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(Contains: nudity, sexual themes, strong language and ideologically sensitive material)

Emma woke with a gasp as she felt the cold steel on her back. Her first reaction was to try to get up, only to find that her hands were bound down by shackles, connected to the table. Her horror only grew as she discovered that she was bound at the ankles as well, preventing her from getting off of the table. She struggled, her eyes darting side to side, trying to figure out what to do as her drowziness quickly faded from the adrenaline. Looking straight up, the ceiling was made of mirrored tile, giving Emma a view of her own body. She gasped, seeing in her reflection that her big, fat body was only clad in bra and panties. She scanned the ceiling, only to find that somebody was now standing next to her.

Emma let out a shriek as she turned her head to look. Standing next to her was a cloaked figure wearing a pig mask, with a hose in one hand that trailed out of the side of Emma’s vision.

“W-who are you?! What do you want with me?!” demanded Emma. Who was this crazy person, and why did they bring Emma to this large, featureless room? Instead of answering, the figure stepped closer, holding the end of the hose up to Emma’s mouth.

“Hey! Watch where you’r-MMPF!” gasped Emma as the figure stuffed it into her mouth.

“I’m giving you your deepest desires…” replied the figure. Emma could tell that somewhere under that cloak and mask was a woman, but not much else. However, before she could do anything else, Emma felt something begin pouring into her mouth.

“MMMM! MMMMMM!” grunted Emma, trying to spit out the hose. However, there was some sort of adhesive or something on it, just strong enough to keep it in Emma’s mouth. Emma thrashed about on the table, until some of the substance made it’s way down her throat. Her eyes widened as the full force of the flavor hit her tastebuds. It tasted like rich...creamy...melted chocolate! Another shot of it burst into her mouth, causing her to gasp loudly. Without thinking, she swallowed another mouthful.

“See? Is that so bad?” asked the woman. How did she know Emma’s weakness? She had always been a sucker for chocolate, and now this woman was giving it to her! Emma tried to hold it in her mouth, to keep herself from gulping it down, but there was just too much chocolate to resist! Shamefully, she swallowed mouthful after mouthful, scolding herself as the chocolate settled in her stomach. No matter how much she sucked down, the chocolate just kept coming! She groaned as she got more and more full, stuffed with the thick, creamy delectable.

“Mmmm...mmmm…” whimpered Emma. She was completely full now. There was no way she could take any more! She was using her eyes to beg the woman to stop!

“Nuh uh…” said the woman, reaching a hand up and rubbing Emma’s stomach. It was both unsettling and welcome to Emma. The woman’s rubbing felt good, easing the bloated feeling in her belly. “...I’m giving you what you want...all of it…”

Emma’s eyes widened as the chocolate began to flow faster. It wasn’t just small bursts now. The chocolate was coming in a steady stream, flowing down her throat and into her stomach. The woman kept her hand on Emma’s stomach. It felt like she was pushing on it, but something didn’t seem quite right with that. She lifted her head weakly, seeing that the woman’s arm wasn’t moving. Her stomach was! It was undeniably pushing outwards against the woman’s palm, looking like a balloon slowly filling with air. Emma let out a panicked shriek as the hose continued to fill her with even more chocolate.

“Come on, now...doesn’t that feel wonderful?” asked the woman, squeezing a bit of Emma’s bulging belly. Emma struggled against her restraints, to no avail. She was getting fatter, filling with chocolate as this maniac continued to play with her stomach. The woman’s hands moved up her stomach, and to her breasts. She gave each of them a little squeeze, causing Emma to let out an indignant groan. Her bra was getting tighter now, meaning that even her boobs had started to fatten up as well!

“That’s it...keep gulping it all down, my big, plump piggy…” said the woman. Emma whimpered, watching her reflection on the ceiling. She was visibly growing, her stomach, breasts, and thighs all wobbling as they filled with more and more of the soft fat. Ripples flowed outwards from Emma’s deepening belly button, transferring to her thighs and breasts. As she continued to grow, Emma felt like a fat-filled water balloon, shaking and sloshing as she grew even deeper into obesity. She groaned as her bra began to cut into her, making her wince with pain.

“Let’s bring those udders out, you fat cow…” said the woman, hooking the bra with her fingers and pulling. Emma shrieked as her bra snapped right off of her, her breasts jiggling as they were given their freedom. She shamefully moaned, grateful for the relief that being disrobed brought her. However, it was quickly replaced with the discomfort of the woman climbing on top of her, straddling her belly and squeezing Emma’s fat with her thighs. At the same time, her hands squeezed a different part of Emma, kneading and massaging her ballooning bosom.

“Now we can really have some fun…” moaned the woman. Her thighs and hands continued to play with Emma’s fat, the growing girl’s body bulging back against the woman’s. It seemed that she grew just a little faster with each of the woman’s movements, combined with the ever-quickening flow of chocolate. Emma couldn’t even struggle now, her entire body having become too full of fat to even lift an arm! She must have weighed over a thousand pounds now!

“The feeling of all this warm fat filling you up...the taste of the creamy, gooey just can’t stop sucking it all down, can you? You can’t stop getting bigger, and bigger, and bigger, like the fatass you are…” taunted the woman. Emma’s face turned a bright red as she groaned. It was true! It felt so wrong, but it felt so good! She just wanted to suck down all the delicious chocolate! But she was able to hold out. There was just too much fat to make it worth it! Emma weakly shook her head.

“No? Well, you’re not even a fraction of the way through all the chocolate I have for you. I’m sure you’ll come around by the time I’m all said and done…” promised the woman, pinching each of Emma’s nipples for emphasis. Emma let out a yelp as she felt them stiffen slightly against the woman’s fingers. The woman let out a naughty coo as she continued to stroke and tickle, making Emma gasp with guilty pleasure. Before long, her fully erect nipples were being expertly stimulated by the woman in the pig mask.

“Mmmmmm...mmmmmmm…” whimpered Emma, caught somewhere between the panic of growing and the pleasure of eating. With each gulp, she got bigger...rounder...fatter and fatter! The woman didn’t even need the restraints on the table now! Emma was too fat, too immense to move an inch! She was helpless to stop the woman from further stimulating her nipples, while pumping countless gallons of the melted chocolate into her mouth.

There was a loud SNAP as Emma’s panties exploded off of her. Emma held her breath. Maybe the woman hadn’t heard it. Maybe sh-

“My, my...I can’t believe they held on that long...but now that they’re gone, you’re just a big, fat, naked piggy!” said the woman. Emma looked up at her reflection. Her poor, poor body had been filled with so much fat! How many hundreds of pounds had she gained? And how many more were there to come?! However, the woman’s upper body blocked Emma’s view of her body. She reached around Emma’s head, wrapping a string around it before pulling away. Looking back up, Emma could see that the woman had put a pig nose on her. She let out a defeated groan.

“Oink oink…” teased the woman, her hands occupying themselves once again with Emma’s nipples. Her body was flowing off of the table, her hips, thighs, and ass all pouring over, allowing gravity to take them. The metal table was creaking and groaning, struggling to handle all of the fat on top of it! Emma’s eyes widened with fear at every noise it made. She swore she could feel it bending a little bit. Just how fat was she for it to be enough to deform steel?! Regardless, she didn’t have any choice but to get fatter.

“Whoa, looks like I better jump off here for a moment…” said the woman, launching herself from Emma’s body. A wave of fat rolled outwards from where the woman had been, the moving adipose the final straw for the table. There was another loud snap as the entire thing crashed to the floor, causing Emma to wobble and shake like a giant water bed! Her thighs crashed together, their fat stroking the swollen lips of her womanhood. Emma’s entire body shuddered as she felt a sharp spike of pleasure. She tried to catch herself, but could only curse for having shown that little bit of delight.

“Oh, did you enjoy that?” asked the woman, giving one of Emma’s elephantine thighs a slap. They crashed together again, sending another shock through Emma. With a mischievous giggle, the woman began to shake Emma’s thigh, using the fat to stroke Emma’s mound. Emma moaned over and over, unable to stop herself. Why did she have to be so fat? And why did this woman have to use it to get her aroused? Emma’s eyes widened as she realized what she just thought. This woman was using Emma’s fat to turn her on! And even worse, it was working!

“Just like that...let me pump you full of chocolate...let me make you so fat that you’re just a big, blubbery blob…let me help you enjoy it...” said the woman as she pushed between Emma’s thighs. She must have been incredibly strong to move through the canyon of fat they had become! The woman got closer and closer, until Emma felt her fingers moving up and down her mound. Emma quivered, unable to stop the woman. She pulled her hands away, before bringing them back. However, this time she had a little surprise for Emma. Emma shrieked as she felt something slowly press into her. Deeper and deeper it went, until it was all the way inside of her womanhood. And then it began to vibrate.

“MMMMMMMMMM! MMMMMMMMMMMMMM!” cried Emma. The woman climbed out from between her thighs, letting them crash back together, Emma’s fat keeping the vibrator held firm.The woman climbed up and over Emma’s stomach, back to her breasts. WIthin seconds, her fingers were back to stroking them as she watched the conflicted look of pleasure spread across Emma’s face.

“Uh oh...not sure of what you want? Here, let me tell want to keep guzzling down this want me to keep giving it to you, making you fatter...and fatter...and fatter...until you’re the fattest girl in the universe. You want to be bigger...need to be bigger…” said the woman, in a warm, sultry tone. Emma whimpered. She was as fat as a whale! And faced with getting fatter, with being pumped full of chocolate until she couldn’t take another drop...was it really that bad of a trade for the immense pleasure the woman could give her? Before she could think any more, the vibrator inside of her began to shake much more intensely, sending an almost orgasmic pleasure through her. Emma let out a loud moan.

“Atta you just keep sucking on that hose and let the chocolate do it’s job…” instructed the woman. Emma found herself sucking lightly on it, subconsciously drawing more of the chocolate into her. Looking at her reflection, Emma could see herself blowing up, her body surging outwards in every direction as wave upon wave of fat crashed and slapped together. Her enormous thighs wobbled together, stroking her pussy and clit with ever-increasing waves of pleasure. Emma let out a deep, guttural moan. She didn’t care how fat she got, as long as it felt this amazing! Emma sucked long and hard on the hose, causing the chocolate to flow into her faster and faster. She watched in the mirrors on the ceiling as she began to blow up quickly. Incredibly. Magnificently. Waves of warm, soft fat spilled outwards, hundreds upon hundreds of pounds appearing on her already massive form before her very eyes! The feeling of the chocolate surging into her stomach, the vibrator between her thighs, and the woman playing with her tremendously inflated tits were making Emma hotter than she had ever been in her life! Sweat rolled down her forehead and onto her comically round cheeks. She wanted to cry out, to scream, to beg for more. But she didn’t want to waste a single drop of the chocolate!

“See? I knew you’d come around, my big, plump piggy…” said the woman. Emma let out a whimper. That’s all she was...a big, fat, greedy pig, helpless to stop herself from getting bigger, rounder, and fatter until she couldn’t take one more gulp of chocolate! She was so incredibly full, and only getting fuller. She wondered how much more she could possibly take, a thought that made her both anxious and incredibly aroused. She was already so close to climaxing that her eyes were fluttering!

“Don’t worry...we’re going to keep going until you either finish every single mouthful of chocolate…” said the woman, leaning in close to Emma’s face. Emma could only see a shine in the woman’s eyes through the mask she was wearing. The woman moved, bringing her mouth to Emma’s ear. Emma’s heart raced from both the pleasure and the anticipation.

“...or until you burst…!”

Emma’s entire body jerked as the pleasure became too much for her. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head, and her fat began to tremble as she climaxed. The orgasmic pleasure clawed at every muscle, causing her to shake and jiggle like a giant ball of jelly. She was ballooning outwards faster and faster, well past the limit of all imagination and rationality. There was no way a girl could get this big, but still she continued to grow! Her crashing thigh fat and the vibrator both continually stimulated her, sending her into orgasm after orgasm, barely giving her time to come down from one before she was thrust into the next! Emma’s vision blurred from the sheer euphoria shooting through her. Emma felt like she could explode at any second, but the pleasure was too great for her to care! Finally, after what felt like an eternity, Emma slowly began to come back down from the pleasure…


Emma panted for air, her mountainous body heaving and causing her to shake just a little more. There was a trickle of chocolate running down the corner of Emma’s lips, the tube still in her mouth. Her belly flowed into the air, stretching towards the ceiling. Emma could see through the mirrors that her fat had completely covered the floor, meaning the only way for her to grow yet was up! She pondered about how much she could possibly weigh. She was so fucking fat, she must have weighed tens of thousands of pounds! She felt a giddy rush between her thighs at that thought. However, Emma suddenly became aware of the fact that the woman was still there.
“More?” asked the woman. Emma was taken aback for a moment. She had expected something different, some taunt or tease. However, it was enough to bait Emma back in. She nodded her head weakly, letting out a whimpering moan as she did.

“Start sucking…” demanded the woman. Emma did as she was told, sucking on the hose as hard as she could. She was quickly rewarded with another burst of chocolate flowing into her mouth, causing her body to bulge outwards.

“Come now, you still have a lot of fattening to do, pig…”
Another short story that I came up with. I just started writing, and this is where it took me. Let me know what you think!
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Mature Content Filter is On. The Artist has chosen to restrict viewing to deviants 18 and older.
(Contains: sexual themes)

    Rachel and Nicky entered through the large doors, soaked head to toe from the downpour outside. “Well this is better than nothing.” Rachel said, sprinkling the water from her shoulder length blonde hair. She had originally dragged her friend Nicky out here to find a burger place, but a broken down engine in the middle of nowhere brought their search to a halt.

    “Strange that this mansion would be all the way out here.” Nicky said, adjusting her glasses and straining the water from her black, ponytail tied hair

    The two had quite the unique friendship. Rachel was always the outgoing one, always wanting to go out and have a good time. Her extroverted lifestyle greatly offset her huge appetite. She was always looking for a new place do eat, even though she never lost her slim body. Nicky, on the other hand was as introverted as they came, spending most of her time inside reading her books. She didn’t have many friends, but she had been very close to Rachel since childhood.

    “I mean I don’t think I heard of any entrepreneurs or anything in the area. I hope they’re not mad that we barged in.” Nicky said, taking her jacket off and hanging it to dry on the nearby rack.

    “Oh don’t worry about it Nicky, this place is probably abandoned anyway. Come on, let’s have a look around.”

    The two made their way up the grand staircase and began to explore the second floor. The halls were lined with expensive looking paintings, statues, and vases making the owner’s riches well known. For a supposedly abandoned mansion, everything looked very tidy, making Nicky even more worried about their intrusion.

    Rachel grabbed a door at random and opened it up to reveal a bedroom filled with various antiques and a large satin bed, draped with red curtains. The two entered the room and began to look around. Nicky was preoccupied by the small book shelf next to the bed, lined with books that looked to be decades old.  Rachael went straight to the closet and found something interesting.

    “Hey Nicky, come check this out.”

    Nicky placed the book back on the shelf and looked in the closet. Inside were a number of maid outfits, with lacy aprons and head wear, see-through silk stockings, and black shoes to match. Curious, she reached out and grabbed one of the outfits, finding the material to be unbelievably soft, and very thin.

    “Lucky us. Come on Nicky, let’s get changed.”

    “But they don’t belong to us.”

    “Well our clothes are soaked and I don’t think we’re going to get anywhere with our clothes being soaked.”

    Before Nicky could respond, Rachel threw her an outfit, barely giving her enough time to catch it. Holding it out in front of her, Nicky could tell that the outfit was probably a few sizes too large for her, but she couldn’t really be picky in her situation. Rachel didn’t seem to have the same reservations, as she almost immediately began undressing. Shivering, with no other alternative, Nicky began to throw off her wet clothing and put on the maid outfit. As she expected, the outfit was a bit too big for her, but then again she was essentially a twig. It didn’t help that the outfit was trimmed to show off someone with an adequate bust. Rachel on the other hand filled her dress out a little more due to her C cup breasts, but there was still a lot of slack when she tied the apron to her waist.

    “I think we look pretty good.” Rachel said, admiring the two of them in the mirror and adjusting the lacy head wear.

    “I don’t know,” Nicky said timidly, “I don’t exactly have the kind of body for this.”

    “Oh stop worrying about it so much Nicky, you look great. Come on let’s see what else this place has to offer. I don’t know about you, but my stomach says it’s time to look for a kitchen.”

            The two began to explore deeper into the mansion. Rachel took great strides in her search of food, while Nicky was still getting used to the new footwear and over sized skirt. Thankfully, Nicky found her footing as Rachel stopped in front of a large set of double doors.

            Rachel pushed open the doors and was met with a massive creak. Inside was a dining room, lit by a long row of lanterns, with a long dining table that stretched from one end of the room to the other. To Rachel’s delight, the table was covered with enough food for a feast of hundred people.

            “Jackpot!” Rachel said immediately sitting down and reaching for the nearest over sized plate.

            “Rachel hold on,” Nicky said, holding back her friend. “We don’t know who put this out.”

            “Oh come on Nicky, look at this spread. I don’t think they’re going to mind if two girls just have a few small bites. What’s the worst that could happen?”

    Immediately, Rachel began piling food onto her plate. First there were the biscuits that were covered with melted cheese and soaked in butter. Next, an enormous serving of steaming hot mashed potatoes, with entire sticks of butter sticking out of it. Her plate was already full, but there was still enough room to stick on an entire turkey leg, dripping with grease, finishing it all off with drowning everything in gravy.

    Nicky watched as Rachel began to dig in, her hunger making her eating habits go out the window. She was shoveling food into her face at an alarming rate, with bits of food flying off and hitting Nicky. Slightly disgusted, Nicky recognized by her growling stomach that Rachel wasn’t the only one starving.

    Picking up an empty plate, Nicky went down the table looking for something to eat. She passed by many plates of food, but what caught her attention was a silver platter of fancily decorated cakes. While the cakes were small slices, the platter was stacked high and wide, leaving little of the silver to be seen. Grabbing a few from off the top that looked good, Nicky made her plate and sat down next to her ravenous friend, who had already gone through half her plate.

    Sitting down and picking up a fork, Nicky cut out a small piece of white cake covered in no less than six kinds of chocolate, and a large red rose made of frosting. Nicky began to have second thoughts, but her hunger urged her on. Nicky took a small bite and immediately felt like she was in heaven. She began to really dig in, taking ever increasing sized bites. By the time she cleaned her plate, she had a layer of frosting across her face and her fingers.

    Nicky began licking the frosting off of her fingers and looked over at Rachael. Rachael had licked her entire plate clean, and was already going back for seconds. Nicky noticed that Rachel’s stomach had grown out a little, nothing too big, but it definitely looked like she put on a few pounds.
            “Um, Rachel you might want to slow down. You keep this up and you might not be able to fit back into your clothes.” Nicky said, cleaning off the last of the icing.

    Rachel stopped mid-bite and responded, “You’ve got a lot of room to talk. I’m starting to see a little bit of flab on you.”

    Looking down, Nicky saw that her stomach had grown, much more noticeable since she was so skinny. She didn’t think that just a few slices of cake would make her belly look so spherical. Nicky thought maybe it was time to stop, but her stomach answered with a growl and the need to eat more.

    Wiping the residual frosting from her face, Nicky grabbed another plate and reached for the nearest pile of food. This time it was a glazed ham, with chunks of pineapple inside. She began to carve out large cuts of ham and putting it on her plate. The ham’s combination of glazed honey and pineapple made for an irresistible combination that drove Nicky’s taste buds wild. Before she knew it, Nicky had already gone through half of the entire ham and showed no signs of stopping.

    Meanwhile, Rachel began devouring an entire apple pie, with an enormous mound of whip cream and ice cream on top. Shoving the last piece of pie into her face, she couldn’t help but notice the crumbs falling into her cleavage. Reaching a hand inside to clean them out, they felt bigger, and had actually began to make her bra feel a little tight. Rachel ignored this, and after dropping the crumbs into her mouth, continued on to another plate. This time a baked potato the size of her head stuffed with cheese, sour cream, and full strips of bacon.

    Nicky surprised herself as she kept going back for more food, even after eating through the entire ham. Filling another plate of food, Nicky began to sit down, but stopped when she heard a creak. She was still in the same chair, but for some reason it didn’t feel right. Standing up, she tried to find the source of the discomfort, and hit the table with her backside. Looking behind her, she realized it wasn’t the chair that had changed, her ass had grown due to her binging. No longer could it be called flat, it actually jiggled a bit when she walked, and the once long skirt, barely covered her ass cheeks as they peeked through her panties.

    Worried, Nicky ran over to Rachel, who was filling up another plate. To Nicky’s horror, Rachel had grown out even more. While Nicky’s butt had grown considerably, it was nothing compared to Rachel’s. It had to be held up by two chairs, and even then her ass was hanging off of them. Her stomach had grown to an immense size, looking like she had swallowed a couple of watermelons. Her breasts now reached the size of I cups, with her cleavage becoming a receptacle for falling food. Surprisingly the maid outfit had changed with her, matching every new deposit of fat and letting every crumb and stain just fall off, leaving it spotless. Even the thin leggings had stretched out to accompany her thick thighs. The only thing that didn’t change was the skirt, giving Nicky a good view of Rachel’s immense backside.

    “Um, Rachel?” Nicky asked, trying to get the attention of her gluttonous friend.

    “Yes?” Rachel said, turning her head, and jiggling an extra chin.

    “I think we should stop. This food is doing things to us. Just look at yourself.”

    Rachel put down her food and finally realized the extent of her changes. Her first reaction was confusion, leading her to poke and prod her new body. After exploring it a bit, including a playful slap on her bottom, the face of confusion turned into a smile.

    “I think I’m going to keep eating, I’m starting to like this new me.” Rachel turned her enormous back to Nicky, and continued eating.

    Nicky couldn’t believe what her friend was saying. Nicky grabbed Rachel by her chubby arm to try and stop her. “Come on Rachel, we’ve got to get out of here.”

    Rachel stopped her feasting and looked at Nicky. With little effort she pulled Nicky into the air, dragging Nicky onto her expansive lap. “You don’t understand Nicky. All this food is just so delicious and the extra weight feels just as good, if not better.”

    Rachel held Nicky close to her stomach and buried her in her flab. “Feel that and tell me it’s not the greatest feeling in the world. Besides, it looks like you’re not too far off.” Rachael hugged Nicky with one hand and with the other, proceeded to fondle Nicky’s newly engorged breasts. “Maybe, all you need is a little help.”

    Removing her hand from Nicky’s boobs, Rachael reached for the nearest plate of food and began shoving it right into Nicky’s face. Nicky resisted at first, struggling as best she could to get out of Rachael’s hold, but it was no use. When the plate was emptied, Rachael moved on to another plate of food to feed to Nicky, followed by another, and another.

    By the time Rachel had finished shoveling the tenth plate of food, Nicky was no longer able to sit on Rachael’s lap. Instead, Nicky’s massive ass had fallen to the floor, allowing her chunky thighs to stretch out. Nicky tried to get up under her own power, but her stomach was even larger than Rachael’s making it difficult to even move. Nicky didn’t seem to mind, at some point she had given in and let Rachel feed her. As more food got poured down her throat, Nicky would actually fondle her new fat body, including her now J-cup breasts.

    Rachel set aside the last plate, and reached a hand down to Nicky to help her up on her feet. Upon standing up, Nicky almost lost balance, but thankfully Rachel was there to catch her. Nicky began to walk around a little, and eventually got used to moving with her new found girth, even though she couldn’t see her feet past her belly.

    “You see what I mean now?” Rachel commented, while putting more food onto a plate. “It’s great being like this. So let’s chow down and not worry about the consequences.”

    “You know what,” Nicky said, looking at herself in a nearby mirror, “I think you’re right.” Grabbing three chairs, Nicky sat down next to Rachel and grabbed a plate. “Now hand me some of that steak.”

    Smiling, Rachel passed Nicky a 50 oz. cut of steak. Lifting up her fork and knife with her chubby fingers, Nicky was pleased to discover that the meat was so tender, it was effortless to cut it into pieces. Nicky set down her knife and fork, proceeded to grab the chunk of meat with her bare hands, and started devouring it. Biting into the steak, juice began to flow down her chubby cheeks and onto her chest, leaving spots on her cleavage, but the juices just rolled off the outfit, not leaving a single stain. Letting the last of the steak go down her throat, Nicky sat back in her chairs and rubbed her massive belly. “Now that was good.” Nicky said before burping and blushing a little bit.

            Rachel stopped mid-slurp of her bowl of beef stew to reply with an even louder and longer belch. “No, that was good,” she said with a grin, wiping the broth from her face.

            Nicky looked down the hall, with the aromas of the food enticing her, and started walking down the length of the table. She would fill up a plate with whatever food was close by, take a seat, eat until there was nothing left, and then move down further towards more food.  She had already eaten most of the food off her side when she lumbered towards the far end of the table, exhausted from having to move her new weight around. Waiting for her was the largest cake she had ever seen, with fifty layers of various types stacked almost to the ceiling. Nicky grabbed a chunk of the cake, and began shoving it into her mouth, not even bothering with a plate.

            Still engorging herself on cake, Nicky almost didn’t notice when Rachel sat down next to her, only realizing it once Rachel’s belly bumped into hers. Rachel had finished walking down her side of the table, devouring anything Nicky had left behind, and had decided it was time for desert. Rachel began to dig into the cake, grabbing as much as she could in her hand before bringing the cake to her mouth.

            Rachel and Nicky kept digging into the cake, leaving a thick layer of frosting on their faces, hands, and cleavage. Feeling a bit playful, Rachael sneaked up to Nicky, who had her face in a slice of strawberry shortcake, and licked some of the frosting off Nicky’s breasts. Nicky nearly jumped out of her chair when she felt the tingling sensation of Rachel’s tongue against her skin. “What was that for?” Nicky shouted, pushing Rachel away and covering up her breasts.

            “You were covered in icing and I thought I’d help you clean up a bit.” Rachel said, licking the icing from her face.

            Nicky stopped eating to find a napkin and start wiping the icing from her face. “I think I can clean myself well enough without your help, thank you.”

            “I’m beginning to doubt that,” Rachel said as she grabbed a handful of Nicky’s gargantuan belly. “Any bigger and you might need to hire people to clean yourself.”

            “What about you?” Nicky walked around Rachel and grabbed two handfuls of her ass. “You’re going to have to spend a lot of money reinforcing your bed to support this huge thing.”

            Rachel turned and groped Nicky’s breasts. “I could say the same about your bras. Although, you might have to give up on finding any kind of bra at this size. Might be better to just let them swing free.”

            “Ladies, ladies, there’s no need to fight.”

            The two girls stopped fondling each other to find the source of the voice. Standing at the entrance was an old man in a suit and tie, balding, with an evil looking grin on his face. “Oh you’ve both become so lovely. I do hope you enjoyed the feast.”

            “You put out this feast?” Nicky asked, curious about their host.

            The man started walking towards the two of them. “Yes, I created this feast to mold you into my perfect servants.” Finally stopping in front of Rachel, the man grabbed her belly and began to knead it between his fingers. “Since you’ve eaten all of this food, and become such beautiful maids, why don’t you work for me here?”

            Rachel blushed a little as the man continued to play with her fat. “Why thank you for the compliment, but we must decline.”

            “I don’t think you understand.” The old man stopped groping Rachel’s belly and began fondling her breasts.  “You’ve eaten my food and worn my clothes, so I think it’s fair that you should do something for me in return. You’ll stay here with me, meeting my every whim, including-“

            The old man was stopped mid-sentence as Nicky rammed him with the full force of her body into the nearby wall. He was knocked unconscious almost immediately.  “Sorry, but just because we wore your clothes and ate your food, doesn’t mean we’re your slaves. You okay Rachael?”

            “Yeah I’m alright,” Rachel said, amazed at her friend. “Where did that come from? I’ve never known you to be the violent type.”

            “Well I didn’t like him touching you like that. Not to mention, I don’t think either of us want to be stuck here forever.”

            Rachel looked over the old man and squeezed her chubby fingers into his pockets. “Probably wouldn’t be too bad, it looks like he has a lot of money to throw around.” Her fingers kept searching until she found a set of keys and held them out in the air. “Jackpot, let’s go see what kind of car this guy drives.”

            “Hopefully it’s something that can fit us.” Nicky said, wiping off the residual food and making sure that she hadn’t killed the old man.

            The pair made their way outside of the mansion, thankfully the doors were wide enough for them to fit through one at a time. They were greeted with a clear sky and sunshine, they had apparently spent the entire night feasting.  They found a jeep in a garage with barely enough room for Rachel to squeeze into the front seat, while Nicky sat in the back. “Hey Nicky, why were we so…touchy with each other back there?” Rachel asked as she turned the keys and the engine roared to life.

            “Beats me. Might have been something the geezer put in the food. Maybe the binging led to us to act on subconscious feelings. Maybe we just felt like fondling another person’s fat.” Nicky replied, squeezing her belly. “What do you think our friends will think when they see us like this?”

            “Who cares,” Rachel adjusted the rear view mirror to look at herself, “I think we look great.” With that, Rachel slammed on the accelerator and drove away from the mansion. “Now, let’s see if we can find that burger place. I’m starving.”

 Finally finished the new story. This one came to me in a dream and I felt the need to put it out there. Enjoy!
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(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
I won't bore you with the details of that horribly sweaty escapade but needless to say we subdued the villians and secured a lifetime supply of icecream from the company involved. This of course prompted us to stop more crime and demand more food as payment.
Within a few months we were set for life and it was only downhill from there, Helen had proven her point and as such retired once the food rewards stayed constant. I retired my costume as well and began to spend more time with my precious Helen.

Those were the days I could see my feet...days I knew that I could have called it off if I wanted to.

I never wanted to slow down as the minutes blended into hours, Helen continued to push my bloated belly to its limits....

I wish I could say that it was only a rare occurrance, but I began to visit Helen daily afterwards...each time we would feed each other slightly more than the day before.

In return my already obese body expanded to elephantine proportions, by year's end I was a whopping 600 lbs of quivering flesh.

A good deal of this added flab decided to rest itself in my belly and butt. My massive double belly entered rooms before me and my behemoth bottom seemed to either knock over or wedge itself in and against almost everything.

I had long since retired my standard black suits in exchange for a pair of massive yoga pants and a silky black tank top. The agency relieving me of my duties after a few accusations of indecent exposure when my overpacked suits ripped down seam during a few gluttonous lunches...that and the fact I had gotten too fat to pass through the hallways without stopping to catch my breath several times.

I couldn't really blame them for letting me go, after all, I was surprised they let a whale like me jiggle around the office for so long. I did, however, completely empty every vending machine and fridge in that place before packing up my things and collecting my retirement package.

Thankfully, I had saved a great deal of money and the food rewards continued to come to my alias so life was more than a bit manageable.

However, the obvious thing happened once I found myself unemployed....I began to gain more weight at a semi alarming speed. My already tubby thighs giving up their semi smooth texture becoming a more cottage cheese like consistency as they thickened up with each new gain. They bellowed upwards to form a pair of heavily dimpled hips and a cellulite dimpled butt, each boulder-esqe cheek reaching the stuffing point of flab.

My already thick chins congealed into a very thick jowl that seemed to grow larger a little each week.

My thick rolls of back fat had thickened to the point that they had begun to sag down my back like cellulitic wings. They wrapped around into my blubbery belly, forming deep folds as they took on the form of weighty lovehandles. These hefty lovehandles accented the inches upon inches of watery flab that was my belly wonderfully, slight stretchmarks adding to its almost surreal appearance.

The most fascinating growth by far had to be my breasts, who had avoided completely submitting themselves to gravity due to my thick folds. They finally succame to their own blubbery weight after a few months of unemployment, taking on a teardrop shape, and erupting over and down my thick belly folds.

Helen told me that this monumental event was the last sign that I had become too fat to turn back. I told her to "shut it and pass the cheesecake" as I tossed the last bra that I would wear into a nearby pile of clothes.

Helen wasn't much better off herself, blowing past immobility by Christmas day.


After a few months had passed we met up for Valentine's day, Bob was gone on vacation and the kids were gone, We were planning to spend the day alone gorging on chocolate.

I slowly turned onto the curve in front of Helen's house, my belly and breasts making the task more difficult then it needed to be.
I struggled to place it in park, manuvering my fat fingers being more difficult than I remembered or expected. I unbuckled my seatbelt, taking a minute to catch my breath
before opening the car door.

I didn't have to push hard to get the door open, my flabby lovehandles pretty much flung it open a bit once I had pulled the handle back. I can feel my belly fat ooze outwards, its lowermost regions, peeking out from beneath my tent dress, savoring the breeze and sunshine.

I struggle to unwedge the belt from my thick folds my upper body sending quivers through my frame with each light tug especially my arms and breasts.

I decided to forgo checking on my appearance, a woman my size knows what she is going to look like after even the slightest exertion. A wonderous visage framed by fat cheeks tinted crimson, a brow sleek with perspiration, and thick jowls that are only getting thicker.

I slowly swing my tremendously thick thigh towards the open door, grasping my blubbery belly tightly as I slowly begin to turn, my belly presses hard into the steering column causing the horn to blast as my fat flesh scrapes across completely. I almost fall face first onto the curve as my belly submits to the gravity of the outside world. I thank my lucky stars that my backside has enough weight packed in it to keep me from falling out. I arch my back and slowly bring my other thigh to its mate, deadlifting my belly as my titanic thighs squish together. My breasts slam up into my chins, my fat face slamming into their soft mass, as my belly stacks itself heavily atop my lap.

I sit winded as my fat feet plant themselves upon the asphalt below, I slowly bought my fat hands to brace on the outside of the vehicle and slowly rolled myself back and forth. I stumbled to my feet as my belly slapped hard against my thighs.

I adjusted my dress slightly before waddling towards the front door. It is insane how much I jiggle nowadays, each step sends deep rebounding ripples through my gelatinous body as I slowly lumber towards the front door.

I stop at the steps to catch my breath, I feel myself debating wheter to turn back or not. I don't have much mobility left in me and my body seems to have been urging me to make a decision. After all, that quivering that I mentioned before extends far beyond impact movement....Hell I jiggle when I make a fist or take a deep breath.

I look down hesitantly at my massively flabby forefront and cringe slightly. I haven't been able to see my feet for what feels like forever and although I appreciate the sight of my blubber filled breasts...I can't help but feel like I am spiraling out of control.  

I hesitate for only a few seconds more, my belly's loud hungry roar making my mind up for me. I lick my plump lips anxiously as I slowly waddle towards the door, opening it and savoring the air conditioning before slowly turning sideways to enter. My behemoth backside almost trapping me as I slidle through.

I close the door behind me and lumber inside, stopping at the fridge to grab a few containers of chocolate mousse. I quickly tear open the containers and begin shoveling the sweet dessert foodstuff into my gaping maw. I silence my moans and appreciative sounds as I finish off the generous portions, returning them to the fridge, quietly cleaning up before I head in to the living room.

I let loose a soft cough as Helen stretched her chocolate filled fat fingers to her thick lips.

Helen sat lazily on the couch, filling it up to the brim, stretching plump fingers into nearby boxes. She slowly stretched her fingers to her plump lips and would slowly suck the gooey chocolate off her fat digits.

Helen's predictions about her weight had come true, Bob and I had fattened her up into a shell of her former self. Helen had last weighed in at 800 lbs before the local scales gave out, she had long since lost her ability to tell her own weight.

Helen's chins had melted into a series of jowls, resting beneath two swollen cheeks and a pair of squinted eyes.

Her breasts spilled out atop her shelves of belly blubber, contained by an overstuffed tubetop, streaming down to her sides as far as her mass allows. They are held suspended in air by her bellowing belly whose width had by now exceded her height. Helen's creamy forefront lay exposed to the elements, every cellulite laden inch of it, its surface rippling with each movement or breath she took. Her dimpled underbelly pushed her tremendously thick thighs wide apart as it made its was over her knees and engulfing her toes on the way to the carpet below.

Thankfully her ability to stretch allowed her some mobility for her overencumbered arms, since her belly and breasts would render them useless otherwise, their masses lenghtening and contracting from their angled position at her flabby flanks.

I couldn't see sign of her behemoth bottom but somehow I knew it was larger than mine a fact that made me strangely upset.

Helen nodded slightly, her chins squishing heavily, acknowledging my presence as she stretched her hand to a few untouched pies.

I doffed my blazer as I waddled to her side, my button up ripping at my inseams as I reached overhead.

This suit of mine is the last of my wearable clothes and it is nearly threadbaren as it clings to my obese frame. My button up top can barely contain my breasts and belly, diamond shaped folds of creamy flab oozing out to reveal my cleavage and folds slighlty. My pants were wedged between my dimpled cheeks, causing a permanent wedgie to appear along with my pantie line.

"There goes my last good shirt...."

Helen let a chuckle out of her pie filled mouth as she stretched her hands to my shirt.

I felt her fat hands sink into my cellulite laden belly before she slipped her fingers between the gaps in my shirt. She slung her hands apart causing my shirt to fling open to my sides.
"Damn it Helen!" I screeched as my
freshly freed belly succumbed to gravity, even more than before, my belly engulfing the caps of my knees.

"Calm....down...." Helen scolded as she used her over extended hands to drum my pale fleshy folds "I have plenty of clothes in your size."

My fleshy folds continued to shake for what seemed to be minutes after Helen had retracted her hands. I sighed in relent before waddling over to my seat, however, I found Helen's stretchy hands blocking my seat as I drew near.

"Lose...the...pants...." Helen huffed after swallowing another piece down "I don't wanna be the only one in lingerie...."

"You take them off then!" I retorted as I lifted my belly high enough to expose my taut pants zipper and fastening clip.

To my surprise Helen slid her fat fingers in and began to do just that, I let loose a silent prayer that she did not notice my erect nipples pushing out of my lacy bra. Helen seemed to be focused on unfastening my taut pants, a fact I appreciated, having the overstretched garment down my fat thighs and over my cankles as I struggled to hide my excitement.

I now stood clad in my lacy underwear in all my flabby glory as Helen slid a piece of pie up to my plump lips.

I eagerly devoured the offered treat, making sure to lick her fingers clean before turning to reach my seat.

I know Helen is getting a good view as my thong devouring, dimpled cheeks press out heavily atop my tremendously thick thighs. Its my greatest and thickest asset after all...and I know that its width is quite pleasing to look at.

I turn with a smirk across my lips to see that Helen is staring intently at me.

Her hand slides up to my unbound belly and I have her feed me a tray of untouched pie.
The end to my Incredibles story, delayed due to an influx of work due to the holidays and some procrastination. Characters are pixars except for main character.
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My wife Sandra and I have always loved squashing and tonight was going to be unbelieveable.

I had gone overseas for my job for 18 months and just returned home. Before I left Sandra had maxed out her scale as well as most doctors scales, so we had no idea how much she weighed even then. Apparently she had plans for us when I got home. She had been eating many large meals a day with weight gainer shakes to wash them down and go to bed with and didn't let me know. When I walked through the front door i heard her yell out from the bedroom, "Get in here my handsome man!" I walked in and heard her behind the dividing wall for her mirror and makeup station. The hardwood floor was creaking and groaning as she was getting ready. "Lay on the bed lover." she said. I didn't hesitate to obey her orders. I waited patiently on the bed for her. I couldn't wait to see her! I felt a rumble as she approached the bed. I looked up and saw my beautiful wife and she was enormous! The daisy duke shorts she had worn before were now way to tight. She couldn't even zip them up let alone button them. Her smooth creamy double belly now hung down over the shorts and reached the top of her thighs, and good lord her thighs! They were as big around as me! Her breasts were... for lack of a better word, somewhat stuffed into a black lace FFF bra she had bought before. She was to big for it then and now she was pouring out of the top and bursting out of the sides. Even the cups were ripping at the seems while they feebly strained to contain her.

I got up and passionatly kissed her after not seeing her for a year and a half. "My god babe! you look amazing!" I said. "I know! I've been eating like a queen and getting healthier and healthier!" she said. "Now lay down and let me show you!" She shoved me down on the bed and told me to move my head to the center of the foot of the bed. I did so and she turned around and backed up to where the back of her thighs were touching the bed. Her ass had grown so much that it stuck out at least a foot to a foot and a half and was 3 and a half to 4 feet wide! I was getting nervous. She was heavy before I left when she maxed the scale. Now she shook the room when she walked! "Here we go!" she purred softly.

She lifted herself up to her tippy toes and dropped down on top of me the bed sank down and groaned loudly. I couldn't believe the pressure! My head felt like it was going to explode and all of the air in my lungs rushed out! "Ooooh baby I missed you so much!" she moaned. I responded with a grunt and an incomplete "Me.. t--oo". She looked down at me and giggled sexily when she saw how much trouble i was having. Yet it felt so wonderous being under her again. "Am I too heavy hun?" she asked as she started to bounce a little. "N-nuh-NO-hurnnnn" I responded as she bounced.The bed was creaking with each bounce. The springs in the mattress were compressed way past their limit. I could hear the clacking as they bent over each other. Then she stopped put her hand to the side of my face and asked, "Think you can handle a drop honey?" I gave a grunt and a nod. "Wow babe! your face is so red!" She laughed. She got up and the bed recoiled in relief and I drank in a big breath of air.

Sandra grabbed a metal step stool that she used for the closet which was about 2 feet high and placed it at the foot of the bed. When she stepped up even the stool protested her weight. As she stepped up the legs splayed outward and the middle of the stool caved in slightly, but it held out... bearly. "Oh baby I can't believe how heavy I am now! This poor stool!" she giggled again. "Ready hun?" she asked and I gave a shaky and unsure "Yes" and with that she raised up and dropped down on top of me.

She crashed down with tremendous force the air was forced from my lungs in a second. It felt amazing and I was fine. The bed, however was not fairing so well. The metal frame screeched and buckled under the impact and I could hear the boxspring snapping and cracking. She let out a moan and started bouncing heavily on me. I was grunting and gasping under each bounce. Then she started bouncing higher, getting some air! Her gorgeous belly started smashing down on my face and smothering me. I could feel the bed sagging a little bit further each time she came down and the frame was screeching more and more.

She got up again and got on the stool. It sagged even lower this time when she stepped up so quickly. She jumped off the stool towards me. "Oh shit" went through my mind... she crashed down on me so hard my legs jumped in reaction. The bed, no longer able to hold her up collapsed to the floor in the center at the bottom and still she continued!

To be continued... :P
This is my first attempt at writing squashing stories. Let me know what you guys think! I hope you like it as much as I do! :D
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(Contains: sexual themes)
I don't hate parties, in fact they're pretty cool at times. Though having them at a buffet is kinda…odd. Don't get me wrong, I don't have buffets, in fact I've occasionally found them rather convenient. It's just that, yeah maybe you can get a few balloons or something, but it's not exactly a party, is it? It's a buffet with a lot of friends. That was the case here anyway. My cousin's Spur of the Moment Party. He didn't really have anything planned, he just realised he had a day free and invited a bunch of people over. Some of them were clearly Facebook friends, I didn't recognise many faces, and he didn't seem to either. But nonetheless I was having an okay time, on my second plate of pasta and feeling ready for two bowls of ice cream and donuts. Hey, it was a buffet, I'm supposed to eat a little extra.

That's when I saw her.

She stood much taller than me, and obviously a few years older. Possibly twenty three. That'd make it five years. She had black hair, not too long but certainly not short, and quite a pretty face. Not the sort of thing you'd have teenagers drooling over and having her called a goddess, but a modest, and very cute looking face. I will admit that she had incredibly pale white skin, but against her black clothing and ruby red lips, it gave her a distinguishing sort of look. However, what really caught my attention was her weight. She. Was. Huge. If I had to guess, I'd say four hundred pounds, most of it in her enormous belly, boobs and butt. I didn't mean to stare, or be rude at all, but once she was in your sight, it was kinda hard to get her out.

It was no wonder she was so big, she stacked so much onto her plate you couldn't help but wonder how there was still more at the table. What truly puzzled me about this was just the way she went about it. When you imagined a really fat person pigging out, you imagined them drooling and moaning as they desperately tried to eat as much as possible. Here, not so. She just piled on her food like it was nothing. Not that it was anything bad, but it was just so much! She had no gluttonous smile, no lustful hunger in her eyes. It just seemed rather odd to me. I had to know more about her.

I couldn't explain it! I just couldn't. I had seen fatter people in my life time and had never thought anything other than, well, 'Goodness they're fat.' She had enough body for at least three of me, and I could see her continuing to pile her plate up with food, as if she was actually trying to empty the table. Yet, I really felt like I would go home depressed if I didn't say anything. I guess you could say it was like meeting a celebrity. Yes, you can see them and they're right in front of you, but you won't be satisfied until you established yourself as their best friend. Fortunately that had never happened to me. So, with a sigh, I made my way over as she sat herself down at the end of the table. Fortunately there was a chair empty next to her.

"Is anyone sitting here?"

"Hmm? Oh, no, go ahead."

I sat down next to her with my plate bowl of ice cream. I actually felt a little inadequate looking at her enormous plate of food, which just added to my confusion.

"So, Jason invite you from Facebook, or do you actually know him?"

"I'm his cousin. And very possibly the only person here who has met him in real life before now."

"Ah. He do this often, or is today special?"

"He just sort of felt like it. That's the kind of guy he is. Nice guy though."

"Ah." She didn't say much after that, she just dug in. Again, it wasn't her manner that caused my conflict, it was the quantity of food. Politely eating bite after bite of pasta, chicken and curry was fine, but where a regular person would decide enough was enough, she seemed to just get emptier! In fact, she had a bit of a huff after getting her second plate, a sort of exhale which signified being famished. We didn't say much as she chewed down each snack and meal, occasionally getting up for another plate. It wasn't very obvious at first, but soon I realised something strange was going on behind her shirt. Her stomach was expanding from the sheer amount of food she was consuming. She didn't mind at all, in fact she just unbuttoned her pants and gave a satisfied moan as her belly flopped out in all it's fleshy glory. This apparently happened often, as she casually began eating her meal again.

After unveiling her gut, the woman began to attract a few stares, most a little more mean spirited than myself. She didn't pay attention and just continued her meal. It was around the ninth course, and three quarters of a meter of belly fat later that I decided I had to say something else.

"So, having a good time?"

"I'm alright. Not the best catering, but what are you gonna do? How about yourself?"

"I'm doing pretty good. Be nicer to see someone I knew around here, though."

"Well, you technically know me, right? That's a start."

"It would help if I knew what your name was."

"Oh, Tyra. Tyra Beauregard."

"Benton Reece. Nice to meet you."

"Nice to meet you, Benton. I don't mean to be rude, but are you actually going to eat those donuts?"

I looked down at my bowl. My ice cream had completely melted, and my donuts had become a squishy, soggy mess. Not the most appetising image in my opinion. "No, not any more." Before I could even say why, a chubby hand snatched the bowl away and brought it to her lips, quickly followed by the contents being drank like a glass of water.  Soggy as they were, drinking donuts wasn't particularly normal.

"Urp. Excuse me. Thanks. I love donuts. Probably my favourite sweet. I always keep a few around the place."

"You must…" I was about to say something rude. 'You must keep a lot of things around then by the looks of it.' I had to pause, desperately trying to work out something that wouldn't offend. "…have quite the sweet tooth."

"Ah, yep. In fact, some people would probably find it a little weird, but I still go trick or treating."

"Well a lot of women do that well into their late ten or fifteen I hear. You must have a good twenty years left." She laughed. I felt good about my…was I just flirting with her? I was! That was an honest to god flirt! That was what really got me. In the brief few seconds it took between our sentences, I spent an immeasurable amount of time trying to comprehend my actions. As rude as it sounded, I came to speak to Tyra out of curiosity, seeing her as an oddity of sorts. But now… I suddenly realised things were a little more complicated than I had originally believed.

"Sweet of you to say. You know what, Ben? I think I like you. Oh, Benton. Sorry, probably don't know you well enough to call you Ben yet."

"No, it's fine. Call me whatever you like." I wasn't even being subtle about it any more.

"Okay 'Ben.' How about we punch in each others phone numbers and meet up some time after tonight? You have Facebook?"

She was pretty much asking me out at this stage. My heart began to race. "Yeah. Just search Benton Wright. You're under Beauregard, right?" She nodded, prompting me to pull out my phone as she did the same. As she reached for her pocket, her hand brushed at her bulbous belly, causing it to jiggle, and for my heart to pound. Now that I knew her, I no longer saw the casually gluttonous woman at my cousin's party, I saw Tyra Beauregard, who admittedly still registered as a gluttonous woman. However, while my body shivered with the image of her chubby face in view, I could honestly say that I felt absolutely nothing like that in my mind. If she shed a few hundred pounds, she would probably look gorgeous, or at least cute, but in her actual state of obesity I found nothing that should stimulate my senses. Yet, my senses seemed to crave her presence.

"And sent, too easy. Okay, I'll be right back; I seem to have an empty bowl." That was my bowl, and her plates still had a few pounds of ribs on them. That didn't stop her from picking up two extra plates any way. And for the rest of the night, she ate, we made some small talk, and she ate some more. Before long, her already sizeable front was no longer poking out of her shirt; her shirt was sitting atop her belly. However, even she seemed to notice the wardrobe malfunction and briefly stopped off in a restroom, changing into a much larger black top. Her jacket was now clearly not a functioning item but rather an accessory.
I was started to worry about myself. After her belly was again blocked from view, I felt strange, as if I had missed a movie session or something. Before long, it was closing time and almost all of the partygoers (Jason himself included) had departed. Checking the time, it was about 11:30. Me and Tyra said our goodbyes and went our separate ways; me to the car park, and her to the ladies room, the sides of her tremendous gut briefly rubbing against the sides of the door as she went through. She didn't seem to mind, though.

"Well that was a night to remember," I said to myself as I unlocked my car. My heart was pumping around in that sort of relaxed way. As if to say 'You forgot something and you'll never remember what it was.' I had to disagree, what it felt I wanted was to ask out Tyra, and while she was in fact quite a nice person, I knew for a fact I had no deeper interest in her. I began wondering what the next day would bring for me. Sunday. I always hated Sundays; they're supposed to be lazy but I just end up bored. Maybe I could go see a movie. Was Scott Pilgrim still playing, or was that a few months ago. I made a note to see more films while they were in cinemas from now on.

"Benton! Hey, Benton! Wait up! Ben!" I was halfway through the door when I heard that family voice, and soon saw the familiar, rounded figure.

"Tyra? What's wrong?"

Carrying a tiny handbag with her, she was soon standing a few feet before me. Her stomach, however, was almost touching my torso. Both standing together, she was a little taller than I had envisioned. Almost two feet taller than myself, actually. "Not all that much. It's just I sort of got here taking the bus. I'd be more than happy to take it again, but I was just thinking, since we got to know each other so well tonight, would you mind giving me a lift home at all?"

"Of course not." I actually just wanted to get home as quick as possible, but as I've attempted to make clear, I try my best not to be a rude person. "Just take a seat and point me in the right direction."

With a smile and a grateful "Thanks," she found her way to the other side of the car and helped herself in just moments after I did so myself. Now let me ask you, do you know how when someone sits down in a car and it sort of leans to the side? Has that person ever caused the car to actually lift off of your side? Tyra was completely oblivious to the situation, more distracted by my tiny seatbelts restricting her titanic girth.

"Say Tyra. Just a thought, why don't you try the backseat? In the middle?"

"Why? What's wrong with this one?"

"Nothing, it's just…the back seats a little softer. You seem a little tired, so I thought that might do you some good."

"Fair point. Just give me a minute." I didn't actually think that would work. Fortunately, the back of the car was bit sturdier and the situation didn't end with the front side in the air. After a bit of a struggle to get the seatbelt around her enormous figure, we were finally off. We made a little more small talk, mainly on the subject of the latest Pixar films, but she frequently interjected with directions. It was quite a distance away from the restaurant; I actually felt a bit of sympathy for her; I hated using buses to get close by! Soon enough we were arrived before an apartment complex. A nice place actually, like the sort of place you'd imagine from a sitcom like Friends or Will and Grace. Whatever Tyra did for work, it must have paid well.

"This your stop?"

"Well, actually my place is a little further down. But while we're here, do you want to get some ice cream?" She motioned towards a nearby McDonalds. After seeing her annihilate the tables back at the party, I should have guessed as much from her. Though, I did sort of consider her a friend now…

"I don't see a reason not to." The line was fortunately not very long, considering it was almost midnight. However, being a supposedly busy time of year, fast food joints seemed to enjoy torturing their employees with insanely long hours in the hopes of scrounging up an extra two or three customers. Knowing that I was going to be that customer actually made me feel a little better about it as I came to the order box thing. "So, what are we after? I'm just going to go with a soft serve."

"Hmm, I always hated this part. Okay, I think I'll have three soft serves and one sundae. That is to say, one of each sundae. They've still got the blueberry ones right? Or did they end that last week? Anyway, after that I think I'll need a drink so a large chocolate thick shake should do me nice. Though, I've overdone chocolate in my time; better make it one chocolate and two strawberries. My poor tongue'll be rather chilly after all that ice, so I'll go with six packs of fries, and tell them not to skimp on the salt. Of course, after that I'll be thirsty again, so another round of choc thick shakes."

…It was very fortunate that I considered myself such a nice person, because that was bloody ridiculous. I sighed rather loudly as I began relaying the order to the box. If only the person on the other end realised that I wasn't catering to a party.

Tyra didn't say much until the food began piling into the car. "Thanks" was all  got from her in the end before the frozen cream began vanishing behind her ruby lips. I didn't bother grabbing my cone, and I knew asking would be a fruitless effort. In the rear view I could see the wanton gluttony unroll right behind me. She may have thought up a reason earlier, but she certainly wasn't adhering to it now. Slurping down fry milkshakes, and swallowing down ice cream after ice cream, she seemed to be the happiest person I'd ever seen. I mean honestly, she just devoured dessert after dessert with nothing but a slap happy smile and an occasional burp; not often did you see someone that satisfied with themselves. "Hey, careful you almost drove past Burger King."

"What? Why? We just got McDonalds."

"Oh, my bad. I wanted you to go to McDonalds so I had something to eat while we waited in line. Sorry. Don't worry, I'll pay for it."

I groaned.  What had I gotten myself into? As hard as I tried, I couldn't seem to get back to taking her home. Every time, EVERY single time we neared the vicinity of anywhere with a drive thru window, she asked if we stop there. Taking at least two hours away from me, I was starting to realise I was a little more submissive than I was just nice. It had gotten to the point that we were actually a little closer to my place that we had been from the start. Looking over at Tyra, I saw tons of empty ice cream cups, thousands of crumbs and an even bigger belly. Her navel just poked out under the blackness of her shirt, though she casually tried to pull the clothing over it to much failure.

"I think there's another Wendy's down that way," she in a helpful tone. Looking at my wallet, I knew I had to stop this. Though having gotten this far, it would make me feel like a grade A prick. I had to continue. Maybe if I struck up some conversation I'd feel better.

"Sure. Say, did you know my place is just down the road from here? That apartment place over there, the tall one."

She turned her head, stuffing her mouth full of fries all the while to see it. Not nearly as good as the one I mistook for hers, but a nice place. She seemed to approve of it. "Say, I've got an idea. Since we're so close to your place, why don't I stay the night? I think that'd save us some time."

I could not believe what I was hearing…

Tyra seemed rather excited to see my place. Perhaps she didn't get out all that much, or perhaps she just thought I was a good decorator, I tried my best not to think about it very much, if at all. I winced a little as her belly casually knocked over a number of my items, thankfully I had nothing of value I kept lying around waiting to be smashed.

"Is that Fallout New Vegas? I'm not much of a gamer, but this actually looks pretty cool."

"Uh yeah. Maybe we can play it later. But now, I think it's been a little late."

"I understand. Just get me a blanket and I'll make myself at home on the couch. A shame food makes you sleepy, right?"

"Right." I didn't waste time. She needed that spare blanket ASAP, before she started ordering pizza or something. She seemed quite appreciative once I got it to her. "Goodnight," I said with a smile.

"See you in the morning," she replied happily, lowering her enormous bulk onto the couch as I entered my bedroom. I practically threw off my clothes and vanished into my boxers. I was never happier to simply go to bed, fall asleep and forget my troubles. No, not even thanks to break ups. My mind was finally at rest.

I don't think it was much more than an hour later that my eyes began to lift. Disagreeing with this turn of events, I quickly shut them hard. I hated when that happened. For no reason at all, you'd just wake up feeling as tired as ever, but your brain awake. Fortunately for me, my brain was still half shut off, meaning I would fall back asleep before long. At least that's what I thought. Suddenly I realised there was another difference in the equation, as I had a very good reason for having woken up: Tyra was in my bed.

"What are you doing?" I asked as blatantly as possible, looking upon the enormous woman as she filled the bed. At her size, the situation felt quite intimate. She seemed rather awake as well, looking up to me as I looked down upon her.

"Hmm? I'm trying to get some sleep."

"In my bed?"

"Oh yeah. Sorry again. You're couch was't all that comfortable, and considering how you seem to appreciate keeping your guests so comfy, I decided to help myself in. That's not a problem is it?"

"Is it a problem? Of course…No. Sorry. I'm actually in the wrong here. I should have offered you my bed from the start. I'll take the couch."

"What? Don't be silly. Such a gracious host should be rewarded for his services, and if letting you remain in your bed is the best I can do, so be it."

"Thanks, I appreciate that," while still technically truthful, I'd have been much more thankful if she went back to the couch. I rested my head back onto my pillow and closed my eyes. Then I heard nibbling. Turning around, I realised something I had not before; she seemed to have emptied my fridge. Her bulging belly bulged out even more so, again causing her enormous shirt to ride up, allowing her titanic breasts to sit atop the gut comfortably. She happily scoffed down my cold pizza from yesterday, crunched down on what remained of my carrots, and licked away at the box of donuts I picked up this morning.

"Sorry, I helped myself to a little snack. It was about midnight, so I thought 'what the heck? Don't let me bother you."

I was too tired to. Listening to her eat was quite an experience. I could feel her belly ripple with every breath, and I could feel it grow with every bite. She was a machine! Unable to stop until she had scoffed the lot. But ultimately, my mind was finished. In my tired state, I began to imagine things. Her constant chewing, slurping and the occasional burp began forming a pleasing tune. A lullaby even. And the gurgles of the stomach, that fleshy whirlwind of food began to sound like the ocean. The gluttony began to lull me to sleep.

I wish it were that simple.

Tyra found herself asleep too, finally, and this didn't spell the best news for me; she was a loud snorer. Tossing and turning, I found myself constantly hit at by the woman's blubber. She eventually settled on a side, and I ended up with fat in my face. Feeling warm, she subconsciously began removing her jacket, soon followed by her pants, leaving the woman in her too small shirt and panties. With so much of her squished up against me, it finally became evident that she wasn't wearing a bra, though I tried to ignore that. I was already trying to cope with her hands curiously groping and grabbing my face and chest. I didn't know how it could get much worse.
It got much worse. As the sound began to echoe throughout the room, her eyes sprung open above a devious smile.

"Dutch oven!"
I had no strength left to protect myself from her as she pulled the sheets over my head, trapping me with her vile stench spewing butt. And it wasn't finished yet. Pffffffft! It continued, pfffffFFFFT! It screamed, PFFFFTFTFTFTFFAAAAAAAARGHTSH! It tortured.
"Wow, what did I eat? I'll be right back."

She left, thank god. I pulled myself from the covers, choking and coughing as I desperately gasped for air. She didn't look, but she giggled, knowing full well what she had just done. A harmless prank between two friends in most other cases, but with her, I was actually fearing for my life! I had to stop this, now!

Pulling myself up, I made my way out of the room. My eyes widened. What had she done to my apartment? The kitchen was practically demolished, the floors covered in crumbs and empty containers. Not a single scrap was left. But that wasn't all; she had also made short work of most of my chairs. The ground was strewn with broken chair legs and seats. My couch was now adorned with a massive groove of her titanic ass. Her size had wreaked it's share of havoc as well, knocking down almost everything in sight. What else was left for her to destroy?

PFFFFpFFT! "Oooh!" The bathroom.

Rushing down, I couldn't believe it. She had somehow made a meal of the bathroom as well! Tooth paste, shaving cream, after shave, mouthwash, dental floss…she even chomped the bristles off my toothbrush! I turned my head to the toilet door. Behind there stood the perpetrator. I knew full well what she was doing, but I could no longer take it. The day started out innocently enough, but she had proven to be the absolute most infuriating and worst person I had ever met. I flung the door open, my face fuming with a subdued, yet blasting rage…! Just to fall victim to a set of familiar fumes, resulting in my head making a painful connection to the floor. The farting, that was bad, but now it was the stuff of nightmares!

"Benton! Oh man, are you alright?" Groaning lightly, I didn't really know what to say. No blood I could see, but I suppose that sometimes took a moment. I didn't have much time to think about it though, I found myself being pulled into the air, eventually laid down on the couch, just outside the dominating butt groove. "Silly boy, don't you know it's rude to walk in on a woman, or anyone for that matter while they were on the toilet?" I groaned and held my head, throbbing painfully as I attempted in vein to get comfortable. Could this day get any worse? "But it's okay. I think I know why you did it. There can only be one thing."

My eyes widened as she leaned in closer. Her concerned smile found itself changing shape, a rounded one. She was puckering up for a kiss, right on the cheek. Grasping my flesh as tight as a pair of lips could, she made it into a downright smooch; sucking and licking away at it with strength I had never witnessed before. Quite the wakeup call, I tell you. Eventually she pulled away, leaving a thick layer of lipstick on my cheek. Her eyes looked down into mine with a cheeky glimmer of affection, licking her lips as the taste of my skin still lingered on her tongue.

"So? What do you say Ben? Does Tyra Beauregard rock your world?"

What could I possibly say? Yes, my world was rocked. Rocked to a pile of debris that no sane person could consider a world even if they had their eyes squinted and were drunk. "Are you kidding? You're a fat freak! I barely have enough money to live off of now, you've eaten anything remotely edible that was located in my apartment, and you've destroyed almost everything I have! I HATE YOU!"

She stood silent. My words were harsh and out of character for what she had seen of me. Our eyes locked, mine burning with rage, and hers beginning to well with tears. Forgetting to even grab her handbag, or even pants, she pulled her five hundred pounds of fat off the couch, and burst out of the room in a fit of tears, never to return and affect my life again.

That is what COULD have happened.

Yes, my world had been rocked in a way I was never been, my place was trashed and it would take forever to get back on my feet…but it was all too much. I had given up. It took the wanton destruction of all my possessions and will, but Tyra had won. She had beaten me. With such immense stress, I no longer had the will to deny that I thought she was the most beautiful, sexy and likeable person I had ever met.

"Yes. You rock my world…big time…" With a devious grin, her lips again found themselves attaching to my face; though this time they were bringing her tongue along for the ride. Yes, she had done a great many terrible things to me that night, but she clearly had not a spec of malice in her undoubtedly humongous body; I couldn't help but forgive her. Besides, sometimes in life, the most horrible things can lead to something even greater than before; I hoped with all the power in my wildly pounding heart that this was one of those times.

"I like to rock. Though if you ask me, it's much too stuffy in here for any rocking," she said, fanning her face and wiping away the imaginary sweat from her brow, "I think I'm wearing too much." Lifting her fingers to the neck of her shirt, she began to pull. And pull. And pull, until the black clothing began to tear. My jaw dropped as her almost basket balls sized breasts became unleashed upon the world. With a few good movements, her panties soon followed. "Now, let's rock."

For someone the world would usually view as disgusting, Tyra really knew how to make love. Or perhaps it was my newfound kink for her size, gluttony and more foul smelling habits that made the whole thing so fantastic. Her crushing weight proved to remind me of why I felt so much attraction for her; the once oceanic rhythm of her digestion was now a pounding samba; and her gassiness was…well, I didn't have anything for that, but apparently I found belching and farting while we kissed really hot.

Looking into her eyes for probably the third time that night, I quickly decided that I'd handle my problems the next day. I had fallen in love, and nothing was going to spoil that for me. Not even the collapsing of the couch was able to ruin it.

"Oops, my bad."
Before you read this story I may warn you that there is some brief but powerful moments of FLATULENCE that you may not find to your liking. While I am here, I may as well tell you it is also a WEIGHT GAIN and STUFFING story.

Benten attends his cousin's party and meets a hefty girl named Tyra Beaumont. His life will never be the same.

I'm actually not so sure about this story. I'm not unhappy with how it turned out, but there's something about it that makes me uneasy. WARNING SPOILERS!

I'm thinking it's how obnoxiously oblivious our girl Tyra comes across as. I mean, by the end of the story, she's emptied Ben's wallet to fill her bottomless pit of a belly, invaded his personal space, almost suffocated him with her bodily gasses, and destroyed his apartment. Somehow that all comes across as more extreme than my vore stories, which involve people actually dying!

Or, maybe it's because there's a scene where Ben walks in on her in the toilet. If you find that scene uncomfortable, believe me, it was originally much worse. Even I felt that had to be changed.

But hopefully there are those of you who will enjoy this story. I know I enjoyed writing it, but I still feel a little uneasy.

Am currently doiing a readthrough amd have just realised I screwed up the names a few times. I will be sure to fix this at some stage in future.
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(Contains: sexual themes)
NOTE: If you don't enjoy stories about incredibly fat women then this might not be a story for you

“You have been summoned by the queen.”

Three men and one woman stood up and walked down a long hallway toward the Queen’s room. These were Queen Marella’s pleasurers.

The leader of the group was Gustav Zepacce (pronounced Zay-Pa-Chay), a man who was renowned among the upper class for his legendary skills of sexual pleasuring. He was an interesting looking man with a fancy thin mustache and a full head of black hair, cut short with just a tinge of grayness. He had worked for many rich and powerful women over the 15 years of his career until finally he was offered a job by the Queen herself. He had only been working for the queen for about 6 months now.

To his right was Natalie Zepacce, his wife. She was an expert masseuse whose hands were as soft as silk. Natalie was a petite and shapely woman with a pretty face and her hair done up in a bun. She and Gustav were very open about their sexuality and frequently participated in orgies and explorative sexual acts. Even though they often had their hands around someone else’s body they didn’t let it get in the way of their marriage for they knew their love for each other was too strong.

To Gustav’s left was Theo Solomon, his apprentice. Theo was an 18 year old with a handsome young face, messy yet cute hair and a strong, lean frame. He was an orphan who was going to be sold into sexual slavery until Gustav bought him and rescued him. He gladly accepted his role as apprentice and had been taking pointers from Gustav for about a year and a half. He had only been helping Gustav with the Queen for a few weeks now. He was showing a lot of promise but there were still many tips and tricks of the trade that he had not yet learned.

Standing behind them was Brock Vitzen, Gustav’s right-hand man, good friend and muscle. Brock was a very large man, standing just a hair short of 7 feet tall and bearing a broad muscular body. He had a very rugged look to him. He had also been gifted with an enormous member to match his large stature, which some women would pay fortunes just to experience once.

After a long walk through the castle they entered the Queen’s chambers.

“Queen Marella, Your pleasurer’s are here for you.” A servant said before scurrying off.

“Ahh Gustav, I am glad that you are back. *Munch* I very much missed your services while you were gone.” The Queen said. Her enormous body was laid on its side, her head and shoulders rested on a pile of pillows. She was being fed a thick slice of cake. It quickly disappeared into her mouth. From the looks of it she had already devoured 9/10’s of the rather large golden sponge cake, as one lone slice remained on the very empty platter. She had just been bathed only 15 minutes ago and already cake crumbs and red wine drippings littered her big pillowy cheeks and chins.

“I’m sorry for my absence, Marella. Natalie and I spent ten days on the shores of Holara enjoying the beautiful beaches.” Gustav had a way of charming people. Nobody else who worked for the Queen would dare call her by only her first name, but with his soft, sexy accent, his flirtatious personality, and his very desirable services, he had the Queen wrapped around his finger.

“I hear the weather is perfect down there.” The Queen said.

“It is.” Natalie added. They continued to chat while the four pleasurers prepared for their duty. Theo set up candles all around the queen and put out the torches mounted on the walls, making the lighting dimmer and more intimate. Brock removed her shirt and began to stretch. It was very hard work to move the queen’s immobile bulk around. Natalie rubbed various lotions on her hands. Gustav emptied the many lubricant’s, and other pieces of sexual equipment from his satchel.

“Ready, my Queen?” Gustav asked. Marella nodded. Most of the guards and servants emptied out of the room except for a couple servants that would continue to feed the Queen and help Gustav if necessary.

The behemoth of a woman in the center of the room was laying on her left side. Two large mattresses side-by-side were needed to provide enough room for the Queen and her pleasurers. Natalie went over to Marella’s blubbery upper body. She knelt down in front of the top belly roll of the massive glutton.

“Hello, royal highness. This is a new body oil I got on our vacation.” Natalie poured the slick and clear fluid on Marella’s gelatinous rolls. “I think you’ll find it very stimulating.” She said in a very sexy voice. She cracked her knuckles and rubbed the oil over the Queen’s expansive flesh. Marella purred as she swallowed more food. She loved the rubbing and tickling of her great enormous paunch.

Massaging the Queen was an interesting challenge for Natalie. Due to her incredible obesity and mass, the pressing of Natalie’s open hand into her swollen blubber felt to Marella like what the poking of a finger would feel like to the average human. Natalie had to push her palms deep into the thick and squishy layer of belly fat.

Gustav approached the Queen’s massive rump. A sturdy stand was used to keep one of the Queen’s legs up in the air in order to spread apart the bulging rolls of fat. Though even with her legs spread the fat of her thighs still touched, hiding her privates out of sight. Gustav plunged his hand into her flabby crotch. He teasingly stimulated her pussy lips with his finger. Marella’s massive blubber quaked as her spine shivered from his soft touch. His fingertips traced all around her vagina and crotch moving slowly to her anus, awaking all the very sensitive nerves within her bunched up rolls of fat between her legs.

Meanwhile Brock had undressed and was working up his legendary sized member. Queen Marella was about the prettiest immobile blob he had ever seen, but she wasn’t really his type so he had to “get himself going” first before he entered the enormous royal whale. Few men had the length to fully satisfy the Queen. You had to reach past several inches of blubber before you got to her fat buried pussy. Fortunately Brock was one of those few men. He tried to position himself between her two big thighs as best he could. Slowly he pushed his foot long cock into her. Marella’s mouth gaped open and her eyes twitched at the rather surprising and large insertion into her.

Natalie grinned at the Queen’s reaction. As she massaged her soft blubber, she could feel Brock’s pounding sending waves and ripples through Marella’s vast sea of fat. The royal subject of all this touching and pleasuring was starting to really get into it. Queen Marella was beginning to sweat as she was filled with a warm tingling sensation. Gustav began to finger her butt which greatly intensified the sexual pleasure of Brock’s intercourse. She couldn’t even see what was going on exactly, only knowing that it felt amazing. Her thick neck fat prevented her from lifting her head to see what was going on down there near her crotch. Though her huge meaty shoulders would’ve blocked her view anyway. She could just barely see Natalie massaging her past her heaving breasts. Her whole body began to sweat as her lust intensified. She laid on her side, immobilized, as her body was touched all over. The Queen was just under a ton of glistening sweaty fat and flesh.

For most of the day her crotch was usually buried by several feet of heavy fat but now it was throbbing with a tingling warmth and pleasure as Brock thrust into her. Her breathing became very heavy and her cheeks were red and hot. Finally Brock came inside her and pulled out.

Marella was panting and sweating from her extreme arousal but the pleasurers were not done yet.

Gustav directed two of the guards to help out as they tried to roll the enormous behemoth Queen onto her back. She was already on her side so it wasn’t too much of a challenge as their hands disappeared as they sank into Marella’s doughy flesh. The room quaked as her gargantuan mass tumbled over. Her giant swollen belly stuck up in the air, glistening from her sweat and slick from Natalie’s massage oil.

Natalie then climbed up the blubbery mountain of flab and sat atop her upper belly roll. She pulled out the small bottle of body oil and poured some onto her hands.

“Now we’re really going to have some fun, my Queen.” She said. She rubbed her hands together before grasping big handfuls of Marella’s enormous breasts in each hand. They were so incredibly large and flabby. Yet the bulging blobs of blubber had maintained a relatively impressive perkiness, as they leaned on top of her massive belly instead of hanging off the sides. Her nipples had grown proportionately with her breasts, which meant they were huge. Natalie put her palm over the areolas as she massaged and squeezed the squishy bags of dough.

While that happened Brock, Theo and two guards spread her enormous barrel shaped legs as much as they could. Then they lifted her heavy and massive belly apron. They’re hands sunk into the soft doughiness as they pushed up and pulled back her extremely large bottom fat roll. Gustav then crouched down and crawled between her huge sweaty thunder thighs approaching her wet and hot mound.

Up on her belly Natalie leaned over and began to lick one of her stiff and stimulated nipples. Queen Marella moaned with pleasure from the soft wet tongue rubbing her tit. She then switched to the other breast and sucked and licked it. She practically made out with the large nipples while massaging her flabby boobs with her fingers.

Down below her underbelly in the steamy maw between her gigantic thighs, Gustav stuck two of his fingers into her vagina. As his fingers danced around inside of her the vastly overfed beast of a woman grew even more aroused and wet. He had quickly found her most sensitive spot and began to work it with his agile digits. The immense tingles of sexual energy coming from inside her had the gluttonous and powerful Queen totally helpless to her pleasurer’s touches.

Stuck lying on her back like a giant infant baby, Marella was huffing and panting from the building sensation of sexual lust. Natalie sat up on the Queen’s mountainous pile of belly fat and she pulled her thin dress off over her head, leaving her in just her underwear. She leaned over Marella’s pillowy chest. As she came closer to her face, Natalie could see that the Queen was lost in a state of incredible sexual ecstasy and euphoria. Her senses were clouded and drowned out by the overwhelming arousal she felt. Natalie smiled, her husband must’ve been doing some great work down under the gigantic belly she sat on. She leaned forward more, feeling Marella’s heavy hot breaths that smelled of fresh pastries, and passionately locked lips with the obese royal goddess. Their tongues grazing each other in sensual bliss inside their mouths. The much smaller woman then also began to rub and grind her crotch rhythmically against the Queen’s enormous doughy body. Her hands still held onto the two massive overripe breasts as Marella was almost stimulated to lactation.

Meanwhile, Gustav decided it was time to wrap it up. He could sense how close the Queen was to climax, and he wasn’t sure Brock, Theo, and the guards could hold up that bulging paunch much longer. The skilled pleasurer dug his face into the soft folds surrounding her pussy and started to aggressively lick her clitoris with his darting tongue. He kept his fingers inside of her rubbing her sensitive spot while stimulatingly grinding his tongue on her throbbing clit.

Marella’s whimpers and moans of pleasure were muffled by the making-out with Natalie. Her fat feet and toes curled and her giant round legs rolled a couple inches back and forth. The Queen’s body desperately wanted squirm and buck but her immense girth kept her sweaty mass pinned and immobilized. This would only make the awaited release of sexual build-up even more satisfying.

The Queen’s tongue retreated causing Natalie to disengage their kiss. Marella let out little squeaks as she took quick and shallow breaths. Finally her level of arousal reached the tipping point. Her fat swollen body tensed up as her orgasm erupted within her. Gustave moved his face and fingers away as her fat pussy gushed with wetness. At first there was a burst of warmth and satisfaction, followed by waves of pleasure that she felt throughout her entire behemoth body. Marella’s face felt numb as she continued to climax. The pleasurers had milked every bit of arousal she had in her gigantic bulk. Her entire flabby mass jiggled as all of the built up sexual energy was released.

The door was opened and the rest of the servants entered the room again. Gustav congratulated his team for doing a good job as they picked up their things and exited the Queen’s chambers.

“It was a pleasure, your royal higness.” He said giving a bow before turning his back and leaving. Marella could only respond by giving a small wave with her right hand. The enormous woman lay still on her back as servants began to wipe away the sweat with towels. Two other servants waved large fans at her to cool her off. Marella huffed and panted heavily as she basked in the pleasing and warm sexual afterglow coursing throughout her enormity.
Here is a sequel to the well liked "Cleaning the Queen" story I wrote not too long ago (which you can find here: Cleaning the Queen). Hopefully you'll find this one as good or maybe even better than the first. I had no intentions of writing this sequel but someone suggested it and as I started to think about it I got a flood of ideas. I started working on this a few weeks ago but then got stuck for a while and let it sit in a word document as I focused on some other things. Anyway please leave a comment saying what you thought of it or whatever feedback you can give me. 

Also I have a pretty good idea for another story about Marella so this can become a neat little trilogy. I have an idea for a story about Marella's daughter, the princess as well.
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Sophomore year of high school was when Kevin first started working at Jerry’s: Burgers and Shakes. It was a bit of a tough first job working the register right after school ended only to be met with a mob of teenagers who had also just gotten out of school. Plus it was a bit embarrassing to have to serve his classmates. But there were benefits to the job too, like the occasional free burger, or getting to see Valerie Cummings.

Kevin had known Valerie since kindergarten. They were in a lot of classes together in elementary school but there was little interaction. To 3rd grade Kevin, Valerie was just another skinny girl in the background who played soccer and liked to draw horses. Kevin didn’t see Valerie much at all in middle school. They didn’t have any classes together, so she just wasn’t on his radar. That changed though in high school.

What Kevin had missed in middle school were the stunning effects of puberty on young Valerie Cummings. As her hormones kicked in, her thin young girl body grew boobs and a butt. Her appetite was awakened and her abs and rib cage disappeared as she thickened out her womanly curves. Pee-wee soccer ended and she ate until she was big and chubby.

When he walked into his first class in his freshman year, he was blown away at this new and different Valerie Cummings. He quickly formed a crush on her as he watched her from several desks away in class. He had always been into fatter women and bbw’s which was partially why he had never paid much attention to Valerie when they were little.

He was delighted to see her face almost every day in front of the register at Jerry’s. In the summer too she would show up with her friends for lunch. Kevin would try to get a laugh out of her when he brought the food to her table. They had developed a little acquaintanceship now that they saw each other in class and after school. Kevin wanted so badly to really try to become friends and then maybe ask her out but he was too chicken. He hadn’t revealed his love of larger women to anyone and he really didn’t want to do it anytime soon. Throughout high school he watched as she ate her usual order, double cheeseburger, regular fries, and a large chocolate shake. He saw her go from a cute chubster to a big fat beauty. They would still chat occasionally. Kevin even saw her at a party once and she said hi to him, but it was clear that their relationship wouldn’t go beyond the burgers he served her for lunch.

High school ended and they both went off to college. Kevin still worked at Jerry’s in the summer but he hadn’t seen Valerie there since graduation.

It was now the summer before his senior year and as he leaned against the counter at Jerry’s he thought about her. In college he didn’t even bother hiding his love for bbw’s. He felt so stupid that he had ever felt so embarrassed about it. He couldn’t believe he didn’t ask Valerie out because he didn’t want his friends to know he liked fat girls. Thinking back on those times it was so obvious she was interested in him. Junior year she had given him so many signals that he didn’t pick up on.

It was a slow day of business and there was no one at the counter to notice Kevin’s frustrated sigh. He then perked his head up at the sound of the entrance door opening. A very large person entered the burger and shake place.

“Welcome to Jerry’s, what would you… like to… Valerie?” Kevin said with a surprised expression. Seeing the familiar cute smile on her face there was no doubt this was Valerie Cummings.

“Oh my god, Kevin? I haven’t seen you in forever.” She said.

“Wow yeah, it’s really been a while. Uh, anyway what would you like to order?” He said a little flustered and anxious at this amazing coincidence. As she looked over the menu, Kevin couldn’t help but admire her amazing body. Valerie had gotten pretty fat by the end of high school, probably over 300 pounds. But now she no longer was just fat, she was enormous! She had to be at least 500 pounds maybe even close to 600.

“Or wait, let’s see if I can remember… Hmm, a double cheeseburger, regular fries, and a regular… wait no, large chocolate shake.” Kevin pretended to struggle guessing her order so she didn’t know he still had it memorized. She began to blush and diverted her eyes to the ground

“Oh wow, good memory. Um, can you… uh, can you actually make it two double cheeseburgers.” Biting her bottom lip, she clearly felt a little embarrassed about ordering more than she used to. “And can I get an extra-large order of fries instead of regular. Also I’d like a large fountain soda along with the large shake.” She smiled when there was no expression of judgment on his face for her gluttonous order.

She gave him a few bills and he gave her change and the large empty soda cup. As Valerie waddled over to fill her cup with Coke, Kevin stared at her giant blubbery rump jiggling in her enormous pair of filled out boyshorts. He couldn’t believe how big and massive she had become. When she found a table she pulled over another chair so she could sit her flabby and obese bulk on two seats. She let out a grunt as she lowered her hefty mass.

As she waited for her food she looked at phone while sucking down the large soda. Kevin then walked over with her burgers and fries.

“Your shake should be ready in a moment.” Kevin said. She said thank you. Before he went back to the register he paused for just a moment, wanting to start a conversation but his mind was drawing a blank. Fortunately Valerie spoke up.

“I haven’t been here in like three years. How funny is it that you happened to be working here when I decided to walk in?”

“I’ve actually been working every winter and summer break, so you can’t miss me here. My college tuition won’t pay for itself.” He responded.

“Oh yeah, ugh my student loans are piling up.” She said. Kevin just nodded his head. He tried to think of something funny but his mind came up with nothing. That awkwardness returned as no words came out of his mouth.

“Ugh, so I’ll bring you your shake soon.” he said before quickly returning to the register. Oh god what was he doing. As he stood behind the counter he tried to regain his focus. He was being given a miracle of a second chance with the hottest ssbbw he had ever seen and he was screwing it up. He watched her devour handfuls of fries and mouthfuls of burger. He gave himself a pep talk and brought Valerie her shake.

“One large chocolate shake… there you go.” Kevin said as he placed it on her table.

“Fank you.” She said before swallowing another bite of burger. Kevin began to sweat as he tried to think of some small talk.

“Uh, is everything okay? Are the burgers cooked right?” He said.

“Yeah everything’s great. These burgers are better than I remember.” She said with a smile.

“Oh that’s probably because we started buying better meat. It’s from a-a farm from just off… uh, route… um.” What the hell was he thinking! She doesn’t want to hear about where they bought the meat from! He noticed Valerie’s smile disappearing. “Nevermind, I can’t think of it… Do you want anything else?” He said, noticing that one and a half double cheeseburgers had disappeared from her table.

“Well… Actually.” Valerie wanted to say yes but she felt a little shameful ordering even more food. Kevin could see this in her body language.

“You know, we can make triple cheeseburgers too. If you want to order more.” Kevin said. He realized that what he said could pretty easily be interpreted as him suggesting that she’s fat. “You don’t have to though, it’s just a suggestion, since you uh, said you like the burgers…” He said nervously.

“I guess I’ll try a triple cheeseburger, and maybe another chocolate shake.” She said with a smile.

“Okay, coming right up.” He said. By the time the burger and shake were ready Kevin had managed to calm his nerves and be a little more comfortable. They started to chat when he brought Valerie her food. Kevin even sat down across the table from her as they talked about what they had been doing since high school. It turned out that due to summer classes and internships Valerie hadn’t been home very much since she started college and that was why she hadn’t been to Jerry’s in so long.

Kevin struggled to keep focus on the conversation as he watched Valerie take big bites of the large triple cheeseburger. Sitting up close, she was even more beautiful than he had remembered. Her cheeks were adorably chubby and soft. Her gorgeous eyes and cute little nose went perfectly with her round plump face. Even when she wasn’t smiling her pretty red lips gave a slight hint of a grin that made her seem sweet and jolly.

Eventually after some more conversation Valerie finished eating all the food in front of her.

“Do you want to order something else?” Valerie wiped a napkin daintily on her cheeks.

“Well I think I may have a bit of room left… though actually, I probably shouldn’t since I’m low on cash.” She said. Kevin thought for a second. He was sensing a chemistry between them that he did not expect to still be there. It was like they were right back in high school again. He thought about how this was his rare second chance and that he shouldn’t let it go to waste.

“Who said you have to pay for it? Maybe this can be on the house.” He said.

“Haha are you allowed to do that?” She asked cocking her head to the side.

“Um, yeah. It’s a new rule I just created, don’t worry about it.” Kevin said. “Another double cheeseburger and a regular order of fries coming up.” Jerry, the owner, would be so pissed if he saw him giving food for free, but Kevin wasn’t going to let him find out about it.

As he brought back her burger and fries, Kevin soaked in the glorious view of Valerie. Her big and wide bottom completely eclipsed the seats of the two chairs she sat on. She had faced herself sideways to the table so that she wouldn’t have to reach around her massive rotund torso to get her food. As she had filled her gut with burgers, fries, and shakes her tank top had ridden up to her breasts, exposing the top half of her big soft and squishy belly. The bottom half of her enormously flabby torso was covered by her tight stretchy boyshorts, which strained to contain her thick overfed rolls of dough. Her naked pillowy arm fat bulged as she bent it to bring the almost empty milkshake to her lips. Valerie’s beautiful long brown hair rested on one side on her plump shoulders and breasts.

They continued to talk even after she finished eating. Kevin asked her if she wanted to see a movie with him that night, to which she said yes. He couldn’t believe how in just an hour his biggest regret had total been redeemed. Of course little did he know that the whole reason Valerie walked into Jerry’s that day was to see if Kevin, the guy from high school that she still had a crush on, was still working there.
Another story based on a picture from the great artist Rayy-Norr :iconray-norr: who posts lovely sketches like the one above the story on his tumblr:
The other story I wrote based on his art is called Shower Love, which you can find in my gallery. 

I really love this picture though the way her feet look really bothers me. It kind of looks like she has hooves. I actually had another story thought out that was based on a different sketch that I even started writing, but then I looked at this picture again and this story came to me and I wrote it all out in just a couple of days. I encourage you to tell me what you think of it in the comments and feel free to ask me anything there too. Even if you hated it I want to know why.
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Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes and ideologically sensitive material)
(NOTE This story involves massive amounts of gluttony and weight gain (male oriented). If that isn't your cup of tea, kindly move along.)

“If you want to know your future, you must know your past.” It was a saying my grandfather liked, his answer whenever we asked why he cared about our family history so much.

Well, to know my story you need to know my family history, because just saying “My family fattened me up to marry off to some rich girl” wouldn’t make much sense alone, would it? Trust me, context will help (some).

We’ll start a few hundred years ago, in Sweden. The Lagerlofs were a family of gifted farmers. Whether it be livestock or crops, they had an almost preternatural ability (or unbelievable luck) to raise the most abundant harvests and fattest, juiciest herds. No surprise, this made the Lagerlofs pretty wealthy, then very wealthy as time went on.

Skill or luck, it followed them when they came to the New World shortly after the Puritans. They settled on the east coast initially, but as the country expanded west they followed a bit and stopped in Nebraska. Plenty of open land for cattle, corn, and other crops, and the Lagerlofs were just as successful in America as they had been back in Europe. Material wealth came to them hand over fist, allowing for the occasional economic downturn or drought, and eventually the family got too big to just stay focused on agriculture. Branches of the family tree reached into banking, shipping, paper manufacturing and other industries. The family grew as prosperous as it grew larger.

And not just larger in terms of children running around the farms or mansions. Since the Old World the prosperity of the Lagerlof clan was best represented not in material goods but in the girth of its members. The large crops and fattened livestock may have fetched a pretty penny at market, but it was rare for it all to be sold. There were always full larders and cupboards at home, and in the days before you could buy whatever you wanted at the corner grocer throwing anything edible away was sacrilege. Who knew if the next crop would fail, or the cows would be stricken with blight? So, instead, the excess harvest found its way into the Lagerlofs themselves.

‘Hearty’ was the euphemism of choice among the family. Sure, they were all thick to a man or woman, but it wasn’t an obesity borne of mere indulgence. My mom would be a good example of what I mean; having four children carried her weight past the 350 pound mark, but helping around the farm and keeping the house in order (no servants or maids in our house; even with the family’s wealth there was still a work ethic and personal pride drilled into all of us) gave her a solidness underneath the flab.

Or maybe I could use myself as an example: Matthew Sweet, youngest child of Jenna and Howard Sweet. My story really starts when I was 16 and over 200 pounds; several years of helping around the farm had given me broad shoulders and noticeable biceps, but down lower was an unmistakable pot belly. I was strong but not toned. But then again, my case is a bit unique in my family.

And here’s where things will start to get a bit… odd, so try to stay with me here.

The Lagerlofs, as I said, were perpetually wealthy, and this wealth was conveyed in my ancestors being proudly overweight. Yes, proudly. For most of human history food was a commodity of fluctuating availability. Even with the developments of agriculture or domesticating livestock having enough food on hand to survive the winter, or just the next day, was often in question. Many people would just have enough to get through a season, and those would could afford to have more than enough, enough to be overweight… they were clearly the most successful ones. Being fat was, once upon a time, a sign of stature.

Why do you think Renaissance artists used heavier women in so many of their paintings? Because the people who could afford commissions were the ones who could afford rich feasts.

This viewpoint has, obviously, fallen out of favor in the last century. Obesity is a sign of personal weakness, or a dependence on junk and fast food (very much lower class fare). But that view has not reached all of society. Among the wealthy elites there is still, in certain circles, the connection between weight and privilege.

What does this have to do with me? Am I fat just because my family is rich? No. My story would be a lot shorter if it was just an A-to-B explanation.

The other thing you need to be aware of is that, like the modern view of obesity, the modern view of love is not in line with most of human history. Marrying for love, or even just dating as something like recreation, is a recent invention. For most of history people married whoever was of a comparable station, lived in the same area, and was of the opposite gender. Much of the time parents would arrange a relationship, and the children didn’t have much if any say in the matter. It was a far more utilitarian system, with importance placed on maintaining a family line or reaping the economic benefits of joining two houses.

This was especially clear among the nobility and elite families; far from being spoiled Daddy’s Girls, historical princesses were bargaining chips to unite two houses or kingdoms together, a means to an end.

Which brings me back to my story. Sometime in the 18th or 19th century, I’m not sure when, a tradition was developed in my family. Essentially, it held that the youngest child of each family (which would be me, if you couldn’t guess) would be set up in an arranged marriage that would unite our family to some other financial elite. I’m also not sure exactly how this tradition developed; most likely as some last gasp of the Old World lifestyle in the new and modern world, a pushback against the modern notion of people marrying for personal satisfaction. Unlike other traditions it had a clear and useful purpose in keeping the family fortunes afloat as we were tied to other successful families; like kingdoms uniting, as my grandfather put it. Which is probably why there’s seldom a complaint among those of us giving up a piece of our life like this. We’re doing it for our families.

But what does this have to do with my weight? Well, as I said, the wealth of my family has always been represented in our size. It was how the average person in our community identified us as one of the financial elites, but more importantly it was a symbol of assurance to prospective families. A physical, undeniable sign that they were entering into a union (metaphorical for the family, literal for the one person actually getting married) with one of the richest, most successful clans in the world. Our obesity was like a logo representing a particular level of quality the company prided itself in.

And the expectation of the other families would give us the upper hand in negotiating the unions, but it was also something of a burden. See, if everyone in my family was naturally inclined to be fat, the uniqueness of our size was diminished by being so - relatively speaking - common. And if our obesity was common, how to ensure the other families considering uniting with us understood the true symbolic value of our weight?

The answer, developed way back when this tradition started, was that the youngest child - the one destined for uniting us to another wealthy family - had to be even bigger than the rest of the family. And not just ten or twenty pounds either, because when you had a group of people all weighing 300-350 pounds, what’s another ten pounds on one of them? No, the youngest child had to be significantly bigger than their parents and siblings.

And yes, I understand this sounds weird to an outsider. I tried explaining it to my friends back when I first started gaining, and they just looked at me funny. “Rich people are not like regular people” is probably the ‘best’ explanation.

All of this was mostly pieced together by me back when I was younger, before my mother sat me down and explained it in detail. When she explained the family practice and my role she expected me to be outraged or disgusted, but I wasn’t entirely surprised. I knew our family was different in some ways long before I was a teen. The thing is, I was raised in a rather insular environment. I mean, I went to public schools and had friends outside the family. But for as much as my family is spread out across the country (and even into other countries), we’re still very tight-knit.

Every two or three years we’ll have a massive family reunion, dozens if not hundreds of family members all converging on one town or city. And I can remember attending one of these back when I was six, seeing an ocean of fat, happy people punctuated by lone islands of impossibly obese individuals. Men and women, my uncles and aunts, or great-uncles and great-aunts, who outweighed any other person by 300 to 500 pounds. Hell, I had one particularly ambitious second cousin who claimed to have crested the half-ton mark.

And on some level I always understood that those people served a special role in the family. It wasn’t explained to me, I just saw it in the way everyone was almost deferential to them, waiting on them and making sure to say hello to each one.

Over the next couple family reunions I noticed some of my cousins, the ones a few years older than me, growing into the same role. The next generation, my generation, was reaching the point where it was time to step up and assume our duties. It was probably at the one where I was 10 when someone (some distant aunt who I don’t even know if she was related by blood or marriage) first mentioned to me that I was looking at my future. “That’ll be you in a few years,” she said, and then she handed me a plate with a large piece of cake on it. I was probably more focused on eating the giant frosting rose than processing her words.

But, looking back, it was shortly after this that the first signs began appearing, though of course I didn’t realize their significance. It was later at the same reunion that my mother brought me to meet one of my cousins, Heather. Almost a decade older than me and more than twice my mother’s size, she was holding court with some other family members closer to her age, and to my confusion my mom had me say hi and then take a seat at the table while they all went back to their conversation. Throughout the hours-long chat (which I paid no real attention to; I just wanted to go play with the other kids my age) my mom periodically got up to go to one of the buffet tables, coming back with two plates; one for me and a smaller one for herself. I remember wondering why she was giving me more food than she had, or why she kept giving me snacks all afternoon, but I didn’t say anything.

It wasn’t uncommon for her to push food on me (we’re all big eaters in my family), but towards the end I was starting to notice she was making her trips whenever the conversation came back around to my cousin’s engagement or discussion of her appetite. But, unsurprisingly, the entire ordeal left my mind as soon as we went back to the hotel and I fell asleep.

When we got home, though, slight changes started happening. I realized that whenever my mom served me I would get just a bit more than my siblings. Not a lot, I doubt any of them noticed at first, but I noticed it. A slightly bigger spoonful of stuffing, a slightly bigger slice of pie.

And when I was alone watching TV Mom would bring me a plate of pizza rolls, or if I was playing video games cans of soda. Or occasionally, when my siblings were at work or out she would find me and say “I’m in the mood for some ice cream. You want some?” And we’d take a trip to Dairy Queen and get a large sundae.

These trips weren’t happening too often, and even when I noticed the pattern I thought it was something she did with my brother and sisters as well. Maybe I was just slow but it took me a couple years before I realized this was something she only did for me. At first I thought it was because I was her favorite and she just wanted to spoil me. But then my uncle Brandon moved back to our city, and things started falling into place.

He was my uncle on my mother’s side; he the youngest, she the second-youngest. They were born only a couple years apart and were closer with each other than they with their other siblings. It was kind of like me and my sister Shauna. She’s only a year older than me, but my other sister Katherine is three years older than Shauna and our brother Darryl is a year older than Katherine. There was a significant gap between the two oldest and the two youngest.

Well, my mother was really excited when Brandon and my aunt Maddy returned from a few years living in Washington, overseeing a lumber mill Maddy’s family owned. The day they moved back my mother threw a massive feast for them, a multi-course affair that started around one in the afternoon and continued well past sunset. She spent the entire day before in the kitchen, baking and preparing countless platters of food.

And if you saw my uncle, you’d understand why. I mentioned he was the youngest in his family, so you’ve probably gathered he was a very large man. Almost 800 pounds at the time, and even larger now because even in a family of dedicated eaters Brandon is a glutton. He loves food, he loves to gorge himself, and happily for him Maddy loves to feed him. At prior reunions it was a common sight to see her zipping from the food tables back to him, carrying platters of food as he just sat on some low-seated bench, belly resting on the ground, and accepted every offering.

It also turned out my mother loved to feed him, and what I later learned was that when they were both younger she had been the one to spearhead his fattening. She had help from the rest of the family, of course; my grandmother was no slouch as a cook and their siblings and father were eager to see him married off to a respectable (and wealthy) family. But my mother saw the growth of uncle Brandon as her personal responsibility.

As he told me later, he had started his growth in earnest out of a sense of duty to family (and an eagerness to indulge for fun), but Mom was the one to really push him and discover his potential. If he took a second helping of mashed potatoes, she cut off a couple more pieces of ham and threw them onto his plate. If he was sitting in his room studying she would put a plate of cookies or brownies next to him and would occasionally tell him to eat one. Even as Brandon’s appetite grew with his body, my mother would stay a couple steps ahead, urging him onto larger portions, more frequent eating, and presenting more and bigger offerings of food.

But I only heard about those details later. On this day, the day of Brandon and Maddy’s return, all I knew was that my mother was doting on her brother and constantly refilling his plate just as my aunt always did. Watching my uncle sit there, so immense as to seem immovable (in reality he could shuffle around a few steps at a time, but mostly he made use of an industrial scooter special-made for him), happily feasting on the endless plates of food the two women eagerly (almost reverently) gave to him, I had the first real conception of what lay ahead of me, though I still did not know this was my fate. Instead I saw it as some kind of fantasy. I was jealous of my uncle, being so fat, so gluttonous and so loved. It was a yearning I didn’t express to anyone, and which I have to this day mostly kept to myself, but I wanted that life for myself.

Lying in bed that night, I imagined what it must be like to be that fat, what it was like to grow and become that large. How much food had Uncle Brandon eaten to get so large? How much did he eat now to maintain his size? Was the endless feast that afternoon normal for him, or just a one-off thing to celebrate being back home? What was it like to have a woman like Aunt Maddy clearly in love and in lust with you when you can barely move under your own power?

So many questions, but behind it all I was faced with the apparent truth that such a life was not for me. Uncle Brandon, like cousin Heather and the other mega-obese members of my family, were just (for lack of a better word) oddities. They were at the far end of the family’s weight bell curve because of… I don’t know, genetics, or a love of food, or some unknown medical condition.

I was (relatively) skinny, in good shape, and I had a lifetime of working on the farm ahead of me. My brother Darryl would take over running things, of course, being the firstborn. But I would have a cushy job, one that kept me active and would need me to stay fit and mobile. So I thought.

But things were already in motion. For the sake of my story it would be nice to say that once uncle Brandon came back Mom realized it was ‘my turn’ and started forcing more food on me, but it wasn’t that simple. I’d just turned 15 at the time and my father had me handling more and more chores at the farm. I learned later that while he respected the family’s tradition he had hoped to delay my gain for a few years. It’s not that he wanted me as free labor; he just didn’t want an impressionable teen sitting around all day, pigging out on junk food. It would send a bad message, he felt. So he gave me more work, which meant more exercise and less time to snack or laze around.

My mother still found ways to push food on me: ever bigger portions at mealtime, which soon became big enough that they rivaled my father’s, constant snacks delivered while I was doing my homework, and more trips to run errands in town (which always meant a stop at a fast food or ice cream place).

And this was in addition to my own snacking, which was unsurprisingly constant given that I’m from a family of fatties with a puberty-enhanced appetite. I never went overboard, eating so much I became sick, but when uncle Brandon came to visit I found myself eating more. Being in his shoes, so large and joyfully gluttonous, became a recurring fantasy for me, triggering my appetite.
This story was inspired by a much shorter story an unnamed person wrote (they ask that I not name them, so I won't). It was a mere kernel of an idea, but I thought the story didn't work right because the other writer made their protagonist over 18 when they started gaining. If their family was going to fatten them up, why wait until 18 to start doing so? That just made no sense to me, so I asked their blessing to write my own take on it and here it is.

Don't think I've ever written a BHM story before, though I've always had fantasies about getting fatter myself. Nice to do something different now and then.

Part 2: [link]
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Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes)
Stephen groaned outwardly as he leaned back into his chair, distended stomach pushing forward into his lap. He raised his hands to place them on his undeniable gut and give the small swell a solid rub.  As he traced his hands across its outline, he inventoried the changes. He had put on at least twenty five pounds since starting college three months ago, and he knew more was ahead if he kept eating like this.

But, Texas was nothing he could have seen coming. Hailing from rural Maine, Mexican food was a rarity, and had always been a favorite. But, now, down in the south, in a border state no less, his options were as plentiful as the menus were cheap. For the last three months, he had taken himself from restaurant to restaurant, sampling seasoned meats, sharp cheeses, fine spices, flavorful rice dishes, and his absolute favorite:  desserts. Stephen had an especially soft heart for sopapillas--flaky pastries fried in oil and slathered with honey, sugar and cinnamon.

His curiosity had taken him to at least a dozen restaurants, but one, and only one, was running on the same 24/7 schedule he was:  Taco Cabana. Stephen knew it was one of the farthest things you could get from authentic Mexican and not the tastiest either, but, at night, when his stomach would growl and his resolve would crumble, he'd always manage to find his way to this glowing oasis of food, with its tacky decor and cheap, plentiful portions.

He groaned again at the tightness in his stomach, and reached down to unbutton his tight shorts; shorts that he knew were loose on him just before he came to college. The button struggled, but his hands were deft and the clasp was freed. He sighed in relief as his stomach fell gratefully into the extra space. How many nights had he spent like this, he idly wondered. How many times had he sauntered in, late at night, to stuff himself with rice, cheese, and greasy meats?

How many times, indeed, had he come in? He knew, fifteen pounds ago, that he was putting on weight, but, that didn't seem to stop him. He knew when he started having to suck in his gut to button his pants; he knew when his underwear clung tightly around his thighs and backside; he knew when his favorite button down wouldn't close around his gut; but none of that, absolutely none of it, had stopped him. Each time, Stephen always swore to himself, he'd start a diet.  He'd start a diet, skip out on Mexican food, and lose the weight--but for some reason, each time he was up late studying, or just hanging out with his friends, he would come back. And not just come back, but stuff himself until he was absurdly full. A task which, as his gut had grown, required steadily more and more food to accomplish. Stephen realized, if anything, he was coming around more and more often.

Stephen adjusted in his seat and stifled a belch, his small belly wobbling back and forth as his hips shifted. His stomach wasn't aching as badly as it was earlier, he noted, and decided it was time to go. Stephen stood and, grabbing the tray which carried three empty plates of food, walked over to the trashcan to dispose of them. He took his empty drink to the soda fountain to top off before heading out, filling it back to the brim with a sugary soda and made his way to the exit. As he passed he register at the entrance, he gave a polite nod to the gentleman behind it--a usual night staff worker, Stephen had noticed. However, this time, a few feet from the door, he heard the cashier call out:

"Hey, gordito."

Stephen didn't speak a lick of Spanish, and he was some time from learning what the word meant, but, he knew it was for him. He turned around to face the cashier and asked as politely as he could, "Yes, sir?"

The cashier smiled to himself. "How about some dessert?"

Stephen's stomach let out an audible gurgle, causing him to blush slightly and the cashier's grin to spread a little wider.

"What do you say? How about dessert to go, on the house?"

Free food? Free dessert at that? Stephen grinned widely and gave a strong nod, unaware of the way his gut bobbled slightly along with his head.

"Here you go," said the cashier. He reached down under the counter briefly, and produced a small to-go box. This was something he clearly anticipated. Stephen approached the counter and took the box, and gave the cashier a pleasant thank you as he walked out the door.

Returning to his dorm room, Stephen set the to-go box on his bed. He groaned quietly to himself and rubbed his gut, happy to have his roommate out for the week. As Stephen was standing up and preparing to undress, he caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror. His belly was visibly swollen with food and strained noticeably against his favorite tee-shirt. The shirt fit in an unflattering fashion. Stephen's body had been swelling outward, pulling taught every formerly loose fold in its fit. To say it clung to him tightly was an understatement--It seemed to highlight the swelling of his torso, accentuating his protruding love handles. Stephen noticed this did the unfortunate work of pointing out exactly how much he had grown, as it left nothing to the imagination as to exactly how wide he was getting or by how much he was overflowing his shorts. It was glaringly obvious that his love handles had managed to not just rebel against the waist of his shorts, but to overtake it and swamp it in excess adipose. Bad as that was, worse still, Stephen thought, was at the apex of his belly. Each of his budding love handles swelled together toward the front of his gut, blossoming outward into a round, protruding gut which struggled so tightly against the shirt that an indentation was left where his navel was--an obvious place where fabric was not in direct contact with flesh.

Stephen groaned pitifully to himself, noticing now that his shorts were still unbuttoned. The shirt managed to cover his gut, but only as much, and it left exposed to the world the evidence of his recent gluttony. He had walked how many blocks like this? Had seen how many people like this?

He reached down under his gut and sucked in, tucking the button into its clasp before letting his stomach fall back out. It didn't hurt as much as it had earlier, but, it seemed to hoist his gut higher and make it more pronounced. Stephen sighed, running his hands at the top of the largest curve. This was getting out of hand, Stephen thought to himself. It's time to start that diet and get back into shape, his voice rang in his head confidently. Yes, Stephen was sure, the diet starts now.

As Stephen turned around, however, his attention was caught by the small, styrofoam to-go box on his bed. Stephen looked down at the soft curve of his gut, then again at the to-go box.

The diet would start tomorrow.

He grinned to himself, already thinking about the taste of the delicious treat on his palette.  But, rather than start immediately, Stephen decided he wanted to at least be a little more comfortable. Sucking in his stomach yet again, Stephen reached down and unfastened the button for his shorts and slid them down his legs. His chunky thighs and well-filled buttocks appreciatively relaxed into the extra space, and were made more obvious by the fit of his mid-thigh boxer briefs. Deciding to leave his shirt on, for now at least, Stephen grabbed a clean fork from the sink and walked over to his bed, tugging his shirt down over his belly before sitting down.

Stephen's stomach gurgled again as he opened the to-go box, eyeing the fried morsel with a thick coating of sugar and honey. Sopapillas--his favorite. As Stephen cut off a corner with the side of his fork, he reminded himself that he wasn't going against his diet, since he wouldn't be starting that until tomorrow.

He slid the bite into his mouth, and sighed contently as the sugar and honey dissolved onto his tongue. The sweet and savory morsel rolled about his mouth, the tastes becoming more intermingled as his teeth greedily gnashed away. This, Stephen thought, was worth it. His fork went back and shoveled another, larger bite into his waiting maw.

Bite after bite, the pastry before him was turned into a gnash of fried bread and sugar, and swallowed into his waiting gut. Stephen eagerly scraped the remaining sugar and honey from the sides of the box, lifting as much of it as possible back to his mouth. Finally, after a euphoric few minutes, Stephen's fork came up completely empty, and only filled his mouth with a trademark metallic taste. Stephen let out a sigh, half content, and half disappointed that his treat had been finished.

Stephen closed the box and set it down at his side. He let out a little belch, sighed again contently, and then lightly placed a hand on the top of his gut as it rested in his lap. Stephen looked back down at the box, a little disappointed. Tomorrow his diet would start, and that would mean no more sopapillas and no more nights of mexican food. Stephen looked down at the swell of his gut again, though, and was reminded of why that may not be such a bad thing. After all, Stephen didn't want to get fat.

This was, Stephen knew, his last sopapilla for a long time. Resigned, Stephen sighed and stood up to walk the to-go box to the trash can. He reached down and picked up the box, only to discover that it was heavier than he remembered. Confused, Stephen opened the box again and to his surprise found not just one, but two sopapillas inside.

Stephen blinked.

"The fuck?" were the only words he could audibly muster. He could remember eating the last one just less than five minutes ago. Not only could he remember it, he could still make out the lingering taste of the sopapilla on his tastebuds. Despite Stephen's confusion, his stomach came to one conclusion:  it growled audibly, and Stephen began to salivate.

Shrugging his shoulders, Stephen sat back down on his bed. "Must've been three in there and I missed them somehow." Aware that this was a shitty explanation, Stephen didn't really care. As the growl of his stomach and the smile creeping over his lips explained he already knew what he wanted:  more dessert.

Sitting back down on his bed and picking up his fork again, Stephen wet his lips in anticipation. Stephen brought down his fork on the flaky, gooey pastry, and smiled wider as the utensil crushed through it, forcing excess honey to ooze around it. As his stomach issued another quiet grumble, Stephen slopped the morsel in the excess sweet, sticky honey and brought it to his lips. Slipping the morsel into his mouth, Stephen again let out a content sigh. The gooey mixture of bread, honey, and sugar dissolved on his tongue, and he swallowed strongly, feeling the slop of sweetness plop into his waiting stomach.

Stephen reached for his fork and rapidly shoveled in another few bites until the first pastry was gone. Despite his earlier binge, Stephen was suddenly racked with a renewed sense of hunger. His primal urge turned on the remaining sopapilla, and Stephen, uninterested in wasting time, set the fork down on the nearby counter and reached in for the gooey treat with his hand. Stephen sopped the flaky pastry in the excess honey and sugar left in the container and, to his own surprise, brought the whole pastry to his mouth. Stephen wet his lips, then opened his maw wide as he stuffed in the pastry until his cheeks visibly puffed out around the food his mouth contained. Stephen bit down, his teeth tearing through the pastry as his lips became covered in sticky honey.

Stephen groaned happily as his jaw flexed, trying to subdue the pastry into a chewable mash. He swallowed a little bit at a time, feeling a slow trickle of honey, bread, and sugar down his gullet until finally, the last of it landed in his greedy stomach. Before he knew it, Stephen had shoveled what was left of the second sopapilla into his mouth and began to chew. Closing the lid on the box, Stephen set it at his side again, and placed both hands on either side of his gut. Stephen leaned back against the nearby wall and tilted his head up gently, swallowing, as his hands began to lightly massage his gut.

Stephen's stomach gurgled audibly as he massaged it, trying to break down the pastries into usable calories. Stephen was content before, but now, as his stomach gurgled again, he wanted more. He wanted more, but, gently squeezing the side of his gut, Stephen reminded himself that what he needed was a diet. Especially now, Stephen thought, after three helpings of dessert.

"God," he groaned, before stifling a belch, "I can't keep doing this. I'll turn into a fucking pig."

Stephen's stomach protested; it gurgled slightly, and Stephen caught himself struck with hunger again.

"God damn it, why the fuck am I hungry again? I just ate," he groaned, perplexed by the sudden insatiability of his appetite. It had never been like this before.

Out of the corner of his eye, Stephen again noticed the to-go box. As the hunger ebbed away at his sense of self-control, Stephen caught himself wondering. If last time, there was more, then, maybe…

No. Stephen stopped himself and shook his head--even if there was, for some godawful reason, it was no excuse. He was on a diet, and he was going to lose weight and that was that. Stephen looked down at his gut again with a renewed sense of embarrassment, and strengthened his resolve.

But, from within, his hunger whispered, "I did say the diet starts tomorrow… and it's definitely not tomorrow." He eyed the to-go container again, "Do you think?" the voice in his head asked. "Maybe," came the same voice in reply. As his hunger rose again, so did the intensity of his desires. Stephen unconsciously smacked his tongue in his mouth, sopping up whatever microscopic leftovers of its sugary treat it could still find. "Maybe," Stephen thought to himself, and his hunger firmly commanded, "Check again."

Without lifting the box, Stephen flipped the top on the to-go box to find to his surprise, another two sopapillas just as decadent as the last ones.

"What is going on here," Stephen spoke aloud to no one in particular. He removed both hands from his stomach and lifted the to-go box to his face, the scent of the pastries hit his nose hard, almost like they had been freshly baked. Stephen's round stomach let out a loud gurgle, as the hunger pains returned to rack his body again.

Groaning, Stephen tried to control himself. "I don't need to eat--I don't want to get fat.”. Stephen whined, placing his hands on his abundant gut, trying to ground himself. Alas, from deep within, came the voice.


Stephen reached in with his hand and picked up one of the pastries and stuffed as much of it into his mouth until his cheeks visibly strained. They puffed out hard on either side, and Stephen struggled to keep his mouth closed as he chewed. He tilted his head back again, lips smacking as his jaws worked to turn the treat into something more manageable. Bit by bit, the sugary treat slid down the back of his throat and sloshed into his stomach.

Stephen's stomach gurgled as he reached for the second sopapilla to repeat his gluttony. As he smooched the chewy pastry into his waiting mouth again, Stephen felt contentment spread across his body even as his stomach's hunger seemed to deepen.

In what was going to be the last moment Stephen’s willpower held up, he closed the lid and swallowed hard as he wiped powdered sugar from his lips. Through shocked, heavy breaths, Stephen’s fear grew, even as his hunger creeped upon the fringes of his psyche.

“No--” Stephen groaned, “I can’t get fat.” Fear creeping up within him, both hands flew to his stomach as the hunger returned.

“Eat,” came a deep, resounding voice which he could not quite place. “You’re hungry,” it echoed again.

“No, I--ugh.” Stephen tried to calm himself, and his hunger, but to no avail.




“Fuck. Why am I so hungry?” Stephen eyed his gut, stuffed with food and rolling slightly into his lap. Hunger hit him again, and Stephen groaned along with his stomach.

All thoughts of the diet left Stephen’s head. With another loud growl from his gut, Stephen gave in. Whatever force had been within him since he started college, slowly nagging him to glut himself more and more often, finally won over. The unnamed whisper that had been in his ear when he noticed how his stomach was outgrowing even his roomiest shirts; the soothing voice that urged him after two full orders, to consume another; the voice that lulled him when he noticed the rising curve of his ass; at last, the monster that waited until its prey was ready before moving in for the kill had finally pounced.

Stephen grasped at the container, opened it, and crammed another sopapilla into his mouth as the process which had been transforming him the last few months suddenly accelerated six-fold. Stephen moaned at the release of finally answering his unforgiving hunger, almost thrilled to bloat himself up further. His body answered in the only way it could:  swelling--advancing; his body visibly bloated outward, inch by inch, pound by pound.

Stephen smacked his lips, stuffing in another pastry--closing the lid, and preparing to find more.  He lost himself in the flavors:  sweet honey, oil, and sugar flooding his mouth and falling into his gut.

Munch, much, smack, swallow.

Swell. His lovehandles rose, oozing out around him and fighting the thin, cotton shirt that stood between them and open air. As they grew, fat further pooled into his gut and the indentation of Stephen’s navel grew more prominent. Above, his chest began to pad even further, the softness behind his nipples forcing them to protrude visibly against the shirt.

Stephen opened the box, and gluttonously crammed another pastry into his maw; powdered sugar and honey covered his lips, which he sumptuously licked clean.

Much, much, smack, swallow.

Swell. Beneath him, Stephen’s ass ripened and the twin globes rounded further against the underwear that stopped fitting him ten pounds ago. As his thighs thickened with fat and spread out to his sides, Stephen unconsciously shifted his legs so that they were farther apart as he aggressively crammed more sopapilla into his mouth.

Smack, chew, swallow.

Swell. The bloating belly grew by the minute, and with an almost cartoonish ‘fhwip’ forced his shirt to suddenly roll up to just below his growing moobs. His bloating gut rolled triumphantly into his lap as fat further pooled along his sides. The shirt could only cover Stephen’s growing breasts, and at the rate he was growing, not for very long. Both breasts filled and began to overfill, stretching both his sensitive nipples and the thin fabric.

Stephen’s ass and lovehandles aggressively bloated outward as he gorged, his fattening body fighting desperately against the waist of the boxerbriefs. There was a sound that caught Stephen’s ear--a slight pop. What? Stephen blinked briefly, suddenly aware of himself. He swallowed the bit of pastry left in his mouth, and as Stephen looked down at the fat gut advancing rapidly across his thighs, he was treated to the most unusual of choruses:

A rapid, successive ‘pupupopop’ as the stitches which held his body in gave way all at once. Stephen’s breasts fell, heavy and fat atop his swelling gut, and his thighs bulged outward and met in the middle, as two waves crash into one another. Stephen’s gut bulged outward, swamping his lap to mid-thigh.

“Holy shit,” Stephen said aloud, even as his stomach groaned. “Oh fuck, what is happening to me?” Even filled with fear, Stephen was unable to stop himself and he reached again for more dessert to cram into his waiting maw. Stephen’s heart throbbed and leapt into his throat, even as he stuffed more food into his mouth.

I can’t stop--the thought occurred to him as he chewed unwillingly, hunger dominating him. Oh God, I can’t stop. Stephen watched his body steadily inch outward as he continued to stuff himself, unable to rend himself from the force controlling him.

Stephen groaned as he swallowed again. Pound after pound pooled into his gut as it steadily inched along his lap, threatening to encroach on his knees. It sat atop his thighs like a heavy, sagging mass that swelled readily along its circumference, wrapping around Stephen in thick lovehandles. At its crest was Stephen’s navel, now puckered by the thick, soft fat pooling behind it.

“Oh fuck,”  was the only thought Stephen could muster between bites. Every time he could tear himself away from the treats long enough to touch his body it was  somehow softer, and always more of it.

Stephen’s thighs were easily the size of his former waist, and his ass billowed below him, swelling his frame wider even has his gut bloated him outward. Stephen was having a harder time adjusting himself on his bed as more and more fat fought to find its way into him. Stephen struggled to shift his legs farther apart, even as he unwittingly lifted more of the pastries to his mouth.

“Oh no no no no--”  he spread his thighs wider and inched farther back; he felt the weight of his body sway back and forth, as though he were swimming in a sea of himself. Stephen finally hit the back of the bed and opened his thighs as wide as he could,allowing his gargantuan belly to spill forth into the gap like an incoming tide.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck,”  Stephen groaned, unable to stop himself from cramming more food into his mouth even as terror gripped him. Reaching with one hand, he struggled against the fat mound of his breast to try and reach the front of his stomach--just something to reassure himself that he hadn’t gotten that big yet--but found himself unable.

Just out of reach, his navel perched the crest of his gut and, almost teasingly, inched further from reach. Stephen fell back against himself, exasperated, terrified, and almost to the point of tears. Finally, Stephen’s fear was enough to rend him from the invisible grip of his hunger, and he dropped the box. It fell to the floor, now well out of reach at his size, and two fresh sopapillas rolled out of it.

Stephen’s stomach gave one last groan before the hunger finally faded, leaving Stephen and his massively overfed form to deal. Stephen began to sob quietly to himself as he began to explore his new body--below him, most of the twin fold-out bed was covered by his width and in front of him, his massive gut sagged heavily between his thickened thighs, topped by round breasts with stretched, sensitive nipples.

Stephen once again tried to reach both hands to his front, but found that his attempts to touch his hands only resulted in squeezing the fat of his gut further into his own body. The fat oozed against his arms, and they remained out of reach of one another.

“Hey, gordito--what did you think was going to happen?”

Stephen’s grief was briefly interrupted by panic, as the cashier suddenly appeared in front of him.

Stephen gasped as, almost affectionately--or was it sadistically?--that the cashier stepped forward and placed his hand on the crest of Stephen’s belly. Stephen knew exactly how to react.


The cashier continued to only grin.

“Gordito, I didn’t do this--I just gave you desert. You--you did this. And I’m willing to bet…”

Stephen’s anger overflowed within him, but, suddenly, a familiar feeling returned to him.

Stephen’s massive gut unleashed another groan, and Stephen felt the pangs of hunger again begin to ebb his consciousness.

“You’ve got… to be… kidding me…,” Stephen groaned between breaths, exasperated, as he surveyed the cashier.

Grin spread wide, the cashier bent over and picked up the pastries and the box which had fallen to the floor.

“See, Gordito? This is what you are.” The cashier reached forward and gave Stephen’s gut a smack, watching the wave ripple throughout his overfed form. As if to answer, the gut unleashed another growl. “A lard-ass. A genuine, overfed fat-ass.”

“Now,” the cashier stepped forward and Stephen tried to pull away, only to find himself pinned by his belly and the wall. Stephen began to panic again as the hunger got stronger, and the cashier got closer. Before him stood a graceful predator, and he was the fattened gazelle.

“I bet someone’s hungry.”
Stephen, a new freshman, succumbs to his uncontrollable gluttony.
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                                                  The Appartment
                                          or: A Little Pizza Heaven

Sunlight streamed lazily through thin curtains and onto the apartment floor, casting swatches of light over the cheap furniture filling the great room.  Amanda stirred as the beams of light drifted their way over her eyes.  Groggily at first she stirred, and then at last and somewhat reluctantly she turned over on the couch, causing a soft rustling on top of her abdomen.  She turned her copper eyes to the greasy box and the crumbling remnants of pizza crust within it that lay haphazardly across her torso.  As she sat up she let it slide off of her and onto the floor with a dull thump, spilling cold sauce and crumbs over the worn carpeting.  Amanda brushed her matted amber hair from her eyes and glanced, still only semi-consciously, over her wrinkled tank top and began to sweep the stale crumbs off of her body.  She pulled herself fully upright, yawning, and spied a bit of crust with a pepperoni still clinging to it that had slipped from the box onto her left thigh and picked it up, quizzically.  She swung her shapely legs off of the couch and leaned back into it, still pondering the slice she held in her fingers.  Then, shrugging, she popped the crust into her mouth, chewed, and swallowed; hey, why let perfectly good food go to waste?  And beside, she hadn’t even had breakfast yet.  Speaking of which….

Amanda heaved herself up stiffly and drew her arms skyward for a full body stretch, arching her back and stretching absentmindedly in a feminine, feline grace.  Ah, breakfast!  The thought brought a smile to her face.  Suddenly overcoming her former sloth, Amanda strolled leisurely into the tiny alcove that she was forced to call a kitchen.  Opening a few cabinets, she reached for the first thing within reach: cereal.  She somehow managed, just like every morning, to perform a master-class degree of balance and juggling in order to get the bowl, spoon, juice glass, and box of Lucky Charms--well, not Lucky Charms exactly, but a comparable bargain brand--in one trip before going to the refrigerator for milk and juice.  After pouring herself a bowl and raising the first spoonful to her mouth, she impulsively thought better of it and retrieved a box of donut holes from the counter before plopping eagerly back into her shambled, peeling chair.  This was all Amanda really needed, after all, she reflected as she spooned the cereal into her mouth, tasting the sugar coated bites and marshmallows mingling with the sweet glaze of the spongy donuts.  Amanda never was the type for college and the like.  She was already enrolled in a secretarial school, and that was more than enough for her.  It didn’t bother her one bit that her apartment was small and cheap; it’s not as if she really used it for all that much anyway.  The smaller and cheaper the better; all it meant was less work for her to do around the house.  Who did she have to impress with big rooms and extravagant belongings?  The only thing that her, or in her humble opinion anybody else’s for that matter, apartment was good for was eating and sleeping--especially both together--in that order.

Amanda had never been that big of a girl and the thought never even crossed her mind as a possibility--why would it?--and at that particular moment it didn’t make all that much difference to her.  The most she cared to improve her physical appearance were those endeavors which required little to no effort on her part to effect.  Despite her limited income, to say the absolute best of its merit, Amanda found it of the utmost importance, for example, to spend no less than five hours in tanning salons per week, leading her skin to be a silky bronze over every inch of her body, much to the disapproval of the salon managers when they found her “all-overing” in their public beds.  After tilting the remnants of the milk from her morning repast to her lips and swallowing it in one long draught, Amanda’s left hand moved reflexively to her abdomen to rub down the satisfying fullness as her right plucked one of the few remaining pastries from the dwindling supply in the box and placed it into her mouth.  While she chewed and swallowed, her hand moved up and down her stomach contentedly, feeling the unremarkable layer of softness enveloping it which would be considered by no one to be anything more than the structure of the natural feminine form.

Several moments into her leisure, Amanda’s mind began to churn back into the wakefulness: Hmm…now what was it that she had to do today?  A quick glance toward the couch encompassed the pizza boxes scattered about it in various states of decay reminded her of her bi (or tri…sometimes quadruple) weekly resort to her favorite restaurant in the world: the Pizzeria Via Roma.  Real Italian pizza with all the sauce, cheese, meats--but mostly cheese--that a girl could ever want and, consequentially, had as often as her budget would allow.  But no longer.  Today Amanda was going for broke: her rent was coming due in a week or two (she couldn’t quite remember which) and she could have unlimited access to the best pizza this side of heaven.  All she had to do was one, simple job interview.  If there was anything in this world that Amanda knew how to do, it was being a cashier.


“So, Ms. Bellman; you’re here about the position we have available?” asked the perky, middle aged woman that sat behind the desk in the cramped office at the rear of Pizzeria Via Roma.

“Um…” said Amanda, a little uncertainly, “yeah…sure.  You guys need a cashier or something, right?”

“Yep,” said the woman cheerily, “sure do.  Let’s just have a look at your resume here, shall we?”  She glanced over the crinkled paper for a moment as Amanda blinked silently with a vacant expression from the tiny chair opposite the desk .  “Oh, my!” exclaimed the woman, excitedly.  “Well, you certainly do have a wealth of experience in this department, don’t you?”

“Yeah,” said Amanda, shrugging, “I guess.”

Still smiling, the woman said, “Well, why don’t you just scurry on out into the restaurant and I’ll come and get you after I speak with the manager, okay?”

Standing, “Sure,” said Amanda, “That’s fine.”  The woman hopped out of her chair and exited through a barely accessible door at the rear of the office, and Amanda squeezed out into the lunch-rush crowded lobby of the little restaurant.  The pizzeria wasn’t much to look at from the inside: only a few tables crowded into a small dine-in area, a faded orange counter to pick up and pay for orders; but that didn’t matter.  As Amanda’s living space proudly testified, the vast majority of Via Roma’s profit came not from eat-in diners, but rather from deliveries and takeout orders.  Amanda hurried into an unpadded chair in the far corner of the room, a rare vacancy in the small but prosperous business.  She sat there alone until she began to doze, watching the crowd of people constantly flowing in and out in a hurried blur.  Just as she began to nod off, her interviewer returned briskly.

“Hello there, miss!  Miss?”  Amanda jerked her flushed face up to see the woman standing over her, holding her resume out for her to take.  This did not bode well.

“Congratulations, Ms. Bellman!  You’ve got the job.”  Amanda, wide eyed and relieved took the proffered paper and stood to shake the woman’s eager hand.

“Wow,” she said listlessly, still half asleep, “thanks.”

“Oh, golly no--don’t thank me.  Thank your new boss!”

“Oh…right.  Where is he?  Er…I mean, when does he assign me my hours?”

“Ah, well about that.  Mr. Giuspelli has requested that you come up to his apartment for that; he says it’s always to busy down here to ever get any real work done!  Hoo hoo!  Isn’t that funny, dear?”  Amanda laughed halfheartedly.  “Ooh hoo…now, anyway; it’s that staircase over there on your left,” she said, pointing appropriately, “see it right there, dear?  Good!  Off you go now.”

Amanda hesitated; this didn’t seem quite right to her.  “Hey, wait.  Doesn’t it seem kinda weird to you?  Has he always done this with all of his new employees?”

The woman looked puzzled, and then grinned from ear to ear.  “What, hon, you mean me?  Oh gosh no; how would I know?  Mr. Giuspelli just called my agency last week; I’m just a temp dear.  All I was supposed to do was look you over and check your resume.”

“Oh…” was Amanda’s only reply.  This was getting a little weird for her taste.  Nevertheless, Amanda thanked the woman for her help and watched her wave and wish her good luck through the shrinking strip of light as Amanda closed the door behind her and began her ascent of the staircase.

Amanda blinked as she entered the dark stairwell, her only light being the dim red glow of an “Exit” sign buzzing somewhere above her.  From the street it had appeared to Amanda that the apartment was only one floor above the busy shop (she could still smell the pizzas baking, the smell wafting under the door), but as her eyes adjusted to the light, or lack thereof, she could see that the stairs were somewhat longer than she had expected.  They doubled over themselves twice, making the climb uncomfortably low and narrow as she cautiously scaled the steps.  When she reached the top, Amanda found herself staring at a heavy metal door much like the kind she had seen at the rear entrances to movie theaters that she had many times used to sneak in for free.  There was a large dead bolt above a plunger handle that opened by swinging it a quarter of the way around its hinge.  Cozy.  Riveted into the top of the door was a metal plate that read “A. D. Giuspelli.”  Amanda placed her hand on the handle of the door separating her from her new job and apparently unusual new boss; there was no light coming through the bottom of the door.  It was sealed against anything from the outside; this guy must really like his privacy, thought Amanda.  Taking a deep breath, she slowly turned the handle and opened the door to find…nothing, no one.

Inside was a rather plain looking apartment; not so much unlike her own.  It was a little less threadbare, perhaps, but strikingly similar in its utilitarian design to Amanda’s little home.  There was an obviously cheap beige couch in the middle of the room, a few end tables and a coffee table in front of the couch, and a floor lamp adding the small amount of light that filled the deserted room--the overhead light was not on.  The carpeting was equally drab but felt soft underfoot.  Around the corner of a short hall at the rear of the room Amanda could see another, smaller room.  It was apparently the bedroom by the looks of the neatly made queen sized mattress visible through the doorframe--one without a door in it.  Feeling all of a sudden quite alone, Amanda began to explore the apartment.  It didn’t take her too long: the only other room was a bathroom connected through the bedroom adorned with only a combination shower-tub, a modest commode, sink, and a small closet with a scale under its lowest shelf. It was stocked with what looked to be many weeks’ supply of towels, tissues, and other toiletries.  Nowhere was her would-be employer.  Even stranger, or so it seemed to Amanda, was the apparent lack of every home’s most important room: the kitchen.  Thoroughly puzzled, Amanda walked back into the main room and noticed something else that she had not before.  A large rectangular section of the room’s right wall seemed to have slid open.  She leaned her head into it for a closer look at what turned out to be an oversized dumbwaiter, and sitting neatly folded on the raised platform was a sheet of paper with a single word printed on the outside: “Amanda.”  She picked it up, becoming more and more confused by the second, but as she unfolded it, her awe turned quickly to shock.  Written very neatly in hand writing she had never seen, Amanda read:

“Hello, and may I say first of all, congratulations!  From what I could see in your application, you display every quality that I ask of an employee…and a little bit more.  As you may have already guessed, I am not in this loft, and there is to be no further job assignment.  However, what I will ask of you is that you stay here until such a time as I see fit for you to leave.  There is no need to worry about bills or food, least of all the latter; this is after all, the apartment of a restaurant owner.  Food will be sent up three times every day to start.  If you require anything else or just want to say ‘hello,’ simply leave a note with the dumbwaiter--you’ll find a pen and some paper in the table drawers.  Thanks again for applying, and please enjoy your stay!

P.S.  Go ahead and try all of the doors and windows if you must; you’ll find that they are each quite impassable.

A. D. Giuspelli”

Amanda dropped the note back on the tray and raced to the door, slamming down on the handle, only to find that it wouldn’t budge.  She tried again and again, hammering on it with her fists and kicking like mad, screaming for help that would neither hear nor come.  Exhausted, Amanda went to plan B: windows--the apartment had two, and if she couldn’t climb out, she could definitely yell for help.  She yanked open the first set of curtains and her face fell; the glass was blacked out and the barred.  Try as she might, she couldn’t wedge it open and there was nothing strong enough to break the glass and thin enough to fit through the bars anywhere in the apartment: Amanda was well and truly trapped.  Slowly, she slumped into the couch, tears welling in her eyes.  She was just about to break down when she heard a squeaking coming from her right.  The dumbwaiter had disappeared and reappeared; only this time it was carrying a steaming pizza box and a bottle of soda.

Amanda didn’t even bother to open the box.  She stormed to an end table and rummaged through its drawer.  She found inside it a single pen.  She stomped back to the dumbwaiter and scrawled on the lid “Fuck you and your god damned pizza!!!”  She slammed the door down on the dumbwaiter and heard it creak away.  She stood panting in rage for a few minutes, and then heard the platform coming back up to her.  The door slid open and the same pizza and soda sat on the tray.  Under Amanda’s message was a single neatly written word: “Maybe.”

Amanda spent the rest of the day sitting with her back against the impenetrable door, staring at the floor.  Eventually, she grew drowsy, turned off the lamp, and went back to her post to fall gradually into a dead sleep.

When she awoke, Amanda’s only indication that it was morning was an old digital clock sitting on the bedside table in the bedroom proclaiming 8:13 down the hall in its blocky red numerals.  She felt like she had just woken up from a nightmare, but a quick glance at her surroundings told her that it was all very real.  Amanda rose slowly, stretching and popping out the kinks from her uncomfortable night’s rest.  The living room was exactly as she had left it the night before with only one, slight difference: last night’s pizza had been replaced by a fresh one, the soda by a carton of juice, and with the addition of short glass.  Along with this was a neatly folded change of clothes; nothing fancy, just a t-shirt, shorts, and underwear.  Amanda checked their tags; they were her size.  Amanda was quickly made aware of another problem: she was ravenously hungry.  It didn’t take her long to come to a conclusion--she hadn’t eaten since breakfast yesterday--she didn’t know exactly what was going on here, but she wasn’t going to think any more clearly by starving herself.

She opened the box and practically inhaled the delicious aroma that it poured forth.  The pizza was pepperoni, her favorite.  Somehow, that didn’t surprise her.  Gingerly, she picked up one of the slices and brought it to her nose; it certainly smelled alright.  She nibbled the end and rolled it around on her tongue; it tasted fine, too.  Hungry enough to take the chance, Amanda took a bite…then another…and another until she had finished the piece.  Well, she wasn’t dead yet, but now she was thirsty.  Amanda poured herself a glass of juice and, after a small sampling, drank it dry.  Her thirst sated, Amanda chose another slice from the excellent selection within the greasy cardboard, this time sure that it was not going to harm her.  She did this again with her third and managed to choke down a fourth and another glass of juice before considering herself full.  That mild distraction dissipated, Amanda turned her focus to the clothes that she had tossed onto the couch.  Amanda turned them over in her hands; they were simple: a yellow top, black nylon shorts, and a white bra and panties, nothing special, nothing spectacular, everything on which she would bother to spend her own money.  Looking around, Amanda thought it best not to change her clothes right in the middle of the room; god knows what kind of person was probably watching her at that very moment.  So, taking them into the bedroom, she brought them into the bathroom with her for her next logical choice, taking a shower; something that she could not long avoid.

Once inside, Amanda gave the room the thrice over, peering into every corner, standing on the toilet to inspect the ceiling, tracing every inch of the wall, even the piping of the shower head, but the bathroom, just like the rest of the apartment, was completely sealed off from the outside world.  Confident in her privacy, Amanda bathed for over an hour, letting the warm water wash over her soft skin and trying her very best to relax.  When she was tired of the rhythm of the falling water, Amanda climbed out of the shower and changed into her new clothes, carefully laying her old ones in an empty corner of the linen closet.

She walked back into the living room and sat in the couch.  Then, she waited.  She waited for anything, anyone to do something, send her something to do, to while away the hours; there was no television, no magazines, no books, nothing.  So there she sat, helpless and going mad with boredom for what seemed like an eternity.  She twisted positions, flipping and flopping all over the couch, clutching the cushions or throwing them across the room, but nothing lasted more than a few seconds.  Eventually, her numb gaze fell upon the pizza still sitting in the chute and she moved to it.  Picking up a slice in her hand, she bit off the end; it was cold, but it was still delicious.  Taking the slice back to the couch, she slowly nibbled away at her excitement until she had eaten it all.  She sat up, then, just as bored but now realizing that she was hungry, just as hungry as before, maybe even more than before.  She grabbed another piece and brought it to the couch, not wanting to bring the box just to give herself more to do.  She ate this one a little faster than before, but still trying to go slowly to take as long as possible.  Her little ritual of boredom carried on until the box was empty.  The picked up the carton of juice and drank its remnants, then closed the door of the dumbwaiter, disgusted that she had eaten the entire pizza in less than two hours.  What was worse, she didn’t even feel full, and even if she was, she doubted that she was awake enough to notice.  She slumped, listless, back into the couch and stared at the ceiling, trying to count the little nodules poking down at her.

She didn’t get too far.  In only a few minutes she heard a squeaking sound and drew her tired gaze over to the dumbwaiter.  On its platform was another steaming box and a liter bottler of soda.  Confused, Amanda got up to look into the bedroom and saw the clock…her clock.  It read 12:02.  Lunch.  Amanda groaned quietly to herself.

Amanda let an hour pass in defiance before giving into her boredom.  She grabbed the box from the dumbwaiter and opened it on the coffee table.  One by one, minute by minute, she chipped away at its contents until it was empty and the bottle lay filled with nothing but air on the floor.  It was only 3:46.  Finding nothing else to do, Amanda did her best to try to fall asleep on the couch, which she did, but only for short bursts, waking up every ten minutes or so and thinking that hours must have passed, praying that they had, her prayers unanswered.

Six o’clock…dinner time.  Not surprisingly it was the same as lunch, but Amanda forced herself to have no appetite.  She picked herself up and slowly dragged her feet into the bedroom to try and fall asleep in a more usual fashion.  She lay on her back, staring at the ceiling, lights out, under the sheets.  Her stomach ached a little from all the food with which she had occupied herself for the past ten hours.  She placed her hands on her stomach; it felt like there was something hard, way down in the pit of it; it felt that way to both to her hands and her heart.

Amanda woke up groggily but still considerably better rested than the previous day had found her.  She had slept in her clothes, and both they and her hair were matted and sweaty.  Her dreams had not all been pleasant.  Looking around her, Amanda had to assure herself that she was still trapped in the little apartment.  She moved to the living room and found her “breakfast” waiting for her, still warm in the box.  It was pepperoni again, and, despite her situation, she found it hard to complain about her rations.  Along with the food there was another change of clothes, the same as before, and after showering, Amanda placed what she had worn the previous day on the tray and shut the door, listening to it creak away.

Amanda had not been as hungry as the day before, stopping herself at two slices to save more for later.  She had made a resolution to herself during the night: no matter how bored, how desperate she became, Amanda would never ask for anything.  No television.  No radio.  No books, magazines, music…nothing.  There was no way that she was ever going to take anything from this nutcase…except food.  She couldn’t get around that.  There was no way for her to be sure that he wouldn’t just let her starve to death if she stopped eating, so why punish herself?

Amanda spent the rest of the morning on the couch, leaving only once to relieve herself.  She stared at the ceiling again, tried to sleep, anything that she could imagine given her limited resources to entertain herself, but mostly she ate.  Between every little dot in the ceiling, ever bat of her eyelashes, she took a small bite of the pizza until the slice was gone.  Then, she took another piece from the box until it was empty.  She managed to eek this out until ten thirty.

At noon, Amanda’s lunch arrived, the same as yesterday’s, and her dirty clothes had apparently been taken away out of courtesy.  How terribly gracious, thought Amanda before beginning to gnaw away at her afternoon entertainment.  Still full from the morning, Amanda didn’t quite finish her meal, a few slices remaining, before dinner came.  She whiled away the hours, now laying this way on the couch, now laying that, all the while continuing to snack on lunch’s remnants and as much of dinner as her stomach, even in her boredom, would allow.  Her mind in a daze, and her stomach full beyond being comfortable, Amanda finally trundled into bed, already half asleep, near midnight.

Amanda woke slowly as the silent gnawing of her hungry stomach roused her from sleep.  She opened her eyes and stared upward groggily.  Getting her bearings, Amanda lifted herself upward and forcing a roll of flab to roll over the waistband of her substantially tighter underwear.  Amanda had been in the apartment for over two weeks--she had lost track of the days exactly, but she was sure that at least two weeks had to have passed.  Well, she was as sure about that as she was about anything else in her new home.  Amanda swung her legs over the side of the bed and her feet made a small thud as they contacted the floor.  Amanda looked at her bare legs.  They were closer together than she had remembered and thicker, too.  Moving her eyes toward her torso, Amanda saw the little roll of flesh peeking out at her from under her shirt, red near its base from her panties’ waistband rubbing against it all night.  As she rose slowly, Amanda’s new companion disappeared, but her stomach protruded several inches and made her shirt stretch to accommodate it.

Just like every day before, Amanda found a carton of juice and a pizza waiting for her, piping hot.  Amanda had gotten used to waking up closer to the time of her breakfast’s arrival with each passing day.  Taking the pizza with her, Amanda plopped down on the couch, making her new tummy pop out into the open once more.  There was nothing to do now but sit, wait, and eat.  Amanda, having found more room inside her stomach each day, put away four slices easily before her morning shower.  Only this time, when Amanda attempted to don her shorts, she found them unbearable.  Unlike Amanda, her clothes had stayed the same size for as long as she had been in the loft; she still refused to contact her captor, and he had returned the favor in kind.  When she pulled the shorts up to her waist, they, even with their elastic, squeezed her butt and thighs tremendously and made her stomach pooch out even more, rolling over the top of the waistband.  Her shirt was pushed up a little, showing her still tanned--but with the color deteriorating rapidly back into her normal pinkish-white flesh--stomach to the base of her navel.  Amanda didn’t notice this, all she cared for at the moment was the biting of the waistband of her shorts into her tender flesh, but she was far from ignorant of it.  Amanda knew that with each passing day her body grew just a little bit heavier, not much, but over several weeks it had built up to what she guessed had to be a few dozen pounds.  Oddly, however, or so it seemed to her, she didn’t really care.  Normally she would have thought that if she had gained weight she would have cared a great deal, probably just from the difference that it made in her, not that she cared that much about her physical appearance.  After all, who was there to see her now anyway?  Amanda had long ago abandoned the prospect that there was some secret peep hole or exit way into or out of her fully furnished prison cell; at least, not that she could ever find, and at that point Amanda had begun to harbor the philosophy that if anyone had gone through that much trouble to conceal some way of looking at her, then probably deserved to and were welcome to it.  It was sort of a backhanded compliment.  No, Amanda had thought that if she would have cared about anything in regard to her weight, it would be that she would have to go through to trouble of accommodating her life to deal with her augmented weight if she ever gained any, but in such confined quarters virtually void of any sort of entertaining stimuli, there wasn’t much to which she had to adjust at all.  The only thing that bothered her was that damned waistband.  Taking off her shorts, Amanda returned to her pizza and spent the rest of the day alone with her confused thoughts and consolidated herself by filling her time and stomach with the delicious pizza.

By midmorning, almost two weeks later, Amanda was fed up.  It was barely nine o’clock and she had been sitting alone with her empty pizza box and juice carton for nearly twenty minutes.  Also aware that with each passing day she had been able to finish the bulk of her pizza and eventually the entire thing in progressively less time, Amanda had become increasingly concerned over what she was going to do to keep herself from going crazy.  She rose into a sitting position on the couch, causing the additional pounds that had been packed onto her growing and visibly distended belly to sprawl all the way down to the top of her thighs, all but fully obscuring the waist of her ruthlessly uncomfortable shorts.  Her thighs, too, were struggling to bulge over the legs of her shorts, and her breasts, also swollen from her weeks of fatty feasting, showed more quivering flesh bulging over the top of her bra and through to neck of her top than was actually stuffed inside it.  The night before she had had nothing to do for the entire evening after the first half hour, she was so hungry from all the time she had to kill after lunch, which she had exhausted after only two hours of painfully slow munching, that she practically inhaled it, and she knew that she would start to go nuts if that went on for much longer.

Sickened by her only option, and knowing that it was his intention the whole time, Amanda grasped the pen in her pizza-grease soaked hands for only the second time since she had been locked in the apartment.  Placing the box back into the dumbwaiter, she wrote as calmly and sincerely as she could manage given her opinion of her captor: “Alright…you win.  I’m finally asking for something,” Amanda heaved a sigh before continuing.  “Please send up more food from now on.”  She closed the door on the dumbwaiter and heard it creak downward.

She immediately regretted her choice.  There was no reply, though she had expected that there would have been.  Amanda began to panic about what was going to happen.  What if he cut off her food supply all together?  What if he sent too much and it all started to rot in the tiny apartment?  Most of all, she regretted how weak and foolish it would make her look.  She had officially given in to his power over her, and there was no turning back for her now, and she hated it but could do nothing.  When an hour had passed without a reply, Amanda didn’t know what to think.  She only lay down sideways on the couch, letting her belly lay on the cushion, and waited, deeply worried and busied by her thoughts while the hours passed.  At noon, Amanda finally received a sign of life from below her: the dumbwaiter was making its creaking ascent.  When the panel slid open, Amanda was shocked by what it contained.  On the tray there was not one pizza, not even two; there were three, three steaming hot pizzas and a bottle of soda the same as before.  Amanda sprang to the platform as quickly as she possibly could to see if there was anything else; there was a piece of paper with a short note written on the top:

“I was wondering when I was going to hear from you, and, frankly, I’m surprised that you waited this long.  You didn’t have to be so cordial; I already told you that I would get you almost anything that you want, but I appreciate the effort nonetheless.  I hope that these will do for now.”

Amanda was elated. Not only had she expected the worst and received the best that she could have hoped for, albeit a little patronizing, but she was starving and had more food in front of her than she could possibly eat in one afternoon, and probably the same amount coming for dinner.  She dug into the first pizza with gusto, practically inhaling the first half of it and slowing down to savor the rest, finishing it around fifteen minutes after she had started.  Her stomach more than full and noticeably distended, Amanda sat up with her hands on her stuffed belly, contented, and looked at the note which she had carried to the coffee table along with the pizza box.

She still wasn’t comfortable with asking this guy for anything; it just seemed off to her.  What she was really confused about was the way she felt after eating an entire large pizza for lunch.  She pressed her fingers into her belly.  They sank in a little over an inch, but she could tell that they would have gone further if she wasn’t so full.  Her stomach was definitely full, but it wasn’t hard, and it still had some yield when she pressed it.  It gurgled back at her in response.  What surprised her was the way it felt: good.  She didn’t feel normal, like she had just satisfied a need to survive or anything, and she did feel a little uncomfortable with the pressure inside her stomach; but, she liked it and didn’t know why.  It just felt pleasurable to her to be so full and to press her stomach like she was doing.  She stopped suddenly, a little uncomfortable with the idea of being turned on by overeating, and gave her full attention to the note once more.

Feeling more relaxed and a little confident, Amanda decided to see how far she could push her good luck and wrote back.  Removing the rest of the pizzas and the unopened soda from the dumbwaiter, she replaced the note along with the little addition she had tacked on to it: “Alright, then…how about a magazine?  It gets really boring up here.”  She had wanted to add ‘or don’t you already know that?’ but had decided that the magazine was more important than being bitter at the moment.  After she shut the door and heard the platform move away, Amanda plopped back down on the couch and drank her soda about half way down.  In a few minutes, the dumbwaiter returned with a new addition of People and the same note saying, “See; now it isn’t that hard, is it?”

Amanda tore the magazine from the platform with glee and practically bounced back to the couch, confident that her newfound method of entertainment would keep her snacking habit at bay.  She turned to the first page of an article with relish, and made a promise to herself that she wouldn’t read more than one article an hour, even if she had to read over the same one again and again.  As she read, slowly, she didn’t even notice that after a few minutes had passed and she was only a quarter of the way done with the first article that she was nibbling at the end of a slice of pizza from one of the new boxes.  When she realized, she had already taken a few bites, but quickly put it back in the open box like it had a plague.  Trying to ignore the delicious aroma of the pizza, Amanda read on with increased concentration, but always gnawing in the back of her mind was the smell of the pizza and the pleasure that its taste could bring her.  She made a valiant effort, but Amanda, urged on by her new girth, couldn’t stand it any longer after an hour.  She still held onto the magazine, still enthralled by something to read, but grabbed the slice she had started to eat earlier, by that time it had become cold, and finished it while reading.  She reached for another one, it was as cold as the first one but just as good, and devoured it, and then another as she whiled away the hours, reading through two more articles before she broke into the third box.  Her stomach was practically in pain from all the pizza she had consumed and it bulged out over her thighs, making her shirt ride over her belly button and forcing her shorts and panties downward, but all she cared about was the taste in her mouth, not how full she was.  By the time her dinner rations arrived, the same as lunch, Amanda had plowed her way through two thirds of the third box, which she finished as quickly as she could so she could start on the new batch before they became cold.

Hours and two and a third more pizzas later, Amanda was exhausted.  She had lain flat on the couch after she started to eat her dinner pizzas to stop the pain that enveloped her stomach when she was sitting, making it bend.  Feeling sick, Amanda tried to sit upright.  As she heaved with her arms, a sharp pain shot through her distended belly, and she dropped back down in shock, causing another pain from the sudden jar.  Trying another route, Amanda slowly brought her legs over the edge of the couch and lifted herself forward and up at the same time so that with one mighty heave she was standing upright and fighting for her balance.  When she found it, Amanda looked down at herself, or what of herself she could see.  Amanda’s new flabby tummy was bulging out more than a foot in front of her breasts, which were themselves pushed slightly apart by her enormous, quivering gut.  They were pushed up so much that with every breath she took they sloshed on top of her bra and made her belly shake with their momentum.  Her shirt had risen almost up to the bottom of her breasts, and it looked like it was straining at the sides to hold together, even at that level.  Amanda lifted an arm and placed it on the top of her belly.  She pressed into it and found that any pressure she applied sent a tremor of pain through her skin stretched tight over her bloated belly.  She patted it anyway and enjoyed the tingling sensation that followed, but there was a little voice in the back of her head telling her that she was still uncomfortable with the thought of stuffing herself silly and getting pleasure from it.

Bracing herself for pain, Amanda lumbered slowly toward her bed and lowered herself slowly into it.  As she covered herself, she realized that she was still wearing her clothes, but quickly dismissed the thought of getting out of them at the moment; it would be nigh impossible and extremely painful.  Amanda slipped her arms under the covers and rubbed them up and down her belly with her eyes closed, feeling the pressure from inside and out until she drifted off into a deep, torpid sleep.

Amanda woke immediately and completely at 10:43 the next morning.  When she opened her eyes and saw the sheets around her, she was momentarily taken aback.  Not only did it appear as though she had not moved since she fell asleep, but the height of the sheets didn’t seem quite right, either.  They were pushed up further than she remembered them ever having been before and her legs were laying flat.  Amanda threw the sheets off of her body and jumped out of bed heavily, feeling refreshed.  Wondering what was different, Amanda looked down at herself seriously for the first time in weeks, and when she did, she was more than a little surprised.  The first thing she noticed was that her shirt, though fully extended, was riding well above where it should have been on her belly.  In fact, her belly was exposed from its bottom to almost five inches above her navel.

Her belly looked different, too: it was barely tanned any longer and had grown from being small and a little soft, as she had remembered it, to being large, heavy, and round.  It hung over the waistband of her shorts in a thick roll completely obliterating the band from view and jutting outward by almost eight inches.  She cupped her hands under it in wonder and lifted it.  It came up as one large mass and tried to flow through her fingers.  When she let it go, it flopped down onto her upper thighs, bouncing and jiggling in waves up through her breasts for several seconds.  Amazed, Amanda shook her thick tummy from side to side, making it jiggle and sway heavily.  She patted it with her hands and it bounced back and forth making a slopping sound.  Satisfied for the moment with her belly, Amanda explored the rest of her now alien body which seemed so much rounder to her, but was really only slightly larger than it was before she had eaten so much food the day before.  The prospect of her breasts was alluring, and Amanda cupped each in her hands, feeling their heft and round softness.  She felt her body all the way down her thighs, but stopped where the legs of her shorts dug painfully into her tender flesh.

She reached under her belly for the waistband and tugged her shorts down sharply, then kicked them off, making her entire body jiggle in response.  Next, she yanked her shirt off over her head, a much harder feat than the shorts considering that most of her weight was accumulating in her belly and breasts, and when she pulled it up, her shirt became caught momentarily under her boobs.  With her shirt off, the only thing confining them was her now tiny bra, against which they had been struggling mightily but were still painfully contained.  Amanda unclasped her bra and it practically sprang off of her.  Her breasts jumped forth and quivered like balloons of fat on her chest for several seconds.  Her stomach was also freed from her shirt and jiggled almost happily at being set free.

Amanda sat heavily on the foot of the bed and put her hands under her butt to feel what it was like, too.  She found that it was thick with new fat, and when she squeezed it, it felt like she was trying to move her hands through warm pudding.  She ran her hands down her freshly exposed thighs, finding them much the same, and patted her calves to watch them sway.  Amanda was fascinated; she had never felt this way before.  Every part of her body was so warm and soft that it was almost…sensual….  Amanda shook her head, trying to snap herself out of this craziness, but the thought had already taken root, and it was still seething in the back of her mind.  She looked down at her belly again, placing a hand on either side of it.  She pressed it together, making the flesh bunch up and fold over her hands…it felt…good.  She did it again, and again; swirling her fat tummy in her hands, lifting it up and down, bouncing it, anything that she could think of to continue the feeling in her belly and the tingling beginning to moisten the area between her legs.

Suddenly, Amanda stopped and stared at the ceiling, removing her hands from her shaking gut and leaning back on them, breathing heavily.  She had to stop…this was just too much.  Tearing her mind away from her body, Amanda heaved her naked self upward and waddled into the main room of her apartment, determined to keep her mind preoccupied.

There was still two-thirds of the last pizza she had eaten the night before laying in its box on the coffee table.  In the dumbwaiter there were three more pizzas, all of which, having sat there for several hours, were cold--except the one in the middle of the stack--and a fresh pair of clothing.  Not wanting to be completely naked, Amanda struggled to hook on the bra, squishing her breasts tightly together.  She pulled the panties up to the middle of her thighs before they became too tight.  She pulled and slowly rolled them up with her fingers until the fabric was stretched within an inch of its existence, but they were at least covering her pubic hair, and she was fairly confident that they would be held in place by the pressure of her butt cheeks swallowing them into her crack.  Ignoring her half finished magazine, Amanda grabbed the middle pizza and brought it back to the couch.  Taking one slice from the old box and one from the new, she sandwiched them together and began to take huge, tearing bites, filling her mouth completely with each one.  She barely took the time to chew and swallow before stuffing as much pizza as she could into her mouth.  The two pizzas commingled inside her mouth so that together they were lukewarm.  At that rate, Amanda had managed to stuff both the remaining third of cold pizza and the whole new one into her stomach in only a few minutes.  Beginning to feel ravenous, Amanda grabbed the other pizzas from their perch and did them same with them as with the first two, stuffing slice after slice into her mouth as fast as her mouth could cram them into her gurgling belly.  When she had nearly completely devoured the last of the pizza, Amanda began to slow down a little, but continued to stuff the food into her mouth as long as it was in front of her.

Finally, Amanda swallowed the last bite and brought the daily carton of juice to her mouth, tipping it back and chugging the whole thing.  Exhausted, Amanda flopped back into the couch and let her stomach settle onto her thighs.  She placed her hands on it and began pressing and rubbing it to sooth the pain it was sending her in sharp waves.  She wasn’t surprised that she wanted to rub it; her belly seemed huge.  It had expanded to handle all of the pizza being stuffed into it so suddenly and had grown outward by several inches.  As good as it felt, Amanda quickly realized that her plan had backfired, and that by rubbing her stuffed belly, she was even more turned on than she was in her bedroom.  Rolling on her side to reach the table on her right, letting her belly flop onto the couch cushions, Amanda reached into the drawer and pulled out the pen and a fresh sheet of paper.  Heaving herself up mightily and throwing her heavy belly into waves of jiggling, Amanda trudged to the dumbwaiter and, before she closed the door, deposited on it a note bearing a single, important word “MORE!”

Amanda dropped heavily back onto the couch and waited, doing her best to keep her mind blank and to only stare at the wall where the food she was awaiting should appear.  Ignoring the pressure in her belly and the gnawing hunger in her mind, Amanda focused on the anticipation that was threatening to drive her insane.  The time she sat in silence but for her heavy breathing seemed immeasurable to Amanda, so when she finally heard the dumbwaiter return, she was elated.  She leaned forward and shifted her weight from the couch to her feet so she could waddle uncomfortably over to meet the dumbwaiter.  When it reached the top and the panel slid open, Amanda’s eyes widened and her jaw slackened.  Inside were five large pizzas and a couple of two liter soda bottles, more then she had expected and far and away more than she knew she could eat.  Amanda looked down at her round gut and placed her hands on it, feeling both the soft yield it still gave under her hands and the moistening inside her that the thought aroused, Amanda brought the pizzas to the couch began to eat.

In the evening, Amanda had managed to stumble into bed and was out like a light.  Under the sheets, she was laying naked.  Hours ago her panties had shredded and her bra had broken at the clasp as her belly continued to expand and push her other equally prominent assets upward and outward.  Dinner that night had only been one pizza instead of three or five, but all told, Amanda had managed to swallow almost nine whole pizzas in one day.  Her stomach had expanded enormously and had grown by more than a foot outward, forcing Amanda to sleep on her side to let it rest some of its weight on the mattress.  By the end of the day, she was in such tremendous pain that it was the only thing she could think about, but Amanda knew that the damage had been done.  Past midmorning, Amanda stopped focusing on preoccupying herself and kept eating out of her desire to do so.  She couldn’t resist the flavor of the pizza in her mouth and the pleasure that each bite she swallowed brought.  Until the pain became overwhelming, Amanda began to look at the size of her inflated belly, thinking back to how it had felt in her hands in the morning, and wondered how it would feel if it were bigger…enormous and heavy and soft; what if it were bigger when it was empty than it had been when she was stuffed full?  That thought kept her eating, and she no longer cared about being turned on by being fat.  She knew that she liked it, and she was going to make it even better.  Why should she restrain her new passion?  She had a free (apparently) and virtually endless supply of food whenever she wanted, and she may as well take advantage of her situation.
If you want to talk about having fun while writing a piece, then this was it for me (so far)! When I sat down to write this, I wanted to take some very traditional, often overused and underdeveloped WG standards and add my own personal touch to them. I think I pulled it off, yes? There are parts (and only a very few, mostly in the next part), be warned, that are quite unrealistic, but physics be damned when the moment necessitates! Even the surrealism, though, I think you will find to be quite down to earth.

This was supposed to be just one long story, but it doesn't all fit on one page, so I've split it into two parts as best I could.
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Day 5: Muscle Expansion

The past few days had been nothing short of amazing for Kallen. With Milly guiding the small group, Kallen had experienced a myriad of pleasures she had never even known before. Aside from the expansions to her breasts, butt, and waistline, Kallen had been gifted other sorts of alterations to her body via Milly's all-powerful geass. It ranged from everything that was both possible and impossible for the human body; Kallen found nothing but intense sensuality from it. Shirley Fennette and Milly's other 'disciple' Nina Einstein had been more than happy to teach Kallen on all she needed to know to be apart of the harem. C.C.'s constant fawning over the redhead resulted in the two girls growing an attraction for each other that was beginning to go beyond simply being sexual. Milly seemed to support this relationship of theirs even though they were still meant to have sex with her as well. Every hour of the last two days had been filled with debauchery that even some of the biggest perverts would consider going overboard. Kallen was absolutely in love with it. She had a girlfriend now, and had even helped Nina become more comfortable with the side of herself she had been secretly ashamed of for so long.

Due to an experiment on Kallen involving highly fattening breast milk, Milly and the other harem girls ended up with much curvier figures than before. C.C. possessed large K-cup breasts that pushed tightly against the confines of her straitjacket, and a nice, chunky butt that wobbled fiercely when she walked. Milly, who loved a woman's breasts most of all, was graced with an even bigger bust. It was so large that she could rest a drink in her cleavage while sitting down, and there was no risk of it slipping or falling out. Milly was fortunate enough to have the money needed to get custom bras to fit around her P-cup tits. Shirley and Nina, however, experienced completely different effects on their bodies. In fact, Milly had made sure it happened by using her geass on them beforehand.

That morning, Kallen felt something strange occur, but she didn't feel any fear. It was just another of Milly's little plans setting into action.

"C.C...I think I'm changing...again!"

"I wonder what it is, this time? It doesn't hurt does it, love?"

"No, just a weird tingling all over."

Suddenly, Kallen felt her shoulders rise and broaden, becoming thicker with a strong layer of tigthened muscle tendons. Her arms started to swell outward, but not with fat, instead with newly packed muscle, transforming her biceps into powerful, brick-sized bulges, and going down along her arms but it didn't swell nearly so much. Kallen gently touched her arm; it felt rock hard. Her other arm also received the same treatment. Her back rippled, and her traps billowed outward, hardened, and the muscles continued to emerge all over in place where they would be on the backside of her body; C.C. could hardly believe what she was seeing. A six-pack sprouted on her abdomen, and her thigh-muscles were as big as hams. She was a 'lean' sort of muscular, where it wasn't too much, just enough to look sexy without freaking anyone out. Her pajamas burst apart in an explosion of fabric and buttons, leaving Kallen in only a strained bra and panties, just the way C.C. liked her. Kallen looked herself.



"Hey, girls, how are things going today?" Milly asked as she stepped into the room. She was carrying a plate with a pair of large, thick chocolate milkshakes on top. As per usual when she was around the other girls, she wore only a too-small bra and shorts that clung to her hips. At the noment she was addressed the two obese females sitting on the floor in front of her.

Shirley and Nina both weighed around 560 pounds at this point, but Shirley was a little bigger. Milly had prevented them from being able to stop drinking Kallen's milk for a long time, which caused them to become so flabby and obese in just half a day. They looked like blobby, human-sized mounds of sexy flesh, with giant bubble buts and big guts that sat between their thighs. Nina's face was encased in peach-sized cheeks and a triple chin, while Shirley's head remained relatively thin in appearance. Both girls possessed breasts that rivaled that of Milly's and C.C.'s, and their guts alone made up more than half of their weights. Due to being so overwhelmingly fat, the two young women were essentially pinned to the ground by their own bodies, unable to stand on their own feet.

"I'm...hungry..." Shirley grumbled.

"Me too!" Nina quickly added in. Milly chuckled, and placed the milkshakes down for them, which the two fatties greedily snatched up.

"I know you two are probably feeling a little down being stuck like this," Milly said, although she felt no true sympathy, just enthusiasm, "But I think Kallen will be able to help get you guys back on your feet, not literally, though."

"What? How is that supposed to work...?" Shirley asked.

"Oh, you'll see in a moment,"

Suddenly, the door opened again, and C.C. walked in followed closely by Kallen herself. Shirley gasped; Kallen was huge. But she wasn't fat. Instead, the redhead had the figure of a lean, mean female body-builder. Like with the breasts, the ass, and the belly, this look worked particularly well on Kallen. The tight muscles on her arms and legs looked so natural, as if she had always had them. It was hard to believe that she had been a total fatass like them two days ago.

Kallen's arms were huge; her biceps had already torn apart the sleeves of her shirt, and they looked to be as hard as steel. Her flat abdomen was coated with a vertical row of abdominal muscles, and her legs seemed to have received the brunt of the expansion, because they were probably as wide as Kallen's waist. She stood slightly taller than natural, but she still kept her long, flowing locks that cascaded down her backside. Even her back muscles were visible, the large contortions of meat and tendons bending to her every whim. From head to toe it was as if her body had been crafted out of stone by the world's most talented sculptor. She didn't look ridiculously over-muscled, but at the same time there were rarely many women with such a physique. She truly looked like an almighty amazoness now.

"You know, I'm not sure how I feel about this...I think I actually liked being fat better..." Kallen murmured as she struggled to keep her clothes from bursting off of her. At least then C.C. was fawning over her alot more. It seemed the geass girl had an affinity towards chubby girls than muscle girls. That isn't to say they didn't still have sex this morning, though.

Milly laughed. "Don't worry, it's only for a day! Now, show us what you can do with those big sexy arms!"


Kallen walked over to the wobbling Shirley, and knelt down behind her.

"Sorry if this hurts you or anything."

"What're you doing? What's going on? Hey!"

Shirley gasped, and blushed, when she felt Kallen's hands slip underneath her bulky ass. The next thing Shirley knew, she was being lifted higher and higher, her entire body jiggling and quivering in a violent quake. Kallen let out a grunt, but she didn't stop, she was actually lifting all 500-plus pounds of the obese girl over her head. It took a few more minutes, but she eventually succeeded in heaving the porky orange-haired teen onto her shoulders, the flab pouring over her head and shoulders like flesh-colored goo. Kallen was breathing heavily and sweating. C.C. ran over to wipe some of her sweat away with a napkin before darting away again. Kallen's muscles flexed and tensed up visibly, and her legs were beginning to shake. Shirley, however, felt like she was on top of the world.

" can really do it!" Milly exclaimed, clapping her hands.

"Can I...can I put her down?" Kallen was begging.


Kallen threw Shirley right on the ground. Fortunately, the girl's fat softened her fall. Nina was looking forward to being handled by those strong, capable hands. It made her fat pussy wet with anticipation, and she started grunting and shifting in her seat as the sexual feelings increased in intensity. She was panting and huffing, moaning loud enough to catch the other girls' attention. A small puddle of vaginal juices was forming on the floor underneath her. "Uh...haa...pick me up now..."

"Aww, seems like lil' Nina wants a lift too, mama Kalley," Milly joked. Kallen rolled her eyes. C.C. slapped Milly on the shoulder for using her pet-name for Kallen.

With her great, strong arms, Kallen took hold of as much of Nina's flab as she could muster, and slowly raised the green-haired woman off of the floor. Nina squealed in delight, rubbing her fat gut against Kallen's face. She was practically suffocating her with fat; not that Kallen minded too much, but she would rather it be done by C.C. than by this chick. After a few more seconds, Kallen put her down. Nina was shivering all over.

"So what else should I do now?" Kallen asked.

"Hmm, let's go look for some other ways you can show off those muscles! And last expansion before you're finally ready to be in my harem!" Milly smiled deviously.

Kallen couldn't wait for that.
I'm really no good at describing muscle expansion, sorry about that. I tried my best, and there wasn't much plot for this chapter, but I'll work hard on the last one. I did put in some weight gain at least.

Code Geass @ clamp
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(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
-------------the next morning---------------
"" Zelda groaned as a fat maidservant bought another couple of trays
of Hyrulian creampuffs. She downed one quickly as the blushing maidservant placed the
tray within her arms reach and waddled away from her ponderous princess's nude form.

Zelda smiled slyly, before biting into another cream puff, knowing that her maidservant's embarrassment was primarily due to the circumstances that she was currently involved in.

She was completely nude, eating mass amounts of sweet dessert food, while being milked by the captain of Hyrule's royal guard.

Link was currently filling up bottles with the creamy milk exploding from Zelda's back breaking tits.

"....*mmmph*" Zelda cooed as Link emptied the last of her milky reserves into the last container.

"Queen Nabooru will be here soon" Link said hastily, changing the subject as Zelda sighed, doing his best to avoid taking her right here and now.

She smiled slyly as he awkwardly hid his raging erection from her.


"I am far from a boy Princess." Link quipped as his wrists dug into her bloated forearms. Zelda shot him a knowing glance as her body slowly shifted forward.

"" she wheezed, momentarily startling as her heavy belly slammed atop her massive thighs.

She waited for the quivering to stop and her footing to steady before taking the laborious waddle towards her wardrobe.

Link watched intently as her body quivered with each heavy step. He took note of how
her belly quivered off her thighs before swaying towards the unadvanced legs side and
alternated respectively.

He watched as her massive bottom jiggled with each impact violently. Of course, he took note of how her body still quivered intensely even after she had reached her wardrobe and had come to a stop.

"" Zelda panted as she reached
for her royal garb.

She pushed her fat arms through the sleeves as best she could before draping the garment atop her breasts. Her dilemma became clear as her fat arms fell to her sides, lacking the clearance to maneuver her fat hands towards the bundled fabric situated on her flabby torso.

"....Don't....just....stand...there...." she blushed angrily ""

"No bra Princess?" Link queried as he made his way in front of the Hyrulian royal.


Link tugged heavily at the fabric, smoothing it over her frame until it clung to her
fat folds perfectly.

"I suppose it wouldn't do these much good" he smirked, squeezing one of her huge
breasts as he spoke. He looked on amazed as her nipple produced more milk despite his incessant milking.

".....Thanks.....hero...." she whispered before planting her plump lips atop his. She
withdrew once she felt his member press into her dimpled thighs eagerly.


Link steadied himself as Zelda slid her fat hand atop his shoulder for support as they
proceeded to the throne room.

He felt himself amazed at how out of shape she truly was.

He had always assumed that she would be able to counteract the detrimental parts of her
obesity with magic....but she was breathless after a few minutes of labored waddling.

The sounds her body now produced also kept him in awe, her belly slapping against her
knees or her thunderous thighs scraping together were oddly alluring and concerning.

She appeared to be at her limit as they reached the throne room, both silently grateful
as they lowered her fat bottom atop her reinforced and widened throne.  

A wave of relief washed over the sweat drenched Hyrulian ruler as her deeply dimpled
butt eagerly accepted the strong seats support.

Her sweat drenched frame tinted her dress a darker shade of purple as she fanned her
face frantically, trying to regain some composure before ordering the Palace doors

------------Hyrule Gates------------

Nabooru waddled, laboriously, elegantly into the Hyrulian palace throne room.

Her fat body, quivering hypnotically as the tan skinned red-haired fat filled ruler panted heavily. Every eye in the palace halls were upon her and her quaking body as she regally made her way down the pathway to the throne.

It was clear to even the most dense servant in the palace that the Gerudo queen would soon lose the ability to stand let alone waddle at the rate she was expanding.

Zelda watched lazily from her throne as Nabooru inched closer with each labored step.

The red haired queen's eyes reflected such passion that Zelda couldn't help but feel a
shiver travel down her mammoth backside as the Gerudo ruler's eyes burned into her
fatter frame.

A soft smile crested Nabooru's sausage like lips for only a second as she made eye
contact with Zelda.

Her Hyrulian flower had blossomed perfectly in their time apart and she found herself relieved by her lover's softer visage.

She resisted the urge to lick her lips as she stared upon Zelda's fatter frame, making note of her fatter breasts and thicker belly. Nabooru felt her nipples pressing deeply into her multi-colored tube top as thoughts of Zelda suckling on her bulbous breasts, once more, filled her head.

Zelda could not help notice that the Gerudo queen had grown quite obese since their
last meeting.

An observation that bought her both relief, in the fact that she was not alone in her gluttonous growth, and an oddly primal arousal at the way her obese counterpart's immense body quivered violently.

She turned her fat head slightly to Link's side and made note that he was visibly excited as well. Her thoughts became lewd as she imagined squashing his muscular frame between her and Nabooru's soft frames.

Zelda felt her own thick nipples press into her damp dress as she soaked up Nabooru's
immensity and her own fantasies.

After what seemed like an eternity, a panting Nabooru stood winded before Zelda's throne still quivering wildly as held a fat hand atop her behemoth right breast. She was trying in vain to catch her breath as she spoke her greeting.


A sly smile crested Zelda's puffy lips as she returned the greeting eagerly.

The Gerudo queen watched on eagerly as the Hyrulian princess slowly slid her fat arms to her throne's armrests as she began preparing to stand.

Zelda's face contorted in a less than royal manner as she slowly shifted her fat feet and pushed up heavily. She finally made it to her feet, her fat face drenched in sweat, taking time to catch her breath before announcing.


------------the feasting hall------------------

A series of loud thuds echoed thorough Hyrule palace's corridors as Zelda waddled towards the feasting hall with Impa, Nabooru, Ophela, and Link in tow.

The sweat dampened faces of the immense women wore fatigued expressions as they waddled slowly, their bodies quivering with each heavy deliberate step.

Impa treated herself to a view of her Princess's swaying backside, taking pride in the
fact that she had taken part in the dimpled cellulite that packed those butt cheeks and
the fat that oozed off her torso into backfat. Impa longed to nestle her head in the princess's pillow like upper arms. Those arms were quivering and getting softer and her  thunderous thighs were getting downright titanic.

Impa found herself smiling slightly between each panted breath as she watched Zelda's flab
twitch and jiggle  far after initial movement had ended.

Nabooru soaked in the corridor filling Impa's more than ample backside.

She couldn't help but feel her already crimson cheeks burn hotter as she gazed upon the once lithe guardian's titanic tush. She could see each dimple of Impa's cottage cheese-like
boulders, as well as the many folds and rolls that culminated near it.  

The Gerudo queen silently vowed to have this woman in her bed sometime in the near future.

Ophela waddled behind her queen in awe of the Gerudo matron's mammoth proportions.

Their incessant feasting had definitely added a few inches to the Gerudo matron's
already behemoth bottom. Ophela watched the cellulite packed cheeks ooze into each other and down atop the thunderous thighs that struggled to support their heavy payload.

Link said nothing, appreciating the view Ophela was giving him as she and the others
waddled out of the corridor into the dining hall.

He found himself reaching out absentmindedly to the quivering woman's butt as they entered the dining hall.

His hands grasped tightly at their soft expanse as she stopped to catch her breath.

"" she huffed as the others waddled to their seats "....later...."

He snapped back to reality in time just enough to find himself feeling a small tad of
empathy as her nostrils flared desperately for air as her body continued to drench itself with sweat.

He quickly lost that feeling as her damp clothing sunk deeper into her every fold quite
provocatively as she waddled forward.

He quickly rushes ahead to draw out two large chairs for each panting woman. They smiled
weakly as they lower their bottoms atop the seats and sit wheezing for a few minutes. He
helps them to adjust themselves as they try to compose themselves before going to call
the chef.

Nabooru is the first to move as her fat fingers begin to unfasten her sarong, allowing her creamy mocha skinned belly flab to surge out even further beneath the table.

Her uppermost fold spilled out atop the wooden table heavily allowing her bloated breasts the opportunity to shift deeper into her dimpled upper arms.

She sighs in relief, savoring the coolness that the table bought to her sweaty flesh
before suggesting that the others follow suit.

Zelda nods in reply, causing her jowls to compress and release as her fat fingers begin
to loosen her dress's drawstrings. The regal Hyrulian's face relaxes as her belly spills forward within her, now loose, tent like dress.

Impa remains motionless, her flabby forefront quivering with each breath, she doesn't
mind her tights constricting fabric she enjoys the pressure it produces.

Ophela follows suit, her creamy mocha flesh oozing further forward as the cook finally
arrives with a number of trays and servants.

Zelda is the first to dig in, juices running down her quivering chin as she greedily
sucks down a few sausage links.

Nabooru is slowly draining the contents of a large bowl of pudding, her head tilted
backwards as the goop slowly slides past her plump lips.

Impa is draining a hearty stew in the same manner as the Gerudo ruler, the only
exception being that she has a few bowls resting atop her cascading folds for easy

Ophela palms handfuls of desserts into her gaping maw moaning softly as trays continue
being switched out.

Link sits silently resisting the urge to pounce upon these fattened foxes as they
continue to gorge lazily.

He watches as they eat in a way that is almost harmonic as platters are moved and
replaced with precision. He feels that time is slowing and blurring as he watches fat
lips part and close.

He feels a stirring feeling as fat jowls compress and expand with each swallow. He feels as though the tempo peaks with each heavy rise and fall of their tubby torsos.

The symphony of glutton continued until the conclusion came just as slowly as the start.

Zelda was the first to signal that she was done, servants removing all her platters as
her glazed eyes struggled to focus.

Her fat coated belly distended far ahead of her and to her sides. Her face wore a slightly pained expression as she tried to move a tired hand to her taut belly.

Nabooru, secretly grateful that Zelda had stopped, signaled for her platters to be
removed as well. Her face, looking slightly weary, betrayed her true state of near food
coma induced sluggishness. She summoned some strength to bring a fat hand to one of her
bloated breasts as she panted softly.

Impa and Ophela finished at the same time, signaling for their mounds of platters to be
taken away.

Impa's tight spandex now sporting a slight ripping sound as her forefront heaved with
each labored breath.

Ophela sat slightly dazed, concerned that her queen's insistence for her to gorge
had made fullness a feeling of the past. She watched slightly the others appear to be
at their limit whilst she felt as though she could perhaps eat a bit more.

Her gaze shifted down to her bulging belly, her mind starting to process that she had long
passed the point of no return.

She slowly lifted her gaze to find Nabooru staring at her, a proud look on her fat
face, she mouthed a smile before the royal chefs bought in dessert.

Ophela's stomach began to roar dully as the smell of chocolate reached her nostrils. She was the first to dig into the after dinner treat, chocolate smearing across her plump lips.

----------------later that night------------------

Nabooru sat awake in the reinforced bed that held her, unable to rest despite her food
induced sluggishness, her mind flashing back to the corridors....and that immense
backside quivering in front of her.

She couldn't help feeling a bit upset with her Zelda for keeping that gray haired,
gelatinous, goddess from her.

The way those dimpled cheeks slapped into each other and rebounded away in a quivering rhythm had imbed itself into her memory. She couldn't seem to keep that woman out of her mind no matter what she tried.

So in her frustrations she slid her fat thighs to the bed's edge, allowing her belly to succumb to gravity bringing her to a forward leaning squat position.

Her belly pressed into the cold tile, a relieving sensation, as Nabooru slid her fat
hands to the bed's side pushing upwards as best she could.

She arched her wide back as she lurched forward, resting on her fat heels as she stood quivering beneath her purple nightwear.

She slowly waddled towards the door, her fat body jiggling intensely with each labored

She exited her room into the draft filled corridor, her underbelly catching a cool breeze as she waddled towards the royal chambers. Her thong devouring bottom jostling
heavily as she passed the next chamber.

It was slightly cracked open and her curiosity, getting the better of her, bought her eyes to the crack inside.

Inside she saw Ophela atop her bed on all fours, her face beet red as her body quivered
violently. She saw the Hero of time thrusting from behind, his face bearing a sly grin
as he pumped into the flaccid Gerudo woman.

Nabooru fought back the urge to join in as she continued to watch Link continue to lay claim to her fattest subordinate.

Nevertheless, she found that woman occupying her thoughts again...only with images of naughty things sprinkled in.

She slowly backed away as soft moans began to emerge from the chamber.

Nabooru returned to the corridor her eyes holding a thin mist as she reached the next

She rounded the corner to find her belly slamming into the soft warm mass that was Impa.

"Are you okay Queen Nabooru?" the triple chinned woman whispered, her voice a sultry
bass touched serenade.

"I am now..." Nabooru stuttered as she found her hands unconsciously stroked the fatter
woman's thick rolls. Her memory was a bit addled by desire, but she could almost swear
that the gray haired beauty was even fatter than before.

"Like what you see" Impa chuckled sending jostles through her underwear clad frame "You are just as bad as Lady Zelda!"

"I think you will find me better..." Nabooru cooed "I have never been accused of leaving someone wanting."

"You talk big" Impa quipped in return "I hope you can back it up!"

"I assure you I can!" Nabooru smirked waddling past her next lover, giving her a good
glimpse at her behemoth butt.

"Please do..." Impa grunted softly as she followed suit, closing the door behind her as
she entered her chambers.

Nabooru slid her fat belly against Impa's as she slid her hand up its fatty surface
until she reached those bulbous breasts of hers. She slid her fat fingers beneath the
gray haired woman's bra and began to grope longingly at them.

Impa let loose a soft moan as her nipples stiffened beneath the red-haired gerudo's palms.
Impa slid her hands to Nabooru's sides just as eagerly and began to massage the fleshy
flanks passionately. A soothing warmth passed through the Gerudo's thick folds as Impa
summoned a bit of magic to her fat hands.

The bloated and overly stuffed feeling that had been somewhat hindering Nabooru seemed to disappear as her body thickened, unbeknownst to her, and congealed with more flab.

Nabooru's expansion was slow and almost deliberate, Impa looking on eagerly as the
Gerudo Matron's fat cheeks and thick chins thickened even more than before.

Her mocha tinted breasts cascaded farther down her dark belly folds, which had thickened into droopy creamy shelves of flab. Her bottom expanded out behind her, the last smooth
areas dimpling with cellulite, as her dimpled hips pressed out further from her sides.

"This one has potential" Impa thought gratefully as she stepped back enough to get a
glimpse of the Gerudo's thickening thighs.

Nabooru found herself groping air as Impa slowly lumbered back, a look of confusion
filled her fatter face before Impa bought her obese bottom to the bed behind her.

A playful look crossed Impa's face as she unclasped her overtaxed bra and signaled for
Nabooru to join her.

Nabooru's puzzled expression morphed into a lustful one as she waddled over towards her
bedbound prize. She would have notice how much more effort it took or how she jiggled
more than she used to if she weren't so ridden with desire.

She was still growing larger as she stopped before Impa, her gain ending only as she removed her own overstuffed bra as well.

Impa stopped Nabooru as she turned to join her on the bed, her voice demanding as she
spoke her chosen words carefully.

"Tonight I will be the queen Nabooru...." she said sternly "and your queen wishes to be

Nabooru felt a wave of indignation sweep over her for a second as she caught on to
Impa's intention. She decided to throw away her pride for a moment and dropped to her
fat encumbered knees slowly. Her fat fingers pushing aside thunderous thighs as she
slid her fat cheeks into Impa's forbidden parts. Her tongue darted in viciously
causing Impa to let loose a weak moan.


"....More....More...." Ophela moaned as Link continued to plow into her womanhood. She
was adamant that he took charge as things progressed.

He didn't mind that every part of her seemed to jiggle, or that she was almost always
hungry. He didn't mind that she was severely limited to the positions they could have or
that she had to stop to snack midway. In fact, she was pretty sure he enjoyed
it....almost as much as she was enjoying it.

She felt him enter again and again as her blubber filled butt pushed him aloft after
every stroke. She savored each entrance with a bite of her thick lower lip as he
thrusted harder and grabbed more flesh.

He battered her with compliments as she climaxed, her whalish body giving way beneath her.
She still wanted more as he dismounted and made his way around her...she needed more... and to her surprise he told her to be still and left her lying nude atop her bed.

She almost felt herself tear up in frustration before he returned minutes later with a tray
of decadent desserts.

"Eat up" he said softly as he placed the tray in front of her "I know you have got to
be hungry."

She tried to ignore the growing hunger in her belly as she desperately wanted to avoid
looking like a pig, especially when she had the choice to eat without her Queen's guilt

She remembered back to the dining hall when the realization hit her that she was past the point of no return....she sighed deeply before unwrapping an over-sized cupcake-like treat and guzzling it down.

"Who was she kidding anyway?" She thought as the sugary food slid past her lips she
enjoyed the unrestrained gluttony too much to diet or stop.

"If he wants to see me make a pig out of myself..." she continued her mental monologue
"then he is going to need to bring a lot more food."

Link headed back to his place behind her, almost entering, when he heard her grunt at
him huskily.

"I need more food fairy boy...." she cooed as she slid the empty tray to the side of
the bed "You didn't think that meager snack could fill me up did you?"

He smiled coyly as he returned to her side "Of course not, a woman of your size needs a
full sized meal for a snack."

She felt her cheeks redden at his sarcasm, yet she couldn't help but feel her arousal
building once more.

"Then make me a snack!" she grunted as she rolled onto her side "Otherwise you can say
goodnight to a woman of my size."

He scrambled to find his pants and left without so much a warning, leaving Ophela with
a smile across her thick lips.

-----------in the royal chambers-------------

Zelda lay atop her bed exhausted and bloated from the evening's meal, plus the snacks
she had afterwards, longing for sleep to grace her with its presence.

She let out a soft groan as her packed belly felt near to bursting. Zelda pressed her
fat hands into her taut belly and began to summon the magic Impa had taught her to her
finger tips. A soft moan echoed through her room as her body began to thicken beneath
her spell.

Her bloated cheeks thickened slightly as her jowls filled in a bit more. Her tremendous
tits sagged a bit more as they made their way a few centimeters lower across her thickening belly expanse.

Her nighty let loose a few rips as the seams that rested on her lard filled love-handles gave way beneath its growing mass.

Zelda let out a soft sigh of relief as some of her creamy flab spilled out of the rips,
widening their length and allowing her some much needed pressure relief.

She felt herself lift slightly as her backside continued to expand slowly but surely.

Her already threadbare panties becoming engulfed by her ever dimpling cheeks and thunderous thighs.

She found herself hungry once more, after her expansion ended, a fact that she found
more than a bit irksome.
She reached her fat hand to her servant's bell and let loose a few rings as her belly rumbled intently.

Her servants came to her aid in minutes carrying trays of food, the routine known all
to well by now, and a few goblets of wine.

"Keep it coming" Zelda ordered sternly as she reached her fat fingers for the first dessert item "I am extremely hungry tonight."
So this is kinda the turning point of the story in a way....I don't want to spoil anything but things should wrap up neatly in the next two chapters. Once again I don't own Legend of Zelda or any of the characters. Critiques and comments are always welcome and I hope you enjoy!
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Mature Content Filter is On. The Artist has chosen to restrict viewing to deviants 18 and older.
(Contains: nudity, sexual themes, strong language and ideologically sensitive material)

Beatrice set eyes on a silver pendant sitting on a red velvet pad as she searched through the jewelry store. On front of the pendant was the etching of a small, pig-like figure. "Oh, that's so cute!" squeed Beatrice. She had always been a sucker for cute jewelry, and this was no exception. "You like that one?" asked the shopkeeper. The shopkeeper was a young woman like Beatrice, but Beatrice had a good 100 pounds on her. "I do! It's adorable!" replied Beatrice. "If you would like, you can try it on," said the shopkeeper, pulling it out of the display and handing it to Beatrice. Beatrice looked in the mirror as she put it on, gasping at how good it looked on her. "I've got to have it!" exclaimed Beatrice. "'s been here for so long, just waiting for a girl like you. So I can give it to you half off..." said the shopkeeper. That was a deal that Beatrice couldn't pass up. She handed the money over to the shopkeeper. "Alright, enjoy your new jewelry!" exclaimed the shopkeeper as Beatrice walked for the door. After Beatrice walked out, the shopkeeper laughed. "Enjoy it...I know I will..." said the shopkeeper as she put the money away...

Beatrice walked into her apartment, taking a second to adore the pendant she was wearing around her neck. "That was one hell of a deal!" said Beatrice, glad that she got the pendant for cheap. However, as she stared, she felt pangs of hunger forming in her stomach. "Oh right...I haven't eaten all day..." thought Beatrice as she walked to the kitchen to make herself something. She prepared herself a pizza, waiting in anticipation as it cooked. After twenty minutes, she pulled it out of the oven and waited for it to cool down. Finally, after a stunning display of willpower, Beatrice took the first slice and bit into it. It tasted much better than the pizzas she had made before, but she chalked it up to not having eaten all day. Beatrice finished the first slice, then moved onto the second, not wasting any time in filling her belly. She ate and ate, the third, fourth, and fifth slices devoured in seconds. Finally, the entire pizza was gone and in Beatrice's stomach. However, her stomach roared with hunger, begging for more. Beatrice found herself in the kitchen, looking for anything she could eat. She put another pizza in the oven while searching for a snack to hold her over until it was ready. Luckily, she found a big bag of chips, which she ate by the handful. Unfortunately, it didn't last very long, and Beatrice had to find some more treats to satisfy her. After the longest twenty minutes of her life, the buzzer on the oven rang, letting Beatrice know the second pizza was done. She devoured it in record time, finally feeling sated after having down both pizzas and a plethora of other snacks. She grimaced, her clothes feeling tighter than they had before. "Ugh, the stupid dryer must have shrunk my clothes..." groaned Beatrice, completely oblivious to the obvious. Her stomach and breasts had bulged outwards from her feast, looking as though she had packed on another 20 pounds! "Oh well, I'll just have to go find some good clothes..." thought Beatrice as she walked to her room and into her closet...

After spending a few minutes finding clothes, Beatrice walked back into her kitchen. Her stomach was growling again, her previous meal not keeping her filled for very long. She tossed open the pantry doors and began to eat. At first, she found the cereal, devouring two boxes of it within a few minutes. Then, she moved up to more chips, downing them in what felt like seconds a piece. She was stuffing herself, working her way through the pantry. She moaned as she satisfied her sweet tooth, finding and ingesting a giant bag of chocolates. She remained oblivious to what this feast was doing to her body. Her stomach was getting softer, and her breasts were getting rounder as she ate. Her clothes were pulled tight again, but she just kept eating. The contents of her pantry were disappearing into Beatrice's mouth, her waistline expanding with every one. And all the time, Beatrice failed to notice any change to her body. She bent over to pick up something on a low shelf, the seat of her pants ripping loudly as it gave in. "Stupid clothes! They don't make them like they used to..." gasped Beatrice. Her shirt was popping at the seams, but she didn't pay it any mind. Her stomach was still growling, and Beatrice needed to fill it. As her gluttony continued, the rip in the seat of her pants expanded, and her shirt pulled tighter and tighter across her chest. She had eaten everything, from chips and cookies to crackers and cakes. Her pantry was beginning to empty, but she wasn't getting any more full! She scavenged for whatever she could eat, her clothes giving little by little. Finally, after another handful of treats, her pants and shirt both exploded off of her. Her breasts were overflowing her bra, and her panties looked like a thong between her massive thighs. It looked as though she'd doubled in size, to around 400 pounds, but she still remained completely ignorant to the fact.  "Did some moths get to all my clothes or what?! They're just falling apart today!" said Beatrice, annoyed. As she began to walk to her closet for the second time today, her phone began to ring. Beatrice took a deep breath, putting a less annoyed tone to her voice before answering it. "Hello?" asked Beatrice. "Hi!" replied the voice on the other end. Beatrice immediately knew it was her friend Mallory. "What's up?" asked Beatrice, putting her hand on her hip. "Leslie and I were going to be heading to the usual spot downtown. Would you like to tag along?" asked Beatrice. Beatrice's stomach growled again, giving her an answer. "Sure, I'll go. I'll just need a few minutes, then I'll meet you there!" said Beatrice. "Alright! See you then!" said Mallory as she hung up the phone.

This time, Beatrice put on the most durable pair of sweatpants she had. She managed to squeeze into a shirt as well. "I'm going to have to go get some new clothes if all of these keep shrinking like this...maybe a new dryer instead?" thought Beatrice out loud as she walked out the door and began to work her way to the usual spot. It was a restaurant downtown that the girls enjoyed. And right now, it sounded like it would hit the spot. "Hey, I can show off this pendant at least!" realized Beatrice as she walked.

Beatrice walked through the double doors in the front of the restaruant, feeling more than a bit winded. "Whew...maybe I'm getting sick or something...that usually doesn't take that much out of me..." panted Beatrice. Looking around, she could see that Mallory and Leslie hadn't quite made it there yet. Her search was interupted by a waitress coming up. "Hi! Can I lead you to a table?" asked the waitress. She seemed familiar, but Beatrice shook it off. She was feeling much too hungry to care about deja vu right now. "Yes, please!" said Beatrice, following the waitress. "Alright, do you know what you want right away? Any appetizers or drinks?" asked the waitress. "Hmm...I'm waiting on two friends...but I'll go ahead and take some breadsticks!" said Beatrice, not wanting to start feasting without her friends. "Alright, I'll be right back!" exclaimed the waitress as she walked away. True to her word, the waitress returned moments later with two plates stacked high with breadsticks. "Here you go! If there's anything I can get you, don't hesitate to let me know!" said the waitress, leaving Beatrice to her own devices. Beatrice immediately began stuffing her face with the buttery bread, stifling a moan as the delicious flavor hit her tastebuds. She chewed and swallowed quickly, only to put even more in her mouth. She was working as hard as she could to satisfy her hunger, but no matter what she did she was completely ravenous! Soon, both plates were completely gone. But before she could call the waitress for more, the waitress showed up with Mallory and Leslie in tow. "Here's your friend! I'll be back in a minute to take your orders!" said the waitress. She put one more plate of breadsticks on the table before walking away. "Hey there!" said Beatrice, eating one of the sticks. "Hey! Have you been waiting a while?" asked Mallory. "No, not at all!" said Beatrice, working on another breadstick. Before any more questions could be asked, the waitress returned. "Alright, so what will everybody have?" asked the waitress. Beatrice's sweet tooth was beginning to take over again. "I'll have the dessert platter!" said all three girls at once, looking at each other in amazement. "Alright, three dessert platters coming up!" laughed the waitress as she walked away.

The waitress returned a while later with the platters, putting one in front of each girl. All of them were stacked high with various types of treats. Beatrice didn't wait, instantly grabbing two handfuls of the sweet treats and greedily gulping them down. By the time Mallory and Leslie had finished two treats, it seemed like Beatrice had finished a dozen! Her clothes were growing tighter and tighter as she ate, but she didn't pay it any mind. All she wanted was to quell this hunger! "Oh, these are amazing! Here, Beatrice, try this one!" exclaimed Leslie, pushing the treat directly into Beatrice's mouth. She didn't even bat an eyelash as she accepted the treat. "What about this one? It has such delicious chocolate!" said Mallory as she pushed a treat past Beatrice's lips. Her clothes were creaking and groaning, trying to hold back her expanding body. However, none of the girls seemed to notice, working on pushing all of the food into Beatrice's stomach. The silver pendant felt warm on her neck as Beatrice continued to eat. She moaned as teh barrage of desserts continued. "Oh yes...yes...ooooooooh...OH!" gasped Beatrice as suddenly her clothes exploded off of her. The sudden release caused the elastic on her bra and panties to snap as well, leaving her completely naked. "Oh God!" gasped Beatrice, her face turning bright red. Before she could do anything else, the chair snapped underneath her 800 pound body, sending her toppling to the floor.

Beatrice's breasts bounced wildly as she hit the floor. She couldn't believe what had just happened! "Oh my God! I-I'm so fat!" gasped Beatrice. She could hazily remember eating all the food she had today, but she couldn't believe that she actually did it! Mallory and Beatrice got up from their chairs, bringing their platters along with them. They began to push the food into her mouth, ignoring her protests. She could feel her body bulging outwards with each one, but no matter how big she got, she still felt hungry! "Oh, what a cute gold pendant!" said the waitress as she returned. Beatrice's eyes went wide. Gold? It had been silver before! "Hmm...but I could have sworn it was silver..." giggled the waitress as she looked into Beatrice's eyes. Beatrice gasped as she looked at the waitress. She recognized her! She was the saleswoman at the jewelry store! "You're such a fatty, Beatrice!" exclaimed Mallory, pushing a creampuff into her mouth. Beatrice groaned, unable to stop eating. "You see...that pendant was made to make you hungry...hungry and oblivous to all the food you were just ate and ate, getting fatter and fatter, until now you're just a big ball of fat! You can't even move!" said the waitress, "...but that's not all! It also made your friends here super eager to feed you!" On cue, Mallory and Leslie both fed Beatrice another treat. "W-why...?!" moaned Beatrice, barely getting out that word before she was force fed even more. "Because I want to have some fun with you...just sit back and've done such a good job of that already!" laughed the waitress as she grabbed some food herself and began feeding Beatrice.

Bit by bit, Beatrice was made to eat treat after treat after treat. She began to balloon outwards with the three girls feeding her, none of them slowing down. No matter how much she had, the platters never seemed to empty. And now matter how much she ate, Beatrice never felt any fuller. Her stomach growled, begging for more food even as Beatrice got fatter and fatter. "You're becoming such a blubber-ball, Beatrice!" laughed Leslie. Beatrice moaned. She was getting so big, but she was still so hungry! And all of the food only seemed to taste more and more delicious with each pound she gained. "O-oh...please...p-please stop..." moaned Beatrice, not convincing anybody. "I don't think that's really what you want..." said the waitress, stuffing a giant slice of chocolate cake into Beatrice's mouth. "The pendant only amplified what you already've always had this insatiable appetite...that pendant only brought it out of you..." finished the waitress, continuing to feed Beatrice. "N-no...I can't...I can't...I...I..." whimpered Beatrice in between treats from each of the girls. She was gaining weight at an incredible pace, but still she craved more! "Come know you want it..." said the waitress, holding up a delicious looking pastry. Beatrice's felt her mouth watering at the sight of it. "Oooooooooooooooooh! I...I'm so hungry! I need more food!" begged Beatrice, not having to wait for each of the girls to begin feeding her even faster.

"That's it! Eat it all up!" said Mallory and Leslie in unison as Beatrice continued to eat. She was getting absolutely huge, blowing up to well over 2,000 pounds. "Big, fat, and naked...what a sexy combination!" laughed the waitress as she stuffed everything she could get her hands on into Beatrice's mouth. "H-how are...are you doing this?!" gasped Beatrice in between treats. She couldn't believe how fat she was getting! And yet, she wanted to eat more and more, her hunger not slowing down one bit! "It was simple, really...just a pendant...a little spark of magic...and a hungry girl like you..." said the waitress. "M-magic?! What do you me-MMPF!" exclaimed Beatrice before Mallory and Leslie silenced her with food. She moaned as she swallowed, her body bulging outwards more and more with each bite she took. "I mean that I'm a witch! And you're completely under my spell...!" laughed the waitress as she snapped her fingers. Beatrice was blinded by a bright light, taking a few seconds to regain her vision. When she did, she was amazed! There was food piled high all around her! "So, your name is Beatrice...mine's Harmony...and I'm not going to stop until all of this food is in that big, bloated belly of yours!" promised Harmony, stuffing a large slice of pie into Beatrice's mouth.

"Here, eat this!" demanded Leslie as she pushed some chocolate cake into Beatrice's mouth. "No, you have to try this!" demanded Mallory, pushing a massive creampuff into Beatrice. "No, you're both wrong! Here you go, Beatrice!" laughed Harmony as she fed Beatrice an irresistible eclair. Beatrice didn't say anything, letting the girl's little argument fatten her up even further. The original platters had long since been emptied, and now the girls were reaching for any food that they could get their hands on. "Oh, Beatrice! I can feel your stomach getting bigger!" exclaimed Mallory. "And so are your boobs! You're growing so quickly!" exclaimed Leslie, each girl squeezing that part of Beatrice. Beatrice moaned as she was forced to eat more and more food. She never would have imagined that it was possible to eat this much, but she was gaining hundreds of pounds of fat from all of the treats she was eating! She closed her eyes and held her mouth open, allowing the trio to fatten her up even further...

"My my, you're coming along quite nicely!" exclaimed Harmony. Beatrice had ballooned in size, growing to nearly 5,000 pounds! The girls were feeding her with the same fervor that she had fed herself with earlier, but they had much more food than she had! She was being forced to eat more food than she had ever even seen in her life! "Doesn't that feel wonderful? All of that soft, warm fat? I can actually see you fattening up!" laughed Harmony. Beatrice was aware of that sight as well. She could see herself inflating, as though she was a blimp filling with fat! She let out a muffled moan as Mallory and Leslie stuffed more food into her mouth. "Oooooooooooooh...that feels so good..." gasped Beatrice between mouthfuls of food. "You're such a hungry girl...!" said Leslie, working to quell Beatrice's growing hunger. "Mmmmmmmmmmm...yes...yes...fill me up..." begged Beatrice. "Don't worry...we're not going to stop anytime soon...!" said Harmony, stuffing a giant slice of cake into Beatrice's mouth.

"Oh! good..." moaned Beatrice, her body growing faster and faster with every bite she took. "So much sexy fat...tell me, do you like how it feels?" asked Harmony. "Oh yes!" replied Beatrice, holding her mouth open for Mallory and Leslie to feed her. "Just think of how much bigger you can get...just how much fatter we can make you..." said Harmony, tempting her. Beatrice felt a wave of pleasure come over her, cooing as her mind filled with naughty thoughts. She gasped as she felt Mallory and Leslie squeeze her breasts gently. "W-what are you two doing?!" stammered Beatrice as they squeezed again and again. Beatrice bit her lip as she felt her nipples stiffening under their touch. Soon, their fingers were tracing circles around her erect nipples, causing her to gasp and moan as Harmony stuffed her face with food. "Just look at're getting absolutely massive!" said Harmony. Beatrice tried to respond, but she was cut off by another treat. "And from all the moaning, it sounds like this is really getting you worked want to get turns you on, doesn't it?" asked Harmony. Beatrice cried out, nodding her head weakly. Eating as much as she could and having her nipples played with had brought her to a level of pleasure that she hadn't experienced before. And all she wanted was to keep going! "That's a good girl and keep eating!" laughed Harmony, giving Beatrice exactly what she wanted.

Beatrice's body quivered as Mallory and Leslie stroked, tickled, and pinched her nipples, sending more and more pleasure into her. Meanwhile, Harmony was sending more and more fat through her, indulging Beatrice. She whimpered as she felt herself expanding faster. She had to be over 10,000 pounds! "So, do you still want more?" asked Harmony, looking deep into Beatrice's eyes. "Ooooooooh...yes...yes!" replied Beatrice. Harmony smiled, putting a finger on Beatrice's skin. After a second, Beatrice felt a small shock. "Oh! W-what was that?!" gasped Beatrice. "Just a little magic to help things along! Just focus on your friends' playing for a moment..." said Harmony. Beatrice did as she was told. She gasped as she made the realization Harmony was pushing her towards. With every stroke across her nipple, Beatrice's body bulged outwards! "See? Feeling pleasure makes you fatter...and the bigger the pleasure...the biggger you'll get!" exclaimed Harmony. Beatrice felt herself begin growing even faster as she thought about it. "M-more...more...!" demanded Beatrice, falling even deeper into Harmony's spell.

There was no end to the food in sight as Harmony continued to feed her. "That's it, you big pig...keep eating!" laughed Harmony as she stuffed handful after handful of food into Beatrice's mouth. She was quivering, her breasts bouncing as her friends played with her nipples. Her stomach was bulging outwards with every treat she ate, sending a warm feeling through her. She just wanted to keep eating! "You're such a fatass...but you must still be starving!" exclaimed Mallory. Beatrice's face turned a bright red as she ate what Harmony gave her. She knew that she should feel ashamed at that, but she couldn't help but to feel even more turned on! "Hmmm...I think we should speed this up..." said Harmony as she snapped her fingers. Beatrice gasped as she watched all of the food in the room lift into the air. "What's the matter? Never seen a little magic before?" giggled Harmony. Beatrice watched as the food began to hover towards her. She smiled, happily opening her mouth as the first of the treats flew into her. They began to stream into her mouth, going faster and faster as Beatrice swallowed. Harmony put her fingers on Beatrice's skin, filling the ripples of fat as she ballooned outwards. "Oh, isn't that sexy...?" asked Harmony as she concentrated. Beatrice moaned as she felt a tingling sensation spread out from where Harmony's fingers were. As it spread, so did Beatrice, growing faster as it filled her. "W-what...w-was that...?" cooed Beatrice. Harmony kept her hands where they were. "Oh, I'm just pumping a litle something something into you...just to speed up the process...!" exclaimed Harmony. Beatrice cried out as the pleasure inside of her spiked from Harmony's words. "O-oh God! I'm gonna...gonna get so fat!" exclaimed Beatrice, loving the very thought of it...

"Oh,'re so big and soft...!" moaned Leslie. "And you're only getting bigger! You're like a blimp!" laughed Mallory. Both girls were loving the feeling of Beatrice's behemoth breasts ballooning outwards against their bodies. She was filling the dining room, her 25,000 pound body smothering tables and chairs all around her. Mallory and Leslie pulled their fingers away for a second before replacing them with their tongues. Beatrice screamed before being silenced by the flying food. She began ballooning outwards as pleasure filled her from her friend's naughty tongues. Meanwhile, Harmony squeezed handfuls of Beatrice's breast fat, sending energy surging into her. She was downing hundreds of pounds of food, getting bigger and rounder as everything filled her with more and more fat. "You must love this so much...just how badly do you want it?" asked Harmony. "MMPF...I...I want it...want it so badly...!" moaned Beatrice. "Good...I want you to beg for it..." instructed Harmony. "Oooooooooooooh...feed me more! Please, make me fatter!" pleaded Beatrice. "That'll do...for now...!" laughed Harmony as she pushed even more energy into Beatrice, making her gasp as her body surged outwards.

Beatrice cooed as she felt Mallory and Leslie's tongues against her nipples, licking and stroking them with the tips of their tongues. She could feel her breasts inflating, blowing up like blimps before her very eyes. They felt so full and heavy, and getting only heavier as they pushed her friends away from her. Every brush against her sensitive nipples sent shockwaves of pleasure through Beatrice, leaving her crying out in delight, allowing all of the food into the room to push itself into her waiting mouth. She closed her eyes and lost herself in the feeling of her behemoth belly bulging outwards with every morsel of food. It pushed against the wall to the kitchen, causing her to gasp as a ripple of fat flowed across her body. "I'm so fat...I-I'm such a fatass...!" gasped Beatrice, her words sending another wave of pleasure through her. She felt like nothing more than a big, fat balloon, being filled with food and pleasure, naughty thoughts and magical energy. It all combined inside of her to create one of the deepest euphorias that Beatrice could imagine. She could feel every pound of fat shaking and quivering as the pleasure grew to a point that she couldn't contain. "O-OH...OH GOD...OH GOD...!" screamed Beatrice. She let out a deep, primal moan as her eyes fluttered into the back of her head as she came. Mallory and Leslie gasped as their friend suddenly began to balloon outwards, her breasts bouncing wildly as her growing shook them. "That's it...keep eating, Beatrice!" exclaimed Leslie. "Just like that, you fat blob!" laughed Mallory. Much to Beatrice's surprise, her friend's taunts only made her cum harder. She gasped for air in between the food coming into her mouth, unable to do anything but get fatter and fatter as her stomach smashed through the wall into the kitchen.

"Hmmm...who knew that eating like that would get you off...?" asked Harmony as she looked at Beatrice's flushed face. She was still trying to catch her breath as the pleasure came back down to a level she could handle. She had expanded to well over 50,000 pounds, much to her delight. "Ooooooooooh...t-that was...that was amazing..." moaned Beatrice, taking another piece of food in her mouth. "So now we know that food has that pleasureful effect on you, why don't we really feed you? You'll just keep getting bigger and bigger and bigger...just how good it'll feel the second time when you're even fatter!" said Harmony, enticing Beatrice. Beatrice let out a moan and held her mouth open, allowing the full stream of treats to flow back into her. Beatrice's stomach surged into the kitchen, destroying everything that stood in it's way. Meanwhile, Mallory and Leslie couldn't contain their lust for Beatrice's ballooning body. They pressed themselves into her breasts and each took one of Beatrice's nipples in their mouth. Beatrice screamed as she felt them begin to suck, gently at first, but quickly sucking harder and harder. She began growing in bursts as the pleasure reached deep into her body. "OH! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH! G-GIRLS!" shrieked Beatrice in disbelief at her friend's naughty sucking. She never thought they'd go this far in making her fatter! Mallory and Leslie could feel Beatrice getting larger and larger with every suck they took, encouraging them to suck faster and harder. "Mmmmmmmmm...oooooooooooh...m-more...more..." moaned Beatrice, gasping as Mallory and Leslie helped with their lips and tongues...

There was a loud thud as Beatrice's body slammed into the walls of the restaurant, pushing against them, her body beginning to rise up on a sea of fat where it couldn't go outwards any more. "Ha! You filled the entire building! You're such a pig!" laughed Harmony, causing Beatrice to turn a bright red. She just couldn't stop eating! More and more food just seemed to appear around her, filling her mouth and causing her to push harder and harder against the walls. "You're still not satisfied?! Even after gaining tens of thousands of pounds?!" asked Harmony, in mock amazement. Beatrice could tell that Harmony knew better. She knew that Beatrice couldn't bring herself to stop getting fatter and fatter. It just felt too good! "Come on, ladies, let's send this blimp through the walls!" demanded Harmony, Mallory and Leslie eagerly obeying. They sucked faster and faster, causing Beatrice's entire body to quiver like gelatin. She could feel the walls cracking under the pressure her massive girth was exerting. There was little she could do as she ballooned bigger and bigger. Finally, she let out a loud gasp as her body punched through the outer walls of the building, her fat flowing forth into the streets...

Beatrice moaned loudly as her friends continued to suck. Her fat was surging outwards from the ruined restaurant, her stomach quickly crossing the street and slamming into the building across from her. Her lovehandles smashing into the buildings at her sides, and her butt bulldozed into the building behind her. She continued to grow, despite there being no more food flying into her mouth. All that was keeping her going was Harmony's magic and the pleasure from Mallory and Leslie's playing. "Wow, you're such a big butterball! So big and fat, you must be over 100,000 pounds!" exclaimed Harmony. Beatrice whimpered at that number. She could feel fat distributing itself across her massive blob of a body. "Big, fat, and naked...oh, everybody around must be amazed to see a girl like you!" laughed Harmony. Beatrice gasped, her face turning a bright red. She hadn't thought about that! Everybody would be able to see her getting fatter and fatter, beyond anything they could imagine! Beatrice was surprised to find a growing excitement inside of her. She didn't care who could see her, just so long as she got bigger! " about we make you big enough that everybody in the world can see that massive appetite of yours..." suggested Harmony, but Beatrice knew she didn't have a choice. Harmony was going to blow her up until she couldn't take any more! Beatrice tossed back her head and let out a deep moan as she thought about just how big she could get.

"G-Gah...mmmmmmmmmm...oh...oh...OH!" cried Beatrice as her breasts grew bigger and rounder. They felt so incredibly full, and only getting fuller with every suck that the girls took. However, the added pressure only made the pleasure even better, sending Beatrice's body flying outwards. She was growing into the adjacent buildings, fighting for space in the cramped city. Mallory and Leslie stroked Beatrice's nipples with their tongues in between sucks, causing Beatrice to coo. "Oh yes...j-just like that...oh yes..." moaned Beatrice. Her friends were quite adept at pleasuring her, possibly from the magic of the pendant still around her neck. It seemed to grow with her, the chain not even becoming tight even as Beatrice's neck became non-existent. Suddenly, Beatrice felt a small shock. She screamed as the pleasure increased further, her body growing faster to reflect the pleasure filling her. "W-what was that...?!" gasped Beatrice. "You're growing so slowly! I really want to see you balloon in size!" replied Harmony. Her breasts got fuller as they increased in size, bigger and bigger, more than 10 feet in diameter! The pressure was especially intense around her sensitive nipples. It grew and grew as the sucking continued, far beyond what Beatrice could handle. "G-girls! GIRLS!" cried Beatrice, trying to warn them, but they didn't listen. They sucked as hard as they could, trying to send Beatrice past her limits. Her breasts throbbed as they struggled to handle the incredible fullness. Finally, she let out a loud shriek as two streams of milk exploded from  her nipples and straight into the mouths of Mallory and Leslie.

Beatrice's eyes widened and her mouth hung open at the amazing pleasure that was left in place of the pressure that had been there just moments ago. Sharp shocks went through her body as Mallory and Leslie continued to suck, drawing as much pleasure from Beatrice's nipples as they could. They swallowed the milk surging past their lips, focusing on Beatrice's pleasure more than what was happening to them because of it. "M-Mallory...L-Leslie...!" cried Beatrice in between moans. She could feel them ballooning in size as she did the same. "Don't worry about them...just worrying about yourself. You must be sooooooooo hungry..." said Harmony. Beatrice's stomach growled in response, a sound that echoed through the streets. "Let's fill that big belly of yours..." said Harmony as she snapped her fingers. Suddenly, food began to fly out of all of the nearby buildings, magically appearing and rushing towards Beatrice's mouth. She barely had time to gasp before a stream of treats pushed their way into her mouth and down her throat. She moaned deeply as the taste exploded in her mouth, and her body began to balloon outwards.

Mallory and Leslie gasped as they pulled away from Beatrice's nipples, milk drenching them as they surveyed their own bodies. They had gotten truly huge, their clothes laying in tatters around them as their 500 pound bodies glistened with the creamy liquid. Their own nipples stood erect, each girl reaching across and playing with the other girl's. "Oh yes...oh yes...B-Beatrice made us so fat...!" gasped Mallory. "It feels so good...!" moaned Leslie. They played with each other as Beatrice continued to grow even fatter! "Your friends seem to really be enjoying themselves..." said Harmony as she watched Beatrice gorge herself on the food. "MMPF...I...mmmmmmmmmmm...I...MMPF!" moaned Beatrice, trying to say something but giving up as the food flew into her mouth. She figured eating did her better than speaking anyways. Her body was growing outwards, plowing over entire buildings as her body turned into a tidal wave of pure fat. "Here, let's listen to what your friends have to say..." said Harmony. To her surprise, Beatrice could hear Mallory and Leslie's voices even over her titanic tits. "Oooooooooooh...I can't stop myself...I need more!" cried Leslie. Beatrice gasped as she felt Leslie's lips wrap around her nipples and suck once more. Mallory moaned and followed close behind. The streams of milk grew at the stimulation, causing both girls to start growing once more. "Look at that...they want you to get fatter so they can get fatter too!" laughed Harmony, "but don't worry...I'm not going to let any of you girls down..."

The sheer weight of Beatrice's body sent a shiver through her. She was getting huge, positively massive! She was at least 1,000,000 pounds of fat, and only getting bigger and bigger! Her body was plowing through the city, quickly filling entire blocks with her fat. She moaned at the feeling of being the biggest thing around, and she was more than excited to get even fatter! She devoured all of the food that flew into her mouth, eagerly waiting as she felt herself becoming more massive. "G-girls...k-keep sucking...keep sucking on my tits..." moaned Beatrice, causing Mallory and Leslie to suck even harder. Beatrice's eyes shot wide open at the pleasure that flooded her. "You just can't stop growing, can you?" asked Harmony, knowing the answer. Beatrice whimpered with a mouthful of food. All of her taunts were only making the pleasure greater for her. "You've got blimps for boobs, and a giant tub of blubber for a belly!" exclaimed Harmony, causing Beatrice to moan passionately. She wanted more, needed more! Harmony squeezed her fat, sending a surge of energy into her. Beatrice cried out as she began growing even faster. "I'm not going to stop until you reach your limit...I want to see just how incredibly massive you can get!" laughed Harmony as Beatrice's lips trembled.

"O-oh...oh fuck...oh fuck..." moaned Beatrice as the pleasure skyrocketed. Mallory and Leslie were sucking with more and more zeal behind them, and Harmony was pushing a sea of energy into Beatrice. Her entire body was quivering and quaking as she demolished everything in her path. The jiggling fat was just icing on the cake, bringing her to a pleasure she hadn't felt since she had been in the restaurant. Beatrice could feel another orgasm growing deep inside her, and she was begging for it to take a hold of her. She closed her eyes and thought about every inch of fat on her body. She could feel it all tingling, bulging outwards, appearing on her all over her body. She felt goosebumps raising on her skin. All the while, her nipples were being stroked, licked, sucked, and nibbled on by Mallory and Leslie while they grew fatter off of Beatrice's milk. Her breasts throbbed, a pressure building in them again. "G-girls..." whimpered Beatrice, trying to warn them as suddenly the milk began to surge into their mouths, and ocean disappearing down their throats and sending their fat flying outwards. The feeling of her friends growing finally threw Beatrice over the edge. She screamed as she felt herself cumming a second time.

"That's it! That's it!" exclaimed Harmony as Beatrice began growing almost three times as fast. Beatrice moaned as more and more food stuffed her, making her even fatter. The feeling of getting fatter only made the orgasm all the more intense for the growing girl. "Keep growing, blow up like a fat filled balloon!" demanded Harmony, pushing even more energy into Beatrice. She let out a loud shriek as she felt it filling her, making her even fatter. Mallory and Leslie were growing at an incredible rate as they swallowed the milk that was exploding from Beatrice's nipples. They somehow remained held fast to Beatrice's nipples, despite both of them being giant balls of fat. Beatrice's body was trembling, sending waves of fat bouncing and rolling, making the girls jiggle as well. "OH! I-IT'S...IT'S TOO MUCH!" cried Beatrice between moans and bulging cheeks of food. "You're just going to have to take it anyways..." replied Harmony as she watched Beatrice's eyes roll into the back of her head.

Beatrice's body surged out of the city, having completely covered it in fat. She was only growing faster and faster as she came down from her orgasm. "Oh God...oh God..." moaned Beatrice. She was completely helpless to stop herself from getting fatter, a thought that sent a mind-numbing pleasure through her. Harmony climbed closer to Beatrice's face, smiling as she cupped Beatrice's cheeks in each of her hands. "You've gotten so does it feel?" asked Harmony. "Ooooooooooooooooh...incredible...I can't...can't describe it...!" replied Beatrice. She had completely given herself over to her fat, and she was still craving some more. Harmony ran the tip of her tongue over Beatrice's lips, causing her to gasp. "'ve got such a round face, and such full lips..." said Harmony as she leaned in and kissed Beatrice. Beatrice let out a muffled moan as she felt a flood of energy push into her mouth from Harmony's lips. Harmony opened her lips slightly, the kiss becoming more passionate as she let more energy into Beatrice. Beatrice's ballooning body surged outwards, starting to stretch over the horizon. "Alright, you big bitch, let's see just how much you can really take..." said Harmony before she leaned back in and locked her lips on Beatrice's.

The stream of energy from the girls' kiss only grew and grew, until Beatrice could hardly believe it. She felt like she was gaining thousands of pounds every second, the energy making even more fat on her body! She moaned through the kiss. Just how big could she get? How impossibly fat could Harmony make her? She had already filled the city, the country side, blowing up bigger and bigger, unable to stop! Every pound of fat she gained sent a deeper and deeper pleasure into Beatrice. With every second, Beatrice felt like she might cum again, and after a while, she began to. The bouncing waves of fat fueled one orgasm, and then another. She was growing faster and faster, growing out of control as she snowballed in size. Just when she felt like she was coming down from the pleasure, she was sent into another, even stronger orgasm. Her eyes were fluttering, a sight that made Harmony giggle. She pushed more energy into Beatrice, fueling another orgasm as Beatrice blacked out from the pleasure...

Beatrice opened her eyes with a gasp as she felt her body finally slow down in its growth. She hazily looked around, stunned by what she saw. She had become truly massive, describable only as cosmic in size. She looked and felt like a planet of fat. She must have weighed hundreds of millions of billions of pounds! She let out a loud moan. "Oh yes..." she said as she bit her bottom lip, holding back an even louder moan. "I knew you'd enjoy getting fatter...and so did your friends..." said Harmony. Beatrice could see them, looking like giant moons still sucking on her nipples, still fueled to get bigger by their lust. Beatrice's eyes opened wide as the pleasure continued to fill her. "Look at that...they're so eager to get bigger...shouldn't you want to get bigger to?" asked Harmony. "Yes...oh yes...much...much bigger..." moaned Beatrice as she thought about Harmony's offer. She had completely forgotten about the pendant around her neck that had led to all of this. It had disappeared long ago, replaced by the pleasure of starting to grow again as Harmony gave her a long, deep kiss...
A request from :iconxerxes13110: Enjoy!
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WARNING: This is a weight gain story about the girls of the Harry Potter universe. It will contain weight gain/belly stuffing. If you don't like that stuff, or have no idea what I'm talking about, than don't read! You  have been warned!


The week had flown by fast for the young wizard. Maybe a little too fast for his likings. For he had been having the week of his life, watching his two girls eat and eat. The redhead, Ginny, remained completely unaware of any changes in her eating habits, while Hermione, though seeming to notice, hadn't eaten any less.
And now it was Saturday morning, and he was more excited than he ever had been. Just last night he had seen it. He was actually surprised it had taken this long. But now the waiting was over. His girls were finally growing.


At the top of Gryffindor tower, a certain flustered redhead stared with malice at the button of her skirt. "Stupid muggle clothes." she muttered to herself as she struggled with the fastener. In a flash of inspiration, she sucked in her breath, and quickly slid the button into place.
"I just don't understand why muggle girls go through this every day." Ginny said, shaking her head at their foolishness.
Just then, Hermione popped her head into the room. "Ginny, you coming?"
"Ya, just hold up a second." Ginny said, trying adjusting her skirt to a more comfortable position. But no matter what she tried, it seemed uncomfortably tight around her middle. She gave up with a shrug as her hungry belly growled, and followed Hermione out the door.
As the pair meandered toward the great hall, Ginny looked at Hermione and asked, "Hermione, have your clothes seemed a bit tight recently?"
Hermione almost missed a step on the stairs "Oh! Uh…Yea, I guess so… a little." she stuttered out. She couldn't help but think of the last week, and the tons of food Ginny had been eating. Well, she and Ginny both. She cast a quick glance at Ginny's torso, and, to her horror, she thought she saw a little chub on her belly. After she had recovered herself a little, she asked, "Why?"
"Oh, I've just been having some trouble putting on my skirt every morning. I'm glad I'm not the only one. Think it's something with these muggle clothes?"
"Well, they do tend to shrink in the wash…" she said uncertainly.
"Oh, well that's it then. Hope they find some way to fix that." Ginny said, and with that, forgot about it.
Hermione didn't though. The brief conversation had re-kindled her fears from earlier in the week. She kept trying to glance inconspicuously at Ginny, trying to tell if that really was pudge she had seen, but couldn't get the right angle. Was that a bulge in her belly, or the light playing tricks? This went on until they reached the great hall, where Hermione was determined to figure out whether Ginny had gained or not.

At least, she was for the first few moments. Then she was hit by the overwhelming smell of breakfast wafting through the air, and quickly forgot about her little quest as she took just enough time to squeeze out a 'Hey' to Harry and Ron, who were already sitting down. As soon as that pleasantry was done and over with,  she focused her full attention to getting some food into her ravenous belly. Next to her, Ginny was busy doing the same. Both were too focused on eating as much fatty food as possible to notice Harry and Ron exchanging a knowing glance.
After a few minutes and several plates worth of feasting later, both girls leaned back into their chairs with a half-sigh, half-groan, and began to wake from their eating daze. That's not to say that they stopped eating, because they didn't; they just did it at a more human pace.
After a few moment of heavy breathing from the girls, Ginny reached for another cinnamon bun and said, "Hey guys… have either of you noticed your uniforms being a bit tight recently?"
Hermione froze and looked at the cinnamon bun she herself had just taken a bite of, and set it down gently on her plate.
Harry was just opening his mouth to say 'no' when Ron stomped on his toe under the table and said, "Yea, now that you mention it. Harry was just complaining about it this morning, weren't you Harry?"
Harry was looking angrily at Ron for stomping his toes, but quickly caught on. "Oh, yes. It's just been getting a bit smaller and smaller every day. I thought it was weird at first, but I guess the house elves must be shrinking them in the wash. They aren't used to muggle clothing."
Hermione looked up in surprise. Could it really just be her stressing out over nothing? She glanced over at Ginny's stomach. Yes, there was a clearly defined bulge in the tight yellow top, but was that just food?
"Ha! Told ya so, Hermione!" Ginny said triumphantly, stacking some pancakes onto her plate.
"I… I guess you did…" Hermione said, reluctantly picking up her unfinished cinnamon roll.
"Aw, c'mon Hermione, It won't bite!" Ron said encouragingly, stuffing one into his own mouth. "Shee? Ferpicly shafe."
Hermione laughed. Oh Ron, she thought as she took a big bite of her roll.


Hermione huffed and let out a small belch as she walked along the hallways toward her first class. Those last three pancakes had really hit her belly hard. As soon as she had finished her last bite, it was like someone dropped a brick into her poor tummy. No, more like a bowling ball, she thought as she looked at her rounded belly, which was clearly outlined against her skin tight shirt. She placed a hand lightly on the stuffed dome and sighed. Just because she wasn't gaining weight didn't mean she could pig out all the time. She could see classmates looking at her belly strangely.  Hermione ignored it.
She was almost to her Ancient Runes class when she heard a mocking voice call out from behind her. "Getting plump there, eh, Granger?" She whirled around to see Draco Malfoy, walking away from her, snickering. She harrumphed. Stupid Malfoy… But wait a second, where was he going?
Draco had just turned a corner into a hallway which Hermione knew for certain that had no classrooms. In fact, the only thing she could think of that was down that hallway was…
At that moment, she made up her mind to follow him. Though it was against her nature to be late for class, especially on the first real day, knowing what Malfoy was up to took the  higher priority in this case.
She quietly tiptoed to the hallway, and peeked around the corner. Sure enough, she saw him walk up to a picture of a bowl of fruit and tickle the pear. The pear giggled, and the picture swung away, revealing a passageway. Draco quickly stepped into it, and the painting closed.
Hermione moved as quick as her full belly would allow her to the painting.  Then, she counted to thirty before tickling the pear and stepping through the passageway into the Hogwarts kitchen.


The Hogwarts kitchen was an enormous place, a huge, open area, crowded with stoves, storage cabinets, and countertops, all miniaturized for the kitchen workers, the house-elves. They hustled and bustled about, cheerfully toiling away, getting each and every meal prepared.
But this didn't surprise Hermione, she had been to the kitchens before. As soon as she stepped into the kitchens, she hid behind a huge storage cabinet, and, peering around it's corner, spotted Malfoy.
Malfoy was talking to one of the house elves, bending low, and whispering into the elves ear, as though he wanted what was being said to remain unheard. Hermione saw the house elf laugh, and wave off a bag of money that Malfoy was trying to offer him. The elf made a beckoning motion to someone Hermione couldn't see, and suddenly a large, heart-shaped box came floating into the elfs arms. He opened up the box, (Which was nearly as big as himself,) and showed it to Malfoy. The boy nodded, and looking around fugitively, snatched up the box and exited the kitchen hastily.
Hermione came out from behind her storage cabinet and walked toward the exit. What was that all about? Had Malfoy just try to bribe a house elf for some chocolate? First off, the house elves of Hogwats didn't need any bribing. They gladly gave their food away to any who entered the kitchens. And secondly… why did Malfoy need chocolate?
Hermione had waited almost a minute to exit, and was just about to do so, when she heard a shill, high pitched voice call her name from somewhere in the kitchen.
Hermione looked behind her. Sure enough, running toward her, was Dobby the house elf, a sprightly little character whom Harry had freed from his cruel masters some years ago, and had grown to adore him and his friends.
"MISS HERMIONE!" Oh, Dobby has waited so long for Harry Potter and his friends to come back to Hogwarts! How have you been? How was your summer? Where is Harry Potter and Mister Ron?" Dobby babbled on excitedly.
"Er.. Dobby, I'm happy to see you too, but I've really got to get back to class right now, I was just-"
But Dobby cut her off. "No, no! You mustn't leave yet! Lets sit down and talk!" He said, snapping his fingers. Suddenly, and very plush chair appeared in the middle of the tile floor, nearly knocking over a elf carrying a load of dishes. The elf just looked around, saw Hermione and smiled happily, not seeming to care that he was almost crushed by a chair.
"Oh, Dobby, I'd really love to, but I'll have to visit later, with Ron and Harry. How does that sound?"
Dobby's large ears wilted a little. "Oh… Ok…" But suddenly, they were back up again. "But you can't leave without having a little something to eat!"
Hermione groaned on the inside. Anything but that! But just she was thinking how to get out of the situation, she heard a little growl emit from her middle. Not a growl of digestion, but of hunger. She looked down in surprise. Yes, her little food baby was still there. She poked it. Still hard and full. But she couldn't deny that she felt a little twinge of hunger.
"Well… I could have one little thing." She said, and that was all it took. Dobby was all smiles as he pushed her into the comfy chair, summoned up a table, placed a plate with one of the largest doughnuts Hermione had ever seen on it, nearly the size of her head. Oh boy, she thought, what had she gotten herself into?


Harry, Ron, and Ginny all watched as Hermione walked into the Great hall, halfway through lunch. "Hey Hermione," they said simultaneously. Ginny, who was currently working on her plateful of cheesy potatoes, said, "Where've you been?"
"Oh, you know. Got held up in class…" She said vacantly. In fact, she had been down in the kitchens the whole morning. The elves would just not let her leave, each friendly individual coming up to her with some food offering for their visitor, the 'friend of Harry Potter' as she was introduced by Dobby. After almost a full two hours, she had practically passed out on the chair, her shirt riding up to her breasts, her belly blown up to comical size and making worrying groaning noises. She had woken up from her food coma just a few minutes ago, and interestingly enough, it was hunger that had woken her. She had said goodbye to Dobby, dismissed  that small bulge in her belly (very reasonably) as still-digesting food, and with a personal goal never to enter the kitchen for the rest of the year, headed to the Great Hall.
"Ya. Really nothing." she said, loading up her plate. Hey, when she was hungry, she was hungry, right?
It was just as lunch was ending, and Hermione watched Ginny polished off one more plate, that she remembered why she had gone into the kitchen in the first place. 'Oh well, I'll tell them tonight.' she thought. Then she heaved herself up, not noticing her again over-full belly, and started walking out of the room.
Both Harry and Ron, walking behind the girls, seemed to notice something different about Hermione.
"I dunno, Harry. Does she seem a little bit… bigger? From this morning, I mean?" Ron said, looking at her tiny skirt as it twitched slightly from side to side.
"A little, yea… But how could she get noticeably bigger in a few hours?" Harry asked quizzically. Ron just shrugged.
"Well, I know one thing. I can't wait for all this food to catch up to Ginny. She eats even more than Hermione!" Harry said excitedly, catching a glimpse of Ginnys well-stuffed belly as she rounded the corner.
"And that's saying something." Ron agreed, as he watched Hermiones full tummy move out of sight.
They walked in silence for a little bit, each caught up in their own fantasies. Then, Harry said, "You know, our first trip to Hogsmead is coming up soon…"
The pair glanced at each other, and then immediately  put their heads together, two friends with a common goal.
Hey all! Next chapter up! Yay me!
I know I said that I was going to add a second half to 3.5, but I realized that everyone (including me) was anxious to get to the gaining part, and that anything I would have put their could be added into THIS chapter. Which I did.

Ya, sorry about going so slow on the gaining. It's just that... well, I kinda made this one to be slow. ^^

Hope for the new chapter to be up soon!

Remember, Comments are welcome, haters are not!
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Harley and Ivy: the problem with Pies.

Part 1:

(Note, this takes place in the animated DCU, after the events of the JL episode “wild cards”)

Harley Quinn walked dejectedly into the abandoned factory and slumped down in an easy chair, when she did, her pet hyena’s got up and padded over, nuzzling there depressed owner.

It had been a cinch for Harley to escape Arkham, with most of the Justice league either busy or recovering from the battle with the royal flush gang, there was no one available to recapture her.

Not that they would try anyway, it was a widely accepted fact that Harley was second Banana material; only dangerous if paired with a genuine criminal like Poison Ivy or…

“Mr. J.” Harley choked out, holding back tears, she had planned to spring the joker when she escaped, but thanks to that psychic witch Ace her beloved Puddin had a brain that was little more than Puddin.

Ace! Harley’s thoughts returned to that abnormal freak, it was all HER fault! Not only did she lure Mr. J away from her, but she also turned him into a vegetable! Harley’s balled her fist and slammed it into the arm of her chair, causing the hyenas to scatter.

“Ace! You better hope you’re a light sleeper,” Harley said to no one in particular, “Because I’m not gonna rest till I avenge Mista J!”

Upon uttering the name of her beloved ex employer, Harley’s rage went back to depression and she collapsed into her chair. She was in no condition to fight with someone like Ace, she’d need to work through her pain first, and then she could focus on inflicting pain on Ace.

Harley looked around the abandoned factory. Mister J had restarted this abandoned pie factory to celebrate the completion of his bomb plan. He planned to hold a big party there with Harley, Ace, and the rest of the royal flush gang once they had managed to drive everyone watching their TV program mad with ace’s psychic power.

And for the party, they needed pies.

A lot of pies.

The factory was fully automated, so there were hundreds upon hundreds of cream pies, the kind that clowns threw around during shows (which were the only kinds of pies the joker enjoyed). With the machines fully stocked they could continue to produce pies for a long time.

Harley stood up and walked over to a nearby picnic table covered with pies. Harley picked up one of the pies in her palm, dipped her finger in it, and tasted.

“Mmmmm!” Harley closed her eyes and savored the sweet taste of the pie. Normally she watched her figure for Mr. J’s sake, but since he was out of the picture, and since Harley needed some comfort food anyway, she decided to indulge.  

Dragging the table loaded with pies over with her free hand, Harley sat down and started to eat the pies, One after another, after another after another after another….

Six months later

Pamela Isley (AKA Poison Ivy) stepped off the plane and entered the Las Vegas airport. She had received a call the other day from her off again on again partner in crime Harley Quinn. Saying she wanted to pull a job. Ivy was glad to hear from her friend after such a long time, she knew how devoted Harley was to that crackpot the Joker (though WHY she was so devoted was beyond her) and had worried that Harley had done something crazy after the royal flush incident.

Upon exiting the Airport, Ivy saw a large red limo parked by the driveway, standing in front of it was your rank and file criminal goon, holding up a sign that said simply, “Pam.”

Ivy walked up to the goon and looked at him, “Harl sent you?”


“I was kinda expecting Harl to come in person.”

“Unfortunately Miss. Quinn was unable to appear in person, but I’ve been given expressed instructions to bring you to her.”

Ivy shrugged. “Alright, if you say so. Lets get going then.”

Ivy and the Goon entered the limo and took off, they drove for a bit, coming to a abandoned pie factory.

“So this is where Harl’s staying? Pretty odd place to hang out, but whatever.” Ivy said as she exited the limo, she began walking toward the door when she noticed the goon wasn’t following.

“Aren’t you coming…” Ivy said, turning around, but as she did, the limo sped away, leaving her stranded.

“…In.” Ivy stood there for a second, trying to think things through. Something seriously weird was going on.  She decided to be prepared for the worst.

Getting into her briefcase, she pulled out her mini crossbows, after getting it on, she kicked in the door and rushed in.”

The factory was dark, strewn around were empty pie plates, Ivy kicked the discarded plates aside as she made her way to the center of the room.

“Harl? You here?”

Suddenly, what seemed to be Harley’s voice came from the darkness, it sounded like her, but it was deeper, and somewhat more sinister.

“Hey red! Great to see ya!”

Ivy spun around, looking for the source of the voice, but in the darkness she saw nothing,

“Harley, what the heck’s going on? Why did you call me here? And why didn’t you meet me at the airport?”

“Sorry I didn’t make contact with you earlier, but I’ve been busy, using Mr. J’s secret funds, I’ve managed to build my own criminal empire right here in Las Vegas.”

Ivy smiled, “That’s great Harl! Good for you! But why call me here?”

“I need your help, Its finally time for me to avenge what happened to Mr. J. To get back at that bitch Ace for what she did to us, both of us.”

“I don’t understand, what do you mean what she did to both of you?”

Harley sighed, “Maybe you’ll understand when you see me in person.” As if on cue, the lights came on in the factory, and Ivy could see Harley, sitting in an oversized chair in the corner.

Ivy just stared aghast at her criminal friend. Harley had grown huge! From Ivy’s guess, her friend must have weighed at least 700 pounds. Her once trim hourglass figure had ballooned out to ridiculous proportions, becoming a massive squishy sphere of fat, her breasts were massive, straining to bust out her clearly altered costume, her thighs and arms were massive and doughy. And her face was round and plump, her once delicate cheekbones replaced with enormous chipmunk cheeks and jowls.

“H-h-Harley!?!” Ivy said, still not believing that the enormous blob before her was her old friend. “Is that you? What the hell happened?”

Harley sighed, reached over to a nearby table, and picked up a pie.

“These happened, these damn pies.”

Ivy raised an eyebrow, “Pies happened?”

Harley nodded as she pulled a slice free from the pie and began to eat, talking through chews. “Yes, losing Mr. J hit me real hard, so I turned to food for comfort, once I started eating these pies, I couldn’t stop. And now I’m a big fat pig.”

Ivy, despite herself, started to laugh.

“Oh my god! I can’t believe you let yourself go, over the Joker of all people! It’s too much!” Ivy fell to the floor laughing, Harley just glared at her.

“Are you just about done?”

Ivy stopped laughing for a second and looked at Harley again, who now had whipped cream smeared on her face, she started laughing again.

“Apparently not.”

Ivy rose from the floor, tears coming from her eyes “I’m sorry, I couldn’t help it!”

Harley smiled a bit, “Its alright, I suppose it is pretty funny, now about ace…”

“Hold on Harl, first things first, we need to get you to lose some of that weight. Now I can recommend a vegetarian diet, low carbs, that should help shed those pounds and…”

“Ivy, I don’t want to lose the weight.”


“To be perfectly honest, I like being this big, it makes me distinguished, and the guys who work for me are real intimidated by my size.”

“You can’t be serious Harl! Who ever heard of a fat gangster?”

Somewhere, in the Marvel Universe, The Kingpin sneezed.

“I’m serious Ivy, I like this size, In fact, I was kinda hoping you’d join me.”

Ivy blinked, “Uh, no thanks, I cant afford to become a blimp at the moment, lets just focus on why I’m here.”
Harley nodded, “Ace. I have big plans for my payback on her, but I need your help.”

“Doing what?”

“You’ll see, In the meantime, join me for some pie?” Harley said, kicking a cart full of pies over to Ivy with her massive leg.

“Harley, I’m not gonna gorge myself and become a blimp alright?”

“Oh come on, just one pie?”

Ivy rolled her eyes and picked up a pie, “Alright if we can get on with business afterwards, Ill eat some pie.”

Ivy took a bite of the pie and was amazed by the taste; so rich, so creamy, before she had realized it, she had devoured the whole thing.

“Wow, that’s good pie, I can see how you could get fat eating the stuff.”

“There’s plenty more Ivy, help yourself!”

“Oh no I couldn’t…” Ivy looked at the remaining pies, her mouth watering, “Well… maybe one more…”

The first chapter of my WG fanfiction, Titled Harley and Ivy, the problem with pies. Based on the DC animated universe.
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Written Word
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Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes and strong language)
Two months later and Carson was in tall cotton. He had just crushed a hapless exam and was on top of the world. Because of this, he was strutting a bit as he passed through Seven Oaks, a green and prosperous gated community full of solar panels and pampered vehicles. It was a ritual for him, every week on the way to the mercantile he would pass through and imagine how some day he would join the gods in Olympus. For now though, he was a mere plebeian.
He crossed through a grove and over a brook before he reached his destination. The mercantile was an average sized grocer with quite a presence: nice wood paneling, little trees and tons of gluten free and vegan shit. But he wasn’t there for the health food more so than feeding his imagination. He passed through the store to see the loads of trim, old white ladies passing to and fro as they carefully scrutinized each other’s attire and surgical enhancements while exchanging deceptively friendly small talk. He chucked to himself about the whole idea of it.
Carson navigated row upon row of boxes with little pictures of small farms on them. “There must be an entire state devoted to meadows and farmer Browns.” He thought and laughed to himself at the ridiculous concept. His snickering stopped very quickly when he looked across the next isle.
He couldn’t believe it. It was impossible! But there, undeniably, lay a very familiar set of hips. He scampered behind a divider. His heart shifted to a higher gear and he told himself several times she probably didn’t see him. He forced himself to focus on a package of tofu he had no intention of buying. After maybe five minutes of reading ingredients he felt something very small gently tug on his sleeve. Gulp. He tensed his muscles and turned around to see a very familiar face. He half expected her to punch him and call security.
And yet, the woman before him had the softest look in her eyes. She looked down for a second then reestablished eye contact.

She was totally silent for a moment, then said, with great sincerity “I’m really sorry for what happened.”

Carson said nothing, still very nervous.

She looked a little sad, “meeting you made me feel things. Feelings I forgot I had. Everything came out at once. I didn’t mean for it to happen like that.”

After a minute he replied, “It just kind- I don’t think anyone was in control of it.”

   Stephanie smiled and put her arms out to signal a hug. He gladly obliged. Her large breasts pressed up against him and he had to lean over her stomach a bit. She smelled sweetly.

   He couldn’t help but notice how different she was in the span of a couple months. She was wearing a nice blue dress, stylish earrings and some dainty little shoes. Her hair was still in a bun but it was a bit fancy now, with all sorts of intricacies. She was smiling a lot more. Here eyes were happier and her movements more electric.
“How have you been?” he asked, with the intent of finding out exactly what had happened.

“You mean why don’t I look like hell anymore?” She grinned.

“Yeah. You got me.”

“I know,” she teased.  “Well it’s a long story. I’d love to tell you, but I can’t stay standing like this for long, and I want to talk to you for a while.” He was surprised and delighted by her directness. Stephanie shifted her weight. Seeing she had few groceries he asked:


“Sure!” She left them without a thought as to their proper shelves.

There were no benches. Nothing. Just when all seemed lost, Stephanie raced over to the animal rides near the southern corner. She maneuvered so that her hips lined up with 2 of the animals and put her arms out in front of her.

“Would you kindly” she said properly, looking a little mischievous.

He gave her a look, but he couldn’t say no. These things couldn’t hold her and she knew that. He helped her carefully lower her fantastically wide tush onto the helpless dolphin and rabbit. As soon has her weight shifted onto the animals the hydraulics under them compressed severely. Stephanie found it pretty funny.

She leaned forward and wriggled into a comfortable position. The commotion somehow activated the dolphin and the dying beast started making squeaking noises and rocking back and forth in a way that looked vaguely obscene- like it was diving into her ass from under her thigh. She folded her arms and gave it a very cold, irritated look before promptly ignoring it. It stopped not long after.

He chuckled. “Soooo,”

Her face lit up a bit and she gave him the spiel.

“Well, after you left I felt, different. More expressive. Somehow, I couldn’t be with Jonathon. Every time he fucked me over I told him. Of course we didn’t get along anymore. I wasn’t the same woman. I was alive. I remembered what it was like to be me, and to have someone to share it with. I wasn’t gonna give that up.”

“I’m proud of you.” He smiled. He was really happy for her and a little proud of himself for helping her so much.

      She winked. “Eventually he threw me out and moved some of the baby momas in. The government changed the aid requirements I guess. It really didn’t bother me. I went to live with my mother not far from here. Things have been a lot better. I go out more. Started taking care of myself. Going on little walks. Haven’t lost any of this though,” she put her hand on her buns. They were deformed by the odd shapes of the rides and had formed little cellulite cliffs on a normally smooth surface. “But at least I’m eating better, if not less. And I’m much stronger.” She flexed. “I’d really like to lose some weight, but I haven’t been able to. I can’t walk far, or run, and my stomach is so big now I’m always hungry. It’s hard” She frowned, defeated.

“You seem a lot happier though. And you look do really good.”

      She said thanks with her eyes and nodded, “want a smoke? I don’t usually but I’ve been saving some for a special occasion.” He inferred she had been hoping to see him.


“I hand rolled these so you’d better like them. The tobacco is really fresh.“

“I didn’t know people did that.”

“I bet you didn’t know people did this…” She puckered her belly and gingerly pulled two long objects out of her belly button through her dress. She lowered the purse between her legs and caught them with it.

“Ewww! What the fuck? Why? Why would you-”

She smiled devilishly. “I like how it feels. Plus now they’re warm and they taste better.”

“You are so gross. Gimmie one.” She passed him a cigarette and pulled the lighter out of her purse.

“How did you even-”

“It’s deep.”

They actually did taste better. He couldn’t explain it. The lint? He kinda liked it- how weird she was. She really didn’t care.

     Carson drifted away for a minute as the nicotine took effect. He couldn’t believe how good Stephanie looked. She had her hand on her hip, and the other bent regally with the burning rat clutched between two fingers. It was grand. She puckered and exhaled as she looked at him wickedly. It was a moment that would stay with him for a long time.

He wasn’t sure what to say, and then it hit him:
“Do you remember the little cat at your old place?” he asked.

“The stray?”

“We’re going to catch it.”
The second part in my rapidly expanding series about Carson and Stephanie. The monk will not let you down!
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(Contains: sexual themes and strong language)
It was a hot summer day when Carson the plumber stepped out of his ancient, beat up old work truck and faced 2449 East View Drive. It was an old shit box; one of many made cheaply and efficiently in some long-forgotten housing boom 20 years ago. As he crossed the hopelessly desiccated lawn his eyes wandered from the badly mangled blinds in the kitchen window to the dingy, peeling paint of the walls, to the battered screen. He’d seen all this before. Every house in this miserable stretch of urban blight was a cousin of this place. The only thing that surprised him was a small, grey cat that he caught a glimpse of watching him from around the corner. It was a young, spry creature, long-legged and still awkwardly proportioned from its time as a kitten, and something about it made him- suddenly he was at the door.
He set his toolbox down and knocked. A moment passed. He looked back for the cat but it was gone. He half expected a small rat dog to start barking, but instead was surprised when he heard a series of rhythmic thuds emanating from the interior of the dwelling. It wasn’t quite mechanical. What, was there an elephant in there? He chuckled.
The commotion stopped and the door opened. At once the source of the pounding became evident: a massive woman stood in the doorway. She was truly gigantic, with hips that went far beyond the doorway. He wasn’t even sure how she would get through it. That mystery would have to wait; she introduced herself:

“You here for the sink?”

The tired, jaded voice came from a young but equally tired and jaded face. Her hair was in a bun, her eyes carried heavy lids and she had a fancy, slightly upturned nose. She was wearing a spaghetti strap that exposed her paunchy midriff, dark grey spandex, and ankle socks.

“Yeah, I’m Carson.”


“what’s the problem?”

“Clogged.” She rolled her eyes and motioned towards the kitchen.

“I’ll get right on it.”

She stepped backwards so, he guessed, her saddlebags and rear wouldn’t bump into him or the doorframe as she turned. He couldn’t believe his eyes. As he absentmindedly walked through a disheveled living room and a horde of kids he was unable to stop staring at what was easily the biggest, widest, smoothest, roundest ass he had ever seen. The behemoth was as wide as she was tall and hung down to the tops of her calves! Genetics and modern agriculture had truly conspired to create something so audaciously large. She somehow moved carefully and deliberately, despite being obviously fatigued. He guessed that years of being huge taught her to be cautious.
He tore his eyes away and noticed, predictably, that the kitchen was a walk-in. The mystery of how on earth this woman negotiated doors eluded a solution once again. With a preposterous amount of jiggling she rounded the counter and went to the sink.

“Jonathon’s kids stuck Play Doh in the sink again.” She explained, irritated.

He bent down and opened the cupboard as she turned around and leaned up against the counter, which creaked.

“There was no way I’m interested in a woman this big” he thought. From the corner of his eye he watched her shift her weight from one leg to the other. “She can barely stand, and besides; she’s total trash.”

But still after a moment of fiddling with the sink he found himself asking, with a chuckle:

“You mean this has happened before?”

Stephanie looked at him with her tired eyes and smiled almost indiscernibly and only for an instant. “Yeah.”

“Slow learners?”

She looked to see that the five kids were out of earshot: presumably playing videogames in another room. “You mean dumb?” She sighed. Things were coming to a head fast, but strangely, he was only a little nervous.

“That’s not what I-“

“Don’t worry, they’re not mine. I might as well be an unpaid babysitter. Three years with this cheating asshole and look at me. I had a scholarship. I was a swimmer.” She sighed.

He leaned farther into the cupboard and she turned a little red and looked at the ceiling. After a long pause he said without looking up:

“So, this is going to talk a long time. The damage is- well, there is a lot of doh in here.”

When Stephanie didn’t respond he turned and realized she was gone. How did she leave without him hearing? He felt a little sad. He hopped she wasn’t too embarrassed. She was a sweet girl, but awfully bottled up.

He continued working when he heard a clacking in the corned behind him. Stephanie had set down a pair of stools and gingerly lowered her rear onto them. She finished and said, shrugging her shoulders and a bit out of breath:

“You said this was going to take a while.”

“Yeah,” he replied, trying to hide his nagging sense of relief at her return. She apparently didn’t detect it and was still a bit nervous after their previous exchange.

“I didn’t mean to unload on you. I just, I just- don’t know anymore. I felt like I could tell you. I’m…sorry.”

“It’s fine.”

He subconsciously used this as an excuse to look at her. Her thighs were so big their sides touched the floor and through the partially hidden stools he could see the cleft of her heavenly posterior.

“Tell me about you,” her tired voice had become a bit energetic: maybe even a tad girlish. She tried to hide it though, but he knew, she knew, she could be more herself around him than she had been in a long time.

“Well, I do school and my 9-5”


“Yeah, finishing my B.A.”

“In what?”

“Phil, for law. I think.”

“That’s really neat!”

The fairly routine conversation was surprisingly fun. She was smart and inquisitive.  A little girlish but... keen. He had never been attracted to anyone so big in his life, but he found himself drawn in. It was like pieces of a puzzle fitting together. The parts of his mind that didn’t use words were talking quite a bit.

Suddenly his thoughts were interrupted by a little grunt, as if she was straining to move. His companion grumbled, sheepishly:

“My legs are so tired, I can’t get up.”

Carson stood up and turned to help her. He grabbed both her hands. They were soft and very small. He leaned back precariously and pulled. Slowly, at first, she rose up and took her usual, wide stance. She was somehow both petite and...very broad. He guessed it was because her upper body was so small by comparison.

“I wanted to make you macaroni.” She giggled a bit as the foolishness of the notion. It was a feeble offering and she knew it.

“That sounds good.” Carson found himself smiling. “Man, this girl doesn’t get out much” he thought to himself.

Stephanie started boiling water and found some empty counter space to rest her cheeks on. She tried to reign in her feelings. She was feeling all sorts of emotions today she totally forgot she had.

She turned to stir the noodles, when, suddenly:

“Owww!” she squeaked.

“What happened?” Carson found himself caring a lot more than he perhaps should.

“I burnt my stomach on the pot again” She had her hand on a small, red patch of skin on the most protrusive part of her exposed belly. “I get so carried away.”

“I forgot how big her gut was,” he thought, finding the whole affair surprisingly- cute. He could deny it no longer, this girl was absolutely adorable and he had to tell her!

The two ate their macaroni together- Stephanie on the stools and Carson putting the finishing touches on the sink. They talked for some time. With every word he both contemplated what he would say to her and put that very discussion off. She had a family! Sure they weren’t her kids and her boyfriend was a cheater but, he couldn’t do that to people he didn’t even know. Plus she was so bottled up after probably years of not venting her emotions. He had no idea how she would react. As he finished his work some part of him made the decision with out his knowledge:


“Yeah?” Her eyes widened. She must have known. She had to have known! Every time he looked into her eyes he saw something that was, perhaps, a little grand. But this, this was profound. In a moment it was gone.

“I kinda want to see you again…”

“You mean the sink is still broken?” Why did she-? He now doubted everything he once thought of her feelings and his judgement.

“No.” He replied, his courage deserting a sinking ship.

Along pause descended on the room. Carson looked away sheepishly. His mind was screaming expletives.

Her brow furrowed and she stood up by herself. His heart was thumping. She was pissed enough to stand up on her own now? Wow. He was scared both of losing what little he had with her but more so of the hell in her gaze. What had he done? He knew this was a bad idea! He felt like a total creep. Oh god was she mad, and really, really beautiful.

With a glare, she reached into her pocket and handed him his money.

Her previous demeanor had returned in a second but with anger now in tow.

He had gone too far. Macaroni and giggles were one thing. This hitting on her was another. Thoughts screamed through his mind. Had he underestimated her? Taken her for a common whore? No, but what then? He, he didn’t know what he thought other than now everything was completely ruined and he was sadder than he had been in a long time.

Carson took the money and left the house very quickly and without looking back. He crossed the yard in a daze and dashed to the street. As he got into his truck he saw the small, grey cat look at him as he drove away.
The monk has returned! And with him comes the holiest and most vaunted smut in all the land! Come one and all yea perverts! Or my claws will rend your immortal souls!

This is a story featuring my OC: Stephanie, aka Dumpy Ghetto Woman.

Let me know what you think!
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(Contains: sexual themes and ideologically sensitive material)
Daren had just finished a long day at work. It wasn't a particularly exhausting day, but right now, all he wanted to do was get home, finish his homework, maybe jack off to Faye, and relax until he went to sleep. He pulled up to his and Faye's house to find her car still in the driveway. 'Huh, that's weird, she's usually out to class by now'. Daren thought, turning off his car and heading for the door.

​"Hey Faye, I'm home! Shouldn't you be at class right now?" Daren called, dropping his bag on the couch.

​"Daren? Oh thank god you're back, I need your help! I'm in the bathroom, come quick!" He heard her scream from down the hall.

​'Help?' he thought, what could she possibly need from him in the bathroom. His heart started racing and he briskly walked to the bathroom. He found Faye there, her fat hips lodging her tightly in the bathroom door. Accepting his love of fat women at this point, he found the fact that she was too wide for the doorway incredibly hot.

​"Um... what happened?" he asked nervously, trying to break the tension.

​"Well, I got stuck hehehe. Guess I'm fatter than I thought" She said, blushing.

​"Well, the bathroom door is the smallest frame in the house hehe", Daren said nervously. This wasn't untrue though, despite Faye's hips being twice the size of him, she could still manage to make it through every other door in the house. The downstairs bathroom just happened to be smaller than the rest, it was probably a closet or something originally.

​"Well, that's sweet of you to say, but I'm the one who ate my way into this, 320 pounds of ass doesn't come easily!" She said, trying to hide her embarrassment, which only worsened as she tried and failed to give her ass a playful slap. "I've been stuck like this for more than an hour. Think you could help me out?"

​Daren was trying so hard to cover his erection. '320 pounds!? she's put on 80 pounds in a semester? God that's so goddamn sexy' Daren thought, realizing Faye was still waiting for an answer. "Oh y-yeah sure, what do you need me to do?"

​"Well, I guess just pull while I push." Faye said, placing her hands on either side of the doorframe, leaving her midsection open. "Well go on then, wrap your arms around me" she said confidently, though her reddening face signified her embarrassment at having Daren so close to her.

​"O-okay" Daren replied, wrapping his arms around her mid-section. "Ready? On three. 1... 2... 3!"

​"HNNG!" Faye grunted, trying to pull herself out. In the exertion, Faye release a short but loud *FRRT!* which stopped both of them. Faye turned even more red, she just farted in front of Daren. "uuh umm hehehehe s-sorry!" Faye mumbled.

​Daren was surprised at that. Not at the farting, but the fact that his dick throbbed from it. 'Well, guess I'm attracted to that now too' he thought. "Don't worry about it, hehe it was kind of cute" Daren joked, trying to ease her embarrassment. "L-lets just get you out of here, okay?"

​"Y-yeah!" Faye was happy that Daren didn't find her disgusting. 'He's kind of the perfect guy for a curvy gal like me' she thought, preparing to wedge herself out. "K, on three again, 1... 2... 3! Hnng!"

​"Hnng!" Daren and Faye grunted in unison, loud enough to cover up another, smaller *frrt*. Daren saw that her hips were starting to budge. "One more'll do it, 1... 2... 3! Hnng!"


​Well, Faye was unstuck, but the two didn't think ahead, and Daren found himself pinned under the heavy beauty. Daren cringed from the sudden weight on top of him, but when he finally opened his eyes, he saw Faye's beautiful albeit slightly fuller, face staring at him.

​"Ow... Hehe, oh geeze, that was nuts" Faye said, looking to see that she was pinning Daren under her 320 pounds frame. "Oh sorry! I must be really heavy!" she said, suddenly feeling something hard poking her in the thigh. 'Oh! is that... oh wow, he feels super turned on by this, it's starting to make me wet' she thought.

​"N-no, it's fine... I mean you are heavy but heh uh um..." Daren replied, staring into her prefect eyes. Suddenly she started laughing, then he started laughing. Soon they were both cracking up at the ridiculousness of the situation they were in.

​"HAHAhaha ha ha oh my god this is so stupid haha." Faye said, still on top of Daren who's laughing had died down as well. Looking at the clock across the way, Faye said "Well, too late for me to get to class now, why don't we do something more fun" in a sultry voice, struggling, but eventually maneuvering her arm under her belly to give Daren's hard-on a gentle rub through his pants.

​Daren froze up, this is what he's been wanting for a while now, her touch was so invigorating, and he wanted to bad to kiss her right now. His damn nerves didn't seem to be on the same wavelength as his dick though. "uh ummm uh hehe uh" he mumbled before quickly shimmying his way out from under Faye and scrambling to his room while nervously blurting out "UH IM GOING TO BED GOODNIGHT!". He was out of sight in an instant and his exit was punctuated by the slamming of his door.

​Faye was disheartened by this. Was she judging it wrong? Did he not find her attractive? Was she coming on too strong? She had never felt this way about someone, and she was afraid she had ruined it with her eccentric personality. She sighed and struggled to her feet, letting loose a squeaky fart in the process. She grabbed some comfort snacks and shambled to her room sadly, things were definitely awkward between them now.

​'STUPID STUPID STUPID' Daren thought to himself, masterbating furiously to Faye. 'She made the first move and I just ran out of there like a little virgin coward!' His mood was similar to Faye's, he felt like he had made things so awkward now.

​The last two months of the semester had passed, and the two didn't run into each other once. Daren opted to slide the rent under Faye's door, he just couldn't bare to show his face in front of her. Meanwhile, Faye had been snacking and eating like crazy. Both her depression at her relationship with Daren and the stress of finals had lead to a two month stress binge. She hadn't bothered to weigh herself or buy new clothes during those two months. She didn't care if her pants didn't fit, and she became even more of a shut in than before. The only good part about the end of the semester was that the place she interned at during the summer offered her a part time position that would work around her school schedule, so she was able to quit her 9-5 and apply for day classes next semester. She wouldn't start until the school year started, and she had enough money saved up to enjoy it work-free. By the time Winter break started, she was 60 pounds heavier than when she last weighed herself, bringing her just 20 away from being 400 pounds.

​Daren was just as depressed during the last weeks of the semester, he got through finals just fine, but he really wish he could work up the courage to approach Faye, but every time he tried to knock on the door, he crumbled and slid the check under her door instead. The only time they really had any contact with each other is when Daren would hear Faye coming home from late classes, and he only heard her because she would cause every stair to creak under her weight. He hoped once winter break hit, he could try to make things better between them.

​Finals were over and it was the first day of Winter break. Daren's body clock woke him up at the time he would get up for class. Unable to go back to sleep, he decided to at least take a shower and have some breakfast. Grabbing some clothes and a towel, he wandered into the bathroom he and Faye shared, the only one with a shower. Knowing Faye would be at work by now, he walked straight into the bathroom without knocking.

​He found Faye in there, completely naked. She was even bigger than the last time he saw her. Her hips were bigger than twice his own width. Her gut had started to develop a bit of a double belly, and her boobs seemed to have gotten bigger. Now that he could see her exposed skin, he noticed that a lot of cellulite had developed around her ass, which was, without a doubt, absolutely enormous. Her butt cheeks were the size of beach balls, and just as round. Her ass made the rest of her look small and amazed Daren with how big it had gotten. Daren stared for almost two minutes before either of them said anything.

​"S-sorry! I thought you left for work already!" Daren said, his body finally reacting as he turned around so as to give Faye her privacy, and to hide his straining pajama pants.

​Faye covered herself with a towel before saying "I-it's okay, I should have locked the door hehe" she laughed nervously. "I um, got a new job and decided to quit my old one to have the break off."

​That made Daren smile, because it meant he would be seeing a lot more of her. Well, that is if he could get them past this awkward dance the found themselves in. "O-oh... that's good, guess that means we'll see each other more..." He replied, forcing small talk. Suddenly he felt his nerves about to take over "W-WELL I'LL LET YOU TAKE YOUR SHOWER!" he yelped about to walk out of the room.

​He was stopped by a hand on his arm. "W-wait... Daren... I um..." Faye seemed to be just as nervous as him, in fact, grabbing his arm was all she had the courage to do. Daren turned around to look into her beautiful eyes. She casually let the towel drop to grab his other arm. "Daren..."

​Daren looked at her, she was so beautiful, and he learned long ago that he was in love with her. He wanted to kiss her, but he was torn. 'What should I do... I-I can't kiss her I just can't I gotta get out of here I.... NO NO NO! Dammit! Grow a pair and just KISS HER!' he thought, his mind and heart racing violently. He for once overcame his nerves and kissed her passionately. Faye responded with just as much passion, their tongues quickly intertwining.

​Daren pulled himself closer to her, his hormones and arousal taking over for his actions, leading his hands down her soft and plentiful flesh. He gave her ass a big squeeze, which solicited a moan from Faye. His hand were running up and down her fat, finding each part of her body soft and squishy with sexy chub. The two were lost in each other's passion as they headed out of the bathroom towards someplace with a bed. They weren't even sure whose bed the landed on, just that there was a loud creak from their combined, well mostly Faye's, weight.

​The two giggled at the sound, and took a second from making out to look into each other's eyes. "I love you." they both said to each other, before passion once again took over and their lips met once more.
Here's chapter three! Things are getting hot and HEAVY. hehe puns
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(Contains: sexual themes and ideologically sensitive material)
Daren definitely didn't want to go home for the summer. Not only was he so happy to finally be out of the house, but he didn't get along well with his younger siblings. Daren was a bit of an introvert, preferring to have a few close friends as opposed to a huge number of fake ones. Daren didn't mind staying at home watching anime or playing videogames, in fact he preferred it. It seems Faye was the same way, she didn't leave the house much except for work and school.

​Now that it was summer, the two house mates' schedules cleared up and they saw each other more often. Daren's work adjusted to his summer free time and Faye found a paying internship that had her home by 3. The two found themselves having dinner together, watching TV or playing videogames when they got home.

​It didn't take long for Daren to get to the root of Faye's recent weight gain. Though he was immensely enjoying the time he now got to spend with the beautiful girl, he couldn't help but notice that she was constantly snacking on something. During their after-work hang-outs Faye's munching could be heard over the TV. Daren didn't mind though, in fact, he found himself more and more aroused by Faye's growing form. Her ass was becoming bigger and sexier by the day.

​A game the two had developed as they got closer was what lead Daren to realize just how sexy he found heavier girls. They called it "Loser Boozer". The rules of the game were simple, whoever lost whatever videogame, TV show prediction, or whatever other contest they came up with would have to drink. The game would start almost immediately after work and end at 2 in the morning, by which point they were both wasted.

​One night during a particularly unlucky night for Faye, the chunky beauty, had had just one too many shots, which was the exact amount to get her both extremely hungry and willing to say anything.

​"I Lost again!?" Cried Faye, slurring and tipsy as she stared angrily at the video game screen.

​"Haha yup, tenth time tonight! I haven't taken one shot, guess I'm on a winning streak that can't be stopped." Bragged, Daren, happy that he wouldn't wake up with a hangover for once.

​"Fine, gesh dat meansss sat I gotta drink- well loooooookie here, we're out of booze, I gotta get sommmmore!" Faye stood up to get more alcohol, and in the process, her straining pants finally succumbed to the tightness her big butt was creating.


​"Huh? Whuh happened? Did my pannnns rip a-*hic* again?" Faye was looking at her butt like it had wronged her. "I guess it had to happen, this big ol' booty of mine can't be contained. Diiiid I tellya that I weigh a woppin' 240 pounds now?"

​Daren didn't answer, his brain was lost on that last part. '240 pounds? Man she's getting fat, but god does her ass look amazing. She's getting fatter by the week and it's turning me on so much.'
​"OOoooooh what's *hic* this?" Faye said, gesturing to Daren's very clear arousal.

​'shit, too late to cover that up!' Daren thought, nervous for what might happen.

​"Does my big olllld butt turn you on Mr. Daren? Is someone a chubby chaser?" Faye started moving closer to Daren's crotch, he was starting to turn bright red, 'what is she going to do' he thought. "Herrrre lemmmie take care of that friend of yourrszzzzzzzzz....."

​Well, he wasn't expecting that.... She fell asleep on his junk. Daren's gentlemanly instincts took over at that point. He wouldn't take advantage of her while she was passed out, though he did "accidentally' cop a feel of her juicy ass while carrying her to her room. Her buttcheeks were so soft and he had to force himself not to keep fondling her.

​The next morning, Daren ate breakfast with Faye like nothing had happened. 'Guess she doesn't remember what happened' he thought, slightly relieved. Daren noticed that her breakfast was bigger and more fattening than yesterday. 'Wow, her appetite is growing fast, no wonder she's 240 pounds. It was a good thing she was hungover, because Daren was full on ogling her newfound chub.

​Her breasts hadn't gotten much bigger, most of the fat had gone to her lower half. Faye's belly was starting to turn into a definite gut, slightly melting over her panties. Daren noticed that Faye's ass was bigger than the kitchen stools, some of its mass pouring off the edged of the seat. Her thighs were starting to get bigger too, she was a pretty short girl, so the added weight made her short legs looks plump and so damn sexy.

​Things continued like this for the whole summer, with one added change, Daren had made it his mission to see Faye's ass get bigger. Something had driven him over the edge of full on feederism. Maybe it was the way she would flirt with him, or spend just a little too long bending over to get something. Was she into him too? Did she know how hot her growing frame looked to him? He was still too shy to push their relationship further, so he settled with secretly fattening her up. He would buy extra items at the grocery store and put them on her shelves in the fridge and cabinet, happy to see she didn't question the extra snacks, munching away on the fattening treats. He also suggested adding an "ice cream penalty" to Loser Boozer, which required the loser to eat a full tub of ice cream after four consecutive losses. Daren added this knowing full well that his male metabolism would prevent him from getting fat, and Faye agreed to it, which Daren assumed was because she enjoyed getting fatter. He was starting to get the feeling that Faye was proud of every pound that was added to her ass. "What man can resist this beauty?" She would say, give her ass a shake and slap, an act that would tire her out very quickly.

​Daren's plan seemed to be working, because by the time their second year at Highrise City University started, Faye weighed in at 260 pounds. Her body was now a definitive pear, her ass straining every pair of pants she bought. As Faye got fatter, her and Daren had gotten closer. Daren was attracted to her body and personality from the start, and Faye soon found herself falling for Daren. He was so sweet to her and fun to be around. She had so much fun with him, teasing and flirting with him. Best of all, he seemed to be into her added weight. The fact that she could get him blushing and bumbling with just the sight of her ass gave her confidence that had diminished during the first few months of her gain. She didn't start out wanting to get fat, but because of Daren, she was starting to enjoy it.

​Sadly though, the two had to return to their "never seeing each-other" schedule, because Faye's internship ended and she had to go back to her 9 to 5 and night classes. So the old routine came back, the two would barely catch a glimpse of each other until the rent was due. Both were saddened at this, and eagerly awaited the times in which they could hang out. During the first month of the semester, Daren was once again knocking on Faye's door to give her the rent. When she opened the door, Daren thought his eyes would pop out of his head. It seemed like Faye had been eating out of the sadness of not seeing him. She wasn't vastly larger, but there was some definite bulk added to her frame.

​"Oh hey Daren! I've missed you!" She said, knowing how silly and cheesy it sounded. She smiled widely and said "I wish we got to see more of each other!"

​Daren's heart skipped a beat, she missed him? Damn his nervousness, if it wasn't for him being a pussy, he would kiss her right then and there, but instead he just handed her the rent check and replied, "Yeah, missed you too! We need to find some time to play Loser Boozer again! Sucks your work takes up so much time." He was glad he was at least able to talk to her, though he had to try hard not to stare at her fat gut, which moved up and down with her heavy breathing. 'Is just standing up making her out of breath? I don't know why that's so hot to me'.

​"Well I'm free now if you want to get wasted!" Faye said, her competitive spirit taking over.

​"I'd love to, but I got work now.... in fact I'm running late, gotta go, bye!" Daren said, running off so he wouldn't miss work.

​"Oh... bye..." Faye said sadly, she stared at the check and quietly retired back into her room for more snacking and gaming.

​This continued for the rest of the semester. Every time Daren dropped off the check, Faye looked fatter, and every time, he had no time to appreciate it. Daren didn't stop his secret food shopping, and he was very happy to see the effects it had on Faye. Winter break was approaching soon, and Faye's weight didn't stop climbing. One day, she decided to see just how big she had gotten, so she stepped onto the scale, struggling to see over her belly, she found that it read 320 pounds. 'Wow, I'm getting big fast. I bet Daren likes it though. Oh jeeze Why am i thinking about what he thinks, I'm really falling for the guy aren't I?" she thought, looking at her ass in the mirror. It was huge, so huge in fact that she was having trouble finding pants these days, and almost always walked around the house in nothing but her panties. Her ass was bigger than the bathroom door at this point, something she didn't notice until she was exiting the bathroom.

​"I really wish I could see him m-UNF!... what the?" Faye looked down to see that her hips hat gotten caught in the door frame. "Oh wow, I really am fat hehe" she said, giggling at the predicament she was in. Her giggling ceased when she realized that she couldn't budge herself out. "Hnnnng! arrrgh! oh crap... I can't get unstuck!" She needed help to get out the door, and Daren wouldn't be home for another hour. "Guess all I can do is wait...."
Here's chapter 2! Seems like our roommates are starting to fall for each other, enjoy!
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(Contains: sexual themes and ideologically sensitive material)





​Daren grabbed one of the removable phone numbers from the flyer on the bulletin board and smiled. After a semester of living with his parents and commuting to Highrise City University, a two hour drive of which 75% was spent idling in traffic, he was desperate to find a place near campus to live. This place seemed promising, he would still have to drive, but as long as he didn't have to spend another day in traffic, he'd be happy. After taking out his phone, he quickly dialed the number, and after one ring, someone picked up.

​"Hello?" answered a female voice.

​"Yeah hi, is this Faye? My name's Daren Matthews I'm calling about the roommate offer, is it still open?"

​"Yeah, actually, you're the first to call, if you're interested, why don't you stop by when you get the chance."

​"I'm free right now if that works." Daren said, excited that he might be moving out soon.

​"Yeah sure, come on by, I'll be waiting, the address is 35 Jupiter Street"

​"Sounds good, I'll be there in a few"

​"Seeya then!"

​The two hung up and Daren excitedly entered the address into his phone's gps. It only took him about ten minutes to get to the house, which meant it was the perfect location for student living. Getting out of his car, Daren noticed a sedan in the driveway, "That must be Faye's" he thought, while smiling at the Legend of Zelda bumper sticker.

​Daren pressed the doorbell and waited for the door to open after hearing a muffled "Coming!" from the other side. When the door finally opened, Daren got to see Faye in person. She was probably the cutest girl he'd ever seen. Creamy white skin, long, dark straight hair, and a perfect face. She had a nice slender neck, which Daren noticed she had placed her gaming headset around. Her body was something else though, she wasn't thin as a rail, but her curves were in all the right places, plump D cups, womanly hips, and nice shapely legs. Speaking of legs, it seems she wasn't wearing any pants, and it wasn't until she spoke up that Daren realized he was staring at her body.

​"Hey, you must be Daren, I'm Faye, Faye Willow. Oh sorry! I forgot I wasn't wearing pants! I guess that's what happens when you live on your own too long, you develop some bad habits haha! Just give me a second." Faye walked over to her pants on the ground and bent over to reach for them.
​In the process, Daren got a great view of her ass, which he thought was the best part of her body. Even if he wasn't already an ass man, this view would have turned him into one. Her butt was was definitely big, in fact, if Daren wasn't the whitest guy in the world, he'd use terms like "bootay, badonkadonk, or dat ass" to describe it. It had a perfect round shape and jiggled just slightly with each step. Her wide-ish hips and her ass went perfectly together, and Daren had to stop himself from saying "No, don't!" as Faye pulled her pants up to cover the glorious sight that was her butt.

​"Alright, sorry about that, let me give you the tour!" Faye said, giving off her bubbly personality. As Faye showed Daren around the house, the two got to talking.

​"So what's your major?" Faye asked, showing him the kitchen, making a quick comment about how she'd make room for his groceries in the fridge and cabinet.

​"Sociology, what about you?" Daren replied, noting that the house was really nice.

​"Computer programming, if you didn't guess, I'm a huge video game nerd, wanna work on them someday."

​"That's cool, I'm a casual gamer myself. So where do you work, this place looks pretty nice for you to afford it on minimum wage." They were upstairs now, Daren had just passed Faye's room and was looking at his potential room"

​"Oh, I work at a business office downtown, just data entry stuff. It pays well, but I gotta take all my classes at night. Besides, this place is actually pretty affordable, but my old roomie dropped out this semester and it's definitely a two-person rent bill. How about you? If you plan to live here, I hope you have a job" She said, making a fake expression of anger.

​"I work at the Apple Store at the mall near my house, I'm sure I can get a transfer here pretty easily. By the way, I never asked what the rent is." Daren said as they came back to the living room, the tour ending a few minutes ago.

​"Pretty cheap, some old lady with a fat life insurance bill from her husband, who she may or may not have murdered, rents this place out to students for about $3,000 a month, so between us it'd only be $1,500 each."

​"Wow, that's a sweet deal" Daren said, surprised at the affordable rent.

So whaddya think? Wanna move in with a classy bitch like me?" Faye was smiling wide, her posture communicating levels of sass that were un-measureable.

​"I think I'm making a bit of a fast decision here, but this place seems great, I think I'll move in!" Daren said, happy to have found a place to quickly

​"Sweet! Come here" Faye squealed, pulling Daren in for a warm, big titty squishing, hug.
It was from that point on that Daren felt like he became a real college student.

​During Winter break, Daren got his stuff moved in to the house and quickly settled in to the life of an independent college kid. Everything was going great, though one thing was for certain, he and Faye had totally separate schedules. They pretty much never saw each other, in fact, Daren was certain they only saw each other when he was giving her the month's rent, which Faye insisted on handing to the land lady because "she might stab you". Daren was kind of disappointed that he wouldn't get to see more of the incredibly hot and bootyful girl.

​It was during his second month living there that Daren began to notice some changes in Faye. Daren knocked on the door, rent check in hand, waiting for Faye to answer so he could hand it to her and be on his way. "No answer" he thought "She must have her gaming headphones on." He decided just to open the door, not surprised to find her in her office chair, completely lost in her game.

​"AAAAAGH DAMMIT, FUCKING CAMPER!" She screamed. Noticing Daren, she took off her headphones and turned her chair towards him. "Oh hey, sorry, were you knocking? I thought I heard something. Whatya need?" She, of course, was not wearing pants, but that didn't phase Daren anymore, he'd learned to control his boners.

​What did surprise Daren, was that there seemed to be a bit more of Faye than he remembered from last month. Not to say she was huge, but her belly had definitely developed a bit of a pooch, and her hips seemed a bit wider. "Uhhh," Daren said, shaking his head so he would stop staring, "I got the rent for the month." He said, passing her the check.

​"Oh cool thanks! So how are ya man? For two people who love together, we don't see each other a lot." Faye was as bubbly as ever, bouncing up from her chair to grab the check, her boobs jiggling from the movement, today definitely was not a bra day for her, Daren thought, trying so hard to keep his pants from straining.

​"Oh ya know, the usual. So uh what game were you playing there?"

​"Lord of Warfare, it's this awesome online magic vs. technology shooter"

​"Woah, that sounds awesome! Do you have to play online though? I'm not a big fan of multiplayer."

​"Actually, there's a console version that has a story mode, wanna borrow it?"

​"Yeah, that'd be great!"

​"Let me just grab it" Faye said, turning around to grab the game. That was when Daren noticed a definite change, Faye's ass had gotten a little bigger. He could tell because he had a perfect photographic memory when it came to asses of fine ladies, and this one definitely had more than it used to.

​"Here ya go, oh jeeze, is it already 12? Sorry man, I'd love to talk more, but I got work in the morning, G'night!" She said, pushing Daren, game in hand, out of the room.
​Daren looked at his watch and decided he should get to bed too. After brushing his teeth and jacking it to his mental image of Faye's now bigger ass (an almost nightly routine at this point) Daren went to sleep.

​Daren noticed this trend continued, each month he showed up to give Faye the rent, he noticed a little more weight added to her frame. Her ass was really starting to get big, and Faye was developing into quite the pear shape. During the first month of summer, Daren was yet again reporting to Faye's room to give her the rent. Not bothering to knock, he walked in on her struggling to get on her pants. They were stuck at her ever widening hips.

​"Come on you stupid ARGHH!" growled Faye, not noticing Daren.

​"Oh geeze sorry, I should have knocked!" Said Daren, trying to avert his eyes, but is inner latent chubby chaser couldn't turn away from her beautiful ass.

​"Oh hey man, it's cool. Just trying to get these damn pants on, musta shrunk in the wash." she said, clearly oblivious to the fact that she had put on a good 50 pounds over the semester. "Think you could help me?" she said in a jokey sexy voice, pouting her lips so as to complete the helpless damsel act.

​"Uh... uh I um... I uh" Daren stammerd, quickly darting out of the room to avoid having his boner on display.

​"BWAHAHA I was only kidding Daren.... Daren?" Faye said to an empty room. She shrugged and continued to struggle with the pants.

​Meanwhile, Daren had just finished masturbating to Faye (again). What was wrong with him? she was just his room mate, nothing more. Granted she was gorgeous, and had the ass of a goddess, but she was starting to get really fat. Why did that turn him on so much... did he like it? He knew he liked her ass getting bigger, but was her expansion actually turning him on? The fact that he seemed 'ready to go' again was his answer.

​Things were going to get awkward over the summer, especially since they would see a lot more of each other without classes to occupy their time.
So this is the first chapter in a weight gain story. It starts out kind of slow so sorry if the intro is kid of drawn out, but I plan for it to get more interesting in the next chapter. This might also lead into slob (at least farting) territory later on. Enjoy!
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Emma Stone as a huge fatty celebrity super sexy big beautiful woman! You voted for her! Enjoy!
I had a huge amount of fun on this one. I had her in tight panties at first but thought short shorts were more her thing. Using textures for her jeans and shirt. Her tshirt works really well with her hair and I got her sultry sexy look down really well I believe. I wanted her to look like she had put on so much fat and weight that it was flowing and straining sideways off her belly with no room to go anywhere else, so you get that globular feeling.

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Variant 3 Black and White Lines 1500x1500 alternative weight!
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Mature Content Filter is On. The Artist has chosen to restrict viewing to deviants 18 and older.
(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity and ideologically sensitive material)
The Fat Farm
By David Sladky
November 13, 2012
Lori did not want to go to a fat farm, and she could not understand why all of a sudden her parents wanted her to go, they never had any problems with her weight before.  At 5 foot 7 and 300 pounds, she was a perfect pear shape. Hips and ass for miles, with no lack of any boy's attention, or girls for that matter. "Lori you will have fun, you will be around girls your age and spend the summer enjoying yourself." Her mother has said while packing her things. "Trust us, this is no regular fat farm, some of our friend told us about it and we thing it will be perfect for you." Her father has said while he drove her to the airport. They both kissed her on the cheek and sent her on her way.
She was in first class in a wide seat by herself, when she was another big girl sit close to her, long dark hair and a tan complexion showed she was Latin or Indian and was quite a contrast to Loris milky white skin. The girl had to be around the same weight, but was more of a overfilled hourglass. She saw Lori looking at her and smiled. "Fat farm?" she said matter of factly. "Yeah" she said with a sigh and a roll of her eyes. "Well I don't know what they are going to feed us there, but I made sure to pack well." She opened a back pack and showed it packed to the top with cakes and candy. "Wow" Lori said. "I didn't think of that." "Really? Check your bag; this was packed by my mother." Getting the bag out of her overhead compartment, she opened it to find it packed just like the Latin girls, with a note from her mom telling her to eat well. "Cool, this is awesome; I figured I would starve on this trip." "My name is Olga." The Latin girl said. I think this is going to be a very fun trip.
The plane landed and a shuttle bus picked the girls up and drove them to the farm, several miles into the country. When they got out they saw other fat girls lined up, they carried their bags over and stood in line. A bellman came and took their bags. The girls looked at each other surprised, and then they saw a woman walking up to them. She was older and not thin at all. Plump, but not fat like most of the girls here. "Well looks like you are wondering why is in store for you at this Fat Farm, well it is not what you think. Your parents are proud of you all, and to show how much they love you they sent you here for the summer to eat and enjoy!" There was a shocked gasp from a few of the girls. "But aren't we supposed to lose weight here?" One for the girls said. "Not at all, I mean if you want to you can, but we are not here to do that for you, we are here to make your summer as enjoyable as possible." "My name is Darleen and I am the director here.  We are here to make you as comfortable as possible, just sit back and enjoy! The only rule is don't eat food that is anywhere but in the serving hall, or brought to you." Lori thought it was a strange rule, but with all of the food around she didn't think it was going to be a problem.
The main lodge seems to sit on 1000 acres or more of land, with no other houses in sight. The farms bunk houses were more like luxury hotel rooms, next to them was what looked like a large barn on the outside, but inside was a massive dining room and kitchen. The girls were encouraged to eat when and as much as they wanted too. Settling in Lori and Olga sat and the super comfortable beds and looked at each other. "This was not what I was expecting." Lori said. ""Well all I know is I am starving and need o get something to eat." Olga said.
The girls were given the option of wearing the farms uniform which was nothing more than a shapeless white dress with no arms and same down to the girl's knees. Lori held hers out to the side. "Two of me can fit in this." She said. "Well I am not that big yet." Olga said slipping into spandex pants and a short top showing off all of her Latina charms. "What do you mean?" Lori said puzzled. "Well we are in the middle of nowhere, with nothing to do but eat for 3 months; don't you think we are going to swell up like blimps?" "I didn't think of that." Lori said looking at the big dress with a new understanding. "But why do they want us bigger?" "I don't know or care at this point Mami, all I know is I am hungry and hope they have rice and beans on the menu!"
Going into the dining hall they saw rows of table and chairs and a long buffet line, just about any food you could think of was there, Olga got her Rice and Bean with a few other items, while Lori got Prime Rib, mashed potatoes and gravy and coleslaw. They sat down a crossed from a young looking Asian girl, who looked worried about the food in front of her. "Are you okay?" Lori asked. "Yes." The Asian girl said not looking up. Lori and Olga looked at each other. "I am Olga and this is Lori, what is your name?" Olga said. "Dion." She said again looking, at the plate in front of her. "Okay what is wrong?" Olga said more forcefully." Dion started to cry. "I don't want to be fat!" She sobbed. Lori noticed she was chubby for an Asian girl, but by no means fat or obese. "Well you don't have to eat if you don't want too I guess." Lori said as she had some potatoes. "Don't be silly." Olga said with a smile, "you are not going to get fat, just enjoy your meal and have fun!"  "Really?" Dion said wiping the tears from her face. "Sure, just eat what you want, you will be fine." Dion ate some of the rice she had in front of her, and soon went back for more food. Lori looked at Olga. "Didn't you say something about blowing up like a balloon?" Olga laughed. "Shes a sacred kid and fat girls are not all that welcomed in Asia. She needs to enjoy herself here and build up some confidence."
The routine at the farm was easy to get used to; breakfast was severed at 7 am, after that the girls could go back to the bunk house and get a nap, or go to one of the barns that was set up as a common area, one had rows of computers with internet access, another had pools and a spa. Large TV's were mounted all over with videos of food or cooking shows. Every activity was around food of some sort with cooking being a major focus. Attendants gave massages and body rubs to any girl who needed it. A girl who was really lazy could have food brought to her bed anytime she wanted it. After the first month, Olga out grew her own cloths and had to start to wear the Farms big dresses. The first time the girls saw another jump into the pool naked, they were shocked. By now most of the girls laid around the pool naked on in a bra and panties if they still fit.
"I can believe this." Lori said with a sigh. "Food and lying around, and our parents paid for us to come here!" "Yeah and you forgot sex." Olga said with a smile. Lori sat up. "Who?" she said puzzled. "That Dominican girl with the wonderful ass, I love the taste of it." Lori has seen them hanging out a lot, but she didn't think Olga was gay. Olga looked at Lori and laughed. "Eating is eating right? Don't matter where the cream comes from." "I don't think I could do that." Lori said, feeling suddenly uncomfortable. "Relax babe, it's not like I am going to rape you in your sleep…..unless you want me too." She said with a wink.
Lori had a hard time getting to sleep that night, when she did she had a nightmare. In it Dion was naked and strapped to a table; a clear tube ran to her mouth. Slowly a thick white paste filled to tube and started to be pumping into Dion. She was whimpering and crying, but she started to be pumped full of the fluid. Lori watched in horror as the little Asian girl started to swell up like an inflatable doll, her arms and legs swelling up along with her hands and feet. Her belly was a large tan dome that towered over her, getting bigger and bigger. Rolls of fat piled up around her face as chin after chin formed, her cheeks swelling up like grapefruits. When it looked like she was ready to explode she heard a scream!
Lori jumped up at the commotion; close by a girl was screaming and sobbing. She went to look and saw something out of her dream. The girls name was Tasha, she was big when she got here, but now she was enormous. Her dress was ripped in half, her huge breasts and belly pinned her arms at her sides. Her dark skin was crisscrossed with tan stretchmark's, like she had inflated in her sleep. Darleen came in with the nurse, after a quick examination, a heavy duty gurney was rolled in and Tasha was rolled onto it. Just as fast she was rolled away. Darleen stood looking at the girls who had been woken up. "Not to worry ladies, looks like she had an allergic reaction, she will be in the infirmary until she gets better."
Lori wasn't that hungry the next day, but her growling belly got the best of her. She sat by herself eating when Dion walked over to join her, well more like waddled. The short Asian girl has piled on a lot of the weight she was so afraid of weeks ago. Her plate piled high with cakes and pies. She ate with an almost primal need to fill herself. Lori looked at her and said. "Dion, aren't you worried about getting fatter?" Dion looked up at Lori with fear in her eyes. "Yes." She said. "But I can't stop eating." Lori watched as Dion packed herself with to food on her plate, and then waddled off to get more.  Lori was alone for a moment, still eating out of habit more than anything. Olga walked up with her "Friend" Vanessa. The Dominican girl was a shade darker then Olga and spoke little English. They both had on too tight white dresses. "Hey Lori how's it going" Olga said as she and her girlfriend sat down. "Fine" Lori said, but her face didn't look it. Olga was too busy playing with Vanessa to notice. "I can't wait to fatten you up!" Olga said to Vanessa. Lori was shocked. "You want her bigger?" Lori said. "Sure, I like something to play with on my girls." Olga said giving one of Vanessa's giant tits a squeeze.
Time drug on and Lori was just not happy here anymore, she kept eating and gaining, but she longed to go back home. Walking to the lodge, Lori noticed the door to the infirmary was open. Thinking of Tasha, she went in to look for her. She walked through a dark room, and after going through a door, found the main room. In it, row upon row of super fat girls laid naked and strapped to their beds, tubes strapped to their faces and the hum of pumps echoed trough out the area. She found Tasha; or what she thought was Tasha, buried under rolls of fat. Hands and feet overwhelmed by ankle and arm fat, each girl had to be over 1000 pounds and still growing. "There is always one." She heard a voice say. She turned to see Darleen behind her. Lori could do nothing, she was frozen with fright. "All you had to be was a good girl and eat, and you'd have nothing to worry about. Now you made it hard on yourself, but after running this place for as long as I have, you get used to it. A puff of fire and brimstone and a classical devil stood in Darleen's place, red horns and pitchfork. The creature looked down at itself and said. "Well it's been a very long time scene I looked like this, but whatever your mind can handle is good." Lori dropped to the floor sobbing. "I want my mom and dad!" "Yes well your folks are how you got here sweet cheeks. They sell me their fat, worthless girls, and I give them wealth and power. Not going to get them any parenting awards, but oh well." Lori tried to scream, but only heard silence. "Getting hysterical won't serve anything, I own you and you provide a service for me. Gluttony is a sin you know, and with more sin, the more powerful I get. Stuffing you girls like the fat hogs you are, is just as good as having a sin battery!"
In a flash, Lori was naked and strapped to a bed, a tube strapped to her face. "Don't worry, you will get used to it, you can only get so fat before you explode, but in the meantime your fear and sin will keep me very comfortable. Eat up hon!
In not wanting to be drug out of my bed in the night, I have not put any ages in this text. That part you can leave to your imagination, I can only hope the text is put together well enough to carry the story without that detail.
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(Contains: nudity, sexual themes and strong language)
Warning the following story contains sexual elements and should not be viewed by anyone under the age of 18.

                                                        Feed Me

    Feed me, for the love of God feed me! I have never felt a hunger well up within me more than I have felt over these...days? weeks? months? I have no idea anymore. The external world no longer exists to me. There is only food and sleep. I seem to recall bits and pieces of my life before. I remember being quite small and working a job I hated at a large department store. I recall eating less as well. Oh god my stomach is crying out for more! It's deafening! At night the sounds of my own hunger shake me from my sleep. All my dreams are of food. Mountains and mountains of sloppy, greasy, fat and lard filled food. In the dreams I eat until I burst. Explode like a bomb and then I awake to find you with my food. My precious meal that I love more than a child. Was I pregnant before? Am I pregnant now? I don't know. Oh god! Yes! The hamburgers! The sausage! The pizza! All for me! All for me! Good lord the grease, that oily orange grease! I suck it off every inch of my food. Pure oil going directly to my ever expanding fat cells. I can feel my body incing outwards every minute, every second, with every breath. MORE! MORE! I'll eat it all raw! Feed me bloody dripping chops of beef and ham! Let the juices run down my multiple chins, into my cleavage and down into my belly button. More sweets! More delicious red velvet cake for my ever expanding rump. My titanic ass is velvet smooth itself. The slightest breath causes it to jiggle and wiggle like the ocean. Oh god my ass is so huge! I cannot see past my globular belly. It encompasses nearly all of me. With each gulp I feel the food enter my stomach and begin to churn and dissolve. The feeling is orgasmic to say the least. More! I must have more food! Quicker! I must become fatter! I want to become a human blob of ever expanding jiggly soft flesh! The feeding tube! Yes! Oh the sweet liquid! It's so delicious! Wait...something doesn't taste right. Oh god. My body! It's growing out of control! Every part of me is surging in size! I'm literally being absorbed into my own fatness! Please stop! No more! No more food! It's too much! I'll explode! OHHHHH! Ow! It hurts so much! My belly is so tight! Stop! Please! I!...I can't expand any more! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

   She awoke from the dream. Skinny as a rail as her boyfriend snored beside her in the dark. She nudge him. Nothing. She nudged again. Stillness. She poked him in his closed eye. He stirred.
   "What is it dear?"
   "I want some brownies..."

The end.
This one just came to me. Hope you enjoy! didn't want to end with a nasty bursting scene so I tacked on the bit at the end which is my favorite. What do you guys think? comments and critiques appreciated! :)
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Susie grunted, sucked in and gave one last try to fasten the jeans. With her muffin top oozing over the waistband she couldn’t even see the button. When she looked in the mirror she saw she was a good two inches from being able to close the jeans that fit just last month.

She also saw Rick in the mirror, standing behind her, shirtless. His musculature and wicked smile had her libido rising even as she knew he was at fault.

“You are making me fat!” she accused. “I knew it.”

Rick chuckled as he walked up behind her and started running his hands up and down her back. It was soothing and sensual all at the same time. All the frustration from trying to button her pants vanished into a desire for his hands to keep doing what they were doing.

“Maybe I am,” he whispered into her ear as she instinctively arched her back. “Maybe these last few months since you moved in I‘ve been slowly changing your habits and enabling your sweet tooth…”

Rick was a master with his hands. His impromptu back rub was pushing all Suzie’s buttons now. Her nipples were popping through her snug fitting bra like cherries, engorged and aching. She couldn’t even begin to form a response. She just instinctively started rubbing her ass into his crotch.

“…Carefully selecting your diet to make sure you not only gain weight, but that it goes right to your belly.”

“Why would you want to do that?“ Suzie finally moaned. In her relaxed aroused state she had stopped trying to suck in her gut and her pudgy little belly looked even more hopelessly oversized for her pants.

“Like everything else it’s all about control. I could have very well added to your big boobs. Plumped them up into specialty sizes while insuring you never jog again. But no. Taking the hourglass away from you that made all your friends jealous while I mold you into the perfect, chubby girlfriend seems much more fitting. Which might even pave to the way toward a wife that‘s well beyond chubby. 400 pounds seems like a nice round number.“

“I can’t even imagine being that big,” Suzie started just as Rick reached around and flicked one of her throbbing nipples causing a combination of pain and pleasure so intense Suzie’s knees buckled. She caught herself and tried to bring her hands up to protect her very sensitive breasts, but realized that in her clouded state Rick had taken measures to insure she would remain vulnerable.

Rick was a master with his hands at more then hitting Suzie’s buttons. With the shirt that had been lying on the bed that Suzie had intended to wear he had bound her wrists behind her back with less effort then it takes a person to flick open an overworked bra clasp, which was Rick’s next action.

Suzie gasped as her full D’s flopped down and there deep red nipples popped into view.

Suzie shuddered in minor discomfort and major arousal. “Sometimes you’re so evil I wonder if it was a good idea to move in with you.

Rick reached around and slid his hand into her tight pants, smiling wider as he felt her dampness. “We both know it’s because it turns you on so.”

Suzie squealed in delight. “Oh God yes, baby. But please, Rick. I need to sit down. I’m getting light headed.”

Rick chuckled and returned his attention to her nipples. This time he pinched one between his thumb and forefinger, the action sent shockwaves right between Suzie’s legs. They only got stronger as he pulled and rolled and Suzie felt her panties dampen more and then soak through.

“Please, Rick. Take me now. I need you right now.”

Rick chuckled some more as he tugged up on both nipples, stretching the mams out to obscene proportions while Suzie moaned and then winced. He let go and the heavy sacks slapped against her torso.

Suzie dropped to her knees. Through her blurry vision she could see her reflection in the mirror. With her big boobs hanging down above a slight paunch that peeked out from pants that didn’t quite fit she looked quite chubby. A stark contrast to the vain, curvy, prima donna she had been less then a year ago.

“I got to get to work, Suz, and so do you. We can continue this tonight.” Rick was at the bedroom door by the time he finished his sentence. He turned around abruptly. “Oh. You might need this.” He tossed her shirt toward her and Suzie looked down to realize that just as fast and stealthily as he had bound her he had unbound as well.

Suzie knelt panting for a few minutes before getting up to find fresh panties and a pair of pants that fit. It wasn’t even seven o’clock yet and already she had been tied up, told she was purposely being fattened and brought to the brink of orgasm only to be left frustrated and horny.

Suzie smiled so wide it almost hurt.

She loved every minute of it.

She even loved it later that day when Rick made a shamelessly transparent attempt at an apology. He set a box from her favorite bakery in front of her when he walked in after work.

“This is for leaving you all hot and bothered this morning,” he winked.

“Only you would buy a girl a cheesecake after watching her not be able to fit into a pair of pants,” she scolded, already knowing she wouldn’t be able to resist as the smell wafted up into her nose and made her mouth water.

“You could always say no,” Rick smirked. “If you’d rather start a diet, chubby.” He opened the box to reveal it to be her favorite flavor: peanut butter fudge.”

“You are so evil,” Suzie sighed, staring longingly down at the cake. “This is like two pant sizes worth of calories.”

“I’ll get a fork.”

Suzie was amazed that she wasn’t even able to wait for the utensil. She dug out a bite with her finger and was instantly in heaven. Before Rick she would have never dreamed of splurging on cheesecake. Not with her metabolism.

It was amazing how she had changed with Rick. She had been transformed from a curvy constant dieter to a chubby glutton. She had always prided herself in her independence and stubbornness. Now she was helpless to exhibit any willpower against the temptation Rick laid before her and she got aroused just thinking about it.

With fork in hand Suzie gorged on the rich dessert while Rick kissed her neck. Before she knew it she had glutted herself on half the cake and the pants that barely fit this morning practically popped open when Rick brought his hand to the button.

Suzie sighed. “Did I really just eat half this thing in one sitting.” She was actually a little woozy from all the sugar. “You’ve turned me into such a pig.”

Rick leaned in and kissed her passionately. “And we‘re just getting started.”

Suzie moaned and raised her arms to stretch as Rick ravaged her neck. Full as she was she was beyond horny and after the big stretch tried to reach for Rick’s belt. She felt a gentle tug on her wrists that got stronger as she fought against it. The more she pulled the tighter it got until her hands were tugged behind her head. Then she felt the tugging on her ankles.

“How the hell?” Suzie panted in disbelief as she realized he had lassoed her wrists with a rope that ran behind and under the couch. Before she could react he pulled the other lassoed end up around her ankles. He let her fidget for a few seconds just so she could realize pull her arms only trapped her legs more and vice versa. Then with tug all the slack went out of the rope and Suzie was helpless and immobile.

She shuddered with anticipation.

“You were really into that cake,” Rick said, picking up the fork. “Might as well finish it.”

“But I’m so full,” Suzie protested.

Rick roughly poked and pressed her belly. It was definitely distended a bit, but the layer of fat she had accumulated was soft and jiggly.

“Seems like there is plenty of room in there,” Rick smiled as Suzie grunted from the manhandling of her full belly. “And if you protest too much I’ll keep filling it up until it covers your lap and hangs over your knees.”

Suzie meekly opened her mouth and awaited her first forced bit. It was a huge forkful that was followed by another before she could chew the first. In seconds her cheeks were puffed out to capacity. Cheesecake drool ran down her chin as she struggled to chew and swallow while still opening in time to accept the rapid fire forkfuls.

Suzie could feel the pressure building in her belly. It got harder and harder to keep pace. Luckily Rick gave her a break. There was less then a quarter of the huge cake left. Suzie wouldn’t have thought it possible to eat that much.

Rick resumed poking and pressing her stomach.

“If you thought you looked fat this morning trying to fit into those pants, you should see this belly now,” he teased.

“Rick, I’m so full. I can’t finish,” Suzie panted.

“Remember what I said about protesting,” Rick warned, digging his index finger just below her bellybutton.

“I mean it, Rick. I think I’ll pop if you give me any more. Just let me out and I’ll do anything. I swear.”

Rick grinned devilishly and let Suzie sweat while he decided. He took in her bloated form trapped in place. He admired just how fat she was getting. It wouldn’t be long now before she was a bonafide plumper. No need to rush.

“A blow job would be nice,” he winked. With a flick of his fingers the rope fell away from her wrists.

Suzie didn’t waste any time she rocked her distended belly forward and dropped to her knees in front of Rick. She didn’t even have to jerk him. He was hard as a rock already. She slurped and sucked until he drenched her face and neck.
They both slumped on the couch. Suzie rubbing her stretched middle and Rick breathing deeply with his head back.

After a few minute of recovery Rick looked over. “You want to go catch a movie or something?”

“You don’t have to take me out tonight. The Bachelor is on in a bit. I don’t want to miss that. It‘s been pretty good this season.”

“Says you. I think I’ll go watch the game in the other room then.” With that he got up, leaned down to give Suzie a peck on her blushed cheek and left her to her show, which she watched with a big smile on her face. Toward the end she even nibbled on the remaining cheesecake.

Two months later the couple was in the bathroom together. Suzie was just stepping out of the shower while Rick was shaving. He watched her very chubby frame step out of the shower and chuckled.

“Stop it,” Suzie said, blushing and trying to suck in her belly. “You’re the cause of this. You can’t laugh when it’s your fault.”

Rick had been relentless overfeeding his girlfriend. He knew tricks and tactics that had the weight all going to her belly. He took great pride in turning her curvy hourglass frame into a potbellied one.

“I know, but it’s so funny how helpless you are to resist. You’ve become quite the little piggy when it comes to snacking. Soon to become a big piggy if I decide to take you to that level.”

Suzie grabbed handfuls of her squishy middle. “I can’t believe you want this. It’s such a fat belly. My sister has had two kids and doesn’t have all this.”

“I know.” Rick grabbed himself a handful. The touch instantly turning Suzie on. “It’s cute. Besides now instead of being known as the big-titted sister you’re the chubby one.”

“Yeah. Thanks for that,” Suzie grunted as Rick’s groping had her start to get wet. “Rick, I just showered. You’re going to get me all sweaty if you don’t stop.”

“We got time for a quickie, chubster.” He ran his hands up her belly between her breasts, instantly causing her nipples to pop to attention.

Suzie bit her lip. “Mmmm. I swear you have a deal with the devil the way you’re able to turn me on so fast.”

Rick lead her out to the bed where he took great pleasure in watching her belly and boobs wobble wildly as he rode her for the next half hour.

Rick was good, but the reason he had such an effect on Suzie was because she trusted him. Both had been in similar relationships before that ended poorly, but together they were as compatible as two could be.

Which worked out to be a detriment to Suzie’s figure.

Rick began altering her diet with the goal of expanding her backside. It was a bit tricky. Her frame was more susceptible to holding excess fat in her boobs and belly. But Rick had taking great care to lay the groundwork so he had turned Suzie into quite the little glutton with a metabolism that crept along at a snail’s pace and a slightly altered diet had her blossoming below the beltline. Soon she had a good handful to grab onto just below her love handles.

Her pant sizes kept going up and while her bra size moved to a DD she was mostly able to squeeze into her shirts with no problem.

Even as she settled into being a fatty Rick still kept her on her toes. She woke up one morning to find breakfast in bed waiting for her. The catch being she was also hogtied and stripped of her pajamas.

“You tied them really tight this time, Rick. I can’t budge an inch,” she said as she struggled fruitlessly against her binds.

“I think you’re just getting less flexible as you get fatter,” Rick replied as he pinched her wider rump.

“This breakfast won’t help me with that.” Suzie nodded toward the plates of waffles, sausages, donuts  and even a tub of frozen custard awaiting her.

“Enough talking. It’s time to eat.”

Rick did his best to stuff his hogtied honey, but quickly found out face down on a bed, laying on her stomach with her arms and legs bound didn’t lend well to gorging. Suzie did her best but more food wound up on the bed then in her mouth. After enjoying a moment of watching his plumper wriggle in the mess like a pig in slop Rick untied her and let her finish her massive breakfast propped up on pillows watching TV.

Suzie’s hips kept spreading. Eventually she started to resemble a pear shape and even started to get dimples on the backs of her flabby thighs.

Outgrowing pants was a very common occurrence for a while. Rick would go with her and smile slyly as she struggled into pants at the plus-sized shop.

“Are those a little tight?” the chubby blonde clerk asked as Suzie stood in front of the store’s mirror tugging at the waist. “I’ll go get you the next size up.”

Suzie sighed deeply as the clerk walked away. “These are 18’s,” she told Rick. “I’m a frickin’ size 20,” she whispered dramatically. “Are you happy now?”

“Getting there,” Rick said tugging up on her shirt so her love handles oozed over the sides of the pants.

“Personally I don’t see what the appeal is of turning me into a fatty.”

“You didn’t complain when we stopped for ice cream just now.”

Suzie rolled her eyes. “Well who doesn’t love to eat. I mean I’m not saying I haven’t enjoyed letting my inner glutton out, but I just don’t see why enabling me until I’m bigger then the lady that works at the plus-size store has become your hobby.”

“It’s all just an extension of our bedroom play. Slowly exerting my control of your diet until you don’t even realize how much you eat absentmindedly every day. Bound by the gluttony I introduced until you can’t even resist the m&m’s I leave out on the coffee table.”

Suzie blushed and started breathing heavier.

“Watching your shock at your widening and softening frame that I molded minutes before you helplessly glut yourself at breakfast. Watching you eat lately I wonder if you’d have a better chance of escaping my steel shackles then your lack of willpower that I created.”

Suzie shuddered with lust and then caught herself just as the clerk came back with a few pairs of elastic-waisted pants.

The couple went home and spent the rest of the day in their bedroom.

Suzie never wondered about Rick’s motivation again. That’s not to say she didn’t bemoan her figure as she kept thickening. She was over 220 pounds by the time her and Rick got married. Her big, wobbly rear took up most of the aisle as she shuffled along in a gown that had to be altered twice and was still noticeable tight toward a grinning Rick. Still she stuffed her face at the reception.

“Gosh I feel like I’m going to pop out of this thing,” she said to Rick toward the end of the party.

“At least wait until we get back to the suite,” he winked, brushing the inside of her doughy thigh. The couple vanished from the reception shortly after.

Suzie spent the rest of the evening tied spread eagle on the bed while Rick worked her over with a feather until she pleaded with him to take her.

The couple’s bedtime bondage tapered off after the wedding. It wasn’t a planned or even a heavily discussed thing. Quite simply they just had less time to devote to elaborate foreplay. Every once in a while Suzie would lament their lack of creative intimacy in the bedroom, but Rick missed it even more. It made him take even more of an interest in controlling Suzie’s diet. Without the ropes he played out his turn ons in the form of overfeeding and watching his wife waddle around the house barefoot in clothes that barely fit. Binding her with her own oversized form instead of ropes and rubber.

Suzie poor eating habits were mostly her own by now, but she was aware Rick was eagerly enabling her.

“I swear. You won’t be happy until I’m as big as a house,” she said the spring after their first wedding anniversary when she tried to squeeze into the swimsuit that had fit the prior year.

“If that’s the case I am very happy right now.” Rick slapped the giant ass he was still focusing his attention on growing, causing jiggling that made the bottom of the swimsuit disappear between her billowing cheeks.

When Suzie got pregnant she somehow managed to exhibit less willpower then ever before and got really big. Her hips eclipsed 70 inches around and her boobs swelled with milk until she was a full 3 cup sizes larger. Watching her struggle to get around and even having difficulty getting dressed had Rick hornier then he had ever been. Suzie found herself pregnant again shortly after giving birth.

During her third trimester with her second child she weighed in at over 350 and spent most of that time n bed. Watching his wife be bound to the bed by her own bulk turned Rick on beyond belief. Afterwards her belly shrank slightly and her breasts ballooned with milk for the two little ones. She was no longer bed bound but preferred to stay put. Her legs were so caked with blubber any kind of walking at all chafed her thighs terribly.

“Rick honey, can you get Riley. I’m leaking all over here!” she called out, flopping one her of massive udders out of her nightgown.

Rick popped his head into the doorway. His face was split with a mischievous grin. “The kids are both sound asleep, Suz.” He stepped into the room and Suzie’s eyes widened as she saw he was holding a pre-knotted rope. “Maybe we can take advantage of the quiet time.”

Suzie looked shocked at first, but then quickly developed a grin that matched her husband‘s. “Oh Rick. I haven’t seen that in I don’t how long. I’m not even sure you remember how to use it any more.”

“I’ll take that as a challenge,” Rick snorted, closing the door behind him as he watched his wife squirm in the bed, far too big and slow to even think about moving away.

Shortly after Suzie found out she was pregnant with their third. A pregnancy that would see her eclipse the 400 pound mark easily.
Another WG story. Seems like I'm on something of a roll. Beware. This one has a little bondage in it. Not really my thing. Way too much work. But every once in a while I'll get into a discussion with someone who insists feeding and bondage are intertwined. So anyway it got me thinking and I ended up with this story. Enjoy. Or don't. Either way is fine with me.
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(Contains: nudity, sexual themes and ideologically sensitive material)
She lay, naked, on the silken bed in the centre of the cavernous room, massive form propped up by a mountain of pillows and cushions, eyes closed in redolent luxury, long mane of perfectly brushed copper hair being gently stroked by a buxom, scantily clad blond handmaiden lying extended across the back of the bed, her own slight belly pooching forward. Two amazonian ladies in skirts stood at the head of the bed fanning the princess gently, toned muscles gleaming in contrast to their mistress. Reclined back, her massive breasts flopped heavily to either side of her majestic belly, nipples perking with mild arousal, perched lazily on her thick lovehandles. Her fat rolls buried her enormous thunder thighs, drooping sideways on to the sheets she lay on. Her thick legs were spread wide, smothered up to mid-calf and touching down to her dimpled knees, to accommodate her heavy belly slumped between them as she relaxed comfortably, revelling in her sloth, her epic laziness. Another pudgy handmaiden massaged and pedicured her chubby foot, painting dainty digits the princess hadn't seen in years. Across the massive bed a third handmaiden, toned and perky with a tight ass, moved towards her flabby belly with a soft cloth, wiping away glistening sweat dripping from under her heavy rolls and cooing softly. Two blonde maidens moved from a trestle table, bearing heavy trays of dessert and coming forward to feed their pampered mistress without signal. They spoon fed their hedonistic beauty thick, creamy pudding, ladling it into her greedy mouth between plump, luscious lips, first one side then the other.

The princess was mercilessly spoilt by her lithe servants, matching golden curls framing beaming faces as they stuffed her with fattening pastries. She just lay there and didn't have to lift a finger as she was stuffed silly by her beautiful maids, her every need taken care of. For their part they adored their oversized charge and catered to her every childlike whim, submerging her in the decadent sybaritic lifestyle of hedonism she selfishly demanded, waiting on her hand and foot and denying her nothing. Finishing their efforts with the deserts they moved to the foot of the bed, clambering between her tubby spread legs as a thin dark haired woman padded to the princess's triply chinned face, gorging her on rich chocolates, popping them into her demanding mouth. They gently lifted her massive belly, exposing her soft folds to the air. A pudgy woman waddled to the bed, her chubby belly wiggling as it hung heavily in front of her. Her hefty, pendulous breasts hung down as she mounted the bed and moved towards the princesses spread legs and exposed underbelly. She moved forwards, nuzzling her weighty breasts and heavy paunch into the princess's flaccid thighs, moving slowly, stimulatingly towards her flabby pussy. Above, straddling the princess's gargantuan midriff and leaning over her sagging chest to sensuously kiss her majesty's greedy mouth, the dark haired girl ground her throbbing clit against her floppy rolls, bringing herself to orgasm over her mistress as she slowly crawled up her vast body, hands alternately fingering herself, moving her up the princess and rubbing up and down her own voluptuous body, teasing her breasts to lactation as they neared the princess's thirsting mouth. As the cute little redhead licked the princess into arousal she slid a chubby finger in too, her round body tingling with sexual energy as she pleasured her mistress, corpulent form growing damp with sweat even as she came. The princess was dripping, cheeks flushed and hair matting, exhausted from the tiny exertion, the most exercise she now had in her life of luxury, being stuffed like a pig had created an existence of sloth that left her huffing and panting after mere minutes of pleasure. A beautiful blonde wiped her face as she lazily wheezed, recovering from the orgasm. Between her legs the redhead withdrew from the pale salty cavern of ecstasy, licking her face with a long, wide tongue, savouring the experience as she collapsed backwards, sprawled on the bed looking up at the enormous belly the twins gently replaced, seeing how if she lay here too long it would engulf her, with the princess's constant growth, not that she would object, for she loved her mistress more than life itself. The princess, tired out by her minimal movement, looked up to the heavy hanging breasts of the woman crouching on her, dangling, dripping above her mouth. The pale girl lowered them, nipples entering the drained princess's gluttonous rosebud lips as she suckled greedily on her lovers bloated mammaries. She guzzled from the smooth, heavy orbs with total abandon, swollen nipples wobbling as the princess sunk into the ecstatic bliss of sucking from such ripe udders. Her nurse's perfect ivory ass stuck high in the air, perched on the soft belly of her enormous sweetheart as she was massaged, jiggling flesh oiled and sleek, the epitome of treasured indulgence. Her huge bloated body was slumped in tiredness as she relaxed, the slim girl dismounting her gracefully and giving her a view of that perfect ass, the combination of stuffed feeling, the joy of being tended to so intimately and the beauty of her companions making her horny once again, though she was too idle to exert herself the micron needed for stimulation for a few hours at least.

She adored her life of uninhibited gluttony, the non-stop bacchanal of food, sex and cosseted indulgence. She loved her colossal, drooping body, being constantly engorged and exulted by women, pert and plump both arousing her, and ravishing her. She was a fat little piggy who'd been fattened up so much she could no longer waddle, and now merely wallowed in her pleasure filled existence, revelling in her indolence and her debauchery. From merely plump she'd gorged her way to being the fat hog she was today, being fed up and pleasured to the glorious porker she was today, massive, flabby and splendidly unfit. Her life of uninhibited pampering had left her bratty and demanding, always calling to be overindulged, and her servants wasted no time in fulfilling her every desire. She truly was the most wanton, overfed and obese woman there had ever been. She lusted for everything, and received it all in tons, overeating, overdosed and oversexed in a constant binge, an orgy of flesh and food with her lovers, thin and fat all plying her with her every desire.
my first weight gain story. I would really appreciate comments
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In the centre of a large mysterious cavern sat a huge chocolate cream cake. It had over a hundred layers. Mary, the fattest girl in her school, was lost and had stumbled upon it. She stared up at it in awe. It was taller than her! How did it get here? The incredibly gluttonous and incredibly fat teen just couldn't help herself. She picked up a fork and tried some. She smiled in delight and went back for a second fork-full. She moaned in bliss and began eating huge forkfuls of cake sending crumbs flying everywhere. She ate and ate and ate. It was always like this when Mary ate. She would binge till she felt like she would burst and then moan in discomfort regretting it, feeling dreadfully ashamed of herself. But she LOVED eating so much, and the giant delicious chocolate cream cake proved to be completely irresistible. After a while she started to feel a little full but she simply undid her pants button and loosened her fly a couple of notches, and then kept eating. Such a greedy piggy. She loved chocolate cake so much she didn't care, all she wanted was to eat until she was so stuffed she couldn't move!

Over the gulping sounds of her shovelling down the cake, she failed to notice a faint gurgling sound coming from her belly. A soft roll of fat was starting to poke out the bottom of the incredibly obese teen's t-shirt. The roll of fat visibly thickened, and a creaking sound came from her over-stretched pants. Somehow, it seemed Mary was getting even fatter! Oblivious, she crammed another large forkful of the delicious chocolate cream cake into her mouth. Slowly at first, her body began to swell like a balloon. Her growth seemed to surge a little more with every bite. Fatter, and fatter, and fatter! Her t-shirt began to ride up until it exposed her fat gut and steadily deepening navel.  But Mary was used to being a very, very big girl and was also used to her flab accidentally flopping out of her clothes. She'd fix it later when she didn't have chocolate all over her fat little fingers.

Finally... finally, Mary was full. She had made a rather decent dent into the massive cake. Never in her life had she eaten so much all at once. Chocolate covering her plump lips and thick double chin she leant back feeling too full too eat another bite or else she might explode! She dismissed it at first, but she couldn't help but notice a nice, kind of pleasurable feeling between her big round thighs. God that cake was good. She gleefully rubbed her hands up and down her still gradually expanding body.

Then she noticed just how tight and constricting her clothing had become. She tried to adjust herself when suddenly her bra snapped and her breasts plopped out underneath her t-shirt, drawing her attention down to her overstuffed belly. She gasped in amazement at the amount of fat flesh that now poured over her pants. She couldn't even reach the zipper of her fly because there was too much fat in the way. Her huge gut and love handles were overflowing her clothes so much it was nearly obscene.

Then she felt and heard a large rip. Down below, her flabby billowing butt cheeks had ripped the seat of her pants. Her face became puzzled. With every slight movement she made, she could faintly hear little sounds like seams creaking and threads popping coming from her pants. All over her clothing seemed to be a little tight and constricting. Then she gasped blushing with embarrassment as she heard the definite sound of tearing fabric as her butt began to stretch the rip in the seat of her pants steadily wider, and wider. Even her underpants seemed to be stretched so tight they dug in to her hips and now failed to adequately cover her deepening butt crack. She knew her outfit was a little snug when she put it on but she'd never have expected to actually burst the seams of her pants. God how embarrassing, she'd eaten so much she split her pants! She couldn't explain why but she felt the pleasurable tingling sensation between her legs grow a little stronger as she thought this.

Then her blush faded and her face went as white as a sheet as Mary realised she could feel the tightness of her clothes increasing more and more, so much so that it was getting almost painful. Her pulse quickened as she realised it wasn't just a full belly that was making her pants too tight, her clothes were getting tighter all over. Her eyes widened as she swore she could feel her butt actually expanding. Then she looked down uncertainly as a deep and scarily loud digestive gurgle sounded from her immense belly. Her face became horrified with much wider eyes as she clearly saw her fattening belly and breast flesh pushing out more and more, her t-shirt visibly getting tighter and tighter with every passing second. She was blowing up! She felt a definite dampness between her legs now. What the hell was happening to her?!

"Oh God, I'm getting fatter!" Mary felt her blood run hot with embarrassment as she thought about how much cake she'd just eaten. She didn't know it was going to make her THIS fat! She screamed as her huge thighs suddenly burst out of her pants, the soft thickness pressing them together forcing her to spread her stance a little further apart. The movement of her legs sent all her fat jiggling and many more threads pinged and popped from her rapidly shrinking outfit. She was horrified at the sound of her fat thighs slapping together and at the sensation of her heavy belly jiggling as it spilled down to her knees. Her pants fell to the ground, defeated. Mary whimpered as she felt cool air on her huge pink wobbling butt cheeks. She reached her hands behind her fearfully to see just how big her butt was getting and was shocked to find how much more soft squidgy fat was there, and as she grabbed a large handful of it she could feel it pushing her fingers apart more and more as the fat swelled. Pray as she might for this insane growth to stop, she couldn't deny that between her thighs she felt like she was on fire. She began to pant in desperation.

"Ooh, it's not stopping!" Mary squeaked from her terrified plump chocolate stained lips. Mary's attention was drawn back to her front as her belly let out a deep loud groaning gurgling sound. Her eyes darted about in terror as her fattening arms suddenly burst the shoulder seams of her now super skin tight t-shirt wide apart whilst her thick side rolls of fat split the seams down her sides. Her belly bulged forward and the shirt was ripped clean in half. It was just sitting on top of her breasts now, covering less and less of them with every passing second as her fat flesh rolled forth. Her face was so round now, and the fat on her neck and now huge double chin was beginning to choke her as it pushed against the overstretched neck hole of her t-shirt. She felt her nipples become erect as they came into contact with cool air as her super-soft and heavy breasts finally bulged so big and round they outgrew the frayed remains of her shirt. She gasped for air her neck finally fattened enough to split the hem of neck and the shirt fell gracefully to the floor ticking her soft rolls of fat flesh as it fell.

Completely naked, Mary felt like an overfilled balloon! So full! She was growing beyond obese now. The poor girl had literally doubled in size and she was rapidly becoming so immense that she could barely lift one of her huge legs off the ground let alone take a step. She grunted and struggled trying to move, wobbling about until her belly finally touched the floor. She shuddered involuntarily as she felt her body fat begin to push up around her as it swelled. Her exhausted muscles were unable to support her weight now and she helplessly sloshed backwards onto her huge padded rear. Rolls and rolls of thick back fat jiggled as her fat settled. Her huge fat belly knocked over the remains of the cake in front of her as it spread out, rounding like a big squishy fat-filled king sized beach ball. It was still gurgling loudly and she peered down nervously at it over her breasts. An enormous ball of soft wobbling fat with a deep dark belly button, it was ballooning out well past her toes and showed no signs of stopping. She had to be more than twice as fat as anyone she'd ever seen or heard of! All the while that strange pleasurable sensation kept building and building deep between her monstrous thighs. She kept trying to ignore it, distracted and fearful as she grew bigger, and bigger, and bigger.

She whimpered as her huge belly and breasts began to tower over her. Her butt swelled up behind her and she felt her massive arms and fattening face begin to rise up into the air. She felt like an inflating parade float as her body just grew and grew and grew. Her eyes darted left and right in panic as her shoulders and breasts began to push up into her face. Even more terrifyingly she could feel the fat on her neck and cheeks filling out and pushing back. Her fat fingers and toes flailed about helplessly. Even her fingers were thickening more and more until they resembled big plump juicy sausages. Should couldn't even bend them they were so fat. It seemed that every inch of her body was being pumped full of fat until she was ready to burst. She could barely move a muscle and sweat poured off her from the exertion. Between her thighs was wet and gushing now, her eyes rolled back into her head for a second. If she didn't know better she'd say she'd just had... an orgasm? It didn't seem to help her situation though. She just kept on getting fatter, and fatter, and FATTER!

"Oh God! Please help me! I'm sorry I ate so much! Please help me, I'm getting too fat!" Mary prayed for the first time in her life in desperation. The rock floor was beginning to crack beneath her tremendous weight, but still she grew fatter and fatter with no signs of it stopping. If anything the weight seemed to be piling on even faster the bigger she got.

"Oh God, I'm getting too big! Please, don't let me pop!" her thick plump lips could barely squeak out the words as her cheeks puffed out even more. Poor Mary continued to swell helplessly, her prayers going completely unanswered. Instead she felt the sensation between her legs return ten-fold. The pleasure came in waves and caused her eyes to roll back every 30 seconds or so as the pleasure became too overwhelming.

"Too.. phat.." her cries were muffled as her lips became involuntarily pursed as the fat from her cheeks, neck and shoulders pushed up around her head. She began crying, she was so scared as her shoulder fat covered her ears and she was plunged into an ocean of deep gurgling and groaning underwater sounds, the sounds of the sea of fat that was her body, the sounds of her fatness swelling more and more. She felt like she was drowning in her own blubber. She felt soooo full, and soooo fat. Like she could pop any second. Burst like a balloon. Still more fat filled her. Her belly rumbled and groaned. The pleasure between her legs became increasingly more intense and she screamed, "Oh God! Oh God! Oh God!" She passed out just as she was about to explode.

When she awoke, she was normal sized again. Her clothes were intact and her body seemed to be unharmed, although when she tried to walk she felt a bit shaky and she noticed a slight ache between her legs. Overall she felt a sense of overwhelming relief. She surveyed her surroundings. The cake was gone. In its place was a small card with pink writing on it that smelled of icing sugar. She read it puzzled by her experience. "Gluttony unlocks your deepest desires."

Mary subconsciously squeezed one of her many rolls of fat whilst biting her lower lip. Then she smiled. She no longer felt ashamed.
A greedy fat girl awakens to her true desires thanks to some magic cake.
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(Contains: sexual themes)
It had been a day full of great food for Emily. For breakfast she went to her favorite diner in the city which fortunately was just across the street. A big order of eggs, sausage, bacon, grits, tater tots, and two waffles wasn’t exactly the most sophisticated or creative meal, but she couldn’t help but love it. Despite being a restaurant critic, her inner Midwestern girl couldn’t resist a big hearty breakfast. For lunch she went to a great Italian place that she was reviewing. Lots of fresh, homemade pasta with great tomato sauce. Easily one of her favorite new restaurants in Chicago. For dinner she made a massive feast for herself. Turkey, corn, baked potatoes, and pumpkin pie, all thanksgiving style because she was working on an article about great thanksgiving dinner recipes.

She now stared at all the empty plates that covered the table in front of her as she subconsciously rubbed her gut. Emily stacked up all the dirty dishes and began to lift herself onto her feet. She leaned her enormous upper body forward and put her pudgy hands on the table. With a thick grunt she flexed her out of shape muscles as her massive overfed butt lifted off of the two chairs it had been perched on. Slowly she straightened upright as the heavy thick apron of lower belly fat hung over her swollen thighs. Emily pulled her stretchy yoga pants back up over her mighty globular rump, still leaving the top of her bulging cheeks exposed.

The enormous foodie picked up the tall stack of plates and waddled over to the kitchen, placing the dishes next to the sink. She noticed a pastry box sitting on the counter. They were a collection of doughy confections from a great new bakery that she had reviewed on Thursday. Emily still had her incredibly large dinner sitting in her stomach but the thought of those wonderful pastries was too enticing to say no. Her belly squished against the edge of the counter as she grabbed the large box. She then poured herself a glass of milk to complete her midnight snack. Finally she flicked the main lights off and made her way to the bedroom. Her gait was ungraceful and lethargic as one foot slowly shifted in front of the other. The thick and heavy girth of her thighs rubbed together and the straining fabric of her pants made a noise as it brushed against itself.

Entering her bedroom she placed the pastries and milk on her bedside table. The mattress creaked and groaned as Emily lowered her obese bulk. Sitting in her bed she turned on the TV and grabbed the box of sweets. With her first bite she was reminded how delicious they were. The flaky and soft dough perfectly complimented the sweet smooth icing and the buttery cream filling. Wash it down with a big gulp of whole milk and her salivating mouth was in paradise. She didn’t hesitate or waste any time before she grabbed another one and took a bite. Each sweet treat was a carefully crafted masterpiece of culinary artwork that sent her taste buds to new heights of exquisite delight. Emily was so shamelessly gorging and over indulging herself. In two bites she stuffed an entire éclair in her mouth so that she could fully savor and enjoy the rich combination of flavors and textures all at once. Despite having just finished a large feast not too long ago, she continued to eat pastry after pastry with no sign of slowing down. Emily couldn’t even excuse this bakery box binge as her dessert since she had already eaten an entire homemade pumpkin pie with dinner, but she didn’t care one bit about limiting her consumption.

While one hand fed her, the other was rubbing her giant swollen belly. As she made her way through the box it became harder to continue shoving food into her gut. She started to feel hot due to pushing the limits of her stomachs capacity and from the immense pleasure she got from eating and feeling full.

Her clothes were feeling tight and restrictive so she took off her shirt and pants. Her bra was removed as well. She laid back down on her back, sideways on the bed. She was starting to sweat as her cheeks became flushed with pink and red. Her crouch felt incredibly hot so she pulled down her panties some.

Emily squeezed and massaged her soft and doughy flesh. She grabbed big handfuls of her ample belly and side fat as well as feel the solid blob of food she was digesting. Her enormously heavy and thick legs squirmed and kicked as she grew incredibly horny by reveling in her hedonistic gluttony.

It wasn’t that long ago that she was just your average sized fat girl, with a bubble butt, a cute squishy paunch, and some thick plump legs and arms. Now Emily’s size drove her wild. She was a huge whale of a woman, with a massive bulging blob of a belly that was too big to wrap her arms around, and a behemoth bottom that jutted out into a round shelf of fat and required two chairs to support. Her arms were now as big around as what her waistline once was.

God she was so fat. So heavy, overfed, and obese. She felt like a big piggish goddess.

She used to be a struggling chef, working long hours in a stressful and chaotic kitchen. She then started a foodie blog that led to her becoming Chicago’s most popular food critic. Now she would spend all day gorging herself on big meals either with her friends or just by herself, at restaurant’s she was reviewing or just at whatever place she really liked. Even when she was writing about food she was also usually snacking on something rich delicious. Her appetite had been unleashed and she quickly became the enormous corpulent glutton she is today.

Her head was hazy due to her horniness and her remarkable overeating. Breathing heavily with her cheeks flushed, she made noises and purrs with her deep breaths like “nnmmm” and “oof”. Emily reached down under her hefty underbelly, almost unconsciously attempting to pleasure herself. However as her hand went deeper between the crevasse of her pale belly blubber and the thick girth of her thighs she struggled to reach her fat buried privates. She managed to get a few fingers on her plump mound but she was simply too fat to rub the place that desperately wanted to be touched, while lying down.

As frustrating as that was it turned her on even more. Emily had eaten herself so big and fat. She had done such a good job of indulging her bulging swollen body. Her hands traveled all over her pillowy and soft upper body. She squeezed and teased her plump and blubbery breasts. Her arousal increased and her legs squirmed in an attempt to rub against her wet throbbing pussy.

She was feeling so close to climax, yet it literally and figuratively seemed just out of reach. Emily grabbed the box from the bakery and brought it closer to her. She fed herself a pastry with one hand and stroked as much as she could reach of her inner thigh with her other hand. She moaned at the delectable sweet taste and sensitive touch. Her tongue didn’t savor the flavor as much as before. Another pastry was quickly bitten into. All of this happening while she continued to feel her gut being pushed to its limits by the mountain of food she had consumed.

Emily couldn’t wait to see how much she would eat tomorrow and every day after that. She wanted her appetite to grow bigger and bigger. She imagined herself eating literally everything on the menu and gorging herself until she had cleaned out the entire buffet. She’d get so fat and stuffed, her friends or the waiters would have to carry or maybe even roll her out of the restaurant. Eventually all the restaurants would just bring the food to her apartment where she would constantly be eating. Every large meal would just slid into another even larger meal. Every second would be another heavenly bite of the best food in the world. The food would never stop coming and just as quickly as it came it went into her salivating mouth.

As these aspirations and fantasies raced through her mind Emily began to eat the pastries even faster. Crumbs fell onto her sweaty double chin as she forced more past her lips. Her free hand was fervently pushing the great swell of fat that comprised the bottom of her belly down against her wet steamy crotch. Her massive middle was like a mountain of blubber. A smooth dome of fat that was glistening with a thin layer of sweat that had accumulated, rising up and down with her rapid heavy breaths.

She could feel herself getting so close to the tipping point. Her gigantic body was tingling with sexual energy and in between her legs she was wet and throbbing with stimulation. Her eyes closed as she swallowed a mouthful of pastries. She let out a moan of pleasure and instead of grabbing more to eat her hand clutched one of her big hefty breasts. Her legs finally stopped squirming for a moment as her whole body tensed up in preparation of an incredible release. Emily then bucked and twitched as she climaxed. Waves of pleasure and warmth rushed through her body as her heavy legs shifted. Sticky cum gushed from her crotch.

Emily stayed on her bed. Lying on her back, a big beautiful sweaty behemoth. Panting with rosy red cheeks, she looked over to see one pastry remained in the box. She reached over and took a bite.

“Mmmmm… Delicious.”
Another short story based on a picture from the great artist Rayy-Norr :iconray-norr: who posts lovely sketches like the one above the story on his tumblr:

The other two stories I've done based on his art can be found in my gallery (they're called Shower Love and Second Chance). 

I'm a little surprised with how much sexual content I've been putting in my stories recently. I obviously want all my stories to feel sexy and erotic in a way but actual sex or masturbation has never been something I felt needed to be included in a story. I'm not sure why I've been doing that.

This is one of my favorite sketches because she has such a look of satisfaction and bliss. I really wanted to tap into what she could be thinking about in that moment, which is where I got the inspiration to go into her fantasies of eating. Also it's amazing just how big she is. I had the image on screen while I was writing the story and the more I looked at it the more I realized how incredibly fat she is.

Please tell me what you think of the story or the sketch in the comments. 
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wg story
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Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes)
(Authors Note: I went back in time and changed things so the following story could take place, I think I should explain what I changed so it would make the story  go smoothly. First off we all know the Allies won World War Two, but I changed that. It all happened in December 1944. It started with Hitler’s offensive in the Ardennes.  The Allies up till then had believed that the Germans were all done, except that wasn’t true.  What the Allies didn’t know was that Germany had massed a stock piled; weapons, gasoline and other war supplies in an underground bunker somewhere in Germany. It was started after World War One incase another war was ever started and was so secret that even Hitler didn’t know it existed until December 1944, when it was clear that Germany maybe losing the war. Hitler decided to use these vast resources to beat back the Allies on the Western Front first, then move to the Eastern front. Hitler wanted to make it seam like it was a small operation, and when the Allies committed the 101st Airborne to defend Bastogne, brought all the German units he had into the fight. The Germans also captured Allies fuel Depots along the way, and when they did that the 101st didn’t stand a chance. They whole Division was captured and sent off to POW camps in Germany. This came as a big blow to the Allies. By January 1945, the Germans had pushed the Allies on the Western Front all the way back to the French Border. This freed up some units to be moved to the Eastern Front. General Patton was horrified at what had happened, and was helping plan a new offensive when the Germans Struck again and drove the Allies back to Paris.
On the Eastern front things weren’t getting any better, the Germans had pushed the Russians back to Poland. Stalin believed that Germany could not continue with the war and that what was going on was a fluke, but he was actually furious that no one had noticed that the Germans could have pulled such a thing off.
By March the Allies on the Western front had been pushed back to the Normandy Beaches, and were evacuating from the French coast. On the Eastern front the Germans had pushed back the Russians to the Russian Border, the war seamed all but over.
After the Allies had evacuated all their soldiers from the French beaches, they were considering to come to a truce, with the Germans; this further fruited Stalin because he was sure that the Germans couldn’t continue.
In June the United States, ended its war in Europe and decides to use the forces they had free, to fight in the Pacific. Great Britain backed out too, fearing without the United States help it would lose more men, Winston Churchill Broke Down when he heard the news that the Allies were not going to fight Germany anymore that he stated, “I believe that in ten years the Germans will Rule the world”.
By July, The Germans were outside Moscow again; and this time it looked like they would actually make it to the city. So as other political people were fleeing the city, Stalin personally took over the defense of the city. The Germans took Stalingrad and Leningrad on the same day, the next day they started their attack on Moscow. It took three days but the Germans finally had Moscow, under their control. All units were ordered to fine Stalin and then Hang him in the City Square for all the Countries to see, but nobody could find him. Stalin was the last Russian Killed, his body was in the snow; outside the city. He looked just like all the other dead bodies that nobody thought it was him, till this day Stalin is listed as Missing.
By 1946, the Germans had Full Control of Russia. Hitler turn his attention back to Italy, and by 1947 had Italy and Sicily back under his control. Hitler then took a break from the war game so he could replenish, the men and supplies he had lost in the war.
In 1950 Hitler decided to invade Great Britain, and succeeded within a year. It was a horrible blow to the United Sates, as well as the people of Great Britain. In 1951, Hitler had England King and Queen executed, on national television.  Hitler then started planning to invade the United States. Eisenhower decided to run for President, but since he caused the United States to lose World War Two; he lost in a landslide. Nobody believed that the Germans were going to invade the United States.
In 1955 the Germans Invaded the United states, and by the end of the year had the whole Eastern Seaboard under their control. By the end of 1956 they added the Midwest to their control. In 1957, the United States Lost the Will to fight because the President had been killed. And by 1958 the Germans controlled German, Poland, Russia, Italy, Sicily, Great Britain, the United States, Austria, France, Belgian, Norway, and Holland. Hitler’s Third Reich had become a realty, except Hitler wouldn’t see it grow into what it is today because in 1960, he went crazy with power and jumped into the Atlantic Ocean, on a trip from the United States. His body was never found.
As soon as Hitler was declared dead, the Nazi party, had a type of blow up and feel apart. An new party called the Fangen Sie or Catch party took over. They wanted everyone to live happily under the Third Reich so they made changes that would have made Hitler turn over in his grave. Which he probably did. First they appointed a Kaiser to lead. His name was Diederich Klemperer. Then they told the world what the old Nazi party did during World War Two.
Now we jump to the present, the year is 2008 to be exact. And the Third Reich was still running fine, and everyone in the world was happy. Kaiser Wilhelm Klemperer took over about twenty years ago. He decided to make a few changes. one was that all woman had to gain weight.  All woman that wanted to enter the Third Rich had to enter a Fattration Camp. This was a special area for woman to gain weight, it didn’t matter how much they gain their, and they couldn’t leave until they got their Citizenship papers.  They also had to be integrated by the Gestapo, yes they kept them but change them from a secret police force to a organization like the F.B.I.  These camps were set up in the United States, Germany and France. They were run by the Wehrmacht, they had a Kommandant, which was a Colonel, they also had twenty to thirty Guards.  Kaiser Klemperer also repealed any trans fat bands and cut all taxes on food, so it would be easier for women to gain weight.
Nobody believed that back in 1936 that the Third Reich would have lasted 72 Years, but it has, and shows no sign of slowing down.  
We now join my story already in progress)

Chapter One
“Welcome to Camp Six”
She had lasted twenty eight years undetected by the Gestapo, but that all ended two days ago when her Ex-boyfriend turned her in. Now she was on a train to Fattration Camp number Six, some where outside of   New York City. She was told it was outside a town called Upton, on a site of an old laboratory that was shut down after the Germans took over United States.
Her name is Natalie Baker and she is under heavy Gestapo Guard, and what was worse was that they only spoke German. ‘I guess Gestapo men can only come from Germany’ she thought as she sat quietly by herself on the train.  An announcement said that they were approaching New York City.

At Fattration Camp number Six, or “Camp Six” as some people call it, it was just a normal day. Kommandant Von Hankie, was having a morning meeting with Head Guard Sergeant Müller. There was a call from General Schultz, saying that the Gestapo was bringing in a new woman. General Schultz gave Von Hankie the woman’s name, age, height, and weight. After the call Von Hankie told Sergeant Müller to pick three men to meet the woman and the Gestapo at the railroad station and transport her back to camp.

The train pulled into the station, the Gestapo Guards and Natalie got off. She looked around and thought that it was a nice place to be, if she had to be in some camp until her stupid Citizenship papers; so she could go back home. Why they didn’t put her in a camp near where she lived was beyond her. Her Guards were speaking in German so she couldn’t understand a word they said, except they kept repeating the name Müller. Was this Müller person who they were suppose to meat. she wanted to ask what it was they were saying but was to afraid, because of all the things that she heard about the Gestapo. Actually, after Hitler and Heinrich Himmler  had died the Gestapo weren’t what they use to be, it was actually like the FBI. Finally after waiting for what seamed like thirty minutes, three men with MP40’s  came up to the Gestapo Guards, they talked for a few minutes in German of course, then one of the Gestapo Guards said to Natalie in English with a German accent “you are to go with these Guards to Fattration Camp number Six, you will get settled there and in the morning will start your  Citizenship papers, do you understand?”
“Yes” said Natalie.
“Great, see you  at eight o’clock then” said the Gestapo Guard, and then all the Gestapo Guards walked away.
She followed the Guards to a truck, which took her to Fattration Camp number Six. When she got out of the truck she saw a two story building which she guessed was the head of the Camp was. Then she saw rows and rows of houses. ‘is that were I’ll be staying, in one of those houses.‘ she thought to herself. One of the Guards walked up to her and said  “The Kommandant would like to see you”

Sergeant Müller was at his office on the far side of the camp, he could have had one in the main building, but Von Hankie saw him as what most of the Third Reich saw him, as a disloyal person, see Sergeant Müller wasn’t always a  Sergeant in the Wehrmacht.  Sergeant Müller use to be a intelligence officer for the Gestapo, the best one they had. But he accidentally let gave information to the wrong people and cost some lives of German soldiers.  If Sergeant Müller was an average person, he would have been shot for what he had done; but since his sister was married to Kaiser Wilhelm Klemperer he was able to get a position  in the Wehrmacht. Sergeant Müller also got the job of head Guard at Fattration Camp number Six because of his brother in-law. Don’t get Müller wrong, he was happy not to be killed; but watching woman fatten up wasn’t what he had planed on doing with what he had learned.
Sergeant Müller had lost all his friends in the Gestapo, and some of the guards at the camp didn’t like him to much, but the person who hated him the most was Kommandant Von Hankie. If Von Hankie had it his way Sergeant Müller wouldn’t even be alive, sure Von Hankie was nice to Sergeant Müller at times but that was because Sergeant Müller was related to the Kaiser and Von Hankie was afraid that Sergeant Müller was going to say bad thing about him and get him transferred to a fighting unit.
Müller was sitting at his desk waiting to hear from one of the Guards that the woman he had sent them to pick up had made it to camp safe and sound.  Sergeant Müller wanted to be there when she arrived at the Kommandant s office but, since he was the head Guard at the Camp; he needed to be else where. He was just finishing the Roster for who would be on watch duty when Adolph Theobald, one of the Guards he sent, came into the office.
“Herr Sergeant I would like to make mein report” he said in a thick German accent.
“what is it Theobald, and u can cut it with the Herr shit”
“Ja Sergeant”
“The report Dummkopf”
“we brought the woman here without incident”
“good Adolph”
“Danke Sir”

Adolph left the office, to return to his post.  Adolph Theobald, in Sergeant Müller’s opinion was a great Guard, the best he had. But sometimes he felt that  Theobald was trying to much. The phone rang and it was Kommandant Von Hankie.
“the new woman will be in house number ten”
“Ja Herr Kommandant”
“she’s having dinner at nine at hut twelve, I want Elphinstone and Kilham to guard  her”
“but they have other duties tonight Herr Kommandant”
“I don’t care if they are watching the pope, I want them to Guard her tonight”
“Ja Herr Kommandant”
The phone went dead and that was the end of the conversation. Otto Elphinstone and Achim Kilham were two of Sergeant Müller’s worst Guards. But what the Kommandant wants he gets.  Now Sergeant Müller had two pull the two Guards that were on hut twelve duty tonight and place them on the duties that Elphinstone and Kilham were suppose to do.
Tonight Sergeant Müller planed on making a surprise visit to hut twelve, just to see how  Elphinstone and Kilham would do, and also to see the new person.

Natalie left the Kommandant’s office about an hour after she had arrived, and was transported to a house with the number ten written on it. She figured it was the tenth house. She was told that she would be having dinner at nine that night at hut number twelve, she had no idea where that was. She entered the house, and to her amazement the guards did not follow her. From what she gathered the Kommandant’s name was Von Hankie, and the guards that brought her to her house were named Mansle and Kemp. Kommandant Von Hankie also spoke of a  Sergeant Müller, she wondered if it was the same Müller that the Gestapo Guards were talking about, and if so then why did he seam so poplar.

There was a knock on Sergeant Müller’s door again, this time he was annoyed because he didn’t know who it could have been.
“come in”
The door opened and Armin Kemp and Günther Mansle, were standing there. “what is it, Günther?” asked Müller.
“The Kommandant wanted us to tell u that the new woman is in her house”
“Ok, good job guys”
“Danke Herr Sergeant” both Mansle and Kemp said
“Go back to what u were doing before I put you on the special detail”
“Ja Herr Sergeant” both men repeated and then left the room.
Sometimes Müller didn’t know if Kemp liked him or thought he had to be nice because he was related to Kaiser Klemperer. Mansle was best friends with Müller, they went into town almost every weekend . But Sergeant Müller was sure that was just because of Kaiser Klemperer.

At nine o’clock there was a knock on Natalie’s door, when she opened it there were two Guards. These guards were different then the three that picked her up from the train station.  She assumed that they were going to take her to hut twelve for her dinner.
The huts as they called them weren’t really huts at all. It was a long building that had doors on the outside and on large room on the inside.  Natalie guessed that there were about fifty doors.
They walked in and the two guards took up positions on either side of the back door, she guessed that was were the food was going to come from after she ordered.
She sat down across from the Guards, and of course they didn’t hold out her chair like a nice gentlemen. They slung their MP 40’S across their chest.
The one on the right spoke first. “what would u like to eat?”, “I don’t know, what do you have?” was the reply she got. “don’t be a wise girl” snorted the one on the left.
“how am I suppose to order when I don’t know what I can have” was her response to the left guard. Before either one of them could answer, there was a knock on the door, and before either one of them could talk the door opened. Both guards looked at the door and put their finger on the trigger, ready to fire. But then they jumped to attention and the one on the right yell “Achtung!”.
“you ain’t bothering  the new girl are you Otto”. he said to the Guard on the right.
“Nein Herr Sergeant Müller”
Natalie wondered if this was the same guy that the Kommandant and the Gestapo Guards were talking about. Boy he was good looking, and just her luck she had to fatten up. This Sergeant Müller as he was called, looked better then any of the other guards she’d seen since she arrived at the camp. He was dressed in a uniform that was not like the other guards and was carrying a gun that was not like the Mp 40 that the other Guards were carrying.
Sergeant Müller was about 5’9” in height, about 135 pounds in weight, and had dirty blonde hair. He was unlike any German soldier she had ever heard about, but so was most of the guards here.
“did u take her order?” asked Sergeant Müller.
“not yet sir, we are having a problem with that” said the guard on the left.
Sergeant Müller, turned to the guard on the left and asked “what kind of problem are you two having with her?”
“well sir” said the guard he called Otto, “she is being a smart mouth, sir”
Sergeant Müller turned to Natalie and she wondered what he would do to her.
“a smart mouth, well I don’t believe it. You two must not be asking her in a nice tone”
“we were Herr Sergeant” said the guard on the left,
Sergeant Müller turned back to the two guards and said “then I will ask her myself”
He turned back to Natalie.
“what would you like for dinner, ma’am” he said in a nicer tone then the guard called Otto.
“like I said to the other two, I don’t know what you serve so how can I order”
“is that all?”
He then turned to the other two guards and yelled “Dummkopf, go get her a menu so she can order what she wants.
The guard named Otto left the room, and then came back with a large menu and handed it to Sergeant Müller. He then turned to Natalie and handed it to her. She took one look at the menu and couldn’t decide what to order. “how much can I order?” she asked Sergeant Müller. The two guards started to snicker, when he replied “as much as you want ma’am, there is no limit. Since you can gain as much as you  want while you wait for your Citizenship papers."
Natalie wasn’t sure if this was true or not, but she was going to try. “I’ll have some eggs over easy”
“how many?” asked Sergeant Müller.
“about ten”
“ok, is that all?”
“no, I’ll also have a large stack of pancakes, a large stack of beacon and a large milkshake to wash it down”
“anything for dessert?”
“a gallon of ice cream”
“what flavor?
Sergeant Müller turned to the two guards at the door.
“both of you go to the chief and help him bring it here when its done”
“but Herr Sergeant, the rule is that two guards must watch a person eating” said Otto.
“Dummkopf, does it look like she could take me?”
It was true she couldn’t, Natalie was only 5’2”, and a mere 95 pounds, were as, Sergeant Müller looked to her to be 5’8 and 145 pound. Bad odds on her part.
“Nein, sir”
“then do what I say or you’ll find yourselves in a fighting unit in the morning”
“Ja Herr Sergeant”
Both guards left the room without another word.
“you speak very good English, for a German” said Natalie
“Danke” said Sergeant Müller
“so do u have a name?”
“Sergeant Müller”. He said as he turned to face her, boy did he look cute she thought.
“well my name is Natalie, and I meant a first name”
“I have one of those but it isn’t very German”
“its not?”
“why not?”
“because I’m not fully a German”
“your not?”
“Nein, you see” Sergeant Müller, sat down at the table across from Natalie. He set his Gun down, on the right side of the table, ‘so he must be right handed’ she thought to herself.
“my Grandfather was in the 101st Airborne in World War Two, they were over run and taken prisoner. After the war had ended, he stayed in Germany an met this nice German woman, they got married and had my uncle them my mother”
“so she was half German”
“Ja, then she meat my father who was all German and whose father was in one of the units that over ran the 101st”
“so you are half German like your mother”
“so what is your first name?”
“Ebenezer Müller?”
“so Sergeant Ebenezer Müller, what do you do here, at this camp?”
“I’m the head Guard”
“so your those other guys boss”
“Ja, and those other guys names are Elphinstone and Kilham”
“so why do u speak German?”
“I don’t really, I picked some words up when I was a child and use them when I can”
She looked at the Gun he had placed on the table.
“nice weapon”
“what is it”
“an American Grease Gun”
“why don’t you carry a MP 40?”
“I have one of them, I just don’t like it very much”
“do you have any other guns?”
“Ja, and American Thompson sub machine gun, and American Grand Rifle, A 1903 Springfield. A 9MM Pistol, a Colt 45, a Lugar, a MP 40, A Stemgavar  44”
“yeah well I needed them at one time”
“you were in a fighting unit”
“so do all the Guards speak German?”
She had obviously wanted to change the subject.
“some do, and others are like me, depends where u are”
“in camp?”
“no country, the camps in the United States have Guards that speak German and English Or just English. Camps in France have guards that speak German and French or just French. And camps in Germany have guards that speak just German.”
“what about the Gestapo?”
“Ja, they speak German”
“yea I know that already”
“to be Gestapo, you need to be full German Blood, or get an appointment from the Kaiser, or someone else in the Government”
“were you Gestapo?”
“why do you ask?”
“because you sound upset when you talked about it”
“Ja, I was Gestapo”
“then what happened?”
“I rather not talk about it”
“so are you a mean person?”
“then how come the other guards ran when you threaten them?”
“because of the people I know?”
“the people you know?”
“Ja, see my sister is married to Kaiser Wilhelm Klemperer”
“so that’s how u got to be Gestapo”
“you said that you use to be Gestapo”
“and that the only way a Non- full blooded German could become Gestapo was that if they got an appointment from the Kaiser, or someone else in the Government”
“so you got to be Gestapo, because your sister is married to the Kaiser”
‘it wasn’t only that…” a knock at the door cut him off.
“yea?” he yelled out.
“we have the lady’s food Herr Sergeant”
Natalie had totally forgotten why she was here.
“ok bring it in”
The door opened and there was a big cart with all the food she had ordered. The two Guards that brought her to the room were there as well as a guy in a white uniform, that she figured was a waiter. Sergeant Müller grabbed his gun and got up as they pushed the cart into the room.
As the waiter started to put the food on the table, Sergeant Müller said to the two guards “I’ll let u continue with your duties”. Natalie figured that he probably didn’t want to watch a woman get fat. He turned to her and said “Guten Appetit” and then left.
my first weight gain story
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Catalina grabbed a large washcloth and a bucket of warm water. She had been a servant to the Queen for only a year. Being young and inexperienced she was low on the totem pole among the queen’s workers. She always got stuck doing the dirty work. She, along with the other young rookies, was never allowed to speak to the queen unless spoken to, nor was she given one of the nice uniforms to wear. It bugged Catalina, who felt she had earned better then laborious grunt work. She was begging to be promoted to kitchen duty. There was no use getting too angry about it though, for she was still making a decent coin for a girl her age. It wasn’t even the queen that annoyed her, it was the damn servant’s supervisor. Ms. Broomsbury, Catalina was pretty sure she hated her guts for some reason.

Carrying the heavy bucket and washcloth she entered the queen’s chambers with two other servants.
“Hello m’lady it is time for your bathing.” Ms. Broomsbury said.

“Oh already? Well… alright then.” Queen Marella responded. Catalina had grown to like the Queen. She seemed to be fond of Catalina for some reason. Queen Marella had even tried to start a conversation with her a couple times. She would have liked to chat with the queen but Catalina’s supervisor always interrupted.

Queen Marella’s silk robe was removed exposing her naked body. She was a sight to behold. Undoubtedly the fattest woman in the entire kingdom. An immobile mountain of blubber. She sat on a luxurious mattress in the middle of the room. Low to the ground, you could hardly see the mattress under the enormity of the Queen. She was such a behemoth, bigger than any creature Catalina had seen. Catalina had heard of women, especially royalty, being as big and even bigger than Queen Marella but it was hard to fathom such a possibility.

She was so large that getting her into an actual bathtub would be too hard a task. Although it would probably be getting her out of the tub that would cause problems. She had to be cleaned by hand. And not her own hands for Queen Marella’s arms were too fat and weak to do it. Also her range of motion in her arms was very small. Now her arms could only reach about as far as her mouth, which was about all she did with them anyway. Though now she grew tired from just feeding herself, so that duty was passed on to her servants.

Catalina approached the front of the queen and began to clean her belly which extended several feet in front of her in three enormous layers. Each of the three tiers of her tummy stuck out slightly less than the flabby roll below it, except for the bottom roll of fat which sprawled out over the mattress. Catalina wrung out her washcloth and got to work on the top roll.

It always managed to catch Catalina off guard when she had bathing duty. Observing the massive bulk of the queen from a distance it is easy to forget that what you’re looking at is simply a ton of fat. The only creatures that Catalina had touched before, that came close to the queens size were horses and Oxen, and their bodies were firm and muscular. So she hesitated as her hands sunk slightly while she rubbed the wet cloth over the Queen’s immense warm flesh.

Queen Marella’s fat mountainous mass was already a pain to wash due to her enormous size, but it was even more difficult than that. There was so much skin that was hidden by her many rolls and folds that had to be cleaned as well. Catalina struggled to hold up one of the Queen’s immensely thick slabs of belly fat as she tried to wash in between her blubber rolls. A young man named David came over and helped by holding it up for her. Catalina quickly wiped down the smooth pillowy surface before David let the thick layer of flab flop back down, sending ripples through the enormous pile of flesh. David then grunted as he lifted up one of her giant breasts for Catalina to clean.

The Queen’s body required a lot of manpower. Not only were there several servants bathing her enormity, there were also two others on feeding duty, constantly placing food in her waiting open mouth. Though the feeding stopped as Catalina started to wash closer to her face. She had rubbed and cleaned both of her enormous breasts including her large nipples (though they were still proportionate to her incredibly large chest). She lifted up and washed under her flabby double chin that had extended onto her chest. It was less a double chin and more of a neck roll. Catalina almost always ended up cleaning her face and chest for she was usually the most petite servant on bathing duty. In order to reach her face you had get onto her mountainous belly. Catalina literally climbed a few more inches up the Queen’s titanic girth as both her feet came off the ground.

“Be *URP* careful, I feel quite full.” The Queen said. Since Catalina weighed less than the two well-built men that also cleaned the royal lady, she provided the least stress on the gargantuan belly. She could faintly feel lungs of the Queen taking deep breaths as she wiped crumbs and sauces off of Marella’s face. The Queen was by no means a messy eater but with her level of mobility and the fact that she ate almost all day led to a lot for Catalina to clean up between her many folds and rolls.

As Catalina rubbed wiped the warm wet cloth on the queen’s big flabby cheeks she admired the queen’s face. She had to admit that even with her big fat roll of a neck and large blubbery cheeks you could still see the elegance and beauty of the queen. Deep within this massive pile of flesh was a once very gorgeous woman, and in many ways she still was gorgeous. Her nose was perfect, as if it was sculpted by the gods. Her red lips were preciously plump and alluring. Her big green eyes were so striking like beautiful emeralds that you could just stare into forever. For Catalina though she was captivated by the Queen’s beautiful brown hair. Her hairdo was utterly perfect and it almost made Catalina jealous that she could never get her hair to be so perfectly cut and primped.

Catalina finished cleaning the Queen’s flabby yet striking face and part two of the Queen’s bathing was about to take place. About a dozen guards and servants came into the room. All were very tall and strong men.

“Okay I am ready.” The Queen said as she stopped eating. Another mattress was placed to the left of the massive Marella and the men surrounded the Queen’s body. On the right side they tried to lift up the mattress, slowly tipping the Queen’s enormous bulk over, while on the left side men tried to pull and guide the Queen onto her side. Little progress was made as they grabbed handfuls of her swollen belly blubber. Soon though the Queen’s astronomical weight started to shift onto her hip as her overfed flab started to roll onto its side. More momentum was gained as others, like Catalina, joined to help out. Eventually gravity finished the job as her monumental gut started to over to her side and all of a sudden hundreds of pounds of overfed royal flesh came down as the Queen tipped onto her side. Immediately a large pile of pillows was created to prop up Queen Marella’s head and of course more food was placed in her mouth.

Catalina and the other bathers went to work on the Queen’s enormous lower body and underbelly. She wrung her washcloth out again and went to work on one of the Queen’s gargantuan butt cheeks. Her friends teased her for “having to clean the Queen’s ass” but it really wasn’t bad. It’s not like she had “wiping duty” that was actually done by the kingdom’s prisoners. It was a rather enjoyable experience for the servants to watch the most despicable bastards in the land have to wipe the Queen’s ass for her.

Anyway several guards held up one of the Queen’s thick blubbery legs as Catalina washed her enormous barrel sized thighs. Catalina couldn’t see it but this made Queen Marella blush. The Queen really enjoyed her daily bathing. All the touching and fondling in all her nooks and crannies sent tingles down her spine that made her rather horny. Plus all the moving and lifting of her immobile body felt like a good stretch. It made for a welcome break between her hours and hours of excessive, gluttonous eating.

The Queen continued to lay on her side like a beached whale. Catalina had worked up a sweat trying to clean all of the Queen’s folds and creases, but she was finally finished. He threw her washcloth over her shoulder and exited the Queen’s room. She heard the Queen talking as she closed the door.

“No, leave me on my side… and please send in my pleasurers.”
Hey here's a story I wrote about a very large queen. 
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(Contains: nudity, sexual themes and ideologically sensitive material)
Brooke awoke slowly and hazily to the sound of a bed squeaking. As her eyes came into focus in the deep golden, morning light of her bedroom, it became clear to her that she had slept in a little late. Kelsey was already well into the process of getting dressed for day, and her inconsiderately loud movements of putting on her white tank top and gray sweat shorts had finally wrestled Brooke from her slumber. She found that she was having a harder and harder time getting up early for breakfast as the days went on. Perhaps it was her high-calorie diet, making her sluggish and sleepy and cranking down her metabolism, she thought. Or maybe it was because of the new weight itself; by this point, she had gained more than forty-five pounds of chub. Maybe it was taking a toll on her energy levels. She couldn't be sure; she was a biochemistry person, but her organismal-level biology knowledge was a bit rusty. Maybe she should have done pre-med, like her parents suggested.
These dreamy, half-awake thoughts of a former life she once led drifted away as a rapid, bubbling rumble shook her lower intestines. Brooke moaned lightly, kicked the stuffy sheets off of her body, and rolled onto her tummy for comfort. Relief came swiftly as her body, without much input from master control, let out a long, strident blast of flatulence, inadequately muffled even by her thick diaper underneath her soft, pink footie pajamas. Several seconds later, she let out another of equal force and vociferousness. Shortly after that, yet another uninhibited, burbling fart. The smell was not held back by the extensive padding around her backside either, and had overpowered the breathable air in the room; a sour, manure-like cocktail enveloped the space. Brooke frowned as another load of gas started begging to be released. She had an 'aha' moment; all this gas must have been from the late-night plate of cheese and refried bean enchiladas she had with Melody. Brooke had packed away a half-dozen of the things, and it seemed as though she was facing the consequences.

"Ew, Brooke. Seriously? Are you even embarrassed?"

Kelsey gave Brooke a disgusted look as she got off her bed and started combing her blonde locks, alternating with fanning her nose to dispel to fart stink.
Truthfully, Brooke wasn't really ashamed at all. Especially not for doing these things in front of Kelsey…because fuck Kelsey. Brooke was no longer in control of what Brooke's body wanted to do, and besides, uncontrollable, excessive farting was not even close to being at the top of the list of things to be embarrassed about these days. She flexed her stomach muscles and pushed out a flurry of wet additions. The smell wasn't going away, not even a little bit.
Brooke heard a quick rapping at the door to the bedroom, followed immediately by the door opening.

"Well, good morning sleeping beauties!"

It was Jasmine. The sing-song was unmistakable. Brooke closed her eyes and dug her face into her pillow as a silent stream of gas poofed out from between her chunky cheeks. It was too early for Jasmine's chipperness. It was always too early for that.

"You both slept in! Come on, we've got waffles and eggs ready pretty soon. Leah and Melody are already out there."

"Yeah, well," Kelsey started as she stretched, putting down her brush, and pinching her nose with her fingers. "I think Baby Brooke over there just put a big ol' load in those Pampers of hers. You might want to attend to that first."

Brooke whipped her head away from her pillow and shot eye daggers at Kelsey from across the room. Fucking bitch.

"Really?" Jasmine sniffed the air once. "Oh whoa, yeah, I see what you mean. Whoo!"

Brooke could hear her fanning the air in front of her as she walked up to the side of her bed.

"Did you poop, Brooke?" Jasmine asked sweetly, hands on her hips, trying to ignore the odor in the air.

Brooke shook her head no, face beet red. The intensity of her blushing increased several fold when Jasmine, apparently not believing her, cupped Brooke's diapered butt with a crinkly pat, checking for the characteristic bulge and heft of a loaded diaper. She, of course, felt nothing.

"Just some toots, huh?" Jasmine rubbed Brooke's soft back briefly before Brooke sat up on the bed to face her, hair wild and tangled.

"Ok then. I guess that makes sense. You usually don't go until after breakfast anyways. Let's just get you changed out of your night diaper and started on the day."

Brooke couldn't help but cringe. Jasmine was already learning the daily rhythms of Brooke's bodily functions. This whole thing, apparently, could get even more humiliating.
Jasmine stuck out a hand to help Brooke up out of the bed, but Brooke stopped her.

"Hold on, just…wait…" Brooke tried to convey what was going on without saying it as she flooded her diaper with a final dosage of pee.

Jasmine was initially confused, but after several seconds and seeing subtle posture changes in Brooke as she sat on the bed, legs spread slightly and leaning forward, that she caught on and smiled.

"Well, better now than smack in the middle of things, eh?" Jasmine chuckled and when Brooke was done, she led her out onto the carpet of the front room for her typical morning change.

Four days had passed since Melody had become fully incontinent with Leah and Brooke, while the other two had been in diapers for about a week now. With each passing day, they became a small measure more comfortable with their new situation. In reality, their daily schedules hadn't changed much. The three of them still spent most of their time playing video games, watching TV, laying around in the sunshine, and most of all, continuously grazing on fatty, caloric foods throughout the day. The only real differences were the diaper changes, and the inability to bathe or dress themselves, but for the most part, their lives were definitely not any more difficult. Embarrassing, yes. Inconvenient, yes. But the girls were just as lazy, if not lazier, now that they were no longer responsible for certain adult functions of their everyday lives. No more repeated bathroom trips. No more of the miniscule amount of calories expended washing oneself. No more wasted calories standing and dressing themselves. For the most part, Brooke, Leah, and Melody spent their most recent days only moving to get more food from the food materializers, to get changed, and to be changed and in and out of their day and night clothing.
Melody was taking to her newfound condition surprisingly well, and attempted to find humor in it wherever she could. It wasn't uncommon for her to make self-deprecating quips when she unavoidably emptied her bowels, or to nonchalantly notify her housemates to wait a second, because she was making a 'tinkle', in her buttery Southern accent.
Life had started to adjust some in the cabin over the past several days, with the exception of returning to the outdoors. Kelsey, still relatively slim and unbound to protective undergarments, although frequently struggling with some bladder control, was the only member of the team to regularly use the pool. The other three girls would occasionally sun themselves by the pool in their infantile attire, but sometimes it was just an awkward situation, especially during events in which an immediate change was suddenly needed, and a shameful, stinky, crinkling waddle back up to the house through the trees had to be executed.
Related to this was a complete lack of swimming in the pool. In their present conditions, the three girls hadn't felt comfortable attempting such a thing. However, on this particularly hot, yet refreshingly breezy, day; the three of them came to the conclusion that it was time to try it out.

After the household had digested a lunch of lobster bisque and grilled cheese sandwiches early that afternoon, and when the heat of the day arrived at nearly ninety degrees, Melody was the one to approach the hostesses and express the wishes of the newly diapered group.

"Jasmine," Melody started, finding her hostess contently sipping on some lemonade while she read in the living room, "the three of us would like to go swimming. You've said we need to wear special…uh…stuff….so that's why I'm telling you."

Melody's tan cheeks glowed pink, and deep dimples formed in them as she nervously, tightly smiled. She couldn't believe she was asking someone to put her in a special swimming diaper just so she could enjoy the pool. Melody anxiously placed her hand on her pudgy hip.
Jasmine said nothing for a moment, keeping her eyes on the page she was engrossed in. She held up a finger; she was close to a stopping point and needed to finish. Once there, Jasmine snapped shut the book, and flashed a smile.

"Well it's about time!" she chirped. "I know you girls need to do a whole lot of sittin' and eatin' so you can get nice and big and fat, but there's nothing wrong with soaking out there and having some fun. Hold on, I'll get you set up."

Charlotte was in the restroom, so Jasmine had to ready each girl one at a time. Brooke was first, and was dismayed to see that Jasmine was setting up the changing implements right there in the living room, and not in the privacy of the bedroom. Jasmine had Brooke sit down on the changing mat, and Jasmine quickly discarded her host's clingy white tank top and brassiere.

"Now lay down, sweetie." Jasmine said.

Brooke complied laying back on the mat, her exposed, now significantly large breasts swaying with her rapid movement, her belly, now a full-fledged, pale, doughy gut, jiggled as it pulled away from the brim of her diaper. Jasmine went to work swiftly, unstrapping the disposable garment in quick, abrasive-sounding unsticking of the adhesive sides. The diaper had been used several times, and was heavy and yellowed with urine as Jasmine pulled it out from underneath Brooke's soft, chubby butt cheeks. Jasmine hummed as she discarded the diaper, and took her sweet time as Brooke laid there completely naked, completely bare of hair, a luscious 180 pound, well-fed, zaftig woman, exposed for the entire house to see. And there was nothing Brooke could do about it.
Eventually, Jasmine grabbed a swimming diaper from her side, opened it up, leaned in, and started slipping it on between Brooke's meaty thighs. From what Brooke could see past her own boobs and belly was a large, white, puffy thing, not unlike what she had been wearing for the past week. However, it was made out of different material. Instead of absorbent, crinkly padding, it had an outer layer that was smooth and nylon-like, with tight elastic around the leg holes once fitted. The inside was thick, and pressed against her backside firmly and heavily like her regular pair, but was made of more waterproof type stuff, and was obviously designed to not absorb liquids, but rather keep solid things from escaping. This was a point that was clearly disclosed by Jasmine.

"There we go. This should keep you girls from making floaters if you have to go #2. We wouldn't want any of that."

Jasmine got Brooke's healthy, diapered body into a pink swimsuit, helped her off the carpet, and moved on to Leah and Melody.

When the three of the girls finally got out to the pool, they found Kelsey by the poolside, relaxing in her white one-piece, sunglasses on, tanning. Kelsey picked up her head from her tanning chair briefly to acknowledge that the other girls, hefty thighs quaking with every step towards the water's edge, rear-ends bulgy and obviously diapered underneath their swimsuits. Kelsey scoffed lightly and returned to her solar-powered serenity.
The other three went straight for the water, an icy cool source of relief from the heat in the dry forest. Shrieking splashing fights erupted every so often, but for the most part, the girls found themselves engaging in slow, meandering paddling paths around the lobes of the pool, periodically submerging to cool themselves off.
At one point, Brooke, while lazily drifting on her back in the pool's deep end, realized that she was having a much easier time keeping afloat then she did when she got there. She chuckled to herself, causing the waterline around her plump belly to slosh a bit. This new addition of fifty pounds of fat really made her harder to sink. With that thought, she righted herself as she approached the edge, held on to it for a few seconds, peed, and then kicked off towards the shallower end, hoping that no one would notice the warm, lime-green cloud she was leaving behind.
Brooke dove beneath the surface and frog-paddled underneath for a little while, rising up to catch some air, and then going down again. By the time she reached the opposite wall of the pool in the waist-high shallow end and rose a final time, she was winded. She couldn't believe it. Was she this out of shape? Had nearly a month of sitting around and doing nothing resembling exercise really made it so she could barely swim across the pool without her heart leaping out of her chest? For a moment, she feared that the tracker restraints would come and bind her up like what happened to Kelsey when the girls first arrived at the cabin. Brooke stayed very still, clinging to the wall, knees on the shallow bottom of the pool below, and she breathed deeply and slowly, trying to replenish her oxygen stores and lower her heart rate. A month ago she could have done several and back and forth trips across this pool before she even started breathing quickly, but now, after porking up to unambiguous 'chubby' status, she could barely get her blubbery butt from one side to the other a single time without wheezing.

"Looks like someone's let themselves go a little bit. Taking it easy there, Baby Brooke?" Kelsey taunted as she lowered herself down the steps into the shallow end beside Brooke.

"I guess that's what happens when you eat…you know…everything you possibly can."

Kelsey's cruelty was back again today, apparently. Brooke and the other girls had a hard time figuring out Kelsey from the start, and it appeared as though they were making some sort of progress, but it became obvious that Kelsey's attitude was unpredictable, and rocketed back and forth between amiable, easy-goingness and unrelenting bitchiness within 24 hours.

"You know," Brooke retorted, "you aren't exactly all that skinny anymore either. That swimsuit is looking snug."

It was true. While Kelsey had gradually started increasing her intake since the last meet, she had been packing on nearly a pound per day, and stood before Brooke with a good seventeen or eighteen extra pounds of flab, most of it observable in the way her tan flesh was dug into by the borders of her white swimsuit, the color of which accentuated her growing booty, the cheeks of which inconveniently were starting to devour the back of her swimsuit, giving her a recurring wedgie. Her perky breasts had swelled, bubbling up out of her swimsuit top a bit more with each passing day, and the faintest hint of something resembling a belly would grace the eye when Kelsey bent over or sat down. Her once toned and slender arms had been recently homogenized and softened by the weight gain, and her thin face was rounding out with the addition of fuller cheeks.

"Yeah, well, at least I can rock this swimming suit without needing a big ol' diaper, tubby." Kelsey spat back before crawling tumultuously to the opposite end of the pool.
Her words would have stung Brooke more if she didn't know that soon enough, Kelsey wouldn't have as much to gloat about.

Leah and Melody both came out to the shallow end to crouch down and chat with Brooke, whose breath had finally returned. They half-heartedly watched Kelsey do slow, methodical, crawling laps around the deep lobe of the pool. Kelsey was careful not to go so fast that her heart rate summoned the glowing, homing, acolytic restraints. That was a mistake she never wanted to make again.
She stopped after a dozen mini-laps or so before reclining on her back and floating for while in the deep end. The hot sun evaporated the water from her skin, and her ears, submerged in the pool water below, were muffled from the sounds of the other housemates' conversation. Kelsey peered one last time at the tall godtower and fir trees above her, overhanging the pool, and closed her eyes as pure relaxation took over her in the drowned out silence. Within seconds, she felt her belly roll itself into a knot and an urgent pressure built in her bowels.
In horror, Kelsey righted herself and began paddling towards the shallow end with vigor, too panicked to think about simply using one of the deep end ladders to get out. Once her feet could reach the bottom, she began wading towards the other girls, body rising a bit more out of the water with each step. She clutched her belly with her right hand. Her butt cheeks clamped down as hard as they could. Sweat began beading up on her brow. The water level fell below her boobs as she made her way forward, and she was rocked by a painful contraction, making her gasp and pause.
The others heard this and turned their attention to her. Kelsey groaned, seeing this. They were watching, and she knew with another 'knock at the backdoor' that she wasn't going to make it. Kelsey had sloshed her way forward enough to be within fifteen feet or so of the semi-circular arrangement of Brooke, Leah, and Melody ringing the stairway out of the pool when Leah asked an innocent enough question.

"What's wrong, Kelsey? Are you alright?" Leah's brown eyes were wide as she sat on the lowest step of the entry staircase, long hair flowing like tentacles around her in the water.

Kelsey didn't have the will to respond and she paused as another push from inside of her made her legs freeze, and for her to dip down in the belly-button deep water between Melody and Brooke, who crouched on either side of her, treading water. It was that last push that made her lose control. Kelsey's proud heart sank as she let out a voluminous, loud column of bubbles from her backside that seemed to never stop. Melody couldn't help but burst out laughing.

"Holy shit! An ass-blast from Barbie? Looks like someone's starting to finally come around." she joked.

Kelsey's long underwater fart was followed up by her pushing out a massive, snakey load into her swimsuit. She stood there, shocked, mouth wide, as she controllably let out another thunderous, bubbly fart. She didn't know what to do. All eyes were on her. Kelsey stood there, a statue, for the better part of minute before she decided it was time for the walk of shame.
Everyone was still confused as to what was going on with Kelsey, but when she slowly made her way to the steps, and rose out of the water, exposing her immensely lumpy, drooping, heaping load that was heavy enough to pull the tight swimsuit away from the back of her thighs, the three of them gasped in a combination of astonishment, revulsion, and retributive glee. Brooke pounced.

"My, my, my. Looks like someone has really let themselves go."

Kelsey didn't say a word as she waddled carefully away from the pool and up towards the house, tears cascaded down her face, but she was careful not to wail. Brooke called out one last time as Kelsey shuffled out of sight up the trail to the cabin.

"Enjoy your fresh diaper, Baby Kelsey. Your fat ass is like the rest of us now!"

No one saw Kelsey for the rest of the afternoon and evening. After heading up to the house and getting changed by Charlotte, and put into a puffy diaper, she remained in the bedroom she shared with Brooke, curled up in bed, defeated and morose. Brooke didn't see her until she was brought in for a bath and was changed into her pajamas for the night.

"Don't worry about Kelsey," Charlotte said later that afternoon, answering a concerned query from Leah, "she'll be alright once tomorrow comes. Some people take to this harder than others, especially those with the amount of…well…pride, as Kelsey."

Charlotte gave a slight sigh and tied her blonde hair up before going off to set the table for dinner. She stopped before she left the carpet of the living room, and placed her hands on the sides of thick hips, full in her tight jean shorts. The hostess turned back to Leah, Brooke, and Melody, who were taking turns playing the XBOX360 while splitting a massive mountain of fudge squares; her pale blue eyes were electric with an idea.

"You know what we should do for dinner?"

The three girls shook their heads no. Melody loudly belched as she reached in for another fudge square from her position lying on her back on the carpet. She popped it into her mouth and smacked it down wetly, and rubbed her turgid belly right above the band of her diaper. Her insides were stuffed completely with chocolate. In pleasure, she licked the sweet, chocolate film from her lips, and reached for yet another.

"We should have an eating contest instead."

The girls were confused.

"We leave for our second meet in two days, and you should get some practice in stretching those stomachs, so you have a bit of a chance at winning the one at the competition. Besides, it will be fun!"

The girls all exchanged brief glances and shrugged. None of them could see why not. They were continuously making sure their bellies were full to the brim all day anyways, what difference would it make if they pushed it a little?
It wasn't too much later that after conspiring with Jasmine, Charlotte and her co-hostess had set up a massive eating contest for the three girls; a gargantuan feast that differed from the 'real' contests in the competitions, as there was more than one kind of item to eat. A lot more than one kind of item. When the aromatic, mouth-watering vapors started wafting in from the kitchen into the living area, the two hostesses came out to greet the girls and lead them into the dining area.

"Ladies, it's time to eat up!" Jasmine clasped her hands together in front of her in excitement.

With some minor huffing and grunting, the newly chubby guests rolled of the couch and floor, dusted themselves off of the accumulation of crumbs they had accrued over the afternoon, and followed Jasmine and Charlotte towards the delicious smells, their boobs, bellies, and thighs jiggling the entire way, their bulky white diapers rustling with every waddling step.
What greeted them in the dining room was striking, and was a really testament to the power of the food materializers. The table was divided into thirds, with some sort of makeshift plastic border marking this division. In each division were plates upon plates of food, and a single chair in front of all of that for a single 'competitor'. There was a sampling of seemingly everything there. Each person, apparently, had the following available to them to scarf down:
An entire bowl of buttered mashed potatoes, with a big, silver gravy boat steaming heavily off to its side. A platter of chili cheese fries, topped with great pillowy mounds of sour cream and guacamole, at least a pound or two of melted cheese, and a bowl of chili on the side, just in case things got dry. Two double-patty bacon cheeseburgers and an entire plate of creamy macaroni salad, eight BBQ chicken wings, at least a quart of clam chowder, and half a loaf of garlic bread, sliced, and pile of sliced brie. There was also two big beef and bean burritos, a sea of cheesy refried beans, four pieces of fried catfish, and an entire rectangular serving vessel full of sweet, creamed corn. For beverages, there was a two-liter bottle of Coke. "Dessert" apparently consisted of six cream-filled doughnuts, a mini tiramisu cake, and a sundae made with two quarts of vanilla ice cream, and topped with every fixin' known to man. The scenery was awe-inspiring.
Jasmine and Charlotte sat the girls down at their spots along the dining room table. Brooke sat down on the far end, Leah in the middle, and Melody on the close end. Immediately, they were fitted with bibs, and their hostesses tucked any loose hair they had back behind their ears or down their necks. This was only a problem for Melody, whose short bob sometimes got in front of her face when she leaned down. Leah had her hair back in long, braided pigtails that fell on the gray tank top fabric over her voluminous breasts, until Charlotte came along and put them behind her soft shoulders. Brooke's ponytail seemed to be doing the job well enough.

"Alright, the rules are pretty simple, girls," Charlotte started. "Eat until you can't anymore, or until you finish the meal. You have one hour of time to do this. If you feel like you need a change, you'll need to wait until the contest is done, sorry. Even if it's number 2. Any questions?"

Melody shot up a hand, causing her tight pink t-shirt to ride up on her belly pudge.

"Yeah, what does the winner get?"

Charlotte looked surprised.

"Huh, I hadn't really thought about that. What do you think, Jasmine?"

Jasmine squinted her eyes, grinning as she thought about the parameters of the competition. After a good twenty seconds of silence, she had her idea.

"How about this: the loser has to change the winner's diaper after the next time they make a poopie."

Charlotte shrugged.

"Sounds alright to me, let's do it."

The girls all exchanged horrified, disgusted glances. This happy-go-lucky practice eating competition had suddenly become a lot more serious. As the girls prepared to start, and looked over their massive feast, it seemed as though the unsavory competition of losing this competition was ironically making all of the food look significantly more appetizing.

"Ok, get ready, ladies," Jasmine started, leaning in, as if she was anxiously awaiting her own declaration of the start of the competition. The three girls leaned in as well, scooting their chairs closer; mouths starting salivating.

"On your marks, get set…eat!"

The clatter of forks and knives on plates started immediately, and the loud, gasping, hurried, open-mouthed chewing of food was a close accompaniment.
Brooke took care of the beef burritos and refried beans first, as they were closest to her. They were easy to finish off, and although she got quite a bit of the hot refried beans on the sides of her chin and on her bib, she swiftly moved on to the next target; the burgers and macaroni salad. Brooke took huge bites, stretching her mouth as tall as possible as she plunged her face into the burgers. Mayonnaise and ketchup bubbled up all over her cheeks with every attack of the burger, but she didn't have time to care, and didn't have napkins to wipe her face anyways. Her cheeks filled to maximum capacity with each ambitious bite; melted cheese dangled from the ketchup and refried bean cocktail that slowly dripping from her chin to her bib. Brooke polished off the first cheeseburger, licked her fingers clean of sauce and grease, and grasped wildly at the bottle of soda, her slick fingers failed to get a grip on her first attempt. She guzzled down about a quarter of the bottle in one go, wiped her mouth with the back of her hand, let out a mighty belch, and took down the second cheeseburger, along with the entire helping of macaroni salad.
Melody, down at the other end of the table, went with a different strategy, and took on the mashed potatoes and gravy first. She put the bowl down in front of her, and periodically added a waterfall of piping hot gravy as she shoveled spoonful after spoonful of brownish slop into her mouth. Predictably, a lot of it ended up on her chin, neck, and bib, but it wasn't long until she had conquered her starchy, fatty foe. After scraping the bowl of its last bit of potatoes, Melody took a few swigs of soda, changed things up with powering through half of the cream-filled doughnuts, and started in on the BBQ chicken wings.
Leah mowed through the cheeseburgers and macaroni salad at a staggering pace, and without so much as a drinking break, she crunched down on the fried catfish, and got rid of the burritos and refried beans. She was working on the BBQ chicken wings, mouth nibbling and ripping furiously, when Jasmine walked over beside her, impressed by Leah's speed and ability to easily pack the food away.

"Good job, Leah! You are really quite the little piggy tonight, aren't you?" Jasmine giggled and patted Leah's chunky, and increasingly taut, belly.

Leah didn't move her focus from her fifth chicken wing. BBQ sauce stained her face maroon from her nose, to halfway across her cheeks. Leah's fingers were almost fused together with the sticky sauce.

"You must be getting full down there, at least a little bit." Jasmine gently poked her gut and stood up straight again.

Leah responded by rolling on her diapered butt, and cocking a cheek in Jasmine's direction. She let out a long, rancid 'BRRRRRAAAAAAPPPPPTTTTT', settled back down, and tossed aside the stripped chicken bone, reaching for another. Jasmine simply walked away, theatrically fanning her face.

"You other two better hope little Miss Leah over here doesn't end up winning. I get the feeling she's got a big ol' present for the loser about ready to make its way on out."

Leah blushed brightly, but moved on to sate her thirst with some soda, sucking it down with great, booming glugs. Her sticky hands painted the outside of the soda bottle, and she tried to lick the sauce off, but was unsuccessful and settled for just making a mess out of everything she touched.
The halfway point rolled around, and all three of the girls were starting to feel the weight of the food they had eaten ramp up. Their stomachs had finally told their brains that they were getting quite full, but they still had to press on.
Brooke, now sweaty with exertion, and quickly decelerating her eating, transitioned into the chili cheese fry platter. At first, she tried scooping the soggy stuff into her mouth with a fork, but then she found this to be too slow. So, she resorted to just grabbing it by the handful; big wads of soft fries, drenched in a thick chili sauce, with islands of cool sour cream and guacamole somewhere in the mass. Brooke shoved each handful into her mouth, filling it completely, and mashed as fast as she could, chili falling from her face in brown blobs. Her hands were caked in the stuff, but she kept going, and the fullness of her belly increased exponentially with each handful. After about half the platter was gone, her body felt too weak from the fullness she was experiencing, she wiped her hands off on her bib, let her arms hang, and just stuck her face in the platter and ate that way. She felt disgusting; the chili and cheese and toppings were in her nose, up the sides of her face almost to her ears…but it was the only way she could continue. She came up for air and let out a few farts, and then went back down to finish the job, grunting her way through grease and carbs.
In the middle of the table, Leah had taken the rectangular trough of creamed corn, and was drinking the slop like a prize sow, working the corner of the vessel, pouring it down her throat and filling her chubby cheeks. Streams of the goo ran down the sides of her cheeks, but she kept swallowing. Leah could feel she was getting close to her breaking point. The pressure in her belly was intense, and it stuck out above her diaper like a beach ball. She could tell that the head-swimming, exhaustion, and nausea were just around the corner. Leah finished off the creamed corn, and set it down hard on the table. She pushed out a burp and reluctantly pulled the half-gallon of sundae towards her, which had melted considerably, and was a soft, sweet slurry, for the most part, by this point.
Melody was already hitting her end. She had gulped down the clam chowder, as well as one of the cheeseburgers and most of the macaroni salad, and much of the chili cheese fries. Needing a change in taste, Melody, now dazed and hovering over the table, hardly able to put any more food in her mouth, was eating forkfuls of the tiramisu cake. She was moving along at a pace most people would eat dessert, but this was far too slow for the competition. Melody stopped to lethargically chug some more soda, and with only five minutes left on the clock, decided that she couldn't go any further. She stayed with her elbows propping her up on the table, and without even really realizing it, soaked her diaper with a bladder-full of pee. Apparently, all that food was making room.
Time was called shortly after that. Leah had somehow finished the entire sundae, and was just starting the mini cake at the end of the eating competition, and Brooke was caught spooning creamed corn into her mouth.

"That's all for tonight, ladies! Put down those forks and finish whatever is in your mouths!" Jasmine chirped.

The girls leaned back in their chairs, unable to move a muscle other than to breathe. Charlotte came out with a scale of some sort, and began weighing the plates, getting an approximation of how much each person had eaten. While this was going on, Jasmine attended the stuffed girls, wiping down their faces and hands for them with wet wipes, and discarding their heavily soiled bibs.
While Jasmine cleaned Brooke's incredibly food-caked face, Brooke rubbed her expanded belly slowly. Her guts gurgled loudly and she let out a stream of uncontrollable, wet farts. Leah kept burping, and Melody stunk up the air with seven well-spaced toots.

"Ok," said Charlotte, placing the scale down in the kitchen and returning to the dining room, "the most food eaten, from most to least is Leah, Brooke, and Melody."

Melody groaned.

"Seriously? God fucking damnit." she whined as she leaned over on her thick thigh and farted again.

The hostesses cleaned up all the plates and wiped down the table, but still none of the girls felt like moving. Their guts were like weighted balloons, and the slightest movement gave them pain and intense nausea. It would be better to just digest for a while. After a few minutes of silence and heavy breathing, and sweating, the girls finally felt like talking some.

"So," Brooke began, voice unintentionally breathy, "think we did pretty well?"

Melody and Leah barely had the strength to nod their heads yes.

"Maybe…we should do this…every…week." Leah gasped, cradling her bulging belly. "It could help….in the regular competition."

A few more minutes of peaceful silence passed before Leah shifted forward in her chair, dipping her belly in front of her and arching her back. A look of intense relief came over her innocent face.

"Oh my, here it comes…" she said, straining.

A cacophony of putrid flatulence exploded into the seat of her diaper, and she sat back into the rear of her chair when finished. Seconds later, the relief from releasing all that gas was replaced by a pang of discomfort. She briefly furrowed her brow, and looked over at Melody. Their eyes met.

"I'm sorry Melody…but I have to." Leah's watery brown eyes were saturated with sympathy.

Melody gave a loud sigh and watched as Leah slid further down in her chair, and lifted her plump, white thighs so that the seat of her diaper was pointed out at an angle from the chair seat. Her chubby legs pushed into her swollen gut, pushing the fat on the surface into deep rolls. Leah broke wind one last time, pouted her lips, frowned, and then made full use of her diaper, catastrophically fouling up the air in the dining room as she did so.
The Fattening Games, Ch. 9
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(Contains: nudity, sexual themes, strong language and ideologically sensitive material)

Love is just the biological impulse to pass on your genes. That's what I always used to tell myself. In retrospect, I think it was just they way I dealt with the fact that I'd never had a date. But then, if I hadn't fallen in love, I wouldn't be in the... situation I'm in now, so perhaps I'm a little bit of a hypocrite.

I met him in college. My entire life had been about learning. A bookworm, I was always reading and working myself half to death on school. Growing up, I never had any friends or dates, because of my choice of focus, and that was okay. I was perfectly happy with my books and microscopes. I never really saw the need to put very much effort into my appearance, not that I had much to work with. I was unpleasantly thin and mousy, and I kept my hair short and simple. On top of it all, I was flat-chested, my a-cup useless for attracting most men. College life made no difference for me, and at the age of 26, just before I obtained my PHD in genetics, I met David.

He never noticed me, but the moment I saw him, I knew I had to have him. Some strange combination of sight and sound and smell, or some sort of pheromones, or hell, even fate? Whatever it was, I was obsessed. I tried a thousand little ways to get his attention. I sent him flowers, I dressed myself up like a hooker. I did everything I could think of to make him see me. Nothing worked. The need was all-consuming. Oddly, the first time he ever spoke to me was not because of my attempts, but because of my mind. He was forming a team to begin research into the use of gene therapy as a replacement for plastic surgery, and wanted my expertise. I found the project crass, but the idea of working with him every day was too great to pass up. I accepted immediately.

We worked slowly, for years, devising a series of injections of a man-made virus that altered the genes. Not only could we do simple things like induce breast growth, we could change hair color, eye color, height... honestly, anything. In fact, the hard part was stopping the changes. After some months, I developed an inhibitor. This would slow and eventually stop the virus, allowing us to control it. From there it was easy for me.  I was thrilled. We had changed the world of appearances forever.

Soon, disaster struck. David, the man I was in love with, fired me for an imaginary infraction, and claimed my discovery for his own. In a fury, I stormed out of the building, and brought as many of my research materials with me as I could. A plan was forming in my mind. I'd change my appearance, become a perfect woman, and then... well... we'd see. When I got home, I set up my equipment, and went to work. Finally, I slid a needle into my arm, and began my transformation.

The weeks after that first injection are a haze, but I remember some things. I know I craved food constantly. The changes in my body were difficult, and required a lot of fuel. I ate ludicrous amounts, stuffing my face with five or six whole meals a day. I never gained an ounce, my body burning every calorie. After a month, I could no longer be recognized. My breasts were getting bigger at an astounding rate. I had gone from an A-cup to a D in barely four weeks. My hips rounded out, my waist receeded, and soon my body was a perfect hourglass. My lips grew full and plump, and my ratty, shaggy brown hair became smooth, long, and a luxurious red. My brown eyes shifted to a luminous green, and I no longer required my glasses. There were, however, some unexpected side effects.

With my new body came a new libido. I began going out to bars and picking up men and women, taking a new lover almost every night. Soon, I was unable to think clearly unless I had satiated my needs within the past few hours. I would seduce anyone who took my fancy, indulge myself in heir bodies until they passed out, eat all the food in their home, and then return to my own, belly full and needs temporarily abated. Many times, I didn't even tell them my name. I told myself it was practice. I wanted to be able to destroy David in bed before I thought of a way to ruin his life. I was fooling myself, of course. I needed it, now.

A little over a month in, and the compound had worn off. My body stopped changing, my developments complete. Now a sexy, sleek, fit woman, I tried to be satisfied. However, eating the ordinary number of meals every day seemed boring. I no longer felt the incredible warmth of my cells changing, or the hugely spiked libido. Within days, I made the worst decision of my old life; I gave myself a second injection. With that, my addiction began. No experiments performed had ever used the same subject twice. I had no idea what would happen when the compound hit my already altered DNA.  This was a risk, but I took it without a second thought.

Over the second month, I learned quite a lot. I was eating more than ever, and it was actually beginning to show, my body unable to keep up with my appetite any longer. I gained thirty pounds in thee weeks. My stomach pouched out, sagging over the sexy wardrobe I had bought. I went shopping two weeks into the second round, but I simply grew too rapidly, and soon, I stopped caring. My breasts were growing nearly as fast as my gut. By the end of the second month, I was a 40FF, my breasts still firm, but beginning to give in to gravity. My hips had expanded to match. My libido was through the roof, leading me to gather as many people as I could for nightly orgies. Oddly, my new weight seemed to attract more people, rather than less. My hair grew rapidly, and had reached my knees in just two months, now a deep, unnatural red. My lips and eyes had also taken on unnatural hues, ensuring that make-up would never be needed.  After the changes ceased,  I decided it was time to stop.

Already desiring another dose, I decided to use the inhibitor. This was getting too close to being a drug addict for my comfort. Sliding the needle from my arm, I took a drop of blood, ready to examine the results of my "experiment". As I gazed into the microscope, I went pale with horror. The inhibitor simply didn't work on my altered physiology. Two injections had made me too different. My head in my hands, I made a decision. A third injection would be necessary to keep my head clear enough to allow me to work on a new inhibitor. It was a huge risk, but I honestly believed I had no choice. Screwing my eyes shut tight, I held against the craving as long as I could, but within a day, I couldn't take it anymore. Feeling like an addict, I shot up.

I was now eating constantly, shoving anything and everything I could find into my mouth, only stopping for sex. I barely had any time to work on the new inhibitor. My lust for food and fornication was oddly easy to satisfy. I simply asked any man or woman I wanted to come home with me, and more often than not, they jumped at the chance. In retrospect, I realize that this was the start of my pheromone control. Most men and women simply couldn't resist me.

As my appetites grew, so did my body. I gained over a hundred more pounds that month, my body quickly outgrowing all of my clothes. Anticipating my body's growth, I had set aside some larger clothes, but unfortunately, I was simply too big. I squeezed my sagging, massive breasts into an H-Cup bra, which barely held them in, and then simply forced my body into a rain coat when I needed to go out. Soon, I realized that I had no control over myself anymore, and eating and sex had become all I could do. I was desperate.

I lay in bed, all 360 quivering, flabby pounds, surrounded by mounds of empty food cartons and spent condoms. My own sorry attempts at research were at an end. I had devised a new inhibitor, I believed. One that could either fix everything, or send me into a spiral of addiction that would leave me literally no longer human. I bit my lip, which had grown huge and soft, trying hard to think. It was a huge risk, and with my lack of focus, it was just as likely to go wrong. After a long, spastic thought, I decided. I closed my eyes, and gave myself the injection. Within a week, I knew just how wrong my choice was.

Over the next seven days, my body went out of control. It took hardly any time at all to reach and pass 400 pounds. My stomach had separated into three sagging, soft rolls. They divided my torso, leaving me with an apron of flab drooping past my crotch. The first groove above that passed through my belly button, highlighting the deep pit it had become. Above that, just visible below my pendulous, swinging breasts, was the third roll. I had given up any attempt to contain my breasts in a bra, leaving them to sag heavily onto my gut. They were the biggest I had ever seen, and I was barely able to squeeze them into my coat. Drooping chins adorned my face, beneath chubby cheeks, which to this point I had managed to avoid. My lips were enormous, my eyes an incredibly bright green, and my hair was the color of blood, and to my feet.

After this, things became a blur for a little while. My constant sex and eating left little room for conscious thought. I began ordering out for food, having it brought to the house by the truckload, and devoured every single ounce, usually while screwing whoever delivered it. They were not only eager, but willing, and it was during this time that I realized that I had total control over most people, especially when it came to sex. They just couldn't seem to say no. For the rest of that month, nothing mattered but feeding and fucking, and it all became a blur. I don't know exactly how long it lasted, or how much I consumed, but I know this; when I returned to my senses, I realized just how much trouble I was in.

My body had become a barely mobile mass of fat. My gut sagged to the floor, my breasts resting on top of the pile of rolls, thick, hard nipples the size of pop cans dangling in front. My face was fat and thick, my lips starting to sag under their own weight, just as my chins were drooping thickly down my neck. My arms were still capable of movement, but only because under the fat, they were thick with muscle. The biceps were massive and soft to the touch, easily the size of a large woman's thighs. MY thighs, on the other hand, were insane. I was seated against a couch, and my flabby thighs and enormous ass and hips spilled over the sides. It was then, feeling my new body, in wonder and horror, when I noticed. Beneath my monstrous breasts, the third roll of my body had changed. It had developed thick, sensitive nipples, making it perfectly clear that the roll had become a new, firm set of breasts.

Closing my eyes, breathing hard, I considered and reconsidered the meaning of this. I had to stop. I couldn't let my body control me any more, I- I had injected myself for a fourth time while I was trying to resist, my chubby hands moving almost on their own. Sobbing, tears running down my face, I gave in. It was simply time. I knew I would never be human again, and so, slowly, a new goal came to my mind. If I couldn't be human, I'd embrace whatever I was becoming. No more fighting. I did some quick calculations in my head and decided that one injection wasn't enough for my thousand pound body. Another injection was quickly prepared, and used. A small smile spreading across my face as the warmth spread through my body, I wiped the tears from my eyes.  Head held high, chins sagging from my face onto my breasts, I picked up the phone and ordered pizza. I was starving.
This is the beginning of something. I know I have a strong tendency to post only the first part of thins, but this, I promise you, will be completed, and hopefully soon.

Do you like transformation? Do you like people changing and mutating and the slow but inevitable metamorphosis into another being, one of little to no resemblance to the human they once were? This story, heavily inspired by the work of Solios, that glorious madman, is intended to fill a void: the sad lack of transformation stories. Maybe they exist and I'm simply looking in the wrong place, but honestly I haven't found many, and most of those that I have haven't been that entertaining.

This first section is hardly anything but weight gain because I wanted to ease into it. From here it's gonna get WEEEEEEIRD. Enjoy! Comments appreciated, flaming not.
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Eve and her friends laughed as they walked around at the annual Spring fair, enjoying the local sights and smells.  In their small little Southern town, a festival was held to celebrate the beginning of each season, and so, almost at the end of April, a giant fair was held celebrating the arrival of spring.  Eve wore a tight, formfitting t-shirt, advertising her former high school's 2010 Senior Bake Sale.  The shirt emphasized Eve's skinny waist and large breasts, something she was very proud of.  As they took in the sights, one of Eve's friends giggled at the sight of a pie eating contest.

"These things are always so lame, the person who wins always barely eats any pies!  I bet you could eat more, Eve!"  She laughed, poking fun at Eve's tendency to overeat.  Even though Eve laughed with everyone else, inside something had sparked within her.  If she won, she'd be crowned the Queen of the fair!  She had always been rather competitive and apparently this was no exception.

"You're right, I bet I could too.  And I will!"  And with that, Eve bolted off to the registration table.  The rest of the girls just laughed, knowing Eve would never manage to eat more than two pies.


"Ohhhh... Oh, shit, why'd you let me do that?"  Eve whined, staggering across the uneven ground, each arm slinged around one of her friends.  A belch was barely contained as she struggled to walk straight, her tiny tummy showing the faintest amount of bloating.  "I ate almost three pies! Hic!  Aw, not hiccups too!"  Eve was truly a sight to see.  The winner had eaten eleven full pies, then stood up, accepted his trophy and crown, and walked away smiling, perfectly fine.

"How were we supposed to know that Mr. Conners would enter!  He's massive, of course he ate a ton of pies!"  One of Eve's friends said unhelpfully.

"Ugh, you dummy, just because you're fat doesn't mean you eat more!  It's how stretched out your stomach is!"  Another friend retorted, before looking at Eve.  "Don't worry about it Eve, you could never eat that many pies..."

Little did Eve's friend know, she triggered something with Eve, something primal from deep within.


The local marching band played halfheartedly in the sweltering heat as the Summer festival began to wind down, the only remaining event being the pie eating contest which would determine the Queen or King of the festival.  Up on stage sat four contestants, one of which was a slightly chubbier Eve.  Since her loss at the first festival, she had set on a strict regiment, practicing once or twice a week by stuffing her face full of pies she would make throughout the week.  From the day of the Spring festival to now, the 21st of June, she had been gorging herself with thousands of calories on certain days, which had added pounds to her frame, regardless of her heavy workout schedule the rest of the week.  Most of her weight focused in her tummy, and it constantly appeared bloated and full, even when it was empty.

Still, she was almost certain she would win the contest this week.  On her last stuffing, two days ago, she had managed to eat thirteen pies!  It had become quite expensive, making numerous pies a week, but she was certain it was all going to pay off.  Impatiently, she took in the other competition.  Mr. Conners was there, yet again, looking as massive as ever.  His gut protruded in front of him like an inflatable exercise ball, straining against his plaid button up shirt.  On his left was a heavy set woman, who appeared to be his wife, judging by their wedding bands and occasional kisses.  On Eve's right was a tiny girl, maybe 15, who Eve was certain would quit after one pie.

She reached down and rubbed her pot belly, wishing the contest would hurry.  She had refrained from eating all day and her stomach was certainly not happy, constantly grumbling at her.  Finally, she heard the announcer yell into his megaphone that the contest was about to begin.  Catching herself before she licked her lips, she began to daydream about winning the crown and how amazing it would look on her...


Eve clambered into her truck, tears rolling down her face at an increasing rate.  As she shut the door, she let out a massive belch, before letting out a whine that escalated into a scream as she started her car.  That stupid Mrs. Conners!  If she thought Mr. Conners could eat, she was sure as hell wrong.  He had nothing compared to his wife, who ate a substantial 19 pies before quitting.  Eve had done her best to beat her but had to admit defeat at fifteen, her mouth aching at the chewing.  Resolute in her determination, she drove into the local grocery's parking lot, knowing she was going to need a lot of supplies for the month ahead.


The leaves were orange and red, and the weather had cooled somewhat, meaning people had finally started to leave their air conditioned houses once more.  It was September 21, the Fall festival was upon them, and the crowd was lively.  It was almost time for the eating contest, and everyone was excited to watch: for the first time in years, there was a bit of drama going on!  Supposedly, according to Mrs. Conners, she had run into Eve at the super market one day, sometime in mid-July.  Eve had told Mrs. Conners that there was "no way in hell she would win again".  Mrs. Conners had been shocked, but before she could respond Eve had left her alone.  Despite this threat, Mrs. Conners entered anyways, along with her husband.  They both enjoyed their weight and they both enjoyed eating, so eating as much as they could, together, was like a dream come true.  They wandered around, looking at various stands while waiting for the contest.  Finally, they heard the familiar call for contestants to approach the stage, and so they slowly lumbered over.

However, as they took their seats, they noticed Eve was not present.  When asked about her lack of attendance, the announcer just shrugged, saying Eve had not signed up.  Slightly disappointing (after all, she was almost an actual challenge to beat!) they both prepared to gorge themselves, until a shout was heard.

"Wait!  Wai- Urrrrrp!- Wait for meeeee!"  Echoed out, and a small path opened up among the crowd of the few hundred people who had shown up, revealing a very exhausted Eve.  "I'm -huff, huff-  sorry, I wanted -urrrrp- to get something on the... Way, and I sorta... Lost track of... Time!"

There Eve stood, but not the Eve anyone there had ever known.  Eve had grown massive, ridiculously larger than she had ever been.  It was very possible she outweighed Mr. and Mrs. Conners, and they were two of the largest people in town!  Ever since she lost in the Summer festival, she had done nothing but gorge herself, sometimes not even moving for an entire day because she had eaten so much.  At first she had stuck to pies but as time went on, she moved on to anything she could get her hands on.  Boxes of off-brand macaroni and cheese, entire pizzas, anything to get her stomach as full as possible.  Her friends hadn't seen her in weeks, and had stopped trying to get a hold of her after her phone shut off (she had broken it when she spilled soda on it).

Apparently she hadn't been shopping in the past three months, either.  Her body had been stuffed into a pair of sweatpants that looked two sizes to small, and her breasts were barely contained by a sweatshirt that failed to reach beyond them, and actually let a little of her underboob peak out of the bottom.  Her stomach was completely unrestrained, bulging outward at least a whole foot in front of her, jiggling from side to side with every labored step.  She waddled her way onto the stage, struggling to make her way up the stairs and huffing and puffing all the way to her seat.  When she managed to sit down, the chair creaked ominously, loudly enough for everyone in the shocked audience to hear.

"Well, uh... Folks, I guess we're gonna start now!  Uh... So here we uh, go?"  The announcer yelled half heartedly as the pies were brought out to the contestants.  Eve squirmed excitedly in her seat, not bothering to hide the fact that she was salivating at the thought of the warm, gooey pies.  As soon as the first pie was set in front of her, Eve was a storm of jiggling motion, her hands rapidly scooping clumps of pie to her face.  In mere seconds, the pie was demolished, and a loud "More!"  was heard as the stage hand ran off, grabbed another pie, and brought it to the massive girl.  This pie was eaten in the same manner, as was the third, and fourth, and fifth...


"That's gotta be a record."

"That can't be healthy."

"Is anyone even counting anymore?"

The murmurs from the crowd were barely heard over the sound of Eve eating.  The other contestants had left, even Mr. and Mrs. Conners had walked off the stage after only ten pies each.  Once they saw how Eve was eating, they gave up, choosing their mobility over their pride.  Eve continued to eat pies, long after everyone had given up.  At first the fair crew had been hesitant to continue feeding her, but the crowd was obviously very interested in seeing this girl either explode or pass out from her gluttony, and they had way too many pies to simply give away.  And so the feeding of Eve had turned into a two man job: one to carry pies to her and one to shuttle away the empty tins.

Eve was unaware of anything that was happening.  Due to her months of constant gluttony, she had begun to zone out when she ate, often eating until she blacked out due to exhaustion, over indulgence, or some combination of both.  The only pauses to be seen were when she had to burp- loud, lengthy eruptions that would last seconds at a time.  Occasionally, she would pause, apparently breaking out of her stupor, only to be lured back in by a fresh pie.

By the end of it, she ate over sixty pies.  Nobody thought it was possible until the table was moved away to expose her gut, which was now a solid sphere of fat and pie.  Her face was almost entirely red, coated with pie filling and crumbs.  Eve's eyes were half closed, and she was constantly moaning, her hands straining to rub her titanic tummy.  Finally, after almost twenty minutes of agonized grunts and groans, she managed to say "Did I... Win?"

The crowd, silent the entire time, erupted into a wave of applause and cheering, as the crown was brought out and placed upon Eve's head.  Her eyes shot open at the feeling, and, despite her overstuffed state, she managed to struggle to her feet in triumph.  Belching loudly, she raised her arms into the air.  "I did... It!  I... Fucking... Did it!"  She screamed, her voice echoing throughout the fairgrounds.

Attempting to waddle towards the steps, however, provided to be futile.  At the motion of her turning, she fell forward, placing all the pressure on her blubbery, distended gut.  At the sudden pressure, a belch so loud and deafening that it caused every baby on the fairgrounds to begin crying was released, before Eve passed out from the pain and exhaustion of her stuffing.


The Spring festival rolled around once again, and the eating contest was beginning.  Among the crowd stood a chubby Eve, smiling and laughing with her friends.  After the last contest, a video of Eve had been released on youtube, amassing over a hundred thousand views.  The title was "Massive Pig Wins Eating Contest".  Eve considered it her finest achievement; however, her parents did not, and so she was forced to diet her way down to a much more respectable 170 pounds.

At the end, some new girl won the prize after eating fifteen pies.  She stood up, her stomach extending outwards with all the pie inside it.  Grabbing the megaphone from the announcer, she screamed "I dedicate my trophy to Eve, the greatest pie eater there ever was!", before dramatically lifting it in the air and letting out a meager belch.

Eve just smiled.
Eve is a girl who eats a lot of pie!
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Stuffed into her largest pair of jeans, and a soft, thick sweater, Jessica proudly showed off her October body. Another month of constant weight gain and stress eating and slapped another 20 pounds on her ballooning figure. 207 pounds of wobbling fat gave her a thick layer of winter blubber. Her tits swelled up another cup size, and her belly and love handles stuck out just as far. She was loving her massive ass, a cushion wherever she went she called it.

She huffed and puffed her way up the stairs to her appartment, a calorie laden Pumpkin Spice Latte in hand. Cracking open the door, she realized she left her apartment covering in the packages from the junk food binge she had last night. She sighed as she bent down to pick up a Chips Ahoy wrapper as the rear end of her jeans caved to her own flabby rear, creating a gash with pale ass spilling out. She looked in the mirror at her fat back and fatter ass. She was shocked at how pale she had gotten, her skin was almost translucent where it once was tan, veins showing as fat deposits stretched out the milk white skin, leaving behind a few spotted red marks. She just torn off her jeans and threw them into the trash, just wearing her thong that was quickly disappearing under rolls of thigh, ass and belly fat.

She finished picking up her apartment, stripped off her sweater and tight-tight t-shirt, leaving her in her firmly supported bra. She flopped down on the couch with latte and chips in hand, and flipped through TV channels absentmindedly. Rubbing greasy hands over her fat body, she chuckled at the thought of how thin she used to be. She also remembered how when she was sick of being a fat slob, she would start exercising. Well...that never happened, did it? Okay, it did.

At the end of September, Illinois usually gets a quirky hot day. Jessie decided to pack herself in some too-tight short, short gym shorts and a tank top to brave the 90 degree day. 197.2 pounds, her bathroom scale said that morning, and her breakfast of cold pizza wasn't sitting well with her. She was beginning to break out like a 14 year old from her lavish diet of pizza, snack cakes and chocolate. She was hot, she was full, she was fat. She felt horrible.

And then she ran into Alicia Yerevanian.

Alicia was her principal rival at their private Chicago College Prep. She always made Jessica feel inferior, her father was a big time staffer for the Governor in Springfield and was notorious for receiving bribes, making her just inches richer than her. She was also just inches smarter, pushing Jessica out of the class's top ten. 8 of the 10 went Ivy League, the Saluditorian went to Cambridge, but Alicia stayed instate, heading to University of Illinois at Champaign. Snotty attitudes about downstaters forced her back north to northwestern.

Alicia was always just a little bit prettier, too. While Jessica had possessed golden tits boys salivated over from 7th grade, Alicia's were only slightly smaller, and possessed a curvy booty and hips, along with flowing black hair and perfect olive skin. She hadn't changed. Jessica had.

Jessie tried to move faster but Alicia intercepted her, "Oh my god! Jessica! That's you! My lord, you've gotten fat." Alicia got close enough to grab a roll of fat that spilled out under her tank top. Jessica flushed deeper, already red from heat and exhaustion. "Hi...Alicia." She stammered.

She was pretty sure Alicia said something smug and nasty after Jessie rushed off as fast as her fatty legs could carry her.

That night, Jessica bitterly and tearfully shoved all of her piles of junk food into large trash bags, and laid out some old clothes as a goal to try to fit in. She couldn’t get the shorts she laid out past her thighs, and while she did get the shirt over her ballooning tits, it still revealed her soft, plushy roll of belly fat. Jessica growled in discontent and started to try out some exercise, dusting off her old treadmill and elliptical in the back of her apartment.

It took all of three minutes for the extra fat and weakened muscles to cause the gorging goddess to be absolutely drenched in sweat, from head to toe. She flopped down on the flood beside the treadmill and cried a little, soothing her pain by going out and buying a whole new round of junk food and binging for essentially the next two days. After that, however, she did maintain some control over her life. She decided to learn how to cook to some gorging herself with processed chemicals, but instead real butter, cream and cane sugar. This definitely did help her somewhat, she was regaining smooth, pale white skin from acne scarred mess. She bought better fitting fall clothes, making her look plumper, but nicer. Not to mention she began piling on weight on her hips and thighs, turning into a exaggerated fatty hourglass instead of a fat girl with huge tits and a belly sticking out just as far.

She cozied up on the couch and thought about cooking dinner...macaroni and cheese sounded nice for this crisp fall day, and she had allotted herself far too much processed food for this week, she needed that hip-thickening comfort food, not the belly busting junk food. Pulling on a pair of soft sweatpants, she got to work cooking. While she started to gather ingredients, she doubted in her mind, that she would ever be thin again.
I'll admit, Jessica is not as fun to write as Cassidy, but I do like enough to make it a trilogy. Here is your second part. 
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I've never been one for leaving the house.

Yeah, there's fun things to do outdoors: sports, the beach, exercising. If you're into that stuff. Thing is, I'm not. Never have been. I prefer staying inside where the boiling sun or thrashing rain of our city's bipolar weather can't harm me. Though I watch a fair amount of sport, I don't enjoy playing. Too much effort, really.

I am most certainly a home body. TV, the internet, video games, all of that kind of stuff. Believe me, it's a rare time when I bother leaving my bedroom, let alone the house. I've got my own TV and couch, an en suite, and my beloved stash of junk food and energy drinks beneath my bed. Everything I need is within twenty steps of my bed. So why leave if it isn't necessary?

Don't be fooled, I do still socialise. And not just over the internet. Ever Saturday night I have my mates over for some pizza and gaming. We chill in my room, chomping, gulping, and clicking our way through copious amounts of food, energy drinks and video games. It's always extremely fun, yet quite competitive. Especially when one of us manages to score some alcohol.

It was during one such get together that I made the acquaintance of Jessica Smith. She was an old friend of one of my female mates - apparently they'd been besties in primary school. As soon as the newcomer had set foot in my bedroom, I was completely and utterly taken with her. Short and wonderfully curvy, her auburn hair fell to her large chest in soft ringlets. Her skin was porcelain white, clear and alluring. Emerald eyes stood out from her round face, sweet and innocent, with only the slightest hint of a dark streak.

She noticed me, too. Which was surprising. Girls never seemed to. I wasn't a tall guy, only reaching 5'11 at my current age of seventeen. I was pale, but only because I spent so much time in doors. Brown hair framed my rounded, lightly freckled face, and girlish lashes frame my sky blue eyes. I generally wore baggy jeans and hooded jumpers to hide my slightly chubby frame.

After she chose to sit next to me, Jess engaged me in flirtatious conversation all night. She kicked my butt at video games, and seemed to polish off insane amounts of pizza and Red Bull without a second thought. I was impressed - never before had I seen a girl eat like that. Like me.

Jess and I kept in touch, and soon she was at my house every day. We were at that overly flirtatious stage right before two people become a couple. Lots of hugs, kisses on the cheek, spending as much time together as possible. Always talking or texting, driving our friends mad with our obsession for each other. I learned a lot of things about Jessica, but the one that stands out to this very day was her love of and skill at cooking.

Since both of my parents worked, I was usually left to the packet food stuffed beneath my bed during the day. Now that Jess had entered my life, she began cooking my lunch every day. It started with snack foods - chocolate chip biscuits, cupcakes, etc. - but then became fully-fledged meals. When this routine was still in its early days, the portion sizes were reasonable, if not a little on the small side. Pretty soon, however, they began to grow.

And so did I.

I didn't notice it at first. When you're already overweight, a couple extra pounds isn't really anything to concern yourself with. You simply don't pay attention. Scarfing down increasingly larger portions of spaghetti, tacos, or lasagne at lunch time meant that each morning it became that little bit more difficult to button up my baggy jeans. There were times when I attempted to refuse some of the food, saying I was simply too full. That was when Jess took it upon herself to feed me, cuddling into my expanding belly as she did so.

About two months after Jess and I began those daily feedings, it was time to go back to school. Our final year, thank God. Waking up early at the demands of my alarm clock, I showered, brushed my teeth, and went to get dressed. Obviously my school uniform hadn't been worn for eight full weeks, but I didn't expect anything different. I'll just slip them on, I thought. They were pretty loose anyway.

Pulling them on, they slid over my calves with ease. As I tugged them up past my thighs, however, the task became more difficult. Somewhat in denial, I kept forcing the pants upwards until they finally covered my thickened thighs and most of my bloated backside. By this point, even the fabric around my lower legs felt uncomfortably fitted. Still not wanting to accept what had happened, I attacked the trousers one final time, succeeding in completely covering my rear.

For a moment I celebrated, before I realised what I'd forgotten. The button was still undone, as was the zip. Taking a deep breath, I sucked in my bigger gut as much as I could, then pressed the button together. Just managing to fasten it, I zipped the fly and let my belly sink forward again.

God, those pants felt tight. I'm amazed it didn't sink in then and there. Maybe I just wasn't ready to believe it. Anyway, walking in those pants was tricky, but not as tricky as bending down to retrieve my white uniformed shirt. I thought I heard the sound of a stitch or two creaking, but upon inspection nothing had ripped. Yanking on the shirt, I had as much difficulty getting that to fit as well. The buttons didn't want to close, and when they finally agreed, there were small openings between them.

Pulling on a once-baggy hoodie that now fit a little snugly, I grabbed my bad and headed downstairs. Stuffed myself full of my mum's bacon, eggs, and pancakes. From beneath my hoodie I heard the sounds of a button popping off my shirt. The seams of my pants creaked warningly. I ignored them both, saying that I'd just buy new clothes after school.

Jess, as it turned out, was now attending our school. She bought me heaps of food from the canteen every day that year: hotdogs, meat pies, hot chips, sausage rolls. You name it, she bought it. She and I walked back to my house every day, where she continued to feed me cupcakes, biscuits, and sweets. Eventually, my new school clothes refused to fit, and I had to buy more.

I was convinced that no one else had noticed my weight gain. On the contrary, everyone had. I was getting nasty comments from bullies, jokes from my mates, and concerns from my parents. Jess, however, simply said she hadn't noticed. A lie, of course, but I couldn't determine the truth behind it. There came a time when I had to admit that I was, indeed, much fatter than before. Even though I really didn't want to, I had to see how much damage had been done.

Stripping down into nothing but my XXL boxer shorts, I stepped on the scale I kept hidden in my bathroom. Before I met Jess, I had only just brushed 175lbs. Peering down - having to my basketball gut out of the way - I read the numbers. 236lbs. Shit.

Looking in the mirror, I studied my form. I was huge! A second chin had replaced my neck. Shoulders were padded heavily and lead down to bloated arms. My hands hadn't escaped the fattening, and my fingers resembled German sausages. Expanded to a B-cup, my chest was beginning to droop, resting on the swollen mound that was my belly. Love handles spilled over the too-tight boxer shorts, resting on my wide hips. Turning sideways, I winced as I realised my ballooned thighs were struggling to hold up an elephantine backside. Even my feet had puffed up.

I told Jess to keep a hold on the food, just so I could maintain my weight until school finished. No way did I believe I'd ever lose weight, so I settled for simply not letting it increase. Jess agreed. We finally became a couple, graduated high school, and had a few months to ourselves before the rest of our lives began.

That was when things got out of hand.

With nothing to do, nowhere to do, and no reason to wear anything other than stretchy tees and tracksuit pants, I didn't notice I was gaining weight again. Jess was feeding me more and more, but I just thought it wasn't affecting me. I left my couch less and less, and each time I did try to get up, it was more than a workout. Four months after school finished, I'd exploded to 286lbs.

As my body grew, my appetite followed. I was practically eating all day now. Shovelling so much in that my belly felt constantly compact with far too much food. Constantly bloated, I felt like a flabby boulder, heavy and hard. XXXLs became 4XLs, and it only went up from there. Food, video games, and sex became my life, and although I was worried at first, I soon learned to sit back and enjoy it.

Not that I had much of a choice.

Jess deferred her Uni position, and so did I. We took the rest of the year off as a Gap year, and were planning to go to Uni in a few years. We filled in our days by spending them in my bedroom, with me seated back on the couch being fed pizzas, burgers, tacos, and deep fried chicken. All made by Jess herself. Each mouthful added globs of adipose to my softening frame, but it was getting harder and harder to resist.

I kept away from the scales until the 30th of November. Jess wanted to see how much I, not only had gained, but would gain, during the Christmas month. With Jess helping me haul my billowing self off of the couch, I waddled heavily to the bathroom and stepped on the scales. It stopped right on 396lbs.

That Christmas I reached the point of no return. I spent it in bed, having Jess move the TV closer so I wouldn't have to move to the couch to play video games or watch TV. With so much chocolate and candy canes, sweets and savouries, chicken, turkey, and ham - and let's not forget the alcohol - I inflated before my eyes. I was taking up most of the double bed, prompting us to get a new one. My parents freaked out of course, but I was more and more enjoying my life of luxury.

Also, the bigger I got, the better sex with Jess became.

New Year's Day, Jess and a mate of mine helped me lumber my hugely cumbersome self into the bathroom, where a new set of industrial scales had been placed. 450lbs. "Good," Jess said, "but not good enough."

I agreed. The next twelve months I pigged out continuously. Since I was always under my comforter, I didn't need clothes. When I stood up, my apron of flab fell forward so it covered everything. My backside and thighs remained larger than the rest of me, which meant walking became too hard a task early on. Pretty soon, I was confined to my bed.

Exactly one year later, Jess brought the scales to the foot of my bed so I wouldn't have to walk far. With the assistance of a few buff mates, I was hauled to my feet and walked over to it. I hoped I'd gained more than 100lbs - it certainly felt like it. The numbers stopped at 603lbs.

Another year and my weight is now 850lbs. My oversized bed is fitted out so I never have to leave it. Jess is three months pregnant and not just eating for two. She almost keeps up with me. Almost. She's fattening out well, and it's turning me on more than ever.

As for me, I'm a mammoth of a man. Three chins and counting. I can't touch my hands together - my arms are far too big. My amplified chest rests happily on that beautiful mountain of augmented flesh known as my stomach. My hips crest the edge of the bed, my distended backside raising my lower body ever higher off of the bed. Those thighs Jess loves so much are gigantic, melding into one monolithic trunk with my lower legs. According to Jess - as I haven't seen them in years - my feet even have stretch marks.

Don't be fooled - I'm not done yet.