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Coming Home by KierstenOlsen Coming Home :iconkierstenolsen:KierstenOlsen 956 573 More Like This
Bride of Christ
The chair was too stiff for me, but I dared not move.  
Behind me, the shouts of hundreds demanded I be condemned.  "Whore!" one of them cried, another "Liar and trickster!"  The words stung, in part because they were true.
A gavel pounded down, barely silencing the angry crowd.  I looked up only with my eyes, and saw Satan, beautiful with temptation and terrifying with sin, looking down upon me.  
He smiled, and it was cruel.  I knew my time had come.  I could do nothing to save myself.  What I had done could not be erased.  I looked down at my hands, both resting lifelessly on my lap.  They were covered with dirt and blood, the form of my sin made real on the hands of the one who committed them.  They were heavy, and I could barely move under the weight of my sin.  
Though I had no mirror, I knew I was bloodied and made dirty with every sin.  Even my face
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Raisin and Grape - 1 by mordecai-pyre Raisin and Grape - 1 :iconmordecai-pyre:mordecai-pyre 19 2 More Like This Jesus: I Am the Bread of Life by EmilyCammisa Jesus: I Am the Bread of Life :iconemilycammisa:EmilyCammisa 108 27 More Like This
Look at the stars up in heaven so high,
All glowing and shining as they in their orbits swing by.
The Pleiades, Orion and countless others so bright,
Truly a dazzling and cosmic sight.
And they have a purpose those glowing points in the sky,
All so beautiful they make me want to cry.
Those celestial orbs that fill the sky with light,
Display the LORD's power and proclaim His might.
:iconseekhim:SeekHim 44 29 More Like This
Poured Out
Poured out, released, not going back.
The blood flowed like victory,
An unstoppable banner of love.
Wrapped, anointed, buried.
He laid in death,
A surrogate for me.
The Father's blessing, love, approval.
He passed the test,
The perfect sacrifice.
Risen, victorious, awake.
He is no longer bound,
But free to reign.
Clothed in glory, right hand of God, Emmanuel.
He has taken us back,
To live in victory and freedom.
Salvation, Light, Truth.
He is all, and he is One,
The Vine in which we grow.
Blessed, Holy, Pure.
Worship Him O nations,
For He is your Savior!
:iconmiluiel-the-friendly:Miluiel-the-Friendly 9 0 More Like This
April 25--I Killed You
I killed you once. You forgave me.
You died because of your love;
Now you're killing me slowly with mercy
Because I can't love you enough.
It's raining sweet mercy tonight,
It's flooding my soul. I will drown.
It hurts to live without air
While the grace is pouring on down.
Because I live with regret
Your love is a danger--a knife.
What do I do with this kindness?
How can I repay your life?
If I knew how to take what you've given
The blood on my hands would be gone.
I killed you once. I am burdened
With the weight of what I have done.
:iconlabruyere:LaBruyere 15 8 More Like This
the  cross can overcome by miabu the cross can overcome :iconmiabu:miabu 36 20 More Like This Lovely contradiction by Emberblue Lovely contradiction :iconemberblue:Emberblue 106 62 More Like This
My Life is Over...
I've met a lot of people who do the craziest things when they're depressed. Cutting themselves, speaking death into themselves by saying they're nothing. When I even speak about God, they don't wanna hear it.
Let me show you why and how God can take all the pain away, better than any Anti-Depressent out there.
I used to be really bad with depression.
People hated me, pushed me to the side.
When I went to church, no one even payed any attaention to me.
Yeah, people have gone up to me at church and shook my hang saying "God bless" but that's the commercial way of doing things at a church.
People need to befriend anyone who shows up to a church!
Am I the only one at my church who does this? (I'm asking myself this question)
See, I was going for the wrong reasons.
To be honest, no man or woman can be fully depended on to help you.
The only one that can help is Jesus Christ, God and the Holy Spirit!
I used to hate myself for who I was.
I used to beat myself up, literally.
I slapped myself i
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Parable of the Sower | Mark 4:1-9 by tylerneyens Parable of the Sower | Mark 4:1-9 :icontylerneyens:tylerneyens 52 20 More Like This Ask Seek Knock by tylerneyens Ask Seek Knock :icontylerneyens:tylerneyens 39 9 More Like This The Kingdom is a Treasure by tylerneyens The Kingdom is a Treasure :icontylerneyens:tylerneyens 43 15 More Like This Hope Anchor Interlock by tylerneyens Hope Anchor Interlock :icontylerneyens:tylerneyens 62 10 More Like This Crucifed by Christsaves Crucifed :iconchristsaves:Christsaves 63 10 More Like This Holy Cross #217.1 by HolyCross9 Holy Cross #217.1 :iconholycross9:HolyCross9 7 5 More Like This
God loves You
You can Ignore me
You can Hate me
You can run
You can Hide
God will find you either way
He'll send people your way
God loves you
I love you
Isn't that enough for you?
Isn't that what God wants for you?
Stop running
Stop Fussing
Accept God
Accept Jesus
God Loves you
Jesus Loves you
I Love you
Even after you hated
Love ignored your hate and never Faded
Be blessed
Don't stress
:icon370wii:370wii 35 12 More Like This
God is:
God is G.O.D.
:icon370wii:370wii 28 18 More Like This
Getting Closer to God
So many ask for more of God, and to be closer to Him, but then they struggle or lose their fire or become lukewarm...
I don't know why you haven't been told, but when you ask for more of God, you are literally saying this:
"Lord I want more of You (i want less of you devil)."
so... you are ticking the "hell" out of someone who wants to bring you down with him, make you struggle, lose your fire or your faith all together.
so... get use to: "new levels, new demons. higher levels, higher demons."
and remember: this fight isn't against flesh and blood, but against evil spirits, principalities, and rulers of the darkness.
With Love to all the Brothers and Sisters in Christ...
God bless!
:icon370wii:370wii 25 13 More Like This
JOY comes by putting (J)esus first, (O)thers second, and (Y)ourself last.
If you have JOY in your life: comment and say it loud and proud!
:icon370wii:370wii 89 33 More Like This
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