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Corpulex 7
The Studio

He held it up to the light, admiring the formula's amber hue.  Floating inside that small glass bottle, glistening in those few ounces of fluid, were fifteen years of his life.  Fifteen long years, that's how long it had taken him to perfect Corpulex 7.  He carefully put the bottle in a special container in his briefcase and took one last look around his laboratory.  The university board had stripped him of his title as research specialist, taken his lab away from him, and tried to relegate him to instructing the banausic masses of adolescent neophytes who had no inkling of the true artistry required to create pharmaceuticals.  Refusing to cast his pearls before the swine, he had immediately tenured his resignation.  He knew that his 'supposed' peers were all foolishly blinded by their jealousy of his brilliance.  He knew that they were only afraid of the truth:  that he had succeeded where all of science and medicine before him had failed.  He had solved a mystery which had stood inviolate through all of time.  Out of their fear and petty jealousy, they had tried to stop him from proving his discovery - stop him from giving his formula the ultimate blessing of irrevocable truth - stop him from testing it on a human subject.  
His final survey complete, he closed his briefcase with a definitive click and slowly walked toward the exit.  He turned off the lights as the passed through the doorway.  This laboratory had been the birthplace of his discovery, he thought, but it would not be its grave.
As he drove out of the city and onto a winding country road, he recalled the countless hours spent testing Corpulex on laboratory animals.  He remembered every mistake, every nuance, every refining discovery.  He mentally retraced his progress from animal to animal - from mouse to dog to pig to monkey.  At each step he had encountered failure and frustration, but had faced them with the power of his intelligence and the force of his determination.  None had believed him, but time after time his theories remained incontrovertible.  They refused to recognize his genius because they lived in a society indoctrinated by the diet, blinded by exercise, and fed by the synthetic supplements used to curtail the power of the calorie.  But he had not sought to escape or elude fat, he had struggled to harness it by stripping away its debilitating effects:  to govern the very forces of obesity and make them bow before him.  Diet pills and dietitians would become obsolete.  A multi-billion dollar industry that had preyed upon the 'overweight' would be brought to its knees before him.
He allowed himself a wry smile as he pulled into the graveled driveway.  He had known that this day was coming.  He had long expected that the university would withdraw their funding and he'd taken steps to circumvent their pettiness.  The building before him was the only one for miles.  It had been a sawmill once but now it would serve as his laboratory.  It had taken half of his inheritance and the liquidation of many of his assets to convert the mill into a suitable lab. To him, the expenditure was but a small inconvenience on the way to his goal.  In these desolate woods, he could carry out his work and finish his masterpiece.
As he entered the main lab, a huge room flooded with fluorescent light and replete with devices, he saw Diana Price sitting on the edge of the plushly padded platform that would be her bed.  Beside her was his assistant Joan Houghton, a former graduate students of his.  She was taking a blood sample as she informed him that everything was in perfect order.  The doctor nodded and slipped into his white coat.   He drew a deep breath in expectation and then removed the bottle from his briefcase and pulled a syringe out of the drawer.  Carefully, he held them up to the light and inserted the needle through the rubber seal, drawing out a few precious ounces of his formula.  He walked over to Diana and stood, peering down at her over the rims of his glasses.  It wasn't too late to turn back, he said.  He would understand her apprehension and bear her no malice.  She chuckled and said, no.  She wanted to do this; she wanted to help him prove his theories, and besides, she liked the idea of being famous.  He smiled broadly and thanked her as he silently appreciated his luck in finding such a willing participant.  She would be the perfect vessel for his creation.   
Diana was a twenty-six year old, attractive, well-proportioned 250 pound woman.  Her fleshiness was no matter of inherited genetics, but had been wrought from many a snack and a host of overindulgent meals.  He had first noticed her at the school cafeteria months earlier.  At the time, he estimated, she weighed in at about 230.  She had caught his attention for two reasons;  1) she was a remarkably plump beauty, 2) her tray was filled to capacity and included generous helpings of dessert.  He covertly watched her as she sat down alone, then slowly and meticulously devoured every morsel, leaving little work for the dishwashers.  Before she got up from her table, she undid her belt a notch.  He took note of her and, over the next few days, figured out her eating schedule and managed to be in the cafeteria almost every time she was. After almost two weeks of observing her, to make sure her appetite was constant, he introduced himself.  He carried his tray over to her table and commented that he'd noticed that she always ate alone, like himself, and wondered if she would like some company.  She did.  
They ate together regularly, and over the next few months, he got to know her better.  She was a loner, with no family to speak of and no real friends.  She'd been in college before, studying biology, but had dropped out when her parents were killed in an automobile accident.  With no siblings to turn to, she spent years working odd jobs in different cities.  After a few years of mourning and healing, she had decided to return to finish her degree.  The thing he liked most about her was that she was unapologetic about her appetite and her size.  She said that, since she'd been forced to be independent, she'd also learned how to disregard other people's unneeded opinions of her.  He commented that, as a personality trait, it manifested itself in very aesthetically pleasing forms.  She took it as a compliment as he silently observed that their mealtime meetings were beginning to add more pounds to her already hefty frame.  In short order, he introduced her to his research, telling her of his work and sharing his theories with her.  All the while he was trying not to make her suspicious of his intents while also attempting to pique her interest.   He gradually convinced her that his formula was going to do what everyone else thought was impossible.  She was enthralled.  She hadn't even known that any such thing was imaginable.  He assured her that, it was not only practicable, it would soon be a reality.  As more weeks passed, they got to know each other as friends.  She made a few advances towards him, but he kindly insisted that their relationship remain platonic.  With no friends or family to muddle things up, he also didn't want to complicate matters with a relationship since, unbeknownst to her, he meant for her to be the vehicle to prove his theories.  At times it was difficult since he considered her to be incredibly attractive, but the formula mattered above all else.  It took a series of requests, explanations, promises, appeals and bargains, but before the university canceled his research, she had agreed to help him by letting him test his theories on her.
This was no small offer, since his plan was to test Corpulex 7 on a human subject by administering it and then proceeding to fatten the person up to world record proportions.  His established goal was 2,100 pounds.  He knew that, if he could get a person up to that weight while still keeping them in perfect health, the medical profession would have no choice but to acknowledge his genius.  She had remained uncommitted until he spelled out the full terms of their arrangement.  For one year of her cooperation, he would to pay her fifty thousand dollars, take care of her every need, and feed her more food than she could possibly imagine.  
Diana looked around, surveying what would be her home for the next year, as Joan rubbed an alcohol swab on her shoulder.  The doctor bent over and carefully administered the first of her monthly injections.  As the last drop of fluid disappeared and the needle was removed, a great rush of anticipation came over the doctor.  It was one great step for man, he thought, and a one ton step for womankind.
Joan disappeared through a large set of swinging doors beside the bed and soon reemerged pushing a large cart filled with edibles.  There was enough food stocked in the cupboards, the walk-in refrigerator and the freezer to last a normal person for years.   All that food and more would be fed to Diana over the next year if everything went according to plan.  Fortunately, Joan was not only an able lab assistant, she was also an excellent cook.  Toward the goals of the experiment, everything in the cart was swimming in butter and cheese and grease.  To give further credence to the effectiveness of his formula, she would be fed an exclusive diet of the most fattening foods in the world.  Only a few vegetables and fruits would be served to her, and they would all be drenched in some incredibly rich sauce.  Diana started her journey into extreme obesity with a platter full of a dish that Joan called Deep-fried Cheese Balls Alfredo.
Diana was fed around the clock.  The doctor even set her up with an I.V. drip that would constantly supply her with a high calorie supplement.  She wore it when she went to bed so that, even when asleep or going to the bathroom, she was still being fattened.  For the first few days, she was incredibly uncomfortable as her stomach was continually stretched to capacity.  The doctor's goal was to get her to gain an average five pounds each day - thirty five pounds a week - 140 pounds a month -  which would all add up to 1820 pounds over the year, bringing Diana's weight to approximately 2100 pounds.  (He wanted it to be 2.100 so she could be said to weigh significantly over a ton).  At that weight, she would be all but immobile but, if the formula did its job, she would be as healthy as a person weighing one tenth her weight.  
With an avalanche of food constantly going down her throat and the I.V. fortifying her intake, Diana immediately started swelling up like a balloon.  He cheeks puffed up, her arms and hands swelled, her breasts expanded, her belly rolled outward, her hips and ass jutted further out from the rolls of her waist and her legs took on an increasingly cheese-like consistency as they bloated with newly formed pounds of flesh.   By the end of her first week, she was right on schedule at 285 pounds.  This was due in part to the fact that the doctor had included appetite stimulants in her I.V.  As each drop made its way into her blood stream, she continued to get hungrier and hungrier.  Before the experiment began, he had told her that he would use them to help her increase her intake.  Diana had no objections.  Having submitted to the experiment, her main interest revolved around the food.  If something helped her eat and enjoy more of it,  that was all the better.
The doctor and Joan constantly monitored her condition.  Pads were attached to track her heart rate and blood tests were run daily.  She was also weighed and photographed twice each day.  Careful notes were kept on every phase of her diet and its commensurate physical effects.
By the end of the second week, Diana tipped the scales at an even 325 pounds.  Having added over 70 pounds to her bulk in only 14 days was having pronounced effects.  Walking wasn't nearly as easy since her muscles hadn't been given much time to accommodate themselves to her newly added pounds.  She was getting stretch marks, but they were barely noticeable since Joan massaged and oiled her skin three time a day.  The most noticeable aspect of her growth was that she was getting so fat, so fast, that gravity was having a minimal effect on her physique.  Every part of her body had expanded outward nearly horizontally.  The second most noticeable aspect was that, as her body was hurriedly trying to decide where to store her new pounds of fat, her breasts and ass had borne most of the load.  She had always been thick in these areas, but had grown so unproportionally that it was hard to fathom.  Since all she wore was a gown her only sense of cup size was from the measurements that the doctor and Joan took, but they revealed that she'd gone from a DD to a HH.   The extra four inch difference between bust line and breast was a lot for her to manage when she walked.  Luckily for her, she rarely had to walk more than a few feet each day.  She only got out of the bed to take an occasional stroll around the lab or to go to the bathroom.  It probably would have been even more difficult for her to walk if her ass hadn't offset her breasts pound for pound.  Her butt was a huge protruding shelf of quivering flesh that rocked and swayed with every step she took.  
As Diana kept getting fatter, her diet was increased proportionately.  On a typical day, Joan and the doctor would wake her in the morning to a breakfast of 20 pancakes drowned in real maple syrup, a dozen scrambled eggs with cheese, a dozen sausage biscuits loaded with gravy, a loaf of toast, a pound of bacon, three servings of coffee cake, and a half gallon of buttermilk to wash it down.  After breakfast, she'd need a nap, after which they'd awaken her to her midmorning snack:  a dozen creme filled doughnuts, more buttermilk, and some cheesecake.  Directly following would be her pre-lunch snack, a half gallon of ice cream and a dozen cookies.  Lunch which would be a feast of fried chickens, mashed potatoes with sour cream and gravy, macaroni and cheese and green beans swimming in ham hocks with a chocolate cake for dessert.  She'd have two snacks between lunch and dinner:  usually a pie and then bowls of peanuts and bags chips with milkshakes and wine to wash it down.  Dinner would be another feast loaded with cheese and bread and loads of deep-fried treats.  Some evenings she would eat an entire turkey with loads of trimmings and a two layer cake for good measure.  During all of these meals and snacks, she usually watched the large screen T.V. in front of her bed or listened to music on the stereo.  After a full day of viewing, listening and glutting, she'd usually eat a before-bed snack, - a couple of burgers and a platter of fries and then a large, deluxe pizza loaded with meat and cheese.
The doctor hadn't anticipated that Diana would take to the experiment with such a passion.  She had become totally consumed by being able to totally consume more food than she had ever dreamed of eating.  Because of her amazing vigor, she reached 420 pounds by the end of her first month.  Her body had stopped storing such a disproportionate amount of fat in her tits and ass and had switched to the belly and the hips.  At such a size the pull of gravity was starting to show its effects.  The bulk of flesh in her breasts, which had been spread relatively even, was being pulled toward the bottoms of her tits as they hung down past her navel.  This was accented by the fact that her navel had long-since gone southward as her belly rolled over onto her bloated thighs, fast making its way toward her knees. Having exceeded her goal by thirty pounds also caused other dramatic changes.  All during the experiment, she had only worn hospital gowns, but they were getting less effective at containing her girth.  When she'd walk, the undulating masses of her swinging tits, her quaking belly and her lurching ass would cause the robe to come undone.    The doctor had robes that would fit her, but the inconvenience and discomfort were unacceptable to her.  She wanted to enjoy every minute of her gluttony without any annoying distractions.  Diana decided to simply go naked.  The doctor and Joan were constantly examining her anyway, so it didn't actually make much of a difference.
She was also experiencing and effect that none of them had anticipated.  As she continued to get fatter, she continued to get hungrier.  By the end of her first month she had gotten to the point where she could stuff herself every waking hour of the day and barely stay full.  To help, the doctor ceased administering the appetite stimulants, but it had no effect.  Her own natural appetite had grown to near-insatiability.  Fortunately, the formula was performing better than could be expected and she was suffering no ill effects other than the problems associated with negotiating her mass and volume.
At the end of the second month, the doctor and Joan helped her onto the special scale by her bed and it read 590 pounds.  Diana could no longer walk easily without the two of them helping her.  Combined with her oppressive weight, she had gotten so fat that her belly and tits were putting too much pressure on her thighs it wasn't easy for her to move her feet.   When she did move them, it took all her effort to keep her body from quavering uncontrollably.  Every part of her would swing or wiggle or sway with every step.  Distressingly, though the formula was continuing to protect her health, her appetite had grown to the point where she was completely insatiable.  No matter how much she ate, she couldn't get full - and she stuffed her face during every waking hour.  Her stomach had grown into such a cavern and the formula was helping her process her food so efficiently, that satisfying herself was a near impossibility.  
Luckily, Joan came up with an answer that would help keep Diana satisfied while also helping the doctors plans reach fruition even sooner.  She purchased 100 five gallon jugs of a chocolate, high calorie dietary supplement used by weight lifters.  She fashioned a special, heavy duty I.V. stand that would support one of the full jugs.  She then attached a six foot section of surgical tubing onto the opening and hung it upside down from the stand which she put directly beside Diana's bed.  There was a pressure release clamp on the open end which went into her mouth.  When Diana bit down lightly on the clamp, the fluid would begin to flow, gravity-fed through the hose.  The harder she bit down, the faster the tasty brown fluid flowed.  While feasting on one of her huge meals, she would occasionally take a few greedy gulps off of the jug to help her stay full.  Diana was staying satisfied, Joan was proud of her invention, and the doctor was ecstatic at how well the drug was working.
By the end of the third month, Diana had reached 750 pounds and was becoming increasingly immobile.  The doctor had established that, in addition to preventing the health threatening aspects of extreme obesity, Corpulex 7 also made the body process food much more efficiently.  The end result was that nearly everything Diana ate turned directly into fat, which helped to account for the fact that she was a full seventy pounds ahead of schedule.  Instead of being bothered by her incredible fatness, Diana actually enjoyed it.  She was constantly seeing if she could consume more food than she had the day before.  She had gotten to the point where she could drink an entire jug of Joan's fluid without stopping.  Sitting up in the bed, her stomach spread out in a heaping mound covering and spreading her enormous legs, and reaching all the way to her feet.  Her ass, hips and torso were so huge that she was literally couched in fat since the rolls of flesh were stacked so thick that they forced her chest up into her rolling chins, obscuring any signs of her neck.  Her gargantuan breasts were being pushed to either side by her mountainous belly and were so huge that they sat beside her like two boulders.
Diana continued unabated.  All of the tests continued to find her bodily functions in perfect order.  In fact, her blood pressure and resting heart rate were lower than when she had started the experiment!  To make her life easier and to promote the efficiency of Diana's weight gain, Joan had switched the jugs of high calorie supplement from a gravity fed system to a hydraulic pump.  The new system held twice as much fluid and had four times the flow rate.  The pump was strong enough where it could also propel thicker liquids through the tube.  Joan started concocting fat-laden batters for her patient to try.  She made buttermilk shakes and malts.  She filled it with cheese soups and stews.  Diana sucked each one down with equal relish and vigor.  The doctor was amazed at how well Joan constantly kept up with her duties as assistant and chef, especially since they couldn't take days off.  It seemed like Joan was as passionate about fattening up Diana as Diana was about eating.  She was also putting on a few pounds of her own.  He guessed that it was all that work in the kitchen testing and preparing all of those delectable dishes.  He noted how the new pounds were filling her out in all the right places.   He said nothing because his main attention was on Diana, but he couldn't help noticing.
Two more months passed and, with the aid of Joan's pump, Diana continued to stay well ahead of schedule.   Her 1120 pound body was a sight to behold, especially since a side-effect of the drug pronouncing itself so noticeably.  The doctor had thought that Diana possessed a recessive genetic tendency to store a disproportionate amount of fat in her breasts, but further tests showed that it was the influence of the formula.  After she'd passed 800 pounds, they became her most prominent feature.  He could hardly believe the transformation they caused in her body whenever she stood up.  Diana's walking movement was confined to standing up beside the bed, turning halfway around, collapsing into the wheelchair (actually a converted forklift) that the doctor had had made for her, and then from the wheelchair to the toilet and back again.  Her metabolism had slowed to such a point that she only made that trip once a day.  But each time was an exhibition on the immense forces of gravity that threatened to make her collapse.  To get her standing, the doctor had the bed designed with a special hydraulic jack underneath.  With the press of a button, the bed would lift the head slowly upward while lowering the foot to the ground.  As the bed got more upright, her body would slowly begin to sag away from her head.  Her breasts had gotten so huge that they would touch the ground first and, to get her standing, they had to be pushed onto a wheeled platform at the foot of the bed.  Her stomach followed close behind.  Joan would pull the platform forward enough so there would be room for Diana's feet to touch the floor.  Every part of her would head downwards as the bed forced her upright.  Her cheeks would fall as her chest was pulled down by the weight of her massive tits.   Her elephantine teats slowly transformed into two fleshy wrecking balls of tit flesh barely supported by the striated, cleavage that started two feet below her chins.  Each one was loaded with 125 pounds of fat, nearly a fourth of her body weight when combined.   As the sagging process continued, her upper arms would roll down onto her forearms which then pressed down and partially obscured her hands.  When she came completely upright., the doctor and Joan would position themselves on either side of her, helping her keep her balance as the rolls of flesh on her back settled atop the bulging masses of her ass cheeks, forcing them to roll down onto her pile-sized thighs like two bellies.  She could barely balance herself because her upper arms were almost too heavy for her too move them.  For about five minutes, she would shuffle her feet (which were nearly covered by her calves) fractions of an inch at a time while the doctor and Joan helped to wheel her breasts and stomach around far enough to negotiate the wheelchair in behind her.  Getting her seated required a harness attached to a block and tackle, which hung from the ceiling from a rolling I-beam.  They would lower her inches at a time until her ass was fully spread out on the chair and then wheel her to the bathroom.
At six months Diana was just under 1300 pounds.  Her weight gain he had slowed down a bit because she was having trouble adjusting to her incredible poundage.  She had to be sitting up in a particular position to be comfortable or the thick slab of fat on her chest made it hard for her to breathe.  Her arms were so heavy that just getting her hands to her mouth to feed herself was becoming tedious.  She had to be moved several times a day for tests and her oil massage, but it took so much effort for her to roll over that it left her nearly exhausted.  Lying face down, she literally floated on her pools of breast and the mounds of her stomach, making her feel like a beached whale.  She kept eating at an astounding rate because, at her near-immobility, it was all that she could do.  The doctor informed her that, if she could continue expanding at a rate of 150 pounds each month, (an easier rate than she'd been maintaining) she'd be at 2,100 pounds in less than five months, and that they'd be finished with the experiment a full month before their deadline.  Diana's reply sent him reeling.  She said he had no right terminating their agreement prematurely.  They had agreed that the experiment would run one full year and she expected him to keep his part of the bargain.  He said that she wasn't being reasonable, that if she didn't slow down or quit early, there was no telling how much she'd weigh by the time they were through.  She asked him what was wrong with that.  He answered that he wasn't sure if even Corpulex 7 could keep her healthy at such an incredible weight.  She asked if he was starting to have doubts about his wonder drug.  He answered no, that he was just concerned about her well-being, that even though the drug had performed beyond his wildest expectations, he didn't know its upper limits of effectiveness.  She said that she felt fine and that he should let her worry about it - after all, she was the one carrying around all the weight.  In the end, the doctor conceded the point.  They would go the full year, as agreed.  He only hoped that she wasn't pushing herself too far.
After their talk, Diana started eating even more than before.  It was as though, knowing that they were nearing the end, she wanted to milk the experience for all it was worth.  It went on that way, in a constant deluge of food, until the tenth month when she slowed down because she just couldn't help it.  She was so fat that she could hardly feed herself.   The only parts of her body that she could still move to any degree were her head and arms.  Their movement was restricted to where, when she was lying in the bed, she could barely turn her head because the fat of her chest would force her rolling chins up like a neck brace.  It took considerable effort for her to move her arms from the elbow down (since her forearms were the size of a regular woman's waist) and she had to have her upper arms sitting on top of her tits just so she could feed herself.  She was so fat that only left the bed when it was an utter necessity.  All this because reached the 2,100 pound mark and even gone a little beyond.  At that weight she was so fat that she nearly defied description.
She had slowed gaining weight, but she hadn't stopped.  By the end of the eleventh month, she had become so enormous that she covered the entire platform that was her bed and even began rolling over the edges in spots.  She was still getting fatter, but it was hard to tell.  Another two or three hundred pounds on a woman who weighed over a ton just didn't show that much. She was so immersed in the fat of her own body that it was all she could do to wiggle her fingers, blink her eyes and chew her food.  Joan had become her nursemaid since she could no longer feed herself.  Increasingly, they resorted to the feeding pump to keep her satisfied.       
On the 365th day of the experiment, the doctor performed a complete physical on her and found her to be in perfect health, excepting for her complete immobility.  Diana had been sat on a huge padded stool that was completely shrouded by her vast body.  Her feet were on the ground but they were completely covered by her barrel-sized calves which were only half-visible beneath her redwood-trunk sized thighs.  Her ass was spread out on the floor for several feet behind her in two cheese packed hills.  Her arms were forced outwards from her sides as they sat on the tractor-tire sized rolls of flesh that surrounded her torso.  Her hips were two precipices of fat that overhung the layered trunks of her legs.  Her belly was a huge barge that spread out like a flood of fat that had just burst free her chest.  It stretched out a full six feet in front of her, flanked by the two whales that were her breasts.  They had grown so huge that they stretched out well past her great gut, settling into two, great, undulating mounds of flesh capped by dark, manhole-cover sized aureole and Vienna sausage sized nipples.  Her face was a collection of rolling cheeks and jowls as it sat perched between the incredible pillows of her shoulders.
Corpulex 7 had proven itself beyond any fanatic requirements.  The doctor bought Diana a dress the size of a parachute and hauled her to a pharmaceutical symposium in a semi-tractor trailer.  None could deny the fruits of his labors.  Diana Price was crown the fattest person in the history of the world and retired off of her share of the proceeds of the wonder drug.  Over the course of three years she slimmed down to a svelte 1,000 pounds and married a weight lifter.  During those same three years, knowing he'd be financially secure for the rest of his days no matter how extravagantly he spent his money, the doctor married his lab assistant Joan, and the two settled down in a mansion built atop a mountain.  When they were last seen, Joan was well on her way to stealing Diana's crown.
Here's another tale of ultra-fattening from days gone by. This was among my first fantastic forays into the pseudo-scientific approach of enabling a woman to safely gain massive poundage. Looking back on it, the story is quite pedantic and ranks amongst my least favorite. It's short, didn't take me that long to write, and was the product of a simple need to create it.

I have always been enamored with the some of the numbers associated with weight-gain, and there are plenty of them in this story. There's something quite satisfying about seeing those numbers creep (or shoot) up the scale...I guess because they're undeniable proof of newly acquired pounds. Strangely enough, I'm not equally thrilled by measurements. You'd think that some 100 inch hips would do it too...but there's something less satisfying about that. I know it doesn't make sense, but that's the truth of it. The strangeness is compounded by the fact that I enjoy increased clothing measurements and absolutely LOVE escalating cup sizes. I have seen both in action as a former paramour literally doubled in size over a few years, and she was full-figured to begin with. Ah...those were the days.

What does it all mean? Hell, I don't know...but this description section needs some describing to put it to use, so that's what you get.
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Sarah wanted to be fat. Very fat! She was quite a chubby teenager but was never allowed to eat as much as she wanted. Her parents currently had her on quite a strict diet to ensure she didn't turn into a complete balloon. Usually she would masturbate late at night fantasizing about eating and eating and growing hugely fat! But lately due to parent's stupid diet her belly would rumble with so much hunger as she tried fall asleep that all she could do was just to hug her pillow miserably as she watched her fatness slowly fade away day by day.

This particular morning she had managed to sneak out of school and wander down to a nearby 'all you can eat' buffet style restaurant. She wanted try and counter the effects of her strict diet and began pigging out on all the most fattening foods at the buffet. She ate and ate until she thought she might burst, rubbing her belly with glee as it pushed out stretching her pink dress until the seams creaked. She couldn't eat another bite, she was completely stuffed! She looked down at her unfinished plate and sighed secretly wishing she could eat the entire buffet in one sitting, but three and half platefuls would have to do for now.

This display of gluttony had caught the attention of a young boy who looked barely eighteen sitting in a dark corner of the restaurant. His face was very young and boyish, but his eyes seemed much older. They were a brilliant sparkling blue and projected a calm confidence that usually only comes with wisdom far beyond his years. He had been waiting here, watching for a scene like this to unfold. He usually sat in this corner, waiting for a display of such unrestrained gluttony. It pleased him to see that she was taking so much joy in her fullness. He stared lustfully at her fat round belly that was sitting snugly in her pink dress, as he did so his eyes suddenly appeared to glow with an eerie purple light for a second or two, then faded back to their brilliant blue. At that same moment Sarah groaned at the uncomfortable fullness off her bloated belly. She began rubbing it to try and ease the fullness.

The young boy emerged from the shadows revealing himself to be very good looking indeed. Dressed in tight skinny legged pants and a black leather jacket, he looked like a rock star.

He approached young Sarah's table and smoothly slid down in to the chair next to her and smiled. Sarah abruptly stopped rubbing her belly and stared at the young man, temporarily getting lost in his brilliant blue eyes. He spoke in a sexy smooth voice that gave her goose-bumps.

"I see you really enjoyed your meal," he said in a smooth voice, oozing charisma that was extremely uncommon in a boy his age.

"Uh... yeah it was good" she said blushing slightly, though still captivated by his eyes.

He reached out his young skinny arm and patted her distended belly,

"I was impressed by how much you were able to eat. I bet you wish you could eat more," he winked, and gave her a calming smile whilst signalling casually to the half finished plate of food in front of her.

Her blush became bright red and she felt a slight tingle between her legs. She opened her mouth to speak nervously but he cut her off by leaning in close and whispering,

"I bet you wish you could finish that plate, in fact I bet you wish you could eat the entire buffet all at once." She looked at him in amazement. Had he just said what she thought he had said? His voice was so irresistibly sexy that she felt a damp spot beginning to form in her pants.

"I... I..." she stammered looking at him dumbfounded.

He smiled warmly and pressed his finger gently against her plump lips. He couldn't help but admire how soft and plump her lips and chin felt.

"It's ok, I know you want to get fatter. I think you're beautiful and I want you to get fatter too." He grinned and gently patted her belly with his hand.

Her heart began to race. He was so gorgeous! His bright blue eyes stared right in to hers and he had is hand on her belly telling her he wants her to get fatter.

She smiled nervously "You, want me to get fatter?"

He nodded and leaned in close again and whispered slowly, "Much, much fatter. If you would like I can help you get as fat as you want."

Her innocent eyes shone with curiosity, "Help me? Help me how?"

He placed both his hands on her belly now. She looked at him puzzled as she swore his eyes changed ever so slightly to a deeper shade of blue. Suddenly to her surprise, the uncomfortable bloated feeling she had from her huge meal suddenly dissipated. She felt comfortable, relaxed, and perhaps slightly peckish even. She looked down at his hands on her belly blinking in surprise. He smooshed his hands a fraction harder into her belly and her slight peckish feeling was replaced by hunger. She looked back in to his eyes and a wide grin began to form on her face. He smiled back and took both hands and firmly massaged her belly. Sarah's belly let out a loud hungry gurgle. Grinning in amazement she went to speak but he held his finger to her lips and whispered,

"Shhh... I can't tell you how, but if you want to, you could eat the entire buffet with my help."

She was completely mesmerized by his eyes. He was so hot, her heart was beating like mad, she began smiling again, and he smiled too. He leaned in and kissed her gently on the lips. She gasped as her belly began absolutely roaring with hunger now.

As he pulled away he reached on to the table and picked up a soft bread roll slathered with butter and dipped it in some of the gravy left on her unfinished plate. Placing it in her hand he said "Bon appetite".

Sarah licked her lips and took a bite cautiously. She gasped at how good it tasted all of a sudden and practically crammed the rest of the roll into her mouth moaning in pleasure as she swallowed. He leant back still smiling warmly. She blushed slightly but then giggling she picked up her knife and fork and began eating the rest of her plate.

She finished it quickly and leant back rubbing her belly.

"You look beautiful in that dress" he said admiringly.

"Thank you" she blushed yet again. She could barely believe what was happening. She was just so lost in his eyes, it was like she was hypnotized or something. She didn't really care, she just wanted this feeling to last, she felt so warm and happy inside. He held out his hand and signalled to the buffet.

"Shall we?"

She rose with him (a little unsteadily with her unusually full belly) and he escorted her over to the food. They both began filling as many plates as they could handle with all the food they could. He took a small potato puff and popped it in to her mouth as they giggled together at the ridiculous amount of food they were piling up. As they returned to their table Sarah hoped the definite damp spot she could feel forming in her underwear wouldn't show up on her light pink dress.

And so Sarah began eating, and eating, and eating. Sarah's appetite seemed endless. They returned several times to the buffet to get more and more rounds of food. Food food food! Sarah's table was covered with so many empty plates that they had to move to another one, conveniently closer to the buffet. A few hours passed in a hazy blur of passion as the deluge continued. Finally to Sarah's shock and excitement, it became quite apparent that she'd eaten nearly an entire buffet by herself! It was almost as if she just couldn't stop even if she wanted to. She looked around as she crammed the last slice of chocolate cheesecake in to her tired mouth. Empty plates and crumbs were all that was left of the once impressive spread of food. Whilst eating those last few mouthfuls she couldn't deny that she was more turned on that she'd ever been in her entire life.

She finally leant back, stifling a belch, realising just how bloated and full she felt. She smiled dreamily at her mysterious young feeder and he smiled back rubbing her belly.

"I can't believe I ate so much! Really I had no idea it was possible. How did you make me so hungry?"

He winked at her and leaned in. Excitedly she leant towards him as well, eager to hear his sexy whisper and to feel his breath on her neck.

"I bet you can't wait for all this food to make you fatter."

She gasped hearing these words and blushed again, feeling small damp patch on her underwear get even wetter. Her belly suddenly let out a loud gurgling sort of noise. He looked down at her belly smiling and she followed his eyes down to her massively distended abdomen which was straining the seams on her pink dress. Her eyes widened and her face began to grin involuntarily as she watched she swore her wobbling belly seemed to be pushing out a little more with each passing second. It was getting fatter right before her eyes and was already starting to strain the fabric of her dress. She breathed in sharply as she realised that wasn't all that was growing. Her entire body seemed to be very gradually swelling up. Her initial thoughts of "How is this possible?" were nearly immediately replaced by giddy excitement as she felt her dress suddenly get a lot tighter. It now looked like it was painted on to her body. Every single roll of fat down her side was bludging clearly through the skin tight material. Her breathing quickened more and more as she could visibly see now that she was getting just a little bit fatter with every passing second! Her attention was then drawn to her breasts as the tops of them began to spill out of her bra. She was so turned on now she could barely stand it and she rubbed her hands up and down her body in absolute amazement as she continued to get bigger, and fatter, and bigger, and fatter! The damp spot in her underwear was suddenly flooded by a rush of wetness soaking right through to the front of her dress. She just sat there grinning with glazed over eyes continuing to expand like a big human balloon. She just about came in her pants when the seams of her dress began to creak loudly with the strain of trying to contain her fattening young body, but just as she expected to come bursting out of her dress, she stopped growing. She sighed, partly in relief, and partly in disappointment she'd stopped growing.

She looked at him, breathless, her eyes wide with amazement and he leaned in and kissed her fully on the mouth. She reached her pudgy arms around him and kissed him back passionately. He grabbed and squeezed rolls of her fat squeezed as they kissed for a few more seconds, then he leaned in and nibbled her ear whispering,

"Would you like to come with me for more to eat?"

She blinked at him giddy with excitement, "More?"

"Oh yes, you can eat a lot more if you like. Come with me and I'll feed you all the food you could ever desire. I'd let you eat and eat until you burst right out of this dress if you wanted to. You could never be too fat as far as I' concerned."

Sarah looked down at her now 'painted on' pink dress and swooned at the prospect of getting so fat she burst right out of it! Holding his hand she dreamily she rose out of her chair, her fattened body quaking beneath her tight dress causing a few more threads to creak and pop. Still looking in to his eyes she smiled and whispered "I'm still hungry, feed me!" and they kissed once more.

He paid for her meal and they giggled as they left the restaurant, the waiters astonished that all the food had mysteriously disappeared in such a short time. He'd taken several large handfuls of after dinner mints when no one was looking and thinking quickly Sarah opened her handbag and he dumped the lot inside. Still giggling and laughing they walked down the street with their arms locked, stealing kisses from each other and flirting shamelessly as he unwrapped after dinner chocolates and popped them into her mouth one by one. By the time they got to his building she'd eaten half a handbag full of the mints and the mysterious effects were starting to show. With every step she took she could feel her dress getting even tighter and tighter. The sound of the fabric creaking and groaning was getting more and more noticeable, every so often being punctuated by loud rips forming along the seams, allowing some of her soft bludging flesh to poke through the holes continuing to expand ripping them further. As they waited for the elevator he put another chocolate in to her mouth and she swallowed. A loud gurgle came from her belly and she tried to stifle a burp. Suddenly a large rip tore all the way down one side of he over stretched dress.

"Oh my gosh!" she giggled, "Help! You can see my underwear!"

A few strands of thread that were still hanging on for dear life were all that was holding the dress together as her thick flabby rolls tried to bulge and bust their way through. The lift bell rang and another couple walked out getting a full view of Sarah's side rolls spilling out obscenely over her overstretched underwear. The couple gawked in shock and slight disgust at the display. He grabbed Sarah and pulled her in to the lift and kissing her passionately, casually giving the couple the finger as the lift doors closed. The skinny woman was amazed that such a hot beautiful young man would be kissing such a fatty.

Sarah smiled staring into his eyes as the lift began to move. He opened more chocolates and popped them in to her mouth patting her belly as he fed them to her. She chewed them and swallowed feeling her exposed rolls of flab with her chubby fingers as they expanded even more. Even her underwear was creaking, struggling to stretch over her fattening curves.

When the elevator reached his floor the doors opened to a dimly but elegantly lit corridor. They rushed down it to his apartment. Fortunately there was no one around because just then Sarah's dress practically exploded off her. She gasped at the loud ripping and popping noises as her wide hips bust through the remaining threads of fabric. Her fattening belly and breasts stretched the front of the dress out and her arms were tearing the seams down her sides and around her puffy shoulders.

As he whisked her inside the summer dress fell to the floor defeated. Now she stood there in her straining, creaking underwear, still swelling slightly. He grabbed her belly in both hands as he kissed her again even more passionately than before. Her belly gurgled loudly and she gasped as she felt her hunger returning to her ten fold.

He led her through his living room into the bedroom. She admired his apartment, the place was huge and well furnished, but the bedroom was a sheer masterpiece. She could smell something delicious before he even opened the door, but nothing could have prepared her for what she saw.

Every table, every chair, every flat surface in the room had some kind of desert or cake on it. The huge room was absolutely filled delicious looking baked treats, and due to whatever this hot young boy had done to her, Sarah's belly was rumbling furiously, and her mouth watered badly as she eyes rows and rows of cream filled cupcakes with frosting each topped with a cherry. He took one of the cup cakes and pushed it in to her mouth. She moaned in delight and gulped it down in record time. She almost felt embarrassed that she had wolfed it down so quickly, but that was soon replaced by the sexual excitement of him running his hands over her still slowly fattening body. He continued to feed her treat after treat as she followed him, slowly waddling her way across the large bedroom floor towards the bed. Her body was becoming so fat it was actually becoming difficult for her to walk. The weight of so much so flab jiggling up and down was making it hard for her to balance. He held out one of his hands to steady her and used the other to stuff a Danish pastry into her fattening face.

Her under garments creaked and protested every morsel she ate until finally they too burst off her, her breasts lazily rolling out of their tight confines and her butt jiggling wildly as her underpants snapped like an elastic band. She looked down at her now massive breasts, smooshing them together in amazement with her thickening arms . She looked at him sexily and, cheekily bouncing them up and down slightly.

He smiled cupped them in his hands before inserting a whole slice of lemon cheesecake in to her plump cheeks. She moaned and moaned as she ate it. Whilst she stuffed another slice into her mouth he played with her nipples and slid his fingers down between her legs. He barely had to touch her at all before she came hard. Hearing her scream in delight he grabbed handfuls of her inner thigh flesh and jiggled them mercilessly, the rippling sensation adding to the intensity of her climax.

Her legs began to give way and he picked her up with seemingly unnatural strength and carried her over to the bed. She looked up and was shocked to see her reflection in the mirrored ceiling. She was so HUGE! Her face was so round she barely recognised herself. Her fat belly jiggled wildly as he carried her across the room.

No sooner had he laid her down on the bed, he began stuffing cream filled éclairs in to her mouth. She ate them pleasurably but her face began to show hints of concern about just how enormously fat she was becoming. Still he fed her more. Her concern grew as she swallowed bite after bite. She couldn't seem to bring herself to stop eating.

Although all the deserts were tasting amazing, as she felt each mouthful slide down her throat more easily and enter her seemingly bottomless stomach, her belly had began gurgling and rumbling at an alarming volume. She ate more and more, faster and faster. She seemed to be feeling more hungry than ever and every mouthful of food seemed to taste more delicious than the last. She looked worriedly at her massive reflection continuing to steadily swell even fatter still, and then at the massive amounts of food still left in the room. Surely he wasn't going to feed all of it to her! She'd explode! He reached over and picked up a huge triple layer chocolate cake covered in whipped cream. Her heart raced as she realised that he certainly wasn't going to let her stop eating anytime soon. He began stuffing slice after slice into her bulging cheeks.

"Oh.. my.. god!" she said. "You're making me so... FAT!" She heard the bed frame creak under growing weight. She could barely move now and simply lay there like a beached whale still getting stuffed and growing fatter and fatter.

The chocolate cake and éclairs were soon gone and he moved on to more trays of cream filled cup cakes of all different flavours. Sarah grew, and grew, and grew. Her enormous size was really starting to scare her now, the reflection in the mirror showed her just how monstrously fat she was getting. Looking at her gigantic belly and many many rolls of fat spreading out around her."

He licked her cheek and said "You’re officially the fattest girl in the world." Sarah whimpered, nearly climaxing again.

"And you’re the only teenager to have ever held that title." Her juices gushed out of her as she came hard thinking about currently being the fattest teenage girl in the world, and she was still growing even bigger and fatter, being made to eat more and more with no end in sight.

"Mmph... wait," Sarah said in earnest wiggling her sausage like fingers and toes as she tried to raise her arms to stop him from putting more food in her mouth. The reality of being this big was sinking in as she realised to her horror that it took all her strength just to raise her arms off the mattress.

"Wait! I'm getting too big. I'm having trouble sitting up... Ugh, I can't move, mmph... <gulp>"

As he silenced her with another cupcake, he pushed his hands deep in to her belly fat and sent it jiggling then said with a laugh,

"I think you move just fine, it's trying to stop moving I think you'll have more difficulty with."

She laughed feebly "No really, I'm pinned beneath all this fat, I can't get up. I think this is fat enough for now."

He leaned in and kissed her on the cheek, stuffing her mouth with another cupcake. She moaned as she ate it,

"Mmph... No... Please stop feeding me. You're making me too fat. MMph mmm..."

He silenced her by kissing her full on the mouth, then as he drew back he expertly crammed her mouth full again. She moaned in pleasure, feeling the heat between her ballooning legs as she nearly came again. The temptation to just give in was very strong. She started to relax and thought "Maybe just one more tray of cup cakes and then I'll get him to stop," however glimpsing her now even fatter reflection now taking up nearly the entire kind size bed snapped her out of it. She was becoming monstrously huge now. She didn't even know it was possible for someone to get this fat. She suspected that under normal circumstances it wasn't.

She spoke with her mouth full, "Wait... no... thif is too much... pthleese stop... 've had enough...  no more... 've gotten too fat!"

He merely grinned at her and inserted his finger into her deep, deep belly button. It absorbed it's full length with room to spare and he pushed down firmly on her enormous wobbly belly. She felt something building inside her tummy, a deep rumbling sensation. Her eyes got wider and wider as the sensation got stronger and stronger. She shuddered as his eyes began glowing an even more unnaturally bright shade of purple as he leaned in and whispered in her ear,

"There's no such thing as 'too fat'."

Then he abruptly withdrew his finger from her bellybutton with a loud 'pop'. Sarah's fat quivered momentarily as the hunger ROARED within her belly. She drew in a deep breath and the amazingly delicious aroma of all the baked pastries made her mouth suddenly gush full of so much saliva that some dribbled out of the corner of her plump lips and over her fat, fat cheeks. She was grateful when the next cupcake was stuffed into her and she began earnestly devouring cup cake after cup cake at twice the rate she was before.

When the cup cakes were gone she then found her mouth stuffed full of her favourite cinnamon buns smothered in butter with sweet coconut icing. She looked up wide eyed at her reflection as he kept feeding her, and feeding her, more, and more, and more. She was becoming a mountain of fat. The bed protested noisily under her immense weight, her sides were beginning to spill off the edge of the mattress. She just couldn't stop eating. He wouldn't let her stop. The hunger still roared within her mammoth belly as she ate, and ate, and ate, trying to appease it. But all that happened was that she got bigger, and bigger, and bigger.

"So how does it feel to be the world's fattest girl?" he asked.

“Wonderful!” she moaned.
A girl's desires lead her in to trouble.
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Mona stood before the massive black doors, wearing her white shorts and pink knit sweaters, and wondered why Marsha Mellons had invited her over for dinner.

Oh well, she thought, and pressed the door bell button.  The blonde, busting out all over a woman answered and welcomed her in.  She showed Mona to the dining room where there was a T-shaped 20' long table, the short end in the middle of which ended at the wall.  As Marsha seated her, a small door opened in the wall at the table and a conveyor  belt built into the table brought her a plate of food.

"Please excuse me," Marsha said, "I didn't quite allow myself enough time to get ready, please go ahead and start eating.  I'll only be a moment." She smiled and left, closing the doors behind her.  Mona waited a moment and then, picking up her fork, took a cautious bite.  Finding it delicious, she went on to finish the plate.  As she did finish, Mona discovered that she was quite a bit hungrier than she thought.  At just that moment, the small door opened again and delivered three large platters heaped with food, onto the tables belt.  When these reached her, Mona dug in hungrily.

As she finished those, she swore to herself that she couldn't possibly take another bite without popping.  But again, just at that thought, five more platters were delivered to her.  These were even larger platters, piled higher with food that was obviously far too fattening for Mona to even think about eating.  Just as Mona was about to get up, she found she was hungry again, hungrier than before in fact, and sat down to eat again.  

Mona was just putting the last fork-full in when the door opened yet again, and the first thing to come out was eight punch bowls filled to the brim and beyond with assorted puddings.  Again, Mona made as if to protest.  And, again, she was feeling practically starved, and started eating again.  This time the door stayed opened, and kept producing more and more food!  And just as long as there was food in front of her, Mona kept eating!

Up until now, Mona hadn't gotten an inch bigger.  But now her rate of gorging herself had caught up with her.  As she continued to stuff herself, Monas' breasts, butt, thighs, crotch, and waist began to grow!  Mona paused and looked down when she felt her bra and panties tighten up, and as her subconscious mind looked on it began screaming at her to stop eating.  But her only conscious thought was food.  And so she went back to eating.  And eating, and eating, and eating!  Mona couldn't help it, she was oblivious to the fact that she looked like a continuously expanding balloon.  The only reality for her any longer was food and eating!  Just as Monas bra and belt gave-way and snapped, a digital sign descended from the ceiling and displayed; "YOUR GETTING BIGGER!-WEIGHT: 187 pounds" Mona had only weighed 126 lbs. When she'd gotten there, and she'd only been here about 30 minutes.  But poor Mona couldn't help it, she felt as if she needed to eat as much as she could.  And "as much" meant anything she could see that was edible.  And so she kept getting fatter, and Fatter, and FATTER!

For the next two and some half hours the small doorway produced food, (all of which had 500 to 1,000 grams of fat per bite!), and for two and some half hours Mona ate, and Ate, and ATE, and ATE!  And she grew, and Grew, and GREW, and GREW!  Not only did she get bigger, she got fatter faster!  After the first hour and a half Mona had not only gotten big enough to burst out of her clothes, but by then her boobs and belly were too huge for her to reach for the plate!  At that point a dozen robotic arms came out of the floor to feed, so while 2 or 3 shoved food in her mouth,the others would be getting large fork and spoonfuls of more food.  The digital sign had descended five more times during the course of her meal, each time it read something like; "YOUR GETTING FATTER!" or "YOUR ALMOST FULL!", and would display her weight.  The last had read; "I CAN HEAR YOU SWELLING!-WEIGHT: 1,764 pounds".  Indeed, Mona could hear herself plumping up, her body making small creaking noises every time she took a bite.  One of the more amazing things was that, as big as she was, Mona did not have one cellulite or stretch mark on her.  In fact, for the last 20 minutes or so, she had noticed her body firming up quite a bit.

Finally, three hours after her first plate of food, Mona ate the last bite.  Meanwhile the robotic arms cleared the table, and retracted into the floor.  While swallowing, Mona felt the fattened parts of her body, (those she could reach anyway), and discovered with some alarm that her skin was almost as hard as a rock!  When she slapped it , it made a thwap noise.  Just then the digital sign, (or rather a bigger one of the same type), descended from the ceiling, and it read; "THEY'RE, YOU'RE FULL AND FAT NOW-WEIGHT: 2,000 pounds equivalent- 1 ton.".  Mona looked down at herself; her breasts were each 10 to 12 feet in diameter, her belly was 8 feet across, she couldn't see much of her thighs, but her hips bulged out further then her belly, and she could feel her plumped up butt pressing against her back.  When she looked up, the message on the sign had changed, and somewhere there was a faint whirr and click noise.  The sign read; "BUT LETS SEE IF WE CAN'T FIND SOME ROOM IN THAT BIG BULGING BODY OF YOURS FOR A BOWL OF ICE-CREAM.  LETS SEE IF YOU CAN RESIST THESE THREE LITTLE SCOOPS."  As she read this the small doorway opened again and a small bowl with three scoops of ice-cream in it rolled to Monas seat.  The sign displayed;
"WEIGHT-2,000.0 pounds"
A robotic arm came out of the floor with a spoon and dished up an entire scoopful, and shoved it in Monas mouth!  As she swallowed it, her body gave an audible creak, and she felt her body swell just a fraction more.  The sign read;
"WEIGHT-2,000.3 pounds"
She tried to dodge the second scoop of ice-cream, but the machine proved to be quicker than her.  As she swallowed the second mouthful, her enormous boobs and belly protested and creaked even more.  At the same time the sign displayed;

At that, the far wall lit up like a gigantic television screen, some static chased across the screen, and was filled by a picture of the very dining room Mona was sitting in.
Seated at the table, (in fact the same spot Moan was currently at), was a young woman Mona recognized as Lisa.  She had seen Lisa at a couple of her photo shoots for Bust Out, and Score.  Right now she was wearing an outfit she'd worn to one of those shoots, cream colored overall shorts and a green halter top.  Mona watched as Lisa sat and ate food nonstop at the table which was covered from one end to the other with tons of food!  The pictured paused and Mona looked around to see what for, and noticed that the sign had changed again;

The pictured resumed play, but at a slightly higher speed.  Lisa grew quickly, her breasts bulging up against her coverall straps in almost nothing flat, the buttons of her shirt popping off one after another and revealing a good 12 inches of cleavage that didn't seem to end.  The camera view changed to watch Lisas back side, and Mona was amazed at the sheer size of her butt, it was enormous, and getting bigger by the second!  She watched the seam of the shorts pop and split from the strain put on it by her burgeoning buns.  The view went back to Lisas front, and her tits were even more enormous than her bottom, each was even bigger than Monas!  But Lisas face was one of agony, her body was swelling faster and faster, getting fatter and fatter, and then the tape slowed to normal speed, and Lisas voice came through speakers some were.  In the back ground there were loud creaking noises coming from her bloated body as she shouted, "Please stop this, I feel the pressure building up under my skin.  I'll burst if this doesn't stop soon, please ...OH-NO!, it''s....I'M TOO FAT!,I'M GONNA BURST!, I'M GONNA BURST!".  A second later and the creaking had grown into deep groans like steel girders being bent, the picture cut out, but the sound didn't, as there was an enormous BOOM!, and the noises stopped.


Mona was about to scream when the robot arm shoved the last scoop into her mouth, and she was forced to swallow or choke on it!  Monas body creaked loudly, and the sign said;
"WEIGHT-2,001.0 pounds...WARNING!WARNING!

Monas already huge body swelled larger and larger, she moaned in pain as felt her nipples stretched flat to her breasts.  She was going to burst soon she new, and as she swelled, her skin groaned in protest as the pressure built up inside her boobs, buns, belly, thighs, and hips.  "Stop! Please, I don't think I can take much more of this! My tits are too big! I'm too fat already! My god, my butt feels like it's gonna pop! So do my thighs and tits!
Help! Hellllp! I keep getting fatter, and Fatter, and FATTER!  It's too much, I'm gonna explode any second, please stop it, I don't want to burst like a balloon, I don't....OH-NO!!!, I'm going to pop!...I'M GONNA EXPLODE!" And at that moment she did, Monas breasts, butt, thighs, hips, and belly burst like overinflated beach balls.  And Marsha Mellons cam in through the locked doors of the dining room, looked around at the mess, and smiled evilly at her handy work, and thinking about her ultimate target, she through her head back and laughed.
The absolute first story I ever wrote...this thing is almost 15 years old now. Hope you like!
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Warning: extremely kinky fat teasing humiliation fetish.

So this greedy whale wants some food does she? ;) Look at yourself! Look at all that flab! You’re disgracefully obese and you still just want to eat more and grow fatter?!! Hungry for more to fill your shamefully huge overhanging gut are you piggy? Well okay then you bloated cow if that’s what you want then maybe it’s time you were taught a lesson! You really want more food? You’ll get more food alright! Open wide piggy! Let’s just stuff you so full of fattening treats that people will stare in horror as you swell up like a big fat human shaped balloon shall we? Give you all you can eat, yes even you porky! And then more, and more, and MORE. Strapped down and forced to eat, eat, eat! A never ending flow of sinfully fattening cuisine to stuff you full to the brim, overfull, until you swear one more bite might just make your stomach explode, a 24/7 overfed sow, so much food you’ll swear you can feel yourself getting fatter by the minute as you’re wheeled from restaurant to restaurant, buffet to buffet, and made to eat and eat until all the food is gone as everyone stares aghast in morbid fascination at the size of your belly spilling out in front of you, at your huge bloated body slowly but steadily bursting the seams of your clothes as you gorge yourself on dessert after dessert until every last one is gone.

Well?! Is that enough fucking food for you greedy-guts? Poking your belly makes you burp! Nope, there’s still room in there! Off to the next place. Do you like donuts? Four dozen for starters? Doesn’t matter how ridiculously full you are, you’re going to eat them ALL. Everyone knows you’re probably too helplessly horngry to resist anyway haha! Greedy gluttons as naughty as you never can say no can they? So why not wash them all down with full cream milkshakes! Just hook you up to the drink machine and pump you up until you can’t take any more? Sound good you obscene tub of lard?! Then everyone can watch you blow up with fat until you burst from your clothes, until you’re so fat not even your shoes can fit your bloated round feet! What’s the matter piggy? Too full? But that’s never stopped you before! You’ve gotten too fat to move? Well no matter then you’re not going anywhere till you’ve eaten every last donut in the store. Aww you’re so heavy your chair has collapsed. Damn you’re a complete fucking whale aren’t you? Don’t think that means this is over! We’ll just have to haul you around on a big 1 ton trailer or something. All that obscene fat wobbling unsteadily down the road as you travel to your next awaiting feast. I know! We’ll put some mattresses on it, several cause one won’t be wide enough before long, maybe soft rubber ones so we can hose you down between feedings. Haha we can do that at a carwash, imagine the looks you’ll get! Huge soapy obscene fat rolls as thick as a man’s waist glistening in the sun!

Where next? The chocolate factory? Okay and then the ice-cream factory! Think you can eat it all? Well you’d be in no position to refuse now that you’re a massive helpless fat blob! You’re so fucking greedy it’ll probably only take you a couple of weeks. We’ll make you eat yourself so fat and round it’ll be a struggle to wiggle your arms. So much blubber! Unable to do anything except watch yourself grow and grow until you’re the fattest woman there ever was and ever will be. Swelling up fatter, and fatter, and FATTER until you’re nothing but a gigantic horny round butterball. Constantly tempted with so many naughty tasty treats. You can’t help it that they taste so good can you? You can’t help it that they make you swell up like a balloon! A big horny balloon.

Whimpers and moans muffled by huge handfuls of cake as you feel your enormous bloated body expand by the minute, plumping up, up, up, as your huge overstuffed stomach extracts calories from ungodly amounts of food, forcing them unceremoniously into your fat reserves. So huge and FAT that you’d wonder if you might actually burst whilst your titanic belly digests your next meal, oh dear! Yes indeed you overfed sow, that’s far, far too fat for your own good! But even then it’s a good bet you’d STILL be hungry, wouldn’t you porky? Look at yourself and admit it haha! Guess we’d have to launch food at you somehow from a distance, no way we’re risking getting any closer to a girl who’s clearly so greedy she’d be in danger of eating so much she could blow any second lol!

That’s what happens when you’re such a shamelessly naughty greedy glutton! Be careful of the path you’re starting down fat girl! That appetite of yours is clearly already out of control! You better put down that box of donuts before it’s too late!
Inspired by shenanigans on tumblr.

If you like this check out…
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NOTE: If you don't enjoy stories about incredibly fat women then this might not be a story for you

“You have been summoned by the queen.”

Three men and one woman stood up and walked down a long hallway toward the Queen’s room. These were Queen Marella’s pleasurers.

The leader of the group was Gustav Zepacce (pronounced Zay-Pa-Chay), a man who was renowned among the upper class for his legendary skills of sexual pleasuring. He was an interesting looking man with a fancy thin mustache and a full head of black hair, cut short with just a tinge of grayness. He had worked for many rich and powerful women over the 15 years of his career until finally he was offered a job by the Queen herself. He had only been working for the queen for about 6 months now.

To his right was Natalie Zepacce, his wife. She was an expert masseuse whose hands were as soft as silk. Natalie was a petite and shapely woman with a pretty face and her hair done up in a bun. She and Gustav were very open about their sexuality and frequently participated in orgies and explorative sexual acts. Even though they often had their hands around someone else’s body they didn’t let it get in the way of their marriage for they knew their love for each other was too strong.

To Gustav’s left was Theo Solomon, his apprentice. Theo was an 18 year old with a handsome young face, messy yet cute hair and a strong, lean frame. He was an orphan who was going to be sold into sexual slavery until Gustav bought him and rescued him. He gladly accepted his role as apprentice and had been taking pointers from Gustav for about a year and a half. He had only been helping Gustav with the Queen for a few weeks now. He was showing a lot of promise but there were still many tips and tricks of the trade that he had not yet learned.

Standing behind them was Brock Vitzen, Gustav’s right-hand man, good friend and muscle. Brock was a very large man, standing just a hair short of 7 feet tall and bearing a broad muscular body. He had a very rugged look to him. He had also been gifted with an enormous member to match his large stature, which some women would pay fortunes just to experience once.

After a long walk through the castle they entered the Queen’s chambers.

“Queen Marella, Your pleasurer’s are here for you.” A servant said before scurrying off.

“Ahh Gustav, I am glad that you are back. *Munch* I very much missed your services while you were gone.” The Queen said. Her enormous body was laid on its side, her head and shoulders rested on a pile of pillows. She was being fed a thick slice of cake. It quickly disappeared into her mouth. From the looks of it she had already devoured 9/10’s of the rather large golden sponge cake, as one lone slice remained on the very empty platter. She had just been bathed only 15 minutes ago and already cake crumbs and red wine drippings littered her big pillowy cheeks and chins.

“I’m sorry for my absence, Marella. Natalie and I spent ten days on the shores of Holara enjoying the beautiful beaches.” Gustav had a way of charming people. Nobody else who worked for the Queen would dare call her by only her first name, but with his soft, sexy accent, his flirtatious personality, and his very desirable services, he had the Queen wrapped around his finger.

“I hear the weather is perfect down there.” The Queen said.

“It is.” Natalie added. They continued to chat while the four pleasurers prepared for their duty. Theo set up candles all around the queen and put out the torches mounted on the walls, making the lighting dimmer and more intimate. Brock removed her shirt and began to stretch. It was very hard work to move the queen’s immobile bulk around. Natalie rubbed various lotions on her hands. Gustav emptied the many lubricant’s, and other pieces of sexual equipment from his satchel.

“Ready, my Queen?” Gustav asked. Marella nodded. Most of the guards and servants emptied out of the room except for a couple servants that would continue to feed the Queen and help Gustav if necessary.

The behemoth of a woman in the center of the room was laying on her left side. Two large mattresses side-by-side were needed to provide enough room for the Queen and her pleasurers. Natalie went over to Marella’s blubbery upper body. She knelt down in front of the top belly roll of the massive glutton.

“Hello, royal highness. This is a new body oil I got on our vacation.” Natalie poured the slick and clear fluid on Marella’s gelatinous rolls. “I think you’ll find it very stimulating.” She said in a very sexy voice. She cracked her knuckles and rubbed the oil over the Queen’s expansive flesh. Marella purred as she swallowed more food. She loved the rubbing and tickling of her great enormous paunch.

Massaging the Queen was an interesting challenge for Natalie. Due to her incredible obesity and mass, the pressing of Natalie’s open hand into her swollen blubber felt to Marella like what the poking of a finger would feel like to the average human. Natalie had to push her palms deep into the thick and squishy layer of belly fat.

Gustav approached the Queen’s massive rump. A sturdy stand was used to keep one of the Queen’s legs up in the air in order to spread apart the bulging rolls of fat. Though even with her legs spread the fat of her thighs still touched, hiding her privates out of sight. Gustav plunged his hand into her flabby crotch. He teasingly stimulated her pussy lips with his finger. Marella’s massive blubber quaked as her spine shivered from his soft touch. His fingertips traced all around her vagina and crotch moving slowly to her anus, awaking all the very sensitive nerves within her bunched up rolls of fat between her legs.

Meanwhile Brock had undressed and was working up his legendary sized member. Queen Marella was about the prettiest immobile blob he had ever seen, but she wasn’t really his type so he had to “get himself going” first before he entered the enormous royal whale. Few men had the length to fully satisfy the Queen. You had to reach past several inches of blubber before you got to her fat buried pussy. Fortunately Brock was one of those few men. He tried to position himself between her two big thighs as best he could. Slowly he pushed his foot long cock into her. Marella’s mouth gaped open and her eyes twitched at the rather surprising and large insertion into her.

Natalie grinned at the Queen’s reaction. As she massaged her soft blubber, she could feel Brock’s pounding sending waves and ripples through Marella’s vast sea of fat. The royal subject of all this touching and pleasuring was starting to really get into it. Queen Marella was beginning to sweat as she was filled with a warm tingling sensation. Gustav began to finger her butt which greatly intensified the sexual pleasure of Brock’s intercourse. She couldn’t even see what was going on exactly, only knowing that it felt amazing. Her thick neck fat prevented her from lifting her head to see what was going on down there near her crotch. Though her huge meaty shoulders would’ve blocked her view anyway. She could just barely see Natalie massaging her past her heaving breasts. Her whole body began to sweat as her lust intensified. She laid on her side, immobilized, as her body was touched all over. The Queen was just under a ton of glistening sweaty fat and flesh.

For most of the day her crotch was usually buried by several feet of heavy fat but now it was throbbing with a tingling warmth and pleasure as Brock thrust into her. Her breathing became very heavy and her cheeks were red and hot. Finally Brock came inside her and pulled out.

Marella was panting and sweating from her extreme arousal but the pleasurers were not done yet.

Gustav directed two of the guards to help out as they tried to roll the enormous behemoth Queen onto her back. She was already on her side so it wasn’t too much of a challenge as their hands disappeared as they sank into Marella’s doughy flesh. The room quaked as her gargantuan mass tumbled over. Her giant swollen belly stuck up in the air, glistening from her sweat and slick from Natalie’s massage oil.

Natalie then climbed up the blubbery mountain of flab and sat atop her upper belly roll. She pulled out the small bottle of body oil and poured some onto her hands.

“Now we’re really going to have some fun, my Queen.” She said. She rubbed her hands together before grasping big handfuls of Marella’s enormous breasts in each hand. They were so incredibly large and flabby. Yet the bulging blobs of blubber had maintained a relatively impressive perkiness, as they leaned on top of her massive belly instead of hanging off the sides. Her nipples had grown proportionately with her breasts, which meant they were huge. Natalie put her palm over the areolas as she massaged and squeezed the squishy bags of dough.

While that happened Brock, Theo and two guards spread her enormous barrel shaped legs as much as they could. Then they lifted her heavy and massive belly apron. They’re hands sunk into the soft doughiness as they pushed up and pulled back her extremely large bottom fat roll. Gustav then crouched down and crawled between her huge sweaty thunder thighs approaching her wet and hot mound.

Up on her belly Natalie leaned over and began to lick one of her stiff and stimulated nipples. Queen Marella moaned with pleasure from the soft wet tongue rubbing her tit. She then switched to the other breast and sucked and licked it. She practically made out with the large nipples while massaging her flabby boobs with her fingers.

Down below her underbelly in the steamy maw between her gigantic thighs, Gustav stuck two of his fingers into her vagina. As his fingers danced around inside of her the vastly overfed beast of a woman grew even more aroused and wet. He had quickly found her most sensitive spot and began to work it with his agile digits. The immense tingles of sexual energy coming from inside her had the gluttonous and powerful Queen totally helpless to her pleasurer’s touches.

Stuck lying on her back like a giant infant baby, Marella was huffing and panting from the building sensation of sexual lust. Natalie sat up on the Queen’s mountainous pile of belly fat and she pulled her thin dress off over her head, leaving her in just her underwear. She leaned over Marella’s pillowy chest. As she came closer to her face, Natalie could see that the Queen was lost in a state of incredible sexual ecstasy and euphoria. Her senses were clouded and drowned out by the overwhelming arousal she felt. Natalie smiled, her husband must’ve been doing some great work down under the gigantic belly she sat on. She leaned forward more, feeling Marella’s heavy hot breaths that smelled of fresh pastries, and passionately locked lips with the obese royal goddess. Their tongues grazing each other in sensual bliss inside their mouths. The much smaller woman then also began to rub and grind her crotch rhythmically against the Queen’s enormous doughy body. Her hands still held onto the two massive overripe breasts as Marella was almost stimulated to lactation.

Meanwhile, Gustav decided it was time to wrap it up. He could sense how close the Queen was to climax, and he wasn’t sure Brock, Theo, and the guards could hold up that bulging paunch much longer. The skilled pleasurer dug his face into the soft folds surrounding her pussy and started to aggressively lick her clitoris with his darting tongue. He kept his fingers inside of her rubbing her sensitive spot while stimulatingly grinding his tongue on her throbbing clit.

Marella’s whimpers and moans of pleasure were muffled by the making-out with Natalie. Her fat feet and toes curled and her giant round legs rolled a couple inches back and forth. The Queen’s body desperately wanted squirm and buck but her immense girth kept her sweaty mass pinned and immobilized. This would only make the awaited release of sexual build-up even more satisfying.

The Queen’s tongue retreated causing Natalie to disengage their kiss. Marella let out little squeaks as she took quick and shallow breaths. Finally her level of arousal reached the tipping point. Her fat swollen body tensed up as her orgasm erupted within her. Gustave moved his face and fingers away as her fat pussy gushed with wetness. At first there was a burst of warmth and satisfaction, followed by waves of pleasure that she felt throughout her entire behemoth body. Marella’s face felt numb as she continued to climax. The pleasurers had milked every bit of arousal she had in her gigantic bulk. Her entire flabby mass jiggled as all of the built up sexual energy was released.

The door was opened and the rest of the servants entered the room again. Gustav congratulated his team for doing a good job as they picked up their things and exited the Queen’s chambers.

“It was a pleasure, your royal higness.” He said giving a bow before turning his back and leaving. Marella could only respond by giving a small wave with her right hand. The enormous woman lay still on her back as servants began to wipe away the sweat with towels. Two other servants waved large fans at her to cool her off. Marella huffed and panted heavily as she basked in the pleasing and warm sexual afterglow coursing throughout her enormity.
Here is a sequel to the well liked "Cleaning the Queen" story I wrote not too long ago (which you can find here: Cleaning the Queen). Hopefully you'll find this one as good or maybe even better than the first. I had no intentions of writing this sequel but someone suggested it and as I started to think about it I got a flood of ideas. I started working on this a few weeks ago but then got stuck for a while and let it sit in a word document as I focused on some other things. Anyway please leave a comment saying what you thought of it or whatever feedback you can give me. 

Also I have a pretty good idea for another story about Marella so this can become a neat little trilogy. I have an idea for a story about Marella's daughter, the princess as well.
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Sophomore year of high school was when Kevin first started working at Jerry’s: Burgers and Shakes. It was a bit of a tough first job working the register right after school ended only to be met with a mob of teenagers who had also just gotten out of school. Plus it was a bit embarrassing to have to serve his classmates. But there were benefits to the job too, like the occasional free burger, or getting to see Valerie Cummings.

Kevin had known Valerie since kindergarten. They were in a lot of classes together in elementary school but there was little interaction. To 3rd grade Kevin, Valerie was just another skinny girl in the background who played soccer and liked to draw horses. Kevin didn’t see Valerie much at all in middle school. They didn’t have any classes together, so she just wasn’t on his radar. That changed though in high school.

What Kevin had missed in middle school were the stunning effects of puberty on young Valerie Cummings. As her hormones kicked in, her thin young girl body grew boobs and a butt. Her appetite was awakened and her abs and rib cage disappeared as she thickened out her womanly curves. Pee-wee soccer ended and she ate until she was big and chubby.

When he walked into his first class in his freshman year, he was blown away at this new and different Valerie Cummings. He quickly formed a crush on her as he watched her from several desks away in class. He had always been into fatter women and bbw’s which was partially why he had never paid much attention to Valerie when they were little.

He was delighted to see her face almost every day in front of the register at Jerry’s. In the summer too she would show up with her friends for lunch. Kevin would try to get a laugh out of her when he brought the food to her table. They had developed a little acquaintanceship now that they saw each other in class and after school. Kevin wanted so badly to really try to become friends and then maybe ask her out but he was too chicken. He hadn’t revealed his love of larger women to anyone and he really didn’t want to do it anytime soon. Throughout high school he watched as she ate her usual order, double cheeseburger, regular fries, and a large chocolate shake. He saw her go from a cute chubster to a big fat beauty. They would still chat occasionally. Kevin even saw her at a party once and she said hi to him, but it was clear that their relationship wouldn’t go beyond the burgers he served her for lunch.

High school ended and they both went off to college. Kevin still worked at Jerry’s in the summer but he hadn’t seen Valerie there since graduation.

It was now the summer before his senior year and as he leaned against the counter at Jerry’s he thought about her. In college he didn’t even bother hiding his love for bbw’s. He felt so stupid that he had ever felt so embarrassed about it. He couldn’t believe he didn’t ask Valerie out because he didn’t want his friends to know he liked fat girls. Thinking back on those times it was so obvious she was interested in him. Junior year she had given him so many signals that he didn’t pick up on.

It was a slow day of business and there was no one at the counter to notice Kevin’s frustrated sigh. He then perked his head up at the sound of the entrance door opening. A very large person entered the burger and shake place.

“Welcome to Jerry’s, what would you… like to… Valerie?” Kevin said with a surprised expression. Seeing the familiar cute smile on her face there was no doubt this was Valerie Cummings.

“Oh my god, Kevin? I haven’t seen you in forever.” She said.

“Wow yeah, it’s really been a while. Uh, anyway what would you like to order?” He said a little flustered and anxious at this amazing coincidence. As she looked over the menu, Kevin couldn’t help but admire her amazing body. Valerie had gotten pretty fat by the end of high school, probably over 300 pounds. But now she no longer was just fat, she was enormous! She had to be at least 500 pounds maybe even close to 600.

“Or wait, let’s see if I can remember… Hmm, a double cheeseburger, regular fries, and a regular… wait no, large chocolate shake.” Kevin pretended to struggle guessing her order so she didn’t know he still had it memorized. She began to blush and diverted her eyes to the ground

“Oh wow, good memory. Um, can you… uh, can you actually make it two double cheeseburgers.” Biting her bottom lip, she clearly felt a little embarrassed about ordering more than she used to. “And can I get an extra-large order of fries instead of regular. Also I’d like a large fountain soda along with the large shake.” She smiled when there was no expression of judgment on his face for her gluttonous order.

She gave him a few bills and he gave her change and the large empty soda cup. As Valerie waddled over to fill her cup with Coke, Kevin stared at her giant blubbery rump jiggling in her enormous pair of filled out boyshorts. He couldn’t believe how big and massive she had become. When she found a table she pulled over another chair so she could sit her flabby and obese bulk on two seats. She let out a grunt as she lowered her hefty mass.

As she waited for her food she looked at phone while sucking down the large soda. Kevin then walked over with her burgers and fries.

“Your shake should be ready in a moment.” Kevin said. She said thank you. Before he went back to the register he paused for just a moment, wanting to start a conversation but his mind was drawing a blank. Fortunately Valerie spoke up.

“I haven’t been here in like three years. How funny is it that you happened to be working here when I decided to walk in?”

“I’ve actually been working every winter and summer break, so you can’t miss me here. My college tuition won’t pay for itself.” He responded.

“Oh yeah, ugh my student loans are piling up.” She said. Kevin just nodded his head. He tried to think of something funny but his mind came up with nothing. That awkwardness returned as no words came out of his mouth.

“Ugh, so I’ll bring you your shake soon.” he said before quickly returning to the register. Oh god what was he doing. As he stood behind the counter he tried to regain his focus. He was being given a miracle of a second chance with the hottest ssbbw he had ever seen and he was screwing it up. He watched her devour handfuls of fries and mouthfuls of burger. He gave himself a pep talk and brought Valerie her shake.

“One large chocolate shake… there you go.” Kevin said as he placed it on her table.

“Fank you.” She said before swallowing another bite of burger. Kevin began to sweat as he tried to think of some small talk.

“Uh, is everything okay? Are the burgers cooked right?” He said.

“Yeah everything’s great. These burgers are better than I remember.” She said with a smile.

“Oh that’s probably because we started buying better meat. It’s from a-a farm from just off… uh, route… um.” What the hell was he thinking! She doesn’t want to hear about where they bought the meat from! He noticed Valerie’s smile disappearing. “Nevermind, I can’t think of it… Do you want anything else?” He said, noticing that one and a half double cheeseburgers had disappeared from her table.

“Well… Actually.” Valerie wanted to say yes but she felt a little shameful ordering even more food. Kevin could see this in her body language.

“You know, we can make triple cheeseburgers too. If you want to order more.” Kevin said. He realized that what he said could pretty easily be interpreted as him suggesting that she’s fat. “You don’t have to though, it’s just a suggestion, since you uh, said you like the burgers…” He said nervously.

“I guess I’ll try a triple cheeseburger, and maybe another chocolate shake.” She said with a smile.

“Okay, coming right up.” He said. By the time the burger and shake were ready Kevin had managed to calm his nerves and be a little more comfortable. They started to chat when he brought Valerie her food. Kevin even sat down across the table from her as they talked about what they had been doing since high school. It turned out that due to summer classes and internships Valerie hadn’t been home very much since she started college and that was why she hadn’t been to Jerry’s in so long.

Kevin struggled to keep focus on the conversation as he watched Valerie take big bites of the large triple cheeseburger. Sitting up close, she was even more beautiful than he had remembered. Her cheeks were adorably chubby and soft. Her gorgeous eyes and cute little nose went perfectly with her round plump face. Even when she wasn’t smiling her pretty red lips gave a slight hint of a grin that made her seem sweet and jolly.

Eventually after some more conversation Valerie finished eating all the food in front of her.

“Do you want to order something else?” Valerie wiped a napkin daintily on her cheeks.

“Well I think I may have a bit of room left… though actually, I probably shouldn’t since I’m low on cash.” She said. Kevin thought for a second. He was sensing a chemistry between them that he did not expect to still be there. It was like they were right back in high school again. He thought about how this was his rare second chance and that he shouldn’t let it go to waste.

“Who said you have to pay for it? Maybe this can be on the house.” He said.

“Haha are you allowed to do that?” She asked cocking her head to the side.

“Um, yeah. It’s a new rule I just created, don’t worry about it.” Kevin said. “Another double cheeseburger and a regular order of fries coming up.” Jerry, the owner, would be so pissed if he saw him giving food for free, but Kevin wasn’t going to let him find out about it.

As he brought back her burger and fries, Kevin soaked in the glorious view of Valerie. Her big and wide bottom completely eclipsed the seats of the two chairs she sat on. She had faced herself sideways to the table so that she wouldn’t have to reach around her massive rotund torso to get her food. As she had filled her gut with burgers, fries, and shakes her tank top had ridden up to her breasts, exposing the top half of her big soft and squishy belly. The bottom half of her enormously flabby torso was covered by her tight stretchy boyshorts, which strained to contain her thick overfed rolls of dough. Her naked pillowy arm fat bulged as she bent it to bring the almost empty milkshake to her lips. Valerie’s beautiful long brown hair rested on one side on her plump shoulders and breasts.

They continued to talk even after she finished eating. Kevin asked her if she wanted to see a movie with him that night, to which she said yes. He couldn’t believe how in just an hour his biggest regret had total been redeemed. Of course little did he know that the whole reason Valerie walked into Jerry’s that day was to see if Kevin, the guy from high school that she still had a crush on, was still working there.
Another story based on a picture from the great artist Rayy-Norr :iconray-norr: who posts lovely sketches like the one above the story on his tumblr:
The other story I wrote based on his art is called Shower Love, which you can find in my gallery. 

I really love this picture though the way her feet look really bothers me. It kind of looks like she has hooves. I actually had another story thought out that was based on a different sketch that I even started writing, but then I looked at this picture again and this story came to me and I wrote it all out in just a couple of days. I encourage you to tell me what you think of it in the comments and feel free to ask me anything there too. Even if you hated it I want to know why.
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(NOTE This story involves massive amounts of gluttony and weight gain (male oriented). If that isn't your cup of tea, kindly move along.)

“If you want to know your future, you must know your past.” It was a saying my grandfather liked, his answer whenever we asked why he cared about our family history so much.

Well, to know my story you need to know my family history, because just saying “My family fattened me up to marry off to some rich girl” wouldn’t make much sense alone, would it? Trust me, context will help (some).

We’ll start a few hundred years ago, in Sweden. The Lagerlofs were a family of gifted farmers. Whether it be livestock or crops, they had an almost preternatural ability (or unbelievable luck) to raise the most abundant harvests and fattest, juiciest herds. No surprise, this made the Lagerlofs pretty wealthy, then very wealthy as time went on.

Skill or luck, it followed them when they came to the New World shortly after the Puritans. They settled on the east coast initially, but as the country expanded west they followed a bit and stopped in Nebraska. Plenty of open land for cattle, corn, and other crops, and the Lagerlofs were just as successful in America as they had been back in Europe. Material wealth came to them hand over fist, allowing for the occasional economic downturn or drought, and eventually the family got too big to just stay focused on agriculture. Branches of the family tree reached into banking, shipping, paper manufacturing and other industries. The family grew as prosperous as it grew larger.

And not just larger in terms of children running around the farms or mansions. Since the Old World the prosperity of the Lagerlof clan was best represented not in material goods but in the girth of its members. The large crops and fattened livestock may have fetched a pretty penny at market, but it was rare for it all to be sold. There were always full larders and cupboards at home, and in the days before you could buy whatever you wanted at the corner grocer throwing anything edible away was sacrilege. Who knew if the next crop would fail, or the cows would be stricken with blight? So, instead, the excess harvest found its way into the Lagerlofs themselves.

‘Hearty’ was the euphemism of choice among the family. Sure, they were all thick to a man or woman, but it wasn’t an obesity borne of mere indulgence. My mom would be a good example of what I mean; having four children carried her weight past the 350 pound mark, but helping around the farm and keeping the house in order (no servants or maids in our house; even with the family’s wealth there was still a work ethic and personal pride drilled into all of us) gave her a solidness underneath the flab.

Or maybe I could use myself as an example: Matthew Sweet, youngest child of Jenna and Howard Sweet. My story really starts when I was 16 and over 200 pounds; several years of helping around the farm had given me broad shoulders and noticeable biceps, but down lower was an unmistakable pot belly. I was strong but not toned. But then again, my case is a bit unique in my family.

And here’s where things will start to get a bit… odd, so try to stay with me here.

The Lagerlofs, as I said, were perpetually wealthy, and this wealth was conveyed in my ancestors being proudly overweight. Yes, proudly. For most of human history food was a commodity of fluctuating availability. Even with the developments of agriculture or domesticating livestock having enough food on hand to survive the winter, or just the next day, was often in question. Many people would just have enough to get through a season, and those would could afford to have more than enough, enough to be overweight… they were clearly the most successful ones. Being fat was, once upon a time, a sign of stature.

Why do you think Renaissance artists used heavier women in so many of their paintings? Because the people who could afford commissions were the ones who could afford rich feasts.

This viewpoint has, obviously, fallen out of favor in the last century. Obesity is a sign of personal weakness, or a dependence on junk and fast food (very much lower class fare). But that view has not reached all of society. Among the wealthy elites there is still, in certain circles, the connection between weight and privilege.

What does this have to do with me? Am I fat just because my family is rich? No. My story would be a lot shorter if it was just an A-to-B explanation.

The other thing you need to be aware of is that, like the modern view of obesity, the modern view of love is not in line with most of human history. Marrying for love, or even just dating as something like recreation, is a recent invention. For most of history people married whoever was of a comparable station, lived in the same area, and was of the opposite gender. Much of the time parents would arrange a relationship, and the children didn’t have much if any say in the matter. It was a far more utilitarian system, with importance placed on maintaining a family line or reaping the economic benefits of joining two houses.

This was especially clear among the nobility and elite families; far from being spoiled Daddy’s Girls, historical princesses were bargaining chips to unite two houses or kingdoms together, a means to an end.

Which brings me back to my story. Sometime in the 18th or 19th century, I’m not sure when, a tradition was developed in my family. Essentially, it held that the youngest child of each family (which would be me, if you couldn’t guess) would be set up in an arranged marriage that would unite our family to some other financial elite. I’m also not sure exactly how this tradition developed; most likely as some last gasp of the Old World lifestyle in the new and modern world, a pushback against the modern notion of people marrying for personal satisfaction. Unlike other traditions it had a clear and useful purpose in keeping the family fortunes afloat as we were tied to other successful families; like kingdoms uniting, as my grandfather put it. Which is probably why there’s seldom a complaint among those of us giving up a piece of our life like this. We’re doing it for our families.

But what does this have to do with my weight? Well, as I said, the wealth of my family has always been represented in our size. It was how the average person in our community identified us as one of the financial elites, but more importantly it was a symbol of assurance to prospective families. A physical, undeniable sign that they were entering into a union (metaphorical for the family, literal for the one person actually getting married) with one of the richest, most successful clans in the world. Our obesity was like a logo representing a particular level of quality the company prided itself in.

And the expectation of the other families would give us the upper hand in negotiating the unions, but it was also something of a burden. See, if everyone in my family was naturally inclined to be fat, the uniqueness of our size was diminished by being so - relatively speaking - common. And if our obesity was common, how to ensure the other families considering uniting with us understood the true symbolic value of our weight?

The answer, developed way back when this tradition started, was that the youngest child - the one destined for uniting us to another wealthy family - had to be even bigger than the rest of the family. And not just ten or twenty pounds either, because when you had a group of people all weighing 300-350 pounds, what’s another ten pounds on one of them? No, the youngest child had to be significantly bigger than their parents and siblings.

And yes, I understand this sounds weird to an outsider. I tried explaining it to my friends back when I first started gaining, and they just looked at me funny. “Rich people are not like regular people” is probably the ‘best’ explanation.

All of this was mostly pieced together by me back when I was younger, before my mother sat me down and explained it in detail. When she explained the family practice and my role she expected me to be outraged or disgusted, but I wasn’t entirely surprised. I knew our family was different in some ways long before I was a teen. The thing is, I was raised in a rather insular environment. I mean, I went to public schools and had friends outside the family. But for as much as my family is spread out across the country (and even into other countries), we’re still very tight-knit.

Every two or three years we’ll have a massive family reunion, dozens if not hundreds of family members all converging on one town or city. And I can remember attending one of these back when I was six, seeing an ocean of fat, happy people punctuated by lone islands of impossibly obese individuals. Men and women, my uncles and aunts, or great-uncles and great-aunts, who outweighed any other person by 300 to 500 pounds. Hell, I had one particularly ambitious second cousin who claimed to have crested the half-ton mark.

And on some level I always understood that those people served a special role in the family. It wasn’t explained to me, I just saw it in the way everyone was almost deferential to them, waiting on them and making sure to say hello to each one.

Over the next couple family reunions I noticed some of my cousins, the ones a few years older than me, growing into the same role. The next generation, my generation, was reaching the point where it was time to step up and assume our duties. It was probably at the one where I was 10 when someone (some distant aunt who I don’t even know if she was related by blood or marriage) first mentioned to me that I was looking at my future. “That’ll be you in a few years,” she said, and then she handed me a plate with a large piece of cake on it. I was probably more focused on eating the giant frosting rose than processing her words.

But, looking back, it was shortly after this that the first signs began appearing, though of course I didn’t realize their significance. It was later at the same reunion that my mother brought me to meet one of my cousins, Heather. Almost a decade older than me and more than twice my mother’s size, she was holding court with some other family members closer to her age, and to my confusion my mom had me say hi and then take a seat at the table while they all went back to their conversation. Throughout the hours-long chat (which I paid no real attention to; I just wanted to go play with the other kids my age) my mom periodically got up to go to one of the buffet tables, coming back with two plates; one for me and a smaller one for herself. I remember wondering why she was giving me more food than she had, or why she kept giving me snacks all afternoon, but I didn’t say anything.

It wasn’t uncommon for her to push food on me (we’re all big eaters in my family), but towards the end I was starting to notice she was making her trips whenever the conversation came back around to my cousin’s engagement or discussion of her appetite. But, unsurprisingly, the entire ordeal left my mind as soon as we went back to the hotel and I fell asleep.

When we got home, though, slight changes started happening. I realized that whenever my mom served me I would get just a bit more than my siblings. Not a lot, I doubt any of them noticed at first, but I noticed it. A slightly bigger spoonful of stuffing, a slightly bigger slice of pie.

And when I was alone watching TV Mom would bring me a plate of pizza rolls, or if I was playing video games cans of soda. Or occasionally, when my siblings were at work or out she would find me and say “I’m in the mood for some ice cream. You want some?” And we’d take a trip to Dairy Queen and get a large sundae.

These trips weren’t happening too often, and even when I noticed the pattern I thought it was something she did with my brother and sisters as well. Maybe I was just slow but it took me a couple years before I realized this was something she only did for me. At first I thought it was because I was her favorite and she just wanted to spoil me. But then my uncle Brandon moved back to our city, and things started falling into place.

He was my uncle on my mother’s side; he the youngest, she the second-youngest. They were born only a couple years apart and were closer with each other than they with their other siblings. It was kind of like me and my sister Shauna. She’s only a year older than me, but my other sister Katherine is three years older than Shauna and our brother Darryl is a year older than Katherine. There was a significant gap between the two oldest and the two youngest.

Well, my mother was really excited when Brandon and my aunt Maddy returned from a few years living in Washington, overseeing a lumber mill Maddy’s family owned. The day they moved back my mother threw a massive feast for them, a multi-course affair that started around one in the afternoon and continued well past sunset. She spent the entire day before in the kitchen, baking and preparing countless platters of food.

And if you saw my uncle, you’d understand why. I mentioned he was the youngest in his family, so you’ve probably gathered he was a very large man. Almost 800 pounds at the time, and even larger now because even in a family of dedicated eaters Brandon is a glutton. He loves food, he loves to gorge himself, and happily for him Maddy loves to feed him. At prior reunions it was a common sight to see her zipping from the food tables back to him, carrying platters of food as he just sat on some low-seated bench, belly resting on the ground, and accepted every offering.

It also turned out my mother loved to feed him, and what I later learned was that when they were both younger she had been the one to spearhead his fattening. She had help from the rest of the family, of course; my grandmother was no slouch as a cook and their siblings and father were eager to see him married off to a respectable (and wealthy) family. But my mother saw the growth of uncle Brandon as her personal responsibility.

As he told me later, he had started his growth in earnest out of a sense of duty to family (and an eagerness to indulge for fun), but Mom was the one to really push him and discover his potential. If he took a second helping of mashed potatoes, she cut off a couple more pieces of ham and threw them onto his plate. If he was sitting in his room studying she would put a plate of cookies or brownies next to him and would occasionally tell him to eat one. Even as Brandon’s appetite grew with his body, my mother would stay a couple steps ahead, urging him onto larger portions, more frequent eating, and presenting more and bigger offerings of food.

But I only heard about those details later. On this day, the day of Brandon and Maddy’s return, all I knew was that my mother was doting on her brother and constantly refilling his plate just as my aunt always did. Watching my uncle sit there, so immense as to seem immovable (in reality he could shuffle around a few steps at a time, but mostly he made use of an industrial scooter special-made for him), happily feasting on the endless plates of food the two women eagerly (almost reverently) gave to him, I had the first real conception of what lay ahead of me, though I still did not know this was my fate. Instead I saw it as some kind of fantasy. I was jealous of my uncle, being so fat, so gluttonous and so loved. It was a yearning I didn’t express to anyone, and which I have to this day mostly kept to myself, but I wanted that life for myself.

Lying in bed that night, I imagined what it must be like to be that fat, what it was like to grow and become that large. How much food had Uncle Brandon eaten to get so large? How much did he eat now to maintain his size? Was the endless feast that afternoon normal for him, or just a one-off thing to celebrate being back home? What was it like to have a woman like Aunt Maddy clearly in love and in lust with you when you can barely move under your own power?

So many questions, but behind it all I was faced with the apparent truth that such a life was not for me. Uncle Brandon, like cousin Heather and the other mega-obese members of my family, were just (for lack of a better word) oddities. They were at the far end of the family’s weight bell curve because of… I don’t know, genetics, or a love of food, or some unknown medical condition.

I was (relatively) skinny, in good shape, and I had a lifetime of working on the farm ahead of me. My brother Darryl would take over running things, of course, being the firstborn. But I would have a cushy job, one that kept me active and would need me to stay fit and mobile. So I thought.

But things were already in motion. For the sake of my story it would be nice to say that once uncle Brandon came back Mom realized it was ‘my turn’ and started forcing more food on me, but it wasn’t that simple. I’d just turned 15 at the time and my father had me handling more and more chores at the farm. I learned later that while he respected the family’s tradition he had hoped to delay my gain for a few years. It’s not that he wanted me as free labor; he just didn’t want an impressionable teen sitting around all day, pigging out on junk food. It would send a bad message, he felt. So he gave me more work, which meant more exercise and less time to snack or laze around.

My mother still found ways to push food on me: ever bigger portions at mealtime, which soon became big enough that they rivaled my father’s, constant snacks delivered while I was doing my homework, and more trips to run errands in town (which always meant a stop at a fast food or ice cream place).

And this was in addition to my own snacking, which was unsurprisingly constant given that I’m from a family of fatties with a puberty-enhanced appetite. I never went overboard, eating so much I became sick, but when uncle Brandon came to visit I found myself eating more. Being in his shoes, so large and joyfully gluttonous, became a recurring fantasy for me, triggering my appetite.
This story was inspired by a much shorter story an unnamed person wrote (they ask that I not name them, so I won't). It was a mere kernel of an idea, but I thought the story didn't work right because the other writer made their protagonist over 18 when they started gaining. If their family was going to fatten them up, why wait until 18 to start doing so? That just made no sense to me, so I asked their blessing to write my own take on it and here it is.

Don't think I've ever written a BHM story before, though I've always had fantasies about getting fatter myself. Nice to do something different now and then.

Part 2: [link]
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Stephen groaned outwardly as he leaned back into his chair, distended stomach pushing forward into his lap. He raised his hands to place them on his undeniable gut and give the small swell a solid rub.  As he traced his hands across its outline, he inventoried the changes. He had put on at least twenty five pounds since starting college three months ago, and he knew more was ahead if he kept eating like this.

But, Texas was nothing he could have seen coming. Hailing from rural Maine, Mexican food was a rarity, and had always been a favorite. But, now, down in the south, in a border state no less, his options were as plentiful as the menus were cheap. For the last three months, he had taken himself from restaurant to restaurant, sampling seasoned meats, sharp cheeses, fine spices, flavorful rice dishes, and his absolute favorite:  desserts. Stephen had an especially soft heart for sopapillas--flaky pastries fried in oil and slathered with honey, sugar and cinnamon.

His curiosity had taken him to at least a dozen restaurants, but one, and only one, was running on the same 24/7 schedule he was:  Taco Cabana. Stephen knew it was one of the farthest things you could get from authentic Mexican and not the tastiest either, but, at night, when his stomach would growl and his resolve would crumble, he'd always manage to find his way to this glowing oasis of food, with its tacky decor and cheap, plentiful portions.

He groaned again at the tightness in his stomach, and reached down to unbutton his tight shorts; shorts that he knew were loose on him just before he came to college. The button struggled, but his hands were deft and the clasp was freed. He sighed in relief as his stomach fell gratefully into the extra space. How many nights had he spent like this, he idly wondered. How many times had he sauntered in, late at night, to stuff himself with rice, cheese, and greasy meats?

How many times, indeed, had he come in? He knew, fifteen pounds ago, that he was putting on weight, but, that didn't seem to stop him. He knew when he started having to suck in his gut to button his pants; he knew when his underwear clung tightly around his thighs and backside; he knew when his favorite button down wouldn't close around his gut; but none of that, absolutely none of it, had stopped him. Each time, Stephen always swore to himself, he'd start a diet.  He'd start a diet, skip out on Mexican food, and lose the weight--but for some reason, each time he was up late studying, or just hanging out with his friends, he would come back. And not just come back, but stuff himself until he was absurdly full. A task which, as his gut had grown, required steadily more and more food to accomplish. Stephen realized, if anything, he was coming around more and more often.

Stephen adjusted in his seat and stifled a belch, his small belly wobbling back and forth as his hips shifted. His stomach wasn't aching as badly as it was earlier, he noted, and decided it was time to go. Stephen stood and, grabbing the tray which carried three empty plates of food, walked over to the trashcan to dispose of them. He took his empty drink to the soda fountain to top off before heading out, filling it back to the brim with a sugary soda and made his way to the exit. As he passed he register at the entrance, he gave a polite nod to the gentleman behind it--a usual night staff worker, Stephen had noticed. However, this time, a few feet from the door, he heard the cashier call out:

"Hey, gordito."

Stephen didn't speak a lick of Spanish, and he was some time from learning what the word meant, but, he knew it was for him. He turned around to face the cashier and asked as politely as he could, "Yes, sir?"

The cashier smiled to himself. "How about some dessert?"

Stephen's stomach let out an audible gurgle, causing him to blush slightly and the cashier's grin to spread a little wider.

"What do you say? How about dessert to go, on the house?"

Free food? Free dessert at that? Stephen grinned widely and gave a strong nod, unaware of the way his gut bobbled slightly along with his head.

"Here you go," said the cashier. He reached down under the counter briefly, and produced a small to-go box. This was something he clearly anticipated. Stephen approached the counter and took the box, and gave the cashier a pleasant thank you as he walked out the door.

Returning to his dorm room, Stephen set the to-go box on his bed. He groaned quietly to himself and rubbed his gut, happy to have his roommate out for the week. As Stephen was standing up and preparing to undress, he caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror. His belly was visibly swollen with food and strained noticeably against his favorite tee-shirt. The shirt fit in an unflattering fashion. Stephen's body had been swelling outward, pulling taught every formerly loose fold in its fit. To say it clung to him tightly was an understatement--It seemed to highlight the swelling of his torso, accentuating his protruding love handles. Stephen noticed this did the unfortunate work of pointing out exactly how much he had grown, as it left nothing to the imagination as to exactly how wide he was getting or by how much he was overflowing his shorts. It was glaringly obvious that his love handles had managed to not just rebel against the waist of his shorts, but to overtake it and swamp it in excess adipose. Bad as that was, worse still, Stephen thought, was at the apex of his belly. Each of his budding love handles swelled together toward the front of his gut, blossoming outward into a round, protruding gut which struggled so tightly against the shirt that an indentation was left where his navel was--an obvious place where fabric was not in direct contact with flesh.

Stephen groaned pitifully to himself, noticing now that his shorts were still unbuttoned. The shirt managed to cover his gut, but only as much, and it left exposed to the world the evidence of his recent gluttony. He had walked how many blocks like this? Had seen how many people like this?

He reached down under his gut and sucked in, tucking the button into its clasp before letting his stomach fall back out. It didn't hurt as much as it had earlier, but, it seemed to hoist his gut higher and make it more pronounced. Stephen sighed, running his hands at the top of the largest curve. This was getting out of hand, Stephen thought to himself. It's time to start that diet and get back into shape, his voice rang in his head confidently. Yes, Stephen was sure, the diet starts now.

As Stephen turned around, however, his attention was caught by the small, styrofoam to-go box on his bed. Stephen looked down at the soft curve of his gut, then again at the to-go box.

The diet would start tomorrow.

He grinned to himself, already thinking about the taste of the delicious treat on his palette.  But, rather than start immediately, Stephen decided he wanted to at least be a little more comfortable. Sucking in his stomach yet again, Stephen reached down and unfastened the button for his shorts and slid them down his legs. His chunky thighs and well-filled buttocks appreciatively relaxed into the extra space, and were made more obvious by the fit of his mid-thigh boxer briefs. Deciding to leave his shirt on, for now at least, Stephen grabbed a clean fork from the sink and walked over to his bed, tugging his shirt down over his belly before sitting down.

Stephen's stomach gurgled again as he opened the to-go box, eyeing the fried morsel with a thick coating of sugar and honey. Sopapillas--his favorite. As Stephen cut off a corner with the side of his fork, he reminded himself that he wasn't going against his diet, since he wouldn't be starting that until tomorrow.

He slid the bite into his mouth, and sighed contently as the sugar and honey dissolved onto his tongue. The sweet and savory morsel rolled about his mouth, the tastes becoming more intermingled as his teeth greedily gnashed away. This, Stephen thought, was worth it. His fork went back and shoveled another, larger bite into his waiting maw.

Bite after bite, the pastry before him was turned into a gnash of fried bread and sugar, and swallowed into his waiting gut. Stephen eagerly scraped the remaining sugar and honey from the sides of the box, lifting as much of it as possible back to his mouth. Finally, after a euphoric few minutes, Stephen's fork came up completely empty, and only filled his mouth with a trademark metallic taste. Stephen let out a sigh, half content, and half disappointed that his treat had been finished.

Stephen closed the box and set it down at his side. He let out a little belch, sighed again contently, and then lightly placed a hand on the top of his gut as it rested in his lap. Stephen looked back down at the box, a little disappointed. Tomorrow his diet would start, and that would mean no more sopapillas and no more nights of mexican food. Stephen looked down at the swell of his gut again, though, and was reminded of why that may not be such a bad thing. After all, Stephen didn't want to get fat.

This was, Stephen knew, his last sopapilla for a long time. Resigned, Stephen sighed and stood up to walk the to-go box to the trash can. He reached down and picked up the box, only to discover that it was heavier than he remembered. Confused, Stephen opened the box again and to his surprise found not just one, but two sopapillas inside.

Stephen blinked.

"The fuck?" were the only words he could audibly muster. He could remember eating the last one just less than five minutes ago. Not only could he remember it, he could still make out the lingering taste of the sopapilla on his tastebuds. Despite Stephen's confusion, his stomach came to one conclusion:  it growled audibly, and Stephen began to salivate.

Shrugging his shoulders, Stephen sat back down on his bed. "Must've been three in there and I missed them somehow." Aware that this was a shitty explanation, Stephen didn't really care. As the growl of his stomach and the smile creeping over his lips explained he already knew what he wanted:  more dessert.

Sitting back down on his bed and picking up his fork again, Stephen wet his lips in anticipation. Stephen brought down his fork on the flaky, gooey pastry, and smiled wider as the utensil crushed through it, forcing excess honey to ooze around it. As his stomach issued another quiet grumble, Stephen slopped the morsel in the excess sweet, sticky honey and brought it to his lips. Slipping the morsel into his mouth, Stephen again let out a content sigh. The gooey mixture of bread, honey, and sugar dissolved on his tongue, and he swallowed strongly, feeling the slop of sweetness plop into his waiting stomach.

Stephen reached for his fork and rapidly shoveled in another few bites until the first pastry was gone. Despite his earlier binge, Stephen was suddenly racked with a renewed sense of hunger. His primal urge turned on the remaining sopapilla, and Stephen, uninterested in wasting time, set the fork down on the nearby counter and reached in for the gooey treat with his hand. Stephen sopped the flaky pastry in the excess honey and sugar left in the container and, to his own surprise, brought the whole pastry to his mouth. Stephen wet his lips, then opened his maw wide as he stuffed in the pastry until his cheeks visibly puffed out around the food his mouth contained. Stephen bit down, his teeth tearing through the pastry as his lips became covered in sticky honey.

Stephen groaned happily as his jaw flexed, trying to subdue the pastry into a chewable mash. He swallowed a little bit at a time, feeling a slow trickle of honey, bread, and sugar down his gullet until finally, the last of it landed in his greedy stomach. Before he knew it, Stephen had shoveled what was left of the second sopapilla into his mouth and began to chew. Closing the lid on the box, Stephen set it at his side again, and placed both hands on either side of his gut. Stephen leaned back against the nearby wall and tilted his head up gently, swallowing, as his hands began to lightly massage his gut.

Stephen's stomach gurgled audibly as he massaged it, trying to break down the pastries into usable calories. Stephen was content before, but now, as his stomach gurgled again, he wanted more. He wanted more, but, gently squeezing the side of his gut, Stephen reminded himself that what he needed was a diet. Especially now, Stephen thought, after three helpings of dessert.

"God," he groaned, before stifling a belch, "I can't keep doing this. I'll turn into a fucking pig."

Stephen's stomach protested; it gurgled slightly, and Stephen caught himself struck with hunger again.

"God damn it, why the fuck am I hungry again? I just ate," he groaned, perplexed by the sudden insatiability of his appetite. It had never been like this before.

Out of the corner of his eye, Stephen again noticed the to-go box. As the hunger ebbed away at his sense of self-control, Stephen caught himself wondering. If last time, there was more, then, maybe…

No. Stephen stopped himself and shook his head--even if there was, for some godawful reason, it was no excuse. He was on a diet, and he was going to lose weight and that was that. Stephen looked down at his gut again with a renewed sense of embarrassment, and strengthened his resolve.

But, from within, his hunger whispered, "I did say the diet starts tomorrow… and it's definitely not tomorrow." He eyed the to-go container again, "Do you think?" the voice in his head asked. "Maybe," came the same voice in reply. As his hunger rose again, so did the intensity of his desires. Stephen unconsciously smacked his tongue in his mouth, sopping up whatever microscopic leftovers of its sugary treat it could still find. "Maybe," Stephen thought to himself, and his hunger firmly commanded, "Check again."

Without lifting the box, Stephen flipped the top on the to-go box to find to his surprise, another two sopapillas just as decadent as the last ones.

"What is going on here," Stephen spoke aloud to no one in particular. He removed both hands from his stomach and lifted the to-go box to his face, the scent of the pastries hit his nose hard, almost like they had been freshly baked. Stephen's round stomach let out a loud gurgle, as the hunger pains returned to rack his body again.

Groaning, Stephen tried to control himself. "I don't need to eat--I don't want to get fat.”. Stephen whined, placing his hands on his abundant gut, trying to ground himself. Alas, from deep within, came the voice.


Stephen reached in with his hand and picked up one of the pastries and stuffed as much of it into his mouth until his cheeks visibly strained. They puffed out hard on either side, and Stephen struggled to keep his mouth closed as he chewed. He tilted his head back again, lips smacking as his jaws worked to turn the treat into something more manageable. Bit by bit, the sugary treat slid down the back of his throat and sloshed into his stomach.

Stephen's stomach gurgled as he reached for the second sopapilla to repeat his gluttony. As he smooched the chewy pastry into his waiting mouth again, Stephen felt contentment spread across his body even as his stomach's hunger seemed to deepen.

In what was going to be the last moment Stephen’s willpower held up, he closed the lid and swallowed hard as he wiped powdered sugar from his lips. Through shocked, heavy breaths, Stephen’s fear grew, even as his hunger creeped upon the fringes of his psyche.

“No--” Stephen groaned, “I can’t get fat.” Fear creeping up within him, both hands flew to his stomach as the hunger returned.

“Eat,” came a deep, resounding voice which he could not quite place. “You’re hungry,” it echoed again.

“No, I--ugh.” Stephen tried to calm himself, and his hunger, but to no avail.




“Fuck. Why am I so hungry?” Stephen eyed his gut, stuffed with food and rolling slightly into his lap. Hunger hit him again, and Stephen groaned along with his stomach.

All thoughts of the diet left Stephen’s head. With another loud growl from his gut, Stephen gave in. Whatever force had been within him since he started college, slowly nagging him to glut himself more and more often, finally won over. The unnamed whisper that had been in his ear when he noticed how his stomach was outgrowing even his roomiest shirts; the soothing voice that urged him after two full orders, to consume another; the voice that lulled him when he noticed the rising curve of his ass; at last, the monster that waited until its prey was ready before moving in for the kill had finally pounced.

Stephen grasped at the container, opened it, and crammed another sopapilla into his mouth as the process which had been transforming him the last few months suddenly accelerated six-fold. Stephen moaned at the release of finally answering his unforgiving hunger, almost thrilled to bloat himself up further. His body answered in the only way it could:  swelling--advancing; his body visibly bloated outward, inch by inch, pound by pound.

Stephen smacked his lips, stuffing in another pastry--closing the lid, and preparing to find more.  He lost himself in the flavors:  sweet honey, oil, and sugar flooding his mouth and falling into his gut.

Munch, much, smack, swallow.

Swell. His lovehandles rose, oozing out around him and fighting the thin, cotton shirt that stood between them and open air. As they grew, fat further pooled into his gut and the indentation of Stephen’s navel grew more prominent. Above, his chest began to pad even further, the softness behind his nipples forcing them to protrude visibly against the shirt.

Stephen opened the box, and gluttonously crammed another pastry into his maw; powdered sugar and honey covered his lips, which he sumptuously licked clean.

Much, much, smack, swallow.

Swell. Beneath him, Stephen’s ass ripened and the twin globes rounded further against the underwear that stopped fitting him ten pounds ago. As his thighs thickened with fat and spread out to his sides, Stephen unconsciously shifted his legs so that they were farther apart as he aggressively crammed more sopapilla into his mouth.

Smack, chew, swallow.

Swell. The bloating belly grew by the minute, and with an almost cartoonish ‘fhwip’ forced his shirt to suddenly roll up to just below his growing moobs. His bloating gut rolled triumphantly into his lap as fat further pooled along his sides. The shirt could only cover Stephen’s growing breasts, and at the rate he was growing, not for very long. Both breasts filled and began to overfill, stretching both his sensitive nipples and the thin fabric.

Stephen’s ass and lovehandles aggressively bloated outward as he gorged, his fattening body fighting desperately against the waist of the boxerbriefs. There was a sound that caught Stephen’s ear--a slight pop. What? Stephen blinked briefly, suddenly aware of himself. He swallowed the bit of pastry left in his mouth, and as Stephen looked down at the fat gut advancing rapidly across his thighs, he was treated to the most unusual of choruses:

A rapid, successive ‘pupupopop’ as the stitches which held his body in gave way all at once. Stephen’s breasts fell, heavy and fat atop his swelling gut, and his thighs bulged outward and met in the middle, as two waves crash into one another. Stephen’s gut bulged outward, swamping his lap to mid-thigh.

“Holy shit,” Stephen said aloud, even as his stomach groaned. “Oh fuck, what is happening to me?” Even filled with fear, Stephen was unable to stop himself and he reached again for more dessert to cram into his waiting maw. Stephen’s heart throbbed and leapt into his throat, even as he stuffed more food into his mouth.

I can’t stop--the thought occurred to him as he chewed unwillingly, hunger dominating him. Oh God, I can’t stop. Stephen watched his body steadily inch outward as he continued to stuff himself, unable to rend himself from the force controlling him.

Stephen groaned as he swallowed again. Pound after pound pooled into his gut as it steadily inched along his lap, threatening to encroach on his knees. It sat atop his thighs like a heavy, sagging mass that swelled readily along its circumference, wrapping around Stephen in thick lovehandles. At its crest was Stephen’s navel, now puckered by the thick, soft fat pooling behind it.

“Oh fuck,”  was the only thought Stephen could muster between bites. Every time he could tear himself away from the treats long enough to touch his body it was  somehow softer, and always more of it.

Stephen’s thighs were easily the size of his former waist, and his ass billowed below him, swelling his frame wider even has his gut bloated him outward. Stephen was having a harder time adjusting himself on his bed as more and more fat fought to find its way into him. Stephen struggled to shift his legs farther apart, even as he unwittingly lifted more of the pastries to his mouth.

“Oh no no no no--”  he spread his thighs wider and inched farther back; he felt the weight of his body sway back and forth, as though he were swimming in a sea of himself. Stephen finally hit the back of the bed and opened his thighs as wide as he could,allowing his gargantuan belly to spill forth into the gap like an incoming tide.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck,”  Stephen groaned, unable to stop himself from cramming more food into his mouth even as terror gripped him. Reaching with one hand, he struggled against the fat mound of his breast to try and reach the front of his stomach--just something to reassure himself that he hadn’t gotten that big yet--but found himself unable.

Just out of reach, his navel perched the crest of his gut and, almost teasingly, inched further from reach. Stephen fell back against himself, exasperated, terrified, and almost to the point of tears. Finally, Stephen’s fear was enough to rend him from the invisible grip of his hunger, and he dropped the box. It fell to the floor, now well out of reach at his size, and two fresh sopapillas rolled out of it.

Stephen’s stomach gave one last groan before the hunger finally faded, leaving Stephen and his massively overfed form to deal. Stephen began to sob quietly to himself as he began to explore his new body--below him, most of the twin fold-out bed was covered by his width and in front of him, his massive gut sagged heavily between his thickened thighs, topped by round breasts with stretched, sensitive nipples.

Stephen once again tried to reach both hands to his front, but found that his attempts to touch his hands only resulted in squeezing the fat of his gut further into his own body. The fat oozed against his arms, and they remained out of reach of one another.

“Hey, gordito--what did you think was going to happen?”

Stephen’s grief was briefly interrupted by panic, as the cashier suddenly appeared in front of him.

Stephen gasped as, almost affectionately--or was it sadistically?--that the cashier stepped forward and placed his hand on the crest of Stephen’s belly. Stephen knew exactly how to react.


The cashier continued to only grin.

“Gordito, I didn’t do this--I just gave you desert. You--you did this. And I’m willing to bet…”

Stephen’s anger overflowed within him, but, suddenly, a familiar feeling returned to him.

Stephen’s massive gut unleashed another groan, and Stephen felt the pangs of hunger again begin to ebb his consciousness.

“You’ve got… to be… kidding me…,” Stephen groaned between breaths, exasperated, as he surveyed the cashier.

Grin spread wide, the cashier bent over and picked up the pastries and the box which had fallen to the floor.

“See, Gordito? This is what you are.” The cashier reached forward and gave Stephen’s gut a smack, watching the wave ripple throughout his overfed form. As if to answer, the gut unleashed another growl. “A lard-ass. A genuine, overfed fat-ass.”

“Now,” the cashier stepped forward and Stephen tried to pull away, only to find himself pinned by his belly and the wall. Stephen began to panic again as the hunger got stronger, and the cashier got closer. Before him stood a graceful predator, and he was the fattened gazelle.

“I bet someone’s hungry.”
Stephen, a new freshman, succumbs to his uncontrollable gluttony.
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“Food’s ready! Everyone come on in.” Aunt Shirley announced from the doorway into the kitchen. The ears of all of the Walters family perked up as they began to get off the couch and enter the dining room. Everyone took they’re seat at the large wooden table covered by numerous delicious dishes, platters, and bowls. Oddly enough the last person to take they’re seat was the one who was looking forward to the thanksgiving feast the most. Holly Walters slowly waddled into the dining room with the help of her mother, Anne and her uncle Jim. Two chairs were pulled out for the enormous 18 year old girl, and the two family members assisting her helped guide Holly’s bulging bottom onto the seats.

Even if she was over 650 pounds, she was the darling of the family. There wasn’t a single scoff or glare of judgment at her incredible obesity. She was so gluttonous and spoiled by her parents, yet she remained sweet and bubbly (like the sodas she often chugged). Holly was simply the most lovable butterball. Her cheeks had remained just plump and chubby, perfectly framing her angelic heartwarming smile. Her big blue eyes went well with her long blonde hair, which was styled beautifully with a cute little bow in it. She was wearing warm v-neck sweater that stretched over her flab, and a massive pair of jeans that her parents had to help pull over her thick barrel thighs.

A quick prayer was said and then the feast began. Having such an enormous belly prevented Holly from reaching very far over the table so her father happily helped by putting some big slices of turkey onto her plate. She then grabbed a bowl of mashed potatoes plopped a big mountain of it on her plate.

“Don’t forget to add butter.” Her Aunt Stacy said as she placed a big slice of butter on Holly’s potatoes.

“Holly, don’t you want some stuffing? Here pass this to the girls down there.” Grandpa Walters said as the large container of stuffing made its way to Holly and her cousins. She filled up the rest of plate before passing the stuffing to her cousin Julie.

Finally she began eating. There was much chatter around the room as everyone ate. The only one not participating in conversation was Holly who was too focused on enjoying the delicious meal in front of her. One time her Aunt Jane asked her a question. Holly looked up at her with her cheeks bulging with food, not sure what she had been asked.

“Haha, never mind sweetie. Just keep enjoying your food.” She said. Holly gladly obliged. Her plate emptied quickly into her gut. She didn’t hesitate to go for seconds and continue eating. Big bites of turkey with sweet cranberry sauce and large chunks of mashed potatoes drowning in rich gravy disappeared past the heavy girl’s lips. She washed it all down with a gulp of whole milk, her favorite beverage. After the second course Holly felt her belt uncomfortably digging into her belly flesh. She stuck her hand under the waistband to try to relieve some of the pressure but it didn’t do much. The behemoth sized teen was too swollen and round for her squishy tubby arms to reach her belt buckle. Thankfully her Aunt Stacy noticed her struggling.

“Oh Holly let me help you with that.” She said leaning closer to the cute blimp of a young lady. “You know it’s not a real thanksgiving if your belt is still buckled at the end.” With a quick yank the belt was undone and her belly bulged outward. The surge of soft flab caused her pants button to pop right off, landing on the floor underneath the table. Her fly zipped down as blubbery rolls rapidly expanded outward.

“Ahhh” Holly let out a sigh of relief as she rubbed the red marks where her belt had so uncomfortably constricted her fat. Her sweater had also ridden up over her belly in the process, just barely managing to cover her top jelly roll.

“I bet you’re in the mood for more. How about you give me your plate.” Holly’s mother said looking at her immensely fat and overfed daughter leaning back in her two chairs. Even more room had just opened up in her greedy gut so she happily gave her mother her plate. Her mother handed back to her daughter a heavy serving of all the traditional thanksgiving foods. Including two big turkey legs which Holly sat back and ate with gravy dripping down her chins onto her big heaving breasts.

Even though more and more food was piled onto her plate it was never long before it was empty again. While everyone had slowed their eating in favor of more talking, Holly continued to pig out. Her pants had slowly lost its containment of the girls ballooning waistline and hips. Her jeans had ridden down to expose much of her enormous panty covered rump as it bulged over the denim waistband.

Finally for most of the Walters family the eating had come to an end and everyone chatted at the table while they digested their meal. Holly though, was still going strong. Her gorging may have slowed a bit but her gluttonous instincts told her to keep eating. Instead of filling up her plate again, her family had started to give her whatever was left on the table, since everyone else had stopped eating.

“Here sweetie, how about you polish off this bowl of potatoes.” Her grandmother said, handing her a third full bowl. Holly gleefully poured gravy into it and sat back, using the serving spoon to shovel big globs of carbs into her mouth.

Holly was in a haze of pleasure and deliciousness as her taste buds were overwhelmed by the heavenly flavors. The thanksgiving food was so rich and filling. The turkey made her drowsy as it sat heavily in her ample gut, but the enticing aromas and her gluttonous cravings prevented her from nodding off. Holly polished off all the remaining corn, potatoes, stuffing, and turkey.

The gigantic overfed teen had seemingly hit her limit. She had definitely outdone herself this year. Holly tried to think of the last time she had felt this full but she struggle to focus on anything but her aching gut. She did manage to pay attention though when her mother started talking to her.

“Sweetie pie, there are some biscuits sitting here. How about you have them so they don’t just sit in the fridge forever.” Her mother said, filling her obese daughter’s plate with buttery fluffy biscuits.

“Uuuhhh.” Holly knew she would regret eating more but it was very hard to resist.

“Hey there is still some gravy left. You can have biscuits and gravy!” Her mother said, pouring all that was left of the thick sauce onto her plate. Holly drooled a bit as she stared at the pile of flaky dough. She licked the gravy off her lips, thinking about how delicious it all looked. Even though her big exposed belly was uncomfortably full, she simply loved food too much to not indulge her taste buds. With a thick grunt she heaved her bulging upper body forward. The two chairs she sat on groaned under her massive shifting girth. Her pants rode down all the way to her thighs, no longer able to contain her wide bottom. The strained fabric of her enormous panties began to tear as she leaned closer to the table.

Holly took big bites of fluffy biscuits drowned in rich gravy, which splashed onto her plump cheeks. Her eyes glazed over and her cheeks flushed with color as her hedonistic instincts compelled her to keep eating.

Finally as she finished eating, she pushed away from the table to help her sit back. Again the chairs groaned but the sound was muffled under her smothering butt flab. She leaned heavily against the back of her chairs. The creaking of her seats grew louder until with a loud snap they were crushed under the young heifer’s corpulent bulk.

The whole room shook as Holly crashed to the floor, landing on her ample padded rump and back. Several family members rushed over to the obese teen sprawled out on the floor. She was totally okay, except for her aching belly that had been upset by the violent jiggling when she fell. Her naked gut bulged up in the air. Her two belly rolls were like rolling hills of squishy heavy fat.

This was not the first time her family had seen a piece of furniture buckle under Holly’s behemoth butt, so they were pretty unfazed by what had happened.

“We’ll get you up in just a sec honey. Jim come here.” Her aunt said. Holly’s father and uncle tried to help her up but quickly found out just how heavy she was. After several attempts it eventually took 6 members of the Walters family to lift the young beached whale of a girl. Two sturdier chairs were brought in from the kitchen and placed at the table for the flustered butterball to sit on.

As she sat back down again and normalcy was restored her grandmother came in from the kitchen.

“Dessert is being served!” Grandma Walters said as she placed several cakes and pies and cookies on the table. As she walked by Holly she put down a big pumpkin pie right in front of her. “I remembered how much you like pumpkin pie so I figured I should make one just for you. Hope you’re not too full!” She said.

“Oh, uh… thanks Grandma.” Holly said. She placed the pie on her big breasts and happily dug in.
Here's a thanksgiving story. Sorry it's been little longer than usual since I posted something. 

I actually had a whole other thanksgiving story planned that was very similar but got stuck and came up with this instead (I may turn the other into a christmas story).

I just love the idea of a young woman (saying young girl sounds creepy to me) being incredibly fat and gluttonous as well as cute and happy. Please leave a comment telling me what you think of this.
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WARNING Weight gain and lesbian romance

Monday Wendy was almost 50 pounds heavier than before the weekend, but the real change in her was her appetite. She had already come to resent how she couldn’t eat in class and had to gorge herself as best she could while getting from one room to the other, or during recess and lunch, but she had not anticipated that she would reach the point where each 50 minute period would become an endurance test. But that is exactly what was happening as she had so little time to eat and so much time to just sit there and get hungrier and hungrier.

She managed to bear this for two days before she went to the principal and asked if she could begin her homeschooling immediately instead of finishing out the semester. She hadn’t explained why, but the principal, having never had to handle a student with Eleanor’s Condition before, and being very fearful of a lawsuit for perceived discrimination, gave his consent.

So on Wednesday Wendy woke up, spent almost an hour and a half breaking her fast, and then began receiving lessons from a government-provided tutor. The tutor did not begrudge Wendy’s need to eat during her lectures, so long as she paid attention.

With the dramatic drop in how many calories she was burning (so very little) and how much time she could be eating (all day, really), Wendy’s gains jumped to a new level. The first day of December she was within striking distance of 500 pounds, a quarter of a ton, gaining almost nine pounds a day.

It was around this time that she admitted to herself that she was a glutton in the true sense of the word. Of course she had been acting like one for weeks now, she was never ignorant of how her behavior had changed, but there was the final step of accepting the title and being honest with herself.

And others. Every day after school Lydia would come to her house and help her mother in the kitchen, keeping enough food in reach for Wendy. While the black-haired girl had always been upfront about her admiration for Wendy’s appetite and growth, it was only now that the growing girl was as forthright about how much she not only enjoyed it all, but wanted even more. Instead of rationalizing that she needed to eat so much, or even that she was merely enjoying the different tastes and trying new foods, Wendy fully opened up that she loved the idea of eating for the sake of eating, measuring how much she ate each day and trying to outdo herself the following day.

It felt a little weirder to tell her mother this as well – Wendy had let go of her old mindset of fighting her mother over how much she ate, such a constant thing before her diagnosis, but it was something else to actually say she loved being fat and getting fatter – but once it was out in the open her two ‘helpers’ were more than happy to cater to her desires. Not only was her mother cooking as much food as Wendy wanted, but now she was working at preparing larger and larger servings. A bowl of mashed potatoes was fine, but a punchbowl of it, with a pitcher of gravy on top? And Mindy was now bringing giant cartons of ice cream every morning, which Wendy would eat straight from the tub, never ending a day with one unfinished.

This change in her meals meant she wasn’t eating as wide a variety of food as before, but Wendy didn’t care. She was moving past the gourmandizing phase of her growth; she had tried so much new food now she was, more and more, telling her mother what she wanted based on her favorite foods.

More than just the fact that she was eating so much, Wendy loved the picture of herself eating such cartoonishly-sized portions. Her gluttony had to be represented not with a stream of food but in piles of dishes too large for a regular person to tackle.

“The food in front of you needs to be big enough to match how big you are,” Lydia said. When the semester ended and Lydia could spend all day at the Hearst house Wendy was close to 650 pounds and still gaining steadily. She still wasn’t as big as the smallest of women in her situation, but she was titanic compared to the women around her. And especially to the woman she once was.

She was even becoming bigger than the house, in many different ways. She could no longer use any of the chairs, only a bench bought specially for her or the couch in the living room. Doorways had to be passed sideways, showering involved a handheld nozzle, and a couple days before Christmas her bed finally gave up the ghost.

Responding to the loud crash, finding her daughter lying on the bed and practically pinned by fat still wobbling from the sudden drop, Mrs. Hearst could only shake her head and smile.

“Guess we might have to speed up the move.”

Move, Wendy wondered. Oh yeah. They had to get a new house, one built by the government to suit her needs. She hadn’t really been thinking about that lately, or anything not food related.

It turned out the house was mostly ready; Wendy’s mother said work had begun back when she was first diagnosed, and all that was left was the final carpentry and electric work. So right after the new year, Wendy up to 775 pounds with walking becoming a hassle, they moved into a new house on the outskirts of the town.

Everything in the house was reinforced, on one level, and bigger than normal. Wendy was impressed, though maybe the scales under her bed and the sofa were a bit much, but what really got her excited was how much bigger the kitchen was than back at the old house. Her mother would be preparing her so much food now…

It was a bit of a drive for Lydia, who still wanted to visit her every afternoon and on the weekends, but she would never complain. During the Christmas break Wendy, when she would stop eating long enough to have a conversation, had talked to Lydia about her patently obvious attraction.

“It’s not fair of me to have you around feeding me all day, is it? Just sitting here enjoying myself while you watch, feeling whatever it is you’re feeling for me.”

“No, it’s OK.” Lydia said not-too-convincingly. “I’m glad we’re still friends at least. You could have said you didn’t want to see me again after… that night.”

“You had asked me about being more sensitive as I got fatter. And I said I am.” Wendy sat back on the sofa, the TV nattering on ignored by both girls. She considered her size; filling the sofa, her belly so big it was coming up to her now multiple chins. Breathing heavily, she watched it rise and fall.

“Yeah…?” Lydia couldn’t stop herself from getting excited.

“And I’ve been thinking a lot. About you and… us. You’re right, we are friends. But your devotion, let’s say, during all this has become special to me. I know you’re getting off on it, but you’ve been so attentive, caring about my needs and wishes.

“I don’t know if I can say I’m completely gay, or even bisexual, but I find myself caring about you. I’ve always found you beautiful and… enticing, with your voluptuous body.”

“I’ve got nothing on you now,” Lydia cracked.

“But there was never really a physical attraction,” Wendy continued, “But now, it’s like everything that’s been happening has brought everything together for me and I have to say… I love you.”

Lydia was overcome and, on the verge of tears, she found words inadequate. So instead she threw herself on Wendy, putting her arms around the obese teen’s side and squeezing as hard as she could.

Their relationship couldn’t progress to proper dating; at her size Wendy avoided as much movement as possible, and besides Lydia didn’t care to do much beyond feed her girlfriend and watch her eat. But when Mrs. Hearst had to take a break from cooking and gave the two some privacy, they didn’t hesitate to have fun exploring Wendy’s body, testing the countless erogenous zones on her much more sensual body.

As she got fatter, blowing past 800 pounds, rocketing to 900 and still gaining strong, Lydia could get naked and crawl on her body, no part of her not touching Wendy. The stimulation only made Wendy hungrier, and on Lydia’s suggestion she would continue to gorge while her girlfriend played with her body. The linking of food with sexual pleasure had the completely foreseeable effect of making Wendy even hungrier and more desperate for food.

Even though her arms still had their mobility, and all her exercise prior to being diagnosed had left her with some solid bicep muscles that only grew as she used her arms all day to eat, Wendy would often pretend to be too tired to continue feeding herself, asking Lydia to do it for her. Lydia loved it, though, laying across Wendy’s belly and serving food to her.

“There may come the time when you really can’t feed yourself,” she said one day. “You’ll be so big your body is held in place by itself.”

“My appetite really does rule all,” Wendy said. “Even I can’t control it.”

“Why would you want to?” Lydia asked, and Wendy could only moan as another spoonful of apple cobbler was placed in her mouth.

When Wendy passed the half-ton mark Mindy made an ice cream behemoth she called the Sumerian King Boat: two scoops of every flavor of ice cream the parlor had, all arranged in a boat three feet around made of brownie, red velvet cake and marzipan. As the women around her cheered her on, Wendy tore into the massive treat. She managed to get halfway through the ice cream before what was left had melted so much the boat threatned to fall apart. Breaking off pieces into bowls that softened with the ice cream, Lydia and the others fed the boat to her a bit at a time.

It took close to two hours, but Wendy’s pace never flagged and eventually all that remained was a serving tray with smears of chocolate and dribbles of ice cream on it. Her face had bits of chocolate and ice cream on it as well, which Lydia kissed off as they cheered her feat.

And less than an hour later Wendy was asking for more food.

“Are you really hungry?” Lydia asked, amazed.

“Hungry? No. Able to eat? Yes. And so I will.”

That was her mindset, eating until she could not. And by pushing her capacity and intake to their limits Wendy was pushing her gains to almost unfathomable heights. She was gaining over twelve pounds a day now, the 1100 pound mark in sight at the start of February and her independent mobility now entirely gone. She could still stand up and move from her bed to a motorized wheelchair with the help of heavy chains dangling from the ceiling, but Wendy liked playing up her immensity by moving as little as possible.

“Back when I was a quarter of my weight,” she said to Lydia one day, “I was comparing my body to everyone else at school, thinking about how I was in the middle of the bell curve of weight but that I would soon reach the far end, then become a statistic unto myself. Now I’m on the bell curve of women like me, approaching the average weight.”

“That’s what, 1200 pounds?”

“Around there. And I’m hoping I keep going. I want to reach the far end of that curve, and then leave it entirely. I want to be the fattest woman ever.”

If sheer determination could control genetics, Wendy would have reached that goal without question. Eight days after reaching 1100 pounds she hit and passed the median weight for documented cases of Eleanor’s Condition, putting distance between her and it as fast as she had first closed the distance.

It wasn’t just a matter of her needing to eat such copious amounts because of her size or her body was still in ‘weight gain mode.’ Wendy approached her gaining with the same dedication she had once shown for her dreams of starting on the school basketball team. Every morning her alarm went off at 7 and she roused herself from her slumber to begin a day of eating as much as she could. Less and less did she have to consciously force herself to eat, but even when she did she would only take a break from stuffing her face out of absolute necessity.

When she flew past 1300 pounds she began receiving visits from doctors and scientists who specialized in Eleanor’s Condition. Physically she was in perfect health, the typical negative effects of obesity mitigated by the mutation, but as her rate of gain had been above average, and as she was now in the top 35% of women with the condition, her case was attracting some notice from the medical community.

Her unabashed gluttony was not unheard of by the scientists, but her openness in talking about how much she loved making herself eat and getting fatter, especially when contrasted with her old athletic mindset and her initial dismay at her diagnosis, was unique, and a number of psychologists interviewed her. It was a new angle on how women reacted to having Eleanor’s Condition, and Wendy loved the attention.

She reached 1500 pounds before March, reaching the top 10%. As the medical and psychiatrict communities took notice of her exemplary gains and enthusiasm, the rest of the world started to as well. Wendy became a local celebrity, accepting free food from local restaurants in exchange for her endorsement, and national fan groups for those with EC (a niche group, but an active one) filled her inbox with emails of encouragement and requests (some lewder than others) for pictures and videos of her eating or showing off her fat.

The attention did start to become a bit much for Wendy, but it was so easy to tune it out and focus on her food and Lydia and little else. One upside to the media storm was Wendy started receiving notice from the other mega-sized women. Exchanging emails with the handful of women who outweighed her, Wendy would joke about how she was going to surpass all of them.

It turned out to be more prophecy than joke. As the days rolled on Wendy was surpassing one woman after another in weight (some, concerned about being overshadowed by this upstart, had themselves weighed again to make sure they had the largest possible weight on record), a list of names in Lydia’s notebook getting smaller as one by one they were crossed out.

As she got closer to the rank of World’s Fattest Woman each such victory took longer, as the remaining women who outweighed her (several when she hit 1700 pounds) were scattered between 1700 pounds and over a ton. But Wendy’s appetite was still just as strong as ever. Her tutoring on hold (she just couldn’t pay attention), her days were now filled from waking to sleeping with food. She almost never had to force herself to eat now, it had become so second-nature that once in a while she was surprised to find a hoagie or plate of chicken parmasean in her hands. She had grown deft at eating steadily even while enraptured with a TV show or movie.

At 1800 pounds there were only five women on record who were bigger than her, each at least 50-60 pounds larger than the previous one. Where Wendy had been barreling through the ‘competition’ like an unstoppable juggernaut, she was now overtaking each one after a few days of binging. Each time she hit a new record part of her wondered if this was the last one. Would she wake up the next day still stuffed from the day before, her body finally sated and at its proper weight?

But her desire and her appetite didn’t stop, so Wendy kept eating. At 1980 pounds she was the third fattest woman on the planet, a milestone that meant more to her than reaching a full ton a couple days later.

The second fattest woman was a grandmother in Mexico who was last weighed at 2115 pounds. Even with all the weight she had gained already Wendy was still stunned at picturing herself gaining more weight than she had been back in September. But she ate, she grew, and before the first week of April had passed she ended a day weighing 2125 pounds.

Officially she was now the second-largest woman on Earth, though many Mexican EC-fans contested the decision, arguing their national figure had not been weighed in a few years and she had to be heavier than the outdated record.

But those complaints died down as Wendy continued to inflate. A week later she was over 2200 pounds and still climbing, and even if the now-third heaviest woman was bigger than 2125, Wendy was leaving her in the dust.

And now the world watched to see if this overnight celebrity would continue on and surpass the fattest woman in the world: Nicole Atkinson, who was weighed on April 1st as 2467 pounds. Wife of an investment banker, living on a private island designed to let her live in the most comfortable and pampered way possible, she was no stranger to the media, though she was hardly a publicity hound.

As Wendy’s hold on the No. 2 title became undeniable, various media outlets devoted more and more attention to the ‘contest’ taking place. On camera Atkinson played at being impressed by the young girl’s appetite and being above the media’s attempts to goad the women into treating this as a rivalry of some kind. Wendy similarly waved off questions about whether she had any strategy for beating Atkinson.

“It’s all genetics.” She said, chugging a two-liter of soda before continuing. “At some point my body isn’t going to feel the need to grow anymore. There’s nothing I can do to make it happen or stop it. All I can do is eat.”

Which she did, of course. By the end of April Wendy was nearing 2350, and a couple days into May there was less than a hundred pounds between her and Atkinson.

News reports of Mrs. Atkinson upping her own intake of food at this late hour were unsubstantiated, but in her interviews she did sound a bit more blunt when asked about Wendy’s gains.

It was on May 10th that Wendy’s weight was recorded as 2480 pounds. Over the next 24-hours reports of her reaching the status of World’s Fattest Woman were subdued, and the question of whether Atkinson would challenge the rather informal weighings took up airtime. But on the 11th Wendy went to sleep weighing 2498 pounds. On the 12th she reached 2517, then 2536 on the 13th.

And she wasn’t slowing down. At almost 20 pounds a day Wendy had barely celebrated passing Nicole Atkinson before jumping ahead so far there was not only no question she was the heaviest woman, but she was now working at securing her legacy for some time to come.

Not that any of it was within Wendy’s ability to control. All she could do was sit and eat and listen as Lydia told her how much fatter she was getting. The media attention dwindled off as Wendy made it clear she wasn’t interested in becoming a celebrity, though to her there was little change from before. She was sitting there in the living room, eating and sleeping and being as intimate with Lydia as her body would allow. The outside world had become an abstract idea, her whole world nothing but her body and what was immediately in front of her.

Then one day the inevitable happened. Wendy woke up, accepting a tray piled high with bacon covered in syrup, and began eating. But after a while she started to feel full.

‘Uh-oh.’ She thought, understanding what was happening. She had reached the end of her growth. But her stomach was still impossibly large, she still had room, and she couldn’t stand the thought of not eating food in front of her.

As she forced herself to finish the bacon the pain in her stomach became almost unbearable, and her expression showed this.

“You OK, sweetie?” Lydia asked, stroking one fleshy cheek.

“I think I’m done.” Wendy said. Just a few strips of bacon left; it almost made her sick, but she forced them down and handed the tray to her mother.

“Well, I for one am amazed at how well you’ve done,” Lydia said.

“How big am I?”

Lydia got off the sofa and checked the digital readout.

“You ready for this? 3,462 pounds.”

“You’re almost one thousand pounds bigger than Nicole Atkinson,” her mother said.

“And even if you’re not stuffing your face all the time you’ll get there sooner or later.” Lydia asked. “It’s not like you’ll be trying out for the basketball team in September.”

Wendy began laughing, her entire body quaking with mirth. Lydia looked her girlfriend over, the first time in a while she had tried to take her all in.

What Wendy had been, the thin girl who ran laps at the track every day, was buried under the mountain of fat she was now. Her belly cascaded forth to the ground like it was an avalanche that had buried an Alpine village, her hips and sides fat enough that her arms were held out at an angle, almost useless with all the flesh around her biceps and triceps. A humpback of fat shoved her face forward, which with her chins piled up on her chest gave the impression she was almost sinking into her fat. There wasn’t any part of her that wasn’t obese, but to Lydia she was so, so sexy.

The final media onslaught, capped by a ceremony where the Guiness Book of Records awarded Wendy a plaque as the fattest person to ever live, lasted almost a fortnight, before a politician from Kansas was discovered to have a gay lover took over the newscycle.

Wendy still didn’t pay much interest to how the world saw her. Since the day she had been diagnosed she had reacted to the news and the changes in her life from a selfish perspective; how it was going to ruin her life, the pleasure trying new foods and overeating came to give her, and how her relationships with her mother and Lydia grew.

And now, even with worldwide fame in hand, Wendy was only concerned with her own needs. Like what was for dinner.
The end! I think I've tapped my reservoir of analogies for big women and big body parts, hence the lack of specific details in my Vorlandia stories. Also yes, I am aware the final stretch of growth is just bigger numbers, but I think I've established by this point that Wendy had thrown herself mind and body into her gluttonous identity so what else was there to say?

Overall I'm satisfied with how the story turned out, but if I could turn back the clock and start over from scratch I would have done things differently. Tightened it up, quickened the gain. This is more in line with my older works like For the Family and Secret Sauce, kind of meandering and overly detailed. I like it, sure, but it's not what I would write today. Guess it's a sign I've grown as a writer (in one way or another)?
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“C’moooon, I’m starving!” Tanaia moans through a mouthful of pizza, “go faster!”

“Babes, it’s a sixty, and I’m already doing one-hundred-and-ten”

Tanaia huffs and carries on her glutting, she barely even fits in my truck. Her seat is reclined as far back as it goes, just enough to be comfortable but not so far she can’t reach the pizza stack wedged between her gut and the dash. She rips the seventh extra-large pizza whole from its box with a grunt of exertion and lets it sit warm and greasy on her fat belly, shoving back four slices at a time. Thick tomato sauce oozes down her chins and from the corners of her mouth. Her face and chest are littered with bits of bacon, mushrooms, onion, pineapple and ham from how rapidly she’s eating. Her hair is stuck in places to her face with sweat, and her shirt is already a tie-dye of grease stains and chocolate milk. Crumbs are speckled across her like glitter. We’re on our way to our anniversary date. The first place I ever took her was East Side Mario’s, so she’s been excited for about a month over the thought of going back. She doesn’t care that I’ve taken her there EVERY day for the past two weeks because she was too hungry to wait.

“BABE!” she yells, “I’m STARVING!”

She always complains of being particularly hungry every time we pass one of her favorite food joints, the Tim Hortons sign peaking over the boulevard’s asphalt horizon.

“Wanna stop at Timmie’s real quick, pickle?” I ask, knowing the answer.

“Yes! You can buy me a little snack for making me wait so long for my East Sides!”

We pull in the drive-thru and I place her standard order.

“Hi there,” I speak over the din of Tanaia’s greedy grunting, rushing to finish the pizza before her Hortons is ready, “I’ll take twenty 50-packs of Timbits, 12 of every type of donut, except Canadian maple and honey cruller, I’ll take 40 each of those, 70 frosted cinnamon rolls, six-dozen tea biscuits,  50 croissants, 40 of each type of muffin, about 6-dozen danishes and any cookies you have.”

“Actually,” Tanaia yells across me, “DOUBLE that order, and throw in 100 grilled cheese and about 80 breakfast sandwiches! And hurry up with it, we’re in a rush!”

Ten minutes later Tanaia’s finished all her pizzas and her other goodies are being handed through the window. I stack them on the centre console where she can reach them, and it takes her less than 20-seconds to finish each box before dropping it to the floor. Tanaia doubles her order once more and I ignore the frustrated honking lineup growing behind us. Back on the road we can just see the restaurant a kilometer or so down the street, but have to stop for a red light.

“Waaaaahh!” Tanaia bursts into tears, “why does this shit always happen to ME! What did I ever do??”

She perks up when I tell her we’ll drop by KFC on the way home, and after negotiating herself a trip to Dairy Queen too she goes back to shoving muffins into her face.

“Ughh, huwwy ubb!” she screams at the red light between mouthfuls. She’s so impatient it’s cute. As we wait there an elderly man slowly crosses the road in front of us, biting into a burger. Tanaia is transfixed, her eyes glossing over.

“Diss oll NYOMMM GLUMMMPF prigg iz tayging CHEWWW RARRP forebber!!”

With a grunt of effort she just manages to lean over and hammers on the horn. The old man nearly has a heart attack, dropping his burger. He flips me off as Tanaia laughs.

“Oh man! Did you see that old faggot nearly fall over? That was the BEST!”

He shuffles off angry.

“Hey, go grab me that burger!” she orders.

“What, the half-eaten one lying in the middle of the road?”

“Yes! Less yammering, more fetching!”

So, embarrassed, I get out of the truck and pick up the mostly eaten burger, complete with fresh bite marks, and bring it back to my beloved. She’s snatched it from me before I’ve even climbed in and she swallows it whole!

“Mmmmm I’m so glad that went to better use feeding ME!” she giggles.

The light turns green and Tanaia immediately yells at me to step on it. About ten seconds later we pull up to the restaurant. She begins drooling into her box of donuts, drenching the baked treats in a sticky slimy membrane.

“Get me in there NOW!” she orders. The engine is off but her stomach is making similar noises as she excitedly kneads it.  

“Don’t you wanna finish your Tim Hortons first, pickle?”

“NO! That can wait, just bring enough to feed me while I’m ordering!”

So I get out and help her climb down from the truck, her slowly shifting legs displace empty MacDonald’s bags, pizza boxes, 4-liter coke bottles, and half eaten hot dogs, all of this spilling out onto the parking lot. She confidently steps down as I take the brunt of her 616lb body. I get her steady on the ground, and plant a quick kiss on her plump pink-glossed lips. As she huffs and rests against the door I take a step back to admire her body. Tanaia’s pear shape waist is about as wide as a full-sized mattress and her sweaty swaying white gut bounces lightly above her moccasin-clad feet. Making a laughable attempt to cover her walrus belly apron is her Black Sabbath shirt, bleached with her constant drooling and sloppy eating. At the sides it continuously rides up the banks of blubber, resting just below her armpits. Her legs, each one as wide as me, are crammed into a pair of pantyhose which hug tightly to the many nodes and nodules of blubber. She also wears a pair of pink hot pants holding so tightly to her ass they may as well be spray painted on. They ride right up her crack from where a dark wet sweat stain emerges. As I help her walk to the entrance she sucks the stickiness from her fingers, picking up the scattered shrapnel of crumbs and lost grub spilled down her front. Her sparkling blue eyes hone like a laser on the door as she rabidly licks her lips. She grunts with every step, her fat thighs chaffing. Her titanic form shifts and undulates with every waddling step. Sweat runs down her face and a hot fart rips from her butt. Finally we’re inside and the cool breeze of air conditioning hits my lover’s gut, soothing her. Instead of waiting to be served Tanaia simply plops down on the nearest seat, her tent sized belly resting heavily on the table. The family sitting there starts to argue but an embarrassed and previously paid crew of waiters ushers them to a new spot. Her order has already been called in, and the staff knew she was coming weeks ago.

“HURRY IT UP!” she yells the second she sees her food coming out, helping herself to the half-eaten meals now abandoned by dispossessed diners.

She begins with huge bowls of salad. However instead of the yucky lettuce and other vegetables she orders extra-extra dressing in every flavour and croutons with bacon bits. It’s basically a swampy soup and she excitedly lifts every overflowing bowl to her slobbering mouth, drinking back the creamy deluge. It flows messily down her fat chins and the corners of her plump lips despite her gasping glugging and gulping, and much of it finds its way down her shirt into her cleavage. She makes sure to sop up any remaining sauce with a fresh loaf of butter-drenched garlic bread swiped around the inside. Then when each bowl is finished it’s dropped to the ground with a hollow clang. Between each one she fills her mouth with freshly baked complimentary bread and sticks of butter, grabbing the constantly-refilled offerings independently and cramming them into her mouth. After 20-minutes of this she demands her “real” starter. She guzzles back about 400 stuffed mushroom caps, 200lbs of chicken wings (each plate doused in a mixture of EVERY sauce flavor,) 50 orders of cheese smothered nachos, 40lbs of deep fried calamari, a garbage bag full of bruschetta, and 70-dozen lasagna wedges.

She moans in bliss, licking the sauces and cheese from her fat fingers, her gut resting on a chair opposite her.

“Lover,” she whines, “I’m too full, you’re gonna have to feed me the next course”

She giggles as I lean across her monstrous gut for a kiss and stroke her round face. She pulls away drooling at the sound of the kitchen doors swinging open. The first of her pizza buffet is placed on the table before her, and with a wide smile she leans back, opening her mouth to be fed. She gets through at least fifteen of each pizza flavor, including four-meat, chicken tettrazini, Canadian and Mediterranean. Along with this she gets through something like 400 mozzarella sticks and even more squares of butter.

“Mmmmm that was BUUURRPPP so yummy! But bring me RAAWWWRRPP maybe 20, no, 50 more of those LOOORRPPP tettrazini pizzas!”

“Sorry, miss,” the hostess grovels, “ that’s all the pizzas cooked so far, the kitchen is cooking another 70 as we speak and they’re preparing the ingredients for all the rest.”

Tanaia sighs at this woman’s incompetency.

“Well then just bring me what they’ve done so far and all the ingredients, I ain’t waiting for those asshole to finish making them.”

The slightly confused but otherwise obedient hostess runs off to relay her orders as Tanaia rolls her eyes.

“Wadd a CHEWWW GLOMMM bunj’a assholes GUUULLLPPP” she titters through mouthfuls of goat cheese and chicken wings. A convoy of waiters brings out her latest demand, not just the half cooked pizzas but tray after tray of full pepperonis, pots of tomato sauce, Tupperware full of mushroom slices and olives, peppers, pineapple, ham and Italian sausage. She gets so much of this messily all over herself that the lower half of her face basically looks like a pizza. Then in a few munches each she knocks back whole salamis and great wedges of strong smelling cheese. Then it’s her favorite part. Pile after pile of floury dough is brought to her and she excitedly glomps through about 70lbs of the chewy goo.

“Ughhh” Tanaia burps, “that was so good, I can’t even!”

“I think it’s time for your main course, babes” I whisper to her, and she giggles again.

In less than five-seconds her table is a mish-mash of penne, linguine, ribs, spaghetti, scallops, lasagna, grilled chicken, ribs, parmigiana, picatta, steak, BLT, chicken Caesar wrap, Philly cheesesteak, and cappelletti. She knocks back about 75 panzerolis and hundreds of club sandwiches. All of this comes with extra sauce, drenched in extra cooking oil, and buried under mounds of cheese. Also, a lot at this restaurant is vegetarian so Tanaia makes sure they add extra bacon and meatballs to EVERY order.

“EYY!” she yells as strands of spaghetti slip down her chin and into the pile of forgotten feasts that is her cleavage “wadd aboud NYOOMMMM GLAARPPP da gidds RAWRRRR GLUMMPPP men-oo?”

So we bring her the entire children’s menu 200 times over (as many as the establishment could cater for.) She inhales dozens of fries, about 400 Pogos, close to 1000 chicken fingers, 750 cheese quesadillas and dozens of plates of cheesy alfredo. She washes her mammoth meal down with at least five-kegs of every flavor pop they have as well as twenty pitchers of beer and 40 milkshakes.

“Sooooo fuuuullllll” Tanaia howls with pleasure, but she’s not done yet. Her dessert is brought and she devours 400 caramel and strawberry sauce funnel cakes plastered with whipped cream, 25 whole New York style cheesecakes, about 100 chocolate peanut butter stacks and at least 40 tubs of ice cream. At the end of her feasting she sits there, blissful and digesting, rubbing her giant pink gut.

“Uhhhhhhh, bring me the rest of the food you have left.”

“Umm, sorry, Miss” the hostess stammers, eliciting an evil look from Tanaia, “but, you said that two hours ago, and we just got finished brining you everything.”

It’s true, sometimes when my girl is in the zone she’ll basically black out and lose track of time, what she’s eaten, and anything happening around her.

“Well in THAT case you better get me home” she orders me, “I believe you owe me a couple stops at the drive-thru! But first I need a dump!”

So while Tanaia finishes several dozen boxes of donuts myself and some of the restaurant staff moves her into her wheelchair. It takes about ten minutes and the medley of high pitched watery farts she lets go of in that time really drive home the fact she’s dying for a shit. On the lavatory the second I get down her hot pants, pantyhose and thong she lets loose a great steaming barrage of liquid turds which splash down like she just dropped a bowling ball in there. The room is filled with a stench which would make Satan’s eyes sting, and I get to work rubbing her belly and making out with her. After twenty minutes she’s finished and I clean her up before moving her out back to the truck (leaving behind a hellish mess and one permanently blocked toilet.)

Finally we arrive back at my condo. It takes a good ten minutes to shuffle Tanaia through the front door (she’s pigging from several buckets of KFC in the meantime) and into my bedroom. She drops onto the bed which creaks heavily beneath her, and lets out a sigh of utter relief.

“God, that’s feels fantastic, after all that hard work walking. My thighs were rubbing like a bitch, you can massage some lotion on them while I get high!”

So Tanaia enjoys a couple joints while I strip her naked and begin working coconut butter into her legs. She ooohs and aaaahs with the loving touch of my obeying fingers running through her oiled up shelves and chasms of fat. Then I work my way down her blubber buffered shins to her feet, relieving every inch of stress with my carefully firm rubbing. Then I move onto her belly, gently squeezing the handfuls of hip flab and acres of abdomen. Her sweet tits are like pink party balloons, bobbing like buoys on the gently breathing sea of her broad belly. Her arms look like they’re wrapped in fleshy duvets and jiggle with even the slightest movements. I kiss up her jowls, along her beefy shoulders and porky neck. I’m on all fours above her. As I look down at Tanaia she begins biting her lip, and I start to rock my body suggestively against her. A salacious smile graces her amazing face and our mouths meet in a sticky and moist twisting of tongues. She begins pulling at my shirt to get it off, her one hand clawing listlessly at my chest, leaving rake-like scratches. Once it’s off I pull down my sweat pants and her breathing gets heavier. She drools at the site of my considerable package, my cock wet with pre-come and close to breaking through their boxer-briefs.

“Gimme” is all she needs to say, and in a flash I’m naked, straddling her chest, knees tucked in beneath her arms, and I’m guiding my boner towards her wanting slobbery mouth. Tanaia is so eager it’s almost like sticking my dick into a vacuum hose, she pulls me into her warm welcome, slurping and suckling and running her tongue dextrously up and down my meaty member, eager to elicit the erotic eruption. I begin to tense and jerk, grabbing fistfuls of her soft brunette hair. Her eyes go wide with innocence, the way she knows I like, and my love explodes into her. She swallows my offering, eyes closed as she savors it, and I could swear she forgets I’m even here.

“Me now” she murmurs after a  minute, guzzling back a mostly melted strawberry-cheesequake blizzard. I shuffle her legs apart slightly, the weather balloon sized gut slipping down between them and spreading heavily along the mattress. I bury myself beneath it, crawling  towards her sweaty crotch. Within moments I’m at her shaven pussy and immediately set to work licking, sucking, and drinking her clit. I lap away at her salty sex, twirling and gliding around her labia, nibbling here and there, sucking and kissing, reacting to her increased breathing, her moans of bliss, her licentious grunting. After ten minutes her cunt froths and she lets loose a great alleviating fart straight into my face. Once that’s done I pull my sweat drenched face from between her clammy thighs and enjoy a deep breath of relatively fresh air. Tanaia is a great sudoriferous sybarite blob, incandescent with pleasure. She moans almost in protest as I help her up to her knees astride my naked body, and a coy smile splits her face as she feels me penetrating her. Having her hulking wide and wobbling form on top of me I thrust my hips, grabbing great meaty slabs of her ass, jiggling her body so she needn’t use her own effort. I get her rhythmically rocking atop me, the base of her gut slumped across my chest and even burying my chin, the sweat acting as a vital lubricant. Her beautiful body smothering me. She squirts and collapses on her side, her giant stomach slumping on my abs and her beautiful face nestled into the crook of my neck.

“Happy anniversary, pickle” I whisper, running my hands lovingly through her hair, but she’s already fast asleep.
A sequel to Pizza Slut The girl's name, Tanaia, is pronounced TAH-NAY-AH in case you were wondering. Hope you enjoy!
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      When I graduated from college, the economy was just starting to get bad.  I desperately wanted to keep my apartment in the city, but I couldn't find a job for the life of me.  I guess being a creative writing major wasn't the best idea.  I dreaded the thought of moving back home, living with my parents whom I never got along with.  So I watched my savings dwindle, exacerbated by the student loan payments I had to make every month.  I was down to my last month's rent, envisioning myself returning to my parent's home in shame, when a job listing on Monster caught my eye.
      For Hire: Taste Tester, Entry-level.  Will train.  No prerequisites.  Competitive salary, excellent benefits, and 401k.  Good opportunities for advancement at prestigious firm.  Email resume and cover letter by 4/30.
      Wow!  I thought.  The perfect job for me.  I love eating food, and the thought of getting paid to it was great.  Especially since I didn't want to move home and get a job stocking shelves at Pathmark.
      “Hi, I'm Perry,” said the interviewer, shaking my hand.  “You must be Daria.  Please, tell me about yourself.”  So I did.  “Hm, yes, creating writing has always been a tough major for the job market.  Anyway, I would like you to try these samples and fill out this sheet.”  When I had finished, Perry looked over the sheet.  “Yes!  This is excellent work.  Well, there's no need for a second interview.  You're hired.”
      I jumped across the table and hugged Perry.
      “This is...pleasant, but highly unusual.”
      “I'm sorry, I was just so don't know how much this job means to me...”  I blushed.
      “Well, come in on Monday, 8:00.  You don't have to hug me, just have the secretary let me know you're here.”
     On Monday, Perry gave me and Sharon, another newly hired tester, an orientation.  Then we began the delicious work of tasting and testing.  I asked Perry about the company.
      “Well, we develop special new flavors for other companies, we market our own line of snack and meal products, and we test already developed products before they go on to national distribution.”
      “So you interviewed us and also did the orientation.  Seems like you do a lot of jobs around here.  You're like, one of those guys who does everything?”
      “Actually, I'm the CEO,” said Perry.  “I know, I know, I should be in a Brioni suit, barking out orders.  But I'm just not that kind of guy.  I started out at International Flavors and Fragrances doing chemistry, until I realized that I could make a lot more money, and what's more, have a lot more fun, by running my own company.  So I pretty much do everything.”
      “Wow!” I said, looking at Perry in his Lacoste shirt and Dockers shorts.  “That's very impressive.”
      “Oh, it's nothing really. I just do what I love, and I love making new flavors.  Right now I'm working on a Cardamom-Vanilla Breakfast Smoothie.  Hey, you've got to try it.  I'll get you some.”
      “Oh Perry, this is amazing,” I said, draining the glass.  I poured myself another glass, then began taking notes.
      Perry was irrepressible.  It seemed like he was inventing a new product every day.  He kept bringing me new things to test, and my workload increased rapidly.  We were testing out foods with a new flavor he had invented called “Flavor Q.”  The first few weeks on the job were busy and exciting.  Perry came into the testing room to talk with me, as he did every day.
      “Hey Daria, you're looking a little chubby, said Perry.”
      “What?” I looked down at my belly, which was sticking out slightly.  “Oh, that's strange, I hadn't even noticed.”  
      “Well, I'll have to give you fewer assignments.  Did you ever see that movie, Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory?”  I nodded.  You wouldn't want to end up as a big round blueberry, like Violet Beauregarde.”  He laughed, then I laughed, picturing the girl turning blue and swelling up immensely in my head, until the Oompa-Loompas rolled her away.
      But the assignments kept coming.  Perry came up with a new one, “Flavor V,” which was mixed into pies, cakes, and other foods.  Sharon became terribly worried.
      “Daria, are you all right?  Look at your belly.”
      I looked down.  A thick roll of fat was hanging over into my lap.  “Oh my god...I'm fat!  This is so weird, I didn't really notice.  I'll have to talk to Perry about this.”
      “I'm quitting.  This job is giving me bad vibes.  Flavor Q gave me terrible gas, and I don't know about Flavor V, it just seems weird.”  As I walked to Perry's office, I noticed that my entire body was fattened, not just my belly.  My rear was rounded out, and even my arms were thicker.
      “Hey Perry, it seems like Flavor V is making me gain weight,” I said.
      “Well, you're free to quit at anytime.”
      I thought about the salary I was getting, and the difficulty of finding another job.  But I was so unnerved by my rapid weight gain, I decided to quit.
      I woke up in the morning, and went jogging to try to lose some weight.  It was awkward, running with a big gut hanging over my shorts, jiggling constantly and getting in the way.  I hadn't planned out a route.  Strangely, I found myself at the testing firm, walking through the front door.
      “I thought you quit,” said Perry.
      “I did, too,” I said.  “But I have the weirdest craving for Flavor V.  Hey, can you get me some samples?  How about chocolate?  Can you put Flavor V in chocolate?”
      “I'll get right on it.  It's good to have you back.”
      I sat in the test room, cramming food into my face at rapid speed.  Gradually I lost interest in taking notes.  When I got my paycheck on Friday, there was an expense account form from Perry, giving me as much money as I wanted, as long as I spent it on clothes.  I woke up on Saturday in a cold sweat, thinking about Flavor V, desiring its sweet highs, the subtle nuances, all the aspects of the flavor.  I took the subway to the firm.  Strangely enough, Perry was there.
      “Perry!  Can I work on Saturday and Sunday?  I really like Flavor V.”  He smiled.
      I walked into the testing room, looking fabulous in a new pair of tight jeans which showed off my huge butt and a top which managed to cover my giant gut.  I was kind of worried about my body, but every time I thought about it, I had an intense craving for more food with Flavor V, which made me forget all about it.  I also had the strongest desire for love that I had ever felt.  But there weren't any men around.  In fact, the building seemed sort of empty, except for...
      “Perry!” I said, grabbing his arm.
      “Hey Daria.  Wow, you look gorgeous.”
      “Really?”  I thought about it for a moment.
       “Hm, I know a broom closet down the hall...”   We squeezed into the hall closet.  There was barely enough room for the three of us - me, Perry, and my soft, flabby belly, which was squeezed up against Perry's waist.  His busy hands were squeezing, touching and caressing every part of my body that he could reach.
      I got off the subway and trudged up the steps to street level.  Each one was more difficult than the last.  By the time I got to the office, I was breathing heavily and sweating.  It was hard getting to work with a few extra hundred pounds on my body, I told Perry.
      “No problem,” said Perry.  “I'm moving part of the lab into my house.  Will you move in with me?  I'd like you to be part of my life.”
      “Perry!  Of course!  I'd love to.”  A few days later, Perry helped me move out of my old apartment.  I crammed myself into the front seat of his black Mercedes, my thighs so fat that I spilled over onto the console.  Perry took me to his breathtaking penthouse condo in a beautiful old building in Gramercy Park.
      Each morning, I rolled out of bed, eager to try whatever new flavors Perry would invent.  Soon my gorgeous belly was hanging down to my knees.  My breasts, laden with fat, hung down to my belly button - well, at least where my belly button used to be, back when I was skinny.  My belly button, by the way, was now less of a button and more of a cavernous hole.  My thighs and rear had expanded so greatly that, when we watched TV together on the couch, there was room for me, Perry, and not much else.  Still I could not get my fill of Flavor V.  I continued to eat everything in sight - whole pizzas, cookies, boxes of donuts - anything to get my fill, so sweet and delectable was the taste.  
      I was waddling over to the bathroom when I noticed, to my astonishment, that I could not move.  My huge thighs were pinned against the doorframe.   I sucked in my belly, and rocked back and forth, but to no avail.  Finally, I yelled and Perry came over.  He covered my body in olive oil, then forced me out.  I was so aroused by the feel of the oil on the soft, flabby folds of my body that Perry and I were soon kissing passionately on the floor.  
      I woke up the next day to a flurry of activity.  There was a whole team of carpenters, plumbers, and other tradesmen, renovating the bathroom and shower, putting in a new, giant reinforced steel bed, and making numerous other improvements.  
      “Perry!”  I said, shocked.  “Did you do all this...for me?”
      “Anything for my baby,” he said, grabbing a big handful of ass.  I smiled coquettishly.  
      “You're the best.”
      Still my body continued to grow.  My belly hung ridiculously low, almost to the floor, in two giant folds, with tons of other folds under my arms and at my back.  It stuck out so far that I could not reach its end with my outstretched arms, and I continually bumped into things.  My upper arms were bloated like two giant sausages, with extra fat bunching up at my elbows.  
      I would wake up in the morning and see nothing but a giant mound of fat in front of me.  I couldn't even see my feet.  But I was strangely overcome, even aroused, by the new sensation of being huge.  At this point, I could barely walk.  I would summon all my strength just to get out of bed and waddle to the kitchen or bathroom.   
      The next day Perry brought in two young women in clean, starched white uniforms.
      “Daria, this is Anne,” he said, pointing to one woman, “and Katie,” he said, pointing to the other.  “They're your attendants.”
      Anne and Katie helped me do everything.  They would carry me to the bathroom, each of them holding one of my huge, flabby arms over her shoulder.  They brought me trays and trays of food, which I devoured most greedily, leaving bits of food and pools of liquid in the deep recesses of my body, which they dutifully cleaned.  Most important, they massaged my colossal rolls of flesh, kneading aromatic oils into the depths of my body.  
      Finally, it happened.  I woke up and tried to move, but I couldn't.  My enormous belly now lay like a huge, flabby blanket over my legs.  At five feet wide, I was almost as wide as I was tall, with huge layers of fat covering every part of my body.  I was truly immobile.  The very thought of not being able to move aroused me incredibly.  Anne and Katie would do everything for me, even lift up my monstrous gut when Perry made love to me.
      It was strange being completely helpless, and yet very alluring to have people at my beck and call, taking care of every detail relating to my immense and growing body.  Not being able to go out was sort of a drawback, but I had a rich life.  When I wasn't eating, sleeping, or hanging out with Perry, I read novels or watched films and tv.  I even got a bit of creative writing done.   I would sit in bed, wearing nothing but a skimpy, custom made bikini, leaving rolls and rolls of flesh hanging out.  
      Anne and Katie were the best, always bringing me more food and giving me massages.  Their thin, nubile bodies made a stunning but pleasing contrast to my enormous corpulence.  But just when I thought I knew them, they surprised me.
      “Daria,” Anne called me, her eyes focused on the ground.
      “Yes, Anne?”
      “Well, I was wondering...” she hesitated.  “It's just, all these days of feeling your warm, soft flesh against my body, of kneading the luxuriant rolls of your back and belly...I know it's wrong for two women to love each other...”
      “It's not wrong, Anne.”  I pulled her close to me, and her thin, bony body sunk into the immensity of my flesh.  I gave her a deep kiss, sending waves of sensual pleasure reverberating through her body.  We were intimately busy all day.  When we had finished making love, she had only one thing to say.
      “Thank you.”
      Katie was even more surprising.  One day, while tenderly washing my colossal body, she told me her most intimate thoughts.
      “Daria,” she said.  “I'm...I'm so attracted to your body...You're always having such a good time, playing with your big chubby belly, lazing around the house in your skimpy bikinis, eating whatever you like.  I think I want to try being fat.  You know,  maybe a hundred pounds or so.  I want to be a fat girl, it seems  Do you think you could help me?”
      “Katie, of course.  It is really fun.  It's also a lot of hard work.  Here, I'll type up some meal plans and weight gain tips.”
      “Oh, thank you Daria, you don't know how much this means to me.  I can't wait to try it.”
      So there I was, basking in the light of glory, being the center of attention.  Perry lovingly fed me and made love, occasionally at the same time.  Anne gave me the special kind of love that only a woman could give, and Katie came into work each day a little bit chubbier, which aroused me greatly.  But little did I know that their attention would be focused on me even more strongly.
      I guess it would be hard enough to notice.  I mean, I probably weighed over a thousand pounds, although no one really knew, as I hadn't been weighed since around eight hundred.  I was laying in bed, resplendent in my super sized glory.  My sides were so fat that my arms were held up at 45 degree angles.  There was just roll after roll heaped on my body, giant fat tits hanging over folds and creases of flesh, my rear sliding out to the edges of the bed, my gut so huge that it even buried most of my enormously fat thighs.  But then came the unmistakable signs: I missed my period, then my breasts became swollen.  Anne administered a test for me, which said it clearly: I was pregnant.
      “Yes, dear.”
      “I'm pregnant.”
      “Wow!  Oh this is great.  How can you tell?”  He scrutinized my ample belly, looking for a sign, but there was none to be had.
      “A woman always knows.”
      “Well, I can't wait to be a daddy.  Hey, we should probably get married first.”  
      We had the wedding in our home, just me, Perry, Anne, Katie, and a priest.  It was pretty nice, and I even ordered a super plus size wedding dress for the occasion.  Plus I ate almost the whole wedding cake.  We eagerly awaited the next big day.  Perry had a team of doctors and nurses come in with all the equipment.    When it was over, the head doctor was amazed.
      “Well, it's unusual for a woman of your size to have a perfect pregnancy, with no complications.  But you have a perfectly healthy baby boy.  Good job.”
      I held Perry Junior closely.  He lay contentedly on my huge belly, sucking at my fat, milk-laden breast.
Picture of the ending: [link]
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It was the first Christmas that Alan had spent with his girlfriend Samantha and he had big plans. Large tree, large presents and, of course, a large dinner. He had everything out for the two of them but he was not expecting what was to come.

Samantha always loved to sleep in, no matter what day it was. She was about 5"3 with mousey brown chest length hair and beautiful sapphire eyes. Despite her height she had a large build with matching assets; 36 EE breasts and well rounded rear end with healthy sized thighs to support her build. She also had a bit of a tummy; this year had been a bit of a blowout for her yet Alan was secretly loving her putting on those extra pounds. She awoke to him walking in with a special Christmas breakfast; scrambled eggs, smoked salmon etc.

"Morning gorgeous" he smiled. "Or rather, good afternoon."
"Does it have to be the afternoon still?..." she replied in a doze.
"Well if you sleep in any later you'll miss the whole day. And besides you'd waste the meal I made for you."
"Yay! Alan's cooking!" Samantha found some energy and sat up to enjoy her breakfast/lunch. She scoffed it down in no time flat.
"Wow... you must of been hungry."

The day went on as Alan had planned; Samantha had not moved from the bed but he did not mind moving about on her behalf for once since she normally runs about after everyone else. It would make a nice change for her to relax for once. As the day went by they watched the Christmas specials, swapped stories with one another about past Christmases and what they'd end up doing if they were still living with their parents, opening presents etc. It was a perfect day for the both of them but the best part of all was yet to come; the Christmas Dinner. Sam finally got out of bed to help prep the vegetables and other smaller tasks as Alan saw over the final touches. She put on her new white silk dressing gown that she had just got that day as a gift from him.

As dinner was about to be served, Sam went and sat over at the table and Alan brought everything over; the stuffing, potatoes, vegetables until finally the turkey. Sam didn't know why but today she felt like she could eat everything. As they began to eat the first cracker was pulled by the both of them. Alan lost and she pulled out the piece of paper with what would normally have the joke on. Instead of a joke it was a message that Samantha read aloud;
"Eat, drink and be Merry. The first Christmas of this household the truth shall come out. No Scrooge will be present and peace and understanding shall be with the both of you. Love and happiness will flow as will the feeling for the both of you."
"What an odd cracker..." Alan pondered.
"Did you buy these from the pound store?"
"Nope. I got them from a high end place. Too much if you ask me but I wanted our first Christmas to be memorable."
"Ah well. Lets try another one."
As they went through them all they all said the exact same thing.
"Defects?" she suggested.
"Possibly. Can't return them now! Lets dig in before it gets cold!"

As Sam finished her plate, she felt her belly bulge outwards onto her lap but oddly did not feel full. She went for seconds, then thirds. Alan was amazed by this; she rarely eats that much, let alone thirds.
"Are you feeling alright?" he asked.
"I just feel REALLY hungry."
Alan noticed something; Sam was growing bigger before his eyes. Her belly, though doughy before, was undoing the waistline strap on her gown. It was as if she was in a frenzy with the amount she was putting away. Despite him liking the sight he had to say something.
"Sam, you're getting bigger!"
"I know! But I'm fed up of running after everyone! I know I love to help others but just this once can someone do it for me?!" She was getting a bit teary eyed saying this.
"Sam... you know I ALWAYS will for you. You are my love and I would do anything for you." She was able to stop eating to register what he had said.
"Even if that meant telling you to jump off of a cliff?"
"Well you know I am an idiot when it comes to things like this..." Alan replied with a heart felt smile on his face. Sam just gave him that look of 'You're such an idiot, but I love you.'
"Truth is Alan, I was afraid that me putting on these extra pounds this year would make you dislike me..."
"Sam, I could never dislike you. Yes, everyone has their faults such as you being a workaholic but size will never get in the way of me loving you." Sam blushed. "As for me... I actually like the extra bit of weight. Besides even you have to agree we've definitely grown closer as the year went on."
"So if I got sooooooooo fat that I couldn't move, you'd still be here?" Sam asked with a seductive tone.
"Well then, screw everyone else. Now I will look after me first and help when I can. Now about dessert..."

With that the couple kissed. Sam's cheeks and lips had grown puffier with the intake of food she had eaten. She finished off her plate and tried to get up. The extra weight she had gained threw her off balance at first, falling into Alan's arms. He felt how much more of her there was and got a little excited about that fact. She moved to the sofa instead and he brought over the rest of the main course onto the table in front of her. Sam dove straight in and continued eating and eating, getting bigger with each bite. Her breasts had gotten larger, growing into basketballs and resting on her ever growing belly, her arms had gotten fleshier, making her gown become tight around there, her ass had doubled in size, taking up 3/4 of the sofa, her legs were now rubbing and very fleshy and her belly was about to untie her waist wrap. Alan brought over desserts and on the first bite her gown burst off her, showing everything fleshy. Her breasts still sat atop her belly, which was now digging into the table itself and starting to cover her knees. As she kept growing and eating the table was being consumed by her belly, well over 400 pounds now.
"Alan, I have room for much more hon. Can you get anything else?"

Alan was always well prepared. He had food stocked up for an emergency such as unplanned visits or if the weather turned bad. He started getting anything and everything out and cooking it to keep up with his girlfriends demands. She just kept swelling... the sofa was now completely covered by her ass, breasts the size of yoga balls, belly half on the floor, half on the table, half on the table, legs having to spread to make room for it. Her arms and legs were tree trunks, double chin working on a third and gone 600 pounds.

As the last of the savoury had vanished, Samantha rested on the sofa. Alan had the cheeky idea of using his beer bong as a tube. He got ice cream and milk and poured as much as possible into the top and gave his now mountainous girlfriend the hose. He had to climb on top of her to keep the flow going. Bigger and bigger she got, she was lifting due to her ass not having any room to expand on the sofa. Over the sides and up like bread baking and she got even larger. Not long after there was a creaking sound and then CRACK! Both the sofa and table went under her huge weight with the couple falling backwards.

Now resting on top of Sam, Alan looked her in the eyes and lovingly kissed her. 'So plump and soft...' he thought.
"Told you I'd stay." She had to be at least a ton, arms and legs like yoga balls, ass as large as half a car, breasts the size of a single bed each, belly filled half the living room. Pudgy cheeks and lips with a triple chin, tubby hands and feet wiggled as she still had those sapphire eyes.
"So what do I do about work tomorrow?" she saked.
"Call in sick. Tell them you have tinselitous"
Been a while. Thought this one up over christmas dinner when i zoned out. Hope you guys like reading it as much as i did writing it :)
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wg story
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Lina stood before the imposing metal doors. She held up the newspaper and double checked the address. This was definitely the right place, although, she wished it wasn’t. “Test Subject Needed for Radical Lifestyle Experiment,” the ad said, not exactly inspiring confidence. However, it was hard to turn down the amount of money they were offering.

            Lina gave a knock on the door. “Hello? I’m here to see Dr. Teld about the experiment.”

            With a buzz, the door opened and Lina walked inside. She was met by a vacant waiting room, with chairs and old magazines strewn about. Sitting at a desk was a lady in a black dress, typing away at her computer.

            “Ms. Hudson?” the woman asked, looking up from her computer, giving Lina a fraction of her attention.

            “Yes, that’s me.”

            “Ah good, you’re on time. Dr. Teld doesn’t like postponing experiments.” The receptionist reached under her desk and took out a clipboard. “Please fill out the information on the sheet provided. Dr. Teld should call you in shortly.”

            The receptionist turned her attention away from Lina and resumed typing on her computer.  Put off by the receptionist’s lukewarm welcome, Lina sat down and began filling out the information. Hair: long and blonde, height: 6 feet, 2 inches. Eyes: brown. Bra size: B. Favorite food: grilled cheese. What made her stop was her weight, she had always been self-conscious about. Not wanting to dwell too long, she quickly wrote down 105 pounds and signed the bottom of the page, neglecting to read the rest of the paper.

            The receptionist took the clipboard and looked it over. “Yes, yes, very good. You’re the right person for this experiment. Dr. Teld will be happy to have you on the team.”

            As if on cue, a door next to the reception desk opened and a man in a long, white lab coat stepped out. He was a very tall man, and his black hair and scruffy beard seemed to clash against the wide rimmed glasses on his nose. Adjusting his glasses, he walked up to Lina and began looking around her.

            “Is this the test subject?,” the man in the lab coat inquired, studying her like a book.

            “Yes Dr. Teld, here are her papers.”

            The receptionist handed Dr. Teld the clipboard and he began looking it over. He flipped through the pages, nodding his head and scrutinizing every last detail. He began asking Lina more detailed questions about her health, her lifestyle, and her family. At the end he smiled, and scribbled out something on his notes.

            “Well Ms. Hudson I do believe that you’re the perfect candidate for our experiment. The only thing that remains is to get started. Are you ready?” Dr. Teld asked, a single eyebrow raised.

            “Y-yes,” Lina replied, nervously.

            “Good, then right this way.” Dr. Teld led her into the back room, the receptionist eyeing Lina the entire time. The two walked down a long hallway, dotted with numbered doors. Dr. Teld stopped her in front of room 23.

            Dr. Teld opened the door and pointed inside. “Please enter. You will find a set of clothes that we need you to wear for the test. It is vital to our experiment that you wear all of the necessary clothing. When you are finished, enter through the other door. Good luck!”

            With that, Dr. Teld pushed Lina inside and closed the door behind her. It was a gray locker room, with a bench in the middle and a set of clothes folded neatly on it. Stripping down to her underwear, Lina examined the cloths on the bench. The outfit was very loose, like it had been made for someone five times her size. The top was a standard gray sweatshirt, except for a V-neck that went down a little low on Lina, showing the edges of her black bra. The sweatpants had an elastic waist that seemed to stretch to enormous proportions. Lina gently placed her old clothes in the nearby locker, and proceeded through the door, the bottom of her pants dragging the whole way.

            Lina entered a small, square room, with a large window that she guessed was where the doctor would be observing her. In the center of the room was an enormous bed, with various wires and devices connected to it. The bed had a variety of buttons and switches lining the sides, with machines reading off seemingly random numbers.

            “Ah, good. I see that you’re ready.” The voice came from the PA system. Looking up, Lina could see Dr. Teld and a few other scientists looking out of the window. “Hmm, I see that the clothing is a little big on you, but that shall be remedied later. Now then, please lie down on the bed and we shall begin.”

            The bed was incredibly soft as Lina rested her slim figure on the cushion. Immediately the sensors began reading off more numbers, although this time they seemed to be a bit more exact. They were monitoring her blood pressure, her mood, and her weight, which now showed 110 pounds, disproving her previous assumption. Placing her head on the pillow, Dr. Teld came back on the intercom.

            “I do hope you’re comfy. We will now send in the SLOTHs.”

            Confused, Lina almost jumped out of the bed as she heard a slot in the side of the room open up. Lifting up her head, Lina saw three lights that seemed to be getting closer. With a light hum, a small robot flew out from the vent and began hovering over her. It was spherical in shape, with three lights to act as a sort of face for it, and two limbs that ended in metallic fingers.

            “Ms. Hudson let me introduce you to the Sedentary Life Over Time Helper, a.k.a., the SLOTH.”

            “Like the thing in the rainforest?”

            “Yes, they do share the same name, but our SLOTHSs work a lot harder.”

            Lina eyed the robot as it hovered around the bed. The SLOTH stopped as it neared her head. It stared at her, like it was waiting for something. “What does it do?,” Lina asked.

            “The SLOTH was designed for people that have been confined to their beds for various reasons. They are capable of performing a number of tasks to help a person in their everyday life. If our tests succeed, then we can start mass producing them. Think of all the good they will do for those in wheelchairs or are permanently bed ridden.”

            To Lina this sounded like a good cause and so with confidence, she responded. “So what do you want me to do?”

            “Nothing at all. These robots are here to meet your every whim. Just lay back and let them do all the work. We’ll be watching to see how they perform.”

            “Sounds easy enough.” Lina began to think of what to do next, she never had a servant before, let alone a robot. Her mind started to wander around the possibilities, but a growl from her stomach gave her an idea. In a rush to be at the lab on time, she had skipped breakfast. “Ok SLOTH, please bring me food, eggs and bacon preferably.”

            “As you wish,” the SLOTH replied, in a robotic, monotone voice, before floating through the passage it came from. Lina laid back in the bed and relaxed, getting accustomed to the TV and computer controls. Just as she was able to find the food channel on television, the SLOTH returned, but it wasn’t alone. It was joined a four other SLOTHSs, each carrying a platter with breakfast food on it. There was of course Lina’s eggs and bacon, albeit with about a dozen eggs fried with cheese and about thirty strips of bacon. In addition, the SLOTHSs had gone to the trouble of cooking up a tray of twenty biscuits with butter and jam dripping off the sides and a stack of pancakes three feet tall, stuffed with chocolate chips, soaked with maple syrup, and covered with what looked like a whole stick of butter.

            “Not them I’m ungrateful or anything,” Lina said as the SLOTHs set up a large tray and placed the food in front of Lina, “but, I didn’t ask for this much food.”

            The intercom came on again. “We’ve been monitoring your health levels. According to our data, in order for our test to be as accurate as possible, we’re going to increase your nutritional input.”

            “I think you’re wasting your time. There’s no way I’m going to eat all that.”

            “Please, just eat as much as you can then.”

            The intercom turned off, leaving Lina alone with the SLOTHs, and the platters of food. What she said before was true, Lina usually only took a few bites of food before she felt full. However, the smell of the bacon and the gaze of the SLOTHs urged her on.

            Back in the watch room Dr. Teld was getting anxious. In order for the SLOTHs to be tested correctly, Lina had to eat their food. All he could do was wait, and let the additives in the food do their job.

            The bacon squished when Lina stabbed it with her fork, releasing grease and other juices. Lina was a bit revolted as the bacon dripped across the plate, making her a bit hesitant. Lina took the smallest bite she could, but the little she ate was incredible. Whatever the SLOTHs had put in the food was delicious, and Lina began ravenously digging into the platter of bacon and eggs.

            Lina picked up the final piece of bacon with her fingers and covered it in the remaining cheese and eggs, before eating it in one bite. Pushing the tray away, Lina was quite surprised that she had actually gone through the whole plate. Lina already regretted it, looking at the small bulge appearing on her stomach. She was about to order the SLOTHs to take the rest of the food away, when her stomach growled again.

            Figuring that a few extra bites wouldn’t hurt, Lina pulled the platters of biscuits and pancakes closer to her and began to eat. Lina took an enormous bite of a biscuit, letting the butter and jelly drip onto her top. She tried to clean it up, but with nothing to wipe it off with, she decided to just keep eating and have the SLOTHs clean it up later. The pancakes only made the mess worse, the sticky syrup dribbling down Lina’s mouth and onto her chest.

            With one last bite, Lina finished off the pancakes, rubbing her engorged stomach. Looking at the display near the bed, it showed that just from her breakfast feast, she had already gone up to 125 pounds. Lina became a bit distressed at the added 15 pounds of weight, and thought it was about time to stop.

            “Thank you very much for the food,” Lina spoke to the SLOTHs, moving aside her plate. “Now, could you please clean me up a bit?”

            The SLOTHs just floated there, not moving an inch.

            “Um, excuse me, I said could you please clean this up?”

            “I’m afraid that they won’t be able to move at the moment. They’re running low on battery,” Dr. Teld announced from the intercom.

            “Ok, then plug them in.”

            “It’s not that simple. You see these robots have a special power source. A renewable resource readily accessible.”

            “And what is that?”

            As if on cue, Lina’s bulging belly began to grumble. Whatever was put in that food, wasn’t sitting well in her stomach. She began rubbing her stomach to relieve the pressure, accidentally letting a bit of gas squeak out. Lina turned beet red as the sound echoed throughout the room, while the robots’ eyes turned green for a moment.

            “Our robots are powered by a revolutionary olfactory based power system. In short, they are powered by human smells, like the one you just let out.”

            “Wait,” Lina interjected, struggling to keep the building pressure at bay, “you’re telling me that these things are powered by…”

            “Yes, and other unpleasant scents that come from the human body. Farts, burps, bad breath, sweat, etc.”

            “Why are you using it on robots and something more useful?” Lina asked, doubting Dr. Teld’s intelligence.

            “This energy system is still in the prototype phase. They are still quite time consuming to make, and not exactly cost efficient. We’ve also had a few problems with its performance. They can only generate a small amount of power, which is already at its limit when running these robots. Also, we have only been able to charge the robots in enclosed spaces and we need a constant source of foul odors to keep it going.” Dr. Teld paused to catch his breath. “Does that answer your question?”

            “I guess,” Lina replied, still a bit confused.

            “Good, then let the test resume.”

    The intercom turned off, leaving Lina with the motionless SLOTHs. Lina tried fruitlessly to wipe off the jelly and syrup, only succeeding in making her hands sticky and the mess worse. With no other choice, Lina decided to let a bit of the pressure out with a tiny burp that she covered with her hand. The SLOTHs lifted up for a second before going motionless again. Her stomach grumbled, and the pressure built, until she couldn’t hold it anymore and released a loud, smelly fart.

    Lina waved her hands and held her nose to cover the smell, and immediately, the robots came to life, waiting for Lina to give an order. The SLOTHs got to work cleaning Lina while she laid back and watched television. Lina shivered as a SLOTH began cleaning in-between her cleavage, causing her to involuntarily pass gas. For some reason, her digestive system was creating an unusually large amount of gas. She still held it as long as she could, only belching or farting when the battery got low.

    About an hour after Lina had finished her breakfast feast, her stomach began to have hunger pains again. For all of the advanced technology connected to the bed, the room was lacking in any way for Lina to know what time it was. Lina rubbed her still engorged belly, and figured it was about time for lunch.

    “SLOTHs, it’s time for lu-URRRP-­­nch.” Lina belched out, for the first time without blushing or trying to cover her mouth. The SLOTHs listened intently as Lina began to list a number of meals she wanted brought to her, most of which came from cooking shows she had been watching. Her order complete, the SLOTHs once again floated through the metal door to go get her food. As they were leaving Lina commanded two of them to stay behind to give her a massage.

    Lost in the relaxing pulsations of the robot fingers, Lina didn’t notice the other SLOTHs until they placed the food onto her tray. Her eyes lit up as the covers were lifted, revealing a platter of grilled cheese sandwiches dripping with twenty different kinds of cheese and stuffed with ham, bacon, and various other meats. Out of excitement, Lina let a small squeak out her backside, not realizing that it had started to look a bit chunkier.

    In a matter of minutes, Lina had already gone through five of the sandwiches and despite the excessive grease, her mouth was getting dry. She commanded the SLOTHs to bring her a drink, and as with the food, they responded in a big way. The robot went over to a nearby control panel, and began typing in a series of commands. Lina stopped mid-bite, watching the ceiling open up and a long tube slide down from the ceiling. A SLOTH lifted up the tube and brought the end up to her mouth, enticing her to put her lips around it. Before she could react, the robot forced the tube into her mouth and some kind of liquid began flowing through it and into her mouth. To her delight, the tube was feeding her a sort of chocolate shake slurry, which she happily slurped down. When she was satisfied, she pulled the tube out of her mouth and burped loudly, before reaching for another sandwich.

    After another hour, and one more big gulp from the tube, Lina had finished her lunch, deciding to reward the SLOTHs by letting her bowels loose and a massive fart escape between her ass cheeks. As the robots were cleaning her up, Lina looked over at the monitor and almost fell out of her bed when she saw that her weight was now 150 pounds. Feeling a bit more tickle on her body, Lina took a minute to look at herself to see that the belly fat had begun to even out throughout her body. Her breasts had grown out a bit, her shirt no longer being so loose around her chest. Her newly gaseous backside had expanded to fit her sweat pants and actually began to feel a bit snug on her. Looking at her stomach she could see her rounded stomach poking out from underneath her shirt, letting everyone get a good luck at her belly button.

    Rubbing her belly, Lina lazily pressed the buttons on the TV screen and changed the channel. She ordered the SLOTHs to constantly bring her snacks to satisfy her gluttonous appetite, all the while becoming less and less, self-conscious about her eating habits and flatulence. Eventually, Lina let her eyes close and she fell asleep, food crumbs still clinging to her face. Unbeknownst to her, the SLOTHs took this opportunity to inject her with a syringe, before powering down for the night.

    Lina awoke hours later, with the lights and TV off, and a roaring belly to satisfy. Turning her head, and swinging her newly formed second chin, Lina saw the SLOTHs in their sleep mode, with the power off. Leaning to one side, she produced a loud PPPFFFFFRRRT to wake them up and turn on the power. “Get me some food!” was the first thing to come out of her mouth, followed by a loud burp.

    Stomach growls echoed throughout the room as Lina restlessly waited for the food, sucking on milkshake in an attempt to sate her hunger. With a ding, the door slid open and the robots came in, holding a plate of nachos that barely fit through the door. The plate was almost falling over with the combined weight of the beans, cheese, meat, sour cream, and jalapenos. Momentarily, Lina stopped suckling her tube to fill her mouth with a handful of cheese and meat. Her eating habits had changed quite a bit in one day, no longer taking the time to stop the food from dripping all over herself, soaking her top in grease and letting bits of food fall between her cleavage without a care. The SLOTHs would take care of it later, as soon as they finished bringing her more food of course.

    Still licking the remaining grease off of the platter, Lina took a glance over at the monitor to see that she weighed in at a massive 220 pounds. Even in her gluttonous stupor, she knew this didn’t make any sense. There’s no way she could gain that much in such a short time. Letting the SLOTHs take away the platter and washing it down with more of the thick, milkshake concoction, Lina pressed a button on the side of the bed in hopes of getting an answer.

    “Ex-URRRRRRRRP-cuse me, but I think there might be a few things you should tell me.” Lina said, anxious to get an answer.

    The PA system buzzed on with Dr. Teld’s voice. “Our tests show that your body does have an unusual reaction to the treatment we have been giving you. However, this is all part of the experiment. Please continue so that we can see how it progresses.” The intercom buzzed off, leaving Lina with many questions and a buildup of gas in her stomach.

    Lina ordered the SLOTHs to massage her belly, making two of them start to rub and knead her flabby stomach peeking through her shirt. Another pair came close to Lina, holding various cleaning supplies, when she stopped them with a raised hand. “Not now, just get me some more food!” Lina ordered, punctuating with a fart. Moving a thickened arm, Lina turned on the TV and zoned out as she constantly snacked on junk food and sucked on her tube, belching and farting to keep the robots constantly in motion.

    An added effect of the food additives was that Lina’s digestive system had slowed down, taking food a much longer time to go through her body. Lina stopped half-way through eating a XXL, supreme pizza, when she felt a grumble in her lower stomach. She tried to get rid of it pressure by farting, but nature still called. “SLOTH, I need to use the bathroom.” Lina said meekly, for the first time in a while blushing at her own words. A SLOTH floated over to the bed and pressed a combination of buttons on the panel, while simultaneously another two pulled down Lina’s pants. Lina felt a woosh underneath her butt cheeks as a whole opened underneath her. She knew what it was, but it didn’t make it any less uncomfortable doing it. When she was done, the robot pressed the button on the panel, releasing a blast of water to clean her butt crack. The SLOTHs pulled up her pants and the bed closed up, leaving only the terrible smell lingering in the air.

    Lina continued her binging without much disruption, besides the occasional burp. Her shirt began to fit snugly around her breasts, as more and more food sank down into her cleavage. The SLOTHs didn’t get a chance to clean there, but Lina made a point to dig out whatever bits of food she could find whenever she had to wait on an order. She had the SLOTHs undo her bra a while ago, estimating that her boobs had grown to around a double J cup in the span of a day. Her enormous belly could no longer be contained by her shirt, and when she looked down she could no longer see her feet. Using a mirror held by a SLOTH, she saw her thunder thighs were close to the size of tree trunks, which was needed to support her enormous, flabby ass that was constantly spewing out gas. Lina accidentally pressed the wrong button on the remote and brought up her measurements on the screen. Her current weight was 285 pounds.

    Shrugging off her weight being more than double what she started at, Lina simply ordered more food. Another day was spent eating and sleeping, as Dr. Teld recorded his test results. Lina tossed and turned in her sleep that night, farting all night long, giving the SLOTHs plenty of spare power. Without her giving direct orders, they went on autopilot.

    Lina yawned and stretched out her flabby arms, greeting the morning with a roaring blast from her butt cheeks. She looked around and had her rub her eyes with her sausage like fingers to make sure she was actually awake. With their extra energy, the SLOTHs had taken it upon themselves to create a feast fit for a party of fifty people. Lina began to drool as the robots began piling up the food on her tray, moistening her already filthy shirt. Making the effort to raise her arms, she instructed the SLOTHs to remove her shirt, it was just becoming a hindrance to her ever growing tits. The shirt was pulled off, letting her breasts jiggle free and bits of food to fall loose.  Preferring to have unrestrained flesh, Lina also let the robots take of her sweatpants, revealing her very thin and very dirty panties, wedged in her ass. With one little movement, the panties snapped apart, causing a ripple effect to spread through her ass fat.

    Unburdened by clothes, Lina started her feast with a turkey overflowing with stuffing. She didn’t bother with any utensils, grabbing chunks of meat and shoving it into her mouth. Finished with the turkey, she moved on to a bowl of mashed potatoes, shoving her face in the bowl and eating like a dog. Licking the gravy off her face, Lina washed down her food with more of shake concoction, which seemed thicker than ever. Taking the tube out her mouth for a second to burp, Lina grabbed the next serving of food, a five foot long sandwich that her wide mouth could barely fit around. Lina just kept eating and eating, drinking from her tube to help things go down, and constantly belching and farting to keep her belly from becoming too full.

    With the last of the plates licked clean, Lina chugged down one more mouthful from her tube, before taking a break. Her enormous stomach was finally satiated, and she began rubbing it with her fingers, wanting to feel every fold of fat for herself.  The stomach massage, caused a loud PFFFRRRTT to escape from her wide ass, making the room smell worse than it already did. All the while, the SLOTHs were in the other room already preparing Lina’s next feast.

    With a buzz the intercom came on, pulling Lina’s attention away from her own girth. “Lina this is Dr. Teld. I think it’s time we told you the truth about our experiment. The SLOTHs weren’t designed to help people who have become sedentary. Their actual purpose was to MAKE people sedentary.”

    “What do you mean?” Lina asked.

    “In reality, SLOTH stand for Slobby Lazy Obese Transformation Helpers. We created them so that people can become like what you are now. I must admit, we also have been giving you a dose of a serum to help speed up the process, but we consider this experiment to be a success.”

    Dumbfounded, Lina didn’t quite know how to react. “What are you going to do with me?” Lina asked, fear in her voice.

    “That’s entirely up to you my girl. If you wish, we can start you on a treatment plan that will bring you back to your old self and you’ll be given the promised amount of money. Or…”

    “Or what?”

    “Well, if you so choose, you can stay like this and continue the experiment. If you agree to this, these SLOTHs will be yours to keep and take care of you for as long as you want. We will also pay you for your continued participation in the study. It would be very sizable, able to cover the expenses of this lifestyle and more. So Ms. Hudson, what is your decision?”

    Lina brought a thick finger to her multiple chins and started to think. Considering what her old life was like and what this new lifestyle was like for her, it didn’t take too long for her to make a decision. “Dr. Teld, I want to continue the experiment,” Lina said proudly. “I think I would like living like this. No responsibilities, no stress, and I wouldn’t have to do anything all day besides eat and sleep.”

    “I am so glad to hear that,” Dr. Teld replied, joy in his voice.

    Lina stayed at the lab for another week while they got everything ready for her. During that time she became a smelly blob of fat and gas, which drove away anyone that tried to get close to her. By the time she left the lab, they estimated her to be over 500 pounds, with breasts the size of bean bags, and an ass that filled up two king sized beds.

    Lina was wheeled into her new apartment with another bed specifically made for her body. Her apartment had been fitted with many of the accommodations of the testing lab, plus more like a larger TV screen and her choice of three feeding tubes hanging around her head level. Settling into her new bed and initiating it with a loud and smelly fart, Lina gave a command to her SLOTHs, “Bring me some food.”

Warning: this is a slob story that contains weight gain, farting, and a few other things associated with slobification.
 This is a little story about an experiment by a crazy doctor. Let it be known that he breaks a lot of research ethics in this story, so keep that in mind.
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Lucy's Secret Santa

Blueberry inflation, not your thing? Move on ;-)

Lucy was a pretty, young teacher. A 25 year old with long deep red hair. She locked her office door so she could focus on marking. School was done for the day but Lucy was late completing classes Christmas reports so was staying on to complete them. She was wearing a red blouse with black buttons. Her black bra covering her ample DD chest was visible through her blouse where it was tight. She smoothed out her black knee length pencil skirt and sat down, brusing down her calf high leather boots. She spotted a present on her desk. Her secret santa gift. Well it will pass the time she thought. Inside was a bottle of wine and a pack of gum. "£10 minimum my ass" snorted Lucy as she took some gum and settled to work.

Busy, she did not see her nose turn a light blue spreading over her cheeks, obliviously checks her next report reflexively swallowing the gum. The colour slowly flows down her neck under her red blouse. As her hands flush she stops. Staring at her hand she is left speechless. A loud gurgle sounds and suddenly Lucy felt bloated. She stifled a burp, then another as she rubs her blue belly seeing her legs flush as she looks down. Her black bra visible under her red blouse seems tight and a loud gurgle from her belly is heard as it puffs out a little. "I feel funny" she moans as her stomach pushes out giving her a muffin top over her tight black skirt.

Holding her middle Lucy leant back in her chair looking confused as her pot belly tightens, her blouse buttons spreading. Lucy stands slowly, the new weight sloshing audibly and causing her to fight for balance. With a pop a button flies off exposing deep blue flesh and a pierced belly button with a crystal in the centre. Her hands clasp the growing gut rubbing the tender stretched flesh. Lucy stops, pursing her lips quizzically as a stange noise. Like a hissing or... she realizes her skirt has a clasps and... A ZIP! Hands move to a rear which just now she realises has been joining in the growth. The zip rolls down causing a small gap in her skirt through which a suggestion of black underwear is visible. The blue woman tries to remain calm as she explores her growing girth.

Hands roam over a now sizable beer gut and while one travels lower to inspect a bloated rear, a second moves upwards feeling her breasts which also feel swollen and tender, in fact her bra seems fairly uncomfortable at this point. She lets out a squeak as she feels her belly tighten her top further. The gaps between buttons now splay wide revealing still more flesh, as it tries to ride up over her exposed lower belly. A pop and tinkle as another button surrenders to the growing womans body, spinning on the table like a coin. "Help me." Lucy whispers. The shock rendering her almost mute. "It won't stop."

A pinching pain, in her side draws her attention. She tries to look but whimpers as she realises she cant see around her inflated stomach. Instead she reaches down and feels her skin puckered in at the waist. The clasps hold on tight and sow little sympathy to her plight as her waist tries to billow out. Held, painfully cinched in by the treacherous clothing she once filled perfectly. The hem of her skirt was less determined and was beginning to ride up. Exposing thighs that were now plump and thickening at pace. Even her calves seemed crammed into her boots, snug and only getting worse.

Lucy had no idea what to do. Rubbing her belly which showed little interest in slowing. In fact she realised with horror that she could barely touch her hands together round her middle any more. Her whole body was betraying her and she could do nothing to stop it. This thought was followed by a wince as her bra bit deep into her plumpened shoulders and back. Breasts spilling over the top of her 34 DD bra. Too big to be fully contained the blue mountains swelled over the top causing another button to pop, showing of a real canyon of cleavage. The skirt was bulging on all sides as Lucy's thighs thickened. The skirt forced her legs to her knees together and she had to spread her stance just to stay upright. "If I can reach my phone maybe I can call for help" she mumbled and took a faltering step towards her bag. However the movement caused a ripple through her body which spread and jiggled her massive belly popping all but one button in a chain of small pops. A tearing cracking noise began to fill her ears. The skirt was tearing. Tears pricked her eyes as she felt her ass through a large and growing tear in the skirt. Black french knickers exposed and looking painted on were slowly being enveloped by Lucy's growing buttocks. They felt likely to end the same way as her other clothes soon. Fat calves split the leather boots peeling back like old banana skins revealing the blue bloated flesh underneath.

Stumbling foward with the constantly changing centre of gravity was almost impossible as she jiggled and gurgled uncontrollably with each step ripping the skirt further and causing her to waddle. Her legs getting wider apart with each step. With a final pop her blouse burst open revealing her now comically small bra whic was being totally smothered by her enourmous breasts forcing their way under over and around the now minute cups. Lucy started to whimper again as she felt her breasts touch her chin forcing her head up and blocking her view of the bag with her only lifeline, the phone, nestled inside. Desperately she staggered the last couple of feet and waved an arm hopefully in its direction.

Success! Her arm looped the bag and lifted it up. She then encountered another issue. How to get in the bag. Swinging her left arm round she grasped at air as she simply could no longer reach around her body. The realisation forced a choked sob from her as despair threatened. She had never pictured being so big she couldn't touch hands. Still growing the gurgling inside was pumping her further still she truly started thinking she might explode. As she fought to open the bag Lucy found her arms getting tight. Was it getting harder to bend her elbows? Yes she thought. Whatever is filling me is halting my movement. The redhead tried to bend her arm but it was tougher and tougher as it fought to rise to her shoulder and stick out straight. Gritting her teeth she tried once more to get in her bag. Panting and huffing deeply, the strain quite unbearable she felt a moan escape her deep blue full lips. Her energy drained her arms sprang back violently catapulting the bag to the floor. Now the tears began in earnest unable to fight them back any longer. Big fat blue tears rolled down her face and onto her voluminous globes. She sobbed as she tried to walk but could no longer bend her knees. Kicking out her whole leg to one side was the only way to move and the foot landed barely a few centimetres forward reducing her to a rotund waddle. Lucy felt a gurgle deep inside and closed her green eyes, bracing for another spurt. A crack signaled the end of her skirt. This caused massive ripples and rolls across Lucy's mighty frame. Frantically, she waved her turgid arms to maintain balance. Terrified landing to hard might cause her over flowing body to burst. Stood in a rapidly disintegrating bra and knickers so tight they showed more off then they hid, Lucy blushed, her cheeks a darker purple as the colours mixed.

Lucy felt something rising in her throat, a tart powerful flavour which was building, rising, overpowering her. She was focusing on the flavour it was familiar but so strong...BLUEBERRIES! SHE WAS BECOMING A BLUEBERRY! The realisation kicked her mind into gear and she began to shout "HELP I'M TURRRMMMPPPHHH... MMMPPPHHH! MMMMMMMM!" Lucy's cheeks bulged as the juice flooded into her mouth. Dribbles escaped her plumpened lips and glistened on her chin as her whole mouth was filled with juice. Everytime she tried to open her mouth juice would gush out, yet was immediately replenished. She knew speaking was impossible now and she could feel more changes creeping over her body. Her belly and assfelt like they were merging into one giant mass. Worse still her legs felt shorter, like they were being absorbed into her globular middle "glub mmmmph he...mmmmph glub me....pwese" she begged feeling the sticky juice flow between her giant breasts and soaking the pathetic remains of her bra. With a sad almost apologetic 'twang' the bra finally surrendered, releasing the mountainous mammaries completely. Reflexively Lucy attempted to cover herself but was shocked to find her arms were stuck, absorbed up to her elbows. She could barely move her sausage sized fingers either. Mobility reduced to practically zero. Tears streaming, moaning softly she could only close her eyes in shame as her knickers fell away joining the shredded remains of her clothing on the floor. Her filled more making her squint as every available space was taken up and she could feel her rounded and swollen pussy touch the floor.

But still she filled. She pushed slowly into the carpet, rising as she did. All she could do was uselessly flap her hands as Lucy was pushed onto her tiptoes She looked around, through squinting eyes, her red hair brushing across her bare skin and the shreds of blouse on her shoulders. She saw something that filled her with dread. Nearby the sharp corner of her desk was all too visible and Lucy knew a couple more centimetres up and she could topple. If she met that corner...

Slowly she lifted little by little her tiny boots inched away from the floor until with a sickening feeling she swung her toes to touch only air. With a terrifying inevitability she felt her centre of gravity shift as she filled still more. Slowly at first, hands flapping, feet kicking, Lucy began to fall. Rolling on her huge body she saw the table and that evil little sharp corner getting closer and closer. faster and faster. Her whole body drum tight rolled towards the corner. She made contact, Lucy felt the corner dig in to her tender flesh and moaned in pain splashing juice across the tables surface as she opened her mouth to scream...
An inflation story that just arose from nowhere after chatting to a good friend. Been a while since I wrote and I am a little rusty, but I hope you enjoy it all the same.
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It was a few days before Christmas, and the Glendale Galleria was filled with stressed parents, happy children, and a trio of drunk college girls. The leader of the pack was Tanya, who eye-flirted with every cute boy they walked past. She got a few smiles back, but most people found her off-putting, as she dressed somewhere between goth and emo, keeping her hair dyed black and her nails painted to match.

Still, she appeared almost normal when compared to her two friends, Grace and Bonnie. They had the same jet black hair, but Grace spiked hers all over, while Bonnie's was shaved short into a fauxhawk. They would have been a spectacle even without the aid of alcohol, which made them louder and more brazen. They'd been celebrating finishing their first semester of college… barely. Grades weren't released for another week, but they were pretty sure they had at least passed.

After some drinks, Tanya had decided they needed to go to the mall for some reason. Because it was so busy, security hadn't noticed them. Yet.

When Tanya spotted the mall centerpiece, a winter wonderland with a big jolly Santa seated on a Christmas throne, she smiled and turned to her friends. "We should get a picture with Santa. It will be hilarious."

"I don't know. Look at the line," Bonnie replied. She really had no desire to get a picture and thought this would be a deterrent.

"Eh, it's moving pretty quick. Besides, what else do we have to do?" Before either of them could offer further rebuttals, Tanya marched over and joined the line. The other girls reluctantly followed. The mother in front of them gave a worried look, then positioned herself between them and her young son. The next family to get in line behind them gave the same looks of unease, especially the young mother.

"What?" Tanya demanded. She loved being confrontational.

"Nothing. Just… aren't you a little old for this?" the mother asked meekly, not meeting Tanya's eyes.

"It's a free country, right?" She wasn't expecting a response, and the mother did not give one, other than ushering her daughter closer to her side.

As they waited in line, more and more people took notice, including mall security, who kept an eye on them from a distance. Grace and Bonnie grew a bit uneasy. They saw themselves as rebels but never wanted to get in any real trouble.

"Maybe we should leave," Grace suggested. But Tanya was having none of it.

"I already know what I'm gonna do for the picture. It's gonna be  great." Neither of the girls wanted to look bad in front of her, so they stayed quiet and slowly moved through the line. As they got closer, Santa himself took notice of them. He was a portly man (no fat suit necessary) and definitely looked the part. Tanya saw him whisper something to a female elf, who then headed straight for her.

"Santa would like to speak to you," she said. Tanya looked to Grace and Bonnie, who both shrugged. She followed the elf, strutting past all the confused children and annoyed parents. The boy at the front of the line grew upset when he saw Tanya skipping him, but Santa gave him a friendly smile and a wave.

"Don't worry, young man. I will be with you in a moment, and you can tell me everything you want for Christmas." The boy was appeased, beaming with pride that Santa had spoken directly to him. Santa turned to Tanya, who stood in front of him with a smirk on her face. "Young lady, why are you here?"

"We want to get a picture with you, Santa." She didn't speak with a slur, but her flushed face and inability to stand still without wobbling made it clear that she'd been drinking.

"Well you can go ahead and leave, because you will not be taking a picture with me."

"Why not? I'm waiting in line just like everyone else."

"You're planning to make a mockery of me and cause a scene, which I won't allow."

Tanya couldn't believe this guy working part-time at a mall would talk to her like that. Sure, she had been planning to flick off the camera during her picture, but he couldn't have known that. "You're refusing to serve me because of how I look. That's discrimination."

"No, although it is a shame to see someone that could be such a pretty girl dressed the way you are. But the reason I'm turning you away is because your heart isn't in the right place. You don't believe in holiday cheer, and you don't believe in me."

Really it wasn't such a harsh admonishment (and it was completely true), but Tanya was prone to overreacting. She raised both fists towards Santa, then extended both middle fingers. "Fuck you, fatty." Mall security rushed in as Santa shook his head sadly and parents gasped. "You're just some old guy who can't find a better job."

The little boy who was next in line was braver than most kids his age and spoke up. "You'd better be nice to Santa Claus, or you won't get any presents!"

"That's not Santa Claus, kid. Santa Claus isn't real." The mothers in line tried to cover their children's ears, but Tanya yelled louder. "Santa's not real! This is just some stupid prick in a costume!" The security guards grabbed her and escorted her away. Bonnie and Grace meekly followed, ashamed to be associated with her. Things returned to normal after only a few seconds, but during the commotion, Santa discreetly pulled out his iPhone and typed something into it.

Christmas Eve was a few days later, and by then, Tanya had forgotten the incident. Since she hadn't damaged anything or threatened anyone, they'd let her go after a stern talking to. They threatened to ban her from the mall, but Tanya wouldn't have cared. She was rarely home anyway. She hated being home.

She'd gotten through Christmas Eve dinner, the first of several meals she'd be forced to endure with her family. Her father, Chuck, tried way too hard to be funny and never was. And her mother, Beth, constantly commented on her appearance, saying things such as "That's a fun shirt" or "I like those boots" when it was clear she hated everything about the outfits.

Having to deal with her family was exhausting, and Tanya would have to do it all over again tomorrow. After they opened presents in the morning, a tradition their mother still insisted they document on video, they'd make the forty-five minute drive to the Westside to join her creepy uncle, coddling aunt, and idiot cousin at her grandmother's house for a drawn-out Christmas lunch. Her grandmother wasn't so bad compared to everyone else, but Tanya would just as soon skip the whole thing.

But since she couldn't do that, she stayed up late goofing around on the Internet, hoping she'd be tired enough to sleep through most of the next day. The one nice thing was there weren't any little kids around, so it was relatively quiet. You could fall asleep on the couch and not have to engage in conversation. That was Tanya's plan, so she didn't climb into bed until after 2 AM. She fell asleep dreading Christmas morning.

Tanya tossed and turned all night, and sometime the next morning, her knuckles rapped against something wooden.

"Ow," was what she tried to say, but it came out as a noise rather than words, similar to what a startled cat might sound like. This didn't seem out of place to Tanya, as she always took a long time to get moving after she woke up. It was only when she opened her eyes and looked at her hand that she realized something strange was going on.

Her fingernails were bright pink, as pink as pink could be. Equally disturbing was the fact that they were cut shorter than her fingertips, whereas she usually kept them long. She was still more confused than shocked as she noticed something slowly spinnng above her.

It was a white plastic disc with various ornaments hanging off it, all of them pink and feminine: ballet slippers, princess dresses —— things of that sort. It took her a moment to realize what it was. A mobile, like the kind that hang over a baby's crib. And this one was attached to the side of her… crib?

There were indeed wooden bars on either side of her. Through the white wooden bars, she saw that the room's walls were also painted pink, not as ghastly as her nails, but still to her disliking. Last night they had been dark blue, the color she'd settled on when her mother wouldn't let her paint the room black. How could someone have painted the entire room while she was asleep? Then it dawned on her… they couldn't have. This must be some kind of strange dream.

Tanya turned to the other side, and when she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror, she gasped in shock. She was dressed in a fluffy pink fleece sleeper that covered her arms and legs, and her hair was light blonde, its natural color, and longer than it had been the night before. She reached up and yanked it, and it hurt. Clearly, it wasn't a wig; it was her actual hair. At least in this dream it was.

But didn't people pinch themselves to wake up? Come to think of it, that only ever seemed to happen in movies and TV shows when the person hoped it was a dream and it turned out not to be. But Tanya thought she had read that inflicting pain on yourself in a dream did actually wake you up (the film/TV trope had to come from somewhere, after all), and the tug on her hair should have done the trick.

But any suspicions that maybe this wasn't a dream were dispelled with a quick look around the room. There was an extra-wide rocking chair with padding on the armrests and a large dresser with a wide top covered with a pillowy cushion. There were some bottles and boxes on it, but she couldn't quite tell what they were. And next to it, a stack of disposable diapers. But not ordinary diapers. These were huge.

Tanya's hands shot down to her waist, and sure enough, she felt something large and squishy underneath her sleeper. She used both hands to feel around her body and confirmed her suspicion… she was wearing a diaper.

"What the fuck?!" she yelled. Dream or not, Tanya wasn't about to sit around in a stupid crib wearing a diaper. She searched the front of her sleeper but couldn't find a zipper. She reached behind herself with one hand and felt the zipped up line along her back, but when she traced it to the top, she felt two zippers held together with a tiny padlock. She put both hands behind her head, as if taking off a necklace, and tried to rip the lock away, but it wouldn't budge. She was stuck in this stupid outfit, and aside from being ridiculous, it was much too warm. She felt a bead of sweat drip between her breasts, and when she reached to her chest and adjusted herself, she realized she wasn't wearing a bra.

Tanya sat up, and then stood to get a better look at herself and the room. The cushiony mattress and the extra bulk between her legs made it difficult to stand, so she grabbed the bars of the crib for support. Once she was steady, she let go and walked towards the end of the crib.

But after one step, she lost her balance and fell forward, narrowly avoiding slamming her head against the rails. She wasn't sure what had made her fall, so she stood back up, only to find herself wobbling once more. The only thing that prevented her from falling again was grabbing the rail and holding on tight. "What the hell is going on?" she asked aloud.

"Gone-gone? No, we're right here, silly," her mother said as she entered the room, followed by her father who was rubbing his eyes while sipping coffee. "Do you need a fresh died?" her mother asked in a singsongy voice.

Did her mother actually think she was going to use the diaper she was wearing? Tanya didn't understand what was happening, but she'd had enough of it. She looked her mother straight in the eye and yelled, "Fuck you!"

The last time she had said the f-word in her mother's presence, Beth had turned three shades of red and rushed out of the room. But this time, her mother beamed at her and laughed. "Duckie? You want your duckie?" She grabbed a stuffed toy duck from a shelf and handed it to Tanya, who quickly discarded it into the corner of the crib.

There was no way her mother could have misheard what she said, unless… She realized with horror that her mother and father couldn't actually hear what she was saying. It probably sounded like some sort of baby talk to them. And the worst part was, she didn't know exactly what they were hearing.

"Can you really not understand me?" she asked, already knowing the answer.

"Yes, you are standing. Good job. But hold on so you don't fall down." That confirmed it, and Tanya started to cry. She wasn't sure if this strange new reality was partly responsible for how quickly she broke down or if she had just been waiting for an excuse to shed some tears, but once the dam burst they flowed right out of her.

"Ugh, it's gonna be a long day," her father said as he lowered the side of the crib. Tanya thought about trying to make a run for it, only to remember that she couldn't run. She couldn't even walk. So she reluctantly let go of the bars and sat down on the pillowy mattress.

"Oh, she's probably just wet," her mother said. "Let me check." And with that, her mother proceeded to stick her hand into the bottom of Tanya's sleeper, right next to her ankle, and slide it all the way up her leg until it reached her diaper. Tanya squirmed, but her mother's arm was already held against her skin by the sleeper. Without a second thought, her mother stuck her fingers inside the diaper's legband. Tanya could feel them against her inner thigh. She cried again as her mother quickly removed her fingers and slid her arm back out. "Nope, still dry. I wonder why she's crying."

"Maybe she's PMSing," her father said.

"She just finished her period. Which you'd know if you ever changed any of her bloody diapers."

"You sound British." Her father put on a ridiculous exaggerated accent. "If you ever changed her bloody diapers." It was the type of joke he was always making that would normally cause Tanya to roll her eyes, but right now she was horrified. They were talking openly about her period, which apparently she still had even though she was dressed like a baby. What kind of fucked up dream was this? Or… was it a dream? There didn't seem to be any other explanation, but it was going on for so long and felt so realistic that she was beginning to have her doubts. Maybe she'd died and gone to hell.

"Do you know what today is?" her mother asked. Tanya wasn't quite sure what to say, so she said the only thing that came to mind.

"Christmas?" Beth looked at Chuck with a huge smile.

"She said it!"

"Sounded like 'chitlins' to me," her father replied.

"Oh, hush." Beth waved him off. "Okay, baby girl. Time to see what Santa brought you." She reached over and wrapped her arms around Tanya's waist. As much as Tanya hated being in the crib, she didn't want to be picked up by her mother either, so she tried to scoot away from her. But Beth easily pulled Tanya close, looped an arm under her butt, held her against her chest, and stood back up. Tanya had a small frame, but so did her mother. There was no way she should have been able to carry her so easily. But she walked right out of the room with her as if she didn't weigh more than a bag of groceries.

Even though her mother was having no trouble carrying her, Tanya was still worried about being dropped, so, despite how humiliating it felt, she clung tight to her mother, wrapping her arms around her body. As she was carrie down the hallway, she noticed the family pictures lining the walls. They were of the same family vacations and holiday gatherings that they'd always been, but Tanya looked very different. In the more recent ones, she wore babyish outfits, some that didn't bother to hide her thick diapers. She stood with the help of one of her parents in a few, but in most she was either being held or sitting on the ground. The older photos were even more frightening. In those she was being treated like an infant even though she appeared to be a young teenager. She wore incredibly thick diapers, and in some cases, that was all, her bare breasts visible in some of the shots.

"Look at all the toys Santa left you!" her mother exclaimed. Tanya craned her neck, trying to see, and Beth helped her out by     turning her around and holding her so that she was facing forward.

The living room was jam-packed with toys, most of them unwrapped. Tanya had never seen so much pink in her life. There were rattles and other things that made noises when you shook them, along with some stuffed animals and girly clothing accessories.

"Say 'hi' to Daddy!" Tanya saw that her father was filming her. She glared at him with a frown, having no desire to put on a show for them. "Oh, look at this!" her mother exclaimed, trying to get her excited. She carried her over to a giant pink rocking horse and sat her down in the bucket seat.

"Grab on," her mother instructed, pointing to the handles. Tanya's feet couldn't touch the floor, and as she swayed, she figured it was probably best to hold on for support. So she grabbed the handles and held on tight. "Good girl. Now you can ride."

Her mother kneeled down and turned a dial, and the rocking horse sprang to life. It was a gentle rocking motion, but because of its size and Tanya's lack of balance, it produced a feeling in her similar to taking the first drop on a rollercoaster. It was actually kind of fun, and she must have smiled despite herself because Beth broke into a huge grin. "Look Daddy, she likes it."

"Yeehaw. Ride 'em cowgirl."

Embarrassed that she'd shown enjoyment, Tanya concentrated on frowning. It wasn't easy considering the feelings it was causing in her stomach, but she was not going to show any glee.

After a few minutes, her mother seemed content and turned the rocking horse off. She picked Tanya up and carried her closer to her father, sitting on the floor and holding the girl in her lap. Tanya stared passively as her parents presented gifts to her. No matter how much of a fuss they made, she kept frowning.

"What has gotten into her this morning?" her father asked.

"More like what hasn't come out of her. She hasn't had her morning poopy yet, have you baby girl?" Tanya's eyes went wide as her mother kissed her on the cheek and gave her a few little bounces. She certainly didn't want to use this diaper, but if she had to, she didn't want to use it for that.

"Probably all that cheese you let her eat last night," her father said. "She's all clogged up."

Beth rubbed her hand across Tanya's belly in a circular motion. "Is that it, baby girl? Is all that cheese still stuck in your tummy and not ready to go into your diaper yet?"

Tanya began to cry again. She couldn't deal with her parents talking about her bowel moments, especially considering where they were expected to end up.

"She hasn't had her bottle yet either."

"Good point. I'll go get that." Beth gently settled Tanya down onto her hands and knees before going into the kitchen. Tanya was too dumbfounded by the previous conversation to think about trying to leave, not that there was anywhere to go. She heard the refrigerator being opened and closed, and the same with the microwave. After a few seconds it dinged, and Beth returned with a large baby bottle (easily 32 ounces) and handed it

to Tanya. She had to use both hands to hold it.

Tanya looked at the bottle with disdain. She didn't want to drink warm milk, and she certainly didn't want to have to suck it out of rubber nipple. But she was very thirsty, and it seemed unlikely that she'd get anything else to drink. So under her mother's expectant gaze, she raised the bottle to her mouth and started to suck. Only a little milk came out. It wasn't as terrible as she was expecting, but drinking something warm didn't help quench her thirst. Still, it was better than nothing. However, after a few swallows her neck started to ache from craning it up to drink. So, fully aware that it made her appear all the more babyish, she laid down on her back and held the bottle above her head as she drank. This was much easier, but she was pretty humiliated.  

Her father scooted to the back of the tree and dug out a small package. "Oh, looks like Santa left the baby one more present." Her mother gave him a surprised look.

"What is it?"

"Why don't you open it and see?" He passed the present to Beth, and she opened it with a smile on her face. The smile grew larger when she opened the box and peeked inside.

"Oh, Chuck. These are adorable."

"Check out the back." Her mother pulled out the item. Red lacy panties. No… it was too bulky to be panties. Then Tanya realized what it was. A cloth diaper cover. Her mother flipped them around and began laughing. There was some sort of illustration on the back, but Tanya couldn't make it out from her spot on the floor.

"I thought they'd look good with her Christmas outfit."

"They're wonderful. Thank you." Beth gave Chuck a hug and kiss, then scooted over to Tanya. "Look what Daddy got for you." Her mother held the diaper cover over Tanya.

On the back, right where her butt would be, was a drawing of a large wrapped present that seemed to be bulging from whatever was inside of it. It was surrounded by cartoony stink lines and a few tiny flies. Above it, in a comical font, were the words: "Mommy, I Made You A Present!"

"You sure do like making big stinky presents for Mommy, don't you? That's okay. Mommy doesn't mind. In fact, I wish you'd make one this morning. Might make you feel better." Her mother tickled Tanya on the stomach, but Tanya didn't laugh. She dropped the bottle and began to cry.  

"Aw, what's wrong baby? Do you have gas?" Her mother scooped her up and held her against her chest. She began bouncing slightly and patting Tanya on the back. To Tanya's surprise and horror, she did release a little belch. "There we go," her mother said sweetly. "All better."

Beth sat Tanya back on the floor and stood up. "I need to start getting ready. Can you keep an eye on her?"

"Aye, aye, captain." Beth mussed Tanya's hair and left the room, and her father immediately turned on the TV. Tanya didn't know whether to follow her or go somewhere else. Her eyes drifted back to the bottle, which was over half full of warm milk. Tanya was still pretty thirsty, so with a sigh, she crawled over to the bottle, rolled onto her back, picked it up, and began to drink. Once she got the motion down, it was pretty easy.

Her father was engrossed in some boring History Channel show, and Tanya went into a kind of trance as she drank. What snapped her out of it was the urge to pee. It came out of nowhere, and she didn't think she'd be able to hold it for long. She quickly sat up and tugged on the lock on the back of her sleeper. It wouldn't budge.

She knew drawing attention to herself wouldn't do any good. Maybe she could find something to get the lock off. She headed for the bathroom. She needed to be in there anyway once she took care of the lock. She struggled to her feet but almost immediately fell back down. She'd have to crawl.

Luckily, her father either didn't notice or didn't care that she was on the move. The bathroom was at the end of the hallway, and she made it there quickly. She was actually grateful for the sleeper because it protected her knees from carpet burn. But now she desperately needed to get it off and get onto the toilet. Holding it was starting to hurt a little bit.

The door was closed, which normally wouldn't be a problem, but from her position on the floor the knob seemed impossibly high. Using the wall for balance, she stood up, grasped the doorknob, and twisted it. It opened into the room, which nearly made her lose her balance. She quickly fell back onto her padded rear to avoid faceplanting. Then she crawled inside, making a beeline for the cabinet under the sink. She tried to yank it open, but it only moved an inch. She took a closer look and saw that it was baby-proofed. As she reached inside to try to open it, she heard a voice behind her.

"What are you doing in here, little missy?" Her mother gave her a playful spank, pulled her hand away from the door, and shut it. "There's nothing in there for you."

Tanya figured it was hopeless, but she had to try. "I need to pee. Please let me use the toilet. Please!" Her mother stared at her with a condescending smile.

"What is it, sweetie? What are you trying to tell, Mommy?" Tanya tried to think of another way to explain. She pointed desperately at the toilet. Her mother moved over to it and lifted the lid, giving Tanya a small slice of hope. "This is the potty. Can you say potty?"

Tanya concentrated and said, as clearly as she could, "Potty."  It made her feel extremely infantile, especially when her mother just kept giving her that same goofy smile.

"Almost, sweetie. But you don't need to worry about saying that word for another year or two. But Mommy does need to potty." Her mother pulled down her panties, sat on the toilet, and began to pee. The sound of water hitting water was too much for Tanya, and she began to pee as well. The absorbent diaper soaked it right up, and she cringed as she felt the warm wetness against her crotch. She kept peeing even as her mother finished, wiped herself, flushed, and washed her hands. By now the front of the diaper was soaked, and Tanya could feel the urine moving further back, warming her behind. It felt terrible, and she began to wail.

"You're so fussy today." Her mother leaned down and instinctively moved a hand to Tanya's crotch, pushing the damp diaper against Tanya's sensitive areas. "Oh, someone's wet. We'll take care of that." Tanya continued to cry as her mother scooped her up and carried her back into the living room, setting her on the floor as she glared at her husband.

"Nice job keeping an eye on her."

"Oh," Chuck replied with a Cheshire cat grin. "Whoops."

"She's wet. Can you go get her supplies? I'll just change her out here."

"Sure thing," Chuck said, heading for Tanya's room.

Tanya was torn. While she didn't want her mother (or anyone else, for that matter) changing her, she hated the feeling of the warm wet diaper pressing up against her and imagined it would only be worse once it cooled. She needed her mother's help in order to get the sleeper off anyway. Tanya decided she'd wait until her mother had removed it, then she'd show that she was perfectly capable of changing her own diaper. She might not be able to walk (or stand) on her own, but she could handle that much.

Beth reached behind Tanya with one hand and, without even looking, unclicked the lock. Had it really been so easy to take off? There must have been some trick to it. Her mother placed the lock in her robe pocket and pulled down the zipper. Tanya shivered slightly at the feeling of cold air on her back. She hadn't realized just how warm the inside of the sleeper was until it had been opened.

Beth unzipped it all the way and peeled it off of Tanya, pulling her arms free. She shuddered as her breasts were exposed, and then realized she was on display. Tanya's hands shot to her chest, covering herself. But her mother was too busy freeing her legs from the sleeper to notice, and her father barely gave her a second look when he returned to the room, his arms loaded down with supplies: another large disposable diaper, baby powder, and baby wipes. He set the items down and knelt next to Beth as she went to work.

Tanya realized this was her only chance and reached for one of the tapes on the diaper, but her mother quickly grabbed her hand and pulled it away. "No, baby. Leave your diaper alone." Tanya ignored her and reached a hand to each side of her diaper. Beth grabbed her arms and pulled them away. When she felt Tanya reaching for the diaper again, she held on tight. Tanya wasn't getting anywhere, but neither was Beth.

"Looks like she's going to need her mittens for awhile."

"Yep. It's definitely a mitten day," her father said, already out of the room by the time he finished the sentence.

"The red ones! They'll match her outfit!" Chuck returned a few moments later with a pair of smooth leather mittens. "Help me put them on." Tanya could barely hold her own against her mother, and with her father helping, it was no contest. They easily slipped the mittens into place and locked them onto her hands. Now she could barely curl her fingers and couldn't grasp anything.

Tanya reached down for the tapes of her diaper again, but this time, Beth let her. No matter how hard she tried, Tanya couldn't get a grip on the tapes. Even pressing both mittens together on one didn't do anything. She was stuck. "No, please don't!" Tanya yelled. "Please! I'm an adult! I'm not a baby! I can do it myself! No!"

Beth tisked-tisked and looked over at Chuck. "That's her favorite word these days. I just wish I knew what the others were." Great. All her mother had understood was "no," so to her, Tanya just sounded like a stubborn baby. Her tears and cries, which had subsided while she'd struggled, came roaring back.

"Oh baby, don't cry. We're gonna get that nasty wet diaper off. You just have to let Mommy do it." Beth gently pushed Tanya onto her back. Tanya wasn't about to let this happen. She decided she'd rather stay in the disgusting diaper than have her mother change her while her father watched. She tried to roll away, but her mother held her legs tight. She tried again, and Beth delivered a painful smack to her thigh.

"Hold. Still." Beth delivered it as a warning. Worn out from fighting and not wanting to get slapped again, Tanya laid back and let it happen. The ripping of the tapes sounded impossibly loud in her ears. Similar to the removal of the sleeper, she hadn't realized how hot and clammy she was down below until the diaper was pulled open, exposing her nether regions. Her mother and father looked down at her as if it was the most natural thing in the world.

Tanya cried even more when her mother lifted her legs and pulled the used diaper free because it gave Tanya a view of her now completely hairless crotch. She'd always kept herself trimmed, but though she'd been curious about stripping it all off, she never had. She was as smooth as the baby she felt like.

She flinched when her mother stuck a cold baby wipe down there, but after the initial shock wore off, she realized that it actually felt kind of nice, the way her mother was rubbing her.

Tanya couldn't figure out if it was a sexual or babyish feeling, but neither one sounded appealing. She continued crying loudly during the entire ordeal as she was wiped throughly and another diaper was placed underneath her. Beth shook baby powder onto Tanya's crotch and lovingly rubbed it in. She then held up Tanya's legs to coat her backside.

Chuck looked down sadly at her, genuinely concerned that she was crying so much. He gently ran his hand over her face. "What's wrong, baby girl? It's okay."

This put Tanya over the edge, and she lashed out at him with her teeth. He pulled his fingers away just in time. Tanya got a small bit of enjoyment from the terror on her father's face, but she was taken out of the moment by a painful smack to her ass.

"Bad girl!" her mother yelled. "You. Do. Not. Bite." She punctuated each word with another stinging spank to Tanya's rear, alternating cheeks. Tanya wailed. Her mother had not held back.

But just like that it was over, and Tanya actually breathed a sigh of relief as her mother pulled up and taped the new diaper snug against her tummy. Beth looked down at Tanya with stern eyes. "You know what happens to bad girls who bite."

She nodded to Chuck, who hurried off to Tanya's room once more and returned a few seconds later with a small box. Beth opened it and pulled out a pacifier attached to a strap that buckled into place. The bulb was much larger than a normal pacifier, at least ten times at large. And it looked darker, almost like it was filled with something.

Beth pulled Tanya back to a sitting position. Chuck held up Tanya's blonde locks, allowing Beth to wrap the strap around her head. The bulb was up against her closed lips, but Tanya kept her teeth clenched. Now she could see that there was indeed some type of liquid in the pacifier, and she didn't want to find out what.

"Open," Beth ordered. But Tanya refused. Beth shook her head and  removed one hand from the strap. Tanya was confused. Surely her mother wasn't giving up so easily? Then Beth quickly reached to Tanya's chest and pinched one of her nipples. Tanya yelped, and that small opening was all Beth needed. She pushed the pacifier into place and locked it home.

Tanya immediately felt a small drop of bitterness in her mouth, and, on instinct, moved her tongue around to try to remove it. But this only released more of the liquid into Tanya's mouth. Except it wasn't exactly a liquid. It was soap. Tanya cringed and cried as the nasty stuff found its way to new tastebuds, forcing her to relive the experience of the bad taste over and over.

"You should thank your Daddy. He went easy on you." If this was easy, Tanya didn't want to know what other flavors were out there. She discovered that if she stayed calm, not as much of the soap entered her mouth. But it was almost getting full, and she couldn't spit it out. So she steeled herself and swallowed.

She shook her head and closed her eyes at the revolting taste. When she opened them, she saw that her mother was actually laughing at her a bit.

"Now are you going to be a good girl?"

Tanya meekly nodded. What choice did she have?

A few hours later, they arrived at her grandmother's house. Tanya had endured the pacifier until it was empty. There was no telling how much soap she had swallowed. It had kept her very complacent, even as her mother had dressed her in a ridiculous outfit — a Santa-esque dress: red velvet with furry white trim along the bottom and the sleeves. It was accompanied by black Mary Janes shoes and frilly white socks. Instead of a hat, her hair had been braided into pigtails and tied with red and green checkered ribbons with bells on them. Any movement at all made her jingle. And, of course, she wore the diaper cover.

Currently she was locked into a large carseat, the straps pulled tight so that her diaper pressed up against her, reminding her of her infantile state. The SUV was loaded with presents and food, along with her rocking horse. She was sure she'd be put on display for everyone's amusement.

She'd resigned herself to the fact that this wasn't a dream. That didn't put her any closer to figuring out what was going on, but she'd given up hope that she would suddenly wake up and everything would be okay.

They parked in the driveway behind two other cars, and her mother got out and opened the back door. "Do you want your baba?" The taste of soap lingered in Tanya's mouth, and she wanted to get rid of it. And after the long ride she assumed the liquid would be lukewarm at best, which would be much more tolerable, so she nodded. Her mother unhooked the pacifier strap and pulled it free. Tanya's stretched her jaw and moved her tongue around, trying to get rid of the taste. But she'd need the milk for that.

She was disappointed when her mother reached for a bag in the floorboard, unzipped it, and pulled out another large bottle from an insulated pocket, which she handed to Tanya. Even through her mittens, which her father had suggested they leave on because they "made her easier to deal with," she could feel that it was still warm. It was better than soap though, so she began to drink, taking special care to hold it tight with both mittened hands as her mother unstrapped her and carried her inside.

Everyone made a big fuss over how adorable she looked. There was her grandmother, Nancy, her mother's sister Mindy, and Mindy's husband, Drew, who for the last few years had looked at Tanya in ways that made her uncomfortable. Right now everyone was doing that, and she pouted through all of the attention as they examined her outfit, laughed at the back of her diaper cover, and nodded understandingly as her mother said that, in fact, Tanya had not "made a present for Mommy all day."

"She's a little miss grumpy pants today, isn't she?" Mindy asked, tickling Tanya under the chin in an attempt to coerce a smile.

"Yeah. She didn't nap on the way over here. I bet she's tired."

"Ralphie's asleep in the playpen. Plenty of room for her too," Mindy offered. Ralph was Tanya's cousin who, despite being her age, was still working towards his GED.

"Great idea."

"Well, take that dress off her first," her grandmother said. "She can't sleep in that."

"But she looks so cute!" Beth gushed, giving Tanya a kiss on the cheek.

"You can put it back on when she wakes up. There's a fire going, so it's plenty warm. She'll be fine in just her diaper."

Before she knew it, Tanya was half naked in front of everyone, and that brought new, more degrading attention.

"Oh my god, look at those boobies!" her aunt exclaimed, grabbing a breast with each hand. Her Uncle Drew was right behind her. He flicked his finger back and forth across one of Tanya's nipples, and in a few moments, it grew hard. He pretended to grab it and pull it off, then held up his fist up to Tanya with the tip of his thumb sticking through.

"I've got your nipple!" he teased. Tanya just glared at him.

"Okay, Miss Pouty. Time for a nap." Beth carried Tanya into the living room, where she spotted Ralph sleeping in a large playpen, dressed only in a diaper, drooling on himself. Other than the diaper, he looked pretty normal.

Beth set Tanya down in the playpen. The walls weren't that tall, but with her poor balance, she wasn't sure she could get out of it. But she wasn't going to try and risk further punishment. She laid down and drank more of her bottle, enjoying the warmth of the fire. It felt very peaceful. And before she knew it, she was asleep.

A bratty deviant teenager wakes up on Christmas morning to find that reality has shifted in a way that will make her life very unpleasant.

Part 2
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(Authors Note: I went back in time and changed things so the following story could take place, I think I should explain what I changed so it would make the story  go smoothly. First off we all know the Allies won World War Two, but I changed that. It all happened in December 1944. It started with Hitler’s offensive in the Ardennes.  The Allies up till then had believed that the Germans were all done, except that wasn’t true.  What the Allies didn’t know was that Germany had massed a stock piled; weapons, gasoline and other war supplies in an underground bunker somewhere in Germany. It was started after World War One incase another war was ever started and was so secret that even Hitler didn’t know it existed until December 1944, when it was clear that Germany maybe losing the war. Hitler decided to use these vast resources to beat back the Allies on the Western Front first, then move to the Eastern front. Hitler wanted to make it seam like it was a small operation, and when the Allies committed the 101st Airborne to defend Bastogne, brought all the German units he had into the fight. The Germans also captured Allies fuel Depots along the way, and when they did that the 101st didn’t stand a chance. They whole Division was captured and sent off to POW camps in Germany. This came as a big blow to the Allies. By January 1945, the Germans had pushed the Allies on the Western Front all the way back to the French Border. This freed up some units to be moved to the Eastern Front. General Patton was horrified at what had happened, and was helping plan a new offensive when the Germans Struck again and drove the Allies back to Paris.
On the Eastern front things weren’t getting any better, the Germans had pushed the Russians back to Poland. Stalin believed that Germany could not continue with the war and that what was going on was a fluke, but he was actually furious that no one had noticed that the Germans could have pulled such a thing off.
By March the Allies on the Western front had been pushed back to the Normandy Beaches, and were evacuating from the French coast. On the Eastern front the Germans had pushed back the Russians to the Russian Border, the war seamed all but over.
After the Allies had evacuated all their soldiers from the French beaches, they were considering to come to a truce, with the Germans; this further fruited Stalin because he was sure that the Germans couldn’t continue.
In June the United States, ended its war in Europe and decides to use the forces they had free, to fight in the Pacific. Great Britain backed out too, fearing without the United States help it would lose more men, Winston Churchill Broke Down when he heard the news that the Allies were not going to fight Germany anymore that he stated, “I believe that in ten years the Germans will Rule the world”.
By July, The Germans were outside Moscow again; and this time it looked like they would actually make it to the city. So as other political people were fleeing the city, Stalin personally took over the defense of the city. The Germans took Stalingrad and Leningrad on the same day, the next day they started their attack on Moscow. It took three days but the Germans finally had Moscow, under their control. All units were ordered to fine Stalin and then Hang him in the City Square for all the Countries to see, but nobody could find him. Stalin was the last Russian Killed, his body was in the snow; outside the city. He looked just like all the other dead bodies that nobody thought it was him, till this day Stalin is listed as Missing.
By 1946, the Germans had Full Control of Russia. Hitler turn his attention back to Italy, and by 1947 had Italy and Sicily back under his control. Hitler then took a break from the war game so he could replenish, the men and supplies he had lost in the war.
In 1950 Hitler decided to invade Great Britain, and succeeded within a year. It was a horrible blow to the United Sates, as well as the people of Great Britain. In 1951, Hitler had England King and Queen executed, on national television.  Hitler then started planning to invade the United States. Eisenhower decided to run for President, but since he caused the United States to lose World War Two; he lost in a landslide. Nobody believed that the Germans were going to invade the United States.
In 1955 the Germans Invaded the United states, and by the end of the year had the whole Eastern Seaboard under their control. By the end of 1956 they added the Midwest to their control. In 1957, the United States Lost the Will to fight because the President had been killed. And by 1958 the Germans controlled German, Poland, Russia, Italy, Sicily, Great Britain, the United States, Austria, France, Belgian, Norway, and Holland. Hitler’s Third Reich had become a realty, except Hitler wouldn’t see it grow into what it is today because in 1960, he went crazy with power and jumped into the Atlantic Ocean, on a trip from the United States. His body was never found.
As soon as Hitler was declared dead, the Nazi party, had a type of blow up and feel apart. An new party called the Fangen Sie or Catch party took over. They wanted everyone to live happily under the Third Reich so they made changes that would have made Hitler turn over in his grave. Which he probably did. First they appointed a Kaiser to lead. His name was Diederich Klemperer. Then they told the world what the old Nazi party did during World War Two.
Now we jump to the present, the year is 2008 to be exact. And the Third Reich was still running fine, and everyone in the world was happy. Kaiser Wilhelm Klemperer took over about twenty years ago. He decided to make a few changes. one was that all woman had to gain weight.  All woman that wanted to enter the Third Rich had to enter a Fattration Camp. This was a special area for woman to gain weight, it didn’t matter how much they gain their, and they couldn’t leave until they got their Citizenship papers.  They also had to be integrated by the Gestapo, yes they kept them but change them from a secret police force to a organization like the F.B.I.  These camps were set up in the United States, Germany and France. They were run by the Wehrmacht, they had a Kommandant, which was a Colonel, they also had twenty to thirty Guards.  Kaiser Klemperer also repealed any trans fat bands and cut all taxes on food, so it would be easier for women to gain weight.
Nobody believed that back in 1936 that the Third Reich would have lasted 72 Years, but it has, and shows no sign of slowing down.  
We now join my story already in progress)

Chapter One
“Welcome to Camp Six”
She had lasted twenty eight years undetected by the Gestapo, but that all ended two days ago when her Ex-boyfriend turned her in. Now she was on a train to Fattration Camp number Six, some where outside of   New York City. She was told it was outside a town called Upton, on a site of an old laboratory that was shut down after the Germans took over United States.
Her name is Natalie Baker and she is under heavy Gestapo Guard, and what was worse was that they only spoke German. ‘I guess Gestapo men can only come from Germany’ she thought as she sat quietly by herself on the train.  An announcement said that they were approaching New York City.

At Fattration Camp number Six, or “Camp Six” as some people call it, it was just a normal day. Kommandant Von Hankie, was having a morning meeting with Head Guard Sergeant Müller. There was a call from General Schultz, saying that the Gestapo was bringing in a new woman. General Schultz gave Von Hankie the woman’s name, age, height, and weight. After the call Von Hankie told Sergeant Müller to pick three men to meet the woman and the Gestapo at the railroad station and transport her back to camp.

The train pulled into the station, the Gestapo Guards and Natalie got off. She looked around and thought that it was a nice place to be, if she had to be in some camp until her stupid Citizenship papers; so she could go back home. Why they didn’t put her in a camp near where she lived was beyond her. Her Guards were speaking in German so she couldn’t understand a word they said, except they kept repeating the name Müller. Was this Müller person who they were suppose to meat. she wanted to ask what it was they were saying but was to afraid, because of all the things that she heard about the Gestapo. Actually, after Hitler and Heinrich Himmler  had died the Gestapo weren’t what they use to be, it was actually like the FBI. Finally after waiting for what seamed like thirty minutes, three men with MP40’s  came up to the Gestapo Guards, they talked for a few minutes in German of course, then one of the Gestapo Guards said to Natalie in English with a German accent “you are to go with these Guards to Fattration Camp number Six, you will get settled there and in the morning will start your  Citizenship papers, do you understand?”
“Yes” said Natalie.
“Great, see you  at eight o’clock then” said the Gestapo Guard, and then all the Gestapo Guards walked away.
She followed the Guards to a truck, which took her to Fattration Camp number Six. When she got out of the truck she saw a two story building which she guessed was the head of the Camp was. Then she saw rows and rows of houses. ‘is that were I’ll be staying, in one of those houses.‘ she thought to herself. One of the Guards walked up to her and said  “The Kommandant would like to see you”

Sergeant Müller was at his office on the far side of the camp, he could have had one in the main building, but Von Hankie saw him as what most of the Third Reich saw him, as a disloyal person, see Sergeant Müller wasn’t always a  Sergeant in the Wehrmacht.  Sergeant Müller use to be a intelligence officer for the Gestapo, the best one they had. But he accidentally let gave information to the wrong people and cost some lives of German soldiers.  If Sergeant Müller was an average person, he would have been shot for what he had done; but since his sister was married to Kaiser Wilhelm Klemperer he was able to get a position  in the Wehrmacht. Sergeant Müller also got the job of head Guard at Fattration Camp number Six because of his brother in-law. Don’t get Müller wrong, he was happy not to be killed; but watching woman fatten up wasn’t what he had planed on doing with what he had learned.
Sergeant Müller had lost all his friends in the Gestapo, and some of the guards at the camp didn’t like him to much, but the person who hated him the most was Kommandant Von Hankie. If Von Hankie had it his way Sergeant Müller wouldn’t even be alive, sure Von Hankie was nice to Sergeant Müller at times but that was because Sergeant Müller was related to the Kaiser and Von Hankie was afraid that Sergeant Müller was going to say bad thing about him and get him transferred to a fighting unit.
Müller was sitting at his desk waiting to hear from one of the Guards that the woman he had sent them to pick up had made it to camp safe and sound.  Sergeant Müller wanted to be there when she arrived at the Kommandant s office but, since he was the head Guard at the Camp; he needed to be else where. He was just finishing the Roster for who would be on watch duty when Adolph Theobald, one of the Guards he sent, came into the office.
“Herr Sergeant I would like to make mein report” he said in a thick German accent.
“what is it Theobald, and u can cut it with the Herr shit”
“Ja Sergeant”
“The report Dummkopf”
“we brought the woman here without incident”
“good Adolph”
“Danke Sir”

Adolph left the office, to return to his post.  Adolph Theobald, in Sergeant Müller’s opinion was a great Guard, the best he had. But sometimes he felt that  Theobald was trying to much. The phone rang and it was Kommandant Von Hankie.
“the new woman will be in house number ten”
“Ja Herr Kommandant”
“she’s having dinner at nine at hut twelve, I want Elphinstone and Kilham to guard  her”
“but they have other duties tonight Herr Kommandant”
“I don’t care if they are watching the pope, I want them to Guard her tonight”
“Ja Herr Kommandant”
The phone went dead and that was the end of the conversation. Otto Elphinstone and Achim Kilham were two of Sergeant Müller’s worst Guards. But what the Kommandant wants he gets.  Now Sergeant Müller had two pull the two Guards that were on hut twelve duty tonight and place them on the duties that Elphinstone and Kilham were suppose to do.
Tonight Sergeant Müller planed on making a surprise visit to hut twelve, just to see how  Elphinstone and Kilham would do, and also to see the new person.

Natalie left the Kommandant’s office about an hour after she had arrived, and was transported to a house with the number ten written on it. She figured it was the tenth house. She was told that she would be having dinner at nine that night at hut number twelve, she had no idea where that was. She entered the house, and to her amazement the guards did not follow her. From what she gathered the Kommandant’s name was Von Hankie, and the guards that brought her to her house were named Mansle and Kemp. Kommandant Von Hankie also spoke of a  Sergeant Müller, she wondered if it was the same Müller that the Gestapo Guards were talking about, and if so then why did he seam so poplar.

There was a knock on Sergeant Müller’s door again, this time he was annoyed because he didn’t know who it could have been.
“come in”
The door opened and Armin Kemp and Günther Mansle, were standing there. “what is it, Günther?” asked Müller.
“The Kommandant wanted us to tell u that the new woman is in her house”
“Ok, good job guys”
“Danke Herr Sergeant” both Mansle and Kemp said
“Go back to what u were doing before I put you on the special detail”
“Ja Herr Sergeant” both men repeated and then left the room.
Sometimes Müller didn’t know if Kemp liked him or thought he had to be nice because he was related to Kaiser Klemperer. Mansle was best friends with Müller, they went into town almost every weekend . But Sergeant Müller was sure that was just because of Kaiser Klemperer.

At nine o’clock there was a knock on Natalie’s door, when she opened it there were two Guards. These guards were different then the three that picked her up from the train station.  She assumed that they were going to take her to hut twelve for her dinner.
The huts as they called them weren’t really huts at all. It was a long building that had doors on the outside and on large room on the inside.  Natalie guessed that there were about fifty doors.
They walked in and the two guards took up positions on either side of the back door, she guessed that was were the food was going to come from after she ordered.
She sat down across from the Guards, and of course they didn’t hold out her chair like a nice gentlemen. They slung their MP 40’S across their chest.
The one on the right spoke first. “what would u like to eat?”, “I don’t know, what do you have?” was the reply she got. “don’t be a wise girl” snorted the one on the left.
“how am I suppose to order when I don’t know what I can have” was her response to the left guard. Before either one of them could answer, there was a knock on the door, and before either one of them could talk the door opened. Both guards looked at the door and put their finger on the trigger, ready to fire. But then they jumped to attention and the one on the right yell “Achtung!”.
“you ain’t bothering  the new girl are you Otto”. he said to the Guard on the right.
“Nein Herr Sergeant Müller”
Natalie wondered if this was the same guy that the Kommandant and the Gestapo Guards were talking about. Boy he was good looking, and just her luck she had to fatten up. This Sergeant Müller as he was called, looked better then any of the other guards she’d seen since she arrived at the camp. He was dressed in a uniform that was not like the other guards and was carrying a gun that was not like the Mp 40 that the other Guards were carrying.
Sergeant Müller was about 5’9” in height, about 135 pounds in weight, and had dirty blonde hair. He was unlike any German soldier she had ever heard about, but so was most of the guards here.
“did u take her order?” asked Sergeant Müller.
“not yet sir, we are having a problem with that” said the guard on the left.
Sergeant Müller, turned to the guard on the left and asked “what kind of problem are you two having with her?”
“well sir” said the guard he called Otto, “she is being a smart mouth, sir”
Sergeant Müller turned to Natalie and she wondered what he would do to her.
“a smart mouth, well I don’t believe it. You two must not be asking her in a nice tone”
“we were Herr Sergeant” said the guard on the left,
Sergeant Müller turned back to the two guards and said “then I will ask her myself”
He turned back to Natalie.
“what would you like for dinner, ma’am” he said in a nicer tone then the guard called Otto.
“like I said to the other two, I don’t know what you serve so how can I order”
“is that all?”
He then turned to the other two guards and yelled “Dummkopf, go get her a menu so she can order what she wants.
The guard named Otto left the room, and then came back with a large menu and handed it to Sergeant Müller. He then turned to Natalie and handed it to her. She took one look at the menu and couldn’t decide what to order. “how much can I order?” she asked Sergeant Müller. The two guards started to snicker, when he replied “as much as you want ma’am, there is no limit. Since you can gain as much as you  want while you wait for your Citizenship papers."
Natalie wasn’t sure if this was true or not, but she was going to try. “I’ll have some eggs over easy”
“how many?” asked Sergeant Müller.
“about ten”
“ok, is that all?”
“no, I’ll also have a large stack of pancakes, a large stack of beacon and a large milkshake to wash it down”
“anything for dessert?”
“a gallon of ice cream”
“what flavor?
Sergeant Müller turned to the two guards at the door.
“both of you go to the chief and help him bring it here when its done”
“but Herr Sergeant, the rule is that two guards must watch a person eating” said Otto.
“Dummkopf, does it look like she could take me?”
It was true she couldn’t, Natalie was only 5’2”, and a mere 95 pounds, were as, Sergeant Müller looked to her to be 5’8 and 145 pound. Bad odds on her part.
“Nein, sir”
“then do what I say or you’ll find yourselves in a fighting unit in the morning”
“Ja Herr Sergeant”
Both guards left the room without another word.
“you speak very good English, for a German” said Natalie
“Danke” said Sergeant Müller
“so do u have a name?”
“Sergeant Müller”. He said as he turned to face her, boy did he look cute she thought.
“well my name is Natalie, and I meant a first name”
“I have one of those but it isn’t very German”
“its not?”
“why not?”
“because I’m not fully a German”
“your not?”
“Nein, you see” Sergeant Müller, sat down at the table across from Natalie. He set his Gun down, on the right side of the table, ‘so he must be right handed’ she thought to herself.
“my Grandfather was in the 101st Airborne in World War Two, they were over run and taken prisoner. After the war had ended, he stayed in Germany an met this nice German woman, they got married and had my uncle them my mother”
“so she was half German”
“Ja, then she meat my father who was all German and whose father was in one of the units that over ran the 101st”
“so you are half German like your mother”
“so what is your first name?”
“Ebenezer Müller?”
“so Sergeant Ebenezer Müller, what do you do here, at this camp?”
“I’m the head Guard”
“so your those other guys boss”
“Ja, and those other guys names are Elphinstone and Kilham”
“so why do u speak German?”
“I don’t really, I picked some words up when I was a child and use them when I can”
She looked at the Gun he had placed on the table.
“nice weapon”
“what is it”
“an American Grease Gun”
“why don’t you carry a MP 40?”
“I have one of them, I just don’t like it very much”
“do you have any other guns?”
“Ja, and American Thompson sub machine gun, and American Grand Rifle, A 1903 Springfield. A 9MM Pistol, a Colt 45, a Lugar, a MP 40, A Stemgavar  44”
“yeah well I needed them at one time”
“you were in a fighting unit”
“so do all the Guards speak German?”
She had obviously wanted to change the subject.
“some do, and others are like me, depends where u are”
“in camp?”
“no country, the camps in the United States have Guards that speak German and English Or just English. Camps in France have guards that speak German and French or just French. And camps in Germany have guards that speak just German.”
“what about the Gestapo?”
“Ja, they speak German”
“yea I know that already”
“to be Gestapo, you need to be full German Blood, or get an appointment from the Kaiser, or someone else in the Government”
“were you Gestapo?”
“why do you ask?”
“because you sound upset when you talked about it”
“Ja, I was Gestapo”
“then what happened?”
“I rather not talk about it”
“so are you a mean person?”
“then how come the other guards ran when you threaten them?”
“because of the people I know?”
“the people you know?”
“Ja, see my sister is married to Kaiser Wilhelm Klemperer”
“so that’s how u got to be Gestapo”
“you said that you use to be Gestapo”
“and that the only way a Non- full blooded German could become Gestapo was that if they got an appointment from the Kaiser, or someone else in the Government”
“so you got to be Gestapo, because your sister is married to the Kaiser”
‘it wasn’t only that…” a knock at the door cut him off.
“yea?” he yelled out.
“we have the lady’s food Herr Sergeant”
Natalie had totally forgotten why she was here.
“ok bring it in”
The door opened and there was a big cart with all the food she had ordered. The two Guards that brought her to the room were there as well as a guy in a white uniform, that she figured was a waiter. Sergeant Müller grabbed his gun and got up as they pushed the cart into the room.
As the waiter started to put the food on the table, Sergeant Müller said to the two guards “I’ll let u continue with your duties”. Natalie figured that he probably didn’t want to watch a woman get fat. He turned to her and said “Guten Appetit” and then left.
my first weight gain story
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Catalina grabbed a large washcloth and a bucket of warm water. She had been a servant to the Queen for only a year. Being young and inexperienced she was low on the totem pole among the queen’s workers. She always got stuck doing the dirty work. She, along with the other young rookies, was never allowed to speak to the queen unless spoken to, nor was she given one of the nice uniforms to wear. It bugged Catalina, who felt she had earned better then laborious grunt work. She was begging to be promoted to kitchen duty. There was no use getting too angry about it though, for she was still making a decent coin for a girl her age. It wasn’t even the queen that annoyed her, it was the damn servant’s supervisor. Ms. Broomsbury, Catalina was pretty sure she hated her guts for some reason.

Carrying the heavy bucket and washcloth she entered the queen’s chambers with two other servants.
“Hello m’lady it is time for your bathing.” Ms. Broomsbury said.

“Oh already? Well… alright then.” Queen Marella responded. Catalina had grown to like the Queen. She seemed to be fond of Catalina for some reason. Queen Marella had even tried to start a conversation with her a couple times. She would have liked to chat with the queen but Catalina’s supervisor always interrupted.

Queen Marella’s silk robe was removed exposing her naked body. She was a sight to behold. Undoubtedly the fattest woman in the entire kingdom. An immobile mountain of blubber. She sat on a luxurious mattress in the middle of the room. Low to the ground, you could hardly see the mattress under the enormity of the Queen. She was such a behemoth, bigger than any creature Catalina had seen. Catalina had heard of women, especially royalty, being as big and even bigger than Queen Marella but it was hard to fathom such a possibility.

She was so large that getting her into an actual bathtub would be too hard a task. Although it would probably be getting her out of the tub that would cause problems. She had to be cleaned by hand. And not her own hands for Queen Marella’s arms were too fat and weak to do it. Also her range of motion in her arms was very small. Now her arms could only reach about as far as her mouth, which was about all she did with them anyway. Though now she grew tired from just feeding herself, so that duty was passed on to her servants.

Catalina approached the front of the queen and began to clean her belly which extended several feet in front of her in three enormous layers. Each of the three tiers of her tummy stuck out slightly less than the flabby roll below it, except for the bottom roll of fat which sprawled out over the mattress. Catalina wrung out her washcloth and got to work on the top roll.

It always managed to catch Catalina off guard when she had bathing duty. Observing the massive bulk of the queen from a distance it is easy to forget that what you’re looking at is simply a ton of fat. The only creatures that Catalina had touched before, that came close to the queens size were horses and Oxen, and their bodies were firm and muscular. So she hesitated as her hands sunk slightly while she rubbed the wet cloth over the Queen’s immense warm flesh.

Queen Marella’s fat mountainous mass was already a pain to wash due to her enormous size, but it was even more difficult than that. There was so much skin that was hidden by her many rolls and folds that had to be cleaned as well. Catalina struggled to hold up one of the Queen’s immensely thick slabs of belly fat as she tried to wash in between her blubber rolls. A young man named David came over and helped by holding it up for her. Catalina quickly wiped down the smooth pillowy surface before David let the thick layer of flab flop back down, sending ripples through the enormous pile of flesh. David then grunted as he lifted up one of her giant breasts for Catalina to clean.

The Queen’s body required a lot of manpower. Not only were there several servants bathing her enormity, there were also two others on feeding duty, constantly placing food in her waiting open mouth. Though the feeding stopped as Catalina started to wash closer to her face. She had rubbed and cleaned both of her enormous breasts including her large nipples (though they were still proportionate to her incredibly large chest). She lifted up and washed under her flabby double chin that had extended onto her chest. It was less a double chin and more of a neck roll. Catalina almost always ended up cleaning her face and chest for she was usually the most petite servant on bathing duty. In order to reach her face you had get onto her mountainous belly. Catalina literally climbed a few more inches up the Queen’s titanic girth as both her feet came off the ground.

“Be *URP* careful, I feel quite full.” The Queen said. Since Catalina weighed less than the two well-built men that also cleaned the royal lady, she provided the least stress on the gargantuan belly. She could faintly feel lungs of the Queen taking deep breaths as she wiped crumbs and sauces off of Marella’s face. The Queen was by no means a messy eater but with her level of mobility and the fact that she ate almost all day led to a lot for Catalina to clean up between her many folds and rolls.

As Catalina rubbed wiped the warm wet cloth on the queen’s big flabby cheeks she admired the queen’s face. She had to admit that even with her big fat roll of a neck and large blubbery cheeks you could still see the elegance and beauty of the queen. Deep within this massive pile of flesh was a once very gorgeous woman, and in many ways she still was gorgeous. Her nose was perfect, as if it was sculpted by the gods. Her red lips were preciously plump and alluring. Her big green eyes were so striking like beautiful emeralds that you could just stare into forever. For Catalina though she was captivated by the Queen’s beautiful brown hair. Her hairdo was utterly perfect and it almost made Catalina jealous that she could never get her hair to be so perfectly cut and primped.

Catalina finished cleaning the Queen’s flabby yet striking face and part two of the Queen’s bathing was about to take place. About a dozen guards and servants came into the room. All were very tall and strong men.

“Okay I am ready.” The Queen said as she stopped eating. Another mattress was placed to the left of the massive Marella and the men surrounded the Queen’s body. On the right side they tried to lift up the mattress, slowly tipping the Queen’s enormous bulk over, while on the left side men tried to pull and guide the Queen onto her side. Little progress was made as they grabbed handfuls of her swollen belly blubber. Soon though the Queen’s astronomical weight started to shift onto her hip as her overfed flab started to roll onto its side. More momentum was gained as others, like Catalina, joined to help out. Eventually gravity finished the job as her monumental gut started to over to her side and all of a sudden hundreds of pounds of overfed royal flesh came down as the Queen tipped onto her side. Immediately a large pile of pillows was created to prop up Queen Marella’s head and of course more food was placed in her mouth.

Catalina and the other bathers went to work on the Queen’s enormous lower body and underbelly. She wrung her washcloth out again and went to work on one of the Queen’s gargantuan butt cheeks. Her friends teased her for “having to clean the Queen’s ass” but it really wasn’t bad. It’s not like she had “wiping duty” that was actually done by the kingdom’s prisoners. It was a rather enjoyable experience for the servants to watch the most despicable bastards in the land have to wipe the Queen’s ass for her.

Anyway several guards held up one of the Queen’s thick blubbery legs as Catalina washed her enormous barrel sized thighs. Catalina couldn’t see it but this made Queen Marella blush. The Queen really enjoyed her daily bathing. All the touching and fondling in all her nooks and crannies sent tingles down her spine that made her rather horny. Plus all the moving and lifting of her immobile body felt like a good stretch. It made for a welcome break between her hours and hours of excessive, gluttonous eating.

The Queen continued to lay on her side like a beached whale. Catalina had worked up a sweat trying to clean all of the Queen’s folds and creases, but she was finally finished. He threw her washcloth over her shoulder and exited the Queen’s room. She heard the Queen talking as she closed the door.

“No, leave me on my side… and please send in my pleasurers.”
Hey here's a story I wrote about a very large queen. 
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Day 5: Muscle Expansion

The past few days had been nothing short of amazing for Kallen. With Milly guiding the small group, Kallen had experienced a myriad of pleasures she had never even known before. Aside from the expansions to her breasts, butt, and waistline, Kallen had been gifted other sorts of alterations to her body via Milly's all-powerful geass. It ranged from everything that was both possible and impossible for the human body; Kallen found nothing but intense sensuality from it. Shirley Fennette and Milly's other 'disciple' Nina Einstein had been more than happy to teach Kallen on all she needed to know to be apart of the harem. C.C.'s constant fawning over the redhead resulted in the two girls growing an attraction for each other that was beginning to go beyond simply being sexual. Milly seemed to support this relationship of theirs even though they were still meant to have sex with her as well. Every hour of the last two days had been filled with debauchery that even some of the biggest perverts would consider going overboard. Kallen was absolutely in love with it. She had a girlfriend now, and had even helped Nina become more comfortable with the side of herself she had been secretly ashamed of for so long.

Due to an experiment on Kallen involving highly fattening breast milk, Milly and the other harem girls ended up with much curvier figures than before. C.C. possessed large K-cup breasts that pushed tightly against the confines of her straitjacket, and a nice, chunky butt that wobbled fiercely when she walked. Milly, who loved a woman's breasts most of all, was graced with an even bigger bust. It was so large that she could rest a drink in her cleavage while sitting down, and there was no risk of it slipping or falling out. Milly was fortunate enough to have the money needed to get custom bras to fit around her P-cup tits. Shirley and Nina, however, experienced completely different effects on their bodies. In fact, Milly had made sure it happened by using her geass on them beforehand.

That morning, Kallen felt something strange occur, but she didn't feel any fear. It was just another of Milly's little plans setting into action.

"C.C...I think I'm changing...again!"

"I wonder what it is, this time? It doesn't hurt does it, love?"

"No, just a weird tingling all over."

Suddenly, Kallen felt her shoulders rise and broaden, becoming thicker with a strong layer of tigthened muscle tendons. Her arms started to swell outward, but not with fat, instead with newly packed muscle, transforming her biceps into powerful, brick-sized bulges, and going down along her arms but it didn't swell nearly so much. Kallen gently touched her arm; it felt rock hard. Her other arm also received the same treatment. Her back rippled, and her traps billowed outward, hardened, and the muscles continued to emerge all over in place where they would be on the backside of her body; C.C. could hardly believe what she was seeing. A six-pack sprouted on her abdomen, and her thigh-muscles were as big as hams. She was a 'lean' sort of muscular, where it wasn't too much, just enough to look sexy without freaking anyone out. Her pajamas burst apart in an explosion of fabric and buttons, leaving Kallen in only a strained bra and panties, just the way C.C. liked her. Kallen looked herself.



"Hey, girls, how are things going today?" Milly asked as she stepped into the room. She was carrying a plate with a pair of large, thick chocolate milkshakes on top. As per usual when she was around the other girls, she wore only a too-small bra and shorts that clung to her hips. At the noment she was addressed the two obese females sitting on the floor in front of her.

Shirley and Nina both weighed around 560 pounds at this point, but Shirley was a little bigger. Milly had prevented them from being able to stop drinking Kallen's milk for a long time, which caused them to become so flabby and obese in just half a day. They looked like blobby, human-sized mounds of sexy flesh, with giant bubble buts and big guts that sat between their thighs. Nina's face was encased in peach-sized cheeks and a triple chin, while Shirley's head remained relatively thin in appearance. Both girls possessed breasts that rivaled that of Milly's and C.C.'s, and their guts alone made up more than half of their weights. Due to being so overwhelmingly fat, the two young women were essentially pinned to the ground by their own bodies, unable to stand on their own feet.

"I'm...hungry..." Shirley grumbled.

"Me too!" Nina quickly added in. Milly chuckled, and placed the milkshakes down for them, which the two fatties greedily snatched up.

"I know you two are probably feeling a little down being stuck like this," Milly said, although she felt no true sympathy, just enthusiasm, "But I think Kallen will be able to help get you guys back on your feet, not literally, though."

"What? How is that supposed to work...?" Shirley asked.

"Oh, you'll see in a moment,"

Suddenly, the door opened again, and C.C. walked in followed closely by Kallen herself. Shirley gasped; Kallen was huge. But she wasn't fat. Instead, the redhead had the figure of a lean, mean female body-builder. Like with the breasts, the ass, and the belly, this look worked particularly well on Kallen. The tight muscles on her arms and legs looked so natural, as if she had always had them. It was hard to believe that she had been a total fatass like them two days ago.

Kallen's arms were huge; her biceps had already torn apart the sleeves of her shirt, and they looked to be as hard as steel. Her flat abdomen was coated with a vertical row of abdominal muscles, and her legs seemed to have received the brunt of the expansion, because they were probably as wide as Kallen's waist. She stood slightly taller than natural, but she still kept her long, flowing locks that cascaded down her backside. Even her back muscles were visible, the large contortions of meat and tendons bending to her every whim. From head to toe it was as if her body had been crafted out of stone by the world's most talented sculptor. She didn't look ridiculously over-muscled, but at the same time there were rarely many women with such a physique. She truly looked like an almighty amazoness now.

"You know, I'm not sure how I feel about this...I think I actually liked being fat better..." Kallen murmured as she struggled to keep her clothes from bursting off of her. At least then C.C. was fawning over her alot more. It seemed the geass girl had an affinity towards chubby girls than muscle girls. That isn't to say they didn't still have sex this morning, though.

Milly laughed. "Don't worry, it's only for a day! Now, show us what you can do with those big sexy arms!"


Kallen walked over to the wobbling Shirley, and knelt down behind her.

"Sorry if this hurts you or anything."

"What're you doing? What's going on? Hey!"

Shirley gasped, and blushed, when she felt Kallen's hands slip underneath her bulky ass. The next thing Shirley knew, she was being lifted higher and higher, her entire body jiggling and quivering in a violent quake. Kallen let out a grunt, but she didn't stop, she was actually lifting all 500-plus pounds of the obese girl over her head. It took a few more minutes, but she eventually succeeded in heaving the porky orange-haired teen onto her shoulders, the flab pouring over her head and shoulders like flesh-colored goo. Kallen was breathing heavily and sweating. C.C. ran over to wipe some of her sweat away with a napkin before darting away again. Kallen's muscles flexed and tensed up visibly, and her legs were beginning to shake. Shirley, however, felt like she was on top of the world.

" can really do it!" Milly exclaimed, clapping her hands.

"Can I...can I put her down?" Kallen was begging.


Kallen threw Shirley right on the ground. Fortunately, the girl's fat softened her fall. Nina was looking forward to being handled by those strong, capable hands. It made her fat pussy wet with anticipation, and she started grunting and shifting in her seat as the sexual feelings increased in intensity. She was panting and huffing, moaning loud enough to catch the other girls' attention. A small puddle of vaginal juices was forming on the floor underneath her. "Uh...haa...pick me up now..."

"Aww, seems like lil' Nina wants a lift too, mama Kalley," Milly joked. Kallen rolled her eyes. C.C. slapped Milly on the shoulder for using her pet-name for Kallen.

With her great, strong arms, Kallen took hold of as much of Nina's flab as she could muster, and slowly raised the green-haired woman off of the floor. Nina squealed in delight, rubbing her fat gut against Kallen's face. She was practically suffocating her with fat; not that Kallen minded too much, but she would rather it be done by C.C. than by this chick. After a few more seconds, Kallen put her down. Nina was shivering all over.

"So what else should I do now?" Kallen asked.

"Hmm, let's go look for some other ways you can show off those muscles! And last expansion before you're finally ready to be in my harem!" Milly smiled deviously.

Kallen couldn't wait for that.
I'm really no good at describing muscle expansion, sorry about that. I tried my best, and there wasn't much plot for this chapter, but I'll work hard on the last one. I did put in some weight gain at least.

Code Geass @ clamp
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-------------the next morning---------------
"" Zelda groaned as a fat maidservant bought another couple of trays
of Hyrulian creampuffs. She downed one quickly as the blushing maidservant placed the
tray within her arms reach and waddled away from her ponderous princess's nude form.

Zelda smiled slyly, before biting into another cream puff, knowing that her maidservant's embarrassment was primarily due to the circumstances that she was currently involved in.

She was completely nude, eating mass amounts of sweet dessert food, while being milked by the captain of Hyrule's royal guard.

Link was currently filling up bottles with the creamy milk exploding from Zelda's back breaking tits.

"....*mmmph*" Zelda cooed as Link emptied the last of her milky reserves into the last container.

"Queen Nabooru will be here soon" Link said hastily, changing the subject as Zelda sighed, doing his best to avoid taking her right here and now.

She smiled slyly as he awkwardly hid his raging erection from her.


"I am far from a boy Princess." Link quipped as his wrists dug into her bloated forearms. Zelda shot him a knowing glance as her body slowly shifted forward.

"" she wheezed, momentarily startling as her heavy belly slammed atop her massive thighs.

She waited for the quivering to stop and her footing to steady before taking the laborious waddle towards her wardrobe.

Link watched intently as her body quivered with each heavy step. He took note of how
her belly quivered off her thighs before swaying towards the unadvanced legs side and
alternated respectively.

He watched as her massive bottom jiggled with each impact violently. Of course, he took note of how her body still quivered intensely even after she had reached her wardrobe and had come to a stop.

"" Zelda panted as she reached
for her royal garb.

She pushed her fat arms through the sleeves as best she could before draping the garment atop her breasts. Her dilemma became clear as her fat arms fell to her sides, lacking the clearance to maneuver her fat hands towards the bundled fabric situated on her flabby torso.

"....Don't....just....stand...there...." she blushed angrily ""

"No bra Princess?" Link queried as he made his way in front of the Hyrulian royal.


Link tugged heavily at the fabric, smoothing it over her frame until it clung to her
fat folds perfectly.

"I suppose it wouldn't do these much good" he smirked, squeezing one of her huge
breasts as he spoke. He looked on amazed as her nipple produced more milk despite his incessant milking.

".....Thanks.....hero...." she whispered before planting her plump lips atop his. She
withdrew once she felt his member press into her dimpled thighs eagerly.


Link steadied himself as Zelda slid her fat hand atop his shoulder for support as they
proceeded to the throne room.

He felt himself amazed at how out of shape she truly was.

He had always assumed that she would be able to counteract the detrimental parts of her
obesity with magic....but she was breathless after a few minutes of labored waddling.

The sounds her body now produced also kept him in awe, her belly slapping against her
knees or her thunderous thighs scraping together were oddly alluring and concerning.

She appeared to be at her limit as they reached the throne room, both silently grateful
as they lowered her fat bottom atop her reinforced and widened throne.  

A wave of relief washed over the sweat drenched Hyrulian ruler as her deeply dimpled
butt eagerly accepted the strong seats support.

Her sweat drenched frame tinted her dress a darker shade of purple as she fanned her
face frantically, trying to regain some composure before ordering the Palace doors

------------Hyrule Gates------------

Nabooru waddled, laboriously, elegantly into the Hyrulian palace throne room.

Her fat body, quivering hypnotically as the tan skinned red-haired fat filled ruler panted heavily. Every eye in the palace halls were upon her and her quaking body as she regally made her way down the pathway to the throne.

It was clear to even the most dense servant in the palace that the Gerudo queen would soon lose the ability to stand let alone waddle at the rate she was expanding.

Zelda watched lazily from her throne as Nabooru inched closer with each labored step.

The red haired queen's eyes reflected such passion that Zelda couldn't help but feel a
shiver travel down her mammoth backside as the Gerudo ruler's eyes burned into her
fatter frame.

A soft smile crested Nabooru's sausage like lips for only a second as she made eye
contact with Zelda.

Her Hyrulian flower had blossomed perfectly in their time apart and she found herself relieved by her lover's softer visage.

She resisted the urge to lick her lips as she stared upon Zelda's fatter frame, making note of her fatter breasts and thicker belly. Nabooru felt her nipples pressing deeply into her multi-colored tube top as thoughts of Zelda suckling on her bulbous breasts, once more, filled her head.

Zelda could not help notice that the Gerudo queen had grown quite obese since their
last meeting.

An observation that bought her both relief, in the fact that she was not alone in her gluttonous growth, and an oddly primal arousal at the way her obese counterpart's immense body quivered violently.

She turned her fat head slightly to Link's side and made note that he was visibly excited as well. Her thoughts became lewd as she imagined squashing his muscular frame between her and Nabooru's soft frames.

Zelda felt her own thick nipples press into her damp dress as she soaked up Nabooru's
immensity and her own fantasies.

After what seemed like an eternity, a panting Nabooru stood winded before Zelda's throne still quivering wildly as held a fat hand atop her behemoth right breast. She was trying in vain to catch her breath as she spoke her greeting.


A sly smile crested Zelda's puffy lips as she returned the greeting eagerly.

The Gerudo queen watched on eagerly as the Hyrulian princess slowly slid her fat arms to her throne's armrests as she began preparing to stand.

Zelda's face contorted in a less than royal manner as she slowly shifted her fat feet and pushed up heavily. She finally made it to her feet, her fat face drenched in sweat, taking time to catch her breath before announcing.


------------the feasting hall------------------

A series of loud thuds echoed thorough Hyrule palace's corridors as Zelda waddled towards the feasting hall with Impa, Nabooru, Ophela, and Link in tow.

The sweat dampened faces of the immense women wore fatigued expressions as they waddled slowly, their bodies quivering with each heavy deliberate step.

Impa treated herself to a view of her Princess's swaying backside, taking pride in the
fact that she had taken part in the dimpled cellulite that packed those butt cheeks and
the fat that oozed off her torso into backfat. Impa longed to nestle her head in the princess's pillow like upper arms. Those arms were quivering and getting softer and her  thunderous thighs were getting downright titanic.

Impa found herself smiling slightly between each panted breath as she watched Zelda's flab
twitch and jiggle  far after initial movement had ended.

Nabooru soaked in the corridor filling Impa's more than ample backside.

She couldn't help but feel her already crimson cheeks burn hotter as she gazed upon the once lithe guardian's titanic tush. She could see each dimple of Impa's cottage cheese-like
boulders, as well as the many folds and rolls that culminated near it.  

The Gerudo queen silently vowed to have this woman in her bed sometime in the near future.

Ophela waddled behind her queen in awe of the Gerudo matron's mammoth proportions.

Their incessant feasting had definitely added a few inches to the Gerudo matron's
already behemoth bottom. Ophela watched the cellulite packed cheeks ooze into each other and down atop the thunderous thighs that struggled to support their heavy payload.

Link said nothing, appreciating the view Ophela was giving him as she and the others
waddled out of the corridor into the dining hall.

He found himself reaching out absentmindedly to the quivering woman's butt as they entered the dining hall.

His hands grasped tightly at their soft expanse as she stopped to catch her breath.

"" she huffed as the others waddled to their seats "....later...."

He snapped back to reality in time just enough to find himself feeling a small tad of
empathy as her nostrils flared desperately for air as her body continued to drench itself with sweat.

He quickly lost that feeling as her damp clothing sunk deeper into her every fold quite
provocatively as she waddled forward.

He quickly rushes ahead to draw out two large chairs for each panting woman. They smiled
weakly as they lower their bottoms atop the seats and sit wheezing for a few minutes. He
helps them to adjust themselves as they try to compose themselves before going to call
the chef.

Nabooru is the first to move as her fat fingers begin to unfasten her sarong, allowing her creamy mocha skinned belly flab to surge out even further beneath the table.

Her uppermost fold spilled out atop the wooden table heavily allowing her bloated breasts the opportunity to shift deeper into her dimpled upper arms.

She sighs in relief, savoring the coolness that the table bought to her sweaty flesh
before suggesting that the others follow suit.

Zelda nods in reply, causing her jowls to compress and release as her fat fingers begin
to loosen her dress's drawstrings. The regal Hyrulian's face relaxes as her belly spills forward within her, now loose, tent like dress.

Impa remains motionless, her flabby forefront quivering with each breath, she doesn't
mind her tights constricting fabric she enjoys the pressure it produces.

Ophela follows suit, her creamy mocha flesh oozing further forward as the cook finally
arrives with a number of trays and servants.

Zelda is the first to dig in, juices running down her quivering chin as she greedily
sucks down a few sausage links.

Nabooru is slowly draining the contents of a large bowl of pudding, her head tilted
backwards as the goop slowly slides past her plump lips.

Impa is draining a hearty stew in the same manner as the Gerudo ruler, the only
exception being that she has a few bowls resting atop her cascading folds for easy

Ophela palms handfuls of desserts into her gaping maw moaning softly as trays continue
being switched out.

Link sits silently resisting the urge to pounce upon these fattened foxes as they
continue to gorge lazily.

He watches as they eat in a way that is almost harmonic as platters are moved and
replaced with precision. He feels that time is slowing and blurring as he watches fat
lips part and close.

He feels a stirring feeling as fat jowls compress and expand with each swallow. He feels as though the tempo peaks with each heavy rise and fall of their tubby torsos.

The symphony of glutton continued until the conclusion came just as slowly as the start.

Zelda was the first to signal that she was done, servants removing all her platters as
her glazed eyes struggled to focus.

Her fat coated belly distended far ahead of her and to her sides. Her face wore a slightly pained expression as she tried to move a tired hand to her taut belly.

Nabooru, secretly grateful that Zelda had stopped, signaled for her platters to be
removed as well. Her face, looking slightly weary, betrayed her true state of near food
coma induced sluggishness. She summoned some strength to bring a fat hand to one of her
bloated breasts as she panted softly.

Impa and Ophela finished at the same time, signaling for their mounds of platters to be
taken away.

Impa's tight spandex now sporting a slight ripping sound as her forefront heaved with
each labored breath.

Ophela sat slightly dazed, concerned that her queen's insistence for her to gorge
had made fullness a feeling of the past. She watched slightly the others appear to be
at their limit whilst she felt as though she could perhaps eat a bit more.

Her gaze shifted down to her bulging belly, her mind starting to process that she had long
passed the point of no return.

She slowly lifted her gaze to find Nabooru staring at her, a proud look on her fat
face, she mouthed a smile before the royal chefs bought in dessert.

Ophela's stomach began to roar dully as the smell of chocolate reached her nostrils. She was the first to dig into the after dinner treat, chocolate smearing across her plump lips.

----------------later that night------------------

Nabooru sat awake in the reinforced bed that held her, unable to rest despite her food
induced sluggishness, her mind flashing back to the corridors....and that immense
backside quivering in front of her.

She couldn't help feeling a bit upset with her Zelda for keeping that gray haired,
gelatinous, goddess from her.

The way those dimpled cheeks slapped into each other and rebounded away in a quivering rhythm had imbed itself into her memory. She couldn't seem to keep that woman out of her mind no matter what she tried.

So in her frustrations she slid her fat thighs to the bed's edge, allowing her belly to succumb to gravity bringing her to a forward leaning squat position.

Her belly pressed into the cold tile, a relieving sensation, as Nabooru slid her fat
hands to the bed's side pushing upwards as best she could.

She arched her wide back as she lurched forward, resting on her fat heels as she stood quivering beneath her purple nightwear.

She slowly waddled towards the door, her fat body jiggling intensely with each labored

She exited her room into the draft filled corridor, her underbelly catching a cool breeze as she waddled towards the royal chambers. Her thong devouring bottom jostling
heavily as she passed the next chamber.

It was slightly cracked open and her curiosity, getting the better of her, bought her eyes to the crack inside.

Inside she saw Ophela atop her bed on all fours, her face beet red as her body quivered
violently. She saw the Hero of time thrusting from behind, his face bearing a sly grin
as he pumped into the flaccid Gerudo woman.

Nabooru fought back the urge to join in as she continued to watch Link continue to lay claim to her fattest subordinate.

Nevertheless, she found that woman occupying her thoughts again...only with images of naughty things sprinkled in.

She slowly backed away as soft moans began to emerge from the chamber.

Nabooru returned to the corridor her eyes holding a thin mist as she reached the next

She rounded the corner to find her belly slamming into the soft warm mass that was Impa.

"Are you okay Queen Nabooru?" the triple chinned woman whispered, her voice a sultry
bass touched serenade.

"I am now..." Nabooru stuttered as she found her hands unconsciously stroked the fatter
woman's thick rolls. Her memory was a bit addled by desire, but she could almost swear
that the gray haired beauty was even fatter than before.

"Like what you see" Impa chuckled sending jostles through her underwear clad frame "You are just as bad as Lady Zelda!"

"I think you will find me better..." Nabooru cooed "I have never been accused of leaving someone wanting."

"You talk big" Impa quipped in return "I hope you can back it up!"

"I assure you I can!" Nabooru smirked waddling past her next lover, giving her a good
glimpse at her behemoth butt.

"Please do..." Impa grunted softly as she followed suit, closing the door behind her as
she entered her chambers.

Nabooru slid her fat belly against Impa's as she slid her hand up its fatty surface
until she reached those bulbous breasts of hers. She slid her fat fingers beneath the
gray haired woman's bra and began to grope longingly at them.

Impa let loose a soft moan as her nipples stiffened beneath the red-haired gerudo's palms.
Impa slid her hands to Nabooru's sides just as eagerly and began to massage the fleshy
flanks passionately. A soothing warmth passed through the Gerudo's thick folds as Impa
summoned a bit of magic to her fat hands.

The bloated and overly stuffed feeling that had been somewhat hindering Nabooru seemed to disappear as her body thickened, unbeknownst to her, and congealed with more flab.

Nabooru's expansion was slow and almost deliberate, Impa looking on eagerly as the
Gerudo Matron's fat cheeks and thick chins thickened even more than before.

Her mocha tinted breasts cascaded farther down her dark belly folds, which had thickened into droopy creamy shelves of flab. Her bottom expanded out behind her, the last smooth
areas dimpling with cellulite, as her dimpled hips pressed out further from her sides.

"This one has potential" Impa thought gratefully as she stepped back enough to get a
glimpse of the Gerudo's thickening thighs.

Nabooru found herself groping air as Impa slowly lumbered back, a look of confusion
filled her fatter face before Impa bought her obese bottom to the bed behind her.

A playful look crossed Impa's face as she unclasped her overtaxed bra and signaled for
Nabooru to join her.

Nabooru's puzzled expression morphed into a lustful one as she waddled over towards her
bedbound prize. She would have notice how much more effort it took or how she jiggled
more than she used to if she weren't so ridden with desire.

She was still growing larger as she stopped before Impa, her gain ending only as she removed her own overstuffed bra as well.

Impa stopped Nabooru as she turned to join her on the bed, her voice demanding as she
spoke her chosen words carefully.

"Tonight I will be the queen Nabooru...." she said sternly "and your queen wishes to be

Nabooru felt a wave of indignation sweep over her for a second as she caught on to
Impa's intention. She decided to throw away her pride for a moment and dropped to her
fat encumbered knees slowly. Her fat fingers pushing aside thunderous thighs as she
slid her fat cheeks into Impa's forbidden parts. Her tongue darted in viciously
causing Impa to let loose a weak moan.


"....More....More...." Ophela moaned as Link continued to plow into her womanhood. She
was adamant that he took charge as things progressed.

He didn't mind that every part of her seemed to jiggle, or that she was almost always
hungry. He didn't mind that she was severely limited to the positions they could have or
that she had to stop to snack midway. In fact, she was pretty sure he enjoyed
it....almost as much as she was enjoying it.

She felt him enter again and again as her blubber filled butt pushed him aloft after
every stroke. She savored each entrance with a bite of her thick lower lip as he
thrusted harder and grabbed more flesh.

He battered her with compliments as she climaxed, her whalish body giving way beneath her.
She still wanted more as he dismounted and made his way around her...she needed more... and to her surprise he told her to be still and left her lying nude atop her bed.

She almost felt herself tear up in frustration before he returned minutes later with a tray
of decadent desserts.

"Eat up" he said softly as he placed the tray in front of her "I know you have got to
be hungry."

She tried to ignore the growing hunger in her belly as she desperately wanted to avoid
looking like a pig, especially when she had the choice to eat without her Queen's guilt

She remembered back to the dining hall when the realization hit her that she was past the point of no return....she sighed deeply before unwrapping an over-sized cupcake-like treat and guzzling it down.

"Who was she kidding anyway?" She thought as the sugary food slid past her lips she
enjoyed the unrestrained gluttony too much to diet or stop.

"If he wants to see me make a pig out of myself..." she continued her mental monologue
"then he is going to need to bring a lot more food."

Link headed back to his place behind her, almost entering, when he heard her grunt at
him huskily.

"I need more food fairy boy...." she cooed as she slid the empty tray to the side of
the bed "You didn't think that meager snack could fill me up did you?"

He smiled coyly as he returned to her side "Of course not, a woman of your size needs a
full sized meal for a snack."

She felt her cheeks redden at his sarcasm, yet she couldn't help but feel her arousal
building once more.

"Then make me a snack!" she grunted as she rolled onto her side "Otherwise you can say
goodnight to a woman of my size."

He scrambled to find his pants and left without so much a warning, leaving Ophela with
a smile across her thick lips.

-----------in the royal chambers-------------

Zelda lay atop her bed exhausted and bloated from the evening's meal, plus the snacks
she had afterwards, longing for sleep to grace her with its presence.

She let out a soft groan as her packed belly felt near to bursting. Zelda pressed her
fat hands into her taut belly and began to summon the magic Impa had taught her to her
finger tips. A soft moan echoed through her room as her body began to thicken beneath
her spell.

Her bloated cheeks thickened slightly as her jowls filled in a bit more. Her tremendous
tits sagged a bit more as they made their way a few centimeters lower across her thickening belly expanse.

Her nighty let loose a few rips as the seams that rested on her lard filled love-handles gave way beneath its growing mass.

Zelda let out a soft sigh of relief as some of her creamy flab spilled out of the rips,
widening their length and allowing her some much needed pressure relief.

She felt herself lift slightly as her backside continued to expand slowly but surely.

Her already threadbare panties becoming engulfed by her ever dimpling cheeks and thunderous thighs.

She found herself hungry once more, after her expansion ended, a fact that she found
more than a bit irksome.
She reached her fat hand to her servant's bell and let loose a few rings as her belly rumbled intently.

Her servants came to her aid in minutes carrying trays of food, the routine known all
to well by now, and a few goblets of wine.

"Keep it coming" Zelda ordered sternly as she reached her fat fingers for the first dessert item "I am extremely hungry tonight."
So this is kinda the turning point of the story in a way....I don't want to spoil anything but things should wrap up neatly in the next two chapters. Once again I don't own Legend of Zelda or any of the characters. Critiques and comments are always welcome and I hope you enjoy!
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Beatrice set eyes on a silver pendant sitting on a red velvet pad as she searched through the jewelry store. On front of the pendant was the etching of a small, pig-like figure. "Oh, that's so cute!" squeed Beatrice. She had always been a sucker for cute jewelry, and this was no exception. "You like that one?" asked the shopkeeper. The shopkeeper was a young woman like Beatrice, but Beatrice had a good 100 pounds on her. "I do! It's adorable!" replied Beatrice. "If you would like, you can try it on," said the shopkeeper, pulling it out of the display and handing it to Beatrice. Beatrice looked in the mirror as she put it on, gasping at how good it looked on her. "I've got to have it!" exclaimed Beatrice. "'s been here for so long, just waiting for a girl like you. So I can give it to you half off..." said the shopkeeper. That was a deal that Beatrice couldn't pass up. She handed the money over to the shopkeeper. "Alright, enjoy your new jewelry!" exclaimed the shopkeeper as Beatrice walked for the door. After Beatrice walked out, the shopkeeper laughed. "Enjoy it...I know I will..." said the shopkeeper as she put the money away...

Beatrice walked into her apartment, taking a second to adore the pendant she was wearing around her neck. "That was one hell of a deal!" said Beatrice, glad that she got the pendant for cheap. However, as she stared, she felt pangs of hunger forming in her stomach. "Oh right...I haven't eaten all day..." thought Beatrice as she walked to the kitchen to make herself something. She prepared herself a pizza, waiting in anticipation as it cooked. After twenty minutes, she pulled it out of the oven and waited for it to cool down. Finally, after a stunning display of willpower, Beatrice took the first slice and bit into it. It tasted much better than the pizzas she had made before, but she chalked it up to not having eaten all day. Beatrice finished the first slice, then moved onto the second, not wasting any time in filling her belly. She ate and ate, the third, fourth, and fifth slices devoured in seconds. Finally, the entire pizza was gone and in Beatrice's stomach. However, her stomach roared with hunger, begging for more. Beatrice found herself in the kitchen, looking for anything she could eat. She put another pizza in the oven while searching for a snack to hold her over until it was ready. Luckily, she found a big bag of chips, which she ate by the handful. Unfortunately, it didn't last very long, and Beatrice had to find some more treats to satisfy her. After the longest twenty minutes of her life, the buzzer on the oven rang, letting Beatrice know the second pizza was done. She devoured it in record time, finally feeling sated after having down both pizzas and a plethora of other snacks. She grimaced, her clothes feeling tighter than they had before. "Ugh, the stupid dryer must have shrunk my clothes..." groaned Beatrice, completely oblivious to the obvious. Her stomach and breasts had bulged outwards from her feast, looking as though she had packed on another 20 pounds! "Oh well, I'll just have to go find some good clothes..." thought Beatrice as she walked to her room and into her closet...

After spending a few minutes finding clothes, Beatrice walked back into her kitchen. Her stomach was growling again, her previous meal not keeping her filled for very long. She tossed open the pantry doors and began to eat. At first, she found the cereal, devouring two boxes of it within a few minutes. Then, she moved up to more chips, downing them in what felt like seconds a piece. She was stuffing herself, working her way through the pantry. She moaned as she satisfied her sweet tooth, finding and ingesting a giant bag of chocolates. She remained oblivious to what this feast was doing to her body. Her stomach was getting softer, and her breasts were getting rounder as she ate. Her clothes were pulled tight again, but she just kept eating. The contents of her pantry were disappearing into Beatrice's mouth, her waistline expanding with every one. And all the time, Beatrice failed to notice any change to her body. She bent over to pick up something on a low shelf, the seat of her pants ripping loudly as it gave in. "Stupid clothes! They don't make them like they used to..." gasped Beatrice. Her shirt was popping at the seams, but she didn't pay it any mind. Her stomach was still growling, and Beatrice needed to fill it. As her gluttony continued, the rip in the seat of her pants expanded, and her shirt pulled tighter and tighter across her chest. She had eaten everything, from chips and cookies to crackers and cakes. Her pantry was beginning to empty, but she wasn't getting any more full! She scavenged for whatever she could eat, her clothes giving little by little. Finally, after another handful of treats, her pants and shirt both exploded off of her. Her breasts were overflowing her bra, and her panties looked like a thong between her massive thighs. It looked as though she'd doubled in size, to around 400 pounds, but she still remained completely ignorant to the fact.  "Did some moths get to all my clothes or what?! They're just falling apart today!" said Beatrice, annoyed. As she began to walk to her closet for the second time today, her phone began to ring. Beatrice took a deep breath, putting a less annoyed tone to her voice before answering it. "Hello?" asked Beatrice. "Hi!" replied the voice on the other end. Beatrice immediately knew it was her friend Mallory. "What's up?" asked Beatrice, putting her hand on her hip. "Leslie and I were going to be heading to the usual spot downtown. Would you like to tag along?" asked Beatrice. Beatrice's stomach growled again, giving her an answer. "Sure, I'll go. I'll just need a few minutes, then I'll meet you there!" said Beatrice. "Alright! See you then!" said Mallory as she hung up the phone.

This time, Beatrice put on the most durable pair of sweatpants she had. She managed to squeeze into a shirt as well. "I'm going to have to go get some new clothes if all of these keep shrinking like this...maybe a new dryer instead?" thought Beatrice out loud as she walked out the door and began to work her way to the usual spot. It was a restaurant downtown that the girls enjoyed. And right now, it sounded like it would hit the spot. "Hey, I can show off this pendant at least!" realized Beatrice as she walked.

Beatrice walked through the double doors in the front of the restaruant, feeling more than a bit winded. "Whew...maybe I'm getting sick or something...that usually doesn't take that much out of me..." panted Beatrice. Looking around, she could see that Mallory and Leslie hadn't quite made it there yet. Her search was interupted by a waitress coming up. "Hi! Can I lead you to a table?" asked the waitress. She seemed familiar, but Beatrice shook it off. She was feeling much too hungry to care about deja vu right now. "Yes, please!" said Beatrice, following the waitress. "Alright, do you know what you want right away? Any appetizers or drinks?" asked the waitress. "Hmm...I'm waiting on two friends...but I'll go ahead and take some breadsticks!" said Beatrice, not wanting to start feasting without her friends. "Alright, I'll be right back!" exclaimed the waitress as she walked away. True to her word, the waitress returned moments later with two plates stacked high with breadsticks. "Here you go! If there's anything I can get you, don't hesitate to let me know!" said the waitress, leaving Beatrice to her own devices. Beatrice immediately began stuffing her face with the buttery bread, stifling a moan as the delicious flavor hit her tastebuds. She chewed and swallowed quickly, only to put even more in her mouth. She was working as hard as she could to satisfy her hunger, but no matter what she did she was completely ravenous! Soon, both plates were completely gone. But before she could call the waitress for more, the waitress showed up with Mallory and Leslie in tow. "Here's your friend! I'll be back in a minute to take your orders!" said the waitress. She put one more plate of breadsticks on the table before walking away. "Hey there!" said Beatrice, eating one of the sticks. "Hey! Have you been waiting a while?" asked Mallory. "No, not at all!" said Beatrice, working on another breadstick. Before any more questions could be asked, the waitress returned. "Alright, so what will everybody have?" asked the waitress. Beatrice's sweet tooth was beginning to take over again. "I'll have the dessert platter!" said all three girls at once, looking at each other in amazement. "Alright, three dessert platters coming up!" laughed the waitress as she walked away.

The waitress returned a while later with the platters, putting one in front of each girl. All of them were stacked high with various types of treats. Beatrice didn't wait, instantly grabbing two handfuls of the sweet treats and greedily gulping them down. By the time Mallory and Leslie had finished two treats, it seemed like Beatrice had finished a dozen! Her clothes were growing tighter and tighter as she ate, but she didn't pay it any mind. All she wanted was to quell this hunger! "Oh, these are amazing! Here, Beatrice, try this one!" exclaimed Leslie, pushing the treat directly into Beatrice's mouth. She didn't even bat an eyelash as she accepted the treat. "What about this one? It has such delicious chocolate!" said Mallory as she pushed a treat past Beatrice's lips. Her clothes were creaking and groaning, trying to hold back her expanding body. However, none of the girls seemed to notice, working on pushing all of the food into Beatrice's stomach. The silver pendant felt warm on her neck as Beatrice continued to eat. She moaned as teh barrage of desserts continued. "Oh yes...yes...ooooooooh...OH!" gasped Beatrice as suddenly her clothes exploded off of her. The sudden release caused the elastic on her bra and panties to snap as well, leaving her completely naked. "Oh God!" gasped Beatrice, her face turning bright red. Before she could do anything else, the chair snapped underneath her 800 pound body, sending her toppling to the floor.

Beatrice's breasts bounced wildly as she hit the floor. She couldn't believe what had just happened! "Oh my God! I-I'm so fat!" gasped Beatrice. She could hazily remember eating all the food she had today, but she couldn't believe that she actually did it! Mallory and Beatrice got up from their chairs, bringing their platters along with them. They began to push the food into her mouth, ignoring her protests. She could feel her body bulging outwards with each one, but no matter how big she got, she still felt hungry! "Oh, what a cute gold pendant!" said the waitress as she returned. Beatrice's eyes went wide. Gold? It had been silver before! "Hmm...but I could have sworn it was silver..." giggled the waitress as she looked into Beatrice's eyes. Beatrice gasped as she looked at the waitress. She recognized her! She was the saleswoman at the jewelry store! "You're such a fatty, Beatrice!" exclaimed Mallory, pushing a creampuff into her mouth. Beatrice groaned, unable to stop eating. "You see...that pendant was made to make you hungry...hungry and oblivous to all the food you were just ate and ate, getting fatter and fatter, until now you're just a big ball of fat! You can't even move!" said the waitress, "...but that's not all! It also made your friends here super eager to feed you!" On cue, Mallory and Leslie both fed Beatrice another treat. "W-why...?!" moaned Beatrice, barely getting out that word before she was force fed even more. "Because I want to have some fun with you...just sit back and've done such a good job of that already!" laughed the waitress as she grabbed some food herself and began feeding Beatrice.

Bit by bit, Beatrice was made to eat treat after treat after treat. She began to balloon outwards with the three girls feeding her, none of them slowing down. No matter how much she had, the platters never seemed to empty. And now matter how much she ate, Beatrice never felt any fuller. Her stomach growled, begging for more food even as Beatrice got fatter and fatter. "You're becoming such a blubber-ball, Beatrice!" laughed Leslie. Beatrice moaned. She was getting so big, but she was still so hungry! And all of the food only seemed to taste more and more delicious with each pound she gained. "O-oh...please...p-please stop..." moaned Beatrice, not convincing anybody. "I don't think that's really what you want..." said the waitress, stuffing a giant slice of chocolate cake into Beatrice's mouth. "The pendant only amplified what you already've always had this insatiable appetite...that pendant only brought it out of you..." finished the waitress, continuing to feed Beatrice. "N-no...I can't...I can't...I...I..." whimpered Beatrice in between treats from each of the girls. She was gaining weight at an incredible pace, but still she craved more! "Come know you want it..." said the waitress, holding up a delicious looking pastry. Beatrice's felt her mouth watering at the sight of it. "Oooooooooooooooooh! I...I'm so hungry! I need more food!" begged Beatrice, not having to wait for each of the girls to begin feeding her even faster.

"That's it! Eat it all up!" said Mallory and Leslie in unison as Beatrice continued to eat. She was getting absolutely huge, blowing up to well over 2,000 pounds. "Big, fat, and naked...what a sexy combination!" laughed the waitress as she stuffed everything she could get her hands on into Beatrice's mouth. "H-how are...are you doing this?!" gasped Beatrice in between treats. She couldn't believe how fat she was getting! And yet, she wanted to eat more and more, her hunger not slowing down one bit! "It was simple, really...just a pendant...a little spark of magic...and a hungry girl like you..." said the waitress. "M-magic?! What do you me-MMPF!" exclaimed Beatrice before Mallory and Leslie silenced her with food. She moaned as she swallowed, her body bulging outwards more and more with each bite she took. "I mean that I'm a witch! And you're completely under my spell...!" laughed the waitress as she snapped her fingers. Beatrice was blinded by a bright light, taking a few seconds to regain her vision. When she did, she was amazed! There was food piled high all around her! "So, your name is Beatrice...mine's Harmony...and I'm not going to stop until all of this food is in that big, bloated belly of yours!" promised Harmony, stuffing a large slice of pie into Beatrice's mouth.

"Here, eat this!" demanded Leslie as she pushed some chocolate cake into Beatrice's mouth. "No, you have to try this!" demanded Mallory, pushing a massive creampuff into Beatrice. "No, you're both wrong! Here you go, Beatrice!" laughed Harmony as she fed Beatrice an irresistible eclair. Beatrice didn't say anything, letting the girl's little argument fatten her up even further. The original platters had long since been emptied, and now the girls were reaching for any food that they could get their hands on. "Oh, Beatrice! I can feel your stomach getting bigger!" exclaimed Mallory. "And so are your boobs! You're growing so quickly!" exclaimed Leslie, each girl squeezing that part of Beatrice. Beatrice moaned as she was forced to eat more and more food. She never would have imagined that it was possible to eat this much, but she was gaining hundreds of pounds of fat from all of the treats she was eating! She closed her eyes and held her mouth open, allowing the trio to fatten her up even further...

"My my, you're coming along quite nicely!" exclaimed Harmony. Beatrice had ballooned in size, growing to nearly 5,000 pounds! The girls were feeding her with the same fervor that she had fed herself with earlier, but they had much more food than she had! She was being forced to eat more food than she had ever even seen in her life! "Doesn't that feel wonderful? All of that soft, warm fat? I can actually see you fattening up!" laughed Harmony. Beatrice was aware of that sight as well. She could see herself inflating, as though she was a blimp filling with fat! She let out a muffled moan as Mallory and Leslie stuffed more food into her mouth. "Oooooooooooooh...that feels so good..." gasped Beatrice between mouthfuls of food. "You're such a hungry girl...!" said Leslie, working to quell Beatrice's growing hunger. "Mmmmmmmmmmm...yes...yes...fill me up..." begged Beatrice. "Don't worry...we're not going to stop anytime soon...!" said Harmony, stuffing a giant slice of cake into Beatrice's mouth.

"Oh! good..." moaned Beatrice, her body growing faster and faster with every bite she took. "So much sexy fat...tell me, do you like how it feels?" asked Harmony. "Oh yes!" replied Beatrice, holding her mouth open for Mallory and Leslie to feed her. "Just think of how much bigger you can get...just how much fatter we can make you..." said Harmony, tempting her. Beatrice felt a wave of pleasure come over her, cooing as her mind filled with naughty thoughts. She gasped as she felt Mallory and Leslie squeeze her breasts gently. "W-what are you two doing?!" stammered Beatrice as they squeezed again and again. Beatrice bit her lip as she felt her nipples stiffening under their touch. Soon, their fingers were tracing circles around her erect nipples, causing her to gasp and moan as Harmony stuffed her face with food. "Just look at're getting absolutely massive!" said Harmony. Beatrice tried to respond, but she was cut off by another treat. "And from all the moaning, it sounds like this is really getting you worked want to get turns you on, doesn't it?" asked Harmony. Beatrice cried out, nodding her head weakly. Eating as much as she could and having her nipples played with had brought her to a level of pleasure that she hadn't experienced before. And all she wanted was to keep going! "That's a good girl and keep eating!" laughed Harmony, giving Beatrice exactly what she wanted.

Beatrice's body quivered as Mallory and Leslie stroked, tickled, and pinched her nipples, sending more and more pleasure into her. Meanwhile, Harmony was sending more and more fat through her, indulging Beatrice. She whimpered as she felt herself expanding faster. She had to be over 10,000 pounds! "So, do you still want more?" asked Harmony, looking deep into Beatrice's eyes. "Ooooooooh...yes...yes!" replied Beatrice. Harmony smiled, putting a finger on Beatrice's skin. After a second, Beatrice felt a small shock. "Oh! W-what was that?!" gasped Beatrice. "Just a little magic to help things along! Just focus on your friends' playing for a moment..." said Harmony. Beatrice did as she was told. She gasped as she made the realization Harmony was pushing her towards. With every stroke across her nipple, Beatrice's body bulged outwards! "See? Feeling pleasure makes you fatter...and the bigger the pleasure...the biggger you'll get!" exclaimed Harmony. Beatrice felt herself begin growing even faster as she thought about it. "M-more...more...!" demanded Beatrice, falling even deeper into Harmony's spell.

There was no end to the food in sight as Harmony continued to feed her. "That's it, you big pig...keep eating!" laughed Harmony as she stuffed handful after handful of food into Beatrice's mouth. She was quivering, her breasts bouncing as her friends played with her nipples. Her stomach was bulging outwards with every treat she ate, sending a warm feeling through her. She just wanted to keep eating! "You're such a fatass...but you must still be starving!" exclaimed Mallory. Beatrice's face turned a bright red as she ate what Harmony gave her. She knew that she should feel ashamed at that, but she couldn't help but to feel even more turned on! "Hmmm...I think we should speed this up..." said Harmony as she snapped her fingers. Beatrice gasped as she watched all of the food in the room lift into the air. "What's the matter? Never seen a little magic before?" giggled Harmony. Beatrice watched as the food began to hover towards her. She smiled, happily opening her mouth as the first of the treats flew into her. They began to stream into her mouth, going faster and faster as Beatrice swallowed. Harmony put her fingers on Beatrice's skin, filling the ripples of fat as she ballooned outwards. "Oh, isn't that sexy...?" asked Harmony as she concentrated. Beatrice moaned as she felt a tingling sensation spread out from where Harmony's fingers were. As it spread, so did Beatrice, growing faster as it filled her. "W-what...w-was that...?" cooed Beatrice. Harmony kept her hands where they were. "Oh, I'm just pumping a litle something something into you...just to speed up the process...!" exclaimed Harmony. Beatrice cried out as the pleasure inside of her spiked from Harmony's words. "O-oh God! I'm gonna...gonna get so fat!" exclaimed Beatrice, loving the very thought of it...

"Oh,'re so big and soft...!" moaned Leslie. "And you're only getting bigger! You're like a blimp!" laughed Mallory. Both girls were loving the feeling of Beatrice's behemoth breasts ballooning outwards against their bodies. She was filling the dining room, her 25,000 pound body smothering tables and chairs all around her. Mallory and Leslie pulled their fingers away for a second before replacing them with their tongues. Beatrice screamed before being silenced by the flying food. She began ballooning outwards as pleasure filled her from her friend's naughty tongues. Meanwhile, Harmony squeezed handfuls of Beatrice's breast fat, sending energy surging into her. She was downing hundreds of pounds of food, getting bigger and rounder as everything filled her with more and more fat. "You must love this so much...just how badly do you want it?" asked Harmony. "MMPF...I...I want it...want it so badly...!" moaned Beatrice. "Good...I want you to beg for it..." instructed Harmony. "Oooooooooooooh...feed me more! Please, make me fatter!" pleaded Beatrice. "That'll do...for now...!" laughed Harmony as she pushed even more energy into Beatrice, making her gasp as her body surged outwards.

Beatrice cooed as she felt Mallory and Leslie's tongues against her nipples, licking and stroking them with the tips of their tongues. She could feel her breasts inflating, blowing up like blimps before her very eyes. They felt so full and heavy, and getting only heavier as they pushed her friends away from her. Every brush against her sensitive nipples sent shockwaves of pleasure through Beatrice, leaving her crying out in delight, allowing all of the food into the room to push itself into her waiting mouth. She closed her eyes and lost herself in the feeling of her behemoth belly bulging outwards with every morsel of food. It pushed against the wall to the kitchen, causing her to gasp as a ripple of fat flowed across her body. "I'm so fat...I-I'm such a fatass...!" gasped Beatrice, her words sending another wave of pleasure through her. She felt like nothing more than a big, fat balloon, being filled with food and pleasure, naughty thoughts and magical energy. It all combined inside of her to create one of the deepest euphorias that Beatrice could imagine. She could feel every pound of fat shaking and quivering as the pleasure grew to a point that she couldn't contain. "O-OH...OH GOD...OH GOD...!" screamed Beatrice. She let out a deep, primal moan as her eyes fluttered into the back of her head as she came. Mallory and Leslie gasped as their friend suddenly began to balloon outwards, her breasts bouncing wildly as her growing shook them. "That's it...keep eating, Beatrice!" exclaimed Leslie. "Just like that, you fat blob!" laughed Mallory. Much to Beatrice's surprise, her friend's taunts only made her cum harder. She gasped for air in between the food coming into her mouth, unable to do anything but get fatter and fatter as her stomach smashed through the wall into the kitchen.

"Hmmm...who knew that eating like that would get you off...?" asked Harmony as she looked at Beatrice's flushed face. She was still trying to catch her breath as the pleasure came back down to a level she could handle. She had expanded to well over 50,000 pounds, much to her delight. "Ooooooooooh...t-that was...that was amazing..." moaned Beatrice, taking another piece of food in her mouth. "So now we know that food has that pleasureful effect on you, why don't we really feed you? You'll just keep getting bigger and bigger and bigger...just how good it'll feel the second time when you're even fatter!" said Harmony, enticing Beatrice. Beatrice let out a moan and held her mouth open, allowing the full stream of treats to flow back into her. Beatrice's stomach surged into the kitchen, destroying everything that stood in it's way. Meanwhile, Mallory and Leslie couldn't contain their lust for Beatrice's ballooning body. They pressed themselves into her breasts and each took one of Beatrice's nipples in their mouth. Beatrice screamed as she felt them begin to suck, gently at first, but quickly sucking harder and harder. She began growing in bursts as the pleasure reached deep into her body. "OH! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH! G-GIRLS!" shrieked Beatrice in disbelief at her friend's naughty sucking. She never thought they'd go this far in making her fatter! Mallory and Leslie could feel Beatrice getting larger and larger with every suck they took, encouraging them to suck faster and harder. "Mmmmmmmmm...oooooooooooh...m-more...more..." moaned Beatrice, gasping as Mallory and Leslie helped with their lips and tongues...

There was a loud thud as Beatrice's body slammed into the walls of the restaurant, pushing against them, her body beginning to rise up on a sea of fat where it couldn't go outwards any more. "Ha! You filled the entire building! You're such a pig!" laughed Harmony, causing Beatrice to turn a bright red. She just couldn't stop eating! More and more food just seemed to appear around her, filling her mouth and causing her to push harder and harder against the walls. "You're still not satisfied?! Even after gaining tens of thousands of pounds?!" asked Harmony, in mock amazement. Beatrice could tell that Harmony knew better. She knew that Beatrice couldn't bring herself to stop getting fatter and fatter. It just felt too good! "Come on, ladies, let's send this blimp through the walls!" demanded Harmony, Mallory and Leslie eagerly obeying. They sucked faster and faster, causing Beatrice's entire body to quiver like gelatin. She could feel the walls cracking under the pressure her massive girth was exerting. There was little she could do as she ballooned bigger and bigger. Finally, she let out a loud gasp as her body punched through the outer walls of the building, her fat flowing forth into the streets...

Beatrice moaned loudly as her friends continued to suck. Her fat was surging outwards from the ruined restaurant, her stomach quickly crossing the street and slamming into the building across from her. Her lovehandles smashing into the buildings at her sides, and her butt bulldozed into the building behind her. She continued to grow, despite there being no more food flying into her mouth. All that was keeping her going was Harmony's magic and the pleasure from Mallory and Leslie's playing. "Wow, you're such a big butterball! So big and fat, you must be over 100,000 pounds!" exclaimed Harmony. Beatrice whimpered at that number. She could feel fat distributing itself across her massive blob of a body. "Big, fat, and naked...oh, everybody around must be amazed to see a girl like you!" laughed Harmony. Beatrice gasped, her face turning a bright red. She hadn't thought about that! Everybody would be able to see her getting fatter and fatter, beyond anything they could imagine! Beatrice was surprised to find a growing excitement inside of her. She didn't care who could see her, just so long as she got bigger! " about we make you big enough that everybody in the world can see that massive appetite of yours..." suggested Harmony, but Beatrice knew she didn't have a choice. Harmony was going to blow her up until she couldn't take any more! Beatrice tossed back her head and let out a deep moan as she thought about just how big she could get.

"G-Gah...mmmmmmmmmm...oh...oh...OH!" cried Beatrice as her breasts grew bigger and rounder. They felt so incredibly full, and only getting fuller with every suck that the girls took. However, the added pressure only made the pleasure even better, sending Beatrice's body flying outwards. She was growing into the adjacent buildings, fighting for space in the cramped city. Mallory and Leslie stroked Beatrice's nipples with their tongues in between sucks, causing Beatrice to coo. "Oh yes...j-just like that...oh yes..." moaned Beatrice. Her friends were quite adept at pleasuring her, possibly from the magic of the pendant still around her neck. It seemed to grow with her, the chain not even becoming tight even as Beatrice's neck became non-existent. Suddenly, Beatrice felt a small shock. She screamed as the pleasure increased further, her body growing faster to reflect the pleasure filling her. "W-what was that...?!" gasped Beatrice. "You're growing so slowly! I really want to see you balloon in size!" replied Harmony. Her breasts got fuller as they increased in size, bigger and bigger, more than 10 feet in diameter! The pressure was especially intense around her sensitive nipples. It grew and grew as the sucking continued, far beyond what Beatrice could handle. "G-girls! GIRLS!" cried Beatrice, trying to warn them, but they didn't listen. They sucked as hard as they could, trying to send Beatrice past her limits. Her breasts throbbed as they struggled to handle the incredible fullness. Finally, she let out a loud shriek as two streams of milk exploded from  her nipples and straight into the mouths of Mallory and Leslie.

Beatrice's eyes widened and her mouth hung open at the amazing pleasure that was left in place of the pressure that had been there just moments ago. Sharp shocks went through her body as Mallory and Leslie continued to suck, drawing as much pleasure from Beatrice's nipples as they could. They swallowed the milk surging past their lips, focusing on Beatrice's pleasure more than what was happening to them because of it. "M-Mallory...L-Leslie...!" cried Beatrice in between moans. She could feel them ballooning in size as she did the same. "Don't worry about them...just worrying about yourself. You must be sooooooooo hungry..." said Harmony. Beatrice's stomach growled in response, a sound that echoed through the streets. "Let's fill that big belly of yours..." said Harmony as she snapped her fingers. Suddenly, food began to fly out of all of the nearby buildings, magically appearing and rushing towards Beatrice's mouth. She barely had time to gasp before a stream of treats pushed their way into her mouth and down her throat. She moaned deeply as the taste exploded in her mouth, and her body began to balloon outwards.

Mallory and Leslie gasped as they pulled away from Beatrice's nipples, milk drenching them as they surveyed their own bodies. They had gotten truly huge, their clothes laying in tatters around them as their 500 pound bodies glistened with the creamy liquid. Their own nipples stood erect, each girl reaching across and playing with the other girl's. "Oh yes...oh yes...B-Beatrice made us so fat...!" gasped Mallory. "It feels so good...!" moaned Leslie. They played with each other as Beatrice continued to grow even fatter! "Your friends seem to really be enjoying themselves..." said Harmony as she watched Beatrice gorge herself on the food. "MMPF...I...mmmmmmmmmmm...I...MMPF!" moaned Beatrice, trying to say something but giving up as the food flew into her mouth. She figured eating did her better than speaking anyways. Her body was growing outwards, plowing over entire buildings as her body turned into a tidal wave of pure fat. "Here, let's listen to what your friends have to say..." said Harmony. To her surprise, Beatrice could hear Mallory and Leslie's voices even over her titanic tits. "Oooooooooooh...I can't stop myself...I need more!" cried Leslie. Beatrice gasped as she felt Leslie's lips wrap around her nipples and suck once more. Mallory moaned and followed close behind. The streams of milk grew at the stimulation, causing both girls to start growing once more. "Look at that...they want you to get fatter so they can get fatter too!" laughed Harmony, "but don't worry...I'm not going to let any of you girls down..."

The sheer weight of Beatrice's body sent a shiver through her. She was getting huge, positively massive! She was at least 1,000,000 pounds of fat, and only getting bigger and bigger! Her body was plowing through the city, quickly filling entire blocks with her fat. She moaned at the feeling of being the biggest thing around, and she was more than excited to get even fatter! She devoured all of the food that flew into her mouth, eagerly waiting as she felt herself becoming more massive. "G-girls...k-keep sucking...keep sucking on my tits..." moaned Beatrice, causing Mallory and Leslie to suck even harder. Beatrice's eyes shot wide open at the pleasure that flooded her. "You just can't stop growing, can you?" asked Harmony, knowing the answer. Beatrice whimpered with a mouthful of food. All of her taunts were only making the pleasure greater for her. "You've got blimps for boobs, and a giant tub of blubber for a belly!" exclaimed Harmony, causing Beatrice to moan passionately. She wanted more, needed more! Harmony squeezed her fat, sending a surge of energy into her. Beatrice cried out as she began growing even faster. "I'm not going to stop until you reach your limit...I want to see just how incredibly massive you can get!" laughed Harmony as Beatrice's lips trembled.

"O-oh...oh fuck...oh fuck..." moaned Beatrice as the pleasure skyrocketed. Mallory and Leslie were sucking with more and more zeal behind them, and Harmony was pushing a sea of energy into Beatrice. Her entire body was quivering and quaking as she demolished everything in her path. The jiggling fat was just icing on the cake, bringing her to a pleasure she hadn't felt since she had been in the restaurant. Beatrice could feel another orgasm growing deep inside her, and she was begging for it to take a hold of her. She closed her eyes and thought about every inch of fat on her body. She could feel it all tingling, bulging outwards, appearing on her all over her body. She felt goosebumps raising on her skin. All the while, her nipples were being stroked, licked, sucked, and nibbled on by Mallory and Leslie while they grew fatter off of Beatrice's milk. Her breasts throbbed, a pressure building in them again. "G-girls..." whimpered Beatrice, trying to warn them as suddenly the milk began to surge into their mouths, and ocean disappearing down their throats and sending their fat flying outwards. The feeling of her friends growing finally threw Beatrice over the edge. She screamed as she felt herself cumming a second time.

"That's it! That's it!" exclaimed Harmony as Beatrice began growing almost three times as fast. Beatrice moaned as more and more food stuffed her, making her even fatter. The feeling of getting fatter only made the orgasm all the more intense for the growing girl. "Keep growing, blow up like a fat filled balloon!" demanded Harmony, pushing even more energy into Beatrice. She let out a loud shriek as she felt it filling her, making her even fatter. Mallory and Leslie were growing at an incredible rate as they swallowed the milk that was exploding from Beatrice's nipples. They somehow remained held fast to Beatrice's nipples, despite both of them being giant balls of fat. Beatrice's body was trembling, sending waves of fat bouncing and rolling, making the girls jiggle as well. "OH! I-IT'S...IT'S TOO MUCH!" cried Beatrice between moans and bulging cheeks of food. "You're just going to have to take it anyways..." replied Harmony as she watched Beatrice's eyes roll into the back of her head.

Beatrice's body surged out of the city, having completely covered it in fat. She was only growing faster and faster as she came down from her orgasm. "Oh God...oh God..." moaned Beatrice. She was completely helpless to stop herself from getting fatter, a thought that sent a mind-numbing pleasure through her. Harmony climbed closer to Beatrice's face, smiling as she cupped Beatrice's cheeks in each of her hands. "You've gotten so does it feel?" asked Harmony. "Ooooooooooooooooh...incredible...I can't...can't describe it...!" replied Beatrice. She had completely given herself over to her fat, and she was still craving some more. Harmony ran the tip of her tongue over Beatrice's lips, causing her to gasp. "'ve got such a round face, and such full lips..." said Harmony as she leaned in and kissed Beatrice. Beatrice let out a muffled moan as she felt a flood of energy push into her mouth from Harmony's lips. Harmony opened her lips slightly, the kiss becoming more passionate as she let more energy into Beatrice. Beatrice's ballooning body surged outwards, starting to stretch over the horizon. "Alright, you big bitch, let's see just how much you can really take..." said Harmony before she leaned back in and locked her lips on Beatrice's.

The stream of energy from the girls' kiss only grew and grew, until Beatrice could hardly believe it. She felt like she was gaining thousands of pounds every second, the energy making even more fat on her body! She moaned through the kiss. Just how big could she get? How impossibly fat could Harmony make her? She had already filled the city, the country side, blowing up bigger and bigger, unable to stop! Every pound of fat she gained sent a deeper and deeper pleasure into Beatrice. With every second, Beatrice felt like she might cum again, and after a while, she began to. The bouncing waves of fat fueled one orgasm, and then another. She was growing faster and faster, growing out of control as she snowballed in size. Just when she felt like she was coming down from the pleasure, she was sent into another, even stronger orgasm. Her eyes were fluttering, a sight that made Harmony giggle. She pushed more energy into Beatrice, fueling another orgasm as Beatrice blacked out from the pleasure...

Beatrice opened her eyes with a gasp as she felt her body finally slow down in its growth. She hazily looked around, stunned by what she saw. She had become truly massive, describable only as cosmic in size. She looked and felt like a planet of fat. She must have weighed hundreds of millions of billions of pounds! She let out a loud moan. "Oh yes..." she said as she bit her bottom lip, holding back an even louder moan. "I knew you'd enjoy getting fatter...and so did your friends..." said Harmony. Beatrice could see them, looking like giant moons still sucking on her nipples, still fueled to get bigger by their lust. Beatrice's eyes opened wide as the pleasure continued to fill her. "Look at that...they're so eager to get bigger...shouldn't you want to get bigger to?" asked Harmony. "Yes...oh yes...much...much bigger..." moaned Beatrice as she thought about Harmony's offer. She had completely forgotten about the pendant around her neck that had led to all of this. It had disappeared long ago, replaced by the pleasure of starting to grow again as Harmony gave her a long, deep kiss...
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WARNING: This is a weight gain story about the girls of the Harry Potter universe. It will contain weight gain/belly stuffing. If you don't like that stuff, or have no idea what I'm talking about, than don't read! You  have been warned!


The week had flown by fast for the young wizard. Maybe a little too fast for his likings. For he had been having the week of his life, watching his two girls eat and eat. The redhead, Ginny, remained completely unaware of any changes in her eating habits, while Hermione, though seeming to notice, hadn't eaten any less.
And now it was Saturday morning, and he was more excited than he ever had been. Just last night he had seen it. He was actually surprised it had taken this long. But now the waiting was over. His girls were finally growing.


At the top of Gryffindor tower, a certain flustered redhead stared with malice at the button of her skirt. "Stupid muggle clothes." she muttered to herself as she struggled with the fastener. In a flash of inspiration, she sucked in her breath, and quickly slid the button into place.
"I just don't understand why muggle girls go through this every day." Ginny said, shaking her head at their foolishness.
Just then, Hermione popped her head into the room. "Ginny, you coming?"
"Ya, just hold up a second." Ginny said, trying adjusting her skirt to a more comfortable position. But no matter what she tried, it seemed uncomfortably tight around her middle. She gave up with a shrug as her hungry belly growled, and followed Hermione out the door.
As the pair meandered toward the great hall, Ginny looked at Hermione and asked, "Hermione, have your clothes seemed a bit tight recently?"
Hermione almost missed a step on the stairs "Oh! Uh…Yea, I guess so… a little." she stuttered out. She couldn't help but think of the last week, and the tons of food Ginny had been eating. Well, she and Ginny both. She cast a quick glance at Ginny's torso, and, to her horror, she thought she saw a little chub on her belly. After she had recovered herself a little, she asked, "Why?"
"Oh, I've just been having some trouble putting on my skirt every morning. I'm glad I'm not the only one. Think it's something with these muggle clothes?"
"Well, they do tend to shrink in the wash…" she said uncertainly.
"Oh, well that's it then. Hope they find some way to fix that." Ginny said, and with that, forgot about it.
Hermione didn't though. The brief conversation had re-kindled her fears from earlier in the week. She kept trying to glance inconspicuously at Ginny, trying to tell if that really was pudge she had seen, but couldn't get the right angle. Was that a bulge in her belly, or the light playing tricks? This went on until they reached the great hall, where Hermione was determined to figure out whether Ginny had gained or not.

At least, she was for the first few moments. Then she was hit by the overwhelming smell of breakfast wafting through the air, and quickly forgot about her little quest as she took just enough time to squeeze out a 'Hey' to Harry and Ron, who were already sitting down. As soon as that pleasantry was done and over with,  she focused her full attention to getting some food into her ravenous belly. Next to her, Ginny was busy doing the same. Both were too focused on eating as much fatty food as possible to notice Harry and Ron exchanging a knowing glance.
After a few minutes and several plates worth of feasting later, both girls leaned back into their chairs with a half-sigh, half-groan, and began to wake from their eating daze. That's not to say that they stopped eating, because they didn't; they just did it at a more human pace.
After a few moment of heavy breathing from the girls, Ginny reached for another cinnamon bun and said, "Hey guys… have either of you noticed your uniforms being a bit tight recently?"
Hermione froze and looked at the cinnamon bun she herself had just taken a bite of, and set it down gently on her plate.
Harry was just opening his mouth to say 'no' when Ron stomped on his toe under the table and said, "Yea, now that you mention it. Harry was just complaining about it this morning, weren't you Harry?"
Harry was looking angrily at Ron for stomping his toes, but quickly caught on. "Oh, yes. It's just been getting a bit smaller and smaller every day. I thought it was weird at first, but I guess the house elves must be shrinking them in the wash. They aren't used to muggle clothing."
Hermione looked up in surprise. Could it really just be her stressing out over nothing? She glanced over at Ginny's stomach. Yes, there was a clearly defined bulge in the tight yellow top, but was that just food?
"Ha! Told ya so, Hermione!" Ginny said triumphantly, stacking some pancakes onto her plate.
"I… I guess you did…" Hermione said, reluctantly picking up her unfinished cinnamon roll.
"Aw, c'mon Hermione, It won't bite!" Ron said encouragingly, stuffing one into his own mouth. "Shee? Ferpicly shafe."
Hermione laughed. Oh Ron, she thought as she took a big bite of her roll.


Hermione huffed and let out a small belch as she walked along the hallways toward her first class. Those last three pancakes had really hit her belly hard. As soon as she had finished her last bite, it was like someone dropped a brick into her poor tummy. No, more like a bowling ball, she thought as she looked at her rounded belly, which was clearly outlined against her skin tight shirt. She placed a hand lightly on the stuffed dome and sighed. Just because she wasn't gaining weight didn't mean she could pig out all the time. She could see classmates looking at her belly strangely.  Hermione ignored it.
She was almost to her Ancient Runes class when she heard a mocking voice call out from behind her. "Getting plump there, eh, Granger?" She whirled around to see Draco Malfoy, walking away from her, snickering. She harrumphed. Stupid Malfoy… But wait a second, where was he going?
Draco had just turned a corner into a hallway which Hermione knew for certain that had no classrooms. In fact, the only thing she could think of that was down that hallway was…
At that moment, she made up her mind to follow him. Though it was against her nature to be late for class, especially on the first real day, knowing what Malfoy was up to took the  higher priority in this case.
She quietly tiptoed to the hallway, and peeked around the corner. Sure enough, she saw him walk up to a picture of a bowl of fruit and tickle the pear. The pear giggled, and the picture swung away, revealing a passageway. Draco quickly stepped into it, and the painting closed.
Hermione moved as quick as her full belly would allow her to the painting.  Then, she counted to thirty before tickling the pear and stepping through the passageway into the Hogwarts kitchen.


The Hogwarts kitchen was an enormous place, a huge, open area, crowded with stoves, storage cabinets, and countertops, all miniaturized for the kitchen workers, the house-elves. They hustled and bustled about, cheerfully toiling away, getting each and every meal prepared.
But this didn't surprise Hermione, she had been to the kitchens before. As soon as she stepped into the kitchens, she hid behind a huge storage cabinet, and, peering around it's corner, spotted Malfoy.
Malfoy was talking to one of the house elves, bending low, and whispering into the elves ear, as though he wanted what was being said to remain unheard. Hermione saw the house elf laugh, and wave off a bag of money that Malfoy was trying to offer him. The elf made a beckoning motion to someone Hermione couldn't see, and suddenly a large, heart-shaped box came floating into the elfs arms. He opened up the box, (Which was nearly as big as himself,) and showed it to Malfoy. The boy nodded, and looking around fugitively, snatched up the box and exited the kitchen hastily.
Hermione came out from behind her storage cabinet and walked toward the exit. What was that all about? Had Malfoy just try to bribe a house elf for some chocolate? First off, the house elves of Hogwats didn't need any bribing. They gladly gave their food away to any who entered the kitchens. And secondly… why did Malfoy need chocolate?
Hermione had waited almost a minute to exit, and was just about to do so, when she heard a shill, high pitched voice call her name from somewhere in the kitchen.
Hermione looked behind her. Sure enough, running toward her, was Dobby the house elf, a sprightly little character whom Harry had freed from his cruel masters some years ago, and had grown to adore him and his friends.
"MISS HERMIONE!" Oh, Dobby has waited so long for Harry Potter and his friends to come back to Hogwarts! How have you been? How was your summer? Where is Harry Potter and Mister Ron?" Dobby babbled on excitedly.
"Er.. Dobby, I'm happy to see you too, but I've really got to get back to class right now, I was just-"
But Dobby cut her off. "No, no! You mustn't leave yet! Lets sit down and talk!" He said, snapping his fingers. Suddenly, and very plush chair appeared in the middle of the tile floor, nearly knocking over a elf carrying a load of dishes. The elf just looked around, saw Hermione and smiled happily, not seeming to care that he was almost crushed by a chair.
"Oh, Dobby, I'd really love to, but I'll have to visit later, with Ron and Harry. How does that sound?"
Dobby's large ears wilted a little. "Oh… Ok…" But suddenly, they were back up again. "But you can't leave without having a little something to eat!"
Hermione groaned on the inside. Anything but that! But just she was thinking how to get out of the situation, she heard a little growl emit from her middle. Not a growl of digestion, but of hunger. She looked down in surprise. Yes, her little food baby was still there. She poked it. Still hard and full. But she couldn't deny that she felt a little twinge of hunger.
"Well… I could have one little thing." She said, and that was all it took. Dobby was all smiles as he pushed her into the comfy chair, summoned up a table, placed a plate with one of the largest doughnuts Hermione had ever seen on it, nearly the size of her head. Oh boy, she thought, what had she gotten herself into?


Harry, Ron, and Ginny all watched as Hermione walked into the Great hall, halfway through lunch. "Hey Hermione," they said simultaneously. Ginny, who was currently working on her plateful of cheesy potatoes, said, "Where've you been?"
"Oh, you know. Got held up in class…" She said vacantly. In fact, she had been down in the kitchens the whole morning. The elves would just not let her leave, each friendly individual coming up to her with some food offering for their visitor, the 'friend of Harry Potter' as she was introduced by Dobby. After almost a full two hours, she had practically passed out on the chair, her shirt riding up to her breasts, her belly blown up to comical size and making worrying groaning noises. She had woken up from her food coma just a few minutes ago, and interestingly enough, it was hunger that had woken her. She had said goodbye to Dobby, dismissed  that small bulge in her belly (very reasonably) as still-digesting food, and with a personal goal never to enter the kitchen for the rest of the year, headed to the Great Hall.
"Ya. Really nothing." she said, loading up her plate. Hey, when she was hungry, she was hungry, right?
It was just as lunch was ending, and Hermione watched Ginny polished off one more plate, that she remembered why she had gone into the kitchen in the first place. 'Oh well, I'll tell them tonight.' she thought. Then she heaved herself up, not noticing her again over-full belly, and started walking out of the room.
Both Harry and Ron, walking behind the girls, seemed to notice something different about Hermione.
"I dunno, Harry. Does she seem a little bit… bigger? From this morning, I mean?" Ron said, looking at her tiny skirt as it twitched slightly from side to side.
"A little, yea… But how could she get noticeably bigger in a few hours?" Harry asked quizzically. Ron just shrugged.
"Well, I know one thing. I can't wait for all this food to catch up to Ginny. She eats even more than Hermione!" Harry said excitedly, catching a glimpse of Ginnys well-stuffed belly as she rounded the corner.
"And that's saying something." Ron agreed, as he watched Hermiones full tummy move out of sight.
They walked in silence for a little bit, each caught up in their own fantasies. Then, Harry said, "You know, our first trip to Hogsmead is coming up soon…"
The pair glanced at each other, and then immediately  put their heads together, two friends with a common goal.
Hey all! Next chapter up! Yay me!
I know I said that I was going to add a second half to 3.5, but I realized that everyone (including me) was anxious to get to the gaining part, and that anything I would have put their could be added into THIS chapter. Which I did.

Ya, sorry about going so slow on the gaining. It's just that... well, I kinda made this one to be slow. ^^

Hope for the new chapter to be up soon!

Remember, Comments are welcome, haters are not!
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Harley and Ivy: the problem with Pies.

Part 1:

(Note, this takes place in the animated DCU, after the events of the JL episode “wild cards”)

Harley Quinn walked dejectedly into the abandoned factory and slumped down in an easy chair, when she did, her pet hyena’s got up and padded over, nuzzling there depressed owner.

It had been a cinch for Harley to escape Arkham, with most of the Justice league either busy or recovering from the battle with the royal flush gang, there was no one available to recapture her.

Not that they would try anyway, it was a widely accepted fact that Harley was second Banana material; only dangerous if paired with a genuine criminal like Poison Ivy or…

“Mr. J.” Harley choked out, holding back tears, she had planned to spring the joker when she escaped, but thanks to that psychic witch Ace her beloved Puddin had a brain that was little more than Puddin.

Ace! Harley’s thoughts returned to that abnormal freak, it was all HER fault! Not only did she lure Mr. J away from her, but she also turned him into a vegetable! Harley’s balled her fist and slammed it into the arm of her chair, causing the hyenas to scatter.

“Ace! You better hope you’re a light sleeper,” Harley said to no one in particular, “Because I’m not gonna rest till I avenge Mista J!”

Upon uttering the name of her beloved ex employer, Harley’s rage went back to depression and she collapsed into her chair. She was in no condition to fight with someone like Ace, she’d need to work through her pain first, and then she could focus on inflicting pain on Ace.

Harley looked around the abandoned factory. Mister J had restarted this abandoned pie factory to celebrate the completion of his bomb plan. He planned to hold a big party there with Harley, Ace, and the rest of the royal flush gang once they had managed to drive everyone watching their TV program mad with ace’s psychic power.

And for the party, they needed pies.

A lot of pies.

The factory was fully automated, so there were hundreds upon hundreds of cream pies, the kind that clowns threw around during shows (which were the only kinds of pies the joker enjoyed). With the machines fully stocked they could continue to produce pies for a long time.

Harley stood up and walked over to a nearby picnic table covered with pies. Harley picked up one of the pies in her palm, dipped her finger in it, and tasted.

“Mmmmm!” Harley closed her eyes and savored the sweet taste of the pie. Normally she watched her figure for Mr. J’s sake, but since he was out of the picture, and since Harley needed some comfort food anyway, she decided to indulge.  

Dragging the table loaded with pies over with her free hand, Harley sat down and started to eat the pies, One after another, after another after another after another….

Six months later

Pamela Isley (AKA Poison Ivy) stepped off the plane and entered the Las Vegas airport. She had received a call the other day from her off again on again partner in crime Harley Quinn. Saying she wanted to pull a job. Ivy was glad to hear from her friend after such a long time, she knew how devoted Harley was to that crackpot the Joker (though WHY she was so devoted was beyond her) and had worried that Harley had done something crazy after the royal flush incident.

Upon exiting the Airport, Ivy saw a large red limo parked by the driveway, standing in front of it was your rank and file criminal goon, holding up a sign that said simply, “Pam.”

Ivy walked up to the goon and looked at him, “Harl sent you?”


“I was kinda expecting Harl to come in person.”

“Unfortunately Miss. Quinn was unable to appear in person, but I’ve been given expressed instructions to bring you to her.”

Ivy shrugged. “Alright, if you say so. Lets get going then.”

Ivy and the Goon entered the limo and took off, they drove for a bit, coming to a abandoned pie factory.

“So this is where Harl’s staying? Pretty odd place to hang out, but whatever.” Ivy said as she exited the limo, she began walking toward the door when she noticed the goon wasn’t following.

“Aren’t you coming…” Ivy said, turning around, but as she did, the limo sped away, leaving her stranded.

“…In.” Ivy stood there for a second, trying to think things through. Something seriously weird was going on.  She decided to be prepared for the worst.

Getting into her briefcase, she pulled out her mini crossbows, after getting it on, she kicked in the door and rushed in.”

The factory was dark, strewn around were empty pie plates, Ivy kicked the discarded plates aside as she made her way to the center of the room.

“Harl? You here?”

Suddenly, what seemed to be Harley’s voice came from the darkness, it sounded like her, but it was deeper, and somewhat more sinister.

“Hey red! Great to see ya!”

Ivy spun around, looking for the source of the voice, but in the darkness she saw nothing,

“Harley, what the heck’s going on? Why did you call me here? And why didn’t you meet me at the airport?”

“Sorry I didn’t make contact with you earlier, but I’ve been busy, using Mr. J’s secret funds, I’ve managed to build my own criminal empire right here in Las Vegas.”

Ivy smiled, “That’s great Harl! Good for you! But why call me here?”

“I need your help, Its finally time for me to avenge what happened to Mr. J. To get back at that bitch Ace for what she did to us, both of us.”

“I don’t understand, what do you mean what she did to both of you?”

Harley sighed, “Maybe you’ll understand when you see me in person.” As if on cue, the lights came on in the factory, and Ivy could see Harley, sitting in an oversized chair in the corner.

Ivy just stared aghast at her criminal friend. Harley had grown huge! From Ivy’s guess, her friend must have weighed at least 700 pounds. Her once trim hourglass figure had ballooned out to ridiculous proportions, becoming a massive squishy sphere of fat, her breasts were massive, straining to bust out her clearly altered costume, her thighs and arms were massive and doughy. And her face was round and plump, her once delicate cheekbones replaced with enormous chipmunk cheeks and jowls.

“H-h-Harley!?!” Ivy said, still not believing that the enormous blob before her was her old friend. “Is that you? What the hell happened?”

Harley sighed, reached over to a nearby table, and picked up a pie.

“These happened, these damn pies.”

Ivy raised an eyebrow, “Pies happened?”

Harley nodded as she pulled a slice free from the pie and began to eat, talking through chews. “Yes, losing Mr. J hit me real hard, so I turned to food for comfort, once I started eating these pies, I couldn’t stop. And now I’m a big fat pig.”

Ivy, despite herself, started to laugh.

“Oh my god! I can’t believe you let yourself go, over the Joker of all people! It’s too much!” Ivy fell to the floor laughing, Harley just glared at her.

“Are you just about done?”

Ivy stopped laughing for a second and looked at Harley again, who now had whipped cream smeared on her face, she started laughing again.

“Apparently not.”

Ivy rose from the floor, tears coming from her eyes “I’m sorry, I couldn’t help it!”

Harley smiled a bit, “Its alright, I suppose it is pretty funny, now about ace…”

“Hold on Harl, first things first, we need to get you to lose some of that weight. Now I can recommend a vegetarian diet, low carbs, that should help shed those pounds and…”

“Ivy, I don’t want to lose the weight.”


“To be perfectly honest, I like being this big, it makes me distinguished, and the guys who work for me are real intimidated by my size.”

“You can’t be serious Harl! Who ever heard of a fat gangster?”

Somewhere, in the Marvel Universe, The Kingpin sneezed.

“I’m serious Ivy, I like this size, In fact, I was kinda hoping you’d join me.”

Ivy blinked, “Uh, no thanks, I cant afford to become a blimp at the moment, lets just focus on why I’m here.”
Harley nodded, “Ace. I have big plans for my payback on her, but I need your help.”

“Doing what?”

“You’ll see, In the meantime, join me for some pie?” Harley said, kicking a cart full of pies over to Ivy with her massive leg.

“Harley, I’m not gonna gorge myself and become a blimp alright?”

“Oh come on, just one pie?”

Ivy rolled her eyes and picked up a pie, “Alright if we can get on with business afterwards, Ill eat some pie.”

Ivy took a bite of the pie and was amazed by the taste; so rich, so creamy, before she had realized it, she had devoured the whole thing.

“Wow, that’s good pie, I can see how you could get fat eating the stuff.”

“There’s plenty more Ivy, help yourself!”

“Oh no I couldn’t…” Ivy looked at the remaining pies, her mouth watering, “Well… maybe one more…”

The first chapter of my WG fanfiction, Titled Harley and Ivy, the problem with pies. Based on the DC animated universe.
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WG stories
Collection by
Today started out as a quiet morning at the Titan Tower, at least for Raven that is. She meditated upon the rooftop, perfectly perched in the center of Jump City. Today wasn't exactly a day for crime, rather than a day for peace and relaxation. She could sense it in the air.

The sun slowly crept over the horizon and pierced through her eyelids with warm, blinding light. Unfortunately, her cloak couldn't conceal her eyes. Raven was tempted to use her demonic powers to cause a solar eclipse, but she figured that meditation time was over with.

Down at the main floor, the usual slow day activities were taking place in the central room. Cyborg and Beast Boy (or as Raven refers to them as Cyboob and Beast Brain) had finished breakfast (while making a massive mess in the kitchen) and now veg out on the couch playing video games on the jumbo sized television.

Alternatively, the ever-vigilant Robin sat at the Titan Computer scanning the city for crime. Raven shook her head, "You're just wasting your time, Robin. Hm,..?."

Raven looked around the room, "No Starfire? This doesn't look good at all”.

The only reason Starfire wouldn't be present with the rest of the Titans would either be that she A) Is taking care of Silky or B) Has another Tamaran Feast that everyone has already rejected. "I might as well see which one it is."

Once Raven started hovering down the hall, a familiar aroma entered her nostrils. It certainly didn't smell appetizing, but it didn't smell bad either. Upon coming closer to the smell, she could see it bellowing from Starfire's room, "Of course," she murmured glumly.

As Raven approached, the door respectfully slid out of her way. Inside Starfire's room, piles and piles of cooked Tamaranean food laid about. To Raven, most of it still looked alive and untouched.

On the bed sat Starfire, who looked as sad as ever. Raven placed a caring hand on her shoulder, "Oh friend Raven. I wish people could enjoy Tamaranean food as much as I do..." Starfire huffed. Raven figured the guys must have really put down Starfire's offer. Then she thought, "Oh, how bad could it be? It might look gross, but...who knows?"

"You know," Raven smiled with a twinge in her voice, "I wasn't offered any food."

Starfire beamed liked a lighthouse. Her green eyes grew as wide as emeralds, "Wonderful, Raven! Sit down and I'll bring you some food!" Starfire forcefully seated Raven and flew around the room with lightning speed to get Raven a sample platter. The plate she used was quickly stacked full of extraterrestrial ‘food’. She brought it to Raven who distastefully gazed at it, "Come on, friend Raven. Try some."

Raven gulped, her hand quivered when she reached for the spork, "A-Alright..."

The first object or 'food' that her spork headed for was something that resembled a human brain with black peach fuzz covering it. She ate it, chewed it, tasted it, and...taste? It didn't really have a taste. Raven thanked her lucky stars.

"Hm, no taste...well then..." Raven thought to herself and brought out her inner actor.

"Mmmm, delicious!" Starfire smiled, "I'd knew you like it! Now finish your plate and I'll get you more."

"More?" moaned Raven already feeling a little full after her first bite, "Oh, no."

Raven, not wanting to disappoint Starfire, prepared her stomach for a stuffing. She promised something nice in return later.

Sporkful after sporkful, Raven ate whatever Starfire placed in front of her. Food came and went. Plates came and went. Painful stomach cramps came and went.

For a few split seconds, Raven swore that her body was expanded to compensate for all of the food being eaten. She even heard a few ripping sounds, but before she could investigate Starfire would throw more food at her, "Wow, I had no idea you'd be so hungry Raven. I would've gotten more!"

Soon, she lost track of time, how many plates she had eaten, or whatever else was going on, “This has got to stop!” she thought.

Raven swallowed a mouth full of a two-armed squid, then, finally with a clear mouth she shouted, “ENOU-URP-GH!”

Starfire stopped her buzzing around and blankly stared at Raven, “What is the matter? Don’t you like my cooking?”

"Urrrrg..." Raven’s sense came back to her, why did she feel so heavy? She tried to stand and head for the door, “What pinning me down?...!” In front of her, Raven could see an expanse…nay a globe of purple, stretched leotard and two purple beach-balls resting on top, “Is that my? Starfire!”

Starfire place a hand on Raven’s belly. It felt incredibly soothing, yet her rage kept Starfire from going further. Raven placed her own hands on her belly and belched, the pressure made her feel like she was going to explode any second.

“Sorry, Raven. I guess I should have said my food is high in the ‘calories’ for you humans. You also dropped your belt.”

Starfire handed Raven her belt, “What the use?” Her hips were practically as wide a Cyborg’s torso, “Just help me up.”

Using her great strength, Starfire was able to get Raven onto her own two feet. Or should I say tree trunks? The two pale limbs that were once shapely now rubbed against each other. Raven cradled her aching ball of a belly; there was just too much pain.

Raven waved a meaty arm at Starfire, “I think I’ve had enough. I need to go lie down.” She took slow, but steady steps toward the door. Shoot, she wasn’t sure if she would be able to fit through! If that wasn’t bad enough, Raven could feel her whole body bouncing with each step. She crossed her arms to keep her breasts from jiggling, yet it didn’t stop her belly.

"Really? But, I just finished baking desert." Starfire said pouting while holding a plate of cookies.

“No, Star! I don’t want any-woah!” she only took her eyes off the destination for half a second and ended up tripping on something cold and slimy. She landed belly down and groaned in pain. Raven felt eyes crawling over her rear end.

Starfire blushed and giggled, "Friend Raven, don't be silly. Here, try one." Starfire forcefully shoved a cookie into Raven's mouth. Again, it tasted like nothing, but if it was anything like the other food Starfire fed her. It would surely be fattening.

After a baker's dozen and a few gallons of milk. Raven felt larger than before. Her leotard had a hard time stretching like her figure making more and more tears appear. Her belt had snapped off and hung loosely around her wide hips. She could feel silky crawling along her massive ass. Raven protested against the feeding, but Starfire wasn't hearing it.

Starfire took a seat on one of Raven’s pale moons, "Don't worry, Raven. More cookies will be cooked soon. I'm happy that you enjoy these."

"No, I don't want-"

"And there will be more...lots more."

The End.
I decided to redo this one because the other one was utter crap. So, hopefully people will like this one better.
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    141601529266 by The-GrimHeaper

    The girls of Ho-kago Tea Time have a big day coming up, the day they all hop onto a plane to go to London! They spent a few hours wondering where they should go for their graduation trip, and after much deliberation, they decided to let their pig-nosed turtle mascot, Ton, to choose for them out of four teacups. Given that Ton is a dumb turtle and wouldn’t be biased toward any one place, they agreed that it was fair to let Ton choose for them. The teacup is chose was London! Mio’s destination of choice!

    Currently, Mio’s digging through her closet to see if she can find any clothes she may have forgotten to pack for this wondrous trip. She’s busy throwing clothes out into a large pile behind her, not even bothering to see if they’d fit or not. At this point, she and everyone around her knows better than that. Pulling out her bikini from freshman year, she holds it up to her body and blushes.

    “I-I knew all this food would come at a price…” Even the cute purple jammies that she somehow squeezed her immense self into are screaming out in pain from the pressure. Her knee-high socks seemingly the easiest piece of her outfit to put on, although that is all because they no longer reach her knees, ending abruptly at her thick cankles due to the fabric having to stretch so much over such a small amount of length. Moving up and onto her little puffy shorts, the puff has all but disappeared from these straining garments. The seams on the stretchy shorts ripping in most spots, and the elastic visibly ribbing over her monster booty and thunder thighs, just a sit-down away from bursting off. If you thought her shorts were in bad shape, then her bed jacket and shirt are in cataclysmic shape. Her long sleeved bed jacket, adorned with bright purple and white music notes and circles, is filled to the brim with lard. Unable to even make contact with the zipper, the jacket lays open for her purple striped tank top for all to see. However, due to the supernatural surface area her tits take up, it is all but a makeshift bra that can’t contain the mammoth twins inside, leaving her pantagruelian tummy out for her family to see. The long-sleeved bed jacket has given up the fight to fully cover her arms a long time ago, causing the armsaye to dig into the middle of her hog-sized upper arms. All in all, she’s a big girl. Bigger than anyone imagined a meek girl like Mio would ever get.

    She smiles and tosses the bikini into the large pile of clothes. “Oh well, as long as the food stays worth it!” She waddles over to the bed and lowers herself onto it, next to her suitcase filled with clothes that actually fit. She went shopping for the trip! Unfortunately, when she sat down, her shorts finally gave up and the waistband burst apart at the sides, causing her belly to freely cover her thighs. Mio instinctively rubs her paunch, ignoring her poor shorts and drools, realizing what this is all for. “London… w-we can practice some playing, see things like Big Ben… St Paul's Cathedral... a-and eat all the different types of food they have! Beef wellington, meat pies, fish and chips, yorkshire pudding! They even have a time dedicated to drinking tea and eating sweets!!” Giving a toothy grin, she can’t help but be excited at the thought of even more food to try, and less about what they should go see while there. Suddenly, a voice shakes her out of her dreams.

    “Mio, it’s time for dinner!” Her mother calls for Mio, knowing that she would now never miss a meal willingly. What Mio doesn’t know is that her mother actually calls for Mio 10 minutes before dinner is even ready, to give her time to come to the dining room… she needs it.

    “D-dinner already?! I can’t miss momma’s cooking!” Excited at the revelation that dinner is being served, she begins the arduous task of standing up. Slowly rocking back and forth, she gathers up the momentum to get up on her feet, but in her hurrying state, she falls right back into her starting position. “Huff… c-c’mon… puff…” Starting over from scratch, she finally gets into a standing position after two minutes of raspy breathing. She shouts back down to her mother to reassure her that she’s coming. “I-I’ll… hff… b-be there shortly!” Carefully turning in her cluttered room, she begins to waddle out. Forgetting all about how her bottoms burst apart, the husk of them simply flutter to the ground as she lumbers out. Whoever sees her and her friends in London are sure to get an eyeful, whether it’s good or bad… that’s up to the person.
Another one bites the dust.

Sorry about the length of these K-ON! pieces, they're mostly just a side thing I do.
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Photoshop WG

     Jenna needed an art class for high school to fill her fine art requirement.  She couldn’t draw, so Art 101 was out of the question.  She never played an instrument before nor can’t she sing, so Band and Chorus was out of the way.  So the dark haired, tan and slim girl had one last choice on the list:  Computer Arts.

     The class primarily taught about how art is created with using computer technology and all that.  Everything from creating it on the Mac in class to printing it on the old printing press.  It was a hassle for someone for Jenna, a constant texter and anonymous blogger.  She barely even used the laptop she has at home.  Luckily, the teacher made everything a lot simpler when he taught the instructions in class.  A weirdo for sure, an old guy with white hair and wrinkles, but he’s had a long experience teaching.  It still didn’t help her, she fell far behind in work at school.  The teacher suggested that if you have Photoshop at home, you can use it to finish up your projects.  And that’s what Jenna plans on doing.

     The project was to use Photoshop to morph a picture in anyway.  Easy right?  But Jenna like always is either too lazy or distracted with the constant texting and procrastinating just like any other teenage girl.  One night, Jenna goes home and downloads a ripped off version of Photoshop off Blackwire.  But Jenna did one smart thing for once, she scanned her computer for viruses.  Clean, nothing on her silver laptop.  Ready to finish the project, right?  Jenna’s using Photoshop, just not for her project though.

     Jenna plugged in her camera and uploads photo after photo on to her laptop.  All her fun times at her parties with her friends were being edited on Photoshop the entire night.  After looking through many of all those photos, Jenna couldn’t help but see all her friends looking more hotter the her.  The skinny bodies, tight clothes, and more tan skin then needed shown were making Jenna a little jealous.  Not that she was that bad-looking, its just that she’s been the shadow that’s always behind her friends as they get all the attention from the guys.   ’I wished I was hotter then any of them.’ she imagined.  Maybe a little modification would help her image on facebook.

     Anyways, Jenna looked through all the tools on the side bar.  Nothing new and exciting, same tools.  Bored out of her mind, she highlights herself in the pick and looks through the Effects menu.   She experimented herself with distortions and colorations.  Still boring to her, until she found her new tool to play with.

     Jenna found the Enlarge/Shrink Effect in the menu bar.  She never seen it in class, maybe it was a downloadable thing she thought.  She didn’t care really.  'Click Selection'.  Select what?  Jenna wondered.  She moved her cursor over her chest.  With a click of the mouse her lady-lumps were highlighted on the screen.  A pop-up appeared that said ‘100%’ and next to it ‘To Increase/Decrease size click and use +/-buttons on keyboard or mouse wheel‘.  Jenna clicked on the little box.  She pushed her roller up on the mouse.  Her boobs got larger by the click.  She had fun going from big to insane proportions.  Jenna couldn’t decide for herself how big to make them.  ‘Wow!  I can’t decide how big to make them.’  A couple more adjustments and Jenna made her breasts large enough to cover her entire torso.  ‘Aw what the heck, why not?’ she thought.  She hit Enter…then all of a sudden:


     Jenna’s eyes widen and arms dropped when she saw the pair of round blobs fell in front of her, covering the entire laptop.  As she looked, she realized that they were in her shirt.  One thing crossed her mind: 'These are mine!?';

     Jenna couldn’t believe that it was actually her boobs!  As big as they were in the picture.  She heaved herself off her chair, her expanded twins hung heavy as they were down to her waist.  Jenna felt her hands through them, perfectly round and smooth to the touch.  She hugged them like a couple of big teddy bears, they were just so adorable.  She was surprised her bra didn’t break from them.  Her shirt remained unharmed like they adjusted with her growth.  She was so excited, a pair bigger then anyone else's.  But Jenna had bigger ideas for her.  If that made my boobs huge, what else could I do?

     Jenna always had a strange interest with being big.  Ever since she was a child, she would dream of being the biggest there is one way or another.  The technical term was macrophillia, or the love of bigger things.  She would often see another girl who had huge breasts or was big all over, and she would imagine what it would be like to be that big.  Now she had the chance to experiment with that with a press of a button.  

     Jenna went back to her laptop.  As she sat down she pushed her massive boobs under her desk.  Reaching over her chest, she click on the option again from the menu.  This time she selected her ass.  She pressed + a dozen times, making her booty wider then her enlarged breasts.  She hit’s the Enter button and she rose in her seat about a foot.  She looked down and behind her to see that her enhanced ass tower over her chair, only enough room to cover half of one of her cheeks.  Jenna was in love with her new rear-end, rubbing it up and down.  She gets up from her chair, almost falling over from the weight.  Jenna was amazed how big she made them, big enough to get stuck in a door with they were so big.  

     Jenna stood in front of her mirror that hanged from her closed door.  The mirror couldn’t catch the entire reflection of her new girth.  But Jenna was loving every inch of her.  Her new size made her feel more empowered and confident.  But  Jenna wasn’t satisfied, just not yet.  

     Jenna slowly opened her door and popped her head through to inspect the hallway.  It was quiet, her father was working, her older brother out clubbing, and her mother on the couch watching TV in which she sleeps most of the time.  It was the perfect tome for Jenna to have a little fun.

     Jenna brings up another picture of herself on the computer.  I was just her standing there along the wall posing in her pink dress.  After clicking the Enlarge option again, she highlights her entire self.  She rolled the center button on her mouse up as much as she could.  She was getting bigger in the photo, going from chubby to fat to obese and beyond.  She made herself look almost immobile.  Then Jena saw something in the menu box: ‘Advance Options’.  Jenna clicked it.  Another box popped up.  It read ‘Selected Size: “425 lbs.”’  

“Oh please, not even close.” said Jenna.  When Jenna said she wanted to be big, she really did mean big.

   She pushed the number all the way up to 650 lbs, nearly an immobile weight.  But it was what Jenna exactly wanted.  All she did now was click Enter.

     Jenna felt herself getting slowly heavier.  Her belly grew out and around, her thighs thickened up, her hips grew even wider then ever before.  Her clothes grew tighter as she grew bigger.  Jenna felt so aroused at her growing girth.  She could have sworn she felt a little wet in her crotch.  She rubbed her expanding flesh as it great.  She loved the feeling of her soft flesh, like some over stuffed teddy bear.  Soon enough, she finished growing and was completely fattened up.  

“This is soooooo cool!  I always wanted to see what it was like to be this huge!” she celebrated.

     She walked to the mirror again, the floor creaking with every step.  It was hard to even lift one of her legs up from the ground.  The skinny little mirror barely even captured her whole face.  

“Oh mirror-mirror on the wall, who’s the hottest of them all?” Jenna kid.  

     She moved her heavy arms and started to play with her belly.  She laughed as she saw her fat rippled and waved as she jiggled it.  She turned around and saw how her shorts rode straight up her butt-crack into a new thong.  Her even bigger booty showed no wrinkles or rolls of fat, just perfectly smooth.

“Haha!  Hot enough to be on Playgirl.”  Jenna said.  She started making poses in the mirror like some bikini beach photo shoot.  All of a sudden, her stomach growled.

“Hah.  My big belly must be hungry for some big food.”  Jenna would go downstairs and get some ice cream, but one: her mom would completely freak out if she saw her, and two: Jenna was too big to even fit through the door.

Then she had an idea.

     Jenna went back to her laptop, with the paint and pencil tools, she scribbled lines that came from the ceiling into her mouth.  She pressed Enter.  A hole in her ceiling opened up.  A purple hose came out and went straight into Jenna’s mouth.  The force knocked her on to her bed, the legs almost breaking from the impact of her weight.  The hose filled her with liquid.  It was cold and her favorite flavor, chocolate.

“mmmmmm….this is delicious!”

     Her stomach filled up fast and was getting tighter by the second.  

“Man I’m so full, but I can’t help it!  I want more!” she said.

     Jenna chugged all that she could.  Her clothes grew tighter and was almost ripping from her rapid weight gain.  Her bed creaked and was bending as her body grew wider and bigger.  The desert was too good, she was feeding herself into immobility.  


Her bed finally snapped completely in half from her 800+ pound frame.

“Jenna, what was that!  Is everything ok up there?”

“OH NO! Mom!”

     Jenna panicked, she could her mom’s steps creep up the stairs.  Her last chance was her laptop.  One problem, she couldn’t get up!

     Her desk was next to her bed, but her laptop was out of reach.  She had to think of something fast, her mother was walking in the hallway and she was getting too big from the force feeding hose.  

“That’s it!”

     Jenna took the hose out of her mouth and threw it at her computer with all her strength.  It hit’s the power button and her laptop goes black.  

The door opens…

“Jenna?” her mother barges in.  “Did you hear that noise?”

She didn’t give a weird look or anything, just nothing.  

“Ummm…I don’t know.  Must‘ve been just you.” answered Jenna.
“Oh, it must have been that weird dream I just had.  Whatever, go to bed it’s getting late.”

“Sure thing.”

     Her mother leaves the room and closes the door behind her.  Jenna looks at the mirror, she’s back to be being skinny again.  No hose or broken bed either, like nothing happened the entire time.  Jenna let out a big sigh of relief and laid down in her bed.   

“I am so glad it worked!  Maybe next time I’ll do it when nobody’s home!”
Update: Corrected a few grammatical corrections and spacing-corrections.

This is a little story I cooked up a while back. It's not my best, but still an enjoyable read.
Leave comments if you want.
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Kiki shuffled through the newspaper, scanning through the ads in hope of finding a part time job that she would enjoy.  Kiki was a very attractive girl.  She was Caucasian with the cutest face you'd ever seen, slightly puffy cheeks, plump lips and a gorgeous smile.  At 18 she had a very curvy body, 5'4” and 175 lbs.  Kiki had very large E cup breasts, and was proud of them.  She had a slight belly and wide hips, creating a sexy hourglass figure.  With a sigh she slumped down into her chair in her black t-shirt and jeans.  
“For crying out loud, isn't there a single decent job out there for me?”  She said to herself, knocking the paper off the table, and putting her hands behind her head.  Just then the phone rang.  She got up and answered.  “Hello?  Oh, hey, Julie.  Lunch?  Yeah sure, I'm starving!  I'll be waiting here!  Bye.”  She turned off the phone, and headed for the front door as Julie would be their soon.  When she arrived she hopped into her car and they were off.  “Hey Julie.”  Kiki greeted as she buckled her seat belt over her big breasts. Julie was an Asian girl, 5'5” and weighing in at 140 lbs.  Her breasts were large, while not as big as Kiki's as they were DD cups.  She had almost no belly visible, but she had a sexy bubble butt.  
“Hey, girl.  How are you?”  Julie replied as she began to drive. Kiki shrugged.
“Not bad.  So where are we going?”
“There's this new place over on 8th street.  I've heard nothing but good things.”  Kiki rubbed her stomach.  
“Thank God, I am starving!”  They both giggled.  Soon they arrived at the new restaurant.  It was called “The Athena.”  They went in and were seated.  It was a gorgeous place, themed around ancient Greece.  As they sat down, they looked at the menus.  “Oh wow, so much to choose from...”  Julie agreed.  After a few minutes the waitress came by.
“Hello, may I take your order?”
“Oh, yes.  I'll have the Fettuchini Alfredo, some garlic toast on the side, oh, and a chicken caesar salad.” Julie answered, licking her lips.
“Mmm, that sounds good...I'll have the same only with double the Alfredo and double the salad.” Kiki replied.  The waitress was shocked but wrote it down and left.
“Wow, Kiki, you really are hungry!”  Julie exclaimed.
“Haha, hey, it's not like I'm watching my weight!”  They both sat and chatted while they waited for their meals.  When they came Kiki quickly devoured hers.  Forkful after forkful she shoved the food into her mouth, moaning from the delicious taste.  Julie was astonished at her friend.  Before she had finished Kiki had already eaten double what Julie had ordered.  She patted her belly and sank down into her chair.  “Ah, that hit the spot!”  
“Wow, Kiki, I've never seen you eat that much!  At this rate you could end up as a big fat cow!  Shouldn't you maybe eat a little better?”  Kiki just shook her head at Julie.
“I've decided, I don't care what others think about how I look.  If I gain weight then so what?  I love to eat and it does feel nice having some extra should join me!”  Just then the waitress came back to take their plates.
“Could I get you girls anything for dessert?” Kiki licked her lips.  
“Mmm, I'll have a piece of your triple fudge cheesecake.”  She looked over at Julie, and Julie smiled back.
“I'll take two!”  Kiki accepted this as a yes to her proposal.  After dinner the girls got up, although it wasn't easy, paid for their meal and headed to Julie's car.  Before she opened the door Kiki looked up.  
“Wait a minute, I know where I could work!  Hooters!”  She looked over at the Hooters restaurant just across the street.
“Well you certainly have the required cup size!”  Julie announced, laughing.
“Come on, lets go!”  The girls walked across the street and went in.  A short, thin blonde with 36C breasts approached the girls.
“Hello!  How can I”  She stuttered a little, looking at Kiki's breasts then looking at her own, feeling completely outmatched.
“Hello.  I was wondering, who do I talk to about applying for a job here?”  The girl looked afraid, while Kiki was a big girl, her tits may have enough power to get her the job.  She left the girls for a minute and came back with a manager.  His eyes widened for a split second but he managed to retain eye contact.
“'re the one who wants to apply here?”  Kiki nodded.  “Yeah...don't take this personally, but I can't hire you.”  Kiki was furious.  
“What are you talking about!  I have bigger boobs than any girl in here!”  She thrust her massive chest forward, standing tall and proud.  
“Yes, well while that is true, you could say the same about the rest of your body.”  He said, looking at her extra flab that hung over her jeans.  Kiki was taken back, shocked and blushing, she was truly upset.
“Look, don't be upset.  You are actually in luck!  We are opening a new restaurant where all of the waitresses are bigger girls like yourself.”  He took a card out of his pocket and gave it to her.  “Try that out.  But while you're here, care for a bite to eat?”  Kiki slapped the man and stormed out the door.
“God what a jerk!”  Julie shouted as they went to her car.  Kiki was just staring at the card.  
“Yeah...jerk...hey Julie...could you drive me here?”  Julie was shocked again.
“You want to work there!?”  
“Think about it, we are letting go completely, this would be the perfect place.  We could show off our weight!  What do you say?”  Julie pondered for a minute.  Kiki was right, no doubt about it.  This would be the perfect opportunity for her.
“Let's do it!”  The girls giggled, excited about their possible new jobs.  As they drove to the restaurant ideas of them gaining and waitressing around in skimpy outfits danced in their heads.  They arrived and looked at the building.
“Chunky's...Sounds perfect!”  Kiki said with a laugh.  The two walked in and were astonished and extremely excited at what they saw.  Every girl working there was fat!  They did not see a single girl under 200 lbs.  The outfits they wore were the same as the ones at Hooters only their shirts said 'Chunky's' on them.  Julie looked at one girl, she was taking a table's plates away, only instead of bringing them to the back to clean, she quickly scarfed down all that wasn't eaten and then took them back.  Just then a girl around 350 lbs, probably 20 years old approached them.  Her massive belly hung out of her shirt and over her shorts, with each step it wobbled hypnotically.  She had DD breasts and her clothing was stretched to the limit.
“Hey there!  Welcome to Chunky's!  Table for two?”  She asked with a smile, her puffy cheeks rounding out.   Kiki smiled back.
“Oh, no.  We are looking to apply for a job here.”  
“Oh!  This is great!  We are looking for a couple more girls.  I'll be right back!”  She waddled off, each ass cheek fighting to be higher than the other, then slamming down in a thunderous jiggle.  Julie whispered to Kiki.
“Wow!  Imagine, we'll be like that soon!”  Kiki nodded with joy.  The girl came back with a tall thin man.  He had short black hair and glasses and was wearing an apron and a hair net.
“Hello, my name is Kent, I manage this place as well as cook.  You two girls want to work here?”  They nodded.  “Well...while you are still on the thin side, you especially” He said pointing to Julie. “I don't see why we couldn't have you around.  We need the staff.  Follow me.”  The girls followed him to the back room, and with that, they were distributed outfits and taught the basics.  After around an hour, Kent decided to see if they were ready.
“Well, first of all, the uniforms look great on you girls.”  Kiki and Julie smiled.  Their white tops only covered their breasts, allowing much needed room for belly growth, and their orange shorts were so tight each little dimple, although neither girl had very many, could be seen.  “Lets see if you're ready to join our team.  Kiki.  If a customer cannot finish a meal, what do you do with it?”  
“You consume it all, making sure there is no food left sir!”  Kiki replied, almost as if she were a soldier standing at attention.
“Ha ha, very good, Kiki.  But remember, no sir.  I want to be like your friend, not your boss.  Just call me Kent.”  He said with a smile.  She blushed.  “Ok.  Julie.  What happens if your clothing rips while waitressing?”  
“Continue waitressing and be proud as it is a sign of progress!”  Kent nodded.
“Excellent, girls.  Kiki.  If you happen to be harassed while waitressing, what do you do to make sure he will never do it again?”
“Take his food away and tell him that I won't eat it, or any other food today!”  
“Is this true?”
“Of course not!  I will eat as much as possible in a day!”
“Very good! I only have one more question.  Julie.  How fat is too fat?”  
“Too fat?  I've never heard of such a thing!”  Kent burst out in laughter.
“Well girls, congratulations!  Welcome to Chunky's.  Can you start tomorrow?”  The girls jumped for joy, their breasts bouncing heavily.
“Yes, yes of course!”  Julie exclaimed.
“Thank you so much, Kent!”  Kiki shook his hand with both of hers.
“Ha ha!  Don't worry about it.  Just remember, you girls are still pretty thin, try and get some meat on those bones, eh?”  The girls both blushed.
“We'll see you tomorrow!”  Julie announced, and with that they were out the door.  The whole way to Kiki's they were shouting and screaming about how excited they were.
“Kiki, we totally have to celebrate!  Let's go to Dairy Queen!”  Kiki agreed.  They drove up to the drive-thru window.
“Hello, may I take your order?”
“Yes, I'll have...2 Double Cheeseburger meals with bacon, super size that, a side of onion rings, no, make that two, and two cheesequake blizzards, large please.  What do you want?”  She said turning to Kiki.  She giggled.
“That sounds good!  I'll have that too!”
“Oh, and double that order.”
“Ok...pull ahead to your next window.”  The voice sounded taken back, which made the girls hysterical.  The pulled up and the guy running the window was worried when he saw two beautiful busty girls pull up to take this order.  He handed them three large bags and two drink trays.  “H-have a good day...”  He stuttered as they thanked him and drove off.  Afterwards Julie pulled into her parking lot and they went up to her apartment room.  They sat down and took out all of their food.
“Well, here's to Chunky's!”  Kiki toasted.
“To Chunky's!”  Agreed Julie as they tapped their blizzards together.  The rest of the night was filled with gluttony and bad movies.  After their meals they decided to polish off a number of other foods in Julie's apartment, and fell asleep on her couches, dreaming of becoming the biggest girls to work at Chunky's.

The next morning the girls got up and had a huge breakfast, as it was in order.  They took turns having a shower, put on their uniforms and headed to work.  Julie drove rather fast as she was excited for their first day.  They walked in and a girl weighing approximately 280 lbs greeted them.  She was gorgeous.  Her long brown hair flowed over her shoulders.  Her breasts were even bigger than Kiki's and were probably FF cups.  She had a rather large belly, but her bottom half was lacking.  
“Hi!  You must be Kiki and Julie, the new girls!  I'm Laurisa, nice to meet you!”
“Nice to meet you too!”  Kiki said, shaking her hand.  
“So, ready for your first day?  Just remember the rules Kent taught you, be friendly, have fun, and eat lots!”  She laughed.  “Julie, you can take tables eight through fourteen, and Kiki you can take twenty two through twenty eight.  Good luck!”  The girls thanked her and began their work.  They were doing a great job, meeting the regulars, impressing the customers, and eating a lot of food.  During the middle of the day a man in the middle of eating his steak pinched Kiki's ass.  She spun around to him.
“I'm sorry, sir, but I don't think I can put up with that...”  She picked up his meal and began to take it away.  The man interrupted.
“H-hey wait!  Aren't you gonna eat that?”  She shook her head.
“Nope!  In fact, I'm not allowed to eat anymore today because of your example.  I hope your happy!”  The man would not have this.
“Wait wait!  Come here, miss!  There's got to be something I could do to make this incident go away!”  Kiki smiled.
“ could reorder this meal of yours...and maybe a plate of wings for me.”  She said with a wink.  The man started to sweat a little.
“Oh, yes yes of course!”  Kiki wrote the order down.  
“Very good, sir!”  After a few minutes she came back with his order.  “Here you are, a steak and potatoes for yourself...and a plate of juicy wings for me...mmm”  Kiki bent over, her massive tits resting half on the table, jiggling as she scarfed down the food.  Bite after bite, wing after wing, she finished them in no time.  The man couldn't stop staring at her.  When Kiki finished she stood up and wiped her face with a napkin.  “Mmm...thank you sir...please come again.”  She said, winking again.  The man quickly felt the need to rush to the bathroom after the encounter.  Once the day was done, Kent walked out of the kitchen to speak with the girls.
“Well, well, well!  Seems like you girls are doing well here!  I've been getting some rather nice compliments about my 'budding' new girls.  Keep up the good work!”
“Thanks, Kent!”  Julie said, ecstatic. “Wow, Kiki, this is such a great job!  One guy I served bought three plates of shrimp and only ate half of one!  It was so good!”
“I know what you mean!  I earned a lot of extra food too.  This is the best thing that could ever happen to us!”  Julie agreed.

As time went on, the girls became more and more popular with the customers.  They were waiting on more tables, meeting more people, and of course, eating much more food.  After only two months of working at Chunky's Kiki weighed in at 260 lbs and Julie followed closely behind at 245.  Kiki was taking much of the weight into her chest which ballooned out to 42HH cups as she took the title of biggest breasts at Chunky's, and her belly was also starting to form nicely.  Julie on the other hand gained almost completely in the lower half.  Her breasts stayed at DD but her legs filled out beautifully, much thicker and a shelf of fat forming on her ass as it pushed outward.  Her belly was just slightly smaller than Kiki's.  The gaining continued as time went on and increased in rate.  Once the girls had been working for a total of 6 months they had exploded into two big fat voluptuous girls.  Kiki sat at 417 lbs, only 30 lbs shy of the heaviest girl working at Chunky's.  Her tits were by far the biggest as they reached KK cups.  She had to buy special made bras online in order to hold her massive jugs.  Any movement made by her caused them to quiver, and she loved it.  Her belly had grown to be quite large as well, three large fat rolls had formed and it hung very far over her shorts, her breasts resting on top of it even in her bra.  While her legs and ass were still fat, they were nothing compared to those of Julies.  At 393 lbs she had the biggest ass of the waitresses at Chunky's.  She was a favourite at the restaurant as the guys loved to see her walk away after they placed an order.  Her shorts did not fit at all and had turned into more of a thong than anything, almost completely concealed in her ass fat. Her breasts had now reached EE cups and her belly had two large rolls, although it was still not in the realm of her friend's.  Kent was extremely pleased.  The two slightly chubby girls he hired only half a year ago had blossomed into fat beautiful ones.  As they grew he noticed a relation between their increasing weight and the number of customers that were going to his bar.  The fatter they got the more people seemed to come.  This gave Kent an idea, something that would please everyone.

The following day before work started Kent called the two girls to his office.
“Well girls, I can't say enough about how gorgeous you have become.”  They both giggled, thanking him. “How are you liking the gaining?  Enjoying it so it seems, eh?”  
“Oh yes, we don't feel like we ever want to stop!  I feel so sexy!”  Kiki said moving her hands from her giant tits, now not even fully covered by her top, down to grab her big belly.  
“Well, you certainly should feel how you look!  Now that I know how you feel, I have a proposition for you two.  I've noticed that you are truly the only girls who desire to gain a lot of weight, and I was thinking, how would you like to have a little competition?  At the end of each month I'll grant a bonus in the paycheck the the girl who weighs the most.  How does that sound?”  Both girls
were totally ecstatic.
“Of course!”  They both shouted at the same time.
“Ha ha!  Good, so we're settled then!”
“I'm so going to win this thing every month!  I already weigh more than you!”  Kiki boasted.
“Oh you just wait!  I'll make you look anorexic!”  And with that they got back to work, telling all of their regular customers about the deal in hopes of getting extra food on the side.
“A competition for gaining weight?  Sounds great!”  One of Kiki's regulars said, it was the man who she had the incident with on the first day.  Since then he came in each day and ordered her a plate of buffalo wings.  “I guess I better be ordering you two plates of wings from now on.”  He said with a smile.  Kiki smiled back.
“Thank you very much, Sam!”  She continued with her job while stopping at his table for a snack every now and again.  To make sure she'd gain as much weight as possible she'd always keep a weight gain shake in her cleavage that she could sip as she worked.  After everyone found out about the competition each of her customers had at least one plate for her to eat, all hoping that she'd gain and become even sexier.  The same thing happened with Julie.  Each of her customers would order and extra portion for their favourite server to eat, hoping that her gigantic ass would someday be too big for the door.  Julie always kept a plate of food on the shelf that her ass formed so that she could always be eating as she worked.  Plate after plate of food was eaten by each girl as the day went by and suddenly RIP! As Julie bent over to hand a customer a plate her shorts ripped wide open, her ass fat trying to squeeze its way out the hole.  Julie smiled and looked over at Kiki.  
“Getting a little behind are we?”  She laughed.
“I think you deserve a cake for that!  Order yourself one and take it from my bill, sweetie.”  One of Julie's customers said.
“Oh, thank you sir!”  She ordered the cake and devoured it quickly afterwards, not wanting to waste any time.  Soon after she had finished she heard another rip, only it wasn't from her, it was from Kiki.  Her shirts had torn completely off in the front and her breasts were spilling insanely over her bra which was stretched further than it looked like it could.
“I'm sorry, who's getting behind?”  Both girls giggled, and the rest of the the people there laughed as well.  The heated battle of who could eat the most continued for the rest of the month.  Then it was weigh in day.
“Alright, ladies, take your places on your scales!”  The other waitresses and the customers watched in excitement, each rooting for their preferred winner.  “And the winner is....Kiki at 523 lbs!”  Kiki jumped for joy, her fat quivering and wobbling madly.  She gave Kent a hug, practically swallowing his face in her breasts.  “Julie was very close behind at 506 lbs.  Well, I'll see you all here same time next month.  For now, continue with the eating girls!”  He gave Julie who looked a little depressed a soft pat on the behind.  “Don't worry, Julie.  This ass will get fatter yet.  There's always next month!”  Julie smiled.
“Yeah, I'll get her next month!”  The month began and ended, Kiki once again the winner at 630 lbs and Julie even closer than last time at 620 lbs.  It was becoming more difficult for them to move, but at their young age and with all of the walking they did they could handle the weight.  Kiki's breasts now had to be sized in at the factory in order to make the correct sized bra for them which would have been in the R cup region.  It was too hard for Kent to find her a top so he simply wrote Chunky's on her bra.  Her belly was glorious, hanging over her next to invisible shorts and bellowing out with it's four sexy rolls.  She was finally developing a fatter ass after all of the weight she gained.  Julie's ass was now so wide she sometimes bumped tables as her hips swayed down the rows.  Of course, the customers didn't mind.  Her tree trunk legs were filled with luscious fat and watching her bottom half quiver was one of the sexiest things in the world.  Her breasts were now up to HH cups and her belly had three big rolls, but didn't distend as far down as Kiki's.  
With the new month in progression more customers than ever were arriving to see the two gaining goddesses.  So many customer's came that they lined up outside the door.  They were feeding the two girls even more food than before.  If the girls only ate 40 plates of food at work it was considered a slow day.  The weigh began to pile on them at a ridiculous rate.  Soon all that was required for them to wear was a bra and panties, but the panties were almost pointless for Julie as they couldn't be seen anyway.  Then one fateful day, an incident occurred that was bound to happen sooner or later.  Their shift had ended and they were on their way out the door when Kiki heard Julie shriek out.
“Oh my God!  Ugh!  Help!”  Kiki waddled as fast as she could, her blubber shaking wildly.  She arrived at the front door and there was Julie, stuck in the doorway!  Her ass had gotten too fat to fit through.  Kiki giggled at Julie, looking at how her ass and hip fat hugged around the frame and jiggled as Julie struggled to get out.  
“Wow, Julie!  You look like you could use some help!  Ha ha!  Hey, Kent!  I think you should come see this!”  Kent came from the back room and his jaw dropped.
“Holy Hell, Julie!  Well, this proves how much you truly have gained!  You may even beat Kiki this month.”
“Whatever, just get me out!”  Kent and Kiki each dug their hands into her ass, one cheek per person.  As they pushed their hands sank into her ass fat a few inches.  Kent was extremely turned on, and did more squeezing than pulling, clumping her fat in his hands.  After some time, they finally shoved her through the door, her fat breaking off part of the door frame.  “Thank you!  I wasn't sure if I was ever going to get out of that!”  This little event got Kent to thinking he was going to need to get a few renovations done.  
“Hey girls, I think I'm going to shut down the place for a couple weeks to make it more accommodating to your new sizes.  I'll call you when the place will be ready for you girls to get back to work.  Until then, don't stop eating!”  The girls giggled and promised they wouldn't, and they most certainly didn't.

The days and even nights during the renovations at Chunky's consisted almost entirely of eating for both Kiki and Julie.  They desperately wanted to win the pay check bonus, even with the fact that it would probably be spent on more food.  The two girls had become nearly addicted to food, and felt the need for it around the clock.  Then after a few weeks the girls received the call to come back to work.  They almost didn't want to as they were enjoying just eating all day, but they realized in order to afford all of that food they needed to work.  Kiki arrived first, thanking God for the new double doors, for otherwise she wouldn't have been able to fit through.  Her belly reached below her knees standing up and her tits bellowed forth, no longer in a bra, but attempted to be held up by the material she called her shirt.  She waddled slowly in, each step causing her to quiver and stop for a moment.  The customers all cheered for her, chanting out “Scale!  Scale!”  Kent welcomed her and showed her to the new improved scales.  She finally approached it and the numbers instantly sky rocketed upward, coming to a stop at 700 lbs.  The customers cheered with excitement.  “Yeah, go Kiki!”  “You're the fattest!”  “Keep that sexy fat coming, babe!”  She smiled and blushed.  Kiki loved being this big, and having everyone want her to gain just made her feel even better.  There was no way that Julie could beat her this month.  At that moment Julie opened the doors.  Everyone looked at her and cheered for her as well.  She smiled and attempted to wave, but moving her fat arms that high was too much work so she just waddled forth.  It was very difficult for her as her enormous, fat legs had to move around each other.  Her legs were so full of fat that she had to do a widened step so that she could walk.  She was even slower at approaching the scale than Kiki.  Her tits were massive, but no where near Kiki's as Julie's could still fit in a bra.  Her belly almost reached her knees, but her ass was so ponderous and sexy.  It was as wide as at least three normal sized people and jiggled like a sea of fat as she waddled.  She stood on the scale and the numbers climbed.  Kiki was worried.  She was massive!  Could she actually win.  The numbers climbed and climbed and then stopped at 708 lbs.  Julie's customers shouted and yelled in excitement.  “Now who's the fattest, Kiki!?”  “You've got the fattest ass ever!”  “You deserve to be queen!”  Kiki shook Julie's hand.  
“Congratulations, Julie.  You deserve it.”  They both smiled.
“Way to go Julie!  Your first title, excellent job! How do you feel?” Kent asked Julie.
“I feel great!  But to be honest...I don't know if I can work here anymore, Kent.  I've gotten so fat and it's really hard to walk around.”  Kiki nodded in agreement.
“I feel the same way.”  Kent smiled.
“Well girls, that's good to here, because I've got a surprise for you.”  They were both very curious.  Kent then opened the doors to the new addition to the restaurant, it was a room of completely open space.  “You girls still want to eat right?”  
“Well of course!  I'm dying not eating right now!”  Kiki exclaimed.
“Totally, I never want to stop eating and gaining!  It's the greatest lifestyle!” Julie added.  Kent nodded.
“Excellent.  Here's the deal girls.  You will both become immobile soon, but I want you to be my, lets say 'mascots' for Chunky's.  I will let you stay in that room, and do nothing but eat all day long.  There is plenty of room for growth and I will take care of you.  You will be hooked up to these machines.  People will dump their leftover food, and whatever they wish to donate to you, into these vats, depending on who they want to feed, and the food will be ground down and transported through a tube directly into your mouths.  So what do you say, do we have a deal?”  The girls were both drooling.
“Of course!”  They both shouted, sitting down into their room as quickly as possible.  The customers cheered once more.
“Great!  Well, let's start the feeding!”  He hooked the tubes up to the girls' mouths and they instantly began eating.  It was an amazing feeling, with each pump of food they could feel their bodies jiggle.  It tasted so good!  People would order food just to dump into the vats and get their favourite girl fatter.  Chunky's became so well known that people from all over would come just to see Kiki and Julie, the fattest girls around.  In time the girls agreed that you could get your picture taken with the girls and you could have your hands grabbing a roll of fat for the fee of a few meals for them.  Life was perfect for Kiki and Julie.  Day in day out, nothing but eating the delicious mixture of the food at Chunky's, gaining pound after pound after pound.  Roll after roll would form on the girls, they'd begin spreading out further, completely immobile.  They were on the biggest truck scales around so you could see their weight increase as the day went on.  Sometimes the girls would gain as much as 15 lbs per day.  It was bliss.  At the end of the first month of being on the machines, Kiki weighed a colossal 1217 lbs, an enormous blob of succulent fat.  Her tits had practically reach the ground and her belly surged forward with 8 giant rolls of fat.  Julie hit 1289 lbs, ahead of Kiki by an even further amount.  Each ass cheek was so immense, four and a half feet tall and nearly six feet wide.  Her belly had reached the same size as Kiki's but her tits rested nicely on top of it.  The fatter they grew, the more they wanted.  The same went for the customers.  They began to feed the girls more and more as time passed.  By the second month, Kiki was at 1992 lbs, and Julie at 2006 lbs.  When the third month hit Julie was 2879 lbs and Kiki had surpassed her at 2976 lbs.   They were becoming ridiculously fat, and everyone loved it, including the girls.  All they wanted was to become bigger, nothing else mattered to them.  
Time continued to pass and as it did Kiki and Julie became more and more obese.  More rolls, more fat, it constantly piled onto their young bodies, and they loved it.  They felt the room enclosing on them as they grew fatter.  Soon, their bodies began to push up against each other, each girl's fat trying to overcome the other's.  They became so immense that their fat bodies started pressing against the walls around them, raising higher and higher, feeling the need to have more room to grow and become even fatter, more beautiful than before.  Kent looked at their scales.  Kiki's read 5862, and Julie's was at 6142.  He looked the girls over in all of their glory.  Rolls of fat spilling everywhere, their bodies growing into any space that allowed them.  He looked passed their immense breasts, over their multiple chins and into their faces.  They were smiling as they continued to be pumped with food, and they looked down at Kent, their smiles widening.  Kent smiled back at them as he looked at the cracks in the walls where their fat was putting pressure on.  
“Well girls, I think it may be time for some renovations...”
Warning: This story contains more extreme weight gain than my previous stories, so If you're not into that, don't read ahead.

This story is about two busty girls that attempt to get a job at Hooters but are denied because they are a little on the heavy side. However, they are told to go to a restaurant called Chunky's, where all the women who work there are big.

Edit: Saxxon uploaded some very delectable pics, check em out! [link]
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Amy wakes up to the smell of pancakes. Her eyes opening, she looks towards the open bedroom door. There is a light emanating from the end of the hallway. She knows it's her husband Jack in the kitchen cooking up her breakfast. Her mouth waters in anticipation, her eager smile creating dimples in her cheeks.

"Honey. You up there?" she calls out.

Jack calls back, "Morning Amy. Or afternoon rather."

"Afternoon? I just woke up, what time is it?"

"It's just about ten minutes after twelve."

"Holy crap! You let me sleep late. Why didn't you wake me up?"

"Well you seemed so peaceful. Plus, we stayed up so late last night. I wanted to give you a chance to rest and digest."


A nude Jack steps into the room.

Amy continues, "Last night is such a blur."

"Not surprising. You kinda went into a stupor and then passed out. I'm guessing you pushed yourself over the limit last night."

"How much did I eat?"

"Um, let's see, "Jack thinks back and begins listing off everything, "Three large supreme stuffed crust pizzas, two dozen fudge brownies, two gallons of rocky road ice cream, four dozen creme filled doughnuts, six boxes of Little Debbie swiss cake rolls, four boxes of honey buns, about ten rolls of raw cookie dough, twenty corndogs, about a pound of honey ham slices, two pounds of french dipped roast beef slices, close to six pounds of ramen noodles with soy sauce, eight cheddar rolls, ten cupcakes, twenty banana nut muffins, and a seven layer devil's food cake topped with gummi bears."

"Holy shit! Is that all?"

"Pretty much yeah. About half-way through you went into this weird trance like state. By the end you had passed out. I went to Wal-Mart right after and did some more grocery shopping. At the rate you're going, I have to get groceries almost every other day now."

"What can I say? I got a big appetite."

With a smile and massive hard on, Jack leans over her immense belly and gives her a kiss.

"I'll be right back with your breakfast...I mean,"

He heads back to the kitchen. Amy glances up to the ceiling to see her reflection. At 4,500 pounds, she has an appetite almost as big as she is.

The two queen sized mattresses she is sitting on top of have nearly vanished under her rolls. When she broke the bed a few thousand pounds ago, they put the mattresses directly on the floor. Not only did this help Amy feel more comfortable, but it also made it easier for Jack to feed her.

At this point, Amy's ass has grown so large that it's wider than the width of both matresses side-by-side and also lifts her up a little bit. Sitting comfortably in a leaned back, reclined position, her back fat rolls pressing up against her stack of pillows and almost covering them. Her face is so big that her neck is no longer visible. In fact, the fat from her cheeks and large chin roll make it nearly impossible for her to turn her head more than a few inches.

Her arms, bigger around that bus tires, stick out to her sides. Her hands are nearly covered by rolls. Her sausage-like fingers still poking out, so big she can just barely wiggle them. Her massive breasts hang down the sides of her belly and rest on the floor. The last time Jack held up one of her boobs, they found her nipples were the size of a manhole covers. Jack has to be careful not to step on them when he is standing at her side.

Her huge, shapeless legs are being spread out by their fat. Her feet, much like her hands, are nearly engulfed in the soft fleshy rolls. But her favorite feature...her belly. So big, it almost completely covers both her legs. It stretches far in front of her, beyond the end of the mattresses, even beyond her feet, and rests on the carpetted floor. Amy is completely immobile, an unstoppable eating machine who seems to grow fatter with each moutful of food she swallows.

Jack has been fattening her up during their entire relationship. She had always been big but never knew she would get THIS big!

When they first met at the very beginning of their junior year of high school, a seventeen year old Amy was a scrawny 450 pounds. They dated all throughout the school year. By the time summer came around, Amy was pushing 530 pounds. By the start of senior year, she was 600 pounds. Her senior year was spent in homeschool because of her size. This allowed Amy to become lazier and gain even faster. By graduation, she was an astounding 740 pounds.

They got married a year later, she weighed 870 pounds on their wedding day.

Since then, the fattening has continued. Now crushing the scaled at over two tons, she was beginning to wonder how much bigger she'd get. 5,000? 6,000? 10,000? They would need a bigger bedroom if that happened.

Gazing into the mirror, she begins to imagine what she would look like at 10,000 pounds. She shuts her eyes and concentrates on it. Just imagining that is turning her on so much. All that food, all that fat...her spine tingles, she gets goosbumps all over her body. Suddenly, a release. She has to catch her breathe, having surprised herself by just having an orgasm with nothing but the thought of getting even fatter. She feels her warm cum rush out from her fat lips, covering her legs and underbelly. It continues to flow, uncontrollably. She feels it filling the spaces between her rolls and folds. She wants to desperately to reach down and masterbate, but knows she's too fat to even move her own arms. This thought alone causes her to orgasm again.

"What's happening to me?" she asks herself. Her cum continuing to rush out, soaking her legs, her entire underbelly.

Having heard her heavy breathing and panting, Jack enters the room.

"Honey, you okay?"

Her face is red, she has a huge smile as sweat covers her brow. Using her eyes, she signals for him to look towards her tummy. He looks and sees the cum covering her legs, her underbelly, the carpet has a huge wet spot.

"What happened?"

She tries to speak between rapid, labored breathes, "I..I'm cum...cumming...orgasms...feels so good..."

Jack quickly grabs the two long leather straps (which they normally use for bathing and sex) and slides them underneath her tummy. Hooking their ends to reinforced hooks attached to lifts on the wall, he flips a switch; the lift pulls up her tummy, allowing him easy access to her. Being reminded that she's so fat they have to use a hydraulic lift just to pick up her belly just intensifies her orgasm.

Her belly now lifted as high as it can, Jack lays on his back on the warm, wet mattress and begins sliding his way towards her pussy. By now, her paunch is the size of a beach ball. He picks it up, uses both hands to separate her lips, finds her clit and wraps his mouth around it. Licking it, nibbling on it, sucking it. With each sensation and orgasmic rush, she bounces sending jiggling ripples all throughout her body. Jack entire head is getting soaked in cum, and he continues. She begins shouting in excitement.

"Yes! Yes! Fuck yes! Oh God! Oh God! Fuck me! Fuck me!"

Jack carefully tries to reposition himself. Eating her out like this is hard enough because of her size. But sex, full on vaginal intercourse was becoming more and more difficult with her ever expanding body. He tries but it unable to achieve penetration. His legs aren't limber enough to maneuver around her large legs and underbelly like that.

"I-I can't, Amy. I'm sorry."

Still gasping "It's ok...I under...understand...put me down, please."

Jack obliges, the lift gently sets her tummy back down, he takes away the straps. She is starting to catch her beathe, her heart rate is slowing back down to normal, the red in her face is fading. He takes a hand towel and wipes the sweat from her face.

"Thanks baby. That felt so good."

"No problem sweety. Sorry we couldn't actually-"

"It's ok. I mean, it's been something we've had to deal with all along. But I felt so good. I feel like we actually got to. Mmmm, that was so intense."

"How did that happen?"

"I was thinking about how skinny I was when we met, and how fat I've gotten. Then I thought about how fat I might get and I just started cumming. And everything we were doing, everything that was reminding how fat I am, just kept it going. God, I'm soooooo hungry!"

"Don't worry babe, I got your breakfast ready."

He leaves and returns pushing a large serving cart in front of him and pulling a second one behind. Each cart has two shelves, one on bottom and another on top and both are packed to the brim with food. Jack confirms with her just how much food he brought.

"I got 300 pounds of pancakes, six gallons of maple syrup, twenty pounds of bacon, ten pounds of scrambled eggs, and another twenty pounds of sausage links."

Her eyes widen. "Wow! Looks and smells delicious! Hope I can finish it all."

"You'd better. This is just the appetizer."

"Appetizer? How much more do you have up there?"

"Enough to keep you eating all day."

Jack rolls the carts beside her and starts shoveling handfuls of food into her waiting maw.

Amy relaxes and lets him take control. Now far too fat to feed herself anymore. As he feeds her handful after handful of food, she closes her eyes, feeling her body growing and thinks about the future.

Just how fat will she get? Only time will tell. But as long as Jack keeps feeding her like this, there's really no telling.
I had a dream last night. So here's the story that resulted. Hope you enjoy.
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Collection by
Emma Stone as a huge fatty celebrity super sexy big beautiful woman! You voted for her! Enjoy!
I had a huge amount of fun on this one. I had her in tight panties at first but thought short shorts were more her thing. Using textures for her jeans and shirt. Her tshirt works really well with her hair and I got her sultry sexy look down really well I believe. I wanted her to look like she had put on so much fat and weight that it was flowing and straining sideways off her belly with no room to go anywhere else, so you get that globular feeling.

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Full Color 1500x1500
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Variant 3 Black and White Lines 1500x1500 alternative weight!
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The Fat Farm
By David Sladky
November 13, 2012
Lori did not want to go to a fat farm, and she could not understand why all of a sudden her parents wanted her to go, they never had any problems with her weight before.  At 5 foot 7 and 300 pounds, she was a perfect pear shape. Hips and ass for miles, with no lack of any boy's attention, or girls for that matter. "Lori you will have fun, you will be around girls your age and spend the summer enjoying yourself." Her mother has said while packing her things. "Trust us, this is no regular fat farm, some of our friend told us about it and we thing it will be perfect for you." Her father has said while he drove her to the airport. They both kissed her on the cheek and sent her on her way.
She was in first class in a wide seat by herself, when she was another big girl sit close to her, long dark hair and a tan complexion showed she was Latin or Indian and was quite a contrast to Loris milky white skin. The girl had to be around the same weight, but was more of a overfilled hourglass. She saw Lori looking at her and smiled. "Fat farm?" she said matter of factly. "Yeah" she said with a sigh and a roll of her eyes. "Well I don't know what they are going to feed us there, but I made sure to pack well." She opened a back pack and showed it packed to the top with cakes and candy. "Wow" Lori said. "I didn't think of that." "Really? Check your bag; this was packed by my mother." Getting the bag out of her overhead compartment, she opened it to find it packed just like the Latin girls, with a note from her mom telling her to eat well. "Cool, this is awesome; I figured I would starve on this trip." "My name is Olga." The Latin girl said. I think this is going to be a very fun trip.
The plane landed and a shuttle bus picked the girls up and drove them to the farm, several miles into the country. When they got out they saw other fat girls lined up, they carried their bags over and stood in line. A bellman came and took their bags. The girls looked at each other surprised, and then they saw a woman walking up to them. She was older and not thin at all. Plump, but not fat like most of the girls here. "Well looks like you are wondering why is in store for you at this Fat Farm, well it is not what you think. Your parents are proud of you all, and to show how much they love you they sent you here for the summer to eat and enjoy!" There was a shocked gasp from a few of the girls. "But aren't we supposed to lose weight here?" One for the girls said. "Not at all, I mean if you want to you can, but we are not here to do that for you, we are here to make your summer as enjoyable as possible." "My name is Darleen and I am the director here.  We are here to make you as comfortable as possible, just sit back and enjoy! The only rule is don't eat food that is anywhere but in the serving hall, or brought to you." Lori thought it was a strange rule, but with all of the food around she didn't think it was going to be a problem.
The main lodge seems to sit on 1000 acres or more of land, with no other houses in sight. The farms bunk houses were more like luxury hotel rooms, next to them was what looked like a large barn on the outside, but inside was a massive dining room and kitchen. The girls were encouraged to eat when and as much as they wanted too. Settling in Lori and Olga sat and the super comfortable beds and looked at each other. "This was not what I was expecting." Lori said. ""Well all I know is I am starving and need o get something to eat." Olga said.
The girls were given the option of wearing the farms uniform which was nothing more than a shapeless white dress with no arms and same down to the girl's knees. Lori held hers out to the side. "Two of me can fit in this." She said. "Well I am not that big yet." Olga said slipping into spandex pants and a short top showing off all of her Latina charms. "What do you mean?" Lori said puzzled. "Well we are in the middle of nowhere, with nothing to do but eat for 3 months; don't you think we are going to swell up like blimps?" "I didn't think of that." Lori said looking at the big dress with a new understanding. "But why do they want us bigger?" "I don't know or care at this point Mami, all I know is I am hungry and hope they have rice and beans on the menu!"
Going into the dining hall they saw rows of table and chairs and a long buffet line, just about any food you could think of was there, Olga got her Rice and Bean with a few other items, while Lori got Prime Rib, mashed potatoes and gravy and coleslaw. They sat down a crossed from a young looking Asian girl, who looked worried about the food in front of her. "Are you okay?" Lori asked. "Yes." The Asian girl said not looking up. Lori and Olga looked at each other. "I am Olga and this is Lori, what is your name?" Olga said. "Dion." She said again looking, at the plate in front of her. "Okay what is wrong?" Olga said more forcefully." Dion started to cry. "I don't want to be fat!" She sobbed. Lori noticed she was chubby for an Asian girl, but by no means fat or obese. "Well you don't have to eat if you don't want too I guess." Lori said as she had some potatoes. "Don't be silly." Olga said with a smile, "you are not going to get fat, just enjoy your meal and have fun!"  "Really?" Dion said wiping the tears from her face. "Sure, just eat what you want, you will be fine." Dion ate some of the rice she had in front of her, and soon went back for more food. Lori looked at Olga. "Didn't you say something about blowing up like a balloon?" Olga laughed. "Shes a sacred kid and fat girls are not all that welcomed in Asia. She needs to enjoy herself here and build up some confidence."
The routine at the farm was easy to get used to; breakfast was severed at 7 am, after that the girls could go back to the bunk house and get a nap, or go to one of the barns that was set up as a common area, one had rows of computers with internet access, another had pools and a spa. Large TV's were mounted all over with videos of food or cooking shows. Every activity was around food of some sort with cooking being a major focus. Attendants gave massages and body rubs to any girl who needed it. A girl who was really lazy could have food brought to her bed anytime she wanted it. After the first month, Olga out grew her own cloths and had to start to wear the Farms big dresses. The first time the girls saw another jump into the pool naked, they were shocked. By now most of the girls laid around the pool naked on in a bra and panties if they still fit.
"I can believe this." Lori said with a sigh. "Food and lying around, and our parents paid for us to come here!" "Yeah and you forgot sex." Olga said with a smile. Lori sat up. "Who?" she said puzzled. "That Dominican girl with the wonderful ass, I love the taste of it." Lori has seen them hanging out a lot, but she didn't think Olga was gay. Olga looked at Lori and laughed. "Eating is eating right? Don't matter where the cream comes from." "I don't think I could do that." Lori said, feeling suddenly uncomfortable. "Relax babe, it's not like I am going to rape you in your sleep…..unless you want me too." She said with a wink.
Lori had a hard time getting to sleep that night, when she did she had a nightmare. In it Dion was naked and strapped to a table; a clear tube ran to her mouth. Slowly a thick white paste filled to tube and started to be pumping into Dion. She was whimpering and crying, but she started to be pumped full of the fluid. Lori watched in horror as the little Asian girl started to swell up like an inflatable doll, her arms and legs swelling up along with her hands and feet. Her belly was a large tan dome that towered over her, getting bigger and bigger. Rolls of fat piled up around her face as chin after chin formed, her cheeks swelling up like grapefruits. When it looked like she was ready to explode she heard a scream!
Lori jumped up at the commotion; close by a girl was screaming and sobbing. She went to look and saw something out of her dream. The girls name was Tasha, she was big when she got here, but now she was enormous. Her dress was ripped in half, her huge breasts and belly pinned her arms at her sides. Her dark skin was crisscrossed with tan stretchmark's, like she had inflated in her sleep. Darleen came in with the nurse, after a quick examination, a heavy duty gurney was rolled in and Tasha was rolled onto it. Just as fast she was rolled away. Darleen stood looking at the girls who had been woken up. "Not to worry ladies, looks like she had an allergic reaction, she will be in the infirmary until she gets better."
Lori wasn't that hungry the next day, but her growling belly got the best of her. She sat by herself eating when Dion walked over to join her, well more like waddled. The short Asian girl has piled on a lot of the weight she was so afraid of weeks ago. Her plate piled high with cakes and pies. She ate with an almost primal need to fill herself. Lori looked at her and said. "Dion, aren't you worried about getting fatter?" Dion looked up at Lori with fear in her eyes. "Yes." She said. "But I can't stop eating." Lori watched as Dion packed herself with to food on her plate, and then waddled off to get more.  Lori was alone for a moment, still eating out of habit more than anything. Olga walked up with her "Friend" Vanessa. The Dominican girl was a shade darker then Olga and spoke little English. They both had on too tight white dresses. "Hey Lori how's it going" Olga said as she and her girlfriend sat down. "Fine" Lori said, but her face didn't look it. Olga was too busy playing with Vanessa to notice. "I can't wait to fatten you up!" Olga said to Vanessa. Lori was shocked. "You want her bigger?" Lori said. "Sure, I like something to play with on my girls." Olga said giving one of Vanessa's giant tits a squeeze.
Time drug on and Lori was just not happy here anymore, she kept eating and gaining, but she longed to go back home. Walking to the lodge, Lori noticed the door to the infirmary was open. Thinking of Tasha, she went in to look for her. She walked through a dark room, and after going through a door, found the main room. In it, row upon row of super fat girls laid naked and strapped to their beds, tubes strapped to their faces and the hum of pumps echoed trough out the area. She found Tasha; or what she thought was Tasha, buried under rolls of fat. Hands and feet overwhelmed by ankle and arm fat, each girl had to be over 1000 pounds and still growing. "There is always one." She heard a voice say. She turned to see Darleen behind her. Lori could do nothing, she was frozen with fright. "All you had to be was a good girl and eat, and you'd have nothing to worry about. Now you made it hard on yourself, but after running this place for as long as I have, you get used to it. A puff of fire and brimstone and a classical devil stood in Darleen's place, red horns and pitchfork. The creature looked down at itself and said. "Well it's been a very long time scene I looked like this, but whatever your mind can handle is good." Lori dropped to the floor sobbing. "I want my mom and dad!" "Yes well your folks are how you got here sweet cheeks. They sell me their fat, worthless girls, and I give them wealth and power. Not going to get them any parenting awards, but oh well." Lori tried to scream, but only heard silence. "Getting hysterical won't serve anything, I own you and you provide a service for me. Gluttony is a sin you know, and with more sin, the more powerful I get. Stuffing you girls like the fat hogs you are, is just as good as having a sin battery!"
In a flash, Lori was naked and strapped to a bed, a tube strapped to her face. "Don't worry, you will get used to it, you can only get so fat before you explode, but in the meantime your fear and sin will keep me very comfortable. Eat up hon!
In not wanting to be drug out of my bed in the night, I have not put any ages in this text. That part you can leave to your imagination, I can only hope the text is put together well enough to carry the story without that detail.
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                                                        Feed Me

    Feed me, for the love of God feed me! I have never felt a hunger well up within me more than I have felt over these...days? weeks? months? I have no idea anymore. The external world no longer exists to me. There is only food and sleep. I seem to recall bits and pieces of my life before. I remember being quite small and working a job I hated at a large department store. I recall eating less as well. Oh god my stomach is crying out for more! It's deafening! At night the sounds of my own hunger shake me from my sleep. All my dreams are of food. Mountains and mountains of sloppy, greasy, fat and lard filled food. In the dreams I eat until I burst. Explode like a bomb and then I awake to find you with my food. My precious meal that I love more than a child. Was I pregnant before? Am I pregnant now? I don't know. Oh god! Yes! The hamburgers! The sausage! The pizza! All for me! All for me! Good lord the grease, that oily orange grease! I suck it off every inch of my food. Pure oil going directly to my ever expanding fat cells. I can feel my body incing outwards every minute, every second, with every breath. MORE! MORE! I'll eat it all raw! Feed me bloody dripping chops of beef and ham! Let the juices run down my multiple chins, into my cleavage and down into my belly button. More sweets! More delicious red velvet cake for my ever expanding rump. My titanic ass is velvet smooth itself. The slightest breath causes it to jiggle and wiggle like the ocean. Oh god my ass is so huge! I cannot see past my globular belly. It encompasses nearly all of me. With each gulp I feel the food enter my stomach and begin to churn and dissolve. The feeling is orgasmic to say the least. More! I must have more food! Quicker! I must become fatter! I want to become a human blob of ever expanding jiggly soft flesh! The feeding tube! Yes! Oh the sweet liquid! It's so delicious! Wait...something doesn't taste right. Oh god. My body! It's growing out of control! Every part of me is surging in size! I'm literally being absorbed into my own fatness! Please stop! No more! No more food! It's too much! I'll explode! OHHHHH! Ow! It hurts so much! My belly is so tight! Stop! Please! I!...I can't expand any more! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

   She awoke from the dream. Skinny as a rail as her boyfriend snored beside her in the dark. She nudge him. Nothing. She nudged again. Stillness. She poked him in his closed eye. He stirred.
   "What is it dear?"
   "I want some brownies..."

The end.
This one just came to me. Hope you enjoy! didn't want to end with a nasty bursting scene so I tacked on the bit at the end which is my favorite. What do you guys think? comments and critiques appreciated! :)
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“You have been summoned by the queen.”

Three men and one woman stood up and walked down a long hallway toward the Queen’s room. These were Queen Marella’s pleasurers.

The leader of the group was Gustav Zepacce (pronounced Zay-Pa-Chay), a man who was renowned among the upper class for his legendary skills of sexual pleasuring. He was an interesting looking man with a fancy thin mustache and a full head of black hair, cut short with just a