise the arm not currently cutting off Austria's circulation and wave to him.
"She doesn't have a lot to say, huh?" America laughed.
"I'd say she doesn't. The poor girl is terrified, a bit confused, and I'd say she bloody well ought to be!" A new man had suddenly appeared beside America, and your grip on your cousin tightened, if that was even possible.
"Relax, ____." Hungary soothed.
"England, this is (Country Name). She'll be a permanent member of our World Conferences from now on. ____, this is America's brother England." England, huh? He had a gentle smile compared to his obnoxious brother, but you were still wary of him. The weirdoes were always the ones who looked the kindest.
"Not talking to my bro either, huh Miss (CN)?" You just stared back at him, terrified. You gasped as yet another man joined the circle.
"Ah, messieurs, Are we already beginning the race to form Alliances with the newest member of our group? Bonjour, mon amour." The blond lifted your free hand and pressed it to his lips, and he winked at you. You quickly drew your hand away, blushing deeply.
"Stay away from (CN), you damned frog!" England commanded.
"Yeah, France! We're not trying to form alliances yet! We just met her!" You cowered away from the arguing nations, and turned to Roderich, who held his face in his free hand.
"Roderich?" You whisper.
"Yes, ____?"
"I have to use the bathroom. May I be excused?" He nodded, and pointed the way to the restrooms. You pried your hand from where it had been clamped on Austria's arm, and watched him try to shake feeling into it as you walked away.
"That woman has a strong grip." He muttered.

The angry nations terrified you, and you had to get away. Really, all you wanted was a place to sit and reflect until the meeting started. You hurried through the crowd of nations, noticing all of them eyeing you as you walked past. You wondered if you would ever fit in with any of the groups scattered around the hall. Everyone was in a cluster. All except for you. You were wary of everyone's intentions, and scurried away from anyone who tried to spark a conversation. You desperately searched for a quiet spot, and eventually you saw one. One man was sitting all alone with his pet bear on his lap, reading a sports magazine with a hockey player on the front. You made your way over there and sat next to him, he glanced at you, but soon returned to his reading.
"Is this seat taken?" You whisper. He jumped, dropping his magazine and looking at you, stunned.
"Well, n-no! I mean… You can see me?" You nod.
"Of course." This man really reminded you of one of the countries that Roderich had introduced you to earlier. America, you think it was.
"Are you new here?" The boy asked quietly.
"Yes. I'm (CN), but I'm used to being called ____. I'm new to this whole country thing." The boy smiled.
"I'm Canada. Or Matthew, if you prefer." The little bear looked at the man.
"Who are you?" It asked.
"I'm Canada!" He said in frustration. You were about to say something else when America's voice came over the loudspeaker.
"Dudes and dudettes! The World Conference is about to begin! We've got a lot to discuss, so please take your seats around the table!"

To be continued…maybe. (See description)
This is my first Reader fic, so please take that into consideration. Should I continue it or not? Let me know in the comments! Please let me know if you catch any typos or anything. Thanks!

Canada/ Hetalia copyright: Hidekaz Himaruya

This story: ~whiteflagitaly

You belong to ME Yourself.

Chapter 2: [link]
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     They say there is a ghost that haunts the old log cabin in the woods," England whispered is a hushed voice as the campfire made shadows play along his face. He wiggled his eyebrows and his green eyes glistened mischievously. "The woods I speak of my dear ladies and gentlemen is this very woods we are sitting in now," he continued. The childish American sitting beside you on a log flailed his arms. "Aw come on Igggggggy! You know I don't like scary stories and this story is just terrifying!" he whined. The green eyed man sighed. "It's Arthur," he hissed. America pointed his stick with a burnt marshmallow towards the British man. "Tell him ___!" America shouted on your ear, causing you to flinch. England frowned at America's rude behavior towards a lady such as yourself. The two of them along with France began to argue but you ignored them.  At one point you thought you had heard them mention your short shorts, probably Francis. Once all the countries managed to calm down, England continued the ghost story to poor Alfred's disappointment.

     Although Arthur had only been telling the story to scare Alfred... You had heard the stories at other places too, so you waited till everyone fell asleep before beginning your search.


Can you see me now?
Can you see me now?

     The moon followed you through the night, trying to light a path for you through the trees' curtain of leaves. Sounds of owls hooting, leaves rustling, and animals rushing by you whistled through the air. You squealed and spun to your right when something furry brushed your legs. Something small and white rushed past you with such speed that you weren't able to make out just what it was. Summoning any ounce of bravery you had left, you followed the creature. Slowly the white creature vanished. Sticks brakes under your bare feet, bugs hissed and scurried away, wind blew your ___ colored hair about, and your feet seemed to have a mind of their own... continuing to run. It was as if you were chasing someone, your heart pounded in your ears, our breaths came in short quick gasps. It is crazy to chase thin air but something propelled you forward.

All this weeping in the air
Who can tell where it will fall?
Through floating forests in the air
'Cross the rolling open sea

     Your feet halted when a lonely, dark, quiet cabin came into sight. It was a small and simple log cabin that had some moss and vines growing and consuming the structure. This is indeed the log cabin that England had been speaking of when he had been telling the ghost story. You approached the structure with muddy feet and pushed the front door open. The door creaked loudly in the quiet night, almost as if someone had been trying to keep you out. "Hello?" you called softly and studied the empty cabin. Not one piece of furniture decorated the small home, all that now lay in the now abandoned cabin was a candle in the middle of the floor. You pull a small lighter out of your short pockets, carefully lighting the small candle. "I don't wish to harm you," you whispered assuringly. The candle's flame flickered for a moment. You stood upright and placed the lighter back into your pocket. A sweet scent spread around the cabin, almost like the smell of maple syrup which is odd since you are in the middle of the woods.

Blow a kiss, I run through air
Leave the past, find nowhere
Floating forests in the air
Clowns all around you

     The illuminated cabin remained silent for a moment, considering what you wanted. The front door slammed shut and the candle's flame died out, emitting a scream in the form of smoke. You spun around to look at the candle, standing behind the candle stood a tall man with light medium length blonde hair, and bright blue eyes that require glasses. Unlike your casual wear, he wore a black tux with a brown dress shirt underneath that practically matched the color of maple syrup. Matthew blushed slightly, not used to being called out or getting attention.

Clowns that only let you know
Where you let your senses go
Clowns all around you
It's a cross I need to bear

All this black and cruel despair
This is an emergency
Don't you hide your eyes from me
Open them and see me now

     'Dance' The moon, stars, and night took over your body then. You stride over to the shy, slightly transparent boy and raise a hand. The faint echo of music formed in the air, matching the strides of your long ___ skin toned legs. His blue eyes widened slightly as he took a shaky, unnecessary breath. You lightly ran your fingers through his hair and all the way down to the back of his neck where you rested your hand. Canada lightly took your free hand in his, sending a chill up your arm that shook your very soul. You slid your hand down his neck to his lower back. The song grew a bit louder, urging and pressing for you two to continue. You took slow careful steps back, making the ghost follow with you. His face became their usual pale color rather than the crimson color it had been before as he gained confidence. You released his hands and took a couple steps back before spinning around gracefully. The look in the calm ghost's eyes changed as he moved forward, wrapping his arms around you. Both his hands rested on your stomach and moved to trace your curves. You spun around in his arms and pressed a brief kiss to his lips. Canada dipped you, pressing his lips back to yours as he did so. Slowly he pulled you back up and pulled you so that you were both fully pressed together. Matthew flipped his hair out of his face and grabbed your hand, spinning you around several times. When he released your hand, he pulled his tux jacket off and tossed it aside. You moved back over to the man and places your hands on his shoulders while you wrapped a leg around one of his. Canada spun both of you around while pressing butterfly kisses along your cheeks and nose. "Matthew," you murmur, not forgetting his name. A small smile crossed the ghost's face, his lips moved against your ear, "___." Gently he twirled you away from him while keeping one of his hands on yours. You let your swing out then spun back into his arms. This time Canada placed a soft kiss on your neck before spinning you around to face him. You placed your left hand on his shoulder and gripped his other hand with your right. He took a step forward but to the right side of you and you took a step forward to the left side of him. You took a step forward to his right side and he took a step to your left side, the two of you repeated the process with carefully practiced moves.

Can you see me now?
Can you see me now?

Can you see?
Can you see?
See me here in the air
Not holding on to anywhere
But holding on so beware
I have secrets I won't share

     Canada dipped you to the right with his strong arms and pressed another kiss to your lips. You smiled against his lips as he pulled you upright then dipped you to the left. "You can see me?" Matthew asked as he raised your clasped hands up to the ceiling, back to your sides, and then out. The two of you walked towards the front door, pressed closely together. Matthew turned and you two walked back towards the window in the back of the cabin. You laughed softly and released him, taking a few steps back. Lightly you rested your hands against your lips and traced your sides up to your head and hair, then you held up a hand and motioned him over with a finger. The boy chuckled, a very welcoming and soothing sound. He walked over, placing his hands on your hips while the two of you danced your slow haunted tango. You didn't realize it right away but you were dancing on air rather than on the floor of the cabin. "You can see me, you know my name, you can touch me... do you love me?" he asked quietly, tracing shapes on your thighs with his fingers. You nodded, a bit out of breath and chilly. "Yes, I love you Matthew," you whispered. The Canadian nodded his head and tapped your nose. "Close your eyes," he instructed. You closed your ___ colored eyes and smiled as Matthew traced your facial features, ran his fingers through your ___ colored hair, and placed a kiss on your forehead. "Kiss me again," you whispered and wrapped your arms around his neck. Matthew leaned forward, pressing his lips to yours in a last and final passionate kiss. His fingers grazed across your cheekbones. "I want you to count to ten, and then open your eyes," he murmured before deepening the kiss, as if he was desperate. His lips left yours and trailed across your jaw line. "Start counting now," he murmured when you felt your feet hit the floor, and his lips no longer caressed your face. 'One... Two... Three... Four' you counted to yourself. The air the the cabin seemed to spin as the temperature in the cabin returned to normal. 'Five... Six... Seven... Eight... Nine' you thought. The candle in the corner of the room flickered back to life, even behind your eyelids you could partly see the dancing light. "Ten," you said aloud and opened your ___ colored eyes.

See me here pushing you
If I then deny I do
Contemplate or wish away
If I ask you not to stay

Clowns that only let you know
Where you let your senses go
Clowns all around you
It's a cross I need to bear

     Once again you stood alone in the abandoned log cabin. The only foot prints that could be seen on the dusty floors were your own, no sweet scent floated around the cabin, and not evidence of Matthew ever being there and dancing with you existed. Again, Canada could not be seen and you stood alone in the warm night in the cabin. It was as if you had been dancing with thin air. One thing out of place though, sat in one of the corners of the empty cabin. You took a deep shaky breath and walked over, squatting down to examine a small piece of paper.  Your fingers shook uncontrollably as you picked up the paper, not unfolding it just yet.

     You walked out of the house and peered around in the dim lighting for something, anything to leave him. A small smile crossed your face when you spotted some flowers. Carefully you picked them and placed them to your nose, they emitted a sweet smell that reminded you of Matthew. "Thank you for the dance," you told the air and rested the flowers next to the candle. You leaned forward, blowing out the enchanted candle... then you ran. You didn't stop till you reached the small camp where everyone still rested, sleeping. Slowly, you lowering yourself into the sleeping bag and opened up the paper to read the neat writing.

All this black and cruel despair
This is an emergency
Don't you hide your eyes from me
Open them and see me now

     On the paper read: "Thank you for seeing me when no one else could, even if it was only for one night."
Next part to my Hetalia Tango series. Um, I think this one is okayyyyyyyy, bleh. It's cute, at least? Again.. I such at writing about dancing.. yeah... glkaghohgohjago;

The song is: "Clowns: by t.A.T.u. [link]

I don't own Hetalia or any of the Hetalia characters. i also don't own the picture, i found it on google.
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”Excuse me! Please excuse me...!”

Your feet hitting hot cement, you hurriedly jogged along the sidewalk, all the while muttering apologies to the passer – by around you. The majority of the people immediately parted to make way for your rushing form;  the intimidating uniform of yours playing a huge part in their obedience. You thanked them quietly, and continued on your way.

It was a rather hot Thursday, and the town seemed to be buzzing with people. The streets were crowded and you swore that the number of tourists only doubled.  You inwardly wondered if something will happen today.  Was there some kind of holiday, that you perhaps missed?

You digged your heels in the ground, picking up your space. The sun radiated extreme heat, and you grimaced at the fact that you were going to arrive at your job not only late, but all sweaty as well.

”Man, this day already sucks,” you grumbled under your breath.
It all started with your alarm not going off in the morning, then spending ten minutes searching for your keys, all followed by your car suddenly giving up on you with a loud puff.

And despite already having a bad feeling about the whole oncoming day, you tried to push your pessimistic nature aside and hoped with all your might, that your string of bad luck would end there.

When you arrived at the station house fifteen minutes late and entered through the big glass doors, you were more than surprised to see a smaller group of people gathered together before a big billboard. The horde of people dressed in all kinds of uniforms chatted animatedly with each other, vividly discussing what was pinned on said billboard.
You stopped at the entrance, trying to catch your breath, while curiously observing everything from a safe distance. Needless to say, your bad feeling only intensified at the sight. ’Just what in the world...?’

”Officer (Lastname!)”

You glanced up at the cheerful voice.  Jogging to you was a close colleague of yours, named Nitori Aiichirou, and behind him were a few more that started making their way to you. You straightened yourself up, and discreetly fixed your hair and uniform. You didn’t want to look all disheveled and sweaty in front of your novices.

Nitori reached you with less than a few steps, and stopped just before you.

”Good morning, Officer (Lastname!),” he greeted you light – heartedly, even giving you a dedicated salute. The others behind him did the same, straightening their spine to an almost painful degree. At this, you exhaled with a smile.

”At ease, you guys. We’re not in the military.”

Nitori’s cheeks were graced with pink,  and a few people behind him started to snicker. ”B – but Officer (Lastname!) You are clearly one rank higher than us.  It is only appropriate for us to show some respect towards you!”

You warmly smiled back at him. ”Oh, come on. Don’t act like I’m the chief of this department. I appreciate your respect, but don’t let yourself degrade like that,” you said, while glancing at the others behind him. ”That goes for you guys as well.”

The group behind Nitori only nodded, and retracted their hands to their side, all the while smiling shyly back at you.  You grinned at them, before playfully ruffling Nitori’s silver mop of hair.

”And anyway! You just need one year and then you’ll reach the same rank as me! You know them habits die hard, so it would be high time to stop with them right now, before it turns everything awkward once you get your higher rank.”

He squeezed his eyes shut and let you have your way with his hair. ”But what if I won’t make it...?”

You stopped and looked at him a bit surprised.  ...And then scoffed.  ”Of course you’ll make it. You were trained by me after all! You didn’t start doubting my abilities as a teacher now of all times, did you?”

He only looked at you horrified. ”N – no, that’s absolutely not what I meant!” he stuttered, before unsurely glancing at his feet. ”The only person I’m doubting is myself. What if I’m not cut out for this?”

Your face hardened when you saw the little group behind him gradually losing confidence along with Nitori. You tut – tutted.

”Now, now! Where did this sudden outage of motivation and morale come from? Have a little faith in yourself! Trust in me as in your trainer and as a friend; you will all make it. And I’ll be the proudest officer when the time of promotion comes.”

The depressive air instantly vanished and your novices slowly got their good mood back. You smiled at them and they nodded back with renewed spirit. ”Yes, Officer (Lastname!)”
You quietly laughed. ”Much better!”  Then you blinked and looked behind them. ”By the way. Can anyone tell me what’s all the ruckus about over there?” you asked them, while simultaneously pointing to the still present group standing before the billboard.

Nitori and the others followed your pointer finger with their gaze, before they fully turned around.

A girl with a hairstyle of a strict bun wasted no time to reply. ”Oh, that? Today is patrol day and the Lieutenant made a list about which areas we must keep tabs on.  He also took the liberty to decide on who’ll be partners with who, and thus form a unit.  I heard he made some changes now, but isn’t that strange? I never had any problem with my partner...”

By now you had a really bad feeling.

You kept a groan to yourself, while brushing past your novices, warily making your way to the board. Patrol day was something you weren’t really fond of, nor were a lot of your colleagues. It was probably one of the most boring tasks one could had the unfortunate luck to be assigned to, besides paperwork, of course.  All you had to do was drive around town with one of the police cars, and make sure people see you and don’t do anything illegal.

You’d rather chase a criminal or go home and sleep, then invest energy in to something so mind – blowingly boring.

You could already feel yourself yawning, just thinking about it.

Reaching the board, you squeezed yourself through the thick group, wanting to take a look at the list, just to reassure yourself that you weren’t assigned to this  - in your opinion – completely useless job.  After a little struggle, you successfully danced yourself through everyone, and instantly traced the list with your pointer finger.

But to your misfortune, It didn’t take long to find your name. You exaggeratedly exhaled.

”Well. That’s just fantastic.”   You made a mental note to listen to your gut feeling more in the future.

Sighing, you raised your pointed finger one more time, trying to find the one who was assigned to be your partner.

  ...And just when you thought the day couldn’t be worse, you found his name.

”Are you fucking kidding me?” you exclaimed, a bit louder then you intended to.  A few heads turned in your way, and you drew your head back between your shoulder. After muttering a quiet sorry, you turned back and shot the list the nastiest glare you could

Unit 2; (Name) (Lastname),  Matsuoka Rin;  Monitoring Area of: Shirakawa, GC: 465, 67’  - 465 89’</b>  

You felt your eye twitch.

Of course, you’d be teamed up with Officer Matsuoka. You groaned one more time, wanting to tear the list off and throw it away. That Lieutenant Yamazaki.  That smug bastard had surely done this on purpose. You tightened your jaw in irritation.

Not only were you assigned to patrol duty, but you were to do that with Rin of all people. This day just couldn’t get any better.

And as you stood there staring and muttering all kinds of profanities at the piece of paper in front of you, two policewomen appeared just beside you, slightly annoyed at the group around them.

”Geez, what’s all this about? Can’t they move over a bit?” grumbled one of them.
”I know, right? They have been standing here for twenty minutes now! How long does it take to take a glance at this stupid list?” replied the other, with just as much irritation.

You recognized these two. They started to work in this department at the same time as you did, but you somehow never seemed to remember their names. Quite frankly, there were times when you couldn’t even tell them apart, because they hung around each other so much.  

”Eh? (Name)?!” cried one of them the moment she saw you.

You turned your head in their direction, mildly surprised. You didn’t expect them to recognize you.

”Um. Hey...?” you greeted them awkwardly.

”What are you doing here? Don’t tell me you were assigned to patrol duty?”

You stammered. ”W – well, unfortunately I - ”

The painfully loud gasp of the former interrupted you.  You cringed. The whole group was staring at you by now.

”But Oh my God – look! Look who’s her partner!” exclaimed the gasping girl, enthusiastically pointing at the list, specifically to a certain maroon – haired male’s name. Her friend instantly snapped her head to the pointed area and her mouth parted in an amazed ‘O’.

”Oh my God, (Name)! You lucky gal, you!”

”Patrol duty with Officer Matsuoka? That must be the best thing I can possibly imagine! Just leisurely cruising around with the police car, not really doing anything, in the company of that hot piece of - ”

You raised your hand before she could finish that sentence.

”Guys, please. Could you keep it quieter! Everyone’s looking at us,” you told them, almost pleaded for them to just stop talking. They only stared back confused.

“...Well, it’s the truth.”

”Yeah, I’m almost jealous of you...”

You only scoffed. ”Well, don’t be. I am not in the least bit pleased with this.”
The two looked at each other, before they sneered at you. ”What gives? Is it because you... “hate” Officer Matsuoka?”

Incoherent spluttering escaped your mouth. “I do not hate him, I just don’t like working with him! Has any of you ever been partnered up with him? He is horrible! He always acts like a know – it  - all, even when handling the most simpler tasks. And that domineering attitude of his? Where does he even get the right to act like that towards me? We have the same goddamn ranks! And don’t let me get started on his teasings...!”

Your two colleagues  listened to you ramble off  with great interest.  But after a while, you caught the amused glint in their eyes and their mouths wanting to curl upwards. If there was something in this world that annoyed you more then Matsuoka, it was people who didn’t take you seriously.

So you stopped talking.  ”What? What is it?”

“Aww, (Name)! Have you never really thought about why he acts like this in your presence...?” one of them drawled playfully, a daunting smirk dancing on her lips.  You stared back at her, cocking an eyebrow.

“(Name), please.  Aren’t you supposed to be one of the brainiest in our department?” teased her friend.

“You know how some men are,” continued the former. “They love to show off  their masculinity by acting like some Macho Man. It’s kind of annoying, but cute at the same time,” she finished with a snicker. You only rolled your eyes.

“Yeah, right.  Because patronizing me will surely prove how “manly” he is.  And I doubt he would want to show his testosterone level to me of all people.  No, I think he is just acting like a jerk, because he can.”

At this, the two of them deadpanned. “Is she kidding right now?” whispered one of them to her friend, that made you scoff.  They exhaled loudly, as if they were trying to explain something to a child and failing to do so.  “For the love of - ! (Name)! He acts like this because he wants to impre - ”

Halfway in the sentence, your colleague suddenly stopped. You only blinked back at her, and grew even more confused when you saw her friend freezing up as well. They went pale as a ghosts and with lips parted looked ahead somewhere behind you.

“Uh. ...Guys?”

Just as you were about to turn around, and see for yourself what shocked them in to silence, you felt a sudden and ominous presence making itself aware behind you. You tensed slightly. With bathed breath, you waited for it to go away; hoping with all your might, that your colleagues didn’t get silenced because of whoever was standing behind you.

A short, albeit tense silence followed, and you felt the back of your neck and ears prickle with a strange, ticklish sensation. It almost made you want to run away.

The two policewomen suddenly flinched out of their staring, and started to back away.

“H – hey, sorry (Name). We just remembered that we were assigned to patrol duty as well! Unit 4, Meisho district!”

“Y- yeah,” her friend nodded vigorously. “So we better get going, too! We don’t wanna be late, or else Lieutenant Yamazaki will give us a tongue  - lashing.”

And they were gone.

Before you could even blink, a bare and brawny arm leisurely rested itself on your shoulder, and a rather muscular chest was pressed against your back. You gasped and flinched, squeezing your eyes shut.

 ...That was until a low and husky voice rang uncomfortably near your ear.

“Well, well, Officer (Lastname). Talking about your partner behind his back, and in such a way to boot? Tsk, tsk, tsk. You ought to be ashamed of yourself.”

A shiver ran down your spine.

Quickly composing yourself, you jumped forward and turned around, only to meet the smirking visage of the last person you wanted to see right now. You gritted your teeth.

“Rin. What luck.”  Ignoring the tone you used to greet him, he greeted you back.

“Nice to see you too, (Name).”

“How many times do I have to tell you to stop sneaking up on me? You scared the crap out of me!”

Your irritation fueled his amusement even more; the satisfied smirk on his face growing just a crack wider.

“Oh, come now (Name).  It would be time for you to learn how to sense if someone’s sneaking up on you, since you are a police officer after all. If I had been a criminal, I’d have knocked you out with ease.”

You grimaced. Your shift with him didn’t even start, yet here he was already lecturing you like a parent would a child. Honestly, you always felt like he was looking down on you and sardonically teasing you. Unashamedly showing your  annoyance, you retorted.

“How do you know that I didn’t know it was you, in the first place? Have you ever thought about that maybe I always know that you’re the one behind me, but I just ignore you in hopes that you will leave me alone?”

He raised both of his eyebrows to his hairline, and you saw that  he was struggling to hide his smile.

“Is that so...?  Didn’t you just told me not to sneak up on you anymore, because I ‘scared the crap out of you’? You know, just a few minutes ago?  I don’t think you would have reacted that intensely if you knew that it was me behind you, but the way you flinched gives me the impression that you didn’t even know that there was someone sneaking up on you.”

Oh, touché.  He had you there.  Not wanting to admit that he was in the right, you turned your head away.

“W -. whatever! We weren’t even in a dangerous situation, and I was completely relaxed! Not to mention that I was distracted, because I was talking to two of my colleagues. I’m sure I could have handled this if you were a criminal,” you exclaimed rather unprofessionally.

Rin exhaled in disbelief. “But that is exactly the problem, (Name)! You should never, ever, let your guard down! Not only are you  endangering yourself, but your teammates, the civilians you are supposed to protect and your whole environment in general. Honestly, I can’t always be there to look out for you...,”

You almost choked on your own spit.

“Look out for me...?! When the hell did you ever look out for me?! All you do is criticize every single thing I do! Hell, you’d even criticize me for how I inhale air!” you retorted, your patience with him already thinning.

To your surprise, Rin didn’t roll his eyes nor did he scoff at you. Instead he continued staring at you, with quite the serious expression, and after a good few seconds you felt yourself shifting awkwardly under his gaze. You never really looked him in the eyes for too long, because you always feared that he would stare a hole in you, if you did.  His overall persona was pretty intense, but it was nothing without his eyes.

Not knowing why he was looking at you for so long, you furrowed your brows in annoyance, and looked away.

“Why are you staring at me?”

He hummed, and cupped his chin with his thumb and forefinger. “Well, to be honest, I do think that you breath rather incorrectly. You gasp too much, you pant too much and it takes little for you to become short of breath.”

He shot you a rather smoldering gaze. “Though, I’m not sure if it’s simply because of your weak lungs ...or because of me.”

All you could do was stare back at him incredulously, before his insinuation finally sinked in. Exhaling rather harshly, you gave him a mocking smile.  

“Yes.  It is definitely because of you.  And you know what? That’s why I’m gonna have a little chat with Lieutenant Yamazaki about this list here,” you said while gesturing with your head to the board beside you. “I’m sure he will find someone else for you to patrol with, while I can go home and rest my oh so weak lungs.”

At this, everything smug vanished from Rin’s face.  “Oh really? And you think he will just listen to you, nod his head, and dismiss you peacefully?”

Crossing your arms, you raised your chin higher.

“Yes, he will. Either that, or I’m going to request for a new partner. I’ll accept everyone but you,” you told him, trying to look dominating.

To your confusion, Rin only gave you a mischievous smile.  “I’d like to see you try that, (Name).”

If only it was legally and sociably acceptable to slap your colleague.



“W – what?”

“I think I made myself clear.  My answer is negative.”

Silence engulfed Lieutenant Yamazaki’s office, as you could only stand before the intimidating man’s desk. Your lips parted, desperately trying to reason with the teal – eyed Lieutenant, but warily so, since you knew who you were talking to.

He in turn only leered at you, with hands folded in front of his mouth, and you inwardly scoffed for thinking that Rin’s staring was unpleasant.

You quietly cleared your throat, and tried to address this problem of yours again.

“With all due respect, Lieutenant, but I think that I could work so much more efficiently if my partner was someone else.”

He silently raised his eyebrows, and slowly crossed his brawny arms in front of him.

“Is that so? And may I ask why?”

You gulped, not really having any other excuse but your dislike against the shark – teethed man, who was currently at the far end of the Lieutenant’s office, leaning against the wall with crossed arms and a sneer. It annoyed you to no end that he was allowed in here, but you knew that you couldn’t protest against this, since he could easily come up with the excuse that he was still your partner, and had the right to listen to whatever you had to criticize about him to your higher – up.

You silently exhaled through your nose, fearing that if you did it louder, he would catch up on your irritation. Who knows, maybe he already did.  

“...I just think that Officer Matsuoka and I are not the best when paired up together.”

You could feel Rin from behind you stare a hole in your back.

Lieutenant Yamazaki hummed and seemed to be ruminating a bit on what you said. You were determined to hold his gaze, but those teal eyes of his were giving you quite a challenge.

“I am not sure what you mean by that, Officer (Lastname). I’ts not the first time that I paired the two of you up for a task or duty, and every time you came back carrying out whatever I told you to with utmost precaution and precision.”

A miniscule breath of silence followed, before a strange twinkle flashed in his droopy eyes.

“In my opinion are practically made for each other,” he told you quietly, almost whispering, and you blushed, because for a moment you didn’t know if he meant it in a professional sense or –

“Isn’t that right, Officer Matsuoka?” he abruptly asked, taking his gaze away from your form and turning to the man, who was still watching everything from the entrance.  Rin only smirked and nodded.

“Yes, indeed. We are perfect together,” he drawled quietly while looking you in the eyes. Your blush only worsened and you tore your gaze away from his, turning to look at your feet instead. By know you knew that it was hopeless to request for another partner.

Rin and Lieutenant Yamazaki shared a rather deep past of friendship, and whatever Rin wanted, he’d get it from the Lieutenant without hesitation.

The Lieutenant sighed in contentment.

“Then, if there’s nothing else you’d want to talk to me about, I suggest you two prepare for today’s patrol duty.  A summer festival will be held in this town, beginning somewhere in the late afternoon, and people from all around the world came to visit and take part in it. As we all know, in a big horde of people anything could happen. That’s why I ordered several units to patrol around various districts and maintain order.”

‘So that’s why there were so many people out in the streets,’  you realized.

You heard Rin step away from the wall and walk beside you. You just made sure not to look up from your feet.  “Don’t worry, Lieutenant. We’ll make sure everything goes swimmingly,”


The sun’s wrath only heightened, you concluded, as you felt beads of sweat slide down from your neck, vanishing at your cleavage, slipping under your uniform. You sighed and tiredly raised your hand to your forehead, wiping away another layer of perspiration.

It was already late afternoon, and yet it was still as hot as it was in the early morning. Even the police car didn’t  manage to keep the heat out, making you and Rin practically melt away in the vehicle. You couldn’t wait for your shift to end.

With another sigh, you laid back and rested your head against the headboard of your seat and lazily watched Rin trying to turn on the air conditioning. He muttered profanities under his breath as the device decided to play stubborn and refused to work.

With a groan he stopped, and let himself fall back rather harshly in to his own seat; the police car reacting with a bounce. He grabbed his cap and throwed it on the top of the car’s dashboard. And then came silence.

You turned your head and looked outside the window, watching  people prepare for the festival. A group not far away from the police car was hanging paper kites and stars to a long row of stands, while another one was hanging different kinds of tanzaku on bamboo trees. Some were already dressed in their yukata’s and a good number of children were outside as well, playing with each other and running among with eyes sparkling in utter excitement for the night.

The sun was slowly setting and right now you absolutely hated to be on patrol duty.

“You want to go outside, don’t you?”

Rin’s voice was pleasantly calm, and yet you still flinched a bit. Turning your head, you saw him, still sitting in that laid back position, his head positioned forward giving you a side glance. His eyes were hooded, and the way he rested his head against his seat exposed his rather well endowed neck and collarbones, along with his Adam’s apple.

You regarded these little details about him, before looking down to your lap and nodding silently.  He sighed and raised his hand to the back of his neck.

“I know. You’re not the only one.”

At this you raised your a head a bit and looked at him questioningly. He only closed his eyes and cracked a fond smile.  “Me and my friends used to go to this festival every summer when I was a kid. We tried out every possible  food and game we could. I remember loving to play with those water gun shooter games and eating Ikayaki until I couldn’t move anymore.  After that, my friends and I were so exhausted that we only had energy to stay and watch the fireworks.”

He quietly snickered at the end before he too grew silent.  You couldn’t help but notice that his voice sounded deeper and more serene as he told you about his childhood, and you found yourself actually liking that gentle rumble that resonated from his chest.

In the quiet car it soothed you to a surprising level, and you hated to admit it to yourself, but you wouldn’t have minded if he continued quietly murmuring to you about whatever he could talk about for a longer period of time.

You heard him lightly exhale beside you and you felt goose bumps awake on your forearms, for you could see his toned chest heave from the corner of your eyes.

Not really knowing how to react, you quietly hummed, indicating that you understood what he said. But in order to keep the awkward atmosphere away, you decided to tell him something about your childhood as well.

“I have never been on a festival like this. In my younger years, my parents simply forbid me to go, for they have been scared of me getting kidnapped or something. This was some strange paranoia they had, I don’t even know.  And when I got older, I just didn’t particularly had the interest to go. But now, watching how much fun people have....”

Shifting your attention back outside, you missed him swiveling his dark eyes to your form.

It was obvious that you were trying to sit upright and properly, but the heat made it impossible for you to concentrate on anything other then breathing, and so you were more or less slumped against your seat, with slightly opened legs and hands crossed under your chest.

He took it all in and was just about to look back forward, when his eyes caught the beads of sweat leisurely rolling down from your glistening neck to your chest.

You discarded your uniform jacket long before you two even entered the police car, and the black tank top you wore right now showed a quite amount of cleavage.

He couldn’t help but watch as the droplets slowly slid down and followed the topography of your collarbones, just to further continue on their journey and vanish between the valley of your two mounds, which were peacefully rising up and down underneath the dark cotton fabric.  His gaze lingered on that spot for a good while, against his better judgement.

The sun’s last rays managed to cast teasing shadows on your shoulders and chest, enhancing your womanly curves.  You looked absolutely ravishing and he would have felt content just sitting there and watching you.

It didn’t help his case at all, that your crossed arms supported your breasts even more, giving them a plumper shape.  
He quietly sighed in appreciation and turned his head away, whilst slowly unbuttoning the first few buttons on the top of his uniform shirt.  He briefly wondered if the cause of his overheated body is really the weather and not you.  A wry smile appeared on his lips.

The silence was slightly disturbed by a few kids that passed the police car. Their laughs could be heard from inside the vehicle as they frolicked away, with school bags carelessly thrown over one shoulder and jockey caps turned backwards.

You followed them with your eyes, a fond smile slowly making itself visible on your lips.  Rin smiled as well.

“Heh. Little rascals, aren’t they?”

“Yes. They remind me of someone,” you told him, while looking him in the eyes and giving him a teasing smile. Taken completely aback by your response, he could only stare at you.

“Eh. What?”

You snickered and shaked your head, whilst looking away.  “Nothing.  Forget what I said.”

Rin only raised an eyebrow, slightly amused but still trying to act as if this comparison offended him.

“C’mon, (Name). What did you mean by that? You better explain or I could take it the wrong way,”  he told you and you could hear from his tone that he tried to act flirty.  Angling an eyebrow upwards, you turned your head back to him.

“The wrong way...? How could anyone take this the good way?” you asked him, deciding to take part in his little game.

He shot you a smoldering gaze. “I think that your type of wrong and my type of wrong aren’t the same.”

Flirtily enigmatic as ever.  You were rather baffled at this, and felt yourself blush when you realised what he was trying to hint at. You tried to laugh it off.  “Oh, please! If you are referring to your sexy bad – boy persona, then you got it completely wrong. I didn’t mean it like that.”

He leaned forward, and cross – rested his arms on the car wheel. “Sexy, huh?”  He grinned.

Red grazed your cheeks.  “Rin,” you warned.  He chuckled, suddenly feeling very exhilarating, for the thought that you found him  attractive really appealed to him.

In the meantime you were busying yourself by looking outside again, too embarrassed to so much as glance in his direction.

Rin rested his head on top of his crossed arms, and observed you with a cheeky smile.

“If you find me so easy on the eyes, then why did you protest against being my partner so much? Sheesh, even going to the Lieutenant to complain...”

Suddenly, he straightened himself in his seat and leaned in closer to you.

“Do I make you uncomfortable?”  he asked, and purposefully lowered his voice in to a sultry one. Despite his breath tickling your ear shell pink, you didn’t turn around, for you were afraid to see the clear – cut features of his up – close.  

Instead, you continued to pretend to be genuinely interested in watching the people outside slowly start the festival.

“Pff! As if! Don’t flatter yourself, Rin” you scoffed with a smile. “I didn’t want to be your partner, because you always act bossy whenever you and I are on a mission.”

He tsk – ed with a grimace and leaned back in his seat.  “Bossy? I can’t help it if I have to order you around, because you never know what to do, and how to do it.”

That struck a nerve. Furious, you instantly turned around.

“What the hell do you mean by that?! I managed to finish several duties all on my own in the past, and I never needed anyone’s guidance back there, so I don’t know what makes you think that I’d need it now!”

“What? You mean those lame, single ‘missions’, where you have to walk around town, and look all important, or the one’s where you have to bring coffee for the Lieutenant?”  Rin asked, channeling his most unimpressed look.  You were near wringing his neck.  Fuming, you quickly found a way to retort.

“Oh, yeah? And who was the one who locked himself out of his patrol car this year, because he forgot to take his keys with him?!”

He tensed immediately. “That was one time, (Name)! It would be high time for you to get off that case!”

“It would be also high time for you to stop treating me like a rookie!”

“I wouldn’t be treating you like a rookie, if you wouldn’t act like a rookie, (Name)!”

“Locking yourself out from your car is a rookie mistake, FYI!”


Like vicious dogs, the two of you were just about to jump at each other, when a static noise interrupted your whole fiasco.  Both of your heads turned to the radio.

“Unit 2! Unit 5 to dispatch.”

You and Rin glanced back at each other and stared for a mili second,  before you snatched the radio, determined to grab it before he could. Clearing your throat, you raised it to your mouth.

“Unit 2, affirmative.”

“Unit 2 needed at Shirakawa 465, 71’,  code 10 – 38.”

“Code 10 – 38...? A suspicious person wandering in 465, 71’...?” you heard Rin mutter beside you.  “That’s the northern part of this district, If i recall correctly,” he mused and immediately typed the coordinates in to the GPS.

“Unit 2, en route to 465, 71, code 4 – 10,” you replied to the radio, and with a quiet beep, ended the transmission. Rin hurriedly grabbed his police cap and positioned it on his head, before he inserted the key in to the ignition, and awakened the car with a gentle grumble. You put your police shirt back on, but decided to leave it unbuttoned, before grabbing your seat belt and buckling up.

Rin shifted in to gear with precised movements, and pressed on to the right pedal for acceleration. The Toyota Crown cruiser instantly obeyed, and the both of you took off.

   The ride to the designated area was awkward at its best, and Rin couldn’t help but think that the fact that you were hot didn’t lessen the fact that you could be also quite annoying.

He was completely unaware that you were thinking the exact same thing.


Later radio transmissions with other units revealed, that a group of illegal drug dealers were busted in the neighboring district.   They were apparently lurking in some narrow, dark street, and while they weren’t causing  any casualties, they did seem rather suspicious.  To be on the safe side, officers kept an eye on them and observed them from afar, but it was all clear why they appeared to be  suspicious, when their first customer appeared.

Officers immediately interfered and the group made a run for it.  Five men, in their early twenties.  Two of them ran north, opposite of where the festival was held, and the third one ran north – east.  They were all captured before they could escape, safe for the fourth and fifth one.  The former having been escaped with a stolen motorcycle, and the fifth one escaping in to the Shirakawa district.

And that’s where Rin and you came in to the picture.

The coordinates lead you two to a rather run down part of the district.  As the two of you swept the streets, lined with shabby and abandoned buildings, you spotted a figure not far away from you running amok.  Unbuckling yourselves and guns prepared, you exited the patrol car and ran after the man.

The pursued must have heard the echoes of two more pair of feet joining his, and after a quick glance over his shoulder, made a beeline to one of the abandoned buildings.  You recognized that building.

“Oh, sure! Just go and run in to that creepy old hospital that has been out of use for god knows how long!” you wheezed with irritation while picking up your space.  Rin only cocked an eyebrow, but didn’t say anything.

The man reached the entrance doors and broke them down, before vanishing in to the eerie darkness.  You two only followed him.  But just as you were entering the hospital, out of breath and chest rapidly heaving, the realization hit the both of you.  

You lost sight of him.

Rin cursed under his breath, while you swept your eyes over the entrance hall.

Any kind of opening to the outside was boarded up, covering everything in darkness.  The smell of musk and expired medicine almost made you nauseous,  making you wrinkle your nose.  The walls were horribly scuffed and little pieces of cement and dust were left scattered on the floor.  

Across the two of you stood the reception desk which had old papers lying on it, among other folders and various shady things.
As Rin glanced to the side, he blinked at something and nudged your arm.

“Hey.  Look over there,” he whispered to you.  Taking your eyes away from some creepy looking posters hanging on the walls, you followed his gaze.  On the left side of the building, built into the wall, was a something  that looked akin to a big, old fashioned door.   Rows of bars  protected the front of it, and a clock – like device was resting on its upper frame, that looked as if someone cut it in half.  

You frowned.  “An elevator...?”

Without any hesitation, Rin made his way over to it and after closely examining it, pushed the button beside it.  To your surprise, the elevator’s door opened with a ‘ding’, and even the lights inside it flickered alive.  Rin looked back at you.

“You coming?”

Grimacing, you declined.  “No way in hell will I step in to that vertical coffin.  How do you know it’s not gonna fall down or trap you? By the looks of it, it must be older than my grandmother.”

Rin sneered at you.  “Aw, (Name), don’t tell me you’re scared.  What are you afraid of? You have me, so don’t worry.  I’ll make sure to keep you safe.”

Your expression only darkened.  “Show those chompers back where they came from, Rin, or so help me.  I just simply don’t trust that elevator.  Or anything in this creepy building.”

You shivered, before continuing.   “You go ahead and search for that dealer on the upper floors.  I’ll be here on the first floor searching.  And if I don’t find him here, I’ll just use the stairs.”

Rin only shrugged. “Suit yourself.  But if you’re in trouble, promise me that you’ll call for me.”

That surprised you quite a bit. “Uh ...okay? Whatever,” you said, while turning away, already on your way to check out the corridor to your right.  Rin immediately stepped away from the elevator and ran to you.  A gasp escaped you, as he firmly grabbed you by your hand and turned you to him.  Then he grabbed you by your shoulders and made you look at him.

“(Name).  Promise.”

He practically seethed this to you.  You only stood there, beyond confused.  “What is up with you again? I’ll be fine, now stop acting so overdramatic.”

He gritted his teeth at your easy – going attitude. “I am not acting overdramatic! I am just making sure you’ll be safe.”

“More like treating me like a kid again.  Do you honestly think I am that incapable of being a police officer?” you growled, whilst brushing his hands off of your shoulders.  “Now stop telling me what to do, I’ll handle him.”

“(Name) - ”

“I’ll be fine, now go! The more we dawdle around the farther he will get away.”

Rin watched apprehensively as you turned around and entered the corridor adjacent to him.

 He sighed and tiredly closed his eyes, before slowly turning around and stepping in to the rusty elevator.

He hoped he would encounter the pursued man, before you did.


As expected, the place you started to explore, wasn’t any brighter than the waiting room.  Eeerie silence reigned the corridor, with only your hesitant steps disturbing it. Several doors lined up your path, but only a few of them were actually intact, while a good amount of them had no door at all.  You tried your eyes not to wander in to the rooms that had no doors, being too afraid to see something that you’d rather not.  

With a gun in hand, you stalled yourself  and continued surveying your environment.
Everything in this place creeped you out, but you forced yourself not to think about the numerous ghost stories you heard about this place from your friends and colleagues.

No matter if one believes in the supernatural or not, this place could have the same intimidating effect on anyone. You wondered how Rin took all of this.

Shaking your head, you walked further along the corridor, gun pointed ahead, ready to shoot if you so much as heard a movement.

  ...Which is why you were heavily contemplating whether you should turn around or not.

 There was absolute silence, no matter how hard you strained your ears to hear something.  The criminal you two were chasing is either running or hiding away somewhere.  The silence was so heavy, you swore you could hear him breathing if he was here somewhere.  Which you didn’t.  

Sure, you could check every room and see if he was there, but they were so vacant, that he would have to stick himself on the ceiling or turn invisible in order to remain hidden. Your hold on your gun slightly faltered.

Maybe you should go back to Rin? What if the pursued man already left the abandoned hospital through some backdoor?

Nervously adjusting the cap on your head, you decided to turn around.

For now, you’d just go back to Rin and see what he found.  Maybe he already captured the man...?

Picking up your space, you vaguely looked around one last time in the corridor, before leaving.  You hated to admit but you were kind of relieved.  That place still creeped you out.  After you arrived back at the waiting room, you turned your head left to right, and then carefully made your way to the stairs, still adamant about not using the elevator.
Gun still in your hand, you made sure to not let your guard down.

And despite the silence, you didn’t notice one more pair of legs keenly following you.


The third floor of the hospital looked just the same as the entrance of it.  Dust, more dust, dead cockroaches, spiderwebs, spooky looking medical facilities and  - what a surprise; even more dust.  After Rin exited the elevator, (which surprisingly still worked),  he immediately grabbed his gun and started pacing around the place.  

With the sun being already down, he wished more than anything to switch the lights on, but he was unsure where he’d find them.  Not to mention that he’d practically jeopardize the whole chase with his action, since the pursued man would instantly know that one of the officers is on the third floor.

That, or if he believes in ghosts...

Rin shaked his head.  This is not the time to be comical.

With careful steps he walked along one of the corridors.  Of the end of it was a huge door of rusted metal.  The OR, he guessed.  No wonder why there are hardly any rooms around here.  But the man surely didn’t hide there, did he...?

Quietly exhaling through his nose, Rin made his way to the doors closing the hallway to an end.  As he reached it, he warily rested one of his hands on it’s huge handle, and tightened his hold on the gun in his other hand.  Counting to three, he closed his eyes for a short second, before pushing the doors open with a quick movement.

Gun pointed forward, he swept his eyes over the room.

But it was empty.

The only thing that caught his attention was the design of the whole room. It wasn’t really an operating room, but rather an operating theater. This and the elevator  gave the building a more haunted like feeling.  With a twitch in his eyes, Rin also started to wonder how old this hospital is. Shouldn’t it have been tore down already or restored or something...?

Sighing, he slightly lowered his gun.  Was it even worth sweeping through this abandoned building? The two of you have been here for half an hour now, and you still didn’t find anyone.  Or at least, he guessed that you didn’t find the man as well, since you would have already signaled to him. Scratching behind his neck, he turned around.

  ...And that’s when he heard the resonating sounds of steps in the far distance.

Adrenaline kicking in, he immediately distanced himself from the OR and hid away behind a medical cupboard that stood all lonely in the vast hallway.  With extreme caution, he listened to the steps making their way closer and closer to the hallway.  

Gulping, he tightened his hold on his gun and waited.  Rin hoped that it was just you, but he had to make sure.  He couldn’t just call out for you, since it was too risky.  Seconds passed as the steps suddenly halted.  It sounded like the person currently lingering there was standing not far away from the corner.  

If only I was sure that he didn’t had any gun with him.  Then I could just easily arrest him with me threatening him to shoot.  He didn’t shoot at us when we chased him.  So maybe...

Stalling himself, Rin dared to take a glance from behind the cupboard.

It was the dealer.

‘Shit,’ he cursed inwardly.  Was this the place he first escaped to since he entered this place, or was he first somewhere else?  The elevator was dusty; he was sure that nobody used that for a long time before him.  He must have used the stairs.  And Rin could only wonder.

‘Did (Name) encounter him already?’

He felt anxiety build up inside of him.  He had to do something now.  There’s a fair chance that this man is weaponless, so if he could just only...  Deeply inhaling, he closed his eyes, concentrating...

 ...and then leapt out from behind the cupboard and pointed his gun at the dealer.

“Stop right there!  You are arrested for illegal drug tr - ”

Rin felt his throat going dry at the sight before him.  By the time he jumped out the man before him was already pointing a gun at him.  A gun.  The dealer had a gun with him.

 Beads of sweat run down from the side of his face as he now was having a staring contest with the man before him; both of them sizing up each other with guns.  

Heavily concentrating on what to do next, he started to form a plan.  The most crucial thing to do now was for him to play cool, even if he was anything but.  He wasn’t allowed to show any kind of nervousness to the man before him.  

 But he did wonder where the man got his gun from.  And why he didn’t use it before.

There was a growing hunch forming in the back of his mind that could answer his questions, but this particular answer was so abhorring that he didn’t dare to think about it.  

Was this man luring the two of you inside so he could finish the both of you? Why would he play such games with the two of you, that would only make it worse for him. The most important thing for criminals is to escape as soon as possible, and not waste his time with this.  

And the only ones in this area who owned guns legally was him and you, but...
...that surely didn’t happen did it?

Rin was at this point so worried, that he felt the inside of his chest and stomach sink.  
No, there’s no way.  You should be all right.  You are probably still on first floor wandering around and this man just hid it from the two of you...  

“Where ...where did you get that gun?”  Risking to hear the worst, Rin decided to ask.

To his horror, the man before him shot him a nasty smirk, that exposed his teeth in a way that looked more like he was pulling a face at something.  “Your little girlfriend down there lent it to me,” he told him and snickered at the end, as if he just told a good joke.  

A joke.  Rin only wished that what he just heard was just that.

Growing more and more scared for you, his hand along with his gun begun to shake from anger.  “What have you done with her?”  

“Don’t worry.  I haven’t killed her if that’s what you are worrying about...”

The dealer before him ment this as a reassurance, but it only looked more like provocation with his stupidly grinning face.  But as it seems, he wasn’t finished just there.  He let out a quiet laugh and licked his lips, while his eyes shifted to the entrance of the hallway for a miniscule time.

“But damn, man.  Is every chick in the police force this hot?”

Rin’s eyes were already blazing with rage at this.  How dare he...!  But the man only continued with his perverse fantasies.

“If yes, then I wouldn’t mind if you arrested me here.  If that means that I’m surrounded with girls like this...  Heh, maybe I could join the police force! Chicks are crazy after guys that turn good from bad anyway.  Whaddaya say, officer? Do you know if this one’s already taken...?”

That was it.

Rin gritted his teeth as he felt wrath completely swallow his rational side.  Without any thought, he pulled the trigger of the gun.  With a gasp, the other man jumped out of harms way, but the bullet managed to graze his side,  making him lose his balance and fall to the dirty floor.

He cursed Rin, who didn’t even pay any mind to it, as he immediately run up to him and restricted him on the floor and held him down with swift movements.

The hoodie the criminal wore was slightly tattered and sprinkled with blood, and in normal circumstances, Rin would have already arrested the man and tended to his wound.  

Under normal circumstances.

But as it seems, this case wasn’t considered a normal circumstance to him, as he knocked the gun out of the dealer’s hand with more force than necessary and  arrested him, before straddling him.  The dealer’s eyes widened in surprise.  “H – hey, what are you - ”

And then he cried out in agony, as Rin started suddenly punching him square across the


Another punch.

“Son of a ...!”

Another punch.


He went berzerk.  Not only did this sorry excuse of a human knock you out, but he dared to talk about you like that and in such a manner?!  Feeling completely livid, he continued beating the man in front of him, forgetting the fact that he wasn’t supposed to use violence against defenseless criminals.

He vaguely payed attention to another pair of steps making their hasty way towards him.  Someone cries and pleas of him to stop.  Two pair of smaller arms trying to get hold of his that was still vehemently hitting the man underneath him.

The dealer already passed out under his hands, and after realizing that, he slowed down before stopping with a loud huff.  He watched with tired eyes as the criminal’s face transformed in to shades of purple and blue, before he finally noticed you.

“Rin, what is wrong with you?!” you shouted at him, as you saw him finish the brutal manhandling. He didn’t say anything for a long time, only stared back at you, trying to regain his breath and calm his beating heart.  The hallway echoed his panting.


“So you go around criticizing and patronizing me whenever you can, thinking that you are so much more superior to me, but then you go around beating defenseless criminals to crap?!”

The level of your irritation possibly reached it’s peak now.  Crossing your arms, you stared down at Rin, who was still straddling the criminal.  

“Defenseless? He wasn’t defenseless!” he retorted while standing up in a gawking - stumbling fashion. “He had a gun with him.  Look over there, I knocked it out of his hands,” he said defensively, while pointing at the gun lying on the floor a few steps away from you.  

“I saw that, but that’s exactly the problem, Rin! You started hitting him after you knocked the gun out of his hand! It would have been suffice if you just straddled him and arrested him with the handcuffs! You know this!”

He only gritted his teeth at you. “Well, if you would have been more careful, and didn’t let him take your gun, than he would not have taken me at surprise, and go full force on him!”

Genuine confusion appeared on your face. “My gun? What the hell are you talking about? My gun is still with me.”  And with this, you took out your gun from its holder, showing him.


Rin stood there completely lost.  “B – but then...! He said that...! H –how... He said that he took the gun he used just now from you!”  You exhaled tiredly.  “Yes, because I think that he had his own gun with him all the time.  He just probably didn’t want us to know, and lured us in here, so he could deal with us later. How do you think would he have taken my gun from me, anyway?”

Suddenly looking very serious, he stepped closer to you. “He said that he had ...done something to you, and stole it from you.  He specified that he did not kill you, but still...”

You just scoffed. “And you believed him? ...Oh wait,” Annoyance slapped you again.  

Of course you believed him.  Because you still think that I am so incapable of dealing with criminals, that you could easily imagine that.  Thanks a lot, Rin.”

He cursed under his breath,  and raised his voice.  “Well, you still can’t sense if someone’s following you! Of course I imagined the worst! Of course I was worried about you...!”

Puffing up you chest, you stepped dangerously close to him, almost nose to nose, and seethed with anger. “Just so you know, Mr. I – know – it – all! This time I did sense someone creeping up on me! We fought a little, and he outsmarted me, but he did not manage to knock me out or steal my gun!”

Rin’s sharp stare faltered, and his surprise may have annoyed you even more.  “Really...?” he breathed.  

You groaned, and stepped away from him, before the urge to hit him swallowed you.  Crossing your arms, you looked away and pursed your lips.

“Yes, Rin.  Really.  I know, it’s such a surprise...”

Picking up on your sarcasm and overall hurt pride, he quietly cleared his throat.  “I’m sorry.  I didn’t mean it like that... It’s just that I am really worried about you sometimes.  But not in a way that I think I’m perfect or anything, it’s just  - when it comes down to it – I do have more experience than you...”

Not seeing you react in any negative way, and seeming to listen, he continued, picking his words very carefully.  

“In fact, I think that you are very much competent for this job.  You have the right sense of justice and brains to boot.  All you need is a little more training regarding your combat skills, but that’s all,” he finished, and could not help the small blush painting his cheeks in red.  So he looked away.  

Meanwhile, you looked back at him, lips slightly parted.  Needless to say, this caught you completely off guard.  You don’t even remember if Rin has ever complimented you.

“But if that’s really how you think about me, then ...why did you never tell me this before...?” you asked him with eyebrows furrowed in slight confusion.  Suddenly finding his leather shoes more interesting, he replied quietly.  

“In all honesty, I thought that you knew this by now.  That’s why I never held back with my critics.”

Inhaling deeply, he looked up and rested his eyes on you.  “But I swear, I never thought that you are not cut out for this job, ever.  Maybe my tone rubbed you the wrong way, or maybe you misunderstood something, and I apologize for that.”

Uncrossing your arms, you couldn’t detect if he was honestly speaking or not.  But it suited him just perfect, to confess this to you somewhere secluded, where only you two were. ...And a knocked out criminal, but that’s beside the point.

“So... is that why you went berzerk on him? Because you thought he did something to me?”
Rin blushed again, and hesitated a bit.

“Err, yeah.  T – that’s right.  He even told me that he did something to you, and I couldn’t help myself. ...Guess he was lying to lure some kind of reaction out of me...”

Jaw tightening, he decided to shut his mouth about one more particular reason why he reacted the way he did. About  the main reason he attacked  the dealer.  Mentioning it would most definitely equal a confession from him, and he couldn’t risk that.  Not yet anyway.  You’d surely figure out if he said anything about it.  He knew you would.

But to his delight, you were quick to lead the conversation to something else.

“Well, what’s done is done.  But no matter how close you are to Lieutenant Yamazaki, you won’t escape  punishment because of this.  You are aware of that, right?” you told him, with a hand on waist.

“Yeah, I know...,” he replied quietly and a weak smile graced his lips.  He’d take all kinds of punishment if it means that he could defend your honor. The important thing now is that you are safe and close to him.

“We should get him back to the police station,” he said and you nodded with atmost agreement.

“Yes, please.  This place is still creeping me out.  The earlier we leave, the better I’ll feel...”

Rin only snickered good – heartedly as he crouched down and hurled the dealer on his shoulder.  Taking your leave, you both descended down the stairs at your request.  

Night replaced day, with the sun being long gone.  As you both exited the abandoned hospital, the fresh air of late July and the stars twinkling up ahead greeted you.  The festival was already in full swing, concluding that even from this part of the district you could clearly hear music and celebration.  

Suddenly, an idea occured to Rin.  A risky one but he contemplated it carefully as you two made your way back to the patrol car.  As he laid the unconscious criminal in the backseat of the car, he thought about it one more time.

Then, when the two of you were already in your seats, and on your way back to HQ, Rin gripped the steering wheel a bit tighter, and gulped.  Well, now or never.

“Hey, (Name)...”

You hummed, signaling that he had your attention.  Rin felt another layer of sweat breaking out on his skin, and he was annoyed, because he was so sure that he was done with sweating today. “You said, that you’ve never been to these kinds of festival before, right...?”

Angling an eyebrow upwards, you turned your head to him.  He was looking ahead, his eyes glued to the road, the wheel securely gripped.  And yet, you sensed some kind of hesitation from him.  

“Yeah, that’s right. ...Why do you ask?”

Inwardly exhaling, he tried to act as nonchalant as ever.  “Well, I was thinking ...we had quite a shift today and we even catched a criminal.  So how about, after we take this man back to HQ,” he paused, and you watched him with bathed breath as he gulped another one.

“...That we go there together...? What do you say, (Name?)”

A brief silence ensued.  You only sat there, staring at him with wide eyes.  Have you just heard him right?

Not knowing how to restrain yourself, your lips started to curl.  And then you snickered.

You saw Rin snap his eyes to your for a second, before shifting them back to the road.  He scoffed annoyed, hoping to hide his embarrassment with this.

“What? What’s so funny?”

You stopped snickering, lest he took it the wrong way.  “My, Officer Matsuoka. Are you asking me out on a date?”  He didn’t say anything for a good while, and you were already starting to feel embarrassed for jumping the gun, but then he did something unpredictable.

He smirked.

Surprised,  you stared back at him and waited.

“Yes, a date...  Let’s go on a date together, (Name).”

EDIT 2014/09/15: Holy shit, my ol' little one shot won first prize.  O___O  Jesus Christ, not even in my wildest dreams did I think that I'd even get so much as a place or something.  Oh my.  *fans self*  Thank you so much for all of your support!

Welp.  This is my first time participating in a contest and this is my first contest entry to a contest ever.  So many contests.  

As always, I'm not 100% satisfied how this came out, even though I really gave my all, but a lot of stupid stuff happened in this July, and I often lost motivation to write.  I had a big fight with my best friend and she won't talk to me now, even though I tried apologizing to her,  I got officially accepted to my desired university but still had some paper work to finish, and I only have one month 'til I die.

I'll try to write as much as I can in August, but with this little time and with such crappy circumstances, I can't really promise anything.  But anyway, I hope this little one - shot doesn't seem that rushed and crappy in your eyes as it does in mine.

Free (c) KyoAni
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(Contains: sexual themes and strong language)

“Are you kidding me, Rin? This wasn’t supposed to mean anything…”

Wait. That wasn’t the response you were supposed to give me, [Name].

“We were just supposed to fuck. No feelings.” Her English accent that was the most wonderful thing that spoke to him in the space of just the two of them always gave him chills to the bone, but somehow it now burned him and ripped through his chest in the silent rivets of his bedroom. “But apparently, you developed some.” The face she was giving him was absolutely appalling. It was as if the whole subject of feelings was completely uncalled for and repulsive for him even having them in the first place. It was making the color in Rin’s face sink to his feet and weighted him with a prison ball just waiting for the rejection that wasn’t supposed to happen. “Well that just ruined everything… Good job, Rin.”

I know that, but please- “Will you listen to me!?”

The second she turned around to walk out that door because her whole plan of just having sex to share her free love with her hippie aura was the time he tugged against his deathly chains grabbing for her and raising his voice hoping to get through her stubbornness. Though he couldn’t help it. Getting a hold of her arm and spinning her back around with his own expression of mixed unpleasant emotions caused his whole demeanor to get more forceful than he anticipated. When it came to his emotions, he just couldn’t handle the ones that made his stomach flip and made the fog in his head so thick he couldn’t sort out what was right and what was wrong. So when he twisted her arm that she cried out in pain and crashed his lips against hers in such a wave that made her react only to smack him across the face, it just made the fog begin to rain.

“Get off me!”

She couldn’t leave him. He wouldn’t allow her to anyways. Would he? Shouldn’t he just let her go? She was right. They decided after that night on the beach while ditching their friends for some great nitty gritty bare bone intercourse behind some rock structure in the oceans break that they could just continue to do this. No feelings. Nothing at all. Just raunchy sex in the most electrifying ways. It was normal for them too. Having grown up in their pubescent periods in two different countries where sex was so open that it was acceptable in multiple aptitudes, unlike Japan, finding each other with what felt like the norm was kind of a god sent. Now he had to go and ruin it with feelings. It’s not that he wanted to. She was beautiful. So utterly radiant. He wanted this anyways. When he first set eyes on her as she walked down that sidewalk waving a smiling hand and all those daisies tucked inside her braids. When they both proclaimed their love of rock and roll while talking all night about the greatness of The Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin. When he found those little scars of imperfection on her stomach and for the first time saw a face of gold crumble into eroding stone. That’s when he knew. He wanted her. All of her. Her feelings and all.

“It’s all for you.” It was when she pushed against him after the slap just to get away, that completely caused every racing thought and question file into a mixing pot of desires in his mind to come to the final solution. It was in fact all of her that he wanted in such he got a hold of her one more time. Yet, this time, it was tender and was a calm hold of the wrist. Where he just lifted up as she fell farther from him and placed that single flat palm over his pounding heart, pressing firmly so she could never get away. “All for you.” The single lub of a heart that grew its own hands to hold with, spoke with such certainty as the one it belonged to. As [Name] felt it shaking through her layers of coldness, the movements of getting away turned into one of a complete stillness. She just stared at a face that continued to fall in the soft edges of adoration and she had nothing else to say. “I know you don’t want to hurt again but what we have … I don’t want to lose it.” Rin took a step closer so that he could loom over her in every way, so that she could feel everything. That once if she finally listened to everything he had to say, she would stay. Forever. Looking away from [Name], Rin lifted her hand away and up, so now he could flip and fold her fingers all the while staring at that skin that drove him to the outskirts of the nebulas and back. “What other man, would sit there and listen to your dirty fantasies of fucking the day light’s out of Makoto just so you can have that kid’s virginity?” He heard a snicker from [Name] but paid no mind to it. Instead he lifted his other hand to trace the inside of her fingers and the lines of her palms that he kissed over and over when the mood was right. “What other man, would hold you when you cry and just to call you beautiful in the end?” Just when he thought he could control it, he brought her hand up to his bending lips and kissed those lines once again. “What other man, would make love to you like I do?” He hummed against hand that just curled at the end of holding back and finally shook in the breaking point.

“A man that loves me.” Not even London could handle cracks and fall of her own flood that would ruin the land that she so build her fortress on. As he heard those walls and ever standing soliders fall to their knees in defeat, he looked up in the eyes of his princess only to see them fall with her shoulders. “I’m so stupid!” She cried out almost loosing full balance of herself but as swiftly as it started, Rin shifted under [Name] cradling her being against his.

“Yeah, you are.” As the words fell from his mouth, she laughed as so did he. Wrapping his arms around her waist, he gently lifted her to her feet and so that he could bend down to kill all the tears with a light kiss against her temple. “Stop crying, beautiful.”

It only took a sniff or two and a full hearted laugh with a slap to his chest to get her giving off that smile that was his sun and stars when he couldn’t see the real ones. It only took a kiss or more to dance her over his bridges and to their lands of saying I love you. It only took I love you, to cause two contouring bodies to fall back into place and cause the real reason for the mess in the first place. He hovered over her body when he caused the immediate movements of moving down from his hands to his elbows and scooped his forearms under and around her shoulders so his fingers could touch her flushed cheeks all the while feeling her heated breath on his chin.

“That was the first time I heard you say my name like that.” He groaned a bit as he shifted himself up inside more. An undertone of a soft moan exited with her breath and all she could do was smile because she was physically incapable of moving another muscle before she fell over the edge once more to many. “Always say it like that.”

She laughed at his heavy thicken demand but it wasn’t long till the laugh was interrupted with the scorn of Rin’s continue to push her into the deep. Causing what was once the play of fools to become the lain of their majesties eternity. Into the night they held their places as one, till it was no more incapable of giving it all to someone. Instead they slept by each other’s side, counting the moonlit drips on their fingertips and lost their places in far off dreams.
Word Count: 1,400

Been awhile! Yeah! But hey! LOOK!

A new addition to my Melody Relay series!


So literally 4 hours ago, I asked in a journal for lovely suggestions to continue this series and the beautiful :icontheangelavenger: gave me an angsty Rin suggestion/scenario~
And it turned into THIS! :eager:
Here is the lovely suggestion~

Angel gave me song to go off of and it really gave me the perfect idea but then it just fell into the lovely John Legend song "All of Me." and I could not just make this a bit steamy and full of love.
The song~

I'm pretty happy with how it came out, but I'm sure there's something wrong. xD
So paranoid, I am! :dummy:

Please enjoy lovely faces! 
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Anyways, I really hope you enjoyed this!
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 (Name) and her stepsisters, Lucy and Sally, were left with Ivan, who was now unconscious. Their house had burned down, and (Name’s) stepmother had  abandon  them.

(Name) sat by Ivan’s side. She knew he would come around sooner or later. The way he was breathing was unsettling.

Sally and Lucy were still trying to comprehend what had happened.

“All of my dresses…are gone.” Sally whined.

“I don’t think that’s what we should be worrying about, Sally,” Lucy scolded,” Can you believe mother would just leave us like that?”

(Name) looked up, “ Mother? Where is she?”

“She left after the fire started…if it wasn’t for this guy here we would have been roasted. I guess she never cared about us at all. Now Sally and I finally realize how bad she really was. Now we know why you ran away, (Name). We know how bad she treated you…how bad we treated you…”

(Name) looked at Sally, who had a apologetic look on her face.

“It was stupid of us,(Name). I guess we were just trying to be like mother…now we realize how we DO NOT want to be like her. We are sorry.”

In all her life, (Name) never thought she’d hear them say that.

“I…I forgive you. Thank you.” (Name) said, giving both of them a hug.

“About mother…I don’t think she’ll be coming back.” Lucy said.

“I know, she won’t. We just have to move on without her. I’m sure we will ALL be better off without her-”

(Name) was interrupted by the sound of coughing.  The three turned their attention to Ivan,  who was now sitting up.

“Ivan!” (Name) rushed over to him.

“(Name)? You’re okay.” He said, softly. He pulled her into a tight hug, surprising her. “I was so scared…”

“I was ,too.” (Name) said,

“So, are these you’re sisters?” Ivan asked looking at Lucy and Sally.

“Uh, yes, Ivan, these are my step sisters actually.”

“Nice to meet you, oh, and thank you for saving us.” Sally said.

“Yeah, you’re really strong…” Lucy said. Sally punched her arm.

“It was no problem,” Ivan smiled, giving (Name) a questioning look. (Name) giggled, “I know, they’re a little weird…”

(Name) helped Ivan up to his feet, where he brushed himself off, and fixed his clothes.

“So, I think we should get back to town now,” he said walking past (Name). He walked out into the dirt road and squinted in the distance,”But I don’t know how we are going to do that…we have no horse or carriage to take us there…”

“To town?” Lucy questioned,” Why do we have to go there?”

“We really have no where else to go.” Sally rolled her eyes.

“ There is also a ball to attend.” Ivan said, “ I think we can also get you two join us.”

“What? A ball? No way, (Name) you never told us you were going to a ball!” Sally said, “How did you get in? You don’t look like royalty to me.” she said looking to Ivan.

“I’m a friend of the Prince.” Ivan said,” He says I can invite whoever I want to the ball.”

“Wow I thought only the really rich and important people get invited to the ball! And here we get invited! Is the Prince going to be there? Oh, I want him to be my date to the ball!” Lucy squealed.

Ivan cringed in surprise.

“No way, he’d rather be with me!” Sally argued. “(Name) don’t you think so?”

(Name) giggled and looked to Ivan, “ What do you think, Ivan? After all, you do know the Prince the most.”

Ivan tugged at his scarf nervously,” Well, I’m not really sure. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.”


  The sound of trotting hooves was heard in the distance. Ivan looked to see an old man with a grey horse. The carriage he had was wood and held a pile of hay.

“ What are you kids doing out here all alone? Not to mention you’re blocking the road there, son” He said looking at Ivan.

“Excuse me, sir.” (Name) piped up, “ Would you please give us a ride to town? I’m sure we can repay you somehow…”

The man stared at them suspiciously for a moment, “ Well, I guess I could. I was heading there anyway. No need to repay me, missy. I’d be glad to help. Now you all can just go in the back and  get yourselves comfortable.”

 (Name) mentally jumped joyfully. The four made their way into the carriage. It was really bumpy, and hay went everywhere.

“Ivan,” (Name) whispered to him while Sally and Lucy argued, “ Are you sure the Prince wouldn’t mind if we came? I really don’t think the royal family would allow all three of us in.”

Ivan rolled his eyes,’(Name), don’t worry about what the royal family thinks. I am part of the royal-I mean Prince Ivan is part of the royal family. I’m sure if he at least agrees to it, them it will be allowed by the rest.”

(Name) sighed. She was a little assured now, but still nervous.  Oh, why did the bad feelings always settle in at the last minute? She had never been to a formal event like this before. She didn’t know what to do, how to act, what to say. What would they all think of her?

  “Here we are.” The man said to them. The four climbed out of the carriage, brushing the hay off.

Ivan sneaked back to the man as (Name) Sally and Lucy made there way to the front gates.

“Thank you for the ride, sir. Here this is the reward for your good deed.” Ivan put a large amount of money into the man’s hands. His eyes nearly popped out of his head as he looked at the money in his hands.

“Son…y-you wouldn’t happen to be part of the royal family would you? There’s no way you could get this unless you were from the Palace…”

Ivan just smiled and put a finger up to his lips. He left the man and caught up to (Name).


 “So where to now?” (Name) asked Ivan.

“Well, the Ball is tonight. The Price has given me a good amount of money to spend…”

The girls’ eyes lit up.

“…And I say you three can use this to buy yourselves  dresses.”

Sally and Lucy squealed. (Name) jumped with joy.

“Oh, really Ivan? This is great! Maybe I can go and get that dress I had my eye on at the dress shop…but what about you?”

Ivan shifted ,”Oh, you don’t have to worry about me. I have plenty of fancy clothes.”

   The shop was a little crowded. All the girls of the town also thought it would be a good idea to pick out their dress at the last minute for the ball as well. (Name) tried to find her special dress as Sally and Lucy continued to argue for who would be the Prince’s date. Ivan patiently waited outside the store.

  “Ivan sure gave us a lot of money,” (Name) said, mostly to herself. “I never thought I would even be able to spend this much money on a dress for myself.”

After a long time of deciding, (Name) decided to get the special dress that was similar to the one in her dream. It was a perfect fit when she tried it on in the fitting room, and the shop owner even said that dress had  never looked so perfect on anyone before.

  Sally and Lucy ended up buying these dresses:…

  When the three came out of the store, Ivan was fast asleep. (Name) giggled and softly shook him.

“Ivan, wake up. We’re done shopping.”

 He yawned and stretched, “Really? Oh, look at the time!” he stood up,”It’s almost time. We should all get ready now. (Name) I’ll meet you at the Town Square in a few hours, okay? I‘ll let the guards know that I- uh I mean Prince Ivan invited you.”

(Name) nodded. She blushed as he gave her a quick kiss and ran off.

“Oh, it’s going to be wonderful…” she sighed to herself and caught up with Sally and Lucy.

 Ivan was nearly out of breath as he made it to the gates of the Palace. He felt butterflies in his stomach. Tonight, he was going to reveal himself to (Name). She would find out that he was really the Prince.

 Inside the Palace, Ivan came in straight through the front doors, startling the servants.

“Your highness! You’re here!” One of them exclaimed.

“Yes, I am. Now please ask me no questions. I need to get ready for tonight’s ball. I have found our future princess. “

“Of course, your highness, I’ll let the others know right away.”

   (Name’s)  eyes sparkled as she gazed at herself in the mirror. She looked like a real princess. Just to think not long ago, she  was still at her house doing chores and dreaming of this. Tonight, she would be with Ivan at the ball. She wondered if she was going to get lucky enough to meet the Prince in person. The thought of it made her heart skip a beat. She wondered who the Prince would choose to dance with that night.  Even if it wasn’t her, wish she knew it wouldn’t be anyway, she would be completely happy with Ivan. He was really nice, and (Name) knew that they were very good friends. ..maybe even more.

   “(Name), come on! Aren’t you ready yet? We’re going to be late !” she heard Lucy’s voice say.

“Coming!” (Name) yelled back as she  finished  fixing her hair. As she stepped out of the dressing room, Sally and Lucy stared at her in awe.

“Wow,(Name) that dress is…really pretty on you.” Sally said.

“Thank you.” (Name) said. “ I like your dress, too. And yours too, Lucy.”

The two smiled at her. “Well, let’s go then. The Prince might choose someone else if we don’t hurry!”

 Night had finally set in. The air was cool, and the sky was clear with the moon shining brightly. The people were all in a cheerful mood, dancing along to the music that played. \Colorful lights were all around the trees and  buildings, making it look like a wonderland.

“Ivan! I’m so happy for you!” Katyusha, Ivan’s sister exclaimed. “You finally found someone! Is she pretty? Is she nice? What does she look like?”

“You’ll see.” was all Ivan said as he finished touching up. He had changed into his royal uniform, specially made for this night. He tried to put any negative thoughts out of his head. What if she were to be too overwhelmed by this? Would she be mad at him for not telling her sooner?

 “Your highness, it’s time for your appearance.” One of the servants said. Ivan swallowed, and made his way out into the crowd.


“I don’t see him anywhere.” Lucy said, standing on her tiptoes. Sally was also looking.

(Name) was upset. She had arrived here thirty minutes ago, excepting to see Ivan. He hadn’t shown up yet. Maybe he wasn’t going to show up at all.
  She sighed and sat herself on a nearby bench alone. She watched as all the others were dancing or talking with their dates. She wanted to do nothing but leave now. Ivan totally stood her up.

(Name) wiped a tear away from her eye. All this for nothing.  She stood up and pushed her way through the crowd. Someone bumped into her, knocking her down to the ground. People around her cleared away. (Name) quickly got up, only to be face to face with who looked like to be the Prince himself.

 People were now talking in hushed tones. (Name) felt her legs become weak. There she was, right in front of Prince Ivan himself. What scared her the most is that he looked exactly like the other Ivan she knew.

“Hello (Name)” he said softly.

She felt her throat tighten. How did he know her name?

“Y-you know my name…?” She asked.

“Of course I do.” he laughed,” It’s me, (Name).”

She took a step back,” What? Ivan? It’s it really you?”

Ivan took a step forward, taking one of her hands,” Yes, (Name). I was a Prince the whole time.”

It was real. But how? Life as she  knew it made no sense anymore. It was wonderful. Her doubts were all wrong. All that mattered now was this moment.

“May I have this dance?” He asked.

(Name) could only nod as she gazed into his violet eyes.

[Song played:…

A beautiful melody began to play. It was the same one she heard in her dream. Ivan tucked one arm gently around her waist., and twirled her around. Her dress spun smoothly as the two sung and swayed. Ivan held her close. She began to feel herself flow with the music.

   The two continued to dance gracefully like angels on ice. The people around watched in amazement. Sally and Lucy stared with their jaws dropped.

As the song came to an end, Ivan slowly leaned in as kissed (Name) on the lips. (Name) wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him back. She felt him pull her close as well.
 The two finally pulled apart for breath. (Name) felt dizzy and giddy with love. Ivan smiled and gave her another kiss on the cheek.

“(Name)? I know this is a little sudden…but, will you  be my princess?”

(Name) smiled,” Yes, yes Ivan. I would love that.”

Ivan twirled her around once more, and took her hand. He led her to Katyusha, who had tears in her eyes.

“Oh, that was so beautiful! Ivan, I’m glad you found your princess! She’s so pretty too!”

(Name) laughed as she was pulled into a tight hug. “Ivan, this is…?”

“Katyusha, my older sister.” Ivan said. “Katyusha, this is (Name).”

“Very, very nice to meet you. Now come, you two. We must announce your engagement.” She dragged them back to the center of the ball.

Sally and Lucy ran up to (Name).

“(Name)! You are going to be a princes!” Lucy cried.

“And that Ivan guy was the Prince all this time!” Sally exclaimed. They both laughed and  hugged (Name).

“Attention, attention, please. We now have our new princess, (Name). She and Prince Ivan will be married this spring  at the Palace. Thank you all for attending this ball, we look forward to seeing you at the royal wedding and I hope you enjoy the rest of your night.“

 Katyusha had a  crown with (color) gems on it, and placed it on (Name’s) head.
The people around all began to bow. (Name) watched as even Sally and Lucy did a little curtsy.
Ivan nuzzled her softly on her cheek.

“I love you (Name)” Ivan said sweetly.

“I love you, too.” (Name) blushed.

To be continued??????
So what does your dream dress look like? If you want you can link me what kind of dress you imagined in this story. :iconyaylove:

Picture: [link]

Chapter 6: [link]
Chapter 7: Here
Chapter 8: [link]
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Readers POV

It was a gorgeous day. You were out riding your mothers horse. You really wished you had your own horse, but you would take what you could get. Sometimes you felt your father was far too protective of you. He just barely let you ride your mothers old horse alone, though you were a very good rider. But on the upside, it had also drove him to teach you how to shoot arrows, throw tomahawks, hunt, and all of the necessary survival skills that normal girls from your tribe did not know.

The meadow you were riding in was wonderful. The backend was surrounded by forest and to the front were hills until they faded into mountains in the distance. The sun was high and there was a slight breeze blowing. The temperature right now wasn't too warm or too cold.

You could almost smell winter on the wind. It wouldn't be long before it set in. That wasn't a problem since your tribe was already bunkered down for the winter. You were even looking forward to it. The cool blanket of white across the familiar area was always a nice change.

"_____!" your favorite brother, Thunder Cow, er, Crow, came galloping across the field on his giant black stallion. You were the youngest child of your family and had two older brothers and one older sister.

"What?" you asked, annoyed at his interruption into your time.

"Something has happened! We need to go back, and right now." he said breathlessly, stopping next to you.

"What has happened?" what could be so urgent?

"I don't know, I couldn't see, there were too many other braves in the way. Father sent me to get you."

You sighed and started the tired old mare back towards camp as quickly as she would go, Thunder Crow's stallion prancing impatiently. If father said to come back, he meant come back now.

It only took a few minutes to get back to camp once your horse had gotten started, and you saw that the camp was indeed in quite a tizzy. You stood in the crude saddle, but even from atop the gray speckled mare you couldn't be entirely sure what you were seeing.

Finally Chief Moon Walk (A/N I just could not resist. He's not really important anyway) approached the crowd. The women and children stopped their pushing and shoving and made a path for the tall man, followed by the men and braves who were the center of the action. You and Thunder Crow had a pretty good view of what was happening from atop your horses.

In the very center of all of the attention, your oldest brother, Roaming Fox, and his biggest rival, Jumping Frog, were holding something-or rather, someone- firmly between them.

Chief Moon Walk examined the captive closely, as did you. The first thing that caught your attention was his hair. His head was bowed so you had a very clear view of it. It was unlike any hair you had seen before in your life. Even though it had a thin layer of dirt in it, it was golden. You had seen this color before of course, but seeing it in hair had a mesmerizing effect on you. You had never thought it was possible for a human to have such a color for hair. The thought crossed your mind that maybe he wasn't a human, but you quickly dismissed the ridiculous thought.

The man lifted his head a little and looked at the chief for a moment, receiving nothing but a steely, frightening look in return. He lifted his head slightly more and looked around the crowd, pausing a little every now and then.

Suddenly you found yourself staring right into his eyes. They were a brilliant blue, like the sky. This man truly stood out amongst your dark haired, dark eyed, dark skinned companions. Your eyes stayed locked with his for a moment as they seemed to ask you a question you could not comprehend.

His skin was so pale. There were dirt smudges in various places all over his face. A small stream of blood flowed from somewhere above his right temple. He looked as if he were in terrible pain, and on a second glance you realized he couldn't be much more than seventeen, only a year older than you.

Chief Moon Walk's deep voice carried out over the silent crowd as he looked at the two braves holding their captive. "Erect a pole and tie him there while I decide what shall be done." He then turned to address the crowd "As you know, we are currently at war. In consideration of that we cannot afford to have one man unable, or slow to respond. This being so, are there any women or elders willing to watch this white man?"

Everything was quiet for a few minutes as the crowd seemed to digest his request. The Chief wanted a woman to take care of the man? Maybe you should... Did you want to? You were strong, and you knew you could take care of him; tied to a stake and beat up as he was, most anyone could. The question was, did you want to?

After a few dreadful moments of indecision, you nudged the beast you were on forward a step, and sitting up as tall as you could, you called out "I will do it sir."

The crowd parted, giving the middle aged chief a clear view of you. "Come here my child."

You swallowed nervously and slid off your horse. You had only spoken to the chief a few times, and you only got to do that because of your fathers high standing. Taking care not to show any of your uncertainty you strode towards the Chief and bowed your head. "Great Chief." you greeted, as was proper.

"You are the daughter of Soaring Eagle and Tender Flower correct?"

You lifted your head and nodded "Yes sir."

A slight smile crossed the aging man's face. "I should have expected such from an offspring of his. You are a brave woman. I know you will do well."

Being praised by the chief made a warm feeling spread through your body. You had only ever received praise from your family before. It felt good to receive it from the most important person you knew. "I will try my best sir."

"Anything less would be unacceptable." the chief said, his smile still a tiny bit evident. You bowed your head slightly as his face went back into its normal stoic look and he strode out of the circle of people, who began to lose interest in the scene and move on.

Roaming fox smirked at you. "Better not let him escape little bug." you snorted at his use of the nickname he had given you years ago.

"Oh please, like I would be that careless."

"You shouldn't treat her like a child." Jumping Frog spoke up. He was 19 and one of the most popular braves in the tribe. He was strong, fast, clever, and had deadly aim with any kind weapon. His hair was to his shoulders and his sharp features made his piercing black eyes look deep. He was a perfect rival for your older brother, who had similar looks and abilities.

"She is a child!" Roaming Fox yelled.

"No, she's not. She is old enough to marry."

You shifted uncomfortably. Jumping Frog had hinted at having feelings for you a few times. You would be okay with marrying, really you would, but even though you were old enough to marry, you weren't sure you wanted to yet. It didn't feel right. Luckily, no one had made any serious attempts to charm you. Yet.

Unfortunately, the changing of the seasons was coming. This meant you would have a large party the night the last of the harvest was taken in, and have a dance. This dance had several names, none official, but it was for young singles. All people over the age of fifteen and unmarried would gather in front of the fire and dance. If a boy had feelings for a girl, they would would do what was considered flirting in a way. Each brave had a special stick that they whittled until it was flawless and collected feathers, beads, stones, and other decorative objects to attach to it.  Then, whil dancing they would take this stock and place it on the girl they likes shoulder. If the girl likes the guy she would keep it balanced while she danced. If she didn't like him, shed knock it off. When the girl doesn't knock the stick off this is basically an invitation to the guy to make advances on her in the future. A girl could accept two sticks at a dance, but it wasn't required to accept any, nor was it required for the boy to put a stick on a girls shoulder.

You didn't like it because you always felt pressured, even though it was really fun. You didn't want to hurt anyone's feelings though.

"..." Roaming Fox didn't like the idea of his little sister being marrying age.

You cleared your throat to remind them of your presence. They instantly clammed up but continued glaring at each other. Luckily two more braves came up at that moment with one of the stakes the tribe carried around to tie captives on when there was one. It didn't take very long for the muscly braves to dig a hole and secure the stake in it.

Now you noticed that the white boy was watching the whole process with wide, frightened eyes. You tried to mentally place yourself in his position. It wasn't a pleasant one. He had to be terrified. If you were him, you'd be pretty sure you wouldn't survive the ordeal, and while you did live your life would be a living hell. The uncertainty alone would be enough to torture you. You sort of felt sorry for him.

They firmly tied his pale hands behind the stake. There was no way he could escape now. It would take intervention from the spirits at the very least, and you had to be some kind of person if they would intervene.

The four braves walked off together, whooping and talking happily about their victory. You on the other hand, stared at your charge for a few minutes. He stared back at you. He was the most wondrous creature you had ever seen. He was also the most beautiful human you had ever seen. You smiled a little. This looked like it was a job you would enjoy.
Here's how this is going to work: I have three stories I want to write, and this is the first chapter of one of them. I will post the first chapter of all three and after a week, I will add favorites and comments together and get the mean of all of them, and whichever has the highest mean will be written first.

Quick note about this one: I'm not going to use an actual tribe, I'm just going to kind of invent my own. Oh and I couldn't find a image of America that looked colonial without him looking ten or younger, so I just used that hot picture of him looking like an indian. And I'm not saying Native American because that is just too long and won't fit.

other story 1:[link]

other story 2:[link]

part 2:[link]

Edit: Oh my goodness! Over 1,000 views?! You guys are so awesome! Thank you!
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Chapter 1: The New Sheriff

Spurs bounced and clanked as a stallion trudged through the dust and dirt. The wind soared past them with a whisper. The man on the saddle put a hand over his hat as he swayed side to side. A piece of chewed wheat stuck between his teeth and a pair of guns at his side. Nothing stood in his way and the proof was on the saddle.

A couple of bags full of coins rattled in the saddle bags and the man was very proud of them. How else would he feel after robbing the last bank? Guilt was at the back of his mind, as was his conscious. They didn’t matter. Living and outdoing the law mattered. As clichéd as it was, he lived by it regardless.

He could see the outline of a town on the horizon. He grinned and grabbed the reins and smacked them against the horse. The horse reared and sprinted towards the outline. A smirk widened on his face as he approached it. This town was in for some trouble.

~~Time Skip~~
When he reached the town, he slowed the horse’s sprint to a walk. The horse swayed in the same motion as before until the man pulled him in for a complete stop in front of a saloon.  He dismounted and tied the reins to the post. As he tied them off, a few people gave him a curious stare. Others dared not look at him as he seemed like one of those oh too familiar faces.

The man turned and smiled at the ones who looked over at him as he entered the saloon. As usual when someone dramatically enters a saloon, everything got quiet and started up again a minute or two later. The man shrugged and walked over to the bartender, who was giving a few men their beers while one of the barmaids cleaned off the counters or served the tables.

“Not too busy today.” He nodded.

“Not too busy indeed.” The bartender agreed. “What can I get ya?”

“Pint of whiskey.” The man ordered.

The bartender nodded and went off to get what he asked. The man looked around with a dull expression and noticed a few rowdy people. He took a closer look and looked in another direction. A Sheriff’s Deputy and his friends. This wasn’t going to end well…

The bartender returned with a pint of whiskey. He was called for something else at the other end of the bar and rushed over. The man took a swig of his glass and sighed in relief. That hit the spot. He reveled in the cool liquid as it cascaded down his throat.

The man looked around again and noticed a few of the people. A few businessmen stuck out in their long black coats and fancy looking clothes and wares. The townspeople either wore clichéd leather jackets with their collared shirts and denim jeans with their work boots attached; the women, which weren’t much of save for the few saloon girls, wore long dress that hid their elegant forms, to which he huffed at.

One of the saloon girls caught his eye as she looked over at him shyly. She had her blonde hair put up in a loose bun that sat on the side of her head and was held up with a red rose. He smiled as he looked at her fair skin and was caught up in the intricate design of the lacing of her red and black corset that had lacing around her bosom and arms. The long rand and black flowing down her skirt also caught his attention. The bartender scoffed as the man watched her dance away with her friends in her black boots.

“Wouldn’t go after her.” The bartender said. “That’s the sheriff’s sister.”

“I’m sure he won’t mind sharing her.” The man said.

“Actually I do mind.” Someone said as he appeared next to the man and the bartender.

“Nice to see you again, Sheriff.” The bartender smiled. “Your usual?”

“Not today.” The Sheriff smiled and put a hand on the man’s shoulder. “I need to talk to our friend, if that’s all right.”

“Take as long as you need.” The bartender nodded and walked off.

The man looked over towards the Sheriff and shook his head. He was younger than he was! A kid; and probably has little to none for experience too. The Sheriff looked at the man and tilted his head. His blue eyes flickered through his glasses as he put his hat on the counter. He straightened out his red bandana on his neck and looked at the man.

“So you know you’re in a lot of trouble right?” The Sheriff started.

“Don’t even start kid.” The man scoffed. “That badge is something yer pap made fer ya just fer you to shut yer trap.”

The Sheriff stared at the man quietly. A few seconds later the Sheriff started to laugh. The man brushed it off as nothing and shook his head. The boy was obviously a little touched, or his pap was. The man stood up and started to walk for the saloon’s entrance.

“Wouldn’t do that pal.” The Sheriff said.

The Deputy ran over and stood at the entrance of the saloon with a few of his friends. The man stopped in his tracks and glanced over his shoulder towards the Sheriff. The Sheriff put his hat back on and walked towards him.

“And why’s that ‘pal’?” The man asked mockingly as he turned to face the young Sheriff.

“Because I’m terrible at letting things go.” He said. “Especially those that came into my town with a few saddle bags worth of golden coins that were stolen.”

“What’s yer proof?” The man smirked.

“Well… I don’t have it, but Mattie does.” The Sheriff said, nodding towards his Deputy.

The man looked over and saw the Deputy in front of him take out a tattered wanted sign. It had his face on it as well as a notorious bounty. The man scoffed and shook his head. He turned to look at the young Sheriff.

“Say what you will, but that doesn’t prove I did it.” The man scoffed.

“Then why did a Marshall from the last town come over a warned us about you?” The Sheriff said.

The man froze. They actually sent that Marshall? He gritted his teeth and balled a fist. He felt slightly annoyed when the Sheriff smirked at his reaction. The man looked at the Sheriff’s pistols and then tried to remember whether the Deputy’s friends had them as well. He smirked and picked up one his pistols from its holster and aimed it at the Sheriff.

“How about ya let me go, kid,” The man started, “an’ no one’ll get hurt.”

“Sorry, I gotta job to do and laws to uphold.” The Sheriff said. The golden star on his chest glimmered in pride.

“And yer doin’ a great job.” The man said.

“I would be if you just agreed to go to jail without making a scene.” The Sheriff said.

The man gritted his teeth and looked around. Surely there was some way he could get out of this mess… but how? The man saw the girl from before and looked at the Sheriff’s blue eyes. They both shrugged at one another. Once they stood staring at each other for another couple of seconds, the man ran towards the saloon girl.

He was knocking people to the ground as well as chairs and tables. The Sheriff stood and watched as he raced towards his sister. He carefully raised his gun and aimed it at the man. He then moved the metal object to his right a little. A loud burst stopped the man in his place and everyone froze. The man looked over to the Sheriff with wide eyes as the Sheriff aimed his gun at the man.

“I warned you not to do anything.” The Sheriff said.

He nodded his head and the Deputy ran over to take him away. The man struggled with the Deputy’s men and tried to wriggle himself free. He glared daggers into the Sheriff’s blue eyes as he laughed off the situation and everything in the saloon returned to normal.

The Sheriff walked over towards the bartender with his sister and the Deputy. The cheering people made him feel embarrassed but prideful and happy. His sister kissed his cheek and his Deputy hugged him then ordered a few free rounds of beer for everyone. Today was going to be a good day.
Commission for :iconaznbubblegumz:.
This is a sequel to [link].
I do not own the preview image.
Hetalia: :iconhimaruyaplz:
You: :iconsexyamerica4plz:
Chapter 1: You're here! ;)
Chapter 2: [link]
Chapter 3: [link]
Chapter 4: [link]
Chapter 5: [link]

So Reader isn't here yet but she'll show up sooner or later! :D
Anyways, I hope you enjoyed it!

Commission information: [link].
Just note me if you're interested. :)
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Collection by
AN:This is based on a dream I had. Some to none of you know that I will be joining the military soon, and I had a nightmare where I, not only stopped being a fan of Hetalia, but I completely forgot about them and they no longer existed in my world. So, this is just to get it off my chest, but also to remind me of what I don't want to become. It might turn into a series, but I'll leave that for you readers to decide if I should continue this or not.



You smiled, your eyes closed. It was always good to hear his voice. "Alfred," you said aloud. But there was no one in your room.

"__________!" the voice in your head said again. "__________, is it true? Are you really gonna go through with this?"

"Yes, Alfie. I'm doing this," you answered, pride in your voice.

The handsome face appeared behind your closed eyes. "__________, you don't have to, you know that?" he smiled softly.

"But I want to," you answered. "I want to give back. I want to be of service to you, the way you've always done for me."

Tears swelled up in his eyes. "I'm so proud of you, __________. But you know, this is a big step."

"Marriage is a big step," you giggled. "But I'm ready to marry you, Alfred. I want to be closer to you than ever before."

The blonde smiled warmly and kissed your forehead. "Thank you, darlin'. No matter what happens, you'll always have me."


Your right hand shot up, marking the promise you were about to make. Your wedding dress was not white; you were dressed in a blue uniform, the kind you would wear almost every day for the rest of your life from that moment on. "I, __________ __________, do solemnly swear," you began.

Tears threatened to fall, but you held them back. Tears would indicate you did not want to go through with this. Alfred was standing right next to you, dressed in black like a groom. He smiled at you—but something was off.

"…that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic;"

He was… fading… he resembled his brother now…

"…that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same;"

Wait, what brother? He didn't have a brother… did he? Why does he look scared?

"…and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me…"

This man… who was he? Did you know him? He wasn't at MEPS… What was he doing here, at your ceremony? He's trying to tell you something… But you can barely see him, much less hear him. There were tears in his eyes. Why was he crying?

"…according to the regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice."

You looked out of your peripheral vision. There was no one there. That would make sense; there was no one there in the first place.

"So help me God."
Link to Picture found here~ [link]
It's fucking awesome!

Hetalia x Reader: Bring Her Back
Chapter 1 - :star:
Chapter 2 - [link]
Chapter 3 - [link]

For more Chapters click the stamp!


So here's the thing... I had a really bad dream where the boys were dying
because of me. Apparently, I was the only girl who completely forgot Hetalia,
as if it was never a part of my life. As if I had grown up, I came to think of
them as fairy tales and the fact that they didn't exist to the point of completely
forgetting them. To be honest, I'm still stuck in that limbo, telling myself
they're real but knowing deep down that their not. So, my wonderful imagination
gave me this nightmare, and I hope you guys won't take offense to it.

Also, I really am going to 'marry' America. I want to join the US Air Force,
so that's why your 'wedding dress' is blue; blue is the Air Force's color, and
their uniform is also blue.

Also, also, I'm sorry if you guys don't want to join the military. It's all
part of the story, if you want to read more of it. I promise the military has
minimal reading time, but it is the force behind the movement of this story,
so it was necessary.

Holy scheisse, you guys. I thought NO ONE would like this, but it seems a considerable
amount of people do! So, I'm gonna make this a series :iconfinallyplz: That's right!
There is, however, one little thing: None of it is going to be fluffy. So if you're
looking for fluff, this is not your story. Please don't ask for a fluff, because I'm
trying to keep this as real as possible. And on that note, why do you guys like
this so much? It's so sad and depressing... You guys must really like a bunch
of angsty stuff XD I'll try to keep this as unhappy as I can, if that's the case ;)


Story (c) :iconthreepinkdoors:
Hetalia (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:
You (c) You
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 Matthew sat above the city, his leg dangling off a large building, hundreds upon hundreds of feet above everyone else. From below, he looked to be nothing more than a gargoyle but up close you could see the full extent of what he truly was.

 Sharp teeth, wavy black hair, red eyes, horns, demonic wings and a tail. He breathed out, looking at the bustling city with saddened eyes. It's been a long time since he was mortal and he would always regret selling himself to evil.

 A small figure floated past him, a young angel girl with long (h/c) locks and shinning (e/c) eyes. "__________...hey __________...!" He silently called out.

 When you heard your name, you turned your head and smiled. You knew Matthew was bad news, he was frowned upon by your kind. But he wasn't bad at all. In fact, he was one of the nicest souls you have ever met.

 Going over to him, you engulfed him into a hug, snuggling close to him. "It's been a long time Mattie! How have you been!?"

 "M...Maple..." He murmured embarrassingly under his breath. "_-_________, y-you're hurting me..."

 Pulling away, you saw his face was beat red and giggled. "I'm sorry Mattie! I always just assume that you're stronger than me. Ah! I mean, not meant-"

 "It's okay." He said, hugging you gently. "I missed you's been a long time, hasn't it?"

 "Mhm! I'm glad to see you again!" Your voice happily rung, snuggling happily into the crook of his neck. "You still smell like maple's so adorable, even back when we first met..."

 "S-Stop..." He said, his cheeks burning brightly. "I-I mean...I-I just love maple syrup...e-even when I was mortal..."

 Taking his hand, you squeezed it gently and pressed a kiss on his cheek. "I wish we could be mortal again...maybe then we could be together...maybe if I sold my soul-"

 "Please...! Don't say that...!" He interjected, grabbing both your shoulders. "I want you to live normally and happily. E-Even if we can't be together, I still will love you...!"

 "But I...I love you too...but I love Him as well..." Holding tightly onto him, you refused to let him go. "I don't want to feel this tear between us-"

 His lips gently pressed against yours, silencing your panicked voice and making tears fall down your face. Once he pulled away, he gently brushed the tears away from your face.

 He lightly pressed his forehead against yours, smiling sincerely towards you. "I don't want you selling this beautiful afterlife you have for about we just take a deep breath..."

 You nodded, holding him close to you. It was unfair in any way possible. You loved Mattie with all your heart but it wouldn't ever be possible for you two to be together.

 His hands gripped gently against yours,"I hurts but time will heal all wounds..."

 "I'm surprised you're a demon..." You said softly, shutting your eyes. "You're such a sweet wise...nice..."

 "I was an idiot..." He said, hugging you close. "Listen, I have to go...just promise me you won't do anything stupid...okay?"

 "Why don't we meet here again tomorrow...just..."

 "I'll be here." He whispered, kissing your forehead gently. "I'll see you soon. I love you."

 "I love you too Mattie..." With that, he took off into the night while you stood there, crying while he went. "But there's no way that w-we'll ever be together now, is there...?"
Sorry, I've been busy this week.
Although I got to leave school early bc of the Nor'easter.
And I have Monday off and then a half-day because of parent teacher conferences.
I'll get the rest of these stories up soon.

I don't own you or Hetalia!
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 Every step made you shudder in fear. The sky was growing dark and the nocturnal creatures were sure to come out. Earlier, some girls from your school had chased you in and now you were completely lost and frightened.