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At a rural American Farm a women is getting out of her hybrid car. She has black hair and powerful green eyes. Her build is moderate with b cup breasts with a skinny only a small pouch of flab on her stomach showed otherwise.  The woman takes in the smells of the farm and smiles. This woman is Rachel and it's her first time being back on the family farm in a year and had decided to come back for her birthday. She walks to the farm house that is the closest structure to the road, the farm buildings were in the back area. She walks up to the door and opens it, walking into the house. She smells the familiar smells of the house especially the apple pie coming from the kitchen. "Hi mom I'm home" Rachel calls out to the kitchen. A plump woman in her late forties with brown hair and blue eyes comes out of the kitchen and immediately grabs Rachel in a warm and welcoming hug. "Oh good my birthday girl is home" as the women gives Rachel a kiss on the forehead. Rachel smiles and gives a kiss to her mother's cheek. Her mother then leads her to kitchen were an apple pie was sitting on the table already cut and ready to serve. Rachel grabs a piece of pie starts to eat it as her mother tells her about the farm was doing. When Rachel was half way through with her piece of apple pie her mother asks her to bring a piece to her father.
Sara takes a piece and walks out the back of her house. She sees the barn out back. The familiar smell of pigs rushes to her nose as she gets close. Her mother and father owned an old style pig farm. They were able to compete with the big farms because they were locally famous for having the best tasting pigs. She pushed the barn door open to the familiar scent of pigs, mud, and slop. Rachel saw her father a tall muscular man with blue eyes and blonde hair. He looked up and smiled and waved her over. He gave her a hug and took the piece of apple pie. They traded small talk until her father looked at his watch and he said"hey Rachel could you finish up here, I have to go check something." He placed down the slop bucket and wished her a happy birthday as he walked out. Rachel agreed and picked up the slop bucket.
She went to the individual slop troughs and started pour it in. she admired the pigs as they rushed over to greedily start eating as much they could.  She wished could enjoy food like that but touches her stomach and poked her stomach feeling it squish around her finger. Rachel pulls back her finger and then goes to the private pen in the corner. She pours slop into the trough in the pen and see's the only pig in this pen. It was a mature boar that was biggest in the barn and the only pig with a collar. Rachel smiles at the boar and while it eats she scratched the boar's ear. "Hey porky did you miss me" Rachel said in the baby voice she used o talk to the boar. Porky was Rachel's pet pig that she had raised since she picked him from a group of piglets. "How's my big fella doing" Rachel says as porky picked up his head and poked it through the fence. Rachel decided she should let him out. She opened the cage but the boar didn't walk out but instead just stood and watched her. "Silly pig" Rachel thought to herself as she walked over to porky. She could hear the mud squish under her shoes. Rachel liked the sound since she was a little girl. She couldn't explain it she liked the mud in the sty the best. She reached Porky and tugged on his collar. Porky didn't move, so she tugged on him harder. She lost her grip which sent her flying into the mud.
Rachel picked herself up from the mud and for moment was confused. She sat on her butt feeling the mud touching her skin. She rubs the mud in-between her fingers feeling its soft and cool texture in her fingers. She brought her muddy fingers to her nose smelling the mud. She then rubbed on to her nose feeling its coolness on her nose. She got on to her knees and hands to pick herself up when she felt the snout of Porky sniffing her rear.  Rachel froze for a moment; she felt an instinct let him sniff like it was his way of identifying her.
Rachel snapped out of it and quickly got up. "Why did I let Porky do that" she thought as she looked at Porky embraced by her actions. Porky though was now more energetic and affectionate like it now recognized Rachel after smelling her. Rachel decided it was time to leave the sty. She walked out of the barn with porky following behind her. As she left she saw that the pigs were looking at her and sniffing the air. Each time she saw one sniffing she felt the instinct to let them smell her. She fought the instinct and made it to the barn door.  She took moment and paused at the door looking back at the pigs she felt a sense of belonging with them.
Rachel walked to her parent's house coated in the mud from the sty. She tried rubbing it off but there was no way she was going get it all off without a shower.  She knew she had some extra clothes in her old room but she had to sneak in to get them. She opened the door quietly and peaked in. the hallway was clear. She snuck to the stairs and climbed up them. She was close to the shower when she heard "Rachel why are you covered in mud." It was her mother who was holding a broom apparently she had seen the mud trail in the hallway. "Well Porky knocked me over into the mud" Rachel said as she tried to move toward the bathroom. "Did you like the mud" Her mom asked. Rachel blushed at the strange question and how it was true. She tried to blow off the question by say "you know me I always like to play in the mud." Her mom gave sigh but kept a smile which Rachel knew was her actions when she knew her mother knew more than she let on. "Well be ready for dinner it's in an hour" her mother said as she walked down the wooden stairs sweeping the mud trail away.
Rachel reached her room got a pair of clothes and walked into the bathroom. She stripped naked and admired herself in the mirror besides her slightly pudgy stomach she was very beautiful. She felt the mud on her breasts and liked the feeling. She took a moment and rubbed the mud into her breasts. She took more mud from her clothes and rubbed it on to her skin. She couldn't explain it but she found the feeling of mud on her skin great. She stopped though and grudgingly got into the shower. She washed the mood off of her but didn't use any soap. For some reason she didn't like the feel of soap. She got of the shower and dried herself off. She putt on her clothes and walked out the door.
She could smell the food coming from the kitchen and felt her stomach rumble with hunger. She walked down to see a big feast for her birthday dinner. She sat and started to eat. She didn't even bother to wait till her parents got something to eat. She eat with a fork eating like she hadn't eaten in months but soon found it wasn't fast enough. So she just started to shovel it into her face. She eats and eats until her stomach was extended from eating so much. She sat back and enjoyed the satisfying afterglow from the meal. She let out a burp then felt for the first time to be self conscious. She realized how piggishly she had eaten. Her hair and clothes had bits of food on them and her part of the table was a complete mess but her parents seemed to be calm and seem to act like she had not acted badly. "Sorry" Rachel said with an embarrassed look on her face. "Its alright your just my growing girl" said her father in his fatherly kind voice. "Excuse me" said Rachel trying to escape the situation. Her father nodded so she left the table and walked up to room. She felt sleepy and bad for her behavior. She didn't bother to take off her food stain clothes as she went to sleep on her old bed.
Rachel started to have weird dreams of the sty and pigs. She was a piglet and she was playing with the other piglets as a motherly sow watched over them. It was a very clear dreams see could see the whole barn, feel the mud under her hooves, she hear the sounds of other pigs, and even taste the slop. This last sense made her eyes open fast. She found herself in a pig pen eating slops. She backed away frighten not knowing why she was there or why she was now naked.
She tried to stand up but lost her balance because her feet were unusually stiff. She looked at her feet and to her horror they started to shrink. Her toes merged into three big black nails making a cracking noise as they formed. Rachel tried to stand again but it was impossible to balance on her hooves. She crawled towards the gates entrance but soon as she got there, her hands became stiff.  Her thumbs were the first to change as they shorten back into a black hoof like structure. Her other fingers followed suit as they shortened to form the rest of the black hooves. Rachel started to scream in fear calling out to her mother and father. Her long slender legs shrank back into legs of a pig. Rachel could pick herself up and walk on all fours to the side of fence but found impossible to get over. Her arms shrank too into legs making walking easier but making her even more frighten. She continued call out until "MOM DAD PLEA SQUEEE SQUEEE" her voice had become nothing but pig squeals. Her face tingled as her nose flipped up and pushed out a snout growing out to replace her beautiful face. Her ears moved to the top of her head and grew until they became pink and floppy. Her beautiful black hair started to fall out leaving her with a pig's head. Her skin tingled as turned and pink and a light covering of pig hair spread all over her body. Her breasts became teats and Rachel could feel little pops on her skin as she grew four more. Her once beautiful feminine body with beautiful curves and heart shaped but started put on the fat as her body became barrel shaped. She felt a tail grow out and to add on last indignity her vagina moved to above her butt a permanent sign of her new status as a sow all that was left was her striking green eyes
Her mother and father finally came in but at the sight of the pig that had once been their daughter. Rachel awkwardly trotted over to her parents squealing to get their attention. Her mother reached down and calmed the frantic pig. "shhh shhh dear calm down and let me explain" her mother said with voice she hadn't used since Rachel was a child.  Rachel looked up with questioning eyes wondering what her mother was about to say. "my sweet daughter we are magic users and that is why can keep are farm from being beat out by the big company ones we use are magic to make the pigs fat and tasty and it has served us well" she stopped and sighed rubbing her stomach. She continued talking "but magic comes with a price, we lose the ability to have to children but there is a way to get around this by turning a young animal into a baby human." She started to scratch Rachel's ear which Rachel liked but felt humiliated at the same time. "So we took you and raised you as our own but there is still a draw back when that child reaches twenty-one the child must become the animal and give birth on time as homage to their birth race." It took a moment for Rachel to understand such surprising news. "Do you understand Rachel" her father asked not able to keep eye contact as her said it. Rachel nodded and then her parents left her too go back to their house. Rachel turned the other pigs in the sty that had been awakened by Rachel's screaming. They came and comforted her by pushing their soft warm bodies. Rachel truly did feel confronted and fell asleep.
For the next few days's Rachel got used to being a pig. She didn't eat the slop the first time it was put in the trough but by the second time she couldn't fight her hunger and eat. It was surprisingly delicious and eats as much she could. She found a lot of pig activates weird and embarrassing. The worst was when her mother came in and talked to her, Rachel felt the need to go the bathroom. She had no control she just pooped right in front of her mouthier. Rachel found it to be horribly embarrassing but her mother just let out a stifled laugh and continued to talk. Her mother told her they had covered for her saying she was spending time in Europe to cover and had cast a spell for extra measure.
The days passed and she got used her pig life. Then one day she felt hot and immediately knew she was in heat. Her father took her to Porky's cage. Porky sniffed her and then jumped on her back taking the honor of being the father of her piglets. Over the next couple of months her stomach expanded and her teats filled with milk. Her mother was over joyed and watched over her every day. A vet came and looked over her which for the first time made her embarrassed of the fact she was a pig. An Indian women named Tammy who had been a high school friend of hers who was now her vet poking and prodding all over her body. Rachel was given a clean bill of health as the pregnancy continued. Finally one day when Rachel's stomach had become so extended with piglets that she couldn't move, she felt a jabbing pain in her stomach. Rachel laid down and began to give birth, her mother came out and discovered her and began to help her. Rachel gave birth to six healthy piglets. She watched over them and felt the joys of mother hood as she watched over them. After what was about another three month's her piglets were taken away in her sleep and she was furious and scared both at the same time. Her parents came in at the time for slops to be given and explained to her that it was time for her time change back.
The Change back was much quicker but she changed back to heavy weight of 240 pounds a modest weight for pig but obese for her. She didn't have them make thin because she still retain pig behaviors and one of them was finding fat to be a good thing. She went on and began living her life again but kept visiting the farm and her baby's. In her heart she always knew she would be a farm pig.
this is my newest story. Rachel findes her true orgins on her 21 birthday. tell me what you guys think of the story.
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There have been tales of girls who were visited by "the Boob Fairy" and suddenly developing larger breasts overnight. Most people think it's a metaphor for puberty, but in reality such a fairy does exist and has caused many girls to grow to quite large of sizes. Many such magical creatures exist, but not all of them are as pleasant as the Boob Fairy.

Jane wishes that was the fairy the visited her. Instead she got a visit from the Nipple Imp.

The small red skinned demon was floating around her giggling, her leathery bat wings flapping sending her curly blonde locks into disarray as her spade tipped tail swung behind her. Her hair was parted by a curved pair of demonic horns, and large goblin like ears, her breasts were big for her size, easily f cups if scaled to a normal girl, but what was truly remarkable was their tremendous nipples. Thick pink erect teats that hung a full three inches from her tiny frame.

Jane could only stare at the creature, shocked at it's sudden appearance and by the huge nipples hanging down from her chest.

The demoness stopped in front of her, hovering as if by magic with her wings lazily fluttering behind her. She seemed to be sizing Jane up, and then she squeezed her breasts together and wiggled her generous nipples in Jane's face.

"Like what ya' see?" She grinned a sharp toothed smile. "I bet they will look even better... ON YOU!" She stuck out a clawed hand and shot a thin red beam of light at Jane's large breasts.

She gasped out in fear as the beam of red light hit her tits right on the nipples, but there was no pain and her fear turned to anger, she tried to grab the demon who only flew higher and taunted her with seductive poses and air kisses. Jane's attention was Immediately brought back to her nipples, they felt as if they had been submerged in hot water, like they were smooth and elastic in form just waiting to be changed by the tiny demon's magic. She let out a sultry moan as they began to slowly lengthen, the light pink nubs quickly reaching the size of the tip of her pinky finger, and not slowing down as they reached a full inch. They felt so good, she wanted to tell the demon to stop, she didn't want to have huge nipples and they were at least two inches now, thicker than her middle finger and very plump looking. She couldn't muster the will to speak though, instead she tugged and squeezed them as the demon gleefully watched, knowing the girl's attention was only going to make them bigger.

They just felt so amazing, never before had so much pleasure emanated from her breasts, Jane swore she was about to have a boobgasm when the wonderful glowing warmth ended. It was at that point she realized how large they had got while she pulled on them, two six inch nipples stuck out from her chest, they must have been two inches wide.

She looked at her cock like nipples in disbelief, giving one a quick tug and nearly dropping to her knees as pleasure shot through her body like a white hot lance.

"Oh yeah, those look great on you! Very suckable... Well, I'm a busy Imp, so I have other girls to attend to, gotta fill my quota and all... Enjoy!" She gave Jane a wink and and flew up to her chest, giving each nipple a quick kiss and a lick of her forked tongue as Jane tried to swat at her. Then the demon flew out of reach and disappeared in a small fiery flash.

Jane stood alone in her room, clutching her chest and staring down in a mix of confusion and lust at the huge nipples dangling from it. She wanted to be mad but all she could think about was hot and wonderful they felt so she reached a hand under her breast and brought the sensitive teat to her mouth...
Was originally going to be a Image's story on my other account, but I'm doing the image different and it doesn't work with the story, so now its a standalone. Nipples..
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Warning: extremely kinky fat teasing humiliation fetish.

So this greedy whale wants some food does she? ;) Look at yourself! Look at all that flab! You’re disgracefully obese and you still just want to eat more and grow fatter?!! Hungry for more to fill your shamefully huge overhanging gut are you piggy? Well okay then you bloated cow if that’s what you want then maybe it’s time you were taught a lesson! You really want more food? You’ll get more food alright! Open wide piggy! Let’s just stuff you so full of fattening treats that people will stare in horror as you swell up like a big fat human shaped balloon shall we? Give you all you can eat, yes even you porky! And then more, and more, and MORE. Strapped down and forced to eat, eat, eat! A never ending flow of sinfully fattening cuisine to stuff you full to the brim, overfull, until you swear one more bite might just make your stomach explode, a 24/7 overfed sow, so much food you’ll swear you can feel yourself getting fatter by the minute as you’re wheeled from restaurant to restaurant, buffet to buffet, and made to eat and eat until all the food is gone as everyone stares aghast in morbid fascination at the size of your belly spilling out in front of you, at your huge bloated body slowly but steadily bursting the seams of your clothes as you gorge yourself on dessert after dessert until every last one is gone.

Well?! Is that enough fucking food for you greedy-guts? Poking your belly makes you burp! Nope, there’s still room in there! Off to the next place. Do you like donuts? Four dozen for starters? Doesn’t matter how ridiculously full you are, you’re going to eat them ALL. Everyone knows you’re probably too helplessly horngry to resist anyway haha! Greedy gluttons as naughty as you never can say no can they? So why not wash them all down with full cream milkshakes! Just hook you up to the drink machine and pump you up until you can’t take any more? Sound good you obscene tub of lard?! Then everyone can watch you blow up with fat until you burst from your clothes, until you’re so fat not even your shoes can fit your bloated round feet! What’s the matter piggy? Too full? But that’s never stopped you before! You’ve gotten too fat to move? Well no matter then you’re not going anywhere till you’ve eaten every last donut in the store. Aww you’re so heavy your chair has collapsed. Damn you’re a complete fucking whale aren’t you? Don’t think that means this is over! We’ll just have to haul you around on a big 1 ton trailer or something. All that obscene fat wobbling unsteadily down the road as you travel to your next awaiting feast. I know! We’ll put some mattresses on it, several cause one won’t be wide enough before long, maybe soft rubber ones so we can hose you down between feedings. Haha we can do that at a carwash, imagine the looks you’ll get! Huge soapy obscene fat rolls as thick as a man’s waist glistening in the sun!

Where next? The chocolate factory? Okay and then the ice-cream factory! Think you can eat it all? Well you’d be in no position to refuse now that you’re a massive helpless fat blob! You’re so fucking greedy it’ll probably only take you a couple of weeks. We’ll make you eat yourself so fat and round it’ll be a struggle to wiggle your arms. So much blubber! Unable to do anything except watch yourself grow and grow until you’re the fattest woman there ever was and ever will be. Swelling up fatter, and fatter, and FATTER until you’re nothing but a gigantic horny round butterball. Constantly tempted with so many naughty tasty treats. You can’t help it that they taste so good can you? You can’t help it that they make you swell up like a balloon! A big horny balloon.

Whimpers and moans muffled by huge handfuls of cake as you feel your enormous bloated body expand by the minute, plumping up, up, up, as your huge overstuffed stomach extracts calories from ungodly amounts of food, forcing them unceremoniously into your fat reserves. So huge and FAT that you’d wonder if you might actually burst whilst your titanic belly digests your next meal, oh dear! Yes indeed you overfed sow, that’s far, far too fat for your own good! But even then it’s a good bet you’d STILL be hungry, wouldn’t you porky? Look at yourself and admit it haha! Guess we’d have to launch food at you somehow from a distance, no way we’re risking getting any closer to a girl who’s clearly so greedy she’d be in danger of eating so much she could blow any second lol!

That’s what happens when you’re such a shamelessly naughty greedy glutton! Be careful of the path you’re starting down fat girl! That appetite of yours is clearly already out of control! You better put down that box of donuts before it’s too late!
Inspired by shenanigans on tumblr.

If you like this check out…
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NOTE: If you don't enjoy stories about incredibly fat women then this might not be a story for you

“You have been summoned by the queen.”

Three men and one woman stood up and walked down a long hallway toward the Queen’s room. These were Queen Marella’s pleasurers.

The leader of the group was Gustav Zepacce (pronounced Zay-Pa-Chay), a man who was renowned among the upper class for his legendary skills of sexual pleasuring. He was an interesting looking man with a fancy thin mustache and a full head of black hair, cut short with just a tinge of grayness. He had worked for many rich and powerful women over the 15 years of his career until finally he was offered a job by the Queen herself. He had only been working for the queen for about 6 months now.

To his right was Natalie Zepacce, his wife. She was an expert masseuse whose hands were as soft as silk. Natalie was a petite and shapely woman with a pretty face and her hair done up in a bun. She and Gustav were very open about their sexuality and frequently participated in orgies and explorative sexual acts. Even though they often had their hands around someone else’s body they didn’t let it get in the way of their marriage for they knew their love for each other was too strong.

To Gustav’s left was Theo Solomon, his apprentice. Theo was an 18 year old with a handsome young face, messy yet cute hair and a strong, lean frame. He was an orphan who was going to be sold into sexual slavery until Gustav bought him and rescued him. He gladly accepted his role as apprentice and had been taking pointers from Gustav for about a year and a half. He had only been helping Gustav with the Queen for a few weeks now. He was showing a lot of promise but there were still many tips and tricks of the trade that he had not yet learned.

Standing behind them was Brock Vitzen, Gustav’s right-hand man, good friend and muscle. Brock was a very large man, standing just a hair short of 7 feet tall and bearing a broad muscular body. He had a very rugged look to him. He had also been gifted with an enormous member to match his large stature, which some women would pay fortunes just to experience once.

After a long walk through the castle they entered the Queen’s chambers.

“Queen Marella, Your pleasurer’s are here for you.” A servant said before scurrying off.

“Ahh Gustav, I am glad that you are back. *Munch* I very much missed your services while you were gone.” The Queen said. Her enormous body was laid on its side, her head and shoulders rested on a pile of pillows. She was being fed a thick slice of cake. It quickly disappeared into her mouth. From the looks of it she had already devoured 9/10’s of the rather large golden sponge cake, as one lone slice remained on the very empty platter. She had just been bathed only 15 minutes ago and already cake crumbs and red wine drippings littered her big pillowy cheeks and chins.

“I’m sorry for my absence, Marella. Natalie and I spent ten days on the shores of Holara enjoying the beautiful beaches.” Gustav had a way of charming people. Nobody else who worked for the Queen would dare call her by only her first name, but with his soft, sexy accent, his flirtatious personality, and his very desirable services, he had the Queen wrapped around his finger.

“I hear the weather is perfect down there.” The Queen said.

“It is.” Natalie added. They continued to chat while the four pleasurers prepared for their duty. Theo set up candles all around the queen and put out the torches mounted on the walls, making the lighting dimmer and more intimate. Brock removed her shirt and began to stretch. It was very hard work to move the queen’s immobile bulk around. Natalie rubbed various lotions on her hands. Gustav emptied the many lubricant’s, and other pieces of sexual equipment from his satchel.

“Ready, my Queen?” Gustav asked. Marella nodded. Most of the guards and servants emptied out of the room except for a couple servants that would continue to feed the Queen and help Gustav if necessary.

The behemoth of a woman in the center of the room was laying on her left side. Two large mattresses side-by-side were needed to provide enough room for the Queen and her pleasurers. Natalie went over to Marella’s blubbery upper body. She knelt down in front of the top belly roll of the massive glutton.

“Hello, royal highness. This is a new body oil I got on our vacation.” Natalie poured the slick and clear fluid on Marella’s gelatinous rolls. “I think you’ll find it very stimulating.” She said in a very sexy voice. She cracked her knuckles and rubbed the oil over the Queen’s expansive flesh. Marella purred as she swallowed more food. She loved the rubbing and tickling of her great enormous paunch.

Massaging the Queen was an interesting challenge for Natalie. Due to her incredible obesity and mass, the pressing of Natalie’s open hand into her swollen blubber felt to Marella like what the poking of a finger would feel like to the average human. Natalie had to push her palms deep into the thick and squishy layer of belly fat.

Gustav approached the Queen’s massive rump. A sturdy stand was used to keep one of the Queen’s legs up in the air in order to spread apart the bulging rolls of fat. Though even with her legs spread the fat of her thighs still touched, hiding her privates out of sight. Gustav plunged his hand into her flabby crotch. He teasingly stimulated her pussy lips with his finger. Marella’s massive blubber quaked as her spine shivered from his soft touch. His fingertips traced all around her vagina and crotch moving slowly to her anus, awaking all the very sensitive nerves within her bunched up rolls of fat between her legs.

Meanwhile Brock had undressed and was working up his legendary sized member. Queen Marella was about the prettiest immobile blob he had ever seen, but she wasn’t really his type so he had to “get himself going” first before he entered the enormous royal whale. Few men had the length to fully satisfy the Queen. You had to reach past several inches of blubber before you got to her fat buried pussy. Fortunately Brock was one of those few men. He tried to position himself between her two big thighs as best he could. Slowly he pushed his foot long cock into her. Marella’s mouth gaped open and her eyes twitched at the rather surprising and large insertion into her.

Natalie grinned at the Queen’s reaction. As she massaged her soft blubber, she could feel Brock’s pounding sending waves and ripples through Marella’s vast sea of fat. The royal subject of all this touching and pleasuring was starting to really get into it. Queen Marella was beginning to sweat as she was filled with a warm tingling sensation. Gustav began to finger her butt which greatly intensified the sexual pleasure of Brock’s intercourse. She couldn’t even see what was going on exactly, only knowing that it felt amazing. Her thick neck fat prevented her from lifting her head to see what was going on down there near her crotch. Though her huge meaty shoulders would’ve blocked her view anyway. She could just barely see Natalie massaging her past her heaving breasts. Her whole body began to sweat as her lust intensified. She laid on her side, immobilized, as her body was touched all over. The Queen was just under a ton of glistening sweaty fat and flesh.

For most of the day her crotch was usually buried by several feet of heavy fat but now it was throbbing with a tingling warmth and pleasure as Brock thrust into her. Her breathing became very heavy and her cheeks were red and hot. Finally Brock came inside her and pulled out.

Marella was panting and sweating from her extreme arousal but the pleasurers were not done yet.

Gustav directed two of the guards to help out as they tried to roll the enormous behemoth Queen onto her back. She was already on her side so it wasn’t too much of a challenge as their hands disappeared as they sank into Marella’s doughy flesh. The room quaked as her gargantuan mass tumbled over. Her giant swollen belly stuck up in the air, glistening from her sweat and slick from Natalie’s massage oil.

Natalie then climbed up the blubbery mountain of flab and sat atop her upper belly roll. She pulled out the small bottle of body oil and poured some onto her hands.

“Now we’re really going to have some fun, my Queen.” She said. She rubbed her hands together before grasping big handfuls of Marella’s enormous breasts in each hand. They were so incredibly large and flabby. Yet the bulging blobs of blubber had maintained a relatively impressive perkiness, as they leaned on top of her massive belly instead of hanging off the sides. Her nipples had grown proportionately with her breasts, which meant they were huge. Natalie put her palm over the areolas as she massaged and squeezed the squishy bags of dough.

While that happened Brock, Theo and two guards spread her enormous barrel shaped legs as much as they could. Then they lifted her heavy and massive belly apron. They’re hands sunk into the soft doughiness as they pushed up and pulled back her extremely large bottom fat roll. Gustav then crouched down and crawled between her huge sweaty thunder thighs approaching her wet and hot mound.

Up on her belly Natalie leaned over and began to lick one of her stiff and stimulated nipples. Queen Marella moaned with pleasure from the soft wet tongue rubbing her tit. She then switched to the other breast and sucked and licked it. She practically made out with the large nipples while massaging her flabby boobs with her fingers.

Down below her underbelly in the steamy maw between her gigantic thighs, Gustav stuck two of his fingers into her vagina. As his fingers danced around inside of her the vastly overfed beast of a woman grew even more aroused and wet. He had quickly found her most sensitive spot and began to work it with his agile digits. The immense tingles of sexual energy coming from inside her had the gluttonous and powerful Queen totally helpless to her pleasurer’s touches.

Stuck lying on her back like a giant infant baby, Marella was huffing and panting from the building sensation of sexual lust. Natalie sat up on the Queen’s mountainous pile of belly fat and she pulled her thin dress off over her head, leaving her in just her underwear. She leaned over Marella’s pillowy chest. As she came closer to her face, Natalie could see that the Queen was lost in a state of incredible sexual ecstasy and euphoria. Her senses were clouded and drowned out by the overwhelming arousal she felt. Natalie smiled, her husband must’ve been doing some great work down under the gigantic belly she sat on. She leaned forward more, feeling Marella’s heavy hot breaths that smelled of fresh pastries, and passionately locked lips with the obese royal goddess. Their tongues grazing each other in sensual bliss inside their mouths. The much smaller woman then also began to rub and grind her crotch rhythmically against the Queen’s enormous doughy body. Her hands still held onto the two massive overripe breasts as Marella was almost stimulated to lactation.

Meanwhile, Gustav decided it was time to wrap it up. He could sense how close the Queen was to climax, and he wasn’t sure Brock, Theo, and the guards could hold up that bulging paunch much longer. The skilled pleasurer dug his face into the soft folds surrounding her pussy and started to aggressively lick her clitoris with his darting tongue. He kept his fingers inside of her rubbing her sensitive spot while stimulatingly grinding his tongue on her throbbing clit.

Marella’s whimpers and moans of pleasure were muffled by the making-out with Natalie. Her fat feet and toes curled and her giant round legs rolled a couple inches back and forth. The Queen’s body desperately wanted squirm and buck but her immense girth kept her sweaty mass pinned and immobilized. This would only make the awaited release of sexual build-up even more satisfying.

The Queen’s tongue retreated causing Natalie to disengage their kiss. Marella let out little squeaks as she took quick and shallow breaths. Finally her level of arousal reached the tipping point. Her fat swollen body tensed up as her orgasm erupted within her. Gustave moved his face and fingers away as her fat pussy gushed with wetness. At first there was a burst of warmth and satisfaction, followed by waves of pleasure that she felt throughout her entire behemoth body. Marella’s face felt numb as she continued to climax. The pleasurers had milked every bit of arousal she had in her gigantic bulk. Her entire flabby mass jiggled as all of the built up sexual energy was released.

The door was opened and the rest of the servants entered the room again. Gustav congratulated his team for doing a good job as they picked up their things and exited the Queen’s chambers.

“It was a pleasure, your royal higness.” He said giving a bow before turning his back and leaving. Marella could only respond by giving a small wave with her right hand. The enormous woman lay still on her back as servants began to wipe away the sweat with towels. Two other servants waved large fans at her to cool her off. Marella huffed and panted heavily as she basked in the pleasing and warm sexual afterglow coursing throughout her enormity.
Here is a sequel to the well liked "Cleaning the Queen" story I wrote not too long ago (which you can find here: Cleaning the Queen). Hopefully you'll find this one as good or maybe even better than the first. I had no intentions of writing this sequel but someone suggested it and as I started to think about it I got a flood of ideas. I started working on this a few weeks ago but then got stuck for a while and let it sit in a word document as I focused on some other things. Anyway please leave a comment saying what you thought of it or whatever feedback you can give me. 

Also I have a pretty good idea for another story about Marella so this can become a neat little trilogy. I have an idea for a story about Marella's daughter, the princess as well.
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Sophomore year of high school was when Kevin first started working at Jerry’s: Burgers and Shakes. It was a bit of a tough first job working the register right after school ended only to be met with a mob of teenagers who had also just gotten out of school. Plus it was a bit embarrassing to have to serve his classmates. But there were benefits to the job too, like the occasional free burger, or getting to see Valerie Cummings.

Kevin had known Valerie since kindergarten. They were in a lot of classes together in elementary school but there was little interaction. To 3rd grade Kevin, Valerie was just another skinny girl in the background who played soccer and liked to draw horses. Kevin didn’t see Valerie much at all in middle school. They didn’t have any classes together, so she just wasn’t on his radar. That changed though in high school.

What Kevin had missed in middle school were the stunning effects of puberty on young Valerie Cummings. As her hormones kicked in, her thin young girl body grew boobs and a butt. Her appetite was awakened and her abs and rib cage disappeared as she thickened out her womanly curves. Pee-wee soccer ended and she ate until she was big and chubby.

When he walked into his first class in his freshman year, he was blown away at this new and different Valerie Cummings. He quickly formed a crush on her as he watched her from several desks away in class. He had always been into fatter women and bbw’s which was partially why he had never paid much attention to Valerie when they were little.

He was delighted to see her face almost every day in front of the register at Jerry’s. In the summer too she would show up with her friends for lunch. Kevin would try to get a laugh out of her when he brought the food to her table. They had developed a little acquaintanceship now that they saw each other in class and after school. Kevin wanted so badly to really try to become friends and then maybe ask her out but he was too chicken. He hadn’t revealed his love of larger women to anyone and he really didn’t want to do it anytime soon. Throughout high school he watched as she ate her usual order, double cheeseburger, regular fries, and a large chocolate shake. He saw her go from a cute chubster to a big fat beauty. They would still chat occasionally. Kevin even saw her at a party once and she said hi to him, but it was clear that their relationship wouldn’t go beyond the burgers he served her for lunch.

High school ended and they both went off to college. Kevin still worked at Jerry’s in the summer but he hadn’t seen Valerie there since graduation.

It was now the summer before his senior year and as he leaned against the counter at Jerry’s he thought about her. In college he didn’t even bother hiding his love for bbw’s. He felt so stupid that he had ever felt so embarrassed about it. He couldn’t believe he didn’t ask Valerie out because he didn’t want his friends to know he liked fat girls. Thinking back on those times it was so obvious she was interested in him. Junior year she had given him so many signals that he didn’t pick up on.

It was a slow day of business and there was no one at the counter to notice Kevin’s frustrated sigh. He then perked his head up at the sound of the entrance door opening. A very large person entered the burger and shake place.

“Welcome to Jerry’s, what would you… like to… Valerie?” Kevin said with a surprised expression. Seeing the familiar cute smile on her face there was no doubt this was Valerie Cummings.

“Oh my god, Kevin? I haven’t seen you in forever.” She said.

“Wow yeah, it’s really been a while. Uh, anyway what would you like to order?” He said a little flustered and anxious at this amazing coincidence. As she looked over the menu, Kevin couldn’t help but admire her amazing body. Valerie had gotten pretty fat by the end of high school, probably over 300 pounds. But now she no longer was just fat, she was enormous! She had to be at least 500 pounds maybe even close to 600.

“Or wait, let’s see if I can remember… Hmm, a double cheeseburger, regular fries, and a regular… wait no, large chocolate shake.” Kevin pretended to struggle guessing her order so she didn’t know he still had it memorized. She began to blush and diverted her eyes to the ground

“Oh wow, good memory. Um, can you… uh, can you actually make it two double cheeseburgers.” Biting her bottom lip, she clearly felt a little embarrassed about ordering more than she used to. “And can I get an extra-large order of fries instead of regular. Also I’d like a large fountain soda along with the large shake.” She smiled when there was no expression of judgment on his face for her gluttonous order.

She gave him a few bills and he gave her change and the large empty soda cup. As Valerie waddled over to fill her cup with Coke, Kevin stared at her giant blubbery rump jiggling in her enormous pair of filled out boyshorts. He couldn’t believe how big and massive she had become. When she found a table she pulled over another chair so she could sit her flabby and obese bulk on two seats. She let out a grunt as she lowered her hefty mass.

As she waited for her food she looked at phone while sucking down the large soda. Kevin then walked over with her burgers and fries.

“Your shake should be ready in a moment.” Kevin said. She said thank you. Before he went back to the register he paused for just a moment, wanting to start a conversation but his mind was drawing a blank. Fortunately Valerie spoke up.

“I haven’t been here in like three years. How funny is it that you happened to be working here when I decided to walk in?”

“I’ve actually been working every winter and summer break, so you can’t miss me here. My college tuition won’t pay for itself.” He responded.

“Oh yeah, ugh my student loans are piling up.” She said. Kevin just nodded his head. He tried to think of something funny but his mind came up with nothing. That awkwardness returned as no words came out of his mouth.

“Ugh, so I’ll bring you your shake soon.” he said before quickly returning to the register. Oh god what was he doing. As he stood behind the counter he tried to regain his focus. He was being given a miracle of a second chance with the hottest ssbbw he had ever seen and he was screwing it up. He watched her devour handfuls of fries and mouthfuls of burger. He gave himself a pep talk and brought Valerie her shake.

“One large chocolate shake… there you go.” Kevin said as he placed it on her table.

“Fank you.” She said before swallowing another bite of burger. Kevin began to sweat as he tried to think of some small talk.

“Uh, is everything okay? Are the burgers cooked right?” He said.

“Yeah everything’s great. These burgers are better than I remember.” She said with a smile.

“Oh that’s probably because we started buying better meat. It’s from a-a farm from just off… uh, route… um.” What the hell was he thinking! She doesn’t want to hear about where they bought the meat from! He noticed Valerie’s smile disappearing. “Nevermind, I can’t think of it… Do you want anything else?” He said, noticing that one and a half double cheeseburgers had disappeared from her table.

“Well… Actually.” Valerie wanted to say yes but she felt a little shameful ordering even more food. Kevin could see this in her body language.

“You know, we can make triple cheeseburgers too. If you want to order more.” Kevin said. He realized that what he said could pretty easily be interpreted as him suggesting that she’s fat. “You don’t have to though, it’s just a suggestion, since you uh, said you like the burgers…” He said nervously.

“I guess I’ll try a triple cheeseburger, and maybe another chocolate shake.” She said with a smile.

“Okay, coming right up.” He said. By the time the burger and shake were ready Kevin had managed to calm his nerves and be a little more comfortable. They started to chat when he brought Valerie her food. Kevin even sat down across the table from her as they talked about what they had been doing since high school. It turned out that due to summer classes and internships Valerie hadn’t been home very much since she started college and that was why she hadn’t been to Jerry’s in so long.

Kevin struggled to keep focus on the conversation as he watched Valerie take big bites of the large triple cheeseburger. Sitting up close, she was even more beautiful than he had remembered. Her cheeks were adorably chubby and soft. Her gorgeous eyes and cute little nose went perfectly with her round plump face. Even when she wasn’t smiling her pretty red lips gave a slight hint of a grin that made her seem sweet and jolly.

Eventually after some more conversation Valerie finished eating all the food in front of her.

“Do you want to order something else?” Valerie wiped a napkin daintily on her cheeks.

“Well I think I may have a bit of room left… though actually, I probably shouldn’t since I’m low on cash.” She said. Kevin thought for a second. He was sensing a chemistry between them that he did not expect to still be there. It was like they were right back in high school again. He thought about how this was his rare second chance and that he shouldn’t let it go to waste.

“Who said you have to pay for it? Maybe this can be on the house.” He said.

“Haha are you allowed to do that?” She asked cocking her head to the side.

“Um, yeah. It’s a new rule I just created, don’t worry about it.” Kevin said. “Another double cheeseburger and a regular order of fries coming up.” Jerry, the owner, would be so pissed if he saw him giving food for free, but Kevin wasn’t going to let him find out about it.

As he brought back her burger and fries, Kevin soaked in the glorious view of Valerie. Her big and wide bottom completely eclipsed the seats of the two chairs she sat on. She had faced herself sideways to the table so that she wouldn’t have to reach around her massive rotund torso to get her food. As she had filled her gut with burgers, fries, and shakes her tank top had ridden up to her breasts, exposing the top half of her big soft and squishy belly. The bottom half of her enormously flabby torso was covered by her tight stretchy boyshorts, which strained to contain her thick overfed rolls of dough. Her naked pillowy arm fat bulged as she bent it to bring the almost empty milkshake to her lips. Valerie’s beautiful long brown hair rested on one side on her plump shoulders and breasts.

They continued to talk even after she finished eating. Kevin asked her if she wanted to see a movie with him that night, to which she said yes. He couldn’t believe how in just an hour his biggest regret had total been redeemed. Of course little did he know that the whole reason Valerie walked into Jerry’s that day was to see if Kevin, the guy from high school that she still had a crush on, was still working there.
Another story based on a picture from the great artist Rayy-Norr :iconray-norr: who posts lovely sketches like the one above the story on his tumblr:
The other story I wrote based on his art is called Shower Love, which you can find in my gallery. 

I really love this picture though the way her feet look really bothers me. It kind of looks like she has hooves. I actually had another story thought out that was based on a different sketch that I even started writing, but then I looked at this picture again and this story came to me and I wrote it all out in just a couple of days. I encourage you to tell me what you think of it in the comments and feel free to ask me anything there too. Even if you hated it I want to know why.
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Anna has a bit too much to eat

Anna didn't know why she was so hungry. She is a relatively thin college aged girl, who spent most of her time studying or doing some casual work. She usually looked after her 110 pound body well, doing running every so often, and had a few boys who are interested in her.

Her latest job has been at a resturant, where she has worked as a waitress. However tonight she accidently knocked over a container of some sort of spice. She didn't know what it was, but took a taste of it. It tasted like heaven to her, so she took a handful of it, while no one was looking, and swallowed it.

Towards the end of her shift she started to get a bit peckish. She felt a little thirsty, so started drinking a bottle of coke. She gulped it down as if she had not had anything to drink for days. She felt her belly starting to pull at her blouse, and felt self concious. So she slowed down and got ready to leave for the night. Walking back home she felt her belly rubbing against her shirt. She had never really felt this before, and make her feel nice, like as if someone was massaging her. Then the hungry pains kicked in, so she ran back to her apartment.

She unlocked her do and made a bee line to her fridge. She opened it up and start pulling out the food from it. There were some microwave pizzas in the freezer, so she put them in the microwave as she started drinking another bottle of soda. Her belly groaned and gurgled away as she emptied the bottle and waited for the microwave to finish cooking. The bell went off on the microwave and she pulled the hot pizza out, barely waiting for it to cool down before eating it. Her belly slowly grew out more, pulling tight on the waist band of her pants and on her shirt. She quickly looked down at her belly, seeing it starting to rise up as if there was something growing in it. However the one pizza was not doing the trick, and she was horribly thirsty again.

She pulled another bottle of soda out of the fridge, and some ice cream. She drunk the soda between each mouthful of ice cream, which reacted in her belly, causing the gas to swell her out faster. Her pants finally gave up, shooting the button across the room. Her shirt started to lift up, showing off her cute round belly. She started to groan in extasy, as her belly started to stick out as if she was pregnant. Been each load of ice cream and soda, she rubbed her belly, feeling hornier as the belly got bigger. Soon after that the bottom-most button her her short popped off, revealing a belly that looked like it was 5 months pregnant. She stood up and looked at herself. Her round belly started to obscure parts of her feet, and the belly groaned and swelled away as if she was on a rapid pregnancy.

But yet she was still hungry. Looking in her freezer there was a family sized lasagne. Usually she would have this in her freezer for a number of weeks, cutting out what she needed for that night. However tonight she wanted it all. She put the tray of lasagne into the oven, and while it was cooking spent time rubbing and examing her round firmish belly. She started to like the idea of just stuffing her belly out. After a few minutes the lasagne was ready, and she sat down on her couch in her undies with a large bottle of coke to have the meal. She started eating it in large fork loads, seeing her belly swelling more and more, especially after she has had a large chug of coke. Her belly groaned and grew more, making her happier and hornier. After a few minutes she had finished her family sized lasagne, and bottle of coke. She slowly got up from the couch, noticing the huge amount of weight in her belly. Her panties where being pushed down slowly as her belly was expanding, her breasts resting on the top of her huge round belly. She started to move around the room, noticing she had to waddle now, as her belly was sloshing infront of her, packed with food and drink. Going to the bed room, she laid down on her bed, feeling partly sleepy and horny. She wondered if this is what it felt to be pregnant, and she laid on her side, rubbing her bloated belly.

She started to rub her vagina with one hand, while rubbing her belly with the other. She started to get orgasms, feeling her belly wiggle and wobble around as she groaned. Sweat started building up on her belly, making her hand slip on it. She then had one last huge orgasm, making her scream.

"Maybe I may need to get some more of this spice" she thought as she drifted off to sleep, cuddling her big round belly.
My first food stuff belly story. A girl accidently knocks over a container of spice at her work, has some of the spice and gets incredably hungry
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Two girls make a pact to eat nothing but junk food for 3 years. See where they are now? XD
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1st Plunder

It is a humid afternoon in the jungles of Brazil. Rumors of an ancient treasure of yesterday's world is said to be hidden within the woodlands of the tropical rainforest. Only, it is also said that nature itself protects the valuable artifact, sensing it is too powerful for modern man to wield.

On the other hand, there are those who dare challenge such warnings in pursuit of their own greed, or righteous goal. One of those hunters, is Elena Fisher. The fair skinned woman, sporting her murky blonde hair, stained by the forest's moisturized hair, cuts through the vegetation with a machete. Her white button up top is stained with both sweet and dirt, again from the rough terrain. But Elena is no cowardly city dweller on her first excursion. She is a well known thief and treasure hunter, which is why she is a little ashamed she didn't know of this easy score, sooner.

Though, she is not alone on this journey. Accompanying her is Chloe Frazier, another seasoned jewel hunter. The dark haired woman was actually the one who tipped Elena of the latest heist and requested they team together and split the profits. Normally, Chloe isn't one to share her wares, but lately, Elena's been under the weather. Another famous thief, Nathan Drake, seems to of vanished off the face of the Earth. He is good friends with the two ladies, but recently hasn't may contact with either of them.

"It should be a few paces forward, the locals said it is located in a large temple in the middle of the forest." Chloe revealed to her partner. However, Elena seemed more occupied with just getting there. She grunts and chops down the extending leaves blocking her path. "Maybe you should ease up a bit, some of those swings were close to my head."

Elena stops to take a breath. "I'm…sorry. It's just that-"

"I get it, you miss Nathan. Trust me, the guy's fine. Nathan isn't one to just give up on something or someone, especially himself."

Chloe's words appeared to have comforted Elena, as she continued on through. Eventually, the pair came to a clearing with a large stone structure in the midst of the field. It became obvious this was the shrine the locals foretold of. Chloe's eyes widened with glee while she rushed towards it.

"Chloe, hold on!" Elena cautioned. "Was there anything important I should know about this place? Any traps? Curses? Others that may know of this place?"

"Relax, everyone stays away from this place. I don't see why, the treasure is an easy grab. Though, one man told me about the civilization that built it. They were medicinal masters that were real health nuts. They mixed chemicals and saps from trees to make miracle potions and stuff. He even said they had some of the healthiest woman in existence!"

"They sound pretty peaceful, perhaps they have a love potion formula somewhere in there?" Elena joked.

"We're not going to find out standing here, talking." The woman in the red top then led her friend up the shrine. Similar to a pyramid, it was a slanted stone structure, but with stairs carved into the side. The stairway ascended to a small temple, located within the shrine at the peak, a slivery glow awaited them.

"Ugh, this thing is really bright…" Elena complained.

"What are you whining about? It just shows how untouched it is."

"Come to think of it, this whole temple seems untouched. There are no people here, not even animals tread near these parts. I have a bad feeling about this."

"Oh, so you would rather have bullets flying over your head over a simple piece of silver?" The red tunic woman challenged.

Elena rolled her eyes, "You're just so difficult sometimes." She approached the artifact and grasped around the waist of the small idol. It was the depiction of a bald native with a ring in between his nostrils. The moment her palm coiled the figure, she quickly jerked it back in pain. "Damn it…" She cursed.

"What's wrong?"

"The thing…pricked me."

"Are you serious? The statue looks smooth as a baby's bottom." Chloe scoffed. She then slipped on a pair of thick leather gloves and grabbed the idol, herself. Same as Elena, it pierced her palm, despite the extra padding. "Son of a bitch!"

"Not so crazy now, am I?" The blonde hunter smiled, with her hands on her hips.

"Shut up, let's get back to the hotel, the buyer will meet us in a few days."

On the way back, Elena suddenly felt a knot in her stomach. The pain churned her insides, and she felt to her knees with a groan.

"Are you okay?"

"No…not really…It feels like…all my energy just faded away." The blonde woman huffed, doubling over.

"Just hold on, we're not too far from the jeep. I'll drive the rest of the way. Man Elena, you're pushing yourself too hard with this Nathan business. I noticed you haven't eaten in a while, maybe you should rest at the hotel until the buyer comes back?"

The blonde treasure hunter nodded weakly in the passenger seat. "I think you're right… but the thing is, I have been eating. It might just be I'm having stress cravings…"

Back at the hotel, Chloe continued to aid Elena to their suite. The stained females made it to their private room, where Elena crashed on her bed. "I'll leave some food here. Please, get your energy up. Order as much as you want from room service, I doubt it'll put a dent in our payload." Chloe instructed at the door.

"Where are you going?"

"I'm going to see a local about the idol. Of course, I'll lie and knock him a few times for not telling me the artifact, itself, was booby trapped." Chloe then winked and left Elena on her own.

Still tired, the blonde rested her head on the soft pillow under her head. She then drifted to sleep with thoughts of a certain man in her head. She wondered if his disappearance was her fault. But the rest didn't last long and Elena found herself wide awake all but 15 minutes later. An unseen rush of energy surged through her veins as she sprung to her feet. "Wow, I Must have been more tired than I thought…" She said out loud. Recalling her friend's words, Elena made her way to the cart of food left for her. On the pushcart was an assortment of hearty mashed potatoes, steaks and roast beef strips. 'Did Chloe want me to eat all this?' Elena reflected seeing the spread.

Without fail, Elena began devouring the meal. She started with the parted roast, folding the slabs of meat and shoving it between her lips. The steaming beef melted like cotton candy when it fell to her stomach, giving no signs of it taking up space. She quickly downed the white potato spuds and the porterhouse next, still not feeling the least bit full from within. 'Hm, I finished all the food but, I'm still hungry.' She said to herself. 'Like Chloe said, room service's charge shouldn't put much in our profits.' With that thought in mind, Elena ordered her a dessert buffet from the hotel.

It was another 10 minutes after she had ordered her smorgasbord, much to the caterer's surprise seeing such a trim woman at the delivery location. Elena hastily dragged the trolley of sweets inside without so much as paying the delivery man any attention. Accompanied by what she desired most, she first ate an entire cherry pie with nothing but her hands to aid her. An apple and blueberry pie followed down her gullet as the results form her binge started to show. The lower buttons of Elena's shirt started to come undone and others projected from one side of the room to the other at a break neck pace. A small burp emitted from Elena's lips, making room for more foodstuffs to go into her growing belly.

In town, Chloe walked downtown to the bar where she acquired her information. Sure enough, the greasy old man who told her of the artifact sat ion his usual seat in the furthest table from the exit. "All right, you bastard, you're going to tell what's up with that idol. My friend got sick touching that thing, forcing us to leave there. You're going to tell what's going to happen to her, or so help me-"

The man started to giggle.

"What's so funny!?" Chloe demanded, rising from her seat.

"My...apologies, miss. But your friend has become a victim. There is a reason I told you to stay way from the artifact and why everyone else does."

"What are you talking about?"

"A good hunter always researches the culture behind its lost treasures. You see, the medicinal people of the forest believed in stoutness and stature. The men were tall, build warrior, while the women were hefty, soft, child bearers. The latter were breed to be quite hearty and healthy. The women were at most, 800 pounds, but as healthy as an ox. The statue holds small samples of the medicine used to transform a woman's body into such, which is what your friend is going through."

Chloe reaches over the table, dragging the man closer, "There better be a cure, or a way to reverse this, or else."

"On the contrary, your friend will be much better than before."

"How is being an morbidly obese woman-!?" Chloe halted as a rumbling vibrated within her flat stomach. She released the man and hugged her midsection.

"Would your friend happen to be yourself? You look as if you have the same symptoms."

"No, that's impossible, I touched the thing with gloves!" Chloe ran outside to escape the feeling. She became worried of Elena, after hearing the truth behind the idol. She began sprinting back to the hotel, but a delightful image caught her vision. A slow turning kabob stick on a roaster became first priority in Chloe's mind. Licking her lips, she confronted the buyer, who was a sleeping middle aged man with a scruffy beard. "Hey, buddy, how much, for all of them?"
A request from :iconryu19: featuring Elena and Chloe from the game series, Uncharted.
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Lara Croft awoke suddenly, the faint taste of dirt and sand mixed together was oddly noticeable on her tongue. The last thing she could remember doing was trying to save herself from falling off of a cliff. It had all been due to a shameful loss of balance, and she could have nearly died because of it. It wasn't like her to make such little mistakes. However, at the moment, her annoying tripping was the least of her worries.

'Where...where am I?'

She slowly pushed herself up to a stand. She appeared to be inside some kind of long, white corridor. She instantly knew that there was something wrong here; how exactly had she ended up in a place like this, and so suddenly? And what was that strange smell wafting from further ahead? It was strangely enticing. It was definitely food, and it was probably cooked, so that meant there were people.

'I better be careful, though,' she thought to herself, 'Who knows if there any traps around here, too...'

With her gun in one hand, and her other kept closely to her belt, Lara began to make her way down the hall. With each step she took, her stomach rumbled quite loudly, much to her embarrassment. A desire to eat was rising up deep inside of her. For some reason, she couldn't stop licking her lips either. Lara chose to ignore this, of course, for obvious reasons, but these feelings advanced. Even Lara's strength was beginning to slip away.

Little did she know of what would soon take place, or that, on the other side of the wall to her left, was someone else in the exact same situation.


Ada Wong groaned loudly before snapping her eyes wide open. She had a terrible headache.

'Huh? Why is everything suddenly so clean and not smelling like rotting flesh...?'

Granted, it was a good thing there was no longer any zombie stench, but she still had no idea where she was. She was sitting at one end of a long, white corridor. She ran a hand through her sleek, black hair and sighed. She didn't know what to do. There was no explainable reason for why she had gone from a zombie-infested hospital to a strange, and uncomfortably shiny, hallway. She glanced downwards at her handgun, dyed bright red with the blood of the undead.

'I should probably keep this on hand, just in case,' she contemplated.

Ada got to her feet and began walking. There was no point in just sitting around, since she certainly wasn't going to get any answers that way. Not only that, but she was starting to get hungry. A delicious, almost overwhelming aroma seemed to be guiding her now. Her stomach wouldn't stop growling. Ada never had hunger on the mind much, mostly because her situation was bad enough as it was, but now she felt like she could take the time to really eat something while she was here.

Her legs started to pick up the pace; just where was that smell coming from? She needed to know, and fast. She wasn't sure how much longer she could last without something to eat.


As both Lara and Ada began to move along the path, they were left unaware that they were being observed by a large number of many fat ladies. Mazeene, Tiny, her many servants, and almost the entire remainder of the population had gathered around an incredibly large sphere that was showcasing the event. Plates upon plates of hamburgers, hotdogs, sushi, gelato, fried pork, and many other foodstuffs were passed around amongst the crowd as they ate without abandon. It was their equivalent to what would be considered the gathering for a big-time sports game on Earth. Excitement and giddiness was abound.

Being the queen and the fattest woman on the planet, Mazeene had a front-row seat on her massive throne. Many rolls of her luscious fat poured over every edge of the chair, and each gulp from her endless bottle of soda forced her to belch quite loudly even for someone of her size. The queen would have been the star of her own show had not Lara and Ada already catching the attention of the majority of the women. More than a few were commenting on the girls' appearances.

"My goodness, I've never seen girls this thin in my whole life; I wonder how she has any self-respect with a tummy so small?"

"It's disgraceful, I tell you,"

"I wanna see them get fat! When are they gonna get fat?"

"Geez, that brown-haired chick...why can't my boobs be that big?"

"I wonder if that girl in the red dress is single?"

"Be quiet, all of you," barked their jiggly ruler, "The first trial of the competition is about to begin! Look at the screen!"

Everyone's eyes immediately shifted back to the gigantic, floating orb with great expectations. One half was rooting for Lara, and the other was on Ada's side. There was bound to be a few quarrels over who will be the winner soon enough.


Lara cautiously came to a stop as she finally reached the source of the impeccable aroma. It was a lone muffin.

"What? It's just...a muffin? That can't be right; that was definitely not the smell of a muffin before..."

Lara picked up the muffin and brought it close to her face, inspecting it thoroughly. She wasn't sure if she should eat it. For all she knew, the muffin could be laced with some kind of deadly poison. She licked her lips; if her brain didn't want her to eat it, why did her stomach still tell her to? She usually didn't have this kind of lack of control. There was definitely something strange going on.

'I shouldn't eat this...' she told herself, lips trembling, 'I shouldn't eat this...'

Lara blinked. In that split-second, the muffin was already being chewed apart inside her mouth. It was more delicious than anything she had ever tasted in her entire life. The fear and reluctance brewing inside of her moments prior were nothing more than memories now. Lara's eyes rolled back. A groan escaping her mouth in mid-chew. No words could properly describe the ecstasy that was filling every nerve in her body.

"Ooooh!" she moaned.

Lara swallowed, legs nearly buckling, and leaned back against the wall for support. It took nearly a minute before she was able to regain her composure. Suddenly, the brown-haired woman noticed something was different; for some reason, her stomach looked bigger than it should for eating a single muffin. Alot bigger. Hell, it would take quite a few muffins to get her stomach this big. Lara gaped.

Her flat, washboard stomach had developed into a soft, spherical potbelly. It was slightly pale, but it became redder close to her bellybutton. Lara pushed two of her fingers deep into the flesh. As if prompted by this action, she immediately thrust open her mouth and belched mightily. A crimson-colored blush formed on both of Lara's cheeks.

'That...was odd...'

Lara wasn't sure what to do now; her stomach was so swollen-looking, and despite this, she was even hungrier than before she ate the muffin. It didn't make any sense. However, by this point, all the logic in the world couldn't help Lara now. She needed more food. A powerful, endless gluttony, capable of overriding her own common sense, was awakening. Another aroma wafted past her nostrils, and her eyes bulged as wide as dinner plates.

"There's gotta be more food down here! There's got to be!" she cried aloud to no one in particular. Her breasts bouncing, her belly quivering, Lara ran at full speed through the corridor to wherever this new smell would lead her.
Another chapter to set up the rest of the story, and Lara Croft gets a head-start in the gaining game, but it won't be as simple as they think. Ada will probably be focused on more next chapter to make up for Lara's importance in this one.

Tomb Raider and Resident Evil belong to their respective companies.
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Emma Stone as a huge fatty celebrity super sexy big beautiful woman! You voted for her! Enjoy!
I had a huge amount of fun on this one. I had her in tight panties at first but thought short shorts were more her thing. Using textures for her jeans and shirt. Her tshirt works really well with her hair and I got her sultry sexy look down really well I believe. I wanted her to look like she had put on so much fat and weight that it was flowing and straining sideways off her belly with no room to go anywhere else, so you get that globular feeling.

Premium Content Includes: 1500pts or 15dollars.
Full Color 1500x1500
Full Color 1500x1500 with no comic
Variant 1 Black and White Lines 1500x1500
Variant 2 Black and White Lines 1500x1500
Variant 3 Black and White Lines 1500x1500 alternative weight!
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The Fat Farm
By David Sladky
November 13, 2012
Lori did not want to go to a fat farm, and she could not understand why all of a sudden her parents wanted her to go, they never had any problems with her weight before.  At 5 foot 7 and 300 pounds, she was a perfect pear shape. Hips and ass for miles, with no lack of any boy's attention, or girls for that matter. "Lori you will have fun, you will be around girls your age and spend the summer enjoying yourself." Her mother has said while packing her things. "Trust us, this is no regular fat farm, some of our friend told us about it and we thing it will be perfect for you." Her father has said while he drove her to the airport. They both kissed her on the cheek and sent her on her way.
She was in first class in a wide seat by herself, when she was another big girl sit close to her, long dark hair and a tan complexion showed she was Latin or Indian and was quite a contrast to Loris milky white skin. The girl had to be around the same weight, but was more of a overfilled hourglass. She saw Lori looking at her and smiled. "Fat farm?" she said matter of factly. "Yeah" she said with a sigh and a roll of her eyes. "Well I don't know what they are going to feed us there, but I made sure to pack well." She opened a back pack and showed it packed to the top with cakes and candy. "Wow" Lori said. "I didn't think of that." "Really? Check your bag; this was packed by my mother." Getting the bag out of her overhead compartment, she opened it to find it packed just like the Latin girls, with a note from her mom telling her to eat well. "Cool, this is awesome; I figured I would starve on this trip." "My name is Olga." The Latin girl said. I think this is going to be a very fun trip.
The plane landed and a shuttle bus picked the girls up and drove them to the farm, several miles into the country. When they got out they saw other fat girls lined up, they carried their bags over and stood in line. A bellman came and took their bags. The girls looked at each other surprised, and then they saw a woman walking up to them. She was older and not thin at all. Plump, but not fat like most of the girls here. "Well looks like you are wondering why is in store for you at this Fat Farm, well it is not what you think. Your parents are proud of you all, and to show how much they love you they sent you here for the summer to eat and enjoy!" There was a shocked gasp from a few of the girls. "But aren't we supposed to lose weight here?" One for the girls said. "Not at all, I mean if you want to you can, but we are not here to do that for you, we are here to make your summer as enjoyable as possible." "My name is Darleen and I am the director here.  We are here to make you as comfortable as possible, just sit back and enjoy! The only rule is don't eat food that is anywhere but in the serving hall, or brought to you." Lori thought it was a strange rule, but with all of the food around she didn't think it was going to be a problem.
The main lodge seems to sit on 1000 acres or more of land, with no other houses in sight. The farms bunk houses were more like luxury hotel rooms, next to them was what looked like a large barn on the outside, but inside was a massive dining room and kitchen. The girls were encouraged to eat when and as much as they wanted too. Settling in Lori and Olga sat and the super comfortable beds and looked at each other. "This was not what I was expecting." Lori said. ""Well all I know is I am starving and need o get something to eat." Olga said.
The girls were given the option of wearing the farms uniform which was nothing more than a shapeless white dress with no arms and same down to the girl's knees. Lori held hers out to the side. "Two of me can fit in this." She said. "Well I am not that big yet." Olga said slipping into spandex pants and a short top showing off all of her Latina charms. "What do you mean?" Lori said puzzled. "Well we are in the middle of nowhere, with nothing to do but eat for 3 months; don't you think we are going to swell up like blimps?" "I didn't think of that." Lori said looking at the big dress with a new understanding. "But why do they want us bigger?" "I don't know or care at this point Mami, all I know is I am hungry and hope they have rice and beans on the menu!"
Going into the dining hall they saw rows of table and chairs and a long buffet line, just about any food you could think of was there, Olga got her Rice and Bean with a few other items, while Lori got Prime Rib, mashed potatoes and gravy and coleslaw. They sat down a crossed from a young looking Asian girl, who looked worried about the food in front of her. "Are you okay?" Lori asked. "Yes." The Asian girl said not looking up. Lori and Olga looked at each other. "I am Olga and this is Lori, what is your name?" Olga said. "Dion." She said again looking, at the plate in front of her. "Okay what is wrong?" Olga said more forcefully." Dion started to cry. "I don't want to be fat!" She sobbed. Lori noticed she was chubby for an Asian girl, but by no means fat or obese. "Well you don't have to eat if you don't want too I guess." Lori said as she had some potatoes. "Don't be silly." Olga said with a smile, "you are not going to get fat, just enjoy your meal and have fun!"  "Really?" Dion said wiping the tears from her face. "Sure, just eat what you want, you will be fine." Dion ate some of the rice she had in front of her, and soon went back for more food. Lori looked at Olga. "Didn't you say something about blowing up like a balloon?" Olga laughed. "Shes a sacred kid and fat girls are not all that welcomed in Asia. She needs to enjoy herself here and build up some confidence."
The routine at the farm was easy to get used to; breakfast was severed at 7 am, after that the girls could go back to the bunk house and get a nap, or go to one of the barns that was set up as a common area, one had rows of computers with internet access, another had pools and a spa. Large TV's were mounted all over with videos of food or cooking shows. Every activity was around food of some sort with cooking being a major focus. Attendants gave massages and body rubs to any girl who needed it. A girl who was really lazy could have food brought to her bed anytime she wanted it. After the first month, Olga out grew her own cloths and had to start to wear the Farms big dresses. The first time the girls saw another jump into the pool naked, they were shocked. By now most of the girls laid around the pool naked on in a bra and panties if they still fit.
"I can believe this." Lori said with a sigh. "Food and lying around, and our parents paid for us to come here!" "Yeah and you forgot sex." Olga said with a smile. Lori sat up. "Who?" she said puzzled. "That Dominican girl with the wonderful ass, I love the taste of it." Lori has seen them hanging out a lot, but she didn't think Olga was gay. Olga looked at Lori and laughed. "Eating is eating right? Don't matter where the cream comes from." "I don't think I could do that." Lori said, feeling suddenly uncomfortable. "Relax babe, it's not like I am going to rape you in your sleepů..unless you want me too." She said with a wink.
Lori had a hard time getting to sleep that night, when she did she had a nightmare. In it Dion was naked and strapped to a table; a clear tube ran to her mouth. Slowly a thick white paste filled to tube and started to be pumping into Dion. She was whimpering and crying, but she started to be pumped full of the fluid. Lori watched in horror as the little Asian girl started to swell up like an inflatable doll, her arms and legs swelling up along with her hands and feet. Her belly was a large tan dome that towered over her, getting bigger and bigger. Rolls of fat piled up around her face as chin after chin formed, her cheeks swelling up like grapefruits. When it looked like she was ready to explode she heard a scream!
Lori jumped up at the commotion; close by a girl was screaming and sobbing. She went to look and saw something out of her dream. The girls name was Tasha, she was big when she got here, but now she was enormous. Her dress was ripped in half, her huge breasts and belly pinned her arms at her sides. Her dark skin was crisscrossed with tan stretchmark's, like she had inflated in her sleep. Darleen came in with the nurse, after a quick examination, a heavy duty gurney was rolled in and Tasha was rolled onto it. Just as fast she was rolled away. Darleen stood looking at the girls who had been woken up. "Not to worry ladies, looks like she had an allergic reaction, she will be in the infirmary until she gets better."
Lori wasn't that hungry the next day, but her growling belly got the best of her. She sat by herself eating when Dion walked over to join her, well more like waddled. The short Asian girl has piled on a lot of the weight she was so afraid of weeks ago. Her plate piled high with cakes and pies. She ate with an almost primal need to fill herself. Lori looked at her and said. "Dion, aren't you worried about getting fatter?" Dion looked up at Lori with fear in her eyes. "Yes." She said. "But I can't stop eating." Lori watched as Dion packed herself with to food on her plate, and then waddled off to get more.  Lori was alone for a moment, still eating out of habit more than anything. Olga walked up with her "Friend" Vanessa. The Dominican girl was a shade darker then Olga and spoke little English. They both had on too tight white dresses. "Hey Lori how's it going" Olga said as she and her girlfriend sat down. "Fine" Lori said, but her face didn't look it. Olga was too busy playing with Vanessa to notice. "I can't wait to fatten you up!" Olga said to Vanessa. Lori was shocked. "You want her bigger?" Lori said. "Sure, I like something to play with on my girls." Olga said giving one of Vanessa's giant tits a squeeze.
Time drug on and Lori was just not happy here anymore, she kept eating and gaining, but she longed to go back home. Walking to the lodge, Lori noticed the door to the infirmary was open. Thinking of Tasha, she went in to look for her. She walked through a dark room, and after going through a door, found the main room. In it, row upon row of super fat girls laid naked and strapped to their beds, tubes strapped to their faces and the hum of pumps echoed trough out the area. She found Tasha; or what she thought was Tasha, buried under rolls of fat. Hands and feet overwhelmed by ankle and arm fat, each girl had to be over 1000 pounds and still growing. "There is always one." She heard a voice say. She turned to see Darleen behind her. Lori could do nothing, she was frozen with fright. "All you had to be was a good girl and eat, and you'd have nothing to worry about. Now you made it hard on yourself, but after running this place for as long as I have, you get used to it. A puff of fire and brimstone and a classical devil stood in Darleen's place, red horns and pitchfork. The creature looked down at itself and said. "Well it's been a very long time scene I looked like this, but whatever your mind can handle is good." Lori dropped to the floor sobbing. "I want my mom and dad!" "Yes well your folks are how you got here sweet cheeks. They sell me their fat, worthless girls, and I give them wealth and power. Not going to get them any parenting awards, but oh well." Lori tried to scream, but only heard silence. "Getting hysterical won't serve anything, I own you and you provide a service for me. Gluttony is a sin you know, and with more sin, the more powerful I get. Stuffing you girls like the fat hogs you are, is just as good as having a sin battery!"
In a flash, Lori was naked and strapped to a bed, a tube strapped to her face. "Don't worry, you will get used to it, you can only get so fat before you explode, but in the meantime your fear and sin will keep me very comfortable. Eat up hon!
In not wanting to be drug out of my bed in the night, I have not put any ages in this text. That part you can leave to your imagination, I can only hope the text is put together well enough to carry the story without that detail.
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Warning the following story contains sexual elements and should not be viewed by anyone under the age of 18.

                                                        Feed Me

    Feed me, for the love of God feed me! I have never felt a hunger well up within me more than I have felt over these...days? weeks? months? I have no idea anymore. The external world no longer exists to me. There is only food and sleep. I seem to recall bits and pieces of my life before. I remember being quite small and working a job I hated at a large department store. I recall eating less as well. Oh god my stomach is crying out for more! It's deafening! At night the sounds of my own hunger shake me from my sleep. All my dreams are of food. Mountains and mountains of sloppy, greasy, fat and lard filled food. In the dreams I eat until I burst. Explode like a bomb and then I awake to find you with my food. My precious meal that I love more than a child. Was I pregnant before? Am I pregnant now? I don't know. Oh god! Yes! The hamburgers! The sausage! The pizza! All for me! All for me! Good lord the grease, that oily orange grease! I suck it off every inch of my food. Pure oil going directly to my ever expanding fat cells. I can feel my body incing outwards every minute, every second, with every breath. MORE! MORE! I'll eat it all raw! Feed me bloody dripping chops of beef and ham! Let the juices run down my multiple chins, into my cleavage and down into my belly button. More sweets! More delicious red velvet cake for my ever expanding rump. My titanic ass is velvet smooth itself. The slightest breath causes it to jiggle and wiggle like the ocean. Oh god my ass is so huge! I cannot see past my globular belly. It encompasses nearly all of me. With each gulp I feel the food enter my stomach and begin to churn and dissolve. The feeling is orgasmic to say the least. More! I must have more food! Quicker! I must become fatter! I want to become a human blob of ever expanding jiggly soft flesh! The feeding tube! Yes! Oh the sweet liquid! It's so delicious! Wait...something doesn't taste right. Oh god. My body! It's growing out of control! Every part of me is surging in size! I'm literally being absorbed into my own fatness! Please stop! No more! No more food! It's too much! I'll explode! OHHHHH! Ow! It hurts so much! My belly is so tight! Stop! Please! I!...I can't expand any more! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

   She awoke from the dream. Skinny as a rail as her boyfriend snored beside her in the dark. She nudge him. Nothing. She nudged again. Stillness. She poked him in his closed eye. He stirred.
   "What is it dear?"
   "I want some brownies..."

The end.
This one just came to me. Hope you enjoy! didn't want to end with a nasty bursting scene so I tacked on the bit at the end which is my favorite. What do you guys think? comments and critiques appreciated! :)
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Corpulex 7
The Studio

He held it up to the light, admiring the formula's amber hue.  Floating inside that small glass bottle, glistening in those few ounces of fluid, were fifteen years of his life.  Fifteen long years, that's how long it had taken him to perfect Corpulex 7.  He carefully put the bottle in a special container in his briefcase and took one last look around his laboratory.  The university board had stripped him of his title as research specialist, taken his lab away from him, and tried to relegate him to instructing the banausic masses of adolescent neophytes who had no inkling of the true artistry required to create pharmaceuticals.  Refusing to cast his pearls before the swine, he had immediately tenured his resignation.  He knew that his 'supposed' peers were all foolishly blinded by their jealousy of his brilliance.  He knew that they were only afraid of the truth:  that he had succeeded where all of science and medicine before him had failed.  He had solved a mystery which had stood inviolate through all of time.  Out of their fear and petty jealousy, they had tried to stop him from proving his discovery - stop him from giving his formula the ultimate blessing of irrevocable truth - stop him from testing it on a human subject.  
His final survey complete, he closed his briefcase with a definitive click and slowly walked toward the exit.  He turned off the lights as the passed through the doorway.  This laboratory had been the birthplace of his discovery, he thought, but it would not be its grave.
As he drove out of the city and onto a winding country road, he recalled the countless hours spent testing Corpulex on laboratory animals.  He remembered every mistake, every nuance, every refining discovery.  He mentally retraced his progress from animal to animal - from mouse to dog to pig to monkey.  At each step he had encountered failure and frustration, but had faced them with the power of his intelligence and the force of his determination.  None had believed him, but time after time his theories remained incontrovertible.  They refused to recognize his genius because they lived in a society indoctrinated by the diet, blinded by exercise, and fed by the synthetic supplements used to curtail the power of the calorie.  But he had not sought to escape or elude fat, he had struggled to harness it by stripping away its debilitating effects:  to govern the very forces of obesity and make them bow before him.  Diet pills and dietitians would become obsolete.  A multi-billion dollar industry that had preyed upon the 'overweight' would be brought to its knees before him.
He allowed himself a wry smile as he pulled into the graveled driveway.  He had known that this day was coming.  He had long expected that the university would withdraw their funding and he'd taken steps to circumvent their pettiness.  The building before him was the only one for miles.  It had been a sawmill once but now it would serve as his laboratory.  It had taken half of his inheritance and the liquidation of many of his assets to convert the mill into a suitable lab. To him, the expenditure was but a small inconvenience on the way to his goal.  In these desolate woods, he could carry out his work and finish his masterpiece.
As he entered the main lab, a huge room flooded with fluorescent light and replete with devices, he saw Diana Price sitting on the edge of the plushly padded platform that would be her bed.  Beside her was his assistant Joan Houghton, a former graduate students of his.  She was taking a blood sample as she informed him that everything was in perfect order.  The doctor nodded and slipped into his white coat.   He drew a deep breath in expectation and then removed the bottle from his briefcase and pulled a syringe out of the drawer.  Carefully, he held them up to the light and inserted the needle through the rubber seal, drawing out a few precious ounces of his formula.  He walked over to Diana and stood, peering down at her over the rims of his glasses.  It wasn't too late to turn back, he said.  He would understand her apprehension and bear her no malice.  She chuckled and said, no.  She wanted to do this; she wanted to help him prove his theories, and besides, she liked the idea of being famous.  He smiled broadly and thanked her as he silently appreciated his luck in finding such a willing participant.  She would be the perfect vessel for his creation.   
Diana was a twenty-six year old, attractive, well-proportioned 250 pound woman.  Her fleshiness was no matter of inherited genetics, but had been wrought from many a snack and a host of overindulgent meals.  He had first noticed her at the school cafeteria months earlier.  At the time, he estimated, she weighed in at about 230.  She had caught his attention for two reasons;  1) she was a remarkably plump beauty, 2) her tray was filled to capacity and included generous helpings of dessert.  He covertly watched her as she sat down alone, then slowly and meticulously devoured every morsel, leaving little work for the dishwashers.  Before she got up from her table, she undid her belt a notch.  He took note of her and, over the next few days, figured out her eating schedule and managed to be in the cafeteria almost every time she was. After almost two weeks of observing her, to make sure her appetite was constant, he introduced himself.  He carried his tray over to her table and commented that he'd noticed that she always ate alone, like himself, and wondered if she would like some company.  She did.  
They ate together regularly, and over the next few months, he got to know her better.  She was a loner, with no family to speak of and no real friends.  She'd been in college before, studying biology, but had dropped out when her parents were killed in an automobile accident.  With no siblings to turn to, she spent years working odd jobs in different cities.  After a few years of mourning and healing, she had decided to return to finish her degree.  The thing he liked most about her was that she was unapologetic about her appetite and her size.  She said that, since she'd been forced to be independent, she'd also learned how to disregard other people's unneeded opinions of her.  He commented that, as a personality trait, it manifested itself in very aesthetically pleasing forms.  She took it as a compliment as he silently observed that their mealtime meetings were beginning to add more pounds to her already hefty frame.  In short order, he introduced her to his research, telling her of his work and sharing his theories with her.  All the while he was trying not to make her suspicious of his intents while also attempting to pique her interest.   He gradually convinced her that his formula was going to do what everyone else thought was impossible.  She was enthralled.  She hadn't even known that any such thing was imaginable.  He assured her that, it was not only practicable, it would soon be a reality.  As more weeks passed, they got to know each other as friends.  She made a few advances towards him, but he kindly insisted that their relationship remain platonic.  With no friends or family to muddle things up, he also didn't want to complicate matters with a relationship since, unbeknownst to her, he meant for her to be the vehicle to prove his theories.  At times it was difficult since he considered her to be incredibly attractive, but the formula mattered above all else.  It took a series of requests, explanations, promises, appeals and bargains, but before the university canceled his research, she had agreed to help him by letting him test his theories on her.
This was no small offer, since his plan was to test Corpulex 7 on a human subject by administering it and then proceeding to fatten the person up to world record proportions.  His established goal was 2,100 pounds.  He knew that, if he could get a person up to that weight while still keeping them in perfect health, the medical profession would have no choice but to acknowledge his genius.  She had remained uncommitted until he spelled out the full terms of their arrangement.  For one year of her cooperation, he would to pay her fifty thousand dollars, take care of her every need, and feed her more food than she could possibly imagine.  
Diana looked around, surveying what would be her home for the next year, as Joan rubbed an alcohol swab on her shoulder.  The doctor bent over and carefully administered the first of her monthly injections.  As the last drop of fluid disappeared and the needle was removed, a great rush of anticipation came over the doctor.  It was one great step for man, he thought, and a one ton step for womankind.
Joan disappeared through a large set of swinging doors beside the bed and soon reemerged pushing a large cart filled with edibles.  There was enough food stocked in the cupboards, the walk-in refrigerator and the freezer to last a normal person for years.   All that food and more would be fed to Diana over the next year if everything went according to plan.  Fortunately, Joan was not only an able lab assistant, she was also an excellent cook.  Toward the goals of the experiment, everything in the cart was swimming in butter and cheese and grease.  To give further credence to the effectiveness of his formula, she would be fed an exclusive diet of the most fattening foods in the world.  Only a few vegetables and fruits would be served to her, and they would all be drenched in some incredibly rich sauce.  Diana started her journey into extreme obesity with a platter full of a dish that Joan called Deep-fried Cheese Balls Alfredo.
Diana was fed around the clock.  The doctor even set her up with an I.V. drip that would constantly supply her with a high calorie supplement.  She wore it when she went to bed so that, even when asleep or going to the bathroom, she was still being fattened.  For the first few days, she was incredibly uncomfortable as her stomach was continually stretched to capacity.  The doctor's goal was to get her to gain an average five pounds each day - thirty five pounds a week - 140 pounds a month -  which would all add up to 1820 pounds over the year, bringing Diana's weight to approximately 2100 pounds.  (He wanted it to be 2.100 so she could be said to weigh significantly over a ton).  At that weight, she would be all but immobile but, if the formula did its job, she would be as healthy as a person weighing one tenth her weight.  
With an avalanche of food constantly going down her throat and the I.V. fortifying her intake, Diana immediately started swelling up like a balloon.  He cheeks puffed up, her arms and hands swelled, her breasts expanded, her belly rolled outward, her hips and ass jutted further out from the rolls of her waist and her legs took on an increasingly cheese-like consistency as they bloated with newly formed pounds of flesh.   By the end of her first week, she was right on schedule at 285 pounds.  This was due in part to the fact that the doctor had included appetite stimulants in her I.V.  As each drop made its way into her blood stream, she continued to get hungrier and hungrier.  Before the experiment began, he had told her that he would use them to help her increase her intake.  Diana had no objections.  Having submitted to the experiment, her main interest revolved around the food.  If something helped her eat and enjoy more of it,  that was all the better.
The doctor and Joan constantly monitored her condition.  Pads were attached to track her heart rate and blood tests were run daily.  She was also weighed and photographed twice each day.  Careful notes were kept on every phase of her diet and its commensurate physical effects.
By the end of the second week, Diana tipped the scales at an even 325 pounds.  Having added over 70 pounds to her bulk in only 14 days was having pronounced effects.  Walking wasn't nearly as easy since her muscles hadn't been given much time to accommodate themselves to her newly added pounds.  She was getting stretch marks, but they were barely noticeable since Joan massaged and oiled her skin three time a day.  The most noticeable aspect of her growth was that she was getting so fat, so fast, that gravity was having a minimal effect on her physique.  Every part of her body had expanded outward nearly horizontally.  The second most noticeable aspect was that, as her body was hurriedly trying to decide where to store her new pounds of fat, her breasts and ass had borne most of the load.  She had always been thick in these areas, but had grown so unproportionally that it was hard to fathom.  Since all she wore was a gown her only sense of cup size was from the measurements that the doctor and Joan took, but they revealed that she'd gone from a DD to a HH.   The extra four inch difference between bust line and breast was a lot for her to manage when she walked.  Luckily for her, she rarely had to walk more than a few feet each day.  She only got out of the bed to take an occasional stroll around the lab or to go to the bathroom.  It probably would have been even more difficult for her to walk if her ass hadn't offset her breasts pound for pound.  Her butt was a huge protruding shelf of quivering flesh that rocked and swayed with every step she took.  
As Diana kept getting fatter, her diet was increased proportionately.  On a typical day, Joan and the doctor would wake her in the morning to a breakfast of 20 pancakes drowned in real maple syrup, a dozen scrambled eggs with cheese, a dozen sausage biscuits loaded with gravy, a loaf of toast, a pound of bacon, three servings of coffee cake, and a half gallon of buttermilk to wash it down.  After breakfast, she'd need a nap, after which they'd awaken her to her midmorning snack:  a dozen creme filled doughnuts, more buttermilk, and some cheesecake.  Directly following would be her pre-lunch snack, a half gallon of ice cream and a dozen cookies.  Lunch which would be a feast of fried chickens, mashed potatoes with sour cream and gravy, macaroni and cheese and green beans swimming in ham hocks with a chocolate cake for dessert.  She'd have two snacks between lunch and dinner:  usually a pie and then bowls of peanuts and bags chips with milkshakes and wine to wash it down.  Dinner would be another feast loaded with cheese and bread and loads of deep-fried treats.  Some evenings she would eat an entire turkey with loads of trimmings and a two layer cake for good measure.  During all of these meals and snacks, she usually watched the large screen T.V. in front of her bed or listened to music on the stereo.  After a full day of viewing, listening and glutting, she'd usually eat a before-bed snack, - a couple of burgers and a platter of fries and then a large, deluxe pizza loaded with meat and cheese.
The doctor hadn't anticipated that Diana would take to the experiment with such a passion.  She had become totally consumed by being able to totally consume more food than she had ever dreamed of eating.  Because of her amazing vigor, she reached 420 pounds by the end of her first month.  Her body had stopped storing such a disproportionate amount of fat in her tits and ass and had switched to the belly and the hips.  At such a size the pull of gravity was starting to show its effects.  The bulk of flesh in her breasts, which had been spread relatively even, was being pulled toward the bottoms of her tits as they hung down past her navel.  This was accented by the fact that her navel had long-since gone southward as her belly rolled over onto her bloated thighs, fast making its way toward her knees. Having exceeded her goal by thirty pounds also caused other dramatic changes.  All during the experiment, she had only worn hospital gowns, but they were getting less effective at containing her girth.  When she'd walk, the undulating masses of her swinging tits, her quaking belly and her lurching ass would cause the robe to come undone.    The doctor had robes that would fit her, but the inconvenience and discomfort were unacceptable to her.  She wanted to enjoy every minute of her gluttony without any annoying distractions.  Diana decided to simply go naked.  The doctor and Joan were constantly examining her anyway, so it didn't actually make much of a difference.
She was also experiencing and effect that none of them had anticipated.  As she continued to get fatter, she continued to get hungrier.  By the end of her first month she had gotten to the point where she could stuff herself every waking hour of the day and barely stay full.  To help, the doctor ceased administering the appetite stimulants, but it had no effect.  Her own natural appetite had grown to near-insatiability.  Fortunately, the formula was performing better than could be expected and she was suffering no ill effects other than the problems associated with negotiating her mass and volume.
At the end of the second month, the doctor and Joan helped her onto the special scale by her bed and it read 590 pounds.  Diana could no longer walk easily without the two of them helping her.  Combined with her oppressive weight, she had gotten so fat that her belly and tits were putting too much pressure on her thighs it wasn't easy for her to move her feet.   When she did move them, it took all her effort to keep her body from quavering uncontrollably.  Every part of her would swing or wiggle or sway with every step.  Distressingly, though the formula was continuing to protect her health, her appetite had grown to the point where she was completely insatiable.  No matter how much she ate, she couldn't get full - and she stuffed her face during every waking hour.  Her stomach had grown into such a cavern and the formula was helping her process her food so efficiently, that satisfying herself was a near impossibility.  
Luckily, Joan came up with an answer that would help keep Diana satisfied while also helping the doctors plans reach fruition even sooner.  She purchased 100 five gallon jugs of a chocolate, high calorie dietary supplement used by weight lifters.  She fashioned a special, heavy duty I.V. stand that would support one of the full jugs.  She then attached a six foot section of surgical tubing onto the opening and hung it upside down from the stand which she put directly beside Diana's bed.  There was a pressure release clamp on the open end which went into her mouth.  When Diana bit down lightly on the clamp, the fluid would begin to flow, gravity-fed through the hose.  The harder she bit down, the faster the tasty brown fluid flowed.  While feasting on one of her huge meals, she would occasionally take a few greedy gulps off of the jug to help her stay full.  Diana was staying satisfied, Joan was proud of her invention, and the doctor was ecstatic at how well the drug was working.
By the end of the third month, Diana had reached 750 pounds and was becoming increasingly immobile.  The doctor had established that, in addition to preventing the health threatening aspects of extreme obesity, Corpulex 7 also made the body process food much more efficiently.  The end result was that nearly everything Diana ate turned directly into fat, which helped to account for the fact that she was a full seventy pounds ahead of schedule.  Instead of being bothered by her incredible fatness, Diana actually enjoyed it.  She was constantly seeing if she could consume more food than she had the day before.  She had gotten to the point where she could drink an entire jug of Joan's fluid without stopping.  Sitting up in the bed, her stomach spread out in a heaping mound covering and spreading her enormous legs, and reaching all the way to her feet.  Her ass, hips and torso were so huge that she was literally couched in fat since the rolls of flesh were stacked so thick that they forced her chest up into her rolling chins, obscuring any signs of her neck.  Her gargantuan breasts were being pushed to either side by her mountainous belly and were so huge that they sat beside her like two boulders.
Diana continued unabated.  All of the tests continued to find her bodily functions in perfect order.  In fact, her blood pressure and resting heart rate were lower than when she had started the experiment!  To make her life easier and to promote the efficiency of Diana's weight gain, Joan had switched the jugs of high calorie supplement from a gravity fed system to a hydraulic pump.  The new system held twice as much fluid and had four times the flow rate.  The pump was strong enough where it could also propel thicker liquids through the tube.  Joan started concocting fat-laden batters for her patient to try.  She made buttermilk shakes and malts.  She filled it with cheese soups and stews.  Diana sucked each one down with equal relish and vigor.  The doctor was amazed at how well Joan constantly kept up with her duties as assistant and chef, especially since they couldn't take days off.  It seemed like Joan was as passionate about fattening up Diana as Diana was about eating.  She was also putting on a few pounds of her own.  He guessed that it was all that work in the kitchen testing and preparing all of those delectable dishes.  He noted how the new pounds were filling her out in all the right places.   He said nothing because his main attention was on Diana, but he couldn't help noticing.
Two more months passed and, with the aid of Joan's pump, Diana continued to stay well ahead of schedule.   Her 1120 pound body was a sight to behold, especially since a side-effect of the drug pronouncing itself so noticeably.  The doctor had thought that Diana possessed a recessive genetic tendency to store a disproportionate amount of fat in her breasts, but further tests showed that it was the influence of the formula.  After she'd passed 800 pounds, they became her most prominent feature.  He could hardly believe the transformation they caused in her body whenever she stood up.  Diana's walking movement was confined to standing up beside the bed, turning halfway around, collapsing into the wheelchair (actually a converted forklift) that the doctor had had made for her, and then from the wheelchair to the toilet and back again.  Her metabolism had slowed to such a point that she only made that trip once a day.  But each time was an exhibition on the immense forces of gravity that threatened to make her collapse.  To get her standing, the doctor had the bed designed with a special hydraulic jack underneath.  With the press of a button, the bed would lift the head slowly upward while lowering the foot to the ground.  As the bed got more upright, her body would slowly begin to sag away from her head.  Her breasts had gotten so huge that they would touch the ground first and, to get her standing, they had to be pushed onto a wheeled platform at the foot of the bed.  Her stomach followed close behind.  Joan would pull the platform forward enough so there would be room for Diana's feet to touch the floor.  Every part of her would head downwards as the bed forced her upright.  Her cheeks would fall as her chest was pulled down by the weight of her massive tits.   Her elephantine teats slowly transformed into two fleshy wrecking balls of tit flesh barely supported by the striated, cleavage that started two feet below her chins.  Each one was loaded with 125 pounds of fat, nearly a fourth of her body weight when combined.   As the sagging process continued, her upper arms would roll down onto her forearms which then pressed down and partially obscured her hands.  When she came completely upright., the doctor and Joan would position themselves on either side of her, helping her keep her balance as the rolls of flesh on her back settled atop the bulging masses of her ass cheeks, forcing them to roll down onto her pile-sized thighs like two bellies.  She could barely balance herself because her upper arms were almost too heavy for her too move them.  For about five minutes, she would shuffle her feet (which were nearly covered by her calves) fractions of an inch at a time while the doctor and Joan helped to wheel her breasts and stomach around far enough to negotiate the wheelchair in behind her.  Getting her seated required a harness attached to a block and tackle, which hung from the ceiling from a rolling I-beam.  They would lower her inches at a time until her ass was fully spread out on the chair and then wheel her to the bathroom.
At six months Diana was just under 1300 pounds.  Her weight gain he had slowed down a bit because she was having trouble adjusting to her incredible poundage.  She had to be sitting up in a particular position to be comfortable or the thick slab of fat on her chest made it hard for her to breathe.  Her arms were so heavy that just getting her hands to her mouth to feed herself was becoming tedious.  She had to be moved several times a day for tests and her oil massage, but it took so much effort for her to roll over that it left her nearly exhausted.  Lying face down, she literally floated on her pools of breast and the mounds of her stomach, making her feel like a beached whale.  She kept eating at an astounding rate because, at her near-immobility, it was all that she could do.  The doctor informed her that, if she could continue expanding at a rate of 150 pounds each month, (an easier rate than she'd been maintaining) she'd be at 2,100 pounds in less than five months, and that they'd be finished with the experiment a full month before their deadline.  Diana's reply sent him reeling.  She said he had no right terminating their agreement prematurely.  They had agreed that the experiment would run one full year and she expected him to keep his part of the bargain.  He said that she wasn't being reasonable, that if she didn't slow down or quit early, there was no telling how much she'd weigh by the time they were through.  She asked him what was wrong with that.  He answered that he wasn't sure if even Corpulex 7 could keep her healthy at such an incredible weight.  She asked if he was starting to have doubts about his wonder drug.  He answered no, that he was just concerned about her well-being, that even though the drug had performed beyond his wildest expectations, he didn't know its upper limits of effectiveness.  She said that she felt fine and that he should let her worry about it - after all, she was the one carrying around all the weight.  In the end, the doctor conceded the point.  They would go the full year, as agreed.  He only hoped that she wasn't pushing herself too far.
After their talk, Diana started eating even more than before.  It was as though, knowing that they were nearing the end, she wanted to milk the experience for all it was worth.  It went on that way, in a constant deluge of food, until the tenth month when she slowed down because she just couldn't help it.  She was so fat that she could hardly feed herself.   The only parts of her body that she could still move to any degree were her head and arms.  Their movement was restricted to where, when she was lying in the bed, she could barely turn her head because the fat of her chest would force her rolling chins up like a neck brace.  It took considerable effort for her to move her arms from the elbow down (since her forearms were the size of a regular woman's waist) and she had to have her upper arms sitting on top of her tits just so she could feed herself.  She was so fat that only left the bed when it was an utter necessity.  All this because reached the 2,100 pound mark and even gone a little beyond.  At that weight she was so fat that she nearly defied description.
She had slowed gaining weight, but she hadn't stopped.  By the end of the eleventh month, she had become so enormous that she covered the entire platform that was her bed and even began rolling over the edges in spots.  She was still getting fatter, but it was hard to tell.  Another two or three hundred pounds on a woman who weighed over a ton just didn't show that much. She was so immersed in the fat of her own body that it was all she could do to wiggle her fingers, blink her eyes and chew her food.  Joan had become her nursemaid since she could no longer feed herself.  Increasingly, they resorted to the feeding pump to keep her satisfied.       
On the 365th day of the experiment, the doctor performed a complete physical on her and found her to be in perfect health, excepting for her complete immobility.  Diana had been sat on a huge padded stool that was completely shrouded by her vast body.  Her feet were on the ground but they were completely covered by her barrel-sized calves which were only half-visible beneath her redwood-trunk sized thighs.  Her ass was spread out on the floor for several feet behind her in two cheese packed hills.  Her arms were forced outwards from her sides as they sat on the tractor-tire sized rolls of flesh that surrounded her torso.  Her hips were two precipices of fat that overhung the layered trunks of her legs.  Her belly was a huge barge that spread out like a flood of fat that had just burst free her chest.  It stretched out a full six feet in front of her, flanked by the two whales that were her breasts.  They had grown so huge that they stretched out well past her great gut, settling into two, great, undulating mounds of flesh capped by dark, manhole-cover sized aureole and Vienna sausage sized nipples.  Her face was a collection of rolling cheeks and jowls as it sat perched between the incredible pillows of her shoulders.
Corpulex 7 had proven itself beyond any fanatic requirements.  The doctor bought Diana a dress the size of a parachute and hauled her to a pharmaceutical symposium in a semi-tractor trailer.  None could deny the fruits of his labors.  Diana Price was crown the fattest person in the history of the world and retired off of her share of the proceeds of the wonder drug.  Over the course of three years she slimmed down to a svelte 1,000 pounds and married a weight lifter.  During those same three years, knowing he'd be financially secure for the rest of his days no matter how extravagantly he spent his money, the doctor married his lab assistant Joan, and the two settled down in a mansion built atop a mountain.  When they were last seen, Joan was well on her way to stealing Diana's crown.
Here's another tale of ultra-fattening from days gone by. This was among my first fantastic forays into the pseudo-scientific approach of enabling a woman to safely gain massive poundage. Looking back on it, the story is quite pedantic and ranks amongst my least favorite. It's short, didn't take me that long to write, and was the product of a simple need to create it.

I have always been enamored with the some of the numbers associated with weight-gain, and there are plenty of them in this story. There's something quite satisfying about seeing those numbers creep (or shoot) up the scale...I guess because they're undeniable proof of newly acquired pounds. Strangely enough, I'm not equally thrilled by measurements. You'd think that some 100 inch hips would do it too...but there's something less satisfying about that. I know it doesn't make sense, but that's the truth of it. The strangeness is compounded by the fact that I enjoy increased clothing measurements and absolutely LOVE escalating cup sizes. I have seen both in action as a former paramour literally doubled in size over a few years, and she was full-figured to begin with. Ah...those were the days.

What does it all mean? Hell, I don't know...but this description section needs some describing to put it to use, so that's what you get.
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Sarah wanted to be fat. Very fat! She was quite a chubby teenager but was never allowed to eat as much as she wanted. Her parents currently had her on quite a strict diet to ensure she didn't turn into a complete balloon. Usually she would masturbate late at night fantasizing about eating and eating and growing hugely fat! But lately due to parent's stupid diet her belly would rumble with so much hunger as she tried fall asleep that all she could do was just to hug her pillow miserably as she watched her fatness slowly fade away day by day.

This particular morning she had managed to sneak out of school and wander down to a nearby 'all you can eat' buffet style restaurant. She wanted try and counter the effects of her strict diet and began pigging out on all the most fattening foods at the buffet. She ate and ate until she thought she might burst, rubbing her belly with glee as it pushed out stretching her pink dress until the seams creaked. She couldn't eat another bite, she was completely stuffed! She looked down at her unfinished plate and sighed secretly wishing she could eat the entire buffet in one sitting, but three and half platefuls would have to do for now.

This display of gluttony had caught the attention of a young boy who looked barely eighteen sitting in a dark corner of the restaurant. His face was very young and boyish, but his eyes seemed much older. They were a brilliant sparkling blue and projected a calm confidence that usually only comes with wisdom far beyond his years. He had been waiting here, watching for a scene like this to unfold. He usually sat in this corner, waiting for a display of such unrestrained gluttony. It pleased him to see that she was taking so much joy in her fullness. He stared lustfully at her fat round belly that was sitting snugly in her pink dress, as he did so his eyes suddenly appeared to glow with an eerie purple light for a second or two, then faded back to their brilliant blue. At that same moment Sarah groaned at the uncomfortable fullness off her bloated belly. She began rubbing it to try and ease the fullness.

The young boy emerged from the shadows revealing himself to be very good looking indeed. Dressed in tight skinny legged pants and a black leather jacket, he looked like a rock star.

He approached young Sarah's table and smoothly slid down in to the chair next to her and smiled. Sarah abruptly stopped rubbing her belly and stared at the young man, temporarily getting lost in his brilliant blue eyes. He spoke in a sexy smooth voice that gave her goose-bumps.

"I see you really enjoyed your meal," he said in a smooth voice, oozing charisma that was extremely uncommon in a boy his age.

"Uh... yeah it was good" she said blushing slightly, though still captivated by his eyes.

He reached out his young skinny arm and patted her distended belly,

"I was impressed by how much you were able to eat. I bet you wish you could eat more," he winked, and gave her a calming smile whilst signalling casually to the half finished plate of food in front of her.

Her blush became bright red and she felt a slight tingle between her legs. She opened her mouth to speak nervously but he cut her off by leaning in close and whispering,

"I bet you wish you could finish that plate, in fact I bet you wish you could eat the entire buffet all at once." She looked at him in amazement. Had he just said what she thought he had said? His voice was so irresistibly sexy that she felt a damp spot beginning to form in her pants.

"I... I..." she stammered looking at him dumbfounded.

He smiled warmly and pressed his finger gently against her plump lips. He couldn't help but admire how soft and plump her lips and chin felt.

"It's ok, I know you want to get fatter. I think you're beautiful and I want you to get fatter too." He grinned and gently patted her belly with his hand.

Her heart began to race. He was so gorgeous! His bright blue eyes stared right in to hers and he had is hand on her belly telling her he wants her to get fatter.

She smiled nervously "You, want me to get fatter?"

He nodded and leaned in close again and whispered slowly, "Much, much fatter. If you would like I can help you get as fat as you want."

Her innocent eyes shone with curiosity, "Help me? Help me how?"

He placed both his hands on her belly now. She looked at him puzzled as she swore his eyes changed ever so slightly to a deeper shade of blue. Suddenly to her surprise, the uncomfortable bloated feeling she had from her huge meal suddenly dissipated. She felt comfortable, relaxed, and perhaps slightly peckish even. She looked down at his hands on her belly blinking in surprise. He smooshed his hands a fraction harder into her belly and her slight peckish feeling was replaced by hunger. She looked back in to his eyes and a wide grin began to form on her face. He smiled back and took both hands and firmly massaged her belly. Sarah's belly let out a loud hungry gurgle. Grinning in amazement she went to speak but he held his finger to her lips and whispered,

"Shhh... I can't tell you how, but if you want to, you could eat the entire buffet with my help."

She was completely mesmerized by his eyes. He was so hot, her heart was beating like mad, she began smiling again, and he smiled too. He leaned in and kissed her gently on the lips. She gasped as her belly began absolutely roaring with hunger now.

As he pulled away he reached on to the table and picked up a soft bread roll slathered with butter and dipped it in some of the gravy left on her unfinished plate. Placing it in her hand he said "Bon appetite".

Sarah licked her lips and took a bite cautiously. She gasped at how good it tasted all of a sudden and practically crammed the rest of the roll into her mouth moaning in pleasure as she swallowed. He leant back still smiling warmly. She blushed slightly but then giggling she picked up her knife and fork and began eating the rest of her plate.

She finished it quickly and leant back rubbing her belly.

"You look beautiful in that dress" he said admiringly.

"Thank you" she blushed yet again. She could barely believe what was happening. She was just so lost in his eyes, it was like she was hypnotized or something. She didn't really care, she just wanted this feeling to last, she felt so warm and happy inside. He held out his hand and signalled to the buffet.

"Shall we?"

She rose with him (a little unsteadily with her unusually full belly) and he escorted her over to the food. They both began filling as many plates as they could handle with all the food they could. He took a small potato puff and popped it in to her mouth as they giggled together at the ridiculous amount of food they were piling up. As they returned to their table Sarah hoped the definite damp spot she could feel forming in her underwear wouldn't show up on her light pink dress.

And so Sarah began eating, and eating, and eating. Sarah's appetite seemed endless. They returned several times to the buffet to get more and more rounds of food. Food food food! Sarah's table was covered with so many empty plates that they had to move to another one, conveniently closer to the buffet. A few hours passed in a hazy blur of passion as the deluge continued. Finally to Sarah's shock and excitement, it became quite apparent that she'd eaten nearly an entire buffet by herself! It was almost as if she just couldn't stop even if she wanted to. She looked around as she crammed the last slice of chocolate cheesecake in to her tired mouth. Empty plates and crumbs were all that was left of the once impressive spread of food. Whilst eating those last few mouthfuls she couldn't deny that she was more turned on that she'd ever been in her entire life.

She finally leant back, stifling a belch, realising just how bloated and full she felt. She smiled dreamily at her mysterious young feeder and he smiled back rubbing her belly.

"I can't believe I ate so much! Really I had no idea it was possible. How did you make me so hungry?"

He winked at her and leaned in. Excitedly she leant towards him as well, eager to hear his sexy whisper and to feel his breath on her neck.

"I bet you can't wait for all this food to make you fatter."

She gasped hearing these words and blushed again, feeling small damp patch on her underwear get even wetter. Her belly suddenly let out a loud gurgling sort of noise. He looked down at her belly smiling and she followed his eyes down to her massively distended abdomen which was straining the seams on her pink dress. Her eyes widened and her face began to grin involuntarily as she watched she swore her wobbling belly seemed to be pushing out a little more with each passing second. It was getting fatter right before her eyes and was already starting to strain the fabric of her dress. She breathed in sharply as she realised that wasn't all that was growing. Her entire body seemed to be very gradually swelling up. Her initial thoughts of "How is this possible?" were nearly immediately replaced by giddy excitement as she felt her dress suddenly get a lot tighter. It now looked like it was painted on to her body. Every single roll of fat down her side was bludging clearly through the skin tight material. Her breathing quickened more and more as she could visibly see now that she was getting just a little bit fatter with every passing second! Her attention was then drawn to her breasts as the tops of them began to spill out of her bra. She was so turned on now she could barely stand it and she rubbed her hands up and down her body in absolute amazement as she continued to get bigger, and fatter, and bigger, and fatter! The damp spot in her underwear was suddenly flooded by a rush of wetness soaking right through to the front of her dress. She just sat there grinning with glazed over eyes continuing to expand like a big human balloon. She just about came in her pants when the seams of her dress began to creak loudly with the strain of trying to contain her fattening young body, but just as she expected to come bursting out of her dress, she stopped growing. She sighed, partly in relief, and partly in disappointment she'd stopped growing.

She looked at him, breathless, her eyes wide with amazement and he leaned in and kissed her fully on the mouth. She reached her pudgy arms around him and kissed him back passionately. He grabbed and squeezed rolls of her fat squeezed as they kissed for a few more seconds, then he leaned in and nibbled her ear whispering,

"Would you like to come with me for more to eat?"

She blinked at him giddy with excitement, "More?"

"Oh yes, you can eat a lot more if you like. Come with me and I'll feed you all the food you could ever desire. I'd let you eat and eat until you burst right out of this dress if you wanted to. You could never be too fat as far as I' concerned."

Sarah looked down at her now 'painted on' pink dress and swooned at the prospect of getting so fat she burst right out of it! Holding his hand she dreamily she rose out of her chair, her fattened body quaking beneath her tight dress causing a few more threads to creak and pop. Still looking in to his eyes she smiled and whispered "I'm still hungry, feed me!" and they kissed once more.

He paid for her meal and they giggled as they left the restaurant, the waiters astonished that all the food had mysteriously disappeared in such a short time. He'd taken several large handfuls of after dinner mints when no one was looking and thinking quickly Sarah opened her handbag and he dumped the lot inside. Still giggling and laughing they walked down the street with their arms locked, stealing kisses from each other and flirting shamelessly as he unwrapped after dinner chocolates and popped them into her mouth one by one. By the time they got to his building she'd eaten half a handbag full of the mints and the mysterious effects were starting to show. With every step she took she could feel her dress getting even tighter and tighter. The sound of the fabric creaking and groaning was getting more and more noticeable, every so often being punctuated by loud rips forming along the seams, allowing some of her soft bludging flesh to poke through the holes continuing to expand ripping them further. As they waited for the elevator he put another chocolate in to her mouth and she swallowed. A loud gurgle came from her belly and she tried to stifle a burp. Suddenly a large rip tore all the way down one side of he over stretched dress.

"Oh my gosh!" she giggled, "Help! You can see my underwear!"

A few strands of thread that were still hanging on for dear life were all that was holding the dress together as her thick flabby rolls tried to bulge and bust their way through. The lift bell rang and another couple walked out getting a full view of Sarah's side rolls spilling out obscenely over her overstretched underwear. The couple gawked in shock and slight disgust at the display. He grabbed Sarah and pulled her in to the lift and kissing her passionately, casually giving the couple the finger as the lift doors closed. The skinny woman was amazed that such a hot beautiful young man would be kissing such a fatty.

Sarah smiled staring into his eyes as the lift began to move. He opened more chocolates and popped them in to her mouth patting her belly as he fed them to her. She chewed them and swallowed feeling her exposed rolls of flab with her chubby fingers as they expanded even more. Even her underwear was creaking, struggling to stretch over her fattening curves.

When the elevator reached his floor the doors opened to a dimly but elegantly lit corridor. They rushed down it to his apartment. Fortunately there was no one around because just then Sarah's dress practically exploded off her. She gasped at the loud ripping and popping noises as her wide hips bust through the remaining threads of fabric. Her fattening belly and breasts stretched the front of the dress out and her arms were tearing the seams down her sides and around her puffy shoulders.

As he whisked her inside the summer dress fell to the floor defeated. Now she stood there in her straining, creaking underwear, still swelling slightly. He grabbed her belly in both hands as he kissed her again even more passionately than before. Her belly gurgled loudly and she gasped as she felt her hunger returning to her ten fold.

He led her through his living room into the bedroom. She admired his apartment, the place was huge and well furnished, but the bedroom was a sheer masterpiece. She could smell something delicious before he even opened the door, but nothing could have prepared her for what she saw.

Every table, every chair, every flat surface in the room had some kind of desert or cake on it. The huge room was absolutely filled delicious looking baked treats, and due to whatever this hot young boy had done to her, Sarah's belly was rumbling furiously, and her mouth watered badly as she eyes rows and rows of cream filled cupcakes with frosting each topped with a cherry. He took one of the cup cakes and pushed it in to her mouth. She moaned in delight and gulped it down in record time. She almost felt embarrassed that she had wolfed it down so quickly, but that was soon replaced by the sexual excitement of him running his hands over her still slowly fattening body. He continued to feed her treat after treat as she followed him, slowly waddling her way across the large bedroom floor towards the bed. Her body was becoming so fat it was actually becoming difficult for her to walk. The weight of so much so flab jiggling up and down was making it hard for her to balance. He held out one of his hands to steady her and used the other to stuff a Danish pastry into her fattening face.

Her under garments creaked and protested every morsel she ate until finally they too burst off her, her breasts lazily rolling out of their tight confines and her butt jiggling wildly as her underpants snapped like an elastic band. She looked down at her now massive breasts, smooshing them together in amazement with her thickening arms . She looked at him sexily and, cheekily bouncing them up and down slightly.

He smiled cupped them in his hands before inserting a whole slice of lemon cheesecake in to her plump cheeks. She moaned and moaned as she ate it. Whilst she stuffed another slice into her mouth he played with her nipples and slid his fingers down between her legs. He barely had to touch her at all before she came hard. Hearing her scream in delight he grabbed handfuls of her inner thigh flesh and jiggled them mercilessly, the rippling sensation adding to the intensity of her climax.

Her legs began to give way and he picked her up with seemingly unnatural strength and carried her over to the bed. She looked up and was shocked to see her reflection in the mirrored ceiling. She was so HUGE! Her face was so round she barely recognised herself. Her fat belly jiggled wildly as he carried her across the room.

No sooner had he laid her down on the bed, he began stuffing cream filled éclairs in to her mouth. She ate them pleasurably but her face began to show hints of concern about just how enormously fat she was becoming. Still he fed her more. Her concern grew as she swallowed bite after bite. She couldn't seem to bring herself to stop eating.

Although all the deserts were tasting amazing, as she felt each mouthful slide down her throat more easily and enter her seemingly bottomless stomach, her belly had began gurgling and rumbling at an alarming volume. She ate more and more, faster and faster. She seemed to be feeling more hungry than ever and every mouthful of food seemed to taste more delicious than the last. She looked worriedly at her massive reflection continuing to steadily swell even fatter still, and then at the massive amounts of food still left in the room. Surely he wasn't going to feed all of it to her! She'd explode! He reached over and picked up a huge triple layer chocolate cake covered in whipped cream. Her heart raced as she realised that he certainly wasn't going to let her stop eating anytime soon. He began stuffing slice after slice into her bulging cheeks.

"Oh.. my.. god!" she said. "You're making me so... FAT!" She heard the bed frame creak under growing weight. She could barely move now and simply lay there like a beached whale still getting stuffed and growing fatter and fatter.

The chocolate cake and éclairs were soon gone and he moved on to more trays of cream filled cup cakes of all different flavours. Sarah grew, and grew, and grew. Her enormous size was really starting to scare her now, the reflection in the mirror showed her just how monstrously fat she was getting. Looking at her gigantic belly and many many rolls of fat spreading out around her."

He licked her cheek and said "You’re officially the fattest girl in the world." Sarah whimpered, nearly climaxing again.

"And you’re the only teenager to have ever held that title." Her juices gushed out of her as she came hard thinking about currently being the fattest teenage girl in the world, and she was still growing even bigger and fatter, being made to eat more and more with no end in sight.

"Mmph... wait," Sarah said in earnest wiggling her sausage like fingers and toes as she tried to raise her arms to stop him from putting more food in her mouth. The reality of being this big was sinking in as she realised to her horror that it took all her strength just to raise her arms off the mattress.

"Wait! I'm getting too big. I'm having trouble sitting up... Ugh, I can't move, mmph... <gulp>"

As he silenced her with another cupcake, he pushed his hands deep in to her belly fat and sent it jiggling then said with a laugh,

"I think you move just fine, it's trying to stop moving I think you'll have more difficulty with."

She laughed feebly "No really, I'm pinned beneath all this fat, I can't get up. I think this is fat enough for now."

He leaned in and kissed her on the cheek, stuffing her mouth with another cupcake. She moaned as she ate it,

"Mmph... No... Please stop feeding me. You're making me too fat. MMph mmm..."

He silenced her by kissing her full on the mouth, then as he drew back he expertly crammed her mouth full again. She moaned in pleasure, feeling the heat between her ballooning legs as she nearly came again. The temptation to just give in was very strong. She started to relax and thought "Maybe just one more tray of cup cakes and then I'll get him to stop," however glimpsing her now even fatter reflection now taking up nearly the entire kind size bed snapped her out of it. She was becoming monstrously huge now. She didn't even know it was possible for someone to get this fat. She suspected that under normal circumstances it wasn't.

She spoke with her mouth full, "Wait... no... thif is too much... pthleese stop... 've had enough...  no more... 've gotten too fat!"

He merely grinned at her and inserted his finger into her deep, deep belly button. It absorbed it's full length with room to spare and he pushed down firmly on her enormous wobbly belly. She felt something building inside her tummy, a deep rumbling sensation. Her eyes got wider and wider as the sensation got stronger and stronger. She shuddered as his eyes began glowing an even more unnaturally bright shade of purple as he leaned in and whispered in her ear,

"There's no such thing as 'too fat'."

Then he abruptly withdrew his finger from her bellybutton with a loud 'pop'. Sarah's fat quivered momentarily as the hunger ROARED within her belly. She drew in a deep breath and the amazingly delicious aroma of all the baked pastries made her mouth suddenly gush full of so much saliva that some dribbled out of the corner of her plump lips and over her fat, fat cheeks. She was grateful when the next cupcake was stuffed into her and she began earnestly devouring cup cake after cup cake at twice the rate she was before.

When the cup cakes were gone she then found her mouth stuffed full of her favourite cinnamon buns smothered in butter with sweet coconut icing. She looked up wide eyed at her reflection as he kept feeding her, and feeding her, more, and more, and more. She was becoming a mountain of fat. The bed protested noisily under her immense weight, her sides were beginning to spill off the edge of the mattress. She just couldn't stop eating. He wouldn't let her stop. The hunger still roared within her mammoth belly as she ate, and ate, and ate, trying to appease it. But all that happened was that she got bigger, and bigger, and bigger.

"So how does it feel to be the world's fattest girl?" he asked.

“Wonderful!” she moaned.
A girl's desires lead her in to trouble.
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Mona stood before the massive black doors, wearing her white shorts and pink knit sweaters, and wondered why Marsha Mellons had invited her over for dinner.

Oh well, she thought, and pressed the door bell button.  The blonde, busting out all over a woman answered and welcomed her in.  She showed Mona to the dining room where there was a T-shaped 20' long table, the short end in the middle of which ended at the wall.  As Marsha seated her, a small door opened in the wall at the table and a conveyor  belt built into the table brought her a plate of food.

"Please excuse me," Marsha said, "I didn't quite allow myself enough time to get ready, please go ahead and start eating.  I'll only be a moment." She smiled and left, closing the doors behind her.  Mona waited a moment and then, picking up her fork, took a cautious bite.  Finding it delicious, she went on to finish the plate.  As she did finish, Mona discovered that she was quite a bit hungrier than she thought.  At just that moment, the small door opened again and delivered three large platters heaped with food, onto the tables belt.  When these reached her, Mona dug in hungrily.

As she finished those, she swore to herself that she couldn't possibly take another bite without popping.  But again, just at that thought, five more platters were delivered to her.  These were even larger platters, piled higher with food that was obviously far too fattening for Mona to even think about eating.  Just as Mona was about to get up, she found she was hungry again, hungrier than before in fact, and sat down to eat again.  

Mona was just putting the last fork-full in when the door opened yet again, and the first thing to come out was eight punch bowls filled to the brim and beyond with assorted puddings.  Again, Mona made as if to protest.  And, again, she was feeling practically starved, and started eating again.  This time the door stayed opened, and kept producing more and more food!  And just as long as there was food in front of her, Mona kept eating!

Up until now, Mona hadn't gotten an inch bigger.  But now her rate of gorging herself had caught up with her.  As she continued to stuff herself, Monas' breasts, butt, thighs, crotch, and waist began to grow!  Mona paused and looked down when she felt her bra and panties tighten up, and as her subconscious mind looked on it began screaming at her to stop eating.  But her only conscious thought was food.  And so she went back to eating.  And eating, and eating, and eating!  Mona couldn't help it, she was oblivious to the fact that she looked like a continuously expanding balloon.  The only reality for her any longer was food and eating!  Just as Monas bra and belt gave-way and snapped, a digital sign descended from the ceiling and displayed; "YOUR GETTING BIGGER!-WEIGHT: 187 pounds" Mona had only weighed 126 lbs. When she'd gotten there, and she'd only been here about 30 minutes.  But poor Mona couldn't help it, she felt as if she needed to eat as much as she could.  And "as much" meant anything she could see that was edible.  And so she kept getting fatter, and Fatter, and FATTER!

For the next two and some half hours the small doorway produced food, (all of which had 500 to 1,000 grams of fat per bite!), and for two and some half hours Mona ate, and Ate, and ATE, and ATE!  And she grew, and Grew, and GREW, and GREW!  Not only did she get bigger, she got fatter faster!  After the first hour and a half Mona had not only gotten big enough to burst out of her clothes, but by then her boobs and belly were too huge for her to reach for the plate!  At that point a dozen robotic arms came out of the floor to feed, so while 2 or 3 shoved food in her mouth,the others would be getting large fork and spoonfuls of more food.  The digital sign had descended five more times during the course of her meal, each time it read something like; "YOUR GETTING FATTER!" or "YOUR ALMOST FULL!", and would display her weight.  The last had read; "I CAN HEAR YOU SWELLING!-WEIGHT: 1,764 pounds".  Indeed, Mona could hear herself plumping up, her body making small creaking noises every time she took a bite.  One of the more amazing things was that, as big as she was, Mona did not have one cellulite or stretch mark on her.  In fact, for the last 20 minutes or so, she had noticed her body firming up quite a bit.

Finally, three hours after her first plate of food, Mona ate the last bite.  Meanwhile the robotic arms cleared the table, and retracted into the floor.  While swallowing, Mona felt the fattened parts of her body, (those she could reach anyway), and discovered with some alarm that her skin was almost as hard as a rock!  When she slapped it , it made a thwap noise.  Just then the digital sign, (or rather a bigger one of the same type), descended from the ceiling, and it read; "THEY'RE, YOU'RE FULL AND FAT NOW-WEIGHT: 2,000 pounds equivalent- 1 ton.".  Mona looked down at herself; her breasts were each 10 to 12 feet in diameter, her belly was 8 feet across, she couldn't see much of her thighs, but her hips bulged out further then her belly, and she could feel her plumped up butt pressing against her back.  When she looked up, the message on the sign had changed, and somewhere there was a faint whirr and click noise.  The sign read; "BUT LETS SEE IF WE CAN'T FIND SOME ROOM IN THAT BIG BULGING BODY OF YOURS FOR A BOWL OF ICE-CREAM.  LETS SEE IF YOU CAN RESIST THESE THREE LITTLE SCOOPS."  As she read this the small doorway opened again and a small bowl with three scoops of ice-cream in it rolled to Monas seat.  The sign displayed;
"WEIGHT-2,000.0 pounds"
A robotic arm came out of the floor with a spoon and dished up an entire scoopful, and shoved it in Monas mouth!  As she swallowed it, her body gave an audible creak, and she felt her body swell just a fraction more.  The sign read;
"WEIGHT-2,000.3 pounds"
She tried to dodge the second scoop of ice-cream, but the machine proved to be quicker than her.  As she swallowed the second mouthful, her enormous boobs and belly protested and creaked even more.  At the same time the sign displayed;

At that, the far wall lit up like a gigantic television screen, some static chased across the screen, and was filled by a picture of the very dining room Mona was sitting in.
Seated at the table, (in fact the same spot Moan was currently at), was a young woman Mona recognized as Lisa.  She had seen Lisa at a couple of her photo shoots for Bust Out, and Score.  Right now she was wearing an outfit she'd worn to one of those shoots, cream colored overall shorts and a green halter top.  Mona watched as Lisa sat and ate food nonstop at the table which was covered from one end to the other with tons of food!  The pictured paused and Mona looked around to see what for, and noticed that the sign had changed again;

The pictured resumed play, but at a slightly higher speed.  Lisa grew quickly, her breasts bulging up against her coverall straps in almost nothing flat, the buttons of her shirt popping off one after another and revealing a good 12 inches of cleavage that didn't seem to end.  The camera view changed to watch Lisas back side, and Mona was amazed at the sheer size of her butt, it was enormous, and getting bigger by the second!  She watched the seam of the shorts pop and split from the strain put on it by her burgeoning buns.  The view went back to Lisas front, and her tits were even more enormous than her bottom, each was even bigger than Monas!  But Lisas face was one of agony, her body was swelling faster and faster, getting fatter and fatter, and then the tape slowed to normal speed, and Lisas voice came through speakers some were.  In the back ground there were loud creaking noises coming from her bloated body as she shouted, "Please stop this, I feel the pressure building up under my skin.  I'll burst if this doesn't stop soon, please ...OH-NO!, it''s....I'M TOO FAT!,I'M GONNA BURST!, I'M GONNA BURST!".  A second later and the creaking had grown into deep groans like steel girders being bent, the picture cut out, but the sound didn't, as there was an enormous BOOM!, and the noises stopped.


Mona was about to scream when the robot arm shoved the last scoop into her mouth, and she was forced to swallow or choke on it!  Monas body creaked loudly, and the sign said;
"WEIGHT-2,001.0 pounds...WARNING!WARNING!

Monas already huge body swelled larger and larger, she moaned in pain as felt her nipples stretched flat to her breasts.  She was going to burst soon she new, and as she swelled, her skin groaned in protest as the pressure built up inside her boobs, buns, belly, thighs, and hips.  "Stop! Please, I don't think I can take much more of this! My tits are too big! I'm too fat already! My god, my butt feels like it's gonna pop! So do my thighs and tits!
Help! Hellllp! I keep getting fatter, and Fatter, and FATTER!  It's too much, I'm gonna explode any second, please stop it, I don't want to burst like a balloon, I don't....OH-NO!!!, I'm going to pop!...I'M GONNA EXPLODE!" And at that moment she did, Monas breasts, butt, thighs, hips, and belly burst like overinflated beach balls.  And Marsha Mellons cam in through the locked doors of the dining room, looked around at the mess, and smiled evilly at her handy work, and thinking about her ultimate target, she through her head back and laughed.
The absolute first story I ever wrote...this thing is almost 15 years old now. Hope you like!
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“You have been summoned by the queen.”

Three men and one woman stood up and walked down a long hallway toward the Queen’s room. These were Queen Marella’s pleasurers.

The leader of the group was Gustav Zepacce (pronounced Zay-Pa-Chay), a man who was renowned among the upper class for his legendary skills of sexual pleasuring. He was an interesting looking man with a fancy thin mustache and a full head of black hair, cut short with just a tinge of grayness. He had worked for many rich and powerful women over the 15 years of his career until finally he was offered a job by the Queen herself. He had only been working for the queen for about 6 months now.

To his right was Natalie Zepacce, his wife. She was an expert masseuse whose hands were as soft as silk. Natalie was a petite and shapely woman with a pretty face and her hair done up in a bun. She and Gustav were very open about their sexuality and frequently participated in orgies and explorative sexual acts. Even though they often had their hands around someone else’s body they didn’t let it get in the way of their marriage for they knew their love for each other was too strong.

To Gustav’s left was Theo Solomon, his apprentice. Theo was an 18 year old with a handsome young face, messy yet cute hair and a strong, lean frame. He was an orphan who was going to be sold into sexual slavery until Gustav bought him and rescued him. He gladly accepted his role as apprentice and had been taking pointers from Gustav for about a year and a half. He had only been helping Gustav with the Queen for a few weeks now. He was showing a lot of promise but there were still many tips and tricks of the trade that he had not yet learned.

Standing behind them was Brock Vitzen, Gustav’s right-hand man, good friend and muscle. Brock was a very large man, standing just a hair short of 7 feet tall and bearing a broad muscular body. He had a very rugged look to him. He had also been gifted with an enormous member to match his large stature, which some women would pay fortunes just to experience once.

After a long walk through the castle they entered the Queen’s chambers.

“Queen Marella, Your pleasurer’s are here for you.” A servant said before scurrying off.

“Ahh Gustav, I am glad that you are back. *Munch* I very much missed your services while you were gone.” The Queen said. Her enormous body was laid on its side, her head and shoulders rested on a pile of pillows. She was being fed a thick slice of cake. It quickly disappeared into her mouth. From the looks of it she had already devoured 9/10’s of the rather large golden sponge cake, as one lone slice remained on the very empty platter. She had just been bathed only 15 minutes ago and already cake crumbs and red wine drippings littered her big pillowy cheeks and chins.

“I’m sorry for my absence, Marella. Natalie and I spent ten days on the shores of Holara enjoying the beautiful beaches.” Gustav had a way of charming people. Nobody else who worked for the Queen would dare call her by only her first name, but with his soft, sexy accent, his flirtatious personality, and his very desirable services, he had the Queen wrapped around his finger.

“I hear the weather is perfect down there.” The Queen said.

“It is.” Natalie added. They continued to chat while the four pleasurers prepared for their duty. Theo set up candles all around the queen and put out the torches mounted on the walls, making the lighting dimmer and more intimate. Brock removed her shirt and began to stretch. It was very hard work to move the queen’s immobile bulk around. Natalie rubbed various lotions on her hands. Gustav emptied the many lubricant’s, and other pieces of sexual equipment from his satchel.

“Ready, my Queen?” Gustav asked. Marella nodded. Most of the guards and servants emptied out of the room except for a couple servants that would continue to feed the Queen and help Gustav if necessary.

The behemoth of a woman in the center of the room was laying on her left side. Two large mattresses side-by-side were needed to provide enough room for the Queen and her pleasurers. Natalie went over to Marella’s blubbery upper body. She knelt down in front of the top belly roll of the massive glutton.

“Hello, royal highness. This is a new body oil I got on our vacation.” Natalie poured the slick and clear fluid on Marella’s gelatinous rolls. “I think you’ll find it very stimulating.” She said in a very sexy voice. She cracked her knuckles and rubbed the oil over the Queen’s expansive flesh. Marella purred as she swallowed more food. She loved the rubbing and tickling of her great enormous paunch.

Massaging the Queen was an interesting challenge for Natalie. Due to her incredible obesity and mass, the pressing of Natalie’s open hand into her swollen blubber felt to Marella like what the poking of a finger would feel like to the average human. Natalie had to push her palms deep into the thick and squishy layer of belly fat.

Gustav approached the Queen’s massive rump. A sturdy stand was used to keep one of the Queen’s legs up in the air in order to spread apart the bulging rolls of fat. Though even with her legs spread the fat of her thighs still touched, hiding her privates out of sight. Gustav plunged his hand into her flabby crotch. He teasingly stimulated her pussy lips with his finger. Marella’s massive blubber quaked as her spine shivered from his soft touch. His fingertips traced all around her vagina and crotch moving slowly to her anus, awaking all the very sensitive nerves within her bunched up rolls of fat between her legs.

Meanwhile Brock had undressed and was working up his legendary sized member. Queen Marella was about the prettiest immobile blob he had ever seen, but she wasn’t really his type so he had to “get himself going” first before he entered the enormous royal whale. Few men had the length to fully satisfy the Queen. You had to reach past several inches of blubber before you got to her fat buried pussy. Fortunately Brock was one of those few men. He tried to position himself between her two big thighs as best he could. Slowly he pushed his foot long cock into her. Marella’s mouth gaped open and her eyes twitched at the rather surprising and large insertion into her.

Natalie grinned at the Queen’s reaction. As she massaged her soft blubber, she could feel Brock’s pounding sending waves and ripples through Marella’s vast sea of fat. The royal subject of all this touching and pleasuring was starting to really get into it. Queen Marella was beginning to sweat as she was filled with a warm tingling sensation. Gustav began to finger her butt which greatly intensified the sexual pleasure of Brock’s intercourse. She couldn’t even see what was going on exactly, only knowing that it felt amazing. Her thick neck fat prevented her from lifting her head to see what was going on down there near her crotch. Though her huge meaty shoulders would’ve blocked her view anyway. She could just barely see Natalie massaging her past her heaving breasts. Her whole body began to sweat as her lust intensified. She laid on her side, immobilized, as her body was touched all over. The Queen was just under a ton of glistening sweaty fat and flesh.

For most of the day her crotch was usually buried by several feet of heavy fat but now it was throbbing with a tingling warmth and pleasure as Brock thrust into her. Her breathing became very heavy and her cheeks were red and hot. Finally Brock came inside her and pulled out.

Marella was panting and sweating from her extreme arousal but the pleasurers were not done yet.

Gustav directed two of the guards to help out as they tried to roll the enormous behemoth Queen onto her back. She was already on her side so it wasn’t too much of a challenge as their hands disappeared as they sank into Marella’s doughy flesh. The room quaked as her gargantuan mass tumbled over. Her giant swollen belly stuck up in the air, glistening from her sweat and slick from Natalie’s massage oil.

Natalie then climbed up the blubbery mountain of flab and sat atop her upper belly roll. She pulled out the small bottle of body oil and poured some onto her hands.

“Now we’re really going to have some fun, my Queen.” She said. She rubbed her hands together before grasping big handfuls of Marella’s enormous breasts in each hand. They were so incredibly large and flabby. Yet the bulging blobs of blubber had maintained a relatively impressive perkiness, as they leaned on top of her massive belly instead of hanging off the sides. Her nipples had grown proportionately with her breasts, which meant they were huge. Natalie put her palm over the areolas as she massaged and squeezed the squishy bags of dough.

While that happened Brock, Theo and two guards spread her enormous barrel shaped legs as much as they could. Then they lifted her heavy and massive belly apron. They’re hands sunk into the soft doughiness as they pushed up and pulled back her extremely large bottom fat roll. Gustav then crouched down and crawled between her huge sweaty thunder thighs approaching her wet and hot mound.

Up on her belly Natalie leaned over and began to lick one of her stiff and stimulated nipples. Queen Marella moaned with pleasure from the soft wet tongue rubbing her tit. She then switched to the other breast and sucked and licked it. She practically made out with the large nipples while massaging her flabby boobs with her fingers.

Down below her underbelly in the steamy maw between her gigantic thighs, Gustav stuck two of his fingers into her vagina. As his fingers danced around inside of her the vastly overfed beast of a woman grew even more aroused and wet. He had quickly found her most sensitive spot and began to work it with his agile digits. The immense tingles of sexual energy coming from inside her had the gluttonous and powerful Queen totally helpless to her pleasurer’s touches.

Stuck lying on her back like a giant infant baby, Marella was huffing and panting from the building sensation of sexual lust. Natalie sat up on the Queen’s mountainous pile of belly fat and she pulled her thin dress off over her head, leaving her in just her underwear. She leaned over Marella’s pillowy chest. As she came closer to her face, Natalie could see that the Queen was lost in a state of incredible sexual ecstasy and euphoria. Her senses were clouded and drowned out by the overwhelming arousal she felt. Natalie smiled, her husband must’ve been doing some great work down under the gigantic belly she sat on. She leaned forward more, feeling Marella’s heavy hot breaths that smelled of fresh pastries, and passionately locked lips with the obese royal goddess. Their tongues grazing each other in sensual bliss inside their mouths. The much smaller woman then also began to rub and grind her crotch rhythmically against the Queen’s enormous doughy body. Her hands still held onto the two massive overripe breasts as Marella was almost stimulated to lactation.

Meanwhile, Gustav decided it was time to wrap it up. He could sense how close the Queen was to climax, and he wasn’t sure Brock, Theo, and the guards could hold up that bulging paunch much longer. The skilled pleasurer dug his face into the soft folds surrounding her pussy and started to aggressively lick her clitoris with his darting tongue. He kept his fingers inside of her rubbing her sensitive spot while stimulatingly grinding his tongue on her throbbing clit.

Marella’s whimpers and moans of pleasure were muffled by the making-out with Natalie. Her fat feet and toes curled and her giant round legs rolled a couple inches back and forth. The Queen’s body desperately wanted squirm and buck but her immense girth kept her sweaty mass pinned and immobilized. This would only make the awaited release of sexual build-up even more satisfying.

The Queen’s tongue retreated causing Natalie to disengage their kiss. Marella let out little squeaks as she took quick and shallow breaths. Finally her level of arousal reached the tipping point. Her fat swollen body tensed up as her orgasm erupted within her. Gustave moved his face and fingers away as her fat pussy gushed with wetness. At first there was a burst of warmth and satisfaction, followed by waves of pleasure that she felt throughout her entire behemoth body. Marella’s face felt numb as she continued to climax. The pleasurers had milked every bit of arousal she had in her gigantic bulk. Her entire flabby mass jiggled as all of the built up sexual energy was released.

The door was opened and the rest of the servants entered the room again. Gustav congratulated his team for doing a good job as they picked up their things and exited the Queen’s chambers.

“It was a pleasure, your royal higness.” He said giving a bow before turning his back and leaving. Marella could only respond by giving a small wave with her right hand. The enormous woman lay still on her back as servants began to wipe away the sweat with towels. Two other servants waved large fans at her to cool her off. Marella huffed and panted heavily as she basked in the pleasing and warm sexual afterglow coursing throughout her enormity.
Here is a sequel to the well liked "Cleaning the Queen" story I wrote not too long ago (which you can find here: Cleaning the Queen). Hopefully you'll find this one as good or maybe even better than the first. I had no intentions of writing this sequel but someone suggested it and as I started to think about it I got a flood of ideas. I started working on this a few weeks ago but then got stuck for a while and let it sit in a word document as I focused on some other things. Anyway please leave a comment saying what you thought of it or whatever feedback you can give me. 

Also I have a pretty good idea for another story about Marella so this can become a neat little trilogy. I have an idea for a story about Marella's daughter, the princess as well.
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Their little suite at the Paradise Resort really was for honeymooners, as it turned out. When they arrived back at their cottage, they discovered a beautiful little gazebo-type structure had been setup outside their cottage out on the white sand of their private section of beach. It was basically a comfy, fluffy bed with a roof made of palm and native wood over it for shelter and thin curtains draped around the four posts. Chimes made of seashells sounded soothingly with the blow of the sea breeze, and floral scented candles added to the peaceful feel.

It was paradise, in short. But to make it even more perfect for Gretel, Tom had shelled out even more of his savings. Right next to their beachside bed was a cart decked with two levels of nothing but pastries, sweets, and other delicious desserts for the sweet-toothed blonde. Joining all of it was a specially-ordered bucket of several bottles of that Coconut Chocolate drink, which had quickly become a new favourite of Gretel's.

"Oh Tom, you are the besssttttt!" she squealed, hungrily eyeing all the fattening treats spread out for her.

It was paradise for Tom too, despite not taking one bite from the cart of sweets. He was on a comfortable bed listening to the chime of shells and the waves breaking on the shore of a quiet, private beach. And lying there with him was his long-time high school crush Gretel Humphrey, fattened up to truly massively curvaceous proportions as she gorged on, despite being already so full from yet another day spent with him concerning nothing but food.

"Ahhhhh this is the life, isn't it Tom? Just you and I, the beach, tons of delicious sweets…" said Gretel through a mouthful of cake dreamily, as she reached for her opened bottle of Coconut Chocolate. She and Tom were lying on the bed, their backs sinking comfortably into a large pile of the softest white pillows. She was lying against Tom as usual, her own chubby, voluptuous body smothering over half of his as he wrapped one of his arms feebly around her.

"You bet, Gretel! You seem to be really enjoying it, huh?" he smiled, using one hand to lower the slice of cake into her mouth (which she took a massive bite out of). He looked down at her bulging, very well-fed gut which was looking really quite fat after such a full day of eating, and he gave it a tender pat and a rub. It jiggled happily as it poured onto her lap.

"Oooooh that feels soooo good. Gosh, I ate a bit much today, didn't I? Good thing Sarah's not here anymore to see this" she giggled, looking down at her own stuffed gut as it showed out of her Coconut Club top which she was still wearing. Tom remembered how the top had easily covered all of Julia, the other competitor. But on Gretel, not only was it too small to stretch over her bulging tummy, but it had also ripped down the front to accommodate her gigantic boobs.

"Don't worry, we've got pictures" joked Tom with a laugh, patting her exposed gut as she ate cake.

"Oh my gosh, you can't show them to herrrrr!" went Gretel, her eyes bulging. In one swift move (though with a whole lot of jiggling) she flipped over and Tom let out a gasp as Gretel crashed on top of him. She was on her hands and knees, but her boobs were so big they were still bulging against his face, smothering him.

"Promise you won't show them to her!" went Gretel with a naughty smile at Tom, who she was struggling under her massive amounts of jiggling cleavage. She took the slice of cake from his hand and shoved the rest of it into her mouth.

"Gretel!" laughed Tom with a muffled voice, as he put his two hands on each of Gretel's massive watermelons. His hands felt tiny against them. "I'm going to drown here!"

"Promise, or you'll experience death-by-cleavage!" she giggled as she licked her fingers clean, pushing in closer so her breasts bulged against Tom even more.

"Woah alright alright, I promise!" surrendered Tom, as he felt Gretel's bulging tummy smother his own smaller torso as well. Gretel grinned and, satisfied with his admission of defeat, lifted her bulging bosom off his face.

"And as penalty for teasing me, now you've got to feed me Tom!" she smiled, flicking her blonde hair prettily aside which caused her enormous bosom to bounce and wobble. Tom was more than happy to oblige, reaching for a cream-filled éclair from the nearby cart and bringing it to the hungry girl's mouth.

"Gosh Gretel, you've certainly eaten VERY well today" said Tom, giving Gretel's Coconut Club top a tug down although it just rode back up, showing her belly button and stuffed, bulging tummy once more as it poured over her now non-existent shorts.

"All thanks to YOU Tom" she said through a mouthful of éclair piggishly, licking her lips of excess cream as she smiled at him past her sea of cleavage. The combination of her too-small, ripped top and the angle of her sitting before him made Gretel look extra huge from Tom's point of view, and he couldn't help but take out his camera and snap a picture.

"Smile!" he went, as he clicked.

"Oh! Is this another photo shoot? I love modelling! Wait, 'lemme get out of this unflattering, plain top…" said Gretel excitedly, grabbing the hem of her tank top and beginning to pull it off. As she did, Tom savoured that wonderful moment that always accompanied Gretel getting out of tops—as the tight fabric tugged her massive chest upward, their eventual release caused them to bounce back out heavily, jiggling and wobbling for several seconds.

"There, doesn't my old freshman top show off my curves better?" giggled Gretel, giving her too-tight straps a tug (which caused even more bouncing) as she looked down at her massive bosom bulging out the top, sides, and even bottom of her now very, very outgrown "I'm A Big Girl Now" top, which was ripped in several places. Gretel then reached for a nearby jelly-filled doughnut, and took a massive bite.

The message on the front was certainly very appropriate now, Tom thought as he looked from her massive balcony of boobage down to Gretel's now very well-fed, very plump belly as it bulged before him. It was fully exposed, of course, and Tom had to hand it to Gretel—she certainly had the confidence to herself into a crop top that used to fit her about a hundred pounds ago!

"It certainly does, Gretel! And can I just say how amazing you look. You've really gotten very, very…" he continued, slapping his hands onto Gretel's overflowing love handles, making her fat gut jiggle, "…VERY healthy over this past year!" He watched her bulging belly wobble as it smothered her poor shorts into nothingness. If Sarah saw this, she was going to have a fit, he thought with amusement.

"Awwww that's so sweet Tom. It's all thanks to you and your pampering!" she giggled, shoving the rest of the jelly-filled doughnut into her mouth greedily. She then put both hands on her massive breasts, which were heaving forth out of her ripped top. Tom could see a hint of her areolas showing since the top (and the bikini cups underneath) was just too small to contain them!

"THIS is all your fault too!" she joked through a mouthful of doughnut, using her hands to bounce her enormous breasts in front of him, showing how much his feeding had caused her to…errr…develop. "You gotta say sorry to my poor top" she pouted, shoving her jiggling cleavage into his face once more, smothering his entire head.

"Mmmmfff—mmm—mmmfff!" was all he could muster.

"Oops! Sorry Tommmm…I keep forgetting just how BIG I've gotten…" she cooed with a girlish giggle, getting off the poor boy and sitting instead on the side of their comfortable gazebo bed. She turned her back on Tom, facing instead the cart of sweets by their bedside.

Tom watched as she helped herself to a few of the fattening goodies before her. From his view, he could see clearly the incredible hourglass shape of her figure from behind. He could see her upper-back and arm fat pouring out of the outgrown, torn top of hers, as more back chub overflowed the too-tight straps of her bikini top underneath, made quite obvious due to the tightness of her poor top. Her love handles, so plump and voluptuous, flared out and bulged over her thick hips and tight bikini bottom's waistband, which was showing quite a bit since her poor shorts couldn't go all the way up. And of course, there was her fat ass, a good amount of it pouring out the top of her inadequate, torn short shorts, with loads more bulging out the bottom.

"…it's still all your fault though!" she said teasingly through a mouthful of éclair, half-turning to look at him so he could see in profile her massive chest stick out massively in front of her like a balcony, supported by her overfed tummy.

"My fault?" he smiled nervously, moving closer behind her and putting his hands on her plump love handles with a slap, making them and her massive hips jiggle blubberily. He gave those soft love handles a squeeze.

He immediately regretted closing the distance between them, as Gretel took this opportunity to heave her big, round ass off the bed and sit it down on Tom's poor lap. As if it hadn't had enough torture for one day. Sitting on his lap was fast becoming a favourite of Gretel's…it made her feel so…attended to by Tom, so pampered. She loved it. Even though she knew she was a bit…much for the skinny boy's frame.

"Oooofff!" groaned Tom. He was incredibly turned on by her un-shyness around him, and how she seemed just too much for him. Tom had been with girls in the past, yes, but the biggest was probably a 130-pound C-cup…which was nothing compared to the 237 pounds and LL-cup breasts of Gretel. He loved how she seemed to overflow him, and whenever she lay on or against him, or sat on him this way, he couldn't help but feel like one of her outgrown tops, trying its best to contain all that girl but barely managing.

"How is all…urgghhh…THIS, my fault?" he joked, gasping a bit for air as he struggled to adjust the big, buxom blonde sitting on his lap and flooding all over him. He wrapped one skinny arm around her ample waistline and hooked the other under her substantial thighs and, with all the strength he could muster, heaved her into a better position on his lap, making every inch of her bulging curves jiggle and bounce. Her new position on his lap helped distribute her weight a bit more evenly as her very sizeable rear end bulged over his lap.

"Oh you know what I mean! You are such a kind, generous guy Tom. You are sooooo good to me" she giggled, licking her fingers clean as she looked down at him, one of her gargantuan boobs bulging against his face again. "And don't think I forgot about you liking…healthier girls" she said teasingly, biting her lip as she pressed her massive bust even more against his face. "I hope I qualify" she pouted innocently, her double chin appearing cutely.

"Y-you certainly do, Gretel" he gulped nervously, as he felt the great weight of Gretel and her overflowing curves. He gave her massive rump a hearty pat which made it jiggle healthily, before grabbing the creaking waistband of her poor shorts and trying pathetically to heave it just a few inches up her quite exposed, bulging buttocks. "Believe me when I say you are the hottest, sexiest, and definitely healthiest girl I've ever been with" he said, putting his hand now on her very chubby upper arm and giving it a few comforting rubs and squeezes. She was so meaty! He loved how those arms framed that gargantuan chest wonderfully. And how they were quite noticeably thicker and fleshier than his own skinny ones.

"Awww you are sooo sweet Tom" she giggled. She looked down at him in between bites of chocolate cake, as he wrapped his arm around her bulging, blubbery midsection. Well, she couldn't really see it exactly (since her giant boobs covered her view of her bloated belly quite a bit), but she definitely felt it. She loved the feeling of Tom's touch.

"Tom, could I make a requesttttt?" she cooed, pressing her overflowing figure even closer against Tom as she sat on his lap. She could feel him struggling a bit under her weight, as his fingers dug into her plump sides.

"Urgghhh…yeah, Gretel?" said Tom, ever the gentleman even under the enormous stress of over 237 pounds of very stuffed Gretel Humphrey bulging all over him.

"Could you maybe…give me a nice little rub-down? We've got some massaging oil over here, and I'd rather have you than some masseuse lady…" she said sweetly, wrapping those fleshy arms of hers around Tom's neck and smothering him even more with boobage.

"Mmmmfff…! Of course…mmmfff…Gretel!" he said, and although Gretel couldn't see much of his face as her cleavage engulfed his head, his smiling eyes told her he was pleased to be of service.

"You're the best Tom!" she said happily, pulling away from him and placing her hands on the hem of her creaking, torn "I'm A Big Girl Now" top. It was a miracle Tom didn't experience a nosebleed every time Gretel took off a top—the snug fabric lifted her enormous breasts momentarily as she tugged, before those gigantic watermelons of hers came bouncing out.

"Wow" whispered Tom as Gretel's humongous boobs bounced and jiggled as she peeled off her top. Now back in just her very outgrown yellow bikini, they poured shamelessly out of the undersized cups and straps, her nipples poking out and her areolas obvious.

Gretel noticed Tom's awe and giggled. She then lay back down against the bed, her head on the pillows as she proceeded to wriggle out of her  obscenely undersized short shorts. That didn't take too long since the shorts didn't even go all the way up her massive ass, and Tom thought it was a bit of a pity it didn't—her wriggling caused every inch of her exposed, overflowing flesh (and there was a LOT) to jiggle and wobble. She smiled at him, sensing his arousal as she did, in between looking down at her own bulging figure as she shimmied out of her shorts. Tom noticed her cute double chin appear, as her chin pressed against her heaving cleavage. He wondered how she could see past those things—she probably didn't.

Finally, Gretel had managed to strip back down to her ridiculously inadequate bikini. She looked just as she did this afternoon, cups and straps straining against her titanic boobs, bikini bottom rendered invisible by her fat gut and huge ass and thighs, although even fuller from all the eating she had done since then.

"I'm ready for you, Tommmm" she said with a smile, folding her chubby arms behind her head as she lay down before him bursting out of her barely-there bikini. Her giant boobs bulged against her chin and even poured over sideways due to their sheer size and weight. Her belly pooched upward and her love handles flared sideways on the bed, a good amount of her gut still covering her bikini bottom even while lying down. And although her legs were spread, her now quite thick, plump thighs still pressed against each other and sandwiched the little bit of bikini bottom still seen.

Minutes later, Tom was slathering wonderfully scented coconut oil over Gretel's fleshy physique as the buxom blonde helped herself gluttonously to the multiple morsels Tom had provided for her on the nearby food cart.  

Gretel's oiled up body glistened in the light of the candles as Tom ran his hands all over her soft, bulging curves, his fingers sinking into her bountifulness. He couldn't believe how much she had grown in the past year! She was more than just plump now, more than just chubby. He couldn't believe it had taken it this long to realize it, but as he kneaded her bulging gut bloated from all the pampering she had received courtesy of Tom himself, he knew it—Gretel was now really quite fat. And it was mostly thanks to him—his continual generous treatment and spoiling of his long-time crush had helped her blossom even more. Her groaning bikini and overflowing assets were a testament to that.

"Feed me Tommmmm" cooed Gretel, as she used her elbows to heave herself up into a semi-sitting position, her back resting lazily against the bed's board and sinking into several soft pillows. The motion caused her enormous jugs to jiggle madly, her nipples poking obviously out of the inadequate cups as her boobs began to push out again.

Tom obliged, grabbing a nearby cream-filled éclair and drawing it towards Gretel's waiting mouth. She took a massive bite, half of the pastry disappearing as vanilla cream dripped down her mouth. In her laid-back position, her overflowing cleavage actually pressed against her chin since her boobs were just too much.

"Could I get a little tummy rub tooooo?" she smiled sweetly through a mouthful of éclair, her cute double chin digging into her boobage. He was surprised she could still see past those things, which fell out even more as she folded her chubby arms relaxingly behind her head once more. Her nipples were quite exposed by now, the cups of her bikini now just for show as they groaned and creaked in their attempts to contain the bulging blonde.

Tom was more than happy to oblige, rubbing her bulging, plump, and really now quite fat belly as it poured onto her lap, making her bikini bottom's straps disappear. He couldn't believe how his high school crush, the ever-busty, curvy Gretel Humphrey, had grown into such a well-fed, overflowing, bodacious beauty. It had been truly a crazy and amazing year spent with her—the trips to different restaurants, the coaxing and encouraging for her to go for that "extra upsize", the countless times he treated her to a free lunch, or snack, or dinner…it all added up to what Gretel was today.

Long gone were the days when he had to hide his longing gazes at her across the classroom. For a moment Tom flashed back to his freshman years of high school, during their class' field trip to the beach. He remembered that was when he had first really felt the hots for Gretel Humphrey. She had been wearing this very same yellow bikini back then, and it hugged her already nicely-developed curves, including those DD-cup breasts on her soft 140-lb frame.

Tom then snapped back to reality and looked down at the very full, very healthy 240-pound, LL-cup Gretel of today, her poor bikini struggling to keep from bursting right off, let alone being able to contain much of her at her current size.

"More pleaseeee" she giggled, having devoured the éclair he had been feeding her as his mind wandered. She licked her cream-stained lips, her heaving bosom jiggling as her chubby chin sunk into it, and she opened her mouth hungrily as she waited to be served. And Tom wasn't one to make a woman wait!

Tom continued to pamper Gretel, feeding her and massaging her all over simultaneously as she moaned and cooed with every bite of sweet, fattening pastry, and with every feel of his touch on every inch of her smooth, well-padded. He rubbed her thick, chubby arms, squeezed her juicy, plump thighs, kneaded her bulging, blubbery midsection, and heaved and jiggled (and tried to hold them as best he could) her gigantic, bouncing boobs. All the while he fed Gretel, and she ate…and ate…and ate…and ate…

…until finally, the cart was empty.

Tom was lying on his back on bed, smiling in pleasure and anticipation for what was to come as Gretel finished off the last bits of crumbs and smudges of syrup and cream. He was gazing up at the ceiling of their gazebo, the moonlight and candles illuminating the intricate woven design that held it together, when Gretel slid onto his belly, apparently done polishing off the empty plates with her tongue.

"Oooooooffff!" went Tom, feeling the air knocked out of him a bit as a very well-fed, very healthy Gretel sat on top of him. She definitely had gotten heavier from all of today's eating alone.

"Oh gosh I am soooooo full!" sighed Gretel with a pretty smile , her double chin obvious again as she looked down at him. He looked up, and it was a miracle he could even see her face past her bulging, overfed gut looming over him and above those, her absolutely titanic breasts. "Can you believe I ate alllllll that?" she said innocently, batting her eyelashes down at him, before…

"BUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRRRRPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!" went Gretel, letting out a belch that seemed to shake their entire bed.

Tom pulled his skinny arms out from under her hefty thighs, and placed his hands on her expansive waistline, giving her bulging belly a hearty pat. "Well, you certainly have developed quite an appetite over the past year, Gretel, so yes" he answered with a laugh, although a compromised one thanks to all that weight sitting on his torso.

"Heyyyyyyy it's YOUR fault I've gotten so…ummm…healthy, remember!" she giggled, making every inch of her bulging flesh looming over him jiggle and wobble. A devilish, cute smile crossed her face as she looked down at Tom past her monstrous boobs. "Now…how to reward you for allllllll this?" she grinned, running her hands up her thick hips, bulging belly, and overflowing breasts. "It is your fault, after all" she giggled. "Oh, I know…"

Gretel slid her barely there bikini-bottom down her oiled-up hips, her thick thighs sandwiching Tom's slight torso. She then undid the makeshift strap holding her broken bikini top together, causing her massive breasts to surge forward. Now completely naked, she ran her hand through her beautiful blonde hair and ruffled it, the motion causing her entire figure to jiggle and wobble.

Tom gulped, as Gretel slid her ample hips downwards to meet his own, and she lay her heavy, bodacious body against his, smothering his thin frame easily with all of hers. He desperately wrapped his arms around her, his thin arms pressing into her plump hips and his fingers sinking into her big, fat buttocks.

As Gretel's gigantic boobs poured onto his chest, flooding over his neck, and soon his face as well, he saw her smile and bite her lip sensually.

"Although I wanna be on top this time" she giggled.


The End.

And that's it, boys and girls, the end of the Senior Year series. :D

I hope you enjoyed the ride. I know a few of you probably won't be too happy with the abrupt (?) and rather cliffhanger-y ending, but I didn't want to end this supposedly lighthearted story with such a long "goodbye". That, and I've been looking to end it for a while now since I'd been running out of inspiration/creative juices to keep writing it, hence the increasingly longer lag time between chapters. :P

Anyway, hope you guys still had fun with Gretel and Tom! May their last few weeks of high school together be as filled with pigging-out and pleasure as these last few chapters were! :D See you guys!
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Tom and Gretel were becoming fast friends, spending most of their time at school together. They were, after all, partners and seatmates in nearly every subject, and lunch buddies as well. Though Gretel wasn't at Tom's place every single day (although she'd love for it to be, given the amount of food she got from Mrs. Downing!), they did hang around a lot after class visiting the mall, going out for a snack (usually Gretel's idea) or just chilling.

They didn't see each other at all during the first weekend, which disappointed Tom a little. But he did get to chat with her online on Saturday night via webcam.

At first all Tom could see was Gretel's beautiful, heart-shaped face, framed by her somewhat fly-away blonde hair, and that cute little mole under her eye. He could also see her exposed, faire shoulders. She was wearing a spaghetti-strap top or something, he guessed, as he could see the string-like straps digging into her flesh. But below that, he couldn't see. Not that he cared, just chatting with Gretel was enough! The webcam quality was surprisingly good, he thought. Gretel was working on a tub of rocky road ice cream as she chatted with him about her family, Sarah and Cody, and how the three of them spent the weekend. Tom himself was enjoying a bottle of soda, the television on in the background.

"Oh! Random, but lemme show you my absolute FAVOURITE top! I've had it since freshman year" said Gretel brightly, licking her spoon clean and setting it aside momentarily. Tom then saw Gretel's soft, chubby arms appear to frame his monitor as she started to adjust her webcam.

Tom almost spewed his soda, controlled himself, forced himself to swallow, and went into a fit of gasping and sputtering.

Gretel had zoomed out a bit, and adjusted the webcam slightly downwards to innocently show Tom her favourite top.

He had guessed right about it being a spaghetti strap top. What he hadn't guessed was how…SMALL it was on Gretel, now.

It was tight, stretched across her enormous 46-inch, J-cup chest (he had never forgotten those numbers, Tom) like a second skin. It was sky blue, with a picture of a cute baby duckling trying to fly, with the text "I'm a BIG girl now!" printed on top. There was also a massive tear down the front, where Gretel's cleavage was absolutely ERUPTING forth. Tom had honestly never seen so much cleavage in his life! Ironically, the rip tore down the word "BIG", splitting it in half and warping the stretched text. Tom could also detect slight rips in the side, where incredibly, a noticeable amount of Gretel's side-boob was spilling out healthily. Lower down, Tom noticed that her belly button, and quite a bit of that plumpening, lap-pooching tummy, was showing. He then realized it was meant to be a crop top, purposely showing off her belly. Tom suspected a few years back it might have shown a soft but reasonably less chubby midsection. But now, her love handles and gut looked so cute and squeezable pouring out from under the tight top like that, the fabric stretched tightly over what it could manage to cover.

Perhaps the most amazing thing was that Gretel wasn't wearing a bra. Well, she WAS at home, Tom reasoned. And a bra must feel like a medieval torture device to a girl as busty as Gretel. But still. God. Damn. Her nipples poked though the tight fabric (too bad it wasn't a white top!) obviously, and Tom noted that even without a bra Gretel's gigantic boobs were still so perky. Probably helped by the sheer tightness of the top. Her full, healthy, heavy breasts were just so nicely packed in there.

"Isn't it sooo cute? Can you see the little duckie?" she cooed, her face still visible in the webcam (Tom had momentarily forgotten that!). As she did, Tom thought he would faint as he watched Gretel tug the top downward, forcefully stretching it even more, making her nipples and rolls of chub even more obvious and causing her cleavage to pour out even more ridiculously.

"O-oh yeah, I can see it alright…" he gulped, still gasping as he spat a bit of root beer.

"Honestly, it HAS gotten a wee bit tighter since first year, but it's still my fave! It's so comfy" she said with a satisfied smile, nodding cutely which only caused her bulging cleavage to jiggle. He then watched as she reached sideways, retrieving a cupcake from beyond the view of her webcam. Taking a bite into the cupcake, she leaned forward onto the computer desk and rested her chin on one hand lazily.

"So how's your day been?" she said friendlily through a mouthful of cupcake. Tom watched as her enormous bosom flooded all over her keyboard, covering a whole lot of it. Her cleavage seemed to call out to him.

Tom wanted to shake the hand of the man who invented the webcam. What a genius!

A few more days of heavy lunches, snack-filled gym classes, and Mrs-Downing's-cooking-after-school sessions at Tom's place passed the two friends by. It was undeniable that Gretel seemed to be eating more than usual ever since the two met. It was as if his presence encouraged her to snack. Whenever they'd meet up she'd always have some sort of treat in hand, whether it be a bar of chocolate, a pastry, or some finger food from the cafeteria. But she always seemed so happy, and she was always genuinely delighted to see him.

By the second week of school, Tom had noticed something. It wasn't obvious, being only apparent to someone who watched Gretel with such great attention to detail as himself, but he noticed that Gretel was starting to look a little fuller. Perhaps it was just his imagination, but it seemed like slightly more creases appeared on Gretel's tightening blouse each time she took a seat, and it was as if the times she gave her overworked bra a tug seemed to increase in frequency. But he was probably just imagining things.

"Hey Tom!" said Gretel towards the end of their second week over lunch (she had an extra full tray today—on Thursdays, gym came before lunch).

"S-sorry?" went Tom, who was in somewhat of a trance. He was always mesmerized during lunchtime by the way Gretel could scarf down her massive tray of food so quickly. That, and the fact that her impressive bust wobbled and shook each time she reached for a new item of food, or shifted her butt in her seat to get more comfortable, or did really anything for that matter. She was still in her PE uniform too.

"Wanna come over to my place tomorrow? We just had a new pool installed and we're gonna test it out!" chimed Gretel as she slurped up some spaghetti while simultaneously reaching for her second carton of chocolate milk.

Tom blinked. Swimming? At Gretel's place?

Immediately his thoughts flashed to Gretel in a bikini, and his heart began to race.

Then they quickly shifted to one of those cheesy, misty scenes from a typical romantic anime where the shy male protagonist got into steamy situations with the voluptuous female protagonist at the pool. He began to sweat, and shook his head rapidly to dispel the vision.

"No?" pouted Gretel, her fork still in her mouth, her face falling.

"N-no! I mean yes! I mean, I didn't mean no! I—" went Tom, sputtering brainlessly before stopping himself. "I mean, yes, of course I'd love to go. I've never met your family before" he smiled shyly.

Gretel immediately brightened back up.

"Great! Ohhh it's going to be so much fun!" she went, doing her usual excited clapping which only pressed her humongous boobs together even more. Tom loved it when she did that. "Now where's my milk?" she went cluelessly, spinning around in her seat. As she did, her bulging bosom knocked over her carton of milk which she didn't even notice was right in front of her.

Tom almost spewed out his own milk which he was drinking at the moment.

"Oopsie!" she went as the carton fell off the table onto the floor. Luckily there wasn't much left. She then eyed Tom's carton of milk mischievously and in a flash (Tom was surprised she was capable of such quick movement!) she grabbed it away from him.

"Hey!" protested Tom, though he smiled a little.

"Sorry Tom, I need this more than you! I'm a growing girl remember?" she said with a wink, before tilting her head back and chugging the rest of the milk down. Tom watched her in awe, staring at her outgrown PE tank top with the "Summer High" text warped and stretched across her expansive chest.

"You sure are, Gretel" he smiled.

"BUUURRRPPPPPPPP!!!" went Gretel, letting out a rather shameless, but hearty belch. She gave her tank top a tug down since it was riding up again and showing her belly button. "You gonna eat that?" she asked sweetly, pointing to Tom's unfinished slice of cake.

"Help yourself" he laughed, pushing it towards the healthy girl.

The rest of Thursday and Friday seemed to fly by for Tom, who had nothing on his mind but the next day's sleepover. Before he knew it the bell for the end of their last class of the week was ringing, and he and Gretel were making their way out of the school.

He had never been to Gretel's house before. He knew she lived a little further than him from school, and they took the train again to get to a nice part of town that had lots of little local shops and restaurants, before they moved on to a purely residential area.

It was a nice neighbourhood, and soon Tom found himself at Gretel's two-floor house. It was nice and homey, with lots of vegetation. It wasn't much larger than Tom's, but he saw a large area at the back which he guessed was a backyard, and where they had installed the pool.

"Well, here we are! Wait 'til you meet Sarah and Cody" said Gretel excitedly, opening the little picket fence and bouncing inside. Tom followed.

Inside the house, Tom was greeted by cosy, warm interiors that made him feel like he was in his own home rather than in someone else's. It actually did remind him of home, as the place had decors that his mother would have loved.

"Guyssss! Tom's here!" went Gretel, cupping her hands around her mouth and calling through the house.

"Alright, coming!" called a voice.

"Be out in a sec!" went another.

Soon, two people appeared in the living room coming from different areas of the house. A little boy dressed in outdoors-wear had run in from the backyard, while a girl who looked just a few years older than Tom and Gretel descended from upstairs.

Gretel lived with her two friends, Sarah and Cody, for as long as she could remember. Though they weren't related, they were like family to each other and loved each other dearly. Sarah was like their motherly big-sis, despite being only a few years older than Gretel. She was currently working at a popular women's magazine. She was the polar opposite of Gretel physically. She was a brunette, with a slimmer face and pointier features. And although she was about as tall as Gretel, she was much, much less voluminous. She had a slim, willowy sort of figure that didn't have nearly as much curves as Gretel's bulging, buxom one.

Cody was a little boy of about nine or ten and was a lover of the outdoors—he was a boy scout, after all. He was small, and had auburn-coloured hair and a slight tan to his skin from all his time outside. Although he was much younger than Gretel, he sometimes acted like an older sibling, looking out for the slightly naïve, innocent Gretel.

Gretel introduced them both to Tom.

"Great to finally meet you, sir! Gretel's told us so much about you" said Cody with a boy scout's salute.

"Really? Uhh, I mean, nice to meet you too Cody!" he smiled, saluting the little boy back, who was evidently pleased by the response.

"So you're the one who's been fattening up our little Gretel lately, huh?" said Sarah with a smile. She reminded Tom of his own mom, with that caring and friendly aura. She gave Gretel's soft, healthy upper arm a teasing pinch, grabbing a good amount of chub.

"Hey! Tom is NOT making me fat!" protested Gretel, stomping a foot on the ground which only caused her huge chest, showing bit of tummy, and stuck-out butt to jiggle and wobble.

"Oh, no, I'm really not--!" he went in a panicked voice, waving his arms nervously.

"I'm only kidding, Tom!" went Sarah smiling warmly, offering a hand which Tom shook. "Pleased to meet you Tom."

"Oh. Haha, for a minute there I thought you were serious" he laughed nervously.

"Sarah's ALWAYS saying I'm getting bigger—as if, right?" said Gretel, rolling her eyes and smiling as she spotted an opened box of chocolates on the living room coffee table. "Ohhhh, chocolates!" she purred, walking over to it (Tom watched her healthy, round rump sway from side to side in her tight PE shorts) and immediately digging in.

Tom looked back at Sarah, who rolled her eyes and smiled too, mouthing silently to him 'see what I mean?' Tom laughed soundlessly in reply, nodding.

Tom sat around with Gretel, Cody and Sarah in the living room, exchanging stories and talking about school. Sarah herself had gone to Summer High back when she was in high school a couple of years ago, and Cody was in Summer Elementary, the junior school. So the four of them had a lot in common. Tom found Gretel's family very friendly, and, like her, very easy to warm up to. Tom observed that although Cody was the youngest, Gretel was treated (and honestly, acted) like the baby of the family. He couldn't help chortling a bit as Cody and Sarah teased her about how her increasingly tightening school uniform, and they told Tom some funny (and cute) anecdotes of Gretel's appetite.

"Whaaat, I was hungry!" was Gretel's standard reply to each story, though she laughed along with the others  as she worked on a tub of caramel ice cream. She was the only one eating as they chatted.

The sun was still nice and bright when they all decided it was time to go swimming. Cody lead Tom to the washroom where he got changed into his swimming shorts, then out into the yard where the pool was.

The backyard of Gretel's house was beautifully at night. It was larger than Tom thought, with a small porch with tables and chairs and a grill, where he suspected they held parties. The pool was nearby, not very large, just big enough for recreation and chilling. It took up half of the yard, the rest of which was neatly-cut green grass. Tom even saw a half de-assembled tent in the corner.

"I'll finish packing that up, or Sarah will be mad" said Cody, hurrying over to his little tent.

Tom pinched his nose and made a little hop into the pool. The water was nice, and he waded around a bit before Cody joined him, tossing in a beach ball.

A moment later Sarah came out already in her swimwear as well, a nice little pink bikini that showed off her slim, fine figure. Tom noted that even though the bikini top was very low-cut, Sarah had hardly cleavage at all, not being exactly the most well-endowed girl. She would've been very attractive to most guys, but Tom was looking forward to someone else, someone with more…to offer.

"Where's Gretel?" asked Cody, which was what was on Tom's mind.

"She's still putting on her bikini. I told her to get a new one but she wouldn't believe that her old one from last year was already too small" said Sarah with a smile and a roll of the eyes. She was carrying a tray with some glasses of soda and a few snacks like hotdogs and chicken wings. On the way to the pool she turned on a small stereo set and music filled the yard.

"Snack, Tom?" offered Sarah, placing the tray down by the pools edge before dipping in herself.

"No, thanks, I'm not—" he began, but he was cut off by a familiar voice from behind.

"More for me then!" said Gretel.

Tom turned around to see Gretel skipping over, crammed into a bikini that looked a few sizes too small. He was sure it fit her perfectly fifteen to twenty pounds ago (and a few cup sizes ago too!), but personally Tom thought the way it fit now was potentially nose-bleed-inducing.

It was a cute apple green string bikini with bra-like cups and spaghetti-type straps. Tom almost fainted at the sight of how tight the bikini top was on Gretel now—she had apparently done a lot of growing since last year. The cups struggled to hold her entire breasts, but Tom could see a good amount of boobage escaping out the sides, and definitely a LOT of cleavage pouring out the front. Her side-boobage though was really worth mentioning, as it was not just pushing out of the cups but pouring against the side-straps as well. It was these details that really got Tom sweating (despite being in a pool!).

Her whole tummy was obviously on display, and it looks like it had definitely chubbed up over the years. Her gut in the front and the love handles at the sides poured over the poor bikini bottom and its string-like straps, flooding them over with plumpness. In fact, the bikini strings at the sides sunk into her hip-chub so much that it was almost gone. Meanwhile, her two bulging buttocks ate up the bikini bottom hungrily, but thankfully it still managed to cover a small amount of her hefty rear. Those two soft, thick thighs were fully exposed, however.

Tom noticed his mouth was ajar though he didn't bother closing it as Gretel bounced over to the poolside where he was. She took a seat right by the pool's edge next to him, and he watched as her plumpened midsection folded into a healthy roll or two of flab, love handles making her bikini bottom waistband disappear and pooching onto her thick thighs which bulged onto the poolside's surface.

Her huge breasts meanwhile loomed over that healthy belly, cleavage pouring further out of the front of her groaning bikini top. Tom guessed her bikini top was meant to fit a respectable pair of D-cups (the cups were the quite large)…but Gretel's J's were just overflowing.

Gretel though typically didn't seem to care how ridiculously busty, overflowing, and quite frankly too chubby she looked in her outgrown bikini. Tom could only stare, taking in every inch of her creamy, soft flesh as it bulged over and against every strap.

"These are good!" she said, her voice muffled as she munched on one of the hotdogs. She smiled down at Tom as she sat by the pool's edge, looking down at him past her enormous bust. He had an expression of awe on his face which she typically didn't notice. She gave her tiny (okay, tiny on HER) bikini top a tug, causing her gigantic boobs to jiggle.

"I told you I'd still fit into it, Sarah!" Gretel called over to her friend, bust wobbling. She then looked back down at Tom and said "She totally didn't believe it would fit anymore" with a smile. She then leaned across Tom, reaching a chubby arm forward to grab another hotdog. As she did, Tom had to pull back hastily to avoid Gretel's bulging bust from smashing into his face.

"Imagine that?" she went, stuffing another hotdog into her mouth, her boobs wobbling inches from his face.

"C-crazy, I know" he gulped, staring into that canyon of cleavage.

Gretel did hop into the pool afterwards, enjoying the water with the others as well as return trips to the poolside where Sarah was refilling the snack tray.

"Gretel! That's for our guest you know, and you're eating everything up" scolded Sarah, when she spied Gretel wading over to the poolside area to grab another cupcake.

"What! I haven't eaten THAT much. Besides, Tom's not eating any, right Tom?" she pouted, looking over at Tom who was in the pool next to her and grabbing a glass of orange juice from the tray.

"Nope, just had a pastry or two. They were really good by the way, Sarah" he smiled politely at the other girl, before turning back to Gretel. "Go ahead and help yourself!"

"Yey! See, Sarah?" went Gretel, sticking out her tongue and smiling as she reached a chubby arm across, leaning against the pool's edge to grab her cupcake. Tom watched as her gigantic, bikini-top-overflowing boobs poured onto the poolside where Gretel rested them as she ate her cupcake.

"Your bikini top won't last much longer if you keep eating like that, you know" joked Sarah, pointing to Gretel's upwelling cleavage. Her side boob was bulging onto the tiled poolside ground as well, pouring out of her bikini top even more. And Tom could see the faint outline of her nipples as they poked against the stretched bikini fabric.

Tom had to agree with Sarah, but he can't say he was complaining.

"Shut up, Sarah!" pouted Gretel, stuffing the rest of her cupcake into her mouth. She then reached across the poolside once more, grabbing a white-and-red striped inflatable inner tube.

"Could you help me get into this, Tom? Thanks!" she said brightly, tossing him the inner tube  as she licked her fingertips clean of any chocolate and crumbs. She then raised both her soft, thickening arms up, causing her bikini top to tighten even more against her enormous bosom.

"O-okay" he gulped, eyes bulging. He tried not to stare, instead slipping the inner tube over her arms and down past her head and shoulders. That's as far as it went though—it stopped at her chest.

"It's ummm…stuck" he said nervously, giving it a few light pushes downwards. That only caused Gretel's bulging bosom to jiggle even more.

Gretel put her arms down, her upper arm chub pressing plumply against the inner tube as she stared down at it, pouting. "Awwww, it looks like it shrunk AGAIN since last summer! You'll just have to help me squeeze it on, Tom" she smiled.

What came after was a few minutes of inching the groaning inner tube over Gretel's obviously much-too-large chest. In the end though, she was able to get it all the way over.

"Finally!" she said triumphantly, looking down to see her huge bosom bounce out as the tube finally slipped down to the upper part of her tummy. "Ahhhh, now I can relax" she smiled, slumping down into the tube. Her huge boobs flooded all the space and poured out its edge, and with her slumped down like that her cleavage almost touched her chin and her bikini top cups looked like they were in mortal peril. Her arms looked extra thick and chubby rested against the tube's surface too, her plumpness just overflowing it.

She then lazily floated over to the pool's edge and did something that really impressed, surprised, and aroused Tom all at once. Gretel picked up one, two, three, four cupcakes…and set them down on her upwelling cleavage, using her enormous boobs as a sort of table. They were that big.

"You should totally come over more often, Tom" she said through a mouthful of cupcake, already working on her first as she reached a chubby arm across for a carton of chocolate milk. "Sarah hardly makes this much good food when there aren't any guests around!" she said brightly, taking a chug from her milk.

The two spent their time lounging around the pool for the rest of the afternoon, Gretel helping herself to all the snacks Sarah had prepared mostly for Tom. By the time evening had fallen, she had eaten what Tom thought was enough for a class of small children at a fieldtrip to the pastry shop. He had lost count after the third batch of treats arrived.

"Ahhh that was definitely a good afternoon of swimming!" said Gretel, climbing the stairs out of the pool with Tom. Tom chuckled to himself. Gretel hadn't done as much "swimming" as "floating around and eating". He turned to her, and noticed she was still wearing the inner tube—it was snug across her torso, and she didn't even have to hold it for it to stay there. She was definitely full from all those pastries.

"Ohhh…come on…urghhhh…" she groaned as she began to force it down her obviously rounder midsection. She eventually got it down to her hips, where it wouldn't budge further. Tom meanwhile could see her tummy, stuffed and looking even plumper now, bulging over the inner tube.

Gretel tried a few futile nudges of the inner tube downwards across her butt. "Think I have a chance?" she went, looking at Tom then down behind her at her impressive posterior. It was so big and stuck out so far behind that she could see a hint of it even past the inner tube's border.

"I think we might have to deflate the tube first, Gretel" laughed Tom nervously, staring. No way that was going to squeeze down that huge rump.

A few minutes later (with Gretel's inner tube problem solved), Tom was seated by the snacks table drying himself off when Gretel walked over to him. He presumed she wanted more snacks. Tom watched her come over and it seemed to be in slow motion—he took in every detail of every bulging inch of her exposed, creamy flesh jiggling slightly with each step. He loved how her enormous bust bounced and wobbled in the confines of her bikini top as she walked, how her tummy, bulging over and covering a bit of her bikini bottom with its pudge, jiggled as well, and how her wide hips swayed from side to side. He even noticed the little details of her thick, healthy thighs rubbing together, and her swinging arms pressing against her corpulent amounts of overflowing side-boob as she walked, making them wobble and jiggle further.

"Hey Tom! Thanks for coming over! I had soooo much fun today" she said, smiling down at him with her pretty face. He noticed how her face had plumped up since their freshman days, and she had a cute little double chin going as she looked down at him. He had to focus on her face too, to keep him from staring at the enormous boobs, that cute plump tummy, or those juicy, thick thighs while she was making conversation.

"N-no, thank you for inviting me over Gretel! I mean, we'd only just met and I've already had so much fun with you" he smiled shyly.

Gretel seemed to brighten up further with this.

"Awwwww Tom, that's so sweet! I could just give you a hug." she beamed, and Tom withheld a gasp as she suddenly lunged towards him. To his surprise, Gretel lowered herself down to his level and took a seat on his very lap as she wrapped her fleshy arms around him in a warm, and very, very, very soft hug.

"T-thanks, Gretel…!" he said, smiling weakly, his hands on her plump love handles as they poured over the sides of her bikini. It was a rather awkward position for him. He had had women on his lap before, facing him, but it was in more of a sexual context than a casual hug like this. Gretel really drove him crazy with her innocence. And what's more, those women were usually shorter and slimmer, usually around 5'1" and 110 lbs. Gretel, at her 5'10" and 175 lbs was a bit overwhelming for him. For one thing, he couldn't feel his legs under her weight. The feeling of those massive melons pressing against his chest and chin though, made up for it. He looked down Gretel's back and noticed he couldn't even see his knees anymore—Gretel's huge rump, her butt crack peeking out of her outgrown bikini bottom a little, had flooded over his entire lap and was even pouring over it.

A second later Gretel pulled away, smiling beautifully at him with her hands on his shoulders. From here, Tom could now see every bit of her up close. Her massive breasts and groaning bikini, and every inch of pudge pouring over the straps. He looked down to see their midsections almost pressing against each other—his own flat, skinny one and Gretel's VERY well-fed, and now quite stuffed tummy bulging over her bikini bottom in this sitting position, and pooching onto her thighs. And those thighs—they looked so  thick and creamy, bulging over the bit of his lap that her huge butt hadn't managed to cover.

She really was a growing girl. The growing girl of his dreams. And being this close to her, skin touching skin, and so much of hers showing as it bulged out of her tight bikini, he could really see how much plumper she had grown over the years.

"Isn't it so cool? We just met and all and we're already such great friends! This has been some of the most fun days of my high school, honestly" she beamed.

"Me too—" began Tom, but he was cut off by Gretel's eyes fixating on something behind Tom.

"Oooooh, brownies!" she squealed, and before Tom knew it he saw Gretel's huge chest heading straight for him.

Gretel had leaned forward to reach behind Tom for a fudge and marshmallow-topped brownie, effectively smothering him for a second or two in her bountiful bosom. She didn't seem to notice it though, as she was too happy munching on her brownie when she pulled away from him once more. He had a dazed, slightly euphoric expression on his face though.

"Anyway, where was I? I get so distracted by food" she admitted, looking skyward as she tried to recall what she was talking about. She took a bite from the brownie.

"Oh now I remember! Yeah, I'm just really happy we met Tom, I've had soooo much fun with you" she smiled, bits of brownie flying out of her mouth. Tom found her slight piggishness cute as always. "It's only been two weeks—I'm really looking forward to the rest of Senior year!"

As Gretel tossed the rest of her brownie into her mouth, licking her fingers clean happily, Tom took the moment to dart his eyes downwards again, taking in the sight of Gretel's overflowing, voluptuous figure. The figure that his presence was, somehow, helping "develop" even further.

"Me too, Gretel" he answered with a smile.
Looks like Gretel and Tom are getting pretty close! And Tom has been having quite an effect on Gretel's eating that a good thing or a bad thing? :D

Anyway, comments and reactions are much appreciated! Hope you guys liked this one. :)
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Carmen's soft little fingers snatched at my wrist, begging me without words, "Enough!  Enough!"  I looked to her for confirmation, and I read an emphatic "Yes" from her blood-drained lips.  With a smile, I relaxed my hand and sat back on my heels for a minute or so, giving her muscles a chance to relax before I withdrew my sticky and tingling fingers from deep between her thighs.  She gasped at that final stimulation, and her entire body pulsed in a shivering wave.

"I love it so much when you keep me going like that," she panted, resting her hands absently on her wide, sweat dampened belly.  Her body seemed larger while she was splayed out on the bed, naked and unrestricted in every sense of the word.  Her breasts nested themselves neatly into the crevices between her flank and meaty upper arms, jiggling just out of sync with her short, rapid breathing.  Her face remained almost pallid as, eyes gently shut, she gradually dipped into afterglow.  A ring of gently curled hair framed her open-mouthed smile and spread like a drying black mop over her crumpled pillow.  Her wide, soft gut flared out below Carmen's invisible ribs, love handles wide enough to cover her hands if she held them at her sides.  Presently, the lowest roll covered the tops of her thighs, which were likewise spread like braised cream over the twisted bed sheets beneath us.  The fat limbs twitched spasmodically all the way down to her widespread knees, still beyond her control as much as her glowing, red-cheeked grin.

I smiled contentedly and supported myself with one hand on the side of her extremely squishy belly.  My wrists ached a little from spreading so far apart to support my body over hers; though, she insisted it felt better when I was on top.  I didn't doubt it, and I had no complaints over the last hour.  As soon as she felt my fingers on her supple skin, Carmen laid her hand on top of mine and squeezed it lovingly.

"Thank you," she said, already slipping into a pleasant exhaustion.

"No problem," I said, patting her bouncy side congenially.

"You're supposed to say 'you're welcome,'" she sighed.

"That's what I meant," I said, smiling a little less as I lay down beside her, one arm draped lazily over her parted breasts.

"They're a little sore," she cautioned, squirming a little reflexively.

"I won't bother them," I assured her and kissed her cheek.

We cuddled and kissed for an hour or so, few if any words were said or needed to be said with my arms curled beneath her heavy, glistening body listening to my own heartbeat reverberating between her back and my chest.  Nearing the hour mark, though, my eyelids began to drag me down, and I felt I had to sit up or I would doze off until morning.  I slid to the edge of the bed and slowly rotated my neck, cracking out the stiffness before I was ready to stand.

"You're leaving?" she murmured, already half asleep herself.

"Yeah, I need to," I replied, scanning the room preemptively for my shirt and pants.  "I have to make sure I'm up in time for the focus meeting with Dr. Mason's group tomorrow."

"Stay with me!" she suggested giddily.  She rolled over on one side, making a great pile of her fat belly and breasts in front of her.

"I can't tonight," I insisted.  "It always takes me an extra half hour to get out of here in the morning, and if I rush, I know I'll fall asleep in the meeting.  Jin has to present tomorrow, and he always takes forty-five minutes to talk about one week's work.  You know what he does?  He just pads his stupid presentations with shit that he did a month ago and rearranged a little so he can have a new graph."

"Just get up earlier, then," she suggested, rubbing a spot on the bed for me to fill.

I sighed as quietly as I could manage once it became obvious that we were going to play through the same irksome routine.  I was never getting out of this room, no matter what reason I had, no matter how much I wanted or needed to go.

"It's already almost one-thirty," I explained, "and I don't have any clothes for tomorrow.  I'm going to have to drive back to my place, anyway."  She pouted at me, unaffected by my sound reasoning, and, if anything, already starting to feel hurt that I was leaving her.  "Besides," I added, "there's no way you're going to be awake when I have to leave."

"But I want you to fall asleep next to me," she said in her milkiest voice.

"Then come stay with me tonight," I offered.

"I'm already naked here," she said.

"So am I," I observed, which I only realized belatedly did not help my argument.  "You don't have to get up early.  Just come back with me," I reiterated.

"I can't stay with you," she frowned.  "You know I can't.  I don't want to be around your roommate in the morning."

"Michelé doesn't care if you're there, Carmen.  He probably won't even get up until noon."

"I just don't like it," she repeated sheepishly.  "Stay with me…please?"

She stared at me and stared and stared, and the longer I took to answer, the worse I knew it looked.  I really did not want to stay.  I needed sleep, and even though I knew I would fall asleep quickly in her bed, I wouldn't get to curl up the way I liked wrapped around Carmen all night long.  I needed sleep.  I didn't want to have to wake up an hour earlier and drive back to my apartment to shower and put on fresh clothes.  But I knew Carmen, too, and she might actually cry if I pressed the issue.  She always wanted me to stay with her, and most nights that was fine.  Most nights.  But everything has a statute of limitations, even what a man has to do in return for sex.  Two years, I thought.  Two years….  It wasn't as if there was no temptation:  God, just look at her!  I could barely wrap my arms around her middle, and she let me squeeze her whenever I wanted.  She was always ready to go; she dragged me into the bedroom almost every night.  Yes, there were benefits to dating a fat nymphomaniac—huge benefits of the kind I could bury my hands in and squish and squeeze until I was ready to cum in her back fat.  She was ready for that tonight.  It was written all over her face: come to bed with me tonight.  Let me rub your cock between my thick, juicy thighs.  Wrap your arms around my heavy body all night long…nibble at my neck and stay awake a little longer…just a little longer.

I was already getting turned on again, and the deal was sealed.  She saw it, too, and suddenly there was no more use in arguing.

"Fine," I assented, dropping my shirt back to the floor and thumbing off the lamp over her nightstand.

"Mmm," she purred in my arms when I snuggled up behind her, slowly pulling just one sheet over the two of us.  On her own, Carmen was usually warm enough for two.

"Thank you," she said, bending her arm to squeeze my butt a little.

"It's fine," I muttered, not pleased, but too far in now to turn back.  She didn't press me about the answer; she had already gotten what she wanted.  After a minute or so, she lifted her leg and smothered my hardening cock between her massive thighs.

"Goodnight, honey.  I love you," she said and wedged one hand between her legs to stroke the tip with her fingers.  I kissed her mouth wordlessly, and she stroked more vigorously.

Late the following afternoon, I found myself trying relentlessly to end a phone conversation I hadn't planned on having the night before.  "No," I said, "I'll be here until at least past eleven getting all of this stuff labeled for Amber for the morning.  …No, I can't.  She has to—  …No, she needs these results tomorrow before she can finish writing her proposal.  We only have two weeks left to get this done, hon.  Yeah, I know…yes, okay.  I'll see you then.  You, too."

Michelé knocked on the doorframe of my office just as I hung up the phone.  "You ready to go?" he asked, eyes fiery with excitement for the evening.  He had trimmed up his goatee and smoothed down his oily black hair especially for tonight, and I smiled in spite of myself at his pre-bar jitters.

"Yep.  Let's get out of here," I said and pushed out of my desk.

"Is Carmen going to meet up with us there?" he asked from the hall while I buzzed the door closed behind me.

"Nah…she had some work to get done, I think," I said slowly, staring at my hand as I slid my keycard back into my pocket.

Michelé was truly a cheap drunk.  Even at an expensive cocktail bar, he managed to get buzzed for less than ten dollars, and where I had taken him for the evening, for twenty he was well and truly off his ass.  Gleefully, that is.  Michelé, my roommate, the perennial bachelor, was no lady killer, and not for a lack of trying on his part.  He comes off as…a little over eager.  Michelé is the sort of guy at the club women dance with in the club, have a few drinks with in the club, and then leave in the club to go to another bar with her girlfriends.  His shirts were just a little too shiny and his accent just a little too thick to be taken seriously.  His shoes were a little too black, and his goatee was just long enough to be more distracting than sexy.  Somewhere along the road—astonishingly to me—he had come to accept all of it as rote, and I laughed quietly into my martini while I watched him move to first base just a little too quickly on his latest blonde victim.  I had to hand it to him, though.  He managed to do it while dancing with three different girls at the same time.

I spun away from the dance floor and dropped to my elbows at the bar.  I was buzzed to the point that everything was interesting but not quite entertaining.  The electric blue light flowing through the glass counter slithered up my spiraled martini stem like a techno-punk flower sprouting between my hands.  The surface was a little wet from melted ice and the sweat from a hundred different drinks already served that night.  I gazed pensively into my private glass garden, watching the clear liquor jump in time with the pounding base, rippling to the edge of the glass and rebounding seamlessly.  There was something almost peaceful hidden in the blaring voices, the thrumming music.  I let it all beat against my back, the breath, the laughter, the hoary smell of bodies, and I thought to myself that there was nothing I had to do, nobody I had to see.  I could leave anytime I wanted, if I wanted.  I was almost a little lonely, but that couldn't be right.  I did have someone that I could see anytime I wanted…if I wanted.

I looked over my shoulder, but I couldn't see Michelé anywhere on the dance floor.  I shrugged off his absence.  If he had gotten lucky…well, that was good for him, but past experience had taught me that he had simply disappeared into the firmament of the club.  I would see him again in the morning, a little bleary-eyed, but otherwise unfazed.

I turned my head back to the bar, and to my right I saw a woman who had not been there a moment ago.  She stuffed a few crumpled bills into the bartender's hand and lifted a tall, thin glass of icy green liquor in return.  The bartender thumbed at the paper in his fist without bothering to count it.  He dutifully flashed a tooth or two while the woman thanked him, and they turned away from each other as she took the first sip from her drink.

The first thought that flashed into her head was, "She's pretty," and following on the heels of the first was, "I shouldn't think that."  I had two very good reasons for the second thought, but I found it far more intriguing to wonder why I had even had the first at all.  She was a shorter girl—not terribly short, but still small.  It was hard to tell in the exotic club lights, but there was something of an olive nature to her skin with a tinge of what might even be called grey.  Her hair had a similar hue, a very dusty blonde cropped straight at the level of her neck.  She sipped her drink through lips that were a little thicker than I was used to, and her nose was ever so slightly rounded; both were set into a sturdy but decidedly feminine head.  Perhaps what had caught my attention, though, was that she was not particularly dressed for a club.  She wore mostly denim, a pair of light-washed jeans that hugged her round bottom like they had been sprayed on, and a very short, long-sleeved denim jacket that she wore unbuttoned over a plain, black tank-top.

She leaned with her back against the bar as she sipped, staring absently at the dance floor, and I glanced at her waist.  For a woman her size, she was buxom, maybe 'thick' is the right word: good-sized breasts and meaty hips, an hourglass cinch about her waist, but not at all thin yet not at all overweight.  And there was my first very good reason for not finding her attractive.  But she was attractive—very attractive—while only being something close to half Carmen's size.  Carmen was obese; she had a gut and fat thighs and rolls on her back—just thinking about her body warmed up my groin.  Carmen, of course, was my second very good reason that this woman shouldn't be attractive—rather, that I should not think of her as attractive.  But she was.

I really couldn't help staring at her.  She hadn't seemed to notice me at all, and it was easy enough to watch her from the corner of my eye, rocking in time with the music and bumping her hip against the side of the bar.  The jacket was a softer material than her jeans, and the sleeves stretched against her arms each time she lifted her drink to her lips, sipping it slowly, wistfully.  The longer I watched her, the more I thought it was strange: strange that I was attracted to her body, strange that I was entertaining ideas of touching her body at all…strange, but not wrong.  My heart began racing, beating in my chest as loudly as the music, but I knew what that feeling was.  Even as I leaned closer to her, part of me wanted to feel guilty, to feel some twinge of regret or shame, but those were only concepts buzzing in my head; I felt nothing of them.  Lights, music, blaring voices…thoughts of impending infidelity should have come, but there was no more substance in them than the flashing lights around my head.  They weren't what I wanted to think about, even if I thought they should have been.

"Your drink—what is it?" I asked her, placing my elbow beside hers and lifting my head above my shoulders.  It's just innocent questions for now, and conversation—if questions lead to conversation—isn't taboo.  The woman turned her head slowly, evidently not surprised at all that I had started talking to her.  She met my eyes smoothly and turned her whole body toward me when she answered.

"Kiwi Collins," she said.  "It's like a Tom Collins but with kiwi juice and some kiwi liquor with the gin."

"There's a kiwi liquor?"

"Apparently."  She talked with her lips forward, and I could almost feel her tongue in her voice.  Was it a pretty voice?  Her tone was dark, situated at the back of her throat, but the pitch was light and feminine.  It wasn't abrasive; if anything, I wanted to bend a little closer.  Listening to her speak was intriguing, almost sultry.

"You wanna try some?" she asked, tilting the long glass in my direction.

"Yeah, sure," I said, and put my lips to the straw that had just been in her mouth.  In a weird way, I hoped I might be able to taste her before I tasted kiwis.  The drink was surprisingly strong and tart, but it was sweet and thick, the kind that could be enjoyed for a long time.

"It's good," I said, smiling at her as I returned the glass.  "I'll have to order one next time."

"You should," she suggested.  "I'm Kelly," she added without being asked.  She was so relaxed, and her composure set me at ease almost immediately.  She gave me her hand below the counter, and I took it to shake.  Her fingers, like the rest of her, were soft but sturdy, not like Carmen's small, delicate hands.  Kelly's were even a little cool to the touch from holding her glass.

I turned my body outward from the bar and leaned with my elbows behind me on the counter, looking out into the club.  Kelly eyed me for a moment before mimicking me with a bit of a grin.  "This is a pretty cool place," I observed.  "There's something almost peaceful about it after a while."

"Yeah, I like it, too.  You must really like people watching if you think it's peaceful, though," Kelly smirked.

"Sometimes," I said.  "I came here with a friend from work tonight," I added.  I was opening my immediate situation to her—why?  I wasn't available, but suddenly I wanted to seem like I was.  With that in mind, I hoped she didn't take the comment about a 'friend' the wrong way.

"Cool," she said, looking through the crowded floor like she was trying to find someone.  "Where is he?" she asked.  The 'he' was a very conspicuous test to see whether our signals were crossed.

"He's, uh, oh—well, that's him there.  He's dancing…kind of," I said, spotting Michelé by sheer luck and pointing him out in the crowd.

"Oh, wow, really?  That guy?"  Michelé was quite literally hanging on a woman when Kelly spotted him.  I had seen this before: one of them must have bought him another drink.

"He's my roommate," I admitted, scratching at the side of my jaw while Kelly grinned and snorted into the edge of her glass.

"You're super nice, you do realize?" she commented with a nod of her head to Michelé.  

"I try…he's a good guy, though," I said warmly.

Kelly downed the last bit of her cocktail and set the glass on the counter.  "I'm sure," she said light-heartedly.  "You can dance better than him I hope?" she asked.

"I can," I said finishing my martini as well.  "Do you want to?" I asked, and it felt like a dream even as the words flew away from my lips.  I had taken a flying leap over the harmless-flirtation line and straight off the edge of a cliff.  Such an exhilaration!—And even if it was only the wind whistling in my hair as I fell to my doom, to me it still felt like flying.

"Sure," she said, standing, and she led me by the hand onto the dance floor.

We pushed through the first layer of bodies toward an empty pocket somewhere deep in the throng.  The tug on my hand felt familiar as Kelly led the way, but with Carmen, the experience was different.  'Oh, babe, come on—I love this song!  Yes, you do so know it—please?'  She begged me onto the dance floor—she dragged me if I didn't want to go; it was 'good for me.'  Her body was always soft and sexy, and she liked to push me against the wall with her ass while I held her hips in place or wrapped my arms around her middle.  It was tiring, though.  She was so much heavier than me…I had to stagger my feet if we were in the middle of the floor to keep her from pushing me over with her hips.  Kelly's hips felt different in my hands.  I could bend my fingers around her pelvis—I could find her pelvis—and my hands had no trouble gripping her thighs as she pressed her round butt into my groin and rocked in time to the heavy beat pulsing through the floor.

The two of us just danced for a few songs, switching position now and then so Kelly's breasts brushed against my chest, my hands digging happily into her firmer ass, and another part of me digging far from subtly into her inner thigh.  For a brief moment, she buried her forehead into the hollow of my shoulder, and I had to stop myself from planting a kiss on her neck purely on reflex.  Just touching her, feeling the heat of her body and the smell of her hair, those basic elements of physical attraction were so exciting, dragging me closer like chains from my chest; every second we were in contact was a thrill that made breathing difficult.  I recognized almost immediately that a large part of it was the adrenaline from knowing that I was committing an egregious wrong; though, I hadn't even tried to deny it.  I almost wished I could attribute everything to being "naughty," but that wasn't true at all.  It was genuine lust for this small, sensual woman.

Near the end of a song, Kelly looked up, and I caught her eye.  "How about you?" I asked.  "You come here with anyone?"  They were the first words spoken since we had started dancing.  It was not an empty question; I didn't have any plan for what I would do with her answer, but…but I wanted to have the option.

"What makes you ask?" she said, reaching behind herself and touching the back of my neck lightly with her hand.

"You're not exactly dressed for a club," I remarked, noting her jacket and tennis shoes.

"I'm comfortable," she replied.  "Do I look bad?"

"No," I whispered darkly, and I ran my hands along the sides of her body.  "You look incredible."

Kelly breathed a little "heh" and gripped the back of my neck with surprising force.  Without a thought, I bent my head and caught her full, parted lips in a tense, almost savage kiss.  Kelly lifted both of her forearms to my shoulders and pulled herself flat against my body, biting my lower lip and chewing it playfully with her teeth.  I hugged her close, growing hotter by the second—I needed to take her so badly!  To just throw her against the wall and give her what she was asking for so playfully.  I had to feel her skin, the texture of her intriguing body.  With my lips exploring the line of her trembling jaw and one hand on the back of her head, I worked my fingers beneath Kelly's t-shirt with the other, spreading my palm over the sweat-dewed small of her back.

Needing no further encouragement, Kelly pulled herself up by my collar and whispered "Let's just go" into my ear.  Without waiting for an answer, she took me by the wrist and pulled me through the crowd toward the exit.  She pushed through close-packed bodies heedlessly with me in tow, and I had no time at all to stop her from leading us straight into Michelé's stumbling path.  I bumped him jarringly, and I reflexively caught him by the shoulders before he could tumble backward to the floor.

Michelé swiveled dumbly while he recollected his footing, but he managed to recognize me before I could duck away.  "Hey—MAN!" he shouted, too loudly even in the clamor of the night club.

"I need to go," I said as distinctly as I could, trying to hold his attention by keeping a hold of his shoulders.  "Here's cab money—" I urged, stuffing a twenty into his pants pocket, "—use it."

"No problem, MAN," he nodded with a face of forced seriousness.  "I need to—no, I'm going home with HER—with her," he said, first pointing at nothing before spinning half way around and pointing with his whole arm to one of the three women I had seen him with earlier; though, she didn't seem to be paying any attention to either of us.

"Great—have fun," I said, attempting to rush him back to his intended victim, but Michelé refused to budge.  His eyes were fixed on Kelly, who had reappeared at my side, her grey eyes sparkling in the artificial twilight, and, for an instant, I panicked.

Michelé screwed up his face in exaggerated confusion.  "Is Car—?"

"Came to pick me up!" I shouted over his sentence.  "We have a car!" I added, putting my face right in his until he seemed to accept the substitution I had given him.  Kelly only grinned bemusedly below us.

"Okay," I said, spreading into a huge smile.  "Don't wake me up when you get in," I instructed my roommate with a hearty pat on the back.

"No, I won't, man!  I not—won't…?" he looked to me questioningly for whether he had used the correct English.

"Great!" I beamed and spun him around hard with a shove in the opposite direction.

Kelly took my arm again and led me away.  We squeezed through another layer of bodies, and the next thing I knew I was on top of her on an unmade bed in a strange apartment, her jacket, my shirt, and both our shoes tossed in a crumpled pile by the door with her cool, bare arms encircling my neck.  Our lips fought madly, groping and biting like teenaged lovers who were too excited for their own good.  I cradled her head in my hand, forcing her lips to mine harder while flexing my fingers into her scalp.  Her hair flowed through my fingers like corn-silk, straight and soft, sparkling with a diamond shimmer as it slipped over my hand and tickled my forearm.  Kelly responded with a shiver and a little 'Mmm' of approval, and she crossed her ankles around my calf, locking her legs around mine and stroking it with the balls of her sock-clad feet.

She raised her arms straight over her head, and I pulled off her tank top, tossing it against a wall so it fell in heap on the floor with a soft fump.  The bare skin of her chest and tender abdomen matched the silvery luster of her face and hands, though a little more pale with the tone and texture of white sand on a Mediterranean beach.  I snapped off her bra in a heartbeat, and her browned nipples were already erect in expectation; she drew shallower breaths as my hand hovered over her heaving breasts, touching her skin with the pads of my fingers so lightly that even the invisible hairs flush with her skin were standing on end.

"Oh my fucking god!" she whispered, biting her lower lip and squeezing my leg more tightly, and I bit gently at the base of her neck, making her gasp and squirm even more.

With my lips still pressed to her neck, I smothered her left breast with my hand, massaging it and getting a feel for the soft but perky organ, taking care to wedge the nipple between my ring and index fingers, twisting it a little with every slow squeeze.  Cupping the side with my palm, I flicked gently at the tip of her right nipple—barely touching it, just enough to send a hot shiver through her nerves, tracing fast circles with my finger, pulling her nipple ever so slightly with each pass—and flick, flick until her thighs quivered.

"Jesus—Jesus!—keep doing—yeah, keep doing that!" she cried, pulling at my hair and grinding her hot groin against my thigh.

Rapid stimulation, a slow twist with a heavy hand, pressing her neck with my lips and warm breath until the tension in her legs grew more desperate and the pulses became tighter and increasingly rapid.  I kissed my way from her neck to her right breast and replaced my fingers with my lips, rolling her nipple in my tongue in a hard, fast circle.  Kelly gasped with pleasure at the sudden change, the heat, the lubrication, and the rush of intensity was enough to send her over the edge in a hasty flurry of pelvic thrusts and one sharp "Ah!" from her blood-flushed lips.

I snatched at the opportunity of her brief release to unbutton and throw open the fly of her pants.  She helped me pull the band over her bubble-shaped ass, but, before her pants were even off, my hand was buried inside her newly dampened panties where my fingers searched out her warmed-up clit, ready and eager for harder stimulation.  I kept my lips wrapped over one nipple, sucking it while I stroked her clit teasingly; from the first touch, I could feel her clenching from the inside out.

"Jesus…JESUS…what—what are you doing?" she repeated—talkative, but not needlessly so.  I wanted to hear her voice, to hear her and feel her.  She closed her eyes and drank the air in a narrow stream of breaths, drawing them in with a laughing smile: Hah hah haah hah….  Her eyes closed and her mouth twisted upward, showing me her flat teeth.  I bit at the base of her nipple and her butt and thighs quivered beneath me.  I started pressing her button harder, stroking further down over the exposed, crackling bundle of nerves.  Kelly drew in a long breath and held it, building up pressure with all her might, shaking all over and sweating from the base of her hairline.  At last, she laced her fingers around my shoulder, trembling too hard to tell me that she was ready, that she needed it now.  I changed my stroke so that I passed two fingers from one side of her clit to the other, raking the screaming bump as hard as I dared—and Kelly immediately reeled and bucked from her lower body to her finger tips, an electrical surge through her muscles that left her shivering long after I had lifted my lips and stilled my hand.

Kelly hugged my body tightly, squeezing my chest for support until she stopped shaking, but her breathing never slowed or softened.  Her hug for security quickly reverted to hungry talons so eager to rend my flesh for a more exciting embrace.  I knit my fingers with her hair as she straddled my left hip, rubbing her groin against me encouragingly and slowly removing my pants.  She wrapped her fingers around the base of my cock, squeezing it and kissing my neck.

"I want you in me…" she nipped at my ear.

"Wait—" I started to say, rolling my head around to catch her eye, but she shushed me and put her lips to my ear.

"Pi—ill," she sang.

I hesitated a moment, watching Kelly's legs as she slowly nudged her socks off with her purple painted toes and flicked them away.  "Oh, what the hell," I assented with a careless smile to the ceiling.

Kelly uncurled her body and slowly straddled my waist.  She held my shoulders to the bed with her arms and lowered herself until her nipples grazed my chest.  I twisted my neck, offering the spot below my jaw, an invitation that Kelly accepted eagerly.  She kissed the tender skin, closing her lips and opening them again painfully slowly.  From nowhere, I felt the shaft of my penis rubbing on the back of Kelly's thigh.  She made a little ring below the head with her thumb and forefinger, and she squeezed hungrily as she played with my junk behind her back.

I grabbed her arm and forced her head upward for a real kiss.  "Mmm," she purred after our lips parted.  "You like this?"

"Yes," I said, holding onto the word with a hiss.

"I haven't even gotten started," she boasted huskily.  "Just hold still…mama knows what she's doing."

Kelly slid down my body, pushing herself away with her hands on my chest.  She kept her body planted on top of me, and she passed my dick under her left thigh, squeezing me as she passed over.  Then, she lifted her legs, balancing herself on her rump, and rotated them behind her with the grace of a gymnast.  She came down slowly, and the weight of her body shifted to her groin.  Raising up a little on her hands and feet, Kelly gripped the shaft and eased herself around me, lowering herself a fraction of an inch at a time—an entrance to her steadily pulsing body so maddeningly slow that it made my skin crawl.

I slid inside her, deeper, deeper, until she bent forward, supporting herself with her hands spread wide on my chest, her elbows bent a little and her eyes ravenous.  Kelly flexed her toes and dug her feet into the crumpled sheets and rocked forward on the balls of her feet.  I felt every ridge, every heartbeat in her muscles as she glided up and down my member, so hot and so tight.  She pushed her chest down so her nipples grazed my skin and made a sort of pleading moan.  As she began to grind her clit against my pelvis, I filled my hands with her firm, hanging breasts and kneaded them, rasping her nipples with the rough skin at the base of my fingers.

"Theeeeeere you go—harder!" she encouraged me, riding me in long, deep strokes.  I mashed her tits into her chest, and her back arched with pleasure.

I had never felt anyone like Kelly on top of me before.  Carmen's body smothered me.  Her fat, heavy belly draped over me, covering my stomach and filling the space between her massive thighs when she sat on my legs, her ass reaching all the way to my shins.  I could feel it sliding over me, quaking, slapping against her legs and mine and she bobbed up and down.  When I was on bottom, I felt encased with her fat—it covered me and spilled onto the bed around me—so sexy, so much brute-force arousal that it didn't matter that Carmen's movements were completely artless.  She squinted and bit her lip, constantly shifting her groin to find the spot that ever eluded her own efforts at stimulation, and if she caught my eye it was with a look of aggravation and eagerness to be finished.  I held Kelly's hips while her pussy rode up my cock, squeezing it with the dexterity of a pair of lips.  If I thought of Carmen's weight, it was like Kelly wasn't even there, a girl hardly half her size.  One-fifty?  Sixty?  She was a smooth, compact weight on my thighs, her soft bump of an abdomen crinkling ever so slightly; I traced my fingers over her stomach, relishing the velvet-soft skin.  Her short, straight hair bobbed as she tossed her head, falling like a mat of silk against her shimmering neck.

I felt the bump of Kelly's clit at the base of my shaft; she bit her lip to stifle a low uuuuuh, and the pace of our breathing rose.  She raked my chest with her nails; I suckled the inner curve of her neck, being rough with my tongue until I felt her tremble.  She squeezed me with her thighs, reminding me of the weight of her body—she didn't feel light at all.  She was so engaged, so present, so connected to me from the inside out—And, oh god! The sex!  The way she squeezed me and teased me all the way down the shaft; she moaned with a smile, letting me know how much she loved it.  She brought herself to the brink and back again, over and over—it was maddening!  The closer she came, the more exciting it was for me, this sexual artist stimulating the both of us to the point of screaming.  So much panting—I grabbed her round butt and it was already clenched, her thighs, her whole body beginning to shake—the heat, the ruffling sheets and bedsprings—she bent her neck and bit my lip, forcing her tongue into my mouth, reaching for my hair.  The hot, the screaming pleasure, faster and louder, her thighs burning on my thighs, and I held it in until—Oh, God, it burned so good!  Kelly shook and I shot and we clung to each other, squeezing the air from our lungs, forcing our muscles to tighten, thrusting from both ends to drag out the quivering lips and the eyes rolling back in our heads until we gasped and collapsed.  I held Kelly, who trembled, held her until her thighs stopped shaking, running my fingers through her hair, trying not to laugh, trying not to cry.

After about half an hour, she stared at the ceiling in contemplation, and I watched her, waiting for a hard question that I would eventually have to answer.

"That was a lot of fun," she said, turning to me.  "I know it was fun for both of us, and not just the sex," she added.  Rather than make a vocal comment, I wrapped my arms around her naked waist and held her close to my body, pressing her soft torso flush with my chest, and she stroked the tip of her finger along the arc of my shoulder.

"I think your friend thought I was somebody tonight," she said in a soft, even tone.

"He was just drunk," I said, hoping vainly to dismiss the question.  Surprisingly, Kelly rested her neck on my shoulder and kissed me lightly on the cheek.

"You've got your own things going on…that's cool.  Whatever," she said.  I could feel her throat vibrate with every word.

"You don't have to tell me if you don't want.  You don't seem like the kind of guy who sleeps around…for no reason.  Sometimes it can be good when things are a little…complicated.  But everybody has their limits; I have mine…and you have yours.  I'm not going to ask what your friend was going to say—I don't really care right now.  I like you.  I like the way you touch me, the way you feel inside of me, and I want to do this again if you do.  I am available for you," she said.  I breathed with her as she spoke, my heart racing desperately against excitement and exhaustion.

"There, serious time's over," she said, rolling away from me and sitting up on the covers.  "Do you want to stay the night?" she asked, her eyes huge and inviting with a promise of a repeat of the last hour.

"I…can't, I'm sorry," I said, meaning it deeply.  "I need to be at work early, and I don't have any clothes with me."  Though, as I said it, my thoughts returned to Carmen.  My internal clock had me guessing I was either just reaching or barely over my predicted time of return.

"That's cool," Kelly said, reaching for and re-hooking her bra over her gorgeous, swollen breasts.  "Do you need a ride?" she asked.

"No," I said, slowly climbing down from euphoria.  "I think I'll manage on my own."

"Okay," she said lightly, but before I could stand, she stopped me with a hand on my shoulder and kissed me firmly on the lips.  "Just let me ask you…when you go home to her…when she calls you baby and kisses you like this…will you think of me?"

I said nothing, but I dropped my eyes.  Kelly smirked and kissed me again, more gently.

"Okay…" she repeated.  "You know how to find me."

I knocked only three times on her door before Carmen flung it open and welcomed me inside with a warm, fat hug that positively engulfed me.  She was only wearing a pink t-shirt and panties—the panties were an assumption because her stomach normally rested on her thighs while standing.  Presently, the creamy bottom of her belly hung exposed; her small shirt was draped lazily on her love handles and piled up around her navel.

"I missed you," she said in a snuggly voice and gave me a loving squeeze.

"Hey," I replied, a little more wearily than I had intended, and hugged her back.

"Long day?"  She pursed her lower lip into a sympathetic pout.

"You have no idea," I sighed, rubbing her back and kicking off my shoes into the corner by the door.  "You about ready for bed?" I asked, sounding thoroughly spent without even trying.

"I can be if you want," she said, smiling.  I blinked, thoroughly confused.  Carmen was in an exceedingly receptive mood.  I took it for the luck that it was, though, as she led me into her bedroom without discussion.

I unbuttoned my shirt for the second time that night and tossed it on a more familiar floor.  Carmen stood in front of her closet with her back to me and slowly pulled her t-shirt over her head.  "So," she began with her arms still bound up in pink cotton, "I was thinking about last night…and the last couple of weeks."

I sat on the edge of her bed, and my breath caught in my throat.  Carmen tossed away her shirt into the colorful pile on the floor of her closet and turned to me.  She took three deliberate steps toward the bed where she stopped and leaned against me, her bare breasts resting heavily against my chest, her belly resting on my thighs.

"I don't want you to fall asleep angry with me…" she said and placed a gentle kiss on me neck.  I caught the scent of her hair, and the hairs on my neck stood on end.  "…and I don't want you to feel like you have to place all your plans on hold because of me."

Carmen rolled off my legs and heaved her butt heavily onto the mattress.  I slipped down into the dent she made by sitting, knocking our shoulders together.  Her skin was soft, and we collided gently without a sound.  "I don't want you to feel like you have to leave every night—I want you to be able to stay with me so that you can hold me while I'm asleep.  I like having your arms around me," she said, stroking my arm before she scooted herself onto her customary side of the bed.  Her body quivered and shook long after she stopped moving; the bed creaked from the weight of her movements, and I waited mutely.

She lifted the covers and slid beneath the sheets; I mimicked her, and in short order we were in bed together.  I lay on my back with Carmen curled up on my stomach.  Her belly flowed over me; one of her legs wrapped me in warm softness, and she let her arms drape comfortably around my neck.  Carmen felt for the light switch above her head, sending us both into instant darkness and near total silence.  In a moment, my eyes adjusted, and I was able to discern the outline of Carmen's nervous, smiling face in the grey darkness.  "So I was thinking," she said, a tremor of excitement in her voice, "why don't you move in with me?"

"You'd pay a little less rent than you do now, and we'd get to see each other every day…"  

"I don't know…I guess you'd have to ask Michelé, but I have a girlfriend who needs a roommate, and…"

"…and you'd get to sleep here…with me…every night...every…night……."
I have been working on this off and on since June. The concept was poignant to me then, and it remains so now. It had been a while since I had written something like this, so I thought I ought to finish it first. No sequel is planned, just to nip that in the bud. I once entertained thoughts of making it in two parts, but I felt it was better to end it as it does. Let me know what you think, if you would be so kind.

Sexual content and all that. Hopefully this will prove worth the wait--it's a Thanksgiving miracle!
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by steve aka

"Look at that stuck-up bitch struttin' her stuff," my girlfriend says, spraying chunks of mashed potatoes and gravy from her mouth towards the TV as she watches "America's Next Top Model", "Who does she think she is? I'm WAAAAY hotter than she'll EVER be! BLAAOHRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRP!"

The thing is she's right, in a certain way she COULD be a model. Her face is strikingly gorgeous with an excellent bone structure - at least what can be gleaned of said structure. Her's is a visage needing no make-up or dangling jewelry to enhance its natural loveliness. She has large, almond shaped, piercingly beautiful blue eyes, the irises of which are ringed by circles of deep onyx that serve only to enhance their splendor. These radiant orbs are endearingly veiled by sleepily seductive half-closed eyelids that simply serve to add to their alluring magnetism. Her petite, retroussé nose is faultlessly formed. Her large, pillowy lips conceal perfect pearls of teeth that aren't too big or too gummy. This magnificent face is framed by long, lustrous, raven-black hair that flows down between her shoulder blades in its untethered state but is usually pulled back into naively seductive pigtails to keep it out of her way.  Her impeccably pale porcelain skin is incredibly supple and blemish free.

However there is one MAJOR thing keeping her from supermodel superstardom and that is her body. Her body is, well there's just no better way to say it, she is massively obese. And when I say massively obese I don't mean like 300 pounds...or even 800 pounds. She weighs more like AT LEAST 3500 pounds. However no one really knows for sure how much she currently weighs as she hasn't been weighed in about four years. She's undoubtedly MUCH heavier than that by AT LEAST a thousand pounds, which is an admittedly low estimate. Now don't get me wrong, I think my girl is THE HOTTEST babe on the planet and I worship the ground she waddles on, or at least the couch she sits upon as she doesn't really get up from it all that much.

Her overfed, plump cheeks crowd her nose and mouth and threaten to utterly occlude the pretty penetration of her beauteous glare inside caves of fat with just a mere pound or two more of added adipose. Her dainty chin is framed by a massive fringe of flab that pendulously wobbles in time to her constant consumption of nutrients, akin to a globular metronome measuring mastication.  

Her arms are hyper-inflated pillows of segmented fat of distally receding girth, each successive subdivision threatening to engulf the next in billowing piles of bulging flesh until almost literally drawing to a close around her swollen hands. These bloated appendages characteristically associated with manual dexterity are almost completely hidden by the nineteen inch in diameter segments of ringed flab that make up the concluding portions of her forearms, her swollen fingers only able to just barely peek through these overwhelming enclosures of flab. Her overstuffed parodies of hands would be downright dainty if not for the fact that they are plumped with so much fat that her fingers can scarcely grasp objects any more. She definitely has a difficult time effectively manipulating items such as computer keyboards and TV remotes. However she still manages to shovel food into her fat face.

Her breasts are monstrously huge and fall to either side of her paunch where they settle in beanbag-chair sized dollops of aggregated mammary flab on the floor at either side of the creaking, overburdened hide-a-bed couch she literally engulfs in the living room. But even these massive congregations of flesh pale in comparison with her mammoth belly. This testament to decades of unrestrained gluttony is an astounding sight to behold. It starts from just below her chin flab where it expands outwards in a conquering fashion to completely envelop her legs. Around the area of her forty-two inch deep navel it segments into two massive halves that then spill over the edge of her bed to spread across the floor for four or five feet at their remotest curvatures. This mammoth monstrosity of rapacious corpulence groans and undulates seductively as she continuously stuffs enormous quantities of food into it during her day-long repasts.

Her bottom half is just as massive as her top but being that her belly is so distractingly huge her lower extremities are easy to overlook. However, her ass does a pretty good job of drawing attention to itself. Each buttock extends out behind her for about seven feet. Her width from hip to hip is FOURTEEN feet at the widest point and her total circumference is TWENTY-THREE feet in diameter and this DOESN'T include her belly.

Her legs are seen only sparingly as it is quite a chore to lift her humongous belly from them. But we manage to expose them several times a day when we clean her up after helping her to do her, ahem, bodily functions onto an absorbent pad we position under her. However, in these fleeting moments when they are visible, one can tell that her legs, much like her arms, are a series of flabby segments that droop and hang and threaten to envelop the segments below them. Their girth is impressive, akin to massive tree trunks in some forest of pale flab. The skinniest segments, at MERELY two and a half feet in diameter, are her ankles. Each one ending in converging bulbous blobs of fat that engulf her feet in flab with only her dainty little toes sticking out. Talk about cankles! Her feet, much like her hands, would be small if they weren't so swollen by fat. In fact her shoe size, measured in men's sizing, is only six and a half.

Her overall enormity is magnified by the fact that she is very short, only about five feet two inches tall. She is a living dichotomy, diminutive and gigantic at one fell swoop, kind of like jumbo shrimp. Although telling her that will just get you sent out to the store to retrieve some shrimp for her - most likely two or three cases worth.

She doesn't seem to think twice about her massive obesity and judging by her lifestyle which consists of not much more than eating, sleeping, and watching TV she is definitely gonna get A LOT bigger. Indeed, she seems to be under the impression that her size is part of what makes her so hot. I definitely agree! In fact, when a woman can put away TWO entire 30 pound turkeys with all the trimmings by herself and half an hour later be asking me to phone her in an order of 25 pizzas as a "small snack" I'd say that she has no compunctions about getting bigger. But I wouldn't have it any other way.

A short little story I wrote mainly as an exercise in character description.

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Turkey Coma
by steve aka

I sit here wiped out from the task I just completed and trying to marshall the last vestiges of my waning strength for the tasks yet ahead. Taking a few minutes to gather those forces, I serenely indulge myself in the pleasure of watching my lovely girlfriend as she sleeps. She snores louder than a drunken sailor. Her seraphic form reminding me of why I strive so hard to cater to her every whim. I have no regrets about the seemingly never ending duties in order to please my pulchritudinous sweetie. She deserves everything she demands in life. And those demands are as vast as she is.

I've still got a lot of work ahead of me getting my girl all cleaned up. We've just spent the last 32 hours straight feeding my corpulent cutie her titanic Thanksgiving repast. I quietly gaze at her shifting form, fat folds silently swaying back and forth in rhythm with her snoring. She'll probably sleep for an entire day or two, then wake up ravenously hungry where the feeding process will start all over again. I deserve to a take at least a few moments to sit in silence and bask in the beauty of my babe's blubbery body.

Her angelic visage is slightly turned to her left, causing blubbery cheek and chin flab to bunch up and partially cover her open mouth on that side of her face. Her long, normally jet-black hair hangs heavily, matted with gravy and other food particles that discolor it, and frames her soft, plumped face. A string of spittle runs down her chins, cutting through the greasy grime there. Her pale flesh is covered in a viscous veneer of victuals that testify to the vicious voraciousness of her appetite this past day and a half.

I marvel in the sheer beauty of this woman whom I get the pleasure of taking care of. Her beatific countenance veils a fiery fury of selfishness and gluttony that I just adore. Her fat cheeks swathe her otherwise dainty face in a frame of adipose, almost completely hiding her cute little button nose behind their encroaching tide of flesh. Her eyes are currently lidded over in a heavy sleep locked in by luscious lashes. However, when open her deep, blue irises peer from their fat-crowded caves and penetrate to the soul with their potent gaze of unending hunger. They too will soon be occluded behind a veil of flab. Her lips are perfect pillows of plumpness, always eager to ingest and never satisfied. Her nearly three feet of chin flab hangs pendulously from her dainty chin, wobbling at the slightest of motions and almost always riddled with rivers of thickened drool. So much fat has accumulated around her neck that her head almost blends unnoticed into her fat torso. This blending effect is only enhanced by her humongous shoulders threatening to enfold her face on either side. She's really only a matter of a few good feasts away from needing some sort of device to keep her mouth free from this crowding corpulence.

The upwards bulge of her shoulders rise nearly to the crown of her head forcing her cheeks inwards and make her look like she's wearing some sort of pale, fleshy shoulder pads. They bunch up and segment outwards to her upper arms, which in turn fold and flop downwards to spread out against her voluminous sides forming vast creases at her elbows. Emerging from these creases are her flabby forearms. They too are multiply segmented but not as noticeably so as they are nearly completely engulfed by the fat of her upper arms. At the very ends of her arms, barely visible, are the tips of her sausagey fingers poking out from an iris of surrounding wrist flab. She hasn't been able to move her arms for about a decade now so they hang uselessly at her sides, nearly merged into her torso by a massive embrace of back and breast fat.

Moving my admiring gaze down to her torso, I'm amazed at just how enormous she is. Her bountiful breasts are each larger than several bean bag chairs, and much more playfully pliable! They fall in a heavy cascade of flesh to each side of her body, spreading out to her sides for over seven feet. It takes four people just to lift one of these enormous congregations of fatty flesh to clean under it. Her naked breasts, lying here in all their pale and veined glory are also covered in rivulets of gravy and splotches of pumpkin pie and whipping cream.

As impressive as her titanic titties are they are completely overshadowed by her mammoth belly. This sea of adipose practically commands your attention. It rises nearly eight feet from the bed and spreads out majestically before her for over THIRTY feet, completely engulfing her legs in a blanket of warm, undulating flab. The surface of her bloated belly lightly spasms due to the enormous amount of food it's been forced to contain these past several dozen hours. There are loud gurglings and rumblings coming from within and it gives off a tremendous amount of heat as it diligently works to digest her gargantuan Thanksgiving feast, readying itself for the next round of ingestion.

Somewhere buried underneath all the thousands of pounds of her belly fat are her massive legs. However, don't feel sorry for them as they do get to see the light of day several times a day when we hoist up her belly using a heavy duty sling and winch device to clean under there. These massive, tree-trunk size appendages are shaped similarly to her arms - multiply segmented with each superior segment nearly engulfing the successive one. Her thighs are probably about ten feet around. But that's a conservative guess. I can't get an accurate measurement as it's just too hard to move them enough to get a tape measure around their girth. Her lower legs, however, are eight feet around and terminate in cankles that completely envelop her bloated feet in a blanket of blubber.

Her rear is totally hidden by the flesh of her front but it does stick out about ten feet behind her and her hips spread out for nine feet to either side of her. She is about twenty-five feet wide and her fatty buttocks raise her up about six feet. She is a giant of a woman who'd probably only stand a little over five feet tall if she could stand at all. She'd be considered petite if she'd shed several tons of flesh, but that's not EVER gonna happen.

The smell of turkey flesh atomized on the air wafts in from the kitchen where the staff are busy boiling the many dozens of leftover turkey carcasses, turning them into soup stock for future feasts for my blubbery babe. Thanksgiving is one of her absolute favorite holidays - as pretty much ALL holidays are - because she gets to do what she likes best, EAT! That's all she ever does is eat, well, eat and sleep. She has no other interests. She doesn't care about having hobbies or making friends, or, frankly, even ME for that matter. All she cares about is an unending parade of comestibles! She doesn't even care about food that much really, just its consumption. She doesn't care what it is that she's eating or how it's prepared, she just wants to get it into her belly as quickly as possible so she can move on to the next item on the menu. Once an item's in her mouth, it's pretty much already forgotten. The only thing she can think about is the next item. If it's at all edible, she'll eat it, no matter what it is. From monkey brains to elephant testicles to the cheese soaked bits of cardboard of a pizza box to the baking soda that's sat at the back of a fridge for eleven months. I should know as I've seen her eat ALL of these things before. Hell, she doesn't even taste most of the things she ingests anyway 'cause she barely chews her food and often swallows it whole.

This non-stop, unabashed gluttony is all she's done her whole life. She's never worked or gone to school and NEVER moves around on her own. She never learned to walk, which would be moot at this point in her life now anyway, and never learned to control her bladder or bowels - just letting go on the absorbent pad we keep tucked under her plump privates at will. She's been waited on hand and foot her entire life, first by her parents and now by me. She has no concerns or regrets or second thoughts about any of this. In fact, other than food, she really has no thoughts at all. She barely acknowledges the people around her unless it's to berate them for feeding her too slowly. Only ONE thing occupies her life and that's eating. That's why at the age of 23 she weighs over 17,000 pounds!

Her pillowy lips release a loud belch in her sleep which causes a turkey bone that had somehow gotten lodged in the crook of her neck  and shoulder flab to come flopping loose, tracing a bouncing trajectory across the ample acreage of her belly flesh before coming to rest at the side of her heavy-duty bed creaking loudly with every seductive shift of the sleeping giant it's forced to support.

I let out a large, contented sigh to harmonize with the log she is currently sawing. I am one lucky bastard to have such a beautiful woman for a girlfriend.
Here's a story I just wrote in honor of Thanksgiving. I know it's a day late but, hey, 'tis the season to be thankful and all that.

At any rate, I hope you all enjoy it!

ADDENDUM: Fellow mega-fat fancier =Parallendicular has drawn a very mathematically precise picture of the unnamed gargantuan gobbler from this story. It is quite amazing! Go check it out at this [link] and leave him a comment about its awesomeness!
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Hayley always had goals.  They used to be be skinny at all costs.  That changed when she caught a glimpse of her bony body in the mirror.  It just didn’t look right, and she knew she had to change it.  She sat down and made a list.  The first item was easy:

Hide bones
Hayley looked damn near emaciated as she wrote the list, the slim pen in her hands made her bony fingers very obvious.  If the two were the same color they could have easily been mistaken for one another.  To correct this, she simply had three square meals a day for a week (she had be subsiding on one tiny scrap of food daily before).  By the end of it, she was simply a very thin girl, but at least she didn’t look unhealthy (although she hoped to get the unhealthiness back by the end of the list).

Double weight
Doubling up from 85 whole pounds was a challenge, certainly one that more than three normal meals a day would do.  Even as she checked off her last goal, she was surprised by her hubris with this goal; 85 pounds of gain would be a lot for anyone at any time.  Still she took her 3 square meals a day and turned it into 3 big meals and plenty of snacks in between.  Every meal felt like it was going to rip through her stomach and cause her belly to burst, but she had to get that next check mark on her list.  Once she did get to her 170 pound goal, everything felt right, meals felt filling, but not painful, and her frame definitely had some bulk to it.  Her height hid her true fatness well, but it would apparent to anyone that she was definitely not thin anymore.

Be called “chubby”
All of this eating did not go unnoticed.  Frankly it was impossible; a girl shooting up from 80 something boney pounds to 170 pounds of pudge would be visible from a mile away.  So, someone finally said something about it.  It was after her third helping at dinner, her mom, spotting her newly formed muffintop showing, said “Looking a little chubby there Hayley, maybe skip this helping?”  Her mom wasn’t joking and was a definitely a concerned, but after seeing how thin and unhealthy Hayley used to be she decided to let it happen.  Hayley just laughed it off and continued shoving food into her rounding face, knowing the next checkmark had arrived.

Become fattest girl in class
It wasn’t the biggest achievement, there were some real pudgy girls in her class, but hardly any of them could be honestly be called fat, but she was happy to have done it.  She was actively eating throughout the day now.  Constantly snacking left crumbs and droppings all over her clothes, but she was too absorbed with whatever snack she had to care most of the time.  Her classmates were noticing now, and while some liked her new curves, most were disgusted by her piggishness and flabby nature.  The boys weren’t even in her peripheral vision; they weren’t on her checklist, after all.  She was personally most pleased with how her new belly sat pleasantly in her lap, like a perfectly loyal pet.

Reach 200 pounds
She was having a hard time seeing around her growing gut to see the numbers on the scale, but when she peered over, she squealed with joy.  She was about to get in the shower, but shrugged it off, feeling the need to celebrate with food.  She even went out to order a double decker cake (one for each of her hundred pounds).  Her butt, which was once flatter than Iowa, was now so bulbous that her fingers could barely meet in the middle on the bottom end.  Her belly was quickly gaining an identity of its own as it crept further away from her torso.  Her breasts were finally starting to shine after years of being starved into hiding.  She loved the way her belly jiggled, her ass wobbled, and her boobs swayed.  How could anyone think that this weight was ever enough?  She started to see people keeping their distance or giving her “the look” at her nearly perpetually exposed fat.  She wasn’t sure how to feel, but deep down she loved that her gluttony was affecting more than her weight.

Be called “fat” by friends/family
One thing that was established by her new gluttony, every Friday Hayley made it a tradition to get tossed out of a different buffet.  This Friday though, a few of her friends tagged along, not knowing what they were about to witness.  What they saw was a girl possessed.  She filled plate after plate, shoving forkful after forkful into her mouth.  She didn’t care what fell on to her already stretched shirt.  She didn’t care that sometimes she got more on her face than in her mouth.  She was annoyed that her expanding belly prevented her from sitting as close to the table as she would have liked.  She was very vocal that the kitchen wasn’t refilling the buffet fast enough.  She yammered on about how all the salad dressings were low fat.  Her friends just stared, agape at what their friend had become; a big, sloppy, over inflated, slightly malodourous blob.  After the manager had come to politely ask the group to leave, her friends could only say to her “Hayley…you’re really fat, you know that right?”  Hayley was over the moon (if she could have heaved her flab that high), it was all paying off beautifully.

Double weight again
Groggily waking up from a food coma one Monday morning, she brushed wrappers out of her unkempt bed, and rolled her voluptuous form to an upright position.  She greedily grabbed her rolls, remember how she used to feel hard bones where she now felt soft curves.  Caught in a sensuous stupor, she snapped out of it once she remembered she hadn’t weighed herself in quite a while.  Certainly before her weekend fast food orgy on Sunday, and definitely before her buffet parade on Saturday.  Dropping her crumb filled fat roll, she waddled her way off to the bathroom scale.  

As her gut slapped against her thighs, and her thighs rubbed together, she fantasized about her weight soaring away, all those little red checks next to her list.  As she stepped on to the scale, she saw herself as a formless pile of flesh, extending out to infinity.  As the digital numbers settled, she stepped back (her belly being far too large to see anything directly underneath it), and she put her hand over her mouth in surprise.  341.  She would have been pleased with any number higher than her last weigh in, but this was beyond fantastic.  She had doubled her weight again, she was over quadruple the weight she started at.  It was amazing, she was carrying around essentially 4 people inside her surging rolls.  She was just blowing through her list like she was chowing through food.

Become fattest girl in school
Much like she had to be the thinnest girl before, she also had to be the fattest now.  Her school didn’t offer the stiffest (or softest?) competition, but there was one other girl who was nearly as unhinged as Hayley was.  The other girl was a bit more of a pear shape, and she still tried to maintain at least an air of presentability, what with still eating with utensils, trying to avoid spraying food everywhere, and wearing clothes that fit.  Hayley had given that up long ago.  Her big belly (easily her most pronounced feature) hung underneath her shirt and over her sweatpants’ waistband.  Her big double chin rested on her flabby chest.  Her size combined with her inability to conform to societal beauty standards (or to just wear clothes that fit or weren’t covered in condiments) teamed together to make her the least popular attraction at her school.  

One day, waddling her yoga pants clad ass down the halls, she caught a glimpse of the girl she was competing with, and even though she didn’t know exactly how heavy the other girl was, there was no way Hayley weighed less than her.  In a moment of extreme confidence Hayley rubbed her thighs together and meandered over to the girl and managed to squeeze in a few syllables between chews on her king size Snickers bar; “So, uh, what do you mmphf weigh?” “What?”  “How many pounds are you?” “Ew….I’m not telling you bloated whale corpse, go take a shower before you hit the buffet again fatso.”  The words should have hurt, but if this blimp of a girl called her fat, it must mean she was bigger, and that meant another check mark, and that meant another celebratory cake (or three).

Be called obese by doctor
She had to be forced to go to the doctor by her parents to make sure her new found fatness wasn’t causing any adverse effects on her health.  Upon getting into the examination room the doctor poked and prodded, hemmed and hawed, but eventually determined nothing was wrong.  He had a hard time getting the stethoscope to work well on her fat buried heart, and the blood pressure armband barely fit over her ham sized biceps.  After a half hour of annoyance, all the doctor could say was “Well, you’re healthy…for being so obese.  If you could drop some of the weight, it would be even better.”  “Well, doc, no sense is fixing what isn’t broke.”

Outgrow seats
After a week of eating and not bathing, Hayley was back to her old filthy self.  Her visit to the doctor had only strengthened her resolve to reach her next goal of being totally unable to fit in normal chairs.  She ate and ate.  Constantly.  Trips to the grocery store were replaced with trips to Costco.  From the point she was awake to the point she fell asleep she was eating something.  Her stretched clothes were always damp with sauces and a tye dye of stains from her feasts.  She was a mess and she loved it.  No one else seemed to though.  One restaurant loved her paying for everyone salaries, but abhorred her coating their new carpets with their food, so instead of just confronting her, they just put chairs with arms at all the tables.  When Hayley went for her weekly clean out of the restaurant, she found that she just couldn’t fit in any of the chairs.  She tried and tried, but her pillowy asscheecks just would not fit between the arms.  Dejected, not at her size, but that she was no longer welcome at yet another restaurant, she resolved to meet the rest of her goals without this one snobbish restaurant.

Need plus sized clothes
Hayley hated shopping for clothes, not because of the expense or that she didn’t like the fashions, it just meant a new set of clean clothes.  A set that didn’t wear the badges and medals of being a 24/7 gluttonous slob who was coated with meals past.  However, she was a growing girl after all and she still needed to be covered.  She never had an issue with finding clothes, after all she was only still slightly above the biggest obese people (at least in her grease clogged brain), so a trip to Wal-Mart was all she needed.  On her recent trip though…there was nothing even close to what she needed.  She loved tight clothing (skimpy too) but she couldn’t even get the pants over her sweat drenched thighs.  The tops couldn’t even be stretched to touch the bottom crest of her cavernous stomach.  The fitting room attendant just took the sweat soaked rags and told Hayley she’d probably be better off at Omar’s Tents.  Anyone else would have been deeply offended by such a remark, but Hayley loved the compliment of being too big for the store that was immediately associated with fat slobs.  So, off she plodded to a store meant for her people and to put another check mark on her list.

Reach 400 pounds
She wasn’t sure when she crested the 400 pound mark because she just forgot in a weeklong stupor of feasting to weigh her increasing bulk.  She finally got around to stepping on the scale, but again her swollen belly prevented a clear view of her feet and the scale reading.  Once on though, there was a faint cracking sound, but Hayley rationalized it as her bones creaking from being over triple what she should be weighing.  Stepping back, the source of the noise became clear; the plastic on the scale had cracked and the screen only read ERR.  Being that the scale was rated for 450 pounds meant that she had crested that hill a long time ago.  She wanted to jump for joy, but her mass had practically nailed her to the ground at least a hundred pounds ago.  She celebrated the only way she had left: she ordered a double order of all her favorite take-out food and had it delivered.  She sat her ever widening ass on the sweaty dent she had been building on her couch and gorged herself.  Food flew everywhere as she desperately tried to satiate her food addiction.  She couldn’t even imagine how awful being without food in her hands would feel if she had to give it all up now.  She ate so much that she actually felt full for the first time in months.  The feeling of being stretched from the inside felt positively orgasmic to the sweating blob, so she decided to make it a permanent feeling.

Be called “fat” by a stranger
Hayley had decided to take the bus downtown for a meal (it meant more gas money for food!).  It was a hot day and she was sweating more profusely than normal after the measly hundred foot walk to the bus stop.  She had also forgone a shower (as was normal) so had built up a monstrous stench.  Once upon the bus, she took a seat near the front and her girth filled up two seats, and spilled into a third.  Sweat was literally dripping from her exposed rolls onto the floor of the bus.  The other riders were visibly disturbed by her smell and heavy breathing.  And then it finally happened, a business man walked by on his way out of the bus stopped and told her angrily; “Fat slobs like you need the exercise from walking.  Try bathing too, you smell like wet dog dipped in raw sewage you fucking lardass”.  She hung her head in shame, but inside her head she was ecstatic as she could have never seen her old twiggy self ever earning such vitriol.  If her clothes weren’t already soaked in sweat, the remaining passengers might have seen her crotch region get a little damp…

Be fattest girl in town
Hayley had no real way to quantify this goal of course, but being a frequent patron of all the restaurants and buffets around town she got see all the whales, cows, and pigs.  She waited some time to cross this off her list, waiting to see a complete cycle of customers.  It wasn’t a big town so not many people could hide from her ever present nature.  She saw a lot of people in weight class, some seemingly got there naturally over time, others seemed to have problems that led to it, but a few seemed to get there intentionally.  Of course, none of them were as young as Hayley was.  This made her incredibly hopeful for her future as a fat blob.  If she could put this much weight on now, imagine when her metabolism slowed down.  The other distinguishing feature was how much slobbier she was than any of the others.  None of them had clothes that had been covered in food on nearly every square foot, or drooled between plates at the buffet, and they all wore clothes to hide their fat, instead of letting it flow out like an oil spill.  After a week of observing her superiority over her fellow fatties, she couldn’t recall one single person eclipsing her size.  After her last day of people watching (and gorging) a little boy entering the buffet could only say “She’s the biggest one in here mommy!”  Even though she had already decided she was the fattest person in town, the cute little boy sealed the deal.  On the way, home she could only hope that the little boy grew up to be a fat admirer and excellent feeder.

Break chair
With her new found confidence from her self-claimed title as fattest girl of the town, she ate even more recklessly.  Sometimes she would honestly forget she was eating, and continue to shovel food into her maw while fantasizing about being too big for even an 18 wheeler to move.  She probably couldn’t even remember her name during these episodes.  It was during one of these stupors that she reached one of her most anticipated goals: break a chair.  It was at her favorite buffet and she had used the chairs there hundreds of times with no incidents, and she didn’t even hear a single creak or groan when she sat her cottage cheese ass on it.  The chair made it through 8 helpings from the buffet, and looked safe for a ninth, but somewhere between spoonfulls of pure ranch dressing, the chair absolutely shattered.  It sounded like a bomb went off, and the restaurant shook like an earthquake hit it.  Over 500 pounds of heaving lard hit the floor, and once there continued to jiggle and shake for half a minute.  Hayley was totally shocked by the fall, but quickly regained her happiness.  She clambered back to her feet with all the grace of a quarter ton 18 year old to continue her messy feast of grease and fat, after all her list wasn’t going to be stopped by a cheaply made chair.

Reach 600 pounds
Hayley wasn’t going to miss this milestone.  She had bought a new scale, an industrial one that wouldn’t even recognize anything less than 350 pounds and would take anything up to a ton.  That was a distant goal, but she would settle for an even 600 at the moment.  She had a massive feast the night before consisting of 5 whole fried chickens, a dozen potatoes, a gallon of baked beans, and four two liters of Mountain Dew (not to mention two gallons of cookie dough ice cream to smooth it all out).  She had really wanted to weigh herself before going to sleep, but the food coma caught up with her before she could bother with it.  Groggily waking up she waddled her four and a half foot butt to the bathroom and with the intent to empty her big belly into the toilet.  As she dropped her massive ass onto her frequently filled porcelain throne, she realized the mistake she was making.  She would have a few extra pounds in her if she could just hold it in for a little while.  Hayley jumped off her toilet (about as quickly as a fat lard can jump) and on to her new scale.  It felt like an eternity, but the numbers stopped rolling and came to a halt at 601.4.  A loud squee escaped her messy face, and she clapped her stuffed sausage fingers together.  She went to the cabinet under the sink to get her bathroom stash of Hostess snacks, and sat back down on the toilet to continue her morning routine.

Double weight again
After her hitting the 600 pound mark, Hayley realized that she would fully octuple her original weight once she hit 680.  Eight times as heavy as she once was!  She could probably fit 3 or 4 of her old self inside her gut alone.  She planned that once she crested her goal weight, she would celebrate by eating her old weight in food that day.  She had even phoned in to local restaurants telling them to dispatch a certain order when she gave a code word.

After a full month of buffet-ing, she nonchalantly passed her 680 pound goal.  She was so elated that she didn’t even bother leaving the bathroom where the scale was to start her 80 pound feast.  She just sat naked on the toilet, while pizzas, chicken, ribs, ice cream cartons, and all sorts of miscellanea were delivered to her.  She could feel her stomach stretching to accommodate the food she was cramming in her fat face.  She was so full she swore she could feel the food backing up in her throat as she pushed more and more down her gullet.  She was actually sweating from the amount of exertion her overworked digestive tract was putting in.  She wasn’t sure how much more she could take of this, but she wanted it so badly…to eat her old weight in food in a single sitting was so hot to her.  

Two thirds of the way through her inhuman feast, she actually passed out.  During her little nap, Hayley dreamed of not just eating her old weight, but having her current weight forced down her insatiable maw, never ceasing to be filled with fattening foods.  She was startled awake once her dreamself slowly realized that she had eaten all of the food nearby and screamed in horror.  Snapping awake, she saw that she actually had a big pile of food to go.  However, her gut was still so full that it felt like a concrete ball had been stapled to her chest.  Hayley leaned back to relieve some of the pressure, but once she got back more than a few degrees, an enormous belch erupted from within.  It echoed violently in the enclosed space and ran for what felt like minutes.  Once it finally petered out, her heavy gut, while still full by any means, felt just open enough to squeeze in the last of her human sized feast.  She could only hope that eating a 160 pounds of food at 1300 pounds would be much easier…

Belly touches the floor when sitting
This goal had slowly snuck up to Hayley, because she could feel her pendulous gut swinging between her legs while she sat at her table mounted trough.  However, she had been noticing it drooping closer and closer to the floor, occasionally getting a scrape when she got extra vigorous with the feeding.  This time there was no mistake though; as she leaned back for a moment of digestion (also known as a good belch and even better fart) she felt a slight moment of concern when she felt…lighter than normal.  It couldn’t be, she had just finished off a pigs trough of cookie dough.  Pausing her feast for a moment, she shook her hefty gut.  She had a hard time getting a grip on the greasy jell-o, and it weighed probably 3 times as much as she used to weigh so she had a hard time getting it moving.  As the doughy blob swung, she noticed something different…she could feel the cold smoothness of the kitchen vinyl floor.  She dropped her monster gut in shock.  She leaned +as far back in her chair as she could, and could still feel her belly resting on the tile.  Feeling it there, sitting on the ground, even though she was nowhere near it made her feel like any goal she set, she could achieve.  She leaned back into her trough and ate with abandon, hoping to make other body parts a permanent addition to the floor.

Need special made clothes
Hayley had finally managed to muster up enough energy to heave her sweaty blob of a body into a mobility scooter and get off to her favorite big girl’s store.  As she wheeled in to the store, her favorite employee gleefully greeted her.  They had a little game where they kept holding out for the day where the store’s inventory would just be totally inadequate.  They knew it was getting close as the store’s penultimate size (7XL) was practically latex tight the last time Hayley was in.  Time had passed since the last time she was in though, and they immediately skipped to the biggest size available; the vaunted 8XL.  Sitting in the fitting room (actually a room and not an overfed closet like most stores) she put the tent shaped dress over her head, tried pulling it down, and the second she had the hem at the bottom of her mountainous belly a very audible rip echoed.  The store clerk asked gently though the door if Hayley was alright.  Hayley responded “Well…Sadly I think you’ve lost a customer.”  “Oh, don’t worry about that honey, I do a little seamstress work on the side, I’d be happy to make circus tents for you.”  Hayley couldn’t believe her luck and she squeezed the rail thin clerk into her soft folds, coating the poor girl in grease and crumbs.  “You’ve made this whale so happy!”

Have trouble standing up alone
Hayley was just going about her normal daily routine of gorging her brains out when she realized her 6th tub of ranch dip was getting low.  Seeing no one was near, she actually decided to motivate her blubbery ass to the fridge to get a new one.  She wobbled to the side trying to get some momentum and shuffle her cellulite ridden ass to the edge of the seat.  Despite working up buckets of sweat, she made no progress.  She tried just rocking forward and backward, but her gut (now firmly grounded on the floor, and spreading rapidly) just would not let her bend forward enough to get the momentum to stand up.  Hayley actually had a moment of panic; she had always been mostly independent and didn’t need anyone to facilitate her gigantic gain.  If getting up was trouble, she was now at the mercy of others to help her feed her engorged female form. She yelled and hollered for her family to come and get her up so she could get to the fridge to load up on food again.  When they did get there, they could barely get a grip on her greasy hands, although Hayley was relieved that they were willing to assist.  Hayley couldn’t be bothered to help them at all, and all she could do was wheeze in place after her previous attempts, and not that they wanted it for fear of her sweating more than she already was.  Once on her feet, she felt the proudest she ever felt of standing ever, because she could see that soon she wouldn’t be able to do it again, no matter how hard anyone pulled.

Get too fat for normal doors
Despite her total inability to stand up under her own power, Hayley was still determined to keep her mobility (no half assed checks for her) until she literally was unable to take a step.  This meant that she was still squeezing her enormous backside through the standard doors.  For weeks she could feel her lumpy hips brushing the sides of the frame, and each time it felt like a teasing tickle of an expert lover.  She’d even stop sometimes and sway from side to side, feeling her cellulite smush into the wood.  A few weeks into feeling the playful touches of the door frames on her flanks, she couldn’t even enter the portal, her heavy hips getting caught on the outside of the door.  Not even greasing her piggish body would get her through normally.  She had to go through the door sideways, and even then the door continued to tease her with brushes against the hanging edge of her round gut and her cellulite coated butt cheeks.  The little tickles going through sideways even produced excited her so much (too bad the wetness this created couldn’t help her get through the door) as she knew that within weeks, or even days the doors in her home couldn’t even begin to let her through.  A call to the carpenter was in order.

Need special furniture
Hayley had broken furniture before, but it was always the cheap furniture of a buffet.  She’d never broken a couch before though.  It happened while she was gorging on numerous five gallon buckets of ice cream in her living room, watching the cooking channel on TV.  At first she heard a little creak coming from her backside (it being audible despite the thickness of the insulation between the crack and her ears should have been clue enough that it was serious), but she shrugged it off as just some gas.  The second clue came with a loud pop of some of the wood framing giving way, but again she had no problem just writing it off as her massive belly shifting some of its greasy contents.  All of this should have been warning for the couch almost exploding under the massive girl sitting on it, but not to Hayley so she was quite surprised to find herself sitting on the floor in a pile of splintered wood and fabric.

Overcoming the shock, she realized what she had done.  She swelled with pride in her overfed body, and she became ecstatic when she realized that the cushion that had been so thick before, but was now paper thin under her creamy, lumpy, buttocks.  After basking in the glory of being too fat for any seat in the house, her family helped to her sagging thighs and led her back to her bedroom.  Once there, she positioned herself with the bed directly behind her couch crushing rear and ready to lower herself down.  ‘Lower’ was probably the wrong word, as she just let gravity take its course and just flopped down onto the side of the bed.  This time though, the poor old bed just wasn’t up for another day of over 700 pounds of fat teenager.  The mattress hit the floor as the bed’s legs frayed and splintered, sending the mattress flopping to the floor where it was permanently crushed under the weight of gluttony and hedonism.  “Do you think that carpenter who widened the door knows a good steel worker?”

Trouble walking
As Hayley had said in the past, she was determined to keep her mobility till the last.  As she approached half a ton though, mobility was edging towards the door.  Her folded over thighs rubbed together all the way down to her knees, even with her swinging her legs far out to the side to get the biggest waddle she could.   Worse than that, her monster gut hung down to her shins, and on top of being heavier than some whole people it flopped against her thighs, forever keeping her from moving her legs very far forward.  Below her belly, her cankles had gotten so full of adipose that they actively rolled a third of the way down her rounded feet, and even touched the floor and dragged behind her heels.  Even leaving the room was as exhausting to her as a full marathon to healthy person.  

Walking may have been the biggest of Hayley’s concerns (well, fantasies really), but moving everything else was just as much of a challenge.  Her arms always ached from the constant feeding she was doing for herself, and she could always feel her arms on her sides, but if only because the fat hanging from her upper arms hung so low that it could touch her armpit even if she could lift her arms above her head.  She could also hardly bend her arms at all with the way the huge bags of cellulite folded over her elbow.  At the top of her mountainous body, her head was also slowly being frozen in place by fat.  Her double chin had gotten so thick that she could hardly turn her head to either side, and couldn’t lower her head at all to look downward.  On top of all of this, her chin was actually becoming visible at the bottom of her vision.  The bottom of her once well-defined jaw was now slowly sliding down her expanding cleavage, what a world she was in.  So using some her remaining strength in her fat filled forearms, she made another check on her list.

Get too fat to leave house
Waking up early one morning, Hayley decided it was a buffet day.  She hadn’t left the house in quite awhile, due to her continuing issues with hauling around over eight hundred pounds of bulk flab.  On top of her mobility issues, most buffets in town wouldn’t even let her on the premises, let alone take part in the feasting within.  One buffet owner had taken a strange liking to her; he would always give her a special extra deep, extra-large plate for every trip back up to the buffet.  He suspected he might be one of those people that has a fat fetish, but she wasn’t there for love, she was there to eat until the food came back up her esophagus.  

The owner would be forever heartbroken though, because there was no reasonable way for Hayley to get to the buffet.  When she attempted to enter her special made handicap van, her massive gut got stuck on the frame.  Her family attempted to give her a good shove, but it was no use, her fat was outside of the door on both sides.  There was discussion about lubing her fat up, but she was just too wide to even consider passing through.  They even tried the rear doors, but again there was just no way to get her wobbling blubber into the van.  Hayley sat on the bumper (nearly turning the van into a stanced variant) munching on some cheese puffs, while her parents brainstormed solutions to their new found homebound daughter.  Once she emptied the bag, she told them to not even bother, she was now trapped in the house by all practical means.

Belly touches floor while standing
Hayley licked her fingers clean of the thick, decadent frosting off of a 6 layer wedding cake.  She had taken to eating one of these daily lately, as a sort of symbolism of her marriage to food.  She had even commissioned hundreds of models of her obese self (of course made in chocolate and candy coated).  For the first time since she started porking up, she actually reveled in not being full; she was absolutely thrilled that a 6 layer wedding cake wasn’t enough for her ravenous gut.  However, an empty stomach was still unacceptable and she had her family come and heave her upright so she could go sit in front of the fridge for some direct gorging.  Once up though, she felt unusually light, like someone was holding part of her up.  Taking a ponderous first step, an odd sensation hit her feet.  Feeling something scrape her feet, made her realize that she was feeling the same sensation in her hanging gut.  Grabbing ahold of the nearest roll, she swung the huge thing side to side, and could feel it brushing against the carpeting.  She kept swinging the hundreds of pounds of adipose, just to feel the floor touching her belly.  She couldn’t believe it, something that wasn’t even supposed to reach your crotch, let alone your knees, was now touching the floor, standing.  She snapped out of her fantasy land to realize her gut was unapologetically roaring to be fed.  Determined to hang onto mobility she pushed forward, feeling her legs rub together down to her knees and her bulging belly slap against her impossibly thick thighs.  Once she cleaned out the refrigerator, she’d have another important check to put on her list.

Become immobile
Hayley knew immobility was on its way once she had her gut touch the floor, but she soldiered on each day, making the arduous journey from her bed to the front of the (main) refrigerator.  Even during the walk she wasn’t without something fattening.  She started out by having a dozen doughnuts stationed every 5 feet, but soon found it too cumbersome to try and walk and chew.  The solution was to just put a camelback pack filled with milkshake on a family member, hand her the straw, and follow her all the way to the kitchen.  Sure, she had to have multiple family members, each having two packs follow her to the kitchen, but its intended goal was soon reached.  

After a week and a half of chugging down 6 camelbacks of milkshakes, plus her “normal” pigging out, she called for her family to pull her up for another kitchen trip.  Once there they, grabbed her as usual, and pulled with all their might.  They strained more than usual, but the workout every day of lifting a half ton of lard strengthened them up and they eventually lugged her to her feet.  It was all for naught though.  Hayley stood on her own two feet, her gut peacefully covering her feet, but after a measly few seconds her whole body began to sway.  Her family reached into to steady her, but her massive bulk was too heavy and amorphous to hold on to.  Her legs gave way as she flopped back on to the bed with a crash.  Her family gasped in shock as the mound of blubber hit the bed.  As she laid there spread eagle on her king size bed, she could only wheeze “I’m hungry.”

Become world’s fattest girl
Hayley knew that the current world’s fattest woman was at about 1,200 pounds so she made sure that the record book people were watching as she glugged back gallon after gallon of milkshake.  Slowly, but surely the numbers crawled upward.  The gathered officials seemed to be absolutely mortified that someone would do this to themselves intentionally.  In fact, they doubted it was even legal for them to include someone if they did it on purpose, but they checked their rules and there was nothing against it.  Certainly they would have to change it after Hayley, but it was doubtful that anyone would ever exceed her at the rate she was packing away the lard.  Hayley just laid back in her bed, tube in her mouth, staring at the digital scale increase its count.  She metered her intake as the numbers went 1,197…1,198…1,199…1,200…1,201.  Stopping exactly at 1,201 she popped the tube out of her mouth, gasped for some air, and said “Put me in the book boys…if you stick around for awhile, I think I can even beat those few men who have a little bit more baby fat than me.”

Get too fat to move arms
Waking up a few days after her record breaking day in a sugar hangover from her celebratory cake (well, 25 of them) she felt absolutely starved, as if those 25 cakes were like 25 crumbs.  All she could remember from the orgy of food the past several days was ingesting pound after pound of fried food, and then drinking the grease it was fried in.  She did have hazy memories of her arms being very sore after packing her round cheeks with a rainbow of fattening flavors.  All of this reminiscing about meals past was really making her absolutely ravenous.

Being awake before anyone had thought to check on her meant that she was on her own for food acquisition.  She recently had a food tube installed above her head so she could have something to suckle on while she waited for food to be brought to her.  Its use was becoming ever more frequent as her family was often quick to fall behind her dietary needs.  Hayley had a problem though; her arms refused to obey her command, or rather the rebellion her fat took against her legs had finally spread to her arms.  Her muscles strained and strained, but they had officially become useless.  Hayley had finally managed to outeat the exercise feeding herself provided (quite a feat considering how heavy her ham shaped arms were).  

Desperate to get some empty calories into her empty tank of a gut, she wiggled her fingers trying to get a few extra inches to grab the hose that dangled tantalizing close.  She got distracted again when her wriggling fingers reminded her that one day she was going to get too fat to even move her fingers.  God, she was so hungry see those little sausages dangle just out of reach.  Hayley considered eating her own fingers she was so hungry, but again she was too fat to move her hand to her face.

She gave up on being able to reach the feeding hose and just sat there with tears welling in her eyes.  The tears weren’t sad tears, but motivated simultaneously by her greed for more food, the sadness of never being able to directly speed food to her mouth, and the sheer joy of reaching the pinnacle of useless obesity.  Hayley was finally useless as a human being;  she was too fat to do any manual labor, her arms were too fat to even do office tasks, her mouth was always full so phone answering was out, and she was too consumed with food addiction to even be able think straight enough to be a philosopher.  As a matter of fact, all this thinking was making her hungry so with a mighty bellow she said “MY ARMS ARE USELESS NOW, FEED ME!”

Double weight again and again and again…
Soon after Hayley’s arms had become useless, she realized that her feeders were useless now too.  They were just too damn slow and couldn’t pack in the food like she needed.  Her weight actually plateaued for the first time in over a year.  This was totally unacceptable.  The only solution was the feeding tube.  

Despite the obvious advantages the fattening sludge provided, Hayley always loved the sensations, textures, and tastes of real food and the tube was only a mere substitute.  However, she was desperate to fill her cavernous stomach so switched wholly over to the tube system once her feeders couldn’t keep up.  At first she stuck to the liquid foods she always had; things like heavy cream, milkshakes, smoothies, stuff like that.  It was mainly because she was actually full after an hour or so on the hose.  She was in disbelief, she couldn’t even hardly remember what it was like to even feel full.  Although the feeling didn’t last long; she was usually back suckling at the fattening fluids again within an hour most of the time.  

Eventually, she grew tired of the liquid diet she had self-imposed, and just started having normal food pureed and poured into the pumping system.  It was just in time too, she was beginning to feel her neck and chin fat pile so high that she probably couldn’t even move her jaw properly to chew solid food anymore.  Soon enough, she had the hose in her mouth all day, never stopping to pause to allow the fullness to subside.  After that, she had actually trained herself to swallow in her sleep so she could continue feeding despite being unconscious.  This had the effect of causing her weight to absolutely reach inhuman levels.

Hayley didn’t want to miss the event of her doubling her weight again to 1,360 scale crushing pounds, so she had an alarm set to that weight so even if she hit in her sleep she could wake up for the moment.  Indeed, her goal was reached in her sleep.  She was annoyed, but it was her greed that put it there so she couldn’t really be mad.  Once she was awake and her feeders gathered round, she had her hose removed as she wanted to say what was probably her last words before getting too fat to even speak.  Hayley hadn’t stopped to think about what to say really, she was just in her food stupor so all that she managed to wheeze out was “I’m…not…fat…enough.”

So the tube went back in permanently as Hayley waited to see 2,720, then 5,440, then 10,880…
Yes, yes, I know I'm putting off the Welfare Princess series.  But something new from me anyways!  This is one half of a duology; this one being the weight gain part (with minimal slob stuff) and the other being the slob list.

This one is based off of A Girl With Goals by koudelka2005.  It's just a literal expansion of that lovely girl's list as seen there.

The *first* slob portion can be found here:  A Girl With Slobby Goals (Part I)

The *second* slob portion can be found here:  A Girl With Slobby Goals (Part II)
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Warning: This story gets progressively more gross as it goes. I’m sorry. Extreme weight gain, slob, scat.

“Ku ku ku…” Kobato laughed darkly as she slid open the door to the Neighbor’s club. “Again I descend upon you to collect my trib – Auu!” The tiny girl in the gothic Lolita dress let out a small yelp as she stopped short of walking in the door. “An-chaaann…” She moaned.

“Ah jeez…” Kodaka, her older brother, sighed. He was afraid this might happen. The doors in the high school section were a good bit smaller than the middle school section, for whatever reason. “Don’t worry, I’m coming…” he stood up from his chair where he’d been reading and walked to the entrance.

What was the problem? Well, to put it simply, it was that “tribute” that Kobato had “descended to collect”. On the table sat a spread of cakes, chips, cookies; a cornucopia of unhealthiness. And outside the door was one very fat young girl, just somewhat too big to fit through the 2-feet-and-change opening.

Kobato Hasegawa was never terribly tall. She’d been short for her age just about as long as anyone could remember. She had a bit of a complex about it, too. This was probably one of the biggest reasons she hung onto her ‘chuuni’ mannerisms, always pretending to be “Reisys Vi Felicity Sumeragi” or whatever it was. Some vampire thing from her favorite anime. Unfortunately, it was perhaps this same willful lack of self-awareness that led to her making some… questionable choices.

Kodaka walked around to Kobato’s broad backside and planted his hands on her. “Here we go…. Hnngg..” He grunted with effort as he helped his little sister in. “C’mon… just… suck it in a little, Kobato!” His hands lifted up on her thick lovehandles and worked her rear end through the club entrance.

“Uuuu… An-chan… not so hard…” Kobato whimpered as she was pushed along. The other members of the Neighbor’s club, usually quick with a witty comment or jab at the other members, seemed dumbfounded by the ridiculousness of it.“Wah!” She nearly lost her balance as her girth finally slipped through. Quickly catching her balance both mental and physical, she proclaimed, “Ku ku ku! No matter the obstacle, my ever-faithful servant supports me! Now, I feast!” Her short, thick thighs pressed against each other as she waddled slowly towards the table.

“Haaahh…” Kodaka sighed in exhaustion and disappointment. Should I just… make her stop eating? The thought had occurred to him before but he just… couldn’t seem to tell Kobato “no”. He’d brought it up on several occasions, but it was always ‘I must fuel my arcane energies’ and ‘I must be at maximum power for the coming battle’. And there was one other factor that certainly didn’t make things easier…

Kobato pulled out a chair and carefully sat down, it creaking under her girth. She’s learned since the incident at the dinner table, I see… Kodaka noted. Across from her was sitting that “other factor”, Sena Kashiwazaki. Since the tubby loli had entered the room, Sena’s eyes hadn’t left her once.

“Kobato-chan~” Sena grinned wide as Kobato lifted a crème-laden éclair to her mouth framed by a heavy double chin. “I’m so glad you came to the club again today! I made sure to bring extras of all your favorite ‘tributes’!” Sena pushed one of the trays closer, so Kobato’s stubby arms could reach.

“Au…” Kobato shrunk away from Sena’s gaze as she bit into the dessert. She was never good at dealing with the affections of the large-breasted blonde-haired girl. It was even more complicated for Kobato given that Sena was both a major source of problems and a major source of treats. Her nervousness, of course, led Kobato to descend upon ever greater amounts of tributes when she was around Sena. She wiped the excess filling from her own chubby cheeks and licked her fingers clean. “My thirst for power is unquenchable…” Kobato muttered as she grabbed a donut and a second éclair.

“There’s plenty here, Kobato-chan! Oooh, you’re just too perfect!” Sena squirmed in her seat, but kept her Kobato-lust in check.

Kobato swung her tubby legs back and forth as she ate, her mood only improving as her stomach filled. Kodaka watched as his little sister gorged herself. How many pounds has she put on in the last 6 months?, he thought. It had to be at least a hundred or two. The girl was barely 4’ 6”, and it showed. Ever since Sena had started to bring snacks to the clubroom, Kobato had just started porking up. When her favorite dress had split open for the first time, Kobato had sworn off desserts entirely – until Sena found a tailor. Now it seemed like she had a new version of the same frilly black-and-white dress every couple of weeks, just to accommodate her growth.

Her body was huge, especially for her age. Her belly hung in rolls in front of her when she wasn’t all dressed up, drooping more than halfway down her thighs. Her breasts, unfortunately, still weren’t much, but her rear was positively gargantuan, like two humongous overstuffed meat buns. Nearly 3 feet across, it poured over the sides of the (none-too-small) club room chairs, and it probably wouldn’t be long before she required two just to sit down. On her face hung a thick double chin, with hints of a third on the horizon. She was big all over.

Maybe I should be worried… Kodaka thought, only a few months late.

Kobato pulled the final plate closer to her, finishing off its delicious contents. A box of chocolate chip cookies, 20 frosted mini donuts, and a large bowl of chocolate-drizzled popcorn with plenty of butter joined the others inside her gluttonous gut.

Kobato’s dress gained a new set of stains as her dirty fingers rubbed her titanic tummy, massaging the  whole table’s worth of food stuffed inside her. “The power seeks to rebel against me… URRRPP” a loud belch emanated from the fat loli. Yukimura, who had come  to refill her teacup, couldn’t help but wave her hand to disperse the stench.“But never shall I yield…” Kodaka had given up on scolding Kobato on her manners. She’d just start crying again. Sena watched intently as Kobato’s fingertips pressed against the hard mass of food that occupied her fat stomach, before reaching down to grab something near her feet.

“Wha…!” Kobato gasped as Sena produced a large chocolate cake, already sliced. It was fudgy and thick, covered in frosting on all sides. Her eyes perked up. “Accursed tormentor!” Kobato turned to look at her grinning admirer. “I see you bring great tribute indeed!”

Sena placed the cake in the center of the table. “I can hardly understand a word you say, Kobato-chan, but it’s just so adorable!”  

Fat hands dragged the plate close to her maw. Kobato continued unflinchingly. “But know this! I shall never yield to your corrupting airs! Urrpp…” Kobato let out a burst of her own corrupting air, blushing quickly before regaining her composure. “My power is absolute…” Kobato spoke with finality. Her tiny pale fingers were covered with sugary chocolate as she brought it to her mouth with her hands. One by one the slices entered into the greedy girl’s stomach.

As Kobato swallowed the last slice, she belched loudly. “Urrrpp…” A dumb look of contentment crossed her face for just a moment, before she remembered herself. “Ku ku ku.. I… hnng…” she gingerly patted her overfed middle, wincing slightly. “I am filled with power untold…”

“Kobato-chan, I can’t take it anymore! You’re just too adorable!” Sena leapt up from her chair. Kodaka tried to stop her, but it was too late. Everyone sighed – this was not a new occurrence. “I just want to take you home!” Sena’s slender hands wrapped around Kobato’s fleshy body and gripped her in a tight hug, her ample breasts deforming around the young girl’s head.

“Uwa! Foul witch! Unhand me… urr… stop it!” Kobato began to panic. Her current size meant she wasn’t nearly as capable of running away. Kobato had laid down some ground rules with Sena before, but she was prone to breaking them. “I… I mean it! The… the power…” Kobato whimpered. Frrrrttt… came a loud low sound from Kobato’s blubbery bottom. “I… I can’t contain…”

“Kobato-chan?” Sena asked with concern as the other members of the club pinched their nose at the smell that radiated outward. With her recent lack of manners, they were mostly used to it. But something seemed a little different about this time, and Kobato seemed even more bothered than usual.

“I must… I must exit this realm at once!” Kobato said, making to leave. “Hngg…” the obese girl’s thighs burned as she slowly rose from her seat. A thin film of sweat glazed her forehead. “ku… ku…” Kobato eked out a feeble laugh, before apparently deciding there was no time for it. She waddled for the door as fast as her tiny legs would carry her, rocking precariously left and right. “Foul portal…” She said as she forced her weight through unassisted. “If you value your meaningless lives, do not pursue me!” She said, turning around, before adding “That means you too, an-chan!” and tottering off. Did she even need my help earlier? Kodaka thought for a moment.

“Kodaka! We need to help Kobato!” Sena said angrily to the dirty blonde boy.

“I know, just… give her some space? A day or two? She’s got a lot going on right now…”

Sena stared at him for a second, fire in her eyes. But before long, she sighed and said, “Hmm… alright…” acquiescing.

“Kodaka…” Yozora said, a grave tone in her voice.

Trying to act nonchalant, Kodaka responded, “…Yeah? You need something, Yozora?”  

“If you want your little sister to be a part of this sacred space,” the dark haired girl said with utmost sincerity, “You have to do something about the smell.”

Kodaka sighed.

“Uuu….” Kobato looked at herself in the mirror, wheezing softly at the exertion of waddling all the way home. It had only been an hour or two since she’d ran out of the club room in a huff. Her pale arms sat angled against the wide pear shape of her body, twin blonde pigtails dangling against them. She shifted from side to side, sending her sagging flesh wobbling wildly. Experimentally hefting the hem of her belly apron, she found it was almost too far for her to reach the tip where it nearly kissed her knees. Maybe an-chan is right… she thought. But delicious treats were hard to resist.

Kobato thought back on what had happened earlier that day. “This incident was simply far too precocious,” she muttered to herself. Wait, was it precarious? Kobato paused for a moment before refocusing. “I cannot risk a mistake like that again,” Her gut gurgled as it struggled to digest the meal from hours earlier. “My own body seeks to betray me…”

Several days later, the door rang at the Hasegawa residence. Kodaka answered, and there stood the shining face of Sena.

“Kodaka! If I didn’t know better, I’d swear you were avoiding me! Where’s Kobato been? Why haven’t you been coming to the club?” Not wasting any time on the pleasantries, Sena launched a line of interrogation on the poor boy standing before her.

“I… well, y’see… Kobato’s actually kinda… refused to go to school, anymore.” Kodaka scratched his neck, like it was something he didn’t want to say. “Something about ‘I have grown far too powerful for these mortal customs’, or whatever… Honestly, I’m not sure what it is.” Kodaka looked at Sena. “Actually… Maybe you could talk to her?” He seemed almost genuinely shocked by his own idea. “I don’t know, you’re both girls…?”

Sena brightened up hugely at this. “So… she’s like, a hikikomori? She won’t go outside?!” A terrifying smile split Sena’s chiseled features. “That’s… so moe! Neet characters are like, super huge right now! There's this one girl, called Anzu... well, not right now!” The giddy girl opened the door wide and walked in with a cooler on wheels the size of a full piece of luggage.

“What are you bringing in… oh, never mind. I don’t even want to know.” Kodaka resigned as Sena made her way to Kobato’s room.

A knock at the door caused the fat young girl, sitting on her bed, to lift her chins up from her handheld game.

“Kobatooo? Are you in there?” Sena’s voice rang out in the darkened room.

It’s her again! Kobato thought before quickly shooting off, “No! Go ‘way!”

Sena opened the door anyway. “Kobato-chan~, I brought snacks!” She opened the cooler to reveal enough soda, chips, and fattening desserts to supply a superbowl party.  

“Uuu….” Kobato moaned softly. “I… no longer require tribute, my… my power stands alone…” she mumbled softly.

“Come on now, Kobato-chan~” Sena picked up a slice of apple pie and sat her body up against Kobato’s pillowy stomach fat. “Don’t you want to have a little bit?” She held it in front of the tiny tubby girl’s face.

Kobato’s mouth drooled slightly and her eyes quivered as she stared at the sugary treat. “I can’t… I don’t…” She fumbled over words.

A while passed, Sena patiently waiting for Kobato to fight her inner demons. A chubby hand would almost take the slice, before resting against her bulging sides. Kobato's mind tossed and turned, unable to ignore the scent of the delicious treat the older girl was dangling eagerly in front of her face.

Finally, the demons won.

Kobato sat up straight on her bed. “Ku ku ku…. I shall partake of your offering, foul temptress…” and took the slice, shoving it into her mouth.

“Waah~ I knew you would, Kobato-chan!” Sena quickly began laying out a feast around the greedy girl, making sure everything was within reach.

Kobato feasted with gusto. Family sized bags of chips vanished in minutes, and entire boxes of donuts were swept away down the young girl’s gullet by stubby fingers on chubby hands.  Kobato chugged 2-liters almost in one go, belching horrendously.

“Uuurrrrp…. I require more… Urrrp… unholy water…” Kobato rubbed her stomach as she threw the large coke bottle to the side.

“Here you are, Kobato-chan!” Sena was always ready with whatever Kobato desired. And she desired a lot. Sena had come prepared – stacks of pancakes with butter and syrup, cupcakes with frosting and little hearts on top, cheesy garlic knots with mozzarella oozing out.

Sena would pause while the adorably overweight pigtailed girl devoured. The creaking of the bed springs and the groaning of her stomach were music to her ears.

Finally, the massively obese loli had nearly finished it all. Even more stuffed than she’d been at the Neighbor’s club several days ago, her pale stomach stuck out from beneath the frills of her elaborate dress. One could see the stitching beginning to come apart at the edges. Maybe I’ll wait a couple days before giving her the next one, Sena thought to herself, looking at the fabric.  Bits of random food covered the outfit, and her face was streaked with various greases and sugary coatings.

“Uurrpp… foul witch… I require that you… urrp…” Kobato was having a hard time maintaining composure. Finally she managed, “I require that you bring tribute to me… directly…”  and indicated the last pan of brownies that sat near her foot-and-a-half-wide thighs.

“Of course!” Sena perked up. Picking up the tray, she brought herself onto Kobato’s tightly packed stomach, though she was careful not to put any pressure on it. She could feel the huge volume of fattening foods within the girl. “Say ahhhhnn!” Sena brought the brownie to her mouth.

“Uu…” Kobato shied away for a moment, but soon opened her mouth to let Sena feed her. Her cheeks shook adorably as she chewed piece after piece, packing it all away. Eventually, it was all gone. “Urrp… the… the power…” Kobato moaned.

“Did you enjoy that? You ate a ton!” Sena rubbed her stomach for her gently. It was even wider than her fat hips, over 3 feet across.

“The tribute was… urrp… sufficient…” Kobato said with contentment. But soon, the same ominous sound trumpeted forth from the obese middle schooler’s rear end: ffrrrrrttt. Sena pinched her nose, but the smile remained on her face.

Kobato began to panic, apparently trying to get up. “No… not now! I can’t!” her tiny hands grabbed at her stomach flab, trying to heft it upwards so she could shift her weight off the bed. The springs creaked under the strain. “The… energies within me! I can no longer…!” Kobato’s face flushed red at the exertion.

Sena was confused for a moment, but soon a devilish grin spread across her face. “…Energies, eh?”

A look of supreme discomfort spread across Kobato’s food-streaked face. Her bulbous cheeks were tinged a deep red as she squirmed in place, trapped by her own gluttony.

“I…!” Kobato began to tear up as a loud squelching noise came from her backside. “Uuu…. Waaaahhh!” Her tears broke into outright sobbing as the immensely fattened girl, no longer in control of her bowels, filled the room with the sound of release. The stench quickly became overpowering.

Sena, however, remained shockingly well composed. “Oh, don’t cry Kobato-chan,” she threw her arms around Kobato’s neck and stroked her back reassuringly. “It’s ok, we’ll get you cleaned up…”

Kobato’s tears dried up slowly as she went quiet. It was strangely… comforting. She didn’t really care for Sena’s affections but…. This seemed different. She was left speechless. Kobato sat there, Sena’s massive breasts pressing into her face, trying to think of what to say.

Sena finally pulled away, smiling softly and perhaps more genuinely than she ever had.

Coming out of her moment of stupor, Kobato quickly began to orate. “Ku… Ku ku ku! Foul witch! I have seen your dedication to my cause!” She placed her hands on her wide hips, elbows sticking out. “I shall make you one of my servants for this! Know that this is the greatest gift any mere mortal could hope to receive!”

“Waaah~, I’m so happy!” Sena spoke with mock joy, but there was a clear note of genuine happiness in it. “Now, your servant will go fetch the… sacred towels!” Sena stuttered out. I really should go watch some of these shows if I’m gonna keep this up, she thought.

“And don’t forget tonight’s tribute!” Kobato added.

Sena smiled. “Of course!”

“Uurrpp… t..t.ribute…” Kobato managed to say behind 4 chins.

Sena walked in, wearing the maid outfit that she had gotten for her brief stint at the maid café. “Yes, yes, it’s coming right now!” she said brightly as she wheeled the three-level cart in. Each level was as large and heavily laden as the table Kobato used to clear back when she was still capable of attending the Neighbors club. This was the sixth time today. It was barely 2 p.m.

In the last year, Kobato had grown inhumanly large. Not long after Sena became her “servant”, Kobato found it wasn’t exactly worth the effort to get out of bed. She had servants for that. Stubby now-useless legs stuck out from her fat rolls as her belly marched across the expanse of her blanketed sleeping area. Her 350lb girth quickly ballooned to 700, and walking was simply out of the question. That was 9 months ago.

But she hadn’t stopped there. Free from any worries about feeding herself or maintaining a sense of hygiene, she simply ate all day. A TV on the wall played anime for her constantly, and there was rarely a time when she didn’t have some calorie-dense snack or meal in hand.  

“Uurpp…. My energies…” Kobato blushed slightly as Sena started to bring the first of many dishes to her waiting mouth. She still had some shame about this.

And Sena loved to tease her about it. “Hm? Oh, dear, I can smell it, too!” Sena made an exaggerated “pee-yew” gesture. “Well, we’ll get that cleaned up afterwards, shall we? It’s tribute time for the lady Sumeragi!” Sena brought a fat slice of pizza covered with cheese to Kobato’s mouth. Pausing for a moment (Kobato hated it when Sena waited to clean her down there), she lost the battle and decided eating came first.

Now, Kobato was scarcely able to even feed herself. Her arm flab weighed heavily upon her and forced the fat-swaddled appendages to stick out nearly at right angles from the rolling ocean of her body. Clothes were more like tents, and despite her insistence on wearing her frilly gothic outfit it took a long time to make new ones at her current size. She was naked as often as not. When she’d broke the box spring on her original bed 6 months ago, Sena made sure she got a nice extra-large king size this time. Although she had so adored watching Kobato’s jiggling rolls pour over the sides of her double, she was intoxicated by the thought of her doing it to a 6-foot-wide king size.

And Kobato was well on her way. Daily feedings increased with time, and she was on track to be over a ton in a month or two, according to the livestock scale Sena'd had installed (she did not inform Kobato, who was unable to look under her own bed). 1700 lbs of pale flesh poured over the bed, shaking and wobbling as she was fed.

As she finished the cart (these days it only took perhaps 10 minutes for her to wolf it down), Kobato whimpered, “More… more uurrrrpp… energies…” Her face flushed a deep red as a loud Frrrrrrrrttt came from her sedan-sized rear end, followed by the squelch that Sena had grown to adore hearing.

Sena took a peek at her massive backside and immediately had to pinch her nose. “My, you’ve made quite the mess down there, Kobato-chan! “ Sena giggled slightly. "What are they feeding you? That probably weighs more than I do!" Sena smiled as she rubbed Kobato’s belly fat. Kobato averted her eyes in shame. “Guess it's about time I clean you up, huh.” She kissed Kobato near her cavernous belly button. Having finished with her fun, she went to get her cleaning supplies. “Looks like it's the big bucket again today♥”

“Urrp…tribute…” Kobato moaned as Sena left the room.
This story is disgusting and not fit for consumption by anyone. You must be at least 60 years of age to read this story. If you don't like it, blame :iconlkj0987654321:, he helped.

Comments are appreciated. Please be gentle.
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Warning: extremely kinky fat teasing humiliation fetish.

So this greedy whale wants some food does she? ;) Look at yourself! Look at all that flab! You’re disgracefully obese and you still just want to eat more and grow fatter?!! Hungry for more to fill your shamefully huge overhanging gut are you piggy? Well okay then you bloated cow if that’s what you want then maybe it’s time you were taught a lesson! You really want more food? You’ll get more food alright! Open wide piggy! Let’s just stuff you so full of fattening treats that people will stare in horror as you swell up like a big fat human shaped balloon shall we? Give you all you can eat, yes even you porky! And then more, and more, and MORE. Strapped down and forced to eat, eat, eat! A never ending flow of sinfully fattening cuisine to stuff you full to the brim, overfull, until you swear one more bite might just make your stomach explode, a 24/7 overfed sow, so much food you’ll swear you can feel yourself getting fatter by the minute as you’re wheeled from restaurant to restaurant, buffet to buffet, and made to eat and eat until all the food is gone as everyone stares aghast in morbid fascination at the size of your belly spilling out in front of you, at your huge bloated body slowly but steadily bursting the seams of your clothes as you gorge yourself on dessert after dessert until every last one is gone.

Well?! Is that enough fucking food for you greedy-guts? Poking your belly makes you burp! Nope, there’s still room in there! Off to the next place. Do you like donuts? Four dozen for starters? Doesn’t matter how ridiculously full you are, you’re going to eat them ALL. Everyone knows you’re probably too helplessly horngry to resist anyway haha! Greedy gluttons as naughty as you never can say no can they? So why not wash them all down with full cream milkshakes! Just hook you up to the drink machine and pump you up until you can’t take any more? Sound good you obscene tub of lard?! Then everyone can watch you blow up with fat until you burst from your clothes, until you’re so fat not even your shoes can fit your bloated round feet! What’s the matter piggy? Too full? But that’s never stopped you before! You’ve gotten too fat to move? Well no matter then you’re not going anywhere till you’ve eaten every last donut in the store. Aww you’re so heavy your chair has collapsed. Damn you’re a complete fucking whale aren’t you? Don’t think that means this is over! We’ll just have to haul you around on a big 1 ton trailer or something. All that obscene fat wobbling unsteadily down the road as you travel to your next awaiting feast. I know! We’ll put some mattresses on it, several cause one won’t be wide enough before long, maybe soft rubber ones so we can hose you down between feedings. Haha we can do that at a carwash, imagine the looks you’ll get! Huge soapy obscene fat rolls as thick as a man’s waist glistening in the sun!

Where next? The chocolate factory? Okay and then the ice-cream factory! Think you can eat it all? Well you’d be in no position to refuse now that you’re a massive helpless fat blob! You’re so fucking greedy it’ll probably only take you a couple of weeks. We’ll make you eat yourself so fat and round it’ll be a struggle to wiggle your arms. So much blubber! Unable to do anything except watch yourself grow and grow until you’re the fattest woman there ever was and ever will be. Swelling up fatter, and fatter, and FATTER until you’re nothing but a gigantic horny round butterball. Constantly tempted with so many naughty tasty treats. You can’t help it that they taste so good can you? You can’t help it that they make you swell up like a balloon! A big horny balloon.

Whimpers and moans muffled by huge handfuls of cake as you feel your enormous bloated body expand by the minute, plumping up, up, up, as your huge overstuffed stomach extracts calories from ungodly amounts of food, forcing them unceremoniously into your fat reserves. So huge and FAT that you’d wonder if you might actually burst whilst your titanic belly digests your next meal, oh dear! Yes indeed you overfed sow, that’s far, far too fat for your own good! But even then it’s a good bet you’d STILL be hungry, wouldn’t you porky? Look at yourself and admit it haha! Guess we’d have to launch food at you somehow from a distance, no way we’re risking getting any closer to a girl who’s clearly so greedy she’d be in danger of eating so much she could blow any second lol!

That’s what happens when you’re such a shamelessly naughty greedy glutton! Be careful of the path you’re starting down fat girl! That appetite of yours is clearly already out of control! You better put down that box of donuts before it’s too late!
Inspired by shenanigans on tumblr.

If you like this check out…
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Julie watched as a stick of a girl walked by, followed quickly by the eyes of all the guys in the room. She sank down into her seat, trying to hide herself. She had  always envied the girls that could turn heads like that. However, Julie knew that she wasn't one of them. She wasn't thin, weighing a little over 200 pounds. She had a  cute muffin top poking over the top of her jeans, but nobody else thought it was cute. Julie had tried dieting to try to attract some attention, but so far her efforts  were in vain. Discouraged, she stood up and left.

As Julie walked back to her house, she sighed to herself. "Why can't I have a body like that? Why am I such a pudgy girl?" asked Julie, berating herself for her  weight. She wasn't very confident in herself, a shy girl who prefered to stay away from social situations. In what felt like an entire city full of thin, sexy girls,  Julie was an oddball, a girl who actually had a bit of fat that wasn't in her boobs alone. She took a turn down an alleyway, a shortcut to her house. The alley was  empty, as it always was. Julie reached into her bag and pulled out a can of soda (obviously diet soda) and began to crack it open. There was a huge rush of carbonation  as it barely opened. Julie pulled the tab a little harder, finally cracking it completely. There was a geyser of soda as Julie let out a yelp and dropped it.  Surprisingly, she wasn't touched by the liquid at all. Looking at the can, she could see the soda instead swirling in the air, still gushing out of the can. "W-what  the hell?!" asked Julie as she watched. Slowly, the liquid began to take on a noticible humanoid form. Finally, there was a girl floating in the air in front of her.  "Ow...that's the stupidest place to put a genie...a diet soda can, for crying out loud!" exclaimed the girl. "I-I'm sorry?" said Julie, shocked by this girl in front  of her. "Oh, I was talking to the powers-that-be, who decided a can was the best place to put a magical entity," said the girl, "but where are my manners? My name is  Celeste, and I'm a genie. I'm sure it was quite a shock to find me in your can of soda..." said Celeste. "You're telling me...wait, a genie?" asked Julie. "I thought  that would catch your attention! Yes, a genie. Three wishes, that sort of thing? That's me!" exclaimed Celeste. "So, I get three wishes?" asked Julie. "Yup. You tell  me what they are, and I have to do them. And I won't even judge you for it. People always tend to get some crazy wishes when they're given all of these powers," said  Celeste. "You don't say..." said Julie under her breath, contemplating her first wish. Her mind went back to the diner she was in previously, how there were so many  thin girls there, how they all looked almost unhealthy. "Hmm...I think I have my first wish..." said Julie, grinning. "And what would that be?" asked Celeste. "I wish  that every other woman was big and fat...!" said Julie. Celeste snapped her fingers, an intangible wave of energy flying from her fingers. Julie could feel it, and  wondered if anybody else could. "Done! It's been a while since I've been able to flex my magical muscles!" said Celeste, rather cheerfully. Julie couldn't wait to see  what effect it had on the other girls in the city, all the ones who had taunted or teased Julie. "So, how about wish number two? I think I'm on a roll with this!" said  Celeste. Julie smiled. "I wish that I was the sexiest girl in the city..." said Julie. Celeste examined her for a moment. "Hmm...gonna have to think about your  clothes, color matching, what season it is, is it past Labor Day, getting you some flattering clothes, and-" said Celeste before suddenly snapping. Once again, Julie  felt a wave of energy. "Done. That's two in the hole, one more to go," said Celeste. Julie didn't feel or look very different, at least not yet. "Alright, one more  wish, make it-" said Celeste before Julie interrupted her. "I wish for 3 more wishes," said Julie. "Well, aren't you a clever one?" laughed Celeste, "well, normally  I'm not supposed to do that. Customer equality and all of that. But I'm too damn interested in what you'd do with three more wishes, so I suppose I'll make an  exception! So, what are you going to do now?" said Celeste. Julie motioned for Celeste to follow her as she walked out of the alley and towards another local  restaurant.

As Julie walked, she could see that Celeste's powers were nothing to laugh at. There were a few girls walking around that were Julie's size, but there were many more  walking around that were double, even triple Julie's weight! She was even more amazed when she walked into the fast-food restaurant and saw the size of the girls in  there. They were positively massive, behemoth bellies and colossal cleavage, huge hips and ballooning butts! "I can't believe it worked!" thought Julie. "Of course it  worked! Did you underestimate me?" asked Celeste, but she heard the voice in her head instead of her ears. Julie was about to reply, but her stomach rumbled loudly.  "Uh oh, somebody is a little hungry!" laughed Celeste. Julie blushed, a little embarassed that her stomach had rumbled like that. "Go ahead, you might as well get  something to eat while you're here!" said Celeste. Julie wandered up to the counter. The girl behind the counter was massive like the rest, fat pouring out of her  tight clothes. "How can I help you today?" asked the worker, with unusual enthusiasm. "I'll take a burger and a milkshake..." said Julie, trying to hide what she was  ordering from the other girls. "Alright, I'll bring them out to you when they're ready!" exclaimed the worker as other girls in the back began to prepare the food.  Julie wandered over to a table and sat down to wait.

After a couple of minutes, the worker came bouncing out from behind the counter, carrying a giant tray of burgers and an enormous pitcher of what Julie assumed to be a  milkshake. "I-I don't think I ordered this much!" exclaimed Julie. "Don't worry, it's all on the house!" replied the worker as she went back behind the counter. Julie  stared at the mountain of food in front of her. Her stomach rumbled again. Julie cautiously reached out and grabbed a burger. Giving her this much food was just  fueling any temptation that she had. She brought the burger to her lips and took a bite out of it. She let out a moan. It had never tasted this good before! She  finished off the burger in two more giant bites, before her hands reached out and seized another. She gulped it down, and then another, and another. She thought that  she would begin to feel full, but her hunger only grew as she ate more! She was tossing empty wrappers left and right as she continued to feast on the delicious  burgers. Julie could slowly feel her clothes tightening. She knew she should stop, but she was so hungry, and it tasted so good! Celeste watched as Julie fed herself  more and more. She could see Julie's stomach starting to bulge outwards against her shirt. She seemed to take up a bit more of the booth than she had before, her hips  having flared out slightly. Julie moaned again at the flavor. She just couldn't bring herself to stop! She continued to eat as Celeste smiled, waiting for Julie's next  wish.

"Oh...I'm getting fat...but I can't stop!" thought Julie as she continued to eat. She had visibly gained weight, her clothes getting precariously tight as she  continued to eat. She heard a stitch popping her and there, but nothing that gathered much attention...yet. Her hand grabbed the giant milkshake and poured it into her  mouth. She gulped it down, the cold liquid dripping down her growing chin. Julie could feel her body pushing out against her clothes even more as she swallowed the  thick, delicious treat. She moaned as her clothes groaned, protesting the new weight. Her jeans ripped at the seams, exposing patches of her thickening thighs and  turning heads. A few girls in the room noticed Julie eating, whispering to themselves in amazement of this girl that seemed to be growing in front of their very eyes.  It took a minute, but Julie managed to slurp down all of the milkshake and go back to stuffing her face with burgers. She felt like she'd barely made a dent in the  mountain of meat in front of her! She had to have doubled in size since she sat down, but she couldn't stop herself! She was eating faster and faster, fat appearing on  her body at a growing pace. Wrappers littered the space around her, creating a pile that Julie was only adding to. Julie's jeans were starting to come apart even more.  Her shirt ripped across her chest due to her growing breasts. Her shirt was pushed up around her breasts because of her growing stomach. Julie was gathering more  attention in the restaurant as more of the girls watched the spectacle that was Julie getting fatter. Julie was shoveling burgers into her mouth, almost inhaling them.  She was growing faster as she ate more and more. Her flesh was poking out of her clothes, causing some of the girls to gasp. Julie stuffed herself, not thinking about  the fat as she continued to grow.

"I-I'm getting so big...!" thought Julie as she eat uncontrollably. She had to be close to 600 pounds! "I can't believe that I'm this big...but I...I don't feel bad at  all..." moaned Julie. There was a sudden release as her clothes exploded off of her, leaving her in her bra and panties. Her breasts were overflowing her bra, massive  mammary monsters that she'd never dreamed of having. "Why would you feel bad? You wished to be the sexiest girl in the city, and you're becoming just that!" replied  Celeste. "W-what do you mean?!" asked Julie. She was getting so fat, the exact opposite of what she thought was sexy! "You see, when you wished for all of the girls in  the city to be fat like this, you changed the definition of sexy. It went from those skinny sticks you saw earlier to these giant girls, with big boobs and even bigger  bellies!" replied Celeste. Julie was still eating, feeling her breasts putting more pressure on the bra. Julie moaned. She never thought getting this big would feel so  good! "You know, you have three more wishes..." said Celeste. "I...I need more...I wish...I wish I was the sexiest girl in the world!" cried Julie. "Do you know how  much bigger you're going to get if I grant that wish?" asked Celeste. Julie nodded. Celeste merely snapped her fingers as Julie felt another pulse of energy. "Eat up,  big girl, you've got a long way to go!" laughed Celeste as she watched Julie gorging herself.

Every girl in the restaurant was watching Julie now. She had gone from that small girl she had been before to this bloated beauty that was before their eyes now! Her  stomach was pushing against the bolted-down table. The girls watched intently as they saw Julie getting fatter...and fatter...and fatter! They all gasped as Julie's  bra snapped off and landed across the restaurant. Julie didn't mind being naked now. She knew that all of the girls were watching. Now, she was just trying to make  them jealous of her size. Her breasts jiggled wildly as Julie's hands worked to bring more food to her mouth. There was a second snap as Julie's panties came off. She  was completely naked, the thought of which caused some of the other girls to bite their bottom lips. All the while, Julie was bulging outwards to an even bigger size.  "Yes...oh feels so good...!" moaned Julie as she continued to eat.

Julie had finished countless burgers, and at least a gallon of milkshake, but still she felt hungry, still she wanted more. It was getting harder for her hands to  reach over her enormous breasts to reach food. The table groaned as Julie's stomach pushed against it. Julie continued to eat from the mountain of burgers in front of  her, the table protesting more and more. Everybody in the room gasped as there was a loud snapping sound, the table breaking and flying across the room as Julie's body  flew out to its full size. Julie let out a cry as her hands began wandering, almost immediately finding her nipples, which were strangely erect. Julie moaned as her  fingers felt them. She found it hard to admit, but getting this big was actually beginning to turn Julie on! Her giant butt and thunderous thighs made it nigh  impossible for Julie to stand up from her seat, and therefore impossible for her to reach her food. "You know, you have two more wishes..." reminded Celeste. Julie  tried for a minute to reach food herself, causing her body to jiggle and wobble as everybody in the room watched. A few girls looked like they were holding back from  getting up and going to Julie. "I can't even eat by myself anymore..." said Julie. She had blown up like a balloon, reaching nearly 1,000 pounds. But Julie still  wanted to get bigger. "I wish that I was like a queen...I wish that everybody would want to fatten me up, to help me get bigger!" wished Julie. "Well, being a queen  comes with so many bureaucratic responsibilities, but I know what you're going for here. So..." said Celeste as she snapped her fingers again. Julie felt a familiar  magical pulse. A few girls gasped as it hit them and they stood up. They wandered up to the fallen food tray, picking up burgers and unwrapping them. "You're so big  and sexy..." said one of the girls as she moved closer to Julie. "...but we can't help but think you can get even fatter!" finished another girl as she shoved a burger  into Julie's mouth. Julie let out another loud moan, allowing another girl to stuff another burger into her mouth. There was a line of girls, just waiting for their  turn to feed Julie, to fatten her up! As one hand put the food in Julie's mouth, the other hand took a chance to squeeze a bit of her fat, to admire her growing body.  Julie cooed as the bolder girls ended up brushing her nipples. "Keep eating...we know you're hungry...!" said one of the girls as she pushed a burger past Julie's  lips. The girls began to feed Julie two at a time, pushing more food faster into her waiting mouth. The girl from behind the counter came out with two large cups, and  began to pour them into Julie's mouth. The girls watched as Julie visibly bulged outwards, her body quivering from her growth. Julied moaned in pleasure as the worker  finished pouring. "I...need more...keep feeding me!" cried Julie, the girls more than happy to oblige as they began to feed her more burgers. Her breasts were at well  over ZZZ cup size, and her stomach had completely flooded the booth in front of her. Celeste actually had to move, lest she be caught underneath all of Julie's fat.  There was a loud crack as the seat Julie was on finally gave in underneath her, sending her toppling to the floor, her body jiggling and bouncing about as she cried  out in delight. Still, the girls in the room stuffed Julie's mouth full of food, wasting no time in making her even bigger. Julie closed her eyes and felt every little  morsel, every little calorie fattening her further. Julie couldn't remember the last time she had felt this much freedom, even if she was pinned down under her weight.  "I don't think I'm big enough yet, girls!" exclaimed Julie, rallying the girls to keep feeding her. She was quieted by two more burgers being forced into her mouth,  which Julie happily swallowed. "Yes...make me huge..." thought Julie as she felt her body expanding.

Julie's hands squeezed whatever fat they could reach, enjoying the feeling of it oozing between her fingers. The girls that weren't feeding her were also squeezing  handfuls of fat, causing Julie to moan. However, Julie's moans were constantly being silenced by another mouthful of food, and more weight appearing on her body.  Celeste walked closer to Julie, reaching up a hand to Julie's breast. "Oh my, you're getting absolutely huge!" exclaimed Celeste, her index finger tickling Julie's  nipple. Julie gasped as Celeste's finger moved back and forth. Julie's eyes met Celeste's, and Julie was amused at what she saw. Celeste had been a rather small girl  when she was summoned, but now she was bulging and busty, in competition for the biggest girl (that wasn't Julie) in the room. "Looks like you've grown a bit as well!"  exclaimed Julie. Celeste's finger brushed quickly over Julie's nipple, causing her to gasp again. "I had to fit in with all these other girls somehow!" replied  Celeste. Another girl interupted by shoving a burger into Julie's mouth. "Well, you got what you wanted. You're officially the sexiest...and biggest...girl in the  world! And you've still got one wish..." said Celeste. Julie let out a moan. She was a blimp! She must have grown to nearly ten times the size she was this morning!  Her 2,000 pound body jiggled as girls continued to climb onto her to feed her. Her breasts were nearly 3 feet across, and her stomach looked as though she'd eaten  three exercise balls. The girls were still feeding Julie, and Julie was still growing. "So, are you enjoying yourself?" asked Celeste. "Yes...oh yes...!" gasped Julie.  She was growing so fast, getting fatter and fatter. She had felt so smothered when she was focusing on that diet, now she could be as free as she wanted. "If you want  to stop, all you have to do is wish for it..." said Celeste, expecting Julie to take her up on the offer. Celeste had never met a girl who wanted to get fat, much less  this big! "N-no...I keep going...!" cried Julie. Celeste smiled. "Well then, we'll save that wish for later!" exclaimed Celeste. Julie was about to respond  when the girl that had been behind the counter came back with more milkshake, swiftly pouring it into Julie's mouth. Julie could feel herself begin growing even faster  as the cold, creamy liquid disappeared into her stomach. "You've got such huge tits..." said one of the girls, her hands reaching up and squeezing one of Julie's  breasts. Julie moaned as both Celeste's and the girl's hands played with her breasts. Their fingers centered in on Julie's nipples, causing her to gasp and tremble.  " too...?" asked Julie as Celeste's fingers teased her nipple. "There's no harm in having a little bit of fun with you, is there?" asked Celeste. Julie  couldn't respond, as the worker had begun to pour milkshake again. "The girls and I are going to give you what you want...we're going to make you fatter and fatter..."  promised Celeste. Julie's body trembled as she cried out, some milkshake spilling onto her chest. Julie closed her eyes, losing herself in the feeling of the milkshake  in her mouth and the girl's fingers playing with her nipples. "Oh...oh...oh...oh yes...oh yes..." moaned Julie as pleasure coursed through her. Julie couldn't believe  how good it felt to get bigger. And all she wanted now was more. "Don't stop...don't...stop...!" demanded Julie as Celeste and the girls continued to make her bigger.

Celeste and the other girl continued to play with Julie's nipples, making sure she was enjoying it as much as possible. Meanwhile, the worker girl continued to pour  the thick milkshake into Julie's waiting mouth. Julie managed to get a glimpse of the worker's name tag. It was almost saying, "Hi, my name is April. I'll be fattening  you up today!" Julie gulped down the milkshake that April dumped down her throat. The other girls in the crowd watched as the girl of their attention got fatter and  fatter. There were girls massaging her stomach, breasts, thighs, hips, and even her massive ass! Julie cooed as she felt Celeste tickling and pinching her nipple.  Looking into the crowd, Julie could see that many of the girls had burgers in hand, just waiting to feed her. "I guess I better let the other girls have a turn..."  said April as she climbed off Julie and another girl climbed up, instantly shoving a burger into Julie's mouth. There was a steady stream of big girls coming up to  stuff Julie. "Ooooooooooooh...girls...I'm so hungry..." teased Julie, whipping them up into a frenzy. They began to stuff Julie faster and faster, causing her to get  fatter and fatter. Julie saw April disappear into the kitchen, no doubt to prepare more of that fattening milkshake. "I'm surprised, you really know how to work a  crowd!" said Celeste as her fingers crossing Julie's nipple caused the growing girl to gasp. "Looks like they're not going to stop until you're fatter than you  bargained for!" laughed Celeste as she watched Julie eat.

The restaurant was beginning to feel much smaller as Julie grew. Even the next biggest girl in the restaurant looked starved compared to Julie! "Eat up, you fat  fucking balloon...!" demanded one of the girls as she fed Julie, making Julie moan. Their taunting would have mortified her before she met Celeste, but now it was only  turning her on, encouraging her to get fatter. The food only seemed to have more of an effect the more Julie ate. "Keep can get fatter...we know you  can..." said the next girl as she put her payload in Julie's mouth. Julie's body was knocking over other tables in the dining area, quickly filling it. The girls only  worked harder as Julie grew fatter and fatter, inspired by a sense of lust amongst them. This girl had come into the restaurant as a stick, and now she was the  fattest, sexiest girl any of them had ever seen! And now they were only interested in seeing her even bigger. April continued to come back every couple of minutes with  a bigger serving of milkshake, letting Julie take a break from the burgers for a bit of dessert. Julie could feel her body expanding with every gulp of ice cream,  every little bite of greasy burger. "Oooooooooooh...girls...yes...yes..." moaned Julie as she gladly accepted more food.

"AH! T-THAT WAS INCREDIBLE...!" cried Julie as she felt one of the girl's tongues cross her nipple, sending a shock of pleasure coursing through her fattening 6,000  pound body. Celeste stepped aside as another girl came up to take her spot by Julie's nipple. The girl who used her tongue moaned as her tongue crossed Julie's nipple  again. "OH!" gasped Julie as she felt it. The girl who replaced Celeste began to lick Julie's erect nipple as well, competing with the other girl to see who could make  Julie feel the most pleasure. "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH...! OH GOD...!" moaned Julie, the other girls in the room taking the chance to feed her as her mouth hung open. The  girls sucked harder and harder, causing Julie to scream. They were making Julie keep her mouth open so all the other admiring females could stuff her full of fattening  fast food. "You have one more wish. Just use it when you feel like it..." whispered Celeste into Julie's ear. Julie weakly shook her head, not wanting to use it yet.  "Just let me know when..." said Celeste as she turned around. "Come on, girls, she definitely wants more!" exclaimed Celeste, addressing the crowd. They all cheered  back, and Julie felt the licking accelerating as the girls began working faster to fatten her up. Julie moaned, gasping in surprise when she felt a hose suddenly being  inserted in her mouth.

Julie cooed as she felt something cold being pumped into her mouth. While she had been distracted with the food and the pleasure, April and a few of the other girls  had slipped into the back and prepared Julie a special treat. Julie followed the hose with her eyes into the back, where it was connected to a large tank. Julie  immediately recognized the flavor as the special milkshake April had been pouring into her mouth on and off. Julie began to suck on the end of the hose, moaning as the  milkshake flowed into her mouth and into her stomach. All the girls gasped as they felt Julie begin growing even faster, more of the milkshake pushing its way into  her. She was a growing hill of fat in the dining room of the restaurant, and everybody there was taking a great deal of pleasure in making her bigger. Since the girls  didn't need to feed Julie now, they all focused on playing with Julie's fat. They all traded off licking Julie's sensitive nipples, while the others massaged her  stomach, breasts, butt, thighs, and hips. Julie's eyes widened, the pleasure running through her reaching a new high. Julie would have screamed if it wasn't for the  hose in her mouth. All the girls heard was a loud moan as Julie's body trembled from all of the hands on her. Tables and chairs were being sent flying from her growing  stomach as Julie filled the room. She gasped as she felt the flow grow, along with some chuckling from the back room. They were controlling the speed of the pump,  making sure Julie was growing at a quickening pace. "Keep going, girls! She's nowhere near big enough!" exclaimed Celeste, keeping the girls riled up.

Gallons upon gallons of milkshake had gone down Julie's throat, causing her body to balloon in size. She was more than 10 times the size of the biggest girl in the  room, all of the girls having fattened Julie up to an astonishing 10,000 pounds! "One more wish...think about it..." teased Celeste as she traced her finger in Julie's  fat. "No...not yet..." thought Julie. "Girls..." said Celeste. Julie felt the two girls who had been licking her nipple trade off with two other girls. However,  instead of licking, both the girls moaned as the leaned in and began sucking on Julie's nipples. "OH! OH GOD! O-OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!" thought Julie. The girls moaned as  they kept sucking, using their tongues to further stimulate Julie. Julie was growing faster and faster as the milkshake moved into her at an increasing rate. Julie's  body jiggled and shook as the crowd around her played with her fat. "You're a blimp...a blimp...!" moaned one of the girls as she squeezed Julie's  massive thigh. This time, Julie moaned loud enough to send the hose flying out of her mouth, spraying her body with the cold ice cream. The mob began to lick it off  Julie's skin as the flow trickled down to nothing more than a drop. Julie screamed, feeling all of the tongues on her skin and her nipples still being sucked on. Soon  enough, all of the milkshake had been cleaned up, the girls all finding and seizing the burgers that had been thrown throughout the room.  "Fatter...fatter...fatter...!" chanted all of the girls as Julie felt them climbing on her body. Her stomach smashed into the counter, threatening to break into the  back of the restaurant. Julie moaned as she felt five burgers being shoved into her waiting mouth at once, sending her body surging outwards as she was fed more and  more. "M-MORE! MORE!" demanded Julie as she felt her stomach flatten the counter and begin growing into the kitchen.

April climbed up to Julie's face, taking her time to make Julie jiggled as she ascended. "Oh, you're growing through my restaurant!" exclaimed April as she shoved a  burger into Julie's mouth. "You've already come this might as well grow out of it too!" laughed April. Julie could feel her stomach breaking all of the  equipment in the kitchen, meaning that they couldn't make any more food. However, there was still plenty sitting around, so Julie didn't have to worry about going  hungry anytime soon. She wanted to be bigger! "C-Celeste..." moaned Julie. "Ready?" asked Celeste, smiling. "I-I need three more wishes...!" moaned Julie. "Greedy,  aren't we?" asked Celeste. "Please...please...!" begged Julie. "Hmm...fine. I can give you only three more...and I want you to use one right now!" replied Celeste.  "I...I wish...I wish I was a goddess...a deity of fat...I don't...don't want to stop...getting fatter...!" moaned Julie. "I can't make you a deity, but I  can definitely give you something like it..." said Celeste as she snapped her fingers. Julie screamed as she felt herself begin growing even faster. "I'm going to be  huge...I'm going to be so huge...!" thought Julie as her growth accelerated, all of the girls giving Julie their full attention.

"AH! I'M...I'M SO FAT...I NEED MORE...MORE...!" demanded Julie as her body surged through the restaurant. She was a 25,000 pound beauty demolishing the restaurant.  Food was being pushed into her greedy mouth faster and faster as the girls groped and kneaded her naked body. It felt better the bigger she got, which meant the girls  sucking on her nipples were filling her with pleasure. " tits...they're so full...keep sucking...make them pop...!" moaned Julie between mouthfuls of food. The  girls used this as motivation, and Julie instantly felt them sucking harder. She gasped, her body jerking as she began growing even faster. "YES! YES!" cried Julie as  every pleasureful sensation intensified further. She was so incredibly turned on that all she could think about was getting fatter! "So much sexy fat..." moaned one  girl as she continued to suck on Julie's nipple. "There needs to be more...she needs to be bigger...!" moaned the girl on her other nipple in response. "That's  it...make me a sexy blimp...make me a blimp..." moaned Julie.

Julie could feel everything pressed up against the walls of the restaurant, meaning her body was moments away from breaking out of the restaurant. Every girl was up on  Julie's body to avoid being crushed as she filled the restaurant to capacity. Burgers were being forced into her mouth, and Julie was unable and unwilling to stop  herself from gulping them down. There was a loud snap as various instruments of food preparation collapsed underneath Julie's gigantic gut. She could feel the girls  massaging her all over...on her breasts, belly, butt, and hips. Two girls continued to suck on her nipples, ignoring the dangerous level to which the restaurant had  been filled. "Oh GOd...don't stop...!" begged Julie, a request the girls couldn't bring themselves to ignore. If this ballooning, bulging behemoth wanted to be fatter,  she was going to get much, much fatter! "You have two more you want to use them?" asked Celeste. "N-no...not yet...not yet...!" cried Julie as she felt her  body begin putting pressure on the four walls of the restaurant. She could feel her body getting bigger with every passing second, pressing up against the walls with  increasing force. Her body was begging to burst out of the demolished restaurant. "Just a little more...!" exclaimed Celeste as every girl heard cracking sounds as the  walls began to buckle. Julie was caught by surprise as every girl that could shoved a burger into her mouth. It felt like she had a few dozen in her mouth, and when  she swallowed she instantly felt the effects of them. Julie's body surged outwards against the walls, making the cracks bigger. "Please...come on already...!" moaned  Julie. Finally, she was able to feel the relief as the massive mound of fat Julie had become punched through the walls and out into the world.

Burgers flew out in every direction as Julie's body grew out of the rubble. The girls cheered as their beautiful blimp continued to get fatter. Two girls continued to  suck on Julie's nipples, keeping her full of pleasure. Julie towered over the girls, her 50,000 pound body provided an incredible vantage point. From her lofty perch,  Julie was astonished by what she saw. More girls were coming from every part of the city, each holding at least one burger in hand! Julie moaned as she felt them begin  climbing her body to deliver their delicious payload. "You're getting so big!" exclaimed April, appearing from Julie's breasts to address her. While the other girls  were more than happy to fatten Julie up, April seemed absolutely estatic to do so! "A-April...go suck on my everything you can to make me fatter...!"  moaned Julie. "Gladly..." whispered April seductively into Julie's ear before she began climbing down. As Julie climbed down, the mob of city girls were climbing up.  Julie reached her destination first. There was a moment of anticipation as Julie felt one of the girls stop sucking, being tagged out by April. Julie's eyes widened  and she screamed as April began sucking. April was going at it with a fervor that Julie hadn't felt from the other girls! "OH YES! JUST LIKE THAT...JUST LIKE THAT...!"  screamed Julie. Julie almost lost herself in the pleasure, but she was pulled out of it at the last second by the feeling of a burger being pushed into her mouth.

The wave of girls had arrived at Julie's mouth, shoving burgers into her open mouth. Julie was being filled with so much pleasure that she couldn't keep her mouth  closed for even a second before April would cause her to gasp. Those gasps allowed the girls to feed Julie as they pleased. She was being stuffed, and she loved every  second of it. The legion of food-bearing girls continued to shove burger after burger into Julie's mouth. "Such a naughty girl, having made such a pig of yourself..."  said one girl, making Julie blush. "A pig? She's more like a beached whale!" chimed in another girl as she fed Julie. "Don't worry...we'll keep feeding you until  you're just a tiny bite away from bursting like a fat-filled balloon...!" exclaimed a third girl. "Yeah...don't worry about that. You won't actually burst," said  Celeste, giving Julie a tiny, welcome disclaimer. The lustful thoughts from the girls only made Julie want to get fatter still! "Tell you what...I'll give you one  freebie. One free wish. I just want to be able to grant a wish at the moment...!" said Celeste. "Oooooooooooooooh...I want...I want it all to be more  fattening...the food...the pleasure...oh....oh, I wish everything would fatten me up faster...!" wished Julie. "Oh, you're absolutely insatiable!" teased Celeste as  she snapped her fingers, and Julie felt herself begin ballooning even faster. Every girl on Julie's body gasped as she began growing at nearly twice the speed. Every  suck on her nipples and every burger she ate were causing her to grow more than the last! "Come on, girls! Let's really fatten this bitch up!" exclaimed one of the  girls feeding Julie.

Julie's body was beginning to grow through neighboring buildings as she passed the 100,000 pound mark. She was more than 1,000 times the girl she used to be, but she  still hungered for more! Julie could still feel April's tongue and lips stimulating one of her nipples as another girl did the same on her other breast. Each of her  breasts were at least 20 feet in diameter, giant globes of fat that didn't sag at all. A pressure was building in her breasts with every suck, and Julie didn't want it  to end. Girls from all throughout the city were flocking to Julie, unable to resist the thought of playing with the growing mountain of fat. Julie could feel every  finger massaging her body as she was being fed more food. Some girls were beginning to bring whatever they could find, whether it be slices of pizza, cakes, or pies.  Julie found herself particularly enjoying the sweets. She moaned as a quarter of a double chocolate cake was forced into her mouth. She was so big, helpless against  the onslaught of food. The inability to stop it only made Julie want it more. Celeste watched as the one who summoned her blew up in front of her eyes. "Just how much  more can you take?" asked Celeste, teasing Julie. Julie moaned at the question, imagining herself even bigger. "I guess we'll just have to wait and see..." finsihed  Celeste as Julie was forced to eat as much as she could.

"Oooooooooooooh...Celeste wasn't kidding around...I'm growing so fast...!" thought Julie. Her wish was becoming more and more apparent as she grew faster and faster.  She was tearing through the buildings around her, punching through walls like paper. "Two more wishes for the fattest girl in the world...what would you like?" asked  Celeste. Julie knew that Celeste wanted to flex her magical might, so she felt a little pressured to give Celeste something to do. "I wish...I wish there was a  way...that I could be...I could be fed faster...!" moaned Julie. Celeste thought for a second. "Hmm...I can think of a way or two to accomplish that..." said Celeste  as she snapped her fingers. Julie could feel the pulse of magic spreading out from Celeste's snap. There was a symphony of gasps as the food lifted out of every girl's  hands and began to float in the air. Julie's eyes widened at the sight of all of the food in the air. More and more treats and sweets rose, until the sky around Julie  was clouded with what must have been hundreds of thousands of treats. "There you go...all for you..." said Celeste as she waved a finger. Julie watched eagerly as food  began flying towards her open mouth. She gasped as the first morsel tickled her tastebuds, and then proceeded to moan as the food shoved itself into her mouth. Her  body trembled as she began to surge outwards. Every girl on Julie's body was awestruck by the impossible display they were watching. However, they quickly shook it  off, realizing that since they didn't have to feed her anymore, they could focus completely on pleasuring the growing girl. Julie cried out as she felt the girls  stimulating everywhere on her body. A few even dared to play with her thighs, sending an unrivaled pleasure through her. "DON'T STOP...MAKE ME FATTER...MAKE ME  HUGE...!" screamed Julie, unable to control herself.

Girls continued to trade off sucking on one of Julie's nipples. However, since Julie requested it, April stayed right where she was, sucking with the same  determination that she had at the start of all of this. Two girls were licking Julie's chubby cheeks, making her moan as she ate. "You're getting so have  such a big belly..." moaned one of them. "Such tremendous tits..." moaned the other. "Such sexy hips..." replied the first. "And such a huge ass..." replied the  second. Julie cried out as she ate, surprised that these two girls could turn her on that much! "Keep eating, baby...make it all bigger..." begged both of the girls, a  request Julie was more than happy to accept. Her body was tearing buildings apart as it surged outwards faster and faster. "More...more...!" demanded Julie, the food  flying faster as though it was obeying her. "One more wish...just let me know when you want it..." said Celeste, tracing a finger in Julie's fat. Julie moaned in  delight as she was being pumped full of food and fattening pleasure.

To say Julie was fat would be a severe understatement. She was 1,000,000 pounds of soft, sexy fat! Her enormous size made the girls more eager to see more. Her body  already took up a city block, but that wasn't enough for them. April and another girl continued to suck on Julie's nipples, adding to the already substantial pressure  she felt in her breasts. Julie whimpered as it continued to grow with no end in sight. She continued to gorge herself on food, loving the feeling of her rapidly  growing body. Her sexy body was open for the entire world to see, bringing a thrill to Julie that she'd never experienced before. She was irresistible in her new-found  sexiness. There was no telling how many girls were on her body to pleasure her, but she was more than happy to have each and every one of them. Julie wondered how many  of them were envious of her fat. "C-come can make me...make me fatter...fatter than this...!" cried Julie, challenging the other girls to step it up. Julie  was immediately surprised by how the girls took it. They began massaging more, sucking faster, making her fatter and fatter. "I don't think they're going to stop  anytime soon..." said Celeste as she sat and watched, admiring the girls' work.

"G-girls...girls...oh tits are gonna blow...!" screamed Julie as the sucking intensified. The pressure was at a peak now, and each  suck was pushing Julie farther over her limit. Every girl was waiting in anticipation for when April and the other girl would push Julie too far. Julie's body was  trembling more and more violently as they sucked, all attention on them. Julie continued to eat as she felt the pressure building to a level she didn't think possible.  The girls gasped every time Julie screamed in pleasure, keeping them on the edge of their seats as the object of their adoration got closer and closer to her breaking  point. April was running her tongue up and down Julie's nipple in her mouth, sending a numbing pleasure through her. "Oh yes...oh yes...OH! OH! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!"  cried Julie as the pressure suddenly spiked. Her body was jerking as the pleasure grew to a similar strength. She was growing faster and faster, unable to do anything  as April and her partner caused Julie to shriek. "Oh God...this...this is it...I can't...can't take anymore...!" cried Julie between mouthfuls of food. With one final,  loud cry, Julie felt two giant streams of milk shoot from her nipples and into the mouths of April and the other girl.

Julie expected them to pull away, but April and the other girl remained steadfast, sucking on Julie's nipple as they swallowed gallons of Julie's milk. Julie could  feel something, lightly at first, but quickly picking up in intensity. There was a sense of weight where April and the other girl were standing. Every girl watched  April and her new friend sucking down the milk, and growing rapidly because of it. There was a loud rip as their clothes gave in, leaving them naked. " milk is making them grow...they...they're blowing up like balloons...!" gasped Julie as she felt them sucking still, adding to the pleasure Julie was  feeling. A few of the girls began to tease April's nipples, making her moan as she continued to suck, determined to make Julie even fatter. Julie could feel April's  lips trembling on her sensitive nipple. "Keep sucking...keep sucking...make us both bigger...!" exclaimed Julie to April. April began sucking harder, taking in more  milk and making each of them grow faster.

While there were two girls growing on her chest, most of the attention remained on Julie. Some of the girls were stimulating April and the other sucking girl,  encouraging them to suck harder on Julie's nipples. She was growing faster and faster, doubling in size again and again and again as the girls worked to make it  happen. Julie's body eclipsed anything in the city, a surging wave of fat that swallowed buildings whole. She had ballooned well past 25,000,000 pounds with all of the  girls playing with her. The food was only flying into her faster and faster as she willed it. "Do you want that wish now or later?" asked Celeste, but Julie was much  too wrapped up in the pleasure to answer her. Julie was quivering wildly as one girl began bouncing up and down. Another joined in, and then another. Soon, every girl  that could was bouncing up and down, sending giant waves of fat across Julie's body. Julie screamed as she felt the waves go between her thighs, stimulating her in a  place none of the girls could reach on their own. "G-Girls! Oh yes! Keep bouncing like that...!" begged Julie. The girls began bouncing faster, making ripples of fat  that coursed across Julie's skin. She gasped as the waves reached her thighs, stimulating her over and over again. The pleasure made the milk flow faster, which caused  April and the other girl to grow faster, which caused them to suck more, which caused Julie to feel even more pleasure. Throw the bouncing girls into the mix, and  Julie was caught in the most fattening cycle imaginable. Her entire body was glowing with pleasure. As the bouncing continued, Julie could feel something building up  inside of her, something that was desperate to be released. Waves of fat bounced off of each other, creating another wave. Soon, Julie's body was a wobbling, jiggling  blob of fat. Julie began growing much faster as it became too much for her. She screamed as the pleasure reached a climax...along with Julie. "G-GIRLS! OH GOD, GIRLS!  I'M...I'M CUMMING...! YOU'RE MAKING ME CUM...!" cried Julie as her body surged outwards, her eyes rolling into the back of her head as she lost touch with everything  but the sensation of growing fatter.

Julie whimpered as she came down from the pleasure. Her nipples were still pumping out milk into April's waiting mouth. Julie herself continued to eat, the sky  thinning slightly as the treats flowed into her mouth. Julie had grown into a colossal ball of fat, having to weight billions of pounds! She was bigger than a city,  and she was still eating, still growing. April herself had grown to the size of a city block, having swallowed a river's worth of milk. There were girls sucking on  April's nipples, seeing if they could get as fat as she did from the milk. "Well, you're the biggest, fattest, sexiest girl in the world...and you still have one  wish...what do you want to do with it? I can make you normal sized again, if you'd like..." asked Celeste. "N-no...not that...I...I want to save the wish..." moaned  Julie as she continued to eat. "Hmm...I suppose I can live with that. After all, I'm not in any rush to get back in that damned soda can!" laughed Celeste as she  watched Julie grow further.
A long awaited request from :iconxerxes13110:

About halfway through writing it, I lost a giant chunk in the middle when my flash drive became corrupted. Otherwise, I would have had this story up ages ago. Thank you for being patient. Any comments or feedback are more than welcome. Enjoy!
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Marriage by WGU

I sat in front of my future my mother in law at her wooden dinner table, where it was me, my fiancé, her mother, and her sister in wooden seats surrounding a massive amount of delectable food.

This was the first occasion that I had actually gotten to meet my fiancé's family. My fiancé, Jessica, was a very big woman, with black hair and a Puerto
Rican tan (they were part Puerto Rican). Her gigantic breasts bulged out in front of her with voluptuous curves, and underneath those lovely breasts was her gargantuan tummy that hung down between her legs, that tummy having two giant rolls of fat, and inside one of those rolls hid her belly button.

Yes, she left her belly hang out of her shirt, because she found it more comfortable.

She'd always wear her shirts by folding them up so that they only covered up her
breasts, but down to her hips was completely revealed. And, underneath that gargantuan belly were her giant, thick, flabby thighs that were somehow miraculously fit into a pair of jeans. How could jeans fit her? I have no clue. But they did.

But, somehow, she was nothing compared to her sister, Kan. Her sister was just a giant ball of flab with a bra and panties (somewhere under all that flab). Her gigantic breasts rested upon her monstrous belly that was just a huge pile built on flab, as well as her upper arms, thighs, and everything else.

Their mother was the runt of the family, not by height though. No, they all were short.
The mother was the runt in size. She was definitely chubby, she even had a bit of belly showing from beneath her shirt, but she wasn't at all massive like her two daughters.

"Ah, it's such a surprise that the smaller of my daughters is getting married first!" Ms.
Brown exclaimed. "Well, Brad, you know you'll have to stuff my daughter up and make her as big as could be!"

"I'll try," I smirked nervously, unsure of what to do.

"You sure?" Ms. Bon immediately got serious. "You see that box of donuts in front of you?"

"Yes, I do," I said, looking at the large box of glazed donuts crammed with exactly thirty glazed donuts, at least that's what the sticker on the box said.

Ms. Bon then told me, "I want you to stuff my daughter with every single one of those donuts, and no matter how much she tells you to stop, continue. Once all the donuts are gone, I shall approve you and my daughter's marriage."

I was a bit surprised by such a simple task, because, knowing my Jessica, she can eat a whole lot more than thirty glazed donuts and still have an empty stomach afterwards.

I looked at Jessica as she smiled slightly and mouthed, "Do it."

So I proceeded to grab the box of donuts, grabbed three donuts at a time, and shoved them in my lover's mouth.

I kept doing this over and over again, slightly glancing over at my future mother-in-law to see her expression. She was quite impressed with it all, and I saw a little bit of envy in her eyes, as if she was dreading to become as big as her daughters.

After the box of what were donuts was completely hollow, I looked at my future mother-in-law, where I saw a face that wasn't too pleased.

"Is that it?" she asked impatiently.

I turned to my Jessica, who simply shrugged, causing the rest of her body to ripple.

"Quiet down, Case," Ms. Bon calmly told Kan, who was viciously chowing down some of the food at the table, as she left her skin covered in grease and crumbs. "No more eating until I say so. Brad, how about you feed Jess some of that steak."

So I looked down in front of me, and sure enough there was a large steak, covered in honey barbeque sauce. I could tell that feeding Jessica this would be a complete mess.

But I continued anyway. I grabbed the large, slippery steak, and watched Jess as I slowly brought it to her face, which read: "Oh hell yeah; this is gonna be one tasty-ass steak."

So I slowly moved the steak towards Jessica's mouth, as I could see saliva drip down from Jess's mouth as she anticipated probably the greatest steak on Earth. I couldn't blame her. Her mom has some wicked cooking skills.

Right when the end of the steak hit Jessica's tongue, I didn't have to carry the steak anymore; Jessica had started chewing it down as it rolled up into her mouth ever so quickly.

And at that second, there was a sound of a gun-shot. And a hole, out of nowhere, appeared in the table.

"GUN!" Ms. Bon yelled as her, Kan, and I ducked down.

"Don't worry," Jessica said, "It was just the button to my pants."

"Few," the rest of us gasped in unison.

"I CAN'T TAKE THIS ANYMORE!" Kan yelled aggressively.

"Okay," Ms. Bon said. "I've got a proposition for the both of you. You both eat everything in this kitchen, and whoever weighs more in the end wins. And, whoever wins gets to marry Brad."

"OKAY!" Jessica yelled, "For starters, Kan weighs three times as much as me and -,"

"All the more reason to get you motivated to eat more, what else were you saying?" Ms. Brown asked.

"AND why would Kan want to marry my fiancé?"

"Oh," Kan sighed as her face turned crimson. "He's really hot," she giggled.

"NO!" Jessica yelled out, trying to start an argument, but then Ms. Bon interrupted with,
"3,2,1, GO!" really quickly, and Kan and Jessica distinctively started to gorge and feast.

All around the room, chunks of debris from food and bones from meat were flying, as the two gigantic women were gorging themselves, with their fat arms and fat bellies jiggling and bouncing viciously as they tried to satisfy the long-waiting hunger.

It took twenty minutes until every crumb was completely gone from the table.
At the looks of Kan and Jessica I'd say it would be pretty close to a tie. Both of them were only in there undergarments, but Jessica's bra had ripped off so Jess was only in panties.

Jessica and Kan were both playing with their succulent rolls of fat that were attached to them. I don't blame them. Their bodies were so round, so perfect, so big.

"There's only one last thing I need to check before I choose who gets married," Ms. Bon announced.

And right at that second, Jessica's stomach let out a frightening growl as Jessica hollered

And Ms. Bon only smiled, and moments later she turned to me and said, "You are definitely allowed to marry Jessica."
Sorry it took a while to submit something.
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The small, coastal town of Alané was quiet and for the most part uneventful. Its residents spent their days wandering around and doing little in the way of work, bar the odd job here and there. Recently, the town had received a new mayor, a wolf by the name of Colin. Colin was a bit odd, always picking up fruit and objects to sell, seemingly money obsessed, but he did many good things for the town, and everyone appreciated it!

Isabelle, the town's resident shih-tzu and secretary to the mayor, hummed happily as she trudged up the path towards town hall, a regal old building flying Alané's flag: The red rose, symbolizing passion! She smiled and opened the door, arriving early as usual to start her job of managing Colin's accounts and keeping track of projects. To her surprise, the canid mayor was already there, looking over blueprints intently.

"Mayor Colin!" she chimed, approaching him at the desk. "What ever are you doing here so early?"

"Ah, hey Isabelle, just looking over my little pet project." he replied, a smile on his face as he didn't look away from the plans.

Isabelle cocked her head, making the bells on her hair band jingle. "Pet project, Mr. Mayor? What ever could it be?"

Mayor Colin grinned, now looking up from his plans, showing off sharp teeth. "Have you noticed something about our townsfolk, Isabelle?" he asked her. 

"Um, noticed what, Mayor?" she replied in confusion, what was he talking about?

"They seem so...skinny! Everyone here doesn't eat well enough!" he said, sweeping his hands in a grandiose fashion. "So, I have plans to..."

"Not eating well? Mr Mayor, Colin, surely you've seen Opal?" Isabelle giggled, the town's newest member, a green elephant in a cute dress was rather on the tubby side.

"Oh yes, even she is too skinny for my ta-I mean she's not at a healthy weight!" the mayor retorted. 

Isabelle swallowed, the mayor was prone to flights of fancy...and why did he cut himself off like that...? "Um, go on then Mayor!"

"I plan to build a new restaurant here in town, with money out of mu own pocket. They'll sell all sorts of delicious things! And think of the boost to the economy when the trains and buses stop off here, people looking for a bite to eat as they travel!" Colin beamed.

Isabelle thought it over in her head, this *was* a good idea on paper, it would definitely help Alané recover ever since Mayor Tortimer retired and took half the town funding with him to the island. The thought of food made the dog's stomach grumble quietly too. Though, Mayor Colin's motives were often esoteric at best, helpful indeed, but very esoteric and with a self-serving catch. Like when he got her that bathing suit and wanted her to join him for a private day at the beach. She should've seen that butt slap coming. She giggled inwardly, not bearing any ill-will to Mayor Colin, not even after she'd busted his nose in a shock instinct reaction. She still felt guilty for that!

"If you think it'll help Mr. Mayor, go right ahead!" she chirped, before excusing herself to go for a walk, not needing to be around for now it seemed.

The sun was shining that morning in town, causing the stream, ponds, and ocean surface to glisten beautifully. Isabelle sighed happily at the knowledge of how wonderful Alané was this time of year. She walked along and noted the various inhabitants going about their daily business: Pippy the rabbit lounged in the sun, chatting with Alané's other bunny and slacker king Cole. Antonio and Bam were jogging, dragging a dispondant looking Lopez with them. Graham and Frank fished quietly, Poppy watered her plants, whistling to herself. And Opal wandered along looking snobby as usual. Isabelle could have sworn she saw the mint green pachyderm's rotund frame wobble a bit as she passed by.

As she continued on, she came across something peculiar; the plot of land where this mysterious new restaurant would be built! It was huge, bigger than most projects usually were, so Isabelle hoped that Mayor Colin knew what he was doing...


"-And that concludes our ceremony!" Isabelle yipped, as the townsfolk and mayor clapped along.

The new restaurant had been built now, it seemed to specialize in turning the town's vast fruit supply into pie! Apple, orange, mango, you name it, it would sell it! Many of the townspeople had already entered, picking out the initial free first meals they were getting, before eating. Isabelle herself eyed up an apple pie cooling on the counter top, a portly pig girl nodded to her, gesturing that she could take it.

"Thank you!" Isabelle said before finding somewhere to sit and tuck in.

Her eyes widened, the pie was delicious! She practically went into a trance as she took another big bite, and then another, and then another! By the time the pie was just juice and crumbs on it's plate, the dog could scarcely believe she'd eaten it all so fast, while still not being full at all!

"Oh my...I guess another wouldn't hurt." she mumbled to herself.

She grabbed another pie, and happily chowed down.



Isabelle was stuffed. Painfully stuffed even. Her poor tummy was bulging somewhat below her blouse, forcing the buttons to tense. She stifled a much louder belch as she looked at the table in front of her. 5 plates lay empty, each one had contained an apple pie. She'd eaten 5 apple pies! She hiccuped and groaned, amazed at how she could pack that away somehow, as much as it now hurt. Her belly churned and gurgled, desperate to process that which she had crammed into it.

"My poor tummy...!" she belched, getting up onto her feet unsteadily.

Looking around, she saw that she wasn't the only one who'd eaten far too much. Pippy the bunny waddled out of the front door, cradling a belly so big it rucked her dress up. Opal seemed slightly rounder and used her trunk to scrape the last morsels into her mouth. Reese, the pink furred alpaca proprietor of Re-Tail was so stuffed her apron had come undone. Everyone was bloated!

Waddling out herself, she lugged her swollen self towards a bench nearby, seeing Poppy the squirrel was sitting on part of it herself, her camo tee unable to be pulled down over a protuberant gut packed with pie. Isabelle sat beside her and sighed aloud, her feet already ached almost as much as her belly did.

"I can't believe I -urp- ate all that...!" she moaned.

"Me neither, I feel like a bomb ready to go off...-uuurrrrp-" Poppy grunted, gliding her paws across her spherical stomach.

Both dog and squirrel lounged in the sun, too stuffed and achy to really move. Isabelle wondered if this was what a snake felt like after swallowing it's prey, just basking bloated in the sun!

Both girls eventually went home, the gurgles, churns and ominous bubbles of an impending bathroom requirement made them shift off of the bench. Isabelle felt relieved after a few times in the bathroom, but her stomach was still puffed up. She decided to get a quick bath and hop into bed, dozing off into a content sleep...


"Oh, oh my..."

The puppy was staring at herself in the bathroom mirror, horrified at what looked back at her. The golden furred dog was chubbier, her tummy now looking pudgy and her face rounder! She ran her paws over her burgeoning curves in disbelief, shuddering. How could she let herself fatten?!

She sighed, belly grumbling for breakfast. She made a mental note to try and lose weight in the week. For now, pancakes!

Belly satisfied, the pudgier dog walked towards her job, noticing the townsfolk going in and out of the pie place, many looked a good deal fatter themselves! She caught glimps of the Able sisters sitting there too, it seemed everyone was super into the pie. She smiled, as unhealthy as it seemed, it was doing great wonders for the town. She decided she'd stop off there on her lunch break, maybe...

"Good Morning Mayor Colin~! she chimed as she entered the town hall. Mayor Colin gave her a wave and smiled as she came in.

"Someone's a plump puppy." he said with a chuckle, catching Isabelle's cheeks flush red. "Not that I mind, everyone is certainly well fed now!"

"Well, um, yes..." Isabelle murmured, embarrassed. 

"How about early lunch? Its only 3 bells for a pie at the pie place!" the mayor grinned.

Isabelle's gut rumbled...was he trying to fatten her up? She couldn't say no...

"Oh, um, yay!" she smiled, leaving once again.


The pie restaurant was packed when Isabelle entered it, almost everyone in town was there! She spied the Able sisters, Sable, Mable and Labelle at a booth, each looking particularly plump and Labelle's dress was bursting at the seams. She giggled and ordered some mango and cherry pie before finding a table for herself. Using the fork, she pulled out big helpings of the pie and gleefully gobbled it up, feeling the mushy filling stick to her facial fur. Each bite she took tasted better than the last, and she couldn't help herself when she found herself returning for more and more, leaving a sack of bels for the portly pig who ran the tills.

" good...!" she giggled, not hearing her blouse straining, until-




Isabelle squealed as she realized her blouse and undershirt had popped their buttons, allowing her jiggling beach ball of a belly to surge free with a slosh. She held it and look around, nobody seemed to care, too busy eating to notice. Cheeks beetroot, she considered making a hasty retreat, until her belly gave a loud "RRMMMMBLE!" and forced her to continue her glutting. She was gonna eat it all or pop!

The pressure in her tummy grew as she continued to eat, up to what felt like her 12th pie. She couldn't see the front of her belly, which jutted out almost 2-3ft from her body, but she guessed it was going a painful bright red from tautness. A paw caressed it, not her own but from Poppy, who always was a caring friend. The squirrel must have seen her going nuts and waddled over to help.

"Easy Isabelle, you might wanna stop now!" she burped, herself looking almost obese.

"Mmmff...can' anymore down...anyway...-urrrrp-...!" the dog breathed, leaning back in her chair.

It took great effort, but Poppy, and a nearly as bloated Pippy and Katrina helped to shift the overstuffed puppy and guided her home, where she would spend the rest of the day in a food coma, digesting her massive feast.


The sounds of someone huffing, puffing, burping and generally struggling filled the mid-morning Alané air. A fairly rank odor also eminated from that same person, the scent of sickly sweet sweat, like they'd eaten way too much sugary food and it had permeated into their very pores. That person, was Isabelle.

The canine had blown up in the few weeks since Mayor Colin had the pie shop built. Her weight would have come to 400 or so pounds if the scales hadn't broken around 300. Her body was like a gold and white boulder on legs; an oozing expanse of tummy, dimpled and covered in rolls, sagged down in front of titanic tree trunk legs. Her backside like two massive yoga balls filled with gelatin, wobbing and almost touching the ground behind her. Arms fattened to near uselessness with sausage fingers curled around a pen and clipboard too tiny in those hands. Breasts like globes, bouncing and wobbling against the stretched out fabric that covered only her massive mammaries and nothing else, and it had once been the biggest thing the obese Able sisters had in store, practically a curtain drape on her frame. Her face was dominated by cheeks nearing grapefruit size and a roll of blubber absorbing her neck and chin.

She waddled slowly, her once petit feet now bloated from carrying her bulk, leaving sizable footprints in the dirt beneath her. Unable to afford a shower due to her schedule, she'd forgone hygiene that day and as a consequence reeked of aromatic sweat, her pie diet making it less gross than normal sweat but still carrying a sharp pungency to it. That cloth she wore was absolutely soake in the stuff, as well as in pie remnants that also stained her fur, from her face to her belly.

"Must...hrrf...guh...get to work...huff...-uurrrrrrp-...!" she panted, approaching the town hall.

Her fat hands had trouble putting the key into the lock, but she was relieved to hear the click as she got it open, her flabby sized brushing the door frame. She saw Mayor Colin at his desk as usual, and he looked quite the mix of amazed and awestruck as his oversized secretary waddled in, plonking her gargantuan ass into her reinforced double wide chair, which still buckled under her weight.

"M-morning Mr. Mayor..." she mumbled nervously.

"Isabelle? Wow, you've gotten fat!" Colin said, bluntly.

"I-I know...I'm sorry...-sniff-" she felt like crying, she was so ashamed.

The wolf rushed from his seat and threw his arms around her, not even caring about the reek and sweat that now clung to him as he hugged into her blubber, stroking her roll covered back soothingly. Isabelle almost purred like a cat from the sensation, calming down.

"Hey now, no need for that. I'm somewhat responsible here...I wanted everyone bigger but didn't think people would get as big as *you*." he chuckled, guiltily. 

"But...why?" Isabelle asked, between sniffles.

"To be honest, I find it appealing! But, if it hurts you, you can lose it, I'll close the restaurant, I-"

"No, no! Mayor it's okay!" Isabelle pleaded. "I, I can learn to live with my size, its not *unpleasant*, just awkward!"

Mayor Colin cheered up, and gave the blobby dog a kiss on the cheek. "Atta hungry?"

Isabelle's tummy roared with enough force to send quivering ripples across it's surface. She blushed, wide eyed and put a hand against it in awe.

"I'll take that as a yes. Oh, and next week? I was thinking about a place to maybe capitalize on all the fishing business we have around here..."

Isabelle drooled. She wagged her tail and nodded. If she was going to be big, she might as well enjoy it!
I was bored, and was reading   smallergod's own Animal Crossing story, so I ended up doing my own XD Contains OC Mayor, AC characters getting fat, mild slob, and other things ;p Hope ya enjoy!

Animal Crossing © Nintendo
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You stare at your bathroom scale in disbelief,

ERR!” it says.

Your heart races knowing that it maxes out at 150kgs. You stare at yourself in the mirror, your big round tummy, your large full breasts, your soft wide hips, every inch of you looking like it’s ready to burst out of your tight clothes. You poke your fat. You can barely believe it’s all you. How could anyone gain so much weight in such a short time? It sends your imagination spinning…

You imagine weighing yourself, wearing only your underwear, standing on a huge set of scales with a big clock face style dial looking surprised as the needle comes to rest on 165kgs. You rub your belly, swollen from a huge meal, you’re about to step off the platform when you notice the dial now reads just below 167kgs. You get excited knowing you’re the fattest you’ve ever been. Then you look again at the dial, it seems to have moved very slightly above 167kgs. A loud gurgle from your stomach distracts you and when you look back the needle is definitely pointing at 168kgs. You stare at it intently, squinting as you realise it’s still slowly moving… upwards. As it gradually passes 169kgs, and continues rising your tight underpants creak loudly. They’re so tight they’re digging into your fat uncomfortably. Past 170kgs and they rip a little. Your pulse starts to race a little as you realise the needle is speeding up. Your jaw slowly drops as it ticks past 171, 172, 173, 174, 175kgs! And it keeps going! Your cheeks flush bright red as you begin to feel like a big fat balloon. You hit 180kgs in no time at all! You gasp as you actually begin to feel the sensation of your fat… expanding. Your large belly, soft breasts and huge butt cheeks wobble a little as you grow… and grow… and grow! You blush harder as your belly juts out even further in front of you. 185. 190! 195!! It’s not stopping! You break a sweat as your realise it might actually be speeding up! Your straining creaking underpants finally burst off you completely. You begin panting in alarm and shock, almost wincing as the needle passes the scale’s maximum of 200kgs!!

You shudder as the scale groans under your weight, you can FEEL your immense heaviness forcing down on it. You hear metallic creaks, pings, and bangs from inside the mechanism, it sounds like the scale is breaking apart. You can only watch dumbstruck as the needle completes a full circle and then falls off the face of the dial with a loud clang. The metal platform beneath your feet starts to feel less stable. Like it’s starting to bend!

You start to panic and try to take a step off the scale but your huge expanding body is just so unsteady and hard to manoeuvre. You struggle as you lift your huge thick wobbling leg, your fat quivering as you complete a step. Lifting your other leg is even harder, as you continue to get heavier by the second! Fat rolls jiggling, you gasp as you begin to topple over! You wobble frantically, blubber flying everywhere as you struggle to regain your balance.

Breathing hard, you look back worriedly at the scale’s broken dial and see with some alarm that it seems to be transforming. The face flips around and on the other side is a red faceplate with new measurements, much larger measurements. The scale’s lowest value is now 250kgs!

A new clock hand pops out of the centre of the faceplate, instead of a usual needle shape, it appears to be shaped like a large dinner fork! Along its handle is the text “Greediness Rating.” Your jaw drops in indignation at being insulted by the scale, but your pulse races with concern as the prongs of the dinner fork travel slowly up the dial indicating your ever-increasing fatness.

And then you finally lose your balance. As you tumble backwards the base of the scale suddenly widens out into a large mattress and the weight of your huge behind pulls you down onto it. Big waves of fat crash over your body as you land.

You struggle to get up but discover your body is just too fat and heavy! You can barely even sit up! Your massive body just quivers like jello. Your huge naughty belly quakes as it points up into the air.

You try to roll on to your side but can’t even manage that! The mattress is just so soft you can’t quite get the leverage you need from your thickening limbs to push against it, and with every moment they get thicker and fatter and more and more useless. You can feel your rounding face wobble like jello with every movement you try to make! You’ve become so fat you’re almost completely helpless! An immobile blob of blubber!

Exhausted from the exertion you peer fearfully back up at the face of the scale over your rising belly and gasp with alarm after seeing that prongs of the fork have already passed the 300kg mark! And are still rising! You’re as big as a circus fat lady! And still getting bigger! Just how FAT are you going to get?!!

You whimper as you feel your body swelling up even more. You seem to be fattening up faster and faster with every passing moment. You feel your gigantic thighs push each other apart as they inflate, your belly is becoming a ballooning ocean of fat, your breasts are massive wobbling heavy jumbo-sized watermelons, actually even bigger and rounder than watermelons usually get. Your feet so plump they are almost spherical in shape with little fat toes sticking out, your fingers and palms are so fat and tight you can’t even make a fist with your hand anymore. All you can do is watch the dial increase as you swell like an amazing fat girl balloon, the fork passing 400kgs… creak goes the scale… 450kgs… groan… 500kgs… and still rising!

After a certain point the numbers on the dial stop and instead there are little cartoon pictures of animals. Somewhere around where the 600-700kg mark should be, instead is a picture of a big fat cow. As the fork passes the image of the cow a bell dings and the words “Greediness Rating” begin to flash. You suddenly notice a yellow indicator on a panel to the right of the dial has lit up next to the words “A very naughty glutton: as big as a cow! Urgent dieting required!

Your bloated round face blushes bright red as you recall the shameful amount of calories you’ve been stuffing into yourself in recent months. Your heart beats harder at the realisation the scale is telling you you’re literally as big as a cow!

You then realise that’s your second “Greediness Rating” the first was already illuminated below, “One very hungry piggy: the fattest girl you ever saw! Seriously time to cut back, get some exercise!

You blush again thinking of all the time you’ve spent lazing doing nothing but eat, eat, eat, and eat! It was bound to catch up with you eventually, but could you really be the fattest girl anyone had ever seen? Now so fat you’re barely able to move it certainly feels that way!

As the dinner fork shaped dial ploughs onwards and upwards you squeeze and squirm your ginormous thighs against each other as best you can, achieving little but sending waves and ripples across your vast rolls of flesh. You can feel yourself inflating with more fat almost forcefully, blowing up like a blimp, bigger, bigger, bigger! The fork passes another animal, what looks like a large sea lion or maybe a big fat walrus. Another indicator light gives you a new greediness rating of “Unstoppable eating machine: A one ton behemoth!

Holy shit do you really weight that much?! Just how much FATTER could you possibly get?!

The fork dial doesn’t stop there. Fatter, FATter, FATTER! You grow until the dial passes the image of a very rotund looking hippopotamus.

Shamefully gluttonous: Bigger butt than a five ton hippo! Stop her eating before it’s too late!

Your cheeks get hot with embarrassment, your whole inflated face feels as round and wide as the moon, only much, much, squishier. There’s more fat in your double chin than some people have in their whole bodies! Meanwhile you can feel your gigantic butt cheeks expanding underneath you, raising the huge dome of your wobbling belly higher and higher as it too inflates rounder and so very much bigger. You splutter and gasp in horror, the fat just keeps on coming faster and faster. Your arms and legs are pushed out to your sides as you swell and swell, more and more fat ceaselessly packing itself onto your frame.

You stare in shock as the fork dial moves on, travelling almost as fast as the second hand of a clock showing hundreds upon hundreds of pounds of fat pouring into your quivering, straining, ballooning body.

Your eyes widen in disbelief as the fork approaches what looks like… an elephant?! Surely not! You can’t possibly get *that* fat! … can you? :O

But the fork prongs are pushed up to the mark by the immensity of your blubber and you’re given yet another “Greediness Rating” of:

DISGRACEFUL! More than seven tons overweight!! Bad, bad, greedy fat girl! So big and fat she can’t fit in her house!

The next image on the scale’s dial fills you with dread. You can clearly make out its shape just before your belly eclipses your view of the dial. Your mind spins. How much does a whale weigh? 10,000kgs? 20,000kgs? You’ve heard of whales reaching as much as 100,000kgs!! You feel the fat rush into you at speed, every inch of you is filled to the brim. Your rolls form rolls of their you’re your face and neck swell so much you can barely even move your head due to everything being so tight and swollen. Absolutely every inch of you is bulging with fat, fat and more fat! A red warning light has begun flashing on the scale. All the “Greediness Rating” indicator lights start to flicker, and then start going haywire rapidly flashing on and off randomly. The last rating begins to flicker on, as you read the words your eyes widen in panic. It’s written in big bold red letters: “WARNING: SEVERELY GLUTTONOUS FAT GIRL! THIS GREEDY WHALE’S GOING TO BLOW!

You whimper as you feel your skin tighten, your huge chubby cheeks puff up so much they begin to block your eyes, your breasts ache with creaking fullness, you feel so bloated! so heavy! so full! so FAT!

CREAK… your body groans with a scary stretching sound of being overfull with fat.

You whimper and close your eyes and start to pray! Desperate to stop gaining weight you vow to start eating healthy… CREAAK… Crying you shut your eyes tighter, frantically making fake promises of being a good girl and never overeating ever again! GROAN… You pray for a diet doctor! CREAAAK… A magic slim fast! CREAAAAK… Anything before you blow up and burst like the naughty glutton you are!

An alarm bell rings urgently, like an old fire alarm. The scale’s display is starting to tilt lopsided, as if the entire giant metal structure were bending under your weight. You struggle to raise your head amongst so much fat to see it’s last terrifying message:


The letters blink rapidly as the display continues to bend further with a sound like bending metal girders. You stare in terrified disbelief as the dial on the scale explodes into several pieces that clang to the floor. The blinking display hangs by exposed wires still flickering and continuing to warn you that you’re the size of a house with repeated messages insulting your weight flashing over and over…

Your eyes snap open from your daydream. You’ve unbuttoned your pants and pulled back your top to expose your belly. You stare at all that soft fat in the mirror clutching it hard with both hands, shaking and wobbling it about vigorously. You gasp and moan, your voice quivering as your face contorts for a moment. Then you sigh deeply, a thin film of perspiration forming on your brow and rounded cheeks. You look yourself in the eyes and smile guiltily.

“I need a new scale,” you whisper excitedly under your breath.
Written for someone who will always be special to me...

As always you can find more of my erotic fat fetish short stories at…
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Ghetto Girl Gain

Dria had just came from her last class of the ray at the Detroit Boarding School. "Man I'm hella tired!" she complained. Usually being hungry after school Dria had gone out if the school to find something to eat. "I'll just go to that new Papa John's buffet that opened up yesterday!" she thought to herself. Dria began walking down the street.

At the age of 18 she was a sight to behold. Dria had caramel skin, long black hair, 5'11, and only 120 pounds. But that's not all her body was perfect. She had a slight ghetto booty, CC cup breasts, thick thighs, and good sized hips. Just walking down the street alone made all of the men make a double take. She looked fantastic in her combo of a silky shirt and Jean shorts with grey shoes.

Turning around the corner she laid eyes on the new Papa Johns Pizzeria and Buffet. Dria licked her luscious red lips and walked on in. Inside she could smell the food in the air. Making her stomach rumble. "How many?" asked the teenager at the front. "Just one" Dria replied. "Follow me." he said walking Dria to a nearby table.

Looking around she could see that this place is clearly empty and void of any customers. "Can I get you anything to eat?" the waiter asked. "Just a cola" she said. "Ok, feel free to grab your food anytime." the waiter said getting Dria's soda. Not wanting to suffer any longer Dria got from her seat to grab the food she desired. With a plate in hand and a whole buffet to choose from the possibilities were endless.

2 slices of everything pizza, 9 barbecue wings, 4 scoops of  extremely cheesey macaroni, and 5 helpings of blueberry pie was all on the plates Dria carried back to her table. With the cola waiting to be drunk. 

Dria sat down and got to work. The beauty crammed everything she could down her gurgling gullet with the workers watching in amazement and readily prepared more food just in case. Pizza sauce, cheese, and blueberry was smeared on her face and then she wiped it off. Dria patted her stuffed belly and sat for a second. "Should I get more....?" . The answer was yes.
Dria had 2nd and 3rd helpings before feeling all too full. 

Dria walked out of the Papa John's Pizzeria and Buffet feeling full to burst. "Uhhhh need to sleep." she said groggily walking back to the boarding school. Dria didn't feel like taking the long stairway up so she had used the elevator to get to her room. Unlocking the door Dria swayed in. Closed the door behind her and slimmed right onto her bed were she dozed off.

2 weeks later....

Dria sat on her couch with empty pizza boxes stacked on the side. She wiped the collective sweat off her brow with her chunky arms and fat hands. Gulping down the last of her fruit punch soda she let out a medium volume belch and rested her hand on her fat belly. Dria had really let herself go in the last two weeks. She had eaten at the Papa Johns Pizzeria and Buffet for the past 2 weeks. This extremely increased her body fat as well as changed her lifestyle completely.

Ever since last Thursday Dria hasn't left the room except to get food to satisfy her ever-growing hunger. Since then she has sat on the couch with the TV hogging all of her attention. The heat inside the room made Dria thirsty. She brought herself off the couch to head to the refrigerator. "Damn! This feels nice!" she said feeling her new fat jiggle.

Since she had begun to eat at the Papa Johns Byffet Dria has grown from a slim 120 pounds to aa staggering 263 pounds of fat. Out growing most of her clothes Last week she had to buy some new clothes from good will. The best she could get was a  white tweety bird T-shirt that was tight on her breasts which were DD size and wasn't long enough to cover her huge belly. Her belly stuck out a good 5' inches and sagged below her waist line.

Also what she got from good will was some black nylon shorts that hugged on her massive ass and was stretched out by her wide hips. she opened the refrigerator and was blasted with a wave of cool air. Dria grabbed a 7up and chugged it down. Suddenly there was a knock on the door.

"Who the hell could it be?!?" she growled angrily. The knocking proceeded. Dria twisted the knob and it revealed her friend Morgan. Unlike Dria, Morgan was short, extremely dark skin, and rail thin. The second Dria opened the door organ gagged at the smell of the room. "Um I brought you your homework" Morgan said weakly. "Dria was getting tired of school and tired of everyone else." Dria slammed the door and returned to her paradise.
Not my best writing but whatever. Came up with this idea somehow anyways.
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Collection by
Julia looked down at herself in the mirror of her bedroom, before trying on her school clothes for next year.

"Im never going to have abs again" She said to herself.

Julia was your typical nerdy Asian girl, glasses, straight dark hair, and quite a bit on the short side, which was normal for a chineese-american girl but over the past few years, that was starting to change.

Her parents had always had her to do gymnastics in her younger years, so she had always been on the smaller side, but now that she was 18, school became more important for her, and they had backed off on it. And it was starting to show.

Her legs, once toned had begun to soften up, squishing when she sat down and her previously hard thighs had begun to wobble when she walked around in short shorts.

Her arms and face had gotten more round as well, but the most noticeable change was in her midsection. Her once flat stomach which had a hint of a six pack was now soft and mushy, and hung over her jeans slightly when she bent over.

Her breasts had gotten larger as well, pushing her bra out more than usual, much to her liking.

"Oh well" she thought "everyone will be different this year, and nobody's going to be feeling me up anyway".

She slid on her jeans and pulled a shirt over herself, noting that a small bulge in her middle was visible if she didn't suck her stomach in, which she always did around her friends.

She didn't mind it, however. She always thought she was overlooked by guys, for being the thinner Asian girl with nothing to offer in the curves department, so she secretly smiled at the way her body had changed.

As school began, things were all business. Julia found she had little time for exercise and physical activity, with all the homework she had for her college classes. She did go out with her friends regularly, and she loved eating out, especially at the new ice cream shop that had just opened across from the campus.

Her desire for sweets was nothing new. She had always loved sweet things, ice cream in particular, and would often be found eating it out of boredom.


All of her friends at school were their normal selves, being obsessed with grades, gossiping about boys, and up to date on the latest trends in popular music.

She had noticed she was getting more attention from boys however, she even noticed one boy from the soccer team looking at her as she bent over to tie her shoe one day.

One night, Julia lay on her bed in her bra and shorts, absent-mindedly spooning vanilla ice cream into her mouth while looking over her notes for the next week. Suddenly, an email popup appeared on her computer screen.

She opened it, and it read a message that their school would be changing to a uniforms-only policy later in the year, due to a grant from the government. She scrolled over the images of what the new school uniforms would look like- button down blouses and skirts for the girls, and collared shirts and slacks for the guys.

"Oh great" she thought "there goes my wardrobe for the rest of the year"

She tried hard to remember what size she was in order to place an order for the skirts, but paused for a moment as she looked down at herself.

Months of not working out, and ice cream-filled study sessions had caused the squishy bulge of her stomach to swell out even further, giving her midsection a jiggling pot belly that now hung out of her jeans regardless of how much she sucked it in. Her soft love handles now stuck out and formed rolls on her sides and back, which sat below her breasts, which had become much heavier and gave her a noticeable bust, which shook when she laughed.

Her thighs were now starting to get fat, and jiggled when she walked, causing her once-fitting jeans to be uncomfortably tight.

"Hmm" she thought "Maaayyybeee i have gotten a little pudgy", pulling her stomach chub to one side, and watching it jiggle back into place, grinning guiltily. "Perhaps i should order a medium.."

She liked this new feeling of softness all over, the comfortable way her hanging belly would squash onto the bed while she was lying down.

"It's definitely going to have to hide all of...this" She said to herself, running a hand over her love handles as she selected the next size up in the catalog.

Although none of her friends had noticed her now-bulging fat yet, as the weather had gotten colder, and jackets and long clothes were more common.


A few weeks had passed, and her new uniforms had finally arrived. They came in the mail one day, and she was woken up one morning by the doorbell being rung as the box was dropped off.

"Arrghhh" she moaned, rubbing her eyes with sugar-sticky fingers "Why did it have to be this morning" . She had spent the previous night writing a paper for one of her classes, and was just thankful that it was Saturday.

Willing herself to get up and jumping off her bed, she felt her lower body and belly shake as she landed on the floor. "I really need to stop staying up so late" She said, absent mindedly scratching the part of her stomach where her shirt had ridden up, and had begun to stick out.

As she walked over to the door and bent down to pick the box up, she felt her midsection squish against itself and form rolls of fat, which formed back into her belly as she stood back up. She opened the box and took out the new clothes. They were not as ugly as she thought they'd be mostly white button down blouses and blue skirts. The skirts she had ordered were extra-long, and concealed her thighs well.

The same could not be said about the shirts. As she tried them on, she noticed her breasts had begun to stretch the buttons around the bust slightly, no matter what type of bra she wore. "hm" she smiled to herself "perhaps this isn't such a bad thing..." she said looking in the mirror.

Then, she noticed her stomach. There was a bulge visible through the blouse, and the space between the buttons was more noticeable, which became worse if she didn't suck in her gut. But, she figured, she had ordered the shirts and skirt large enough that her love handles didn't spill out too much.

Taking off the clothes, she waltzed around in her underwear to her dresser, to find something to wear for the day, as the uniform policy was not yet in effect, feeling her thighs jiggle violently as she took large strides. Grabbing a pair of jeans and a shirt she knew would conceal her paunch, she began putting them on before heading out.

The jeans were tighter than normal around the leg, giving her little room to put her phone in, and when she tried to button them, she found it was harder than normal. "Well darn." She said, "These were supposed to be my "in case I get fat" pants".

As she struggled to pull the button together, her quivering paunch pressed against the fabric, leaving her little room to breathe when she finally did manage to get them buttoned. "Whew" she sighed, "maybe I'll just wear a belt with these, and leave them unbuttoned... Yeah. That's probably a good idea" she thought to herself, looking down at her feet and seeing the convex shape of her belly.
The first part of a short story for those of you who appreciate FA literature, that' I've had on a few other places. More coming in the future.
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The first day of school had crept up really fast, and I was scared shitless.

I woke up early, showered and did my hair, and dressed in clothes that weren't too tight. High school is a shithole, and the people there would not look kindly on my huge body. I was going to be the fattest girl there, at 276. Jenna and her ass were a staggering 256, and only a 20lb different meant she was gaining faster than I was. Her bottom half was going to make waves, and not just when it jiggled as she walked. She used to be so skinny, before Achara's. Now, she was the second fattest girl at school. After me.

I squeezed into Jenna's car with difficulty, as usual--it seemed harder each and every day--and she handed me a mocha and a bag of pastries from Tim Horton's. "From my Mom." she said quietly. I could tell she was nervous too. Her ass barely fit in her car anymore, it hung over the edges of the seat and sometimes impeded the door closing. I shoveled down my bag of donuts, and guzzled my chocolatey coffee, and as we pulled in to the parking lot, I look at the school with misery. "You know Jen, you really are a goddamn fatty when you dread going to school because you won't be able to eat the entire time." She laughed, and we heaved ourselves out, caught out breath, and headed in.

The stares were many. People parted a little for us--seniors, they'd been seeing us in the halls for 4 years or more, and suddenly we had gained so much weight we looked like blow up dolls. When we reached our first hour (which we thankfully shared) we were sure the news had spread all over. Lizzie and Jenna ballooned over the summer! They looked like hogs! Lizzie's stomach was bigger than a freshman, and no one was sure if Jenna could get through doorways, she had the biggest ass anyone's ever seen!

At first, as we waddled through the walls, I was really self conscious and upset about it. But somehow, I starting getting my confidence back, and by the time I reached my classroom, I was swaying my hips proudly, letting my belly swing from side to side, and my expression was the same as my senior year attitude: Fuck you all.

However, the students were the easy part. Jen and I didn't fit into desks anymore.

Okay, that's an overstatement. Jenna didn't fit into desks, I just threatened to break one, and when I sat down the legs bowed and my upper rolls and breasts obscured half the desk.

We were sent to see our guidance counselor, who had us moved to all the same classes, where they would put in a table and some chairs. Some because Jen needed two, and soon I would as well. She sent us off with new schedules and pamphlets about dealing with bullying and dieting, which we threw out in her secretary's trash can before waddling out of the office.

By lunch, we were like a spectacle: people came past our table to see how huge we had really gotten, and stayed to watch us eat. We weren't trying to make a show of it, even. We just ate like that. Our lunches took up as much room on the table as we took up on the bench, and that was no small feat. None of our old friends wanted to sit with us aside from Jason. The three of us had always been close. He'd spent the last few months in Switzerland, staying with his Dad, and had been pretty surprised to much more of his best friends. But he seemed to not only accept it, but like it a bit, and he sat next to Lizzie as they ate, with Jenna on the other side of the table.

"Guys, may I be frank with you?" he asked calmly, watching as they shoveled food into their mouth hungrily, acting as though three hours without food had starved them. It basically had, after 3 months of eating every moment of every day.

"Well, you have gotten really fat. And your lunches could feed a family of 5 for an entire day. I'm getting the feeling you're doing this on purpose, because there's a definite lack of anything remotely resembled self-restraint here, it's almost as though you're forcing yourself to eat more than you can easily contain."

Lizzie stared at him. His calmness was one of the things she really loved about him.

"Come over to my house after school and we'll explain it all to you." said Jenna after getting a nod from Lizzie.

When they arrived at Jenna's house and lumbered out of the car, Jason touched Lizzie's arm casually, but she felt his surprise as his fingers pressed into the abundance of soft flesh there. She took notice as he looked her up and down, no doubt connecting the feeling of her flabby arm with her immense jiggling stomach. He swallowed with a bit of difficulty.

Once in Jenna's house, Lizzie ravenously grabbed a box of donuts and sat down on the floor of Jenna's room, eating again as though she'd been starved for days. This time, Jason said nothing, not even mentioning that she'd had taco bell in the car.

Jen went to the closet and leaned down (with extreme difficulty) and came back up with the gain book (panting.) She sat down next to Lizzie and helped her with the second box of donuts while they explained what they'd been doing to Jason.

"It was Jen who first brought up that we'd gained weight, and that we both knew we kinda liked it. And between that and the knowledge that our restraint was gone, we would continue to gain no matter what...we decided to put it on our terms and enjoy it. And then we got sort of competitive about it. We found the ways to gain the most fat, and we were gaining significant amounts each week. I mean, I weigh 276 pounds. I've doubled my weight since I got hired at Achara's." Jen opened the gain book as a I dug into yet another donut. I loved looking at the gain book...seeing each new picture, watching as the pictures grew.

"That one was taken yesterday, as a last day of summer pic." Jen sad pointing to one of the last pictures in the book. It was the two of us standing next to the pool in our strained bikinis. Jason's eyes nearly popped out of his head. He looked up, and I got a very sudden explanation of what it felt like to be undressed by someone's eyes.

"What do you think?" I asked nervously. A part of me thought he must be disgusted, but he didn't seem it outside.

"I think...well, I didn't know you could get any hotter, yet somehow you did."

I turned almost as red as he did. Jenna stood up with extreme difficulty and left, saying "I'm going to get takeout from the Coney! Be back in a bit!"

Jason crawled forwards, moving the book aside, and knelt in front of me. He leaned forward slowly and kissed me. After a moment, his hands moved and held the sides of my belly, and then pushed my shirt up to underneath my breasts, and pulled me over on top of him as he laid down on the carpet. My body completely engulfed him, my belly resting on the floor on either side of his body. It was enormously erotic, I had never realized I could do that...I'd never kissed Jason either, though.

He helped me up off of him (he needed to breathe sooner or later, I suppose) and I leaned against the wall as I waited for him to return. I spread my legs out so that my belly could rest on the floor between them, and I rubbed it as I waited.

When he returned, he had the rest of the donuts (Mrs. Ryan was always ready for us, however impossible it seemed) and he knelt down in front of my belly, which he grabbed.

"I am going to help you become fatter than you can imagine." He whispered, caressing my mounds of fat. I moaned in arousal, but was stifled as he put a donut in my mouth.

Jenna knocked on the door, and came in to find that I had eaten another 3 dozen donuts, and was beginning to feel full. But Jason fed me my entire meal, and I was more stuffed than I could remember ever being. He fed Jenna as well, while he let me take short breaks.

By the time evening struck, I was sure I'd gained 5 pounds. We lounged and snacked, and he perused the goal section. Seeing the picture of Jenna in the doorway, he asked to see it now. We had long since stripped to our bras and panties, but were none too worried--Jason didn't see anything private, our stomachs hung low enough to prevent that, and he'd already seen our nude photos from a couple of weeks ago.

Jen stood in the doorway, a little closer to our goal. He surveyed her width and turned to me.

"I have a new challenge. By December 1st, she will fill the doorway. But January 1st, she will be stuck in the doorway, and you will fill it."

I smiled at the thought, and Jen said "I'm glad he takes this as seriously as we do. We needed a feeder, my arms are getting too far for this."

"So are your legs." I said, and she gave me a friendly punch in the arm.
A new character! I've totally given up on ok titles.
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“Ergh.” Jessica looked at herself in the mirror, struggling with her pair of skinny jeans over a body that was no longer quite so skinny. “Yep,” she thought, touching the small belly that had gathered around her pants, “no longer quite so skinny.”

Ever since a lazy summer of slacking,
snacking and encouragement to do just that, Jess had lost control over her formerly slim body to a new hunger appearing over time. Well, I mean she never really was all that slim, standing at 5'9" and 140 pounds the strawberry blonde college freshman never thought she was a skinny girl. She possessed some nice D cup breasts that attracted some male attention,  a little bit of fat around the waist and a sturdy, Germanic build betraying her Belgian and German ancestry. But over the summer she had obviously packed on some weight to her sturdy frame. Her thighs, previously rather thin and muscular were now
possessing some serious padding, she had grown a fine set of hips and a bootylicious behind. Her little belly developed into a jiggly roll surrounding her waist, and she now had love handles connecting her flabby hips and belly. Most importantly, D cup breasts had spilled out over into E cups, a small change compared to the rest of her body, but one she was immensely proud of.

Jessie grabbed another cookie and flopped down on the couch in the center of her chic appartment's living room. Growing up the spoiled brat of a Chicago business executive, she was used to the high life as her father spoiled her rotten through her whole life. When she had gotten into Northwestern, the billionaire gave her a fancy apartment not far from the university with a nice view of Lake Michigan, not to mention a couple million in a bank account to provide for anything she might need. Throughout the sticky summer, she found that what ever she might need largely included junk food and a Netflix subscription.

This summer had been ridiculously hot, with almost everyday tipping at 100 degrees, so Jessica decided to make the most of that by staying indoors with a cranked up air conditioner largely just snacking on whatever she craved. She finished the current cookie she was eating and slapped a fat thigh, "That's why I've gained a good 35 pounds."

She didn't even mind getting chubby, it felt different. It was a novelty thing right now. She wanted to stuff herself until she couldn't move everyday until school started up again, just to see what it would feel like to be...bigger. She figured she would lose weight whenever she felt like it.

Tugging off her skinny jeans, she just hung out in her panties and a thin silk shift, which with no bra left nothing to the imagination. She smiled as she imagined some guy salivating over her huge pale tits, but being disgusted by her as she stuffed herself
like a pig constantly.

She flipped to the next episode of Orange is the New Black and grabbed her box of cookies. She munched away watching the show until she eventually just curled up and fell asleep on her couch. Most of her days ended like that, fat body curled up on a couch in between bites of fatty snacks.


"Oh man, Jess, you've really done it now you fat bitch." August was nearing a close and school was about to restart as Jessica looked at her now 184 pound body. "Holy shit, I'm huge." She jumped up and down, watching her luscious body fat do a wobble as she did it. "God..."

She was pale and flabby, and the last few pounds had secured themselves around her thighs and belly. Maybe it was time to lose some weight, she thought as she examined the red stretch marks on her big, chubby belly.

"Eh...maybe not." She said with a grin. Hey, it felt nice. She felt like she had a cushion surrounding her, and the best part of letting yourself go was just eating whatever whenever. She looked at the remains of the extra large cheese pizza she just demolished, "Skinny girls can't just do that."

"Nor do skinny girls have asses like this." She looked behind her to new big, bouncing booty sitting sturdily above her thick thighs. Nah...she thought. Rich fatty foods were going to continue being stuffed down her gullet until she decided to stop. She wanted to be an actual fat girl, rolling with blubber and a big sticking out belly and thighs bigger around that most girl's waists.

She shivered a little at the thought and felt a little tingle down in her womanhood. "Whoa, whoa, there." She went in and flopped down on the couch in her typical position with a carton of ice cream. She looked at her phone and found she had a text, it was from her friend Jenny. Jenny was a bit of an exercise freak, a skinny, wiry raven haired girl who wasn't into lazing about. She wanted to know if Jess wanted to work out with her tomorrow morning to, "get in shape for school!"

Jess looked down at herself, 40 pounds heavier then when Jenny last saw her, clinging to a too-tight t-shirt and the last pair of stretch pants that would fit around her fat thighs and laughed. "Me? Exercise? Psh. I'll never exercise again if I can help it. Look at these lovely curves, okay, well, now we're into rolls territory but still." She let Jenny down easy, making up some excuse and not telling her that she was texting this with her phone resting on her sloshy fat gut. Jenny gave a little said reply and Jessica just went back to her ice cream.

"Ugh...I'll need to get decent clothes for school. Can't just hang around campus like this." She massaged her stuffed belly, "Think I'm into plus sizes yet? Maybe. Better check."

The next morning she clothed herself in another pair of thigh-hugging yoga pants and a tight pink t-shirt, and found that she wasn't *quite* into plus sizes, she intended to be there soon so stocked up on some. After a quick trip to food court, she headed back.

School started in three days, and as she looked at herself in her cute sundress accentuating her bulging E cups, she decided that she was ready to show off her new "hot bod" to the student body of Northwestern.
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Extreme Weight Gain, feedism, SSBBW

"Why does this always happen?" I cried, as I hugged Beth as tight as I could. "I always think it's going well. We both laugh, have a great time hanging out together, then out of the blue, another boyfriend dumps me to hook up with some bimbo."

Beth patted me on the back as she held me close. "Those men are just immature losers, Stacey. All they want to do is have sex with the next slutty girl with big tits. They don't know what they have when they're with you."

"But I want it too. I'm just a little self-conscious." I had never been all that confident in my physical appearance. I was smart, a good conversationalist, and an overall nice person, but I had always been slightly plain in appearance. I thought I was pretty and all, but I had a stick-like figure. Tall with tiny boobs and a flat little butt. "Why do I have to miss out because I wasn't blessed with those characteristics that the boys find appealing. Every time I get close to a guy, he ends up hooking up with someone sexier than me."

"You just have to be patient," Beth said. "A good guy will come along eventually."

"But I don't want to wait that long. I'm just about to enter college. I want to sew my wild oats" I said. "I know I'll find a good guy who likes the whole package someday, but I want to have fun first."

"Wait, are you telling me that you want to be fooling around with a bunch of different guys?" Beth asked, looking slightly perplexed.

"Well, yeah. I just have so little self confidence because of my body." I said, crossing my arms in front of my chest.

Beth looked at me very seriously for a few seconds and then said hastily, "I've got to run, Stacey. You okay with me popping over to your house tomorrow before you head off?"

"Of course. We're not going to see each other for a long time. I would love to see you one last time. I'm going to miss you so much, but I know that we're both going to kick ass in college!" I said to Beth as I gave her one last hug.

The rest of my day was spent finishing my final preparations for my long drive out to my new home. I packed all of my most important belongings in my car, had one final dinner with my parents, and settled in early for my final night of sleep in my familiar bed. 

The next morning, I finished loading my remaining supplies in my car and waited patiently for Beth to arrive. No sooner had I finished packing, Beth pulled up in her car, jumped out, and gave me a big bear hug. She thrust a small package into my hands. "Here, I was thinking about our conversation yesterday and I wanted to give you something to help you out. Don't open it until you get there tonight."

I thanked Beth and we shared a tearful goodbye as I stepped into my car and drove off to my new life. The trip took the majority of the day to complete, but I arrived at my new home just in time to get checked into my dorm. I had decided a few months ago that I wanted to room alone, so I had no new roommate to get adjusted to, just the new environment. Setting my room up took no time at all, especially since I was excited to open up my present from Beth.

Inside the small box was a small ornate cupcake and an accompanying note which said, 

"Dear Stacey, 
I've been contemplating giving you this for some time now. I had always hoped that you would find your true love in high school, but I realized after our conversation that I was being a little naive. I hadn't considered that you, like so many others, just wanted to have fun throughout college. I had always assumed that you entered into relationships with the idea that the new boy could eventually become your husband. To help you have fun, I've baked you this special cupcake. Be warned, once you eat this cupcake, you will enter into a ten year period where you will have complete control over your physical appearance. After ten years exactly, whatever form you are in will become your permanent one. I hope that this will allow you to build up your self-confidence. I also hope that you will find a man that not only values you for your looks, but also your wonderful personality. 
I love you and miss you terribly, 

I stared at the note in disbelief and then looked at the cupcake. "Oh, Beth. Very funny." I said as I set the note down on my new desk. I then picked up the cupcake. "How could this little cupcake allow me to change my appearance. Complete rubbish." I plopped the miniature cupcake in my mouth and swallowed it down. "Alright Beth, let's give your magic cupcake a try." I concentrated on making my boobs bigger, focussing on it for at least two minutes. Nothing. "Just as I thought."

Still though, the idea of changing my appearance was kind of arousing. I thought about transforming my tiny A cup boobs into some whopping double Ds. The idea made me incredibly horny. I locked the door, stripped down to my underwear and started touching myself. I pictured myself sensually washing my giant tits with in the shower, spending ample time caressing my nipples. Waves of excitement washed over my body as I came closer and closer to orgasming. Now, I was picturing my lover rubbing my tits down with oil. I could picture my massive breasts glistening as I pushed them together for my lover's enjoyment. The thought of this pushed me over the edge and I came hard. I couldn't stop either. I kept on fantasizing out my amazing rack and I came again and again until I passed out from all of the excitement. 

When I awoke, it was morning. I smiled as I thought about how hot that was last night as I groggily walked to my private bathroom. I rubbed my eyes and opened them wide to look in the mirror. As my eyes came into focus, I gave a small gasp as I  looked at my reflection in the mirror. My small flat chest was replaced with a massive pair of Double D's. They looked perfect. Large, perky, and to my amusement, quite bouncy. I hopped off the ground slightly and witnessed them lift up slightly as I came back to the ground and jiggle back into their starting position. I grabbed both tits with my hand and squeezed gently. They felt amazing and they were incredibly perky in spite of their size.

Had Beth's gift actually worked? Maybe it just took a while to work its way into my system. This called for some more testing. I imagined my boobs growing a little more and to my delight, I witnessed my breasts expand even more. I made them grow even further until they were the size of volleyballs, then basketballs, then beach balls. "Whoa, that might be a bit much." I quickly imagined them back to the double D size. Thankfully, my boobs shrank back down.

Did this work with the rest of my body? I imagined my hips growing a little wider and my butt expanding outwards. Before my eyes, my body followed suit. I now had  a sexy hour glass figure. Oh god, I was getting so aroused by all of this. I went back into my room and started masterbating furiously. I squeezed and caressed all of my new curves. I played with expanding and contracting my butt and my breasts for what seemed like hours, cumming repeatedly. By the time I was done, I had to sleep again, I was so exhausted. 

After I woke, I wondered if my new ability could change other aspects of my body as well. I stopped in front of my mirror, still naked from all of my playtime and started changing different parts of my body. I lengthened and shortened my legs, gave myself freckles, changed my hair color, everything about my appearance was in my control.