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I'll just leave this here...

Good night peeps.. ~,~
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14 by Yakovlev-vad  - Всем привет))
Давненько меня тут не было(

По сути этот рисунок должен был быть последним в старом году, но к сожалению у меня не вышло закончить его в нужный срок,
так что он стал первым в этом^^
Я понимаю что сейчас уже поздновато и это было бы просто триумфом наглости с моей стороны но... давайте представим что сегодня 31декабря часиков так 20^^;

А вообще чисто из интереса - как бы вы отреагировали если бы ваша сестра в качестве новогоднего подарка получила бы плюшку... эм... васXD
Думаю подобный подарок был бы очень оригинальнымX)
Вот честно, я бы запомнил такоеX)
14 by Yakovlev-vad - Hi there ))
It was a while since I've been here(

Basically, this drawing was supposed to be the last one for the past year but unfortunately I didn't manage to finish it in time so it became the first picture in this one.
I understand it's a bit too late now, and it might look like a top level insolence but... let's pretend that right now is the 31st December at about 8pm.

As a side note. How would you react if your sister got a plushie of... um... you for her New Year gift? XD
Personally, I think that such gift could be very original in fact X)
Really, I would've remembered that for a long time!
Thank you to :icondarkstarflyer66: for translation)

2 by Yakovlev-vad  - And thanks to all who's supporting me at I really appreciate your support))
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One more Luna... I need to paint more background pony but I just can't resist. Why? XD

Unfortunately, in recent times, I had a little time for drawing(
It must be color sketch and all, but I finished it, surely...
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Well, I'm late :|
But have some Fennekin :heart:
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Buy a print of this here…

From the video game "Majoras Mask" for the n64, my personal fav game of all time, shit idk lol

watercolors and micron pens

I actually started a new game file and went to this location just so i could draw it, such a chill place

Can you see the moon? O.o

More Legend of Zelda Fanart of mine:

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Collection by
A parody of the TV series "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles", based on the grounds saga "The Terminator". [link]
Enjoy it!
By the way, the soundtrack for more experience when browsing: [link]
Пародия на телесериал "Терминатор: Хроники Сары Коннор", основанный по мотивам киносаги "Терминатор". [link]
Вот, кстати, саундтрек для большего впечатления при просмотре: [link]

Sketch by MusikalGenius
The sketch was subcorrected me.
Colors and background by GodzillaJAPAN
Art by GodzillaJAPAN
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ive been watching LOTS of anime latly, and jenny just pops into my head for a visit ;P
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Some one made the comment on my last pic that it reminded them of Jenny from "My Life as a Teenage Robot" well ive sort of been thinking of drawing her so i took that as an excuse to finally draw her. Decided to try and do a really detailed doodle again like last time. I wanted to include more villains but i couldn't find any good ref pics
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Ok , my fault , it took me a year to post my jenny b-day gift from 2011.
It was draw and painted by Bleedman , and it was a commissioned gift by my friend David :icondzappa7778:

Of course it make me feel very happy .

And remember ,next year, MLAATR will complete 10 years .
I will have to think on something to celebrate the date .
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как мило
как всегда нечего не понятно но заставляет на наших лицах сделать <3
how cute
as always, nothing is clear but it makes on our faces to make <3
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Collection by
Humanized pony commission from :icondax-rattler:

Daniel Smith watercolor
Winsor&Newton artists' watercolor
Holbein artists' watercolor
Von Gogh watercolor
Zig Brushables marker
colored pencil
Copic opaque white
300g Montval watercolor paper


FlutterShy & Rainbow Dash : My little Pony

Other Main Humanized pony commissions
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Scrapping later.
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I was roaming around, like always xD

And I came across these amazing vectors and I was like HOLYFUCKINSHIZZNITTZZ!!!


And so, I made this amazing background that I love so much that I'm gonna make it my own background xD

GREAT JOB ME! :woohoo: LOL

Vector's by :iconsleepwalks:

Anyway, I hope you guys like it as much as I do! x3
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Yup doing these again lol.…
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the final and my favorite one out of the six.

Old one:[link]
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Collection by
Made for 30 min...
More joke, than work ))
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Made in photoshop, by using mouse...
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Made in PAINt, by using mouse ^^
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Here's an interesting upload, I got the idea when I was working on a commission involving Transformers Hentai (Rule #1 as freelance artist, don't ask--don't tell) There are actually people who're into robot girls (like Sheldon). Of course, they like their robot girls REALLY machine-ish but still human enough.
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Una version maligna de Jenny (XJ9) o la misma jenny afectada por un virus :o
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Collection by
for :icondogidillo:

he requested a girl in thigh-highs with flowers.

I add Gun and Moe. >W<
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They see me spinning
They hatin
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Sami from Advance Wars, before the game turned GRIMDARK
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CP maps are my favorites.
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Collection by
Aaren archmage from Skyrim.
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Hmm I got in the mood of drawing some more Celly vs. Chryssie ^.^
But this time it's up to you who's gonna win >_>

OCs from left to right:

:iconassasinmonkey:s Ponkey
:iconhere-for-the-ponies:s Tarzy

my OC

:iconmcnettilegendary:'s Legendary
:iconharmoniousrain:'s Penny
:iconsilfoe:'s nameless Ponysona ^^
:iconchrysalislover:'s Quill
:iconwinterdominus:'s Winty
:iconunderpable:'s great and powerful Princess Mi Amore Flutter Sparkle Applebottom

Celly & Chryssie belong to Hasbro :meow:

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A portrait again
sorry it's so rushed, I mean I just kinda puked that thing on the paper or something
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A commission for :iconmoonlightsilk: 

for her OC xenomorph cutey :D

My first time drawing a Xenomorph, hope you guys find her sexy.
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Here is anpther Old sketch that I finally painted .
I cant believe I never posted a color version of Vega .
But here she is ,  in all her Cluster Royalty .

and take a look on the WIP image .
Vega WIP by 14-bis
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Collection by
celestia is best pony

and no im not gonna make Luna
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A quick redraw that took me three months to do. Procrastination is magic.

Old version: Welcome To Your Doom by ponyKillerX

I hate you Celestia,but I'll draw you anyways.
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Sorry for spamming your inbox.
I haven't improved because I never practice, blah blah blah blah etc...
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Been a while since I made a picture just for the hell of it.

Watch me make it!…
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Shiny shiny princess moonbutt. :iconprincesslunahappyplz:
Wanted to make some shiny manes. Just, because, reasons... :P
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Collection by
Perry opened his eyes. For a moment, he thought he was home.
But the ceiling was white.
Perry sighed and rolled over. Dana was still asleep. It was pretty early in the morning.
"…Not doing so well." Monogram's voice was audible through the closed door. "They think that if he survives the surgery, he won't be able to recover."
"Maybe it's a mistake." That was Carl.
"No. The sore is very serious. But we still have to just… well, hope that it will work."
There was silence.
"I don't want him to go, Carl. He's so young still. The agency needs him."
"I don't either."
"I notified his host family that it may not end well." Monogram said.
Perry's heart sank. Poor Phineas and Ferb. He didn't want them to get scared.
"I guess it happens to all of them sooner or later." Monogram sounded upset. "I just really hope we can save him. Oh, good. Doctor Bigger. Would you mind…?"
"Doctor Bigger." Perry repeated. "Excellent."
The door opened again. Monogram walked in, followed by a blonde woman.
"Hello." The woman said. "I'm Doctor Bigger. I'm going to give you a few pills, okay?"
"Not like I have a choice." Perry muttered.
"What did he say?" Doctor Bigger asked.
Monogram shrugged. "I don't understand animals. I only train them."

Perry was exhausted. All morning long, doctors had come in and left. He was sick of being poked at and fussed over. All he wanted to do was sleep.
He stared at the television. A movie was playing about some girl and some guy who fell in love. Perry hadn't actually been following it.
The door to his room opened again, and two twin platypuses bounded through, holding papers in their mouths. They were soon followed by two other platypuses.
"What are you four doing here?" Perry sat up.
"We came to tell you to get better." Palmer said. His son put his paws up on the bed and beamed at him. "We made you a book."
"About you at the hospital." Pamela added.
Palmer held up a piece of paper. "Paisley drew the first page. It looks like scribble-scrabble, but it's supposed to be you lying in the hospital bed. And Peppily drew this one. It's you with some doctors." Palmer held up the next page in the book. "And I drew this one. It's you getting operated on. See? I made a fountain of blood squirting out and splooshing all over the floor."
"He made the red crayon go not pointy anymore." Pamela said.
"That's… really lovely, Pal." Perry tried his best not to look disgusted.
"And this is the last page. Pamela drew it. It's you all better, and you came to visit us."
"Palmer drew the stitches on you." Pamela said.
"Yeah, I figured." Perry said.
"And mommy made these." Palmer put a basket of cookies next to the chocolates. "And she said to tell you that if you believe those are amazing cookies, she'll grow wings and fly to Africa. Whatever that means."
Perry laughed.
"I wish I had pups." Dana said fondly. "I almost had some. I had this boyfriend named Jack. And then he got into a tangle with a wild boar and died."
"Oh. I'm sorry." Perry said.
"That's okay. I have another boyfriend named Ken."
"How's he doing?" Perry asked.
"He's doing wonderfully. But he's physically unable to have puppies. However, he's really good at boxing. That's why I'm in this stupid place."
"He hit you?" Perry asked.
"No, he hit a wall and it crumbled. The wall fell on me."
"Gosh. That stinks."
"It wasn't so bad. It was the ceiling that hurt the most when it fell."
"That's exactly what I said."
One of the twins began chewing the sheets.
"Cut it out." Perry said.
The twin looked innocently up at him.
Perry sighed. "You're awfully cute."
"He looks a lot like you." Dana commented. "All of them do."
"And Paisley looks a lot like Peppily." Palmer said.

Perry was actually a little lonely after his platypups left. He sat and stared at the ceiling for a while.
When he got bored of that, he began counting the nonliving objects in the room.
"I'm Doctor Roscoe." A man said, stepping through the door. He was holding a clipboard. "Your surgery is tomorrow, and I'm here to answer any questions you may have. I have studied up on animal noises, so I am able to translate your speech. Do you have any questions?"
"Yeah." Perry said. "Where's Doctor Biggest?"
Doctor Roscoe gave him an odd look. "What?"
"Come on. You can't pretend you don't know what I mean. I've seen Doctor Big and Doctor Bigger. Where's Doctor Biggest?"
"There IS no Doctor Biggest."
"There has to be."
Doctor Roscoe stared at him.
"It's a joke." Perry finally said.
Doctor Roscoe didn't laugh. Instead he looked down at his clipboard. "Here's just a rundown of what will happen tomorrow. We'll bring you into the operating room, where we will then put you to sleep, remove the sore and clean out the area where it was, stitch you up, give you a couple of days for recovery and send you back home."
Perry nodded. "Mkay."
"You have no questions?"
"You don't have any concerns?"
"Not really."
"What does that mean?"
"Um… I'm pretty sure it's another way of saying 'Perhaps, no'."
"There's nothing wrong with being nervous." Doctor Roscoe said. "It's perfectly normal."
"So, if I'm not nervous, does that mean I'm abnormal?"
Doctor Roscoe sighed.
"Doctor Big would think that was funny." Perry said under his breath.
"Today you'll have some final examinations and…"
"Final? How can you say they're all final if there's more than one? And what will happen if I have the VERY final one? The last examination ever. Perhaps I will spontaneously combust. Or maybe I will grow wings. Or get a lollipop."
"…And tests. Once you're done with those, you'll need to rest for the remainder of the day."
"Dang, I was going to practice my river dance."
Doctor Roscoe stared at him again.
"You don't have much of a sense of humor, do you?" Perry asked.
"Oh well. I suppose making jokes is a sign of health." Doctor Roscoe stood up. "Doctor Gigantic will be in here momentarily to take you for your physical examinations."
"Gigantic. I should have known." Perry said. "Big, Bigger, and Gigantic."

Perry was half-asleep when the door creaked open. He didn't look to see who it was. It was probably just another doctor.
He honestly didn't care if he never saw another doctor in his life. He was sick of the whole lot of them. They kept reassuring him everything would be okay, and then they'd go back to forcing a bunch of stuff down his throat.
He couldn't wait for it all to be over. All he wanted to do was go home.
Perry opened one eye. Phineas stood next to his bed.
"What are you doing in here?" He demanded. "Monogram could walk in any second!"
"I needed to see you."
"You nearly gave me a heart attack! I'll see you in a few days. But you really, REALLY need to get out of here. If Monogram finds out, you'll never see me again."
Phineas looked like he was about ready to cry.
"Are you all right?" Perry asked.
"I'm fine." He said. "But…" He hesitated for a moment.
"But… Ferb's not."
Perry sat up. "What's wrong with him? Is he sick? Hurt? What happened?"
"No. He's just worried. That's why I'm here. He wanted to make sure you were okay."
"I'm fine. I'm just a little sore. I got needled in my arm today, and it's still kind of numb."
"And your stomach?"
"Hurts so bad I hardly notice it anymore. I think it's gone numb as well."
Phineas patted him. "Ferb got really scared when he heard you… might die."
"Animals know when they're dying." Perry said. "And I'm pretty sure I'll be fine."
"Well… we figured." Phineas said. "But Ferb's also scared that… if the surgery messes up… or if something goes wrong… he's scared you'll…"
Perry shook his head. "No. I trust these doctors. Well, most of them. And I know they're well-trained to do the best they can. I promise you, Phineas, I'll come out of this alive and well-"
"Not me. Ferb. Ferb's the one who's worried."
"And he was afraid to ask me these things directly."
"Yeah." Phineas looked at the floor.
"Well, tell Ferb that there's nothing wrong with being scared. I'm a little scared myself. But he doesn't have to be ashamed of it or hide it. Sometimes it's good to let your feelings out. And if he ever needs me, I'll always be right here for him. For both of you."
Phineas nodded, but he didn't say anything.
Perry held his hand. "I promise you guys. I'll always be here for you. And I'll always watch out for you. That's one thing you don't have to worry about."
Phineas gave him a hug. "Ferb says thank you."
Perry smiled. "Tell him he's welcome, and that I love him."
"He loves you too."
Phineas let go and stood up.
"It will be fine." Perry said. "Call me if you need me. You know my number."
"And when you get home, why don't you do something fun? Watch a movie or something."
"I love you, pal."
"I love you too. I would never say this, but you really need to go."
Phineas smiled. "Okay. See you later." He waved and left.
Only one minute later, Monogram entered. "Hello, Agent P. Hello, Agent D. How are you two getting on?"
"Well, wonderful, if you don't count the fact that I'm injured, and that the TV still isn't working except for the one channel with the dog beauty pageant which is stupid, my tea got cold and my water got hot, I'm burning up under these blankets and I can't pull them down because my shoulder's broken, and I still never got that sesame-seed bagel with strawberry jam that I ordered from room service." Dana barked.
Monogram didn't quite understand. "I'm glad everything's going well. I'll check on you two again tomorrow." He left.
"There's room service?" Perry asked.
"Yeah. But the service part sucks. You can call them on a special button on your bedside phone."
Perry picked up the bedside phone and looked at it. It had a bunch of buttons on it. One had a picture of room service, one had a picture of a doctor, and another had a picture of a white cross in the middle of a red square.
"They have an emergency button on a hospital phone? Isn't that kind of redundant?"
"Not if the hospital accidentally burns down." Dana said.
"It doesn't look like a hospital sign, anyways. It looks like the flag of Switzerland. 'Room Service, Doctor Assistance, Switzerland… hey, guys, let's call Switzerland!'"
"You need to teach Doctor Big some humor pointers." Dana said.
"Big time." Perry agreed.
Dana raised an eyebrow.
"Sorry, bad pun." Perry put the phone back on the table.
Stay tuned for part three!

:iconpalmer-plz: Another gruesome book, compiled for you by the adventurous Palmer.

"Let's call Switzerland on the redundant hospital phone!" (Special thanks to my bro for that one...)

[link] <--- In case some of you wanted to know what the River Dance is. Yeah. That sure wouldn't be a very restful way to spend an afternoon. BUT IT'S AWESOME :0D

AWE :iconperryhugphineasplz:
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Doof: Carrot-head!!

Suzy: How nice are these reunions, right? Now, if you excuse me, I have a wedding to attend to.

Suzy: And you, guard the entrance. Make sure they don't go out for the next hour and evertything will be a success. The taxi is already waiting for me outside.
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Perry stared out the window. A bird was fluttering back and forth. Perry wished it would make up its mind. Its indecisive flying was making him dizzy.
He adjusted himself so that he was more comfortable. He'd been waking up and falling back asleep all night, and he felt tired. But for some reason, he couldn't fall back to sleep.
"Is everything all right?" Asked Dana. "You look kind of-"
"I'm fine." Perry snapped.
"Oookay." Dana focused on her laptop.
"I didn't mean to snap at you like that." Perry said. "I'm not really feeling like myself today."
"Understandable." Dana said.
"At least I'll be home in a couple days." Perry sighed and pulled the covers tighter around him. "When do you get out, by the way?"
"Probably not for a couple of months."
"Oh. That stinks."
"Tell me about it. This whole thing with Ken… it hasn't been working out. Neither has my whole life. I mean, I know what I want. I want someone who's tough, but who doesn't show off. I want puppies. I want to buy that beachside property I keep saving up for. Why can't I get these things? I know I want them. I should stop waiting for them. I should just go straight up and get them."
"That's a good plan."
"I know. I think of it every single week." Dana shrugged. "I'm never really going to do it. I should just forget about it."
"I think you should try."
Dana looked at him. "Huh?"
"It's your life. You should be able to live where you want with whoever you want. I do, and I'm happy."
Dana kind of smiled. "Maybe I should try. …You know, maybe I will. As soon as I get out of here. I'm going to get that house. And those puppies. I never got your name, by the way."
"Maybe I'll name a puppy after you. I'm for sure naming one Carlos."
"Carlos. After this toy." Dana held up a toy clown. "I got him a few days ago. He's been keeping my hopes up." She pressed his belly.
"Stay happy! Good things will always come." Carlos said.
Perry groaned.
Monogram entered the room. "All right, Agent P. We're going to get you cleaned up, and then we'll take you in for surgery."
"Good luck." Dana said. "And remember…"
She squeezed Carlos.
"Caring and sharing help set things right!" Carlos said.
"Thanks… I think." Perry allowed Monogram to pick him up.

Monogram brought Perry into the operating room. Doctor Roscoe was looking at a clipboard. A few other surgeons Perry didn't know were setting everything up.
"Why do surgeons wear green?" Perry asked Doctor Roscoe.
Doctor Roscoe looked up from his clipboard. "I don't know. I suppose it's… a sterile color or something."
"Very professional answer." Perry said. "I always thought they wore it because if they threw up during their job, and it got on their shirt, it'd just blend in. Unless it was blueberry smoothie. Or a ham sandwich."
Doctor Roscoe looked a little sick himself.
Monogram laid Perry down on the operating table. "Just sit tight for a few minutes while I talk to the surgeons."
Perry stared up at the ceiling. "Is Monogram performing the surgery?"
"Yes." Doctor Roscoe said. "Along with two other doctors."
"Any other questions?"
"Nah, I'm good."
"All right then." Monogram returned to Perry. "Everything will be fine. Just think good thoughts." He placed a mask over Perry's bill.
Perry didn't try to stay awake as the mask did its thing. He'd been tired before.
He instantly fell asleep.

At least his dream didn't have Carlos in it this time.
Perry was standing on slimy earth. There were patches of dark grass around him in random places.
"New person!" A beagle bounded forward. "Hi! I'm Dalrond. But people mostly call me Daly. And here's… Buck, where'd you go? He was right behind me…"
"Rarf!" A dog made of nothing but bones jumped on Perry. He was apparently trying to lick him, but he had no tongue.
"There he is. Get down, Bucky."
Bucky got down.
"So, are you staying here, or are you just visiting?" Daly asked.
"I have… no idea. Where is this place?"
"This is Gluum."
"Yeah. Okay. I'm asleep again."
"Exactly. Are you asleep, or are you dead?"
Daly sighed. "This is one of the many, many places that people go when they die. People sometimes wind up visiting here when they're asleep because their souls just want to get out and walk around for a bit." Daly tried to poke Perry, but his paw went directly through. "You see, I can't make real contact with you. You're just asleep. Still tied to the real world."
"And… Bucky. He knocked me down. Is he asleep, too?"
"Nah. Bucky's a strange one. He didn't even come here as a soul. Just as bones. That's why his yapping makes no sense."
"Arf arf!" Said Bucky, his bones clattering.
"We haven't had many people come here in a while." Daly said. "It's been kind of lonely. Most people decide to go elsewhere when they die."
"I have no idea. But since you aren't dead, you can bring someone back to the surface."
"So… I could bring you back to life if I woke up?"
"Yes. But no! This has been my home for eons." Daly smiled, revealing ghostly teeth. "I created the town of Gluum myself. Built it in a week. Isn't it nice?"
Perry looked around. Tons of falling-apart houses lined the streets. A creepy-looking transparent man was sitting on one of the porches.
"Um… I guess. Reminds me of a ride I went on once."
"Are you looking for anyone?" Daly asked. "I can sniff someone out. You can drag a family member or friend back up. Or even a total stranger. But I can only sniff people out who are closest to you. And don't worry, if you bring them back, their bodies heal to their 'alive' status." He began sniffing, then pointed over at a ghostly woman who was standing next to a store called Deadly Deals. "You know her? She doesn't appear to have any relation to you, but you two have a similar aura. You may have come in contact with someone she knew at one time."
Perry studied the woman. She had a sad look around her. She looked familiar, sort of like Ferb, in a way.
Perry looked away. "I don't think I want to bring her back up."
"No matter. You know her?"
"Wasn't alive when she was. But it's better if she stays down here."
"Understood." Daly gave a nod. "She's been here for… quite a few years, I'm not sure how many. But she's a very sad woman. I have no idea why."
"Tell her that her family turns out okay. They're very happy."
Daly appeared confused, but he nodded. "I will." He turned his head in the direction of the woman and closed his eyes.
The woman started to smile. She looked shyly down at the ground.
"There ya go." Daly said. "So, do you want a tour?"
"Not really." Perry said.
"Anyone you can think of you'd want to find?"
Perry thought for a while. "Yes, actually. Um… do you know anyone… named Terrence?"
Daly looked at Bucky, who was jumping around, clattering noisily. "Turkey? Sure. He plays with Bucky. You knew him?"
"He was my best friend."
"Okay. I'll see if I can round him up." Daly followed Bucky, who was running off in a random direction.
Perry trailed behind them.
Daly hopped up onto a stage (Or what was left of a stage) and gave a loud bark. "Gluum residents, gather!"
Tons of souls floated around the stage. Bucky did a little spin, like he was performing for the captive audience.
Men, women, dogs, cats, fish and even a dinosaur were all standing around the stage, watching Daly intently.
"Are we all here?" Daly asked. He began to count. "five seventy, five seventy one… Five seventy one and a half! We're all here!"
"A half?" Perry asked.
Daly pointed at a ghost alligator who had obviously been cut in half before becoming a ghost. Perry shuddered.
"We're looking for Terrence." Daly said.
"Here!" Said three voices.
"Terrence. Turkey."
A ghost pushed through the crowd and wandered onto the stage. It was Terrence, still looking exactly the same as he had when Perry had last seen him.
Perry felt tears of joy come into his eyes. He and Terrence ran to each other. They tried to hug, but Terrence went right through him.
"I haven't seen you in such a long time." Terrence said. "I missed you so much!"
"I missed you more!"
Perry looked over at Daly. Daly was scuffing his feet and looking at the ground. Bucky had sat down on the stage with a soft, melancholy clatter.
"Tell me everything that happened." Terrence said, leading Perry off of the stage. "I want to know about all of it."
"Every single detail?"
"Of course! How's the agency doing?"
"Really amazing."

"I can't believe Devon made a musical about himself." Terrence was doubled over with laughter.
"I know! I managed to come in right at the end, too. It was like, crash. The end!"
"How perfect was that?"
"I know, right?" Perry smiled. "Well, I suppose we're all caught up now."
"I still can't believe how much I've missed." Terrence shook his head. "Darren taunting you, the big rogue battle… you've made contact with your owners! And gosh, four platypups? I never would have thought. You've grown, buddy."
"My soul REALLY is here, right? I'm not just having a really crazy dream?"
"Nah. It's here. But don't worry, your body's still breathing. No one will think you're dead."
"I really wish I could hug you."
"I wish I could hug you too. But I'm really happy for you. Your life seems to be going wonderfully."
"I can take you back up." Perry said. "Daly told me."
"Are you sure?" Terrence asked skeptically. "How do I say this… my body isn't exactly… intact."
"He said your body would heal."
Terrence nodded slowly. "I'm… I'm sorry, Perry. But I don't really want to go back."
"Why not?"
"My home is here. With Bucky and Daly and the others. I miss you more than anything, but I can't leave. I live here."
Perry frowned. "Oh. I guess I understand."
"Please don't be upset." Terrence begged.
"I just really missed you." Perry said. "My life hasn't been the same without you."
"Perry, your life is going the way it needs to go. And we shouldn't mess with its course. I miss you too, but you need to keep living. My time came. My life was good. But it's over now."
Perry nodded. "All right. Thank you."
Stay tuned for part five!

:iconalligatorplz: Nine and a half!

Wonder what ride Gluum reminded him of.

Yes, :iconrobisyakko:. Since you begged me and begged me to do a sort of "Mars is Heaven" bit. Without the sad or violence! Cuz that story made me cry! Why do you like these creepy things...
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I have been through to much pain…

Dealt with to much hurt…

Was left alone to long

But now…now it's all over

Yet you seamed surprised

We all knew I only had so much time left…

Everyone saw my sadness….

But no one would help….

And I was alone…

So I gave up…..

I gave up into the sadness….

I found nothing to live for...

Nothing to fight for...

Nothing to live for...

So I gave up my life….

And now I am free from all the pain

All the sorrow...


Until Next Time…
This poem is not about me not at all, I am perfectly healthy. Mentaly and emotionaly. This is about the people who are sad and alone.
If you see someone who's down help them up!!!
For you may be the difference between life and death...
To many people lose thier lives because no one helped them...
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well I've toying with the idea of a dragon fan character for MLP
then I discovered :iconive-moved-bitches: 's Kirin concept
(Kirin's or Qilin's being a mythological dragon horse mix)
so...Vision was born.
I don't have to much about decided yet except his name
and that he often visits Deep Pool in the forest
he doesn't hang around other ponies though, and has a high and mighty attitude
past that I don't know yet
I do like how he came out though

I really need to quit coming up with characters, I'm supposed to be doing brain is mean to me :(

anywho hope you like, and thoughts are appreciated :D

MLP FiM-Hasbro

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Robots can be reprogrammed y'know. Naturally, ZIM takes advantage of this and bends them to his will.
Metal Sonic is excluded cuz he's already evil. I just wanted to see the good guys become puppets to ZIM :D

ZIM - Jhonen Vazquez
RobotBoy - CN
Megaman - CAPCOM
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When I was like 8 or 9 or something, I was fan girling so hard about Jenny. Holy shit it wasn't normal anymore.
But weirdly enough I never made fan art of her, not even on paper...probably because I couldn't draw shit when I was 8.
I did google her up every 10 to 20 min, for a couple of months non stop on my windows xp dinosaur computer.
I even made this girl my wallpaper, no one could stop me :iconwegotabadassplz:
BUT FINALLY, after 7½ years, I made some fekkin cute fan-art of this betch.
ENJOY :icontearplz:
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A fanart of Jenny.
It is huge so you may print it as a poster.
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Yes, i know you what a said... it look like Tron Legacy style... :v
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Collection by
Misery told them they we're cute. hehe
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I wasn't shopping for a doll
To say the least, I thought, I've seen them all
But then you took me by surprise
I'm dreaming bout those dreamy eyes
-The killers
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